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heres the deal, My ex and I have been split up for almost a year, it will be a year in AUG.. He cheated with a friend of mine that he only saw her pic and they started talkin then (he worked over the road) when he got back in town he moved right in with her. We were engaged to get married had everything lived together , we were together for three and half years. Well he left her and got married. He lives about 55 mins away from me now and I saw him about three weeks ago here in town at wal mart. He saw me and followed me and parked and got out and was like HEY, so I was nice and started talking to him we talked for about an hour. Then he went fishing down at the river here thats what he said he came down here for. Well him and my dad got a long great so I took my dad down there to go fishing with him cause I knew how much it ment to my dad. I didnt know that my dad had gave him his cell number TILL YESTERDAY. I wake up and Go outside and the frist thing I see is my Ex sitting in the ya
The Heart
The Heart Tomorrow morning," the surgeon began, "I'll open up your heart..." "You'll find Jesus there," the boy interrupted. the surgeon looked up, annoyed "I'll cut your heart open," he continued, to see how much damage has been done..." "but when you open up my heart, you'll find Jesus in there," said the boy. The surgeon looked to the parents, who Sat quietly. "When I see how much damage has been done, I'll sew your heart and chest back up, and I'll plan what to do next." "But you'll find Jesus in my heart. The Bible says He lives there. The hymns all say He lives there. You'll find Him in my heart." The surgeon had had enough. "I'll tell you what I'll find in your heart. I'll find damaged muscle, low blood supply, and weakened vessels. And I'll find out if I can make you well." "You'll find Jesus there too. He lives there." The surgeon left. The surgeon sat in his office, recording his notes from the surgery, "...damaged aorta, damaged pulmonary vein, widespread muscl
My Place
Wandering through life in search, of that which burns brightly inside; Trying to distinguish it's presence, put a name to it's insistent burning. I traveled down many paths, alone, wondering where they may lead. I delved into that which was the norm, finding only existence rather than life. I ached and yearned to be truly living, to be whole in who and what I am. Trying to understand exactly that which I knew and felt inside. I attempted to place it's meaning, in a world so different than the one forming in my heart and soul, leading me always to that place. The place that I was taught to view as wicked and immoral, a place of dysfunction & fear, a place for only the lost souls. Always , the path brought me back, enticing me, exciting me, a sense of fulfillment on it's very edge, beckoning me, drawing me near. i have arrived at that place, knowing, absorbing , feeling it all seeping in, filling me, warming me, showing me life....real living for my
Almost There
38 weeks..2 to go to 40 then 12 more to 52 weeks
My Rant For The Night.
why is it that when you try to do something that you want to do, a few ppl try and ruin it for you. first they tell you that they will support you no matter what. then a month later they tell you that " your think your better then me" how is it that when you try to get ahead in anything theres that 1 person that claim they care for you. but then turn around and post crap about you in there blog, stash whatever. this is supposted to be a fun site where ppl help each other and not a competition. but to some thats all it is, its like a contest with no real prize at the end. how would you feel if you went to someones page and they were talking smak about you in a round about way and then act as if they are the victim when called out on it????
My Life Now
my life as i know it has changed dramadically over the last few months. I lost my wife.. she decided she wasn't in love with me anymore and didn't want to be with me i have our twins which keeps me going day by day... but without her i feel my life is incomplete and i don't know what to do anymore. I have no clue as to what to do or how to tell her how much i love her i know i fucked up somewhere is why she no longer loves me or says she don't anyway but i would love to have her by myside once again
For this supposedly being such a happy time in my life it has been nothing but miserable. Babies are suppose to bring people together, but instead it is endless fighting (not because of the baby). I'm sick of it all, I tell him to leave, even though I really don't want him to, but either way right now I am miserable. I can be in a fine mood, but he drags me down into his "I hate my life" mood. He got pissed because I said he was going to be just like his father, who is close to 50 and still wanting to party like he's 20 and with 20 year olds, and the he is going to abandon his kids - that may have been harsh, but at the moment it felt true. He wants to have the life he wants *with out me* therefore without his child, if it weren't mostly for me pushing and supporting him and giving him the means to, he would not be seeing his daughter now. So what the hell does that say? He may not move across the country like his father did, but none the less. The thing is when we fight
A Girl
so maybe I think this site is totally cool cuz I have met a girl who is the sweetest girl I have ever met and the most beautiful is that possible??!! lol well it is and I owe it al lto fubar!! thanx you badass mofos!!!
A Tale Of Heartache
theres an old story a tale of heartache, a white rose was given to a young girl by a young boy the two were in love back then roses where white, the boy grew into a man and was taken away to fight when he came back he found his love with another bereft with greif he found the rose he gave her and he killed himself over the rose the next day the woman found the rose it was red with the mans blood distraught she took the mans sword which was still covered with his blood she ran with it and killed the man she had been with as his blood soaked into the earth next to the rose bush, as u see there was only one rose bush back then, like a tree the woman angered at herself and at love hacked it into peices setting free its sporres on the wind then slit her throat the misting blood mixed with the spores and turned all the roses red so next time you look at a red rose remember that it has thorns wich is the mans sword and the rest is the blood of broken hearts for eventually we all feel t
Skimming Biodiesel Seaweed And Vegetable Oil Off The Ocean Will Save The Fish From Dying In A Red Tide And Provide Free Energy.
Skimming Biodiesel Seaweed and vegetable oil off the Ocean will save the fish from dying in a red tide and provide free energy. According to ADM biodiesel can be made from seaweed now. Have you ever been swimming in the ocean in late August in New Jersey? If you have you come out of the ocean covered in a thin film of vegetable oil. Skimming off the oil and seaweed before a red tide starts would save the fish and provide a free source for biodiesel fuels. Howard Scott Pearlman Pearlman For Congress 08-04-2007 * * * Please help spread this message all over the internet Energy solution Associated Press file Clouds cover Mount San Jacinto as windmills turn in Palm Springs, Calif. Courier Post Comment Monday, April 16, 2007 America has wasted $400 billi
Number 8
New Rule: Just because your tattoo has Chinese characters in it doesn't make you spiritual. It's right above the crack of your ass. And it translates to "chicken with broccoli." The last time you did anything spiritual, you were praying to God you weren't pregnant. You're not spiritual. You're just high.
When we are kids, we have friends. We have sleepovers, summer camp, summer vacation, Christmas vacation, Spring Break, and loads of other happy things to celebrate. Sure, not everyone had a rosy childhood, but even the most awful memories are dulled by time. When we reach adulthood, we lose these little celebrations, bit by bit. We lose most of our vacations and find out our parents weren't kidding when they said we had it easy. We stop having sleepovers, and trade those instead for one permanent sleepover with a husband or wife. I don't think some people ever really get the hang of that one. We have kids of our own, and fully understand why our parents were so freaked out by us all of the time...why they hated our music and didn't understand our language or the fashion choices we'd made. We finally "get it," it comes to us in a moment of clarity, "Oh my God, you were right. You were right about everything." I asked my mother once, while going through some troubles with my ow
My New Nick Name
eve -- [noun]:A reverse striptease 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
why do people lie i just want a life with some one that will be there for me and treet me with the same restect as i do then. life is a joke some times and i wish i could find the rite person
Spare Change
Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters A pocket full of change Cast into a well of hopes For wishes we exchange Some will wish to find true love Others for fame and wealth The young may wish for a longer life While the old wish for health Friends may wish to ease the pain Of a loved one fallen ill Or when the road gets rough They wish for strength and will A few may ask for selfless things Like cures and world peace To stop the violence in our streets And all the suffering to cease But today I toss without a wish My money you have tendered Its just my way of saying thanks For all the wishes rendered Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters Lobbed into a wishing well Such a simple, yet sacred place For hopes and dreams to dwell
Parents And Their Kids
Parents should be upfront about everthing with there kids except what the kids are getting for xmass and birthdays. if you like to walk around the house naked or topless then you should weather kids are around or not nomater there age and so on. If more parents were naked around there kids at home then less adults would be uptight about nakedness becase they grew up with it. what do you think? why? how come? what for? when? where? because...?
You Are My World
You have become so much a part of me, I can't imagine what I would do, where I would turn, how I could live, without you in my life, you are my best friend, I awake each day and rush to see, if you are online, just to know your ok and doing well I only hope that with each day we share, each special moment together, you will see how much you mean to me, how empty I was till you came into my life, someday I hope I can find a way to show you, how hopelessly and endlessly, in love with you I am, I may never hold you, never feel your heartbeat upon my chest, but I hope in your heart and soul you know, YOU ARE MY WORLD
New Love #2
"The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt."
Leave Me Alone
dude dont call me, dont come over i told you ...its all over !!!! i cant stand you messing around in my life leave me alone !!!!
That Heartbreaking Mermaids Stream
There were two streams in which i swam...and they were both my kinda water work, though had me continuesly saying damn. it took me under,...where i couldnt breath,, kept me there...that mermaid wouldnt let me leave. Told me just the right things,...the best make me not want any make me forget about all the others who I had that really did care. Let me get oxygen...when i couldnt handle the pressure anymore....then pulled me back in with words of romantic toxin. And when the water got shallow and she had to go through the pain of having no air to breath from being above that water....she left...and her absence only made my heart grow fonder.. Oh but floating further down,..when that water again reached deepness....and i was back in a world where i had no control....there came back the mermaid mistress. Begging my name...telling me all the words thats she knew would make me love her....and telling me she loved me the same. She avoided
When I Kiss Your Cheek
You call, im guessing the water in your eyes makes them look like jewels at this point....and you have me in a submission....crushing every joint.. And i wish you would actually try and tell me i dont understand again.....cuz you couldnt tell me where i havent and when. And if you tell me one more time that i dont care....i might just scream....even if thats how it seems... But how do I act like I give a damn,....when everytime ive cared my dreams got slammed. Every secret you tell me...ill keep it a secret.... Last night you sounded so high...its cool that you took your medicine....but it wasnt when a i love you is what you were trying to send. Telling me how we cant do this again... Then why are you doing this again? Im sorry if it hurts your feelings that im not telling you all of my feelings...but im a little getting caught up in you sweeping me up with your broom. Everyday....i missed dues where payed... Still everyday with him y
You & Me Against The World
Sometimes it feels were against the world, You and me against the world. When all the others walk away, Count on me to stay. When one of us is gone And one is left to carry on, Remember is what well do, Our memories will get us through. Think o all the days, you and me. Against the world, just me and you. By Helene Creed (Nana)
Two Moons In August? Or, None At All? ;) (copied From My Bulletin!)
This is just too cool for me not to blog. This bulletin blog contains two parts: The reposted bulletin, and the TRUTH. Trust me, you'll at least want to read the truth! So. Scroll down and read the Reposted Bulletin, and then come back up and read this next part. ***********THE TRUTH************ See, at first I got excited about this... I'm a space buff, always have been, although I really don't pay attention much anymore. That being said, with a claim of "Mars will look as large as the moon to the naked eye!", well, that's just pure bullshit. Just for reference, the moon is just over 200,000 miles away from the earth (that's surface-to-surface, not center-to-center). It's got to be one fucked up yardstick for 200k to be near 34 million. So, with a severe case of "Too Good To Be True" syndrome, I knew one thing: hoax. Sure enough, Snopes had this to say about the "Two Moons on August 27th" hoax. For those NOT in the know, Snopes is one of the longest-standing a
Guide To Womens English
"Yes" = No "No" = Yes "Maybe" = No "I'm sorry" = You'll be sorry "We need" = I want "It's your decision" = The correct decision should be obvious by now. "Do what you want" = You'll pay for this later. "Sure, go ahead" = I don't want you to. "I'm not upset" = Of course I'm upset you moron. "We need to talk" = I need to complain. "You're so manly" = You need a shave and you sweat a lot. "You're certainly attentive tonight" = Is sex all you ever think about? "Be romantic, turn out the lights" = I have flabby thighs "This kitchen is so inconvenient" = I want a new house "I want new curtains" = and new carpeting, new furniture, new wallpaper, etc... "I heard a noise" = I noticed you were almost asleep "Do you love me?" = I'm going to ask for something expensive "How much do you love me?" = I did something today you're really not going to like "I'll be ready in a minute" = Kick off your shoes and find a good game on TV "Is my butt fat
Another Blonde Joke
A blonde went into a world wide message center to send a message to Her mother overseas. When the man told her it would cost $300, she Exclaimed. "But I don't have any money. But I'd do ANYTHING to get A message to my mother." The man arched an eyebrow (as we would Expect). "Anything?" he asked. "Yes, yes, anything" the blonde promised. "Well, then, just follow me" said the man as he walked towards the next room. The blonde did as she was told and followed the man. "Come in and close the door," the man said. She did. He then said, "Now get on your knees". She did. "Now take down my zipper." She did. "Now go ahead . Take it out...." he said. She reached in and grabbed it with both hands .. Then paused. The man closed his eyes and whispered, "Well .. Go ahead." The blonde slowly brought her mouth closer to it...and while holding it close to her lips... Tentatively said, "Hello, Mom, can you hear me?"
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. I dont like feet . including my own. 2. I have a fear of Deep Water,and drowning 3. I have been married twice , still married to the 2nd one 4. I have a birthmark on my Privet part. 5. I have 2 tattooes one just because some once told me i couldnt . 6. I love nature and animals of all kinds for those of you who got the joke 7. Ihave never been arrested ever ! 8. I shave my pubic hair off cant stand to have it. 9. I met my husband on the internet 5 years ago. 10. I think child molester's should be killed for the crime of mudering a childs inocents. killed because I was molested when I was 5. I'm tagging a few people!
Escanaba State Fair
just trying to relax tonight after a long few days at the State Fair. the Fair was pretty good but enjoyable. right now, i'm Faired out until next year
This Is Toooo Freaky
If you didn't have time to see this whole video in my stash... you hafta see the ending ... 8-P
i am sorry to say but i have done something i havent done in a long time i have started to cut again i hate this but its this or the next step i know its not right but i fucked up like always i know there are alot of you that probably wont talk to me anymore and judge me and thats ok but i listen and listen and hear everyones problems and solve theres but i cant solve mine i cant ever fix mine only everyone elses
Contest Update 4
hi everyone! well, as of this moment im in second place with 17,110 votes. first place is lil devil with 17,490 thanks to everyone who has helped me! you guys seriously rock!!! if you havent stopped by yet...please do! every rate and comment counts!!!! if you have a few minutes to kill drop some lovin on meeeeeeee! i need all i can get to win. :D CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE (rate and comment) thanks again guys!! **muahs**
If My Answers Scare You....
If my answers tend to scare you then you should stop asking scary questions...
i am confused i want u i know i do i am frazzled is it love or infatuation i am dumbfounded u would relocate for me i am ecstatic a guy can love me i am loving i dont wanna miss out i am social i want to stay near people i need privacy i love to be bymyself sometimes i am family oriented i dont wanna go so far
Where Is It
Apparently during the night, Hell's Kitchen was deleted by an unknown person. Whom is not known, it could have been a bouncer for all that goes. Maybe a disgruntled former member or employee of hell's kitchen. Who's to say really. Anyways, I am to get FEEDBACK from everybody that ever payed attention to the lounge. Will Hell's Kitchen be missed, and is it worth rebuilding again? I dunno, I need to know who was really a caring loyal member, and who will just shrug their shoulders and move on. Dirty
I Love Ya !!!
This was sent to me by my x wife last night .and just after she sent it to me she had a massive heart attech I got the call just after 11:00pm last nite.we have been divorced for 19 years now...zz.. One morning you will never wake up. Do all your friends know you love them? I was thinking...I could die today, tomorrow or next week, and I wondered If I had any wounds needing to be healed, friendships that needed rekindling or three words needing to be said. Let every one of Your friends and family know you love them. Even if you think they don't love you back. You would be amazed at what those three little words and a smile can do. And just in case GOD calls me home before I see You again.... I LOVE YA!!!
Today's Horoscope
You're still in a good place, emotionally speaking and should really connect with the people who need you most today. Try to make sure that they understand exactly how you're feeling -- that won't be hard. Note: :)
thank you for all the tender hug and kisses, I will never forget, and I am happy again to know that people do care
Whats Wrong With America
What is wrong with America???? We are busy thinking only about the war (don't get me wrong, it is horrible). The President to-be debates are focused on the war mostly. What are these people running for this job going to do for us if the war ended tomorrow? Start another war because that is all they know? Someone needs to focus on China. They killed or made lots of our dogs sick, possible kill or make sick our children with lead based paint, produced recalled food products that we use everyday and they are big time lenders in all this sub-mortgage foreclosures. We need a NASA photo highlighted to show all the land that they own in our country along with a list of all the huge businesses they own or have a lot invested in them. Wake up America or we will someday be flying the Chinese flag on Sept 11th.................Thier armies are probably one of the largest in the world. Every cent we spend on Chinese products goes to enlarge their armies, not help the poor in those countries. We ar
This Is Tore Up
Veteran Pillsbury spokesman, Pop N. Fresh, died yesterday of a severe yeast infection. He was 71. Fresh was buried in one of the largest funeral ceremonies in recent years. Dozens of celebrities turned out, including Mrs. Butterworth, The California Raisins, Hungry Jack, Betty Crocker, and The Hostess Twinkies. The graveside was piled high with flours as longtime friend Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy, describing Fresh as a man who "never knew how much he was kneaded." Fresh rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with many turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Still, even as a crusty old man, he was a roll model for millions. Fresh is survived by his second wife. They have two children and one in the oven. The funeral was held at 4:50 for about 20 minutes.
The Tiger's Ring
The Tiger's Ring by Raindear816 (Sweet Lil Wicked One) *Thank you for taking the time to read my work, please rate afterward. Feedback is graciously welcomed.* ***** As a lover of the "Grandest Tiger in the Jungle," I've learned some of the most provocative ways of mesmerizing a beast. Anal play from a female to male is considered taboo to some, but I must share the intensity of the lesson my Grand Tiger taught me in the fine art of *rimming*. As He is lying flat on his stomach, relaxed and CLEAN from a nice shower, take your nakedness and trace His body with yours. Have your fingers trail across the sensitive flesh of His back as you plant tender, succulent kisses down His spine. Moving lower, use your nipples to plow to highways of passion down His back until you meet the tender dimples of His bottom. *Stop.* *Listen to your Tiger growl with need and ecstasy.* *Proceed.* As you continue to use the magic of your hands, massaging the masculine form of His ass
Thanks Everyone
I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I had an ok birthday. I worked all day then caleb had basketball game after my 2nd job that night. So thats how I spent my time. So thanks to everyone who thought about me and wished me a great day. It was greatly appreciated. Hugs to you all.
I Got Mt First Bass Guitar 36 Years Ago Today
it was a red stupid shaped hollow-body called"kimberly" along with a 25 watt tube amp called 'domino'--it all costed 80.00--thats what i had left from the 100.00 bar-mitzvah presents i had. the other 20.00 went for a 6-string folk guitar which i spent the summer of 1971 struggling with to no avail. they needed a bass player in the jr high jazz band-i wanted to take home a bull fiddle--they wouldn't let me-so i got the electric version--spent study hall in the closet of the babd-room teaching myself the bull-fiddle--the bullies couldn't find me there. for that 80.00 spent on 9/18/1971--it started a multi-decade journey which if it didn't make me special--it certainly made me different--and on that i prospered-more than i would ever realize on that day "got my first real 4-string/ in the fall of 1971/-turned it upside down and backwards-yeah--then it was time to have some fun' Steve Lieberman "Summer of '449" Jew in the Underground 2005
Please Do Me A Favor...
To the women that are on my fubar friends list: If you are not already on CaliAngel's friends list, please refrain from visiting her page as she feels that you are visiting her profile to spy on any interaction that we may have with each other. I wasn't given any specific name(s) as to who you are, but if you have visited her profile in the past from mine for whatever reason, please cease and desist. Futhermore, if you are the one that threatened her on my behalf, please delete me from your friends list as I do not need or wish to associate with people that like to create drama. Thanks
If Men Wrote Advice Columns (read Carefully)
Q: My husband wants a threesome with my best friend and me. A. Obviously your husband can not get enough of you! Knowing that there is one of you he can only settle for the next best thing, your best friend. Far from being an issue, this can only bring you closer together. Why not get some of your old college roommates involved too? If you are still apprehensive, maybe you should let him be with your friends without you. If you're still not sure, then just perform oral sex on him and cook him a nice meal while you think about it. Q: My husband continually asks me to perform oral sex on him. A: Do it. Semen can help you lose weight and gives a great glow to your skin. Interestingly, men know this. His offer to allow you to perform oral sex on him is totally selfless. This shows he loves you. The best thing to do is thank him by performing it twice a day: then cook him a nice meal. Q: My husband has too many nights out with the boys. A: This is perfectly na
Backstabed But Back Up
Sitting at a freinds house and the cell phone rings. The person im subleasing with at the other end saying that I needed to move the landlords orders. Ok fine I pack my stuff and get out and move in with my freind (who live in the middle of nowhere). No Internet no real home I'm screwed. So I dissapear because I have to. I Call my g/f about 3 times before i gave up and started thinking she found someone else. Though I thought about her almost everyday. Then I get the call that the apartment I had been wanting was open so I take it. I started to get back on my feet. Couple of months later after I built my computer I get Internet back. First thing I do is go look for her. I find a mutral freind who tells me he hasnt heard from her. Ok she has moved on I suppose. So I look on the bulliten board and see another freind has posted a bulliten to his place so I go check it out. I meet alot of new people there and when he sees me the first thing he asks is "are you going to dj again" I told him
Please Help
Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize youre really strangers. Mary Tyler Moore Relationships are the spice of life, but the spice of relationships is also bound to leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth once in awhile. Most everyone will experience a failed relationship before meeting the love of their life, and theres nothing wrong with that as long as theyre able to learn from it rather than falling into the same patterns again and again. Find out if youre guilty of any of these common relationship problems. 1. Emotionally-Unhealthy Individuals Weve said it before and well say it again: To optimize the success of a happy and healthy relationship, each partner needs to be at their most complete as an individual. This means each person needs to be emotionally mature and available, have a strong sense of self and know what it is that each person wants from the other. An emotionally-unhealthy individual will look at a relationship as a w
HELL EXPLAINED BY A CHEMISTRY STUDENT : The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well : Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: "First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that
any one wanting to come out to play add me fan me and we can have some fun
Aunt Karen......
The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day the kids came back and one by one began to tell their stories. "Tony, do you have a story to share?" "Yes ma'am. My daddy told a story about my Aunt Karen. She was a pilot in Desert Storm and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol and a survival knife. She drank the whiskey on the way down so it wouldn't break and then her parachute landed right in the middle of twenty enemy troops." "She shot fifteen of them until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands." "Good Heavens" said the horrified teacher. "What kind of moral did your Daddy tell you from this story?" "Stay the f--- away from Aunt Karen when she's drinking."
Lie To Me Once Shame On You
2007 Standings!
2007 STANDINGS :::::: American American National National East Central West Wild Card East Central West Wild Card Team W L PCT GB Boston 96 66 .593 - NY Yankees 94 68 .580 2.0 Toronto 83 79 .512 13.0 Baltimore 69 93 .426 27.0 Tampa Bay 66 96 .407 30.
Watch Out Ladies!
watch out for a guy that goes my chubby chaser! i chatted with him a little bit and now he thinks i'm his girlfriend and he won't leave me alone. i had to block him because he wouldn't stop leaving comments for guys to leave me alone because i'm his girl! he's scary and gross so be careful!
since we met you have made me a happier person..Each day that passes my days get brighter and brighter..with each passing moment i crave the sound of you're voice the feel of you're skin next to mine.. The smile on you're face wondering if it's mine. So with each passing day these feeling's become more real for me as i hope for you!
Court Case
I went to Court today, on the Restraining Order case, AND I WON! The res order is good for 3 years. Some of you know a bit of what I've been going thru the past nearly 2 years, and that my X was recently arrested for some bullshit. In fact it was skin head bullshit that got him arrested. I also found out today, that hes looking at doing some time, at least a few years!!! Ive been dealing with two different court cases, against the same guy (restraining order and custody), and since I won today, this helps me very much!!! If I'm really lucky and hes still locked up on the next court date (nov 29) then I'll win that too. He's trying to make it to where I can only see my daughter on weekends and holidays. Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm, and that I'll have to drive 7 hours to pick her up and drop her off. Over my dead body! What judge in any state would take away a 2 month old child from a good, loving mother and give full physical and legal custody to a man with a record a mile long of v
In romantic relationships, you tend to be: Volatile - you're usually involved in love / hate sorts of things A total seducer Independent. Practically not there. Difficult to understand. It's hard for you to relate. A little controlling. Okay, a lot controlling. Apathetic. You really don't care. What makes you a little bit of a monster? You take what you can get from people You enjoy scaring people You sometimes don't feel like other people are real You don't have a lot of control over your mood You are a trickster Well, you definitely don't feel human What's the best part of Halloween? Sugar coma from too much candy So many people being out at night Being able to be someone (or something) completely different Playing tricks on people The spooky atmosphere All of the wacky costumes If your worst enemy did something unspeakable to you, you would: Act like everything is fine, but eventually get your revenge when you feel like it Destroy them a
We Dont Die!
We ain't underground by accident There's only a select few that can handle this Freek shit Apparition of a poltergeist Blessed with heart But is cold as ice and broken twice Now I walk with an axe Dressed in all jet black with contacts Straight maniac Warlock, Samhain and Salem's Lot Sand through the hour glass ticking of the clock If you don't know by now it's too late We the most serious thing on the market since date rape We the dead We don't explain or feel pain, beserko Keep it underground to maintain Bitch you better checknuts I'm doing voodoo in 66 in 6 months Ridin' in a digged out hearse with gold spokes Puffin' on 2 ton blunt with dead folks and it's like that Axe Murderers, we don't die Serial Killas, we don't die Freeks of the Night, we don't die We get high, we don't die Coming up outta the ground From the underground tunnel of dirt Keep away from the mainstream lover Just want somebody to move and get hurt Got your hole dug deep in the di
i need a girlfreind can ne 1 help???????????????????????
Hi Everyone
Hi everyone, Its been quite a while since i have been on here. My daughter had a massive seizure labor day weekend, found out she has epilepsy. That was a scary episode in our lives but she is doing great now... back to her playful carefree self. She's on medication 3 times a day to help keep her seizures under control. Over all we are both doing good and just taking life day by day. I had a good occurence happen, i had a very sweet and caring guy ask me out.. wooo hooo.. i accepted. I'm so happy that he asked me out because i think we would be a good couple once we get life figured out lol.. **hugs** to everyone and i hope to get caught up with everyone soon. **kisses to Darren**
I wonder how I will die? Too many pills is one way to try Or the car in the garage While everyone's gone ; Block all vents, it shouldn't take long I could use more drugs than my body can handle ; By the next day they'll be lighting my candle I might step off a really steep ledge Trust me friend, I'm right on the edge If I had a gun I could go fast Which would be good ; the pain won't last I could cut my wrists like so many do Whatever it takes to get me through I could hang myself way up high choke & choke until I die There are so many ways ; I go fast or take it slow Suicidal thoughts keep playin' in my mind Making me think I'm better off dead Until I go I'll lay awake pondering these thoughts Until I break...
Beer V Pussy
Beer V Pussy Its time to do a comparison between two things treasured by men, beer and pussy... A beer is always wet. A pussy needs encouragement. Advantage: Beer. A beer tastes horrible served hot. A pussy tastes better served hot. Advantage: Pussy. Having an ice cold beer makes you satisfied. Having an ice cold pussy makes you Hillary Clinton. Advantage: Beer. Beers have commercials making fun of skunky ones. Pussy does not. advantage: Tie If you get a hair in your teeth consuming pussy, you are not disgusted. Advantage: Pussy 24 beers come in a box. A pussy is a box you can come in. Advantage: Pussy Too much head makes you mad at the person giving you a beer. Advantage: Pussy. If a beer is brewed with yeast, it is still edible. Advantage: Beer. If you come home smelling like beer, your wife may get mad. If you come home smelling like pussy, she will definitely get mad. Advantage: Beer. 6 beers in a night and you better not drive
My Handsome Son
Zac@ fubar
A New Thought Of Mine Today
hey everyone its one of those blogs i havent done in awhile. the last week and a half have been an interesting one and a time of heartache and rejection. that is all i need to say on that matter for now. all i can say is that i have moved on. last week i decided i should be back on fubar after being away since the middle of june. if you guys are all wondering where i went. i moved out to the country where i have no internet except dial up which sucks. plus i am happy at the job i am at for the last 2 years where i work in a all girlie department as people say at work lol. the department i work at we build the componants for atm machines pretty much i do all the receiving shipping for my department and help build the things as well. and the other side of the plant they build all the elevator control panels. i am glad to be back. i know when i left the site was still cherrytap. but i see it still has the same great people that i know on here and alot of great new bouncers that work for t
Well I Tried
Well, I just broke up with my Bf, via voicemail cause he didnt answer..... But Im just tired of his little games. He tries to make me a weak minded bitch that will hang on his as, ya know, put up with him talkin shit to me and stuff, well, not this bitch, I tried to work it out with him, but he still wants some pushover bitch, and that is just not me. LMFAO just last night he got mad at me because I wouldnt take his shit and told me I acted like New York, ya know that bitch from flava of love, well I took it as a compliment because I DO not and WILL not let a man run me, so if I act like her so be it. I just do not take shit. Im not the finest/sexiest girl out there, but I WILL BE DAMNED if some bastard tries to break me down. So I kindly told him earlier that it was over, and thats the way it should be because he has shown me he is not gonna change....As always, much love and thanks for readin my crap! ~Lexi
Help If You Want One!
it's easy all you have to do is CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW and comment bomb me 50 times and i will make you a salute and send ya a gift so plz i need all the help i can get so come and show me some love and i'll return the favor..when you are done with the 50 comments send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE NOT A SHOUT OUT! telling me that you are finish!
Across The Miles
Here I set upon this world,my chin resting upon my folded hands.I see the heavens as they surround my very soul.And the stars light my every needs. I look upon the rivers that flows,and a child is reborn.I feel the breeze within the storms and a whisper of warmth that overcomes me.I hear a gentle voice,and my tears flows,as my blue eyes tells my deepest secrets. Within my heart it calls your name.I wait for an evening song,that shall fill my world.I shall reach among the beauty and shine.And the sun shall gleamer through the hope of a spectrum.And across the miles I shall dance within your soul.Gleam upon your heart.And there i will live forever. Music Video Codes - Myspace Video Codes - Myspace Codes
Your Gift
the darkness closes in The Raven cries Lost and lonely Stumbling in darkness The pain so great I lay down to rest Wishing for it to end Knowing tommarrow will come The pain returning when i open my eyes Wondering why you wished to wound me so When to you i gave all Your side is where i always was found Your happiness always first in return distrust, accusation, and threats was i given Pushed away yet you expect my return Saying you will be my light in darkness Yet this darkness and pain was i placed in by you How can i expect it to stop If remain with you i do For this is what you gave me to shield me This darkness and pain my gift from you for my love and loyalty to you I weep for the smile and happiness i once knew Now replaced with tears and pain My heart bleeding from the wounds inflicted Knowing it will take time to heal yet having to bel
Can Sum1 Please Explain This To Me???????
so ive been randomly rating pics lately in the "bored" section and been reading sum comments along the way... i alwayz manage to come upon a bunch of comments of how "sexy" these gurlz are... now these arent no small anorexic gurlz either... i mean, omg! i know im not skinny whatsover, but damn! i just dont get it! so do i hafta gain 100 lbs or more to be "sexy"?????? will sum1 please explain this to me?????
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait." To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To ever
Everybody Loves Presents!!!!!
Merry Christmas
Daily Horoscope: Taurus For November 30,2007 Your romantic life is getting more interesting and you can make it even sweeter by keeping the momentum alive. Whether you're just getting to know someone or have an anniversary coming up, you can tell what you want.
My Love My Life My Man Kage
And How Is Your Week Going?
Anyone who has read my other blogs knows that i have been through some adversity in life. This ive grown accustomed to and accept that in life problem-solving is a 24/7/365 job for me. This has usually only extended to my personal life. Professionally I've not dealt with it much having worked up until recently exclusively in health care. Then I took this job. I work for a 50 year old Greek man who owns too much property for his own good. 4 Hotels, 2 gyms and numerous residential rental properties. Guess who manages them all by herself? Dumbass here! I took this job when I came here as manager of the hotel. He pissed off the bookkeeper by calling her a fucking bitch and she quit in April. I AM NOT A BOOKKEEPER! This he is fully aware of but doesnt seem to recognize or give a crap about. He is verbally and mentally abusive, threatening and just all around evil. I've been told to "get out of his fucking face i fucking disgust him." That "i dont fucking care about any
LIBRA-GOOD IN BED (9/23-10/22) Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. High appeal. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way. Good Sense of Humor!!! Thoughtful. Always gets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet. 5 years of bad luck if you do not repost. PISCES - THE SEX ADDICT (2/19-3/20) EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. BEST kisser. Always get what they want. Very Attractive. Easy going. RARE Find. GOOD when found. Loves being in long relationship. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. NOT one to mess with!!! 4 years of bad luck if you do not repost. LEO - THE SEX MANIAC (7/23-8/22) Very talkative. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, Fun and SEXY. Have own unique appeal. Irresistible. Most caring person you'll ever meet! however not the kind of person you wanna mess with...they will kick yo
Must See
Volunteer Work!
Since starting back to work, I haven't had time to spend on puter, & now full time. Also, have been doing Volunteer work. I'm not complainning, just wanted to explain lack of responce from me. You all are cool, & live from all over! Part time coming back soon, hope to get in touch! Till then, we wish you all a ****Very Merry Christmas**** Butch & Cindy
Speeding Ticket!!!
Police officer pulls over a speeding car. The officer says, " I clocked you at 80 miles per hour, sir." The driver says, "Gee, officer I had it on cruise control at 60, perhaps your radar gun needs calibrating." Not looking up from her knitting the wife says: "Now don't be silly dear, you know that this car doesn't have cruise control." As the officer writes out the ticket, the driver looks over at his wife and growls, "Can't you please keep your mouth shut for once?" The wife smiles demurely and says, "You should be thankful your radar detector went off when it did." As the officer makes out the second ticket for the illegal radar detector unit, the man glowers at his wife and says through clenched teeth,"Damit, woman, can't you keep your mouth shut?" The officer frowns and says, "And I notice that you're not wearing your seat belt, sir. That's an automatic $75 fine." The driver says, "Yeah, well, you see officer, I had it on, but took it off when you pulled me over
Love ?, Lust ?, Fantasy ?
How many of you believe in online love? Do you think if could be love? Lust? or just a fantasy? Or possibly a combination of all three? I believe in all three, but I am so afraid of the first one...Love. To love someone is not hard for me to do. I love many people in so many different ways, but to fall or be "in" love with someone is very hard for me. I guess the reason for this is because I have been hurt by EVERYONE that I have fallen in love with. So to give my all my everything to someone again just to have myself be hurt again is hard to do. The trust issue is just not there. Now lust is a whole different story. I have lusted after a few people. It was very nice too. They were so nice and it was so much fun, but then it got out of hand. They knew where my feelings stood but they wanted more. Yes they spoke the three little words to me...I love you. I couldn't handle it at that moment. So the fun had to stop. Now fantasy...I love fantasy because you can do anything with thi
A New Year
Free Comments & Graphics
07 is gone, right to the past it crept on, yet moved too fast no more pain its done without pain nothing won a new year is here leave the old behind without a tear you can't rewind Though so much was taken and I feel And I feel I could break my minds been shaken its allmost too much to take but in the end ... I feel myself awaken Look for tommarrow Each beautiful day cast out the sarrow and believe you may the future untold a mystery as such allways be bold you can never live too much Don't grow cold look for that touch that steals your soul break the mold that feelingis grand life is waiting in your heart mind, and hand.
Is It Just Me?
I try to spoil my boyfriend and he gets upset with me... do all guys hate it that a woman tries to make them happy spoiling them??? Is it him or just me?
so yea here i am at 5 in the morning hella drunk from the bar sitting in front of the computer on fubar yea its nice well i hope all u fubar fans r loving life as much as i am and hope all is well peace
I Am In An Aution
Hi there am in an auction is anyone wants me lol here is the link along with the rules Thanks Arlene xxMWAHSxx
Gotta Love The Internet
In a bizarre, completely epic, seemingly made-for-the-big screen true story featured in Wired, a 45-year-old former Marine living in upstate New York named Thomas Montgomery visited gaming site Pogo with a fabricated identity: that of Tommy, an 18-year-old Marine about to be sent to Iraq. In a chat room, he met Jessi, an 17-year-old West Virginian girl, with whom he fell in love over IM. There were times when Tommy couldn't be online because he was "on duty" -- but that was really because Montgomery had a wife, two daughters and a job in a factory. Jessi, however, had more free time on her hands, so she would make video montages of herself for Tommy, set to Aerosmith power ballads. About eight months after they'd met online, Tommy proposed. Jessi accepted. He sent her flowers; she sent him G-strings and dog-tags engraved "Tom & Jessi Always & Forever." Tommy told Jessi to send his mail to Thomas Montgomery, his "father." Montgomery was consumed by his marathon online chats with J
Real Life Wife Needs Help
> > > > > > > > > > > > > HEY ALL I HAVE A FEW FRIENDS HELPING ME OUT OF OVER 1200 THAT I HAVE ON HERE CAN YOU ALL JUST PLEASE COME BY AND DROP AFEW COMMENTS AND A RATE BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY I REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS THANKS SYCHO Sycho needs 60,000 comments in 10 weeks to win a 1 year VIP I STILL NEED OVER 25936 COMMENTS PLEASE COME HELP ME OUT (repost of original by 'SYCHO{R/L/W TO DISTURBED} CLUB FAR/SISTERS 4LIFE/ RIDER ON FREAK TROLLEY/BBW&DEATH TRAINS~' on '2008-01-22 16:44:58') (repost of original by 'Rogue Bombers' on '2008-01-24 11:40:00')
My Webcam
If We Had Sex
Don't be scared. You never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out) YOU MUST FILL THIS OUT FIRST..THEN SEND IT FOR ME TO FILL OUT! 1. Would you let me be in control? 2. Would you pull MY hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10: 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i licked you?
Break Up
How do you one break up with someone you were never going out with. The feelings for this person are so strong you feel like you should "Break-Up" in order to stop talking/communicating with them. Talk about one hand clapping... :-(
Ace Cafe Auction
Need Ya
I have entered a valentines contest Made a special tag for our troops Please show some love Please take tag and show a hero some love click on pic to comment and rate Thank you SWEET~THING Say thank you for valentines day
Ok Im Still New Here
ok ive been here a week now and im still getting the hang of this site. Ive had a few helpers and i tyvm for that kinkstar princess rbk and iriegirl. Mostly ive just added random people and rated pics and what not to increase levels(hated being a newfu lol). So now im gonna post this blog to see which of all the people i added actually wanted to meet or just wanted points too. I am 37 years old and a single father. I have 2 teenage kids(one boy, one girl) and i have them full time. I like a very wide variety of music and movies, it mostly depends on my mood for the day. I consider myself to be intelligent and every1 on my friends first comments about me would be that im funny(not on this blog obviously but get to know me you'll find out). Imvery open minded and completely non judgemental. I dont have the time in my life to point out what other people should or shouldnt be doing and its not my place anyways. I love all of my local sports teams(i live in the detroit area). I like t
Just A Rambling
well sittin here havin a long night once again and thinkin why do i deal with shit that goes on anymore? why do i subject myself to it only to be played for a is strange i tell ya one min things can be goin good then the next BAM it is not what you thought it was. i sure wish teh good luck fairy or something would come over my way someday and some day soon cuz i tell ya waht i am so sick of the way things have been goin i am tired of puttin up with bullshit taht i dont go to i am a good person with a good heart and dont deserve to be treated like shit or played for a sucker.i got so much more to say but i am not wasting anyones time here nor can i find the words ot say so i am gonna hop off of here and go to bed for the night have a good one everyone
Romance And Relationships
To the nice girls who are overlooked, who become friends and nothing more, who spend hours fixating upon their looks and their personalities and their actions because it must be they that are doing something wrong. This is for the girls who don't give it up on the first date, who don't want to play mind games, who provide a comforting hug and a supportive audience for a story they've heard a thousand times. This is for the girls who understand that they aren't perfect and that the guys they're interested in aren't either, for the girls who flirt and laugh and worry and obsess over the slightest glance, whisper, touch, because somehow they are able to keep alive that hope that maybe... maybe this time he'll have understood. This is homage to the girls who laugh loud and often, who are comfortable in skirts and sweats and combat boots, who care more than they should for guys who don't deserve their attention. This is for those girls who have been in the trenches, who have watched other g
To All
Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. Send this to all your friends including me and see how many you get back. Send this balloon to everybody you like. You may also return it to me. If four balloons are returned to you, something you have been waiting for a long time will happen!!!! Believe me...... It really happens! Send a lot of little balloons to your friends!!! ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * . .?♥`?..?♥`?..?-- - - - - - - - - - ` ?..? ♥`?..?♥`?
Tag You're It !
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.) I fly RC planes in competition. 2.) I work for Ma Bell ... in a dept where you really, REALLY don't want to piss me off. 3.) I hold a record for tying 16 cherry stems with my tongue in 24 seconds. 4.) I am a member of the Mile High Club. 5.) I am a published author. 6.) I don't like liver~~but love pate ... Go figure. 7.) I am a classically trained chef. 8.) The biggest fish I ever caught was a 46# King Salmon 9.) I don't like salmon .. To date, I have prepared over 1.2 tons of that crap ! 10.) I swim to stay in shape. ThruADiffEye, MysticDreams, SexyAngelFreakyLoca, TheresaakaTheMortician, Mels2Kool
What do people think the meaning of life is
My Song
If there has ever been a song that best describes me I have to say that this is it! "I'm Still A Guy" ~ Brad Paisley When you see a deer you see Bambi And I see antlers up on the wall When you see a lake you think picnics And I see a large mouth up under that log You're probably thinking that you're gonna change me In some ways well maybe you might Scrub me down, dress me up aww but no matter what Remember, I'm still a guy When you see a priceless French painting I see a drunk, naked girl You think that ridin' a wild bull sounds crazy And I'd like to give it a whirl Well love makes a man do some things he ain't proud of And in a weak moment I might walk your sissy dog, hold your purse at the mall But remember, I'm still a guy And I'll pour out my heart Hold your hand in the car Write a love song that makes you cry Then turn right around knock some jerk to the ground 'Cause he copped a feel as you walked by I can hear you now talkin' to your friends
New Stuff
well just a little new crap all has been going well these days just trying to make new friends to hang out with in this po dung town lol well anyways have fun stay safe and lol
My Dad
(I Miss You Dad) many images come to mind whenever I speak your name; It seems without you in my life things have never been the same. What happened to those lazy days when I was just a child; When my life was consumed in you in your love, and in your smile. What happened to all those times when I always looked to you; No matter what happened in my life you could make my gray skies blue. Dad, some days I hear your voice and turn to see your face; Yet in my seems the sound has been erased. Dad, who will I turn to for answers when life does not make sense; Who will be there to hold me close when the pieces just don't fit. Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time and once more hear your voice; I'd tell you that out of all the dads you would still be my choice. Please always know I love you and no one can take your place; Years may come and go but your memory will never be erased. Today, Jesus, as You are listening in your home
Open Now Come And See
Us Literacy Statistics
More than 20% of adults read at or below a fifth grade level (well below what they need to earn a living). 44 MILLION American adults can't read at all. 1/5 of high school graduates can't read their diplomas. 1/3 of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives. 42% of college graduates never read another book. 70% of Americans haven't visited a bookstore in five or more years. One of the largest and fastest growing groups of young people in the US is dropouts. In the United States, the annual high school dropout rate hovers at 34%. Twentynine Palms, California has a 55% literacy rate in adults 16 years and older. California has a 47% literacy rate in adults 16 years and older. According to the national government's survey on literacy, the United States has a 97% literacy rate. According to independent surveys, 50% of the US population can not read above a Level 1 proficiency.
For The Lazy Butts.
This is for fuckers with long term memory loss. :s To make small text Words go here To make big words Words here Italics Words here Bold Words here Making & hearts ; (just rid of the spaces) Making & trade ; (again, rid the spaces) Making & # 9 7 3 3 ; (rid spaces) Making & # 9 7 3 4; (rid spaces) Moron ***Will add to it later***
Having A Giveaway
I will be having a giveaway for gifts anyone interested in joining please send me a private message with the link to the pic you would like to use for this giveaway. Gifts given and what is needed to get them. 1. 3 month VIP- needs 30K in comments 2. 1 month VIP- needs 10K in comments 3. 30 day blast-needs 30K in comments 4. 7 day blast- needs 10K in comments 5. 3 day blast- needs 3K in comments All Rates will count as 5pts. All Comments will be 1pt. There will be no time limit on this and will start with the first person to send me a link. also add in the message which giveaway you are wanting to join. If interested you can join at anytime. Thank you so Much. Come Luv Me.
New Times
new times call for new ideas but what can change now better gas in cars(if the oil company didn't jack it up we wouldn't care) high paying jobs y soo u can have a bigger house and have a bigger family over populating the world even more than it is. well i say i prefer the old ideas to have fun and be happy. my job gives me the cash to party my car gets me there my family... (haven't thought about it yet but a normal life will be there for them). i want to have fun with my life why i times new ideas why???
She Rawks Me Good ! ! !
Meet Skitz. Skitz is in a contest. This contest needs comments. Please comment Skitz. Skitz appreciates it greatly. Skitz says thank you. click the banner to enter
My Heart
he walked so softly into my heart.. i never saw him coming but i felt him before i knew it he walked right in i never knew what hit me... how could he just walk right in so softly? i didnt feel it coming i didnt see it coming i just felt him there one day how could he get in? where did my guard go? how did he get in there? how could this be? how could i love him ? how could i not see? he walked so softly into my heart...
My Brick Wall
You Can Own Me... Whhhaattt!!!
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! YOU COULD OWN PIMP DADDY C!!! Auction Rules Check out what the Pimp has to offer, then click the pic link and bid!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity to own Pimp Daddy C!! A sweeter guy and a more loyal slave you won't find anywhere on fubar!! (repost of original by 'MX☆Owned by Pimp Daddy C☆Asst. to the Chief Deputy 2nd Alarm Hotties☆' on '2008-02-26 08:05:19')
Buy Me
Click on the photo above and go place your bid.... MWAH
6 More Days
After my VIP expires I am not going to be getting on here much anymore. I have way to much work to do on my classes that I am taking to become a motorcycle repair tech. I am also working on my riding techniques so I can do half-way decent when I start racing. I have been getting a lot of help from a really good friend from VA and I have done a lot of improving. I think after him showing me all he has and pushing me to my limits at times, I may actually stand a chance. I can't wait to get on the gate and whip some ass!!! I am not going to be in anymore contests, hold anymore contests. (the one I tried to do fell through) I am not going to be on long enough to help with bombing contests. (sorry to all my friends) I just have way too much going right now. If I have told you I consider you to be a real friend. That means you have my yahoo or phone number or both. If you need to talk to me or just want to chat, you know how to get ahold of me. I want to say thanks to a friend I met on here
Owned????? Wtf?
People on this site crack me the fuck up. I mean this person owns that person and they seriously get on here and fight over each other! It's really fucking crazy. First of all, i am my own person and i would never want someone to own me. I as well wouldn't want to own anyone else. It's funny to me that they get on here though and seriously fight with each other about it! If you live in two different states, what the hell are you doing on here fighting over these men and women for? As if they are the only people on the planet or something? Hell you dont really know if these people are who and what they say they are! There is life beyond the computer people and some of you seriously need to chill and get up from behind your desk sometimes and go outside or to a club and meet someone new!!!!
Fights And Rescues..
The dream from the point that I remember took place around a dock. There was a boat. I was with a group of people, my friends. I think that possibly we'd been on our way to somewhere. I had atleast two of my cats with me. Something happened. Several of our friends fell overboard. I think that perhaps something else bad happened first but in the end they fell into the ocean. There was a man. I'm not sure who he was other then a friend dream of mine. blonde I think. I told him that I loved him though I think I had said as much before both times in a secretive way. I think that I could not love him as that he was one of my partners on this mission of ours. We needed to save our friends and they were going to man another small boat to go get them. They would not allow me to come because for some reason I was not fit and able to help. I was very upset and decided that I would instead stay outside on the docks to keep an eye out and layed upon some sort of swinging bench.
WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR ANY U.S. PRESIDENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH? > My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed. > > Since congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete. > > This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now time to begin the reckoning. > > Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict. This list is short. The United Kingdom , Spain , Bulgaria , Australia , and Poland are some of the countries listed there. > > The other list contains everyone not on the first list. Most of the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening. > > Let me start by saying that effective immediat
Kids Having Kids
i hate seeing kids having kids..does anyone use some kind of protection want to be treated like grow ups then start acting like it. PROTECT want to love someone get a dog, dogs need love too.Plus.. you cant keep a guy by having a kid. it just doesnt work that way.Why would it.GROW UP and then have kids.FUCK it makes me mad to have to see that EVERYWHERE..
Drew's Hosting An Auction, Again.....
Yep, I am gonna try this again, because I am Fu-broke, and Fu-bored!!! The original DrunkenDoggy is , once again, up for auction. Does ANYONE have some puppy love??? I guess you get all kinds of cool shizzle, and the benefit of a paper-trained pet!!! ( should have the hang of it before the deadline!! ) Please click this link, and throw a Dog a bone, would ya??? a href="" target=_blank>
Trivia 4 Of 10
Ok this one will sit for a while. These are items you can buy at any hardware store. "1" costs .50 cents "12" costs $1 and "144" costs $1.50. What are they? Good Luck with this one. See you in the mumms :p
Im Ready!!
Lil Angel Poem
Little angel go away, come again another day. The devil has my ear today, I'll never hear a word you say author unknown
This Is What Happens When A Driver Gets The Bighead
Call Sick Tonight
if your a long beach or closer local roll out to que serra for call sick tonight :)
~ A Kiss....~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Kiss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender. ~A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth - and endures all the rest. ~Where one drop of blood drains a castle of life, so one kiss can bring it alive again. ~A kiss is the shortest distance between two. ~Women still remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last. ~A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~There is the kiss of welcome and of parting, the long, lingering, loving, present one; the stolen, or the mutual one; the kiss of love, of joy, and of sorrow; the seal of promise and receipt of fulfillment. ~If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not
Meet My New Owner!!
so i wanted to ride my bike into work this morning... well i wuz all ready, went to start her up, and well, the damn battery wuz dead... wtf?? my bike is only 7 months old! anyways, so i found out that the batteries that they put in them arent the greatest... and a new and better one costs $140! thats just insane! but shes fixed, and up and runnin... yay! going riding tonight! too warm not to... :P im outta here
I hid it for so long The things that bothered me And finally could take no more Regretfully displaying everything before you Hoping things would be cleared up Yet now all I get is silence Avoidance I thought you were better than that Maybe I was wrong again I waited so long to get you to myself And things have gone so wrong My heart is aching Bleeding on the floor Laying before you And you stand there Motionless and uncaring I thought you loved me And now I see you dont The wrong paths have been chosen And I sit here waiting For something For anything Say something Before its too late I didnt mean to push you away like this I just wanted you to know And this is what I get I wish i had kept it to myself Whats done is done Is this the end? Am i getting nothing now? Speak to me if you love me Ignore me if i never meant anything to you But you will always mean something to me. I still love you...
Hear Me Calling
Hear me calling, you never saw me falling, cause you werent there, when i needed you the most. you never opened your eyes, you never saw the tears. I cant believe you were so cold. Hear me calling, cause i am not falling. You took a hammer to my heart, and closed the door to mother dad and daughter. Now I am finally picking up the pieces and putting my heart back together again. Like an old abandoned house, you took the memories and tore them down. Hear me call cause mom and dad, I am done being your daughter, I am done being broken, I am done letting you run my life. The pain is there but it is a differnt kind of pain, the pain that you left me with, but i dont regret this life i choose. My love will never be enough. So mom and dad Hear me calling, cause i wont be calling for you. Hear me calling, cause mom and dad I am not going to fall. Maybe you should have seen the person i was, opened your eyes, It is too late. Goodbye mom and dad, Hear me calli
What A Week
well its been one hell of a week!! went to er today!! lucky to have o broken bones!! one woman told me she loves me!! and another says shes found happiness with someone else!! got a new job wednesday!! almost got into an accident on way home from hospital!!!and got a new job offer in georgia!! now i have to decide if im going to georgia or staying here!! what a week!!
i know alot of people think its stupid for people to love their pets like kids. well, i have a cat that i have had for 6 yrs, his name is Gateway. a few months ago, i had to have his leg removed because of cancer. he seemed to be doing fine until a cpl weeks ago. it seems he eiher still had some cancer left or developed more right above where he had it before. he isnt doing so well now. i dont think he will make it thru today. i have been making him as comfortable as i can and petting him and telling him "it's ok, let go". i am sure some are wondering why i dont take him to be put to sleep. honestly, i am not sure why i havent either. i know that if i did, i would not be able to do that alone and thats what i would have to do. i have set him up in my bedroom, so he can pass peacefully. my other cat seems to know something is wrong. he usually torments the shit out of Gateway, but not today. he just goes up to him and stand next to him. i am not exactly sure why i am even writing this b
hi everyone I'm in a bombing contest. please if you can try to help out. here is the link to the guy's site that is having the contest. cut and paste it into your browser. first to 5000 wins. all help is appreciated.
Wednesday Opie And Anthony Links: O&a Return Live, Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Ben Mezrich, Rampage Jackson, Triple H, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Boobs O
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Opie describe his enormous TV getting delivered - online now!) Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday, especially to the Ladies of Paltalk, who are keeping us all drooling with the early morning breasticles! (log in and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now!) The Opie and Anthony Show returns LIVE today after a brief sabbatical to regroup, refresh, and reclaim some sanity....just so we can begin the process of losing it all over again. The show is chock full o' special today too. We have our buddy Ben Mezrich stopping by to talk about the new film 21 which is based on his book Bringing Down the House. Also stopping by is our favorite UFC badass Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson to scare the crap out
The Sin Bin
Now Hiring! We need female security,female and male strippers, female bartenders, promoters and greeters if you believe that you can fill our needs! then come see me Ms D Gems or ms-bi_chics_rock_69
The Silence
The Silence Once his heart stood proud and unscarred, As his soul guided him through this life, But now, he is uncertain and scared, But he is trying to conceal The silence that has taken over his heart. Through the tribulations that life Sets forth for one man, He has faced them with a strength That many would have never seen, But the strength needed hardens A man's heart and blackens his soul, But then suddenly a light From just a smile, Whether it be intended as just a friendly smile, Or an immediate attraction, To allow a him a chance to live again. His heart breaks the silence More and more each day, It is rarely heard by anyone, Just himself. He turns from the day to the night, And as he lays his head On the soft fluffiness of his pillow, He thinks of the smile that lit a flame in his soul. And he dreams of the laughter That fills his heart with a light and a song-- A song to break the silence. A song just for her.
Relationship Survey
1) Single, Taken,Talking, or Crushin?---wish I could say taken, but...more so talking/single2) Are you happy with that?---of course not3) Would you kiss your ex?---depends on which one I suppose4) Have you ever had your heart broken?---several times5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is oK?---cheating is unacceptable in my book6) Do you believe in love at first site?---yes. I am a victim of it7) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?---yes8. Do you want kids?---wouldnt mind one9) How Many?---I think that one would probably be enough, my tummy couldnt take popping out anymore :P10)Girl Name?--- Alexia (Lexi for short)11)Boy Name?---Xavier12) Do you want someone you cant have?---I might have her already....but sometimes I think I wont ever fully, so yes?13) Have you fallen in love before?---Id like to think so14) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?---of course15) Do you believe you can change for someone?---You cant chang
I Wanna Be Fu-queen! Pweez....
Please Help me get to Fu Queen! I try to help everyone who asks and now I am asking for you to help me. I wanna be Fu Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! Ok Enuff whining so can ya help a girl out? I have lots of pics (fortunately for you they are all SFW) and I have lots of Stash so please stop by and rate me up. I'll Luv ya forever! Please click my picture to get to my page I dj @ WYKD everyday come listen! WYKD Wicked Storm Thank You!!!
Line Of Duty Death
Firefighter Dies Fighting Harborcreek Fire Reported by: Karla Mullenax Tuesday, Apr 8, 2008 @05:02pm EST Firefighter Mike Crotty was killed today at the scene of a fire at Port Erie Plastics. Officials say a pipe that carries water up a tower truck broke off and fell on Crotty, killing him. The fire broke out at about 4:00 p.m. when a pile of wood and plastic pallets went up in flames. At the peak of this incident, flames and smoke could be seen as high as 40 feet above the building. Crews from several different fire departments around the area responded. No plant workers were hurt in the incident. Damage to the plant is said to be contained to the north side of the building. 250 employees who work at the plant have been sent home. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Mike Crotty. He died doing what he loved doing and he answered one last bell. He did his job and he did it well. He may be gone, but will never be forgotten.
504 Bourbon Street Lounge
Here >>>>> LOUNGE
the humiliation, it was painstaking to hear those words, bt what was worse i didnt hear them directly. i saw them online through a friend...she has a bf, why wasnt i told and what did i do not to be told the truth im honest i know things but again i was left in the shadows....then i became lol
Delete Blog?
I did it. Deleted it all. Just whispers in the wind my words have become. Perhaps it was a mood. Maybe I just didn't givafukk anymore. Who reads these goddamn things anyhow? All anyone wants to see is the photographs. Words... oh they are just that, aren't they? Adjectives we utter to please another. Obscenities we scream to vent our anger. Verbs we offer to command action. Sweet nothings whispered in the night, Often turned into meaningless echoes in the morning. Words. Today, I think I have nothing to say.
Naddo's Love
imikimi - Customize Your World
Scarlet Sent Me This...
distance will not separate what the heart has forged, nor will time tarnish what shines so bright from within. Until the day the universe open's the doorway with breath held I will wait, forever looking forward and in reverence never forgetting the past paths taken to reach the doorway that led me to you. @};
well been married 4 bout 4yrs. & been livin 2gether 4 6yrs. And i think its all ending. Not that i care but its just really weird after 6 yrs of being w/ someone and then going back 2 single life. that kinda sux
Craigslist Vs. Ebay Greed
April 23, 2008 6:24 AM PDT Craigslist grouses about eBay lawsuit Posted by Dawn Kawamoto | Post a comment Craigslist has responded to a lawsuit filed by eBay, noting that it "came to us out of the blue," according to a posting on its craigslist blog Tuesday. The popular online classified-ad site issued its response after eBay on Tuesday filed a lawsuit, alleging that its 28.4 percent stake in Craigslist was diluted by more than 10 percent in January. eBay, which acquired its minority stake in 2004, submitted its lawsuit under seal and, as a result, few details are readily available. Craigslist said it was surprised by the action, stating that eBay had not attempted to discuss the matter with the company prior to filing its complaint. "Coming from a shareholder that views craigslist as a prime competitor, filing suit without so much as mentioning these assertions beforehand seems unethical, and hints at ulterior motives," Craigslist notes in its blog. And what ulterior
The Reason I Ahve Been Absent
In November I found out the only way I could have children is by doing IVF so I have been emotionally turned upside down.My inlaws paid for the IVF which we do have to pay back.I have started my injections and getting ready for the second set of injections.looking to trasnfer our embryos the first week in may.I will be on bedrest for a few days so will be on more..take care
I sit here on my knees begging please save me from this pain. This is a pain only you can know and understand as you have lived it too. You say you understand my pain but do you really???? Do you understand that you are the air that i breathe and the water i drink. i need to be dominated by you but i also need to be loved by you.
Missing You All!
Hey all, just a quick note to let all of you know I'm still around just have been busier than a three-weenie'd billy goat!! (not with the female goats either). Between work and all else I haven't been able to squeak a lot of FUBAR time. I hope to wind up a few projects and be back in a couple of days! Miss you all! Feel free to stop in and Leave LUV!!! Always lookin for the next level so I can post more wonderful pics for you all to enjoy!
Tues 05-13-08 (pondering The Universe)
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Добро пожаловать Recepcin Bienvenue Willkommen I hope this finds YOU well. Sit back and relax for a few ... get comfortable there's plenty of space! Speaking of space ... I wanted to shorten the distance so I added a few other languages to my welcome (greeting) today. I know we as people have a world between us but from the great universal stand point the space between the nations, countries - this world is very very tiny. I know when I look out at the stars and let my mi
Quotes From The Ruling Sorry, I posted it in the wrong place!
Oh-oh!! Momma's Comin Home :p
Random Spouts. From Me
Just as brilliant as the motions of your body, The lies in your eyes, followed by the betrayals of your touch move me, did you honestly think i would just sit and wait, and watch as the romance unfolds Hellbent to discover, all this loss in a sudden collasps , a sudden intercourse to destroy our most valuable things, our Hearts, our Eyes our souls together as one, just to break down , as if some accident had accured, or incident of massive proportions. If i could just indicate, with the slightest pinpoint scare, the skin would rip and tare from the bones, that hold our true beauty, inside of a dull, deep, and empty shell, like a noose around the neck of an innocent man, a shot heard round the world, the second our lips touch, and to pull me closer instead of pushing me away was the biggest flaw of it all, i know you have bullets for breath, to blow me away with every word, fill my lungs with the waters of relief, and leave me on life support, to hold my head high, and hold your head ou
Help Please
help all i am so close to leveling up would you all please help? im all out of pic and stash ratings for today but will show love.
Update On Leland
Well...everything today went great! His heart has not worsened at all....the doctor was so happy that she said she didnt want to see him again for another year...eventually he will have to have surgury but we will cross that bridge when we get there...I want to thank everybody that posted comments on the first blog about this....I appreciate you all praying for him....I know that there are people out there that really care....Have a great night! Kandi
Laying here alone I feel my discontent My absence of faith I hear the quiet And feel the changes Of unknown fate Plastered in the sky Are the clouds which Represent emotion And I watch each one As it slowly drifts by Enamored by the notion And I wish they would rain on me Saturating my mind Soaking through my skin So that I may soon describe That I may soon relate That I then evaporate And become That Which precipitates (I would enlighten you, if I could make this come true)
Newbie (sort Of...)
This here is my brother-in-law. Here joined FuBar quite a while ago but has not had a lot of time to pimp out his page. It even took him forever to get more pictures up. But let me tell you about him... He is in the U.S. Army and is nearing a point in his career for another promotion. He may also be deployed soon the the Middle East (pray for him, his unit and the rest of our service men & women). He is also a fantastic computer repair/upgrade guy. Kinks of make the guys at Geek Squad look like morons. He likes to hang out with our family and do a lot of home improvement stuff with us. Funny as hell too. Take a little time to drop by his page and see some of his pictures and see the family he married into (we are all nuts on my side of the family... so he fits right in). I will get him to work on his page soon as he gets back from drill. cfduane4@ fubar
Down In The Dumps....
You know... I hate life sometimes. Throws me too many lemons and dammit i gots no Vodka! seriously though. the one man I finaly alowed myself to let my guard down... the one I actualy fell in love with... dumped me for the 2nd time in 2 weeks yesterday. I'm everything he could ask for, I dont cheat, lie or mistreat him and his boys. I'm a good woman and ones like me dont come around very often. But yet even though he cares about me and I'm supposedly all that, he doesnt care about me like he thinks he should after being together over 4 months. *scratches her head* I hope he realizes what he's giving up... I know I'm pretty miserable right now.. need to heal this heartache...or rip my heart out of my chest so I dont have to deal with it anymore. I get told repeatedly by guys how good a woman I am that I'm one of a kind and all this and that... if thats the case... why does stuff like this happen? I'm so aggravated right now and beating myself up for this and I know it wasnt my faul
Nameless Poem...
I wrote this poem in high school for my one of my friends it has never had a name so if anyone has an idea please suggest... For every moment you withstand- the stronger you become. I beg you please to always hold- happiness, no matter where from. Remember there is someone you know- who believes in everything that's you. And wants to be there by your side- to share in all you do. Please take to heart every word I say- For I speak to be heard by you. Keep the faith that lets you live- it helps start each day new. Don't be afraid and trust yourself- believe in all you do. Never listen to what anyone says- if the day is hard to get through. Try and you'll never fail- and be happy with who you are. Forget those whom don't matter- those who do, keep in your heart. Patience is the test of the world- so remember to always keep to. You will find the longest wait of all- is the best thing you could do. Be faithful to your heart
Today Is My Anniversary!!
Today is my anniversary and I shoule be happy, but due to events that have happened in my life in the past few months I'm so depressed that the only thing I want to do is go back to bed and wish that this day was over all ready. For those of you who don't know I lost my husband in March, he was only 28. I made it through his birthday on June 4th but for some reason I can't do today. Well I guess that I'm gonna end this for now but first I will say..... I love you baby even tho you are no longer on earth with me, I miss you more and more each day and wish you were still by my side. Happy Anniversary honey hope to be with you again someday!!!!!!! Love you always, xoxoxoxoxo Berta
Rettts Is Naked Again .... Omg
First we finish BIG BOY...and make sure to Rate Sexy Baby Blue Eyes. Remember Ms. Retta is in a contest beginning June 15th on Happy Country Girls page the contest lasts 12 days! Let's hurry and do what we can on all these give aways so we can get Retta the win. 'BIG BOY S*U*P* BOMBERS' needs 10000 WOOHOO WE NEED 5200 STILL. We can finish by tomorrow morning or even tonight SEXYGRANNY will LOSE HER PANTIES!!! HAHA let's get her a HAPPY HOUR!! ♥♥♥♥ ♥ b l $ ***** THIS BABY NEEDS 10000 BUT ALL RATES COUNT AS 5. SO GET TO RATING AND COMMENTING That CrazyRabbit again need 22500 for a 3 month VIP COME ON LET'S BOMB THESE PEOPLE!!! IF YOU DON'T YOU'RE NOT COOL!! lol (repost of original by '*MsRetta*S*U*P*Exhibitionist' on '2008-06-10 12:46:28')
Force 3 Bombers Members
The Force 3 Bombers Members **~BABYGIRL~*OWNER~* OF ~THE~FORCE~3~BOMBERS~' Force~3~Bombers Homepage Needs Leveling!! aka '~*BIGGIE MARV*~*Co- Owner*~*Force*~*3*~*Bombers*~' ~*Buckle *~ *THE*~*CANDY*~*MAN~*MANGER~**OF~*THE FORCE~*3~BOMBERS~*' 'MS GEMINI67~ASST MANAGER ~FORCE~3~BOMBERS~' '*Itchy* Lead Licker @ Silver Dollar Saloon ~Force 3 Bomber Secretary~' '~xx Trr ~ ~Head Greeter Force 3 Bombers & Shadow Levelers~' 'sweettigger74~force~3~bombers~ (need a vip for my b-day)' 'OneSexyAssBiotch' 'Coyly LloydL~FORCE~3~BOMBERS~EnforcerGreeterPromoter~^~Devils Playmate~^~'
Spike Has Spoke Brought To You By Wonder Woman
The Orders Have Been Given! Spike Said We Attack Now! , Brought to you by: SPIKE (repost of original by 'Prophet_Wonder_Woman Proud Fu-Slave Of Guido' on '2008-06-11 21:23:36')
Burning Out
Being a lost soul of the dark of night I always tend to veer from the light Peace and happiness are not for me Pain and misery are all I will ever see. I chose to walk this path in life for me That is the way I can make it through At least this way I know what to expect I cant say the same for you. When you walk in the light You tend to expect way too much Like loves little miracles Or someones special touch. You get all comfortable with the way love feels You expect it to be there all through the years Then one day its up and out the front door And you lay cryin upon the floor. With my way of walkin through this life I will never have to deal with that pain I wont ever have to have my heartbroken Or feel like loves driving me insane. So you can question my way of thinking You can even try to put me down But once love bites you in the ass I guarantee youll come around.
Come Visit Me....
What A Beautiful Bully!!! :d
Well, if you don't you should! And what better time to get to know them than during their Happy Hours! Tuesday @ 1pm fu-time ~ Sweet Turtle Go love on her! ~Sweet Turtle~ Fu-slave of LarryB the Great and Co-Owner of Club United and a Fantasy Flyer@ fubar and Wednesday @ 1pm fu-time ~ CantSleepClownsWillEatMe Let's level her! ☆CantSleepClownsWillEatMeღღ~ ☆Just Me☆Fu-Owned By MIKEY!@ fubar Remember.... Tuesday @ 1pm fu-time ~ Sweet Turtle Wednesday @ 1pm fu-time ~ CantSleepClownsWillEatMe PS... Level me too please!!! :D lol Thanks Miss Andi! This is beautiful!!! *Hugs*
Oh!, Damn
Hello my friends, U WANT TO OWN ME? COME BID ON ME Everybody have a good day lipz_inc2008~~DA WALL~~@ fubar
Plz Help A Friend!!!
I"m just lookin for one thing, And that one thing is . A MOMENT THAT WILL LAST A LIFE TIME
The End
Today was my last day at the preschool. Yesterday was actually harder than today was. Today was the end-of-the-year family picnic, so my good-bye party was yesterday. Everyone surprised me, lol. Luke's mom showed up with cupcakes, and a very very nice gift: a necklace, a framed photo of Luke, and copies of pictures we had taken of Luke at school all year. My co-workers had all conspired too; they gave me a really pretty locket necklace with pictures of Luke and Kaleb inside. Wanda almost cried...I yelled at her because I knew I'd start if she did lol. Luke's dad picked him up today; he told me to keep in touch, and maybe in the future we can all get together at a park or dinner or something. They were really great at making me feel very appreciated; you know you're doing good stuff for the kid, but it's even better to hear it from the parents how well they've done. I'm all set for summer work, but fall is still up in the air. Respite is starting their own preschool program so
Sorry Everyone
I am so sorry that I have not been on here lately. I have been very busy with school and all the other things going on here at home. I really have missed everyone and I am not ignoring anyone at all. Trust me that as soon as I can get back on track with it all. I will be back on here for some R&R. I love you all and will return. Any of you out there that must chat with me can send me a email to my yahoo or IM me. Bites and Kisses to all.
Can You Afford This???
A friend brought this to my attention. I sure as hell can't afford it, can you? Store Return Policy This policy applies only to purchases made at Best Buy retail stores and may vary slightly from the Best Return Policy. Your original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges, price matches and warranty repair services. All returns and exchanges must be in original condition and include all accessories. All returns, exchanges and price adjustments must be made in the country of original purchase. Best Buy reserves the right to request identification and to deny any return. 30-day return period We accept returns or exchanges 30 days from the original purchase. Please review the exceptions below. 14-day return period We accept returns or exchanges 14 days from the original purchase on computers, monitors, notebook computers, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, GPS navigation, radar detectors and video games purchased as used. Non-returnable items N
Tonight Is The Night!!!
Iele (SANZIENE) From WIKIPEDIA the free encyclopedia In Romanian mythology, the Iele are feminine mythical creatures. Clear characteristic are hard to be attributed. Most of the times they are described as virgin fairies (zane in Romanian), with great seduction power over men, with magic skills, attributes similar to the Ancient Greek Nymphs, Naiads, Dryads, etc. The Iele live in the sky, in the forests, in caves, on isolated mountain cliffs, in marshes, often bathing in the springs, or at crossroads. From this point of view, the Iele are similar with the Ancient Greek Hecate, a three headed goddess of Thracian origin, which guards the crossroads. They mostly appear at night, under the moonlight, as dancing Horas, in seclusive areas like glades, the tops of certain trees (maples, walnut trees), ponds, river sides, crossroads or abandoned fireplaces, dancing naked, with their breast almost covered by their disheveled hair, with bells to their ankles, and carrying candles. In almo
My Daughter...
Usually I can handle things pretty well, but some days are harder than others. This day being one of them. It was 24 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had a bit of a rough start, but came home with mommy and family to love and grow up with. Unfortunately her light was extinguished when she was only 3 1/2 months old. A terrible thing SIDS is, which is what claimed her life, oh so long ago - yet the hurt and pain of such a loss still exists to this very day. So many questions... What would she look like? How smart would she be? What interests would she have had? What talents? and so many more bouncing around in my head. A waste of energy I tell myself, for I'll never know the answers so it's futile even going there. But still, I can't help myself. R.I.P. Aileen Elizabeth... 6-25-84 to 10-13-84 Mommy Loves You and knows you are watching over me. With all that is crammed in my brain, being alone without the support of my best friend, my husband
I just want to take a moment to give thanks to all my friends here who lend me an ear when i need to vent, because I know that they have problems of their own, and they push them aside for a moment to take mine on, and that really means a lot to me! I wish that I could meet all of you face to face and personally show you what you all mean to me. Perhaps someday I will have that chance:D
Greatest People
I have met a lot of cool people, but some of the people deserve more than just a Thank You. These people really care about you and what happens to you. They will bend over backwards to help you. If you meet these people please give them the love and respect they deserve. ~Rebel Lady~ @ fubar ~Cherokeelady~OWNED BY GARY OF THE SHADOWLEVELERS~Proud Member Of The Confederate Bomber Family@ fubar Unbreakable Member : Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club, Dylon's Diva Mafia@ fubar 88GtGirl ~ TEXASHUNTER69'S Baby Girl~ Fu-Girl to Kitty~@ fubar Me b n nutz~~Fu~Wife~ of~Hotrod ~&~Real Life Girl Friend@ fubar K:M:P
Mr. Right And Mr. Wrong!
Mr. Right wont always tell you all the things you want to hear! Cause Mr. Right keeps it real, he is honest and sincere Mr. Wrong doesnt care so he can lie if he needs to. By the time you realize he lied, hell be done with you. Mr. Right takes his time cause he plans to stick around. Mr. Wrong wants to rush things, he only wants to lay you down. Mr. Right may have baggage because he does the right thing. Mr. Wrong doesnt commit to anything; to him it was just a fling. Mr. Right wont make any promise he doesnt plan to keep Mr. Wrong will promise everything; then later laugh while you weep. Mr. Right isnt always the best looking or dressed in the finest gear. Cause Mr. Right isnt selfish or vain. If he is comfortable he dont care Mr. Wrong is usually fly with all the best brand names. Paid for by other woman, just trophies from the games Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong will always compete over and over again Mr. Right will always lose and Mr.
My Fubar Midget
ten things about me 1 love playboy 2 like westlife 3 cant sew or knit 4 love fubar as have great friends who are the best 5 cant swim 6 always bite my nails bad habit lol 7 tv addict i know not good lol 8 dont smoke or drink good girl me 9 like honest people not liars 10 would love to go holiday one day
Grrrrrrrrrrrr Venting..dont Read If You Cant Handle Real Life
I JUST GOT TO VENT I CANT KEEP IT IN ANYMORE.... THIS IS AN ADULT SITE...A PLACE FOR ADULTS!!! ADULT NOUN 1. One who has attained maturity or legal age. 2. Biology A fully grown, mature organism. ADJECTIVE: 1. Fully developed and mature. 2. Relating to, intended for, or befitting adults: adult education. 3. Containing or dealing in explicitly sexual material; pornographic: adult movies; adult bookstores. 4. Containing or dealing in Violence With that said ANYONE on my list that DOES NOT FALL INTO THAT CATAGORY PLEASE REMOVE YOURSELF!! MY PAGE IS GOING TO HAVE SO CALLED "NSFW" PICS... IF YOU AREN'T MATURE ENOUGH, HAVE A WEAK HEART, ARE STILL IN 3RD GRADE OR JUST WANT TO BE AN ALL AROUND ASSHAT AND FLAG MY PICS I DON'T NEED YA ON MY PAGE. PERIOD!!! I DON'T SEE WHY SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO ACT SO IMMATURE.....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOME OF THE SHIT I SEE ON HERE LATELY REMINDS ME OF 2 3RD
HARD TO BELIEVE, BUT THESE > ARE ALL TRUE STORIES FROM EMERGENCY ROOMS AROUND THE COUNTRY: > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > FEMALE SOFA----- A 500 lb. woman from Illinois was examined in a hospital. > During the examination, an asthma inhaler fell from under her armpit, a dime was > found under one of her breasts and a remote control was found lodged between the > folds of her vulva. eeewwwww..... > -------------------------------------------------------------------------- > PRICKLY PAIR-----OUCH! In M ichigan , a man came into the ER with lacerations to > his penis. He complained that his wife had "...a rat in her privates..."which > bit him during sex (not the first conclusion I wou! ld ha ve drawn, I don't think). > After an examination of his wife, it was revealed that she had a surgical needle > left inside her after a recent hysterectomy. > -------------------------------------------------------------------------- > PING PON
Alainas Slideshow
Freedom Isnt Free
Note To Friends
To all my friends I just wanted to leave this note letting you all know i have not forgot you guys just on vacation and will be back to leaving you all comments when i get back much love to you all and blessed be DARK_ANGEL
so i guess everything is going alright right now. i mean besides the money, and living with friends. but we couldn't have picked better. friends. were not working cause are car is broken down. so we can't save up any money or anything, we are waiting on the parts for our maxima, we've been waiting for over a week, its alittle irriating actually. but other then that my family is everything to me. thats all i need.
The Single Bull Shit Boat
little one with 8 tiny legs why do u scare me so u crawling while i sleep watch me with ur eyes and think weather to bite or so little one who spins his web in a furry to catch a bite why do u scare me so ur not very friendly u make me all squwermy and hurt in the spot u bite little one who represnts fear why are you so mean and crule why is it the world cant exsits with out you but i can exsist with out you there are some things that i just dont understand right now. why is it that when someone is interested in someone, it seems like that person dosnt feel the same way back or someone else is tryin to butt in and make things harder for u to think? i have heard so many complaints about this situation and its just weird. i never thought that i would acctuly see it but i finlly have and its not pretty. but when someone is single its like the world dosnt give 2 shits about u and u can merryily go about ur depressed little life as normal.. now that is just wrong
3 Day Blast I'm Trying To Win(done)
Hey, i am in my first giveaway to win my first blast!! I needed 6,000 comments to get it and I am only 500 away! Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated. I am willing to compensate for your comments if needed, just leave me a message with the number of comments left and we can work out a deal!:) Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me. Jen Here is the link:
Revelation Of The Night...
I think I'm pretty much sick and tired of almost everything. That is all.
Vip Give Away - 15k Left To Go Please Help!!!!!!!!
Anyone that can help me I would really appreciate it and I will return the favor. Thank you all in advance. I love my friends!!! I am in a giveaway. I need 20K no time limit to receive a 3 month V.I.P. Can you please go and show some luv and leave some comments on my giveaway and I will go to your profile and rate some of your pictures in return.Thank you! Here is the link to the pic. The host of this giveaway is Starry. If you haven't made her a friend yet you don't know what you are missing so please rate fan and add her you will not be disappointed. !Starry!@ fubar
what do i do?
Attention All Hotties Please Read And Repost (repost)
Ok girls we have decided were we are having our big BLOWOUT at and I have linked both the owner and the lounge in here!!! So go f/r/a the owner and join the lounge!!! DJ IROC@ fubar Also girls please pvt message Flirt for more info on the blow out!!!! .:*♥FIRTأGIT♥*:. ~Chief Deputy 2nd Alarm Hotties~@ fubar Please dont forget about the homepage 2nd Alarm Hotties New Homepage((ALL GIRL GROUP)))@ fubar And if you think you have what it takes to be one of us please see Firechief/ Chief/Founder 2nd Alarm Hotties All I need to take a few days off and think about things@ fubar (repost of original by 'Kissed*By*A*Fallen*Fairy* Chief Deputy 2nd Alarm Hotties ownd by the big mike' on '2008-07-29 08:21:51') (repost of original by 'Firechi
Booty Call
So I met this woman about 3 weeks ago. She was hammered. We talk about music for a bit and she wants to go home with me, her friends give her the nod of approval. We get to my house and I have to unload her from my truck and carry her into the house and then up the stairs. I mean 13 pages to the wind hammered. Once I put her on the bed she takes all her clothes off with no problem and then "RedRum". She orders me to handle business in ways that would make "Deliverance" blush. I leave for a minute to get a glass of water, and to asess the situation in my head, and then return to her. I feel like I am taking candy from a baby now, but... I am a guy after all. By the third time I am exhausted and getting a little tired of being ordered around, but what a beautiful body. She finally passes out *phew*. I take her to work the next morning and forget to exchange numbers. 2 weeks ago we run into each other again, she is hammered, surprise surprise. We go back to my place and she i
OK as promised I had a great time last night, even though I had to endure some hillbilly music from Brooks and Dunn I still had a good time. I got to meet ZZ TOP. Thx to my bro for taking my handicapped ass. They played a lot of songs but not the 2 I was hoping for. I was hoping to hear Pearl Necklace and Tube Snake Boogie. But it was still a blast.
Midget Hunt
Well I'm out looking for midgets before my VIP runs out to add. Can I have yours? Here's mine.Smile. Have a great day..JC
3 6 Mafia
Tuesday 8/5 Training Camp
Tuesday, August 5, 2008 - Morning practice, 9:00 AM 10:30 AM THE GUNTHER CUNNINGHAM EXPERIENCE Today it was more lessons in reacting to offensive formations and motion for Gunther Cunninghams position group, and again the atmosphere was more like a classroom session. Cunningham was relaxed and actually extremely pleased with his linebackers today, as apparently theyre becoming more and more well-versed in his system. Cunningham was quite specific about the nuances of how his defense should react to pre-snap offensive machinations based on the defensive call. In one defense, Cunningham pointed out that what the offense was doing would only affect the strongside linebacker. In another front, regardless of motion there might be no defensive shift. What interested me was that not only did Cunningham want his players to understand how they had to react on the field, but why. Halfway through the drill, he explained they were practicing this particular exercise so they wou
Chapter 6
6TH CHAPTER When Lord Takanobu was at the Battle of Bungo, a messenger came from the enemy camp bearing sake and food. Takanobu wanted to partake of this quickly, but the men at his side stopped him, saying, "Presents from the enemy are likely to be poisoned. This is not something that a general should eat." Takanobu heard them out and then said, "Even if it is poisoned, how much of an effect would that have on things? Call the messenger here!" He then broke open the barrel right in front of the messenger, drank three large cups of sake, offered the messenger one too, gave him a reply, and sent him back to his camp. Takagi Akifusa turned against the Ryuzoji clan, appealed to Maeda Iyo no kami Iesada, and was sheltered by him. Akifusa was a warrior of matchless valor and was an accomplished and agile swordsman. His retainers were Ingazaemon and Fudozaemon, stalwarts in no way inferior, and they left Akifusa's side neither day nor night. Thus it happened that a request was sent fro
Dj Rules And Requierments
DJ RULES 1. There must be respect shown among all the DJs to each other and to all management and staff at all times, including, but not limited to, bashing of any song(s) a DJ plays. If you have an issue on a song or type of music just turn your sound down or mute the player. Please do not voice your dislike in the lounge! We all have our own opinions and taste in music. If you don't feel you can control yourself then just leave the lounge and come back another time. 2. Any conflicts between DJs needs to be kept to IMS and never be addressed in the lounge. We are all adults here and should make every effort to settle any disputes between each other maturely and respectfully, however, if you feel it necessary, it may be discussed with a manager present in a private conversation, i.e. conference. Please remember each person holds their personality in their soul and as in any work environment we must learn to deal with that in others - we do not want to lose any DJ ov
Would U F*** Me
Bulletin: 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Phone number? 26. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Email or message your answers..... SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU! EVEN iF Y
I had the pleasure(or misfortune) To have to sit through and provide security for divorce court. I find it amazing that people that once professed undying love for each other ripping at each others throats. I can understand it is difficult to decide who gets what. But I have seen people fighting over who gets ownership of the dog, and if visitation is allowed. I am not saying who is at fault the male or the female. I think the worse part of it is when the kids become bargaining chips in the divorce. Hearing "You aren't gonna see the kids if you don't pay" or " I am not gonna pay cause I don't get to see my kids." I think at times there should be a test given before marriages are allowed or before you have kids. Just remember we are all the same and treat each other with respect and kindness
Life Is Too Short.........
Sometimes you never know how lucky you are until reality slaps you in the face. If you are reading this you probably know about what I have been through the past few months with death, and you know Dave is away with his job. He has been in CA fighting the fires making a difference in the world. He was sent away for two weeks and I have not had any contact with him and it has been hard. He got back in CA today and asked me if I heard about the helicopter that went down last wednesday in CA and that nine of the firefighters were killed. I told him I was so thankful he was out of CA when that happened. He told me that was part of his team that was on there, and if he would have been in CA he would have been with them. My heart just stopped. I told him everything happens for a reason. My friend at work said someone "up there" is looking out for him and I just smiled and said Yeah, my dad. He knew when he left this world that he did not have to worry about me anymore, that I fina
My Daughter Is Comming To Visit
I am still battling a sore back. My back is almost better, just one sore spot left. Not sure what caused it, but will be glad when I am totally pain free. I am ready for school. Class will start the 25th. I will have to do a little juggling. Because my daughter will be here the 30th and leaves Sept 20th. So I will have to adjust school, and work while she is here. I am so nervous and excited. It will be great. I haven't seen her since she was a baby. Well anyway if you don't see or hear from me during that time you know why. My daughter, School and work. but I will try. but if you don't hear from me you know why.
You Say We're Just Friends
YOU SAY WE'RE JUST FRIENDS You say we're just friend and I believe you that's OK as long as we kiss the way that we do You say friends don't say I love you but are always there to hold you when you're blue You say we're just friends so you won't have to be alone that's OK as long as I can touch you and make you moan You say the word friend sometimes is misunderstood that it's OK for friends to make friends feel good You say we're just friends and can never be two I know you and I know what you say is true You say that being friends is just for fun and when it's all over we will still be one You say we're just friends and not lovers because if we want we can have others You say that friends and lovers set a different tone lovers tend to smother and friends go home I know we're just friends is what I say but I can't help thinking about you every day I know being your friend I've met my match because you are so afraid of getting attached I know we're jus
In God We Trust
My Godson RObert Rose leaves for Iraq on August 27th. he is a Corpsman now... he is only 20 and going off to War... I can remember the days when I used to change his diaper.. his and his twin brothers diapers. he has a twin brother named Ron Rose who is in Korea right now (in the Army) been a lot of years sinced I help raised them two booger brats....... I pray he will return safely. I pray that all the soldiers come home safely.....
New Energy Alert - August 21
Had a reminder Shout today to post this, lol! So here it is.... Karen says we are "in a lull".....funny, I haven't noticed any lull, lmao! Ah, well...... Enjoy! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Muah! Greetings! We just completed a big purge, and thus, we are now in a lull. The lunar eclipse and full moon supported us in really seeing who we are, in allowing us to go into that scary and seemingly dark space, and now we are out and on the other side. If you are one who is unusually sensitive and connects easily, you may have experienced the lunar eclipse on August 16th with confusing feelings of low self worth, perhaps self-loathing, and even guilt for no apparent reason. You may have felt just plain icky and you did not know why. Suddenly feeling bad about ourselves for no apparent reason is simply a manifestation of the lunar eclipse supporting us in going deep within and seeing the denser aspects of who we are. After
Kenyan Wins The Olympic Mens Marathon
Samuel Wanjiru pulled away over the final few miles Sunday to become the first Kenyan in the storied running history of that nation to win an Olympic marathon. The 21-year-old negotiated the 26.2-mile (42.15-kilometer) course through the Beijing streets in bright morning sunshine in an Olympic record of 2 hours, 6 minutes, 32 seconds. It was just the third marathon for Wanjiru, who twice broke the world half-marathon record last year. Two-time world champion Jaouad Gharib of Morocco won the silver in 2:07.16. Ethiopian Tsegay Kebede, winner of this years Paris Marathon, took the bronze in 2:10.00. Ethiopian Deriba Merga led much of the race but faded badly at the end to wind up fourth. The crowd roared as Wanjiru entered the Birds Nest, and he responded by raising his left hand in acknowledgment, then clapped several times. One lap later, just across the line, he kneeled and crossed himself several times. He had just broken the Olympic mark of 2:09.21 set by Carlos Lopes of Port
My Best Friend
My Best Friend. My best friend is one who knows me and loves me for who I am My best friend is the one who trust me and knows he allways can My best friend is allways there for every need of mine My Best Friend is You until the end of time..... I love you
Trust And Friendship
From strangers, to friends, to close friends, to best friends. And beyond. I've never been sorry for any step we've taken together, no, not even for the fall I took alone. I never knew, before knowing you, how empty my life had been. I thought I was happy. I thought I was successful. I thought I had known love and all that love can bring. and what you brought into my life can never be assessed. We are so very different, you and I. And yet so much the same. And our differences merge with our similarities, giving rise to something special and unique. We talk. Of all the things I value about this thing that is us, and there are so many I often lose count, I value most the way we talk about any thing any time any where. And each time I listen to you, each time I ponder what you've said, I learn something new. About you. About me. About the world. I've learned to trust in your instincts. I love the vitality and zest that is so much a part of you. I treasure that spark
"had to say hello to the debbie harry lookalike! ;-) how are you? xxx" the above quote was in a friend request i have yet to deny...but im not sure what to think about i look like her? i'd post her pic..but im at work..and cant!
All through nursing school, we were taught as nurses that we have to accept everyone, from every culture, every socioeconomic background, every life stage, and every get the point, all human beings deserve to be cared for, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. That being said, most nurses are Christian, Baptist, Church of Christ, etc.... I run into problems, because I am not Christian. Nurses believe that behind closed doors with other nurses, it is ok to talk about other's beliefs. Should I keep on smiling and nodding, or should I say something? Yesterday's comment really blew me away. The nurse said she doesn't like it and doesn't feel very comfortable with a patient telling her "I'm Wiccan, I'm a Witch, and I'm the devil." I wanted to say something right then. People still believe that Pagans, and or Wiccans worship the devil? I suppose I could have mummed this, but it's very heart felt and kind of a tender subject to me right now.
I'm Healing
Many of you know that I was in a serious car accident earlier this week. It is very apparent that i had a guardian angel with me at the time. The car was totalled and I had to be removed with the jaws of life. Miraculously I sustained no broken bones or serious injury. I am just bruised and banged up pretty good, and very sore right now! I want to thank everyone for their support and good wishes for a speedy recovery. At this time I can only sit at the computer for short periods, and most of that time is spent chatting. I promise to resume rating as soon as I am able. I love all of you!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, kathy
Calender Hottie
Come vote for me in the Calender Hottie Contest The voting will run during the month of September So Vote often LOL Huggsss Be sure to show the Host some Luv She wants to Godmother :) Sweet ♥ Judy@ fubar
scoot, scoot along the carpet you big fat cat. clean your poopy butt the only way you can. you are a disgrace to your species. if you could bend your blubbery neck down around your grotesquely protruded abdomen, you wouldn't have to try so hard to scrape your sphincter against those scotch-guarded fibers, or leave those brown streaks behind you. go eat you food you piece of crap.
Made For Miss Vanilla!
Dead Or Alive - Iraq
Old Pictures
I was digging around looking for a certain picture in some boxes of old photos. Found some interesting stuff in there. Does anyone want me to post pictures of me running around an international airport in a full ballerina outfit, tutu included, looking for my clothes? Fun story associated with the incident that I'll expand on if anyone says "show 'em to me."
Inner Spirit
What's your inner spirit?WolfYou are faithful and cautious. You tend to run with a group of others and like to have others around you. You are brave and also gentle.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
1-800-u-wish Needs U !!!!
HELP NEEDED COMMENT BOMB ME HARD PLS I WILL SHOW LUV BACK AFTER CONTEST OVER THATS FOR SURE LUV YA Cant Believe It featuring Lil Wayne - T-Pain Prizes are as followed: 1st place has their choice of: Happy Hour 150 – credit bling pack or 1 year VIP _________________________________ 2ND Place has their choice of: 1 month VIP 25- credit bling pack or 7 day blast _________________________________ 3rd place 12 – credit bling pack Also hit the hostess up with some love as well, she is the sweetest! Sexy T~~@ fubar BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C } PU$$YCAT*PLAYMATE P!MP@ fubar
5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
5 MINUTE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE 4 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 egg 3 tablespoons milk 3 tablespoons oil 3 tables poons chocolate chips (optional) a small splash of vanilla extract 1 large coffee mug Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired. EAT! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous). And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world? Because now we are all only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!
i'm happy to tell u that there is very little in this world i believe in. Listening to people who comment on political, social, and cultural issues, i notice that most reflect an underlying belief that somehow things were better once and that with just a little effort we could set them right again. They're looking for solutions, and rooting for particular results, and i think that necessarily limits the tone and substance of what they say. Don' get me wrong, they're talented and funny people. i think people, in general, usually are anyway, even if they don't realize it, but they're nothing more then cheerleaders attached to a specific, wished-for outcome. i don't feel so confined. i frankly don't give a fvck how it turns out in this country-or anywhere else for that matter. i think the human game was up long time ago, when the high priests and the traders took over, and now we are just playing out the string. and that is, precisely what i find so amusing: the slow circling of the drai
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Now Is The Time
It's time to get busy. It's time to make a difference, and just think of how great that will feel. This day is a golden opportunity to bring your dreams to life. You're in a position to have a positive impact on your world. Instead of complaining about what's wrong, build upon what is right. Instead of arguing over who is to blame, figure out what you can do to make things better. There are ideas you've been meaning to pursue. Now is the time to get started on them. There are projects you've been needing to finish. Now is your chance to bring those achievements to fruition. Give the gift of your own smart, focused, enthusiastic action to the world today. There's immense value just waiting to be created, and now is the time to make it happen. -- Ralph Marston
Wis. Man Convicted Of Robbing Toddler's Piggy Bank
Wis. man convicted of robbing toddler's piggy bank Fri Sep 19, 6:45 PM ET SHEBOYGAN, Wis. - A man convicted of stealing $20 from a toddler's piggy bank has been sentenced to six years in prison. Four-time convicted burglar Ryan Mueller was convicted Thursday of felony burglary as a repeat offender in a Sheboygan, Wis., court. Prosecutors say the 31-year-old Mueller broke into a home in August 2007 and stole money from a 2-year-old girl's piggy bank while she slept. They say the girl's mother walked into the room and caught Mueller in the act. Mueller also was sentenced to five years' probation. His is to serve his sentence consecutively to a six-year prison sentence he was handed in June for a separate burglary conviction.
Join The Happy Train
BE HAPPY Take The Yellow Pill The Rules: 1. Stop by my page & rate Happy Faces folder Start with this pic 2. Rate, Fan, Add & Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment. "Take the Yellow Pill or Happy Pill" 3. Private message me when you've completed rating each party guest. I will make you a thank you tag & add you to the guest list... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back. DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. Please REPOST This bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. NO DRAMA You agreed to the rules. So, be sure you follow through. No cheating, Please Below is the gift tag you will receive. Save & upload your tag or r
Another For My Xmas List
My First Aucion
I am in my first ever auction. I am very curious to see who will win me for a whole month. To the highest bidder will go: 1) 100 PIC RATES PER WEEK 2) DAILY GIFT 3) DAILY COMMENT 4) DAILY DRINK 5) WILL RATE ALL OF YOUR STASH AT LEAST ONCE So come on and show me your love and bid on me!
I Wish...
My World
Random Happy Mail
OK, here's the deal... As adults, we rarely get mail that isn't someone telling us we owe them money, asking us to "donate" money or other such things. I would like to send random people (friends & strangers, alike) little gifts, notes, cards, etc in the mail. I've been doing this through another site, and would like to extend it beyond that little 'world'. SO, if you would like to receive something small to make you smile, please send me your name and mailing address, in a private message. You can make up a name, if you'd like (I know how some people are afraid of ID theft... and rightly so). I am merely trying to help make a few people smile, in my own way. Let it be known, I may not be able to send out very much, too often (financial crisis), but I know that I love to occasionally check the mail box to find something to make me smile. And I likely won't be sending anything right away... I rather send things at random intervals, so that it will be a surprise... If this
Holy Smoke!!!
My Cheri..written By Someoen Vrey Special Who Seems To Be Lost Now
This blog was not written by me, but for em. The man who wrote this was and is very dear to me, but seems to be lost to me now. I am posting this because it meant the world to me. Even if he is gone from my life forever, which I sincerly hope isn't the case. This will always be a constant remindr of a very special time in my lif and a most amazing man. My Cheri time ticks by and still i think of you, been such a long time since i've had another person on my mind for what seems like all day and night you even see me in my dreams. I have made so so many bad decisions as of late, but the decision to let the universe unfold as it should when it comes to you i beleive to be my best decision to date. how quickly i've begun to develope some very strong feelings for you. yes some of you reading this might think i'm foolish or possibly totally insane, well i just don't care what these nerdowells say. i have found something in my life that is truly special and i refuse to let it go
Come Bid On Me!
I am up for auction - Take a look and place a bid on me! :) I'm worth it! :) I love spoiling my fu-owners!!!
"homage To The Queen" For Scorpioqueen61
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Is The Fbi Being Given A Free Pass?
Subject: We're all suspects?! Under new FBI guidelines proposed by Attorney General Michael Mukasey, all the FBI has to do to put anybody they want under prolonged physical surveillance is assert an authorized purpose such as detecting or preventing crime or protecting national security." These kinds of Bush/Cheney/Gonzales/Mukasey just trust us policies have been eroding our rights for the past eight years. After illegal spying and top-level torture policies coming from the White House, this is absurd. Enough is enough! These new guidelines would allow the FBI to interview you, your friends and family under a false pretext. The FBI could recruit secret informants, and have them infiltrate peaceful protest groups. And the FBI to could initiate investigations based on little more than race, ethnicity or religion. The FBI could also search commercial databases for personal details about your life with no real reason. And all of this would be allowed without an ounce
Re: Mccains Last Hope Is Osama Bin Laden
RE: McCains Last Hope Is Osama Bin Laden ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 02 Oct 2008, 19:08 McCains Last Hope Is Osama Bin Laden With just 31 days left until the presidential election, attention has turned to the widely anticipated October surprise. There is only one man that can now prevent Barack Obama from becoming the next President of the United States - and it isnt John McCain. http://www. prisonplanet. com/mccains-last-hope-is-osama-bin-laden. html
I find it amazing how sometime you can make an instant friendship with someone. Its a great feeling dont you agree?
She Needs Help
im willing to pay anyone 20,000 fubucks for 100 comments on my friends picture in her contest. just PM me and tell me you did it and ill pay you the fubucks. thank you for your help!!! click the picture below!!
Happy Birthday For Woman
Glitter Graphics & Comments
More Complicated Thoughts
Whoever I was, Im certainly not anymore. I am a different person, and the getting familiar with my new self has just begun. My personality has changed as if someone has transfused me with his own personality, or has stolen my identity. I know what I dont want. I know what I want. The first list is endless. The second list is strange. Thats all I know about who I am now. I can only define myself through what I want and do not want. But I know that I am really who I am. I may be for the first time in my life experiencing life without any sort of rationalization, without lying to myself. It is scary, unsettling, often so hard, but it is true. It is sad at times, at other times so happy that I am speachless, it is often angry, but it is true. I hope this wont kill me. The anxiety is so great that you are unable to fit in any sadness at the thought of so much time wasted. You feel estranged from your past (how the fuck was I able to... ?) and scared shitless at the thought of
A Riddle
~~Here is a riddle that i need help with~~ What is more greater than God More evil than the devil The poor have it The rich need it and if you eat it you will die anybody know??
Hunger Lust
Hunger Lust The tender soft grip of your fingers, hold me as this feeling still lingers. Your curves so smooth and so silky soft, leashing my thoughts back to you quite oft. Magic puts a sparkle in your eyes and a tingle between your thighs. Out of the world and so into you forgetting all else, only you. Like chocolate pleasures on my lips sweet scented nectar of your hips. The giving of us so sensuously sweet warm loving passions melting with heat.
This Is Old, But Still Amusing!
Stephanie Graber Mrs. Moe Writing 121 13 December 2004 Desert Vegetation and a Sun Dried Tomato I was trying to describe you to someone a few days ago. Youre not like any guy Ive ever known. I couldnt say: Hes just like Clay Aiken except he cant sing, that is, Clay cant actually sing either; hes much girlier, if possible; and much uglier, if possible. I couldnt say that because you dont look like Clay Aiken at all. Though, I must say, you and he both have questionable gay tendencies. I finally ended up describing you as the desert. Beside the fact that you are dry, boring, and if someone is around you for too long they feel like they just want to shrivel up and die, I used the common cactus. Imagine for a moment that you are walking through the desert. Your eyes are frying out of the sockets, your flesh is melting from your bones, and your limbs begin to slowly detach from your dry, stump some would call a body. But what is that in the distance? A cactus: t
Act 2 Scene 4
Act 2 Scene IV.... The missing curling iron (Shower time is ending, we see the girls from the SR Pulling their beds into the hallway.. Zeda and Faith are laying down and talking to Mrs. Madeline as Mr.Erik walks down into the hallway) Mr.Erik: Male on the hall Faith: Hiiiii Mr.Erik (in a whiney flirty manner) Mr.Erik: (imitating Faith) Hiiii Faith (he then hands Mrs. Madeline a clipboard) Mrs.Madeline: Thanks for bringin my charts Mr.Erik: No Problem, how you feeling Mrs.Madeline: My back hurts from sittin on my ass all day Mr.Erik: Thats cause you got no cushioning down there (They and the girls laugh) Ms.Madeline: You goin on break Mr.Erik: Yea Mrs. Madeline: those things will kill you Mr.Erik: I'm gonna die anyway, may as well do it having fun Zeda just stares at Mr.Erik, smiling, as he walks down the hall from in one of the bedrooms comes a shriek, its Amanda Amanda: You nasty BITCH (Amanda storms out of the bedroom holding a curling iron by the ch
Auto Drawing
Ok, I have decided that I will do a drawing for an auto 11 at one of two things. Either it will be when all my autos are gone OR as soon as I level. So how do I make this easy to not leave anyone out? I need your help on this. Do I just have u leave a comment so I can double check ur name to my list or I can make a guest book and have u leave ur URL to ur page with ur picture. I'm think this will be the best way to do. I haven't ironed out all details how I can chose the person. I do have 2 web cams I can turn on my stick cam on my main page as u all witness either my kid or someone here blindfolded and use the mouse. the picture that pops up from the guest book will be the winner. Sound good? As many of you know I am also giving random 1 point blings. Now this is going on a honor system is it fair u rate 50 pics and be entered vs someone that did my whole profile? Be an adult, and either come back rate some more or make ur call. Does this interest you or a waste of time?
Live Auction
-------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Come Join Us for the First Ever LIVE AUCTION -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHERE: The Playground alt=""> -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHEN: SUNDAY OCTOBER 26th 7PM EST -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- WHAT: These fine staff members are up for grabs Click each Pic for more details
Well...some of you know who we are...we may have been friends for months or we may have just met...or maybe you just spotted us and came to see what V.I.P.E.R Girls are...Whichever one it is I'd like to explain a little about why we made this group... My name is Scarlet and I am what is commonly known as a BBW...5'9 and 3/4's and 217lbs...However I am not insecure about it and I hate it when women feel ashamed or down about themselves because of their weight...There are groups all over fubar celebrating what is "socially desirable"...the skinny Barbie doll model their string bikinis and sexy revealing lingerie...Not all of us look like that and not all men want that type...I happen to be the g/f of a very hot guy off of fubar...Irishtoad...he moved all the way from Indiana to be with me...I have noticed a trend on here that has started to bother me...You can almost always guess which girls are average or bigger just by their profile pics...folders of nothing but face shot
T Minus 10
T Minus 10 Have you been to the polls yet? If not, it's about that time! In 10 days, the presidential election will officially be upon us. I would like to encourage all of you to head to the polls and vote if you have not already done so! Below are links that may come in handy as you make your final decisions. Information on House, Senate and Gubernatorial Races: Presidential Candidates Barack Obama (Democrat) John McCain (Republican) Bob Barr (Libertarian) Ralph Nader (Independent) Cynthia McKinney (Green) Other Third Party and Write In Candidates So Vote It Be! --- Many Blessings, Rev. Adam L. Labonoski Central Eastern Regional Director
Friends....please Read........
My sister had Heart surgery 3 weeks ago, and obviously having a hard time right now, getting around is difficult etc. but she is a trooper. Now she is suffering from complications, and is bed ridden and will be for an unknown amount of time. I'm so worried for her. She and I are all that is left from the family that we were born into.....everyone else has gone to Heaven...... So, needless to say computer time isn't a high priority right now.....I have checked my messages, but I'm not really up to rating profiles, photos or leaving comments right now, as I'm sure you understand. I knew at some point that I would have to let someone know why I've been gone so much. Please don't worry about me....I'm ok.........I'll be back when I can Hugs to you xoxoxo
D. Ray White (ii)
Just A Little Something To Make You Think
crooked politicians=
What The Hell?
Political indecisiveness this year is incredible. I have been voting now for almost 18 years, and this is the first year that I just dont care to vote. Not because Im undecided about who to vote for, its more about me losing faith in the American Political system (?). I was at lunch yesterday with one of my buddies and we were talking about the threat that was made against Obama and, who we were thinking about voting for, and I honestly couldnt come up with an argument for or against either of them, McCain or Obama. Again, not because I dont care about who is president, but I honestly think it is irrelevant now. Most of the power that the Office of the President had has been eroded slowly but surely over the last 50 years or so. This is in part due to the incompetent candidates that were elected to the office and part from the American People themselves. By this I mean that the American people have allowed PROFESSIONAL politicians to take over the political system. I was looki
Devilish Bbw
Free Myspace Layouts
Well I Am Up For Auction....
if you wish to own the evil one....i employ you to go to this page and bid on me. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE ;) How much am i worth?
Daylight Saving Time: Why Did We Do It?
At 2:00 a.m. local on Sunday, most of the United States (except Hawaii and Arizona) will leave daylight saving time behind and fall back an hour to standard time. The annoyance of resetting clocks (or forgetting to, and showing up an hour early for appointments on Sunday) may raise the question of why we bother with this rigmarole in the first place. Daylight saving time is most often associated with the oh-so-sweet extra hour of sleep in fall (and the not-so-nice loss of an hour in spring), but some of the original reasons for resetting our clocks twice a year including saving energy and having more daylight hours for retailers, sporting events and other activities that benefit from a longer day. As far back as the 1700s, people recognized the potential to save energy by jumping clocks ahead one hour in the summer - Benjamin Franklin even wrote about it - although the idea was not put into practice until the 20th century. During both World Wars, the United States and Great
I'm Up For Auction Yet Again!
AUCTION IS NOW OPEN!!!!! Come bid on this SexyLiLmama!! SexyLilMama Minimum bid starts at 50k fubucks! Cash bids being excepted, but not mandatory! Also, whoever had the most rates will win an extra 50k!! So, even if you don't bid on me plz be sure to rate the pic! Come join us in Deuces Wild after you make your bids!!!!!
* FOODOLOGY * What is your salad dressing of choice? Um....Blue Cheese, or Ranch What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Bubba Gump's! What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Checker's fries...but they closed the local Checker's and I haven't had them in years!! What are your pizza toppings of choice? Sausage, onion, and black olive....or just cheese What do you like to put on your toast? Just butter. * TECHNOLOGY * What is your wallpaper on your computer? It's still my Halloween one, guess I should work on How many televisions are in your house? 3 What color cell phone do you have? It's like...Ocean Blue. Reminds me of the beach, that's why I got it :) * BIOLOGY * Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Wisdom teeth, and my daughter. :) What is the last heavy item you lifted? My Christmas Tree Have you ever been knocked unconcious?
And So It Begins
Well the ride has begun, you're strapped in and we are on our way up the hill. Look out folks because that first dip is a doozie and you may not want to stand up or keep your hands in the air for this one. Today Obama has announced new plans to begin reversing Bush's previous orders. One of which is tem cell research, which I agree we should be tested, so that is all fine and dandy. But he is dropping the ball on us after he promised he'd shoot for a three pointer. Energy, today Obama has stated that he is planning to reverse approval to drill for oil and natural gas on land totaling over 360,000 acres in Utah in areas which democrats call "sensitive to wildlife". No surprise here though, all liberal far left nut jobs tend to find themselves chained to a tree at some point or another or making out with a Squirrel while a Raccoon gives them a reach around. No, seriously though, the man knows in an effort to work on our energy future we need to drill anywhere we possibly can. These new d
A Masterpiece
We are born into the World Like a blank canvas And each person that crosses our path Takes up the brush And makes his mark Upon our surface So it is that we develop But we must realize there comes a day That we must take up the brush And finish the work For only we can determine If we are to be Just another painting Or a Masterpiece
Own Your Very Own Pimp
I Was A Soldier
I Was A Soldier " By Colonel Daniel K. Cedusky, AUS, Retired I was a Soldier: That's the way it is, that's what we were.are. We put it, simply, without any swagger, without any brag, in those four plain words. We speak them softly, just to ourselves. Others may have forgotten They are a manifesto to mankind; speak those four words anywhere in the world -- yes, anywhere -- and many who hear will recognize their meaning. They are a pledge. A pledge that stems from a document which said: "I solemnly Swear, to protect and defend and goes on from there, and from a Flag called "Old Glory". Listen, and you can hear the voices echoing through them, words that sprang white-hot from bloody lips, shouts of medic, whispers of Oh God!, forceful words of Follow Me. If you cant hear them, you werent, if you can you were. "Don't give up the ship! Fight her till she dies... Damn the torpedoes! Go ahead! . . . Do you want to live forever? . . . Don't cheer, boys; the poor
Goofylady To Fuking (closed)
GoofyLady (and personal dear friend) is on her way to FuKing... She needs your help to get there... 137K points stand in her way... Show this wonderful lady some good Fubar LUV...She is always giving to others... Let's give her some now... Rate her... Fan her... Add her... Comment her... Bling her... She returns love too! ~GoofyLady~ *Fu-Bomber*Shadow Leveler*FuAngel*@ fubar Rate her Sunsets/sunrises Folder, and I will make you a thank you tag... Just send Carrie a private message when you have finished, and a tag will be made for you... Sunsets/Sunrises folder Rate her FantasRocks and Rivers Folder, and I will make you a thank you tag... Just send Carrie a private message when you have finished, and a tag will be made for you... Rocks and Rivers Folder
if i go on a date i want to go to the bar, because it feels more adult last time i went on a friend date just a get to knwo eachother, i treated him like my daughter, so is it bad i want to go to a bar for my first date or somethng more... SUM IT UP First dates should or should not go to the bars because....... PLEASE COMMENT LIKE CRAZY
Sucking Chest Wound
After having time to sit and think about the past election the only thing I can think to compare it to is this. Watching Mcain losing the election is like watching your favorite college football team losing on saturday but on this occasion you have to deal with the sting of defeat for the next four years instead of until next saturday.
Auction! Bidding Starts 11/19!
Ok! Here we go! Auction #1: Starts 11/19!
I R Sad Now
My husband chose the chainmail links... i been working on them alll day.. now... he doesn't want me to use them... he saw me struggling with the small links because of my problem with my hands... I was working on it.. doing decent.. but now..he wants bigger rings.. sad.. i was having fun too.. oh well.. i will just have to get bigger rings!
Prayers Needed For My Sons Best Friend
My boy and his best friend were out today sled riding (with his Dad)like they do a lot,but today my sons friend hit a parked Van with his head and chest area and continued underneath.He stopped breathing but luckily the ambulance was there..He is now in the Hospital,I havnt heard any news on how he is doing thus far.But please keep him in your thoughts and prayers @the Zoo,for J's B-day Camping out and making Smores Last year at the Zoo Thank you.. Luv & Hugs & Prayers ~~~Micki-Blue-Eyes
Wh B/d By Dove Goddess
Wishing a veryHappy Birthday toWILD HORSE~Fubar's 20th Oracle~Co Founder ofThe Pegasus Project November 25th (Auto 11s ON & a giveaway)Click on the pic to view Wild Horse's Birthday Video Please Stop by and show himLOTS of LOVE This bully brought to you by Dove GoddessWild Horse's R/L LuvCoFounder of The Pegasus Project and The Pegasus Project (repost of original by 'Dove Goddess ♥Wild Horse's R/L Luv♥CoFounder of The Pegasus Project♥FuMinister' on '2008-11-24 22:47:13')
My Second Midget...
Harley 2nd Bully For Dls
Ignorant Ppl
is it 2 much 2 say sorry when u bump into someone? i hate when ppl walk in the middle of the street when ur driving down it. n whats with these asshole drivers who cut u off just 2 get 2 the red light? do u get a prize 4 that? n would it b 2 much 2 hold the door 4 someone who's carrying a ton of bags? oh n grabbing something out of someone's hand should result in that hand being chopped off!! i think i covered alot of it..feel free 2 add.
Ladder Theory
A mans ladder are the females you want to have sex with the most, they will be at the top of the ladder. Descending down to the bottom of the ladder we pass the following people: 1. The people we really want, who may even be out of our league, are on top. 2. Then come the people we like. 3. Moving further down we pass the people who we would fuck if we were intoxicated and would admit to doing it later. 4. At the bottom are the people we would fuck drunk, and would lie about doing it later. Clinging to the bottom are the girls that are wolf ugly. These are women so ugly you would chew your own arm off to get away rather than fuck them. Usually fake teeth, or the loss of several hundred pounds can move a woman up from wolf ugly. Now let's take a look at what the typical woman's ladder looks like: The first thing is that a woman has not one ,but two ladders. This is because in addition the normal ladder, a woman also has a friends ladder. The friends ladder is where a wo
Auto 11's On
Well...I have just activated my very first (and probably only lol) Auto 11's courtesy of my wonderful friend Lisa...I've been working my butt off for over 2 weeks to fill my folders & finally did it LOL...I have TONS of Ez-Rate pics/folders so have at it & I promise you I return ALL love...might not be this second as I'm dealing with sick kids today lol but I DO! Go level up on me buddies :D
Parenting School Refusers
Tomorrow I attend my first meeting which will look at developing a 'pathway' to support school refusers. Defn: A child/young person who refuses to attend a statutory education provision based on anxiety related phobia. (my definition, don't like it, offer another) My part in all this will be to ensure that the parents/carers of the city I work for are represented fairly and constructively. Having supported parents around many concerns they have for their child's provision of education; health needs; welfare needs, etc, for approximately 8 years now, which has included school refusal, I have several ideas of what would be good to put in place. These include clear avenues for parents to explore around alternative provisions and a publication to support parents in making contact with relevant agencies who could offer support. What I thought might be useful, just for my own personal learning development, is to get some kind of international perspective on this and hopefull
Rock Out And Come Party!!!!!!!!!!
Very Clean Laundry
Ok, I was asked (bugged to death actually) to tell another story. Here’s one that was an honest mistake on my part that kinda turned out funny…..days later. I was in my first year of college and had just finished playing an intramural flag football game in the rain and mud. Our championship freshman team beat the champion sophomore squad a week before, but we lost to the champion seniors in a very close game. So, I was a bit down but decided to wash my muddy clothes once I got back to the dorm. So I went to my room, showered and changed, and then headed back downstairs to the laundry room to wash my muddy clothes. I wasn’t thinking too clearly (bad way to start a sentence huh). I looked at my clothes and thought; these things may never come completely clean. At least not using the regular amount of detergent. So I chose to use twice the amount. Then I thought about it and used three times the amount….they were really dirty. I started the machine and then left.
Dj Kevdog @ Ecr
Come Jam and invite your friends too! HE'S THE GOD OF THE AIR WAVES IN EAST COAST RIDERZ!!!!!!!!!! 4pm - 6pm EST Come hang with the cool kids!
From 12/06 To 12/13
This is our first week for changing from elites to Members of the Week. Please treat this member like you would want to be treated. Generosity, rates, gifts and comments. Blings are not mandatory. Hit her Hard like Club United used to do. WickedAzzBeotch/miss piggy wannabee..@ fubar
Grumble Grumble
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? somewhere 2. Your significant other? Far 3. Your hair? black 4. Your mother? looney 5. Your father? abusive 6. Your favorite thing? oreo 7. Your dream last night? death 8. Your favorite drink? dew 9. Your dream/goal? poi 10. The room you're in? bed 11. Music? metal 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? utah 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? female 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? poi 18. Where you grew up? utah 19. The last thing you did? batman 20. What are you wearing? uniform 21. TV? batman 22. Your pets? Lunch 23. Your computer? lap 24. Your life? happy 25. Your mood? horny 26. Missing some
Stimulous Package
This is my onliest friend on this coast. Makes him sound extremely important. He is!! Stimulous Package...or as i call him Biotch! I mean Bill ♥ LOL!! I found him in the MuMMs way back forever ago..the 2 year anniversary is upon us actually! He is one of the very few who puts up with me and my many moods on a daily basis. He is an awesome friend and would make an awesome boyfriend..but beware ladies..haha I will not be your ally because I'm selfish and want my best friend 24/7. Hahaha can kick my ass later!!*when you bring me coffee* I love him no matter what(that includes when he rips my room!) *rolls eyes* Stimulus Package@ fubar ♥
Drunk On Christmas
Ingredients: * 3 oz Midori melon liqueur * 2 oz Irish whiskey (Tullamore Dew) * 1 oz Apple schnapps * 4 oz Sweet and sour * Ice cubes * Maraschino cherry Mixing instructions: Mix and shake Irish whiskey, Midori, and Apple Schnapps with ice. Fill whiskey sour glass with ice. Strain mixture over ice in glass. Fill with sweet and sour. Garnish with several free floating Maraschino cherries.
At Days End
at days end a sense of life crusing in my dreams a day has come a day of peace a day of hope as it seems to be the beginning is nigh a love we shared broken glass i lay in my chair remembering what we had a life together at days end
Yup Blah
Yup today I haz teh blahs... seems like whatever can go wrong in my life will and is :( Sure I got the car, and yes the bastard I bought it from screwed me HARD! When I went to get the oil changed, they told me that my tires are no street legal. I have called around everywhere for used tires (I have VERY little funds left thanks to the alternator and the oil change) and every place I called basically said *good luck*, the tires are a shit size, hell a lot of these places dont even carry them new in this size. So today while it is snowing like a bitch, this girl wont be going anywhere at all until it lets up. I also need a tune up worse then anything, the air filter is NASTY ASS... I am in the blah stages of hating like hell being alone as well. I want a job and a life... ugh //end rant... thinks in my head about going to spray paint on assholes house next time you FVCK SOMEONE at least GET THEM WET!!! But even that asshole isnt worth going to jail over...
A Friend In Need
I met a wonderful lady about two years ago thru my ex boyfriend. Her name is Jerrilynne, we have gone really close thru the years and talk several times a day. Although I kicked the ex to the curb, we are still "silstas from another mista", lol. Niether one of us talk to my ex. Well to get to the point, I never truly realized what a golden heart my girl truly has until today...She told me a few days ago that she sent me a xmas card with a lil suprise in it. Knowing her i thought it was a card with a half naked guy on the front. She knows i have had somme problems finding a job since the move and i figured she was trying to cheer me up. Long story short, i opened the card and out fell a hundred dollar bill. I was completely suprised and shocked. I know this girl and she cannot afford that. But,she knew that i could not afford christmas for my kids. I cannot tell u people how wonderful my "silsta" is and the only thing i can do to show her all of my love and appreciation is to post this
I Challenge All To Beer Jousting!
Beer Jousting Requirements... The Joust Name: All those who compete must have a Jousting moniker or just put Sir in front of your last/nick name(i.e. Sir Swagger, The Drunk Knight or even Sir DrunkenHammered) The Joust: We take approximately 6 beer can's(yes we have to down them) each. We tape them together end to end with duck tape. The Armor: Only armor approved will be beer case packs(as shown in my friend Parr's pic) You will be allowed to arm your other appendages should you feel so inclined to but only approved beer case armor shall be used The Battle: At any time during a party one may challenge another to an Honor Duel, if the duel is accepted then the two shall joust! If it is declined, the person who declined will then be knight Sir Douchenheimer for the remainder of the party until they redeem themselves through winning a joust. When we are full battle ready we shall run at each other full force with our Beer Jousts! 1st to knock the other down wins!
Ice Storm
It seems like my power will be out a few more days, at the least... Downed trees everywhere, taking wires with them, tearing services off houses, snapping utility poles... Wild scene... Home is out, office is out, over 200 schools closed, roads closed, 150,000 people without power in NH, utility crews from as far away as Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio (We won't let the Ohio crews near much) :P A few neighbors had their houses hit and damaged, a few cars, and one boat totalled... Wild ride... Power went out at 11PM Thursday, and who knows when it will be back... They're hoping to have everyone back on by Christmas... I've got a generator for the fridge, heat, and a few lights, but it won't run the well pump, so sponge baths are getting old, and I spent Sunday night at my girlfriends, so I could have a hot shower... Anyway, maybe I'll cacth you online, if not, have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, and I'll talk to you later! GM
Giving Words Of Life
You can rest all you want once you are in your grave The health and life that is given is a responsibility to save It is about time to take the road less traveled, may be a longer way Rise agaisnt what is tearing us down, live everyday like it is your very last day Call friend or a loved one that you have not heard much from at all Say your sorry to one's you have hurt and done wrong to that you recall Donate to help someone in need, try to give more care and advice This life is too short to be angry and mean take time to think and be nice What is gone is yesterday a world and a million miles away Only memories and the one's you care and love are here today Take a walk or a run, start watching what you eat To forget how the body runs and functions as a system, here is your dish of defeat What is so wrong about today? One thing happened here, something happened there, it will all eventually go away A day is a gift of life, to see the sun and stars All the planets a
North Dakota
98% of drivers say "OH SHIT" when they hit the ditch. The other 2% are from North Dakota, and they say "Hold my beer and watch this shit"
Police Seize Record Date-rape Drug Haul
Police say a raid at a Perth house last week uncovered the largest quantity of date-rape drug GHB ever seized in Western Australia. They say the 1.6 litres of the designer drug, also known as fantasy, was destined for New Year's Eve celebrations in Northbridge. A 34-year-old man has been charged over the Duncraig haul and is due to appear in court later this month. Senior Sergeant Paul McMurtrie says the seizure may have prevented sexual assaults and even deaths over the festive season. "In quantities of up to four millilitres, it can anaesthetise people and render them unconscious and in quantities of up to eight mils and more, can actually cause a person's death," he said. He says police estimate there was enough of the drug for about 800 individual doses.
Get Ya Some Tater Autos !
center> Come to the Darkside... We've got ... Taters????? WTF? That's right, DarthTater is runnin' his Autos! Darth Tater He -had- this crazy idea to level by his B'Day, the 24th. BUT he's got TWENTY FOUR million to go .... So instead, why don't YOU level up on HIS dime? Rate Him, Spank Him, Show him your Fu-Lovin's! (He'd LOVE to return the favor!!) Pimped out by: Tappinit
Auto 11;s O N Til 2 Am'ish Pst!!!
COME RAPE ME...OOPS I MEAN MY PICS PLZ!!! AUTO"S ON SR f S aka ♥ ♥Mrs.W*kЧM♥♥~R/L MOM 2 FrOdO@ fubar AUTO'S ON TIL 2 AM'ISH PST!!! THANK-YOU JOSH aka...DOLPHINGUY21...aka..SANTA!! AND PLZ GO SHOW HIM SUM MAD-FU-LOVE TOO... dolphinguy21~fumarried to jamesms0104-Gay Greeter @ Lost Paradise@ fubar HE RETURNS THE LOVE FOR SURE!!! XOXOXOXOXO
Giveaway #29
Help A Kitty!
Kitty To be Disciple Ravenheart-Xandria - Bad Kitty want to be a DISCIPLE and I need your help for that! I got Auto 11's On and I will love to level up I'm 842,847 points to LEVEL!!!! Now Here is
Time For Me To Move On
My Boo, my darling, my dear, its time to move on, being alone, never did I fear. Believe me when I say this, I never wanted it to happen this way, but for breaking my heart, you have to pay. Let the truth be known, your love for me was never shown. I was foolish to ever think, that the promise we made would be for life, the promise that I would be your husband and you would be my wife. I gave you my mind, I gave you my heart, wishing our love would never part. Im so sad to say that it has to end, and no, forget it, I dont even want to be your friend. Im tired of your excuses, Im tired of your lies, now even your face I despise. Its time to move on and get on with my life, to find myself another wife. Someone to love me for who I am you see, not for who they want me to be. Someone to do the things you wouldnt do, someone else to call my Boo.
My Wedding Poem
With you in my heart, my life is complete; youre the air that I breathe and the food that I eat. You are my soul mate, the beat in my heart; it feels like a year each second were apart. With you in my heart Im walking on air, I can imagine your cologne and you touching my hair. Your handsome eyes, so kind so true, the loveliest sight I have ever seen. With you in my heart, I am brim full of pride, its as though I can achieve anything with you by my side. Youre my rock, youre my angel, my one true love, youre my present from heaven, my gift from above, my answered prayer. With you in my heart, I love you so much, how caring you are, my soul you do touch. You are a Handsome Prince Charming, a pleasure to know, my love for you just continues to grow. With you in my heart, Im the happiest woman on earth, I feel God planned this since the day of my birth. I could never love anyone the way I love you, I hope and I pray that you feel the same way too. With you in my
Day At The Office
the job Current mood: contemplative Category: Writing and Poetry He drives to work day in and day out. While he's on his way to his job his mind is racing with thoughts of what if. Walking in things seem different today the air is thick and heavy you could almost cut it with a butter knife. 3 hours later the tension is bout to explode he removes himself out of his current location and into a safe location his instincts are telling him to get out. 10 minutes later it happens it kicks off. They are going crazy yet he maintains his cool. This is HIS building and these guys are NOT getting out. What is this man you ask, well he's a correctional officer NOT a prison guard. Yes thats what most people know him as but he's a proffesional. They are getting worse the middle wing is on fire and they are trying to break the glass on the emergency exit. Calmly he gets back on the radio J-3 to radio picket. Radio picket comes back Radio picket go ahead J-3. He keys up and calmly says rad
The Lost Cherry Scrolls
Saw this in a bulletin....the first decent one I have seen in ages....just had to blog it. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... Oops wrong scenario... A long time ago on a site called Lost Cherry, A time when kindness, manners and friendship ran rampant. There was a discerning sense of ethics and etiquette. Now as the site has grown many of the old ways have become a thing of the past. Making way for a much more ME orientated atmosphere. Luckily a lone internet scavenger stumbled across the dead cherry scrolls while rummaging through archives in a hidden data base. After hour upon hour the scrolls have finally been translated. Baby Jesus said unto the people of Cherryland...... This site is my gift to you, go forth my children, make friends, rate, fan and add in the name of love. I give you 10s and 11s for which to award our fellow brethren. Give them freely and give them often. The 1 through 9s are of no use and only there to fill space, using them may re
Abunza Launch
Abunza LaunchLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowAbunza....Someone finally thought of including the highly untapped Spanish market in the ever growing internet marketing industry. It is hard to imagine why no company before had thought of owning a piece of the 100 million Spanish speaking people that utilize the internet today. Abunza offers ebooks and software in both English and Spanish, travel vouchers that give you huge discounts on great locations.As an Abunza representative you are allowed to keep 100% of your commission which is generated from the sale of your products making this compensation plan neither a pass up or a modified pass up plan. There is an initial investment with Abunza of $1197 and $54 charged on a monthly basis for things like your website and access.On every Abunza Pro $1197 sale of the complete Spanish and English digital library, you make $947 on the first tier, and $250 every time someone you sponsor makes a sale. If you choose to use one of our Dream Te
Wanna Be My Valentine! (closed)
Bidding Ends Feb 13th @ 9pm FuTime Say hey won me again with a ViP, an Auto 11's Bling and $1,500,000 Fubucks! woo hoo :P Click on the pic of me to make a bid! :) Own by in my name #1 friend/family for one month Pimpout on my page Bulletin & Blog Pimpout Gifts/Drinks Galore 2 SFW Salutes 1 SFW Shower Salute Rate all pics 10s or 11s if VIP is bid Rate all stash/blogs throughout the month If bid is $25 or more will be added All of the above 1 big pimpin gift my choice 10 SFW Salutes 2 more SFW Shower Salutes Permanent pimpout on my page/blog Add 2 my yahoo More will be added depends on bids Auction Brought To You By The Beautiful: PebblesinAZ Bulletin Brought To You By: SinfulBrat
Friendship Letter To All Love N Hugs Cherie'marie Aka Witchesbrew
Send your friend a letter at
i dont know why bad things to good peaple and i dont know what i am thinkng now but i am really bored right now and i dont know what to say so nothing to talk about not like me the last blog that i had lol x
I Dare You To Move
for the first time in my life, i watched the movie A Walk to Remember. it hit me a lot harder than i realized. because i know EXACTLY what that feels like. things haven't exactly been easy for me lately. the movie had me bawling my eyes out. esp when this song started playing. for most people it wouldn't really mean as much, but if you understand why its important, then you'd see why it made me cry even harder. "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot Welcome to the planet Welcome to existence Everyone's here Everyone's here Everybody's watching you now Everybody waits for you now What happens next What happens next [Chorus] I dare you to move I dare you to move I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor I dare you to move I dare you to move Like today never happened Today never happened before Welcome to the fallout Welcome to resistance The tension is here Tension is here Between who you are and who you could be Between how it is and how it should be
09' Update
I like how in some places in the states, weather is different toward person to person. such as in other locations fourty degrees can be t-shirt weather. Not much for now but I felt a weired obligation to post a more recent blog.
The First
so it started out me getting the sniffles on Friday night. not much happened on Saturday. On Sunday my asshole ex dumped me because he is a dumb ass! I slept through Monday. Tuesday I went to work for all of 45 minutes before I got very dizzy. Since I was driving a box truck I almost caused and accident. I had my passenger call dispatch to say we were headed back and I was headed home. Then I went home and slept. Wednesday Shawn took me to the doctors they did chest x-rays and gave me meds and sent me home. Shawn made me eat because we realized that I hadn't eaten anything since sat night. I was drinking lots of fluids, and just wasn't hungry. Today I was relaxing eating, drinking fluids, just trying to get better. and the nurse from the hospital calls and says could you come back in we think that there might be a spot on your left lung, but it could just be a shadow of your nipple. but we want to make sure. so i go in and get new x-rays done. and i
A Red Red Rose A Poem By Robert Burns
A Red Red Rose a poem by Robert Burns O my Luve's like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June; O my Luve's like the melodie That's sweetly played in tune. As fair art thou, my bonnie lass, So deep in luve am I; And I will luve thee still, my dear, Till a' the seas gang dry: Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt wi' the sun; I will luve thee still, my dear, While the sands o' life shall run. And fare thee weel, my only Luve, And fare thee weel awhile! And I will come again, my Luve, Tho' it ware ten thousand mile.
Last Day In Cali
My Bf
Strangely enough can speak lol catsinese....haha
Give A Juggalo Another Look, You May Be Surprised!
LUKE 21 verse 10-19 "Then he said to them, "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. But before all this they will lay hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name's sake. This will be the time for you to bear testimony. Settle it therefore in your minds not to meditate beforehand how to answer; fore I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict. You will be delivered up even by parents and brothers and kinsmen and friends, and some of you they will put to death; you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But not a hair of your head will perish. By your endurance you will gain your lives." Juggalos, let me ask you a question. How many of you have ever met a mai
The Past Week
Well have not been on here..... we got a wonderful ice storm that knocked the area totally out. I just got power back today, internet and cable... so life should get better. My shelter is still out of power which really sucks for the 4 legged critters so spending as much time there as possible haying the dogs in so they can burrow under it and build up some body heat. Hoping to get some pictures added that I found amusing around town. Specifically one I had a friend take of the strip club with the "toy" store that had a home made sign out front letting all know they had batteries for sale....... *snicker* So just wanted to let all know what the hell is going on. Apparently we are supposed to have some more of the mess coming back.... 80,000 power poles down so I should count my blessings to have my power back up. hugsss n later folks, have to make another run to check on my shelter animals then off to bed.
Partylite Shows
I am a consultant looking for people that are interested in booking shows. and if you are to far away from me you can still order. Just let me know. We have alot of great specials going on this month. You don't want to miss out. Email me today and find out more. I look forward to talking with you.
Life And Love
What causes someone to push you away? What causes that person to make you sit alone at might crying because they aren't making seance? Why should I keep pushing forward when every time I do you knock me further back than I was? Why must I live in pain because I want to love you? Why should I wait any more? Why when I offer my proverbial shoulder for you to cry on when your down, my ear when your mind is overloading with your troubles don't you take my offer and let me ease your trouble the best I can? Why do I keep letting myself get hurt by sticking around for the the dream at a love that is given both ways not just from me to you? You know whats sad? With every question I keep thinking the same answer..."I DON'T KNOW!!!" I am starting something new. I am going to start being true to myself. There will be no more waiting, no more crying at night, no more letting you hurt me. I have a couple friends that have really open my eyes. Oh and b4
Shauny66 To Godmother Train
Shauny66 to Godmother Train The Rules: 1. Stop by Shauny's page, rate her DEFAULT folder of pics... Start with this one... While you are there... Rate all the tags in the Godmother Train tag folder. Please leave her a comment that you have gotten your tag... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Shauny to Godmother" or something like that... If your profile is marked private, then you need to visit each person's profile on this train and add each rider yourself, whether or not they are above or below you on the train... 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will get a thank you tag made for you if one is not already made for you... And add you to the guest list... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the
We have storms moving through with wind gusts potentially getting up to 70 mph and HEAVY rains this evening and tonight. My power is already dimming and flickering sporadically, so it's possible I will soon be without power. Just letting you know. ♥
Remembered Joy
Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free! I follow the plan God laid for me. I saw His face, I heard His call, I took His hand and left it all... I could not stay another day, To love, to laugh, to work or play; Tasks left undone must stay that way. And if my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss... Ah yes, these things I, too, shall miss. My life's been full, I've savoured much: Good times, good friends, a loved-one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief Don't shorten yours with undue grief. Be not burdened with tears of sorrow, Enjoy the sunshine of the morrow.
ok so my oldest was promised to be taken outside by someone today n yet another promise was broken so now imma have to do it so she isnt heartbroken i promised the other half i wouldnt bug about him being on world of warcraft but its starting again the ignorment of his kids over the fuckin game ok thats enough rant for today
Religion And The Old Ways
I accept this into my life now in the manner in which it should unfold for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned... i want people to find peace,hope,rebirth,unity,love,light,life and love,i want that myself as well,i ask for great healing of the body mind and soul,i want to study medicine of the old ways-i am a very natural person,i love children,and i want to see others achieve the good things in life want me and others to find true happiness and peace inside and out,i belong with others not placed out some where by myself,i like to give ,make things for others,in doing so i know that it will come back to me as the great spirit wishes,and that is karma I Will to Will thy Will.
Bailout 2.0
Last week, the Obama administration announced new plans to "rescue" the economy with another round of bailouts. Heritage economists David John and James Gattuso explain the plan's flaws: As announced [last] Tuesday by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the plan is a grab bag of policies of doubtful effectiveness and uncertain consequences financed with $2 trillion or more in taxpayer dollars. To make matters worse, key elements of the plan were merely placeholders lacking concrete details about how they would be actually work. One thing seems certain. These massive new programs will increase Washington's control over the financial system, placing politicians in the role of bank managers and hedge fund investors, to the long-term detriment of consumers and workers. Open letter: The 'stimulus' is horrible for America In an open letter to the Congress and the President of the United States, sent b
About Me:
Hello, My name is Cheryl aka TheWebMistress... I have a free spirited, friendly manner. I am known for being real Renaissance type and having a diverse array of interests. Whether it's in work or play, I am willing to take more risks than most. I'm a fun loving. open minded woman who loves to meet people. On Dealing With People...I believe that cleverness is a poor substitute for sincerity and good intentions. You can't build good human relations on a desire to use other people for your own ends. I know those who get the most out of others ~ give the most. And that, goodwill and good intentions rebound to their own benefit ~ hence the old saying "What goes aroundcomes around", and believe me in the end, it does. I have learned that good human relations start with a desire to treat other people fairly, honestly and considerately. If you have that desire, there are lots of things you can do to get better results. Look around youyou will notice the people who aren't sincere, t
Bebe's St Patty's Day Auction
hi to all my fubar friends. i am in an auction that is being givin by my friend Bebe. click on the link below if you would like to bid on me. the auction runs untill march 17. hope to see you there. ps. while you're there, show the awesome hostess some love too.
I Want To Hurt You
i want to hurt you. i want to use you in ways that make you cringe yet excite you at the same time. i want to run my tongue all over your body then dig my nails into you until you bleed. you make me shiver in both fear and anticipation when i think of the things i would let you do to me. you make my body tense up with desire as i feel teeth dig into my thighs from miles away. i want to use and abuse your body with ideas that make me hungry just to consider. i want to run my lips across your chest before biting gently somewhere far beneath. you make me need to feel your hands pulling my hair back as i shove my hips back into you. you make my hands clench, wrists bound in invisible cuffs, my back arches as a blade runs down my thigh when none is present. i want to tie you down to a table, a chair, a bed and tease you and use you, with nothing for you to do but beg. i want to be tied down as you test my limits, of pain and pleasure and sanity. y
Grand Opening
Feeling Good
went out friday got f-cking wasted.give some love bored now
I truly and honestly appreciate thos few that have always tried cheering me up in my sad times. Life has taken its toll on me where I just need to be sad, angry, depressed, and let it all out. I have been hiding behind pain and heartache for a year now I need to let it go.. I love each and everyone of you that has been there for me. I am sorry if I have offended or hurt anyone by not letting you try to cheer me up. I need to do this for me so please let me do it. I LOVE YOU AND YOU ALL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. I hope I dont lose any of you as friends.
I just recently found out that a friend of mine has cancer. I will not say his name because he is here on fubar. He is an ex of mine, but also a really good friend. It's stage 3 right now and the doctors don't know if they will be able to remove it or not yet. He's scared.. as we all would be... and so am I. I feel a little selfish because I don't want him to die... I wouldn't know what to do with myself.. I would go clinically insane. It's tearing me apart inside and out.. and I know it's breaking him down too. He's in his late 20's, but sounds like an 80 year old man because it's effecting him that bad. He has a 5 year old son also.. I'm not sure if he knows or not. I'm sure he can tell something is wrong with his daddy. He is the best father I have seen.. he tries to be. He doesn't deserve this.. out of all the people in the world he isn't the one who deserves this. He doesn't do drugs.. hardly drinks.. he's an awesome person. Why him? He coughs up blood... I'm weak.. and so is he.
Auto 11's And Bomb Bling!!
I'll be running Auto 11's starting @ noon fubar time!!!! Also will be activating my cherry bomb tonight @ 7pm fubar time!! If you want to be bombed PM me and will do my best!!!! Remember it's only for 1 hr!!! Come show me some Fulove!!! And celebrate that the weekend is finally here and earn some pts as well.... RATE, FAN, ADD As always all love will be return. Random blings will be given!!!! GTŻfu-owner of J ̧@WZ MZ R and fu-owned and R/L hun of Mʥʧ (repost of original by 'GTŻfu-owner of J ̧@WZ MZ R and fu-owned and R/L hun of Mʥʧ' on '2009-03-12 10:16:10') (repost of original by 'Mʥʧ' on '2009-03-12 10:18:33') (repost of original by '*߮K♪HT♫Q*' on '2009-03-12 10:20:58') (repost of original by '~devils lil angel~' on '2009-03-12 10:26:20') (repost of original by 'GTŻfu-owner of J ̧@WZ MZ R and fu-owned and R/L h
My Man Is Getting Out
My man is getting out next friday and i can't wait but i hope he won't hit me anymore he said he was sorry for doing it and i think i beleive him and i miss him so much and love him i just want him home right now. that will make me happy right now.
Oh Baby, Baby...
I found out the autopsy was real, but the child was an overlaid image... but.. who would do such a thing?? If you cannot see the pic... the link to the page... top image, click on it, and the pic enlarges.. fugging christ... another link... fuckers.. here.. before photobucket deletes
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Myspace Layouts
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned...
This is not a true story nor is it my usual style of blogging. I heard this story a while ago, and it made me chuckle. So... There was a woman sitting at a kitchen table of a newly furnished home eating caviar and prawns one last time as she packed the rest of her belongings. She glanced over at the picture on the mantle as she stood up and put a curtain rod back in place before walking out the door and taking her belongings with her. A week later her ex husband (the one in the picture with his new 22 year old girlfriend) calls her begging her to take the house back that he'd won in the divorce proceedings and complaining of a horrid smell that he can't get rid of. Smiling the woman agrees and goes back to the house with her things. The first thing she does when she gets there is removes the curtain rod, unscrews the end and takes out the prawn tails she'd placed in there while moving. Now you see why they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ;-)
About Me Turn On's
Thursday, March 19, 2009 About Me: Turn On's and Turn Off's Turn On's: ... To Battle and the Clashing of Swords ... The spring dew rowing off of the petal of a Rose catching the spark of the sun before it falls off the edge to a charous of Morning Doves. ... In my youth ripping of imprisoning clothing an dashing off nake into forest for midnight moons run, fast and faster dodge branches and debre, felling the slap of branches against my flesh and falling muddied and exhusted heathing out of breath into a bed of wild bosten fern to hoot of owls.. It was only then in those werewolf runs did I feel Spiritual ONESS with the Universe. --- Sitting before the crackling of bonfire with a circle of good friends with Pagan Drum and Ale singing the Old Songs. ... The glow of a naked lover as she crosses the candlelit room her sweaty back to me catching the candle glow as she moves. ... The first heavy snow fall of the season and to greet it by walking out barefoot threw
Ninja Or Pirate?
Ninja Pirate Quiz's fun quizzes! ~ Barack Obama's IQ ~ Honeymoon Sweepstakes ~ The Dumb Test ~ Quizzes | Movie Trivia & Movie Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quotes
Truckers Are Interesting People
My BF Ken, through the course of training and being trained, has run into some rather bizarre, and sometimes interesting people. The first guy who trained him, Mr. D., is one of the most interesting people so far. Mr. D. drove for the carnivals for 10 years, living the life of a gypsy. Before that, he spent 3 months backpacking in Europe, and he also took a month off recently just to get in more practice flying an airplane so he can get his flight instructor's license. Suffice it to say, Mr. D has a lot going for him, and he's all of 29! I digress. Mr. D. called up Ken the other day to tell him he found a baby kitten last week. He was pulled over at a truck stop and heard it mewing from beneath an empty storage container. He felt sorry for the poor thing, and fed it some lunch meat. The kitten then followed him to his truck, and even though its against company policy to have an animal on the rig, he took the kitten with him anyway. He bought it food, and litter, and r
Abunza Elite Team
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Abunza is a new concept being the first to be a bi-lingual business featuring english and spanish speaking sales assistants. It opens doors to a whole new market allowing hispanic business owners as well as seasoned marketers to participate on the vast home business arena. (Abunza Elite Team)Theres never been a business opportunity even close to this. How about this instead of me giving you the same old tired speec about i can make you 3,000 dollars a week and make you a millionare in 6 months let me do something that you probably havent come upon if you've been looking for income opportunites LET ME BE REAL!! Ill just tell you some of the things that Abunza offers that others can't! In my 2 weeks with Abunza i have finally payed off my debt that i got in with dealing with 3 different online businesses. This is why im thankful and excited that im in a
I'm A Whore For Proving I'm Real?! Since When?!
her link:
I Call This How Beauty?
How Beauty? Will I be able to look into those eyes? and not find myself falling deep within. Will i be able to see your smile and not avert my own eyes? so that you don't notice my blush at those perfect lips. Will i be able to hug you without spending forever breathing you in? till i am enveloped by the fragrance that is you. How could i listen to your voice that dances from your mouth? and not close my eyes and drink of that harmony. How would i not reach out and take your frame within my arms and not have to force myself to let you go. How could I tell you of this alien feeling i have. and not shed a tear from my wounded soul. How could I spend a minute near your radiance? And not find myself chained and aching for time to not pass. How would i be able to turn and leave and wave goodbye to my friend. whos beauty make jealous the most perfect rose.
Sunshine Of Your Love--cream
Easter Egg Hunt Game Prize List
Carrie's BAD AZZ BOYS 4 LIFE Everyone is a WINNER!!! Golden Eggs are as follows: 1 - 50k 2 - 100k 3 - 1 credit bling 4 - Personalized tag 5 - 200 rates 6 - 50k fubucks 7 - 1 credit bling 8 - 250k fubucks 9 - Ticker 10 - 3 credit bling 11 - 100k fubucks 12 - 200 rates 13 - Personalized tag 14 - 50k fubucks 15 - 3 credit bling 16 - Personalize tag 17 - 250k fubucks 18 - Ticker 19 - 1 credit bling 20 - 200 rates 21 - 100k fubucks 22 - 250k fubucks 23 - 1 credit bling 24 - 200 rates 25 - ticker ********************************* Thank you for your participation! Carrie *********************************
Southernbaby Haz Auto-11's! Plz Help Her Oracle!!!
That's Oatally Delicious.
I recall being at my grandmother's house when I was a child and her offering me some oatmeal. I hadn't previously tried oatmeal, so I didn't know what to expect. I nodded yes, and my grandmother opened up a crock pot and scooped some globby substance into bowls, handed one to me. It didn't look so appetizing. I was raised to be a polite child (what went wrong?), so I gingerly took a bite. And then tried to stifle my gag reflex. (Foreshadowing of stories to come.) My grandmother had taken instant oatmeal, I believe, and put it in her crock pot for, oh, several hours. Perhaps half a day. Maybe a week. It had transformed not into a breakfast food, but paste. Had we been wallpapering that day, it would have been quite useful. I couldn't eat the oatmeal. I made some excuse about my stomach hurting, and I pushed it away, set a napkin on top of the bowl so I didn't have to see it. (I know. Rude. But! It was paste!) I was perhaps six years old when this happened, a
My Job
In my first year working at a grossly substandard animal shelter in Maryland, I forced myself to go in early to euthanize dogs by holding them in my arms and gently helping them escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain and to spare them from being stabbed haphazardly—while they were fully conscious, terrified and aware—in the general vicinity of their hearts with needles blunt from reuse and left to thrash on the floor until they finally died by the callous people who would arrive later to do the job. I always wonder how anyone cannot recognize that there is a world of difference between painlessly euthanizing animals out of compassion—aged, injured, sick, and dying animals whose guardians can't afford euthanasia, for instance—as PETA does, and causing them to suffer terror, pain, and a prolonged death while struggling to survive on the streets, at the hands of untrained and uncaring "technicians," or animal abusers. Diamond was suffering from a painf
Some Unsigned Acts To Check Out. :d
Hey Guys, just droppin a few Local Bands that have yet to hit it, but are well on thier way. A few of these guys are local to me and a few I have seen live and are phenominal. :D These are guys that are about the music, and you can tell. Of Broken - Great group of Guys, definately one of my favorites as if you all couldnt tell. :D Fall Back Plan - 98 Rocks band of the Month here in Baltimore. AWESOME (Lead Singere is SO hot) Junkfood - My old Stomping Grounds, Fairfax VA One Minute Halo - Based out of Dallas Texas The Speaks - Washington DC, GREAT live. Structure - Based out of San Antonio Texas Enjoy gang! Im always on the look out for Local Artists, if you have any that are local to you and would like to hear them get some rotation... Hit me up and let me know! I will ma
Life In The Fast Lane.....
DOUGLAS, Ariz. – It wasn't the beauty of the paintings that caught of the eye of Customsagents. It was their drug-sniffing dog turning up his nose at the art that stopped the show. Federal officials in Arizona say a man was taken into custody after Customs and Border Protection officers found 90 pounds of marijuana hidden in the frames of six large paintings in his vehicle. Officers selected the man's vehicle for a routine inspection Friday at the border crossing in Douglas, Ariz., and their dog showed an interest in the paintings. An X-ray revealed the marijuana in the frames. The agency says the paintings were professionally done and the frames were nicely constructed. The man was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He had not been charged.
I am alive. Lost as always, but hopeful, now more than ever. I have someone who makes me smile no matter what. I have a daughter I love more than anything. And I have the entire world open before me and full of possibilities. I am going far away, as I seem to often do. And I will miss those who matter, just as much as I am sure I will be missed by the same. I will not forget, nor will I be forgotten, and for that I am truly grateful. To my fu-fam (and you know who you are ;) ), I luvs ya all wif all my middle heart. To my firends on here, I'm coming back, and I 'm coming back just as much of a smartass as I am now, so prepare yourselves in advance :D. And to all who don't matter, and if you aren't sure, it's probably you: You will never understand, don't bother pretending you do The only one you're making a fool out of, is you Later, Loves ya, Out.
Saying Goodbye
My sisters, aunt and I drove back to Texas this weekend to do one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. My mother is in a nursing home there with advanced Demetia. Her hospice nurse called us with information in March about her status. It was not good. She is dying. We went to tell her good bye. They don't expect her to last much longer. She is a ghost of the woman she use to be. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. I'm a complete mess. She was diagnosised with this years ago and is in the final stages. There are so many things she has missed and I couldn't share with her. My son barely knows who she is. She has never met my sisters kids. I miss her with everything in me right now. I don't write this for sympathy. I just wanted my friends here to know why I haven't been around. It's been a tough year already for me and mine. I will never know if my mother would be proud of the woman I am today. But I hope she would be. Love to all, Heather Lynn
The Scorpio time aligns with the age when the sexual energy and prowess of the body have reached the adult phase, and are at their height. The joy and pain of being a Lover is deeply sexual, explosive and dangerous in its passion. The feelings become subject to undercurrents; a volume of desire that is hard to contain and alarming in its power, for it goes right to the roots of our being. The sexual act is one of the strongest drives known to us all. For many, it is a vital need and, often unwittingly, driven by the urgency to continue life, even after death. The natural force of any animal, which includes humans, is to attempt to reproduce. It is the pure creative force, and born from the inner instinct that their genes must survive. The Lover is caught in a deeply emotional experience, and rarely uses their reasoning power, for the feelings of those in a close physical relationship are often fraught with insecurities; hidden, unexplained and very intense. It is through this intens
If Today Was Your Last Day
My best friend gave me the best adviceHe said each day's a gift and not a given rightLeave no stone unturned, leave your fears behindAnd try to take the path less traveled byThat first step you take is the longest strideIf today was your last dayAnd tomorrow was too lateCould you say goodbye to yesterday?Would you live each moment like your last?Leave old pictures in the pastDonate every dime you have?If today was your last dayAgainst the grain should be a way of lifeWhat's worth the prize is always worth the fightEvery second counts 'cause there's no second trySo live like you'll never live it twiceDon't take the free ride in your own lifeIf today was your last dayAnd tomorrow was too lateCould you say goodbye to yesterday?Would you live each moment like your last?Leave old pictures in the pastDonate every dime you have?Would you call old friends you never see?Reminisce old memoriesWould you forgive your enemies?Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?Swear up and down to God above
Generosity --
HOLY COW -- $6 million was donated to my alma mater (USM)... Mystery donors give over $45M to 9 universities Buzz Up Send Email IM
"home Sweet Home" By Motley Crue
You know I'm a dreamerBut my heart's of goldI had to run away highSo I wouldn't come home lowJust when things went rightIt doesn't mean they were always wrongJust take this song and you'll never feelLeft all aloneTake me to your heartFeel me in your bonesJust one more nightAnd I'm comin' off thisLong & winding roadI'm on my wayWell I'm on my wayHome sweet homeTonight tonightI'm on my wayI'm on my wayHome sweet homeYou know that I've seenTo many romantic dreamsUp in lights, fallin' offThe silver screenMy heart's like an open bookFor the whole world to readSometimes nothing-keeps me togetherAt the seamsI'm on my wayWell I'm on my wayHome sweet homeTonight tonightI'm on my wayJust set me freeHome sweet home
Mens Rules For Women!!!!
The Man RulesAt last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story. These are our rules! Men are NOT mind readers. Learn to work the toilet seat.You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.We need it up, you need it down.You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. Sunday sports, It's like the full moonor the changing of the tides. Let it be.Crying is blackmail.Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work!Strong hints do not work!Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!Yes or No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do.Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become Null and void after 7 Days. If you think you're fat, you probably are.Don't ask us.If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways
Help Me Lvl Please Bling Auto 11 Anything Rates Fan Add
DJBARTAB Come show him some luv and help him lvl Click on his pic and boom your on his profile!!!!
How Old!!!!!
8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband OMG........He is a bit too young for her don;t you think.....LMAOOOOOO
My True Love
I cherish ya all the way. id make it work, long distance or what ever it takes.i want u so bad, like i said, I can tast ya soul, but its be better cover in lye, cos all my life it seems to loose, but i lost that too, so what i do now? Want me to fall in love show u this or that, life u could have.... marry u an have a fucking life: my life is a bull shit misery so lets get married an say fuck it, is that all u know? I'm too good to be true an ur to hot to be blue, an we, just make a day come true an it sucks ass, morning is coming late, dawn just past us by, mid day is present, dawn is coming near, hold you, close, id cherish you my dear, I'm a poet, if u didnt know it, devil bought my way, hell awaits, heaven is you, trouble is time an tired of running, please hold me, im falling, sincere, just running blind!... I'm on a suicide, but sometime we seem to dis tray..wonder what hes really like...glistens,... nite falls, your in bed,, he creeps into your head.. falling in lov
Master's Creed
Masters Creed Above all else He cherishes His slave, in the knowledge that the gift she gives Him is the greatest gift of all. He is strict and takes full advantage of the power given to Him, but knows to share the pleasure that comes from that precious gift. He is in control of himself first and foremost, so that He may control others. As a stern and demanding Master, He can cause His slave real tears. As the consummate lover, He will kiss the tears away without stepping out of character. In times of trouble, a Master is a supportive partner and friend, never forgetting that this is a loving relationship between two caring individuals. He is quick to understanding the difference between fantasy and reality. He would never ask His slave to put Him before her career or family just to satisfy His own pleasure. To win His slaves mind, body, soul and love. He must first earn her trust. He will show His slave humor, kindness and warmth. He must always show her that His guidance and tutoring
Almost An Angel !!!
Crazy's Princess needs our help she needs 24 referrals to become an Angel so if anyone can help her out it will be greatly appreciated, The person who brings in the most referrals will get an Auto 11 or a Cherry Bomb! So come on help her get her wings she deserves it !!
Today is my birthday, very esited cant sleep. Hopeng to git what everything that wanting.
The Deletein Of My Account Need 10 Good Reasons Why I Shouldn't
yea it has come to this! sorry to all my good and close family and friends but i am tired of the lies, the empty promises,the drama, ppl runnin their mouths when i didn't say what they say i said or done. i come to fubar to make friends and possibley find the right guy. i have found many friends and afew that i would consider the right guy but only one ( and he knows who he is. i do still love you babe! and always here.) that i have been there threw everythin and he has stuck by me as well. yes he has made some promises but i ain't too sure that they r totally empty promises and i understand he is confused right now and i was willin to try and move on so i meet another guy (ahottie-sweet,carein, we went to the lounges hung out and even joined a lounge together. i ain't sure if i want to be a dj (Dj Goth Angel1) or if i want to be a greeter but i am willin to try djin. workin on gettin that all set up. lol til the other day afew things were said by him bout a female and well as most
Dream ov yo ! Yo dun remember me but I remember yo,I ly awake n thin ov yo wanderin iv yothin ov me 2. Lyn here watchin time go by,Wanderin iv yor do n alrite. Tha dayz r long , Tha nitez r slow n im juzt want n it 2 pass. Pass me by lik a cloud n tha sky. Roman not noin where or wat I'll go by. I feel lik a raindrop fallin fromda sky, Fallin down in2 tha groundtrin 2 soak up tha soil an tryn 2 hide, Hidefrom da pain i feel inside. Lyn here dreamin ov yo watchn my life pass me by,I try 2 think n i wander why, Why my life is so dry inside, Like tha creekzon a hot 4th ov july. All withered anddried away. MY sole is empty my mind iza drifter so how do i stop all thiz swifter.How do i make it threw this long thriften time?Dun say im up tite with muh emotional prim, Itry so hard 2 fafill tha time. I look n tha mirr n see yor face,an it takez me back 2 r special place. I turn away n tak a deep breath n relize wat all iz left. I'd giv up everythin juzz 2 find yo,
He's Just Not That Into You...
Im watching He's just not that into you right now...a part just came up with signs of how to know if a girl will never sleep with a guy 1. A girl will never sleep with you if she calls you cuddly or dependable. 2. She takes a dump in your bathroom. 3. If she pops a zit in front of you. 4. If she takes home leftovers on dates 1, 2 or 3. Guys, any truth to that? Anything to add on?
The Begining
As many of you know i started a group called Plaid Mafia. I only had two rules, one help out the other plaid members and two no drama. Its obvious that no one could follow the rules. It wasn't even like most groups where they make you add it to your name. Im not the kind of person who tells people what to do. With all this being said I am going to give it another try. This time i am not making pictures for everyone. If you want one you can ask and i'll make it when i have time. I'm not asking you to add it to your name this time around either. I Just want you to comment this blog saying you want to be a part of Plaid Mafia. Your more then welcome to add it to your name. If you need help with leveling or rates let me know and i'll see if i can get more support this time around. one more thing i ask for is if you see a new member you are not already friends with please add them...makes things slightly easier. please make sure you add me! and my two other officers! Laur
I'm in a bad mood. I woke up in a great one, but my ex showed up and started bitching to me about a dog. Ugh. Anyway, I'm bitching in the MuMMs and will probably be blocked by someone.... Yay?
New Pics
We finally got a new camera and we will be taking some new photos soon.....yippeeee!! Can't wait. I'll post them as soon as we get them done. Plus we got a little camcorder. Can't wait to use it either. :)
Love You Ladies
just wanted to say to all my hommies and ladies that the reason why i have,nt been saying hi or leaving you any type of comments is because Fubar has blocked me from doing so cause i posted a pic, with bad content but anyway i dont have a clue if i,ll ever be able to leave anyone a comment but i still love you all. ,,,chris
Kids Wish Network
ok ppl if any of you ever feel like donating to a worthy cause try this one on for size make a childs wish come true and help them get their wish
Drown The Hero
The bubbles of mirth have already burst upon the surface of despair. Whispering winds have long since whisked the pleas into oblivion. Dark tides of time have erased the destiny written by the fates. The stars stare coldly down from their places in the heavens. Deep depths and darkened caverns consume and conceal. Shores of erroded stability stand testament to torture. Shredded souls, upon the ghost ship of sorrow, sail silently by and by. Treasures of phoenix light buried in the sand.
Redoing An Old Blog
I wrote a blog a while back and apparetnly i need to remind people of the shit i deal with on a weekly basis ..... I honestly am at the point in whichI either break down or just laugh threw it.. so please i beg you if you care or respect me dont add to my stress.. And no im not just picking one person and pointing the finger. I hope that bywriting this maybe you as a person can see that life outside Fu might not be great, try saying something nice and try respecting others and their right to have a place to come be safe and breath... Love you Wicked Heres the old blog: I am proud of the fact that Is usually pretty sweet and morally sound when it comes to being on the Internet.. What you see is what you get. I try to make everyone feel better about all the shit that's going on in their lives and make them at least laugh... Most I can make them feel a little bit better but some I cant help... What I want to know is what the fuck happens when my day is going to shit... do i compla
Please Comment Michael Jackson Fans
Do you think this father that told his son to lie on Michael Jackson so they can just get the money from Michael do you think this Father should get in trouble as we know as well as I do Michael Jackson isn't a Child Molester so leave him alone
Michael Jackson Quotes
Famous Michael JacksonQuotes Posted byquoteson June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson Quotes If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.- Michael Jackson I’m just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. And I embarrass easily.- Michael Jackson The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.- Michael Jackson Yeah, Wacko Jacko, where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me. It’s not nice.- Michael Jackson Just because it’s in print doesn’t mean it’s the gospel.- Michael Jackson And I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street and I’d see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead.- Micha
Tired Of Games
There has been a lot going on in my life that at times I feel so stressed over. I am so tired of the games and the childish bullshit that so many grown men like to play (women as well). I am not a child and am not into games. I am 42 years old and am hoping to find someone special to share my life with. I am not looking for one night stands... can do that out in a bar. I am not looking for marriage, never was, never will be at least at this point in my life it is what I am thinking. I am looking to date, by date I mean go out, maybe have a few drinks, dinner, movie, a walk in a park, basically spending time getting to know one another. I have said on my profile and am saying it again, just because I feel comfortable with my body and am confident does not make me sleazy. I am a proud woman who enjoys being proud of my body and taking care of it. I share it with others on here because I think the human body is beautiful and I have no hangups about nudity. Please stop thinking this means
And The Sign Said:
Sign over a Gynecologist's Office: "Dr. Jones, at your cervix." ************************** In a Podiatrist's office:
Missed Out On It
Yeah, its that time again, Im going back offshore for a month. you gonna miss me? I am Deacon ya know, as pointed out by so since i started the embarrassing moment blog, as suggested by Lipstick, I had some good ones, better than the my regular boring blogs that the same 5 or6 people who comment . but i dont have one to share today. so lets just give you a doh! moment... I was at a little house party bbq type thing that went all night. when the last of the people left its just me and the girl i was dating and her friend... well her friend went to bed in my girls room and we stayed in the living room and had sex. since i was pretty shitfaced i passed out right after like any guy does. it was an awesome day! so in the morning when I woke up on the couch i hear the girls gigglling about how i passed out and missed the night of my life...yes they were planning a threesome with me and my drunken ass passed out and missed it...DOH! and this happened when i was 20, these gi
And The Depression Continues....
This depression is killing me slowly. But I gotta give the guy credit No man has ever reduced me to this severe of a depression before. So WTG Mr. Not-so-dreamy-anymore. I have never cried so much for so long ever in my life. I have to get out of here. Staying here only reminds me of what was and what will never be again. I haven't slept in days I haven't eaten much All I do is hibernate in my bed. This is so far out of character for me. I can usually bounce right back, get back up on that proverbial saddle. Why is this time so different? I don't get it. :(
I say that I'm a cliche, and yet the words from your mouth and yours and yours mean nothing to me.... I can move a room, child. Ego built on reality, I'll fall back on my own two hands, with strong wrists to lift me back up. Forget the time I spent wasting wasting away devouring time with the meaningless and trivial. tomorrow will be mine.
When The Music Is Over
After surgery to remove a cancer tumor the hospice group came to my house to provide post op care. Their doctor warned me that agressive treatments to kill the final 10 percent of the cancer remaining (assumed remaining) would put me back into the hospital and although I might gain some extra time that time would not be much fun (I will not go into details). So at this moment I believe I will not subject myself to an attempt to get cured byx ray bombardments. Hospise will make sure the rest of my time here will be as comfortable and as painless as possible. However.... cancer is a funny thing and sometimes it can reverse itself, this i will not know for a few months. The doctor said he cannot speak about miracles and must stick to the science of course. Although I must take it easy to recover from surgery it is not in my nature to sit around dieing so I will focus on living instead. I am not feeling down and out nor depressed, and ready for whatever this journey has to o
Uploaded Photos Really For Viewing
Cool, after a few days of preparing and going through countless photos in the internet, I have finally put together my Illinois folder. Now, you may be asking, why are you posting a bunch of pictures of Illinois on Fubar? The reason for it is this: in a next few months I will be getting shipped out to Basic Training for the Army, and after it I will be stationed out of state, in Alabama to be exact. So, I began to think about it, and realize that I am going to be living outside of Illinois for the first time in my life. I mean, granted I travelled a lot when I was younger, but never moved out of the state. As a result, I began to think about all the places I went to in the state of Illinois, and I thought I should make a folder of some sights around the state. Also, the folder is for people that are on my friends and fans list that want to learn about where I live, how the area looks like and just get to know me a little more. Plus, making this folder for me would give me somet
Leaving For 3-4 Weeks
i am leaving for a base in belgium and after that to another base in the netherlands...most of you know i work for the U.S. govt. as a military contractor and i go to all the bases in europe and some in the middle east so i am often gone and without internet....i often come back to friends who have deleted me..hope that wont happen this time...i have thinned out my friends and family and hopefully got it right this time i will be gone for a if i am not know why everyone stay safe and keep smiling...will see you all when i get back
A True Friend
We met uponthe internet,My heart you didnot have yet.I sit and wait each day,for the song myheart will soon play.Of laughter, love and tears,You have washed awayall my fears.To be my friendand see so deep,I now know whyI don't getmuch sleep.I have waitedthrough all theseyears,To find somethingto hold so dear.And now I knowI'll never beBlue,For I have founda true friendin you.
Fight In The Desert
From the underside of this warhe couldn’t see what it was forthe mud, the filth, and the killing,the fear that his blood was chillingand his soul was headed for hellhad distracted his thoughts as wellHistory books had always said,there is fame and fortune insteadbut, like the sergeant said last night,“We’re in for a hell of a fight”This damned hole in a foreign landis full of bugs and gritty sandStories of knights on sturdy steedscarrying out their honored deedswere probably fabricatedor at least exaggeratedSome of those battles were fought hereand their reasons were never clearSome knights died in this very holethey’re not the ones who we extolor whose histories will endurebeyond a truer literatureBut, he expected, just like thema final night both scared and grimVery much like those first crusadesthe reason for this battle fadesBeyond the politician’s liesthere is the fact that someone diesand in the midnight of his soulplays out his harsh and final
Where Is The Bear?
Somewhere in my spirit, the Icebear floats on his cold ice block, waiting. The same bear that earned my long dead relative the title of Bear Paw. Where has he been lately? I hear him growel in the darkness, but where? Its that animal feeling that is in my spirit that has driven me so much in my life. Led me to do the things that others are afraid to, yet lately I have not felt that drive as deeply. I was driven to this last bit, but not by the old familier bear. But I hear him again. He is not as wild anymore after the last 20 years, but he is hungrier. He has been lurking and just getting stronger. I wonder when he will come out.When he does, I imagine that I will be in for a ride like old times. Or maybe my hardest yet. Maybe I will be in for a new ride. I have just taken a new leadership role and I think maybe I am feeling it again because it is time again. I welcome it. It has been a long time, and Icebear is hungry.
10 Things About Me
Im best in a crisis situation. Im great for keeping secrets. I always read the directions and build things right the first time. although i have had 6 as pets, i dislike scorpians. I do not belive in sex on the first date, the goodies are too good to just give away. I will only have first time sex in a bed where i can be most comfortable. my mothers family was old money until i was about 6, other then proper ettiquite i do not follow my familys values, i will never marry someone i do not turely love for the financial benifits. I can adapt to anything or anyone, i just have to stay interested. I can see past imperfections and find the real you. I am sensitive, i realized this when i was 14 but was afriad of it, i have built a few connections withcertin peopleand can sense their needs. Other then avoiding trouble by trusting my instincts i can use my talents for myself. I would not mind building on my abilitys now but i really do not know where to start.
Fuuuuuck An A!!
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Stamped Damanged
What you have doneThings in done and saidThings you cant take backYou just can't erase You just can't sweepYou StabbedYou Wrote with permint inkYou left a pile under the rugDreams that once were dreamedPromiess that were once madeComfort that was thereShatteredBrokenEmptyEmotions put inWords that were spokenLaughter that was sharedNever againAll LiesEmpty SpaceThings that were givinSarfice that was made
My Heart, Love And Soul
MY HEART, LOVE AND SOUL Sitting here with thoughts of yourunning through my mind.Never in my deepest thoughts thata love so strong I'd find.Each new day brings something newand makes my love expand.Now I'm always on cloud nineand living in a dreamland.I didn't think that in one monthmy feelings would be so strong.But, to be completely honestI'm so glad that I was wrong.I give to you the three thingsthat make me complete and whole,I give to you a faithful heart,an honest love and then my soul.Please hold my heart as if your own,and cherish that love it has for you.And know that nowhere on this earth willyou ever find a love so true
mensrings black titanium rings titanium cable ring
can somebody get me a drink??? I love my friends and family at fubar!!!
If Only I Could
In the recesses of my darkened mind I contemplate if I shall find release From this passion that engulfs me. So intense is my growing hunger (insatiable at times), I can only wonder, wanting to know its unknown limits. I think of you and fantasize desiring only to realize satisfaction -- escape from this tormenting need. I can almost feel your warmth and fire, My body aches with such fierce desire, craving your wettness,ur smell, ur taste, an ur exquisite touch.
Mudding Off Road Racing Social Network Tv
Hey Everyone!! Just to let you know MudTruckTV has a SPECIAL announcement Wednesday Night 15th SEPT at 8pm Central, 9pm might just want to be there!!Click the "HOME" tab on your page, and then sign in or sign up for the LIVE CHAT! Please remember,show your support, make your name and REGISTER!!Willie and Amee'
I Be The Dread Pirate Durhamntx!
Today be Talk like a Piret Day! One day a year when ye are encouraged to rewrite the rules of grammar and talk like Long John Silver or Captain Barbosa! And to help ye get into the spirit of things, here be a couple of links to visit: - Get ye a pirate name and ship's name - to find out where the notion sprouted to begin with Feel free to leave yer pirate name here or with Mad Garrett Shull! Sail on!The Dread Pirate DurhamNtxAKA Holcomb of the Queen Londra Sea Shark
Hmm What U Think??? Hehe
POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!?1 = Definetly not attractive.2 = Decent3 = Cute4 = Fine as hell!5 = I'd do you.6 = Pretty damn sexy!7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!!8 = I wanna make you my man/girl.9 = Just a friend.10 = Sexiest person I know!11 = Fuckin amazin12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times.13 = i wanna fuck u14.= Let's get marriedLET ME KNOW WHAT #
Has been a rough couple of days.. my hubbys grandma died monday. We just had the funeral today. I been doing pretty well.. up until today. I have been wondering about my boys though. I told them about her death monday but it didn't seem to have any affect on them. I was thinking.. they are of age now where they should start understanding some..and start crying or something. But there was nothing..clear up til last night. Then today during the funeral.. Brandon just started bawling. He was so loud..sobbing.. I thought he was gonna hyperventilate. He kinda collapsed off hubbys lap and was sitting on the floor. Somethings in life just break your heart..and I have to say that was one of the worst moments for me. I just lost it then. Then he was carrying on about wanting to buy a vcr tape of her. His one older cousin told him he would get him one. Anyways.. was a horrible day but its over. I am sorry for not being on here much this week.. due to all this. I have not been avoidin
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Entanlged In The Stars
The earth opened outInto the sky. That night,I felt I mightFall into it,To entangle myselfIn a web of starsThat beckoned to meWith their twinkling fingers.I felt my own soul expandSink into the heavensFeeling the warmth of you beside meThe crisp air on my faceI felt the world would hold meFor a whileMy searching heartFound a universe in yoursSo that I felt I mightFall into itAnd entangle myselfIn theworld ofWho you are. Poem By Tammy C.
Love Poem
I knew you all my life You were allways a good friend But when I got to know you better I let my heart unbend I couldn't help past memories That would only make me cry I had not forgotten my first true love And was able to give it another try So ive fallen in love with you yet again and will never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know what i'll say But i'll never stop loving you Each and every day My feelings for you will never change Just to let you know And it's TRUE when I say to you I'll allways love you so
Psych Ward
Subject: The Bathtub Test ... During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director how do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub." "Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup." "No." said the Director, "A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?"
Start Things Off For Now
I'm not sure what to write about in this blog.. I was thinking of it being a place to showcase my story idea's for my manga/anime titles that I'm working on. But then again I thought that this would be about my lyfe & intrests in all things like anime/manga, cosplay, going to con's, tech stuff, etc.. Well I guess that I'll just use it by a post by post ideaboard on what ever is on my mind @ the moment. Masturbation" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">Masturbation Orgasm ♥ Clit Rubbing #02Uploaded by aiho534caiho534c. - Find" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">Find more steamy, sexy videos.
Night And Day
Bloodletting atnight, don't let it be a fright I do it for me not to you It's all I control It's all I can do pretend during the day because I can't get away from my cares and sorrows
As Time Goes By
As time goes by our love will grow, we want this love to last, so we'll take it slow. It's sharing and caring, giving and forgiving, seeing eye to eye, walking hand and hand, Loving hear to heart. Because it's you that makes my life complete. Because it's you, I don't have to hide, because it's you that takes away the pain from my past. Because it's you, I will not lie. You'll find this out. As time goes by.....
Sphinx The Sphinx is an ancient Egyptian statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man. Throughout the ages it has been known as a bearer of power and mystery. Dreams concerning the sphinx are mystery/wisdom dreams. These types of dreams may occur when there is an impasse in your waking life. Note the concurrent images in your dream and consider their relation to a difficult decision that has to be made in your life.

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