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TheWebMistess's blog: "About Me"

created on 02/26/2009  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b280654

About me:

Hello, My name is Cheryl aka TheWebMistress... I have a free spirited, friendly manner. I am known for being real Renaissance type and having a diverse array of interests. Whether it's in work or play, I am willing to take more risks than most. I'm a fun loving. open minded woman who loves to meet people. On Dealing With People...I believe that cleverness is a poor substitute for sincerity and good intentions. You can't build good human relations on a desire to use other people for your own ends. I know those who get the most out of others ~ give the most. And that, goodwill and good intentions rebound to their own benefit ~ hence the old saying "What goes around…comes around", and believe me in the end, it does. I have learned that good human relations start with a desire to treat other people fairly, honestly and considerately. If you have that desire, there are lots of things you can do to get better results. Look around you…you will notice the people who aren't sincere, they just go through the motions. They may get away with it for a while, but insincerity has a strong odor. Sooner or later, everyone's bound to catch a whiff of it. It isn't long before cleverness gets to be pretty obvious. I know when I am are being manipulated ~ and I don't like it. I am working on generating smiles and contentment in our world. If I could insulate those that I love from all hardship, I would consider that my greatest accomplishment. I try to offer caring and thoughtful advice that helps others heal and move in a positive direction, but instead of calling attention to myself, I choose rather to selflessly give to others in order to make the world a better place. Life is a journey not a destination for me. In Working with People ~ sincerity and directness are my greatest assets. If any ideas for dealing with people don't seem right to me, I don't use them. I believe that if you do something insincere, the results ~ no matter how pleasing for the moment ~ can't make up for the loss of integrity. I avoid cleverness as I would the plague. I say what I mean and do what I say. I don't avoid questions, hide facts or try to evade an issue by subtle tricks. I try to always be direct, I put my cards on the table and keep them there in plain sight. Do unto others ~ as You would have Them ~ Do Unto You...Works! I am honest, square-shooting, and aboveboard; I genuinely trying to consider my partners interests. When you think that you can fool people your definitely only fooling yourself. I am open to new ideas, but won't deal with idiots and "plastic people", otherwise I enjoy chatting with anyone. I don't mind being asked the deep and personal questions...as long as you dont mind being asked them in return. I like to see the lighter side of life and try and enjoy what I have rather than strive for what I don't. You can see pics and more about me on... .. My Personal Pages Get Help Online With Your Personal WebWizard! People I would like to meet Would Possess These Qualities: 1. A COMMITMENT TO PERSONAL GROWTH (His, Mine & Ours) 2. EMOTIONAL OPENNESS (Not afraid to talk about feelings or show love and apprecitation. 3. INTEGRITY (Trustworthiness and consistent honesty = natural trust) 4. MATURITY AND RESPONSIBILITY 5. HIGH SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE 6. POSITIVE ATTITUDE = SENSE OF HUMOR My perception of an ideal relationship: I want to love an affectionate person whose pleasure becomes my pleasure as we graciously share our bountiful resources, to create and enjoy the experience of our relationship. Gratitude for our enjoyment flows back and fourth, satisfying our beings. You encourage me with your sincerity and affection; you let me take my time with life. You have the courage and integrity to honestly create value in our relationship. Some ladies write in their profiles: "I'd like to meet a confident, affectionate and caring man who will make me happy." I understand that expecting anyone else to, “make me happy.” or bring my happiness to me creates dependence, and this can become a burden for someone. Creating happiness, like combatting boredom, is an INSIDE job; I find happiness as I make progress towards achieving my dreams or goals. I want to share happiness, rather than the frustration of trying to create it for someone. We hardly know, ourselves, what it is that truly makes us happy. How could we expect someone else to know this, and provide our happiness for us. Creature comforts are nice, but they alone, will not bring us happiness. Enjoyment of our fine relationship is my dream, and progress towards that will make me happy. You may also realize that we feel our love more, as we give it away. We do not really feel powerful love when someone loves us back, what we feel when someone loves us back, is a feeling of being cared for and cherished. Enjoying our time spent together is priceless. Here, again, fear is the enemy. "He who fears to lose what makes the happiness of his life has already lost it. In this, and other things, fearlessness is the essence of wisdom.” - Bertrand Russell 2009 is here. Opportunities are limitless out there. Get up, get out, and grab a piece for yourself. Remember, you must prepare yourself mentally before you could react physically. Expand your mind, don't limit yourself and reach for the sky. Make every day count. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to be as productive as you can for the next 30 days and you'll see a huge difference. Get your priorities in order and conquer each task one at a time. You have a productive yet PROSPEROUS year.
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