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Just a thought that popped in my head.I had a dream where i thought i was dead.Though i woke up and the vision was just in my head.Speaking of words never sounded so clear.That i live my life without any fear.I am not scared to walk through hell.I'll smack the devil in his face just to ring hells bell.I've walked through life with tons of care.I see your face glisten at the end of the tunnel right there.What can i say for the though of you.Piercein looks that split me in two.My heats beats as it echos through the night.Howling at the moon at a beautiful sight.Though this is good the thought of love.Without it you can not rise above.To be yourself is really what people ask.This world has enough pain no more room for an ass.It feels good to know i belong.It's like heaven opened up with its beautiful song.It had rained upon my face to show me that the light is clear.Thank god for love and the beauty that's here.This is my story what can i say.Hope you enjoyed have a great day.
Omg Same Girl!!!
Be Back Later ... Maybe
Well i am gonna go watch tv for a little bit. If I dont fall asleep, I will be back later. If I fall asleep...I'll be back after work tomorrow. Show my page some cherry lovings! It needs it. My cherry rank is #995 and the number keeps getting higher. ;( lol
These 16 Police Comments Were Taken Off Actual Police Car Videos Around
These 16 Police Comments were taken off actual police car videos around the country: #16 "You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through." #15 "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while." #14 "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate aworthless document·" #13 "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired." #12 "Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you." #11 "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?" #10 "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?" #9 "Warning! You want a warning? O.K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket." #8 "The answer to this last question will determine whether yo
Kmart Return Nsfw
> A woman went to a K-Mart service counter and told the clerk she wanted a > refund for the toaster she bought because it won't work. The clerk told > her that he can't give her a refund because she bought it on special. > > Suddenly, the woman threw her arms up in the air and started screaming, > "PINCH MY NIPPLES, PINCH MY NIPPLES, PINCH MY NIPPLES!!!!!!" > > The befuddled clerk ran away to get the store manager in front of a > growing crowd of customers. > > The manager comes to the woman and asks, "Ma'am what's wrong?" > > She explained the problem with the toaster, and he also told her that he > can't give her a refund because she bought it on special. > > Once again, the woman throws her arms up in the air and screamed, "PINCH > MY NIPPLES, PINCH MY NIPPLES, PINCH MY NIPPLES!!!" and doing so draws an > even bigger crowd! > > In shock, the store manager pleads, "Ma'am, why are you saying that?" > > In a huff, the woman says, "BECAUSE, I LIKE TO HAVE MY
Too Funny! I Love This Pic Lol ;)
Anger Or Abuse, How To Tell
True anger is always mindful. Abuse is ego-driven and caught in mindsets. True anger is a form of assertiveness that shows respect. Abuse is aggressive, an attack. True anger shows tough love that enriches or repairs the relationship. Abuse explodes in rough or damaging mistreatment that endangers the relationship. True anger arises from displeasure at an injustice. Abuse arises from the sense of an affront to a bruised, indignant ego. True anger focuses on the injustice as intolerable but reparable. Abuse focuses on the other person as bad. True anger aims at a deeper and more effective bond; an angry person moves toward the other. Abuse wants to get the rage out no matter who gets hurt: an abuser moves against the other. True anger coexists with and empowers love: fearless. Abuse cancels love in favor of fear: fear-based. True anger is nonviolent, in control, and always remains within safe limits. Abuse is violent, out of control, derisive, punitive, host
The Cost Of A Soldier
The Cost of a Soldier A True Soldier is tough indeed standing tall and strong when there is a need A Soldier also feels sadness, pain, and sorrow Sometimes not looking forward to the trials of tomorrow When a Soldier is wounded in battle the nerves of his buddies it does rattle When news reaches friends and family at home how their worries and minds begin to roam A wounded Soldier feels inadequate at best stopping him from much needed healing rest A wounded Soldiers wonders will he ever be alright, trusting in God that he'll make it through the night. When a Soldier is wounded far beyond repair the loss and pain felt can not compare The Cost of a Soldier is set so very high they assure our freedom will always apply To stand beside a Soldier and walk through his pain will humble a civilian, no longer to complain Love, patience, trust and hope is what a Soldier needs to get them through some very treacherous deeds Dear Lord please watch over our Milit
Will You Be There?
I have walked a long an lonely road, been through things I wish for noone to have to go through. Things I wish I could just leave behind me. Still trying to figure out where I belong. Sometimes the tears fall and I cant stop them. Sometimes the mountain I've been climbing seems to be to hard, and I want to just give up. The storm is raging inside my head. The thunder only covers up the sound of my heart breaking. In the end I hope you will be there waiting ready to take my hand. I hope you'll be there to pick me up when I have fallen, wipe away the tears when I cry. I hope you'll be there for me. When I just want to give up. To give me a push to tell me you can do it. I walked a long and lonely road. I just hope and pray that you will be there for me in the end. Will you be there for me?
~ Brad Paisley - She's Everything ~
Just A Poem
How do I say goodbye to you When we never really said hello? Is it any easier to walk away from the seeds of a friendship Never given time to root and grow? (Grow into what – a bigger friendship? I don’t know.) And how is it possible to miss someone I hardly ever see? How can I know if you were my hero, When you rode into the sunset Long before the credits rolled. How can there be a formal end to something Which had no real beginning? My love was always wrong. Fool that I am, believing in true happiness, Thinking that my fairy tale had come true, And my "Knight on a Shining Star" had come to stay, When he only came to say goodbye
~ Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark ~
Hard to believe that is Corney Cox at the end of this Video
A Soldiers Poem
** For all of our soldiers out there .. either at home with their families or over seas fighting for us ... GOD BLESS YOU!! May you always know you are appreciated and loved. ** Pain Is My Passion If I ever go to war Mom, Please don't be afraid. There are some things I must do, To keep the promise that I made. I'm sure there will be some heartache, And I know that you'll cry tears, But your son is a Soldier now, Mom, There is nothing you should fear. If I ever go to war Dad, I know that you'll be strong. But you won't have to worry, Cause you taught me right from wrong. You kept me firmly on the ground, yet still taught me how to fly. Your son is a Soldier now Dad, I love you Hooah, Even if I die. If I ever go to war Bro, There are some things I want to say. You've always had my back, and I know it's my time to repay. You'll always be my daybreak, through all of life's dark clouds, Your brother is a Soldier now, Bro, I promise I'll make you proud. If I ever
Ratings (inspired By Sugar)
Observe as I descend to previously unplumbed personal depths of bitterness! Marvel at how little niggly things get right under my skin and annoy me to the point that I think I might very soon be out of here! Fuck right of and leave me alone if you are new here! I know people say, “I’m here to meet people, I’m not interested in the points” all the time, but the fact that Cherry Tap (I’m not putting ‘tap’ all in upper case, it looks weird) has a rating system is one of it’s attractions for many people, I’m sure. It is for me. We all like to feel we are attractive. We may not admit it, but we do. Being a pasty, snaggle-toothed Brit adrift in a sea of American almost perfection, I am sometimes astonished by how attractive people are. (The other thing that has struck me is the intelligence of a lot of the people I have met, but that’s a different story for a different time. Let’s keep this superficial…). So it has been a massive ego boost to receive so many ‘10s’ from so many people (I’m
Website For Gallaudet University
Many people deaf and some of hearing attend to Gallaudet University Website link is Support to Gallaudet University at Washington D.C. and best world to there university than other all of United State of America.
Honey Dijon Pork
2 boneless pork loin chops (1/2-in. thick) 1/4 tbsp. salt dash pepper 1 tbsp. all-purpose flour 1/2 cup orange juice, divided 1/2 cup honey 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1/4 tbsp. dried basil 2 medium carrots, cut into 1-in. pieces 1 small onion, cut into eighths 1/2 small green pepper, chopped 1/2 small sweet red pepper, chopped Sprinkle pork chops with salt and pepper, place in a heavy ovenproof skillet. In a small bowl, whisk flour and 2 tbsp. orange juice until smooth, whisk in honey, mustard, basil, and remaining orange juice. Pour over chops. Place carrots and onion around chops. Cover and bake at 350ºF. for 30 minutes. Add peppers, cover and bake 20 minutes longer or until vegetables are tender and pork is no longer pink. Yield: 2 servings.
Jenzeits Und Dieszeits
Isn't it amazing that sometimes as you try to sort out things in your life, you seize upon something in your mind's eye for a moment only to then have something like say an email pop up in your inbox. I believe Jung called this serendipity. Such an event happened today. I know that some people will take offense to this next blog on general purpose because they know me too well. However, I must, I feel compelled...ha...if you only knew the origins of that line then you would laugh yourself at why I used it put proverbial pen to paper and tell my great love story. In college, I was not the best student because I lacked focus and attention to detail. My high school days were filled with study and athletics, which resulted in me achieving high marks and athletic awards back then. College, I felt, was my time to learn about life in all its shaded nuances. Who knew that beer bottle bottoms shaded so well? Anyway, I am digressing from my story. Nevertheless, I did all right in col
Dolphins, Sea Otters, And Seals, Oh My!
My last blog seems really long ago. I know that I have not posted anything in awhile, so I guess that I should write about something. There are two more major topics that I want to talk about, but now is not the time for either of them, because in all due honesty, I am in too much of a good spirit. I have taken up surfing since I arrived in California. I have a great wetsuit (RipCurl) and awesome booties for it (Freaksneaks). My board is cool...I have a blue-toned camoflauge themes 8.5 footer. Yes, I have a camo was priced well, too! Anyway, I am enjoying the heck out of myself and find that I am laughing without shame as I splash around in the waters around Monterey. I don't think that I have laughed so hard in so long for no good reason besides being happy. Well, the other day, I went out to Marina with a friend to check the surf and hit the water. Unfortunately, the surf report was not too inspiring. When we got there, we scouted out a place to hit the
Its Always Something...
Robby's Night
True -- Worth Reading !!! At the prodding of my friends, I am writing this story. My name is Mildred Honor. I am a former elementary school music teacher from Des Moines, Iowa. I've always supplemented my income by teaching piano lessons-something I've done for over 30 years. Over the years I found that children have many levels of musical ability. I've never had the pleasure of having a prodigy though I have taught some talented students. However I've also had my share of what I call "musically challenged" pupils. One such student was Robby. Robby was 11 years old when his mother (a single Mom) dropped him off for his first piano lesson. I prefer that students (especially boys!) begin at an earlier age, which I explained to Robby. But Robby said that it had always been his> mother's dream to hear him play the piano. So I took him as a student. Well, Robby began with his piano lessons and from the beginning I thought it was a hopeless endeavor. As much as Rob
Bls Family
BLS Family.. . . . is you. . . . is love. . . . is shared. . . . is forgiving. . . . is understanding. . . . is shared secrets. . . . heals many hurts. . . . is not judgmental. . . . is shared laughter. . . . is slow and steady. . . . can be angry at times. . . . is dependable and true. . . . is more precious than silver or gold. . . . is meant to be savored like fine wine. . . . is not perfect, much like we are not perfect. . . . does not hold grudges or demand perfection. . . . makes all the wrong things in life, right somehow. . . . is meant to be gulped like lemonade on a hot summer day. . . . is always there, through times of trial, happy times and hard times. . . . just happens, but once discovered, needs to be tended like a beautiful garden. . . . is a road to be traveled slowly, remembering the sights and sounds. . . . is strength when you are too weak to notice its there. . . . is a cherished moment of mutual understanding. . . . reaches into your heart
Your Mama Insults
Yo mommas so dumb she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go! Yo mama so dumb she stared at da orange juice bottle cause it said concentrate Your momma is so fat that when she stepped on the scale it said one at a time please. Yo mammas so fat you could slap her legs and ride the waves Yo mama so dumb she sold her car for gas money Yo Mama's so fat, she got baptized at Sea World. You're mom's so stupid, she got locked up in a super market and starved Yo Momma is so fat she walked out in high heels and came back in flip flops. Yo' Momma's So Fat When her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up. Yo mama's so fat when she ordered a water bed they layed a blanket on the Pacific Ocean Yo mamma's like a shotgun, one cock and she blows. Yo mama so dumb that when I said "christmas is just around the corner" she went looking for it! Yo Mamma's so fat it takes two busses and a train to get on her good side. Your mom is so stupid, I said it's chilly ou
And Further More
you all can take your crushes and stick them up your ass i dont care if anyone rates my pictures and i could give a fuck about your damn crushes you can all take them off god why in the hell would you put one on and take them off again geesh im sorry guys but this is stupid i feel like i did something for them not to like me i see that im not doing anything wrong it is all out of fun you either like me or you do im sorry for the aditude but someone left a comment that he should have wrote private to me if you all have a problem with my pictuers dont putt it in a comment private will do it
How To Eat It
Men suck at eating pussy. Not because they don’t like it but because it’s really fucking hard. You have to learn it. Giving good head is the key to just about everything in life (including getting good head later on), so it’s time we broke it down. Like this. The secret to giving good head is to read the signs. You could be the best sexual mechanic in the world, but if you can’t read the emotional road signs, you’re going to end up wandering around in a desolate labial wasteland until, eventually, you drop from exhaustion, hot tears of confusion streaming down your face. Think of eating the puss as your way of saying, “although I am about to rock your insides with 3 000 lbs. of explosives, here’s a little intimate treat session to show you how I really feel.” Instead of screaming “OH MY GOD!!” like her baby has been trapped under a car (which is what fucking should do), cunnilingus elicits a more splendiferous “ooohmygodohmygod-ohmygod.” Kind of like being massaged with exotic fr
Huh ??????????/
I GOT THIS IN THE MAIL TODAY....DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING MAN....OMG !!!!!!!!! Hey, How are you doing?Impressing is what i describe your captivating profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a man ,even your profile goes a long way in describing the quintisential underlying Handsome any woman would seek for in a man ...i think i like know i like you but all that don't matter as all real love relationships begin on a basic foundation of friendship..i would like to know u better and be good friends with u and am sure something deeper will spring from name..Terry..and i am just as simple as u want...i would like you to write to me and tell me all about urself as i would do too if u so wish..well i am a mixed, african and mexican born in Texas but raised in the states...i lost my dad when i was 10 years old.My Mom later moved back to West Africa Nigeria where she is rigth now........i stay in Beaumont Texas ( email address y
Changing The Name From Cherry Tap To Fubar
Instead of changing the name lets change the cherry tap crew they love to fuck shit up the old sane is it's not broke don't fix it thats why this site is so slow the dumb ass don't know what they are doing then panhandling votes for there good deeds fuck that shit get a new crew
Time Again
Ok it is that time again. Get me down on points to go b4 i level and i will open the private album!
Sorry Guys....
One for the ladies One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his Sweat- shirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, "What setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends," I replied. "What does it say on your shirt?" He yelled back, " University of Oklahoma " And they say blondes are dumb... ----------------------------------------------------- A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world." The woman replies, "I'll miss you..." ----------------------------------------------------- "It's just too hot to wear clothes today," Jack says as he stepped out of the shower, "honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?" "Probably that I married you for your money," she replied. ----------------------------------------------------- Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man? A: A rumor ------
Later Lozers!!!........
.......Im Outta Here!!!
Be Back In A While
gonna go soak in a bubble bath and relax for a little back in bothering me today. so i will be back to bomb contests n stuff.
Nypds Finest Dead Report: Officer Dies From Wounds Sustained During Brooklyn Shooting July 14, 2007 Officer Russel Timoshenko, the young police officer shot Monday during a traffic shot in Brooklyn, has died. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made the announcement Saturday evening. Timoshenko, 23, and his partner Herman Yan pulled over a BMW SUV early Monday morning under the suspicion that it was stolen. Prosecutors say Dextic Bostic, 34, shot Timoshenko in the face while Robert Ellis, 34, shot Yan in the chest and the arm. Yan, who was saved by his police vest, was released earlier this week from the hospital. Prosecutors believe a third suspect, 29-year-old Lee Woods, was driving the SUV at the time of the shooting. Three guns were found at the scene. Police say the one allegedly used by Bostic had also been used in a recent drive-by shooting in Queens. Ellis and Bostic were arraigned on several charges includ
1708 Miles
Miles upon miles, seems like forever ago when I left here. Things still don't seem real, but the smell of the salt from the ocean tells me I was really there. I did a lot of thinking on the way there and back. The things I wish I could change, take back somehow. The things I wish I could do again. I'm still learning to hold tight...and let go... To Nicole...who was my passenger...thank you for the company. Twelve years together and we still manage to laugh until we cry. Even when it hurts. To Marc...who held my hand through that tough is never easy, but I don't wish for it to be. Otherwise we'd miss out on the good stuff, the stuff that makes the bad with it. To Sarge...too many drinks and we still manage don't we? You make sense when the world doesn't. Scary huh? To are right. To Chewie...still crazy as ever, but your smile was all that was needed on the rainy days. You always remember the little things in life. Thank you for remembering me-b
Hair Removal 101
My night began as any other normal weekday night. Come home fix dinner, played with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: Maybe I should pull the wax out of the medicine cabinet. So I headed to the site of my demise; the bathroom. It was one of those cold wax kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand and then they get warm and you peel them apart, press it to your leg (or wherever else) and hair comes right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean I'm no girly, girl but I am mechanically inclined enough that I can figure it out. "YA THINK!!!" So I pull one of the thin strips out. It's two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, I get out the hair dryer and heat it to 1000 degrees. Cold wax my rear end (Oh how this phrase haunts me!) I lay the strip across my thigh. Hold the skin around it tight and pull. OK so it wasn't the best
A Conversation Between The God And Goddess
Imagine the conversation the Creators might have had about this: "Goddess you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there in the Midwest? What happened to the dandelions, violets, thistle and stuff we started eons ago? We had a perfect, no-maintenance garden plan. Those plants grow in any type of soil, withstand drought and multiply with abandon. The nectar from the long lasting blossoms attracted butterflies, honey bees and flocks of songbirds. I expected to see a vast garden of colors by now. But all I see are these green rectangles." "It's the tribes that settled there, Lord. The Suburbanites. They started calling your flowers 'weeds' and went to great extent to kill them and replace them with grass." "Grass? But, Lady, it's so boring. It's not colorfull. It doesn't attract butterflies, birds and bees, only grubs and sod worms. It's temperamental with temperatures. Do these Suburbanites really want all that grass growing there?" "Apparentl
Virgo You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex. You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you. Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio Take this quiz at
Show Micki ~*blue Eyes*~ Lots Of Love!!
STOP BY AND SHOW THIS LADY LOTS OF LOVE, SHES A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE. SHES ALWAYS THERE, HELPING OTHERS OUT. SHE HAS A HEART OF GOLD! THANKS! :D XOXOX JEN Micki"Blue Eyes"{dirty south crew}CO-owner guilty pleasures lounge@ CherryTAP BROUGHT 2 U BY...... ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~ "CT Wife 2 Bighits2747" Owner of Guilty Pleasures Lounge@ CherryTAP
~ Criss Angel Walks On Water ~
OK CONTEST STARTS TOMM 2 PM EST HERE ARE THE ONES IN IT SO FAR ~racechick v.p~ ~CHAN812CREW~ +AGENT SMITH+ ~SHADOWLION69~ ~REBELBREED~ ~skyhawk691~ ~Labman911~ ~karma~ ~YODA~ ~~JOEYNV86~~ ~*MARGIE*~ ~WHITEDOVE~ (repost of original by 'Rosepetals~*Con
I Cant Find The Words
I cant find the words to say thank you. I cant find the words to say I love you my friend, but I hope you know. I cant find the words to say how I feel, but I hope that in your heart you know how muh I care for you and how much you have changed my life just by the things you say, and I hope that I have changed yours in someway. I just cant find the words to say thank you. I cant find the words to I am sorry that I cant be there to wipe away the tears or give you a hug. but I hope you know that if I could be there I would. we could hang out like friends do. share the good times and the bad times together my frien so I hope you know that I will always be here through sunshine and rain. Dont ever forget that I love you and I care about you but I just cant find the words to say thank you my friend for jut being you and caring about me. I hope in your heart that I know how I feel my friend
4 U
This shit right here is for you. All your faces i can see. You all think it's about me. Im about to break. Is this my fate? Am i still damned to a life or misery and hate. You will never know. What I've done for you. What you all put me through. I do it for you. I could have never lived. If it wasn't for you.
Wishfull Thinking
It might not be realistic, but it would be nice. — Monday, July 16, 2007 screaming at the world to distract myself from other pain. Wouldn't it be cool if I could have an enabler? Or just someone who helped me out alot. ( yah, alot is really not a word. If used, it's supposed to be two words. a lot. but fuck that. ) Someone with their life more together than me. Someone who allready has it "going on". Someone with a good job that would buy me stuff. Someone who would love to come home and help me with my homework. Someone to help motivate me to get up in the morning and do something productive. Ok, so maybe it sounds like I want a mom. lol. That's not what I mean though. I'm not asking for someone to clean up after me, drive me around, cook for me, or anything like that. They just need to be interested in me making my life better and helping me out with it. It's not something that would need to occupy their whole lives, or even their whole lives other than w
Ramble Ramble Ramble
It is no surprise to me that hardly anyone tells the truth about how they feel. The smart ones keep themselves to themselves for good reason. Why would you want to tell anyone anything that's dear to you? Even when you like them and want nothing more than to be closer than close to them? It's so painful to be next to someone you feel strongly about and know you can't say the things you want to
Oh Baby
Would you makeout with me? [ ]Heck Yea [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]Maybe [ ]already have ;) Would you sleep with me? [ ]In an instant! [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]Maybe Am I attractive? [ ]F*** no [ ]Hot as hell [ ]Fine [ ]Cute [ ]Okay [ ]Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ] i dk Are you a virgin? [ ]yes [ ]no [ ] wont tell I look like.. [ ] A player [ ] a wife/husband [ ] One time thing [ ] Next bf/gf [ ] A friend [ ] A friend with benefits [ ] A possibility [ ] A loser [ ] A stud If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]maybe [ ] no cause im shy Would you rather.. ?? [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Friends [ ] Friends with benefits [ ] Marry me [ ] Have sex [ ] OTHER (give details)____________________ [ ] give me your number if so _________________ On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ]1 [ ]2 [ ]3 [ ]4 [ ]5 [ ]6 [ ]7 [ ]8 [ ]9 [ ]10 What would you want me to be
Come On Ladies Get Them Wet Tee Shirts On And Get In The Contest
My Mum Lol
thanks for all ur help looks like the vote is undecided so maybe i am overreacting a little lol!! :) have a Phenominal Day!!!!! much love to all those that voted!!
This Is Too Good
This was written by a guy... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off
Guys Leave It Be Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i really wish that guys would stick to messing with single gals instead of ones that are taken......... that really ticks me off... and i know that when a guy wants to be "just friends" with a girl that means that they want more then that with them.... but i know i cant keep them away... especially if they get invited in....
hey this is jodie and i was wondering if there was anyone out there near the mississippi gulf coast , im in gautier near ocean springs and biloxi.any body out there please hit me up.i am a fun loving , handsome guy with one hell of a personality that will make u laugh ur ass off even on the bad days and wipe ur tears on the worst days.
House Party 101 Lmfao
Create Your Own
My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife asks, "Do you know her?" "Yes," I sighed, "She's my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since." "My God!" says my wife, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?" So you see, there really are 2 ways to look at everything.
Thanks All 7/17/07
For helping me close and dear friend. Thanks to the few that did help out. For thsoe who did help I really appriciate all the help you gave! My friend didn't place first but came in second. I think the gal cheated from waht I heard! Anyway's the ones that really did help I thank you from the bottom of my heart to yours. Please show him some love by congratualting him. Thanks again! Confederate - Elite Hottie -@ CherryTAP
The World Is Your Mirror
The good you find in others, is in you too. The faults you find in others, are your faults as well. After all, to recognize something you must know it. The possibilities you see in others, are possible for you as well. The beauty you see around you, is your beauty. The world around you is a reflection, a mirror showing you the person you are. To change your world, you must change yourself. To blame and complain will only make matters worse. Whatever you care about, is your responsibility. What you see in others, shows you yourself. See the best in others, and you will be your best. Give to others, and you give to yourself. Appreciate beauty, and you will be beautiful. Admire creativity, and you will be creative. Love, and you will be loved. Seek to understand, and you will be understood. Listen, and your voice will be heard. Teach, and you will learn.
An Ems Mom
AN EMS MOM is in a class of her own,Like an angel from heaven, like a queen on a throne.Her heart and spirit as large as a mountain,With a smile that sparkles like a sun-splashed fountain.She's put up with me since the first sound I'd spoken,Even to this day - that's a feat seldom broken!While she's fully aware of the danger I face,She rarely shows it not even a trace.But deep within - her thoughts are more prayerful,"Lord, watch over my child - OH please - be careful."A beautiful lady with her charm and appeal,Never missing a birthday or my favorite meal.Like a rare-cut diamond; a priceless breed,Always ready to help any person in need. Not mentioned enough, like a prayer or a psalm,"You're loved more than ever," my EMS MOM."
I Want To Tell You Lies
I WANT TO TELL YOU LIES I want to tell that little boy his Mom will be just fine I want to tell that dad we got his daughter out in time I want to tell that wife her husband will be home tonight I don't want to tell it like it is, I want to tell them lies. You didn't put their seat belts on, you feel you killed your kids I want to say you didn't ... but in a way, you did. You pound your fists into my chest, you're hurting so inside I want to say you'll be ok, I want to tell you lies. You left chemicals within his reach and now it's in his eyes I want to say your son will see, not tell you he'll be blind. You ask me if he'll be OK, with pleading in your eyes I want to say that yes he will, I want to tell you lies. I can see you're crying as your life goes up in smoke. If you'd maintained that smoke alarm, your children may have woke. Don't grab my arm and ask me if your family is alive. Don't make me tell you they're all dead, I want to tell you lies. I w
'the Other Woman' (a Very Touching Story Of A Mother And Her Son, A Must For All You Moms)
" THE OTHER WOMAN" After 21 years of marriage, I discovered a new way of keeping alive the spark of love. A little while ago I had started to go out with another woman It was really my wife's idea. "I know that you love her," she said one day, taking me by surprise. "But I love YOU," I protested. "I know, but you also love her." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. "I thought that it would be pleasant to pass some time with you," I responded. "Just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment then said "I would like that very much." That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit
Vacation Time!
I am so ready for a vacation. I have not had any time off in over a year. Last vacation I took was with my mom and brother to Hawaii! We went out there to spread my dads ashes in the ocean near Waikiki. What a relaxing time, beautiful culture, friendly people, and such a beautiful place. Would love to go back there sometime. My next vacation is coming up in a couple months. Which is 10 days off, but it is too far away. I was suppose to take some time off this month, but things have happened at work, that it is impossible for any of us to get any time off. I dont mind, just ready for a break. I work about 50-60 hours a week right now. A break from everything is what I need to re-energize my internal batteries.
Don't Get Mad Get Even
To my girls... when your man cheats or plays... don't sit on your ass feeling sorry for your self... Don't get mad... get EVEN. The best thing you can do is look your BEST, smile, give him the hand when he comes and ries to say sorry... and let him watch your sexy ass walk out the door... Moping isn't attractive... get on with your life and find someone worthy of you!!! Love you all... Here's a song to keep you in the right frame of mind... :) While he was scheming I was beamin in the Beamer just beamin Can't believe that I caught my man cheatin' So I found another way to make him pay for it all So I went To Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree And on the way I grabbed Soley and Mia And as the cash box rang I thought everything away (Oops) There goes the dreams we used to say (oops) There goes the time we spent away (oops) There goes the love I had but you cheated on me And thats worth that now (oops) There goes the house we made a home (oops) There
Dead Inside
Have faith in me KNow I am always here Know I am trust worthy KNow what I say is true my heart is shattered My heart is broken I am dieing inside. Am I already dead My heart beats but I feel nothing my feet step But yet I don't see YOu tell me to have faith in you Why Have you proven that you are trustworthy? A heart can only take so much Then it takes over itself closing itself off building that wall. Leaving me feeling dead inside
Help Me Get My Blast
A few weeks ago I won a 3-day blast in a comment game. The contest ended on the 8th and I have not gotten the blast. The person who held the contest hasn't replied to my last c-mail. Alot of you helped me come from behind to win this blast. Please write her and tell her she needs to pay up. Here is the link. Thanks for your support!!
If I do not want what you want, please try not to tell me that my want is wrong. Or if I believe other than you, at least pause before you correct my view. Or if my emotion is less than yours, or more, given the same circumstances, try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly. Or yet if I act, or fail to act, in the manner of your design for action, let me be. I do not, for the moment at least, ask you to understand me. That will come only when you are willing to give up changing me into a copy of you. I may be your spouse, your parent, your offsping, your friend, or your colleague. If you will allow me any of my own wants, or emotions, or beliefs, or actions, then you open yourself, so that some day these ways of mine might not seem so wrong, and might finally appear to you as right -- for me. To put up with me is the first step to understanding me. Not that you embrace my ways as right for you, but that you are no longer irritated or disappointed with me for my se
The Contest I Am Hosting
Do u have what it takes to have the sexiest eyes on cherry tap? if so CT mail me with the link to the pic u want in the contest and i will rip it...good luck to all contestants Contest will begin on Sat. the 21st of july at 8:00 pm est and will run untill the 28th of july at 8:00 pm est The prize for winning will be a corvette and a Cherry Tap License. here is the link my profile to send me the link of the pic via ct mail.................... HOTSTUD262006 founder and Recruiter of The Godfather Family (REAL HUSBAND TO Angel1111)@ CherryTAP
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Psychopathic Records artist. While trying to make a drug deal Blaze was shot 3 times in the chest and once in the temple which killed him. He was brought back to life 11 years afterwards by the Dark Lotus family. He can be seen wearing a shot up clock and a bloody face.
Happy Hump Day?
On an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun... Weezer! Moving along. What the junk is this happy hump day garbage? What idiot decided to associate sex with that particular word? "Hmm. Sex. That's it! I'll call it humping!" "Hey, baby! Let's hump! Who's your camel? Who's your camel?"
Why Wont They Show Up
i just loaded a bunch of new pictures it says they loaded but they aint fucking showing... some one wanna explain??????
Live Earth Back On In Brazil
Some Thoughtful Words
some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.
Good Morning Ct
Were Are All The Bbw/bhm Bombers
How Am I Defined In The Sexual Dictionary?
angee -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Why Does This Always Happen?
Why in life when things go right you never seem happy. I mean when you feel that everything is going right and in a good pace. All of a sudden your just unhappy. Like nothing is wrong but yet something or someone is just making something in your life unhappy? I wonder why that is? I mean I count my blessing and know that I have the best parents and a great child. But I still feel unhappy. I don't know what it is. I keep asking myself what could make me be unhappy? I've talked to my friends about it but still find that I'm unhappy. I love my job and the time that I go to work. My friends and family are great. But I still find that will all my happiness I'm missing the big picture. I just want this unhappiness feeling to go away.
I go down the drain. Through the Rain. Knocking down the pain. Through the ways I say today. Through the roman and the Greek And then the Diety I seek. Through the breathe of the wind. To wind up the bind. So mote it be. The person is to be.
Out The Ghetto
heres one way to know your not in the ghetto anymore, i know everybody has seen the lil girls sellin lemonade for a nickle right. well today i went to check my mail and there was 4 girls standing on the corner sellin lemonade and they were chargin 2.50 for that same cup everyone use to pay a nickle for now thats just crazy u leave the ghetto and get hustled by the rich
what the hell did Baby Jesus do this time? FUBAR means F**KED up beyond all recognition. I want my CherryTap back?!!!!!!! Your thoughts? Doc
While The Earth Sleeps
As you know I am selling some of my Brand New Leather items from stock on Ebay. Haven't really done well on it because apparently most on Ebay want me to give it away, for example: I have a Leather Bustier that retails for $49.99 at the starting bid of $19.99 so if it sells for that I am loosing money. I just was asked if the Panty came with the Bustier.....Which it doesn't say it does in the description but not only does this idiot want it cheap he wants extra stuff too... I can not win...Please tell all your friends and go look at my ebay items :)
Mad World--gary Jules
Blog Entry And New Poetry
Yeppers. I is back. Eh, I guess. Got a wisdom tooth in. Got an appointment with the dentist September 25!! That's far too long if you ask me. It's pushing the tooth before it out of my face. It hurts like a mother fucker,and I cant' eat properly, or chew properly because of it. *angry face* Oh, well, shit happens, I guess. I wrote some new poetry while going through some depression. Keep in mind that the pain in my face makes me write some wierd shit..cause I'm hopped up on pain killers. :D haha Broken bottle shaking in the fingers of a child Racing thoughts of what's next, pulse going wild Night after night we are falling apart And the more I try to fix things, the more I end up at the start So many things have happened so fast No good feeling is meant to last Fight for you're life, fight to survive Fight to live, and to strive The alley, dark and full of fear The shadows, over me they leer My shaking body inches from the monster in my path I escape with
The Military
It is absolutely wonderful to see how many people are in support of our troops on this site. It makes me proud to be a part. What I wonder is how many of us have thought of taking it from verbal to support to doing something to actually help those coming back from overseas or by helping support family members of those that are gone. But seeing all this had got me thinking of it again. Someone from my work whos husband is military puts together boxes of things to send to the soldiers in Iraq.. she puts out lists for people to buy them necessities that they dont have, and sets up a drob box in our local stores.. I have also seen email a soldier, or things where you can donate minutes or calling cards for the soldiers to talk to their loved ones. If you are a good listener consider going to your local veterans hospital and visiting with the soldiers there, or talking with their wives and children if they are overseas. I know I am going to find ways to take my support beyond words and tur
Well Can I? Please?
Cyanide & Happiness @
Ass Or Grass?
Cyanide & Happiness @
Reports Say......
Body: The U.S. Government decided to take an experiment to see what people say right before they get into an auto accident. 89% of the people in 49 states said: ''Oh, shit!'' In Texas 94% said: ''Hold my beer. Watch this
One Pan Spinach Pasta With Red Cream Sauce
Ingredients: * *4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces * *olive oil * *2 handfuls fresh baby spinach * *2 cans stewed tomatoes * *1 8 oz package cream cheese, cut up * *2 cloves minced garlic * *1 tsp basil * *1/4 tsp black pepper * *16 oz box dry pasta of your choice Method 1. In a large, deep frying pan, brown chicken over med-high heat in a bit of olive oil. Add garlic and let cook just until garlic begins to brown. 2. Add to pan the tomatoes, cream cheese, basil and pepper. Reduce heat to medium low and let simmer, stirring occasionally. 3. Start boiling noodles. When almost done, add spinach to water and continue cooking until pasta is done. 3. When cream cheese has melted and sauce is creamy, add pasta and spinach to pan and stir. 4. Serve with French bread. Notes: *For an interesting variation on the recipe, also try adding the following: -mushrooms -black olives -green onion *You can also substitute
Nicolae Guta And His Daughter Nicoleta Guta - For My Heart
Watch Out!!!
After ur kind and check her out and give her some 10s, shell pay back the favor by maybe givin u a couple of 10s and the rest below that!!! Thick_lil_mama@ fubar
My First Tat
I'm Sorry- My Version
This isn't all from my personal experiences. It does capture alot of things though. Keep in mind, it has lots of sarcasm. I'm not really as sexist as it may sound. So uh, I'm sorry - My version. — Saturday, July 21, 2007 I been seeing more the the " I'm sorry bullitons" again. I allready did a response to them. But I figured I'd make my own little one. I'm sorry I just don't have enough muscles for you, and you can almost see my ribs. I'm sorry your parents don't approve of me because my hair isn't the "right" color, or the "right" length. I'm sorry your parents don't approve of me because I don't shave the " right " way. I'm sorry your parents have a problem with my earrings. I'm sorry I'm, going to hell because I sometimes drink coffee. I'm sorry your parents take issue with me not going to the same church as them. I'm sorry that I'm such a bad influence on you by having friends with such a diverse group of people. I'm sorry I may have inadvertently ta
I Hate Prudes
Okay, so I want other people to live and let me live, right? So,I try SO hard not to be judgemental, but I've got to say....I HATE PRUDES!!! I don't mean those who just stay quiet when the topic of sex comes up, I mean those militant hateful people who brag about how uptight they are! Perfect example, I'm a member of an adult cam site, right? I think the word adult in the title implies a certain behavior. I love to show off on cam, I'm an attention slut and I freely admit it. (Of course, I'm several other kinds of slut too! LOl) So, the guys who drive me NUTS on there are NOT the ones who nag me to get naked, or look at their pics, or even the ones who brag about their size(annoying, but not to the point of insanity). No, the ones I HATE are the ones who BRAG they NEVER show on cam, and the women who do this are just as maddening. I just don't get it. There are TONS of chatsites on the web...WHY WHY WHY join ADULT sites if you are going to get snooty about NOT participating.
Urgent Kaleb Prayer Request- July 21st, 2007
Date: Jul 21, 2007 11:08 PM PLEASE PRAY FOR KALEB!!! In speaking with Kristy earlier this evening, she informed me that Kaleb has been admitted to the PICU again. He had been experiencing a fever and posturing (sp?) seizures. He is experiencing many symptoms of menengitis. If Kaleb tests positive for this, he will have to have surgery to remove the shunt that had recently been placed in his brain. The doctors will then need to place an external drain in his brain that will be used to administer a series of antibiotics for 14 days. All this could take an incredible toll on Kaleb's tiny little body. PLEASE pray that God will heal this little guy's body!! PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Sheíla Help Kaleb Page Below is Kristy's update from July 20th, 2007 ******************************************** Friday, July 20, 2007 Busy! Wow! It has been a busy last couple days! First off early yesterday AM at 3 the home health nurse knocked on
Things About Me !
Name : Rob Nick Name : Roo Roo Birthdate : Nov 11 1955 Birthplace : Huntingdon, Pa Current Location : Tyrone, Pa Eye Color : Brown Hair Color : White / Gray Height : 5'8" Weight : Like I am gonna tell Piercings : Have enough holes in my body, don't need anymore Tatoos : None Vehicle : 92 Plymouth Van Overused Phrase : "Oh Wow" FAVORITES Food : Spagetti Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Don't have one Candy : Number : 6 Color : Sunshine Yellow Animal : Drink : Iced Tea Body Part on Opposite sex : Breast (O)(O) Perfume : Don't wear any TV Show : M*A*S*H Music Album : Very Best of CHICAGO *DISK # 1* Movie : City of Angels Actor/Actress : Jennifer Garner This or That... Pepsi or Coke : Either McDonalds or BurgerKing : Either Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot Chocolate / Coffee Kiss or Hug : Both Dog or Cat : neither Rap or Punk : none Summer or Winter : Summer Scary Movies or Funny Movies : Both Love or M
The Toadies - Possum Kingdom
Make up your mind Decide to walk with me Around the lake tonight By my side I'm not gonna lie I'll not be a gentleman Behind the boat house I'll show you my dark secret I'm not gonna lie I want you for mine My flesh and blood My lover, be my lover Yeah Don't be afraid I didn't mean to scare you So help me Jesus I can promise you You'll stay as beautiful With dark hair, and soft skin Forever Make up your mind And I'll promise you, I will treat you well My sweet angel So help me Jesus Give it up to me Do you wanna be My angel So help me Be my angel Do you wanna die? And I'll promise you I will treat you well My sweet angel So help me Jesus Jesus...
Heres A Song For You To Listen To .... everyones comments are welcomed!!!
Eroticism In Life
Everything in life is erotic to me. There are the usual things like music and sounds, which is a turn-on for many. Running water does it for some. Maybe its just the rise and fall of a deep breath, a sexually suggestive movement or a meaningful touch. All of those things DO turn me on, but so do the more odd moments. Like just now, standing here putting pressure on a pack of noodles to break them apart. Just that alone made me think of sex. The act of doing it ever so gently as to not bust the package but with enough force so I still get what I want. For me to be fully concentrated on this... it reminds me of the intensity of my orgasms. Should everything in life leave me sexually charged, ready for action? Is this healthy to be so in tune with my body and senses? I never in a million years thought I'd be comfortable talking about sex or my own sexual desires. I mean, growing up no one ever talked to me about anything. And for a while I didnt know what I wanted. I couldnt decide what
Sister Bytch
Kathy is a WONDERFUL person, GREAT friend, and even better a SISTER BYTCH :P She is damn cute too! :D Go show her all kinds of Fubar lovin !!!! xoxo BrattyBytch@ fubar
Madonna- Sanctuary
Madonna- Sanctuary (Spoken) Surely whoever speaks to me in the right voice Him or her I shall follow Who needs the sun, when the rain's so full of life Who needs the sky It's here in your arms I want to be buried You are my sanctuary Who needs the sun, when the rain's so full of life Who needs the sky, when the ground's open wide It's here in your arms I want to be buried You are my sanctuary Who needs a smile, when a tear's so full of love Who needs a home, with the stars up above It's here in your heart I want to be carried You are my sanctuary Who needs the light, with the darkness in your eyes Who needs to sleep, with the stars in the sky It's here in your soul I want to be married You are my sanctuary (Spoken) And the earth was void and empty And darkness was upon the face of the earth Is all of this pain so necessary You are my sanctuary (Spoken) Surely whoever speaks to me in the right voice Him or her I shall follow As the water follo
Madonna - Human Nature
Madonna - Human Nature (Spoken:) Express yourself, don't repress yourself (repeat 4 times) Chorus: And I'm not sorry [I'm not sorry] It's human nature [it's human nature] And I'm not sorry [I'm not sorry] I'm not your bitch don't hang your shit on me [it's human nature] You wouldn't let me say the words I longed to say You didn't want to see life through my eyes [Express yourself, don't repress yourself] You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room And silence me with bitterness and lies [Express yourself, don't repress yourself] Did I say something wrong? Oops, I didn't know I couldn't talk about sex [I musta been crazy] Did I stay too long? Oops, I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind [What was I thinking] (chorus) You punished me for telling you my fantasies I'm breakin' all the rules I didn't make [Express yourself, don't repress yourself] You took my words and made a trap for silly fools You held me down and tried to make me break [E
Don't Murder The Innocence Of Innocence...
I'm afraid I may have managed to seem to be somewhat rude to one of my officers this evening, though in truth, I didn't mean it in such a manner. I finally decided to use some sick time, as this migraine that has been assaulting my senses for a few weeks now has started to affect my level of concentration. When it gets this bad, I try to avoid driving. I decided to make a go of it, however, as I had this awful suspicion that I would end up at the hospital with this one. Rather gallantly and courteously, one of my officers agreed to escort me home. I suppose I seemed to wobble as I was making my way to my car because he tried to convince me to let him drive me home. (Don't get your knickers in a twist, people. He's perfectly respectful.) I declined on the basis of my senior officer's admonishments from the other week and the fact that I didn't want to disturb my EMS staff in the event that I did find myself in need of medical attention. In any event, my officer did follow me ho
Make Me Miss July! Vote for Miss Lush- Keep up the votes everyday! I need your help to put me into the tristate hotties calendar! Vote in the Calendar contest as well as playing cards contest! ** Remember, joining with my recruit number gives me five extra vote points! If you're not from the Tristate area, use zipcode-08869. My Recruit ID# is 325. Help me win!! PLEASE JOIN!!!!!!! It will really help me get further! Vote for Miss Lush for July!! Let's do it this time Really! Thanks for all who have been participating and helping and thanks to those who will make me win this upcoming month!!
Need Help With Pics!!!!
anyone around simi valley or within 25miles that can help me get some pics of me?willing to return the favor in anyway possible!!!
Well Ya'll , At Least I Got 3rd Place, Thanx To Everybody That Helped Me! Love Ya All! Muahhhhhzzzzzz!!!!!
Hope you guys like this one, I wrote this like a song so if you are good with notes, hook a brotha up!! Epithet by Greg B bang bang my head exploded i did not know the gun was loaded how can you say the things you do knowing that you love me so so you sit there lookin like a rook on a board and all i was to you was a pawn to be ignored thrown to the bishop you left me behind wishing these games would make me blind through it all i continued to grow bet that hurts most you oughtta know building towards something that will not be held back this is my journey and for me thats a fact try to deny yourself you wont go far living the lie like a drunk at a bar suck it down such a jagged lil pill one last wish, this is my will
Why I Love You.
I've never seen you Or touched your skin I've never felt your lips Or held you tight But I know I love you Not because of the way you look Or because of that sexy voice Not because of the things you say But because of whom you are When we meet I will kiss you And hold you all night I love everything about you Because it's you
Many people know i care for heather but she won't return anything now, fuck i hate this, i'm talking to a couple people on here and they seem really cool people to meet one of which i still have my worries about, and i'm probably just keeping my head in the clouds, o well, yay depression d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n depression yay, eh at least some of my humor is still here. o well i'll see
Triniti Laughing
Nic About To Kill Us In The Truck
I Have A New Job!!! :)
Hey all, I am really excited right now because I'm the new Station Manager for Twisted Radio! We have some really great people on board and are looking for more... we're planning on going with a pirate theme and it's going to be LOADS of fun. I have some very, VERY big plans and YOU should be part of the action!!! We are hiring for the following: DJs Promoters Security Greeters Bartenders Groupies Sex Gods/Goddesses and Pirates!!!! If you are an able-bodied sailor and would like to serve aboard our Twisted pirate ship, contact me here or via Yahoo (sn jera_darklighter) to find out more. Let your friends know... and repost this bulletin if you want to help more! Coming this weekend: Twisted will have a BRAND NEW look and a fun DJ lineup that will keep you rockin' all day and all night... details to come. TUNE IN AND GET TWISTED.... CHECK OUT THE TWISTED LOUNGE NOW!
Its Called Speaking
I can understand you being upset and all, you could have given me the common curtursy to say something if you were upset of if someone did not like what I was saying. You tell me you wanted to ban me from day 1, well what stopped you, at least then i wouldn't have grown close to some of the people in there, and if I made some inappropriate remarks, how come no one was grown up enough to say anything to me? I guess its ok for others to say what they want but not me fine.Communication is the key to all good relationships yet I wasn't given the decency of knowing I was doing wrong, but as you say you don't have to explain your actions, so Que Sera Sera and you have a nice life too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my sister had a party last night for her birthday, all underage kids. all drinking. ha. yeah i drank a half bottle of captain morgans spiced rum and 10 beers. well everyone got loud, the cops were called and everyone dove off my back porch and dove over the fence, i ran dove into a pine tree.. then realized im allowed to drink in my own house
Ever Wonder...
Have you ever wondered why Republicans are so interested in encouraging people to volunteer in their communities? It's because volunteers work for no pay. Republicans have been trying to get people to work for no pay for a long time. -George Carlin
Today has been a pretty interesting day... Ever notice when you want something to happen, and you wait for a long time for it to happen, that when it finally does, its almost a disappointment? I'm not going to elaborate on this...its just a thought.... I don't really have much to say, haven't been on here much today, won't be on here much tomorrow either.... Well, everyone have a good night........~kisses~
Sorry it has been ages since ive really been around. I'll try to be on more now. Update on my life.... Been to the drs severalt times... My stomach acid has been eating ym esophagus, they say itll heal over time, if it doesnd evelops into something else in the meantime.. Other then that still int he air force workin away... Finding time to go out and stuff too... yea yea havent been around here, but thatll change ill pop in time to time.. not as much as i used to though
Wanting And Needing
So it begins, very restrained at first, As a tingling sensation, an unquenchable thirst. Intrigue is the theme of this murmuring well, Where the passion that's shared, we both fail to suppress. Wanting and needing the taste and the touch, Of your lips on my flesh is a burden too much. Wanting and needing the juice of your flavor, Succulent desires my tongue seeks to savor. As we touch I’m learning that our feelings are real, Ignoring the movements of time as we steal. Tasting I'm blind to my significant other With mischievous eyes, my senses you smother. Wanting and needing these hours we spend, Away from the world where we have to pretend. Wanting and needing these moments in time, When I can be yours and you can be mine. Stroked, warmed and submerged in your pleasure, You’re scaling my spine for the pearl that I treasure. Returning your gestures, I'm paying what's due, While wondering, "how can our lie become true". Wanting and needing you more than I sh
A List Of What It Is To Be Timmy
Some random items or ideas i've came up with at the time that makes up me. None of them are good..just thought I'd get the negativity out before i go to sleep. - Watch a lot of sports - Not happy really unless I'm hanging out with someone - Hate sleeping alone - Want a relationship but not sure how to approach - Can't approach a chick at a bar - Don't drink - Haven't had a relationship longer than a few months - Live in a very expensive area - Still haven't had people talk to me enough to be able to depend on them - Not a morning person - Used to like talking on the phone but find it a waste of time because almost everyone i know doesn't like talking on it - Tend to meet women who already have baggage - Read that entire last Harry Potter book..ppfttt - Still got a gut - Seem to have this target as just being the nice guy Aight..don't complaining for now.. ~Timmy~
Bfs Salute
Soo... I'm a noob because I saw today that I needed to make new salute... since I havent made a new one since CT became Fubar... and it didnt hit me until the wife and I were at Bowling For Soup at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH... I looked at her and said, "Damn, babe. You know what would have been awesome?" She goes, "What's that?" "If we only knew what our Fubar ID numbers were by heart and had paper and a sharpie... I'd want my Fubar salute be right here in the concert."... Especially since we were within sweating distance of the band... SO FUCKING LATE ON THAT ONE, WOULD'NT YOU SAY?!?!?!?!?!?! ... *sigh*
Cheap Imitation Of You~wayne Toups
4 In The Morning
Wakin up to find another day The moon got lost again last night But now the sun has finally had it's say I guess I feel alright But it hurts when I think, When I let it sink in It's all over me I know you're here, in the dark I'm watchin you sleep, it hurts a lot [Bridge] And all I know is you've got to give me everything And nothing as good, You know I'd give you all of me [Chorus] I'd give you everything that I am I'm handin over everything that I've got Cause I wanna have a really true love Don't ever wanna have to go and give you up Stay up till four in the morning And the tears are pouring And I wanna make it worth the fight What have we been doing for all this time Baby if we're gonna do it come and do it right All I wanted was to know and say Don't wanna lose the love I found Remember when you said that you would change Don't let me down It's not fair, how you are I can't be complete, can you give me more [ Four In The Morning lyrics foun
Orpheus And Eurydice
Orpheus was the son of Apollo and the Muse Calliope. He was presented by his father with a Lyre and taught to play upon it, which he did to such perfection that nothing could withstand the charm of his music. Not only his fellow-mortals but wild beasts were softened by his strains, and gathering round him laid by their fierceness, and stood entranced with his lay. Nay, the very trees and rocks were sensible to the charm. The former crowded round him and the latter relaxed somewhat of their hardness, softened by his notes. Hymen had been called to bless with his presence the nuptials of Orpheus with Eurydice; but though he attended, he brought no happy omens with him. His very torch smoked and brought tears into their eyes. In coincidence with such prognostics, Eurydice, shortly after her marriage, while wandering with the nymphs, her companions, was seen by the shepherd Aristaeus, who was struck with her beauty and made advances to her. She fled, and in flying trod upon a snake in t
Friend With Benefits
Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled monkey food... There's at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits"The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message to their inbox saying "Im yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". SCARED? LOL........ THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you. SO... re-post as "Friends with Benefits", as it doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,single, gay or straight! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery
Good Friend Of Mine Is Hosting A Contest
A good friend of mine is hosting a contest...for best cleavage contest... Stop by his page and he will give you the details regarding his contest
Kids are to bed now we can have our fubar time lol. Have a good evening everyone
Iraq Aftermath
It's been a pretty rough night tonight. My son has a friend in town that has been stationed in Germany, but is deploying to Iraq in a few days. It seems to have pushed him over the edge. He came home drunk tonight and tore the house apart. He tore shelves off of the wall, put holes in the wall, broke the porcelain on the toilet, threatend to kill me, etc... Yes, my son suffers from post tramatic stress syndrome. He is not the same small town boy that went to Iraq a couple of years ago. I almost had to call the police tonight to help me get him under control. Fortunately, my neighbor is also an Iraq war veteran from the Gulf war and I went and woke him up. He came over and talked my son down until his best friend could arrive from the next town over. His best friend is here now and is removing all of the weapons from the house. I even have to lock my gun up now. From what I am to understand, he is potentially suicidal. I am sure that part of it is due to the alcohol, but ev
Good Morning/good Afternoon/good Evening, Everyone!
Hope everyone is feeling well and prepared for a glorious Thursday! This is known as the power of positive thinking, lol! I continue to trial an arsenal of Flower Essences to help one remain at least a little bit stable during these crazy energy fluctuations! Yesterday was nuts - perfectly fine until 1 p.m. Central Daylight Time. Then, bamm!! I was hit with a wave of high anxiety, my best friend was swamped with a wave of rage you wouldn't believe - at least we are figuring this stuff out in a little more timely manner, lol! Unfortunately, the majority of people haven't got a clue as to why, all of a sudden, things feel weird to them. I have great sympathy for those that have no clue! I finally had a good cry in the evening and that dissolved the feeling of stuck painful energy! I hate crying this much, but if it breaks up that stuck feeling, I'll deal. So far, today feels pretty good! But I'm not taking any chances - I'm getting ready to dose with the Flower Essences. I'm to
The Joy Of Effort
There is a joy in productive effort that is like no other. When you create value, the feeling is so very good and right. It may sometimes seem that work is a burden. Yet work is a burden only for those who decide to see it as such. Actually, work can be one of life's greatest blessings. For it is your opportunity to create the future. If you resent having to work, consider the alternative. Imagine how truly awful life would be if you were never able to make a positive, productive difference. The main thing that makes work unpleasant is your attitude toward it. With a positive, thankful attitude, not only are your efforts more enjoyable, they produce more valuable results. Make your life full and rich by taking a joyful approach to the work you do. Discover joy in the effort, and the rewards will be great. -- Ralph Marston
Help Hot Momma!!
We have gotten her a really good lead...BUT the girl next door is catching up...Hot Momma is always helping everyone with either tags, rating, bombing and leveling...lets help her get this one!!!
this shit is fucking hilarious...its 1 of 4
The Nature Of Life
I started on a journey a long time ago. Ive been on this journey many years. So full of life. The sun was shining and the trees were smiling. The roses were red and the violets were blue. The river flowed strong. It was the purest form of beauty. As I continued on this journey, things started changing before my very eyes. The air became bitter, and the clouds above drew closer together and grew darker, blotting out the sun. I tried to turn back, but I could no longer find my way. I spoke to the trees, trees with so many years and so much knowledge, but they ignored my pleas. The merciless wind kept blowing as the air got colder. The river stood still. The violets were blue, but the blue was a different hue. Sadness. The roses were still red, but theyve grown lonely as they have no one to share their beauty with on Valentines Day. The blackness of night converged on me. The moon and the stars cannot guide me as they now take the form of a puzzle th
Check Out My Music Plz
jus uploaded a song that i recorded.. peep it & lemme know what u think about it!! it'z called DA HOTTEST.. THANX ya boi CHO$EN 4rom da city of roses ENJOY DA REST OF UR NITE!!
If The...
If the cops didn't see it, I didn't do it! -George Carlin
The Difference Between...
The difference between the blues and the blahs is that you can't sing the blahs. -George Carlin
Military Spouse
You probably didn't realize who was sitting next to you.You rattled on about how silly this anti-terrorist war is, and that it's just a political ploy.You complained about America being the world's police.You said you'd never let your son run off to fight, and you'd throw a fit if they just sent your husband off.At that point, I almost turned around and told you who I am.I am a military spouse.Life in the military has never been easy.It means low pay with no overtime, watching your husband go to workWith a fever because the doctor didn't deem him sick enough for the day off.It means years of rules and protocol that wear on you like a dripping faucet late at night.Don't even get me going on the weekly inspection of our yards.We live with Terms like "Exercise" which means 12-18 hr hour shifts.And "TDY," which means your spouse is gone for up to 180 days.And "Remotes," which means your spouse is gone for longer than 180 days.And finally, "PCS," which means your whole family is going on th
If A Man...
If a man smiles all the time, he's probably selling something that doesn't work. -George Carlin
Cat On Invisible Bike (funny)
Funny Pictures at
Cummin From Anal Sex
Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell everyone that I had some awesome sex last night, and I didn't think it was going to feel good at all. My partner loves anal sex and I haven't ever really been into it, but last night was different. I love toys really big long ones, I have one named Dr. Johnson. I have seen girls getting fucked in their ass and their pussy at the same time but I have never tried it before so I got the doc and decided to try something new. My partner started off by sticking his cock in my ass then I stuck the doc in my pussy it hurt so bad but felt so good. I didn't want him to stop even though it was hurting, I wanted him to pound me harder! I felt fucking filled up! It felt so good I started playing with my clit and I couldn't handle it anymore and I squirted all over my hand and popped the doc out. My partner was like damn girl I think thats the fastest you ever squirted. I think that everyone needs to open up and have fun with something new. It will feel
Do Not Say Goodbye
one day you’re with me next thing i know you’re gone you’ve given me many memories especially that song one i’ll cherish forever until the end of time a symbol of our friendship something one of a kind i know this may sound mushy they’re things you’d never hear me say but these things must be told and writing is my way one thing you must know to my heart you hold the key it’s something you’ll always possessed but never get to see if i were to describe my feelings the word i’d use is love the one that’s very hard to show because it’s sent from up above i can’t imagine how my life would be with you so far away i’d probably cry and think of you with every passing day time is passing quickly the day is drawing near a day of rain and cloudiness the very day i fear let’s not say a sad goodbye but a happy see you later for if we say that awful word my pain would indeed be greater i pray you’ll always remember me or my heart you’ll break in two but if you fee
Its Raining Guitars!
By this time next week i will have become the proud owner of two more electric guitars.. A guy i know has offered to trade me a 1963 Fender Jazzmaster and a new Fender usa Telecaster for my Gretsch 6120.. Fender Jazzmasters from the 60s are being sold on Ebay for 4 to 10.000$ depending on the condition of the guitar and this one looks like its brand new, add to that a new Fender american Telecaster with texas special pickups and i gotta say that this is one really sweet deal.
New Words For The Work Place For 2007
NEW WORDS FOR 2007 : Essential vocabulary additions for the workplace 1. BLAMESTORMING : Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible. 2. SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager, who flies in, makes a lot of noise, sh*ts on everything, and then leaves. 3. ASSMOSIS : The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard 4. SALMON DAY : The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die in the end. 5. CUBE FARM : An office filled with cubicles. 6. PRAIRIE DOGGING : When someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see what's going on. 7. MOUSE POTATO : The on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato. 8. STRESS PUPPY : A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out a
Bling...what Do U Think>?
Add Glitter to Pictures
OMGOSH! I am sitting here laughing my fat butt off right now. My mom is singing one of the songs from Grease! *snorts* I'm sorry, but its funny and i thought I'd share! :D
I have decided to put my cat to sleep. I know it will be best for him in the long run, but its not something i was ever ready for. He will be put to sleep sometime this week. Thanks for all the prayers! I really appreciate it.
Ok BrattyBytch here. I'm here to pimp out two of my long time friends from Yahoo! She's one of the sweetest, Sexiest, most loveable cherries that CherryTap/Fubar has ever seen. This is my great friend - Wendy. Show this sweet lady some love. Add her, Fan her, Rate her. She's been stuck on her current level for months now, and desperately wants to level up. Tell her the Princess sent you! CherryPye@ Fubar Now this is my Other friend - I met both of them around the same time - He is a very sweet guy. One of my closest friends. He too wants to level up! So what are you waiting for hit his page & show him some love! I still hav'nt found what I'm lookin for@ fubar BrattyBytch@ Fubar
Repost my bullentins please
Thanks to everyone that helped me level up to "Bad Fu" level!! Especially Christie, Kenneth, Bratty Bytch and my special friend 3DTrain! I really have turned into a point whore. That's sad. Especially since I am still on dial-up. I live 20 miles down the road passed Bum Fuck Egypt and it's all I can get for now. This makes it hard for me to visit some of y'alls pages and especially hard for me to run Fubar and other sites to get the codes for my stash items at the same time. But oh well. One day i'm gonna figure out how to make my computer run faster out here using cow patties and goat pellets. I'll be a rich bitch then. LMAO STill, wouldn't trade my country life for anything in the world. So anytime ya'll have nothing else to do, feel free to do whatever ya can to give me points and I'll SLOWLY do what I can on my big pimping dial-up machine. Love and hugs y'all!!! I have the bestestestestestestest friends on Fubar!!!!!!
June 30, 2007
A little Sturm und Drang heats up a formerly humdrum situation. You hate to admit it, but these clashes provide exactly the passionate boost you need and really get your motor running.
Arlo In A Muppet Insane Asylum
Check out these videos of Arlo Guthrie singing with furry critters and furry humans.Please note you must cut, copy, and paste and put in browser in order to view these videos:
Finally Some Good News
Hello A/all I decide I better let yall know Im still alive. Well working at lowes is going good I have starting losing weight ( 27 lbs so far) and feel that it could turn into a hellva job if they start getting my hours up. I have a new love in my life some of you know her other dont her name is angie (GODDESS in my family list)and I can say she makes me happier then I thought possible, I love her more and more each day and plan to see her very soon, as well as, have her here with Me when it can be worked out. she is helping me explor another side of Me that very very few even know about (Dominence yes I am a switch) and none have experenced. Please wish Me luck and know that Im finally beginning to be happy Love always Stacy
Hey! Another One Of My Girls Needs Our Help!
hey ya'll!! my girl MISSA is in her very first contest and she needs some comments! lots of comments!! please check out her pic and go comment bomb the hell out of it!! i am sure she will find a way to return the favor!! thanks in advance for all who help out! kisses!!!
°o.o NèwbÏè FØ® Fubar O.o°
This is my 1st blog here. Now i try to learn what i can do in this web. So if i didnt reply or whatever i hope all the friends here will understand that i still a new joiner. thanks, @nn
Lonely Road Of Faith...righty Song This Time
Photo and video editing at
Disney Syndrome
When was the last time you watched a Disney movie, or, in fact, any “chick flick”, because you knew they have sweet, happy endings? There’s always a little romance involved, and the right couple always ends up together, and they’re just so darn happy. What I like to refer to sometimes as the “Disney Syndrome” is the message these movies send, and their effect on young girls. It’s not an overtly harmful message, like many say violence sends—but it’s one that distorts views of the world, and gets us caught up in a fantasy land so that we become unused to dealing with real-world problems in real-world ways. In other words, we girls get a certain idea of romance and love and “Prince Charming” from these movies, and when we go out into the real world, we find there are no “Prince Charmings”, no movie-perfect, happily-ever-after loves, and romance always has its downside.
Omg.... This Isnt Right
Will He Really?
As many of you know I am single and tired of being that way. For a while now I have been looking for that one wonderfull man who will sweep me off my feet and accept me for who I am. My family and friends have told me to stop looking and he will find you. I have really tried to stop looking and just hope that he does find me. I am tired of the lonely feeling and being alone. I want that man to find me and start a wonderfull friendship to begin with. From there I can only hope that we form a bond with one another and the friendship then turns to a wonderfull relationship and then hopefully one day, marriage. I am not asking for much, just a good man who will love me and know that I will love him in return. I am just tired of thinking that maybe I might of found someone only to be jaded in the end. If he is out there, I only hope that he finds me and knows that I am a wonderfull, kind hearted woman who only wants to love and be loved. So I ask myself, will he really find me? I hope so.
Dads On Dialysis
Well I have been gone for a few days...till finally my brother kicked me out ugggggggg. Anyway well its is a done deal one min he wasnt goint to need Dialysis the next he was but temp...Well after all all of that...He will be on Dialysis permently...He has to go to Dialysis 3 times a week and take so much meds. He is really feeling down again...I know he wants to give up and see this as a hard task to handle. I have tried to do and show him that he can still have a good life if he does as he is told...but I feel that he things its much easier to give up verses trying to get better and take all these meds....I feel so bad for him and wish I could take this pain away and make him feel so much better. But there is only so much I can do for him. We are hopin he will get to go home on Friday we are all nervous cuz we want to make sure everything is done right for him. I hope and pray to God that he fights will all he has left in him. I want to Thank everyone that has been concerned
Right To Be Wrong
Joss StoneRight To Be WrongMusic Video Codes By Music
Tough As Nails
Honestly.... 1. Honestly, what color is your underwear? Black 2. Honestly, whats on your mind right now? what is on every mans mind 3. Honestly, what are you doing right now? watching ninja warrior 4. Honestly, what did you do today? worked my ass off in nasty heat 5. Honestly, do you think you are attractive? Fuck No 6. Honestly, have you done something bad today? Days not over yet 7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel? Sometimes with the kids 8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? my neighbor...he just got a new HDTV 9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time? My Kids 10. Honestly, do you bite your nails? No 11. Honestly, what is your mood right now? Hit and Miss 12.Honestly, have you had an eating disorder? No 13. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute? um I see 2 someones on the floor playing 14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret? I would love to tell you...but I dont really wanna hav
So Fucking Tired Of People Ripping My Pix With Out Asking
I am so fucking tired of people coming on my profile and ripping my pix with out asking.. Well you know what they are now on private, when I get ready to take them off it will be a while.. So here are my rulez Read them below Rulez 1. If you are on my profile plz Rate me, Fan Me, Add Me. 2. Plz ask before you start ripping any of pix, so I know a head of time.. 3. If you rip my pix and did not ask I may have to remove you off my friends list.. Plz Respect my rulez and my wishes plz and thank you so I don't have to be mean on here.. Plz ask before you start ripping ok.. Thank you Have a good night or day.. Virgo24 PS. I will reopen the pix back up On Saturday or Sunday.. Than Start New ok.. Have a good night or day..
Check This Out
DONT ADD MARC JAMES If Marc James wants to add you to their list, dont accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. It is a hard drive killer and very horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who is using this account. DO NOT RESPOND just came in by sorce god bless
The Wonder Of You
The Wonder of You Seeing through the eyes of the misfit and lonely Hearts explode from the fear of it all Propelled by failure, I shake with fright Wondering where will my head lie tonight Under the clay or on top of your thighs In a cold shallow grave, our Spirits arise Insides rot with the test of ones heart Craving and hunger, what keeps us apart Broken inside by the cancer seclusion Casting out love, born free of exclusion Pounding out beats until the fat lady sings Leaving this place, forgoing his wings Fighting for rights to wear his flag Crying and dying, breathe into this bag Gasping out words and sucking down ale His worth never weakens, his self will he fail Who will cry for the suicide kings? Judge if you dare, some comfort it brings Forget him we will, written off a lost cause Too close for comfort, he’s broken our laws Who cries out for the suffering souls? Exhausted, defeated, never reaching their goals Torn apart from the mere pre
Im Lettng U Know
how ever hasnt heard u guys remeber that mumm i posted about the interview i had i got the job i start monday morning im just letting u all know
Ménage à Trois - Poem
Insatiable these mornings, full of a drunk excitement, your eyes have the glazed look of a woman who hasn't slept all night; you wake me with mouth open kisses, the smell of a different room in your clothes. You take off your dress and show me the stains on your skin like the trails of exotic gastropods; a body paint of semen which I rehydrate with my tongue. I trace the splash across your stomach and over your breast, a thick dried river of it, flooding again; your nipple rough with a smear of salt. That was one hell of a shot. I suck on you greedily and slide my tongue where his own tongue must have slid long into the night, and when all trace of him is gone, except the smell in your hair we make our own maps on each other's skins and we fuck like we never do without this heat inside you, without this ghost of a man drifting between us like a lover sharing our bed.
Attention Levelers
Just wanted you to look around on your friends list.Tonight we have 5 back to back Happy hours. Anyone that sees your friendsor your self that is under 15,000 please leave the profile link and the amount they need on our homepage as a comment.i will be checking throughout the day to see who they are.If we have enough levelers on tonight we will break into 2 teams..Christie ,Cappy Wishful Thinking and Myself..If you can help us tonight level people oplease comment on this blog. Also I know that everyone wants to add stuff for themselves So if you are working on a level up and it gets done starting adding your stuff until you see a bulletin or blog from me.Ill also be using my own name as i have many friends that are not on the home page but always willing to help level people. We are growing daily every day.We have over 70 levelers from all of the world.. doing 88 has less less 600,000 to Godfather, Christie is at 1,200,000 to godfather. If anyone else is close to God Fathering ple
Without You
i like these lryics they mean spo much to me i love the song. Love, such a lonely place Nobody wants to be alone To have the world but no one to share it with Im so alone I cant stand this feeling of being without you Yes Ill do Whatever it takes to prove I truly love you Dont let me go Lets stay together, forever and ever Cant sleep without you by my side, help me
Shake Your Head Funny
ONE Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets. I asked for a half dozen nuggets. "We don't have half dozen nuggets," said the teenager at the counter. "You don't?" I replied. "We o nly have six, nine, or twelve," was the r eply. "So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?" "That's right." So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets TWO I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those "dividers" that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the "divider", looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it. Not finding the bar code she said to me, "Do you know how much this is?" I said to her "I've changed my mind, I don't think I'll buy that today." She said "OK," and I paid
2nd Letter She Wrote (04/08/07)
tracy martins Okay babe I will be waiting to read yr mail I would Love to meet you and hold you next to me I am missing you as if a part of me is missing...Yes i did not have any boyfriend I need a Man to spend the whole of my life with you are handsome and cute i really want to meet you and hold you next to me...Tracy
The Spirit
as the great spirit flies throught my life and the wolf dances at my heels i can once again take on the world. for i can not change the world all at once but one spirit at a time.
Me And Better Half
We met when he was 15 yrs. old when he was walking by my house, and I am 24 yrs old . He wanted to go with me then but I was nice to wait till he was old enough to go with him. then when he was 21 yrs old we got together in a bar that we met again and i had him and his cousin buying me beer all night long. now back to this to fill u in on what happened since i wrote this , we it has been 3 months, and all was good until he decided to go back to visit his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him and lied to him but he was surprised when i found out when he got home on friday night that i found out that he was there and he tried to figure out who told me that he was there. well all of the sudden this girl showed up to my home saturday night and asked him him and i told her that we were together and he never told her that we were togother . he made is mind up after he asked who cheated on him and lied to him and he chose the lier and the cheater and that girl lives in addison ny .
An Itelligent Look At Insane Part1
Ever heard of the Insane Clown Posse? Whether or you have or haven't, this might be useful reading for anyone who would like the alternative viewpoint, in favor of ICP, oppossed to the too-popular negative publicity aimed at the group. While I wouldn't claim to be a Juggalo, I've followed the story of the ICP for years, and have a unique point of view on the Wicked Clowns that I'd like to share. The Insane Clown Posse, one of the world's most hated bands. To learn more about them, you really have to stop for a moment and take a good look. The imagery they strike you with is strange: clown makeup, crude, juvenile rap sheets, dark bumps and beats... it's understandable how many people are immediately turned off to their music. However, as I hope to show, behind the veneer of clown paint and violence is a message that is quite possibly more creative than any other modern day musical group, and an innovative, ground-breaking series of accomplishments. The ICP started as an inner-city str
How What Am I
I'm so attractive on this site that I can make Mel Gibson go gay for a day.
Another Fubar Great!!!!
Goddess is exactly that! Shes a wonderful person, a friend to count on, and hell.. shes easy on the eyes too!! Shes got tons of pics and lotsa stash to rate.. and dont forget to be her fan too! GODDESSOFLIGHT'@ fubar
To Everyone, I Need More Friends!
Please add me as a friend, if you dont have me asa friend already and I will add you back and rate your profile. I need everyones help on this. The more friends I get, the better! SO PLEASE HELP! Add me! Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!vAdd me!vAdd me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me!Add me! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
i was gong to clean my room today. i didnt do that. when i went outside this wasnt too hot...the sun wasnt glaring was under 90 degrees...there was a slight breeze in the air...and clouds were wafting by...which made today the absolutely perfect day for yardwork. so...i had the kids put on their yardwork gear...opened up the garage n got the weed-killer out...and discovered oh lookit...they forgot to attach the i dug out a spray bottle...marked it with POISON...and filled that puppy up. attacked the weeds with a ferver...than had the kids yank 'em out...they did a pretty good job. moms came out to deal with the leftover tree hangings from the last time we snipped the bastards... and i...well i...dug some holes...six of em to be exact. nice big deep ones...for the daisy shrubs...the black eyed susans...and my poor cinnamon basil which was incredibly root-bound even tho i transplanted it into a larger pot about a week or so ago. ferti
R.i.p Ray We Miss You And Love You Very Much
OUR RAY PASSED AWAY 15 MINUTES AGO.please remember cindy and robbie and jimmy in prayers plz
Obessesion~frankie J
Thinking that I might leave this site...don't really see the point in being on here. Not a lot of people are actually here to make new friends, they seem to be here more for points. Please feel free to leave comments and what ya think. Thanks
im feeling really down today and need my friends, just to be there for me, real friends not sunny day friends
Gothic Greetings To You All..............
Get More at
For My Mother R.i.p
War On The Mumms
I'm declaring my own personal war on the mumms since I lost my mumming rights. Apparently, my mumms were too thought provoking or insightful... and not quite "real mumms" whatever that means. Therefore... its now offically on.
tom@ fubar Here's the convo, I even made it so ya can read it top to bottom! Hooray! tom: hello there ->Sinful: hi tom: how you doin ? ->Sinful: i'm alright, you? tom: doin good tom: but ive never seen someone with an ugly face like yours ->Sinful: so you shouted me just to insult me? tom: sorry it's an insult tom: just a remark ->Sinful: hmm, well ugly is generally considered an insult tom: you may scare people with your face but I can talk to you if you want cause beauty is not everything ->Sinful: oh wow, gee thanks, you're so generous, overlooking my "ugliness" to talk to me. ->Sinful: did you want something, or did you wanna be a dick to me? ->Sinful: cuz you're doin the 2nd part pretty damn well tom: I just wanted to be generous to you cause you might be lonely with your ugly look so I thought let's be friends with this girl ... if I can give her friendship ->Sinful: Wow. I almost don't know what to say. Almost. I dunno what kind
~ Like Road Rally Crashes? This Is For You ~
Hour and 34 minutes of Rally Crashes, Ya know those people that line the edge of the road at the corners are just plain Stupid lol Watch the scatter lol
Did You Know About Women?
There are alot of nice women who cares so much about the people around the world. Some don't but Most DO. I love the people in the world. Most of my time I felt bad how women do.. Meaning the suffer they get. Their heart broken.. Why no one stay with one person as things mess up. But nobody perfect. I am not perfect. I am a lousy Deaf person that keep losing love everytime I get dump for no reason. But that ok for me.. Women are just perfect and lovling person.. Women are important for me to protect much in my heart. Women dont deserve to be suffer. Smile ladies hope you dont cry because I type this.. Love ya ladies but for friends only.. HEHE
We Makes Everything Harder Than It Should Be
When did having a relationship become so complicated? It should be simple enough, you love, you care, you feel and you get that in return. We are so caught up in ourselves we fail to notice what is standing right in front of us, maybe we are too scared to accept it? If you have ever loved you understand what I mean when you start to have those feelings again for another and it pushes you away because you don’t want to experience the hurt and the heartache again. Isn’t life all about taking chances? If we never took a chance then we would all be living in this world thinking “what if” or “if only”. I think getting hurt; getting scars, taking chances is what life is all about. Don’t you think Bill Gates was scared to share his idea with the world and what if he had not? Yes someone else would have eventually invented a company but it would not have been called Microsoft and he would be living in this perpetual state of regret, what a sad way to live. I think we are all hoping for that
Pork Ribs In Tomato Gravy Recipe
Country-style pork ribs are braised in a tomato, onion, and garlic gravy. Serve over pasta for a simple meal that will stick to your ribs. It may seem like a lot of onions and garlic, but the cooking method brings out the sweetness of the onions and nutty flavor of the garlic. Most of the garlic and onion melt into the gravy. You'll be amazed at the flavor of this dish, considering there are so few ingredients. INGREDIENTS: * 2 to 4 pounds country-style pork ribs, cut into 3- to 4-inch lengths * Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper * 2 teaspoons olive oil, divided use * 3 medium sweet onions, sliced into 1/2-inch thick rings * 1 head (about 12 cloves) garlic, peeled and cut in half * 1 (28 ounces) can crushed, peeled tomatoes * 1 (14.5 ounces) can diced tomatoes * 2 cups water * 1 pound of pasta of choice, cooked al dente * Chopped parsley for garnish PREPARATION: Sprinkle pork ribs liberally with salt and pepper. Heat a larg
Spiced Pork Roast Recipe
Spiced pork roast (fresh deboned picnic ham) is flavored with Worcestershire, brown sugar, herbs, and spices for an easy main dish for the slow cooker. Be aware that this particular recipe is designed for the Crock-Pot® Versaware product line which allows stove-top sauteing directly in the stone crock. Do not use this method with a standard Crock-Pot® or other slow cooker. Alternative instructions are included for standard and older model slow cookers. INGREDIENTS: * 1 (8 pounds bone in) fresh picnic ham * 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (about) * 1/4 cup brown sugar, packed * 1 teaspoon onion powder * 1 teaspoon garlic powder * 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed * 1/2 teaspoon dried rubbed sage * 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon * 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper * 2 teaspoons kosher salt * 1/2 teaspoon black pepper * 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil PREPARATION: Remove the skin and fat from the ham, then debone. (Save the pork bon
Death Premonitions
Each time someone I know has passed away, somewhere from five years to the day prior to the death of the individual, I have seen their demise. Not only did I see the actual death of the individual, but there were two of them that I actually had conversations with. As I said, this would happen prior to the passing of the individual. I can't predict the time or place, and with the exception of one person all the individuals that I have seen die were relatives. To give you an example: I had a cousin who was killed in a car accident a few years ago. Two years, roughly, before the accident, in a dream, I was standing next to a road, and I saw a car coming toward me, the car locked up the brakes, the driver lost control, hit an embankment, rolled, and landed right side up. I then went over to see if the driver was okay, only to find that a piece of the car was sticking through him and that he was physically mangled. I didn't know who the person was, but we talked for a few minutes about wha
Rays Service Is Sat.-ill Be There In Thoughts Love You All
A Realization
So, like, I already have a blog to which I write, and amazingly enough, it's mostly football - go figure. This is for me, and thoughts that strike me as important; read it as you will, as it's just for me, I couldn't care less the comments that arise, nor the panderings of the masses. If I gave a shit, I'd have a real job. Blog entries will crop up only when I feel something. Blame 'Damn Precious ♥ I'm Going Insane!!!!' for this, because she was what made me think of it. It made sense to me at the time. "Maturity is the realization that a dream attained tastes much better than a dream about which is only fantasized." Could I expound on this...yeah, and I could bullshit you enough to think it was your only mantra. The many crossroads in my immediate vision made this one hit home. Take it as you will, I know what it means to me.
New Kinky Graphics Top Graphics
Room For Love....
There’s always room for love; You just have to move a few things around.
Happiness is a wonderous joy. You find it within, it's yours to enjoy. It shines so bright upon your face, you can float through the air, up into space. Who knows how far you can fly? Oh what a blessing, you shouldn't deny. Such a miracle it is to behold. One simple enough for the young and the old. A treasure indeed, each person should seek. A journey inside yourself, just take a peek! Like discovering a new chapter in a favorite book, It's there to be found if you know where to look. How simple it is to make your way, To your own happiness, what more can I say? a.boudreaux 1996
Im Scared
I don't know where we stand anymore You've got one foot in my life And the other's out the door And I can't believe this is happening to me Deep inside I've wanted to believe That somehow, maybe someday There'd be some one there for me And I hope I haven't lost my chance I don't want to wake up to reality Of you not being here with me There's so many possibilites That we let slip away And if you're heart could speak What would it say You're scared to say you love me, I'm Scared Will you always stay You don't have to run away I wish I could believe in what I feel I've been fooled so many times before I don't know what is real Maybe I'm just fooling myself I've been running out of reasons to let go Tried opening up my feelings But your door is always closed And I find myself dreaming my life away You don't have to worry Cause I'm running out of reason to say no
I Want You
No one else can ever No one else can ever No one else can ever Yeah, uh Yeah, uh What did I Do to deserve such a man so special in my life So many days and nights I get on the go while I sit and wait for mister right Baby, then came you Laidback with your sexy smile When you move your body you just drive me wild If you’re feeling me, baby, tell me now Because I want you, I want you Baby, no one else Can ever want you like I do I’m feelin’ love in the deepest fall, give you the keys and all You even when helped me when the beef was on Tell me what you feel ‘Cause I’m feeling something real I feel the same way, you make the Don say Girl, I want you, girl, I need you Can’t you see How this love affair would be good for you and me ‘Cause baby, I swear no other man can do The things that you do when you love me Oh, baby, you’re my lifetime fantasy So smooth, love the way you walk I just love to hear when you talk your talk So if you’re feeling me,
Goodmorning To Fu, Goodmorning To Fu!
Droppin' by to tell you all a Good Morning. The weekend is getting closer, and boy, and I glad. We got all the school registration done yesterday for Moriah...backpack and school supplies bought, so she is ready for school to start off on Aug. 21. Even though she hasn't said anything, I think she's a little excited for it to start....probably since it's her Sr. year and now she's among the "top on the totem pole" to speak. But it still floors me as to where the past 17 yrs. have gone...and how quickly. Seems they go that way the older we get! Got to work today...11-2, then I'm sure it will be straight home in order to get out of the heat. It's suppose to be another scorcher today, and throughout the weekend, from what I've heard. Welp...will run, but had to drop in and say a big "Howdy" to you all this morning, and I'm sure I'll be in touch with alot of you later this afternoon when I get home. HAVE A FUBARLICIOUS DAY!!!!
Little Jeannie
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When I'm drunk I'll suck just about anything.............Wink, Wink. Get me drunk and find out!!!
The Skippy List
The List The Skippy List Explanations of these events: a) I did myself, and either got in trouble or commended. (I had a Major shake my hand for the piss bottle thing, for instance.) b) I witnessed another soldier do it. (Like the Sergeant we had, that basically went insane, and crucified some dead mice.) c) Was spontaneously informed I was not allowed to do. (Like start a porn studio.) d) Was the result of a clarification of the above. (“What about especially patriotic porn?”) e) I was just minding my own business, when something happened. (“Schwarz…what is *that*?” said the Sgt, as he pointed to the back of my car? “Um….a rubber sheep…I can explain why that’s there….”) To explain how I’ve stayed out of jail/alive/not beaten up too badly….. I’m funny, so they let me live. The 213 Things…. 1. Not allowed to watch Southpark when I’m supposed to be working. 2. My proper military title is “Specialist Schwarz” not “Princess Anastasia”. 3. Not allowed to threaten a
200 Comments To Go
Shes got 200 comments to go for a 7 day blast givaway can you help us out a few minute
Hahaha click on this its funny
Price Of Gasoline
Today I was at the gas station and a guy in line was nagging the cashier about the price of gas. It's $2.75 a gal. here. He was paying for a sport drink which was $1.49. I asked him if he knew how much that drink cost by the gallon at that price....he had no clue. I told him that at $1.49 for a 20 oz bottle....he is paying over $9.00 a gallon! He looked at it in disgust, put it down, paid for his gas and left without another word.....lmaoooooooooo
Leather And Lace--for Me And My Tracie
Dont Take 2 Dogs For A Walk With A 3 Year Old!!
this really bites lol.. but yet again i dont think that well... my son wanted to take the dogs for a short walk.. sounds good yes. lol um i dont think so . not if you know my dogs and i never thought of puttin on their pincher collors ( if you dont like pincher collors bite me its the only way they walk nice!!) but i didnt even make it down the drive way and the youngest dog went nuts and rapped her rope around my son and i tried catchin it with my hand.. not to go my hand got a burn my son went down and so did i... my sons ok i ended up with 3 nice cuts on my and 2 burns on my leg and a nother one on my other leg lol.. ouch
I Love Men!
I love men. You always hear women, and other men, bashing men, but let me tell you something, I love men. Why? I love about men assume women are visually stimulated. I love hot men, but it might not be what a man would perceive as hot. I love broad strong shoulders. I love men's backs, I do. I love how they are built, but that isn't enough to make a man hot. I love how men want to protect their women, but struggle to let us protect ourselves. I love how men are completely overwhelmed and lost at first when they encounter a woman who loves sex. I love how men use big words and then make that lightning fast glance at a woman to see if she noticed. I love how straight guys struggle to accept homosexuality. I love how even the most sensitive guy gets SOME kind of look when women start discussing their menses. I love how men stroke themselves and lose themselves in sex. I love how men treasure their children, I love how men have become more involved with their children than how
Irony Of Love
The Greatest Irony of Love Loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life... And sometimes, you think you're already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you'll suddenly realize that you're just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again... For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person... in my opinion, some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else... Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It's just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little... As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right... Most often we fall in love
Online Love Goes Real Life
Online Love Goes Real Life "Where do you want to meet at?" Lady Katherine typed. It's been four months now and she's been faithfully talking to one man, LateNiteFantasy. They've decided that now is the time to get together in real life. They've discussed everything online, from their childhoods to their sex lives. There was hardly a day or night they wouldn't be online just letting their fingers do all the talking. They were addicted to each others words; each others love. Lady Katherine knew that LateNiteFantasy was the man for her. They were emotionally bound to each other. There were things that LateNiteFantasy and she would chat about that she had never discussed with anyone at any time. He brought out her secrets, her love, and her soul. It was like he was made just for her . . . He was the only man that held the key to her heart. After setting the time and place Lady Katherine set her online status to "busy" and let out a happy gLateNiteFantasy. She couldn't believe
My "hidden Secret" To Success With Women
By the simple fact that you are reading this right now, I know one thing is for sure: You want to improve your success with women. And here's one thing YOU know for sure: There is a BIG difference between WANTING to have more success with women... and ACTUALLY MAKING IT HAPPEN. I can remember when I reached the point in my life where I decided that I needed to get this part of my life called "meeting women" handled. I won't bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I had just moved to a new city. I was single. and I had NO IDEA how to meet women or get dates. One night I was talking to one of my best friends, and I said "I am going to figure this out for myself, no matter what it takes". Well, it wasn't exactly easy to "figure it out". I spent the next few years reading a lot of books, listening to "motivational tapes", going to seminars, and generally trying out a lot of whacky ideas that I was learning.
Rest Your Love On Me~ Damon Troy
Please Help
can you please help me i need 8000 to level up i will return the favor when i can
In Flames - Discover Me Like Emptiness
I run this world alone, A song stuck in my mind.. Are you feeling alright? Don't mind if you ask me once.. Discover me like emptiness.. A defense for a broken heart.. Still offers a smile to the world betrayed... Always close to the drop.. Disappear with yesterday.. Cure this dream that makes me fall! Blame me.. Escape me.. It was you who walked away!! Tie me.. For my sake.. To the dream, that haunts you! Could never stand the middle, Want to go far and further.. But something drags me down.. Shapes me.. Forms me.. into delusion.. Always close to the drop.. Disappear with yesterday.. Cure this dream that makes me fall! Blame me.. Escape me.. It was you who walked away!! Tie me.. For my sake.. To the dream, that haunts you! As I bank other options, Make this picture distant.. Signing off.. Leave me alone! I blur you into, the never! Always close to the drop.. Disappear with yesterday.. Cure this dream that makes me fall!
The Goodness Deep Within
Be honest with yourself. And you will see the wonder that is all around you. Drop any pretense of cynicism. And allow your spirit to marvel at the exquisite, graceful beauty in even the smallest of things. Much of what you long for is already well within your reach. Let go of the doubts, fears, and assumptions that keep you locked out of life's best possibilities. Look at the world with eyes full of wonder, gratitude, hope and purpose. What you truly desire is exactly the same as what you are destined to accept and create. Become comfortable and familiar with the goodness that is deep within you. It resonates perfectly with the intractable goodness that holds the world together. Though there may be constant turmoil on the surface of life, all is well deep within. Connect with the goodness that is inside you, and you'll discover the positive possibilities all around. -- Ralph Marston
Lips Of An Angel- For Real
Here is one of my fubar family members singing Lips Of An Angel performed by the sweet music man Roger aka Man In Black
Fake Friends...
i hate when you find some fake friends... ya know the ones that sent others email about you to others... these are fake.. or friends that are suppose to be there for you and decide to spend more time with your other half and not yourself...what im saying is that im cleaning up my act.. dropping my fake friends.. and picking up and moving on.. so if you are fake then i guess you can get a stepping... if not well were in for one hell of a roller coaster ride so hold on to your beer dont want to spill it....
Handy Little Chart
HANDY LITTLE CHART - God has a positive answer: YOU SAY GOD SAYS BIBLE VERSES You say: "It's impossible" God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: "I'm too tired" God says: I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30) You say: "Nobody really loves me" God says: I love you (John 3:16 & John 3:34 ) You say: "I can't go on" God says: My grace is sufficient (II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15) You say: "I can't figure things out" God says: I will direct your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6) You say: "I can't do it" God says: You can do all things (Philippians 4:13) You say: "I'm not able" God says: I am able (II Corinthians 9:8) You say: "It's not worth it" God says: It will be worth it (Roman 8:28 ) You say: "I can't forgive myself" God says: I Forgive you (I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1) You say: "I can't manage" God says: I will supply all your needs (Philippians 4:19) You say: "I'm afraid"
Stones..and Bavaria
well..the stones rocked the house in düsseldorf last nite..and im a bit hung over but it was worth it. On the downside i am leaving off to bavaria for a ill see you all when i get back ..stay safe
Some Good News Finally
Well, after going through hell with my divorce, and my health taking a nosedive, I finally get to say something positive for a change. I had developed a bad dizziness, and had pretty much figured it was stress, or the signs of the nervous breakdown I'd been experiencing for the past year or so, but when it just wouldn't go away and started to impact wether I could work or not, it had to be checked out. I had a cat scan and ultrasound done, and my doc told me it was carotid arterial disease. My horribly fatty diet, bad exercise, ten years of being stressed to the max, and seven years of untreated high blood pressure caught up with me. I found out it runs in my family, and with the development of my diabetes, it's not all that suprising. It's just surprising that it surfaced now in my 20s. Anyhow, I went to the specialist on Friday, who at least had some good news. I don't need surgery, which I wasn't going to take anyhow. She said it's between 8-10% blockage, maybe less, so med
Ha Ha
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
Do You Know The Legend Of The Cherokee Indian Youth's Rite Of Passage?
Do you know the legend of the Cherokee Indian youth's rite of passage? His father takes him into the forest, blindfolds him and leaves him alone. He is required to sit on a stump the whole night and not remove the blindfold until the rays of the morning sun shine through it. He cannot cry out for help to anyone. Once he survives the night, he is a MAN. He cannot tell the other boys of this experience. Because each lad must come into manhood on his own. The boy is naturally terrified. He can hear all kinds of noises. Wild beasts must surely be all around him. Maybe even some human might do him harm. The wind blew the grass and earth, and shook his stump, but he sat stoically, never removing the blindfold. It would be the only way he could become a man! Finally, after a horrific night the sun appeared and he removed His blindfold. It was then that he discovered his father sitting o
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The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall....
Yah. So I have kind of a big heart. It falls fast and hard. I get too depressed and lonely at night. I'm thinking maybe taking two prozac a day. The dose I have isn't very much. Pills aren't the answer... I've dealt with this shit my whole life. I'm kinda sick of it. It's ridiculous. I know all the thuings I should be doiung, but I'm not doing them. So I guess I just bring much of this on myself. Why aren't I doing them? Fuck, I don't know. It's easier said, or known than done I guess. I've done other things that weren't exactly easy though. I kinda just let a girl I really liked, go. Too much drama and shit. I guess it's like the " If you love something let it go, if it loves you it will come back. " thing. So I guess hopefully eventually she will come back? nah, not really. It's too much to deal with. I need someone closer, and more secure. There has to be someone I like that would like me around here. They don't usually go door to door looking in people's basements though. So
This Is Gonna Be Hot!!!!!!!!
This show is gonna be great! Come and help Mac Dezzo celebrate the release of his newest album. Preformances by local artists such as: Mac Dezzo, Sick Lake, Two Face Records, and of course my crew, BABY BLUE RECORDS will be there in full force all ready to entertain everyone all night long. This is one Party you don't want to be caught missin. MAC DEZZO RECORD RELEASE PARTY!
7 More Days
Support (military Poem)
When will you be coming home... I guess soon we will know, but untill that day comes, this I can show.. I owe you my life, my honor, my thanks, to each and every soldier in every single rank.. Just smile for me soldier and know your not alone... for you have the support from every american back home...
Love is: Giving someone the power to hurt you And trusting that they won't.
Your Child Might Have Autism If... (funny, Not A Diagnostic Criteria)
More funny truths about autism, aspberger's syndrome and PDD-NOS ------------------------------------------------- 1. You're shocked when you find out that your child's spontaneous language is actually a collection of lines from ads, movies and commercials. Then you marvel how he can actually do this and make sense! 2. Your child is fascinated that your skin can actually crawl and he lightly touches your bare arm to witness this incredible event. 3. You ask your son if he's ready to go to the Park and he doesn't answer right away because he's thinking about the last time he was in the park when he saw a toy car, which reminds him of the Toy Store, which reminds him that the Toy Store also sells dinosaur figures, which reminds him of a museum he went to 6 years ago, which reminds him...... 4. Your child thinks there's nothing more fun than reading about the mechanics of a fan, unless of course he's explaining it to someone. 5. He simply does not see the point in making
Qty. Ingredients 1 oz. Tequila 1 oz. Triple Sec 1 oz. Lime Juice or Sweet & Sour mix Shop at World's Best Glass type: Cocktail Directions: Mix with crushed ice. Pour into a salt rimmed glass.
So i quit my job. yeah.. Pregnant.No job. But in love. So it all evens out.
Chuck Norris
I cannot fucking help myself with this shit. It makes my stomache hurt from laughing so much so I thought that I would share with the world. There your wingman's back :) From: # Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean. # Crop circles are Chuck Norris' way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie down. # Chuck Norris is ten feet tall, weighs two-tons, breathes fire, and could eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing. # The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep Chuck Norris out. It failed miserably. # Contrary to popular belief, Chuck Norris, not the box jellyfish of northern Australia, is the most venomous creature on earth. Within 3 minutes of being bitten, a human being experiences the following symptoms: fever, blurred vision, beard rash, tightness of the jeans, and the feeling
So...I just got off of the phone with my kindred spirit, my hero, my friend...and I've decided...basically just now that I think I am going to embrace turning 30. It's a huge revelation for me as I had enough issues when I turned like, I definitely didn't think turning 30 was going to be okay. But, I'm good with it. Comfortable with it. Kinda..maybe...even a little excited about it. Huh. Go figure... Ahhh...and the exiting music is...perfect.... "Kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown...waiting for someone or something to show the way...The sun is the same, in the relative way, but you're older. Shorter of breath and one day closer the death..."
Another Proverb...
A peacock who sits on his tail is just another turkey.
The Answers To Yesterdays Blog
Hey guys, for the ones that took the time to comment on yesterday's blog here are the answers. The answer picture has a few more bands on it than the orginial picture, Well here it is anyway. Thanks guys.
Back From Vacation
Okay.. i am back. i was gone. but now I am back. yay me. Camping was awesome. I was at an SCA event called Pennsic War and was pretty much Kilted and shirtless the whole time. i have an image but i am not sure if i want to show it because.. well, it's me topless and you can see how much weight i still need to lose but i had an awesome time, lost 6 lbs, ate bad food, met great people, and even had my dangly bits fondled at a party. can't get much better.. well, yeah, it could have, but it was a great time
Okay everyone! I have had only 36 comments on this pic that is in the contest. Now I know my friends can help me out here and just bomb the shit out of the photo. I know that my friends out there have more than that in them. Get out there and comment bomb this photo and rate it for me ya'll! I have the link in here for ya to go and do this for me! Show me what my friends are made of ya'll!
Thank You Tomb For Adding Its Wonderful Ty
ELVIS AARON PRESLEY - JAN 8 1935 -- AUG 16 1977 (repost of original by 'SEXYSISSY~CHOPPERS FIANCEE & CT WIFE~RIP RAY~I WILL MISS U SWEET FRIEND-RIP DJ ISIS' on '2007-08-15 12:36:22') (repost of original by 'Racechick V.P & Mod. of Biker's Clubhouse Bar &Grill' on '2007-08-15 14:44:07') (repost of original by 'EXECUTIONER /Owner @The BIKERSCLUBHOUSE BAR AND GRILL Licking The Ladies' on '2007-08-15 15:22:09') (repost of original by 'FREAKALICIOUS~Owned By White Trash' on '2007-08-15 15:57:09')
She Only Has 5588 To Go
Margarita ~Member of C & T Stash Club~@ fubar
To My Wonderful Friends!
I know I posted a blog awhile back about me getting surgery. I just wanted to tell those of you whom I haven't talked to about it. On September 14th, I will be getting a partial Hysterectomy. I know I will feel much better when it is all done, and after my recovery. I won't be on here for a few weeks after that, but please don't forget me!! I would also like to personally thank some really special friends of mine on here who always have my back and have really been there for me!!! My dearest Lillith, and My dearest Friend John, her Fiancee, Thank you for always being there for me!!!!! Also my best friend and sis Mindy, Shawna and Julie. My friend Garfield who always calls to check on me. These little things mean a lot. I have so many wonderful friends on here, I could name so many,, please don't be offended if I forgot to mention your name, lol remember im a blonde , lol. Also, thank you Sniper and his beautiful wife, Night Vixen, for all of your support an
Lilypond Project, Progress
Working on making a PDF of the Allegro second movement of Benjamin Frankel's symphony no. 6 (1969), using the program LilyPond ( (version 2.0.1, nothing more recent works with my machine and OS). So far: have of the flute 1/2, first violin, second violin, violas, cellos lines have 94 bars done (and nothing else for this movement. The first movement and third movement- out of five in all- are pretty substantially "transcribed" except for, well, a whole lot of retouching and a few lines- mostly percussion- not yet added- but are mostly done... I think... well, maybe "first or second draft" applies.) (Yes, I'm enjoying this a lot. The result of another such project, also not quite done, is the finale of a 1838(?) piano trio by Carl Gottlob Reißiger (1798-1859) (making him a near-contemporary of Franz Schubert, born 1797), the PDF from which is in my "stash" and some pages of which in various stages of progress are in my image gallery.)
Im 20 Soon To Be 21
So why does this happen. You want your brother to help you out. He says yes. But then the next day. He says he didn't sleep because he thinks bad things are gonna happen and then he tells my mom. I asked my brother to borrow his ID for one night. But no, now he won't let me get it. Its just stupid cuz he says he will do it and then switches it up. I'm 21 September 24 and I just can't wait anymore. Anyway. If anyone is around the area. September 28 I'm going clubbing. Ill be wearing a red and white shirt. And some faded blue looking jeans lmao. I just picked the outfit today. Then I came to work and was a little late so I was like screw it and got some burger king. I'm telling you, keep your BK receipts. You get a free whopper with the purchase of any size fries and drinks. So if your poor like me, lol, then the least you would have to spend is 2.12 unless there's more tax where you live. And I don't even know if this is every burger king or what. Anyway, you like how I go from 21 to
And you Can bring me to my knees Again All the times That I could beg you please In vain All the times That I felt insecure For you And I leave My burdens at the door But I'm on the outside I'm looking in I can see through you See your true colors 'Cause inside you're ugly You're ugly like me I can see through you See to the real you All the times That I felt like this won't end It's for you And I taste What I could never have It was from you All the times That I've cried My intentions Full of pride But I waste More time than anyone But I'm on the outside And I'm looking in I can see through you See your true colors 'Cause inside you're ugly You're ugly like me I can see through you See to the real you All the times That I've cried All this wasted It's all inside And I feel All this pain Stuffed it down It's back again And I lie Here in bed All alone I can't mend But I feel Tomorrow will be OK But I'm on the outside And I'
Metallica-nothing Else Matters
So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do Never ca
Red-light District".
Glitter Text Maker Layout Codes BEST Sexy Graphics and Images I come home tonight to find a trail of red rose petals on the floor. I follow the trail wondering what's up. It leads to our bedroom. The door is closed. I open it to find the room filled with red light. The sheets on the bed are red. Everything is red! I see you lying in the middle of a bed of rose petals dressed in a very sexy little red teddy with very sexy red strappy heels on. You are posed like a pinup girl smiling deviously at me. I see the fiery passion in oyur eyes and know that this is going to be a very good night indeed. You bid me come over to you. you wrap your arms around my neck as you lay the hotest, wettest kiss upon my lips. The kind that will curl your toes. I moan as you kiss me. You pull me over onto the bed and roll over on top of me, as you whisper, "I've been waiting all day for you, Darling." You loosen my tie and begin to unbutton my shirt as you kiss my chest and run your hands across my chest.
A Hero's Choice
A choice is a decision that we have the option to make, but a hero's choice is a decision that's made for another's sake. They became firefighters not for the pay or uniform and knew what they might have to face in the duties they'd perform. And on September 11th, two-thousand and one, though their worst fears came true, they did what had to be done. In the chaos and terror and rush of the mob, headfirst they proceeded to accomplish their job. Through air thick with flame, they felt the vibration, but made a hero's choice to enter ...without hesitation. Aware this decision could mean from earth they'd depart, each made a hero's choice by following his heart. Although hundreds went in, their guidance was heard as one voice and thousands live today because they made...a hero's choice. Every firefighter's limb that bears a burn or a scar represents what they do and defines who they are and the steadfast union they share where it's understoo
New Pledge Of Allegiance
New Pledge of Allegiance Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
Help Me Out Plzzzzzzz!!!!
Okay this is my second contest. The last one was a complete flop for me! I am hoping that all my friends come through for me on this one! This is really funny and I think you all really need to check this one out! Follow the link below to help me out plz!
My Girl...
When Sorry Isn't Enough
A question is running through my mind as I write this. How do you apologize when sorry isn't a enough. I've come to the conclusion sometimes words just can't make up for the thoughtless actions of a foolish man in love. It's not about mending a broken heart if I was the one who broke's about tryin to pick up the shards of shattered trust and forging them into a stronger form of trust and hoping that if I prove myself worthy of what was turn that something can be gained again. And most importantly I most accept the fact that all that has happened is the result of my own actions despite what the motivation for said acts was, because it all boils down to one simple fact I fucked up
Baby Kristopher
A dream come true for the daddy...after waiting 47 yrs John finally became a dad!! I have worked with John going on 6yrs now and he honestly never thought he would get married or become a father. His dreams came true when he married his bride a yr ago next month and another one came true when his beautiful son was born Aug. 15th @ 2:22pm We recieved the call at work around 3 from a very joyful father. The babies name is "Kristopher Ean Robert". We didnt get a weight due to the fact that the baby was under lights to bring up his body temp. We waited 2 days to hear news about the lil guy, and yest John called again from a childrens hospital 1.5hrs away. Little Kristopher was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his waist and his lower extremities were blue when he was born. They saved his legs but they couldnt control his breathing. He was airlifted to childrens hosp for further evaluation. Once there it was confirmed that he had swallowed amniotic fluid and that he ha
Master Of The Mask
Master of the Mask Though I sit in contemplation-- Calm, crossed legs, Upturned palms on my knees-- A light rippling wind flips my hair Forward, across my brow. A slight disturbance, an echo of The universe touching me gently, A spirit of a breeze. My expression, it belies the truth-- A grimace that does not surface. Master of the mask. Reflective orbs, uncreased skin, Slight upturned lips... Who would guess? Inside brews a hurricane. Eyes open to the wind, Hands lift to brush the hair away. Gentle reminder of a raging storm That cannot be tamed, A rising force of nature. Dena L. Moore March 2, 2002
Part 9
Part 9 I kept going and going and then I stopped turned you around and looked at you. "I love fucking you" I said. Then I led you over to bed. You decided to take control of the situation by grabbing a folded bed sheet I had on the couch "Lay on your back" You demanded. I did exactly what you asked me to do and you took the bed sheet opened it up and tied my arms to the bed post. You wanted to tease me for a little so you started biting my nipples then licking up and down my chest. You would stop right before you got to my cock, "Please just give it a lick" I begged but you wasn't done. You took your tongue and ran it up and down my chest a little more ending at my neck. "Put my cock inside you" I said "I can't take it anymore." You got on top of me with your legs spread, my cock was rubbing against your pussy but you would not let it inside you yet. You put your mouth close to my ear and whispered "Do you really want it?
Sentimientos (think I've Posted This Before , But So What ....
Big Thank You!!!!
Yes I dropped out of the contest I was in but i have a few people I need to thank who were there and supported me through it. First, this awesome guy spent hours the past few days bombing my contest and maxing daily. You should get to know him he is awesome! @};-Hopeless Romantic @};-I only fan if you deserve it and unfan you too not here for points@};-@ fubar These next few women also spent alot of time and effort helping me out! They are awesome! lauria ~DWs angel~*Shadow Leveler*@ fubar Lady Victoria *Eclectic Pagan*@ fubar DJFawn~Far~DJ VAMPIRES LAIR~Shadow Levelers~Fubar Mum to Castironbitch(fan & rate b4 adding@ fubar tortured soul@ fubar brn_agan1 (aka Supergirl) Fan, Add, Rate me!@ fubar The next group also helped out some hardtobeat (read about me before u add me)@ fubar ♪♫♥♥Teresa♪♫♥♥@ fubar LadySnowOwl@ fubar Steelersfan1972-NBSD
Widdle Wabbits
Widdle Wabbits A precious little girl walks into a pet shop and asks, in the sweetest little lisp, between two missing teeth, "Excuthe me, mithter, do you keep widdle wabbits?" As the shopkeeper's heart melts, he gets down on his knees so that he's on her level and asks, "Do you want a widdle white wabbit, or a thoft and fuwwy bwack wabbit, or maybe one like that cute widdle bwown wabbit over there?" She looks around a little, rocks on her heels, puts her hands on her knees, finally leans forward and says in a tiny quiet voice, "I don't think my python weally gives a thit."
Okay, I've had a crush on here for a VERY long time and it's driving me nuts as to who it is......a little help here??
Blonde Cookbook
It's fun to cook for Tom. Today I made angel food cake. The recipe said beat 12 eggs separately. The neighbors were nice enough to loan me some extra bowls. Tom wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said serve without dressing. So I didn't dress. What a surprise when Tom brought a friend home for supper A good day for rice. The recipe said wash thoroughly before steaming the rice. It seemed kind of silly but I took a bath anyway. I can't say it improved the rice any. Today Tom asked for salad again I tried a new recipe. It said prepare ingredients; lay on a bed of lettuce one hour before serving. Tom asked me why I was rolling around in the garden. I found an easy recipe for cookies. It said put the ingredients in a bowl and beat it. There must have been something wrong with this recipe. When I got back, everything was the same as when I left. Tom did the shopping today and brought home a chicken. He asked me to dress it for Sunday. I d
yeah -life- what's it to ya? I dunno anymore... I'm in that point in my life its like WTF??? I'm out of school. Only been working for bout a year. (and point this out- @ a gas station)... and I have no idea where my life is going or what i'm going to do. I had wanted to go to college... but I can't see myself actually in college.... I hated PLAIN old school how would I make it thru the courses that college offers? i'm not your A- average student I'm the one that tries hard enough just to get a passing grade... and go on with my life. Also I'm getting irratated with my family soo much I just can't stand being around them. I know its horrible to say. but my parents still treat me like I'm their little baby. Let me LIVE a little!!! I am my own person now. I'm just tired of living a sheltered life. I want to go out and meet new ppl ... and HEY i love to travel. but I won't be able to do that. So once I do get my license I'm never gonna be home... I swear I'm just gonna be home long enough
New Office Work Rules
1. SICKNESS: No excuses will be acceptable. We will no longer accept your doctor's statement as proof of illness, as we believe that if you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work. 2. LEAVE OF ABSENCE FOR AN OPERATION: We are no longer allowing this practice. We wish to discourage any thoughts that you may not need all of whatever you have, and you should not consider having anything removed. We hired you as you are, and to have anything removed certainly makes you less than we bargained for. 3. DEATH, OTHER THAN YOUR OWN: This is no excuse. If you can arrange for funeral services to be held late in the afternoon, however, we can let you off an hour early, provided all your work is up to date. 4. DEATH, YOUR OWN: This will be accepted as an excuse, but we would like at least two weeks notice, as we feel it is your duty to teach someone else your job. 5. PERSONAL HYGIENE: Entirely too much time is being spent in the washrooms. In the future, you
New Family
font size="3">kin·dred /ˈkɪndrɪd/[kin-drid]–noun 1. a person's relatives collectively; kinfolk; kin. 2. a group of persons related to another; family, tribe, or race.3. relationship by birth or descent, or sometimes by marriage; kinship. 4. natural relationship; affinity. –adjective 5. associated by origin, nature, qualities, etc.: kindred languages. 6. having the same belief, attitude, or feeling: We are kindred spirits on the issue of gun control. 7. related by birth or descent; having kinship: kindred tribes. 8. belonging to kin or relatives: kindred blood. spir·it /ˈspɪrɪt/[spir-it]–noun 1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul. 2. the incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body. 3. the soul regarded as separating from the body at death. 4. conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter: the world of spirit. 5. a supernatural, inc
Tequila And Salt ( With Love)
Tequila and Salt This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it every day. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10 When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11 Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So......... If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including
Skins And Ripping
ok, heres the dealio. Yes, pages and codes have been changed by admin. Do I like them? meh, I don't hate them. Actually my OCD side likes 'em cuz they seem to have more balance and symmetry. yeah, shut it, I'm type A and cant help myself! lol What I DO hate is the fact that there isn't a "no rip" option so the creator of said skin can control if and or what skin can be ripped. I have only been dabbling in codes for a few months now, getting around the new ones should be interesting to say the least. Even tho my time and creations have been limited, there are some people who have spent COUNTLESS hours, hell, weeks, creating skins only to have some idiot rip, tweak it and call it there own. wtf? I'm not one to bitch, ok, thats a lie, let me rephrase...My complaints re: this place are VERY few and I dont spend my time dwelling on them, but what I have spent some of my time doing is working on skins. Am I a master? A "know all" of codes? HELLLL NO. But I think it should onl
Fuck You Vick#77
Thank You
I had some nasty shit go down today and I wanted to say that while I flipped out, my friends stepped up- namely one. I realized something today. I have the most amazing people in my life. I’ve said it for months now that my friends are the best and they are truly the only reason why I haven’t kicked rocks and rolled on out of Phoenix yet. Today though, was a reminder for me that while I don’t have any blood relatives here in Phoenix, I do have family. I do have people that love me and that I love too. I’m blessed and I know this. So, unlike one of my last blogs, I’ll say thank you instead of fuck you. Thank you Travis, Craig, Josh, Marcus and Travis 1. Thank you JJ. Thank you Pacey. I love you each. On any given day you take the time to make me smile. You put up with my bullshit and you never let me down. You make my life better and I appreciate you for that.
Easy Creamy Chicken And Dumplings
Skinless, boneless chicken breasts or thighs add to the ease of this recipe. Condensed soup and refrigerted biscuits also add convenience. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon all purpose flour 12 ounces skinless, boneless chicken breast halves or thighs, cut into one inch pieces 2 tablespoons margarine or butter 1 stalk of celery, sliced 1 medium carrot, chopped 1 onion, cut into wedges 1 1/4 cups chicken broth 1 10 3/4 ounce can condensed cream of chicken with herbs soup 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1 4.5-ounce package (6) refrigerated buttermilk biscuits* 1 cup frozen peas Directions: Place flour in a plastic bag. Add chicken pieces and shake until coated. In large saucepan cook chicken, celery and onion in hot margarine for 2-3 minutes or until chicken is brown. Stir in broth, condensed soup and pepper. Bring to boiling, reduce heat. Simmer covered about 20 minutes or until chicken and vegetables are tender. Meanwhile separate biscuits. Cut each biscuit into quarters. Stir peas into chic
On Control
All night long. Glass shards screaming in my head. Splintered and colliding like e-tards on whizzbangs listening to the third consequetive rendition of a daft punk song. FUCKITMUSTNOTCOUNTFORSOMETHINGMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPSTOPITSTOPITSTOPITSTOPITSTOP IT MAKE THEM STOPPUTTINGTHESETHINGS IN MY H E A D I CANT TAKE ITANYMOREIJUSTWANTSOMEPEACEANDFUCKINGQUIETDENYDEFYDESTROYFUCKIDONTWANTTHISIJUST WANT TO BE NORMALSPECIALNORMALSPECIALBRILLIANTBUTTHEYKEEP TAKING FROM ME IWILLBEAGOODBOYIFYOUMAKEITSTOPIWILLBEAGOODBOYIFYOUMAKEITSTOPIWILLBEAGOODBOYIFYOUSTOPIWILLBEAGOODBOYIFYOU MAKE IT STOP I made promises with a god I doubt, but don't defy or deny. I made promises to myself... that I knew I couldn't keep. But the cicadas stopped. The painandfearinmyhead theringing thelonging theterrorofbeing went away if only for a moment. I think because I am. Nothing. I just want the perfect pill. She's called complacency. Not peace. Not solutions, or absolution. Oblivion. Sweet
Flagged Pics Without Justification ,fubar Needs To Do Something About This
subject: Why Are People Allowed To Flag Whatever They Want? post date: 2007-08-22 00:28:35 views: 5 comments: 1 ratings: 0 I just had so many more of my pics flagged again today - including what was my primary photo for over a month. So, why are people allowed to flag things without any type of moderation? I moved all the ones that were flagged into my Flagged By Other People Folder, since I think it is ludacris that we can be judged in such a manner. Anyway, done bitching now, just had to blow off a lil steam . . . Comments on this posting: Handyman0407 2007-08-22 00:59:33 i looked at this file and,honestly, very little ,if any,could be flagged in my opinion. i feel that a commity should be set up to review all flagged pics and put an official site judgement and put them as either NSFW or SFW Join together and report unjustified flagging,several have had this happen with no protection from the site ,we need to keep the haters from preventing le
Guest Book. And Other Fun Stuff
I got a guestbook cuz I was bored and it seemed like the thing to do. So go sign it if you want. Or not. lol whatever. I thought I'd announce it. There's something going on here saturdayI think anyone who wants to come is invited. If you are in the area, and want to come, send me a message or call me. And if I'm not worried about you being a drunkin idiot, or something like that, then I'll let you know how to get here. I'm going up to my grandma's on friday for her birthday. We are going to take the canoe out. If you want to go, let me know, you are probably welcome. My grandma is awesome, incase you don't know her. I'll probably be moving sometime soon, so let me know if you want to help me with that. Just incase you are really bored or something. lol. Maybe stay the night here saturday, and help me move sunday?
Do You Ever Regret Things...
I do all the time.. seriously. I wish i had my license 3 years earlier... I wish i didnt have 2 jobs last year... I wish i called him more.... i wish i wasnt so busy.... i wish i noticed when he needed me... i wish i went to visit more.... i wish i was a better daughter.. I dont regret missing him though..
Tasty Cheesy Chicken
Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese create a great flavor on this BBQ chicken dinner. Ingredients: 1 package chicken thighs and breasts 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning 1 tsp Parmesan cheese 1 bottle honey BBQ sauce Directions: BBQ the chicken on a grill. Mix the BBQ sauce with Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning. Stir very well. When the chicken is done cooking, place the BBQ sauce on the chicken while it is on the grill and let it cook onto the chicken. Number of Servings: 4 or more Notes from the Cook Make sure BBQ sauce is brazed on chicken.
They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no' Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go I'd rather be at home with ray I ain't got seventeen days Coz there's nothing There's nothing you can teach me That I can't learn from mr hathaway I didn't get al lucky at class But I know it don't come in a shot glass They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no' Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go The man said 'why do you think you here' I said 'I got no idea I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my baby so I always keep a bottle near' He said 'I just think your depressed, kiss me here baby and go rest' They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no' Yes I've been
Your Priceless
$20.00 Sometimes we just need to be reminded! A well-known speaker started off his seminar by: holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this. He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, "Who still wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air. Well, he replied, "What if I do this?" And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in ou
Rituals On D/s Lifestyle
There are several benefits to the establishment and performance of rituals. They reinforce the D/s relationship and provide an avenue for expression of commitment and involvement. Submissives display trust and respect for the dominant through their obedience, and dominants affirm the trust and openness of the submissive through recognition. In this way, the flow of power is facilitated and balance is maintained. Since rituals are one of the conduits of power flow between the dominant and the submissive, lack of ritual, therefore, can act as a dam, hindering smooth interaction between the individuals. Removal of an established ritual can also be used as a powerful form of punishment. A submissive may not realize just how important a simple ritual is until it is removed. If power flow is the language of submission, then rituals become its vocabulary. Let's consider a ritual for serving tea. Such a ritual might entail kneeling on the dominant's right side, holding the cup in a ce
Common Myths About Bdsm Slaves And Slavery
Author: Raven Shadowborne © June 2005 Assistance: DarkCzar @ 2005 Myths are created for many different reasons. Some reasons are: 1. Myths can be created by people who have one or two facts, or part of a fact and then fill in the blanks by themselves. 2. Some are created as a source of amusement and entertainment by an author or reader. 3. Some are created simply by how a story changes when it goes from ear to mouth to ear, as anyone who has ever played “post office” can attest to. 4. Some are created when one instance or experience becomes verbally generalized to apply to everyone. 5. Some are a result of mere acceptance of what one has been told, without any basis in facts of substance. Such myths are usually based purely on conjecture, supposition, and hearsay. Myths about bdsm are just as prevalent. The most common reason for a myth to form about bdsm is a lack of experience or knowledge on a specific topic. Rather than lea
Ha! Horoscope
Less than 5 minutes after I changed my status I looked at my horoscope on here cause Im bored, funny!!! For August 22,2007 You may feel like giving up, thanks to weird signals or missed deadlines -- but try your best to hang in there! Things should pick up in the very near future, and you'll be glad you kept the faith.
Will It Really Make Me Go Blind?
Now let me think aloud with y’all for a bit. I am thinking I may have an addiction and that I may need some help. I have addictive tendencies . . . I think about it all the time, I want to do it all the time, I think about how great it will be the next time I do it, I talk about it, I spend money on it, I find myself doing it all of the time, I lock my doors to do it, I hide in my bathroom to do it . . . I may have a problem. Please someone help me . . . The last time I did it was about half an hour ago and I already want to do it again. I was sitting here at the computer minding my own business when the urge gripped me and I could not resist. I tried to pretend the thought wasn’t there; I tried to pretend that I didn’t want to . . . But something made me do it. I reached over to the side of the desk and pulled out the instrument that would make me happy again. It’s pink and jelly like and has multiple speeds for my many varied needs and desires. I turned the little control
Mind Trip
As I lay on my bed My mind starts to wander A journey begins Without a single step How far will it go Where will it end I don't seem to have any control 10,000 different roads Which do I take? Nevermind, my mind has decided I'll try them all. Yea I know its short...I just wrote it out of boredom at 6AM!! August, 23rd, 2007 @ 6AM
Let Me Explain!
ok so i've been getting some comments and private messages from people that were in my family at one point and are no longer there let me explain....i've recently cleaned out my family list and deleted anyone who no longer comes by...or if they do...don't take the time to say hello or leave me something personal...or anyone who has has no idea how to maintain some level of friendship with me without only talking about sex....cmon that really all that ur thinking about?? so the people that u see in my family are people that i talk to on a regular basis and most likely know my name, where im from, other words really know me...which is what i'm trying to get for those of you that just want to see me naked and jerk off...then go to its a great site that i can get some porn there and relieve urself... oh and if i add u cuz im having a good day or we clicked after talking and i wanted to let u see then enjoy them and be gratef
Droppin In
Mental Health Hotline
MENTAL HEALTH HOTLINE "Hello, and welcome to the mental health hotline..." - If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. - If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. - If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5, and 6. - If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want. Stay on the line so we can trace your call. - If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship. - If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press. - If you are a manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, no one will answer. - If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696. - If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the pound key until a representative comes on the line. - If you have amnesia, press 8 and state your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, and your mother's maiden name. - If you have
Are You A Democrat, A Republican, Or A Southerner?
Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner? Here is a little test that will help you decide. The answer can be found by posing the following question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you. You are carrying a Kimber 1911 cal. 45 ACP, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do? ............................................................... THINK CAREFULLY AND THEN SCROLL DOWN: Democrat's Answer: Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor or oppressed? Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wif
The End
As I lie here tossing in my bed Lost in my fears remembering what you said And I try to hide the truth within The mask of myself shows its face again Still I lie time and time again Will you deny me when we meet again? And I feel like I'm falling Farther every day But I know that you're there Watching over me And I feel like I'm drowning The waves crashing over me But I know that your love It will set me free As I find truth where I found it times before As I search for your hope I'm finding so much more And I try to be more like you And I deny myself to prove my heart is true I hear your voice calling The time has come for me Inside this life I’m living There’s nothing left for me My mind is slowly fading So far away from me Each time I start crawling You’re there watching me
Daily Horoscope: Aries For August 23,2007 You're filled with a new energy that's largely focused on work or school. This makes it much easier for you to make serious headway on whatever project is most important to your ultimate success.
The Fake...
They ink our image The device of our identity is unclear The avidity to be divine I can only be contrite My image is manifest Thier own is obscure Manikin mankind Lavishly dressed in lies A disguise to cover thier insecurities They see beautiful I see a beautiful way to cry Acceptance Not knowing its been neglected Justified by thier fabrication of real Why look through the eyes of plastic Your image is ideal You just have to look for it Stop being fake Try being real. ~yours truly~ salvador bishop.
Gotta Love Miss Hewitt
My Wang's Guest Appearence In Everything ----------- Dago_bastid: gobble Robyn: gobble gobble gobblr ----------------------------- dago_bastid gobble my cock H: What the hell is up with that word gobble? lmao reminds me of thanksgiving dago_bastid idk H: your to cute i'll gobble it, then deep throat it, and have you cum anywhere you want dago_bastid ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggg H: i'd like it in my mouth though push my head down on it hard i have to go get lunch. brb ------------------------ Chela429: lol...... and good afternoon to you too! ->Chela429: gobble my cock ->Chela429: ic Chela429: waveform is back Chela429: sorry sweetie ->Chela429: fuck all shit
Just Something To Think About
well all we wanted to say thanks to friends and family for helping us get over the fresh meat hump...even though fubar won't allow couples to share a profile know that that is what we are. a couple we share with those who share with us and yes we will be adding new nsfw pics to the albums but for now we just want to see if people actual read and comment on these blog anyways one and all have a great day/night and feel free to shout at us as we will respond back as soon as we recieve them hugs kisses and licks to all you sexy people
Why did she do it? The question hurts my head. I wonder if she knows, How much I wish her dead. She went and stabbed me Directly in the back. I keep wondering why She had to get on the wrong track. I went and cried for weeks, Wondering why she hurt me so. I kept seeing that night in my head, just like a picture show. I wanted to tell her, exactly how I felt But each day I saw her, I knew I couldn't of dealt. Her laughs made me angry. Her joy made me sad. I needed someone to talk to, So I went to Mom and Dad. They told me they were sorry, What she did was really mean. They wished I had of told them, Before I turned sixteen. I looked at my loving parents, And knew it'd be all right. I told them that I loved them, And gave them a hug good night. I looked at her the next day, And knew now for sure That I did not need a friend, Who was that immature.
Help This Hottie
help my girl with her contest
Fall Bomb Fest
Write On Images
Places To Party
Can anyone recommend any good party bars that are not on restruant row. Corner bars or dive bars preferably
Downward Spiral
The events over the last week have dug up feelings and thoughts I hadn’t experienced in years. Feelings and thoughts I rather leave buried under dust, cobwebs, forgotten, and lost in the deepest corners of my mind. These thoughts are threatening to send me spiraling downward; sending me back to a place in my mind that I rather not re-descend to.
Like An Angel
Like an angel you kept me smiling. you were there when I needed you the most. Like an angel you wiped away the tears. you kept me from giving up. sometimes i wished i would have but you wouldnt let me. Like an angel you came to me and told me that everything would be ok. Like an angel you never gave up on me. I will never forget about you. Like an angel you swooped down and became my friend. Like an angel you are always here with me. So if I say goodbye I know that you will always be close and never that far away.
Fat Hooker
Ingredients: * 1 oz Vodka * 1/2 oz Peach schnapps * 1/2 oz Malibu rum * Fill with Orange juice or pineapple juice Mixing instructions: Pour first three ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Fill with orange or pinapple juice, stir well, and serve.
Just wanted to say I'm sorry been away for awhile and while I was someone complained about my pro. pio. in tee shirt saying virgen so they took it down. Will replace soon. Shelia
Just want yous all to know i updated my stashes an there under pics Id appiciate if you come an rate them on happy hour an ill do yours
Last Day In Ny
Im feeling sad this house has been my home for 10 years. Ive painted scrubbed and planted every inch of this house and yard. SIGH!!!!!! So onward to other things another chapther in the book called my life is over and a new one begins. Wish me luck please I need it. Now if yall ever find your way to the Big easy give us a shout. MUAH The Goddess
They come to my shore in pursuit of me They wish to seduce pillage and burn me For I am a poisonous witch a powerful ruler as unyielding as my island So they come to my shore in fake feathers, cheap trinkets, false bravado All wishing to claim me to make me a notch in their popsicle stick ships and toothpick castles So I invite them onto my shores allow them a seat at my feast lavish their serpentine tongues in my formalities gorge their cloven hooves in my niceties as they shake their fake feathers, cheap trinkets false bravado before my gaze They forget who I am a poisonous witch a powerful ruler as unyielding as my island They forget as the ingest my sweet toxins dazzled by my secretive gaze wishing to touch my seductive smile trace my curves with stumbling fingers They forget- I am a hater of men but a lover of pigs As in a spider's kiss or a scorpion's sting they all fall along my shore unable to possess me slowly deteriorating, crumbling, falli
Group Effort Needed
Hope your having a great day! Can you do me a a favor an go here and rate and comment this beautiful woman she is in a contest just this pic not the others. She is about 2000 comments behind. Any help would be appreciated Id imagine if u got the time to read this u got the time to atleast go and rate her thanks. rate her here Thank you much all help is appreciated
Sending Love...
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No idols No heroes No leaders (Just pure inner strength).
New Photos
Hey everyone. Just updated some new photos. They in the Crew section. Please rate them and comment them. Love to you all.
Cocktails & Dreams
if you havent heard there is a great new lounge that just opened up. Its called Cocktails & Dreams. You should all stop by and check it out. Look for me as your bartender and my fubar hubby as your bouncer...Great place to make new friends and have a good time.
What I'm Looking For- A Poem By Moi
I'm lookin for a guy who will be there for me... Not just stand there and be lifeless like a tree Show me that you care and treat me Fair Tell me everyday that I matter So my heart won't slowly shatter... Show me kindness till the day I die and for you I shall not lie I will do the same for you and be there to support everything that you say and do If there is a guy out there I hope he is somewhere nearby so I don't have to sit here and cry why?
For My Baby
Damian and Kristen got of work and they were laying down on their bed when Damian snuggled up against Kristen and wrapped his arms around her. She started kissing his neck and cheek. In response he leaned over and kissed her lips ever so softly. Looking in her eyes he starts to kiss her passionately. She runs her hands through his hair while he nibbles on her neck. Taking her hand he leads it down to his crotch and leans in for another kiss. She gently squeezed his crotch. Smiling he leans in for another kiss intoxicated by her lips, and runs a hand over her inner thigh. She brushes her cheek up against his and starts nibbling on her ear. He growls lightly back in her ear and slides his fingers over the button of her pants. Her muscles tense and leave an enjoyable tingle in her back. In response gropes his cock a little harder. He undoes the button of her pants and slowly slides the zipper while running the other hand over the side of her breast. She takes her hand back and puts it on
When The End Comes. (graphic Language)
The shadows rise up, overpowering the blood moon, Liquid trickles across our bodies as the room spins; This life was brought abruptly to its end, too soon, Cold chills rival the heat, skin all needles and pins... Such a caring young man, so vibrant and full of love, The cold metal flash-heated still smoking on the floor; Tonight, he found freedom, and moved high above, We all pass out on the ground, covered in carnal gore... So often, I've looked at this as my best way to escape, I've longed desperately for the release that he has found; Now, one happening, one experience, I'm in no shape... Covered in dried blood, I awake and stir from the ground. One instant, I had my best friend, and I could see his smile, The next, the whole world spun, and he was gone instantly; I can't deal with this hurt, as I struggle to choke down my bile, I am crumbling inside, falling apart where no one else can see.
Free Speech Xpress Vol X No 24 June 22 2007
Delivering Weekly Censorship Updates to the Adult Entertainment Industry Vol. X, No. 24, June 22, 2007 - A Member Service of the Free Speech Coalition Stories without byline submitted by FSC contract writer, Scott Ross Contributing writers: Matt Gray and Dave Grimaldi X-Press Editor-in-Chief: Scott L. Lowther Special thanks to Cubik Corp. for formatting and Val Vizmanos for distribution Copyright 2007 Free Speech Coalition. Permission to reprint granted to FSC members; please give credit. Adult Friend Finder Offers FSC Matching Grant to Battle 2257 Changes PALO ALTO, CA - Sexual networking site has offered a grant to the Free Speech Coalition that will match donations up to $10,000 made to the organization in aid of its fight against certain amendments to the 18 U.S.C. 2257 record-keeping statute. The amendments being challenged are those that, if made effective by the Department of Justice, would require so-called "secondary producers" to acquire and
Destroying Space-time
It's been one of those days where the entire universe seems to be conspiring against you. You would call it a bad hair day were it not for the fact that you are bald. You have tried wearing wigs but they make you look like a child molester. Your only recourse has been to shave off all remaining hair like a neo-Nazi. You awoke to find a strange green crust on your breakfast cereal. Your job as a copyeditor is unfulfilling and when you tried to photocopy that really important report the photocopier promptly ate it leaving you with some garbled nonsense and a picture of some guy's ass. A hobo on the train stole your shoelaces. Even coffee doesn't cheer you up. Your addiction means you no longer get that sublime caffeine kick - you now only drink it to prevent yourself becoming a gibbering mess. That fucking Fall Out Boy song is constantly on the radio. In short, life sucks. Sounds like its time to collapse space-time and destroy the universe. Contents 1 Sounds Good 2 What do
To All My Friends From Paltalk
Pork With Red Wine
Prep & Cooking Time: 1 hr. 30 min. Yield: 8 servings Serving Size: 3.000 ounce(s) 1 Tbsp coriander seeds, crushed 1 Tbsp canola oil 2 Tbsp lemon juice 2 pounds pork shoulder, cut into one-inch cubes 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped 4 -6 cloves garlic, minced 2 cups red wine Directions: Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add pork and brown meat, approximately 5-10 minutes on each side. Add garlic and stir occasionally. After a few minutes, add 1 1/2 cup (0.36 liter) wine and coriander seeds, cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer for 45 minutes to one hour until meat is tender. Add remaining wine, lemon juice and half of the cilantro, simmering for a few minutes until sauce is blended. Remove from heat and garnish with fresh cilantro and serve. Nutrition Facts Per 3.000 ounce(s) Total Calories: 145 Carbohydrates: 3.23 g Total Fat: 6.28 g Protein: 9.37 g Sat Fat: 1.69 g Fiber: 0.48 g Cholesterol: 33 mg Sodium: 2
My New Moon Prayer
Hathor, Lady of the Desert Goddess of Women I call to the. Hear me Hathor And attend my rite From your desert of Egypt Look down to me Let my inner beauty shine With radiant light Let me be strong, and capable Gentle and loving Brilliant and wise Let all of these qualities Shine forth from my body From my eyes.
Arroz Con Pollo (chicken With Rice
Prep & Cooking Time: 1 hr. 0 min. Yield: 6 servings Serving Size: 1.000 serving 1 bay leaf 1/8 tsp cumin 1-1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/8 tsp black pepper 1 tsp Italian seasoning 1/4 tsp saffron 20 oz skinless, boneless chicken breast 1/2 lemon 1 Tbsp lemon juice 4 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup chopped green pepper 1/2 cup green peas, canned, drained 1/2 cup pimentos 1/2 cup dry sherry 3 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce 1 cup and 2 Tbsp brown rice 2-1/2 cups low sodium, fat free chicken broth 1/2 cup tomato sauce, no added salt, canned Directions: In a large plastic bag or a medium bowl mix garlic powder, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and 2 ounces of chicken stock. Add chicken breast and marinade for at least one hour in the refrigerator. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F /190 degrees C. Cook brown rice according to package instructions. Place chicken in a 6 by 12-inch (15 cm by 30 cm) baking dish and pour marinade over the chicken. Drizzle juice of half a
Need Some Help
i only need 11,011 to be a pimp, so i could use some help if you have some free time :) thanks
Placing Blame Rant
Why is it when a person can't be in a relationship they automatically blame the opposite sex? This question keeps hounding me everytime I see another mumm asking "where are all the decent men/women?" Why do I get the crappy ones? Wah wah wah... Well damn... Be a little more discriminating when you choose the first time around. In my eyes when something goes wrong in your relationship, step back and examine what it is that went wrong. Chances are- you had something to do with it as well. Step up to the plate and take responsibility for your own actions. Say, "I'm sorry too." "What can I do on my end to fix the problem?" "Let's work together." Am I the only female in fubar land- hell internet land wait- in the real world, that doesn't blame the entire male population for all my problems? I'm not better than anyone else. I want to be with someone. I just want someone who has the power of his convictions and will be my PARTNER. Oh- and maybe someone who can tie his own sho
Back For A Bit....
So I've been away for a few weeks. Things sure have changed around here. Well I'm back for a bit, hope to hear from a few of you really soon.
What Is Odinism
What Is Odinism? In creation there is diversity and in that wondrous and sacred diversity each folk family of the human race, in symbiosis with the ~ Divine creative powers ~ developed and evolved their own unique organic or natural religions. The natural religion for the Indo European peoples (often called Northern European) is what today is called Odinism. Like all true religions Odinism can be viewed as an entire and ‘holistic’ system of ‘being’. As such it is the thread which runs through and links all aspects of being together, for as is taught in Odinism (and many other religions) everything that is, is inter-connected. Odinism is in one aspect the sum of our peoples shared and individual experience and wisdom. It evolves as our folk family evolves. It naturally has an exoteric or mundane aspect and a divine or esoteric aspect. A material and a spiritual, an outer and inner, both for individual and folk unit. It is experienced and intellectual, tangible and intangible. It
Cant Break This
An Old Lady
A senile old woman in a nursing home took all her cloths off, put on a cape and began running all through the halls. She came to an open door. She went in and shouted, "SUPER PUSSY!" Nobody said a word! She ran down the hall to another open door. She went in and shouted, "SUPER PUSSY!" Again, nobody said a word. She ran down the hall into the dining room and up to a elderly man at a table. She shouts, "SUPER PUSSY!" The elderly man says, "EH?!" She shouts, again, "SUPER PUSSY!" The elderly man looks her up, down and says, "I'll have the soup!"
Stupid Label Instructions On Consumer Goods:
In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods: On a Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping. ( that's the only time I have to work on my hair). On a bag of Fritos:! ..You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. (the shoplifter special)? On a bar of Dial soap: "Directions: Use like regular soap." (and that would be how???....) On some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestion: Defrost." (but, it's "just" a suggestion). On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom): "Do not turn upside down." (well...duh, a bit late, huh)! On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating." (...and you thought????...) On packaging for a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body." (but wouldn't this save me more time?) On Boot's Children Cough Medicine: "Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication." (We c
Freedom Fighters... American Military
Soldiers standing brave and true, a gun placed in their hands. Marching step by step in a strange and foreign land. Fighting for a country They knows is not their land. But they are American soldiers always willing to lend a hand. So many of their loved ones left behind to pray. That theirs is one of the soldiers that live to fight another day. I wonder how the world goes on with this thing called war. I guess I just don't understand What are we fighting for? So I will stand and salute you give you all my thanks. From the ones that fly the planes. To the ones that drive the tanks. The ones that march the ground, doing what they feel is right. To the ones out on the ships in the ocean night after night. I want you all to know your homeland misses you, we will welcome you with open arms. When all of this is through. To those who paid the ultimate price, who gave their lives, the sacrifice. You will forever be known as heroes that's true. For you are t
Definitely My Alter-ego !!!
Suicide Rules
killing yourself doesn't make you a coward, it just means you are stronger than everyone else.
Happy Labor Day
I just wanted to wish all my firends a great Labor Day weekend. I know mine is going to be terriffic. I have some very dear and close friends coming down to have a big cookout on Sunday. I am looking so foward to it. I hope you all have a safe weekend. Dont drink and drive ya'll. LOL Also, I wont be on tomorrow. Going to take the day off to get ready for the weekend. So i get an extra day off. HEHEHE!! Love you all and Happy Labor Day!!!!!! again Annette
The Origin Of The Pdc
Since I have been asked bout my title I shall explain it :) PDC *AKA* puppy dog club - (according to my friends..) a group of males who feed the monster that is my bad attitude by telling me how pretty I am. (according to me ) a group of my male friends who love me cuz I am just that great :P hrmm ok maybe my friends are right LOL anyways, making a PDC member folder .. if ya wanna be in the folder... let me know ill travel your pics & rip my fav! *mwah!*
Why is it so hard for men and woman to communicate? We all have wants and needs, it seems to me that ppl feel they have to speak what they thing others want to hear. To be honest, if that were the case with me I would own a damn puppet and make some dumb ass work it. Anyways to all: please feal free to be yourself, because if you feel the need to pretend then your gonna end up sad and lonely! I love sex and desire a man that could ACTUALLY fulfill my needs, but there is much more than that. There is the desire to actually miss that person when you are away, there is the need to want them in the most awkward moments, there is the desire to call them in the middle of the day and say I want you right now...lunch break? and there is just the love of waking up with thaty person and reaching over and feeling that other body. The anxiety and aggrivation of finding someone like that is just getting on my nerves so I felt the need to share. PLEASE feel free to share your opinion
What Is This Feeling?
What is this feeling that has suddenly come over me? I day dream all day and am filled with so much energy. I can't eat or sleep. My thought are of you. Never even seen a picture for reasons beyond our control...but yet you are on my mind and in my heart always. I can't get you out of my mind nor do I want to. What is this feeling I am experiencing? Beautiful Sista
Are You Real Woman?!?
Um-Kay.....the MAJORITY of you that are on my friends list that's...taken the time to get to know me....know that I am a pretty nice guy....but there is a large majority of you out there that haven't taken the time to know me or I've been to busy to get to know you...What I am about to say goes for EVERYBODY that's on my friends list with the exception of a handful that know me and know my girlfriend or know of her and have shown and have nothing but love for us. It's been brought to my attention that I have some......and I'll use the my friends list....apparently these.....Bitches are going to MY girlfriends page and DOWNRATING HER!?!?! What the THAT ABOUT?!?! Now I don't know WHO these catty,vindictive bitches are that are playing these highschool no not even highschool because that would be to ma-fuckin'-ture for you trifflin ass hoes...I don't know WHO is playing these elemntary/middle school fucking games with the point system here but I WILL te
Curtis N Erik Of Creature Feature!!
Creature Feature ROX!! GO AND CHECK THEM OUT !! They are from LA/HOLLYWOOD area... Breaking out into the scene, with some wickedly delicious Lyrics ...If you have a taste for Rock / Electro / Gothic. YOU WILL LOVE THEM ...Just like I do , If you have a myspace page ...ADD THEM and tell them Kiki sent you !! Erik and Curtis are two great guys ... Here's a few pictures of them ... Love ya Erik n Curtis!!! can't wait to see you again real SOON!!! !!!CREATURE FEATURE!!! !!!CREATURE FEATURE!!! *~ERIK X~* *~CURTIS RX~*
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The New Man!
Ok so let me give you all a run down of what this new guys is all about. He really is great. He works for a Ergonomics Company (Good Job). He is Intelligent. He Speaks Japanese pretty fluently and he can speak Spanish fairly well too. Plus he is completely fluent in English, obviously. He is Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He is very honest. He is completely attracted to big girls. I mean only attracted to big girls. It really is great. Plus he finds me very attractive. I mean he really makes me feel completely at ease around him. We have so much in common. He and I are both ADD, so we have short attention spans. He and I both have VERY HIGH Sex Drives. So we are constantly wanting to have sex. We are having all of the big conversations early. Why? We Both are in failed marriages, and not that we are planning on remarrying each other, but if we do last as long as we currently see ourselves lasting it is just good to know that we are on the same page as the other person
Remembering 9/11
Truth (poem #13)
Genius is merely tolerated, never accepted. Ignorance is never the answer, only the excuse. Love is never harmful, just blankets for your heart. Violence is never beautiful, it forever leaves a bruise. Words have power, and pours from a vile mouth. Secrets can bind you, keep you quiet as a mouse. A song can inspire us; get on your feet for a dance. God can save us, if only given the chance..
Vacation Update 5: More Photos From The Pnc Virus Show, New Boobs On Ratemywow, New Videos Online, Traveling Virus And Car Crash Comedy Comin To Phill
Wouldn't you know it? It's Fridee and as the week draws to an end we STILL have stuff to tell you about. The 'net has been pretty dead this week, but we're still churning out updates... MORE PHOTOS FROM THE PNC VIRUS SHOW: Thanks to the lovely HappyTypingGirl, we have some great new photos from last weekend's Traveling Virus Show in New Jersey: Virus Show: PNC - Photos by HappyTyping Girl We also have these photos online from the PNC show as well: Opie and Anthony's Traveling Virus at PNC Bank Arts Center - photos by Mike Black Virus Tour at PNC (photos by E ROCK, we think) Photos: Virus Tour at PNC (Lee Mels) Photos: Virus Tour at PNC (CurseofTheBambino) NEW BOOBS ON RATEMYWOW: We got a great new shot of pierced nips up on RateMyWOW (possibly from Philly - trying to identify the sticker on the chest): RateMyWOW: Pierced Nips (in Philly?) (ladies, get YOURS in today...and don't forget the WOW in the photo with you. No WoW = Not getting posted) We made nicey-nice
So the last few days here in California have been way too hot. I'm not one for anything over 55F. So I've been trying to stay cool and not do anything involving effort. Well I just thought it would be best to rant a bit. Have a great holiday weekend otherwise.
Just Wanted My Friends To Know
Having a VIP is awesome, Thank you again Lilith for getting mine for the month. As I would like to give everyone 11's I am closest to, We are only allowed 100 11's a day which may seem like a lot but they go quick. I always make sure I take care of my closest people first, so please don't think you are any less to me if I only give a certain amount of 11's per day to you. If i have any left over I do try to come back to some profiles and give them 11's. Love yo you all!! Bloody Kisses Mina
Cherrokee And People
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Shocked Into A Bed - A True Confession
Shocked Into A Bed - A True Confession Jess was freaked out by what seemed to be a family affair. My new best girlfriend Kylie is one kinky lady. I found that out when she invited me over to her flat for dinner one evening. “This is my brother Brad,” she said. “He’s in town for a couple of weeks.” A good-looking dish that I’d had no idea was on the menu rose up out of a chair, and I shook his big, warm hand, my eyes feasting on him hungrily. We ate together, and after dessert I excused myself to go to the bathroom. But I didn’t use the facilities. Instead, I unzipped my jeans and plunged a hand into my damp pants. Visions of big Brad doing wicked things to me filled my head and flooded my pussy as I fingered my clit. I bit my lip and stared at myself in the mirror, body tense with approaching orgasm… And then Brad walked in. I froze. The room became a vacuum chamber from which no sounds or excuses could escape. Then he closed the door, from the inside, and I exhaled w
Oo. Thoughts .oo
Can't you see the pain I feel? Tired of these niggas who can't keep it real. I hear the same old shit from every man I meet. What makes you so different not like you rubbin my feet. Massagin my back, fixin me something to eat. Get back on track dude. You better recognize I'm the boss bitch. Not some punk ass snitch. I'm the one who's gonna always have your back. When them hoes get to steppin, dont know how to give a nigga slack. I'll be down for you at any cost. I'm that top notch bitch that he just lost. This is your chance, make that shit happen. Once you show yourself, it's gonna be crackin. Tired of bein alone day in and day out. I want you here with me no doubt. I know it aint easy bein miles apart. But time is tickin we need to make a start. You say the word I'll do what I can. To get to you to hold your hand. Pain makes you tough, won't let nobody in. Even the softest heart can have the most calloused skin. You can thank that nigga who threw my love away. Never knew what he had
Soft Again
After Master was done with the clothespins on my tits and clit, making me feel pain so excruciating it brought tears to my eyes, he ordered me to get a condom and get that asswhole uphere to fuck me and use me and abuse me. During which time I was thinking only of my Master while he was pulling my hair and collar, slapping my ass and tits, bit me in the back. But when it came down to the finish he couldn't do it. He used the excuse that he had on a condom. And he says he wants to be my Master what a joke! He doesnt even know what hes doing in bed.
Im Back!!!!
well here it is san antonio! im back i have now at present got the things going to open another shop! we will be doing body piercing, tattooing, permanet cosmetics, laser free tattoo removal, branding and scarring. uv blacklite tattoos. the shop will be running disposable and the tubes you see at other shops are stainless steel not at ours they will be the lexan disposible kind so never a tube reused as at other shops around san antonio the shop will be the most steril and clean shop in the nation the shop will be gassed out for sterility and the whole shop will be set up then gassed. who is at this level of professionalism no one is! we will be! so sure enough you know when it comes to your needs you can be rest assured your health is the # 1 thing in store for you along with some state of the art work being performed! will be soon to open in the next 30 to 60 days stay tuned for more as things progress! adam long
The Poem I Buried My Dad With.
If Tomorrow Never Comes... If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time, I could spare an extra minute or two to stop and say I love you, instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything right. There will always be another day to say our I love you's, And certa
This Hits Too Close To Home....
Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one's around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endure A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly cries she loves her parents But they want her to die she sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is my life always sinking? " Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She thrusted the blade Right in her chest, "Youeserve to die You
Did You Know This About Peroxide?
Good to know This is what Oxi clean is... 3% peroxide did you Know that???? This was written by Becky Ransey of Indiana "I would like to tell you of the benefits of that plain little old bottle of 3% peroxide you can get for under $1.00 at any drug store. My husband has been in the medical field for over 36 years, and most doctors don't tell you about peroxide, or they would lose thousands of dollars." 1. Take one capful (the little white cap that comes with the bottle) and hold in your mouth for 10 min. daily, then spit it out. (I do it when I bathe) No more canker sores and your teeth will be whiter without expensive pastes. Use it insteadof mouthwash. (Small print says mouth wash and gargle right on the bottle) 2. Let your toothbrushes soak in a cup "Peroxide" to keep them free of germs. 3. Clean your counters, table tops with peroxide to kill germs and l eave a fresh sme ll. Simply put a little on your dishrag when you wipe, or spray it on the counters. 4. After
Mysterious Thing Called Love
If you find yourself in love with someone who does not love you, be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Love just didn't choose to rest in the other person's heart. If you find someone else in love with you and you don't love him/her, feel honored that love came and called at your door, but gently refuse the gift you cannot return. Do not take advantage, do not cause the pain. How you deal with love is how you deal with you, and all our hearts feel the same pains and joys, even if our lives and ways are different. If you fall in love with another, and he/she falls in love with you, and then love chooses to leave, do not try to reclaim it or to assess blame, let it go. There is a reason and there is a meaning. You will know in time. Remember that you don't choose love. Love chooses you. All you can really do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to overflowing, then reach out and give it away. Give it b
There was once a girl. It was the year 1880. Her family was a big one. Five kids her being the middle. Her name was Faith. She was always alone. Her two brothers were always together as were her two sisters. Then one night, during the spring, in the month of May. She decided to take a walk. Faith found a path, a path thick and wide. She started walking to it. Soon after, she decided to turn back, because it was turning night rapidly and her papa's rule was always to be in the house when the moon was full. So she ran. Faith stopped, turned, and turned. There was fork in the road. One that wasn't their before. She was lost. She heard a noise close by and startled her. She began to get scared. Faith turned again, this time, she was faced to face with yellow golden eyes. He was a beautiful sight. Huge. It was a wolf. The animal began walking towards the to the road. Faith felt that he was leading her home so she followed. After a few minutes, the cabin came in to veiw.
“I touch her hair. Her shoulders clench together and she stares at the ground. She looks like a stone bird. I am an iceberg. Everyday I float farther and farther out to sea. But that can't be. An iceberg feels no pain. An iceberg doesn't feel cold. I feel cold. I feel distant. There is no one. There is nothing. That's where I am. She won't look me in the eye anymore since I asked if I could kiss her. Even wanting turns her cold.” ~Henry Rollins
Getting A Few Things Off My Chest
So here i sit @ 5:20 am! I don't have to be at work until 7 am.. I just cant sleep! Ive been up since 3 am tossing in bed. I work 12 hours today.. Ill be exhausted when i get home. Im sure! Soo this weekend hasn't been the greatest d! Friday my husband came home on leave.. 14 days. I picked him up at the airport Friday. Friday night we went and got pizza and a movie for family night! Started the movie about 7pm next thing i know he goes to shower . Ok fine no big deal . He took a shower nad next thing i know he goes to bed with out saying anything.. Im thinking WTF) I went ahead and blew that off because he had been up since early that morning! Saturday rolls around I had to work 5 hours that day.. I come home and agin he is sleeping! I look around the house nad think to my self. What have they done all day? House was a mess as usual.. I have an excuse because most the time I'M NOT HOME! So yesterday after work we went to my nephews birthday party. The party went great! But again tom i
Shame On Me
We go through life thinking we always know what we want or what we desire,but do we really know or do we just settle because we feel we cannot do any better or feel that is all life has in store for us.I see myself embarking on new adventures all the time. Some may know this and some may not but I am in college here at St.Marys University and I found myself in a very awkward position today. I was on the phone today talking to a new friend that has been through some relationships where women have decieved him.I also find myself very attracted to this man,so I make a point to try and restore faith in this Internet meeting stuff. While we were talking and this isn't the only time he has made me feel this way and he knows it,but I got very arroused just by the sound of his voice and how he describes in detail how he would take me.He can sure make your imagination work over time with the things he can say.So casual but yet forceful to the mind.I had one of my room mates leave because I w You Know What It Is!!??!!
im gonna come out sounding like a point whore and i dont care but what gets me is this. ppl asking me to help with contests and helping them level up but i cant understand why i got all these friends asking me to help them and i dont get no love in return. i have been sitting on rockstar for just over 2 months. why do i get no love in return? i will continue to help you out but plz show me a lil love in return thats all i ask. thats not to much to ask is it? thank you and have a nice day
I Just Go Here To Waste Time...
No real point why I spend time goofing on this page....any of you all feel the same way ?
Things Get Worse... Much Worse
OK, Friday was a firestorm of negativity at work. Things are the worst they have even been for me professionally and it looks like I will not be online much for the immediate future, even at home. I need to concentrate on fixing the issues at work and finding new employment at home. If anyone has good strategies for the soon to be fired, please send them my way. Take care & please know that even if I'm not around, I am thinking of you folks @};-
Post Number 2, For This Blog And The Day
This blog as stated before, is more for me to vent out my frustrations of my personal being rather then those that are directed to others. This is a vent to the anger I put on myself, for everything going wrong. I was talking on yahoo the other day to a friend, and they asked me a question as to why am I a different person each day? Simple question, hard answer. Most see me more as the laid back person, when in fact the laid back person is like that because I am always at constant battle with myself. I grew up a lone wolf, and it's harder for me to let people in to my life. (This is the reason this blog was created, I can let people into my life at a little time, with no true dire consequences.) Well back to the story, I raised myself, paid household bills since I was 14, everyone I did let into my life hurt me beyond belief: examples of which include; father claiming mother left me, year later he started working double/triple shifts so I thought the same about him (these are age
For The Goth At Heart
Basicly I'll Be Doing Artsy Stuff For The Unique Chicks That Rock Goth /Punk /Randomness Interested In Joining See Bluedemon *KING* BLUEDEMON (ELLIE FUBAR HUSBAND)Back On The Fu@ fubar
Be On The Lookout For This Person. She's Armed And Ready To Rate You 10 !
The Secret
I have had this movie called The Secret sitting on my shelf for awhile now. It was loaned to me, but I just kept forgetting to watch it. I have heard good things about the movie from alot of people, and I swear everyone had seen it but me! Just been feeling like I was in a bit of a rut lately, and sitting down trying to focus was really the last thing I wanted to do. I don't know if it was a subconscious desire to just stay stuck where I was at, or what! But I finally watched it. I learned alot, and got reminded of alot of things that I already knew, but had somehow lost track of in the back of my mind. LOL Funny how that happens sometimes. Well I am back in positive mode in my life. If I want it, I have to make it happen. And it's not about specifics, because I don't have that much power and I don't even want it. But if I want Serenity, Love, and Happiness in my life, then I have to start living it. It's all on me, not anything outside of me. I'm done waiting for
Help Out A Friend...please, Thanks! Amen!
A great friend of mine is in a contest....if ya have some time, please stop by, rate his pic and drop a few comments for him. Thanks ya'll!!!!! ~~Hugs~~ Mary Just click his cute 'lil pic here. LOL
Hey Friends And Family Ghost Rider Nees You
Pineapple Marinated Pork Chops Recipe
Cook these pineapple pork chops in slow cooker, on the grill, or broil them. INGREDIENTS: * 6 pork chops * 1 can (20 ounces) pineapple chunks with juice * 1/4 cup brown sugar * 2 teaspoons soy sauce PREPARATION: Put pork chops in a plastic storage bag; mix remaining ingredients; pour over pork chops in bag. Seal bag and refrigerate overnight. Put in Crock Pot on low for 6 to 8 hours, or until done. These pork chops are also great on the grill. Serves 6.
Rumor Control
Despite what few rumors are floating about these days ..I,Jezebel Tempting, am here to set all the records straight.So listen up darklings and pay close attention as I speak the truth of such matters that pertain to me. 1)The Rhode Island show: Yes I have actually cancelled the show. No it has nothing to do with my health. Yes I am actually still alive and breathing(despite some people's darkest little heart's desires) 2) Domcon Atlanta:Yes I am a model for Domcon Atlanta in October. Yes I will be staying with Savage Ron and his pet Emily while there. No I have not lost my mind!!!(altho I must admit there are times I wish I could) 3)Taboo Masquerade: Yes I am still in the line up for performing. Yes I already have my troop put together for this event(thank you) Yes I have faith that Evan Christopher and team know what the hell they are doing.I have faith in his vision. 4)Personal Life: Yes my health is doing quite well. Yes I am a lucky bitch as I get massage thera
Bidibidi Bombom
Check Out These Ladies Ummm Ummm Good
Goodbye Summer
Well, I know that summer is coming to a close because I finally got back to working out in the morning (I get more industrious in colder weather) after an extended lapse that was initially due to a pulled muscle in my back (it's been better for at least a month and a half). I also finally resumed meditating in the morning so that should make the oncoming cold a little easier to deal with. I miss the summer already. Oh well, at least for now it's still warm enough to strip down at night. ;)
My Boy...
My boy CityLife68 juss bought me a Blast and I muss say thank you sooo much luv...You are very sweet...And I got nothin but madd luv and respect for you boo!!!!
Thanks To All Viewers
just wanted to thank everyone for rating me and helping me to level up..if i can return the favor just let me no...i hope everyone has enjoyed my pics and will keep them comin as much as i can..anyway,everyone take care and god harley
§important Info §
well everybody it is alomst time 3 days and i will be in washington state with my fiance and will finally be happy again it has been a long time since i have been happy and now i finally am going to smile once more so everybody please wish me luck on my trip and in the rest of my life i will be baack on fubar as soon as i can come back on i will miss all my firends my true friends and my family ~ Lost In The Dark ~
41,000 To Godmother
my lovely friend Angel is next in line to be godfather #54, so will you please do all you can to help her level up :D ♥HoRnY~AnGeL♥™*†DEVILS REJECTS†*©*CoFounder*@ fubar
Birthday Indifference
My birthday is next Tuesday, and i really have no feelings, good or bad, that it's coming up. I've always shared my birthday with another family member and never really got to celebrate it by myself. Some people feel that your birthday is a celebration of your life but I just don't feel anything toward it. The only feeling I have about my birthday is sorrow for what happened on that fateful day 6 years ago. Just one more reason to not care about another birthday.
Hand Pics
just posted new pics of my hand if anyone wants to see
Review Of Apex Digest #10
This issue of Apex Digest is slimmer than others, and is lacking some of the beautiful artwork normally found within. But it's not lacking in good and unusual fiction. First up is Bad Sushi by Cherie Priest. While not within the normal parameters of “science fiction” it is an amusing tale with an unusual hero, Baku, a veteran of World War II that can be summed up as “Cthulhu Sushi”. Next up is Daydreams by Lavie Tidhar. Set in the same world as his previous story in Apex (The Gunslinger of Chelem, from issue #9) wherein dreams are real, solid things, Daydreams focuses less on dream logic and more on the real world implications of the phenomenon. Tidhar weaves a sort of circular dreaminess to his story which may not be agreeable with everyone. Rafael ends up facing a dreamer who can not only recraft human subjects but also might be a little closer to Rafael than her realizes. Memories of the Knacker's Yard by Ian Creasey goes very well with the previous Daydreams. In this
A Poem
Kiss me good-night my love For in the morining Ill be gone Make a wish upon a star And hold it close to your heart Take our memories that we made And dont let them fade Dont forget me For I shall return Kiss me on the lips And dont forget the taste Kiss me good-night my love...
I Dare You
dare you to repost this, and see how many MESSAGES people give you... [] I want your number [] Pretty/Cute [] Hottie [] Sexy [] Gorgeous [] Amazingly Beautiful [] I'd take you home in a second [] I'd make out with you right now [] I'd Hit it [] I love you [] Wanna hook up? [] I'd Fuck you [] All of the above Would you kiss me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] already did Would you do me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe []you look to sweet to screw [] already did Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay I think ur pretty [] Sexy [] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know [] hell no Name one thing you would like to do to me... ________________________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] Other, not sure yet!! Have to kiss you first.. If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook u
This Sucks
My hot water isn't working. That sucks. How am I supposed to do anything? I want to wash the dishes, but I don't want to wash them in cold water.... ick. Oh well. Guess I'll call the maintenance. I wonder if this is classified as an "emergency" Ok, well, I called and someone else already reported it.... so they already sent someone out... hopefully they get it fixed tonight, and I can get a nice hot shower in the morning. So, for those of ya'll that are very worried and following the saga... lol, as if anyone gives a damn. Anyway, it's working... Yay!!!!
!~wtfever~! #1
I just don't fuckin get people....That's all...I guess if I was some tight-assed bitch, I'd get them just fine...ok...I feel better...movin right along...
This Sums Up My Single Life For The Past Year... Luv The Lyrics
I lost a piece of me in you I think I left it in your arms I forget the reasons I got scared But remember that I cared quite a lot You see but lately I’ve been on my own Yeah one, but one by choice You see that’s a first for me This only me, yeah there’s only me And I realize for once it’s just me It’s just me It’s just me and I’ll find a way to make it There’s no one left to stop me, here I go Can we take it from the top So wide, so long, so sad I want to be strong Don’t try to take this from me I’ve already spent living half my life undone So wide, so long, so sad I want to be strong Don’t try to take this from me I’ve already spent my life living half undone I’ve been talking to my aunts and uncles, Mom and dad again I’ve been finding out that I have What this world has called friends I’ve tried to push them all away They pushed me back and want to stay And that’s one good thing I have I’m gonna feel a peace in me I’m gonna feel at home I’m gonna make
The Best Woman?!
THE MOST AMAZING GIRLS I KNOW, ARE RIGHT HERE! THEY HAVE MY BACK, AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THEIRS. THE MOST AMAZING WOMEN I HAVE MET, QUITE POSSIBLY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE ARE IN THIS BULLETIN. GOOD WOMAN IN THIS WORLD THAT REALLY, YOU GOTTA APPRECIATE THE ONES THAT YOU FIND. Aussie_Goddess™ [[DRUNK1's TOP STALKER 24/7]]@ fubar RebELLe {Stevens RL Wifey}{the Tanks Owner n Enforcer}@ fubar (¯`·._)ThePurestofAngels(¯`·._)@ fubar *~þöŁşķįĆħęŗŗŷ~*@ fubar THESE AMAZING LADIES, YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE, WITHOUT A DOUBT, I HAVE PIMPED THEM OUT A MILLION TIMES, BUT IS TOO MUCH LOVE EVER ENOUGH? I MEAN, C'MON NOW! WITH MUCH LOVE, THIS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY, FUBAR'S RESIDENT DRUNK: Drunk1{AussieGoddessStalkingVictim}{theTanksGM}@ fubar Fine Print: Hope should be on this bulletin BUT a gerbil stuffing moosefucker and his lil queer ass bitch got her deleted cuz they couldnt handle the truth about their own fucked up mentalities.
Luciano Pavarotti Dies Of Cancer
ONE OF THE GREATEST AND MY FAVORITE OPERA TENOR HAS DIED OF CANCER. AS JOHN WAYNE WAS TO MOVIES, ELVIS TO ROCK AND ROLL, PAVAROTTI WAS TO OPERA. I AM VERY ECLECTIC IN MY MUSIC. AND WHEN I HEARD HIM SING THIS ARIA IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES. AND THEN WHEN FAMOUS ICE SKATER BRYAN BOITANO SKATED TO IT, CHILLS WENT UP MY SPINE. SO PLEASE TAKE A LISTEN TO SOME OF MY FAVORITE ARIA'S. REST IN PEACE AND SING FOR GOD NOW. ROME - Luciano Pavarotti, opera's biggest superstar of the late 20th century, died Thursday. He was 71. He was the son of a singing baker and became the king of the high C's. Pavarotti, who had been diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer and underwent treatment last month, died at his home in his native Modena at 5 a.m., his manager told The Associated Press in an e-mailed statement. His wife, Nicoletta, four daughters and sister were among family and friends at his side, manager Terri Robson said. "The Maestro fought a long, to
My Tatot Card
You are The Magician Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity. Eleoquent and charismatic both verbally and in writing, you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive. The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil. What Tarot Card are You?
Seeds Of Promise
Seeds of Promise Golden beams of joy Illuminate the day Transform to a fragile flower. Intricate lacy patterns, Woven with gossamer threads of dreams. Translucent desires, Visible for those with feelings, hidden from those with none. Whispers on the breeze of promise. Seeds scatter cast on the wind. Spreading wishes and dreams. Messengers of hope and renewal. A promise of new life, of beginnings. © 1996 Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, M
Bob Dylan - Forever Young / Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
I Want To See Who Reads These
Trying to see how many friends read my blog and if blogs are actually ever read. Please follow the link below and rate a few pics let me know these blogs actually are read . Thank You!! Click The Pic Above
Mini Peach Cheesecakes
These are delicious as a snack, or serve as a special dessert with the delicious cinnamon peach topping. INGREDIENTS: * 2 cups graham cracker crumbs * 1/4 cup brown sugar * 4 ounces butter, melted * 1 jar or can (24 to 29 ounces) peach slices in light syrup * 2 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, softened * 1/3 cup granulated sugar * 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour * 2 large eggs * 1/3 cup reserved syrup * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract * . * Cinnamon Peach Topping * 1/2 cup reserved syrup * 1 tablespoon cornstarch * remaining sliced peaches * 3 tablespoons brown sugar * dash cinnamon PREPARATION: Heat oven to 350°. Lightly spray a mini cheesecake pan with baking spray or line a standard muffin pan with foil liners or double paper liners. Combine graham crackers with brown sugar and melted butter. Pat into the bottom of lined muffin cups or mini cheesecake pans, about 1 1/2 tablespoons in each
My Space Come Join Me
Altoids Can't Buy You Love Or A Big Screen
No, I didn't buy a big screen tv, so you can stop your oooooooo's and ahhhhhhhh's right there. Of course I'm talking to all you men out there. I don't know what it is about big screen tv's but for some reason they make men go weak in the knees. And silly me, I thought it was lingerie from Victoria's Secret that did that. But once again, I was wrong when it comes to the needs of a man. I saw this happen when I went to Best Buy with my friend Sean last night. Every time I walk into a store that sells big screens I can almost hear the tv's calling me, "Marina....we're back us, buy us, BUY US!!!!" How they know my name doesn't phase me, I still have to go back to where the big screens are and look. Then I walk away. Last night, the tables were turned on me viciously. As I turned the corner to where the tv's are sold, I saw tons of giant screens covered in yellow tags telling me how easy it would be to take a big screen home. There will be such cool deals as no pay
I Had To Do It!
So I couldn't help myself. I went out to the post office and was smoking so I could calm myself down. Then my coworker wanted to get a coffee so I walked with her to the next building. And lo and behold, what do I see? The truck containing that rancid bitch that was yelling at me. So i put my shit down and went to fight her. Miraculously enough everyone was so sweet and calm once I was outside. Effin loser. It pisses me off. Today is supposed to be a happy day! I get to see Ryan today and now this bitch fucked up my good mood.
One day your sitting there watching as everything falls in place. The very next moment you look around and friends are gone, lovers are gone, and life has taken everything to the center of hell. I watched in just a matter of moments how a frienship of such a long time was lossed over a miscommunication. How can that be? What was the purpose? Why would you drop something that has alot of value to everyone. Someone who listened, talked to, understood, and mostly shared thoughts ideas and plans with. Its hard to walk away from something that helped you grow and would still help you grow if it was there...
Friends ? Or Enemys ?
Should you be friends with some one whom tells you that they are gonna be there when you need them.. Or should you break it off due to the fact that the friend stood you up.. knowing that you were needing to go some were for an employment interview. And even when you offer to pay them cash for the time... What would you do. ?? A.) stay friends or B.) go seperate ways
The goldenrod is yellow; The corn is turning brown; The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down. The gentian's bluest fringes Are curling in the sun; In dusky pods the milkweed Its hidden silk has spun. The sedges flaunt their harvest In every meadow-nook; And asters by the brookside Make asters in the brook. From dewy lanes at morning The grapes' sweet odors rise; At noon the roads all flutter With yellow butterflies. By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer's best of weather, And autumn's best of cheer.
Quotes Of The Day.
"By Hurting Others, You are Hurting The Ones Closest To You." "For Every Action There Is A Reaction" last but not least... "Any Man Can Wreek Revenge, A Real Man Can Forgive and Forget, And Get Over It." I've heard the saying there is plenty of fish in the sea, which makes me think of the old saying from home. "why go for the fish when you can score a shark" meaning fuck the fish, get something better.
All Done...
*Phew*... Just cooked breakfast for 35 people, I never wanna see Bacon or Eggs ever again. Sooooo I'll be heading off to bed soon, but will be back later, and I'll try to post the pics off my finished tattoo that peeps keep asking to see, and A few more zombie/party pics I found, Kisses
Something Nice
so there is officaially a first for everything.. and amazingly enough.. i wrote a nice poem.. this will most likely never happen again.. so i figured that i would share.. amazing.. im not even keeping it to myself.. falling again.. its my favorite thing to do. hitting the ground just to bounce back. to try and make you believe that the thing that you want the most is me.. to painit you some kind of picture to make you want to stay. and to realize that for one simgle second just how lucky i am.. to tell you everyday that you mean the world to me.. and how much better my life is now that your in it.. to tell you that you amaze me everyday... and to tell you that your the best person that i try to make you as happy as you make me.. and to never see you sad... to tell you that i love you because it is really the way that i feel... to tell you how scared that i really am, and that i dont want to get hurt.. to tell you everything i see when i look into your eyes.. i swe
lol i'm new to this...2day =] it'd be cool if u commented me and stuff oh yea nd tell me how it works haha loves xx
Black Night
Dragonforce-soldiers Of A Wasteland
Crossing battles savage seas towards the mountains high Forest plains of wilderness we're striking out tonight On towards our destiny we travel far and wide Journey through the darkenss as your hearts refuse to die In the flames of hell we fire at will the fires of doom has come With the forces of the blackest knights they're staring at the sun Far across the distant plains of ice we're searching for the sword When the time has come for the battle now we follow with the horde We will ride with fire burning hot towards the night sky In the land of long ago forever in our souls Fly on wings of shining steel are burning so bright In ancient lands of warriors we're riding on again Burning fires burning lives on the long distant roads Through the lost mountains endless so far away from home Warrior soldiers forever we fought long ago We're all lost in the darkness so far away from home Fallen soldiers taste the steel of death the daylight dawning Sun will shine upon
Booty Song
3800 To Rockstar
She wants to be a Rockstar..Show her some mad love and help her get there. Kris10-ized ~ Fu-wifey to Joey James¢¾@ fubar
The Finale For My Girl
"Oh...look at dick's still hard! This Viagra is amazing!" I said with a smile on my face. "What should I do now?" I grabbed the based of my man meat and rubbed it back and forth over your wet pussy. Then I ventured down further and placed it at the puckered entrance to your ass. I smiled broadly as a look of sheer terror flashed across your cum-covered face. "Oh god no...oh please don't put it in my butt. It's too won't fit...oh god, please don't do it." You were totally hysterical. "Do anything else...just please don't put it in my ass!" I moved my clockhead away from your anus and rubbed it up and down your juicy pussy slit, which was covered with our mixed cum. I saw a look of relief cross your face, figuring I was going to leave your butt alone. Little did you know I was just lubing up my dick with our juices. I got my dick nice and wet and then ventured back down past your pussy hole to your ass pucker. You quickly realized the trick I had played. "Oh fuck...

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