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Best Lesbian Scene
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Mar 4, 2009 ... Upon hearing tonight
I just wanted to say Thank You to my friends, family, fans, crushes, admirers for always making me feel special and putting a smile on my face :) You guys are awesome! I try to return all the love that is given to me but I do occasionally miss someone because my bartab moves faster than my brain LOL if I miss you PLEASE let me know so I can give ya some lovin! :D
Priority List!
Sometimes it is easy to forget those who are supose to be important when they are not there all the time. Then it becomes a habbit to always put them last. You leave them feeling like they don't matter near as much as anything else in your life. Sometimes you may not know you are doing this and therefore don't know the effects is has on others. It leaves them feeling left out and like they feel like their not worthy enough of your love or your time. When you make a list of your life and those in it, it is so important to try to stick to it. Otherwise you are pushing out the things and the people that matter the most. I wish sometimes I was just atleast closer to the top of the list. I find I am usually sitting down here at the bottom all alone. I would atleast feel that those around me loved and cared for me as much as they say they do. I wouldn't have to cover how much it really does hurt to save the argument and to keep from making anyone mad. I wouldn't have to smile through the hur
The Rating Game....
Greetings neighbors! I have been sitting rolling the pictures..looking at ladies and men occasionally and just randomly rating them. What I like to do is rate the profile pic and then look at the saultes and rate them as well. You see, it is my opinion that people want to convey a story of their lives in someway and you can see a lot in pictures that you would never consider when meeting someone face to face. It is me or does it seem like we men are the problem. What problem you may ask? The problem where a relatively pretty lady takes a picture in a bikini or bra and panties; does a sexy pose; then exprects the perverts out there to respect her. I have faced this a few times in my life and I think it is ridiculous. Now, don't get me wrong, like it says in my profile, I like to look but I believe in being respectful. If a lady wants to show the world how sexy she is, then kudos for that, yet like in every thing else you need to expect consequences. No man or woman has
Baby Love--the Supremes
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
How Many More Times
Autos On Now And Hh Tonight Show Ya Love Like We Always Do!!
I Need Sexy
I need sexy new people to stop in and comment I love to here what you have to say kisses!!
Merry Meet my Witchy/and non-witchy frnds, just wanted 2 sharre this w/u'all,,,,Ostara is almost upon us again and I just wanted 2 share some history on our Sabbat. Ostara is celebrated on the occasion of the Vernal Equinox, when day and night are equal; in perfect balance. Named after the Norse Goddess, Ostara, (who took her name from the Teutonic lunar goddess, Eostre). Calculated according 2 the full moon nearest the Spring Equinox. The theme of victory over death is central 2 most Western religious thought. The victory here is that of Mother Nature. It goes w/out saying that the theme of hares and eggs is wholly Pagan. As the year is in its childhood, celebrations of inner child are most satisfying. Toys and remembrances that invoke happy times, pastel colored eggs, candles, ribbins, flowers,and of course play,play,play,,hehehe,,,,So have a Blessed and Playful Ostara my frnds,,4 u r all Blessed and Luv'ed, Grey
Evanescence "bring Me To Life"
Mysterious Stains Show Up On Lower 9th Ward Homes sorry, only the URL to this video is available
Rateing Me
Horseback Riding
You arrive at a local stable with your girlfriend. The two of you have been coming to this particular place once a week for about a month because of the trails around the area and the privacy. The two of you have been talking about making a pit stop and making love on the back of a horse and probably off it too. Today was the day you were going to try it. Your cock throbbed and pulsed inside your jeans at the thought. The two of you walk through the barn until you get to your usual horses. The stable hand nods at the two of you and escorts the horses out of their stalls and over to be saddled. The two of you stand there, impatiently waiting, wanting to be alone so you can get busy. You thread your fingers through hers and bend down to kiss her lips. She smiles at you slyly, a knowing twinkle in her eyes. The stable boy escorts the horses out of the barn and holds them still, one at a time, as the two of you climb on. You lead the way down your usual path, knowing that there was
The Best Love
The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever from the movie "The Notebook"
Warning To All My Female Friends & All Other Ladies On The Fu! Player Alert!!!
  Watch out for Red Fades to Black Ladies! He is a Major Player! He told me & 4 other girls the same load of BS! I love you, I want you, I need you, I am willing to give up everything to move there & be with you! Click the Pic Below to View his page!
Gator Gathering With Urban Meyer
Gator Gathering with Urban Meyer Date: April 25, 2009 Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Location: Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House, 128 W.Church St, Downtown Orlando Description: Gators, don't miss this year's Central Florida Gator Gathering with football heach coach Urban Meyer! Doors open at 11 a.m. Coach Meyer speaks at noon, and BBQ will be served at 1 p.m. Activities include: Autograph Session with Coach Meyer*, pictures with Albert and Alberta, casino games for Gator Memorabilia, a Gator Bounce House, inflatable games, LIVE Gators from Gatorland, face painting, raffle, silent auction, Gator vendors, and lots of Gator Fun! REGISTER NOW at! UF Alumni Association Members: $20 Non-members: $30 Children (under 12 years): $10 Exclusive Reserved Seating Tickets -This year, reserve exclusive seating with excellent viewing of the Coach's presentation! Your seats will be reserved around the main stage and throughout the balconies of Cheyenne Saloon with excell
First Installment...
  Time on fubar can usually be defined one of a few ways. Perving: looking at peoples pics for your own pleasure(only you know what sort). Rating: F/R/A...hitting all the easy rate folders just for those millions of points needed to make Godfather or higher. Mumming: those oh so wonderful POLLS (fubar itself defines mumms as polls look it up) where everyone spouts off their opinions or insults usually getting completely off topic from the original mumm. Lounging: fubars online equivilant to those millions of REAL drinking establishments across the country where regulars and staff deal with soap operaesque drama and the rest of fu land enjoy getting shit faced virtually while watching wanna be sex symbols showing their stuff on web cam. Dating: this is the virtual form of course, which is growing in popularity everywhere, where people hundreds or thousands of miles apart spend hours upon hours online chatting up the opposite sex in the hopes of gaining anything from some cam time
Tony Hawk's Back Yard.
Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text
Lounge Review
RADIO STORM (59077)“Come Feel the Noise!”Owners: DJ Stormie and SmittyStorm is an all-ages, all-genres music lounge with a professional edge, featuring 15 scheduled DJs, a request line box app, a solid team of enthusiastic greeters, expert promoters and an ever upbeat vibe….the generous staff will get your buzz meter up to 100% and beyond within minutes at this crackin' party!Storm is a well-rounded and experienced lounge with something for everyone.The owners also have a Fubar-approved Shoutcast hosting software business, and are highly recommended for anyone wanting to start a Fubar lounge and implement online DJ technology.Contact the owners for information.
My Beauty
my beauty Looking at my love,I cant movemy body too stubborn to carry me offto any place where I cant see herand as for my mind,while shes in my sight-well it may as well be mushas far as the rest of the world goesI can see nothing beyond her charms.One smile from herand all of my composure evaporatesmy only dream,only wish becomestouching her.To run my palm alongside her cheek-this dream disruptedonly by the reminder of my captivity,my distance from herlike unwieldy chainskeeping my body from hersbut not my heartno,never my heart.The day that I get to touch my loves faceand hold my tender fingers to the heat of her skinshe will truely feel in her bones,the heavenly esteem shes held in.She has but to lock her eyes to mineto find my truest desiresto witness my ever flowing lovestareing right back at her.Knowing her true valuea value my soul holds dearthe vision of which,stamped into the retina of my eyesthe sight of her...MY beauty.copyright jas 2009
My Love 2
 MY LOVEYou laugh is like a twinkling bell,like wind chimes in the air.You eyes light up with every word,significant or notYour smile lights up a darkened room,springing hope to every heart.And with you there, there is hope anewthat things will be okay.Words can't explainThe things you do.To everyoneyou meet.And here I try,failing miserably,to translatemy love for you.You mean to methe world.The world!Without you I would fail.And yet I still can't comprehend.Whatever I did to deserveand angelin my midst.copyright jas 2007
My Happy Hour!
There is NO WAY that I can personally thank everyone personally! I'm going to try to thank those heavy raters here.   Shoshonni  ~Fu-Owned by Trucker~@ fubar   Non-Model Ninja@ fubar   Jacob Black@ fubar   Sweet Turtle@ fubar   NSFW~♡TinaTinkles♡~@ fubar "WARLORD"@ fubar   Bounty Hunter™@ fubar   Ms. D™@ fubar   higgs boson
Mushroomhead - The Fallen
Come walk with me Through the world in ruin Come walk with me See if you're amused Indivisible Invincible And we are not amused Underneath it all Invisible Add one and one to lose One and one to lose Fools and criminals Far from minimal Yet both have earned their due Irresistible Who picked your piece for you? It's far too hard to chose We know what you're going through We are the fallen We cease to belong Life leads us all here All along We are the fallen We are what's true We all live on And we are not amused When we are not amused Indivisible Invincible And we are not amused Underneath it all Invisible Add one and one to lose One and one to lose Fools and criminals Far from minimal Yet both have earned their due Irresistible Who picked your piece for you? It's far too hard to chose We know what you're going through We are the fallen We cease to belong Life leads us all here All along We are the fallen We are what's true We all live on And we are not amused When we ar
All That Remains - This Calling
I secretly crave, crave that scent again Still feel lit pressing on me now Now with the onset, my flesh is weakening I steel my nerves for temptations at hand again [Chorus:] And I hear this calling still you don't seem so far at all And I hear this calling No secrets, deception for these would tear this down I'll note the past spare the pain Words match my deeds with brutal honesty Never forget these choices were made by me And I hear this calling still you don't seem so far at all And I hear this calling out Not falling victim to the fire that burns inside of me Though I am fearful I will not prevent this tragedy My strengths been tested I wear the scars that prove Still I believe that this calling will see me through And I hear this calling still you don't seem so far at all And I hear this calling out My strengths been tested I wear the scars that prove Still I believe that this calling will see me through.
Hell... ya all know I lost my privileges a couple months back thanks tomy #1 obsessed fan...well I still have no globals...I have written support...I have written I guess my question is who do I have to blow to get them back? I have not gotten a response from either...but they have been read. BTW...SHE has hers wtf? ay ideas?
Scienc Project
My son has a science project due this week. We tried the following but it didn't work. Should we try again or try something new?  
Mumm In A Blog
I lost my globals due to some uncontrollable foul mouth swearing in a non- NSFW MuMM ...So I am testing if I have them back.  And I didn't have themIt's a nice day ...Should I start my morning with housework like a good girl or ...Should I go for a run, down a street where road workers are working their little butts off.  (Maybe stumble and fall and see which gallant gentleman helps a lil lady to her feet) ...Help me make up my pathetic mind.
My First Auction .closed
I Recently got engaged to the man of my dreams after loving him secretly for years. We finally told each other how we felt and fell even deeper in love with one another. I never thought I could be so happy with someone as I am with him. We will be married July 13, 2009 and I am so excited about it. I cant wait to start my new journey with my new husband.
At First Sight...
I'm deep into some Romeo and Juliet right now, and I'm at the scene in which Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. Romeo's problem thus far is his infatuation with a woman who doesn't love him, and upon seeing Juliet he forgets all about Rosalind. I'm not sure if I really believe in love at first sight, I'm having general problems believing in love as it is. However, I think there has been the one of two people I have seen, and immediately known that I could lose myself in them if I were ever allowed to. Maybe not love at first sight, but the possibility of love at first sight. Although I think it would be nice to see that one person, and instantly just be on with them, and have that connection, and know that yes, I could see myself ending it all over the loss of this person. Passion, however motivated, is powerful.
What does a person do when they can feel that they are falling for someone. Knowing that you both have been hurt and are still hurting. When you want the person to know that you would do anything for them. But you are so scared to say anything. So afraid they don't feel the same way. So afraid that by wearing ur heart on your sleave, you will get it handed back to with a no thanks I don't want that.  How do you tell someone that they make you feel like you haven't felt in a long time.  how do you tell them that by being together you might be able to make the pain go away.
It's Time To Get Another Bad Girl In The Spotlight
I have decided to once again try to collect enough for SPOTLIGHT... So Heres the deal... If you donate 500k+ I will make you a morph & custom tag If you donate 1 Mil+ I will make you the above + a custom skin & a salute! Any amount is definately appreciated without a doubt and all will get a special gift! Thanks for your support! This Bulletin Was Brought To You By:ÇÚÐÐLÊ GØÐÐʧ§
Dj Maha
Ouchie Vaginas
Have you ever played with yourself so much, you hurt "it", and had to lay off of it for a while?   that happened to my ...friend...yeah
D Nation Commandments
Ten Commandments "I swear to be faithful to D Nation, should I betray, my flesh will burn!" 1.  You must use the D Nation Banner at all times when playing mobsters2.  You are responsible for adding all of the D Nation Family3.  You should report to our War Room every time you log in4.  Always being available for D Nation when in the mobsters app is a duty    5.  You should not use the family as personal body guards.  We are down for our family but do not involve the family in minor scuffles like "he or she hit me 4 or 5 times off the fight list.6.  You should be willing to protect your family, even if you must die to do so!7.  Never commit to an alliance between D Nation and any other Family without approval from the D Nation Godfather.8.  All Family members must be treated with respect9.  When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth10.  People who cannot be a part of D Nation:Anyone who holds title in another mobster familyAnyone who behaves poorly & doesn't hold to
Stone Sour-zzyzx Rd
I don't know how else to put this It's taken me so long to do this I'm falling asleep and I can't see straight My muscles feel like a melee My body's curled in a U-shape I put on my best but I'm still afraid Propped up by lies and promises Saving my place as life forgets Maybe its time I saw the world I'm only here for a while But patience is not my style And I'm so tired that I gotta go Where am I supposed to hide now? What am I suppose to do? Did you really think I wouldn't see this through Tell me I should stick around for you Tell me I could have it all I'm still too tired to care and I gotta go I get to go home in one week But I leaving home in three weeks They throw me a bone just to pick me dry I'm following suit and directions I crawl up inside for protection I'm told what to do and I don't know why I'm over existing in limbo I'm over the myths and placebos I don't really mind if I just fade away I'm ready to live with my family I'm ready to die in obscurity Cause I'm s
My Poem From Edward I Love You Baby
"This feeling overwhelms me A swelling of the heart I never truly thought I would be This happy at the start. You take me by the hand And lead me by the heart Over a beach of sand Through the grasses that we part. With you I let go Of intuition and sound of mind My feelings I cannot help but show To a person who is so kind. You kiss my lips so tender Embrace me through the night To you I have surrendered Myself so hold on tight. So strongly you hold my hand Whisper softly in my ear I really feel that you understand Everything you here. I lose myself in you This close I have never been These feelings are so new To have a lover who is my friend."
Yahoo Screenname
My Yahoo was hacked into and deleted... I no longer have my yahoo account - I lose ALL of my contacts... Anyone that had my yahoo screen name and wants it again let me know and i'll be more than happy to give it to you :)
Internet Porn: Worse Than Crack?
Internet pornography is the new crack cocaine, leading to addiction, misogyny, pedophilia, boob jobs and erectile dysfunction, according to clinicians and researchers testifying before a Senate committee Thursday. Witnesses before the Senate Commerce Committee's Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee spared no superlative in their description of the negative effects of pornography. Mary Anne Layden, co-director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Therapy, called porn the "most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today." "The internet is a perfect drug delivery system because you are anonymous, aroused and have role models for these behaviors," Layden said. "To have drug pumped into your house 24/7, free, and children know how to use it better than grown-ups know how to use it -- it's a perfect delivery system if we want to have a whole generation of young addicts who will never hav
Can You Foregive Me?
If I never can fix these painful thoughts can you ever foregive me? Will you hold it against me for the rest of my life? How ever much longer it will be? No one knows, not even the doc These painful depressed thoughts are takin over Takin over more and more each day I dont know how to beat them alone anymore Im to afraid to ask anyone for HELP!! Thats my problem ive never been good at askin people for help Instead I suffer by myself and make the depressin worse more everyday Dien inside more and more each passin day Wishin I wont wake up tomorrow   FRLW  9-1-08
This Morning's Wish
A Morning's Wishby MetatetronA morning's fleeting wishI would have you hereto sit with me, nearbyon this cushion.My hands would feed youwarm cinnamon rolls,icing from my fingers,tea in large cups.The soft sound of your gentle laughterpulling at the tendrilsof my dreamtime.Instead of these thingsmy eyes tear in the light.Coffee and toast are myonly morning companions.--fin--
quaff \KWOFF; KWAFF\, verb:1. To drink a beverage, esp. an intoxicating one, copiously and with hearty enjoyment. transitive verb:1. To drink (a beverage) copiously and heartily noun:1. An act or instance of quaffing.2. A beverage quaffed.
Update for those of you who give a shit. My doc finally started me on a pain management maybe I will not be so grouchy and cunty all the time..unlikely but maybe. Also kidneys seem to be in remission...the only active disease is the musculoskeletal and neurological.   But...YAY!! For morphine ;)    
The Perfect Guy
Someone, who brings flowers to our first date, opens the door for me, takes off his shoes without being asked for it. Who makes me laugh in any stuation, calls me, just to tell me he misses me. A man who likes my hair even in the morning, before i've taken a shower. Who holds me when i'm sad, makes me smile even in those situations and lets me know everything's gonna be alright. He accepts i'm a woman who is acting irrational at times and loves the flaws i have. he wants me to care for and worry about him. A man who's real, doesn't play games and won't break my heart over and over again. Someone who is spontanous enough to call me and tell me to pack my stuff, cause he's going to pick me up in 15 minutes to go on a weekend trip.  
Crystaal">@ fubar
to be honest...i might have rated you 10...But only for points....   YOU UGLY PIECE OF OLD DRIED UP SHIT!   As for the rest of you sexy folk! Keep bein' sexy...
yay, just whoring my Russian buddy :)   he is a baby, but so cute and pretty smart   so yeah   eXo@ fubar
the journeys that a person makes are easy or hard; but they always begin with that little step that matters; after that things begin to get clearer and sometimes easier.  So when you make that first step; make it count!
Still In Pain!
I've been home for 3 weeks recovering from what was a very scary C-Section. I was barely allowed to have my best friend with me when my baby was being born. It was scary to get this spinal block. The first time the nurse did it she hurt me and hit my left side, second time she hit the right side. Well the third time was the charm because both legs went numb and so did the rest of me...from the brain down. They only had me on the table for less than 2 minutes before the curtain went up and they started working on me.  Sean was suppose to be in the room right after they were done prepping me, and as I laid there the sounds of the OR got very distant. I don't remember too much about what the doc was saying, I felt like I was floating off the table. I know I should have panicked but I couldn't feel anything, physical or emotional. I know I should have said something, but in the fog and haze of the narcotics I couldn't even speak up to say anything. The doctor stopped working on me long e
One Nite
It was the same night after night. Men would come and go, while she lay on her back, or sat on her hands and knees pretending to cum. It was her job, the only job she had known since her family sold her into prostitution. She was lucky, she got to work in the most beautiful and highest priced brothel in town. She was not hurt for money. She had tried before to leave, but always seemed to find herself coming back. She knew no other life, and never would. This night was like all the rest. She lay there putting on fake moans and orgasms. This night she had, had a skinny ugly guy, a fat sweaty guy, a rude bastard, and a guy who was so scared his wife would find out he could hardly perform. Nothing new, though her clients would change from night to night she never expected what would happen next... It was about five in the morning as her boss came into the room saying she had one more client. She argued calming she had already had five, the limit, for one girl for one night. It took her b
Sober There's a shadow just behind me, shrouding every step I take, making every promise empty, pointing every finger at me. Waiting like a stalking butler, who upon the finger rests. Murder now the path called must we, just because the son has come. (Jesus, won't you fucking whistle, something but the past and done?) Why can't we not be sober? Just want to start this over. Why can't we drink forever? I just want to start things over. I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave, I will work to elevate you, just enough to bring you down. (Mother Mary won't you whisper, something but what's past and done. 2x) Why can't we not be sober? I just want to start this over. Why can't we sleep forever? I just want to start this over. I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I wi
Dream Awake
Dream awake sanguine spatter from my eyes as gurgled cries of why issued from her drowning throat. I don't know. Sleep no rest, staunch no blood flow, from her wheezing chest. Strangled question once again why. I don't know, a single tear I cry as miracles no more glimmer her eyes. Fading, fading as she dies.
The other day I was told something and even though I should be used to it, I'm not. Being born into the army life and being married to it for roughly 2.5 years you would think that eventually it gets easier over time. Well it doesnt. This upcoming year will be no different as far as trying to get through it ALONE. I was hoping that Jason wouldnt deploy until after August because that would be our "1 year anniversary" if we were still together. Well the Army basically told me to "kiss their butt". Not only is Jason the best man I have ever known and been with but I have come to realize he is also my best friend. We have been through a lot and we have both been there for the other person. Some of my friends and Jason's friends know some of the things going on. I have gotten so far with him by my side. We have had our "issues" just like anyone else but who doesnt. Jason and I are not together but he holds a very special place in my heart and I thank him for everything he has done for me.
June 1st
    Sarge's Bad Girls June 1st, 2009 Edition Show The Sarge And These Fine Bad Girls Lots Of Love! TichaThe Sarge a/k/a Sarge's Bad GirlsÇÚÐÐLÊ?GØÐÐʧ§
Drag Me To Hell
My frined Kim and I went to see Drag me to Hell last night. I think it is probably one of Raimi's best movies. Now let me just say this movie is more disgusting than scary lol..I can handle tons of blood, limbs being cut off, necrophilia, and all kinds of other nasty stuff in movies, but......when you get into the realms of old ladies bringing out their disgustingly nasty dentures out and lying them on a table, said lady spitting up greenish/yellow phlegm, embalming fluid running from said dead lady into some undead womans mouth, said lady loosing her dentures and trying to gum another woman and saliva is flying everywhere, well I get grossed out LOL.. Call me strange haha...Go see the movie though, it really is pretty cool, but lots of "omg no she didn't" moments LOL And a lot of ppl making disgusted sounds haha...Just be careful what you are eating in this movie, enjoy!
Bikini Contest
I am opening a bikini contest where the winner gets 500k 2nd gets 250k and 3rd gets 150k in fubux. If you are interested pm me  with your entry fee of 100k and the link to the pic you want entered. THERE WILL BE NO NSFW PIC ACCEPTED!!!!!!
Somewhere it floats in the back of my mind So hard to push forward, always on rewind The fantasy that's never coming true So many reasons why I'll never be with you Months have faded and I haven't seen your face Feelings I can't let go of, can't seem to trace From the begining I told myself I wouldn't fall I had nothing to hold onto now I can't even crawl I'd be a liar if I said I had no clue I always knew I would be number two I tried to pull it all together I still fell apart Because you still got away holding my heart
Happy Happy Joy Joy
i am happier than a pig in shit, happier than a fat kid in a candy store (yea that's me in the candy store), even happier than a dog in petco and a rich owner. that last one might be me also, scratches head. hell i'll go as far to say i'm happier than a carny in a meth lab, or drug store with no cameras lol. ,ight be as happy as a gay guy that just got a life sentance in the big house even. no maybe not that happy lol.i had just got my "Less Drac" today. it's a guitar kit that i bought awhile back. best thing of all is  no instructions, YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  and yes that's the best thing about it to me. i get to figure out how to build it myself. it will be my first set (glued in) neck that i have built. those that don't know i like dabbling in building electric guitars. and everyone and there motherless goat knows that a Les Paul is the holy grail of guitars. i plan on out doing the Les Paul with my Less Drac. i think that name has a nice ring to it lol. i'm planning on staining it a
My Work
to all my friends i have decided to move all my blogs and my creations to my own website to protect them as they are copyrighted if you enjoyed my work copy and paste the link and come visite my site to enjoy my work again hope to see you all soon, have a great day.  
You Are My Treasure
You are my treasure, my world, my fame;I share your heart, your joys, soon your nameI give you love, and peace of mind;You give me laughter and thoughts so kindI give you care, you take it from me;You give me warmth, so willing, so freeI give you a promise to have and to hold;You give me your love more precious than goldI give you my trust, and also my heart;You give me a promise that we'll never part
Tattoo Expo This Weekend.. Will You Be There?
I am really excited for tomorrow!  I will be at the Body Art Expo all weekend starting at 2pm central on Friday!  I love body art and I hear there are tons of tattoo contests that people can enter.  So I think I will try a few.  I doubt I will win, but that is okay.  My art is very special to me and I love every one!  I think if any of them have a chance it is my thigh tattoo or my solar system arm band.  I got both of them originally in Hawaii when I was stationed there, but I also got additional work on my thigh a couple years later at the Body Art Expo in San Fransisco.  It took four hours straight to get all the details done, but it was worth every second. I have seven tattoos in total though.  I got my first one when I was 16 and I have been addicted ever since.  I just think there is no canvas as beautiful as skin.  Especially a woman's smooth skin!  Anyways, I love tattoos and I am super excited to be able to chat with the artists tomorrow!  Maybe I'll get some pics to
New Net Pet Peeve
I have a new NET PET PEEVE: people who use images that are NOT of themselves or that they have NOT photographed/created themselves This is image theft. Somewhere there are artisans not being credited for and paid for the use of their work. As one of the millions who do create images, I find it downright rude. I HATE seeing it. You are all bad for doing it, for the guilty ones. Like the guy who wrote me yesterday and said, "Nice pix. I truly enjoyed them." I went to his profile. ALL IMAGES OF FEMDOMS STOLEN FROM SITES. What does that tell me about him? That he is a theif. Plain and simple. Does it show me what he is into? Yep! He's into yanking porn off the net for his person use. That would make him a wank-miner. PERSONALLY, I think that makes him a waste of my time and the space of a social networking site. If I were single would I go for someone with a profile that showed me what they liked rather than who they are and what they look like? God I feel sorry for those of you who d
Bonfire - Sleepin All Alone
Sickest Of The Sick
I caught your ass backstage, you were claiming you're the shitBut you ain't nothing but a little bitch with cum drip off the lipSaying you're the sickest of the sick well that's a fuckin' jokeThe sickest thing you've ever done is all that cock you smokeWhile I'm droppin' some skills up and down this whole trackAttack your whole crew so hard watch them all fall backI'll slice across your throat with just one single cutWatch your head fall off and that hole is where I nutAnd I've been around this murder shit for way to longBleeding out my fuckin' eyes I'm packin' flesh up in the bongDestined to be on Hell's most wanted hit listDoes these actions on my own no one's twistin' my wristWhile I'm feeling alive inside I fucked your bride while she criedShe said she was a virgin well I guess she fuckin' liedCause I split that bitch up in so many little piecesHer hand's stuck in time, for help is where it reachesSo invite me to your party cause I'm bringing the diseasesSpray the plague on everyon
Oh Holy Hell!
i go and get sick on my first day of fuckin tcc. how the hell am i gonna take phone calls for 8 hours, when i can barely even talk??????
Autumns Monologue/the Fiction We Live
From autumn to Ashes... Autumns Monolouge Oh why can't I be what you need? A new improved version of me. But I'm nothing so good no, I'm nothing... just bones, a lonely ghost burning down songs of violence, of love, and of sorrow. I beg for just one more tomorrow! Where you'd hold me down, fold me in deep deep deep in the heart of your sins. I'd break in two over you I'd break in two and each piece of me dies and only you can give the breath of life! But you don't see me. You dont. Here I'm pinned between darkness and light, bleached and blinded by these nights. Where I'm tossing and tortured till dawn by you, visions of you, then you're gone. The shock bleeds the red from my face, when i hear someone's taken my place. How could love be so thoughtless, so cruel? When all, all that i did was for you... I'd break in two over you I'd break in two and each piece of me dies and only you can give the breath of li
Best Laid Plans
Today was moving day. Spent most of my time packing my office, and moving stuff out of it so the person who was moving into mine would have a place to go, so I could move into his office. I don't know what the deal with the office swap was, but it was by order of the Dean, so it happened. I feel kinda bad, because my co-worker is moving into an office half the size, and I'm getting a pretty freaking nice office. It has windows on two sides, so I have an overlook of most of the campus. I shall have to take pictures soon and share them. The bad thing is, we are on a strict deadline for getting this done, so I was planning on going to pick up a piece to my new desk tonight and then spend the rest of the night setting my office up. So I went to the storage thing and ended up realizing they close at 9:00. Boo. so I was unable to pick up the parts of my desk, and thus unable to setup my stuff. So, sadly, I'm going to have to go into work tomorrow. Bleh. But, I guess worth it for the offi
Fvckin Teletech! you know how you have to press 611 from your cell phone when you have a problem????   Well you get me on the other end of that call.   Ok so I just recently started this job, and I don't think i'm doing very well at it. They record and grade your phone calls. My problem with the job is that I don't know how to talk to people. They don't want any "dead air" on your phone calls. But seriously what the fuck am I suppoused to talk to people about????? If i'm working on there problem and I need help from my soup...i'm suppoused to stand up and raise my hand. Well we are not allowed to put the customer on hold while we are waiting for the soup to come over. We can't place them on hold until the soup actually gets to our cubicle...And in that time i'm suppoused to hold a conversation with that person. About what exactly??? I don't know how the fuck to talk to people, or what the fuck about. And honestly when I call 611 I just want them to fix the mf problem. I don't really wanna ha
"devil Went Down To Georgia"
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Primus
O...M...F...G...!!!!!!! Where do they find theys matches???
So, in leu of me not gettin a vacation to Cali, resulting in a wasted plane ticket and much frustration, because some nutsack at work decided to quit, I have decided to take my bitter cuntness to the workplace.   While people constantly accuse me of having an awful temper, I believe that I am a pretty nice person if you dont fuck with me. ANd I guess they have breached that treshhold. I never argue off the boat, or raise my voice, or bitch and swear. I take things calmly, and then let them fester and get to me more and more, until I get REALLY pissed off and decide to quietly make that person's life a living hell. Or at least, a limbo.   While I have crossed words with my boss many a times, I know when to keep my mouth shut in order to keep my fuckin job. Sooo...   I stopped being nice to her. I had a whole buncha registration cards for the guests, and I threw half of them away, making it look like they are all there. So now she'll have to print them individually when they come i
The Games Begin
THE GAMES BEGIN Just when you think You can let your guard down And start living again….. The games begin. The masks are donned. The lies are camouflaged with interest. The colloquy becomes an imaginative banter. The games begin. The smiles, the body language, the affection, The actions, the reactions…. Is it genuine or a learned art? The games begin. And then, when the comfort is back And the armor has disintegrated… A lesson is learned again, the hard way The game has now ended… The best player has won And the loser again builds the walls Retreats into the comfort of solitude&helli
Hubby is at work, so no car for me.   Should I   a) call my mom and go out with her at the expense of potentially gettin into yet another confrontation because she drives me insane?   b) lay on the dusty floor and pretend to be dead   Goin out with friends is not an option, since I dont have any friends    
She died of a broken heart at age 16 Smeared make-up,and sorrowful tears.Stain the beautiful face,that he had promised to love for all his years.Her eyes are bloodshot,from hours of crying.He said he was in love,but the whole time he was lying.He used her and abused her,then just walked away.Shattering her broken heart,without remorse or dismay.She no longer had any will to live,and blood quickly covered the knife.Thanks to his selfish ways,at age 16 this beautiful girl took her life
Funny Things About Fubar
Well about people on fubar The people in green almost always rate you what they truely think of you until someone gets mad at tells them off because they weren't rated a 10   That someone will rate you a 2 but will add you to there friends list   Ok I listed two things now its your turn to list a couple.
Do You Want Me Let Me Know?!?!
Would you kiss me? [ ] With Tongue [ ] Yes [ ] No [] Maybe Would you makeout with me? [ ] Hell Yea [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] already have Would you sleep with me? [ ] In an instant! [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe Am I attractive? [ ] Heck no [ ] hot as Hell [ ] Fine [ ] Cute [ ] Okay [ ] Ugly! Would you love me? [ ] To death [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] As a friend [ ] Already do [ ] maybe Do you think I'm a virgin? [ ] Yes [ ] No I look like.. [ ] A player [ ] a wife/husband [ ] One time thing [ ] Next bf/gf [ ] A friend [ ] A friend with benefits [ ] A possibility [ ] A loser [ ] A stud If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe Would you rather.. ?? [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Friends [ ] Friends with benefits [ ] marry me [ ] have sex [ ] other: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ] 4 [ ] 5 [ ] 6 [ ] 7 [ ] 8 [ ] 9 [ ] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [ ] Friend [ ] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1:i smoke too much 2:i dont drink enough* 3:iam lazy about shaving my face 4:yet i find time to shave my balls,even though i dont use em' as much as my face 5:dont care for baseball or football 6:i take  fishing seriously 7:iam lazy around the house,but get me outdoors and ill go all day long 8:i always do the dishes 9:i always have sex on the brain yet never whack it* 10:i need anotherbeer you'll know if you got tagged:-P
Double The Dose..
Hopefully this blog will help eliminate some concerns and questions. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) around the tail end of May/ first of June of 2009. What is PCOS? It is a health problem that can affect a woman's menstrual cycle, ability to have children, hormones, heart, blood vessels, and appearance. With PCOS, women typically have: High levels of Androgens, missed or irregular periods, and small cysts in their ovaries. Cure:  Unknown   PCOS also has played with my blood sugar and has made me a great candidate for Type 2 diabetes later in life.     I was placed on several medications for the symptoms of PCOS and the one that has effected me the most is the Glucophage for my sugar level. Doc started me off with 500mg daily for the first month.  Side effects for this drug include, but not limited to, diarrhea, gas, headache, indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, temp metallic taste, vomiting, chestpain, dizziness, fast or difficult breathing,fever, ch
Oakland Cemetery
The grave of Nathan Goldkind The owner of the Logan Mansion The original owner of the Rendall Building Trinkets from a voodoo ritual An antique coffin cover Shreveport Madam Annie McCune
The Perfect Skinny Jeans
Fu-owned Me Baby!
I'm up for auction come and make me yours for a month..I'll make a good fu-slave baby!!! Own in my name for 1 monthAdded 2 Top Friends/FamilyPimpout on my About MeRandom Gifts each week100 11s for 4 weeksIf 25 Dollars All Above Plus:1 SFW 15 Phone Call (if wanted)Random Gifts or Bling If I Have AnyOracle Pimpout Daily for 4 weeks1 Custom Skin for you or a Friend200 11s for 4 weeksIf 50 dollars or Over All Above Plus:Oracle Pimpout Daily for 2 months2 Custom Skins for you or a FriendRandom Gifts or Bling If I Have Any500 11s for 4 weeksAdd to Yahoo (if wanted)1 SFW Salute Anyway you want it (within reason)I Love Blasts, Bling Packs, would love a HH hehe *muahz*
Yay For Sexy Time
How are you this day?your profile make me turn on when i view it, do you want to chat with me?can I get your email? all do catch me at this email heidiwatson61 at yeah who.....cumplease do response my message babe.   $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
I am gonna be on Vacation for the next 5 days. So I wont be on Fubar to get my friends drinks or rates while I am gone. But when I come back I will have lots and lots of new pics to show everyone!  Lots Of Love ~*~MysticLadyWolf~*~  
Fun Times
I met with my new landlord yesterday, she is about 40 or so and has a cute lil ass, oh I know I shouldn't be thinking about that but can't help noticing cute asses lol ;)  Anyway I am paying less than I was b4 and have much more room.  Maybe if i get a new gf I can have her live with me or I can get a roomie and make her my gf hehehehe.  Anyway, my new place is in the country so I can enjoy the peace and quiet and maybe get to shoot my gun out there too and don't have to worry about anyone wondering who I am sleeping with! I went out afterwards with my friend and saw a movie, we were going to go to theater but decided instead to go to drive in.  We were just relaxing watching movie, well ok we were teasing each other also hehehe.  I wanted to something to eat and went to concession stand, in line while waiting a old classmate of mine got in line in back of me, we never really hit it off in school, but since then we been friendlier.  Anyway, we talked some and she said her bf was being
I Don't Want To Know
some things i don't want to know about how close my brother and his "wife" are she icks his nose for him and says some very sick shit. how far is to far.
" To often we underestmate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have potential to turn a life around."
Soo...   Last night some 14 year old went missing at the hotel. The cops were called, the parents freaked out,  blah blah blah. 2 hrs later, she was seen with one of the Navy dudes that stays with us, walking from a staircase on a 3rd floor. So the guy is gone, and the little slut was taken to the police station and the hospital (to see if she got fucked or not). The stepdad went completely bonkers, and we thought he was gonna kill her, rightfully so. It seemed like the mom was perfectly fine, tho, that her 14 yo daughter was probably fucking a 21 yo sailor somewhere out there. She looked like a golddigging cunt, so prolly she thought it was an initiation of a sort.   Finally, they got back at around 2am.  WOrking at a hotel, I really see the cream of the crop once in a while. People REALLY disgust me: no manners, nor class, nor brains. Jsut sad and pathetic.
Old Myspace Blog.........
CANDY COATED PILLS..& BROKEN DREAMS Current mood:  drained Category: Life Whew........right now thats about all i can do is whewwwwwwwwwwww......(gasping for breath)....... Every single little thing is falling apart...right before me---i am in a sense drowning and feel totally helpless to stop any of it....... My small little son ---- locked behind the metal doors of an institution.....scared.....alone..... "MEDICATION STABILIZATION" is what they call 8 year old boy on lockdown for 60-90 me the me the progress that keeps being stated is being made.... he slips thru the cracks of the medical floor for years--- its said he has the makings of "serial killer behavior" and should be locked away for the rest of his life..... who can say this about a child? A boy who is filled with love i know it i see it everytime i look into his eyes--and he wraps his arms around me i can feel it....but he is ripped from me fo
Please Help Me Pimp Out My Fiancee's Best Friend!!!
Ngc 1313
Your Invited To Be Part Of The Real Baby Dolls Live Auction You Must Be A Member Or Staff Just Click Pic To Pm Dj Sunshine With Your Offers Oh Yea
Due to the incessant prejudice of the fubar bouncers in refusing to allow me to upload some things-specifically rejecting my many attempts to make a salute and a few of my paintings, I have now gone and put all my art up on photobucket. All my art, not all the stuff Ive painted, I know some of it is crap. The crap is still on here as with most of the art, but all the worthwhile stuff can now be found at: woo hoo! theres one in particular that is reall neat that fubar wont upload for whatever reason (that is to say because the bouncers are snotty assholes). Its called Learning is Fun, and it even has an explanation of where it came from in my head so yeah, good times all around! Please enjoy.
Thomas Jefferson In A Letter To James Madison, Paris, Dec. 20, 1787
"A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on Earth... and what no just government should refuse." -- Thomas Jefferson
Old Serbian Proverb
"Vinegar in freedom tastes better than honey in slavery."
Rick Gaber
"The United States was supposed to have a limited government because the founders knew governmental power attracts swarms of crooks, demagogues and despots as surely as horse manure attracts swarms of horseflies." -- Rick Gaber
Mac Lethal
This guy knows how to make music. Mac Lethal - Sun Storm -He comes from the mid-west, Kansas City to be exact.  This song is incredible.  I don't know anyone who has not felt like he describes in this song at some point in their life.  Completely different from anything else Mac Lethal has done he allows his  audience to see a different side of him. Mac Lethal - Backward Mac Lethal - Pass The Ammo Mac's Discography. Fubar should let me embed things into my blog posts.  It would make things so much easier.
A Letter To Grandma
I know it’s beautiful where you are hope to see you again soon.Things aren’t so great down here I miss you every day. I’ve been trying so hard to get it right since you been gone just seems like a losing battle. The family is a mess, I don’t see my kids, I hope to see you again soon. Lord I am so tired I hurt so much, I feel out of luck, out of love, out of time. Next month I will be thirty five, no wife, no family ,hope to see you again soon.  Each time it rains  I know that it is you crying for me, wish  you where here to show me the way,  hope to see you again soon.  I look back and see a trail of broken hearts and dreams, I miss you so much hope to see you  again soon. I just need a little help down here, I can’t seem to get it right, don’t know how much longer I can fight. I pray each night for an angel to hold me tight, but each morning I wake there is no hope in sight. I struggle to keep my head on straight,  I try to hasten  my fait. Don&rsqu
Buckcherry Helpless
Sing me a songBecause I don't want to hear my life go bySing me a songAnd let the melody dance through our hearts tonightAnd if you face it you'll find that, The love we can make is so strongForget what they're sayingStay true to yourself and move onSee the city at nightSee the street life the restaurants, the passer bysSomebody's homeTo the shower they go clean the stress awayIs anyone out thereTo the heartbreak stationI'm goneForget what they're sayingStay true to yourself and move onI don't want to live my life todayI'm all out of love and I'm tired of changing.I hope you could help pass the time awayIs anyone out thereTo the heartbreak stationI'm goneI fell out of love this time againI can't one more fightI'm too tired and crazyI know someday I will be strong againForget what they're sayingTo the heartbreak stationI'm goneHeartbreak station I'm goneHeartbreak station I'm goneHeartbreak station I'm goneI don't want to live my life todayI'm all out of love and I'm tired of changing.I
To My Real B*tches
A simple bitch will take u where u need 2 go. -A Real Bitch throws u the keys says it needs gas. -A simple bitch will tell u not 2 fight,it aint worth it. -A Real Bitch will say beat her ass look at the crowd and saynobody better jump in! -A simple bitch wonders who ur new man is. -A Real Bitch knows that mutha fuckers1st name,last name,his bday,where he lives,who hes related 2,wat kinda car he drives,where he works,how many babies mamas he has, how many bitches he's tlkn 2. -A simple bitch will let another bitch kno she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out. -A Real Bitch will just knock her the fuck out! -A simple bitch tells u when shes had enuf 2 drink. -A Real Bitch tells u we need another shot,we bout 2 get fucked up! -A simple bitch reads this realizes Shes a simple bitch deletes it. -A Real Bitch passes this 2 her Real Bitches without hesitation, think about it! **
Her screams break the silence around her, But they are never heard by others. She lies in bed... her pillows collecting her tears. Her heart has been shattered..... Shattered by the one meant to protect it, To love it,  to provide for it. The baby lays next to her sleeping peacefully.... Unaware that one of its' lifegivers has left it, And in that leaving has left wreckage and a void... She wonders what she did to deserve getting beaten, and cheated on.. As she thinks, the heart that was once whole, Becomes a briar patch of thorns which grows into a wall... Only one small hole remains for access to her heart... That hole is for her child. She grits her teeth hard and vows "Never again!" With that vow made, she moves on with her life, but...... Behind those thorns lives a woman beautiful, Filled with love screaming to get out. She ignores the screams coming from the woman on the other side, Dismissing her as weak, and foolish for wanting and believing in love. She tu
More Im Fun
kingheart11: whats up me: Nothing kingheart111: bored me: Good for you kingheart111: not for u i guess me: Nope, not bored kingheart111: what makes u not bored me: What kind of question is that? kingheart111: what ur hobbies me: Picking lint and stuffing plastic bags and hitting people over the head with them kingheart111: i should wear helmet
Hooking Up With A Female
Being bi, I had my first experience with a woman when I was 16. It was my first and last time. Why last? Because I have a REALLY hard time finding a female to do it with. I am basically like a female version of a nerd with huge glasses who will do anythin to get laid. Just no luck, and I completely sympathize with men that cant get laid.   Ive tried ads, Craigslist, everything...nada   /woe is me off
Finally Taking Control Of My Life. Time To Work On My Horrible Social Skills And Be An Adult. It's About Time!!!!
I'm finally taking control of my life.  I finally talked to my parents about them holding me back and not letting me grow up and making my own decisions.  That's why I don't know how to talk to or deal with people or women my age in general.  I think that's why not many women on here wanna talk to me.  Either I have nothing in common with them or not socially knowledgable (or socially bad overall).  So I just basically talked to my parents to let them know that I'm not a kid anymore and let me do my own thing, and let them know that I felt that they're holding me back.  I felt better talking to them about it Today's my first day of going to my business communication class at South Suburban College.  Hopefully it'll help me fix up my bad social & communication skills and strengthen it.  It'll take me a while to make some progress so wish me luck!
Jon & The Legendary 7
Jon was walking down the sidewalk with a slight limp to his right each store he passed by the owners all waved, "Hi Jon." he would hear as he passed by.  It always made him swell up with pride especially on Veterans Day, the one day he walked all the way to the local cemetery to say goodbye to his former classmates, his former recruits, his former fox hole buddies,  They were all lying in the cemetery 2 miles from his house.He would try very hard to walk without his cane for this one day, forget he owned a car it was the least he could do after all on that faithful day he was the only one left standing in his unit.  Or should it be lying as one of his legs was gone but, somehow the screaming loud charge of the enemy he was passed by without a bayonet to the belly as so many others who were wounded received in the heat of the attack.Jon lived alone in this small town as his first wife left with the kids because he also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and it aggravated his f
Wanna Be More Beautiful In Your Own Time?
Ladies, Do you want to order all your Avon needs right from home without looking for that book or an Avon Rep? I have NOW OPENED! My Avon ONLINE STORE JUST FOR YOU! All the beauty products for your "TEEN GIRLS" with acne and skin issues, cheaper and safer than that "other" brand plus much much more AND don't forget about yourself and tell your men to buy you something nice just because!! Click this link and have fun! The best part is I dont have to know you ordered anything because it comes TO YOUR DOOR! Thank you Ladies and if you have questions contact me here or my "personal" info is on the site... HAPPY SHOPPING!
Quiet Emotion
I always wanted more from youthan you were willing to give;So now we've gone our separate wayseach with different lives to live.The bond will always be therethe friendship always intact;But the time for us has come and goneand the pages of time, you can't turn back.I will always be a friend to youand wonder how you are;The smiles and laughter I will rememberand our fights have become painless scars.Sometimes on those busy dayswhen you've a thousand things to do;Please let me glide slowly through your mindand spend some time with you.In that quiet momentwhen you're surprised to find me there;Just remember even with the distance between usI am still someone who cares.
As the tears roll down my cheek you have left my heart for good and you will NEVER return to it....I want to be a priority to someone and not a rebound or an option.
Race Card R.i.p.
Came across this wonderful piece By Larry Eldred today, Who has more wisdom then Obama and all of his cronies combined. Please read and comment, Rates are nice but comments are better, I like a nice discourse, provided its respectful. The scenario usually plays out this way. A white person says something about a nonwhite person -- a statement perceived as racially insensitive, purportedly reinforcing a stereotype, or otherwise considered racist.     "Black leaders" or members of the "civil rights community" pitch a fit and make demands. Off with his head! The offender apologizes, denies that the comment reflects how he "truly feels," agrees to take racial sensitivity courses, grovels and then often ends up losing his job anyway. Recognizing and accepting that sometimes people say silly, stupid, illogical or disagreeable things won't do. Writing someone off as wrongheaded isn't enough. He or she must pay. Golfer and widely known jokester Fuzzy Zoeller lost millions in endorseme
What To Do
Well here goes another year w/o my hubby beside me.. It sux royally lemme telll ya!!!!!!!!! I miss him so much!!!!!!!! But here lately things seemed to have changed and I dont think they are for the better.. Im a lil scared to try and pry to find out what's going on... I need sum help... SHould I ask him where things are between us???? Please give me ur advice......
9/11/01 9/11/09
today is a day to remember those who lost their lives! this is my story, and how i feel about this day and this country sept 10, i had plans to go to NYcity, start but meet up with a friend who work in the twin towers, he was going to show my gf, buddy and i around, then it was to hit time square. ofcourse i never made the trip with my gf, my buddy brian went ahead. as u know what happened the next day, two planes it the towers, i was grabbing breakfast with my gf. the area i lived in, called TomsRiver,NJ was on alert, as there was a nuclear power plant 10 miles away, i remember most about that day is what if i had gone, i wouldnt be writing this now, what if stopped brian from going,he would be alive. so since that day, i every year, i will honor those lives. in total, i lost 3 friends that day, people around jersey lost someone, or knew someone who did. i ask any viewers to leave a comment, share ur story, what does this day mean to u, how did it change u? thank you for ur time.
Vitamin Product
Hello, my name is Zak Garcia and I am an independent representative for a company called Max International. We are trying to bridge the gap between the vitamin industry and the pharmaceutical industry through our amazing product, MaxGXL. I would love to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact me or check out our site for more info!
Life Explained
On the first day, God created the dog and said:'Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.'The dog said: 'That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?'So God agreed. On the second day, God created the monkey and said:'Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a twenty-year life span.'The monkey said: 'Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?'And God agreed. On the third day, God created the cow and said:'You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.'The cow said: 'That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years.. How about twenty and I'll give back the oth
Illusted Essenttials Of Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Teres Major: Origin: Inferior angle of scapula (dorsal surface)Inferior: Medial Lip of bicipital groove of humerus Action: ExtensionMedial rotation and addustion of humerusNerve: Lower subscapular nerve (Cervical 5, 6)Palpate: From inferior angle of scapula diagonally upward toward its insertion, just above latissimus dorsi during active extension of the humerus. It joins latissimus dorsi during active extension of the humerus. It joins latissimus dorsi in forming posterior border of axilla.This muscle inserts near latissimus dorsi and has the same actions. Together with infraspinatus and teres minor, it pulls downward to help stabilize the head of the humerus during abduction.
Malaysia Web Company
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Fuck That!
You all have been looking at my pictures and quite a few of you have even been enjoying them. I thank all of you for your great and sometimes naughty comments. I do enjoy reading them. However, there are few people out in this world, trying to make life miserable for others. I have a few very professional friends on cummunity platforms getting the same emails I am getting. This here is for all those of you, thinking you are something better and sending these stupid messages: The adult entertainment industry is more than what you see. Just because you do not have the guts, body or interest in doing what we are doing, does not give you the right to degrade us. Many of us have family or very understanding partner and what we do is simply a job – a job we often enjoy. Do you really think it is an easy job fighting with camera men, light technicians, equipment, not to mention the make-up and other small things, while looking horny as hell for 8-12 hours just for a great picture/clip
What Autumn Smell Are You?
You Are Your Favorite Sweater You love to feel nostalgic and peaceful. Every fall, you are flooded with happy memories. A certain smell or feel in the air can take you back to your childhood. Autumn is a important time for you. You enthusiastically greet each fall. You are excited to wear heavier clothes and curl up under a blanket. Autumn reminds you of a simpler time with being back at school, halloween costumes, and hot chocolate. And it all starts with your favorite sweater. What Autumn Smell Are You? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
Need Photoshop Tutorials?
I started a blog a few months back dedicated to helping photoshop users, models, photographers and artists in general with their work.  I haven't been able to post daily like some people (work work work), but I have been able to post a handful of tutorials and helpful links to tutorials that you may find useful! Blog Posts: Models: You make me sad sometimes. A few tips and complaints for models working with photographers and photoshop wizards. Hope is Never Out of Style Tutorial A quick look in how I created the photo-manipulation "Hope is Never Out of Style".  Very simple methods were used if you know your way around photoshop. 17 Photoshop Tutorials: Beginner to Experienced A collection of fantastic tutorials that I have placed in sections from beginner to advanced.  Each image shown is a link to a tutorial written by some great artists. Whirled Furniture Tutorial I doubt any of you use, but many people ask me how to create furniture for the site.  I posted a rat
Rant 09-12-09
I am consistently looking around myself and wondering if I am speaking Japanese. People don't understand the words that are coming out of my mouth and it is severely frustrating to me. I feel as if I go to great lengths to make myself understood and yet there is always a lack of communication in everything that I do. (of course this applies more to some than others) I have a lot going on with me - that is the understatement of the year! I take care of an elderly relative and my two children with no help at all it seems and some days I just want to raise my hands to the heavens and scream. I get so depressed about the future when I look at my Aunty, to be old is something that I never dreamed myself to be anyways but looking at her now I am certain that I never want to be in her position. To be old and unable to take care of myself - to be have my life be completely beyond my control and to be alone in a sense is simply not in my design. I have no support from my kids' father. He is
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The one thing that urks me most about ppl is that when they ask for help, you help them no big deal. But when you ask for help they shit on you and leave ya behind like nothing even matters. Hypocrits is a good word for ppl like that. I mean hell they spill good words from their mouths, but really it's just mucus and vomit that makes them shit. Ah well, some ppl are good some ppl are just dicks. Like I say sometimes I have the word asshole stamped to my forehead. Well at least I got a good b/f that's not like that. Just some friends. Ha! Ah fuck it LOL ppl are who they are can't help it none. And yet...I still find myself being nice to them. Oh well...I don't have the heart to turn my back on them. Is that wrong?
[these People...]
This fucking neighbourhoodthese fucking neighboursthis fucking cityI swear to fucking god. So I got my second no-no note on my lawn this year"ZOMG! You have teh 1 week to cut teh weeds in your yard!!! we r teh rulez that over 12 inch grass weeds or plants are teh nuissance1!!!" Nuissance...seriously?1 sprout of wild grass over 12 per 10 square feet is NOT a nuissance. Alright, secondlyI work for the governmentI know all about legal notices, fines, overdue periods, mandates and coop I looked this thing over four timesno authority of/ by right ofno specification of the "nuissance" where/when who observed, who reported I am entitled to a hearing...of course I'm fucking entitled to a fucking hearingit costs more to go to the hearing than pay the fineyou fucksticks bleed me every chance you get Point isread this document, understand what I know about rhetoric and paperwork and you'd determine it wasn't legally sound but then again my arrest wasn't legal. So...           Who'
Fevered (nsfw)
Fu Wedding Vows That My Baby Wrote For Me .10/17/09
Tabby your my heart my soul my everything.... I want nothing more in this world then to be with you... your my reason for smiling my reason for living... They say in life you come across on person that will steal your heart and have it forever and that person is you baby... I love you so much
Solar Eruption In Stereo
The Swine Fu
Is it just me of have you noticed like.....   there's hardly anyone on here now lately in the last couple of weeks?
Get Acquainted.
Once your face is up in her crotch, don’t dive straight for her panic button. Explore the whole area with your mouth. Gently probe with your tongue and locate her vagina and clit. Suck on her labia. Get your whole face messy.
Get Busy.
Now you want to go to work on her clit. The key is to use your tongue and lips to suck and massage it gently. Don’t poke at it or press too hard. Go in circles, go up and down, flick back and forth lightly. There is no real “right” way to go down on a woman; just make it up as you go along and pay attention to what works. Vary your speed and pressure and see what she responds to. When you hit the right groove, you’ll probably know it because she’ll grab the back of your head and clamp her thighs around your ears like a vice. But to be on the safe side, ask her beforehand to let you know what she likes. Once you hit her hot spot, there’s no need to rush; just keep her engine revving. Feel free to explore some other techniques or positions before you take her over the top.
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Rude People..let's Kill Em All!
So i was on msn before and noticed a couple friends off here on and sent a hi and nothing!...or they just switch off. i get a gut full of rude people in reality let alone in cyber.   anyway, answer me or i'll fucking delete you!   hahahaha!   shud up!    
Not Always Right | Gluttony Or Gluttony
Restaurant | Bradford, UK Customer: “Can I have the giant Yorkshire Pudding?” Me: “Sure, would you like it served with Beef or Pork?” Customer: “Yes, I’ll have beef or pork.” Me: “No, would you like Beef OR Pork?” Customer: “YES, beef or pork!”
Call Me - Tonight: Shaved Pussy Or Not, What Do You Want To See?
Well, it is Thursday night in Germany, again. The usual day to talk to all of you. Don't forget, calling me is free! besides what your phone company charges you anyways calling a PA number Every caller gets 5-7 minutes to talk to me live! I will be live as long as you can see the "live" button below.Here are today's Topics:I want to know what YOU would want to see in the member's section of my website. You know I am working on it almost day and night and now it is "make a wish time!"Topic two is something I read about. There was an article, 70% of the men would prefer a full bush on a pussy. Now you tell me: shave it, trim it or leave it natural.Love you all,Edain
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Ensign: Where Sharing Is It's Own Reward
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                   13 November 2009 A local radio station in my hometown is using this slogan to promote its annual “Horn of Plenty” program that raises groceries to assemble food baskets for families at Christmas who apply (check that, you can’t apply yourself but you can submit someone’s name to receive such a basket) along with a devotional to introduce the Word of God to them.  Not a Bible, specifically, but something to help you ”understand” it ... never mind that, my minor quibble is with the slogan itself. It’s a minor quibble because, if you remember your English classes, the phrase should NOT have a contraction in it.  Expand the contraction (stay with me, this is not cosmology) and this slogan reads &ld
The Happy Sub
       I come home and there you are waiting for me on your knees like a good boy. I smile and pat you on the head before I give you my foot to take off my shoes. When you take them off you rub slowly and softly knowing that is how I like them rub. When you are done I look at you and smile. You know that when I do that I am in a good mode. .     “So slave boy, what have you been up to while I was at work today, since you had the whole day off and it all to yourself?”  I ask you      “I have been cleaning and cooking for you Dark. I know how you hate cooking and cleaning after working all day. I also made your favorite food, I hope you like it.” You say to me while sitting on the floor at my feet looking up at me with pride in your eyes.      “Good boy, I am proud of you. For being such a good boy I will let you sit on the couch with me and relax for a bit before we eat.” I tell you while I run my figures in your hair when you sit beside me.      
What If...
we are together for an unknown period of time, what would you do and/or say?
Untitled ?
Master Perverte...6 hrs agoI raised my head and saw you thereAcross the room from me.A smile had started in your eyesAnd it was good to see.One moment, then it reached your lipsAnd lingered for awhile,I wonder Do you know the joyThat traveled with your smile?A smile is such a little thing,And used so sparingly.Sometimes it's awfully hard to do,But Oh it's good to see.When I feel tired, or low withinAs I often do,It's good to look across the roomAnd have a smile from you.
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I refer to my kids as 'trolls', even though they are awesome. 2) I like menthol cigarettes. 3) Fubar is a nice diversion. 4) Sarcasm is admired & greatly appreciated. 5) I've taken online IQ tests and range between 135-142. 6) I refer to my ex-wife as ex-zilla, cause it fits her perfectly. 7) I crave banter and intelligent convo. If I SB/yahoo with you - your mind has caught my interest. 8) I think true love is possible even though I no longer expect to find it. 9) I might be preoccupied with sex - it crosses my mind often. 10) I love to cook & experiment with food. Tagged, in alphabetical order:  Bludgeon(token male),
A Bit On Deaf/ness
Main Entry: deaf Pronunciation: \ˈdef, dial ˈdēf\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English deef, from Old English dēaf; akin to Greek typhlos blind, typhein to smoke, Latin fumus smoke Date: before 12th century 1 : lacking or deficient in the sense of hearing2 : unwilling to hear or listen : not to be persuaded — deaf·ish \ˈde-fish\ adjective — deaf·ly adverb — deaf·ness noun LINKS: (informations on deaf culture)  (to learn how to do ASL signs) (more informations)   ON PERSONAL NOTE: FE
I sure could use an owner... it is lonely without someone... lol
Fallen But Never Forgotten!!!
My Sweet Angel taken away, I see your wings so bright and beautiful. Mesmarized by your beauty and the glow around you, all I can do is stand in a gaze. Why did he take you, why did you go. Wasn't you better off with me rather than wanting to go! What a pecial man, what soldier you where. Leave all your precious memories and the smiles we all preserve. I feel your presence and the safety you fought so hard for!  What will we do, how will we cope. Maybe a simple sigh from time to time or a smile when your precious face crosses our mind! The space left in my heart says "No doubt that you will never ever be forgotten in my mind!" In the loving memory of Billy, USMC...... :(
Random Useless Information About Me
69 Confession Questions These are my confessions... 1. The phone rings; who do you want it to be? Whoever I've been waiting for 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Always 3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? Both 4. Do you take compliments well? Yes 5. Do you play Sudoku? I have 6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? Yes 7. Do you like to ride horses? YES!! 8. Did you ever go camping as a kid? A lot 9. What was your favorite game as a kid? Jacks 10. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married, would you go for it? Hell NO 11. Have you lied to get out of a date? Yes 12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? Yes 13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued? Whatever 14. Use three words to describe yourself? Loving, indepedent, worrying 15. Do any songs make you cry? So
Pope And Pelosi
The Pope The Pope and Nancy Pelosi are on the same stage infront of a huge crowd. The Pope leans towards Mrs. Pelosi and says, "Do you know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, like that of your followers, but go deep into their hearts and they'll forever speak of this day and rejoice!" Pelosi replied, "I seriously doubt that. With one little wave of your hand?  Show me." So the Pope slapped her.
For Those That Can't Stay Away... Here's More
3 inmates in a South African prison, circa 1985, were discussing their sentences. 2 of them were white men, 1 black.The first white man says: "I'm in here 5 years, for robbery. If it had been armed robbery, I'd have got 10 years."The second white man says: "Well, I'm in here 10 years, for manslaughter. If my lawyer hadn't managed to reduce the charge from actual murder, I'd have got 15 years."The black man then says: "I was sentenced to 15 years for riding my bicycle with the light off. I'd have got 20 years, if had actually been dark at the time..." ************************ stevie wonder was ask what it was like being blind, he said it could be worse I could be black.and when he was given a cheese cratter for a present he said afterwards it was the best horror story he'd ever read ************************* Christopher Reeve and Ken Bigley had a race to heaven. Ken Bigley won by a head. ************************* Jesus walks into an inn carrying three nails and a hammer, and says
Movin' On.
"Sit at my table and drink all my wine and tell me a tale of some happier times Sit at my table And sing me a song There's no time for sleep We haven't got long Sit at my table And tell me a lie How we'll be friends Until the day that we die."     I wanted to let all that have interest know that I'm leaving the FU.  I've been here for three years.  It's time.   I've made some good, great even, friends here.  I've had my share of drama and heartache.  Ive poured out my soul and tales of woe and listened in return.   There are some really amazing people here and some really amazingly fucked up people as well. The decision is not a reflection of the site or the people associated with it.  Nor is it a reflection on the people I have come to know.  My decision is based mostly on real life factors that I am not going to delve into here.  I want to thank all of you for making my life better.   Just because I'm leaving the FU does not mean I am disconnecting from those of you t
It amazing how people tend to change and attack someone when you AGREE with them.     It's early, and if you are gonna come at me this morning, be prepared .... cause I won't be sweet, nice, nor understanding .... not since someone wanted to start before my coffee kicked in ....     Have a great FREAKIN day!!!
The Christmas Gift
  A young man wanted to purchase a gift for his new sweetheart’s birthday and as they had not been dating very long, after careful consideration, he decided a pair of gloves would strike the right note: romantic but not too personal. Accompanied by his sweetheart’s younger sister, he went to a nice department store and bought a pair of white gloves. The sister purchased a pair of panties for herself. During the wrapping, the clerk mixed up the items and the sister got the gloves and the sweetheart got the panties. Without checking the contents, the young man sealed the package and sent it to his sweetheart with the following note:                “I chose these because I noticed that you are not in the habit of wearing any when we go out in the evening. If it had not been for your sister I would have chosen the long ones with buttons but she wears short ones that are easier to remove. They are a delicate shade, but the lady I bought them from showed me the pair she
Not Always Right | Bagging A Deal
Music Store | Vancouver, Canada Me: “Hello. Just so you know you with your purchase you can get any of these movies for $5.99, you save–” Customer: “No! You know what? I am sick and tired of you people offering me things. I can’t come to the d*** mall without getting offered a deal. If I want something I will tell you, and you will give it to me. Understand?” Me: “I’m sorry. Here’s your purchase.” Customer: “Aren’t you going to offer me a bag?”
The Last 5 Hellish Days....
So I am quite exhausted, but I wanted to quickly write my first blog about the past 5 hellish days I have experienced. Friday my boyfriend and I left Pittsburgh to travel to Charolotte, NC. We heard about the impending storm but thought we would just be missing it by traveling early. The first 4 hours or so of the trip went pretty smoothly. Once we hit the mountains in West Virginia, however, it started to snow pretty hard. Trailers and other cars and trucks were stuck on the side of the roads, but we seemed to be doing okay. We decided to hit a rest stop, get some gas, and keep on going as far as we could. We got on 77 South and immediately shit hit the fan. We were stopped briefly, but resumed for a few miles. After that, we got stuck again. This time, however, we didn't leave the spot for 15 hours. Little did we know, 35 miles down the road a few trailers had flipped. They shut down the highways with miles of cars still waiting for some sort of news. Each hour passed and I started
My Favorite Song Of All Time
Terry JacksSeasons In The Sun LyricsGoodbye to you, my trusted friend.We've known each other since we're nine or ten.Together we climbed hills or trees.Learned of love and ABC's,skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.Goodbye my friend, it's hard to die,when all the birds are singing in the sky,Now that the spring is in the air.Pretty girls are everywhere.When you see them I'll be there.We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.But the hills that we climbedwere just seasons out of time.Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me,I was the black sheep of the family.You tried to teach me right from wrong.Too much wine and too much song,wonder how I get along.Goodbye, Papa, it's hard to diewhen all the birds are singing in the sky,Now that the spring is in the air.Little children everywhere.When you see them I'll be there.We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.But the wine and the song,like the seasons, all have gone.Goodbye, Michelle, my little one.You gave me love and helped m
The Cost
To me you are an illussion,A facade is what I see.Your not being true to yourself,This is not who your supposed to be. If only you could look in the mirror,And see the true you.Maybe you would open your eyes,And realize what you should do. Maybe you'll also realize,How many you've pushed away.People who would have stayed,Till your last breath,your last day. Hopefully you'll open your mind,and you'll see what you've lost.Remembering the friendships gone,And exactly what they cost.
Need Help Findin My Real Father
My name is Leland Stanley and i'm 24 years old, and back in 1984 my mother lived in Thompson Falls, Montana. While there she met a man named Earl Lee King. He was in the Army when they met.  The story i've been told is that when my mother told him she was pregnant, he told her that the baby wasn't his and left her at a road side cafe.  All my life, i have been wanting to meet him, but everytime i try, i fail.  These past couple of years, i've been thinkin that my mother is either lying to me or hiding me from my real father. so i would really love to know the truth. his name is earl lee king. and if anyone on here or knows anyone who knows him please contact me asap.....thank you either on here or  contact my girlfriend at leland d. w. stanley
Drama !!! I Swear!!!
Alright.. We all have it either in the home,school,work, chatsites. I could care less for the He said / She said bullshit! Hell, i've got my own damn drama to deal with! Y'all think i care about who's on whos freaking page ... FUCK NO! This also isn't my first goaround on fubar either. So I know how to play.. I just don't play well with others' who are attention whores. THIS IS JUST A GENERAL RANT! BUT IF ANYONE DOES TAKE IT PERSONAL... YOU NEED A LIFE! My famous phrase to say.. and No offense to Our Men and Women in the military..  SUCK IT THE FUCK UP!!! If i come onto your damn page to rate your MOFO pics then that's my right same as for y'all to do the same on mine. And if someone gets butthurt by it.. well then you just weren't worth my time to pay attention to. Like for intense: I had went onto someone's page I honestly couldn't remember if i had rated this persons pics... This person.. knowing fully well I don't have a salute decides to chat box me .. Well i can't explain
Feverous thoughts burn brightly within me Filling me with ravenous desires full of malicious intent Searching for an outlet, a means of escape A victim capable of fulfilling this primal urge, this dark fantasy Which instills in me a hunger for passionate self suicides.
Not Always Right | Where's A Real Live Robot When You Need One
Call Center | Fort Collins, CO, USA Me: “Thanks for calling [credit card company], my name is ***. Can I get your first and last name, please?” Caller: “I wanted to talk to the computer.” Me: “Well, ma’am, the reason you got me is because [credit card company] is wanting to take care of you personally and let you know about–” Caller: “I want to talk to the computer, not a person! I don’t like talking to people.” Me: “Well, ma’am, I’ve already got your account info up on the screen. I can give you the same info the computer lady can.” Caller: “No! I want to talk to the computer! I don’t want to talk to a d*** agent! I wanted to get my balance from the computer!” Me: “Ma’am, since I’ve got it up already, would you like me to just give you the info so you don’t have to call back? You’d still get an agent if you did.” Caller: “NO! I
Not Always Right | No Flirting Aloud
Retail | Midland, MI, USA (I’m scanning out an elderly couple. The man is obviously hard of hearing.) Me: “Hello, and how are you folks today?” Customer: “You look so young. Why is that?” Me: “I’m only 19.” Customer: “What?” Customer’s wife: “SHE SAYS SHE’S NINETEEN!” Customer: “Oh…do you have a boyfriend?” Me: “I’m engaged, actually.” Customer: “What?” Customer’s wife: “SHE SAYS SHE’S ENGAGED!” Customer: “Oh…do you want to go out with me sometime?” Me: “Uh…here, I’ll just finish scanning your items for you.” Customer: “What?” Customer’s Wife: “SHE TURNED YOU DOWN!”
I really think when it comes to medical bills, doctor visists, perscriptions, whatever, you shouldn't have to pay shit until AFTER whatever you had to do/buy that stuff works. And I think for as much money as doctors make, they should bite the bullet if it takes em several tries to figure out the problem, or several medications. I'm tired of hurting all the time. I'm tired of something always being wrong. I hate my chronic migraines. It makes for a tough day each day. It's hard to get things done when your head feels like it weight 100lbs every day trying to hold it up. I'm tired and done with the dentist at this point. I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort from that fucking root canal yesterday. I didn't get any pain medication and it wouldn't have gotten as bad as it did if those assholes would've fixed the problem the first time I went to the dentist a few months ago instead of jerking me around. Between all the times I've been to the dentist for whatever reason the last 2 months, I
I sit inside my circle,As I watch holes appeer.Friends leaving that I care for,Friends I hold so dear. Something out of my control,No matter how hard I plead.Still out of my chosen few,Some have diceided to leave. Today my heart is heavy,This course another may take.One who is truely special,Without her my heart will break. With my tears in tow,My soul begging to cry.How many more times again,Will I have to say Goodbye.
  Those of great worth and reliability = meaning the salt of the earth When the world is your oyster, you are getting everything you want from life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that different people will find different things beautiful and that the differences of opinion don't matter greatly. Recent research findings about the health benefits of tea shouldn't be surprising. A single tea leaf contains a wide variety of substances. The two substances receiving the most attention in tea, however, are antioxidants and caffeine. Antioxidants We learned about oxidation a few sections ago. Just like tea leaves, apples and car hoods, humans are susceptible to oxidation. Oxygen molecules create stress on our tissues and organs by introducing harmful free radicals that lead to complications such as cancer and heart disease. Free radicals are charged atoms or molecules. They have to steal an electron from the molecules. Antioxidants are substances that slow down the damaging ef
Water And Fire
" every goodbye is always leaving tears of sorrow ... but it was far better than a meeting that always decorated with the fire of anger is always hurt each other "
If I Forget
If I forget to tell you just how much you mean to me, I hope that you will remember while your not here with me.If I forget to tell you that you are my world and more, I hope that you will remember what I am waiting for.If I forget to tell you I want you in my life, I hope that you will remember that I am always by your side.If I forget to tell you I love you more than words, I hope that you will remember regardless of the hurt.If I forget to tell you I am sorry for my mistakes, I hope that you will remember with every one I make.If I forget to tell you no other can compare, I hope that you will remember the love that we both share.If I forget to tell you I miss you everyday, I hope that you will remember your absence causes pain.If I forget to tell you that forever is what I want, I hope you will remember that forever is what we have got. Whether I say these words to you, or wait until you are here with me, I will show you this forever, and these words will have no need.
Scream At The Heavens
I answer to no man, to no GodI have no faith in nothing or no oneI have my will and the phallus between my legsAnd the oath that I took to the BaphometAnd the blood running course through my veinsAnd the thoughts of a child who's life was betrayedNo salvation, I cannot be savedNo forgiveness, my mind has been madeI'm like the equinox change of the seasonsA shadow on the wall with a lack of reasonI am the cyst that exists cause you made meAnd I grow on anyone that's betrayed meAnd I cannot be cut off or severedCause each time I grow back inside a new endevourAnd my mission is simpleI'm here to bring about the end through my work and my principles Armeggedon in the Holy landWith no respect or understanding for the Holy manDamn, I'm tryna do all that I canTo free man from the grasp of the profanes handYou misinterpret and say what I amAnd try to tell me that I can't when you know that I canCall me enigma, a puzzle you don't understandThe pieces fit only if you know the final planAnd so I
What Aphrodisiac Are You?
You Are Vanilla You are incredibly sexy and sensual - yet still sweet and innocent. You have an exotic, mysterious vibe. You leave people wanting to know more. You know how to make lovers relax, calm down, and be vulnerable. You draw people in and make them addicted to you. You're a lot more potent than people think. What Aphrodisiac Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
What Kind Of Horror Movie Are You?
You Are a Satanic Horror Movie There's no one scarier than the devil, and even just thinking about him (or her???) makes you shiver. You are obsessed with the idea of evil, and unlike your typical horror movie, the devil isn't someone you can just kill at the end. Even if you aren't religious now, it's likely that you come from a religious background and still think of the world in those terms. Your favorite movies explore the idea of satanic influence... stuff like Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, and the Exorcist. What Kind of Horror Movie Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
A Dark Angel
I lie flat on my back in a trench with no exscape in sight. I can feel him feeding off my fear. I close my eyes and pretend i am not there. My mind is tourtured my soul is beyond repair. This hole is gaping & still no light i can see.. I am one with the unknown . I found comfort waiting there. Arms wide open. I fall into its cold steel hands. Along my flesh it runs spilling me to the floor. as the river began to flow a dark fig appeared b4 me. it is i.. I take the blade from my hands..the only thing i found much peace or comfort in.Now i smear my blood into there after life. no more will they walk free . no more will they blame me. Free i will be! I cried to the king to take this hate from me.. I begged for forgiviness kneeling at his feet.. A great comfort came over me.. I did not have to speak my soul i gave to the.. i turn back into the ground in which i came from i sit and talk a while . our tears of sorrow he wiped away. she is the only one to save me from another day. i kiss her
I Want By Recoil From Liquid
I want to know how it'll end. I want to be sure of what it'll cost. I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me. I want you to call me on your drug phone. I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of murder later. I want to be there when you learn the cost of desire. I want you to understand that my malevolence is just a way to win. I want the name of the ruiner. I want matches in case I have to suddenly burn. I want you to know that being kind is overrated. I want to write my secret across your sky. I want to watch you lose control. I want to watch you lose. I want to know exactly what it's going to take. I want to see you insert yourself into glory. I want your touches to scar me so I'll know where you've been. I want you to watch when I go down in flames. I want a list of atrocities done in your name. I want to reach my hand into the dark and feel what reaches back. I want to remember when my nightmares were clearer. I want to be there when your hot black
Blog Of A Dead Dreamer
Highly recommended for tons of intresting tib bits.   Awesome Article   Read and Comment Please!!
Greenday "wake Me Up When September Ends"
"Wake Me Up When September Ends" Summer has come and passedThe innocent can never lastwake me up when September endslike my father's come to passseven years has gone so fastwake me up when September endshere comes the rain againfalling from the starsdrenched in my pain againbecoming who we areas my memory restsbut never forgets what I lostwake me up when September endssummer has come and passedthe innocent can never lastwake me up when September endsring out the bells againlike we did when spring beganwake me up when September endshere comes the rain againfalling from the starsdrenched in my pain againbecoming who we areas my memory restsbut never forgets what I lostwake me up when September endsSummer has come and passedThe innocent can never lastwake me up when September endslike my father's come to passtwenty years has gone so fastwake me up when September endswake me up when September endswake me up when September ends  
Poem Of The Day...030710
Some days you feel Like the water You make things happen. Others you are moved Flowing down the drain.
I'm not one to ask people for rates, bombs, bling, etc. It's just not my thing. But if you are one of those people, MAKE AN EFFORT! This person I don't know asked me to give them some points, however, didn't rate me or my photos or anything. Um, hello? Why should I when you didn't even make the effort yourself?
The Morning After Reality
  The Morning After Reality\       Can someone in all honesty fall in love with someone and know in there heart and in there mind that it will never happen.  Can two souls be so alike.. being in total sincronicity with one another ..knowing that just a single kiss could ruin this. Why do complications of the heart always fog the better of ones judgment .. is it the lack or reason or thought .. can love have purpose other then just the common thread that we all see it as .. Why can loving someone have such larger meaning and devotion yet cant.  What is truly love.. a thought or a concept of what happiness is.  When does happiness become love, just the simple questions one never thinks yet alone asks ..
How my thoughts are racing soooo... I just whispered aloud - "I love you...", and have the softest feeling - for real, no teasing. You 'get' to me so damnably easy... I don't know or understand why or how - you just do. It's because... somehow... we... belong. I know... silly me. I melt at some awkward times and just shake my head at others. But I want to hold you so tight and make love to you and hold you close afterward and make love to you and just 'be' with you and love you. Woman...the thoughts that just race by physical... mental... my stomachs a big knot and I want to sing, smile... just laugh... shake it off... but can't. I want you curled with me, around me, on me. I want to be in you - a part of you... held so very tight and close... and never let go. I want to touch you, taste... explore... mentally, physically... and more - so much more. I want to play and 'be' as only we can. How my thoughts are racing soooo... such is the beginning of 'loving' you... silly me.
No Superman
I am no superman No man of steel, I am not super human Not endowed with special powers I have no heart of stone Nor feet of clay I am human Prick my finger, see me bleed I am no angel Nor am I devil I am not inhuman Not devoid of emotion I am just a man Ordinary, average Unremarkable With hopes and dreams Plans and aspirations And a heart to give When I meet her
She's My Everything
Title: She's My EverythingBy: Shawn ForemanI realize now, It's not a dreamI've come to find,This is the real thingWithout her,I don't know what I'd doShe's my sun, my sky, my stars, my moonMy future wifeSometime soonShe's my morningShe's my nightI'm the dark,She's my lightI'm the wrongShe's my rightShe's my favorite songShe's this poem I writeShe's my sparkle,She's my shine,She's the only one,I want to call mineShe's the only one that I adoreShe's my everythingI could not ask for moreShe's the joyThat fills my heartShe made my life wholeWhen it was torn apartShe's the smile to my frownShe turned my world upside downI didn't know from the start,That I'd love her With all my heartI didn't knowThat she'd be mineAnd I'll love her'Till the end of time
Would You Ever?
Would you EVER post your telephone number on fubar, on a global mumm?
Sleeping Like A Log?
Why is there an expression sleeping like a log, a log is a DEAD damn tree, it sleeps, maybe ,when it is a live tree, but when it is a log it's effin' dead. I want to sleep like a normal adult human!
. . . . To Be Fucked
It’s that time of year again.  Every Spring, it never fails, my sexuality is awakened like the return of the birds and the bees and the flowers on the trees.  My nipples seem to stay hard constantly and my pussy throbs at the slightest provocation.  I fantasize about sex, about the sights, smells, and sensations of sex at its most raw, passionate state.  I think about it, dream about it, I am reminded of past erotic exploits constantly, throughout the warm, sunny days and steamier, hot nights.  I CRAVE a man in my life with whom I can express myself, my uninhibited, unashamed, primitive, primal, sexual self.  I need a lover I can let down my guard with, express myself without fear or shame, someone who cares about me outside the bedroom and who desires me completely inside it.  I want hours and hours of hot, sweaty fucking that wakes the neighbors and leaves me drained of my every bodily fluid.  I want to make a huge wet spot on the sheets and then fuck those same sheets off the
Lights are out Our hearts are a thumping Touching skin to skin Breathing the same beautiful air Eyes are not needed now Just the sense of touch We are bare Love has sent fire into our veins Lips meeting repeatedly The feel of her flesh is arousing These are the beautiful moments For she is in all control This is the way I like it For times like these bring striking intensity to a relationship Still kissing From lips to the whole body The feel of her body against mine It is times like these that words come short For pleasuring is what I prevail at Both physically and emotionally For it seems when we are together like this The clocks stop, at least in mind For what is the rush For this intense moment would last a lifetime if time stepped
iatrogenic\ahy-a-truh-JEN-ik\ adjective; 1.A malady induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures.
Don't Just Stand There
DON'T JUST STAND THEREPatty DukePlease don't just stand thereCome and kiss me like beforePlease don't just stand thereLooking down at the floorIf something is wrongGive me just one little signIs there someone elsePlease tell meTell me what what what what's on your mindOnce when we'd meetYou'd run to hold me tightLife was so sweetUntil tonightPlease don't just stand thereGet it over if we're throughPlease don't just stand thereWhile my heart breaks in twoDon't be unfairHow can you be so unkindPlease stop hurting meAnd help meTell me what what what what's on your mind If it's a gameWe don't want to play itAnd if it's goodbyeWhy can't you just say itWhy make me cry like you doHow can you be so unkindPlease start loving meOr leave meTell me what what what what's on your mind **** you can listen on this link:
Open Handed Sharing
When feelings are hurt, WISE PHYSICIANwe curl in on ourselves like orange rinds,withholding even the possibility of reconciliation.Help us open up to new possibilities for righting wrong and sharing love without reservation,as the orange blossom offers its fragrance,the fruit its zesty sweetness.
Liverpool- Barcelona And Beyond
My train to Liverpool was on Thursday morning at 10am, I still had jet lag from Atlanta, so a grumpy dull mangled hair Janey got on the train at Glasgow Central. Old people opposite me got on with a whole chicken, a flask of tea and a loaf. I don't understand why folk need that much to eat on a train journey, its insane! Is there a famine?   The smell of the chicken was making me nauseous and all I wanted was a sleep. But it took THREE trains from Glasgow to Liverpool? How can that be possible? Didn't the Victorians sort that out years ago?   Anyway, got to Liverpool as I was hosting the Funny Women heats at the Unity Theatre and I managed to get an hour nap before the show. The show went good, loads of women up on stage doing there thing and then I headed off back to the hotel as I was up at 4am for a flight from Liverpool to Barcelona. I didn't bother sleeping as who can get up at 4am without screaming into a mirror and trying to get the tugs out of their own hair. The last time
Every day I wake upAnd the first thing I see is your faceAs I wipe the sleep from my eyesI can't help but picture your smileI can't wait to hear youWhen you say that you love meAnd I need you to knowThat I care and love you too
Things I Hate
  I despise sitting on a crowded train and we all know first class is empty with just one fat bloke touching his willy in there, enjoying the solitude as he alternated with fingering his silk tie and fighting the good fight of keeping his spectacles on his sweaty nose as his upper body shuddered. I merely walked past him and headed off to find the manager to ask about an upgrade.   The train manager sat in a cubicle watching the solitary man in first class touching himself on her personal CCTV in her wee special manager's cubby hole. "Can I get an upgrade to first class please" I asked.   She never took her eyes off the CCTV screen   "Yeah if you have a hundred pounds to spare?" she muttered as she watched the grainy screen.   "Really, that much to sit beside a lone masturbator?" I said as I nodded at the screen she was watching- the man was no longer fumbling...he was wiping his hands.   The train manager's head snapped straight at me "I beg your pardon?"   "Him on his ow
Starving For Lust
Sara's Graduation
About ten years ago I bought my house in a quiet neighborhood. Most of the neighbors were ok but I struck up a friendship with Rick and Lisa. Their daughter Sara was maybe 7 or 8. We spent a lot of time together having cook-outs, card games and such so it was no surprise when I received an invitation to Sara’s graduation party.   On Saturday afternoon I slipped a C in a card, grabbed some beers and headed over to their place. Sara came running over and jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist and arms around my neck, giving me a kiss on the cheek. She has been doing this every since I could remember. I sat with Rick sipping the beers while Lisa helped Sara tend to her guest. As the afternoon wore on it appeared to be that Sara was flirting with me but I thought that was crazy. I chalked up to the fact I was getting buzzed, after all she was just a kid. I decided to head home and as I was leaving Sara gave me another hug and said “You forgot my birthday, I just turned e
why some morphs should never be made   Lil SpunkyTexan Fuowned by Nicholas Fu protected by Shadow FuStalked By Amethyst Wyne@ fubar
I Thought I Was A Little Strange
I thought I was a little strange, even some of my mumms that are not sexual, turn into sex chat rooms, funny though!
Master Says...
Finish the sentence. "When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for...
Im Not Old Im Not New I Am Me The Gambler A Simple Man
This is not  aimed  at my friends  or fubar  in genereal its a wrning to those of furevalution and all those that attack me in generalOK heres the the deal folks i changed my name because of a stalker and a group called a fu revalution well i changed my name to stop B.S not because i am a cowerd as i have been called but to protect my friends they dont deserve this crap i lost several friends because of it, well heres the deal now  I am the gambler its a name i have had for a long time  the name simple man  was a name i chose cause it was how i was or am but no more it seems the simple man was not that simple im done  for those of who knew me as the gambler you knew i did not white wash any thing ive always backed up and proved my words  i did not take no shit from anyone well even though my name is a simple man im back and im not take ing no shit and if you are a member of fu revalation  or assusated with them no need to hit my page you will catch hell im back be it as the gambler or
Lots Of Stuff To Say
  London was awesome and I am now home. I stayed in the Groucho club which has rooms and they are awesome. It really isn’t as noisy as it used to be since they redecorated, and the beds are just…dreamy!   Staying right in the heart of Soho has its plusses and negatives, for one you are so central your name could just be called LONDON the down side is the madness that you witness going for a midnight stroll.   When you live in Soho you have to accept the place and not be too snooty about what you see with your own eyeballs.   For one, the homeless who beg on your doorstep will engage, harass and bug you and blame you for being ON THEIR PATCH…and I fully accept that. They were there before you. They need money and you clearly have it…so come on fat lady pay up! I don’t give cash anymore to the people who beg, not because I am some snooty up my own ass capitalist, but because there is a credit crunch on and they don’t like pennies being foiste
proliferate\pruh-LIF-uh-reyt\verb; 1.To increase or spread at a rapid rate. 2.Biology. To grow or produce by multiplication of parts, as in budding or cell division, or by procreation.
Death Dealer
The Death DealerHe creeps,He crawls,He slithers,He rolls,Who is this man, you ask?He's created in your fires Your deepest desiresHe's what you wantAnd you can have itFor a small price of courseIt's not much, for one such as yourselfThe counjourer of spirits A jack of all tradesWould you care to play his game?It's not that hardBut it requires a wagerNot money, but something more dearSo make your bid But do so wiselyBecause if you lose You'll find that the cost is pricey!
A Moment For Thought
Is it truely what it is For what it is or which it is not for that it is But it is not yet I say it is and when it is not it is
Should I Care?
I have many friends on this site that I care about, however, if I don't know you at all, and you jump in my sb, mumms, blogs or status complaining to me about your life, I may show a little empathy, but should I really care?
Something To Say To A Woman That Is Opinionated!
If I wanted your opinion, I would have taken my tool out of your mouth and beaten you with it!
I Am
There's an overpowering bewildering and wholly addicting quality about you.. thoughts of the sedation of your kiss.. the gravity in your smile and the way your wiles intoxicate and permeate me from distances and raise me to heights that make even the very heavens enviousI linger in the sway  of your tone... it resounds with bountiful echos through the hallows of my heart and floods it with a splash of comfort and knowing... and I amfalling with and yet somehow without, you are amazing indeed a treasure and I am blessed in every instance that I am graced with your silk-spun sweetly seductive eloquently romantic prose and like the dew that kisses sweetly the petals in a rose garden in the earliest hour of dawn, my eye glitters and gleams with a purity and contentment of a newborn child.. and I amcomforted at the thought of walking the world with you arm in arm amidst my dreams... in scenes and scenarios that I will retrace with curvy smirks as I stir my morning coffee and sigh that I am.
Today Is Very Stressful
Okay so the ex got married this past weekend, I texted him to say congrats to him and his new wife. The ex is the father of my two children, all the ex has to say is thanks. He never once asked about the boys. When I told him I had put in paperwork to get child support from him he got all pissed and said he was going to court to make me and the boys move back up to MA. So there's that stress from him, I try not to let it bother me but now I'm thinking what I should tell the children when they ask about their father. I didn't take him out of their lives, I still have him in pics in their baby albums. They should be able to know their father but he doesn't want anything to do with them. And I washed clothes all weekend long and put them away, I still have some to do but I figured since my back was hurting from moving heavy stuff around that I should try to relax some. Yeah that didn't happen b/c the boys pulled all my clean clothes out of the drawers and put them everywhere.  
Jeanie And The Giant Peach
My sister Jeanie turned forty-six this past Sunday.  I last saw her in Kentucky when Martha, the kids, and I went to visit my mom last month, and I thought of her as I reread Roald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach” (ISBN 055315317X).  Jeanie must have really loved this book growing up, for she (Crescent City class of ’82, so she’s eight years older than me) checked it out of our high school library and to my knowledge it’s never gotten back there.  Perhaps my sister’s own kids now in their mid-twenties have read it or it just lays forgotten in some nook.  Sad thing, to forget a book … Jeanie got on great with Sarah and Jeffrey, and as Mom had taken a turn for the worst she was open to listening to the Good News from my aunt Linda, her husband Larry, and even me when I got asked to speak.    “Down the main street of the village it rolled, with people leaping frantically out of its path right and left, and at the end of the stree
Keep Dancing Bitch!
Dance Like A Bitch?
First I don't walk on four legs,  I am a male, dogs dance?
Help Please?
soooooooooo............. i havent leveled in forever, cause i fail at whoring........... a little help?   i only have like 2,257,344 to go   pretty please with a cherry on top?
Stuff I Really Shouldn't Have To Say And Schedule Info
Mass-- Ok you can chalk this up to my mood. or the day I've had or whatever reason you may want to ignore or dismiss this. But I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE TIME.   1. if u want to DJ here that's fine. I appreciate your help. but if u have Committed , Asked to be placed on a steady schedule. do what u have committed. and no I'm not bitching about real life getting in the way I'm talking about .. the whiny ass "I don't wanna Dj to a lounge with only a few people in it" ..  .. Fubar is a social networking site... u should have friends that want to listen to u .. if u don't go fucking make some. I don't have the time to deal with that and I WILL NOT DEAL WITH THAT. 2. I don't ask any more of my DJs than I would do my self ...I have never said I am the best coder on fu nor will I, However, there are quite a few people who would say that. It didn't happen over nite. Nor did the ppls who tune in to the BoneYard where ever I do .. sometimes it take years of work to be an overnight succes
I think it's time to finally put one of my cats down to sleep soon. Been looking online for information to see if there was another way to help him but no luck. Since I found out he had those tumors a while ago, I couldn't really do too much since I couldn't afford the surgery. Now he's starting to lose body functions and showing a little more pain when I pick him up. Cats tend to hide their pain well. Sigh...I didn't want this day to come but I can't let him suffer. Found out mom needs surgery soon. Nice... I took her to make a doctors appointment will see what all will happen at her next doctors appointment.   Suckage...
The Seven Things I Hate About Miley Cyrus
1. Miley Cyrus is living proof that Billy Ray had sex with a woman. Now, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was consensual at least but I can't confirm that. Anyway, some skanky slut that adored his tight ass and sassy mullet let him finish inside her and thus is the trainwreck that will go down in history as Miley Cyrus. Either that or he had an achy-breaky condom. 2. Secondly, the whole "dual personality" thing is bullshit. Billy Ray, could you be any more desperate to exploit your daughter for your own good? No. Because creating a third personality would be outlandish. 3. That leads us to Hannah Montana. The name. The show. The look. Three things that make me nauseous. Seriously, who thought of that shit? Nickelodeon? I sincerely hope not. Just say Hannah Montana like five times fast and see how pissed off you are when you're done. Please feel free to let me know how that goes.4. Well, this topic should technically be classified under the third thing I hate
Aren't the only white people, really albinos?  I mean everyone else has some kind of color.
I Hate You
I hate how you made me fall for youI hate how I fell so hardI hate how you are my everythingI hate how you don't understandI hate how I care about youI hate how you don't want me I hate how you stole my heartI hate how you played with my mindI hate how you flirted with other people I hate how I cant get over you I hate how I only want youI hate how nothing can stop me from loving youI hate how you stay on my mindI hate how I acted when I was with youI hate how you can made me laugh like no one elseI hate how beautiful you areI hate how I compare all my guys to youI hate how that's the reason I'm single nowI hate how I am just a friendI hate how you wont give me a chanceI hate how I wanna spend the rest of my life with youBut what I really hate is how you can hurt me and I still Love You!!
Destro's Story
Born in Callander, Scotland, Destro’s full name is James McCullen Destro XXIV, and he is Laird of Castle Destro in the Scottish Highlands. The Destro clan has designed and sold weapons for centuries, and Destro is the head of their current incarnation: M.A.R.S.(Military Armament Research Syndicate). He wears a mask forged from beryllium steel, a tradition dating back to the English Civil War, when an ancestor of his was caught selling weapons to both sides. Forced to wear a steel mask for his crimes (neither side wanted to execute the ancestor because they still wanted the weapons he sold), the Destro clan has since turned it into a symbol of pride, passing it down from father to son for over 20 generations. In the episode "Skeletons in the Closet" it was also revealed that Destro is distantly related to Lady Jaye. Destro’s key characteristics are his sense of honor, a calm demeanor, and love for Cobra's second-in-command, the Baroness. As a businessman, Destro is cutthroa
Witchcraft Exposed
Witchcraft ExposedIt's amazingly simple when you know the secrets: how to blatantly take advantage of VERY EASY to use spells to make even your wildest dreams come true... so easily and simply it's almost unbelievable!Visit:
Wwe Appreciation Day
WWE salutes the WWE Universe with Fan Appreciation Day By: Corey Clayton Written: October 30, 2010 Triple H returned for Fan Appreciation Day at the XL Center in Hartford, Conn. Related Content Full Monday Night Raw coverage Full Friday Night SmackDown coverage More on WWE Survivor Series Get Triple H's new t-shirt at WWEShop Follow WWE on Twitter and Facebook HARTFORD, Conn. – As a tribute to the greatest fans in all forms of entertainment, WWE’s Fan Appreciation Day rocked a packed XL Center Saturday, with thousands of passionate WWE Universe members showing the love for their favorite Divas and Superstars – including the one-night-only return of The Game, Triple H - and those same ring warriors expressing likewise for their fans worldwide.  John Cena def. World Heavyweight Champion Kane by Disqualification (PHOTOS)With Kane’s scheduled opponent Big Show winning an Intercontinental Title Match in the event’s openi
Blank Bulletin Code
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So, I'm In Love... A Lot
with a much younger gay man.. mmm Adam Lambert... He's a sexy little fucker... rawrs does that make me a gay man in a woman's body ? cuz thats kinda hot too... fuck...      mi gusta the guy liner
All In A Day's Work
Was it just yesterday that your boss asked you to do nearly impossible things, like doing a presentation for a big account due the next day? It's easy to get fed up when you get yourself tangled in such a sticky situation. One can get furious when being pushed beyond the limit. What's the worst? You'd feel awful because you're being asked too much and you get just a four-figure pay.I never imagined that I'd be pressed into charity works, but indeed God has a way of putting people right where they should be. He drove me away into a far-flung area my friends have never heard of and offered me just one job so I wouldn't have a choice but to grab it. When I signed my contract, I was promised hardship and discomfort. I was warned that instead of earning a salary, I'd have to pay for my own expenses. But God changed my perspective. He's been faithful and has provided my needs. He made me realize that I was in time of my life that I can be of service to Him.In about a year of su
It's Usually Easy For Me To Let Things Go - But This Time It's Not.
Sometimes, when you cross a line, it's a one-way street. There's no going back. Be careful of the bridges you burn--it very well may cause you to drown.
sometimes the one with the biggest smile is hurting the mostsometimes, she thinks it'd be better to be a ghostit takes so much of her energy to do this day after daywhen did she become this?  for her there is no other waythe pain, sometimes is so greatsometimes she wishes she'd just meet her fateit is so dark inside her mind... sometimes
Recipe For Eggnog
Here is a great home-made recipe for eggnog that I have used for years, and I have always received great compliments on it.....   Ingredients 2 dozen eggs* 2 qts. milk (whole milk or low-fat) 2 cans evaporated milk 8 oz. vanilla extract 4 c. granulated sugar 10-12 dashes cinnamon 10-12 dashes nutmeg 1 pt. 151-proof rum 1 pt. bourbon 1 c. brandy DirectionsPut eggs in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a bowl.Add milk to the mixture, keep stirring constantly. Add evaporated milk, keep mixing. Add vanilla, keep mixing. Add sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, still mixing, of course.Add rum, bourbon, and brandy. Refrigerate after it is made. It tastes best when chilled. It is very powerful and tasty!Makes approximately 1 gallon (fills a giant punch bowl).*Food safety experts warn against eating raw eggs. I, like many others, am willing to assume the risk of using raw eggs in this recipe. Raw eggs may contain salmonella which can make you very sick and in ra
More Blogging! John Hughes Style
New blog:   Have fun :)
Fun With Joe
I've actually been hanging out with friends during winter break it's awesome!Realized I never hung out with My friend Joe 1 on 1 today. He was worried my ex would want tobeat him up. He's the kinda guy that thinks every guy just wants to get in my pantswhich ok I'm not gonna say that no guy has ever tried befriending me to get in mypants but Joe isn't one of em. I think the real problem is that Joe is just one of thosepeople that is very comfortable to be around. He's been hurt badly by women in the pastand for that reason has been single for going on 8 years...crazy.So we ended up going out to eat then watching a B horror movie called"beware! children at play". It was horrible and I ended up liking it more then hedid but it was almost on the verge of bad bad.He owed me a drink so I got some really tasty beer that he bought thats really expensive.It's raspberry flavored and oh so yummy. I was also invited to the New Years party he's having, don't know if I can go yetbut it sounds like
Fu New Years Auction Come & Join
Hey there! Come & Join The Fu New Years Auction! Here Are The Auction Rules All I need from you is your photo and your offers and I'll do the rest! Here are your auction rules! 1. The entry fee will be 100k to enter starting bid will be 150k  2. I will be promoting this heavily BUT self promotion is a must! 3. Absolutely NO drama or I will delete your auction Tag.  Lets have a BLAST with this! 4. I am not responsible for the highest bidder not paying you 5. Please PM your entry's no shout boxs please! 6. Let's Have Fun and Happy Bidding!  AUCTION WILL START WHEN I GET 10 ENTRYS AND ENDS WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE BID  So Come and Join & thanks for your time repost for me please xoxox Auction Brought to You By: AngeLily Owned by Bronco and HerbalRemedy
Real Life Of An Addict. Please Comment With Honest Opinions Before I Submit To Admissions.
Slaying the Monster                               By Sally M Smith      This isn’t going to be a typical essay; you may not consider it an essay at all, but a story. This is a true story, this is my story. Let me share with you how I got here, how I came to know exactly what I am meant to do with my life.    I plan to spend my life helping kids slay the Monster named addiction. I say Monster because it takes over, eats at you bit by bit and is out to destroy not only you, but those who love you as well. We often find ourselves asking why we are here. What is the meaning of life? Why was I created? I feel that I have found the answer to those questions, and while I know I may be wrong I honestly hope that I am not. I believe we are here to struggle and suffer and use what we have learned from our own experiences to help others overcome similar struggles in their own lives.    As a child I was introduced to drugs very early on by my mother. She would give me prescription pai
Dreamlike silence shrouds my sullen worldWith loneliness keeping me companyA feeling of dejection creeps inside meAs a moment of mourning shares the tearful reality I find myself in solitudein the vast expanse of immense emptinessQueries overflowing, wailing and wonderingfor things still left unspoken All the things turn out to bebleary, bleak and drearyAs tears trickle tenderlyKnowing failure has come my way
Baby Making For Nerds
There once lived 2 computers that met on the net, the lived hapily spamming eachother over the years. One day they swaped coolant fluids n made beautiful hardware. They grew fast and constantly needed to be updated. They later grew up and tookover the net as their parents did n made beautiful malware which spread across the net. The parents grew out of date as their hardware soon grew to be full grown towers as they were. Soon they moved onto other sites n made more hardware n made many processors and became one big happy station.    That is all for this random thought of the week.
Never Making The Same Mistake For Anyone Again
back in June 29 2009 i ended up pulling a knife on this guy who was my ex roommate for hitting my now ex gf i told him i would kill him if he did it again blinded by rage and poor judgmental i almost took his life he ended up calling the cops on me the man is 33 years old and he is alot more fucked up then i am and  he was off his meds my family was in danger and iam sorry but most cops don't give a flying fuck when you do call them at least in my experience that's what i have learn from when i called them before in the past specially in mesa and they either just write a report or they just think its a joke   i had my grandma who was living with me at the time my dog and 4 cats i was not going to just stand by and watch him do what ever i realize it was poor judgment but no one in my same shoes would not do the same thing   i was facing prison for my act even tho it was in self defensive i was facing 2.5 years   since they lower my charge i now am on probation for 3 years they s
What's Your Dark Element?
Your Dark Element is Metal You are a very formal and elegant person. You are neat to the point of being meticulous. You are both humble and proper. You never want to be a burden on others. You are a bit cool and aloof to people you don't know well. It takes you a while to warm up. You can be bossy and inflexible when you feel stressed. You don't budge easily. What's Your Dark Element? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
What Black And White Animal Are You?
You Are a Skunk You are confident about your place in the world, and you've happily carved out your own niche. You have a strong personality, and you have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You don't think that you are strange, but others tend to think you are a bit eccentric. You are brilliant and a rule breaker. Social graces don't come easily for you. What Black and White Animal Are You? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
The Heart Tattoo Test
Your Love is Unpredictable Your love is hard for others to understand or anticipate. There's no telling who or what you'll love next. You find love and friendship in the most unlikely places. For you, it's all about chemistry and connection. You don't pay attention to friends, family, or society when deciding who to love. You always go with your intuition. It's rarely led you astray when it comes to matters of the heart. The Heart Tattoo Test Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
Master Slave Details
  1 AGREEMENT   1.1 Binding Agreement   This document, dated TENTH day of FEBRUARY 2008 (herein known as the "start date"), is a five year contract of voluntary slavery between Andrew XXXXXXXXXX herein referred to as "Master", "Him", "He" or the related form "Master's" and Matthew XXXXXXXXXX herein referred to as "slave", "sex slave", "pain slave", "houseboy" or "it" or the related forms "its" or "itself". The agreement consists of 8 main clauses with numerous sub-clauses within them and supersedes any previous contract or agreement. slave, through signing this contract, is binding itself totally and completely, without limit (except as explicitly defined below), irrevocably to servitude to Master. slave relinquishes all legal and cultural (and both explicit and presumed) rights, privileges, prerogatives and status to Master to become His property as a slave for Him to own and use as He sees fit.   1.2 Term   This contract is binding for five calendar years from the
More From A Mother's Heart
I watched my kids grow from infants to young adults. As a mother I have done my best to encourage them through their trying times, kiss away their bumps and bruises, give advice and direction when needed,  punishments whether they wanted it or not, and held them through their tears and pain. I watched my oldest take her first steps into the world as a young adult, holding my breath, hoping she will survive on her own and take with her what I tried to teach her as she was growing up. My oldest has been on her own for about 3 years and she is doing great. Of course it hasn't been all peaches and cream but life is about struggles, and what does not break you will definitely make you stronger. Well now my second child is months away from taking that first step into the world and I am remembering the same feelings I had when my first one left the nest, but I know he is going to be okay. He is getting ready to go into the Army and he has a good head on his shoulders. You want your children t
Off The Grid
I want to travel by myself. I feel like I just NEED some time away. Dont get me wrong..I love my friends, family, cell phone and laptop. But I feel a need to just go! even if just for a day. Back when I was 21, I went to study in France. I did a lot of travelling with friends, but a great experience I had was traveling to Nice(that is pronounced like niece). I just decided I wanted to go. So I got on a bus, and walked around, found a cute hotel, walked on the beach, made out with a stranger. now, I feel lost without the gd cell phone/internet. So I think I am just going to trust in the universe and go to where I am supposed to go, just for me
Lost In Time
She does'nt like me the way she used to. I brought it on myself. I Loved her to quickly, I fell for her to hard. I did not realize it was just a game. Now I don't know how to ask her to forgive me. I don't know how to repair what I thought was meant to be. I suppose it never was. I think of her all the the time but I fear it has all been lost. I'll accept the pain of a Love that was'nt there. I will thank God however for the time we shared. If it is to be that this is the way it must be. I would'nt change a thing because I will always Love her. The memory of her words and the beauty of her face. The simple treasure and her hidden grace. That will fill my thoughts in a special place. Somewhere lost in time.
What My Day Is Like
my day is very slow and sometimes boring..nice weather get out in the sun for a bit, but not too much as some of the meds I am taking for my ankle and depression cause some sensitivity to the sun..(yuck)..I wait and see if any one is handing out is saturday and there is a group that comes out and serves bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, pancakes and coffee...yummmy lol...I am ok now for food til my food stamps run out then I just have to wait on the generosity of people til the 8th of next month.. so most of the time I am just sitting in the park, watching people, smoking, (sometimes I have to scrounge butts for tobacco) and listening to my nice lazy day..also come up to the library for my 90 minutes of time on line..
Sorry I Haven't Been Online Much Lately!!
Sorry I haven't been on much lately,I have a job now and I have started going back to school and getting my diploma! thats very important to me right now! I have been focusing on Only the important things right now. I've been doing fine I haven't forgot any of you. How are all of my fubar friends and family doing? I will try to be on when I can.I'am just an extreamly busy bee right now!. Love to all of you.
am so glad you thinkeverything is about you skank... but what ever as for the road go get tested.... cuz hes got creepys.... but then again you probably gave them to him... besides if that was so damn good you and hi would be together instead of with other ppl but hey you can try to piss me off all you want... but it doesnt really matter to me CUZ I AM A GUY U DUMB FUCKING FAT ASS>>>> MAYBE IF YOUR BRAINS WERE AS BIG AS YOUR ASS YOU WOULDNT BE A FUCKING RETARD
If I Know Him
I wonder if I know himIn whose speech is my voice,In whose movement is my being,Whose skill is in my lines,Whose melody is in my songsIn joy and sorrow.I thought he was chained within me,Contained by tears and laughter,Work and play.I thought he was my very selfComing to an end with my death.Why then in a flood of joy do I feel himIn the sight and touch of my beloved?This 'I' beyond self I foundOn the shores of the shining sea.Therefore I knowThis'I' is not imprisoned within my bounds.Losing myself, I find himBeyond the borders of time and space.Through the AgesI come to know his Shining SelfIn the Iffe of the seeker,In the voice of the poet.From the dark clouds pour the rains.I sit and think:Bearing so many forms, so many names,I come down, crossing the thresholdOf countless births and deaths.The Supreme undivided, complete in himself,Embracing past and present,Dwells in Man.Within Him I shall find myself -The 'I' that reaches everywhere.~ Rabindranath Tagore
The Deep Pit On The Edge
For The First Time
For The First Time She’s all layed up in bed with a broken heart while i’m drinking Jack all alone in my local bar and we don’t know how how we got into this mad situation, only doing things out of frustration trying to make it work but man, these times are hard she needs me now but i can't seem to find the time i got a new job now on the unemployment line and we don’t know how how we got into this mess is a god’s test, someone help us cos where doing our best trying to make it work, but man, these times are hard but we are gonna stop by drinking all cheap bottles of wine sit talking up all night, saying things we haven’t for a while, a while yeah you're smiling but we're close to tears, even after all these years we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time ooowwwwwww ooowwwwwww ooowwwwwww she's in line at the door with her head held high well i just lost my job, but didn’t lose my pride and we both know how how we are
Wedding Gowns-the Magical Stuff Of Summer Time Wedding Dreams
You float lower the aisle for the altar where your groom waits,and without anyone's knowledge,your hear the soulful serenade of Chris Ledoux: "Just give you credit,girl Standin'here with me at night Starlight in your hair Searching wonderful I imagined somewhere... You're indeed an attractive vision inside your wedding dress of French lace and pastel floral beadwork.That's how wedding gowns can like magic transform brides to fairy princesses.So pick one design from individuals lovely wedding dresses to create your march lower the aisle the items that dreams are constructed with. Selecting THE Wedding Gown Something old,new things,something lent-but should it continually be something blue?Modern brides are escaping.from the traditional norm when selecting wedding gowns.It's no more the customary lengthy whitened gowns they would like to put on.They choose something which personalizes their personas as well as their dreams. If you are imaging to drift lower the aisle wonderful,ta
You Finish The Story
You walk up behind me and wrap you arms around my waist and press you cock again my back and I can tell just how much you want me. Whispering in my ear," I want you." I start to dance slowly grinding on your cock making you harder for me you can't stand it spinning me kissing me nice and soft pressing in to me. I can't breath I am melting as you kiss me, Caughting my breath I say," never in my life have I felt that before." We stop dancing walk over to one of the tables sit down you start to unzip my pants putting your hand down them fingering and playing getting me wet you lean over to me kissing my neck and bitting my ear, than say, lets go to my car, I agree and follow you getting to your car sitting in the front seat you start the car and unzip my pants start playing with me well driving to your take you hand out of my pants and lick your fingers saying, "mmmmmm you taste good." 
Bored... So yeah, whatever, bye. :D
They Say
beauty that dont compare they say lovely eyes they say nice and sexy body they say i love your lips they say such a sexy voice they say so gorgous they say let me see more of you they say show me how naughty you can be they say     its what you DONT say that i pay attention to, and the amount of effort givin. i know your looking at the screen kinda puzzled right now  its becasue you must be one who "they say" lol 
K.g.b. Support
New K.G.B. Home Page show support to your local Kool Girls and Boys fam here and all the members in it. Feel free to update here on anything and everything and updates will be posted as such as we get new things in and new things made for all the fam and updates on members. Much love to the fam you all rock :D
Need You
I love you more then any heart can stand, and soon you will be here, holding onto my hand. Tomorrow is to far away, you belong with me yesterday. To wait another minute would cause my heart to break, I need now to hold me. To show me you are true, there is nothing in this word I wouldn't do for you. There is so much in life we miss and take for granted, but my love for you is overflowing. Like and endless filling cup, when my heart was down and out you lifted it back up. I give you all my life my dreams, my hopes of better days. So that we may share the rest of them in our own special loving way. To you I may be a sweet and handsome guy, and for this I thank you my lovely lady. It fills my heart with pride. You are so amazing and yes it's very true you are wonderful and caring, and I am me because your you. Be my wife my otherhalf, my soulmate both complete. No more seaching for a love, that was layed right at our feet I will be your romeo, and you my juliet, but without the tragidy. W
Santa Is Angry
I don't think I'm going to get my stock in Microsoft this Christmas cause Santa is still angry at me for eating his cookies last year. I told him it wasn't me but it was as if HE KNEW I was lying. I mean it was as if he knew when I was sleeping and knew when I was awake. (fyi: Santa invented Google) But that wont stop me: I have a foolproof plan to pin the cookie theft on the Wilson"s. I'll plant some evidence but can I get anyone to lie to Santa for me? 
Just Now
Steven Reynolds pfft why you liking that comment ya damn drunk 15 minutes ago  Matthew Reynolds didn't even drink last night 15 minutes ago Steven Reynolds
T He Ghost Of You .
Like a ghost I feel you in my room  Your hand slides a cross my face So sensual Just the thought of your touch I know you are not here but I feel you every where Seems to be to much More then I had asked For The , thought of you, Leaves me wanting more Laying in my bed Eyes shut Relaxed , Deep in my thoughts of you Where are you ? It seems to be tricking Me Swear , I have touched you I know , I feel your lips on mine Distants and time Distants and time Oh , the dista
Something To Think About For This Valentine's Day: A Date With The Other Woman
After 21 years of marriage, I discovered a new way of keeping alive the spark of love. A little while ago I started to go out with another woman. It was really my wife's idea."I know you love her," she said one day, taking me by surprise. "But I love YOU!" I protested. "I know, but you also love her." The other woman my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who has been a widow for 19 years. The demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night, I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. "I thought it would be pleasant to pass some time with you," I responded. "Just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment, then said, "I would like that very much." That Friday, after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I
Lone Wolf
When I was a child before I would fall asleep,I would pray to God my soul to keep.Now that I have grown nothing has changed,accept for my family's thoughts of me which are deranged.They tell me that should I not change I will lose my soul.It seems that changing me has become their lifetime goal.For I am the black sheep for the whole world to see.Why in the hell can't they just let me be?I am so tired of the preaching and the pain.By picking on me I still don't understand what they have to gain.I believe in God and I know he understands.I just place it all in his hands.Because I don't go to a church and believe the way they do,I am an outcast onto which they love to spew.They say they do it out of love, feels more like hate.Is being treated like this my by the one's I love most my only fate?Is being a lone wolf what is destined for me?Am I the only one to be uprooted from my family tree?I am so tired of playing this painful game.I hang my head carrying my last name.
Four Months
It's been four months since I seen your beautiful face.It's been four months since I felt your warm embrace.Every night before I fall asleep,I hold your picture close and sometimes weep.I miss your soft loving eyes.I guess I will always will, everyday it feels like a part of me dies.I long to hear that sweet voice.The few chances I do get makes my heart rejoice.I still remember that one journey song.The one I wish had played all night long.You see that night I never wanted you to go.Yet as life would have it time made it so.I can still feel the gentleness of your kiss.I can still taste you on my lips.I hate myself for saying goodbye.Even as I write this tears stream from my eyes.Please know that my heart is true,And that it only beats in this life for you.
World: Coherence In The Making Of Important Choices
More on Making Choices are an Every-Day Action, for Individuals and Groups or Moral Creatures: Organizations, Countries and such.Every Single Choice can be Important: For The Future, your Future, your Children's Future.Nowadays Countries, Governments, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents have to make Choices for The Nation or Nations they Publically Serve.Most Nations Choose generally between Remaining or Disapearing from The World every Time they Face Another One: Nation, in a Serious Conflict.Economic Conflict, not really: More like a kind of a War: Kind of because like Many Things, War is has Legal Body Defined by Several United Nations Articles Of Law.Economics: Economic Conflicts are generally Ruled by Commercial Associations, Commerce Treaties and Contracts Peacefully Aquired through Inter-Governmental Meetings.Wars, Conflicts between Nations are to be Decided through Direct, Hard and Serious Negociations or unfortunately Millitary Combat and Strikes.Choices ar
Israel: Ramon Airbase Wastewater Treatment Facility
More on February 16 2012, a New WasteWater Treatment Facility is being Built to Recycle Sweage Water to be used for Parks and Agricultural Irrigation.With this Factory, IDF, Israel will Save Thousands of Cubic meters of Water every year and half of a Million Shkalim.  More in the Sources... Sources: "IDF:".
Holding You
To hold you in my arms to kiss your soft sweet lips a feeling of exctasy takes over my mortal soul it puts me in a trance from wich there's no escape... Been placed under a spell since the first time i kissed those lips i was enchanted by your beauty my heart is yours to hold a feel of forever i feel when you are near i lost in your eyez so please dont ever let me go... I cant imagine life without you in my arms i feel as i would slowly wither away DIE...
The Lonely
The Lonely by Kenneth Matlock on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 9:14pm  Sometimes I wish the world would wash back over me. Sometimes I wish I could learn to simply let it be. Sometimes I know this I was not meant to see.   Though does it all seem to come to me in spite Like waging clouds smothering the morning light A million wailing ghosts lost in the endless night   You think that you can see the end, but I promise it's only jest Clutch your hands into a ball and place them upon your chest It's all you can do but simply try your best   To keep your heart intact, and to ever lay at rest...
Dr. Suzy & Pr. Max’s 20th Wedding Anniversary Celebration This Saturday + Hot New Design!!
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute   This Saturday Night, April 14th on The Dr. Susan Block Show Dr. Suzy & Pr. Max’s 20th Wedding Aniversary   This Saturday night’s live broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show will celebrate Max’s and my 20th wedding anniversary, including the true romance of how we met and fell in love, and somehow stayed in love and in lust despite (or because of) countless people, police and forces of nature seemingly hell-bent on tearing us apart, lo these 20 years.       JOIN US IN STUDIO
Tips For Lounge Owners
OK, I'm going to be as nice as I can. It's 2 AM and I'm... well me.   First off, using SAM and autoDJ is the laziest fucking thing I've ever seen. It used to fly in Second Life but really, shuffling an Ipod and broadcasting it does NOT make you a DJ. It's lazy.    DJs taking requests is a step up. It shows they didn't just put SAM on auto and walk out of the room. They're trying.   I REALLY want a DJ that talks between songs. Greet people in the lounge. Say shit, read the chat and interact! Good CHRIST I have never seen a DJ in a lounge that voices on the station.    Live kareokes, bands, ect. Live webshows. It could be huge. Strippers/sex in NSFW lounges. It's all about members and views right? Do something different!   Cam "hotties."  I'm not going to say it but yeah. We all know. Put a hot dude or chick on cam in your lounge. Guaranteed traffic.   Live auctions. When the hell did this stop? It was awesome. People could bid bling or other crap for "ownership."    Guest
Thank You
A Soldier's Prayer
All he wants to do is win the fight Standing up for his fellow men Defending every single American His wife cries herself to sleep Unable to believe That her love is far away Waiting to hug him on that special day His children sleep the night through Waiting for daddy to return, too A single tear leaves his eye Just trying to get by He has been there for awhile And has walked many miles Seeing things he will never share Things he cannot bear Time stands still in this moment It is nothing but torment He says a prayer for his family Bent down on his knee Lord, please keep them safe from harm Lord, please keep them warm I love them with all of my heart Please don't keep us apart And with that thought in mind He feels safe and kind His wife thousands of miles away Kneels down and prays Lord, please keep him safe from harm Lord, please keep him warm I love him with all of my heart Please don't keep us apart
Answer These
Would you kiss me? [ ] Hell Yea [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] already did(hehe) Would you do me? [ ] In an instant! [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] you look to sweet to fuck [ ] already did Am I attractive? [ ] Heck no [ ] hot as Hell [ ] Fine [ ] Cute [ ] Okay I think ur pretty [ ] Sexy [ ] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 4 things you would like to know about me? 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe Would you rather.. [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Marry me [ ] Friends [ ] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [ ] boxers [ ] whitie tighties [ ] thongs [ ] g-string [ ] granny panties [ ] boy shorts [ ] none What's ur favorite position? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ] 4 [ ] 5 [ ] 6 [ ] 7 [ ] 8 [ ] 9 [ ] 10 What would you want me to be to you or what do you think about me? [ ]
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Hot Summer Days
It was 90 degrees outside, the air conditioner had brokendown, and what's more, she hadn't had any sex for more than twomonths, It was the middle of a sweltering Saturday afternoon, andshe sat alone and naked in her apartment, the heat making her body shine withsweat.   She thought about the last time.. Her mouth filled with saliva as she rememberedthe taste of his cock on her lips. She moaned and slid one hand down to hercunt, tenderly stroking her clit. Her other hand cupped her fullbreasts, pinching the nipples erect. Her cunt filled the air with thesweet smell of sex as she got excited.   Abruptly she stopped her gentle masturbation. Coming to adecision, she went into her bedroom to put on some clothes. She put onsome sheer nylons, clipping them to a garter belt. Then she puton a thin tank top with no bra, her breasts straining against thecotton. She added a tight denim skirt and some sandals, put on somesunglasses, and went out into the b
Today Over A Decade Ago...
Something To Think About...
"What if all women were bigger and stronger than you? And thought they were smarter? What if women were the ones who started wars? What if too many of your friends had been raped by women wielding giant dildos and no K-Y jelly? What if the state trooper who pulled you over on the New Jersey Turnpike was a woman and carried a gun? What if the ability to menstruate was the prerequisite for most high-paying jobs? What if your attractiveness to women depended on the size of your penis? What if every time women saw you they'd hoot and make jerking motions with their hands? What if women were always making jokes about how ugly penises are and how bad sperm tastes? What if you had to explain what's wrong with your car to big sweaty women with greasy hands who stared at your crotch in a garage where you were surrounded by posters of naked men with hard-ons? What if men's magazines featured 14-year old boys with socks tucked into the front of their jeans and articles like: 'How to tel
You Live With It!!
The pain is too intense, to ignore. I need to find the key, to lock this door. To lock it forever, and never find it again. The door that opens a gateway, to back then. It’s in my head, I can’t get over the pain. The constant battle, the screaming of their names. I am not sure if I was, living at all. My heart was beating, but from behind a wall. A wall I built for myself, only I know. Somewhere safe in my head, I would go. Whenever they would creep in my room, take it from me once again. It was never really me they took, they couldn't get in. To my safe place, inside my mind. I had to be there, at that place and time. Otherwise I would have been, forever lost. But a piece of me is still stuck there, I will pay what it cost. To just forget, to wipe the slate clean. To start over, a new beginning. To be able to reach out, and someone grab my hand. To not be the victim, to not understand. What it’s like, to be on the strong survi
Chapter 30 Epilogue
accidentally Chapter 30 Epilogue I nodded weakly, still trying to take it all in. Evan Chandler, the man I haven't seen in two years was the guy who just spilt my coffee all over my favorite cardigan. "I never thought I'd see you again." he laughed with relief, eyes shining with warmth. "You look great." My cheeks turned red, as I bit my lower lip, a habit I had whenever I felt nervous. The thing was that there was never an Evan and I after everything that happened. After the day at the photography club classroom, everything just changed. He kissed me, and I kissed him back. As much as I liked it, I knew he wasn't thinking about me when he was kissing me. He was thinking about Hollis. So, I pushed him away, despite how heartbroken he looked. I told him right then and there that there was never going to be us, ever again. Especially not after what he did to me. "Thanks." I whispered, staring at the liquid that was trailing across the countertop. Evan opened his mouth to say something
Daddy Or Granddaddy?
One of my best roleplay friends plays my "grandpa" and it is so much fun. He is the best. He knows what I need. He tells me to straddle my sister's fingers while he watches. He has me suck a stranger's cock (or worse) while he watches and fucks my pussy, or suck him and drain his balls while another man fucks me. He writes about providing dogs for me to suck n fuck. and other kinky stuff like this: grandpa will take you out in the country,to a horse farm..Once there,i'll tie a horse near you,and you can play with his big cock..Jerk him off and cover ur face in horse cum,u nasty cum whore. Now get back in the car,and dont bother getting dressed.I want the truckers to see my grand daughters tits n ass,and to see her sucking on my cock as trucks pass us.. While ur entertaining the dogs,u can watch grandpa lick ur sisters ass n pussy,and the two of us will verbally abuse you..It is awesome watching you sucking and getting fucked,you slut,but grandpa is gonna put a butt plug up ur as
Greek Companies Face 'annihilation' Amid Debt Crisis
Greece's recession-hit businesses face "annihilation", a leading chamber of commerce has warned, as a fatal combination of falling sales and job cuts meant the country was in its worst economic shape for 14 years. The association, representing a sector which employs nearly 18pc of the Greek workforce, presented an annual study forecasting a further drop in sales and job cuts in an economy where the unemployment rate currently exceeds 25pc. Photo: Reuters 5:18PM GMT 19 Nov 2012 3 Comments "Returning to 1984 purchasing power levels, 1998 employment levels and 1999 salary levels will not help Greece's economy in 2013," said Vassilis Korkidis, chairman of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (Esee). The association, representing a sector which employs nearly 18pc of the Greek workforce, presented an annual study forecasting a further drop in sales and job cuts in an economy where the unemployment rate currently exceeds 25pc. More
Nickolas wasnt very happy. Whenever Sheri went away, for ANY reason, He was distraught. Simply, He missed her. Her touch, Her kisses, anything about Her, if she wasnt there, He just missed her. And it wasnt Sheri's fault. She had a life, and could go where she wanted. But it eemd like...this trip was worse. And it wasnt even about Him, this time, He knew that sometimes, when he got melancholy, He would take it out on her, making her remain tied, or shackled, for hours. In no real danger, She just had to lie there, waiting, while HE reveled in her, just being where he could see her. Usually, Sheri stayed right by his side, kneeling, or sitting on his chair with him. Butt, this trip, however short, was somehow different. Nickolas trusted her with his life. Still, they hadnt had much to talk about lately. Every couple has these times, and Nickolas plicked up on them most times. So...He thought, while she was waiting to come back home, He thought he should tell her a few things. The first
Android – Savedinstancestate Bundle Faq
What is the savedInstanceState Bundle?The savedInstanceState is a reference to a Bundle object that is passed into the onCreate method of every Android Activity. Activities have the ability, under special circumstances, to restore themselves to a previous state using the data stored in this bundle. If there is no available instance data, the savedInstanceState will be null. For example, the savedInstanceState will always be null the first time an Activity is started, but may be non-null if an Activity is destroyed during rotation.Read More -
Earn High Salaries," Joorabchian Said. "however, We Didnt Talk About The Economic Aspect With Galliani." Milan Is Hunting For A Striker, W
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Padres have signed right-hander Ross Ohlendorf to a big league contract and designated right-hander Matt Palmer for assignment. Donte Whitner Jersey . Ohlendorf was 4-3 with a 4.61 ERA in 10 starts for Triple-A Pawtucket in the Boston Red Sox organization this season. Over parts of five major league seasons with the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates, he is 14-28 with a 4.77 ERA. Palmer made three appearances for the Padres, posting a 9.00 ER. He had made seven starts for Triple-A Tucson prior to having his contract selected on May 20. Patrick Willis Black Jersey . Patrick Rafter, Jim Courier, Michael Chang, Mats Wilander and Todd Martin are also scheduled to compete in the four-player mini-tournaments. Each event will feature one-set semifinals and a one-set title match. Colin Kaepernick 49ers Jersey . Webber, who won Sundays British Grand Prix, sits second in the championship standings behind Ferraris Fernando Alonso.
Down And Getting To The
OAKLAND, Calif. Richard Sherman Pink Jersey . -- Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers capitalized on mistakes instead of making them for a change. Rivers threw a 6-yard touchdown pass to Malcom Floyd and Nate Kaeding kicked five field goals to spoil Dennis Allens debut as Oakland coach by beating the Raiders 22-14 on Monday night. "Ive always tried to take care of the football and be smart but you have to be able to manage the situation," Rivers said. "The situation today was our defence was playing good, our special teams is getting the ball. ... If you go back since Ive been playing here and we dont turn the ball over, its 90-something per cent we win. That was the key for the offence tonight." The Raiders were looking to start a new era on a positive note but were done in by an offence that couldnt score a touchdown until the final minute and three botched punts after an injury to Pro Bowl long snapper Jon Condo. The Chargers did enough to win on a night they started undrafted r
Subject Matter:: " OBVIOUSLY I am annoyed right now " Gender of the subject matter :: MALE   I am not one of those spiteful hateful females who feel the need to bash every man in the history of the penis, but right now...right this second I have one male in mind who I want to bash across the face with my words of wisdom. ( He is not on this site )   OBVIOUSLY... The word never made me more sick in my life.. " OBVIOUSLY I am annoyed right now..." How the fuck am I suppose to know when your annoyed when your bitch ass called me. " You Ok? " I ask in a sweet tone because unfortunately he is the only male that I also have the softest spot for. " Drop it. " He yells back at me..   Really?... This is how he treats I am utter garbage. He HAS to be bipolar...or just fucking special.   Not only has he cheated on me, left me numerous times and made fun of me behind my back..but each time when his stupid ass goes into the hospital because of his " disease " of sorts..Do
Worst Pick Up Line Ever?
Found this in my sb this morning and thought does that really work? .....Worst pick up line ever? mmmm would you be offended if i said i wanna bend you over and shove my hard cock deep inside your soaking wet pussy?
Being Dom ( Being A Good Dominant Isn't Easy )
I am a dominant and have been for quite some time. I have gained a myriad of experience down the years, some of it good and some of it not so good. But in that time, I have learned one very important lesson....we never stop learning. It is fraught with issues, problems and challenges. Patience and sanity can often be tested but in the end, the result should be incredibly rewarding. Dominance is not just about an ability to tie knots and it is certainly not derived from barking orders to weak and vulnerable submissives. True unadulterated dominance takes time, patience and effort to achieve. It also manifests itself in many ways, and who is to say what is right and what is wrong. No two dominants are the same, just as no two submissives are the same either. Equally, the submissive has a role to play too. All to often I have seen bad subs make good Doms look and act bad. This is a two way street, and that must never be forgotten There are some basic tools and techniques to
Dreaming Of The Day
    Here in the darkness he lies awake as she slumbers on his chest. Cozy is her hand in his and deep is her breath. He waits not for the morning sun but, for the day. Serenity as pure as the graceful shore, were pain subsides and endures no more. He wonders what she dreams of and if his thoughts are of her own. Just her breathing can be heard and her heart beat felt. A tear rolls off his cheek but she will not know of his joy for her. Not yet, no, time is abundant he ponders. “Soon” he, whispers in her ear, “Soon my love, soon you will know without a doubt.” His tear dries with a damped streak sensation down his cheek. She wakes for a moment to turn over and says to him. “My side hurts”, and that she loves him. Poking out his cigar and shutting the door to his thoughts. He adjusts the covers and turns over to her too, dream the dream of his assuring day, The day when love conquers all.
Training & Changing
The hearing in court had been brief. She had refused to press charges, and the district attorney had reluctantly accepted the plea agreement that his lawyer had put forth. He wouldn't go to prison, and he certainly deserved to go to prison, but he would not be getting off Scot free either. His wife would have him by the balls for the next two years. If he misbehaved, his butt was mud.He stood before the judge in prison grays and a waist chain to which his hands were tightly cuffed. Additionally his ankles were hobbled by irons that were connected to the chain around his waist. His wife eyed him from the gallery behind what was usually the defense table of the courtroom. She looked concerned, but she nodded to her shackled husband. The judge gaveled the proceedings to order."James Bartlet, you a fortunate man to have such an understanding and forgiving wife. It is only because she was willing to speak on your behalf that you have been spared living the next five years of your life in st
Selection And Simplicity Of Ordering
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The Football Kits Must Match The Players So Nicely They Expertise No Discomfort
Football Kit Store Finding The very best Quality Football Kits On-lineFootball has won the hearts of millions of men and women all over the planet. Football is popularly acknowledged as soccer. Before few years it has emerged as one of essentially the most Maillot Angleterre speak to sports activities all over the world in its style, and it has grow to be "all the rage". Football is a very invigorating sport, that is played throughout the world. Football continues to be cherished for a prolonged time and also the game has its contenders in all corners in the planet. In the event you are already planning to perform the game religiously then you need to have a correctly well-organized football kit.A "Football kit" does not only refer for the shirts, but towards the total apparel that's to get worn from the crew members, as well as the standard gear that's employed when enjoying the sport. The terms and laws of this wonderful Maillot Espagne not to take advantage of anything
Le Soccer Jersey - Une Question D'identité
Rien identifie le jeu autant que les maillots de football. Le maillot est probablement la partie la plus importante de l'uniforme. Ce n'est pas grave si c'est un club ou une équipe nationale, le maillot de football est typique et unique de la partie. On ne peut dire si une personne utilise un maillot de football de miles de là, et il est utilisé non seulement par les supporters de football, mais aussi parce que beaucoup des maillots ont de belles conceptions et des lignes Maillot Enfant pour eux, ce qui permet aux gens de les porter dans pratiquement n'importe quelle occasion .Le maillot de football a subi beaucoup de changements au fil des ans. Au début, les maillots ont été faites principalement sur le coton et étaient relativement épaisse par rapport à les modernes. C'était un désavantage parce que quand les joueurs habitués à transpirer la chemise obtiendraient plus lourd et coller au corps.vieux temps maillots de football étaient assez simples en ce qui concerne la co
The Way I Feel
The Way I Feel   Sitting here wondering what is wrong with me? Where did I go wrong? Why am I not good enough for anyone? Why am I always the one getting hurt? Why do I let guys get too close and then let them hurt me? Why does the pain never fade? Is it that I care too much? Is it that I love so strong? Is it that I let people get too close? Or, is it that I am too naive and too trusting? What is it about me that is never good enough for anyone to love me, accept me, or even want to be with me? Maybe I am just not good enough for anyone, not pretty enough, Not smart enough, not worth even being around or being alive? Maybe everyone would  be better off if I werent around. 
"the Lone Wolf "
I hear the drums , in your heart beat , I see the sad in your eyes , I know you run fast and furious , the wind in your fur .  The rocky path lies behind you as you howl at the moon , You are free , only you don't feel it , so you keep running.  You're the Lone Wolf , elusive with needs , And as I who understands , runs along side of thee , If we both continue on our paths , we'll find the way , To freedom at last , the moon hangs low tonight , So howl my friend , cause all will be alright............ 
Dreams Will Never Will Happen..........
Trojan Horse Petes Lounge Weekly Featured Music List
Now at Trojan Horse Pete's Den Lounge, you can hear your favorite songs from famous artists such as Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye Peter Frampton Pink Floyd, the Righteous brothers, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Sam & Dave, The O'Jays,, Sly & the Family Stone, Chi-Lites, The Dells, The Dramatics, the Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandells and Black Sabboth  Also we have spiritual gospel music from Jackson Southernaires, Jimmy Swaggart and a number of others.  if you have a special request just let us know. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of music and with what you would like to hear from golden oldies to modern, hip hop, jazz and rock n roll.
Acheter Des Tablettes Android
Ces jours-ci, presque tout le monde conna?t tablettes Android, les alternatives populaires à la principale iPad. Ils sont appelés Android en raison de l'OS ou le système d'exploitation utilisé. Depuis iOS est exclusif aux produits Apple, la naissance d'Android a ouvert la voie pour les entreprises de créer leurs propres comprimés en utilisant cet OS. Android est utilisé pour appareils portables tels que les smartphones et les tablettes. Le développement des tablettes Android a été un grand succès pour les personnes qui aspirent à avoir des gadgets sophistiqués à un prix qu'ils peuvent se permettre. Les jeunes peuvent facilement posséder ces comprimés car ils n'ont plus besoin de sauver une grande partie de leur allocation juste pour être en mesure d'en acheter un. Les enfants sont même offert comprimés comme un cadeau parce que les innombrables jeux qu'ils peuvent jouer. -téléphone portable pas cher Pas tout le monde est attiré par Android, car il ya encore beaucoup de fans d'Apple. M
where is my wife ?I AM FU SINGLE     PS:BLING NEEDED
Elizabeth Ii And Prince Charles
2006, Burberry ushered in the current CEO CEO Angela Allen Deitz (Angela Ahrendts), she is neither a brand founder, nor family members, but with amazing leadership and superb digital marketing tactics led Burberry In just five years time, revenue doubled, and the luxury brand back into the top ranks.Burberry sunglasses Angela Allen Deitz (Angela Ahrendts) - Burberry bags - British Burberry Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director introduced.Herve Leger Bandage Dress As of September 30, 2011 fiscal year, the upper half of its revenues and profits amounted to 830 million pounds and 117 million pounds, compared with the same period last year increased by 29.4% and 41.03%, in 2011 "BrandZ world's most valuable brands 100 "ranked the top ten luxury. Founded in 1856, Burberry, with distinctive checkered pattern is well known, was Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles twice awarded the Royal Warrant. Today, among the constituent stocks of the FTSE 100 Index list of Burberry,
OK....  So today I go to my BFF's page and see something wrote there. Made me upset. She was told she was number one in someones book because some one else told him she was worth being number one. WELL SHE HAS BEEN #1 IN MY BOOK FOR A LONG TIME AND I DID NOT NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL ME THAT!!!!! Some people are fake, fake, fake! Lol ok so for that little rant i feel better.  My Bff is a great person, she is kind, caring, loving, outgoing, and much much much more. I do not think some people on here deserve her kindness.  Anyways the moral of this blog is to tell you, that if someone comes to you and puts you on a pedalstool after knowning you for a long time only because someone else told them too, then they are not a true friend. That person should have already known..  A true friend knows you are great.. A best friend knows you are #1.. song on: Alibis... lmao
Remembering A Friend....
I recieved news that a long time close but very distant friend of mine died tuesday....he was out of my life more than actually in it..due to my extremely annoying habit of getting restless and moving around alot.i dont really have alot of friends..period. but We kept in contact through phone,internet..even letters.I guess you could say we were kinda like kindred spirits...he knew the indepth complex horrible deep darkness in me.He knew better than to look at me and see just plain simple lil innocent socially awkward me.Anyways...his wife told me he died tuesday...i wont mention how because its still tough to fathom but it hit me hard...Yesterday i finally got out of the house.i was getting anxcious and feared i was going to take out my frustration with death out on the i put a tanktop on and b-ball shorts & grab my innertube & decided to go to the lake for the wasnt sunny out but thats ok...i just layed there on my belly and swirled my hands around in the water an
Update Time I Guess Huh
well my stepdad recovered from the stroke he had mother's day...was a close call though...he got out of the nursing home last wednesday afternoon.....David had foot surgery on friday and is doing fine....then on monday one of my cousins died so please pray for my family....tomorrow is the wake and saturday is the funeral.....her daddy found her in the yard monday morning after he came back from the store....                                                                                                           love you all,                                                                                                              vampy
" The Word Trust "
What does the word " trust " mean to you ? Is it someone who is reliable an true ? To be honest an fair , who you know will always be there ? All these simple questions aren't simple after all , Because no real trust can be found in the world today , People just want to play , To stay reclusive is the only way . To make it through yet another day. That's all I want is honesty and truth , To feel love from my head to my toes , To know you love me as only an illusion to see , What ever really happen to me ? Got lost in the meaning of Trust & Truth. But with you my love will forever be ......... No matter what the future holds for me........
From the brightest star Comes the blackest hole You had so much to offer Why did you offer your soul? I was there for you baby When you needed my help Would you deny for others What you demand for yourself? Cool down mama, cool off Cool down mama, cool off You speak of signs and wonders I need something other I would believe if I was able But I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table You were pretty as a picture It was all there to see Then your face caught up with your psychology With a mouth full of teeth You ate all your friends And you broke every heart thinking every heart mends You speak of signs and wonders But I need something other I would believe if I was able But I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table Where you live should not decide Whether you live or whether you die Three to a bed Sister Ann, she said Dignity passes by And you speak of signs and wonders But I need something other I would believe if I was able I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table
Go Ahead
Go ahead, walk all over Pink. Just like everybody else does.
Kingofcccam Cardsharing Cccam Server
KINGOFCCCAM kingofcccam SERVER CARD SHARING, is ranked as best supplier card sharing in World, and this is due to several reasons, the quality of our servers, the number of clusters and chains being proposed, the seriousness that we share with our customers, reputation of our services … kingofcccam the server is a system that allows you to have all channels and bouquets in the world and without exception in one subscription, including HDTV, 3D, sport, cinema, documentary … it helps you turn your TV to a rich array of cultural exchange for the whole family and covering all areas of interest, really an offer you can not miss, be among the lucky ones and subscribe … WITH OUR SERVER CARD SHARING, We offer all the packages available from 30°W to 28.2 ° E without freezing . You can view our list of channels by clicking on “Packages” at the top of the page.
Les Plus Populaires Tablette Android
compte aujourd'hui des comprimés Société sur le marché. Client ne choisit tablette est mieux à vos besoins. Plusieurs Tablet PC offrent une haute graphiques et supporte tous les logiciels avec une grande résolution de l'écran et léger. Devante est l'une des meilleures entreprises du fabricant de tablettes indiennes. Qui offre des dispositifs informatiques tablette Android uniques et le plus populaire avec une résolution élevée de l'écran comprennent les meilleures fonctionnalités de divertissement et des capacités multitaches. Cette tablette sera utile pour vos besoins. Vous découvrirez quelque chose de très rapide à l'aide de cette tablette. Chacun peut acheter Android Tablet PC au prix les plus bas du magasin en tablette. C'est une bonne alternative d'appareils Android pour l'utilisateur de la tablette. Devante tablette alimenté par la technologie 3D de nouvelle génération. Le modèle de base est la tempête 3D très beau support de Windows 7 avec une vitesse de processeur de 1GHz et 7
You Learn Something New Everyday
Wow...Learned something from someone who has been a mutual friend to both of us...I guess I just should have never bothered, either in the beginning, since you rarely had time to communicate(I ALWAYS made time for you), or after that 1 incident because you were never interested...& now I learned that you were ever only gonna consider me just a friend...You always made me feel like I had a REAL CHANCE WITH YOU...but it was a lie...I just wish you would have just said that but you didn't...WHY ?...were you afriad you would lose me as a friend ?...what do you think, I'm a shallow ? that just cause I LIKE YOU/AM INTERESTED IN YOU/WANT TO BE W/ YOU, that if you turn me down I'm just gonna be like a lot of the other guys on here & get all butt-hurt & stop being friends w/ you ?...I may have backed off a bit, but I would always stay friends w/ you...I guess you arent who you portrayed yourself to me... Oh Well such is life...& Just So You, that QUESTION I asked you; You are the 1st, LAST & ON
My First Blog
Well it has been a while since i was on fubar and aparently i got a a lot of new shit to learn....I really could use some help with certain things.. like how can i make cool graphic pics and what program is the best.. if anyone can help me out that would rock.. and i will make it worth your time :d
So Sad   its a news story please read
Getting The Best Domain Name For You
The popularity of your website depends a lot on the registered domain name. Thus it is the responsibility of the website owners that they register the best domain name and get the best one for the popularity. Now, the problem is that mostly all domain names are already registered and it is happening in most of the cases that the domain name which is preferred by any one is not available as it has been taken already by someone else. It is possible that you can get the most visited domain name for you but it is the better idea that your name should be more unique and innovative. You have to do lots of brainstorm to get the best website name for you.Are you thinking to get the free domain name lookup? If so then you are in the right place and we will throw some light on the idea that how you can get the free Domain name check. It is important that you check the domain name for the several times with correct spelling, pronunciation and extension. Now as we are talking about extensions, the
The Sony Ericsson Smartphone Commercial Td-lte Hd Voice Demo
Ericsson first introduced commercially in the industry demonstrates 4G TD-LTE mobile HD voice and video calls (VoLTE). The demo set up in Shanghai in the Northeast Asian region Ericsson Wireless Innovation Laboratory and Demonstration Centre (WILD Center) carried out, not only for the TD-LTE ecosystem mature set a new milestone in one, but will help telecom operators around the world to its TD-LTE users with quality voice and video calling experience.Presentation adopted 4G phones Sony Xperia SP M35t also a bright spot, the phone can support up to 13 bands of TD-LTE, LTE FDD, TD-SCDMA, HSPA and GSM networks. Xperia SP M35t smartphones have been previously published and will be released in China 4G license in China market-Best and Android 4.1 Cell Phones Sony Mobile Communications China vice president and chief technology officer Liu Chuan Lane said: "I am delighted and very proud to see close cooperation of both sides, the Sony Xperia SP M35t via Ericsson smartphone commer
2013 Tv Shopping Best Selling Modern Digital Cameras Z62
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hi!! i am up to sex
Raison D'être
  This is a Fan Page for the CBS show Big Brother 15 Comments will be accepted that are related to things that are happening from week to week in the Big Brother House.   If you are a Fan of the Show & a Friend of this page and are silent for a full week you will become a "Have Not" when a new houseguest is evicted.
well it has been a rollcoster for the past year... i have realized what i want and what makes me happy I have learned isnt real life. I will say bill aka dark u are my soulmate i am so lucky to have u  I let fu ruin my life and relationship will be a day in hell i ever let that happen again   If u find ur soulmate fight tothe death to keep it  my life is all about happiness and baby u make me very happy 
My Pinky Fingernail
It is really long now It was semi-too long about 2 weeks ago But I decided to let it go See how long it would take to break Or at least snag Strangely it has done neither It just keeps growing long & straight Not all curly & fucked up like in Guinness Book of World Records IT clearly wants to stay in tact so I give it that respect A dear friend of mine said it will break on someone's back That turned me on actually And has reinforced my reticence in cutting it off Even tho it has become noticeable now I have had to change the angle of my hand To accomodate this fingernail when I write It has become ART IN OBSERVATION Homage to David Lynch (AFI reference) And like the myriad of experiments I do Every day With every one I will take a picture of this fingernail Before & after it breaks Poor Howard Hughs He never saw it as an experiment  
I have been here for a total of about 2 years now. There are a lot of things that can be learned here and here goes: 1. There are some very decent people here, but there are also a great deal of perverts, psychos, and just down right mean people. 2. People aren't what they appear to be either. In time their true colors will show and it won't be pretty. 3. This is a virtual bar. The same rules apply as they would in a real bar. 4. Unless you are up there in levels, I can assure you that you're probably being used. Had to learn this lesson the hard way. Luckily, I have met some wonderful people here and they're real as they come. 5. Watch out for thise who pretend to be your friend. Keep an eye out for fakes, bling whores, stalkers, and psychos. They are everywhere on this site. 6. There of plenty of ways to occupy your time here. Use them. Just interacting tends to get boring. Not everyone here wants to fully engage in a conversation. 7.
Medal Adorned Soldier Was Wearing “too Much Metal” For Security Officers Steve Watson July 9, 2013 A Purple Heart Marine Was Groped And
Medal adorned soldier was wearing “too much metal” for security officersSteve WatsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013A Purple Heart Marine was groped and swabbed by TSA agents recently at a California airport while on his way to a ceremony to honor him as veteran of the year in his district. Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz sustained severe injuries from a IED detonation while on duty in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. While traveling to Sacramento, to receive the award, TSA agents at Sacramento International Airport pulled Kemnitz aside for additional screening. When the screeners ordered him to lift up his arms for a full body scan, the decorated veteran told the TSA goons that because of his injuries, he cannot lift up his right arm. ‘My right arm doesn’t work. It’s a lot of hassle for me to do that,’ Kemnitz told The Military Times. The screeners then proceeded to probe underneath Kemnitz’s medals, while feeling under the Marine’s waistband and swabbing his sh
Crazy Life
hello everybody! will i had be gone for while alot things happen in my life! my mom pass away last january that major loss for me. trying get pass that. then in feb this year i had a heartattack had stint put in so was out work for while that change my life around for the good.just got watch what i do now. in apri;l another major blow my younger brother had pass away he was only 41 he had two young daughters. never got see his first grand child. he will be miss but in heaven with my momma. now my daughter been sick for almost three weeks. just never ending. so hope it gets better
Forever always seems to be around when things beginbut forever never seems to be around when things end
Always Something Else
Life is not about the last relationship you were in, the last heartbreak, or the last mistake you made. You have to get past that and prepare yourself for the next one. The next love, the next goal, for the rest of your life. Just remember that life lives on, there is always something else.
Just.... Why?!
I guess I should be happy its over. Honestly I am. Im just hurt by the extent of the lies I have been told. Im upset at myself for falling for it. For thinking it was all bullshit. For hoping it was all lies and I was the one that was right. I am done being lied to. Im done being used and stepped on. From now on Im gonna be extra careful.
100 Greatest Bands List
1. Mötley Crüe  2. KISS  3. Guns N' Roses  4. Def Leppard  5. Scorpions  6. Whitesnake  7. Dokken  8. Aerosmith (80's era)  9. Tesla10. Bon Jovi11. Skid Row12. Alice Cooper13. Cinderella14. Poison15. W.A.S.P.16. RATT17. Stryper18. Quiet Riot19. Hanoi Rocks20. Twisted Sister21. Extreme22. Great White23. Warrant24. Y & T25. Kix26. White Lion27. L.A. Guns28. Mr. Big29. Damn Yankees30. Faster Pussycat31. Firehouse32. Slaughter33. David Lee Roth34. Vinnie Vincent Invasion35. Winger36. Love/Hate37. Night Ranger38. Enuff Z Nuff39. Nitro40. Helix41. Europe42. Lita Ford43. Thunder44. Steelheart45. Lynch Mob46. Badlands47. Vixen48. Autograph49. Keel50. Dangerous Toys 51. Bang Tango 52. Whitecross 53. Jackyl 54. Micheal Monroe 55. Vain 56. Kick Axe 57. Giant 58. Bullet Boys 59. Steeler 60. EZO61. Trixter 62. Danger Danger63. Tyketto 64. Lizzy Borden65. Britny Fox 66. Jetboy 67. Zodiac Mindwa
What Is Love ?
What is Love? Is it attraction, beauty, fun? People have found it, claim to have, yet no one can define it. What is Love? Is it personality, interests, charm? Some people go on looks, others far from it, yet no one can define it. What is Love? Is it the same fore everyone? Or is it different from one to another? All I want to know is, what is love?
Know The Difference
Funny how someone can say "I'm interested in you", yet when given the opportunity to actually to get to know them, they have nothing more to say than "I want to be with you" or "I'm attracted to you". They make no inquiries as to what that person likes to do, what they believe, what kind of morals they have, what kind of friend they are, etc. A person that is truly "interested", will ask questions (lots of them)... look for commonalities.... establish whether or not there is a potential for compatibility.  The statements "I want to be with you" or "I'm attracted to you" are merely indicative of a physical desire to have or be close to someone. To say "I'm interested" means they want to learn about the mind and the heart, not just the physical. Please recognize the difference or the result will inevitably be hurt or disappointment. I, personally, will shut down as soon as it becomes apparent that "I'm interested" really means "I want".
Important Please Help.
My friends, Last Friday I had my first of 3 surgeries that I need to fix my teeth and get my smile back. In that appointment, the dentist completed two root canals, completed a deep cleaning and started a third root canal.  He also put in temporary teeth in the front of my mouth for me until I have my next appointment. I am deathly afraid of needles so in order to do this work, I need complete IV sedation and this is not cheap.  The whole process is going to cost almost $20,000.  The good news is that it is divided into 3 procedures.  The first one costed $5,000, the second is $10,000 (the most work is done in this one), and the final is $5,000. At this point, I had to take a loan out for the first procedure and am afraid I can not do the same for the second.  This is where I need your help.  We have set up a donation site on for people that are able to help.  I dont like asking for help like this but if I dont get these procedures done, they can affect my health wit
Mourinho First Time To Send Blessings Barcelona Real Madrid: Offer Love Unite
Chelsea Official Twitter first time on behalf of Mourinho blessing to VilanovaAnnounced at Barcelona coach Tito - Vilanova reasons can not continue to coach because of cancer, the number of football clubs, athletes and soccer professionals who have adopted social network launched a blessing to him. Chelsea official Twitter for the first time to Vilanova Mourinho expressed wishes. cheap soccer jerseys Chelsea Official Twitter: "Jose - Mourinho and his coaching team and Chelsea players are blessed Tito - Vilanova a speedy recovery." Mourinho coached three seasons at Real Madrid, two years ago and was still Barcelona assistant coach Vilanova had a conflict, he jabs Vilanova eye photo spread throughout the world, but then when they are sick in Vilanova Mourinho investigated repeatedly expressed to him a blessing.Video - Barcelona announces new coach Vilanova announced next week resigned due to illnessMedia Source: Sina Sports La Liga Real Madrid, Espanyol, Atletico Madrid, At
Welcome To My Blog
Welcome to my Blog"LA CUBANITA".About me I'm from Cuban living American over 40yrs happy merried . I born Habana,Cuba,Happy childhood,Beautiful Country,My mother and father today both dease.give my brother and I good life mean family .My mother want to comes to America here I'm today. Things I love camping,swimming,garding,cook,watch tv.One most I love is my pets my 3 loving female cats name Blacky,Negrita and Lady and my 2 princess Sugar's mix Terrie and my Pushe Boxer. I would like understand one thing I am here to look for friend not for love  I ready have one is my love,I requesting please be respectfully no sexsual either profanity any ones are part my blog and myself.I'm not to good in writint. English I speak spanish and broke english, I'm fighting cancer for to many years every year is worth get more sick but I am have life I will live to end. Thank you for be part my blog LA CUBANITA,
Hypnotherapy Works I Am Proof.
whatever to the skeptics.I know for sure that hypnotism works because it worked on me.( erostic hypnotism) but I would say that you do have to want t to work happen for it to work.I have also used it as it to get rid of a panic disorder.When you are hypnotized you still have free will.It's not like you are a slave to your master kind of thing.I think it was great lol I went from not being able to have a real orgasm to having multiple orgaasms in which I would squirt ( sorry if too much information) It caused me to breathe very heavy and fast and it caused me to be in a trance where my eyes would roll back in my head almost like sleep but I was fully aware of what was going on.Many people have misconceptions about hypnotherapy. It's one of the most rigorously validated of all so-called alternative therapies. Increasing numbers of people in the scientific and medical establishment are recognising its benefits. Within a few sessions or even a few hours, it can bring about lasting and meas
News Update
Ok, shoulder news update lol, surgery was successful, they stitched the tear in my rotator cuff muscle, put a titanium pin into repair a tendon hole , shaved off the arthritis and generally removed all excess calcification, and i was awake thruought :) and it was awesome to watch, now after 4 weeks i can remove my sling, bit scary cos when its on folks can see its damaged n so avoid banging into me, but now ill have to be more careful and im known for being a clumsy fekka lol, also i have a half tanned right arm which looks totally weird but hopefully the tan will even out now sling is off, going to physical therapy every week , nice lady with cold hands n who can also cope with the cuss words i use when it hurts , still having to pull up me panties one handed lol but slowly im gaining more use in the arm and wont be long before im doing everything 2 handed, its just gonna take time n then its knee surgery time whoohooooooo:)...n then carpel tunnel....gee im a clumsy fekka lololol
People Of The Fu.
Whenever I get a blank friend request on Fubar from someone I've never had any interaction with, I'm always sort of surprised. Not that it happens a lot, but often enough in the 6 + years or so I've been on this website to make me wonder what it's about. Being the person I am, 90% of the time I have usually replied to these people in a private message with a brief explanation as to why I won't accept their request presently, but if they wish to talk and allow us to get to know one another they could see if I was actually "friend-worthy".  I always thought this was a respectful gesture to let them know I wasn't rejecting them out-of-hand, but I'd prefer to get to know anyone before becoming their friend. It all seems logical. And it's what I would like; that is if I went about randomly sending out friend requests to people I don't know.The funny part is about 70% of the time, people take exception to my  message. As if I'm doing something offensive by replying. So from now on, I'll simp
He's Not Perfect
“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.” 
The Veteran Chelsea Just Isn't Capable To Consider
Following Fall, Chelsea Not CredibleChelsea's victory over Plymouth Argyle using the Wholesale Football Shirt Store within the blue like rain, but it is a FA Cup match, but only, only one team championship rival, a serious landslide while in the prior two months, Chelsea troubles of offensive and defensive line not effortless to solve, Chelsea is acknowledged within the Premier League towards Blackburn decline. Chelsea inside the Premier League with all the Nationwide Football Shirts last 11 games has dropped only 10 points 5 Maillot France inside the early eleven factors of Manchester United, but has also played a game over the Red Devils was not to defend the League Champions reasonable, but the wonderful champions ear League Chelsea player is now the Holy Grail in the eyes, the need to the trophy over every other, the blue half on the season will concentrate on the Champions League. Chelsea Aston Villa inside the last two of the league was balanced, as well as the Wolves
New Project Patel Smondo Gachibowli
                                                                                                                                          Patel Smondo Gachibowli HyderabadSmondo, Gachibowli is Patel's first Smondo project in Hyderabad. This project brings together Smart Design in a Smart Location at a Smart Price. Smondo is located smartly in the heart of Gachibowli in Hitec City. This central location helps Smondo owners save a lot of time each day. The two towers is spread over 4 acres of land offering 2bhk, 2.5bhk and 3bhk apartments and area ranging 990sq.ft to 1435sq.ft at the heart of hitec city, Gachibowli Hyderabad. Smondo is expected to complete by Mid-2015.Amenities : Gazebos,Reflexologypath, Children’s play area,Pathway for leisure walk,Swimming pool with independent kids’ poolGames, yoga & meditation room,Elegant arrival experience with landscaped forecourts and water bodies,Recycled water supply system and rain water harvesting,High
What Goes Around Comes Around
What goes around comes around. That's what people say. So all the pain you caused me will come back to you someday
Life Is What You Make Of It
This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. And baby, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can't give up because if you give up, you'll never find your soulmate. You'll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will,  So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smi
So Sad..
Now me and my girl been together for 3 months + . Right now she 36 and last night was her first real date ( she never been on one ) most of the guys she been with never had license or even a car or job for that matters .that sad. ((Smh)) yea I work my ass off thing not always peachie with me yea I am hard guy to deal with. OK I am asshole . But I didn't get were I am at been nice . Nice here in new York don't get you far. Yea some people don't like me on here do to how treat April some times but she found why I am that way . I got be tuff. I am here all lone no family, small amount of friends and keeping my head above water. I been threw hell and I know she been threw it too. Her health is not best . But were working on that .  We will get out of hell , and last night proved it there is light at the end of road . 
Refection Of Generations
August 2013 I really didn't think I would make it this long , Seemed as if health & emptiness would do it's number . Almost forgot how to laugh for real , had perfected my Bright  fake smile which served it's purpose for the time.                                           Have finally realized that with all the illusions we can dream up , We can pick which one will serve us best. And just keep doing our  Dailey chores and raise your children up to work , not to steal , Not to lie and not to kill unless defending your home  .  Be kind to others , most of all know where you come from . Don't ever forget nor stop believing in Magic , It's magic that keeps the flowers blooming an' the fairy dust , That spinkles the star light with love Always believe ....Always share ....                                                       And most of all , Always give Love a chance ....
Oh I Needed This.
As i watched Tony leaving i thought how did i make this choice was it because Abel was first guy i was with? Am i making the right choice?  Weeks went by i didn't see Tony and i lived in a small town. It seams like everything was going great i got a call from Tony maybe like three weeks later and i  was happy knowing he was still  thinking of me.  Several times he asked me to meet him , I really didn't want to lead him on till one day he told me he was at a local department store i told him i would meet him there. The night i met him there i told him to meet me in the back of the mens clothing rack toward the back of store.  I remember him walking up to me with his keys in his hand. I reached my hand out to shake his hand and he pulled me closer and hugged me. I asked him where he has been staying he asked why. I left that question alone guess he didn't want to answer.  For some odd reason i really wanted to know where he lived. He started staring at my cleavege and it made me exited k
Devotion & Love
A gentle word is a spark of Light Illuminates my Soul And as each sound goes deeper , It's you that makes me whole There is no corner , no dark place Your love cannot fill. And if the world starts causing Waves , It's your devotion that makes them still , And yes you always speak to me In sweet honesty and truth , Your caring heart keeps out the Rain , Your Love the ultimate roof .
The Necessity Associated With Skillful Packers In Addition To Movers Bangalore
When you decide to transfer the house in one place to an additional or even one location to an alternative, a new and then do-it-yourself option seems to be alluring along with money-saving. However this can supply you with a great deal of problems in addition to difficulties. You should bunch items. You should arrange vehicles. You should heap house merchandise onto relocating vehicles. About attaining pictures brand-new dwelling you'll definitely should un-load details. Maybe you surely ought to unpack along with at that point reposition these people pictures brand-new home. Almost all is effective related to household moving have become tedious in addition to wearying. The procedure by product packaging associated with goods pictures current dwelling for you to unpacking associated with products pictures brand-new home is usually hard ample for making a person amazingly tired along with difficult. So it's very important for you to enable a good experience in addition to trusted rel
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 34
{DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED Confederate Ame... and collected a bounty of $404,403,411,098, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Copperhead just KILLED storm1965 and collected a bounty of $13,351,792,062, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Copperhead just KILLED MфƝֆŦƩƦ and collected a bounty of $528,288,828,990, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Cottonmouth just KILLED shyshytex and collected a bounty of $105,471,894,929, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Cottonmouth just KILLED SPYDER and collected a bounty of $466,356,580,594, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Cottonmouth just KILLED [TBM] upside ur... and collected a bounty of $352,733,331,930, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Snake Cha... just KILLED ✠ ĶəŊŷΔ ƑưĶʘƒƒ ✠ and collected a bounty of $924,172,154,167, with $10,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Cottonmouth just KILLED &#
25k Like Achievement
I am going for my 25k like achievement on Saturday morning at 12am. I just wanted to give you my thoughts about it. I did accomplish my 10k likes but that was a hurdle, with all honesty! I really did not think I would make it,it came down to seconds and i had a few likes to go and it was scary,but I can tell you even if I did not make it, I would still call myself a winner no matter what because i went for it and luckily I made it. I was proud of that achievement. This achievement will be difficult and many of tried and many did not make it. To the people that tried that achievement and did not make it you all are considered winners for going for it. I know you are disappointed and maybe I will too, there is always a next timeand if I don't make it was one hell of a try and i will give myself a pat on the back and say to myself you are a winner for trying and there will always be a nexttime.     Peace out, NYC                                  
I Remember Everything
Dear mother, I love youI'm sorry, I wasn't good enoughDear Father, forgive meCause in your eyes, I just never added upIn my heart I know I failed you, but you left me here aloneIf I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?Cause I remember everything.If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?Cause I remember everything.But dear brother, just don't hate meFor never standing by you, or being by your sideI only did, what I thought was truly rightIt's a long and lonely road, when you know you walk aloneIf I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?Cause I remember everything.If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?Cause I remember everything.I feel like running awayI'm still so far from homeYou say I'll never change but what the fuck do you know?I'll burn it all to the ground, before I let you runPlease forgive me, I can't forgive you now.[Chorus]If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?Cause I remember everything.If I could help yo
Real Madrid 159 Million To Buy Bell Clinches Tuesday Announced The World's First Signing
Bell is currently awaiting final confirmation Marbella Spain to join Real MadridBell still waiting for him to join Real Madrid dream come true. Welsh past few days and became a hermit, he stayed all day in their own broker Barnett's home in Marbella, Spain. Although the environment is very quiet, but Bell heart is full of hope, cheap soccer jerseys as he eagerly awaited Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur reached an agreement to allow his transfer to obtain official recognition on the official level. Sunday's "Aspen" said the Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur now have € 10 million gap. Real Madrid offer 90 million euros, while Tottenham then ask for 100 million euros. The two sides in payment no agreement on the issue. If it is 90 million euros, Real Madrid are willing to pay one or two installments, Barcelona jersey but if Real Madrid had to pay 100 million euros, and that Real Madrid want to pay the transfer fee in four installments. On the same day of the "Marca" sai
A Time For Reflection & A Fellow Man!
A Memory, A Thought, A place in time, Frozen in the mind, Forgive, Forget, Have kindess, Deep respect, For strangers, For friends, For family, Those who stood, Upon On that hill, They could have been your saviour. The only one you ever met, Not a ghost, That looked through you ,A human being, A fellow man,
White-bleeding Rose
 ♥♥♥βÉÇÅυŠÈ ΜΥ ΗÊÅrΤ ÍŠ βlÊËdÏΝg and î ÅΜ dΥÍΝg ♥♥♥ Take my heart and rip it til it bleeds , then when it's tapped out There will be no more me , The pain is consuming me into a firey hell , I scream and cry but no one cares , Do you know how much I truely dare , How I want you , Truely here . To taste your lips , to hold you tight ..... To love you dear with all my might , But alas you do not hear , My tormented wails from the dept's of hell , only the fire Lapping at my heels as I run and run but can't escape the pain , Cause I can't escape my love for you ......... Do you like the taste of my thick blood ? Is is sweet my darlin' to your tongue ? Keep probbin' and you'll have it all , my life will end for You have called. The execution is climatic joy as I'm expunged from this Earthly realm ,
Lil About Me
Name: lisa lynn Birthdate: april 18 Birthplace: N.H Current Location: fucked up flint MI Eye Color: brown Hair Color: black Height: 5'6'' Weight: 120 pounds Piercings: ears Tatoos: a few Overused Phraze: bite me, whatever,o well and fuck off FAVORITES Food: chines,home cooked. Candy: resses Number:  69 Color: Purple, Black Anime: none Drink: monster Alcohol Drink: yes Music: 69 eyes, H.i.M, nightwish,amy lee.def leppard, disturbed Movie: iron man 1-3, all the tranformers, the crow. the lost boys,the agvengers, thro. Body Part on Opposite sex: eyes and smile This or That Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi McDonalds or BurgerKing: mcdonalds Strawberry or Watermelon: straberry Hot tea or Ice tea: Ice Tea Chocolate or Vanilla .chocolate Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee Kiss or Hug:
Sadism   Your handsrippingoutmy heartYour wicked smileas you eat itDarknessDarkDarkRelentlesspassionuponmyfaceYour wordsanEvilecho againstpale tattooed skinCrimsoni letFor You
Repartís Produits Dans Les Catégories
Avec plus de 65100 repartís produits dans les catégories de notre site différentes ( téléphones mobiles , tablettes PC , robes de mariée , accessoires de voiture , électronique , etc. . ) Accueille plus tous les jours du monde entier 10000 clients . Proposés Tous nos produits sont au prix de gros, à des tarifs pour vous imbattables satisfaire.Ma arrivata is the crisi è anche per voi e non troppo volete spendere ; ecco che fa questo sito internet vostro decisamente the case . Accedendo alla internet page , I saw a variety troverete categorie davanti subito che vi and vi raccolgono riassumono presenti i prodotti di questo all'interno largest online commerciale center . E allora che aspettate ? Venite a un'occhiata to give you internet questo sito e non dimenticatevi anche alla sezione di accedere promozioni and alle alle dedicata speciali.Firma Aukey offerte zosta ? With za 'or' one w 2004 roku w Hamburgers, Itali , w Niemczech . Nasza g ? Ówna siedziba chińskim zlokalizow
When your peace comes from someone else It is not yours Heads up Fucking reeeeeeeeetards And why the hell would you want that anyway? Are you so boring and horrible that you need a break from yourself? That you NEED fucking peace?? You will have that when you are dead Why hasten the process REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETARD
Global Warming.
The real "truth" is that everything affects  earth. The greatest influences on earth are not as manmade as these guys say. If we think about lunar, solar and other cycles, the earth goes through so many of them that science ought to study them and far more than they do. If they study this, they need to make their findings more open to the public. The truth, however, might scare the heck out of some. The impending doom predicted in 2012 is an example of such a cycle. Some folks many thusands of years ago took a reading of the point we on earth were at in the whats known now as the "Milky way cycle". They determined what they saw as the beginning or end of a cycle. Move that forward to 2012 and the cycle starts over or ends as predicted. To put it mildly, they were "spot on" with their knowledge. Yet, the spot picked to begin with was when they first started. Of course that could have been given to them some way, but might also have been a simple decision to START somewhere, anywhere, h
Dark Places...
There are times, when I can't help but go there. I know it's survivors guilt. I've been to hundreds of briefings and classes. I know this.. But I don't feel like I should be here and what's the point... I know I should reach out to get help, but I don't. Maybe I'm writing on here because I know that no one will read it. Who knows... My thoughts are all jumbled up and I can't keep a thought in place long enough to finish the sentence. This, I know, is the brain injury. This is what I have to look forward to the rest of my life... What kinda life is this gonna be?!?
These types of movers packers companies supply you with broad range including supplying and as well moving companies much like residence relocating, office separation, enterprise relocating, moving including specialized things, magnitude and as well move companies, warehousing features, automobile service agency and as well take a trip companies, postal companies, fresh air deliver companies, fresh air shipment companies, or anything else. Theses total tasks are usually as a result of with maximum proper care and as well determination by the specialist professionals inside restless companies. Moving companies also offers postal companies, swift bundle shipment, property so as to property consignment, community relocating, country extensive separation, globally relocating, or anything else. Moreover, they offer individual companies according to your current would like and as well demands inside clients. And for that reason from the business people could go up to any position or even adj
E $2.275 Million Last Season, Scoring 18 Goals And 29 Assists For 47 Points. Eight Of Those Poi
Centre Sam Gagner has agreed to a one-year deal with the Edmonton Oilers worth $3.2 million, avoiding an arbitration hearing that was scheduled for today. Gagner made $2.275 million last season, scoring 18 goals and 29 assists for 47 points. Eight of those points came in one game against Chicago on February 2, when he potted four goals and four assists. He led the Oilers with a +5 rating last season (tied with Andy Sutton). Gagner was Edmontons top pick, 6th overall, in the 2007 draft. He has 77 goals and 143 assists for 220 points in 366 NHL games over five NHL seasons. Cheap NBA Jerseys . PETERSBURG, Fla. Cheap NHL Jerseys . Hansen won with a total of 27 points after all six rounds.  Frances Bryan Coquard finished second to claim the silver medal, while Briton Ed Clancy took bronze. . Chris Heisey hit two of Cincinnatis four home runs, including the tying two-run shot in the seventh inning, and the Reds went on to a 6-2 victory over the Ar
Internet Marketing
 The more your name is out there, the more you can gain credibility and trust. If you want to be press-worthy, do, act, write or say things that are press-worthy, whether it is by humor of by philanthropy. Issue press releases and use a publicist if you are unsure how to do this. Sponsor local events, host contests and reach out to industry or area bloggers and barter for coverage. Make a list of 30 sites where you want your link to show up, based on relative keywords, industries, similar images and more. Check those sites backlink profiles and see where they are getting links and see if you can obtain any of them.  Social media for link building is beneficial as well. Your main goal is to get attention and build links from secondary, trusted press and news. With social, you are not trying to make sales or gain links with specific anchor text, you are trying to get recognized and increase brand awareness. Google + is personalized search on steroids, and it uses you, your friends, and t
Thinking Of You Tonight
In my mind, I so often revisit the days we had together. I close my eyes, picture your smile, and my heart lightens. I focus on your lips, their curves & fullness, and my breath quickens. I recall the things those lips can do, and my body awakens. Suddenly, the memory becomes real in that moment. Your kiss brushes my skin, your smell permeates the air, your touch causes my body to quiver. I am ready. I am yours. I scream your name at that moment. Ah, that moment! I open my eyes and send up a thank you for this gift, this memory so strong it will carry me through until that next time. I adore you. ~Tigger  
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 166
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 166 of Janey Godley's podcast with Ashley Storrie, the comedy mother and daughter discuss Miss America pageant, the UK football season and the latest top US TV shows. Janey talks about her latest TV appearance where she won an argument and explain anal bleaching to Ashley. Ashley reads from her diary and Janey tells a story about Jake Gyllenhaal. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 165 If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and donate via PayPal or like us
Chicago 1968 The Big Lie
  Chapter 1   The Big Lie                   “How can we keep people from believing that we're not just throwing troops down a rat hole?” Clark Clifford-1968   Vietnam was the Black Hole, the rat hole that tore my generation apart. The question reveals the inhumanity of the ruling class. Who waged war as if there was no blood. No death. The draft was the long arm of the Monster, ever reaching out to draw more bodies into the slaughter.
Carnage's been a while So um...let me kick this off And uh, I promise it'll clear up any questions   Damn right I'm the ex And damn right I'm the best You'll never find anyone to take my place You can tell 'em you love 'em all you want But you'll be seeing my face   And no matter how far you run You can't get rid of what you've done You had a girl that woulda given you the world Now you're too busy wishin you could get me outa your head Because you turned your back instead     So fuck all those fakes who pretend they have you They don't and you and I both know it's the truth But hell go ahead an let 'em try They won't get very far All those bitches know I got your heart   Ha.. Who woulda thought We ain't fighting no one but ourselves   So I''m just gonna kick it  Let everyone think they got you on around their thumb Gonna watch them try to get close Play a little dumb And give them deuces as the pass by   I never thought it would play out this way But
Ice Cream
The man who knows me No need to teach or train Accepts Revels Loving the Alien Tearing the fear Away Like those tiny scraps of paper On an ice cream sandwich Left there And never digested of course But eaten & ignored usually Anyway He takes the care To peel So there is nothing in between His Tongue And Ice Cream
When I'm on this site I keep hearing some "music". It's not really music, but that's the best I can come up with. It kind of sounds like an ad. I've checked EVERY window I have open, then closed them one by one, and there is no ad. It stops when I close the Fubar tab. WTF could it be??!!!!   Can ya help?   [edit::. It's on my homepage, not on any other page]
The excitement wanes with each passing day As these fears well up inside   Everything is new, yet it all somehow feels the same Why can't the last piece simply fall into place? Why must this doubt eat holes in my resolve, as would a moth destroy the threads of a young girls happily ever after?   This is my dream And it's just out of reach I don't want to rely I don't want to burden I can't stand the rampant thoughts of inadequacey fighting for control I want to sleep without the nightmares of failure I want to stand with my own feet planted firmly beneath I want to be the self-reliant soul I've always known I am   But nothing ever comes so easy with wanting, now does it?   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Alot of stuffs been going on where I dont feel like talking much on here or doing much..and it might be about to  get worst. Starting tomorrow I will be working a stretch..clear through next friday with only one day off. On that day I get to go have a talk with my doctor. Some already know..but few close friends I have no told yet do to fact just not up to talking much. I had my womanly exam earlier in the yr..and it came back abnormal.. so I had another one done last monday for follow up.  I have gotten a call couple days ago telling me its changed.. and still abnormal and the doctor wants me to come in to talk to me about it all..and to set up surgery. I have looked it up online..and its nothing to extreme to worry about but if i let it go it can be. Anyways..not sure how much I will be on.  Not sure how soon they will want to do surgery. Just wanting to let some know..I am not intentionally avoiding them..    
I Choose To Live My Life
I choose to live my life differently. I will not allow anyone to take advantage of my vulnerability. I will not be a victim of deceit and manipulations. I have had enough of people’s drama and I choose to turn a blind eye to them. I have had enough of gossipers and back stabbers. Now I will not allow anyone to define or change me because I am free spirited and I have my own unique personality. I know how to fight back and survive on my own terms. If I am shattered I will come back even stronger because I am determined to be a survivor. I choose to live and not just exist. I choose my happiness over anything that makes me sad.
Thưởng Thức đặc Sản Mối Chúa
  Từ thị xã Đông Hà, Quảng Trị đi ngược lên quốc lộ 9 rồi rẽ vào đường Hồ Chí Minh khoảng 30 km, chúng tôi đã có mặt ở rừng Seo- nơi mà được dân lùng mối mệnh danh là “mảnh đất của mối chúa”. Cơn sốt “đặc sản” các loại côn trùng như bò cạp, thằn lằn, nhông nhông, tắc kè… và đặc biệt là mối chúa ở các nhà hàng Đông Hà trong thời gian qua đã “dậy” lên một phong trào lùng bắt  diệt mối chúa một cách rầm rộ.   5 giờ sáng, có mặt ở cửa rừng, tôi được ông Nguyễn Huy Ngợi cho thực tế một vòng “học nghề”. Ngư&#
A Mask
The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s gotta happen inside first.By Jim Morrison 
History 2
So here I am again. i guess i can pick up from where i left off earlier.   After getting my place in mattoon i had my place and a computer and met this wonderful girl in canada.. named melanie and we talked back and forth for about a year.. and i took my years vacation up to montreal canada and saw her for a week.. and went back afterward.. completely smitten and totally in love with my half french canadian half egyptian gf. i made arrangements and left my job after another couple of months.. leaving that job to be with melanie up in montreal canada. and things were really good for the most part.. except she didnt like to go anywhere bc of certain phobias.. so she wouldnt get a job or work.. and um.. well.. i took a under the table job cleaning apartment buildings halls ect for a while.. barely making money .. and she ends up pregnate after 4 months. omg im gonna be a daddy i was so happy.. but things with her and i were back and forth .. and i dunno i did some stuff online with some
Two Golden Dawn Members Killed In Drive-by Shooting Outside Athens Office
Crisis-plagued Greece was thrown into further turmoil on Friday after two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party were shot dead in what police called a "terrorist attack" outside one of the organisation's offices in Athens. Two men, described as a 20 and 23-year-old, died instantly in the drive-by shooting, according to a statement released by the extremist group. "Two helmeted terrorists on a motorbike stopped in front of Golden Dawn's offices in [the northern Athens suburb of] Neo Iraklio while the office was open and a lot of people were [gathered around] its entrance," said the party. "The co-rider got off [the bike] and in cold blood executed two young men at a distance of about half a metre. Before leaving the terrorists fired again … they literally emptied their weapons [of bullets] on top of them." A third Golden Dawn member, identified as a 29-year-old father of one, was fighting for his life in an Athens hospital after being severely injured in the hail of gunf
Move Forward Easily Applying Pune Focused Relocation Firm
There tend to be numerous switching firms during the entire Indian subcontinent. The vast majority of the switching firms connected with the American Indian subcontinent offer you each household together with international completely new house acquire. These products along with the amenities provided by most such firms are often almost linked nevertheless they will vary throughout the best quality. Some of the firms possess likely to create your personal new home purchase easy together with comfortable although some people might be able to simply harass someone bitterly. To pick Best Company involving doesn't have you have to carry tiny side effects. Yet to create your task a tad easy it's great to view an individual that will Pune movers possess acquired a fantastic abilities within the taking together with transferring industry. You can decide on one of the finest packers and movers pune that you should transfer. Pune based transferring companies are often attaining more rapidly rec
Custom Graphics
Satisfying Secret
  Her eyes so delicate, words so sweet,   she's beautiful, making you want to believe,   making you want to hang on her every word,   gaze so venomous, luring me to her,   makes me sick because I know   i’m Kissing the same lips that tell all the lies,   What’s worse is that I know it, and I still don’t say a word,   I keep the role of her vulnerable, witless marionette,   in the sick puppet show play that she puts on in her head,   For everyone to see her cruel powerful ways,   and the effect she has on me,   the way she uses me as a pawn   to feel all the more in control,   I am her victim, and she loves it,   she loves that I am inferior to her,   it pleasures her for me to fall prey to her mind games,   I am the servant, she the monarch,   my everlasting ruler, as I obey her every whim,   meanwhile being strummed like a banjo,   in her own pathetic orchestra of songs   about the oblivious souls to be pitied like my own,  
Hh And Achievement
I am trying to simultaneously perform both my remaing level requirements Monday at 2 PM PST which are a HH and getting 1000 likes in a day. The second part will be the challenge since I generally get 15 likes a day. It took 4  rockstars and a few mumms to get the 500 in a day badge last time there was a level requirement, Any help drumming up likes  Monday would be appreciated. 
Smart Electronics With Smart Savings
When someone goes to shop for electronics he/she must be looking at the price that is economical and cost saving. Cameras, camcorders, HDTV, computers, mobile phones, GPS device, smart phones, tablets, DVD players, gaming consoles and mp3 player are some of the electronics that are in high demand nowadays and everyone is looking forward to make their life easy and entertaining. But when it comes to the price most of the people pull of their hands and wait for the sales to be displayed by the stores but with Kmart Coupons you don’t have to wait for the sales to be displayed rather you will find deals and discounts on products by using the coupon whenever you want to purchase.   Whether you want to shop online or offline there are some important points that you have to consider before purchasing the expensive electronics. You have to make a proper research on the internet by visiting different sites. Look out for the specifications and features that is most needed by you and wh
J E S S A: hi hun, I dont have a problem with you coming in my lounge but please stop stalking surreal, dont deny it, its been brought up in my staff chat thats how i know, So with that knowledge, either you can stay over in ogah, or you can respect my staffs personal space thanks.. 7:21pm J E S S A: also incase you dont know, I own Hydaway Radio December 10, 2013 10:27am PAIGE: lol what?! you think i stalk Matt? 10:27am PAIGE: thats the funniest thing i have ever heard 10:31am PAIGE: your INSANE lmao i dont stalk anyone if you like him just go get him i have my own THANK YOU 10:34am PAIGE: and FYI i dont need to go to a lounge to talk to him i have my phone and he calls me on skype  10:37am J E S S A: Listen im just going by what HE HAS written in MY staff chat, if you wanna get bitchy, fine thats your choice BUT YOU WILL respect my staff or you will be banned its that simple. capish? 10:42am PAIGE: im not getting

BEST FRIENDS I never meant to fall in love with you, It just happened quite by chance. I only wanted to be your friend, Not to share a new romance. But something happened quite suddenly, Before even my heart could know, I came to know a side of you That caused my love to grow. The tender way you touch me, I pray will never end; A miracle of circumstances, My lover, my best friend. WRITTEN BY: © VICKI JOINER AUGUST 12, 1990 COPYRIGHTED: JANUARY 12, 2002
What A Night

Don't hold back tell me whatever you would like to do to me, I love my girls, and I wanna fuck all of you!!!!
You Decide
GOOD GIRLS VS. BAD GIRLS Good girls blush during love scenes in a movie, Bad girls know they can do it better. Good girls loosen a few buttons when it's hot, Bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons. Good girls only own one credit card, Bad girls only own one bra and rarely use it. Good girls pack a toothbrush, Bad girls pack a box of condoms. Good girls prefer the missionary position, Bad girls do too, but only for starters. Good girls say "No", Bad girls say "When?" Good girls think they are not fully dressed without a strand of pearls, Bad girls think they are fully dressed with just a strand of pearls. Good girls wax their floors, Bad girls wax more than just their bikini line. Good girls wear high heels to work, Bad girls wear high heels to bed. It feels so good to be so bad...........
When I Saw You
The first time I saw you Your mouth stretched from one side to the other side of your face A smile, a smile that caught my eyes, That's when I realized, realized I'm falling for you. The second time I saw you I saw your blue eyes Your loving blue eyes fixed on me Catching my attention That's when I realized, realized I'm falling even harder for you. Once I realized I was falling for you, I wanted to be with you, I wanted to look into your loving blue eyes And kiss your soft tender lips that looked sweet, sweet as honey That's when I realized, realized I needed you. I want to be with you But there is one thing, One thing stopping me That is I don't have the guts, The guts to tell you That I want, I want to be with you.
Face It
Ask and you shall hear, Seek and you shall find What it is I leave behind Sometimes the dark, It shows the light What the day hides Shall come in the night Lies revealed Trust broken with a kiss Hearts fall, The day shant uplift Trust, It is a gift Not easily given But quickly taken away The heart grows cold Love fades away Thoughts of you I have no more Pain inside My heart is sore Kisses, There will be no more Love Making, There will be no more Time spent, There will be no more Face it No more walking into A closed door The Queen Is At It Again!!
Hi People
Still checking things from the libray. just thought i would post a quick hello to all my friends. muah thomas
All I Want To Do Is Cry
  I'm going to attempt to  get this all out.  I do so much better with things when i write/type them out.  And since I don't heve the money to see anyone, I'm turning to you friends.    For about the last week or so I've been crying at the drop of a hat practically.  So many thoughts running through my head, and feelings going around in circles.  I don't know what to do.   It all started when this guy that I met about a year ago got in touch with me out of the blue and told me he felt like he fucked things up with me, and that he wasn't happy with the girl he was with.  He said many things about the relationship with her (not going to get into it all as for there privacy).  I was like, "ok, that's great...if you want to break up with her and try to get with me, I can't stop you, but I WILL NOT be the reason why you break up with her."  I talked to a close friend about it and told her to please not ssy anything to anyone.  (ya know, it's nice to have friends you can go
And though I have kissed her A thousand times a day I would want to make it millions And continuous without delay But she can only smile Because each kiss is of the heart And she knows that the kiss is endless It was this way from the start But in each little touch The lips desire more But what else would they desire When each is unlike before And within the deep embrace The warmth is felt abound And she must forever feel this Even when I am not around For distance is not a problem Or something to cause a pain For she knows the next kiss is coming Again and again and again
Sitting here alone in the dark with nothing but time to think Time to think about how it had to be a lie when you told me I was special to you Time to think about how when you said you needed me in your life it wasn't true Time to think about the words you said and the pain I felt when you admitted It was nothing but lies Time to think about how it hurt when I realized I would never be enough for you Time to think about the pain I felt when you made it obvious she meant more to you than I did Time to think about how you used me for sex and your own personal enjoyment Time to think about how your heart belonged to someone else and always would Time to think about how much more I was going to be able to take Time to think about if it was worth all the pain to have you in my life With nothing but time to think I still can't bring myself to walk away from you I guess I still need more time March 2006
Let It Snow!
Let it Snow Cold and shivering tempertures White blankets the land outside Hot chocolate wiht a touch of Ameretto tickles my tongue Big and delicious Lover of Mine She possesses my mind, body and soul Sit in total tender loving care While the day's fire warms us and our deep embrace Then her familiar look of naugtiness Locks onto my own To do what we have always fantasized about Lover takes me hand, leading me outside Our backyard enclosed ensures our private moments Slowly to undress in cold whiteness yet our love and desire warms us completely OUr nipples grown to rock hardness Raw passion trembles wihtin Sexual lava boils We begin our Love journey gently laying Lover down on the velt white blanket My body dedictaed to her total pleasure Tongue taste her sweetness head to toe and not missing a spot Orally worhsipping her at her secret diamond Garbbing my hair Lover pulls me closer Pumping my mouth full of her divine Sex Goddess, Q

So there's been so much going on. Too much maybe? All within a months time, we found out that my mom has/had breast cancer. I say has/ had because they removed her boob. So are we in the clear? Is she safe? Honestly, we have no idea. The docs told her last week she needed to go through Chemo. At first she was all good to go, but having the weekend to think about it, she's changed her mind. Without Chemo the chances of the cancer coming back is 68ven with Chemo the chanes of it coming back is 47 o is she better off without it? Knowing that she won't be sick? She won't lose her hair. It's all so draining and it's not even me going through it .....
The NATO Commander in Afghanistan have asked the members of NATO for 2500 more troops to form a reserve strike force that can be deployed anywhere in Afghanistan that they are needed. So far, only Poland was commited anymore troops to this cause but they wont be available until Febuary of next year and they also are only going to be deployed in the East and Northern parts of the country, far away from where the other NATO forces are fighting either drug related armed men, the remains of the Taliban, or another form of insurgency. After five years of little or no activity from the Taliban, Southern Afghanistan is proving to be a Taliban stronghold and the NATO forces are getting stiff resistance.So far this years, the Taliban and thier forces have killed 21 NATO soldiers and wounded 80. This is a test of NATO's resolve and how much of a military influence it will be in the future. If they fail in Afghanistan, it threatens the organizations future. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice h
Am I Pretty Enough Now
Girl: Hey Boy: What? Girl: I really like you. And I... I think I'm falling in love with you. Boy: Ok... Girl: What do you mean "ok"? Boy: I don't like you like that... Girl: Why not? Boy: I can't tell you... maybe another time... From then on, the girl kept asking the boy "Why not?" whenever she saw him, and he kept answering the same answer of "I'll tell you later." Finally the girl got fed up. Girl: I'm tired of this! Tell me why you don't like me! Boy: Do you really wanna know why? Girl: Yes! Boy: It's because you're uglier than ANYTHING! What's the point of going out with someone when they're not pretty?! Girl: But... I... Boy: Just shut up and leave me alone! The boy leaves and the girl is sitting there alone, crying her heart out. Then her cell phone rings. Girl: Hello? Mom: Sweetheart? I want you to go home, ok? I'll be home from work in a few hours. Girl: Alright Mom. Mom: I love you. Girl: I love you too, Mom. Mom:
What Hurts The Most
Current mood: high Category: Writing and Poetry what Hurts The Most Is seeing The Way You Talk To Her Like You use to talk to me Telling Her How Much You Miss her when Not to Long ago it was me You Missed Holding Her in Your arms When it should be Me Whats Next Your Gonna Tell her You Love her When It was Me You Loved? Youve Betrayed Me And Crushed me into The Pond of Your hands Just When I Was About to be Happy You Knocked me down And Bruised me Some More Youve Broken My Heart And Walked on Me I Hate You And I Hope I never run into You If i did I Will Shoot you in The Eye with a Pen What Hurts The Most Is I Fell In Love With You and You Robbed Me of Every Last Breath I Will Never forgive You and I Will Get Over You I cannot Believe I fell for Your Ugly Lies I Cannot Believe You would chose her over me Sooner or later she will Hurt you and I will Not Be here to Pick up Your pieces I Hope You Rot in Hell You No Longer Have a H
this is just a blog for my poems and bitching and everything else.
Am I Wrong?
Am I wrong to touch you while I am sleeping, in confident dreams of hopeful tomorrows, eyes wide closed against the uncertainties of today and never ending confusions?
A Little Depressed
No Love Here
I guess that no one loves me! i was gone for like a week and no one loves me! WHATEVER PEOPLE! Show some love and i will show you some back i guess!
So Yeah
I just realized you can do a blog on here. HAHAHA Duh me. Well I have been sick as a dog with severe bacterial strep throat.. nasty shit.. couldnt talk my whole boday ached.. BLAH! BUt now i am feeling alittle better still very soar and hurt to talk but i can though..SO THERE! ok thats enough for now.. toodles
I am lookin for a job which sucks. Sorry about not bein on the LC as much as I was. I hopefully will have Internet of my own so I don't have to use other peoples anymore in like 3 weeks or so. I will most likely be on here at night when I get it cuz of some of the things that goes on at this site. Anyways just thought I would clear the air about where I have been and also say I will get to ur new pics you guys have posted as soon as I can. Peace out and prolly some more blogs in the future.
To You.
I want to stabb you in the eyeball and make you feel the pain you've made me feel. I hate you =]
Which Type Of Vampire Are You?
You scored as depressed vampire. you are a depressed vampire. welcome to my world. life sucks as a human and vampire and you very well know it.depressed vampire100%weak vampire50%powerful vampire38%pathetic human38%dangerous vampire25%which type of vampire are you??(PICS)created with

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