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Ladies Heres The Guys Rules, Lol
Finally , the guys' side of the story. ( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear ' the rules ' From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered '1 ' ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 2. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 3. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 4. Crying is blackmail. 5. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 6. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 7. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 8. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argu
Wtf...take 1
since i'm planning on cursing like a fucking sailor i have to tag my blog about the fucked up nsfw standards as nsfw. first off...if you want to flag a pic of kat von d in a hand bikini then you goddamn better well flag 90% of the pics on this site and lets not even get me fucking started on the fact that you shouldnt be looking at fu while you're at work if you are worried about potentially getting busted while looking at pics. and again...for the record....let me state that the fucking cowards that are allowed to hide behind the bouncers on this issue make me sick. so yeah. hate on me bitches. hate on my pics. and fuck you very much. if i could unpurchase my VIP i totally would....i can't believe i forked over cash just so that i can be harrassed again.
The Next Survivor Series
Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks. Each kid will play two sports and either take music or dance classes There is no fast food. Each man must take care of his 3 kids; keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, and complete science projects, cook, do laundry, and pay a list of 'pretend' bills with not enough money. In addition, each man will have to budget in money for groceries each week. Each man must remember the birthdays of all their friends and relatives, and send cards out on time. Each man must also take each child to a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment and a haircut appointment. He must make one unscheduled and inconvenient visit per child to the Urgent Care. He must also make cookies or cupcakes for a social function. Each man will be responsible for decorating his own assigned house, planting flowers outside and keeping it presentable at all times. The men will only h
It's here The space where you should be Bend your ear Let my kisses whisper in Do not fear My arms make a strong O As all through the centuries Lovers have been cradled. Listen, soft! Ten thousand-volt desire Sears my heart Don't give me e-mail, voice mail Or any other means of separation Be here and touch me My need for you is nothing virtual But real
Prodigy : Smack My Bitch Up (full Length)
Remember This Story???
A man is walking through a village. He sees an old man trying to push his cart up a steep hill. Since the man has a kind heart, he offers to help. Once at the top of the hill, the old man says "thank you" and goes on his way. Feeling much better about himself, the man continues on his walk and comes across a car that is stuck in a hole. The driver just standing there looking at it, trying to figure out what to do. Being compassionate, he tells the driver to get in and he begins to push the car. Finally after several grueling minutes, the car is free. The driver says "thank you" and goes on his way. Tired, but very happy with his good deeds, he continues. He comes to a school, where all of the children are looking up at a tree. He askes them what they are looking at and they say "Our ball has gotten stuck in the high branches and now there is nothing to play with!". Being a heroic person, he climbs the tree, all the way up to the highest branches where the wind sways them back and f
The Peter Britt Book Challenge! :)
Inviting all to take the Peter Britt's book challenge. What is the challenge you query? The challenge, is to get a copy of Peter Britt's book, "All That I Am, I think!" in your hot little hands as fast as you can! The book has been critically acclained as "The Woman's Nightstand Companion". No, it isn't obscene, nor is it sleezy in any way. It is in fact, insightful into the psychology of a woman's mind. Understanding and thoughtful in regards to how a woman should be, and deserves to be treated. Lots more too. You will learn a lot about Peter Britt in the book and laugh your butt off, too hopefully. So, click something below and get yours today! Click here for Peter's publisher book store Click this link to order the Hard Cover book. $24.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in Hard Cover Click this link to order the paperback book. $19.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in paperback Just click the cdbaby
Two Houses
Doghouse: Where a man is sent to sleep when he gets in trouble. Cathouse: Where a man sleeps to get him in trouble.
Why Can't We Still Be
When I see you When I speak to you Our memories flash before me All of our forgotten memories Of what we used to be I think of how I should be in your arms We were suppose to last But here, alone, I stand. Even though you may not know it, You hurt me a great deal Always ripping out my heart And not caring about how I feel. You would always ask me Why I was always sad But wouldn't you be broken too If you lost everything you had? Standing there heartbroken You had left me on my own My heart fully shattered, Silently crying all alone. And you wonder Why I'm afraid to fall It's because when I lost you I felt like I lost it all. Why can't you still love me The way you once did Now that I love you I know that I still love you And I know I still care But I go through each day pretending My feelings aren't really there Because the truth is I don't know how to stop loving you I can't seem to let you go. I don't know how to. Lying through my
Where Would I Be
You are so much like my mother, My feelings for you are like no other. You are a person I will treasure, Always and Forever. Poems you taught me to write, You are the one who showed me the light. I don't know what I would do, If in my life, I didn't have you. To me, you have been so influential, Keeping things I tell you confidential. You always seem to touch my soul, Without you, I wouldn't
Huzzah I'm level 4 now! I feel so special. Who knew all I had to do was rate peoples pictures to get points?
Sixx:a.m - Life Is Beautiful
You can't quit until you try You can't live until you die You can't learn to tell the truth Until you learn to lie You can't breathe until you choke You gotta laugh when you're the joke There's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive Just open your eyes Just open your eyes And see that life is beautiful. Will you swear on your life, That no one will cry at my funeral? I know some things that you don't I've done things that you won't There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home I was waiting for my hearse What came next was so much worse It took a funeral to make me feel alive Just open your eyes Just open your eyes And see that life is beautiful. Will you swear on your life, That no one will cry at my funeral? Alive... Just open your eyes Just open your eyes And see that life is beautiful. Will you swear on your life, That no one will cry at my funeral? Just open your eyes Just open your eyes And see that life is be
The Song That Pwns - Ttfaf
Yes, friends... Dragonforce - "Through The Fire And Flames"... Truly the song that pwns. And here's the music video!!
Walking Away
As I walk away I know everything will be okay. There is so much left to say. but why stay. To have my heart broke, i just cant live like this. Walking away, I can not stay. As i look out into the night sky, I can now say goodbye, with a sigh. Walking away I close the door, there is no more. I am who I am, You can not change me I am who I want to be. Mom and dad, I feel so sad, I needed you and you were not there, My feelings with you I could not share. You turned your back, The road I choose, The road I walked There is no second chances. I forgive you, but will never forget. Walking away, Got changes that need to be made, someday the memories will fade, But i must go on. The new doors are waiting. I must say goodbye now, Although this is hard, I must play the cards right. Now that you are out of sight, i can now be the person that I have always wanted to be, and that is me. Walking away, I know i can not stay, there is nothing left to say. Hea
"Awwwwww, shit" before singing "You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison" "It ain't bothering me, is it bothering you?!" when he noticed his fly was open at a show "I know what you're thinking. 'Look at how white those fucking arms are.'" November 6 in Brussels. After taking off his jacket during FLW. I cant fucking hear you, because the band Im in is so fucking loud! This song is about what some of you are, and what the rest of you should be. Referring to the song Teenagers Bob Bryar brings a gun with him to shows in case someone asks for that song. Referring to the song Our Lady of Sorrows That wound's never going to heal unless you put some penicillin on it! This is the shit we're gonna remember when we're all fuckin' oldmen...that will be in about four years... "Holy Shit, it looks like the whole fucking city is here!" Taguig, Philippines 012508 So people keep asking me what this badge is for... this badge makes me the sheriff, the sheriff of
Stacy Is Just 4,000 Away.
And she really wants to be a Rockstar. Give her a good spanking! bckchrrYp(wT) h grTr @ pnT fnTŧ &*@ TwTЧ f@ fubar
Chaching And The Dragon
Polar Bear - On A Treadmill
Polar Bear - A Mouse
Old Survey
1. When was the last time you kissed someone? Does ass count? Cuz I have been kissing ass ALL DAY 2. How do you flush the toilet in public? By the handle, DUH 3. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car? As opposed to wearing a seatbelt while seated on my computer chair? Oh, wait. That could be useful for those particularly strenuous cyber sessions. 4. Name one thing that you start to get tense about if you are about to run out of it. Air 5. What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble? Hong Kong Phooey. After all, I am the number one superguy! 6. What is your favorite pizza topping? Coochie, but getting a woman to sit on steaming hot mozzerella is a challenge. If it burns the roof of your mouth, what would it do to your ass? 7. Do you crack your knuckles? They are a lot better to crack than my nutts 8. What song do you hate the most when it gets stuck in your head? You got a brand new key. I friggin hate that song. 9. Did just mentioning t
Tonight's Show Is Cancelled. :(
Our singer recently moved to Redwood City for a job, and apparently is placing some unforeseen obstacles for tonight's show... so... anyone who was coming out, don't trip, just stay at home and we'll do it next time. has the schedule, next date is April 18th unless anything else gets added.
2009 Pontiac Solstice-2
No stars no moon Dead of night nothing So hot in my soul i feel my heart blister downward spiral back from the world of the living No place for me there, this is home The void The darkness speaks sweet tones a fragrance feels the air of putrid corpse and night jasmine. I see my old friend, she floats on the air as she glides toward me I welcome her with a nod, I warned you she sighed My last faint whisper Its as good a day as any to die.
You Are The One
To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, dreams all come true. To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you.
Most Important Part Of The Body
Most Important Part of the Body My mother used to ask me what is the most important part of the body. Through the years I would take a guess at what I thought was the correct answer. When I was younger, I thought sound was very important to us as humans, so I said, "My ears, Mommy." She said, "No. Many people are deaf. But you keep thinking about it and I will ask you again soon." Several years passed before she asked me again. Since making my first attempt, I had contemplated the correct answer. So this time I told her, "Mommy, sight is very important to everybody, so it must be our eyes." She looked at me and told me, "You are learning fast, but the answer is not correct because there are many people who are blind." Stumped again, I continued my quest for knowledge and over the years, Mother asked me a couple more times and always her answer was, "No. But you are getting smarter every year, my child." Then last year, my grandp
Men And Their Ego's
most men want some one to be with that will take care of them all the time. well guess what that dose not mean that we set at home 24/7 rasieing ur child cooking and cleaning and be at ur every bek-in-call. U can also get up off ur asses and help out. It is hard now a day to find some one that is kind hearted and will be there no matter what happens. And when we want to go out with our girl friends to have a nite out on the town, dont be askin where we're goin what time we'll be back and who's goin to be there. Ur not our daddy's! And no guys most girls r not high maintance! We just want some one to luv us for who we r not what we look like. U dont judge a book by its cover. But maybe im just old fashion. What do u think ?
Show Sum Luv To Trick She Is A Sweetheart!
Trick (aka.Coco)@ fubar
I Am So Proud Of My Son...
lsu feti
Two Types Of Friends
Two Types of Friends -- Real & Simple A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about their problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself. A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight. A simple friend expects y
L ♥o♥v♥ E
Stumbling Blocks????
You can have dreams in life that can either come true or have stumbling blocks in the way that prevents them. But you can always dream and make newer ones, because with out dreams there is nothing in life to look forward to.
What About Jokers Wild
I am The FUBAR Funny Man you want a good laugh I am the Prescription you need. Down to Earth & Easy to get along with unless you realy try hard to Pi*s me off! My BIG peeves are two faced people, Liars, Theives, cowards, Fakes and people who dont know the diffrence between Real Life and the internet. If you have alot of Drama around you I'm not Interested in Being a Friend, Fan or anything else and if you wish you may block me and move along, I am here for Me and my real friends and nothing more, POINT WHORES ? dont even bother just move along ! and since the Admin of FUBAR do not get involved with altercations on FUBAR The Best way to deal with stupidity is the block button. I personaly think they should deal with issues on FUBAR and keep their customer base happy and get rid of the Azzwipes but I dont see that happening anytime soon so block button and your page being set by friends is the best option for dealing with stupidity. PLEASE READ MY FULL PROFILE ! M
Still enough Although I know youre not begging Still as the thoughts running through your mind Still enough Although I know youre not begging Give me a reason to make you mine I will devour you Take all the pain away I cannot stay my hand From reaching out so that I can Empower you For all eternity It seems to ease my mind To know that youve brought Meaning to my life Had enough Although I see youre not running Still are the thoughts running though your mind Dead to love The path that you are now taking Show me the reason to make you mine I will devour you Take all the pain away I cannot stay my hand From reaching out so that I can Empower you For all eternity It seems to ease my mind To know that youve brought Meaning to my life Run, to where the smallest ray of light will never find you Run, to where you will not need to shield your eyes Run, away from all the soulless, heartless fiends who hound you Run, away and let your memorie
Why Speak? When the words are never spoken? Why me? When I look into you, I see me. Some say, you'll never believe me oh yea I say, Life's too short anyways.... If you try, to speak my language.. I'll think you'd find you wouldn't be tonight If you try to speak my language I think you'd find,you couldn't be tonight.... I think of you in winter time.... So there blood in your veins? Just let it fall, hear the crushing sound just let it fall set it all down with a black eyed frown....
Looking Back At Me
If I died tonight would I even be missed? Would I leave this world without a last kiss? Would my name be remembered? Would anyone even care? Was time here on Earth just a burden for others to bear? Some days I was kind. Some days I was mean. Looking back now I wonder which of the two was most seen. My loved ones often received the shallow end of the deal. It's sad that I have to question if they know how I really feel. These thoughts have awakened me to the things I have taken for granted. I really feel ashamed of all the times I raved and ranted. Starting right now and every moment after I'll think twice before I react. My loved ones will know they're loved and I won't be ashamed to look back.
New Account
I have a new Account... Ill keep this one.. but your more than welcome to add my new Profile.. Click The Pic!!! see you soon....Rate,Fan,and add me! maybe a crush:P ... ttys >
What To Do..
I'm trying to decifer between asking one person to be my 'fu b/f' or another. I mean, one I really trust & yet I'm not sure...the other, I just really started talking to so I'm still confused. I know this doesn't make any sense & should probably be a MUMM but blogs are better for me & less harsh from this world here. So if anyone wants to help, feel free to comment & let me know! Thanks!!!! ♥Pink*Mama♥
Stole These Lyrics
This is a song for the ladies But fellas listen closely You don't always have to fuck her hard In fact sometimes that's not right to do Sometimes you've got to make some love And fuckin give her some smoochies too Sometimes ya got to squeeze Sometimes you've got to say please Sometime you've got to say hey I'm gonna Fuck you softly I'm gonna screw you gently I'm gonna hump you sweetly I'm gonna ball you discreetly And then you say hey I bought you flowers And then you say wait a minute sally I think I got somethin in my teeth Could you get it out for me That's fuckin teamwork Whats your favorite posish? That's cool with me Its not my favorite But I'll do it for you Whats your favorite dish? Im not gonna cook it But ill order it from Zanzibar And then I'm gonna love you completely And then I'll fuckin fuck you discreetly And then I'll fucking bone you completely But then I'm gonna fuck you hard Hard
Less Than A Week...
My 22nd birthday is in less than a week!! I'll have a blast out soon and my HH will be on my birthday, 3-31. I'm not sure what time yet. I don't know what time is best. But keep an eye out. I expect a lot of fu-lovin!! :D ♥♥♥♥♥ Amy
Surrendering All
Surrendering All You come and place yourself at my feet, "Master tonight, for you I have a treat, I smile at you for being so well behaved, My good beautiful girl, a perfect little slave. Kneeling before me, grasping my cock, And around the head your lips do lock, Moving your head on the shaft up and down, Giving me pleasures all unbound. Swirling your tongue around the thick tip, Going deep and feeling you scrape just a bit, Wrapping my fingers deep in your hair, Holding you, enjoying the warmth of you there. Kneeling there you look deep into my eyes, But wanting more, I raise you up by my side, Quickly I lead you back to my bed, My finger to your lips, not a word to be said. Pushing you down, ripping clothes off, Thrusting in deep as I climb there on top, Hard and deep each thrust is delivered, Crying out as you cum, beginning to quiver. "Take me my Master," you cry out loud, You are wonderful my slave, you make me so proud, Again and again you fi
Quote Of The Day
"If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends.You talk to your enemies
Hey Ladies
Want to have all the sex u want email me at
~~~farm Boy~~~
A farm boy accidentally overturned a wagon of corn on the road. A nearby farmer saw the accident and went over to have a look and found the boy trying to right the tipped wagon. "Hey Chris," the farmer said. "Forget your troubles for a spell....its late, come have dinner with us. I'll help you with that wagon after we eat." "That's mighty nice of you, but Pa won't like that," Chris replied. "Aw, come on son. Take a break," the farmer insisted. "Well, okay," the boy finally agreed. "But Pa won't like it." After a hearty meal, Chris thanked the farmer. "I feel a lot better now, but I just know that Pa will be upset." "Nonsense," the farmer said. "Where is your pa anyway?" "Under the wagon."
You Can Own Us Check It Out
"> > > > > > > > > ok you can own anyone of us lets go bid plz Captain Caveman... ~angelynna~... ~*~Sweet~*~... MyLady Tina... ~SexySissy~...
Perfect In Every Way
Your Spelling is Perfect You got 10/10 correct. Your spelling is excellent. You also have a great memory and eye for detail. How's Your Spelling?
New member... please add her and welcome her to the family! }i{ JeSSiCa }i{ - BBW_Bombers Family Member@ fubar
That's About Right.
You Are 24% Open You are open at times, but generally you don't let many people into your inner world. It's possible that you have a friend or two that knows you well. But to most people, you are a total mystery. How Open Are You?
Memo At Work
MEMO: Cursing at Work Dear Employees: It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received from some employees, who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with co-workers. Therefore, a list of 18 New and Innovative 'TRY SAYING" phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner. Number 1 TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training. INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing. Number 2 TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter. INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__. Number 3 TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late. INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this?
Today Is The Last Day Of This Auction So Come On And Bid On Me
Pussycat Pimp
hey everyone i've been nominted to be a pussycat playmate pimp. come vote fore me.
You said it wouldnt happen That you didnt want to hurt me But tahts what has happened And Im sure shes replaced me For she'll do anything Where I wont No longer do we speak Wonder why now Last time we argued It was over her Guess shes replaced me!
Do You Communicate Like A Man Or Woman?
You Communicate Like a Woman You empathize, talk things out, and express your emotions freely. You're a good listener, and you're non-judgmental with your advice. Communication is how you connect with people. You're always up for a long talk, no matter how difficult the subject matter is. Do You Communicate Like a Man or a Woman?
Shattered Fragments Of Time
Shattered Fragments of Time With a tinkle like the breaking of glass I hear the warm depth of your laughter I spin around and around, my hands groping the empty air but I cannot see the smile on your face. The laughter fades slowly away I feel the gentleness of your fingers upon my arm and I reach for your hand, but it is not there. Nor are your lips when I turn to kiss you Or your warmth when my arms reach out to hold you. Fingers I cannot see hold my heart firm Like shattered fragments out of time parts of you are with me always I try so hard to hold them close to me so that you will not go away and leave me again But I cannot In my heart, in my soul I watch helplessly as you leave me a hundred times each day For all my strength, my love, I cannot stop you Almost with surprise I realise I am crying again The teardrop falls forever to the dry, dusty ground But my eyes do not follow it to final impact, because already my heart is reaching for th
Fox Trot Or Tango? I Just Wanted To Line Dance
Ah well, a Fox Trot it is and thanks a bundle pal. With the badgers calling there are of course foxes, squirrels, birds. The latter brings cats and so it is that the cat has finally left its dog sized calling card, the fox decided to get Delhi Belly and visit here to pay his respects and fortunately apart from the birds there is no other pooper scooping required. I hate that, when I am hanging the washing out, whilst hanging on to the line for dear life because my hand-eye co-ordination are not good when I look up and I have to have one eye to the ground too, at the same time, in order not to trot in the fox drops. This morning then, in order not to keel over in this eye crossing pose I have to go and get the garden trowel after putting the washing basket on the wall whilst praying that a) it does not rain, b) the basket does not blow off the wall and c) I dont go break dancing over on the muddy lawn.. It is at times like this when I love the frost because then it is easy to walk
Tips On Pumping Gas
TIPS ON PUMPING GAS I don't know what you guys are paying for gasoline.... But here in California we are also paying higher, up to $3.50 per gallon. But my line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money's worth for every gallon. Here at the Kinder Morgan Pipeline where I work in San Jose, CA we deliver about 4 million gallons in a 24-hour period thru the pipeline. One day is diesel the next day is jet fuel, and gasoline, regular and premium grades. We have 34-storage tanks here with a total capacity of 16,800,000 gallons. Only buy or fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense the gasoline, when it gets warmer gasoline expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening....your gallon is not exactly a gallon. In the petroleum business,
Playgirl Me (thanks Learning2fly!)
Another Busy As Fuck Day
GOt myself ROYALLY fucked this morning. Master was unable to sleep last night, while I slept on like a baby. Sometime around 8am, I went upstairs to find Him stroking off to some porn that we both love. The fucking commenced....Vibrator on my clit, HIm inside me for over an hour. I'm still hurting from it. 8shivers happily*
Your Child
Children are what make this world great. There are no super hero's, except in your child eyes. You are the super hero. You can carry them all day long when they are tired, heal owie's with a simple kiss, and can make a quarter appear from their ear. I have a son who thinks I am a super hero. Well guess what, I guess there are true super hero's in this world after all
Dj Ghost Is Now On The Air In Naughty Girls Lounge
I have offically came to the conclusion, that physical beauty outweighs mental beauty. I myself find this to be a sad sad thing. Physical beauty wears off, age and gravity take over. Mental beauty is what lasts. I wonder if someone on here had a page with no sexy pics and had all kinds of blogs posted about stuff they beleived in, or stuff like that. If they'd get any rates. Yes I am the biggest hypocrit on this subject, I pay more attention to the good lookin people than the not so good looking. Which is something I am trying to change. Thanks for reading!! CARPE DIEM
You Can......
You can... You can move me with your words, you have me singing a melody like a bird. Sounds that I have never heard come from my lips, while you have juices flowing from me, wanna take a sip? You have not even touched me as of yet, but we will have to change the sheets you can bet. The lyrics that flow from your tongue, have me longing for more, it is my body you have won. So when will you stop talking about what you wanna do, and just prove to me that I may not be able to take all of you? If your manly pen is as strong as your lyrical one, you may have me spent, after just a few minutes I might be done. But never before have I been shut down early, so come here baby boy and put all that on me, give me your love instrument I so wish to play, I will make you fall to your knees as if you wish to pray. So quiet now as I place my fingers over your mouth, you glide into me now this is really what it is all about, body's merging from two to one, coming together f
"i Outlived The Bitches."
Toward the end of the church service, the minister asked, "How many of you have forgiven your enemies?" About 80% held up their hands. The minister then repeated the question and all responded by raising their hands except one small, elderly lady. "Mrs. Jones? Are you not willing to forgive your enemies?", the minister asked "I don't have any", she replied, smiling sweetly. "Mrs. Jones, that is indeed unusual. How old are you?" "Ninety-eight" she replied. "Mrs. Jones, would you come down front and tell the congregation how a person can live for ninety-eight years and not have an enemy in the world?" The little lady tottered down the aisle, faced the congregation, smiled sweetly and said, "I outlived the bitches."
Yahoo Launches Site Focused On Women
NEW YORK - Yahoo Inc. on Monday launched a site for women between ages 25 and 54, calling it a key demographic underserved by current Yahoo properties. The site, Shine, is aimed largely at giving the struggling Internet company additional opportunities to sell advertising targeted to the key decision-maker in many households. Yahoo (nasdaq: YHOO - news - people ) said advertisers in consumer-packaged goods, retail and pharmaceuticals have requested more ways to reach those consumers. Amy Iorio, vice president for Yahoo Lifestyles, said internal research also shows women are looking for a site to combine various content and communications tools. "These women were sort of caretakers for everybody in their lives," she said. "They didn't feel like there was a place that was looking at the whole them - as a parent, as a spouse, as a daughter. They were looking for one place that gave them everything." Yahoo is entering a market already served by Glam Media Inc. and iVillage,
Try Getting Up And Thinking About This Every Day
life takes us in many directions we all have friends and girlfriends husbands wives children /i no some day my life will get happier its been a struggle threw the years we all have lost our loved ones threw all kinds of sickness my very first loss was when i was 10 years old my stepfather was working on a huge cadillac the jack broke the vehicle feel on top of him he died on my birthday in my imeditate family i have had two buire 75 members try living with that if it wasnt for that special some one who i care for cassandra i dont think i would have made it threw g edward beach death he was like the father i never had when he died my whole world around me crumbled
The Story
She was standing there again. I get up, looking out of my bathroomwindow and I see the woman standing there. She's too far away to recognize, but I know it's her. I feel it. Since I've got nothing else to do, I decide to check her out. Take a closer look. So I get dressed and leave, if I'm wrong I can also go to the baker's shop. When I close my front door I put my scarf up a little, trying to protect myself from the cold. I walk around the corner and I'm disappointed when I see she's not there anymore. The tree she was under is now deserted. There's noone around. Was it my imagination? I decide to continue my walk, lost in thoughts. "Don't you know me anymore?" This voice... it's her. For a second I think about running away, but my legs fail. I turn around. "Jane?" Did I say this out loud? Cause I question the strength of my voice, I have a feeling this is only a dream. "Were you following me the last few days? How did you find me?" "Yes, it was me. Do you know what we swore y
Lust Or Love Or Neither
When i heard dis i think about her I feel her I still want her But i hope that one day something happens
New Stash Pics
This Is How I Feel
True Friends
Too Old!!!
LOL ok I was told I was too old for a 20 year old today. What do you ladies think...Is a 16 year gap really that big of a difference?? Tell me what you all think I want some answers ... lol. I am still laughing over this one....
My Husband
~~DJ Branimal~~ ~~Shelby's Husband~~@ fubar Bran Doing His Thing on Drums Null by Five Feeler (LIVE)
Lose/lose Scenarios
There are some situations in life in which you absolutely cant win. Once you are in the situation whatever route you take, you are coming out badly. Now we have all been in these situations before, and we all second guess the choices we have made. But when option A and option B suck, it becomes determining the lesser of 2 evils. So today I am putting you in a few unique situations and I am going to give you two options to choose from. Yeah, its like a quiz/game. There are no right answers only the lesser of 2 evils. Make your answers. At the bottom of this blog I am going to put what my answers are, but I want you to come up with yours first. Dont be a cheater. Here we go. Karaoke: Ok. The thing about singing karaoke is that no matter what you do with it. You are a dork. If you go up there and sing like shit, you are retarded. If you go up there and sing the song perfectly, you are a fucking cheese ball. Its a lose/lose. What do you do? (A) Sing badly and look like a s
Another Division Champs In The Burgh
how about those pittsburgh penguins winning the division championship the first time since 1997.they had a blood bath on ice vs cross state bums philly but won 4-2 with a return match in 4 days in philly.STEELERS WON THEIR DIVISION AND SO DID THE PENGUINS....GO PITTSBURGH
Song Parts
They call my name on the wind begging me to return again. The hunt, the fight the thrill of the bite. When will all this end, life after life, fight after fight. I owe them my life but all they can claim is the pain. The pack runs swift to reclaim my soul, the demons stand ready as they approach, claws and teeth shine in the moon light. I smell the blood and feel the pain, my soul is shattered as he falls. My friend, my guardian, i call out his name......The pack retreats my soul is lost..... Now i shall pay for my sins as the darkness closes in....
Help Level Yea? 04
queenp00h needs 5k to the next level, let's help out. Thx yo. ~~SUPERMAN~~ queenp00h of T.H.U.G.S.@ fubar
Request Line
Please Leave Your Requests Thank You, Staff At Club Supa Nova
Buck Cherry (crazy Bitch )
Having Me Is Like Winning Lottery :p
Battle Of The New Rock Music 04/03/08
Sunday Thru Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Tuesday 04/03/08.. Last Night It Was: Disturbed - Inside the Fire (champion) V.S. Korn - Kiss (Challenger) This was a Full Blown Blowout 8-1 Disturbed-Inside the Fire Was Victoriouse for a Third Night in a Row and will move onto Sunday Night's Battle With a New Challenger. Make Sure to Tune into Dirty Deeds Radio With Me, DJ NiteWolf to see who will Prevale as Tonights Champion.
Pervert Poem 2
eat me beat me bite me blow suck me fuck me oh so slowly sex is evil sex is a sin so let just fuck again.....
And So It Begins
Something my grandfather taught me, "It's all a mind fuck. If you mind you're fucked. If you don't mind, they're fucked. I have seen way too much int he short ass time ive been on this earth and i have found that this simple phrase has got me thru so much.
One Sweet Day
Saturday, March 11, 2006 One Sweet Day... We'll Dance Again Saylah Marie, {03-11-91 - 07-29-91} a beautiful baby girl, born this day 14 years ago, her life was short and oh so sweet, Her smile so bright, a brave warrior's defeat... There lost within her eyes, a glimse of heaven I did see, For I was blessed, choosen as her mother, how God so favored me... Bitter sweet are the memories I charish since she passed, Now in OUR Father's arms until my final jounery's last... Tears fall from my eyes as the music begins to play, it was our last dance, but I'll be okay, Our time will come, tears will fall no more, the music will play and we'll dance again, one sweet day. I miss you My darling princess on earth, My angel in heaven, Happy Birthday, I Love you. Mommy
Selling E-machine Computer!
im selling a computer that my parents gave me that i didnt need and they dont want it back. its an E-Machine and it comes with a monitor, tower, key board, mouses, all the cords, and ect. Ive never used it and its just taking up my space so if you live in the Dayton Area: Centerville, springboro, franklin, miamisburg, west carrollton, lebanon-OHIO and want a computer, please get a hold of my on yahoo messenger, just leave me a message about it. and ill get back to you. its worth over 50 dollars. stewieshotgurl jenna m.
So it seems like today is National Rant/Start Drama Day, so I said what the hell and I'd join in on it. First of all, I want to make this PERFECTLY clear that this blog is NOT directed to anyone in particular. Now, if you can't handle the truth, you might as well just go kill yourself or something because there are people out there, like myself, who tell it like it is. If you're going to be emo, there is no reason to be on the internet. People say stuff, people are fake, it's the internet!!!! All it is is words on a screen, FUCKING DEAL WITH IT! If you want to call people "stupid", you might want to take a look in a mirror. If you can't take a joke, please see the paragraphs about the truth and being emo. If you think you can hurt my feelings, THINK AGAIN! Unless you are a member of my REAL family, or a very good friend of mine, your opinion really doesn't matter to me. I respect it, but it has no influence on me what-so-ever. For those of you who are my friend
Joke- Italian Stallion
A virile, middle-aged Italian gentlemen named Guido was relaxing at his favourite bar in Rome when he managed to attract a spectacular young blonde woman. Things progressed to the point where he led her back to his apartment and, after some small talk, they retired to his bedroom where he rattled her senseless. After a pleasant interlude, he asked with a smile, "So, you finish?" She paused for a second, frowned, and replied, "No." Surprised, Guido reached for her and the rattling resumed. This time she thrashed about wildly and there were screams of passion. The sex finally ended and, again, Guido smiled and asked, "You finish?" Again, after a short pause, she returned his smile, cuddled closer to him and softly said, "No." Stunned, but damned if he was going to leave this woman unsatisfied, Guido reached for the woman yet again. Using the last of his strength, he barely managed it, but they ended together screaming, bucking, clawing and ripping the bed sheets. Exh
Ends 10 Pm Est Tonight (04/4/08)
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Vote For Jesse Blazed Snider
Jesse Blaze Snider's Interests General MTV Rock The Cradle Official Site Keep JESSE BLAZE SNIDER in the running on Rock The Cradle by casting your vote...and watch his entire performance online! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!! If you want to cast a vote by phone, dial 1-866-979-7904 If you want to vote by text message, text the number 4 to 97979 Please pass this info on to anyone you know that may have not seen the program! Votes will be accepted until 9am (EST) on Saturday April 5th. You can get tickets to the live tapings, and follow the complete series at MTVs website for Rock the Cradle here as well... ROCK THE CRADLE WEBSITE and now a littl
A Slice Through Bliss
Slicing through your dream world The reality cuts to the root Of the bliss connected To your ideals. You cannot see Because you are blind To sense and reason. Yet fear what is real and true Now who is running? Clutch for dear life To your false identity. It brings you glory And a pedestal. To sit on until You are long forgotten Then someone else Will take your place. So tell me What makes the most sense? Out of all the Foolish endeavors you seek And pride yourself on Whenever they will mean nothing. Though it is supposable That unobtainable glory Is one those hunger, The most for before it is all over.
Discovering The Way
When sitting on the side Speechless without a word, Just looking for some ways To find the door that mach your key, Holding strong to give you hopes but, In your mind you're somewhere else. Going crazy in little circle Bang your head against the walls, Keep on looking at the road As the sun is slowly dying Asking questions you forgotten Jumping on the walls with rage Wondering about the road. Than you stop to look at your self Wondering who are you now, Stupid questions popping up, As slowly into the mirror you look Discovering who that person is. Dan Ursoi Copyright 2007 Dan Ursoi
Maggie's Update
Today is Monday April 7th, Maggie is not doing well today, last night she had a bad night, she cried and had some kind of fit, then lost control of her urine. She is not herself, just looks like she is lost in her eyes. I made appt today, but cant get her there til late this afternoon. It may be time that I make a decision. I will see what the doctor says, I know i wont keep her here because Im having a hard time dealing with this. I know I wont keep her on pills, to keep her in my life longer, its not fair to her. It tearing me up inside. Words cant say how I love her. I will let you know today what the out come is.
040708 Dilbert
Help Me Level My Fu Owner
my fu owner tinkerbell lost her old account. lets all r/f/a/ her and rate all her pics and stashes so she can make it to her godmother status. TinkerbellMN84 (MY ACCOUNT GOT DELETED PLEASE HELP)@ fubar Blog done by Tinkerbell's Fu Slave ~*Moon Wolf Owner of Mystical Magic Lounge &~*PixiFairy*~Owned by Tinkerbell SweetJudy and Sunshine@ fubar
Yesterday I went to a picnic with my husband for his job. well somehow it came out that after our trip I am going to be looking for a new job. I guess I made an impression on the manager of the VIP reservations because she went up to my husband and told him to call me and tell me to put my application in so she could hire me for the part time spot that is open. it is more hours and higher pay than what i am working now. yay :D hopefully soon I will be sitting at a desk answering the phone and making reservations for the hotel :D
I'm Watching You
: ACHILLES.Marri...: lmoa bunch o fucktards ACHILLES.Marri...: no funny TIFFANY..... M...: i know that one girl from se said her profile was gonna be hacked jer ACHILLES.Marri...: that wasnt even a fight === DragonEagle 3D Artist & Mod @ Studio 54 gives ~*Sheena*Billy's Babygurl for life* PrOmO cHiC @ Studio 54*~ Captian 4 Official Creep Brigade*~ a hug ACHILLES.Marri...: WREAKING CREW got SMASHED ***** cooldaddy4u has entered the lounge! ***** ACHILLES.Marri...: LMFAO at that bunch of fucking bitches ...the SOO CALLED Wreaking Crew
The Young Poet "the Beach"
The waves crash upon the sandy beach, on a dune a young poet sits juts beyond their reach. In the sea his mind gets lost, in the rough waters his thoughts are tossed. Thoughts of anger, fear, and doubt, the people he loves these thoughts are about. No longer sure of who he can trust, keep to him self these thoughts he must. A tear from his eye adds to the river of sorrow, maybe things will be better tomorow. Still sitting past the waves reach, a young poet sits on a sandy beach.
Eat Something Sexy...
This is not another survey or video, it is something I thought I would share with my love of sensual food and wine. Not that anyone is interested, but I thought I would share anyway. I find food and wine to be very sexy and sensual. Apparently another woman felt the same way and wrote a book about it, a sensual cookbook. Naturally my mother found this titalizing little number on one of her trips and brought it home to Moi. Imagine that! It is called Fork Me, Spoon Me and is a complete delight. The food is wonderful and exotic, making your mouth water and your taste buds sing (not to mention the tingle in your jeans). Amy Reiley, the author also has a newsletter appropriately called Aphrodisiac that is filled with delightful tales of food and wine. I have enjoyed this so much I thought I would share. As a quick side note, she has a monthly wine list that is sexually divine. This same wine recommendat
My ?! Family And Real Life Drama
OK, so, I have this rather odd living arrangement, where I live with my ex (who is not quite legally an ex, might I add) so we can both be there for the kids. We were however, both ready to move on, and have done so. I have my guy with me here now, which is amazing, and he had a girlfriend move in with him last Sunday. Well, I had only met the girlfriend a few times, and at the time I really didn't like her, but I wasn't sure if it was because I was confused about my role in the whole situation, or whatever. Well, it turns out, that this girl that I actually LIKE had some really strong feelings for my ex, but always pushed them aside because she was hoping for he and I to get back together, because his happiness is her happiness, kinda thing. Well, the other day, when I was bitching about the current girlfriend to her, I told her "if he has to have a girlfriend, why can't it be you?" From there, she realized that she did want to be with him, and proceeded to talk to him ab
Wolf Biermann - Chile
The Full List As Of 4/10/08
=== '~Shannon~ 2nd Alarm Hottie, Fiesta Tappers Owned By D Smith aka 'Smitty - Just Having Fun - Fies' spewed forth the following at '2008-04-10 05:15:06'.. > > > > > /> > This is a current list of all Fiesta Tappers in no special order. Please make sure you have everyone fanned, added and rated. > > FIESTA TAPPERS HOME PAGE@ fubar > > Joined January 2008 > ~`Bꮮymi`~ Fiesta Tappers (Please Rate, Fan before Adding)@ fubar > > Joined January 2008 > Mr_JDub ~ Happily Married to Chickie Momma~ Fiesta Tappers~@ fubar > > Joined January 2008 > ~ Chickie Momma~ Happily married to Mr. JDub~ Fiesta Tappers~@ fubar > > Joined January 2008 > Choppie - Fiesta Tappers@ fubar > > Joined January 2008 > Cupcake Surprise ~ Fiesta Tappers ~ Triple X Hottie~@ fubar > > Joined January 2008 > Evonne~Fiesta Tappers~Club Far~RisingStars@ fubar > > Joined February 2008 > Mr Pibb - Owned by / Owner of eLLe ~ Fiesta Tappers ~
I Saw Your Face
I saw your face but couldn't place, I just couldn't retrace. I miss you I was down on my knees looking across the raging sea. Seen the eagles soar, felt like a war, behind these doors, I saw your face, but couldn't place, I just can't retrace. I miss you. My skies are grey, wish you could see, the tears in my eyes. The day I said goodbye. I just wanted to die. I wanted to give you a second chance, feels like I am in a trance. I took one more glance. I saw your face. I miss you
Battle Of The New Rock Music 04/10/08
Sunday Thru Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Thursday 04/10/08.. Last Night It Was: Chevelle - The Fad (champion) V.S. Kid Rock - Sugar (Challenger) The Vote Was a Close one With a Tie Breaker 6-7 Kid Rock - Sugar Was Victoriouse and Will return sunday night With a New Challenger. Make Sure to Tune into Dirty Deeds Radio With Me, DJ NiteWolf to see who will Prevale as Sunday Nights Champion.
Help Me Plzs
hi im in a give away to win a months vip plzs help me win it heres a link to the pic i only need to get 12k plzs can u help thanks
The day shines so bright when u have someone in ur hearts. There will be no moring that is in the dark and till that day when u lose that specail someone that u use to hold to. When u find another love that shine will come out and make the days and night are no more lonely. Tell the one that is in ur hearts that u love them b/c there will be no tommorow. Ilove u all my friends.There is a special love in my heart that has took my heart away and he the one that i want in my live forever when u find this love plz don't take it forgranted u will lose the love with that person the one that u love them every day that u get to spend with them and show them how much u want them and nedd them in ur life. Baby ur the one that has took my heart and i will always be by ur side every day and stand by u and what ever u do and show u i am willing to be with u for all the time in our lifes .
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Clips
In Auction..need Alot Of Luv
He Came To Me For Help
he needs 50,000 comments in 2 weeks its for a happy hour go and show some luv for him leave some for him
Heart Of Glass
An empty heart; is like an empty glass, with nothing to share. A broken heart; is like a broken glass, shattered beyond repair. Let joy fill the heart; let wine fill the glass, and bring love to mine. Empty the heart; And shatter the glass, destroy for all time
Please Help Me!
I need all the help I can get from my sweet friends!!!! I'm in a contest and I need like tons of comments on my photo. The contest runs through the 23rd. Can you please drop by and leave as many comments as you can on this pic? I will definitely return the love!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox!!!!
Dj Maha
Dj Chuggy
041408 Dilbert
imikimi - Customize Your World
Praphrased From Ferras - Hollywood's Not America Lyrics
And theres never any rain, when you want it A hollow little game, and youve won it Looking for a thrill but youve done it all So long, put your blue jeans back on girl Go home Remember Fubar's not reality So long put your blue jeans back on girl Go home Remember Fubar's not reality Oh yeah And everybody heres, from somewhere else You could make a million dollars, but you might lose yourself And you can take the heat will your heart go cold They say actings just pretending, even that gets old
Point Whorism
please help me feel better rate pics mom has cancer its hard TERI PROMOTER@C... i can't believe anyone would have the balls to put this on a ticker... that's just fucking disgusting.
If Ya Want To Feel The BOOM, Click 2 Join Us In The ROOM!! Come Check Out The Boom Boom Room Lounge... Great People, Great Tunes, Great Times... If Ya Want To Feel The BOOM, Click 2 Join Us In The ROOM!! Come Check Out The Boom Boom Room Lounge... Great People, Great Tunes, Great Times... If Ya Want To Feel The BOOM, Click 2 Join Us In The ROOM!! Come Check Out The Boom Boom Room Lounge... Great People, Great Tunes, Great Times... If Ya Want To Feel The BOOM, Click 2 Join Us In The ROOM!! Come Check Out The Boom Boom Room Lounge... Great People, Great Tunes, Great Times...
Half Lit, Time For A Beer.
Why am I writing this when I have had enough adult kool-aids that I am past tipsy? I am just not ready for hitting the hay yet. So here I am sitting in the dark, trying to type on my laptop with fingers too big and clumsy to hit the right keys. (Another great use for spell check.) I have no rant, as I already got my bitching done at the bar, and all that is left is the happy drunk that sits in the corner and tells everyone they are "The Best". I guess I could pull a bottle or two from the fridge and push myself deep into the dark areas of alcohol consumption, but watching my old room make sit in the dark and drink alone was alway the most pathetic act I had ever seen. Is sitting alone typing in the dark any better? Good question. I don't know, and am feeling too good to care. So what to write when I can hardly type??? Well, I do not think I am going to come up with any great thinking right now. No better mouse trap. No plan for world peace. And no fantastic insight into the human cond
Ruminations And Ramblings...
More observations and meanderings from moi : So apparently being a geek/dweeb or nerd is considered hip now. Yikes. That being said, i'm sure the "hipster" types will all now become "nerdy". Where does that leave me? Not that I aspired to become a nerd but I am what I am... so now I'm considered "trendy" or dare I say "hip" ? Yay for me. Or not. Not that does me any good. ---------------- I see that fubar is a microcosm of society. The "pretty" girls on Fubar ask or rather, flatly say..bling me or get me a blast or so on. So even in the realm of online geekiness..things remain the same. At least things are consistent. Sigh. ------------------- It's been relatively nice as of wise. In the mid 70's...light breezes,etc. Anyways, I've noticed that the weather becomes nicer, the moron's seem to come out of thier respective holes. I hear the guys on the rice rocket motorcycles wizzing by the apartment ..and the tricked out Honda's with
~new Godmother To Fubar~
Mighty Waterfall Gushed At Greenland Ice Sheet
Associated Press April 17, 2008 -- For an hour or so Greenland had it's own mighty waterfall, flowing secretly at three times the volume of Niagara. A meltwater lake on the surface of a glacier suddenly emptied in July 2006, sending millions of gallons of water through cracks in the ice sheet to the ground where it could affect the movement of the ice. The lake covered 2.2 square miles near the western edge of the ice sheet and took about 24 hours to drain. During the most rapid 90 minutes, water was flowing out of the lake at 2.3 million gallons per second, according to researchers led by Sarah Das of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Woods Hole, Mass. Under international convention, the minimum flow of Niagara Falls in summer is about 750,000 gallons per second. The findings are reported in a pair of papers about the Greenland ice sheet appearing in Thursday's online edition of the journal Science. Das and Ian Joughin of the University of Washington in Seattle
Tk w Wkd Rlm$ h$bd to ♥h ♥ th ♥ He's 390k from Henchman... Lets show him some love and see if we can get him to the next level! I know there are a lot of us that are always helping others out, so lets see how far we can get him by midnight tonight!! Insane Clown PosseTilt-A-WhirlMusic Video Codes By Music
My Girl Singing
Men: Are You Too Needy?
10 Signs You're Being Needy By David Wygant Special to Yahoo! Personals Updated: Apr 21, 2008 RATING THIS ARTICLE Average (604 votes) Rate it: Sign in to rate! Read all 10 comments TOOLS Email Article Printable View Add to Add to Digg In my ten years of coaching men and women on the perils of dating and relationships, the one journey women tell me they never want to go on again is meeting and hanging out with the "needy and clingy" man. Nothing turns women off more than a guy who is really needy. Nothing turns women off more than a guy who is really needy. Now, I can practically hear men's voices protesting from everywhere, saying "But David, there are a lot of needy women too!" This article is not about them... it's about you. Below are ten signs that you are being needy. Remember you are trying to attract women, not turn them off. So if you suffer from any of these signs of neediness, you need to immediately stop those act
The truth shall set you free... but first it is going to piss you off. Dont make someone a priority that considers you an option. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." Engrave this quote in Our Store! | Rate this Quote! | -William Congreve, "The Mourning Bride" Damaged people are more dangerous because we know they can survive. Each time you are honest and conduct yourself with honesty, a success force will drive you toward greater success. Each time you lie, even with a little white lie, there are strong forces pushing you toward failure." -Joseph Sugarman An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind." - Buddha When you want to fool the world, tell the truth. Otto von Bismarck Trade is much superior to piracy. You can rob and kill a man but once, but you can cheat him again and again."-Louis Lamour Robert
lionize LY-uh-nyz, transitive verb: To treat or regard as an object of great interest or importance.
Caboose Is Loose
Update 21 will be up today. I am at the park playing on a caboose. You will see me get naked as the cars drive by. Cum see close ups of kitty, round ass, and huge tits. I am wearing a black mini skirt and a white blouse that only ties in front. I got really horny as the wind blow on my wet pussy. I have over 1300 photos there and 5 videos -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Well, To make the long story very short. I miscarried. I would go into detail, but I've had to tell so many people today, I just dont feel like going into more details... Adam and I are discussing trying again though. So I'll keep you updated.... Keep us in your prayers
I'm Off....
Sorry if i didn't get to you all and let you know, but I'm heading to the hospital to have some x-rays done at least hopefully so they can figure out why I can't seem to walk on my foot. anyway, I just wanted to letyou guys know, since I wasn't able to reach you all yesterday. I'll talk to ya later. To those of you I talked to, thank you some much for the support. I appreciate it greatly.
Help Needed Plz..tyvm
The Thick Fin One Liners For My Thoughts Only.
It is a very therapeutic - scraping the bottom of the barrel that is - preferably a metal one and using a mettelsome implement for a grater sounding effect. It is almost better than singing in the bathroom on the annoying richta scale of bee flat major miner, it is childs play like metal pale, wooden spoon and tapping like there was no tomorrow. All this in the name of cleaning a grille well, it certainly pans out. Total nonsense but veritably putting of the inevitable. Oh no, I hear the wringing of my Mother's grammarphone.
Through A Father's Eyes
for all my loving daugthers Through a Father's Eyes by LateNiteFantasy Through a Father's Eyes It all starts when you're told your going to have a baby The panic, the thing that had always caused fear Could it be possible I am going to a man or little lady And when the birth comes so do the tears. The first wails, the first little sighs The first giggles and the first coos You'll wipe away the teardrops from her eyes And run away the first time she poops. When the sweet little princess is cradled in your arms Her little face all puckered and scrunched up Your already hers as she smiles and you see her charms That manly facade breaks and your no longer so tough When you get her home and rock your new daughter And you'll never forget the first time you held her and she fell asleep You'll know what it's like to really be a father Looking down at her angelic face and trying not to weep. It's a time of many glorious new first you'll see In no time at a
Up Date On My Knee
I think have messed up my knee worse. My knee is giveing out when am walking and have no pain pils. Final got sent to the doc today and not got to go back the sob who relse me. my appt 8 50am. there poping and clicking
This Disaster
Are you aware, of how much you complicate me? And are you aware, your words suffocate me? And don't deny, you're talking behind my back to your friends. And don't deny, one day you'll need me, need me. All my life I've been looking for the answers To the questions you never asked and We never planned on this disaster When will I let it go? So incomplete, your stare is cold unlike anything I've ever seen. So incomplete, your body is tired and falling apart at the seams. I won't deny, I took no part in ever wanting you back. And don't deny, one day you'll need me, need me. All my life I've been looking for the answers To the questions you never asked and We never planned on this disaster When will I let it go? All my life I've been looking for the answers To the questions you never asked and We never planned on this disaster When will I let it go? If it's tonight, please let me know. If it's tonight, why don't you let me know? All my life I've been looki
No Common Courtesy Anymore
Know what is really annoying the piss out of me nowadays? How when you let someone pull in front of you from say a parking lot out into the street and they do not even give u a thank you nod or wave. I ALWAYS give a wave when I am let out. I think out of the past 10 times I have let someone out I have gotten 1 wave. They act as if the are entitled to it. That is a major issue with the world if u ask me. Everyone complains about society and the world we live in, well it all starts with the basics. Common courtesy and politeness goes a long way. When u do not use it, u set examples for ur kids and u piss off the guy who just let you out so when next time he is all jaded and says F U to letting some other guy out. Or when he gets let out he does not say thank you in return. And the rudeness and "entitlement" spreads But still through it all I continue to let people out. I believe in Karma and all that so maybe that is why, I dunno. Plus I am way to laid back to care or be
Dj Dmc
I think he's done... and if he's not, I'm ignoring him... Bottom to top. This one was almost a success. ->DJ DMC: What worked? I haven't done any dirty talk to you except for you to let me know that you've got a huge dick that doesn't stay hard so you can fuck yourself in the ass. DJ DMC: it worked x ->DJ DMC: But, really, that's neither here nor there. Let's explore your aversion to talking about things in your ass. Are you a closet homosexual? ->DJ DMC: Actually, it was a random pic rate in the I'm Bored section. ->DJ DMC: Well, first of all, why do you assume that someone wants to talk naughty to you just because they check you out? DJ DMC: sort e out then ->DJ DMC: We're not talking about ME here, we're talking about you. Do you have some issues talking about people doing things to do? Do you need therapizing? I'm a therapist you know. DJ DMC: ram a dildo in ur pussy whie fuck ur tight ass ->DJ DMC: You can cum in your own ass? You must have a huge
Stand Back
my soul knows you are meant for me no matter how confused you are you will realize we're meant to be its ok to be unsure love i can wait i feel you are worth it and you cant mess with fate when everyone else has left you for dead i will be by your side and you will remember what i said i give you everything i posess i give to you all that i am nothing more and nothing less all i ask in return is your undying love your soul, your life, your children and anything else i think of its a tough order for an average man but you are something special and you handle me like no one can so hear me love, i'll wait for you give me a chance to show you what i can do
Older by BlueWolf We rise a little later We move a little slower The body has its little aches And the hands have a steady shake This is getting older? Not exactly what I had in mind We were supposed to be wiser and smarter As the years flowed by like running water But life is still good You appreciate things more The subtleties of life Especially my loving sole mate The one who knows me better Then anyone in my life The one who knows all the secrets Only because I let her So hand in hand we stroll Down life's unknown highway Tomorrow is never promised But, I finally know what peace is...... My faith carries me through Day to day, hour to hour It took so many years To understand........ God is the truth
Make Her A Queen.....
Please come help this DIVA level up. Diva Lynne only needs 59,000 point to reach Fu~Queen. She is also hosting a Happy Hour at 3pm PST 6pm EST. Please stop in and show this DIVA sum mad love. Thanks to all that help... Peace&Love MsMaine ~Lynne ~ Diva Mafia~Owned by MASTER~Owner of ,NOVA, MASTER, Bubbles, Techboy007...@ fubar
April Poem-a-day Challenge Day 27
I've almost reached the end of the April Poem-A-Day Challenge. Today's Prompt: "Write a poem that is only one-half of a two-person conversation, or what I like to call the "one side of a phone line" poem." The Plan What's up? No. Why? That would be a bad idea! No! What the hell is wrong with you? I will not! What do you mean? Oh no. Ok, fine. 324264. It's inside. If you get caught, I know nothing. Ok, let me know and be careful. Later ... I hope.
Leveling Help Needed 4/28
Please Help these Members Level! Big Sexy needs 13,050 to Level Wolfman Needs 20,850 to Level
A Poem
How The Carnival Changed My Life Since kindergarten I hated school and started to slack. All the kids I called friends always stabbed me in the back. So confused and so lost. I was a loner and a rebel without a cause. Yeah I was that kid that was picked on. Walking around with no where to belong. I didnt give a fuck, and it felt like no one gave a fuck about me. Deep inside I was someone different than others could see. Getting older only made everything worse. I would blame God for putting me on this hell of an earth. I never had something special to call my own. Mostly, I would chill in my bedroom, depressed at home. Looking back now, I can see. I belonged to a different kind of family. I found psychopathic music that lit up my soul. I would listen to it as I blazed up a bowl. One day I woke up with this feeling I couldnt deny. It was the Carnivals message from deep inside. The Dark Carnival called upon me to decide.
Remember Kelsey 4/30
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: JadedAngel Date: Apr 28, 2008 12:27 PM ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: MOM ON A MISSION FOR 3 MISSING CHICAGO KIDSDate: Apr 28, 2008 12:09 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: PRECIOUS ANGEL, BABY LANDON 06/27/07 - 01/06/08Date: Apr 28, 2008 1:52 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: ~Salie~Loves her boy Robbie 4ever!~Date: Apr 28, 2008 12:01 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: God's Littlest AngelsDate: Apr 28, 2008 7:08 AM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: HOPE~ FIGHTING FOR MY DAUGHTER~Date: Apr 28, 2008 12:26 AMI HOPE RAYE DAWN ROTS IN PRISON.SHE SAW THE BRUISES AND THE BROKEN BONES AND DID NOTHING,SHE IS JUST AS GUILTY AS HER MAN...I HOPE RAYE DAWN NEVER IS ABLE TO WALK IN ARE WORLD AGAIN OR HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN.....LETS ALL TAKE TIME TO REMEMBER SWEET KELSEY,----------------- Bulletin Mess
My Pictures
i cant get many on here cuz well my pc sucks n deleted all my pics!!! go check out my myspace n friend me:) or search gotta add me as a friend to c them
Happy Birthday Dragon's Moonbeam
Sexy Horny Lesbian Girls Sex & Fucking Nude
April Poem-a-day Challenge Day 29 & 30
The April Poem-A-Day Challenge is finally over. It's been an interesting ride that has hopefully broken me of my dependency on the whims of the muse. Here are the last two pieces. Day 29 Prompt: "Write a poem in the 2nd person." You There is no excuse for all that has been done, allowing this abuse, letting you think you've won. You've pushed me around for far too many years, putting me down and playing on my fears. You try to convince me that you're on my side, but you're existence I just can not abide. It's over, you're through, now get out of my way. You won't put me through this for another day. Day 30 Prompt: "Write a poem about endings, finishes, finales, etc." The end of an era. The end of a line. The finishing stroke, set in stone, set in time. The source of all context in the grand design. The last frame of reference by which all is defined. Well, that's it. Now I'll stop blogging this inane poetry every day. Thanks to those who took the time
Comment Bomb My Pic
=== 'KRF1 !SIMPLY THE BEST No1 PLATOON MADE IN SCOTLAND F IRN BRU FREYA MANSLUT SER SECURITY' wrote the following at '2008-04-30 14:57:45'.. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Here are the contestants > > Make sure to bomb your favorite! > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Help Support Jesse
Thanks To A Good Friend For Posting This On My Space Jesse Blaze Snider - Ring Of Fire Jesse Blaze Snider - Rock And Roll Jesse Blaze Snider - Rebel Yell Jesse Blaze Snider - We're Not Gonna Take It Visit Jesse At - send an email to BAPTiZED BY FiRE - - link to BXF myspace profiles - BAPTiZED BY FiRE Mailing Address: BXF 402 Main Street Suite 100-321 Metuchen, NJ 08840 USA Come out and help support Jesse Blazed Snider Thursday nites @ 10 p.m. Rock the Cradle You've heard some of my songs on my playlist With a band called "Baptized By Fire" It's his band they are trying to get a record deal ,please help them out....
This Is Who I Will Be Helping To Fufill My Duty As She Ownes Me Untill The Contest Is Over
if anybody wants to come help you may join me its for a bling package
Pink Floyd-dark Side Of The Rainbow 12
You Were Meant To Shine
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were all meant to shine, like children do. It's not just in some of us - it's in EVERYONE. As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same, as we are liberated from our fear. Our presence automatically liberates others. ............................................................ Whether you believe Jesus was real or fiction, when asked by the rich young ruler what commandments he needed to keep to inherit eternal life (enter heaven {nirvana, paradise, enlightenment}), Jesus only gave 6. Jesus edited the commandments and omitted the first four which are about formal religious observance - how one honors a particular religi
Battle Of The New Rock Music 04/30/08
Sunday Thru Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Wensday 04/30/08.. Last Night It Was: Black Label Society - Death March (champion) V.S. Hell Yeah - Thank You (Challenger) The Vote Was Extremely Close 8 - 7 Black Label Society - Death March Held on for another night! They Will Return Tonight with a New Challenger, So Make Sure you tune in at Midnight With Me DJ Nite Wolf.. The Big Bad Wolf, Only @ Dirty Deeds Radio.
Come Buy Me!!!
Princess Complex
Princess Complex I had a friend once, With a princess complex. Everything we did, Was never good enough. Of course all she didwas perfect and set in stone Even when it wasn't to her it was. Proof of wrongness could be right in front of her eyes but something more devishlish than pride, Would cause herto deny and claim shesright. If you disgreed you'd be there till night. I really think she believes the earth revolves around her, Never once revovling around the sun. After all the sun is not her so the whole idea is propostorous! When the world does not fall to her feet she crumbles to dust. I often wonder how, Shes blind to the fact that if she keeps on no one will be there to sweep her back up. 5/01/08
042608 Fluffy Starr Blog
VLOG: "nincomputer" My personal hell shared with you all. Don't you feel lucky to share in my misery? A journey into computer madness.... A great big Vlog right here on Fluffy Starr TeeVee And don't you give me no advice or a lecture here. I am very comfortable with computers and have had all kinds, etc. It's just one of those things... Machines can just be annoying. And our reliance on them, makes it even more so! Just thought I'd document the madness. Anyways, as always, my blogs and vlogs are for fun. I hope this will not start computer geekmania. Just sit back and enjoy my pain... *luv'n'kisses* Fluffykins.
You are you I am me We are one Together are we I trust in you You trust in me Like a puzzle We fit perfectly Hand in hand We walk together Soulmates in life Forever and ever I look at you You look at me Passion and desire Is what we see I feel your pulse And you feel mine Our hearts beat together Forever in time
Raise Up Your Arms!
Raise Up Your Arms! Raise up your arms in disgust and frustration Over the current state of the nation For executive lies and duplicity Have smeared the President's integrity With the stain of corporate prostitution Once we've impeached this Administration For the reason of high crimes and treason Who then shall determine our destiny? ____________________Raise up your arms! It's time we demanded our politicians Respect and honor the Constitution For we shall never submit to tyranny And We the People will fight to stay free So all those in favor of revolution, ____________________Raise up your arms!
Own Me!! My first Auction!!
Why People Fake It 2 Make It
ok i was talking to this dude the other day and i got a suprise!!! this cat is using my good friends photos and claims it to be himself pretty sad,so i asked him why is he using my friends photos and claiming to be him...sure enough he blocked me becuase the truth was to be told, well i remember when my boy had his account on fu this candyman dude checked him out and snagged most of his images and placed them into his own folders even though he could not use the salute my friend had since diffrent users had diff profile links well so i asked a good friend from fubar to get some information on this guy named candyman come to find out he likes young girls...check out his myspace he has Underage Kids on his profile and friends list,i know i should not care but just giving people heads up there is alot of fake people on the internet} so here we go let this people be known so if you have this dude as your friend/fam he is 100% fake trying to be someone he is not or ever will be Cur
Extraordinary Girl
She's An Extraordinary girl In an ordinary world And she can't seem to get away He Lacks the courage in his mind Like a child left behind Like a pet left in the rain She's all alone again Wiping the tears from her eyes Some days she feels like dying She gets so sick of crying She sees the mirror of herself And image she wants to sell To anyone willing to buy He steals the image in her kiss From her heart's apocalypse From the one called whatsername She's all alone again Wiping the tears from her eyes Some days she feels like dying She gets so sick of crying She's all alone again Wiping the tears from her eyes Some days she feels like dying Some days it's not worth trying Now that they've pulled the fun in She gets so sick of crying She's An Extraordinary girl An Extraordinary girl An Extraordinary girl An Extraordinary girl
Want To Get Thank To My Friends
I want to give this builtin to the one who help me through every thing. My biggest support is My gf Hot and fluffy. Then by St3ph4ni3 she rate me then Kasey and the Nicci. They help me out the most
My mind screamed out "Make love to me" My body screamed out "Make love to me" you do more than that Without a word Without a thought You touch, lick, kiss, nibble, and suck on places that my body thought had lost feeling Passion, Desire, Lust You know just what I want From the top of my head to the tip of my toes I shiver Cry out Then faint The rush of sensation pass through my body It made all the tiny hairs stand up on end Just a touch and all of my feeling came back to me From just your touch
New Contest For Sarge's Bad Girls
Ok Bad Girls ..Since The First Contest Has Ended ..We Are Having A New Contest..This One Is Going To Be Best Pick Up Line (Toward Me) This Contest Will Also Be Judged By Me ...The Winner Will Get A Bling Pack Or A 3-Day Blast..Your Choice..Contest Will Be Starting A Week From Today And Ending Around The 6th Of June..So Start Thinking Of Those Pick Up Lines..I Want To See Some Originality..So Come Up With Your Best Most Original Line...There Will Be A Limit Of 2 Pick Up Lines For Each Bad Girl That Enters
Halo Needs Your Help!
Is going for THE coveted She has a long journey ahead of her but with our friends help, She can do it! She is rating pics and stash! She will make salutes! (sfw of course!) You will also have access to a bulletin/blog maker! and for all donations over 20k a FREE ANIMATION! examples of the animations are in the following folder! There are 9 animations to pick from!
Are U
ARE YOU HAPPY? If you're in a relationship; are you happy with your man (or woman). If you're single; are you happy with yourself and your life.
Still Testing
Yes still testing. Right now I'm stealing from the bulletin board posts! lol Hope no one minds. But I am tired of my normal posts and wanted to change it up a bit! I kinda like this one! Not so crazy about the pink though.
Do You Have A Fetish?
1. MEN, what fetishes listed here excite you? (list all that apply) Age Play Anal Sex (giving) Anal Sex (receiving) Asphyxiaphilia (breath play) Bestiality Biting Blindfolds Blood Body Hair Bondage Branding Breast/Nipple Torture Candle Wax Chains Chastity Devices Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads Cling Film Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc. Collar and Lead/Leash Confinement/Caging Coprophilia (Shit Play), Scat Cross Dressing Cupping (Suction of the Skin) Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears) Defilement, Seeing a Partner Dirty or Wet Denim Depiation/Shaving Dildos (Handheld & Strap ons) Discipline Doctor/Nurse Fetish Domination Ears Exhibitionism/Sex in Public Feathers Fire Play Fisting Food Play Gangbangs Hair Pulling Handcuffs/Shackles High Heels Humiliation Infantilism/Diapers Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema) Knife Play Lace/Lingerie Lactation Latex Leather Making Home "Movies" Masks Masochism Massage Master/Slave Masturbation M
The Decision
The Decision Reflections on the water Images of the past and future Cascading on the shoreline. Shadows on the sand beneath the moonlight Silhouettes of indecision and confusion. Mermaids dancing on the water calling me home. I retrace steps in the sand where no one has ever been. Laughing with the sea nymphs I wave them farewell For in the words of an old sage I have promises to keep And more than a fathoms journey before I sleep.
Another Poem....
Here I Am
on yet another people page. muddling my way through, giving myself yet another place to vent. it's a 4:30 in the morning here and i have yet to drive back to work to dump the keys off... but what the hell, i'll get there eventually & without anyone to make sure i get there in one piece too, because that's what i do. i get shit done. yay me. btw i am my own cheering gallery. didn't you know that? so perhaps i'll blog here *&* on my other blogs... some of them i can't give up, i've been there too long and have loyal fans of my twisted thoughts who would curl up and die if they didn't know what was slithering through my brain... and i'd be far less full of sweetness and light if i didn't let the slithering things run loose now and then - and gods, we don't want that. well, until i decide what i'd really like to blog about here i guess this chattering will do. just remember - i am jacks smirking revenge. life is good, opening your eyes, heart and head is better, and
Picking On Michigan Not Florida Today
Good Morning. Happy Thursday to those of you who love Thursdays due primarily because there is only one work day left in the week I guessWhats new on the world news front in your neck of the woods? Mine nothing newhowever I did see a few things about Michigan that are worth mentioningbecause I pick on Florida so much I thought I better dig up some Michigan ClassicsI may have told these before if so I am blaming it on my ageif not, well then cool. A lady distraught and angered by a neighbors dog filed suit and charges against a couple who owned a beagle that apparently harassed their dogIt is interesting only due to the fact she thought she had a case against the couple. In August, Julie Leach filed a lawsuit in Macomb County, Mich., seeking at least $10,000 from the owners of a beagle named Patch, which Leach said was constantly enticing Leach's German shepherd, Holly, to chase him. In 1995, during one of Patch's escapades, the pursuing Holly was run over by a car and killed. L
Alot of things have changed over the past few months. Brian is now traveliong out of state for his job, my kids are now 3, 2 and 10mos. They are growing so fast. It is harder everyday to attend to my older 2 fighting all the time and my youngest crawling and climbing steps. She is still cutting her teeth, so that leaves her cranky. She also has asthma, acid reflux, and colic. That is all for now, but everything can change at the turn of a head.
I'm A Moth
A man walks into a dentist's surgery and says, "Excuse me, can you help me. I think I'm a moth." Dentist: "You don't need a dentist. You need a psychiatrist." Man: "Yes, I know." Dentist: "So why did you come in here?" Man: "The light was on..."
Reba Mcentire - I'll Be
When darkness falls upon your heart and soul. I'll be the light that shines for you. When you forget how beautiful you are I'll be there to remind you. When you can't find your way, I'll find my way to you. When troubles come around, I will come to you. I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on. Be your shelter. When you need someone to see you through. I'll be there to carry you. I'll be there. I'll be the rock that will be strong for you. The one that will hold on to you. When you feel that rain falling down. When there's nobody else around. I'll be. And when you're there with no one there to hold. I'll be the arms that reach for you. And when you feel your faith is running low. I'll be there to believe in you. When all you find are lies. I'll be the truth you need. When you need someone to run to . You can run to me I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on. Be your shelter. When you need someone
Global "oil Shock" Rattles World Stock Markets
Source: 321 Energy - Gary Dorsch, Editor, Global Money Trends Cleaning up the mess that Mr Greenspan left behind was never going to be easy. Banks and brokers around the world face more than half-trillion dollars in write-offs as a consequence of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis, which is spreading from the US property market and roiling global stock markets. Its toppled the US economy into a recession and the tremors are also rattling Asian stock markets. Roughly $7 trillion has been wiped from world stock markets since the beginning of the year amid fears of a severe US economic recession and financial institutions reporting more mega losses. The market crisis will preoccupy us well into 2008, he said German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck on Feb 15th. The financial risks securitized by banks contained packaged explosives, and he accused rating agencies of having a conflict of interest in the role they played in the process. So far, the Bernanke Federal Reserve has p
Mistakes Men Make..
mistakes men make during.... (not for under 18!) 1) NOT KISSING FIRST: Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like youre paying by the hour and trying to get your moneys worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2) BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, theres a difference between being erotic and blowing as if youre trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3) NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partners face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, its not passion, its avoidance. 4) SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness when they get their hand on a pair. Stroke, caress, and smooth them. 5) BITING HER NIPPLES. Why do men fasten onto a womans nipples, and t
Stress Phrases
If you're stressed, here are some comments you can use to help articulate your mood to others... 1. Well, this day was a total waste of makeup. 2. Well, aren't we just a ray of fucking sunshine? 3. Make yourself at home! Clean my kitchen. 4. Not the brightest crayon in the box now, are we? 5. A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth. 6. Don't bother me. I'm living happily ever after. 7. Do I look like a fucking people person? 8. This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting. 9. I started out with nothing & still have most of it left. 10. I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me. 11. I've found Jesus. He was behind the sofa the whole time. 12. You! Off my planet! 13. Therapy is expensive, poppin' bubble wrap is cheap! You choose. 14. Practice random acts of intelligence & senseless acts of self-control. 15. I like cats too. Let's exchange recipes. 16. If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I'll put shoes on my cat. 17. The Bible was written
Sexy Train
Join up... !! :P
Updated 050908 -- Sunset Cafe Djs
OWNER ~RescueDiva~Owner of ~Sunset Cafe ~Owner of DJ Meko~Friendship Circle~Lollipop Girlz~ Ghost Angel~Lu@ fubar CO-OWNER ~Dj Kera The Blue Eyed Goddess~Co Owner of ~Sunset Cafe~Ghost Angel~@ fubar STATION MANAGER Dj DREAM KING STATION MANAGER @ SUNSET CAFE@ fubar HEAD DJ DJ Devine ~HeadDJ@Sunset Cafe~DJ @ All Hits Radio~ All 4 Drama Free Zones! :D@ fubar Asst. Head DJ Dj_Meko/stutta~Asst. Head Dj@ Sunset Cafe'{FU_Hubby_2_Amitola}{OWNED by RescueDiva}@ fubar Asst. Head DJ (Days) ~DJ Yummy~Demon Crew member & Asst.DJ@SunSetCafe~FuWife to DJ Disturbed & Wettangel~Kights BabyGirl
Headed North Today
Hello all! Just a quick note to let y'all know that I'll be heading north in to Iraq this afternoon. Don;t knwo when I'll be back on, but I'm hoping it will only be a day or two. Y'all take care and I'll see ya on the other side!! J
Sometimes All That Matters
Sometimes All That Matters by LateNiteFantasy life can distract duty friends a laugh sometimes the hunger is all that matters for love's whisper for warm bare flesh soft eager lips for the loving grip under her firm rounded ass nipples eager for my mouth moist sweetness needful of my strong penetration for unity of heart, soul, and body infinitely deep look into each other amidst sweat-drenched exhausting exertion for heaven sometimes the visions will not abate I must not but I want I need sometimes the hunger is all that matters
You Want Me To Do What?
Am i the best at rating? No Do i always immediately rate back? No Have i rated everything all my friends have? No But i try. When i first joined fubar i tried every few days to rate at least one friends pics & stash. However, i quickly noticed that only a very small percentage of those reciprocated. Okay. This is not my first rodeo. I know that most people in the world are selfish. And knowing this, i blew it off just as human nature. "Give me yours and i'll keep mine." But when i rate your pics or stash and leave you comments, then never get anything in return. Not even a token such as 1 pic rating. Don't message or shout me with a link to your contest cause you think i'm a total pushover. Just because i'm nice enough to rate anything of yours doesn't mean you can take advantage of me. I know that maybe 3 people on my list will even read this. I can almost guarantee the girl that put the link in my shoutbox tonight won't. This is just a way for me to vent. A
Level Up
can everyone plz help i need to level up i would love some help if you all could ty from the bottom of my heart
A Lover
A Lover by LateNiteFantasy I long for a lover Whose aim will never miss my most deep erotic wish I crave a lover Whose kiss will float beneath my skin and whose touch will be more than paper thin I search for a lover Who will be wild like the wind and to all my sexual whims she will bend I cry for a lover Who will make love to me in a kama sutric way in a lover's game of play I seek a lover To who poems I will endlessly write about love in all it's glorious might --- I need a lover To hold me through the night and in the day, her love will not be out of sight I want a lover Who will stay with me beyond the break of dawn and in the morning will not be gone I would take on that lover Who like in the light of day will offer me love, not play I hear that lover Whose voice is calling me to that place where her love is falling free I am going to that lover Who will love the re
The Alpha
Hey All, This is the beginning of some personal therapy for me so if I should offend some this is not meant to do so this is my way of dealing with some inner strife of my own demons. Here a little info about where my demons come from. First I have issues with my family life my mother wasn't all that family oriented when I was a child and I don't have that background and my wife is family oriented and they are very tight and after 15 years I still am having a hard time getting the whole family thing. My wife is getting very frustrated with me about it but she is still willing to work with me about it, I'm so lucky I think. My next demon is starting to cause me to lose some sleep. About three years ago I had a bad call on the job that involved a child that had been mauled by a pitt bull dog. The child at the time was the same age as my youngest child at the time. Recently while on light duty I came in contact with the report I had written for the incident and it caused a
Posibly The Greatest Love Song Ever
Just A Rant!!!
I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. I'll warn you now that this is not going to go over well with many, others might find it somewhat informative.(the later very unlikely) Still I just want to throw this out there and see if anyone agrees and for those that don't, that's cool. Please remember that I have no agenda or really care if anyone thinks along these lines, it's just something that's been on my simple mind and want to get it off my chest. Feel free to comment, good or bad, I'm an American and think that everyone has their own opinion and the freedom to express their views. Well, gas finally hit 4.00$ a gallon (3.99 for 9/10ths. of a gallon) in mid-Michigan today. All the talk is how much it is and that "big oil" is doing nothing but taking advantage of us. B*ll sh*t, we've done nothing but let "big oil" and other countries take advantage of our sorry asses for caring more about Porcupine caribou and those poor Gwich'in natives rights. How can a tr
A Poem For Us
A Poem of Us by LateNiteFantasy She would come inside If you only let her in; She could make your world glad Once you hear her sing. Her heart will be your home When you come to stay; She will drive away your pain And push away the rain. She would be your queen Her king then you will be; She will be the one to hold your hand When the lights go out dark. Will you take this ring My darling, And cross the ile with me; A whole new world you will see, If you will only walk with me.
I'm Going To See My Babies!!!
On Friday we are heading up to Dothan to see my family. I have not seen my nephews since January, my sisters since Feb. and my parents since the end of March. I am so home sick with missing them. I miss my babies (nephews) so much it hurts. I had said earlier that I would be going in June with a friend. I should have known better. I have a long history with this girl. Full of dissappointments. She invited me to come with her b/c she knew how homesick I was. Then, last week she calls and says she's "having a hard time and needs to go earlier and stay longer". Now I ask you what the hell kind of problems would you have if u sit on ur ass all day and collect disability. Disability that she don't deserve mind you. She's convienced others she's "crazy". She has no legimate reason for this disability. She has admitted to me on many occasions that she does things for the attention. Mostly from her mom. Not to mention the fact that she is a pill popper. We recently celebrated her 1 yr clean on
Celebrity Look A Like For My Son Fred
Mrs S And Love Bizzare! Too Hotttt!
Now do you see these too sexy schmexy ladies below, well these are two that are not just GORGEOUS but also the SWEETEST! I havent known them for very long but its feels like we have been girls FOREVER! They are both so good to me that I thought they deserved a little, well no, ALOT of luvin! So thats why I need all you sexy FU's to go love them long time! FAN, RATE, ADD, CRUSH, BLING, whatever! And give it to them hard, they can take it hehehe :D Love:Bizzare@ fubar Oh and lil secret about this one, she LOVES Prince, so go send her lots and lots of his pics :D Mrs.S@ fubar And this one right here needs to stay sh*tfaced, so whenever you see her low, hook her up, tell her that her BOOTLEG BARTENDER sent ya ;-) Brought to you by ME :D The Baddest MILF@ fubar PLEASE REPOST!
4 Stages Of Life
Letter To Her Husband
To my darling husband, Before you return from your overseas trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway. I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake. The garage door is slightly bent but the pick up fortunately came to a halt when it bumped into your car. I am really sorry, but I know with your kind-hearted personality you will forgive me. You know how much I love you and care for you my sweetheart. I am enclosing a picture for you. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again. Your loving wife. P.S. Your girlfriend called.
Does Anyone Know How To Auction Off Yourself?
Whats up my awsomely,great friends of fubar!This may make me more of a dork but,Its ok!I was sitting around wondering how all these people auction themselfs off and thought too myself,That sounds cool!I just dont even know how to get started on something like that!Soooo,I need someone thats might know a lil bit about this to drop me an e-mail about how this all works!It will be much appreciated and there will be much love to follow!Thak you for taking the time to read this!If things go well,Ill be up sell!LOL
Bulletin For Sldc
WANT TO OWN THIS SEXY LITTLE DEAD CHICK FOR YOUR VERY OWN??? WANT TO KNOW HOW? WELL, CLICK ON THE LINK AND COME MAKE YOUR BID ON ME NOW TO OWN ME FOR YOUR VERY OWN!!! Psychotic Cyanide*** FU-MARRIED TO SBG!! YAY *** //Member: Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club~Guardians of Shangri-La~ aka 'The Sexy Little Dead Chick**PROMOTER @ SER**@ fubar> Here Is What You Will Get If You Own This Fu-Hottie!!! *Owned By __________ In My Name... *Some Sic A$$ pics made by ME... *An NSFW Salute... *Add To My Family List... *Everything rated 10's or
My Love Won't Wait For You
My Love Won't Wait For You You told me you love me so why did you leave? You promised me your heart made me believe. You didn't have to say what you did baby, I love you and I would have always been your lady. Boy the only thing that mattered in my life, was loving you and being your wife. Baby my love won't wait for you, My love won't wait for yours to make mine blue, So take your lies and leave me be for my love won't wait for you. Baby I worked so hard for us for years, You just walked out and left me with these tears. I just wanted to love you and treat you right, holding you every day and every night. Baby was this love of ours ever for real? Did you mean anything that you said you feel? Baby my love won't wait for you, My love won't wait for you to make mine blue, So take your lies and leave me be for my love won't wait for you One love one heart that was the vow we made, What happened did your love just fade? Baby your love use to s
Multiple Personalities
Okay so I had to go to the mental health place to pick up my meds (laugh I dont care ), anyway I went out to have a cigarette in the little shelter and there were about 7 or 8 other ppl. this guy walks in with his dog and calls him Leo. Another guy says 'I thought his name was Leroy'. first guy says 'well he didnt seem to like it today so we go with Leo. This starts a conversation about the dog having like a half dozen diff names in the last week or so and god forgive me but in the middle of all these ppl (mind you we're at a mental health facility) I said loud and clear 'well at least he's at the right place for having multiple personalities' True sad but true lol
I Know It
I think i know when you can say you are in love. It's when: - you wake up in the morning and have the image of the one you love in mind and her name on your lips, wondering if her night was ok - you drive and can't stop thikning about her - you have a lunch, alone, look at other people and imagine being there with her - you log in yahoo and have some heart beats when you see you received some mails - you log in your msg and you start to cry because she's not here - you spend the night talking about the past, the "now" and the future - you are in front and feel something in your stomach each time there is an eye contact - you melt each time she smiles to you - you're sad each time she has some problems and you can't help, just cheer - you buy a plane ticket just to have her with you for 24 hours - you giggle when you receive a SMS in the middle of the night - you laugh when you send one in middle of the night - you're ready to wait and when the idea of what will be helps
Welcome A New Member!
hello fellow fu_members! would you all please stop by and give some love to my girl heartofgreen! she is a new member on here. help her when you can! thanx to you all!
Who's In Charge?
Believe it or not this is one of the hardest topics to get a universal answer from and it goes beyond the obvious, the Dom is in charge or the submissive has absolute control. This is my attempt to delve into this topic and help make some sense of it. The short version of this is all is this: The submissive gives up control to the Dominant until such a time they feel it necessary to take that control back. This means that it is the submissive who is ultimately in control and the Dom who is in charge until such a time he loses that power from the submissive. Sounds simple doesnt it? I would even bet that most of you would agree in theory that this is how the exchange of power rests. We would all be right and we would all also barely scratch the surface. The D/s relationship is also known as a power exchange. In the purest form this power exchange is known as a TPE, or Total Power Exchange, a true Master/slave relationship where the submissive partner has no say beyond choos
The Frailty Of Life.........
The frailty of Life..... With the blink of an can be gone. 'What is life, except an excuse for death, or death but an escape from life.' During my vacation in sunny Florida, we were struck by a drunk driver, who was driving on the wrong side of the road doing about 75-80 mph. He came around a curve on the bridge and if not for the Grace of God and my husband's quick reflexes, I shudder to think what could have or better yet what would have happened. Spent time in the hospital suffering severe chest wall contusions, a gash to the right side of my neck both related to my seatbelt use. Yippee for seatbelts....I swear I will never complain again about my husband being anal about seatbelts....and in case any y'all are wondering do they really lock up in an accident....THEY DO!!! If ever a song held meaning to me is this song.... I don't wanna forget the present is a gift And I don't wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me 'Cause Lord only k
TOGETHER Together we stand together we fall but we have the love that surpasses it all. All of my heart I send you my plea, please take my sins I send them to thee. Together we stand together we fall, remember that he loves us one and all. You are our God, you are the one, That is why you gave your only son. Peggy Love Rusher Copyright 2008 Peggy Love Rusher
Show Some Love To This Wonderful Person
I would like to thank my new owner and please every one sho her some love. And thank you you Drew for having the auction. ☆Who Knows☆Fu-wd by Will & Sh*ts and Giggles@ fubar
My Fu-owner!!!
MY FU-OWNER!!! Owner of "NINEMMRUGER", "KOLE", & "DREAMGURL"@ fubar SHOW HIM LOTS OF LOVE-----HE'S A HERO!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY ☆★Kأ☆★☆Fu-Owned by Brian★☆
Our Hearts Share The Glow
by Anonymou, reposted by BlueWolf Our Hearts Share The Glow When a sunset bids adieuUpon the ocean blue Its sharing precious time Which I always value Viewing the stars togetherEach brought a glow Sharing the moonlit night Time seems to slowOn the sand we embracedBeneath stars aboveSharing in nights like thisAre the times I love With the stars to wish upon The moonlight gleams As we share the pleasureBy capturing dreams With the moonlight shining On a glistening ocean Our hearts share the glowWith loving devotion........ I touched this one up for a great friend,'"Moonchild " (Dream Weaver)'
Staff And Members Of Chaotic Intentions Will Be Djing Again After Midnite See Blog!
To the realest fam I just want to thank GOD that I have yall in my life real talk. Yall show REAL LOVE.. We define FAMILY.. I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF ALL... :) THANKS FOR ALWAYS SHOWING LOVE OO yeah and if you feel that I am a hater delete me PLEASE THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY... KICK ROCKS :) Dont be mad that you dont have family like I do :) BIG UP TO ALL OUR HATERZ :P - MZ. CERTIFIED CRAZY AKA REGINE :)
Please Help
Well Its Not Just A Daydream If You Decide To Make It Your Life
i've been pondering myself a lot lately - the usual stuff... who am i, what is my purpose, where am i going in life.. i'm sure everybody does it, but being a virgo girl with a virgo moon rising i know i do it a lot more than the norm. i don't find it suprising at all that i am in this state of self discovery - it's pretty much to be expected of me after the year i've had. a big part of my pondering lingers on my age.. i am sometimes baffled when i mention my grandson Caleb in conversation with people and they stop and stare at me and finally ask how old i am. i'm 44. what a freaking concept. i sure as hell don't feel 44. i'm told i don't *look* 44, and i know for certain i don't act 44. i feel more like maybe early to mid 30's most of the time - and then other times i feel ageless. last night at dinner tim took a picture of me with his cell phone and when i looked at it i couldn't help but realize i had pretty collar bones. not the hints of them that started to s
Peaches And Cream
well i'd start by softly kissing the base of your neck, moving my way up to your lips; at the same time i'd be caressing your lower back, massaging whatever muscles were tense. after that i'd remove your shirt and kiss the tops of your breasts, licking the nipples and sucking on them while at the same time i'd be slipping my left hand down to your pants clasp. i'd undo it deftly and slip my hand down under your panties. id find your sweet spot and caress your clitoris. all this time i'd have been kissing u and sucking on your nipples. i would lower u to the bed and remove your pants and your panties. at which time i would kiss your breasts moving down. i'd kiss your belly licking a little as i go down south. when i got to your sweet spot i'd flick my tongue backward and forward stimulating your clit. I'd then bring my right hand over your left leg and massage your g-spot. while im doing this i'd tongue screw u my goatee stimulating your peach even more. i'd do this until i made u relea
Possibly Pregnant!!!!
I just spent three hours at Mahec( my obgyn doctor's office) I went through a full examine as to what may be causing me to miss my monthly cycle. Just before I left there I was given a urine pregnancy test. At first, I was told the test was negative right there on the spot. Then just after I leave I get a phone call saying: " my test started to faintly show the second line on the test and that I was not to begin taking a perscription that I was given till after my blood work came back and I got a call from the nurse regarding to the answer of my blood test, which wont be till tomorrow." So its a waiting game right now as to wheither or not I may actually be pregnant. I am trully hoping to be though. Because Bair and I are trying to work on having a family! We are both very nervous though and just praying.
"!!naughty Application !!!
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?"
Audioslave-like A Stone
On a cobweb afternoon In a room full of emptiness By a freeway I confess I was lost in the pages Of a book full of death Reading how we'll die alone And if we're good we'll lay to rest Anywhere we want to go (chorus) In your house I long to be Room by room patiently I'll wait for you there Like a stone I'll wait for you there Alone On my deathbed I will pray To the gods and the angels Like a pagan to anyone Who will take me to heaven To a place I recall I was there so long ago The sky was bruised The wine was bled And there you led me on (chorus) In your house I long to be Room by room patiently I'll wait for you there Like a stone I'll wait for you there Alone And on I read Until the day was gone And I sat in regret Of all the things I've done For all that I've blessed And all that I've wronged In dreams until my death I will wander on
I Am The Highway - Audioslave
Pearls and swine bereft of me Long and weary my road has been I was lost in the cities Alone in the hills No sorrow or pitty For leaving I feel I am not your rolling wheels I am a highway I am not your carpet ride I am the sky Friends and liars Don't wait for me Cause I'll get on All by myself I put millions of miles Under my heels And still too close to you I feel I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway I am not your carpet ride I am the sky I am not your blowing wind I am the lightning I am not your autumn moon I am the night The night I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway I am not your carpet ride I am the sky I am not your blowing wind I am the lightining I am not your autumn
Show This Young Lady Love
show Who Knows some love ☆Who Knows☆Fu-wd by Will & Sh*ts and Giggles@ fubar
To Dare Or Not To Dare
Finally, she appears to me. After a long trip, with a stop at Frankfurt, with a departure from Paris at 7am, i after lining at the passport control, i arrive in this airport arrival hall, doors open.. of course , all the ones there are waiting for someone, so during a few seconds, i see all their eyes on me; myself , i scan in the "crowd" (not too crowdy) to find the ONE i expect... she sent me a SMS like "not sure, but i'll probably be at the airport" (it was a saturday and she has a life too...) so, i look around, and yes, i see her : black suit, long hair, shades over her forehead, and THIS smile: no doubt.. i walk slowly to her, smiling, and of course we say "hi" i let her lead me... really tired, i did not sleep the night before (a big party in Paris, and as i needed to be at 6am at airport, best way was to keep going all night long)... she tells me she calls a taxi and for 1st time in my life, i hear her voice , speaking in her language... i don't get a word of it.. she just
I came home today after running a errand and had the strangest message. A number I do not know and a lady I do not know, left a message calling me a whore. I do not know who it was or why I got the call so I called the last number that called me back and it was her. She answered the phone, handed to a guy, he said hello, they were arguing and then she said do not call back. I do not even know who the fuck it was!!!! See this is why I do not like letting other people use my phone to call other people. Some stupid jealous bimbo thought I was with her fucking man. I have my own man and I am very fucking happy with him. What the fuck I need her man for anyways. This is kinda a warning to all you jealous woman out there. Make sure that the number you call back when you check up on your man because you are paranoid,is not a phone that just was used by them!!!! And to all you out there that let others make calls from your phone, don't let them use it again if you get the same response I
Getting Better Every Day :)
Finally things are starting to turn around. Adam finally found a full time job with benefits, I changed jobs and now I am in less pain with my hip. So finances will be getting much better soon. We both have quit smoking almost a week ago and that is going well. Adam and I have worked out most of the kinks of us living together and are getting along well. Just a blog to say I am greatful for all my great friends for putting up with me Seriously I couldn't have done it without venting to you at times. To my friends...mawh I love you all!
On Women...
Fascinating... I find it fascinating that the moment that I am interested in and show interest in a woman, more women tend to come out and be interested in me as well. Is this a joke? Is it for real? If it's on purpose, I'd like to know why. It can't be jealousy since most of these women are strangers to me and aren't around long enough to develop enough feelings of, "Grrr... No! I have to win him over before it's too late!" Oh, and online, it can get worse. WAY worse... barriers tendto be broken online, and they are much more courageous to say things that I'm sure no one would say in person... like, "She wouldn't know if you also have me on the side..." Really... Things like these belong on television, maybe in movies, or inthe mind of a demented writer who writes his own fantasies on paper for the world toread. Drama has no place in my life. I've had my share of it, and I don't like it
As Long As Forever
As long as forever I will stay by your side- I'll be you companion Your friend ans your guide. As lond as I live and as long as you care- I'll do anything for you, I'll go anywhere I'll bring you the sunshine, I'll comfort your frears I'll gather up rainbows To chase all your tears As long as forever. My love will be true For as long as I live I'll love only you.
When The The Army And Hospital Dont Agree With Your Religion Though They Say They Do
Ok I have a awesome friend of mine and myself, we have the same religion. It doesnt invold hurting ourselves, others, nor animals. But it is something that the military said they they agree with. I took him his book today and the hosptial gave it back to me saying they he cant have it because they dont agree with it. I got mad and said thta it is his religion and mine. You cant take that away from him. That is his right to believe what he wants to believe. I think they should have just let him have his book and everything would have been fine. But they took that away from him. I am mad and so is he. He wants out that hospital and they wont let him leave. I am mad about that also. Anyways I am fed up with a lot of stuff and I just want him happy and be able to get well with them tellling him what to do or how to live his life. Or what to believe in. the Army said they dont mind his religion, why cant the hospital? Grr to hospitals. I am waiting on word back on when I can g
Mushroom Cloud
Walk Away From The Sun (seether)
Walk away from the sun, come slowly undone I can see in your eyes I've already won I could bleed for a smile, I could cry for some fun Walk away from the sun, and tell everyone (Yeah) There's so much left in the air So much to tell from a stare There's so much left to defend But I am no fun So turn away from the ones who hurt everyone I can tell by your smile you're coming undone I could bleed for a smile; could die for a gun Walk away from the sun and kill everyone (Yeah) So tiny dancer beware, we're medicated and scared This smile is so hard to wear, but I have no gun So turn away from the ones who hurt everyone I can tell by your smile you're comin' undone I could bleed for a smile; could die for a gun Walk away from the sun and kill everyone And you're fading with every day (you could've been the next one, should've been the next for me) You're fading with every day (you could've been the next one, should've been the next for me) You're fading with e
Bettie Doing What She Do So Well
Hidden Emotions
Worlds apart is what we see When Dreams are only there to hold onto. I see her in my head knowing that one day I can hold her in my embrace. I always seem to go into the shadows without a trace. Knowing that maybe one day the feelings I have will show true But for know I can only sit silence with nothing to do. She knows nothing of my true feelings cuz I hide them so well. That all I can do is sit and dwell. Dreams are all we have, but that is all I have. Whats the point I ask myself? To know that one day that hand will be there To reach out and have Love to share. I close my eyes and see her, but cant reach her at times. One day she will know That it is my heart I give her that Grows
Re: Memo To Corporate Media: Anyone Can Fake An Al-qaeda Tape
RE: Memo To Corporate Media: Anyone Can Fake An Al-Qaeda Tape ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 28 May 2008, 05:00 Memo To Corporate Media: Anyone Can Dress Up As An Arab Terrorist & Fake An Al-Qaeda Tape Nearly four years after Benjamin Vanderford hoodwinked the global media by manufacturing a fake Al-Qaeda beheading tape, America's corporate press whores are once again gearing up to fearmonger about the prospect of mushroom clouds over American cities by instantly ascribing gospel status to a dubious "Al-Qaeda fan" Internet videotape that encourages the use of WMD in a terrorist attack. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/052808_dress_up. htm
Love Is Like......
Love is like a lump of gold, Hard to get, and hard to hold. Of all the girls I've ever met, You're the one I can't forget. I do believe that God above, Created you for me to love. He chose you from all the rest, Because he knew i would love you best.
Stone Henge Yule 2006 ~ During Ritual
Stone Henge Yule 2006 ~ During Ritual
Why Adam Rocks
I have a tough time sleeping at night, always have. I'm a total night owl, so to sleep early KILLS ME. And yesterday I was having terrible stomach pains, which I believe may be stress related. I'm not sure. Well, I was up late last night, and then woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache. Got something for it, went back to bed, cuddled up with Adam. This morning, I woke up to him sitting on the bed next to me, and he sat there and told me he loved me. It wasn't just a simple I love you... He told me that no amount of money, nor the stars, the moon the sun, or anything in the universe could amount to how much he loves me. And, he said it in that, sweet, quiet tone. And I couldn't help but just grin from ear to ear. To hear him say something like that, something so sweet, its like wow.... And for that to be the first thing I hear when I wake up in the morning... and of course, i didn't get it qouted word for word right. I was still half asleep. But, just, wow... I mean
Jungle Love
Walking through the dense jungle We arrived at the secluded waterfall I watched as she removed her clothes Yes, she slowly removed them all She looked at me and smiled Then strolled into the water Though the sun was shining on me It was her that was making me hotter She turned to me and motioned me in The water was just below her breasts I dove in and swam to her She has beauty beyond the rest Reaching below the water She grabbed my throbbing cock Said if you would like a blow job You will follow me to that rock Swimming after her to the rock I lie on my back, naked to the bright sun She took my cock into her mouth And told me to enjoy the fun She licked and sucked on my swollen dick As if it were her favorite lollipop She was an expert with her mouth and tongue And when I came she eagerly drank each drop Then I told her it was her turn To feel the pleasure she desired I slid my cock into her soft, wet pussy Which was burning hotte
My First Auction!
Hey all, I have entered my very first auction! Please go show me some love, and bit on me :) You wont be disappointed! -Angela P.s. Fan/Rate/Add the newest Godmother on Fubar! Shes great :)
Calling Part 9
As I sat there and stared at him with a lost look on my face not knowing what to say to him now that he had laid this question upon me on this night. How could I engage into something with somebody like him one of our feared enemy's and yet he was nothing to fear from the way he talked and the way he acted with me. So did all in the world of the Vampires fear these Lycans so much when I of all Vampires feared everything and everybody but yet had no fear around him ? He never took his eyes off of me while he waited for my answer and yet the look wasn't one of waiting but more like the look of a long lost friend that had finally found his friend again after so many years of being apart and away from each other. His blue eyes shone so bright at night that it was hard to turn my head away from him and not look and get lost in them and just want him to take me down deep into his thoughts and dreams that he had. I had never had a tension build up inside of me like this ever before with i
My First Contest
So i'm in my first contset. The person who gets first 40000 comments, gets a Vip for 3 month's. Please help me, because, 40000 is a lot..... See And look there for my picture of course. I really need your help Love Tica
Part 1 ..drama
time to preach on ya'll now, its not bitching, it's not complaining, it's just the truth in my eyes.......don't like it, or if it's too much for your brains to comprehend, DON'T READ IT!! ........i bust balls! it's fun, but i can also take critisism from people too. it's all apart of life if you got the nuts to post stupid material then you should strap in for the repercussions. point blank. some people like to call it drama because you try to post a serious topic, and get nowhere with it. then you got the people who starts some nonsence or, just down on themself and you have to take your pain out on others because your life sucks so bad and you don't want nobody to know that your life sucks, but you have to put an internet front on for someone. shoot i don't front! you see me on here busting balls, occasionally getting serious, this is how i do it in real life. i put no front on for nobody. i don't have time for that. so, lets break this DRAMA thing down one time. drama is "a
My Chinese Astrology Sign
Myspace Chinese Astrology
L Ron Hubbard's 5 Most Impressive Lies (besides Scientology)p4
#2. On Living The Drug-Free Lifestyle ... He Said: One of Scientology's big selling points is that they claim they can get even the worst crack head off drugs in seconds flat. And Xenu help you if you're on any kind of psychological medication of any sort. Because those pills are going to send you straight to crazyland and you're going to wind up losing your wallet to some wackjob with something called a medical degree. That's only if he doesn't rape and murder you first: "A psychiatrist today has the power to (1) take a fancy to a woman (2) lead her to take wild treatment as a joke (3) drug and shock her to temporary insanity (4) incarnate [sic] her (5) use her sexually (6) sterilise her to prevent conception (7) kill her by a brain operation to prevent disclosure. And all with no fear of reprisal. Yet it is rape and murder ... We want at least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one ... This is Project Psychiatry. We w
People That Offer Their Services
I find it a rank, perhaps ridiculous iteration of the real world when people sell themselves on here. Of my friends, you know who you are, I've found a few. Please take no offense to this either. Still what is a man doing handing out good money to see naked pictures of his friends on the internet anyway? Perhaps my ability to avoid compulsion through osmosis, and to actually perceive any other human being as an entity with strict equal existential value, transcending their mere manifestation in my experience sets me apart from the rest. I don't know.
I took the NCLEX-RN exam today. The test is anywhere from 75 to 265 questions, and the computer cuts off when it finds that you are either competent or incompetent as a nurse. I answered 75 questions, and the computer shut off. I don't know if this is good or bad, because at 75 questions, they either decide you passed beyond their expectations, or you failed miserably. I feel pretty good about it, but I just have to wait. Hopefully I will know in 25 hours or so, but until then, I just have to chew my nails and wait! LOL
Pow Wow
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LIFE Life comes fast, sometimes you see it sometimes you blink Sometimes you hate it, but life makes you think That rainy day that seemed to last for a lifetime That stupid boy that never stopped crossing your mind And in the heat of the moment you stop and you stare At those cotton clouds, in blue skies, and whats way up there Its strange and its simple, its harsh but its fair And Im ready but scared and even the coldest of hearts possibly tear So I take a second to breathe, take in the sunlight watch where the pain goes Leanin on me, pushin through the rain storm to get to the rainbows And it may not be easy, but its worth every bit Its the life you were given, not the life that ya picked Well youre sadly mistaken, if you think its easy Rollercoaster lifestyle painful passion believe me Get lost in her eyes, hopin she sees me, lost in disaster Unpredictable as it may be, love makes it faster Anything, everything, nothing at the same time The ocean
Lessons In Love
yesterday was way cool... i did some things and some stuff and did what i do best...and it was cool. ok...ok... and now 4 2days update on dick's wonderful life as a ticket scalpin freak.... so i got "rush" 2day at red rocks...sold out...and rainy... so lets see how this shizzle pans out sure it'll be just fine.... last years rush concert was gnarly.... so lets see if this years can be just as good.... RP. ps. WHOS THE BOSS!
Fu-angels Team 3 Darrr Just Got Her Halo!!!
Still Need Help!!!!
Hey Sweeties! First off I would like to thank everyone who took the time to rate and vote my picture in the Giveaway! The giveaway is over on June 30th. All you have to do is rate and comment my picture. If you would like to bomb great! You don't have to. Every little bit helps. Just click on the pic and thank you!
Calling Part 11
As he lay me down softly on the White Fur Blanket that he had placed on the ground and begun to move his hands along my body caressing every inch on my flesh with his soft yet firm hands that with every soft stroke of his hands along my body that sent feelings shooting through me like only I felt being with him and the way he made me feel on the inside and as well as the outside of my body just made me feel like I was in a dream and nothing could touch me there ever as long as he was with me in them. He began to move his hands along my arms and up to me shoulders and back down again to the tips of my fingers and inter locked his with mine and pulled me up to him slowly to were I was face to face with him and eye to eye and I saw the burning love that he had for me burning inside those deep blue eyes as they came to life while looking at me so intensely as he leaned into me and kissed me softly at first and then with much more passion as he dropped his hands away from mine and grabb
Had A Moment
The Beach Test
What the Beach Test Says About You You tend to be a very social person. You live for your friends and family. You can get social burnout occasionally though. You aren't a total extrovert. You have cold feet when it comes to love. You have a lot of uncertainty until you convince yourself to dive right in. You are an amazingly passionate person. You are passionate about almost everything, and your passion definitely gets you in trouble! Your sense of humor is intellectual and obscure. Only really well educated people get your jokes. The Beach Test
Which is your favorite color out of red.. black.. blue.. green or yellow ? blue all shades 2. Your first initial? c 3. Your month of birth? November 4. Which color do you like more, black or white? white 5. Name of a person of the same sex a s yours. cindy 6. Your favorite number? 7 7. Do you like Flying or Driving more? driving 8. Do you like a lake or the ocean more? ocean 9. Did you ever give a dare or take a dare? yes (Was this just to win the bet?) no , for fun 10. Write down a wish i wish i could buy my home back in florida and have the money to fix it up . (a realistic one)
Little Wickedness
Little Wickedness by LateNiteFantasy Her heart is noble and fierce.... Her intentions are sincere... Her spirit is strong and proud.. And she holds those she loves, very dear. She is often misunderstood... By those who are quick to judge... Not seeing her for who she really is... She would give you the world, if she could. Judge not by what others think or say, If you truly wish to know her, Then take the time and energy, She will surprise you, just you wait and see. There's nothing wrong with her sharp humor, And her very fiesty nature... Although she possesses softness and Kindness.. She's part goodness and a Little Wickedness.
Justin Nozuka - After Tonight
There's something in your eyes Is everything alright You look up to the sky You long for something more Darling Give me your right hand I think I understand Follow me and you will never have to wish again I know that after tonight You don't have to look up at the stars No, No, No, No I know by the end of tonight You don't have to look up at the stars I know that if the love is alright You won't have to look up at the stars No, No, No, No I know by the end of tonight You don't have to look up at the stars Tell me how you feel And if I'm getting near I'll tell you where to steer You'll tell me where to steer Da-Da-Da-Darling Way above the clouds And high above the stars Through the unknown black holes No one knows where we are But we'll return to Earth and do it all over again I know that after tonight You don't have to look up at the stars No, No, No, No I know by the end of tonight You don't have to look up at the stars I know that if the love i
Four New Train Members!
Help Me Spread The Word About All These Awesome Sexy People.... If You Wanna Ride Pvt Msg Me With Your Link And I'll Link You Up....R/F/A All Exsisting Rider's Please!!!.... Let's Get This Train Going!!! ♥Mel Captain ♥Mel♥GoRateX-Dealer♥@ fubar Riders x_TheChaoticAddiction_x [ Chief Cam Girl @ Fetish ]@ fubar X DEALER ...@ fubar DJ BARTAB DJ @UNHOLY CONFESSIONS OWNED BY GOD ANGEL -RLBF & FUHUBBY TO DJ KRAZYCHICK@ fubar ~*~Krazychick Next Door~RLGF & FuWifey to Bartab~SBRadio Family DJ & Mgr~Asst mgr @ Rokbar~*~@ fubar devil_dawg marine@ fubar Parental_Advisory@ fubar Nympho wolf@ fubar * Lil Princess *@ fubar Jade.... ♥ Nate's Munchkin ♥ - OzBadB!tch!...
Want To Own A Vet Or Soldier?! Get To Bidding Now!!!
> > > > > > > > > > Ok everyone, do you want to own a veteran or soldier!? Well here's ur chance, go make ur bid on one and see who you get. It starts NOW and will end Sat. June 14, yes that's flag day!! Perfect day to end it and have that soldier or vet stand at ur attention!!! Here they are, make ur bids!!! > > > > > > > > > >
The Best Drink, Delicious!
To You
Give this teddy bear ♥ to every person u care about You Know I love you... ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒▒███▒▒▒▒██ ▒▒▒▒▒▒█▓▓█▒██▓▓▓██▒█▓▓█ ▒▒▒▒▒█▓▒▒▓█▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█▓▒▒▓█ ▒▒▒▒▒█▓▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▓█ ▒▒▒▒▒▒█▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▓▓▓▓▓
I'm going to mustang week!! Can't wait :-) I am going to be hot as hell and prolly miserable lol but I will be surrounded by kick ass mustangs, a sexy ass guy, and the ocean (although I am terrified of it) haha....woot me! lol
Help Me Level
I will return all rates bk n extras too please help me level before vip is up ty barrylicious^Owner Of AngelDawn N R/L BF& Owned by XxNascarKittyxX ^@ fubar
Oscar Wilde
I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.
Darby Conley
Ethics are so annoying. I avoid them on principle.
Bmw X6
Its Been Awhile
Yeah I know its been awhile since I've had a blog, even with everything going on I have yet to sit down and blog. Well most of you know the major points of what's been going on the past few weeks so without rehashing details, but still brinigng the rest of my wonderful flock back inside the pen, my divorce is final and in a few weeks I will be spending a little over a month with Terra. I'm so excited. I already have all these plans on what we can do when I'm not working, when I can take days off to spend with her and all that. I will have her for her birthday and am not sure what exactly I will be doing for her but I know I have to make it special. It doesn't have to be all big and badass with a petting zoo and stampy the elephant (bonus points to anyone who gets the reference) running rampent down Clayshire, would be cool but not gonna happen, it just has to be something she can look back and remember and be happy about. Which is what I want all of our time together to be. So
Okay so I met this guy on here. I'm a friendly person and I try to speak to him. We were joking around about being Fu married and then called that off. We talked on the phone and he saw me on cam and now for the last week he's been avoiding me. I log on tonight to see a mum about stalkers and it made me wonder if he wasn't referring to me. he can kiss my ass if it was about me, the hint was taken and I'll never speak to his ass again. I will never allow another soul to see me on cam again! Why? Because I don't want anyone thinking I'm stalking them. I'm also gona remove all my pics. So enjoy them now, cause tomorrow night, gone!
Yea so I am sitting little boy is taking his nap and I am BORED as all get out....the house is clean...the laundry is done...there is nothing to do....SOMEONE AMUSE ME!
Virgen De Guadalupe
Well, it is official. I am going for my third and hopefully last tattoo this Friday on the 20th. I am excited, but so nervous as well. Simply because it is going to be placed on my right ribcage, which is supposed to be a REALLY sensitive area. and the Virgen de Guadalupe tattoo is going to take 3-4 hours and maybe 2 sessions. If Matt breaks it into two sessions, I will have less pain, but I kinda want to get it all done at once. I am going at 5:30 to Psycho Tattoo by my house after work. My first two tattoos lasted 15-20 minutes each...I love them so much. The Celtic Cross on my ankle hurt more than the Ireland clover tattoo on my arm...but that's because I didn't have a friend with me with the cross. The tattoo artist was Brian Snape. Kinda funny if ya ask me. Haven't told my parents yet because they are in Turkey, but w/e. I am almost 20 and I can do what I want...even if they do support me but not my decisions. I talked with them about it some though!!
Well, it didn't work this month either. *sigh* I didn't even want to get pregnant, and I did... and now that I want to, I can't. It agitates me beyond belief, because I WAS pregnant, and constantly fighting with my god forsaken EX... and that sure didn't help. And we're trying. We're tracking my ovulation, blah blah blah. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to make a baby, and when to do it!! Looking back on my life, and my pregnancies... I've had a couple miscarriges. One in the fall of 2003... i was on the patch when I got pregnant then. I was kinda on the pill when I got pregnant with Tash... in 02... I wasn't on anything when I got pregnant with Alexis, I dont think anyways... And I was on the Nuva Ring when I got pregnant earlier this year. And I'm like, HELLO??? Should I get on birth control to have a baby??? I ovulate fine, my periods are exactly to the date 28 days apart... so it's A LOT easier to plan these things... *sigh* Although, I can't complain a whole l
Power User's Guide To Firefox 3
You already know about Firefox 3's marquee new features, but now it's time to dig deep and unearth the shortcuts, tweaks, and even Easter eggs that Mozilla marketing doesn't mention. In honor of today's official release of Firefox 3at 10AM Pacific Timelet's dive in past Firefox 3's most talked-about feature-set into its lesser-known power uses, tricks, and customizations. Shrink the Super-sized Back Button The very first thing you notice in Firefox 3 is its extra large Back button. While it's actually quite handyless chance of missing your target!if the Back button's just too big for your tastes, it's as easy as pie to reduce. Just right-click on Firefox's toolbar, and choose Customize. In the dialog box, select "Use small icons." Adjust the Smart Location Bar's Number of Suggestions adjustsuggestion.pngThe Firefox 3 feature that you'll get to know and love the most is the new smart location bar's as-you-type suggestions that learn where you probably want to go as you brows
Water Into Wine
WATER INTO WINE The policeman signals to an car driver to pull over to the side of the road, due to the fact that he appears to be driving erratically. He says to the driver, "You appear to have been drinking!" The driver answers, "No sir, I am just tired." The policeman looks into the car and notices that the driver is a priest! He also notices that there is an empty bottle on the floor. He says to the driver, "What is, or should I say was in this bottle? The driver answers, "Water!" The policeman says, "It is not, it's wine!" The driver looks up to the heavens and says, "Oh Lord, you have done it again!"
Roughing It
A friend and his wife were considering traveling to Alaska for a trip that the husband had long dreamed of taking. He kept talking about how great it would be to stay in a log cabin without electricity, to hunt moose, and drive a dog team instead of a car. "If we decided to live there permanently, away from civilization, what would you miss the most?" he asked his wife. She replied, "You."
Dragon Lies
Dragon Lies by LateNiteFantasy I am prey, orphaned by the lust of Dragon and fire breathed from sky. Below, angry tides boil and churn as the full moon rises, part of some nightly dance. I hear her whimper, as if she were chased there by the crimson flamed breath of sun, as echoes dance lazily swirling amid the shadows, hiding from the memories hidden in the ashes and dying embers of some other mans passion. I am lost in this lie, this Dragons ruse of hope wreathed in dying flames, as I hover lightly within that steamy realm foretold in fables long since past. This mind, I no longer recognize as mine, quivers as visions start to appear. My body speaks in tongues, no longer listening to me, but to my burning. I hear my dark moans muted by lofted lizard wing and wonder, another lie? These words, this Dragon Lies that singes my heart again with misspoken promise, tender words that scorch me and tempt my innocence to again surrender, for I
Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
Sixth Sense
I know you've heard about women having that sixth sense...I think it's true because we are more sensitive to feelings that others have...I know there are some men that can do the say thing...And no...they are not gay...Just more sensitive and probably more attentive to the people they are around.... But for the most part...I can pretty much tell what a man is like just after a few times talking with them...Although..once in awhile one comes along that is harder to read than most... My gut instinct tells me that anyone that changes certain behaviors has changed something in themselves....Or that was never them to begin with...Or they just aren't interested anymore... It might be a sign of insecurity...It Might!!!...But I think that when you've seen certain changes before it just hightens your ability to see them again in someone else... I wish I could stop questioning things and stop worrying about getting hurt...It would make things so much easier...There are times when I w
Classic Honda
Remember You Have Till Saturday, 06/21/08 By 11:59pm Est To Own These Awesome People!
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I'm Sick And Tired Of Being......
I'm sick and tired of being used and abused by people. People who claim to be my freind but then turn around and stab me in the back. Why can't people mind their own business. I'm sick of the lies and manipulation. The only thing I've ever asked for is honesty. Yet for some reason certain people think that lying to me will smooth things over. So are there really people out there that will be genuine? Is there anyone that can be honest and tell the whole truth and not just what they think I want to hear? Is it to much to ask to have a true, genuine and honest friend? Well I'm definitely ready to say screw them I put my whole heart into every friendship and you either want to be my friend or you don't. But don't straddle the fence dangling my heart on a line, while you sit there and decide. If those people can't step up to the plate and be a friend who has intergrity and character....then who needs them. Sorry guys I don't mean to offend anyone and don't take it personal...
Screw You
I can't tell you why i feel this why or why i get so jeallous but i do. So fuck that bitch that thinks that she can have wats mine.Screw you and the high horse you came rinding in on.
My Sexual Zodiac
Your Sex Sign is... You're a 22nd century lover - without any rules or hangups. You're a typical 'trysexual'... well versed in the bedroom and curious about everything you haven't tried. You give everyone you run into the most exotic sex ever. Aquarius, you are a 22nd century sexual being. Your tastes and attitudes are totally futuristic. You are very adventurous and curious about everything. Aquarians are the 'seekers' of the Zodiac. You aren't posessive or materialistic - and you make your own rules. Your sexual personality is exotic and bohemian. You love to talk about sex - anywhere, anytime. You enjoy hearing about other people's sexual exploits, and you completely unshockable. You reached sexual maturity at an early age. You have had many varied sexual relationships, and you have dabbled in just about anything - if only for the experience. Above all, you aspire to become better and better in bed. You love to be taught new sexual tricks. You l
Human Beings. We are such an emotion controlled species. Actually we are the only emotion controlled species. All other species, although I am sure some have emotions, are not controlled and consumed by them. We tend to focus all our attention on one emotion for the day. It determines how our day will go, unless we mentally program ourselves to get over the emotion and move on, which most of us don't, even though we liked to think we do. Take for instance, and this is purely off the top of my head and in no way has happened to me, well perhaps it has but I can't remember or perhaps refuse to think of myself as being so emotion controlled. You wake up in the morning, stretch out on your bed, thinking of all you have to do that day. A fly comes along and lands on your nose. Now mind you…you are barely awake and enjoying the feeling of the few seconds before you have to roll your ass out of bed and this dirty filthy fly decides he wants to make your nose a landing pad. And further
Please Join My Elite Men And Womens Club Taken New Members Anytime!!
I have decided to make another club called the Elite Men and Women of fubar. I'm looking for single men & Women along with Married couples and engaged couples or just datingcouples. Im looking to make this a very fun sexy mature club yes flirting is involved.Im hoping to find some very interesting men and women and couples to join for i have also made a lounge thats specific for the elite members and also others to come in and chat,flirt,buys some drinks,flirt some more and have some mature fun on fubar since anymore now fubar hasnt been as interesting and i want to help improve that. Please come join us and have some fun join my lounge and have some fun wanna join just see me for rules on entering the club just click my picture below Kandilicious Creator & Owner of the Lollipop gurlz club &Elite Men & Women's club Fu-engaged to@ fubar ❦ ĦƐЯ ✌ϢѺⱤȽ ❦@ fubar ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~ RL G/F 2 "Average Joe" *DSC*@ fub
Sausage-fruit Kabobs
Sausage-Fruit Kabobs Rated by 1 person Rate This Rate and Comment Create a meal idea 100s of main-dish recipes plus suggestions for simple go-with dishes to make a meal complete. Start to Finish: 20 minutes View Nutrition Facts Ingredients 3 Tbsp. spicy brown or Dijon-style mustard 3 Tbsp. honey 12 oz. cooked smoked sausage, bias cut in 1/2-inch slices 1 apple, cored and cut in 1/2-inch wedges 1 medium zucchini, halved and cut in 1/4-inch slices 6 oz. crusty bread, cut into 1-inch pieces Directions 1. Preheat broiler. In bowl stir mustard into honey. 2. On four 12-inch skewers alternately thread sausage, apples, and zucchini, leaving 1/4 inch between pieces. Brush with some of the honey-mustard; reserve remaining honey-mustard. Place on rack of unheated broiler pan. Broil 4 to 5 inches from heat for 4 minutes. 3. Meanwhile, thread bread on four 12-inch skewers; lightly brush with olive oil. Add bread skewers to broiler; turn sausage skewers. Bro
Type O Hatebreed
So last night I got to go see some Heavy Music and I had a good time. Do to the timing of it I didn't get to take my Camera but turns out I could have but didn't know that before hand. I would loved to take pictures of people in the pit during Hatebreed, it looks pretty wild and I did see a few people and this one cute chick take a pretty hard slam of course I don't know how hard to floor really is. So for those of you who read my multiple blogs or look at my pictures sorry I didn't get any it would have been good to have some at least of some of the fine ladies and I don't just mean the thin as a rail ones or the hottie bar tender. The opening band was I guess a hardcore band from Cleveland called Scalrea. I liked them but think maybe I've seen them open up before but not sure. they were followed by 3 inches of blood. I only knew one of their songs but they where really good. I guess they way to describe them is the singers sound high pitched like Rob Halford and
Lonesome, Broke And Cold
Lonesome, Broke and Cold Here I sit along this country road My truck was tired, that I knowed. I never thought she'd up an' quit But, beside the road, well - now I sit. My most faithful partner when it comes to travelin' I guess I shoulda paid better attention to all her rattlin'. My buddies all warned me; I said she weren't too old, Now I am stuck here - feelin' lonesome, broke and cold. I guess it don't matter much anyhow; Bucked off the last few, aint got the entry fee now. It's just a small-town rodeo, I'll miss it - won't be the first time; Just burns me up though, 'cuase I'll have to pay a fine. Been a rough go lately, them injuries seem to linger, Got that pulled groin, cracked ribs and I busted my finger; Seems they used to heal faster, guess I'm gettin' old; I'd give it some serious thought - if I weren't so lonesome, broke and cold. I could hang it all up, head home and work steers; Tho', I've been runnin' from steady work for years. Besides punch
I came across this article recently and thought I would share it along with my own 12 cents added in here and there. Just to be PC Nice Guys can be interchanged with Nice Gals and woman can be interchanged with man. Oh and if you dont choose to actually read the details of this I suggest you scroll down to the last paragraph. It just might be the answer you need. Why "Nice Guys" are often such LOSERS- A womans Perspective... You hear it all the time: "He was such a NICE Guy, and she's such a Heartless Bitch for dumping him." I get letters from self-professed Nice Guys, complaining that women must WANT to be treated like shit, because THEY, the "Nice Guy" have failed repeatedly in relationships. If you have one bad relationship after another, the only common denominator is YOU. Think about it. What's wrong with Nice Guys? The biggest problem is that most Nice Guys (tm) are hideously insecure. They are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for othe
From Inkfreak
Reaching around from behind, He massaged her rock-hard nipples, pulling and twisting them hard. Trembling from His touch, she relaxed somewhat and allowed the painfully pleasurable sensations wash over her. Her needy, pussy drenched wet with desire, pulsated with the wanting of Him inside. A slow smile spread across her face as He reached around and slid two fingers deep into her awaiting pussy, checking for evidence of her desire for Him. He was not disappointed. Placing a gentle kiss on the inside of her neck, He suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair, biting her delicate neck as He bent her head back, forcing her eyes to meet His. Not breaking their shared gaze, He forced her to her knees, rapidly unzipping His pants. She quickly released His throbbing cock from its confines, placing a fiery, molten kiss on the head of His swollen cock. Her pierced tongue playfully teased and tormented Him, as she alternately sucked at the very essence of Him, drinking Him in, then gently
I lost someone very important to me yesterday. They just walked away and I don't know why.
Today's Quote Days are scrolls: write on them only what you want remembered. -Bchya Ibn Pakuda
Just Cause..i Can :)
sometimes when your all alone at night,everything around you is as still as a moonlit night,your mind wanders into moments unseen.erotic moments that take your soul to where you long to be this erotic moment your fantasy's play within your mind ..a beautiful woman takes hold of your eyes..the soft smell of flowers tease your cannot take your eyes from her as she ever so slowly moves to within your reach her hands touch you softly, your skin feeling so smooth to her she moves closer to you, your aching soul longing to feel her body slide against you ,her silky hair brushes slightly against your shoulder you move to put your hands around her thighs ..your sences growing stronger with every breath you take.deep inside an awakening of passion begins to unfold you cant help yourself but to gently slide your hands along her soft body as she slightly moans with a sexy deep sigh to your touch,she pulls you closer to her so she can feel your hot stinging breath pass
Own Me I'll Make It Worth Your While
Thats right I'm up for auction yet again and I want you to own me If you havent gotten a chance to own me yet well stop by and place your bids just click the pic and see what I am offering
Staring blankly into the screen, as my thoughts collapse. I dont know whats happening, I need to relax my mind is shattered, my body is cold I'm alone in the darkness, I need her to hold. Cant explain my feelings. its hard to say everyone but her, should just go away I love her dearly, to this very day I dont want her to go, I need her to stay she is everything to me. mind, body, and soul. I wanna be there and reach my goal. I will be there, happy and free not here in Florida, but in Tennessee.
You Chose Me.
out of all the men, I'm the one you chose. to love and to cherish, to keep very close but why did you choose me? that I can see, cause everyone is an asshole, everyone but me I have your heart, and you have mine. we'll be together til the end of time. even though we're apart, love keeps us together. in 2 different states, together forever hard times have come, and they will go sometimes life will throw a nasty blow. I'm here beside you, even if just on the phone. I'll keep you company, you're never alone. I am your man, the one you chose. to keep by your heart. and be very close I know you love me, its easy to see. out of all the men, you chose me.
why do i need to get a friend to join to move up
Beautiful Blk Toe Nail
My toes will never look the same ever again, everysince the National Marathon these are what my toes have looked like, the toe nail on the right is pretty much about to fall off, I just hope it falls off soon cause its really annoying the hell out of me when i run but its not gonna stop me. I'm planning on doing some updating to my website and maybe add a blog on there. Today I talked to the Company GySgt about the whole recruiting thing and it turns out that he just came from recruiting duty, lately its all i've been thinkin about, I'm thinkin maybe of going to recruit out of southern Illinois, it would be a really good thing cause i'll be close to home in case anything happens with the family, i've also thought about Mississippi or either Alabama any place that I won't have to sell the hell out of the Marine Corps to get people to join would be nice.
Battle Of Dj's
Showing My Excitement For The Sexy Ladies Of Fubar
Yes, I am a very naughty and horny guy. When I look at all the sexy women on Fubar showing off their bodies, well, I can't help myself. Of course, I don't want to help myself. I like sharing naughty pics with the sexy ladies and have posted a few to start in my albums. If any sexy woman with no hang ups want to check them out, then just let me know. I don't care about ratings, points, scores, levels, or any other BS like that. I like to leave naughty comments on the sexy women's pics and enjoy ready some left on mine. It's all about having a good time, right? And don't blame me for getting excited. You ladies shouldn't be so damn sexy.
Pushy Hamsters
Pushy Hamsters -- powered by
The Lady Dj's
Just click the lounge logo and hope to see ya there! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! WE ARE HIRING FOR DJS...PLEASE LADIES COME!!
Owner & General Manger
imikimi - Customize Your World
im getting really tired of peeps ripping my damm pics out of my default folder stay off my page if your gonna rip my pics
Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert
Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert
Marilyn Manson & Korn - Cry For You
Andrew W.k. Ready To Die
Our Needs [page Ii]
Misunderstood Beast
Who is Right? Who is wrong? Who is Ill? Who is sane? I was born into this world a dragon, I can not be tamed, Fools shudder in fear when I come into view, Thinking I mean to do them harm, but that is not true. I am the one who is cast out in shame. I never asked to be born a beast. We can not help who we are, I want only to live my life as intendended, But the villager's go too far, If they mean to tame me, it is their mind that needs to be mended. For I can not change nor would I in the least. My heart breaks in my breast When I hear the same song, "We have rules here, and we can not accept your way." Just because I am not like them, doesn't mean I am wrong! Like the teacher who can not handle a problem child, Because they fidget or act too wild, They will dismiss me and think of me no more. Oh Geeze, what a surprise, it's not like they haven't before. Oh, I think that is best. Silly fools do not realize how easy I can release my f
Love`s Submission
Love`s Submission by LateNiteFantasy Darkness falls - my breath again caresses your ear, Whispering soft yet firm; love and submission... You've waited so long for this. Your eyes close and you feel me explore you soul, Heart pounding, blood flowing sweet and thick... You cannot resist me. You arch your back, nipples hard and high, Warmth between your thighs like silk... You want to give yourself to me. My voice consumes your body, carressing, Your resistance fades, your surrender is undeniable... You belong to me.
Amazing Race
So I'm meeting up with 25 other runners this saturday to do what they are calling a Amazing Race, we are meeting up in the Washington Moneument and Capitol area, from there we are spliting up into teams of 4 or 5, we will get a list of clues, these clues will take us to different moneuments around the DC area and at these moneuments we must take a picture of the team, the last clue will take us to a local pub in DC were we will get lunch and talk about the event, the total running milage will be less than 5 miles, sounds pretty cool huh!. Click here to check outThe Capital Striders!
Lol 456
austin@ fubar PLEASE HELP ! i need to leval up to a 10 to open my own lil country bar ! COUNTRY TUNES AND OLD FASHONED ROCK ! lol
"!!naughty Application !!!
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET
April Now July
April now July I am not perfect I will hurt you, and I am sorry I will apologize consider your feelings, give you space I will be open ask me anything, I will answer I will be silent when you need to talk, I will listen I will be vocal expressive, unique I am an individual you are a part of me, We are sometimes I am hurt I need soothing, not salt when I seem hard remember the tears, the soft side of me when my strengths seem overwhelming remember my weakness, my downfalls when I'm on my knees either join me, or pick me up when I say I love You its more then just words its a promise and I remem
Back Home
Just when i thought things were going good, i had gotten away from the things that brought me down in this city that seemed to hold me down. I started a new life with the one that i love the most, but sure as the ice is cold, and shit stinks, ive been brought right back into it. Im right back where i started. although its not as bad as it was back in the day, it just seems to always be the same. The reason are differnt and i know that this time its not for good. i need to take care of the one thing that brought me back here and then im off again to make right what i left behind, and i know she misses me as much as i miss her and her lil giggle i know its hard not being able to do things like before. so with that said i must leave with this...... BABY DADDY WILL BE BACK SOON AND I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART
You're Both Nothing To Me Now...
I'm so tired of these fake ass people... Daring to call themselves fucking family... Telling you one minute how they can't believe this person or that did you wrong and then doing the same thing to you... Fuck you for thinking that would be okay... You know who you are... And fuck you for taking advantage when someone tried to help you out... And for all your motherfucking disrespect.... You can both take your gutless, spineless, mother-fuckin POSER selves and go fucking suck a dick Whatever... neither of you are worth any more of my time than what I've already wasted on you... So much for family huh... Ya sure did burn your bridges good boys... Oh and By the way... ANYONE WHO STILL HAS THINGS IN OUR HOME WHO DOES NOT COME RETRIEVE THEM BY SATURDAY, JULY 12TH WILL FIND THEM IN THE PARKING LOT BY THE DUMPSTER... So you guys may want to come talk to us about picking up anything you may have here...
I Knew From The Very Start
i've been thinking about you all day it seems like my hearts been blown away my minds spinning my hearts crying i am in pain and it makes me go insane my feelings for you i cannot define even in the most prestige dictionary you cant find it feels like forever but my mind says NEVER! why am i suffering? is my life thy offering? i knew from the very start that you're the one whose gonna break my heart but i was blinded with your smile that tempts me all the while ohh poor heart of mine i've been fooled, by a foolish smile...
Going Home
I go back home tomorrow,wow what a ride this had been.Got drunker than hell on the fourth surrounding by bikers in a biker town.Now that one was for the books.Will not give detail. The sad part about leaving is being so far away from my dad even with our disagreement we have going on at the moment.I have been so use to being off of work I even dread going back to that,but it is a fun job,or I think so. I have huge decisions to make for the weekend I can only hope I make them right.I know what I want to do,but will it be wise.Fuck I just don't know.It is one of those that the heart strings just keep pulling at you,but in my case it is being pulled from both directions.I guess I just need to hope that mom and pop raised me right & whatever I do they will be proud of me. Anyway I have had a hoot on here and have made some really cool ass friends & I hope we all keep in touch.I may need a few days to re-coop when I get home,but it will be nice to get back into my own bed and see mom.
This Gets Me So Ticked Off Is Aint Funny!
You know what i absolutely hate people who are fake. I hate people who pretend to be someone they aint. I hate people parading around saying all this meaningless crap and all the while don't mean it. There are so many people on here like that, who have pretended to be so sweet and so nice, and then i find out things that i probably aint supposed to know. Well Blow this and blow that, i'm sick of being lied to and i'm sick of being to kind to people. I mean bloody hell i'm straight forward and i don't care what people think about me, but i at least im straight up about things. What the hell is wrong with the truth these days, why the hell should people lie, steal, and cheat and all of that crap. Why the hell don't they just speak their mind. And you know what what comes around goes around. But what ticks me off is that some of these people i've actually accepted as a friend, and a close friend at that. It blows how someone can be so trusting and yet be the target of stupid behavi
Check This Out
welcome 2 fubar
CD Baby: homesearchnew musictop sellersstylessaleaccountcart Sounds Like... Every album at CD Baby has three famous artists listed as “sounds like”. We do this to help you find great new music similar to something you already love. Here are the most popular choices, for each CD Baby genre. Scroll down, find an artist you love, then click to find artists you will. Avant Garde Frank Zappa (51) Brian Eno (49) Tom Waits (32) John Zorn (29) John Cage (28) Keith Jarrett (26) Tangerine Dream (23) Pink Floyd (23) Steve Reich (23) Radiohead (22) Björk (19) King Crimson (17) Sun Ra (17) Cecil Taylor (16) Bob Dylan (15) The Beatles (15) Laurie Anderson (14) The Captain (13) Leonard Cohen (13) Miles Davis (13) Kate Bush (12) Nurse With Wound (12) Fred Frith (12) Boards of Canada (12) Sigur Rós (11) John Coltrane (10) John Williams (10) Michael Hedges (10) Autechre (10) Jimi Hendrix (10) Beck (10) Derek Bailey (9) Aphex Twin (9) Sonic Yout
Missing You 1st Lady
Never Let You Go
Woman To Woman Betty Wright
T Rex: Get It On
t rex (Get It On) - t rex
Hi People
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsjust would to say i love my fubar friends and fans and im happy with this sight .so much love to my new family and ones to come ladyjokerjay...xoxoxoxo
Spirit Wind
Walk In Beauty
Warrior Of Today
Long Trails
Please Help
Easy Rider is in a contest and needs your fu help!! All my friends out there i am going to ask something and i will find out who my true friends really are or if they are fake. I am in a contest for comments and i need help so if anyone want to help me there help is welcome Click on this pic to go help out...Thanks bunches!!
I ended up giving him Goatse's Yahoo addy. He didn't do anything though, unfortunately. siyittir1qyh: ok u msn or yahoo id? ->siyittir1qyh: Are you gonna stick an ice cream come up your ass? I need to see that first. siyittir1qyh: cam2cam? ->siyittir1qyh: I will watch you if you agree to stick an ice cream bar up your ass. siyittir1qyh: can u see me? ->siyittir1qyh: I must not speak your language or something. siyittir1qyh: webcam be come? ->siyittir1qyh: Want me? Do you ever speak in full sentences? siyittir1qyh: want u? ->siyittir1qyh: And I care enough to show you why? siyittir1qyh: want e see u ->siyittir1qyh: If you had bothered to read my profile, you would know that. ->siyittir1qyh: I don't give out my messengers to just anyone. siyittir1qyh: msn or yahoo? ->siyittir1qyh: Can you see me? siyittir1qyh: ? siyittir1qyh: cani see u? ->siyittir1qyh: I'm 85, just like it says siyittir1qyh: ? siyittir1qyh: fine u age ba
I've Gotten To Where
I've gotten to where I'm thinking in these damn things! I'm thinking in form! Is this a sign or madness or did a tree make a sound? 4-2-03
Page 6/book
Back To Now I sit here remembering everything of the first 3 years of my Red period and no i am not talking about that monthy thing that every girl gets. The time of when i was 13 to the time of when i was 18 is my red period where i seen more blood then any period could give me and yet i wanted it. to see the blood. to feel the pain to watch my life slip slowly into crazy and hiding more and more into my self. not letting a soul in. sure as hell not letting any grown ups who could have helped in. no i was in it alone Or So It Seemed
Page 7/book
My Head In My Head I Was NOTHING I Was Just Somthing To Be USED And Used I Was Even If I Started FIGHTING To Be Me I Was Still NOTHING And To Me That Was All I Was Gonna Be SO Much For THAT
Mental Morsels
Just a few things, really. Life has been fairly boring, and no one is pissing me off lately, so I really have nothing major of interest. I watched August Rush last night. And I bawled my little eyes out. Pa-the-tic....I cry like a baby at those sappy romantic drama movies. That's why I prefer the action packed, blood-and-guts slashers and thrillers. No chance of a water works making an appearance. But it made me miss someone terribly. I know I might not get the chance to tell them that either...that despite everything, the arguing, the misunderstanding, the bullshit, I can't stop thinking about him. I suppose no one gets through life without some I might make him one of mine. I also had a wickedly funny dream about my ex last included an elaborate plan by where I book flights to India, so we can take a vacation together, but conveniently do not have a passport. I tell him at the airport to go on without me, and I will meet him there. No big deal,
Superhero Quiz by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes
I Believe In You
"I believe in you" is all that I need to hear to make me happy. That or other sentiments to let me know that I am. 9-25-03
Did You See Her Eyes?
Did you see her eyes? I cannot recall their color for I was half blind. I do remember they smiled whenever they looked my way... 10-23-03
Another Reason I Hate People
would you like to improve your breast size/penis size/equity/love life/pest control/credit report/shopping expierience? Then try our Cream/salve/lotion/casino/bank/pill/website/online store/credit card or any other bullshit we think we can throw at you with false hopes of getting a ps3/x-box360/life partner/happiness/life period. This advertisement brought to you by Loki(father of all lies) I'm fucking sick of the bullshit. No matter where I turn I'm bombarded with ads for shit i do not need. I'm sick of being a consumer of preprocessed food, lies, and people. I don't care if Jennifer Lopez likes a special kind of whatever. Her big ass is not going to make me want to buy anything any more than I already do or don't. If Micheal Moore uses direct tv and decides to do a promo for it, it will have the opposite effect on me. Why not trying to sell me something like I'm a decent human being? It's just crazy enough to work. And fucking pop-ups. I'm going to f
Joshua Ray Dunn R.i.p.
Joshua Raymond Josh' Dunn Published: July 16, 2008 Aug. 26, 1979-July 11, 2008 Joshua Raymond "Josh" Dunn, 28, of Umatilla died Friday, July 11, 2008, near Boardman as the result of a motor vehicle accident. A celebration of his life service is scheduled at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Hermiston Christian Center. Mr. Dunn was born Aug. 26, 1979, in Klamath Falls to Raymond and Elizabeth Mills Dunn. He was raised and attended school in Klamath Falls. He attended Mount Hood Community College in Gresham before returning to Klamath Falls, where he worked at Diamond Lumber Yard. He moved to Irrigon in 2006 and later to Umatilla. He had recently began working as a forklift driver at Morrow Cold Storage in Boardman. He was a member of the Hermiston Christian Center. He enjoyed riding his motorcycle, hunting, fishing, working out, and spending time with his nieces, nephews, his family, and his cat "Skippy John." Mr. Dunn is survived by his mother, Elizabeth Dunn-Crispi
In A Auction Please Bid On Me
Guess Who's Up For Auction??? ~*SexyBitch*~ That's Who!! Place Your Bid On Her Now Auction Starts On Monday, July 14th @ 2:00PM PT Auction Ends On Monday, July 21st @ 4:00PM PT Click The Following Pic To Place Your Bid And VIP bids are welcome as well! .: Brought To You By :. Big Daddy Rate/Fan/Add Him
Baptism By Fire...
so it has become.... last night i was afforded the opportunities of this income-source...becoming one with the client base...of the more psychotic side. the nightfall couldn't have created a more inviting an ambiance...the deep yellow of the 'filling' moon, as it hung in the black/blue sky...its glow casting incredible outlines of the storm clouds...a better harbinger of what would come soon enough, there couldn't be. the absence of a camera only ensured that the sky's dramatic scape would be one for the started with a fireball of a sunset as the clouds were opened just enough for the bathing yellow orange pyrotechnics to swathe the skyline in 'flames'....even as the lower lying clouds appeared more like smoke in this vista... a tease perhaps, for what would follow later...? the first station had so many discolourations per shelter-an orgiastic melding of filths and bloods and other sundry though there had been an enclave of horrors committed to blood
Heres The List Of Those Who Helped Me Godfather
This man was soo sweet and bought me a smurfy bling I loooove it thanks love :) your the greatest it brought me down to 96k to level to godfather :) Argonutz@ fubar Carnie ~Leased by: Abby, Screw the Roses send me the Thorns~@ fubar ~sensual-breeze~shadow leveler@ fubar My Dick Has More Friends Than Tom@ fubar Belladonna Club F.A.R.member Plz Fan & Rate Profile B4 Add...Owned by Blade & 'Hazeleyed Soldier@ fubar Q "Club United"@ fubar *Kimmie* aka "1/2 Notorious Fu Sexton Twin to Amy 4 Life" & FU Married to PapaHog@ fubar 'z NutZ ~FU-Bomber~@ fubar ~ KiKiSparkles ~ Lollipop Gurlz Club ~ Heterosexual ~ Please Read My No Jerk Rules@ fubar this man posted bully after bully in helps to g et tons to help me level tyvm hunny ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar Southern Goddess ~NO RATE, NO FAN, WIL
Help My Freinds Out Please!
2nd Look Instrumental - Crime Mob Peek-A-Boo@ fubar
All Sublime Set
Dont Speak
umm great song...I posted it today, because yesterday a someone that I know for over ten years send me the lyrics to this song...and we kind of stopped talking a while back, umm I dont think I want to go in detail about this one...its very personal and kind of a long story. But I am sharing the song, and while I listen to the words, I feel very thoughtful... my reply to the song he sent to me was btw Dido, white flag... it feels weird when the past comes catching up... ♥ all who even read this stuff Dont Speak No Doubt - no doubt
The Nerve Of Her!
Okay there will be some cussing in this one. Thus far I've had no problem with neighbors on either one acre beside or in front of me. Lately, every morning like clock work..I leave at 7:20am and come back around's only the school bus summer it don't take long. Anyhow, 3 days in a row this neighbor hassles me and stands in front of my driveway. I politely asked her, "Could you please move so I can get into my driveway?" She then turns and says if you weren't such a maniac driving, I might move but this slows you down. That was the first day...I then said to myself..shhh don't say nothing to the fat bitch. I continued into my driveway and the tire spun and threw dirt hit her in the leg...ooops!!! I didn't mean to do that it was the trucks fault...lmao. The next day...she does the same did I....or I should say ...the truck did. The next day...she screams at me when I asked her politely to child is on her bike and you are sp
Shower Heat
Shower Heat by LateNiteFantasy His soapy hands caress her dewy skin while bubbles slither along sloping flesh lend to her moistness growing from within As mildly cool water acts to refresh, wet lips meet under pulsing shower spray while bubbles slither along sloping flesh. Tongues and fingers linger, explore, and play. During breaks from loving acts of cleaning, wet lips meet under pulsing shower spray. Gripping his lubricous flesh, shes leaning. His hard, wet cock forcefully pounds her slit during breaks from loving acts of cleaning. His finger pressed against her eager clit, she moans in the pleasure he delivers. His hard, wet cock forcefully pounds her slit. Under his skilled hands, her body shivers. He grunts and feeds her sensual desire. She moans in the pleasure he delivers. This water could not douse this raging fire.
Auction Virgin
Alright, this time I'm not entering an auction, I'm actually gonna host one. The auction will start when I have 15 entries men or women, don't be shy! The auction will run for one week, so mail me the picture you want to use and what you're offering. Also have your friends rate and then re-rate your picture, because at the end of the week the person with the most rates gets 500,000 fu-bucks from me, in addition to what they receive in the auction. This bulletin brought to you by me ~*~Cotton Candy Kisses~*~ ~FORCE~3~BOMBERS~ Fu-owned by ~ms2dmngood2u~ and Justfishing@ fubar
Going On In My Life
nothing much going on i am back in georgia i am doing little better copping with my wife death and i got a great job working for a towing company i love it still looking for a good women hope she find me lol all and all i am decent then the last time i wrote on here
Happiness Is A Choice
Happiness is a choice I've always known it. I just haven't always cared enough to fight for the choices I make. So what inspired this change of heart, you might ask...well, I don't know. I woke up today, with all the reasons in the world to just bitch and moan, but I was somehow refreshed and full of life. It was quite surprising, even to a self-proclaimed eternal optimist. I woke up and made the decision. I decided to be happy. HAPPY! What a fucking joy it is to just up and decide I'm gonna have a good day. Whatever happens, I'm gonna shake it off, roll with the punches, take it in stride and fly by the seat of my pants. You have no idea how hard it is for me to let go and lose control, yet that's what I'm doing. Something, someone, someway, somehow, helped me conquer my fear enough to take a chance, take a risk, make a change and break away. (He knows who he is and I thank him everyday for being in my life.) Break away from my doubts. My insecurities. My reluctancy to start wit
High School Reunion
Me and a few friends were set to go to our high school reunion. It was me, DONNIE DEMONSEED, DARRICK, & TOMMY in one car and MAJIK, CHEF JAY, & BIG PAPI in another car. We didn't have STRUMMER ride with us because he always thinks he's THE BOSS.(plus he always got us LOST) LOL We were all together again like when we were in the breaking dancing club called STRENGTH BEYOND STRENGTH. Only SMACKER wasn't going to be there since he was in Rehab due to being hooked on an ANTIDEPRESSANT.(& he had the FLU) Just before we got there Tommy started to get ROADRAGE because a guy cut him off. NO ONE knew why since it wasn't a big deal. We all thought maybe cause of the SUMMER heat. We calmed him down and went to The ARKHAM hotel. This place was jumping !!! All the same girls were there. PIXIE, MONICA THE GREAT, JENUHPHUR, VANESSA, and EVIL ASH were looking like SEXYMOMMA's. And boy were they being FIESTY and KINKYGIRL's. SEDUCTION was in the air. ROBIN's TA TA's were looking real good too. It
My Heart Is In Ohio.
I never put anything in important in here but it's time for a change. I went to Ohio Thursday to see Daniel [DJ♥]. He picked me up w/ his Mom, Brother Nick, and Son Devin. Nick gave me a Balloon that was signed by everyone & it was cute. Once I met his little sister she was the cutest! She told me that she could tell me anything and that she loved me like a sister. His Mom & I got along so well plus his Grand mother wanted me to come back over to her house before I left so she could spend time with me. It was amazing to be there I felt like I was home.. It was so comfortable. I cannot wait to move out there to be with him everyday. Being with DJ was absolutely perfect. I loved it when he looked at me, held me, kissed me. Speaking of Kisses, our first kiss was amazing. I finally understand the term "sparks fly". It couldn't have been anymore perfect. No one has ever made me feel the way he does. I am so glad I found him [well he found me]. We went to the Canal, Park, Ice
i'm net rate me add me stuff etc...
What if I told you You could do anything you dreamed? Because you can! I wont say itll be easy but it can be achieved What if I told you You could obtain inner peace? Because you can! Believe in your self and your heart will be eased What if I told you You could have the strength to be bold? Because you can! Eliminate cowardly thoughts replacing them with self confidence and your courage will grow What if I told you that our biggest problems are trivial? Would you laugh in my face and tell me I didnt know? Would you claim that I have no clue With the boastful attitude of, Fool, you dont know what Ive been through!? But what if I told you You were right? Would you keep defensively attacking with me as your target in sight? Or would you realize that Im not pointing fingers in this one sided fight That by stating your right Im in agreement that I have no clue But Im not tryin to judge you and Im definitely not trying to argue with yo
Project Safe Childhood Part 1
Project Safe Childhood Part 2
Standing Here, Waiting...
I don't know if you see me. I don't know if you even care. but yes, here i am. i stand here alone, just waiting... Maybe you will notice me, maybe not... I stand here just waiting. maybe you will glance at me, maybe not... Maybe you will see me through the ever growing crowd that grows around your beauty, Maybe not... I stand here hoping you will see me waiting for you. I feel so small in comparison to the ever growing crowd that hovers around you... but I will wait... wait till the day you find me through the sea of people who surround you. and hold me in your loving embrace. but all i can say is, Maybe...
for everyone who wanted an update on my mom. the surgery did not go as well as we expected. i probly wont be on here for a few days, sorry. i also lost my job, but that's the least of my concern right now.
The Song Must Go On
The Song must go on (a start...) Current mood: rejuvenated Category: Writing and Poetry In a flash of light, she caught his eye and with that, his mind and his loins. The music thundered on - nearly without him... It was pure luck that his fingers knew the tune they played so well, because his mind was enthralled, overwhelmed by the visual memory of the girl. His eyes, momentarily blinded by the glare of the stage lights and the club's smokey atomsphere, struggled to seek her out again. There! Despite the frantic beat of the rock song he played, her hips rolled sensually, almost languidly, yet some how perfectly with the music. Entranced by the movement of her curvaceous hips, he dragged his reluctant eyes up her body and was rewarded by the view of her lush breasts barely restrained by the elegant corset she wore. Her cleavage and throat were the creamy, almost porcelain pale skin that was idolized in Victorian times. His eyes continued their enraptured study
12 Days Of Terror Trailer
Gift Excitement
The small girl had recently received a new watch and some perfume, which she was very excited about. Their family asked the pastor over for dinner. The girl wanted so badly to tell the pastor about her new gifts, but her mother insisted she wait until after dinner and not interrupt at meal time. Not able to contain her excitement, and not wanting to disobey, the little girl leaned over to the pastor during dinner and whispered, "If you hear a little noise and smell something, it's me!"
Like Your Mom!
Cyanide & Happiness @
Retirement Bonus
If this doesn't make you laugh, you are truly humor impaired! The Navy found they had too many officers and decided to offer an early retirement bonus. They promised any officer who volunteered for Retirement a bonus of $1,000 for every inch measured in a straight line between any Two points in his body. The officer got to choose what those two points would be. The first officer who accepted asked that he be measured from the top of His head to the tip of his toes. He was measured at six feet and walked out with a bonus of $72,000. The second officer who accepted was a little smarter and asked to be measured from the tip of his outstretched hands to his toes. He walked Out with $96,000. The third one was a noncommissioned officer, a grizzly old Chief who, when asked where he would like to be measured replied, 'From the tip of my weenie to my testicles.' It was suggested by the pension man that he might want to reconsider, explaining about the nice big checks th
The Nature Of The Beast....
Cyanide & Happiness @
School Started Early For Me
Hey ya'll Sorry I haven't been around. School started 3 weeks ago and It has been takin up most of my time! It is crazy, but I am still so happy to finally be going back to school! The best part is it is all online so I can be naked and do my school work! tee hee! Anyways, I hope you stop by and say hi! I will try to pop in here more often! xoxoxo Trin
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...
it's the school holidays, so I took my daughter on a trip to London. When we got there, we wandered around the 'Square Mile', the financial centre where I used to work. I was interested in finding out how different the area had changed, and I pointed out various new buildings, statues and small historic churches snuggled amongst the office complexes. My daughter made the usual 'Yeah nice mum' and 'Did you?' comments. Realising this was probably more interesting for me than her, we headed towards the West End for some retail therapy. Waiting for the train in the Underground, she turned and asked 'Did you really drink in all those pubs and wine bars you showed me?' Drink anyone?? Make mine an orange juice please
A True Friend
Friendship is one of the hardest thing to come by. Making friends are a good thing to do,but you do tend to stumble in making friends cause you have your want to be friends that don't really care about how you are feeling.or don't help you when you need it. A true friend is a friend that will be there when you stumble,need a smile,when you are hurting,or when you need someone to talk to.Thats what friends do is by helping other friends out.
Darn That Faulty Photobucket
Hey friends and fu's your old pal here to let you know that i am in my very first auction Please click on the pic below to rate and put your bid in (i don't mind just fubuck bids at all) Blue Whore now this is the chance to become my first owner so you better act quick. Auction closes on Sunday, Aug.10th at 12 midnight(est) this is what i am offering to my owner: "owned by" in title 100 11's a week for a month during HH's 1 pimpout bully a week for a month all stash voted and other pics rated during HH's 1 pimpout bully for up to 3 friends 1 add a friend tag 2 sfw salutes (lol) yahoo im add 1 credit bling a week for a month (3 credit for any bids with a 3 month Vip or equivalent) Buzz meter full Will help to level a friend within 20k of leveling Bid Breakdowns Thank you for all your help!!!
Newest As Of 08/09/08
Us Routs China 101-70 In Historic Olympic Opener
BEIJING (AP)In one heartpounding minute in the first half, LeBron James dunked off a nifty underhanded feed from Dwyane Wade. Then Kobe Bryant flew in and jammed. Then it was Chris Boshs turn to rattle the rim. As the backboard swayed, some might have recalled the fabled Dream Team. The final scoreU.S. 101, China 70might also draw comparisons. Whos worried about the 7-for-29 shooting from beyond the arc? Just toss it up and throw it down. This was the biggest basketball game in Chinas history and perhaps the most-watched basketball game everand the U.S. wanted to turn in a performance to match the moment as it took its first step toward Olympic hoops redemption. Ive never felt an environment quite like this, said Bryant, a veteran of five NBA Finals. Ive played in many big games, but the energy tonight was different. I think they knew that history was being made tonight, Bryant said. Obviously, it was a proud moment for their country as it is for ours. You
Star Wars Quiz: '
Greedo? Oola? Pablo-Jill? Isn't anyone in space just named Steve? There are enough silly names in the Star Wars universe to inspire an equally silly game, so I've gone ahead and done that. Of the words below, all you have to do is figure out whether each one is a Star Wars character, a baseball player from the days of yore, or a Thai food dish. You'll be amazed at how hard it can be. Star Wars character, baseball player, or Thai food? 1. Mee Krop 2. Admiral Schlei 3. Max Rebo 4. Van Lingle Mungo 5. Mungo Baobab 6. Kit Fisto 7. Bibb Falk 8. Larb 9. Dengar 10. Chalmun 11. Namtok 12. Choo-Chee Plah Ga-Pong 13. Putsy Caballero 14. Pote Snitkin 15. Sig Jakucki 16. Dud Bolt 17. Muddy Ruel 18. Kaeng Musuman 19. Pad See Ew 20. Ody Mandrell 21. Urban Shocker 22. Stass Allie 23. Voolvif Monn 24. Rad Na 25. Eppa Rixey 26. Sibby Sisti 27. Phat Kaphrao 28. Muftak 29. Pickles Dillhoefer
Before I Was A Mom...
Before I was a Mom I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Chewed on. Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts I slept all night. Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests. Or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put her down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom. Before I was a Mom I didn't know the feeling of having my he
New Toy Review...
New toy review up and another one should be up tomorrow. For now here's the link for a review on the "Eden Waterproof Butterfly Blossom"
Abigial's X-rated Teen Diary
Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary - 2Girls1Cup ReactionUploaded by abigailsxratedteendiary
Latin Girl Dancing
Rehab: Bartender - Lyrics
Bartender I really did it this time Broke my parole to have a good time When I got home it was 6 AM The door was locked so I kicked it in She was trippin on the bills I think she was high on some pills She threw my shit out into the yard Then she called me a bum and slapped me real hard And in my drunken stupor I did what I should have never done and now Im sittin here, talking to you Drunk and on the run Im sittin at a bar on the inside Waitin for my ride on the outside She broke my heart, in the trailer park So I jacked the keys to her fuckin car Crashed that piece of shit an' then stepped away And I know Ill probably get ten years So just give me beers till they get here Yea I know the sun is comin up And y'all are probably gettin' ready for closinup But im trying to drown my soul Im tired of this life on the dirt road Everything that I love is gone And Im tired of hangin on Im sittin at a bar on the inside Waitin for my ride on the outsid
Spanish Basketball Team Poses For Offensive Picture
Spain's Olympic basketball team posed for an advertisement prior to the Games which appears to show all its players slanting their eyes, a move that could offend its Olympic hosts in Beijing. The ads, for a Spanish courier company, appeared in the Spanish-language newspaper La Marca. As the uproar over the picture has grown today, more information about the advertising shot has come to light. The New York Times reports that Spain's basketball team is sponsored by Li-Ning Footwear, a Chinese company founded by Li Ning, the final torchbearer who was hoisted along the top of Beijing National Stadium during the Olympic Opening Ceremony finale. The ad reportedly references the Spanish team recently extending their contract with the footwear giant for another four years. The Spanish-language paper El Mundo has a piece debating whether the ad was racist that basically calls out the British press for trying to smear Spain's good name. But they miss the point. Whether the picture was made
Immortal Beloved... Love Letters By Ludwig Von Beethoven
IMMORTAL BELOVED The First Letter July 6, in the morning My angel, my all, my very self - Only a few words today and at that with pencil (with yours) - Not till tomorrow will my lodgings be definitely determined upon - what a useless waste of time - Why this deep sorrow when necessity speaks - can our love endure except through sacrifices, through not demanding everything from one another; can you change the fact that you are not wholly mine, I not wholly thine - Oh God, look out into the beauties of nature and comfort your heart with that which must be - Love demands everything and that very justly - thus it is to me with you, and to your with me. But you forget so easily that I must live for me and for you; if we were wholly united you would feel the pain of it as little as I - My journey was a fearful one; I did not reach here until 4 o'clock yesterday morning. Lacking horses the post-coach chose another route, but what an awful one; at the stage before the last I was warn
Child Abuse
Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one was around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endure A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear and softly cries She loves her parents But they want her to die She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking?" Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She trusted the blade R
The App
NAME: FUBAR NAME: AGE: SEXUAL ORIENTATION: THREE THINGS YOU THINK MAKE YOU A REAL WOMAN: 1) 2) 3) Now in as many words as you can PLease Describe to me how you think a man should be treated and what you yourself look for in a man! Male all answers to me and ill talk to those that seem to cover a majority in what im looking for PLEASE NO RELATIONSHIPS BAGGAGE DRAMAM OR AN EX YOU THINK YOU MAY RUN BACK TO IM NOT ONE FOR GAMES
More Rejected Letters Lol
Rejected Letters to Penthouse Forum Ed Murray Dearest Penthouse, I place the shaft my penis within the warm, lubricated, connubial confines of a latex mouth each night before I lay my weary head upon my pillow. I know exactly what it is you are thinking: Ah yes, another romantic tale of some shabby, heartbroken student who falls in love with a hardened latex mouth with a heart of gold. I know its a flaccid tale, beaten to death by both O. Henry and whoever writes those cunningly charming Jimmy Fallon films, but bear with me for a moment, because you shall see the err of your judgments; for this latex mouth of mine is a very special latex mouth. In the seedier corners of Berlins decadent opium dens, I have heard these instruments of passion crudely referred to as fleshlights or the overly vulgar term pocket-pussy. Such trashy names are for men with no sexual discernment, no class, for base beasts who shall never rise above the simple act of beating the shit out of t
Morph Pics
Wait, What?
Master Sex IQ TestA True MasterYou know your anatomy and how to reach the highest levels of ecstasy. The opposite sex quivers at the sound of your voice. Go get some!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Before Anyone Asks.
my status is a song lyric. though i guarantee everyone that's going to ask me anyway isn't going to read this! hahahahahaha
Dark Love
I stand in the rain, I watch you I touch the window pane I see your dreams, I feel your pain, my emotions run cold through this window I entered in to your very soul I see you there you chest moves up and down I see you breathing I see visions of me in you dreams, and it hurts me to see you weeping I wipe the tears , as I slip my lips over yours, and steal you last breath away I want you to remain with me, I am alone in the dark, I want you to stay You are all the goodness that I always wanted, for you to be mine now im walking the world of limbo, and I'm running out of time I will take you with me into darkness, in to the unknown, I beg you to come with me willingly, this hell will become our home I see you are frightened, afraid of your own fears I see you body tremble, as you beautiful eyes fill with tears Please spend eternity with me by my side I will be pure and true to you, nothing I will hide please don't be afraid, I promise you, you wont be alone
Okay. I'm Officially Happy Again.
I heard from Ruby. She's okay. =] I'm not having a sad anymore. So... with that being said, what's everyone up to? Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low
Never Do This....
Choices..the Razorwire Tightrope
I like it here. That special place that makes a person feel a live. That state of being on the edge of every thing. It’s like tight rope walking on razor wire across the Himalayas. Invigorating, Dangerous. Worrisome. Painful. Exhilarating. And most of all Alive. I have been walking that tightrope for a long time. It wears on you. The most amazing and perhaps amusing thing is it is an addiction. Most people back away from it for fear or safety. Other stay back not because they don't like it, just because they simply can't handle it. It's too much to juggle everything else when something places you on the edge. The problem with being on the Edge for any reason is most of the time it seems as though there is nothing you can do to control your situation. It then comes down to the only choices we have ever had in life. Accept it or do not accept it. In Short Step up or Step aside, as Mr. Titus put it. Step up or step aside. Accept it or refuse to. These are the only choices we
Truck Drivers
Truck Driver Appreciation Week Whereas, Professional truck drivers deliver goods to every home, community, school and business in America, traveling more than 170 billion miles and delivering 6.5 billion tons of freight each year; and, Whereas, Professional truck drivers have been honored as among the safest drivers on our highways, and many have received awards for extraordinary acts of heroism and bravery for saving fellow motorists from injury or death; and, Whereas, Americas professional truck drivers are hard-working men and women who serve communities, schools and businesses of the United States with dedication and pride; and, Whereas, The week of August 22, 2004, has been designated as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in honor of these men and women, numbering over 3 million people, for their outstanding contributions to our nations economic strength and viability; and now therefore be it,
i see a lot of people in my SB. i'm mobile right now so i can't shout. not ignoring anyone, send me a private message for now plz. =]
Fubar Rules
Enya-may It Be
What Do The Contents Of Your Refrigerator Say About You?
What Your Fridge Says About You You like to be surrounded by things you love. You aren't exactly greedy, but you can be materialistic at times. You tend to be a fairly thrifty person. You splurge occasionally, but you're mostly a saver. You don't tend to be a very adventurous person, but you do surprise everyone now and then. You have a bit of a wild side. You try to be responsible, but you don't always succeed. Your heart is in the right place though. You are likely to be married - and very busy. What Do the Contents of Your Refrigerator Say About You?
New Blog..."sexuality"
I have a new blog titled "Sexuality" with sum cool stuff in it. It is NSFW so it wont show up on my profile, please read the entries and rate it. Thanks for the love from my friends and family. Oh, you can leave comments on them as well...I love comments.

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