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My Heart Pulsates
The lights start moving but we keep stillEven without you moving your looks could killIn my arms I imagine you hereI tell myself there's nothing to fearEven as you stand there motionlessI find myself staring in a tranceOver odds, I come over to where you standBaby won't you come and take my handMusic blares, you stand next to meMy heart pulsates vigorouslyMy hand you take ever so suprisinglyEyes lit up ever so widelyThe lights keep moving but we keep stillHolding you so gives me a thrillIn these arms you stand hereFeelings without worries nor fearEven as you stand there motionlessI find myself in your benevolenceOver odds, I'm here where you standBaby, I never want this to endMusic blares, you stand next to meMy heart pulsates vigorouslyI kiss your lips ever so surprisinglyA moment ever so divinely
How Did This Happen?
Do any of you have teenage daughters?  Mine will be 18 in November.  My baby girl.  I am a nosey mother but have ignored most things until now.  My little tiny baby girl has a boyfriend.  Why is it that I can not stand this boy? Why every time I hear her speak his name, or know its him on the phone I want to punch babies?  Is it normal?  Is anyone going to be "good enough"??? I don't like my sons girlfriend either.  The said boyfriend and girlfriend are brother and sister that lived across the street from us when we lived in Oregon several years ago.  They must have followed us to Arizona, because here they fucken are!   I told my son not to date her because they were child hood friends and that would ruin their friendship.  They didn't listen to me.  And then here comes her brother sniffing around my house for my daughter.  Get the hell back!  Ugh,  am I just being a normal mother who doesn't want her kids to grow up and move on or??? I know they are growing up, and they will event
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Someone's Been Using The N Word ....
Greetings Neighbors:   When I used that word, 'neighbors', I sincerely mean it.  We all are living here on the planet so , I always consider myself a neighbor, a fellow human being.  Simply put, I try to treat people with the respect I wish to receive.  I realize I can be an irritating lifeform, but, it is just better to live and let live.  Yet, what am I to think of someone who uses the word, 'nigga'?  As a person of African decent, I can claim that I am being victimize when that term is uttered.  I could get angry and immediately try to correct the person in hopes making that one understand how that word makes me feel.  Yet, wait a minute.  It's just a word.  Words can hit like fist when used in brutality.  Then again, words are only as strong as the value or power one puts behind them. I was sitting in a chat session thinking we were having a good time until one of the  users spewed out that accursed phrase and instantly angered a fellow brother in the room.  The two started
The feeling of loneliness to know true loneliness one must no what it is like to be either depressed or to physically  alone. it is the emptiness which come from the desire to be wanted or that some one needs you , even the lack of company doesnt mean you are lonely , u can be in a room full of people that u know and still be lonely for it is not how many people you are around it is the fact that you have no one that u want or the fact that no one needs you . this is the filling of loneliness that i will feel forever even when i die
If You're Not In Love With A Soldier...
If you're not in love with a soldier, you don't know adventure.  You don't know smelly grey PT uniforms that require daily washing.  You can't understand green and brown camouflage bags flooding the bedroom floor.  If you're not in love with a soldier, you can't understand the meaning of the phrase "going to the field" and the weeks you spend away from each other.  If you're not in love with a soldier, you can never imagine the hole in your heart when that phone call comes:  "Honey, I am leaving to go overseas. I don't know how long I will be gone or exactly where I'm going, but I want you to know that I love you-always!".  If you're not in love with a soldier, you don't kow what it's like to say that final good-bye.  You don't know what it really means to be glued to the television.  You don't understand fear and you can't possibly understand the sleepless nights of endless crying, wondering if you will ever see the love of your life alive again.  If you're not in love with a so
Just A Fantasy.. (very Nsfw)
We start off in a small bar having a couple of drinks and we are totally being obvious about our flirting. I have a nice pair of jeans on with a black sports jacket on and you have a short black dress on that shows off your nice ass and it's low-cut to show off your cleavage. You are teasing me by backing up into my lap and rubbing your ass against my cock. You take my hand and slide it up underneath the backside of your skirt and I feel you have a tiny thong on that feels lacy and feels like it has little tassels hanging off of it. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and while your gone this hot guy comes up to me and starts talking to me telling me how good you look especially how you're flirting with me. He says its totally obvious what your doing and he says its the hottest thing he has seen in a long while. You come back and ask me who my new friend is and I introduce him to you. We can all tell that there is a major attraction going on between all of us. He suggests that we
The Man Inside
i know you better than you know yourself ive rode the currents of your moods you pull me close  push me back you want my love  my respect but to hide your true thoughts from me  is a stab to me  call me your friend  your love  whatever you want  as long as its safe  be that man inside who tells the world  i lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove her be the one who isnt afraid of life the man who can stand at my side id take an arrow to my heart  die a warrior then lie down and be a coward you keep me around for one reason i burn with an intensity  you want to that so much  but the man i know  would not bow to others  he spoke to me with passionate words of poems  songs of love  only to break my heart now 
Marie Laveau's House Of Voodoo
Hello all, there are several great shops Ii suggest to ypu to shop while in town but these are not where I meet my tours. My tours are reservation only and can meet privatly at  your special loation and time OR you could resevre and join my exclusive open tours which meet in mid-city at 4905 Canal street at the Beachcorner bar  for New Orleans Only Evening Cemetery Tour— The Haunted Moonlight Graveyard tour at twilght time, the Magical Mystery Tour day till dusk, and Cities of the Dead Tour OR the Voodoo Cemetery tour at 12pm and the Tour of the Undead tour at 8:30pm meets at Jean Lafittes Blacksmith Shop Bar at 941 Bourbon Street. Call 504-915-7774 for reservations on book on line from tour page for discounts! Tap into the link below to see some of Bloody Mary's Tours and Voodoo Work! See Bloody Mary and hear an eerie EVPon AOL's The Smart Show! Visit Marie Laveaus Hpuse on my Voodoo Cemetery tour but visit marie Laveau's House of Voodoo shop while you are in town. It is file
Newspaper Headline Typos
Newspaper Headline Typos
Where I Am
Hi everybody! I've been out of touch for the past week or so because I have been moving around alot. Right now I'm not in Trashcanistan. I am in Kuwait (it looks like a giant ashtray here) for a food service symposium and then when that is through I'll be trying to get a flight back to the good old USA for a couple of weeks before I go back to the land of very shakey goats. Getting on the internet has been impossible for me so don't take my absence personally. It's really hot here so stay cool for me, ok.
In Your Eyes
In Your eyes In your eyes I see brightness In your eyes I see greatness Behind them lies mystery, with so much history You have never felt love and neither have I The only thing I wish for is a kiss from you before I die In your eyes I see passion with so much compassion In your eyes I see truth In your eyes I see love In your eyes I see weakness In your eyes I see my companion In your eyes I see I will never be abandoned But in my eyes you see none of that So what I see in yours will never ever matter Written by Alexis 01/18/09
Allow Your Own Inner Light To Guide You
Allow Your Own Inner Light to Guide You There comes a time when you must stand alone.You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.You must be willing to make sacrifices.You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by.Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.
The Awakening By: Miss Savannah
He slowly awakes and hears her breathing deeply as they lie next to each other. He turns his head and realizes she is still sleeping. She is lying on her back, legs slightly apart; her right hand nestled under her breast, the other on her hip. He gently moves down the bed and ever so lightly begins to kiss her bare hip, working his way down her leg to mid-thigh then back up again.He continues moving his body, touching her ever so lightly so she can become accustomed to his caresses. He gently moves her legs apart as he settles in between them, slowly lowering his face into the "V" of her legs. He feels the heat emanating from her and grins to himself as he smells her womanhood. Her breathing is deep, a sure sign she is still sleeping. He slowly moves his head closer, sticking his tongue out as he gets the first taste of her for the day. She hasn't tasted better.He slowly works his tongue all over her pussy, never penetrating the folds of her lips. He wants her to get used to his tongue
Lady Gaga - Love Games
Let's have some fun, this beat is sickI wanna take a ride on your disco stickLet's have some fun, this beat is sickI wanna take a ride on your disco stickI wanna kiss youBut if I do then I might miss you, babeIt's complicated and stupidGot my ass squeezed by sexy cupidGuess he wants to play, wants to playI love game, I love gameHold me and love meJust want touch you for a minuteBaby three seconds is in it for my heart to quit itLet's have some fun, this beat is sickI wanna take a ride on your disco stickDon't think too much, just bust that thickI wanna take a ride on your disco stickLet's play a love game, play a love gameDo you want love, or you want fameare you in the game?Through the love gameLet's play a love game, play a love gameDo you want love, or you want fameAre you in the game?through the love gameI'm on a mission and it involves some heavy touching, yeahYou've indicated your interest, I'm educated in sex, yesand now I want it bad, want it badI love game, I love gameHold me
Chapter 28: The Hunt (r)
September 12th That evening found the four teen Death Eaters in detention, the first day of a month's worth imposed by McGonagall and backed up by Slughorn.  Harry and the Weasleys took advantage of the time away from prying eyes to scour Dumbledore's library.  Surprisingly, McGonagall joined them. "The revelation that I am the last in the line of Rowena Ravenclaw has made me want to figure out how that could be," she told them, as she pulled out some genealogy books.  "I think that I might find something that could help you along the way." Harry welcomed the help.  He was still swamped in grading papers, even with Lupin and Spout helping, and that took time away from research on the Horcruxes, not to mention quality time with his wife.  Ginny was in charge of the Hospital Wing that night, giving Madam Pomfrey a night off, which was a luxury for her during the school year.  It was a light night for her, with only a third-year in the Wing with her ears being restored after a run-in w
It seems the word is not getting out for the Paitnings for the Fallen. Should I try for the spotlight ? Because this is important to me.
It Hurts, But It Sure Feels Good
injuries are not uncommon in my line of work, but when it happens, it takes a hell of a lot of time to sink it all in...and then after all the pain goes away, you look back on it, realize you lived through it, and you come out of it a stronger person.. some would even say that about almost anything in life..some of you within the reading range of my blog might be going through hell, but I'm here to tell you that you will will make it. and then you can say to yourself, "Hey This Hurts, But It Sure Feels Good"
Kt Tunstall="black Horse And The Cherry Tree"
Imagine People Sharing Ideas To Develop Opportunities.
Imagine a world of sharing ideas that collaborate grow for individuals and small groups of people to prosper. Review the web site I am building and give me feedback. and the model that inspired me to develop and link to them. Shortly i will be visiting my fellow teacher in Toronto to review how we could share ideas.
when you have nothing everything seems dule...boreing...depressing sitting in the dark by yourself thinking about what you could of had or done if all that time wouldn't of been waisted on that person all that time that you could of been out with your friends you stayed with that person and all for nothing i don't get it what compells a person to blow everything off for love when they know that love isn't real i'm of course talking about myself and my baby's momma but it can relate to alot of ppl why can some ppl find that special person right away with no heart break but others like me have to go through heart break after heart break after heart break untill they give up give up on life and everything...well i give up...
Haha Makes You Think :) Xxxxx
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Jongleurs Glasgow
  There is always one cunt in the room, and last night Mr Cunt was from a large group of workers from HML in Glasgow. He displayed all the characteristics of an angry rapist shouting stuff out like “Shut up you’re just a women” and ended up being disowned by his own company and thrown out where he started a fight in the street and ended up being arrested. I wonder if he still has a job on Monday? I can’t imagine his boss sitting there watching that kind of behaviour and letting him near women in public after that display.He shouted, and did that amazing thing with both hands cupped round his useless gob and hurled abuse when I spoke. The room stared at him. I gave him my usual 3 strikes and your out rule, then eventually pointed the magic finger and got him removed. What is it about a man who hears the words “Stop shouting or you will get thrown out” ignores the warning and carries on yelling shit? The audience HATED him and were shouting to me &l
Keeping My Patience
                K.eeping M.y P.atience   I sat back for far too long filled with hesistancy and trepidation, a spectator on a battlefield in a world gone wrong whom held caring and consideration. silent and patiently I viewed those around me fall and still I remained focused, not getting caught up,sucked up in it all The need to intercede felt hopeless.  It could've been simple to continue to watch the fall of the unprotected, but my patience and non judgementalism, that once directed and controlled my anger and had, allowed analysim, had now become affected So now I'm fighting not only on the
Someone I Used To Know
I see her walking with him She used to be mine She's still beautiful After all this time In a way I want to say hi But instead I walk on by I don't say anything It's best just to go After all She's just someone I used to know   I see you out On the sidewalk downtown Your blackened teeth Hidden by a frown The drugs have wasted Away your flesh Your sunken eyes look Like they're staring at death You took to the needle When you couldn't get enough from the blow I just turn my eyes away From someone I used to know   The memories and faces Plague my dreams Like the beating of a thousand Apocalyptic locusts' wings The voices and laughter The "I love you"s They threaten what sanity I have left to lose I run to the sink and Over my face, let the cold water flow And look up at the mirror At someone I used to know    
Another Old Post.....
UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.............................. Current mood:  lonely Category: Writing and Poetry 'THE WHENS AND WHYS' I whisper my needsto your ear on the line.In the dusk of the dayI can dream you are mine. I can imagine you held mewith your warmest embrace.I can envision that smileear to ear 'cross your face. Eyes lit up brightlike too stars in the sky.In the silence all we haveare the when's and the why's. 'When' will my heatfind the body that's yours?'Why' so many obstaclesand all of these doors? 'When' will you love mewithout fear without doubt?'Why' do your whispersinside feel like shouts? 'When' will you need melike I've needed you?'Why' can't you seeall the things that you do? 'When' will i get pastthis emotional wall?'Why' must I bendtill i break down and fall? 'When' will this verserun deep in your heart?'Why' do you keep stoppingall of our starts? 'when' will your angerdecide to subside?'why' must my weaknessfeel subjected
Hmm, Interesting
I have been tryin to achieve a status of "that hated cunt" for a while, and alas! My prayers have been answered!   however, I dont understand one thing:   why do people waste their time pretending to be my friends, when they dislike me?? Its not like they will get laid, or have me send them any pics. I just really wonder. I cant be THAT intriguing and interesting for people to spend their precious time idlessly chatting with me and trying to get the info out of me. Esp since I post a lot of public blogs, and nothing about me is really a secret.   just wondering
Lion Tamer Applicants
A circus owner runs an ad for a lion tamer and two people show up. One is a good looking, older retired golfer in his late sixties and the other is a gorgeous blonde in her mid-twenties. The circus owner tells them, "I'm not going to sugar coat it - This is one ferocious lion! He ate my last tamer so you two had better be good or you're history. Here's your equipment -- chair, whip and a gun. Who wants to try out first?" The girl says, "I'll go first." She walks past the chair, the whip and the gun and steps right into the lion's cage. The lion starts to snarl and pant and begins to charge her. About half way there, she throws open her coat revealing her beautiful naked body. The lion stops dead in his tracks, sheepishly crawls up to her and starts licking her feet and ankles. He continues to lick and kiss her entire body for several minutes and then rests his head at her feet. The circus owner's jaw is on the floor. He says, "I've never seen a display like that in my life." He t
You Are~*~ Written For My Husband~*~
That Me.............hope U Like It
looking in your eyes I can see myself the person I have become by being with you,I can feel the cold and bitterness that releases from inside youthe hatered that fills your heart....I know now that the person I once was is no longer thereyou've filled my heart with fear and disappointment,but I now know it was all my fault for the way I am todayI let you tare me down till there was nothing left to give,you used me and beat me... and looking at all of that now I know your not worth itIm moving on to something better leaving you behind cause I can no longer going to look into yours eyes and live that lie
How To Get Back At An Annoying Passenger
What to do in a flight  or subway when you have an annoying passenger sitting next to you ....   1. Remove your laptop from the briefcase;  2. Open the laptop slowly and carefully: 3. Turn it on, as well as the sound; 4. Make sure that the passenger next to you is looking;  5. Access the Internet; 6. Close your eyes for a few moments, open again and look up to heaven: 7. Take a deep breath and open the site: 8. Observe the facial expression of the passenger seating next to you.
Forplay Befor Love!
I'm looken for love but think a little chatting first is mostly necessary first but not always. would any one like to chat?
insouciant\in-SOO-see-uhnt; Fr. an-soo-SYAHN\ , adjective:1.Marked by lighthearted unconcern or indifference; carefree; nonchalant.
A Little Update For My Dear Friends...
Stopping in to say hello to everyone & tell you how much I miss you all! My heart is so touched, my dear & wonderful family of friends.  I really appreciate all the love, caring, concern, support, thoughts & prayers from each & everyone of you. I want to let you know my brother in law is well on the road to a full recovery.  He is awake now & there are no signs of brain damage, thank God.  He is still healing & having physical therapy for his bodily injuries with hopes of coming home soon.  It has been a long journey for him & all of us but life is getting back to normal again. I am so grateful for all of you & just want you to know how very much it means to have you in my life & especially in my heart. I hope everyone is doing good & I look forward to being here with you again soon. Heartfelt hugs & love from my heart to yours ~ Loey  
cheap host review Royal Pains
War On Love ( Orignal By Kitty)
I feel this blood trailing down my chesthoping my soul will be laid to restfighting to the end to win this wartrying to remember what this life is forthe hole in my chest just wont closeno apologies needed, no sympathy rosei will beat down these demons that stand in my waymy mind is doing backflips..not sure what to sayyou're so far out of sightit gets so hard to fighti know that i'll keep goingif im sure i'll continue knowingThat you love me, you'll bleedNot for battle or for greedbut for me, no matter the painno matter your gainjust to know your by my sideFighting through the rain and the firethat im your one desireI know i ask a lot but my heart is all i've gotand its right here for you nowcome take it if you know howthis is my only tokenits damaged and its broken but its all i have to givei will die and i will livebut now its up to youmy heart forever true..just take this pain awaycuz now i have come to sayI love you
Tears .....
Each drop of tears are more costly then Anything in the world ,but everyone cannot know the value ,Until they view tears in there  own eyes for someone.....
James Bovard
"Liberty is a political firewall that limits the damage government can do to the individual." -- James Bovard
Thomas Jefferson To Francis Gilmer, 1816.
"No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." -- Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer, 1816.
Thomas Jefferson To Uriah Forrest, 1787. Papers, 12:477.
"I have a right to nothing which another has a right to take away." -- Thomas Jefferson to Uriah Forrest, 1787. Papers, 12:477.
Samuel Adams, Founding Father And Leader Of The Boston Tea Party
"Now what liberty can there be where property is taken without consent??" -- Samuel Adams
John Adams
"Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist." -- John Adams
Glenn Woiceshyn
"Rather than allow political power lusters to destroy the remnants of individual rights that still protect us, we should be eternally vigilant in protecting and restoring our inalienable rights." -- Glenn Woiceshyn
Every girls wants a man that she can go to in her sweat, hair a mess, make- up running down her face, eyes red from crying and the first thing he says to her is "Baby your beautiful," and means it!!
Who's Masturbating Most? One of the curious things about sexual behaviour is that it correlates - in frequency, variety, etc. - with social class. Kinsey found that masturbation was more common in educated classes than in those groups concerned with unskilled or manual labour. Of all classes the professional groups masturbate most. Masturbation: Highest Frequency According to the Kinsey Institute, maximum masturbation rates were to be found in children under the age of fifteen. For this age group the maximum frequency of masturbation was in excess of twenty-three times a week. Some females surveyed had experienced orgasm from this source as many as thirty or more times in a week. Some energetic females had masturbated to orgasm as many as one hundred times in a single hour!
Enjoy The Silence
(by Depeche mode) words like violence break the silence come crashing in, into my little world painful to me, pierce right through me cant you understand, oh my little girl   all I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm   Vows are spoken to be broken feelings are intense, words are trivial pleasures remain, so does the pain words are meaningless and forgettable   all I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm   enjoy the silence
For Loves Sake
You are the air that I breath The first breath that I take when I wakeFor loves sake I wont hesitate Take your heart and hold tight Cherish your presence with every sight For loves sake for loves sakeI will embrace your essence the very soul of youNever a question if my love is trueFor loves sake I wont brakeI give you the light in me All that I am all that  I will be  For all the world to see For loves sake I wake I give you all I haveYou are all I need In your heart let me plant loves seed For love sake I waitI will never equivocate The soul of me I let love saturate  For your loves sake I live Not....
  Relationship is not finding gold or silver among the rocks  of life...... It is about accepting each other as coal till diamaond are formed with time.....
Assistance With A Magazine & Website Please Read
How many of you are sick of the women’s magazine, the web sites, and the fashion shows that only have women who look anorexic? Who would like to see a magazine, website and fashion shows with real women? Speaking of fashion shows, how many are sick of seeing clothes no one would wear, you wouldn't even dress up an ugly dog in their clothes, why not feature clothing that's affordable to wear and stuff real women wear? Feature everything from stuff you would buy at Wal-Mart to stores like maybe Sears, JC Penny's and H&M.I want something for everyone, from 18 - 500 years old. I don't want to use just professional models, but real live women of all shapes, sizes, colors and cultures.  We will have articles & advice from real women for real women. Health & beauty tips, eating healthy, exercise, parenting, life, dating & relationship help and advice. We will have fashion shows with real everyday women as our models. And not just shows in NY, Paris, London and Milan, but everywhere, acr
Ic 1396
Thanks To You - For My Ex
Sitting here trying to figure out , how you can be so cold, and what you are all about. I can't believe I thought you were my life, now looking back I think how could I have been right? But I have to thank you for if I was not so broken-hearted, I wouldn't have learned of the new love that was started. You messed up my life, and also my mind, promises made and broken, weren't you so kind. Now sitting here, it's my darkest hour, what I have gotten is so much power. I thought I would be lost and alone, now I have someone who my heart calls home. I think of you at times and it makes me sick, your very essence is like a candle with no wick. You have to learn how to deal with the pain, even if you think it will make you go insane. To learn to love again and learn to cherish , what you had before sometimes has to perish . Love is a danger, love comes to you as a stranger. It will bring you up, it will bring you down, its like your very wish, only one not to come true. It will tear yo
I Need Help From The Ladies
There's a woman on here,goes by the Fu screen name of *MyTeddies2000*,who doesn't know me from a hole in the wall,but takes it upon herself to send me a shout that quite rude. Now if the tables were reversed,and I did that to her,we ALL know how this stupid old bitch would get! The help I need from all my wonderful ladies is this....She said"Im a woman,and I dont want your cock"..which I just didn't feel there's any call saying,especially since she DOESN'T know me!! So can I ask ALL my beautiful ladies to go and tell her how silly she is to say this to the one and only SER!The women who I associate with all know how awesomely cool I can you all tell her this?I'd do it myself,but SHE blocked me. You know I love all my women,and I'd appreciate this sooooo much.If you can help me out,simply send me a message with "I'll help you,SER"...I would soooo appreciate it. AND,ONE more item of business...I'm making pictures for women who actually want one from me.If you want one,come b
Emotions (or The Lack Of Them) And How They Can Get You Into Trouble
most people would say that men arent ones that readily show emotions-- or that they show only two: Anger and Depression.  I'ld like to think that I'm the exception.  I try not to get overly carried away when expressing how I feel to those that I love and care for, but sometimes I get so over anxious it all comes out wrong and things get misunderstood.  I believe that its a great thing to have emotions, because it allows people around you, in cluding those you care about and love, to see that you truly care and are paying attention to their needs and wants.   Lack of emotionsof any kind can make a person seem callous, cold, and uncaring..I've experienced that first hand.  and I've seen that in my own family as well.    but to those I love and care for, I promise that I wont ever ocme across as a cold asshole, or an overly obssessed have my word. Glenn
Hide My Pain
Hide My PainIn your arms I lie at night,As the time counts down beforeIt is time for you to leave me.I have known for months thatThat day would come and insideMy mind I prepared myself, butMy heart kept pushing it away...Avoiding the inevitable...So with almost no time left,The pain wells up inside ofMe so bad that it goes beyondMere heartbreak...Holding back the tears, as I lie inYour arms at night, turning away,Hoping you wont catch me crying...You can never know what it is I feel-It would do no good to tell you becauseIt would not change how things are orHow things will be...And yet it is I find myself saying"I love you" under my breath, Almost constantly...And to slip and allow these tearsTo be freed would only deny me theRemaining time I have left, as youWould feel uneasy, and slip awayBefore it is time...It will get worse before it will getBetter, but with what I know and whatI have known, I cannot see beyond the Pain that lingers in my heart, and I am left wondering, will I ever
Object Of Desire, Or Subject Of Life
What is wrong with men these days?  Now I know I am a man and the woman are saying WTF Chris, but seriously here is my question to everyone: I'm not the worlds most amazing guy, nor am I the best looking Hollywood type.  I think of myself as an ordinary guy with ordinary virtue and sensibilities.  I was raised to treat women with dignity and respect but I often wonder what is wrong with other men? Why is it instead of someone saying hello to a woman on here and just trying to get to know them as a person, they instantly whip out dick pictures and nasty talk. Why can't a woman put a simple status message without getting bombarded by the most retarded, unoriginal, unthoughtful banter guys can think of.  Sure there are some beautiful women out there on FUBAR, but WTF guys why you have to treat them like objects. The Rub:  If you treat something as an object you do not respect it as if it is something of value.  Put simply if you own something you may treat it good for awhile and resp
10:48 And All Is Well...
the craziest things in life happen when you least expect them to.  That's one of many realities that I've come to accept.  it's even safe to say that love finds you when you least expect it (as it has found me...and I'm taking things slow with her because she's precious and kind and very feisty yet with a heart of gold...and yes, loverface I'm referring to you). I look around and read the newspaper and everything just seems to be pointing in the opposite direction-- lost jobs, shrinking pocketbooks, economy in the toilet, all these negative variables seem to matter more to people now a day than the positive things.  We're also so wrapped up in looking for the big things in life, rather than appreciating the little things that should matter the most.  For example, after my team and I retrieved a suspect for failure to appear in court for her assault charges, I had the rare moment of solitude.  And it had just stopped raining (it rains quite a bit here in WA, but not all the time) and
Chucky's Chant Version1
Ade due damballa. Give me the power I beg of you.Secoise entienne mais pois de morte.Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette.Endonline pour de boisette damballa!Secoise entienne mais pois de morte.Endelieu pour de boisette damballa! (x4)
Good Morning!
My List of Things To Do Today: 1.  Mind my manners. 2.  Keep my sarcastic comments to a minimum. 3.  Try really, really hard not to say "Fu*k off" to anyone. 4.  Try to be the best friend I can be. 5.  Do not let men walk on me or take advantage of me. 6.  If they do, disregard #3 and follow up with a roundhouse right. 7.  Walk away, brush it off, and refer back to #1.
Fri Sept.18 Mala,professionals,6blocc,dj G,dlx,magi. Lot 613
  FRI. SEPTEMBER 18TH P U R E __ F I L T H DUBSTEP presents BASSFACE More Bass in More Faces! featuring MALA (Digital Mystiks, DMZ UK) THE PROFESSIONALS (Pure Filth, L.A) 6 BLOCC (Pure Filth Audio, L.A) DJ G (NarcoHrtz, Pure Filth Audio, S.F) DLX (Pure Filth Audio, L.A) MAGI (Pure Filth, L.A) MC's JNEIRO JAREL & KEMST (Label Who, Pure Filth Soundsystem, L.A)
My Son Christian
I have 3 sons, to whom I adore even thou they tweek my nerves sometimes. Any how, my middle son chris, has been in my thought alot lately and I think back to the day he told me he was moving out. He was 16  years old and one of his buddies talked him into moving in with his family. You see, he hated were we lived, hell so did we but we couldnt afford to live any were else at the time.  We didnt have nice furniture etc. And come christmas time me and the hubby would do with out so the boys would have some nice stuff.  I tried to always put good food on the table. But being were we lived, was the main reason I guess.  It was like a little getto I guess.  Drugs, guns, violence, horrible place. I was always comming to my son's rescue, due to neighbour hood bullies. As he got older, he wanted what his friends had,  and I cant blame him,  I wanted a better life for my family to. It broke my heart and I cried for days, I felt like a failure and I still do to this day. And he reminds
My Profile
my profile
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Clubpenguin Cheats
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Why Can't People Listen?
Just once it would be nice if someone listened to something I say. I input any checks received into our invoice software before it goes to the office manager to be put in our account. I specifically sent an email saying NOT to hold the checks until I came back but to make a copy of them with a note on when they came in. Rather pointless to hold checks for a week until I come back. So what happens? They're fucking held a week!
Fuckin Fuck
Today I had to go to the doc same ole same ole..but today was the day I had to sign my pain management contract...and upon doing it am forced to feellike a dirty fucking junkie. h i also have to submit to random drug That is about as retarded as it gets.   went to a chinese buffet for dinner and wow...why do people think I wanna hear their fucking kids scream the whole time.   I get to have another plug biopsy done on my lymph nodes..yay good times. Guess I am done bitching I just wanna break so bad
Can't Face Criticisum When It Is Dealt Back To Them
Awwwwwwww the butt hurt peeps I dealt with this morning in fu land. I was looking through the mumm's today and came across one that caught my eye.  Not so much the context of the mum but the rude ass remarks she was givin. First off , she had alot of balls posting it, and should have knowen she was not gonna get some not so favour-able remarks. Sooooooooo with out pointing fingers, I gave her my comment.  I was polite and simply said. I can understand were you are comming from and I am sure the decision wasn't easy to make. However when you feed into the dramma, you give them what they want. Take a deep breath and ignore them.  That is all I said.  I looked and got a snoot full of respondses,  did I answer?  Hellllllllllllllllllll no. I DONT FEED INTO THE DRAMMA QUEEN sector of FU!!!!!! So I guess by the numerous of replys, I struck again a nerve!! Well to bad,  if you can dish it, should be able to take it as well.  I didnt say names nor did I center any one out. So if the
Just a few words and the person I am talking about will know who he is. If you wanna play like you are my friend...after all f the talks we have had...yet go behind my back to another of your friends and run your fucking mouth,,,,linkt them to my shit to keep drama going....well fuck you I am sure you have no problem removing yourself from my list...take this chance to be a man and fucking do it so I dont have to
Window Seats
At the airport check-in counter, I overheard a woman ask for window seats for both herself and her husband. The clerk pointed out that this would prevent them from sitting together. "Sweetie," the woman replied, "I've just spent 10 days of quality time in a compact rental car with this man. I know what I'm requesting!" 
This is my fav part of the song: *Gonna pack my bags & never look back, run a parallel line w/the railroad tracks & make my getaway. I'll put the pedal 2 the metal as the sun goes down, leave everybody sleepin N this sleepy town 2night & @ the break of day I'll be a runaway!*
Hustler's Prayer
Our father who art in heavenShallow be this gameYet and still I remainIn it to win itSuccess or fameIts all the sameA TRAPI know that I've done wrongSo I pray for forgivenessHopin heaven has a place for meGrandma use to sayBelieve in him and he will set you freeSo I pray everydayMake me a better womanCome up with a better planTo make It out this gameBut until thenI pray on my enemies so I pray for my enemies
New Multi Uploader Single Uploader Help
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG*****   I have been getting complaints about the multi uploader either not working or taking too long There are some other random complaints, but these seem to be the most consistent. Try the following. 1. Update your Java on your computer. Java Download Updates 2. Dump all cache, cookies and temp files and restart your computer. 3. If you are still having problems, it is most likely your browser.   * AOL users - throw your computer out the window   * FireFox users - download the latest browser FireFox Personal   * IE users - download the latest IE updated browser Internet Explorer   * Safari users - Safari Browser   * Opera users - Opera Browser 4. Once you have the new browser downloaded. Uninstall your current browser. 5. Restart your computer and Install the new browser ***This should solve most of your problems. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. IF you think you browser Is taking too long to upload multiple photos or if your browser se
Guess Who?
Life: Exactly As Planned
Woman 1: If you could change 1 thing in your life what would it be? Woman 2: You mean other than the fact I didn't marry Steve and move to Paris and instead I married Ron and moved to south Jersey... Woman 1: Yea. Woman 2: And I didn't pursue my painting that everyone told me was special and instead had 3 kids in 5 years and became a stay-at-home mom who works part-time at the clothing store? Woman 1: Yea. Woman 2: Nothing. (both women laugh) -- Overheard in: Park, Ocean Cty NJ --
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Skillet- Falling Inside The Black
Tonight I'm so alone This sorrow takes ahold Don't leave me here so cold (Never want to be so cold) Your touch used to be so kind Your touch used to give me life I've waited all this time, I've wasted so much time Don't leave me alone Cause I barely see at all Don't leave me alone, I'm... [Chorus:] Falling in the black Slipping through the cracks Falling to the depths can I ever go back Dreaming of the way it used to be Can you hear me? Falling in the black Slipping through the cracks, Falling to the depths can I ever go back Falling inside the black Falling inside, Falling inside... The black You were my source of strength I've traded everything That I love for this one thing (Stranded in the offering) Don't leave me here like this Can't hear me scream from the abyss And now I wish for you my desire Don't leave me alone cause I barely see at all Don't leave me alone, Im... Falling in the black Slipping through the cracks Falling to the depths can
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Wanna Learn Engllish?
Even Numbers
you know what I am gonna say...................admit it   common........ya'll conspiring against me now ......leaving me hanging on an odd fukkin number   dig it
Help Me Scare My Kids
Instead of the usual Halloween treats. I have desided that it would be more fun to keep the kids home and watch scary movies on Halloween. I figure I could just buy candy. But up until Halloween I have decided it would be fun to watch 1 scary movie a night. Thing is I am not sure what the scariest movies out there are. I know 'Arachnophobia'  Is one I am going to use not because its so scary. But cause my eldest is scared of spiders lol. Any suggestions ????
Where Do You Think Best?
You Think Best in Your Bedroom In order to be able to think, you need to feel like you have some privacy and space. It's likely that you spent a lot of time in your bedroom while you were growing up. It's your sanctuary. You need a high level in control in your life, especially when you have something important to do. The best thing about your room is that it's exactly the way you like it. Having things the way you want allows you to relax and think. Where Do You Think Best? Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything
For An Angel (written By B.b.wolf) This Is A Song A Wrote A Long Time Ago I Still Like.
There was a time so long ago when heaven seeemed so far away.All I could do was watch from afar shedding crimson tears.Heaven is where my angel was, so close yet so far.In her pressence I couldnt speak my name, yet she loved me all the same.One touch of her finger tips brought fire to my lips. *Chours* Heaven's just a stones throw away, you can use a coin toss to pay.Heads or tails, right or wrong, my own personal angel inspired this song.She told me "lay your heavy heart to rest on my silken soft lips, and wait for Heaven like the rest."   I was trapt in a land of rising suns, each day feeling more undone.This place is always strife, and seemingly darker everystep I take.Dim street lights lighting a sad path further into life.Light comes in and fades out, im was giving into my pain and plight.Im silently slipping into "That good night." *Chours* Love is anything but forgiving, even when it causes my singing.Old wounds still stinging, her voice in my ears still ringing.For blades
To The Moon - E.v.e.
      Safety Boundaries Feelings Self-Esteem Communication Types of Abuse Conflict Resolution Assertiveness Responsibility Healthy Relationships Domestic Violence Within the Family   Those 11 topics are part of the counseling program at a domestic abuse shelter called E.V.E. - Ending Violence (and I do not know what the last E stands for but I will fling out a few possibilities Eternally, Eventually, Ekphrasis.) ((I have never heard the word Ekphrasis but apparently it could to refer to all the writing I do in blogs - as my words do represent a picture of my individual life and mind))... We all know that Jackie Gleason never punched out his wife on the Honeymooners - but was he instructing boys to become men that would threaten their wife with a punch when he said I SWEAR ONE OF THESE DAYS, ALICE - POW - RIGHT TO THE MOON!! - or was it just a humorous hook. Probably it was just a catchy phrase for a program that was one of the first to capture a new generation that had
Left Behind
Oh! Here! Take my hand! Let me dance within your blood and play throughout your veins. Taste your wilted hopes with every trickle down my throat. I beg you! Do not let me in the door!! Drink your inclination, rip apart your soul, devour all your confidence and feed upon you whole. I’ll gut you out to rot, an empty hole. Now… to fill you with the blackness of my kind, and ruin any chance of “left behind”.
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Snow (03.15.08)
The snow kept falling and falling. Large, shapeless snowflakes were slowly and steadily making their way to the ground, creating a see-through curtain and covering everything with a sheet of virginal white monochrome. The cold winter sky was blending in at the horizon with a sea of whiteness while looming over the land in a solid layer of metallic gray, completely void of impurities and discolorations, and preventing any futile attempts of sunlight to get through. The trees, which just a day ago were desperately extending their bare skeletal limbs to the sky in a silent plea for vital sunlight, were now comfortably hidden beneath soft, bulky snowcoats, standing in orderly rows along the sides of a snow covered alley. In a complete silence, with which this bustling city was very unfamiliar, the time seemed to have stopped in its tracks, eternally capturing the world in a moment of frozen wonderland. All imperfections-chunky dull gray pavement, bits of colorful litter strewn here and the
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      1) Did you fart?       cuz you blew me away.        2) Are yer parents retarded?       cuz ya sure are special.        3) My Love fer you is like diarrhea        I can't hold it in.        4) Do you have a library card?       cuz I'd like to sign you out        5) Is there a mirror in yer pants?       cuz I can see myself in em.                  6) If you was a tree & I was a Squirrel,       I'd store my nuts in yer hole.        7) You might not be the best lookin girl here,       but beauty's only a light switch away.        8) Man - 'Fat Penguin!'       Woman - 'WHAT?'       Man - 'I just wanted to say something that would break the ice.'        9) I know I'm not no Fred Flintstone,       but I bet I can make yer bed-rock.        10) I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him?       I think he went inta this cheap motel room.......        11) Yer eyes are as blue as window cleaner.        12) If yer gunna regret this in the mornin,       we kin sleep til afternoon.        
Sweetest Song
Sweetest SongLying here staring at the candle castin' o'sLooking at past confusions, thinkin' of future concernsAs I write this gift from the heart, the weight of my wordsFrozen in the moment by emotions so earnedCreation of black and white as I close my eyes to dreamFeel these tears come to my eyes for this feeling's so extremeWhy's it we have visions, brothers as it fellWith the ability to see so deep and to put aside our past of trailsTrue the words were never spoken, they're sacred words to youWith every touch becoming sweeter the search could well be throughSweetest song ever sung is a song that's sung for youGreatest dream ever dreamt is a dream that's dreamt of youAll of this is coming clearAll of this with no fearLike the only key to my minds cellRemove me from this living hellAll good echoes in my mind as my heart speaks to meTelling tales of euphoria and a truth of never beforeThough weary from past journeys, feel the change in timeAll of this can no longer remain insideBeyon
The Family Easter Eggs
So I heard from a reliable source, over a late night meal that came with some delicious toast, that testicles are somewhat less than aesthetically pleasing.  So, as a favor to said source, I painted my testicles to look like Easter eggs.  I didn't think that it would be very difficult, but let me tell you, its hard to dip in those little cups without knocking them over, and that little wire hanger that comes in the kit is very uncomfortable so I had to pad it, now it looks like half a set of pink handcuffs cupping my family jewels as they are lowered into the water that has been colored by that little tablet.  It was worth it though, now when I tear my pants off as though I were doing a strip tease, you will be greeted by a plethora of pastels with little zigzag lines through the middle, and they are surrounded by green grass.  I even put little bunny ears on the shaft just to complete the elusion.  Now its almost like having sex with the Cadbury bunny.  Then I convinced my buddy Ferna
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sommelier\suhm-uhl-YEY; Fr. saw-muh-LYEY\ , noun;1.A restaurant employee who orders and maintains the wines sold in the restaurant and usually has extensive knowledge about wine and food pairings
Randomness 101
The Mad Hatter, Asmodeus, Big Poppa...All these things i have been called, But never any less, Nor ironiclly any more. There ofcourse, Are people within my life, That mean very much to me. My Love, My brother, and several more, But I am an agent of Chaos, Thus This shall be a venture, within the mind, Of a truely and faithfully, MadMan. Have you taken the brief moment today, to view the magic taking place all around you, or have you passed it by, ignorant as ever. Have you taken the time, To thank, Your children, Husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, For being with you all this time, Faithfully, and completly? Have you taken notice, of the magic, of life? There are things within this realm of existance, people take for granted, to be there, day after day. Never Questioning why it is the way it is. Instances such as not taking a few moments of the day, to view that one perfect sunset, or taking the time, to watch the hummingbird, sip of the nectar, of a singular rose. Ofcourse, Peopl
Not Always Right | Depth Perception Strikes Again Part 2
Sign Installer | Seattle, WA, USA (The following took place outside a small dentist’s office. The client requested an electric sign that that was a full-color copy of their business card, it took four weeks to fabricate and cost $3500.) Dentist’s Wife: “Wow, that turned out JUST perfect! My husband is going to be so pleased to see that up when he gets back.” Me: “I’m glad you like it, we’re very happy how it all came together.” (A crane truck and two installers hoist the sign in the air, attach it to the 16′ pole and turn the lighting on.) Dentist’s Wife: “Oh wait, that’s…that’s not right, you need to take it down now, I don’t believe this!! I want our money back!” Me: “Ma’am? What’s wrong?” Dentist’s Wife: “Well look at it, will you? It’s not right, it’s not the same as our card.” Me, pulling out my paperwork: “Now ma&rsq
Not Always Right | Complaining Incognito
Internet Tech Support | United Kingdom Me: “You’re through to ****** tech support, can I take your telephone number?” Customer: “No.” Me: “Okay, can I take your post code instead?” Customer: “No.” Me: “Okay sir, I’m trying to help but I need to bring your account details up in my system.” Customer, rather angrily: “What the **** do you want my details for? I can’t connect to the internet, you need to sort it out!” Me: “I will do my best, sir, but like I explained I need to bring up your account details to verify what the problem seems to be.” Customer, screaming: “That’s it, I’m calling your complaints department. This is ***** ridiculous. I also want to speak to your manager NOW!” Me: “Sorry sir, I cant do that as you haven’t verified any of your account details.” Customer: “That’s it, I’m leaving your provider for
Not Always Right | I Bet His Computer Has A "cup Holder" Too
Call Center | Tulsa, OK, USA (This is from a few years ago, when I worked tech support for a major satellite TV company.) Me: “How may I help you?” Customer: “Is your satellite down?” Me: “No sir, the satellite is working properly.” Customer: “Are you sure? Because I’m not getting ANYTHING on my TV.” Me: “Well, let’s try and get this solved for you. What do you see on the screen?” Customer: “It’s black.” Me: “There’s nothing at all on the screen?” Customer: “I told you, it’s completely black!” Me: “Is…is there a message of any kind?” Customer: “Yeah, it says ’searching for satellite signal’. That’s how I know your satellite is down. You need to connect me to a different one.” Me: “Well sir, just in case it’s possibly something else and not the satellite, could you tell me who installed yo
Not Always Right | An Honest Crook
Bookstore | Toronto, ON, Canada (I work in the music section of a bookstore. One day, we caught one of our regulars shoplifting and banned him. The very next day, he walks in as if nothing happened.) Me: “Dude, you aren’t allowed to be here. You were banned.” Customer: “Why?” Me: “You stole a CD from me.” Customer: “But I gave it back!”
Not Always Right | Shall We Send In The Marines Too?
Jewelry/Watch Repair Shop | Lewisville, TX, USA (We had sent this lady’s watch to another company, and they ended up taking a very long time with it. Two weeks before this incident she called demanding that we call them and have them send her watch back whether it was fixed or not. My manager told her that it would only take two more days, but she insisted. This happened when she came to pick it up.) Assistant Manager: “Okay, here’s your watch, I’m sorry about that.” Customer: “It’s not fixed!” Assistant Manager: “Yes, you told us to call them and have them send it back whether it was fixed or not. They were almost done making a new dial for it.” Customer: (Ranting) “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PEOPLE! YOU ARE SO RUDE. I’M CALLING MY LAWYER!” Assistant Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am that’s all I can do.” Customer begins to walk off, still ranting: “I’M CALLING MY L
Not Always Right | The Birds & The Bees Talk, Illustrated
Toy Store | Belgium Customer: “Hi, I’d like a Playboy for my son.” Me: “…excuse me?” Customer: “You know, a Playboy to play with.” Me: *trying very hard not to laugh* “You mean a Gameboy?” Customer: “Yeah that!” Customer: *realizes what she said* “OH!”
Not Always Right | All [retail Slaves] Look The Same
Department Store | Washington, USA (I fix registers and self-checkout equipment at said store. I wear a badge, it states which company I work for and has a picture of me on it. It looks nothing like the name badges the store uses but everyone asks me if I work there or if I can help them. I always answer politely that I don’t and point them in the direction of someone who does. But this time…) Me: *walking to back of store to fiddle with a printer that was acting up* Lady: “Can you help us with picking a TV?” Me: *Looks around* “Me?” Lady’s Boyfriend: “Yes you, we need some help here.” Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t work here.” Lady: “Look, I just want to know about some of the features.” Me: *dumbfounded* “Like I said, I don’t work here.” Lady’s Boyfriend: “Un-f***ing-believable…I guess this is what minimum wage pays for these days.” Me: *snort
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Why Do Parents Still See You As A Child?
As most of you have noticed i haven't been on much or in the past 2 weeks. well i was accused of doing something with my fathers debit card in which i know i didn't do and he now knows i didn't but it still remains the same i was treated like a child and punished he destoryed my computer i have very depressed since then larry my boyfriend aka brassEye67 has been helping through this and been looking for a place for us to live, my parents has gone as far a to try and take my son away from me i'm at the end of my rope so please my friends bare with me my loving larry is building me a new computer i know this looks like a mishmash of words and i sorry i been on heavey antidepressates whoopie lol i love you guys and miss you all so much   massive hugs and kisses mary aka pynkcherrypie
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   I am hungry and wanted fresh blood. I decided to go hunting for same prey and have some fun. I found my prey at a party, a tall dark brooding male that looked like he was bored and was off to himself watching people dance. I could tell that he was not like most humans and it made me want him more. So I walked up to him and looked right into his eyes.    "You want some fun with me or do you want to just stand there and watch people? I will make it the best you ever had, just like you I am not just like these people."    "I know you are different, you are a vampire whore and I want nothing to do with you. Leave now, before your stench makes me sick."    I stood there for a second before sinking my nails into his arms and scratching him from elbow to wrist. I laughed before walking away and licking my nails clean of his red sticky blood, that is when I tasted what he was, he was a were-wolf and now I wanted him even more. When I get outside I felt him right behind me, I smiled an
It Must Be Bash Women Week Huh?
WTF is going on this week like come on, whats with you whinny ass men pissin and moaning about Woman woe's. You think we are fake, that we just take and give nothing in return,  we use you to get to someone else, we only want you around when we are down and misserable that another male friend is treating us like crap and then toss you aside like yesterdays news. WAKE THE FUCK UP,  you do the same shit to us as well but of course you'd never admit you have a part in the problem hellllllllllll no that would hurt ya big fat ego's You tell us when we get married we change in to monsters or super bitches......Like hellooooooooooooo,  some of you men whine when you cant get what you want and go crying boo hoo to mummy for it. You are all loving and giving when we are dating and as soon as the marridge is final, you put on the lazy ass cant get my fat ass off the couch to help or use the control BS. And when we dont tower down to your comes the gloves and boom we are tramps, 
Plain White T's - 1, 2, 3, 4
  Lyrics:   1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4Give me more lovin’ than I’ve ever had,Make it all better when I’m feelin’ sad,Tell me that I’m special even when I know I’m not,Make it feel good when I hurt so badBarely gettin’ mad,I’m so glad I found youI love bein’ around you.You make it easy,It’s easy as 1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you (I love you) I love youThere’s only 1 way 2 say those 3 words and that’s what I’ll do (I love you) I love youGive me more lovin’ from the very start,Piece me back together when I fall apart,Tell me things you'd never even tell your closest friendsMake it feel good when I hurt so bad,Best I that I’ve had and I’m so glad I found youI love bein’ around you.You make it easyIt’s easy as 1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you (I love you)I love you There’s only 1 way 2 say those 3 words and
Sobl-thanks Emanon, This Rocks!
Ideas shape the course of history.  -  John Maynard Keynes
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Sos By Lifehouse From Where U R
So far away from where you areThese miles have torn us worlds apartAnd I miss youYeah, I miss youSo far away from where you areStanding underneath the starsAnd I wish you were hereI miss the years that were erased I miss the way the sunshine would light up your faceI miss all the little things I never thought that they’d mean everything to meYeah, I miss youAnd I wish you were hereI feel the beating of your heartI see the shadows of your faceJust know that wherever you areYeah, I miss youAnd I wish you were hereI miss the years that were erasedI miss the way the sunshine would light up your faceI miss all the little thingsI never thought that they’d mean everything to meYeah, I miss youAnd I wish you were hereSo far away from where you areThese miles have torn us worlds apartAnd I miss youYeah, I miss youAnd I wish you were here  
Some Of My Thoughts...
I wrote this and figured I'd share it.. Tonight after getting new couches, the kids were hungry so we stopped at Wendy's. As we were eating, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There, outside, was a homeless man. He placed his blanket and things neatly by the door and came inside. After buying a small coffee he quietly went over to a table and sat down. I watched as other people just went about their meal, hoping to see someone offer him something. No one did. I knew that if I didn't get him something to eat I wouldn't be able to eat. I can't even eat in front of a hungry cat let alone a hungry person. I walked up and told him that I would like to buy him dinner. We went to the counter and I told him to pick out whatever he wanted. He spent a whopping $5, and that was with my urging. I gave him the change to get food tomorrow. There were tears in his eyes when he said thank you. The kids and I finished our meal and he thanked us again on our way out. Walking to t
Planet Shredded Lettuce (thanks To Cute_but_psycho!)
[this is an example of how a status comment can turn into a ridiculously stupid lil tale about turtles dominating the planet & renaming it] Provoked by Cute_but_Psycho's status blurb...AS FOLLOWS!: Status: !!!!!On Vacation!!!!! Will be back Dec.25th.....Wish you all a Merry Christmas..Much Love, Peace, Happiness and may all your Hopes & Dreams come true ♥ my stupid ass reply...AS FOLLOWS!: mon (57) day (57) r8d...VACATION YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (57) ... [Message for the future: I hope you had a great time. While you were off doing gosh (*) knows what, turtles infested the planet and are now the dominant life form on plantet Shredded Lettuce - yeah, they went and renamed Earth...humans were one vote short cuz you just HAD to go on vacation....anypoot, no one works traditional jobs anymore, everybody has to do 24/7 shifts doing what we're forced to call "bellyrubbies," where we have to put on furry mittens and rub the underbellies of the entire population of turtle overlords...T
Not Always Right | Gobble Grunt Gobble
Restaurant | San Jose, CA, USA Me: “Thank you for calling [restaurant], how may I help you?” Customer: “Hi, I was wondering if you guys sold male chicken?” Me: “We do sell chicken, but I am not sure we know the gender.” Customer: “But someone told me that you guys sold male chicken for Thanksgiving dinners.” Me: “Thanksgiving dinner? Are you talking about a turkey?” Customer: “Yeah! The male chicken!”
Not Always Right | He Likes The Strong & Silent Type
Restaurant | Melbourne, Australia (An older customer enters the restaurant and walks straight to the bar where I’m drying glasses. Note that I’m female.) Me: “Yes sir, how can I help you?” Customer: “No, that won’t do.” Me: “I’m sorry?” Customer: “That’s a weak mentality. None of this, ‘Yes sir, no sir,’ business. You need to have confidence in yourself, men don’t like women without confidence!” Me: “Uh, I’m sorry sir. See, my job is–” Customer: “Still with the yes sir, no sir! I don’t like it. Stop it!” Me: *says nothing* Customer: “Better.” *walks off to a table*
Ngc 6217
Old Faces Leaving...
I already miss Russian and now Sho and Witchie have left.   Blogs and  Mumms will never be the same..they are already boring!   what to do..what to do!
Even though the skys are grey,My sun still it shines.Ever since this morning,Since you have been on my mind. With you I can see no clouds,Always a warm summers day.I need you in my heart,For me there is no other way. I wait for your hand,I will wait forever if I need.Because deep in my heart,My love has started to seed.
Not Always Right | Stupidity Is Its Own Reward
Grocery Store | Bethesda, MD, USA Me: “Do you have your rewards card with you, sir?” Customer: “Uh, no, I don’t. Do I not get a discount?” Me: “Of course you still can! What’s your phone number?” Customer: “How old are you?” Me: “Seventeen.” Customer: “You’re not even legal! I can’t do that.” Me: “Uh, no, sir. I need it to look up for your discount.” Customer: “Oh…” *tells me his phone number* “…but don’t call me after 5. That’s when my wife gets home.”
I Just Need To Get Whats In My Head Out
I feel like I consistantly push good ppl out of my life because I am scared to open my heart up again. it makes no sense. If we can forgive do we every truly forget or is it an idea impossible to reach. Do we even want to forget when it comes down to it? We go through the motions of what a non bitter and emotionally wrecked person would do and yet most of the time it seems so unsatisfying. There's a part of each of us the voice of reason that tells us that once it happens and we forget about it is then that it will happen again and we will be in square one of an endless cycle of hurt and distrust. Why do we hold on to the ones that hurt us? Somehow the hurt of them actually leaving out weighs the crimes that they do. It shouldn't be that way. a disapereing backbone is becoming a ragging epidemic and being hurt is the only out come. What happened to old fashioned chivalry of the past? When did it become ok to cheat? We are victoms of understanding. Theres some instances in life where we
We Have No Bananas Today
Well, I guess it's a bit cold out. I got to work this morning and my banana that was in my bag was frozen. Hmm.
More Reasons Why Stupid People Shouldn't Im
trinicock4tighthole: whipping out my big black cock, gentlly slapping it agaisnt your tight round ass me: *turns around with a hacket, chops your cock up into little pieces and tosses it out the window* me: Bye now trinicock4tighthole: thanks i need that
Sometimes I Am A Bitch
I don't mind IMs, but seriously, don't be stupid. This guy just annoyed me and I sent his IM onto his woman. LOL partner.needs: hellome: hipartner.needs: how are upartner.needs: asl plzme: Fine and in the profile you failed to bother withpartner.needs: i use my gf idpartner.needs: asl plzme: Again, it's in the profilepartner.needs: yeahpartner.needs: have campartner.needs: then we can have some funme: Fuck offme: I'm gonna send this PM to your girlfriend and then you can really have some fun. BYE And yes, I did send it to the girlfriend! LOL  
What Do You Do?
  What do you do when your word is your bond and everything you say is true But the truth is cutting you up inside like razor blades Do you shift the truth to a new reality or endure the pain What do you do when everything you have said you will do you have done or are doing yet still you fall short Do you renew your effort and try harder or do you let things fall by the waste side   What do you do when you have played with the stars and changed the constellations And still no star seems to point home Do you check your compass or retrace your steps What do you do when your fool heart tells you something that feels true yet your head is spinning and you can’t tell up from down Do you not worry about the gravity of the situation or do you find something to ground yourself
Mj Autopsy Results
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Nearly eight months after Michael Jackson's death, the official case report in the pop star's death has finally been released, on the same day that Dr. Conrad Murray was arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges in the case. The autopsy report, located within the 51-page document, released publicly on Monday, confirms that "Acute Propofol Intoxication" was the cause of Jackson's death. The coroner's office determined the death was homicide based on four factors: "Circumstances indicate that propofol and the benzodiazepines were administered by another. "The propofol was administered in a non-hospital setting without any appropriate medical indication. "The standard of care for administering propofol was not met... Recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing, and resuscitation was not present. "The circumstances do not support self-administration of propofol." A "Benozidzepine effect" was also listed as being related to the cause of de
tarradiddle\tair-uh-DID-uhl\  noun;also taradiddle 1.A petty falsehood; a fib. 2.Pretentious nonsense.
Shits And Giggles
scott.jason80: 34b? me: 11"? scott.jason80: 7.5 me: Have toys that are bigger. See ya.
Fuck Your God
How can you believe in something that you cannot seeBlood is inside us, but if you're cut then you will bleedThere is no proof of your God other than your faithAnd yet you act like your living in a lucid stateYou say the Bible is the proof of your Gods existanceBut if that's true then why are there so many religionsWho are you to say your system is so right for meIt's fuckin' funny you believe in what you cannot seeReligion's nothing more than a business like this music shitYou ask me how when you just bought a crucifixYou give your money to the pastor and the Holy landWhile your God goes to the bank with your money in handI'd rather burn in Hell than serve your God in HeavenI'd rather be poor than pay your God his HolyseverenceFuck your God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy FatherYou all are sheep so I lead you now into the slaughterHow can you believe in something that you cannot seeThen have the nerve to try and push that shit off on meYou have no explanation of how your God existsYou s
Pants Dilemma
A young man came home from the office and found his bride sobbing convulsively. "I feel terrible," she told him. "I was pressing your suit and I burned a big hole in the seat of your trousers." "Forget it," consoled her husband. "Remember that I've got an extra pair of pants for that suit." "Yes, and it's lucky you have," said the woman, drying her eyes. "I used them to patch the hole." 
How Do I Say It?
Every day I say I love you I realize I am falling deeper and deeper in love but honestly how can I even start to describe the way I feel for you when no word seems quite good enough? I'm always good at expressing my self though words. Words is my art form they are my blade that slays any and all enemys that have ever dare step into my path. They have been my art to realize who and what I am in this world. But for them to fail me in this's really not so bad. In a way it makes it more powerfull that even I can not obtaine the correct wording for how much I love you. So ultimately I leave you with that simple statement my dearest Minid and I hope that this will bring a smile to your face.
Imature Idiots On Fu
I have probley wrote about this before, but seems like I have to again. There is nothing more sad then imature idiot males who post mumm's making fun of woman be it their size, weight,  looks , you get the picture. Wtf is up with them, do they think they are funny, cool what??? To me it show's lack of maturity, ignorance an inscurity in them selfs, most of all it shows how stupid they really are. I would be so amazed if they even had a woman friend never mind wife or  girlfriend.  And if they do, wtf is wrong with these woman? Don't you feel put off that your bf, husband is putting woman down and laughing about it?  Are you that dence??? I am not saying woman dont do the same, I am sure they do.  But yanno,  I haven't seen nothing about trashing men like the way men will put down a woman. Oh ya I have seen the baby dick mumm here and there but its just in fun, no bad words I have seen exchanged. I guess woman have more class and dont think about lowering them selfs to that leve
well things have up and changed again. Getting divorced, moved back to my hometown, yeah going through some life altering stuff right now. Hopefully be getting done soon.
Buried Alive!
My great-great grandmother, ill for quite some time, finally passed away after lying in a coma for several days. My great-great grandfather was devastated beyond belief, as she was his one true love and they had been married over 50 years. They were married so long it seemed as if they knew each other's innermost thoughts. After the doctor pronounced her dead, my great-great grandfather insisted that she was not. They had to literally pry him away from his wife's body so they could ready her for burial. Now, back in those days they had backyard burial plots and did not drain the body of its fluids. They simply prepared a proper coffin and committed the body (in its coffin) to its permanent resting place. Throughout this process, my great-great grandfather protested so fiercely that he had to be sedated and put to bed. His wife was buried and that was that. That night he woke to a horrific vision of his wife hysterically trying to scratch her way out of the coffin. He phoned the d
Poem Of The Day...030310
Sometimes a poem Is not what it seems The words are not flowing Like a cool creek stream Instead they are twisting Like a waterfall falls free.
U2 - The Saints Are Coming Ft. Green Day Lyrics
There is a house in New OrleansThey call the risind sunIt's been the ruinOf many a poor boyAnd God I know I'm oneI cried to my daddy on the telephone, "how long now?""Until the clouds unroll and you come home," the line wentBut the shadows still remain since your descent, your descentI cried to my daddy on the telephone "How long now?""Until the clouds unroll and you come home" the line wentBut the shadows still remain since your descent, your descent yeah, yeahThe saints are comingThe saints are comingI say no matter how I tryI realize there's no replyThe saints are comingThe saints are comingI say no matter how I tryI realize there's no replyLiving like birds in magnolia treesA child on a rooftopA mother on her kneesHer sign readsPlease, I am an AmericanDrowning sorrow floods the deepest grief, how long nowUntil a weather change condemns belief, how long nowWhen the night watchman lets in the thief, what's wrong nowThe saints are comingThe saints are comingI say no matter how I tryI
Questions In My Abnormal Mind.
Since I don't sleep very well, these are the strange questions that pop in to my head. I thought I could get some answers from my friends. Can you cry under water? Why do you have to 'put your two cents in'... but it's only a 'penny for your thoughts'? Where's that extra penny going to? Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? Why does a round pizza come in a square box? What disease did cured ham actually have? How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? Why is it that people say they 'slept like a baby' when babies wake up like every two hours? If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway. Why is 'bra' sin
In Life...
In life there are always those people you keep running back to for whatever reason. They bring out the best and worst in you. You cry, laugh, regret, yell, and for some reason they mean the world to you. They teach you and impact you in ways on one else could. You never let them go……no matter how much time has passed. Maybe it's love maybe it isn't. But it's something right? Half the world says you guys are the cutest couple and the other half says keep running and don't look back. But what if life isn't worth running without them next to you? What then? So you want the happiest times with them, but you are never willing to go through the tough patches. And everything needs to be on your time, but if its not then you don't bother hanging around. If that person is your other half shouldn't you try to be with them no matter what? You realize that you do not love the person for who they are but the "idea" of them. You love someone for who they are but you love them even more
been thinking of my man all day at work i cant wait til he get s home from work to show him now much he was missed i change into something sexy as i lay in the bed waiting for him to get home I'm so worked up that i start to play with myself playing with my Breast making them perky as i reach in my night stand an take out my bullet start rubbing outside of my lace panties get me worked up where the pantie come off an break out my toy an start working it in my wet pussy just the feeling form the Dill entering my pussy i let out a sigh as i cum enough to get the dillo all the way in as I'm playing an moan my man comes into the bedroom i was playing so much i didn't even here him come home he standing in the door frame watching me play seeing me get all worked up as work the dillo fast an fast in my pussy as i let  moan so loudly that he take over play-in for me so i can grab the bed sheet  he works if faster an faster as i cum all over his fingers he stops an looks at me i grab him throw
Looking Friend
" It's easier to find an enemy .... instead of looking for a good friend "
I don't understand how sick fucks can do shit like this! TRENTON, N.J. -- Two men and three teenage boys were charged Saturday with gang-raping a 7-year-old girl who was sold by her 15-year-old stepsister at a party at a crime-ridden apartment building, police said. The five arrested range in age from 20 to 13. Three live in the apartment building where the girl was attacked March 28. Police said the 15-year-old girl went to a party with some men and the younger girl tagged along because she was worried about her stepsister's safety. The 15-year-old sold sex to men and boys there, then took money to let them touch the younger girl, police said. Then at least seven men raped the 7-year-old.
"distant Love" A Poem By Michael Bullard
"Distant Love" Upon the beach at sunset they walk with one another, Each alone and far away from the soft arms of the other, But still they share the sunset at the ending of the day, And the passing of the clouds on their ceaseless way, Like castles adrift on a sea of blue white giants of the sky, Each one a silent messenger that moves on a gentle sigh, To him she sends her wishes on the softly blowing wind, That she will feel his tenderness from loving arms again, To her he sends his most gentle dreams of their time alone, Where he hears her tender voice and it's warm melodic tones, Where her image beckons in those last rays of dying day, Where the evening stars push back the sun into a field of gray, Each one sends a memory of times spent close and warm, When their arms enfold each other about their gentle forms, When they shared a passion that rolled like stormy seas, And desire tore at their world like harsh winds among the trees, She reaches out to touch the sun and allows he
Dating/relationship Help/advice Needed!!!!
Not sure what I should do about this! Back in high school, I had an on and off relationship with one of my teachers . Which by no means am I complaining about. I knew at the time it was just going to be an affair while I was in school. Which to me was fine. I mean what  young girl would not go for the older woman. Which she wasn't that much older 10-15 years. Anyway, here is my problem now! After high school thought for sure it was over even we both said it was. but at the time I knew I was moving to a different state because of my parents work and they wanted me to move with them even though I was old enough by that time to be on my own. Now that I moved back home to Colorado, she found out that I had moved back  from a mutual friend of ours and contacted me by email which I got this morning. In the email she has told be that she has never stopped thinking about me and miss that I am no longer in school being she don't see me everyday no more. And also misses the time that we spent
The Irish Bj
There’s something about traveling to other countries and watching the women that can be really exciting. The sites and sounds of a different land are great, but the people really tell the whole story. I always get horny when I travel. All that new visual stimulus, the excitement of wondering if I’ll be lucky and fuck a foreign gal. My brain plays out fantasies with every attractive gal I see. Let’s face it in the U.S. there are certain taboo’s on sex. I think it prohibits many from thinking fucking can be a good thing. Foreign countries view sex more openly and the opportunities to have creative sex and exchange the gift of pleasuring are more available. I got lucky one night while traveling through Dublin, Ireland. My computer went down and I found a computer shop that said they could fix it for me by late afternoon. I had to depart Dublin the next day for some photography work in the countryside so getting the laptop fixed quickly was a sweet deal. Like m
quash\KWOSH\verb; 1.(Law) To abate, annul, overthrow, or make void; as, "to quash an indictment." 2.To crush; to subdue; to suppress or extinguish summarily and completely; as, "to quash a rebellion."
Some Days I Feel So Fu Used...
So many people don't pay back any rates past the front page and it is very frustrating at times...They are leveling like crazy and I only level most of the time when I rate someone with Auto's on....
Bring Me Down
by Miranda Lambert Sweet like a kiss sharp like a razor bladeI find you when I' m close to the bottomYou cant appreciate the time it takesTo kick a love I always knew was kind of wrongAnd as I'm putting out the flameSomebody brings up you nameOh oh oh ohBaby baby baby bring me downI want to be right where you areBaby baby baby bring me downYou can look me in the eye and break my heartBreak my heartSix AM unruffled pillowLaughs out loud at my trusting heartIt's like I didn't see the pennyI missed the fountain by a couple yardsIf you would only stay goneMaybe I could move onOh oh oh ohBaby baby baby bring me downI want to be right where you areBaby baby baby bring me downYou can look me in the eye and break my heartBreak my heartOH! Baby baby baby bring me downI want to be right where you areBaby baby baby bring me downYou can look me in the eye and break my heartBreak my heartOH! Baby baby baby bring me downI want to be right where you areBaby baby baby bring me downYou can look me in
by Fleetwood Mac Took my love and I took it downClimbed a mountain and I turned aroundAnd I saw my reflection in the snow covered hillsWell, the landslide brought me downOh, mirror in the sky, what is love?Can the child within my heart rise above?Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?Can I handle the seasons of my life?Well, I've been afraid of changin''Cause I've built my life around youBut time makes bolder, children get olderI'm getting older too, wellWell, I've been afraid of changin''Cause I've built my life around youBut time makes bolder, children get olderI'm getting older too, well, I'm getting older tooSo take this love and take it downYeah, and if you climb a mountain and you turn aroundAnd if you see my reflection in the snow covered hillsWell, the landslide brought downAnd if you see my reflection in the snow covered hillsWell maybe, well maybe, well maybeThe landslide will bring you down
Angry All The Time
by Bruce Robison Here we are What is left of a husband and a wife four good kids Who have a way of gettin on with their lives I'm not old but I'm getting a whole lot older every day It's too late to keep from goin' crazy I got to get away The reasons that I can't stay don't have a thing to do with being in love And I understand that lovin a man shouldn't have to be this rough You ain't the only one Who feels like this world left you far behind I don't know why you gotta be Angry All The Time Our boys are strong the spittin image of you when you were young I hope someday they can see past what you have become I remember every time I said I'd never leave What I can't live with is memories of the way you used to be The reasons that I can't stay don't have a thing to do with being in love And I understand that lovin a man shouldn't have to be this rough You ain't the only one Who feels like this world left you far behind I don't know why you gotta be Angry All The Time Twenty years have c
I was UntouchableMy emotions roped in placeNever feeling more than I wished to...I was UntouchableBut this disease,This curse,Crept into my bodySilently seeping into my skinWiggling into my veinsOvertaking my organs...I was UntouchableUntil he told me that he loved me...I was UntouchableUntil I realized that I loved him...Now all I want is for his touch
In Your Arms
I look at me and see the things I’ve done I see the pain that ran through me once And the way it always brought me down When my heart felt sorrows every ounce The moment we touched I knew it was you That I would hold forever, that I’d love I always dreamt our lives would be just us two Because our souls carried the truest love When I looked deep into your eyes I would always fall deep oh so deep Into your heart where your love lies As I broke down and baby I would weep From the first kiss, emotions ran inside me I tried so hard to keep them inside But it was in vain, hope finally set them free And I no reason to hold on to foolish pride I look at me and I see my heart in my palms All the nightmares are gone, there’s no fear I see that I was meant to be in your arms I feel this is home, forever I will be here
The Things I Love About You
I love the way you make me laugh I love the way you make me cry Tears of joy stream from my eyes As I hear your voice, a loving surprise. I love you when you're angry I love you when you're sad I love you when you're glad When you tell me of the day you had I love you truly I love you deeply Ever since the day I let you meet me I missed you when you left I miss you now more than ever Making a mistake that I regret Hoping that you are a forgiver Without you, my life is strife But now I ask for a second chance Be with me and start a life Together forever, an eternal dance I wait for you as the days go by My love is growing inch by inch I cannot wait to see you again But I wait for you, and your warm kiss I love you
Little Kenny Aka Little Johnny
Little Kenny On MathA teacher asks her class, 'If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence, and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?' She calls on little Kenny.He replies, 'None, they will all fly away with the first gunshot.'The teacher replies, 'The correct answer is 4, but I like your thinking.'Then little Kenny says, 'I have a question for YOU Miss Rogers'.There are 3 women sitting on a bench having ice cream: One is delicately licking the sides of the triple scoop of ice cream. The second is gobbling down the top and sucking on the cone. The third is biting off the top of the ice cream. Which one is married?'The teacher, blushing a great deal, replied, 'Well, I suppose the one that's gobbled down the top and sucked the cone.'To which Little Kenny replies, 'The correct answer is 'The one with the wedding-ring on, 'but I like your thinking.'   LITTLE KENNY ON MATH  (Part 2) Little Kenny returns from school and says he got an 'F' in ar
Please Let Me Win...puleeeese
Okay, so I'm not one for entering contests mainly because I never win. The other day though, I got an email from Ghirardelli. They're having a contest. Create the next Intense Dark Chocolate flavor. *arches brow* Well, hello! I am a fan of dark chocolate, particularly Ghirardelli's. So, I put on my lil' creative thinking cap. You had the choice of three flavors that had to be natural, come up with a name and why you came up with the combo. Sure, easy. *clears throat* So, after about an hour, I wisk off my entry. I just got a confirming email that my entry was accepted and to check out their site on August 2nd to see if I'm one of the top 5! I wanna win! I never win anything! hahaha
Why Won't This Woman Go Away?
Seriously, this woman is a freakin' idiot! 15 seconds of fame are WAY over honey!   Before she had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee thought "if a man cheats it's horrible," she tells the new Steppin' Out magazine. "Now I think men are made to spread their seed," she says. "Women need to accept that. If you're going to be married to somebody, you need to know that men are not meant to be with one woman. I think you can totally love your spouse and still sleep with other women. That urge will always be there if you're a man. I believe you can love your wife 100 percent and still stray." PHOTOS: Famous women who've been cheated on McGee, 32, says she feels bad for Bullock, 46, who has filed for divorce from James, 41, and will raise 3 1/2-month-old adopted son Louis as a single parent. But she hopes the Oscar-winning actress isn't hurting too much. PHOTOS: Michelle "Bombshell" McGee "It should be a happy time in her life," McGee say
Animal Farm - Based On The Book By George Orwell
All I Can Say Is Wow
  Two Marines Were Refused Service at Charley’s Philly Steaks by Anti-war employee in Stockton, CA. The two Marines walked up to order lunch, the manager refused to serve them,she stated that they represented the war and she would not serve ...anyone in uniform. Here is the number 209-473-8858
Ranting Effin Fake Friends (comment Ur Thoughts )
YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im really kinda pissed ....If your someones friend and they tell you some person called u something so horrabile and it really got to you  and i mean worse the the C word!and they basically act like ur being childish for having feelings and basically call you weak  and stick up for other person they arent friends with ... saying how harmless they are like its no big deal yet all they do is tell u how smart and pretty u are .... and that they are dissapointed in you and blah blah Im sorry but to me friends should be there for u  regudless if they think ur being silly , not so insentive ... and esp not sticking up for other person if they were the one wrong ... i mean if someone never there for u , doest really give a shit, always thinks ur wrong or dissaponiting them how the hell is that a friendi can not stand when so called friends never have ur back , i mean im alway there for my friends i always stand behind them , even if i dont agree  might tell them but still
The point behind this is to give me a place to spew all my drunk shit. Usually I'm embarassed the next day, so in this zone, I'll never hold it against you if you don't against me, okay?
The General Techlection
We reveal why tech might decide the outcome of the election and the tech policies of the big three parties Before politicians board their battle buses for this year’s General Election, there’s a new subject they’re going to have to rehearse sound bites for: technology. For the first time in British political history, subjects such as broadband, file-sharing and access to computers in the home are appearing on election manifestos. While no-one is pretending that pre-election pledges on broadband speeds are likely to hold as much sway over voters as the faltering economic recovery, fiddled expenses, or Gordon Brown’s short fuse, the fact the major parties are even talking about technology is indicative of its potential significance at the ballot box. Technology is a potential vote-winner in other ways too. The 2010 General Election will see the debut of social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook on the campaign trail, as MPs and candidates slip the
Is It
Is it being  female genitalia to block on fubar or just being careful?
I Am His
She's One Good
I meet her at the Sunshine Theater, she was alone -- and so was II ordered up some buttered popcorn, that's when she caught my eyeShe left a trail of corn back to her seat, I followed it like a champion We both sat down I said 'hey, how you doing,' she put her hand on my beltI pulled out my rocket, she climbed on board, she spit my cum Back in her cupOoh-ooh, she's one good fuckI called her up on her cell phone; she was walking up BroadwayHey babe, how you doing? Is all I could think to sayI said lets meet on the third floor of Barnes & NobleWe'll both have cookies and creamInstead she led me by the hand into the poetry section For afternoon whoopeeShe lifted her skirt; I slid my cock insideShe wiped up the puddle with a bookOoh-ooh, she's one good fuckNow we live together, got a one bedroom on 59thThe sex just gets better and better, every day & nightYou'd think that over time we'd get tired of each otherThe fact is we fuck at great lengthsLike just the other day, while we were shoppi
vernacular\ver-NAK-yuh-ler\noun; 1.The plain variety of language in everyday use. 2.The language or vocabulary peculiar to a class or profession. 3.The native speech or language of a place. 4.Any medium or mode of expression that reflects popular taste or indigenous styles.adjective:  1.(of language) Native or indigenous. 2.Using the native language of a place. 3.Using plain, everyday language.
quintessential\kwin-te-SEN-shel\adjective; 1.Being the most typical manifestation of a quality or a thing.
Delusion And Paranoia
Are delusion and paranoia fun and/or fun to exploit?  A. Yes B. No C.  You are one mean and weird motherfucker!!!
Dont Know What To Call It Yet Art At Work
snap back to reality the fact is my mortality  is grabbin me through my days im experienced in brutality livin a life on da streets and havin everyone snap on me  the worlds gone to smoke and took a crap on me its like getting slapped on the cheek by some chick off da street all i said was  hey baby now this has got to change im tired of things discracin my name this is my last chance to make things straight with god and my family i gota stand up and say hey this is my time to change life is leavin on bus 8 pick up your stuff or skate  i know your scared but i am 2 but i dont let it consume my fate u shouldnt do that 2 its bad for you now i feel sad for you because i got that heart that can hold enough love for 2 like morning bird bring the new day u gota understand that i do not play things u say leavin me with a disgust for another day
Are You Shampoo Or Conditioner?
You Are Shampoo When a problem comes your way, you jump at the opportunity to solve it. You're especially good at "cleaning house" and making sure a tight ship is being run. You find it easy to let go of the past and move on with your life. You're a big believer in fresh starts. You don't leave a lot of room for junk in your life. If something doesn't suit you, you're eager to toss it to the curb. Are You Shampoo or Conditioner? Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like.Is it over yet, in my head?I know nothing of your kind, and I won't reveal your evil mind.Is it over yet? I can't win.So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.I'm going all the way, get away, please.You take the breath right out of me.You left a hole where my heart should be.You got to fight just to make it through,'cause I will be the death of you.This will be all over soon.Pour salt into the open wound.Is it over yet? Let me in.So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.I'm going all the way, get away, please. You take the breath right out of me.You left a hole where my heart should be.You got to fight just to make it through,'cause I will be the death of you.I'm waiting, I'm praying, realize, start hating.You take the breath right out of me.
Ensign: The Challenge Is Never Gone
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.  Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                               16 July 2010   I like a challenge.  And the response I gave Pastor Gerald Wednesday night (that AND getting up at three-thirty in the morning to make sure my daughter Sarah uses her nebulizer for asthma overnight) left me a little lukewarm inside.  By no means have I or anyone else, I think, mined all there is out of the story told in the eleventh chapter of John – and when you think about it, there are several stories there that only culminate in the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  Lazarus was sick, and Jesus said it was allowed so the glory of God would be revealed.  Jesus says let’s go, even though most of the disciples think it’s suicide for Him to go.  Thomas says let’s go, and they go.   Look with me for a
Http:// Fan & Rate Friend 4 Me Plz 2 Level FAN & RATE FRIEND 4 ME PLZ 2 LEVEL
Lifes Wrongs And Rights
Take a minute, close your eyes, clear your mind, plug on in To existence on our planet, not just yourself or your next of kin Forget every little lesson that mom and pops have shown to you Find a window in the madness, see the world and the truth   So you say, so you do, so you reap and so you get Little bees and little birds, all these lessons you can forget Open your eyes to all the things in this world you're quick to pass Hit the brakes for fortunes sake and see how long your mental lasts   See the poeple out here hurting, take the time to know their name Hear the wounds fall from their lips,are they really so insane? Rejected daily by society under the title of vagrant or bum Labelled by those most fortunate who are scared to give up some   And see the so called righteous as in high their pulpits stand Quoting love for all around us, earth, animal, plant, and man Leaving their places of prayer and sacrifice, shedding their glorious robes To pass the needy waiting
Dressok Wedding Dresses, Find Wedding Dresses For Yourself
It’s not nearly possible every girl has a perfect figure. However, it is almost every girl’s dream to take a most wonderful appearance when she is in the wedding dress. Girls about to marry think of all measures to shape her months before that big day. At our website, it is our privilege to offer the finest quality in custom wedding dresses, modest wedding dresses, plus size wedding dresses, short wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses, and vintage wedding dresses to millions of brides. Through our stunning wedding dress and our professional customer service staff, it is our goal to make your special day an Unforgettable one. Also check out our sexy wedding dresses, simple wedding dresses, casual wedding dresses, and designer wedding dresses from Of course, you can visit our blog to learn more.The distance between you and Dressok is just as far as you click the mouse.
Theory, Hell. It's Poetry.
Ray Bradbury, the author of “Fahrenheit 451” from which the above quote is taken (his main character says this over a radio in his ear before he reads from a forbidden book to his wife and her friends), is touchy when you edit or bowdlerize-disguised-as-editing any of his work, and I can’t say I blame him.  It’s like Teddy Roosevelt once said to a critic regarding one of his own books; our twenty-sixth president opined, “I’ll accept criticism of my style, but I won’t stand for tampering.”  I could do worse than be in such company as … well, my attempts at literary artistry.  And the cursing I don’t mind when it makes sense in the plot!  “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” is one of my favorite movies because its only profanity that I remember is in keeping with a card game; remove the word, and you miss the point, along with a major plot development.   You think I’ll tell you all I have in my scatological arsen
"pigs (three Different Ones)"
Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you areYou well heeled big wheel, ha ha, charade you areAnd when your hand is on your heartYou're nearly a good laughAlmost a jokerWith your head down in the pig binSaying "keep on digging"Pig stain on your fat chinWhat do you hope to find?When you're down in the pig mineYou're nearly a laughYou're nearly a laughBut you're really a cry.Bus stop rat bag, ha ha, charade you areYou fucked up old hag, ha ha, charade you areYou radiate cold shafts of broken glassYou're nearly a good laughAlmost worth a quick grinYou like the feel of steelYou're hot stuff with a hat pinAnd good fun with a hand gunYou're nearly a laughYou're nearly a laughBut you're really a cry.Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you areYou house proud town mouse, ha ha, charade you areYou're trying to keep our feelings off the streetYou're nearly a real treatAll tight lips and cold feetAnd do you feel abused?.....!.....!.....!.....!You gotta stem the evil tideAnd keep it all on the insideMary
Lounges And Why I Don't Bother.
· Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge!     Seriously...
Dont Forget About Me
They say love is just a gameThey say time can heal the painSometimes you win, sometimes you loseAnd I guess I'm just a foolI keep holding on to youI told you once you were the oneYou know that I'd die for youAlthough it hurts to see you goOh this time you should knowI won't try to stop youDon't you forget about me babyDon't you forget about me nowSome day you'll turn around and ask me, why did i let you goSo you try to fake a smileYou don't wanna break my heartI can see that you're afraidBut baby it's to lateCoz I'm already dyingDon't you forget about me babyDon't you forget about me nowSome day you'll turn around and ask me, why did I let you go
Penance Is Meaningless
Drowning in my selfish fear I lost you to the wolves It's your frightened screams I hear I've shattered all my rules   In the darkness that I roam The memory of your warmth No place that I can call my home No fire burning in the hearth   I abandoned you cold and alone I only saw my hurt A river of my blood can not atone You fell into the dirt   I am still counted among the living But I'm imprisoned in my own heart Perhaps one day I'll be forgiven Before we both depart
The Changing Leaves Test
You Are Steady You are a completely unwavering person. You are very faithful and loyal. You are serious... maybe to a fault. You are dependable, and you remain calm when the world is spinning around you. You are reserved and a bit of an introvert. Only those who really know you understand your serenity. You are someone of substance and character. Your waters run deep. The Changing Leaves Test Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
Set You Free
 The hardest part of loving someone is to apart from that someone... that'swhy it's hard for us to let go and accept that it's's reallyover... that's true love... when you learn to let go and let thatsomeone be happy... selfishness is not love... it hurts, but it's timeto let go now... =(              im still waiting and hoping that someday those promises of yours will come true,coz im still believe in you.loving you so much take care always love -
Love Is The Beauty Of The Soul
Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches
I hear sirens in the distance Frantically on their way To save another life That’s been tragically thrown away Time has worn down the essence of his soul Bad decisions have broken his rein of control Just one more hit and the pain will be gone One last try at a life gone wrong He never thought it would lead him back Down the path, he swore to never go back The echo he heard when the bars slid shut Mirrored the demons that still rode on his back The seduction of intoxication made him forget All of the things he lives to regret Now he has nothing but time on his hands To think of the life he will never have again Your dark dance with needles Leave those who love you in despair There is nothing you can do for someone Who just does not care
Should a woman swallow?  Gum that is?
The Prayer Chair
A man's daughter had asked the local minister to come and pray with her father. When the minister arrived, he found the man lying in bed with his head propped up on two pillows. An empty chair sat beside his bed. The minister assumed that the old fellow had been informed of his visit. "I guess you were expecting me," he said. "No, who are you?" said the father. "I'm the new minister at your church," he replied. "When I saw the empty chair, I figured you knew I was going to show up." "Oh yeah, the chair," said the bedridden man. "Would you mind closing the door?" Puzzled, the minister shut the door. "I have never told anyone this, not even my daughter," said the man. "But all of my life I have never known how to pray. At church I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer, but it went right over my head." "I abandoned any attempt at prayer," the old man continued, "until one day about four years ago my best friend said to me. 'Joe, prayer is just a simp
Into Your Eyes
Into Your EyesEvening's hush touches my earsWhispering softly in twilight tones,Tugging insistently at my sensesPenetrating down to my bones.Of day's ending it slowly speaksAnd tells of the darkness drawn nigh,Cloaking the sadness and painful despair,Concealing the tear that rolls from my eye.The blackness, it creeps ever nearerStretching out its smothering hand,Stealing away the light that once wasRemoving all trace from the land.Pulled down to the depthsI gasp and struggle in vain,Searching frantically for any reliefFrom the turmoil wracking my brain.Sinking, I hold my breath, and waitFor the rescue that never arrived.My dreams, my hopes, my visionSeem now to have all been contrived.Unable to see, the lights now have goneI hang my head and start to weep.At last I give in to the nightAnd close my weary eyes in sleep. In dreamless slumber I lay aloneCold, numbing ache lies deep within.Time passes in slow agonizing ticksAs though time's hands are reluctant to spin.And yet in the blackne
Youthful Girl's Footwear And Fabulous Maternity Evening Attire
Satisfy The Requirements And Wishes Of Youthful Girl's Footwear Any parent or guardian understands what a challenge it might be to satisfy the requirements and wishes of youthful girls, particularly in relation to what they wear. style is so pretty necessary at this stage, and maintaining up using the most recent trends will stymie even probably the most inspiring and committed parent or guardian. Girls footwear certainly are a huge component of the undertaking. Practicality does not must carry a next seat to style, however, Christian Louboutin Shoes considering that makers of girls footwear comprehend how difficult it might be to maintain those people youthful ladies delighted although satisfying the budgetary considerations with the types who will very likely be spending the tab. This challenge actually starts inside the toddler ages. Christian Louboutin 2010 Even although infant girls might not be completely mindful of just how their visual appeal is getting introduced towards pub
What Do Your Kisses Taste Like?
Your Kisses Taste Like Raspberries You are a perfectionist in all aspects of your life, including kissing. Luckily, practice makes perfect! You expect a lot of yourself and others, and you definitely don't relax your standards for kissing. You like challenges, and you love kissing someone that you never thought you'd be able to kiss. You and and orange kisser will be instant soul mates, but stay away from high maintenance vanilla kissers. What Do Your Kisses Taste Like? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
Many of you may know that I am a single mother with 2 young boys, living with my parents. My mom and I never got along very well as I was growing up and even though everyone said it'll get better when you have children it hasn't. I can not take living here with her much longer. I'm not allowed to see my friends, to drive the van, or to take a minute to myself. I stay home most of the time unless she's off work and I have to go some place. If I do want to go somewhere I have to ask her. I want to work but she will not let me drive the van. So she gets pissed at me for having her drive me places and for me not working. I clean all the time and watch my boys 24/7. I'm trying to lose weight and the doctor for my boys wants my oldest to eat better. He hardly eats as is, so I'm trying but she ruins it by offering him dounuts and candy, just plain junk food. I don't know what else to do. I don't have anyone that I can talk to about what I'm going through as I'm not allowed out of the house. M
Imbolc/festival Of Brid (breed)
February for the ancients  was the time of the long night -- great darkness, piercing cold, and dwindling food stores. February was such a harsh and brutal month that it was called the Dead-month. Since travel at this time of year was so fraught with danger, celebrating Imbolc at a large regional festival was out of the question. Instead the Feast of Brigid was celebrated with small rituals in the village and in the home. Imbolc was nonetheless an important holiday because its message was "hold on, there is hope...the bitter days of winter are near their end." It marked the midway point between the winter and the spring solstice, a time when hope begins to stir with a longing for the return of spring. Imbolc (also called Oimelc) was primarily a women's festival. Young girls dressed in white carried a corn dolly in processions. Women made corn cakes from the grains that were gathered first and last in last year's harvest and the women and girls feasted together. And
Short Sweet And To The Point
I'm effin cold!!!   Good day... I said good day!
Two In One
A woman that has a nice face, the body is a plus.  A woman that has a butterface, the body won't help.  Also why are they called play toys?  I never heard of work toys.
Quote Of The Day
haha to Bill from : Sparklyballs said: looks like you have exhausted your intellect, your replies are pathetic. bye now, this is your last comment from me for the day.
4th Annual New Media Youth & Sexual Health: Conference Live Online From April 1 & 2 With Chatroom
April 1 & 2 LIVE STREAM video from San Francisco conference   ONLINE web address:        Watch the Sex::Tech Plenaries live on the internet!     Watch live streaming video from
James Starline (jr)
   Step Right UP Contestant # 2  You're just another stupid person for the world to view!   James Starline! starline187@ fubar   You try to jump my homeboy Nez and steal from his ass? You lil jail bitch! Have fun on blast!
What Assholes..
The Gothic...: but you never do when is the last time you bothered to shout me or anything along them lines Jaze MrsWil...: when i'm on here i've told u i'm usually workin... it's impossible for me to be able to talk to everyone... wish i could but it aint gonna happen  Jaze MrsWil...: i am only 1 person Jaze MrsWil...: y should i Jaze MrsWil...: u already said u sb me The Gothic...: I can understand not talking to much if you're busy or what not but you never talk to me unless I get pissed  Jaze MrsWil...: i dont sb ne one else  Jaze MrsWil...: well unfriend and have a nice life bye The Gothic...: see The Gothic...: I'm talking to you trying to sort stuff out and you bounce Jaze MrsWil...: no u talked down to me should i copy n paste it for u? Jaze MrsWil...: i dont have time for drama like this bs with someone that claims to want to know me  Jaze MrsWil...: i'm entirely too fkn
Dwelling Well
To you I trust a wishful thought.It all comes true, but if for not...Know I do and you do too...The tainted glass we see right through.They don't know, they never will.Not been burned or made the deal.You're like me a melancholy light.Your own sick sense of wrong and right.You know me you always did...We fell away somewhere off the grid.Though, I see you with some new sight..Until you're back it's a lonely night.You scratched me and I scratched you...We beat each other black and blue.Love stains red and hurts like hell,and on you i'll always dwell.
Time Travel Institute-theories And Concepts
Theories and ConceptsThe question everyone wants answered is this: How do you travel in time? It is a simple question, but the answer is not quite as simple.Where to begin? There are so many aspects. Let's begin with how time is calculated.Relative Time (the Universal Time Factor)To travel in time you will require computer hardware and software that is probably beyond the technology presently available to us. But all the silicon in the world won't help you overcome the biggest hurdle for the hardware. Dr. VonSchnelling puts it best: As I told my friend Albert, time is relative. A zecond is a zecond because vee zay it is a zecond. A day is a day because zat is the time it takes for our vorld to rotate once on its axis. On another vorld, it would be different. A machine has no concept of time. Certainly you can make a machine count forvard with quartz and crystal and mechanisms zat zimulate time, but zat is all it does... zimulate. How do you make a machine count... backwards? How am I
Dead Bird Wiz Scissors Beak
What u hv said is a stab into my eyeball. I wasn't crying. Its bleeding. What the Fuck!!!U cant c it? Hell Yeah. Ur a fucking dead bird. U hurt me wizout any guilt.  Scarlet beak, sleek feather. U don't know how sick you make me.Every time I think of you, I puke! Am I a lil cute cookie toy ? My dear bird friend. U smashed me . U fucking smashed me! Should i trust u again?
Why Did I Pop On Here Again..
I don't go on here anymore. I pop in once in a while but leave shortly. If any of my old friends or who ever wants to keep in contact with me, I'm usually easier to find on facebook. I had my fun here on fubar in the past but I have no interest as I did before. My bf Nick, aka Sideways, has been living with me. I still work for Nike and he's working for Dodge. Life has been great. My relationship with my parents have been a lot stronger, espeically with my dad. I've always been in a family that hasn't been close but as of recently, I made the move to bringing hugs and saying "i love you". I wanted to tell my parents that and hear it from them so much and it finally happened. Greatest feeling in life to hear those words and feel those feelings from my parents. I am very happy in my life right now. I haven't felt this happy in the longest time. I'm working in a new position of my job with Nike and slowly moving up. It's a lot different from what I used to work at Nike and a little more
Not My Friend
Help me breathe,Help me believe,You seem really glad that I am sad.You are not my friend,I cannot pretend that you are.You made it sting,Your voice is ringing,Just like the boyswho laughed at me in school.You are not my friend,I cannot pretend anymore.You found a place,No one should ever go.I'll be ok,'cause when I back away,I'm gonna keepthe handle of your gun in sight.                                                      ____By  Norah Jones
Right Before It Happens
Right before it happens, I feel like I want to jump out of my skin and become a part of yours. Right before it happens, I feel my body become tense and tight with longing, yet fluid and pliant under your touch. Right before it happens, I feel my face get flush, and I hear my heartbeat. Right before it happens, I feel the pressure inside me start to give way.   And then it happens
I Was Bored....
  4:05pm limited ed...: 4:07pm Mud: i hope a weasel crawls into your cunt you worthless whore 4:07pm limited ed...: excucse me 4:07pm limited ed...: i was just being nice to invite u 4:08pm limited ed...: im not a whore 4:08pm limited ed...: so u barking up the wrong tree 4:08pm Mud: sorry i meant to say i hope a rabid weasel a tiny little fucking animal... crawls into that dark decadent hole of yours and dies you diseased whore 4:09pm limited ed...: well glad ur talking about urself cuz ur words ur discribing u 4:10pm Mud: glad you don't know how to spell for shit either i guess they didn't need that in whore school 4:11pm Mud: or did your daddy turn you out himself 4:12pm limited ed...: hahaha u need a life fag boy 4:12pm to limited ed...: i'll bet you liked sucking daddy's dick didn't you? 4:13pm reply limited ed...: u must of cuz ur saying a
So... One Of Them
ryan: from romania? 8:14am reply ryan: i was there at 2010 summer 8:15am more To ryan: nice 8:15am reply ryan: fucked lots of romanian girls. where do u live in romania? 8:16am more To ryan: i think i didnt asked if you fucked or not  8:17am reply ryan: i would like to fuck u thouh 8:17am more To ryan: you can keep dreaming 8:18am reply ryan: that s not a good answer slut 8:18am more To ryan:  you can call slut when you go to see your mother, not to me. bye 
Heros And Villians
Won't need no mercy on my soulWhen the lawman's got me cold'Cause breaking the rules that they toldWas something I had to doPlay their gameBut you start to win and the rules changeSo my ship come rollin' in, it's gonna roll right over you(And your law too)The tightrope we walk leads straight to the gallowsAnd when the hangman calls your nameHeroes and villains hang the sameEarly in the morning swinging in the breezeThere's a mist shrouded figure hangin' in the sycamore treeHero or villain don't matter much to meThey all end up the same, no one gets off scot-freeThe tightrope we walk leads straight to the gallowsAnd when the hangman calls your nameHeroes and villains hang the sameSinner or sainthood's your gameWhether you're a demon or divineWhen the hangman says it's timeYou won't see me sing the blues'Cause I said fuck all your rulesHeroes and villains hang the sameIt's just the writing on the tombstone changeThere ain't a peasant or a kingEscapes that Dodge city rope swingWhen the ha
Contest For You Sexy Fumen!! New Deadline
Calling all Fu-Men..... Get your camera ready.....drop your us what ya got An exciting contest with a bit of a twist   "The Best Cock on Fubar Contest"The Fu-Women will be voting and the winner will receive a 10 bling pack All photos to be submitted by November11th at midnight (EST) The twist?  You will have to print out our contestant sheet and follow the directions to find out what it is    Can't wait to see all the pics!!!!   Say cheese boys!!!!   E-mail me at  or  Sabrina at  for the contestant sheet and let us know if you have any questions. Please put "Fu Contest" in subject line
Poem I Really Like
Though you are not here Wherever I go  I see your face in my mind And I miss you so  I miss telling you everything  I miss showing you things  I miss your touch I miss our excitement together  I wish that I could be  With you right now  Where the warmth of our love  Would melt the winter snows But since I can't be I will be content Dreaming about When we will be together
Hitlists On Fumafia: House Cuts And A Soldiers Pay this link address explains it all.
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams, TO MY LOVE ,Sweet dreams to you,May they all come true, Little rays of light shine through ...breaking your need for somnolence...Sweet Dreams  My Love,,Enjoy your  tranquility,,, let your desires be of prominence,,Sweet dreams my love Let them sweep away ..Your vulnerability. let them bring you ,back to me.
Dont Drink And Drive
i feeling kinda of buzz off this liquor that I'm spilling,so when I'm feeling kinda drunk im not able but i willing, keep Ur keys in the trunk or safe spot to put them. cause a hit a run still the same, or  even worse if you killed them, My moral is not tell you to drink n drive or not too, my point is you take a life your serving life,  ppl have a great day.....
Chorus:My graveyard in DecemberEverything around me is dead and dying.A graveyard in December,Moonlight bathes the dead and drowns meI remember every time you criedyour stark words scream at me every fucking night.Your heart I've broken so many timesHard to beleive you're still alive.My heart so cold and darkHell's fury burns insidetearing my soul apartThere's nothing to hideMemories haunt you of broken tiesIf not for me you wouldn't live this life.-chorus-You've fought so hard to get us here.bones so broken, flesh so seared.You're mind is racing, eyes full of tearsyou're heart is pounding from the fear.My body breaking downMy will to fight is goneMy fucking veins ripped outIn this river I drownMemories haunt you of broken ties.If not for me you wouldn't have to die.-chorus-My graveyard in December.Look deep into the dark and find me.This fucking graveyard in December.The icey grip of death approaching.
Truth In Equal Rights (comedy Is Philosophy)
                   For once i would love to see this in practical application. I am not the perfect person or the standard for all mankind. but Im not a fucking neandrathal either. If you are so heart broken that you dont want to date some one youve just ended a horrible relationship with then either grieve, get over it, and move on; or go monestary and live in solitude for the rest of your life. If you're married, sometimes there can be a great couple that doesn't do the following but, that doesn't make themselves awkward or try and force in to your friends pallete. Stop doing this! If I am in a modern world that both men and women have just as much advantage off getting equall shares in everything then i think it's high time for women to step up to the plate when it comes to dating. Start asking guys out see how much shit we have to go through just to get you girls and or women just to notice we are there. Then go through the mindless full body shiver when if at all fro
Proof That Blondes Are Not Really Dumb
Proof That Blondes Are Not Really Dumb This blonde decides one day that she is sick and tired of all the blonde jokes and how all blondes are perceived as stupid, so she decides to show her husband that blondes really are smart. While her husband is off at work, she decides that she is going to paint a couple of rooms in the house. The next day, right after her husband leaves for work, she gets down to the task at hand. Her husband arrives home at 5:30 and detects the distinctive smell of paint. He walks into the living room and finds his wife lying on the floor in a pool of sweat. He notices that she is wearing a ski jacket and a fur coat at the same time. He goes over and asks her if she is OK. She replies, "Yes." He asks what she is doing. She replies that she wanted to prove to him that not all blonde women are dumb and she wanted to do it by painting the house. He then asks her why she has on a ski jacket and a fur coat. She replies that she was reading the direct
They Come
They Come by Kenneth Matlock on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 2:44am Crawling Little creatures that sift through the dark Spineless little wormlings digging on to find their mark An enormous tastey morsel they have found deep inside Some poor old lost soul who has taken it's last ride Now that it is laid to rest I so do hope it did it's best For now the wormlings make a home deep within it's chest I hope it found it's place in life because it did in ground I hope it did not leave this world without making a sound We all want to see ourselves rise up to the top With most unflinching stride that simply will not stop Though it isn't clear if Worm Man made his claim Did he scorch the earth and with intelligence did maim Though, just remember now it doesn't matter what you do Because the wormlings come, they come for me and you. 
Pop That Cherry!
A Cheerleader's Cherry Author: Public Enemy. Melissa Haley walked across the 5th wing hallway and felt eyes piercing through her green blouse and tight jeans. A group of geeks drooled as their heads moved with her hypnotizing sway of her hips while a group of skateboarders watched her in disgust but envy and jealousy in their hearts. She turned her head only to greet few of her cheerleader friends, but she ignored the rest. Melissa pulled up her purse to her shoulder and winked at a guy that was staring at her ass and he swooned to the ground. This was the life of a cheerleader. Since Melissa became a cheerleader, popularity was no problem for her social life. If she thought someone was worthy of being even looking at, it was so, but if she chose to ignore them, then that was the way it was. She had all the friends she needed in her cheerleading squad and her best friend who was the cheerleading captain, Andrea Swanks. Every day, every week, every month, she would have guys drooling
My Thought
laying on the ice cold ground as the numbness takes over,loosing the grisp on reality and the bottle in my grasp,as the darkness starts to sit. fighting to keep my eyes open a little longer, as take my final breath in this world.a world i gain little in and disappointed many in as well.I see now the true path of my life retains in the darkness of my heart,one would welcome it with open arms and hunger to learn , others fear the place I am about to accend into.the depths of ever ending darkness .one way in and no way out.My eyes close to the light as i slip into ever ending sleep.I feel no more pain and my thoughts are empty and I slip into a peaceful slumber, I see now my life was worth fighting for.A test I failed with no effort at all. Now I wish I could take it all back.Why didnt I see it before now the end of my days so close its not heart stops beating as the last breath escapes my lips and lungs.the ground covered in my blood , the pain gone more thoug
Thinking Of You.
Laying here tying not to think of you..nothing work's.All I see is you. I toss and turn and hear you call out my name. Then realize.It's the same j.... just anotyer cruel game.  
Rest Now
Tears keep falling from my eyes, in an emotional-breakdown undertow. To sink and be found broken, by the pain that only love can alleviate. The pains and fears seem to magnify a trecherous stirring in my soul. My sadness is raging wild; the rush of lonliness begins to suffocate. Grasping for a breath, my emotions swirl around as to lift me up. A pull, a tug; strength grabs the arm that directs me to higher ground. An angel in presence, a care-taker in soul; embodied in my spirit. Confusion rests upon the wind of my being; letting it ride by, as I rest now.
What Is Sadomasochism???
I've had several ask the question, "What is sadomasochism?". Well, now I shall answer that for anyone who would like to read this..... Sadomasochism is a paraphilia that combines both sadistic and masochistic sexual behavioral patterns. The main characteristic of sadomasochism is the eroticizing of pain. What appears to the outsider to be painful, even very painful, is experienced as somewhat painful but mostly pleasurable and very sexually arousing to the sadomasochist. The sadist in the sadomasochistic pair is the person who inflicts the pain or punishment; the masochist is the person who submits to the pain, humiliation or control of his or her partner. Sadomasochistic sexual encounters usually occur in the context of scripted scenes that simulate interactions between master or mistress and slave, employer and servant-maid, teacher and student, owner and horse or dog, and parent and child. Sadomasochists may wear black leather or rubber attire. Some gay males and het
Grrrrrrrrrr Take 3..maybe?
uggalofir...: do little dicks make you laugh?10:30pmKloverlynn: really?10:31pmjuggalofir...: mines 3.5inches is that big?10:31pmKloverlynn: Little dicks to not mke me laugh nearly as much as grown ass men painting their faces and acting like illiterate desperate hard up fuckwits10:31pmKloverlynn: 3.5 is big..if you are 5 years old...seriously dude this is AT LEAST the 3rd time you have come into my sb with that exact same line10:32pmKloverlynn: tell it lead inthe paint you fucks use? it maybe something un the faygo that makes you assholes so ridiculous?10:34pmKloverlynn: gee why so quiet...little cleaver man got your tongue10:34pmKloverlynn: You fucks DO realize that shit is a cleaver not a fuckin hatchet right10:35pmKloverlynn: he are disappointing me...btw..LAST time you were in my said it was 4 inches...where did the other 1/2 inch go? Melenko a biter?10:38pmKloverlynn: Bummer....guessyou are startin to get a clue about this finally..this is onl
Refuse To Show!
I scream to the world, there is NOT a thing I cannot do! I have battled with the best, through black and blue. Regardless if I won or lost, that is not what matters most. It’s my vision, my perception, my strength I suppose. For size can be misread, taken for granted in-fact. But you’ll never witness me, upon my back. I stand tall and strong, that’s how I survive. Weeding out all the demons, that has sculpted my life. Responsible for the way I live it, the things I see. You created the best possible, me. For there are no blinders, maybe I’m not seeig the truth. But my vision was tainted, by my youth. The things I have witnessed, lived to tell about. Makes me who I am now, I leave no room for doubt. Because the pain was too fierce, hurts me to this day! I have no other choice, but to live this way. For I am a warrior, surviving is all I know. And weakness is one thing, I refuse to show!
Some call it crazySome say it’s sickBut I think it’s freedomThe pain is fierce but quickSome say that it’s a sinJust a little to riskyBut it helps release the painThat I go through every dayThe blade is sharp and coldAs it runs across my skinLeaving me to ponderAnd decide how deep I cut inThe icy chill running down my spineMakes me feel at easeI no longer feel like a cowardFucking up on everything with every breath I breatheBut some days I want to stopFeeling like everything's wrongTrying to let go of the bladeSometimes I can but not for longIt’s like I'm addicted to the painThe feeling taking refuge in my veinsLeaving me feeling confused and aloneWiping at the streaked tears that seem to be stainedBurned into my skin foreverBecoming a part that I cannot escapeSometimes I just want to hurt all overTo scream at the top of my lungs until they breakI want to escape from my sadness It’s taking over me
Pink and frilly screams... im still a little girl
I Am
In a lack of sleep I forced my mind to wander and dwell in a recollection of dead thoughts. I’ve realized I have no idea who I am and who I am not.
Enemy Of Sleep
I lay on the dirty linoleum of my kitchen floor A mixture of two toned vinyl and cheap plastic Rising up slowly in the corners, trying to escape A voice bleeds through the Styrofoam wall She praying Her words fall onto me, becoming a second skin Wrapping me in a fragile layer of faith A long and beautifully uncomfortable silence deafens me I sink into the image of her She wore low top chucks, faded to perfection They were littered with paint stains and held together with frayed dental floss Swift broken souls that carried the deceptive angel from street corners Somewhere in between the washer worn cut off slacks and the elegant texture scar of her collar bone A feminine frame carved from delicate skin stood decaying and breaking down Her hands, precision straight razors that slice the air with every exaggerated gesture she spoke of My hearing is resurrected with the sound of shallow footsteps A black eyed brunette Her steps echo like broken glass I drift off to sleep
Little Projects Another Way To Find Out Execute And Make Money
Micro tasks are popular and are a genuine means to generate income online. Doing these small tasks from a internet business atmosphere is much more genuine in that they are now experiencing an ever improving need for services. Many of these tasks originally were relevant to it (IT). However, as freelancing from house becomes more popular and very common rather than freelancing from a account site; there are many more groups then IT to publish job abilities into with these job process systems. One of these small tasks is to create content for your website and backlink to the customer's web page. Based on your blog's pr the transaction varies from $3 and up. The content size is usually not less than 150 terms because the consumer wants just a few terms and the weblink without having to pay a lot of cash. This is a genuine way to get a backlink to his web page without worrying a Search engines punch. Another popular job is Facebook or myspace action. Customers want you to like webpages,
Pourquoi Les Utilisateurs Choisir Un Smartphone Par Rapport Aux Autres
Les guerres entre les smartphones semblent être plutôt rude ces derniers temps. Juste au moment où nous avons trouvé un meilleur téléphone intelligent doit avoir une puce dual-core, quad-core téléphone portable pas cher font leur apparition en un clin d'œil. Ainsi, les smartphones sont censés faire presque tout le travail d'un ordinateur peut faire, ce qui signifie qu'ils ont des fonctionnalités similaires, alors ce "s de différer un téléphone intelligent par rapport aux autres? Ou bien, ce n" est plus important pour un téléphone intelligent dans cette guerre féroce ? Regardez le marché des smartphones, tous les nouveaux produits sont présentés avec l'. Must-have spécifications fantaisie d'être un meilleur smartphone Mais avec la technologie à puce progresse si rapidement, nous sommes de plus en plus se rendre au point où avoir le processeur le plus rapide n'est pas forcément synonyme d'avoir le meilleur téléphone. Mais nous soucions des utilisateurs? La plupart des utilisateurs
Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World
Michael SnyderEconomic Collapse Feb 6, 2013 An immensely powerful international organization that most people have never even heard of secretly controls the money supply of the entire globe.  It is called the Bank for International Settlements, and it is the central bank of central banks.  It is located in Basel, Switzerland, but it also has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City.  It is essentially an unelected, unaccountable central bank of the world that has complete immunity from taxation and from national laws.  Even Wikipedia admits that “it is not accountable to any single national government.“  The Bank for International Settlements was used to launder money for the Nazis during World War II, but these days the main purpose of the BIS is to guide and direct the centrally-planned global financial system.  Today, 58 global central banks belong to the BIS, and it has far more power over how the U.S. economy (or any other economy for that matter) will perfo
Take Me
Awake at night i lay, thinking of you in my own special way. Some may think me strange, crass or crude. But i want you to take me, is that rude? To be wrestled, tickled, and seduced till i give in. With kisses and bites and tiny little touches make me spin. You gain my trust bit by bit, until finally colors are swirling and control exits. I will do anything for you, my love so strong. i will let the ripples of your touch turn me on.  I hand my leash to you, giving my full trust. you already know what i need because its a must. You kneel me before you with a special need, But never do so before a token i have recieved. You pull my hair, and start warming my back. starting slow at first, then right on track. Then the  heat, it turns me on. As you have my mouth upon. You make me do so many things, sometimes blindfolded, sometimes seeing. Sometimes tied down, Sometime not. But always always hot... Harder the lashes they come as closer  I get to that sweet release.
Christian Louboutin Every Woman Has The Right When Cinderella
There must be a period of youth, looking forward to a glass slipper and pumpkin carriage themselves from the the dull sea issues and total eradication of acne that can not save out into a princess, become the focus of the party each girl into a prince happiness to the old and the only partner. Later, this Christian Louboutin Pumps fantasy about just like diploma with package sealing, no longer look. Red-soled shoes master Christian Louboutin, recently regained This is Cinderella's dream, a real-world common Slipper design for the the Disney Fall issue "Cinderella" Diamond Edition DVD, extravagant fantasy means of magic became a kind of fairy godmother. "Cinderella is not only an iconic figure, representing the fairy-tale love its elegance, her character and story moments infected with me."Women choose shoes wisdom, "I do not think that should equate happiness and comfort." As a Frenchman, footwear guru Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe understanding of fashion, has been
*warning Nsfw Rant* Getting Cheated On Old School Achievement
*Final Screenshot*   Clearly there is something were not being told about doing this achievement: This is what the achievement states: OLD SCHOOL RATE FEST Rate 10,000 members with no SA bling active!NOTE: you can only do this requirement once you are level 35+ w/VIP *OR* level 53+ w/o VIP. Otherwise your daily limits will interfere!    (Now Unless I was Just Born a SPECIAL kind Of STUPID...and I assure You I was NOT....) There is NOTHING Noted Here that this achievement is under a TIME RESTRAINT..such as with other achievements like Widowmakers ..White Knucklers ECT. The ONLY restrictions are those at level 35 with VIP or lvl 53 W/O VIP I am a Level 54 with so no restrictions apply to Me AND   I was Not running Bling  NOR was anyone i was rating pics for were running Bling .   And Last but not least...I am also working on the POKE achievements...Those Totals are increasing and stay..they also are under NO restrictions other than One you may not know.. There is a POKE L
Equipe De Colombie
France maill Football et meilleur club Atlético Nacional équipe de Colombie a annoncé le 31 janvier que le club va porter kits Nike pour la première fois cette saison. Les kits comprennent la dernière innovation en matière de conception et de matériaux durables et sont conçus pour aider les joueurs à rester au sec et concentré sur terrain car ils défendent leur Primera A titre de champion football shirt . Nike est le fournisseur officiel de toutes les formations Atlético et produit le jour du match,Le kit vert loin lumineux dispose des mêmes matériaux recyclés et de l'innovation dans la trousse d'accueil. L'équipe portera le kit de maison pour la première fois le 2 Février lors d'un match au stade Atanasio Girardot emblématique.Fondée en 1947, y compris une collection de mode de vie.
Tablet Pc Vs Phone Who Is Superior
At present, China weekly about 200 million people by the PC (personal computer) access to the tablet android 4.0 shopping site, according to the China Internet data platform, in a week's time (2013-3-18 to 2013-3-24) 194 million usersvisit the shopping site. Compared with the PC end shopping, the number of users of mobile shopping less trading volume share is very small. But in recent years, with the massive popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs, many e-commerce platform launched by mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs online shopping service, has been a lot of Internet users, its growth rate is unstoppable.     Boarded the stage for many years of online shopping, mobile shopping this position dancers gradually move to the center of the stage from the corner, is gradually snatch the limelight of the protagonist.     At present, the mobile shopping, tablet PCs and smart phones is the most important two terminal device. We are interested in, what kind of eq
Rand Paul: Ap Phone Spying Proves Obama Is “drunk On Power”
Senator slams administration on Benghazi, IRS, AP phone tap scandals Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comMay 14, 2013 Senator Rand Paul responded to the barrage of scandals to hit the Obama administration, from Benghazi, to the IRS targeting conservatives, to the Justice Department spying on Associated Press reporters, by accusing President Obama of being “drunk on power.”   Scoffing at an upcoming House Committee on Ways & Means inquiry into how the IRS targeted those who mentioned the Constitution, the bill of rights, or even making “America a better place to live,” Kentucky Senator Paul said he would introduce a resolution today calling for the IRS agents involved to be fired for abusing their power in targeting people for their political activities. “The President says he’s going to do something if they’re guilty, well it sounds like there’s already been an investigation and no one’s been fired,” Paul told Fox News&
Drudge: Assume All Communications Being Monitored
Infowars.comMay 14, 2013 Comment from Alex Jones: For those who don’t remember your Watergate history, the reference to parking garage recalls “Deep Throat,” the pseudonym given to the secret informant who gave information to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post back in 1972. Obama’s scandalgate shows how he is, as Rand Paul said, is drunk on power.   See: Gov’t obtains wide AP phone records in probe   Follow Drudge on Twitter. Related Articles The White House Says It Had No Idea The DOJ Seized The AP’s Phone Records Ron Paul Leads in New Drudge Poll The Justice Department Secretly Seized AP Phone Records — on a Terror Leak? Drudge Fought The TSA… And Drudge Won Ron Paul Leads in Drudge Poll: Cast Your Vote   This article was posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 6:18 am   Share This Article
Sir J...
If you ever met me in public you would walk away thinking..Unf. I am an  educated, polite guy…I would be a gentlemen. My blog/profile is a part of me that you can’t be in public settings. It’s the same side of you that responds to it. That side of you that wants to be bad, feel naughty, have a man completely take you, dominate you. In essence it’s a balance in power and control thing more than anything. To me it’s not about me being the big dick tough guy that tells his little slut what to do because it makes me feel like more of a man. Not that at all, I am actually a very humble person. But my nature is very dominating and strong. I don’t know that I have ever called a woman a submissive that didn’t want me to. Understand the difference here. My blog/profile isn’t about degrading a woman or breaking her down to make me feel better about myself. If you have a problem with being called “My ssubmissive”… then this isn&r
The Planting Of Love
The young goat ran as quickly as his small hooves could carry him, his eyes were wide with the excitement of yet another new and amazing mystery. His mama knew everything. He would ask her to put her velvety nose against his chest and feel the drum that pounded inside. She would lick his forehead ask what wonderful thing he had discovered now. Then she would explain - in the way that only his mama could do. '' Mama! Mama!'' He stumbled face first into the trough of grain his mama was eating from, his skinny little legs kicking to right himself so he could stare up into her surprised eyes. A few bits of grain stuck to his nose and he sneezed. Laughing, his mama licked them off and then smoothed the ruffled hair on his forehead, her breath was warm and smelled sweet. ''Look at how hard your heart is beating, my beloved! Something amazing must be happening to bring you running so quickly you fell into my breakfast. Share what your eyes saw, or your ears heard, or your nose smelled, or
Sancha - 2009
I taste chocolate, but that's because I just ate a chocolate cookie. Let me cleanse my palate and get back with you.   Okay - Sancha 2009 is very acidic. I taste lemons. Cherries. My tongue has a slightly bitter taste as the wine passes over it. It's a little dry.   I'm not sure I'd purchase this Sancha 2009 again. But my blood is warmed and I had the experience.
DOPPLER 10 WEATHER ALERT---- Prepare now for two rounds of severe storms today with tornadoes possible this afternoon after 3PM north of Columbus and a significant damaging wind event tonight after 2AM.I will closely monitor areas north of I-70 for thunderstorm development this afternoon. High temperatures approaching 90 combined with strong winds aloft may produce tornadoes. Be prepared to move to shelter if a tornado warning is issued in your area.More importantly.... a significant wind event (possibly a derecho) may occur overnight. Wind gusts of 70 mph will be possible. I would prepare now that you may loose power. Also... while a tornado warning may not be issued tonight, I strongly recommend you be in the basement if storms of this intensity form.We will have to see how this develops today...but no harm is done by preparing. Our Doppler 10 Weather Team will be working 24/7 to keep you safe!Please post this to you Facebook wall and share with your friends so everyone is ready for
Get Everything In Place And Hard To Think & Focus & Do This
You Know How You Get When Someone Says I Love You ... I Want You .... And Bam Your Heart Races Your Mind Goes Everywhere And You Can Not Think Or Focus Or Sleep Or Eat , Becasue This Person Said Those 3 LIL Words I Love You ... You Don't Know How To React Your Mind Is Scrattered In All Directions , You Try To Put This In Like a Progress Of Getting Your Duck's In a Row , But The Duck's Are Going Everything But Where You Want Them To Go ... So You Try Takin Each Sentence One At A Time Then Bam Something Else Gets In The Mess Of All Of It...  I Have Been Down This Road Once Twice Before ... And Its Scarey As Hell You Know .... You Want To Be Excited But That LIL Inner Self Gets Scared And Are You Going To Be Enough Are You Going To Be The Only One .... Fears Of a Marriage You Thought Would Be Forever Turned Out Not The Dream It Was. So Much Unsettledness Inside It Scares The Hell Out Of Me ... I Want To Have That One Trust Just Don't Know How To Handle All Of It Swallow It Embrace It  , B
Mountain, heavy are the mountains But that changes, with the passage of time Sky, blue sky, what your eyes can't see, what your eyes can see The sun, one, only one Water, it is agreeable, Commander Ikari Flowers, so many the same, so many without purpose Sky, sky of red, red the color, the color I hate Liquid flows, it drips, ripples, and pours Blood, scent of blood, woman who does not bleed From the red soil the humans come Humans made by man and woman City, a human creation Eva, a human creation as well What are humans? Are they creations of God? Humans, that which is created by humans This is that which is mine My life, my heart I am a vessel for my thoughts The entry plug, the throne of the soul Who is this? This is me 
Lets Take Into Account To Obtain A Realistic Coach Purse
Cost-effective Coach Handbags For SaleAssume about how prolonged folks in essence keep these sorts of bags? You entirely grasp Coach Handbags truly progress a terrific deal considerably a lot more if you put into them. This will be real because of the reality of the Louis Vuitton Handbags gives time to mature moreover to turn out to be softer. Similar to a baseball baseball glove. The extra time curing that glove much better it gets.I get explained the critical cause why the Coach Assortment brand title is actually so superior. Lets take into account to obtain a realistic Coach purse. I have acquired to confess I usually really feel that Coach Shop Outlets is going to be the finest locations to obtain these jewels. I guess I'm hunting for just about any offer Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale shop shops typically carry the plenty of collections nevertheless at essential rates. But these types of stores normally are not stationed like a Walmart. You will need to possess to jour
Work At Home Opportunities
  Great Make Money at Home Opportunities Set reasonable goals, and, stay within budget - soon, you will have the life YOU want - view the links - pick the best one for YOU. http://Clyde1.553.clicksurecpa.com
My Vampire Struck Again ......
There is within the air a certain chillOne that sets an ominous tone of willAs she presses on through the nightEach sound giving her small frightWhen the stranger does appearCalms her nerves and her fearLittle does she know or thinkHer blood he wants to drink......My Vampire struck again ..........
You Should Read This.
Just wanted to say to all the advocates for gay marriage: The fight is not over. Government tentacles effect every part of our lives. Whether its health care, drug policy, foreign policy, economic policy, or civil liberties, we must remain ever vigilant in our quest to reduce government involvement in our personal lives. We are free, and must express our freedom, but cannot just claim victory because of this one issue. There is much more work to do, and the best way to do it is by changing the hearts and minds of the people.
Packers In Addition To Movers In Delhi Intended For Risk-free Changing
Moving derived from one of destination for another is because vibrant work place plus a fresh creation prepared depart their cynosure intended for excessive paying jobs. Wheresoever’s prospect develops, people are willing to adjust so that you can rise in the company area in addition to improve their living expectations. Together with transit techniques blocked on account of rising populace, it offers merely become important to reside in close by function destinations in addition to spend less this traveling period. Whilst it requires a significant time for it to traveling derived from one of host to the location to a different, changing has grown to be economical in addition to beneficial in today's situations. The packers and movers in delhi are specialized companies that include conclude to separate providers to people planning to adjust with no going through the trouble. The taking companies make use of qualified specialists and still have move companies to adjust light to
Rise Above
Excuses, criticisms, and superstitions are vitamins for haters, but poison for the successful. Rise above!
Tommy And His Ninja Dream
one day a  boy was running down a the boy (tommy) is running down this dark dirt road surrounded by these creepy trees a shadow jumped out in front of him..tommy was running so fast that a shadow grabs him by his shoe and trips him. tommy than gets up and notices that he turned into a ninja. he was like, how did this happen? apparently the shadow was some sort of genie. tommy than looked up at this genie. the genie was like 6 feet tall, very round, and a blue-gray color with big yellow eyes. the genie was like i didnt think anyone would be out in this part of the woods at this time of night and when i seen you just running along like u was running from something i thought u might needed a lil help so i floated out in front of you so u would stop and when u tripped i thought that turning you into a ninja might help you tommy grew over 10 feet tall and wore a black vest tht said ninja power. so tommy looked at a tree and it fell.tommy was like, wow. he thought all i have t
Sustainable Development Park Violates Artist’s Political Expression
Julie WilsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 Respected artist and business owner Chris Hobe had his artwork yanked from an art gallery showing in Atlanta, Ga. after the property manager accused his work of being “violent in nature.”Hobe’s company, Artistic Revolt, creates and produces original art and clothing that represents the “history of our great nation.” Hobe says he “utilizes the cycles of history to create art that makes people think a little deeper than just a piece of art.” “My art is intended to make people think outside the box and not just go with the mainstream; to inspire people to be pioneers like the people before us and not just be content or complacent.” Chris Hobe has long displayed his work in the area, but just recently joined forces with a large property corporation called Atlantic Station. Atlantic Station offers shopping, dining, movies in the park and festivals featuring art galleries. According to the park&rsq
Doctor's Appointment
Today I had a doctor's appointment in Missouri.  I've never seen this doctor before.  The doctor she replaced went to work at alton memorial hospital.  The replacement doctor was real sweet, well actually, everybody who works at my doctor's office is really nice.  She thinks i need to see a cardiologist about my heart problem.  I was born with a hole in my heart.  She said it sounded like there is some leakage.  God I hope I don't have to have heart surgery.  That would be scary.  She also wants me to get a chest x-ray since I just got over pneumonia last month.  ahhhhhhhhhh bad news noooooooooooooooooooooo
Bright Eyes
I love the way you look at me,Your eyes so bright and blue.I love the way you kiss me,Your lips so soft and smooth.I love the way you make me so happy,And the ways you show you care.I love the way you say, "I Love You,"And the way you're always there.I love the way you touch me,Always sending chills down my spine.I love that you are with me,And glad that you are mine.
The Day Of Rest..........
Day 1 God created Earth. Day 2 God created Man/Woman. Day 3 God created the NAVY. Day 4 God created the AIR FORCE. Day 5 God created the ARMY. Day 6 God created the MARINES. On Day 7 God rested 'cause he knew the shit would be HANDLED!!!!!!
Sylvinho Steals From The Foot Of The Brazilian Penalty Area Cross
Kingsley Boateng broke Milan 1 0 St. Paul was third Beijing time on August 2, Audi Cup 34 finals war,cheap nhl jerseys AC Milan played Brazilian giants Sao Paulo, the first half Amelia repeatedly wrecker, Petah Virginia hit the crossbar, the second half off the bench teenager Kingsley - Bo Boateng scored the game's only goal, AC Milan 1-0 in Sao Paulo, to obtain the current Audi Cup runner-up, the Rossoneri also end of the previous tournament winless and two consecutive two back bottom embarrassment. The first five minutes, Virgin Niagara siege opponent steals the ball is not decisive,Vancouver Canucks jersey then young defender Milan Qiuhou mistakes again, and was Sylvinho steals from the foot of the Brazilian penalty area cross, the ball Gansel Road turn left foot low shot, Amelia meritorious this single-handedly kick saved. 11 minutes, Petah Virginia ball, Chaaraoui empty cut break to the left before the bottom line, small-angle low shot was Paulo goalkeeper Dennis confiscated. T
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 161
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 161 of Janey Godley's Podcast the comedy mother and daughter duo let loose about all this Edinburgh fringe. They discuss the plight of the two UK girl held in Peru for drug smuggling, the SDL racist march in Edinburgh and the Tartan Army in London. Ashley talks of the taxi door near death experience and tells us all about her time at comedy wrestling. Janey talks about her football debut and they both sing a song badly. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 161 If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and donate via PayPal or like us on Faceb
I Have A Thought.....
You have become my obsession. My desires have become infected with Your will to use me however You see fit. Thirstily I crave a touch from You that I have not yet felt. The thought of becoming a slave for You makes my body quiver. The pain that You will inflict on my body makes my skin crawl. You have not yet touched me, but I can imagine the firmness of Your hands. I beg for my punishment. I want to be bad for You, so that I can be seen as good in Your eyes. My body is transforming itself into Your possession. I'm feeling the addiction more each minute. The submission of my being is becoming easier to fathom. I'm ready to be trained. You have the control. You have the power to use me, and make me feel that release. Complete and total control of my body as I am not able to control myself. I await the day that I become Yours.
Robes Paraitre Plus Mince
  Comment paraître plus mince, avec l'arrivée du printemps, nous voulons plus que jamais de profiter de la première année solaire en utilisant une robe de femme et jolie. Comme tous les vêtements de mode, robes ont également trucs qui peuvent promouvoir notre silhouette, mettant en évidence les points forts et camoufler ces domaines que nous n'aimons pas trop. Plus important encore, de sorte que le résultat est ce que vous attendez est de connaître votre propre corps. Oubliez les vêtements toujours en noir et habitudes de consommation, très populaire dans la dernière saison, les couleurs, les coupes, les longueurs, etc. Sachez donc quelques astuces de mode pour choisir des robes qui vous font paraître plus mince. Préférez des robes monochromes, ces affiner la silhouette habituellement. Mais attention! pas besoin d'être sombre. Robes à volants ou des détails dans l'abdomen ou des hanches ajoute du volume dans ces domaines et qui certainement ne sera pas. Éviter ces modèles et préfère
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Newport Cigarettes Online DuringWorld War IIthey a standby up to 390 h for 3G connection and a talk time of up to 15 h. LG Nexus 4 is well marked for its design, performance and features considerin.Newport Cigarettes Onlineg its attractive and interactive impressive quality and version. For more updates or information on LG mobiles or othe.r upcoming and LG Nexus 4 pictures and latest mobiles, log on to mobiledekho. Here is the list of the top 5 most demanded cigarettes in the.Newport Cigarettes Online whole world by smokers. 5. Pall Mall cigarettes Manufactured.Newport Cigarettes Online by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and British American Tobacco those ci.Newport Cigarettes Onlinegarettes are well-known in buts USA and Europe. Famous for their chorc.Newport Cigarettes Onlineoal filter, they're your best bet if you're not sure what to smoke and if y.ou want mild, but well-tasting cigarettes. Some may not like the "chorcoal" aftertaste, but you can quickly get used to i
Ells Agent And They Mutually D
SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Jazz will not allow disgruntled guard Raja Bell to join the team for training camp even though he remains under contract and they havent been able to agree on buyout terms. Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey issued a statement Friday on Bell, who has publicly feuded with coach Tyrone Corbin. Lindsey says in his statement that he has spoken with Bells agent and they mutually decided it is in the "best interest" of both sides that he not rejoin the team. The 35-year-old Bell is set to make $3.5 million this season, his last year under contract with the Jazz. But he said at the end of last season that he didnt want to play for Utah this year and was critical of Corbin and the organization. Cheap NFL Jerseys . -- Jimmie Johnson thought somebody had traded paint with his motorhome. Cheap MLB Jerseys . -- BJ Youngs career at Arkansas might be over after just one season. . There were bright spots during Indys 31
Sex Therapy...
A couple is having trouble with their sex life and after a great deal of frustration the wife decides to talk things over with her friend. Her friend tells her that her and her husband have been to a sex therapist and he helped them spice up their love life so much it's like they're teenagers again. The wife asks what the therapist had them do. She says "Well he told us we should use a little food and make a game of it. He had me eat a doughnut off of my husbands penis." The wife thinks it's a marvelous idea and asks what the therapist had him do to her. She replies "He told my husband to eat grapes out of my vagina." Intrigued the wife drags her husband to her friend's sex therapist. After their first meeting the therapist is reluctant to help. He says "I really don't think I can do much for you. My therapies aren't suited for a couple like you." But the husband and wife, desperate, beg and beg for his help. So finally he replies "Well you'll need an apple and a cheerio."
An old man saw a scorpion drowning and decided to pull it out from the water. He calmly extended his hand to reach the creature. When he did, the scorpion stung him. With the effect of the pain, the old man let go the creature and it fell back into the water. The man realizing that the scorpion was drowning again, got back and tried to rescue it but then again it stung him. He let go of it again.A young boy standing by, approached the old man and said, “Excuse me Sir, you are going to hurt yourself trying to save the evil-vicious creature, why do you insist? Don't you realize that each time you try to help the scorpion, it stings you?”The man replied, “The nature of the scorpion is to sting and mine is to help. My nature will not change in helping the scorpion.”So the man thought for a while and used a leaf from a nearby tree and pulled the scorpion out from the water and saved its life.MORAL LESSON: Do not change your nature. If someone hurts you, just take pre
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 164
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 164 of Janey Godley's Podcast with Ashley Storrie the comedy mother and daughter get into this week's news. They discuss Prince Harry's assassination attempt in Afghanistan, Jack Nicolson's memory loss and Noel Gallagher's political views. Ashley talks about the football transfer window and Janey goes all 'Diana' on us. Ashley's diary is back by popular demand and they both chat about their upcoming trip to Los Angeles. There is a mermaid tale that almost resulted in a death. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 164  If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto
Note To Fubar
Really disgusted that u all would promote a date rape drug as bling as if its some sort of trophy of some sort! And anyone that has been victim to a roofie because this is the real SICK world that we live in...isnt seeing at all the humor or reasoning that a site like this would give shitheads the mindset to think roofies are at all cool WTF r u all thinking!!!!Absolutely turned my stomach !!Completely a disrespectful and insensitive Bling why dont u just PROMOTE RAPE ALREADY!!! OHH U JUST DID!
Why I've Been Mia Lately 09-09-13
So,   Some of you may have (or may not have) noticed that this last few weeks (or months really) I have not been around much. Probably none of you really cares or probably more accurately no one really noticed, but there are a number of reasons for this, for those who are interested.   I'm currently enrolled in a 10 week (once a week) course that will not end, until late October, so, there's that.Some (probably most) of you know that I'm a mother of three children, the oldest of which, has Right Hemi-Paretic Cerebral Palsy. What this means is that his intellect is NOT affected, his body however, is. He has right-sided weakness that runs the length of his body, and he also has a leg length discrepancy on that side (one leg is shorter than the other). He will have this for the rest of this life, and requires a lot of therapy sessions, special bracing and casting, and several neurological appointments to check on his brain functioning and make sure that he's not at risk for seizures a
As I walk darkly Through the cold, old neighborhood I can hear the houses call out The Colonials The Victorians The Cape Cods Their gingerbread appointments  cracking Their masonry slowly crumbling Their paint, their identity, peeling Yearning Pleading to be restored To the pristineness of their glory years Screaming that their souls Are ready and begging But suppressed By the deafening, disinterested silence That is modern urban decay
Tom Daley: 'it's Funny People Think I'm Gay'
 has revealed that he thinks it's "funny" that some people think he's gay . The diver and TV personality told The Mirror that he'd happily admit to being gay if he was - and doesn't mind the gossip. "I think it's funny when people say I'm gay... I laugh it off," he insisted. "I'm not. But even if I was, I wouldn't be ashamed. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest what people thought." And he said he was appreciative of his gay fans.
Hướng Dẫn Lắp đặt Bình Nước Nóng
Nhiều gia đình tự mua binh nuoc nong về và tự lắp đặt, lắp đặt không đúng cách có thể làm hư bình nước nónghoặc gây nguy hiểm khi sử dụng. Thegioibinhnonglanh xin chia sẻ cơ bản về các bước lắp đặt bình nước nóng để các gia đình có thể tự lắp đặt khi cần thiết. Tốt nhất khi mua, chúng tôi khuyến cáo nên yêu cầu thợ lắp đặt lắp đặt sẵn cho bạn. Hướng dẫn lắp đặt bình nước nóng như sau :  Bình nước nóng nên đặt gần nơi sử dụng để tránh thất thoát nhiệt qua đường ống dẫn. Phải có tối thiểu 50 cm bán kính xung quanhkhông v
Web Developer Philippines | Fydesigns
Web Developer Philippines | FYDesignsFYDesigns' iOS and Adroid developers create wonderful apps based on the client's requirement, be it a game, knowledge base database or an automated system. The limitation of what we can do depends on how the client envisioned their requirements. Our expert iOS and Android developers will guide you thru conceptualization to go-live.
The First Thing I Ever Wrote For Kelly, 17 Apr 13...
in all my life, i've only once thought these thingsi can't ever be close to anyonei don't ever feel the need to clingbut now i behold your beauty, and the earth revolves around the sunnot even once have i said this thing beforei have never wanted to try so hardin light of that, it means so much moreand so much more my senses jarredi will tell you head to toei will tell you heart and soulas the moon wax and wanesi find myself not new but changedi have opened myself to newer portalsand seen the sunlight shining for me todaysuddenly, i feel that i am immortali can't keep your image at bayi'll never know the reason whyi was meant to read between the linesbut it's all those things i know you'd dothat have me wrapped inside of you
You Are The One
You are the one...... I need in my lifeyou are the one...... made my life beautifulyou are the one...... given direction to my lifeyou are the one...... I opened up my heartyou are the one...... I admire mostyou are the one...... I want to see happyyou are the one...... I want to hold in my armsyou are the one...... I want to see beside meyou are the one...... I want to cry withyou are the one...... I want to laugh withyou are the one...... I am waiting to come into my lifeyou are the one...... I want to spend my whole lifeyou are the one...... I cant loseyou are the one...... I miss a lotyou are the one...... love you
Points To Consider While Seeking Cloud Solutions Providers
Cloud Computing is among most sophisticated technologies who have a significant influence operating in financial products nowadays. It gives you provisional technology which aids with preserving expense to your substantial level. It's the hottest and desired net application for lot of worldwide organizations. Additionally, there are numerous advantages linked to it, for example it helps the actual deployment time for it to implement, cooperative desire throughout crests, aiming the actual financial constraints for this good desire of the application, having elevating the actual funds and danger to any info centre. To have total attributes of foriegn computing, it is very important to look top for efficient cloud solution services who will be dependable and skilled with delivering answers. Nevertheless it is necessary to look for almost all facts as soon as in search of a professional provider with regard to cloud services for example: - Cloud managed services should have the ability t
Đồng Phục Bảo Hộ Lao động
Tư vấn may đồng phục bảo hộ lao độngQuần áo bảo hộ lao động thường được may bằng vải kaki có độ bền cao,được sử dụng cho công nhân trong các ngành công nghiệp, nông nghiệp và xây dựng. Quần áo bảo hộ lao động có chất liệu vải dầy dặn nhưng vẫn thoáng mát đảm bảo cho người lao động khi sử dụng cảm thấy dễ chịu và thuận tiện trong khi làm việc. Vải kaki có 2 loại chính: Vải kaki băng zin: hàng nhập nhà máy liên doanh Vĩnh Phúc - Hàn Quốc và vải kaki Nam Định. Với loại vải kaki băng zin: về chất liệu, đây là loại vải cotton, sợi b
Cho Thue Xe Cuoi Hoi Tai Ha Noi Gia Uu Dai
Đức Vinh chuyên cho thuê xe cưới hỏi giá rẻ tại Hà Nội, sau đây chúng tôi xin giới thiệu tới Quý khách hàng dịch vụ cho thuê xe cưới VIP BMW 750I: Dịch vụ CHO THUÊ XE CƯỚI BMW 750i VIP tại Hà Nội của Đức Vinh Trans .  Chúng tôi chuyên phục vụ các hội nghị cấp cao và cưới hỏi, Đức Vinh  rất hân hạnh được góp phần mang lại cho các đôi uyên ương những   giây phút đáng nhớ nhất trong cuộc đời... Đến với dịch vụ cho thuê xe cưới vip của Đức Vinh , bạn sẽ được phục vụ tận tình, chu đáo, chuyên nghiệp:- Đội ngũ nhân viên lái xe trang trọng, lịch sự
Why Do I Feel Like Sjit
Hee i feel realy shit about my shitty shit faced fubar plz help me get my mood back up to positive!!!!!!!!!Kind Regards, Sebastiaan Laurens Koetsier! 
Are These Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones Worth It
I recently met a gentleman walking around the mall wearing Monster Beats By Dr. Dre Studio headphones and could not resist the urge to ask him how they sounded. He was kind enough to let me have quick listen to his Beats headphones and to say I was impressed would be quite an understatement. Checking out the sound and experiencing them for myself made me want to write this Beats By Dr. Dre Review, so I hope if helps those looking for a little more information on by dre black friday From the look, feel, design, and most importantly, the superb sound quality, it is apparent that Monster and Dr. Dre and their teams have put together a classic line of high-quality headphones aimed toward music lovers and hip hop fanatics, specifically. The official statement is that these headphones have taken over three years of research and development before they were released to the friday beats by dre This is obvious once you hear what come through these Beats noise cancelling
What Actually Almost All Options Will Probably Packers Together With Movers Offer You?
Changing seriously isn't a particular mankind's career. This can be a moment acquiring although struggle wherever anyone functions to undergo as soon as within lifespan. Nevertheless this particular appears to be very fascinating; having fun with simple fact it could grow into the actual pain in any other case prepared properly. To help you out reduce decrease on this challenge, there are many having together with changing firms who have show up already in the market? Precisely what may well Packers together with Movers specifically achieve? Certainly, here's the essential dilemma that may turn up in your mind. Truth is told these companies’ features as being a guidebook to accumulate exceptional together with faster new house purchase firms. Most of these organizations ensure that along with organizing together with because of the due date shipment, the actual new house purchase plan of action should go stress no cost. Aside from, at this time there will not be almost any mile
Iwin 280
Sau những đợt cập nhật và ra mắt iwin phiên bản mới nhất đó là iWin 425 dành cho Android và iOS và tiếp đó không phụ lòng mong mỏi của người chơi NPH đã tung ra phiên bản iWin 280 bổ sung thêm game mới đó là Tiến Lên Miền Nam Solo.   Tải và cập nhật ngay iWin 280 - iWin 2.8.0 phiên bản bổ sung game Tiến Lên Miền Nam solo tại đây:
The sky was... colored with your smile painted warm against the night telling me there's reasons always reasons and everywhere I walked I saw your smile and it told me I was safe and I was breathing...
The Magic Of Hope
Inspiration Instilled motivations Spiritual satisfaction Feeling backed not by words But by actions Funded by deep seeded attractions Just cause we're on equal sides Of an equation I should try to match all expectations... Nah Faithfulness bathed in pride Stand tall Partnerships built Designs backed by trust Funny how happiness seems to find me When dark shadows have me feeling lost Weary times Walking blind on frontlines Why fake the funk Raw emotions Love refined then purified Trust in ya self Listen to ya heart Unlock the magic of hope Addiction from birth Ever since the gates first opened Sunshine >From sunset to sunrise I see brilliance in ya strides Passion in ya eyes Grace in ya curves Wisdom in ya words And yes you've been blessed With the magic of hope Fabric of affection Woven with care, no remorse Life's too short to despair Way to short to let disappear Especially since I spent most of my life Try
The Lizard King
One of my faves! and me reading it What are you doing here? What do you want? Is it music? We can play music. But you want more. You want something & someone new. Am I right? Of course I am. You want ecstasy Desire & dreams. Things not exactly what they seem. I lead you this way, he pulls that way. I'm not singing to an imaginary girl. I'm talking to you, my self. Let's recreate the world. The palace of conception is burning. Look. See it burn. Bask in the warm hot coals. You're too young to be old You don't need to be told You want to see things as they are. You know exactly what I do Everything
we have blogs now lol
Best Friends #2
BEST FRIENDS #2 A friend is unique, we have so few, But I'll always be at your side, whatever you choose to do. I will encourage when no one else cares, And I will listen whenever you want to share. I'll support your choices and at times, try to be objective, To help you focus clearly & try to keep things in perspective. I will always forgive when others around us will not, For a fee, they'll befriend you- But my friendship can't be bought. As each day passes us by, I will enlighten your pace, With loyalty, honesty & love to keep a smile on your face. Yes, I am your best friend and I'll love you for life, I love you, you love me & together always we will be As husband and wife. WRITTEN BY: © VICKI JOINER APRIL 17, 1995 COPYRIGHTED: JANUARY 14, 2002
Old Friends Meet Again
OLD FRIENDS MEET AGAIN The day started off like no other Lexi the plan bored housewife, got up and dressed to go pick up some doughnuts for the kids. Well while she was out she had decided to take a short cut home instead of her usually route. Not knowing that that one decison would change things for her and bring up some feelings that she had forgotten bout for years! As she turned on a street that she usaually just rode by as she was on her way home she glanced over at a house that brought back so many memories. It was her high school sweethearts dads and stepmoms. She never quit thinking of him but never knew where to find him and of course she had gotten married so........ what was she to do? Well something told her to glance up all of a sudden and she nearly wrecked her car as she saw him standing there. Her heart flew to her throat and she could barely get his name out of her mouth! then finally as she sarted saying his name he turned around and saw her. Instantly there eyes
Story Of My Life
the games and the dances the friends and the foes. stayin up all nite and drink till its day the stories and the rumors the truth and its lies the years have been hell and yet they have been fun you wonder why people act like this, why does everyone need to be in a click i do not belong to just one. as i am my own i blend and i fade as if i dont wana be seen my actions and my words will never be the same i will hang wit the crowd i will try my best but i dont want to fit in and i dont wanna pretend you call me what you want you never call me by name i will be the thug i will be the geek and yes i will be the goth as well never will i be that prep that cheerleader or the prom queen nor do i care to ever be this is my teenage years this is me and who i am i am mary jo conner i am the outkast i am me i will chill wit the guys i will chill with my gurls and just
Which Action Hero Would You Be?
You scored as William Wallace. The great Scottish warrior William Wallace led his people against their English oppressors in a campaign that won independence for Scotland and immortalized him in the hearts of his countrymen. With his warrior's heart, tactician's mind, and poet's soul, Wallace was a brilliant leader. He just wanted to live a simple life on his farm, but he gave it up to help his country in its time of need. William Wallace75%El Zorro63%Maximus58%Neo, the "One"46%The Terminator42%James Bond, Agent 00742%Indiana Jones38%Batman, the Dark Knight33%Captain Jack Sparrow33%Lara Croft17%
How long has the blog option been up? Have I been THAT braindead lately? Some of you, don't answer that. I already know what you'll say. Grrrrrr...
She was the cool air of a summers night, yet inside were strange confusions. She had confident exteriors but could she ever be the person that she really was? Her dreams were folded neatly and placed in open view, a mask to cover up her anxieties, but I knew behind it all she was everything she ever said she was, but some how she'd stopped believing... I knew inside of her were angels, singing a soft chorus of melodic hope, monochrome tears for a world she didn't know, and even as she passed from view, and faded out beyond the street light, I knew one day everything would work out, it has to, doesn't it?
Ok, So I Lied ...
I was going thru my Myspace account and looking at all the old posts that people put on there for me and remembering the good times and shit like that, when I came across my exroomate's comment. So I clicked on her page just out of curiosity ... and I saw she had some really negative titles to her blog subjects. So, I decided to click on the blog and read it ... AND IT WAS FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC !!! This bitch ripped me off over $500.00 right before Christmas last year so I was not able to give my loved ones more. I was really poor around that time because of her. This was the Christmas money I had saved up so it would have been a nice Christmas for everyone and that fucking cunt ... oh well, I'm over it. (At least that's what I'll tell you.) So anywho, back to her ... her blog is all "My uncle died, my mom was in the hospital, my brother has type 1 diabetes, I lost my job and no one is calling me back where I put my resumes, I'm fighting with my BF (or is it husband now ... who k
Lips Of An Angel
Lyrics to 'Lips of an angel' by Hinder. Honey why are you calling me so late It's kinda hard to talk right now Honey why are you crying is everything okay I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud Well, my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel It's funny that you're calling me tonight And yes I've dreamt of you too And does he know you're talking to me Will it start a fight No I don't think she has a clue Well my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wan

Since I had to live without love I have been lost in blackness Desperately looking for a kind caress wishing for that special gift from up above with the purity of a dove Every night I wish upon a star wishing I was where you are living like this is pure hell and I know it all to well feeling sad and so very alone It chills me to the bone I will make amends for all I done so we can be together as one all I need is one more chance to prove to you this ain't no song and dance I want to give you all I can give and cherish you for as long as I live I finally realize love comes from the heart not the head and It should not be taken for granted I am a new man because of this and I will do anything just to feel your loving kiss
Nightwish Bless The Child Lyrics
"I was born amidst the purple waterfalls. I was weak, yet not unblessed. Dead to the world, alive for the journey. One night I dreamt a white rose withering, a newborn drowning a lifetime loneliness. I dreamt all my future, relived my past, and witnessed the beauty of the Beast" Where have all the feelings gone? Why has all the laughter ceased? Why am I loved only when I'm gone? Gone back in time to bless the child. How can I ever feel again? Given the chance would I return? Why am I loved only when I'm gone? Gone back in time to bless the child. Think of me long enough to make a memory. Come bless the child one more time. I've never felt so alone in my life. As I drank from a cup which was counting my time. There's a poison drop in this cup of man, To drink it is to follow the left hand path. Why am I loved only when I'm gone? Gone back in time to bless the child. Think of me long enough to make a memory. Come bless the child one mo
B£st Friends V$ Friend£
The differnece between best friends n friends    *ღ*Friend: calls your parents by Mr. and Mrs.*ღ* *ღ*Best friend: calls your parents dad and mum.*ღ*       *ღ*Friend: has never seen you cry*ღ* *ღ*Best friend: has always had the best shoulder to cry on*ღ*         *ღ*Friend: never asks for anything to eat or drink*ღ* *ღ*Best friend: opens the fridge and makes herself at home*ღ*        *ღ*Friend: asks you to write down your number.*ღ* *ღ*Best friend: they ask you for their number (cuz they can't remember it)*ღ*        *ღ*Friend: borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.*ღ* *ღ*Best friend: has a closet full of your stuff*ღ*        *ღ*Friend: only knows a few things about you*ღ* *ღ*Best friend: could write a biography on your life story*ღ*        *ღ*Friend: will leave you behind if that is what
What The Hell
WTH I take all my naked pix out of my LC profile and now seems no one wants to leave me comments or anything anymore damn....I mean the ONLY reason i took em out was due to havin the love of my life on here as well and was a respect thing to him....Come on friends i mean just cause they are gone dont mean ya cant still comment and such i feel unloved now
My thoughts are full of confusion and turmoil today. Maybe it's because sleep is evading me. My restless soul will not submit to the dream world to give my heart and thoughts a break from this hellish reality I remain in. I feel so broken, my soul weak. How has my life ended up in such a destructive state? Where was my mind all these years that I should have been fighting this hell with everything I had? Though some small part of me has returned to some degree of normality I still feel lost on a path of no return. Any small piece of sanity that remains in me has come from Randy's strength. He helps me to hold on to what little mind I have left. He is my angel, my only peace of mind. I just hope his love can guide me out of this path I have found myself on. Am I even worthy of being loved again? I see myself as nothing, but a shell of the person I used to be. That person is so far from my reach that finding her feels completely impossible. Even my medication seems to be lackin
Death comes and go you don't know where it may appear. It could be now, later or in ten years. You won't know when it comes for you. You shouldn't be afraid of death 'cause death is part of life. I'll tell you one thing and that is, that I'm not afraid of death.
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Graveyard Ghoulfriend
Synopsis: Boy meets corpse. Boy falls in love with corpse. Boy marries corpse. Let me introduce myself, my name’s Damien DeVille, you can just call me Double D. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that my life’s just a little different then yours…well, actually my life’s just a little different then most peoples. What separates me from all the norms of society you ask? Well, for starters I’m married to a corpse. Yes, you read that right, a corpse. Don’t be too hasty to judge me however as this is no ordinary corpse, or living impaired as the wife prefers to be called. Oh no, this is the cutest little dead girl you’ve ever seen. I tell you, she’s something else. I still remember the night we met like it was yesterday. My buddy and I were out robbing graves, which was nothing out of the ordinary as we did that every Saturday Night, when we came upon a headstone. The birth date inscribed on it was exactly the same as mine. I thought that was somewhat interesting, but
Dream Girl
It was a chance meeting An astonishing twist of fate To find one who completes me My beloved, my soul mate I wasn’t sure that you existed I feared I would never find you I promise to love you always And leave notes that remind you I’ve fallen for you girl And know your falling for me Within your precious letters I’ve found all I could ever need You’re the one I make starry eyed The girl who sparkles and gleams You’re my every fantasy fulfilled The one of which I have dreamed Little by little, piece by piece I’m capturing your heart I love you more then words You’ve known that from the start I’ve never felt like this before For you it’s a love pure and true Never in my lifetime has anyone Made me feel the way you do So I give you my heart It’s yours to keep And when I dream It’ll be of you, when I sleep But, if I’m only dreaming I hope I never awake I pray to stay here with you In this life we make
Drilled To Death (song Lyrics)
Drill through flesh Screwed to a table You wish to leave But are not able Bloodstained saw Remove your skin I'll wear you And your sin In darkness dwell I am monster Send you to hell I am killer With a knife Slit your throat Blood flows as you Gag and choke Black clouds Fill the skies Visions of death In your eyes In darkness dwell I am monster Send you to hell I am killer Rotting and perverse Mind of disease Demonic butcher Do as I please Spikes puncture organs Vital functions cease Massive hemorrhage Join the deceased In darkness dwell I am monster Send you to hell I am killer
Well the times pass with every cautious look, we can see what needs to be done ,know the words to say but they remain unspoken,it's clear there is something in the air, something so right, something so true.As the wind blows through blowing those that we don't care to remember and taking ones that we do a sense of rejoice builds from within, i can't remember feeling this way and i will never forget this time we had on this world together. Unconditional raw emotion, a contagous thought , tears running down my face, simple things to remind us that our loved has flourished Shaun A.J. McLean
Here Comes More Drama
as if there isnt enough bs on here now theyve added a thing so u can see who rates low...not that it bothers me cuz if i dont like the pic ill rate it like i want to well as i can take a low rate...who cares ya know?? its not like i know most people on here personally but fuck can you imagine all the emotionally unstable twits they have on here running to the bouncers everytime they get a low rating?? PEOPLE THERE IS A WAR GOING ON!!PEOPLE ARE STARVING WORLDWIDE!!! there are bigger issues than your own egos!!
Pic Ratings
i recently recieved a pic rating of 1 on one of my pics, the pic happens 2 be one that hits close 2 my heart. the pic is one that is my heritage not hate with the confederate battle flag. in my opinion if u feel that u hate it that much than u truely dont understand the true meaning of the flag, or u are racist or a kkk member, sorry 4 the strong statment but i cant help it. 2 many people are not educated enough 2 realize that slvery was a minor issue of the civil war that they believe that the flag is a hate symbol, and that just kills me. being from the south and being very proud of it, this 2 me is an outrage. the battle flag was used in the same way that union soldiers used the american flag(which i am also proud 2 say i am glad i am an american, please support OUR troops) it was just a symbol of a belief and a way of life that they believed in(remember that the majority of the soldiers of the south were poor farmers that couldnt care less if there were slaves or not). so if u can
I Give You My Soul
I try to get over the pain, but it's just so hard to do. Trying to find a love that is interested in you. Wanting something so bad, something that you know you've never had. The pain is always there with me. No matter where I hide it seems to find me. I know this isn't the way it's supposed to be, so why can't I face reality? Over and over again I try. Over and over again I am made to cry. Just once I would like to find, a man who is all mine. I can't go own knowing that there's no one for me, so I bef of yu and i pleasd. Do you know of the true love I so desire? One that will love me and is not a liar? No games to be played or lies to be told, if you are him then I give you my soul.
Last One For Today
Dawn As I lay here. The day is gone. Night has come. With it the dawn. Of a new day Of a new world of a new universe of a new existence As the dawn turns to dusk The dreams come out and the day dies Always to be reborn. never to fade for long. With it the hopes and dreams of us all
Big News
I've been working on learning the guitar, given the fact I can already play drums. Hopefully with some more practice, you'll see me ROCKIN out soon enough :-D
Ooo My First Time
This is my first entry yay! There's so much to do on lc, I forgot about the blog (thank you Juggalo in D skies!!!) Today is quite boring, to say the least. I could have some friends over, but I'm just not feeling it. The long weekend (at least to me it was, a had SOOOO many people over on Friday and Saturday, my house always seem to have people and then before you know it it's a full blown party) just makin me want to chill out and see what's up on lc and download the pics I have been meaning to download. I'm still in the process, but wanted to enter in the blog before I forget (again). Much love to all who reads, not that there was much to read!!
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2 Part Stuff
Part 1 I once had a dream, a dream to better my life and make it full. To make my life worth living. Over the years though my dream has collapsed. It doesn't matter what my dream was. All that seems to matter is the faults. What are the faults that have caused my dream to die? Well I'll explain. First off, my fathers side of the family doesn't claim me. Says I'm not thier blood, I'm a bastard. Secondly my mothers side of the family are hypocrits. Not my mother, but her parents, and her sister, and her sisters kids. I'm a blacksheep in the highest regard for those things I have done and the women I have loved. I believe in art, freedom of expression, etc. Usually deals in tattoos, piercings, and alike. They believe in supression. Except for my cousin, she makes all the same mistakes I did, she still is making them. But she is still loved and held in high regard with them. I'm staying with my mother again. She, my half brother, and her 30 year old boy toy. Half the time it feels as thou
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Random Ass Quiz
1.You and Jesus go out to dinner -do you pay? pretty sure paying isn't the issue 2. You suddenly have to flee the country and adopt an alias. Miguel Coranado 3. Pick one state in the U.S. to get rid of permanently? Vermont...does anyone ever hear anything about them? 4. You wake up as the opposite gender what's the one thing you wanna do? play with the boobies of course...just like every other guy would 5. Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Solo...Skywalker had a thing for his sis 6. Toy you always wanted but never got as a child? TMNT it but had to be returned...wish I had gotten another one v_v 7. Top three celebrities you want to meet.... (opposite sex)?: Alyssa Milano, Giselle, Milla Jovovich 8. What's an automatic deal breaker in a potential significant other? lying/cheating 9. What is the last movie you saw that actually scared you? Emily Rose I guess...only because I went out at 3AM and looked up one night...freaked me a bit 10. Stupidest
Good Morning
Good Morning Ya'll just wanted too wish everyone a great day :)
You scored as Interesting/outgoing.... You like to be the center of attention. People enjoy you because you're so outgoing and entertaining! Everywhere you go, people are attracted to your playfulness and energy. You have no trouble finding friends, although you exclude certain types of people (usually quiet types). Interesting/outgoing...95%Nerd/anti-social70%Freak70%Competitive/achiever65%Fast Paced65%Quiet/thoughtful45%Insecure30%What kind of personality do you have??created with
Until That Day
Since you moved,hundreds of miles away It seems everything between us has changed I realize now things will never be the same Soon enough you will forget my name For now I will cherish what's left until that day
The Boyfriend
So my boyfriend comes home from work..I was in a great mood up till then...He started bitching at me because i didnt clean the house..Well fuck him..Im sick as hell and he KNOWS that..Im not going to bust my ass for that ungreatful idiot... So yeah...besides that my day is going great :D Lol -Ash
My Reflection
I look deep into the pool of the universe and see my reflection staring back at me I can not know that all I have foreseen has been created by my will and energy My mistake has always been that I thought destiny was a face, that choices were a prequisite of this life. I find now that nothing is real, all is a dream. Each evening I close my eyes and each morning I am reborn into a new and fresh dawn of life to pick and choose my way again. © Copyright 2002 Amawitch-granny witch
Gao Audit Finds Va Budget Sham
Oops I Feel Stupid!
so we just got back from the vet so our kitten could get the first round of shots. poor thing. but yeah thats not why i feel stupid. i had a feeling candi wasnt a girl, but i wasnt too sure. Well, sure enough, Candi is a male. so david and i changed his name to Crichton, like Crighton. we like it bc david likes it and i wanted a strong name. so daddy's little girl is daddy's little man. hehehe off to change the captions around!
Move It, Old Woman!
I hate waiting in line. I hate KMart. I hate waiting in line at KMart. I hate waiting in line at KMart behind an old woman with three inches of makeup on her face who smells like stale cheese. This woman is still alive in spite of the fact that I wanted to run her over in my car. She is lucky. So I'm waiting in line at KMart when this old broad tells the cashier to call back to the photo department to see if her pictures are in. "I called earlier and they said they weren't but I want to check again," she explained. Lady, I just want to buy my damn beverages and get back to work. I climbed up on the register and started screaming at her to shut up and forget the pictures. In my mind I did. I do a lot of things in my mind that I wish I could do in real life. Like some of you. hehe... "do" you. I am such a charmer.
New Life
New LIfe Under an ebony sky, thick with stars A Dolphin answered a call Across the waves of skylit waters She called to him to come. In the midst of an ocean gleaming with the reflection of a thousand stars, they met and joined, The need in them intense. With the goddess's blessing early morning found them floating side by side in an ocean as smooth as glass, a new life created. © Copyright 2005 Amawitch-granny witch
Seven C's
Seven Cee's you try it the point is to write a poem only using seven c's in the whole thing. Seven word beginning with "cee" Is the "challenge" you have give me. I'll do my best, and thats a fact I will "create" a poem that seems intact. It might be silly, it might be sad It might be good and it might be bad But seven "cee's" is all you will see. Regardless of how hard it might seem to be. 'creating" a "canvas" of words that ryhme Might take me a bit of time. But I will do it for g.p's sake And pray to the Goddess I make no mistake. I only have one left, I wasted the rest I hope you are smiling at what is my best. For then I am a winner, I helped a friend grin So the effort is worth it And I'll try again. That last word has got me stuck in a rut I want it to be a fantastic word but, I don't want it shallow, or silly and such Need to "choose" a good one, its worth so much. Ah, there I used my last little word So now I am done
Benchpress 3
It's Friday, the final day of lifting for the week, and I managed to once again add on another 5 pounds to my bench press...I'm now putting up 315 pounds! :D Next week I hope to add on ten more that would put me at 325, a fourth of the way to my goal of 400 pounds.
Carne Guisada
INGREDIENTS: * 1/2 tablespoon shortening * 1 1/2 pounds cubed stew meat * 1 onion, chopped * 1 (14.5 ounce) can stewed tomatoes * 2 fresh jalapeno chile peppers, seeded and diced * 2 chopped tomatoes * 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin * 1 clove garlic, minced * salt and pepper to taste * water as needed DIRECTIONS: 1. Melt the shortening in a large saucepan over medium high heat. Add the meat and brown well on all sides. Add the onions and saute for 5 minutes, or until tender. Add the canned tomatoes, jalapeno chile peppers, fresh tomatoes, cumin, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste. 2. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 30 minutes to 1 hour, or until meat is tender. (Note: If mixture is too thick, add water as needed. Or if mixture is too thin, combine some cornstarch and water and add to thicken.)
What Color Rose Are You?
You Are a Light Pink Rose You represent sweetness and grace. Your vibe: Kind and gentle Falling in love with you: is like falling in love with a best friend What Color Rose Are You? The funny thing about this one is that I am not really into the red roses at all. They are just way to common. I absolutly love the roses of different colors, and all colors except red.....LOL In 1hr
sucks but yes...i fucking haTe work. its stupid. its not that im lazy or anything. i just haTe working. and right now i deliver pizzas, fascinating i know! but it is rather homosexual and i dont wanna do it anymore. although i will seriously SERIOUSLY miss the rocking out that goes down. i mean, thats purty much all ya do. drive around and rock out. this one douche thats been there for about 2 months says to me the other day "yeah, a lot of times i dont even have my radio on at all when im delivering" i just turned around and walked away from him. seriously, whatta tool. its honestly the best part. that and no one constantly on your case. whatever. it blows. and i haTe it. i need a sugar mama or actually find something i can make money at and im actually amused by it. i haTe blogging. this shit pisses me even more off cause now im gonna keep thinking and dwelling on how much i really haTe my life right now. but elvis is on. fuckin love elvis.
I Wrote This After My Ex Beat The Hell Out Of Me Almost 15 Years Earlier
Abuse, Threat, Terror A finality governed by a cruelty Best swept under the rug Useless to try to escape me Silenced you are by my fist Everybody hides behind their bruises. To run is to invite more pain Hostility part of my game Remember you liked it this way Ever challenging me was your doom Atrocious a stranger might call me Though this is the love you deserve Trepidation is what I hope for Exactly what I expect Ruthlessness part of the high Revolt will invite more pain Otherwise the game might be over Ruining my perfect score. © Copyright 2002 Amawitch-granny witch
For You All
Poetry The written word in song or tale, is an art in of itself. The teller tells, the singer sings and then its put upon a shelf. The poet though, makes magic of his use of verbage so that when its read, you see the word its feel, its taste, you know. I can write a tale of woe and bring a tear or two. But when I write my poetry I share much more with you. I share my passion, flame and more you feel it deep within knowing exactly what I mean you read it once again. It is a special sort of read allowing the freedom to arrange the words so they might read differently from me to you. A story is a story told the words just words, no more But poetry is emotion and fuel that rivets to your very core. I am a piece of each I write I take a chance you see that the reader understand my plight in my flowing delivery. © Copyright 2005 Amawitch-granny witch
The Internet
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Asvab... Wassup With That?
ASVAB..... When I was first told this "test" existed I was shocked, but the more I hear about this compulsory testing in American schools, the more horrified I have become. Remember I have used the word compulsory, despite the fact that is described as a voluntary test. The reason for this will become apparent. For those who don't know about it, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a test carried out on high school students in the US in their senior year, right before graduation. It is supposed to give the student an idea of their "ideal" career path and let the military know what their aptitudes are should they need to initiate any form of compulsory military service. Just to see how this is portrayed, check out this crap You can even study for this test... of course directed by the military. As I said. it is m
A Duck Walks Into A Bar... A Duck walks into a bar and orders a beer. The barman says, "Hey, you're a duck!" "Nothing wrong with your eyesight," observes the duck. "Yeah, but I mean - you can TALK," says the barman. "Guess your ears are fine too," answers the duck. "Now, can have a beer please?" The barman serves the duck a pint and asks him, "So, what brings a duck like you to these parts?" "Oh," says the duck, "I work on the building site across the road. We'll be here for a couple of weeks, and I'll most likely be in every lunch hour for a pint." The duck slurped down his beer, wiggling his tail happily. The next day, just as he said, the duck waddles over from his job at the building site and has his lunch time lager. The next week, the circus comes to town on its annual round. The Circus owner wanders in for a pint and the barman tells him about the talking duck. "You should get this duck to join your circus," he says. "For a little consideration, I cou
This is pretty cool. Click on the link below to try it out. Ignore all the crazy Russian on the site, just type your name in the text box and click to see what your name looks like in Russian...very impressive! COPY AND PASTE PEOPLE!!
Controlling Jennifer - 3
Controlling Jennifer III: Power Play The library was a frightening place. It didn't seem like it had been built all at once, with one plan and one idea; instead it seemed like every extra room attached onto the main floor had been tacked on as an afterthought, and the result was a jumble of rooms with no rhyme or reason to their layout. When Jennifer had gone through orientation upon arriving at Jefferson college, they had been given a small tour of the library, a tour of the more important rooms. The librarian had laughed and remarked that she had worked at the library for five years, and thought she knew everything about it, until a couple days earlier when she had discovered another stairwell she hadn't known about. "You see?" said the librarian. "You're always discovering things in the library!" Jennifer, who at the time already found the library intimidating, hadn't found that comment particularly reassuring. Even worse, the confusion of the library's layout bred small isola
Here We Go
There comes a time in someones' life where you just gotta ask. Why are the things or people in my life there. I've been asking myself that alot here lately. It's not something I'm going to dwell on. But it urks me when you have people in your life, that are only there during the good times and when things start getting bad, they wanna push you away. That's my rant for today. I would dwell more. But I got other things to do. Peace and God Bless
Peanut Butter Chip Chocolate Cookies
1 c. butter 1 1/2 c. sugar 2 eggs 2 t. vanilla 2 c. flour 2/3 c. cocoa 3/4 t. baking soda 1/2 t. salt 2 c. peanut butter chips Cream butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla together. Mix dry ingredients and stir into sugar mixture. Stir in peanut butter chips. Shape into balls and bake at 350°F for 8-10 minutes. Makes 3-4 dozen.
My Moral Standing Is Lying Down
not much is new, i have sort of had a boring day mostly sitting around on the computer and such, though i started watching blue collar comedy which was making me laugh my ass off, and talking to my friend ember which is niftyful. she downloaded aim just to talk to me on it so i feels specialness. i think i've been corrupted lol, tho i don't think i ever truly had morales i just pretended i did and didn't let it effect others but i don't really care anymore. i'm to young to spend my life constantly worrying and sitting around doing nothing. i need to experience things and life, i always come to this conclusion yet never really do it because social situations and always just getting to feeling i ought not cuz its not right or something. i sold my soul the day i fell in love with alexz, and can't expect to ever have it back again. probably sold it long before that. i started two new short stories today which is always niftyful. inspiration can come from anywhere hehe i must thank
Yeah, Drunk Now
maybe i need to put up the pics with the boobies, 'cause i've noticed that the profiles that have more skin get the bigger hits -- so how drunk do i need to be before i can show everyone the goods?
Empty World
drivin all night just to see you cant take another lonely night living so far from you Ill bet you never had someone like me a man with a cause someone who isnt carefree ill bet youve wondered from time to time just whats been on my mind well thats the way it is and how itll be another lonely night away from me I sent you a letter today written in red I tried to explain to you that nothing was ever said Its buried deep inside me where no one goes a place I keep for myself In a world no one knows
How Honest Are You?
You Are Very Honest You tell it like it is, no matter what. Even if the truth hurts, you'll dish it out. And while some may get hurt by your honesty... At least everyone knows where you stand! How Honest Are You?
Tiramisu Truffles
11 ounces of bittersweet chocolate 4 ounces of marscapone 1/2 cup of heavy cream 3 tbsp brewed (decaf) coffee 9 tbsp of Marsala wine (choose a good quality one) 1 tsp vanilla extract And for the coating, 12 -16 ounces of bittersweet or semisweet couverture (coating) chocolate 1. Use a mixer (or a spoon) to blend the marscapone, coffee, vanilla extract, and Marsala wine together. Then add the heavy cream and stir until homogeneous. Don't over-beat if you're using a mixer (the result is not to be whipped). 2. Melt the 11 ounces of chocolate and then stir in the marscapone/cream/Marsala mixture until fully mixed. 3. Chill for a couple of hours. Then scoop out in 1 inch balls. (If the balls are a bit crumbly on the edges, press with your fingers to make them smooth.) Chill the balls for an hour. 4. Melt the coating chocolate and stir until completely melted. Dip each center (ball) to coat it and place on a tray covered with waxed paper. 5. Chill until hard (an hour
Which Inuyasha Character Are You?
Take the quiz: Which InuYasha Character are You?KagomeYou worry constantly and you're often confused, but you're all-around good.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!
Just Be Yourself....
If you stand for`ll take anything Stand up for what you believe matter how Unconventional it may be.
So What!
Ok so the last couple of days my place of hell I mean employment has tried to call me into work....uggghhhh do I bother them on their days off nope I come in like a good little girl and work my ass off...but, I get a couple of days off and bam they call none stop because someone decides not to come in and do their damn job! ok so yeah Im a tender hearted person and I do feel smpathy when someone is sick or someone has a emergency but, come on people!! Most of the time its a case of yeah so what im on the scheduale Im not going in fuck them! Did I complain when I got knocked out of going to the KISS expo nope I went ahead and went in did I complain when I was told that I couldnt have halloween off because someone else had done ask off nope I didnt if Im schedualed which Im sure I will be I will put on my KISS makeup and work....Ok so yeah Im complaining now but, still I deserve to take my vaction days just like everyone else that works there......anyways enough venting for today!
As I Look Back
As i look back on my life i find myself wondering.. Did i remember to thankyou for all that you have done for me? For all of the times you were by my side to help me celebtate my successes and accept my defeats? Or for teaching me the value of hard work, good judgement, courage , and honesty ? I wonder if i've ever thanked you for the simple things... The laughter, smiles, and the quiet times we've shared? If i have forgotten to express my gratitude, for all of these things, I am thanking you now... and im hoping all along, how very much you are loved and appreciated . xxxxx
What Kind Of Pie Are You?
You Are Lemon Meringue Pie You're the perfect combo of sassy and sweet Those who like you have well refined tastes What Kind of Pie Are You?
Someone once told me "No Man or woman is worth your tears and the one who is will never make you cry". Does this mean I will always be alone? I have came to the conclusion I would rather be alone than with someone and alone.However, I do fear that I will grow old and it will be me and my cat.Is it really that hard to find your soulmate? Is there such a thing?What if your soulmate married someone else ..Do you wait till he or she figures it out?They say if you love someone set them free and if they come back it was meandt to be.If this is true... How long is too long to wait? Just some thoughts to ponder.Most people can relate at one time or another.Just sharing.
Thank You All For Your Help I Am Now Lvl 10
hey can you help me out? i have 813 points to go to lvl up plz help me. I will return the fav thanks HOW CAN YOU DENY THIS FACE LOL Hey thanks i am at 315 now yall rock
Break Up
As for some that dont know already me and the bf have split up for now and Iam DEVASTATED over this....he was everything to me and more I loved this man more then ya can ever imangine.....I pray that we will be backk together and SOON!!! He means everything to me and more this is a man I would spend the rest of my life with if i had that kinda oppurtunity but as for now we are ONLY friends and that has shattered my heart and more....but as I said I hope that we are back together and REALLY soon
Scarred People Are Beautiful...
Man Speak: I've seen a number of movies lately, Lord like Romeo and Juliet. The love of young people, at least in those movies, is beautiful... so simple... so total... so uncomplicated. They seem so natural, so free in their emotions, so clear in their feelings. I wish i could be like that, Lord, but it can't be. Why is it so? I've been hurt lord. I have trusted and been betrayed at times. I have loved and received nothing in return. I have tried hard to care and failed often. I have shared my secrets and, heard them whispered to others. I have been warm and received a cold shoulder. I have been through it, Lord. I've fallen on my face. I've banged my shins. I've been bruised. Look, Lord, I'm all covered with scars! The Lord Speaks: Maybe you haven't understood enough Maybe you haven't learned tat human life is like that: All Saints are scarred. Young love isn't the highest form of human love. The greatest love comes from scarr
This Is For All My Guy Friends
i am sorry to tell you that i got rid of al my hot pics and i got tired of being treated like a slutt i am not fine i have been lieing to myself i have a beautiful heart and i am a beautiful women every guy wants a peace of me and i wil take more pics but they will be nice and sweet i have another page and i go there just to get away from this page that has gotten out of controll wel i am going to snap the page the way it is going to be I AMNOT FINE I WAS SO UPSET AGAIN I WAS CRING AGAIN THER IS FRIEND THAT HE IS MAD AT HIMSELF FOR DOING WHAT ALL THE REST OF THE GUYS WERE TREATING ME LIKE I FORGAVE HIM HE NEVER TREATED ME BAD HE ALWAYS TREATED ME GOOD HE IS SO GOOD TO ME I GOT RID OF THOSE PICS SORRY LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OK bRENDA
Adult Content!!
Look my thoughts on tagging a photo that is considered adult content!!! If you are a friend and I mean a FOR REAL friend you should tell the person, that you believe their pic to contain adult content, don't just flag it and turn it in to LC, that seems childish to me. If yo uhave the balls to turn it in have the balls to tell it is ADULT. Alot of the pics being flagged aren't even ADULT!!! There are pics being hit that HAVE NO nudity!!! A lot of the pics being flagged are art pics of vamps, and fairies and such.
Relationship Demoted
Dont expect hate messages from me to you This relationship has been demoted to what I am not sure exactly Ill be your teporary means of support as a matter of factly That promise I made I intend to keep because i am able and I will do till you are financially stable
Lawyers Bill Unwarranted, Costly To Veterans
Disabled American Veterans: Lawyers Bill Unwarranted, Costly to Veterans To: National Desk Contact: David E. Autry of Disabled American Veterans, 202-314-5219 WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Federal legislation that would allow lawyers to charge veterans for helping them file a claim for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is unnecessary and would increase costs to veterans, said Disabled American Veterans National Commander Bradley S. Barton. Barton, who is himself an attorney and a veterans advocate, said veterans should not have to hire and pay a lawyer to help them with the largely administrative claims process, which is designed to be open, informal and helpful to veterans. "The so-called Veterans' Choice of Representation Act is unnecessary, and involvement of lawyers would increase costs to veterans and to the VA without significantly improving the process," Barton said. "The VA is required to assist veterans in completing and filin
A Girl's Poem
I shave my legs, sit down to pee And I can justify any shopping spree I don't go to the barber but a beauty salon Can get a message without a hard-on I can balance the check book I can pump my own gas I can talk to my friends about the size of my ass My beauty's a master piece and yes, it takes long At least I can admit to others when I'm wrong I don't drive in circles at any cost And I don't have a problem admitting I'm lost I never forget an important date You just gotta deal with it, I'm usually late I don't watch movies, with lots of gore Don't need an instant replay, to remember the score I won't lose my hair or get jock itch And just cause I'm assertive, don't call me a bitch Don't say to your friends, oh yeah I can get her In your dreams honey, I can do better Flowers are okay, but jewellery's best Look at me you idiot, not at my chest! I don't have a problem, with expressing my feelings I know when you're lying, you look at the ceiling Don't call me a gi
Sorry everyone I've been busy moving thanks for the comments though!God did I miss L.C.!!!!
What's Up
just introducing myself to everone. dakota is the stage name i use when i am out. i really like to go out and have fun. i see nothing wrong with the human body and have no problems if people want to show it off. i like to sing and dance (especially with a pole, ha ha). love to chat so drop me a line sometime. i love taking pics as well. so, how is everyone?? nice to meet you.
[ ] I am shorter than 5'4. [x] I think I'm ugly sometimes. [x] I have many scars. [x] I tan easily. [ ] I wish my hair was a different color. [ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. [x] I have a tattoo. [ ] I am self-conscious about my appearance. [ ] have/I've had braces. [ ] wear glasses. [x] I would get plastic surgery if it were 100 safe, free of cost, and scar-free. [ ] I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger. [ ] I have more than 2 piercings. [ ] I have piercings in places besides my ears. [ ] I have freckles. Family/Home Life [x] I've sworn at my parents. [ ] I've run away from home. [ ] I've been kicked out of the house. [ ] My biological parents are together. [ ] I have a sibling less than one year old. [ ] I want to have kids someday. [ ] I've had children. School/Work [ ] I'm in school/university [ ] I have a job. [x] I've fallen asleep at work/school/college. [ ] I almost always do my homework. [x] I've
Ooga Booga
yeah im back i was gone for awhile had some shit to deal with but im back and better than ever, i want to thank u all for all the love while i was away u guys rock mwah!!!
Military Friends Album
Hey everyone! As you all know I am trying to put together an album for all the military people and families. Well I have room for six more pics so if i havent added your pic yet and you would like me too please hit me up. And please take the time to stop by the album and show all our fellow service men and women a lil love. lots of love sexy army momma...aka...crystal
We Are Bound
We are bound in love We are bound at the soul We are bound with blood and silver Your scent awakens me Your touch enflames me When our lips touch The passion deep within ignites My dreams are with you, always I ache to hold you in my arms Even if only for the few short hours We steal every night My soul, my heart, and my mind Scream the love I have for you My love deepening for you each and every time we are together Our bond stronger now, but still grows stronger Through good times and bad Our souls screaming for each other Our hearts beating as one Our minds linked together Our souls soaring to the sky Alive in the Night Air Alive with each other ~Forever~ Copyright © 2001 LordDarkPrince
I took my Math test yesterday I got a 73. I avg a 70 in the class. I have a A in Lab. I have an B in English. An an A in Reading.
Easy Jalapeno Hot Sauce
"A tremendous hot sauce that will spice up sandwiches, marinades, vegetable dishes -- just about anything! Jalapenos are boiled, then blended smooth with canola oil, salt and pepper." Original recipe yield: 32 servings. Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 15 Minutes Ready In: 30 Minutes Servings: 32 (change) INGREDIENTS: * 1 1/4 pounds fresh jalapeno peppers * 2 tablespoons canola oil * salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS: 1. Set aside 1 jalapeno pepper. Cut the stems off the rest; slice in half lengthwise, and remove the seeds. 2. Place all of the peppers in a large pot of boiling water. Boil peppers about 15 minutes. Reserve about 2 tablespoons of boiling water, and drain the rest. 3. Cut the stem off the remaining whole pepper, and place all of the the peppers into a blender. Pour in reserved water and canola oil, and season with salt and pepper. Blend until smooth and creamy. Serve hot or chilled.
Fabulous Wet Burritos
Very easy, yet very good wet burritos. I got this recipe from a friend, and everyone I serve them to asks for the recipe. Serve with guacamole, sour cream and salsa." Original recipe yield: 6 servings. Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 30 Minutes Ready In: 45 Minutes Servings: 6 (change) INGREDIENTS: * 1 pound ground beef * 1/2 cup chopped onion * 1 clove garlic, minced * 1/2 teaspoon cumin * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1/8 teaspoon pepper * 1 (4.5 ounce) can diced green chile peppers * 1 (16 ounce) can refried beans * 1 (15 ounce) can chili without beans * 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed tomato soup * 1 (10 ounce) can enchilada sauce * 6 (12 inch) flour tortillas, warmed * 2 cups shredded lettuce * 1 cup chopped tomatoes * 2 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese * 1/2 cup chopped green onions DIRECTIONS: 1. Crumble ground beef into a skillet over medium-high heat. Cook and stir u
What Piercing Are U
You scored as Nipples. You're secretly kinky aren't you? I like you already. Don't let anyone onto your dirty side--it's more fun that way.Nipples100%Labret Piercing90%Lip Piercing80%Tongue Piercing80%Dirty Piercings60%Cartilage Piercing60%Earlobe Piercing50%Belly Button Piercing40%Nose Piercing20%What Piercing Are You?created with
What Kinda Kisser Are U
You scored as Romantic Kisser. Good for you! You know how to kiss and hopefully you have a certain someone to experience a serge of happiness with. If not, it doesnt hurt to flirt kiss a little hehe. Just dont get carried away. Romantic kissing is always a plus! Kissing is an art keep it up and youll be really good! Here some tips: 1. Be ready 2. no smoking 3. start slow 4. up the intensity 5. develop rhythm 6. change it up 7. pay attention to hands 8. experiment 9. respond 10. repeatYippy Ki Yay!63%Romantic Kisser63%Your more of a class act than youre giving yourself credit for38%How good do you kiss?created with
My Blog
Love by ruby mae Your name Your partner You two are Inseperable Your meeting was by Destiny They are your Hero You are their Best friend Your love will Last for all eternity Quiz created with MemeGen!
Wanted To Be The First To Tell Ya
thats not my ass by the way! LOL! RB
A Fuckin Annoyance!
Ok. Now I am fuckin annoyed. You know what pisses me off? I get all these fucking Shoutouts from some of you asking me to vote for you in some of these bullshit ass contests. Now I understand the spirit of competition and recognition is nice. Yeah yeah yeah. but the problem I have with some of you is that you all never say WORD FUCKING ONE TO ME! No hey what's up how ya doing? You guys don't come shoot me a comment on my page. You guys don't come rate my pictures. You guys don't even thank me for the comments I leave on your pics. Now all of a sudden you want me to come rate your photos in "The Phat Ass" contest or "The Sexiest Lips" contest (what do you all actually win)? what kind of conceited bullshit is this? I know most of you people busy talking to silly muthafuckas that fill your head up with shit you like to hear, but damn! Atleast say hello to a muthafucka first! (The following views you just read was brought to you by the mind of the person who typed it and Lost Cherry doe
Dieing Inside
Dieing Inside Dieing inside because I have not yet lived I have not yet accomplished all that I am Not finished all I can do The darkness envelops me day by day All I can do is vanish away Does it matter where I am or who I love? For if I deny myself to the Lord above I cannot live to fulfill my destiny Keep living the lie Die Inside Until it becomes black Where my soul used to be 01/25/05 I wrote this last year thought I'd share. More to come.
Never say I love you If you really don’t care Never talk about feelings If they aren’t really there Never hold my hand If you are going to break my heart Never say you are going to If you don’t plan to start Never look into my eyes If all you do is lie Never say hello If you really mean goodbye If you really mean forever Cause forever makes me cry.
Daydreams Of Our Love
I love you – never doubt that. No matter how many other things you have to worry about, my love is always steady and true. My love is here for you now. My arms are open when you need comfort, Talk to me when you need a friend. Let me share your worries and my strength. Everything that touches your heart also touches mine, and I want to do all I can, to help you through this difficult time. I love you; please remember that…that’s the one thing you can always depend on. No two love stories are ever the same, but ours must be one of the rarest… Sometimes it seems we just couldn’t be less alike. You’re such a force of nature, so full of high hopes and impossible dreams, so committed to great causes and plans for improving this wacky old world.. I guess if you’re the idealist, them I’m the realist, more at home with life as it is than with life as it might become… But I hope that will never make me seem too hardheaded or old fashioned in your eyes, because in my eyes yo
Because Im Fucking Bored
REVEAL A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: NOW Is your hair up?: yes Is your phone right beside you?: infront of me Do you have a bf/ gf?: nope Do you wish you were somewhere else?: yes Do you have plans for tonight?: yes i do Are you wearing makeup?: Ynope Are you wearing chapstick?: nah Are you cold?: yahh, actually, i am Are you tired?: nah Are you excited?: for what? haha Are you watching t.v.?: nah Are you wearing pajamas?: yes Who's the last person you IMed?: mike who's the last person that called you?: mike who's the last person that texted you? nobody PAST Anything you regret? nah Ever lied?: a while ago Ever stuck gum under a desk?: all the time Ever spit at someone? nahh Ever kick something living?: nah Ever had your nails done?: all the time Ever thrown up because you cried so hard?: yahh LAST WEEK Had any plans last week?: uhm.. yahh.. but they got canceled Who did you see most last week?: anam :) and mike Was last week interesting? actually, y
Hola (((( Hello)))

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