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why is it that most pages you look at on here people ask for a fan before friend wot is the world comin to when people feelthe need to ask for fans surely if u like wot u see u would become a fan anyway well thats how i do it if i like the pages i will fan sometimes i just friend . i guarantee if u shout to most of your fans or people who your a fan of they wont respond .oh well think i talked enough shyte on this one . actually im gonna shout to each of my friends in my list and those who respond i will become a fan of and those who dont i will be friend of . i see the fan part as a way to keep intouch with the people who will type back to you
Yum Yum
I just made Chicken Parmesean... MmM. But really. Am I close minded? I posted a mumm about George Bush and I have some strong opinions, and just because I oppose Bush, I am called close-minded. My views are: Against higher taxes For Gay Marriage For abortion in only Rape cases. Against the War in Iraq. Against the President and his administration. For higher Education grants. Against Nationwide surrviellence cameras. Against the Sin Taxes Against the Patriot Act. Against legalization of Marijuana. Against allowing Prayer in schools. Against Churches getting tax cuts. For rebuilding Louisiana. Against killing Pit Bulls in CA. And some others I can't think of. Am I a bad person for wanting a better America? Than the current state of the US?
30 Secrets About Yourself 1.WHAT DOES YOUR CHERRYTAP NAME MEAN? That I'm the Princess! 2. WHERE WAS YOUR DEFAULT PICTURE TAKEN? In the old kitchen 3.WHAT is your middle name? E. 4. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS? Very happily taken! 5. HONESTLY, IF SOMEONE WERE TO TELL YOU HOW THEY FELT, ABOUT YOU, WOULD YOU LISTEN? Of course I would listen. But those who know me know I'm a good and faithful girl. 6. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT MOOD? Bored.. beyond belief. 7. WHO DO YOU LOVE MOST? Sean and my kids.. My fabulous friends. 8. WHO MAKES YOU HAPPY? See number 7 9. ARE YOU MUSICALLY INCLINED? I played clarinet, a little self taught piano 10. IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, AND CHANGE SOMETHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I probably would.. Then I'd fuck up space and time and nothing would be the way I want it to be. lol 11. IF YOU MUST BE AN ANIMAL FOR ONE DAY, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? A large cat.. Panther or something like that. 12. EVER HAD A NEAR DEA
An Artist's Inspiration Spell
Prepare: * Pen, pencil, or paintbrush depending on the art form. * Elmer's glue * Silver glitter * Almond, sage, or vanilla essential oil * A white candle This is a simple spell to bring you divine inspiration to write and create visual art. Anoint the candle with the essential oil you have chosen and using an athame or a small, sharp tool, inscribe the name "Brighid" (goddess of poetic inspiration), or if you prefer not to invoke a deity, simply inscribe your art form which you need inspired in. Light your candle and begin. Squeeze some glue onto a piece of scrap paper and dip the end (not the usable part) of your craft tool (pencil, paintbrush, or whatever) into it, covering about an inch's worth. Then roll the end in the glitter so that it is completely covered. As you do, focus on the inspiration you seek. Say your own blessing over the tool, then situate it so that it can dry without the glittered end getting smashed. The next day, make a few attempts at your art w
Skydiver Charged After Love Rival's Chute Fails,20867,21120195-2703,00.html * January 26, 2007 BRUSSELS: A married woman who was having an affair with a fellow skydiver plunged 4000m to her death after her love rival and best friend tampered with herparachute. Els Van Doren, 37, fell to earth in a garden in front of a group of onlookers. Els Clottemans, 22, has been charged with her murder. Minutes earlier, the pair had joined hands in a star formation with two other skydivers including Ms Clottemans's boyfriend, a Dutchman named only as Marcel, who police say was having an affair with Van Doren. While Marcel and Ms Clottemans broke away at 1220m when their parachutes inflated, Van Doren, a mother of two, was unable to open either her main parachute or the reserve and crashed to her death in the town of Opglabbeek, Belgium. Her final moments were filmed by her head-mounted camera. Wally Elters, a witness at the aerodrome from which the fatal flight departed,
How Far Are You Willing To Go?
Every body else has posted this so I thought why not!! HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO...........With me! Put "yes" "maybe" or "no" and answer me back Kiss me: Hug me: Date me: Get tipsy with me: Kill me: Love me: Hate me: Hold me: Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me: Dance with me: Grind with me: Touch me: Stare at me: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Have sex with me: Make a move on me: Play with me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift?: Caress me: Let me borrow your car: Let me see you naked: Be there for me: Buy me a drink: Take a shower with me: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Ask me out: like me: Drink kool-aid with me: Look if i was naked: Take advantage of me: Let me take advantage of u: Hangout with me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good: Hold hands with me: Do something incredibly sweet for me: Give me a la
Pisces (feb. 19- Mar. 20)
Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20) Get out the boots - Stilletto heels - foot creams and panty come da fishies! They are the LEADERS in foot fetish. Masturbation in shoes? Okay. Toe masturbation...bring it on! They love using their feet. Suck on a Pisceans toes and SEE what happens! Fucking in the water and see them squirm. Pisces have probably done it in a sex swing. Or at least considered how strong the ceiling beams are on their house to put one in. Pisces men break furniture when they fuck...things get flung everywhere. Pisces can be turned on by the wierdest things...Trains...Water fountains...Jump rope...Whatever. They are the sirens calling you to the beach where you will end up on your back on a towel with water all over you and not wanting it to stop. I have heard it said that its the pisces that will cross the darker kinky side at least once...just to say "YEP. did that. Not that great" OR "What do you MEAN you never......" SAM from sex and the city should be a Pisces. The
Something To Be Learned
Something To Be Learned Were those eyes yours They looked across the trees of a virgin forest Water clear as a brisk winter sky Sand brushed by wind blowing off the ancient sea People, you see people Children of nature Worship the spirits all around them Never harming nature Leaving only footprints wherever they travel Alone for a thousand year they look at you Watching, seeing what you may do You watch back Curious Afraid You do not understand How can people live like this You desire what they have You see the smiles in their faces The joy of their children The way they live How their spirits protect them You wish as you watch You want to be like them But what they have, you will never share You do not understand To you a rock is a rock A tree is a tree These people see different Everything is vital Everything is alive Everything has a soul That is something you have not learned Something you never will
Dumb Ass
My Quiz
You have a sexual IQ of 134 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Days Like Today
It's days like these that i wish i had my family it's days like these where the rain just falls i can feel my tears falling to the wind carried on the brease with days like these Its years like these that make me young to old And put my back to promises made. Days like these i just want to go. to take my world so filled with hope To a better place you see to where the pain will not be. in lives like these where every moment counts and i add up all the things i can live without. When the last thing is blessing in my life is not seeing your face. I can live with days like these with blessings like this. For every day without that reminder of you is a blessing , with days like these. But yet i cry , because i am sad because i think of ever offer i gave up. because i could not live without your face. but the song that sings inside my body my hands barely hold up my head. My heart so barely hanging by a thread. but i'm hanging , by that threa
I Hate It.....seriously I Do.
Can i not be in this over sized Dawsons Creek Re-Run now? I am really very done with it. For those of you who dont have the privilage of knowing I am the Pacey of the story. the total screw up everyone loves to pick on and beat down on 3 quarters of the time. And that last quarter it's just jokes and non-stop lines out of a book from a story that never ends. With the woman who has been my Joey for god knows how long and will always remain my Joey and i love her so very much. The girl who was of to be Jenn has been also in and out of my life tho now more i hate her for how she's distroyed my life. Dawson Played by my best friend Scott who has always been the better of us two. Always just alittle luckier in life then me but yet we have competed in life for almost everything. Now he is the one married and he is the one with the family he has started and i'm sitting here still playing in this part that life has drafted me in, and for only the gods know why kept me in. I d
My Rules To Follow As A Slave
The following 128 rules are written in the context of a M/s (Master/slave) relationship, but could be used by those in a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship, and provide a good project for those submissive/slave males to adapt them towards their relationship with their Dominatrix/Mistress, respectively (double meaning intended). Some notes for the female to take into consideration when using these rules and participating in a Master/slave relationship (or any part of the BDSM world out there): 1. The Master/slave relationship is a complex one requiring a serious commitment to honest and open communication, and the practice of learned responsibilities for the care and protection of each person's well being, psychological, physical, sexual, social, and emotional health. you can protect both you and your Master's participation through the use of selected safe words (like 'yellow' and 'red') and gestures (such as tight hand holds, wiggling of a limb, or opening of a hand).
Sick Of Being Played
why do people get their jollies with screwing with people!
Destined Feet
He saw his destiny unfold, he would give anything to find the one he was ment to hold. But another part of him, would keep going with his plan, to be what he was, then only more and more as he grew like roots in sand. His head spun him around,more and more, he could let go and land crushed on the floor. He could hold on, and go further next time then he could before. Its all rushing in his mind. To do what he claimed was part of his destiny, or give it up and raise the next of kin, he couldn't see. He lacked clarity, it could never let him be, but he wanted both, maybe he could shift this destiny. He still walks up and down downtown streets, some nights, contemplates if the choices he made were right,or did she slip past his feet?
I'm A Bad American
Written by Ted Nugent, the rock singer and hunter/naturalists, upon hearing that California Senators B. Boxer and D. Feinstein denounced him for being a "gun owner" and a "Rock Star". This was his response after telling the senators about his past contributions to children's charities and scholarship foundations, which have totaled more than $13.7 million in the last 5 years!! QUOTE I'm a Bad American . . . this pretty much sums it up for me. I like big trucks, big boats, big houses, and naturally, pretty women. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some mid level governmental functionary with a bad comb over who wants to give it away to crack addicts squirting out babies. I don't care about appearing compassionate. I think playing with toy guns doesn't make you a killer. I believe ignoring your kids and giving them Prozac might. I think I'm doing better than the homeless. I don't think being a minority makes you noble or victimized. I have th
January 26, 2007: Retro Shopping
To compare prices for an item after you've already purchased it. Jim couldn't resist buying that 2001 Harley as soon as he saw it. After a little retro shopping, he was thrilled to realize he also got a great deal on it.
Im cold. Lol rate my blog puhlease. anyway its really cold here and i wanta go to bed someone buy me a new blankie nah nvm i got anthony to keep me warm :P < 3
Such A Fucking Tragic
Feb:14 is gunna suck. No Bf No Valentine Nothing. Very lonely me. Ive notice that my once good friend has changed. She doesnt even say hi to me anymore.Not like it matters. She has gotten stuckup & thinks shes this Pin-up Girl. Mexicans. Yeah. No. Most people are 2-faced whores anyways.No worries. I dont mind being on my own. It tottalllly fucking dawned on me today: Your a loner again. I guess in ways I like it,It sucks not having a bf or anything, But I always deal with it. I basicly fucking dump my friends anyways,They are all idiots. Im not gunna stand around & watching them fuck me over. My other friend,Yeah dont get me started. He said he liked me;Yet I see all these other girls flirting with him,Fucking get over it. No one cares.Its no HS drama bs. I dont let guys just say whatever they want to me so why does it make it alright for guys? Girls are fucking sluts. End of story. This is why I cant handle any one anymore.
End Of The World
The End of the World
Who Knew Beastiality Equals Love....
The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to obedience and warmth. In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored. You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change. You would be forced to break up with someone who was arrogant, acting like the dictator of your life. Your ideal relationship is traditional. Without saying anything, both of you communicate with your hearts. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage. In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted. What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
Best Family Contest Come Jon The
~ Okay Family Contest ~ I want to have a family contest on CT and all the familys enter there Logo and then everyone votes and comments on it the family with the highest wins. Also a good way for people who aren't in family to join the familys. Just really to spread the news out! so i'll be taking family logos send to my inbox and i will add the family! and may the best family win! 1st Family is...... maria ~~UBER MARIA..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
My Recipe
If Ruby Cairo were a drink they would be: 4 parts fatal3 parts alluring4 parts daring Get Your RECIPE Here!
This Is So True
Hey everyone..i just uploaded a bunch of new pics in my Ashwee Album..Plz take a sec to rate and or comment Thanks xox -Ash
The Survey...getting To Know Me
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Amy Birthday: 2/10/72 Birthplace: New Haven, Ct Current Location: Wisconsin Eye Color: Hazel green/brown Hair Color: Dark brown Height: 5ft 4in... I am the tall female in my family :P Right Handed or Left Handed: right Your Heritage: Swedish, Dutch, Irish, German,Scottish, Canadian, and Native American....I'm a mutt. The Shoes You Wore Today: Faux knee high combat boots Your Weakness: My son Your Fears: Failing my son Your Perfect Pizza: Lots of cheese... everything else is secondary Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:I'd like to lose weight Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Lol Thoughts First Waking Up: I try not to think first thing in the morning.... it hurts my head Your Best Physical Feature: I'm told I have intense eyes Your Bedtime: whenever Your Most Missed Memory: My horse Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: MacD's Single or Group Dates: What's a date? Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Need The Kleenex Again!
You People Better not Break this...... A friend of mine posted this.. Who cares if a soldier dies.. Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Play your poilitics and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life
Little Johnny Joke
The teacher says, “Whoever answers the questions I ask first and correctly can leave early today.” Little Johnny says to himself, “Good, I want to get outta here. I’m clever—that answer’s mine!” The teacher asked, “Who said ‘Four Score and Seven Years Ago’?” Before Johnny could open his mouth, Susie said, “Abraham Lincoln,” The teacher said, “That’s right, Susie, you can go.” Johnny was mad. Susie had answered first. The teacher asked, “Who said, ‘I Have a Dream?” Before Johnny could open his mouth, Mary said, “Martin Luther King.” The teacher said, “That’s right, Mary, you can go.” Johnny was even madder than before. Mary had answered first. The teacher asked, “Who said ‘Ask not, what your country can do for you?” Before Johnny could open his mouth, Nancy said, “John Kennedy.” The teacher said, “Thats right, Nancy, you can go.” Johnny was fuming. Nancy had answered first. As the teacher sat down, Johnny muttered, “I wish these bitches had kept t
Serving Each Other……
Serving each other…… Twisted thought of fantasies, the kink becoming reality when you serve at thy feet leather cuffs and black collars We adorn you with as W/we grow , The ropes and chains are a bond to each other ,our social classes, our titles to one another Rising to our limits. expanding our grasp with a word in the back of our minds Feeling the gratification with every lashing when we touch orbit and fly thru time For as we serve each other, our duties interchange for without you as the submissive or slave A Dom or Domme is not anything but a thought or a dream…
To See Me
So many beautiful things to be thankful for. I am suppose to be. Ive been told this many times before. Im thankful to be free, Its took some time for me to believe that I will make it through all the things I have endured and the dreams that never came true. Ive seen the world through bloodshot eyes. Ive walked the path alone. Ive been thousands of miles away from me and somehow I found home. The pains of all the wasted years have settled in a clump. The tears I kept restrained within that caused my throat to lump. Its all gone now and better days are what I see ahead. It feels good to be back to me. Alive inside, no longer dead. My path is clear and my heart is true. I know I will find my way. Im already on the road ahead and things are back to okay.
Collide Interview And Autographed Merch Giveaway 1/30/07
Here's Ya Button For Winamp...Tune In, Rock Out!! Here's Ya Button To The NEW Microsite...Tune In, Rock Out!! The Genocydal Empyre v2.0 Playlist for 1/30/07 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST 1. The Genocydal Empyre v2.0 (Faith And The Muse - Cantus) (6:05) 2. WRR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 3. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 4. Collide - Beneath The Skin (4:50) 5. Eco-hed featuring Jim Marcus - Land of the Free (5:30) 6. Collinwood 13 - Music Box (4:24) 7. WRR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 8. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 9. Collide - Like you want to Believe - Antistatic Mix (3:53) 10. Interface - Stranger In A Strange Land (Club Rapture) (4:38) 11. Encoder feat. Razed In Black - November (6:43) 12. Impossible Recording Machine - Damage (4:26) 13. Immune System - Bornless One (4:37) 14. Sister Machine Gun - Transparency (4:41) 15. WRR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 16. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 17. DerDRAKOS - Lust For Chaos (6:15) 18. XP8 - Dreamt
Ash 2007
The sun set the sky on fire this morning. Colors of orange and red lit up and quickly faded to blue. It was almost like the flame could be touched then it was gone. Illumination shows us many things that can’t be touched. It is seen but when it's reached for it's gone. Illusion or reality? So often both are the same. btw the horizonal lines are strait.
Without truth a lie would never be exposed as such. How complex can one word possibly be? I say this not as a question but as a statement. The truth can be just as messy as a lie. The truth can build character but in the same stroke it destroys character. It is not a surprise that most bend the truth to fit their character when it should be the other way around.
Simply Life
well to be pretty honest here in savannah georgia its been pretty rough as of so far...i still miss my friends, im a squad leader now and im trying to kill for my seargent here pretty damn soon i for my family in va and tn..i miss yall and hopefully i can see yall before i go to iraq, and for the people that did me wrong in life i hope that it bites you right back. i guess the thing that gets me sometimes is the fact im so far away from the people i care for most importantly..other than that its the fact im single and the lack of sex can go there, but other than that life is goin fine and i hope to see friends soon...
Yea I Started A Blog
ok so i am bored. no banging going on over here so i'd figured i'd start putting up a blog here. took my 1st entry from my myspace blogs but in the future i'll try to type up some new shit that may or may not be safe for work. laters beotches
Circus Bear In Canada
A circus bear caught in an act! :D
Confessions Of A Guy
Guy Confessions [X] I'm straight. [] I'm gay. [] I'm bi. [X] I play video games. [] I wear boxers to bed. [X] I've slept naked [] I've thrown rocks at a girl's window. [X] I've drank because I felt like it. [] I still beat my buddies up. [] But, of course, they never beat me up. [] I've been in a fist fight [] And won [X]I own a car. [] I own a truck/SUV. [] My friends and I make fun of each other. [X] I have a job. [] I currently have a girlfriend. [] I think about a girl. [] Girls are complicated [] I get jealous easily. [] I'm Cocky [] I can dance. [] I've forgotten to return a phone call to a girl...or a few. [X] I'd do anything for my/a girl. [X] I tend to be shy around girls. [] I've acted like an ass on purpose. [] I play hard to get. [] I aspire to one day be like the guys from Old School. [] I'm in love. [] I've honked at a girl going down the road. [] I've hit on a girl in public. [] I've asked a hot girl for her number that I just met. [] I'v
Holla @ Me
To Everyone !
Courtesy of Courtesy of to my friends and to everyone !! Just wanted to let you all know that i am still here but am fighting a nasty flu virus so im not back on here as often as usual but wanted to drop in to say hi. I hope you are all well and i hope to see you all soon. Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Take care of you Love Linda xx
* ~ Joke of the Day ~ * A guy is driving out in the middle of nowhere, very lost. Finally he spots 2 houses so he goes up to the first house and looks in the door way. He sees an old lady yanking on her boobs and an old man jerking off. He is so freaked out that he goes to the next house and says "What's up with your neighbors?" and the owner of the house says "Oh that?s the Robinson?s, they're both deaf. She's telling him to go milk the cow and he's telling her to go fuck herself!"
Virgo - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You're incredibly thoughtful and able to give your partner what they need most. You are totally logical. You can deal with problems without involving your emotions. A good work ethic. You'll do whatever it takes (within reason) to make your relationship work. Your negative traits: Sometimes you are so focused on your goals that you let your relationships suffer You tend to be a perfectionist - and expect perfection from your mate as well You are picky. So picky that you rather be single than with someone who has a few minor faults. Your ideal partner: Values success in life as much as you do Fits a checklist of qualities you've been looking for since childhood Like you, is more practical and realistic than romantic Your dating style: Active. You're a bit hyper, so you'd prefer a date that involved rollerblading in the park or hiking. Your seduction style: You may seem a bit shy, but once you open
Nasty Sex Poem!
nasty sex poem Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 16 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine.
Umm What Do You Think
You scored as Goth. Goth81%Athletic Tomboy63%Nerdy Girl56%Loser31%Popular Bitch25%Hippy25%Slut6%Preppy Girl0%What type of girl are you?!!created with
No More
I can`t deal with this for another day. The air is thinning, it`s getting harder to breathe. My mind is at war with itself. Do I deserve this? Living a life lived so far from where it wants to be. What have I done? I don`t deserve it. It`s to much of a good thing. I`m nothing of a good person! Running on empty as my demons fly by. What makes me happy, so far away, away from myself, away from a nothing. How long will it last, could it ever last? Tearing at the skin, my patience is wearing thin with myself. I don`t know what to do, placing my heart up on a shelf. Oh my god I can`t bear the fall again. Not from him. I`ll shatter it myself, it`ll be an easier end. I want what I may never have, I have a life not wanting, to an extent. Fucking Hell What Is Wrong With Me?!
The Marine And God
A United States Marine was attending some college courses between >> assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of >> the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of >> the ACLU. >> >> >> One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to >> the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you >> to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." >> >> >> >> The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes >> went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still >> waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine >> got out of his Chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; >> knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. >> >> >> >> The Marine went b ack to his seat and sat there, silently. The other >> students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. >> The profess
Rough One
Today was one of Eric's therapy days.I wasn't looking forward to it at all.It's now to the point where he has so much anxiety over it,he is passing it to me.He was having a good morning,woke up in time for me to get him fed and dressed.I left out of the house on time.It takes about 15-20 minutes to get there depending on the traffic.We get to the light right before I turn and Eric starts crying.We get in the parking lot and he is still crying.He doesn't want to get out.So basically I have to drag him in and he is screaming.It turns out the receptionist tried to call me before I left.She called 2 minutes after I left.It wouldn't have mattered if she had the cell phone number since I never have it on.Maybe I should start leaving it on.Anyway...His therapist had an appointment this morning and I guess it was the only one she could.The sad thing is that I was relieved because I didn't want to have to sit there for 30 minutes hearing Eric cry and trying to get him into her office.She apolo
Need Some Love!!
hey guys i need some help to win a contest please show me some love and i will do the same back i promise.. lots of you i have on my list so i will get to you alll! if you comment bomb this please it would be appreciated.. for the ones who are helping thank you soo much your all great!!! *hugs* jupie
Tattoo Survey
Body: *If you have ink, do this survey, its fun!* 1. How many tattoos do you have? 15 2. When did you get your first tattoo? It was for my 21st Birthday. 3. What was your first tattoo? A star with flames inside on my right shoulderblade. 4. Which tattoo is closest to your heart? Probably my heart from The Used CD Artwork, it shows how love is dangling from a string and it's fragile. 5. Do you have a matching tattoo with someone? no 6. Do you have a tattoo that someone messed up? Some of them I've found minor flaws in, but that's just because I can stare at them, lol. 7. Do you have anyone's name tattooed on you? no way 8. What was the most painful tattoo you received? the stars on my chest. those hurt! 9. Have you ever cried during a tattoo? nope 10. Do you have a tattoo that you constantly have to explain? no 11. Have you ever gotten an infection from a tattoo? no 12. What is the longest session you've ever sat straight? 3 hours
Every Had One Of Those Days?
Just one of those days,where it's better to watch myself. I'm like walking on egg shells. I couls go either way tonight. Part of me just wants to kill someone or rip their hearts out. Another part of me just want to fade away and never be seen again. But damn god wont let me and the devil is enjoying this to much. So I'm stuck in the middle once again. Oh well should be use to it by now,i'm always geting stuck in the middle. So it's just one of those days.:)
"sixty Is The Worst Age To Be,"
"Sixty is the worst age to be," said the 60-year-old man. "You always feel like you have to pee and most of the time you stand there and nothing comes out." "Ah, that's nothin," said the 70-year-old. "When you're seventy, you don't have a bowel movement any more. You take laxatives, eat bran, sit on the toilet all day and nothin' comes out!" "Actually," said the 80-year -old, "Eighty is the worst age of all." "Do you have trouble peeing, too?" asked the 60-year old. "No, I pee every morning at 6:00. I pee like a racehorse on a flat rock; no problem at all." "So, do you have a problem with your bowel movement?" "No, I have one every morning at 6:30." Exasperated, the 60-year-old said, "You pee every morning at 6:00 and crap every morning at 6:30. So what's so bad about being 80?" "I don't wake up until 7:00."
Pleaseeee With Cherries On Top
Rockefeller Admits 9/11 Hoax
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Dalibor Date: Jan 30, 2007 6:23 PM Aaron Russo: Nick Rockefeller's Predictions & Admissions thx Susan ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Susan Date: Jan 30, 2007 4:02 PM Big hugs and great gratitude to Mike4freedom(Power 2 The People), Shane (Infoseekr) and Brian for this very revealing interview! Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population Hollywood director Russo goes in-depth for first time on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, including his prediction of 9/11 and the war on terror hoax, the Rockefellers' creation of women's lib, and the elite's ultimate plan for world population reduction and a microchipped society Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Monday, January 29, 2007 Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who personally told him that the elite's ultim
" Energy "
taking short trips out of Lynchburg on Greyhound are cheap. This is nice. I can only make trips within a certain distance though. This is ok. All things are good but i still need to get my drivers license because driving is so much better than sitting on a bus with strangers. For now this may just have to do.
***** E-e-e-e-e-enough *****
Your lips and tongue swirl over my torso You watch my nipples rise Through my hairy chest Just enough To see the pleasure you bring Knowing it will come back to you.
Bush Does It Again! Frickin' Wanker!!!
I Have Had My Differences With Members of the Press. But it's Nothing That Burying them Under Tons of Earth Won't Solve Contributed by Holly Bailey - Posted: January 30, 2007 2:10:10 PM Does President Bush have it in for the press corps? Touring a Caterpillar factory in Peoria, Ill., the Commander in Chief got behind the wheel of a giant tractor and played chicken with a few wayward reporters. Wearing a pair of stylish safety glasses--at least more stylish than most safety glasses--Bush got a mini-tour of the factory before delivering remarks on the economy. "I would suggest moving back," Bush said as he climbed into the cab of a massive D-10 tractor. "I'm about to crank this sucker up." As the engine roared to life, White House staffers tried to steer the press corps to safety, but when the tractor lurched forward, they too were forced to scramble for safety."Get out of the way!" a news photographer yelled. "I think he might run us over!" said another. White House aides tried t
if i get any more bored i'm gonna go frezze my ass off at outside if have too and its like 29 out there so nevermind i think i'll stay in but what will i do to pass the time and be unbored maybe i'll just stand on my head and clap my hands and sing a little song.. maybe that will work for me probly not
Check This Out
I need your help in the, Be my Valentine I'm sexy and single pic contest. I need all of you ladys to help me out this Valentines day. Here is the link BOMB me please you know that I am there for all of you so return the love and I want to give a special thank you to the lady that is giving this contest repost and BOMB me up
Comment Bombers Needed!!!
I have just entered in Sexiest/Best Cleavage contest! Please friends and fans help me out with this one!!! I always help out everyone I can with their contests so please help me this one time!!!! I have not won any contest I have entered yet and would like to win at least one! I luv ya all!!! MUAH, TwinkleBug
I've's Superman
I found it!!! Now my day can go on.
Don't you think the name Barry is the stupidest name a guy can have? No. What do you think of popcorn? Good, unless people chomp on it and annoy me. If you had to spend five straight hours listening to Eve, or Eve 6 which would you pick? Eve 6 for sure. Ever huff house hold chemicals? no Do you like soup? yes How about soap? sure Ever watch porno just to laugh at it? Pretty much Ever watch porno for other reasons? I guess you could say that too Who do you like better -- Jerry or Andy Garcia? Jerry Have you ever drawn on yourself with a marker? yes If yes, what was it? If no, why not? random things Do you like Christmas? it's my favorite holiday! Do you like your birthday? yeah, who doesn't? Do you trust your horoscope? a little Do you trust your friends? yes Who ARE your friends? people. Which of your friends are your top 2 favorites? No fair. Do you hate beer? no Have you ever lied to your best friend? Yes Have you ever dated a
New Pics
Just Put up new NSFW pics Come Check Them out Rate and Leave Comments
How Wants A Ride
live to ride ride to live
My first blog so here goes... Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget and if I die before you do I'll go to heavan and wait for you I'll give the angles back their wings and risk the loss of everything just to prove My friendship is true... I kinda theifed this from a very wonderufl friend of mine lol....Staci I
Lakeland Village Haus
I would have done Anything Without limits Or Hesitation The command Became my wish Overwhelmed by Your weakness I felt compelled To lead with mine Nothing is ever Accomplished When you attempt Everything For everyone Except yourself I still do All I can Without limits Or Hesitations Unless I have Something else To do
This Change
In a matter of time I went from depressed to no longer stressed. So much use to bring me down and now I walk again. Standing on my own two feet. Feeling complete. Like a sanctuary of solitude. Im full of grattitude. Gone is the fucked up attitude. I feel rejuvenated. My life no longer seems so complicated. Im exstatic. Give me more. I want to have this. I know that where i was is not where I am now. Everything becomes clear. I begin to see. Myself through you. You make me whole. You give me a smile everyday. All that pain you took away. Now I ask for just one thing. A promise that together you and I will sing. Looking at stars and laughing out loud. Your giggles have become a part of me. Something i would love to always hear. Happiness can be great. It took long enough to realize that. No longer in the gutter. But above it.
If U'r New To My Friends
if u r new to my friends no biggy and for those who have showed the love THANK YOU....but for those of u who have been on my friends list for awhile the least ya can do is go to this pic click on it and drop ONE comment unless it wld kill ya.......i'm gonna b doing a clean up of friends after this thas for sure.
Rules For A Gunfight
Rules for a gunfight 1.Bring a gun. Preferably bring two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns 2.Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive 3.Only hits count. The only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss. 4.If you're shooting stance is good you're probably not moving fast enough nor using cover effectively. 5.Move away from the danger. Distance is your friend. (Lateral and diagonal movement are preferred) 6.If you can choose what gun to bring to a gunfight, bring a long gun and a friend with a long gun. 7. In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived. 8. If you are not shooting you should be communicating, reloading, and/or running. 9.Accuracy is relative; most combat shooting standards will be more dependant on "pucker factor" than the inherent accuracy of the gun. 10. USE A GUN THAT WORKS EVERY TIME ---"All skill is in vain when the Angel
I Need Strength
There's this feeling of dread As each moment passes And its all about you Its all about me too It's all about us I need strength for what comes How many more times Do you have to assure me For me to believe your words How could scars be so cruel How could all of them say it all And then just leave You gave me strength when i was falling apart It was like a rush of wind Into silence and then the silence came again with me dreading it this time i feel like You'll cause the silence again and leave Just like everyone else i need strength i'm choking I get more attached And after a while it comes back It hits stronger this dreaded feeling That i'll be all alone In my own little vaccuum where you won't exist Where i can't breathe And Tears fall into darkness As i wonder if You'll be here tomorrow who will give me strength if you leave? the answer? no one
The South
Most people dont understand what it means to be southern! Come on down, we will show U!
Mom Contest Updates
~ I'm Holding a Mother Contest ~ Starts tommorrow at 9 am central time ! Let's see who makes the Top Mother in comments. so all moms send me your pics and i'll add you to the contest. 1st mom is..... with 50 comments 2nd mom is...... with 9 comments 3rd mom is...... with 1 comments 4th mom is...... with 1 comments 5th mom is...... with 1 comments Remember you can comment bomb your own pic! Contest will start on 2/2 thur 2/9 again mom with most comments wins! thanks maria click on the pic to enter contest! ~~UBER MARIA ..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
Plz Help Me Bomb Her This Ends Tomorrow
Tough Love Vs. Spanking
Tough Love vs. Spanking (received in an email) (a psychological conundrum) Most of America\'s populace think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of \"those moments.\" One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk. They usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car ride together. I\'ve included a photo below of one of my sessions with my son, in case you would like to use the technique. Sincerely, A Friend Scroll down for picture Disclaimer (before you get upset)..... Notice.... (1) the speed sign is in the distance and straight ahead and is probably clocking someone else because... (2) the car is in park...and, (3) the car is on the shoulder of the road. HOWEVER.... How many folks have thought of some creative solutions for driving in a point, but never acted upon it???? ;)
----- Non-lumens Vivat -----
The darkling Hours where walks the Night, in feeble lumes where Shadows Bite, Where walk in safety Innocent. and swift Death Meets the Evil-bent, The Shadows are not still, you see, and watch the night unendingly, for Innocence doth walk abroad, and breathing folk enact their fraud, The Life that's Lived no legend, here, and the Loved are those who let it near, Their Hearts, their Souls, their Passions-filled, with Love-Unending, Ever willed, By Those who Walk and Guard the Night, From beings who the world enfright, And yet Protect the Innocent, From Other realms where Hell is bent, On things unHoly, Deeds and fells, On tearing Souls and rending veils, For such existence as they have, those ne'er-do-wells of nameless grave, So give your Thanks ye mortal Kine, The Kindred Live - Protecting thine, And that ye pay with blood and Love, is simply Price - the Kindred Prove, That fickle tho' the humans Be, The Kindred Live Eternity,
Comment Bomb Me This Is My First Contest
You Deserve?
What if All I did Was love you What if I gave you My all Would it ever Be enough Or would you Want more If you need The car The house The social status To make believe You’re happy Then I am Not for you What if Your smile Told the story What if Opinions did Not count What if All I did Was love you Could you forgive Me For the nothing That you missed?
Free Video and Image Hosting Sexi Graphics Codes Sexi Layouts Free Video and Image Hosting Sexi Graphics Codes Sexi Layouts Free Video and Image Hosting Sexi Graphics Codes Sexi Layouts Free Video and Image Hosting Sexi Graphics Codes Sexi Layouts Free Video and Image Hosting Sexi Graphics Codes Sexi Layouts Free Video and Image Hosting Sexi Graphics Codes Sexi Layouts
Which Baby Are You?
Subject: Which Baby Are You? Which Baby Are You? Identify your personality by the baby/month you were born in. It's quite truthful. January Babies Pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn. Repost this in 5 mins and you will meet someone new in 8 days that will perfectly balance your personality. February Babies Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexiest out of everyone. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest And loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Horny. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside n
Cherry Blast
Some Considerations For Tantra Yoga - Part 1
Tantra Yoga During the various techniques of tantra yoga, the sexual energy is awakened and amplified to a great extent. It is important to preserve this energy in our aura, so that we could use it in superior ways instead of wasting it. It is known that in Tantra yoga the pleasure, be it however intense, must be entirely controlled, and therefore the ejaculation (or the explosive orgasm) must be avoided. However, especially nowadays, in the West, there are beginners who still mix the two ways of experiencing the sexuality; also there sometimes may occur accidental (involuntary) losses of control at some beginners. For all these reasons, it is said that at least one hour after every Tantric technique, all sexual manifestations (masturbation included) are prohibited; this has the object of avoiding any risk of having the energy lost, allowing it to be integrally used for higher goals. The Hands The TANTRIKA-s (Tantric adepts) are especially careful concerning the care of the h
The Trip To The Doctor
Millie accompanied her husband Maurice to the doctor's office. After he had given Maurice a full checkup, the doctor called Millie into his office, alone. He said, "Maurice is suffering from a very severe disease, combined with horrible stress. If you don't do the following, your husband will surely die. Each morning, wake him up gently with a long and passionate kiss, then fix him a healthy breakfast. Be pleasant at all times and make sure he is always in a good mood. Cook him only his favourite meals, lunch and dinner and allow him to fully relax after each. Don't burden him with any chores and don't discuss your problems with him, it will only make his stress worse. Don’t argue with him, even if he criticises you or makes fun of you. Let him be as arrogant as he wants to be. Try to relax him in the evening by wearing see-through lingerie. Give him plenty of ‘full relief’ body massages. Encourage him to watch all the sport he can on the TV, even if it means missing your favourite
~~mood Jewelry~~
mood jewelry Body: Menopause Jewelry My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods. We've discovered that when I'm in a good mood, it turns green. When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big fucking red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond.
Terrorist Alert
What Type Of Superhero Are You?
Your results:You are Supergirl Supergirl 90% Wonder Woman 70% The Flash 70% Superman 65% Robin 62% Spider-Man 55% Green Lantern 55% Hulk 50% Catwoman 50% Batman 35% Iron Man 30% Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and a defender of the innocent. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test
Best Family Updates Are....
~ Okay Family Contest ~ I want to have a family contest on CT and all the familys enter there Logo and then everyone votes and comments on it the family with the highest wins. Also a good way for people who aren't in family to join the familys. Just really to spread the news out! Contest will open today at 2:oo pm and run until 2/8 at 2 pm central time! so i'll be taking family logos send to my inbox and i will add the family! and may the best family win! 1st Family is...... with 3782 comments 2nd Family is...... with 3300 comments 3rd Family is...... with 677 comments You can Comment Bomb your own pic in my contest! thanks maria ~~UBER MARIA..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
I haven't really been blogging here, or anywhere for that matter. Ordinarily I use it as a tool to help me understand the thoughts going in my head. I've noticed a very important difference in how men and women communicate and/or blog. Men, generally, don't speak, don't ramble, until they have their thoughts straight. I guess it's more internal for them. If they blog, there is most assuredly a POINT. Even when you argue with a man, it seems like, they withhold conversation until it's clear to them what they want to say. I know that sometimes I will start talking, or writing, or fighting, when I'm not even sure what my position on something is. The longer I write the more clearly I see things. It's a method. From there, I talk it out to myself, or whoever I'm fighting with, and at the end I arrive at the destination having used a lot more words and thoughts than any man I'm talking to ordinarily does. I think this is why women feel we're more "emotional" and men think we "ramble". Case
Shell Leave You With A Smile *george Straight*
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Long Way Round
Long Way Round is a motorcycle diary of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. I'd always been fascinated by books like "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" - "Ghost Rider" (A motorcycle Diary written by Neal Pert of Rush) - and now "Long Way Round" it's been the source of great inspiration for me to motivate myself into my own life's journey, and when you have deep inspiration you just have to share it.... It's my hope to take an EBate Class, Rent a Bike, and find my own life's journey.... I've spent too many years cooped up looking to find myself, when really I don't think my spirit is locked inside, it might just be a spirit I need to chase down the open highway. I hope to God I can accomplish this and have a finished product as glorious as those works that have inspired me. ~Autumn Pheonix
English Narrative... "january Is....."
Robin Cropper English Composition 1 Dragoun January is both a very rough and joyous month for me. In January of 1993 my mother went into the hospital to have her liver transplant. That is one day I will never forget. It was the 15th of January and my mother woke me from my sleep earlier than usual. She explained, “It is that time, Robin. The hospital paged me. A liver has been found and I need to go to the hospital.” I knew what she meant. The fear I felt at that moment was indescribable. I listened as my mother and grandmother told me what to expect. “Robin,” my grandmother said, “Your mother is very sick. You know this. She is going to the hospital and the doctors will make her better. She will be gone for a while and I know this will be tough for you. You need to be brave.” I could not speak. I was only eight years old and far too young to fully comprehend what was happening. In a way, I thought my mother was simply going on a trip. She told me “I know you’re scared and I am t
So im sittin here smokin a cig and drinkin some wine. I dont advice people with high blood pressure to open a cork wine. I did for the first time tonight and when the top flew across the room i screamed and almost pee'd my pants :)
February 04, 2007: Super Bowl
The only show that makes me eager to watch the commercials. Did you see the Reno 911 trailer during the Super Bowl? That movie's gonna rock!!
Two Traveling Angels
Two traveling angels Keep reading to the bottom of the page -- don\'t stop at the feet (You\'ll see). Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion\'s guest room. Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement. As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, \"Things aren\'t always what they seem\" The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night\'s rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field. The you
I Know Everything
Some People
Ok I've been thinking about this for a while and I just can't come to a conclusion except for that some people can be real jerks,.....Why is it that some people can be so nice when you rate or comment their profile they do you the favor in return and then you have some people that you rate to be nice and you never hear nothing back from it because some people just see a fat chick when they come to my profile and not just a friend=( and then you have some people that see a friend and nothing more =), you know just because I rate you and your pics does not mean that I want you or I want to date you or anything like that, I mean god I just want to be nice in hoping that I get the same niceness in return I'm only out here looking for new friends nothing more....So why do some people have to be so arrogant and so egotistical? does anyone have the answer to this???
Can I Do You
Oh, I`m sorry you don`t understand. I mean.... Can I do you mentally. can I massage your mind, make love to your mental as I sex your intellect, and wreck your cranium with cresent waves or cerebral orgasms and brain spasms? See I want you spiritually and mentally... No need to rush to bed. I want to undress your mind and come inside your head, and connect with you on the soul waters deepest levels of your intellect. Cause the mind is the most powerful hypnotic intoxicating and narcotic force in the universe. So when we converse excerising the mind, expanding and challenging it`s thought capacity... I`ts like the greatest and most natural aphrodisiac of all time. Foreplay of the mind and that intellectual and sexual gratification that follows last longer, and we can forever bask in the afterglow of this spiritual and mental comsumation, and we don`t even have to take our clothes off.... So baby now that you understand? .... CAN I DO YOU??????
Just A Man..
Just a man.. For I am just a man nothing special , but I do what I can. I’m not a sinner or a saint, I just walk with the rest of the race . I have a heart, and words to spare, caring ear and feelings to care. I’m no prize. I’m just like the other guys, I just see with clear eyes. The face that I see that sets before all to see, we are all just part of humanity With all its goods and all its faults . So don’t judge or be judge just remember we all are from the same cloth. We just have different flavors… Scott Baker..
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In My Time!!
This is just another something that came out of me,it's not as good as my last blog but it's whats in my heart and mind right now. In My Time . I have love you. I have lost you. I have found you. In My Time. I have killed you. I have believed you. In My Time. I have wonder about you. I have asked about you. I have accepted you. In My Time. I have given you up. I have stood by you. I have fallowed you. In My Time. I have lead you. I have longed for you. I have pushed you away. In My Time. I have held you. I have watched you. I have touched you. In My Time. I have grown from you. I have learn from you. I have needed you. In My Time. I have asked for you. I have beged for you. I have missed you. In My Time. I wonder what you want. I wonder what you need. I wonder what you long for. In My Time. I now ask you, what you want, what you need, what you long for. In My Time
How Well Do You Remember The 80's?
I don\'t agree with all of this... How well do you remember the 80\'s? Totally Awesome, Totally Tubular, TYou know every 80\'s song by heart, and will sing them on request. A day spent watching The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Mr. Wizard, or Inspector Gadget would totally rock; and you know about \'I love the 80\'s\', \'I love the 80\'s Strikes Back!\', and \'I love the 80\'s: 3D\' and wonder the the hell is taking so long for the next installment! Take this test
Waz Good
what it is wit cha shawty
Head Hurts
I have a damn headache. Yuck. I need to write a paper too and my head is stopping me from even thinking much about what it is I need to write. I have to go to the mall again tomorrow with my friend to compile more data for our papers. Plus help him with the outline and overall data. But knowing me, I'll sit and flip through some motox magazines for a bit, THAN start observing people... or both.
Snow Humor Cartoons
Calvin & Hobbes were at it again, again, and again!! Actually, 15 times with a sense of humor about snow and snowmen. Great fun for anyone to take a gander. Start with this cartoon and keep moving through the series! :D Enjoy!!
Your Mother
Your Mother is always with you. She's the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street. She's the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick and perfume that she wore. She's the cool hand on your brow when you're not feeling well, she's your breath in the air on a cold winter's day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, she is Christmas morning. Your Mother lives inside your laughter. And she's crystallized in every tear drop. A mother shows every emotion .......... happiness, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, anger, helplessness, excitement, joy, sorrow..... and all the while, hoping and praying you will only know the good feelings in life. She's the place you came from, your first home, and she's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not time, not space.......not even death!
Just A Little Something
Taurus You are very stubborn, and your withdrawn nature makes you irresistible to hotties. You like sex to be romantic and passionate, and you know just how to make it that way. Your partners cannot resist your spontaneous and gentle nature. Sex matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Take this quiz at
Soldiers In Iraq View Troop Surge As A Lost Cause
Soldiers in Iraq view troop surge as a lost cause - - While senior military officials and the Bush administration say the president's decision to send more American troops to pacify Baghdad will succeed, many of the soldiers who're already there say it's a lost cause.
To Give
It is better to give than receive." But it doesn't really matter if we are giving or receiving. There is an identical feeling associated with both. We get this feeling every time we receive. We can't control when we receive gifts but we can control when we give gifts. Therefore, the more we give, the better we feel. When we are given gifts, or someone does something for us, it is the Indian way to honor this person. Great Spirit, let me honor and be respectful to those who are good to me today. When a person offers us a gift we often say"That wasn't necessary" or some shy group of words but we fail to realize the person gifting us is doing it most likely from their heart. We ust learn to recieve with Honor and give with Honor. Our ways have always shown us to give and when we think the giving is done give more. This keeps us from self. Thank you for showing me how to accept and how to give. Thank you for showing me the feelings I get when another person is i
I'll Only Love You Babe
I love you What more can I say... You have no idea just how much or how deep I would give up Chocolate for you (I think) lol That's how much I love you! It's your love that I will always need? The fear I feel When you're not here Every time you walk out that door I pray... This won't be the last time I see or hold you Babe All I ask is for your safe return Another day to laugh with you To smile at your jokes To taste your delicious tasty creative cooking To make another cheesey mushroom omelet just for you To serve it in our big bed To fill you're Christmas Stocking with your favorite coffee candies Your own Chocolate covered cherries Your very own big can of cashews To see your smile when I start my gardening every spring Even when the big bill comes in My life would be empty without your special brand of love The electricity that I feel with your touch Is truly amazing my love I feel a horrid emptiness deep inside my soul When I think of you not being a
A Lover's Plea
My desires are not to capture or hold any part of you. But to realize and caress your wants, needs and desires. To enhance your personality, And romance your sensuality. To give you room to truly grow, As high and far as you would like to go. To help you really and truly find, All the love you have in mind. To give you tenderness as long as I live, Are some of the things I want to give. I want you to consume all the love that's flowing free. Explore my mind and body beyond what the eyes can see. I want to touch you ever so tenderly, While we're making love so very splendidly, And feel our hearts beating as one. It's wonderful to know we've only just begun. We can touch the sky my dear, If only you let go of all you fear.
You'll Need A Shower After This?
You were reading in bed but,I felt you watching me I purposely took my time undressing at a snails pace your eyes scorched my skin standing I slipped out of my shoes then my pant suit came off I slowly hanged it in the closet erect in panties and bra I bent over, legs slightly spread to put my shoes on the rack knowing where your thoughts were as if my crotch had eyes I stood up slightly as I slipped off my panties very sinuously then I turned and facing you with my head looking downwards I unhooked and removed my bra then walked languidly to my dresser and got my hairbrush I stood with my head bent over brushing my hair towards the floor but I peeked through the strands you were hungrily licking your lips then as I walked toward the bathroom you were out of bed in a nano second your hands came from behind to f
The Prayers Answered,are My Inpiration.
In evening prayer we sought You, We came before Your Throne; And though I heard his every word, He spoke to You alone: "You know how much I love this woman, Show her, Lord, for me." He spoke his prayer like You were there, His one request of Thee. "I need someone of flesh and blood, Someone to hold my hand... And though Your grace should fill his place, I pray You'll understand. I'm learning how to love You, Lord, I'm trusting all I can... Please send Your love from up above And put it in my man." Though my prayer was so long ago, And his is so brand new; Last year, last night...within Your sight, It's all the same to You. And in Your love, and in Your time, You showed what Your way is ~ With methods rare beyond compare, You answered mine with his! "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways
It's Off To Work I Go!! Lol
Time to head to the office! All the guys are in school as they should be, lol! Yay! The high in Western Wisconsin today will be 9 degrees above zero. And it is snowing, as we speak. A nice dry, fine snow! Beautiful! My two silk veils arrived - each is 10 feet by 3 feet, lol! Ah, think I'll need to shorten them a little, lmao! But I have a red one and a deep purple one. Lovely!! Can't wait until we can actually use them to dance. Have a fantastic day, everyone! Much love and hugs to all! Blessings, all over the place, lol!!! I do appreciate your friendship so very much. Later!!
Bikers Contest Winners Are.......
~ Bikers Contest Winners Are......~ 1st Place is...... Wins Diamond Earrings and Dozen Roses! with 791 comment 2nd Place is...... Wins Platinum Cherry and Dozen Roses! with 755 comments 3rd Place is...... Wins Root Beer and Dozen Roses! with 349 comments 4th Place is...... Wins A VIC Keg and Dozen Roses! with 3 comments! I want to thank everyone in the contest! You all did a good job! Maria
Perfect Dream
Perfect Dream A good friend of mine once told me that if you can focus on a dream and keep it within your sight unconditionally, that dream can become a reality. I believe this to every extent, but there is one dream that sheer belief cannot achieve. This is to fall in love... ...To find someone who you can trust enough to give all of yourself. Someone whose eyes can lose you and all the same can lead you in the right directions. Someone to cherish, to want, to need... to complete you and help you find your place. Someone blind of your imperfections, def to words untrue, but able to hear unspoken thoughts and see untold dreams.
Comment Bombers Really Appreciated!!! I Will Give Gifts To Those Who Help!
10,000 comments and I will win a 7 day blast! I can't afford one at the moment, and I've been wanting one for awhile, so please help me out! And I will help bomb anything you post also, like I try to always do! Thanks and please repost!! Seana
You Are 52% Abnormal You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul. You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess. You are at medium risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is somewhat likely that you are in love with your own reflection. You are at medium risk for having a social phobia. It is somewhat likely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement. You are at medium risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is somewhat likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer. How Abnormal Are You?
Protestors Mar Military Funeral
At this point I am at tears begging people for answers, and ask...why must this hatred go towards us soldiers? What have we ever personally done to you? We volunteered to join during a wartime situation and joined knowning that one day we could be called to duity. I got my award for joining during a war time situation and wear it proudly. But i am appalled at the actions. For those who protest like the officer on trial I am ashamed to say are part of our military. We signed the contract knowing this could happen and that we could die. All we want is respect in our jobs. We dont ask that you support the war, just us. Dont use our funerals as a place of protest....We wouldn't create a riot at yours. -ARMYGIRLKATZ- The newspaper wrote a lovely article over him. He was an amazing friend and man. Never EVER argued about going to iraq. I think the only thing most said was "I want to be home. I miss it there. " that was the total amount of words said in his protest. But at his funer
Imagination Iv
Wasting Away
And now All you are and all you ever will be Is just another regret Waiting to happen lies waiting to be told to the ones I call my friends trying to cover up the tracks or forget what I have done You're the acid in my tears Burning my eyes Begging tears to fall but I won't allow it There will be no tears shed from me Not over someone like you You're not worth it or the ink i am wasting writing on this sheet of paper However I find myself writing this peom about you anyway But thats all you're getting from me You will no longer be the voice in my head Urging me to continue this sin? Lie? Example of one's lost self-respect? No matter the name it's wrong And it should have ended before it even began I hide the truth not only from my friends but from you as well See? I can be just as fake as you And just as numb as you wanted me to be But you will never get me to fall for you You're not that good and I'm not that dumb And if I do fall I know you won't b
40 Days Of Romance
So amazing is my lady Building an arc of love Inside my heart That I kneeled on the earth’s bosom And bowed in prayer To the Lord Atop heaven’s weather station Sincerely asked I During the 40 days of Noah How many drops of falling water Wet the earth For my heart needs to know During 40 days of romance How many impossible-to-forget Drops of love Falling from my moist kisses Must I wet my lady with To create the greatest flood Of all time A river of love Her heart wearing my kisses As a life jacket Can play in and splash about forever
Evil Blinkies 4
I'm Not Hungry!
I'm Not Hungry! A woman asks her husband, "Would you like some bacon and eggs? A slice of toast and maybe some grapefruit and coffee?" He declines. "Thanks for asking, but l'm not hungry right now. It's this Viagra," he says. "it's really taken the edge off my appetite." At lunch time she asked if he would like something. "A bowl of soup, homemade muffins, or a cheese sandwich?" He declines. "The Viagra," he says, "really trashes my desire for food." Come dinner time, she asks if he wants anything to eat. "Would you like a juicy rib eye steak and scrumptious apple pie? Or maybe a rotisserie chicken or tasty stir fry?" He declines again. "No," he says, "it's got to be the Viagra...l'm still not hungry." "Well," she says, "Would you mind letting me up? I'm starving."
Kid With Pet Contest
~ Kid with a Pet Contest ~ Still time to enter my Kid With Pet Contest!! I'm going to open a kid with a pet contest part 2 cause part one was so much so it will run from 2/6 thur 2/12 winners win vip gift and a vic gift both everyone in the contest wins something ! 1st kid is...... with 377 comments 2nd kid is...... with 4 comments 3rd kid is..... with 1 comment comments + rates = total send me ur pic link to my inbox and i will add you in! you can also comment bomb your pic too! thanks maria ~~UBER MARIA Will Be Back On Monday..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
Attn: Angel Family
We need to help our family members are in a contest that started today thur 2/13 comment bombing is allowed swe need to make sure they win! thanks maria click on the pic to vote!
Catering Is Fun!
just got asked by a friend for a dirty cake for her bachelorette party. She wants an erect penis and as bride to be blows out the candles she wants it to spew cream filling!! What a hoot, the cake itself should be easy, just got get the airbrush out, but the cum is a different story, gotta think on that one...... >:)
Crappy Hour
Every happy hour, my computer throws a tantrum, cuz so many people are doin stuff. Stop doin stuff! It's inconviencing me! Thank you.
Going to Atlanta tonight so bf can get his chemo. His nephew is going to take us. We will leave sometime after midnight. Bf has to be in the VA by 8:30am but does not want to rush getting there. Gonna be real tired when I get back. I do not travel well. Not anymore. Guess my body is travelled out. Have company..cutting this short. Wet dreams all!
Cherokee Feast
A Cherokee Feast of Days by Joyce Sequichie Hifler If we could look ahead, we would be comforted to know that what we have worked for and what we have given our hearts to will reward us. We cannot give and give and not receive, especially if we have given willingly and cheerfully. Our lives are many-faceted. We have shared in many ways and many times when it seemed unimportant. We gave without thought that it would do anything but help - and these are the gifts that will not go unrewarded. Giving is so often thought of in terms of the things we give, but our greatest giving is of our time, and kindness, and even comfort for those who need it. We look on these gifts as unimportant - until we need them. Then, the most wonderful gift is simple courage. ~ I felt that I was leaving all that I had, but I did not cry. ~ WETATONMI, 1877 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 5 "Let the person I
Daily Feast
February 7 - Daily Feast We blame far too much on age and too little on attitudes. Life is meant to be lived without dreading birthdays or looking for signs that one's natural force is abated. Life is meant to be lived for a good reason - to tell the negative forces we will not be defeated. We will not be a royal pain nor roam through life without a purpose. Each of us has a purpose and we will not give it up until the course is finished. When someone asks, "How are you?" answer, "Well to do, wa du - thank you!" ~ What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. ~ CROWFOOT - BLACKFOOT, 1877 "A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler ***** Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 7 "I can tell you that understanding begins with love and respect. It begins with respect for the Great Spirit. All things- and I mean ALL things-have their own will and
Lost In My Own World
Well everyone i am sure is wondering what is up. If you know me well, u know i have been hidding i should say. I just dont know what to do, i lost my gma friday and monday was the funeral. so kinda down and sad. miss her alot, ok well thats what is up.
Are You A Submissive?
Submission means that sometimes, you're willing to do what others tell you to do because it turns you on. How far are you willing to follow your Master's voice? Have you ever... Do you have a standard safe word you use for B&D play? (Making one up now does not count.) ...and used it during B&D? ...and been ignored? Had your covered ass spanked by someone's hand? Had your naked ass spanked by someone's hand? Been beaten with a soft instrument (like a whip/cat o'nine tails)? Been beaten with a hard instrument (like a crop or a paddle)? Been paddled? (For the record, some serious BDSMers drill holes in their paddles so the air can pass through it on the way to your butt, thus creating a faster and harder impact. The things you learn while researching purity quizzes....) Been spanked, whipped, flogged, cropped, or paddled so hard that you had marks the next day? ...and proudly showed them off to someone who was not involved in the whipping/spanking? Been spanked, whipped, flo
Employment And Money
tomorrow i go to refill out an application for a job. They are in need of workes so i should be able to get the job. I hope i can start working next week. I hear they are in need of workers and I am in another state of debt. This sucks worrying about losing my phone again. Can be very stressful.
Friendship Quotes #4
Friendship Quote # 4 Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. - Author Unknown
For Shits And Giggles.
1. If your life was a little glass ball, who would you trust enough to give it to?: GIVE IT DAVID BOWIE IN LABYRINTH, HE SEEMED TO HANDLE THOSE GLASS BALLS PRETTY WELL..LOL. 2. Do you think our futures are already planned out for us?: HELL NO, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE ANYONE CONTROLS MY LIFE BUT ME. 3. Do adults really understand teenagers?: ONLY IF THEY UNDERSTAND TO GIVE THEM MONEY, AND LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. 4. How often do you feel like you just need OUT?: EVERY FUCKING DAY. 5. What would you do if you found out someone very close to you (for example, boy/girlfriend you've been dating for years) told you they were a member of the KKK?: HIGHLY DOUBT THEY WOULD BE MY FRIENDS IF THEY KNEW WHO MY FAMILY MEMBERS WERE, AND MY UTTER HATE OF RACISTS. 6. Does the music you listen to effect decisions you make in your every day life? NAH, BUT THEY MAKE ME DANCE ALL FUNNY LIKE. 7. In the end, will we all be forgiven?: I HOPE NOT, SOME OF THINGS
An Otherone Of My Alltimes Favorits
Music Video Codes By Music
Good News
Already received word back from the publisher that the last editing is under way. They sent me the manuscript to read through and make any changes that I deem necessary. This is the time that things start to get exciting. Before long I'll have it back to them and they'll send me a proof of the text as it will look in the book. I'll give an okay on that and then the cover set up will take place. Then it will be registered in the Library of Congress and the Copyright applied for and best of all, it will be available for sale. Ain't life grand?
----SODA JERKS DO NOT COUNT---- Hello all my cherries,...ever had a bad day? days that exist of annoying people,stupidity,drama queens,X-boyfriends and especailly them,Well,guess what??? You do not have to take it anymore,Good News,It is Dump Your Signifigant Jerk day,...If you can find it within you. PEACE.
911 Number
911 is the emergency number in the U.S. In Britain, it's 999.
I honor the traditions of my tribe I listen to the wind and wildlife around me I hear the call of the spirits in my dreams and in the night I am a creature of the night and see my world differently To know the subtleness in the colors of the night The wonder of another world One I am still getting use to Feeling like a newly made vampire After seeing the vampire madness twice Again, after this madness, I Again feel like a newly born vampire And knowing I survived it, I will continue to survive Friends and Family will pass as i go on living forever I regret nothing that I have done over the years I will live till I sure i have seen everything, Then it will be my turn to sleep in the earth and let it embrace me Till it is time for my rebirth Copyright © 2007 Daniel SilverCougar
Am I crazy.... I think so. Damn I hate this life! No freaking clue here. What the heck I was I thinking to bring another life into this hellish messed up life. God, Am just so dumb. Shit... I hate ppl. I hate life. Why the hell did I bring another life into this world. God.... I hate baby blues. Is this tear jerking rollercoaster ever going to stop. Hate his father with a passion. Damn I even beginning to hate the internet.. Damn am sounding like a B*tch. Boy, do I need a freak drink. Oh heck.... I don't drink. Wow....that is freaking bummer. Don't smoke. Don't do drugs... Boy, am total mess Now at home with a new baby.... boy... How I just wish the freaking reality of this world just wither away? yeah am in a pissy Just a freaking call.... Letter... Email from a jerk that doesn't get the picture...I don't want him, love him or damn reality is... Never freaking did. Thank god he is not Damien Lucifer father. Think i
The Blowing Winds Of Love
To all the Soul Mates out there… let us float in harmony on the winds of love".. Across ponds, lakes and sea Winds are laughing as they blow As they sing their sweetest songs they know Clouds fly fast… white feathers flutter Like ballerinas on dazzling feet Tip toeing in full speed Or like butterflies with gauze wings Drop down…. up… drop down again On slender feet under the sunset sky A beauty of light and shadow Watching them in total silence One by one flutter down… It seems like a dream… A dream of beauty glides away On winds that sing their sweet songs Birds singing load and clear It’s time to blow you a sweet kiss In the winds of love... In harmony with every sun ray Visions clear grant me the sight Both feet steady on the ground You are safely tucked away Deep within my heart
i want to start a petition it is to help women like me get a job and keep the job they want i will welcome comment from anyone and i would like to hear your stories about home repair. so like me if you are bored being turned down for that job you wanted so badly male /female lets chat
Family Pic Contest Is Open Now!
~~ Okay I'm doing a Family Contest ~~ What I want is a family pic like parents with kids or grandpraents with grandkids a family photo. Winners will get both gifts again.....1 VIP gift and 1 VIC gift. 1st Family is...... with 1 comments 2nd Family is..... with 1 comments 3rd Family is...... with 1 comments 4th Family Pic is..... with 1 comments Most comments wins. Rates breaks ties. Send me your pic in my inbox and i'll add you to the contest! Remember you can comment bomb your own pic! Contest will run 2/9 thur 2/16 thanks maria Click on pic to enter! ~~UBER MARIA ..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
I Have Great Friends Huh
ok. well like not to long ago i found out some guy i just kind of talk to like say hi and thats it..and i dont like him like that or anything.i found out he likes's not the simple liking.It's the obsessing kind.I mean i havent had someone like me that much in a while.But ya.So ne ways. Like the person that told me told me "he dreams about me.i'm the girl of his dreams....shit like that.".ok well that freaks me out. I mean he's like one of those guys who is lonely and like doesnt really have alot of friends.But ya know ...The too freaking nice person i am.I actually talk to him..Say whats up all that.But where does that lead me to him liking like i actually didnt believe the person that first told me he liked me.Untill i saw this video..some guys at my work literally.. i was freakin out. here's the link.....view it.. and then he's the guy with the glasses on his head i think.
What Love Is To Me.....
Since noone hardly anyway read it on the bulletin board here it is again: Courtesy of
Tattoo Contest Updates
~~ Okay I'm Ding A Tattoo Contest ~~ 1st Tattoo is...... with 870 comments 2nd Tattoo is...... with 849 comments 3rd Tattoo is...... with 332 comments 4th Tattoo is...... with 195 comments 5th Tattoo is...... with 116 comments 6th Tattoo is...... with 27 comments 7th Tattoo is...... with 4 comments Remember you can comment bomb on your own pic! will run from 2/6 thur 2/13 thanks maria
Awaiting Love
the tree is close to me the tree is in infinity you,you,you my love are as a tree tall and strong and rooted you,you,you my love are as a tree to me the tree is close to me the tree is in infinity you,you,you my love are as a tree pillar of the forest spirit of the air you,you,you my love are as a tree to me the tree is close to me the tree is in infinity but i need to remember skin is not bark and soft hair not leaves and eyes knot wood i want to feel your warm body to hear your warm breath and sense your eyes upon me i need to feel your vibrating heart taste your dew smell you the tree is close to me the tree is in infinity i had a dream that i,i,i, my love nestled in your branches where it's safe and warm i had a dream that i was a bird my love my spirit flew to you in the night
Til We Both Get Off!~author Unknown
The time has come To get what I want Not more patience Gimme what you got. I need it right now Not gonna wait So gimme that cock Before it’s too late. Plunge in my mouth My tongue is ready Move it in and out Yeah, nice and steady. I’m so fuckin’ horny My panties I’m strippin’ Inside my love hole My fingers are dippin’. I need you to fuck me Gimme some nasty stuff Don’t take me gently I want it hard and rough. Pull my hair hard While you thrust inside I want to feel bruises After this fuckin’ ride. Get your handcuffs now Slap them to my wrists You know I’m accustomed To these kinky trysts. Fuck my hot pussy Wanna cum till I cough And keep fingerin’ my clit Till together we get off! I don't know who wrote this, I read it somewhere and liked it.
Mah Friendliest Cherry Contest (from Da Owl!)
Mah Friendliest Cherry Contest (from da Owl!) Imma Pimpin Mah Dragon! Click the link, and go vote for her... this is a RATINGS contest people, you go and click the lil 10 cherry , that's all! It's SOOOOO EASY! So go, do me a favor and click, and RATE HER! If ya do, come back here and leave me a lil message... and I'll owe ya a personal favor. Thanks! - Void
Slideshow: Nekkid Dancers! Well, Almost ....but We Got Dapper Gentlemen!
My daughter got into my stuff again! God, this is the nosiest child I have ever seen. Anyway, she found all these photos and begged for a slideshow like the one I made for the Norway and she wanted me to put music from Phantom of the Opera on it. (Her favourite musical.) So here it is. For my daughter Sam, and anyone else silly enough to watch this... LOL... It was fun to make though I now feel like an "old bag" after looking at my younger and skinnier, definitely prettier self....Ah well, beauty fades...but stretch marks prove that we survived eh???
Cat Contest Going Crazy Check Them Out! Wow!
~~ Cat Contest ~~ I am looking for cats for my contest. First cat contest on CT! Best Cat on CT contest! 1st Cat is...... with 4013 comments 2nd Cat is..... with 2034 comments 3rd Cat is...... with 1031 comments 4th Cat is...... with 231 comments 5th Cat is...... with 156 comments 6th Cat is...... with 143 comments most comments wins! VIP & VIC gifts awarded to the winners! will open on 2/7 thur 2/14 thanks maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~UBER MARIA ..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
Anna Nicole Smith/mma/long Weekend
I'm watching the continuous blitz regarding Anna Nicole Smith's death. I think it's sad that she's gone, but any coverage should be due to the bizarre way her life turned, and the way the mystery continues to unravel. Any comparisons to Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield to me is pretty shabby. The Frank Shamrock/Renzo Gracie fight is tommorrow night on Showtime. I will watch. It's pretty crazy how big MMA is getting now. Will it last? I'm not sure, but so far there is a glut for it. I have kind of long weekend, so I better make the most of it. Yeah I know - I've said that before...
Any women out there want a thugish but well rounded guy who is romantic for a valentine. let me know...
Military Men
I am not 100% positive of why I love military men sooooo much, and why I love sailors the most! Well that sailor thing my have something to do with the ex being o so very hott!!!! When he would come home from work in his working whites and me just thinking in the back of my mind of how much I wanted to make those whites dirty in the bedroom! I always remembered how many times I just wanted to grab his ass when he would wear his blues! mmmmmmmmm... My ex was so overwhelmingly sexy that I couldn't do my house work durring the day because all I could think about was what I wanted to do to him when he got home! In that relationship I think morning sex would have been a GREAT investment because my sexual drive would be statisfied and I wouldn't have thought about sex all day long. I mean what would you do if every night when you went to bed in curled up nest to a guy that is everything you look for in a guy physically and mentally? There wasnt a night that went by that I didn't want to sli
Young Jeezy- Tear It Up
Count Down Begins...
Im 30 days away from having my shoulder rebuilt and honestly scared as hell. I have talked to a few people who have had the surgery they say I need and have been told not to have it. To tell you all the situation, I tore my Rotator Cuff playing football five years ago. That is the group of muscles that keep your shoulder functioning properly. My shoulder comes out of socket doing things as simple as giving someone a high-five for example and I have to put it back in. This as you can only imagine hurts like a bitch! Im am not looking forward to the surgery, rehab or the time off work...
Past Life
You scored as butterfly. butterfly79%guy71%Dog54%tree38%Girl33%rock29%What were u in ur past life?created with
The Polite Way To Go Pee
During one of her daily classes, a teacher, trying to teach good manners, asked her students the following question: "Michael, if you were on a date having dinner with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?" Michael said, "Just a minute I have to go pee." The teacher responded by saying, "That would be rude and impolite. What about you Peter, how would you say it?" Peter said, "I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." "That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word bathroom at the dinner table. And you, little Johnny, can you use your brain for once and show us your good manners?" "I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment? I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope you'll get to meet after dinner." The teacher fainted.
70 Ways To Tell You've Been Online Too Long
70 Ways To Tell You've Been Online Too Long 1. Tech Support calls "YOU" for help. 2. Someone at work tells you a joke and you say "LOL". 3. You watch TV with the closed captioning turned on. 4. You have called out someone's screen name while making love to your significant other. 5. You keep begging your friends to get an account so "we can hang out". 6. Three words: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 7. You've even gotten on an airplane just to meet some folks face-to- face. 8. You have to get a 2d phone line just so you can call Pizza Hut. 9. You go into labor and you stop to type a special e-mail to let everyone know you're going to be away. 10. You have a vanity car tag with your screen name on it. 11. You no longer type with proper capitalization, punctuation, or complete sentences. 12. You have met over 100 AOLers. 13. You begin to say "heh heh heh" instead of laughing. 14. When someone says "What did you say?" you reply "Scroll up!" 15. Yo
Bloody Mom Vag And Cottage Cheese.
1. Have you ever fallen down stairs sober? MAYBE WHEN I WAS LITTLE. 2. Have you ever fallen down stairs drunk? I SWEAR TO GOD THE FUCKERS MOVED ON ME!!! 3. Do you own pants with pleats? HELL NO. 4. Do you collect anything? MOVIE POSTERS, AWESOME DVD'S, T-SHIRTS, AND SCARS. 5. Have you ever been robbed? NO ONE IS DUMB ENOUGH TO STEAL FROM ME. 6. What is your favorite kind of pizza? THIN CRUST NEW YORK STYLE CHEESE, YUMMY. 7. Ever swung from a rope? NAH, I THINK THEY QUIT DOING THAT HERE IN THE SOUTH...LOL. 9. Ever smoked anything? BETTER QUESTION WOULD WHAT HAVEN'T YOU SMOKED. 10. Do you wash your dishes? MOST OF THE TIME. 11. Do you wear contact or glasses? USE TO WEAR BIFOCALS, EYES GOT BETTER OR DOC WAS ANUTJOB. 12. What color are your mom's eyes? BLUE. 13. Ever swam in a lake? FORCED AS A KID, HATE OPEN WATER, IT'S CREEPY. 14. Do you like cheese? AMERICAN SINGLES ARE GOOD. 15. Have you ever touched a snake? FORCED TO WHEN I WAS A
Chocolate Bar With A Suprise!
FRANKFURT, Feb 7 (Reuters Life!) - A man in Germany was put off his Italian chocolate treat when he noticed that a bump in the bar was not a nut but part of a human finger. "He found a fingertip, complete with fingernail, right in the middle of the bar," said a police spokesman in the town of Mainz, close to Frankfurt. "I suppose it went unnoticed because there were nuts in the chocolate and it was hard to tell the difference," the police spokesman said, adding the fingertip was being examined by forensic experts. The 28-year-old man was in shock when he took the bar to police after a family doctor confirmed its contents. Police declined to name the brand of the chocolate.
What Do I Have To Do
What do i gotta do to get a blast?
I Love Being A Mom
Before I was a Mom I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom - I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Chewed on. Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests. Or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom. Before I was a Mom - I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body. I didn't
Now, That's A Twist!! Hee Hee....
Two prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on top of their car which said: "Two Prostitutes -- $50.00." A policeman, seeing the sign, stopped them and told them they'd either have to remove the sign or go to jail. Just at that time, another car passed with a sign saying: < B> "JESUS SAVES." One of the girls asked the officer, "How come you don't stop them?!" "Well, that's a little different," the officer smiled . . "Their sign pertains to religion." So the two ladies of the night frowned as they took their sign down and drove off. The following night found the same police officer in the area when he noticed the two ladies driving around with a large sign on their car again. Figuring he had an easy arrest, he began to catch up with them when he noticed the new sign which now read: "Two Fallen Angels Seeking Peter -- $50.00."
~ A Soldier's Ballad ~
So Emotional
Cuties Kid Valetines Contest!
~~Valetines SweetHeart contest ~~ I am looking for kid pics for my Valetines contest! Want to enter send me your link in my inbox and i will add your little sweetheart into my contest! 1st Kid is..... with 1245 comments 2nd Kid is...... with 1162 comments 3rd Kid is...... with 222 comments 4th Kid is...... with 154 comments most comments wins! you can comment bomb ur own pic! Contest will open on 2/9 thur 2/14 So hurry up and get the pics in to me. Winners will win 2 prizes each. Thanks Maria Click on the pic to enter contest! ~~UBER MARIA ..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
Taurus You are very stubborn, and your withdrawn nature makes you irresistible to hotties. You like sex to be romantic and passionate, and you know just how to make it that way. Your partners cannot resist your spontaneous and gentle nature. Sex matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Take this quiz at
How Bad Are You Wanted
HOW BAD ARE YOU WANTED Post this and see how many messages u get....don't be scared!! (1) just friends (2) gorgeous (3) cute as heck (4) hot (5) fine (6) sexy (7) amazingly sexy (8) we can be friends with benefits (9) id take u to my crib (10) i want 2 make u my gf/bf (11) i love u baby (12) call me.....(__)____-___
Sunday Sunday
Courtesy of Just wanted to say..... thanks to all the cherry peeps that have popped in, and rated, fanned and left comments!!! I am having a blast here, and enjoy chatting with my new found frineds!!!! ~huggs to all ~B
Here For A Good Time
just to have fun and make new freinds .Looking for partner and freind to enjoy life as we all should. No need for all the crap that people pull.On others at there exspence should never put others down respect is a very big thing to me.Family is my first priority and second comes my fun.
I really honestly told myself to bake a goodie today, but instead went out an purchased a huge box of oatmeal squares and a large Svenhard's variety pack. I now must go find baby carrots and/or bamboo shoots because dinner is going to be made for me tonight! :) Thank you SO MUCH to everyone with that last minute boost to Cherry Ninja!
I Love Your Love
I love your dark eyes, And your curly hair, I love your smile, And the way that you care. I love your deep kisses, I love your soft touch, I love you, I love you, I love you so much.
Final Exam
A teacher was wrapping up class, and started talking about tomorrow's final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up tomorrow, barring a dire medical condition or an immediate family member's death. One smart ass, male student said, "What about extreme sexual exhaustion?" and the whole classroom burst into laughter. After the laughter had subsided, the teacher glared at the student, and said, "Not an excuse, you can use your other hand to write
Kid Contest Updates
~~Valetines SweetHeart contest ~~ I am looking for kid pics for my Valetines contest! Want to enter send me your link in my inbox and i will add your little sweetheart into my contest! 1st Kid is..... with 4173 comments 2nd Kid is...... with 4007 comments 3rd Kid is...... with 2951 comments 4th Kid is...... with 154 comments most comments wins! you can comment bomb ur own pic! Contest will open on 2/9 thur 2/14 So hurry up and get the pics in to me. Winners will win 2 prizes each. Thanks Maria Click on the pic to enter contest! ~~UBER MARIA ..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
What Color Purple Are You?
You Are Grape You are bold and a true individual. You are very different and very okay with that. People know you as a straight shooter. You're very honest, even when the truth hurts. You are also very grounded and practical. No one is going to sneak anything by you. People enjoy your fresh approach to life. And it's this honesty that makes you a very innovative person. What Color Purple Are You?
I'm your puppet. Pulls my strings. Make me dance, or stand, or sit or lie. Your my master. I resent that you never let me die. Play with me. I'm lonely, Here in this dusty box. Can't you here me? I'm dying to be in your arms, But yet you walk away... You forget about me another day. This is the respect you pay? I've danced and done your every wish! But you don't pay me mind. You have fun with your friends, And leave me behind. Leave me in a lonely,desolate cube with the defeaning pound of lonliness. I am yours. you're still me master. I will dance, or stand or sit or lie. But because of lonliness.. I will wish to die
Icp Haters
I don't know about you but I believe there is a thing called RESPECT in life! What one person likes is not always what someone else agrees with!!To the one who loves to diss ICP fans GET A LIFE if you don't like to rate the pics ffs (and from what I seen you don't have any room to talk I seen your pics and DAYUM as a friend said my comp ram can't handle yer pics LMAO so as I said if ya don't like them) STAY OUT OF THAT FOLDER!!!!! duh........I know I will get slammed for this but hey YOU JUDGED ME 1ST and well thats it thats all have a crappy life!!!!
Yes Its Nasty Sherry Day...
Commercial Ad's
OK, help me out here people..... What is the best commercial you have seen recently? It could also be an older one, but what is the best one that you remember the most? What is the worst commercial you've seen?? Are there any commercials that you've seen that make you say WTF?? Please help me out, this is research for a class assignment. Thanks!!
The Rainstorm
Stranded in your car, on the side of the road, in what seemed to be the worst rainstorm of the century. We were on our way to the movies when the rain came down so fast and with such force you had no choice but to pull over. Turning down the music you tell me that we’re going to have to wait out the storm. As the rain continued to pelt down you reach over and begin to massage my upper thigh in a very sensual way. I smile and suggest we climb into the back seat. Once in the back you continue to massage my leg, moving closer to my pussy. I pull off your shirt and begin to kiss your neck, shoulders and chest. Pulling off my shorts and panties you start to rub my clit. Taking advantage of your big back seat I grab you by the shoulders and pin you down. After completely undressing you, I give you the best hand job you’ve ever had. During this time all you can manage to do is rub my clit, which is very sensitive and causing me to become very wet. Just before you cum you turn me around and
Ever since I've been here all I ahve seen is a bunch of contests and people who mis represent themselves. I thought the idea behind this site was to create new friendships, not selfless self promotion. Boy I guess I was wrong. No wonder so many people are so out of touch with the real world because they think it revolves around them. Get a life and take off those damn self centered glasses, this world doesn't revolve around you nor me nor any one person on here. I guess I am going to have to make a decision in the next few days on whether or not to stay here or move on, afterall this is becoming the next "myspace", self centered site.
Cant Fuck With A Smartass
one time when i was in high school me and 2 friends of mine went to a park that was around from my house. i was 15 at the time or so. Anyways we went to the park because we heard of some weird doings or sightings and of course me being into that kind of shit I wanted to check it out. Long story short we are in the woods and they said they saw something and told me to check it out. As I did the scrotum suckers left me behind in the woods figuring i would get scared and stay there wondering wtf? WRONG!!! I know one of those guys wouldnt do that. I ran across the middle of the park which was rather big and they took the road. I saw their car and hid underneath. They came back and one flashed a light at the car, but yet never saw i dont know, but when they got in arms reach i grab them and the jumped and screamed...needless to say they never tried that shit again
History Mystery
Have a history teacher explain this----- if they can. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.. Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both wives lost their children while living in the White House. Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. Both Presidents were shot in the head Now it gets really weird. Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln. Both were assassinated by Southerners. Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.. John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839. Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939. Both assassins were known by their three names. Both names are compo
I Need 2 More Entries To Start This Contest... Check It Out..u Can Place Any Bike Pic Into This Contest
The Voice
Hey Im New Here
hey supim new here jus tryin to figure this thing out if u have any tips lemme know
Holy Shit I Broke A Rank Finally!
took me 2 and 1/2 months but i have 216,000+ CT points finally, so i broke into the top 1000 :) i owe alot to many friends who've rated a shit-ton of my photos! I'm keeping an eye on who's sending me the loving and trying to return it all :)!!
Some People Don't Deserve To Live!
Child murder police get more time Full Story Police have been given more time to question a 21-year-old man over the murder and serious sexual assault of a two-year-old girl. Casey Mullen was found dead in her bedroom at home in Oak Tree Crescent, Gipton, Leeds, on Sunday following a disturbance outside the house. A post-mortem examination showed she died from "compression to the neck", police revealed on Tuesday. The arrested man has been named locally as Casey's uncle, Michael Mullen. Magistrates granted officers an extra 36 hours to question the man on Tuesday afternoon. Two other men aged 19 and 20 who had been arrested in connection with the inquiry have been released without charge. A Leeds City Council spokesman said social services had been "briefly" involved with the family in 2005, although no more details were given. Messages and flowers lined the footpath for a little girl neighbours s
What man is so mind-strong and spirit shrewd He can say who drives me in my fierce strength On fate's road when I rise with vengeance, Ravage the land, with a thundering voice Rip folk-homes, plunder the hall-wood: Gray smoke rises over rooftops--on earth The rattle and death-shriek of men.I shake The forest, blooms and boles, rip trees, Wander, roofed with water, a wide road, Pressed by might. On my back I bear The water that once wrapped earth-dwellers,Flesh and spirit. Say who shrouds me And what I am called who carry these burdens. Sometimes I plunge through the press of waves To men's surprise, stalking the sea-warrior's Fathomed floor. The white waves whip, Foam-flanks flaring, the ocean rips, The whale's lake roars, rages-- Savage waves beat on the shore, cast rock, Sand, seaweed, water on the high cliffs As I thrash with the wave-power on my back And shake under blue, broad plains below. I cannot flee from the helm of water Till my lord lifts me
This Is True
To All The Kids Who Survived the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! (cute email) Email | Unknown | Unknown Posted on 05/18/2005 9:07:02 AM PDT by LIConFem TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cribs were covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this.
I Read Your Poem,ooooh Ambassador!
read your poem, Oh Poet Its spirit beckoned unto mine Kindred souls are we Our quests intertwined We poets are a restless breed Battling life's uncertainty Unfulfilled yet still evolving We seek to know its mystery We search for unknown truths Feeding a need to be free Ever wondering, questioning Influencing our destiny I read your poem, Oh Poet It sang of the sublime I felt its gentle caress Touch my heart and mind Mystical and musical It embraced me tenderly Taunting me, inspiring me Seducing me ... completely
Relationships - Understanding The Mentality
My question at the moment: Why is it that there is a perception that because a woman is a large woman that she should lower her personal standards and "take whatever she can get"? Do most men think this? If so, why? Is the perception out there that larger size women are insecure, have a low self-esteem, are meek and weak and loathing of themselves that they will go out with anyone who offers? I cannot tell you the types of comments I've heard from various guys that I've chatted with on-line and in person -- they truly think that because I am a BBW that I will take anything that offers and that I will do anything they want to keep him at my side. There was one guy I met on-line and we chatted for a little while. I told him upfront that I was a BBW and if he had issues with that to let me know. He said he was only seeking BBW types. So we arranged it and I met him at my local book store for a face-to-face meeting. Mind you, he had seen a few picturs of me. When we met - fi
92 KQRS Classic Bit
Cherrytap A Nice Place To Be
hello,all my cherrytapper friends,I wanted to thank you all for being out there this is just a wonderful place with such wonderful people,...there are so many kind-hearted and caring individuals here I consider this place home,a nice place to come 24-7 when im sick or relaxed or need to rest my feet. And I am thankful for that.
Where Ever He Has Gone
A poet said he died today Packed his pen and went away For reason unknown "I'll write no more" He said goodbye and hit the door. A tear I shed from hearing this Oh what poetry I shall miss Could his have been the words that saved A stranger form an early grave What brought him low with just one chop I do not know he did not cop But a hole he left that can't be filled So I shall cry at the window sill The night is dark that I do reap And for his lost poetry I shall weep. ©Dark
The Magic Moccasins.
The beat of the drum sounds across the land. My heart is beating to its rhythm. The drum group sings the powwow songs and the people dance the circle. Elders lead the dance as the people move to the rhythm of the Mother's heart beat. I stand there just outside the circle and watch the people dance around the drum in the middle as they move around the circle. Such a beautiful sight, some in full regalia others in every day tee shirts and blue jeans. Some move very gracefully others just walk slowly taking steps to the beat. I see one Grandfather in the lead, he moves so smoothly, and with such grace. His dance is very fancy, with jumps and spins. He dances like a young man. I know this Grandfather, he has been a teacher to me before. I have seen him dance many times, but never have I seen him move so smoothly and gracefully. He has on moccasins I have never seen before. They are the most beautiful beaded moccasins I have ever seen. I am so touched by Grandfather's dance. Watching him,
Valetine 2007
Hello my friend, here a special card for you. Courtesy of With love and kisses. Keesxx
A Poet's Poem
We’re always searching For the divine But them We settle For a good enough find The magic is Out there And so very real It is not Butterflies But a calm That you feel No matter the subject Whatever request It all just seems Ok No type of unrest I savor Our time now Maybe think it The best I look forward To all of the rest A journey worth Taking Begins with Brave steps Just hold my hand As we jump off This cliff
Happy V-day!
I love all my friends! New pics for family! Enjoy Kisses from kev.
life life is filled with dreams life is filled with emotions life can be filled with love Life can be filled with hate life is one big roller coaster Dont let your hate stand in the way Make your dreams come true Cause it is only you that can do it Remember that your love will always stand true Love comes and goes Just make that it is the one And its your life that is on the line Hold on to the you have Most of all be true.
Part Ii
He crept in the room, not a sound was made. She’d fallen asleep on the table, her hair in her face. As he walked by, he tucked her hair behind her ear. She stirred slightly. Making his way around the table, he stroked his hand down her ass, her thigh…she sighed with content. When he reached between her lovely cheeks, finding her slit - I’ll be damned. She was even wet in her sleep! Softly stroking her sweet wet pussy, she slowly began to stir. “Wake up, cunt,” he said as he smacked her on her ass. Still stroking her wet pussy, he grabbed the back of her head by the hair. Pulling her head back, he leaned over to gently kiss her. Who was this man? Soft touches, sweet kisses…the complete opposite of the man before. With regard to the comment that is. She began to wiggle her ass, inviting Master to continue with whatever would be his pleasure. She felt him squat behind her and tried to prepare for whatever might be coming next. Softly, he slid his tongue between her w
Dancing with the world, I call my own Stringing along my hopes and dreams Impatient anticipation Fulfilling my every move Wondering gaze of confusion Tailored needfulness Taking deep breaths of conspiracy Running Walking Crawling
Left Broken Hearted A Poem About Love Online
First we were strangers, Meeting online. Living our lives in happiness; Everything was just fine. Both of us were healthy, We went through the usual strife. Heartbreak and jealousy, We lived pulling through life. Getting to know each other, We became the best of friends. Still didn't meet face-to-face, But we got to in the end. Burning in our friendship, We'd never let it end. Whether we worked out or not, We'd still be best friends. And then one day we lost contact, You never picked up the phone. And every time I called your house, No one was ever home. I kept calling and calling, And I finally got through. I nearly fainted when I was told, What was wrong with you. You were dying; Had a deadly form of cancer. I asked your mother what it was, But she gave me no answer. All she did was cry and sob, I didn't know what to do. But one thing was for sure, I had to see you. Rushing to your room, I collapsed once outside. Sobbing at the sight
Love From The Heart
"Love from the Heart ".. " Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage." " You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of Love." " LOVE thrills the soul, takes patience as it's bride, shows kindness and grows with time." " Love becomes boundless only when aloowed to show itself to the keeper of the Heart." " Love endures the test of time and ever shadows it into eternity." " Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only what you are expecting to give." " Love is not blind - it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less." " If you Love someone more than anything, Then distance only matters to the mind, not to the Heart." " Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your Heart. " " A hundred Hearts would be too few To c
Tear Jerker Poem
The weeper (A re-write) He sits alone in an alley, he can't be more than eight. Just a boy all alone, he is a victim of life and fate. No mother, no father and no one else to love. This child would be all alone if not for GOD's Love. He is "The Weeper" sad and alone. I watch him for a while and I shed more than one tear. I look at this child and I'm taken with doubt and fear. I have to do something I have to help him out. Why, must he suffer so, What is his pain all about? He is "The Weeper" so sad and alone. I prayed that night and ask GOD "Why", I ask all night. I ask "Why does he suffer when You could let him die"? GOd finally answered when the night was almost through. God said,"He suffers for you to see,It's all for you". He is "The weeper" so sad and alone. I cried myself to sleep not knowing what it all meant. When I woke the next day the alley is where I went. The boy was gone and a note was left where he had sat. The note said, "I'm with God MR. Tha
Why Do You Care?
How can you sit and watch me cry How can you care if I'm alive Why do you sit there smiling all the time You have what I've hoped for You took it from me You stole my breath and now I cry miserably! How can you wonder why I'm decide How come you care if I smile or laugh Why do you even care if you see my eyes or not But still I don't understand From everything I've done You still care Why? You don't care without a reason What is your Why do you wait for me WhenI'm never gonna come with Just leave And everything will be alright At least tonight! Bye.
The User
This man is a loser! Has other paying his way in life. His girlfriend left him! Yes his girlfriend! Glad to see she woke up and stopped catering to him. This is not a man! He's not even that good! From what he wrote about me, I can see he used me. »nsfw« *ÀÐÐÒÑI§*@ CherryTAP Laughing at his newest This person has such an ego(very sad) What he wrote about me in his profile, He contradicts himself. If this lifeless lil bitch is on ur friends list chances are you have or will be deleted off mines I HATE STALKERS... its almost flattering... yet its gotten very old ad tired of igorning!!!. My Turn Now Bitch!!! ... if you compare her friends list, she got ya's off my page! Shes using you to try to somehow hurt me which is impossible cos... 1...i dont give a fuck less what anyone that dont take the time to know me thinks about me! 2ndly.. anyone who believes what that thang is saying, ca keep on stepping you look better goin than coming anyway! 3rdly ... i have fr
Stab Me Again
Went to DSPS to get my math squared away before it starts. We have tomorrow and Monday off, so I dont have math until next week which is good. Anyway, I told them that I CANT pass math without a calculator. They told me that it's up to my teacher if I can use one or not because in Math 10 it is required to MEMORIZE it all. Riiiiiight. That's great except I have TWO learning disabilities, one of which is SHORT-TERM MEMORY. And they are telling me to MEMORIZE this shit?! I've been trying to for well over 10 years and guess what? It doesnt stick. Than I was told I could use a multiplication table if all else... fine, but I still think I'll fail the class. I have to talk to the teacher next Friday about all of this. THEN I was told that if I cant pass this math class there is a damn good chance I will NEVER transfer and I will NEVER graduate. Like hell... I will fight like hell against them. I WILL graduate and transfer. I plan to talk to my mentors about this stuf
God Said 'oops!'
We all make them It is bound to happen You will create Another mistake Lose something important Forget a vital thing Give your heart to someone Who cares too little To embrace Not see the car ahead of you Say an unkind word Or respond in a way Most folks think absurd Spill this Drop that Misjudge a gas release It is part of being human The silly things you do The only thing you must get over Is always being you
I Keep Telling You!!!
You scored as Dragon. Dragon: Now talk about a legend. These magnificent creatures are of many species. Some can be as large as the Earth itself, while others are as small as a mouse. One image that comes to everyone's mind is the large, fire breathing Dragons that loathed humans and loved to sleep on massive piles of gold. Not all dragons have a bad reputation. Most dragons are very wise, caring, and protective. It would make a person very lucky indeed to meet a dragon. Especially if they walked away untouched. I admire your wisdom, for you are the Ancient Dragon.Dragon67%Demon67%Mermaid59%Faerie59%Angel50%WereWolf42%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
My Dumbass Moment For Today...
OK, so I got a Photobucket account when I signed up for CT so I could get the url for my pics and stuff. Well what I didn't realize is that my account was public. I have been putting a lil of this and a lil of that in there. Needless to say there were several pics with all my goodies showing. I'm on there tonight uploading some more pics to make some stuff. Well I notice a thing saying something like 4000 viewers to my albums and I'm like WTF??? I then realize that my shit is out there for all to see. I quickly found where I could make it private and did so, for any of you pervs logging onto Photobucket at this moment to look me up. I just thought I'd give you all a good laugh at my dumbass moment for the day. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. TGIF
De-icer??? Anyone???
Never By Chino Xl
Invisible Fence
Code Provided by
Lindon, And My Old Hi5 Account
Apparenly i had this hi5 account that i forgot about, just started playing on it again, and reading through my blogs... it's insane... May 25th, 2005 Well, I don't lindon will be talking to me for a while. I really pissed him off last time we talked... it's just so annoying that he seems to think I am his personal "booty call", as i put it to him. He loves me, can't date me, and wants to have sex w/ me. Not happenin in this life time. It seems like i go over this same thing every fucking day!!! Except he hasn't talked to me in 2 days... *lol* I don't think he will talk to me anymore. Then only thing he ever has to say to me is "hey lets have sex"... and frankly, I am sick of that bullshit. It's like, he has no fucking respect for me at all. Ahhhh, the joys of men, and their endless bullshit. I swear I need to just get him out of my life completely. I never seem to do it... WHY?!?!!? Why is it that I cannot seem to get someone so mean and cruel out of my life? I deserve so much be
I Wanna Say Who....
It Is Time !!!!!!!!!!!!
"I, as a spritual Indian man, am convinced that it is time to reach out to my white brothers and sisters and to share with whomever wishes to partake of what we, the indigenous people of this land, still have. It is time that the buckskin curtain be drawn back. It is time, I know it. You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round... Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle. The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same, and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing. Our tepees were round like the nests of birds, and these were always set in a circle. The nation's hoop, a nest of many
How Kinky Are You
You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Biting100%Chains/Handcuffs100%Blood100%Bondage100%Whips67%Blind Folds0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
What Retired People Do
Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went down town and into a shop. I was only there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, "Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break"? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. I called him a "Nazi." He glared at me and wrote another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him a "doughnut eating Gestapo." He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn't care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting the tickets on had a bumper sticker that said, "Hillary in'08." I try to have a little fun each day, now that I'm re
Moving Day
moveing day i fucken hate moveing,,can i get a little love
You Are
Tiger Stash Update !!
Hey everyone. Hope your weekend is going well. I've updated my stash, i've added some beautiful tiger pictures. Come and see them and show some love if you have time, thanks. A big 'thank you' to those who have already shown lots of love. Hugs and many thanks Linda xx
Went to Biology last night and during lab my cell phone goes off three times. It was my mom. She left a voicemail tell me "I know you are out of class and off fucking around, call me back!" ...Riiight. I called her back and she went off on me because I was in lab. So, I stayed out on propose with a friend of mine. We went to Del Taco, ate, talked, and she is going to help me get through my math. I'm just so sick and tired of all the shit I've been getting from my family.
Feeling Blah
I feel like I've been ran over by a truck. Probably due to lack of sleep and allergies. I really need to work on my Linguistic homework and Biology work.
Dont Now
badman2006@ CherryTAP/" >Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from www.sexiluv.coma>
Why Do People Have To Be Hating
im tired of this shit my friend is tired of this shit dont fucking mark other ppl shit nsfw especially if its not this is not cool i dont think we should beable mark other peoples pics my friend was having a contest for sexiest ass and the pics were just guys in boxers they werent hurting anyone and if u see something like that u shouldnt be opening it at work anyways and i dont think anyone is going to do it and i know cherrytap did not do because they send i a message telling u they marked it so come on people if u dont like people dont fucking look at their page dont be fucking bitches its bullshit im done now but really people come on dont do this shit anymore its not cool get over urselfs
Nicoderm Patch
Two priests are in a Vatican bathroom using the urinals. One of them looks at the other one's penis and notices there's a Nicoderm patch on it. He looks at the other priest and says, "I believe you're supposed to put that patch on your arm or shoulder, not down there!" The other one replies, "It's working just fine. I'm down to two butts a day." IF YOU LAUGH.... YOU'LL GO TO HELL!!!!
Yay For Me!!!
My son said his first word today!!!!!!!!!! He said MAMA!!!! *does happy dance* I'm so happy. :) I was playing with him this morning and he looked me dead in the face and goes "" It was so cute! Then he giggled and went back to smacking the window, lol.
Kodak Files Patent For Edible Rfid Tag-tomonitor Your Govt.prescribed Daily Dose Of Tranquilizers, Birth Control Etc. Pills Have Been Taken, As It Is
KODAK FILES PATENT FOR EDIBLE RFID TAG-ToMonitor your govt.prescribed daily dose of tranquilizers, Birth Control etc. pills have been taken, As it is monitored dissolving in / coming out of you by your new RFID TAG reading toilet !! Coming to a toilet near you soon ! And they thought we could Not immediately see the Real reason for these edible RFID TAGS ? has uncovered a recently filed patent application from camera and imaging technology giant Kodak that outlines a compelling new application of RFID: ingestible tags that act as monitors for health characteristics within the human body. The idea is that the RFID tag antenna -- the critical component which allows data to broadcast -- be composed of organic material that would dissolve as a result of certain chemical reactions within the human body. Once dissolved, the tag antenna, and therefore the tag itself, would stop transmitting a signal, indicating that the targeted chemical reaction had o
Who's A Rock Star? I'm A Rock Star!
Who's a Rock Star? I'm a Rock Star! Who's a Rock Star? I'm a Rock Star! Who's a Rock Star? I'm a Rock Star! Who's a Rock Star? I'm a Rock Star! Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. *boogies*
Obscenity Is.... (as Related Via A Webcam Server I Looked Into)
ObscenityAbsolutely NO service, in part or in whole and including but not limited to performances, that is on or through your *********** Network Web Page shall violate ANY law concerning obscenity. IN OTHER WORDS, THERE CANNOT BE ANY OBSCENITY ON OR THROUGH YOUR WEB PAGE. Obscenity includes BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO any actual *** or simulated *** conduct that is: child pornography, i.e., depictions of nudity, sexuality or sex involving any person under eighteen (18) years of age; incest; rape; any other coerced sexual conduct; bestiality, i.e., sex with animals; necrophilia, i.e., sex with dead bodies; penetration with inappropriate objects, e.g., fists, bottles, vegetables, tools, implements (e.g., plungers, light bulbs), animals (e.g., gerbils), etc.; bondage with penetration; urination (i.e., "peeing") or defecation (i.e., "pooping"); age-inappropriate appearance, i.e., depictions of nudity, sexuality or sex by any person who LOOKS younger than 18 years of age, either naturally or bec
Stabbed By The Bestfriend.. Tell Me What You Think...
Heyyy Yall... Well I have had somethings on my mind. Things goin on in my life. THAT TRUELY SUCKS.... I want to know what people think about this. Well I have been friends with this girl for years well about 10 years. She was my best friend. Someone I turned to when I had problems. Like this one. Anyways, I dated this guy 2 years ago now. We dated a few months. We were like bestfriends... Well he was my best guy friend...We broke up but we were more then friends after the fact. It also went on for a year. Now its been a year since. And I cared so much about this guy. I stoped talkin with him so much so I could get over him or at least keep my distance. You know. So We used to talk every night. He used to send me texts every morning and night. Sayin well duhh Good Morning and Good Night. I really liked him. Well lets say I loved him very much. Now my Ex- bestfriend.. Someone who never liked him really. Is datin him. She didn't even have the nerve to tell me. I found out on
Sexy Black Man Contest!
~~ Okay I'm doing a SEXY Black Man Contest ~~ I'm Looking for 10 hot Black Men for my contest! If u want in then send me your pic link to my inbox and i will enter you! 1st Sexy Man is...... with 1 comments 2nd Sexy Man Is...... with 1 comments 3rd Sexy Black Man is..... with 1 comments V.I.P. gifts as always and a VIC gift as well! Will start on 2/12 thur 2/19! Thanks Maria click on pic to enter contest! ~!~Cherry Picker Maria~!~......Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
You know some people are really screwed up, how is it when you go into a restraunt or anywhere where someone waits on you and after a meal someone else had to prepare and then someone else brings it out to you, you just get up and leave without paying your bill never mind about a tip. I was at a restraunt i frequent and i was hungry and lazy and did not feel like cooking tonight, as i sat down, at the bar mind you i ordered a drink asked for a menu and proceeded to enjoy the moment of not cooking and not cleaning any dishes when the bartender yelled for the manager pointing out one of her customers had eaten and left without paying the bill. This bothers me when you are the lazy #$%^ who came in there and refused to pay for a meal that you ordered and then showed the utmost disrespect to the person waiting on you by not leaving them a tip and leaving them with the bill. To me if you do this you are just a sorry piece of shit and should be brought out back and have the shit beat
Walk Away
On Why "karma" Is Horse Shit ..or...the Hindu-ization Of The West
Stand to and listen up: When people in the west talk about "karma" they are, generally speaking, referring to the notion that "what goes around, comes around" and "you get what you give". Now, properly speaking, westerners are defined as, in short, anyone who was not raised in the East. And by "East", I mean Bombay, Calcutta, Beijing, Tokyo, etc. So that pretty much leaves us western white folks, and those of colour who were born and raised HERE, in the WEST. Allright, just so we all know who we are and what we're talking about, I'll move on to bashing this stupid notion of "karma". If one more person tells me, or one of my friends, that they're going through hard times now because of "karma", I am going to jump out the window, land straight onto the deck of the Retribution with both feet, and sail my ship right up their proverbial intestinal canal, with guns blazing. Firstly, this kind of response to human suffering is: a) insensitive b) not very helpful c) not pa
My Cheesy Pick Up Line.
Your Pickup Line Is Hi will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap hotel room across the street. The Magical Pick Up Line Generator
I Still Don't Believe It
Its hard for me to look at myself and think of me as reaching a certain status. Like another level of acting. It's just weird to say that I talk to people like James Gunn, Tim Sullivan, Lloyd Kaufman, Dee Snider, Debbie Rochon. (If you are not aware of who these people are, simply google them) I emailed Tim Sullivan yesterday and I said, "He's so not going to respond" I mean, we were celebrity guests together before at a weekend of horrors, but that was just whatever. I was so shocked when he responded to me! It was like wow! I don't know. I still feel like that. When I meet these celebrities I just don't think I'm really meeting them, so I'm not starstuck, but after the fact, I'd say "wow I met....." and there is a longgggg list, LOL I'm very blessed
How Do You Deal With...
I'm curious how most people deal with jealousy. I know, its completely random, but I'm curious :)
Shove And Slap
Went to a costume party at the weekend. Got chatted up by Peter Pan (or a girl dressed as Peter Pan), then an inebriated Irish girl, dressed as the world's perviest Snow White, shoved my face in her cleavage. She then slapped me around the face for shoving my face in her cleavage. Women are strange and wonderful creatures. Drank two bottles of Merlot. Why is it all Disney themed costumes for girls are naughty? Walt was a bad man.
For Gothic Slave
She has a personality that will stun you, I know ,I saw it happen to one called Blu. She is a steadfast friend, one you can count on till the end. An adoreable creature, excellent in every feature. She will make your heart beat faster, you will seethe with envy toward her Master. So much can be said in so small a place, she is a fine exempler of the Human race. A Thank you to Gothic Slave for being such a great and lovely person ;)
To All My Fans And Friends On My List!
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Party March 17th In Da Lou!!!
Here is the link to the MARCH PARTY! Look forward to seeing you all there. for more information on future parties , sign up to join the hottest adult group on yahoo.
The Blind Man
A blind man wanders into a biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a drink. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender, "Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?" The bar immediately falls absolutely quiet. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it is only fair -- given that you are blind -- that you should know five things:> 1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat. 2. The bouncer is a blonde girl. 3. I'm a 6 foot tall, 175 lb. blonde woman with a black belt in karate. 4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter. 5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke? The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head, and mutters, "Nah...not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times."
Music Video:THE LONELINESS (by Babyface)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
My Man
A Place For American Idol Fans To Visit Thru The Season...
Just in time for the judging to begin! Are any as good this season,as the last one was? Well we will soon start to see.
In Hot Pursuit;-)
Two Alabama State Trooper Patrol cars were in hot pursuit of a Camaro heading east towards Georgia on I-90. When the suspect crossed the Georgia line, the first trooper pulled over immediately. The rookie Trooper pulled over right behind him and asked, "Sarge, why'd you stop?" "You dumb rookie," replied the Sarge. "He's in Georgia now. They're an hour ahead of us, so we'll never catch him."
Sex And Dirty Jokes: Running In Nude.
This woman was having an affair during the day while her husband was at work. One day she was in bed with her boyfriend and she heard her husband's car pull in the driveway. She yelled at the boyfriend "Hurry! Grab your clothes and jump out the window; my husband is home early!" The boyfriend looked out the window and said, "I can't jump out the window! It's raining like crazy out there and I'm naked!" She said, "If my husband catches us in here, he will kill both of us!" So the boyfriend grabbed his clothes and jumped out the window! When he landed outside he was in the middle of a "running marathon," so he started to run along beside the others - only he was still in the nude, carrying his clothes over his arm. One of the runners asked, "Do you always run in the nude?" He answered, while gasping for breath, "Oh yes. It feels so free having the air blow over my skin while I'm running." Another runner then asked the nude lover, "Do you always run carrying your clothes
Blogs Back To Friends Only For The Time Being - Sorry!
due to current circumstances ive edited my blog settings! luvsssssssssssssss Mic going to go have some fun!!!
Whats Yours
Gary's Sexual Catch-Phrase is... "Cowabunga!" 'What is your sexual catchphrase? at
Someday We'll Be Together
Rondom Email
Never take someone for granted Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WAS EMAILED TO ME.
WTF is wrong with women today? I try making plans, but like an eraser they vanish and fade away. Some look at me differently cause I write lyrics, record and sell CDs. Some can't seem to make up they're minds. I could be your worst enemy, I could treat you so sweetly but I'm the one who walks past you downtown, the one who you can't seem to see. I get tired of playing games, and being in last place cause I'm not good enough but I'm good enough to be stood up. I looked at her, she looked at me and then walked away like my ex leaving me mad as hell, pissed and feeling alone. Just for one day, I wish I could forget about emotions and keep on going, blocking out valentine's day. Fine, maybe I'm chopped liver, I don't care anymore but I'm tired of being stood up and being kept in the dark, almost like a lie. If you disrespect me, and treat me like shit, theres a good chance I might call you, a bitch and lack some respect. So for now I'll work on my work, a better cause, cause you
Woes Of The Company Computer Guy (a Play)
The company computer guy is sitting in his office, checking out his message on Cherry Tap when he receives an alert that a trouble ticket has been assigned to him. He sighs sadly and switches windows to his I-Support program. The ticket reads: \"pc shuts down on its own...It does tell her we are sorry for the inconvienance. This is a HP laptop.\" The computer guy prints out the trouble ticket and heads out to check the laptop. When he arrives, he sees that the laptop is stuck in an endless reboot. The error message that comes up reads: \"system32ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged. Please reinstall.\" On a whim, the computer guy tries \"Use last known configuration that worked\" from the boot menu and is delighted to see that the laptop boots into Windoes and lets him login. This is only the second time in 8 years of employment that this option has worked for him. Just then the customer enters her office. Customer: I see you got it to work! That\'s great! Computer Guy
Vote For Tonya Aka Redrubies
Could i please ask my friends and family to help vote for my dearest friend, Tonya aka Redrubies in the HOTT PIC CONTEST. The contest runs for approx. 2 weeks so there is lots of time to cast your vote. Tonya is a sweet girl and she is one of the nicest friends your ever likely to meet. Show her some love by giving her some of your votes. Thanks Willie and Tonya
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hey peoples feel free to stop by my page and leave ur face in my guest book its looking a bit sad lol ... have a fab night all that are reading xoxo
Heheheheh My Girls
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know by Princess Sarah The night is fading. The stars disappear. I'm barely breathing, because this day is what I fear. I've fallen slowly into the arms of fate... Built up my feelings to a point where I cannot wait. You've got your own life. You've set your mind. I've got the right words. Just give me a little time, But I need to tell you what's on my mind. I need you to know before you leave me behind. I can't help but worry what's going to be. I need you to hear me. I need you to see... I think you're wonderful, you're perfect, you're beautiful. You light up my world. I long to be in your warm embrace. If I could just touch you, brush my hand on your face. I want to look into your eyes and know that I'm the one. It will only take a minute. Let me show you I'm the one. For every minute, for every second I feel in my heart... For every star, for every tear, I want to give you my heart. I saw you walking. I lifted my hand
How Kinky Are You
1) would you have a 3some? 2) you like to be in control? 3) like to be taking control of? 4) bi or stright? 5) like to be whipped/smacked 6) like to whip or smack 7) enjoy porn? 8) enjoys sex toys? 9) like to wear lingerie? 10) in to crossdressing or to crossdress a guy? 11) spit or shallow? 12) like giving oral? 13) like to receive oral? 14) anal sex? 15) favort postion? 16) group sex? 17) swinger? 18) want me?
Cracker Jack Hood
Cracker Jack Hood was seen running across the field in his red flannel underwear. Fred Astair, the braham Bull was chasing Cracker Jack. I watched as Jack leaped the wooden fence just avoiding the horns of the brown bull. Cracker came up on my porch and asked me if he could borrow some clothes. I asked him what happened and why was he running around in his underwear in the middle of winter? Cracker grinned and explained he had been visiting Ms. Miller. Then Mr. Miller came back early and Cracker Jack had to make a fast getaway through the field. He escaped without Mr. Miller seeing him. But he had fergotten Fred Astair was in the field. I gave Cracker some clothes and drove him to his shack. Cracker Jack Hood is at least 58. And he is still chasing women.
There For you For My kids, True friends, My family and God.. I want to save you from everything that holds you back, and makes you feel weak. From all the pain that everyone in their life has to feel. I wish that I could take away every unpleasant thought that may ever fill your head. Thoughts that will ever make you look down upon yourself. I will always try to choose your happiness over my own, For you deserve to be happy much more than I ever will. And I know that you are capable of doing great things when you try. I just wish that you could fully understand that you can do anything. That I believe in you more than anyone and will never stop believing. I would give my world for you to realize that you could do anything to harm me, And no matter what I will always continue to forgive you. That no reason will ever be great enough for me to let you go for hate. Even if we are in the darkest place we have ever been, I will be here none-the-less. I will
Staring At You
through the glass?i wish. its been a while since weve been together i miss it .. i miss you and all the naughty things wed do. i guess what im really trying to say is that im horny/lonely and miss the old way.sometimes i want you and other times i just want to push you further and further away.till death or freedom ...thats the day ..when ill be set free ..and just be me ..maybe well come together and maybe we wont ... but it doesnt matter anymore cause were both destined to be alone
So How Did You Break Your Arm ??
Even if you aren't a skier, you'll be able to appreciate the humor of the slopes as written by a New Orleans paper: A friend just got back from a holiday skiing trip to Utah with the kind of story that warms the cockles of anybody's heart. Conditions were perfect.. ..12 below, no feeling in the toes, basic numbness all over...the "Tell me when we're having fun" kind of day. One of the women in the group complained to her husband that she was in dire need of a rest room. He told her not to worry that he was sure there was relief waiting at the top of the lift in the form of a powder room for female skiers in distress. He was wrong, of course, and the pain did not go away. If you've ever had nature hit its panic button in you, then you know that a temperature of 12 below doesn't help matters. With time running out, the woman weighed her options. Her husband, picking up on the intensity of the pain, suggested that since she was wearing an all-white ski outfit,
To All The Guys Out There....
who are brave enough to post their nude pics for all us ladies to see & enjoy I wanna say...from the bottom of my heart.. THANK YOU!! You guys make my time on CT worth it.... Every last one of you are awesome...I'll try to comment as much as I can Thanks again guys!! xoxox - Betty
When I Retired A Few Years Ago!!! (a Good One!!)
It is important for men to remember that, as women grow older, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as when they were younger. When you notice this, try not to yell at them. Some are oversensitive, and there's nothing worse than an oversensitive woman. My name is Jim. Let me relate how I handled the situation with my wife, Peggy. When I retired a few years ago, it became necessary for Peggy to get a full -time job along with her part-time job, both for extra income and for the health benefits that we needed. Shortly after she started working, I noticed she was beginning to show her age. I usually get home from the golf club about the same time she gets home from work. Although she knows how hungry I am, she almost always says she has to rest for half an hour or so before she starts dinner. I don't yell at her. Instead, I tell her to take her time and just wake me when she gets dinner on the table. I generally have lunch in the Men's
Everything There Is To Know About Me.
----------------- BASICS ----------------- What's your name?: Shelby What do people call you?: Shel Or Shelly What Does Your Name Mean?: its OLD ENGLISH MEANING MEADOW ON LEDGE Do people spell/say your name wrong?: sometimes Where you named after anything?: yes unfortunately I got my name from my dads twin brother and sister Birthplace: Raligh General Hospital W.Va. Current Location: My Bed Room Your Heritage: Hillbilly...lmao The Shoes You Wore Today: black clogs what lil time I had shoes on If you were born the opposite sex what would your name be?: probably the smae first name just the middle name Dean If you could change your name what would you change it to?:anything but the one I got Gender?: Female Birthday?: May 15th Age?: 28 Age you act?: my age 28 but sometimes my shoe size 8 1/2...lmao Age you want to be?: I'm Perfectly Happy Being 28
Spiders By System Of A Down
Music Video Codes By Music The piercing radiant moon, The storming of poor June, All the life running through her hair, Approaching guiding light, Our shallow years in fright, Dreams are made winding through my head, Through my head, Before you know, Awake, Your lives are open wide, The V-chip gives them sight, All the life running through her hair, The spiders all in tune, The evening of the moon, Dreams are made winding through my head, Through my head, Before you know, Awake (SOLO) Through my head,through my head Before you know, Before you know I will be waiting all awake, Dreams are made winding through her hair, Dreams are made winding through her hair.
The Need
There are needs everyone has,... When friends come calling,I ask what you need? I try to help as much as I can,without allowing myself to be taken advantage of, for materialistic assets I do not have much, for what I can give to you of myself I have alot ot offer, If you need a shoulder to cry on I am here, An ear to listen,I listen, A shoulder to lean on lean on mine, A phone call in the middle of the night no problem,I will answer, The need works both ways,... When you need me or when I need you, You will know, how it is to be needed.
Sunshine And Angels
I met you then you let me in a couple drinks to begin holding hands while we walk I hold you close as we talk another night another dance another new romance we sit and laugh and share a smile I think ill stay awhile cuz youre like sunshine and angels shining down on me take me by the hand to where I wanna be sunshine and angels shining down so bright sunshine and angels when im with you tonite a little girl a little boy a backyard some old toys how happy can we be sittin under that old tree I thank the lord I have you and our love is always true cuz youre like sunshine and angels shining down on me take me by the hand to where I wanna be sunshine and angels shining down so bright sunshine and angels when im with you tonite
Which Greek God/goddess Are You
?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? Aphrodite/ErosTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Please Lets Help 'sin's Own!!luscious Lucia!!infamous Crew's Kitten! Miss Scotland'
ok i need your help now. we need to get miss kitten to win this thing. for those who have not been helping out i will give a special gift to all that put 1500 comment bombs down. and be truethfull. for the results will show if you were honest or not. so get to work and lets get miss kitten to win this.
Starting...the Impossible!
"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ St. Francis of Assisi
Someone. There was SOMEONE you had, Who Was Always There, The Pain Has Risen, So that SOMEONES Not there, The Anger Inside, For trusting AGAIN, Feelings Shattered, TOO much pain, This Wont Subside, Or Die Down, Just SOMEONE to laugh at, You Won that Round, That SOMEONE, Had this Big Delusion of u, Thought Ur heart was gold, & had feelings too, That SOMEONE is Pissed, For Trusting again, Doesnt Want Nothing, Not even You As A Friend, So Bite The Dust, Its Clear 4 All to see, That SOMEONE isnt NO ONE, That SOMEONE was ME.
Impeach07 Campaign Launched
Impeach07 Campaign Launched The impeachment movement is uniting and expanding. is joining with many other organizations to launch Impeach07, a coordinated series of nationwide actions aimed at impeaching Bush and Cheney through widespread public protest, creative dissent, media activism, education, and lobbying: Bush and Cheney have misled this nation into an aggressive war, spied in open violation of the law, and sanctioned the use of torture - among numerous other offenses. Newsweek reported in October that a majority of Americans favor impeachment, and in January that 58% said they wished the Bush administration were over. "Only a great popular upheaval," historian Howard Zinn said recently, "can push both Republicans and Democrats into compliance with the national will." We need to end the Iraq War and prevent an Iran War, and impeachment is the way we will do it. On March 17, the anniversary of the start of the Iraq war (and
Taking A Walk....
While watching TV today there was a program called “Weird America” I’ve seen it before, an its pretty good. It’s a show about these 2 guys from Jersey and they go around the country an tell us about differt weird things you can find if you look. 1 segment was about the “Jersey Devil”. Being from the New England area, Rhode Island has a lot of weird things on its own (just have to be there or from there to know what I mean) anyway, “jersey devil” that’s something I kind of remember about, but didn’t put much stock in to it, cuz well I was a Rhode Islander. But a Michigander now. Anyway, it got me thinking, of a few things that I do that may sound weird, but to me it fun, interesting, and teaches me some history. You see when I can I like to take a walk threw a cemetery. Its something I have always done since I was a kid. I go there an to think, and to find the oldest grave stone, that there tells me how long the gave an how long the cemetery has been there. The earliest grave I hav
For All The Haters
Self Cpr
ALWAYS BE PREPARED IS A GOOD IDEA. What are you to do if you have a heart attack while you are alone. If you've already received this, it means people care about you ... The Johnson City Medical Center staff actually discovered this and did an in-depth study on it in our ICU The two individuals that discovered this then did an article on it .. had it published and have even had it incorporated into ACLS and CPR classes. It is very true and has and does work. It is called cough CPR A cardiologist says it's the truth ... For your info If everyone who gets this sends it to 10 people, you can bet that we'll save at least one life. Read This...It could save your life! Let's say it's 6:15 p.m. and you're driving home (alone of course), after an usually hard day on the job. You're really tired, upset and frustrated. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to radiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hosp
Definitely Not For Those Offended By Sex!
The slave lay in her bed lonely, with no Master to touch. She looked down at her unshackled wrists and groaned in frustration. Closing her eyes she imagined being tied spread eagled on the bed. Hands and feet held tight with thick rough rope. Mouth gagged as her Master approached the bed. She could see the look of fear and longing in her mind, as he grinned and held the cat o nine tails lovingly. He ran his hands through the thick braided leather that made up its wicked strands. She could hear it whistle through the air as he cracked it over his head and brought it down on her sensitive breasts. She groaned as she imagined the thick stinging welts rising on her pale smooth skin. Reaching down the slave started rubbing her smooth hairless pussy lips feeling the juices flow freely as her imagination soared. She saw her Master grabbing clamps and cruelly placing them on her nipples as she tried to squirm away. She groaned as she imagined him slapping her face hard for daring to even t
A Special Life
The Beginning May - November 2003 As Jenna stood on that bridge, she just knew the rest of her life would be perfect. His mom was crying her eyes out, as they knew she would, and as the preacher spoke, the world seemed to stand still for Mark. His whole life was within this moment. Less than 20 people attended, most were Mark's family. This was a casual occasion, no dress or tuxedo, and on this day, 17 year olds, Mark and Jenna were married. They began their new life together as husband and wife in a small 2-bedroom public housing apartment. Mark worked full time at a pizza place for a little more than minimum wage and Jenna took on her new role as a homemaker. Although they were both now legal adults, Mark and Jenna were still just kids. Fights became a regular occasion throughout the first year. Jenna had a much stronger sex drive than he did. She tried everything to get her husbands attention, lotions, lingerie, and toys. Mark was still very much into his video games,
Leaving For Indiana
Hey Everyone... I figured I needed to get in and drop you all a quick line, and let you know I'll be gone for a couple of days. We're leaving later to head for Indiana. The funeral for Lee's cousin is on Monday. It will be late when we arrive tonight, maybe even early am, depending on what time we get out of here today. lee is wanting to try and get out early, but just not sure how early, or if that will even be possible. We could be ready to leave by 4, or we may not get on the road till after 7. Either way, it is a very long trip, and it's pouring rain here now, which I hate to drive in. I sure hope by the time we get on the road, the rain has stopped. Blood work is not in, but the coroner has ruled the death a suicide. Needless to say the entire family is in shock. Death is sometimes hard enough to deal with, but when the one you love, deliberatly does something that will hurt the very ones they claim to love, is very difficult to understand. Naturally, everyone
Poem I Found
Love Hurts by Nikki Hays Love is something to cause you pain Yet, you seek to walk down lover's lane Be careful, if in love, and guard your heart But never give it to a person to tear apart I whisper loves darkest secrets in your ear But you're far away- when standing so near My heart is gone, ripped right out That's all love is truely about So heed this warning and remember it's true Love doesn't care about you... about you
Art/photography Contest
I have an entry in This Contest. There are some pretty good entries! Go check them out, rate and comment if you like. :) I am going to bed very soon... pardon me if I comment and don't make sense...
Nobody's Whore
Don't think me bitter don't think me a whore because I want better because I want more. I walked out the door Because you were unkind and the nasty surprises you stored, because you never saw I've a mind and a heart and a soul too. I always fall in love you just happened to love me too. But you kept me in a cage instead of letting me go letting me soar you must know I've shown you the door. Don't think me callous because I no loner love you it wasn't malice that made me dump you.
You'll Never Know
You’ll Never Know It’s all a secret I hide it well I tell you I hate you And all is well You’ll never know What is really inside I’ll blind you with my lie You’re fine with it Because you think you know the truth I’ll keep it from you always Never put myself out there You won’t be disappointed You’ll never know What’s good for you I’ll keep it to myself You’ll never question Because I’ll never suggest It’s our little game We play so well Are you having fun? You’ll Never Know
Getting Over You
I can't make myself miss you, I won't let you break me. I have to live this through. I have a life to lead. Don't make me cry over you, I can't handle any more pain. Do not ask me to do this all over again. If I make myself believe that you are dead to me will the pain soon recede? Or will you forever haunt me? You'll never die in my heart, I know this to be true even though we have to part there's just no getting over you.
As We Dance!!
As we dance this are the thoughts that go through my mind. We dance next to each other. Yet we remain apart. Two souls on the same path. Will we be friends or .... Will we be foes... Will we trust or... Will we miss step. We dance next to each other. Yet we remain apart. Two souls on the same path. Will we win or.... Will we lose.... Will we laugh or... Will we cry. We dance next to each other. Yet we remain apart. Two souls on the same path. Will we hold each other or... Will we rip each other or.... Will we hold others or..... Will we throw others. We dance next to each other. Yet we remain apart. Two souls on the same path. Will one of us reach the light or Will we switch partners. We dance next to each other. Yet we remain apart. Two souls on the same path. Will we crash and burn or... Will we soar so high that hell's fire won't reach us.
Hip-hop Album Review (double Ill Groups)
Third Kind- Disaster relief is amazing for guys on their first album they are already sounding like veterans. Their wordplay, lyrics, delivery and style remind me of nonphixion when they first came out. Their sound is real hip-hop meaning they are versatile, infectious listening and can rhyme on any beat with any kind of instrumentation on it. The songs they really shine on are "pocket full of misery", "magnificent", "red dawn", and "real fighter". Overall I give this album 5 out of 5 mic. Jedi mind tricks- Servants in heaven, kings in hell is their fifth release and their best to date. The depth of their music has grown lyrically, spiritually, and has matured alot since they first came out. Some maybe skeptical about jedi mind tricks because it have seemed like Vinni Paz has gotten lazy with his rhymes lately with this album he came back with an avegenance in mind. The songs that really shine on this album are "uncommon valor: a vietnam stroy" featuring R.A. The Rugged Man, "seren
WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK!!!!!!!!!! Some asshole just swinging by my page and rating my shit a 1. If that asshole reads this, I hope to God that your whole fucking family dies, and you are left alone for the rest of your miserable fucking life. Keep rating, you discarded foreskin, you'll get yours soon enough.
Self Pity Or Needing Help!!!
Self pity You're feeling sorry for yourself. Why is that? What will it get you? Mainly, what it will do is aggravate the problems you already have, and deepen the despair you're already feeling. But go ahead and feel sorry for yourself for a moment. Experience the feeling of being a victim. Take that feeling and hold it in your hand. Close your fingers around it. Grip it tightly. Then open your hand and look at it. You'll realize that it is not you. It is something you're holding on to. Your self pity is something you've chosen to experience. You can just as surely choose not to experience it. You can just as easily choose to let it go. So do it. Let it go. Let that experience of feeling sorry for yourself drop away from you. It's a useless artifact of your past, so abandon it. Put the energy it was previously consuming toward more productive purposes. Use it to move yourself toward where you desire to be. Either you can choose to keep reminding yourself of what's bad about
So Nervous
Hubby has been on 45 days of leave after coming home from a year in korea.. Well tomorrow he goes back to work for the first time in 45 days.. sooo sad..cus he goes straight to 12 hour shifts..:( now i got to get a new routine.. its weird once u adapt you got to adapt again.. hmmm.. its gunna be sad alone again... Military life for ya.. but got to luv it
Well Well Well.............
Real Friends
Real Friends ride 4 u Real Friends die 4 u Real Friends cry 4 u Real Friends look at a cop and lie 4 u Real Friends sit and eat a pie wit u Real Friends take the blame & act shy wit u Real Friends always got ya back Real Friends sit wit u and sip on yac Real Friends love you enough Real Friends tell you the person they just fuck'd Real Friends keep it real Real Friends tell u exactly how they feel Real Friends watch tv at each others house Real Friends will hit a hater n they mouth Real Friends bail you out of shit Real Friends never call the friendship quits Real Friends always keep it tight If you don't know by now, u better get it right Real Friends love 4 the better Real Friends last 4 ever
Pretty Sure
Pretty damn sure I fractured my left wrist. Had to struggle to take my rings off last night because of the swelling and the pain was so bad in general I was almost in tears. And the pain shoots half way up my arm to my elbow. Took some IBs and that helped. This morning I am very swollen and I can only move two of my fingers. Pain is still the same... it feels fractured though. I have it wrapped twice...once for my hand and wrist and the other for the rest of my lower arm. I believe my husband is making me an appointment to get it checked out. Was it worth it??? HELL YEAH! If you havent read my last entry, you might want to since this goes with it.... Anyway, I gotta go get ready for the day... I have to go TA in bio anthro lab class at 2:30 pm.
I Am Kinky
My score on The Kinkyness Test: Kinky bastard!(Grats! You're 94% kinky!)Well well well, you kinky bastard! Most likely you're into some weird shit, which is always great. Consider mailing the author of this test, and keep up the good work ;) Link: The Kinkyness Test (OkCupid Free Online Dating)
INVENTARIO Cuento de Martha Cerda Mi vecino tenía un gato imaginario. Todas las mañanas lo sacaba a calle, abría la puerta y le gritaba: "Anda, ve a hacer tus necesidades". El gato se paseaba imaginariamente por el jardín y al cabo de un rato regresaba a la casa, donde le esperaba un tazón de leche. Bebía imaginariamente el líquido, se lamía los bigotes, se relamía una mano y luego otra y se echaba a dormir en el tapete de la entrada. De vez en cuando perseguía un ratón o se subía a lo alto de un árbol. Mi vecino se iba todo el día, pero cuando volvía a casa el gato ronroneaba y se le pegaba a las piernas imaginariamente. Mi vecino le acariciaba la cabeza y sonreía. El gato lo miraba con cierta ternura imaginaria y mi vecino se sentía acompañado. Me imagino que es negro (el gato), porque algunas personas se asustan cuando imaginan que lo ven pasar. Una vez el gato se perdió y mi vecino estuvo una semana buscándolo; cuanto gato atropellado veía se imaginaba que era el suyo, hast
Sad And Confused
Im alone in this world Left out of everything Only to be spit on And told to be gone I sit in the dark alley Cold and torn apart Helpless against this rage The pain that we all feel Making me wish for my death Not knowing if I will be alright Wondering if Ill ever see you again Telling myself to be brave Im trying all that I can Trying to please everyone Though I know I will not succeed Im destined to fail Givin this state of mind I continually fall apart My heart is giving up My life wont amount to anything Why should I try When I know nothing I do is good enough I do what I can What else do you want? You expect me to live by your standards Then tell me to be myself I am being told that you care Then you tell me to die Make up ur mind Will I see another day Give it up I cant take it any more You have become the fool you say I am I dont want to leave your side But do I really have a choice You pick me up, pus
No Home To Return To
Im left out in the cold To be hate and told Go somewhere esle This isnt where you belong Tell me someone Where am I to go What am I to do Save me someone There isnt anything left here I cant return to you I am not wanted there But where am I to go What am I to do Reach out a hand Let me know you care Tell me it'll be alright I will belong somewhere It just not meant to be here Tell me I will belong I cant go home I am not wanted anymore I cant go home There is no room for someone like me I dont belong anywhere Can I belong to you Tell me there is a place One meant just for me Im lost all alone out here I knwo there is more to fear But its cold and I want it bad I need somewhere I belong Somewhere I can be glad To you it may be nothing To me its the world I cant go home there isnt any room I am left out in the open Only to be hurt and broken I need a place to go Someone please let me know!
Stick your ego up your ass Boy I ain’t playin Just go on past Go on Just go on I’m a real girl No games wit me Visit the real world You ain’t shit ya see Walk around playin Like god’s gift to women Ain’t hearin nothing you sayin Don’t you know pride is a sin Confidence is one thing But you take it too far You just playin games Actin like a superstar Boy you can just Stick your ego up your ass Boy I ain’t playin Just go on past Go on Just go on
What Sign Are You? (virgo Here)
WHAT ARE YOU? LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)-- If you fuck up just once with a Leo...That's IT. Don't be expecting them to take you back. They are not willing victims, after all, they CHOSE screwed up? They can UN-Choose you just the same. They live for Menage a Trois...or Qua...or Cinco....anything in a group is okay as long as they are in the middle. Leos also like bubble baths. Once you start with a not think you can just turn their emotions on or off like a switch...they demand satisfaction. NOW. All the stress in the world ends up in the Leo neck...They need neckrubs...they feel like they have the entire weight of the world on their head. If its kinky, a Leo has probably done it..You know Madonna's a LEO, right? She masters the Madonna/Whore/Goddess thing pretty well, huh? I wonder why? Could it be cause shes a fuckin' LEO? yep. Valmont was probably a Leo. They probably have the movie at home. Get out your furry gloves and faux mink whips for this kitten. they
There Is A God!!!!
Cherry Princess Contest Winner!
Cherry       Princess Cherry Princess Simply Complex 12473 comments Tropical Vacation #2 Resident Smart @$$ 11590 comments Rolex #3 Nassy V4mpir3 Bitch 3703 comments Rolex Thank you to all the lovely ladies of Cherry Tap who entered the contest! I had so much fun holding this contest, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!
The Tshirt Shit.
case in point on the babydolls vs normal. normal dudes...its 'okey' but this one is 80x cooler. period. this one is just bad as fuck. and this is the one that started all of this hoop-la. i freakin DIG this shirt. dudes shirts CAN NOT carry a print like this. they look stupid when they try. why the fuck doesnt someone make baby dude shirts?! fucking sexists pigs.
The Irish Virgin!!
In a tiny village on the Irish coast lived an old lady, a virgin and very proud of it. Sensing that her final days were rapidly approaching, and desiring to make sure everything was in proper order when she dies, she went to the town's undertaker (who also happened to be the local postal clerk) to make proper "final" arrangements. As a last wish, she informed the undertaker that she wanted the following inscription engraved on her tombstone: "BORN A VIRGIN, LIVED AS A VIRGIN, DIED A VIRGIN" Not long after, the old maid died peacefully. A few days after the funeral, as the undertaker--postal clerk went to prepare the tombstone that the lady had requested, it became quite apparent that the tombstone that she had selected was much too small for the wording that she had chosen. He thought long and hard about how he could fulfil the old maid's final request, considering the very limited space available on the small piece of stone. For days, he agonized over the dilemma. But fi
Follow Your Example 02/25/07
Don't say you care If you know you won't Tell me what you know Not what you don't Dont tell you what I should do If then you couldn't do it too Telling me to stay in school Yet you have become that fool Don't claim you know it all Only setting youself up for the fall Tell me how you messed around Because now you're lying on the ground Don't even think to bail You are only gonna fail Telling me you haven't got time to waste You try making your exit post haste Don't try to give me all your lies Because its you I'll despise tell someone who will care As for me I will not dispair!
My Grrr
I am such a hateful little bitch sometimes, I surprise myself even. One of these days my temper is really going to get the best of me and I'm gonna be in lots of trouble for it and maybe lose something I don't want to. Not that things don't sometimes deserve a good beating but depending on whom has upset me, if I really would just stop and think sometimes, I would remember the special things they do for me that really really mean a lot to me and that they would never hurt me on purpose and that there may be more to the story or a good explanation for things. It really takes a strong well adjusted person to deal with my attitude sometimes lol Anyhow I feel like a pigs butt now.
Never Let Go
I remember it like it was yesterday. Tattoed on my brain. I thought I had nothing to lose. And so much to gain. I was in my own world . Was it love? Or in lust I was twirled. Can't believe it's been over two years. The first kiss like a dream. When I close my eyes this appears. I know we'll only always be friends. Deep inside, you are still mine. This I pretend. But happiness I lack. Everynight in the dark. These thoughts. On my heart leaves a mark. Wanting and waiting. Should I let go? My heart and my head are negating. A constant struggle with oneself. But no I'll never let go. It starts to rip me apart and effect my health. All the memories are too much to handle. Your touch, your kiss, But to my heart your a vandal. Still I'll never let go. No never let go.
Leave Her Behind
Leave Her Behind She’s in your past I’m your future I can’t compete Leave her behind All of your memories are of her How do I change that? Years you had How do I compete? Leave her behind Why can’t you let her go? Hold on to me I’ll give you what you need I’ll be your promise Leave her behind Make the memories with me Have a “Once Upon A Time” with me Smile, laugh and love, me Hold my hand, look into my eyes Leave her behind Baby you are my heart Don’t tear it apart Make it with me Let me be your change Leave her behind
so a few of my stashes are me I made lil videos so hope you like be honest I dont watch them first so who knows what I look like or sound like on them....hope you all enjoy though
To Let Go
To Let Go does not mean to stop caring, it means I can't do it for someone else. To Let Go is not to cut myself off, it is the realization I can't control another. To Let Go is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural consequences. To Let Go is to admit powerlessness, which means the outcome is not in my hands. To Let Go is not to try to change or blame another, it is to make the most of myself. To Let Go is not to care for, but to care about. To Let Go is not to fix, but to be supportive. To Let Go is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being. To Let Go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes, but! to allow others to affect their destinies. To Let Go is not to be protective, it is to permit another to face reality. To Let Go is not to deny, but to accept. To Let Go is not to nag, scold, or argue, but instead to search out my own shortcomings and correct them. To Let Go is not to
I Said Listen Damn It!!!
A belligerent state permits itself every such misdeed, every such act of violence, as would disgrace the individual. Sigmund Freud A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a psychologist. Sigmund Freud A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world. Sigmund Freud America is a mistake, a giant mistake. Sigmund Freud America is the most grandiose experiment the world has seen, but, I am afraid, it is not going to be a success. Sigmund Freud Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home. Sigmund Freud Anatomy is destiny. Sigmund Freud Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. Sigmund Freud Children are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them. Sigmund Freud Civilization began the first time an angry person c
Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. Soren Kierkegaard At the bottom of enmity between strangers lies indifference. Soren Kierkegaard Boredom is the root of all evil - the despairing refusal to be oneself. Soren Kierkegaard Concepts, like individuals, have their histories and are just as incapable of withstanding the ravages of time as are individuals. But in and through all this they retain a kind of homesickness for the scenes of their childhood. Soren Kierkegaard Don't forget to love yourself. Soren Kierkegaard During the first period of a man's life the greatest danger is not to take the risk. Soren Kierkegaard Father in Heaven! When the thought of thee wakes in our hearts let it not awaken like a frightened bird that flies about in dismay, but like a child waking from its sleep with a heavenly smile. Soren Kierkegaard God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: he makes saints o
All men's souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. Socrates An honest man is always a child. Socrates As to marriage or celibacy, let a man take which course he will, he will be sure to repent. Socrates Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant. Socrates Beauty is a short-lived tyranny. Socrates Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind. Socrates Beware the barrenness of a busy life. Socrates By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. Socrates Children nowadays are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannise their teachers. Socrates Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. Socrates False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infe
MEN Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom, because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop, and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all you
Time Is Ticking, And Running Out. So Come And Help These Soldiers Our.
ok once again there is a soldier contest. however for this one the requirement is that the american flag had to be in the picture some were. well so here are you entry's for the contest. the contest ends at the end of the month. so good luck to all of our soldiers who have entered. god bless you all. so show your fellow troops some love and give the the rates and comment bombs that they need. PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF ENTY'S AND ALSO NUMBER OF COMMENTS. HOW PRIZES ARE DETERMEINED 1. TOP OVER ALL WITH MOST COMMENTS 2. TOP OVER ALL WITH MOST RATES 3. TOP FEMALE 4. TOP MALE
Someone,somewhere Cares For You
When life becomes troubled and it gets you blue. All you can think of is that there's nothing for you to do. When your heart has grown weary and there's no ending point in sight. Remember,somewhere out there, someone cares for you. Someone is there to chase away your fears and bring you peace and happiness to your gloomy darkened days.In one moment of time you will feel at peace once again and things in yourlife will fit once again according to His plan.Only,if you can wait,in the quietness of your strife to see who He puts in your life,at the right moment in time to help you get by. done by christine
Did U Ever Love Some
did u ever love someone and knew that they didn't love you.did u ever feel like crying but say what good would it do. did u everlook in to his eyes and say a little prayer,and whisper lord i love him but i know that he'll never care. never fall in love my friend it cause broken heart's and it happens everyday, yes love is grand but the price you pay is high, and if u had a choice between life and death you would find that you would rather die. so never fall in love my friend. you'll be hurt before you are through i know this from within my heart for this it's been through, u see my friend i fell in love with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Are
You are the light in my dying time, The pith in my pitiful life. You are the dream I've always wanted, The needed end to my strife. You are the eyes of my burning storm, The one to relieve my grief. And you are every word and song that, I could not say nor sing in life.
New Here. And Luving It
feels neat being new but again it sucks lol anyway I will post more later.
Living Me Die Alone
You sought me out you snatched me out of hell Out of the dark your voice of light again Called me and echoed hope in me through pain Have we not loved each other wise and well? If anyone can do it is you Who are my dream can make this dream come true Of two as one triumphant in this life I as your husband and you as my wife I am a child I know but I refuse To let death separate my love from me I cannot let go of you cannot lose This only hope which I have ever known Come back to me my love! Come back and choose Life in my arms... nor leave me die alone
lookin to host a philly area hardcore show...soon! get at me!
But You Are Gone
She lied and tricked and scammed me She cursed me and Goddamned me Exhausting me with all her drama While I the fool rushed down to hell for duty Drawn to doom by an unseen siren's beauty I was a good sport and I did my level best And I believed as she deceived and cheated me I was in love and never mind all the rest Now she lies in the arms of an enemy The worst take what they want from the best of us Their hearts are so small but their egos are big Enough for all and each of the rest of us I look back now so sadly Why did it have to end like this? It all turned out so badly Now I will never taste her kiss I loved that girl... so madly... Oh Smile Shining in the Sky! Who are you really? Oh transcendental butterfly! Please... come back to me... But you are gone... ...If you ever were Dusk without dawn... ...And life without her
~~wearing The Thong~~
Subject: Thongs - LOL The Right Way... and The Wrong Way... To Wear A Thong. The Right Way!! THE WRONG WAY!!!! Send this to any woman who could use a laugh, and any man with a good sense of humor! Life is short ~ Dance Naked ~ And Wiggle Your Ass!!!
~ Life In A Mayonaise Jar ~
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar...and the 2 cups of coffee... A professor stood before his philosophy class with some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with GOLF BALLS. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a BOX OF PEBBLES and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a BOX OF SAND and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more e if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes." The professor then produced TWO CUPS OF COFFEE from under the table and poured the en
When You Were
When you were mine Sleep came more easily Nights lasted longer Warm blankets seemed more comfortable And pillows more plush... When you were mine The Winter cold seemed less harsh And days were less gray The rare bird who dared fill the air with song Seemed more glorious , more splendid And the ice withstood the skaters pond... When you were mine Gentle breezes whispered melodies Through fallen leaves On the quilted ground... When you were mine Bargains of the heart were easily negotiated The sly smiles only lovers know were a common thing And the fantasy of love grew with each new sun... But since you've gone I've realized through time That I was never yours And you were never mine...
I'm doing some house cleaning of my friends list and would like to sorry to those who I have removed. I'm not on this site for sexual pics and or the type of talk that some of you men want. Sorry I'm on hereto met friends for all over that have the same intersets as I do and believe in the same things as I do. So for any body else out there who wants to chat just to let you know ahead of time why I'm on here!!
Life...the Desiderata
written only 50 years ago this set o fverses has such wisdom and truth within it. It is my pleasure to share this with anybody who wishes to read. bright blessings......... Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many p
Five Minutes For Peace
Five Minutes For Peace May traffic stop, work suspend, communication cease. For five minutes may the only human noise be the sound of lives being saved. Let us all come together, for this one moment, in silent hope and prayer. Five minutes realizing that despite our titles, our blood runs as red as a beggar on a corner, as a madman in an institution, as a prophet's, as a king's. We all feel pain, fear, confusion, anger and frustration. It is only what we feed each other that tips the balance of fault and fairness. We have all been prisoners of our pride, selfishness, and illusion. We all have, at times, allowed these ailments to lead us astray. We all know what it means to be lost, to be frightened. Yet we, are all also bearers of truth, of love, of compassion and understanding. Five minutes of silence on behalf of everyone who truly wants nothing more than food, shelter, honest rewards for honest work, and to care for that which they love. Five minutes of pr
For What It's Worth
For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield Album: Buffalo Springfield These lyrics from the Buffalo Springfield's 1967 hit 'For What It's Worth' have come to symbolize the turbulent decade of the 1960s. 'For What It's Worth' has transcended the pop charts to become, a touchstone for an entire generation. In 1967, the Buffalo Springfield captured the restless, confrontational mood of that generation railing against the establishment and went on to be revered as one of rock music's most influential groups. ..Copyright 1967 By Stephen Stills Album: Buffalo Springfield Lyrics: There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down There's battle lines being drawn Nobody's right if everybody's wrong Young people speaking their minds Getting so much resistance from behind I think it's time we stop, hey, what's th
Lol A Moment
so i went to my friends last night or rreally early thismourning and on my way homei didnt take the freeway cause traffic and construction so i took side streets and shit and so i ended up poopping out at the orange circle and this guy in a car at a four way stop lookd like chuck so looked at him he yawned and then noticed i was looking at him and smiled it was silly .. you ever have those moments ... its freaky lol maybe im just wierd .... anyways my tummy hurts so im going to sleep
The World As I See
Today i went for a job interview. doubtful ill get the job knowing i dont have a sqeaky clean mvr. but who cares. at least i went to try for the job. the world as i see it right now in america are big pussies. people robbing store cleaks at a convience store and customers refused to help the clerk. lets also thinks about the planes of 9/11. the 2 the hit the building actually. all those people on those planes were pussies. think about it. those hi jackers only have enough bullets for a few passengers. there would be no way for those hi jackers to take on 300 passengers. no way. this is my opinion and my right to say so. people have got to get over their fear of dieing someday and face it. you only have one life so what. if you on plane that just got hi jacked you better stand up and beat the crap out of them. doint wuss out and say i cant do it. if you wanted to live you will get up and do somethig if it gets you killed then it was your time to die then. i live my life the way i can wi
Forever Man
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Good: Your wife is pregnant. Bad: It's triplets. Ugly: You had a vasectomy five years ago. 2. Good: Your wife's not talking to you. Bad: She wants a divorce. Ugly: She's a lawyer. 3. Good: Your son is finally maturing. Bad: He's involved with the Woman next door. Ugly: So are you. 4. Good: Your son studies a lot in his room.. Bad: You find several porn movies hidden there. Ugly: You're in them. 5. Good: Your hubby and you agree, no more kids. Bad: You can't find your birth control pills. Ugly: Your 13 year old daughter borrowed them. 6. Good: Your husband understands fashion. Bad: He's a cross-dresser. Ugly: He looks better than you. 7. Good: You give the "birds and bees" talk to your daughter. Bad: She keeps interrupting. Ugly: With corrections. 8. Good: The postman's early. Bad: He's wearing fatigues and carrying a shotgun. Ugly: You gave him nothing for Christmas. 9. Good: Your son is dating someone new. Bad: It's another man. Ugly: He's
Sports Fans For You
A little old lady is walking down the street, dragging two plastic garbage bags with her, one in each hand. There's a hole in one of the bags, and every once in a while a $20 bill is flying out of it onto the pavement. Noticing this, a policeman stops her...."Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of that bag... "Damn!" says the little old lady....."I'd better go back and see if I can still find some. Thanks for the warning!" "Well, now, not so fast," says the cop. "How did you get all that money?" Did you steal it?" "Oh, no", says the little old lady. "You see, my back yard backs up to the parking lot of the football stadium. Each time there's a game, a lot of fans come and pee in the bushes, right into my flower beds!" "So, I go and stand behind the bushes with a big hedge clipper, and each time someone sticks his little thingie through the bushes, I say: $20 or off it comes!"
Cutiest Kid Contest Updates Are......
~~ Cuties Kid Contest ~~ Can't take no more kids! Cutiest Kid Contest I need kids for my contest. Most comments wins! Comment Bombing allowed. You can comment bomb yourself! Winners will win 2 gifts 1 VIP and 1 VIC gifts 1st Kid is..... with 1500 comments 2nd Kid is...... with 1058 comments 3rd Kid is...... with 447 comments 4th Kid is...... with 57 comments 5th Kid is...... with 11 comments 6th Kid is...... with 10 comments 7th Kid is..... with 8 comments is...... 8th Kid is..... with 7 comments 9th Kid is.... with 6 comments .10 th Kid is...... with 7 comments Contest will start on 2/28 thur 3/7 thanks Maria
Sex Slave
He asked me to be his slave Sex Slave that is, but now I am uncertain, not knowing What would it be like To be controlled At his command night and day Wear the clothes he said To do his bidding, only When and how he wanted me I was his, body and soul My place in life was to Satisfy his lust, any way he desired Sexually satisfied I would never be Only my Master now I served I would live and breathe For his pleasure alone
Ma`thair (ar Dheis De` Go Rabih A Hanam)
* Mother is the name of God On the lips and eyes of all children* Ma`thair, my rock My safe haven from My demons. You soothed my pain And wiped my tears away. Ma`thair. You had your calling And left without a good-bye Now I kneel down And cry. The clay strewn-ed earth Soaks up the tears As my pain fades to Numbness. Your face only a picture in My mind. Ma`thair. Ar dheis De` go rabih a hanam. I pray to you daily Hoping you will give Me strength to get by. I float in the world Of the living Half dead. Expecting the Unexpected. Your scent lingers In the house. And it tears my heart apart. I'm lost And I don't know Where to start. Ma`thair Ar dheis De` go rabih a hanam you sired me Helped shape my heart What do I do now? Where do I start Now that you are gone? Ma`thair Ar dheis De` go rabih fa hanam. ``````````NOTES`````````````````` Mother is the name for God On the lips and eyes of all children- line from movie T
Corporate Leader
A corporate leader of death, a corporate leader of human destruction, a promoter of relentless human miscreation, and a decimator of theoretic religious evolution, with the morbid wish of corporate leader, with genocide on his list of rotten wishes, a evil jinn will grant his vicious wish, a writer of periodical human deceptions, and a writer of apocolyptic dreamers novels, a sinner of creation, and a winner of cataclysmic dreams, with the morbid wish of corporate leader, with genocide on his list of rotten wishes, a evil jinn will grant his vicious wish...
Posted New Pics
new pics for your pleasure if you see any you like feel free to rip
If there were a knowledge contest, would the female winner be called Miss Informed?
Beautiful Pit In Sc Needs Rescue Asap *breed Discrimination*
A man called our rescue(Pets Inc, in West Columbia, SC) last week with a pit that he happened to spot abandoned outside of a high kill pound on his way to work. In South Carolina it is manditory that ANY shelter with state funding must euthanize pit bull breeds on arrival to the shelter. Knowing this, the man pulled over and took this georgous boy. He has become attached. However, due to even further breed discrimination, he is forced to turn him over to us. He lives in an apartment complex. The following is the letter he came home to attatched to his door: The following is the e-mail that my rescue recieved from this nice man with the info for Tiger: Here are the pictures of the pit bull that needs a good home. I have given him the name of “Tiger” because the stripes on him resemble a tiger’s stripes. He is super-friendly, and completely non-aggressive to people and dogs (not sure about cats). He rarely barks; in the three
ƒяσм єя∂ємαуαz
Guardian Angel
I will be your guardian angel my dear friends,For everone needs at least one angel,And I will be yours,you do not have to ask me,for friends really are angels in disguise,We watch over one another take care of each other,Make sure that you are safe,If you are looking for An Angel you have one right here,Angels take you underneath their wings and protect you,And i will be your guardian angel.
Last Night's Fun And Today's Waste Of Time.
Hooray for a night with the girls! I like The 505. It's a neat place. The band sounded good and the patrons seemed pretty interested. Norah, Mekaela, and I ditched out early to play dice, pick up Carlie from work, and raid Safeway for goodies. Oh, what a terrible belly ache I had while falling asleep at 2am! My first Cadbury Creme Egg of the year was so worth it. Plus Carlie treated me to an amazing giant chocolate covered coconut egg. I used to get them in my Easter basket when I was a little girl. :) No good news with the job hunt. My dad's boss gave a $15/hr office job to someone else because she thought I would "be bored" there. FUCK!!! I WANT to be fucking bored at my job! I want to spend my energy on interesting things when I'm off! I have had ENOUGH of putting my entire self into a stupid job!!!! A;OIE[OAIHEOAGIJEOFIJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mayhaps I will be at Spencer's show tonight again. Simply because I CAN.
Teenage Daughter Manual
Congratulations! You are now the proud new owner of a teenaged daughter. Please read this manual carefully, as it describes the maintenance of your new daughter, and answers important questions about your warranty (which does NOT include the right to return the product to the factory for a full refund). IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR TEENAGER IN ERROR: To determine whether you were supposed to receive a teenaged girl, please examine your new daughter carefully. Does she (a) look very similar to your original daughter, only with more makeup and less clothing? (b) refuse to acknowledge your existence on the planet Earth (except when requesting money)? (c) sleep in a burrow of dirty laundry? If any of these are true, you have received the correct item. Nice try, though. BREAK-IN PERIOD: When you first receive your teenaged daughter, you will initially experience a high level of discomfort. Gradually, this discomfort will subside, and you will merely feel traumat
A wealthy man had been having an affair with an Italian woman for several years. One night, during one of their rendezvous, she confided in him that she was pregnant. Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he paid her a large sum of money, if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child. If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18. She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born. To keep it discrete, he told her to simply mail him a post card and write "Spaghetti" on the back. He would then arrange for child support payments to begin. One day, some 8 months later, he came home to his confused wife. "Honey," she said. "You received a very strange post card today." "Oh, just give it to me and I'll explain it," he said. The wife obeyed and watched as her husband read the card, turned white and fainted. On the card was written: "Spaghetti, Spa
Double Standards??
OK! HERE IS MY THING! I have helpped everyone that has had a contest and I will continue to do so...The problem I see here is there is such a double standard! People run aroung screaming "help me level up " Help me win a blast" Help me, Help me, Help me!! Then when you ask they just kinda...blow you off! Now this is not towards everyone, but here is my test! click the link below and comment and rate the pic..then come back and leave a message.... so is it this site just full of double standards? LETS FIND OUT
Rules Of The South
The "Rules of the South" are as follows: 1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked. 3. Let's get this straight; it's called a "gravel road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 4. They are cattle. That's why they smell to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? I-40 goes east and west, I-65 goes north and south. Pick one. 5. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $250,000 cotton strippers that are driven only 3 weeks a year. 6. So every person in the south waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 7. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of doves are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand. You better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time. 8. Yeah, we eat catfish &; crawfish. You really want sushi & caviar? It's availa
Enchanted Moon
Enchanted Moon Why do you hide when the sun is bright, and only come out at night? The changing of time cross earth and sky, leave us little room to write. Every moment more precious than the last, the sun though dark shines bright. All words are taken with high anticipation, scared to see the light. Let me be your moon tonight, let me cover you and glow Let me be your moon tonight, let me be your high and low Enchanted right now, our souls have found, now one together bound. Dancing passion with the stormy wind, kindred hearts are now found. Lonely an ugly emotion only remembered, never again will we feel. Strong individuals with damaged hearts, when together crossed the others Bastille. Let me be your moon tonight, let me cover you and glow Let me be your moon tonight, let me be your high and low Michelle D King Copyright ©2007 Michelle D King
Great Combo
I did it :D I did my first stash and many more. Most are about 9/11 because i think it is important that we never forget!
To Me Newborn Daughter (dedicated To Emily Lynn Munson Born August 28,1994) Originally Written August 1994
How can someone so small cause such big fears in me such tiny hands and a prefect face and each shriek bring happy tears to my eyes a new soul that I would die for and never question why my perfect little angel so beautiful so special so perfect How can someone so small cause such big fears in me will I be the father you deserve with no wants or needs help you with your school work and be there for everything so beautiful so special so perfect
I Might Dress Up And Go Visit The Grave
yeahj strange i know i havent been in a long time ..maybe shes waiting who knows... last time i went was when travis was still here i miss ya man next time you come down we need to go sit in her tomb and play guitar and sing her a fucking song ... i miss the shit out of ya ... damnit ..maybe they closed the gates well at any rate anyone wanna play ? im bored
Reality (creative Writing)
"Reality" I submerse myself in thoughts of pain, Thinking I'll resurface a stronger man. But the reality is, I cant find my way back up. To me, life is like mathematics, But I never took the time to study or practice. So now I'm failing the course. Some people tell me "Your a hell of a man" But the reality is, I'm just a shell of a man. Home aint home no more. It went from walking in to hugs and kisses, To having to knock on the door. I feel alone, and sometimes prefer it that way. But in reality, I'm never alone. Eyes are constantly on me, judging my actions. They already have made their judgements, So they twist those actions, to fit their own perceptions. I feel alot of anger and pain, And sometimes I feel like I just need to walk it off. But I dont know which way to go. So I just walk. I've waged war with myself, and went to war without a plan. So the reality is, I lost the battle
The Great Transformer: Loving What You Hate...
Hatred can be irrational, and it has a greater impact on the individual who hates than the person or object being hated. Yet overcoming hatred is difficult because hatred reinforces itself and causes greater enmity to come into being. The most powerful tool one can use to combat hatred is love. Deciding to love what you hate, whether this is a person, situation, or a part of yourself, can create a profound change in your feelings and your experience. There is little room for anger, dislike, bitterness, or resentment when you are busy loving what you hate. The practice of loving what you hate can transform and shift your emotions from hatred to love, because there is no room for hatred in a space occupied by love. Granted, it is difficult to forgo judging someone, love your enemy, and seek the good in situations that seem orchestrated to cause you pain or anger. But in deciding to love what you hate, you become one less person adding negativity to the universe. On a simple level, lo
The Why's Of Men
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) And my personal favorite: 6 WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and Laughter in your heart......Then you are just an old sour fart. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 AM. It could be a right number
Best Tattoo On Ct Contest
Please come vote for me for best Tattoo on CT!!! :) Thank you!! Travis (Click the pic)
Military Friends Vs Civilian Friends
CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk Military FRIENDS: Will post 360 security so you dont get caught CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs Military FRIENDS: Call your parents Drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. MILITARY FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points and an E & E route. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. Military FRIENDS: Steal each other's stuff so often nobody remembers who bought it in the first place. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Are happy that someone picked up a one night stand and leave them alone. MILITARY FRIENDS: Will Low Crawl naked into the room with a camera and hope for the tag team. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Will listen to your relatioship problems and hope it works out for you. MILITARY FRIENDS: Will listen to you over a l
Don't reach for the stars,you'll look like a retard streaching.
Relationships And Stocks
so i'm laying in bed earlier getting ready to take a nap and, like always, my mind starts to wander. it's strange what i come up with right before i'm off to sleep. i was thinking about relationships and the ultimate friend code that many don't talk about but all know it's there. it's the code that states: a friend shall never go out with another friend's ex. This code is true for both guys and gals. the reason being is that friend A still holds interest in the ex and friend B would be jepordizing the interest he/she has in friend A. this is where my crazy logic comes in to play. see in my crazy mind i think that everyone buys an interest, a stock, in the person they are dating. it's sounds strange i know. but think about it, everyone you've ever dated has in some form bought stock in you, and you in them. when you find that one person you want to spend your life with, then he/she decides to buy out all the stock holders to gain total controling interest. doesn't they own you
Time For Us..
is it time for us? move together.. to touch our souls? is it time for us to make love under the moonlight.. to feel the softness the nakedness of we two? is it time to take this passion to the next star? to rush to the far off planets and taste the wine of this deep desire? is it time? make love to me and find heat within, take my hand as we make the world spin faster.. is it time for us to be? is it time?
Ask Me About My Video
Benvenuto & Welcome To Loud-n-proud
Benvenuto & Welcome to Loud-N-Proud Welcome to our blog, fellow Pyros. We hope to not only communicate and entertain, but most importantly to listen. Sure, we'll do our share of yelling, boasting, and preaching...but your voices, your feedback, your comments (flattering remarks are warmly received) are what we crave...what we feed on...and what will primarily direct our efforts to serve you. We want to know what "lights your fuse", what turns you on, and what makes you Loud-N-Proud! Let us know your favorite Pyro experiences, what would make those moments even better, what new products you've seen or heard about, or just spill your guts about what makes a Pyro...a Pyro!! For example, I remember one time just after one of our holiday shows, being approached by a Pyro-ette, holding a firecracker and complaining "I just can't seem to get my fuse lit..." I took one look at her "fuse" and knew right away what her problem was. Moisture. It takes concentrated, experienced attention to suc
Cathy's Sexual Nickname:
cathy's sexual nickname: "She-bop" Take this quiz at "She-bop"
Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz
Ok so if any of you have seen the latest Rolling stone? anyone read it? well i did. i JUSt started getting it sent to me! Well It was on Fall Out Boy and Pete the hottie who licked the guitar in dance dance was shirtless on the fron cover. SO yummy! ne who it said that there are pics of him floating around on teh web nude! so I had to add depth to my sick sick fantasies!! so I googled that shit!! Pete's wonderful nakedness or if that didnt work! xo's Amber
Well Dont Know What To Say
well my best friend is here and he is keeping me company dont know where my relationship is going but having him here helps but regardless of what happens between justine and myself i dont want to lose a friendship out of it because it started as a frienship i would likefor it to at least end as such
How To Prevent Rejection From Women?
Did you know that most men approach the process of getting dates in a way that virtually GUARANTEES that they will fail? There are two basic ways that most men approach women. And both of them not only DON'T WORK... but they actually make it so that the woman they're interested in CAN'T feel any attraction for them. More on that topic in a minute... I want to ask you something quickly: Have you noticed that women seem to have a kind of "barrier" that they can put up when they're talking to you? It's like they have a sort of "sixth sense" that alerts them about a guy wanting a date... and it turns on an invisible force-field of doom. It really can be a pain in the ass. Well, what if I told you that it was YOU that was turning the force-field on? What if I told you that it was YOU that could control it... and turn it OFF as well? The bottom line is that I really do believe that YOU are the one that controls whether or not
I Have A Message About Julie :( (repost) Please Read It As Our Friend Is Not Well :(
Yeah Takes A Man Funny Picture
Life That Will Not Be - Lyrics
Laying in this crazy light I watched you slip away I wanted to call you back but there was nothing Nothing I could say I made my lips go still I bade my touch go cold I could only close my mind And pray I Pray I could be bold I don't want to let this horse run free But I have no choice when you look at me Close the curtain, please don't make me see I don't want this life that will not be This life that will not be Breathing in the hazy night I don't want to dream of this I'll only follow you And then you'll have me Have me in your kiss Yet still I wait for you Despite your nonreturn I'll try to shut out the pain When I When I start to burn I don't want to let this horse run free But I have no choice when you look at me Close the curtain, please don't make me see I don't want this life that will not be This life that will not be ©2006-2007 ~wynterzend
I Need To Know
Army Humor
Everything Has Beauty
Okay, So More About Me...
What shall I tell you about myself? I'm 37, bi, married, poly but currently have my Sweetie and nobody else. I would've been a great lesbian if it hadn't been for liking guys so much! Sweetie is the right one for me. He's not perfect. He can be annoying as hell sometimes, honestly, but... He loves me for me. Not for some idealized me that isn't real. He likes that I am a redhead, with all that entails, which means: Temper Demanding Smart Smartassed Bitchy Moody Exuberant Outgoing Outrageous And a lot more, but that'll do for the moment. Yes, the stereotype is true, in this case. I'm very much a redhead, no matter that my hair now gets henna to restore what nature has stolen from me. Damned sunlight fades out the color of my hair. We are not mentioning the gray, savvy? Good. Lessee, what else? Oh, yeah. I'm a witch. Card carrying. The genuine article. It's part of me, like that red hair. I'm Irish, if the coloring didn't tip you off to it. Th
Merry Meet All!!!!
Hey people waz be up wit cha? Everyone ready to party!?!
When you kiss me Part of my soul drains away And becomes part of you And I feel you do the same. I feel you become closer to me; I feel so loved And I feel the ecstasy That only you could bring. I feel I could cry For I had stopped dreaming, long ago, Of finding the perfect guy And even as the moment ends And our lips begin to part I can still hear the pounding Of my fragile heart. Now the kiss has passed But the feeling doesn't leave As I fall back into your arms And begin to dream....
Cool Video
How To Post A Pic Link In A Bulletin Or To Your Friends
First go to the pic you want ppl to comment on then click on link to this photo. You will then see 2 codes above the pic, copy and paste the code on the left into a bulletin or to your friends. that way they will just have to click on the pic link and it will take them to the Contest your in.
More Bike Babble
I should be getting my SteelMX rider package soon. It's basic, but's something! I'm excited! I just changed my oil and oil filter today. So, after I fill my gas can up, I'll be ready to go hit the desert again. My handle bars need to be replaced, but they are okay for now.
Happy St Pattys Day
Live Laugh Love
St Pattys Day Hat
My father passed away 8 months ago as of March 8th 2007 at 4:35am. I find out yesturday (tuesday march 6th 2007) that my favorite teacher Ann Baum from Foster Elem. passed away on monday afternoon from an accicdent. She ran a stop sign. Then tonight around 8:30pm (march 7th 2007) That one of my best friends passed away. She was on life support for the last 5-6 years from a tragic accicdent. These people where either my family or like family to me. Mrs. Baum was like a grandma to me, Valerie our parents knew eachother before we where thought of. Valerie an I grew up together. We where like sisters. GRR... I miss these people to death. They will never be forgotten... Love them to death... But like my ex BF has told me its life and life sucks, Ya life does suck...
Here I forgot to add his link. LOL hardcore19@ CherryTAP
Pet Contest
~~ Okay Doing A Pet Contest ~~ Send me your pet pics and i will enter them into the contest! Most Comments wins! You can comment bomb ur self 1st Pet is...... with 1 comments 2nd pet is...... with 1 comments 3rd Pet is...... with 1 comments Each winner will get 2 gifts each! Contest will start on 3/9 thur 3/16 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~*~Maria Soon To Be Wife Of MILKENO~*~ Owner of A. F. H. ~*~And ~*~Angel Family Founder ~*~@ CherryTAP
Through A Rapists' Eyes....ladies Read!!
Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke) This is important information for females of ALL ages . A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts : 1) The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun, braid or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed . They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair . Women with short hair are not common targets. 2) The second thing men look for is clothing .. They will look for women who's clothing is easy to remove quickly . Many of them carry scissors around specifically to cut clothing. 3) They also look for women on their cell phone , searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily overpowered. 4) Men are most likely to attack & rape in the early morning, between 5:00a.m. and 8:30a.m. 5) The number one p
March 08, 2007: Gleek
building up saliva in the salivary glands using some stimulus, like sour food or yawning, and then pressing the tongue upon the glands, causing the saliva to shoot out, usually at an impressive distance. Shit, Eric just gleeked all over my food!
For You My Angel
I SENT AN ANGEL TO WATCH OVER YOU LAST NIGHT BUT IT CAME BACK... I ASKED...WHY? & IT SAID... ANGELS DON'T WATCH OVER ANGELS! 20 angels are in this world right now, 10 are sleeping, 9 are playing & 1 is reading this comment. Besos Para Ti. For you are an ANGEL in this old bears heart! Smiles LOTS OF LOVE Chief Zmanbearclan
Stabbed 2
"Three men were arrested last night in connection with the murder of a 16 year old lad on Jennens Road on Monday 5 March. They are a 17 year old Erdington lad, a 20 year old Erdington man and a 16 year old Aston lad. All three are helping police with their enquiries. Officers thank the public for their support but continue to appeal for anyone who was on Jennens Road at the time of the stabbing to call the CID at Steelhouse Lane police station on ************"
To all my Friends here, I want to tell you have a nice and great weekend. I hope that it i snice to have two days free from work. Like to spent some times with my childeren. I hope that my ex will bring them to me other wise Iám alone and that is not so nice. Courtesy of Kiss from Keesxx
"in This River" Black Label Society
In This River I've been around this world Yet I see no end All shall fade to black again and again This storm that's broken me My only friend In this river all shall fade to black In ths river ain't no coming back In this river all shall fade to black Ain't no coming back Withdrawn I step away Just to find myself The door is closed again The only one left This storm that's broken me My only friend
Woah! What An Image!
As a blogger I read religiously, "I'm absolutely not doing this for your satisfaction." I think that’s true to a certain extent; we don’t blog entirely for the benefit of others but clearly our potential readership must have some role to play in motivating us. If it didn’t, why wouldn’t all these blogs merely exist as text files on our harddrives? It would be easier to maintain and certainly less likely to cause trouble in our personal and professional lives than airing all our opinions on the world-wide forum of the internet for all to see and hear. So no, We don’t do this for anyone else’s satisfaction. We do it for our own satisfaction but a lot of that derives directly from our readership. Every single person who blogs has to admit to themselves that they WANT to be read and appreciated by someone somewhere. To a large extent, I think we blog just for that potential alone. Just for that remote and tiny chance that someone from the remotest corner of the world will notice us by

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