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Untitled.. Again...
She is so sick of living her life as a lie Watching everyone else pass by Tells herself constantly everyday That she is happy A smile always on her face But it's her tears that she tastes Afraid to open up what is inside Because that part of her already died No where left to go No one left that she knows Sitting in the rain crying So tired of hiding The pain that she feels Is nothing but real her heart betrayed once more And again, her heart torn
The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!What is your favorite..gum:anything minty restaurant:jazz(Chinese restaurant in dublin) drink:coke season:summer type of weather:sun emotion:happy thing to do on a half day:i have kids so whats a half day late-night activity:sex sport:gaa city:dublinnewyork store:marks and spencers When was the last time you..cried:three days ago played a sport:today laughed:few mins ago hugged someone:few min ago kissed someone:few min ago felt depressed:three days ago felt elated:few min ago felt overworked:everyday faked sick:8 years ago lied:yesterday but for a good cause What was the last..word you said:ryan thing you ate:dinner song you listened to:america thing you drank:coke place you went to:ryans room movie you sa
rise at the break of day get ready and go its time im leavin you turn your back on me live in dream where the grass is always green see the sunshine down til im six feet underground not a care in the world cept how you feel words are just words and action speaks louder the things you do or say cut like a knife in a dream i cried told the truth of how i feel in the dream you held me took away my pain but dreams are just dreams and they mean nothing sometimes life is worth stopping then maybe you would stop and think that your actions have consequence that its not always about you that sometimes things are hard never ending change death to happiness bury it deep never again to see
You'll See My Teeth In The Stars Above
Haven't had time, or desire for that matter, to post a blog lately, but here's something so look out... Regional Manager down again tomorrow. Joyous Day I really don't think I have it left in me to witty and humorous anymore. Twelve hour days, six days a week will really drain a man. Do I put effort into cooking dinner or bathing tonight? Hmmm. I'm going to go with hygeine (again). Looks like it will be cheese dip and Tostitos for all eternity. Wash it down with a 60-40 split of warm beer and cold green tea. Chase with a pack of Marlboro's and Presto! I call it the "Die Young and Leave a Good Looking Corpse Diet" All I want for Christmas is my life back... -Robert
How R U In Bed????
You scored as Sex God. You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God73%Virgin53%A Slave To BDSM53%A Romantic53%How are you in bedcreated with
Willing To Be Wrong
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 Willing to be wrong Do not be afraid to contradict yourself. For enlightenment is a moving target. Be willing to admit when you are mistaken. For that is how you gain valuable wisdom from the mistakes. Take no offense if others say that you're a hypocrite. Instead, consider that they may have a point, and use it to learn something about yourself. Steadfastly devote yourself to truth. Yet keep in mind that there is more to the truth than what you can now see. Let go of any illusion you may have that you're infallible. Get beyond your own ego, and you'll open yourself to profound truth. Be willing to be wrong. For in so doing, you can discover what is truly right. -- Ralph Marston
So Ya Alllllllll Know
Well my cherry tap lovers.....told some of ya i wld b on today and i am for a lil bit then i am off but will b back a lil laterzzz....has me an appointment will catch all ya sweeties a lil later....muahzzzz till then keep sweet cherries *wink*
Spread Myself Thin
If only I could see what is inside of me and change what it is that destroys all i see a deep seed inside keeps it alive and takes away from me any hope of being free I cant be perfect all the time I cant be everything everyone wants me to be I cant spread myself thin or trouble will set in and ill be right back where i started
Lol, I Didn't Know
i didn't know the higher your level the more pictures you can put. LOL Well...let's see... I love making pictures you can tile as wallpaper, so, "IT"S PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!" LOL Sorry If God is "all-knowing", does he have to think? Why does everyone refer to God as a male? The sex is only for breeding... God wouldn't have a sex. if God were deciding to send his son for the first time in this day and age, would he have changed anything and what would it have been? Would he even bother? Jesus didn't want to die! "Take this cup from my lips, if it be thine will." But he knew he had to to get the point across that his dad wanted everyone to hear and have. Jesus came for the sinners... NOT the saints. DON"T EVER think you are to gone to receive Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN! I really have to stop blogging when i'm drunk! LOL
Nobody But Me
Don't waste your time looking over your shoulder Those loves from the past ain't getting no closer When I look in my future you're all I can see (So Honey) Don't go loving on nobody but me. Chorus: Nobody but me gonna love you like you ought to be loved on Nobody but me gonna cry if you up and leave You can do what you want to, But I'm asking pretty please (Honey) Don't go loving on nobody but me. I took my time to tell you how I feel Just because I took so long don't mean that it isn't real I ain't got no diamond, but I'm down on my knees (honey) Don't go loving on nobody but me. Chorus: Nobody but me gonna love you like you ought to be loved on Nobody but me gonna cry if you up and leave You can do what you want to, But I'm asking pretty please (Honey) Don't go loving on nobody but me. Chorus: Nobody but me gonna love you like you ought to be loved on Nobody but me gonna cry if you up and leave You can do what you want to, But I'm asking pretty please
Love Is
Love Is ... Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
What's A Geoduck?
What's A Geoduck? by sintax © Geoduck is pronounced gooey-duck The water in the tank swirled slowly in little vortices. The geoducks were heaped together in large piles in the back corners. Mindy's fingers tightened on the strap of her purse as she looked them over. The salesclerk stood by, waiting for her choice. A geoduck is a large clam-like thing. Incapable of retracting into it's shell due it's size, it's digging foot sticks straight out, for all the world resembling a large penis. They live in beaches deep in the sand. Digging one out it is a process that can take hours, struggling to keep it from escaping. Which is why Mindy was here at the asian foods store, buying one. She was more than willing to donate money to this little experiment, but traveling out to one of the islands and digging for several hours, that was more than she could manage. She stood over the tank and looked in. These were living geoducks, sashimi grade. They could be eaten raw. But Mindy had
It's Bigger Than Hip-hop
Soul Talk
What's your soul trying to say? (girls only) pics and loooong results (may be a bit hard to take in, but it will work, or help)You take so much time in making every little thing perfect. Things must be happy and going smoothly, or you feel that you have failed. You find any good thing, a time to smile, but because you do this you may be missing on things that need your time to be greived upon. Try taking writing down things you want to change in your life. They can be about you and your personality or about your home and social life. Include: a pencil or pen, a notebook, calming music, candles, lights off, and windows open (preferably do this on a rainy day)This sould help you work on things to make your life a real happy place to be, instead of a fake.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Work Part 3
I quit my job, well she told me to sleep on it but i forsee nothing changing. Bitch lies to me for weeks about what my future holds, then as i'm going through the paperwork i see that she has drafted my termination papers... Just in case she says... Cunt... i left... Now i'm happy, unemployed but happy... thank god it's the holidays and i work retail...
Drunk Drivers!
This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999. This is her and her Father, 1998. This is her on Vacation in Venezuela. Birthday party as a child. At a party with friends. The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999. After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations. Jacqueline was caught in theburning car and her body was heavily burnt for approx. 45 SECONDS! With her Father, 2000. Getting treatment. Three months after accident. Without a left eyelid Jacquie needs eye drops to keep her vision. Now 20 year old, he cannot forgive himself for driving drunk on that night three years ago. He's aware of devastating Jacqueline Sab
The Kiddies Play Ground
Ah yes, and while the sweet resentment of what you have done fills your brain, it will cause the blood to pour from your ear holes and seep from your eyesockets in the form of puss. And yet i must confess... that this piece of PiE which within crawls the sPiDeRs and MaGgOtS, is much to delectible for just one to eat, and so i shared it among the sMaLl cHiLdReN who peered curiously at the crust of this delight. made of the sKiN of the SiNful, stretched tight over the creepy CrAwLiEs. The children chewed at the sinewy membranes of worms of skin, they ate it and swallowed with a GRINN playing on thier lips, and then...They became the creations of Anti-Society, outcasts and morbid rebels. This...My dear reader is what makes up the underworld, Oh and before i forget to say..... Welcome, to the UnDeRgRoUnD.....
I Could Give You
I could give you flowers, a whole bouquet with twelve roses with silky smooth peddles for those flowers express words I can’t say, I could lavish you in precious metals I speak of shimmering silver and pure gold, all shall flock to see the metals you bare, Tis be it the best to had ever been sold; a metallic band to wear in your hair; tis I get the most fragrant perfume for it lingers every so softly in the air, your scent following with you from room to room; for there is none that would ever compare; if I could I’d give you all the above, for now the one thing you have is all my love, but in my own haste I saw you not care and I contemplate you with dismay and dispair you see me and not care to say a hello so I must say goodbye and sadly, heartbreakingly, let your love go. A year I had spent in hope for one day That I'd have you alone and not share in any way You attention, your heart, your hugs and your kiss though now I see that my efforts, you dismiss So aga
From My Aunt...thought It Was Funny
Eight Words with two Meanings 1. THINGY (thing-ee) n. Female..... Any part under a car's hood. Male.... The strap fastener on a woman's bra. 2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj. Female.... Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. Male.... Playing football without a cup. 3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n. Female... The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner. Male... Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys. 4. COMMITMENT (ko-mit-ment) n. Female... A desire to get married and raise a family. Male...... Trying not to hit on other women while out with this one. 5. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n. Female.... A good movie, concert, play or book. Male...... Anything that can be done while drinking beer. 6. FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n. Female... An embarrassing byproduct of indigestion. Male...... A source of entertainment, self-expression, male bonding. 7 MAKING LOVE (may-king luv) n. Female.....
My Perfect Dream
This is not a poem, but a story of a dream that took 8 years to finish... It was so surreal that i had to write it. It was a clear night. The moon was full and she was by my side. We came up a road leading somewhere in the hills of who knows where. When we arrived at the top, there was an old airy building. We decided to wander around in it. There was an odd familiarity about, like I had visited it before. We were enchanted by its presence, almost hypnotic, as if it was trying to bring us in. We found an open stairway at the first floor on the outskirts of the building. The walls were of stone, the type of stone you would find in old castles and dungeons. There was no light near it except that of the gorgeously bright moon. We climbed half way to the top of the spiraling staircase when we began to see a blue light at the turn upwards. We followed it to the stairway opening to the second floor. Darkness mainly shrouds the area. Looking around, the floor of the second stor
Funny Pictures
Gin Oblivion....
Beauty is only skin deep so cut me open and call me ugly... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so a blind man must be surrounded by playboy bunnies... If you cut me, do I not bleed..? What doesn't kill me makes me stronger...Let's just start with what makes me stronger... To be early is to be on time, to be late is to take someone to court for child support... Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so bums are Satan incarnate... Here's an obscure joke... (If you laugh at this without looking it up I will make sweet, sweet love to you) A mole walks into a bar and says to the bartender "I want a shot of whiskey please" The bartender looks at the mole and says "Can't you read, we have a maximum occupancy of 6.022 x 10^23, we don't have room for one more mole..." HAHA! -Robert
2 The Rose That Grew From Concrete
The beautiful rose, That everyone knows, That walked without feet, In New York�s concrete, Its beautiful colors, With petals for brothers, Hidden thorns they expected, So ignorance & lies they manifested, To kill it in its early stages, Media�s lies & two faces, beautiful to hear, he was to me, revealed to me all that I could be, with his petals in forms of lyrics, burning your eardrum to make you hear it, the scent that vibrated, always reminded, �keep your head up� in the storm, or in the corner of the closet to keep me warm, so �how long will they mourn me?� every time I read a new word or lyric, every time they use your name in vain, cuz niggas snapped & gone insane, comparing themselves to your flows, they may be flowers but never a rose, & some may fake, or try and perpetrate, but their petals aren�t real, spit whatever to earn a meal, phoney stems made of plastic, but your petals are everlastin�
I Have A New Motto In Life
CHUMPA ME GRANDES HUEVOS thought yall might like to know it,thank you and good night now chip
My Poetry
Hey to all who view this blog! I have been writing poetry for sometime now, and just published them in the internet, the links are below if you want to read them, please tell me what u think!!!!! "For You, Please Read" "Suicide With a Pen" "Because of You" "Fire" "Greed" "Somewhere I Belong" thanx in advance for reading my poetry!!!!
Tryin That Sleep Thing Again
my phones shut off now - so fuckers cant ring it
What Creature Am I
You Are a Dragon You are very charismatic and incredibly popular. People are drawn to your energy, but you are a very difficult person to get to know. You are very active - you are usually hard at work or play. You enjoy drama, and you enjoy anything unusual or eccentric. What Mythological Creature Are You?
Want To No About Me
OK HERE'S HOW THIS WORK I WILL TEL YOU TEN THING'S ABOUT ME THEN I WILL PICK TEN PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME THING THIS IS A GOOD WAY FOR US ALL TO GET TO KNOW THE PEOPLE WE CHAT WITH AND CALL OUR FRIENDS I THINK IF YOUR MY FRIEND YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW ALL YOU CAN AS I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU SO IF I PICK YOU YA GOTTA PLAY DAMMIT LOL (copied from poetic :)) 1. I live in New England USA 2. I have 3 beautiful children 3. I am married to a man who is willing to do just about anything to make me happy 4. My favorite thing to do is exersize 5. I love my friends on CT I feel Like ur all apart of my family 6. I am a bit selfconsious 7. I spend alot of time listening to music 8. I am the youngest in my family 9. I love learning new things 10.I tend to look up to excentric and smart ppl the 10 ppl im passing this on to r 'Moonfire..Wiccan Family' *** LADY D*** Yourillusion 'Sweet Potata' tattootx eric269 Boo Boo' F***Me Tender & Blow Me Down' ~WckdAngel~ Wiccan Famil
i am so pissed i can not get in my old account so i had to make a new one so plz to all my friends and fans do not send me no more things on my old one
Mahjong MedleyClear the board in this ancient tile game. Play this free game now!!
November 4th - 10th
There was a huge accident. Apparently a bunch of Republican candidates trying to distance themselves from President Bush ran into a bunch of Democrat candidates trying to distance themselves from John Kerry. They just collided in the middle. It was gruesome. John Kerry has since apologized for screwing up a joke about President Bush that offended our troops. How do you screw up a Bush joke? That’s like screwing up a Clinton sex joke. Who would have ever thought that the Democrats would miss the wit and charisma of Al Gore? Have you heard about this pastor in Colorado? This Haggard guy? There were signs all around. Like the name of the church – Brokeback Baptist Church. Pastor Ted Haggard resigned today as the leader of New Life Church. He resigned after the congregation found out about his new life. He was thought to be a "George Bush" Republican. Instead it turned out he was a "George Michael" Republican. Haggard says that he is a liar and a deceiver. I think it is way too
Be blessed and know the Lord is right besides you. Even when you don't believe in Him, He is there for you. Lord touch each and every person who comes to this site. Touch them and let them know you are here and love them. Reach down to all who are hurting and sick. The ones who can't go on or are so alone. Lord please let them feel You right now and know you do care and have your hand out to take all the sorrows and woes away. That you are right there with them crying too. Holding them so close. Lord pour out Your Spirit and Your amazing Grace. In Jesus name amen
Imagine. . .
Imagine... There is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out ALL OF IT, of course!!!! Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow." You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today. To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the value of ONE MONT
"at The Third Stroke..." - Time For A New Voice
Fri Nov 17, 3:10 PM ET A 40-year old telemarketer from Brighton & Hove will soon become one of the most listened-to people in Britain after she was chosen to be the new voice of the Speaking Clock. Sara Mendes da Costa won a nationwide competition to be only the fourth permanent voice of the clock since it started in 1936, taking over from 77-year old Brian Cobby, the voice for the past 21 years. Out of 18,405 entrants who left a recorded message with BT Mendes da Costa was chosen for her warm tone and clear diction. "I just can't believe it! I only entered after my dad heard the competition on the radio and suggested I should give it a go," she said. The BT Speaking Clock has been ticking 24 hours a day for more than 25,000 days or 613,000 hours and still receives over 70 million calls a year.
Underwear Oracle
What Your Underwear Says About You When you're bad, you're very bad. And when you're good, you're still trouble! You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way. The Underwear Oracle
A Rose That Once Stood Alone
A solitary rose grew in the darkest corner of the garden Surrounded by many others Yet remained alone Time passed and trials came and went One dealt a severe blow And the rose began to wilt and wither Forgotten... Then... as if by a miracle... There came a soft and gentle breeze Followed by a ray of light As all the other roses fell into darkness The solitary rose began to shine Shining with a special light... And watered by a gentle cascade... A cascade of love A cascade of selfless affection "I do... not now but forever..." Said the rose to the sunlight And there they remain A rose in full bloom With her sunshine smiling down on her... You are my sunshine, my life, my very soul And I your rose blooming in the light of your love.
R&b Album Review
Robin Thick- The evoultion of Thicke. Robin Thicke has been around for a couple of years now but is finally getting recognition with songs like "wanna love u girl" and "lost without you". Robin is amongest the next generation of the r&b wave he is very versatile, a unique voice, deep subject matter and he displays himself as a threat to the r&b game. Overall i give this album 5 out of 5 mics a true r&b masterpiece. He shines on every song but his real special tracks are "angels", "lonely world", "2 the sky", "complicated" and "everything i can't have".
Real People
I wanna meet some real people I am sooooo dammmmnnnnn bored willl someone come over to myhouse and hang out with me.
I just wanted to say to all of you who gave me a great rating thank you all very much for the very warm welcome. I felt like i was welcomed with open arms and was made part of the gang right from the start. I cant remember a time ever when i have felt so welcomed. all my love to each and everyone of you. you put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart!!!!!! Thanks again. i'm looking forward to a great long friendship with you. frosty728(Brian)
Revealed Unto Babes
1 Corinthians 1:27-29 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What wisdom is there in dying on a cross? The Greeks couldn’t understand it, and yet that is the wisdom of God. God is so wise that the person with the highest IQ cannot figure Him out. If you could come to God with your intellect, then God is not fair because all of the smart people would have a head start and the rest of us would be left standing in the shadows. Your spirituality would be based upon your intellect. I’m so glad that God has “hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes” (Matthew 11:25). It’s not that God is so high that few can figure Him out; it is
Heh My First Adult Photo
so apparently CT thinks this is adult... i just thought i was being dumb... fighting is bad boys and girls
I'm SOO Sick Again...I Just got over being sick like a week ago!..This time im worse..I think i might end up in emergency tonight :(!!
What Goddess Are You?
You Are Aphrodite! A total shining star with a ton of admirers And no wonder: you live life to the fullest! When things get bad, you can easily take off to a happier place But occasionally, you need to deal with problems head on What Goddess Are You?
What's Your Kissing Style?
You Are a Soft Kisser Your kissing style is understated, but effective You give soft, sweet, and soulful kisses to your special guy And that's the key: he's got to be special to get your kiss Because you don't just go around kissing anyone What's Your Kissing Style?
Adult Story Erotic
I sat dozing in my chair; the ten o clock news was going off. Crap! I thought as I realized I had missed the entire hour of news. While gathering up the two empty beer bottles I hear the door bell ring. What the hell? I looked at my watch it was eleven o clock, its awful late for trick or treaters. Setting the bottle back down I hurried to the door with a feeling of dread, I'll bet its some damn teenagers out for pranks. I jerked the door open. "What?" I demanded. A young woman was standing on my front steps. Her long auburn hair was pulled into pony tails on either side of her head. She wore a tight fitting low-cut white sweater that ended just above her navel. Even though she was dressed like a high school cheerleader, she was to well- developed to be anything but in her mid-twenties. I could just make out the black lacy bra she wore underneath. Her long shapely legs were crowned with a short skirt that bounced enticingly as she moved. In one hand she held pomp
"the Greatest Irony Of Love"
The Greatest Irony of Love Loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life... And sometimes, you think you're already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you'll suddenly realize that you're just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again... For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person... in my opinion, some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else... Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It's just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little... As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right... Most often we fall in love
Are You: In Love, Lust Or Married?
LOVE......................when your eyes meet across a crowded room. LUST.......................when your tongues meet across a crowded room. MARRIAGE............when your belt won't meet around your waist, and you don't care. LOVE......................when intercourse is called making love. LUST.......................all other times. MARRIAGE............what's intercourse? LOVE......................when you argue over how many children to have. LUST.......................when you argue over who gets the wet spot. MARRIAGE............when you argue over money. LOVE......................when you share everything you own. LUST.......................when you think twice about giving your partner bus money. MARRIAGE............when the bank owns everything. LOVE......................when it doesn't matter if you don't climax. LUST.......................when the relationship is over if you don't climax. MARRIAGE............what's a climax? LOVE.................
Which One Are You From
You Are From Mercury You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows. You probably never leave home without your cell phone! You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you. You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer. Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything. What Planet Are You From?
Stolen As Well.
From Her. 70 QUIRKS ABOUT ME - 01. Initials: MDS 02. Name someone with the same birthday as you: No one I know. 03. Last thing you ate: Bacon and scrambled eggs. 04. For or against same sex marriage: For For For! 05. I say Shotgun! You say?: Fianchi. 06. Last person you hugged?: I can't remember 07. Do you believe in God?: ... 08. How many U.S states have you been to?: No telling. Around 15-20 at least. 09. How many of the U.S states have you lived in: Four or five, I think. 10. Ever lived outside of the US: Not yet. 11. Name something you like physically about yourself: ... 12. Something non-physical you like about yourself: I think. 13. Who is your best friend?: Synthetic 14. Why are you up?: Because I'm not down. 15. Who made you angry today? Matt 16. Favorite type of Food?: Impossible. 17. Favorite holiday: *shrugs* None really effect me anymore. Just another day... 18. Do you download music: Yep 19. What illegal thi
Road Trip (a Poem I Wrote For My Best Friend For Her Birthday)
Friends, all together for a fun adventure. On our way out from our boring routines. We sit together in a bus, reminiscing over last times; just being close to each other. we look out the window, watching life pass us by. We watch as the scenery, the weather,change. But we remain the same. But sometimes some of us find the outside world appealing and yearn to explore it, see more than what the glass that separates the two worlds can let them glance at. Some of us may leave, others may stay. But the journey continues, the friendships never end.
Wrath Of A Scorned Heart
Well here I am writing a poem, God knows I've done everything else. I've cussed you out, I've cut myself There seems to be no real way out. See what you did was inexcusable. You used my heart as a rag and now it's unusable. I gave you what little I had to give, but that was'nt enough you stubborn selfcentered Pig. With everyone wrapped around your little finger They never even saw you pull the trigger. You Dog: two girls after six loving months, But you lied to my face and thats what really sucks. See there can be no place in this world for scum like you. Thinking about yourself is all you wan't to do. Manipulating anyone who crosses your path. Well guess what Jack... This girl is done with that. I hope your eyes soon find this poem, Because when they do. You and the whole world will know of the pain And agonizing Hell you put me through. Now my soul is broken and bruised. I had enough problems and what kills is that, You Knew! I was your rock, the on
Love And Life
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or so they say, but women are nice in a beautiful way. Hell hath no peace like a woman in love. Their hearts float like the wings of a snow white dove. People and places. Different faces. Innuendos all around. Place your ear to the ground. Can’t you hear my life pound? Silence is Golden? That’s just not true. There’s nothing quite like the sound of you. Love runs deep and is without bounds. Open your ears and just follow the sounds. Life spreads its wings and envelopes us. It feels as though I was hit by a bus. Throbbing pain my heart calls for you. I am hoping you feel the same way too. Whole is my world when I’m around you. I jump with joy knowing that I have found you. Peace is with me when I’m asleep for dreams of you in my mind do creep. As I fade away into inky black I know that you’re there to watch my back and to make sure nothing comes to attack through that crack in the wall that is down the hall. Get on the ball. Let’s go to the mall. I
Just Some Random Stuff I Vvrote From Boredome
wow thiis is interesting and deep for we are imperfections of the helix which spins a cyclone of society anout rhetoricians anthropolegized whilst the insider crovitus of intermissiionate levatious complatecant omens of disgrace defacing the fact we are existing for onlii must acknowledge we are here to just accpet be gracious in the fact we should be glorious we just breath and not materialistic about our robust behavior wanting no flaws in ou r souls for on e cannot demane the priority of cause for we all cannot be with no mistakes arisen the theology a hypothesis of incoherency upon many for great minds think alike we must unify the conventional life and reiterate what we can change about the requiems and get the bright days of the dawning suffering bring sunlight to our redundant adversaries in love is cherishing ones soul for who they are on the inside not just fornicating or what they look like on da outside but why you were attracted to them in the first place nahh mean...
why borrow trouble, they give so much of it away free!!
Would U Ever?
wud u eva???? go out with me? give me your number? kiss me? let me kiss you? watch a movie with me? let me take you out to dinner? take a shower with me? have a fling with me? let me buy you a drink? take me home for the night? Would you let me sleep in your bed? Sing car karaoke with me? put this for me to answer your questions? give me a piggyback ride? Come pick me up at 3 am if i got stranded sumwhere? Dance with me? Let me make you breakfast? Spank my arse? Help me with homework? Tickle me to death? Let me tickle you? Stick up for me if i was being put down? Carress my body? Play strip poker with me? Say yes if i asked you out?
I just want to wish all my friends on Lost Cherry a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving...remember give thanks to God...If he didn't many animals or grow crops we would not have a Thanksgiveing. So enjoy it....Don't be alone! Spend it with a relative or even a friends house. I am spending my Thanksgiving here at home with friends and Family over. We have Games, hanging out, and deserts.
Haha, Go Me.
In Loving Memory
Sometimes in this crazy life we meet someone who we totally connect with and then we get scared and run. Sometimes we realize we are making a mistake and its ok to be scared. Other times we run and when we are ready the other person is done. Whatever the reason...when you connect...I truly belive you can find eachother again. SO this song goes out to 2 of my cherries on here. You know who yall are. Remember just cuz something doesnt work out...theres always friendship and who knows what can happen in the future. No matter good to eachother..this is a person you once cared about greatly and even though things got ugly and awful you have to forgive eachother and move on. Alter Bridge In Loving Memory Thanks for all you've done I've missed you for so long I can't believe you're gone You still live in me I feel you in the wind You guide me constantly I've never knew what it was to be alone, no Cause you were always there for me You were always there waiting An
Mass Meditation Number Two
Thank-you THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT ~Namaste~ Dear friends, please join us this Saturday, November 25, for Mass Meditation Number Two. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can participate at all levels of meditation. The focus of this meditation will be Truth. Let us come together, as always, in the frequency of Love, and this time radiate your specific thought vibrations on the idea of Truth. Whatever the Truth is, we need not worry about individual definitions, or even arguments about the philosophical concept of absolutes.... Brush such concerns aside for now, and let our only goal this time be to pray for the eyes of humanity to clear, to see through deception of all kinds, and to bring Truth to the surface of the Collective Conscious. Of course, in time, this is inevitable. There is nothing hidden that will not be known. But, as we are All becoming aware, each moment that passes has come about by choice. Now IS the time. If the world cannot s
Nobody Else Knows Your Reason For Being.
Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy -- you're right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body.
~spirit Guide~
~Spirit Guide~ I reach my hands up to you , Up to the skies, Beyond the clouds, Into the Great World that lies above and beyond what are eye's are able to see. What is it, that stirrs my soul tonight? I am transformed by a dream, A vision has come to my eye's as they lay sleeping to the rest of the world~ A new awakening. My Hands out stretched to honor you ~ My Spirit Cries out to you ~ Move me now, Take all that I am Great Spirit, and make me worthy of your presence~ I am transformed by a Dream~ I am a whole spirit~Guided by a new Spirit~ But... I am guided now by something Greater then my self. Show me how to make peace with this new life inside of me. Show me how to use this gift, To Grow, To Love, To Soar with each new day~ I Stand before you now, Humble, I will wait to hear your mighty words, To see a sign from you ~ To see how the two legged, Envelopes the four legged, and as one body,one spirit, We are guided by you , To walk the P
I Miss My Mom So Much...especially Today
I knew today was going to be rough but I thought I'd be handling it better than I am...I hope I can pull it together by the time we leave for my cousin's....There's this gaping hole in my heart and it hurts. The weird thing is I don't want it to end because if it does that means I'm not alive. God this hurts so deeply; I just want her back...I miss her so much that it hurts to even try and picture her face, let alone remember all the love and warmth she provided. I'm sorry for blubbering on here, but I had to get this out before we leave in a couple of hours. May your day be filled with all the love and warmth of the season; and if your parents are still alive, don't forget to tell them you love them. I'm scared of calling my Dad; don't know if I can keep it together talking to him this time. Why the hell does it have to hurt so bad? This and Christmas was what she lived for...our holiday's were always so special and now she's not here. Oh I know she's here in my heart but th
Fill In The Blanks
FILL IN THE BLANKS! I ____ you. You have a nice ______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) REPOST THIS "DEAR (YOUR NAME)" AND SEE WHAT ANSWERS YOU GET..............DON'T FORGET TO RESPOND TO THE PERSON WHO POSTED THIS TO YOU!
"i Mean, You Crush Me"
Dave Matthews Band - CrushMusic Video Codes
If We Met Under The Mistletoe...
If we met under the mistletoe... Would You kiss ME? [ _ ] YES [ _ ] NO [ _ ] Go a little further If YES.. [ _ ] CHEEK [ _ ] LIPS [ _ ] Explain what Do you even need a mistletoe to kiss me? [ _ ] YES [ _ ] NO [ _] HELL NO!
Repost From Someone Elses Blog
I know you've all heard by now "at least if you watch the news" about "the guy who played Kramer" Michael Richards dumb remarks, calling black patrons to his stand up show niggers. Well I'm not racist and I don't condone using racial slurs. But on the Today Show this morning they interviewed the men that were called niggers by him. I can understand wanting a personal apology because the pubic apology made was basically to cover his own ass. But of course since we live in America that's not enough. The men who were the target of Michael Richards rant are pursuing a law suit against him for being called niggers. One of the men being interviewed when asked "even though you don't like what was said, isn't that freedom of speech?" His reply was "I think there should be limitations on free speech" This blew my mind, freedom of speech is one of Americas core values. and hell the same men pursing the law suit can be heard in the tape of Michael Richards rant calling him a cracker. I know ra
The Celts ~~~ Enya
middle index slide press gurgle retch
**Forget his name and face, forget his kiss and warm embrace** **Forget the things he used to say, remember now he's gone away** **Forget the times that went so fast, Forget his love which now has past** **Forget the things he used to do, remember now he loves her too** **Forget the love that you once shared, Forget the fact that he once cared** **Forget the way he said your name, remember now things are not the same** **Forget the talks that you once had, Forget the thought, it makes you sad** **Forget that you said you would wait, remember now his love is hate** **Forget him when they play your song, Forget you cried the whole night long** **Forget he said he'll leave you never, remember now he's gone forever**
~* A kIsS iS jUsT a KiSs TiLL u FiNd ThE 1 u LuV, a hUg iS jUsT a hUg tiLL its ThE 1 ur ThInKiN oF, a DrEaM iS jUsT a dReAm TiLl u MaKe it cOmE tRuE, LuV Is JuSt a wOrD TiLl iTs PrOvEn 2 u. *U cAn faLL fRoM tHe sKy, u caN faLL frOm a tRee, buT tHe onLY waY to FaLL, iS tO faLL iN LovE wiTh mE *its hard to tell your mind to stop lovig someone when your heart still does *your the one i kiss, your the one I hug, your the one I hold, cause your the one i luv *remember when you asked me who i loved, and i said no one? what i really meant was no one but you *i live in heaven, where deams come true. but if they are supposed to, then why am i not with you? *i knew you i loved you from the start, you caught my eye, you broke my heart *roses are red violets are blue, you dont know it but i love
Wicked And Naughty 12 Days Of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmasfor carrie:Day #Who?What they got you1stan experimental vibrator2nda tube of Crabs-Be-Gone3rdnipple clips4thmost of a dead hooker5tha small, laminated card stating, 'ALL ACCESS - TO ME!'6thA genital piercing7thA tape of you showering which they filmed without your knowledge8thA prepaid phone card to your favourite 1-900 number9tha penis pump ... WITH A SEVERED PENIS STILL INSIDE10tha taped-off-TV copy of 'the erotic adventures of hercules'11thThe Marquis de Sade's sex drive12th
If You Cant Stand Behind Them... By All Means Stand In Front Of Them!!!! (repost)
COME ON EVERYONE LETS SHOW SOME SUPPORT!!! HELL YES! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!! God, hold our troops in Thy loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts They perform for us in our time of need. Amen ! "America these soldiers, everyone of them young and old, Made a choice to serve their country, Never forced never told". "They're strong America, the bravest in the land". "And if you'll allow me the time, I'll tell you my plan". "It's simple America, freedom must withstand". "I believe it should encompass the entire globe, Not just one nation or other selected pieces of land". "They are called to duty America, To fight for a worthy cause". "To rid the world of evil, "Forgetting not the cost". "I stand with them America, As they tread on foreign land". "I give them strength to comp
White House Breakfast
White House Breakfast Dick Cheney and George W. Bush were having breakfast at the White House. The attractive waitress asks Cheney what he would like, and he replies, "I'd like a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit." "And what can I get for you, Mr. President?" George W. replies with his trademark wink and slight grin, "How about a quickie this morning?" "Why, Mr. President!" the waitress exclaims. "How rude! You're starting to act like Mr. Clinton, and you've only been in your second term of office for a year!" As the waitress storms away, Cheney leans over to Bush and whispers..."It's pronounced 'quiche'."
Rest Room Signs #14
A Woman's Rule of Thumb: If it has tires or testicles, you're going to have trouble with it Women's restroom Dick's Last Resort, Dallas , TX
Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long (country Song)
Updated My Stash
Hi all I added some music videos to my stash - some reo speedwagon, meatloaf, air supply, asia, genesis. Enjoy !
More Friend Quotes
*Friends are forever, guys are whenever, so when worst comes to worst, my gurlz come first! *True friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget! *friends are like starz, u don't always see them but they r always there *friendship is Just a word but my girls give it a meaning
Photo Update !
Hi all I added some new photo's to my risque pics album and 2 pics in my cute/funny animal album. Drop by and rate/comment them when you have time. Thanks Enjoy.
Heaven On Earth
soo i will be there only a few monthes left
A Quickie
There are two statues in a park; one of a nude man and one of a nude woman. They had been facing each other across a pathway for a hundred years, when one day an angel comes down from the sky and, with a single gesture, brings the two to life. The angel tells them, "As a reward for being so patient through a hundred blazing summers and dismal winters, you have been given life for thirty minutes to do what you've wished to do the most." He looks at her, she looks at him, and they go running behind the shrubbery. The angel waits patiently as the bushes rustle and giggling ensues. After fifteen minutes, the two return, out of breath and laughing. The angel tells them, "Um, you have fifteen minutes left, "Would you care to do it again?" He ask her. "Shall we?" She eagerly replies, "Oh, yes, let 's! But let's change positions. This time, I'll hold the pigeon down, and you shit on its head." .... AND WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????
What Erotic Fantasy Is Matched To Your Personality?
You're an ideal match for al fresco loving! Al fresco A free spirit like you should not be surprised to be matched to an outdoor venue for the call of the wild. We get the feeling that you're more tuned into green issues than you may realise, so why not take the hippy hobby of tree hugging a step further by hugging under a tree? Or even in the middle of a field? Ah, we can just imagine the sensations, a sun kissed breeze caressing the areas that are normally confined and covered up. The melodious warbles of the birds in the trees enhancing the bass line beat of your heavy breathing. Not to mention the thorns that stick into your bum, the ants that run up your leg, or the passing pigeon that drops a message of good luck on you. Doing the wild thing outdoors is a bed of roses, beautiful, but with the potential for personal injury and embarrassment. However, we know that you're not one to be put off by a challenge, so we're sure that between the two of you, you'll manage to rise to th
New Unite Deployed..needs Ur Support
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: SUPPORT TROOPS,(SSG SORENSON,(DIESEL)JUSTIN) Date: Nov 26 2006 9:16 AM this is a new unit that will be needing your support , letters and care packages. marty will be distributing the packages to his unit. They have just been deployed over the pond..please help and remember the troops......................SSG Martin A. Wohlford HHC 3BSTB, 1CD FOB Warhorse, OIF 06-08 APO AE 09336 Please pass this on....
I Remember . . . . . . . .
I REMEMBER. . . The softness of your hair, The color of your eyes, The strength of your arms, Teh softness of your flesh against mine, The kisses we never wanted to end, The look of lonliness in your eyes As we promised to write and call. I REMEMBER. . . The lonliness I felt when you'd gone, The emptiness inside I felt of losing you forever, Your soft caresses-so gentle and loving- The way our bodies responded to one another's touch-creating an inferno. Now, as I remember back, My body aches for your touch, your smile and your gentle lovemaking; I yearn for your nearness That only you can satisfy. © VICKI JOINER WRITTEN IN NOVEMBER 1993. COPYRIGHTED ON: 2004-10-16 17:59:01
A dark, silent and Empty void which I Can only acknowledge When I search… For me There is nothing. As incidents push me Deeper into black waters Nobody is there to hold my hand… I’m drowning Few ever see a part of me No one shown the whole Rarely do any reach to me And no one can support this burden… Pushing me under Is there really me? How could there be? No one sees me There is nothing filling me… But where does the aching, And loneliness come from?
Great Events
Our lives are like streams which flow through time. Lookin at tha flow of our whole lives, we see tha interconnections of many dayz that seemed minor. Each day contributes to tha stream of goals and faith and relationships. As we lok at the flow of a whole river, we see at its beginnin a little trickle of water here, joinin another trickle there, slowly gatherin together a stream that develops force a & direction. We may look 4 intensity in our lives & ignore tha quiet. Much of our lives may have been lived on a rolla coaster of major crises. As terrible as it seemed, it waz not dull. 2day may seem rather borin. But in life we learn 2 appreciate tha more subtle trickle that a good day can be. Simply continuin wit tha flow-of ourprogress, of truths 2 our values, of bein emotionally present in our realationships-adds up 2 a rich life.
This upcoming weekend we move back to VA where we use to live year and half ago!!! It will be so nice to see the mountains again!! I just hate the snow and cold, but will get use to it once again. The cool thing is this time we will not be on well water, so that is awesome!!!! Packing up the uhaul this weekend, I am so excited, the kids are too!!!! Kisses Alyse
Lend Me Your Hand
Walking down these roadways Searching for a light to see It's dark and I'm lost Lend me your hand These trees hang over the road The moon hidden behind clouds No stars to lead the way Lend me your hand I'm walking around in circles I'm lost and have nowhere to go Without you I'm lost and confused Lend me your hand I sit alone on the side of the road to find a hand grab mine suddenly I don't feel so lost and confused anymore I have your hand Please don't let go
'i Believe In America'
I Believe In America…., we’re a nation of hopes and dreams….., Sweet freedom will fill our needs…., I Believe In America. I Believe In America…., I believe we must fight for peace…., My faith in us will never cease…., I Believe In America. With His strength from up above…, We’ll prevail on our massive quest…, Our nation breathes kindness and love….., We’ll lead our world to happiness. I Believe In America…, we are united in democracy…., Defeating evil and hypocrisy…., I Believe In America. Our Lord is watching every move we make….., I know He’ll help us do our best…., Guiding us with every step we take…., Because our lives are truly blessed. I Believe In America…., we’re a nation of hopes and dreams….., Sweet freedom will fill our needs…., I Believe In America. Yes, I Believe In America.
reminding my great friends/fans that the beat pissed off contest opens today it is two separate contests one on ratings and one on comments so please vote for me heres the link u will need to add i love sporks so please add her/fan her I Love Sporks **Rate my profile before adding me as a friend please! :)@ CherryTAP i will add the link for my photo soon i will flood u with love and if u help me win i may buy you a gift please repost THANK YOU xxxxx
“don't You Hate It When..."
“Don't You Hate it When..." There's always a car riding your tail when you're slowing down to find an address. You open a can of soup, and the lid falls in. It's bad enough that you step in dog poop, but you don't realize it till you walk across your living room rug. There's a dog in the neighborhood that barks at EVERYTHING. You can never put anything back in a box the way it came. You slice your tongue licking an envelope. Your tire gauge lets out half the air while you're trying to get a reading. A station comes in brilliantly when you're standing near the radio but buzzes, drifts and spits every time you move away. There are always one or two ice cubes that won't pop out of the tray. The car behind you blasts its horn because you let a pedestrian finish crossing. You set the alarm on your digital clock for 7pm instead of 7am. The radio station doesn't tell you who sang that song. You rub on hand cream and can't turn the bathroom door
“panties And Gloves”
“Panties and Gloves” A young man wanted to purchase a gift for his new sweetheart's birthday, and as they had not been dating very long, after careful consideration he decided a pair of gloves would strike just the right note: romantic, but not too personal. Accompanied by his sweetheart's younger sister, he went to Nordstrom's and bought a pair of white gloves. The sister purchased a pair of panties for herself. During the wrapping the clerk mixed up the items and the sister got the gloves and the sweetheart got the panties. Without checking the contents, the young man sealed the package and sent it to his sweetheart along with this note: My Dearest, I chose these because I noticed that you are not in the habit of wearing any when we go out in the evening. If it had not been for your sister I would have chosen the long ones with the buttons, but she wears the short ones that are easier to remove. These are a delicate shade, but the lady I bought them from showed me the
Eminem - Ass Like That
Eminem - Ass Like That [Eminem] I'll be... [Hook n Eminem] The way you shake it I can't believe it I ain't never seen an ass like "THAT" The way you move it You make my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing I don't believe it It's almost too good to be true I ain't never seen an ass like "THAT" The way you move it You make my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing [Verse 1]: The way she moves she like a belly dancer She's shakin that ass to the new Nelly jams I think someone's at the door, but I don't think I’ma answer Police saying freeze...da-doing doing doing What do you mean freeze? Please I'm a human being I have needs, I'm not done Not till I'm finished pee-ing I am not resisting arrest, I am agreeing Mister officer, I'm already on my knees I can't get on the ground any further it's impossible for me And do not treat me like a murderer, I just like to pee Pee, pee, yes I make R'n'B I sing song that go ringy chong A Ching chong chong chong ching Psyche
Eminem - Lose Yourself
Eminem - Lose Yourself Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted? One moment would you capture it or just let it slip? His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud He opens his mouth, but the words won’t come out He’s choking, how everybody’s jokin now The clock’s run out, time’s up over, bloah! Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked He’s so mad, but he won’t give up that easy Is he? No He won’t have it, he knows his whole back city’s ropes It don’t matter, he’s dope He knows that, but he’s broke He’s so stacked that he knows When he goes back to his mobile home, that’s when it’s Back to the lab again yo This whole rap shit He better go capture this moment and
Eminem - Shit On You
Eminem - Shit On You (Eminem - 4X) I'll shit on you Da da da da I'll shit on you I will shit I'll shit on you Girl you know I'll shit on you Bitch or man I'll shit on you I will shit (Swift aka Swifty McVeigh) I remain fatter than gluttony Tapin bombs to the back of record companies Blow em up if they ain't want me The national guard They scared to hunt me I love beef I got you hoes duckin me A drug thief Bitch I'll take your marijuana These slugs with keep you ass away from my corner I drown niggas in hundred-degree saunas You can act a fool if you wanna (bitch) It's this lyrical piranha Strapped with a grenade In the pool with your mama Attack her by the legs then I pull her to the bottom Twist nothin up like a condom Slap it if u muthafuckas got a problem When I see em You hoes endin up in a fuckin mausoleum Or hiden in the trunk of a black & gold bm Pull in the garage while u screamin Keep the motor on then I'm leavin I'll shit on you
do you use lotion every day? yes if you do what scent is it, if you don't why not? I use one that is Buttercreme Swirl and another that is cinnamon scented. what kind of wallet do you have? I have one that is studded and another that has Jack Skellington on it. ever watched some one get beat up? yes do you listen to mainstream music? a little are usually cold in restaurants? yes do you think yawns are contagious? yes do you consider yourself weird? yes do you know any one who has an extremely weird laugh? no are you taking any advanced classes? I did what was your first job? Tutoring in middle school would you ever go on the show fear factor? yes are you constatly abusing the rights your parents give you? no do you know what LFO stands for? yes when you read or hear the word "FOB" what do you think of? Fall Out Boy. eww. what kind of computer do you have? Acer what kind of internet do you have? Verizon DSL if you had to join the forces, which one would you pick? Air Fo
Today I Smiled Today I smiled, and all at once Things didn't look so bad. Today I shared with someone else, A little bit of hope I had. Today I sang a little song, And felt my heart grow light. I walked a happy little mile, With not a cloud in sight. Today I worked with what I had, And longed for nothing more, And what had seemed like only weeds, Were flowers at my door. Today I loved a little more, And complained a little less. And in the giving of myself, I forgot my weariness.
Yea I Am An Odd One...
Sorry to those who read the blogs I post, If they all seem like they're all based around me...Most of the time, what I post is usually just a thought that won't stop ricocheting around the inside of my friggin skull...Like this... So, there's a ton of women on here that enter their ugly vaginas in all of the "who's got the best cunt contest", right? I want to know why some of these women even think about entering those kinda of contests... There seriously needs to be some fucking guidelines to those contests...Like the following...1) If you can't walk without tripping over your pussylips, don't even think about entering in this contest...2)Please don't post pics of you with a cucumber in your vagina. That poor cucumber did noting to you to deserve that fate. 3)Fisting pics...Wow...So there is a reason, other than the psychological scars for why you're a lesbian...You can't feel most men, So you go for women with very big hands...I now understand how that works... Instead of cal
Some Have Nothing
Be it ever so humble There’s no place Like home Sadly Some have no home To call Their own Torn and tattered clothes Holes in their shoes No food No warm place to sleep Sadly many people Live on The streets Parking lots Or storefronts Maybe inside A cardboard box Is where They make Their home They carry Everything they own Which is not much As they roam The streets Both day and night Looking for food And shelter For the night Donated clothes From area Churches Some that don’t fit right But they are thankful For these clothes That help keep them Warm at night Searching through dumpsters And trash cans Looking for food to eat A half eaten lunch or dinner That people like you and I Throw out It’s a meal to them Sometimes The only one they eat That day Some push Around shopping carts Looking for cans to collect So they can cash them in And get some things They need True So
Can I Lean On You
Can I lean on you If I need to Will you be there for me No matter what Can I cry on your shoulder And tell you all my fears If I tell you I’m hurting Would you just Send me away If I tell you I need you But I need to be alone too Would you understand What I am saying to you Can you read between the lines Or would you turn And go back home And leave me here To cry all Alone If I was to cry on your shoulder But I did not say a word Would you pat my back And let my needs go unheard Or would you say to me Just take your time When your ready You can tell me What’s on your mind What has caused your tears If I told you my fears Would you help me overcome them By standing by My side Or tell me I must face them on my own They are my fears not yours I must overcome them By myself Are your shoulders strong Can they handle the weight That I might put upon them When I am in pain The Heartache is so g
Wishing Star
Morning star from where you are Can you see my tiny heart From so many Can you see the only me Can you see me way down here Making a wish oh can you hear Oh morning star I am wishing with all my heart All I want in all my life Is someone to walk beside in life So lonely I’m so lonely Can you make it right daddy had always told me The first star that I see Make a wish upon the morning star The morning star will answer me Morning star morning star Would you take away the loneliness Could you ever be so kind
Pool Of Pain
In the nauseating nightfall sorrow spreads within my veins heart absorbs darkness like paper absorbs ink My ugliness is blinding too much for me to bear Standing before my mutilated mirror I stab my eyeballs with dagger-nails refusing to recognize my repulsing reflection This unending metamorphosis makes me uglier everytime I shed my skin When will my soul come to light? Laying in my blood-dripping bathtub I try to wash away these sins staining my skin and erase this stubborn scarlet letter scarring my soul but my ugliness won't fade away Silence surrenders sanity in wrist-slitting static Blackout Body's bleeding unable to paddle I sink in violence
A Different Christmas Poem
A Different Christmas Poem: The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, som
Getting Sucked Into The Matrix...
Is this going to be another one of those sites which become hours of my day? I mean I don't know if I have the time to dedicate....
My Sis Had A Baby!!
Its a boy!!!!!
Choose Achievement
Wednesday, November 29, 2006 Choose achievement The ability to achieve is part of your very nature. It's an ability you can tap into by the way you live your life. If you're vague about what you intend to do, the results you get will be of minimal value at best. When, on the other hand, you are clear and specific about your goals, you'll be able to work your way to stunningly magnificent achievements. If you set your sights too low, your goals will fail to ignite your passion and you'll quickly lose interest in reaching them. Instead, follow the very best, most meaningful and compelling dreams you can imagine, and they will pull you powerfully forward. When you expect to get something for nothing, you can expect to be disappointed every time. Yet when you seek to give the best you have, then you'll end up reaching the best you can imagine. When your thoughts and actions are scattered and haphazard, you'll find your efforts getting you nowhere. Discipline yourself to f
Snippets Ii: The Revenge
ZenCynic: Word. medicallyadorabl: charlie brown is soooo emo ZenCynic: Yes, yes he is. medicallyadorabl: he was on tv last night ZenCynic: I'd be emo too, if I had a fucking head that size. medicallyadorabl: he was like "I'm such a waste of space. no one likes me. I can't do anything right" medicallyadorabl: and then he put in a simple plan cd and masturbated to his own baby pictures ZenCynic: Hahahahaha!
One Of My Daughers Is A Nurse
She would love this... A nurse walks into a bank. Preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it. She looks at the flabbergasted teller and without missing beat says, "Well, that's great...That's really great...Some asshole's got my pen!" Got another medical joke if ya loved that one... Why can't Monica Lewinsky ever become a doctor? ans. She sucked as an intern.... :) Gotta love me...
Mates Of The Soul (to Toyboy)
I found a friend Who knew everything I felt he knew my every weakness And the problems I've been dealt he understood my wonders And listened to my dreams he listened to how I felt about life And knew what it all means Not once did he interrupt me Or tell me I was wrong he understood what I was going through And promised he'd stay long I reached out to this friend To show him that i care To pull him close and let him know How much I need him there I went to hold his hand To pull him a bit nearer And realized that this perfect friend I found Was nothing but the best
I Know Its True
by an old friend named marijo You are my night You are my day for you I'd fight so don't you stray You're everything I have hoped for your smiling face makes me want to soar You talk to me when I am near I must admit I've felt some fear You are my friend I know its true my heart will always belong to you standing together hand in hand holding forever isn't it grand You are quite sweet that is no lie why you're like that don't ask me why if this dream could only come true I would stand forever next to you
Nsfw? Well...i Brought In The 'big Guns' To Talk About This! (repost)
I totally agree with this bullitin!!! Thought it was well written! First...I would like to say that I like this has many unique qualities and I really hope that it DOES make it! Now...the NSFW...The "Not Safe For Work" thing...Look...if you are one of the lucky people that can browse the net during work hours...I don't have a problem with that...but there are many of us that cant...we poor saps have to go out each day...bust our asses for pay that would make the tax guy when we finally DO get to come here...we find out that you were offended by someones profile while having your Starbucks this morning? Well... 1. Get your ass back to work and earn your keep! 2. I might not be a rich guy...but I can tell that my friends like me by the comments they leave...some are not what you might not like to see...but I do...after driving many miles and coming home tired and dirty...their comments lift my spirits...and I thank them by making dedication pics when
Sex And The Lack There Of. . .
I really need to get laid. It is approaching the one year anniversary of the last time that I had sex. This is not a good thing. Plus I really don't think I can have mindless sex with someone I don't know. The thought of it just doesn't do anything for me. Am I crazy? Is sex really that important? Is there anyone out there who is reading this?
From This Point On
Thursday, November 30, 2006 From this point on It's easy to think of yourself as the person you have been. Yet it is far more powerful to see yourself as the person you can become. The mistakes and disappointments of the past may seem to be a major presence in your life. At this very moment, however, you can choose to leave them completely behind. From this point on, your life is up to you. In each and every moment that is to come, you are free to choose your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your attitude. Consider the possibilities. Think about what could happen if the limitations you thought were there, were not really there at all. Reach deep within yourself and connect your thoughts to the things that truly matter. Then imagine expressing those treasured values with the way you live each moment. Beginning now, you can live with the richness and profound purpose that you know is right for you. From this point on, your life is yours to choose. -- Ralp
She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy ? Is he going to be all right ? When can I see him ?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer ? Doesn't God care any more ? Where were you, God, when my son needed you ?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son ? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair ?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebody else. "I said no a
Possible Health Concerns...
As Aquarius is said to govern the legs from knees to ankles and the circulation of blood, its natives are susceptible to ailments particularly in the legs and ankles, such as cramps, and are also liable to spasmodic and nervous complaints, as well as wind, catarrh, diarrhea, dropsy, goiter and delirium tremens - so that the avoidance of alcohol is important for those Aquarians who have a taste for it. horoscopes * LIKES Fighting for Causes * Dreaming and Planning for the Future * Thinking of the Past * Good Companions * Having Fun * DISLIKES Full of Air Promises * Excessive Loneliness * The Ordinary * Imitations * Idealistic horoscopes
Your Ruling Planet Is Uranus
.Your ruling planet is Saturn! Mean distance from the Sun(AU) 19.218 Sidereal period of orbit(years) 84.01 Equatorial radius(km) 25559 Polar radius(km) 24973 Body rotation period(hours) 17.24 Tilt of equator to orbit(degrees) 97.92 Number of observed satellites 15
Yea...its Me
"Pain" Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing Rather feel pain I kno
Dreams For Only A Buck ( Author: Anthony Hall)
The day has beat you black and blue And nothing has turned out right Your heart and mind do not agree That’s an ever-losing fight Like a worm helpless upon a hook In a rut you are feeling stuck “Hey buddy, c’mon over here I’ve got dreams for just a buck!” You take the time to paint your nails They’re done without a flaw But no surprise this day it seems Is from a page in ‘Murphy’s Law’ When BAD describes quite accurately Your only kind of luck “C’mon darlin’, take a look at these your choice of dreams for just a buck” At first it wasn’t natural selling my dreams in such a way but do you have any idea how much people eagerly pay? So many hearts are cold and empty Also their lives so it would seem Metallic robot imaginations They forgot what its like to dream I show them how to take back life In their hands so they can feel to create dreams their very own will make life much more real sadly hearts and minds are constantly hi
My Mind Weeps
My Mind weeps tears in my mind never told screams in the night fall on dreaming ears keep your hugs, keep your jibes find me, find my life don't you hear me? can't you see? all this courage is but a plea find me find my life know me know my strife your life is deaf mine is loud i search for solitude i find a crowd give me a moment all my own that my mind may gently weep for from these eyes sorrow may no longer seep Vince Miller
wow .. so i've never really won anything.. like raffels or the lottery .. stuff like that.. tonight i won 2 tickets to teh Red Hot Chili Peppers sold out show on Jan 31st.. how fawkin awsome is that :D just figured i'd share my happiness
Baby, It's Cold Outside....'s starting to get VERY cold here.  We had some freezing rain earlier and most of it is still on the grass and rooftops. Winter is finally here, and sure enough I missed the last 2 days of work because I was sick.  But it's ok, it wasn't that bad...there weren't many dogs there.  I am hoping to get everything I want for Christmas to be able to give to everyone I'm wanting to buy for.  Bad part is...I have to wait until next payday to really be able to go shopping.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays b/c it's so pretty at night with lights on the houses, families getting together.  And many other things.  I may not get much for people because lately it's all about my niece and nephew.  So some people i'm wanting to get things for may have to wait until after christmas to get there present.  I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy through this holiday season...and stay warm.    Here is a picture of my backyard earlier this evening:((remember this is the Dallas
Immunity Boosters
IMMUNITY BOOSTERS AT A GLANCE. * Foods rich in vitamins A,B, complex, C and E. * Foods high in minerals including zinc, selenium,, and calcium. * Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, found in nuts, seeds and oily fish. * Protein, found in lean meat, fish, and pulses. * Fiber, found in grains, pulses, fruit, and vegetables. * Spending time with friends. * A positive outlook on life. * Regular exercise. * Adequate sleep. * Daylight. * Yoga and meditation. To keep the body's immune organs and cells healthy and in balance, it is vital to eat the right foods. The entire immunity system needs vitamin C to function, so include plenty foods rich in this antioxidant most fruits and vegetables contain high levels of it. Vitamin A is powerfully anti-viral, and helps to mailtain the thymus gland. It is found in liver, dairy foods, oily fish, cod, liver oil, and plant foods in the form of beta-carotene, which the body then converts into vitamin A. The B vitamins are important for phagocyte
What Makes A Woman Round 2
> Do you know what makes a woman special? > Well I'm not an expert but let's see if I have the right idea..... > It's not always what you see on the outside... > It's not in the clothes she wears.. > It's not the size of her backside... > Or the what she does'nt wear.... > A woman can be alot of things... > A daughter,a mother,a wife,a friend, or a fling.... > But to me what makes a woman special is the beauty that God gave her on the inside and outside....We spend a lot of time judging a woman by the way she looks....Thank God he made them ALL beautiful....But we should be looking in their eyes to see what they are really made of..They may come off as a b.t.h but deep inside there is the heart and soul of a very special person....I believe that all woman should be adored and loved because they are created with a piece of us men..therefore if we treat them wrong we are lacking respect for us... Always show every woman the respect they deserve.....because without them we'd all b
Mac And Matt Collabtastic.
(Compton Ass Matt) Cook you like some meth, and leave you shaking like a tweeker, from this bubonic shit coming out your speakers, Mac said it best: we keep it nasty and vile, bless a pregnant bitch, watch her give birth to a dead child. Think anything is sacred? Fool, my bonus is profane, +20 to my skill to burn you up like propane, but this ain't King of the Hill, more like the King of the Kill, And you know We'd do it, just for the thrill. If knowledge is power, bitch I'm Greyskull, Slit the throat of the system, to protect our faithful. Now gimmie a blunt wrap so MJ can roll this tray full, And I have to end now cause my pentameter's gettin' too playful. We may pull Cause we ragefull Put you face down On the table See we made you We can break you Flip your flow steal your soul And shake you And your shook crew Every crook knew Hold it down Or this street will hook you But we look through And we don't like you For each one of us you pop He
Life Lessons
GREAT TRUTHS THAT LITTLE CHILDREN HAVE LEARNED: 1) No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats. 2) When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair. 3) If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person. 4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato. 5) You can't trust dogs to watch your food. 6) Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair. 7) Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time. 8) You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk. 9) Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts. 10) The best place to be when you're sad is Grandma's lap. GREAT TRUTHS THAT ADULTS HAVE LEARNED: 1) Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree. 2) Wrinkles don't hurt. 3) Families are like fudge...mostly sweet, with a few nuts. 4) Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground. 5) Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. 6) Middle age is w
Its The Weekend!!!!
TO ALL MY FRIENDS, FAMILY AND FANS. MUCH LOVE RAMONA ;) Free Graphics Layouts CodesWebsite Graphics Myspace Codes Site Generators Free Graphics Layouts CodesWebsite Graphics Myspace Codes Site Generators
Alone ( Author: Patricia M. Eichler)
Alone in the dark silence of night, you held my thoughts hostage. However, I lived on in my plight. Therefore, I dreamt of us in a cottage. Alone in the tangle of conjecture, you held me, and you kissed me. However, it was a passing picture. Therefore, I dreamt of our love by a sea. Alone in inner recesses of my mind, you held me, and I want to linger. However, there was nothing to bind. Therefore, I dreamt and kissed my finger. Alone in an unfamiliar life, I kill time, you held me in my heart and spirit. However, it takes place only in rhyme. Therefore, I dreamt wishes with little merit. Copyright ©2006 by Patricia M. Eichler Patricia M. Eichler @ Authorsden
How Do You Know Your In Love? My Friend Rich
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Rich Date: Dec 2 2006 7:32 AM If you aren't happy and content with who you are than your not possibly able to make another feel loved, needed or desired. There is nothing more rewarding in life than feeling that true emotion of true love. To come home everyday to a partner wanting you. Truly wanting you with there heart and soul. You can see it in there eyes.Very few really have this in there lives. Couples split up or start the game of looking again after that initial feeling of that infatuation goes away. That wasn't true love. Know and understand the difference. When you meet someone knew and hit it off. You feel good about everything. Life is grand. Couldn't be better. Butterflies, fireworks , the whole thing! Ya Ya Ya. Been there and done that. I know from personal experience those feelings are not real. They will not last. That is what I call and know as infatuation. A temporary feeling of emotions that will
Thanks for all who gave me a 10! For all the love and gifts! :)
Help Out My Friend Crazysanta!!
Click on the pic below and vote for CRAZYSANTA in the Christmas Tag contest!! Comment as much and as often as you like. SHOW MAD LOVE PLEASE!!!!!
My Heart Will Go On
Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you That is how I know you go on. Far across the distance and spaces between us You have come to show you go on. Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on. Once more you open the door And you're here in my heart And my heart will go on and on. Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime And never let go till we're gone. Love was when I loved you One true time I hold you In my life we'll always go on. Near, far wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on. Once more, you open the door And you're hear in my heart And my heart will go on and on. You're here, there's nothing I fear And I know that my heart will go on. We'll stay forever this way You are safe in my heart And my heart will go on and on.
Survivor Southern Style
Due to the popularity of the Survivor shows, several > >>> > >> > > Southern TV stations are joining together and are > >>> > >> > > planning to do their own, entitled "Survivor: > >>> > >> > > Southern Style." > >>> > >> > > > >>> > >> > > The contestants will start in Alabama, travel over to > >>> > >> > > Georgia and on to South Carolina. From there they will > >>> > >> > > head up to North Carolina and over to Tennessee. They > >>> > >> > > will then proceed down to Mississippi and Louisiana. > >>> > >> > > Finally ending up back over in Alabama. > >>> > >> > > > >>> > >> > > Each will be driving a pink Volvo with New Jersey license > >>> > >> > > plates > >>> and > >>> > >> > large > >>> > >> > > bumper stickers that read: > >>> > >> > > > >>> > >> > > I'm Gay, > >>> > >> > > > >>> > >> > > I'm a Vegetarian, > >>> > >> > > > >>> > >> > > NASCAR Sucks, > >>> > >> > > > >>> > >> > > Go Yank
Game Time Again
First, I want you to know that you are amazing, and I love you to death. If I don't get this back, I understand. But I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 15 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved. Nobody knows what they have until they loose it. You never leave the person whom you love for the one you like, because that person who you like will leave you for the person whom they love. Tonight, right at 12:00am, your true love is going to realize that they LOVE you! Then something is going to happen to you between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow, be ready for the greatest shock of your life. If you break this chain, you are going to have bad luck in love for the next years of your life. Send this to 15 people in 15 minutes Roses r red Nuts r brown Skirts r up Pants r down Body 2 body Skin 2 skin Motor's runnin Lets begin. Send to 10 ppl and see if u get it b
Pet Work Peeves
Ok since this gonna cause some problems on here. i'm writing this down cause i'm venting. If you think that i would actually do this shit and risk my job that is paying my bills, no i'm not. Sorry if it offends anyone. I'm entitled to my opinion and by god i'm gonna express it. If i get fired for expressing it then so be it. 1. people who can't look up. there are aisle markers that say what's on the aisle. don't ask where the coffee is as you walk through the door. Take a look around you'll find it. 2. Just cause you were a manager at another store doesn't give you the right to run this one. especially when you're a cashier. Don't tell other cashiers that they can go on their break. you ask the manager first. Don't take it upon yourself to decide when you want to go on break. This includes telling the other cashiers that you're going on your ten. The cashiers don't need to know that the manager does. 3. Don't stand there grunting while i'm ringing up your 150 dollars wort
True Love...
Inspired by my One... Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~ Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever. ~Unknown~ Those whom true love has held, it will go on holding. ~Seneca~ For true love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. And if you go to draw at the true fountainhead, the more water you draw, the more abundant is its flow. ~Antoine De Saint-Exupery~ The energy of Love is the force that binds the world. This is the energy we all exist on. This energy runs through you and you act like a filter for it. When you experience an absence of love or love is lacking in a situation, your filter is unclear. True love is simply experiencing this energy without the distortions of a muddy filter. True love is the acceptance of others without judgment and of course to do this you need to love and accept yourself first. I truly love you Eugene - more today
Poor Girl, She's Vulnerable Again
It happened again There I stood helpless As I watched her spiral out of control From the sidelines I observed her This fragile and delicate being as she always was And I could not save her I wanted desperately to reach her And pull her out from the hole That she’d keep digging herself in But I couldn’t find her hand So I just let her fall deeper and deeper My cries of empathy are useless She can’t hear me And she refuses to let me in In another moment of relapse She screams and begs for closure But gets nothing each and every time I don’t know how much more of this she can handle I’ve realized that she is the only one who can help herself It is unfortunate that she has not discovered how to yet It always kills me to see this pathetic thing Relinquish all her strength and dignity To the undeserving deity that she’s created in her mind Poor girl I watched without hope for the end As she suffered right before my eyes Well it’s over for now But I can only wait
Ultimate Showdown
Posted By:SlimRoneyGet this video and more at
So Lonesome I Could Cry
Hear that lonesome whippoorwill, He sounds too blue to fly. The midnight train is whining low, I`m so lonesome I could cry. I`ve never seen a night so long When time goes crawling by. The moon just went behind a cloud To hide its face and cry. Did you ever see a robin weep, When leaves began to die? That means he`s lost the will to live, I`m so lonesome I could cry. The silence of a falling star Lights up a purple sky. And as I wonder where you are I`m so lonesome I could cry.
Im On Live!!!til 6 Am Come On In!!!
Love Your Brother
Matthew 5:24 “Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.” Jesus tells us to leave our offering and make things right with a brother before we can worship. No one can be right with God and consciously wrong with his brother. Now, notice that Jesus doesn’t say that you need to leave your tithe and go reconcile with a brother if you have something against him (see Matthew 18:15-20). Here, Jesus is saying that you need to get things right with a brother who has something against you. Before you sing, before you pray, before you teach, before you give, before you worship, the Bible says you are first to be reconciled to your brother. There is no offering on earth that can substitute for getting right with your brother. As far as you know, is there someone who is harboring ill feelings toward you? Then, the Lord says, “Leave it there and go get it right.” Before you do anything else, rig
L Letter For A Dear Friend
Expensive friend, I am very moved to say to you that I have surprised Ete that a beauty as you accepts Me for friend I have the memory of your photograph and I would like well that it is a proof that I can be loved by you. I am ready to show my not involved affection all and without calculation, and if you want to thus see me revealing you, without artifice, my heart very naked, condescend to make me a dial, we will cause and as friends frankly I will prove to you that I am the sincere man, able to offer the major affection to you, like the narrowest friendship, in a word: the best friend of which you can dream. Since your heart is free, think that the abandonment where I screw is quite long, quite hard and often quite unbearable. My sorrow is too large. Will run well quickly and come me to make it forget. With you I want to entirely subject myself. When I at your feet an eternal homage, want you put that one moment I change face? Can be captured the feelings of a heart
My Sinful Nature
Greed:Medium  Gluttony:Medium  Wrath:Medium  Sloth:Low  Envy:Very Low
Deep Trouble
OK ya'll I am writing this because I am very pissed off right now. I have once again been screwed over by Social Services. Thankfully my kids are covered by medicaid. The only problem is my husband and I are poor LOL we make crap. Yet they say we make too much for me to continue getting medical help. (Our take home is $1,200-$1,300 a month) Now to me this is a huge problem. Not many of you know this but my health is pretty poor. I am Bi Polar. I also have a huge thyroid is some info on the dangers of this... Along with these I have some heart troubles including massive problems with blood normal pressure is 146/120. Yeah..reaching stroke levels soon. I have asthma and a chronic spine problem between L4 and L5.Yes with all of these problems and my huge medical costs (bi polar meds cost $500 a month...alone) I will no longer recieve health coverage. As I am sure you can bet with 3 kids trying to pay
Will You?
If I leave here tomorrow, how will you remember me? Will you remember me for the good times? The bad? The times when I was happy? Or the times when I was sad? Will you even remember me at all? And if you will, for how long? Will you carry me with you till your dying day? Or will you think of me for awhile, until the memories fade? Will you be at my funeral cause you feel that respects due? Will you be the one crying even though I told you not to? When you think of me, will a smile cross your face? Or because of the circumstance, will anger take its place? Will you visit my grave year after year? And ten years from now will you still shed a tear?
Work Rantings
Yesterday my two part time keyholders put in notice. I was like, "Is there something in the water??? And if so, STOP DRINKING IT!!!" It really kills me when this happens, because I'm left wondering what the hell to do for store coverage. It isn't like this company ever backs me up when my staff goes bonkers. Anyway, so Matthew needs full time closer to his house. I get it. Jessica doesn't want to leave, but she can't stay in the dorms over winter break, and the people who were going to house her a few nights a week backed out. I'm going to offer her my futon. This morning I get a call from my market manager, who also manages the store in Napa. She says my store didn't open this morning. Oh yay. Matthew "forgot". *sigh* Then I tell her about the two leaving, and she says, "Don't worry about hiring... something's going to happen... and you'll have people... uh, I can't say more." What the fuck? What's going to happen to the Napa store? Is it being shut down? Moved?
Promotion Date: Oct 1, 2006                       
Roses Are Red
I saw this riddle posted on someone's page today, and thought it was cute so here it goes: Roses r Red Nuts r Brown Skirts r Up Pants r Down! Body 2 Body Skin 2 Skin Motor's Runnin' Let's Begin! ;~)
Bad Santa!!!!
Deer Santa, I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. I'v ben a gud boy all yeer. Yer Friend, Billy Dear Billy, Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawn care. How about I send you a book so you can learn to read and spell? I'm giving your older brother the space ranger. At least HE can spell. Santa ************************************************************************ Dear Santa, I've been a good girl all year & the only thing I ask for is peace and joy in the world for everybody! Love, Sarah Dear Sarah, Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they? Santa ********************************************************************* Dear Santa, I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas I'd like for my mommy & daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do. Love, Teddy Dear Teddy, Your dad's banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane. Do you think he's gonna give that up to come back to your frigid mom who rides
New Pics
I just posted some new pics this morning. They are of me in the shower and out of the shower and 1 NSFW pic. They were taken this morning. Please stop by and rate them and comment if you like. Hope you do you all....muaw
Another Fun One!!
You Are 48% Pure You're usually the typical girl or guy next door... But you also have a secret naughty side!How Pure Are You?
The 343 That Lost Ther Lives That Horrible Day
THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF FIREFIGHTERS AND RESCUE WORKERS THAT NEVER MADE IT HOME AFTER RESPONDING TO THE BUILDING BOX IN NEW YORK CITY 9-11-2001...NEVER FORGET. Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 , Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Capt. James Amato, Sqd.1 Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng.4 Joseph Angelini, Res.1 (D) Joseph Angelini Jr., Lad.4 Faustino Apostol Jr., Bat.2 David Arce, Eng.33 Louis Arena, Lad.5 (D) Carl Asaro, Bat.9 Lt. Gregg Atlas, Eng.10 Gerald Atwood, Lad.21 Gerald Baptiste, Lad.9 A.C. Gerard Barbara, Cmd. Ctr. Matthew Barnes, Lad.25 Arthur Barry, Lad.15 Lt. Steven Bates, Eng.235 Carl Bedigian, Eng.214 Stephen Belson, Bat.7 John Bergin, Res.5 Paul Beyer, Eng.6 Peter Bielfeld, Lad.42 Brian Bilcher, Sqd.1 Carl Bini, Res.5 Christopher Blackwell, Res.3 Michael Bocchino, Bat.48 Frank Bonomo, Eng.230 Gary Box, Sqd.1 Michael Boyle, Eng.33 Kevin Bracken, Eng.40 Michael Brennan, Lad.4 Peter Brennan, Res.4 Capt. Daniel Brethel, Lad.24 (D) Capt. Patrick Bro
Back In Hell
hey all, its been a while since i have written, i just got back to iraq from my 15 days of R&R. it was sutch a beautyful trip. holding my little girl every day, my little girl walking up to me and raising her arms, giveing me hugs and kisses. it amazes me just how smart she is. she is only a 19 months old, but she already helps put her toys away when she is done with them, she knows you have to turn a door knob to open the door (most of the time she isnt strong enough to do it, but she knows) she knows that the one thing in the pots and pans cubbard that she can play with is the folding steamer thing, and that is the only thing she will grab out of there when she goes in it. seeing some of my friends amazed because she will put her toys back when she is done with them, she usaly has to be told to do it, but she knows where they go and will do it. my friends are amazed because their six year olds usaly need more prompting than she does. it was hard the last three times i had to
I was thinking about this..... I think i need more female friends because if you look at the bulletins its always the woman who read them and repost them. I only post bulletins if I think its funny or cute or serious that i have something to say... I have only been in 2 contests and everytime I am in one nobody hardly reads my bulletins...i read the guys and the girls... and if one of the friends on my frineds list needs help i try to do it... Okay im done bitching but if your going to diable your bulletins tell then i won't expect you to read them becasue i have been getting so disappointed lately and I can not handle much more disappointment in my life...
Sexy Is At 40..please Cum Vote For Me
90's Music
Okay, I am not ashamed to admit it like many other people seem to be. I like 90's music--britney spears? Love her and her music to this day! Backstreet Boys? Way Hot! Hanson? They are awesome musicians, I have every single album, except the christmas one, and that's only because my puppy ate it a few years ago.. How I wish I had it intact once more! And the eighties? LOVE THAT DECADE! big hair was awesome, I am a lifelong Michael Jackson fan, and love madonna. Why some people cringe at things from past decades when there is similar things happening in today's trends is beyound me. This isn't an rebuttal to anyone, just an observation, in case you were wondering. And doesn't anyone else miss MTV the way it used to be? Before there were four or five of them, all playing reality shows? What happened to music videos??? I also love the sixties, and the seventies. Everything seems so orgianlly from then, through the eighties. Nowadays, if you hear a few opening beats from a song, you h
Just Some Thoughts..
So, I found out that ppl actually do read my blogs! YAY..I'm happy about that....just hope I don't offend anyone :) Well what should I write about today? I could tell about putting Walker back in school yesterday and how the school was calling by 9:30 wanting me to come pick him up. But they left me a message to actually come get him at 12:30. So by the time I got there, he threw a small fit and then calmed down after I was there for an hour talking to the teachers. I am just not sure the poor child is gonna make it in school this year. He's had such a rough start. But the good thing about yesterday was after he calmed down, they decided to let him stay. This is good since they have to count every time he's suspended as unexcused and I have already gotten a truancy letter on him for missing so much school. The sad thing is he's only actually been out of school a few times for being sick or dr appts, etc. So I guess we will see if they send me to court over this shit or not. GAWD, the s
Hey All!
Ok got a couple things straight in the head portion and I just could not stay away from all the people that I have met here! You all have been so wonderful to me and I love you all to death! Your the best people that I know! Much Love Darla
...the Lady
ok so i seem to be told that im very pretty,beautiful, sexy,and cute,or a hottie and so on.... ok well thank u very much that makes me feel very good and makes me smile..but i been getting some guys telling me im that but that i need to loose alot of weight and id get alot of guys that would want me.. i thought that being a BBW is good in some ways..idk im confused can some one plz talk to me about this and help me understand why some guys have to be rude.
How can I show you that you are beautiful when you always look the other way Finding imperfections with every living breath feeding yourself deceit every night as you lie in bed How can I show you that you are beautiful when you see only flaws in the diamond and not the sparkle that it holds You judge yourself with consequence tearing down what nature built and turning it into darkness cold How can I show you that you are beautiful when you don't look into the mirror save with tear-streaked eyes How can you see yourself as I do when you're peering through a looking glass warped by doubt and loathing brewed within your mind How can I show you that you are beautiful when your beauty is just too much and leaves me lost for words choking on every thought while trying to explain something so clear that it is written all over your face How can I show you that you're beautiful when the world is not enough and a million voices fail to change your song
Looking toward the future with a frightened eye staring down uncertainty trying to pass the quiet nights without letting my mind go astray There are too many thoughts I can't bear to think too many possibilities I don't have the courage to consider I'm not scared of the future just blinded by dreams gone awry living in a past checkered with defeats and cradling ideals long since lost and forgotten No journey has gone the direction I planned No sprint has moved at the pace I wanted So now I sit here completely out of dreams pining for what should have been but never will be frightened by possibilities turned into destinies and clinging on to improbable hope slipping through my fingers Uncertain about everything save what I fear Destined for nothing but what I despise There is no glorious future there is no happy end just a game of self-deceit that never quite fulfills
Well then, there was a picture on the wall of books burning and a child of the room reading before they burned them all, book and child. The mirror reflected the sky in a blank room as if to say: waste your life looking sometimes when the sky is outside of you always, Jealous of its freedom. Brother watched as sisters lived and died in that room that room watched back as brother dies he is buried in a tomb at sea. these looks are long forgotten as the day drags its same old dog down the stairs. It's definately time to leave.
Windows Of My Heart
Windows Of My Heart Your eyes, they seem to burn right through me to my very soul. Touching my heart, my every being, so deep, so tenderly. You can see all my secrets, my dreams, my hopes and fears. The pain, the joy, the ecstasy which I feel. The windows of my heart, are seen through your eyes. Gloria S. Copyright ©2005 Gloria S.
How Deep Is Your Love By Dru Hill
ok im VERY PISSED OFF someone has come to my house and sliced open some of the air blown christmas decerations that i had outside my house. so now i know this will sound kinda stupide but if i ever find out who did it i will sue their collective asses off and make sure they dont see the lite of day for many years to come. have a nice day evening or nite where ever you are
Your Sexual Iq!
You have a sexual IQ of 149 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Have A Heart
Please help this new cherry level up so she can comment on things. Love you guys! butterflykisses@ CherryTAP
Multiple Choice Survey
Instructions: This will be multiple choice. After every question write A, B, C, or D as your answer. It is best not to bold & please choose only one letter for each question! We begin! Question 0ne. There's a party. You: A. Are sooooo there! B. Are hiding in a corner at home. Must not socialize! C. Will go if a bunch of your friends are going. D. Are not going because you have nothing to wear & have no one to go with! Letter of choice: C Question two. Shopping? A. The best thing, like, EVER! B. OMG. Who said shopping? I'm gonna punch their brains out. C. Eh, I go once in a while. When I feel like it. D. My mom still picks out my clothes. Letter of choice: C Question three.The opposite sex? A. I have so many crushes & boyfriends I forgot who they all are! B. Um, I'll have a boyfriend.. if he doesn't annoy the living shit out of me. C. Happily being single or taken =) D. Eek! I get sooo shy.. I never get near them. Letter of choice: C Question four.Your favo
Hit Me Up
So You Think You Can Dance? Contestants- Rama Lama (bang Bang) Aka The Zombie Dance
This is AWESOME!!!
Poetry By A Friend
* oops i cut a big part of it off by is the whole thing * For what is it exactly that I am disliked? Is it for my honesty & blunt thinking? Or for my words & the ways that I am speaking? Is it for my religious beliefs or lack of faith there of? Or for my tempered heart from lack of love? Is it my ways & thoughts & my opinions being wrought Or for my honor & the fierceness in which I've fought? Telling me "You often fight for the wrong reasons!" But wrong to who? Whom am I appeasing? I figured few would understand such frank freethinking. With these mindless masses marching to the drum, Zombies morphed from people that succumb. To being brainwashed fanatics, that are trained like dogs, Disillusioned & lost in swamps & bogs. Being... So caged, so confined, so small minded. Just search for the truth, in time you'll find it. The answers are all there, waiting to be taken & all will hear your heartbreaking When you learn you were mistaken You must,
Fallen Angel
You scored as Fallen Angel. You my friend are a Fallen Angel!You were amongst the closest to God, yet love led you down a path of self-destruction. You find yourself crying a lot, because of the pains of this world. Yes it is very crewl, yet you know there isn't a thing you can do about it. Follow your heart and you will find some of your former happiness.Fallen Angel100%Vampire75%You are a Vampiric Elf!67%Black Witch58%You are a Demon50%What creature of the night are you you most like? (Pics!!)created with
Yesterday Tell me goodbye Shake my hand I'll try not to cry I'll hold my ground I told you to leave I can't tell you why The rainbows we weaved Stopped shining Rain falls like tears The roses are wilted I see in the mirror What I used to be A sweet kind of girl Innocent and true No one in the world Made me feel as you do I loved you But I think I lost it What I felt for you Has left my heart Don't ask me now This hurts me too Just leave me now Remember I loved you
My Dream
My Dream I thought i'd lost you forever Then you came to me in my dream I wish i never woke up You don't know how real it seemed We held each other close So tight we could not breathe No one else was there It was only you and me Now i stand here thinking Wishing you were here To see the world you left behind And all you friends so dear. I cannot help but miss you For my heart is about to bust You left me all alone here With no one i can trust I wish my dream were real We were standing by a lake Then i let you slip away And that was my worst mistake But one day i will get there Though it may take me a while When i finally reach the heavens I will know you by your smile. Lindsey Johnson
So im having a rotten day..I dont know why because nothing bad really happened to me..I just feel really sad and i cant shake it..Im home all alone for another 7-8 hours and i hate it..I wish i had a good friend where i live..But i dont... When me and rob got together my friends stopped comming around alot..I guess im lonely..My birthday is on saturday and im going to spend it alone..AGAIN Anyways..Yeah..Im depressed. *tear* -Ash-
This Is My Time
this is my time were have i been all this time fatal attraction drew a line the things i told to you no body knew the things i wanted from you was less than i gave now im sitting here wondering how i wasted my time i thought for a while and realized i had found myself looking for a way to you i never knew this happened i had my own time to think why i hadent before i worked on it for a while then i knew why never again would i waste my time with something i was i never realized this was my reality for i lived in it all the time this was my time i picked up the pieces cried for a while this time was different every sin i ever made but the biggest one was wasting my time on you
Return Of The Living Dead
YO YO YO my computer is back and so am I... with a MoFo Vengance!!!
Sexual Dictionary Definition
Becky -- [adjective]:Extremely dominant 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
THERE'S A LOT OF SADNESS IN THE WORLD! Right now, as you read this, 17 Million people are having SEX!!! And look at you - You're on the bloody computer!!!! NOW THAT'S SAD.
Electric Cars
Electric cars are nothing new. In the early 1900's, columbia produced more than 20 models of electric automobiles.
Sup All
just want to say sup to everyone out there who is cheaking out this new to this;however ill get it down,u have to forgive me i just got out of prison.
New Nephew Pics!!!
Ok,,i know this is cheating,,but there are new pics of my nephew you should go get all mushy over,,lol,,
10 Years-wasteland
Will I Live To Be 80?
Will I live to be 80? I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, he said I was doing "fairly well" for my age. A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, "Do you think I'll live to be 80?" He asked, "Do you smoke tobacco, or drink beer or wine?" "Oh no," I replied. "I'm not doing drugs, either." Then he asked, "Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?" I said, "No, my former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!" "Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?" "No, I don't," I said. He asked, "Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?" "No," I said. "I don't do any of those things." He looked a t me and said, "Then, why do you give a shit?"
His Loving Submissive
I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. I look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am I more complete than when He is with me. I know that He will protect my body, my mind, and my soul with His strength and wisdom. He is everything to me, as I am everything to Him. His touch awakens me and His thoughts free me. Only in serving Him do I find complete freedom and joy. His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that He has my bests interests always foremost in His mind. If He desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to Him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought Him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship. The love
A Different Style
As she step out of the last of her cloths in front of the full length mirror, the single, most delightful thought again returned to her mind, her one true desire, the need to find the heart of a loving man, with the same passion and desires, the great need to please and to be pleased. To live her remaining days as his kept woman, to have him know all the joys and the delights of her very giving body, and to cherish each moment as a passage in time. These thoughts taking her continually to the fantasy that haunted would haunt her continuing desires! As the needs grow more urgent and the wanting more intense it leaves only emptiness! Seeing her reflection in the mirror, her skin flushed, her body tight with desires and her mind searching out her desires. Her hands move distinctly to her nipples, and as she watches her hand caress her nipples in the mirror, her thought again return to her passion, and the haunting thoughts of knowing the pleasure a needing man would receive from sucking
Always Wanted
I've always wanted One who saw my potential, One was in tune to my thinking, and loved me for it. I've always wanted One who inspired so much trust and respect that I could give my love totally and completely to Him, knowing that He would find it a special gift and cherish it. I've always wanted One who knew who He was and liked Himself. Who wanted a woman like me that embraced Him just as He is. One to whom i could give control, knowing and trusting that He would always keep in mind what was best for me, and us. Not a selfish, cruel man but one who accepted that level of control because He wanted it, needed it, and knew how to use it--and did it out of love. I've always wanted One who could handle my passion, not run from it or think it strange. One who understands that sometimes my needs and desires are so intense that they frighten me. One who enjoys putting my desires to rest. One who can take complete control of me, that makes me feel every bit a woman, and not ashamed of
Ways To Help Deployed Troops During the holiday season, I hope everyone will keep our troops who are deployed and their families in your thoughts and prayers. I know that the war in Iraq is an extremely controversial topic these days, but whether you support the war or not, our soldiers deserve our respect and our support. Unfortunately, because of the war controversy and many peoples dislike of the situation in Iraq, this contempt gets placed on our troops and they are coming home to a country that no longer shows support and thanks to them for the service they provide. We take many things for granted in this country, including our freedom, which we would not have if it was not for our fathers and grandfathers, etc., and which we won't have in the future if it wasn't for those who selflessly volunteer to serve their country. Please remember that it is the people that we elect (which I hope EVERYONE voted) who decide for these men an
Help Em Out !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
My Kitty
Ugh so most of you will probably think im taking this way to far but i can't help it..My kitty has to get a operation on monday..Its just a simple one that alot of animals have..But im scared...I dont want to leave him alone at the vet and i cant feed him for 8 hours before..And thats gunna be hard cuz i spoil him..Hes a fat cat :P.. Anyways i was just talking to my boyfriend and i was like "im worried about not feeding him for 8 hours"...and rob KNOWING im upset about this operation says "maybe you should worry more about him dying"...As if i didnt already feel bad enough.. Now im 10 times worse.
Just A Lil Something I Wrote Awhile Ago
i love to sit and write down what i am thinking. to see the words on a page that came from my mind makes me feel as if i can do something better with my life. to have other people read what i write and understand me makes me feel as if i am a person. love makes me feel both happy and sad. sometimes i think that i ask for to much when it comes to being loved. that one man does not have all of that in him to give to me. that i will never find someone that can make me smile through my tears. a man that can hug me with so much warmth i dont need to have clothes on. to have a man kiss me when i am hungry and he fills me up so much that i could not eat for a week. to love me so much that i float when i walk, and when i dream he is the one that fills my head with sweetness. to look at things through his eyes and experience everything as if its brand new. to hear the ocean in a seashell and he can make me feel as if we are there walking on the sand holding hands. to miss someone so much you
A Paper I Had To Write For School
This semester I had to read some Native American creation stories in an American Literature class. After reading them, we were assigned to write our own creation story based on the conventions that the Native Americans used... in mine I used good vs. evil, supernaturalism, and animals. I got an "A" for it. Enjoy..... The Creation of Music In the beginning was the Spirit in the Sky, a creator of all marvelous things. He handcrafted the world and the animals to inhabit it. The sun, moon, and stars enveloped the Earth. He created two children for companionship – the eldest with good intentions, and the younger with wicked. The Spirit in the Sky named his children Elvis (eldest) and Ozzy (youngest). He gave his sons dominion over the inhabitants of the Earth and commanded them to dwell there. Upon their departure, he secretly advised his youngest, "Carry on my wayward son. There will be peace when you are done." Earth was not populated with human beings; the
~ Only Need 6 More Kids ~
Come one everyone u must have a cute pic of ur kids with the family pet! i need 6 more kids to start the contest tommorrow at noon! maria
He Said, She Said:-)
He said... I don't know why you wear a bra; you've got nothing to put in it. She said...You wear briefs, don't you? He said... Do you love me just because my father left me a fortune? She said...Not at all honey, I would love you no matter who left you the money. He said... Since I first laid eyes on you, I've wanted to make love to you in the worst way. She said...Well, you have succeeded. He said... You have a flat chest and need to shave your legs, have you ever been mistaken for a man? She said...No, have you? He said... Why do you women always try to impress us with your looks, not with your brains? She said...Because there is a bigger chance that a man is a moron than he is blind. He said... Let's go out and have some fun tonight. She said...Okay, but if you get home before I do, leave the hallway light on.
Addicted To The Ct
So I joined Lost Cherry back in August. It looked weird and confusing. I signed back on this past week and holy crap! I am now addicted! I love it. To top everything else off the people I have met on here are so nice. I have it up almost all day at work and can't get enough, it's fun! It'll wear off soon and I will probably settle in and just love it instead of crave it!
People Pay For Cherry Blasts?
One word,RETARDED.To elaborate further on this subject it is mighty sad that people pay real money so that they can try to get people to "visit my page" and "leave some cherry lovin"I mean how lonely do you have to be to pay for friendship?I understand that some people take sites like these and treat it like a popularity contest ,but come on now.You can spend cherry bucks on a crappy graphic of a rose or box of chocolates you should be able to use them to blast,i mean that would make it a little less sad and pathetic.Thats just my opinion of course.Thanks for reading i look forward to reading your comments on the matter.
Well, my first blog what to say. Mise well just get it out of the way and tell you what's going on lately. So this is finals week. I had one take home final, a final on tuesday and then one this friday (tomorrow). I also took one final a couple weeks ago. I took physics, organic chemistry, and genetics this semester. And let me tell you, boy did they kick my ass. Have a feeling my g.p.a. is going to hit the shitter! I'm a biology major, chem minor, and working on my pre-chiropractic. Yeah I know it sounds like I'm smart, but it's all a cover up. So I'm still single, have been for a while now. I think the whole, being a lesbian and living in south dakota thing contributes to the me being single situation. Don't worry boys, I consider me, a ...well straight girl who has lesbian tendencies - I just haven't slept with a guy in a few years - but I'll still make out! Ok that makes me sound like a slut, scratch that! Anyways, gettin ready to go to work, gotta leave in a few minu
Sorry I have not been around lately. Seems like I have been doing wakes and funerals the past 2 months non stop! Have two more to put to rest tomorrow. I will catch up some day, keep the love coming! i can sure use it right now. CG
A Special Prayer Request For ~angel~family~second In Charge Of The Rebels Of Cherry Tap
Merry Christmas!!!
For all my friends who I have met and have not yet met. This is cool
Losing It
omg i'm about to lose my mind if they don't pick this baby up i'm gonna go fucking crazy omg i'm gonna scream i think i'm getting drunk tonight then i won't be soo stressed out blake needs to hurry up and call me so i can get out of here
I'm Broken By Pantera
Wife Chopped Off Late Hubby's Willy
A German woman chopped off her dead husband's penis - to pickle it as a souvenir of their marriage. Uta Schneider, 65, used a butcher's knife to hack off Heinrich's manhood in a Stuttgart hospital, reports The Sun. She wrapped it in foil and put it in a lunchbox to take home but was spotted by a nurse and arrested. Uta, who was wed to Heinrich, 68, for 35 years, is accused of mutilation. She reportedly told police: "It was his best asset and gave me so much pleasure. "I wanted to pickle it for eternity - he would have wanted it. We called it his joystick. I wanted it to remember him by."
What My Birth Month Says About Me
DECEMBER=BEAUTY Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the centre. Great in bed. Inner and physical beauty. Doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. A meaningful love life partner. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. It is all about love and fairness. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Horny but does fullfill. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions. Knows what to do, to have fun. Unpredictable. Someone to have close to you.Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them all.
In this year... In 2006 I . . . [ ] stayed single [x] got kissed [x] kissed someone new [x] made out in a car [x] kissed in the rain [x] fell in love [ ] fell out of love [ ] had my heart broken [x] broke someone else's heart [x] had a stalker [x] had a good relationship with someone [ ] lost a friend [ ] questioned my sexual orientation [ ] came out of my closet [ ] got pregnant [ ] had an abortion [ ] got married [ ] had a divorce [x] met someone that I will never forget [ ] did something I regret [ ] lost my true love [ ] lost faith in love [x] kissed under a mistletoe [ ] got a promotion [ ] got a pay raise [x] changed jobs [x] lost my job [x] quit my job [ ] dated my boss [x] dated my boss's son/ daughter [ ] got fired from my job [x] did something I was proud of [x] discovered a new talent [ ] proved myself an idiot [x] was involved in something that I will never forget [x] painted a picture [x] wrote a poem [ ] ran a mile 2000 times [x]
Not Feeling Good Today
Well I woke up feeling like somebody banged me in my head. I was suppose to do the rest of my christmas shopping today. I have to wait another time. I made other plans as well can't go threw with them now. So how is everyone else day going so far?
i like to talk, so private message me.
i so dont feel good and idk y i was fine like hr ago..i think i aite bad food..eww not good..
The Forkedtail Effect
Although not completely in my own words, I often get asked what "The forkedtail effect" is (AKA devil effect.) The forkedtail effect is the negative aspect of perception bias whereas the halo effect is the positive perception bias. "Halo/forkedtail effect refers to the cognitive bias which in a series of perceptions the interpretation of later ones are influenced by perception of former ones. Said another way, if we are told that we are seeing a person that has just returned from psychiatric treatment, we will tend to interpret otherwise neutral behaviors as indicators of mental illness. Also, halo effect is involved in Kelley's implicit personality theory, where the first traits we recognize in other people then influence the interpretation and perception of latter ones (because of our expectations). Attractive people are often judged as having a more desirable personality and more skills than someone of average appearance. Celebrities are used to endorse products that they have
Please Pass This On For Me!!
Okay my best of best friends is startin out her music as a Dj. So PLEASE pass this out for me! Hey Boys and girls out there! You love music? want to hear it played your way? Download Winamp and turn it to and listen in to Dj Sweets as she rocks out to your requests! E-mail Your Requests to her at Or just listen in and get the site for on site Requests! And make sure you pass this on to your friends and family so Everyone can enjoy totally free totally live one on one requests with the beautiful Dj Sweets! So Come on and party with us! All night long at , Just Remember if you dont have Winamp to download it to hear your favourate music!!
Is This Fucked??????????
Is this fucked,I was in the middle of a good sleep,when I felt someone crawl into bed beside me.The next thing I knew that this person was hugging me and cuddling me close to them,when I awoke this morning feeling loved and safe,I turned to see who it was beside me and there was no one there. Yet,well I laid sleeping I felt gentle nips and kisses.The messed part was the fact that I woke up this morning I had a hickie on my breast. So,now I am beginning to wonder if I was dreaming and it was all part of the dream or it actually happened. Oh well if it happened,then it was on hell of a good dream...........
Call My Car Frosty And Give It A Cartoon.
I had to wait five minutes in my work parking lot for my car to thaw. I looked like a madwoman trying to scrape ice off the windows with a paper towel. This is Eika's fault, by the way. She mentioned last night that it had not been so cold lately. Brat.
The Greatest Thing Is
Get Poems Graphics General codes Myspace Code Generators Layouts
Sure Thought I Had Friends Here!
In a silly contest for Hottest Grandma, and where are my friends?? Some showed love, but many it seems ignored me. Well, Merriest of Christmases anyway. And if you want to go look soon at the contest,here is the link! Luv Ya'll.
Friends-please Read.
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from whats up with all my and fans?i do my best to rate your photos,blogs,stashes etc. wont you return the favor and vote for me in the angel contest? today is the last's not hard to do,just go to my profile,scroll down my comments at the right of the screen til you see my pic with the can only vote 1 time but you can bomb the hell out of come on help me out! your friend, sandra ( ladyshalimar )
roses r red, nuts r brown, skirts r up, pants r down, body 2 body, skin 2 skin, when its stiff, stick it in. send to 10 ppl and see if u get it back that means someone wants to FucK YOU. if i don't get this back i guess ur not the one. if u have a lot of luv 4 someone.....copy and send to ur whole friend list and in 5 mins ur true love will call or im you. da sex train - if u get it ur cute...u get it twice ur a hottie...u get it 3 times ur sexy...4 times ur fuckable
Sad Day
Today I got a call I know none of us ever want to get .. someone very dear to my heart passed away last nite .. Yes .. He was advanced in his years . and was battling Cancer .. but He will be so greatly missed .. ..He was like a grandfather to me .. When I was growing up .. all of my Grandparents were far from me .. My Mothers Father had passed before I was born . and Her Mother was living on Long Island .. and made a move to Alabama when I was 8 ..and My fathers Parents they lived in Illinois ..So These Wonderful people .. ( Whos' grand daughter I was and still am best friends with to this day ) .. Decided to make me their Offical Grand daughter .. They were wonderful to me over the years . and I loved them as If they really were my Grand parents . Grammy and Poppy .. was what I called them ..We Lost Grammy Almost 10 yrs ago .. to Cancer . and Now Poppy last nite .. Poppy You will Be Missed .. We Love you and am Glad youre no longer in Pain .
Heres My Works Website
you know i just had my first taste of immature people on here. so what if i have someone you dont like in my friends list? big fucking deal. no one is forcing you to talk to them. how old are we, 2? honestly people come on and grow up. if you cant stand being around people you dont like or know someone who knows a person you dont like then you might as well shut yourself up in a hole and block the world out because part of life is dealing with people you dont like. GET USED TO IT! On another note, if anyone else on my list has an issue with someone else on my list just keep it to yourself. I dont care if you hate that person or not. I dont hate you or them so I could careless if you hate each other. Just grow up and deal with it. One other thing, DO NOT ask me to delete friends from my list because you dont like them. I WILL NOT delete anyone just because someone else wants me to. If i delete someone it will be for my OWN reasons
Pwu Vs. Jcw 12/16 Results; Icp's Surprise Is Ecw's Raven Returns To The New Alhambra Arena...
***The following is from*** Pro Wrestling Unplugged PWU vs. JCW 12.16.06 By Asher Katz “The Good Guy” Azrieal vs. Aramis The XFC graduate, Aramis comes out to a very warm welcome. However, Azrieal had a few words for Aramis, letting him know that he won’t be underestimating him this time, as he lost his last match against Aramis due to carelessness. Both men immediately go after each other fast and furiously, with Azrieal eventually getting the upper hand early on. The self proclaimed “good guy” didn’t quite live up to his moniker as he frequently used the ropes against Aramis and took advantage of the ref’s 5 count on chokes and keeping Aramis tied up in the corner. At which point, the crowd quite vocally informed Azrieal that he sucked. Aramis took advantage of the crowd’s distractions and hit a big reverse suplex on Azrieal for a near fall. Aramis continued his assault on Azrieal with a series of lucha influenced pin attempt
Check This Out
So this is a really cool video, my dad also has done music and light shows the last two years.... this is what puts me in the spirit! this is just a site from a search i had done. They use fm tansmitters to play the music through the radio so you can watch and listen at the same time.
What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?
You Are Vanilla Ice Cream Your personality is anything but "vanilla" You're a risk taker, who's up for anything new. You go well with anyone and fit into any situation. You are most compatible with rocky road ice cream. What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?
How Will U Die?
You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide. What more can I say? Fact: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you want to know hwo you will commit suicide, take a look at your second highest percentage on the bar graphs.Suicide80%Posion53%Bomb40%Suffocated40%Natural Causes40%Accident33%Gunshot27%Disappear27%Eaten20%Stabbed13%Drowning13%
Will U Go To Hell?
You scored as Going to Heaven!. Congrats, you going to Heaven!!! See you there! (Oh, and by the way, you'll only be going if you got a 100% :0 )Going to Heaven!17%Going to Hell, beotch!0%Will you go to Hell?!?!created with
What Element Lies Within U?
You scored as Fire. FIRE! You are spunky yet loyal, and have the heart of a warrior. Though unpredictable and hard to contain, but your best buds always manage to keep you in check. you can have a bad temper but you are not mean. You are however strong and protective, so enemies WATCH OUT!Fire67%Wind50%Earth33%Darkness33%Light33%What Element Lies within you?(PICS)created with
Very Cute Little Animation Merry Christmas to all my friends!
Anne Frank
Whoever is happy will make others happy too. -- Anne Frank
Psycho(a Poem About Myself For Once :p)
A killer roams in this place of Hell. Corrupting those that are doing well. He bends their souls to his evil ways. His sinister evil fuels flames of hate. The lives of many are in his hands. He is truly PSYCHO, this unknown man. He has wandered through Texas and he's in your home. A psycho killer, his purpose unknown. Feared by many and welcomed by others. He collects souls to become his evil brothers. This evil mystery of unknown origin chills my soul with his every sin. Every word you speak lets this psycho killer in. Now the time has come for all lives to END! Copyright ©2006 Crazee Motherfucker
Hypothetical ~ What Would You Do?
You and a person you love deeply are placed in separate rooms with a button next to each of you. You know that you will both be killed unless one of you presses your button before 60 minutes pass; furthermore, the first person to press the button will save the other person, but will immediately be killed. What do you think you would do? Think twice about your answer ~ it isn't as simple as you first think it is...
I Am
I am sweet I am a mother I am a wife I am a friend I am honest I am kind I am loving I am open minded I am caring I am not forgotten I am me I am Understanding I usually write about things that come to my mind or what is on my mind. Sometimes what I write may come from the heart other times it is just me babbling on about a subject. I consider myself open minded cuz I believe life is to short to sit and wait for things to happen. We ourselves are the only ones that can make things in our life happen and work out. There is no need in dwelling in the past cuz that is the past all we have is the future and we have to work on that and make it better. I am a friend to those that need a friend and if you ever need to talk I am the one that wouldn't mind listening. I would say that I am talented but I have no clue to as what my talent is or would be.
Nice Guys Finish Last
Its amazing that assholes can get girls. Actually, now that I think of it, its not that amazing. They are assholes at heart, but to meet girls they lavish their undying love. ITS A CHARADE. They act nice, friendly, and they listen until they get into what theyre after. Their prey thinks they are in love with them, however when they realize what assholes their predators really are, they pretend like the asshole is really nice inside. The girl tries to change the asshole into a nice guy, but assholes will always be assholes. She gets upset and goes to the nice guy to complain about the asshole. But she claims to love the asshole now this is where the theory begins. She doesnt want to look like she is easy so she wont dump the asshole right away, instead she will stay with the asshole. Girls are idiots. They dont realize that the nice guy has been there all along. He never had to pretend to be a good guy to get girls because he is naturally like that. However, girls dont see it for some r
My Friend Doug
Several months ago i met a wonderful man named Doug. He touched my life in a way that no one will ever understand! He's an amazing person, loving husband and a devoted father. Currently he is in a contest for the Best Pic of 2006 and his pic is just absolutely amazing! I honestly believe it should be in the Time Magazine Best of 2006! Check it out for yourself! While u are there.. please feel free to comment bomb his pic! He would do the same for you! trust me.. he's like that! So please.. once u see that pic.. u wont NOT be able to go see it and leave your vote!
Vote For My Little Man Please
Life, Friends And The Holidays
Well here I am again! I know you all missed me, lol!!!! The holidays are only 6 days away, where has this year gone too? It seems like just yesterday I got back in touch with some old friends when in all reality it's been 9 months! So much has happened and things have changed. I was separted from my husband, going thrue the divorce, meet a super great guy which I love with all my heart, hooked back up with old friends, lost a really close friend, and now found out that another friend has passed away. It really has made me start to think that we really need to hold our friends close to us, you never know what will happen on any given day. I'm thankful for the friends that I have and that I talk to and see often. As for the ones who have decided that life is too busy or only call or come around when they have nothing better to do, you can just stay away. I don't need the shit in my life. Yes I know it sounds very harsh and that I'm being a bitch again but I've had enough
What Planet Am I From ? !
You Are From Mars You're energetic, althletic, and totally hyperactive. You love playing sports and being in the middle of all of the action. You're independent, corageous, and brave. Unafraid to do things your way. Mars can be reckless, quick tempered, and a little too spontaneous. So think before you act - and resist your natural urges to dominate others.What Planet Are You From?
A Little Christmas Story To Cheer You Depressed Fuckers Up
A Christmas Story for people having a bad day.... When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where! Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered. So, frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off
Dirty Things
On the inside I'm a disaster Listing to my master, Your words, like a script, They make me start to strip, As my clothes hit the floor, I hear you open the door, So I here i stand, Nakedness in my hand All you do is stop N stare At my body, here so bare, Now I start to shiver My insecurities flow like a river, Outa fear my lip starts to shake, Across the room, your way you make Your hand on my breast, My vocal cords put to the test, You kiss on my sides, while your hand, it just slides, You begin to explore, as I scream for more, Enough of you I can't get, And you really haven't gotten started yet, I feel your tung start to slide, On my tummy you decide, One button and a zipper, now I feel like Cinderella's slipper, My hand, your hand we have found, My grip is tight while you go down, Now your kissing my round mass, As i beg for you to smack my ass, I feel your tender lips, While your hands grab my hips, you push in slow, So close to my 'o' You twist m
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
The Gods Of Witchcraft
When I got involved in Wicca, I found that most of my teachers emphasized the Goddess. Many people have been raised with traditions that emphasized the male aspect of divinity. These same people often come to nature-based religions with a desire to reconnect their spirit to the divine feminine, the Mother principle. I know I did. I came from a Lutheran and Catholic background, so I found the idea of the Goddess both intriguing and comforting. I always liked the Virgin Mary, and found the multifaceted images of the Goddess quite a wonderful challenge. It was hard to look at the feminine as not only virgin mother, but also sexual mother, warrior, crone, witch, healer, and reaper. Though it was a challenge, I found a building a relationship with the God to be an altogether a different experience. Though many people think Wicca and Witchcraft are only about the Goddess, the God plays a pivotal role in most traditions. Most groups celebrate the union of Goddess and God. And while many em
Lmao Snl A Special Box
Insane In The
20 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity. 1. At Lunch Time, Sit in Your Parked Car with Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer at Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down. 2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice. 3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that. 4. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In." 5. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once everyone has gotten over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso. 6. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write "For Smuggling Diamonds." 7. Finish All Your sentences with "In Accordance With the Prophecy." 8. Don't use any punctuation 9 As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk. 10. Order diet water with a serious face whenever you go out to eat. 11. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go." 12. Sing Along At The Opera. 13. Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme 14. Put Mosquito Netting Arou
Florida Professor Admits He Was Cuban Spy
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Florida professor admitted Tuesday he had been a Cuban spy for nearly 30 years, and his wife -- also a professor -- admitted she knew of his conduct, authorities said. Both Carlos Alvarez and his wife Elsa pleaded guilty to lesser charges in federal court in Miami. The couple entered their pleas as part of a deal to avoid a jury trial on previous charges of being Cuban agents who failed to register with the U.S. government, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday. The more serious offense could have put the couple in prison for a decade, the paper said. A psychology professor at Florida International University, Alvarez faces up to five years in prison for conspiracy to become an unregistered foreign agent. Elsa Alvarez, who also worked at the university, faces up to three years in prison for concealing her husband's participation in that conspiracy. The two are scheduled to be sentenced February 27. When arrested in January, federal prosecutors sai
Never Alone
You're never alone, I'm always near, When your troubled, down or blue. All you have to do is call me, I'm always here for you. It doesn't matter where I'm at, It doesn't matter when. When you need someone to talk to, I'm here to be your friend. If you need someone to hold your hand, or a hug to say I care. If you need a shoulder to cry on, for you I will be there. So never think you are a burden, when the weight gets to be to much. You might find if look hard enough, a good friend could be the right touch. You're never alone, I'm always here, through the good times and the bad. I'm always here to be your friend, I don't like to see you sad.
Keys To My Heart
The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring. You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic. Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred. In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
Nothing Worth Reading.
I sit here wondering do you know? Do you know that your in my mind. Do you know your in my heart. Do you know your in my soul. I sit here wondering do you know? Do you know that my heart cries for you. Do you know that my soul feels dead without you. Do you know the hell I go through just for you. I sit here wondering do you know? Do you know that the pain I feel . Do you know that joy I feel. Do you know the hope I feel. I sit here wondering do you know? Do you know i would drain myself for you. Do you know I would lie to myself for you. Do you know I would believe in faith for you
I'm Tired
I accidently came on this and I thought that everyone should read it..This is from a soilders standpoint..I do hope that the ones who don't support our troops get something out of this.. I know that it will open your eyes!! It did mine!! And I support our troops!! "I'm Tired" Two weeks ago, as I was starting my sixth month of duty in Iraq, I was forced to return to the USA for surgery for an injury I sustained prior to my deployment. With luck, I'll return to Iraq to finish my tour. I left Baghdad and a war that has every indication that we are winning, to return to a demoralized country much like the one I returned to in 1971 after my tour in Vietnam. Maybe it's because I'll turn 60 years old in just four months, but I'm tired: I'm tired of spineless politicians, both Democrat and Republican who lack the courage, fortitude, and character to see these difficult tasks through. I'm tired of the hypocrisy of politicians who want to rewrite history wh
A Poem 4 My Loven Hubby
For you I give a lifetime of stability Anything you want of me, nothing is impossible For you, there are no words or ways to show my love Or all the thoughts I'm thinking of Cause this life is no good alone Since we've become one, I've made a change Everything I do now, makes sense All roads end, all I do is for you For you I share the cup of love that overflows And anyone who knows us knows I would change all faults I have, For you there is no low or high or in between Of my heart that you haven't seen Cause I share all I have and am Nothing I've said's hard to understand All I feel I feel deeper still, and always will All this love is for you Every note that I play, every word I might say Every melody I feel Are only for you and your appeal Every page that I write, every day of my life Would not be filled with without the things That my love for you now brings For you I make the promise of fidelity Now and for eternity No one could replace this vow
Knowing You At All
How do I get through this When the light in your eyes Is my sun that shines Through a rainy day And when they close I am left in darkness With the scary monster Of my Fears Stalking me in the night Like the prey of the wild That threatens to tear apart My blackened heart Then I wake up screaming Hoping this is all a dream But realizing the reality Of your being And I smile Knowing that having you as my pain Is a lifetime better than not Knowing you at all Or am I so sure????
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Make Me An Exceprtion
She stood silently inside the bustop shelter the only noise to be heard was her short breaths in the cold new jersey december night. She shot quick looks to the side and over her shoulder. As she pullher curdory coat in closer acknowleding how the fur tickled her bare chest underneath and rubbing her cold exposed legs together to reduce the chill in the air she wondered, where is he? She told him that he had to come to the bustop she had someone leave a Christmas present there for him he had no idea she was back. She couldnt wait to feel him against her holding her welcoming her back, it had been almost 6 months since she saw him and even longer since she had felt him next to her, on her, in her. She shuffled in a little closer her boots clicked on the ground, his favorite pair, her hooker boots. She hoped he would still like her look she was smaller, 20 pounds actually military training does that to a girl. Her hair was longer to now going just past her chest and it was a dark black
This Is When I Was A Kid...
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~~ Sexy Man Of CherryTap ~~ Contest Opens 12/21 thur 12/27 at 12pm noon! Man with the most comments wins! Rates will be used for tie breakers. Comment bombing allowed You can comment on your own pic. Still got openings if you want to join and win big prizes. And here they are....... Good Luck Guys!
He Loves My Starfish.
FATHEAD® wants to bang me in the ass......hard.
No one is too young for love, because love doesn't come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age
Wanna Know What Women Hate?
Wanna know what hot women HATE? When guys bring out the sex talk way too early. They drop in a one-liner, a punchline with a double meaning, or just plain blurt out something about tits or legs or spanking or fluids. I swear, it's true - you might be one of those guys, and you are making usn all look BAD. Remember, online, they can't read your body language, or like you for your boyish charm or the way you forgot to tie your shoes, or the million little things that make girls think we are cute (that we miss altogether). So if you bring up sex, you are just some stranger, some perv, some asshole and creep. In fact, you are just another one of hundreds of men that bombard these women daily. I have talked to hundreds of women and this is their first complaint - other than guys just being boring. That's the deadly combination that makes women turn off of online dating in general. Which is great for you. Because now you get to be the Stand Out guy. So, here's what
Smouldering Sexy Sue
I only asked her if she was okay, she looked at me and started to cry. "No-one's ever asked me that before" I honestly couldn't understand why. I only asked her if she wanted to dance, she looked at me and burst into tears, "No-one's ever asked me that before" Then she went up to the bar for some beers. I only asked her to hold onto my hand, she looked at me and started to bubble. "No-one's ever asked me that before" Her mum had told her she'd only get into trouble. I only asked her if I could kiss her, She looked at me and started to weep. "No-one's ever wanted to do that before" I didn't realize that still waters run deep. I only asked if I could feel her breast, she looked at me and started to sob. "No-one's ever wanted to feel them before" then she thrust the thing right into my gob. She only asked me to take her to bed, I thought, 'no-one's ever asked ME that before.' she couldn't wait ------ she ripped off my clothes, and ravished me... there on t
Im An Aries And This Is My Sexuality!
Your sexuality is hot and intense. Like a blowtorch, you heat up rapidly and like a firecracker, you explode in a blaze of fire and sparks. You love the unorthodox and the unusual in sexual encounters and you are not afraid to go after what you want. Ruled by Mars, the god of warriors, you are straightforward and uncomplicated in the pursuit of your desires. Pursuit is the key word here. You love the thrill of the chase and thrive on the smell of danger. You avidly respond to the challenge of dominating some new quarry. The downside of this is that, without constant stimulation, you become rather bored with what you perceive to be conquered territory. Your Ram's ego must be constantly fed—and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! You are a sucker for anything new and exciting, especially anything ego-boosting. You also love to initiate others into the pleasures of some new experience. The merest sniff of nubile virginity seeking awakening sends you int
Yesterday I recieved my first gift from my wishlist! I'm so excited about it! It is a black, open bottom girdle with 6 garters and it is from Mikeninja. I feel so loved!
The Death Penalty Blog
the blog about the death penalty is for my research paper next semester...i thought that i would get some views from people and use it in my report....
The Cabin Get Away
They go to a small log cabin up in the mountains for the weekend. They drive up the old dirt road that led to the rustic cabin, which is deep in amongst a forest of pine. The trees surrounded the cabin; covering it like a blanket. You can see the mountain peaks take over the sky which is a dimming gray-silver tone of snow clouds. As they pulled into the driveway the clouds seem to open up and small flakes start to fall from the heavens. He gets out of the car and comes around the back in of the car around to her side; he opens the door for her and taking her by the hand helping her out of the car. He reveals to her a single white rose. Looking in his eyes a feeling came over her that she hasn't felt in years. The feeling of falling in love again. He awakened apart of her that she thought had gone away. As she steps out of the car the bitter wind hits her pale peach face and she shivers. The wind seemed to whisper his name to her soul. He wraps his arms around her; they start up t
I would realy be thankful to my friends if they would rate my stash and photos
Im Up For Sale!!
Here's the rules!! Put in the subject "I'm up for sale" and see who wants to own you The first people to leave you a MESSAGE. saying "I own you", owns you It's that simple p.s Repost because this is funny and surprising to see who gets you first! if u dont repost this you will have the worst day tommorow and message me wit your answer
As of thursday.. I can't see if any of my friends are online.. sure there the others that are always there and don't speak.. I mean the others out of my 160 that do speak.. I can't see them .. hmmmmmm It doesn't show them online for some reason.. sniff.. Anybody else have that problem?
What A Big .... U Find Out By Watching
Get more at
Bush..singing Whatever
That Time Of Year
hope everyone gets what they want for this x-mass
For Those That Care...
My toe is almost better! I broke it 8 days ago and it hurt like shit until today. It's still a bit swolen and slightly purple, but it feels a lot better and I can actually walk on it without pain now. Secondly, most of you know this already, but I got my nose pierced the other day and it's fuckin' awesome :D It doesn't hurt any more so I just need to make sure I keep it clean so it doesn't get infected. I'm gonna get my ears or eyebrow done next (after I pay off all my bills and such of course). Adios for now.
Top 10 List Update!!
Due to the popularity and response I have gotten from this ( special thanks to Ali, Kandi and Chrissy for your help with this) I am extending the top 10 to the top 15 CT Hotties. That means to all the girls reading this, there are still 4 spots available. Now when the complete list is in place a reminder that I will be making 3 bulletins per week which will include your page links and all featured hotties will be elegible to have desktop graphics created for you...should you desire so. Your links will also be fanned to the 8 model promotions groups that I run on yahoo with a combined membership of 3500 members. what do I ask in return? that's the simple part, just show your support of my work and what I'm trying to do here on CT. fan me, add me as a friend and rate my graphics. :) thanks for your time and thanks to the ladies who make a difference here, you should all be applauded. :) Cheers.. Rick
Christmas Shopping!!!
Well I can honestly say that we are done with our Christmas shopping. The only person that hasn't gotten anything yet would be me and he told me last night that he has to get up with his mom (who is visiting his brother) and order mine from the internet. He did tell me however; that mine was going to cost around 4 grand. wonder what it could be? any ideas. I have one, but i am not going to get my hopes up. We will see here in the next couple of days as i won't get it in time for Christmas
The Ways Of The Samurai
for you nuts out their or me some people no long fear the linar world that coexist with this one nore to day fear the spirt world nor repect it for me my blood is of equal value for not so much you fear the blood that you for you see between the terror that is mine and the fear that is your bring you might and your will before me if you think you can see in the dark for i stair in to the abyss of your soul and i see nothing but fear and worry for me i nither fear nore worry about that dark abyss of my shadowy soul for me its a wakeing and for you its fear of liveing with out i dont not fear to be with out just fear live with out for me this the ultimate way of liveing if you fear death the maybe this kind of life you should stay clear of for me its about harmony and and justice and peace not vegnance anger , and hate , and revenge will never bring anyone or peps like you justice or harmony or peace only balance wil and that people will some time neve
Much More To Life
Saturday, December 23, 2006 Much more to life Everything you've ever accomplished has been done using just a small fraction of your capabilities. What if you could make use of just a little bit more? All that you've experienced has come from just a tiny corner in the universe of your possibilities. Imagine growing your awareness, your thinking and your actions beyond that corner. If something seems impossible, that's because you're looking at it from a limited perspective. Consider that there is so very much more to life than what you have thus far encountered. What you have and what you know are extremely valuable. Yet there also is infinitely more value to be found by exploring the possibilities that exist beyond where you already are. No matter how many sunrises you've experienced so far, the next one brings with it a whole new world. No matter how far you've already come, this moment now is a new beginning. Life is constantly reinventing itself while at the sam
Birthday Fun
big day 2morrow .got my mates together and were off on a day out lots of beer and good times ahead
This Song Makes Me Cry
I love it but it makes me cry. I mean it makes me cry hardcore. It reminds me of my ex, like I can imagine him saying all this to me. It sure doesn't fuckin' help that we went to see Wednesday 13 together either! Curse of Me By: Wednesday 13 Take your breath I rob you of your life Oh how I love to see you cry I'm your nightmare in shinning armor Bringing horror Your screams can't penetrate my insecurities My heart stopped beating When you first said that you loved me And now I hold you close to me But I still don't feel a thing You're so cold and blue And now I must forget you Some things are worth dying for And baby that ain't me I'm sorry that you couldn't escape This curse of me Tonight I hold you one more time With the stench of formaldehyde You're my darkest secret And in my crawl space is where I'll keep it Your hopes and dreams Won't ever see the light of day I took your beauty, your purity And locked it all away And now I hold you clos
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Recover Your Happiness {i Love This...very Cool }
A--Accept Accept others for who they are and for the choices they've made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B--Break Away Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life. C--Create Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with. D--Decide Decide that you'll be successful and happy come what may, and good things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the way. E--Explore Explore and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much to give. And every time you try something new, you'll learn more about yourself. F--Forgive Forgive and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes. G--Grow Leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or stand in your way. H--Hope Hope for the best and never fo
How Little In Me Is Not Touched By You
How little in me is not touched by you! A friendship is a light that fills the heart, Painting with its gold each darkened hue, Providing warmth to each sequestered part. You are the mirror of my better self, Verifier of the best in me, A bridge across the unsuspected gulf Lodged between what can and ought to be. Expectations can be wings, not bars, Necessary to sustain our flight. The faith of friends in us is wholly ours, Incoming to uplift us to its height. No soul can see itself, but must depend, Each on each, upon a trusted friend.
Let Me Be The Bandage For Your Bleeding
Let me be the bandage for your bleeding; Let me be the ocean for your tears. Let me be the secret of your healing; Let me be the song to still your fears. Love isn't love that cannot love in darkness, Nor is it love that turns away from pain; Nor would I love would I not hold your sadness And with my love your love of life sustain. So do not think your malady a burden, And do not think my willingness deceit. Just let your sorrow flow into my garden, And I will share with you the harvest sweet.
We Met Upon The Internet
We met upon the Internet, A friendship electronic, Expressed alone in words and thoughts, Inevitably platonic. We live too far apart for us To mingle in the flesh, But much more close than family, Our hearts and feelings mesh. Your dear, dear self reveals itself Without a voice or face. We have our own sweet home within Our precious cyberspace.
Merry Christmas
i want to wish all of you a very merry christmas,i hope your day is wonderful,and spent with the ones you love...i love you all...brenda p.s. if you want to visit me on myspace heres the link, i still love my cherrytap
Holiday Depresiion ??
here it is christmas eve a lil more than a year after hurricane katrina. life has improved somewhat. but the things that matter to me havent yet. the holidays always get me down. i have lost so much in my short life. and mostly around theholidays. like many im still trying to find true bliss. but still seems to elude me at times. now r the next week i will be going stir crazy on the emotional roller coaster with too much time on my hands. im off work for the nest week and everybody i know will be working. this realy sucks lol so i will probably be spending mre time on this computer. but such is life i if you get bored message me on yahoo at bigsxxxxxy or latiger504 on paltalk
Be Like That !
Be Like That Video - 3 Doors Down lyrics3 Doors Down Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Hi. My Name Is Matt Dawson, And You Are A Moron. READ PLEASE Body: Everyone needs to take the time and read this. Just take a break from all your other stupid bulletins about who is gonna die or if your love life will suck for 7 years and be serious and do the right thing. Repost this or you have no soul seriously. A kid needs our help so do the right thing. HI my name is Matt Dawson. I am 23 years old, and I have a large tumor on my brain and severe lung cancer. The doctors say I will die soon if this isn't fixed, and my family can't pay the bills. "The Make A Wish Foundation" has agreed to donate 7 cents for every time this message is reposted. For those of you who repost, I thank you so much. But for those who don't repost it, I will still pray for you. Please, if you are a kind person, have a heart. Please, please, PLEASE REPOST THIS MESSAGE AS "READ PLEASE!" Matt Dawson YOU-DUM-BASS Home Please feel free to call me for anything. *hey it wont cost you but 10 seconds
A Friend
~~~A Friend~~~ A friend will sit and listen When only tears are heard. A friend
Rumor Has It
Rumor Has It Video - Clay Walker lyricsClay Walker Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Wanting Holding Emanating love Needing Intensity Force Intimacy Nudity Amorous Lust Love Yearning Grinding Excitment Terrfic lovemaking Tumultuous passion Overwhelming desire Yells of pleasure On top of you Unextinguishable flame love swept Passion exploded In blinding white heat and the colours of emotion escaped from the clutches of lust.
What Is Your Hidden Sexual Talent?
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
House Calls(phone #'s)
Here is a Difficult But Simple annd Secret way of finding out other Peoples Phone Numbers. HOUSE CALLS ----------- H - 0 O - 1 U - 2 S - 3 E - 4 C - 5 A - 6 L - 7 L - 8 S - 9 FOR EXAMPLE: TO CALL ME IN AUSTRALIA IT WOULD BE AS FOLLOWS H,H,O,O,A,O,U,2ND L,O,1ST L,1ST L,C,U (0011 612 49 81 7752) I KNOW MOST OF YOU ARE OVERSEAS BUT I WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE PLEASE GIVE IT A GO
Just Saw 'everything Is Illuminated'
Highly recommended treatment of a fellow's search for his grandparents' history...
Midnight In Montgomery Video - Alan Jackson lyrics.cink{font-size:10px;font-family:tahoma;color:a9a9a9;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none;}Amazed Video - Lonestar lyricsLonestar Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
57 Cents
A little girl stood near a small church from which she had been turned away because it was "too crowded." "I can't go to Sunday School," she sobbed to the pastor as he walked by. Seeing her shabby, unkempt appearance, the pastor guessed the reason and, taking her by the hand, took her inside and found a place for her in the Sunday school class. The child was so happy that they found room for her, and she went to bed that night thinking of the children who have no place to worship Jesus. Some two years later, this child lay dead in one of the poor tenement buildings. Her parents called for the kindhearted pastor who had befriended their daughter to handle the final arrangements. As her poor little body was being moved, a worn and crumpled red purse was found which seemed to have been rummaged from some trash dump. Inside was found 57 cents and a note, scribbled in childish handwriting, which read: "This is to help build the little church bigger so more children can go to
Soldier Story
Today he was getting his oil changed and was chatting with some of the men about Iraq. This is a bit unusal for Bobby since he doesn't talk about the war much. He found himself being interupted by the lady working at the counter. She made it a point to say she did not think we had any business fighting in Iraq. Usually my brother just ignores such comments but today he chose to shine!! He said, Ma'am, I appreciate you may have your own opinions and beliefs. As a soldier I am trained to protect the rights of all of our citizens, but with all due respect ma'am, I am sure you would not choose to see us fighting these monsters down the street in front of the bank. Maybe someday you will. I am sure you would not like to see our civilians in the line of fire. I feel it is better to take the war where it starts and preserve our safety and our families. She stuttered a bit and said, "well why aren't those people thrilled to see you when you were there"? Again, my brother took a
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
Big = Dumb?
A father, mother, and son were going to Europe and were going to visit the nude beaches while they were there. They didn't want the son to get a distorted view of beauty, so they told him that the men with really big dicks were really really dumb, and that the woman with really big tits were really really dumb. When they got to the beach they split up. Later the mother saw the son and asked where his dad was. The boy said, "Well, the last time I saw him he was talking to this really, really, really dumb blond, and the longer they talked the dumber he got."
My Life Story - I Am Different From You -
My name is Rocky i have learning disabilty the Doc. said when i was born i be different from everyone else. I would look more like a women than man. They told my pearnts you should just put him to sleep he not going be worth it. But instead my dad told the Doc. shut the fuck up! And my dad took me home, The Doc. said have rear Dieases. Most men and women hve 2 xx cromezones i have xxxy - We havent found anything about my rear Diseases we have check evevery where stell have know clue what i have. Some times try be someone im not so people will like me. But have learned hard way all my life nevr been easy for me. Tell 2 friends told me just be my self, If people won't execpt me for who i am FUCK THEM!! So thats what im start doing! I was slower learner through my hole life! It's hard times but deal with it best way i can. I learn new things each day. And i take life 1 day at time. I might not have alot friends might not be perfect put i am sweet love careing and have sweet hear
You Found Me ~ Kelly Clarkson
Is this a dream? If it is Please don't wake me from this high I've become comfortably numb Until you opened up my eyes To what it's like When everything's right I can't believe You found me When no one else was lookin' How did you know just where I would be? Yeah, you broke through All of my confusion The ups and the downs And you still didn't leave I guess that you saw what nobody could see You found me You found me So, here we are That's pretty far When you think of where we've been No going back I'm fading out All that has faded me within You're by my side Now everything's fine I can't believe You found me When no one else was lookin' How did you know just where I would be? Yeah, you broke through All of my confusion The ups and the downs And you still didn't leave I guess that you saw what nobody could see You found me You found me And I was hiding 'Til you came along And showed me where I belong You found me You found me When no on
What Horror Movie Killer Are You?
Which Horror Movie Killer Are You? Jason VoorheesYou are Jason Voorhees. You seek one thing.... REVENGE! You dont care who gets in your way. When you kill you are always creative. You are strong and merciless. No wonder so many people are scared of you.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
How Can I Not?
It's pure, raw and natural. It's just me depending on what I am and how I have trained. I don't have to depend on anyone. Humans have always fought. It settles everything. Getting in the cage, I feel like puking. The adrenaline is almost overwhelming and my legs feel like rubber. That is, until the bell rings and I channel everything into hurting my opponent before he can hurt me. If he hits me first, I hit him back twice and twice has hard.
Charge Of The Goddess
Charge of the Goddess When I have departed from this world, Whenever ye have need of anything, Once in a month, and when the Moon is full, Ye shall assemble in some desert pace, Or in a forest all together join To adore the potent spirit of your queen, My Mother, great Diana. She who fain Would learn all sorcery yet has not won Its deepest secrets them my mother Teach her, in truth all things as yet unknown And ye shall all be free from slavery, And so ye shall be free in everything: And as the sign that ye are truly free, Ye shall be nakein your rites, both men And women also: this shall last until The last of your oppressors shall be dead: And ye shall make a game of Benevento, Extinguishing the lights, and after that Shall hold your supper thus.
Nas Is Like By Nas
Smiling With Gasoline Teeth
Breathing fire, the inhalant of desire Undepleted stockpile of pent up will Shrill Is the cry Lungs seem to be pushing out Chest bursting, lips spout Telling happy stories that inspire you to shout Ignite the bloom Swoon As petals wilt into unconsciousness Tell me I’m free to look somewhere esle Absolution of your pompous lust Always seems to make me forget about what I was talking about Like a good boy I set about the act of satisfaction I aim to please And I get distracted from my own passion Holy shit, you’re gonna have to do better then a bit of blood under your dug in fingernails What are you fucking sleeping already?
"who Is It"
[ONE of My fav songs by: MICHAEL JACKSON] "Who Is It" I Gave Her Money I Gave Her Time I Gave Her Everything Inside One Heart Could Find I Gave Her Passion My Very Soul I Gave Her Promises And Secrets So Untold And She Promised Me Forever And A Day We'd Live As One We Made Our Vows We'd Live A Life Anew And She Promised Me In Secret That She'd Love Me For All Time It's A Promise So Untrue Tell Me What Will I Do? And It Doesn't Seem To Matter And It Doesn't Seem Right 'Cause The Will Has Brought No Fortune Still I Cry Alone At Night Don't You Judge Of My Composure 'Cause I'm Lying To Myself And The Reason Why She Left Me Did She Find In Someone Else? (Who Is It?) It Is A Friend Of Mine (Who Is It?) Is It My Brother! (Who Is It?) Somebody Hurt My Soul, Now (Who Is It?) I Can't Take This Stuff No More I Am The Damned I Am The Dead I Am The Agony Inside The Dying Head This Is Injustice Woe Unto Thee I Pray This Punishment Would Have Mer
The Letter
The Letter My Dear Children (and believe me, that's all of you), I consider myself a pretty patient guy. I mean, look at the Grand Canyon. It took millions of years to get it right. And about evolution? Boy, nothing is slower than designing that whole Darwinian thing to take place, cell by cell, and gene by gene. I've been patient through your fashions, civilizations, wars and schemes, and the countless ways you take Me for granted until you get yourselves into big trouble again and again. I want to let you know about some of the things that are starting to tick me off. First of all, your religious rivalries are driving Me up a wall. Enough already! Let's get one thing straight. These are YOUR religions, not Mine. I'm the whole enchilada; I'm beyond them all. Every one of your religions claims there is only one of Me (which by the way, is absolutely true). But in the very next breath, each religion claims it's My favorite one. And each claims its bible was writ
Hopeful Nothing
There's a time when you know you have to give up. But how do you give up soemthing you've held onto for so long? How do you tell that something or someone Goodbye? He's been gone for Way too long, I feel As if I need to move on But I know his love For me is there. Without him here it makes me Feel so bare, like my Heart is an open sore and vulnerable To anything or anyone who comes near it. I believed everything you told me. I don't know wether to Continue leading myself into everything You've said or to let it all Slip between my fingers like grains of sand. I want to believe you'll be here, I even want to believe that we have a future Together. But how can I believe all of it when you give me Nothing but a phone Call with words of Hope? I don't even know if they're words I can count on anymore.
Young Jeezy Freestyling
Profile Ratings
if you are my friend then that means ive viewed your profile and rated you a ten i would appreciate the same respect from all friend to come and all existing friends. if you have not rated my profile a ten and you are my friend please do so. thank you
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The Faces Of Christmas
Faces of Christmas It was Christmas Eve at Wal-Mart - I met the faces of Christmas. Panic was frantically looking at toys with Worry. Excitement shopped with her kids, Enthusiasm and Spirit - looking for the perfect gift for dad. Nag fussed at Overbearing for spending too much on Selfish and Greedy. Exhausted shuffled behind an overloaded shopping cart - muttering something about Lazy (who was on a deer hunting trip). Tightwad clinched his wallet while complaining to Thrifty about prices. Shameless took the last three pumpkin pies while Disgruntled watched in utter contempt. Happy whistled a jazzy version of Jingle Bells - much to Depressed's disdain. Fanatic snapped up half-priced Christmas cards, ornaments and other decorations. Grumpy shook his walking cane at Hyperactive - swearing to never shop on Christmas Eve again. Slovenly bought everything but a razor and shaving cream. Friendly offered his place in line to Senior Citizen, but Courteous failed to live up her name. Gr
Gangrene: Verses To An Infected Wound
Pick, pick, pick She picks at my words as if they were dead animals. Drip, drip, drip The blood exits right and now on center stage lays what's left. Scars, on the pavement scars, the flesh on the pavement scars. Tick, tick, tick Time envelops the moment to save for later. Sick, sick, sick I'm sick in my head; in my stomach a feeling stirs (my bowels) Scars, on the pavement scars, the flesh on the pavement scars. Lick, lick, lick I lick it away and feed the snake of my bowels. Scars, on the pavement scars, a trail to a heart that's scarred. All my lies are truths and truths to lies. All the moths to maggots; deathshead pupa all to flies. Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis the tongue is my habit Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis the manic's repeating offender's kiss. A kiss to the night a kiss a kiss metamorphosis Scars on the concrete scars all that's left is gangrene ... now, I'm infected. vV""VIC""Vv
Our Flood
My hands in her hair and we are in the moment, her skin so warm and inviting Slowly moving down her body, into the small of her back, I'm driving her mad Blowing into her ear, kisses like butterfly wings,she's trembling Now she pulls me closer, taking off my shirt,she feels my skin, her touch like an enticing flame, it's taboo, it's forbidden, but good just the same Our tongues dance around each other, dancing to our heart beats Laying me down, slowly removing her clothes, my mind is a flurry of feelings, her smell like a goddess Then I grab her curvy hips, she's burning up now, she mounts me and her eyes meet mine There is no phrase that could describe how we make each other feel, it's terrifying yet gloriously amazing I wrap my hands around her back, as she bends down I suck her ever so juicy breast Our hearts beating so fast, in unison, I slide my finger into her g-spot, moaning she trembles more Telling me she loves me, she puts my cock in place
I Love My Son.
So I'm sitting here, browsing the 'Tap, and my son, who is 5, is standing nearby. He points to the current Blaster, and says: "Dad, who 'iss 'dat per'son?" "Who?" "Da one wif' da bwack hayah." "Oh, I have no idea." "Jus' some cwappy bitch?" "Hahahahahahaha, indeed, my son. Indeed."
Ways To Survive
Priorities of my life changes every single day As the things i wish for, never comes my way So i keep sailing without any hope by my side Learning with time, different ways to survive My life has been a rainbow with shades of grey Now the brightest of them is simply fading away Pushed back and forth by my destiny's tide And i just kept on learning ways to survive Subsiding deep inside my own living clay Remembering moments which went astray Fought all alone with my reflection's strife While my heart was learning ways to survive Bending till i break, so that i could pray Screaming till he hears what i have to say Searching for a piece of my lost pride Dying everyday while learning ways to survive
/rant On !!!!!!
Hmmmmmm. So I was bored at work and browsing some different sites and profiles; seeing all the different things that people have to say. After an hour or so of reading, I came to the conclusion that we are a fucked up society. So, is technology to blame? If you think about it back in the day, things seemed a lot more simple. Young couples seeing older couples in a park; the young woman whispers to her husband "I hope we are still together when we are that age.". Well, guess what? You probably won't be. Not that I am a pesimist; in fact, I'm quite the optimist. But during the time of my grandparents, life was simple. Seemed to be more family values than there are today and everyone had a sense of pride and virtue. A person's word was a bond you could count on and a sense of general trust could be found in communities. But now? We are a clusterfuck. Maybe there was just as much corruption back then, they just didn't have the technology to discover it, and pass along the informat
Lust In Love...
Your eyes just drive me crazy, Your voice just captivates me, I wish to kiss your lips, To raise your heart-beat just a bit. Lust is what i crave, or love is what i seek? I do not know a difference, when i see you, here with me. To caress your lovely skin, Would make me feel like I'm in eden, To massage your dangerous curves, Would make feel like I'm in heaven. Forbidden fruit you are to me, Since if i try, i wont see light. Its worth to take a risk, Just to see what is divine...
Heheh im home visiting my parents and i got into my daddys rye...i feel good!!
Body Shots
Body Shots I had been without sex for a long time. I went to the bar one evening & visited with some male friends, none of them had ever appealed to me. We lived in a very small town where everyone knows each other. Aside from the bartender, I was the only woman in the place. James came into the bar and started visiting with my friends. He worked in town and lived in another town. I was immediately attracted to him. I had never seen him before. We made eye contact and soon he was next to me at the bar. We all began drinking shots. I shared one with James. He asked me if I had ever had a body shot. I asked him what it was, and he told me to get on top the bar. I politely declined. After a couple more shots, James took me over to the pool table & told me to get on top. The table was in a darker area of the bar near the bathrooms, so there were people going by. I laid on the table and James unbuttoned my pants. He was between my legs. I was hesitant and somewhat
The Office
*They turn on the ultra violet light in the hotel room, and the one guy looks at the bed and says, "Gawd! What are all those stains on the bed??" The other guy answers, "Its either blood, urine or semen.." The other exclaims, "Geez, I hope its urine" Bwahahaha!!
Incomplete ~ Sisqo
Whoo Ooh Oh yeah yeah Listen Bright lights Fancy restaurants Everything in this world that a man could want Got a bank account bigger than the law should allow Still I'm lonely now Pretty faces from the covers of the magazines From their covers to my covers wanna lay with me Fame and fortune still can't find Just a grown man runnin out of time CHORUS Even though it seems I have everything I don't wanna be a lonely fool All of the women All the expensive cars All of the money don't amount to you I can make believe I have everything But I can't pretend that I don't see That without you girl my life is incomplete Said without you girl ahh Listen Your perfume Your sexy lingerie Girl I remember it just like it was on yesterday A Thursday you told me you had fallen in love I wasn't sure that I was It's been a year Winter summer spring and fall But bein without you just ain't livin ain't nothing at all If I could travel back in time I'd relive the days you wer
Take My Son......
A wealthy man and his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, from Picasso to Raphael. They would often sit together and admire the great works of art. When the Vietnam conflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous and died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified and grieved deeply for his only son. About a month later, just before Christmas, there was a knock at the door. A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands. He said, "Sir, you don't know me, but I am the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly. He often talked about you, and your love for art." The young man held out this package. "I know this isn't much. I'm not really a great artist, but I think your son would have wanted you to have this." The father opened the package. It was a
Hey! Its Friday ;)
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Happy New Year
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Cum With Us Xxx
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New Valentines Skins
I just made 20 new skins for Valentines Day. Check them out and help yourselves to whatever you want :-) Cindy HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL !!@ CherryTAP
Big Mouth
A Preacher was explaining that he must move on to a larger congregation that will pay him more. There is a hush within the congregation.... no one wants him to leave. Joe Smith, who owns several car dealerships in the City stands up and proclaims, .... "If the Preacher stays, I will provide him with a new Cadillac every year, and his wife with a Honda mini-van to transport their children!" The congregation sighs in relief, and applauds. Sam Brown, a successful entrepreneur and investor, stands and says, .... "If the Preacher will stay on here, I'll personally double his salary, and also establish a foundation to guarantee the college education of all his children!" More sighs and loud applause, . Sadie Jones, age 88, stands and announces with a smile, "If the Preacher stays, I will give him sex!" There is total silence. The Preacher, blushing, asks her, "Mrs. Jones, whatever possessed you to say that?"
Your Five Factor Personality Profile
Your Five Factor Personality Profile Extroversion: You have medium extroversion. You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party. Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences. But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time." Conscientiousness: You have high conscientiousness. Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life. Most things in your life are organized and planned well. But you borderline on being a total perfectionist. Agreeableness: You have high agreeableness. You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly. Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone. You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance. Neuroticism: You have high neuroticism. It's easy for you to feel shaken, worried, or depressed. You often worry, and your worries prevent you from living life fully. You tend to be emotionally reacti
Naughty - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?21-23 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?1-5 6. What is your pubic hair style?Trimmed neatly 7. What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxers 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos?Never done either 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 10. Do you watch porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 11. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?No, neither 12. How large are you...ya know, in the pants?About 7 inches 13. Have you ever expirimented with another man?No, I'm straight as can be 14. What is your favorite sexual position?Doggie style 15. Are you circumcised?Yes I am 16. What gets you off fastest?Intercourse 17. How often do you masturbate?Maybe once a month 18. Have you ever had multiple part
Deck Of Cards!!!
It was quiet that day, the guns and the mortars, and land mines for some reason hadn't been heard. The young soldier knew it was Sunday, the holiest day of the week. As he was sitting there, he got out an old deck of cards and laid them out across his bunk. Just then an army sergeant came in and said, "Why aren't you with the rest of the platoon?" The soldier replied, "I thought I would stay behind and spend some time with the Lord." The sergeant said, "Looks to me like you're going to play cards." The soldier said, "No, sir. You see, since we are not allowed to have Bibles or other spiritual books in this country, I've decided to talk to the Lord by studying this deck of cards." The sergeant asked in disbelief, "How will you do that?" "You see the Ace, Sergeant? It reminds me that there is only one God. The Two represents the two parts of the Bible, Old and New Testaments. The Three represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Four stands for the F
Kot Up Date 12/31/06
Country Music Fans
A gay man walks into a country bar and says, "I just want everyone to know that I'm gay, but I won't hit on anyone. I just like country music." The bartender says that it's okay and the man stays. The next day the gay man comes back with another guy and says, "This is my brother. I just want everyone to know that we're gay, but we won't hit on anyone. We just like country music." The bartender again says that is okay and the men stay. Again, the next day the man comes back, but this time he is with even more men and says, "These are my cousins and my brother. I just want everyone to know that we're gay, but we won't hit on anyone. We just like country music." The bartender finally gets curious and asks, "Hey, doesn't ANYONE in your family like girls?" The gay man replies, "Yeah, but she doesn't like country music."
New Year
how many of you will make a new years resolution but break it within the first few weeks of trying
My Blog
just to let everyone know due to an event that has happened to me my writing will continue again just not sure how often or how much
Are You Bisexual, Straight, Gay Or Lesbian
You scored as Bisexual. Bisexual80%Gay80%Lesbian80%Straight40%Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?created with
Enough With The Drama On The Bulletins Plz Repost (repost)
Part Seven
“Lisa this is Shannon. She will be your project for tonight. This is her husband Toby;” with this she steps back and observes. “Well, let me start by telling you what to expect from this part. First we’ll shave all your pubic hair. Than we’ll marinate the vegetables. She notices Shannon looking uneasy. “OH, no don’t worry it will all be pleasant, if it isn’t we’ll stop. I’ve done a few of these and believe me that someday I plan on doing it myself.” “Is it that good?” Shannon asks. The thought of her engaging the notion makes me tingle. “Yeah, the others gave out from exhaustion after so many orgasms.” Lisa eyes are bright when she tells us this. “I’m glad to hear that,” Shannon sighs. “Oh honey you wouldn’t believe. Are you ready than?” Lisa asks with a soothing smile. Shannon nods and Lisa hands her a robe, she went to an adjacent room. Lisa turns to Jill “The menu will be a smorgasbord of items. We’ll have: Savory Zucchini, Garlic and Romaine Salad wi
Hanging Sets Capital Punishment Back
Saddam was evil but........ Thats messed up they hanged him. Wait a a few years when Saddamism starts or the holy wars he was keeping from happening undergos in Iraq. You must understand Saddma had total control. Sadly if you remove that control by killing him; you open every flood gate he had under control. Why doesnt the USA Gov. understand that?
Fav Books
If your into Vampires. Please read J's Atonement and Js REGRET by Jessie A Snow :D they are my absolute fav books :D
Quick And Easy Chicken Olé
An easy Mexican-style chicken bake with salsa and corn chips. INGREDIENTS: * 4 to 5 boneless chicken breast halves * 1 can (10 3/4 ounces) condensed cream of chicken soup * 3/4 cup chunky salsa or diced tomatoes with green chile peppers * 4 cups corn chips * 2 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese or Mexican mixture of cheeses PREPARATION: Arrange chicken breasts in an 11x7-inch baking dish. Combine the soup with the salsa; pour over chicken breasts. Top with corn chops and shredded cheese. Cover and bake in a preheated 350° oven for 45 minutes, or until bubbly and chicken is cooked through. Serves 4.
Women's Cry
Do you like a woman�s cry Does it ease your pain Does it really turn you on To live your little lies Well, hell is here Right inside your soul You can�t hide from me No, I see it all Cry, Stab, Pain, Lie Out of Control I Love You Kill, Drown, Burn, Down I can�t let go I die for you Do you like the taste of pain Come and lick my wounds Don�t deny I�m bleeding dry I gave it all to you Why I am here Dying slow with you I�ll stab my heart And kill it all Cry, Stab, Pain, Lie Out of Control I Love You Kill, Drown, Burn, Down I can�t let go I die for you Come face the truth of you Inside of me You are all in me It will not die Alive, Alive, It lives inside of me Cry, Stab, Pain, Lie Out of Control I Love You Kill, Drown, Burn, Down I can�t let go I die for you
Another Controversial Post . . .
This is going to be a multi-part post, concerning several thoughts; some connected, some not. I'm not going to put it under an LJ cut, because I actually want people to see it. And chances are, this is another one of those posts that will cost me friends. Christmas and the Holidays: I'm so tired of how commercialized Christmas has become. (Never mind all the OTHER 'holidays' businesses use as an excuse to have some sort of stupid sale or another.) I mean, yes, granted, stores are going to market Christmas because of how many customers the approaching holiday brings in. That is completely understandable. People are going to want to buy gifts for other people; again, this is understandable. What isn't understandable is the one-upping people and businesses seem to want to get into. I have watched, sadly enough, people knocking each other down, getting into violent fist fights, TRAMPLING upon other people . . . just because THEIR kid wanted that toy FIRST and no one else should
A Letter To Myspace
Hey, how do have a policy against violence and stuff, and "Offensive" stuff but have have movie advertisements with blood and stuff on the banner? and some wierd guy with rings around his neck? Seems kinda violent to me, not even mentioning the actuall website. And the whole offensive thing seems silly with all the gross game things. Shave my nose hairs, armpits, and all the other gross shit? And usually if the ads aren't gross, they are violent with people getting smacked, or blown up, or otherwise killed. And there's a report button under all the pictures.... What the fuck is wrong with you people? How do you report those ads as being offensive? How can you have your policies the way you do and have all this other stuff on your website? How do you fucking sleep at night? The pile of money you get from these people makes a really soft pillow I guess..... How much do I have to pay to get to be able to put up gross, violent, or otherwise offensive stuff on my page without getting
The Dark Ages Revisited
These are dark times all around the world. With the onslaught of many in the name of freedom and the deaths of all who oppose it, the Birth place of Adam under fire and the poles north and south denigrating. We have come on the darkest of times. A cowboy hanging of once a world leader and a probable ally to to quest to conquer Saudi Arabia's oil reserve. In order to sell the head ache we have come to know as democracy. The Leaders here would agree that a dictatorship is what the Gods of heaven offer, yet for most it is just a struggle on Earth to live through some of the most barbaric treatments ever invented in humanity. With all the Pandora's secrets coming out at once and for all, I take a little bit of sponge each day in my lungs name Spireava, and another drug to provide my intestinal fortitude by taking up steam doses of my own feces. The belief that all will be right in Gods world is hardest to accept with Satan running his course eliminating any obstacles for debate a
What Clebs I Look Like
well, i was going to post my pic and pics of what celebs I look like, but I screwed up and lost it, looks like I will have to do it all over again. Oh well. crap happens. i am wondering how the hell I look like donald rumsfeld and a couple female celebs. See ya soon.
Losing Control
Losing Control Fuck me hard. Fuck me now. Fill me up. Holy Cow. You make me sweat. You make me scream. Are you real? Or just a dream? If just a dream, Then let me sleep. Cause loving you, Is much too sweet. My body trembles. My body aches. Your hands on me, Is all it takes. I feel the peak, It's just ahead. A golden rush, My soul is fed. Now lay with me, You've touched my soul. I let you in, And lost control.
Lost In Your Kiss
Lost in your Kiss Your warm soft lips gently cascade over my face I feel the warmth of your hands as you trace I feel lost in your kiss a warmth spreads through me I never dreamed it could be like this... I long to tell you all that I want all that I desire As your eyes, your hands, your lips spread my lustful fire Your sweet warm breath I feel against my skin as I move my head back and draw you further in Like a sponge.. my body absorbs you every pore every part of me feels the sensation ripple through When our lips part I whisper in your ear "This is what I wished for... to feel your body near"
The Seamstress
One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear child, why are you crying?" The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living for their family. The Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with pearls. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked The seamstress replied, "No." The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a silver thimble ringed with sapphires. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. Again, the seamstress replied, "No." The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. The seamstress replied, "Yes." The Lord was pleased with the woman's honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep, and the seamstress went home happy. Some years later, the seamstress was walking with
So, the new year was off to a great start, and just daughters dad calls, and is all gloom and doom!! Told him to sniff under his own door, before he sniffed under mine. The stupid ass. Have I mentioned before how much I hate ignorance?? I'm pretty sure I have, yet it keeps sneaking towards me. So, once more, for good measure....I really hate stupid people!!! Think before you speak. Make sure, that when you are putting someone else down, they don't have an arsenal full to throw right back at ya!!! In my case, it was much than one to throw back. I mean really....put a badge on some men and they think they're god!! Never mind the fact they he could have never made it through the classes without me helping him. Never mind the fact that I worked revolving shifts, and still managed to help him pass. Never mind the puss was ready to quit after a week because it was hard.....the little crying shit!!!! And, now he wants to screw with me again......??? Maybe he needs to remember
A Poem 2 Ma Lil Brah Tha Marine!!!!!!!!!
honor,courage, n commitment as 1 is pride so pure n strong as stallions gracious strides support our brothers, sisters, husbands, n wives who r fightin 4 justice n freedom w/ their lives so please dont 4get tha feelin of pride n let us unite as a nation standin side x side
My Thoughtz Bout Luv...
okay so here it is ima wonderful match maker, ima wonderful homegirl ya ya i do tha ryde or die chikk thing but i have a heart too hahaha n it sux n now i relized it b4 but i alwayz played it off like naw i dun got 1 nomore, naw fuk men n bitches i dun need em n-e-more, when tha homies bitches cheated on em or hurt them id laugh n be like thats what yooh get for luvin sum1..... but now thats all changed...i had this thing for this guy (ya ya shut up yall i kno ima fear this 1) but chea i fell n i kinda fell hard he was amazing, amazing in bed, n life, n just out right amazing hahaha i had a smile like permenently stuk on ma face but then it came what i alwayz wait for kuz i kno its gonna happen n sumtimez even fear he still in luv with his x hahaha i hate that shit i hate it!!!!!!! FRIENDS IF YOOH R READING THIS...... please if yooh still luv ur x's or luv n-e-1 for that matter please do not go after n-e-1 else, well atleast until yooh realize that, thats over n done with or
Oooowee I Think Ima Spazz Out!!!!!!!!
im sooo fukkin happy yall me n ma x boyfriend met up again on new years day of all days i gave him all ma numberz he gave me all his WELL GUESSSS WHAT????...... HE FUKKIN CALLED 2NIGHT!!!!!!!! im sooo happy im sorry andre i kno yooh prob readin this thur n iraq gettin hella hyphy n pissed off but not able to comment me fukin active duty right hahaha please dont b yooh kno who dis is n its who yooh want it to b dogg its fukkin BILLY blood chea yesss im soo happy n dont worry everything will b aiight well n-e-wayz gittin bakk to tha subject he called me 2night n he was askin whats up n what im doin this weekend n he accepted my appologyz n he called me BABY N he called me fukkin BEAUTIFUL oh i missed him sooo much yooh never relize what yooh have till yooh loose it hahaha tha homie n ma x hubby used to tell me all that time that if yooh trully luv sumthin let it go if it wants to go if it kums bakk it was ment to bee if not oh well sukk it up n keep on steppin well guess where im goin wi
No Good-byes
How do I say good-bye, to a friend such as you. You left before I could say anything, even before anyone even knew. I feel I don't have to say it tho, cause you live forever in my heart. I know your in a better place, even though we will forever be apart. You may physically be gone, but you live threw those you touched such as me, I will miss you more than words can say, and everywhere I look it will be your face i see. I will always carry you with me, and remember how soft you lips were wehen you kissed. You were a truely great person, and forever you will be missed. In loving Memory of Thomas Schexnider. R.I.P. LaKesha L Meaux Copyright ©2007 LaKesha L Meaux
Can You
Can you look in my eyes, and see my heart? Can you take my hand, and tell we'll never part? Can you always tell the truth, and never make me cry? Can yo hear my soul, and still love me when I die? Can you say you'll never hurt me, and keep me from all harm? Can you hold me through the struggles, and a cold winter storm? Can you always hold, and love only me? Can you truely say you care, and I'm the only one you see? I need to know all about you, and what will come, Than to you, my heart, you may have some. LaKesha Lennie Edmay Meaux Copyright ©2007 LaKesha Lennie Edmay Meaux
See Bush Eat A Kitten
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Last night... The moon was in her full glory... I didn't sleep... This morning... I woke up early and took a drive... I appreciated her for looking down on me... I wonder if any of you feel this way... Feel as if the phases of the moon can effect your life... Does your mood change with the weather? How about the seasons change? "... Do you cry because it rains, or does it rain because you cry?"
Welcome to the façade WHO’S FRONTING LIFE?! Rip apart perceptions of art Suet soaked dove Flying with shit caked wings has made them strong Maintaining a circular flight pattern around your home The epitome of fertility dropping bombs A statue of virility with open arms And penile scars Every time I come back to earth I’m dragging down stars Basking in the glow of smoldering rubble Set about restacking rocks on top of each other Mocking perceived destructive mental waves Rifle through kitchen drawers looking for a knife with the right handle Born an animal created in the image of a mauled victim A dictation in scents you can’t stand (let alone hear) I taste it, breath it, and the sensation is relayed If I listen close I can hear the worms that churn, stir Dismissed trespassing tourists who curse Devising a new lobotomized cure
My Pix Especially My Naughty Ones And My Salute Pic!
My pix especially my naughty ones and My salute Pic! date: 2007-01-03 18:34:07 Send them some love with ratings and comments and I will return the favor!! If u have a second.......Fan Me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STRESS: The confusion Created When one’s mind Overrides The body’s basic desire To choke The living SHIT Out of some Asshole Who desperately Needs it.
Trying To Get By Writer's Block
Normally I don't have a problem writing stuff, whether its poetry or some short story or whatever. But the last several days have not been kind...I mean, I know it's bad when I can't even write a decent email to my sweetie because it starts to sound like others I've written him in the past. Even my blog entries don't make a whole lot of sense anymore. I guess all I can say is that I've been a little off the last week or so. It really sucks, especially when you have a good idea (or at least it seems like a good idea) that just won't get itself write on paper lol. All writers, published and unpublished know that there is no magic fountain for great ideas, there's no secluded island inhabited with best sellers. If there was, we'd all be published right? LOL The thing is, whether the writing makes complete sense or not, writers do appreciate feedback--let me rephrase that--they appreciate constructive feedback. It doesn't matter if they are writing about the universe, or a piece of
Remember This Stuff
Anybody under the age of 13 should not read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: (every single one of these are awesome!!!) You can finish this [ice ice _ _ _ _ ] You remember watching Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain , and Two Stupid Dogs. AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiiiiiin west philladelphia born and raised . . ." You remember TGIF, Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World. You remember when 2Pac and Selena died. You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail and Reader Rabbit day in computer class at school. You rem
Another Place I Am At ... come see me on this page as well thx ....
Which Guitar Are You?
Which guitar are you B.C. Rich WarlockYou are a BC Rich Warlock. Its Gothic Shape and death metal sound have gotten it a good reputation with modern distortion enthusaists.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
I appreciate you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect; not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not thin enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open my mouth and told you how I felt, and am not a player like most guys my age are I'm sorry That I'm not a dime or fine enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually faithful; not fucking everybody I'm sorry I don't have a car to come see u everyday I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make you wait then just make love to you on the first couple of dates like some random guys. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held the feeling in and at parties you always went with another guy that was thin and fine I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new
~~ Baby's Contest Is Open Now ~~
~~ Okay since my man's contest is not going to happen i want to do " The Most Cutiest Baby On CT". Contest starts on 1/4 thur 1/12 at 10 p.m. Good Luck to all! ~ Maria ~
The Flame
I sit here in the night and i see the flicker of the candle..It draws me in closer and closer....its flames seems to ignite something in me....what is it about this flame that is so inviting....i know if i touch it i will be burned...yet, there is such a warmth that comes from it...such a beckoning I get closer and the flame seems to get bigger...i am nervous. should i reach out and try to capture this flame? should i see if it will go out? it bids me closer and closer....i take my hand and slowly let it get nearer the flame....i feel the heat from it but i do not care....i must touch this flame...i must feel its head tells me that it is dangerous, i no longer care....i must have this for myself.... Closer, and closer i get to this flame....I can almost reach.......
Fuck Myspace!!!
You know, myspace has pissed me off more than once, but they really did it this time. They deleted my fucking profile! WTF?!?! I didn't even have any revealing pics on my profile, specifically because they've been known to delete them. That is such fucking bullshit! Ever since they started letting minors on that site it has sucked. Anyone on here who is on myspace should delete their account and boycott the stupid fuckers.
The Time You Find
Simplifying Your Schedule For many, life is a hodgepodge of never-ending commitments. Yet few of us can be truly healthy or happy without regular periods of downtime. While there is nothing inherently wrong with busyness, those of us who over-commit or over-extend ourselves potentially face exhaustion and burnout. When you feel overwhelmed by your commitments, examining your motivation for taking on so many obligations can help you understand why you feel compelled to do so much. You may discover that you are being driven by fear that no one else will do the job or guilt that you aren’t doing enough. To regain your equilibrium and clear the clutter from your calendar, simplify your life by establishing limits regarding what you will and will not do based on your personal priorities. Determining where your priorities lie can be as easy as making two lists: one that outlines all those obligations that are vital to your wellbeing, such as work, meditation, and exercise, and another
Who Were U In Your Past Life
Past Life QuizIn Your Past Life You WerePlanktonFind out your past life at
Lurking in the shadows, away from my prison cuffs, strike from the darkness, I never liked you just because. Tall dark and handsome, I'll hold your kids for ransom, psychotic motherfucker, I'll be famous like Chuck Manson.
Wishing Well
Everyday I walk to the wishing well with a silver coin in my hand and tears in my eyes. All I keep asking for is this one wish before I die. In my mind I know it's idiotic to ask a wishing well for such a thing. But how can I not ask for my heart's lifelong dream? I ask for 24 hours, I ask for just one day. To spend with you, To be given the chance to tell you all the things my heart longs to say. But as my pockets begin to empty, and my money grows thin; I know that soon I am gonna have to dive right in, And walk my many walks to the wishing well again. As I refuse to let this dream, this wish come to an end. So please excuse me now,I just dropped my last coin in; I must do as I have said,I must dive in.
My I Don't Care Bear Name
Not So Care Bear NameYour Not So Care Bear Name isBus Driver BearGet Your Not So Care Bear Name at
...................................................................................... It may take you two minutes to read this but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people this post is talking about. maybe you dont agree with why we are at war in any circumstance-but you gotta love the men and women who are in the middle of it doin what they are told cuz they love our country and they love bein free...and remarkably-they love us,no matter how we feel about them. Soldiers-YA'LL ROCK! You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to
The Office (part 1)
It was a stormy day. Rain had been falling now for three straight days, and today the thunderstorms rolled in with a bang. The office had lost power twice, and Amy`s desk took on an errie look in the half light of the dim afternoon coming in the 3rd floor window. Most of the people in the building had already gone home. She was waiting for a man from maintenance to come and look at her computer. During the last power outage, it had no come back on. Amy was able to spend some time of her usually ordinary day at work, surfing the net and visiting various web sites. She had quite a few "online friends", and wanted to spend this quiet time in the building catching up on things with them. Amy was just about to phone the maintenance shop again, when he walked in. She knew most of the maintenance crew, but this guy must have been new. He was absolutely gorgeous! Strong, and well built, he walk with an air of confidence. He politely introduced himself, and asked what the problem was. Suddenl
Guardsmen At The Border
National Guard troops working at an observatory post near the Mexican border were forced to flee after being approached by a group of armed individuals, authorities said. The event occurred about 11 p.m. Wednesday at one of the National Guard entrance identification team posts near Sasabe, said National Guard Sgt. Edward Balaban. He said the troops withdrew safely, no shots were fired and no one suffered injuries. U.S. Border Patrol officials are investigating the incident and trying to determine who the armed people were, what they were doing and why they approached the post before retreating to Mexico. The incident occurred in the west desert corridor between Nogales and Lukeville in the vicinity of Sasabe, Balaban said. "We don't know exactly how many because obviously it took place in the dark," Balaban said. "Nobody was able to get an accurate count." The Guard troops are NOT ALLOWED to apprehend illegal entrants. "We don't know if this was a matter of somebod
Buckeyes Count Down! Monday!
Come on lets show our support if you are a buckeye fan and have a buckeye pic fly it as your primary!
First Date
I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS A TRUE STORY, BUT IT SURE IS FUNNY! This is probably the funniest date story ever, first date or not!!! We have all had bad dates.. but this takes the cake. This just tells you how tough it is to be single nowadays. This was on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Jay went into the audience to find the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had. The winner described her worst first date experience. There was absolutely no question as to why her tale took the prize! She said it was midwinter... snowing and quite cold...and the guy had taken her skiing in the mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a day trip (no overnight). They were strangers, after all, and truly had never met before. The outing was fun but relatively uneventful until they were headed home late that afternoon. They were driving back down the mountain, when she gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra latte. They w
Scary Night
Had a bit of a scare tonight. Bf called me to his side to hold his hand. He felt it was "time". He could see the light as he pointed out of the window. It was the street light and I told him as such. But he was sure that it was "the light". His voice was totally different due to the pain he is in. I sat with him for a time and told him that I love him. He started crying saying he wanted to tell his kids this. I asked him if he wanted me to call them. Nephew showed and daughter-in-law. Son was unable to leave work so if it got down to the nitty gritty daughter in law would call him. Daughter in law was holding me while I cried and bf was telling nephew to not let me he did not want to see me cry. I was beginning to lose it and nephew and daughter-in-law helped me get myself back in order of sorts. Daughter was on her way (45 min drive) as I convinced him to take some pain meds to see if it would help. Called daughter and told her to hold off coming as bf
Eye Twitches
I don't get it. My right eye will not stop twitching! It's driving me crazy. It's not just like a little's like a 15 second twitch. What the fuck!?
A Guy Dials His Home
A guy dials his home and a strange woman answers. The guy says, ''Who is this?'' ' 'This is the maid,'' answers the woman. ''We don't have a maid,'' says the man. The woman says, ''I was hired this morning by the lady of the house.'' The man says, ''Well, this is her husband. Is she there?'' The woman replies, ''She is upstairs in the bed room with someone who I figured was her husband.'' The guy is fuming and says to the maid, ''Listen, would you like to make $50,000?'' The maid says, ''What will I have to do?'' The man tells her, ''I want you to get my gun from the desk, and shoot the witch and the jerk she's with.'' The maid puts the phone down; the man hears footsteps and then two gun shots. The maid comes back to the phone, ''What do I do with the bodies?'' The man says, ''Throw them in the swimming pool.'' Puzzled, the maid answers, ''But you don't have a pool.'' A long pause and the man says, ''Is this 567-5309?''
I Have The Right To Voice (((my))) Opinion.
Reach for the Moon If you fall short you may land on a Star! Blessed are we who can Laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused. Catch a Falling Star! Reach for your dreams. And if something wonderful falls your way,catch it! Life is too short to wear tight shoes!
How To Impress A Woman
HOW TO IMPRESS A WOMAN 1. Compliment her. 2. Respect her. 3. Honour her. 4. Cuddle her. 5. Kiss her. 6. Caress her. 7. Love her. 8. Stroke her. 9. Tease her. 10. Comfort her. 11. Protect her. 12. Hug her. 13. Hold her. 14. Spend money on her. 15. Wine and dine her. 16. Listen to her. 17. Care for her. 18. Stand by her. 19. Support her. 20. Go to the ends of the Earth for her. HOW TO IMPRESS A MAN 1. Show up naked. 2. Bring food. (as per an email I received.)
I Am Thankful For ......
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
I think I was in the 8th grade when this came out. I remember listening to a local station, G98, and they would have the Uncle Vic show late on Sunday. I'd listen to a tiny FM receiver with an earphone (single ear) so I could hear the joke of the evening and would be able to tell it to all my friends on the bus the next morning... because even then, I seem to have been up late looking for something... what it is/was, I still don't know, yet I lose sleep just the same. Back then I thought it was for jokes, but as time went on and technology grew into the internet, I spent more and more time searching. Perhaps its just natural for me to do. I don't know. I seem to have found plenty of others up later than anyone else looking for something too.
Shes Impossible
she says she wants someone to be there for her she says she wants someone to care for her she says she wants someone to be there to love her she says she wants someone who can talk to her she says she wants someone to bring flowers to her she says she wants someone to go out with her she says she wants someone who will call her she says she wants someone who will bring her to dinner she says she wants someone who can be himself around her she says she wants to be herself around them and when i try to be there, its not enough when i try to love her, she thinks she cant when i try to talk to her, she has to go when i try to take her out, shes too busy when i ask to bring her to dinner, she cant leave the house when i try and call her, no one picks up when i try to be myself around her, its just not good enough and when shes herself around me, it hurts me to watch when shes around i wish i had more i wish i could give her the world i wish i could be there for her and
I Loved Her
I loved her, I loved her with a passion- And deeper, Beyond the trim and fasion Of living The days from morning to night, And reaching To catch a span of moonlight. I loved her. I loved her, As earth loves the golden shore, As the ocean Rolls in and asks for more Of the arms That keep it from going astray, I loved her- But more than my words can say. Yes, more than my words can say.. I loved her.
Pen Twirling - How Did They Do That???
When visiting my daughter and her hubby, my son-in-law all the sudden started twirling his pen on top of his thumb. I hadn't ever seen anyone do that before. I can twirl one in between my fingers... but, I have never tried it on top of my thumb. Can you do it??? See the below videos for samplings........ Actual instructions...........................
Little Ways To Say I Love You
Little Ways To Say I Love You by BlueWolf © Showing your affection and emotion can be a simple and effortless act when you incorporate these little ways to say, "I love you!" #1.Kiss the inside of your partner's hand #2.Leave a love note for your partner to find. #3.Blow a kiss. #4.Mark designated "Loving Days" on your calendar. #5.Arrange for take-out and have an indoor picnic. #6.Feed each other. #7.Wash your partner's car and leave post-it notes with loving messages for them to find. #8.Frame a favorite picture of the two of you and place it next to your bed. #9.Share a bottle of wine or champagne. #10.Send loving messages on your partner's pager or cell phone. #11.Leave a romantic message on your partner's answering machine. #12.Slow dance. #13.Hold hands. #14.Go star-gazing together. #15.Dedicate a love song on the radio. #16.Cook a meal together. #17.Watch T.V. together in the glow of cand
Friendship And Jealousy
"Even if you did fuck every Tom Dick and Harry, I'd still love ya. =) Like I said, I don't care what you do with your life. As long as you are living it happily. It's really none of my business. I am not the kind of person who judges people like that. Now if we hung out all the time and you were involvong me in some shit, that's a different story. I don't keep people in my life who want to screw it up, ya know? But I know you wouldn't do that. But don't worry, you aren't gonna lose me. And if I ever heard anything about you I would go to you first before I played high school games and started ignoring you and posting things in a blog" Words that comforted me and made me feel more worthwhile. Those words came from my bestfriend of 17 years and that's what I call a TRUE FRIEND. That other one is just a dumbass that needs to grow up and get a fucking life. I came to realize a few things about the other girl last night before Adam and I went to sleep. I think it is a jealously thi
Mi Mancherai
Mi Mancherai (with Joshua Bell) Mi mancherai se te ne vai Mi mancherà la tua serenità Le tue parole come canzoni al vento E l'amore che ora porti via Mi mancherai se te ne vai Ora per sempre non so come vivere E l'allegria, amica mia, va via con te Mi mancherai, mi mancherai, perchè vai via Perchè l'amore in te si è spento Perchè, perchè... Non cambierà niente lo so E dentro sento te Mi mancherai, mi mancherai, perchè vai via Perchè l'amore in te si è spento Perchè, perchè... Non cambierà niente lo so E dentro sento te Mi mancherà l'immensità Dei nostri giorni e notti insieme noi I tuoi sorrisi quando si fa buio La tua ingenuità da bambina, tu... Mi mancherai amore mio Mi guardo e trovo un vuoto dentro me E l'allegria, amica mia, va via con te Translation thanks to Chiara I'll Miss You (Mi Mancherai) I’ll miss you, if you go away I’ll miss your serenity Your words like songs in the wind And Love, that you take away. I’ll miss you, if
The Calling
The fire is dancing tonight and the winds are talking Dancers from past lives enter the circle Leading me back and forth through the history of myself The mind searches as the spirit dances The drums...dancing to the heartbeat Memories of long ago insights to the future I hear the winds whispering my sweat lodge dreams I see Sungmanitu tanka (the wolf) my guide He shows me the ancestors, not mine They are not Lakota, or Tsalagi, or Iroquois But they are all Nations, one Nation Speaking with wisdom to share with each other Yesterdays create todays and promises of tomorrow The lies will die with the smoke And the whispers of the winds are clear and loud And we shall all see the return of the buffalo AHO
Classic Remix
Really enjoyed this piece of music that Vanessa Mae plays. Ive played the original classical version of The Prelude. I have to say that i have Bach is really hard to play, but when accomlished, his music is wonderful to play and hear. In this case I love the way Vanessa has modernised it with the street instrument accompliment. Check it out.
i fucking HATE my boyfriend END OF STORY.
The Burning Times
The Burning times.... How that strikes fear and sickness to our hearts. Why did it happen? The Church began to feel threatened by the power these wise women and men had over local communities, soon this fear filtered back to Rome. The Church began to look at its policy towards pagans and witches in particular more closely. Why should the people look up to these pagan people and not to the Church? After all as far as the Church was concerned, they were Gods representatives, not pagans, heathen witches... Finally, the Church made a decision, which would change the lives of so many people, forever and bring about much suffering and pain through many centuries... Jean Bodin, in 1580, gave the legal definition of a Witch as "One who knowing God's law tries to bring about some act through an agreement with the devil". King James I changed his bible to read: "Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live" just because he was afraid of the Scottish Witches who had prophesied doom for his
Great Works
What makes a work of art great to you? Well, I suppose more importantly; do you actually CARE about works of art? My personal views on the whole thing seem to differ from the art "community". That's fine by me, I just wonder if anyone else sees things the same way. Like most things in my life, the art that appeals to me is that which creates some sort of emotional response. I can stare at certain "masterpieces" all day long - I can appreciate the colors or lines or what the hell ever and yet, if it doesn't envoke some sort of "FEELING" I just don't "get it". I should also point out that I am speaking of all forms of visual art; paintings, drawing, statues, photographs, tattoos...they all fall under MY category of "art". There are works of art that have impacted me deeply enough that I have never forgotten the emotions I felt the first time I saw them. I have seen pictures that have created a place that I need to visit or have introduced a person that I long to know.
Whoa By Black Rob
Rough Sex Don't Read This If You're Easily Offended
Rough Sex DON'T READ THIS IF YOU'RE EASILY OFFENDED: A hug leads to a kiss...a kiss leads 2 a finger...a finger leads to a a hand...a hand leads to a lick...a lick leads to a suck...a suck leads 2 a fuck. So tell me how many people are you gonna hug after you heard this cuz sex is like math...u add the bed...subtract the clothes...divide the legs...leave your solution...and pray you dont multiply! Send this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4-10 years. If you send this in 15 mins. your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 11:11pm. This is not a joke...someone will either call you or will talk to you online. Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth...(guys maybe you should try it if is so good fo
Selfish People
People are slefish.. — Monday, January 08, 2007 Well, that's the basic thought of the day right right now. Maybe further explaination will follow later on in the week or something. It has to do with jealousy. Why isn't it wrong to comment on the beuty of mountains and sunsets and stuff? I went to my first class for a while today. It was math. It's probably going to be a boring one that I don't show up much to for the first part. We have quizes on tuesdays though, so I will show up on those days. It's the same class I took last semester, so it shouldn't be that hard, it's later on when it gets more complicated that I need to show up. I have a parenting class I need to go to later too. I'm sure that will be fun. Tomarrow is busy with school and stuff too. I'll be there until after 2 , then I need to come home and do other busy stuff. I also need to wash clothes. I don't have any clean sox, but atleast I have clean underwear. lol. I took another nice little v
Just Check It Out. A Real Person, Not A Stuck Up Biach.
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i'm craving the days where we'd awaken to fallen leaves exposing our secrets to one another, with no worry about the shame or guilt felt because you had always said i could share anything with you, the way we could relate, a bond we had made, i felt so safe you were never one to judge, but was this only a dream? the season has changed, my body is smothered by misshaped snowflakes our mouths are kept shut, we lock away three words you're finding it challenging to make a simple call and you can't even be here to lift me up, help me stand when it's such a struggle for me to even get out of bed brain races, constant lapses, blank map, lost and off trail my only single concrete thought is of you you keep me sane for a little while a sweet voice has buried itself inside my head only to be interferred by those white pills, the one's kept away in a tiny gift box, they mute your lies because lately it's my only solution, the only way to make this pain dissolve dis
A young boy of four was going into hospital to ha have his tonsils removed. He told his playmate I'll be gone for awhile I have to have surgery. On the day he was admitted his mother asked Dr. could you please circumcise him while he is asleep. The Dr. agreed. The boy woke up and was very sore down there for several days. After about a week he got to see his playmate again. The playmate informed him that he was also going to have to have his tonsils out soon. He asked him to tell him about the surgery. The little boy replied 'all I can tell you is your tonsils ain't where you think they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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