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What Did You Do...?
A Friend Use To Always Ask Me.. " What Did You Do Today To Quote For Your Existence?" I was Thinking Of My Friend And His Favorite Question Of The Day... And It Made Me Think Of The Picture Below And Our Troops Overseas. The Things That They Do.. Not Just Them But All Service Personnel.. Police, Firemen, EMTs, Teachers, Doctors, and Parents. This Picture Means Alot To Me & I Wanted To Share It Again With All My Friends Here **************************** This is something you will never see in the news. Here's a tough, but heartwarming story and a picture of John Gebhardt in Iraq . His wife, Mindy, related that this little girl's entire family was executed. They intended to execute her also and shot her in the head, but they failed to kill her. She was cared for by John's hospital and is healing, but has been crying and moaning The nurses said John is the only one she seems to calm down with, so John has spent the last four nights holding he
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Family Fights
have you ever noticed when a fight or feud begins temperature goes down and then you know that nobody wins the silence is pressing down affecting each and everyone each person wearing a frown until the fighter has gone just one is needed for this deed just one that starts this boil planting his festering seed in the heart of this family's soil no eye contact or touch is given this tumor nobody dares lance brooding and silently driven to leave quickly when there's a chance alone he sits, this king of ours at least that is what he thinks a king of toilets is his powers staring eyes, he doesn't blink his right he thinks is fatherhood his right to cuss and scream aiming towards the kids he could maim their spirits, their dream can he not see what he is doing see that they are grown to talk like he does, this brooding THAT is what they are shown a normal word, a punctuation is all they need to see no need for any indentation in their souls, th
hey all i just got married to faery dragon and jak horray me!!!!
We're A Dying Breed
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured he
Mind Games
Why oh why do people play mind games? I dont understand it or appreciate it. In my other blog "regrets" I talked about this "friend". Well that so called Friend text'd me tonight and we've been fighting for hours. He doesnt see my side of things. Its all about him. Funny 3 other people are totally on my side on this. Ugh! I just wish he'd go away. Its obvious he doesnt care about me so why bother msg me?!?!?
The Tell-tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe
The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe TRUE! nervous very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses not destroyed not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily how calmly I can tell you the whole story. It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night. Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and so by degrees very gradually I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.
The Premature Burial By Edgar Allen Poe
The Premature Burial by Edgar Allen Poe There are certain themes of which the interest is all-absorbing, but which are too entirely horrible for the purposes of legitimate fiction. These the mere romanticist must eschew, if he do not wish to offend or to disgust. They are with propriety handled only when the severity and majesty of Truth sanctify and sustain them. We thrill, for example, with the most intense of "pleasurable pain" over the accounts of the Passage of the Beresina, of the Earthquake at Lisbon, of the Plague at London, of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, or of the stifling of the hundred and twenty-three prisoners in the Black Hole at Calcutta. But in these accounts it is the fact - -- it is the reality - -- it is the history which excites. As inventions, we should regard them with simple abhorrence. I have mentioned some few of the more prominent and august calamities on record; but in these it is the extent, not less than the character of the calamity, which so v
Until The End
Time unravels like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Waiting for you has become an obsession now. Listening for your footsteps; hoping for the sound of your voice... Waiting seems like forever but time is moving ever so rapidly. Do you still think of me; do you sit and ponder on what could have been. I know I do... Reaching deep inside to do the simplest of things; I must force myself to eat. Sleeping only when staying awake is no longer possible and then waking at the slightest of sounds... What will it take for my world to right itself once more; or is it even possible. You seem to take all of this with such ease while inside I am slowly dying... It is only a matter of time before I give up the fight altogether. Knowing that when I do you'll be able to move on without a thought. So here I sit; and here I wait... Until the end...
Special Stores...
I don't know if any of you actually ever heard of Deseret industries,otherwise known as DI. You do have to be a good chooser when shopping there,it's a thrift store and they have quite a bit of stuff. Looking into clothes is fairly interesting,I've been able to find 70$ 80$ dollars value woolen items for less then 10$,sometimes even 4$!!!!!!! I'm a bit of a scottish pattern skirts freak,so if you like those,there's quite a few,just don't take em all , and leave some for me to buy :D have a good day ya'll if you ever shopped there,let me know what you think! comments appreciated.
Treatment Today
So most things are the same, my iron was low though! So the Doc gave me an injection to give me a boost. I don't feel really good today! unfortunatley, but it is the night of Chemo, since chemo was today, I will feel better tomorrow I am sure as is the ususal. I meant to say last time that I have chemo the day AFTER Halloween. but I meesed up. I will also be able to put a treatment at the end of my treatment schedule because the Doc is taking pity on me and letting me skip the one before Thanksgiving! WOOHOO...this way I can taste my food. But it is ok, he wouldn't let me if it wasn't safe. I will have another treatment before then. Then one the week after Thanksgiving and another one two weeks later.....He said it's all about me! LOL This will also give my body a chance to fee good for a little while, but I will be able to taste the turkey and cranberries ans sweet potatoes..I am so excited! I did make Matzah Ball soup for dinner tonight and Perry made the Latkas, b
I'm Sorry I'm Not Like This...
i bet NO guys will repost this ; i'm sorry i'm sorry if i'm not pretty enough to be "your girl" i'm sorry that i don't want to have sex every minute of the day. i'm sorry that i'm not a playboy bunny so i can act like a pornstar for you. i'm sorry if i don't have a dream body that turns you on. i'm sorry if i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me. i'm sorry if my hair isn't long enough. i'm sorry if i'm not the "hottest" girl you've ever seen. i'm sorry that i try my best to get you to like me, but then get hurt. but most of all; i'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are. and i'm sorry that most guys will read this and post it and may agree with it but after 5 minutes they forget about it and do the same thing all over again. GUYS! just think about it, about how you treat girls. If you're a girl and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry." If you're one of the few GUYS with enou
Funny Email About Cats And Pills
INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIVING YOUR CAT A PILL 1. Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth, pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow. 2. Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left arm and repeat process. 3. Retrieve cat from bedroom, and throw soggy pill away. Take new pill from foil wrap, cradle cat in left arm holding rear paws tightly with lef hand. Force jaws open and push pill to back of mouth with right forefinger. Hold mouth shut for a count of 10. 4. Retrieve pill from goldfish bowl and cat from top of wardrobe. Call spouse from garden. 5. Kneel on floor with cat wedged firmly between knees, holding front and rear paws. Ignore low growls emitted by cat. Get spouse to hold cat's head firmly with one hand while forcing wooden ruler int
My Dream
I had a dream about you also you were with just with bra and panties on, so i took you flung you on that giant 4 poster bed...I tied your wrists and feet with satin rope ever so soft and smooth, yes your legs were spread very very wide on that big bed and i could see your panties already getting moist, but to finish my fantasy i blindfolded you and i told you that tonight was your nite i just wanted to give you pleasure. i started to kiss you our tongues play and we kissed hard and started to bite each others lips that gave us erotic pleasure, i played with those sweet suckable and chewable breasts till i saw u starting to thrust your hips up to me you needed to be touched now i saw your nipples oh so hard i sucked them and chewed them till i heard loud moans, i looked down at your panties and they were so soaked i think you had came already from just kissing. So now is your time lover i will make you cum and cum then cum again, i take my hands and starting to
Friday Night
I'm unemployed 'n I have slipped disc, so my days are almost same but I enjoy my life. Therefore my blog name is A Small Circles by humor... but I've to say that now i'm writing blog in english first time. Before I've write in finnish of course in my other site. Today my day was great!! Last night I was here in Fubar and then in the morning I went sleep 'n woke up about at P.M. 16:00. That's of course means day is over here in Finland. But it's Ok me. My day beging in night!! That's why I'm here in Fubar. I spend my nights here 'n I like to meet new people and make friends.
Just A Rate Please
Depression @ It's Best...
I don't know what I should think. I've got alot of overwhelming crap going on. We just purchased a new home. I have my first payment on the 1st. But we've also got a TON of crap to take care of and not enough cash flow to take care of it all at once. But went don't even have enough $$ to live at the moment. I know it will end. It is just the interm is depressing me soo much. ok I've vented that will help for a bit...I am tired....
My Brother From Ohio Called Me Just Now Wow...
He is my second to youngest brother , just found out he has diabetes. I wished him the best and to hurry back home. hugs God Bless him. my baby brother. ahhh. diana
Dusty (halloween Story)
Dusty by Sandy Deluca Dusty stood alone, wondering if the man--the angel--would come tonight. Soft lights glowed in apartment buildings around her; the living, settling into comfortable chairs, eating late dinners, falling in love. She thought she had known love once--but it ended too quickly--like life itself often does. Snow drifted, fell on sidewalks, swirled in the chilly early evening wind. Eyes shimmered within intricate flakes; spirits of those long dead. Feathery hands reached out to her. Phantom choruses serenaded. If she looked hard enough she could see them and their celestial cathedral--a gateway between Heaven and Hell--a place she could not reach. They stood within gables, lined altars, knelt in pews--souls of both dark and light. She was bound to the Earth. Dusty--little girl--little waif. A ghost--wearing a skimpy jacket, and torn jeans. Dark hair hung in limp ringlets down her back, sleepy eyes stared at traffic easing by. She gazed at pedestrians, bundled
Random Thoughts 2
what is more important, making points or making real friends? ive lost more then i have gained, but still i am rich with friends and love, then why do i feel so bad and lonely when we make mistakes is sorry really enough? is a brief encounter of love and happiness better then a long period of unhappiness and confusion? beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes its best to hide the beholder why do some poeple think nudity is offensive, nudity is beautiful, if nudity offends you then shower in your bathing suit, stop being prudes and have sex with the nlights on its not a sin if im wearing panties on my head and if you have to ask, they probly arent yours just a few thoughts,,,lol
Screw Men!! As$holes!!!!!!
All you single guys~~ What the hell is with you,,Constantly hurting single women??????My God!! Do you not all realize that women have feelings too??? I have seen soooo many guys on here saying,"This guy did this",,,,,,"This guy did that"........I am really glad you "Guys" found a site for you all to dump on women!!! But next time,,Ask yourself this..................Would you yourself,,,,,,,,Like women to treat you the same????? MAN~~~~~~~~~~~You certain guys,,,And you know who you are,,,FUCKING SUCK!!Get a grip on reality and learn how to treat women assholes!!!
Cry Baby
Talking to my ex girlfriend. It's werid, but nice. I dont talk to any of my exes but her. Which i'm glad because she was my best friend. The really weird thing is when i was crying about nothing today i was thinking about how much i miss her. And waalaah, just as i was gonna get off the computer she comes on. I really did miss her. Today was wicked in the most non dramatic way. I never used to cry, unless it was really bad.And now.. Bam. i cant hold it in. And i hate hate crying.
How I Feel About You
How do I tell you how I feel about you When everytime i think of you my body shakes everytime i see you my knees grow weak and everytime i'm with you i dont want the time to end. When everytime i look into your eyes, i wish i was there everytime i see you smile my heart melts and every night before i go to sleep i pray we dont end. I've tried somehow to say: you're the sun that lights up my sky the wind that keeps me cool on a hot summer day and sweet incense that keeps me on a natural high I want so much to tell you: that without you with me each day my day isn't complete that since day one I've always wanted to be with you that no matter what's going on in my life you're the reason there's a smile on my face and that loving you seems to be all I need to know. But everytime I want to the words just wont come out to you it may sound mushy or too cute you may not believe it so it's better I keep my mouth closed Then to try to tell you exactly whats on
The Worth Of A Woman
THE WORTH OF A WOMAN One Flaw In Women (you will see what it is in the end) Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come i
238,000 To Godmother
Ok..I am really down to the last bit here. I really could use everyones help. I only have 238,00o left for the last level! If you haven't done so can you please rate all my stash and my non nsfw pis(although I know how much you love to rate the others..LOL) Also fan me if you haven't and I will make sure I have you. I am soooo wanting this. PLEASE! I am beggin! Love to all! Hugs and Kisses!
Sexual Feelings
Rainy days and cold nights, These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms, Hold me close and keep me warm, Tell me I'm your good luck charm, Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you , Tell me I'm your every wish come true, Lay me down very gently, Then make love to me essentially, Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot, Lets play around like connect the dots, Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride, Take my body on a journey that never ends, It always seems to just begin, Make me climax like i never done before, Do what you want to my body its all yours, Rub me, lick me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
Youze A Hooooooo(yes You)
Just sittin at the computer desk mindin my own buisness when the phone rings.... Dont all good stories start off with something similar? "Hello!" I answer in my ever cheerful gay phone voice "Is this Marleena?"(he said some fuckin name that was wierd I cant remember what the fuck it fuckin was) "Nope-You got the wrong number guy" "Well,,uh...uhm,..Well whos this?" "What?You called me dude" "Do you know an Angie?Someone been talkin to my wife Angie?" "Nah,son..I dont even recognize the area code or number.." "Well someones been talkin to my fuckin wife Angie!..Talked to my wife for 40 fuckin minutes!!"(He said all angry yelly) "Dude,..(I said all dry) I dont even know what your talkin about man" Then he said all calmly-"Well,you need to check your phone bill"- and hung up Good Times. Any time you meet a payment. Good Times. Any time you need a friend. Good Times. Any time you're out from under. Not getting hastled, not getting hustled. K
Ok Only If Ya Want To.
Ok some of you decided you wanted my number from the last blog. Well i'm more comfortable with you giving me your number and going from there. So if ya want to give it to me feel free. :P Off to work, night ya'll! MUAHZ
I found out that Jose Quervo tequilla gold tastes awesome in coke zero!!!
I cannot hide these emotions I feel ... I am so confused and wish I could get this over with. it is a never-ending emotional roller coaster with you. once I think the ride is over, another tremendous fall lies ahead ... you love another, and that I understand. but living with it, I cannot bare ... I love you, those words mean so much to me. it is a terribly over used phrase I know, but when I say it ... I mean it with all my heart. I love you. there are no other words to describe it ... I know it is love because of how much pain it causes me night and day ... I wish and hope with all my heart that this would be over and done with ... but it never is. why?
My Heart
I love you with all my heart, I hate that I feel so far apart, I would love to talk to you all day and all night, to me you are my white knight, the need I feel inside for you is so strong, and I feel that with you I do belong, I wait in anticipation for you to be my companion, the delectable taste of you I envision every night and day, and thinking of it takes my breath away, when I look at your eyes I feel I can see right through, into you, and wonder if you feel what I feel too?! The things I feel are undying and everlasting, and fills my heart with anguish to think nothing will ever happen! I love you with all my heart, are we really that far apart?
New Trifecta
Win - Brett Sommers ('Match Game", wife to Jack Klugman) Place - Marcel Marseau (mime, "Silent Movie") Show - Joey Bishop (talk show host, member of the Rat Pack)
Talk To Me!
I'm on the prowl for a good conversation. Anyone interested , hit me up.
Hemp Milk Offers New Alternative To Dairy, Soy Products
A Canadian hemp growing and products company called Manitoba Harvest is introducing a new "hemp milk" non-dairy beverage in an attempt to compete with other milk substitutes such as soy, rice and almond milk. The product, called Hemp Bliss, is sweetened and flavored only with natural and organic ingredients. It is beige in color and, like all Manitoba Harvest products, certified kosher and USDA organic. The market for dairy alternatives in North America is approximately $1 billion, and Manitoba Harvest hopes that the health benefits of hemp can help its new product become a major player in this field. "We see hemp growing as big as or bigger than the flax or soy categories in terms of functional food ingredients," said Mike Fata, company co-founder. Hemp seeds are high in protein, ranking second only to soybeans among oil seeds in terms of complete protein content. The seeds are approximately 25 percent protein; Hemp Bliss contains 5 grams per serving. Unlike soy, hemp i
Kissing Game
Everyone has at least one person on Fubar who would LOVE to kiss you. So... find out who would want to kiss you and WHERE they would like to kiss you. Even if your taken do this!!! 1- Cheek 2- Neck 3- Lips 4- Make-Out 5- Down South (LoL) 6- EVERYWHERE
Happy Yet Scared
Hey everyone just thought I would write about a few things going on in my life...First of all I am VERY, VERY happy to say that I have a WONDERFUL GF Lizzy who means the WORLD to me!!! We have been really good online friends for over a year & I became single back in August due to some bad stuff that happened, anyhow Lizzy was there for me through it all, she's always been there to listen to me vent, talk to me on the phone & always makes me laugh when we chat on the puter...I haven't been this crazy in love with a woman since my first gf Lisa back in 2003!!! We are going to be meeting face to face in Spring 2008 & I can't wait to hold her in my arms & wake up beside her every morning knowing she loves me like she does :) Lizzy if u read this(sure u will though lol) Just know that no matter how tough I am sure this is gonna be with us having a long distance relationship, my feelings for u are genuine & 100% true, I LOVE u with all of my heart & entire soul & I want to make this one work
If Your Happy...
if your happy and you know clap your hands don't ask why i'm singing that song is my head for i liked to know that too make it stop get it out of my head now
USS Tennessee BB-43 (1920-1959) USS Tennessee, a 32,300-ton battleship, was built at the New York Navy Yard. Commissioned in June 1920, she operated in the Atlantic area for a year and then transferred to the U.S. Pacific coast, where she was based for nearly two decades. As a unit of the Battleship Force, she participated in regular training and fleet exercises, winning the "E" for excellence in gunnery during the mid-1920s. In 1925, Tennessee transited the Pacific to visit New Zealand and Australia. With tensions with Japan rising, her base was moved forward to Pearl Harbor in 1940. On 7 December 1941, Tennessee was one of eight battleships present when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Moored inboard of USS West Virginia (BB-48), she was hit by two bombs, which damaged two of her four gun turrets, and was scorched by burning oil from the sunken USS Arizona. In late December, after temporary repairs, Tennessee steamed to the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Washington, for an overhaul.
I Wonder If
I wonder if they have a lil chubby green skittle costume. Do you think I can find one? :P I bet you wanna slap yourself now huh? for clicking on this blog LOL.
Standing Fearless
I stand Fearless before you Naked to just bare skin Knowing your Great Form Will not bring Harm to me Silently I wait to see you In all your Mighty splendor As you emerge from your great cavern With Wing spread wide and Head held High. Behold thine Majestic Beauty! I stare, with jaw slackened, up toward the sky To see thines proud Head and crown As you flap your wings to take flight shielding my face as you sore through the air I watch is simple joyous pleasure As you Light the Night sky Then plum it back down to me Landing on all fours you kneel before me As I watch you with a delightful twinkle in my eye Know that this was a rare gift given to me For I had Shown to you I was Fearless Showing to be Fearless To one as Great as you Was a risk at first But turned out to be a reward in the end Being Fearless to a Mighty Great One Has given me the chance to ride Upon your Mighty scaled back And to sore into the night sky wrote 10~1~2007 Wrote
This Could Happen You Or Any Of Sad!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Devine Complement Date: Oct 18, 2007 3:42 PM ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Kitty CatDate: Oct 18, 2007 12:37 PM What you're about to see may be shocking.Hope you're readddy.='(This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999. This is her and her Father, 1998. This is her on Vacation in Venezuela. Birthday party as a child. At a party with friends. The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999. After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations.Jacqueline was caught in the burning car and her body was heavily burnt during around 45 seconds.
I Just Can't Win!
I just don't get it, am I that bad of a person? I just got totally insulted by a past friend. She came onto my page insulted me because I am liked or at least I think I am by a lot of people and also proceeded to insult some of my friends. All because I wouldn't just proclaim her as my top friend when we were talking. She would come onto my page and make little rude comments about the sweet, sexy or flirtatious comments I would receive. Needless to say we stopped talking because i just got tired of her crap. Well she definately succeded in pissing me off again. My question to my friends is am I really that bad, do i mkae you feel like you're nothing or less then any other friend. Would love to hear from those of you that are my true friends and let me know, whether it's good or bad, i want to see your comments and please don't hold back, I can take
USS Pennsylvania BB-38, (1916-1948) USS Pennsylvania, lead ship of a class of two 31,400-ton battleships, was built at Newport News, Virginia. Commissioned in June 1916, she served as the Atlantic Fleet's flagship into the early "Twenties". Though her operations during this time were primarily off the U.S. east coast and in the Caribbean area, Pennsylvania briefly cruised to France in December 1918. Transiting the Panama Canal to the Pacific early in 1921, she became flagship of the newly-organized Battle Fleet. During the next eight years, she led the Navy's battleships in maneuvers in the Atlantic, Caribbean and in the Pacific, including a cruise to Australia and New Zealand in mid-1925. From June 1929 to May 1931, Pennsylvania received an extensive modernization at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania. She emerged with new "tripod" masts, improved combat systems, and an enlarged armored conning tower to better support her mission as fleet flagship. Through the following de
Well my wife and i were going through the news when all of the sudden she came across this news article;_ylt=AikEf02XLpjZ1P.DLdmnfTlH2ocA now it may only be me but it seems that we have a nation of idiots that are basically legalizing cocaine use by making a safe house where cops cannot enter wouldnt you agree that we are stupid for this ??? i want feedback on this one!!!!
Him And I!!
This is something i wrote a while back called HIM and i....i had a dream about me having a conversation with god and when i woke up i wrote it down and this is what i came up with...i hope you guys enjoy HIM and i The day we had a conversation it was really kinda touching At first I couldnt believe it I thought that I might be buggin I dont like the way the word is turning HE said to me There's corrupted individuals as far as the eye can see I agree I said there's no love its nothing but cowards Is it all about the cars, the money, women and power In the hood the forecast calls for nothing but lead showers And people fall everyday like both of the twin towers Do you agree I asked, lets reconcile with the past So we can move into the future, stop the ignorance at last And I agree HE said, the world today's a big mess We need to educate the youth and eleviate the stress A good idea I said, lets merge the thread and needle Try to make a world qui
Marry Me!!!
Hey is there anyone out there that wants to get married to this lovely lady on fubar??? I'm kinda lonely over here.:( :(
USS Maryland BB-46 (1921-1959) USS Maryland, a 32,600-ton Colorado class battleship, was built at Newport News, Virginia, and commissioned in July 1921. During the 1920s and 1930s, she participated in regular fleet training and combat exercises. Maryland also made some notable long-distance cruises, including one to Rio De Janeiro in the Summer of 1922 to participate in Brazil's Centennial Exposition, the U.S. Fleet's trans-Pacific voyage in 1925, and President-Elect Herbert Hoover's 1928 good-will tour of Latin America. Maryland's base was changed from Long Beach, California, to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in 1940. She was moored at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese struck on 7 December 1941, but received relatively minor damage. Following repairs and overhaul, Maryland operated with Task Force One off the U.S. West Coast in 1942, deploying to the South Pacific later in the year. She took part in operations to capture the Gilbert and Marshall Islands in late 1943 and early 1944, employin
Life Me
NuttinButtSexxy I am the Fly and you are the Fly trap , you will devour me with your passion , Love , your word's , your understanding , should I fall helpless in to my dream where My light await's should I dream a lost Dream that has been found, to awake an a lonely morning thinking with a short Breath, Should I turn the light on thinking there will be another Shadows on the wall be side's mine in this room , I ponder at word's , some time's that are empty looking for a pitcher to fill this glass of life that is half empty Should I Could I , close my eye's see the dark in front me, Searching blind to what I might find in this mind that's close to empty I find some word's in the dark , can I touch an think your word's that you embark to me , with patience an understanding Kind loving word's that I'm not so lonely standing I'm the Fly that had been caught by sweet word's Your are the Fly trap that speak the word's that you Devour me, Should I , Could I , Would I ,
Gonna Get My Master's Mark! :)
I am soooooooooo happy! I am gonna get my Master's mark. This will probably happen the same time that I get my nipples pierced. He is going with me for that. And I am gonna get the Mark of my Master! WOOHOO! I am soooo happy! :) Sorry I just had to share the great news! :) I will probably write more later on tonight while I am at work! BOLO! ^..^
Info On Me :)
Do You!!
This one is called DO YOU i havent found the woman i wanna say this to yet..but maybe someday i will... i hope yall enjoy.. DO YOU Listen up babygirl, I'm gonna spill how i feel You take a seat, I'll take a knee cuz I'm askin for real Would u stick wit me baby when the times are rough? Ask yourself is it enough if we just had us? This is a one time membership I hope you dont decline. Think straight, cuz till death do us part is a long time. You and I can pass the years together. Rough times will hit, but they always pass over like bad weather. So today girl, I tell you I'm ready. We match perfect like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly. And it only gets better wit time, every time we talk its like the first time. I still get butterflies. I see little ones callin me dad, and callin you mom. Watch them grow up and send them off to the prom. From the look in your eyes i can tell u see it to. I already know I do but the question
USS Nevada BB-36 (1916-1948) USS Nevada, first of a class of two 27,500-ton battleships, was built at Quincy, Massachusetts. She was commissioned in March 1916 and operated in the western Atlantic and the Caribbean until mid-1918, when she went to the British Isles for World War I service. Following that conflict, Nevada was active in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific. Cruises to Brazil in 1922 and to Australia in 1925 punctuated a decade of regular fleet exercises and drills. Nevada was modernized in 1927-30, exchanging her "basket" masts for tripods. The update work also included the installation of a new superstructure, relocation of her five-inch secondary battery, new anti-aircraft guns and significant improvements to her firepower and protection. She then returned to duty with the U.S. Battle Fleet, mainly operating in the Pacific over the next eleven years. The only battleship able to get underway during the 7 December 1941 Pearl Harbor Raid, Nevada was the object of
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My Answer To A Mumm
DJ Rebel Rednec... (Online) M, 32 Lexington, KY which one created @ 2007-10-18 18:19:14 -- expires in: 23 hr Which is the best holiday to you when it comes to celebrating.....Christmas or Halloween 67 votes 190 views 13 comments Christmas 65.7% (44 votes) Halloween 34.3% (23 votes) Report mum as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) [?] my answer J ♥ S... (new pics com/rateplz) F, 26 Salisbury, MD 2007-10-18 18:22:53 #11 of 13 halloween is much better cuz look free candy ya get to spook the crap outta anyone, and get away with murdering your grandmother cuz you spooked her and she had a heart attack, Hey its not your fault, she had a weak heart, meanwhile XMAS EWWW some fat guy sneaks into ur house eats your cookies,, you had to lay out or he wouldnt leave you presents, but usually the presents were nothing but clothes, and you totally dont need anymore clothes, so like i said hands down HALLOWEEN wins hands down delete comment
We Got 2nd
Thank you to everyone who helped!! We stayed in 2nd and ended with 3393 comments! The prizes she got were a Diamond Ring and Dozen Roses. Thanks again! WICKES STROM CREW RULES!!!!! Luv, Maria
A Little Get Together With My Internet Friends (clickable Links)
ad a great time got an award from my friends that showed up & some gifts! I know im not going to remember some thing but here goes. I want to thank Jay (Jayscadillac) Martin (Koolcaddydaddy) Craig (cadillaccraftcenter) Joe (bongo57) John (slowhand) Jim (criusemissle) Bob P, and Tom (caddydad63) For showing up & making this somthing to remember for years! And Jen(Cadzillahh)For taking care of things while i was away, sorry you couldnt come. All these people frequent the Cadillac chatroom Pictures at Some of the cars Forsale First 2 pages Note able pictures check this out, no caddy parts in carlisle my ***** LOL!!! My gifts / Me accepting the award at dinner http:
Holy Cow
Updated News
Well....been a longass time since been on cherrytap, or Fubar as its now called. Anyhow. A lot has happend, and for the sake of a long story wont go into great detail. Was arrested. ended up with probation for 3 years. Found a Master, who serve faithfully, and under His service. Just waiting on His return ( from Iraq) to place his collar on me. Though that doesn't mean He doesn't own me, i am His completly and couldn't be happier for it. So...think thats all in a nutshell. Wanna know more..just ask pup.
Questions To Ask Yourself??
Questions to ask yourself? LOL 1. If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn? 2. If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is it a hostage situation? 3. Why do they steralize needles for a lethal injection? 4. Why is it when a man talks dirty to a woman its sexual harassment, but when a woman talks dirty to a man its $3.95 a minute? 5. Why do you press harder on the remote when u know the batteries are dead? 6. What do chickens think we taste like? 7. If you try to fail and succeed then what have u accomplished? 8. If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cared, then why'd he keep on doin it? 9. When cheese gets its picture taken what does it say?
I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent.
My Lost Love
They say; 'tis better to have loved and lost then not to have loved at all. My head tells me this is true, but it can't help me with the fall. My heartbreaks for the love that's lost can never be mended because what was lost should have never been resended. The only reason my heart aches, is the love was from my soul mate and because of unexplained reasons; it has now become a lost fate. A lost soul mate for any reason always means a completion to life alone for me this means when death comes there'll be no tears on my stone as my soul mate lives life in the agony he created for both him and I by joining us together then leaving without first giving us an honest try the fear of death itself is not in me, only the dieing without him closely near death as with birth is to be, but lost love is lost destiny, so life becomes unclear. With each second that forms the years ahead the misty clouds becomes a sea the sea is only a shorten word for ocean, which is t
Fat Shit Head,
Vicky ~Club F A R ~ M&M Nation~@ fubar
USS California (BB-44), 1921-1959 USS California, a 32,300-ton Tennessee class battleship, was built at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, and commissioned in August 1921. During the 1920s and 1930s, she actively participated in the activities of the United States Battle Fleet, often acting as flagship. In 1925, California was one of the ships that conducted a major trans-Pacific cruise to Australia and New Zealand. With most of the fleet, California deployed to Hawaii in 1940 and was based there as tensions rose in the Pacific over the next year. When Japanese carrier planes raided Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, she was badly damaged by torpedoes and bombs, slowly settling to the harbor bottom over the next few days. Her salvage, repair and modernization represented a major undertaking by the Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound Navy Yards and was not completed until January 1944. Over two and a half years after she was sunk, California reentered combat, providing heavy gunfire
In Life You Cant Turn Back
A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding room of a big airport. As she would need to wait many hours, she decided to buy a book to spend her time. She also bought a packet of cookies. She sat down in an armchair in the VIP room of the airport to rest and read in peace. Beside the armchair where the packet of cookies lay, a man sat down in the next seat, opened his magazine and started reading. When she took out the first cookie, the man took one also. She felt irritated but said nothing. She just thought, What a nerve! If I was in the mood I would punch him for daring!. For each cookie she took, the man took one too. This was infuriating her but she didnt want to cause a scene. When only cookie remained, she thought, Ahwhat this abusive man do now?. Then the man taking the last cookie, divided it into half, giving her one half. Oh, that was too much! She was too angry now. In a huff, she took her book, her things and stormed to the boarding place. When she s
Game Over
You dont think i see you? You dont think i see the games you play with me? I see it everyday I swallow it because that's what I'm used to. Yeah there's the big secret I'm used to being treated like crap treated like 2nd rate, oh when you need me you'll play nice and I'll feed you the drug that is me. What you dont see what you dont know what you dont deal with, what you turn a deaf ear to is the pain, the anguish, the crying, the screaming, the suffering you put me through with each passing day with each passing lie. But hear me know even though i know your not paying attention, hear me and dont say i didn't warn you. The time is coming, the day is coming very soon, when the game will be over. I will disappear and you will not find me. You wont have me to take for granted anymore, you wont have me to push around anymore. Wanna save it? Then step up, say your sorry, and be real. Have the Guts?
Life is a CONSTANT rollercoaster and I want off! I can't stand the ups and downs anymore! There is one huge cycle in my life that keeps repeating. The next time the ride stops, I'm getting off and onto another one! How much can one person take without losing their mind??? If it doesn't kill me, it can only make me stronger?? We'll have to see about that!
This Could Happen To Anyone
-----------------From: KristiEDate: Oct 17, 2007 7:17 PMWhat you're about to see may be shocking.Hope you're readddy.='(This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999. This is her and her Father, 1998. This is her on Vacation in Venezuela. Birthday party as a child. At a party with friends. The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999. After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations.Jacqueline was caught in the burning car and her body was heavily burnt during around 45 seconds. With her Father, 2000. Getting treatmen
3rd Place???
I need a ton of help from all of you.... I am currently in third place. I have 1202 comments... I need 10,000. I have figured it out and with 977 friends.... If everyone only did 10 comments I could get there. I will rate your pics and stash in return or buy drinks for you.Share your profile... Pimp your page whatever... Please I will return the love. Thanks! Jen~ FEEDINGTHEDESIRE
Looking Good.
it looks like i have a good chance at going to job corp. i hope im going!!!
Misc Quotes
A teardrop is insignificant in a pool of water, but it can touch the soul as it runs down someones face Love can tear you apart... it can kill you. But if youre lucky, it can put you back together The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most We don't love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me Together forever and never apart, Maybe in distance, but never in heart In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged. What's meant to be will always find a way. Love robs those who have it of their wit, and gives it to those who have none. Nothing compares with the finding of true love; because once you do your heart is complete.
To Be 20ish Again
OMG, When I was ever asked "how old are you? " Id always answer " 25 plus a few years !!" Well its more like 12 years but whoes counting right? Well lately I've been around alot of the 20ish crowd and guess what I DO NOT want to be in my 20's again. I've seen way to much over the last few months with the 20ish kids. yes I say kids. Please dont take me wrong Not all 20ish people are inmature, annoying, and need drama in thier life but, If you tried to tell me that right now Id say SHOW ME ONE !! I seam to be around alot of 20ish people way to much, and I can honestly say OMG where does all the drama come from? I work with alot of people in thier 20's and I tell ya I am just getting old here. I swear I've never acted the way they do. Hardly any work ethic's, rumors all over the place, talking behind peoples backs and so on. I get a headache just thinking about it. I guess the topper to my little rant is a few of my friends and I went out a few weekend ago and we tried a new
Apparently people don't take into consideration that we are all different here. A Sword is a bit more than a knife. Learn the fucking difference. If a person posts a picture of a hand made japanese blade in a folder marked "Things I Like", have a little respect. I don't go around bitching at people posting pics of their guns just because I feel there is no honor in shooting someone. I carry a gun in the army because I have to. If I had the choice I wouldn't. But I can still show you my membership in the NRA because I believe in supporting the right to bear arms, and if guns come under attack, my swords won't be far behind. Additionally, if a person owns a genuine Japanese blade, it is for a reason. They do not come cheap. It is aomething very personal and special. Each of my blades have been blessed, and have tasted my blood in that blessing. Both my training and my religion take part in it. Pardon the fuck out of me if something I consider sacred is trivial to you.
Make The Best Of It
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3367 To Level
Please come help her out [pretty as a car crash]@ fubar
My Own Mistress
I am my own Mistress Never to be ruled by Or another's to have I guide myself with a stern hand But also with a loving Heart Knowing that compassion is the way to live My eyes are hard from years of hardships My skin is cracked and broken in places But my Heart and Spirit are still whole to this day Knowing my own Limitations Yet pushing myself past them To become the stronger person Treating others with respect and compassion As I would also wish to be treated For that is the way to Ones Heart Yet I am my own Mistress No one else's ever And never to be ruled over For I am My Own Mistress Wrote on 10~18~2007 Wrote by: Raven Darkwood
There Is Hope Somewhere...
I woke up late this morning again. I got the kids up and started getting them ready. Everything went well with getting them out the door and on the bus. I came back in the house and did my situps, laundry, dishes and other odds and ends just to keep myself busy. My friends got off to work and I went to work myself. I got back from my run and I had 3 different messages from my soon to be x. I was almost floored by what he had said to me over the phone. I still feel nauseated. Now I am really stressed...I feel panicky. I am lost and really hurt by what he had said to me it is cruel and not fair. My son and daughter got home and I get a hug from one and not the other. It really sucks, especially when I am the one they blame for all that is happening to all of us. I am really tired and stressed and the only way I get any rest is when I am working and then I am on auto pilot. I think there is hope for all of us yet, just as long as we work together.
Good News...
Good News... I was very very pleased to see this Sunday over on the Loose ID blog. Earlier this week, a representative of Loose Id, LLC entered a bid in the bankruptcy proceedings of Triskelion Publishing for the contractual assets of the company. If successful in their bid, Loose Id, LLC will release the majority of contracts at no cost to the authors who entered into them. Hell yeah! What a fantastic, supportive move for another epublisher to make. This should be proof that not all epublishers, or publishers period are the same. I'm rooting for Loose ID in this. I am one section away from having Corpse Blood finished. I was also supposed to finish a book I'm reading for review over at However, we're currently being pummeled by storms. I'm sneaking this up between storms because they're saying with each one the chances of losing power are increased. I hope everyone else out there being hammered comes through this unharmed. New! Check out my
Diviisions Of The Nervous System
Central Nervous System (CNS) - Protected by bone (skull and vertebrae) Consists of- Brain and Spinal Cord Perpheral Nervous System (PNS)- line along or away from bone, extends from CNS Consists of- Nerves- Bundles of axons and their sheaths (to and from CNS) Ganglia- groupings of neuron cell bodies outside and CNS
Its Going Down
DJ Baby Boy is holding a HH at 9pm pst!! Tonight!! Go show him love, than... Go show everyone else some love!!! $DJ BABY BOY$ ~DJ FOR THE GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY & BOMBSQUAD~{ DIRTY SOUTH CREW}@ fubar COME SPANK HIM WITH SOME RATES!!! SHOW HIM TONS AND TONS OF LOVE!! PLUS, SHOW EVERYONE ELSE SOME LOVE TOO. :D
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To All My Friends And Family
I have noticed a few of my friends and family are helping me level. I thank you all. but to help me keep up on who ha actualy helped plase leave me a message so I can give back what has been given me. Thank you ~COPE~
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Ice Campaign Please Act On This
ICE Campaign = "In Case of Emergency" please call? know does anyone else? We all carry our mobile/cell phones with names and numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) campaign. The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of an emergency contact person or persons who you want to be contacted during an emergency under the name "ICE" (In Case Of Emergency). The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents,
To View" Nothing "as Something
Last night I desided to go out but saw Nothing Nothing can take a lot of your time! I stood there and looked at Nothing and Nothing looked back at me! I thought "copy cat!" for as long as I gaze at Nothing,then Nothing will look back at me! I can gaze at Nothing till the end of time and still Nothing will forever gaze back. I walk about drapped in long as I put Nothing on I can count on Nothing bieng there ! I want to be sombody who wants Nothing on always! for if i have somthing on,I cant take Nothing off,but if I have Nothing on I then can take Nothing off! you are truely blessed if you can be happy with Nothing in your life! for it is something to be happy with Nothing. So therefor I will be SOMETHING!so as not to be Nothing! OK, Wierd,but fun.try and figure that one out! golly i need more hobbys!!hehe!
It Is Fixed.
Got the lab top fixed. So i am back online now. YaY just thought i would let those of you know that have rates my things or posted new pic's that i am still here, I have not forgotten about you. :D
My Stash
hope you have been by my stash some of its funny please rate it thanks
Bank Bullsh*t Cont'd
Well.... after talking to the 13th supervisor at the bank, they finally admit that they were having technical difficulties with the debit cards between the hours of 1 am and 6 am. And, they will return the money to my acct. HOWEVER, they have no idea how long that will take.......... ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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Nervous System
There are three overlapping functions: 1. Sensory input- Sensory neurons send information( impluses) toward a processing center (usually the brain). 2. intregration- the processing and interpretation of sensory input or the process of deciding what should be done (the brain is the most common intregration center). 3. Motor output (response)- a response (impluse) is sent from the intergration center to the effector organs (usually muscles or other tissues).
Mom And Dad On The Road
So yesterday, I was awakened at 6 am to the sound of a nervous sister and again at 6 30 am by a nervous brother. Mom and dad were scheduled to drive up to my sister's in the morning and mom "always calls" before she leaves. I assured them both they would be there soon. But then in the middle of a meeting, my brother called again, this time really concerned. It seems my sister had tried calling all night Tuesday night, no answer. So at 10 am, my folks were over-due...11 came...12 came and went. I began to get nervous too, 1 pm, 2 pm, we had decided to see if any accidents were reported, rearranged schedules to start driving down their route. Buying them a cell phone was discussed in the sibling conference call and it was decided I would buy it for them. Oh we were going to get them straightened out. They could have at least called to let us know where they were. And then at 2:34 my aunt called. Mom and dad got there the night before and visited my grandma in the care center in the
Its Reality
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A Poem I Wrote When I Got Divorced
This time it hit,like a fucking hurricane,you tore apart my heart,then u ripped apart my brain. I told you from the start,to becareful with my heart. You never even heard me,then you tore it all apart.
Ugh. I hate feeling like this. Alone. Lonely. Angry. Sad. Annoyed. Sighs.....:(
Me And My Sassy
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Ice Campaign = "in Case Of Emergency"
ICE Campaign = "In Case of Emergency" please call? know does anyone else? We all carry our mobile/cell phones with names and numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) campaign. The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of an emergency contact person or persons who you want to be contacted during an emergency under the name "ICE" (In Case Of Emergency). The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, th
Good Friends
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A "short Diddy".that I Think Is Funny
I Love him O'yes I do..He is for me,and not for you.. But if someday you take my place... I'll take my fist and break your face. :)
The Egrit
Just a beautiful moment, that I wanted to share.... It stands smooth and white against the crystal blue waters, a statue of serenity. Its sleek feathers glisten in the sun, reflecting the warmth, the life, the love. It walks along the cool, green grass, each step a ballet, like a creamy white cloud floating along heavens skies. Suddenly, the wind changes. With a flutter of wings, the egret glides above the water and with one big sweep, brings the land and water into harmony.
Wednesday=Whippings ^_^ I asked a darling friend of mine for some assistance with this yesterday. Mistress Heather determined that I should issue... 50 with a wooden hairbrush 50 with a cane 25 with a flogger 100 with a braided whip blindfolded gagged bent over a bench for the brush and cane...I used the bean flipped over! tied standing with arms above their head...I used the pulley system and tied it tight then completed the task at hand oh...and for that extra delight! WET...with a handy dandy spray bottle to keep it wet! very nice very nice indeed is Torment Thursday...purrr I have been planning for this one all week! Thanks beauty...I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Pschoanalyze Yourself
Psychoanalyze Yourself; Don't read ahead, just answer the following questions with the first thought that comes to mind. Then read which each answer means at the end. (No cheating! ) This is pretty cool! 1. You are not alone. You are walking in the woods. Who is with you? 2. You are walking in the woods. You see an animal. What kind of animal do you see? 3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal? 4. You walk deeper in the woods. You enter a clearing, and before you is your DREAM house. How big is it? 5. Is your dream house surrounded by a fence? 6. You enter the house. You walk into the dining room and see the dining room table. What do you see on AND around it? 7. You exit the house and a cup is on the ground, what kind is it? 8. What do you do with the cup? 9. You walk to the edge of the property where you find yourself standing at the end of a body of water what kind of water? 10. How will you cross the
Choose Your Friends Wisely
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Blink Away The Tears
Blinkk away the tears. As I leap from this thing called life, I gaze out but see no beauty I cry out but there is no voice whispering my name I listen but there is no ear to here my plea I grasp but there are no fingers to catch me And as I fall in to this place of darkness I blinkkaway the tears. Rachel M Miles Copyright 2006 Rachel M Miles ( blinkk was my first screen name)
Lifes To Short
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first off i would like to start with the fact that i have been on here for over a year now, thanks to a friend of mine. however, i put the fubar stuff away, and stayed with yahoo, i had a busy year an could barely keep up with that!!! now that im back, i have to say i have met some very interesting people and a couple great ones as well. i still havent figured out all this stuff yet.....however i have figured out that some people need to keep their clothes on an im not one of them! infact, im thinking some shouldnt even have pics if you ask me....oh btw did i tell you all yet, that im very honest an say what i think pretty much all the time? LOL so if you cant handle that, you may not want to read my blogs or be my friend for that matter. the ones that can handle it, stick around, it could get interesting! peace an love
New N.s.f.w. Photos
go rate them on my N.S.F.W. album
Victory Junction Gang
In June of 2004, Victory Junction Gang Camp proudly opened its doors! The Camp was founded by Kyle and Pattie Petty, in honor of their son Adam. In 1999, after participating in a motorcycle ride to Camp Boggy Creek in Florida, the Petty family felt inspired to build a camp in North Carolina. Surrounded by beautiful hardwood forests, Victory Junction Gang Camp is located in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. The Camp was built on 72 acres that were generously donated by Richard and Lynda Petty. Victory Junction Gang Camp has a racing theme with the sights, sounds, look and feel of a race track! The Camp is comprised of 44 buildings, including the Goody's Body Shop medical center, the Hendrick Motorsports Fuel Stop dining hall, the Silver Theater, the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America water park, Adam's Race Shop, the Michael Waltrip Operation Marathon Sportscenter, Jessie's Horse Power Garage and much more! The Victory Junction Gang Camp is a member of the Association of
Okay I need your help im in a contest to try and recieve a six month blast all I need is comments 100,000 to be exact. Please Comment me and help me out. Thanks
A Sad Day For New York, And Yankee Fans Torre declines Yankees' contract offer 10/18/2007 4:10 PM ET By Bryan Hoch / NEW YORK -- Joe Torre, a future Hall of Famer who guided the Yankees to four world championships and six pennants while making the postseason in every one of his 12 seasons at the helm, ended his tenure as manager on Thursday when he turned down a one-year contract offer, the team announced. In a surprising turn of events, club president Randy Levine announced during a conference call with reporters originating from Tampa, Fla., that Torre declined a contract that would have paid him a base salary of $5 million, with $1 million bonuses for each level of the postseason the Yankees reached next season. Those bonuses would have meant that Torre could have earned as much as $8 million in 2008. He would have earned a total of at least $6 million if he had led the Yankees to the post
Is Baptism By Immersion Essential To Salvation?
IS BAPTISM BY IMMERSION ESSENTIAL TO SALVATION? Arlie Reed It seems like every time there is a Bible study, sooner or later the issue of baptism comes up. There are always several different "opinions. These discussions often cause someone to get mad which ends up in some kind of division within the Bible study group. (I hate when this happens.) This became such a problem for me that I tried to avoid discussing baptism because I saw the issue as divisive. No matter how hard I try to avoid argumentative discussions, it still keeps coming up. The Bible is Gods Word and although it is subject to interpretation, it is not a matter of opinion. The author, God, had one meaning when it was given to the writer. Therefore, we must try to understand just what God intended. This does become personal. Each individual has the responsibility to diligently try to understand the meaning of all scripture, and it must be understood in relation to other scriptures. Scripture cannot contradic
Destiny These words have been running through my head most of the day SO I will get some of them out. How do you know what the future holds for you?? How do you REALLY know what you want after you have been through a loss??? NO, not loss like death, loss as in the heartbroken kind. I am not sure if I am over my heartbroken loss yet. And it's been a little over 2 years, one failed rebound relationship, a LOT of lusted after(mostly onesided of course) women. So as usual it leads to me frustrated, confused, on the verge of yet again giving up on women. Writing them off, i still do not trust ANY woman, and most of what they have to say. Especially, if it involves their "alleged" interest/attraction to me. So today was a mix of why me?? ANd seems like no matter how much I try to meet someone, DESTINY/FATE keeps telling me no you are gonna be ALONE! Doesn't matter what you WANT, this is how it is! I had more words, but I did not really feel work was the place to be writing t
Inneed Of Leveling My Self Xoxo
Death Comes When You Least Expect It
Shake Dat
Touch the Darkness @
Been There Dun That
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Fubar's Lost Art
CONVERSATION Seems like hardly anyone here on Fubar just talks anymore.. A "HI", "How are you doing?", "How was your day?" and "What's your plans for the weekend?" Conversation is a lost, fading, dying art. All Fubar is anymore is a huge popularity contest. Who can make it to Godfather and Godmother the fastest. Who can get the most points. Who can post the most pictures. Ah, you get the point. *Deep Sigh* I think the connection between people, be it online or even off line is just desintigrating. Soon all we will be is just blips in each other's cell phones, ipods, computer screens and all that. I will leave you with this one thought.. ah, nevermind.. it would probably fall on deaf ears anyways. Cassandra.
Please Join Us......
You are invited to attend the wedding of Sarah and Chris Thursday October 18, 2007 at 7 p.m. PST (10 p.m. EST) in the Wildcat Lounge ~Chris~ ROCK future hubby of yourtruelove@ fubar ~Sarah~ ROCKStruelove&soulmate@ fubar Wild Horse will be the official Wild Horse ~Fubar's 24th Godfather~@ fubar ~Witnesses~ Kris Loco Wedo
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Want To Win A 1 Day Blast??
The first person to correctly post my middle name will win a one day blast. Happy Guessing folks! Hugs and Kisses
You are invited to attend the wedding of Sarah and Chris Thursday October 18, 2007 at 7 p.m. PST (10 p.m. EST) in the Wildcat Lounge ~Chris~ ROCK future hubby of yourtruelove@ fubar ~Sarah~ ROCKStruelove&soulmate@ fubar Wild Horse will be the official Wild Horse ~Fubar's 24th Godfather~@ fubar
Absent Corpus Collosum
This disorder is a rare brain anormaly in which the band of nerves that normally join 2 hemispheres of the brain doesn't form during the prenatal period. This is why it is easier to say they have a little piece of the brain missing.Children and adults who have this have many factors that make it so different for each person.This disorder may cause such things as sensitive to hearing, eye sight problems, anger issues, mid-line issues, to learning problems, speech problems, to many others.Some adults don't know they have it till they have a MRI and then some children and adults can carry on regular lives and are normal without any problems. My son was born with this and we only found out due to him having a fatty tumor that grew from the inside out. I had never heard of this till then and more people need to be aware of this.Doctors don't have a lot of information on this and not a lot is known and this needs to change.Once they can understand it there might be more help for these wonder
22 Life Quandaries Solved
Posted on October 18th, 2007 by admin Want flatter abs, less stress, unforgettable sex? Here are the keys to all this and more. Eat sweets to curb a sugar craving? Overcome exercise inertia by writing a letter? Who knew? Insiders thats who! We combed through the research to uncover the single most important thing you need to know about everything - from whittling your middle to picking a weight-loss plan that youll actually stick to. Go ahead and pass these tips along. After all, some secrets are just too juicy to keep to your-self. 1. Picking the Right Diet for You Look For Your Favorite Foods. An obvious but often overlooked point is that the best diet is one youll stick to - not a hyped-to-the-hilt plan or the strategy that helped your pal drop 10 pounds, says Lisa Sanders, M.D., an assistant professor at Yale School of Medicine and author of The Perfect Fit Diet: How to Lose Weight, Keep It Off and Still Have the Foods You Love. If you adore fruit or pasta, for ex
Economy Ninja Sword
Complete a Costume at a Great Price! Price: 3.99
hey just to let you all know... I'm a real person.. i say what i mean and i mean what i say. i don't care if ppl don't agree with me.. thats ur choice. I'm just voicing my opinion. I'm sorry if that offends but i'm not on this earth to please ANYONE
Throw Us A Life Saver!!
These Special People Want Help In Their Contests So Please Help Them With Rates, Comments and More Comments!! Dominate07 Starry Pee-Jay They all helped me win my contest!!!!
Black Sheep
i am so the black sheep of my family right now, RC my moms dad died last night, yea it is sad. unlike the rest of my family, who morns death, i don't. i on the other hand celibrate death as a new begining for all. my uncles have lost there minds right now along with most of the fam but i don't blame them. yet they all look at me and lose it again bc im not sad, instead i am happy. no matter what beliefs you my have no matter how you may look at it, he isn't hurting any more. he stoped dialisis on his own call 2 weeks ago and had, diabeates, and parkenses, and many other problems. think i am crazy if you want to but i know that i am not i just have my own views of it all. damn i hate the bible belt lol
Lost In Times
Lost In Times Roaming the Darkness Forever not Knowing What is True and Fiction So very tired Of this forever Darkness Never to see the Light Nor the outside World Wishing to Rest for a while Yet fearing to close my eyes Fearing never to awaken again From the Endless Sleep that calls The Sleep of Certian Death Calls to me now even in the Darkness While I sit and rest my feet Never closing my eyes I hear the Call of the Sleep Yet I ignore her sweet song Knowing that I shall stay here Forever Lost, Alone and so very Tired Wrote on 10~18~2007 By Raven Darkwood
When i see you my heart jumps up and down with joy You are always around weather its in my thought or in reality When your not with me i miss u When your with me i hope u never leave At first i thought i would never fall in love I never thought i would be glad that i was wrong Your love doesn't just fill my heart it fills my bones my lungs and my emotions Your crying and worries kill me Your joy and happieness excities me Because of you i try to be the best person i can be You changed my life forever I love you more that god loves us here on earth Nothing could change the way i feeel about you so i will finaly say that i truely love you.
Tell Me Why?
Tell me why? Why do people STILL wear spandex? Why do dumb people always do all the taling? Why does it rain RIGHT after you spend an eternity on your hair and makeup? Why do the department stores sell you LAST seasons clothes? Why do men think that size doesn't matter? Why do men like lesbians until there are two real life lesbians near them and then they gross out? If they like lesbians why don't they like gay men? Why do men think that we ALL like to go to those male stripper bars and have some greasy smelly disgusting watse of sperm shake his crotch in our face? Why does it take for fucking EVER to get through the drive thru at a bank...Shouldn't it be faster than going inside? Why do old lady boobs look like two little oranges in pantyhose? Why do men refer to sporting events as if they ACTUALLY know the players or that they themselves are on the team...."If we lose this game that means we won't go to the playoffs and our season is over..." WTF?!!!
Thank You
Transformers (2007) Theme By Black Lab
The Peopel I Can't Stand
1. Anyone who thinks it's all good to leave their home, workplace, the gym or anywhere else that bodily fluids might be secreted (i.e. sweat, body odor of any kind) 2. People who talk too much and don't listen to a word they or anyone else says. 3. People who hurt children. They should tie them to a chair in a public area and let people come along at their own convenience and mutilate them just a little every day until they die a slow stinky death. 4. Clowns.... they should die just because they think they're so fucking funny. They smell funny too. and nothing matches... Is that supposed to be funny? 5. Whoever the fuck invented those fucked up dolls that their eyes roll around and look at you when they're sittin' up. That's just a therapists wet dream... 6. People who shop at Hot Topic and think that They're punk because they own a studded belt.... bullshit dude! You're a poser... the worst kind... stupid bitches... 7. Whoever the hell told Avril Lavigne she was pu
When i see you my heart jumps up and down with joy You are always around weather its in my thought or in reality When your not with me i miss u When your with me i hope u never leave At first i thought i would never fall in love I never thought i would be glad that i was wrong Your love doesn't just fill my heart it fills my bones my lungs and my emotions Your crying and worries kill me Your joy and happieness excities me Because of you i try to be the best person i can be You changed my life forever I love you more that god loves us here on earth Nothing could change the way i feeel about you so i will finaly say that i truely love you.
Blah I have been working 7 days a week, double trying to figure out this site but im just too friggen tired! Agh!
I Don't Care (radio Edit) By Milk Inc. Feat. Silvy
Tynisha Keli
Skn-3 (halloween Story)
SKN-3 by Steven E. Wedel Children crowded the dirty street, some carrying bags or sacks of treats given by local residents, or stolen from other children in other parts of the borough. Older kids sat on the curb smoking pot or whatever their pusher sold them last. No mothers would call these kids home as the evening grew steadily darker. Screams filled the night, but that was not unusual for this neighborhood. Jack-o-lanterns that had not yet been smashed by the marauding children of the ghetto still glowed dully in the dirty night. Reluctantly, the trick-or-treaters and drug users and pushers moved aside to let a battered old Mercury chug past them. The long brown Mercury stopped in front of the house where Dr. Daniel Stillson had set up his medical practice. A tall white man got out from the driver's side, and a huge Negro from the passenger side. The black man opened a back door and began pulling another white man from the seat. The driver came around the car to help his comp
why do men always think that because i'm pierced and tatted up that somehow that makes me a whore? not only that but that even though they themselves are gawd awful ugly that i am somehow desperate enough to want THEM??? Why do women feel the need to talk like babies to men? What the hell? Just talk.. no one likes that whiney cry baby shit! Why do ppl always think that just because you rate them that entitles them to try to get you to have cyber sex with them? and whet exactly is that?? and what could be gained from cyber sex?? where is the fun in that? what is the problem with just being cool with someone and NOT wanting sex? Just because i say your cute, sexy, or whatever doesn't mean i want to marry you!! get over yourself. Why do men say they love my smile when they really are checkin out my tits? why can't ppl be honest? Why is everyone ugly on here like captioning their pics saying.. "this is me..HOT!" like trying to validate themselves... if you think your hot then god bless you
Precious Perversion
I take his wrist, licking along the vein, my tongue trailing from his palm to his middle finger before sliding it between my lips, licking and sucking teasingly, smiling as I hear him growl with pleasure. He draws away from me, chuckling when he sees me pout as I nip the tip of his finger. On the index finger of his other hand, he wears a ring with a large spike at the knuckle- with this he slashes his arm right below the wrist and my eyes glitter when I see his blood pooling to the surface. "Drink." A demand, not a request when he holds his arm to my lips. "Become part of me." I take his arm and lick the blood flowing down his arm before closing my lips around the wound, drinking in his sweet, salty nectar as he strokes my hair, purring deep in his throat. Suddenly, he grabs a fistful of hair and pulls me away gently from my prize to lick the blood from the corners of my mouth, then consuming my lips in a passionate kiss. I wince slightly when I feel him run the spike slowly
Cyclone F/ T-pain (radio Edit) By Baby Bash
Have A Great Day To All My Fubar Friends
More Graphics at
Thingy Thing By Muck Sticky
My Other Daughter
She has been on Fubar a little while but not very actively. Go show her some luvin so she can see what shes missing by not hanging out more and maybe she will start. Looking for New Friends````PLZ RATE```FAN```ADD ME```Will return the LOVE```@ fubar
Pump Up The Jam By Technotronic
Being On Top During Sex
--CONTENT GOES HERE (static)-- --CONTENT GOES HERE (static)-- * Home * Contact * Ask Us! * Advertise * Media * About * Resources * Subscribe Today! * Ask Dan and Jennifer "The Best & Most Popular Dating, Relationship, and Sex Advice Column on the Internet Today..." Subscribe now to get the Latest on Dating, Relationships, Love, and Sex by RSS Feed! Email Subscribe RSS Subscribe Finding A Rhythm That Works When Shes On Top Posted in Sex Tips and Advice 300 Romantic, Sexy, and Fun Date Ideas Sex Tips and Advice: Finding A Rhythm That Works When She's On Top By Rose Rivera, MA Family and Sexuality Studies Being in the "on top" position during sex can be a nerve-wracking experience for both women and men. The expectation to please and to make the person "on bottom" orgasm can easily turn a playful sexual experience into an emotional disaster. Although its commonly assumed that the person in the dominant position
Technotronic - Rockin Over The Beat(the Sequel) By Technotronic - Rockin Over The Beat (the Sequel)
My Daughter
I finally got her to join so go show her some FUBAR luvin. Plweeese Kandikisz@ fubar
Fitzone For Women
So I walked to Fitzone for Women..which is about 45 minute walk being that I had to go through all the other apartment complex to get there because there was no sidewalks from here to there. Talked to the woman there about their class schedules and nutrition and what not. I have an appointment Monday morning at 9:30am to transfer there and get my stuff situated for circuit training. She also gave me a schedule for the Nutrition seminar so I will be attending that November 13th. I then walked over to see Cher at Grinderz.. where Connor got to eat some fries and I had a bottle of water.. lol. I was very good too.. I didn't take a single bite of his fries. I then walked back home which I think was about 50 minutes. so.. and some of it was up and down hill.. so hopefully it pays off. It started off a crappy day when I got up and it was raining out and then as soon as I realized it was becoming a nice day I decided I had to take advantage of it since I didn't get to go to the gym.. I am hop
So Much Fun
So lemme tell you, I moved back at the first of the month. And for some reason now, I can not pull up cheerytap/fubar at home. I mean it is not like I have been missed or anything.
Im Not Glass
don't TREAT me like glass. I'm not a little girl. Take me to your car. Pull me into the backseat. Let me see the desire in your eyes Put your hands on me Rest your hand on the the back of my head Pull me into you Let me taste your lips Kiss me gently in first Then deeper Move to my neck Feel me pull you in closer I can't get enough Slip your hand slowly up my thigh Feel my give in Tease me Break me Slip your fingers inside me Let me wrap my arms around your neck I want you closer Deeper.. Hear our hearts pound Feel my breath heavy on your neck Love me My breath hitches Kiss me one last time Look at me one last time with that gaze Let me touch your swollen lips I feel your hands brush my neck I'm not a little girl.
Wow... That Was Cool!
Any Suggestions
I have been talkin to this guy thats in the marines stationed in iraq. I met him on myspace and been talkin to him every night ..becoming good friends... I asked for his addy so that i could send him somethin but i dunno what. I know i'm gonna write him but what could i get him? Somethin small and easy to send... Any suggestions?
Life's A Beach
Life is a beach that will teach you well Between heaven and hell your soul for sell Incoming tide is great you see Outgoing tide leaves nothing for me Tracks in the sand from all you know Washed away quickly and some kind of slow Wind in your hair and sand on your cheek Life isnt easy and not for the meek Shells on the shore are covered by storm Only return when life is at norm Wind is strong and the water is high But when its calm you simply get by Life is a beach its easy you see High tide is simple, and happy, and free Low tide is different and hard to contain Pain and depression is hard to retain Life is a beach and easy to read Happy and sad together indeed The tide is in and sometimes its out But its always changing , with this theres no doubt Thomas Vern Ellison Jr. 08/27/07
~maya Angelou~
~ The Beauty of a Woman ~ The beauty of a woman, isn't in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, Because that's the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman, isn't in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman, is reflected by her soul. It's the caring that she cares to give, the passion that she shows, And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, Only grows. ~Maya Angelou~
Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Which Torchwood Character Are You?created with You scored as Toshiko Sato You are a quiet person who stays focused on what you are doing. You don't like other people interfering, and you pretend you don't care what they think of you. But if you find out, it really gets to you. You are passionate about your work, you enjoy it and it is major part in your life. Toshiko Sato 80%Gwen Cooper 74%Ianto Jones 74%Weevil 67%Suzie Costello 60%Owen Harper 47%
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breasts With Tomato And Basil And Potatoes With Peppers And Onions
1 1/2 to 2 pounds fingerling potatoes or red skin baby potatoes 1 small red bell pepper, seeded and cut into thin strips 1 Italian mild green pepper, cubanelle, seeded and thinly sliced 1 medium yellow skinned onion, thinly sliced 4 large cloves garlic, cracked away from skin 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 cup tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided Coarse salt and pepper 2 cups shredded Parmesan, available in tubs near deli -- make sure to get shredded cheese, not grated 4 (6 to 8-ounce) boneless, skinless chicken breasts 4 plum Roma tomatoes or small, vine ripe tomatoes, seeded and chopped 15 to 20 leaves fresh basil, pile leaves, roll then thinly slice -- chiffonade Preheat oven to 500 degrees F. Cut fingerling potatoes into halves or quarters, depending on thickness of fingerlings -- thin, small fingerlings may also be left hole, larger potatoes should be quartered to speed cooking process. If you are using small red potatoes, halve or quarter them in
Honey Nut Chicken Sticks
2 pounds chicken tenders Salt and pepper 1 cup all-purpose flour 3 eggs A splash milk 2 cups honey nut flavored cereal (recommended: Honey Nut Corn Flakes) 1 cup bread crumbs 1 tablespoon sweet paprika 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning 2 tablespoons grill seasoning (recommended: Montreal Seasoning) 1/4 cup vegetable oil, eyeball it Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Season chicken tenders with salt and pepper. Place flour in a large shallow dish. Coat chicken in flour. Beat eggs and milk in a shallow dish. Combine cereal, bread crumbs, paprika, poultry seasoning, grill seasoning and vegetable oil in food processor. Transfer breading to a shallow dish. Place a nonstick baking sheet near chicken breading station. In batches, take flour coated chicken and coat in eggs then in breading and place on nonstick cookie sheet. When all the chicken has been coated, transfer to oven and bake 15 minutes, until evenly brown and cooked through. Cool and serve, or pack up for a picnic! This c
Bush Is Ready To Declare Ww3!!! Nsfw Rap Video
Where is America headed?
Unsigned Southern Arists
Simple Internet Conversation
>EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ ALL OF THIS and HAVE CHILDREN READ IT TOO! > >After tossing her books on the sofa, she decided to grab a snack and get on-line. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on. She sent him an instant message: > >ByAngel213: >Hi. I'm glad you are on! I thought someone was following me home today. It was really weird! > >GoTo123: >LOL You watch too much TV. Why would someone be following you? Don't you live in a safe neighborhood? > >ByAngel213: >Of course I do. LOL I guess it was my imagination cuz' I didn't see anybody when I looked out. > >GoTo123: >Unless you gave your name out on-line. You haven't done that have you? > >ByAngel213: >Of course not. I'm not stupid you know. > >GoTo123: >Did you have a softball game after school today? > >ByAngel213: >Yes and we won!! > >GoTo123: >That's great! Who did you play? > >ByAngel213: >We played the Hornets. LOL. Their uniforms are so gross
American Lies??nsfw
What do you think?
72 Things Men Should Know When It Comes To Drinking
1. There is no such thing as a chocolate martini. 2. There is no shame in club soda and cranberry juice. 3. There is a reason for the scarcity of piano bars. 4. Visiting the pub will be cheaper in the long run if you tip the bartender regularly and more generously than is necessary. 5. Never order a frozen drink in a place that serves pickled eggs. 6. Actually, never order a frozen drink. 7. It's also not a bad idea to eschew the pickled pigs' feet, although their presence is fairly strong evidence that you've accidentally stumbled upon a real tavern. 8. For the sake of the children, leave the pistol at home. 9. Champagne is a place. Bordeaux is a place. Champale is not a place. 10. Grappa is to lighter fluid as ouzo is to lighter fluid. 11. Garnish matters. 12. Despite a high ratio of female clientele, an insouciant way with fried mozzarella, and their prevalence in resort towns, establishments where a waitress pours shots into your mouth from a bottl
Forever Forgotten
Forever Forgotten I seem to be Forever in the Shadows of the World Forgotten into the Ashes I will go. This isnt the First Nor will it be the Last That I get Forgotten In The Ashes Low I lay here in the silence Wishing for nothing more but some comfort Hoping that I dont Fade Completely Away Forever within the Shadows I seem to be For no one seems to care for me While I lay here silently Fading Fading into Nothingness I will do As the Shadows of Darkness claim me For I seem to be Forgotten In The Ashes wrote 10~18~2007 by Raven Darkwood
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myspace layouts
Dear God Why Me ....
->bisexual_c...: LMFAO .. piss off u sorry bitch bisexual_c...: wanna have cyber sex
Short Love Story .....
I will seek and find you. I shall take you to bed and have my way with you I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. . . . . . . . . All my love, The Flu Now, get your mind out of the gutter and go get your flu shot!
All Grown Up
As far back as I could remember... I was the one who was different from the others. I always wanted to make people matter what... And go outta my way to make sure it happened. Now... I'm all grown up. Not much has changed...and I like it that way.
Interesting Facts About Vaccines
On October 2, 2007 we were hit by the headline "First vaccine factory ready for flu pandemic" with such wonderful assurance that the new miracle vaccine will no longer be cultivated on chick eggs but on the cells of a "long-dead and nameless dog". I seriously suggest to the owner of the Cocker Spaniel that died 50 years ago to sue Novartis for "royalties" . Birds are truly amazing creatures, they fly thousands of miles without a glitch and then 7 of them decide to succumb in mid-air to the "virus" straight over Germany shortly before Novartis' new facility in Marburg/Germany was opened by Angie (Merckel). Not to be outdone by the stupid birds, the virus obligingly "mutated into a strain more infectious to humans", as announced on October 6, 2007. Americans still have time before being hit by a dead parrot falling conveniently from the sky, because Novartis' n
Hi Angel,
Marital Secrets
After 5 years Alice was becoming frustrated by her husband's insistence that they make love in the dark. Hoping to free him of his inhibitions, she flipped on her reading lamp one passionate night - only to find a cucumber in his hand. "Is this", she asked, pointing to the vegetable, "what you've been using on me for the last 5 years?" "Honey, let me explain.." "Why, you sneaky b'stard!" she screamed. "You impotent son of a -" "Speaking of sneaky," her husband coolly interjected, "maybe you'd like to explain our three kids?"
Dont Ever Stop
It hurts when you do It hurts more when you dont I want you to stop Please dont stop, Oh god I am numb without you, I need you in me I am empty without you, I need you to fill me Youre buried inside me, I feel you breathing Hard and harder, Dripping, breathing, grinding Moan I am nothing, I am yours I am slave To your cock
Definition Of Shit
FUNCTIONAL WORD THE MOST FUNCTIONAL WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider: You can get shit-faced, be shit-out-of-luck, Or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit, or be asked to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve "shit on a shingle." You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and
From Debbie
Albert...First let me say to you that you are the love of my life. I'm sorry I didn't have enough trust in you and your love for me.Please accept my apology. Now to friends and family...Let me assure you that things are fine between Albert and me. We could never be happier Every day we learn more about each other and that brings us closer together. If you care about Albert or me you will treat our relationship with respect and not try to bring it down.
The Dirty Dishes
Steve is shopping for a new motorcycle. He finally finds one for a great price, but it's missing a seal, so whenever it rains he has to smear vaseline over the spot where the seal should be. Anyway, his girlfriend is having him over for dinner to meet her parents. He drives his new bike to her house, where she is outside waiting for him. "No matter what happens at dinner tonight, don't say a word." She tells him, "Our family had a fight a while ago about doing dishes. We haven't done any since, but the first person to speak at dinner has to do them." Steve sits down for dinner and it is just how she described it. Dishes are piled up to the ceiling in the kitchen, and nobody is saying a word. So Steve decides to have a little fun. He grabs his girlfriend, throws her on the table and has sex with her in front of her parents. His girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and her mom horrified when he sits back down, but no one says a word. A few minutes later he gr
Hey thanks to those of you who showed my guys love already!!!! I need one more thing, if you haven't already can you please repost the bulletin? It is sticky so it won't be hard to find :) Thanks! Elizabeth
Torchwood: Greeks Bearing Gifts - Saturday At 9pm E/p On Bbc America
Greeks Bearing Gifts- Saturday, October 20th at 9:00pm & Midnight ET/6:00pm & 9:00pm PT on BBC America. Toshiko is given an alien pendant which enables her to hear other peoples thoughts. As the rest of the Torchwood team puzzle over a centuries-old skeleton, the pendant forces Toshiko to question her commitment to Torchwood: is her new-found ability a blessing or a curse?
I'm Sorry--i Hope This Works
I'm sorry... if im not skinny enough for you.I'm sorry...if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl".I'm sorry...that i dont want to have sex every minute of every day.I'm sorry...if I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you.I'm sorry...If I don't have a dream body that turns you on.I'm sorry...if I won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me.I'm sorry...if my hair is not long enough.I'm sorry...if I'm not the hottest girl you have ever seen.I'm sorry...That i try my best to get you to like me, then get hurt.But most of all....I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are.
My Mom
Passion! Strike a match! Ignite the passion in my soul... Let the wick burn deep into my heart Such a blaze, it engulfs my heart and yours. So very hot.... Puritanical walls melt Allowing sensuality to ooze through its cracks. Lustful arms, wrapped around your waist Burning and seething for that which they hold. Mouths joined with fury..... Drifting down..... Wiping sweat from your breasts with every kiss Our nakedness taunts us with excitement.... We find our mark Filling each other with excited protrusions Violating abandoned virginity. Fever blazing.... Cannons bursting..... Fireworks exploding....Sending our heads spinning The heights of ecstasy All calms and emotions clear Left with only the
Parent Training Course
Okay, so you want to be a parent. I don't have any hangups on that. However, it must be warned to you that maybe you should take these 11 tests before thinking about having a "little bundle of joy" because I can tell you, it's pretty rough... Car Test: Forget the RR, it's the station wagon for you. Buy a chocolate ice cream cone and put it in the glove compartment and leave it there. Then get a pencil and stick it into the cassette player. Take a family size tub on deep fried chips and mash them into the back seat followed up by running a rake along both sets of doors. Now after driving the sabotaged vehicle 130 000 miles with a second engine, try and trade it in. Dressing Test: Obtain one large, unhappy live giant squid and attempt to stuff it into a small net bag at all times making sure that all the arms stay inside. Stink Test: Smear honey, peanut butter and soy sauce all over the sofa and curtains. Place a fish stick and hermit crab behind the couch and leave both there
My Life
My name is Kevin. I was homeschooled from the age of 6 or 7, but since the past 4 or 5 years I haven't been able to do the school work because of the trouble with losing our apartment in Blackwood, NJ. And almost everything we had was in a storage facility. My 55 year old Mother ran her own company at home as a web-tech consultant for global business etiquette book authors, and after a market slump with some of her largest clients, she lost her business. My Mom was a Navy wife for 22 years and because she is divorced, and collects a portion of my Dad's pension, she cannot collect welfare or go to a women's shelter or any other government aide. We were living in the only motel in Glassboro, NJ, as far as we know, and it's not the greatest place; But it was a roof over our head with free heat, electricity, and HBO. We've lived with family and friends these past years, but when you're living in someone's house for a couple months and even a year, tensions rise. They begin
Joke: Young Female Bakery Clerk?
Joke: Young Female Bakery Clerk? A bakery owner hires a young female clerk who likes to wear very short skirts and thong panties. One day a young man comes into the store, glances at the clerk and glances at the loaves of bread behind the counter. Noticing the length of her skirt (or lack thereof) and the location of the raisin bread - on the very top shelf - he politely says to the young woman, "I'd like some raisin bread, please." She climbs up a ladder to reach the raisin bread, providing the young man with an excellent view, just as he surmised she would. When she comes down the ladder, he says he really should get two loaves as he is having company for dinner. As the clerk retrieves the second loaf of bread, one of the other male customers notices what is going on. Thinking quickly, he orders a loaf of raisin bread so he can continue to enjoy the view. With each trip up the ladder, the young lady seems to catch the eye of another male customer. Pretty soon, each male custom
Mcdonalds Beef
This article is from an e-mailing list I am on.... Personally I dont eat at McDonalds.... I'm sure those of you who aren't in the cattle business don't understand the issues here. But to those of us who who's living depends on the cattle market, selling cattle, raising the best beef possible... this is frustrating. As far as my family, we don't eat at McDonald's much (Subway is our choice of fast food), but this will keep us from ever stopping there again, even for a drink. The original message is from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association. American cattle producers are very passionate about this. McDonald's claims that there is not enough beef in the USA to support their restaurants. Well, we know that is not so. Our opinion is they are looking to save money at our expense. The sad thing of it is that the people of the USA are the ones who made McDonald's successful in the first place, but we are not good enough to provide beef. We personally are no longer eating
Moving On After Death
Cool Quotes I Like!
Here Stand We . . .
I stand again in the midst of chaos, the random motion of the stillness around me, inside me. The lack of focus and totallity of the confusing frustration. Whirling cosmic nodes, distract me from my center, trying to tear me apart from my core. With so many questions and doubts, I am like a hurt, scared, and confused child. Seeking solace from a parent, wanting only to pass on my burden to another. Wheather my burden truly be so heavy that I can't carry it or mearly my childish shelfish nature to want things to be simple and easy. Black & White, straight forward, easily seen and comprehended. Yet as a wise person once said, "Nothing simple is ever easy and nothing easy is ever simple." Yet the simple ignorance of youth, often mistaken for "innocence," is the bliss I seek. Only wishing for the quiet serenity of not knowing how bad things truly are. Having nothing to shield me from all the harsh light and darkness of the rest of humanity. Feeling so hyper-sensitive to everythin
I hide my love for you in a deep damp dark cave of my heart colleting dust never to see the light of day again
Are You Serious???
OBVIOUSLY I CHANGED THE USERS NAME BECAUSE...WELL YEAH... I DONT WANT ANYONE TO HURT THE POOR COMPUTER STUPID GUY. ->JUICYluxuria: you cant be this oblivious or computer stupid ->JUICYluxuria: open your internet browser...and type USER: i heard of it, but i don't see or know how to get to it ->JUICYluxuria: its google. ->JUICYluxuria: google...the world famous search engine...its not a part of fubar... USER: i don't see anything that says or has to do with google USER: no ->JUICYluxuria: are you fucking with me?? USER: ? USER: how do i go to google/ USER: i must be missing something. i don't see it USER: where is google at? USER: ok thank you ->JUICYluxuria: then do what i said USER: i do just ewant there pics USER: oh ok i see ->JUICYluxuria: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i thought you wanted just their pics. ->JUICYluxuria: go to google. click images at the top and type in what you want USER: what exactly are y
today I sit here upset cause one of my kittens has passed away last night and it was just so sudden.this is the second time I have raised two kittens since birth and I feel like I did something wrong.last night my heart dropped as I had to see my baby kitten "pepper" take his last breath.of course it was something you dont ever expect to see. well I have 3 more kittens 1 which is the same age(one month) and 2 that are four months old. I am very attached to my kittens especially "sam" the one in my pictures.I hope I can raise the other one to be as healthy as the others.wish me luck
Some of u may know i have been ill for over a week now with a lot of pain and discomfort on my right side from my back around to my side and stomach. my family thinks it is Appendicitis or a cyst on my ovaries. I I will be going in the the ER tom. Just wanted you all to be aware in case i am not here for awhile. So i just ask for you to have me in your thoughts and your prayers. thank you XOXO ~S~
Please Read Looking For New Family
Want to meet some new friends and family? Have you ever thought about joining a bombing family? Since joining the FU-Bombers, I have leveled several times and won a VIP. I have also became very close with several family members. We are a huge online family and are there to help each other. We are always looking for new family members. Please come check out the FU-Bombers family and read the blog on our main page. If you are interested in joining, send a friend request telling Peggy that Tiggerbear sent you. Here is the link to the family website. FU-Bombers@ fubar Thank you for your time, Tiggerbear2007
Does This Work
I Ask Myself
i ask myself is it worth what you put yourself through all the time just to be happy with the person you love but he does not love you back . tell yourself that and think . hummmmmmmmm i feel my life would not be nothing it i did not have you in it . so come on baby open your doors to your heart and let me in . so we can share are love together and become one life and be happy for the rest of are lifes . and are heart are to stay open at all time .. as the kids grow older are love is still growning deep in love . done by christine
Heart Racing
Boo Bees
yes that shirt is back! It always makes me laugh but today I saw a little 5 or 6 year old wearing it. Thats a little too wrong.
Shower Continues
[From Part 1]: The towel around my head drops to the floor and my long damp red hair showers out around me. I reach around and pull your head and engorged cock against me as we continue to kiss. I shiver against you, hoping this will never end, wanting to feel you deep inside me again, very soon. I know that will happen. [PART 2 BEGINS] The clean scent of our bodies excites us. You take me by the hand and with the rest of my towels falling to the floor you lead me to the foot of my oversized bed. Our kisses become ever more passionate, our tongues pushing in and out of each others mouths. I reach to stroke your hard cock, my fingers sliding smoothly through the pre-cum dripping from the thickly swollen end. I drop down on the bed and quickly take your manhood into my warm, wet mouth. I lean forward, sucking you all the way, pressing my lips down until the head of your cock hits the back of my throat. So big, so hard! I swallow your clean wet cock into my throat. You rock, y
Comedian Joey Bishop Dies
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Joey Bishop, the stone-faced comedian who found success in nightclubs, television and movies but became most famous as a member of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack, has died at 89. He was the group's last surviving member. Peter Lawford died in 1984, Sammy Davis Jr. in 1990, Dean Martin in 1995, and Sinatra in 1998. Bishop died Wednesday night of multiple causes at his home in Newport Beach, publicist and longtime friend Warren Cowan said Thursday. The Rat Pack -- originally a social group surrounding Humphrey Bogart -- became a show business sensation in the early 1960s, appearing at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas in shows that combined music and comedy in a seemingly chaotic manner. Reviewers often claimed that Bishop played a minor role, but Sinatra knew otherwise. He termed the comedian "the Hub of the Big Wheel," with Bishop coming up with some of the best one-liners and beginning many jokes with his favorite phrase, "Son of a gun!" The quintet
These Contests Are Very Close!!!
These Special People Want Help In Their Contests So Please Help Them With Rates, Comments and More Comments!! Dominate07 Starry Pee-Jay They all helped me win my contest!!!!
Redneck Firefighters
You might be on a redneck fire department if... Your department has ever had two emergency vehicles pulled over for drag racing on the way to the scene. You have naked lady mud flaps on your pumper. Your firehouse has wheels. You've ever gotten back and found out you locked yourselves out of the firehouse. Fire training consists of everyone standing around a fire gettin' drunk. You've ever been toned out on an outhouse fire. That outhouse fire was with entrapment. You've ever let a person's house burn down because they wouldn't let you hunt on their ground. At least one vehicle in the firehouse still has decorations on it from the Halloween Parade and it's January. Your personnel vehicle has more lights on it than your house has lights in it. You don't own a Dalmation, but you do have a coon dog named Sparky. You've ever walked through a christmas display and came up with more than 3 new ideas for a light scheme for your truck. Your re
Who Cares Not Mike , Or Anyone .
To Be In Love Although I have gone beyond right or wrong I have gone to what is pure and real. With every breath I breathe, it tightens At the beauty of knowing what it feels like To be in love. And, although the pain of being away from you Is so overwhelmingly hard to bare I have felt love, I have held you, I have touched you With a touch that can only be felt Or given with entire intensity As the touch I've given to you, and the touch You shared with me. A thousand feelings engross me. Feelings that are indescribable, yet, so fiercely strong, And ruling to my very essence. Should I have? I can ask myself that a million times. Should I have met you? I thought that meeting you would free my Desire for you But it has only amplified the deepest love That comes from within me, for you. And yet, with all this love I feel inside There is also a hidden sadness, A sadness that promises no one tomorrow, That leaves your heart open With amazing clarity of w
What A B!tch
Last night, my friend Sandi and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.....
My Grandmother's Love Letters
Mike you need to read this one . There are no stars tonight But those of memory . Yet how much room for memory there is In the loose girdle of soft rain. There is even room emough For the letters of my mother's mother, Clara, That have been pressed so long Into a corner of the roof That they are brown and soft, And liable to melt as snow. Over the greatness of such space Steps must be gentle. It is all hung by an invisible whit hair . It trembles as birch limbs webbing the air. And I ask myself: "Are your fingers long enough to play Old keys that are but echoes: Is the silence strong enough To carry back the music to its source And back to you again As though to her?" Yet I would lead my grandmother by the hand Through much of what she would not understand; And so I stumble. And the rain continues on the roof With such a sound of getly pitying laughter. done by christine
First Entry
First Entry I"ve waited for this moment I've ran it over and over in my mind wondering how it would be . when or bodies connect my first entry.... As solid as granite slowly as he parting the pink sea pushing in a just a little felling her soft lipes encircle him griping him as much as he would want to thrustin! slan in her ! Shhhhhhhht man!! he get is all in there !! ther is anther person shareing this moment these fellings I want us to share.... he pushing in slowly about a inch then he pulling out just a little bit . seeing the estacy in her eyes he's pushing -in- alittle more the man like beast in me . is getting harder to ignore He is half way in trying-not-to-think!1 of how great she feels then shes start playing with her nipples so he give himself a taste pulling backing out just a little fells better than before Hes sweating the feelings to great He can't hold back any more she see the fire
What Should I Do .
What should I do, When I love two? When I am with one, for the other I long, I can't find a place for my heart to belong. You promised that you would always stay, But now you have gone away. Your love to me was as clear as a bell, You promised that I'd always be your Angel. We used to love each other so very much, but you were blinded by another girl's touch. But now I have found someone new, And he loves me like you used to do. And now you say I am right for you, but with only half my heart do I love you. Now I must choose between both of you, I am so confused, I don't know what to do. What should I do, When I love two? The first thing I think of When I think of you, Is your wonderful smile. The second would be your adorable laugh. I could go on and on, But the list would never end. When I think of the short time That we've been together And of all of the happy memories we've already shared It amazes me to no end And I know that we were meant to be together. I look at you and see
Live To Ride Ride To Live
The Biker I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But, you didn't see me, and my brothers donate o
If I Should Die
If I should die tonight in my sleep No one would miss me, no one would care, And if I should slit my wrists with a knife There'd be a party, a gala, a fair. If tomorrow the world were to end And I were to die With my hand on my heart I would say, "Fuck you world and have a nice day." No one cares about the child gone wrong, The little kid sat in the corner I still hurt and I feel pain Even more than you could ever imagine. But one day I hope to find someone To love me and treat me like gold Until the day that happens I struggle through life getting old. done by christine
On A Cold Winter Day .
As you and I walk in the snow holding hands. Watching the kids play in the snow . As we started to play with them in the snow . throwing snowballs at one other getting cold together Then we look at one other are lips touch one other in a kiss . as are eyes meet in the snow i tell you that i love you so much . then you take my hand and say to me lets go home. so you started to run home with my hand to your hand . then you pick me up and in to the warmth of are home . you start the fire and i make the hot coca with the topping . as we cuddle to the fire . as you hold me in your arms . as i looking in to your eyes and tell you that i love you . and smile at you on a cold winters day .. done by christine
One of my ex best friends is the typical girl. She loves to go shopping, talk about shit and spread remors, and read seventeen and ym and tries to hard to look pretty when she looks so much better without lots of makeup and when she doesnt straighten her hair. But shes gettin on my nerves. I had been working at Chuck E Cheese {you can laugh) for over a year and then she came up there and got a job after I asked her nicely not too because then I'd see her too much and I like to have a different group of friends at work just because I haven't known most of them my entire life. SO anyways she got a job up there and always wanted to work on days I worked. I hated that so quit and got a new job. I didn't tell her where, but she figured it out from the people I did tell...mainly they said it was one of my favorite resturants and she narrowed it down real quick by doing some snooping and bugging the shit outta people until they told her so she'd leave them alone. She just called me and sa
I Just Want To See What Others Would Say To This Or How They Would React To It....
Ok lets say you are dating someone ok and they say this all right here. ( just asking one of my friends on fubar asked me why you were checking his page out and he wrote u a message asking y u keep looking at my friends u should stop and stay out of my bussnes but hun i already to talk to him so please dont say anything to him k hes a good friend of mine i dont want people mad at me k huny) How would you react if you cared or loved her or him? What would be running through your mind? These people know who they are and well I haven't said there names and don't plan on it And Well Lets see where it goes from here cuz my guess is if you get mad at me for this thing it says it all that I wanted to know. I am sorry if it made ya mad at me for this but I am blunt about alot of things and well I am no fool but You need to see my point of view as well as I see yours which by the way I know when I make mistakes and I fix them as I make them too
Money Is Everything
Some Love Quotes I Really Like
Communication Quotes "If you had one phone call to make before you died, who would you call, what would you say, and why are you WAITING?!" "Saying I love you is important, but not enough. Remember, love is a verb, an action word. Sometimes, passive because it happens to us, but also active, because we choose to do it." "You know you love someone when you cannot put into words how they make you feel." "I said that I would be all right, I said I would be fine, but once again I lied to you, and it's killing me inside." (This is ME to a T!) *************** Dream Quotes "Dreaming allows us to satisfy our desire without performing our task. It is always free to dream, but dreaming too much can also be harmful and might lead us to nightmares." "Whenever I want you, all I have to do... is dream." "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be wait
Lust, Love, Marriage
LUST VS LOVE VS MARRIAGE LUST -When your tongues meet across a crowded room. LOVE -When your eyes meet across a crowded room. MARRIAGE -When you try to lose your spouse in a crowded room. LUST -When intercourse is called "screwing." LOVE -When intercourse is called "making love."' MARRIAGE -When intercourse is a town in Pennsylvania. LUST -When you steal everything they own. LOVE -When you share everything you own. MARRIAGE -When the bank owns everything. LUST -When the relationship is over if you don't climax. LOVE -When it doesn't matter if you don't climax. MARRIAGE -When ... uh ... what's a climax? LUST -When you phone each other to pick a hotel room. LOVE -When you phone each other just to say, "Hi." MARRIAGE -When you phone each other to bitch about work. LUST -When all you write is your phone number. LOVE -When you write poems about your partner. MARRIAGE -When all you write is checks. LUST -When your only concern is to find a room with mirrors
Fuck You
been here before?????? hell yeah????? you said you would stop remember???????? fuck this!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck this love!!!!! i cant take what your doing to my insides anymore!!!!!! i find myself screaming inside. never able to say what i mean or to stay mad with you.....dont touch me!!!!!! dont breath my name!!!!!! i cant take this anymore......your killing me on the inside.....slowly loseing myself unable to remember who the fuck i am without you......fuck this love.....fuck you......fuck all the damn lies....or rather fuck all the little shit you forgot to tell me........or just left out to keep me from walking out the door......i just fucked up once you said.......fuck that youve been fucking up the whole damn time!!!!!!!!!!!fuck this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I Too Sexy
Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume
Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume Shop for halloween costumes by clicking here - fulfill all your costume and party decoration needs! Halloween costume parties generally fall on, or around, October 31, often falling on the Friday or Saturday prior to Halloween. This year you can go wearing Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume, Superman halloween costume etc. According to The National Retail Federation's (NRF) 2006 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, the top Halloween costumes for children in the United States are: 1. Princess 2. Pirate 3. Witch 4. Spider-Man 5. Superman // Disney Princess 6. Power Ranger 7. Pumpkin 8. Cat 9. Vampire The top Halloween costumes for adults are: 1. Witch 2. Pirate 3. Vampire 4. Cat 5. Clown 6. Fairy 7. Gypsy 8. Superhero 9. Ghost // Ghoul The success of Fantastic Four should enable Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume to be on top this year. Fantastic four hall
Dj Pixi ♪ Zombie Raido ♫~ Wife to My True LOVE HORSE ~@ fubar
People Saying Their Leaving Fubar.
I dont know if im the only one noticing this, more and more people are posting bulletins, blogs ect... saying their leaving Fubar, this has become a trend around here lately and I think its really sad, people that say their leaving then turn around and dont, I think its an attention deal, pretty sad that you have to claim ur leaving so others will pay attention to you. Ive seen lots of shit in my life on the net, but this takes the cake, ive seen more drama, attention seekers on this site then anywhere else. I just had to say something, ive been seeing it more and more everyday, people saying im leaving, then oh my friends talked me into staying cause they showed me love, well yeah you wanted attention, you lied, you got some points now ur staying, hmmmmmmmm a new fubar trend. I THINK SO!
A Letter To Janie K.
We had to read an article in English class today about this woman who was a self proclaimed atheist and basically putting down christianity. I mean to each his own but I hate talking about religion it's just something you shouldnt talk about amongs strangers. We then had to write a letter to her on how we felt about the article. Our teach isnt sending them she just wanted to see what we wrote. BTW I can't stand my english professor.. I was partially in a foul mood when i read this article. That didnt help in my persuasion of how i felt about my religion. Maybe it just poured salt into the wound that had been on the road to healing and then through a series of events over the last two years was ripped apart ending first with decision made by my cousin to take her two month olds sons life last week. Anyway about the article. It was rude in my opinion. Yes I did get a laugh over how she referred to baptists as the Republicans. That sentence only made me think of my grandparents wh
I Got A New Phone
To all of you that had my phone number and would like it again let me know. I just got a new cell phone (FINALLY) This isn't a free for all to give my number out to just anyone. Just really offering it back to the ones that had it already. Let me know! Jackie
A Little About M
well after a verry long 5 years i finally got my life long friends back! Wich is one of verry few over the last 5 years. Not only did i get them back they also helped me get back to the "old me" as she puts it, and now everything is going great! I just got of a verry bad relationship with my soon to be ex hubby who was very abusive. I am now with my oldest childs father and i could not be happier! The only reason i didnt end up with him in the first place is because i never told him i was pregnant and he mooved out of state. (Trust me, I felt aweful.) But thank to my friends and their help I have him back. Now evrything is looking up we are verry happy. I guess it pays to have people who really cares about you. It is not fun being alone. so if u r reading this, thank you mommy from ur red headed step child! I have 3 beutifull kids that are 3, 1, and 9 mo. It keeps me busy but i would not change them for the world. But that is all for now, thatnk u again momy 1 & mommy 2! I lov
Why Can't I Level Up
Hey there all, I have a problem, I can't seem to get past 99.99% on level Newfu. I have enough points to be a level 11. I have verifide my email addy, and I have tried to do a salute, but since you have to be level 3 I can't do it. Does anyone have any clue as to why I am not moving up the ladder? I have had one suggestion as to delete my account and start over, but I would really be loosing alot if I did that. Please help me fix this problem. Annastacia
Contradiction!..lmao that Some have read the "cuoth" blog...Let me give you a slight example...LOL I am going to be "uncouth" in my blatant and shameless display of self promotion..LOL I have less than 400,00 to hit the last and final level of this online version of my video game, and I need all the help I can get! If any of you can share my profile that would be wonderful. (You do that by going to my profile and at the top right is a place link that says share and a place to copy a link!) All your love is appreciated! Hugs and Kisses!..:)
Should I Do It?
hey everybody since my mumm turned into a retard magnet i will ask in here should i go back into djing or just rest it for now i would like your feed back on this subject thank you ~ Lost In The Dark ~ P.s. i got job thing for testing to see if i can get the job or not if i gewt it is is working for boeing ( yes the plane company ) and i can start at $17 an hour wish me luck on this i will wirte a gain to let you know how it went
A Heads Up > Im Not Ignoring You All!
Ok heres the update. Im NOT ignoring everyone, I've just been super busy. This weekend and following week will be busy as hell. I have court, a few doc appointments, a 3 day interview, Possibly going out of town for a few days to pack up all my shit and bring it up here, being full time mother to 2 kids, and full time aunt/sitter to 6 other kids. And some where in all that, my birthday is sunday the 21rst, and I plan (well hope) to be able to go out to celebrate.If things go right I'll be able to be kid free and go clubbing and/or to bars. Hell even going out to the movies would be nice! lol So ya, I'm not being a rude bitch, I just have a life outside Fubar! lmao. Leave me lots of luv tho and as soon as i have spare time I WILL return all luv given to me! Promise! So give me some thing to look forward too! Leave me lots of birthday love too! Oh yes, and In case any of you want it, i do have a myspace and yahoo. Just gotta ask me for it if you dont have it already! XOXOXO's,
A rock god with a demented legend,Ozzy & Zombie Dec.8th 2007 ,right b4 my birthday and it will be in a town just 45min from me 0000 i cant wait! im soo excited im wet.
my body hurts. yet in a good way. hot damn yoga-lates works. my entire legs... my arms... my back.. all that nice...'yes i worked my ass off' kind of...strained going on yes today is delightful. absolutely gorgeous outside i think...ima go sit out there... cuz being in the really doing nothing for me. tada!
For A Friend(gidget)
THINGS WILL GET BETTER, IM SERIOUS!!! imikimi - Customize Your World
My Wife
A Rae of sunshine, She illuminates my heart, She's my Amanda
The Saga Of Angie-chapter 5 Childish And Petty
Ok, it's been a few days since I wrote about Angie. It's not that there isn't anything to tell. Where Angie is concerned, there's always much to tell-I just haven't had the energy to talk about her. I mean, really, hate and anger is time-consuming and draining. Something is happening in her life, and we're all speculating, but no one will tell us what's going on. Not that I'm extremely concerned about her foul life, but I want to know so that I can mock her and feel superior. LOL. Yeah, I know it's terrible, but she brings out the worst in me! I feed my anger with a daily dose of mockery, disdain, suspicion, and antagonism. Yeah, I know that this is a childish and foolish endeavor. I understand that letting someone get to me only hurts me, but it is so deliciously wicked to hold on to these feelings. Nowwhat could be going on in her life? I "heard" she told HR she needs money right awaymaybe to bail out her trifling husband. Of course, we looked online to see if he
Texans You Got Love Them
TEXANS U GOTTA LOVE THEM Q. How do you know which one is the Aggie on the offshore oil rig? A. He's the one throwing bread to the helicopters. Survivor Texas Style Due to the popularity of the Survivor shows, Texas is planning to do its own, entitled Survivor - Texas Style. The contestants will start in Dallas, travel to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then proceed up to Del Rio, on to El Paso, then to Midland, Odessa, Lubbock and Amarillo. From there, they'll proceed to Abilene, Ft. Worth and finally back to Dallas. Each will be driving a pink Volvo with a bumper sticker that reads, "I'm gay, I'm a vegetarian, I voted for Al Gore, George Strait Sucks, Hillary in 2008, and I'm here to confiscate your guns!" The first one to make it back to Dallas alive wins. The Bull and The Blonde Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family ranch. Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in finan
I Am Not A Perfect Girl
Red Shirt
Red Shirt If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below... Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to his family. The rea lization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I c
New Rule - 10 -18-2007
Unless your falling on it, leave it out I'd say about 30% of fubar's population has one of those most pointless pictures ever. You know the one, with the babe, holding the knife, giving it a lick, acting sexy and dangerous. But in the meantime, looking like an emo kid with the wrong impression. Remember, You don't walk across the street, you walk up it. Least that might be an interesting pic. write poetry. shampoo crotch. Don't give a shit how sad and lonely you are, poetry is dead, and no amount of self mutilation via words is going to bring it back. Especially since no one has made mention of a poet since the first batch of 'em died. And speaking of that, check out history, see the way that most poets died. and then do us all a favor, and speedy up the process. Hi! I rated you an 11! Accept my request! Only if you accept mine first. Go fuck yourself. The reason why you have never seen "fan.rate.add" on my site, is cause I dont want you to. Same reason why I've n
Here's To The......
Im Watching You
Music Video:WATCHING YOU (by Rodney Atkins)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Lyrics By Me
shadowsstanding in the shadow of myselfi can't move, scream for helpno one hears, i feel like someone elsewhy can't you see past my face?have i lost my placeor have i just lost faith?all my life, as i lose it alli watch time make its calli feel the pain way before the fallpull me out of the corner i've lived in for so longgive me a place where i can't belong _chorus: i can run, i can hidenothing helps, but i'll still trythis shadow is my homefor now at leastuntil the one to call my own is the one named me_ looking at the shadows on your facei see now what time calls spacebut the stolen kiss has come too latei'm breaking nowwatch me cryi bet you wish you had triedno one came to bring me hopeno one said time could mendi can't copeit won't endit's empty inside, cold from the painyou could've at least said my name repeat chorus darkening clouds, pouring raincast the shadows beyond shamei told you all just how it would bebut no on believes the one called me look what you didl
Nothing Special
Just A Quote I Really Like..
"Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will." Source Unknown
Two Amazing Ladies
Two hot ladies worth checking out and definitely a "must add" to your friends list. These 2 hotties are both family members and are treasured by me greatly. I've spent much time chatting with both and they are the best! So check out both Jude and Lucy and give them the love and support they both deserve! mrsjacksparrow63@ fubar FuBaRsLaDyInReDCuTeCaNaDiAnGaL~Fubar wifey of I'm Hip....;)@ fubar
Optical Illusion
Do you see her spinning clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both? Instead of concentrating on her chest, concentrate on the woman's movement. If you see her spinning clockwise, that means you're using the right side, or more creative side of your brain. If she appears to be moving counter-clockwise, then that means the left side, or more logical side of your think muscle is superior. Here is the original link:
The Alley We have just finished our early evening dinner and a few glasses of wine at a restaurant across town. Twilight is nearing. We walk past an alley on the way to our car. You pull me into the alley and forcefully pin me against the wall. I see desire, power, and a hint of darkness in your eyes; it sends chills through my body. You lean in and kiss my lips, gently at first, then nibble at them roughly. I wince at the pain as you press me harder into the wall. You take my breast in your hand and knead it, pinching the nipple and pulling at it. You moan hoarsely into my mouth as you assault my body with your hands Groping, pinching and massaging every inch that you can reach. I understand your desire and push myself into you, giving myself to your needs. You raise my dress to expose my bare, wet pussy. I am wearing no under garments at your request. Your hand glides across my clit and down my juicy lips. You insert two fingers and shove them into me over and over. Y
They said LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL , yes it is! When you have these thing called love everything is beautiful and different. But, it's hurt you, too! In love, there's always a place and space for each an individual. It doesn't tell you WHEN, WHERE and HOW it happens? It doesn't even cared if you're MARRIED or SINGLE! It just come and knocks into everyone's heart without saying a word. We do all fall inloved and when we does ... everything speaks and confesses even the secrets of your heart which is called THE FEELINGS. But to have this feelings is quite difficult to the fact, that you can't have it! You can have her heart but not the person itself! You dream and think of her everyday, every moment of your life and your heart beats so fast because you cared this person a lot.They said LOVE DON'T HAVE LIMITS! At first, I disagree but indeed, it's true! When your heart ruled over your mind you sometimes forgot the said LIMITS especially if it beats to someone. You didn't think of yourself anymor
My Heart
No one ever touched my heart in such a gentle way until there was you. I've discovered something wonderful about you - something that took me by surprise. I've known for a long time that you were someone special, sensitive, gentle, romantic...always bringing out the best in me. But now I've realize that you're so much more than're my my friend - the best friend I could ever imagine. I never dreamed that such a perfect combination could exist in one person. But there you are & here I am...loving you
Slipping Away...poem And I'm Ready Poem
slipping away Here it is againProof that I'm still aliveSharper fears break my skinStrawberry gashes every timeThere it goes againDarkening the corners of my mindHiding the anger I had for himAnd covering all his liesOne more pill to bring you back to yesterdayOne more tear to chase your dreams awayOne last word to lead your heart astrayAnd you're slowly slipping awayHere it is again, deep downThe feeling I'm not good enough, for youBreaking to pieces, I shatter to the groundWhat did you think I'd do? i'm readyi'm a wreck without your presence.but i never learn my lesson.and each time, i'm feeling restlessto believe in what's faceless.side by side, and i'm thinking of youwith a passion that's burning close, yet so far away.i still feel distant to this day.silence in loud and my pride is at stake.oh, wild one, do you see the pain that still remains?i fear the time has come of letting go.looking in your eyes, you never know; did it showthat when you pulled me up so close,my
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If you have it...Use it! If you don't...Find it! Please! lol Hugs and Kisses! COUTH couth Pronunciation: kuth Hear it! Part of Speech: Adjective MEANING!!!: Suave, sophisticated, cultured, well-mannered, refined in manner and manners. This is not meant for everyone as I think you all know...please do not take offense! Its meant for some, that seem to think its ok to start a conversation with impolite suggestions..:)
Various Poems By Me 3
cope when you've tried your best to find the oneto bring you joy and steal the sun.if the world caves and leaves you broken,hold this memory of which i've spoken.i've got a minute and perhaps a lifetime,to remind you of such a pastime.when our world could mend the fearand help each other wipe the tears.we were the best through the worst of friends,i'm glad to see it will never end.even though we've had our dayswhere the moon didn't hang a certain way.but through the pool of sorrowed smiles,together we can walk such when you're down and lost all hope,here's an Angel to help you cope. i'd forgotten you came through and put hope back into my life.i'd forgotten how to feel.i'd forgotten how to breathe.i'd forgotten how much i loved you. remember me i was the quiet one who never needed a soul. i stepped on little boys' hearts; the kind that were filled with childish passion towards me. i would run and pour my feelings to the ones who cared most.remember me?i probab
Her's Has Just Begun
Various Poems By Me 2
essential *broken promises and one's fearcannot be known without her tearsshe cries and bleeds for the time before.she pleads in time when he's at her door.she loves him like the world and so.only to see he doesn't know.if she can take the time to feel.then tell him her love is real.she needs you now, she'll do her take you here and lie at rest.hold you there and never let go.i wish i could say i love you so.i'd kill the world to bring you home.never leave you there alone.* accomplished i'm an angel. i've given my time. i'm your savior. soon we'll be entwined. given the breath, i'd hold you dear. i'll give you me. bring on the fear. i love you now. and forever more. promise me you'll never walk out this door. close your eyes. begin to dream. when you wake. i will be me. unwantedi don't know how to make you see.all you've done to's really torn me down.i don't know what to always get your wayyou don't want me around. vacant sunlight shines t
Just recently certain hoople heads are getting on my nerves they seem to think they can assist me in what they have deemed my plights so please do be intelligent enough to analyze this very concise morsel of rage ... It's these people for which I hold nothing but contempt. These overbearing, holier than though, shallow, misguided, corrective (your not my fucking mentor/editor/ruler) cattle. And if that offends you then good you realize the truth and you're a target... Short, sweet and to the fucking get out of my head, point! Ahhhhhhh...
If I
If I should say it means so much to see your smile, to feel your touch - I hope you know I'm trying to show you're everything to me. If I should say that I've had fun, enjoyed the many things we've done - I hope you know I'm trying to show I'm happy as can be. If I should say that deep inside I'm filled with such a special pride - I hope you know I'm trying to show you've made my dreams come true... And even though I seldom say the things I feel for you each day - I hope you know I'm trying to show I'm so in love with you.
What Being A Bitch Means
Various Poems By Me
salvation she says she's in love with the man she used to know. you tell her you care for her, but that don't make it so. she says the world is in your eyes, just tell her you love her too. then she'll make the pain of time disappear with everything you do. just hold her tight and whisper things to make her feel proud. tell the words she loves to hear, just only not so loud. unbreakableyou've been there...though only inside of me..when i lost all believed in me...i saw you once..though only in a glimpse...but still i can't forget...what you told me hence...said you'd always made it a promise...never to lead tend to my wish...since then you've proven so well...that time is a broken glass...yet always half-filled...the cracks begin clash...i've been there...through sickness and health...i know i said i loved you...maybe it's what i felt...but the love back is what i really need..not to be wilted...not to fight in plead..i felt so
Forgotten nights is where I get my peace Sedated memories They start to leak and roll right down my cheek Look at my reflection Through the looking glass to avoid any resurrection Should I stay or limp away From all the decisions we made today? And if I die, would you cry and want to turn to me and say? If you were here, I could be myself again without the pain Of being real and forced to feel all of the time I waste again I know you And I know that you don't want me to know What you need To make every seed in your watercolor garden grow And all the things you say today They don't mean nothing when you're walking away You think its real cool To take a piece of me and hold it to the stars ‘til light shines through Chorus Solo If I die Was it a waste for you? Would you cry? And is it a waste for me to love you now?
Fall Out Boy - Thanks For The Memories
I'm gonna make you bend and break (it sent you to me without wings) Say a prayer, but let the good times roll In case God doesn't show (let the good times roll, let the good times roll) And I want these words to make things right But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life Who does he think he is? If that's the worst you've got, better put your fingers back to the keys One night and one more time Thanks for the memories Even though they weren't so great He tastes like you only sweeter One night yeah and one more time Thanks for the memories Thanks for the memories See he tastes like you only sweeter Ohhhhhh Been looking forward to the future But my eyesight is going bad In this crystal ball It's always cloudy except for (except for) When you look into the past (look into the past) One night stand. (One night stand, off!) One night and one more time Thanks for the memories Even though they weren't so great He tastes like you only sweeter On
We have a past...You were my love before I even realized it. I had been searching for a long time & then my heart recognized you. We have a present...You understand my language, whether it's a sigh, a nudge, or a sly wink. You inspire me to be be real, to face things & to give everything my best shot. You accept me as I am & sometimes I'm not entirely lovable, but you love me anyway. We have a future...No matter what my fears, no matter what my challenges, you'll be there for me & I'll be there for you. We're a part of each other, you & I will always have the best kind of love.
My New Halloween Profile!
Just got done (finally lol) making my new Halloween profile page! Please check it out and let me know what ya think! :D ~CHARMED~
Engineering And Horses Arses
Railroad Track The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way they built them in England, and English expatri ates built the US railroads. Why did the English build them like that? Because the first rail lines were built by the same people who built the pre-railroad tramways, and that's the gauge they used. Why did "they" use that gauge then? Because the people who built the tramways used the same jigs and tools that they used for building wagons, which used that wheel spacing. Why did the wagons have that particular odd wheel spacing? Well, if they tried to use any other spacing, the wagon wheels would break on some of the old, long distance roads in England , because that's the spacing of the wheel ruts. So who built those old rutted roads? Imperial Rome built the first long distance roads in Europe (and England ) for their legions. The roads have
Road To The Isles
Road to the Isles Today I sat on a hillside beside a loch and a monument Below me a clan's dead slept a history laid to rest Tides have come and gone washed clean the shore a myriad times Remembered in this effigy those who fell in world war one Gravestones when I clambered down were crowded close as if for warmth Some stood black and sleek others rough enlichened stone Grand monuments within the chapel echoed out great chiefs long dead Around the hills looked on in grandeur unchanged through these many lives
If I Were A Lesbian....
If I were a lesbian.... or if I even had a chance,being straight, at being with any one of these women,this would be my top 10 list: Top 10 Women I'd "Do" : Linda Carter from Wonder Woman 1974 Pam Grier aka Foxy Brown Aishwarya Rai Jennifer Connelly Scarlett Johanssen Heidi Klum Drew Barrymore Jessica Alba Kate Beckinsale Salma Hayek *also worth mentioning are Sandra Bullock,J-lo,Keri Russell(longhaired Keri),Halle Berry,and Demi Moore. *edited to add Charlize Theron as an honorable mention,and Angelina Jolie..well,for fucks sake..she's on everyone's list. Top 10 Women I Would NOT "Do" Even If Their Vajayjay's Were Made Out Strawberry Mentos Or PEZ Candies : Keira Knightley Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Christina Applegate Helen Hunt Sharon Stone Paris Hilton Tara Reid Claire Danes Lindsay Lohan(Ewww.Just EWWWW.) Now I realize that most of you guys out there would "do" the majority on my "wouldn't do" list.And that's because you all are whores.*win
Return My old friend still stands sentinel a welcome to the hills Slow power has split the rock and given a life a foothold here I am absorbed and spellbound the glens have me by the throat In this valley of the clans the cuckoo calls its traitors cry Peaks suspended from the clouds hold me enthralled with their form Last night I rocked before the altar of sound now the peace shakes my mind The river tumbles in its flow beneath the road and down the flight Past the graves of fallen heroes unmarked and yet renowned Beneath these wide open skies I feel the heartbeat of the land Long and slow this ancient rhythm calling me to join its harmony I must abate my headlong rush and unwind upon this winding road
Serj Tankin - Empty Walls
Your empty walls... Your empty walls... Pretentious attention Dismissive aprehension Don't waste your time, on coffins today When we decline, from the confines of our mind Don't waste your time, on coffins today Don't you see their bodies burning? Desolate and full of yearning Dying of anticipation Choking from intoxication Don't you see their bodies burning? Desolate and full of yearning Dying of anticipation Choking from intoxication I want you To be Left behind those empty walls Don't You see From behind those empty walls Those empty walls When we decline, from the confines of our mind Don't waste your time, on coffins today Don't you see their bodies burning? Desolate and full of yearning Dying of anticipation Choking from intoxication Don't you see their bodies burning? Desolate and full of yearning Dying of anticipation Choking from intoxication I want you To be Left behind those empty walls Don't You see From behind those empty
The Trials And Tribulations Of Love
i can tell you the trials and tribulations of love can be nerveracking and stressful. but if you stick through it and see it to the end you will have one hell of a reward
I Don't Like (repost Of My Blog From Myspace)
I Don't Like: Christmas Will Smith Flowers ('cept stargazer lilies) Birds Khaki Cargo Pants Khaki Cargo Pants Disney Movies(except TRON) Work Fuzzy Bunnies Rainbows('cept Skittles) Sports Puppies Clowns The Special Olympics The Regular Olympics Beck Kid Rock Hanson Oprah Rosie O'Donnell Sally Jessie Rikki Lake Maury Povich Jenny Jones Montel Williams Jay Leno Geraldo Larry King Don Imus Steve Dahl Dr. Laura Urkel Michael Medved Tom Hanks Spike Lee The Crocodile Hunter Madonna Andrew Lloyd Webber Pauly Shore Ricki Martin Ice Cube TLC Kid Rock Rage Against the Machine(mostly) Dick Biscuit er, Limp Bizket or whatever Perfume and Cologne Stupidity Children Kermit the Frog The Osmonds Sister Sister The Kennedys (Although this group keeps getting smaller and smaller) D.A.R.E. France Stomp Commercials Pokemon The Blue
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:28:17 -0700 From: Size: 1 KB To: Reply-To: nigger lover, u dont deserve your skin ARE YOU SERIOUS? MUTHAFUCKA I WOULD FUCK YOU UP I EVER SEEN YOU!!!!!!!!1
History Of The Middle Finger
The History of the Middle Finger Well,'s something I never knew before, and now that I know it, I feel compelled to send it on to my more intelligent friends in the hope that they, too, will feel edified. Isn't history more fun when you know something about it? Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and therefore they would be incapable of fighting in the future. This famous English longbow was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking the yew" (or "pluck yew"). Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, See, we can still pluck yew! Since 'pluck yew' is rather difficult to say, the difficult co
Well Fuck
Ok, so I got this job at subway as a shift manager. Not a bad job I long as I can keep these damn teenagers doing their jobs and get the girls to stop chasing the boys long enough for them to do their jobs. Just found out that David is deploying. Problem is that he was working days and I was working nights so that the kids would be taken care of...but since he's deploying I'm not going to have daycare. The daycare centers a.)aren't open at night and b.) don't really like taking care of school aged kids. It's not so bad to leave them for an hour or two while I handle business, but I don't trust them for 4 to 8 hours a night without me, so I had to put my job on hold. I have a 3 week leave of absence while David is away at training and a 15+ month leave of absence while he's deployed. My boss, being the awesome man that he is...he is totally holding my job for me. I couldn't ask for a better boss. Ok, so David is getting deployed, Alberto is getting deployed, Manny is already
Essay Maintenance -.-
My photo uploading is temporary stopped by the woman that calls herself my mom... I got like a month to do this test essay, and I won't get any grades from it... She wants me to do it right now, it's like she's keeping me from scanning my photos -.- Why don't I just move ffs??? Anyway, good day everyone...
Rev Rab
/"> Attention!!{{Reverend Rab}} Is on air! ohh yeah come in and show him some love So click the pics and come in and say hi!! Today!
Pretendful Wish
Your voice is as soft as silk and could sooth the most fretful baby to sleep. I can only dream of hearing from you those three words that would change my world. Your eyes, liquid pleasure that could quench the thirst of the driest desert----and see right through to the darkest pits of my soul. Your arms remind me of my favorite winter coat so soft and warm and I long to have them around me in the way a lover holds his destiny---- not his friend. You have the hands of a heroe, strong as steel that are trained and more than capable of saving the life of a stranger..... I would walk through fire just to feel you run them through my hair. Your heart is unreachable, as least for me, it must be the safest place of all because you protect it well. I would give up all that I have and all that I am just for the chance to lay my head on your chest and listen to the secrets your heart holds as it beats......................and pretend just for one night that you love me.
Just A Guy
He's just a guy That makes you weak, He's just a guy That makes you complete. He's just a guy with a perfect smile, Every day you see him Makes like worth while. He's just a guy That's on your mind, Making you want him With all of his lies. He's just a guy That you seem to love But no matter how hard you try You'll never be good enough. He's just a guy That broke your heart, Screaming and shattered, Left torn apart. He's just a guy, But you don't want him to exist, Because it's all his fault That you've ended up like this. He's just a guy, That moved on too quick, And all of those lines They've seemed to stick; Onto your heart, And into your head, Can't fall asleep, You want to be dead. And there he is The very next day, With his new girlfriend, You slowly melt away. Go to the bathroom, And grab the razor blade, Slash through your wrist, Watch the memories fade away. He's just a guy, That made you feel used, He's just a guy, That
The Players Game
You played his game, Your heart he won, He had you fooled, Before the game begun. He played your mind, Tricked you into thinking he cared, And now you sit silently, Wishing he was there. Because he took over your heart, And placed emotions into your soul, And now you have to deal with the fact He never loved you at all.
So Sad, Please Read
Tuesday we found out that my ex-husband, and the father of my daughters, died a yr ago on September 2, 2006! The girls had lost touch and we are just finding out. His family didn't know either, or we would have known. If you pray, please do, and if you don't pray please keep my daughters and the family in your thoughts. Thanks, Rea Niece
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A Nurse Walks Into A Bank(lmao)
A nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted after a 20 hour shift. Preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it. She looks at the flabbergasted teller and, without missing a beat says, "Well, that's just great.........That's really great.......... Some asshole's got my pen."
The Longt Day
it was a long day in day i was stuck at work for a 3 hr min suck ass then on top of that i get a phone call in the middle of the meeting my kids is very sick and is at the er i told my boss i had to go but he wasnt happy but he let me go anyways whenn i got to er i found my son laying in the bed cring nothing was really wrong i fever and couldnt poop but ill he wanted was me smiles when i was leaving the er with my son my bestfriend was entering the doors it seems he was beat up badly i asked what happend he said he was in a car wreack tell me if my day didnt suck all my friends was getting hurt and then stuck in meeting damn that was a lonf day
My Views On Smokin And Non Smoking
This Is Why I Love You, Jeff
You had sparked and brought my heart back alive after years of being dead. You had painted the colors back into my black heart just if it has became so colorful again after being in the darkness for so long time. You brought the lights back from the darkness where I was lost for years. You turned my frowned face to a smile face and I have been smiling ever since the day 1. You turned silence into sound back in my heart where it had been deafen. You has given my sight back after being so blind to the meaning of LOVE. You taught me to LOVE again when I thought it was useless. You turned cold feelings into warm feelings just like if it had been finally thawed from the cold. You had wiped off the sadness and brought happiness back into my life where I thought it would be alway remain a sad story with no happy ending. You lifted my soul, just like it has been reborn. You make everything smell so good again from being so rotten after it has been hidden away, ju
It's so powerful and overflowed.. It's like if it's a diamond that you'd know it's true/real by starch it on the glass... You'd have no problem getting out of a juggle.. it beats any fears that comes to you or in your face. You'd have NO problem overcoming any difficult or conflicts. Nor couldn't never be scared of anything that comes into life because you KNOW the love is there to protect you. So inspiring that you have this into your life. I treat it as a treasure, so value. It's valued much more than gold and silver. I know I'd NEVER in the world I would abuse it in any kind of forms or ways. It is not something you toy with. I feed the love with much of caring, understanding, patient, comforting, desires and lust to make it grow bigger and stronger. It's like math.. heart+soul+you+me=love. You know, there's different kind of cryings... Hurt crying, upset crying, mad crying, joy crying, happy crying, and there's even definitely a love crying. When I think how much I love
Another Round With Fubar!!!
why am i being singled out??? how can a fully clothed photo of mtyself and two friends be not suitable for anything??? please review the photo this is three undeserving photos marked in one day i am cautious this is pure bullshit!!! harrassment. sent today 10/18 regarding 3 photos some loser marked nsfw yesterday~!~
You 2
You, my sexy stud You, are my life You, are my love You, are my world You, are my everything You, are amazing
I Cry
When I cry My heart bleeds I know for the facts that if I cry Means that I do love you. It's hard to hold back tears when I do not want you to see me cry I have to swallow it quickly before you catch me shed a tear. I do not want to show I'm the weak one. But at the same time I am feel the weak one
You has given my life back. My love and my heart just want to grasp on you and don't want to EVER let you go You're my M to M You're my peanut butter to jelly It's hard to hold back my tears. I do not want you to ever see me cry because it's not me. I had to swallow my tears back, even if it fights it's way out It hurts but I rather to be hurt than seeing you feel bad. I'd never want to make you sad, hurt, confused, mad, upset, or pissing you off.
Simple Words
You are the most wonderful one to me. I can go on forever on how much you means to me but I can sum it all up in simple words: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
I Will...
I love you so much that I would take a bullet for you Will die for you Will jump into the incoming traffic for your life Will even give you my heart if you need it (medically) Will give you my coat in a blizzard off of my back for you Will even be hostage for you so you can go free Will even drive thousand miles for you Will even swim across Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for you Will even walk across the world for you Will jump off the bridge for you Will even choose you over million of money Will give up anything and everything for you, including my life
The Dance
I would like to know if the Guy dancing here is kinda sweet or not. Please tel me what you think. CLICK the LINK below¤t=noel.flv
I'm Afriad...
I'm afraid of you being gone I'm afraid you'd fade away I'm afraid you'd became invisible I'm afraid you'd slip out of my heart and my hands I'm afraid you'd disappear I'm afraid you'd leave me I'm afraid you'd escape I'm afraid you'd run I'm afraid you'd hide I'm afraid of losing you the MOST
You Are My Dream That Came True
After years of dreaming, Wishing for someone that would come by and just sweep me off the floor With sweetness like honey, With the magic touch to melt my heart, Just like MM's that melts in your mouth not in the hands-- I just realized that it was YOU, Where you have always been, In the front of my face ... I had seen you before but never thought it would be YOU I am glad that I had the courage to talk to you, The risk I took, Came out what I wanted and hoped for, Again, I thought I was dreaming-- I had to tell myself, YOU are not dreaming, It's the dream that came alive and true. The more I talk to you, You brought back the warm feeling I thought I'd never felt again, I thought I'd always be cold forever, You melt me like ice, Knowing that you are real to me. The more I see in your eyes, Bring the joy back alive, The spark had been sparked with a strong feelings that wouldn't fade, You are the dream that came to me and real. Now, I know for the
Wanting You
I need to feel you around me I want to feel safe in your arms I need to feel your chest, your heartbeats I want to smell you Knowing that you are real to me My desires for you had increase everyday, just by thinking of you Wondering if you will ever come to me I want your lips on my lips, feeling the spark I want to look into your eyes deeply and tell you that I'm here for you So many thoughts and feelings start to stir inside of me Wanting to burst Is it selfish of me, wanting all of those from you? I wonder It's not only the sex but I needs YOU-- Just please come to me....
Check Me Out check me out
My Very 1st Poem Ever!!!!
Over a year has passed since I last saw your face, I never even though to utter a sylable of your name. However, you haunt me in my most secret place, I don't know why these feelings still remain. We put each other through so much in so little time The frustration, abuse, and pain. I hate you for you took something of mine, Yet I do not know why these feelings still remain
I Need...
I need you to tell me you loves me I need you to tell me everything is ok I need to be in your arms I need you to tell me I'm beautiful on my bad days I need you to kiss me just for no reason I need you to hold me tight and say "I'm here,baby" I need you to wake me up in the middle night just to say "hi, i want you" I need you to hold my hands I need you to tell me you need me I need to be with you I need....YOU!
Bologna Spread!mmmm Yum
When iwas little, and iwas once lol! ZMy mom would fix me for school bologna sandwiches swith cheese mayonaise and mustard and cheese. i got to the point that i hated bologna sandwiches and traded then for anything besides bologna lol. Then wehen day my mom made something special for us kids! she called it bologna spread. she would take a left over bologna log (now remember this is befre they had packaged stuff like you can get now) we got ours bulk in logs....and frind it it up and t hen mix mayonaise and pickles and onions in it, and spread on 2 slices of bread wrap it up in a nice reynolds wrap and put it in our lunch boxes! it was tasty in deed made bologna much funner to eat lol. now adays i think you can buy that stuff in a jat or something.
My Fears
Now that I finally opened up my heart to someone, Will he even want it? I have put my heart on the table Will he take it? I have said my words Will he even listen to them? I had sent my kisses Will he kiss me back? I had given my hugs Will he hug me back? I shared my feelings Will he understand my feelings? I had given my body to him Will he cherish it? I had given my soul to him Will he preserve it? My fears would be--- He would close his heart to me He would put it in the trash It would go to one ear to another ear and laugh at me He would wipe off my kisses He would just handshake me instead give me hugs He would walk over my feelings like a doormat He would treat it as if he rapes me He would allow it to became rotten Then whom am I to him? What do I became to?
I Think Bfg Needs To Go Back To Bed And Wake Up On The Other Side Again Grumpy Ass Bastard
bfg3man: not now Jessa Farris: i know but it was a mass you silly boy you bfg3man: Yup. And im not special enough 2 be on ur gnite list lol Jessa Farris: bfg3man: Mmhhmm. I k im not special now lol bfg3man: U provd it ha ha bfg3man: c no response lol Jessa Farris: lol bfg3man: Bye Jessa Farris: ohh wow wtf uhh ok toodles then bfg3man: yup bfg3man: Right bk at ya Jessa Farris: grow up bfg3man: Same 2u. bfg3man: Friendship is shown 2 me it was a shot Jessa Farris: all because i didnt say your name when i went to bed last night? wow ok and im the one who needs to grow up look in the mirror jackass
You Sparked My Love
After these years, the feeling of love start to fade away-- The word "love" had became non exist in my vocabulary list-- I had became numb-- I had forgotten what it means-- I also forgotten how it is suppose to be and forgot how it works-- Until I met you, Even if I only knew you for few days, Something, just something about you catch my attention-- From the corner of my eyes-- The more you made me smile, you put a spark-- In my heart, it started to heat up-- Just like the car in the winter where it became so cold and freezing over the years-- Took a while for it to remember how to warm up-- The more I talk to you, The fire started to scream a bit-- When I see you and the more often I see you, The fire had started a bonfire--- The question is... Should I put the fire out? Should I allow it to continue blazing? Is it wrong of me to allow it happening and take the risks?
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He A Great Guy
The Media (Accidently?) Missed this one!!!! Subject: Denzel Washington, and &n bsp; Brooks Army Medical Center Don't know whether you heard about this But Denzel Washington and his family visited The troops at Brook Army Medical Center, in San Antonio, Texas (BAMC) the other day. This Is where soldiers who have been evacuated from Germany come to be hospitalized in the United States, especially burn victims. There are some Buildings there called Fisher Houses. The Fisher Hou se is a Hotel where soldiers' families can stay, For little or no charge, while their soldier is staying In the Hospital. BAMC has quite a few of these houses On base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled Most of the time. While Denzel Washington was visiting BAMC, they gave Him a tour of one of the Fisher Houses. He asked how Much one of them would cost to build. He took his check Book out and w
Friends Or Lovers
in my life even tho i am young at 41 or it inmature ??? i just want to know if there is such a thing called Love or will i only be able to find friends -- maybe i do things wrong i don't go to bars to look for Love just to play pool and i want someone to Love me for me !! i know thats what everyone wants but i want to know if i am to old to have it ???? or someone please tell me whats wrong with me!!!!
Any Help Appreciated
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I just found a new group of kids I need to befriend. Luckily for me I'll be seeing them soon. LOL their CD is kick ass! :D How's everyone's afternoon so far?
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I Hate You David
On a free ride home from the embassy I saw the governor, and his lover holding hands When I got to my place, I emptied my suitcase And opened the windows wide If you could save yourself, you'd save us all Is that what you called me for, is that why you're knocking on my door? The time I've spent, working myself to death Thought that's what you wanted I thought you needed my help To make it good again, to make us strong To make you happy, to push you along And gain some respect, to be thrown a crumb I was on my knees, when you knocked me down The wheels fell off, the bottom dropped out The checks all bounced, I came in your mouth Your mother came calling but there was no one around The trash caught fire when the leaves turned brown The vultures were circling when the circus left town I left you a note but I wrote it in disappearing ink If you could save yourself, you'd save us all Is that what you called me for, is that why you're knocking on my door? The time
Dui Pa Style
Only a person in PENNSYLVANIA could think of this. From the county where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes this true story. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a bar in WASHINGTON PA after last call the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it. He sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off--it was a fine, dry summer night--,flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left. At la
Here's the mumm bikerchris: dude your white -bikerchris: no shit fuckface its called sarcasm bikerchris: well have some good taste in music and mayboud know wtf im talking about -bikerchris: maybe just suck it up and deal with it, it;s the mumms and get the FUCK out of my box bikerchris: what are we 3 lmao wow i can see the world is filled with very bright intelligent people like yourself that makes me happy -bikerchris: #1 Do you ever read fucking mumms #2 Do you know what mumm is? Obviously no cause you cant post one right. Mumm stands for Make Up Your Mind not Heres a fucking poll you ass twat bikerchris: sorry dude i dont spend my life in front of the computer like all of you i ride fmx for a living if you know what that is #2 only reason im on here now is im down for 6-8 weeks so news flash i dont care -bikerchris: LOL ican tell you dont care I can tell that cause your still in my box
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Done a few more skins. A couple new ones, and then have reworked a couple of my older skins to fit the new profile layout. All new profile layout skins include (NP) in the name. They are located close to the bottom of my gallery. As an added bonus...:)....I've also made some new tags. There are a couple of animated tags. They are a new experiment for me so I can work with a new medium. Hopefully, will get good enough at it to incorporate them into my skins as well. The little tag links will bring you to my "To Share, rip away" gallery. Take one..take em all, they've been made for the members. Skins For Help Ripping Skins...Check out my Step By Step FuBar Support Blog Here's my link. :) Year of the Dragon@ fubar NOT rip the ones that are marked..(suitably enough) Do Not Rip. Respect is always appreciated. ************************************************** Canadian eh? (NP) Proudly Amer
Train 1 And Train 2 Are Separate
Mullet Festival
Well it is our yearly mullet festival here in Niceville, Fl. No, it is not in honor of the haircut, but of the fish. it is for 3 days and 2 nights and we have 3 major country stars coming to it. blake shelton, gary allen, and kenny rogers. they have to throw the old timers in on sunday for family day. we have had billy ray cyrus, trick pony, montgomery gentry, dixie chicks, trace adkins, and some other well known country stars. should be fun, if this weather would ever clear up. we are selling hamburgers there and so i hope we do good. if you are in the niceville area, please stop by and see us.
Links To Our Blogs
Have a problem with BLOGS link showing up so this is just to have a displayed link to Paul's Writings.. if your reading this just look for the other writings here somewhere.. Paul & Sondra
this was sent to me from someone i love more than life itself. Sunrise, And a new Day Is breaking through... Morning, Of another day With out you... But as the hours roll by No ones there to see me cry Except the sunrise... The sunsrise and you. Tired Eyes, Search from sea To shore. I'm searching For something and nothing more. But from now till who knows when My sword will be my friend And i'll love you... For the rest of my life. Sunrise, bless my eyes take me home,..make me whole again... Sunrise...
The Copy Cat Cunts Have Done It Again!!
Ahh ha ha the dumb bitches have done it again. Yet this time they have started a NEW site... guess what... it's Wicked Dollz.... hhmm dolls... where have we heard that one before! Such stupid cunts i swear. Why cant they do anything of they're own creating instead of mimicing every fuckin thing we do... oh yes and they have gone further... they have a Morphine Doll.... yes and i've seen her she is NOTHING compared to our very own and ORIGINAL Morphine! This is really gettin insane, I mean you copy every new thing we have on the site then you create our own using our name idea! oh oh oh wait.. they put a "z" on the end of dolls... that MUST make it original BAAAHH HA HA HA HA One thing they need to know... They are NOT Cyanide Dolls, they will NEVER be Cyanide Dolls, and they're women will NEVER EVER be as hot as any of the Cyanide Dolls, and they must never forget.... WE ARE THE ONE... ONLY... ORIGINAL CYANIDE DOLLS!!! (wether they put a "z" on the end or not... lmfao)
Who Would Have Thought?! SEARCH FOR 'SEX' By MARK JOYELLA October 18, 2007 -- They're frisky in Egypt, hung over in Ireland, and yes, in Boston, they're obsessed with the Yankees. Internet users in the Islamic nations of Egypt and Turkey, where flaunting the flesh isn't exactly encouraged, are among world leaders in Googling the word "sex," according to statistics provided by Google, The United States doesn't crack the top 10. But switch things up a bit, and search "gay," and the results change dramatically. Internet users in Santiago, Chile, search for sites using the word "gay" more than any other city on Earth, followed by Mexico City and New York. Australians, meanwhile, have a thing for girls who like girls. Melbourne and Sydney top the list for seeking out Web sites with the word "lesbian." Italians don't search for "sex" all that much, but they sure do have questions about the little blue pill. Google's d
"the Well"
~The Well~ This is the part where oceans start To come apart and mountains move afar So far apart the naked eye cannot contain such might. This is the part where words collide and deep inside I hide within my sighs where light arrives In microscopic new delights before it dies in its disguise. This is the part where worlds engulf themselves in hell And heaven melts into a sea of scattered shells While battered spells swell into the well in which I dwell. This is the part where I reform. This is the place where I excel. 10/18/2007 Just wrote this now. ;-)
Thank You, Mom
Thank you Mom Thank you Mom Where I come from Mom is the word for some To my Mom I send you my loving storm in 'Thank you' forms Thank you Mom, for bringing me to earth Thank you Mom, for showing me daily love Thank you Mom, for being my best friend Thank you Mom, for your reassuring words Thank you Mom, for always been there I may have let you down a few times But you always forgive me my crimes Mom you are the best Mom you are better than all the rest Mom, I love you, I love you Hope this is easy for you to digest!
To All Of My Wonderful Friends!!
I just wanted to tell all of you THANK YOU!!! I have the most awesome friends in the whole world!! You all have NOOOO idea how special you have made my birthday!! I never dreamed I would get so many fantastic birthday wishes!!! I love you all & I hope that when it is your birthday,it is as off the hook as you have all made mine!!!! I LOVE Y'ALL!!!! & if ANY of Y'all are gonna be at the Dirt Track World Championship...LOOK ME UP!!!! Ya can't miss me redneck ass!!!!! lolol Loves ~ReD~
I Need A New Mini Goal
So i got my first mini goal.. yay..!!! i was so excited but now i need a new one.. any idea's.. my last goal was to move the big bar down on the scale... which that was 20 pounds to do.. whats ur thoughts of a new mini goal
Bank Bullsh*t
Bank Bullsh*t Current mood: aggravated So... my check was deposited into my account at midnight last night. I called and it said that the money was in there. I went to the bank to get money out so that Jason and I could get to work today and it wouldn't let me take anything out. So I tried to do a debit for $20 at the gas station. The clerk said it was declined. When I got home, I called the bank again. The bank said that the $20 was debited from my acct. So I went back up to the store. Again, she says it was declined. I have her try to debit $10. Thinking maybe it was just a bank gliche. No, that was declined, too. I go back home. Again, it says the the transaction went through. So, now we're talking about $30 that was taken out of my acct that I did not receive. I'm on the phone with the bank now and have been for an hour. I've talked to 6 supervisors. They want me to wait 15 days so they can file a claim to reverse my money back into my acct. Is it just me or d
Erotic Stories
So you entered the club. You sit down at the bar. As I watch you, turning you're head around and checking out the scene. As you look my way I raise my glass to you and smile as I take a sip of my wine. I see you acknowledge with a look and a smile towards me. I walk up to you and take your forearm and steer you over to a quiet table where I convince you to sit with me We discuss generalities, and I begin to steer the conversation towards what I would like to do with you, as you place your hand on top of mine and caress it softly. Meanwhile I slide closer to you, touching my thigh to yours... I reach under the table and softly stroke the inside of your thighs, sliding my hand down to the knee and then up with my nails. You sigh and lean back as you open your legs a bit wider and I begin to trace the outline of your cock, squeezing it gently and rubbing it. I can feel it throbbing as it gets harder. I unzip your pants and slide my hand inside as I release your cock to my hand
First Time..part 2
First time, part 2 You lay me down on my bed and slowly pull down my jeans. Then stand there looking at me with hunger in your eyes. You start by kissing my ankles, up my calves, to my thighs, my hips, stomach then stopping at my breast, putting your lips around my nipples, sucking gently and teasing with your tung. Moving from one breast to the other. Making my body shiver. You tenderly kiss my lips before working your way back down kissing my stomach. Looking up at me while running your hands softly up and down the inside of my thighs. You put your hand to my pussy and stick a finger in me, Feeling how incredibly wet you make me. Then bring your fingers to your mouth and taste how sweet I am. My body melts the minute you put your tung to my clit, licking it up and down softly with your fingers inside of me, fucking my pussy, making me wetter and wetter. Letting soft moans escape my lips. Then sucking on my clit getting it to swell in your mouth. Every time i feel im getti
its odd to see how we hide from our trueselves...spray painting the mirror that is right in front of ourselves, not wanting to know the truth about our own journery...our own reality. Why do we cheat ourselves...lie to our own soul. What is our purpose? If I cut will I see the truth...can you be honest or set everyone up with more false lies to cover that first lie up? To behonest...seems to be foolish. Games are played everyday with eachother...with not a care in ther why do we hide from ourselves?
The Special Guy
There is a special guy He is in my heart Though we havent met And are miles apart I know what I feel Inside down deep Is love for him A giant heap He is in my heart Oh so very near Yes I am thinking straight My head is clear I know in my heart I need this to be real I am longing to be with him Or my heart may never heal I want him here with me I need to feel his touch Oh yes I do I want it ever so much When we meet for the first time Our eyes will lock on each other I hope it is what is in my dreams And we are more then friends and lovers I want that special bond with him Something no one else can give I want it between the two of us As long as we shall live In our hearts we are bonded Forever it is so true This is what I have always wanted For he my prince, and knight in shining armor He is the man of my dreams Is all of this true? A fairytale it seems All I can do is just hope and pray That we will be together one day K
Hoping Wishing And Praying
Im hoping wishing and praying I believe all the things you are saying Although I dont know if its all true Really I am giving my heart to you I dont know if this is a joke to you or just a game But all in all with me my love is the same I have no idea what you really think If you dont love me My heart will sink I really do love you And I really care That is why I give you my heart For you to share I falling and falling fast In love with you And I hope it lasts When I talk to you Nothing else matters It is just you and I Is true love nearby? I hope that it is For my feelings for you I have something to say Honey, I love you! I know this seems quick And all of a sudden But I feel for you in ways I cannot explain The way you comfort me Helps to take away my pain You know what I go through Each and every day And the pain is so real But I talk to you And you change the way I feel When I talk to you I feel love and laughter I am hoping and dreami
Dysfunktional Family
Be sure to check out my musik and let me know what you think. You can find a player on my page as well as myspace, fubar, reverbnation and many other sites.
Finding Friends
wondering what it would be like if we can trust everyone you meet in person or on the internet would it be nice to able to do so? wel that will never happen you have players and games and poeple who use people but then yu have the people that are real and honestwhere can we find thoses type of folks we know that they are there we hae to allow are feelings to lead where we are heading sometimes you can get hurt this way then again 9 out 10 times they are right on th e money
Erotic Story..... Be Aware, Explicit
Today I took a longer lunch-break than expected and because I now had time to spare I drove to your apartment hoping to see you. I parked across the road from the block where you lived then hurried down the street in the rain. When entering the building I made straight for the elevator, not stopping even to shake the rain from my overcoat. I stood impatiently at the doors and waited. "Hurry up, hurry up!" I repeated in my mind as the elevator made it's slow descent, for I was desperate to see you. Suddenly a bell sounded and the doors opened. "Ground floor" said an electronic voice as I walked quickly inside and pressed the fourth floor button that would take me to you. Up went the elevator, slow and steady, and in a moment had stopped again. The doors opened and I hurried out into the corridor, walking briskly then to your door. Then I took out the key you had given me and let myself in. Closing the door behind me I dropped my bag to the floor, then slipped off my shoes and over
To Get Me To You
Well I, I still can remember times When the night seemed to surround me I was sure the sun would never shine on me And I, I thought it my destiny To walk this world alone but now you're here With me Now you're here with me And I don't regret the rain Or the nights I felt the pain Or the tears I had to cry Some of those times along the way Every road I had to take Every time my heart would break It was just something that I had to get through To get me to you To get me to you Well I, I still can recall the days When I had no love around me Makes me glad for every day I have with you And I, I look in your eyes and know I'm right where I belong And I belong with you Always belonged with you And if I could I wouldn't change a thing Wouldn't change a thing baby Because your love was waiting there for me Waiting there for me baby I love this song from Lila McCann. Sometimes I feel this way!
WHAT EACH KISS MEANS: - Kiss on the Upper chest: I'm ready. - Kiss on the Forehead: We're cute together . - Kiss on the Cheek: We're friends. - Kiss on the Hand: I adore you. - Kiss on the Neck: I want you, now. - Kiss on the Shoulder: You're perfect. - Kiss on the Lips: I think I like you. ____________________________________________________ WHAT EACH GESTURE MEANS: - Holding Hands: We definitely like each other. - Touching on the Butt: Your fun. - Holding you tight pressed against each other: I want you. - Looking into each other's Eyes: I like you, for who you are. - Playing with Hair: Let's fool around. - Arms around the Waist: I like you too much to let go. - Laughing while Kissing: I am completely comfortable with you. ____________________________________________________ ADVICE: - If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. ____________________________________________________ REQUIREMENTS: - Post this again after read
Chicken With Roasted Red Pepper, Chorizo And Sweet Pea Sauce Over Rice
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 1 tablespoon butter 1 large onion, chopped, divided Salt and black pepper 1 1/2 cups white rice 3 cups chicken stock, divided 4 (6-ounce) boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1/2 tablespoon smoked paprika, 1/2 a palm full 1 teaspoon dry thyme, 1/3 of a palm full 3/4 pound chorizo sausage, in packaged meats case near kielbasa, cut in 1/2 lengthwise then thinly sliced 2 large cloves garlic, chopped 1 small carrot, peeled and grated 2 roasted red peppers, chopped 1 (10-ounce) box frozen peas 1/4 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley, a generous handful Heat a medium size saucepot over medium heat with 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil, about 1 tablespoon, and the butter. Add 1/4 of the chopped onion and season with salt and pepper, cook for about 1 minute, add the rice and stir to coat in the oil. Add 2 1/2 cups of chicken stock to the rice and bring up to a boil. Cover the pot, reduce heat to simmer and cook rice for 15 to 18 minu
Pad Thai With Chicken And Shrimp
1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon water 1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter 1 teaspoon Asian chili paste, such as sambal oelek 3 tablespoons canola oil 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon minced ginger 1/2 cup julienned mixed vegetables (carrots, yellow squash, zucchini) 4 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast or thigh, sliced into strips 12 medium to large shrimp, peeled and deveined 1/4 pound medium-wide rice noodles, soaked in warm water until softened and drained 1 tablespoon packed light brown sugar 1 tablespoon cider vinegar Chopped Romaine lettuce, for garnish Mung bean sprouts, for garnish Lime wedges, for garnish Fresh cilantro leaves, for garnish Chopped peanuts, for garnish In a small bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, water, peanut butter, and chili paste until smooth. Heat a large wok over medium-high heat, and add canola oil. When the oil is hot, add the garlic and ginger and let cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add the vegetables, chicken,
Saddle Creek
(ok all, this is a dream that i have been having since i was like 15...there really is a place called saddle creek and it freaks me out lol) Saddle Creek Me and Krissy were out at saddle creek around midnight doing our Gator spotlighting as we liked to do. We had a huge spotlight that you could see extremely well with. Over near one of the Pathway into the woods, the truck slowly drove past as we checked out the trees for any hiding animals. At first when i saw the body lying there i thought it was just another bum who was taking a nap out there. That wouldn't have been such a surprise, the place is known for the bums and weirdos that hang out there. But something in my head told me this was no bum taking a nights rest. I made krissy roll back to check what i saw. At first my eyes didn't want to believe it, the frail little hand could only have been of a woman, not very old one either, from the type of rings and nail polish that i could barely make out under all the blood gave th
when we were together it was the best now that its over i'm a mess loving you was easy to do but now that love is through i know i must go on without you and you will go on without me to but you will always be in my heart even when we are apart sms 2007
Rosemary Chicken Breasts, Brown Butter And Balsamic Ravioli, Warm Spinach Salad With Pancetta And Sweet Vinaigrette
Chicken: 4 pieces boneless, skinless chicken breast, 6 to 8 ounces each 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, eyeball it, just enough to coat chicken lightly 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 3 stems rosemary, leaves stripped and chopped, about 2 tablespoons Salt and coarse black pepper 4 cloves garlic, cracked away from skin with a whack against the flat of your knife Ravioli: 1 package, 12 to 16 ounces, fresh ravioli, any flavor filling 3 tablespoons butter, cut into small pieces 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 2 handfuls grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Salt and pepper 1/4 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley, a couple of handfuls Spinach Salad: 6 slices pancetta, chopped 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 2 turns of the pan 1 small shallot, finely chopped 2 teaspoons sugar 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, eyeball it 1 bunch, about 10 ounces flat-leaf spinach Salt and pepper Coat chicken in balsamic vinegar, then olive oil. Season chicken with rosemary, salt and pepper
Mini Chicken Sausage Meatballs With Gnocchi And Tomato Sauce
Salt 1 1/2 pounds ground chicken 1 tablespoon grill seasoning (recommended: Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick) 1 teaspoon, 1/3 palm full, fennel seeds 1/4 cup tender sun-dried tomatoes (available in pouches or tubs in produce section) 1 cup, 20 leaves fresh basil, divided 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus some to drizzle 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, eyeball it in your palm 1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes 1 (8-ounce) can tomato sauce Pepper 1 pound gnocchi, potato dumplings, from refrigerated or frozen foods section of market Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or Romano, 1/2 cup a couple of handfuls, plus some to pass at table Crusty bread, to pass at table Peppery Salad, recipe follows Bring a pot of water to a boil for gnocchi. Salt boiling water but wait a while to drop in gnocchi. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place chicken in a medium bowl with grill seasoning and fennel seeds. Pile
Warm Chopped Chicken Picatta Spinach Salad
1 pound chicken breast cutlets, 6 pieces Salt and pepper 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 3 turns of the pan 1 tablespoon butter 2 shallots, chopped 3 cloves garlic, chopped 3 tablespoons capers, chopped 1/2 cup dry white wine 1 lemon, juiced 2 pounds triple washed spinach, stems discarded, leaves coarsely chopped Season the chicken with salt and pepper on both sides. Heat a large nonstick skillet with 2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, 2 turns of the pan, over medium-high heat. When oil ripples, add chicken and cook 3 minutes on each side then remove and let meat rest and cool. To the same skillet, add another tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, 1 turn of the pan, and the butter. Melt butter into extra-virgin olive oil and add the shallots, garlic and capers. Saute 5 minutes then add white wine and reduce 30 seconds. Next, add the juice of 1 lemon and immediately add the spinach - mound up the pan. You will not be able to fit it all in there. Keep turning the spin
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bottled up inside are the words i never said, the feelings that i hide, the lines you never read. You can see it in my eyes read it on my face. Trapped inside are lies, of the past i cant replace. With memories that linger.... wont seem to go away. Why cant i be happier? todays a brand-new day. Yesterdays are over, even though the hurting's not. Nothing lasts forever, i must cherish what i've got. Dont take my love for granted. For soon it will be gone. All you ever wanted, of the love you thought you'd won. The hurt i'm feeling now wont disappear overnight But someway, somehow everything will turn out alright. No more wishing for the past. it wasn't meant to be it didn't seem to last so i have to set him free.
Hi everyone i have not been on for awhile . My grandson has cancer and i have been with him . There are more test to be done to see what kind he has . He has been in hosptial now 16 days he is 3 . I have been so sick over this i just can't belive this . My life is trun a mess again . Lost one granddaughter in may now this .
Van Halen Rocked
Broken Down
Chris Drove down a dark rode in the rain...sighing to himself. Today hadnt been the best of days. Going threw the events of his day in his mind..he almost missed the car onside of the road. No one should be out in this hell storm you thought so you pulled over to give a hand. And was pleased to see that it was a woman who needed his help. An attractive woman. Things could be looking up you thought. She asked to be taken to a service station, you agree and you both run back into your car. I'm not sure that you're going to have time to get dry before we get to the service station. "Yea and as soon as I get out of the car I will be wet again anyway, and not in a good way." The young woman pulled her shirt up over her head and wrung it out the window, laid it over the dash, then wriggled out of her jeans. "You know, I think this is a torrential downpour." "I think you just may be right. It might not be safe to keep driving in this rain. I live just a few miles away. We
Tonys Vacation
Damn it, where is he? she thought and crawled out of her wet day dream lazily. Meet me by your spot on the beach, hed said. Dont be later then the sunset, hed said. She crossed her arms under her breasts and huffed softly, the images of his naked body pressed against hers quickly fading with her annoyance. She looked up and down the beach. Nothing but palm trees, water, and sand. The sun sent shadows chasing one another as the trees swayed in the breeze and the sand moved with the passing waves. She entertained the idea of hiding in the shrubbery and palm leaves till he arrived, then jumping out to startle him but dismissed the scheme with a shake of her head, sending her hair flying around her face. Now she watched the dying light through a haze of brown and gold, so enticed by the brilliant colors and warm air that she didnt notice a lone figure creeping up on her from behind. When the figure was close enough to touch, he reached out and ran a careless hand down her spine. Instea
New Date Rape Tactics
A woman at the nightclub Crobar on Saturday night was taken by 5 men, who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her. Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeat rapes along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood, with Progesterex, which is essentially a small sterilization pill. The drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape and sterilize their victims. Progesterex is available to vets to sterilize large animals. Rumour has it that Progesterex is being used together with Rohypnol, the date rape drug. As with Rohypnol, all they have to do is drop it into the girls drink. The girl can't remember a thing the next morning, of all that had taken place the night before. Progesterex, which dissolves in drinks just as easily, is such that the victim doesn't conceive from the rape and the rapist needn't worry about having a paternity test identifying him months later. The drugs effects are not te
Continuous Togetherness
Continuous Togetherness by BlueWolf Remember if others leave True friendships stay Being there for each other Each step of the way In continued togetherness Strength they restore There with a helping hand Forever giving more Friends which to count on Are angels in disguise By bonding heart to heart Their love never dies Friends upon life's journey Giving hearts sincerity For having forever friends Means so much to me.....................
How Long Will It Take?
Drops of dew on fields of dust So foolish I, thy heart to trust. Purple fire is all i see, In its depth, I burn for thee. Stars in heaven that shine so bright, Told the moon of my undying light. What's to say! The sun knows all, In its mist we tend to fall. Sea's of green where dragons dwell, know of my pain and know it well. Sounds of cry they make at night. To tell of my undying light. A storm of leaves blow on the graves. In the ground the corpse they save. All the thoughts that they once had, Make them frown for they are sad. In their coffins they wait so tight, for my warm undying light.
A New Start
Some of you may have noticed that I am not as active on here as I have been in the past. I just simply have not had the time. My page is always up but most of the time I am not sitting at this desk. A few of you know me personally and the ones who knew me before Hurricane Katrina know what my life has been like for the past several years. I divorced 5 years ago after a 23 year marriage and started my life all over. It wasn't easy and I went through a bout of depression. Just as I started getting my life back in order Katrina hit and turned it upside down again. As depression set in again I started packing on some pounds. I am not a tall person so trust me it did not look good. I have always struggled with my weight, losing and gaining but this time I was really having problems. And I was desperate to have a meaningful relationship and nothing seemed to work out for me. I decided to take things into my own hands. I started a new job, made some new friends and I've started l
My Undies For A Keg :) !!!
Internet Dating- Rant
Ok, let's review. You go online one cold lonley night and all of a sudden you come around to a singles dating website. Now because you're lonley and depressed "waa waa no one likes me" Cry me a friggin river and get the hell over it. Let us being with te different types of daters! There's the: "macho" guy: typical muscle head who thinks taking off his shirt and showing off his muscles is going to work. Then the dater finds out he's really not at atteactive as his muscles threw it out to be. Forgive the female ignorance, but is the signifact other dating YOU or the muscles? Seriously, no woman wants a man who is more into themselves then her. If you're going to spend more time in the bathroom daily then she is then it's time to toss out whatever kind od relationships you planned on having the rest of your sad little pristine life. Next is the: "Angle" person: Now this particularly ranges more so with women then men. it's always going to be a shot of their legs, thigh, ass,
Thank You For Shopping At Walmart
One day, in line at the company cafeteria, Joe says to Mike behind him, "My elbow hurts like hell. I guess I'd better see a doctor." "Listen, you don't have to spend that kind of money," Mike replies. "There's a diagnostic computer down at Wal-Mart. Just give it a urine sample and the computer will tell you what's wrong and what to do about it. It takes ten seconds and costs ten dollars . . . A lot cheaper than a doctor." So, Joe deposits a urine sample in a small jar and takes it to Wal-Mart. He deposits ten dollars, and the computer lights up and asks for the urine sample. He pours the sample into the slot and waits. Ten seconds later, the computer ejects a printout: "You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water and avoid heavy activity. It will improve in two weeks. Thank you for shopping @ Wal-Mart." That evening, while thinking how amazing this new technology was, Joe began wondering if the computer could be fooled. He mixed some tap water, a stool
Speeding Ticket
You're sitting in the breakdown lane about 2130hrs, its been a quiet, boring night. You have the Radar unit is on, but nothing has come by in a while to even set it off. All of a sudden as your mind starts to drift away, you hear it whine and see it light up...65 mph in a 40 mph hit the lights and attempt to catch the vehicle, as it turns off onto a quiet side street and pulls to the side, you slide in behind it. You approach the vehicle...flashlight in hand...and the first thing you notice is the legs....the driver's skirt has been hiked up a little...almost to the point where you can see panties....and the shirt is low cut, with a tremendous amount of cleavage showing. You introduce yourself and ask for license and registration. You are taken aback when she turns and looks at you. You notice her lips, so full. Her eyes seem to pierce and look right through you. Her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail. She reaches across to the glove box to retrieve her registratio
God, I Wish I Was Dead
I created a lounge and it cost me 500 fubucks, but will anyone join me there? No, but they say I'm not ugly. My "Friends" who just pander to me and give me lame excuses like I'll never visit L.A. that's just lame. I can see the real reason, I'm ugly. I have no one, I have no crushes, no one loves and probably never will. If I died writing this, would anyone even attend the funeral? Would anyone even notice? Would anybody even care?
Live In Charmed Visions
Come join me for an afternoon of great music :)
My Demise
My Demise A coolness runs thru me, I feel their presence. I take a deep breath and pace on. It's rather dark and I'm alone. I hear someone behind me, turn to look. Nothing there. I fasten my pace. A soft breath in my ear says, "It's your turn." Chill bumbs cover my body. I run! "Never!", I yell. The demons appear in front of me, I stop. One steps towards me and says, "It's your turn." I lok upon them with dismay. Could this be it? I'm done? The demon points out to me and steps closer, finger still extended. I close my eyes in hopes this is only a dream. Open them, he's closer now, still stanced. They all are, all of them! one finger extended towards me Suddenly he's inches away as he touches my face. I fall to my knees and sigh for the last time. Alissa D. Cooper October 18, 2007
Have U Checked Out Tag World .com
no being off line it has people who are not rude and u can have all the pages you want on ur main page even adult pages
Sobering Statistic...
Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the U.S. involvement in Iraq , here's a sobering statistic: There has been a monthly average of 160,000 troops in the Iraqi theatre of operations during the last 22 months, and a total of 2,112 deaths. That gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers. The firearm death rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000 persons for the same period. That means that you are about 25% more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. Capital than you are in Iraq . Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington. Who knows if its true or not... but hey why not.. works for me :)
Hey all my friends and fans. I am sorry that I haven't been on but I have been very busy with work. I am not going to be on for a while because I was kicked out of the house that I live in on Sunday. I don't really have anywhre to live so my husband and I are going to stay in a tent in his dad's yard. (his dad won't let us move into the house!) Anyway, just pray for me that I won't get really bad sick or anything.
Free Vip
Tell Me
Say it... Say You don't like it Say you want me to stop That's all you have to do I press my body into yours Pushing my hips down into your own Staring into your eyes my wishing well I wish for you tell me if you want me to stop Tell me you don't like it My lips press to the skin just underneath your ear I run my tongue over your earlobe Tracing the tip of my tongue along soft skin This is the sweetest of sins My hand runs up your leg moving closer closer closer Shhh, Don't make too much noise Whisper to me Tell me if you want me to stop Tell me if you don't like it I nibble on your bottom lip the palms of my hands sweating against the sheets fingers gripping onto the loose fabric my body moving against yours tell me that's not you i hear tell me you don't like it is that you breathing hard? is that you becoming puddy underneath my hands? is that your bare skin touching mine? is that your eyes full of pleasure? is that my fingers trailing down your che
just thought i would share some of my writings with everyone..let me know what you all think! Betrayal To close for comfort to far for reach ambitions turn nightmare that dreams never teach. You said that you never Do what you've done. Love turned to fire that feels like the sun! Where ever life takes you may your eyes clearly see but if you were blinded feel the wind, for its me. May you never feel this pain that you dropped inside my heart, there could never be a story told for this ending had no start.
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This is a specially formulated diet designed to help women cope with the stress that builds during the day. Breakfast 1 grapefruit 1 slice whole wheat toast 1 cup skim milk Lunch 1 small portion lean, steamed chicken 1 cup spinach 1 cup herbal tea 1 Hershey's kiss Afternoon Tea The rest of the Hershey Kisses in the bag 1 tub of Hagen-Daaz ice cream with chocolate chips Dinner 4 glasse s of wine (red or white) 2 loaves garlic bread 1 family size supreme pizza 3 Snickers Bars Late Night Snack 1 whole Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the freezer) Remember: Stressed spelled backward is desserts.
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Come Help Buc & Help Reincarnation Of Evil Grow.
Now Hiring All Bartenders Greeters Enforcers Asst Managers Promoters DJ's If your interested and are only serious about it please contact Owner -- Devilish DD Owner -- Dark Princess Owner -- Could Be You You will find us in the lounge Rt 0f v (click Pic Tp Join) (repost of original by '۞ vih D ۞ -- Owner Rt 0f v ۞' on '2007-10-18 11:34:47')
So True ...........
The need for simple human-to-human relationships is becoming increasingly urgent ... Today the world is smaller and more interdependent. One nation's problems can no longer be solved by itself completely. Thus, without a sense of universal responsibility, our very survival becomes threatened. Basically, universal responsibility is feeling for other people's suffering just as we feel our own. It is the realization that even our enemy is entirely motivated by the quest for happiness. We must recognize that all beings want the same thing that we want. This is the way to achieve a true understanding, unfettered by artificial consideration. "The fact that there is always a positive side to life is the one thing that gives me a lot of happiness. This world is not perfect. There are problems. But things like happiness and unhappiness are relative. Realizing this gives you hope." Dalai Lama
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Loving Her
Loving Her by BlueWolf As I lay here Thinking about my life, I realize something is missing And that would be a wife. While I know Im not ready For that type of leap just yet The commitment is there Of that, my life I will bet. Many dont believe, Love is all you need I say to those kinds of people Youve never been in Love so deep. I ache when Im not with her, My heart pours out when I am. When were apart, Im lost, When were together, Im found. Deeper and Deeper I fall every day I know I have a choice, But I wouldnt have it any other way. What the future holds, Only God can tell So everyday that Im still here, On her, my thoughts will dwell................
Learning To Let Go
Living Will!!!!!
Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.....
True Love
My eyes, they weep For every minute They cannot adore you My arms, they regret All the lonely days They can't hold you My lips, they despair At every inch of your face Not kissed My skin, it shivers With the slightest touch You bestow upon it My limbs, they tangle With your lonesome body My hands, they tremble To hold your perfect face My soul, it escapes From this bed of bad fairy tales My mind, it sleeps Knowing that dreams Will return me to you.
Az Sting
NATIONAL LACROSSE LEAGUE CANCELS 2008 SEASON Arizona Sting Forced To Cancel Games At Arena FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 GLENDALE, ARIZONA --- The National Lacrosse League (NLL) has announced the cancellation of its 2008 season. The cancellation was triggered by the Professional Lacrosse Players Association's executive committee rejecting the league's last Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) proposal. The NLL and its owners had implemented an Oct. 15 deadline for the two sides to come to an agreement. I would like to apologize to the fans who have supported the Arizona Sting for four seasons, said Sting President Douglas Moss. We are disappointed that we will not be playing in 2008, but plan to work diligently with the League and Professional Lacrosse Players Association (PLPA) to ensure we are back playing at Arena in January of 2009. I am disappointed for our loyal fans, including the kids who have so enthusiastically
Shower Time
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To My Family Spirit Bombers
Need Some Feedback On New Material...
i am in band called Achilles Trojan Horse but we cant get anyone on the internet to give us feedback on our material. we have some light stuff similar to something like ten years after. then we have some medium stuff similar to led zeppelin, pink floyd. then we have some harder stuff ranging from like Velvet Revolver and Guns N Roses all the way to Electric Wizard. if you get a chance, stop by our sites and let us know what you think. here are the sites:
Come Join Us!
Now Hiring All Bartenders Greeters Enforcers Asst Managers Promoters DJ's If your interested and are only serious about it please contact Devilish DD -- Owner You will find us in the lounge Rt 0f v
Doggy Baby
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Very Nice...hmmmmm Thinkin Have I Dun This B4?
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Let's Party
GET YA ASS IN HERE AND CHECK OUT YA BOY L.O.C. LIVE @ THE BLUE LOUNGE DJ L.O.C.~~Owner/DJ JUST CLICK HERE AND ENTER THE (BLUE) LOUNGE (repost of original by 'DJ L.O.C.~Evil Angel's Fu-Fiance~ Owner The Blue Lounge~' on '2007-10-17 00:09:40') (repost of original by 'MaMaSiTaMiJaPersonel Assistant for DJ L .O.C @ The Blue Lounge' on '2007-10-17 00:13:17') (repost of original by 'DJ L.O.C.~Evil Angel's Fu-Fiance~ Owner The Blue Lounge~' on '2007-10-17 03:18:52')
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On My Way
Well the time has come for me to be on my way. To all the friends I have made on here it was a blast an wish it could last longer. Now for the people that are up tight u can blow I'll be on the road driving cross counrty with my Baby Girl(my DOG). So as I say goodbye to Cali one last time I toss back a cold one for all of you in the FU world. So peace out an suck it easy. An maybe I'll find my way when I get to where ever it may be.
Eat Me Baby
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Lmfao...looks Kinda Familiar
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Lips molten and moist, Branding like red hot irons. Volcanic breath melting away inhibitions. Electric tongues probing secret places, Send high voltage currents to fingertips; Tracing patterns across glistening flesh. Passions caught on the cutting edge, Between pleasure and pain, Like exposed nerves laid bare.
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