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Let me know you've been here by signing my guest map please. Thanks in advance XoXo
Cheesy Fajita Quesadillas
Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 32 min Makes: 6 servings, one quesadilla each 1/2 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into thin strips 1 green or red pepper, cut into strips 1/2 cup sliced onions 1/2 cup salsa 1/2 cup drained canned black beans, rinsed 6 flour tortillas (6 inch) 1-1/2 cups KRAFT 2% Milk Shredded Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese SPRAY large skillet with cooking spray. Add chicken; cook on medium-high heat 5 min., stirring frequently. ADD peppers and onions; cook 4 to 5 min. or until crisp-tender. Stir in salsa and beans; cook an additional 3 min. or until heated through, stirring occasionally. SPOON 1/4 cup of the chicken mixture onto half of each tortilla. Sprinkle evenly with cheese. Fold tortillas in half to enclose filling. Spray second large skillet with cooking spray. Heat on medium heat. Add quesadillas, in batches; cook 2 min. on each side or until lightly browned on both sides. Fold each quesadilla in half or cut into wedges to serve
Ok, i'm cleaning house. If you're on my friends list and we've never chatted or haven't for a very long time, i'm deleting you. Don't take it personally.
Cheesy Spinach And Bacon Dip
Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 10 min Makes: 4 cups or 32 servings, 2 Tbsp. each 1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen chopped spinach, thawed, drained 1 lb. (16 oz.) VELVEETA Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 4 oz. (1/2 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, cut up 1 can (10 oz.) RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, undrained 8 slices OSCAR MAYER Bacon, crisply cooked, drained and crumbled COMBINE ingredients in microwaveable bowl. MICROWAVE on HIGH 5 min. or until VELVEETA is completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring after 3 min.
Fantasy? I Could Be...
Fantasy? I could be... But does the real satisfy me? Some would only stare Others may even drool While others may envision another As they begin to stroke their tool Your cock is Hardening Your Balls feel tight If thing's go well You'll get laid tonight Excitement Building The bulge in your pants grows Thinking about the Porno's you have just seen And now the one you've chose Fantasies to fulfill Needs to Satisfy And Partake in lusty activites Ment to gratify Imagine my body Eager for your touch May need you to use a bit of creativity But really it doesn't take that much It's your fantasy Go ahead and dream That i am hot and horny And how you are gonna make me scream.... You imagine giving it to me like i have never had it before Bucking and Squirming and screaming for more Imagine in your mind, my naked body as you feast your eyes, And your cock hardfens with desire focusing on the center of my thighs, Imagine it hot, moist, and glistening pink So inviti
Baker's One Bowl Chocolatey Football Bites
Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 45 min Makes: 1-1/2 doz. or 18 servings, one football each 6 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1 Tbsp. butter or margarine 1/2 tsp. vanilla 4 cups POST Cocoa PEBBLES Cereal White decorating gel MICROWAVE chocolate, corn syrup and butter in large microwaveable bowl on HIGH 2-1/2 min., stirring after 1-1/2 min. Blend in vanilla. ADD cereal; mix well. Cool 10 min. Shape into 18 (3-inch-long) football shapes with lightly moistened hands. Place on large sheet of wax paper; cool completely. USE decorating gel to add "lacings" to "footballs." Let stand until gel is firm.
What Is A Hedgewitch?
A Hedgewitch is someone who practices Hedgewitchery or Hedgecraft. HedgeCraft is a spiritual path and is a form of Traditional Witchcraft. It is most commonly practiced by modern Pagans. Hedgecraft is based on the village wisewoman of European folklore. It has similarities to the traditional cunning folk of England. Hedgewitches often practice herbalism, magick, wildcrafting, and many different forms of healing. The use of shamanic techniques is a part of this tradition. Such techniques as the use of trance inducing plants, drumming, dance, chanting and meditation. Hedgewitches are generally unconcerned with overly formal magical workings, preferring more simple folk magic. This is a heavily nature oriented tradition, as such, most Hedgewitches live outside of urban areas. In ancient times, the local Hedgewitch or wisewoman typically lived just on the outside of the town's boundary hedge, part of the community but also an outsider. Most Hedgewitches practice is solitary an
Spread The Stupidity
Spread the Stupidity Only in America, do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in America, do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. Only in America, do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. Only in America, do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. Only in America, do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. Only in America .do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'. Only in America .do they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering. EVER WONDER ... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin ? Why women can't put on mascara
Cheesy Beef & Pasta Skillet
Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 45 min Makes: 2 servings, 2 cups each 1/2 lb. extra lean ground beef 1/2 cup chopped onions 1 tsp. ground cumin 1 tsp. chili powder 1 can (14-1/2 oz.) no-salt-added diced tomatoes, undrained 1/2 cup water 1 cup penne pasta, uncooked 1 yellow bell pepper, chopped 2 oz. VELVEETA Made With 2% Milk Reduced Fat Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro COOK meat with onions, cumin and chili powder in large skillet on medium-high heat 5 min. or until meat is no longer pink, stirring occasionally. ADD tomatoes, water, pasta and peppers; stir. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low; cover. Simmer 18 to 20 min. or until pasta is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed. STIR in VELVEETA; cook 2 min. or until melted, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle with cilantro.
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken fried rice is a healthy, one dish meal. Like all fried rice dishes, Chicken fried rice tastes best when using leftover cooked rice. Makes 3 servings of chicken fried rice, or 4 - 6 as part of a meal. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: * 4 cups cold cooked rice * 8 ounces cooked chicken (or substitute cooked turkey, etc.), chopped * 2 eggs (more if desired) * 1/2 cup green peas * 1 medium onion, diced * 1 green onion, diced * Seasonings (add according to taste): * Light Soy Sauce * Oyster sauce * Salt * Pepper * Oil for stir-frying, as needed Preparation: Beat the eggs lightly with chopsticks, add a dash of salt (Add a bit of oyster sauce if desired). Chop the chicken meat and dice the onion and green onion. Heat wok and add oil. When oil is ready, pour 1/2 of the egg mixture into the wok and cook over medium heat, turning over once. Cook the other half the same way. Cut the egg
Removing Dead Beats
ok. to all my so called friends. i am going to remove everyone that did not fan me back or did a bullshit childish remove there fan after i fan them. if i fan you then have the respect i give you and fan me back. and for the so called point whores that removed there fans after i gave them a fan... fuck off.. u are a piece of shit and will not be in my grace anymore. its a matter of respect. you cant call yourself a friend if you go removing fans after you got what you wanted. so see you ass hats later. fan me back or kiss my ass.
If any of you get bored today.. I added some new pics in my nsfw folder..and some new stash..and other pics!! (HINT) And no,they are not pics of me..sorry. Have a great to work!
2008 Races
***Note Travel Races Not Set*** Race Schedule Regular Race Program… IMCA MODIFIEDS, IMCA STOCK CARS, IMCA HOBBY STOCKS IMCA SPORT MODS IMCA CRATE LATE MODELS, STREET STOCKS, JR. MINI STOCKS FEBRUARY Sunday, 17th Open Practice 2:00 - 6:00 Friday, 29th Open Practice 6:00 - 10:00 MARCH Sat-Sun, 1st & 2nd KSP SPRING KICK - OFF...OPENING NIGHT (ALL CLASSES) Saturday, 8th Regular Race Program Saturday,15th Regular Race Program Saturday, 22nd Regular Race Program Saturday, 29th Regular Race Program APRIL Saturday, 5th Regular Race Program * Saturday, 12th Regular Race Program plus Cowtown Sprints (NO STREET STOCK) * Saturday, 19th Regular Race Program plus Demolition Derby * Saturday, 26th Regular Race Program plus Dwarf Cars MAY Saturday, 3rd Regular Race Program * Saturday, 10th Regular Race Program plus Cowtown Sprints (NO STREET STOCK) Saturday, 17th Regular Race Program Saturday, 24th Regular Race Program plus Kids Ride On Racecars Saturday, 31st
Confusion Sucks
I am sitting here all alone with so many thoughts going through my head You and I were talking earlier, but the word good bye was not said I am risking losing you without really knowing exactly what I will miss I wanted more than friendship and I knew this from our first kiss The chemistry between us is so incredible and very rare to find You know the age difference sucks and I can’t take the clock and rewind I am so confused on what to do with the options out there If I stay it won’t work, but if I go and never try would that be fare I care really deeply for you and that is to say without even thinking twice When we were not talking my heart sure in the fuck did not feel nice I can honestly talk to you about any and everything like I have known you forever You know I think back and can’t recall one person I have done that with ever I can’t believe that this is this such a fucking hard decision to make I mean really do I live in this world that I
Scarlet Begonias
As I was walkin round grosvenor square Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air, From the other direction, she was calling my eye, It could be an illusion, but I might as well try, might as well try. She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes. And I knew without askin she was into the blues. She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls. In the thick of the evening when the dealing got rough, She was too pat to open and too cool to bluff. As I picked up my matches and was closing the door, I had one of those flashes Id been there before, been there before. Well, I aint always right but Ive never been wrong. Seldom turns out the way it does in a song. Once in a while you get shown the light In the strangest of places if you look at it right. Well there aint nothing wrong with the way she moves, Scarlet begonias or a touch of the blues. And theres nothing wrong with the look thats in h
Come See What We're Playing @charmed Visions
DJ Wiccanlove is live and taking all your requests.Stop in and visit with her. Click on the image
To Love ...or ...not To Love
"WAS SENT TO ME" To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two To work side by side and then smile with pride As one by one, dreams all come true To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise To take time to share to listen and care In tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend To be there through the years sharing laughter and tears As a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall Of all the good things that sharing life brings Love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you. Would you send this to the one that you love? - or- You Dont Care That Much. "Please Comment"
Dj E-par
Do It!!
OK.. so.. I just put a new message thing on my page.. You should all show me some love.. I'm excited to see what I'll get it!! Do it!! I'll be sure to repay you with lots of luvin in return.. Thanks guys.. Fubar Love.
Why Did I Deny?
Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on your fubar that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message to their inbox, not a reply to this bulletin, saying "Im yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". SCARED? THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your BP that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you..haha.. SO... re-post as "Friends with Benefits", as it doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,or single..You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery.. I wasn't scared..
My Son's Health :(
My son had surgery yesterday and is taking a turn for the worst. Please keep him in your Prayers and Thoughts he is only 7 Thanks to all my friends that read this bulletin I hope to be on later with updates Love Ya, Gerian
Come To My Loung
hey like to see you all in behin_blue eye 69er room
Homeless Phones
There are two unused conference phones in my area at work that I have been trying to get rid of. Everyone I have tried to contact to have them taken away says its not them to call so and so. The phones had to come from somewhere. Why can't someone just come take them away??? *sob*
Don't Wanna Be Lonely No More
lol.. im sick of having to play with myself... who knew being single can have it's downfall? lol
Dj Uncle Abe
I remember the moment I heard it, Heard the calling. It was when my tormented shrieks Subsided into weary moans. My breath stopped, With the air completely expelled from the lungs, And with sudden awareness, I realized that the moans reverberating inside my ears Was not the echoes of my pain, But the howl of the wind’s gentle agony. Silently, I pressed forward. Though maybe at first from the daze Of being hollowed by misery, It was not long that it was due To the bewitching of the Earth’s song. And entranced, I relented to the flow of the wind. Let go of my pain In quiet desperation, As it commanded me to. That’s when I felt the shift. Like the world had rotated on its axis, Only with me integrated in its core So that I was swept away with it. I was unaware of the merge. Like one is unaware of the night When it transcends on the soul. I only recognized when it was there. When I became immersed. And l
Ok People.
Lets be serious here can we? Im sure you all know..that i greet everyone i add the same way... "Welcome to the wonderful world...that friends list. Do remember to keep all hands, feet and other sexual objects in the cart through out the ride. Management does not assume any liability from accidents resulting in not following the above stated rule. Thank you and enjoy!" I had someone call that perverted just now. What i would like to how is this perverted? I see humor. Most people see humor. The ones that dont....still dont acknowledge any perversion in it. Give me some opinions.
A Streaker Lose On Fubar :o
Well hearsay is going around that this little lady is streaking around fubar and they only way to stop her is to place a bid and become her Master and clothe her ...LOL..Bidding ends on the 28th. So click the link below and stop the Madness!!!!
New Photos Again
New photos contained in the "New Photos from Photoshoot with client two nights ago" Or something like that LOL Enjoy!! Hugs and Kisses Kelly
I'm No Believer In Evolution, But This Is Too Funny!
Yes, it's again that magical time of the year when the 2007 Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least-evolved among us. And this year's glorious Winner is: 1. When his 38-caliber revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach, California, would-be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked. And now, the Honorable Mentions: 2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat-cutting machine and submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine and he also lost a finger. The chef's claim was approved. 3. A man who shoveled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken the space. Understandably, he shot her. 4. After sto
How To Make A Priapic Wand
This is what I am preparing to do for my local groups workshop presentation for Imbolc. Priapus, the Roman patron god of gardens, viniculture, sailors and fishermen, was a god of fertility, and was always depicted with an erect phallus. In some traditions, a Priapic wand -- phallus-like in appearance -- is made, and used in ritual to bring forth the new growth of spring. Originally, Priapus was a fertility god from Asia Minor, especially in Lampsacus on the Hellespont, and was the most important god of the local pantheon. He is a son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, and a strong phallic fertility deity. Carved images of Priapus, were placed in the fields and gardens to ensure fruitfulness and protection. He was imported into Rome from Lampascus where Pausanias reported he was supreme among all gods. The Roman Priapus was far more popular than his Greek version. He was introduced in Greece around 400 BCE but not very popular. Let us all share in the splendid glory of Moth
Gimme that z, o-l-o-f-t Gimme a grip, make me love me Suckin' 'em down, I'm happy man Can feel it inside, makin' me smile ...realize that the sky's not made of gold don't disguise the nature of your soul Gimme that z, o-l-o-f-t No longer pissed and you don't bother me I'm makin' it through, I'm givin' my all When base are loaded, I'm whacking the ball ...don't suck the mind, don't drain the source the path of life's not so easy to course, buddy
Baby Bitch
Its been a while since Ive seen you smile But now youve come back again Came into the room and you saw my girl And you asked her how long its been A year she said and you shook your head Said Im surprised its gone on that long Baby, baby, baby bitch For words I am at a loss Baby, baby, baby bitch Im better now please fuck off What else you gonna say when while youre back on your stay Maybe something, maybe nothing, well see Its just too bad, youre beautiful I guess I wasnt for you and you werent for me Baby, baby, baby bitch Please slip back into yourself Baby, baby, baby bitch Go conquer someone else People say, how beautiful, how sweet, how kind Youre perfect, youve got nothing to hide But i, for one, have seen the sun And the bitch that youve locked up inside Got fat, got angry, started hating myself Wrote birthday boy for you babe Now Im skinny and sick and paranoid Without a cent to my name Baby, baby, baby bitch Fuck you, you stinkin ass ho
Roses Are Free
Take a piece of tinsel and put it on the tree Cut a slab of melon and pretend that you still love me Carve out a pumpkin and rely on your destiny Get in your car and cruise the land of the brave and the free But dont forget to understand exactly what you put on the tree Dont believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free Tke a wrinkled raisin, and do with it what you will Push it into third if you know youre gonna climb a hill Eat plenty of lasagna til you know that youve had your fill Resist all the urges that make you wanna go out and kill But dont forget to understand exactly what you put on the tree Dont believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free Throw that pumpkin at the tree Unless you think that pumpkin holds your destiny Cast it off into the sea, bake that pie and eat it with me
To Those Barkin Up The Wrong Tree...:p
im glad to say there ar still decent people that can admit when there wrong an continue on its a funny thing how maturity verses BS.. can come out on top..all my thanks to KRIS...YW....:P)Ladies Stick togethr especially when lied tooo ...."~Krissy-Lyn~: u are very kind thanks for everything;;;"Ty ur WELCOME swthrt... Dont play me You wont get caught.. i dont play games so GUYS Dont TRY.. il Rat YOU out Quicker than shit......Talk to me its afe an fun here no one gets hurt..k FU LOVESSS ReALITY..FEED IT..NO DRAMA> FU LOVS YALLLL MAUHXOXOOX ~Tia~Aka~AnglRos~
Help With Bombing Plz Please follow link and help Honey eyes win a vip! thanks
Are You Aware Or Oblivious?
Are you Aware or Oblivious? * Are you aware that the law will soon require you to carry a national identification card? Are you aware that there are plans being developed to have all Americans embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer chip under their skin so they can be tracked wherever they go? The Department of Homeland Security's Emerging Applications and Technology Subcommittee said in a 15-page report that the use of RFID in identification cards or tokens could lead to illegal tracking of Americans... "Without formidable safeguards, the use of RFID in identification cards and tokens will tend to enable the tracking of individuals' movements, profiling of their activities and subsequent, non-security-related use of identification and derived information," the DHS draft report states. Not only do they imped on our privacy but they also pose a considerable Health Risk... Unlike the optical readers associated with bar codes, RFID readers emit elect
Blinded By Diamonds
You got a great apartment an' a real nice car. The job you always wanted; you're gonna go far. You got everything you need in this world, But you got the wrong girl. Everybody's lookin' 'cause you look so hot. You don't know it yet, but I know what you got. Go ahead an' give it a whirl, But you got the wrong girl. If you're lookin' for love, you're lookin' too hard. You can't see that what you need is right in your backyard. You were blinded by diamonds an' you missed a pearl. Yeah, you got the wrong girl. Does she like fishin'? Four wheelin' in the woods? Will she get her hands greasy up underneath the hood? I bet she never listens to Merle: Yeah, you got the wrong girl. If you're lookin' for love, you're lookin' too hard. You can't see that what you need is right in your backyard. You were blinded by diamonds an' you missed a pearl. You got the wrong girl.
The Contest
i just wanted to tell all my true friends thank you for your support while i was in that contest we got second place but the thing that i am the most proud of is the people that helped me out and those who didnt to all my so called friends that didnt help out or havent talked to me and are just wasteing space on my friends list its time to do some house cleaning
Show Him Luv
Another real life friend joins us on Fubar. He’s new to fubar and learning the ropes. Please welcome him to Fubar by showing him luv. chromedome16@ fubar
About Me!! Please Read
This is to make it easier for those that choose to contact me, so that you will know where not to go with me. i live an alternative lifestyle. i am a 31 y/o married female, but i am also a slave to another Man, my husband knows very much what i do, there are no secrets. i am very open minded and love to chat with others on general things, what ppl like, what others are into, etc. Like it says on the front page of my profile, i am not into camming, cyber, phone sex, pic swapping, etc. First, my Man would not like that at all, second it has never been anything that i have been into. So the pics i post people are more than welcomed to see, comment, rate, etc. i will post more as i go. i know i will have people to contact me in negative way about this, and that is fine. People are entitled to their opinions. Remember though this is the way that i choose to live MY LIFE, i am not asking any of you to live this way. But i am also getting a lot of ppl contacting me to cam,
January 24th Pimpout :d
Pimping out a few awesome people. First we have Joey…well Joey is in dire need of meeting some new people, especially young women. Please ladies, go hit this guy up! Guys, you too. joeyc07@ fubar Here are a few sweethearts: AngL: *~AngL~* Fu-Wifey to "armyone"@ fubar Blueroses: ~Blueroses~ you just never know@ fubar RedKandy ~*RedKandy*~S*U*P*~Club F.A.R.~2nd Alarm Hotties Member~*Sisters 4 Life*@ fubar The Fubar Celebrity: The Fubar Celebrity~Fu Wife To Seahawk1080~@ fubar Crazy + Beautiful ~*Crazy+Beautiful*~@ fubar Have you added SiN DeReLla’s new profile?: SiN DeReLla™~New Profile@ fubar Then, of course I have to pimp out my owners and my slaves: The Ninja: The Ninja | Taken | Owner of the 1st alarm uglies | Owned by Tusla's Angel@ fubar SgtRaider of Sarge's Bad Girls: SgtRaider™*Fu-Husband Of Ecuadorian Goddess**Fu-O
I Dreamed About You
I dreamed about you last night the moment that our eyes met we knew each other it seemed if not from this lifetime then from past times we have lived I dreamed about you last night the more we talked the more we knew our search for happiness was over we had both been alone so long even when we were with others I dreamed about you last night separate we were not complete but together we were whole it was as if we were meant to be one from the beginning of time itself. I dreamed about you last night I am here now hoping for the day when we can be together It is now left up to fate a dream waiting to come true
The Last Tear
The last tear, wrote it in April 06 I'd tried to escape the anxiety, I'd tried to forget all the pain, listening only to my heart, slowly driving me insain. I fell hard for the words, all the lies you had told, still I followed my heart, and watched my life unfold. Instinctively I knew, inside of my head, yet I tried so many times, feeling lifeless and dead. I hid the pain, and truth inside, even though I knew our love had died. I tried for many reasons, for which I can't explain, to hold on and be a family, with no life of mine to gain. I loved you more out of duty, although everyone asked me why, told me to move on with life, and kiss the past goodbye. I finally found freedom, away from the fear, listening to all of me, I've shed my last tear.....
A message of love and hope go your way an end to the torment you pass day to day a love that consoles though the past has erased remember MY LOVE, is far from replaced. Though nights seem lonely, and tears well your eyes forever I'm bound in this love I disguise for truely as hearts beat and become one I send with it my unconditional love. With hearts so true I bare only your name I have only my weakness 4 loss of you to blame A heart once broken shall beat true again with it I'll love you without an end.
Do Not Ask Me To Be Happy
I got your letter today I knew it was coming the moment you went away when you mentioned him my heart froze do not ask me to be happy do not expect me to smile my heart is crying for what could have been but never was I know you just met and you think you are just friends you will say there is nothing there just give it time do not ask me to be happy do not expect me to smile my heart is crying for what could have been but never was I saw it when you left I wanted to hold onto you I could not stand in your way you never were mine to hold do not ask me to be happy do not expect me to smile my heart is crying for what could have been but never was you touched a part of me that i had thought was dead but now that I am losing you I wish it had remained buried do not ask me to be happy do not expect me to smile my heart is crying for what could have been but never was I should be happy for you but the thought of not being loved by you is tea
Should There Be One
its about time that I realize that all I am and all I have is what U made me. Shouldnt I have realized this long ago before I break me. Its all about to end this game we play, forgive me now for your gonna go away, straight into the fire I send you. Forbidden fruit the poison I give to you. Its all about how u made me realize that all I needed in my life was right here all along, I didn't need you to make me who I am. Im greater now without you, understand. Someone finally told me I could be so much greater without you by my side and even though it took some time to let the pain sink in and finally die, I finally found the reason Im alive. couldnt take the time to do what i have done to make me better to be the number one they all told me i could be. yet now Im free. I take this as my chance to shine to break all ties that held me down now im stronger and your the one whos weak and out of love, and outta time.
I wonder why I dream a dream to complete the dream that was once me to figure out if I could be everything you tell me. I imagine this world a better place where I can raise my baby in peace instead of all the insanity and that is why I dream. I dream a dream so beautiful I seldom want to wake to come back to this nightmare that we live in day to day. I dream a dream in solitude when nights are spent alone wishing I could live the dream and live in my new home. The dream I dream is beautiful and I wish to go there now so Goodnight to all us sinners and find sweet dreams, SOMEHOW!!!
You Will Never Change
I thought I was through crying over you, I thought the love I had, had died. I never knew I could still feel this way, now Im trapping the tears inside. I know that I could never trust you, so why shatter what I had become u never loved me enough to stand by me, I had finally thought the pain was done. Still the tears flow when I know u lied just like you always do. When will I finally realize that lyings part of you. I could never trust u again like I had, when you never seem to change. I no longer know how to believe in you, so my life feels rearranged. I never should have let you back in but the feelings were always there. I dont know how to change the fact, that I will always care. Forgive me for all that I have done, I thought this time u would be the one person I could rely on. I guess I can rely on noone but me.
This Time In My Life
This time in my life Starting over again at this time in my life was not someting I ever thought I would have to do I thought i had found love that would last to the end of time but here I am looking at the faces of strangers hoping to find in their eyes the light that would tell me that we are meant to be together A kind loving face with a smile that would erase the troubles of the day soft warm arms in which to lose all track of time as the world passes by We each have our pasts things we have done the lives we have lived and lessons learned but the past is gone and cannot be changed This time in my life is a time for a fresh start new beginings to a new life new love and a new forever
The Questions Haunting Me
Well I've lived my life ashamed of who I am, and I've tried so hard to make people understand that before my life gets better, I have to believe in who I am and what i can be. So many people tell me that I can succeed If I just try and maybe just believe. That i can be and do almost anything, than my soul will be at ease. Yet the thought of success kinda frightens me, I'm afraid of what I will become, will I still be, the person I am now or will I become someone that I don't want to be. Will people befriend me cuz they need a friend, or will it be more users in the end. One thing I know is I must accomplish one big goal, before this life kills me and I'm dead. When I die will I have been someone to anyone, who really cares about me for me. Or will I die never knowing true love at all, these are questions haunting me
Our Finest Hour
The End of Endings has started... The battle lines have been drawn as the smoke clears, we will be the ones marching on the gates of hell have been shaken... Terror fills their eyes as we attack, we lift out voices in the battle cry. We will fight, we will be strong together. We're marching on, untied, we move as one. Our Finest Hour has just begun. The host of darkness before us, their shallow eyes filled with pain. There's no escaping all the angels with their eternal chains. Our final surging battalion the massive gates crumble in our shouts of victory meet the strains of tortured screams from within. Our Finest Hour has Just Begun...
Tarot Reading
Judgement card suggests that my alter ego is The Compassionate One, whose superpower lies in revelation of my life and worldly events. I will reflect a sense of gratitude for my life and those involved by showing humility, forgiveness and charity. By doing so, I feel a strong redemption for past events -- a great liberating feeling. I have punished myself enough and am free at last. Clearing the conscience through forgiving yourself and others can bring an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.
In Memory Of A Loved One Lost
I see your face in each sleepless night and awake with tears in my eye I see you in the morning light and can not help but cry. You were the friend who knew me best, and I adored you above all the rest. Yet God he took away your love, so now you look on from above. I know that you are watching me and seeing each tear I shed. I wish that I could be set free and it would have been me instead. I toss and turn every night to awake with eyes moist and red. I only wish you could take away the fright that has me longing for death instead. Still I know that life will go on even without you here, so I will say goodbye, for you are gone live a life of sorrow but live on. Copyright ©2007 Nicole Marie Betts
Drunken Sexual Chronicles Of +bauer+- Vol. 1
It was late. We were both wasted and and crawled into bed. Now, I am always up for sex, and this girl was stunning...but I was so drunk and so tired, I could take it or leave it. She advanced. I tried to comply the best I could and +Bauer+ Jr, was awake, but I was fucking beat. "We can do this, but you are gonna have to do all the work." She a big way. Next thing I know she is riding away like rodeo cowgirl and all I am is dead weight with a working pole (ok, maybe stick). Just when things seemed to be moving along fine... The unthinkable happened.... She bent me. Now I have watched a fair share of porn in my day. I have seen some guys with a flexible penis that can bend here and there. I am not one of those guys... and I got 90 degree angled. She freaked, I shrieked, she cried. "Why are you crying? I am the one with the broken dick?" She cried more. "Stop, stop stop. I'm fine, get back up there." So she did, with tea
A Heart Of Stone
A heart should not be made to hide from all its many pains or kept well under lock and key to come out only when it rains. A heart should not be hardened or hid behind a wall for hearts of gold to wither would be the death of all. I once gave all I could give to those who came my way now I'm faced with all this anger that makes this heart of stone today....
The Dawn Will Come
When all your world is pain and the last tear has long since fallen There is nothing left to do but start your life again When your life of love has long since past and fallen into night All your hopes and dreams are gone they vanished with the light There is always hope the dawn will come. And with the rising sun new love Just keep your eyes to the east and soon you will see the light New love, New hopes, New dreams And yes just wait and see because soon the dawn will come To make the choice is yours to leave the life and the pain behind take those first few steps ahead and look towards the sun and soon you will see that you are strong and nothing is to hard even though you left it all there will be more ahead There is always hope the dawn will come. And with the rising sun new love Just keep your eyes to the east and soon you will see the light New love, New hopes, New dreams And yes just wait and see because soon the dawn will come
If I gave you everything that I have left to give would you still be mine tomorrow if there was only me would you still whisper sweet nothings in my ear hold me so tight and would you still call me dear. What if I had nothing but my heart and soul would you still laugh with me or would you let me go would you want me for me if I had nothing to loose oh baby I sure would like to know. What if I gave you everything what if I had nothing to give would you still love me the same would you even know my name could it be that everything and nothing could it be that you might be the one what if you really did love me what if this time I refused to run... Sometimes life can get you down and its easier to walk away than to have to face this pain eac
One possession, my dreams of life and context of thought In a downpour of disappointment, I endure the rain. These goals of mine, should they be sought a wreckless obsession accompanied with a symphony of tenuous pain. Through growth and encouragement we seek our bitter ends with ignorance in hand but if nothing else, life reminds us we are but one Cycles of effort and absence not seen through the shell of man for they lie within chained to the heart and sinking...
Me And You
ive been a friend and ive been a fool but some things in life are worth going through I seen heartache and ive seen pain it seems nothing can break these chains one thing I know is true it'll always be me and you set in stone against the world they come and go we stand strong I hold your hand I feel your sorrow another night leads to tomorrow cant take it all away another lie another play there's got to be more than this death of the moon sealed with a kiss one thing I know that's always true I'll always be there for you set in stone upon the ground cry in the night the only sound i'm tired sore black and blue but its still me and you
Something To Live By
A group of graduates, well established in their careers, were talking at a reunion and decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired. During their visit, the conversation turned to complaints about stress in their work and lives. Offering his guests hot chocolate, the professor went into the kitchen and returned with a large pot of hot chocolate and an assortment of cups - porcelain, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the hot chocolate. When they all had a cup of hot chocolate in hand, the professor said: "Notice that all the nice looking, expensive cups were taken, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. The cup that you're drinking from adds nothing to the quality of the hot chocolate. In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. What all of you
Real Id Act
Commentary - Under Real ID, privacy will be nonexistent Printer Friendly | Email | Add to My News | Post comments Font Size: a a A A | Rank: # 11 of 11,978 Filed under: , Melanie Scarborough , Commentary Jan 21, 2008 6:46 AM (3 days ago) by Melanie Scarborough, The Examiner Welcome to Amerika. With its recent issuance of rules for implementing the “Real ID” law - the requirement that states issue driver’s licenses according to federal dictates and link the information to a nationwide database - the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has taken another page from the Soviets’ playbook. Stalin required Russian citizens to carry an internal passport ostensibly because “counterrevolutionaries” posed a threat. Amerikans will be required to show their papers to prove they aren’t terrorists or illegal immigrants. Because an internal passport is the hallmark of totalitarianism, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is trying to play Americans for fools. He insists that Real ID, which mu
Possible Shakespeare Imitation (idea Only)
so, in my intro to shakespeare class, we have to read one shakespeare book a week. dumbass me forgot about how many days i had so on tuesday i read over 100 pages of "the taming of the shrew" and still didnt finish (i gave up at 10 pm). after i was done, i had an almost uncontrollable urge to speak in iambic pentameter. in class, when we were talkin about the book and watching clips of the BBC version and some other better version, i realized i was slowly thinkin in imabic pentameter. lol by the end of the semester, i'm sure i could almost imitate shakespeare, so i'm going to challenge myself. i'm gonna try to write a story, not a play, in iambic pentameter. it's going to be hard but i'm sure i could do it. now then, i need ideas...any suggestions?
*if You Want To Talk To Me*
Who Cares How Old You Are, Live Life To The Fullest...
WHO CARES HOW OLD YOU ARE, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST... 'Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, ' Holy sh!t... What a Ride!! '
I'm Give Up
i'm so tired of seeing everyone else happy and havin someone to be with... i always find mr. wrong neva mr. right.... the only person that i wanna be with doesnt understand how i feel.... and i will neva be able to explain it to him... so i'm triyin to get ova him completely... so the other person that i wanna be with doesnt even know that i like him... and i dont wanna tell him cuz i hate rejection... i just wanna be happy... but i guess that i was meant to be single for the rest of my life... I GIVE UP!!!!
Calling All Fubombers
We are too far behind on Kaes contest. This contest takes top priority today. I hope you all understand how important this is. When we are behind in a contest, we do not vote on Mumms, upload pictures, or update our stash. We also do not bomb giveaways when a family member is in a contest that has a deadline. The contest with the deadline always is the priority. We bomb our hardest to help that family member get in to the lead. I need all Fu-bombers to bomb Kae today and use all their comments. If you have any questions, see a family manager. Tiggerbear2007 Family Manager
My Crazy Dream With Lots Of Sex!
I am a little tired this morning. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Actually I was falling asleep and then Peter decided he was horny last night so he somehow persuaded me to have sex (doesn't take much persuasion!) So then I was wide awake and then had a hard time falling asleep after because then I started thinking about today. I hate it when my mind won't shut off. I had lots of dreams about sex last night. I was working for my sister-in-law who opened up a restaurant and I was like her business partner or something? I was in love with 2 men. One of them looked like Johnny Dep and the other looked like....someone I was talking to yesterday! ;) I was having sex with the one brother and then in the end of my dream, I was having sex with the other. At some point there was a band playing in the restaurant and I was watching a woman dance and there were video cameras there and they kept showing shots from below, up her skirt. You could kind of see her pussy. I was
Fruit And Nut Stuffed Pork Chops
# Total Time: 1 Hour # Preparation Time: Under 30 minutes # Serving Size: 4 # Level of Difficulty: Moderate # Meal Occasion: Dinner Ingredients * 4 HORMEL® ALWAYS TENDER® Extra Thick Bone-in Pork Chops * 1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored and chopped * 1 cup golden raisins * 1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts * 1 tablespoon each butter and vegetable oil Directions Preheat oven to 350ºF. Mix apple, raisins, and walnuts in a bowl and set aside until needed. Carefully cut a slit or pocket in the side of each pork chop and season them with salt and pepper. Stuff 1/4 of the fruit and nut mixture into the pocket of each chop. Place the butter and oil into a stove top-to-oven frying pan on stove over medium-high heat. When butter mixture is foamy, add pork chops, cooking long enough to brown then carefully turn over. (Any loose stuffing can be tucked back into the chops with a spoon.) Take pan of pork chops from the stovetop and place in the pre
Other Similar Traditions
THRYPHON ZAREZAN (Bulgarian, Tryphonos Trimmer's Day - February 1st) Saint Tryphon is worshipped as the guardian of vineyards and this festival is in his honor. It is observed not only by vine-growers, but also by market-gardeners and tavern-keepers. Early in the morning the mistress of the house kneads some bread - unleavened or leavened. She also cooks a barnyard hen, which - following the tradition - is stuffed with rice or grouts. The hen is stewed in one piece and then roasted on a sachak (a kind of shallow copper pan). The loaf of bread, the hen and a wooden vessel (buklitza) full of wine are put in a new woolen bag. With such bags over their shoulders the men go to the vineyards. They make the sign of the cross, take the pruning-knives and cut, each one of them, three sticks from three main stems. Afterwards they make the sign of the cross again and pour the wine they have brought over the vines. This ritual is called 'trimming'. Following this ceremony, they single out 'the
Sum Friend Questions
feel free to leave answers to there questions 1.what is your name? do you know me? 3.are we close? did we first meet? 5.are we friends? 6.would you think of me as more than a friend? 7.what do you like about me(if anything)? 8.whats the best memory you have of us? 9.would you confide in me? 10.what would you say are best and worst things about me? 11.what song would i play as my first wedding dance song? 12.what would i wear for my wedding? i single or do i have a girlfriend? 14.describe me in 3 words or less? 15.would i be the sort of guy you would take home to your parents? 16.what would be my perfect first date? 17.would you introduce me to your friends? would you describe me to your friends? 19.would you let me meet your parents? would you describe me to your parents?
Candlemas / Imbolc / Groundhog Day – February 2nd
Also known as Feast of the Purification of the Virgin. Known in Mexico and Latin America as Dia de la Candelaria. In Hungary, February 2nd is called Blessing of the Candle of the Happy Woman. In Poland, it is called Mother of God Who Saves Us From Thunder. February 2 is one of the great cross-quarter days which make up the wheel of the year. It falls midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and in many traditions is considered the beginning of spring. The earliest whisperings of Springtide are heard now as the Goddess nurtures Her Young Son. As a time of the year associated with beginning growth, Imbolc is an initiatory period for many and Covens usually initiate new members at this time. Here we plant the "seeds" of our hopes and dreams for the coming summer months. The promises of the return of the light and the renewal of life which were made at the winter solstice are now becoming manifest. It's the dawn of the year. It's the time when a woman who is preg
On A Rant
Before you read this I do know some of you will label me a raciest. If that is how you feel about me after reading this please feel free to delete me as a friend. I am STANDING UP FOR MY COUNTRY Just saw on Fox News that some good for nothing useless pieces of shit are going after the kids story The 3 Little Pigs. They want this banned due to the fact that it offends the Muslims. I do NOT GIVE A RAT'S ASS what offends these stupid good for nothing pieces of crap. They offend ALL REAL Americans. They hi jacked 3 air planes and flew them into OUR buildings killing over 5,000 innocent people. Why should we give a crap what offends these people? Last time I checked this is AMERICA not some stupid muslim jihad county. Why should we change our way of life for these wackos? I have a real good idea lets take all the muslims in the United States and strap them to the next bombs we drop. Let them "die for a cause" Lets send em to have the 41 virgins. I am so sick and tired of
February Nears...
Groundhogs, Shadows and Growing Light All things around us change constantly, especially the apparent relationships between what we experience on Earth and what we can observe in the sky. The Sun appears to move and everything on Earth responds. Today we know full well that it is Earth cruising in its orbit that causes seasons, but for centuries it had appeared to earthbound observers that it was the Sun moving in a cycle to increase and decrease its light throughout the year. The most highly publicized dates to celebrate this oscillating light-of-life are the times when the Sun appears to turn on the horizon in its rising and setting points, the summer and winter solstices. In between these are the autumn and spring equinoxes when day lengths are most rapidly changing. Less frequently noted, yet just as interesting, are the mid-way points between solstices and equinoxes, the so called "cross-quarter" dates. As far as the factors that produce weather are concerned, these are time
So You Call Yourself A Animal Lover?
Ever wonder about all those people who have those animal bumper stickers on their automobiles, you know the type I mean "I (heart) my {insert animal breed}!" I often wonder how many of those people actually mean it, or if they bought it to hide a scratch on their automobile, and make people think, they are sensitive, or even a caring person. I used to have a neighbor a few years ago, they had a I love my miniature pinscher bumper sticker. Which whenever I saw them I always thought, geez tough love. I mean there was times that little dog was chained out in the yard for days in zero and sub zero tempterures, while those human who supposedly loved it were warm and cozy in their home, or even worse away for holiday for a few days or so. Alternatively, times in the summer, when the temperatures are dangerous outside towards humans, the little dog would often be chained up out in the yard, usually out of reach of shade, and often without a cool drink of water. Or another thing I hate, are
True Love
true love never dies so if you have that one special person in your life dont be afraid to tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you and never leave the one you love for the one you like because chances are the one you like loves someone else and you will cause needless heart break trust me there is nothing worse than seeing the one you love,love someone else so go and tell the one you love EXACTLY how you feel before its too late and you havent got a chance
Dirty Blonde!
A Poem For Friends
Around the corner I have a friend, In this great city that has no end, Yet the days go by and weeks rush on, And before I know it, a year is gone. And I never see my old friends face, For life is a swift and terrible race, He knows I like him just as well, As in the days when I rang his bell. And he rang mine but we were younger then, And now we are busy, tired men. Tired of playing a foolish game, Tired of trying to make a name. "Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim Just to show that I'm thinking of him." But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes, And distance between us grows and grows. Around the corner, yet miles away, "Here's a telegram sir," "Jim died today." And that's what we get and deserve in the end. Around the corner, a vanished friend. Remember to always say what you mean. If you love someone, tell them. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you. Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be to
Update On Stupid - Jan 24 2008
Jan 23 2008 Ya know there are a few so called screenshots floating around.... Now let me clarify the stupidity of one of the most vindictive Women of Fubar, Now most of you know my X-FUBAR wife and how talented she is in photoshops and I even give myself credit in being pretty good. Now This Vindictive piece of trash thinks people are actualy dumb enough to buy the screenshots she photoshopped and is passing around? Why do you think I havent passed or posted the ones I have ? Because like you Im that fuckin good at photoshops and i know they would be questioned. Now the question is am I sick ? Yes I am and i have clarified that. Am I limited on time ? Yes NOW let me clarify further....... I am still married to a woman that lives in Arkansas at this time, and lacey and i came up with the plan that she would show she had came here and was still here. and we also involved my son in sending her ( The soon to be X )info that I was deader than shit, This was done on Yahoo and
I Have Come To Realize...
1. I have come to realize that my butt... Is still pretty sweet after all these years. 2. I have come to realize that when I talk... I should really be listening. 3. I have come to realize that, if I love someone... They have all of me. 4. I have come to realize that, I need... A lot more sleep, and even more money. 5. I have come to realize that, I lost... My grip on reality at some point on this road. 6. I have come to realize that, I hate it when... People are mean and/or dishonest. 7. I have come to realize that, if I'm drunk... Call an ambulance and a psychologist. 8. I have come to realize that, marriage. Is something I still believe in even though I'm getting a divorce! 9. I have come to realize that, work… Pays the bills. 10. I have come to realize that, I will always be... Myself, love me or not. 11. I have come to realize that, I LOVE… At a million miles an hour and confident about it. 12. I have come to realize that, the last time
Carnival: Read More About It
CARNIVAL: READ MORE ABOUT IT One of the best things about Carnival is that it can be appreciated on so many different levels. There are of course the street parties and the parades to enjoy, but there are also volumes of cultural history that have been written about the celebration and its origins, which can be studied and enjoyed. Here are some Carnival works to consider. BOOKS IN WIDESPREAD CIRCULATION: Mardi Gras New Orleans Henri Schindler Flammarion 1997 Mardi Gras Treasures: Invitations of the Golden Age Mardi Gras Treasures: Float Designs of the Golden Age Mardi Gras Treasures: Costume Designs of the Golden Age Mardi Gras Treasures: Jewelry of the Golden Age Henri Schindler Pelican Publishing
Hookrsn8bals: I want a woman to call me or type if need be and watch me stroke my cock, tell me how to do it, tell me to finger my asss while I am doing it if she wants, flog my cock with a belt, verbally abuse me and then when she lets me cum, when ever that is i have to lick it all up for her to see what the fuck is that shit? seriously, comments people wow.
Crazy Shit Goin On
i woke up this morning to one of the worst phone calls i have ever gottin in my life. i woke up finding out that my 14 year old cuzzin is pregnant by some nigga thats 24. Now my first instict was to place a hit out on his ass and when i found out he was in a gang i wanted to take his whole lil click out. But i cant do that since i decided to be a better person from now on. So now i dont know what to do, but after that i got some more bad news, my other 13 year old cuzzin just got out of juvi and she ran away while on house arrest. then shes fuckin wit some nigga thats tryna pimp her ass out and he gave her a black eye once. The worst part is they moms wont let me get these niggas no matter what so im stuck, what do i do now .
Have U Ever
have you ever reached out to some one you did not know have you ever lost all control have you ever thought you meet that speisel somene only to find out you did not know have you every thought true love was going to last only to find a dark black past have you ever gave all your trust to find out they throw it in the dust have you ever takein time to see beind the mask and into there past and hope what you feel will still last have you every decided to stay even though you just want to run away have you ever felt a pain in your heart the second you were apart have u ever loved some one more when they wlked back throw the door what im tring to say is have you love someone even though there far away but true question here is do they love you this way too
Meaning Of A Name
MELISSA Gender: Feminine Usage: English, Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek Other Scripts: Ìåëéóóá (Ancient Greek) Pronounced: me-LIS-a (English) Means "bee" in Greek. This was the name of a nymph that cared for young Zeus in Greek mythology
Help Me Please 1-24-08
Texan's Way Of Handling Things!!
Three men - a Canadian farmer, Osama bin Laden and a Texan are all working together one day. They come across a lantern and a Genie pops out of it. 'I will give each on you one wish, which is three wishes in total', says the Genie. The Canadian says, 'I am a farmer and my son will also farm. I want the land to be forever fertile in Canada ..' POOF! With the blink of the Genie's eye, the land in Canada was forever fertile for farming. Osama was amazed, so he said, 'I want a wall around Afghanistan , Palestine , Iraq and Iran so that no infidels, Americans or Canadians can come in our precious land.' POOF! Again, with the blink of the Genie's eye, there was a huge wall around those countries. The Texan says, 'I am very curious. Please tell me more abou this wall.' The Genie explains, 'Well, it's about 5,000 feet high, 5oo feet thick and completely surrounds the country. Nothing can get in or out; it's
Getting Married..
''THE WORLD 'S SHORTEST FAIRY TALE!" Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said:"NO!" And the girl lived happily ever-after and went shopping, dancing, camping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, traveled more, had many lovers, didn't save money, and had all the hot water to herself. She went to the theater, never watched sports, never wore friggin' lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants and was pleasant all the time. The End
Were You Born On A Cusp?
Were You Born on a Cusp? Virgo/Libra September 19 to September 23 Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac; Libra is the seventh. Virgo/Libras strive to create balance and harmony between themselves and others. They bring their skills and talents together for the good of others. Despite their inherent modesty, those born on the Virgo/Libra cusp are industrious and efficient when working for a good cause. Objective and just, Virgo/Libras are excellent arbitrators and enjoy lots of friends. The astrological symbol of Virgo is the Virgin; Libra is represented by the Scales. Virgo/Libras abhor unfairness and conflict, striving above all for peace, but at times they are easily deterred from their beliefs. They are able to see all sides of an argument, but as their mental scales sway back and forth, they may never find balance and can become fickle and indecisive. They are skilled at seeing all sides of a situation, which is an expression of Virgo's mutable quality. Virgo/Libras are
I Need A Man
I need a Real man A man thats not afraid to tell me his feelings A giving man A man who can deal with the big things and lets the small stuff slide An understanding man A man that will take the lead A mans man A man that will make me feel wanted and special A passionate man A man that knows how to treat a woman An Honest man A man that loves women A devoted man A man that wants to be loved A loving man A man who appreciates A generous man A man that doesn't expect A forgiving man A man who loves with his whole heart
I Have Come To Realize...
1. I have come to realize that my butt... Is in a constant state of change 2. I have come to realize that when I talk... People that really love me listen 3. I have come to realize that, if I love someone... They won't necessarily love me back. 4. I have come to realize that, I need... To live my life for me first, then the ones I love. 5. I have come to realize that, I lost... My sanity a long time ago 6. I have come to realize that, I hate it when... People lie 7. I have come to realize that, if I'm drunk... I can easily make a fool of myself 8. I have come to realize that, marriage. Can only work if both people are willing to work at it and give 150%. 9. I have come to realize that, work… Sucks 10. I have come to realize that, I will always be... Responsible for my own behavior, no matter the situation 11. I have come to realize that, I LOVE… With all my heart, and sometimes it will get broken 12. I have come to realize that, the last time
The Man Rules
The Man Rules­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story. ( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules" From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do.
Check Out Prowler...he'z Da Best!!!!!!!!
a really great person to know...go find out for yourselves...besides he ROCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Prowler *TrueLycan FreeLance Bombers* ~ aka Mischevious Loki, Lycan Morph God, and Cooler~@ fubar
The First Ten Days!!
Hello everyone, Well I'm here and pretty much settled in. Everything is great so far ... the cast is nice and most everyone on the ship is very friendly. The Holiday is Carnivals smallest and oldest ship, but it also has a reputation for being a very relaxed and friendly ship. Good trade off I think. The cast is supposed to have 8 female dancers, 4 male dancers, and two singers. As of right now we have 7 female dancers (one girl quit already), 2 male dancers (one just passed his medical, and the other one failed), and no singers. ARGGGGHHHH!!! Oh well they will have a ton of work to do when they get here. So the cast is quite diverse ... 3 Americans, 2 Brits, 3 Australians, 1 Canadian, and 1 South African ... I don't know about the ones that aren't here yet. Well we have been working very hard, but we still manage to find time for a drink or two. We are also required to watch every single one of the shows that the current cast performs. Now that we know one of the sho
Stop By And See My Friends!
Stop by andshow some love FAN/RATE/ADD This is my first attempt at a pimpout! Go check out some of my wonderful friends and show them love while you're there, They'll give it back to ya! Please repost!! If this gets a pretty good turn out I will try to do one each week for different friends! chevy1514@ fubar Lost@ fubar Just Another Lonesome Cowboy in Michigan@ fubar Retching Red aka Mrs. River Rat ^A^ PyRat Radio ^A^@ fubar Bullseye@ fubar The Stutter@ fubar core ***Pimp Daddy C***@ fubar Poetic Honesty
Why Life Is So Short So Appreciate It While Its Here..
In the wake of the young Heath Ledger.. 23, died Oct. 31, 1993, from a drug overdose outside of the Viper Room in Los Angeles. River was a promising young star who made his mark in Stand By Me. Brandon Lee, 28, died March 31, 1993, after accidentally being shot on the set of "The Crow" in Wilmington, N.C. The son of a legend, Bruce Lee, he was also a rising young star who played the lead role in The Crow. Four weeks before his death, Cobain attempted suicide in Italy, leaving him in a temporary coma, widely reported in the media at the time. Kurt Cobain's body was discovered on April 8, 1994 by electrician Gary Smith, who was to install a burglar alarm in the residence. It is likely he killed himself on April 5. Heroin and valium both were found in his blood. The shotgun blast destroyed his head to the point where he was not recognizable; the body was identified from fingerprints. Cobain was 27. Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday
Zman Him Sum Luv
take a minute of ur time to go visit this great guy... he is a total sweetheart zmanOWNER OF ZMANS DOMAIN TrueLycan freelance bombers CLUB F.A.R.& DIRTY SOUTH CREW AND M&M NATI@ fubar also check out his lounge too...
You Are Perfect
All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart and for us to be together to never be apart No one else in the world could even compare You are perfect and so is this love we share We have so much more then I ever thought we would I love you more then I thought I ever could I promise to give you all I have to give I will do anything for you as long as I live In your eyes I see our present, future, and past by the way you look at me I know we will last I hope that one day you will come to realize how perfect you are when seen though my eyes
If I leave today,don't shed a tear. Just remember the times we had when I was here. Just smile and thank god for your life. Never walk while your down,keep your stride. But to think of me,think of me as a good friend. But just remember when the sun rises you day begins. SO if i leave today,don't shed a tear. We'll hang out again,I'll bring the beer,I'll bring the beer.
:( it hurts to yawn :(
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Jan 24
My mind floats freely like a long, dusty road leading back to nowhere. My head tilted back I study the sky looking for the answer I found once in your eyes. With an icy warmth I traced the small smile that fleetingly touched your lips and a small part of the love I have for you burns my fingertips. The moon's quiet glow shines light past my eyes when I can realize the way the night ends. Darkness from this moment is gone forever And you? You have just silently whispered good-bye
Just For Fun
Okay people, lets have some fun...This one is interesting..........Just hit forward and place an X by all the things you've done or remove the X from the ones you have not and send it to your friends (including me).No need to copy and paste into a new email. ( ) Smoked a cigarette ( x) Drank so much you threw up ( x ) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back. ( ) Been arrested ( x ) Gone on a blind date: ( x ) Skipped school ( ) Watched someone die ( ) Been to Canada ( x ) Been to Mexico ( x ) Been to Florida (X ) Been on a plane ( X ) Been lost ( x ) Been on the opposite side of the country. ( ) Gone to Washington DC ( x ) Swam in the ocean- ( X ) Felt like dying ( X ) Cried yourself to sleep..... ( x ) Played cops and robbers ( x ) Recently colored with crayons (x ) Sang Karaoke- ( x ) Paid for a meal with only coins ( X ) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't ( x ) Made prank phone calls.
Proud To Be A Nigger
Proud to be a nigger There were a total of 15 passengers boarding a small plane on their way to Florida. One black mother and her child were on their way to visit relatives while the other passengers consisted of the KKK on their way to a convention. The plane took off and after flying for approximately 12 minutes an announcement came over the intercom from the pilot saying: "We have overloaded this flight. We are going to have to start throwing luggage out the window so the plane won't go down." Two minutes later you could see luggage being thrown out the window. Five minutes after that, the pilot made a second announcement. "We are still experiencing problems. We're sorry, but the plane is still overloaded and we're going to have to get rid of some of the weight so the plane won't go down. We’re going to have to ask some passengers to jump out of the window when we call you by your name. To make it fair, we'll go alphabetically. We'll start with A. Will all the African
2008 Sprint Cup Schedule...
Feb 9 --Budweiser Shootout– Daytona International Speedway* Feb 17 --Daytona International Speedway Feb 24 --California Speedway Mar 2 --Las Vegas Motor Speedway Mar 9 --Atlanta Motor Speedway Mar 16 --Bristol Motor Speedway Mar 30 --Martinsville Speedway Apr 6 --Texas Motor Speedway Apr 12 --Phoenix International Raceway Apr 27 --Talladega Superspeedway May 3 --Richmond International Raceway May 10 --Darlington Raceway May 17 --NASCAR Sprint All-Star Challenge – Lowe’s Motor Speedway* May 25 --Lowe’s Motor Speedway Jun 1 --Dover International Speedway Jun 8 --Pocono Raceway Jun 15 --Michigan International Speedway Jun 22 --Infineon Raceway Jun 29 --New Hampshire International Speedway Jul 5 --Daytona International Speedway Jul 12 --Chicagoland Speedway Jul 27 --Indianapolis Motor Speedway Aug 3 --Pocono Raceway Aug 10 --Watkins Glen International Aug 17 --Michigan International Speedway Aug 23 --Bristol Motor Speedway Aug 31 --California Speedway Sep 6 --Ric
In A Bad Mood *pout*
I had to get up way too early today to help a friend with immigration. We had to drive all the way into downtown Miami (gawd I hate Miami). On top of getting up early I got a letter saying my payment process was going to be held up because of the donations my boyfriend made were significant and they had to send him a release form . I guess being he paid for more then half my surgery they meant him LOL so I keep making him check his email today so when it comes in he can print sign and get it back so dont hold me up longer. LOL so much for being stubborn back when started seeing him in early october he offered to pay for it all, but I wanted to do this myself. I am one if i start something I have to finish it. *giggles* momma always said im too stubborn for my own good. guess this time she was right... AGAIN.! So now they say can take a few days/weeks up to 180 fucking days. so not very happy I want to get this done soon, sucks i busted my ass for over 2 months rarely sl
History Of Valentines Day!
As early as the fourth century B.C., the Romans engaged in an annual young man's rite to passage to the God Lupercus. The names of the teenage women were placed in a box and drawn at random by adolescent men; thus, a man was assigned a woman companion for the duration of the year, after which another lottery was staged. After eight hundred years of this cruel practice, the early church fathers sought to end this practice... They found an answer in Valentine, a bishop who had been martyred some two hundred years earlier. According to church tradition St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius-II who had issued an edict forbidding marriage. This was around when the heyday of Roman empire had almost come to an end. Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Learning declined, taxation increased, and trade slumped to a low, precarious level. And the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Euro
Im Home
012408 Tarot
The Queen of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in generosity. I am in a position to be gracious and to consider the welfare of others as I surround myself with or reproduce the conditions I wish to create. I am empowered by embracing my own splendor and earthy sensuality and this gives me the validation to nurture, share, or bring new life into the world. My asset is fertile and perennial gratitude.
012408 Horoscope
You may feel as if you've returned home today, although there are more unfinished chores than you wish. You don't mind the work that's required of you as long as you can see the potential return. Keep in mind that short-term objectives are not as important now as long-term ones. By focusing your attention on the future, you'll be more able to perform in an exemplary manner today.
Fuck The Education System
Why the fuck do we go through 12 years of school? Most of us gain nothing out of it, do we even really remember what the fuck we learneD?? hell no! and when we apply for college, you first have to pay to apply, then pay to take their admissions test, pay for the gas to get there, and then probably get rejected anyways, and then if you don't, you need to pay to learn, pay for a course in which you're probably fully capable of doing all of it just so you can get hired at some career you'll probably only enjoy for 5 years so you can go back and pay everything all over again. And fuck highschool, the greatest years of your life my ass, I fucking hated highschool, and if I actually had a teacher that spoke fucking english I wouldn't be where I am now, Oh yea but we're supposed to know how to teach ourselves, so why the fuck to we attend? I might as well teach myself and probably have a better result. So now, technically, it's all my fault that the education system fucked up my life and i h
Hey There Delilah By Plain White T's
Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's
Southwestern Pork And Vegetable Stew
Southwestern Pork and Vegetable Stew Best Life Diet approved recipe! Similar to classic posole, a pork stew originating in Jalisco Mexico. Top it off with cilantro and sliced radishes. From eatbetteramerica. Prep Time:30 min Start to Finish:55 min makes:6 servings 1 tablespoon olive or canola oil 1 lb boneless pork shoulder roast, cut into 3/4-inch pieces 1 medium onion, coarsely chopped 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1/2 lb small red potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch pieces (1 1/2 cups) 1 cup Green Giant® Niblets® frozen whole kernel corn 1/2 medium green bell pepper, coarsely chopped 1/2 medium red bell pepper, coarsely chopped 1 can (14 oz) fat-free chicken broth with 33% less sodium 1 can (14.5 oz) white hominy, drained, rinsed 1 can (4.5 oz) chopped green chiles, undrained 3 teaspoons chili powder 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1. In 3-quart saucepan or Dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add pork; cook and sti
Government Health Warning
Don't swallow chewing gum!
Fruit Kabobs With Tropical Fruit Coulis
Fruit Kabobs with Tropical Fruit Coulis Express yourself with a bit of the tropics. Create fresh fruit kabobs yourself or gather guests for fun kabob-making. From eatbetteramerica. Prep Time:40 min Start to Finish:40 min makes:24 appetizers 6 cups bite-size pieces assorted fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon and cantaloupe) 1 cup green grapes 1 cup blueberries or red grapes 3 small star fruit, cut into 24 slices 2 large mangoes, peeled, seeds removed and cut into large pieces 1/4 cup pineapple preserves 1. Thread 4 to 6 pieces of fruits (except mangoes) on each of twenty-four 6-inch skewers. Place skewers on large serving platter; set aside. 2. In food processor, place mango pieces and pineapple preserves. Process until smooth; pour into small serving bowl. Serve kabobs with mango coulis.
We Have A Dream Inside Ourselves
We have a dream inside ourselves, A gift to us at birth, To guide us and protect us On our journey on this earth. We all have something special, Each one of us’ unique You have to find the courage To find the peace you seek. So dream your dream and live your dream Don’t be afraid to try. Just take your soul by the hand And let your spirit fly.
Happy Birthday
Romance Is...
A mid-afternoon phone call just to say that the sunshine reminded you of the brightness of my smile and made you want to hear my voice. Flowers delivered to my office because your mind was overflowing with thoughts of me, and you wanted to picture the look on my face when I leaned in for the first smell. Slow, soft, sweet kisses in the pouring rain, surrounded by the sound and fury and passion of a summer storm, bathed in the glow of the lightning as it streaks across the horizon. Holding my hand on a crowded sidewalk because you are proud to stand beside me and you want everyone to know that I am yours. Touching my cheek with the back of your hand because you just can't get enough of the softness of my skin or the sound of my sigh when you touch me. Staring deeply into my eyes and whispering to me that you can see all of your tomorrows there. Promising to love me until forever, and meaning it.
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I like the sound of distant thunder as it rumbles across the earth. I love to watch the lightning as it streaks across the sky in glorious flames ripe with passion and promise. I love to stand in the sound and fury of the storm with the rain washing over my skin, bathing my body in the freshness of sweet abandon. I love the drenching wetness and the cool calm as the raindrops gather to embrace me. I love the erotic slippery slide of every drip that caresses my cheek, slipping down and down and down to pool at my feet. I love to stand with arms stretched wide, reaching for the passion of nature's release, embracing the pure raw energy that crackles in the air, filling my senses with the smell of wet earth and ozone and satisfaction.
Wonder Why
Recently , me and a friend were chatting. As sometimes happen when you are talking or chatting with someone the conversation decides to take a life of it own. In these instances, I find myself amazed at where these conversations lead. So im sitting contemplating this in the morning, and i realize what is nagging me. Not the fact that this happened, but why. Oh it's easy to think well you said you all were friends. Of course that's true too. Or that eventually, when you know someone these things happens, hmmmmmmm, well that one ill ponder over. What i realized was this theres talking and theres communicating. Like every other thing in life you get what you put into it. See what happened is that two people who liked each other and who felt good vibes from each other did something amazing. What you ask? They took a chance! Simple as that, they risked bieng vunerable. Amazing isnt it. Such a little thing to do but one we rarely do with each other, open up. I know by now you a
Everyone Should Read This! (repost)
What a way to simplify things... Whether you agree with Jay or not, you have to give him credit for speaking his mind... I hope you will all read to the end. Jay Leno puts it into perspective and makes us think about the pathetic negativity. That's right, Jay Leno!! Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see.... "The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe.It must be true, given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed, and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence, 2/3's of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ''What are we so unhappy about?''Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and
Posable Tags
On-line Love
*Warning: The following most likely contains misspelled words. My appologies.* While spending time doing my normal mumm-voting whore duties, I ran across a comment that movitaved me to write this blog. The comment was from a woman who wondered how people could fall in love on line with out face to face meeting. At first I thought the comment was along the same line as the rest of the wolfpack comments, but she commented again asking it and appeared to sincerely want to know. So, here's my two cents worth of self anylazation and crap like that. (In no particular order) * TEXT CHATTING - When you text chat with someone thru the internet, you tend to put more thought into what you say as opposed to voice talk. Well thought comments tend to appear to be more intelligent and make more of an impact. With a lack of facial expressions or vocal tone, text comments tend to take on a more sincere and intelligent tone. * LACK OF SHYNESS - It's my belief that many of those that fall in lov
I Love You
One day a woman's husband died, and on that clear, cold morning, in The warmth of their bedroom, the wife was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't anymore. No more hugs, no more special Moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, no more "just One minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most gets all used up and Goes away, never to return before we can say good-bye, or say "I love you." So while we have it, it's best we love it, care for it, fix it when it's broken and heal it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .. and old friendships .. and children with bad report cards, and dogs with bad hips, and aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it. Some things we keep -- like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, no matter what. Life is import
Girl Switches Blood Type After Liver Transplant
This story I actually pulled off of here, and it is confirmed to be true. The story is actually printed in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is something that gives you hope in what modern medicine can accomplish. Read the story below and comment, pretty damn cool if you ask me.] SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian girl spontaneously switched blood groups and adopted her donor's immune system following a liver transplant in the first known case of its type, doctors treating her said Thursday. Demi-Lee Brennan was aged nine and seriously ill with liver failure when she received the transplant, doctors at a top Sydney children's hospital told AFP. Nine months later it was discovered that she had changed blood types and her immune system had switched over to that of the donor after stem cells from the new liver migrated to her bone marrow. She is now a healthy 15-year-old, Michael Stormon, a hepatologist treating her, told AFP. Stormon said he had given several presentati
Skiing Experience
Miss the experience of skiing? Try the following to get that feeling back. 10. Visit your local butcher and pay $10 to sit in his walk-in freezer for half an hour. Afterwards, burn two $50 dollar bills to warm up. 9. Go to the nearest hockey rink and walk across the ice 20 times in your ski boots carrying two pairs of skis, accessory bag and poles. Pretend you are looking for your car. 8. For ski boot simulation at home, put a pebble in your street shoes and tighten a C-clamp around your toes. 7. Buy a pair of gloves and immediately throw one away. 6. Go to McDonald's and insist on paying $6.50 for a hamburger. Be sure to wait in the longest line. 5. Clip a lift ticket to the zipper of your jacket and ride a motorcycle fast enough to make the ticket lacerate your face. 4. Drive slowly for five hours - anywhere - as long as it's in bad weather and you're following an 18 wheeler. 3. Fill a blender with ice, hit the pulse button and let the spray blast your face. Y
Come Help Out A Fu Junkie!!
i dont have much more to go to level to 21,please help a gal out and rate and comment me,i also have tons of stash...ill kindly give the love back...xoxo and thanks!!
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy
Make your own Zing!
A small boy was lost at a large shopping mall. Looking around frantically, tears began to roll down his face. A uniformed security guard approached and asked what was the matter? The boy cried, "I've lost my Grandpa!" The guard asked, "What's he like?" The little boy replied, "Bourbon and coke, and women with big tits."
Famous Valentine Quotes...
Entry for January 24, 2008 Valentine's Day: Quotations Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. -Aristotle Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite. -William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable. -Henry Ward Beecher Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age. -Anais Nin Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction. Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must nee
Well it is 9:14 am, and I can say that it has been an interesting morning. After I posted my last blog yesterday, I talked with my Man. He sounded all excited to be talking to me, whih was good. I just let it ride you know. He told me He was going to come and see me this morning. Well, He did not come and see me, but He did call me to tell me, before the time that He was going to be here ( let me add that is a HUGE STEP for Him, He never calls to tell me He is not showing). I was really cool with Him about it, He told me He had overslept, we ended up talking the whole time He was driving to work. Talked about a lot of things actually. Told Him about the mumms i was keeping up with last nite, and how i really hoped to see Him today. I know I bitch about Him sometimes, it is just it sucks when I want to see Him and cant. He told me I was mistaken if i thought He did not want to see me, which I was thinking that He didnt. I mean if He wanted to see me, then He would come see me
Merci Leaving Is Pissed
Autism Awareness
The band, Five for Fighting, is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks each time the video, “Change Her World,” is viewed. The funding goes toward research studies to help find a cure. When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal. Link is below:
TWENTY DOLLARS >>> >>> On their wedding night, the young bride >>> Approached her new Husband and asked >>> for $20.00 for their first Lovemaking >>> encounter. In His highly aroused state, >>> her husband readily agreed. >>> This scenario was repeated each time they made >>> Love, for more >>> Than 30 years, with him thinking that it was a >>> Cute way for her to >>> Afford new clothes and other incidentals that >>> She needed. >>> Arriving home around noon one day, she was >>> Surprised to find >>> Her husband in a very drunken state. >>> During the next few minutes, he explained that >>> His employer >>> Was going through a process of corporate >>> Downsizing, and he had >>> Been let go. It was unlikely that, at the age of >>> 59, he'd be able to find >>> Another position that paid anywhere near what >>> He'd been earning, and >>> Therefore, they >>> Were f inancially ruined. >>> Calmly, his wife handed him a bank book which >>> Showed more than thirty >>
For Juju
On Saturday January 19, My dear friend Janweb lost his 4 and a half year old grandson to cancer. Janweb has been on this site since 2006 and befriended and became part of many of our's extended family. I am asking anyone who reads this post to do TWO things. One click on little Juju's picture it will take you to my profile (my pictures will be private and no rates for me please) There will be 2 pictures in my profile, one of Juju himself and one of yellow balloons Flying High as yellow is Julian's favorite color, I am asking that on Thursday January 24, you rip one of these pictures to your profile and set it as your primary photo for the day. As this is the day L'il King Juju will FLY HIGH. The second thing I ask that you do is REPOST this so that as many people on Fubar can pay their respects to Juju and help him FLY HIGH WITH LOVE. Thank you to all of you who can find in your heart to do this CLICK on one of the pictures to come to my profile Click on my pictures to view this
Sad Mumms???
what the f*ck is wrong with ppl here? what do u want the mumms to be about? and who r u to deside if it stupid or not? is everyone on here f*cking God now and i didnt know about it? stop being the stupid f*cks and saying 'this is a sad mumm'. if u dont f*cking like it move on with ur sad little lived no one cares if u like the mumm or not...they r asking question and ur oppion on that question not if u think its a good mumm or SHUT HE F*CK UP AND MOVE THE F*CK ON WITH UR LITTLE SAD LIVES... thank u have a nice f*cking day!~ :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
List Cleaning
Ok my friends, I am doing a list clean up . I have a lot of people that are in my list that I've not heard any thing from since you added me so I would like to take the time now to say if you wish to stay, let me know, those of you that I have a chat with on a regular basis need not to worry, you know you got a permanant place. I love each and every one of ya but I need to know you still exist. Thanks your crazy fubarian friend Tequila
Bunny Amd Blk
imikimi - Customize Your World
Fu Bucks Anyone????????
I am having a contest it will be for 2 weeks. The rules are as follows. NO drama. Comment bombing is encouraged. The contest will start as soon as i have at least 10 people that enter. The most comments wins. The prizes are as follows: 1st place-250,000 fu bucks 2nd place-150,000 fu bucks 3rd place-100,000 fu bucks and everyone that enters will get a trophy!!! So private message me to the link to the photo you want to use. and no NSFW pics will be accepted. Still need 9 more people to enter so if interested please send me a private message. Kim`~~~Proud member of SBG Bombrs ~~~@ fubar
Thursday Links: Jj Abrams, Tj Miller, Bob Kelly, Turn On Your Paltalk, Win Ca$h In Cherry Darts, New O&a Photos, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Check out Opie and Jay enjoying a quiet evening!) It's a busy Thursday here on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram. We've got the one and only JJ Abrams checking in to the show to talk about CLOVERFIELD and his upcoming STAR TREK re-make. Speaking of CLOVERFIELD, our new pal TJ Miller (the guy behind the camera for the bulk of the movie) is stopping by. Also in the house is our pal Bob Kelly, who is playing the Stress Factory this weekend. Remember, if you want to see any of this in-studio goodness, turn on your PalTalk!... you can watch the show LIVE, as it happens. Or, if you're anything like us, you're oogling the Ladies Of Paltalk, who like to show off on camera...showering, dressing, changing, or sleeping nude... Thanks to our own E Rock, we have a bunch of new O&A Photo Galleries
Do They Work?
This is another topic I hear wayyyyyy to often. Do long distance relationship work? I guess that depends on the two involved. Will they put in the extra effort to make it work? Will they take the time and patience to learn about the person before commiting? Will they converse via phone, email etc.... LOng distance relationships won't work when the effort just isn't there. When excuses are heard like: The ineternet isn't my life I don't lik to talk on the phone I just don't have the time to invest Few I have seen and heard. No then it won't work. These are the only options when conversing long distance. I think this is a good thing actually. You actually learn how a person is, there likes dislikes etc,, The internet isn't my life either, but when it's the only means of communication outside the phone then things need to change. It doesn't have to become ur life, just have to use that option just like you would if living closer together. Everything takes effort, you ju
012408 Dilbert
Quotes, Etc. That I Like...
January 24,2008
Good Morning all!!!! You are all so awesome we have been increasing our leveling as a family each day which is awesome....I so LOVE YOU ALL and can never pay you for what you all do.....Please remember when you get someone leveled to leave a comment on here so the rest of the family knows..... Clipdog ~ CLUB F.A.R ~ Sisters 4 Life@ fubar RECONDOC _DSC_ fubar hubby to JADA & real life fiancee' for real yo@ fubar )~~(Vincue2)~~(DSC,D&DC,-N- Club F.A.R. )~~(r/l hubby of Munchkin)~~@ fubar ♣Τwïšτεd §ïšτä♣ ♠Ç∫ùβ ƒÃ®♠@ fubar Treyso ~ Club Far ~@ fubar ~♥ InSaTiAbLY URS♥ ~CĹنΒ FãR~@ fubar DGAZ/Club F.A.R. Member!@ fubar frktrkman@ fubar GARY - Owner Dirty South Crew & Dirty Addiction - Owned by NoCtUrNaL MiStReSs@ fubar
Moments In Life...
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real! When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one, which has been opened for us. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. The br
Only Time
Once upon a time there was an island where all the feelings lived; happiness, sadness, knowledge, and all the others, including love. One day it was announced to all of the feelings that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. So all the feelings prepared their boats to leave. Love was the only one that stayed. She wanted to preserve the island paradise until the last possible moment. When the island was almost totally under, Love decided it was time to leave. She began looking for someone to ask for help. Just then Richness was passing by in a grand boat. Love asked, "Richness, Can I come with you on your boat?" Richness answered, " I'm sorry, but there is a lot of silver and gold on my boat and there would be no room for you anywhere." Then Love decided to ask Vanity for help who was passing in a beautiful vessel. Love cried out, "Vanity, help me please." "I can't help you", Vanity said, "You are all wet and will damage my beautiful boat." Next, Love saw
So I Took This How Romantic Are You Survey On Chatterbean...
SO I TOOK THIS HOW ROMANTIC ARE YOU SURVEY ON CHATTERBEAN... I was declared a true romantic after taking this survey. Here were my results: Your Quiz Results: You're a hopeless romantic. You require ample doses of warmth and sentiment. You embroider your fantasies; they titillate you and lift you out of the ordinary. You're the cockeyed optimist of song, a dreamy, maybe impractical idealist, the willing victim of infatuation. Closeness (items 1 and 2): Romantic types usually make attachment to others easily. They readily show their emotions to those they admire. They are easily carried away by sentiment and are blind to the faults of their beloved. They have a strong need to be desired by someone. Identity (items 3-6): The romantic builds a sense of self-esteem by basking in the glory of those he deems more appealing than himself. The romantic identifies with his lover and derives gratification from her popularity and attention to him. Fantasy (items 7-9): Romantics
Walls -n- Bridges
By: April Terry She built her wall, And burned all her bridges. Hoping to forget, A love she once knew. The pain went away, And happiness moved in. Then from the shadows, He creeped back in. Just out of the blue, One day he was there. She stood still in awe, As her walled crumbled. She holds on tight, To her new found happiness. And guards her heart, With all her strength. She looks up to the stars, Knowing all will be ok. Understanding the power, Of her God. She knows it was he, Who took away her Pain. And smile to the sky, When she feels nothing but joy.
***ok Took This Quiz On Quizilla On What My Inner Power Is...***
Sensitivity- Your inner power is Sensitivity! You are true to your heart, and probably a hopeless romantic. Everyone loves you for your gentle ways and kind words, and you are brilliant with animals and young children. Youre very sweet and caring, and you have friends who love you, who are always there to support you and hold you when your fragile heart is broken. You are most likely often found daydreaming about your life and your future, and you have a talent for dealing with kids, all of which adore you, even if youve only been around them for five minutes. Youre the one your friends turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on, and a kind word to get them smiling again. You are shy, lovable, compassionate, and seek to make the world a better place. You will go far in life for sure. You go girl! Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet: The romantic, sweet guy/girl that every girl dreams of at some stage in their life. You just love the way he/she treats you as you are the most prec
When I'm Hurting (new Song)
When I'm Hurting ©2008 Mike Blair It's easier for you to walk away than it is for you to reach out to me. It's easier for you to look away than it is for you to see the depth of my despair It's easier for you to look through me, than it is for you to see "me." It's easier for you to distance yourself, than it is for you to really care. It's easier for you to bask in your joy, than it is for you to feel my pain. It's hard for me to smile when I am hurting. It's hard for me to talk when you won't understand. It's hard for me to reach out when I need help the most. It's hard for me to smile...... When I am hurting. It's easier for me to cry, than it is for me to talk. It's easier for me to walk alone, than it is to risk rejection. It's easier for me to push you away, than it is for me to be held. It's easier for me to distance myself, than it is to trust that you won´t hurt me. It's easier for me to die, than it is for me to face life's challenges. It'
I Will Be Leaving Fubar
What Is A Soulmate...
There are many opinions about what soul mates are, and if they really exist. The romanticized version is that every person has a soul mate, their other half in polarity with whom they will one day reunite to share eternity, experiencing a one of a kind love that completes and uplifts. This is something everyone hopes for and searches to find, yet soul mate love can only be validated by the hearts of two people. Soul Mate Definition: The dictionary defines a soul mate as "one of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity." Regardless of your personal beliefs about soul mates, it is possible to attract a partner with whom you can experience unconditional love and acceptance. Everyone can have a love that lasts forever, whether your understanding of forever is over the course of one or many lifetimes. A soul mate's love far surpasses chemical attraction; it overcomes all duality, role playing, ego, pride, and superficiality. But, you must firs
Million Points
Will hit a million points today , come by and help me enjoy it .
Beauty Tips By Audrey Hepburn (the Ultimate Classy Lady)...
Reason Why I Love You
Your smile always brightens my day, While your words just blow me away. You make me feel like I can fly like a dove, There's no one else I adore, no one above. You love me when no one else is, When it feels like my life is over, you say I LOVE YOU and it all turns to bliss. You give me the confidence to go on...making no more sadness, Loving me...throwing away all of the badness. You're always there by my side, When I fall, your arms are open wide. Your love sets me free, So finally you can see the real me. Your heart lets me wish on stars, That someday I can be wherever you are. Late at night when I look up at the moon, The only thing I seem to think about is you. There's only one thing that I will never forget, And that's the day we finally met. When I gaze into your eyes, I know your the one that will never tell me any lies. I hate those nights when I'm trapped in a cell when all I can do is think about you, But then I feel free when I know y
"a Lover's Whisper"
With a heart of gold, and a soft, gentle soul, You're more than just my friend. You're my lover, my buddy; You're my soul-mate who knows me, and loves me until the very end. ___________________________________________________ [Copyright © 2008, written by Jamie Shawn Tan (2004). All Rights Reserved.] Photo url location ~
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How is Stompernet Going? StomperNet is back with Going Natural 2.0. As StomperNet has grown, so has its organization, staff, content and focus. StomperNet is now filled with many top, online master marketers. There’s social networking sites like LinkedIn, bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious and collaborative resource sites like Wikipedia. Plus every day a new Web 2.0 site is born offering yet another way to connect with people and drive traffic back to your site. The “problem” with social marketing is how different it is to traditional marketing. You can’t even smell like you are trying to sell something or just using the site to build links or traffic back to your site, because as soon as you do - BOOM - you are banned. To make social marketing work you have to…well…be social. Yeah, not surprising, but very true. SMARTS Stompernet, stompernet, smarts, stompernet smarts, smarts review, don crowther, Stompernet SMARTS Coaching Program, How is Stompernet Going, Wha
To Join Or Not To Join
In the 80's I joined the Army after my freshman year in college. For the next two years I was in ROTC. I got to do alot of cool stuff in that time. I was selected as one of fifty-two cadets in the country to go to Germany and be assigned to a unit as a platoon leader. I got to be assigned to the 10th attack helicopter batallion as C company attack platoon leader. I was 19years old and was in charge of 7 cobra attack helicopters for 6 weeks. I saw alot of Germany from the air. I also got to go to Airborne school and after three weeks of training at Fort Benning Georgia became an Army Paratrooper.I became a lieutenant at the ripe old age of 20. Now twenty years later I'm considering re-enlisting as a sergeant. I don't know what I want to do in the Army but I know that I want to serve. I would love to be infantry or go back into armor but combat arms are for young men. Maybe I'd like to go into the legal field and be a paralegal or something, I'm just not sure. What I am sure about i
No Need
My "best friend" Just had a major go at me cause I was upset about something she said. She's changed cause of her new bf, Fuck her I don't need her anymore if she's gonna be like that she can take it else where!
Awwwwww What A Sweetie!
Sean left this for me as a comment... he loves me hehehehe =D Sean: When will I find I love? Where will she be, And if she's out there will she wait for me? Andrea: How will he know me? Will I know him? Is there no end to all my questioning? Sean: Can I believe what I am seeing, what I am feeling Something so rare, watching her there She makes my heart stop. Andrea: Can I believe what I'm feeling, my head is reeling, He just looked my way, from the start I can say I will give him everything. Strange emotions wash over me Like the motion of the deepest sea, And I feel Chorus: Both: First love (I need nobody but you), You're all I'm dreamed of (I will be constant and true), Love moves me inside like the moon moves the tide. My first love. Sean: Can it be true? Can this be real love? Am I worthy of a vision so pure Oh lovely one, she's what I waited for. Andrea: Can it be true, or am I dreaming? He makes my heart sing Watching his eyes, a loo
Fat Tuesday 2008 Marks Early Date
In fact, February 5 is just about as close as you can get to the all-time earliest date: February 3. It will be a compressed season for sure, probably absent of much of the Spring Break crowd, but no less spirited. With the Super Bowl falling on Bacchus Sunday, and the Super Tuesday presidential primaries on Fat Tuesday itself, the media focus will also be elsewhere this year, which makes it even more of a celebration for the locals. And as we’ve seen in the two years since the storm, that makes thing all the more special. There is lots to celebrate this year, including a special return and some big anniversaries. Mid-City, and its always spectacular foil floats, turns 75. Make it one of your must-see parades this year. Bacchus, the father of the super krewes, turns 40, and stirs up some controversy by selecting Hulk Hogan as its monarch. Meanwhile, Carnival’s largest krewe, Endymion, makes Mardi Gras headlines by returning to its rightful Mid-City route, bringing
Wanna Own One Of Us?
That's right we are both up for auction... It's your chance to own one of us for a month and have bragging rights! LOL :-P
2008 Parade Schedule--jan 25 & Jan 26
Fri. Jan. 25 Oshun Uptown 6 p.m. Hercules Houma 6 p.m. Cleopatra West bank 6:30 p.m. Pygmalion Uptown 6:45 p.m. Eve Mandeville 7 p.m. Excalibur Metairie 7 p.m. Atlas Metairie 7:30 p.m. Sat. Jan. 26 Choctaw West Bank 11:30 a.m. Adonis West Bank Noon Petit Caillou Chauvin Noon Pontchartrain Uptown 1 p.m. Gladiators Chalmette 1:30 p.m. Shangri-La Uptown 2 p.m. Caesar Metairie 6 p.m. Olympia Covington 6 p.m. Sparta Uptown 6 p.m. Aquarius Houma 6:30 p.m. Pegasus Uptown 6:45 p.m. Mona Lisa/Moon Pie Slidell 7 p.m
I'm For Sale:p
wanna own me or my girlfriend for a month??? =D
Help For 11s :)
Ok so this contest ends today and we really wana win so i have decided i will give away 25 11 to anyone who leaves 100 comments on this picture. you just need to send me a msg and let me know u did it. I will however do them during a happy hour so that u will get double the points. PLS help!!!
Please help me win this. I'm 2k behind. I'm really sick & just found out crappy news. Please help me out and comment bomb this. I've been trying so hard as well as many others. We coudl really use your help. I thank you all.
My Life Sucks
Hey Guys was up...well not much here i dont guess just thought id make a blog about how tired i am of my life im going through so much fucking hell between my father and brother....i get blamed for everything...nothings right to them me jody(my boyfriend) and my brother went out yesterday and all day i had to hear bullshit from my brother he acts likes im still 5 and i have to mind him and hear him bitch and my father...the same fucking way the only 2 ppl in my life that dont bitch is jody and my mother and thats cause they dont wanna fucking hear it and i know jody does cause he lives with my brother i mean the only day this week i didnt hear bitching is when me and jody went to his home town...and god that made me happy cause i didnt have to hear bitching nor nagging and today i woke up with my ankle hurtin but i have to go with my day without hurting i feel like the fucking slave around this goddamn town no one knows how hard my life is really they dont i mean goddamn im tired of p
I Have Only Just One Minute
"I have only just one minute, Only sixty seconds in it, Foreced upon me, can't refuse it, Didn't seek it, didn't choose it, But it's up to me to use it. I must suffer if I lose it, Give account if I abuse it, Just a tiny litle minute -- But eternity is in it." ~ Anonymous
Most Important Gift
"The most important thing we can give our children -- or anyone! -- is the knowledge that they are loved." ~ Anonymous
"It's good to be aware of some changes that we know we need to make in our lives, whether it is new placemats or a new career. Changes are best made when we are aware of the need, recognize the process necessary, and focus on one-step-at-a-time. Yet we need to accept that important changes come gradually. We only notice them suddenly." ~ Anonymous
Delivery Is 9/10's The Problem
Good Morning, I scanned over the msn web page and right there… staring in the face was an article entitled 10 Things you should never say to a woman! You know…I am so laughing my ass off here… and it is so tough to write. See each sex, each culture have their own set of words that they can use between themselves but dare you not enter and use that word if you are not the same sex, color or religion. I threw religion in there just to stir the pot. However the top two designations will cover most of all the word errors in our society today. Without spewing forth numerous heavy sanctioned words I will just say, if you are living and breathing…(more or less you have to be to read this, unless you are on life-support and someone is reading it too you) You will have ventured across the forbidden trail of words not to say to a Woman, a Man, A person of color different from yourself and or different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. It pains me to go out in the world today and see Men fail due t
Wanna Fu-own Me?
well if you're a real life friend of mine then you know my fantasy of being owned :P lol well looks like this will be the closest I will get...if you want to own me....come and bid on me.....I go to the highest bidder for a month! heres the link~~~~ good luck!!!! :D heres a link to the rules and what you get if you own me!
"I don't know where to begin." ~ Louisa
Cranky Days
"We all have cranky days. We're not bad. We just have cranky days. Enjoy them! And warn others to keep their distance." ~ Anonymous
"Routines bring peace and magic to our lives -- when we don't become rigid." ~ Anonymous
Constant Pursuit
"I am constant pursuit of making that right choice, the one that will make my mother proud." ~Bunky Echo-Hawk
If Yu Got Time
hi to all i'm helpin a friend in a contest till the 30th if yu're bored or got a bit of time here is the link
Snake Bite Radio Wants You !
Place Bids
center> Want to Own Me???? Then Heres your Chance...Last chance to bid on me auction ends tonight at 7pm....... HURRY HURRY HURRY before its too late....Save your fubucks....and be creative..heres what im offering: All stash rated, 500 11's during hh, there name beside mine on my profile for one month, pimped out on my profile for one month, added to my family, a personal salute of my choosing, and mabe some suprises if the bids get high enough......and I will add you to my yahoo for the highest bidder whoooooooooot! goin so fast don't want to miss out Just click on the link below and it will take you where you need to go!!! Happy bidding!!! Brought to you By ~ *Punks Punkette*~ Want To Own Me? I'm In An Auction Ask Me When! ~~~@ fubar
Ok, so i saw Cloverfields. And i was pretty impressed. I watch ALOT of movies( i have close to 1000 movies or more and i go to the theatre alot) And its rare that you see a movie that suprises you. At first i thought it was another Godzilla movie. Now i guess in some ways you can say it certainly is.. large beast goes runnign around a city raising hell. But for all intensive purposes it is NOT a godzilla movie... i cant ruin it for you so i cant go into detail. But heres the gyst.. the whole movie is taped on a camcorder..adds a nice effect because the whole time you connect more with the characters AND it seems all the more real. I was actually pretty freaked because it just seems like its so possible something like that could happen. It was definitly refreshing to watch this movie when being "original" when making movies these days seems next to impossible this movie deserve some serious recognition.. WATCH IT YOULL LOVE IT
I Close My Eyes
I close my eyes I don't want to see no more. Because your not in my theater, There's no open door. You won't let me in and I can not see Because if only you were happy What was I thinking I had so much of you, I couldn't dream last night I feel the touch of you. Even though you're not by my side I Can't get enough of you, You made the darkness light After All this time You still possess my mind.
Watch Me Do Me!!!
It's Ok To Be Gay/metal/punk/emo/country/goth/whatever, Juggalo
yes, as long as you're still a Juggalo. You can listen to whatever other music you like, live however you want, wear whatever you want. A big part of being a Juggalo is being yourself.So long as you really feel what Psychopathic music is about, you really feel like it's talking to you or about you, then you know you're a Juggalo. If the Dark Carnival touches you, it don't care about your cowboy hat, or your emo haircut, or who you're shackin up with. Unless you're into farm animals. We ain't down with that. Just respect other Juggalos, rep the Hatchet, don't be a bigot, love scrubs, and no one will doubt you're the real deal. Hate is for haters!!!!!!!!!
The Return Of The Plant
When discussing various things with my Ex about Steven a funny story turned up, that I just wanted to share. Steven was born in Germany, whilst I was in the Army. Everyday when my ex and me went across to her parents house, we used to see this beautiful plant and everytime we passed, Gail used to say I would love that plant. Ther plant was no ordinary plant, it was in a plantpot about 4 foot in diamenter and about 5 foor in height. Anyways Gail went into hospital to have Steven. My best friend and myself decided we would go out and wet the babies head. I can remember going round various pubs in the local town and loads of people buying us drinks and that was about it. I cant even remember getting home. The next day when i awoke i stepped into the passage and give out a scream "Ricky where the hell did that come from". At the end of the passage stood this massive plant, what Gail had always admired. The puzzle was how did it get there, Ricky and me couldnt life it by how selfs,
Can't Sleep Part 2- With Pills
Here I go again. I can't sleep. Perhaps its all these drugs I am getting from the doctor's office. I was told its suppose to relax me. If it did, I should feel something, but still why can't I sleep? I guess to be able to sleep is to be able to acknowledge that you do not have any worries or heartache. In actuality, I have such pain. Now, that I am feeling a bit dizzy, I was told its because the drugs are starting to kick in. I am starting to hallucinate. I am starting to doze off and my topic of discussion swaying to ideas. No one is around but it feels that I am in the middle of a room where people are talking about the pills I've taken to relax. Its best I sign off .. Night all
She Is A Very Nice Person
Show her much love
I Will Never Accept To Take Someone's Mistake On Me ,,, If You Been Hurt By Some One Blame them Not Me PLEASE ... If a Man Beats a Woman Then He Is Not a Man ,, He Is a Chicken Dont Make Anyone Priority In your Life If You Are Just An Option In Their Life We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in Women Should be treated like glass and diamonds ... easy to break and a value to have Trust is big treasure if you find it in some one then be sure you are rich person Smile is the key for every one's heart... with it you can own the world and without it you mean nothing to the world Love never hurt people... We hurt each other when we are in love but can't be together Happiness has a different meaning to every one...
Time For Fun
oh well...i'm on sale..lmao.don't get too's just on fubar lol i've joined my friend's let the fun begin 8-p
How Sexy Am I?
Seductive Sexy You've got all the right moves without going over the top. Intimacy is a fun and enjoyable experience for you, so you don't need to force it, and you don't worry about expressing yourself too openly. You are confident about yourself and your sexuality and there is nothing sexier than a girl who is comfortable with who she is. Take the Sexy Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
Forgotten Vets
many of you who know me know im a proud american and was honored to serve this great country! i am upset at our goverment though...i sure dont think the vets that have poured their lives out for this country are taken care of very well...after all we were willing to give the ultimate sacrafice when ever called on! i served in the marines for 6 years 4 active and 2 reserve...i saw action in the gulf war and particapated in the rescue of not only american citizans but many other nations of this world from being murdered in the most hostile place known on earth...somalia africa....operation eastern exit.....i have been out of the service for over 10 years now and have started a civilian career but ive never been quite right....i get sick alot and ive lost the ability to have children for some unknown reason.....i cant say i blame the military but the similiarities between alot of vets are just to great....for any reason i have been very sick this past year...i had strange infections calle
Omg, Wtf? A Unknown Fu-proposal?
I got the strangest yahoo im today and it said that I was supposed to be getting fu-married. It was to a great guy I talked to on yahoo. well anways it turns out that my friend messaged the wrong gal and dropped the bomb on me. I was shocked cause I had not heard then I was hurt when I found out it was not me. Way to go letting me get my hopes up for a fu hubby and all. Damn someone got there first I guess. Oh well. :( Now I am totally confused and bummed out. :P LMFAO
What Are You
You are The High Priestess Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education. The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Too Fat For Sex
So there is somebody new in my life... well, it's actually a blast from the past. He was the first man to ever propose to me and NOT get laughed at. I was 19 when I met him and still had a lot of growing up to do. I hurt him pretty badly back in the day and he just comes back in to my life and FORGIVES me. Like it never even happened. I am amazed. Well, he has plans and dreams for the future. For it to be our future. He doesn't want to take our relationship to a sexual level until marriage. ~argh~ we've already been together sexually... like over 6 years ago. Tonight while we were kissing things got a little hotter than they should have and he suggested chocolate to soothe the ruffled urges... I love chocolate but it is no substitute for sex. I tried it though. At this rate, by the time I'll get to have sex I'll be too fat to enjoy it.
i swear there are sooo many sluts on this website it's sickening!!!! everyone is a internet whore these is truely a sad class what-so ever......i see females posting nasty pix of thereself all over and yet at the end they have a album of their boyfiend or you have no shame!!!!!i speak my mind...if i offended anyone...oh well i don't really care!!!!
The Natural Health Healer
Hey whats up everyone i am going to list the natural meds you can get from gnc or any other health place that will help you if you are depressed,back pain.nerves and anything related or other things but i will tell you what to but and how many to take and the best brand. you need to buy from gnc or a health store l-tyrosine 500 mg take 1 to 4 a day B-12 1000mg take 1 to 6 a day B-100 mg complex = 8 B vitamins so take 1 a day Vit.c-power 2500 mg take 1 a day Vm-75 multiple vitamins the best brand is Solgar try to stick with that brand any questions message or comment me thanks
Sleep Is Over-rated...
So maybe I honestly am the girl that hides it all so well... And honestly when I say that you probably think that I have relationship problems, and regular stress that I just can’t handle... When honestly? As of right now... I’m totally happy and most days “bubbly” when I talk to that one guy that I like and I’m totally content with where that’s at with him.. As with stress? Yeah there are some days that I have a headache... But really that’s life and there is honestly that unusual that I’m going through to make me want to breakdown daily... For once I’m happy where I’m at... Well except for the whole Arkansas mishap... But that’s beside the point... I honestly don’t know where to start... Which I guess is always my state of mind until I stumble upon a coherent way of saying what is getting to me in these blogs... Anyways... I’m sure that everyone that has stumbled upon this has already heard (probably more than once) about Heath Ledgers Death this past Tuesday... I guess -for
Now That Its Gone
I never would have thought that there'd be a you and me. It wasn't plausible. It wasn't possible. But out of the star-crossed sky fell an opportunity. It was great. It was special. It was magic. It made my life such a blissful state of euphoria. My eyes sparkled. My soul danced. My heart rejoiced. And now that it's gone I wish there was something in its place. I want a new dream. I want a new heart. I want a new chance. But mostly, I'm receiving only loss. I remember the happy times and think there'll be no more. I remember little thoughts of you and sigh 'cause you're gone. I remember my contented heart and sigh because now it's broken. And now that you're gone, I can't help but miss you. For every where you used to smile an empty memory looms of your soulful eyes your shy smile and your beautiful face.
And Your Gone
No more dreams of warm hands and soft eyes, No more hopes of gentle kisses in the night. The realization of losing you is slow in sinking in. I never wanted it to be my fault, So why do I feel like it is? I always wanted someone who could make me happy, I yearned for someone to make me feel loved. And I received all these useless questions, Which the answers to we don't know. All left to this pointless wonder. I don't mean this to make you feel guilty, It's just that I don't know what to say. I never expected to ever lose you, It hit me like a slap in the face. I hope you know that I still love you.
Natural Health Healers
Hey whats up everyone i am going to list the natural meds you can get from gnc or any other health place that will help you if you are depressed,back pain.nerves and anything related or other things but i will tell you what to but and how many to take and the best brand. you need to buy from gnc or a health store l-tyrosine 500 mg take 1 to 4 a day B-12 1000mg take 1 to 6 a day B-100 mg complex = 8 B vitamins so take 1 a day Vit.c-power 2500 mg take 1 a day Vm-75 multiple vitamins the best brand is Solgar try to stick with that brand any questions message or comment me thanks
We Were Meant To Be
Somewhere in time We fell in love Our feelings were so strong Stars sparkled up above Somewhere in time Nothing else mattered We were together Until our hopes and our dreams were shattered Somewhere in time Great memories are there Our love was once great Nothing could compare Somewhere in time Our love stands still A love that we lost Somehow, against our will Somewhere in time We'll meet again Somewhere in time Our love will never end
What Did U Expect
You came into my life As quickly as you left. You grabbed a cutting knife And sliced right through my breast. You didn't mean to hurt But what did you expect? My heart now cut in two It feels beyond repair. Injury done by you God, life just isn't fair. You didn't mean to hurt But what did you expect? So here we are, just friends, But I long to be more. Desire with no end Throbbing from my core. You didn't mean to hurt But what did you expect?
Shattered Peices
Inside my sleeve, I pull out my heart, handing it to you, "careful it's fragile, and easily falls apart." Extending your arms, you take the heart in your tender warm hands. It falls into a million shattered pieces - on the floor it lands. You begin to bend down to pick it up, sorrow and sadness in your eyes. Apologies are not enough. Looking at you with tears in my eyes, I ask you not to pick up the pieces of a heart that has fallen apart. I am the one who needs to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart - one by one, piece by piece. I need to put it together again, some how. some way. Each piece of my heart has a memory so true. Each piece of my heart has part of you. You are the one who is leaving to start a new lease on life. I'll just be here on my knees picking up the pieces of a heart that feels like it's being pierced with a knife. All my tears won't keep you near All my tears won't mend what's not here. Again I look at you with a whis
Natural Health Healer
Hey whats up everyone i am going to list the natural meds you can get from gnc or any other health place that will help you if you are depressed,back pain.nerves and anything related or other things but i will tell you what to but and how many to take and the best brand. you need to buy from gnc or a health store l-tyrosine 500 mg take 1 to 4 a day B-12 1000mg take 1 to 6 a day B-100 mg complex = 8 B vitamins so take 1 a day Vit.c-power 2500 mg take 1 a day Vm-75 multiple vitamins the best brand is Solgar try to stick with that brand any questions message or comment me thanks
Info On Me......
Hey Everyone...... I figured I had better do a blog to let people know whats going on I am going to be taking a vacation so I can pack my house up and move, I\'m still needing to find a place. So I wont be at my computer much and then I will be off line for awhile, not to sure how long until I get settled into my new place and all. Thanks for being such great friends and know I adore you all I will miss chatting with you :) I hope you all have fun & stay healthy and always ROCK ON!!! EYE\'S xoxoxox
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I’m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I’m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the k
Twisting And Turning
Mixing and matching, Twisting and turning, Hoping and praying, Dreaming and considering, Never knowing yet always knowing, Wanting to, yet not wanting to, Mixing my heart, Matching my soul to yours, Twisting fate with the flick of the wrist, Turning my life over, Hoping that it would end, Praying that it never would stop, Thinking it was over, Wishing that it wasn't, Dreaming of its coming, Considering letting it steal within Never knowing if it's true, Always knowing that it's there. Wanting to live in the light, Not wanting the light to come, The love of another The dreams of someone close, Remembering what you used to feel, Can it come back if you pray so?
Natural Health Healer
Hey whats up everyone i am going to list the natural meds you can get from gnc or any other health place that will help you if you are depressed,back pain.nerves and anything related or other things but i will tell you what to but and how many to take and the best brand. you need to buy from gnc or a health store l-tyrosine 500 mg take 1 to 4 a day B-12 1000mg take 1 to 6 a day B-100 mg complex = 8 B vitamins so take 1 a day Vit.c-power 2500 mg take 1 a day Vm-75 multiple vitamins the best brand is Solgar try to stick with that brand any questions message or comment me thanks
The Wait
Time Clicks as I await The hour ends before my take Sitting, thinking, waiting; my mind escapes The day grows old as night passes Wolves crying, coyotes howling; anticipating Watching, staring, seeing -- nothing Silence begins the day as morning comes without notice Tears begin to fall, slowly The day moves on without hope Wishing to be what is not to be The sun moves to its peak without a whisper or retreat Time moving, but still empty Stomach aching, curling Still waiting
New Exercize For Men?
ok i found this thought id share i wonder if its true for a female version too lol
When love has come But soon is gone It begs the question Was it there The love was lost And never found Lost without you Lost without me Lost into eternity The love was just a figment A figment of our minds Something we could ponder But never express Was it love or just a feeling Was it love or just healing Healing from the hatred The hatred of our hearts Our past was deep and full of pain We needed this to release the stain For this I do not regret The time with you that I had spent
I thought I finally received a break Only to see the sun fall My eyes will not see what they longed to see My lips will not taste what they longed to taste Why does life have to be like this Full of hatred and pain Instead of joy and bliss
Pt 2 Of The Soul Train Added Connection! Please Add All From The Train # 1 , To Be Added To # 2 Soul Train. Total Passengers 97
The Newspaper Report On My Aunt's Death
Woman dies in Lenoir wreck BY JENNIFER MENSTER RECORD STAFF WRITER Thursday, January 24, 2008 LENOIR - A Morganton woman was killed following a traffic crash in Lenoir on Wednesday morning. Investigators say it appears the driver ran a red light. The crash happened around 7 a.m. at the intersection of Southwest Boulevard and Connelly Springs Road. Maria Pritchard, 52, was killed in the wreck. Off-duty Lenoir firefighter Kenny McCall drove up on the scene almost immediately after it happened, said Lenoir Fire Lt. Sam Smith, and called for help. Pritchard was pinned in her vehicle. Crews had to cut her out, Smith said. Pritchard was taken to Caldwell Memorial Hospital and was pronounced dead shortly afterward. Investigators say Pritchard was traveling on Southwest Boulevard in a 1994 Chevrolet Blazer and, according to witnesses, ran the red light at Connelly Springs Road. She drove into the path of a 1998 Hino box truck that was making a left turn onto Sout
Asking For Help...
You know , I don't say too much on here but, when i see people asking for help to level up when they need 250,000 + to go. I don't understand it. Shit like that is just stupid to me. Maybe I am wrong, If I am . Oh well.
Stupid Case File
Courtesy of NewsTimes FAIRFIELD - It's a theft that just doesn't add up. A man who tried to steal cash from the Dunkin' Donuts outlet on the Post Road on Monday night fled with an adding machine that he apparently mistook for a cash register. Police said the unidentified man walked into the doughnut shop about 10:28 p.m. and handed a clerk a note stating that he had a gun and a bomb. The man's note said he would use both if he didn't get cash, police said. The man then grabbed an adding machine, which had no cash drawers, from the counter and ran from the shop. The thief fled in a black car, possibly a Pontiac, police said.
I am from Colorado, and have turned into a Gypsy. I love traveling and do so quite freely. After leaving Colorado 7 years ago, I traveled Europe 6 months and then fell in love with Italy, the men and the language so I stayed 4 years. I speak italian, and one day will go back and open up a B & B, and never come back to the states. After that I came back for reasons you don't care to hear, and got a job on a cruise ship in Hawaii. Nice for 5 months, and then off to Alaska. Now i'm living in Alaska, came for the summer in my 2nd season and wondered what it would be like to stay on winter,, burrrr its cold and snowy, that I like. I'm working for a hotel, and thats usually the type of jobs I do,, front desk, server, I like working with people, hopefully not grumpy ones. So till the end of summer at least i'm living in beautiful little town called Seward, and if this job offers me education and growth, maybe i'll stay longer. Though I want to get to New Zealand, and OZ, that's my next big
Sand Art At It's Finest, just go to the link above and watch, you'll be amazed.
When I walk in to the bar you instantly catch my eye I think to myself what a sexy guy! I notice your scent as I walk past you I order my beer and decide what to do. You walk to the pool table and our eyes meet So powerful and mesmerizing, I melt in my seat. You know I am interested so you begin to tease Your body language is saying that you are ready to please. Rack 'em up baby and grab your stick You hold a long one that is hard as a brick. You crack those balls with one hard shot Your every move is making me hot. I finally decide on how to make a pass When you lean over I grab your ass. You look up at me and ask my name They call me Kat, how about a game? You give me your stick, I hold it firmly in my hand I gently stroke it while in front of me you stand. In a deep sexy voice, you want to make a bet Then you ask me what prize you will get. Tell me straight up what you desire Will you be able to handle the heat of my fire? You have never had sex on a pool tab
Plz All My Friends Help In This.
On Saturday January 19, My dear friend Janweb lost his 4 and a half year old grandson to cancer. Janweb has been on this site since 2006 and befriended and became part of many of our extended family. I am asking anyone who reads this post to do TWO things. One click on little Juju's picture it will take you to my profile (my pictures will be private and no rates for me please) There will be 2 pictures in my profile, one of Juju himself and one of yellow balloons Flying High as yellow is Julian's favorite color, I am asking that on Thursday January 24, you rip one of these pictures to your profile and set it as your primary photo for the day. As this is the day L'il King Juju will FLY HIGH. The second thing I ask that you do is REPOST this so that as many people on Fubar can pay their respects to Juju and help him FLY HIGH WITH LOVE. Thank you to all of you who can find in your heart to do this
Dirty...elite This Is For U..
Can I talk dirty? Of course I can But have you earned it That’s the question You want to know what I’m wearing? Would it shock you If I said nothing at all I was sitting here waiting for you to call Am I touching myself Of course I am I always do when I think of you Couldn’t help myself if I tried And what about you Are you hard? Can you picture me naked in front of you? I want to touch you so badly I can tell you how I think it would feel If you were here with me I can imagine you sitting in the chair in front of me Watching me touch myself I would walk over to you and sit on your lap And kiss your lips Put your hands on my tits Let you smell how ready I am Shall I face you? Or do you want me from behind? Will you pull my hair? Do you like to look at my breasts? Oh god, you’re sooo big Mmmmm, ooohhhh You’re right It is better when we do it your way Do you like me to whisper in your ear? Should I beg you to do it harder, or faster? Sha
Self Gratification
o I used to write a lot of these and posted them on 360...well now here on Fubar here they are.. To hear your voice in my minds eye, my hands caress my body, over supple curves and down slender legs. I ache with wanting you, my desires raw and uninhibited. My head falls back as moans are trapped in the back of my throat. Imagining your heavy hands tangled in my hair, pulling my head back and slathering my neck with sexy lips and tongues. My eyes half mast and filled with desire. Your body pressed tight against mine, no longer able to tell where one begins and another ends. Your desire burning a whole in my sex. My legs parted and hands quickly at play. Remembering nights where you filled me so. My hands roam freely over my body, squeezing and pinching my nipples. Down to my sex, the core of my lust. Where are you when I need you? Fingers moving deftly and quickly, remembering what it was when you were within me. Bringing myself to the edge, wave
Special Kisses
Greeting you seduction in my eyes, walking towards you licking my lips, Kissing you Oh God Baby electricity as our tongues entwine, Moving my mouth slowly down your neck letting my tongue leave a wet trail down your neck my breath so hot on your skin, Looking into your eyes as I allow my mouth to move down your chest, Your breathing harder baby and your heart is pounding, I am lowering myself to my knees now baby, Do you want it baby? those kisses that take you to the edge, Moans escape your lips as I work my way down your tummy, Allowing my tongue to sensually lick down your happy trail, Do you want it baby? These hot lips so anxious to please you, I have reached your pants baby, Is it okay for me to continue? You let your hands answer as you run your fingers through my hair, Now the seduction really begins as I unzip your pants with my teeth, Sliding them down from your hips your male hardness finally free, Licking it all over baby I want to pl
Answer The Phone
I miss the sudden pause as your breath is caught by the surprising but expected sensation of your hand stroking your manhood, at my direction. The whisper of your voice deepens and shakes as I tell you all the things I would do; the places I would brush with the tips of my fingers, the tender parts my teeth would nibble, if I could only reach more than your ear. I miss the way you call my name at that moment when I tell you it’s time to stop holding back. The nights without your body lying beside mine are too long, and too short when I can touch you, so tonight let us pretend we’re together. Answer the phone.
One More Time...
One taste of you Was all it took To get me hooked And now I need more... Come on, indulge me Let me taste you one more time I'm getting that urge And I need to make you mine Just let me have you One more time... Sweet and seductive Is what you are You've got me Giving in To the fantasy I Never thought would be I need you to always Make love to me... Come on, indulge me Let me taste you one more time I'm getting that urge And I need to make you mine So let me undress you One more time Let's make love And let's make it last Just let me have you One more time...
From A Dear Friend
Dear Here is your single's love horoscope for Monday, January 21: Going out is the last thing you should do, today. That's right, cancel those drink plans, curl up in front of the TV and veg out. The cosmos are trying to point you in the right direction, and that direction is home! LOL thanks for vegging w/me Her name is not important, but sunday night I took her and my daughter out for dinner. We went to Carrabba's then rented a couple movies and sat around all night eating popcorn and root beer floats. What does this mean?
I'm not on here often, but can't stand it when peeps are on line and then act like they are NOT on line... Such a waste of time!!!!
A French Love Song I Enjoy......
La Vie En Rose...... I love this song..... I wish I can find someone who would fill my heart with the words and give me the feeling of love again in my life, in my soul and that i can do for that person too. I want to travel with her and I want to love her as she loves me......I want to be in Paris with that love as this song is playing and the musette playing along with this song too, drinking wine and eating cheese waiting for the sun to set as we plan to go watch the lights on the Eiffel Tower. It was hard to be in the city of lights and love and I was single. I was very sad in a beautiful city like Paris and have no one that loved me..... gosh when I go back, I want to be with someone and hearing this song. Des yeux qui font baiser les miens, Un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche, Voila le portrait sans retouche De l'homme auquel j'appartiens Quand il me prend dans ses bras Il me parle tout bas, Je vois la vie en rose. Il me dit des mots d'amour, Des mots de tous les j
Cumm On Ppl!!!!!!!!!
A True Friend
Internet Revolution use this link, register for free. You can play, have your blog, discuss with your friends who are on yahoo, msn, etc... all in one for free.
This Sucks
I logged on today and anyone who knows me on here know what kind of person I am. Well Fubar took my points and fubucks away from me, saying I cheated. I can't help it if I am in a Yahoo Parenting group, know people from single sites, and in a AOL Group. I have had 5 Blasts, 1 HH, and I am a VIP. I am in a Bombing Family and alot of other groups on here. I have busted my ass to get as far as I got. I dont have to cheat. Please everyone help me Rate or someone please do a bad ass Bulletin. I just know now I will never invite anyone to this site again. And If it wasnt for my friends I have met here and got close to I would delete my account. I had over a million fubucks and only 400k till level 24. I think that is pretty good. Please I beg you guys help me like I have help before. You know I will return the favor.
Gotta Love This
should be laying in my bed, dreaming of you instead I lay awake thinking of you Someone I love so many miles away I'm gonna wake up missing you
Hey All
hey everyone, hope everyone is doing good, im not, i didnt get the place, the landlord is being a total dickweed, but i'll figure something out...i cant wait til march 18th, i'm going to the twiztid concert!!! this will be my second concert ever, first one being insane clown posse on their shanger-la tour back in 03! i had a blast then and i will have more fun this time. zacky will be with his auntie and uncle while im at the concert. i am so psyched!!!! i just recently heard the new blaze album and psychopathic from outer space pt 3 both kicked ass!!!!! today was a real busy day, cleaned, took care of zack, played with zack, him and i watched a movie together and then i worked on my bills for next month. speaking of next month, my birthday is coming near....the big 2-5 lol. anyways hope everyone has a good night and i'll ttyl Brian
Reality Check
Right I'm going through a reality check and boy it has scared the living hell out me...I just recently got out of the hospital because I went into pre-term labor at 6 months...This event has really scared me I didn't think I would go into labor so early especially when you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing. I know that having a baby is a hard thing to do but having to go day in a day out not what is going to happen next is awful....I thought I would share my feelings on the matter as my first blog you don't have to comment this just me taking some time out to express how feel about whats going on right in my life. You think you can control just about everything that goes on in your life until something happens that is out of your control then you are looking what do I do. I have learned that keeping my head and praying keeps me sane. Well thank you for allowing me to share my blog with you all. DeliciouslyMocha MyHotComments
Wanna Own Me???
Want a chance to own a cute lil firefighter? Well here's your shot! I'm one of the "prizes" in a Valentine's Day auction being put on Flounderin. You'll get ownership of me for a month... everyone will know cuz it'll be in my screen name, you'll get a few gifts, and maybe even a blast or a happy hour!!! Click on my pic (which is a link) and bid if you like what you see...please
Uneducated Tarts
Right now all I have to say is if I see one more blog saying how Heath Ledger got his because he was spreading gayness I am going to flip out. What happened was a terrible tragedy and no one deserves to die that young. And in case any of you uneducated tarts had forgotten he had a young child who deserved to have a father and now she’s been cheated out of that. I really don’t have much else to say on this right now because I’m too angry to be able to make any sense right now.
A Hilarious But Very True Story
After reading a friend's blog entitled "Step Over the Vacuum and Come Out of the Closet" I was reminded of a time when my very own nephew was trying to come out of the closet. Many, many moons ago when I lived in NY, my good-looking--then 17 year old--nephew confessed to me that he liked men. I wasn't surprised... the whole family kind of suspected it because he acted more like a girl than a boy even when he was a little child. He was super neat, loved playing with dolls, and enjoyed chasing butterflies. He was also always very close to me; and still is even to this day. He admired me while growing up and mimicked almost everything I did... only he went a lot further and did it better. I liked to draw, so he started drawing became so good at it that he got into "Art and Design High School" in NYC. I liked to dance, so he became a very good dancer and has choreographed many a performance. I liked acting and he acted in school plays and now writes plays and directs them for a local hi
All right so I just needed some time to sit down and write something out. I don't care if anyone reads this thing or not I just need to write for my sanity. Now, that I may have your attention it's time for me to talk and you to listen. Every day people run around begging for other people's advice, every day people ask why? Well, it's time for those people to stop asking questions and find out some answers for themselves because you can't live your life through someone else. I don't know what to do anymore, people that know me, know that I'm not the nicest guy in the damn world but everything that has been going on recently with my friends, I've been nice. People depend on me now and I don't know how to deal with it, I'm not used to the pressure of being depended on and well, frankly I don't like it much. This may seem like a lot of bitching and moaning and you know what it's about time I did some of that. Everyone has been telling me that I need to let out my feelings and
Making Lists
"Making lists doesn’t always put our world in order, but it certainly helps us to feel more orderly." ~ Anonymous lol.. I don’t know how many lists that I have written over the years, but it has certainly made me rest better at nights very often so that I could have a renewed perspective of the upcoming day, as well as a renewed charge and dedication to eliminate as many of the items off of my lists. How about yourself????
HowManyOfMe.comThere are 0 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name?
G'day Me Mates Lol
Hell Week
So this could quit possibly be the worst week of my life! I have been fucked over by 4 different guys! Its like a memo went out that said if there is any way possible to fuck Amber over then do it! I am in so much pain and disbelief right now I dont know what to do! I need your support and love! My eyes are tired of crying, my heart is tired of hurting and quit frankly im tired of all this shit!
is it just me or is there more people out there who get tired of other people beggin for vip's blast and fubucks if there is let me no
Lucid Living
lucid living: a book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out Imagine for a moment you are dreaming. You are completely engrossed in the dramas of your dreamworld when a mysterious stranger appears in your dream. He sidles up to you and softly whispers something extraordinary in your ear: “Pssst! Wake up. You’re dreaming.” You are disconcerted but keep your cool. You know that the best way to deal with people who are clearly out of the box is to nod politely and hope they will go away. But the stranger is persistent. “I know it sounds mad to you right now, but you’re dreaming.” You feel irritated: “That’s absurd!” The stranger is unperturbed: “Is it really absurd?” Haven’t you noticed how full of significant patterns and strange coincidences your experience is? As if there is some hidden meaning? Well, that’s because this is a dream.” You become angry: “What! Are you saying that this world is just some kind of unreal delusion? I find that offensive. Tell
Battle Of The Dj's
SC@TTER’S WORLD will soon be hosting a “BATTLE OF THE DJ’s” based on how many people in the Lounge for each DJ. I WANT TO WIN! So come on in to ~SC@TTER’S WORLD~ & support you favorite DJ…… ~DJ MAGICMAN~ Only Playing in SC@TTER’S WORLD ~ FREAKIEST LOUNGE ON FUBAR ~ Tune in to ~DJ MAGICMAN’S~ Show every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 8PM-Midnight & Saturday Mornings from 8AM-Noon Click on my Pic to visit my show!
Still Down
Ok so Im still really down about the misscarrage i just wanna look past it but its hard I keep thinking what if I can never have a baby. I would be so devastied by that I keep burying myself in work so that I dont think about it but when I get home thats all I think about.Maybe im going crazy. I just needed to vent sorry.
Its Time...
Ya kno....I am gonna take a vacation! I wont be on here as much as normal during February 1-4. But I will try to be on the 3rd since its my Bday! :) I am just going out of town...*ALONE*! Which I think is much needed especially right now in my life. I am just letting ya all kno! And if you go to my lounge, I left a comment there too just to remind ya! :) Brandy :)
My Dash
Today was one of my hardest days in a long time. Today, I buried a co-worker, a good friend, and one of the nicest men that ever lived. Taken from this life too soon.. he had so many lives yet to touch. But those who knew him were touched by him each and every day. His wonderful personality, quirky sense of humor and overall genuine caring of people. When he asked you how you were, he truly wanted to know. As I sat in the pew listening to the music, looking at him laying there so peaceful, I looked down at his memorial card they handed out at the door, and I noticed the dash between his birthdate and the date of his death. ( You should check out my stash called the dash if you haven't yet), and I couldn't help but think about all that was in between those dates. He was a husband, father, a brother, an uncle, co-worker and a wonderful friend to so many people. This is a part of life I know, but no matter how you try to put it in perspective, it still hurts. His son spoke the sweetest
Can't Get This Out Of My Head
The other morning, I was Chatting with Sucre....(he's in my fam), anyway, he asks me if I had heard this song that they are playing all over the UK by Adele. No, I'd not heard it but I looked it up on youtube and took a listen. OMG!! It's got to be one of the MOST beautiful songs in the world and if anyone has a love in their life they can't quiet get out of their heart........this will really hit home. Thank you sugar for turning me on to this....even more, thank you for being you. Chasing Pavements Lyrics
The International Council On Manlaws, Ltd
1. Under no circumstances mat 2 men share an umbrellas. 2. It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss's car. (d) When she is using her teeth 3. Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4. Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hour. 5. If you’ve known a gut for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6. Moaning about the brand of beer in a buddy’s fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7. No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. 8. On a road trip, the strongest bladder determines pit stops, not the weakest. 9. When stumbling upon other guys watching a sporting event, you may as
Watch Who Your Talking To
I am writing this blog because of some stupid comments that were said between two people. I don't know all the details and I no longer care. Anyone who ever wishes a soldier to die while in country is wrong. It pisses me the fuck off that people don't think sometimes that that has already or may actually happen to the individual. Everyday we go outside the wire and place ourselves in harms way for the good of our family, friends and country, most of the time it is a very thankless job but that is ok because we know its for a good cause. I have buried many brothers because they gave their life on behalf of people who will never know their names and more than like give a fuck less who they were. So when I hear or read anyone that wishes the death of a soldier it strikes a cord and I will not be fu-friends with anyone who makes said statements. To everyone else, if you read this and agree hit me up if you give less than a fuck thats fine too, but if anyone wants to say some really
Wild Thoughts
Here in the darkness the light never shows itself. Walk blindly into the unknown that can never be truly understood. Here is where some level of confusion sets in, then panic and then the ultimate release of all known feeling. Become numb. Become as the surrounding darkness. Void. These thoughts entered my mind as exhaustion and anxiety set in. A cloud of smoke circles my face. A cigarette smolders in an ashtray and a single light glows helplessly in the surrounding shadow. I think of the past like someone watches a home movie. Rewinding and pausing. Trying to find the place in time where things went wrong. Looking back on a past life that I don’t truly understand. I fear the memory that seeks the dawn of the new day. It haunts me. Devouring the once living force in me that was human. I’ve turned away from the rest of humanity. I no longer have faith in this species that inhabits the earth. There is so much ignorance and faded emotion. To kill thy brother on ea
My Band's Got A Show Tomorrow! Come See Us!
So my band's got a show last-minute-like, for this Thursday (yes, that's tomorrow, bitches!) at The Vent (Fair Oaks/Madison ...  GoogleMap it if you don't know).  The Vent (Formerly Crocodiles)8121 Madison Avenue, Fair Oaks, CAShow starts @ 9pmLow Flyer opens the show!Bypassing Oblivion up second!Inter*Course headlines the bastard! (sorry, don't have their link at the moment)Come out and support us for our first show in almost ever!! :D
Near death, with a 45 pointed at my head Broken, that’s what they said Locked up, examined and medicated It was so simple, it was my life I hated Time heals, time opens your eyes Helps you to see through all the past lies But as time drudged on the wounds were still sore I was falling again into the place without doors And I was nearing the edge of what was paved I felt her hand, I heard her voice and I knew I was saved A short time before I had to leave for a while Even though we are apart you still make me smile Slowing my mind when the need arose The door to my soul for you is something I will never close What was it you said Love, Life, Lord, Soul, Blood so red Allow me to save you as you have me No need to look any further, opens your eyes and see Im right here Standing, offering without fear Give me your soul I will show you life that is whole
The Boogy Man
Hes here. To take our soul. To Break our hearts. And steal our bones. He wants us dead. As you see. He will eat you for breakfast. And Then come after me. He wants the blood. From the people that scorn him. He wants the hearts. From the ones who oen him. He has broken his bindings. His chains laid crushed. He wants his reveng. And he wants his lust. Watch out for the Boogy man. Dont turn your back. He will take to your face. A razor sharp axe. He wants the ones. Who made him this way. This psycotic creature. Will walk till his dying day. Now my children rest your pretty heads. Tuck yourself in and lay in bed. Pull the covers up tight. But do not turn out your light. Close the door and leave it alone. Cause if its open you must not be bright. He lays await under your bed. Run and hide from his sight. Your safe under your covers. But he will get you and your lovers. Now im done with the boogy man. He doesnt mess with me anymore. This is a warneing as b
Not Happy Right Now
I just found out that two people I love and care alot is breaking up...this hurts me and I'm not going to tell them that it does. They been together for 7 years and they breaking up being that long in a realtionship shouldn't they try to work at the problem instead of going the easy way out. I don't know what could have cause it and I'm not blaming no one because it takes two to be in a realtionship and it also takes two to breakup one. What I know from my personal expernice. I have been with my husband for 7 seven years also we got married 3 years ago. We try to fix the problems and other stuff that comes our way. We talked things out. I have a feeling their breakup is going to be harder on me than them. I feel like they are making the wrong deiesion on breaking up. If it would be up to me. I would have them both sit down they would listen to me and tell them they are throwing their realtionship down the drain. I grow very close to Her now I feel like that she is leaving me and not hi
Dl Awesome
imikimi - Customize Your World
Can U Beleave What *sexymedic** Done?
I would like to Introduce you to one of Fubar's Finest And a Great Friend sexymedic4u~*~Real Life Boyfriend of DarkAngel MC~*~Fu-Owned by KyttieKat~*~SexyGirlBlonde's Bes@ fubar In a recent auction this gentleman, busted down doors, swam stormy seas and climbed mountains in order to win me I just want him to know how much I appreciate him and what his friendship means to me As a personal favor to me, would you please be so kind as to stop by his page, rate, fan and add Show him the love he has shown me As a true gentleman does, he will return all love
Name Letters
A: Gorgeous B: Loves people C: Really easy to fall in love with D: Is great in bed E: Easy to fall in love with F: People wild and crazy adore you G: Never let people tell you what to do H: Freakin' beautiful eyes I: Loves to laugh J: Makes people laugh K: Really silly L: BEST SMILE M: Makes dating fun N: Sexy O: Has one of the best personalities ever P: Popular with all types of people Q: A hypocrite R: Good bf/gf S: Easy to be loved with T: Great kisser U: Gets blamed for everything V: Not judgmental W: Very broad minded X: Never let people tell you what to do Y: Loved by everyone Z: Lives life for fun
He Needs Help To Level
Chucky Tha Greatest Slasher@ fubarhe needs our help thanks latina69
~~~old Timer's Sex~~~
~~~~Old Timer Sex~~~~ The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind this very tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you." "Yes," she says, "I remember it well." "OK," he says, "How about taking a stroll around there again and we can do it for old time's sake?" "Oh, Charlie, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but good idea!" A police officer sitting in the next booth heard their conversation and, having a chuckle to himself, he thinks to himself, "I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble." So he follows them. The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning on each other for support aided by walking sticks. Finally, they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence. The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the
He Needs Help To Level
The Nightclub Abduction
Part 2 Laura’s mind was racing. The arm around her throat was squeezing tighter and she felt her herself begin to weaken as the oxygen left her body. The hand clamped over her mouth dug tightly into her skin, mashing her lips painfully against the palms of the intruder. “Are you all right, my pet?” the intruder asked. Laura thought for a moment that the question was intended for her. Then she saw Catherine nod her head. “Yes, Master” she said. Laura was confused. Did these two people know each other? What was happening? The unseen assailant forced Laura further into the room until they reached the far wall. He forced her to her knees, her legs stretched out behind her. He sat on them, pinning them to the floor. He removed his hand from her mouth. His arm disappeared from around her neck. He grabbed her flailing arms and forced them together against the small of her back. With one hand, he secured her arms and pushed her with tremendous force, trapping her body ag
The Shop
When he entered the shop, he was immediately struck by the incredible array of items, all haphazardly resting in random piles before him. The man sighed heavily. While he was by no means a neat freak, he had an intense dislike for clutter, as it symbolized an impediment to efficiency. He had a momentary impulse to leave the shop, but he remembered the picture in the window, and stepped forward to speak to the shopkeeper who sat behind the counter that occupied the center of the room. The shopkeeper seemed not to exist of this world. His upper body was visible behind the countertop, and from what the man could see, the shopkeeper seemed to be composed entirely of perfect circles. He shifted his wireless round glasses atop his perfectly round nose and scratched at the tuft of hair that circled his perfectly round head. He sighed deeply, his perfectly round torso expanding slightly as he mooned over the old starlet who grinned at him from the pages of the old movie magazine that
Me ...well Sorta
11 hour days 4 days a week, 10 hours 1 day a week and 4 hours 1 more day of the week is tiring i need a cuddle .... or a fuck :D any takers?
A Song That Lets You All Know How I Feel
Well I can't ever really believe No one was sent to get me And I feel like I'm being erased No one got left here I'm all alone No one was sent to get me I'm all alone No one got left here But I'm fine No one got left here Well I'm fine No one got left here I can't breathe when I see The pictures sent without you I feel like i've been erased No one got left here I'm all alone No one was sent to get me I'm all alone No one got left here But I'm fine No one got left here Well I'm fine No one got left here But I'm fine No one got left here Well I'm fine No one got left I'm so sick of this terrible instinct It's so hard now Just to find you I'm so sick of this terrible instinct It's so hard now Just to find you So sick of the terrible instinct I can only find you So sick of the terrible instinct I can only find you But I'm fine No one got left here Well I'm fine If it's fine then stay But I'm fi
YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2008 when... 1. You accidentally enter your PIN on the microwave. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three. 4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you. 5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses. 6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries. 7. Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen 8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't even have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it. 10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee. 11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : ) 12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing. 13. Ev
Lateral Thinking
This puzzle is called Lateral Thinking. Scroll down slowly and be honest to yourself. Think like a wizard . . . man 1. ------------ board Ans. = man overboard Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it stand 2. ------------ i Ans. = I understand OK . . . Got the drift ? Let's try a few now and see how you fare ? 3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/ Ans. = reading between the lines 4. r road a d Ans. = cross road Not having a good day now, are you?? Redeem yourself. 5. cycle cycle cycle Ans. = tricycle Not easy to figure out ha!! 0 6. ------------ M.D. Ph.D.
Temporarily Depressingly Depressed
This feeling I feel It hits deep like a knife in my heart Unsure of the meaning behind it Hurting, bleeding, tearing, lying there helpless This horrid feeling Saddness creeping in like a cold draft from an opened window Intentions of insecurity Sleeplessness, loneliness, endlessness, being there but not really there This overwhelming feeling Tears streaming down my cheeks like an endless waterfall Faraway in my own reality Crying, prying, screaming to get out But I just felt it today Not everyday am I feeling this way It is just the saddness I keep inside bursting open like the tornado passing by This depression is hidden behind a smile
Club Toxic #3
Hedake Kitteh!
moar funny pictures
Fill In The Blanks....
01] I _____ charles. 02] charles is _____. 03] If I were alone in a room with charles, I would _____. 04] I think charles should _____. 05] charles needs _____. 06] I want to _____ charles 07] Someday charles will ___. 08] charles reminds me of _____. 09] Without charles _____. 10] My memories of charles are _____. 11] charles can be _____. 12] The Worst thing about charles is _____. 13] The best thing about charles is _____. 14] I am _____ with charles. 15] One thing i would like to know about charles is _____. 16] charles should go and _____. 17] charles _____ me.
My Choice For President In 2008
Note: most of this was written by my friend Ripper of Blood Obsession but i highly agree with his points and i decided to add my own and repost it. I support Barack Obama to be our next President. Here are some key points as to why I support him: - I believe he may be the one candidate able to shake up the Government due to his non-insider status. We need a new direction. - I believe he is sincere as politicians go. - I believe he wants to do well because he is more patriot than politician or businessman. - I do not believe his race is a factor.for fuck's sake it's 2008! Are we really still arguing this shit!? - He is not a radical Muslim. Search for details. I welcome intelligent discourse, but do not ridicule my decision. It has been made after several months of clear headed thought and analysis. I belive he is the only presidential canidate that will end this fucking war and bring our troops home! I belive he will make wise dises
He Loves Me And I Loved Now What
I think about him and our girls and I miss home ~ya know the place to go when ya just cant seem to fit in or things arent going go home to the people that *love* you, but I dont know if I believe in love anymore..*everlasting love*.. is what I have for my daughters the kind that last for eternity ( that i do believe in and long for )....real love what I have for the rest of my family and close and dear friends the kind that is genuine and you see my girls are my world because right now the only other person that loves me is phillip..this is something i wrote and something he wrote years later for me and i am planning on writing something very beautiful for my precious three m's...for now here is what i miss too.... Without You Without you i dont know what to do Have i found that love that is true I am not sure but i know i miss you when your not here And i long for you to be so close and near Without you i feel so incomplete and lost I want to be wi
New Mum
I posted a new mum. It only has 3 more hours before it expires. I hope someone helps me out and votes. I need some advice. So please help me out and go vote. This isnt about points at all. I need advice big time. So please no vote or shout me and tell me what you think
I've been in college only a short time and it's a headache. By the time this spring comes around I'll be a Sophomore. My major? Radiology my first choice after that I would have to say medical. I don't want to spend all this time in college and come out not making any money. Gotta have some green in my life. I love having material things like my 35$ hat, my 1,500$ laptop, but my friends on fubar: Priceless
Sick And Tired
If you are like me, and sick and tired of strippers and other b.s. around the world like corportate lies and idiotic celebraties, then you should visit and lots of peeps are there and lots of posts offer different topics and comments. Come join the discussions.
Whatever Bullshit
Man, have you ever gone to bed with a thought or rolled up a nice jay? Way too funny! But nothings funny so here we go! *If you have Faith as small as a mustard seed it will grow. *Always follow your heart.
Personally It's All Wack
So here's what Im gonna do and how's your life cuz obviously nobodys askin' so nobody cares. Fucked up your style too. It was a thought train wacked and spin it in phyco dude. Yeah you know thats how i'm goin down. Have you ever stared at the body as a figure, your mind was a julapi or a gilapi.
Sorry I Am So Gone Lately....
Just a quick note before I go to bed... For those that don't know and who care, I started back to work and back to school. I have not been on here much lately, I just check for messages and send a comment or two once a day. I am sorry if anyone feels like I have forgotten about them. I am just so busy lately that I don't even know which way is up. Things will slow down around the middle of April when tax season is over. I promise I will try to keep in touch. Please be patient with me. Kisses, Michelle
It Doesn't Always Have To Suck As A Single Parent!
If u feel like no one is listening u have to know i got a good ear and i do listen to every need and want!:) :) :)
She Is Just A Little Over 5500 To Go.
Do your thing. Dragonmasterswife2008 { rate spankers }@ fubar
Falling apart inside, starting to die No one to save me from the darkness where I hide Never knowing where the truth lies Will this sadness ever, ever become untied Where, once there was light Now there is none Alone, all alone is how you fly
6600 To Go!
Hes only a 6600 away from leveling..can you help him out? jnr2007 aka MoonWolf@ fubar
Well it is over with, thank goodness. I hope everyone had a good one. Mine was boring as hell and I am glad it was over with.
My Pussycat
Great Stock Tips For 2008
Maybe I shouldn't give you some of these, but here goes: Investment tips for 2008 for all of you with any money left, be aware of the next expected mergers so that you can get in on the ground floor and make some BIG bucks. Watch for these consolidations in 2008. 1.) Hale Business Systems, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Fuller Brush, and W. R. Grace Co. Will merge and become: Hale, Mary, Fuller, Grace. 2.) PolyGram Records, Warner Bros., and Zesty Crackers join forces and become: Poly, Warner Cracker. 3.) 3M will merge with Goodyear and become: MMMGood. 4. Zippo Manufacturing, Audi Motors, Dofasco, and Dakota Mining will merge and become: ZipAudiDoDa . 5. FedEx is expected to join its competitor, UPS, and become: FedUP. 6. Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers will become: Fairwell Honeychild. 7. Grey Poupon and Docker Pants are expected to become: PouponPants. 8. Knotts Berry Farm and the National Organization of Women will become: Knott NOW! And
Ventriloquist & Blonde
A young ventriloquist is touring the clubs and one night he's doing a show in a small town in Arkansas with his dummy on his knee, he starts going through his usual dumb blonde jokes when a blonde woman in the 4th row stands on her chair. She starts shouting: "I've heard enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype women that way? What does the color of a person's hair have to do with her worth as a human being? It's guys like you who keep women like me from being respected at work and in the community and from reaching our full potential as a person. Because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only blondes, but women in general .... and all in the name of humour!" The embarrassed ventriloquist begins to apologize, and the blonde yells, "You stay out of this, mister! I'm talking to that little shithead sitting on your knee!"
Joke Of The Day
Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with this really cute girl in his office but she was datin someone else.One day Eddie got so frustrated that he went to her & said, "I'll give you $100 if you let me have sex with you." The girl looked at him & then said, "NO." Eddie said, "I'll be real fast.I'll throw the money on the floor,you bend down,and I'll be finished by the time you've picked it up." She thought for a moment and said she would consult with her boyfriend.She called him & explained the situation.Her boyfriend says, "Ask him for $200, and pick up the money really fast.He wont even be able to get his pants down."She agreed & accepts the proposal. Over half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is waitin for his girlfriend's call.Finally,after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls & asks, "What happened?" Still breathin hard,she managed to reply, "The bastard had all quarters!" Management lesson:Alwayz consider a business proposition in its entirety before agreein to it &
Need A Push
A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3:00 in the morning!" He slams the door and returns to bed. "Who was that?" asked his wife. "Just some drunken guy asking for a push," he answers. "Did you help him?" she asks. "No, I did not, it is 3:00 in the morning and it is pouring rain out there!" "Well, you have a short memory," says his wife. "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!" The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?" "Yes," comes back the answer. "Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband. "Yes, please!" comes the reply from the dark. "Where are you?" asks the husband.
Gotta Love This Poster
For Virex & Fatal
Do you want a great friend? Come and rate/fan/add this great lady she's funny,smart beautiful and wild I promise you will not be disappointed ¥¡®Ë× & ƒåΤÀL - owned by sexymedic4u@ fubar Give it up for the one the only Image by
The "naughty Game"
This is called the "NAUGHTY GAME". Copy these questions into an email and send it to me with your answers. I will reciprocate! Be honest! Mark all that apply Would you kiss me? [ ] Hell Yea [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] already did Would you do me? [ ] In an instant! [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] you look to sweet to fuck [ ] already did Am I attractive? [ ] Heck no [ ] hot as Hell [ ] Fine [ ] Cute [ ] Okay I think ur pretty [ ] Sexy [ ] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 3 things you would like to know about me? 1.) 2.) 3.) If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe Would you rather.. [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Marry me [ ] Friends [ ] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [ ] boxers [ ] whitie tighties [ ] thongs [ ] g-string [ ] granny panties [ ] boy shorts
Maude And Claude
Maude and Claude, both 91, lived in The Villages, in Florida. They met at the singles club meeting and discovered over time that they enjoyed each other's company. After several weeks of meeting for coffee, Claude asked Maude out for dinner and, much to his delight, she accepted. They had a lovely evening. They dined at the most romantic restaurant in town. Despite their age, they ended up at his place for an after-dinner drink. Things continued along a natural course, and age being no inhibitor, Maude soon joined Claude for a most enjoyable roll in the hay. As they were basking in the glow of the magic moments they'd shared, each was lost for a time in their own thoughts... Claude was thinking: "If I'd known she was a virgin, I'd have been gentle." Maude was thinking: "If I'd known he could still do it, I'd have taken off my pantyhose."
Comments And Page Ratings
What I really really really like is when people leave me photo comments. What's even better is if they have all sorts of glittery and sparkly things on them, those rule! I've also noticed a lot of people want you to rate their page a 10. I have no idea what page ratings mean or do for a person. I am not a 10. Whether it's looks, sex appeal, or fancy book learnin (picture books excluded). I'm probably more like a 5. If you were to meet me after drinking for a few hours and in dim lighting you might think I'm a 7. So how about we split the difference and I suggest a rating of 6?
Never Lie To A Woman
Never Lie to a Woman A man called home to his wife and said, ' Honey I have been asked to go fishing up in Canada with my boss & several of his Friends . We'll be gone for a week. This is a good opportunity for me to get that Promotion I've been wanting, so could you please pack enough Clothes for a week and set out my rod and fishing box, we're Leaving From the office & I will swing by the house to pick my things up' ' Oh! Please pack my new blue silk pyjamas. ' The wife thinks this sounds a bit fishy but being the good wife she is, did exactly what her husband asked. The following Weekend he came home a little tired but otherwise looking good. The wife welcomed him home and asked if he caught many fish? He said, 'Yes! Lots of Salmon, some Bluegill, and a few Swordfish. But why didn't you pack my new blue silk pyjamas like I asked you to Do?' You'll love the answer... The wife replied.... 'I did. They're in your fishing box ...'
Ok this is my first blog so bare with me. I have been single for as long as i can remember and it is time for a change so im asking that if you are a female and live somewheres in the area of Southwest part of newyork state and wouldn't mind going out on a date that you shoot me a message and i will get back to asap im really looking forward to getting to know someone soon so hopefully you can be that person Oh and im not a dime piece either im just your average type of guy just full of love i still live at home and im ready to do something with my life i still may be young but need a kick in the rear to get me going so once again if your a single female in or around southwest part of the state hit me up i would love to chat with you
A Womans Week At The Gym
If you read this without laughing out loud, there is something wrong with you. This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine. Dear Diary, For my birthday this year, my daughter (the dear) purchased a week of personal training at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since being a high school football cheerleader 43 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Belinda, who identified herself as a 26-year-old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear. My daughter seemed pleased with my enthusiasm to get started! The club encouraged me to keep a diary to chart my progress. MONDAY: Started my day at 6:00 a.m. Tough to get out of bed, but found it was well worth it when I arrived at the health club to find Belinda waiting for me. She is something of a Greek goddess -- with b
My Hh
> > > > > SHES GOT A HAPPY HOUR COMING UP AT 10 PM EASTERN!! HELP HER LEVEL! > > *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~* ¢¾Fu Wife To Ronaldanthony74¢¾@ fubar > > SO STOP BY HER PAGE! > > *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~* ¢¾Fu Wife To Ronaldanthony74¢¾@ fubar > > RATE HER PROFILE! > > *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~* ¢¾Fu Wife To Ronaldanthony74¢¾@ fubar > > FAN HER! > > *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~* ¢¾Fu Wife To Ronaldanthony74¢¾@ fubar > > AND ADD HER AS A FRIEND AND HELP HER LEVEL!! > > *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~* ¢¾Fu Wife To Ronaldanthony74¢¾@ fubar >
Will you be there beside me If the world falls apart And will all of our moments Remain in your heart Will you be there to guide me All the way through, I wonder will you Walk by my side, And follow my dreams And bear with my pride, As strong as it seems Will you be there tomorrow Will you be there beside me As time goes on by And be there to hold me Whenever I cry Will you be there to guide me All the way through, I wonder will you Walk by my side, And follow my dreams And bear with my pride, As strong as it seems Will you be there Tomorrow
Me Me Me Me Me Me
Wanna c wassup w/everyone. Lookin for people who like to chill, take it easy, no drama, tell it like it is. Not lookin for games or bullshit. Need some friends. I don't discriminate. Male, female, black, white, puerto rican, or asian. Lol. Hit me up!!!
The Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been sp
Finding Jesus
A man is stumbling through the woods totally drunk when he comes upon a preacher baptizing people in the river. The drunk walks into the water and subsequently bumps into the preacher. The preacher turns around and is almost overcome by the smell of booze. Whereupon he asks the drunk, "Are you ready to find Jesus?" "Yes I am" replies the drunk, so the preacher grabs him and dunks him in the river. He pulls him up and asks the drunk, "Brother have you found Jesus?" The drunk replies, "No, I haven't." The preacher, shocked at the answer, dunks him into the water again, but for a bit longer this time. He pulls him out of the water and asks again, "Have you found Jesus, my brother?" The drunk again answers, "No, I have not found Jesus." By this time the preacher is at his wits end so he dunks the drunk in the water again, but this time he holds him down for about 30 seconds. W hen the drunk begins kicking his arms and legs, the preacher pulls him up. The preacher asks th
Whut Up!?
its 9:30pm 1-23-07 i am currently living in Columbus, with my friend BLEU, what up sexy? im pretty new to all this shit, so sorry if this "blog" sucks. im originally from the 330. i love smoking weed, as i am right now. well im high and dont really know what im doin here, so holla back or some shit PEACE *Dave*
Help Me Lvl Plz
Rebecca only needs 19k to reach level 23. Please show her sum love...Thanks MsMaine ¢¾ReBeCcA¢¾{NBSD}¢¾{Dylons Diva's}¢¾@ fubar (repost of original by '♥MS.MAINE~BBW♥Dylon's DIVA♥~PATS 16-0~BABY~♥' on '2008-01-23 18:19:32')
Job Opening
A young man goes into the Job Center in Jacksonville, Florida , and sees a card advertising for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested he goes to learn more - 'Can you give me some more details about this?' he asks the guy behind the desk. The Job Center man sorts through his files & replies - 'Oh yes here it is: The job entails you getting the lady patients ready for the gynecologist. You have to help them out of their underwear, lie them down and carefully wash their genital regions. You then apply shaving foam and gently shave off all their pubic hair then rub in soothing oils so that they're ready for the gynecologist's examination. There's an annual salary of $45,000, but you're going to have to go to Oxford, Mississippi. That's about 620 miles from here.' ' Why? Is that where the job's at?' 'No sir - that's where the end of the line is for the job!' :)
Tickle Me Elmo
There is a factory in Northern Minnesota which makes the Tickle Me Elmo Toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 8:00 AM. The next day at 8:45 AM there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door. The Foreman throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule. The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself, so the 2 men march down to the factory floor. When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up. At the end of the line stood Lena surrounded by mountains of Tickle Me Elmo's. She had a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small marbles. The 2 men watched in amazement as she cut a little piece of fabri
I want to say thank you to everyone who has clicked on the links that I post in these blogs. Being a single parent is hard and I try to make a Dollar when & where I can. I just got my first commission check. I am so proud of myself. I did it honestly. Well Thats enough of me babbling. Thanks for clicking keep clicking. Let me know which one you click on and what it did for you.
Wild Rose
imikimi - Customize Your World
True Love
Want A Personalized Romance Novel?
ROMANCE BY YOU KIDS BOOK BY YOU Some titles are: RACING HEARTS ER FEVER WESTERN RENDEZVOUS VAMPIRE KISSES PIRATES OF DESIRE TROPICAL TREASURE MEDIEVAL PASSION LOVE'S NEXT DOOR In Pirates of Desire, the promise of pirate lore kindles the dreams of our strong-willed heroine, Lady Angel Eyes, as she and her best friend Rebel scheme for high seas adventure. But being captured by the notorious pirate captain, Evil Intentions, is as fiery and unforgiving as the seas themselves. Intentions, also known as 'Sea Wolf', is a handsome rogue and Lady Angel ultimately loses her heart to this rugged pirate. Chapter Five ... Angel & Evil - a heated encounter . . . Angel slapped the coin from his outstretched hand, sending it flying into the shrubbery. “We don’t want your blood money!” Evil sighed, his eyes narrowing, then he suddenly reached out and grabbed Angel by her bodice string that, unbeknownst to her, had become untied and hung loosely from her
Giving Up
have u ever cared so much about someone that u would do anything for them and you love them with all your heart but u feel they dont feel the same about u? well thats how i feel i mean i try so hard to make people happy and what good does it do me? it seems like i just push them farther away and if ur sittin there wonderin if im talkin about u i probably am.... cause where the hell are u when i need u? im always freakin there for everyone and where the hell are they when i need them? i show that i miss them when their not around but when im not around they act like they could care less.... im just simply giving up... im tired of makin everyone else happy... when does someone get to make me happy huh? so whatever ok either u care about me or u dont if u want to be my friend or whatever show it cause if im considered ur friend im freakin tired of u acting otherwise you dont have to always say it but every now and then letting me know that u care would make me feel alot better ok p.s. no
Ten Peeves That Dogs Have About Humans
'1' Blaming your farts on me.....Not funny... Not funny at all !!! '2' Yelling at me for barking. I'M A FRIGGIN' DOG!!! '3' Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out. Exactly whose walk is this anyway? '4' Any 'trick' that involves balancing food on my nose. Stop it! '5' Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you're not home. '6' The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whoooo Hoooooooo what a proud moment for the top of the food chain. '7' Taking me to the vet for "the big snip", then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back! '8' Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven't quite mastered that handshake thing yet. '9' Dog sweaters. Hello ??? Haven't you noticed the fur? '10' How you act disgusted when I lick myself. Look, we both know the truth: You're just jealous.
Loved One Passed
RIP Ryan Baldree Today one of my best friends little boy Ryan passed away. He was a beautiful, loving little man! He will always be remembered and memories never forgotten! Please everyone keep his family in your prayers. Even though we know where he is and he isn't hurting anymore, it still is incredibly hard for us here without him! Thank you all, Sarah
Woman And A Fork
Woman and a Fork There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things 'in order,' she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in. Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her. 'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly. 'What's that?' came the Pastor's reply. 'This is very important,' the young woman continued. 'I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.' The Pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing quite what to say. That surprises you, doesn't it?' the young woman asked. 'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the Pastor. The young woman e
My Mood Today
You ever have one of those days, were you get off work and just think " I need to fuck" and you get on the mission
Love Behind The Melody
Whats that sound? The beat is thumpin, ooo, that melody is bumpin The sounds are near, thats moaning in my ear, so clear, Is the love making that is near. Hear that melody of oo's and ah's poundinof bodies, moving like strings on guitars, in tune Wow, listen as my heart beat like a drum. Damn sounds like fun, but we all can find this kind of love Behind the melody
Ok this is something I already knew but it's good to have some validation. I saw on CNN today that 2 non-profit research groups found that the President and his cronies made over 900 misstatements of facts in the run up to the Iraq War....For those who don't know what this means, that bitch lied!!!!;_ylt=AtaDZ905dqM8qr4KkkWJF9Ss0NUE So if someone can get impeached over a blowjob, what do you think should happen to someone who lied n cost lives?...
^sin^ And Mrmischief Are Hitched
Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ just got fu-married!!! MR.MISCHIEF*FU-ENGAGED TO ^SIN^@ fubar ^sin^-enforcer @ the playpen@ fubar This awesome fu-preacher fu-married them at a moment's notice because they were stood up by the other fu-preacher. lol Anyway, go give Anglevil lots of fu love. Anglevil *¢¾ Stryke's real life GF & FuWife ¢¾* ~Owned by Stryke¢¾~@ fubar Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ send their thanks to all in attendance, especially Anglevil. They are celebrating their fu-marriage! Be sure to congratulate them! This wedding announcement brought to you by: Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Promoter ~ SgtRaider's Bad Girl/Sisters 4 Life/FuOwned by ^Sin^@ fubar
Next time you hear the phone ring Pick it up baby, cause it might be me Or I'll just do it with the oprerator She's a SEX-O-H-O-L-I-C "Hello, is LaWanda home?" Come on over baby Come and open up your love surprise I've got a gift for you And I know it's just the perfect size L.S.D. - Love , Sex, Drug And i'm itchin for a fix of you I'm a sexoholic baby And I've got dependency on you My perfect gift, sexoholic Come on over baby Come and open up your love surprise I'm a sexoholic baby And I've got dependency on ice My perfect gift, sexoholic My perfect gift, sexoholic My perfect gift Next time you hear the phone ring Pick it up baby, cause it might be me Or I'll just do it with the oprerator She's a SEX-O-H-O-L-I-C Ma Bell I want to reach out and just touch someone El Grupo Sexo
Hey You Wanted To Know.......
G E N E R A L ---------------------------------------------------------- Time started: Evening PST Full Name: Angel Eyes Single or Taken: in long distance relationship, used to be married but seperated for a year Birthday: in november Siblings: one sibling/male Shoe size: 12 womens/10 mens Height: 5'7" not sure what that is in metric What are you wearing right now: red stirup pants,thong (black), silk bra (black), red and white long sleeve thin shirt and barefooted Where do you live: California Can you make a pound in change right now? Nope R E L A T I O N S H I P S ----------------------------------------------------------- Who is your closest friend: have a few BFF Do you have a BF or GF?: yes Did you send this to your crushes? should I ? Best place to go for a date?: Best I had was at the beach do you like anyone: a few guys Do they like you? I'm not sure F A V O U R I T E S ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite k
Wrote This A Long Time Ago...still True Though!
Fairy Tale The Fairy Tale is a nothingness Left to haunt our souls. Open eyes to sorrow. And bring our love to deaths doors. It shows you lies, petrifies, And turns the mind to stone. Leaves your arms empty, And your heart secluded in the cold. The Fairty Tale turns minds astray And fills the heart with dreams Dreams of happiness without delays And hopes for future days. But in the end the mind is cleared And reality strikes like ice. It shows the truth, consumes the proof And brings forth tears of living this cruel life. It's a game we all play With our hearts as the price. But it seems the only winner is the Fairy Tale, Who kills us deep inside.
Bike Week - Daytona Beach, Florida
Well, the last Friday in February I am going down to Daytona Beach, Fl for Bike Week. I will be riding with a few other guys from work. They all have girls(wives/girlfriends) coming with, but me... a single man... do not. So If you care to join us, and ride shotgun on my Harley. Hit me up. I live in Havelock, North Carolina, I can pick up or meet anywhere south of here... Also, if your a dude and wanna come with(must however have your own bike), hit me up we can meet up somewhere on the way.
Please Comb Help Bomb Him Please>>>
Here they are all!! The FU's Hottest Bald men!!! Come rate and comment bomb them!! YES... U CAN SELF BOMB!!!!!!! !!GOOD LUCK ALL!! big35dawg
The Pope In Alaska
The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the mountains of Alaska for some sight-seeing. He was cruising along the campground in the Pope-mobile when there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the woods. A helpless Democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a "Save the Whales" hat, and a "To Hell with Bush" T-shirt, was screaming while struggling frantically, thrashing around trying to free himself from the grasp of a 10 foot grizzly bear. As the Pope watched horrified, a group of Republican loggers came racing up. One quickly fired a .44 magnum into the bear's chest. The other two reached up and pulled the bleeding, semiconscious Democrat from the bear's grasp. Then using long clubs, the three loggers finished off the bear and two of them threw it onto the bed of their truck while the third tenderly placed the injured Democrat in the back seat. As they prepared to leave, the Pope summoned them to come over. "I give you my blessing for your brave actions!" he told them. "
Men And Women Of The Military
I am writting this blog to reach the mass of haters that are out there. Everytime I hear someone talking down about the military, it really pisses me off. First off let me say nobody wants to goto war. You can ask all the men and women in the military and 95% would say they don't want to goto war, but you know what they are there because they answered the call of duty when all you haters were hiding behind mommys apron. I am so tired of people saying the military has it so easy. Well let me tell you trying to get so badly needed sleep in a hole just big enough to cover you body and not really wanting to sleep because of not knowing if you are going to wake up with a bullet in you. I don't call that easy. I know some of you have no idea what is like to be on the fronline of war, so if you don't know, don't talk smack about something you have no idea about. And last but not least the men and women that join the military for one reason. Its not because they are war junkies or just want to
If You Drive With Your Iphone, Police Can Search It
Something to seriously consider, then pass on: If you drive with your iPhone, police can search it Adam Gershowitz, an assistant professor at the South Texas College of Law, raises an interesting point about the iPhone and similarly tricked-out mobile devices: If the police stop you and find some legal cause to arrest you, they are probably free, under judicial interpretations of the Fourth Amendment, to search the device. This means that a standard traffic stop -- say they get you for drunk driving or excessive speeding or any number of other arrestable offenses -- could conceivably lead to a search of your entire Web history, your photos, and potentially even your online accounts at banks or social networking sites. The iPhone is a portable window to your whole world -- and while arresting you for something comparatively minor, the police may get to look through that window without any approval from a judge. Gershowitz's theory, which he outlines in a law review articl
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I Met Ufc Veteran Ivan Salavery
liek my subject line says i meet the guy. So that makes 3 ufc guys i know personally Jens Pulver and Randy Cotoure and now Ivan Salavery. He came into my schools practice and showed some stuff chose me has his dummy. Damn those chokes are no joke :-) Hes a really cool guy. Hes got a big fight coming up end of februrary.
Sister For Life
Cum Check This Out
a target="_blank"> Live music!!! Become a member 1000 Free Fubucks to the First 5 people in Club Fatal Obsession, home of the Hotest topless DJ's. Copy and Paste the link below into your address bar. You Must join the lounge and become a member. HURRY IN TO GET YOUR FUBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Men Fetishes And Kinky Shit Mmmmm!
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New Outlook On Life
Well, after Sunday, I have a new outlook on life. I am VERY thankful I am alive. Sunday morning I was on my way to work when I hit a patch of ice on the interstate and rolled my company pickup. I was wearing my seatbelt thank god. It was the scariest thing I have ever been thru in my life. I could have been seriously hurt! I walked away with bumps, scrapes, and bruises. If I would have rolled another time, I probably would have been seriously hurt or even killed. That nite, I was laying there, dozed off, and I had an image of a truck smashing into something. I woke with a start and jumped out of bed, scared as shit. That's when it hit me. I sat and cried, thinking I could have left my daughter motherless. I really truely believe in angels now. My son Mattie was up there looking out for me and Melissa that day. I now realize that every day is a gift, you never know when you might not be here anymore. I plan to live my life to its fullest. I want to love with everything I have. I
More Ebay Goodness
This week, on ebay, I'm offering up a host of DC 'Bat' stuff (Batman, Robin, Nightwing), they won't all be running for the full week.. some just for couple of days, others for 5 days. I'm also dipping my toe into a new online selling venture, on the site Etsy. Here, craftspeople of all kinds sell their handmade wares. So like thousands of others, I now have my own 'Etsy Shop' where I will be offering pages of comic art for sale. Like Ebay, payment is by PayPal or cheque, but unlike Ebay, it's not an auction site.. the pages on offer here are offered at a fixed price, & they will be listed for upto four months (unless they sell prior to that).
Mhumpy Is Going Wild On Fubar
Wintry Greetings
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Dark Love
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Have A Great Week
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Valentine Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My...? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... give me your number?_______________ kis
Showin Love To Everyone At Fubar!!
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The Tail Of The Cat
You don't have to own a cat to appreciate this one. You don't even have to like 'em! The Tail of the Cat.... We were dressed and ready to go out for the New Year's Eve Party. We turned on a night light, turned the answering machine on, covered our pet parakeet and put the cat in the backyard. We phoned the local cab company and requested a taxi. The taxi arrived and we opened the front door to leave the house. The cat we put out in the yard, scoots back into the house. We didn't want the cat shut in the house because she always tries to eat the bird. My wife goes out to the taxi, while I went inside to get the cat. The cat runs upstairs, with me in hot pursuit. Waiting in the cab, my wife doesn't want the driver to know that the house will be empty for the night. So, she explains to the taxi driver that I will be out soon, "He's just going upstairs to say Good-bye to my mother." A few minutes later, I get into the cab. "Sorry I took so long," I said, as we dr
Good Morning
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Kama Sutra Online
Pretty cool site,
Simple Bs Poetry
SEASONS The north winds bring cold and snow like the feelings of some souls. Keeping beauty at bay for most, then others come happiness. Coming from the south warmth flows, bringing life and vitality, tho with a price. Heat and growth, welcomed for a period, then despised like the weeds in a garden. Between these are the rains that nourish the earth and later brings decay from the trees. Seasons change, like life. What is not seen as good has a purpose. What seems drab feeds the magnificent. Look deeper than the surface, for there's much to see.
True...or False..
A mind littered with stomped out cigarette butts and broken beer bottles is not one you want find yourself alone in. And when your in it, your always alone. So he attempts to block it, them, out. The thoughts, the lyrics to songs long forgotten, the promises now smashed and decaying at his feet. He finds distractions where he can, and takes full advantage of them for as long as is allowed. Porn does it well enough, but only for the time it takes for his erection to be deflated and the number of tissues in a box to have decreased. Then, he must find other sources, renewable at a much faster rate. He finds booze. But booze often leads him back to the beginning and he's not in this for a maze. he's in this for a straight away. A single path straight away from his current destination. Where the hell of days known previously, turn the days known currently, into a kind of torture even the Germans didn't think of. He attempts to obtain women. Not just any women. But those belonging t
Understanding Noah's Flood
Myths from around the world tell us of a distinct event in pre-history. In the Bible, the event involves Noah, to whom God said he was to build an ark and take aboard it his family and breeding pairs of all animals. Seven days after completion, the rains came and water rose from the ground. For forty days and nights this continued until the world was submerged. Three months later Noah found land and planted the first vine. We are talking, of course, of the Biblical Flood. FLOOD AND AGRICULTURE The Flood is not confined to the Blble. In Babylonian legends we find the words: ‘aboard the ship take thou the seed of all living things’. In ancient Greek legend Deucalion and his wife built and stocked a huge wooden chest and survived a deluge. After the flood he threw over his shoulder some stones and they became people. Deucalion, like Noah, is associated with the vine. Dionysus is the god of wine and vegetation, and in another Greek myth he is depicted sailing in a boat with grapes
Hello To All
I´m new here, i think a this rigth? Comments welcome....
The Man Is Not There
He came back to his home Decorations upon his chest Telling of his battles And how he had passed the test He wore his uniform with pride Same as he fought in battles too Doing what was asked by others He did it for me and you He would not speak of his time That he had served in lands afar He would not tell of the medals Asking us to take them for what they are At night he could be heard crying Even shouts he would release Still the sound of battles he fought Inside him would not cease He would stoop and cower When sudden movement he did not know These were pains inflicted in battle When looking at our hero did not show He would walk around in silence Unsure of what was around him there This hero that has done his duty These ugly scars he was forced to bear When a gun shot he heard aloud FLashbacks filled his mind complete Unkowing to all of us that saw him He lived nightmares that each day would repeat Then the word came to us all Our hero was no longer in
Intro Of Sorts
i decided to create a separate blog on here about my training of body, mind, and spirit. i will be posting details of fitness progress (getting back into fighting shape) as well as my journey into what it means to be a warrior in this day and age. this blog will contain a part of me that few ever see and hopefully treated with respect. one might ask why i am posting this for strangers to see and judge me by. my answer is not that simple. in fact i don't really have one. i just feel the need to share my experience and hope that maybe i'll get the push i need when i feel weak or the possibility that what i leave in here will inspire others. with that out.
Out Of My Head
Out Of My Head lyrics Sometimes I feel Like I am drunk behind the wheel The wheel of possibility However it may roll Give it a spin See if you can somehow factor in You know there's always more than one way To say exactly what you mean to say [Chorus:] Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind? How could I have ever been so blind? I was waiting for an indication It was hard to find Don't matter what I say only what I do I never mean to do bad things to you So quiet but I finally woke up If you're sad then it's time you spoke up too [Chorus] [Repeat Chorus]
Never Trust A Snake!...just A Warning
i'm not laying blame at anyone's feet but my own for believing this's just an fyi. oh and by the way...he never responded. ->snake: whatever? you don't even have the balls to own up to it or apologize? snake: ok what ever ->snake: thru my own stupidty i believed you and i don't want to hear from you ok? ->snake: you lied to me and used me and i would appreciate it if you would not email or im me snake: ok i do now , now that i looked at the second pic i thought it looked familer ->snake: let me refresh your memory, i used to live on w ridge rd in fairview snake: no ->snake: ok, that answers that don't remember me? snake: well i thought i would say hi to some one that lives in the same town as me ->snake: i'm fine......tell me why you im'd me snake: how are you tonight
Revised Contest Dates
I am going to push this back one week for 2 reasons! I want at least 15 contestants to make it interesting and I haven't received one picture yet. SO, there's REASON #1. REASON #2 I sat on a very comfortable lead in the hottest mummer contest for two long and am having to duke it out everyday, back and forth, for first place with Misterfeet! (He's tough but, like my reason #1 is making it very interesting! So, I need to keep hustling if I intend to win J-Roxx's contest! SO, here is the info. ( I have even upped the prizes to hopefully encourage you to be a little creative and do this!) I am calling it "The 5 Thinger Discounted Contest!" I have had so much fun with the contests I have been participating in. I decided I have to host one of my own so I can sit on the other side and enjoy the comments and action. NO COMMENT BOMBING! J-Roxx has set a good example with her rates only contest and I would like to go that route. I want something fun and funny that oth
Nothing Else To Do.....
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
I have climbed highest mountain I have run through the fields Only to be with you Only to be with you I have run I have crawled I have scaled these city walls These city walls Only to be with you But I still haven't found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm looking for I have kissed honey lips Felt the healing in her fingertips It burned like fire This burning desire I have spoke with the tongue of angels I have held the hand of a devil It was warm in the night I was cold as a stone But I still haven't found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm looking for I believe in the kingdom come Then all the colors will bleed into one Bleed into one Well yes I'm still running You broke the bonds and you Loosed the chains Carried the cross Of my shame Of my shame You know I believed it But I still haven't found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I'm looking for But I still haven't found what I
She Was 13
Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one was around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endore A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly crys She loves her parents But they want her to die She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking?" Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She thrusted the blade Right in her chest, "You deserve to die You
Everybody Hurts
When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone, When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on. Don't let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes. Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along. When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on) If you feel like letting go, (hold on) When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on. Everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends. Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand. If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long, When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on. Well, everybody hurts sometimes, Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes. And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. (repeat & fade) (Everybody hurts. You are not alone.)
Stay In Milk, Don't Do School, And Drink Your Drugs
ok so i just had my first day of spring semester. it seems like it's going to go well but i'm going to need to put forth effort. my mentality is that i'm not going to the local community college but rather AAU. this way i can push myself a bit more and not bitch about how much i hate it there. it's all in my head really. so yeah that's pretty much it...i'll try to post more blogs in a timely manner from now on.
At home Drawing pictures Of mountain tops With him on top Lemon yellow sun Arms raised in a V Dead lay in pools of maroon below Daddy didn't give attention To the fact that mommy didn't care King Jeremy the wicked Ruled his world Jeremy spoke in class today Jeremy spoke in class today Clearly I remember Pickin' on the boy Seemed a harmless little fuck But we unleashed a lion Gnashed his teeth And bit the recess lady's breast How could I forget He hit me with a surprise left My jaw left hurting Dropped wide open Just like the day Like the day I heard Daddy didn't give affection And the boy was something that mommy wouldn't wear King Jeremy the wicked Ruled his world Jeremy spoke in class today Jeremy spoke in class today Try to forget this... Try to erase this... From the blackboard.
Our Heroe's Fall
We sent them to a far distant land To defend the freedoms we all share Each said good-bye with honor and pride Peril they entered, each was aware The sand whipped around as they waited For orders they knew would soon come Sending them forward into battle The ultimate price would be paid by some Bullets would be flying all around Heavy rounds filling the air overhead When the dust once settles upon the ground Brave heroes will be found laying dead The blood stained ground where they lay The soil letting it slowly seep in Knowing that if they could now speak They would all do it once again They would stand in honor of their country They would protect all that others to us gave Standing with others in unity this day Wounded in battle the medics try to save Family and friends back at home are waiting Praying for return of loved one’s one day Unknowing their fate as in war they fight Sorrow will fill their hearts each day This day word has come to another Their sold
Under The Bridge
Sometimes I feel Like I don't have a partner Sometimes I feel Like my only friend Is the city I live in The city of Angels Lonely as I am Together we cry I drive on her streets 'Cause she's my companion I walk through her hills 'Cause she knows who I am She sees my good deeds and She kisses me windy and I never worry Now that is a lie I don't ever wanna feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way I don't ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all that way (yeah yeah yeah) It's hard to believe That there's nobody out there It's hard to believe That I'm all alone At least I have her love The city she loves me Lonely as I am Together we cry I don't ever wanna feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way I don't ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way (yeah yeah yeah) Ooh no (no no yeah yeah) Love me I say
I can't stand it i know you planned it But i'm gonna set it straight, this watergate I can't stand rockin' when i'm in here Because your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear So while you sit back and wonder why I got this fuckin' thorn in my sideo H my, it's a mirage I'm tellin' y'all it's sabotage So listen up 'cause you can't say nothin' You'll shut me down with a push of your button? But i'm out, and i'm gone I'll tell you now i keep it on and on 'cause what you see you might not get And we can't bet so don't you get souped yet You're schmeing on a thing that's a mirage I'm trying to tell you now it's sabotage Why; our backs are now against the wall Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage I can't stand it, i know you planned it But i'm gonna set it straight this watergate I can't stand rockin' when i'm in this place Because I feel disgrace because you're all in my face But make no mistakes a
I Dream Of A Prince: Fey Love
I dream of a Prince with moondust in his hair exuding the grave's glow; with his Demon Lover's Stare We'll raise hell at first. -Then we'll drink what we sow Depraved delights & wicked wines are among the first which will quench our thirst I need a new incubus to slake this wytch's fate His wintered silvery eyes may, whisper of forgotten wistfulness.. His bones might creak with sorrow. Still full of that tortured longing for fair Zeniths' honied kiss But I will know him- by what he grows Yearning for the freedom of tomorrow When the wind bring no more madness; borrowed or bloomed in his garden of shadows Then in our oasis when we find; our elusive phoenix We will renew & reburn Together
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Nothing Else Matters
So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trust in who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know I never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do Never
New Clothing Line
Please check out the new clothing line that is coming out here in Columbus, Ohio. Give us your input..... visit
Fight For The One You Love
I came to a very basic conclusion today. One that I had been trying to convey yet hadn't found the right words for yet or the right example. It seems that 90% of the time, women are the ones in a relationship that do all the work of keeping it together and going, all the while, worrying about whether or not they are doing enough or the guy is as committed to the relationship as they are. Women stress about their relationships all the time. Wondering if he is going to screw them over or if they can be trusted. Most of the time, it's because they have found themselves in one relationship or another where the guy proved over and over again that he can't be trusted. This just causes the woman to become jaded and lose that hope that there is going to be someone who can be trusted. So when they finally do find that one guy they can trust, they go into a self-destruct mode. They keep seeing "monsters" where there is only windmills. (Please excuse the Don Quixote reference). But it's the t
A lonely mother gazing out of her window Staring at a son that she just can't touch If at any time he's in a jam She'll be by his side But he doesn't realize he needs her so much But all the praying just ain't helping at all Cause he can't seem to keep himself out of trouble So he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how Another body laying cold in the gutter Listen to me Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that You're used to I know that your gonna have it your way Or nothing at all But I think you're moving too fast Little precious has a natural obsession For temptation but he just can't see She gives him loving that his body can't handle But all he can say is baby it's good to me One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror But he doesn't recognize his own face His health is fading and he doesn't know why 3 letters took him to his final resting place Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers
Love This - Have Been In A Mumm (naughty Me)
Come And Help Zgirl Towards Her Value Package
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Black Hole Sun
In my eyes, in disposed, In disguise:as no one knows Hides the faceLies The snake, the sun In my disgrace Boiling heat, Summer stench 'Neath the black The sky looks dead Call my name Through the cream And I'll hear you Scream again Black hole sun Won't you come Nd wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come Stuttering Cold and damp Steal the warm wind Tired friend Times are gone For honest men And sometimes Far too long For snakes In my shoesA walking sleep And my youth I pray to keep Heaven send, Hell away No one sings Like you anymore Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you comeB Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come Hang my head Drown my fear Till you all just Disappear Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come
The Auction Of Doom
Mark Murderous says: ok what do I have to offer you fine folks??? I guess not alot because I'm already getting bids because the side of mah head is so Sexy. Ok Ok Ok Time to get serious, This is what yr hard earned Fu Dollars & Above will get you: 1. All out rate fest on yr page. Like Woah!! 2. Ownership Of Muah for a Decade!!! (Ok a Month) 3. All kinds of super awesome comments on yr page. 4. An autographed picture of mah Brown Eye. (Optional) 5. Pictures of me in Sexy Undies (May be Photo Shopped) 6. A Personalized Hand Drawn Salute. (See my Salutes) 7. A Personal Photoshop Bitch! 8. I'll be yr personal motivational speech therapy coach (If Needed) 9. Personal Bodyguard and Profile Pimper. 10.One Fu Buck. TURN ME ON!!! Powered by
And I feel that time's a wasted Go So where ya going til tomorrow? And I se that these are lies to Come So Would you even care? And I feel it And I feel it Where ya going for to tomorrow? Where ya goin' with the mask I Found? And I feel, and I feel When the dogs begin to smell Her Will she smell alone? And I feel, so much depends on The weather So is it raining in your bedroom? And I see, that these are the Eyes of disarray Would you even care? And I feel it And she feels it Where ya going for to tomorrow? Where ya goin' with the mask I Found? And I feel, and I feel When the dogs begin to smell Her Will she smell alone? When the dogs do find her Got time, time, to wait for Tomorrow To find her To find her When the dogs do find her Got time, time, to wait for Tomorrow To find her To find her Where ya going for to tomorrow? Where ya goin' with the mask I Found? And I feel, and I feel When the dogs begin to smell Her Will
A Long December
A long December and there's reason to believe Maybe this year will be better than the last I can't remember the last thing that you said as you were leaving Oh the days go by so fast And it's one more day up in the canyons And it's one more night in Hollywood If you think that I could be forgiven I wish you would (Na na na, etc. yeah) The smell of hospitals in winter And the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters, but no pearls All at once you look across a crowded room To see the way that light attaches to a girl And it's one more day up in the canyons And it's one more night in Hollywood If you think you might come to California I think you should (Na na na, etc. yeah) Drove up to Hillside Manor sometime after 2 a.m. And talked a little while about the year I guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower Makes you talk a little lower about the things you could not show her And it's been a long December and there's reason to believe Maybe this year
New Band - Please Tell What U Think
Rest In Peace - Linda And Sean
My prayers go out to all the family and friends whose lives have been dramatically changed due to this crime. To Linda's family and friends who have to live with this terrible tragedy and the loss of their loved one! To Sean's family, who now has to find the peace needed to live with the aftermath of what their son became, as well as the feelings of losing a loved one. To the teenage girl involved who has to find the peace to be able to place this in the past and move on with her life! Trying to forget these images that will be branded in her nightmares. Most of all, to Linda and Sean's children who now will grow up without parents. May they find the guidance and faith to get through this, along with the loved ones that will be supporting them through each day of this! As for Sean I can't imagine the pain and anger you must have been feeling in order to do this! I sit and think back to days when we all hung out and I look at the pictures of you and Shannon fr
For Those Of You Who Have Seen Or Heard Of The "2 Girls 1 Cup" Video.
Wings Of A Butterfly
Heaven ablaze in our eyes We're standing still in time The blood on our hands is the wine We offer as sacrifice [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul This endless mercy mile We're crawling side by side With hell freezing over in our eyes Gods kneel before our crime [Chorus] Come on lets show, them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don't let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) For your soul [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don't let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) [x2] For your soul
Tonight, Tonight
Time is never time at all You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth And our lives are forever changed We will never be the same The more you change the less you feel Believe, believe in me, believe That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain We're not the same, we're different tonight Tonight, so bright Tonight And you know you're never sure But your sure you could be right If you held yourself up to the light And the embers never fade in your city by the lake The place where you were born Believe, believe in me, believe In the resolute urgency of now And if you believe there's not a chance tonight Tonight, so bright Tonight We'll crucify the insincere tonight We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight The indescribable moments of your life tonight The impossible is possible tonight Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight
When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye, You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry; You float like a feather, In a beautiful world, I wish I was special, You're so fuckin' special; But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here; I don't care if it hurts, I wanna have control, I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul; I want you to notice, When I'm not around, You're so fuckin' special, I wish I was special; But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here, ohhhh, ohhhh She's running out again, She's running, She runs runs runs runs... Runs... Whatever makes you happy, Whatever you want, You're so fucking special, I wish I was special; But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here, I don't belong here...
Love Song
Head under water And they tell me to breathe easy for a while The breathing gets harder, even I know that You made room for me but it's too soon to see If I'm happy in your hands I'm unusually hard to hold on to Blank stares at blank pages No easy way to say this You mean well, but you make this hard on me I'm not gonna write you a love song 'Cause you asked for it 'Cause you need one, you see I'm not gonna write you a love song 'Cause you tell me it's Make or breaking this If you're on your way I'm not gonna write you to stay If all you have is leaving I'm gonna need a better Reason to write you a love song today I learned the hard way That they all say things you want to hear And my heavy heart sinks deep down under you and Your twisted words, Your help just hurts You are not what I thought you were Hello to high and dry Convinced me to please you Made me think that I need this too I'm trying to let you hear me as I am I'm not gonna write you a
Things Are Going......
Great. I don't think I have ever been this happy in my life. My ex is in jail and won't ever bother me again. Thank God. Actually I really have RJ to thank for that and he knows why. I know he is going to read this because that's just the person he is LOL. Hi RJ!!!! LOL but because he will be reading this I can't really write what I want to but I can write some. I love hanging out with him. We have so much fun together. He makes me laugh. I love the person I am when I am with him. We have fun just kicking back "watching" movies. LOL he knows why I put it that way. But seriously though. After my ex I didn't think I could ever be happy again and I was wrong. I know that around him I can be myself and not hide anything. We have the same likes and dislikes for the most part. We talk all the time and yet we don't run out of things to say lol. And the best part he is just as ticklish as I am....YAY....
Concrete Angel
She walks to school with the lunch she packed Nobody knows what she's holdin' back Wearin the same dress she wore yesterday She hides the bruises with linen and lace The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask Its hard to see the pain behind the mask Bearing the burden of a secret storm Sometimes she wishes she was never born Through the wind and the rain She stands hard as a stone In a world that she can't rise above But her dreams give her wings And she flies to a place where she's loved Concrete angel Somebody cries in the middle of the night The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate When morning comes it'll be too late Through the wind and the rain She stands hard as a stone In a world that she can't rise above But her dreams give her wings And she flies to a place where she's loved Concrete angel A statue stands in a shaded place An angel girl with an upturned face A name is written on a polished roc
My Motorcycle
The spring has finally come for me The cover I have pulled away Soon I will hear the purr of the engine As my motorcycle will come to life today I have longed to feel the engine Power loaded beneath my seat Wind blowing against my legs As the chrome pegs hold my feet I imagine the wind blowing past me As down the highway I go This is the freedom I have waited for And the melting of the snow The white lines are a blur now As the throttle I give a twist The engine gives a surge of power This feeling all winter I have missed I am gliding along now No care in me do I feel I know the thrill of my motorcycle And how when riding I really feel Up along winding roads I go Leaning back and forth with care I see others passing by me now This same joy they too do share I ride every chance that I can get The weather never slows me down Except for the extreme cold of winter I think of it and quickly I frown Well my ride is now over As I have pulled back into my yard I c
The Kill
What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? (Oh, oh) What if I fell to the floor Couldn't take all this anymore What would you do, do, do? Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you What if I wanted to fight Beg for the rest of my life What would you do? You say you wanted more What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you (from you) Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you I tried to be someone else But nothing seemed to change I know now, this is who I really am inside. Finally found myself Fighting for a chance. I know now, this is who I really am. Ah, ah Oh, oh Ah, ah Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you, you, you. Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you Come break me down (bury me, bury me) Break me down (bury me, bury me) Break me down (bury me,
One Life To Save (a Story By Michael Thornton Aka Devil Dogg
Alexa woke up to the alarm clock blaring. She sat straight up in her bed and looked for her glasses. "What time is it?" She said to herself as she finally found them. "8:30?!?! Shit I'm late," she said as she rushed into her bathroom. She quickly jumped in the shower and washed her hair. "No time to dry it, Ill just have to let the wind do it," she told herself as she threw on her dress and grabbed her brief case. She quickly ran outside and jumped into her Toyota Prius. She loved her little car. Not too flashy, but great to drive around in. She started her little red car and pulled off to head to work. _________________________________________________ John strode into the office at 7:30 am and started making coffee. He know it was going to be a long day today. He had so many clients to take care of. 3 Court appearences to prepare for. He hoped Ms. Thomas would arrive on time today. John pulled out the Johnson file out of the filing cabinet and layed it on her desk. T
Be Mine?
This is the "Be My Valentine Application" Everyone knows there's at least one person on myspace that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Wanted to hold me? Wanted to date me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the spot Would you.... [ ]Kiss me.. [ ]
The Womans Lips
i believe that women have 2 sets of lips for a reason. They bitch with one set and apologize with the other. Do you agree?? comments please..
A Really Great Day :) So Far.....
Oh this day has just been perfect. I feel energetic and got things accomplished for work and got to talk to my love for a long time today and catch up. You put a smile on my face and in my heart. I am not looking forward to tomorrow but Peter found out today that we will not be going in front of a judge but just the probation officer. He talked with her today and she said he will have to do many things and also be on probation. So at least we know what to expect tomorrow. It will make is a little easier. Of course I will still be nervous but that is easy to deal with. Anthony not having an attitude with this probation officer would be a good thing. Peter is going to talk with him tonight and lay down some more rules for him. That he has to show us his homework that he has completed or he gets something taken away until he decided to start showing us. This class is real helpful. He went to it 2 times and I will go next time. I have been reading the work book that come
All Around Me
My hands are searching for you My arms are outstretched towards you I feel you on my fingertips My tongue dances behind my lips for you This fire rising through my being Burning I'm not used to seeing you I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me Thickening the air I'm breathing Holding on to what I'm feeling Savoring this heart that's healing My hands float up above me And you whisper you love me And I begin to fade Into our secret place The music makes me sway The angels singing say we are alone with you I am alone and they are too with you I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me Thickening the air I'm breathing Holding on to what I'm feeling Savoring this heart that's healing And so I cry The light is white And I see you I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me Thickening the air I'm breathing Holding on to what I'm feeling Savoring this heart that's healing Take my hand I give it to you Now
Not A True Statement
I did a mumm on here, and it was a actually a ratorical wasnt in a situation that dealt with me... so nothing is wrong with me.
Latchkey Pain
My mother wakes me early in the morn Before the sun peaks out for the day Readying for work she scurries around Our days always start this very way Soon breakfast she will have ready for me A kiss on the forehead she quickly gives Watching my mother rushing like this I have come to hate the lives that we live Soon it will be off to school I will go A bag lunch, books and a pat on the head Learning what mom says I need later in life As my minds thirst for knowledge will be fed Mom leaves home the same time as me Off to her place of work she must go each day Working long hours in that office building For what always seems too little pay I don’t complain about the second hand clothes I wear Or shoes with soles that are starting to run down Because I know my mother does the best she can As her love for me she has always openly shown The kids pick on me cause my fashions are slow As their time popular has certainly gone by The names they say, fists that land, the fun t
Kiss Of Darkness
He came to her that night In his clothes of solemn black The soul thatshe did not know But the one she could not push back She wanted him to hold her In the lost embrace of love Filling her with the happiness Which she had prayed to God above He opened up his arms so wide His dark eyes she looked deeply in His lips were soft and turned up As they made a welcoming grin He uttered not a sound in love As closer to him she was brought Against this man that captivated Her body was now forever caught Her long blonde hair was a contrast Against the dark that he does wear Unknowing that soon his kiss of darkness Into her soft skin would savagely tear Then she felt his body’s coldness As he placed his lips against her Feeling him as he softly gave her a kiss From the cold of him she did shudder Then she felt that sharp piercing As against her neck he quietly slid The taking of her virgin blood so pure Is what he this soul of darkness did She felt her body now drain o

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