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Celebrity Morph
Sex Is My Religion
sex is my religion..let us pray@ fubar sex is my religion..let us pray This is a great friend of mine. She needs fu bucks for a ticker.She hasnt had a blast or a ticker ever.I think she deserves one.I already donated fu bucks for this worthy cause.So Spare a few bucks. Drink less and think of the needy. Thank you
Bid Now! Show Me Love!
GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE... Who is it gonna be? Just click this picture link and bid on Abby♥Normal! As the bid goes higher more benefits will be included! Of course cash value bids of V.I.P. or better will get even more!!
Ny/nj/pa/ct Area
I need 4 or 5 single males who live in or can be in the NY/NJ area at the end of Febuary/beginning of March for a social gathering. If you can be one of them, please send me a PM. Thanks...
Rejected Blast W/ No Refund!
I put in for a blast and it was rejected with no explaination. This is how it read. "Check out all the model pics, and free photo shoots for all my friends." This blast also had my picture on it and not the picture I am using now. After the reject, I offered to change the wording to "TOTALLY FREE" and for my friends to post on Fubar. I never got a reply. Then when I asked what happened to my refund, they told me I can be rejected at any time and there are no refunds. It all depends on what they think. I am not worried about getting my money back. I paid for it through paypal and I am sure they will refund my money. I would just like everyone to let Fubar know they their policy sucks and they legally can't keep the money. I really enjoy Fubar and I have devoted a lot of my time to it, but I won't let someone rip me off. Now I am faced with the idea there is no way I can post a blast because of fear they will reject me for no reason and then try to keep my mon
Flamming Hearts We Have A New Member
Do You...
Bitches get your profile from the same place? Because almost ALL of them say the SAME schit.
Joke- Hows This One?
An elderly Floridian called 911 on her cell phone to report that her car has been broken into. She is hysterical as she explains her situation to the dispatcher: "They've stolen the stereo, the steering wheel, the brake pedal and even the accelerator!" she cried. The dispatcher said, "Stay calm. An officer is on the way." A few minutes later, the officer radios in. "Disregard." He says. "She got in the back-seat by mistake."
Ya Wanna Own Me For A Month???
Im being auctioned off as we speak!!!! You win and Im all yours for a month :* now how can ya pass that up??? :D Come on... ya know ya wanna click it :*
Last nite I had a double-feature of "Flags of our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima" in my home cinema and it touched me very deeply. Although I was in the military myself and would defend my country and my homeland, my family and my people against enemies with a weapon in my hands, I wonder why man never learnt enough to prevent wars. Soldiers risk their lives everyday, especially my American brothers-in-arms in Afghanistan and Iraq. They fight wars they didn't start, they stopped to understand this war and neither do I. They are told they fight for freedom, but truth is they fight for the profit of American companies and the thirst for oil. Is that what "freedom" is ? There was a time when young people were told the same and this time is portrayed in the movie pictures above - on both sides. And it is still the same today - Muslims are told we are of inferior belief, insolent and must be killed at all costs. They have been promised to have dozens of virgins in Heaven (how ar
First generation German immigrant - My Dad was born in Ansbach to German parents...moved to the states when my Grandmother married my Grandfather (not biological). My great-grandmother (Oma) Fischer in Germany: Fourth generation Scots-Irish Immigrant - My great-great grandparents on my Mother's side... The McNeeley Clan: Fourth generation Cherokee Indian...though thanks to the racism against all people of color in those days, we have been (so far) unable to prove it through the census, Dawes Rolls, Etc... The census in those days listed you as either White, or anscestors were designated as either from one census to the next... My Sister, My great-grandmother (Cherokee descent), and I:
i wake up at night and see ur still not there crying myself back to sleep wishing u would just care your all thats on my mind every hour of every day and the one thing i wish is for u just to stay youve ripped out my heart and stomped on my soul i feel like im going crazy and have lot all control and then u smile and it all goes away the hope cums back that ull be back someday so i sit here and wait with nothing else to lose trying to change myself cus i have so mush left to prove i love u more then anything ive ever known i dont know what to say or whetelse is to be shown all i know is i love u with all my heart and thats one thing that will never fade and untill the day cums when u cum back ill be wish youd have stayed
Shuffle It All Lyrics.
This song cam eou twhen I was about 16 or 17... It's SO described my life over the years, to the point I think I lived my life this way on purpose... It also has the GREATEST bass riffs throughout it! Boredom saturation It's a never ending clue Isn't just to fill the time When there's nothing else to do She drove on out of New York She had enough insane And drivin' just though Texas two days She ended up in L.A. Shuffle it all Shuffle it all, yeah Shuffle it all Pack up your life again A pile of records spread out The covers still look good Picture here a Peter Tosh's startin' down and a smokin' wood My dog dreaming is running I see him twitch a paw My woman playing Dr. Mario On the TV all night long Just another cigarette Staring at the moon, yeah Then I'm headin' off to bed Sleepin' without you, yeah Shuffle it all Shuffle it all, yeah Pack up your bags again It's a long and winding road Sure enjoy the view, yeah If you want to s
The Praise And The Petition
And as [Peter and John] spake unto the people, the priests, and the captain of the temple, and the Sadducees came unto them, Being grieved that they taught the people, and preached through Jesus the resurrection from the dead. The fourth chapter of Acts picks up where we left Peter and John at the end of chapter three: in Solomons porch, the place within the confines of the Temple in Jerusalem where all non-ethnic Jewish worshipers of God gathered. (The death penalty on non-Jews for entering the Temple proper was still taken seriously.) So the leaders who are supposed to be teaching the people in the Temple are offended by the success Peter and John are having not only because they cant match it but also because it cuts into their monopoly. It sounds crass, but follow the money; having people not listen and heed the teachers of the law would undercut their authority and in turn bring the Romans occupying their country down on their heads. This was the fear of the priests a
This is so u can find my other one.
never say i love u if u dont realy care never talk bout feelings if they arnt really there never hold my hand if ur going to break my heart never say your going to if u dont plan to start never look into my eyes if all u do is lie never say hello if u really mean good bye if u really mean forever then just say youll try never say forever cus forever makes me cry
The Luck Of It All
I guess this started around my b-day. I had been kinda down cause it really didn't seem to matter to anybody except me. Hell the person I expected most to care didn't tell me for 3 or for more days and our b-days are within a couple of weeks of each other. Anyway I get to work the next morning and fall on the ice and break my hand. It would be all well and good, could still play playstation, lol, but I wasn't getting paid for it. Could have taken to court but would have lost my job or worse. well the buildup to Xmas is drawing to a close and I am really sweating about getting a couple of gifts and can't afford. I really never have handled the holidays well and I am alone in Iowa now, no family at all, or at least none I would clame, except for my sister which I have not seen in 13 years. I thought that I would be a real dissappointment to two people. Well Found out a couple of days after Xmas the woman that I care for had found her knight in shining armor. It hurt but I guess I thought
Meaning Of Flag Draped Coffin
Meaning of Flag Draped Coffin All Americans should be given this lesson. Those who think that America is an arrogant nation should really reconsider that thought. Our founding fathers used GOD's word and teachings to establish our Great Nation and I think it's high time Americans get re-educated about this Nation's history. Pass it along and be proud of the country we live in and even more proud of those who serve to protect our "GOD GIVEN" rights and freedoms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you take the time to read this..... To understand what the flag draped coffin really means..... Here is how to understand the flag that laid upon it and is surrendered to so many widows and widowers. Do you know that at military funerals, the 21-gun salute stands for the sum of the numbers in the year 1776? Have you ever noticed the honor guard pays meticulous attention to correctly folding the United States of Americ
im not suppose to miss u im not suppose to care im not suppose to live my life wishing u were there im not suppose to wonder where u are or what u do im sorry, i cant help myself i really do miss u
Chop Away Lyrics.
Yes, it's another Izzy song... He has nothing but good stuff to say... Check it out! Ya put it on now, make it go Toss the rest out, make it show You don't need me anyway Don't matter I would say Ya got to get out, ya got to go Could be far off, even though You don't need us all today Don't matter anyway And ya chop away, yeah Ya chop away Ya chop away, yeah-he-yeah Ya chop away All the girls they like to play Little money is all they need They don't ask you where you've been It don't matter much to them Chop away, yeah-he Ya chop away Ya chop away, yeah-he-yeah Ya chop away Chop away, yeah-he-yeah Ya chop away Ya chop away, yeah-he-yeah Ya chop away
Pop Goes The Blog Cherry
I just uploaded some zodiac pics I found so hopefully I get some points or something for it. Same with this blog thing, hopefully I get some points for this, too, haha. Anyway, I'll try to post some cool stuff later on. I do most of my blogging on MySpace but I'll try to copy and paste some stuff in the future.
Check It Out
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Do You Think...
that (those) tat(s) make you cool? Or tough? They dont. They make you common and cliche. Sheep much?
Please Come To My New Charmed Visions Loune follow this link to my new location ty hope to see u there xxxxxxxxx deb
Just Don't Know Lyrics
This song is by Izzy Stradlin. It's called Just Don't Know. It has some serious morals to take in... Especially in this stage in my life. Tried to tell ya one time but your, head was in the clouds No idea, was coming down Looking for the answer instead of, looking out of bounds All I'm saying, just don't know, 'bout you All I'm saying, just don't know Wake up in the morning wondering, how'd you end up here Negotiate your own way clear Looking for the answer instead of, looking in your mirror All I'm saying, just don't know, 'bout you All I'm saying, just don't know Maybe you're right man then again Que sera sera mi friend All I'm saying, just don't know, 'bout you All I'm saying, just don't know All I'm saying, just don't know, 'bout you All I'm saying, just don't know
Politics And Taxs
ok someone said they want a pres that wont taxs use to death, allright folks wake the hell up, you dont have to be a bean counter to figure out how much of your gross income is pissed away on taxs before you get one red penny, avg 22 to 37 %, then you stop by your local watering hole, ohh more tax, tax on the beer on your smoke even on the gas that you bought to get there, lets not forget the tax you paid on the ride when you bought it, then every year after that, hell i am surprised that they havent figured a way to taxs us on farting, they dam sure taxs us on everything else, how did it get this away, well iam guilty just like the rest of use, didnt think my vote or opinion counted, our elected officals are so connected to someone that help get them in there office, they just give our tax dollars away day after day, go to and click on follow the money, that will realy piss you off. dam i feel better after venting that, wish everyone a good time and if you get the chance sto
Some More Poems
You r my memory You are my only memories.Now really worth my wild,as you mada life wonderful with everywords and smiles.All other visions of the past are allmost meaning less as you have done so my bring me ever clearly i recall each moment i have known the one i treasure most are those that are everyown.The rest are unimportant,and they seem to disappear as i think of my joy with you for year to year.I thank you for my memories so beautiful and true,and for each new one that i gain each second spent with you. I DREAM TO SLEEP I can not sleep unless i dream of you,my dearest one and so my rest depend on you.When everyday is done.My rest depend on weither you r still in love with me. I am certain that u r as happy as can be.If every any day or night,you gave e cause of no doubt. i could notcloes my eyes for i would toss and turn about.Thanks be to god that every night i sleep the stars away,and i awake with strenght renewed. To meet ano
Painful Sorrow.."the Release Of Pain"
Painful sorrows, lost a friend..thought it would be me to be the first to reach the end...hurt me all as you may, i won't even feel it I'm in such dismay. Cover these wounds for they are deep...wanting to pass it along to eternal sleep.
Nothing Says...
trailer park louder and prouder than a tat on the tit. Jerry Springer much?
The Fire Dance
A girl stands up right, her whole body wrapped against the door jam of the bedroom behind her. With the beat of a soft drum, a girl drops to her knees. One hand roaming down the soften wood, letting her fingers trace thru her locks as it moves down from her shoulders, and over them to lay over her taunt nipples, moves with the sway of her breath. her hand moves down between her breasts and down further. her fingertips graze her hot flesh. Further she allows her fingers and hand to move as finally it reaches her stomach. she moves her gaze upward, looking upon Him, hoping that He is liking His view of His girl. Finally, after what seems like an eternity to her, she lays the flat of her palm against her stomach, while finally her other hand caresses the locks that are hugging her shoulders. The chiffon silk that she wears this night barely covers her being as it tugs from one shoulders to her hips and lays smoothly across her small mound. The soft purple covering allows her nakedness t
Hey You...
My Montage 1/29/08
A Simple Birthday Dance...
The girl stands with her feet a breath a part, her knees slightly bent to take in the soft ground. she takes a deep breath and whispers a soft prayer that she may perform to her Masters praise and honor. her shyness shows through for a moment as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Master is sitting as always in His chair, strong, confident and waiting for His birthday dance. A special low rhythmic tune has been put on so a girl will know her beats of her dance. The pan flute chimes into the soft beat of a hollow hide drum, creating a concoction of serenity and yet a surreal feeling of being needed and wanted by the two instruments working together. A girl bows low, allowing her soft golden brown locks to fall over her bare shoulders. she is wearing the same red silk that He has seen her in so many times and yet this once, it seems different on her this night. He can notice her hair loosely pulled back and tied onto itself with two loose locks framing her face and allowing
My Bully For Djing
hello DJ CK1 hear! I LOVE WOULD U LIKE SOME? WELL THEN COME ON IN ! G.O.H. THE GAURDIANS OF HELL! & HAVE A TASTE! maybe some devils food cupcake ? me and the tunes are sweet and just a click of the pic below away! (repost of original by 'LunarLupin K.O.P.E. Tiggs! insatiable one! CO.OWNER of G.O.H.' on '2008-01-29 11:56:47')
"What is more like love than the ocean? You can play in it, drown in it. It can be clear and bright enough to hurt your eyes, or covered in fog; hidden behind a curve of road, and then suddenly there in full glory. Its waves come like breaths, in and out, in and out, body stretched to forever in its possibilities, and yet its heart lies deep, not fully knowable, inconceivably majestic." Love, Life, and Learning ~"I like to think that you care for and about me.... ...You're always there to put up with my BS.... ...You make me laugh and smile... ...You're mostly perfect." --Me MOSTLY perfect. The most important thing in life is love. But there are many different types of love. You have the love a child shares with a parent or grandparent. That kind of love is easy to come by... You have the love a group of close friends have for each other... That bond that keeps them always together. They are so close they know when you are happy or sad or mad or depressed when you
Slave Bells Part 4
With her eyes settled on His crotch, she was beginning to breathe harder and faster already. she could see Him hardening. The very sight of seeing what she had been missing over the last few years was exciting her, feeding her fire. His slacks moved slightly more towards her as He leaned in closer to her. The ball gag in His left hand, He grabbed a fist full of her hair with His right. Pulling her head back, she strained to keep her eyes on His bulge like she was told. He pulled her lips closer to Him, letting the material of His Dockers brush against her lips, her lungs were on fire and she couldnt help but gasp at the mere closeness of Him. Look up at me, look into My eyes girl. she did. she raised her soft lashes up and let the fire dance in green flames as she saw the cold steel grey of His eyes warm from the mere sight of her. Did I not tell you to open your mouth? Without another word, she parted her lips wider. Fire burning in her breath, her nostrils flared at the smell
Slave Bells Part 3
her eyes lifted to His. she could not look away from Him. she willed herself to but even still could not. her breathing was harder, but slower. He could feel her body trying to move away from His touch, but even still with every moment she breathed, He conviction of who she was grew that much stronger. her voice was soft, slightly shaken, i am trying to get a job at a vet clinic. Now My girl, that was not so hard now, was it? His voice was simple but strong. He liked the sound of My girl. Now tell me, how long have You been a kajira? she felt the air rush from her lungs, her eyes wide and wild looking into His, her books dropped to the floor and her hands clutched the arms of the chair, ready to push her away from Him in a seconds notice. her lips were parted in disbelief and the green of her eyes flashed brightly. He was slightly surprised at this sudden reaction from her as He felt Himself harden quickly at the sight of the emerald fire that came alive so suddenly. He lik
Slave Bells Part 2
Come in girl. He spoke with a soft but assured voice. He knew that the time for being gentle with her was over and was time to show her that He has known all along. Known that she has been teasing Him, known that she has in turn wanted Him and His dominance. He was turned away from the door as she entered; He could already smell the fear from her presence. He didnt need to see how her little knees shook but held her steady frame in place as she closed the door behind her and pressed her back against it, trying to keep as far away from Him as possible. she has not spoken yet, so He allows her to stand there and wait patiently--which she does with unsurprising quietness. He watches the clock as the minute hands ticks by a slow and silent four minutes. As He turns and swivels His chair around to face her, His hands are clasped in His lap and His elbows propped up on the arms of the chair, allowing Him a full view of her. she stands just as He had imagined she would, feet close toget
From A Secret Admirer
Whose gift this is you cannot know. My heart is in your keeping though. You will not mind my writing here To tell you that I love you so. I know that you must think it queer For me to love and not come near But linger by some frozen lake This most romantic time of year. I sometimes give my head a shake And ask if there is some mistake. It's lonely out here 'mid the sweep Of bitter wind and icy flake. My love for you is dark and deep, But it's a promise I will keep As from afar I watch and weep, As from afar I watch and weep
Slave Bells Part 1
It was a Friday afternoon when He found out. she had been teasing Him without knowing it all quarter. her long light brown hair had a few natural blond highlights hidden within the surface. When her hair was up in a bun or a pony tail, He would catch glimpses of the natural dark color that her hair actually was before the sun bleached out the color. Whenever He caught a peek of her outside of class, He would be forever breathless when she pulled her hair down and the sun caught it just right. Right at a perfect moment, it seems that she was a natural auburn. He had tried all quarter not to stare at her simple beauty. He would lecture in the large hall and find Himself constantly looking for her among the mass of a few hundred students. she would often sit in the back right corner. It was closest to the door and He knew she was claustrophobic. He would see the fright in her eyes whenever she got stuck in a throng of students. He always loved labs though. It was His moment to be with her
Be Mine My Love Poem
Be my Valentine, my love, As I will be for you, And we will love the whole day long, And love our whole lives through. For love has no parameters And does not end with time, But is the gift of paradise, A pinch of the sublime. So let us take this holiday To resubmit our love To those within that know no sin And with the angels move.
Weather Or Not?
Anyone living in New England area south of Massachusetts .... .... is it raining yet? They are saying rain for tonight and tomorrow. What's the weather where you are?
So I became addicted to hooping in November when I first picked up my sister's hoop...she got me my first hoop for Christmas and I was hooked. Sadly, I haven't been able to hoop in weeks due to health reasons :( and I miss truly is meditative. You can't be sad when you're hooping... Anyway, I can only hope to be as good as this lovely lady one day...and I can't wait until I'm good enough/well enough for a fire hoop...
My Fu-owner.. Wildcat!
Thats right.. for the month of February I am owned by Wildcat.. this guys awesome.. always making sure my face is out there either with blasts or VIPs! Everyone stop by and add/fan/rate him.. he's a great guy and needs some fu-attention from all my great friends!! :)
Info About Me
Alright soo i'm really NOOB to this site.. My name is Kevin, and I'm from Schaumburg Illinois, but stationed in Fort Hood texas.. Right now i'm open to meet anyone around any of those two areas.. I'm currently deployed to iraq. I'm a military police officer but am trying to reclass to special forces when i'm back in the states.. I have a bike right now, but due to the fact that my internet sucks I can't upload a picture.. Yea it's a crotch rocket, when i'm finally back home i'll be having a new bike.. I'm pretty much the typical guy. I love to have fun, an Adrenaline Junky and yes i'm single.. Got out of a relationship because I was deployed.. Ohh well. I've escaped death one too many times and actually got a video of my truck getting blown up, it's on my myspace.. If you want to add me on myspace send me a message and whatnot i'll tell you the link.. Any questions ask! I'm open to meeting new ppl.
I was depressed last night so I called Lifeline. Got a call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.
Top Ten Things Women Would Do If They Woke Up And Had A Penis For A Day...
10. Get ahead faster in corporate America. 9. Get a blow job. 8. Find out what is so fascinating about beating the meat. 7. Pee standing up while talking to other men at a urinal. 6. Determine WHY you can't hit the bowl consistently. 5. Find out what it's like to be on the other end of a surging orgasm. 4. Touch yourself in public without thought as to how improper it may seem. 3. Jump up and down naked with an erection to see if it feels as funny as it looks. 2. Understand the scientific reason for the light refraction which occurs between a man's eyes and the ruler situated next to his member which causes two inches to be added to the final measurement. 1. Repeat number 9......
Be Mine
Be My Valentine A guy walks into a post office one day to see a middle-aged, balding man standing at the counter methodically placing "Love" stamps on bright pink envelopes with hearts all over them. He then takes out a perfume bottle and starts spraying scent all over them. His curiosity getting the better of him, he goes up to the balding man and asks him what he is doing. The man says, "I'm sending out 1,000 Valentine cards signed, 'Guess who?'" "But why?" asks the man. "I'm a divorce lawyer," the man replies
Oh Bugger
alright mates my girl left me yesterday:(what was once the warmest room in the house is now the coldest,darkest...let me tell you about this girl..she got the this smile that could warm the coldest of heart...her eyes could make alll your worries disappear,and s kiss that could send you to heaven;)i love you Andrea with all of me heart and soul...after all ARE me heart and make me a better bloke when your about,and i want to change the world so you don't hurt as life with you means everything..and i don't fancy losing you....your stuck with me darlin..le gr go deo-Sean She will always smell good even if it's just shampoo. The way her heads always find the right spot on my shoulder. How cute she looks when she sleeps. The ease in which she fits into my arms. The way she kisses me and all of a sudden everything is right in the world. How cute she is when she eats. The way she takes hours to get dressed but in the end it makes it all worth while. Becau
En Things Men Would Do If They Woke Up With A Vagina For A Day...
10. Immediately go shopping for zucchini and cucumbers. 9. Squat over a hand-held mirror for an hour and a half. 8. See if they could finally do the splits. 7. See if it's truly possible to launch a ping pong ball 20 feet. 6. Cross their legs without rearranging their crotch. 5. Get picked up in a bar in less than 10 minutes ... BEFORE closing time. 4. Have consecutive multiple orgasms and still be ready for more without sleeping first. 3. Go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam and ask to have it recorded on video. 2. Sit on the edge of the bed and pray for breasts too. 1. Finally find that damned G-spot.
Top Ten Ways To Know If You Have Pms...
10. Everyone around you has an attitude problem. 9. You're adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet 8. The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans. 7. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to everything you say. 6. You're using your cell phone to dial up bumper stickers that says, "How's my driving? Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT." 5. Everyone's head looks like an invitation to batting practice. 4. You're convinced there's a God and he's male. 3. You're counting down the days until menopause. 2. You're sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy. 1. The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday.
Top 10 Signs Your Family Is Stressed...
10. Conversations often begin with "Put the gun down, and then we can talk". 9. The school principal has your number on speed-dial. 8. The cat is on Valium. 7. People have trouble understanding your kids, because they learned to speak through clenched teeth. 6. You are trying to get your four-year-old to switch to decaffeinated. 5. The number of jobs held down by family members exceeds the number of people in the family. 4. No one has time to wait for microwave TV dinners. 3. "Family meetings" are often mediated by law enforcement officials. 2. You have to check your kid's day-timer to see if he can take out the trash. 1. Maxwell House gives you industrial rates.
Not A Nice Trick
There were these two guys in a bar, which was on the 20th floor of a building. The first man said " I bet you $100 I can jump out that window and come straight back in!" The second man says "Ok, sure." and the barman holds the bet. The first man jumps out the window and disappears for a second before jumping straight back in. Disappointed about losing the $100, the second man says: " I'll bet you another $100 you can't do it again." So the barman holds the bet. Sure enough, the first man jumps out the window, disappears for a second, then jumps straight back in. Thinking he must have caught a freak gust of wind, the second man says "Ok, I bet you $300 I can jump out the window and come straight back in." The first man says" Ok, sure." The second man jumps out the window and falls to the footpath below. He is dead. Back up in the bar, the barman says to the first man " Gee, you can be a bastard when you're pissed, Superman."
A businessman enters a tavern, sits down at the bar, and orders a double martini on the rocks. After he finishes the drink, he peeks inside his shirt pocket, then orders the bartender to prepare another double martini. After he finishes that it, he again peeks inside his shirt pocket and orders the bartender to bring another double martini. The bartender says, "Look, buddy, I'll bring ya' martinis all night long - but you gotta tell me why you look inside your shirt pocket before you order a refill." The customer replies, "I'm peeking at a photo of my wife. When she starts to look good, I know it's time to go home."
A Lil Something I Made!
Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace
The Difference Between Men And Women
This was written by a guy... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off
Please Help Her Level
LETS HELP THIS SWEET BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY LEVEL SHE ONLY NEED AL LITTLE OVER 3000 TO GO PLEASE HELP HER OUT 2damnsexy4u@never neverland greeter/dancer -dirty addiction greeter/dancer@ fubar
life is getting better work is picking up again over the last 2 + years you can see a big diffrence in my hometown granted N.O. is still a long way from being the same but we are trying to get it back togeither
Woman Are Clever
A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it's a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished but amazingly neither of them are hurt. God works in mysterious ways. After they crawl out of their cars, the man is yelling about women drivers. The woman says, 'So you're a man. That's interesting. I'm a woman. Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but we're unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days.” Flattered, the man replies, 'Oh yes, I agree with you completely. This must be a sign from God! But you're still at fault...women shouldn't be allowed to drive. The woman continues, 'And look at this, here's another miracle. My car is completely demolished but this bottle of wine didn't break. Surely God wants us to drink this wine and celebrate our good fortune.' Then she hands the bottle to the man. The man nods his head in agreement, opens it
Ode To A Friend
I had a very dear friend That friend went to join his heavenly father He left this world knowing he had touched alot of lives He made many friends and even bought his family togather He had a million dollar smileand a funny way to make you laugh He might have gotten on your nerves but at the same time you still loved him He will remembered in all of our thoughts and prayers We will miss you In Memory of Chris St. John 1-19-08
My Ideal Sexual Partner Type
Chris, your ideal sexual partner is a Type 2. Type 2 partners have lots of experience, a never-ending reserve of creativity, and the same goal as you: ultimate pleasure. Having this in common opens the door for the two of you to play with all kinds of sexual possibilities until you hit upon combinations that are blissfully and uniquely yours. Like you, the emotional connection and the affection often expressed during sex is secondary to the physical sensations for Type 2 people. That's not to say your match doesn't pay attention to your personal closeness and genuine caring, but it does tend to take a back seat to the physical feelings of pleasure.But how do you spot your Type 2 sexual partner before becoming intimate with them? New research has shown that you can determine a person's sexual type simply by observing subtle cues in their everyday behavior.
RETIREMENT PLANNING FOR 2007/8 If you had purchased $1000 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49. With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1000. With WorldCom, you would have less than $5 left. And with $1000 of Delta Air Lines stock, you would now collect $49. But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND, you would have had $214.00. Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle. It's called the 401-Keg Plan.
Love I wish you could look into my eyes and see that i am the only girl.The girl who will never leve you and treat you like a dream come true.The girl who wants to be with you forever.Me and you always together. the girl who's afraid to say goodnight because she knows because i'll miss you at night.Who is afraid to let her feelings shows,but just can't let you go.I will do what must be done,to become u'r number one.There's no limit to what i'll do because i'm the girl that loves you.
He was just a little boy, On a week's first day. Wandering home from Sunday School, And dawdling on the way. He scuffed his shoes into the grass; He even found a caterpillar. He found a fluffy milkweed pod, And blew out all the "filler." A bird's nest in a tree overhead, So wisely placed up so high. Was just another wonder, That caught his eager eye. A neighbor watched his zig zag course, And hailed him from the lawn; Asked him where he'd been that day And what was going on. "I've been to Bible School," He said and turned a piece of sod. He picked up a wiggly worm replying, "I've learned a lot about God." "M'm very fine way," the neighbor said, "for a boy to spend his time." "If you'll tell me where God is, I'll give you a brand new dime." Quick as a flash the answer came! Nor were his accents faint. "I'll give you a dollar, Mister, If you can tell me where God ain't." :) Author Unknown-
Little Broken Unloved Box, Full Of Dreams And Broken Thoughts.
Where have all my beautiful things gone. Someone stole them from my house. I put them in a tiny lockbox. Somewhere safe and secret. You don't want to hear about it. There's nothing inside. Just a few scraps of paper. An ugly old stuffy doll. Nothing but a few ideas about life nothing of any value at all. Molded tin with little paint chips falling off. Much like my razor blade heart, rusted webbed and spidered apart. There's nothing to it really. Just another tin box to put myself in. Nothing but a little cozey cage where I live. Starving myself just to stay safe. Insect legs broken off. Tiny whispers stored in jars. Little wishes and unloved thoughts. This is where everything beautiful is locked. Nowhere to go but down and further away. But today someone took my box away. Someone took my little ugly box. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to cry. Nowhere for my empty little heart to die. Just an empty space, marked only by the absence of dirt
Good News For My Drinking Friends...
To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine.... And those who don't. As Ben Franklin said: "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria." In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) - bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop. However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting. Remember: Water = Poop ........... Beer & Wine = Health Therefore, it's better to drink Beer or wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for this valuable information: I'm sending it as a public service.
hello DJ CK1 hear! I LOVE WOULD U LIKE SOME? WELL THEN COME ON IN ! G.O.H. THE GAURDIANS OF HELL! & HAVE A TASTE! maybe some devils food cupcake ? me and the tunes are sweet and just a click of the pic below away!
My cousins trevor and olivia were in an accident.. i just got an e-mail from my uncle.. here is reads.. Trevor and Olivia were in an accident this morning in Perry Florida while headed back to Tallahassee. Trevor may have fallen asleep. The truck rolled several times ejecting both him and Olivia. They were air lifted to Tallahassee Memorial. Joyce and Brain are there. They are in pretty bad shape. They need our prayers!
There Are No Words
There Are No Words There are no words ...what can I say? At last her sweet soul winged its way To peace and freedom in the sky Where never again will she suffer or cry. It's all part of God's great plan ... Which remains a mystery to man. We cannot understand His ways Nor can we count our earthly days. But who are we to question and doubt? God knoweth well what He's about; He knew she longed to "go to sleep" Where only angels, a vigil keep. The pain of living grew too great No longer could she stay and wait; She did not want to leave you, dear, But she had finished her work down here. So she closed her eyes and when she awoke, These are the words the Master spoke ... "Welcome, dear child, you are Home at last, And now the burden of living is past." "There's work for you in My Kingdom, dear And you are needed and wanted here." So weep not, she has just gone on ahead, Don't think o
Responce To The Kirsten Fuck-wit
While I may be wrong that your husband is not in hospital, you very much over played his condition, i.e. you saying he was "A VEG, HE CANT WALK OR TALK OR EVEN SWALLOW was simply not accurate. His dramatic recovery is proof of this, as is the need for only 3 hours of rehab a day. please note these opinions are that of a highly experienced medical professional, not my own. You "the grieving partner" managed to bog and beg for money within hours of it happening. I find that callous and disturbing that your first thoughts were for poor old you not the "Veg" in the hospital. I will forgive you for your pathetic command of English on the grounds that to quote a friend "you have big boobs" , but I cannot forgive such selfish and callus behaviour regarding the pathetic begging. Maybe you should think about getting a real job, like the rest of the world and stop trying to be some half assed model. As for me attacking you in the mumms don't feel special I attack everyone, its the charac
Wisdom Of The Day 1
"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." Socrates, from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers "I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled poets to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean." Socrates, In "Apology," sct. 21, by Plato. "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." Plato "Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith." Saint Francis of Assisi "If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties." Sir Francis Bacon "Silence is the virtue of fools." Sir Francis Bacon "The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced." Frank Zappa "In the
I can not believe people this days, not believing when I say that my kids are theirs. Oh well I guess that is the fact of life and my kids and I will deal with it to the best of our abilitites. Anywho, things are going to be looking good here in the next coupld of months. I will be getting my own place with Jeremy and the kids. And I can not wait, it's been a long time coming and getting really anxious. But I have a slight problem with that. I still have some feelings for a certain someone that I know that has caused some problems between me and Jeremy. But I guess when I move out that will change. At least I hope. I don't know, things are just so confusing sometimes and I do not know what to do about it. Oh well at least I will be in a place that I can call my own and have my own things.
Saying Grace In A Restaurant!
Saying Grace in a Restaurant! Last week, I took my children to a restaurant. My six-year-old son asked if he could say grace. As we bowed our heads he said, "God is good, God is great. Thank you for the food, and I would even thank you more If Mom gets us ice cream for dessert. And Liberty and justice for all! Amen!" Along with the laughter from the other customers nearby, I heard a woman remark, "That's what's wrong with this country. Kids today don't even know how to pray. Asking God for ice cream! Why, I never!" Hearing this, my son burst into tears and asked me, "Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?" As I held him and assured him that he had done a terrific Job, and God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly Gentleman approached the table. He winked at my son and said, "I happen to know that God thought that was a great prayer." "Really?" my son asked. "Cro
"if She Only Knew"
Subject: THE NICE GUYS Body: I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new man hit you and dropped you off i
Rot Sneak Preview
So, I entered Nathan Bradford's The Essential First Page Contest. I'm not sure why, because he's already seen my query and my first 30 pages for Corpse Blood. I'm not sure what we'd talk about if I got a 10 minute phone call with him either. Mostly I entered it just because I'm proud of Rot. Rot is the novella that I'm gonna finish today (I swear!). So that you get all the fun without having to go over to Nathan's blog and scroll through all the entries to read mine here's a slightly expanded version of my first page. Oh, and please remember that I haven't edited this at all, period, so please excuse any mistakes. * * * When I met Amy she'd been dead for four days. She'd been at the facility for three of those days. At that point I'd only been there two. Not that anyone needed more than a few moments to get the gist of the place. She was more bitter about being at the facility, than about the being dead part, and quite honestly I didn't blame her. She had a scowl o
12 Step.
I think the most productive thing to do right now would be to get drunk. Extremely drunk. I probably have the materials required.
Cited from Wikipedia: Love is a condition or phenomenon of emotional primacy, or absolute value. Love generally includes an emotion of intense attraction to either another person, a place, or thing; and may also include the aspect of caring for or finding identification with those objects, including self-love. Love can describe an intense feeling of affection, an emotion or an emotional state. In ordinary use, it usually refers to interpersonal love, an experience usually felt by a person for another person. Love is commonly considered impossible to define. The concept of love, however, is subject to debate. Some deny the existence of love. Others call it a recently invented abstraction, sometimes dating the "invention" to courtly Europe during or after the middle ages (though this is contradicted by the sizable body of ancient love poetry). Others maintain that love really exists, isn't an abstraction, but is indefinable; being a quantity which is spiritual, metaphysical, or phi
Never Too Late By Three Days Grace...i Love This Song
Music Video: Never Too Late by (Three Days Grace) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone and i feel like this describes me everyday recently...
I'm Back, Sorta...
I have internet again, but I'm also usually playing video games, and there's a big event going on in my favorite mmo, so I'm still not around much.
A Memory Is All I Have Left
On Friday January 25 2008 my little brother Joseph Tyree Bryant was shot down and killed by the one thing I hate most in the world a pussy with a fucking gun!!!! Because of this callous act of violence all I have left of my little brother are my memories and I would like to share some with you. When My little brother was born it was a difficult birth for my stepmom and he was oxygen deprived so they had to stay in the hospital for a week afterwards. I was there everyday and at that time I made a promise to Joey (That's what we all called him) that as his big brother i would always be there when he needed me and I would do my best to protect him from harm. And there I must apologize to him for I have failed. When Joey was 5 yrs old I took him to spend the weekend with me and on the second night he came to me and asked me why girls have bigger muscles than boys on their chest, needless to say i laughed so hard that my stomache hurt. When Joey was 10 he came to me and said that
To Gary
you were supposed to be my brother but i am sorry when you talk about my mom and my dad like that that is not right that just shows you are childish and not the adult you should be i am sorry to do this but if you dont stop talkin bout my mom and dad like that i will no longer be apart of your life im sorry but this is the way it has to be bye gary
Divine - Lately Lyrics
Lately (i've been watching you) Been thinkin 'bout u baby (and everything u do) just sittin away watching the days go by (2x) have u ever felt a breeze hit hard, like the wind was blowing it apart as you're spinning like a merry-go-round, indications of a storm touching down wish that i can wear the rain and storm, but i guess it was heart break from the norm was a day i will always remember, the saddest day in sweet november... Lately (i've been watching you) been thinkin 'bout u baby (and everything u do) just sittin away watching the days go by (2x) baby i'm on my knees praying God help me please, bring my baby back, right back to me if lovin you was right then i don't wanna go wrong so i drown myself with tears, sittin' here, singin' another sad love song Lately (i've been watching you) been thinkin 'bout u baby (and everything u do) just sittin away watching the days go by (2x) Lately i've been torn apart, i wish you hadn't
For Sexy Men Only
if you think you have what it takes to be a member of HOTTIES R US (rockin bod-cute face) send your hottest pic my way, If I like what I see, I will pass it on to the owner of HOTTIES R US and we will vote on it at the next meeting. send all your hot male friends to me too. look forward to hearing from you. smooches;)~
A Muthahfuckin 9
Allright so here is the deal. I had convinced myself that the fubar way of rating people, while I followed it, was not necessary for me and I wouldn't be offended if someone didn't give me 10's. Wrong. I just got a 9 for what I consider to be the best picture I've ever taken. So I shouted at her and said wow, a 9. That just killed the avg on that one. Which it did. It was like 10.30 or something absurd and now it's 10.14. Bam. She said what I would have expected. I rate em as I a seem em (paraphrasing). And I am not gonna lose any sleep over it but it did bother me. SHe was a level 6 and I was thinking ok, your not gonna last long around here hun. But I didnt' say it. So not sure why I am posting this. Guess I am about full disclosure and I definitely was surprised by my reaction. A fuckin 9!!!!! Ok. that's it.
A Loan From God
God promised at the birth of time, A special friend to give, His time on earth is short, He said, So love him while he lives. It may be for eight or ten years, Or only two or three, But will you, till I call him back, Take care of him for Me? A wagging tail and cold wet nose, And silken velvet ears, A heart as big as all outdoors, To love you through the years. His puppy ways will gladden you, And antics bring a smile, As guardian or friend he will, Be loyal all the while. He'll bring his charms to grace your life, And though his stay be brief, When he's gone the memories, Are solace for your grief. I cannot promise he will stay, Since all from earth return, But lessons only a dog can teach, I want you each to learn. I've looked the whole world over, In search of guardians true, And from the folk that crowd life's land, I have chosen you. Whatever love you give to him, Returns in triple measure, Follow his lead and gain a life, Brim f
In Texas
Any texians on fubar I need some friends and people to chat with let me know
Lauryn Hill - Cant Take My Eyes Off You Lyrics
CHORUS 1] You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. You'd be like heaven to touch. I wanna hold you so much. At long last love has arrived. And I thank God I'm alive. You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. Pardon the way that I stare. There's nothing else to compare. The sight of you leaves me weak. There are no words left to speak. But if you feel like I feel. Please let me know that it's real. You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. [CHORUS 2] I need you baby, if it's quite all right, I love you baby, you warm a lonely night. I love you baby. Trust in me when I say It's OK: Oh pretty baby, don't let me down I pray. Oh pretty baby, now that I found you, stay. And let me love you, oh baby let me love you, oh baby.... Repeat Chorus 1 [To fade] I need you baby, and if it's quite all right, I love you baby, you warm a lonely night. I love you baby. Trust in me when I sa
Lauryn Hill - Killing Me Softly
Stromin my pain with his fingers Singin my life with his words Killing me softly with his song x2 Telling my whole life with his words Killing me softly with his song Yea yea yea do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style, And so I came to see him and listen for a while And there he was this young boy Stranger to my eyes Chorus: Stromin my pain with his fingers (one time, one time) Singin my life with his words (two times, two times) Killing me softly with his song x2 Telling my whole life with his words Killing me softly with his song I felt all flushed with fever Embarrased by the crowd, I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud, I pray that he would finish But he just kept right on Repeat chorus Wooooooaaaa ohhhhhhhhhh laaaa la la la la la la ohhh la laaa woaaa laa Aaaalaaaaaa Repeat chorus until fade
Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing Lyrics
Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing lyrics The sweetest thing I've ever known Was like the kiss on the collarbone Soft caress of happiness The way you walk, your style of dress I wish I didn't get so weak Ooo, baby, just to hear you speak Makes me argue just to see How much you're in love with me See, like a queen, a queen upon her throne Chorus Chorus It was the sweet, sweet, sweetest thing I know, It was the sweet, sweet, sweetest thing I know I get mad when you walk away (don't walk away) So I tell you leave, when I mean stay Warm as the sun dipped in black Fingertips on the small of my back More valuable than all I own Like your precious, precious, precious, precious dark skin tone Chorus It was the...Ah I tried to explain Ah...but baby, it's in vain Speaking on my mother's phone The touching makes me think I'm grown, (you ain't grown) Sweet prince of the ghetto Your kisses taste like armoretto Intoxicating, oh, so intoxicating How sad, how sad
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Moon Phases And More
Moon Phases New Moon: The Moon is not illuminated by direct sunlight. Here, the Moon is Maiden. Waxing Crescent: The visible Moon is partly but less than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. The Moon is Maiden. First Quarter: One-half of the Moon appears illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. The Moon here is Maiden/Mother. Waxing Gibbous: The Moon is more than one-half but not fully illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. Three days before the Full Moon. The Moon here is Mother. Full Moon: The visible Moon is fully illuminated by direct sunlight. Here the Moon is Mother. Waning Gibbous: The Moon is less than fully but more than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is decreasing. Three days after the Full Moon. The Moon here is Mother. Waning Crescent: The Moon is partly but less than one-half illuminated by d
We R A Dyin Breed
To every guy that's said, "Sex can wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cudd
In My First Giveaway...please Help Me :d
Yep I finally did it, I entered my first giveaway. I need 3000 comments in one week. You must rate, fan and add the host Stephanie Lynn, shes a great woman and does a lot for fubar so go show her some love!!! just click the link Stephanie Lynn@ fubar heres the link to the pic that needs to be bombed.....and much love to all that help me out.
Chapter I: Get To Know The Person
Well here is the first installment of the world according to Bud. As always stream of consciousness and with full typos :). I guess i don't have anything more important to say than anyone else who takes the time to tickle the keyboard but I'm honored that you, poor reader, have taken the time to check out my ramblings. The subject that strikes my fancy today is describing my impression of Fubar so far, from the eyes of a newbie. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and truly make some great friends. I can definitely see how this would become an addiction and i'm doing my best to keep going to work and eating dinner etc. I suppose if i don't I'd end up sleeping at the keyboard and wasting away to nothing. Well, all joking aside I have really enjoyed my time on Fubar. It definitely took a little time to get rolling and find my social niche but it was worth the time investment. I think by taking your time and letting friendships develop it makes the rest of the in
Why Have We Become Stupid Pussies?
We have all become such pussies. Society have become so consumed with ensuring that those with a delicate nature will be offended that we have begun to spoon feed opinions to each other for fear that someone will choke on a proverbial truth. We have become so scared of the truth and the obvious, that we delude it in order to make it more palatable for those we speak too. The result? No one has a concise opinion anymore. It's not just that either. We are stupid on top of it. Not only are we scared of our opinions, but most of us lack the knowledge to defend our point of views. We have reached a point where such little amount of personal research is done in forming our opinions that when people state what there opinion is, they are totally unprepared for the follow up question... Why? Why are you a Democrat or a Republican? Why do you believe in Jesus or evolution? Why won't you fuck on the first date? Why are people homosexuals? Is it psychological or chemical?
Way To Go Montel!!!
What Is Shamanism
Shamanism is classified by anthropologists as an archaic magico-religious phenomenon in which the shaman is the great master of ecstasy. Shamanism itself, was defined by the late Mircea Eliade as a technique of ecstasy. A shaman may exhibit a particular magical specialty (such as control over fire, wind or magical flight). When a specialization is present the most common is as a healer. The distinguishing characteristic of shamanism is its focus on an ecstatic trance state in which the soul of the shaman is believed to leave the body and ascend to the sky (heavens) or descend into the earth (underworld). The shaman makes use of spirit helpers, with whom he or she communicates, all the while retaining control over his or her own consciousness. (Examples of possession occur, but are the exception, rather than the rule.) It is also important to note that while most shamans in traditional societies are men, either women or men may and have become shamans. There are a number of rel
A Love That Is True
A warm hand caresses my skin A single finger traces along my face Arms open wide, inviting me in I fall into a love filled embrace Soft lips fall sealing against mine Our tongues dance against each Warmth of her smooth skin seeps in A growing warmth deep inside I reach My hands slide along her smooth body Gentle curves I trace so slow Upon her thigh I stop my travel A burning quest inside me I feel grow Our kiss becomes deeper as passion soars Two lovers laying here in an embrace Moonlight floods over us now Displaying the love that we now face Her hand slides against me now Feeling the arousal that has grown I hear her breathing heavier now Fueling passion we both have known Our bodies become one in the night Completely now I enter her as she lay Traveling as one along a lust filled path Locked in this passion we long to stay Suddenly our passions gate now open Our nectar of love flows so free This night another memory has been born This is how true love is
I Believe You- New Poem
Until I Believe You If I could make it all better- I would. I would take you in my arms and just hold you Combing your hair with my nails- For as long as you needed- Until you felt safe- Until you knew I wasnt leaving- Until you believed me. If I could make it all better- I would. I would find a way to make you love me Kissing you sweetly when you walked through the door For as long as you needed- Until you felt loved- Until you knew I felt the same- Until you believed me. If I could make it all better- I would. I would make love to you all night, Touching you gently in just the right way For as long as you needed- Until you felt complete- Until you knew I was too- Until you believed me. I just cant make it all better- I cant. When will someone comb my hair until I feel safe? Kiss me sweetly when I walk in the door? Make love to me until I feel complete? Make it all better. Until I believed them Until I was happy.
Time Flies Chicken Wings
Make these tasty wings ahead of time and refrigerate them. When everyone's ready to eat, simply microwave the wings, serve them with ranch dressing or honey mustard, and watch them fly off the plates. Recipe Ingredients 1/4 cup orange marmalade 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil 3 pounds chicken wings Directions: 1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the marmalade, honey, soy sauce, and sesame oil. 2. Add the chicken and fully coat with the glaze. 3. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, but ideally overnight. 4. Stir halfway through. 5. Heat the oven to broil. 6. Place a rack on a baking sheet and lay the chicken wings on the rack. 7. Broil 15 to 20 minutes, removing the pan from the oven every 5 minutes to turn the pieces. 8. When they're done, cool the wings and refrigerate them until the party
Re: New Hampshire Recount Delay Stokes Suspicions
RE: New Hampshire Recount Delay Stokes Suspicions ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 28 Jan 2008, 18:40 New Hampshire Recount Delay Stokes Suspicions Attempts to delay the New Hampshire Republican recount are provoking some to suspect state officials are engaging in chicanery in a ploy to scupper the entire process and derail the recount, ensuring it goes the same way as its Democratic equivalent did last week.
Wide Reciver Texas Pork Ribs
First the ribs are coated with a very sweet cayenne and garlic mixture and marinated in the fridge for eight hours. Then they 're cooked in the oven until tender and tossed onto a hot grill where they're basted with a yummy BBQ sauce for another ten minutes. Prep Time: 30m Cook Time: 5h Ready in: 13h 30m Yield: 12 servings Ingredients 6 pounds pork spareribs 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1/4 cup salt 2 1/2 tablespoons ground black pepper 3 tablespoons sweet paprika 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to taste 2 tablespoons garlic powder 5 tablespoons pan drippings 1/2 cup chopped onion 4 cups ketchup 3 cups hot water 4 tablespoons brown sugar cayenne pepper to taste salt and pepper to taste 1 cup wood chips, soaked Directions 1. Clean the ribs, and trim away any excess fat. In a medium bowl, stir together the sugar, 1/4 cup salt, ground black pepper, paprika, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and garlic powder. Coat ribs liberally with spice mix. Place the ribs in two 10x15 in
Defensive Line Layered Dip
Prep Time: 10m Ready in: 2h 10m Yield: 10 servings Ingredients 1 (16 ounce) can refried beans 1 (1.25 ounce) package taco seasoning mix 1 large tomato, seeded and chopped 1 cup guacamole 1 cup sour cream, room temperature 1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese 1/2 cup chopped green onions 1/4 cup chopped black olives Directions 1. Spread refried beans in the bottom of a (1-quart) shallow edged serving dish (you can use a transparent dish if you'd like). Sprinkle the seasoning packet over the beans. Layer the diced tomatoes over the beans, the sour cream over the tomatoes, and the guacamole over the sour cream. Sprinkle the entire layered dip with cheddar cheese, followed by green onion and finishing it off with a layer of black olives. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Nutrition Information Servings Per Recipe: 10 Amount Per Serving Calories: 196 cal Total Fat: 12.8 g Cholesterol: 28 mg Sodium: 522 mg Carbohydrates: 13.5 g Fiber: 3.7
Football Cheesy Potato Skin Pizza
Kids love these pizza-topped skins because they end up with two of their favorite dishes: mashed potatoes one day, potato skins the next. Ingredients 6 medium-size russet baking potatoes Salt and pepper to taste 2 1/2 cups favorite pasta sauce, warmed (we used meat-based) Suggested toppings: chopped olives, chopped green peppers, sliced and sauted mushrooms 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese 2 cups grated mozzarella or other pizza cheese Directions 1. Heat your oven to 400. Scrub the potatoes, poke them with a paring knife, then bake them for 50 to 60 minutes, until they're tender at the center. Cool the potatoes briefly, then halve them lengthwise and scoop out most of the flesh (use it for mashed potatoes), leaving a thin potato wall. Cool the skins. If you're not preparing the pizza the same day, refrigerate them. 2. To continue preparing the pizza the same day, heat your oven to 400. Arrange the skins on a well-greased baking
Re: Howard Highlights Ease Of Recount Fraud
RE: Howard Highlights Ease Of Recount Fraud ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 29 Jan 2008, 16:07 Howard Highlights Ease Of Recount Fraud Following on from Bev Harris' shocking expose in which she unveiled disturbing chain of custody issues in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Albert Howard has identified another problem that leaves the recount wide open to fraud.
Blowjob Etiquette (by A Female)
1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it. 2. Extension to rule #1 - So if you get one, be grateful. 3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard practice to cum on someone's face. 4. Extension to rule #3 - No, I DON'T have to swallow. 5. My ears are NOT handles. 6. Extension to rule #5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard, deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on your dick? 7. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart. 8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now. 9. Extension to #8 - "Blue Balls" might have worked on high school girls - if you're that desperate, go jerk off and leave me alone with my Midol. 10. If I have to pause to remove a pubic hair from my teeth, don't tell me I've jus
Chicken Fingers On A Stick
Breaded chicken is a good bet for finicky eaters, and this variation, grilled and served on a skewer, makes it even more appealing to kids. Add your child's favorite dipping sauce, and there might not be any left for the adults! Ingredients 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, pounded 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick Salt and pepper 24 (10-inch) bamboo skewers, soaked in water for 30 minutes 3 tablespoons peanut or vegetable oil 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce 1 1/4 cups plain dried bread crumbs Directions 1. Cut each chicken breast lengthwise into 1/2-inch-wide strips and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fold the chicken strips slightly and weave them onto the skewers. 2. Prepare a charcoal fire or set a gas grill to medium-high, close the lid, and heat until hot -- about 10 to 15 minutes. 3. In a small bowl, stir together the oil and the barbecue sauce. Spread the bread crumbs on a sheet of waxed paper. Lightly brush the sauce mixt
I'm moving to Texas today so it might be awhile before I'm on here again.
Re: Harris Calls For Resignations In Nh Recount Fiasco
RE: Harris Calls For Resignations In NH Recount Fiasco ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 29 Jan 2008, 17:56 Harris Calls For Resignations In New Hampshire Recount Fiasco Fresh from her confrontations in New Hampshire during which public officials were grilled about slapdash chain of custody and ballot box tampering issues, Bev Harris told the Alex Jones Show that a "criminal enterprise" is running the primary recount and has called for Secretary of State William Gardner to resign and his assistant to be fired.
Boilermaker Tailgate Chili
This is the chili recipe the gang eats at Purdue Boilermaker football games. I always prep and cook the chili the night before and then reheat the next day. This is a combination of many different tomato-based chili recipes. Good luck and enjoy. Prep Time: 30m Cook Time: 2h Ready in: 2h 30m Yield: 10 Servings Ingredients 2 pounds ground beef chuck 1 pound bulk Italian sausage 3 (15 ounce) cans chili beans, drained 1 (15 ounce) can chili beans in spicy sauce 2 (28 ounce) cans diced tomatoes with juice 1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste 1 large yellow onion, chopped 3 stalks celery, chopped 1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped 1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped 2 green chile peppers, seeded and chopped 1 tablespoon bacon bits 4 cubes beef bouillon 1/2 cup beer 1/4 cup chili powder 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon dried oregano 2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 teaspoons hot pepper sauce (e.g. Tabasco(TM)) 1 teaspoon dried basi
Meowzette And Two Rawk!
I just want to thank Meowzette and Sky for the pimpouts...never did I think that I would be put in a random two are awesome and thanks to the both of you!! and here they are don't forget to show them luv too!! Meowzette@ fubar ♥ klar ♥ Head of Security 4 Centerfolds ♥@ fubar and for those of you that stopped by and showed luv. I hope that i have managed to keep with all of you and returned the love. If I haven't then please let me know and I will be glad to come and return the luv! This brought to you by me : ~JeNn ~ ~ AppleBottomGirl ~@ fubar
Pizza Pinwheels
You'll want to pop as many of these little pizza wheel treats into your mouth as will fit. Crescent roll dough provides a mouth-watering crust. Try experimenting with different types of cheese to vary the flavor. Prep Time: 20m Cook Time: 12m Ready in: 32m Yield: 16 - pinwheels Ingredients 1 (8 ounce) can refrigerated crescent roll dough 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 24 slices sliced pepperoni sausage 1 (14 ounce) can pizza sauce Directions 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). 2. On a large baking sheet, pinch the 8 crescent roll dough triangles into 4 rectangles. Layer each rectangle with 6 pepperonis and even amounts of mozzarella cheese. Roll tightly lengthwise and slice each into 4 or more pieces. 3. Bake in the preheated oven 12 minutes. or until golden brown. Serve with pizza sauce for dipping. Nutrition Information Servings Per Recipe: 8 Amount Per Serving Calories: 235 cal Total Fat: 13.1 g Cholesterol: 21 mg Sodium:
Me And My Thoughts.
1. Thank you. Were all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view. 2. The fact that no one understands you doesnt mean youre an artist. 3. I dont know what your problem is, but Ill bet its hard to pronounce. 4. Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental. 5. I have plenty of talent and vision. I just dont care. 6. I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid. 7. What am I? Flypaper for freaks!? 8. Im not being rude. Youre just insignificant. 9. Im already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth. 10. I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you. 11. Its a thankless job, but Ive got a lot of Karma to burn off. 12. Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial. 13. No, my powers can only be used for good. 14. How about never? Is never good for you? 15. Im really easy to get along with once you people learn to worship me. 16. You sound reasonable...Time to up my medication.
Simply Me Part Three
I suppose you could say over the last few years I really have not changed as most people do, I have not grown up I have not exceeded all others expectations I have not even aimed to meet them to tell the truth I'm still just as much of a drifter in this great thing we call space as I ever have been I suppose. I think what I have grown in however and learned over time is the way I love the way I listen the way I hurt and the way I cry I think honestly I cry more now than I ever remember doing when I was younger. Perhaps the years have eroded some of that giant wall I built around myself most would say that is a good thing though in honesty I would beg to differ I've recently cried myself dry of tears I loved too much laughed too little and tried too hard to fill someones shoes they had picked out for me but was always a bit too tight all I can say is you love me not Too often in my life I have found people tend to fall in love with some sordid ideal of who they th
New Addition!
Look in my Family Photo Album and you will meet our new addition, Shelby Lynn. She is about 2 months old but we can't be 100% sure as she is under weight. There was a drug bust 3 doors down from us and one the kids came over to get me. I swore up and down I wouldn't take the pup. As soon as I walked up, the police and neighbors were all saying "tiger striped" and I spoke up and said, "Oh, it's a Brendle". Yes a little Pitbull. They were telling me that if I didn't take her she was going to be put down. And here I pride myself on being tough. Yeah, right. So now I am a grandma as my oldest son has taken her over. Please go meet her and show her lots of love!
Annoying Q
so here is a Q i find annoying. "Why arent u married? (Why dont u have a BF?)" There are only 2 answers for this Q; 1.not married by ur choice, whatever the reason is. 2. not married cuz u havent met the right person yet. Why else u aint married? The reason is either one of them, so why ask this dumb Q when u should know the answer is very limited???
Cursing At Work
Dear Employees: It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their coworkers. Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with coworkers. Therefore, a list of 18 New and Innovative 'TRY SAYING' phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner. Number 1 TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training. INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing. Number 2 TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter. INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__. Number 3 TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late. INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this? Number 4 TRY SAYI
Wonderful Fema
I swear this current Administration and the lackeys they put in position of authority is just insane on the real. I'll set the story for those who don't remember. The Bush Aministration put someone in charge of an important organization like FEMA who had experience in managing horses or some shit like that as well as other bogus credentials. FEMA's brilliant idea first was to put hurricane survivors on cruise ships. Ok you've lost family members n friends as well as your homes and property to flooding. Why in their right mind would FEMA rent cruise ships for millions. The luxury cruise lines made millions and didn't have to do anything for it. Free money. Its idiotic. Then I just see on the news that the trailers that FEMA set up for hurricane survivors have been making people sick. Formaldehyde in the trailers is causing people to get sick researchers just found out. They also said that FEMA knew this would happen and was happening, but covered up the results. FEMA of cour
01-29-08 (number 3 Train)
Whats a Tuesday Train? This weeks Train: ASIANHOTTIE Another \"Island\" gal that\'s been a pleasure to have as a friend! Michaela
It's A New Year 2008
Hi to all friend old and new it's been a long time sence my last blog I have made some good one's of course and some that realy opened up people's eyes about alot of stuff but this 1 here will change alot of people's view's on me im sure. I have been on this site now about 2 1/2 years wowe time goes fast when we all have fun and flirtin here and there huh hehe. First off my choice in pets ok well its snakes and its snakes because i work and travel alot soo I dont realy have time for a dog or cat realy my snakes are tame i handle them often and they know me and no they dont bite no 1 or kids even at the bmx races ok. and no there is no fangs or poison either I shop smart when I buy a snake. unlike some people do with buyin a dog or even a lizard or a spider for a kid of any age. and yes they can and do keep me single but in this life its to each there own right? soo im cool with it if buy chance i meet a woman who is ok with snakes then soo be it and if i dont then im still cook wit
First Steps
Last year at work I guess it's nothing new to most of you but this is a first for me. Our company put a cap on our salaries. That really hurt. 39 yrs old and stuck at 16.51 an hr. I will 40 in a couple of months and of course I didn't want to stay in this job forever. Last October I was finally free from bankruptcy. Has to be the longest 10 years of my life. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT ever file for bankruptcy. No matter what happens in your life don't do it. Months go by and I get passed up for the lead operator at work. This was the last straw for me. I put up with a lot of crap at work and let a lot slide by. I took a look at myself and said "Dude, you're 40 years old, diabetes is killing you, you are not married and have no kids. Let's do it. We have nothing to lose. If we failed, hey at least we gave it a try. We put it off this long. Let's go" Well I made the call to Full Sail a school in Florida and to setup my tour. January 13th was the day I took my first steps to entertai
The Station
Good Quote
Stole this form my freinds Myspace and I really feel it at the moment, so I thought Id share. "All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming him, but you wont succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy. (Casey Stengel)."
Sanity Pt. 2
When we start out in the world we are innocent and as we grow up and begin to experience and take in all of the happenings around us, we start to grow, into what nobody knows. We embark on a journey with no destination and seemingly no direction. We are gullible and naive taking everything we see at face value. Sure we have questions and we have doubts, but still we fumble along like those really long and excessively pointless movies you spent $8.50 to see and ran out of popcorn and soda an hour in before you realized 3 hours had gone by and you've killed about 400 braincells just for saying the title of it.Well I pose this question for you... do not rush to answer it, read it, absorb it, take it in and mull it over for a few days, when you sit back down and begin to type, lean back and think over your response... What is YOUR purpose in life? Closed Captioning for the hearing impared.The Killers Lyrics
Rob Zombie-foxy Foxy
Oh yeah; can you make it harder? Oh yeah; can you make it harder? Oh yeah; can you make it harder? Oh yeah; can you make it harder? He who gets slapped and he who gets saved, He who brutalizes the timeless stage. He is the mongrel, he wants it all, He lives for relics, hang on the wall. Don't you wanna ride it Educated Horses? Don't you wanna ride it Educated Horses? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? She who looks back, and she looks away, She internalizes the motion wave. She is the butcher, She wants the air, She hides the scars under her hair. Don't you wanna ride it Educated Horses? Don't you wanna ride it Educated Horses? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Foxy, Foxy, what's it gonna be? Oh yeah; can you make it harder? Oh yeah; can you make it harder? Oh yeah; can you make it harde
Wiccan Rede In Italiano
Bide le leggi che di Wiccan dobbiamo, nell'amore perfetto e nella fiducia perfetta. Viva e lasci in tensione, ragionevolmente l'introito e ragionevolmente il give. Lanci il cerchio tre volte circa per impedire di entrare gli alcoolici diabolici. Legare il periodo sempre lasci il periodo essere spake nella rima. La morbidezza dell'occhio e la luce del tocco, parlano piccolo, ascoltano molto. Deosil va dalla luna d'inceratura, Chanting fuori il Rune delle streghe. Widdershins va dalla luna waning, Chanting fuori il rune baneful. Quando la luna della signora nuova, baci la mano a lei, i periodi due. Quando la luna guida al suo picco, allora ricerca di desiderio del vostro cuore. Faccia attenzione al vento fortissimo mighty del vento del nord, blocchi il portello e cada la vela. Quando il vento viene dal sud, l'amore bacer il thee sulla bocca. Quando il vento salta dall'ovest, le anime partite non avranno resto. Quando il vento salta dall'
The Most Wonderful Man On Fubar :d Own His Ass Now
Largerthemhim is at it again up for auction come get it :D Not only is he hott but hes a wonderful man inside and out! Alway there when u need someone no matter what it is hes there by ur side! This a man who will go out his way to help u if he can and he will give it a hell of a shot to do what is needed!!! so click the link and own his sexy ass NOW !!!! ~504 Brbn TrT~ ~IS AUCTIONING IT'STAFF~ ~YOU WANNA OWN ME?...ACT NOW!!~ ~HIT MY PIC AND MAKE YOUR BID~ ~~
Society Is Controlled By Fear
Society today is just as it was in the dark ages controlled by fear.People fear what they do not understand because society and the media of todays society tells them too.For example after the whole Columbine High school deal; whats the first thing the media does?Thats right people go after Marilyn Manson.WTF people its not Marilyn's fault that those damn kids were seven degrees of fucked up in the head.But society and the media of this country has too find something too blame every tragedy we face on and most of the time it's the people they don't understand that they blame it on.And don't get me wrong fellow FUBARIANS I'm just as proud as the next person too be from America it's the best country in the world,but if we are as a whole nation going too fear a whole group of people just because the goddamn media of this country says that they had something too do with it and they really didn't have shit too do with it consider me no longer a part of it just call me the goddamn ANTI-CHRIS
Wiccan Rede No Portugus
Bide as leis que de Wiccan ns devemos, no amor perfeito e na confiana perfeita. Viva e deixe vivo, razoavelmente a tomada e razoavelmente a elasticidade. Molde o crculo thrice aproximadamente para manter para fora os espritos evil. Para ligar o perodo deixe todas as vezes o perodo ser spake na rima. O Soft do olho e a luz do toque, falam pouco, escutam muito. Deosil vai pela lua encerando, Chanting para fora o Rune das bruxas. Widdershins vai pela lua waning, Chanting para fora o rune baneful. Quando a lua da senhora nova, beije-lhe a mo, pocas dois. Quando a lua montar em seu pico, ento busca do desejo do seu corao. Heed o vendaval poderoso do vento norte, trave a porta e deixe cair o sail. Quando o vento vem do sul, o amor beijar o thee na boca. Quando o vento funde do oeste, as almas partidas no tero nenhum descanso. Quando o vento funde do leste, espere o novo e ajustado a festa. Nove madeiras no cauldron vo, que
Sanity Pt. 1
What is Sanity? Well I suppose it all depends on whom you ask, doesn't it?Merridian-Webster:sanityFunction: noun : the quality or state of being sane.Ok then what is Sane?Merridian-Webster:sane Pronunciation: 'sAn Function: adjective Inflected Forms: saner; sanest 1 : free from hurt or disease 2 : mentally sound; especially : able to anticipate and appraise the effect of one's actions 3 : proceeding from a sound mindBoth of those came from a medical dictionary because neither word can be found in a standard collegiate dictionary... hmmm I wonder why that is? No worries.My Definition:Sanity- The minds state of delerium as it contrives to understand the current state of being that one is able to comprehend of it's natural surroundings and situations that one has experienced.The state of being sane can only be acheived when ones mental and physical wants and needs are able to see eye to eye and meet a mutual agreement on a level playing field...More to come with further cont
Wiccan Rede En Franais
Attendez les lois de Wiccan que nous devons, dans l'amour parfait et la confiance parfaite. Il faut bien que tout le monde vive, assez prise et assez lasticit. Moulez le cercle trois fois environ pour enpcher d'entrer les esprits mauvais. Pour lier le charme laissez chaque fois le charme tre dit dans la rime. Le doux de l'oeil et la lumire du contact, parlent peu, coutent beaucoup. Deosil vont par la lune cirante, chantant dehors Rune des sorcires. Widdershins vont par la lune de affaiblissement, chantant dehors la rune funeste. Quand la lune de Madame est nouvelle, embrassez la main elle, les priodes deux. Quand la lune monte sa crte, puis la recherche du dsir de votre coeur. Observez la rafale puissante du vent du nord, fermez la porte et laissez tomber clef la voile. Quand le vent vient des sud, l'amour vous embrassera sur la bouche. Quand le vent souffle de l'ouest, les mes parties n'auront aucun repos. Quand le vent souffle de l
Wiccan Rede In German
Warten Sie die Wiccan Gesetze, die wir mssen, in der vollkommenen Liebe und im vollkommenen Vertrauen ab. Leben Sie und lassen Sie Phasen-, ziemlich Nehmen und ziemlich Geben. Werfen Sie den Kreis dreimal ungefhr, um den schlechten Geist heraus zu halten. Um den Bann zu binden lassen Sie jedesmal den Bann spake im Reim sein. Weiche des Auges und Licht der Note, sprechen wenig, hren viel. Deosil gehen durch den einwachsenden Mond und heraus singen das Rune der Hexen. Widdershins gehen durch den abnehmenden Mond und heraus singen das baneful rune. Wenn der Mond der Dame neu ist, kssen Sie die Hand zu ihr, Zeiten zwei. Wenn der Mond an ihrer Spitze reitet, dann Wunschsuchvorgang Ihres Herzens. Beachten Sie den Nordmchtigen Sturm des winds, verriegeln Sie die Tr und lassen Sie das Segel fallen. Wenn der Wind vom Sden kommt, kt Liebe thee auf der ffnung. Wenn der Wind vom Westen durchbrennt, haben abgereiste Seelen keinen Rest. Wenn d
Wiccan Rede En Espaol
Bide los leyes de Wiccan que debemos, en amor perfecto y confianza perfecta. Viva y deje vivo, bastante la toma y bastante la elasticidad. Eche el crculo tres veces alrededor para guardar los alcoholes malvados hacia fuera. Atar el encanto deje cada vez el encanto ser spake en rima. La suavidad del ojo y la luz del tacto, hablan poco, escuchan mucho. Deosil va por la luna que encera, cantando hacia fuera el Rune de las brujas. Widdershins va por la luna de disminucin, cantando hacia fuera el rune baneful. Cuando la luna de la seora es nueva, bese la mano a ella, pocas dos. Cuando la luna monta en su pico, entonces la bsqueda del deseo de su corazn. Preste atencin al vendaval poderoso del viento del norte, trabe la puerta y caiga la vela. Cuando el viento viene del sur, el amor besar thee en la boca. Cuando el viento sopla del oeste, las almas salidas no tendrn ningn resto. Cuando el viento sopla del este, cuente con el el nuev
Saving Jane - Supergirl Demo
Supergirl Verse: I'm the life of the party So contagious All the boys wanna catch me But I'm just playing 1-2 Come and see what I can do 2-3 Everybody's after me 3-4 Let me tell ya what's in store Let's go, everybody on the floor Chorus: I'm SuperGirl I'm everywhere I'm flashing lights They stop and stare I'm fire red I'm on a roll I'm in your head And everybody knows I'm I'm I'm SuperGirl. Verse: I'm the perfect disaster You can't stop me Coming faster and faster You just watch me 5-6 Don't you want a little fix? Countdown, get a little crazy now 9-10 See me work the room and then Hold on, ready here we go again Bridge: Supergirl Walking every wire Set the world on fire No one's shining brighter I'm I'm I'm SuperGirl It's on Saving Jane's myspace page. If you want to hear the song.
Strippers Lounge
Come check ot this new lounge strippers lounge
Welcome to random thoughts as you follow my journey to entertainment domination. I've been interested in the entertainment industry since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I was born an actor. I did many plays in my church youth group. I slain them. Then one night I got a reality check. I was told to give up acting and to find a real job. My world came crashing down. I was still a young impressionable kid. This news came from my mother of all people. A mother is supposed to support whatever her kids wants to do in life. And it doesn't help going to a catholic school (I'm not catholic btw)which the commandment is to Honor Thy Mother And Father. So whats a young kid to do? I still harbor my desires to be an actor. But what to do when your mother controls your life and have to be home as school ends? Why I never joined the drama club or any other after school activities. Then came the teen years and the discovery of drugs. Well let's just say I did enough drugs to fry my brain
So Funny
NO PARENT LEFT BEHIND.... I promise you cannot read these and not laugh out loud. These are real notes written by parents in an ALABAMA school district. Spellings have been left intact. 1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please execute him. 2. Please exkuce lisa for being absent she was sick and i had her shot. 3. Dear school: please ecsc's john being absent on jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33. 4. Please excuse gloria from jim today. She is administrating. 5. Please excuse roland from p.e. for a few days. Yesterday he fell out o ree and misplaced his hip. 6. John has been absent because he had two teeth taken out of his face. 7. Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hurt in the growing part. 8. Megan could not come to school today because she has been bothered by very close veins. 9. Chris will not be in school cus he has an acre in his side. 10. Please excuse ray friday from school. He
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
What Children Say.....
what is butt dust? What, you ask, is "Butt dust?" Read on and you'll discover the joy in it! These have to be original and genuine. No adult is this creative. JACK (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister. After a while he asked: "Mom why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?" MELANIE (age 5) asked her Granny how old she was. Granny replied she was so old she didn't remember any more. Melanie said, "If you don't remember you must look in the back of your panties. Mine say five to six." STEVEN (age 3) hugged and kissed his Mom good night. "I love you so much that when you die I'm going to bury you outside my bedroom window." BRITTANY (age 4) had an earache and wanted a pain killer. She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle. Seeing her frustration, her Mom explained it was a child-proof cap and she'd have to open it for her. Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked: "How does it know it's me?"
Here Is Another One For You
NO PARENT LEFT BEHIND.... I promise you cannot read these and not laugh out loud. These are real notes written by parents in an ALABAMA school district. Spellings have been left intact. 1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please execute him. 2. Please exkuce lisa for being absent she was sick and i had her shot. 3. Dear school: please ecsc's john being absent on jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33. 4. Please excuse gloria from jim today. She is administrating. 5. Please excuse roland from p.e. for a few days. Yesterday he fell out o ree and misplaced his hip. 6. John has been absent because he had two teeth taken out of his face. 7. Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hurt in the growing part. 8. Megan could not come to school today because she has been bothered by very close veins. 9. Chris will not be in school cus he has an acre in his side. 10. Please excuse ray friday from school. He
The Way You Should Treat Your Girl
To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy
This Is So Funny
Dont let your husband go to Wal-Mart This is why women should not take men shopping against their will. DON'T TAKE THEM IF THEY DON'T WANT TO GO... After Mr. & Mrs. Fenton retired, Mrs. Fenton insisted her husband accompany her on her trips to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, Mr. Fenton was like most men-- he found shopping boring & preferred to get in & get out. Equally unfortunately, Mrs. Fenton was like most women--she loved to browse. One day Mrs. Fenton received the following letter from her local Wal-Mart: Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and may be forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Mr. Fenton are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras. 1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and r andomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2 . July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House wares to go o
Wanna Get Down-n-dirty ?
How Do You Deal With A 6 Year Old????
how do you deal with a 6 year old that is talkin about wanting to kill herself and is being extremly destructive ripping up books, throwing chairs, hitting me, throwing major fits cause i tell her its bed time or cause im makin something for dinner that she dont want.......i have her in councosling but how do i deal with it till that starts helping i feel like im going out of my mind i feel like nothing i do is the right thing and i cant do anything right cause if i raise my voice she gets even more violent and if i try to hold her so she cant hit or throw things she starts to bite and kick and anything else she can do.....if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appricatated
Cheatin Ass Hoes
tell me ladies is it normal for a woman to cheat on her man for three straight years what do u say to something like that????
Oh, Sweet, New England!!! Lmao
Diary of a Demented Snow Shoveler -December 8 6:00 PM It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow! -December 9 We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the whole world? Moving here was the best idea I've ever had! Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfect life! -December 12 The sun has melted all our lovely snow. Such a disappointment! My neighbor tells me not to worry- we'll definitely have a white Christmas. No snow on Christmas woul
Please help A GOOD FRIEND GET BACK TO WHERE SHE WAS IN HER LEVEL Add, Fan and Rate HER . Remember to be RATE HER PICS Also if you could repost this I would appreciate it. ♥l♥lv♥ ~N~ R/L Wife~ ♥r Wh+ Kgh+♥ @ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY $DJ BABY BOY$ ~DJ FOR THE GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY & BOMBSQUAD~{ DIRTY SOUTH CREW}@ fubar
Haha Lol
Wishful Thinkings
of all the things that i want out of life, i would have to say, i would want to wake up in ur arms, each and every day. if i could just go back in time, and change all that has occured, i would not be sitting here now wishing for u to return, and... watching raindrops pouring down, that is all i do. crying out without a sound, waiting for just u. trying hard to control my heart as another peice of it falls. please return and pick me up.. no more do i want to crawl.
Please help these 3 wonderful, beautiful, smart women out. Add, Fan and Rate them . Remember to be respectful too. Also if you could repost this I would appreciate it. Pierced tattooed texas gurl Fu-Wifey to Shanedubya R/L best m8 to aussiecraig1971 R/L sister to BB@ fubar ~JeNn ~ ~ AppleBottomGirl ~@ fubar ♥~MJ~ ♥~ .β..~ ♥~IBN ~♥ ~COOKIE ~♥@ fubar ............................................... Bulletin made by Meowzette@ fubar
Hey Everyone
~={Optical Illusions}=~ Enforcer HillBilly@ fubar
Mumm Comments...
Ok, so I've so seen this over and over again...a NSFW comment on a NON NSFW Mumm. IT has happened to me over & over what happens? they put a hold on the Mumm privlages of the mummer, and not the Commentor. This is my firm Suggestion to actually Solve this Problem entirerly. FINE THE COMMENTOR 10K FUBUCKS, Which is double the amount of posting a mumm, and take away his commenting privlages for NON NSFW Mumms. I also Promote the the ability to POST NSFW COMMENTS on NON-NSFW MUMMS FOR A PRICE...5K FUBUCKS, and if the Commentor has repeat offenses remove all mumm privlages for 28 days and/or 1,000,000.00 FUBUCKS Fine is Paid in full, which ever comes first. The Mummor cannot always Catch NSFW Comments on NON NSFW Mumms. This is a REAL Solution. This Has Nothing to do with "Taking Heat" It's about following Rules, it's about solutions to a problem. I don't think every mumm needs to be marked NSFW, those who do, it is their choice, but the Comment often do, because ido
Hey Everyone
~={Optical Illusions}=~ Enforcer HillBilly@ fubar
Broken Spirit
So just wanted to know which of my bad boys here are close to leveling let me know send me a note so that I can post a bully for you and help out Send me a note do not shout me and let me know how much u need to level and I will get started
Jan 29
January 29, 2008 Quote of the Day "Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level." Dr. Joyce Brothers
My Dumb Ass Ex Husband
Okay, so I'm gonna start this blog with a disclaimer---if you don't wanna read it DON'T! This is my freaking blog--if you see the damn subject and you think oh, hum, that might be a good read, then you are the one taking your chances on reading it! Again, YOU read this at your own will. This is MY page and I'm not gonna change myself just because someone might get their feelings hurt. Okay, we all clear on this?! So, as my subject of this blog says, I have a crappy ass ex husband. He's a freaking dead beat dad. I know that I made the decision to marry him and have children with him but you know, that is MY bad decision, not our two children, yet they are the ones that suffer. In April, it will be TWO damn years since he has even seen them. TWO YEARS! What kind of dad does that? Don't sit there and blame this one on me, because it isn't my fault. I have left those ties open to him. Take this for example--he called back the end of October and wanted to get the girls over their
Lemons & Sugar
LEMONS and SUGAR This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror Where one could read it every day. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world That you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world Love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you Is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, Even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you Before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, Something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you Take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So......... If you are a loving frie
Contest Help!
Just joined a contest for a 1 day blast. Need 1000 comments. Help? See Rules from Stephanie below first... You will have exactly 7 days from the day your pic is loaded to complete the contest. As your friends need to add me (and rate and fan would be nice too!) before they can bomb you, I encourage you to share my bulletin or you may copy and re-post it as a new bulletin or blog so everyone you want to help you fully understands the rules. Comments count as ONE rate. Any evidence of blasters or other forms of cheating will result in automatic disqualification. No exceptions. Please private message me with any questions or concerns. And remember to PM me when you are finished so I can send you the blast! Good luck and have fun! Steph
Cops: Drunk Took Mower To Store In Snow
Cops: Drunk took mower to store in snow Mon Jan 28, 10:56 PM ET A man was charged with drunken driving after going through two bottles of wine, cutting through a snowstorm on his lawn mower and riding down the center of the street to reach a liquor store, authorities said. Police found Frank Kozumplik, 49, homeward bound on a John Deere tractor Saturday night, toting four bottles of wine in a paper bag, officials said. He told officers that his wife had taken their car to work, and that the mower was the only way he could reach the store, two miles from home. His blood alcohol level was 2 1/2 times Michigan's legal driving limit of 0.08 percent, police told WLEN-FM. They arrested him and confiscated the mower. Kozumplik declined to comment Monday night. Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Asso
A Special Word
A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this are meant to last. And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and keep us strong In a special world, where we belong.
Man Struggles To Return From The Dead
Man struggles to return from the dead 1 hour, 57 minutes ago Red tape is preventing a Polish man from returning from the dead. Piotr Kucy, 38 and from the city of Polkowice in southwest Poland, was wrongly identified by authorities last August as a drowned man, only to show up a few days after his own funeral. Despite pointing out the fact that he was alive to government officials, Kucy still remains dead in official records, stopping him from working and paying social insurance. But on the bright side, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday, he no longer needs to pay taxes. "We are nearly through January, and my documents still say I'm dead," Kucy told Gazeta Wyborcza, adding: "It's a bit of a joke." But a registry office official was adamant about the situation. "This citizen does not exist," she told the paper. (Writing by Barbara Sladkowska, editing by Peter Millership) Copyright 2008 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of
The Meaning Of Atrue Friend
A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand... and touches your heart. Mayor Uses Magazine To Prove Id
W.Va. mayor uses magazine to prove ID Mon Jan 28, 10:45 PM ET Charleston Mayor Danny Jones had a problem as he tried to get through the security gate at a California airport: He had misplaced his driver's license, and the expired one in his wallet wouldn't do. The guards at John Wayne Airport in Orange County searched his bag, he told the Charleston Daily Mail for a story published Monday. Then he remembered picking up a copy of Charleston Magazine while on his way to the West Coast for a little rest and relaxation. Inside was a photograph of him standing in downtown Charleston and an article Jones had written as mayor welcoming visitors to the state capital. Only then was he allowed to board his flight home. Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. Copyright 2007 Yahoo All r
I thought I would stop by and update all my sweet and true friends here on fubar. I am rejuvenated and feeling wonderful. I am home from the hospital since this Saturday the 26th of January 2008 and I am no longer in heart failure at this time, my energy levels are returning to semi normal and I feel refreshed! I am still having some trouble with my blood being too thick and if you know my story this is a bad thing as a clot will shut down my mechanical aortic valve, however I have hope and faith all will work out, in the meantime I am taking 4 shots of lovenox (a blood thinner like heparin that you get in the hospital if needed but these are prefilled syringes so no measuring yeahhh LOL) I take 4 a day and they also increased my coumadin (blood thinner medicine) they also increased my lasix (water pill to keep the Congestive heart failure from returning so much) as you can imagine this keeps me close to the bathroom LMAO. I have other great news while I was in the hospital my mortgage
What Is With...
What is with nosy people? I mean do they live and breath at making other people lives miserable? I have always kept my problems to myself unless I wanted to share them with my family and friends for their opinions. But it's like you have these nosy ass people that wants to make your life hell while they sit back and smile.
The Usa Is Letting Its Own Down
Looking back in the days of my grand parents I remeber the tailes of the depression and I realize just how close we are in this time and day to live that ourselves We as american the country known for helping anyone in need is slowly but surely dieing out. America has always been known to lend help to other country's..Well I am suck and tired of hearing how we send billions to other country's to help feed the hungry and to create new jobs. How we open our borders to foriegners that want to come here and for a better way liveing. Well i want to know this, When are we,us, THE USA going to start takeing care of or own. I mean why do we send money to foriegn country's to feed them when we have millions needing food medical care and jobs. America is letting herself down. I'm pissed about how each day more and more people receive citizenship and because of it They are automaticaly approved for small business loans College grants and any other federal or sate assistance needed
Pair Accused Of Stealing, Eating Pet Dog
Pair accused of stealing, eating pet dog Wed Jan 23, 8:30 PM ET Two former golf club employees have been charged with theft and cruelty to animals in the death of a pet dog the owners say was cooked and eaten. An Oahu grand jury indicted Saturnino Palting, 58, and Nelson Domingo, 43, both of Kalihi, after the Moanalua Golf Club fired them as maintenance workers. They are charged with stealing a dog owned by Frank Manuma and his wife, Debbie Weil-Manuma. The 8-month-old German shepherd-Labrador mix named Caddy had been tied up near a maintenance shed on Dec. 16 while Frank Manuma played a round of golf. Manuma said police told him the two men butchered and ate his pet. The charges are both felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. "We're delighted that it's moving forward," Manuma said when told of the grand jury indictments. He said the club had given him permission to bring the dog to the club. Witnesses told golf club officials t
I Hate Myspace
I would like to send a big FUCK YOU to myspace support for being so much help in trying to figure out why I was deleted. They can blow me while I shit and lick the terd out of the bowl while a midget with downsyndrome fucks them in the ass with a spiked strap on.
Hand In Hand
Laying underneath the stars, On a warm silent night. Your arms are wrapped around me, And everything feels right. You kiss me sweet and softly, I feel your warm gentle touch, You help me feel protected Under the sweet night sky rush. My world before me is perfect. There's nowhere else I want to be, Except laying underneath the stars Hand in hand, you and me. Just when everything is perfect, And you seem so delicately sweet, A rush of wind comes past me As I'm swept beneath my feet. Nothing could be more right, There's nowhere else I want to be. Let's take a walk my only love, Hand in hand, you and me.
Bizarre Amphibians Found Living On The Edge
Bizarre Amphibians Found Living on the Edge Jeanna Bryner LiveScience Staff Writer LiveScience.comTue Jan 22, 10:00 AM ET Blind salamanders, legless amphibians with tentacles on their heads and ghost frogs whose favorite haunt is a human burial ground are just a few of the world's weirdest and most endangered creatures. The Zoological Society of London announced this week these are among the 10 most unusual and threatened amphibian species, as part of the EDGE Amphibians conservation and fundraising initiative. Amphibians that made the list are deemed by the society to be the most evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered, aka EDGE species. They have few close relatives in the tree of life and are genetically unique, along with being on the verge of extinction. "These animals may not be cute and cuddly, but hopefully their weird looks and bizarre behaviors will inspire people to support their conservation," said Helen Meredith, EDGE Amphibians conservationist in Eng
Strange Creature Immune To Pain
Strange Creature Immune to Pain Charles Q. Choi Special to LiveScience LiveScience.comMon Jan 28, 8:31 PM ET As vulnerable as naked mole rats seem, researchers now find the hairless, bucktoothed rodents are invulnerable to the pain of acid and the sting of chili peppers. A better understanding of pain resistance in these sausage-like creatures could lead to new drugs for people with chronic pain, scientists added. Naked mole rats live in cramped, oxygen-starved burrows some six feet underground in central East Africa. Unusually, they are cold-blooded which, as far as anyone knows, is unique among mammals. "They're the nicest, sweetest animals I've ever worked with they look frightening, but they're very gentle," said neurobiologist Thomas Park at the University of Illinois at Chicago Scientists knew the mole rats were quite sensitive to touch perhaps to help replace their almost useless eyes. After probing their skin, Park and his colleagues unexpectedly disco
Nice Kid
39 min ago 'Munchkin***Bid ...' just ripped your 'photo'! 48 min ago Munchkin***Bid ... rated your photo a '10'! 48 min ago 'Munchkin***Bid ...' just ripped your 'photo'! 48 min ago Munchkin***Bid ... rated your photo a '10'! 48 min ago Munchkin***Bid ... just checked you out! 49 min ago Ripped pics..... No please no ty, not a peep!! Don't they teach manners anymore!??
Going Round My Aunts House
Although this might seem like no fun but for me this really is becoming one of my best days out. My aunt is quite young is quite bitchy. Whenever I go round my aunts, it is so exciting as I always borrow her knickers to wear. I think of it more like serving her. I always look for her wash basket and dig out her dirty knickers. I then take the dirty knickers home. This is where the service begins, as I being to sniff them and suck out any urine soaked into the knickers. I then wear them for a day or two, and yes this includes wearing them round my aunts house. Whist chatting with her and her children; underneath little do they know whos dirty knickers I am wearing. After wearing them for a day or two, I then pride in hand-washing them myself until their fully fresh, and that is when I return them in her closet nicely folded. I have been doing this service for about 6 months now, and it is becoming second nature to me. It is ironic though, as when I was a lot younger and
New Fu Owner
Ok you guys Kink won me in a auction yeah she is my new Mistress for a month so come check her out. Kinkstar Sin * Fu-Owned by Mikey * LOL Family@ fubar
you make my heart have flutter bies.... and i didnt know that was possible... =]
Super-sensitive People's my first blog on here. Why are people so f-n sensitive on here? People ask a question and get offended when people don't answer a certain way. Here's the story. No names were changed because I'm not scared to use them. cajuncandie posted a photo. Her comment for the picture was something like "I really like B&W photos. Don't you?" Well, I don't. I prefer color photos. I gave her picture a '10' rating and I left a comment that said something like "I don't really like them. B&W photos are overplayed." She sent me a shout and said that she liked them. I told her that she asked a question and I gave my opinion and there was no reason to get offended. She said that she was offended and blocked me. Now mature is that? Blocking someone because they answered a question that you asked. Really now. What makes people so sensitive that they can't take it when people have a different opinion than they do? How can someone that sensitive function in the real world?
All About Me
Friends Survey I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought it would be fun! Read through the comments below and then make sure you read the instructions at the bottom. ENJOY! - What time is it? 10:09 AM - What’s your full name? Emily or EEP5482 to you :-p - What are you most afraid of? Failure, these days at least - What is the most recent movie that you have seen? not sure...something on TV? - Place of birth Hartford, CT - Favorite Food shrimp, Greek pizza (my new favorite) - What's your natural hair color "dirty" Blonde - Ever been a Neat Freak? In my own way, yeah - Ever been skinny dipping? Nope - Love someone so much it made you cry? Yes - Been in a car accident? When I was a passenger or a driver? Passenger, yes. Driver, no...but my car was hit once in a parking lot when I was the driver but wasn't in the car. - Croutons or bacon both - Favorite Day of the We
wow now i really feel lost well i went to work yesterday and got off to my mom being there and i knew something was wrong and than my mom broke down and cried and said they found lisa dead. i was like no. i just seen lisa that night before at wal mart where she workd she was only 32 years old she was a wonderful person always had a smile on her face even when she was going through hell. i just lost my other cousin back in nov in a car wreck. and it just seems like im losin everyone i love or care about. i really dont know how much more i can take of this. im not over my cousin casey and now lisa. i would of never thought lisa would of passed she was the last person i thought that would go. this really hurts and no where to turn. i been cryin i just wanna scream. i know know that it's true life is so freakin unfair. i love you lisa will you please tell my pappy i love and miss him very much. i love you so much lisa. i hope you will be watchin over us
Rip Bubba Shea
We're laying my brother, Bradley Shea, to rest today. He committed suicide Thursday night by over dosing himself. I've been very angry with him for being so selfish & very depressed as well. His two precious kids are struggling to come to terms with this; which only makes me angrier. Over the last year Bubba & I have grown further apart. His wife leaving him last year, the shop closing; it all just wore him down. Over the last few months he had gotten entangled in drugs & alcohol. We all tried to get him help but we failed. Thank you Jay & Steve for listening to me when I needed to talk. I know others would have loaned me their ears as well had I wanted to really discuss it. I just hadn't felt like it. My anger is slowly dieing & my heart aches beyond belief right now. ~*~Lizzy~*~
*HUGS* Everyone Needs A Hug A hug shows someone that you care Hugs are for those who love to share Whether far or near we just relate to the word A hug shows a simple gesture even when heard Perhaps over the telephone, or written in a note Love letters with kisses, and hugs that you wrote Precious moments when you see a friend And they give you tight hugs seemly without end Appropriate to give handshakes but oh that little hug Makes such a difference, and is like a medicinal drug It generates a feeling of acceptance and of love Shows the person that they think the world of Wouldnt it be wonderful if the whole world felt this way? It sure would make a better place to live without dismay Remember on this planet we are related one after another All of us have family, friends or a sister or a brother
Bigg Chieff
Well guys it has been since Friday the 24th at about 7am that my wonderful dog came up missing-I am coming to the realization he most likely has been taken in by someone-so please keep him in your prayers that at least that someone will be good to him and take care of him well until he can find his way back to us! He is absolutely amazing and if he cannot be here with us then as long as he is safe is the most important thing now! Thank you all for the gifts and comments and shouts wishing him a safe return!
I Wish I Had
I wish I had.... A little bit of your love, A bit of your time, Just to show you care. A moment of your life, With me very near, A piece of your heart, Understanding for a tear. A simple hello Not a soon goodbye A show of feeling No need to be shy A part of your life I want so bad A small portion of your love, I wish I had
9 Words Woman Use
1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour.Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5. Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6. That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your
Dealing With Life And My New Husband
Tipsy Tuesday
Get More at you will get a drink if you respond
More Testing
I am going in for another round of testing for Homeland Security on Wednesday the 6th-so keep ur fingers crossed for me and keep me in your prayers everyone!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!
Just Need To Vent
I finally got done filling out my Indiana Gaming license application. This really doesn't fall under the heading of stupidity, but some of the info was completely asinine. It states clearly in the instructions that any information not declared will be considered as your attempt to obstruct their process. Well, they ask for so much information, I know it's quite possible I forgot something, somewhere. I don't remember all the addresses of all the places I've lived SINCE THE DAY I WAS BORN!!!! There's been numerous times when I've just crashed with friends for a few weeks because I wanted to get away from home, and I'm afraid that if I don't disclose those addresses too, they're going to nail my ass to the wall. Plus, with their access to all my records (hell, they probably know who my birth mother is, and I've been searching for that info for years), why do they need me to provide it for them? Can't they just look it up? Now, I have to hunt for the notaries that supposedly notarize such
Fast Recovery
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 Fast recovery Even when you are thoroughly committed to staying positively focused, life can get in the way. Though you may have the best of intentions, there will be times when you veer off course as a result of your own actions. When that happens, don't beat yourself up about it. Just recognize it, accept it, learn from it, and get moving again in a positive direction. Winners and losers will both stumble. The difference is, winners have learned to quickly get back up. If you make a mistake, or lose your temper, or allow yourself to become distracted, it's normal and natural, and not the end of the world. Though it is painful when you've disappointed yourself, you have the opportunity to make something positive out of that pain. It is indeed a good thing to realize that what you have just done was not the best choice. For now you can move forward with a renewed and stronger determination. When you know you've stumbled, decide to rec
Photo Update
Happy Tuesday !! I'm not on much at the moment cos i'm full of flu :o( But i popped on and uploaded some cool pics that i received in emails. I wanted to share them cos they are amazing, especialy the watermelons !! So please pop on over and take a peek and leave some love for me, check out my new albums 'pics to make you giggle and smile','egg art' and 'amazing watermelon art'. Hope you are having an awesome week. Thanks Lin xx
What Is Yuwie?
First off, Yuwie is 100% FREE. Yuwie is like any other "connect with friends" or social networking site. But we have one major difference. Use Yuwie - Get Paid! Yuwie pays you to blog, upload pictures, refer friends, chat, hang out, etc. Ask me just I'll give you the link
Fav Poems
Alone by: Edgar Allen Poe From childhood's hour I have not been As others were; I have not seen As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common spring. From the same source I have not taken My sorrow; I could not awaken My heart to joy at the same tone; And all I loved, I loved alone. Then- in my childhood, in the dawn Of a most stormy life- was drawn From every depth of good and ill The mystery which binds me still: From the torrent, or the fountain, From the red cliff of the mountain, From the sun that round me rolled In its autumn tint of gold, From the lightning in the sky As it passed me flying by, From the thunder and the storm, And the cloud that took the form (When the rest of Heaven was blue) Of a demon in my view.
Saturday January 26, 2008 Accident
There is a GOD!!! This I can tell you because of an accident that happened on Saturday January 26,2008 on I 77 near Rock Hill SC. There was me and four other passengers in a small four door car traveling on the interstate when we were behind an 18 wheeler loaded with big heavy solid tubes of some sort. The driver of the rig had his right turn signal on trying to get into the right lane, so we were going around him in the left lane when suddenly he swerved back into the lane that he was trying to get out of. When he did that the whole trailer swerved right into us hitting us and pulling us underneath the trailer, my friend that was driving managed to pull us from underneath the trailer before the 18 wheeler tires ran on top of us and killed us all. Everyone was ok except for bumps and bruises and being really shaken up. It hit on my side crushing the windshield and ripping my door off. Glass was everywhere in our hair,clothes,shoes and all over the car. knocking the radio out of the car
2nd Neurologist Visit
I had my second visit with the neurologist yesterday. He said my MRI showed no signs of MS but did show a bulging disk in my neck. He said it's possible that we may never find an exact cause for the migraines and all we can do is try to control them. In the time from my last appointment to this one which was roughly 18 days I had 3 migraines and had to go and get a pain shot, which alarmed him at the amount/frequency of headaches I have. He increased my Topamax to 100mg twice a day and I have to return to him in one month. I'm still able to take the Stadol nose spray for severe headaches to try and keep me from having to get a pain shot, so that's a plus. Thanks to all those who worry about me. I ♥ you all. MUAH
Crack Kills, Coke Sells!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yummy Bunny
A New Life
"Sometimes we forget to look around us, to see that there is more to this life than loss and hate. That there is beauty, laughter, and love; but most of all there is hope."
2 Hoty Girls
Ok First 1000 Will Get It!!!!!
Ok it's getting nowhere. i do have about 28.000 friends on my list. am in a give away for a super pack and in need of 140.000 comments. tho there's a timelimit to this give away and the way it's running now i'm afraid i won't make it. also next month renovationwork will be done in and about my house so i can't be on for at least 3 weeks. i'm asking my friends to please help me out for we all get by with a lil help from our friends. for the first 1000 people to leave 100 comments i will be rewarding 10.000 fu-bucks. (from the 28.000 of friends i don't think it will be hard for just a minor group to help me out) also leaving 100 comments is done in a short time period unless you're on slow connection(that will take one hour exactly) also when you get a message as "error your session has expired"it means you are working on more then just 1 page in that case just click backspace and refresh the page so you'll get a bouncercheck. bouncerchecks can be a pain in the butt but
Sex Ii
Tonight He Died
He listened to the words and they sound right, But then as he slipped into the darkness of sleep, His breathing slowed, and shattered heart stopped beating. Here he lies with the memories and thoughts of what could have been, And tonight, he will not wake the same. The morning sun will no longer shine on his face, And his soul has become dark in his death. He dreamt one last dream, and it was of her, And she took all the rest of his dreams with her. He slept in agony and despair As he attempted to collect the pieces of his shattered heart, And he felt the flame of his soul flicker And turn to a smoldering ember which lost its heat And finally became an ashen lump of nothingness. The words that used to flow forth Are forever twisted in pain, And cut as the leave him. His scars forever to bear in his death. Robert J Nye (2008)
A Haunting
This is a show that comes on the discovery channel. It tells the story's of people that have been haunted by evil ghosts or demons. I like it. Its something paranormal to watch when GHI or Paranormal state are not on. Its not the best show in the world, but its the best thing on at 2 in the afternoon.
Hello Angel's
These angels need your help please show them some love in there giveaways pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! sycho needs alittle over 17000 to finish for her 1 year vip show some love sassy is in a giveaway for a 1 month vip and need over 13000 to finish show some love lutin is in a giveaway for 2 1 year vips and is alittle over 70000 to get it show some love please evonne and tismom05 is in a giveaway for a 1 year vip, 1 hh, 30 day blast and ticker pack and has alittle over 57000 comments left show some love sweet thing is in a giveaway for a 7 day blast and needs alittle over 1300 comments show some love metal baby is in one for a 1 year vip and needs 60,000 comments they are all killing me lmfao I don't have enough of me to spread out PLEASE HELP!!! Although I can't show everyone the support like I would like to do if you all could drop a few on each one I would appreciate so much thankyou ronja!!! mwahz
Wanting To Know More
Been awhile since I've done a blog in here. Thought I would give it a shot again and see if I get any responses. If you could have an all expense paid trip to anywhere you wanted to go, where would it be and why? Come on, give me details. Looking forward to reading your responses. Have fun! Mary
A Bath In Dirt,,
A Bath in Dirt,, Winters Breeze Falling leaves with the same Chill as yesterday,, I sit among tides of time wishing this Day Had never Come, For this Day is the Day I bath in the soil of this Earth, Why do you sit among these tree's with such Sadness, Sounds of a Trouble Heart that you play this song, I too know this song of screaming Swans, I'm Nor a Swan nor a Child that I moan in my sorrow alone, why do you Bath in the Soils of this earth , I have a bad Taste In my mouth That this Love I had once, Has Left to Bad of a Taste in my Mouth from Basking, In my own sorrows another Sour day like yesterday, Repeating the Same bath as I do Every day that this taste will go away, Winter Breezes with Falling Leaves your My Chill of Yesterdays, I'll just sit here and Bath to the sour taste In my mouth go's away, CPR 2007 James Landry,
Cum With My Mom
The One You Love
There is a time in our lives where you have to take a few steps back and let the one you love breath. meaning you have to let them have the space that is needed to find out who they are and what they want. And with in that time frame hope and pray that they make the right decissions. But what ever that decission is you have to respect it. As i see it Time is all that there is and if time is what we need then so be it. "as i know cuz i was taught by the best, My Parents". That time is a best healer that GOD could have ever created. So in other words if time and patients is what is takes to get them back then time and patients is what is shall be.
This Is A Addition To Soul Train Cart # 2 Total Passengers Are 102! Updated On 1/29/08
A Poem
This was sent to me and I think it fits me well!! chubby bunny b b w i see these descriptions all the time...... you know what.....well......those of us who use those definitions....hmmmmm....we need to all just get.... Past The Cover The beauty of a woman, isn't in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman, must be seen from in her eyes, Because that's the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides! The beauty of a woman, isn't in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman, is reflected by her soul. It's the caring that she cares to give, the passion that she shows, And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, only grows.
Tuesday Opie And Anthony Links: Patrice Oneal, Louis Ck, New O&a Videos, New O&a Podcast, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Check out Opie and Anthony and TANK the crazy sports guy!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...CLICK HERE FOR JIM NORTON TICKETS! Today on the Opie and Anthony Show, we welcome Patrice Oneal to the POgram, because Jim Norton is out today, filming a scene in the upcoming Kevin Smith movie. Also hanging with the show is our pal
Todays Pimpout
Today I am pimping out dj_mr right and darkside266 Both are sweethearts, when they want to be lol. Both good looking, nice guys. Check them out, rate/fan/add
America Defends Itself...a Few Great Comebacks
When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush. He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return. It became very quiet in the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~ Then there was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break one of the French engineers came back into the room saying 'Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intend to do, bomb them?' A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: 'Our carriers have three ho
A Season For Everything
Everything Has Its Time For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time build up; A time to weap, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to seek, and a time to lose; A time to keep, and a time to throw away; A time to tear, and a time to sew; A time to keep silent, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace. People always says that nothing last forever. After writing this passage I now look forward to savoring my life's joyful moments, and finding comfort that pain and sorrow will actually, in comparison, be short-lived. Living isn't just
My Good Friend.....
Hey Fu-friends... My friend Mikey just joined yesterday... If you could just take a few minutes and visit his profile fan rate and add him. I would Love you for ever lol... or at least return the favor! here is his profile Mikey@ fubar Have a great Tuesday! XOxoXO Crissy..aka BratTress
Journal Update
1-29-2008 Well here is more on what is going on. Brandon called me Sunday night to let me know that Davionna was pregnant. But didnt tell me much of anything else except that Davionna needed to do an abortion because she can't take care of a baby which is the truth as she has no job, she is still in school and no car no driver's license. So I called her and asked her did she have anything to tell me. Then she told me that she was pregnant and then she said that it was Jessy's fault and I told her that it takes 2 and wasn't she taking birth control and she said no she forgot. And she said her mother was yelling at her. And I would find out later the reason her Mom was yelling at her because she was paying for the birth control and she wasn't taking them. But it does get more interesting. I talked to Vickie and I called and left a message to Davionna to go to Planned Parenthood. And she didnt call me back. I told Brandon about
Move On
Sitting in the morning twilight, thoughts dancing through my head, I wonder what I have become, am I alive or already dead, the pain is always constant, the one thing that keeps me sane, it tells me that I'm breathing, it's real not just a dream, so much in life I've let slip past, never took the time to see, all that should matter most, is now so far away, I know my time draws near, it's a fate that I must face, standing alone without you, just when I need you most, how I wish it could be different, we had a whole new chance, to share our love together, not just online by chance, I feel inside you love me, never have I doubted it's true, I hope that all I've said and done, has proven my love for you, you will forever be with me, I'll carry you safe inside, and we will someday be as one, for true love never really dies, I hope these words you will remember, should they be the last I share with you, you have been my guiding light, showed me the way and gav
Getting To Know You
I find it funny how people are so all about instant gratification these days that they want to fast-track everything. Even friendship. I can't count how many times I have had people asking me personal questions here on Fubar and when I tell them I don't know them well enough, they respond with "What do you want to know about me?" Knowing someone is not about knowing "stuff" about someone. Knowing someone goes deeper than that. Its about knowing their personality. Know what makes them tick. Knowing what makes them laugh or cry. Knowing what turns them on or off. Knowing their plans and dreams, their joys and sorrows, their quirks and deep dark secrets and liking them inspite of themselves. You can't fast-track friendship. That takes time and patience. And you can't base friendship on outward appearances. Someone could be absolutely gorgeous on the surface but then you find out they have this black ooze where their soul should be. Likewise, someone might be a "Plain-Jane" but ha
It You were probably brought up in a culture where the presiding image of It has for centuries been God the Father, whose pronoun is He, because It seems too impersonal and She would, of course, be inferior. Is this image still workable, as a functional myth about life and its meaning for all the diverse peoples and cultures of the planet? Frankly, the image of God the Father has become ridiculous that is, unless you read St. Thomas Aquinas or Martin Buyer or Paul Tallish, and realize that you can be a devout Jew or Christian without having to believe, literally, in the Cosmic Male Parent. Even then, it is difficult not to feel the force of the image, because images sway emotions more deeply than conceptions. As a devout Christian you would be saying day after day the prayer Our Father who art in heaven, and eventually it gets you: you are relating emotionally to It as an idealized father male, loving but stern, and a personal being quite other than yourself. Obviousl
We Walk, We Eat
We Walk, We Eat I remember a short conversation between the Buddha and a philosopher of his time. I have heard that Buddhism is a doctrine of enlightenment. What is your method? What do you practice every day? We walk, we eat, we wash ourselves, we sit down. What is so special about that? Everyone walks, eats, washes and sits down... Sir, when we walk, we are aware that we are walking; when we eat we are aware that we are eating.... When others walk, eat, wash, or sit down, they are generally not aware of what they are doing. - Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Keys
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Not-Self Central to the Buddha's teaching is the doctrine of anatman: "not-self." This does not deny that the notion of an "I" works in the everyday world. In fact, we need a solid, stable ego to function in society. However, "I" is not real in an ultimate sense. It is a "name": a fictional construct that bears no correspondence to what is really the case. Because of this disjunction all kinds of problems ensue. Once our minds have constructed the notion of "I," it becomes our central reference point. We attach to it and identify with it totally. We attempt to advance what appears to be its interests, to defend it against real or apparent threats and menaces. And we look for ego-affirmation at every turn: confirmation that we exist and are valued. The Gordian Knot of preoccupations arising from all this absorbs us exclusively, at times to the point of obsession. This is, however, a narrow and constricted way of being. Though we cannot see it when caught in the convolutions of ego, t
Great Art And Great Dharma
Great Art and Great Dharma The artist's dilemma and the meditator's are, in a deep sense, equivalent. Both are repeatedly willing to confront an unknown and to risk a response that they cannot predict or control. Both are disciplined in skills that allow them to remain focused on their task and to express their response in a way that will illuminate the dilemma they share with others. And both are liable to similar outcomes. The artist's work is prone to be derivative, a variation on the style of a great master or established school. The meditator's response might tend to be dogmatic, a variation on the words of a hallowed tradition or revered teacher. There is nothing wrong with such responses. But we recognize their secondary nature, their failure to reach the peaks of primary imaginative creation. Great Art and Great Dharma both give rise to something that has never quite been imagined before. Artist and meditator alike ultimately aspire to an original act. --Stephen Batchelor
My life is revolving round this band at the moment - after getting the two cds and the book recently, we now just managed to pick up two of the last half dozen tickets for their show in Cambridge in March! W00t w00t!!
My Addiction
My Addiction You seemed to have everything. The way you walk, the way you talk Drives me nuts I have something to say You have become my addiction You're the reason I smile The reason I breathe life into this body I have an addiction It's in the way you say my name It's in the way you look at me In the way you lust to have me again My addiction is you, the way you smell How you hold me through the night Your lips upon mine My addiction is the way we make love How you tread kisses everywhere The way you make sure the passion Is an even match I have to admit my favorite Addiction is you and everything you do. Copyright 2008
Very Sexy Comments & Graphics
My Special Friend
My Special Friend Of all thing a friend is. You would never think one could turn. With a fork tong she mocks me. I just simply had let her change be. She has become in cased with a jealous rage. She no longer sees the true me that she has allowed know and loved. For tonight my best friend took my life in rage. My blood know lay upon her hands for the world to see. As she cry's I still try to comfort her from the world I know abide in. For she has done me justice. She may shed tears for all to see but the one she don't she cry for me. For know I will live eternally. To see and greet my family through life and death. I am not mad at for she went insane. Copyright 2008
Starbucks Coffee Is Poor Quality
By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent Thursday, 24 January 2008 Starbucks sells coffee that is poor quality and over-priced, according to a survey of cafs. The biggest player in Britain's 900m-a-year coffee shop industry offers blander drinks than its competitors Costa Coffee and Caff Nero and is costlier than most rivals, testers for the consumer group Which? reported. Researchers also complained that the food offered at Starbucks was too fatty. Along with Costa Coffee, four of its sandwiches contained more than the 495 calories in a McDonald's Big Mac. Which? sent a team to visit 45 coffee shops. Giles Hilton, a tester who works for the coffee and tea shop chain Whittard of Chelsea, went undercover at central London branches of Starbucks, Costa and Caff Nero, where he ordered a cappuccino and an Americano. He praised the Costa and Caff Nero cappuccinos but judged Starbucks' cappuccino to be too frothy and its Americano too watery, which resulted in a "fa
Searching I open my mouth I try to form words But they do not come out How can I say I love you When I am not sure that I even Love me for who and what I am I seek answers only to find Non upon your face Do you truly love me With all of my faults I scream in my head to know Yet I am stuck wondering If all I wanted is a lie A blind truth to reality That I try so desperately to hide behind I want you to know who I am Will you be scared to find out Or will you hold me close Whisper in my ear that you love me For the rest of eternity Copyright 2008
My Dreams
My dreams My dreams are no longer my own They are shattered and broken They are among the lost and the forgotten My dreams are no longer my own They are hung for the world to see That in side i am just empty and broken I'm just one of the many forgotten My dreams are no longer my own For when i woke they were being Played upon a movie screen They laughed they cried Yet still no body new the hurt i felt My dreams are no longer my own I am told what to think How to speak act and treat others I walk among you like a drone Then again would even be able to tell Copyright 2008
Tank And The Achille's Bowl
Yeah, so I was cleaning my pipe earlier, because I have no weed, so I tried to get a resin high, and the bowl broke. Depressing. Now, this pipe was a TANK, I didn't see it breaking at all. Turns out that even though the glass is super thick on the outside, the bowl was made out of really thin glass. I've had it for about a year, my longest lasting glass pipe... I think I might convert to metal pipes, or just smoking joints... and I had just named the thing too... :(
I want to sleep to dull the pain Cut it out with a sharp knife Burn out the thought of pain Pain that was put there by you You took away something I can never get back I thought you were a friend Only to find you were my enemy Innocent's is now never more A time you took with out another look You toyed with me as if I was game You made hate and never forgive You made believe love was a game I went through hell well you laughed with friends I had to put up with the looks I was the one who lost more then you I'm no longer scared If I must I will scream your name From the roof tops for all to hear The lies and deceit you set upon me That unfaithful night Copyright 2008
~LONEWOLF~Across the milesyou have brought me smilesAlthough my voice you have not heardYou've listened carefully to my wordsAnd I want you to know, Im glad we metBecause in my heart, deep down you're a treasured friendThanks for you're FriendshipAnd Thanks for being YouStop by and say Hello to this one of a kind man Show him lots of Love. He off all people deserves it Stop by and have him make you a custom skinWأ of The Brotherhood- N.A.P Member- Fu Slave of Goddess of Light@ fubarBrought straight at ya fromFknCrazy*** OWNER OF CLUB NAUGHTY N NICE***~~Happily Fu-0wned by *LONEWOLF*~~@ fubar
Naughty Application
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DON'T BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 01.Your Name: 02.Age: 03.Favorite position: 04.Do you think I'm cute? 05.Would you have sex with me? 06.Lights on or off? 07.Would you have to be drunk? 08.Would you take a shower with me? 09.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would you kiss me during sex? 15.Do you think I would be good in bed? 16.Would you use me as a booty call? 17.Can I use you as a booty call? 18.Can we take pictures of the act? 19.How long would we have sex? 20.Would you tell your friends about me? 21.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YO
Ode To: Tea & Nicotine
These moments of morning are mine. The quiet solitude & darkness soothes my ravaged soul. In my own world out of space & time. Shared only with Venus & Chai. I don't want anyone else to to see my fragile hold. Even the Heavens only sigh. I suffer the birth of brightness. All the noisy cheer zenith brings about so bold. Longing for my mantle of darkness. But for a few breaths of starshine. The stage is empty & I'm alone, between those beats I am whole & the worlds are still mine.
Do Cell Phones Cause Accidents?...or...
Good Morning, I seen a little ditty on msn about a couple who apparently succeeded in a 8M $ heist but sounds like the did not totally get away with it if it is on the news But my story has nothing to do with that couple. Mine takes place due to an email I received yesterday. It was titled: This is what happens when you are texting while driving. If you have seen this email circulate around the net then you know it is very graphic and very upsetting to view. But, as always I am going to give my side, the Marty Touch to it as well as other things we as lemmings get trust onto the band wagon of life. Texting killed that man? No! The Cell phone he had used killed him? NO! The driver of the truck not paying attention to this mans use of his cell phone while he was behind the wheel and in motion? NO, NO NO! You know what really killed him? Loss of focus. Plain and simple. See there are those out there that will jump on the band wagon of life just to do the right thing because they feel
Help Her Level
Saturday's Scarey Adventure
So Saturday's Daily rutine was a normal rutine get up @ 3 a.m. get ready for work, leave go and get a cup of coffee @ my old store, get to work, and start the store opening processes. Well I got to the point of where i all i had to do was count the store in between cars. which isn't an out of the normal thing for me to do. but while i was in the process of counting the store i was held up @ knife point. Scarey huh? We are not aloud to have any thing on the premise that could cause harm to another employee or customer.. but damnit with that size of knife it was, if i only had a fucking bat i would have risked it. but i didn't so i had to get rattled up and startled up. and that was just the icing to my cake of a bad week. The sunday before that I learned that my grandmother had two strokes. and was hospitalized until thursday which is the day she passed away. now saturday was going to be a simple day to where i could just go to work get out early and go to he memorial service. but it
The United States Declaration Of Independence
The United States Declaration of Independenceformally entitled The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of Americasigned by the delegates of the Continental Congressin Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA on July 4, 1776 (From - The United States Declaration of Independence was an act of the Second Continental Congress, adopted on July 4, 1776, which declared that the Thirteen Colonies in North America were "Free and Independent States" and that "all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved.") "IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opi
The Road To A Great Future Of The Road To The Same Job And Life
The great thing about berry tree is is like a credit system if people are use to that you get 2 credits the month after you join and then half a credit everyday once you get 10 credits then it gets fun cause you can start making money very quickly.If anyone has ever seriously though of joining a good honest home business that works as a team and that can really make money and no matter what 6 months from now you will start getting a check and then it can get bigger and bigger or whatever every month this is a great business for you. The possibility's are inless. Ionce heard a very rich man say this and i will never forget it he said i was living my life pay check to pay check with my same job and nothing ever changed and then i came to this road were i had the chance to get in a great home business. So i was left with these options take the road to a very wealthy life style even though it sounds to good to be true or take the road to the same job same life and car and just think i have
Ok I'm finding it increasingly amusing how annoying people are in the mumm's. I mean some of the comments are just ridiculous. The thing is everyday you get 101 mumms about oral / anal etc etc which are just basically polls with a chance for women to comment on how much of a slut they are. Do people bash who makes them? Do they get told they are polls not mumms? Not particularly. But you post what i think to be pretty funny in an ironic / sarcastic way and the retard mumm police are on you in a second. Is it because these people don't have the capacity to think past I'm horny? Are they so lacking in sex that they have to post on every mumm saying how much they love sex, although it sounds like they cant remember the last time they got any? I do post intelligent mumms, but again people don't seem to get them as its to much effort to read something, although on the counterside they can sum up the effort to respond with a long winded comment on why they couldn't be bothered readi
Smoken An Apple
THIS HOW U MAKE APPLE BONG 1. If you feel like eating the apple afterwards you might want to take the ink well out of the pen, otherwise, on the top of the apple, jam the pen in at a slight angle about halfway through the apple. Do this next to the core rather than having to make another hole through the hardest part of the apple. 2. Poke a hole on the opposite side near the bottom or middle so that it meets up with the first hole you poked. 3. Using the same technique an inch or a little more from the top hole, jam a third hole that will meet up with your existing chamber system. This "carb" can be essentially anywhere on the apple, but you'll want it to be convienient to cover with a finger while you're lighting your tobacco. 4. Carve out a bowl on the top of the apple where the first hole was drilled. Make it big enough to hold the material you want to smoke. This can be done by "eating" it essentially. The best way is to carefully gnaw away with one of your sharp t
Depresstion is a dangerous tool It can sometimes lead you to the unknow I am so lost in my head and heart Not knowing which path to part I know now life will never be the same With out the smiles and every day rain So I look with in my self to uphold A brand new day to smile and withhold
A Nice Story...
Just a nice story......... The man slowly looked up. This was a woman clearly accustomed to the finer things of life. Her coat was new. She looked like that she had never missed a meal in her life. His first thought was that she wanted to make fun of him, like so many others had done before. "Leave me alone," he growled. To his amazement, the woman continued standing. She was smiling -- her even white teeth displayed in dazzling rows. "Are you hungry?" she asked. "No," he answered sarcastically. "I've just come from dining with the president. Now go away." The woman's smile became even broader. Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under his arm. "What are you doing, lady?" the man asked angrily. "I said to leave me alone. Just then a policeman came up. "Is there any problem, ma'am?" he asked. "No problem here, officer," the woman answered. "I'm just trying to get this man to his feet. Will you help me?" The officer scratched his head. "That's old J
Kick This Fucking Bitchess Ass i guess thats what i get for being soo gorgeous
My Private Part Died Today...
My Private Part Died Today An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living the last of his life in a nursing Home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Wallace, "My Private Part died today and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace, please accept my condolences." The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out his pajamas, when he met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." "But, Nurse Tracy," replied Mr. Wallace, "I told you yesterday that my Private Part died." "Yes , you did tell m e that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" (You are going to love this !!!!!) "Well," he replied, "Today's the viewing."
Midnight Shift
Effective 02/01 I am going back on midnight shift So I can babysit in the afternoons Just a fyi youll see me online early evenings or mornings love you all!!
I am having problems with my health. I have severe asthma problems.So going to meet a lung specialist soon. tho i will make a short visit to here. hope you all having a fine day.
"the Price" ( Of Life)
Best Photo Comment Ever....kinda
"The only thing you could model for is the before shots for herpes treatments. After that you really should think about how stupid and childish you are. After all rednecks don't do well in this world. Ever see the movie Samhain 2? Its all about what happens when you fuck your family and have kids with them. From what I'm seeing with all of these pics, you're only about 1 generation away from being born without arms, legs, and whatever else a stupid mullet wearing fuckhead like you holds dear. And for it taking you 20 years to get your mullet looking as good as you think it doesn't. Like a lot of other people have said, go back to your trailer in mexico, drink a cervaza (mexican for beer) and go fuck your family. You will never be able to handle a real woman, and will never be able to get anything other than the Victorias Secret catalog to be able to hold a real woman. Just remember, Karma is a bitch, and Jealousy is a sin. You're dumbass is going straight to ter
The Road To A Great Future Or The Road To The Same Job And Life
The great thing about berry tree is is like a credit system if people are use to that you get 2 credits the month after you join and then half a credit everyday once you get 10 credits then it gets fun cause you can start making money very quickly.If anyone has ever seriously though of joining a good honest home business that works as a team and that can really make money and no matter what 6 months from now you will start getting a check and then it can get bigger and bigger or whatever every month this is a great business for you. The possibility's are inless. Ionce heard a very rich man say this and i will never forget it he said i was living my life pay check to pay check with my same job and nothing ever changed and then i came to this road were i had the chance to get in a great home business. So i was left with these options take the road to a very wealthy life style even though it sounds to good to be true or take the road to the same job same life and car and just think i have
Auction Update
This awesome guy won me in the Naughty Auction... hosted by Club Naughty and Nice. Go check him out and show him lots of love ~~DJpogobob~~Bomber at Large~@ fubar The Auction was Hosted by: Click the link below to come to Club Naughty N Nice!! Naughty Auction Winners! All winners were fu-mailed the results.. But if you missed it I am postin it all here! FknCrazy is now the proud owner of these great people.. *Nicole* ~fuowned by fkncrazy~ Widow's playgirl/morning manager@ Club Naughty N Nice@ fubar DJ BEETLE JUICE~~~GREETER~~~PROMOTER~~~FOR CLUB NAUGHTY & NICE@ fubar ~(((...Mullet Hunter...)))~FuOwned by FknCrazy~After Hours Greeter~Club F.A.R.~Leveling Lovers~@ fubar ********************************************* JenJen is the proud owner of this great guy.... BIGPAPPA ~~OWNER Wicked Sex Dreams R Rated NSFW~~ JENJEN"S HUBBY~~Head Spanker~~@ fubar **************
Apology To know and to have upset the love one of mine, I was stupid and slow to not read between the lines. I rushed out and sped like a car, Didnt know that I had gone too far. To skid and to slide And turning some more I had finally knew what it was I saw. So Im sorry for upsetting you And hurting you the way that I did, I was acting like a child And what most people call a kid! This poem of apology is written just for you, Hoping that I will be forgiven, And for you to be out of the blue. I want to make you happy, Yet somehow I have made you sad. I dont know what else to say or that I need to do, It was my own fault for being so confused! But I hope that this poem will bring a smile to your face, To know that in a few days I will be there to embrace. (C) Angel
The Road To A Great Future Or The Road To The Same Life And Job
The great thing about berry tree is is like a credit system if people are use to that you get 2 credits the month after you join and then half a credit everyday once you get 10 credits then it gets fun cause you can start making money very quickly.If anyone has ever seriously though of joining a good honest home business that works as a team and that can really make money and no matter what 6 months from now you will start getting a check and then it can get bigger and bigger or whatever every month this is a great business for you. The possibility's are inless. Ionce heard a very rich man say this and i will never forget it he said i was living my life pay check to pay check with my same job and nothing ever changed and then i came to this road were i had the chance to get in a great home business. So i was left with these options take the road to a very wealthy life style even though it sounds to good to be true or take the road to the same job same life and car and just think i have
Fubar Superbowl Pool
Its that time of the Year again!! Have you gotten your bets in on Fubars Superbowl Pool Click on the image above and bet those fubucks. Either you will be fu-rich at the end of the game or in the fu-poor house, Take the chance and Just do it. The more that bet in the pool the higher the payout is
The Road To A Great Future Or The Road To The Same Job And Life
The great thing about berry tree is is like a credit system if people are use to that you get 2 credits the month after you join and then half a credit everyday once you get 10 credits then it gets fun cause you can start making money very quickly.If anyone has ever seriously though of joining a good honest home business that works as a team and that can really make money and no matter what 6 months from now you will start getting a check and then it can get bigger and bigger or whatever every month this is a great business for you. The possibility's are inless. Ionce heard a very rich man say this and i will never forget it he said i was living my life pay check to pay check with my same job and nothing ever changed and then i came to this road were i had the chance to get in a great home business. So i was left with these options take the road to a very wealthy life style even though it sounds to good to be true or take the road to the same job same life and car and just think i have
Open Heart Surgwry Today!!
Open heart surgery today at 6:30am for my husband. Lots of prayers please.
(shoutbox) SANDMAN: hi are u horny ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SERIOUSLY?!! WHAT THE ~FUCK~ ??!!!!!!! I don't even know where to START with that.. Stupid little dickless excuse for a man... wouldn't know what to do with me if I was put on a bed with ann instruction manual.
Ron Paul 2008
About Me ( Please Read
First off I speak my mind, secondly if you dont like what i have to say then tough, third i love sex, fourth i love eating pussy ( can do it for hours ), fifth I love the feel of a woman squirting on my face, sixth I love music and movies. Most the time I push the edge. I love getting people irritated to see how much it takes till they break, but if you take me serious then you have serious internet issues. Last of all treat me the way you want to be treated. If I piss you off or something you dont like then speak your mind. Also one day I am will create the MASK Club.
Blossom My Friends....
"Suddenly I realize that if I stepped out of my body I would break into blossom." James Wright
Loves Distance
We all seek that which we dream of looking high looking low seeking falling failing yet it is not the dream that is wrong it is the road we travel muddled in pain and ravished with difficulties The distance great the heart sad we seek that which makes us glad we ponder what we did we seek that which we loved we look high we look low for that perfection Few ever will see or feel true loves touch few ever will see or feel the joy of a womans touch few ever will see or feel the joy of pure love given few ever will give that which the seek It is the distance that makes us strong the road hard the road long yet it is the road that leads us to the path the path of love and happiness and the journey is short once we find that which we seek Pure undieing love Pure undieing trust Pure undieing compassion Pure undieing romance For the journey of a life is not started in one step but taken down several roads of life eternally and the final path leads t
Mia 3
I Just Don't Get It......
I just wanna know. Do I smell or something? I have been in some really great lounges and met some really great people but lately some act as if I have the plague. I mean some that used to talk to me don't anymore and when I pop out for a bit they will talk again. As soon as I go back in they all are silent again. You know if someone has a problem with me they should tell me or tell me why they do at least. I have never been anything but nice to everyone.
Mia 2
How Dare You....
How dare you walk into my life at the eleventh hour, Causing confusion in my world and seizing the power That I possess over the feelings I choose to have for a man, You weakened my wall by holding my hand; By being the man that I miss And showing you care in just one kiss. How dare you walk into my life through the back door and unannounced; Leaving me dreaming of every moment we've spent together and thinking of every ounce Of desire I feel to have our souls connect in such passion that it's surreal; To feel your heart pounding against my chest, To be entangled in each other's arms, My lips kissing your neck as your tongue explores my breasts; Back and forth, up and down, On the floor, in the shower, 'Til my head rests on your chest at the morning glory hour. How dare you walk into my life and expose these thoughts that I have buried for so long, That I have been able to suppress So that I may go on; You've put me in a spot from which I cannot move, You've
The Lost Cherry Scrolls (repost Of A Original - Unknown Creator)
Not sure who actually put this together but it is fantastic and I thought it should be saved so all can have a chance to read it. It is not mine originally, but I would like to applaud the creator of it. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... Oops wrong scenario... A long time ago on a site called Lost Cherry, A time when kindness, manners and friendship ran rampant. There was a discerning sense of ethics and etiquette. Now as the site has grown many of the old ways have become a thing of the past. Making way for a much more ME orientated atmosphere. Luckily a lone internet scavenger stumbled across the dead cherry scrolls while rummaging through archives in a hidden data base. After hour upon hour the scrolls have finally been translated. Baby Jesus said unto the people of Cherryland...... This site is my gift to you, go forth my children, make friends, rate, fan and add in the name of love. I give you 10s and 11s for which to award ou
Dream Lover
She wakes every morning with a smile on her face. She felt his love in her sleep. Dreamed of his embrace. Although she's never met his body. His heart she does feel. Anytime she has loved before. Has never felt so real. There is no explanation for it. Not one has she yet found. But OMG the feeling she gets when he is around. Although it may end tomorrow. The memory will not fade. For in her heart a life long friend. She feels that she has made. She hopes it last forever. She prays that they do meet. She dreams of the day her online love. sweeps her off her feet.
I Like Fubar Woo Hoo!!
Well i'm new to i was told by a friend and i think its pretty damn cool. i hope to meet some good people.
My Life Right Now
right now life is just about where i want it to be. my divorce has its final hearing tomorrow. im a ball of nerves, but thanks to my guy , im doing good. im getting ready for a big move wich will make me ALOT happier and get me away from alot of drama from ALOT of different people.... its funny a year ago, i wasnt this happy.... what a difference a year can make. you can get your head on straight , find out whos real and true and who isnt..... and you can also find out who will kick you in the teeth and say no biggie... now about the love of my life... hes amazing , he takes care of me when im sick. and he dose anything in the world for me. i love him so much , and we can see our selves together forever! he treats me better than my ex ever did. he gets along great with my familt ( big plus there ) and he spoils my neice rotten! i cant wait for me and him to have kids some day . im sure he will be an awsome dad! well that is all i am going to blog for now. take care and pos
Ugh Viruses Suck Ass
Im gonna be offline for a few days to or possibly less if i get this fixed, I have a major problem with spyware on my computer at the moment and havent been able to fix it so until its fix I dont want to take the change of being online and making it worse......... have a good week everyone :) Ill be back as soon as I can.
In The Afterglow
She lay serenely in the afterglow The sweat of passion spent Vaporized and no more Her hair tousled, frames a peaceful face The red glow of the cheeks still visible Her eyes resting, her mouth open slightly Her full lips still moist, her pale skin smooth No hint remains of what passed The contortions of orgasm Which were etched into her innocent face Linger no more but shall again soon She lies beneath a silken sheet Stretched more tightly across her breasts Showing them in sharp relief The cool air from the open window Arouses her nipples Which stand proud through the silk She murmurs in her sleep and squirms in unison As her arousal continues elsewhere If her lover does not return Her satisfaction will be in her own hand copyright EveningStar
Nowhere Man
He's a real nowhere man, Sitting in his nowhere land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody. Doesn't have a point of view, Knows not where he's going to, Isn't he a bit like you and me? Nowhere man, please listen, You don't know what you're missing, Nowhere man, the world is at your command. He's a blind as he can be, Just sees what he wants to see, Nowhere man can you see me at all? [ Lyrics found at ] Nowhere man, don't worry, Take your time, don't hurry, Leave it all till somebody else lends you a hand. Doesn't have a point of view, Knows not where he's going to, Isn't he a bit like you and me? Nowhere man, please listen, You don't know what you're missing, Nowhere man, the world is at your command. He's a real nowhere man, Sitting in his nowhere land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.
Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, When I'm 64?
When I get older losing my hair Many years from now Will you still be sending me a valentine Birthday greetings, bottle of wine? If I'd been out till quarter to three Would you lock the door? Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm sixty-four? You'll be older too And if you say the word I could stay with you I could be handy, mending a fuse When your lights have gone You can knit a sweater by the fireside [ Lyrics found at ] Sunday mornings go for a ride Doing the garden, digging the weeds Who could ask for more? Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm sixty-four? Every summer we can rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight If it's not too dear We shall scrimp and save Grandchildren on your knee Vera, Chuck & Dave Send me a postcard, drop me a line Stating point of view Indicate precisely what you mean to say Yours sincerely, wasting away Give me your answer, fill in a form
9 Months Later
Jack decided to go skiing with his buddy, Bob. So they loaded up Jack's minivan and headed north. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible blizzard. So they pulled into a nearby farm and asked the attractive lady who answered the door if they could spend the night. "I realize it's terrible weather out there and I have this huge house all to myself, but I'm recently widowed," she explained. "I'm afraid the neighbors will talk if I let you stay in my house." "Don't worry," Jack said. "We'll be happy to sleep in the barn. And if the weather breaks, we'll be gone at first light." The lady agreed, and the two men found their way to the barn and settled in for the night. Come morning, the weather had cleared, and they got on their way They enjoyed a great weekend of skiing. But about nine months later, Jack got an unexpected letter from an attorney. It took him a few minutes to figure it out, but he finally determined that it was from the attorney of that attra
David Hell
if you want to leave retarded comments on my home page at least be man enough to face me after you do. fyi i don't even know your family, and i don't want to know them ok.
How You Treat A Dog...
Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog....Charles F. Doran
Re; Men Are Hypocrites
This is my response to the following blog: "WHy is it when a "female" see's/date...ect more then one person or anything along those lines there called sluts skanks whores hoes bithes ect but oh when a male does it hes a player and pimp hes the man blah blah fuckin quit being hypocrites and just except the fact that it 2008 and women can do the same damn thing and shouldnt be called names for it..." It's not right for ANYONE....MAN or WOMAN to play anyone. If someone has feelings for you and wants to be exclusive but your not willing to be exclusive. You don't deserve those feelings he/she has for you. If he or she is worth screwing why isn't he or she worth dating exclusive? If he or she wants to walk away because you don't want to date him or her exclusively, what right do you have to tell him or her you don't want to lose him or her? If you don't want to lose him or her then do the MATURE thing and don't be a player/pimp/slut/whore/skank.
Things The Grandchildren Should Know
It's not often I sit down and devour a book in one sitting, but this really is such a great read. E's own account of his life, his family, death, his music, and the career of the Eels, it's a fascinating, moving, hilarious and inspiring read. I sorta cried twice reading it, which I think is a good sign. You should read it too. While listening to 'Useless Trinkets'.
The Dead Cherry Scrolls Lol
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... Oops wrong scenario... A long time ago on a site called Lost Cherry, A time when kindness, manners and friendship ran rampant. There was a discerning sense of ethics and etiquette. Now as the site has grown many of the old ways have become a thing of the past. Making way for a much more ME orientated atmosphere. Luckily a lone internet scavenger stumbled across the dead cherry scrolls while rummaging through archives in a hidden data base. After hour upon hour the scrolls have finally been translated. Baby Jesus said unto the people of Cherryland...... This site is my gift to you, go forth my children, make friends, rate, fan and add in the name of love. I give you 10s and 11s for which to award our fellow brethren. Give them freely and give them often. The 1 through 9s are of no use and only there to fill space, using them may result in hurt feelings or a rash of 1s tossed right back at you. (rather damag
This was written almost 4 years ago but there's alot of it that is still rings true I hate the fact that I miss you I hate not being able to talk to you I hate myself for letting you see inside me As much as I want to hate you for what was said and done I can't... I hate the emptiness inside me now that you are gone
Bilderberg: Demand Destruction - Daniel Estulin
Bilderberg: Malthus Revisited - Daniel Estulin (# 4)
Cascada- What Hurts The Most
Cascada Videos | Music Video | Big Bear Cabins
Bildeberg Group
Bildeberg Group
Forgotten, left behind alone in a room full of people...screaming insde begging to be noticed. Affection, Attention withheld...emptiness, lonliness these I embrace like an old friend. Wanting love to be truly loved, yet scared to love...fight or flight on edge all senses going Run away, avoid the pain...only physical pain can be controlled....emotional pain is too much pain
Bilderberg: The Systemic Conspiracy - Daniel Estulin
Fake plastic smile on my face, acting as if everything is okay. While i'm screaming and crying inside, hurting and scared to trust again. Pink scars still fresh, physical reminders of emotional woulnd that i hope will heal, yet knowing that they never will. So again I sit cold metal biting into flesh in hopes I will be unable to feel the pain inside.
Well.. I have Finally Had to make the Biggest Decision Of my Life! I don't want to be the Big Loser, With Nothing going for me.. I'm Finding myself Fall into that Category.. And I'm not liking It.. A week ago, I was out in Lakewood, And Decided to Go To the Army Recruiters.. Well, There's Still a lot I have to do before I actually Can Join the Military.. I want to Make something of myself, and Show My Family I'm not a Pathetic Loser... I want to show Myself I can get Myself in a Better Life and Situation.. I know There is a War going on, But I need to do Something, and This way Will be the Only way for me to get over my Fear Of Guns.. And get me More Active.. Sorry if this Makes No Sense... But, That's How Confused I am right now! lol.. I don't know what to do! Please Help Me!
The Greatest Gifts In The World
I'm sitting here this evening looking back at my life. Seeing all the struggles and road blocks I've ran into and somehow overcome. Everything from child abuse (my childhood) to seeing my children's father attempt suicide for his own pity, i've seen my aunt brutally murdered, i've seen many people die in car accidents/murder, and so many innocent little human beings suffer by the hands of the devil. I've given my heart and soul to every single man i've ever been in a relationship with; I've loved and lost and still here I am....standing on solid ground. And the only reason(s) I am, is because of my two children. My son has severe asthma yet runs around like he's the healthiest baby boy in the world, and my little girl, she has pulmonary valve stenosis and a vibration to her heart....yet she is always smiling and filling my heart with such joy i didn't think existed. When I feel at my worst, they bring out my best. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me mad and they make me
No Boundries.....
Love has no boundries, it doesn't follow a time frame, it just happens. When you fall in love fast, your head beings to spin and it turns you upside down and inside out. It's scarey because love is such a strong feeling for someone to have about another. When you fall fast you have so much to learn about each other but be an open book, ask questions, ask anything. Love is about being open with one another, learning each other, and looking past what they have done in other realationships. Be yourself, love should never change you or what you stand for. Love doesn't know that you don't live close to each other, it doesn't have boundries. All you can do is see what happens as time goes by. So don't hold back let yourself be loved and love back. Some people are going to be negative, when they see that you found someone and you are happy, let the negativity roll off ya and hope they come around. For love has found you and the love that the other has for you is so great. S
A Dying Soul
A Dying Soul Walking down this road we call life, it's all I can do not to pickup a knife, my mind twists, riddles, and bends, no one can help me not family nor friend, I have been waiting year after year, for someone to save me, dry my tears, yearning, longing, praying for relief, rid my heart of my undying grief, Why can't they love me, Why can't they see, what have I done wrong, guess I just don't belong, I strive for attention, but it seems I'm in a separate demention, my voice they never hear, my soul might as well disappear, They never see me as I see them, they rip my spirit limb from limb, in death I will be cold and alone, but in life what warmth have I ever known, All the thoughts and feelings I am displaying, I'm sure aren't even worth me saying, but to die I am too scared, that it will prove all I have feared, That no one will care, that no tears will be shared, I will be forever alone in my grave, with no soul left to save.
Cowboys And Angels
Cowboys and Angels On the eighth day, God noticed a problem For there below Him stood a cowboy alone Stubborn and proud, reckless and loud God knew hed never make it on his own So God looked out all over Creation And listened as that cowboy prayed God took passion and thunder Patience and wonder, then sent down The best thing that God ever made Cowboys and angels, leather and lace Salt of the Earth meets heavenly grace Cowboys and angels, tested and tried Its a long way to heaven And one hell of a ride Nothins changed since the dawn of Creation For you will find them together today And only heaven above them knows why She loves him But he must be the reason she dont fly away Cowboys and angels, leather and lace Salt of the Earth meets heavenly grace Cowboys and angels, tested and tried Its a long way to heaven And one hell of a ride Its a long way to heaven And one hell of a ride
Just Me
hey, hello 2 every1, my name is jay, really nice person, i honstly don't know how 2 work this fubar stuff, but i do like buyin drinks and ratin people, so far, just havin fun here !!! but feel free 2 by me drinks and i'll hit u back
Love And Friendship Thoughts
Through out my years, and now that i am older i can actually say that. I have seen many things, experianced many things, but still have not learned one thing. Maybe learned it is not the answer, but understood it is more the proper term. The one thing that eludes me and many others is this .. Why is LOVE so hard, when we can love a child, a friend or a stranger. But when we love one other it becomes the most difficult thing in existance. Our emotions get tied into knots, our words get dumped out like a dam ready to burst. We lose control. We lose sight of the first important thing that makes love work.. Friendship. We forget that through friendship, all words, and all thoughts can be assertained and contemplated in their normal state. We forget that through friendship we can forgive a mistaken word, or a misplaced emotion. I guess in life it is not love that is hardest to understand, it is understanding that love should always fall back to friendship when emotions get tangl
Got Your Back
GOT YOUR BACK I am a small and precious child, my dad's been sent to fight... The only place I'll see his face, is in my dreams at night. He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track. I may be sad, but I am proud. My daddy's got your back. I am a caring mother. My son was sent to war... My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before. Every day I try to keep my thoughts from turning black. I may be scared, but I am proud. My son has got your back. I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go. There are times I'm terrified in a way most never know. I bite my lip, and force a smile as I watch my husband pack... My heart may break, but I am proud My husband's got you back... I am a soldier, serving proudly, standing tall. I fight for freedom, yours and mine by answering this call. I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes lacks. Say a prayer that I'll come home. It's me who's got your back.
Wow! Something To Think About...
I just wanted to see if anyone every looks at blogs, or if I am just wasting my time should I decide to write more entries into mine. GOCTHA ! Thought I was gonna have a Pervy Session here huh? Oh and BTW.. you do earn points for commenting on blog entries, and rating blogs so I hear, so even point hogs can participate, which means you can make a blog writer feel like they didn't waste their time.
Moved To Tillatoba,ms
well boys and girls i have moved to tillatoba,ms which is north...outside of grenada....
Military Girlfriend Prayer
Give me the greatness of heart to see, The difference between duty and his love for me. Give me the understanding so that I may know. When duty calls him, he must go. Give me a task to do each day, To fill the time when he's away. When he's in a foreign land, Keep him safe in your loving hand. And Lord, when duty is in the field, Please protect him and be his shield. And Lord, When deployment is so long, Please stay with me and keep me strong.
1,001 1,001 thoughts running through my mind Trying to sort them out in a short amount of time Situations manifesting that are not real Trying to deal with the what, if's and should have's Regret has no place in my life Regreting means I never tried
Help Out A Great Person
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. Send this to all your friends including me and see how many you get back. Send this balloon to everybody you like You may also return it to me.?? If four balloons are returned to you, something you have been waiting for a long time will happen with in hrs
Message For All Auction Entrants!
If you are in the auction or want to be, make sure you add me to your friends list and send me a private message so that i can add you to my family. My friends list is over 700 people and i cant find you! So add and message to make things easier. Also, I will be leaving messages for everyone on my blog to keep people up to date! Oh and just so u know i work and go to school during the day so i cant get too much done before 6pm most days. If you need help or have a problem you can message MarkMurderous (hes in my list and most of you know him) and he can try to help. Otherwise you are fucked until i get home! Happy Bidding! -Mynda
Baby Boy Written By Sabrina
BABY BOY Written By Sabrina 4 David Hey Baby Boy Whatchya Doin? Cant You See I'm Crushing On You? Why Wont You Come Talk To Me? Tell Me What I Wanna Hear, Tell Me Your Crushing On Me Too! Baby Tell Me Your In love With Me, Cause Baby Boy I'm So In Love With You. Baby Boy Your Always On My Mind,Every Minute Of Every Day. I Cant Get Enough Of You Baby Boy! Walk Up To Me...Say I'm Your Baby Girl,Say Your My Baby Boy! Say We're Meant To Be. Tell Me Your So Into Me,That I'm The Only One You See,The Only One You Wanna Be With. Oh Baby Boy I Love You So,You Are The Only One For Me,The Only One Who Holds The Key To My Heart. Oh Baby Boy Show Me How You Feel. Baby Boy You Belong To Me
Super Girl Written By Sabrina
Super Girl *************** Written By Sabrina 4 David ***************** Hey Baby, I Feel Like I'm A Super Girl When I'm With You. I Know What's In My Heart Is True. Everytime You Look Into My Eyes, You Make Me Feel Like I'm One Of A Kind. I Know That you Love Me, My Heart,Soul And Mind. I'm In Another World When I'm With You. You Never Make Me Feel Blue. I'm Here To Save Your World, I'm Your Super Girl. When Your In A Jam Have No Fear, I Will be The One To Wipe That Tear. I WIll Be There On The Double. I'm Going To Bail You Out Of Trouble. Whenever You Need Me I Will Be Near. Our Love Is Clear. Oh Baby, I'm Your Sup,Sup,Sup, Super Girl!
I Know You Wanna!!! Give It A Shot Might Be Weel Worth It For You!!!
Sister Written By Sabrina
Sister **************** Written By Sabrina **************** Dedicated 2 My Bestfriend/Sister Lexey ***************** We Grew Up Az Friendz But Deep In Our Hearts We Knew We Was Sisters. Whenever We Was In A Jam, We Always Had Eachothers Backs, That Changed On The Day You Died, My Heart Broke Into A Million Pieces.. I Felt Like I Was Alone, I Had Nobody To Turn To... I Realized.. You Were Never Gone You Were Always Looking Down On Me. Hey Sister I Miss You, I Wish You Were Still Here With Me, I Know Your In A Better Place Yea And I Can Still See Your Face Oh Sister I Miss You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freaked Out Written By Sabrina
Freaked Out Written By Sabrina ************************** Baby When You Looked At Me I Just Freaked Out, My Heart Skipped A Beat,I Couldnt Speak. I Just Looked Down Like I Couldnt Breathe You Asked Me, Baby What's Wrong With You?? My Sister Beckie Said "Oh David" She's Just Being Sabby! So The Very Next Day I Called You On The Phone, I Said Baby I'm Sorry, I Love You So Much, That Everytime You Speak I Just Freak Out. I Wanna Kiss You, Wanna Hold You, But I'm Affraid Of What You'd Say..Tell Me What To Do,Tell Me What To Say So The Next Time I See You I Wont Freak Out.
I heard from a friend today And she said you were in town Suddenly the memories came back to me in My mind Chorus: How can I be strong I've asked myself Time and time I've said That I'll never fall in love with you again A wounded heart you gave, My soul you took away Good intentions you had many, I know you did I come from a place that hurts, an' God knows how I've cried And I never want to return Never fall again Making love to you oh it felt so good and Oh so right Repeat Chorus So here we are alone again, Didn't think it'd come to this And to know it all began With just a little kiss I've come too close to happiness, To have it swept away Don't think I can take the pain Never fall again Kinda late in the game And my heart is in your hands Don't you stand there and then tell me You love me Then leave again 'Cause I'm falling in love with you again Hold me, hold me Don't ever let me go Say it just one time Say you love me God knows I
Last Update - Jan 28 2008
Jan 23 2008 Ya know there are a few so called screenshots floating around.... Now let me clarify the stupidity of one of the most vindictive Women of Fubar, Now most of you know my X-FUBAR wife and how talented she is in photoshops and I even give myself credit in being pretty good. Now This Vindictive piece of trash thinks people are actualy dumb enough to buy the screenshots she photoshopped and is passing around? Why do you think I havent passed or posted the ones I have ? Because like you Im that fuckin good at photoshops and i know they would be questioned. Now the question is am I sick ? Yes I am and i have clarified that. Am I limited on time ? Yes NOW let me clarify further....... I am still married to a woman that lives in Arkansas at this time, and lacey and i came up with the plan that she would show she had came here and was still here. and we also involved my son in sending her ( The soon to be X )info that I was deader than shit, This was done on Yahoo and
Faster-than-light Take: U2-3d -- Love And Peace Or Else
What else can I say? Listening to U2, one of the great rock bands of all time, is a pleasure. Watching U2 in concert (as I've done twice) is an adventure, nearly a life-changing, inspirational experience. But seeing the super quartet of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen in U2-3D at the IMAX Theatre is something else. Awesome isn't just the word. There's something about these talented, charismatic gents that we first met as restless young Irish lads in the early '80s. Something that grabs onto you and never lets go, something that compels you to love yourself, love others and to always look toward a better tomorrow. Seeing the band perform on the truly big screen in an amazingly state-of-the-art/three-dimensional technology -- it's like having a Bono standing right over you! It's like The Edge is just killing riffs in your living room (well, in this case, the front row of the theatre). And you're not just watching a concert film. You're IN the film, right along with
Hey Bitch Written By Sabrina
Hey Bitch Written By Sabrina Hey Bitch I Know Your Hittin On My Boyfriend, O What The Hell No!..Do You Think Your Gonna Get Away With This? I Can See, See The Way You Look At Him. Even When He Turnz Away I Know You Think Of Him And You Think He Wants You..But Hell No Get A Fucking Clue... Cant You See He Lovez Me? Im The Only One He Sees? Cause Omg Your Like So Whatever!!!!!! And If You Come After My Man, Guezz What? Ima Beat Your Azz.
Showing Love To Everyone.
Thank to all FRIEND & FANS all those that woul like to ADD FAN R* me. Always ***100% boricua fuk Mode***
Fu Angels Representing!!!!
ARE THERE ANY ANGELS OUT THERE... HIT ME HEART OF FIRE UP AND THEN FAN, ADD AND RATE THESE ANGEL'S TO BECOME ONE OF THEM. LET'S KEEP IT GOING SO WE CAN ALL GET GOOD FRIENDS.... ALSO, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE NO GODFATHER OR BE PAST A CERTAIN LEVAL TO BE AND ANGEL. THIS IS JUST TO MAKE GOOD FRIENDS... REMEMBER TO FAN ADD AND RATE ME AS WELL LOL!!! ADDING THE NAME TO YOURS IS OPTIONAL!!! "Heart of Fire"~Co of E.D.F.B.~ Club FAR~ I customize pic's!!! ~?PH3NOM3N@L UNBR3@K@BL3 M3?~ CaSpEr...W.C. M.(under boss purdyfam) NO FAKE PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!I WILL BLOCK YOURE A** ~*Deliciously Evil*~ **Member of I.B.N** ******JUICY DEE****** Angel Eyes Club F.A.R MEMBER Special R Kay Brown Eyed Beauty~Club F.A.R. Member and Proud Official Greeter of Club F.A.R.~ ?Thyckie Thyck? Club FAR ? Baby-Gurl *FU wife to Cuppycake* ~FU- Bombers Family Manager/promotor~
I FINALLY showed up on the top page scroll.
Leaving Behind By Red Wanting Blue
Don't try to explain I've been here before The phone calls and the letters of loved ones Always prying to and implying that when The stormy sides of dreams arrive I'm feeling the consequences Hit I've tried to escape I'm drifting from shore The bough breaks from the weight of loved ones Who leave us gliding forward and flying out When the sunny sides of dreams have Died I'll feel the consequences Lift I've tried to explain But the right words feel wrong Big mistakes feel the well when the love is gone And now there is crying and good-bying No I've had enough I've had too much The feeling strains me I've had too much This feeling drains me With so much at stake I'm leaving behind the shortcuts To find The long way home
Crazy Holding On
Crazy Holding On Once there was a man who had an orange shirt. Once there was a girl who went out dancing in a skirt. Once there was a park they found they fed the frantic ducks. Once there was a couple, happy, who couldn't believe their luck. Once they went out dancing, and a candled dinner date. Once early in the morning she surrendered to her fate. Once he said "I love you" and she had to love him too. Once they had a future, happy when one and one made two. Now they are both lonely, now they live alone. Now he has a cold and empty (tidy) hollow home. Now she has a fountain, tears where once there was a heart. Now he has decided that they really have to part. Now that he has nothing, he feels he is complete. Now that she can't dance again, her heart weighs down her feet. Now he thinks about her, all the memories locked away. Now he tries so hard to forget the happy laughing days. Is she thinking of him still? Does she cry still, now and then? Is she ever
Poem I Can't Sleep
I wrote this poem over 2 and 1/2 years ago. I can't sleep I toss and turn My heart races as it burns I hear echos of your voice Listening as it fills me with joy Thoughts of you in my head How I feel scares me to death I can't sleep I toss and turn My breath stops when I yearn For you Images I have are so Great and True That when we meet, we come unglued Every Inch of me Screams Your name I hope and pray you feel the same I can't sleep I toss and turn My Heart is tainted for you We don't know how the ending will be But I truly hope it is with me The only Question I have for you Does your heart yearn for me too?
Sarge's Bad Girls Is Hosting A Happy Hour!
Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar Today, Tuesday, January 29th at 11:00 AM Fubar time, Sarge's Bad Girls is hosting his very FIRST happy hour! Go spank Sarge's Bad Girls really hard!!! Also, to all Bad Girls, you need to check Sarge's blogs! It would also be great if the Bad Girls all use their Bad Girls animated picture as their default! Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar This bulletin brought to you by: ^Sweet Mel ~Official Greeter Club F.A.R ~SgtRaider's Bad Girl^@ fubar and Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Promoter ~ SgtRaider's Bad Girl/Sisters 4 Life/FuOwned by ^Sin^@ fubar with help from: W GЀ ~ _W΃ 2 hݧh ~ îG' Gή ~@ fubar and Wild Horse ~Lounge Expert~ ~Fubar's 24th Godfather~@ fubar
The Break Up
after 6 years you'd think you know a person. turns out he was just using me. i dont think he really loved me. and now his kids are gonna grow up with out their father. if he can cheat lie and just walk out on us then why would i let him near my kids. the problem is i hate that i love him. but its getting nasty now and it hurts more each day. i hate feeling this way. all i do is cry when no one can see and im cant eat. why would some one do this when i have stood by him through a whole lot of shit so he can just walk away to go play? i hate what he has done to kids. my 4 yr old is acting out so bad.
Making Love To A Friend
You were always so perfect to me, so soft and gentle, cherishing you instantly, without a second glance, I never distrusted those eyes, that lied to me continuously, I promised you I'd always try, but slowly you were losing me. I would always have given you anything, just to keep your interest, stopping my heart from remembering, all the pain you caused, I never pulled away from that kiss, that held a painful hint of truth, Maybe you'd be too hard to miss, so I said I was still in love with you. I wanted more than just the infatuation, that you found in me. You said love was only a distraction, that you really didn't need, so I cried myself to sleep, knowing the times we shared must end. You couldn't let emotion run deep, you said you made love to me, as a friend. But eventually, my love, friendships fade, too, and I can't make love and walk away, pretending I don't love you. Never once did I push you away, but everything comes to end, so all that's
Heartstrings Are Played Upon
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex Im left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me Im wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key. done by christine .
What Do They Know
I face the world with a smile, no one knows what is hid inside. They see only happiness, they cant see the tears I've cried. When I am alone I hurt, because here I do it well. In front of all the watchful eyes my heaven turns to hell. The judge and jury awaits me, everyone has a say. In a life that hangs suspended for yet another day. Who are they to judge if what I have done is right or wrong? In the end I gave him up, but inside still sing his song. I don't know how to find the strength I thought I had. If only I could play tough it wouldn't be so bad. They say that life goes on and someday I'll smile again. But, how do they know my pain without being where I've been? I've traveled so far from home, and can't find my way back. Somewhere along the way I must have jumped the track. I saw him just today and his smile is still the same. He looked at me so sweetly, but never spoke my name. I wonder if he remembers me, It hasn't been that long. He may have forgotten me, bu
To My Valentine
Once upon A time There was Truth to the Myth of what You And I Had found In a blank paged Fairy tale. Snow White Doesn't sleep In a casket made of Glass Slippers will break If you wear them. Walk across this Written word With fingers Gently Seeking Loving You And me No more. He loves Me He loves me! Not Enough. To: My Valentine Will you Be mine No longer . . . Done by christine
Something Serious...
I've kept another blog about some more public things that get my attention or anything else. This blog is of a more serious issue and I thought I would share this with all of you. Leave some comments and let me know what you think.
Dj Schedule
Hope People Read This One !!!!!
Well first off i came to this site cause a friend invited me and i thought i would give it a try...I have made some really good friends and well i have added ppl that said they wanted to be friends but yet they have never spoken a word to me at all, i believe they just wanted me to add so they could get fubucks and whatever else to further them along ... well i came here to make friends yes it is nice to get further up on the levels and yes it is nice to send and recieve gifts ... i am in a contest and i have asked ppl to help, i did not demand like someone thought i did but i asked and u know out of all the friends i have only 5 ppl bothered to help me i am still not where i need to be but i will get there. But i will not add someone so they can go further. u might as well make sure u want to be my friend and i mean that , so tonight i am sweeping my friends list and the ones that do not bother well u are the ones wh
Wanna Own Me?
AMber420Nicole says: 150,000?!?!?! Don't you think I'm worth more than this??? If you can't bid at least leave me a rate and a comment. Click The Pic & Please Bid or Rate: <
Chicken Saltimbocca
6 (3-ounce) chicken cutlets, pounded to evenly flatten Salt and freshly ground black pepper 6 paper-thin slices prosciutto 1 (10-ounce) box frozen chopped spinach, thawed 3 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup grated Parmesan 1 (14-ounce) can low-salt chicken broth 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Place the chicken cutlets flat on the work surface. Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper. Lay 1 slice of prosciutto atop each chicken cutlet. Squeeze the frozen spinach to remove the excess water. Season the spinach with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, toss the spinach with 1 tablespoon of oil to coat. Arrange an even, thin layer of spinach atop the prosciutto slices. Sprinkle the Parmesan evenly over each. Beginning at the short tapered end, roll up each chicken cutlet as for a jellyroll. Secure with a toothpick. Heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil in a heavy large skillet over high heat. Add the chicken and cook just until golden brown, about 2 minutes per side. Add th
Kiss ~Tony Martinez It's been a little while But still If I close my eyes I can still see you I can still feel you I can still taste you Baby your hands Your face Feel so soft God I'm shaking so much Your smile melts my heart I feel the butterfly kisses all over my face Driving me crazy My hands running up and down your back My head is spinning with so many emotions Oh How I wish time would just stop right now To stay like this forever To have you in my arms forever Feeling you this close Damn those lips taste so good You start to pull away I dont let you We hold the kiss Finally smiling and laughing Our eyes open Yes baby we finally did it After all this time Our 1st kiss.
Avgolemono: Chicken Soup With Egg-lemon Sauce
1 (3 pound) free range chicken 2 quarts water 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, finely diced 2 bay leaves 1 leek, cleaned and quartered 1 carrot, peeled and quartered 2/3 cup aborio rice 2 large eggs 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon ground pepper Place the chicken in a large pot with 2 quarts cold water, enough to cover the chicken. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low, skimming when necessary. In a separate pan, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add the onions. Sweat the onions until clear. Set aside. When chicken is cooked through, remove from the broth. Let the chicken cool and pull the meat from the bones. Dice into large cubes. Set aside. Add the onion, bay leaves, leek, and carrot to the broth and simmer for 1 hour. When finished, remove the carrot and leek from the broth and add the rice. Bring to a boil and then turn heat to medium high to simmer until the rice is cooked to al dente, about 30 minutes. Add the chicken back into the
Thai Coconut Soup With Lemon Grass And Sugarcane Chicken Dumplings
Thai Coconut Soup: 2 cups Soup Base, recipe follows 1 cup coconut milk 6 Kaffir lime leaves Salt and pepper Lime juice, to taste About 1 tablespoon palm sugar, to taste Sugarcane Chicken Dumplings, recipe follows Garnish: 1 ounce glass noodles, soaked in water until softened 1/4 cup carrots, cut into julienne 1/4 cup leeks, cut into julienne 4 Thai chiles, stems removed, split in half lengthwise, seeded 4 Kaffir lime leaves, cut in a thin chiffonade To the soup base, add the coconut milk and lime leaves. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper, lime juice and sugar. Add the dumplings and simmer until done, about 3 minutes. Divide the softened glass noodles on four soup bowls. Place two dumplings crisscross on top of the noodles, leaning to the side of the bowl. Divide the soup onto the four bowls. Garnish each bowl with julienne of carrots, leeks, Thai chiles and lime leaf. Serve immediately. Soup Base: 2 1/2 cups l
A Story I Am Writing
The Zelkaven Sword was forged one hundred years ago. It was supposed to be a weapon to destroy the last bastion of evil, the goddess Letalias temple. Evil was nearly destroyed in the land and the people needed one last rallying point. And so the sword was created. The attempt to destroy evil was doomed to failure. First, the best weapon smith in the world was found and asked to create identical twin swords. Next, twin diamonds had to be found naturally born to hold the magic needed. And last, but not least, Zel Kaven, last of the master mages, was asked to imbue the swords with magic and make the two swords one. When wielded, the user was undefeatable. What no one knew was that Zel was one of the goddesss most loyal servants. He embedded the sword with so much evil magic that the diamonds turned blood red as the swords were forged together with magic. He then cursed the sword to evil. Zel then wielded the sword himself and killed all of the others involved in the
Barbecued Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps
2 cups, 4 handfuls, fresh shiitake mushrooms 1 1/3 to 1 1/2 pounds thin cut chicken breast or chicken tenders 2 tablespoons light colored oil, such as vegetable oil or peanut oil Coarse salt and coarse black pepper 3 cloves garlic, chopped 1 inch ginger root, finely chopped or grated, optional 1 orange, zested 1/2 red bell pepper, diced small 1 small tin, 6 to 8 ounces, sliced water chestnuts, drained and chopped 3 scallions, chopped 3 tablespoons hoisin, Chinese barbecue sauce, available on Asian foods aisle of market 1/2 large head iceberg lettuce, core removed, head quartered Wedges of navel orange -- platter garnish Remove tough stems from mushrooms and brush with damp towel to clean, Slice mushrooms. Chop chicken into small pieces. Preheat a large skillet or wok to high. Add oil to hot pan. Add chicken to the pan and sear meat by stir frying a minute or 2. Add mushrooms and cook another minute or two. Add salt and pepper to season, then garlic and ginger. Cook
----------------JULY-------------- Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. spazzy at times. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover. Repost this in the next 5 mins and your reputation will boost someway in the next 12 days
Vietnamese Burrito
Chicken filling: 26 ounces skinned, boneless chicken breasts 5 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons hoisin sauce 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon sugar 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 stalks lemongrass, minced 1/2 cup soybean oil 1 tablespoon sesame seed oil Fresh black pepper Wrapping mixture: 10 large rice paper wrappers 1 package rice noodles, soaked in warm water until softened and drained 1 head romaine lettuce, cut into 3/4-inch lengths 1 cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut into thin strips 1/2 cup pickled daikon, chopped 3 carrots, peeled and sliced thinly 2 cups bean sprouts 1 bunch basil, cleaned and leaves picked 1 bunch mint , cleaned and leaves picked 1/2 bunch parsley, cleaned and leaves picked Dipping Sauce, recipe follows Wash chicken breasts and pat dry. Combine all ingredients for the filling in a bowl, mix well and cover. Marinate for about 1 hour at room temperature. Preheat a grill. Grill chicken in pieces (cut to preference) until golden brown on
Druens Accomplishments
ive always thought of myself as a strong person, but having a special needs child really makes a person look within themselves, and i realize that i have to be strong for two, and i can handle that druen today pushed himself up on his knees and arms,,hopfully will be crawling soon, he just turned 9 months old,, still stops breathing daily and has stomach problems but it is getting better and his muscle tone is getting better and can almost sit up by himself. when i look in his eyes i see my strength, i see my angel,, i see my purpose in life, you know when i first found out he had downs, i was in denial, i told everyone, that he would be normal, that he would not lag behind in development, well i found out i cant control things,,lol,, and he will tackle each task in his time and ive accepted then and help him every day to reach his next accomplishment special needs children are angels
Me Me And More Me
Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me basic info name: HEATHER what do people call you?: HEATHER birthday: JULY 10 current location: BOONEVILLE,MS height: 5'9'' eye color: BROWNISH GREEN hair color: BLACK righty or lefty?: RIGHTY a few questions do you believe in god?: YES do you have a religion?: YES do you speak another language?: NO do you live in the moment?: IN A WAY YEA do consider yourself tolerant of others?: DEPENDS ON MY MOOD are you confident?: IN MY POETRY YES are you a daredevil?: DEPENDS ON THE DARE what is the compliment you get from most people?: WELL ASIDE FROM THE BOOB COMMENTS IT WOULD BE ABOUT MY EYES AND SMILE what do you like the most about your body?: EYES AND SMILE do you think you are good looking?: I HAVE MY MOMENTS WHEN I CAN BE do have any bad habits?: TALKING BAD ABOUT MYSELF what's your biggest fear?: LOSING A LOVE ONE do play an instrument?: NOPE can you sing?: NAH if you c
About Me
Hello! My name is Heather. I'm a 22 year old female from a small town in North Mississippi called Booneville.For those who care I am currently single.I am the baby of three childrean. My half brother Chistopher is 25. My brother Wesley is 25 also. Chris will turn 26 in May. He is my daddy's son. I'm a proud aunt of two beautiful nieces. Cassie is 1 year old will turn 2 in feb. Katlyn is 11 monthes old , she will turn 1 in feb. I do not get to see my brothers or my nieces. I don't get to see my oldest brother Christopher due to things his momma told him. Basically he don't know about me or his daddy. It is just drama on my brother and his wife's part the reason why I don't see the girls or my brother. As much as I hate to say so I'm disabled. on 11-21-05 I had to have back surgery. I had no other choice. During the time of healing arthics set up in my hips. Between my hips and my back I have what they call a waddle limp. It just means I limp on both my legs. I have other health problems
Can't Cry Hard Enough
Newest Demon Crew Members As Of 1/28/08
Announcing our newest members! Please welcome them to the family and show them some love! **SexyTiger** ~ Demon Crew Member ~ Shadow Leveler ~@ fubar рVéDEMON CREW MEMBER@ fubar A.J. ..OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~,,,,and Member of the Demon Crew Family@ fubar BigMitch!!!Demon Crew member!!!!@ fubar [J~W]♥ F/GF2♥♥[Wգ] ♥♥*~*m Ǯw*~*T-MGʮ @ ѩ7@ fubar The Demon Crew Roll Call List can be found in this blog: 1. We are a BOMBING FAMILY, therefore, if
Many Faces Of Me
Honda Cbr 1000 Rr
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My Passion
I Cant Live If...........
No I can't forget this evening Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that's just the way The story goes You always smile but in your eyes Your sorrow shows Yes it shows No I can't forget tomorrow When I think of all my sorrow When I had you there But then I let you go And now it's only fair That I should let you know What you should know I can't live If living is without you I can't live I can't give anymore I can't live If living is without you I can't give I can't give anymore Well I can't forget this evening Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that's just the way The story goes You always smile but in your eyes Your sorrow shows Yes it shows I can't live If living is without you I can't live I can't give any more I can't live If living is without you I can't give I can't give anymore
How Long Can U Last N Bed?
How Long Can You Last In Bed?Over 60 minutes really know how to work it and keep the heat up for a long time. You probably experiment and tease a lot. Your partner thinks you're a kinky bitch and loves doing it with you. You keep it coming and know how to make it fun. You really know how to pull an all-nighter and make it extra special. You get the caressing, teasing, and experimenting in all in night. It makes you even more irresistible and the sex even more intimate.Myspace Quizzes
Why Cant Life Always Be An Adventure?
Seems like just when things are getting fun in life, we have to settle back in to the same ole routine of things. Predictable and boring..... Yet every now and then an adventure comes along that turns your predictable boring life into an adventure. Whether its for hours or days or months... but eventually the adventure ends and you must return back to the familiar. How I wish every day could be a new adventure. But the most important thing to remember is be thankful for the adventures you do get! They add spice to life! Thanks for the adventure!!! ;0)
New Outlook
As I sit here listening to the quiet sounds of the house, I have a lot of things on my mind. It seems like this year has just flew past. So much has happen this year . Lately I have been thinking about all the things that have happen this year . Ive always been told you have to take the good with the bad, but does there always got to be so much bad ??? As all these things run through my mind I guess I have started to make a list of what Im not going to put myself through or let go on like I have this year. This year has had its ups & downs. The best thing of this year was when my family became whole again. The holidays have been so wonderful with my nieces being here for them. Health wise & drama wise it hasnt been such a good year. It seems like Im fighting an uphill battle with those two things. I have come to realize that there comes a point in your life when you just have to stop trying and let things go. I have made a promise to myself for this upcoming year. I have promised
My List
This is my list of what I want for myself & expect out of my self in 2008 To take better care of myself To be happy ♦To loose weight To become comfortable in my own shell Be a better daughter Be a better friend Not let my self get ran over & used To realize that some things I just have to let go of no matter how it hurts ♦Stop thinking that I always screw things up Stop hiding behind things and people and actually put myself out there Stop running away when I get scared Work on my writing more Stop stressing all the little things Stop letting people make me feel like I'm not good enough ♦Learn how to do all the things I want to do with my baking To let go of the what ifs & fully forgive & forget those who have hurt me Finish the things that I start
Hard Dose Of Reality
This past week has been really rough and tiresome. Finally got out of the hospital on Thursday with Mama after being in since Monday. I know doesnt sound all that long but it seemed like forever. She is doing better than she was. After staying all week at the hospital with her, I didnt really feel like getting out on Saturday to attend a wedding , but I did. It was a very beautiful wedding. I ended up doing the music since I was the only one there without a date. That was the only thing that sucked about it. However I learned my lesson next wedding I attend if I dare attend another make sure I take guy with me. All parties in the wedding looked very nice. I was asked the same question a lot that night. When was it going to be my turn. I replied with Heather is never going to do this. Hollies colors were red and white. They had decorated Rays Place very nicely. Didnt stay very long due to the nasty weather but at least Daddy & me did go. We didnt let Mama get out in the nasty weat
A Werid Day
Have you ever had somebody to wave at you in passing in a store and not have a single clue who they were? It is the weirdest feeling to have somebody smiling and waving at you . Especially if this is not a every day occurrence. Goodness let me stop this rambling & get on with my point. On New Years Day I was in Wal-Mart with Mama. We were making our way around from womens clothing area to check out. There was this guy leaned over a basket and was looking dead at me smiling and then waved. I had no clue who he was , so I lived my hand and waved but never took my hand out of my jacket pocket. What a dummy I was! Well as we go walking out of the store he gets behind us. Im floored because I have no clue who this guy is. So I find myself back in Wal - Mart today with my parents. I look up from the line we are in and my eyes are meet with a beautiful set of blue eyes. In my head I was like Oh My God, same guy from New Years Day. I break the eye contact by turning around and telling Mama
Somthing To Do In Pa On Feb 8th & 9th
Your Invited To The PARTY!Celebrate Fetzer Music Managements' Birthday!We are 1 Year old&Official Release Party For"C & B Booking & Promotions"2 Nights / 2 Cities12 Great Bands1 BIG PARTYSEE YOU THERE!
Can't Cry Hard Enough
I'm going to live my life Like every day's my last Without a simple good-bye It all goes by so fast And now that you're gone I can't cry hard enough No I can't cry hard enough For you to hear me now I'm going to open my eyes And see for the first time I've let go of you like A child letting go of his kite There it goes up in the sky There it goes beyond the clouds For no reason why I can't cry hard enough No I can't cry hard enough For you to hear me now I'm going to look back in vain And see you standing there When all that remains Is just an empty chair And now that you're gone I can't cry hard enough No I can't cry hard enough For you to hear me now CAN'T CRY HARD ENOUGH BY THE WILLIAMS BROTHER
Goodbye For Now.
Hello everyone! As some of you know I'm in the process of moving back to Florida. Because of that my internet bill will not be paid for this month. So I will be losing my connection either tomorrow or the following day. And after that I'll be moving down in about 6 weeks. I'm not sure how soon I'll have my connection back once I'm there.. it could be as soon as I move in or a couple months later. So I'm more or less writing this so when I finally get back I don't hear a lot of "omg where have you been??". If you want to keep in contact with me while I'm gone leave me your phone number and good times to call in a private message. ^.^ Though I can't promise I'll be able to. Alright.. I'll miss you guys. Well.. I'll miss some of you. XD Ja ne. Oyasumi! P.S. Large possibility of a lot of new pictures upon my return.
I'm The Girl
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed under the stars, more than inside our bedroom or in a expensive resturant... I'm the girl who holds your hand and plays with it.... I'm the girl who doesn't mind you playing with her hair.... I'm the girl who makes jokes with your mom... I'm the girl who stares into your eyes looking for a reason what you see in me....... I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss... I'm the girl who will take care of you when you are sick... I'm the girl who you can talk to about anything... I'm the girl who will cry when YOU'RE hurt....... I'm the girl who laughs at your jokes... I'm the girl who will have many inside jokes with you and remember each one... I'm the girl who will brag about you to all of my friends... I'm the girl who will listen to you talk... I'm the girl who remembers how and wh
Sex Type
What Kind Of Sex Should You Have?KinkyYou like whips, chains..... crazy stuff. You are creative with sex. Keep it going!!!!! I hope you have a partner as kinky as you, otherwise you wont be satisfied.Sex-Intimacy Quizzes
Yesterday, I Cried. ( Thanks Sis)
Yesterday I cried. I came home, went straight to my room, sat on the edge of my bed, kicked off my shoes, unhooked my bra, and I had myself a good cry. I'm telling you, I cried until my nose was running all over the silk blouse I got on sale. I cried until my ears were hot. I cried until my head was hurting so bad that I could hardly see the pile of soiled tissues lying on the floor at my feet. I want you to understand, I had myself a really good cry yesterday. Yesterday, I cried, for all the days that I was too busy, or too tired, or too mad to cry. I cried for all the days, and all the ways, and all the times I had dishonored, disrespected, and disconnected my Self from myself, only to have it reflected back to me in the ways others did to me the same things I had already done to myself. I cried for all the things I had given, only to have them stolen; for all the things I had asked for that had yet to show up; for all the things I had accomplished, only to give them awa
Her Secret
( THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT POEM THAT I HAVE FOUNDED) He looks at her with gentle eyes He touches her with gentle hands He shows her kindness like he understands He lifts her spirit when she feels down And makes her smile when shed rather frown He calls her up to say hello See how shes doing and to let her know Things will be ok when she tends to get psycho She sits at home alone at night Phones her friends and wonders why They cant be more then just good friends Cant he see how much she cares Does he not see the love thats there She often wants to let him know Confess her feelings and let it show But rejection shes so afraid To hear his words and what hed say Her heart would break Her tears would fall Her world shattered But most of all To know the truth of how he felt She was a good friend and nothing else So shed rather live within her lie At least with that she still had hope That he'll always be her beloved
Girl Wants Boy
this is actually one of my own works that has been published Girl Wants Boy So these word are for you. Every single ,solitary line. Crafted with love and care. Red like the very best of wines. Every word has been carefully chosen. The message is initially in disguise. A boy I know certainly has one. Destiny before your very own eyes. Most girls think that you're cute. I think that you're more than that to me. Really kind and caring. Maybe you will come to me. Heather J Mcvey Copyright 2007 Heather J Mcvey
Tired Of All The Bullsh*t!
Have you ever taken someone in that you considered family and tried to help them out? Did everything you possibly could to help them.....feed them, roof over their head, give them spending money, and treat them like they were blood only for them to turn around and stab you in the back? This person has tried over and over again numerous times to try and destroy my family.....basically turning my life upside down. This person has tried to have my kids taken from me....stopped in their tracks cause all the allegations were proved unfounded, this person even went as far as getting employed at my job knowing there was an outside personal conflict between us. Now their partner has gotten themself involved in the situation. The sad thing is I use to be very good friends with the partner too. I just can't stand it when a person can't own up to what they've done and instead tries to blame it on everyone else instead of saying, "yeah, i did it, so what" especially now that the situation has been
Boy And A Girl
Boy and A girl A boy and a girl, the best of friends. From elementary to high school from beginning to end. Through all those years their friendship grew. They both felt the same, but neither knew. Each waking moment since the day they met. They both loved each other sunrise to sunset. He was all she had in her terrible life. He was the one who kept her from her knife. She was his angel, she made him smile. Though life threw him curves, she made it all worth while. Then one day things went terribly wrong. The next few weeks were like a very sad song. He made her jealous on purpose he tried. When the girl asked, "Do you love her?" on purpose he lied. He played with jealousy like it was a game. Little did he know Things would never be the same. His plan was working but he had no clue. How wrong things would go, the damage he would do. One night she broke down, feeling very alone. Just her and the blade, no one else home.
Challenger's Legacy Lives On By Inspiring The Next Generation
Whilst still grieving their loss, the families of the STS-51L mission decided to set up the Challenger Space (Learning) Centers, ensuring the spirit of exploration - which had cost their loved ones their lives - would live on in the generations to follow. The Challenger Center for Space Science Education was founded on April 24, 1986 - just three months after the disaster, immediately raising funds that included donations from shuttle contractors and even the then US vice president. It has since grown into an international organization, based around a principle message that was carried into aboard by Christa McAuliffe - who was selected from among more than 11,000 applicants to be the first teacher in space. 22 years on, and McAuliffe's dream of inspiring students via space exploration lives on, thanks to the work of the people like Denise Terpstra, Flight Director at the Challenger Space Center in Peoria, Arizona. 'I feel by providing the students simple and basi
Monty Python - The Dull Life Of A City Stockbroker
Monty Python - The Dull Life of a City Stockbroker
Honda Cbr 1000 Rr
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Jan 29th
Today was Monday, but I woke with the thought - I was going to be happy not matter what! After a full day at work - I was, even knowing what tomorrow brings. I was happy I talked with Holley on the phone and well that always makes me happy, chatted with Shawna and that Smartass Texas B**** here on fubar their great peopl,fun friends - then I posted a status on yahoo messenger that read "Sex on TV can't hurt- unless you fall off" all in the fun of things being I was happy feeling fun.- then I got a message about my status and how I have kids and I was participating in pornography?? for a humorus status?? ok Well the emotions that I was tring to hind now hit me like a brick wall! Happy was gone! reality was here! January 29 was comming like or not!! for years it's been just my dads birthday good times for many years - fishing trips, strip joints many good times, but now my father is sick and this will more than likey be his last birthday - but even with this - at 76 his life has be
Monty Python - Court Charades
Monty Python - Court Charades
To Big For Their Britches
To big for their britches, I've notice that there are people here that once they've reach a certain level here on fubar, that they change their whole attitude, even to their friends that's known them before they've even join on here. They'll shoot up thru the ranks so fast that they become egotistical and start making demands that they wouldn't have ever thought of making when they first sign on to fubar. I just lost a friend like that tonight, because she shot right on up and now she want fubuck for certain acts and when I asked her about this tonight, she just told me to go ahead and delete her and then she blocked me. I feel sad for her, because all in all, this is only a virtual world and it seems like her true personality has come to light because she got to big for her britches. But who'll be there for her if she tries to take this type of attitude out in the real world, her fubar friends? I don't know if there's really that many in fubar like myself, that actually does care for
When You Look At Me
Love is the magic in the way You hold me in your eyes Noone ever warned me of love It took me by suprise I dont know what came over me You have me hypnotized When you look at me The feelings, not like anything I've known before Your all I dreamed love would be And so very much more I cant believe its true You feel the way I do Soft as any touch can be Suddenly theres magic When you look at me I feel like I'm in heaven Every moment when you look at me I can see the magic in your eyes And I'm captured When you look at me
Monty Python - Hide And Seek Sketch
Monty Python - Hide and Seek Sketch
Happy Birthday Dale!!! Tuesday, January 29th, is Phantom Dale's birthday!!! *Phantom*@ fubar Go show this bad boy a lot of that awesome Fubar love! Shower him with birthday wishes! What a fabulous friend! Such an awesome guy! Hit him up with a lot of love! Happy Birthday Dale!!! This birthday announcement brought to you by: Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Promoter ~ SgtRaider's Bad Girl/Sisters 4 Life/FuOwned by ^Sin^
Serial Killer: The Game!
SEATTLE -- A controversial new board game puts some of the most infamous serial killers in history back in the spotlight. The Serial Killer Trivia Game features Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer Gary Ridgway and Spokane's serial killer Robert Yates. The game places the players in the middle of some of the most notorious cases of our time with a roll of a dice. "You would land on the victim's house and once you do that, you would grab a trivia card and attempt to answer it correctly in order to claim the victim," said Ryan Hobson, the game's creator. The game, like any other board game, involves moving player pieces around the board and coming across a variety of scenarios. But he scenarios in the serial killer game involves killing. "'BTK strangler' stands for 'bind, torture, kill.' So if you got the question right, you would claim one of these victims, the little baby." The plastic babies are color-coated to match the killer (or player) who claims them. Hobson does n
Monty Python Airplane Hijack
monty python airplane hijack
World's Largest Police Chase In Japan
How can one 27-year-old man set off a police chase that includes 2,240 police officers, 460 police cars and one helicopter? Osaka's Hirofumi Fukuda assaulted several police officers, which qualified him as a seriously wanted man. It took two hours to apprehend him, but authorities finally nabbed Fukuda when his car crashed into a bridge column. Surprisingly, he sustained only minor injuries. The two-hour chase involving 2,240 police officers took place in Osaka, Japan. Police received an emergency call saying that a car was driving recklessly, ignoring traffic lights. When a patrol car approached the vehicle in question, it took off. Police were mobilised throughout the area and a helicopter called in. The chase ended when Fukuda's car crashed into a bridge column. He suffered minor injuries but no one else was injured in the chase. what do u think that he is crazy to pose himself on tv for world' largest police chase? i think he is idiot
Living In South Carolina
Things I have learned living in South Carolina: A Possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road. "Onced" and "Twiced" are words. It is not a shopping cart, it is a buggy. "Jaw-P" means "Did ya'll go to the bathroom?" People actually grow AND eat okra. "Fixinto" is one word.There is no such thing as "lunch". There is only dinner and then there is supper. Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you're two. We do like a little tea with our sugar! Backards and forards means "I know everything about you." The word "Jeet" is actually a phrase meaning "Did you eat?" You don't have to wear a watch because it doesn't matter what time it is. You work until you're done or it's too dark to see. You don't PUSH buttons, you MASH them. YOU KNOW YOU'RE FROM South Carolina IF: 1. You measure distance in minutes. 2. You've ever had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day. 3. You use "fix" as
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack Live Launch Part 7
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack Live Launch Part 7
Did You Know?
Did you know you're my whole life? And how I love you more each day? And did you know, that I would die If you ever went away? Did you know your always on my mind? That you're everything I do? And did you know you could touch my heart Just by saying "I love you"? Did you know that I feel so happy When I think of all we share? And did you know I feel so safe Because I know your always there? Did you know I give you this, Its a gift from me to you To answer the question Do I love you? Yes I do!!
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack Live Launch Part 6
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack Live Launch Part 6
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Jade- Vt & Entrance
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Jade- VT & Entrance
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Advert #1 - 13th December 2007
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Advert #1 - 13th December 2007
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Advert #1 - 13th December 2007
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Advert #1 - 13th December 2007
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Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Uk Bblb Show 4 Pt. 2
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack UK BBLB Show 4 Pt. 2
I've Been Pimped
These bitches totally kick ass so go spank their page with rates! ~Mz Attitude~ Shadow Leveler and Freelance Bomber@ fubar ☺Katie☺Shadow Leveler☺Please sign my guestbook☺@ fubar Lr (W R) / Lr' Grl / m rw Mmr hw Lvlr@ fubar **SexyTiger** ~ Demon Crew Member ~ Shadow Leveler ~@ fubar ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.@ fubar ♥ ĦOŦ ΜΟΜΜ ♥@ fubar Pimp out brought to you by: lauria ♥Shadow Leveler♥ Proud owner of Hopeless Romantic@ fubar (repost of original by 'lauria ♥Shadow Leveler♥ Proud owner of Hopeless Romantic' on '2008-01-28 20:14:55')
John Lennon - Jealous GuyThe Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes --- My newest poem Looking in your eyes There is everything I need to see A lifetime of pain Moments of pleasure I see your thoughts Your soul Your dreams Without a word I know how you feel The love in your heart Flows through your eyes of the deepest blue Your eyes stare Looking at me Looking into my eyes Into my soul Into my heart Hoping that you see what I see I will never say a word A whisper will not pass my lips Words cannot share our feelings They will only detract Take away from the honesties My eyes Your eyes Say it alone It is all in our eyes
Another One
You used to call me your angel Said I was sent straight down from heaven You'd hold me close in your arms I loved the way you felt so strong I never wanted you to leave I wanted you to stay here holding me [CHORUS:] I miss you I miss your smile And I still shed a tear Every once in a while And even though it's different now You're still here somehow My heart won't let you go And I need you to know I miss you, sha la la la la I miss you You used to call me your dreamer And now I'm living out my dream Oh how I wish you could see Everything that's happening for me I'm thinking back on the past It's true that time is flying by too fast I know you're in a better place, yeah But I wish that I could see your face, oh I know you're where you need to be Even though it's not here with me [CHORUS]
Celebrity Hijack - The Boys Watch Emilia Stretch...
Celebrity Hijack - The boys watch Emilia stretch...
Wisdom (from The Internet - Pass Along)
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. Send this to all your friends including me and see how many you get back. Send this balloon to everybody you like You may also return it to me.?? If four balloons are returned to you, something you have been waiting for a long time will happen within hours.
Why Guys Can't Win
Why Guys Can't Win If you work too hard, there is never any time for her. If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum. If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, it's exploitation. If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your butt and find something better. If you get a promotion ahead of her, it's favoritism. If she gets a job ahead of you, it's equal opportunity. If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment. If you keep quiet, it's male indifference. If you cry, you're a wimp. If you don't, you're insensitive. If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a control freak. If she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman. If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's manipulation. If she asks you, it's a favor. If you try to keep yourself in shape, you're self-centered. If you don't, you're a slob. If you buy her flowers, you're after something. If
How Do You Rate?
My problem isn't that I miss you Cause I don't My problem isn't that I kissed you I figured out That you're nothing that I thought you're about You're just caught in a place That soon time will erase from my heart You're my type of guy, I guess If I was stuck in East Northumberland High For the rest of my life But people change Thank God I did Just because I wanted you then Doesn't mean I want you now Just because I wanted you then Doesn't mean I want you Your problem's not for lack of trying Cause you do Just that you're at your best when you're lyin' Now you're here Saying things you think I wanted to hear But you've got it all wrong I've already moved on my dear [CHORUS] When you're standing near me I don't see so clearly The feelings are still so palpable But when I take two steps away t sheds some light on my day Yeah, you can't go back It's all in the past Guess you gotta laugh at it
Can I?
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Emilia & Victor Vt & Entrance
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Emilia & Victor VT & Entrance
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Emilia & Victor Vt & Entrance
Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Emilia & Victor VT & Entrance

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