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Vålµê Ö£ Ä §låvê
Vålµê Ö£ Ä §låvê To many, slaves are considered owned property. Many take this to mean that those who prefer a master / slave relationship see slaves as having no value or worth, as no more important than a rug or other property. This is not true in the vast majority of cases. Legally in many countries slavery does not exist. In a master / slave lifestyle sense, slavery is a consensual state where one person has willingly given up their rights and becomes owned. In doing so, they agree to be bound by their owner’s limits (if any), rules, expectations, desires, etc. and to put their owner’s wants and needs before their own. This does not remove a slave’s legal rights in the eyes of society and the law. However, by submitting in this manner, many slaves, in their own hearts and minds, have done just that. The words slave and owner are used with this definition in mind throughout the paragraphs below. The question of a slave’s worth or value is one that often comes up in discus
I Really Really Dont Like You, And I Wish Someone Would Slap You...with A Semi Truck :d
this is for someone in my life , after 13 years and two beautiful children later.. I finally got the courage to keep him in my past..and not bring him ito my future. Mind you it took the law, a couple bumps and bruses and my loving husband and brother who I dont know where I would be without these two men in my life to keep pushin me to do so. I needed to take charge of my life and not have some low life no good f a human being running it for me. Might be a little to personal for some peoples blood, but it makeme feel better to rant about it.and clear my ever so splitting head. Love, love, love, love, love, love. Woo! You were everything I wanted. You were everything a girl could be. Then you left me brokenhearted, Now you don't mean a thing to me. All I wanted was your Love, love, love, love, love, love. Hate is a strong word, but i really, really, really don't like you. Now that it's over I don't even know what I liked about you. Brought you around,
Dog Food Diet..
Yesterday I was buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for Blanche, our hunting dog, at Wal-Mart and was standing in line about to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. First thing I thought was where is your sign lady but decided to go with it... So.. on impulse, I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, and that I was starting the Purina weight loss Diet again. I said I probably shouldn't, because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is, you load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry and that the food is nutritionally I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that! practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story to say the least. Totally horrifi
Please Help My Friend Level Up People
*~SexyBitch~*@ fubar hey everybody i have a brand new friend Krystina Herr aka '*~SexyBitch~* she needs help to get to level 23 from level 22 and at the time of this bulletin this is what she needs to level up with people Henchman -- Insider 237,929 Points to go! and show her some fubar loving and tell her bruce sent you to help you level up from Bruce
Please Help A Friend...
I have a friend who needs your help "Ratings". So please visit this page rate her pic and leave her a comment. She would do the same for would that enough begging. LOL Hope you are all having a great day. Alicia
1st Auction
Ok, For all my friends out there I need your support. I am in my first live auction Saturday night at Kegs Legs and Biker Pegs! Come out and support me and bid, you could own me for a month!!!!
Love's Unbridled Passion
Love's UnBridled Passion My love I feel the warmth from your hand as yours cover mine, We get lost in each other and there is no space nor time. As we lay so intwined in this moment I reach for you as my body aches with anticipation of your touch, I'm so entranced with this desire I've longed for so much. Wanting you to ravage me like a delicious feast, Show me my love the unbridled passion that burns within you like a beast. Your scent of desire intoxicartes me right through to my soul, Give to me that passion let me feel it so wild and out of control. As your hot lips caress my silky skin from head to toe, I never want to let this feeling go. As the sweet passion loves pains do mend, I will give you my all as my passion rides you like the wind. The ecstasy is reaching it's peak, I feel our bodies getting so weak. We take this all the way to the top, Baby let's make love until our body's scream stop. It's always like the first time
My Awakening
My Awakening My desire looks for a lover, Unlike any other. One with His wild imagination, One that will leave me in complete fascination. He must be more than just a simple attraction, He will give to my body a pleasure that is pure satisfaction. My passion desires your complete attention, I need also your body not to mention. Touch Taste Teach Tease, Let your hands caress and enter within me please. Make me moist and wet with cream, Bump and grind until you hear my body scream. I love to feel the hardness of your desire, To feel your body burning like fire. When you think of me, My love your desires will be set free. When I am finished you will feel nothing like before, Just a longing my love for more and more. Written By: Wilma S. Hill copyright©2006
Erotic Dreams
Erotic Dreams I want to tease you I want to please you I want to show you My heart is true. I want to kiss your Lips so sweet, I Want to sweep you right off your feet. I want to feel the essence In your soul, My body desires to feel your passion out of control. I want to show you darling That I desire you, I want to Make your fantasies come True. I want to let you feel my Fire, I want to make your Flames burn Higher. I want to take you right Out of your dreams, My body wants to feel your Passion scream. I want to treat you like a King, I want to give to you all I am Everything. I want to take your ecstasy To the top, I want to make love until your body says Stop. Written By:Wilma S. Hill copyright©2006
Has Krazy Finally Lost It?
Ok, Here is an update for all my friends... I have found the woman that I want in my life for as long as either of us lives. I have found her and she has found me. Now that you have all been told, this update is finished. Well, almost... Sweetheart, if you are reading this, I just want to tell you that I love you and miss you very much. I'll talk to you later baby. Hug and Kisses.
Every Memory.
Photograph/nickelback Look at this photograph Everytime I do it makes me laugh How did our eyes get so red And what the hell is on Joey's head And this is where I grew up I think the present owner fixed it up I never knew we'd ever went without The second floor is hard for sneaking out And this is where I went to school Most of the time had better things to do Criminal record says I broke in twice I must have done it half a dozen times I wonder if It's too late Should i go back and try to graduate Life's better now then it was back then If I was them I wouldn't let me in Oh oh oh Oh god I Every memory of looking out the back door I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor It's hard to say it, time to say it Goodbye, goodbye Every memory of walking out the front door I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for It's hard to say it, time to say it Goodbye, goodbye Remember the old arcade Blew every dollar that we ever made
Wedding This Past Weekend
Well this weekend I had a blast I was in my brother's wedding. I can't believe he finally got married. He couldn't have pick anyone better we love her. We hade so much fun and got wasted. I love you Bro!!!! Congrats!!
Miss My Dad!!!
I lost my dad December 30th, and it is so painful and hard to accept. Some days I am ok, but it seems like there it is always there, the heartache. I was raised to beleive, a strong belief in God. But I struggle to accept he is gone. Does anyone know how I feeling or what I am going through. If my faith is so strong why am I stuggling to accept that he is with God now.
My Dad....
I know I havent posted anything in awhile let alone a blog but this is my final entry in this blog... My dad died on Feb 9, 2008.... Its taken me this long to try to come to grips with it and its not been easy... My mom, sister and daughter are still reeling from this blow and Im not sure if my kid will ever truly get over it... As for me, I am surviving and pressing on as anyone else would do but I still feel the emptiness and a profound sense of loss from this...Time will tell if any of us get over the significant loss... No more talks about sports and no more chess games...Was fun while it lasted... EOL
Scooter Bar Wet Tee Contest
all scooter bar members ill be hosting a scooter bar wet tee contest all you have to do is be a member of the scooter bar, and be female(sorry tigger that counts you out) and send me your pic in a wet tee PIC CAN BE SAFE FOR VEIWING OR NSFW IF ITS A NSFW YOU WILL HAVE TO GET 15000 POINTS the contest starts may 26 (memorial day) and go til one lucky winner has 10000 points SAFE FOR VEIWING PICS /OR 15000 FOR NSFW PICS , pic rates count as 2 points comments are 1 point,...... frist prize 100000 fubucks and title (scooter bar wet tee winner SPRING 2008) TO ENTER CONTACT ME †Jim Married 2 Tash†CO OWNER/HEAD ENFORCER @ SCOOTERS@ fubar (repost of original by '†Jim Married 2 Tash†CO OWNER/HEAD ENFORCER @ SCOOTERS' on '2008-05-12 16:00:11') (repost of original by 'greywolf63(VFFV)~*SCOOTER BAR CO-HEAD ENFORCER*~(FU B/F TO BIKERBABESXX)' on '2008-05-12 16:02:39') (repost of original by '†Jim Married 2 Tash†CO OWNER/HEAD ENFORCER @ SCOOTERS' on '2008-05-12 16:
Another Song Stuck In My Head , Trying To Understand
my ex got this song stuck in my head... i know why on some levels he wanted me to ponder this..and he knows sometimes my own mind is my worst enemy... but how can one u r so connected to know and understand your very being and be so cold to you in the here and now??? try as i may to understand my past the more i dig the more i find the more it all makes sense to understand y we r drawn to certain ppl y its so hard to get thme out of your mind its even harder to get them out of your head and harder still to get them out of your heart and i fall back into my comfort zone pushing away ones who try to get close never letting my self b happy have his presence still haunt me... sometimes ties to a past life are the hardest ones to break finding my comfort and solice in the dark again
No Interracial Dating On The Fu?? Says Who??!!!!!
Shame shame shame that this woman thinks that she should be able to dictate who dates who on this site....or hell, anyplace in the world...sad huh?? Oh and if you want to know why her conversation is sooo "disjointed" it's because she runs her fingers then blocks so she can't be responded yeah it's because she's a pussy.....if she's on your list, you can tell her I said so......lmfao! Miss THIS IS NOT MY REAL NAME I HAD TO BE EDITED AND MY PIC WAS FLAGGED SO THIS IS NO LONGER MY DEFAULT PIC EITHER ~~PLZ do NOT rip. I work hard on my page & it doesn't need to be yours@ fubar So my bottom line is this... 1. If you don't agree with something such as interracial dating...don't do it...mind your business. 2. Don't be a pussy, if you have something to say then say it but leave the line of communications open for those who have differing opinions to have that discussion with you. 3. We all have the RIGHT to our own thoughts and opinions but we also h
Cuddle Party Wtf
Cuddle Party Rules WHAT TO WEAR: Pajamas - nothing too risqué. Think more comfy than sexy. (More drawstrings, less lace. No shorts.) WHAT TO BRING: A pillow or stuffed animal if you like. Juice or sparkling cider is always welcome. Sorry, no liquor folks. Otherwise, just bring your smiling self. STICK TO THE RULES: Rule # 1 - Pajamas stay on the whole time. Rule # 2 - You don't have to cuddle anyone at a Cuddle Party, ever. Rule # 3 - You must ask permission and receive a verbal YES before you touch anyone. (Be as specific in your request as you can.) Rule # 4 - If you're a Yes to a request, say YES. If you're a No, say NO. Rule # 5 - If you're a Maybe, say NO. Rule # 6 - You are encouraged to change your mind. Rule # 7 - Respect your relationship boundaries and communicate with your partner. Rule # 8 - Come get the Cuddle Caddy or ME if there's a concern, problem, or should you feel unsafe or need assistance with anything today. Rule # 9 - Tears and
Right Or Wrong??
Ok, don't know if I'm in the 'right' or not BUT, I was basically told that somebody can't 'perv' ( ie: rate ) my pics cuz I'm in a relationship!! So, I unfanned and unfriended that person, was I right in doing that??
Bad Day #2
Sunday was not pleasant, lets just say i've felt pain quite like that my entire life, or have I ever quite sat on a toilet quite so many times. Ended up going to another doctor because the saturday pills hadn't worked. He prescribed antibiotics and painkillers (which were useless). I was crapping out so much blood yesterday (sorry) I went to A&E again, waited a coupla hours, got a finger up my ass (lovely) got some blood taken, waited another hour to find out all my organs were fine and I wasn't dehydrated and was sent home. As it turns out though I was so much better today it was unreal. Finally ate proper food again, slept properly and not on the toilet every half hour. So thanks for all the well wishes and may everyone have a good week.
Buzz Off
I'm getting really freaking damn tired of the people that only come to my page when they want something from me. Friends at least make an attempt to stop and see ya every now and then. What takes the cake today is a message I just got. "Please help him it's his birthday" And a link to a photo that I'm assuming needs bombed. Quite frankly I don't give a rats ass about who wants what today. If you're going to take the time to come to my page and ask me for help then realize this: 1) Today is my birthday, and yes, it's all about me today. 2) I was outbid at the last minute on spotlight last night and yes, I'm ticked about it. 3) My co-founded bombing family is on leave for a reason. Yup, I'm pissy. Call me a bitch or what have you. I don't give a flying fuck what you think. Those that would call me that are not truly my friends anyway and it would behoove them to just remove me.
So, I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to fubar lately. Nor have I been paying much attention to the world of the interwebz. I'm actually kind of sick of it. Especially sick of the same stupid shit. Contests, lounge invites, the online world of drama which I make sure to avoid like the plague : ) I find quite a bit of it rather fucking stupid. I've just been taking things easy... going to work, hanging out with my friends. This coming weekend I'll be putting some spiffy new black rims on my car, taking out the EGR, and bolting down a couple loose connectors on my starter. Next Thursday, I'm going to Vegas. Yes, Vegas. I need the fuck out of Montgomery. So it'll be a nice little vacation. I HATE alabama. This is the worst state in the country. I shit you not. Don't EVER move here.
If I Was Gone
Help Me Help Him...
HOW BIG IS YOUR HEART, FU-BAR? HERE IS A CHANCE TO HELP ONE OF OUR OWN!!! for more information, contact: ώh¦§Ҝεψ_Đ®¦ηҜЇה_@ñģεГ @ fubar
Help Me Help Him
HOW BIG IS YOUR HEART, FU-BAR? HERE IS A CHANCE TO HELP ONE OF OUR OWN!!! for more information, contact: ώh¦§Ҝεψ_Đ®¦ηҜЇה_@ñģεГ @ fubar
Yay News On My First Baby
So i found out i was pregnant yesterday.. i am very happy went to the Health dep. today to find out if the test were right and it was... i am 5 weeks and i am due Jan 10 thats my dur date for now until i go to the dr. EEEEEEEEEEhhh i just so happy..
I am kinda pissed off today. There's a guy I know on here....we were close...we talked a lot...we are BOTH very single....and we are BOTH expert flirts...... It seems one of the other women he talks to didn't like she decided to send me (and a personal real life friend of mine who had also been flirting with this man) an email telling us to stay the **** away from "my man"! WTF? Just because a man says he has much love for you doesn't mean he wants to marry you and be a Daddy to your babies....if a man on here is flirting with you there's a 99.9% chance you're not the only one...get over it!....just because he says if you're ever visiting out here he'd like to meet you...that doesn't mean he's paying for you to have an all expenses paid trip to meet him or that you'll be living happily ever after...smh.... Yes I know there are a lot of dogs on these sites (dogs and bitches!) but this man is not one of them...he's always been totally up front and honest about what he i
I Want To Be In Love Again
I don't know how to say this i want to be love again. I want to hold someone close to me and do thing for them. I guess I keep looking for that right woman for me. I did have amesome girlfriend that made me laugh and happy with when we hang out I miss that things to do with someone. I would do anything still for you. You are a awesome best friend I have and still care about you. I am very lonely at my place no to hang out with anymore.
Driving A Phone?
Ok, I know...Some of you will say, "Tim, you're so wrong!" and I may be...however: Why is it, so many people talk on their phones, text message, eat burgers, fries AND a shake, smack the kids, and DRIVE all at the same time? Oh...and did I mention smoke, toss butts, reach to find them a pack, and grab the lighter? Its bad enough the country is besieged with high-tech goodies, (that I've simply got to have!) but to use while driving? I avoided ANOTHER accident today, barely, by swerving away from a car racing to a stop sign. They either didn't "see it", or I'm convinced - didn't care - trying to adjust a kid in the back, AND talk on the phone tucked under their left ear. Lucky it was a divided highway and I had no one in the left lane next to me! I honked, and got the meanest glare! Then I noticed the smoke clutched in the left hand on the steering wheel... What are the drivers doing? My gosh! People drive a 4,000lbs(plus) car, and have so many other distractions its sur
Confuscious Say - Don't Miss The Debut Show Of Our Own Dj Doug - Right Now Till 10pm Est In Bada Bing! Then Stay For Queeny's 80's Party!
GUESS WHO IS BADA BING's NEWEST DJ!! Thats Right - Our Own Consiglieri, Confucious Man DOUG!! and .... HE IS ON AIR for His First Show ... Rockin Out with His Cock Out! ... Hmmmm lol ....DON'T MISS TONIGHTS DEBUT SHOW WITH OUR OWN DJ DOUG, BADA BINGS! HOTTEST NEW DJ FROM 6-10 PM EST IF YOU'RE NOT THERE...YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! Then Stay For Queeny's Rockin 80's Party! ....SO Come HANG W/ DJ DOUG...THE QUEEN...AND THE REST OF THA FAMILY TONIGHT ONLY IN BADA BING...AWESOME TUNES...GREAT FRIENDS....GOOD TIMES...1 HELLUVA ROCKING PARTY WITH DJ DOUG ... COme show him some Mad Bada Bing Love...if you're still readin this then you've waited too long....come on in......WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU......just click the pic and you're there!!! CLICK THE Pic .. Its an OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE!
Something That I Like And Stand By
Free Myspace Layouts
Check This Out!!!
GUESS WHO IS BADA BING's NEWEST DJ!! Thats Right - Our Own Consiglieri, Confucious Man DOUG!! and .... HE IS ON AIR RIGHT NOW... Rockin Out with His Cock Out! ... Hmmmm lol ....DON'T MISS TONIGHTS SHOW WITH OUR OWN DJ DOUG, BADA BINGS! HOTTEST NEW DJ FROM 6-10 PM EST IF YOU'RE NOT THERE...YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! ....SO Come HANG W/ DJ DOUG...THE QUEEN...AND THE REST OF THA FAMILY TONIGHT ONLY IN BADA BING...AWESOME TUNES...GREAT FRIENDS....GOOD TIMES...1 HELLUVA ROCKING PARTY WITH DJ DOUG ... Come show him some Mad Bada Bing Love...if you're still readin this then you've waited too long....come on in......WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU......just click the pic and you're there!!! CLICK THE Pic .. Its an OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE!
Grr life just sucks sometimes the more i try the worse it gets i give up i dont care anymore it dosent really even matter anyways cuz its not like anyone cares . i hate feeling like this i truley do . i dont know how to change it or make it any better. oh well ill stop bitching i guess
The Wonder Of You:lettermen
—__________________________________________________ When noone else can understand me When everything I do is wrong You give me love and consolation You give me hope to carry on And you try to show your love for me in everything you do, Thats the wonder, the wonder of you And when you smile the world is brighter You touch my hand and I'm a king Your kisses to me is worth a fortune Your love for me is everything And you're always there to lend a hand In everything I do That's the wonder The wonder of you I guess I'll never know the reason why You love me as you do That's the wonder The wonder of you dedcation to all my ladies
Military Skins
Navy Preview Skin Rip Skin Marines Preview Skin Rip Skin Army Pride Preview Skin Rip Skin Army Wife Preview Skin Rip Skin Air Force Preview Skin Rip Skin
Spreading The Aids Virus On Purpose...a Man Admits It On Video.
..came here for the latest blog? Look down and to the left on the blog list. Thanks..
Just checking in with all my friends, and sorry to those I have not spoken, haven't talked to in a while, and those I may talk to in the future. Have A Great Week!! Thanks for being my friends
Spreading The Aids Virus On Purpose.
...this is sick beyond words. Be careful who you sleep with and associate with in the world. Things aren't always what they seem...check out the video... ..Originally found and posted by: Nympho wolf♥Kaydee aka Lil Princesses Husband♥R/L Spous I Love her so much♥@ fubar's a sick world out there.
Human Being
God created the donkey and said to him. "You will be a donkey. You will work un-tiringly from sunrise to sunset carrying burdens on your back. You will eat grass, you will have no intelligence and you will live 50 years." The donkey answered: "I will be a donkey, but to live 50 years is much. Give me only 20 years" God granted his wish. .......................................................................................... God created the dog and said to him: "You will guard the house of man. You will be his best Friend. You will eat the scraps that he gives you and you will live 30 years. You will be a dog. " The dog answered: "Sir, to live 30 years is too much,give me only 15 years. " God granted his wish. .......................................................................................... God created the monkey and said to him: "You will be a monkey. You will swing from branch to branch doing tricks. You will be amusing and you will live 20 years.
Come Join The Fun!!
We are mixing it up a bit! It is taking so long to get the Traveling Pepsi Hat around that I am going to create a folder for Pepsi adding 1 new salute a week. I will start with mine...*hehe* then go in the order that they were made!!! WWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Journal 5-12-08
i know that it's been awhile since i wrote a journal entry had a lot going on in my head lately and just couldn't find the words to write what i felt. i have been thinking a lot about my Master and have come to realize that i love Him with all that i am and i am truly happy with Him. i know that there are matters that i can't control in my life and Master is very understanding of this. i truly wish that i could be with Him ever moment of the day, but that can't happen for more then one reason. nobody can with the person they love 24/7 with out somebody needing to leave once in awhile to go take care of others things. i long so much for the day to come when i can truly serve my Master with out anything getting in the way. to feel His touch no matter what form it is in. to feel His love course through my very soul more then it does right now. yes when we are together i can feel His love, His passion and His desires. i am so happy when i get to spend even a brief moment or two wi
You Ignite My Passion
Boy You Ignite My Passion Baby Boy I'm so in to you, Oh Baby This attraction we share is more than true. Boy to me such a sweet thing you are,It doesn't matter that miles between us is far My summer has been so special since we met, all the things we share is something I will never regret. I can't explain what you do to me baby,You make me feel so special always treat me like a lady. Just the thought of touching you makes my heart race, stirs a fire up inside my sensual place. You alway take the time to satisfy my need,Your passion my ecstacy will always feed. I can feel the touch of your gentle hand upon my skin,I know just what I want and it's your passion, your desire and your love I want to win. Your love just totally rocks me through every night, Being held in your arms so excites my love this between us is just so right. Just the taste of your lips upon mine drives me insane, Just the taste of you is a pleasurable pain. My Love ta
Pulling One Out Of My Ass
An empty room and a full head these are my detrements. For you see in a life of a man there nothing is more exciting than a woman. A woman to love a woman to squeeze and woman to call his turtle dove. Now that she has left i have become an outcast only way to be happy is in the solitude of my mind where i am the king with a great big ring. In my world i am the lord and comander of all thast i see and everything i dont but i rule. I close my eyes i see my throne made of gold and steel and i swear with all my heart that it is real but when i open my eyes i see my empty room alone and cold and filled with gloom. Now the only thing to do is end the life of the once great king so noble so rightous and such a fancy ring.
I Am Hosting My Very First Auction!!!
My Girl Is In Contest Come Help!!! Mwah
bonnie is in a nightie contest and needs some comments so come on over and drop a few on her. She rocks!!!!!!!!
Sing With Me
99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall. 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 97 bottles of beer on the wall. 97 bottles of beer on the wall, 97 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 96 bottles of beer on the wall. 96 bottles of beer on the wall, 96 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 95 bottles of beer on the wall. 95 bottles of beer on the wall, 95 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 94 bottles of beer on the wall. 94 bottles of beer on the wall, 94 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 93 bottles of beer on the wall. 93 bottles of beer on the wall, 93 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 92 bottles of beer on the wall. 92 bottles of beer on the wall, 92 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 91 bottles of beer on the wall. 91 bottles of beer on th
Down Rater Alert started off sorta nice. had my requirements for friends. rated a bunch of my pics. once i denied him access to my family he proceeded to go back and rerate my pics a 1.... Just an fyi if any of you know him. hank44646
Jeannette@ fubar
I'm Curious
I'M CURIOUS.... IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST!! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Are you currently in a serious relationship? 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you? 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 12.)Q. Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in
Twin Souls
Awakened by an Angel Two lives bound as one Doors of possibilities unlocked Chains of discontent weakened Unwavering faith alters essence Caressing the surrender of wills My hands on your face... Bring tears of magic to our love soaked souls Passion prevails; breath becomes one Embraces melt matter and time Body and soul intertwine ensuring existence We lay motionless, immersed in heartlight Our eyes express the predestined reality of true love jskins
This Monster Lives ..birthday Pimpout!
Yall go by and Show Him some Birthday Love. He is a great guy and wonderful Friend! This Monster Lives ♥s One Sexy BBW (Spankers/Shadow Leveler)@ fubar This Birthday Pimpout Brought to you by! _Sweet_Thing_~ ~Owned by Rock-Fu and Miss Crys~~Owner of Diamonds Forever~~Redneck Leveling Crew~~@ fubar
Help My Very Sexy Friend Stacey Get A Spotlight!!
So I'm trying to get fubux saved up for a spotlight. I see lots of people asking for help. Well here I am asking for help!! In return I'm offering a personalized video salute! It can be your name or you can chose what you want it to say! I'm going to charge 50k fubux for them. this is an example i did just now so I can show you. Of course the one I make you will be slower and will have more effort put into it. Please give me about 24 hours to get it done. Send in the message with fubux what you want it to say. Thanks so much. I'll make still ones for any donation amount if you want. Please let me know in a private message though. xoxoxox thanks to everyone for reading!
Important Warning From Pakistan
This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan , Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States and Canada that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America's and Canada 's supply of convenience store managers. And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell and Sprint customer service reps. It's getting ugly, folks.
Party @ Sunset Cafe 051208 (by Dj Bandit)
SunSet Café Wants To Welcome You Out To Party With Us Live DJ’s All Day Long Come Out and Join The Party At Bulletin Made By ÐJ-ßäñdít™-§üñsêt Çåfê-Øwñ ßý ÐixiëMåmí@ fubar (repost of original by 'ÐJ-ßäñdít™-§üñsêt Çåfê-Øwñ ßý ÐixiëMåmí' on '2008-05-11 13:35:16') (repost of original by '~RescueDiva~Owner of ~Sunset Cafe ~Owner of DJ Meko~Member of ~Friendship Circle~Lollipop Girlz~' on '2008-05-11 13:36:33') (repost of original by 'Dj DREAM KING STATION MANAGER@SUNSETCAFE' on '2008-05-11 13:40:31')
You cannot kill my love... It is like water When you try and slap it away, it surrounds you Its softness will triumph over your hardness Malleable, it cannot be controlled To control it, you must give into it, Then you will have control by adaptation Then you will feel the comfort of my tremendous Love jskins
This Is A Little Too Close To Right....
She Will Be Loved ( Maroon 5 ) Beauty queen of only eighteen She had some trouble with herself He was always there to help her She always belonged to someone else I drove for miles and miles And wound up at your door I've had you so many times but somehow I want more I don't mind spending everyday Out on your corner in the pouring rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved She will be loved Tap on my window knock on my door I want to make you feel beautiful I know I tend to get so insecure It doesn't matter anymore It's not always rainbows and butterflies It's compromise that moves us along, yeah My heart is full and my door's always open You can come anytime you want I don't mind spending everyday Out on your corner in the pouring rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved And she will be loved And she will be loved And s
My coworker called me a bossy asshole, but that he can't refuse me anythin cause he has a thing for Russian women. I hate to take advantage of that, but sooo tempted We exchanged yahoo names so he can add me, but he better not try anythin, grr
Look Into My Heart
If you can trust me for just one moment, I will make it last an eternity I want to look into your big beautiful eyes and see you staring back at me Wrap my arms around you and slow dance into your heart Feel the acceptance of change and know I fought for us Follow the beat of your heart for it will lead you straight to my own Two hearts... One rhythm...anguish erased...heartbreak replaced Souls freed of memories past... fires kindled with infinite passion Come to me now so our kiss can take us both home To the place where we live... inside each others hearts jskins
Australian Pokes Great White Shark In Eye
Sun May 11, 10:46 PM ET SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian man has described how he escaped from the jaws of a great white shark by poking it in the eye as it dragged him under water. Jason Cull, 37, told reporters from his hospital bed that he saw a dark shape approaching as he swam about 80 metres (yards) off the popular Middleton beach in Western Australia on Saturday. At first he thought it was one of the dolphins he had been swimming with, but realised it was a shark as the four-metre (12-foot) monster closed in, local media reported Monday. "It banged straight into me... and it grabbed me by the leg and dragged me under the water," said Cull, a schoolteacher and father of two. "I just remember being dragged backwards underwater. I felt along it, I found its eye and I poked it in the eye, and that's when it let go." A volunteer at the local surf club, Joanne Lucas, 50, heard Cull's cries for help as she arrived at the beach and immediately dived in to rescue him. "
China Quake Death Toll Rises Above 8,700
By WILLIAM FOREMAN, Associated Press Writer 17 minutes ago CHENGDU, China - A powerful earthquake toppled buildings, schools and a chemical plant Monday in central China, killing more than 8,700 people and trapping untold numbers in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the worst quake in three decades. The 7.9-magnitude quake devastated a region of small cities and towns set amid steep hills north of Sichuan's provincial capital of Chengdu. Striking in midafternoon, it emptied office buildings across the country in Beijing and could be felt as far away as Vietnam. Snippets from state media and photos posted on the Internet underscored the immense scale of the devastation. In the town of Juyuan, south of the epicenter, a three-story high school collapsed, burying as many as 900 students and killing at least 50, Xinhua said. Photos showed people using cranes, mechanical hoists and their hands to remove slabs of concrete and steel. Buried teenagers struggling to break fre
My View On The Punisher
The punisher is one of the most notable characters of the anti hero phase of comics. While characters like wolverine show the superhero aspect of the anti hero or rather the anti-superhero, the punisher shows the darker side of it. His origin is simple for the most part, with some more stuff that is not necessary to know. The punisher is Frank Castle, an ex Vietnam veteran who signed up fro the war and even did a second tour and after the war ended did black ops for the marines and other things necessitating him to be a killing machine. When he comes home to his family they have a picnic in the park and they witness a mob hit. The mob has his family killed and he is the only survivor, and despite his testimony those involved get off scot free due to connections. He then becomes hardened against criminals and feeling the justice system is useless, takes matters into his own hands and wages a one man war against crime.While heroes like wolverine, spider-man, and batman all have lives awa
The Reason Why "nice Guys" Finish Last
I've been doing some thinking lately, and I've come to a simple conclusion but I stretched it out into another long rant, The reason why it's a long Rant is because You hear it all the time: "He was such a NICE Guy, and she's such a Heartless Bitch for dumping him." I've heard alot of stuff (Including from myself) complaining that women must WANT to be treated like shit, because THEY, the "Nice Guy" have failed repeatedly in relationships. This is akin to the false logic that "Whales are mammals. Whales live in the sea. Therefore, all mammals live in the sea." I was thinking and I realized something: If you have one bad relationship after another, the only common denominator is YOU. Think about it, What's wrong with Nice Guys? The biggest problem is that most Nice Guys (Myself included) are hideously insecure. They are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for other people to gain acceptance and attention, rather than for the simply pleasure of giving. You n
I was browsing through blogs of Master of Desire and saw one asking ppl to describe him of every letter in the alphabet. Here is mine for him. A adorable B bright eye'd C comforting D devious E energized (keeps goin n goin lol) F fun G giggly lol H hard working I insame! lol jk J jolly K kind hearted L loving & loved M memorable & master N nice O open minded P pretty :) Q quiet (q's are hard) R respected by me S sexy & sensual T teacher & tender U ur the best! V very much spoils me W wonderful X xtremely hot! hehe Y youthful Z zaney Now lets play a game! TAGGED! I am tagging 3 ppl! 1.)Emanon 2.)Master 3.)Submissive Mistress Ange If your taged that means you have to post a blog and describe me with every letter in the alphabet! And then tag 3 of you own! Leave them a comment and send them to your blog! Lets see what our friends think of us!
My Page Has Been Invaded By Morons
So....... I have been away from the site a bit due to medical issues.....and I see that my page has been invaded by idiots. Shouts and comments, emails and pic comments.....filled with idiotic statements and insults. Always a warm welcome back that I needed after being so ill...gee thanks.
We certainly haven't had things easy lately... And I know there have been times when we've both run a little short on patience & a little high on frustration. But through it all, I've alwaya believed that our love will hold us together. We belong to each other, & that commitment will always be stronger than any problems that came our way. Let's hang on tight & together we will weather any storm. There's no doubt in my mind the best for us is truly yet to come.
Lounge Act: Chatter
Is it me, or do most 'Lounges', or chat rooms as they used to be called, have very little substance at all in the converations? A lot of 'hello's' and 'goodbye's' followed by half-assed flirting, and smiley faces, as well as goofy prescription based acts typed out to suggestive themes, or general expressions. There really doesn't seem to be much that these places really offer. At least if you are looking to really throw down, in perhaps a debate, or any deep conversation.
The Soft Touch Of My Fiance' And Slave Ashley
I lay in bed and feel the anassuming soft touch of your delicate hand as it carresses my back up to my neck. I feel you move ever closer to me as if it were possible to get closer. You lean in and softly kiss my ear lobe pushing your tongue inside. You back off and I feel the soft breeze flow from your gorgeous lips. It that point I am wide awake. The fire burning with in me is raging and only you can quench it. I roll over to face you and I look in your eyes and I see love and adoration, along with a little bit of spirit. You ask me not to move. I stay still. You lay me on my back and you pull the blankets and sheets off. You start at my lips kissing me softly, never being agressive. I let you do everything you wish to do to me. I feel your mouth and tongue glide like a feather from my lips to my down my neck. You kiss and suck my neck gently. You react to my shallow breathing. It drives you on, because you know you are pleasing me. You slide down a little bit further andI feel your k
Racism Warning For Zenit Support
Racism warning for Zenit support Fans travelling to Manchester have been issued the warning Zenit St Petersburg fans have been warned they could face prison if found guilty of racist abuse towards Rangers' black players in the Uefa Cup final. The Russians have been charged by Uefa after complaints from Marseille players that they were racially abused. The club travel to Manchester to take on Rangers in the final on Wednesday. UK Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe said a zero-tolerance approach would mean any abuse would be met with the full force of the law. Under the Football (Offences) Act 1991, racist chanting is a criminal offence, with a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment. 'Simple message' Mr Sutcliffe said: "I know Zenit St Petersburg fans have been accused of racially abusing black players at the Marseille game and obviously there are fears in some quarters that the same could happen on Wednesday. "I've raised this issue with Vernon Coa
My Day
(Also writen on the 3 year anniversery of my brothers death) Its been a hard day. If you have read my previous blog you all know my brother died 3 years ago this month. Today is the first time that on this dreadful day that I have smiled. I have always been alone on this day. Even on the day we committed my little brother to the ground. I, for the first time had someone that was there for me. I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She has made this day so much more bearable. The sound of her voice has soothed me. She knows how i feel about her, but she will never know how much she really means to me. All my life I have been looking for that one that would be there for me in my time of need and now I have her. This is the real me, the one and only. I will never change who or what I am and she is happy with me just the way I am. I love my Angel.
So my children were 15 minutes late coming home on the bus today... I was going nuts by 10 after 3 (they get home at 3 everyday) I called the daycare then the school. So I sat here and finally at 315 they run in the door. I asked them what took so long and my oldest goes WELLLLLLLLL (yes drawn out like that) on friday some kid was dialing 911 from their cell phone, we got a lecture and now cant talk at ALL on the bus for the rest of the year. So ok in my opinion this is a perfect example of why KIDS DONT NEED CELL PHONES. STOP THE INSANITY!
Wasn't Just Luck
It wasn't just luck that you & I met or that everything went a little bit better, life was a little bit sweeter & I was a whole lot happier when you were around. It wasn't just luck that right from the start, it was easy to talk to you & laugh with you. It felt really natural to always be there & come through for each other...and it still does. Our love grows each day as only the trust love can. No, it wasn't just luck because I believe that you & I were meant for each other.
Its Been 3 Years
(I posted this on April 14th. The 3 year anniversery of my brothers death) Its April and it has been 3 years since my brother was killed in a car accident. People think the passage of time makes it easier, but it doesnt. I just returned home frome the cementary where I was visiting, and I cried because I miss him. My brother, Shawn, was only 25 years old when he passed on. If ever there was a person that you could count on it was him. I like to write about him because I dont ever want to forget him. I try to take a lot of his ideals and apply them to my life today. The biggest one that I found the most important is to make time for the people in your life. No mater how busy he was he always made an effort to visit with friends, family, and to occassionally chat up a stranger. He never took a single day for granted, and neither do I anymore. I was not always like that. I was so busy that I used to put my friends and family last. I payed the ultimate price for that by losing out on th
The Biker
I saw you... hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you... pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you... change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you... roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you... frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you... stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you... roll your eyes at our leather jackets and glo
A Journey
(another that I retrieved) Life has been a bitch to say the least, but the journey has shaped my life as such to where i am able to recognize when I have found her. I have seen the worst that humanity has to offer. I have hated, despised, wanted to see the people that have tried to ruin me suffer, but through it all I have not let those urges change the basic core of me. I have a passion that is unyielding and I have been trying to find the one to give it too. I found her...she is my Angel. When I found her I knew she was the one...I love her with all that I have to give. A moment away from her is painful. It just not becasue she is a new girl. I have had many new girls, but not a single one of them have elicited the emotions I have for her. I know that I can tell her anything and she will not judge me or tell me I am being stupid. She is very beautiful, but there is more to her than her physical beauty. She amazes me with her words, the kindness in her voice, the fire in her eye
Never Again
(this blog was retrieved from my old profile that I am currently locked out of) Never again will you be alone. You have gone through this life as a victim, and that has now changed. I have fallen truly in love with you and my love for you will never die. Your heart is a fragile thing and with all my being I will protect it. I will fight death itself to save you. I will be your teacher and show you what it means to live again. You are never going to feel alone ever again. I am the one person that undertands your deepest feelings. I embrace them even when they scare me. I will walk with you hand in hand, heart to heart to fight through the demons within you. I am here to stop the bleeding in your heart, to end the once never ending pain. You have healed me and I will heal you my love. To release the pain you feel inside, you need a man that will take that pain for you and let you release it into me. As the man that has fall so deeply in love with you, I have that ability and desire to
Signs Of The Times
n a New Hampshire jewelry store: Ears pierced while you wait. In a New York restaurant: Customers who find our waitresses uncivil ought to see the manager. In a Los Angeles dance hall: Good clean dancing every night but Sunday. On a movie theater: Children's matinee today. Adults not admitted unless with child. In a Florida maternity ward: No children allowed. In the offices of a loan company: Ask about our plans for owning your home. In a toy department: Five Santa Clauses, no waiting. On a Maine shop: Our motto is to give our customers the lowest possible prices and workmanship. On military bases: Restricted to unauthorized personnel. On a display of "You're my one and only" valentine cards: Now available in multi-packs. In an appliance store window: Don't kill your wife. Let our washing machines do the dirty work. In a funeral parlor: Ask about our layaway plan. In a clothing store: Bargains for men with 16 and 17 necks. In a men's clothing sto
Shadow Levelers Thank U !
I wanted to thank all these people for helping me level up to fu-king This is the first time I did a background and if someone knows how I can change the color of the names please let me know so I can fix it :) I hope people is not offended about the order I put the names in if so Im sorry . IF you need to level up go to the SHADOW LEVELERS they willing to help but please help them out if they need it they deserve it :). BOO-BOO Rocks! THANK YOU AGAIN I will be going to your page and rating your pictures give me time. *MRmostunderated*FU/stalker2MZ.B. FU/pimpedby LSD'S shell.FU/BRO/2 cutie ,starr,gretchen@ fubar MishNumber1 ♥ FubarWorldCruise & WISEUKF Owner~SUP, ClubFAR, ShadowLevelers & SargesBadGirls@ fubar MishNumber1 ♥ FubarWorldCruise & WISEUKF Owner~SUP, ClubFAR, ShadowLevelers & SargesBadGirls@ fubar Lucie in the Sky@ fubar ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of S
I Love You
I love you more than ever... for all the reasons that made me fall in love with you in the first place & all the other lovable qualities you've shown me since then. I love you more than words can say... because there are no words to describe all the wonderful feelings I've known because of you. Whether we're sharing private times of passion or moments of playfulness... Whether we're talking about our dreams or working out our problems, the closeness we share never runs out of new ways to touch my heart. I love you more than you'll ever know... because one lifetime isn't long enough to tell you or show you how much the love we share means to me.
So Cal Then Denver Traveling Again
Ok My friends it is once again time for me to start traveling for work..Looks like they are jamming alot in June..Which also happens to be My B Day Month.. So from June 1 -3 I will be in Anheim (sp?) So if you know of any Close Little Hot spots to get away from all of my Co Workers Let me know..I prefer Country Bars but will take a great local hang out as well. June 21-24 I will Be in Denver...Same goes for here I was there a few months ago and got a little bored However they had a nice set up in the lobby/ Bar of the hotel I was at Country Western Night at the Holiday inn... So In closing if you know of any good places let me know I Like the travel But hate the Business Travel..LOL..
My Heart
My Heart I promise you my heart I promise you my life I promise we'll never be apart I promise not to hurt you I promise to never make you cry I promise to always trust you I promise not to lie I promise you forever I promise you tonight I promise you my respect I promise to do things right I promise to always be there I promise until the end I promise to always love you I promise to be your best friend I promise you my love I promise you my life I promise this forever I promise our friendship is my life
I'll Be There
"I'LL BE THERE.. -When no one is there for you -When you think no one cares -When the whole world walks out on you -When you think you're alone I'LL BE THERE.. -When the one you care about most could care less about you -When the one you gave your heart to isn't -When someone throws something in your face I'LL BE THERE.. -When the person you trusted betrays you -When the person you share all your memories with cant even remember your birthday I'LL BE THERE.. -When all you need is a friend to listen to you whine -When all you need is someone to catch your tears I'LL BE THERE.. -When your heart hurts so bad that you cant even breathe -When you just want to crawl up and die I'LL BE THERE.. -When you start to cry -Or when hearing that sad song -When the tears just won't stop falling down I'LL BE THERE.. -So you see I'll be there until the end -This is a promise I can make -If you ever need me -Just give me a ca
Anyone Up For Hanging Out?
So, i'm taking off for an interview right now, and maybe a round of balls at the driving range... Anyone feel up to hanging out? If so, um, email me at with the subject line "Hang Out" or something. include a cell number, since i'll be checking my email from my phone. Or, just txt me if you have my cell! I know some of you do. :P
What Is A Friend??
WHAT IS A FRIEND? Your Heart is your Love Your love is your Family Your family is your Future Your future is your Destiny Your destiny is your Ambition Your ambition is your Aspiration Your aspiration is your Motivation Your motivation is your Belief Your belief is your Peace Your peace is your Target Your target is Heaven
We Have To Be Apart
We have to be apart, I know... but thoughts of you are never far from my mind. Your love still wraps around me like the warmness of summertime... but I long to feel your arms around me, too. Until we can be together again, dream of me, night and day, as I dream of you... And remember the love that is always waiting for you & you alone.
A Quick Study In Pessimism A La Schopenhauer/nietzsche
Nothing could be further from the truth, ah, the event, for one which I can be, and where I come, is not the general intent of mankind here oh no. WHen we talk about purpose we usually mean something arbitrary, and non-Aristotelian, at least as far as Marxists are concerned, but how unwise, to suggest to be unlike Aristotle anyway. If you came here looking for some common tripe of a post, I'm sorry to dissappoint you with what appears to be extraordinarly vulgar to your senses, but even blunt though it is, can it be with great precision that it eludes you as a fine and distinct argument? After all what else do men seek but their own pleasure, and if they meet with resistance, soon declare that which they were caused pain, that which ought to be destroyed. However the abscense of pleasure is not merely the introduction of pain. For is not pain it's own positive in accordance with being? If it is necessarily contrary to pleasure than they cannot both be positively temp
He Rawks.........
A Bikers Story
I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra £10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But, you didn't see me, driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But, you didn't see me, and my brothers donate our old coats and glov
Come Show The Photographer Some Mad Fu Luv In His Contest
This contest is for a million fubucks! Most comments by the 23rd wins, and I could use a little help. If you don't have time to bomb, just book mark it, and drop a comment or two each day till it's over. Every little bit helps! Just click on the pic below, and it will take ya there. . . While you are there, you should take an extra minute to rate, fan, and add the hostess. She's an amazing lady, and a true friend in the world of fubar. ~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~MAD HATTER~*S*U*P*~@ fubar Thanks again for any help you can give!
For The People
It's amazing to watch the ticker on the top of this page, and realize how many people there are here. It's also amazing to note that all of these people, they have dreams, aspirations. They want to do more for themselves, or maybe less. They have, or had mothers, and fathers. All of these people here looking for something. What about the gals who are scantily clad, what are they seeking? Are they trying to prove something? Or the gents with their skins. What's their story? What is the French word for cleavage? Deco.....I forget. Still, there is a lot of it here. I'm not displeased so far by my experience(s), here, but I am very curious as to why people are so interested in being accepted by a large online community. I wonder how I will fit in, if at all to all of this? I will spend plenty of time at it, and see what becomes of it, but still resist as much of the culture as possible, though not bad, is not why I am here.
Love It
For Dennis
Do you ever get so frickin' bummed that you don't want to do anything? I don't want to clean I don't want to sleep I don't want to be on the computer I don't want to talk I just want to do nothing..... Besides I feel like I have no life anyway...
My Father
Well its been exactly a year come this friday.. it doesnt seem like its been a year since we lost my dad.. buts as they say time waits for no one.. life is slowly returning to some similince of normal.. but i still find myself forgetting hes not around.. looking back in retrospect i spent most of my 20's and 30's working or on the road.. but the last five years or so me and my dad went beyond the father son relationship.. he was my buddy that i could tell anything to... also i made an effort to take the time to go fishing with him and just do "stuff".. it was a bit of change it went from him loking out for me and helping me to me looking oput for him etc.. all i can say in closing the world will never know another man like my dad he was a mix of johnny cash/john wayne/merle haggard ro-lled in one a straight shooter that NEVER held his tounge.. he lived his life by his terms and lived and loved the same wayy well it just seemd like a good day to vent
hmmm - ok anyone else notice that the HH host has "Melissa ur my everything"???? Do i know this person? LMFAO They live a few hours from me... hmmmmmmmmmm
World Of Dreams
I wonder if you're missing me How I long to hold you tight If ever I wanted to feel you near Tonight would be the night I'm not sure who I am anymore Not sure I ever knew The closest I ever came for sure Was the time I spent with you Loosing what I never had Is harder than it seems Because I feel you every night Inside my world of dreams   jskins
Domestic Government: The Abuse Of The Analytical
Analytical philsophy if you can even call that philosophy has enjoyed it's comparatively analytically situated brother science's successful domain for some time now, and used it to launch it's own campaign. For the most part this two fold system does exist in the most basic division of philosophy, if there is such a most primordial division, the rational, and the empirical. Both in accordance with each other, and neither contradicting the other. Not only does analytical philosophy prevent the biologist, and the physicist from talking to the theologist, and the philosopher, but it encourages, and makes statements as to why it cannot be done. This in fact eminates from the internal facts about the reasons for the division of philsophy, at least primordially. It also eminates from the fact that because each portion of the division rests on a thesis pertinent to that division, it becomes impossible to use the two outside of the division with each other. This permutation
Important Message To All (death)
Ok so as some of you know, my cousin in law (like a older brother to me) Dave commited suicide the other day. I am best friends with my cousin Tammy who just recently was married to him. Last night was the calling service, one of the hardest things ive been through. They had his casket there, but closed and after everyone left except for daves parents and sisters, tammy, mindy (tammys sister) and derrick (tams brother) they opend the casket. She screamed and ran to him crying saying my baby my baby and wouldnt let go. I beg you guys please pray for her to get through this please. pray for everyone, his family, our fammily, just everyone. Today at the funeral (since he was in the army as well) they had soliders shoot off guns. He killed himself with a gun. So they started and Tammy freaked out, and so did i. just please pray for her and his family everyone is going through such a tough time. Just remember hold your family as close as you can. Never let a day go by and not tell them you
Looking For Fu-bf/fu-husband
Looking for a fu-boyfriend or fu-husband. Any takers? Apply Within =0
Happy Hour Contest
I am currently in a contest to win my first Happy Hour, Contest is first to get to 50k wins. Please stop over and help, even if just a single rate and comment...all is really appreciated, Thanks in advance CLICK PIC BELOW TO GO TO MY CONTEST PAGE
Do You Have These Great Friends? #1
I want to send out a Pimpout to some wonderful friends that I have, If they aren't on your friends list then they should be. Go by and show them some love, they are all wonderful friends and have helped me at many times with different things. This is my way of saying Thank you to each of them. In no particular order and these will be done randomly! ♀Wisħғuł Ŧħinқing@ fubar ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Please help me get to Godmother!!}@ fubar St3ph4ni3~ Owned by DJ CHIEF~Love you Andrew Aka TANK*Rate Spankers And Redneck Leveling Crew Member@ fubar '‡ÂñgÉŁïç KÎ$$àmʇ MANAGER/HEAD PROMOTER FOR CLUB PIMPIN /REDNECK LEVELING CREW@ fubar ~BABS~ ""GODMOTHER""@ fubar LSD's SHELL™ ~*~DYLON's DIVA's~*~@ fubar Shaggy Member Of The Fiesta Tappers@ fubar Cherian@ fubar
Mon 05-12-08 (coffee, Tea Or Me?)
> Monday, May 12, 2008 And . . . Glad that you joined me, can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?? Would it be to Cliché to ask: ME??? Being it's afternoon here in the Eastern Standar
Dead Terroist
For Amanda, my true Soul Mate! I bask in the golden light of your magnificent love As it surrounds me in a fortress of all that you are A heart so pure, its magic so compelling to my own Soul so familiar, it’s as if I have been granted the key serenity itself Leaving no part of me untouched... Your love penetrates the deepest point of essence Tranquil is your voice Every breathe a comfort never before realized I will call you Harmony A union of two souls Searching for a place to call home No more jskins
An Ephesian Story
“And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?” Chapter nineteen of the book of Acts picks up with Paul arriving at Ephesus, the most important city of the Roman province of Asia, while Apollos, once of Alexandria and introduced to the Holy Ghost while in Ephesus, was preaching the Word of God in Corinth, the capital city of Achaia which Paul had recently visited on his previous (second) missionary journey. Paul’s question to the Ephesian believers (who the New Testament letter of Ephesians is later written to along with the first letter in Revelation), a step beyond John [the Baptist]’s baptism, is better translated, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” The Ephesians’ ignorance of the Holy Ghost isn’t because they’re ignorant; they’re likely part of the crowd Apollos witnessed to before Aquila an
Fubar: Online Experience
It seems that people take this experience on Fubar very seriously. There are lounges with people in that that act out roles, and have created an online heirarchy. What I find to be a little dubious is the fact that some people have thousands of friends. I mean, can you possibly correspond with so many people? That's doubtful at all. So what's the purpose then of Fubar 'friends'? Are they people to collect? I don't think this is a really good way to be a part of the online experience, and I expect to correspond with people instead of merely 'adding' them to try and achieve some satisfaction with a number.
Scots, Wha Hae
Scots Wha Hae The following was one of Burns' poems that did not sit well with the English rulers, south of the border. Any person reading it would assume it was a call to arms, possibly rebellion. Which even though the Scottish were now under the one flag of the United Kingdom, and had certain rights which made them distinct from the English, the time that this poem was written was too close to the rebellion of 1745. I will let the reader make up your own mind whether it is a poem of patriotism or something deeper. A little history may be in order here to give you some understanding of the background to the poem. William Wallace was appointed Guardian of Scotland and and Robert the Bruce, was a king of Scotland who lead the clans into battle with the English. Probably why they are so well remembered is that they beat the English soundly, and established Scotland as a power to be dealt with, at least until, like any political system, complacency and sloth set in. Edward was the king
Another Thought For You
If at first you don't succed!,,,,try try again!...but then give UP! cuz no use in making an idoit out of yourself!*HAHA*
My Stand
Walking out the door wiping at my tears Not trying to let my heart make me drop Wishing that the memories wont last Holding on to the heartache to push me past. Tears steaming down my pale cheeks He is back behind me begging please I turn around and look into his eyes Realizing if I stay I may never find Find the truth under all the lies The lessons that may never pass And heartache that is not to chance Running to the future not looking back The smile I wear on the outside Hides the pain from a torn up past Still slowly I am letting go And letting love find its goal Letting my heart heal once again Not realizing just yet how this helps Erasing all the past mistakes So that he sees the me hidden deep inside Tears steaming down my pale cheeks He is back behind me begging please I turn around and look into his eyes Realizing if I stay I may never find Find the truth under all the lies
A Precious Name!
A Precious Name! I hear them call her mommy An ordinary name. It holds no tinge of glamor Nor dose it speak of fame! It's just a simple home word, but oh!it reaches so far, extending to the depths of childeren's trusting hearts.... 2 syllables of loving is what it means to me... 2 syllables of praying , down on tired bended knees, 2 syllables of wisdom stored deep within her heart! 2 syllables of singing still when all in the world seems dark! I hear them call her mommy oh what a sweet refraim! it is a smoothing ointment that heals all childhood pain! so what if it holds no glamour? nor over turnes no fame? for every women called mommy.....yes!!! It's a precious name! by:jessie 12/23/98
A Guns
John Steinbeck once said The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental. 1. Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you. 2. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. 3. I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy. 4. When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. 5. A reporter did a human-interest piece on the Texas Rangers. The reporter recognized the Colt Model 1911 the Ranger was carrying and asked him 'Why do you carry a 45?' The Ranger responded, 'Because they don't make a 46.' 6. An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity. 7. The old sheriff was attending an
Taking A Stand
I'm staring in the mirror, not recognizing who's staring back. Wishing I could go back, to the innocense of my past. Back to the days of yesterday, where my heart believed in your love. Back to when your promises, weren't stabs into my back. I grab onto the mirror, and let it come down with a crash. Because I will finally take a stand, to show my future is not to chance. Back to the confidence, that was bound to come back. The independance that I handed out, has come back to join my dance. So now I'll show this hectic world, my life is no longer yours. My heart has finally let go, of all the hurt from out past *short but I hope it makes a point
A Happy Ending?
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said, "NO!" And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, camping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, traveled more, had many lovers, and had all the hot water to herself. She went to the theater, never watched sports, never wore fricken lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants. The End.
Sometimes I Actually Like Shopping!
I just went to DSW shoes and bought 2 pair of shoes for work. Paid $55 for $140 worth of shoes. Saving more then you spend ....... Priceless!
Thought For You!
Life is short! Break the rules! Forgive quickly! Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably.. And never regret anything that made you smile.
I Would Rather...
I would rather have one rose and a kind word from a friend while I’m here than a whole truck load when I’m gone .. so you should show love to your family and friends now (here in the moment) And don’t tell me you’re too busy for this. Don’t you know the phrase ’stop and smell the flowers’? ? cuz.... Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong, Sorrows keep y ou Human, Failures keep you Humble, Success keeps you Glowing, But Only God Keeps You Going!?†
True Love -vs-soulmate
I believe the difference between these two have been questioned many times in many minds.Maybe it's just basically the way we all comprehend.If you think about it then think about a child.If you were to explain something confusing to them then their minds would only comprehend what it has the ability to understand...which in turn may miss the most important points of that subject..Therefor knowledge and living come forth. Now my opinion on 'true love'...well when I hear someone say the have found their 'true love' I picture someone who has found someone who will love them like no other ever has..which is great...but this doesn't mean they both share in that ability without either having to say a need to explain what it is you truly need. To say you have found your 'soulmate' thats a different story..this to me is two people who share a heart..the give and take are evenly given.A total's that one thing that is so worth the wait...the thing we all sear
I'm Back
Ok, been out of town, out of country. But now I'm back! Did ya miss me? :D
Average Week @ Wrr!!
Start the day with a lil KICK AZZ KHAOS add a few SOUND BITES Mix with a some WAVY GRAVY…that’s LOUD and PROUD, ROCKIN REBEL in the SNAKE PIT, with the METAL MISFITS, to get some MAYHEM AND RAGE ..while listening to the NICE FUCKIN SHOW…the DOR ..created some CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE in the THE LEATHUR LAIR so now we have to ROCK ON!!
Dj Blood
And Always Remember To:
Monday's suck, I'm tired. The mumms are majorly boring today and they changed the format. The new format sucks. Why do they need to torment us with these changes? Especially on a Monday. Just sayin'! I should be working yet these boring sucky mumms keep calling out to me... ugh
051208 Homer Simpson
I'm going to the back seat of my car, with the woman I love, and I won't be back for ten minutes!
Giving Members Staff Privledges
Ok so I was unbanned from a lounge, yes the girl I absolutely hate (cuteasakitten) and she hates me, she will do anything to get me in trouble or something, but she is in that lounge, as I was in there, she comes in, asks why she isn't an enforcer, then I was silent, just watching the lounge,when I wanted to type in the lounge, it said I lost my privledges, and I have to wait an hour, so technically I was muted. Cute said she was going back to cleaning, but I bet she was lurking around, when I heard she was getting staff access I'm thinking oh great, she will eather ban me or kick me, maybe even mute me. I only saw a few staff members in that lounge at the time, none of that staff said they did it, the owner was djing and I spoke to him about it, he was quite mad. Poor guy, he tries so hard to keep his lounge going drama free and that bitch just keeps on bringing it, you have to watch who you give staff access to.
Day Off
had a nice day relaxing with kiz, we got fishing licences and got us some rods and spent the afternoon fishing, didn't catch anything but we had fun. hope we have better luck next time
M81 Galaxy Group
Hooked - Chapter 1
A multi-chapter short-story that I wrote. This is VERY hot. If you don't like hot stories, stop reading now. Hooked Chapter 1 Yeah, I remember that night we first met. How could any sane person forget it? Even though it was ten years ago, every detail is still crystal clear. When I think about it, it still gives me an erection, every time. It was magic! I was sitting in the back booth in a martini bar in Oranjestad, Aruba. It was 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. I had been on the beach since about 10 that morning, watching the women’s bare boobs and thong-trimmed asses, and feeling sorry for myself. This was supposed to be a “business trip” with my fiancé, but she had gotten ill at the last minute and had insisted that I make the trip without her. The business part of the trip had ended on Thursday, but my flight didn’t leave until Sunday, so I had some time to kill. I decided to drown my “sorry ass” attitude in a Black 007 Martini, and this looked like just the pla
The Problem And The Truth
The problem is i fell for someone on here.......hard.......... i didnt want to... didnt mean to fall but i did...the problem is he was everything... the problem was i let him be my everything... the problem is i'm stupid.... i mean i have a 4.0 in school i have 137iq and ALL of that.... but when it comes down to it... i'm stupid.... we broke up..... there was name calling and fat girls harrassing me.... and all of that... and then one day i get a phone call... and pretty soon we're trying again.... that was 3 fucking days ago.... now today this morning... i get a phone call... i love you blah blah blah..... ten minutes later i get a text.... his feelings have changed he can't be with me blah blah blah.............. shady is an understatement... i want to die.... i got punked by a fatass a whore and their toy (my ex) so here i am furious.... wanting to die but before i do wanting to take someone to hell with me... also theres this in my anger i said that i was going back to my ex
Deleting My Account
The time has come due to circumstances in my life that I will be deleting my account this site has changed so much and I am no longer enjoying it. Amongst other things that some people know. it has been fun and interesting to say the has lost its zest and has turned into a rat race of lots of selfishness and mostly competition. This is not an easy decision for me but I hope you all understand. I dont have the time to devote as I used to Good luck to all of you and I wish you all the best life has to offer. hugs Laura
Things I Firmly Believe
that the other woman is always sexier than the girl friend/wife jager is evil as mae west once said, "a man in the house is worth two on the street" (that goes double for girls) that sex is an art that bunnies are cute that the nineties were the pinacle of civilization that men on fubar need to come up with more original dirty come ons (not all, just most) the only thing better than big breasts is bigger breasts (yes, i credit marty with that one) that karaoke is way more fun drunk that old street is the best bar around here that salma hayek is the most beautiful woman who ever existed that tarot cards can be uncanny, even when the reader has no clue what the fuck she is doing what do you believe? let me know (i'm sick of writing blogs with no comments)
Tired Of The Same Old Crap?
Hello Everyone I would love to share with you a website you will enjoy and by far better then or any of the dot com's out there and its called and if your lookin for variety then look no further then this great site. There are a wide variety of catagories you can browse and best of all you wont be dissapointed. I personally invite you and for every time you visit the site please tell me via private messaging system and I will rate, comment, and rate ur page a 10!! I will show you deep appreciation and admiration for your visiting the site. Its about a tad bit cheaper then and you get your product shipped out to you A.S.A.P So please make sure you stop by the site and if you do please leave me a message and I will show you some love and respect, Fubar Style!! For your strong consideration please? Thank you and have a blessed Be Day
Pisst Off
alright me and a couple of friends went t a mud bog and there was drinking involed and i did a lil something with my best friends crush that she'd like for a while now... and i wanna prove to her that it meant nothing to me but i dont know how... im a really guilty person but i dont think she knows that i do feel like shit for doing shit with him... how can i prove to her that it was nothing even though it was obiviously was something but to me nothing...i think he is cute but i didnt even see it coming... not at all...
Another Quiz From Okcupid
Your Score: Low Maintenance 30 % Maintenance Required Congratulations! You're the type of girl who isn't afraid to get her fingers dirty. You probably like Battlestar Galactica and sex, but probably not in that order. You are a truly Low-Maintenance woman. You're a very rare breed. This world needs more like you.
Hitler Like Laws Passed By G.w.bush
Interviewing Soon?
Some of these are so bad, that they're laughable. . . Top 10 interview mistakes By Rosemary Haefner Hiring managers don't want to hear a lot of things during an interview -- confessions of a violent past, a cell phone ring, a toilet flush. Yet job seekers have committed these interview gaffes and worse, according to's annual survey of the worst interview mistakes. Hiring managers say don't offer personal details that can be controversial during an interview. When hiring managers were asked to name the most common and damaging interview mistakes a candidate can make, 51 percent listed dressing inappropriately. Forty-nine percent cited badmouthing a former boss as the worst offense, while 48 percent said appearing disinterested. Arrogance (44 percent), insufficient answers (30 percent) and not asking good questions (29 percent) were also top answers. To ensure your interview is smooth and error-free, follow these five tips. • Do som
Well like a dumbass I fail yet again. I forgot to pay my State Taxes...yikes. Fortunatly there is only a 7% penatly on late payments. So I called em up. paid it. Fin. Now i wait for my eco stimulus check to come. I did my taxes through turbotax online. efiled and had direct deposit. Upon looking up why I haven't gotten my check yet...the IRS posted... Q. I chose direct deposit for my 2007 tax refund but also requested a refund anticipation loan (RAL) from my preparer. How does that affect my stimulus payment? A. Taxpayers who use Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) or enter into any other loans or financial agreements with a tax professional, such as agreeing to have return preparation fees deducted from their refunds, cannot receive their stimulus payments by direct deposit and instead will get paper checks based on the paper check distribution schedule Ain't that about a crock of poo. Oh well. I shall be seeing mine sometime this week then hopefully. lol. after ch
"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this -- you haven't." Thomas Alva Edison
Year Of The Horse
You Were Born Under: You've got a ton of energy - and need plenty of room to roam. You tend to follow your whims, and it's hard for you to stick to one thing. Specific jobs, loves, and friends are always changing and never a part of your life for long. Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word. You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger. What Year Were You Born Under?
Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm
RATTLE YOUR BRAINS A LITTLE If you ever feel stupid, then just read on. If you've learned to speak fluent English, you must be a genius! This little treatise on the lovely language we share is only for the brave. Peruse at your leisure, English lovers. Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn: 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm was used to produce produce. 3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4) We must polish the Polish furniture. 5) He could lead if he would get the lead out. 6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. 7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present. 8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. 9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10) I did not object to the object. 11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid. 12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row. 13) They were too close to the door to close it. 14) The
The Gates Of Hell
Lost For Words
Good Afternoon all.. I want too thank each and every one of you for all the love you showed too me yesterday. Some of you was on my page all day long and rating your hearts out. To every leveler,friend, new friend that showed me love during my Happy Hour im greatful for all your help too try too get me closer to leveling. A thank you isnt good enough for me. I wish i could personally thank you all face too face for all you do for me. Im a very emotional person and I told some friends last night I think if I do another Happy Hour I need too go away from the computer while its going on. I have so many wonderful friends on here and too each and everyone of you ill always be here for you as you have been for me.. Thank you all for your continued support in helping me along the way and helping many others. There is never enough thank yous too be said. Much love and respect too all. On a side note too levelers I was so busy trying too return mail I forgot too post a
What Mary Means M is for Musical A is for Adaptable R is for Romantic Y is for Yummy
What A Spring....keep These People In Your Thoughts!
By ROXANA HEGEMAN, Associated Press Writer 23 minutes ago At least 15 people died in southwestern Missouri. In the fading mining town of Picher, Okla., at least six people were killed, and at least one person died in storms in Georgia. Susan Roberts, 61, stared at the smashed remains of her classic 1985 Cadillac sitting on her living room floor - the only thing left of her Seneca home. A woman who had apparently sought shelter in the car died there, she said. "That is what is tearing me up," Roberts said. She had warned the woman - who stopped to change a tire as Roberts and her 13-year-old grandson drove away from the rental house - to escape.
Clinton's Records Vanished-p2
A Feb. 28, 1994, memo by White House Associate Counsel W. Neil Eggleston described Mr. Hubbell's extensive role in the Rose firm's legal representation of Madison, contradicting his sworn testimony to the RTC. The memo, forwarded to Mrs. Clinton on March 1, 1994, by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, noted concerns by the FDIC and the RTC as to whether the Rose firm had disclosed its prior legal representation of Madison in an FDIC lawsuit against the thrift's former auditors. That same month, the RTC issued its first subpoena for Rose firm documents, including billing records for various Madison projects. The documents show that both Mr. Hubbell and Mrs. Clinton were involved in doing legal work for the failing thrift despite Mrs. Clinton's public denials. The Eggleston memo said an "ultimate finding" of nondisclosure would mean that "Mr. Hubbell was not truthful in his recollection." It also said that while it was "not clear" whether the FDIC or the RTC would re
My Fuowner Till 6-12-08
Clinton's Records Vanished
Clinton's records vanished after warning of 'very serious' problems By Jerry Seper May 12, 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton visits the B&O Railroad Heritage Museum yesterday in Grafton, W.Va., the birthplace of Mother's Day. Hillary Rodham Clinton's Rose Law Firm billing records, found in the White House residence in January 1996 two years after they had been subpoenaed by government regulators, disappeared shortly after the first lady was warned that the firm's billing problems were "very serious" and the then-ongoing Whitewater investigation could result in criminal charges, newly obtained records show. More than 1,100 pages of grand jury testimony, investigative reports, memos, charging documents, chronologies, narratives and draft indictments, previously undisclosed but now being "processed" at the Library of Congress, say Mrs. Clinton knew considerably more about the firm's billing problems and their potential ramifications than she publi
Do You Respect People
I think with all the crap going on in the world, it is sad to see so many peeps who just don't support our troops in the war that we are in. I think there is no greater honor than to be able to defend this country's freedom. we all benifit from it, except the price of damn gas ... lol , but hopefully that will change when we change leaders. I just wanted to express that. If you agree , please feel free to coment or evan if you disagree. It's all good.
I Am Woman Hear Me
You Are A Woman! Congratulations, you've made it to adulthood. You're emotionally mature, responsible, and unlikely to act out. You accept that life is hard - and do your best to keep things upbeat. This makes you the perfect girlfriend... or even wife! Are You A Girl Or a Woman?
Not A Rant But An Update
It sems like forever since I've been back on fubar. With work, school, graduation, packing, moving (I'll be moving back home at the beginning of June!), and worrying about grad school, I haven't had much time to get online except to check my messages and talk to my close friends. I'll miss Bowling Green, which has been my home since I was 18, but I'm very glad to be moving back home to Louisville. Anyway, I'll try to make the effort of signing online more often. Evan
Just Me
A good day her in the UK the sun is shining and i am sat in the garden drinking Guinness before i shoot of to the pub and relax and chill with some friends can life be better,maybe but i feel happy so what the hell
Color Of The Mind
Your Mind is Blue Of all the mind types, yours is the most mellow. You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles. Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are. You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life. What Color Is Your Mind?
I've let something consume me for so long that I forgot who I was. I thought the attention was wanted, that I was wanted. How do you say you love someone and not see them in your future? I feel so very lost, and have no one to turn to for answers. No one to show me the way back to myself. And yes, even though I am a strong independent woman, I need to be guided. To be lead, to be corrected gently, to be taught, and loved, and wanted. To be able to submit freely, and to be appreciated for it. I know how this will be taken, if it is ever read by the person it is intended for. I know how He will view this. Lack of finding fault in Himself, because He feels He forewarned me. FUCK FOREWARNING! Live for today, be happy with what you have.. bullshit. I want more.. ok.. I said it. I want the fairytale ending. I want to be able to say I am so truly loved, that when people hear my voice they know its true. I want happily ever after.. I've allowed You to consume my thoughts, and made you a
Special High Intensity Training ( S.h.i.t)
Good Morning Employees: In order to assure the highest levels of quality work and productivity from employees, it will be our policy to keep all employees well trained through our program of Special High Intensity Training ( S.H.I.T) We are trying to give our employees more S.H.I.T than anyone else. If you feel that you do not receive your share of S.H.I.T on the course, please see your supervisor. You will be immediately placed at the top of the S.H.I.T list, and our supervisors are especially skilled at seeing you get all the S.H.I.T. you can handle. Employees who don't take their S. H. I.T. will be placed in Departmental Employee Evaluation Programs (D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T). Those who fail to take D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T seriously will have to go to Employee Attitude Training (E.A.T.S.H.I.T). Since our supervisors took S.H.I.T before they were promoted, they don't have to do S.H.I.T anymore, and are all full of S.H.I.T already. If you are full of S.H.I.T, yo
Domestic Government
There are several antiquated terms, as well as jargon, and perhaps a style of writing that I use that may confuse, or even upset modern readers. Alas, they should realize that these methods are mainly aesthetic, and certainly the aim here is to preserve some beauty that is involved. There are no personal slants, or anything that is to be ad hominem. The domestic govenment is more in fact about the freedom of will, and morality than it is really about civics, but I think that it makes necessary connections to modern day civic's studies, and it's interest affects us all. When we say domestic government what we mean in laymens terms is that we are concerned with the acts of the mind, and the freedom of the will both manifested empirically, and it's a priori rationally insofar as everydayness concerns us, and our social intercourse. The connectedness that we either are a necessary part of, or elect to assent to in any social intercourse has in part a foundation laid
Reasons Why Medieval Times Makes My Rear End Tighten.
Yesterday, being Mother's Day, my mom decided that she wanted to go to Medieval Times with the family. The family includes my adorable grandparents, my favorite cousin and my sister and her dad. I hadn't been to Medieval Times since I was my sister's age, It's been about 15 or so years. I know why I stayed away so long. All I can say is, thank God the bartender took pity on me and had a heavy hand with the Fat Tuesday. I think I killed about 3 drinks in the first half hour and I wasn't buzzed. On to reasons: 1 - The use of phrases like "Good Sir" and "M'Lady" and the fact that their staff is referred to as "wenches" or "squires". The use of these words does not offend me, I just think it's ridiculous. 2 - It seems like a DisneyLand for Dungeon and Dragons buffs. I think I saw enough customers in costumes to re-staff the entire cast, should the need arise. Some people got a little TOO into it. 3 - Half the cast was large and slow. And the girls that were large
You have to wonder from day to day why things are the way they are... My mom has always told me that everything happens for a reason... I am starting to wonder if everything we DO is for a reason. I have done something that has ruined a great thing and i look at the situation and think "well there was no reason to do that " So I wonder what it all really means????
First One
I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you - Ben Folds I understand this, I always fail when I try to tell my baby how much I Love her. Words are just...not enough, no matter how eloquent, no matter how forceful they are...they fail “I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.” - Roy Croft Baby, you make me a better person. You make me try. “When I say, "I love you," it's not because I want you or because I can't have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength. I've seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You're a hell of a woman.” - Spike (tv's Buffy) Minus the part of not having you, I know I have you baby..forever. But you ARE a hell of a woman, and I DO love what you are, everything you are, every part “Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfect
Happy Firefighter
Happy Firefighter
( RATED "R" FOR NUDITY) Okay,...just watch this lady magician !.... Where the hell does she hide it??? This is filmed in a Montreal Theater. It's NOT Sleezy, Just Amazing.....! ! ! Magician Would this 'item' wind up in her shoes, perhaps? AND WHO SAYS MONTREALERS AREN'T TALENTED...
*~sexybitch~* Show Her Lotsa Luv To Her Contest
*~SexyBitch~*~ show all of them lotsa luv.Come help me out to win blingy.I'll give away 10k for 100 comments for those who would help me out on this.I wanna win my contest.And need alot of help with it.So can you all come help me out when you have time to.Thank you..Here's the pic link for it.
Rough Boy
You Are a Centaur In general, you are a very cautious and reserved person. However, you are also warm hearted, and you enjoy helping others in practical ways. You are a great teacher, and you are really good at helping people get their lives in order. You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily. What Mythological Creature Are You?
Velcro Fly
The clothes make the man. Clothes are an extension of how we see ourselves. If your clothes are praised or jeered, this may reflect the self-esteem curve you are currently riding. Losing clothes may indicate a feeling of vulnerability. If you don't believe this, strip in the mall and see how assertive you feel. It may also reflect a sexual or exhibitionist fantasy. Acquiring clothes can be a mixed event. Who hasn't gotten a gift of clothing that later became a story of bad fashion lore? However, acquiring clothing for yourself that fits perfectly and makes you feel powerful may herald a positive transition in self-esteem or perception. Sometimes, you may acquire clothing for special purposes or clothes that carry with them magical powers. In this instance, the clothing may represent a search for cosmic providence or protection
Trial (courtroom)
Being on trial is a common dream event, although it sometimes gets acted out in uncommon ways. Our society is oriented towards problem-solving through litigation. The result is that lawsuits have become the new lottery of our era. Being tried for your actions in dreams can be a non-sense sort of dream insofar as you may be tried for something against which there are no laws. In addition, the roles of the court characters may be filled by friends, co-workers, a spouse, siblings or other family members. In dreams of this case, you may fear that your life is being over-scrutinized in waking. There may be secrets that you are keeping deep within the subconscious that need to be processed. If you are in one of the legal roles in your dream it is likely that you feel a need to protect yourself. This may be protection from the influences or dishonest conduct of others, or a general feeling that people are not leveling with you. If you are defending another, it may be that you feel life is
Many times in dreams, dates and numbers are used as a signal to identify something from the dream that will translate to waking life. In dreams, dates may be clues to guide you toward a time or event that is serving as the trigger for the dream.
Viva Las Vegas
Sharp Dressed Man
Gimme All Your Lovin'
~*closings On The Past & A Start On New Things
I thought for most of my life that I wouldn't lose the people closest to me, but yanno I should have prepared myself for the worst. Best friends or Juggalo's either way nothing lasts forever. I've put a close on my past, the past that leaves one person thinking I'm a whore & a liar. Damn if he actually knew the truth it would be a slap in the face because I WAS not lying. I love how people who are close to you say they would never think any different of you no matter what, and one thing sets them off and they automatically hate you and think the worst of you, hmmm good lookin on the lying! Well here's how I stand on things, I'm not sorry to say that the last person I slept with (last Friday) was by far the best sex ever. I'm not sorry for the things I did or didn't do. I'm not sorry if the things I did or DIDN'T do makes people thing differently of me in anyway. I'm not sorry that people choose to believe other people over me when I'm telling the truth. I'm not sorry for every momen
**there's Only One Person In The World That....**
Knows me & my mind better then any friend I could have or had. This person is NOT myself. He knows me better then I know myself, he knows what I'm thinking and what I'm going to do before I do it. He knows me like he knows the back of his hand. This person is my little brother. In reality when I look at people who WERE friends or who ARE friends even they could NOT know me as well as my brother does. He really gets me and he understands what I go through, he's either been there or is going there, that or he just gets it. He's the only person who knows that my temper and my depression get the best of me, when I say or do some thing that I later do not mean. He gets it because he's the EXACT same way as I am. We both pop off at the mouth and say stupid shit we later do not mean, normally it's out of anger or being upset. We DO things that we also later regret, for the same reasons. We've both been down the same road with friends, family, & relationships. Friends being douchebags because
Please Help Out!!!
Hey just wanted to ask everyone if you would please come by and donate some fubucks to would help me out as I am trying to save for spotlight If you can't donate please rate all my pics since we get points and with points we get fubucks So please do what you can as I always try to do what I can to help each one of my friends when they need it Ecuadorian Goddess*Promoter of Goddess' BadBoys*-Sarge's Bad Girls-Keno's Knockouts* @ fubar
Every One Come And Check Out My Bar
every one is welcome to come and visit my bar its fun an relaxin with no drama allowed in it yall please come yall wont be disapointed
Some days its hard for me to even walk do to my fibromyalgia I get through the day but it gets annoying taking a bunch of pills. I cannot even drink anymore and I miss my vodka lol. I am posting this because if on some days I seem short its not anything you did its because I am in pain and Just not talkative. I get such bad leg pains I cannot walk some days because every step I take Is pain. Below I am posting some facts just thought you all should know this bit of info about me to better understand my moods and actions some days. Fibromyalgia Facts Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic widespread types of pain in the U.S. The condition affects millions of people. Fibromyalgia pain is widespread and persistent. There is often muscle tenderness. Plus soreness or burning pain. Which often causes a lack of sleep. Sometimes, patients also have stiffness in their muscles or flu-like aching. Fibromyalgia is thought to result from neurological changes in how a patient pe
+i Have To Tell Some One.
Sweet Diana. The ex is going crazy again. Every once in awhile he starts this like, week-long calling frenzy with me. We were together for three years, lived in cities 30 minutes apart from each other. Whatev. He tells me shit like, "Please come back to me. I can't fuckin find no girls to replace you. I never knew a girl that was pretty and hella smart like you, you've said the most beautiful shit to meblablabla." I don't believe him, not a word from his mouth reigns true to this blogette. He's stuck on the fact that after three years the idiot, I didn't want to retire my maidenhood to him. Stuck on the fact that the Viking stole my life's virtue after only 5 months.(I'm such a whore, I know). Whatever, the bastard thinks me simple! What kind of 'fiance' turns off his cell phone, and goes MIA for three months with no word? The phallically weak kind. I want to be honest about this though : I enjoy these phonecalls. There is a certa
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My Desire
Wild with the abandon that comes from total trust The wonderment of the exploration The caress, inhalation, taste, and touch Intense and agonizing is the wait The longing pervades our senses Bringing us to a ravenous state Insatiable with an appetite so hard to endure Sensations lie within the mere brush of a tongue Hungry, aching, all-consuming allure Being Spontaneous never knowing when the other will seize A thrill lurking behind every shadow Love that brings us to our knees
Soft Upon
When stars arise The moonlight shines soft upon my Love A soft wind strains As dark clouds rain Soft upon my Love Flowers grow Thier face to show Soft upon my Love Sweet words I speak Her ears to greet Soft upon my Love Gentel Kiss I place On upturned face Soft upon my Love On beating heart Shes left her mark soft upon my Love Mark A mage for the Age!!
The Laughing Man’s Truth
The laughing man’s truth The dark thoughts of the laughing man are a dangerous and destructive truth,these thoughts are hidden by a fake smile and make belief laughter. He can not let anyone in because if they are allowed to see the truth they will know his secrets,and his secrets are his pain . So he puts on a show and this show is a believable one, he has trained himself to hide the pain so well that no one can ever tell that his smile is only a blanket to hide the sorrow and sadness that dwells in his soul. The laughing man will laugh and smile until the day his death comes calling,and maybe that day his sorrow and pain will fade away just like the false smile that lives upon his face.
Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About!TAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey Have your parents ever caught you drinking? My parents drink with me :P Do you love the last boy/girl you were talking to? yes :D Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? yes What were you doing 30 minutes ago? wasting my life with surveys :)) Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you? Ryan Last restaurant you went to? The one I work at :/ Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Me mom Did you have an exciting last weekend? Blah no Have you ever crawled through a window? yep lotsa fun What do you spend most of your money on? rent Where were you at 1AM sunday morning? watching adult swim Ever kissed someone over 30? yes Is there a secret you've never told your parents? yes Do you like yourself? nope :) Have you ever dyed your hair? yeah Are you wearing a necklace? nope Who is someone you wish you could fix things with? gah...... Is there anything in you
WARNING! This sexy hot beauty can cause addiction!,,they say that i have a killer body... i am good at pleasing men who are gentle to me. i would love to offer my sweet cheery pie to them... want to have some? let us have much tasting of my sweet cheery pie..check out my profile add me in my messenger i am waiting you ok...kisess kisses..
Love The Shady
The world falls into chaos and gloom as we all wait for empending doom. The seven signs of the apocolyes have come to light after this new and bloddy fight. The blood of an innocent was spilled on this day and for that we must all pay. The farms have grown baren and over used not a thing will grow and God is not ammused. He gave them a chance and all they did was dance around the great fire that consumes the city. The once great land is now a forgotten memory for you see all that is left is misery. The we once knew has become quite cruel now that he has taken back his rule over the land that he has created. Humanity has been lost to greed and corruption now all of them face the great erruption of fire and brimstone that rains down upon them. As the fire rains and the blood flows and infant is born of mystery and hope it came to us from a woman of sin and a man of honor with the life it knows it will be destined for greatness. He will help humanity come back for the life of sin. The doc
2 Birthdays And 1 Tired Uncle
We had my 2 little nieces,ages 3 and 5,birthdays yesterday on top of the mother's day bbq. 4 kids and 1 uncle wanting to please both nephews and nieces. Sooooo tiring,yet fun fun. Kids...gotta love them!! :)
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"thinking Of You"
I'm thinking of you today... thinking of how much i miss you and wishing you was with me, I'm thinking about the closeness we share and all the good times we've spent together. Of course memories will never be as good as having you at my side but they help me feel a little closer to you, while we are apart. I can't imagine anything.... I'd enjoy more, than being with you right now... because everything in my life has meaning when I'm sharing it with you. You're SO important to me, and that's a feeling; that neither time nor distance will ever change. When we're apart,I realize even more how much I APPRECIATE YOU! how happy i always am when we are together; I remember how happy you was too.... That BEAUTIFUL SMILE. I'm wishing for that same kind of happiness today. I want to share in that beauty with you once again... Because I care so much about you. Please remember that... and as you go about your day, Please REMEMBER, Too.... How much "I LOV
Only Bull To Be Banned From Pbr
Bored Outta My Mind
Its getting nice out n Im on vacation! Looking for someone whose cool n loves to have good time n enjoy life to hang with me, today if possible. Im so bored who wants to chat or talk or hang
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Why did the chicken cross the road? BARACK OBAMA: The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a CHANGE! The chicken wanted CHANGE! JOHN MC CAIN: My friends, that chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road. HILLARY CLINTON: When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little chicken to cross the road; This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure -- right from Day One! -- that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road. But then, this really isn't about me... GEORGE W.BUSH: We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here. COLIN POWELL: Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road... DR.PHIL: The proble
Ive Seen 161 Movies Out Of 239
(x) Rocky Horror Picture Show (x) Grease (x) Pirates of the Caribbean (x) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (x) Boondock Saints ( ) Fight Club (x) Starsky and Hutch (x) Neverending Story ( ) Blazing Saddles ( ) Airplane Total:7 Survey from (x) The Princess Bride (x) AnchorMan (x) Napoleon Dynamite (x) Labyrinth (x) Saw (x) Saw II (x) White Noise ( ) White Oleander (x) Anger Management (x) 50 First Dates (x) The Princess Diaries ( ) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Total so far:17 Survey from (x) Scream (x) Scream 2 (x) Scream 3 (x) Scary Movie (x) Scary Movie 2 (x) Scary Movie 3 (x) Scary Movie 4 (x) American Pie (x) American Pie 2 (x) American Wedding ( ) American Pie Band Camp Total so far: 27 (x) Harry Potter 1 (x) Harry Potter 2 (x) Harry Potter 3 (x) Harry Potter 4 (x) Resident Evil 1 (x) Resident Evil 2 (x) The Wedding Singer ( ) Little Black Book ( ) The Village (x) Lilo
Am I Picky Or Dont Have A Life?
Am I picky or dont have a life? I often wonder am I to picky in finding a woman I try to look for woman that are leveled headed and have a sence of humor. I have met a few woman but they dont seem interested. I beleave I treat woman whith respect, do I seem un aproachable or just some fucking loonatic? I just dont under stand I use to have all kinds of woman before I was married. Is it because I just used them for a peace of ass no commintment? yes you might say I was a asshole. And yes they knew what I was doing I told all the woman I didnt want a commitment just to see them. Is that what woman want no commitment or was it the times. Yes I dont have a life I voulenteer at my friends work then go home. I do go to my friends Chris's house on Thursday for Thirsty Thursday and ounce in awhile to the bar but that's it. So is it I cant find a woman beacouse I dont have a life. So any feed back would be nice. Thanks Keith a. ka. oddweed,K-man
Having A Drink Made Up For You
subject: SUCKULANT SUNSHINE DRINK SPECIAL post date: 2008-02-27 07:59:57 views: 22 comments: 2 ratings: 0 Suckulant Sunshine - a splash of watermelon juice, rose tequilla and the glass rim dipped in sugar! THIS SPECIAL SUNSHINE PRINCESS DRINK WILL TINGLE YOUR TONGUE AND LIPS WITH NOTHIN BUT SWEETNESS!
Come To Me Now
i am looking to hook up the interesting people who doesn't have inhibitions or insecurities. I'd like to meet a confident guy who can make me laugh. i don't have any standards or ideals as regards to looks or personality. if i like you and you treat me nicely, i can rock your world.... add me now.. thank you..kiss i am waiting you,,,,,
8 Seconds Of Hell
by Bette Wolf Duncan Widow maker.... bone breaker.... bucking bull, BODACIOUS! It took a cowboy that was bold, daring and audacious to cowboy-up and let 'im buck- and ride the vile BODACIOUS; or even just to mount his deck- sagacious, guile BODACIOUS. BODACIOUS! Just his name alone decalcified the spine; quelled the beating of the heart and turned the blood to brine. Malicious old BODACIOUS- he was like a rabid beast. With every man that rode him, his rabid strength increased. Vicious old BODACIOUS. He'd shoot up through the air; and with dastardly maneuvers fling the cowboys God knows where. The impact of his punishment made gory shreds of men; and very few the cowboys were who'd ride the bull again. 8 seconds- an eternity for those that dared to ride him; and few the men who made it though many cowboys tried him. BODACIOUS....mean, demented; the cowboys knew him well. They said that Satan sired him; and reared him down in hell. His feints
Dedication To The Troops
The battlefield was filled with the bodies of soliders both wounded or dead some of them weaping with fear and dread. The eyes of the wounded are teary and moist crying with pain and fear in thier voice. Some scream out "help me help me" and others lay in blood thinking of thier families and the ones they hold dear. A coperal lies next to a sargent who died hours before but the corperal is still alive. The sun is shinning as bright as bright as it can showing the pain and torment this vacant strip of land. Displaying the mayhem and pain that was at hand. These children have died for the sins of someone else the sacrefice they made though bold and brash made them realize in a flash of metal hitting bone and flesh being cut. But as these kids have died and thier bodies lay limp. They all had a choice and this is what they did for you see no matter Army, Navy, Airforce, or Marine they all share one common thing the bravery it takes to dawn the colors of the big red flag from the shores o
Unanswered Questions To 9/11? Check Out Blog!
Why did the events on September 11, 2001 take place? What was the purpose? Was Alchida and Osama bin Laden behind it? What made the world trade center towers collapse? Why was there no wreckage of a Boeing 757 found at the Pentagon? Why were there 11 times the daily average in put options placed on Boeing stock just days before 911? Why did Larry Silverstein who already owned WTC 7, sign a 3.2 billion dollar 99 year lease on the entire WTC complex which included a 3.5 billion dollar insurance policy specifically covering acts of terrorism, just 6 weeks before 911? If you're someone who has unanswered questions about 911 then you might want to watch the following video revealing some behind the scenes footage and investigation. If you want to find out more about Larry Silverstein, simply type the name Larry Silverstein on google and you will find a bunch of interesting information ;) Now watch the video! Click this link if you want to watch this
Club Domination Coming Soon
I am working on a branch off from Domination Radio which is a independant website. We want to bring it to fubar as well so I will be getting a lounge as soon as I get to level 10. I will be a slave to anyone who can get me the most rates and fans and all that good stuff let me know if interested.
My Baby
Getting Tired Of Stuff
Its been awhile since I've posted in here and well got some downer stuff mostly lol As for the diet and gym hubby and I were doing so good on lets just say that has been thrown in the trash. We are just so damn tired from work and other crap and got lazy we just dont want to do it anymore. And as for the diet.. pffttt its hard as hell.. but who knows might stumble upon it again. I'm starting to get burned out on my job.. getting tired of it. Mostly its the teenagers I work with calling in a lot, being late or even just quiting. It puts more work on me and it exhausts me.. Its like a double edged sword in a way since I work commision just means more sales.. but at the same time wipes me the hell out. I've been there 2 years and working retail really drains ya. I'm not a people person really to those that I dont know and the fact I have to fake being nice is just draining. This isnt the type of job I like.. I like any job that doesnt deal with customers.. I cant stand customers
Breathe My Name
It's everyday I'm in this place I feel this way,I feel the same.Is it all inside my head,is it all inside my head,I view the list and take my pick,I view my fate,and make a choice cause it's nobody else's but mine,but you're in my heart,I can feel your beat and you move my mind from behind the wheel,when i lose control,i can only breathe your name,i can only breathe your name,So many days with in this race, i need the truth,I need some grace,I need the path to find my place,I need some truth,and grace.
Mother's Day And The Hospital Stay
So my week really turned to shit. Thursday a little after noon I went and woke my daughter up. She was super tired and I couldn't figure out why. She was sweaty and hot with no temp and then freezing cold. I called a couple people, decided to drive to the ER but then she looked at me, her eyes rolled, and she was out. I called an ambulance and we got rushed over, lights, sirens, and all. Haley was pretty uncomfy there, she wouldn't talk or move, but I could tell she didn't want to be there, my boyfriend was by her side the entire time which was nice and after too many hours of not good enough answers about her seizure and shitty nurses who can't put an IV in a baby, we transferred to the Children's Hospital. There they re-evaluated her and came to a couple different conclusions but wanted to run more tests, that was our first overnight. Bryan went home , he had work, and Haley and I talked with doctors for the next day. She has specialists now who she has to go back and see. They asked
The Words Of A True Biker --
The Words Of A True Biker -- I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to thos
I'm Baaaack!!!
Alright so whoooo missed me!!? what!? you didn't notice i was gone!!?? *pouts* shame on you!! lol well to catch those of you up who *do* pay attention or give a rats ass.....I AM FINALLY MOVED IN!! YAY!! It has been a long long wait, so yeah, we're a bit excited lol Our stuff was just moved in last weekend so all ive done this past week is unpack and try to find homes for all our of those 'fun' projects.... i cannot wait til we are totally unpacked...drives me bonkers!!! i'm hoping after this week i can say all is unpacked...keep your fingers crossed!! It already has been a big change. we used to be crammed in a 2 BR apt, and trust me every nook and cranny had something stuffed in it!! i think the main floor, which includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and back porch area, is probably like 2 of our apts. The upstairs has 3 1/2 bedroomms and a bathroom, walk in attic which is awesome for storage! so yeah, am loving having the room to breathe
***my Diseases & Medical Problems***
I have been asked by several people here what my health problems and medical problems are that have deemed me 100% disabled. So I figured I would do a blog so anyone who wants to know can read this. All of my health problems started in 1986. I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis--A form of Muscular Distrophy. This disease got so bad I ended up in a wheel chair for 6 months. I couldn't do anything for myself of my family. It was so hard to deal with since at that time I had 2 small children and one newborn baby. The man I was married to at that time went to work every day at 7 AM and didn't get home until 6 PM. Therefor his mother would come over to our house to take care of my children for me since I couldn't even lift up the baby without fearing dropping him. I also had a home health nurse who came into my home everyday at 6 AM and stayed until 6 PM to take care of me. She had to help me do everything. I couldn't walk, talk, stand, eat, bath myself, get myself dressed or even go t
The Koala Bear
A koala was sitting in a gum tree...... smoking a joint when a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doing?' The koala said, 'Smoking a joint, come up and have some.' So the little lizard climbed up and sat next to the koala where they enjoyed a few joints. After a while the little lizard said that his mouth was 'dry' and that he was going to get a drink from the river. The little lizard was so stoned that he leaned too far over and fell into the river. A crocodile saw this and swam over to the little lizard and helped him to the side. Then he asked the little lizard, 'What's the matter with you?' The little lizard explained to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the koala in the tree, got too stoned and then fell into the river while taking a drink. The crocodile said that he had to check this out and walked into the rain forest, found the tree where the koala was sitting finishing a joint. The crocod
Fire Truck
A firefighter was working on the engine outside the station when he noticed a little girl nearby in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the sides and a garden hose tightly coiled in the middle. The girl was wearing a fire fighter's helmet. The wagon was being pulled by her dog and her cat. The fire fighter walked over to take a closer look. 'That sure is a nice fire truck,' the fire fighter said with admiration. 'Thanks,' the girl replied. The firefighter looked a little closer and noticed the girl had tied the wagon to her dog's collar and to the cat's testicles. 'Little Partner,' the fire fighter said, 'I don't want to tell you how to run your rig, but if you were to tie that rope around the cat's collar, I think you could go faster.' The little girl replied thoughtfully, 'You're probably right, but then I wouldn't have a siren.'
Little Johnny
Little Johnny's neighbor had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears. When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnnie's family was invited over to see the baby. Before they left their house, Little Johnnie's dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears. His dad also told him that if he so much mentioned anything about the baby's missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home. Little Johnnie told his dad he understood completely. When Johnnie looked in the crib he said, 'What a beautiful baby.' The mother said, 'Why, thank you, Little Johnnie.' Johnnie said, 'He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see?' 'Yes', the mother replied, 'we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision.' 'That's great', said Little Johnnie,'cuz he'd be fucked if he needed glasses'.
Survey Questions 1
30 Q Survey 5/11/2008 01. How many boyfriends have you had? I have had 3 serious boyfriends 02. How far have you gotten, with the opposite sex? All the way i aint no virgin. I love sex to much. 03. Who was your last boyfriend? Brandon 04. Who was your first boyfriend? Kyle was my first serious 05. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Yes, hmm sexy as hell too. 06. Who was your first kiss, and when? Some kid named Harvey and i was like 9 07. What's your favorite body part? On me my eyes and boobs and a guy his smile and eyes. 08. Do you think you're hot? Honestly no, I believe i am just the average looking person. 09. Do you think you're ugly? No i dont think im ugly. 10. What kind of underwear do you wear? I own lots of thongs, and boy shorts 11. Do you have any slutty pieces of clothing? Probably im a girl. 12. If so, describe them? I have a few short skirts and low cut shirts 13. What was the craziest thing you have ever done? Get nake
Fbi -job Opening!!.... Lmao
The FBI had an opening for an assassin. After all the background checks, interviews and testing were done, there were 3 finalists; two men and a woman. For the final test, the FBI agents took one of the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun. 'We must know that you will follow your instructions no matter what the circumstances. Inside the room you will find your wife sitting in a chair . Kill her!!' The man said, 'You can't be serious. I could never shoot my wife.' The agent said, 'Then you're not the right man for this job. Take your wife and go home.' The second man was given the same instructions. He took the gun and went into the room. All was quiet for about 5 minutes. The man came out with tears in his eyes, 'I tried, but I can't kill my wife.' The agent said, 'You don't have what it takes. Take your wife home.' Finally, it was the woman's turn. She was given the same instructions, to kill her husband. She took the gun and went
How To Shower Like A...
How To Shower Like a Woman: Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror - make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone. Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins. Wash your hair again to make sure it's clean. Condition your hair with grapefruit mint conditioner enhanced with real passio n fruit. Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red. Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash. Rinse conditioner off hair. Shave armpits and legs. Turn off shower. Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. Spray mold spots with Tilex. Get out of shower and stand on bath mat. Dry w
Oh gentle winds 'neath moonlit skies, Do not you hear my heartfelt cries? Below the branches, here about, Do not you sense my fear and doubt? Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams, Do not you hear my woeful screams? Upon the meadows, touched with dew, Do not you see my hearts a'skew? Beneath the thousand twinkling stars, Do not you feel my jagged scars? Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze, For you'll not find it 'mongst these trees. It's scattered 'cross the moonlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs. It's drifting over the gentle rain, A symbol of my silent pain. It's buried 'neath the meadow fair, Conjoined with all the sorrow there. It's lost among the stars this night, Too far to ease my quiet fright. No gentle winds, seek not my heart, For simply ... it has torn apart.
Roses And Hanging Baskets
ROSES & HANGING BASKETS A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra. Her grandmother just pitched a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that! The teenager tells her 'Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You gotta let your rose buds show!' and out she goes. The next day the teenager comes down stairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The teenager wants to die. She explains to her grandmother that she has friends coming over and that it is just not appropriate.... The grandmother says, 'Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rose buds, then I can display my hanging baskets. Happy Gardening.
So Tired Of The Bs It Has To Stop
im so tired of everyone saying im racist im this im that im a devil worshipper and alot of people think the worst of me im not none of these in fact im a very nice and sweet person once ya get to know me but to sit there and judge me and talk behind my back is nonsense just tell me what the hell u think of me and dont act like my friend then 2 mins later say omg that bitch is this that bitch is that say it to me yea i know some of u dont agree with my religon cause im wiccan but it doesnt mean im racist or anything like that i dont judge people or judge their religon or talk shit about them or their religon behind their backs if u dont want to be my friend u know how to delete me off of your list im sorry if it sounds rude but im tired of the shit talkers on here i have many friends here who i enjoy talking to im not here to point whore it or to talk shit or start drama im here to have fun and talk to my friends and thats it so please if u hafta say something about me be a man or w
To My Fu Family And Friends
The Alpha
Hey All, This is the beginning of some personal therapy for me so if I should offend some this is not meant to do so this is my way of dealing with some inner strife of my own demons. Here a little info about where my demons come from. First I have issues with my family life my mother wasn't all that family oriented when I was a child and I don't have that background and my wife is family oriented and they are very tight and after 15 years I still am having a hard time getting the whole family thing. My wife is getting very frustrated with me about it but she is still willing to work with me about it, I'm so lucky I think. My next demon is starting to cause me to lose some sleep. About three years ago I had a bad call on the job that involved a child that had been mauled by a pitt bull dog. The child at the time was the same age as my youngest child at the time. Recently while on light duty I came in contact with the report I had written for the incident and it caused a
Calling Part 4
As my Son and his Father staring at each other on that hill all I could see was a fate that would in no way make me happy or sad. I saw the love of my life dieing in hands of OUR Son and yet at the same time I always saw OUR Son dieing in the hands of his Father and me not being able to help for I knew I was not strong enough to defeat his Father for I had never truely learned how to unleash out with all my powers and yet I felt the overwelming urge to go and strike this man down that I had once called my Master and Lover. This a very troubled time facing me now and I had to do what as right for both my Son and myself before it became to late for I knew if these two were to face each other to the death I would surely lose both this night and that I could not bare on what was left of my soul at this time in my life. I knew that I had to make my stand against this man I once called my Lover and Master before it was to late and I was to lose the only good thing that was left in my lif
*~sexybitch~*~ Show All Of Them Lotsa Luv
*~SexyBitch~*~ show all of them lotsa luv.Come help me out to win blingy.I'll give away 10k for 100 comments for those who would help me out on this.I wanna win my contest.And need alot of help with it.So can you all come help me out when you have time to.Thank you..Here's the pic link for it.
Today May 12th Is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
May 12th is Fibromyalgia Syndrome Awareness Day. I have had this for 18+ years and I can vouch for most of the symptoms especially the pain. I looked up one of the sites listed on here and got a brief list of what it consists of so the next time someone tell you they have it you'll have an idea of what they go through. SYMPTOMS AND ASSOCIATED SYNDROMES Pain - The pain of fibromyalgia has no boundaries. Quite often, the pain and stiffness are worse in the morning and you may hurt more in muscle groups that are used repetitively. People with FMS suffer chronic widespread pain, which can be described as burning, throbbing, shooting, or stabbing, Painful areas often include the upper back, shoulders, neck, the low back, and other areas around the joints. Many people will say, "I hurt all over." Fatigue - This symptom can be mild in some patients and yet incapacitating in others. The fatigue has been described as "brain fatigue" in which patients feel totally drained of energy. Many
Ive gotten a few hits here and there of people asking for some kind of image but leaving it up to me to decide what and how. so ill leave it up to you. all i need is a few ideas on the final product.. a theme. some images (i get tired of browsing through around 4,000 images for 4 or 5 that i might use). but this is open to whoever.. i need to start getting back into it but i kinda lack direction at this point. so browse my folders (photoshop and 3d modeling) *personal stuff* (Special order)*ones ive done for others allready* leave me a comment here if your interested. i do everything from buttons to backgrounds so nothing is rly out of the question. but if your looking for something unconventional that hasnt been over done as far as lounge images go i can see what i can drag up and well work on it. thanks for reading.. :P Special order My album of random crap
Why Men Wear Earrings
A man is at work one day when he notices that his co-worker is wearing an earring. The guy knows his co-worker to be a normally conservative fellow, and is curious about his sudden change in "fashion sense." He walks up to him and says, "I didn't know you were into earrings." "Don't make such a big deal, it's only an earring," he replies sheepishly. His friend falls silent for a few minutes, but then his curiosity prods him to ask, "So, how long have you been wearing one?" "Ever since my wife found it in my truck."
life is funny If a section of your life an analyze it, you can either laugh, cry, get angry or do something about it, I just started about my 15 yr life span. What got me thinking about this? Well it really started a couple days ago on Wednesday when I was told I had to do a detail at my old high school. I hated high school more than anything. Senior year was no cake walk either, either was the first years of college. I thought leaving a local college and branching out into the city would be a good idea. It was somewhat, but the first year at that new college was horrendous. Working a crap job at a computer store that went under due to the techs doing internal theft, to becoming a paralegal and going back to my old college who messed me over, doing my classes (even thru the hell my city went thru in 9-11) My fathers death. 10 years ago I met someone at a Z100 concert, it was weird, someone who lived out here with me we hung out and he got tickets to a concert,so he ha
Memorial Day Celebration, You Gotta Come!
Am givin away 20,000 fu bucks for my 200th member to subscribe with us. You interested!!? Come show ur Love n Support to our Military, Veterans & Families!! They deserve it ALL from us supporters!! On Behalf of SP2, we will also be hosting a Memorial Day Celebration on the weekend of Memorial day. We would like to welcome EVERYONE they deserve it! Hope to see you there! CUM AND ENTERTHE LOST SOULS LOUNGE!!!
Sammie The Stilleto Girl Fake
..came here for the latest blog? Look down and to the left on the blog list. Thanks..
User #1219512 = Sammie The Stilleto Girl Fake.
...this user.... a big fat FAKE. ..tried to get this photoshopped salute approved, check out the properties: ..too bad for the people that talk to it and have bought it a VIP and all that bling. You just wasted your money on this fake. Let it know what you think...hopefully it will delete itself like the rest usually do once they get blown out here... ? Lil Sammie ?..~*~Stiletto Girl~*~@ fubar ...what sick people out there. The lamest excuse I've ever heard for a fake was this: "Fakes are real people too, there's a real person behind that computer screen with real feelings" The only problem with this is that they sure as hell aren't who they claim to be. That's just a small issue right?
Loved And Lost ....
All the things I said, I should have said and didn't say, And I wonder why. I think about the time we spent, The places that we went, Still makes me cry. Yes, it makes me cry. You taught me how to love, I am all I am Because of you. Just because of you. Everytime I lost my way, you shine a light, you made my day,
Nsfw Pics
I went ahead and marked all of my pics, or most of them, nsfw. I just can't figure it out. First I thought people who weren't even on my friends list were marking them, so I changed my settings to friends only. Guess what folks?? My so-called friends are marking my pics nsfw, so they are being deleted henceforth... I do not know how they are able to mark them when most of my folders are already marked nsfw, but this just goes to show, you don't really have friends here. If you did they would have shouted or left a private message as to the fact that they are offended by something. BTW, I do not think the pics that were marked were in any way nsfw, but so be it. Fubar support doesn't give a crap, they just go ahead and mark your pic and threaten to delete you. The pics do not show any inaapropriate body parts without a face. But anyway, hope the rest of you gorgeous people have a great day and an excellent life. Thanks for listening...
Spiritual Sex/ Tantra
A native of France who was born into an aristocratic family, Margot Anand first experienced tantra at the age of 18 while a student at the Sorbonne in Paris. After graduating with a degree in psychology, philosophy and art history, Margot spent the next seven years traveling the world in search of understanding the deeper meaning of her life. Finally on a meditation retreat in England, she had an experience of her own true nature that left her forever changed. Her new path took her to the ashram of Osho, known the world over as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. At his invitation, she began to teach tantra workshops and share her gift of knowledge with more than 20,000 students all over the world. Many books followed, including The Art of Sexual Magic; then her bestseller, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy; followed by her most recent book The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, many of which have been translated into foreign languages in 20 different countries. She has also been a gracious hostess for the State
My Drug Mumm
Omg this is helarious all these people getting pissy about my mumm. I didn't do anything but ask about different drugs on the street and the prices people pay for them. The funniest part is I knew the FuBar Nation would freak the fuck out. And sure enough they did. You can't assume that if someone is asking about drugs they do them. First off. Second I've seen dumber questions than mine. And Third I'm just trying to get points. I read a situation and use it to my advantage. I appreciate all the real people commenting back who aren't afraid. Having a new teenager to take care of you want to know what is out there and you want to know prices because if money comes up missing or if the behavioral pattern changes you can figure a lot out knowing the facts. Who better to ask than the Public. I love it. But anywho those who were all pissy about it can kiss my big white ass and the rest can party it the fuck up with me! Holla!!
In Love With Life
~In love with life~Fall in love again each moment with life. Breathe in the rich, new wondrous possibilities that are continually being born.Realize what a grand opportunity exists in even the smallest of matters. Today is a day like no other, and you are magnificently blessed to be a part of all that it encompasses.The wind blows, the sun shines, night falls, and some days bring brutal cold while others offer stifling heat. There is beauty, there is tragedy, and there is exquisite fulfillment along with bitter disappointment.On the surface, life is filled with much adventure, activity, change, confusion, excitement, joy and frustration. Underlying it all you'll find abiding peace and goodness that can never be denied.You have the unique, unmatched good fortune of being you, right here and right now. Take a brief moment to realize and remember who you truly are.Then look out at the vast expanse of possibilities that surrounds you. And dive lovingly into it in your own special way.Ocean
Oh And Btw...
I had forgotten what I had told her during our conversation... Are you sure your just not afraid of you conveniently use the excuse that a person is insecure if they feel the need to actually "NEED" and to be "Needed" by another person?... She laughed at me...I like her...She's funny... :)
Imagination! Wow, do I have an imagination. I often wonder what It would be like to Make TOTAL love with you; What would it be like... kiss you tenderly all night all over your beautiful body... to hold you in my arms and feel the heat and moisture of your skin... to slide my manhood deep into Your flooding sacred chamber... to have you ride my bucking stallion and moan loudly from the pleasure you were receiving...I wonder what it would be like to run, dart and send my tongue all over, around and into your sweet, oh how I wonder as I look at you my fantasy and beautiful dream.
Shout Box Nuttiness
i just love random shout box messages: nino84: well you got my number dont be shy I have no idea who this is, lmao, as he is not on my any of my lists. It actually gives me the sadistic idea of just picking someone scrolling at random and shouting them something, like, 'my pregnancy test is positve', or 'i think you should go get tested for HIV', or something like that. LMFAO!
The Universe Knows Best
Written By Margot Zaher and Jafree Ozwald Just take a deep breath and let yourself relax. That's right. You can just allow everything to be exactly as it is for this moment. Everything is already taken care of. You can take a permanent vacation into the innermost essence of your being and relax completely here. The more you can relax into this space, the easier it is to flow with the mysterious river of Life. Conscious relaxation allows you to open up to your greatest power and embrace your entire life without even having to do a thing. There's no efforting involved in relaxation, its simply a continuous release into being with what is. We've found that you can relax deeper when you let yourself trust the situations happening in your life right now are for your highest evolution and enlightenment. So explore what its like to trust in something bigger than you, like the Universe. Let go for a few moments of trying to manage your life, and let it guide you. It always knows wha
Walk Ins & Wanderers
Walk-in is an ancient concept first described in Hinduism whose modern name originated in the Spiritualist faith and was popularised by the related, but not identical New Age movements and beliefs. A walk-in is thought to be a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul. Walk-ins first appear in Hindu sacred literature. In Hindu belief, each person is comprised of several bodies, including the physical, astral, mental, refined, and so on. The only essence that is not a body, and therefore not tranferrable, is the Atman. So according to this belief system, a walk-in, as described in the book Merging with Siva by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, can take one or many of these bodies. The most famous Hindu story of a walk-in is that of the missionary Saint Tirumular. Legend has it that he voluntarily left his body in order to reanimate a young cowherd who had just died. His own body was subsequently taken up to heaven by the god Siva, leaving him
For Sub Lil Slavegrrl
I dreamed of your sarcophagus Chrome reflections of my undoing Satin padded to make a pillow for your death My tongue licks your damp face Hot red that fades but soon I can make it reappear again full bloom I have licked away the make-up The death white pallor so exact You had painted on over soft white skin I have kissed away the lipstick Black as coagulated blood And sucked on the black polished nails Though still a corpse beneath me I have felt your tell tale heart And the wind of your breath on my face While your big eyes stare up Fixed to a spot far away Your thighs and your belly are awake Cushion my relentless entrances With the soft lively skin embrace My scrapings at your womb I invade What death is it you celebrate spirits cold flesh or stillness or a rebellion that says fuck life I am bouncing in the dialogue Between those lively loins And death you represent up above I feel a rush of vibrations Surrounding my welcome inside T
051208 Dilbert
Zeitgeist: The Movie
Would U Help Me?
Would u help me to bomb my pic if i would get in? Will start on the 23th of May. now taking entries!!!!!!!!
Intent, And Distribution
Strangley enough, I decided to close my Myspace account largely due to inactivity there. In fact, I didn't really have to much to do. Still here, it seems I may not entirely be in any better situation. However, at least there are a lot of things to do. As was my intention at Myspace for my blog so to will it be here that I weave together what philosophical content I can, and to formally dissolve most inane chatter, and everydayness speak, or as Heidegger calls 'idle chatter'. Kind of like the anti-'it is what it is'. Think of me as the examiner of most propositions, and do not with any good conscience, rattle such meaninglessness. Such the formal write am I, yet with some 18th and 19th century eccentricity, I'll shall do my best to connect with people at all. Doubtful that any of you will read this, still I will write it as though the world was my audience. Enjoy, if you dare.
For All My "true Friends" Out There
Just letting all my true friends know just how much you mean to me out there in fubar land and that i mean every word here and just wanted to show my appreciation to you but posting this blog to show ya thati do care and thank you for bein g my "TRUE FRIEND" i also want you to know i am your friend and care so this is the only way i know how is to send this to you........ hope you like what i done
Great Escape Bulletin
Ill Go On Loving You ...
Ill go on loving you......Thanks Alan I'm reminded that what i feel for you Will remain strong and true Long after the pleasures of the flesh And be it the wind or the rain Or the moon up in the sky The spin of the earth Or the change in the tides I don't know what brought us together What strange forces of nature Conspired to construct The present from the past but When i look into your soft blue eyes I'm reminded that what i feel for you Will remain strong and true Long after the pleasures of the flesh
My Goals
I feel dirty My innocence stripped from me I am a shell Weak and weary Time keeps on slipping by Waiting for no man Youth is fleeting Death is gaining This is what I wanna know I wanna feel passion I wanna know pain I want your ectasy to rain I need passion I need pain I need your ectasy to rain on me I was only once Now its gone I gave it to a thief Never to be seen again I need to have it back and give this precious jewel to her This is what I wanna do I wanna make her quiver I wanna make her quake I wanna make my angel scream I need her to tremble I need ner to shake I need my angel to scream for me Let her ectasy to scream for me Let her ectasy to sing to me Carnality comsumes me I am no longer my own My lusts saturates me Love possess me Inhabit my body Make me your temple I wanna see you I wanna hear you I wanna know you more I gotta have you I gotta make you mine I need you Embrace me Engulf me Devour me
O.K. I lnow every time this year I can expect visits from those I love and miss but disapear for months mabe even years at a time but know matter what they always resurface at the same time of year like the birds coming back from winter break..... Well that has happened again this year after three years give or take like I said nothin unusal well these people are like me or what I used to be like I have had many things happen in my life in the past year let alone three years either way my life has changed slowed down and became normal and structured for my kids the first time in there lives Thanks jess I love you!!! Like a puppy!!! anyway this is the life I have strived to get and I finally got it!!!! Well when the wind blew and the family came I was happy they were missed by me and the children upon them arriving I explained to them how life is and I like too keep it that way now one of the family members is someone I love dearly I have givin him more than one piece of my heart the on
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day - Find Your Life In One Day
Interesting movie, interesting partner to watch it with, interesting conversation after the movie. Love the Brits humor, love the accent, love the story line. Simple but trigger you think a lot. Can you get a life and discover love, all in one day? Some people spent their whole lives to search the meaning of life and discover live, and in the movie, Miss Pettigrew could it in one day. And I believe we all will have her day if we could slow down and be sensitive to our surrounding. I really love the song that performed in the movie, suits the film itself and described perfectly how love could be...
Who I Am
I am your temptation. I am the yes that was in your heart, when no is what you spoke. I am the lips that kiss you and take your breath away. I am the man you dream of when you are alone in your bed. I am the forbidden which you desire, and the desire of that which is forbidden. I am the pounding of your heart and the swelling of your breast. I am the hand that carresses you gently, and the shiver that it sends down your spine. I am he who peers deep into your eyes, to see the woman you really are, when no other man would take the time. I am tongue that reaches for your wettest and darkest place. I am the manhood that fills you completely, the pulsing, the throbbing, and the thrusting. I am the liquid explosion that fills you to overflowing. I am the arms that hold you afterwards promising to keep you safe. I am he who listens when you say you need someone to talk to, offering you no advice unless that is what you want. I will be all you wish and shall grant you all you d
May 12th
despite out best efforts to make this happen today, I was outbid. The bid for tomorrows is already nearing my total amount of fubux! HELP!! So here's what I'm going to do! For every 75k Fu-bux you send me I will do a SFW salute to you, what that salute says is up to you. This also means that 150k will get you 2 salutes Anyone who sends 200k or more will get 2 SFW salutes and a bling (as long as I have bling to give)! All who donate Any amount will be added to a pimp out that is already in progress that will be a permanent part of my blog and posted daily for at least a week after I get the spotlight! *PS* The Salutes I "owe" are taken, but the battery died in my cam so it's charging, will be loaded and "paid" this evening Just send your bux here! Include in your message what you want you salute to say! lauria♥Shadow Leveler♥Owned by Gary@ fubar
I Won I Won Ty Fubombers
One Night Stand
I got kidnaped by a rich woman this weekend we both desided before anything happened it was a fling. We talked until 6Am Saturday morning Itook her car to my house go some sleep went back she talked me into driving her 45 miles to hear a rock band she baught a motel room for us. We went the bar had one beer and she smokeda cigar a bit. We went back to the room at 6PM and then had sex on and off for the 8 1/2 hours. When I drove her back home sshe showed me some of what she has done in her work took me to my car told me she would not call me. I got a call from her at 20 to 6AM this morning. I answered as I always do she told me to hang up nand she would leave a message. She told me how she had thought about me the last 2 days and then she called 10 minutes later wanting me to come over tonight I told her I had aready made plans for tonight. she is a little excentric and weird for me but should I have gone over or not
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 10:00AM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at sweetnloveable35 Click banner to visit Kazz's MySpace page! 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
Re: State Says Hundreds Of 9/11 Rescue Workers Now Dead
RE: State Says Hundreds Of 9/11 Rescue Workers Now Dead ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 09 May 2008, 20:29 State Says Hundreds Of 9/11 Rescue Workers Now Dead, Admits Undercount New York State health officials have released statistics indicating that 360 9/11 rescue workers have since died, but have also admitted that there is an overall undercount. http://infowars. net/articles/may2008/090508Workers. htm
Re: Tommy Chong Doubts Official 9/11 Story
RE: Tommy Chong Doubts Official 9/11 Story ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 09 May 2008, 22:17 Tommy Chong Doubts Official 9/11 Story Speaking with the Alex Jones Show, actor Tommy Chong, whose offices were subject of a raid this week by the FBI who seized 10,000 political DVD's, said he "absolutely" doubted the official story of 9/11 and compared it to the JFK assassination in that the truth will take many years to finally come out. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/050908_tommy_chong. htm
Re: Wannabe "virus" Prince Philip Attacks Big Families
RE: Wannabe "Virus" Prince Philip Attacks Big Families ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 12 May 2008, 12:30 Wannabe "Virus" Prince Philip Attacks Big Families Nazi collaborator and racist advocate of mass genocide Prince Philip, a man who has often expressed his desire to return to the earth as a "deadly virus" to thin the human population, says that there are too many people in the world as he attacked large families in a television interview set to air this week. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/051208_prince_philip. htm
Being nice got me nowhere. Being understanding got me stepped on. SO...fuck it. I'll try being the bitch. No, I won't be completely cold, but fuck the understanding sweet crap. Only those who TRULY deserve it will get it. Feed me crap, and I'll feed it right back. Hey, you guys like playing games right? So you can bitch about it later? So cool... let's play. I was good at it once when I was younger, and since you guys are always looking for that little girl to call you daddy all the fucking time, games are as normal as breathing. But no, I'm NOT gonna call you daddy...I have a dad. And none of you are him. I'll tempt you, make you want it, and if you're REALLY lucky, throw you a bone. But don't expect me to call you in the morning or cuddle with you. That's for pussy's or married ppl.
Am I Insecure?
As most of you know..I work nights...So there can be a lot of downtime...It's during those times that you start talking to friends about personal things in your life...And I'm the type of person that will talk about most anything with someone that I feel comfortable with. One of the nurses and I got into a conversation about relationships...Her past almost like my own...As in relationships of course...She asked about my trip to CA coming up...And I told her about it...She told me at one time she had had a long distance relationship with someone...It actually lasted a few years...All of it from a distance...I told her there was no way I could be that far away from someone that I wanted a life with for that long...Asked her how she could do it...Her answer...It was convenient for her...Hmmm...Not into the convenience of things...So..I know it wouldn't work for me... Told her I had to have certain things...personal things...More private time than on the phone...or in mail...She said
Answer Me This
I'M CURIOUS.... IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST!! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Are you currently in a serious relationship? 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you? 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 12.)Q. Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in
Have Leveled
Well it has finally happened. I have leveled and I want to thank all who helped me get there. A special thanks to weldingangel who put me over the top. My debt has now been payed and she has recieved the 100,000 fubucks as promised. Thanks again! THis turned out to be a fun game and might happen again in the future. Keep your eyes open! LOL
'thousands Dead' In Chinese Quake
'Thousands dead' in Chinese quake Rescue workers have been trying to reach students of Juyuan Middle School Between 3,000 and 5,000 people may have been killed by an earthquake measuring 7.8 in just one county of south-western China's Sichuan province, reports say. Some 10,000 people are also feared to have been injured in Beichuan county. Desperate efforts are under way to find survivors. One school that collapsed has buried an estimated 900 students. President Hu Jintao has urged "all-out" efforts to rescue victims of the quake, which hit 92km (57 miles) from Chengdu, Sichuan's provincial capital. Cries for help There are harrowing reports from the scene of the school collapse in Dujiangyan city - about 100km (60 miles) from the epicentre. Teenagers buried beneath the rubble of the three-storey Juyuan Middle School building were struggling to break free, while others were crying out for help, state news agency Xinhua reported. Parents were wa
Time To Go Through My Friends List
Ok.. Here's the thing. I have close to 1800 people on my friends list. I MAY talk to 20 of you all. So, I am going to start deleting people. Throughout this week up until Friday that's what I am going to be doing. If you wish to stay on my friends list then I suggest you either start talking or let me know that you would like to continue to remain on my list. Thanks, Shawty
Come On I Know You Want Too
All Done....what's Next?
well, I am done with 16 weeks of treamtent (8 chemos) and my next appointment is to see the surgeon this week. I am so happy to be done with chemo but I am not ready for surgery. I am a big baby when it comes to pain and I know I will be hurting. Please be sending me positive thoughts and prayers over the next few days/weeks. I have no idea when I'll be back online. I will update when I know more. one more thing......Is is me or has this site died?? If you don't flash your boobs or body or bash people in the mumms, you get no attention at all. I don't need attention, mind you.....I guess the attention whores are out there working it~!!!!!! Sorry, I just had to rant for a minute. ~~smooches~~ to all
Hold A Friend
hold a friend hard thru times of trial. Let him/her find love thru ah hug and a smile,but also know when it;s time to let go for each and everyone of us must learn to grow
Tribute Artist
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Contest Standings
Here are the standing of the bling contest! '†ЯдїЙ†~Comments:10003. DJ*BABYSCORPIO~ Comments:5009 BLUE EYES~Comments:2600. BIG FAT DADDY~Comments:2550 †ŞħãĐØŴ†~Comments:925. These are the top Five as of Monday May 12th.Rain is holding up at 10K waiting on some competition to finish this contest. So hit up everyone you can think of to come and help you,Let's have a explosive ending! ¶PÃIЙT€Я™
Facts About Wolves,educational
* There is no documented account of a healthy wolf ever attacking a human. * It is highly likely that at one time or another the land your home is on was once the home of a wolf pack (greatest natural range of any mammal except humans). * Pups are born completely blind and deaf, depending on the their mother and other members of the pack. The whole pack takes care and raises the pups (non-breeding females produce milk and males compete to baby sit). * Dominant males can stare down other wolves in the pack to prevent a fight and dominate female do the same to prevent females from mating with her mate (fights are very rare). * Some members stay with the pack for life. * Each pack has a leading, dominate pair (male and female) called the Alpha * Wolves can run up to 40 miles an hour and can easily cover 50 miles a day * By smell alone wolves can locate prey, other pack members or enemies. It can tell them if other wolves were in the territory, if they w
'thousands Dead' In Chinese Quake
'Thousands dead' in Chinese quake Rescue workers have been trying to reach students of Juyuan Middle School Between 3,000 and 5,000 people have been killed by an earthquake measuring 7.8 in one county of Sichuan province in south-western China, reports say. There are also thought to be almost 900 students buried beneath the rubble of a middle school. President Hu Jintao has urged "all-out" efforts to rescue victims of the quake. More details to follow.
I lost another Crush over the weekend!!!! **waahhhh** OK, yeah I know I still have 6, but I'm greedy, lol! Anyone want to Crush me? I'm taking applications. :p
Two Equals One
I love you with all I am And all I'll ever be. You are my moon, my sun and stars, My earth, my sky, my sea. My love for you goes on Beneath both life and death, So deep it must remain when I Have drawn my last faint breath. Holding you for months and years Will make Time disappear, Will make your lips, my lips, your face My face, your tear my tear; Will make us one perfect person intertwined in bliss, Not man or woman, live or dead-- Just a deep, loving kiss!
well its monday..had a week off from work last week. went for a mri on my shoulder ..not good lol looks lke i tore a tendon in my shoulder gonna have to have it operated on . gonna be out 3-5 weeks ughhhh! its also my b-day today turnin 45...gettin old lol. sux i gt sum time off and cant do shit gotta take it easy this week before surgery or try to lol
man cannot advance spiritually unless he fulfils his obligation to planet earth, and through planet earth to the solar system. He must “pay the debt of his existence” by nurturing that which nurtured him. For man’s cross is a twofold spiritual destiny; to evolve as an individual, but also to serve the evolution of kingdoms other than his own, lives other than his own. Out of the friction these opposed drives generate, said Gurdjieff, there comes a transcendental third, the birth of conscience. This suffering of the tension between the opposites is the law of true religion and is alleviated only by the awakening of the mediating force inherent in the soul; that is, conscience or love. The Sufi theory of world-creation and world-maintenance – “a new master idea for the coming age,” as Bennett called it – has become increasingly relevant as the planet’s ecological crisis has worsened over the decades; and now, looking back from our vantage point in the new millennium, we see how it
Alright Guys I Know This Is Sudden But.....
Ok guys i know that this is sudden but I am moving away, all the way to Arizona. I know lots of u have questions. So..... Why- No work here and i cant pay my bills. When- Wednesday May 14th Where- Mesa Area Who- with Jess How- Driving for 4 days straight if anyone has any other questions call me on my cell if u know what the num is. I'll have it on all day and prolly tomorrow too.
The Feel Of You
The Feel of You by LateNiteFantasy© Your lips so soft As they gently kiss mine The heat, the intensity Of this moment in time. The warmth of your body The way feel while inside Makes me want An orgasmic ride. Pulsating and throbbing As in and out I go My body rivetting in pleasure As you're about to explode. The wetness, the heat Two bodies entwined A moment never to be forgotten Savored forever in my mind. Confucius Says... "Man who masturbate only screwing himself."
WHY YOU NEVER QUESTION A DRUNK I was shopping at the local supermarket where I selected: A half-gallon of 2% milk A carton of eggs A quart of orange juice A head of romaine lettuce A 2 lb. can of coffee A 1 lb. package of bacon As I was unloading my items on the conveyor belt to check out, a drunk standing behind me watched as I placed the items in front of the cashier. While the cashier was ringing up the purchases, the drunk calmly stated, 'You must be single.' I was a bit startled by this proclamation, but I was intrigued by the derelict's intuition, since I was indeed single. I looked at the six items on the belt and saw nothing particularly unusual about my selections that could have tipped off the drunk to my marital status. Curiosity getting the better of me, I said: 'Well, you know what, you're absolutely right. But how on earth did you know that?' The drunk replied, 'Cause you're ugly.
I Have Helped Many Of You In ..........
contests before...... now is your chance to return the luv!.. THANK IN ADVANCE!! XOXOX ELAINA
What Is Your Hawaiian Name?
MY HAWAIIAN NAME 1. The first 2 letters of your name: KA 2. The first 2 letters of your middle name: AN 3. The letter i: I 4. Double the 3rd letter in your name RR 5. The letter a: A 6. Put it all together: KAANIRRA
A Bun In The Oven
A four year old little boy was at the doctor’s office with his mother in the waiting room when he spotted a pregnant lady on the other side of the room. Having nothing better to do, he walk over to her and inquisitively asks “Why is your stomach so big?” She replied, “Im having a baby.” With big eyes, he replied, “Is the baby in your stomach?” She said, “He sure is.” Then the little boy, with a puzzled look on his face, asked yet another question, “Is it a good baby?” She said, “Oh, yes. It’s a real good baby.” At this point the woman is thinking the little boy is incredibly cute and looks foward to what he has to say next… And, much to her suprise, with an even more surprised and shocked look than before, he asks.. “Then why did you eat him?”
The Chase
John came back from a safari in Africa. Upon arrival, he went to his friend Mark, and told him of his adventures. "I was out in the jungle," he said, "when all of a sudden I heard a noise in the bush behind me. Looking back, I saw a huge lion, licking his chops, and smiling at me. The lion started coming my way and I started running, with the lion not far behind. When the lion was almost at my neck, he suddenly slipped, and I got ahead a bit. The lion started gaining on me, and as he got closer, once again he slipped. I happened to see a house not far away, and made towards it. As I got close to the house, the lion was almost on top of me, when he slipped for a third time. With the very last bit of strength, I ran into the house and closed the door in the lion's face." "That's some story there, John, I would have shit my pants." "Well, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE LION KEPT SLIPPING ON...???"
Your Voice
Your Voice by LateNiteFantasy© Your voice At the end of the line My heart beats faster Keeping your soul Close to mine Your voice At the end of the line My legs shake With butterflies Keeping time Your voice At the end of the line Warming, soothing Belonging and loving the fact you are mine...
OK OK OK!! So i had a moment of irrational thinking and my friend Sweet Kandy convinced me to join a pic comment contest she is hosting! Hey...i could win a VIP so what the hell! LOL! It runs until May 24th at 9pm. I'm asking in the friendliest of ways for my friends to go to the link below and help me out! All help will be returned with some Fu love from me! Thanks All!!
Slavegirl Alexcia
alexandria was owned by me during 2000 - 2005 My slave and online love from FL. She leaved me without a warning. She was good trained and its hard, not to see her around anymore.
Beat Up!
I did battle again this weekend and nature got the better of me. My arms and hands are covered with thorn scratches, bug bites and blisters. I look like I got into a fight with a cat and lost! Hopefully I'll be all healed up by Saturday so I can take on my yard again. I'll be glad when I finally get rid of all the thorns. In the meantime however, I am cultivating a lovely patch of Poison Ivy. Anyone want to help me with that?
A Couple Of Dogs Share The Lime Light, One On Survivor
Good Morning and How D Do? I am fine myself. I heard this story on the way into work this morning about a woman sueing an Aquarium due to the fact her 1 Year old ruin the day and his shoe by stepping in a pile of Dog Do… She claims it ruined the toddler’s shoes and their day at the Aquarium. The park claims Dog do happens… In other Pedigree files At a March British soccer match between Blackpool and Burnley teams, greyhound owner Jane Holland was escorting her retired dog Fool's Mile for a presentation when the crowd noise evidently energized the champion racer, who broke away. "When she heard the crowd, she was off," said Holland, and Fool's Mile circled the track four times before being restrained. Said London's Sunday Telegraph, the dog appeared to be reliving her glory days. [Sunday Telegraph-Australian Associated Press, 3-9-08] Sounds like Fool’s Mile had a lot of race left in her. I could almost visualize that happening. My only wonderment is why on earth would anyone bring a dog
The Kneeling Position
No 1 My Masters Favourites He'd prefer to see me in the kneeling position.... "The kneeling position is an attentive one with toes curled forward, cheeks of your ass just over and barely touching your heels, your hands - with fingers spread apart - palms down flat on top of your thighs, the inside of your upper arms pushing your breasts towards the center of your chest, and your back pushing forward to thrust your breasts forward - thus giving your upper torso a good curvature."
Broken Handed
If you wanted to Could your heart be true If you wanted to Could you not want Anyone else's world Anyone else's world If you wanted it Just break off a bit If you wanted a taste of it Somebody else's world I'm a Broken Handed Superman You're a Krypto-Nightingale Snow White Now I understand It's something I understand Some things I understand If I wanted to Could my faith be true If I wanted to Could I not want Anyone else's world Anyone else's world When I wanted it I'd break off a bit If I wanted a taste of Someone's world Somebody else's world There is no sin and virtue here Always see me All my demons Always see me
All she's asking is for a little more time, To walk away from his anger and leave the bruises far behind She won't talk about it...she's made up her mind But as the front door shuts behind her she whispers "give me a sign." Feels the power of the engine as she climbs to 65 Every piston sounds like freedom, every white line says goodbye She'll find strength in her anger and the truth in his lies When the last scar finally fades she'll have a new life Say goodbye to Mr. Right Lock the door, turn out the light Pack your bags, leave this trap Run away, don't look back See another day with each new sun Your life has just begun She can still feel the touch of his hand Not just the violence but the warmth of her man The night she never felt so alive even though it feels so cold outside It's the first time I've ever seen her smile.
I haz job?? :(
Erotic Explorations
Erotic Explorations by LateNiteFantasy© The secret world of smooth warm flesh your graceful curves delight my eye they call my fingertips to explore them such a wondrous geography, paradise I ache to be your favorite native son, born to love each rise, and silken valley, humbly bow my head to drink so deep from your wellspring of sweet desire I long to quench my lusty thirst in you parched, like a desert nomad's throat dream of the day when you float above and find release, like clouds and rain your hands reach out, to take my face and pull me to your waiting breasts to suckle you long as a greedy child lulled by the music, of your racing pulse your fingers plow furrows in my hair and trace my brow, fever flushed and croon a song of love to me that binds me tight to your side do you feel me throb so deep inside? a counterpoint to your rolling motion my growling voice echoes in the room your name kissed by my lips and tongue trembling thighs, so
My Goddess
My Goddess by LateNiteFantasy© Venus beckons in lace bound fast by chains of love wrapped tight Her lush lips so tenderly pressed to the earth's ancient grassy breast, Goddess mine please hear my prayers smile down on your slave of love carry my spirit to that place you dwell that altar between your silken thighs her moans and sighs sweet music calling me to her fervent worship in that temple of secret delights surrendering all I am to you freely I sing for you an ancient primal hymn soft muffled songs roll from my lips shake the earth and rock your hips take my offerings, mark me as yours Press my face to that cup of sacred wine and drink deep that sweet water of life far beyond the realm of mortal desire love's alchemy, carnal made the sublime
When Does It Stop
When does the pain ever stop I get hurt in every way that you can hurt a person They tell you to trust them and you give them that much just for them to not give a shit about the way you feel..I want this fukkin pain to stop and i want to be happy with the person that i am with and live the life but for some reason we can't.I don't know if i should just let the pain and tear's get the best of me and leave it as that or make the pain go away but doing something about it..I am so tired of all the pain and the tears that i cry everynight and the thoughts that run through my head wondering with I am going to be in pain tomorrow or the next day and hoping that the night befor would be the last time that i cry cause of the pain..My heart hurt's and so does my eye's just don't think i can handle anymore pain and tear's.. NOW YOU ALL KNOW THAT I DO HAVE FEELING AND YES I DO HURT AND CRY I AM ONLY HUMAN..
Guilty Pleasures
What wud u do for an hour of fun that may or may not be good at all? Are you willing to live with it for the rest of ur life? what is the price ur willing to pay if it aint worth what u expected it to be??? well "What we do in life echoes in eternity"
I don't know what else to do as I pick up the knife. Everything's so stressful so I want to end my life. I want to thank all my friends for always being there. You gave me advice and you showed that you cared. To my one true love, I'll be watching you all the time. I love you with all my heart and I'm glad I had a chance to call you mine. This is to my family, you've done everything for me. You've supported me in everything as far back as I can see. You probably don't understand, but I'm under too much stress. Everything is going wrong and my whole life seems like a mess. I'm sorry for this, but I don't know what else to do. I love you all, but my life is through.
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. An
Coming To Terms
I've come to realize that no matter how much I fight this or try to fucking make this all go away it never will. So all I can do is come to terms with as much of it as I can and then either move on til the end alone or not move forward so there'll never be a past. Too much darkness in my past as it is and it'll only get darker. I'm only getting darker. I'm caring less and less about it all and just want to either fully disappear or for everything to just go the fuck away. I'm growing colder inside from all of this. And you all think it's Ashley and you're wrong. She's the biggest thing right now yes, but it's my life in general that's my problem. I've NEVER been really happy. I mean I've spent most of my life with either hardly any friends or none at all and had to rely on myself for company. So I've become anti-social because of it and prefer my own company over friends. Hell, I've NEVER had it easy making friends even when I was a kid. I was always an outcast and shit. Yo
Jealousy... I'm sure you've seen How it takes the "sweet" and makes them "mean." Take me for example... you'll never see An woman any nicer than me. But once those ladies come around And look my man up and down... What happens next is a big surprise: You'll see little daggers in my eyes. And while they think me sweet and wise, I'm quietly planning their demise. We mention families and talk about roots, While I secretly measure for concrete boots. Decorating! Which of you has the flair? Have you tried out my comfy electric chair? Over there on the left... one of them winks. Some "sleeping powder" falls into her drink. Who's that over there standing by his side? She looks like she might want to take a ride. Her car really looks like it can Zoom... When she turns the key, though... one loud "BOOM" I'm glad this is all just in my head. I really wouldn't wish anyone dead. I'll stay as sweet as I can be... Jealousy won't get the best of me.
His request approved by his TV station and the FAA, the photographer used a cell phone to call the local airport to charter a flight to fly over the raging forest fires in California. He was told that a twin engine plane would be waiting for him at the airport. Arriving at the airfield, he spotted a plane warming up outside a hanger. He jumped in with his bag, slammed the door shut, grabbed his camera, went forward and slid into the copilots seat, strapped in and shouted, "Let's go". The pilot taxied out, swung the plane into the wind and took off. Once in the air, the photographer instructed the pilot, "Fly over the burning ridge and valley and make low passes so I can take pictures of the fires on the hillsides." "Why?" asked the pilot. "Because I'm a photographer for Fox Cable News," he responded. "And I need to get some close up shots." The pilot was strangely silent for a moment, finally he stammered, "So, what you're telling me is, you're NOT m
Hello, My Treacherous Friends
Sitting for lunch in a square in this town (this town that I'm new to), new fellow from my new town sat me down and explained it to me: how when I spin from him I spin from myself, the center can double the speed of the crust. Thank you, my treacherous friends. I'm cringing for myself when I cringe for you. Hello, my treacherous friends, and thank you for joining me here tonight. I brought you all here to discuss, as I must, how grateful I am for your insights. With regard to my newborn arachnid kids, there's something we must discuss: perhaps we should sit them down and explain how not to be saved. Perhaps you could help me to demonstrate how your center can keep up its sickening spin. Thank you, my treacherous friends. Perhaps for my children your surface will smile. Hello, my treacherous friends, and thank you for joining me here tonight. I brought you all here to discuss, as I must, the fate of my children, the spiders. Hello,
Five Senses, Captured
Five Senses, Captured by LateNiteFantasy© paper, color, pen, cologne, lipstick five senses captured by the subtle hints of her parchment folded thrice creased with that limitless need for perfection with the edge of a french tipped nail that was better suited for grazing skin rather than the mundane domestic task of letter folding ink dots carelessly caught between cursive arches and printed curves blown dry with a cool breath that was better suited for dancing over the nape of a neck rather than the preservation of dark blue flowing liquid handwriting sprawled across the vast ocean of imagined thoughts powerful words wish...dream...sigh...scream that were better suited for whispers with her devilish smile rather than the innocence of the randomly placed 26 letters perfume spritzed daintily that provocative citrus blend bringing back vivid imagery of lips pulled over teeth and arched bodies, tangled a sce
Moody's Inferno
Rome is burning just outside my window, and I couldn't care less, as I reach for the bottle to pour myself another. Let it burn. Let all the trees, all the fields, and the flowers and grass burn to ash. Let the playgrounds stand empty, as the rapture sweeps up the children to the heaven they deserve. I knock back another shot, (no chaser or mixer for me. just pure amber fire racing its way to my bloodstream) and smile a smile that is dripping with apathy and full of teeth that are covered in not-give-a-fuck. Had I a fiddle, I would play it on the poarch, though none of my barely sentient neighbors would get the beauty of such a scene... A large man with shoulder lenth hair and a cock-eyed grin, a violin tucked his chin, playing something upbeat while trying not to spill his drink with his bow hand. ... I find it absolutely charming... ... Perhaps a little "Devil Went Down to Georgia" as the world ends around me. I think of that song and smile. I bet the pickings were
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Grandmas Apron
I don't think our kids know what an apron is. The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears . From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls. In the fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up
Little Round Mirrors
All alone On the floor Next to your twin-bed box-spring and mattress The door Is ajar From afar You can hear bands practicing And When they dream they all Dream of somebody like you Somebody who takes what they make Twice as seriously as they could ever hope to do And when you dream You dream of a day... When you find something you could love half as much As you love all your little round mirrors See yourself reflected in one, theres a hole in the middle You can't seem to fill Bring them home Watch them go All you know is you hope they'll hurry back And you cry Then you lie your frail body down Like a penny on a railroad track And even if they stay in touch The past stays in the past But every time You crash a little bit harder than the last And every time you crash don't you Wanna find something you could love Half as much as you love all your little round mirrors See yourself reflected in one There's a hole in the middle you can't seem to fill
Light Of Day
We'll always make it through the day There's always gonna be a better way Always be someone else's way Even when we know we've gone too far Closer to the edge is so much further Than we'll get without a car And everyone's lookin for some place They're just killing more time than space Some nights I wish that the sun would Never show its face You're so beautiful at night The moon's got a way of lighting you The way no picture is ever goin to Even when the stars begin to weep We'll laugh at the expense of all their grief You never made me feel like I'm a creep And everyone's lookin for some space We're just killing time all over this place Some nights I wish that the sun would Never show its face Wouldn't want to face the light of day With anyone like I'll face the night with you Just look at everyone No one really knowing why they're here Tryin so hard not to disappear Doesn't take a lot to make you dance We're making such a scene With two left feet Never
Thru The Night
Thru the Night by LateNiteFantasy© Clasping hands through the long night Share with me the small things and the big I shall hold you as you search for a light We will wait for morning. Until the morning comes forth Lean on me when you need I don’t regret standing by your side Under the starless sky. You are so strong babe But if you have a nightmare You fear the dark I will light the darkness. When you're exhausted and fall asleep I shall cover you up Enfold you gently in my arms I shall stay through the silent night. The morning will eventually come Resonating what lies in my heart I’ll be there with you We will make it, babe. Thru the Night
Looking Into Your Eyes
Looking into Your Eyes by LateNiteFantasy© Looking into the your eyes What do I see? Am I real? Am I just a dream? Am I someone that you need? If I stare into the fire, Do I see a flame that’s strong? If I get lost within a fantasy Will your kiss awaken me? I believe you are my shinning star Am I your guiding light? If I give you my heart for free Will you in turn give yours to me? If I give you my everything, Will your eyes shine from within? I know I’m in love with you Are you in love with me? If we walked under a different sun Would our lives together have begun? If every drop of rain fell from the sky Would our love die? We’ll stay afloat ‘cause I believe in you And my love you believe in me.
Final Inspections
The Soldier stood and faced his God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, you Soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?" The Soldier squared his shoulders and said, "No, my Lord, I ain't. Because those of us who carry guns, Can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Because the world is awfully rough. But, I never took a dollar, That wasn't mine to keep... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills got just too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God, forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place Among the people here. They never wanted me around, Except to calm their fears. If you've a place for me here, Lord, I
Two Silhouettes
Two Silhouettes by LateNiteFantasy© The fire glows Illuminating the shadows Two silhouettes merge Their souls screaming for release Electricity crackles in the night Passion drives them on Forcing their submission To bend to its will Storm clouds echo their flight Deep into the abyss Their primal desires Feeds their animal lust Wind inflaming the fire Consuming passion and need Two silhouettes merge Encased in eternity
Today's Quote All I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother. -Abraham Lincoln
The Old Storyteller
The Old Storyteller by LateNiteFantasy© A fire crackles in an inn along the road The snow falls quietly in the night Folk drink their mulled wine and ale Their toils shared in the smokey room The rusted door bursts open Letting in the cold and frost An old man brushes off the night As he takes in the smoky room He sees a crowd of plain folk Dirty from their days work Tired from years of servitude Lines deep on cragged faces They take him in with blank stares Another stranger from the road His beard gray with age, his eyes full of wisdom Dirt from the road tells of his travels But they see so much more They see a bard, a storyteller of old By the look of the harp in his pack Their eyes begin to sprinkle with life He moves with a grace carved with age As he easies his burden in a darken corner Eyes never leave him, hopeful for his tales A bar maiden whispers her plea As she pours life into his mug He regards her request in quiet, Sipping warmth i
Tomrrow i got back to work with week off. Cool i need the money real bad. Bills are comeing through and everything Sun Com about to shut off. My storage is about to but on the street my car up for renewl. So need the money real bad. My knee is doing better it hurt every now and then. I go to psycal thryp on 19 and the doc 22. I got to do 12 session. But that all wont matter. There chance tomrrow going to be bad day anyways
The Cap
The Cap Once there was a man With a cap on his head Under it were mysteries Which a woman was trying to uncover The cap has a spell It sticks in his head It cannot be taken out Except by a kiss So the kiss the woman decided to set free To find out the cap’s obscurity But still the cap won’t slip off Except the kisser is without shirt And then the kisser’s shirt was off But the cap has the spell still uncast It could only go off with the man’s pants out And so he did after the woman’s nod But the man won’t take the pants out With the lights around on And after the woman said yes Then everything was all dark and dim Then the cap was rolling down the carpet With the shirt, the pants… It was too dark to see what’s more The woman didn’t bother a bit She perfectly saw in the dark what’s under the cap. ArtCollect by Zee 2:30 PM 25 March 2008
Moving On.
This song has been running on my ipod the past couple days I keep it on repeat..I am excited for my move but yet again I am not ready to leave the place I have been at for 19 years of my life.. Time to move on I suppose but god I will miss the people I cared about in this state.. "Warbrain" by: Alkaline Trio "Thoughts are the shadows of feelings, always darker, emptier, and simpler. I don't care if they're fake or real, I just thank them for showing up at all. I have black periods. Who does not? But they are not a part of me; they are not a part of illness, but a part of my being. What am I saying? I have the courage to have them. Four o' clock in the morning. This sucks." I can't go on You said my head's too heavy I need that song Those trusty chords could pull me through and early on they saw the warning signs and symptoms all day long We sit and dream of better days Where we'd hit the ground running on empty stories we've been told And all those nights we s
Please...if You Think This Is Wrong Then Show Some Support....
Ok so get ready for this one, because I'm pissed...actually I don't think pissed even comes close to it. My brother. 8 years in the British Army, one tour in Kosovo, 3 tours in Iraq, shot, bled and almost died for this country. Saved lives, done everything asked of him without question and with 100% dedication. As a result of the obvious trauma that comes from seeing people dying, his friends blown up and getting killed and the things within war that are silenced...he's been suffering seldom but debilitating panic attacks. He has no control over when they come about, and when they do he suffer's such pain and anxiety that he has no control over being able to stop them. Now as an educated and reasonably intelligent woman, I can appreciate how this would have an adverse effect on his job, and especially within active duty. His job involves weapon's training, so I can well appreciate that should he have an attack whilst in the middle of active duty or God forbid whilst firing a weapo
Blue Soul
Blue Soul I had a glimpse of a shadow of stories untold Of a handsome soul in solitude – A vulnerable heart A struggle of the flesh A prey to lust A deep longing for fragile caress Thoughts unpredictable Well of cleverness Quick judgment From a mind so cautious A burning desire for an eagle’s flight To reach the heavens Going against the whips Soaring up too high… Then somewhere, into a poor nest Longs to find a bosom, Lays a head, a quiet rest, a home And cares not for anything Just gets lost in a passionate dream. Smile Charm Lonesomeness Pain, and.. Flame of love. Behind the blue eyes is a SOUL… a HEART I felt. ArtCollect by Zee 9:30 PM 24 March 2008 (Written as birthday gift for a Special Friend)
The Sounds Of The Night
the sounds of the night Passions revealed, desires sedated, never once believed, such pleasures awaited. Romance claimed lost, desire now greed, no estatic long nights, just fullfilling a need. But with lingering glances, on satin smooth skin, through the night we languish, in the erotica of skin. A candle lit dinner, alone to test our will, champaine on ice , inhibitions to chill. A fire in the hearth, our only light, yet hold back the urges, as passion fills the night. Caressing your hair, a masage designed to please, your breathing grows soft, a sensual tease. Lips finally meet, so tender and hoping, tounges intertwine, searching not groping. Finger tips trace, from your neck down your spine, awakening nerves the pleasure , devine. Cloths whisper as they fall to the floor, bringing pleasure in the skin they show, no rush no hurry all night, to take it slow. A trail of kisses, the soft backs of knees, bodys aching yearning,
Cyber Love
*~* Cyber Love ? Can You ? * Would You ? * Could You ? * Wouldn't It Be Hard Tho ? With Someone You Have Never Seen 0r Touched ? Ive Been Thinking And I Suppose * If You Have feelings For That Person So Passionate That Your Heart Skips A Beat When You See Them Come On Line ? And You Just About Melt At The Sound Of Their Voice ? * The Strange And Confusing Feelings That Stir Inside You * Hanging On To Their Every Word * Hoping That What Their Saying To You Is Coming From Their Heart * Not Just Words Full Of Bullshit That They Tell Every One * * The What Is Happening To Me Thoughts * Are These Feelings Real ? Am I Totally Insane ? Wondering If They Feel The Same Way ? Then In An Instant Their Gone * You Think ! Come Back Don't Leave Me Like This* * And Your Left With A Longing To Touch* To Be Able To Reach Out And Gently Stroke Their Face * To Feel The Warmth Of Their Breath On Your Skin * Their Body Next To Yours * To Feel Their Heart Beat * To Be Face To Fa
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Top 10 Amazing Film Swordfights
10 Pirates of the Carribbean Johnny Depp vs. Orlando Bloom 9 Adventures of Don Juan Errol Flynn vs. Robert Douglas 8 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ziyi Zhang vs. Yun-fat Chow 7 The Seven Samurai Toshiro Mifune, et al, vs. Nasty Bandits 6 Return of the Jedi Mark Hamill vs. um…Darth Vader 5 The Princess Bride Mandy Patinkin vs. Christopher Guest 4 The Mark of Zorro Tyrone Power vs. Basil Rathbone 3 Kill Bill Uma Thurman vs. The Crazy 88 2 Rob Roy Liam Neeson vs. Tim Roth 1 Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford vs. Scimitar Guy
Stop Fucking With Me
Well it's either "I don't love you so fuck off and die" or "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and shit. IF YOU WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH ME FUCKING SAY THAT!!!! DO NOT WAIT 'TIL THE LAST DAY AFTER WE GET CLOSE AND SHIT. What the fuck do people do to each other these days? I have just experienced someone I thought I was close to, do the same shit to me, but I'm not worried about that. If she wants to be a total bitch to me let her. Well, not to me, but behind my back, and whatever. Then I find out TODAY how she really felt all along. You know it would have been nice to actually know how she felt before but she wanted to wait probably the whole, "But you seemed so happy with me and I wanted to see what was going on" or the "I didn't want to hurt you" or, "But he's an asshole and it might not work out but I still love you and him" or something fucking retarded like that. What really gets me is the "You know, Drew, you're a very good guy, BUT,....I loved h
Can't Stop Loving You
can't stop loving you Tell me what I'd have to change. Who would I have to be To slip into your arms; for you to make sweet love to me. Must I climb the highest cliff; swim along the ocean floor Crawl over broken glass - would you demand that I do more? Could you take me as I am, with my issues and my flaws Pull me to your chest without a hesitation or a pause? Slide your hungry tongue between my parted lips. Run your anxious fingers along my quivering hips. Wrap me in your passion, expose your every need. Press your steamy lips to mine, every secret freed. Sprinkle your tears across my cheek, confess every desire Moan my name, call me yours, and set my soul on fire. Need me more with every breath that slips into your chest, Please me nightly, miss me daily, never compare me with the rest. Grip my wrists; look in my eyes, and say the words I long to hear Kiss me roughly, and weep my name, forever hold me dear. Do I ask for wishes that could never quite come true? Is
well just want to say happy mother's day to all the mom's out there. this is my first time back on this site in years, when i first started a page, it was origialy cherry tap had to set up a new one. so if my page seems kinda bare, give me some time, i'll be working on it from time to time.
Meet Me In The Stars
meet me in the stars As I am saying good night at the end of the day, And you are not here, but many miles away, My heart is so empty and so lonely inside, As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide. I close my eyes and try to go to sleep, But with the sadness inside I begin to weep. Suddenly I remember what you once said to me, Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be. When distance tends to keep us apart, Remember I still hold you near in my heart. When the night together, can't be ours, Just close your eyes and meet me in the stars. Meet me in the stars, I'll be waiting there for you. With a bottle of wine and glasses for two. Just close your eyes and there you will see, Waiting in the stars, just for you I will be. Remembering those words, I begin to smile, And gently close my eyes, lessening the miles. I can see the stars, oh how beautifully arranged, But you are not there, no hug to exchange. I sit alone waiting, with hope in my heart,
A Reason A Season Or A Lifetime
People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When some one is in your life for a reason, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into our lives for a season, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring
Definition Of Love
Thru the ages many have tried to define love.....As a feeling an emotion...the way you look into that special persons eyes and feel complete...Whatever love is i do know this... Love is a strange and wonderous feeling....Sometimes it can make you sadder then youve ever thought you could be. Then other times It can make you so happy you think that you have never loved like this before and you never will again. The truth of the matter HAVE never loved like this before WILL never love like this again. Every individule that walks into our lives brings with them something new and unique....a fresh quality about them that we learn to love despite all thier....insecurites..thier quirks...thier craziness.And when this person can accept your own...then you have been loved in return. To know love is feel it..even better...To be like nothing in this world. I thought i had an idea of what love was. But that was before i met you. You ch
What Do U Do...
What do you do when you love someone but you cant tell them how you feel? When the fear of losing them is greater then the fear for a new beggining? When your heart yearns to hear them say I love you, To touch them, hold them, to be held by them. How can you not cry while looking in thier eyes and praying that they see The emotions in yours. The happiness at thier prescence; the sorrow in thier absense. The words that build up inside you and threaten to spill out if you are not careful in holding them back. And how can you hold them back and continue lying to yourself? how can you not do what your heart has been telling you to do? how do you go on pretending that every chance meeting is not the most wonderful part of your day? Your week? How can you keep on going, knowing that the chance of a lifetime will never happen and Will never be, except only in your mind
Sweet Dreams
sweet dreams Last night as I lay sleeping, love, A vision came to me. It was of you and I, my love, A wondrous sight to see. And in the dream I had, my love, I reached and touched your face I clasped your hand in mine, my love, And felt your warm embrace. I pressed my lips to yours, my love, To taste your kiss so sweet You held me for a minute, love, In this moment that did fleet. I wakened from the dream, my love, With a thought of you that stayed With me throughout the day, my love, And never once did fade.
No One Ever Calls Me...
My sister called me today! Wow, what a pleasant surprise, I havn't talked to her in over a year and it was a welcome comfort to my ear when I heard her familiar voice on the other end of the line. I always know its her too. She's the only one in my family that calls me by my first name and consequently, the only one I answer too when called it. I've missed her tremendously! It is not completely by my choice that I don't keep in touch with her on a regular basis. Her choices in life and irregular bouts of "sobriety" have kept her at a distance for several years now. I like that she "checks in" every once in awhile just to let me know she's doing okay. I'm usually the one doing the "checking in" though, but seeing as I havn't been home for over a year , it's nice she called... and...the day just got even better because my brother called me too! Truth be told, he's one of my favorites! I don't think it's possible "not" to have a favorite when you're the youngest of
He Needs Only A Bowl Of Porridge
While I was still naked and started to dress up this morning, a thought rushed into me. What are the things that I really need to survive? I saw myself naked, blissfully healthy, alive and kicking. Do I really need a lot of things to live? And another thought popped up. Why are we human beings are unhappy that it seems we can’t get enough out of our hard work? Then the typewriter in my head started ticking. The alchemist had gone to the desert bringing with him only the food he needed for 3 months. This alchemist has a friend who himself also wanted to be an alchemist. Three months and a week went by and the friend wondered why the alchemist did not return. His food was only good for 3 months and another day of stay in the desert he won’t have anything to eat. The friend decided to trudge onto the desert to check the alchemist out. He found him silently lying on his bed reading a book. He asked the alchemist, “Are you not hungry?” He answered, “Yes I am very hungry”.
More Like Salty And Yucky
This woman tried to involve me in her bullshit drama, I sent a message..yes may have been childish..Its me trying to get the last word in as always, but I see no reason for The N word to be used. Sad and Pathetic if you ask me! (ღGummie Bears Make My Tummie Tingleღ) Canada subject: ????????? received: 05/11/2008 08:09 pm replied: no block this member Flag as spam I BLCOKED YOU CAUSE I'M SICK OF PEOPLE BEING FUCKIN NOSEY AND THAT BITCH **** IS ONE OF THEM AND THAN YOU START YOUR BULLSHIT... WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS.... I DON'T BOTHER YOU OR YOUR FRIENDS AND WHO'S THE ONE BEING FUCKING CHILDISH WITH THAT SHIT ON YOUR STATUS... GO AWAY SHANNON AND QUIT BEING A FREAK I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SHIT... WANT TO KEEP THIS UP OR ARE YOU JUST GOING TO BACK OFF...CAUSE I HAVE NOT BOTHERED YOU AT ALL.. SPITEFUL FUCKIN BITCHES ON HERE ! Above is the email she sent to me that started it all..I left the name of the per
YOU When you are sad, and you feel you can't go on. Tears well in your eyes and the pain is so strong. So far from your friends, and you're all on your own. No-one to run to, So very alone. When all seems so useless, and you can't take anymore. As you put on your coat, and head for the door. Remember....... I was there once, lost, all alone You can cry in my ear, Just pick up the phone. When you are lonely and feeling so blue Someone is thinking ...thinking of you
On The Wings Of A Butterfly
Your friendship is special Like the flowers that bloom, Or when a butterfly emerges From within its cocoon... You remind me of that butterfly, Loving and free, Bright and colorful, For the world to see... We will share sunshine and rainbows; Sometimes, the rain and the snow; We'll stand together through it, While the cold winds blow... When the time is right, We won't stop to ask "Why?" Our friendship will take flight On the wings of a butterfly ...
Sleepless Night & Rip Monica
Im having trouble going to sleep. I really want to cut, Its been a few weeks since. Found out theres a service/funneral for Monica on thursday. Also found out it was an Overdose, Kat is pretty torn up about it. Im doing what I can to be there for Kat, doing what I can to comfort her since she was far closer to Monica then I was. I dont know. I just dont know. I dont know how I feel. I dont know what to say to Kat, cuz there isnt anything I can say. I dont know in general. Im feeling overwhelmed. I feel like crying. I feel like cutting. I wana "rescue" Kat from all this death and pain, and I cant. I cant rescue anyone when Ive not even rescued myself yet.Just because i feel better for a few weeks does NOT mean that im better. Took months for me to feel like this, will take a while for me to be better. Doesnt mean i dont still wana ignore my problems and try to rescue someone again. Im glad to have kat as a friend, a closer friend now, but at the same time i have to remind myself
Look at me cant u see All the hurt thats inside All the pain the agony Drowning reaching for someone to hold but knowing again ill be left in the cold Searching inside for some kind of happiness some kind of hope some kind of bliss but all i see are empty rooms With walls so high No one can break thru Where is the one the one with the key the key to open up the feelings locked inside me Inside this prision i feel so alone I have no friends no family no home Where is the sky that once seemed so blue where is the happiness i once found in you Gone with the wind the rain and the storms Never again to be found Lost forever in the midst of the night with every word and every fight Over and over a new wall rises stronger and larger then the one before Deep in my heart i once again harden for once feelings uve forgotten Am i some toy u play with for amusement some play thing to be tossed around with out concern? Your reckless
Gone Forever
Lost and hopeless Looking around for freedom Searching for something But not knowing where it might be Wanting something Wanting someone who knows where i am Where ive been Where im going Someone who will be there for days to come Who will never leave my side Never again will i cry tears of hurt For I will never again let my heart be treated So cruelly and with out care or concern Like some inatimate object without life or feeling of its own Like some toy some plaything I refuse to be opressed day after day Only wanting happiness but only to have my feelings pushed away For to long ive hidden how i feel To long ive lived a life that isnt real Not really a life More like a show for i have no control in the way things are done My exterior happiness is threatening to crack The facade ive worked so hard to build is slowly slipping away I cannot take anymore I am afraid
I Am Who I Am
Sittin here feelin stupid again Your startin in Makin you look like less then a man I ask myself WHY do i continue to pick up the pieces When still you sit there and act obliviuos You dont seem to see this pain you've caused Dont care about the confusion you bring I cant sit here and believe im the cause The reason your startin shit again Just close your mouth Dont say a word I am who i am Sorry if i dont fit your mold I cant be who you want Only who i am Figure that out Then maybe you'll understand A womans worth is inside of her Not in her man I dont need you here to be me Figure out who the hell u are I am who i am So stop trying to change me
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D.n.angel- Tainted Love
As the rain descended from above it felt cool against her cheeks Her heart ripped from within once again She sat there alone heart broken and in tears as she thought about what he had done to her....She trusted him with her everything. She thought he was sincere but all along he planned and plotted how to use and abuse her and make her feel like a fool once again. All her life never once has she experienced pure happiness. Always being abused always taking the fall always silent never showing her pain.......Her silent pain......No one hearing her scream ......Her silent screams......No one sees her bleed ....Cutting her flesh to feel alive...... Yet she desperately grasps at the gravel trying to climb out of her rapidly filling grave... She sits all alone shattered and in pieces in the rain .Wondering how could she have been so wrong. Thinking of ways to make him hurt ...To make him feel the agony she feels. Longing to see him suffer with each piece of herself she tries to pick up. S
We Did It
We headed to Colorado for College road Nationals. We went with high expectations, but with a young team really did not know just how well they would perform. After a strong start on Friday at the Team Time Trial, the team did an amazing job. Saturday they won both of the Division 1 races. Sunday they won as a team in both the men's and women's races. We did the impossible and won the Div I national title. After the races were over we were told that it was the first time an East Coast team had won the National title. An amazing weekend of racing for our program. I am so proud of my team as we begin the long drive back to North Carolina.
Computer Tips For Fubar
being a computer tech i feel like my first blog should be about some computer tips to help make your fubar experience more enjoyable 1. there are 2 browsers i recommend ,one is enigma browser,it loads pages faster on slower computers or fast computers for that matter ,also when you click a link it opens the page in a new tab. the only flaw is it uses program files from internet explorer so it isn't as secure as Firefox or Mozilla Firefox for those of you concerned about security ,the only flaw with Firefox is you have to right click on the link and select open link in new tab for it to open the link the reason i recommend these browsers is they are multi tab browsers and are useful in the following example one is your in a lounge ,want to keep tabs on your profile and look at other peoples profiles you can keep all 3 pages open and can do other stuff , 2. dfx when your in lounges listening to music this enhances the sound of the music your listening to and
Human Skull Used As Bong
HOUSTON (Reuters) - Authorities in Texas have filed corpse-abuse charges against two men who allegedly removed a skull from a grave and used it as a bong. The Harris County District Attorney's Office confirmed on Thursday that misdemeanor abuse of corpse charges have been filed in the case. One of the men allegedly told police they dug up a grave in an abandoned cemetery in the woods, removed a head from a body and smoked marijuana using the skull as a bong. Police found the cemetery and a grave that had been disturbed but are still investigating the rest of the story, officials said. Nothe: was bored found this on yahoo news.
Being Cheated On
Owning Me
just seeing if there is an interst in owning me for a week if so start rating and buying me drinks the first to help leval up owns me
The Boardwalk Was Amazing Last Night! Thank You All!
Last night was our first show at The Boardwalk, and let me tell you, it was fucking amazing! The bands that came out were all really great, so thank you Shadowbox Theory, South Of Sunshine, Raining Glass, and Dopamineak for playing such damn good sets and being severely cool people. Thanks to all of our friends who showed up and supported not just us but all the other band, good times were had by all! Also, if anyone has any pics from the show, we'd love to see them! We've got more fun stuff coming up soon, so keep an eye on the shows page and this blog, and we're looking forward to seeing you guys at our next show! Lou / Low Flyer Want to be kept in the Low Flyer loop? Subscribe to our Myspace blog!!!
Surgery / Slowing Down/ Re-evaluating
I will find out this morning if I have to have surgery on my right arm , they say I have carpal tunnel and nerve damage in it as well. I know me better than most I will be back in operation by the next day. I think in a manner I am in a since in my opinion an Iron Man . The reason I say this is because I am almost to the point of being Invincible (lol). But I will say this I need to slow down or I will burn out badly . I am one not to be around if that happens . I am in the middle of a special project that I am trying to get re-started .
Pullin Out My Hair
As I sit here listening to some music my mind is full of thoughts. So much that needs to be said but can’t seem to think of the right words. If there was even somebody who would want to listen I wouldn’t even know where to start. So much I have just pushed aside & said another day too. Now that I want to get it all out I can’t I don’t have the words. The only thing that sticks out in my mind the most is people always leave. That is what sticks out in my head the most. It seems with all that is going on lately that the only time I feel alive is when I’m with my baby girls. I love those two little girls so much. I was so down Friday & wasn’t feeling good then Saturday rolled around. The minute I saw my babies sleepy little faces light up when they saw me. I felt so much better . Just being with them and watching them play made me feel so good. Hearing them yell Aunt Heather was all I needed. All my problems & all my pain goes away the minute I see those two beautiful faces.
Plz Help Out
Will plz help me level i return favor. I am 546,921 Points to go!. R/A/F
The Latest To Fall
I pray to God that when I die, someone, somewhere cares enough about me and my life to mourn a little. I know that sounds selfish but if you read the rest of this you will understand what I am saying. This past Wednesday, my sister's brother-in-law passed away at the age of 45 (around that age I think). The coroner said he had a heart attack in his sleep. She called my house that morning very upset; understandably. I wasn't home at the time so she just left a message asking me to call her. Paul, her brother-in-law, rented a room from her and her husband. He had been living with them for the last year and the money he paid helped with the mortgage. When I got home from work, I got the message and called her. She was still upset, but I would say anger was more her mood. She had been arguing with her husband's step-father and sister. Poor Paul has not even been gone 24 hours and all anyone could do was argue over who gets his car, his bank accounts, etc. As I am on the phone
New Member
~strawberryshortcake~@ fubar
How Lupus Affects Me
I am a 24 year old female just recently diagnoised with lupus, but have had symptoms for years. First was joint pain that could not be explained. It was so bad it took me 15 minuets to even get out of bed I was so stiff. Then this past summer my hair started falling out. The dr only said to use rogain, which of course didn't work. In May I had to go to urgent care because of the pain again. Luckly the dr I saw did blood tests, which is not normaly done there, and sent then to my pcp. It took almost a month and 9 tubes of blood to figure it out. The hardest part was having my supervisor force me to take a lower postion with less hours and less pay. But I am lucky in the fact that my family help and support me, and make sure I take care of myself. I have been taking meds to help, but still have days where I hurt. The only problem I have now is a burning in my fingertips, which can get so bad they turn bright red you can feel the heat. All I can do is pray I wake up in less pain than when
The Surgery
As many of you know I went into surgery this past friday and I got out today. (Sunday). Sandy and I went to Pitt Memorial in Greenville NC at 5:30 am friday morning. I was in pre-op within a hour or so and in surgery by around 7 30 am I can best guess. I remeber being in pre-op and having the entire surgery team stopping by and different times to discuss what was gonna be done. For those that forgot I was having C6-7 in my neck fused. They took the disc out and put in a piece of bone and fused it all together . I now have C4-7 fused in my neck. So anyway I meet the entire surgical team and they give me a pre shot. That is the last thing I remeber till I got to my room after the surgery. I remeber a couple things from the recovery room. Like seeing my mother and Sandy but then I dont remeber anything. The first real thoughts I can remeber was being in my room I would be in for the next few days. Sandy says the doc came and saw her after I was out of surgery. He told her they had to give
Tomorrow Is Surgery - Then Gone For 2 Weeks
Well, tomorrow is day... I am to be there at 5:30am and surgery is at 7:30am... I have to admit that I am a bit nervous and scared, but with everything that you all have sent me....i will be taking all the thoughts and well wishes with me... That is what this blog is for... To thank all of you who read my first blog on my surgery and were sweet and wonderful enough to have left me a comment. To all of you that did, the new friends I recently made and was caring enough to comment and to the close special ones, the ones who have been there with me from day one checking on me and helping me know things will be alright...(you know who you are)... to you all, I offer my deepest and most warm hugz and kisses for all the sweet, caring and incredibly wonderful words you left me!!! I will be carrying them all with me tomorrow morning!! I will be in Fountain Valley Hospital for 1 week and then will be offline for another week, while recovering... so like I asked befo
New Addition To My Family...
Ok...I am STILL not a cat person...but my loving son gave me a kitten for Mother's Day...and well she is I am going to give it a I need to give her a name...she is pretty much grey and white...cute little thing she is...and so far Sugar is taken with her, which is good! So my friends if you have any name suggestions, please feel free to post them! So far the suggestions have been... Mystic Docula Here is the cutie pie....
Missing You
I miss the feel of your kiss, I can't resist your lips, I miss the feel of your touch, I can't resist your rub, I miss the feeling of you body next to mine, It sends chills and shivers down my spine, I miss it when you're in my arms, It lets mme know that you'll keep me from harm, I miss it when you rub your fingers through my hair, It lets me know that you actually care, All that I know right now is that I am missing you.
Please!!! I Need Your Help (send Fubux)
NO MOREFAKE SPOTLIGHTS! I need your help!!Trying to Spotlight! So, there have been a lot of talk about SpotLights being fake people. I'm as real as we got and I really really really want a spotlight for a day, but as you already know they can cost anywhere from 5,000,000 fubucks. I need your help. All I am asking for directly here is for your personal attention to help me gain some fubucks. I need your help. I am only asking for 10-20 minutes of your time. If your bored this is a perfect thing for you. It will keep you busy and entertained and it can help someone out. Not to mention it will give you killer points too. I would really really really like to get a Spotlight. So, please come to my site and rate/comment the heck out of my pictures & stash. PLEASE RATE MY STASH IF YOU HAVE TIME!! Gives more fubucks/points! THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP: *Fubucks (any amount *Helps the Most*) *Rate Page *Rate Pictures *Rate Stash *Comment Page *Comment Pictures *Comment
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ARE THERE ANY ANGELS OUT THERE... HIT ME HEART OF FIRE UP AND THEN FAN, ADD AND RATE THESE ANGEL'S TO BECOME ONE OF THEM. LET'S KEEP IT GOING SO WE CAN ALL GET GOOD FRIENDS.... ALSO, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE NO GODFATHER OR BE PAST A CERTAIN LEVAL TO BE AND ANGEL. THIS IS JUST TO MAKE GOOD FRIENDS... REMEMBER TO FAN ADD AND RATE ME AS WELL LOL!!! "Heart of Fire"~Co of E.D.F.B.~ Club FAR~ I customize pic's!!! ~?PH3NOM3N@L UNBR3@K@BL3 M3?~ ?Thyckie Thyck? Club FAR ? The CoCo Diva (SpritLeveler) CaSpEr...W.C. M.(under boss purdyfam) NO FAKE PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!I WILL BLOCK YOU’RE A** ~*Deliciously Evil*~ **Member of I.B.N** ******JUICY DEE****** Angel Eyes Club F.A.R MEMBER Special R Kay Brown Eyed Beauty~Club F.A.R. Member and Proud Official Greeter of Club F.A.R.~ ~?LiL ShAwTy?~ (*BUST IT BABY*) FU-ANGEL!
Little Bro
Well my little brother got lucky... really fu*king lucky They have chose to drop his Felonies to (misdameaners)
Song About How One Feels
I waited for you today but you didn't show,no no no. I needed you today,So where did you go you told me to call,said you'd be there, and though i haven't seen you,are you still there.I cried out with no reply,and i can't feel you by my side,so i'll hold tight to what i know,your here and i'm never alone.And though i cannot see you,and i can't explain why such a deep,deep reassurance,yeah you've placed in my life,oh,oh,we can not separate,your part of me,and though your invisible i'll trust the unseen,I cried out with no reply and i can't feel you by my side,so I'll hold tight to what I know,your here and I'm never alone
So let me say a few important sports related things: I like college sports over professional sports. I think the pro baseball season is too damn long. It should start in May and end by September. With over 100 games, why should I care about any one game? The NBA should finish its season in April. Basically once the NCAA finishes, follow that momentum and start their tournament. Why does the NFL play in Febuary? WTF. Finish in January darn it. Football is a Fall sport. I love to watch women's basketball. Tall girls are hot when forced to pick teams here is my list NFL = Steelers MLB = Cardinals (but really just the hometown team NHL = Penguins NBA = San Antonio Spurs. I love good play in the paint ;) NASCAR I do not follow, but I 'love' Danica Patrick. She revs my motor college = THE ohio state university
I just wanted to write this to show how much I love you You are not my mom, but the closest to anything I knew Nana you were there unconditionally from the start You are so amazing with the greatest heart I remember being little begging to come and see you You made me feel wanted the others didn't have a clue When I had no where else to go you took me in If there was an award for the best ever you would win I just wanted to write a little something to show my love You have been my real life angel sent from up above You are appreciated so much for being who you are I love you nana you are my hero and my number one star I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I hope you know I wrote this because I know as much as I want it doesn't always show
All These Things I Hate
once more I'll say goodbye to you things happen but we don't really know why if it's supposed to be like this why do most of us ignore the chance to miss? torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears I'm not feeling this situation run away, try to find that same place you can't hide, it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me, me, all these things I hate revolve around me, me, just back off before I snap. once more you tell those lies to me why can't you just be straight up with honesty? when you say those things in my ear why do you always tell me what you wanna hear? wear your heart on your sleeve, make things hard to believe I'm not feeling this situation run away try to find that safe place you can't hide it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me, me, all these things I hate revolve around me, me, just back off before I snap and you'll see me, me, me all these things I hate revolve around me, me, yeah, yeah, just
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Soldiers Song
I don't normally pass stuff along from E Mail... This is just TOO good! I'm not too good with this here computer stuff - but copy and paste that to your browser. This boy is GOOD!
Lil Slavegrrl
lil slavegrrl had me in shackles but now I'm out of them :( Go show her some mad love and tell her I sent ya!!! sub lil slavegrrl aka SweetOne ` Wife and sub to NoMoreVodka@ fubar This pimp-out brought to you by: TinkerbellMN84~Fu-Owned by DJ Beagle, Darkness, & lil slavegrrl
New Home
hey all i have to tell you . We just finaly got unpacked in our new home. It is totaly cool. We have 3br, 1ba (sucks only one) 2 lr, laundry room with a door, 2 car garage. it rocks and it is in a great ,quite neiborghood. Just had to tell everyone. We are so excitied its great. hope all is going good for you all too. lots of love bloodredrose
Show Luv To These Ppl...
I finally got my first Happy Hour & it's all cause of you, my friends who helped me out. After asking so many of my friends to r/f/a stephanie lynn...i finally got the 150 plus more to help out. Of course I couldn't have done it with the help of you. Thank You so much for helping me out. You don't know how much how appreciative and thankful I am. So this bully is for you guys & gals. (If I forgot someone please forgive me. I've had to take over 150 links at the last minute.) Go show these great people some fubar love during my Happy Hour..Tonight @ 11pm Pacific time. Who wouldn't want friends like these. In no particular order...those that lend a helping hand. Texas Camaro Nut@ fubar Turboput@ fubar Crazy Sexy Cool Lips@ fubar wheelerX@ fubar mr_love@ fubar
Freind And Fun
I think time with freinds should be fun and you shouldn't have to listen to your freinds argue with each other . Life is too short for that. Live life to its fullest . If that means ride safe and play hard then do so .
Tragic Flaw
The Passions I Have In My Life Thats Allows My Desires To Come True
Mornings that blessed it one with you in it,I can only describe the way you bring joy,peace,happyness,love,in to it.The passion you show out lights the brightest star,no matter what you do or go by far,wouldn't find the pleasures of you being there.Maybe it's the way you style your hair,but be certain that for all to see the true angel you've come to be.Just take a moment to believe in yourself,so that you can see all the desires thatare in yourself Love always wins.....
Boy Toy Application
Please send your answers to my Fubar mail :) Real First Name: Age: Location: What are you looking for? What type of kisser are you? Tell me about your idea of foreplay. What is your take on oral sex? Tell me about your penis? Size? Shaved? What do you think about toys for foreplay during etc? What do you consider a quickie? An average play session? An all nighter? Are you into cuddling after? How emotionally attached to you get? Are you willing to be at my beck an call? Do you have questions for me?
Remembering Momma
Today was Mother's day and today I had to work but all day I remembered Mom. I remember all the hugs and the encouragement. I forget and don't remember the not so good things. I remember what I learned and what I gained from her. I learned how to treat a woman by living with one for most of my life. My father was there but wasn't able to be a lot and he passed when I was 12. I learned responsibility, honor, courage, dedication, integrity and morals from her. To do the right thing no matter what. I was able to take care of myself from an early age thanks to her and my father. Because of that I learned things no other child I knew did. How to be a man at an early age. To appreciate the things without value because of not having much. That's what Momma showed me. She taught me that a person's worth is not valued in what race, creed, religion or orientation they are. It's the person they are that gives them worth and to never judge them on anything else but that. Da Mo
Getting Told!
I don't get it, I know all my venting is about guys. But I found out yesterday that someone I have been chit chatting with all of a sudden he is talking to my best friend. I know he thinks she's cute cause he told me that she is and I know she is also. So I will be telling him off and not being nice to him. I am in a bad mood so alot of people will be getting told off soon too. Is there really a point to get to know someone from online because I am learning that there is no point in it. I don't meet people at the bar but I am meeting the wrong people on here and I am about to just not try any more. If you get told off I don't want you to be suprised.
This Is Funny!!!
It anit easy being a dick... I've got a head i can't think with... An eye i can't see out of... My neighbor is a real asshole... My best friend is a pussy... And every time i get excited, I throw up... But worst of all my owner beats me... The End
1. Can we meet some place? I only meet people that I've never met before in public and neutral locations, always accompanied by a chaperone and would prefer to meet at a local area munch. 2. I want to serve as your submissive. Give me no more and no less than a 500 word essay as to why you think that you want to serve as my submissive. Plus, 250 words, no more and no less describing what it is that you think it is that I desire in a submissive. Additionally, 100 words, no more no less telling me if you fit that description and how you fit that description. I will perform a word count. I will also check for spelling, punctuation and grammar. You may receive a possible score of 100, however, points will be deducted for the following reasons: a) Redundancy. b) Lack of interesting content or too much 'fluff' that really has no bearing to what I am asking for. c) Errors. d) Other miscellaneous B.S. that I may think is superfluous, idiotic and/or boring. e) The use of the word 's
so lets see a blog well im going threw some stuff life is crazy right now i seem like its getting better but then at times its really bad i get depress alot and i really dont know how to handle it at times but life gose on
A Wee Story Challenge (otherwise known as Flash Fiction. A given word limit and a topic.) Topic: Liquid Word Limit: 125 words. “Every hundred drops of rain and a hundred more are not equal to the kisses I want to give you everyday.” I stood outside and waited for that first drop. I felt icy butterflies in my stomach and I looked down at my rounded belly and sighed. Suddenly, a spasm doubled me up in pain, but I couldn’t go in yet. I had to feel those hundreds of kisses first. The first drops finally fell and then a gush of hot liquid down my thighs. Still I needed the rain. Every time it rained he would take me outside to stand and just feel it on our bodies, this even before he knew about the tumor growing inside of him and his baby inside me.
Comment Contest
So I'm in this contest and need 20,000 comments to win. Can you help me? Any comment would be appreciated...thanks a bunch! Muah! Click Me!!
To My Friends
The Guidingspirit
Guiding Ilove you for the light you share,the spirit that comes with in shows no boundries and your smile gives the warmth we seek in our exsistance. The light of your spirit that i hold dear to my heart.Your smile bringing endless joy to all that you show it with,and all that love bestowed upon you by god brings forth the passion any man or women would dream of living a life time with you. Hope every one enjoys this it has it's own meanings for each and everyones desire.
I'm Curious....
I'M CURIOUS.... IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST!! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Are you currently in a serious relationship? 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you? 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 12.)Q. Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in
Better As A Memory
You move on like a sinners prayer You let 'em go like a levee breaks walk away as if you don't care learn to shoulder you mistakes You were built to fade like my favorite song getting reckless when there's no need laugh as my stories ramble on break your heart but it won't bleed your only friends are pirates, it's just who you are Your better as a memory than as my man You were never sure when the truth wouldn't do Your pretty good on a lonely night You move on the way a storm blows through You never stay, but then again, you might you struggle sometimes to find the words always sure until you doubt walk a line until it blurs build walls too high to climb out but, your a liar to a fault, it's just who you am Your better as a memory than as my man You saw me leanin', bound to fall You didn't wanna be that mistake Your just a dreamer, and nothing more I should know it before it gets too late cause good-bye's are like a roulette wheel you never know where th
Rip Amos Michael Crew
City man still critical after shooting Police say event was an accident Staff report The Tribune-Star TERRE HAUTE — A Terre Haute man remained in critical condition Thursday evening in Union Hospital after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head police believe was accidental. Amos Michael Crew, 19, was taken to Union Hospital after city police responded to a shooting at 1107 N. Ninth St. about 10:23 p.m. Wednesday. Crew underwent surgery Thursday morning, according to police Capt. Kevin Mayes. According to the police incident report, Heather Cook, 19, and Skyra Green, 21, were both in the home at the accident. “As far as we know there was no indication that alcohol was involved,” Mayes said, noting that a revolver was used and the bullet was retrieved during surgery. Police were still investigating the details of the shooting, which Mayes described as accidental. No details were being released on the caliber of the revolver, how many bullets were in it o
I Cant Pretend Anymore
How old are you? 19 will be 20 friday Who is your best friend? chris and tina How do you feel about this person? their both awesome and i wouldnt know what id do without them Is your best friend of the same sex? the one Why is that? we work together Are you currently in a relationship? nope Are you happy about this situation? i just gonna stop caring for awhile How many real relationships have you been in? 2 that were serious real life ones Would you call yourself random? oh yeah If you were kicked out of your current residence who would you call? tina? Are you 100% happy with your life right now? fuck no Do you have kids & if not do you want them? no, and maybe .... maybe one day i might Will you be married to the person you have kids with? i hope Why are you best friends with the person you are best friends with? becuz i can go to her and talk to her about anything and she doesnt judge me right away like alot of ppl Ar
Calling Part 3
I knew that this pain was not gonna go away anytime soon as this child started to grow inside me and I knew that no matter how much I tried to hide the fact that I was still with child around my master that the day would soon come when I would have no other choice but to walk away from him and all he had shown me. I would of rather of died a thousand times over than to give up this child inside of me for him to be happy and live his life the way he had always been living it while with me. Why did I even really love him when was so unfaithful to me for all the years we had been together and yet I was always by his side and never once did I look at another the way I looked upon him and his glory. Why had I let myself be a fool for so many years and never learned my leason before this time of need had happened to me. I can not let what he has done to me in the past bring me down for this child will not be like him in anyway of the form like his father. I will raise my child on my o
Voting For The President
Word has it we need to come together for this election and show our voting support. Therefore, those who are voting for McCain should drive with their lights on during the day, while those voting for Obama and Clinton should drive with their lights off at night. :)
A-z About Me
A]-AVAILABLE? B] - BIRTHDAY? C] - Cell phone/number? D]-Drink u had last? E] - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO? F] - FAVORITE COLORS? G]- GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS? H] HOMETOWN?? I] FAVORITE ICE CREAM? J] Just something you always say? K] Killed someone? L] - Lime aid or lemonade? M] - Love or Money? O] - ONE WISH? P] Person you last commented? Q] -Quiet? R] - r u okay? S] - SONG YOU LAST HEARD? T] -Time you woke up today? U] U like someone right? V] - VEGETABLES? W] - WORST Habit? X] - X-RAYS? Y] - YOUR NUMBER OF FRIENDS ON FUBAR? Z] -ZODIAC SIGN? REPOST THIS AS "A-Z ABOUT ME"
Hey Im Not Funny
don't ask what im on ................................ im not share it with you it all my lol lol
Im So Bored
all my friends hate me lol don't ask .im jk with you lol "do you like peanut butter" i do lol i like peanut butter and chocolate yummm yummm .i can't get fat cry cry cry cry . im skin and bones look my watch bleach i kool red shrot now black yes im so bored lol omg i need hlep bad i think i've been in to many atv crash look in sky it brid it plane np it me owww kids not try this at home lol
Need A Job
were hiring djs for our lounge if you would too dj just leave me a pm and well get you playing
Positions Open - Help Wanted
Mother's Day Story 2
''Troll Daddy," said Troll Sister. "This weekend is Mother's Day. We should do something nice for Troll Mother." "I've got it all worked out,'' said Troll Daddy. "I will need your help, though." "Sure,'' said Troll Sister. ''I'll help you." ''I want to help, too," said Troll Brother, coming into the kitchen. "Me too!" exclaimed Troll Baby, standing in the doorway. ''Okay," said Troll Daddy. ''You can all help." Troll Daddy and the Troll children spent the rest of that week getting ready for Troll Mother's Mother's Day Surprise. Mother's Day finally arrived. While Troll Mother was still sleeping, Troll Daddy woke each of the Troll children up. ''Happy Mother's Day,'' said Troll Baby, gently giving Troll Mother a kiss. ''Oh dear," said Troll Mother, waking up to see Troll Baby standing beside her bed in his pajamas, holding an envelope in his hand. "Here Troll Mother,'' said Troll Baby, ha
Native American Videos My Here
It's Hard To Deal With The Pain Of Loosing You
Over the past two years... one man has completley broken me into the woman I have never wanted to be and made me weak, scared, but most of all the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I have found love... I think I know... I think I have conquered what some never have in their lifetime- and that is to completley, 200% love another person with every bit of your heart. mind, and soul. Now he is leaving me. Here is what I have felt and what I think love is... Love grows stronger every single day. You find beauty in every little imperfection about them... the way their eyes light up when the Sabres win a hockey game, the way his voice gets even more northern when he is mad, and the most beautiful smile in the world he gets when you do something nice for him. You miss him when he is lying right beside you. You dream of him every night. You would do anything in this world to make them smile. You hate yourself more than anything when you make them mad or sad and it's always your
Time by LateNiteFantasy© Slowly slides the sand inside the hour glass as time goes by. A steady pace of ticking time as the clock makes it's hourly chime. My heart beats a constant drum, it gets faster when I run. But the second hand keeps it stride, even when my blood pumps high. Forever forward in life's parade, Watching time that man has made. To measure the night and the day, in a cycle of oval play. Dust to dust in ancient clay, as time slowly ticks away.
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