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Good Night Teddy Bear
Teddy, I've been bad again, My parents told me so; I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, But I thought that you might know. When I woke up this morning, I knew that he was mad; Cause she was crying awful hard, And yelling at my dad. I tried my best to be real good, And do just what they said; I cleaned my room all by myself, I even made my bed. But I spilled milk on my good shirt, When he yelled at me to hurry; And I guess he didn't hear me, When I told him I was sorry. Cause he hit me awful hard, you see, And called me funny names; And told me I was really bad, And I should be ashamed! When I said, "I love you, Daddy," I guess he didn't understand; Cause he yelled at me to shut my mouth. Or I'd get smacked again. So I came up here to talk to you, Please tell me what to do; Cause I really love my Mom and Dad, And I know they love me, too. And I don't think my Daddy means, To hit me quite so hard;
My Flowers
I got flowers today, it wasn't my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night, And he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said Because he sent me flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today, and it wasn't Mother's day or any other special day. Last night he beat me up again. And it was much worse than all the other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of my kids? What about money? I'm afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. Today was a very special day. It was the day of my funeral.
My First Contest !
The Big Summer Pimp Out
Every moment of every day we are changing. Nothing stays the same. EVERYTHING changes. For what it's worth (and in my life this is worth alot because it is my reality) I do not believe any changes in the earth or with the people on it are set in stone, so to speak. Negative thoughts pull negative actions to us. Positive thoughts pull positive actions to us. If you don't believe this is true, test it. Spend a whole day thinking nothing but negative thoughts and see what that day brings to you. I'm talking about really negative thoughts like: nothing is going to go right today; people are all going to be a pain in the butt today; I am not going to be happy no matter what happens today. Then take the next day, and don't let anything negative touch you. Tell yourself everything is going your way. You are not going to let anyone get you down today. Today is going to be the best day of your life. You are surrounded by love, and love is all you will accept. Then compare those two
"deep Throat"
Suck my cock you insist as you pull my head back by my hair and force me down onto your erection. I begin to suck as i grip the base with my firm hand, you rip my hand away. "Now deep throat me, can you do that" you say... I assend and take you into my mouth further. You grab my hair with one hand and push my head down with the other until i start to gag, then you pull me back just slightly mmm...good you growl. Now a little deeper this time. I go down again slowly you keep exacting pressure on my head and pull me back again just as i gag. I take you out of my mouth for a moment as you pull my head up to see me. You ask me expectantly "are you okay, you like that, you like sucking my cock" uuhhh i nod and you quickly grab my hair and push me back onto your huge dick. You shove me down just a touch deeper this time holding me there telling me to breath inhale okay now exhale mmm good breath then you push me down a touch more and make me gag. I let you out of my mouth again. Tha
Goin' Hollywood
I'm in a movie. I don't know which one, I don't know when it comes out. All I know is they were filming over by Bryant Park and when they said Action, I was walking by the camera. So if you see a movie and think "That looks like Pete" it just may be.
Lifes Lessons
When I think back on just the things that have happened within the last two years, I wonder how I emerged in one whole piece with my sanity intact. There have been many, many days when I wondered if it was all worth it..or if I would truly live through "it"..but always, there was *something* that kept me going. Sometimes, it was keeping the thought that it would all be over soon, and I would "see" the reason for it. Sometimes it was just simply trying to find the humor in whatever was happening. Many times it was having special friends to go to for comfort, to talk some sense into me. Other times it was knowing that someone else needed me to be strong enough to survive. I think some of us are true survivors. I don't pretend to understand why. I have no idea what it is inside us that keeps us going against the odds...eternally optimistic..and always thinking that tomorrow..or will be ok. That we will be better people and more able to understand when someone else is having
The first step in dealing with fear is recognizing it for what it is. Recognizing (and in some cases analyzing) your fears is very inportant in that process. Ultimately, there is one fear that provides the foundation off all others: the fear that we may not be able to deal with whatever *may* happen. Fear itself is a mechanism that resides in the 'animal part' of ourselves, a mechanism intended to keep us out of harmful situations. Fear of heights, for example, is a mechanism that tries to keep us out of those situations where falling is a possibility. Fear of spiders and other black hairy things that crawl with too many legs keeps us away from potentially harmful varieties. Fear of drowning keeps us out of the water. Then there are those fears based upon previous experience. Someone who has nearly drowned may be afraid to swim... someone who has been abused may fear people... someone who has nearly died in a fire may be afraid of fire. These fears are 'learned' fears, and it's
Default Pic
So Ive been going with the fu king freak thing since i made fu king....... had a nice ring to it, but i think its time for a change....... (plus it takes a long time to level, not complaining , just how it is) So I would like some feedback from my friends. Any pics of me, whatever you like best or think looks best...... leave a comment on the pic, so I can narrow it down to a few and make a choice there. I may even go with the one with the most ocmments if it stands out. Rate if you want to but you dont have to, just leave a comment so I know which ones you all like :) have a great day everyone !
Personal Boundaries
Taking responsibility. Making choices I feel comfortable with. I can choose, and must choose. Maybe you're like me. Boundary marking is like teetering on the cusp of a new paradigm. I'm fearful and haunted by guilt. I need to do the inner work first - set my own personal boundaries and then speak out my truth with Spirit-tongue - which means that I determine never to speak with the intention of hurting, but with the intention of honoring my own truth and speaking it caringly. So what do I mean when I say 'setting boundaries'? It means, for me, to create a safe haven for my soul..for its nourishment, its growth, its self-expression. It also means that I honor my own rhythms of life. I honor my times of needing rest, retreat or replenishment. Some of us, like me, have been so used to other people controlling or manipulating us that we don't know how to stop and give ourselves permission to set the limits we know we so desperately need. When we feel other people pushing us to our l
Things And People Change
I have been through a 10 year relationship, and for the past 2 1/2 years it has been nothing but pure hell. We were so in love at one point he bought me an engagement ring... so I thought. What happened to be come of it, well... He thought I was to inherit money and a house when my father past away, and well it DIDN'T HAPPEN. He kept giving me excuses of why we couldn't get married, like "well, you know I have been married twice before and you have never been, it is a whole different world." Or, "Let's wait til we have less debt." What the fuck... everyone is this world has debt, and everyone has either been married before or not. There were so many excuses I stopped wearing the engagment ring... and started giving him excuses of why I wasn't wearing it. Like, "I have lost weight and it falls off." Or, "I would rather not wear it to work, I am a nurse and I might scratch a patient or loose the stone." And so on. Well, then he and I decided to start swinging about 4 years ago. That was
I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,and all the patients were shouting ,'13....13....13' The fence was too high to see over,but I saw a little gap in the planks and looked through to see what was going on. Suddenly, some bastard poked me in the eye with a stick. Then they all started shouting '14....14....14!!!!!!! bedrock
Confederate Bombers Family Page Is Almost @ Godfather!!!
283,835 Points to go! We are tryin to level it folks please come by and help out!!! here is the link just click the pic...
Herbs For Protection
Angelica Root (purifies home, protects babies, and mothers) Anise (wards off evil eye) Basil (family protection & happiness, drives away evil) Bay Leaves (keeps away evil, jinxes, & enemies) Betony (provides protection from disease, evil entities, and reverses hexes) Black Cohosh/ aka Black Snake Root (strong all purpose protection against unwanted persons & snake bites) Black Pepper (is used to harm others, or to provide protection against witches, or foot track tricking) Blessed Thistle (protects the home from evil) Boneset /aka White Snake Root (protects against unnatural illnesses & jinxes. & snakes of course) Boldo (Household & personal Protection) Calamus/ Sweet Flag (jinx breaking) Chamomile (protects home, children & removes jinxes) Citronella (spiritual cleanser, gets rid of evil) Comfrey (for safety when traveling) Devil's Shoestrings (useful for clearing away evil, or reversing evil tricks) Dragon's Blood (very power
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The Shadow Walker
There is not one of us who has not been taken in by a Shadow Walker. What is this thing that causes so much distress in our lives? A Shadow Walker is a person who wears many masks (we shall use the empirical "he" here; not to denote gender, but for simplicity). He is the person who oozes charm to everyone he meets. He offers help and assistance, support, loving kindness. He is the perfect good will ambassador with lofty ideals, great concern for the welfare of mankind and a deep belief in the brotherhood of all people. What a wonderful person! You get to know him. You relax around him, begin to rely upon his word and his judgment. You confide in him about your work, your family life and the most personal aspects of yourself. He is your friend. He would do anything for you. You trust him. He is not real. It is a mask he wears in public that has nothing to do with the reality of who he is. The Shadow Walker will take all your confidences and use them against you. He begins to gossi
What In The Hell??
I just logged onto myspace (yeah, yeah shut up, I know most of you have one too) and I have this message waiting for me: Hello, How is life over there? My Name Is Craig You have a nice profile. I am very happy to mail you. Where do you reside? I am a 32 years old Artwork here in The usa . I am highly interested in you because of your good profile and i will like to know you better, pls feel free to view my profile and if you feel i am good to be your friend. Note that friendship is like the breeze,You can't hold,Smell,sTa­ste Or know when it is coming,But you can always feel it,And you'll always know it,s there,It may come and then go,But you can know it'll always be back. It,s a gift and I will want you to be a such gift I wanna be your friend, for first friendship cannot be seen or even be touched, it must be felt within the heart. Hoping you feel just the way i do. Wow, friends are like clothes, without them you feel naked!I guess am right. I will tell you more abo
Irrational Fear #1: Australia
I'm afraid of Australia. Any television show you see about Australian wildlife is about the billions of things there that can and will kill you. In the ocean, you have big fucking sharks and crocodiles, not to mention highly venomous sea snakes. On land everything is trying to kill you – 8237823478 species of snakes, giant birds that can disembowel you, dingo eating your baby, spiders that wait in your toilet to bite your nutsack, even platypuses. It's as if Nature put its foot down and said, "'Ey mate, fuck you. For every species you destroy here, I'm gonna make 50 more that're out for your blood." Really, the only safe way to get around Australia is to hover. So until I learn to do that, that whole continent is dead to me. You hear me Paul Hogan? DEAD.
~ I'll Bleed For You ~
~ I'll Bleed for You ~ Let me be the bandage for your bleeding; Let me be the ocean for your tears. Let me be the secret of your healing; Let me be the song to still your fears. Love isn't love that cannot love in darkness, Nor is it love that turns away from pain; Nor would I love would I not hold your sadness And with my love your love of life sustain. So do not think your malady a burden, And do not think my willingness deceit. Just let your sorrow flow into my garden, And I will share with you the harvest sweet... Peace.
I'm having abnormal uterus bleeding, from what the doctor is saying now I've got to have an ultra sound done come Monday, a little concerned to what it maybe thats going on however hopefully nothing to serious!
On Psychic Attack
Psychic attacks come in many forms. The simplest is an everyday experience. Someone says something bad about you, makes a judgment, calls you a name, yells or curses at you. The person is directing his or her energy in a harmful way toward you. If you are not strong enough in self-esteem and personal power, these little attacks take their toll. Do not become paranoid with this information. Do not go running around accusing everyone who does not agree with you of a psychic attack. Such negativity is not meant as an attack. It is an unfortunate by-product of how our society conducts itself. This is a simple, subtle way harmful energy is directed. We all do it at times. Most often, we do it to ourselves. We judge ourselves as not worthy, not attractive, not lovable, and these images become thought forms, packets of energy, filled with a poor self-image. When people experience an "attack," they usually are experiencing and clearing these thought forms. Be aware and responsible of your
The Love Of All Time
My body knows not, but my soul knows so well The feel of your touch, your warmth and smell. I found the song of my heart within your soul; A song of which many poets have told. You are the one, my love of all time; The destiny that I've sought to find. Love is strange and knows no logic, But be assured, by your side I will stick Through joy, tears, and strife; I give to you the gift of sharing my life If I break and give in to my fears, Please be there to wipe my tears. No matter what fault or any weakness, Always know, I will never love you any less. Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
Am I Being Cold
My father, who is not a very nice man, is in Houston for tests. While there they find an embolism the size of five fingers side by side in his stomach. Before the scheduled operation time it begins to rupture, they perform major surgery instead of a simple stunt. Now he will be there in icu for the rest of this week, and in the hospital for possibly two weeks. My mother calls and tells me this in 30 seconds flat, because she needs to call My sister and talk with her, daddy would want her to do this. Plus, he had her call my sister and the rest of my siblings at 130am this morning. I didn't get any information until 1030am. Its normal for me to only get a brief description of the problem, being that i am the black sheep of the family , I am lucky to get that much. I just wonder if I should feel more for him lying there in that bed suffering. Instead I just feel slighted again. I hung up the phone knowing that if my father died I wouldn't know about it for several hours, maybe even a
The Murder Of The Dc Madam
The Murder of the DC Madam
Warning Signs Of Psychic Attack
Tiredness. Fatigue. Because an individual or group is putting an invisible "gasoline hose" into your aura and pumping out your pranic energy, you are going to have less available to you than before. Without prana, there is no energy available. If you suddenly become very tired, even weak feeling when you're with a particular person, in a particular room or place, this is a sign that you're being drained of pranic energy from your aura. Tiredness or a feeling of absolute weakness or fatigue that occurs at a certain time of the day, almost like clockwork. I know people who routinely have a schedule for tapping into other person's aura at a specific time of the day or night. Generally speaking, we all get a little lackluster between 2pm and 4pm every day--this is known in biology as the "post prandial dip" and it is a metabolism phenomena associated with all human beings. We all do this, every day, almost without exception. This is NOT psychic attack. If your cyclic or peri
Dc Madam Palfrey's Murder
DC Madam Palfrey's Murder
Put Yo Hood
People Seem To Think...
That my name implies that I am dirty. No, you pussy hound men. Let me break it down for you! I am from St. Petersburg Florida. St. Pete is in the Dirty South. So therefore Dirty (Dirty South) Saint (St. Petersburg) Girl (No explanation necesary!) Im sick of you motherfuckers messaging me thinking your gonna get some easy pussy. Get bent. Getting in my pants isn't easy it takes A LOT more finesse then, "Hey wanna have some fun? No strings attached?" Fuck no! I am HIV negative and plan to stay that way thank you very much. Any man who would meet a chick off line and screw her just like that gives me the willies and you never know whats going on with that dick. I want NO part of that. And some of you are sincerely not on my level to be outright asking me to fuck. What drugs you been smoking? There may be many girls on here with those intentions but I'm not the one so please don't insult me by asking off the fly or better yet, asking at all.
What As A Psychic Vampire
What is psychic vampirism? Basically, draining and/or absorbing energy or vitality from people, often, although not always against their will or at least without their knowledge. Technically, what I'm describing here should more correctly be referred to as "magickal vampirism" at least in order to avoid confusion. What is a psychic vampire? In the words of Anton LaVey, "psychic vampires are individuals who drain others of vital energy". Psychic vampires can loosely be divided into two groups; concious psychic vampires and unconcious psychic vampires. Unconcious psychic vampires are, according to some, fairly common. A typical variety of unconcious psychic vampire (and they are often unaware of their vampiric actions) have been described as individuals who typically make others feel obliged to them for no reason other than possibly guilt, who leave one feeling emotionally drained almost by their very presence, and who, while specifically making no demands upon you, will having ru
~ Opposites Attract ~
~ Opposites Attract ~ I am of the desert, you of cultivation: Simplicity to me, to you is desolation; Heat, thirst, and agony I seek out on vacation, While you look for elegance and quiet restoration. I am of the ocean, you are of the shore: You want fewer waves, I manufacture more; You like tranquil bays, I love the rollers' roar; In me, a wild emptiness; in you, a quiet core. While I am like a stream, you are like a lake: I babble over boulders, you reflections make; I rush forward heedlessly, as bones and branches break; You part before the piercing bow and then absorb the wake. That such extremes should not be mingled might seem elementary; But love can make the wildest contradictions complementary.... Peace.
Are U
ARE YOU HAPPY? If you're in a relationship; are you happy with your man (or woman). If you're single; are you happy with yourself and your life.
Beads of rain Slowly drizzle Down the window panes; Embers crackle and sizzle Amid dancing flames. The glow of the fire shines Upon the floor; there entwined, Two naked bodies lie. A shiver runs up her spine As he gently rubs her thigh. She whispers in his ear, "Make love to me now." "Take me! right here!" He reaches down, Holds himself and pulls her near. He gives her all he has With a gentle thrust of his hips. She gives a little gasp As he parts her juicy wet lips. Oh, heaven at last! A flash of lightning And a roll of thunder; Passion's heightening As she moans under His rhythmic thrusting. He hears her cries As he shudders Between her thighs. "Oh, God," she utters Amidst frantic sighs. Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
What Kinds Of People Do You Attract
What type of person do you attract? Your Result: You attract artsy people! Those free spirited artists with great imaginations find you interesting. They are usually interesting themselves, so its not a bad thing, but they CAN be a bit wifty and choose odd goals. If you like life to always be a bit 'different' from the norm, but not too extreme in any one direction, these are the people for you. If you seek logical decision making skills and good money management, you may want to change something in the way you appear. Artsy people are fun for adventure and exploring, so, have fun! (smoking weed helps too)You attract geeks! You attract unstable people! You attract Yuppies! You attract rednecks! You attract models! What type of person do you attract?
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~ Faith Of Friends ~
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics ~ Faith of Friends ~ How little in me is not touched by you! A friendship is a light that fills the heart, Painting with its gold each darkened hue, Providing warmth to each sequestered part. You are the mirror of my better self, Verifier of the best in me, A bridge across the unsuspected gulf Lodged between what can and ought to be. Expectations can be wings, not bars, Necessary to sustain our flight. The faith of friends in us is wholly ours, Incoming to uplift us to its height. No soul can see itself, but must depend, Each on each, upon a trusted friend... Peace.
Wealth Masters International Carbon Copy
Wealth Masters International Carbon Copy Wealth Masters International Carbon Copy is a Home Based Business that has been created for the Marketing Newbie. This model could be used by MANY other companies and it's probably going to be a 'trend-setter' for other online marketers. Can someone really 'make' any money with a home based business? To respond to that statement, I want to touch base on the business of network marketing. If you have received proper business and financial education, one would understand the components that drive network marketing and see the lucrative and solid model it presents. All corporations are "pyramids" and have production cash flow all the way up to the CEO or President, from the work of others. MLM/ Network Marketing is designed to provide the same opportunity for those lower in the corporate pyramid as that of a CEO. It is a production based business and breeds success from a strong work ethic, dedication, perseverance, discipline and knowledge.
They Need Bids
here are some beautiful women that need some bids help them out 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
Life, Music, Seasons, Religion, Soul, Extinction, & Love
Life is tough, and if you have the ability to laugh at it, you have the ability to enjoy it. Salma Hayek Music can save people, but it can't in the commercial way it's being used. It's just too much. It's pollution. Bob Dylan Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolor, Summer an oil painting and Autumn a mosaic of them all. Stanley Horowitz Religion altars the mind. Tony Follari You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. Lewis If man doesn't learn to treat the oceans and the rain forest with respect, man will become extinct. Peter Benchley Words of love, are works of love. William R. Alger Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold. Zelda Fitzgerald
What Kind Of Empath Are You?
What Kind of Empath Are You?created with You scored as HealerYou are a Healer Empath. You take in the energy of others and transmute it. You trigger transformation in others and free trapped energy. You are capable of great healing abilities. You walk between the worlds and bring waves of healing energy with your presence. (from "The Book of Storms" by Jad Alexander at Universal 90%Shaman 90%Healer 90%Artist 85%Traveler 80%Fallen Angel 80%Judge 75%Precog 60%
What Kind Of Empath Are You?
What Kind of Empath Are You? You scored as a Shaman You are a Shamanic Empath. You are at one with nature and can speak with animal/plant life. Your powers come from the Sun & the Moon, and the elements. The weather moves with your mind and all of nature is at your beck and call. (from The Book of Storms by Jad Alexander at Artist 80% Shaman 80% Precog 75% Healer 75% Judge 75% Universal 60% Fallen Angel 35% Traveler 15%
Breast Cancer
May 6, 2008 (Day 31) Well today is the day I have dreaded for about 2 weeks now. This evening at 5pm I have my MRI. I am not going to lie, I am scared to death...not only because of the way they will position me in that tube/coffin (as I call it) but am fearful of what they might find on the reading of the test. I need lots of prayer and support today people...come to my aid if you can either through prayer or a little pick me up note to get me through this test. I appreciate every little thought. On a good Muga Scan results came back late yesterday afternoon and they were negative...woohoo! At least I know I won't be having a heart attack anytime soon! lol No, seriously, this is a good thing for chemo definitely want a healthy heart and I got one...thank god! Feeling: Am scared as hell today about this MRI...I am gonna trying think about good things to get me through the day. (4/6/08-found the lump, 4/7/08-OB-GYN, 4/9/08-Mam
Breast Cancer
May 5, 2008 (Day 30) It's been 8 days since I last smoked. I haven't even had to use my script yet. I can't believe after 30 yrs. I did it. Even though it took me to get breast cancer to quit...but I still did it. I am proud of myself so far. Today is the Muga Scan for my heart. They have to make sure my heart is working properly because the chemo affects the heart somehow, so it has to be in good working condition in order to take the chemo. I am little scared simply because I don't know what this test entails (I could walk over to our Nuclear Med dept and talk to Robin, but I don't want employees knowing my business that is why I choose York Hospital over Memorial, I wanted some privacy). Anyhow, I suppose I will find out what it's all about when I get there. I did some thinking over the weekend and I talked myself into just doing all these tests this week and get them the hell over with and try and have as little anxiety as possible, it's just one step further
Cats Love Boobies
All the proof we need: Cats love boobies too
Protect Your Energies
When you start to raise your energy vibration, you tend to become more sensitive to negative energies around you, and can often find yourself taking on the negative energies of others or of situations around you. Have you ever felt really up, and positive, full of confidence and off to conquer the world? And then you come into contact with someone who is miserable, down on themselves and just about dragging themselves through every minute. Have you noticed that it often does not take long before you also feel down and low, and your optimism has evaporated? You just came into contact with an energy vampire, who literally siphoned off your positive energy. Beware of the negative doom-mongers and dream-stealers who can tell hundreds of reasons why your plans are doomed- if you let them. As we work more and more with energies, it is vital that we learn to protect our positive energies. Most negative people do not realize that they are draining energies from others, yet th
What Kind of Empath Are You? You scored as a Judge You are a Judge Empath, one who is a "truthsayer". You can tell truth from lies, good from evil. You do not tolerate wrong doing. You are a defender of the good and the innocent. You are kind and merciful but do not play foolish games. (from "The Book of Storms" by Jad Alexander at Judge 80% Healer 70% Precog 65% Artist 65% Universal 55% Shaman 55% Traveler 35% Fallen Angel 20%
The Blood Red Rose
I see it there, So soft and delicate; Shining in the sun; Lilting on the breeze. Ah, the beauty I behold Is a lovely, blood red rose. It dangles before me; Kissed with sparkling dew; Tempting me with its wafting essence- And I am momentarily reminded of you. In a dream-like trance, I am drawn to this beauty By an unseen force; I step closer and reach out To touch a soft petal. Oh, the aroma is intoxicating. I take a deep breath And look around As I revel in the rose's beauty. As if a veil were suddenly dropped, I see hundreds- no, thousands Of sharp thorns all around, Each one taunting me. Dare I move And risk their glistening tips Slashing into my flesh, Digging deep and piercing my heart? Or shall I merely sit here And wither away beneath this glorious rose? Now I understand How this beautifully, enticing flower Achieved its vibrant color; It is stained with the blood of others. Others who, like me, Couldn't resist the draw Of its maddening
I Was Drunk For Four Days Straight
I gotta say walking in the rain while your drunk really works. So does actual sleeping. Going to bed been up for 24/7 hours and yeah i am tired right now. I will be on later.
Untitled Verse
Always begging and needing, Searching for what was never there; The desperate need to fill a void With anything, but despair.
The Endless Circle
I run and run- Run in circles; Trying to flee- Break the shackles, That bind me to you. A great vacuum- Sucking me dry; Devouring my energy. No matter how I try, I cannot break free. Talons of love- Piercing my heart; Tears of blood flow. My soul is coming apart As I pull and pull. Nearing the end, Only to begin again To fight this battle- And alone, I stand As I take that step and start over. Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
Are You An Intuitive Empath?
Ask yourself: Have you ever been placed next to someone at a dinner party who seems pleasant, but suddenly you're nauseous, have a pounding headache, or feel drained? Are you uncomfortable in crowds, even go out of your way to avoid them? Do you get easily over-stimulated by people or prefer being alone? When someone is distressed or in physical pain, do you start feeling it too? Tally your responses. If you've answered "yes" to one or more questions, it's likely you have experienced intuitive empathy. Responding "yes" to every question indicates empathy plays an active role in your life. If you're still unsure, take some time to notice how you relate to people one-to-one or in groups. It may require slowing such interactions down to become more aware of your style of processing energy. When learning to center yourself, this information is essential.
Heres Your Chance Too Own Me
The Power Of Love
Inside the soul Is smoldering passion A desire so bold That knows no reason Touch the flame It leaves its mark In love's name Now forever carry the scar Inside the heart Flows the river of love Trickling under the stars Glittering above Drink from this stream Bathe in its coolness Drift along the dreams The journey is endless Inside the mind Rests the greatest power Men have sought to find To their final hour Feel the power of love Bask in its glow Be carried to the heavens above As it envelops the soul Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
I'm Back!
I'm back! So, I've been out of the “mix” for a while. Many weeks leading up to my current position, and a few after arriving to get settled in to it, but here I am now, and things are not so bad. For those of you not in the know... the Army called me back about 6 months ago, and I pulled a few strings to make the experience as useful to me as I could. As such, I'm in Fort Gordon right now (that's in Georgia) learning computers. Not a bad gig, ad it pays well once I re-establish myself as a civilian. Everyone likes a computer guy these days. I took my first test last night and passed. Not an excellent score, but well within passing range. I got a laptop so that I can now do a little better at keeping up with my writing and other correspondence. Things get all gummed up in your head if you can't express them in your own way, and I simply have not had the capacity to do so that I hoped I would until now. Not much else to say for the moment, but If things go the way I hope they will...
Omg People Are Dumb
Follow Your Heart
Close your eyes, Feel my soul; Join my spirit, Let hesitation go. Let go of reality, Find the peace; Listen closely, As love speaks. Feel the warmth As the love flows, All around you, With a golden glow. Don't hold back, Follow your heart; Fear has no reason, But to keep us apart. Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
Energy Vampires (for Lack Of A Better Term)
Some people bring unexpected lightness and comfort to your life. They crackle with energy, practically electrify you with their presence. And then there are those who leave you feeling stressed out. Or guilty. Or exhausted down to your very last molecule. I call them energy vampires, and obnoxious or meek, they come in all forms. The charmer is a constant talker or joke-teller who has to be the center of attention. The blamer, on the other hand, doles out endless servings of guilt. These are just two kinds of people who are energy zappers No matter which type of energy vampire you're dealing with, you're allowed to walk away. Many of us find this really hard to do. We're afraid of being thought of as impolite; we don't want to offend people. But there are plenty of ways to remove yourself from a killing conversation. When leaving isn't an option, you can still maintain your energy level by making a few minor adjustments. Recognize the Signs One of the first things to do is to
Wmi Carbon Copy Pro
WMI Carbon Copy Pro I am not affiliated with Wealth Masters International or any other MLM or network marketing opportunity. I investigated Wealth Masters International and found that it is an educational, legitimate and lucrative business. To defend Wealth Masters International against the 'nay Sayers', I first want to express that WMI's consultants are not the people providing the financial advice. WMI Carbon Copy Pro has set up an alliance of established corporations who specialize in estate planning, financial planning, credit restoration, and more. Those are the alliances that provide the advice, not the consultants. Secondly, the compensation plan that Wealth Masters International offers is not a '1-up or 2-up' type system. The compensation plan is based on direct sales (consultants receive income from every enrollment that they make from the beginning), as well as residual income. To be candid in replying to the critics, do not express your opinion about a subject or a bus
This Is Why Im Hott!!!!!!!!!!
She Needs Help In Her Contest
This girl Besseme Como LoCa@ fubar Needs your help she is in a happy hour giveaway and she needs 50k comments to get the happy hour in only a few weeks, she is only at 17,387 comments. So if you have a chance please go by and leave some comments. she is a sweet girl and returns all love. Hell she is even willing to show her bewbies on cam to anyone who helps lol. She is willing to do anything for your help so go leave some comments and help her get the happy hour. Here is the link to her giveaway Thanks ♥ Ashley
Caption It | Vol.2 | 003
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
These People Really Said This.
“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” ~ Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign. “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” ~ Mariah Carey “I’ve never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body” ~ Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward. “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country” ~ Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC. “I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.” ~ Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents. “Half this game is ninety percent mental.” ~ Philadelphia Phillies manager, Danny Ozark “We’ve got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?” ~ Lee Iaco
And The Beat Goes On!!!!!!!
Ok Guys...what can I say.....yet again went to court this morning to continue where we left off...only for her side to submit a whole new statement of which I had no idea about and boy is she going real dirty.......anyway....I had no counsil and coupled with with her side not having all the proper paperwork in yada yada got put back once here we are, back to square one but this time I get a lawyer.....which I have 2 weeks to get all the final papers from her lawyers then another 2 weeks to get my side of it tied up and then she has to re-apply for a hearing, which I am assured will not take place now earlier than July and could even be as far away as October......which, with what happened today should make it a very interesting ride indeed BUT..right now I do still have one ace up my sleeve........sory can't say as you just do not know who gets to see this as she did break in to my account here last year and copied some of my messages!!!!!!.... So...upshot
Closer By 9inch Nails Closer by 9inch nails
I just wanted to remind everyone to keep love in ur heart always for those near and dear to you and never EVER pass up the chance to show them or tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Life is way too short...
Spl Rules Out Another Extension
SPL rules out another extension Lex Gold said the SPL season would not be extended The Scottish Premier League says the season will not be extended again to ease Rangers' fixture congestion. Rangers failed to have Saturday's league game against Dundee United postponed as they sought more time to prepare for next week's Uefa Cup final. SPL chairman Lex Gold said there was no "viable alternative" to the fixture list the league issued on 22 April. Rangers chairman Sir David Murray described the decision as laughable and said the club's fans would be angry. Scottish FA chief executive Gordon Smith said the Scottish Cup final would go ahead as planned on 24 May. Rangers manager Walter Smith was critical of the SPL for not offering them any help to prepare for their first European final in 36 years. Opponents Zenit St Petersburg will not have to play another game before next Wednesday's final in Manchester. The Ibrox club face playing seven games in 17 d
Hva Good Day
Friendship grows deeper with time...Bonds grow deeper through trials...Hearts beat in knows no miles Have a wonderful day, Java
Sacred Union
Souls entwined, Over distance and time; Crying out Longing to find Sacred fulfillment Of body, soul, and mind; My angel of light, You will forever shine. Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
Re: 9/11 Conspiracy Connection To Dc Madam Murder
RE: 9/11 Conspiracy Connection To DC Madam Murder ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 May 2008, 15:13 9/11 Conspiracy Connection To DC Madam Murder Former NSA analyst and Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen tells the The Alex Jones Show that one of the key motives behind the DC Madam's murder may have been the information her call girls picked up from Washington's top brass concerning foreknowledge and government complicity in the 9/11 attacks. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/050508_conspiracy_connection. htm
Re: Palfrey "suicide Notes" A Contradiction In Terms
RE: Palfrey "Suicide Notes" A Contradiction In Terms ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 May 2008, 21:03 Palfrey "Suicide Notes" A Contradiction In Terms Deborah Jeane Palfrey's alleged suicide notes were released today and given full court press by a corporate media that largely refused to cover her statements that she would never commit suicide and the statements of her friends and family who said she wasn't suicidal, but Palfrey's alleged reason for killing herself, that she would be "penniless" upon leaving prison, contradicts the fact that a multi-million dollar book deal was in the pipeline. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/050508_suicide_notes. htm
Re: Homeland Security Dictates Who Lives & Who Dies In Pandemic
RE: Homeland Security Dictates Who Lives & Who Dies In Pandemic ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 May 2008, 21:31 Military and Homeland Security Dictate Who Lives And Who Dies In A Pandemic A new report compiled by a medical "task force" comprising physicians from prestigious universities, medical groups, the military and government agencies has outlined that specific groups of people should not be treated and be left to die should a flu pandemic or other deadly disease disaster infect millions throughout the USA. http://www. infowars. net/articles/may2008/050507Pandemic. htm
Re: Goldman Sachs: Bilderberg Target Of $200 Dollar Oil Nears
RE: Goldman Sachs: Bilderberg Target Of $200 Dollar Oil Nears ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 06 May 2008, 14:11 Goldman Sachs: Bilderberg Target Of $200 Dollar Oil Nears A report by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. forecasts that oil prices will reach $150 to $200 dollars a barrel within 2 years, a figure in line with the ultra-elite Bilderberg's plans to squeeze the middle class and lower the living standards of westerners. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/may2008/050608_bilderberg_target. htm
Dj John The Stalker
This drama queen bitch, quit the station i work for and has been harassing my mom and the rest of my family ever since the fucking sick asshole has been watching my fubar account like a hawk and the dumb fuck called me trailor trash, i have NEVER lived in a trailor, i have a house WHAT HAVE YOU GOT YOU WHINEY LIL CUNT???? GO FUCK YOURSELF AND WRITE A BULLY ABOUT IT on top of all this shit, now he is threatening to have one of his fu sluts come up here to kick my ass lol its so funny cause i dont even live in Mackinac City! From: "" To: Sent: Monday, May 5, 2008 10:26:06 PM Subject: Re: LET ME REPEAT MYSELF Please call your dogs off, please 10,000,000 times! That Caffeine bitch has been changing her status me all night long. Please tell her to stop or else I make up a bully to send a lot of hate her way. I'm not kidding, a lot of my friends hate her so she needs to watch herself because one of the girls lives in Michigan and says she will b
5 Days Left!!! Auction Ends On The 10th!! You have 5 days left to own me! Copy && Paste the link above!! So far Peachy is going to own me! Do you want your name on my in my Fubar Name? Do you want a pimpout on my page?! All your pictures/stash/blogs rated and comment during HH?! SFW Salute/ Added top my family && Friends Come on... bid on me ;)
Last Rights.
One year has passed since I met you. Since we spent all night talking. One year since we fell for each other that night. One bumpy year of fights, love letters, text messages, and broken promises. Its been a year. Now we are no more. And we never got to hold each other. Happy Anniversary Angelicia May.
Gay Satan Barbie Song I Made Lol
Repeatedly And Redundantly Repetitive
Got this from 514x0r this morning... HAD to blog it. A negative concept cannot be formed by two positives. Yeah, right. - Joseph Leff A writer must not shift your point of view. Also, always avoid annoying alliteration. Also too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies. Always pick on the correct idiom. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake. And always be sure to finish what And don't start a sentence with a conjunction. (Remember, too, a preposition is a terrible word to end a sentence with.) Always avoid alliteration. Always. Avoid archaeic spellings too. Avoid clichés like the plague; they're old hat. Seek viable alternatives. Avoid incorrect verb forms that snuck into common usage. - Joseph Leff Avoid trendy locutions that sound flaky. Awl weighs ewes yore spell chequer. - Joseph Leff Be more or less specific. Be sure to use semicolons correctly, always use it where it's proper to do so: and never where it isn't. - Joseph Leff capitalize every se
Crustless Tex-mex Meatloaf-cheddar Pie
Crustless Tex-Mex Meatloaf-Cheddar Pie Silvana Nardone From Every Day with Rachael Ray May 2008 SERVES 8 Prep Time: 20 min Bake Time: 45 min Turn meatloaf into an easy, cheesy pie. See the photo how-tos » One 16-ounce jar fire-roasted red peppers drained, split and seeded 12 ounces shredded Mexican cheese blend (3 cups) 1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef One 16-ounce jar chunky salsa 1 cup bread crumbs 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1/3 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley 3/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 teaspoon pepper 1. Preheat the oven to 375°. Grease a 10-inch pie plate lightly with olive oil and line with the red peppers. Scatter 1 cup cheese on top. 2. In a large bowl, mix 1 cup cheese, the beef, 3/4 cup of the salsa, the bread crumbs, eggs, parsley, salt and pepper until just combined. Press into the pepper-and-cheese-lined pie plate. Spread the remaining salsa over the top. Bake for 35 minutes. 3. Scatter th
Carbon Copy Scam
Carbon Copy Scam Carbon Copy Scam or Reality - The first thing you notice when looking at the ads for Carbon Copy Pro are claims such as "a realistic $250K first year income potential" and that the system will "create 100 millionaires by 2012". Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that provides an automated solution for promoting a "top-tier" direct sales opportunity with a company called Wealth Masters International (WMI). WMI is an extremely reputable company that offers financial education products that are in high demand these days. Carbon Copy Pro was developed by two very successful network marketing entrepreneurs: Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard.
Come Check Me Out At Kandi's Place And Vote For Me
hey come party with me at kandi's place and vote for me
Friends Know Best (straight)
Friends Know Best (Straight) Barb, had just gone through a really bad divorce and was trying to get on with “life on her own”. Facing the world as a single lady, she was nearer to that dreaded 50, than she liked to think about. Her friends had been very supportive through it all. What she did not know, is that they had also been scheming up a plan too. They wanted to give her a vacation, where she could relax. They knew she needed time, out of the city and far from work. As kind of a joke, they wanted to make it someplace this city girl, would never go, on her own. Her friends got together the money and paid for it all, so she could not back out. She was due to start a new job at the end of the month, so they ganged up on her, telling her she had to take some time NOW. Her best friend, steps forward handing Barb an envelope. She looked a little puzzled, as she opened it up. It contain round-trip airfare to Denver, then a chauffeured ride from the airport, ab
Lyrics | Amazing lyrics
Beautiful Day
Your shining light will be my guide Leads me to a place where I don´t need to hide The heavens open up the door With dreams so innocent and pure You are beautiful Within the rays of light You are beautiful Without the jewels of life Let your spirit capture me My love is blind You are beautiful tonight Amongst the rays of light Your silhouette it shines You´re an Angel you are free Let your spirit baptize me Let it elevate my mind
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Vote for me for the best hair on fubar! One Comment per person, so please tell your friends. The most Comments received by May 31st wins. Remember this Has to be an actual comment, not just random letter and numbers. And again ONE COMMENT PER PERSON, NO bombing allowed! Thanks to everyone in advance for their support! Just click the pic below and you will have to add this great guy to get to the pic! Thanks Again!!! Sponsored By: The Guy With The Hair Fetish
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Enter to WIN $500,000 FUBUCKS! Contest will be open for ONLY 5 days and the person with the most points wins! RATES count as 10 points and COMMENTS count as 2 points! Self bombing of contestants pics is encouraged! Show me those SEXY EYES! We have 11 contestants and everyone has committed to participating. There is a $25,000 entry fee that will be refunded when each contestant reaches a total of 2500 points. Sorry, entry to compete is now closed. 1st Place-$500,000 FUBUCKS. 2nd Place-$300,000 FUBUCKS. 3rd Place-$150,000 FUBUCKS. The top 3 will also each receive a SOLO Congratulations Bulletin from PebblesinAZ, 100 11's and a Fu Trophy! Below are your contestants. Be sure to drop in and show all your love for your fav: shani aka 'Scooby-Doo~~Fu-Wife to Big Billy~~SEXY FU-SLAVE TO Fu-Daddy, TAZ, & ThE Big MikE' ______________ Christopher aka 'Tappinit ~ Bail Bondsman to trouble_4_real ~~ RL BF to PebblesinAZ' ______________ Lady
Just Messin
Free Photo Decorator Generator
Please Read...
Never make someone a priority.... If they only see you as an option....
Tappinits First Contest
4 Wheeler Crash
well about 2 yrs ago i was in an atv accident i rolled it doing 50.. so needless to say i got pretty fucked up.. broke my arm which needed a 4 inch screw and a 6 by 3 inch plate to fix it all.. broke my feamur which took a 13" steel rod and 4 pins to fix.. i also had to have a chest tube inserted through my rib cage to drain blood out of my lung.. i broke 5 ribs on my right side.. cracked my pelvis.. broke my collar bone and my shoulder blade and also broke my tailbone.. the docs told my mom she had to get there within the next 24hrs if she wanted to say goodbye.. i spent 5 days in a comma and 14 more in ICU now that i look back at it.. it really wasnt worth it.. but what dont kill you only makes you stronger.. 2yrs of recovery dont drink n drive.. lifes too short the way it is.. dont push ya luck
Lovely Day
'tis a very nice day today so i'm going to go out and take a few photos of around where I live to upload to here, give you guys a taste of London. Hope everyone has a good day.
Haven't Been Around Much
hey ya'll haven't been around a whole hell of a lot but still pop in on occassion. been busy as all get out. between docs lawyers and granbaby (now that he's old enough to be getting into everything ) don't leave a whole lot of time for sitting at the computer. haven't been meaning to be neglectful just life has been kinda full lately . anyway i'm still around so stop by and say hi i do check messages lmao . until then PEACE
Me Doing Handjob...
I show me masterbating
Pleasure And Pain, Pain And Pleasure
Stretched between to post, you find yourself bound, Arms held out wide, feet barely touching the ground, Legs also spread so there is nowhere to hide, The thrill of it all is making you high. Also a belt is strapped tight to your waist, Keeping inside the toy that's been placed, Feeling it there brings to your body an ache, One that only the pain will help slate. Bound for his pleasure in his dungeon dark, Where the darkness is soon broken by a spark, In the soft candlelight you Master now stands, Holding a riding crop there in his hands. Anticipation grows as you watch him stand there, Welcoming the night of pain and pleasure you'll share, For he is the man you have surrendered your life to, Finding more pleasures in all that you do. Walking to you, he kisses your lips, Then caresses your cheek with the crops leather tip, Dressed all in black, his body melts into the dark, Leaving his face showing, all pale, white and stark. Black leather gloves now touch
The Knight's Code
Carbon Copy Review
Carbon Copy Review Carbon Copy Review - As a business person you have a sales staff ready to take calls, you have a high value service to offer to your clients. NOW WHAT? How do you get the phone to ring? Carbon Copy Pro has all the great ways to spread the word both online and offline. Things like mailing campaigns, opportunity calls, great websites and personalized advertising all come with the package. How can someone get to Six Figure Income within 6 months? One of the ONLY ways for any business to enjoy that kind of growth is with the power of the Internet. It's being proven day after day, but these companies work as a TEAM. One person can't do it alone. So the trick is who to put on YOUR team. Carbon Copy Pro supplies the sales people, the 'Six Figure Wealth' coaches provide all the marketing materials (online and offline) and GUARANTEE that the businessperson will succeed by following their model. Another good feeling I received was the thought of knowing I was T
My First Auction!!!
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Today's Rank: #162 Rating: 10.11 (1230) Not to bad!!!
I Love This Story
Need To Take A Look At This Man
We need to take a long hard look at this man. > > > > > > > Subject: What a Black Columnist has to say about Obama. > > Make sure you read the last two paragraphs. it could very > well be !. > > Ken Blackwell - Columnist for the New York Sun > > It's an amazing time to be alive in America . We're > in a year of firsts in > this presidential election: the first viable woman > candidate; the first viable > African-American candidate; and, a candidate who is the > first frontrunning > freedom fighter over 70. The next president of America will > be a first. > > We won't truly be in an election of firsts, however, > until we judge every candidate by where they stand. We > won't arrive where we should be until we no longer talk > > about skin color or gender. Now that Barack Obama steps to > the front of the Democratic field, we need to stop talking > about his race, and start talking about his policies and > his politics. > > The reality is this: Though th
Kentucky Derby
With the recent tragic events at the Kentucky Derby, the eco terrorist group PETA was out in full force, protesting each and every thing about what had happened. They want the jockey suspended for not handling the horse right. For those ofyou who didn't see it, the front legs broke when they were doing their cool down jog, after the race. It wasn't jockey error, it just happened. He, and the trainer, were both devastated after the race. They want to ban whipping the horse. t here, but the sad fact is, if they don't have the whip, then they'll find another way to spur the animals, pun intended, to go faster.Which leaves spurs, or some sort of electronic stimulus. The whip is your best option as far as I'm concerned. They'd like to ban racing in general. Not gonna happen, this is a big buck industry. And compared to other forms of racing, its very hard to rig it and not get caught. But to be fair, it has gotten me thinking...what else could we bet on, to quench our thirst for
In Love With A Girl
So many people gonna say that they want you To try to get you thinking they really care But there's nothing like the warmth of the one Who has put in the time and you know he's gonna be there Back your border when she knows someone crossed it Don't let nobody put you down who you're with Take the pain of protecting your name From the crutch to the cane to the highwire [Chorus]: I'm in love with a girl who knows me better Fell for the woman just when I met her Took my sweet time when I was bitter Someone understands Cause she knows how to treat a feather (fella?) right Give me that feeling every night Wants to make love when I wanna fight Now someone understand me I'm in love with a girl... I'm in love with I'm in love with a girl... I'm in love with Out the many broken back doors and windows Through the valley of the love of the lost Is a hole that is cut to the soles Falling down from the tones Without reading innuendos But you found inner peace for the m
Cop Stop
When your feathers are soaked and your eyes are too bloody to see, and you pulled every punch that you had but there's one that you need, then you've waited too long, there's a hole in your heart, and all you've become is emotionally overrun. Chorus: Wishing wells were made to echo a dime, the consequences are you keep on relying, you've become a run and hide refugee, baby I'm a cop, stop, put up your hands and surrender to me. You're gonna get hooked if there's anything left I can do, you've already disarmed it's your lasting alarm I pursue, you can loosen those fists, c'mon blow me a kiss, you've been roughed up enough to deserve some relief from your troubles, so I'm coming in. CHORUS Otherwise, I would never tell you what to do despite, any indecision though I know I'm right, arguing was always my forte, and one thing I can say is I won't tell you lies, or treat you like a rental car like other guys, and if you think I'm crazy find an alibi, cause you
We Belong Together
We belong together, Like the open seas and shores. Wedded by the planet floor, We've all been spoken for. The hammer may strike, Me dead on the ground, A nail to my hand, A cross on his crown. We're done if, who we're undone, Finished if who we are incomplete. As one we are everything, We are everything we need. We belong together, Like the open seas and shores. Wedded by the planet floor, We've all been spoken for. What good is a life, With no one to share, The light of the moon, The honor of a swear? Will you try to live the way of which you speak? Taste the milk of your mother earth's love? Spread the word of consciousness you see? We are everything we need. We belong together, Like the open seas and shores. Wedded by the planet floor, We've all been spoken for. All this indecision. All this independent strain. Still we've got our hearts on save, We've got our hearts on save. Someday when you're lonely, Sometime after all this bliss, Som
Updates For 5/6!
Good Morning Everyone! Profile of the Week: Fallen Angel ~ Demon Crew Co-Founder~ Member of the Stiletto Girls~FU OWNED by MASTER CAINShe needs 1,341,718 points to GodMother. Lets really get cracking on her stuff and see if we can knock those points down!! Reminder....We will have our weekly meeting Thursday night on Yahoo at 9:30pm EST. If you have any questions feel free to ask myself, Lori, or Scooter for help!
Jay Kubassek Carbon Copy
Jay Kubassek Carbon Copy The Carbon Copy system was co-created by a successful entrepreneur named Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard. Let's examine how this works: - using internet marketing strategies you send traffic to your lead capture page a lead is generated when an interested visitor fills out the form on your page to receive more information - the lead is automatically assigned to an autoresponder that begins sending messages designed to get the lead to full out an application form - when a person submits an application, including the refundable $49 fee, they are provided access to your personalized business overview page - they are also sent, via snail mail, a copy of "INSIDEOUT", an insightful marketing DVD and workbook authored by Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek - this is important: these people will be called twice by experienced professionals who will answer questions and invite them to a live system overview call - if the prospect decides to join, you ged p
Greenpix Zero Energy Wall
Greenpix is a Zero Energy Media Wall in Beijing created by Simone Giostra & Partners and the Arup folks. It’s been added to the curtain wall of the Xicui entertainment complex near the site of the 2008 Olympic Games. It mixes the largest color LED display technology with a photo voltaic system which means that the wall burns the only energy it harvests during the day. The wall should go live in May 2008, with a series of video installations and live performances by artists from China, Europe and the US.
A Late Start To The Day...
What is the saying that I am looking for…? Better Late then never… Good Morning! Various issues and Items took center stage for me this am and that’s partially to blame. I heard of a Michigan man this morning who apparently is an arsonist and was doing his rounds, or should I say burning’s but ran out of gas. Soooo he went on the prowl for gas to rob out of an unsuspecting individual…Well he found a car, and tooled right up to it, like any cat burglar would bucket in hand siphoning hose dangling and started to unscrew the cap from the car he chose and much to his surprise out pops two plain clothes cops who had been in that car which also was a unmarked police vehicle on the look out for him. Their stake-out was exactly where it should be to catch him…way to go boys in blue. In other news, a woman will not get the Mother of the year award this year in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Angelique Vandeburg was charged with shooting her 8 year old Daughter in the thigh with a BB gun on a $1 bet fro
Plz Help Lilbamagirl, My Fellow Shadow Leveler!
My Baby Had Emergency Surgery
on saturday during his party,my son fell ill with what i thought was a stomach virus.the usually sick tummy and tummy running off,i went to bed for the night didnt sleep well cuz i felt something just wasnt right..sunday before i went to work i went in to check on him,he was having severe pain in the lower right hip region,i thought thats not a virus something aint right,told my hubby i wanted to take him to the hospital if it got worse to call me at work and i will leave,well i call on every break i had and still no change,you couldnt touch the area and he couldnt move due to tons of pain there,on the last call to my hubby i said were taking him to the er now,im gonna go tell work im leaving.we got to the hospital he got triaged right away and they took him in right away,after a few hours of waiting on the blood results to come back they tell us his white blood cell count was 19,000 which means there is infection,they did a ct scan on his belly a little while later,after the dr came i
Next To Me
Listen up destiny I know you want to get pressed to me So don't be such a stone when I call you on the phone Or I won't be using that number again Maybe what you had was broke You want to get high and they don't So I had a drink, Cause it helped me think Now you say I've been drinking too much but My hands start shaking and my hearts starts quaking like a nightmare making its cool And I want to tell you Wait a minute sister I know I ain't your Mr. yet Just me a chance and see That you won't even get next to me Whatcha you want to do now You're going to have to get somehow And I got that thing you need But you won't even get next to me Once I get you in my grip Follow my eyes to your hips Don't you call away You done it everyday Just stay, Why don't you stay? Why don't you stay baby? Put away your old disguise You don't want no other guys We're having so much fun I know you shouldn't run, but you run you just run, you just run baby Wait a minute
Bombs Away !
IT's my First Bombing Contest .... I've been there for you .... Now show me some love !! I'm not too worried about winning ... I just want my good friend (AND the person who invited me to Fubar !!) to get some major points !!! She's the reason I'm here .... Blame her !! Hit that Eye pic above till your fingers are blistered and your eyes are crossed ! Thanks bunches. XOXO Thru_a_diff_i ..oO*Shadow Leveler*Oo.. My "Eye" contest is open thru May 12th @7:30am EST!@ fubar Thru_a_diff_I .... Truly a Gem of a Lady!
Each Moment.
Sympathize No more lies Live to learn one single time Each moment Play the rich Spread, don't preach Innocence and love will heal Each moment Sweetness all around us Just taste it all Your wishes all the way to heaven The kind will only bring us joy Love will save the day We will never fall again Compassion is the way Let me show you my world Open your heart to my soul My love is complete Complete at your feet As much as you need Breathing in Breathing out Action gives reaction Cause each moment Trust in life Trust in now Letting go is everything Each moment
My Brother
My brother committed suicide on January 11, 2008 and I have been avoiding dealing with it. I started a new job the week before and after he did it I worked all the time to avoid my feelings. Well, I quit my job a week ago and I am having a hard time because he is always on my mind. He was my best friend!!!! I feel like half of my heart is gone. I wish he had told me things were getting that bad so I could have done something to help him. I miss him sooooo much!!! I have 3 kids who adored him. I am sooo lost right now and I don't know how to deal with it and move on!!!!!!
Carbon Copy Pro
Carbon Copy Pro Carbon Copy PRO is a new automated marketing system put together by Jay Kubaseck. Jay was once involved with Liberty League and did very well for the company but decided to move on and become involved with Wealth Matters International where he has become one of the top producers in that company. Wealth Masters International is a company that sells information on financial solutions with it's books dvd's and conferences. CarbonCopyPRO is a marketing system that has been developed by Jay and his associates to help solve many problems most people face in a home based business and provide them with tools to succeed. With Carbon copy Pro there is No phone calling. No selling No Cold Calling Many of the mundane things most direct marketers would have to face.
This makes so much sense whether you are single, dating or married..... If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregn
Naughty Application
BE BRAVE AND SEND IT BACK TO ME to my dating profile at 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 19. Where would u like my cum to go? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Can I use you as a booty call? 23. Do you like foreplay? 24. What is foreplay to you?
Tip Of The Day
It won't hurt to smile once in a while.
What I've Learned
I've learned a lot these past few years Through my fake smiles and unseen tears That friends sometimes aren't forever that true love doesn't always last And happy memories stay with you but those happy moments go by fast Words can cut deeper than any sword Leaving you with something That no one could replace or ever afford Sometimes things happen, Sometimes your heart will break Though to feel real happiness this is what's at stake In order to have the comfort of heaven and your story to live to tell You must also experience the hate-filled life of hell Remember . . . There will always be someone there Someone that honestly does care A person can leave your life Leave you alone with your worries and strife But like pain, the love you once felt cannot from your body depart but only may enter your heart Don't worry someday it will all get better Your mornings will grow joyful with someone to love And you'll have the kind of life you thought you could only dre
Thank You
I want to give you all an update on my great nephew.He is striving now without machines thank God and your prayers he should be almost out of the woods soon and will be going home. Thanxs again to all who prayed for ahim.
Oh Hell Yes!
Economic stimulus check how I adore thee! Seriously though that's my car payments while I'm on maternity leave. so much worry has been lifted off my shoulders!
The Sin Wagon
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just click the sin wagon above it will take you straight to the founder's blog where you can get started
Working with inmates can be hard on you. A lot of the inmates can't read or write. Most of the inmates will try to con you, so you have to be on your toes all of the time. This doesn't mean you have to be distant and not talk to them. Recently I had the third ex-inmate come up to me and thank me for listening and talking to them. They said they never want to go back to jail. They said it is rough working but better then being on the inside. I guess I do preach to them on the inside. I try to reach down into them and pull that part of them that is righteous out. I do listen to their personal problems and try to help. The day before yesterday, it was the inmate that said he would soon be getting out. His girlfriend is leaving him for her ex-friend. The inmate wanted something to tell her to make her stay with him. I told him to let her go since she wants her ex back and to find someone better when he gets outs. I told him generally when people break up there is a good reas
I Am No Mind Reader
i lost 9 lbs in last ten days,i was exspecting more bad news at the cardio appointment to day .all is looking better i my goal is to get to 220 to 230. im borderline diabetic now so i am making major changes in my lfe and habits,life is too short as it is with out being my own zanex is working now that i hve adjusted to it.i,ve gotten to the point wher i am ready to quit smoking.i have replaced much of the time spend on here with exercise and quality time with my wife and friends.i have rated fanned and sent add request to all that i have droped in on,i have never asked to be rated faned or to help me level or win some meaninglss contest for points.all that i have done to help you all was because thats me.i dont do the drama or group hate crap. i have blocked only a holes that where doing good pepole dirty, i have reach out to many in friendship onl to be dissed or ignored no problem here i will no lnger support those that dont reply to honest friendship,lifes too shor
Sunset Cafe Member Beach Bash Photo Contest 050908-051408
Innocent Now is not a time for anger, but I cant help it So innocent, you didnt ask for this I'll watch over you, help God protect He needs no help, but I'll interject God gave me peace of mind It feels, that this is my time I want to be everything you've ever wished I'll always be there, in spirit Even if I'm gone, even if I've vanished I can make things better Even if it's just temporary I was drawn to you, you're not ordinary Heavy like the world, your burden i'll carry Even if I have to dig, i'll dig deep down I'll hold you up, i'll keep you afloat Even if it means i'll drown As time ticks by, as the hours fade My time with you, I would not trade As I said before, there's no distance I wouldn't wade As far out as I can stand Even If I sink, my breath is made I know he'll help me, he won't let me die I'm making up for lost time For the part of my life I let pass me by In the end, this is all I can be Your voice like an undying symphony You've no idea
Most Mentioned Men In The Bible
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I caught a glimpse of you the other day, I couldn't help but stare. You and her, together Holding each other, kissing each other, caring for each other. You stood there with her in your arms And my heart in your hands. I never meant to love you. I never intended to let you take my heart. And look at what I've done to myself, I let myself fall and I feel like I'll never stop. Standing there I felt like a fool, But to walk away would've meant The termination of myself. I watched as your silhouette was cast across me. And in an instant my knees buckled And I fell to pieces. I lay in a heap, unnoticed. And as I lay there motionless, dying inside and out Someone passing by kicks me to the side. There I stayed alone and abandoned. At a time like this I could really use my heart, But you still stand with my heart in your hands. I never meant to love you. I never intended to let you keep my heart And look what I've done to myself. But, then again I don't know h
What Did You Expect
You came into my life As quickly as you left. You grabbed a cutting knife And sliced right through my breast. You didn't mean to hurt But what did you expect? My heart now cut in two It feels beyond repair. Injury done by you God, life just isn't fair. You didn't mean to hurt But what did you expect? So here we are, just friends, But I long to be more. Desire with no end Throbbing from my core. You didn't mean to hurt But what did you expect?
Okay so I just need to vent. I have all these ppl in my life that I cannot even imagine living without, I do for people and do for them. I bend over backwards and anything that I have and they need they have it! I have always been like this. I just cant understand for the life of me, why after all I try to do, I get a slap in the face when I dont ask for anything but someone to stand by me. I accept my friends regardless what their faults are because I know that I too have them. I just see them as perfect in my eyes. So why the hell when I tell them things and try to get it off my chest do I get to see this amazingly judgmental side that they hide until its really gonna hurt if they bring it out? Ugh! Im sick of it!
Don't Judge Us W/o Knowing Us.
When was the last time you thanked a veteran? For the price of freedom they had to pay? Did you gaze into his vacant eyes? Did you see the ghosts he can't deny? Did you think a soldier's heart was made of steel? Because he was trained to kill, he couldn't feel? Did you see the guilt written on his face, For the loss of life he can't replace? Did you know he mourns the lives he couldn't save, And walks with comrades in their grave? Did you remember the boy with innocence lost? Do you really know war's ultimate cost? Have you felt the blast of artillery fire? Do you have the courage it would require? Have you stood in trenches consumed with fear? Felt the enemies breath so very near? Have you walked with God on a battleground? Seen your brothers dead or dying all around? Have you stopped to thank a vet today, Or did you just turn and walk away? From the pain he'll carry for the rest of his life, Did you consider his family, That watch him suffer in silence
Help My Cuz ~bratt~ & ~dream~
This is a contest for the Fubar's Flaming Hottie's & we need your help. This is a rate contest (comments are welcomed). Jeanne Marie needs help choosing a top 12 for a calendar she will be making. COULD YOU PLEASE RATE ~DREAM~ & ~BRATT~'s PHOTO, ~DREAM~ ^^^^^CLICK ME^^^^^ ~BRATT~ ^^^^^CLICK ME^^^^^ You need to F/A/R the owner of the Hotties, Jeanne Marie in order to vote Click pic here 'JEANNE MARIE' ÐRÁGØÑM‡§TRÊŽŽ ~*FLAMING HOTTIE*~CLUB F.A.R ~OWNER OF FLAMING HOTTIES THE CONTEST WILL START MONDAY MAY 5TH 3PM EASTERN TO MONDAY MAY 19TH 3PM EASTERN
Dj Disturbed In The House!
Is on air right now!!!!So bring you butts in and show him some ¢¾¢¾LOVE¢¾¢¾ So click a pic or a banner and bring your sexy ass'es in and show your love and join the family so you can find us faster!!!!! PEACE!!! ******DRAMA FREE ZONE********PLEASE REPOST***Designed by:Dj Meko (repost of original by 'Dj_Meko/stutta~Asst. Head Dj@ Sunset Cafe'{FU_Hubby_2_Amitola}{OWNED by RescueDiva}' on '2008-05-06 01:09:07')
Fu-king By Birthday Plz
Blasts, Blings, Tickers & Things
Blasts, Blings Tickers & Things... We all seem to want these things yet sometimes they seem very unattainable... So how about an easy way to earn maybe not all of them but some of them... Join an Add, Fan, and Rate train that pays you back... The idea running through my mind is that a few of us start a train and as new people join they give the little gifts... Happy hours are expensive and with the economy the way it is well I'm a single mom and can't afford 1 for myself let alone to give as a gift for someone else... yet there are others who are willing to give these things to others. What I can afford is a couple Bling packs or 1 day blasts... If you are interested in being a part of this just send me a private message. And Leave your comments here so you can be added to the bulletin... Welcome to the Get your own glitter and more at Carnie@ fubar ~GreenEyedGoddess ~Owner of Blue Dragon Owned by Abby again :) {Shadow Le
After Shock + Karaoke =
Good Timez!! Five Songs That Kick Ass To Do At Karaoke 1. Jolene 2. Bat Out Of Hell 3. Chop Suey 4. King Of The Road 5. Summer Of Sixty-Nine
Love Like You've Never Been Hurt?!
I got a gift from a friend the other day a very cute magnent that says "LOVE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN HURT" it made me tear up a lil and I try to do that but the hurt is so deep sometimes I find myself not wanting to love at all. I want to love but sometimes I wanna lock my heart up so tight that I cannot let anyone in to see the beauty it holds so it can't be hurt again. I had an aunt pass away and I saw her husband at the wake they were married 52 years I could see the complete loss and pain and love he had for her in his eyes and it broke my heart. It made me even more confused and sad. Why do I want love when it is such a vicious thing?
A Prayer For The Disregarded
a prayer for the disregarded by LateNiteFantasy© The following is written and dedicated to all those who find themselves in a relationship where they are the "givers" and the others are the "takers"....seems opposites's not just an ol' cliche....hope you find something in these scribbles that you can relate to and find comfort in..... A PRAYER FOR THE DISREGARDED he flipped the gold band into the glovecompartment. no thoughts of "her" would he allow...while a woman was there for just him she tucked the diamond into her purse, as she grabbed it from the passenger seat...glancing just one last time into the rearview mirror, fluffing her hair. after three years of working together...something broke...they spoke... maybe it was the saddness in each others eyes... maybe it was the late hours only they seemed to work... maybe it was the far reaching stare they were known by to their co-workers maybe it was the fact they were a mystery to everyone but e
Ive Made Up My Mind
Ok....i have made up my mind. I believe i am going to stop drawing for a while and start writing stories. I have a few ideas in mind for a still working on the basics. But...i want you to give me some ideas for a story. BUT the catch has to be from a GAME or TV SHOW(that i know). can be like a cross over(like say.....mortal kombat and dragon ball z) or somethin. Just give me some ideas and some info on what ever you choose. Links to sites would be nice you know for character names and stuff. But...just let me know! I could use the help! Thanks alot Chris
Friends Vrs Associates
"FAKE ASS NIGGAS: Never ask for food. HOOD NIGGAS: are the reason you have no food. FAKE ASS NIGGAS: Call your parents Mr/Mrs HOOD NIGGAS: Call your parents DAD/MOM FAKE ASS NIGGAS: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. HOOD NIGGAS: Would sit next to you sayin "Damn ... we fucked up ... but that shit was fun!" FAKE ASS NIGGAS: never seen you cry. HOOD NIGGAS: cry with you FAKE ASS NIGGAS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. HOOD NIGGAS: keep your shit so long they forget its yours. FAKE ASS NIGGAS: know a few things about you. HOOD NIGGAS: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you. FAKE ASS NIGGAS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. HOOD NIGGAS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you. FAKE ASS NIGGAS : Would knock on your front door. HOOD NIGGAS: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!" FAKE ASS NIGGAS: Are for aw
My Sex Iq
You have a Sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. 'What is your Sexual IQ?' at
Tuesday Opie And Anthony Links: Penn Jillette, Grand Theft Auto 4 - Kill Steve Video, New Dru Boogie Remix, Jim Norton Hbo Taping - Get Tickets Now, N
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony talk about his childhood tree fort - online now!) Happy Tuesdee everybuddy! The Opie and Anthony Show welcomes back Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller to the show to talk about the new season of 'BULLSHIT' As long as we're talking about funny guys... Jim Norton HBO Taping - Get Tickets: Our own James Norton is doing another taping for the nice folks at HBO, and you're invited! Get All The Norton Ticket Info HERE Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth Of Material online - order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! ...and the senseless plugging continues again... Robert Kelly's new CD/DVD release
My Sign
Virgo You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex.You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you.Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
God Love It
great place dont have any thing to say but check it out
I Need All Of My Friends To Do This Please!!
I am posting this for BooBoo. She is the leader of the Shadow Leveler Team. She has helped most of you on my friend's list, so now is time to help her. This is a repost of the bulletin she posted, so please click the pic, and drop 5 comments just to help her out. If you can't do that for her, then don't expect me to get help for YOU when you need leveling. Thank You! Mary ------------------------------------------------ BooBoo's Bulletin!! For those that know me know that I run around Fubar leveling whomever we can find. Im banned from leveling until I have rates... So from hence forth I cant level.I have been leveling since day one on this sight. If I have helped you please help get me off of being banned I need each person too rate this & leave 5 comments.. Im not allowed too level until I have 500 rates.... Please help me..I'm addicted too leveling anyone that needs help.. I need too get off of this time out !!!
Calling On All My Friends To Help Me
I am entered into the "Thru_a_Diff_Eye" Contest! I have 5 days beginning at @ 7:30 Am EST. ~*~ May 6th to get as many points as I can. ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ Points will be tallied as: 10 points for rates and 2 points for every comment. The one with the most points wins. 1st Place-$500,000 FUBUCKS. 2nd Place-$300,000 FUBUCKS. 3rd Place-$150,000 FUBUCKS. Just click on the picture of my eyes to be magically transported to the contest page. Be sure to fan/rate/ and add the Hostess! Thank you my Friends & Family! ~*~LuAngel~*~ ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ DJ LuAngel @ WYKD ~FantasyFlyer~ Proud Fu Owner of SilverPixi, Bear44847, LilMsMaria, Pia, & Wolf
I Could Be Your Boyfriend
THIS IS FOR THIS LADY[Chorus] Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like your boyfriend! No way! No way! I think you need a new one Hey! Hey! You! You! I could be your boyfriend Hey! Hey! You! You! I know that you like me No way! No way! No it's not a secret Hey! Hey! You! You! I want to be your boyfriend [Verse 1] You're so fine I want you mine You're so delicious I think about ya all the time You're so addictive Don't you know what I could do to make you feel alright? (Alright alright alright alright) Don't pretend I think you know I'm damn precious And hell yeah your the mother fuckin' princess I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right (I'm right I'm right I'm right) he's like so whatever You could do so much better I think we should get together now And that's what everyone's talking about! [Chorus] Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like your boyfriend! No way! No way! I think you need a new one Hey! Hey! You! You! I could be your boyfriend He
In A Minute
Smith climbs to the top of Mt. Sinai to get close enough to talk to God. Looking up, he asks the Lord... "God, what does a million years mean to you?" The Lord replies, "A minute." Smith asks, "And what does a million dollars mean to you?" The Lord replies, "A penny." Smith asks, "Can I have a penny?" The Lord replies, "In a minute." Don't push the river; it flows by itself.
Walls Of Brick
i lie in wait in a sad grey cage an extented luke warm torture results from past wars and crushes my battered soul suddenly the dawn's light stabs through the cracks that have not yet been filled up it sparks my mind and passion mixed with pain fuels an explosion i shatter through as somewhere far away a secret joy longs to be expressed the price i pay a debt that will forever hold me back but i have no choice like a drowning man grabs for anything in his reach instinct forces me beyond the walls of brick my head breaks through a floating ocean in the sky sweet tropical water splashes on the curves of a native virgin the colors of the sun's light are unleashed in a symphony that dances to the beat of of joyous life it doesn't make sense and yet i could not be more complete but it won't last. it never does. the colors turn somber and blend into morbid cloud that consumes the atmosphere the mood can only be described as a shrill scream of horror a loneliness so intense no
My Laptop
5-5-08 Tony got me a laptop so that I can Fu whenever I want. No more having to get off line when he gets home. Good thing cause he is on vacation this week and today we both wanted to play and he broke down and got it for me. It is now 2AM 5-6-08 and I am very sleepy. I got up at 4AM. So I will see all of ya'll when I wake up. Can't wait to get up and Fu more. xxoo to ALL DUH :-)
Love is crazy. I mean think about it...when you are single all you want is to find that one person to love you and spend time with. Then once you find that someone, all you want to do is get out. Why is it that when all you get what you want, you find out that you dont really want it afterall. Its a curse! Happiness just doesnt exist. When I was single, I admit I did want to be in a relationship because I wanted that companionship and someone just to love me. In all honesty though, I liked being single too. I was able to go out and party every weekend. Not have to worry about answering to anyone, picking your friends over your boyfriend or vice versa, or, if you were in this type of relationship, worrying about the other person calling you to make sure you werent during anything stupid. I enjoyed being able to go out and date whoever I wanted with no commitment and was able to do whatever I wanted. Then one day, you came into my life. You pursued me and broke me down until I finally de
Lets first define what a boundary is: Its a limit, a defining point of reference which separates, a bound, a line designating an allowable envelope or permitted zone. In other words - what is right and what is wrong. For this blog I'll use it in reference to behavior. Generally speaking most people act with some degree of civility. Even those who don't act civil, could explain to some one else how a person should act. What is it, this "Civility"? Its understanding the reasonable boundaries of ones own actions...Its self imposed boundaries on how and what we say to people. Its how we "should or should not" act, what we "should or should not" say. Am I the only one who sees this? For the better part of the last six months I have kept myself within bounds for the sake of civility. Not engaging in knee-jerk reactions which might bring embarrassment to another. Hoping that a person will see the boundaries. Its not like this person doesn't know about them, this person denied certain
Selling Home
So I am wanting to sell my condo, that I have lived in for 18 years. It is more difficult to part with than I ever thought possible. I am on disability now, and living on that income is more and more difficult, plus upkeep on the condo. This is the longest I have ever lived any where in my life time. Growing up we moved A LOT!!! I was really proud of buying this place, so many good and bad things have happened here, but they are all part of my life. The happy the sad, my youngest child was brough home from the hospital to this place, and she is about to turn 18, so it is her only home. I can't believe I am so over whelmed by such a simple thing. I have even managed to piss my very best friend off about it. This is just sad.
Family 17
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Ex- 2nd Alarm Hottie And Dream Girl Fake..
..came here for the latest blog? Look down and to the left on the blog list. Thanks..
Family 16
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Family 15
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Ex-hottie And Dream Girl Fake...
...turns out cwgrlupxox aka lacielynn (ex hottie & dream girl) .. ..was a fake.. This dude got duped pretty hard but im thinking some others did too-- another sick one one bites the dust! .. if anyone.. would like to see the proof feel free to ask the man below, this story is deep and sick...the original owner of the pics has asked that anyone that has them to delete...just like her profile... --- redneck romeo - Redneck Romeo@ fubar
Family 14
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Today's Quote Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching. -George Van Valkenburg
Dissin' People For How Much They Make And What Job They Have
So like some bitch wanted to know how much I make for a living I told her. So she disses me out. So I asked her what she does, she said she started a new job in january, assigning truckers a loading job. Anyways it's cool whatever she does, but I highly doubt she makes that much if she does have that job, I love my job, I have ah heart, I love children of all ages, and if they are handicapped or not. Funny thing is, she did apply for a postition too to work with handicapped children, and she got turned down, why she dissin' me now because I work with children, and I love it. all because i work with children with a disablity shes like all is that all you make? ROFL ROFL ROFL I make over $3000 a month bitch. I've already made over $40,000 this year. ROFL ROFL ROFL don't be jealous cause I have a good job while you are in a dead-end job baby-sitting retard kids for a living while going to school for the past 6 years, haven't you graduated yet, or is your crack problem holding you bac
Family 13
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Fu Flipped
Hello Everyone. Glad to see that everyones reading this. Are You ready to have some real fun & get EXTRA attention & Luv to Your Profile ? It's gonna be an open theme pic contest but no NSFW entries . Well here comes how You can get extra luv all the way around. 1st the contest is gonna start on May 11th(Sun) at 10 am (Pacific)- 1pm(Eastern) & run til May 21th(Wed) at 10 am (Pacific)- 1pm(Eastern). All entries need to be sent to ßlðñÐïe in private message to enter.Link is at bottom to her profile. All pic rates will be worth 10 points over all so theres no need to worry about down ratings of your pics. 1ST Place needs 30,000 comments to qualify. Winner gets 70,000 Fu Bucks. 100-11's to Your profile added. Winner gets to be Pimped out on 4 profiles for a week & pimp out bully for a week. 2nd Place needs 20,000 comments to qualify. Winner gets 50,000 Fu Bucks. 50-11's to Your profile added. Winner gets to be Pimped out on 2 profiles for a week & pimp out bu
ScSweetie's First Happy Hour !!!!! Her First Happy Hour Let's Show Her Some Lov !!!!! Brought to you by OneSexyAssBiotch@ fubar
Family 12
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Important Please Read
PLEASE READ IMPORTANT- - Glitter Graphics - MySpace Layouts - Make Money Online On May 19th I am going back to my old name. I will keep this one until i get a vip on my other name to pull off all the photos. As far as it stands I will stay on fubar for now. But, in a few months I'm not sure. I may end up leaving There is to much going on in my life, with my father and stuff. Honestly I don't find this site as fun, as it used to be. So please add my other name(link below) to your list, i made this one so i could help more of you when i ran out of rates. but, as much as i was doing here i could have leveled on my other name. If for some reason your blocked there, please let me know so i can fix it. noone should be but, there for awhile I couldn't get on it kept saying something about password invailed or something. Anyway, just wanted to give you the heads up Thanks ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar
How I Felt Today
the heart dies, the heart dies, when you leave, when you stay, when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are drunk, when you are not, when you run fast, when you walk slow, the heart dies, when your asleep, when you are awake, when your are here, when you are not, the heart dies, when you do not love me, when you dont talk to me, thats why my hert will never die. bedrock
Family 11
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Some Sorry News.....
We regret to inform everyone that we are going through a line up change. We are losing one of our guitar players. Pete is persuing other avenues of his life, a new job and is starting to attend college. This is a friendly split and there are no hard feelings. We have come a long way as a band and we thank Pete for all he has contributed. We will stay in touch with him and im sure you will still see him at some of our shows. But dont fear, BTB will press on. We should barely skip a beat in this transition. Do you have what it takes? We will be holding try outs starting Monday. Hit me up with your info and mp3 and we can take it from there. We thank you all for your support and love.......BTB
Family 10
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Tender Is The Night
Tender is the Night by LateNiteFantasy© relishing moments of the night yearning to hold daylight at bay beyond bedroom windows twilight rouses kindred spirits, night and I absent from light, shadows at play tenuous reality finds us not heavenly moments we rejoice in easily laughing, pleasuring, loving perfect unions under starlit skies awakening the child within us softly turning back pages of time till mystery, freedom, innocence renews into the night we travel seeking out each others hand with onslaught of day adulthood returns, glaring, angry, demanding time has run out as reality has its vengeance calling us to attention, responsibility, duty having no choice, we begin routines inside hide our children of night navigate our daily course going god speed toward cold graves you and I....longing for the darkness occupying time with memories of night ulterior thoughts, musings in harsh light....
Home Sick...
It's been exactly thirteen months today since I've been "home", seemingly the longest stretch of time I've gone without seeing my family and today it's kinda got me down...I'm missing the familiar personalities of the people that know me siblings and everything that goes with that... The scenery of Washington State. The beautiful stretches of mountains and trees, lots of trees! The water of the rivers, lakes and creeks that are so abundant in the area..the slow pace and innocent ignorance of life on the Colville Reservation. It's where I grew up mostly..and almost all of my family is still there, living on or near and working in the Reservation agency. Most of all I miss the acres of bedrock and pine trees that filled the "back yard" of my grandparent's house. I spent hours alone as a kid playing in the field of cheetgrass and in and amongst the birch trees that grew along the creek running through their property. I miss fishing at Owhi Lake and hearing the me
Family 09
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Here You Guys Go Scott Like Me
It is not easy being alone. Being married means you always have someone there. To rely on. To cry too. To laugh with. To roll your eyes at. I stayed married for that express reason. I am not afraid to admit it. I was being taken care of. In some ways. And other ways I was not. The little girl inside of me who drempt of a tall, dark and sexy husband who chased me and kissed me until I giggled....still lived. Many a night I would stare across the table at my husband. I would just stare at him. My eyes would slide over his face. And while I didn't hate him. I surely didn't love him. Not the way I have always wished to love someone. Butterflies in your tummy and stares off into space. Smiling in the middle of the day, simply because you remember something that they have said to you the evening before. A love that you breathe in and radiate out. Silly little girl, she lives inside of me still. After my husband left I ran out and bought new sheets and a lu
Your Touch..
have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day When the day comes and we are together You will always know and
Family 08
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God Damnit.
so this show at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago has the Queers playin on May 24th, FUCK YEAH. on the 25th, Ben Weasel is playin with his band. for those of you that dont know who he is...*hits you with a hammer to the dome* he's only the lead singer of two of the best bands ever, and from chicago...Screeching Weasel and the Riverdales. anygay, he's gonna be doin a bunch of tunes from said bands, and he hasnt done this in like 5 years. he officially broke up Screeching Weasel in like 2000 and i think they did one secret, low key reunion show in 04. and i dont think hes done Riverdales shit live since the mid 90s. well that shit sold out in like 3 days and i missed getting tickets. on craigs list theyre goin for like 100 bucks a piece EASY. well i found one pair, JUST ONE on ebay and actually won the auction today cause im the shit. and i didnt have to pay as high as i thought, only like 70 a piece for 2. as soon as i win, i get a message from the seller, 'cant sell you the tickets,
Family 07
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World Peace
...this is true. I asked my daughter tonight what she wanted most...and now it's a poem what do you want? Starlight said "world peace." So folks...ya know I've gotta try and give that to her, I may be but mere man but man I am and if my daughter desirers it I have to try and give folks...what is the fighting all about? Let's lay down arms...tilt a shot of whiskey...and call it even! Lets just say those fucking WMD's didn't exist anyway! Let's believe that Ala and God are one and the same! Lets sit by a fire together and sing...ain't no need to fight a war over something that don't exist! Why the hell should mothers and wives cry for an imaginary vendeta? Let's just live the one life we have...with our family, grow old as the oldest of the family...fuck everything else! It don't matter! For my little starlight...what do you say? Fuck bush...and his daddy! Fuck opec and the saudi's! fuck'em all! They ain't worth one american son! Let's nuke them! Let's blow the
Family 06
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some people asking what is worse lying or stealing, to me it both lying to someone care and love. stealing that of heart that u never get back no matter what. so if you have both done both so how is any one going truth u again . maybe people should ask that one. if u hate me for reading this i donot know what to say . maybe what i feel, u maybe feel diffenect.
Today's Quote Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. -Mother Teresa
When It Rains
When It Rains When the world cries, I thrive Not like feeding on something borrowed More, Something you can't give back Walking through the water makes me feel alive I hurry before it all seeps through the cracks I'm happiest when it rains Like a child with a new toy, but I'm sad when its gone and drained You make it rain in my world again And come and go like the seasons change However unlike the seasons When I need you, you're there When you're here, no sign of despair Your memory will forever be there Even when you're gone It's been burned into my mind, I have no shame When I close my eyes and think of you It always begins to rain
With This Pen
With this Pen by LateNiteFantasy© with this pen i etch symbols in ink symbols with which I strive to be heard i am i am a loner i am a thinker i am the guilt the conscious of the world you do i see you do i feel you do i record i am your jesus nailed to the cross of martyrdom i bleed ink this is my blood it pours from my wounds don't hide your eyes in shame don't turn from the mad man which i am fear me not for i am you do you fear yourself? i am the light that is shed upon your actions of darkness see me and you see yourself love me and you love yourself hate me and you hate yourself so simple it really is i am but mortal man but these scribbles are immortal i will die when the last drop of ink is shed but the stains of my blood shall live on forever ~amen~
Family 05
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Always For You...
You are friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always there... yes that's you. Special, accepting, exciting and wise Truthful and helpful, with honest eyes Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright Yes that's you... not one bit of spite. You're one of a kind, different from others Generous, charming, but not one that smothers Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game But not just another... in the long chain. Appreciative, warm and precious like gold Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old You'll always be there, I know that is true I'll always be here... always for you.
Family 04
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Family 03
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Thought For The Day Tuesday 05/06/2008
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "To love. Nothing compares and all things pale next to fulfillment of the heart. Few ever truly know it, and some who do, fail to grasp its deepest meaning. The meaning of love is simple; it is life. The very core of our truest selves, our souls/spirits/consciousness exist to love alone. To give it and receive it, this, is where we find the purest reality. Love is surely not what many believe, something to have or to hold, but not to completely nurture. It is only through true giving of ourselves, that we can ever accept the truth of the return of love. Without surrender, there can be no embrace. Love is the culmination of all our senses and perceptions. They become knowledge within, knowing that path which leads to understanding, all, through love. In its absence, nothing may stand the test of time. Without it, we merely exist without true purpose, for we are purposed, to seek it and to embrace its essence. Each day, the truth moves closer if
Family 02
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The Magic Of Love...
Love is like magic And it always will be. For love still remains Life's sweet mystery! Love works in ways That are wondrous and strange And there's nothing in life That love cannot change! Love can transform The most commonplace Into beauty and spilendor And sweetness and grace Love is unselfish, Understanding and kind, For it sees with it's heart And not with it's mind! Love is the answer That everyone seeks... Love is the language, That every heart speaks. Love can't be bought, It is priceless and free, Love, like pure magic, Is life's sweet mystery!
Vip Contest Repost Please
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Family 01
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The Man In The Arena
The Man In the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt (From a speech delivered in Paris in 1910) It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.
Today's Quote Growth in wisdom may be exactly measured by decrease in bitterness. -Friedrich Nietzsche
A Blog From Me To You!!!!
I am tired of all the drama yall can just leave me alone from now on...I want no further drama in my life I have enough to deal with on my own. So if yall don't have anything nice to say...keep it to your own damn self I am SOOOO done with all this myspace fubar drama shit. I from now on will only talk to people worth my time and effort. Those are the people I care about and the people that are in my lounge. Everyone else can go take a flying leap. NO MORE DRAMA!!!!!
Fire In My Mind
Fire in my mind there is a fire in my head searing my mind consuming me reducing me devouring my soul noxious fumes chocking malevolent malignant sinister a spirit of despair afflicting my mind anguish my companion disaster my bedfellow
Today's Quote Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. -John F. Kennedy
i wonder do we dream or back of our mind tell us sometime we have to. do we dream of so many thing that our mind just lets us dream lil bit a night. so we willnot go in sane or are we sane. do we have say what go in our dream or what. and i donot make secne of this maybe my mind have to many thing go on in it .(sorry for the spelling) half the time i donot dream at all is it that u are so trier your mind cannot think strange. do we try to get away from real world. some people say that what the internet is for.(lol) maybe i'm just nuts or full of sh*t. maybe i dnot care or do i. day dream i know we all do that i think. some no i do not but we do. is your day dream better then night dream. i'm not go at this i be do this all wrong. some will care and some willnot. maybe i wonder to much. if u read this tell me what u wonder or not its up to u.
New Phone
Hey all you fubar crazies!! I have a new cell and would love to hear from you. 863-202-0773. I work at chilis in Sebring still. Holla.
I Took You Off Family Only Because...
I'm sure you'll thank me =p I made a nsfw album, and it's set so only family can see it... Soooo, I took you all off so you don't see me with the whole, clothless thing, goin on =D
Watch What You Say It May Come Back To Haunt
so... earlier this week i had announced i was "killing off family" i meant it. but i didn't mean real life family. Jay... i'll miss your grumpy snarl, wit and wisdom. noone could ever cultivate mushies like you did, bud and other stuff. you stinkin hippie. i'll miss your crazy big fat suspenders (you said theyre not braces) lol you're back with your bonnie now and forever. sleep well
Moon Beams
Moonbeams... by LateNiteFantasy© Memories of futures passed... dwell in my eyes as the days of night and nights and nights and nights each slowly grow into tomorrows that remain the yesterdays of my life. Change unchanging... Stillness in motion... the halted flow - where DO we go? Why? Unanswered moments abound leaping each for attention that wasn't found... nor given... nor forgiven. Touched as always yet only within... life tasted jalopeno` sweet. While outside... eyes stare so blank - so still - mere empty vassals with vessels full of meaningless symbols... timeless chaff. Each seems to pointedly, pointlessly mock with diamond etched smiles on such thin veneer, as aimlessly drifting past each turns from side-to-side... I AM here... I AM... here... hear? "Moonbeams..." Moonbeams... flitter and gleam and fly and flow and follow... close but so very, very far. Do even 'they' dream? Have even 'they' memories? Are there shar
Live Cam
just shout me in the shout box like normal if you want to talk
There Is A Reason Why This Is In The Health Blog.
Love Hope Faith you know, its funny what life can teach you. In this life you have many battles that need to be fought and many things in life fade or seem meaningless. Many people give up on the three things that should mean the most in everyone's life. Love. Hope. Faith. In the pagan religion these three things are considered the most powerful magics on earth. They alone hold the key to so many things. Love can be a blessing or it can destroy you, hope keeps strong but can weaken you if you have false hope, faith gives you will to withstand the challenges in life and without it you can't hope to meet those challenges. Love, Hope, and Faith are intertwined. Without one you lose them all and without none you are no one. The thing is the simple loss of one of these things can simply shatter the rest...they may be strong but...extremely fragile. Without them, you stand as a bitter shell of who you once were...looking at society begrudgingly with hatred. If you hate y
Thru_a_diff_"eye" Contest Opens May 6, 7:30am
Enter to WIN $500,000 FUBUCKS! Contest will be open for ONLY 5 days and the person with the most points wins! RATES count as 10 points and COMMENTS count as 2 points! Self bombing of contestants pics is encouraged! Show me those SEXY EYES! We have 11 contestants and everyone has committed to participating. There is a $25,000 entry fee that will be refunded when each contestant reaches a total of 2500 points. Sorry, entry to compete is now closed. 1st Place-$500,000 FUBUCKS. 2nd Place-$300,000 FUBUCKS. 3rd Place-$150,000 FUBUCKS. The top 3 will also each receive a SOLO Congratulations Bulletin from PebblesinAZ, 100 11's and a Fu Trophy! Below are your contestants. Be sure to drop in and show all your love for your fav: shani aka 'Scooby-Doo~~Fu-Wife to Big Billy~~SEXY FU-SLAVE TO Fu-Daddy, TAZ, & ThE Big MikE' ______________ Christopher aka 'Tappinit ~ Bail Bondsman to trouble_4_real ~~ RL BF to PebblesinAZ' ______________ Lady
Fu Gone Wild (part 1)
Hello Everyone.
Lost A Good Friend Tonight...
OK, I know this is only fubar, but its still kinda sad. For real, my feelings are hurt over this. So I have (had) been talking to someone, pretty much since the day I joined fubar. Eventually we started talking on the phone every now and then. Got fu-married and all of that. And now, that I finally met someone in Real Life, and I am no longer single... he is no longer my "fu-hubby". I dont even know what to say to him anymore. Im that sad. Just when I was quite happy in real life, I get my little bubble busted. Im still thrilled that I met David and I am his girlfriend, but a little sad that I lost a friend. Now, I don't know if its really because im no longer single or not, but we haven't really been talking much lately anyway. I just don't know what to think about any of it. I don't even want to be in the same lounge with him at the moment, because it makes me kinda sad. But I love that lounge and all of the other people in it....
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Look At The Friends @ Sunset Cafe!! (050508)
double d@ fubar Sweet_Baby1030@ fubar DJ DISTURBED DJ at SUNSET CAFE ,chill factor &tigers den ~Fu-Husband & R/L BF to DJ Yummy & EMOTE HE@ fubar carlos@ fubar lilshortcake1@ fubar shovelking/ owned by *Patti*@ fubar ~Dj Kera The Blue Eyed Goddess~Co Owner of ~Sunset Cafe~Ghost Angel~@ fubar Dj DREAM KING STATION MANAGER@SUNSETCAFE@ fubar ~DJ Yummy~Demon Crew member & Asst.DJ@SunSetCafe~FuWife to R/L GF to DJ Disturbed~Kights BabyGirl@ fubar Kitty Kitty ~Promoter/Greeter@Sunset Cafe~MRS. DON THIBODAUX, THE MAN....
Battle Of The New Rock Music 05/05/08
Sunday Thru Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Monday 05/05/08.. Last Night It Was: Black Label Society - Death March (champion) V.S. Endeverafter - From The Ashes of Sin (Challenger) The Vote Was 7 - 0 Black Label Society - Death March Held on for another night! They Will Return Tonight with a New Challenger, So Make Sure you tune in at Midnight With Me DJ Nite Wolf.. The Big Bad Wolf, Only @ Dirty Deeds Radio.
Battle Of The New Rock Music 05/04/08
Sunday Thru Thursday Nights at Midnight Eastern time will be a Battle of the New Rock Music. Your Votes Decide which song will move onto the Next Night to Battle a New Challenger. Sunday 05/04/08.. Last Night It Was: Black Label Society - Death March (champion) V.S. Sevendust - Beg to Differ (Challenger) The Vote Was 5 - 4 Black Label Society - Death March Held on for another night! They Will Return Tonight with a New Challenger, So Make Sure you tune in at Midnight With Me DJ Nite Wolf.. The Big Bad Wolf, Only @ Dirty Deeds Radio.
The Past
Can you imagine how it is, to want to be neither inside or outside... to want to be no where and disappear? In two years time, my scar became pale and shiny and I had no memory... That is the way it is with a wound. The wound begins to close in on itself, to protect what is hurting so much. And once it is closed, you no longer see what is underneath, what started the pain. After a while I didn’t think it was a terrible life, no, not really. After a while I hurt so much that I didn’t feel any difference. A person has very strange thoughts when it seems that life is about to end. And I want to tell you this: We are lost, you and I, unseen and not seeing, unheard and not hearing, unknown by others. But now that I am old, moving every year closer to the end of my life, I also feel closer to the beginning. And I remember everything that happened that day because it has happened many times in my life. The same innocence, trust and restlessness; the wonder, fear and loneli
Down To 333 Pounds
down to 333 pounds still long way to go befor 300 , not giving up :),,, 333 from 385!!!
As someone who calls themself an artist... inspiration is hard to come by sometimes. Which leaves me comtemplating... should I... can I... even call myself an artist... Am I worthy of such a title? Is what I do, what I create... what I live for... art? Then everything with me revolves around this... Everytime I struggle, it comsumes me. And I know everything will be ok. Starry, starry night. Paint your palette blue and gray. Look out on a summer day. With eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Shadows on the hill. Sketch the trees and daffodils. Catch the breeze and winter chills. In colors on the snowy linen land. Now I understand what you tried to say to me. And how you suffered for your sanity. How you tried to set them free. They would not listen. They did not know how. Perhaps they'll listen now. Starry, starry night. Portraits hung in empty halls. Frame less heads on nameless walls. With eyes that watch the world. And can't forget like stranger
I Dont Get It
I'm so lost I don't get it.... I wanted him gone, I wanted him out of my life, I never even gave him a chance. I dropped him off and never looked back... I didn't cry I didnt feel anything I just drove away and didn't look back I didn't try to kiss him good bye there were no I love yous NOTHING... He supposedly got married so why am I so upset about it???? I have someone else now I am very happy and in love so why does him being married bother me???? I just don't get it.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Why is it that that so many people are fake? I mean is it just because they have such a crappy life? Who don't? But damn if you are going to lie, at least be good at it and think on your feet! Cuz people talk trash, and can't back it up. Or some how they forgot they even said anything just moments before.. Damn I swear there isn't honest people anywhere it seems..
Big Bad Bart
It's the time of the Old West. A citizen of the town comes running into the saloon and screams, "Big Bad Bart is coming! Big Bad Bart is coming! We gotta get outta town." Everyone gets up in a hurry and takes off as fast as they can, including the saloonkeeper, who when hopping over the bar slips on a beer and knocks himself unconscious. When he comes to, he makes his way outside to see the biggest, meanest man he's ever seen riding down the center of the town on two buffaloes, whipping them with a rattlesnake screaming, "Giddyup! Let's go, come on." He makes his way over to the saloonkeeper, dismounts, and enters the saloon. Breaking both doors off the hinges while entering, he walks up to the bar, slams his fist down, breaking the bar in half and hollers, "Gimme some beer in a gallon jug." After the saloonkeeper hands him the jug, he watches as the man drinks it in three seconds flat. When he's done with his drink, the man turns around to walk out the door. Th
Red Light
Two elderly women were out driving in a large car - both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red, but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself "I must be losing it. I could have sworn we just went through a red light." After a few more minutes, they came to another intersection and the light was red again. Again, they went right through. The woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red but was really concerned that she was losing it. She was getting nervous. At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was red and they went on through. So, she turned to the other woman and said, "Mildred, did you know that we just ran through three red lights in a row? You could have killed us both!" Mildred turned to her and said, "Oh my! Am I driving?"
A Fishy Story
A man calls home to his wife and says, "Honey I have been asked to go fishing at a big lake up in Canada with my boss and several of his friends. We'll be gone for a week." "This is a good opportunity for me to get that promotion I've been wanting so would you please pack me enough clothes for a week and set out my rod and tackle box. We're leaving from the office and I will swing by the house to pick my things up. Oh! Please pack my new blue silk pajamas." The wife thinks this sounds a little fishy but being a good wife she does exactly what her husband asked. The following weekend he comes home a little tired but otherwise looking good. The wife welcomes him home and asks if he caught many fish? He says, "Yes! Lot's of Walleye, some Bluegill, and a few Pike. But why didn't you pack my new blue silk pajamas like I asked you to do?" I did, they're in your tackle box.
Stairway To Heaven
One day, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were all driving in a car when the car crashed. Minutes later they appeared up in heaven. God says to them "Ahead are 100 stairs, at each stair you will be told a joke, if you laugh you will take the one way train to Hell, if you remain silent, you will continue on. If you make it to the top, you will stay in Heaven." So the brunette started up the stairs. At the 55th stair she laughed, and was sent abroad the train to hell. The redhead started to climb but laughed at the 79th stair and got on the train to Hell. The blonde started up and made it to the 100th stair. She paused, then began laughing non stop. Shocked, God asked her why she had laughed. Still laughing she replied, "I finally got the first joke!"
A Long Awaited Apology
Its time to make amends with the past. Even though there is no longer any grudges lingering. Even though people say that you must let the past stay in its place. I feel as though its time to send out a long awaited email. An apology...even though we are both at fault and my stubbornness has held me in place for so long. I'm staring blankly at this blinking cursor, wondering how to write this email two years to late.
The Mugger
Late one night in the Washington, D.C. area a mugger wearing a ski mask jumped into the path of a well-dressed man and stuck a gun in his ribs. "Give me your money," he demanded. Indignant, the affluent man replied, "You can't do this - I'm a US Congressman!" "In that case," replied the robber, "give me MY money!"
Random Thoughts
It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living. It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them. Laughing stock - cattle with a sense of humor. You can't have everything, where would you put it? Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world's population. If the shoe fits, get another one just like it. Eat right. Stay fit. Die anyway. The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat drinking beer all day. Flashlight: A case for holding dead batteries. Shin: A device for finding furniture in the dark. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. It was recently discovered that research
Life And How To Heal? He(( Idk?
Well i know i've mummed about what to do? and well guess i just can't seem to get shit outta my head right now. I'm in sucha confused state of mind at the moment. The fucker i tryed trusting smothered me and hit me muliple times for money and my keys. Yeah WTF? why would i feel sad, guilt, mad, sorry for him, depressed? Should i not be thankful i'm out of the situation? Shouldnt i be wishing the fucker to rot in jail for the shit? Why am i feeling so many freaking feelings all at the same time? What makes me end up in such fucked up relationships. I know plenty have been in worse and many more than me? But I'm tired of it soem one always knows the answer. One says awwww....its ok you'll find a good one one day? one says hell maybe it's me? i drive them to be that way? lol. another might just say i'm too nice, some say i'm too damn gullible. WTF? i just wanna scream. i'm getting to where i'm scared and tired of trying not to hold past relationships on the the next man but no matter wha
It will be a spontaneous romance: Two people not looking for love, but instead accidentally finding it and falling deep by chance. The relationship will be hard but not rocky. Two people adjusting to each other and their lives are never an easy thing to do. But both will work at it and find ways to understand and comprehend the quirks that make them so different but the same. These quirks will what make each other laugh, but their intense desire to make each other better people will make them fall in love. They will get married. The wedding won’t be huge, but it will be beautiful. The boy will be nervous but happy, and the girl will have a shine in her eye that she never had before because it’s her day to be the most beautiful person on the planet… and she will be beautiful only for him. Their eyes will lock on the aisle… and won’t be able to separate ever again. They will have a small home at first, but work their way into a large home. Someday they will have children fill
Best Time For Sex: Oh, 3 To 13 Minutes
By MEGAN K. SCOTT The Associated Press NEW YORK — Maybe men had it right all along: It doesn’t take long to satisfy a woman in bed. A survey of sex therapists concluded the optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse was 3 to 13 minutes. The findings, to be published in the May issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, strike at the notion that endurance is the key to a great sex life. If that sounds like good news to you, don’t cheer too loudly. The time does not count foreplay, and the therapists did rate sexual intercourse that lasts from 1 to 2 minutes as "too short." Researcher Eric Corty said he hoped to ease the minds of those who believe "more of something good is better, and if you really want to satisfy your partner, you should last forever." The questions were not gender-specific, said Corty (who, it must be noted, is male). But he said earlier research has shown that men and women alike want foreplay and sexual intercourse to last longer. Dr. Irwin Gol
Ok, well, fuck this drama. So one min he's like talking about this whole moving her here thing... and then back tracks it all... Then, she winds up emailing me. I'm like, hello? Why is your girlfriend talking to me about our fight?!?!?!?! OMG!! Adam doesn't get into my and dennis' fights. Thats fucked up. Plus the chick is way prego and high risk and doesn't need added drama.... I am like, wow.... not having this drama tonight... this is too much shit. I am se fucking done with this.... THe only good note..... i get the papers tomorrow.... he'll sign then tomorrow night... and by the end of may.... I WILL BE DIVORCED!!!! It only took 6 fucking years of bullshit after bullshit after bullshit....
Im Hearby Closeing My Lounge
i would like to thank the ppl who helped me with my lounge i am closing my lounge and thanks again for all of ur help.
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Walmart (to The Tune Of Johnny Cash's "san Quentin")
Walmart, you've been livin' hell to me You've hosted me since two thousand four I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen them get fired And long ago I stopped askin' why Walmart, I hate every inch of you. You've cut me and have scarred me thru an' thru. And I'll walk out a wiser weaker man; Mister Sam Walton why can't you understand. Walmart, what good do you think you do? Do you think I'll be different when you're through? You bent my heart and mind and you may have my soul, And your stone walls turn my blood a little cold. Walmart, may you rot and burn in hell. May your walls fall and may I live to tell. May all the world forget you ever stood. And may all the world regret you did no good. Walmart, you've been livin' hell to me
Tuesday! Tune In To Genocydal Empyre Omega...
PEOPLE, tuning in is easy! There are many ways and they are all listed here. Just click HERE and your music player will open or a WINDOW WILL POP UP ASKING YOU WHAT PROGRAM YOU WANT TO USE. CHOOSE WHATEVER IS LISTED THERE, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Nero, or whatever other player you use for music files.Click above for the Darkside Radio homepage.Once on that page, TO TUNE IN SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK THE SKELETONS. 5.6.08Be Sure To Tune In !!!Rock out with Lord Genocyde:7:00 p.m. Central TimeClick above to DOWNLOAD THE DARKSIDE RADIO TOOLBAR which will make it EVEN EASIER to access the Darkside Radio stream.Brought to you also by:The Lady Misty Genocyde. Welcome to the softer side of insanity...Tuesday nights are shows dedicated to new bands' premiere songs and the infamous Millennium Omega segments hosted by Lady Misty! Tonight we premier... music from Xtractor and we treat you to a special Millennium Omega segment featuring an open discussion about the s
No Title
This one I did about a year ago and it will tell you everything.... Black and blue Is the color of my frame Kicks and punches From my boyfriend is to blame Motionless on the floor My body lays Becasue he gave me Another beating today Pain consumes my body Blood conumes the floor I can feel I'm slowly dying Becasue I cant take it anymore I don't want to let go But why should I hold on I have no pride left All my self esteem is gone I tried to give him the world And all I wanted was to be his girl But I guess he wanted more from me So he took my life...
Itchy Chesticles And Random Thoughts....
I have no idea what the chuff is going on, but I've broken out in some sort of hive-type thing around my chesticle/neck area. It's quite perplexing really. I've never been allergic to anything and I don't believe I've come into any brand new substances today. Maybe I've become allergic to myself. Isn't that just lovely. I have to admit, I have no idea what the sweet hell I'm doing. Not just some of the time, but ALL of the time. I think I do a pretty good job of faking it though. It seems a lot of people find me incredibly competent at most things, but little do they know that I am completely clueless and terminally confused about 97.4% of the time. Either I do a REALLY good job, or everyone else is just colossally stupid. I'm leaning toward the second choice.
Please Pray For Griffin And Christian
I just wrote this one today hope you all like it? Friendship is like a clear summer day That makes everything all right Friendship is like a bird It stays cool and calm Friendship is like a good book You can never put down Friendships is like a pair of shoes They maybe worn down but the steeps are still there Friendship is like the sun It never dies Friendship is like you and me It will be there till the end
Well, if it's not one thing it's a fucking other. Seriously... I can not handle all this. The past year dennis has fought and fought to not sign the divorce papers... kept fighting the divorce... he meets some chick online and wants to move her here around my kids (keep in mind i dont know this chick AT ALL) and i'm like, HELLO?!?!? Just 3 weeks ago you were refusing to sign the fucking divorce papers, and acting like some delusional dick like we would eventually get back together... seriously, hasn't been that long ago... although i can't remember his exact words... and didn't want the divorce. Although, yes, I'm thankful as hell he wants the god damn divorce, because at least now I can be free of him. But I am not at all ok with him even discussing moving some chick in with him that i don't know. MY kids live there, too. So fuck that shit. I'm so fucking close to saying fuck this shit and moving me and my kids to oregon. I have dealt with so much shit from him and his fucked up fa
A Special Offer 2 Fer 1
Up for Fu-Auction is Whispers BUT HOLD UP! imikimi - Customize Your World What's This?2 for the Price of 1 imikimi - Customize Your World Click Her Auction Above and Raise the Bid!!! (repost of original by 'CHIPPER ~ Dylon's Diva ~ Lollipop Gurls Club ~ Ridin Dirty on the FS ~' on '2008-05-05 20:21:17')
Just Updating
Just giving everyone that doesn't have the updates the scoop. The boys are great they both love the new place and they have their own playroom now. I love that feature keeps the rest of the house clutter free :) I have a wonderful man in my life that keeps my head screwed on straight as i do for him. Full time working mom and soon to be a manager at the store i work for, cant wait for weekends off again. Other than that everything else is a day to day basis and whatever happens, happens. I live my life to be happy and to make my kids happy. The only thing that matters to me is a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. Keeping in touch as much as i can give me a shout if you dont know all the details already.
Me And Mike Lemke
It's kinda weird how we first met. I went to a goth bar(my first time going)and I really did not expect much a friend told me that it's a cool place to go to so I decided to check it out. I was not expecting the pleasant dark atmosphere. That and the guys that were there were so hot. I wanted to dance up on the stage and there was this hot guy with black vynal pants and a fish net shirt dancing up there to some really good rave music. So I decided to dance along side him just to see if he would notice me. And he did but he did not act on it at first so I did not think he was interested in me. Boy I was wrong. Right before bar close I told him to follow me and he said ok. I walked behind the dart board and pulled him by the shirt close to me and kissed him. He begged me to go home with him but I declined his offer. Because I had already made a previous engagement with someone else.(Which I regret ok.) I spent the night with the wrong guy. Which made my weekend suck. So I called Mike up
Come Join The Lounge!
Come check out the Lollipop shop were we love to have some crazy fun We are a new but on our way to a huge enjoyable place to hangout.Click the pic above to enter!! Subscribe to see how much fun we can be. We are also hiring all positions please message Tequila if you are interested in a position.Check out the girls below to see a few of the sexy girls in our lounge!!!Tequila and babydoll are on cam threw out the day come by and show us some sexy love!!!! Tequila Lollipop Owner of the Lollipop Gurlz Club owner of lollipop shop@ fubar
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What Sex Partner Do You Want??
What Sex partner do you want? (with pics)created with You scored as DominatorYou want a Dominator, someone who will take control of you and just go with it. You don’t want to worry about taking control, you just want to let them take care of it all. You just love to let them have it their way and you don’t care as long as they are enjoying it. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do! Begging 100%Dominator 100%Passionate 100%Slutty 88%Tease 88%Fantasizer 75%Seductive 50%Loving 44%Easy Going
Working Late
Working late By Caty the Ghost © 2008 Damn im beginning to hate this merger not only did the new owners IT guy retire on them I got dumped setting up the new IT system by myself. I asked for help but got told there was none to be had so deal with it and they would hire me some help soon as the final deal was done. My name by the way is Sandra Olsen im 39 and was Gentech’s star IT go to girl. Now since Dyson bought us im the only techie my assistant got stuck handling Gentech and I was moved to Corporate. Every one here has been nice except the “Bitch”. Lynda Morgan is the “Bitch” the Vice President in charge of Operations seems she is the founder’s daughter and sees the females of the company as her personal play toys. Yep she is a pussy licking lesbian and I was her newest target! I did my best to avoid her as only the CEO and the board new my secret and I intended to keep it that way. My what? Well im a preop Transsexual im five foot nothing and have brown hair and eyes and I
Got A New Job
I'm so excited, I got the job I applied for last week. Was kinda funny ... she interviewed when I turned in my application and said she was gonna check my references and get back to me. Well she called 4 days later and asked me to come in today for an interview. I was a bit confused, but said ok. When I went in today she offered me the floor supervisor job, said my references were great. So Wednesday I start my job and lots of training. YAY ME! LOL! Oh and it's not all the way in town only about 15 minutes away. So the driving won't be so bad in the winter time. I also won a tool set that I put in for at a Barrick Mine bbq last Friday. The bf is quite content with his new RYOBI drill, power saw and rechargeable flash light. LOL Well anyways I'm exhausted, been a long day and tomorrow i'll be busy cleaning house! I'll be on for a bit so say hello!
R U A Sex Freak??
R u a sex freak?created with You scored as s0 bad, u freak!! 0mg, u nasty! 100%s0 bad, u freak!! 100%Yur not a freak! Yur gay! 100%lil bit daring 69%So pure! 50%
Say Thanks
Her Final Kiss
Today I gave my Grandma her final kiss , it was harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye to her. She wasn't just my grandmother she was my mom my best friend even though my mom is still alive my grandma was a mom to me. She is the only person that has passed on that I have kissed and she meant that much to me that I'd do that for her. She was the joy of my life before my husband and son came into my life and she was always be the first joy of my life. Grandma I love you may you rest in peace. love always your charly girl!
Summers Day
Summers Day Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Where warming sun and breezes play Where dancing flowers in meadow sway And time stretches out the endless day Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Where swallows swoop there tireless quest And larks proclaim with boundless zest Unseen bees and insects buzz and hum About their business that in the summer sun Warming rays your skin does softly caress Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Where cares recede and melt away Like turning tides the sand refined And thoughts of you our bodies entwined Stirs my heart and fires my soul Your virtues in verse I must extol Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Would that every day was summer Till the stars grow dim and the sun hides her face And every moment was in your sweet embrace Then maybe id consider a moment in time Worthy of a day that’s full of sunshine Nova
riven by LateNiteFantasy© chilling sound of thunder rumbles barren cove devouring inland tranquility. animated flat sea exposes braided bridle laced with gold, decorating lush mane of a sleek black stallion, captivating wide eyes of curiosity as pale blue lightning rises from the deep seaweed curls round wading hooves as green weeds trim emerald velvet cloaked in mist round amber haired maiden hungry urgency licks moist trembling lips as sulfurous eyes pierce ageless alpha matching his intensity in lithe magnificent agility, he captures her steed in the breakers and mounts its powerful frame in one leap grasping her reins swiftly, she dives into her deepest aquatic lair as rough hands clench curling mounds of wavy hair in mastering boldness as he binds her tightly against his length of rippled arms cracking spine feels changeling of a virile chest as her heart shares rhythm with his shameless swells "what alchemy creates such a space lauri
Asking For Help
i am less then 1200 comments away from getting my vip and not one person other then my husband, mel, my sister, her friend, southern discomfort have come to help me..If i missed anyone please let me bc I want people to know who my real firends are.. I have rated for people when they have come to me and asked to me lend a hand to help them reach thier goals. So as far as i am concerned that from now on if the help is not returned i am done rating people when they ask for help.. I have posted several bulletins as well as my friend blueyesmel and not gotten any reponse from anyone hardly.. So thank you to all who have helped me I am very greatful and if you ever need my help let me know. So if you are interested in helping me please click on the photo below or go to cherrybombs page to the 1 month vip with 7 people and comment bomb my pic
so...i got entered into a contest, if you could just leave a comment on my pic, a real comment please not just random letters I'd appreciate it, and I'll return the love!!! thanks love
I’d give anything to see the sun set on the horizon, I’d do anything to gaze at a full moon in the night sky; Even a rainbow would make me smile, And I’d love to swim in crystal clear waters Of an untouched sea; Sometimes I’ll see a shooting star, And try to gaze from afar, All the diamonds in the night sky; The mist on the mountains is breathtaking, As is walking in rainforest; To see cascading waterfalls I’d do anything for, As to stand on the highest peak in the world, And look at the sights below; I’d love to soar on wings above the clouds, Across the bluest skies; I’d do anything to see All the beautiful things in the world, Like a red rose blooming in the Sahara, Like a river twisting through a dusty land, All the beautiful things in the world; But I also know I am looking at The world’s most beautiful creation, Every time you smile, And every time I look into your eyes.
What Piercing Are You???
What Piercing Are You?created with You scored as Dirty PiercingsAH!!! You dirty person you! Put that away!!! Who did that for you!? Your the kinkiest of the kinkiest and probably think you're hot stuff. Well, maybe you are but that's kinda nasty. Ew. Weirdo. Labret Piercing 100%Dirty Piercings 100%Belly Button Piercing 90%Tongue Piercing 80%Nipples 80%Cartilage Piercing 80%Earlobe Piercing 60%Nose Piercing 40%Lip Piercing 40%
Beauty And The Beast: Steel’s Version
Beauty and the Beast: Steel’s Version The Beauty in this story is Mechelle, Pegasus Bartender of the Ghetto Lounge. She is beautiful, but all else is fiction. Mechelle stood in front of her mirror, seeing herself as so many others saw her, the flawless chocolate brown skin, the large brown eyes, the long, beautifully kept black hair, but it no longer impressed her, it was all for her husband who had died five years ago, and she had never met a man who came close to touching her heart, giving her the love she needed. Slowly a large tear crept down her cheek, the latest of so very many. Suddenly she heard a small voice behind her, it was her daughter Tasha, still only nine years old, nowhere near the full beauty she would one day grow into. She hugged her mother tightly around her slim waist and said, “Don’t cry momma, you know I loved daddy too, but it’s time for you to find someone else.” Mechelle smiled at her and shook her head. “Not yet honey.” She said throug
Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad. It settles for less than perfection, and makes allowances for human weakness. Love is content with the present. It hopes for the future and it doesn't brood over the past. It's the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories, and working toward common goals. If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it is not enough, so search for it, ask God for it, and share it! By: Chuck Reynolds (EvilHawk)
>MasterCard Wedding -- You gotta love this guys guts..... >This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson >University. It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned >it. >It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding at the >reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the >crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long >distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to >thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for >providing such a lavish reception. >As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a >special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair, >including the wedding party, was a manila envelope. He said this was his >gift to everyone, and asked them to open their envelope. Inside each >manila envelope was an 8x10 glossy of his bride having sex with the best >man. T
>Transplant > > > >There is a guy who has been having chronic trouble trying to get an erection. After weeks of frustration, he finally breaks down and goes to the doctor. The doctor gives him a thorough examination and finally makes the diagnosis. > >"Well, there's good news and there's bad news," she says. "The bad news is that the muscles around your penis are deteriorating, and there is no cure." > >The guy, on the verge of panic, finally regains his composure. > >"So what's the good news?" he asks. > >The doctor says, "There is an experimental treatment available, but there are no guarantees. It involves transplanting the muscles from a baby elephant's trunk into your penis. Would you like to try it?" > >The guy thinks about it and finally says, "Well, the thought of going through life without being able to have sex is too much for me. What have I got to lose? Let's do it." > >So the doctor performs the operation. > >A few weeks later, the guy t
A Moment
As I Sit Here And Watch The People Go By Passing In To Say Hi Now And Then Brings A Smile To That Pretty Face. I Long Live A Exciting Life. I Wouldnt Know What To Do With All The Special Friends On Here. I Seem To Mend Broken Dreams And Get No Thanks Inreturn But Thats Just Ok. When U Cry I Cry And We Really Dont Know The Right Answers To That Tiny Cry. Your Drama Is Never My Sorrow Or Pain. As A Friend I'll Always Be Here.
My Oath To You
"MY OATH TO YOU" Dear Friend, When you are sad, ...I will get you drunk and help you plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. When you are blue, ...I'll try to dislodge whatever is choking you. When you smile, ...I'll know you finally got laid. When you are scared, ...I will rag you about it every chance I get. When you are worried, ...I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and to quit whining. When you are confused, ...I will use little words to explain it to your dumb ass. When you are sick, ...stay away from me until you're well again. I don't want whatever you have. When you fall, ..I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath, ..I pledge 'till the end. Why you may ask? Because you're my friend! Send this poem to ten of your closest friends (or else you will have bad luck and go to hell) and get depressed because you realize you only have two friends, and one of them is not speaking to
Poor Bubba
Bubba died in a fire and his body was burned pretty badly. The morgue needed someone to identify the body, so his two best friends, Daryl and Gomer were sent. Daryl went in and the mortician pulled back the sheet. Daryl said, "Yup, he's burnt pretty bad. Roll him over." The mortician rolled him over, and Daryl said, "Nope, ain't Bubba." The mortician thought that was rather strange. Then he brought Gomer in to identify the body. Gomer took a look at him and said, "Yup, he's burnt real bad, roll him over." The mortician rolled him over and Gomer said, "No, it ain't Bubba." The mortician asked, "How can you tell?" Gomer said, "Well, Bubba had two assholes." "What? He had two assholes?!" said the mortician. "Yup, everyone in town knew he had two assholes. Every time we went to town, folks would say, 'Here comes Bubba with them two assholes.'"
Bumper Stickers For Women
Please Help My Gf my girlfriend needs help lets help her out win this
Always A Dream
My Breath get heavy heartbeat rises without reason... head swims and dizzyness comes, eyes halfclosed but seeing all you ever wanted - known and so close, the very taste on your lips...sweet, savored, fresh as your heart... new. She's a distant dream that brushes your heart within and finds the smile held hidden and tight...quietly awaiting... and gently found, brought to life and so tenderly traced, kissed by fingertips with an awesome caring you've not ever known. Touched... by your dreams. Such cannot be, shouldn't be, couldn't be... but you are - touched none-the-less, and so closely held in arms enfolded tight. Wrapped round and around you inside and out. Held and holding, and always just a dream.
Blonde On Horseback
hahaha no offense to blondes! A blonde tries to go horseback riding even though she has had no lessons or prior experience. She mounts the horse unassisted and the horse immediately springs into action. It gallops along at a steady rhythmic pace, but the blonde begins to lose her grip and starts to slide in the saddle. In terror, she grabs for the mane but can't seem to get a firm grip. She tries to throw her arms around the horses neck, but she slides down the side of the horse anyway. The horse gallops along, seemingly impervious to it's slipping rider. Unfortunately, the blonde's foot has become entangled in the stirrup. She is now at the mercy of the hooves as her head slams against the ground over and over again. As her head is battered against the ground she is moments away from losing consciousness when, to her great fortune, the Woolworths Manager sees her and unplugs the horse.
I Laughted So Hard. Really Funny
Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOME!!
I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. Every day that passes with no news I feel like I'm regressing. Every hour, minute and second growing more depressing. Things used to be for sure and concrete. Now my feelings are shaky and obsolete. Insecure of what may become. Unsure of my feelings being shunned. Lost without you, I have no way. Lost without you, I know not what to do.
Ok so I still haven't gotten my vip from completing my last giveaway so now I have entered a new giveaway I need 20k comments and my friend TinkerbellMN84 is offering to pay 5k in fubucks for every 100 comments done so just pm her after every 100 comments! click here to bomb JoshuaLee ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Fu-Owned by Darkness & DJ Beagle & ^sin^}
I posted this in our old forum to a website that we ran. It's sad to see how views change over time. I'm sure that you all watched what happened today, and it's my fear that its all the beginning-- I know it it my heart. So, in respect for the thousands of lives that have been affected, I want to extend my sympathies. I pray that we-- as a country, united under God, can stick together and not be concerned with our petty differences. Fpr we are one people, fighting for the same cause...Freedom. What hundreds of thousands of Americans have died for, will continue to die for. What we fight wars for, what our flag stands for. I love that flag because I love my country and have a respect for the people in it, even if our views aren't always the same. When things like this happen, it hurts. It affects us all, whether you want to believe it or not and this is just the start.. the tip of the ice burg. I think we need to be more compassionate, and remember that we are in this tog
My faith in humanity shrinks every day. I hate it when people don't respect the value of another's time. It drives me nuts. And I feel like almost no one appreciates the time that I have. There is not enough to go around in a week. There just isn't. And there are still people who are bound and determined to take away some of the most precious time I have by chatting about nothing, talking about useless things that will still be there to talk about on a night when they have the frakking time to talk about those stupid things. I'm sick of people stealing the last commodity I have right now. The frakking oil companies already have the bulk of my resources...why do useless people take my time too???
Contest Is Open,time To Rate The Pic
This is a contest for the Fubar's Flaming Hottie's and I need your help. This is a rate contest (comments welcomed). I love all my girls and I need help choosing the top 12 for my calender that i will be making. You need to F/A/R the onwer of the Hotties and contest in order to vote. THE CONTEST WILL START MONDAY MAY 5TH 3PM EASTERN TIME TO MAY 19TH 3PM EASTERN TIME. 'JEANNE MARIE' ÐRÁGØÑM‡§TRÊŽŽ ~*FLAMING HOTTIE*~CLUB F.A.R ~@ fubar So fubarians I need all the help I can get. All you need to do is click on the photo's below and vote. Please NO DRAMA AND NO FOUL COMMENTS. They will be removed. The hottie's are allowed to pimp themselves out along with my group pimpouts in my blog and bullies. So here they are:
A Poem
This was from one of my best friends many years ago. The day is sweet as honey, the skies are made of glass. I met her on my travels, and would not let her pass. On an azure September night, It was the first I'd ever seen. I held her hand and felt the rush of my Angelic Queen Do not scoff those of you who have read this poem. It's a simple glimpse, into a world I've never known.
7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA 1.PETA has stated repeatedly that their goal is "total animal liberation." This means no pets, no meat, no milk, no zoos, no circuses, no fishing, no leather, and no animal testing for lifesaving medicines. 2.PETA has given tens of thousands of dollars to convicted arsonists and other violent criminals. 3.PETA funds the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 3, an animal-rights organization that presents itself as an unbiased source for nutritional information and has links to a violent animal-rights group called SHAC. 4.PETA has used their contributors’ tax-exempt donations to fund the North American Earth Liberation front, an FBI-certified “domestic terrorist” group responsible for fire bombs and death threats. 5.PETA regularly targets kids as early as elementary school with anti-meat and anti-milk propaganda. 6.PETA spends less than one percent of its $13 million budget actually caring for animals. 7.PETA has repeatedly
Hold My Hand
Hold my hand through it all I'll lend you a shoulder to cry o And a hand to help you up Don't worry, I won't let you fall If you trip, I'll catch you I'll listen to your problems As you blabber on and on Trust me, I'll keep your secrets And I won't tell anyone you’re truly scared I won't mind if you tell me the truth or a lie To everyone else But, to yourself you must be true. Gossip ruins everyone Don't let the disease catch you You know what they say isn't true Just be free If you need me to be there I'll try, I keep my promises And I know I can count on you Don't worry too much Stress isn't good for you Be as care free as you want to be You're still young, but remember If you need me, I'll be there Hold my hand through it all I'll lend you a shoulder to cry on And a hand to help you Don't worry, I won't let you fall If you trip, I'll catch you Hold my hand and I will guide you I’ll show you the light I'll show you wha
Take It Or Leave It..
I am a proud mother of 4 children. 3 boys, and 1 girl. I love Soul food, Chinese and Italian food. I think hot sauce should be on everyone's dining room table right along with the salt and pepper. I am addicted to flaming hot cheetos. I would wear sandals/flip flops year around if my toes would freeze off. I am comfortable in jeans and tee shirts. Anything else makes me feel out of my comfort zone. In alot of ways I'm a girly girl but at heart I'm a tomboy. I probably enjoy "guy activities" more than I should. I have 300+ channels, but I choose to watch only 6 of them. Those 6 are, Nick, Comedy Central,Cartoon Network, Noggin, Nicktoons, and Toon Disney. Sometimes I will watch Star Trek and actually enjoy it. I love taking hot baths with lots of bubbles. This is where I find myself burning up my cell phone. I have been known to use the bathroom while on the phone. I'm not shy, if I gotta fart, I will do so. I will be nice tho' and leave th
Stolen Emotion
what have you done to me? a shadow of darkness as emotions crawl. once we experienced innocence, hand in hand and glad-hearted, but your love perished. a vengeful pool of darkness - emotions follow love, follow darkness, love consumed. in a storm of righteousness, i still love you. By: Chuck Reynolds (EvilHawk)
Looking For Sensual, Erotic Tales
Hi friends, Worked for a men’s’ sophisticate magazine writing occasionally back a few years ago, even edited several books…now working on my own soon to be an erotic tale of … Working on that…I have many tales of my own, but doing research to see if any others want to share their tales of sensual erotica…you feel like sharing some of your most erotic tales that just curled your toes…I’m willing to listen… Are you bold enough to share?
Where Do U Wanna Be Licked?
SHOW MY HOMEGIRL RKKENNEDY HOW MUCH SHE IS LOVED SHE IS IN A AUCTION AND NEEDS A VIP ASAP!!! HER OFFERINGS *added to family *added to top friends *promoted in pimpout bulletin to my friends *gifts and comments every day *3 salutes (sfw) *rate 11's if given a VIP... *mentioned in HH or blast AND DO NOT FORGET TO DROP HER SOME RATES R COMMENTS IN HER BLING CONTEST MESSAGE FROM ANGELDAWN AND IF U LEAVE HER 50 COMMENTS U CAN GET ONE PIC EFFECT 100 COMMENTS 2 PIC EFFECTS AND 200 ONE FUBAR LICENSE TAKE A LOOK AT MY WORK N MESSAGE ME (first five people so let me know what u doing so I can know when to cut off people ty) *AngelDawnKris*Owned By Barrylicious*Owner of Kiwichi*@ fubar PLEASE REPOST N F/A/R BOTH HOSTESS LudacrisWhat's Your Fantasy?
Dark Desire
It is a night of darkness, a song of dark desire, wolves vent their loneliness. The beautiful one awakes. Darkness shrouds her walking form, an eternal desire. Her black hair cascades over pale and delicate shoulders, and her full blood red lips part slightly, to taste the red tears streaming from the pale flesh beneath her. Now a night of ecstasy, I smile vaguely. By: Chuck Reynolds (EvilHawk)
Dark Betrayal
Around, all around, the angels gather. My dread grows as the Dark One's touch falls against my naked soul. It slays me, and darkly my essence drips to the wicked earth that is my prison. In a frenzy I hang my head while the end of life surrounds me. Now alone, my cry of mercy falls upon darkened eyes. This is my salvation By: Chuck Reynolds (EvilHawk)
Letter From Grandma
A Letter From Grandma... She writes: The other day I went up to a local Christian bookstore and saw a "honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker. I was feeling particularly sassy that day because I had just come from a thrilling choir performance, followed by a thunderous prayer meeting, so I bought the sticker and put it on my bumper. Boy, I'm glad I did! What an uplifting experience that followed! I was stopped at a red light at a busy intersection, just lost in thought about the Lord and how good He is...and I didn't notice that the light had changed. It is a good thing someone else loves Jesus because if he hadn't honked, I'd never have noticed! I found that LOTS of people love Jesus! Why, while I was sitting there, the guy behind started honking like crazy, and then he leaned out of his window and screamed, "For the love of GOD! GO! GO! Jesus Christ, GO!" What an exuberant cheerleader he was for Jesus! Everyone started honking! I just leaned out of my window and started wav
New From Deviantart ^_^
My life’s news Well what can I say.... I have been confused as of late and I know why but I am not telling you all... one of you knows... probably two... but meh that is not a major problem... I am still looking for work... but I am thinking I should go ahead with this Freelance journalism course... what do you think? Ether way... I do not like this damn Microsoft word... its strange and weird!..... Grrrrrrrrrr Anyhow... on to my other news I think... DA news Well I am currently working on a few good projects’s one is my lovely Demon *Part 2* this is going to be longer then the firs one and I'm also going to be adding my good friend Nekochi20 fenrir character. and well I am also going to be doing a collaboration with him it is going to be a big project so some of my things will be put on hold like my new yiff fur stories ^_^ hmmm well I'm still working out the details. Therefore, when I start to work I will let you all know how this is wo
Mu Damn Computer
My computer is throwing a major hissy fit & I need to take it in to be fixed. I just wanted to let everyone know so you didn't think I died or something. I will be back as soon as possible...this is the 3rd time for this...maybe I'll just get a new one, not sure yet. Either way.....I shall return.
Blar. Thanks Crystal & Lewis, I Think...
1. What is your occupation? Materials Engineer 2. What color are your socks right now? not wearing any 3. What are you listening to right now? my TV 4. What was the last thing that you ate? Princess Beef (chinese) 5. Can you drive a stick shift? yup 6. What color would you be, if you were a color? I dunno. That's too abstract for me :P 7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? George 8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Yep 9. What is farthest you've ever been from home? Japan 10. Favorite drink? Coke 11. What is your favorite sport to watch? Hockey 12. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yeah, in college (see "old pics of me" folder :P ) 13. Pets? cats 14. Favorite food? Princess Beef, Pepperoni Pizza 15. Last movie you watched? Johnny Mnemonic 16. Favorite Day of the year? don't really have one 17. What do you do to vent anger? Blog it. 18. What was your favorite toy as a child? Strawberry Shortcake 19. What is your favorite
An Ultimate Bad Girl With Clue!
Christmas' Yesteryear
Yeah, more cheesiness but oh well, I'm in a cheesy mood. These are some old poems from long long ago...... Christmas' Yesteryear When the innocence of a childs smile or the closeness of a family meets my eye, It's then that I think of Christmas' long ago and remember with a sigh, Our home tucked 'neath ice covered branches, fluffy white snow over fields evergreen, Echo in my memory like no other sight I've ever seen. To think upon my family, how they loved me well and good. Brings a tear to my eye and a tug at my heart like no other feeling ever could. How it felt to be held in mothers loving arms, always so soft and warm. How daddy kept us safe from harm, our shelter through every storm. Awakening Christmas morning with much delight, were a thrill too fond to tell. From below the chatter of voices, of laughter, Christmas music and homecooked smells. Our giggles as we raced down the stairway, pitter patter of tiny feet over har
And I Just Realized This..
I'm in a selfish point in my life right now. I honestly can say that I enjoy having time for me again. Not having to worry about calling a man, doing things for him, or making sure his needs are met. It's actually the first time in a long time that I have been able to focus on me. I have put so many guys needs before my own. Weird thing is I'm not terribly lonely. I thought I would be. I thought I'd be struggling with not having sex but it has been amazingly easy. I have turned a few guys down, or just walked away from the situation without giving in. I'm pretty proud of myself, as this is not who I was almost a year ago. Me, last year around this time would have gave in because that was what the guy wanted. I was always so eager to "please" and to be accepted. Now, I'm like "fuck it" either the guy likes me for who I am, or he can find some other girl to fool around with. I refuse to lower myself to have meaningless sex with just anyone. I want to have a meaningful
Sin Wagon Riders List Updated 5/5 @9:45 Est
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people (be sure to put Sin Wagon in your friend request!) and then send aGEM4life and AngelGurl a private message (no shouts please) saying that you have taken the ride and R/F/A everyone! **Please make sure you R/F back and if you have already done this in the past simply leave em a comment saying "Sin Wagon already R/F you".** You will then be added to the list of riders. We are all here to meet new people and have fun so we ask that there is No Drama please. '♡aGEM4life♡'Founder 'AngelGurl'Co-founder 'Keith'Driver 'SuperStarrPrincess'
Eat This Blog
To those who think they can get away with keeping the most important person to me in this world away from me. To those who have lied in order to do such a thing. To those who have influenced these lies. To those who need my misery in order to feel happy. To those who are only my friend when it bennefits them. To those who feel the need to kick me when Im down. To those that pretend they give a damn for their own personal gain. To those that take advantage of my current situation to pump me for information. To those who have stabbed me in the back. To those who know who this blog is about. To those who are offended by this blog. To those who get pissed off that I wrote it. EAT IT AND PISS OFF!!!!!! P.S. Obsidian, Legs, Shwr, Loki, Sweet, Coin, Scar,Shan, Ry, Sis,......You have all been great and are not included in the above blog. HUGS TO ALL OF YOU
Hey guys!! I need your help!! I have the sweetest little kitty who means the world to me. His name is Tyson and he's a year and half old. He was recently playing outside when he stepped and stabbed into his paw and is now very infected. He has to have surgery ASAP. If not the infection will spread into his whole body and will need a bigger more expensive surgery. So this is where you come in. I've decided to share my naughty pics with you guys for a donation that will go towards Tyson's surgery. I'm asking for $30 for a month for some very sexy sexy pics. It totally will be worth it!! I will update with new pics as often as I can. Trust me guys it will totally be worth it and plus you will be donating to such a great cause. PLEASE DO NOT SEND FRIEND REQUESTS UNLESS YOU'RE INTERESTED IN DONATING!! All friends have access to the pictures and the friends are the ones who have donated. If you guys don't care for the pics but still would like to donate you can donate as much
I Just Got Laid
Boycott $4.00 Dollars A Gallon ( Pass It On )
Boycott $4.00 Dollars a Gallon ( Pass it on ) THIS IS NOT THE 'DON'T BUY' GAS FOR ONE DAY, BUT IT WILL SHOW YOU HOW WE CAN GET GAS BACK DOWN TO $1.30 PER GALLON. This was sent by a retired Coca Cola executive. It came from one of his engineer buddies who retired from Halliburton. If you are = tired of the gas prices going up AND they will continue to rise this summer, take time to read this please. Phillip Hollsworth offered this good idea. This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the 'don't buy gas on a certain day' campaign that was going around last April or May! It's worth your consideration. Join the resistance!!!! I hear we are going to hit close to $ 4.00 a gallon by this summer and it might go higher!! Want gasoline prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to 'hurt' ourselves by refusing to buy gas . It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was
My Two Little Boys
My Two Little Boys Two little boys from the Heavens above, God sent down to me to cherish and love. From crawling to toddling to running and more. Getting dirt on the carpets & mud on the floors. From morning til night, my hands are constantly full; Oh, time goes by quickly, and soon they're in school. Like the wind through the trees, the years blow past; My two little boys-- they grew up so fast! One day they're just babies; the next they're all grown. Then leaving here to start lives of their own. No more screaming and yelling and mud on the floors. No more laughing and running and slamming the doors. This house, once so noisy, is now quiet and still. My days, once so busy, are now so hard to fill. Sometimes late at night, with another day behind, A silly, boyish laughter will echo in my mind. And if I close my eyes, I can still see them play. Oh! I can't help but think, "I liked it better the other way."
Embarassed me singing Misfits- Descending Angel whorrid, just playin with my mp3 player. No one was hurt during taping
Shinedown - Save Me
I got a candle And I've got a spoon I live in a hallway with no doors And no rooms Under a windowsill They all were found A touch of concrete within the doorway Without a sound Someone save me if you will And take away all these pills And please just save me if you can From my blasphemy in my wasteland How did I get here And what went wrong Couldn't handle forgiveness Now I'm far beyond gone I can hardly remember The look of my own eyes How can I love this a life so dishonest It made me compromise Someone save me if you will And take away all these pills And please just save me if you can From my blasphemy in my wasteland Jump in the water Jump in with me Jump on the altar Lay down with me The hardest question to answer Is why Why Someone save me if you will And take away all these pills And please just save me if you can From my blasphemy in my wasteland Someone
In My Dreams
In My Dreams In my dreams, I am your little girl, And you are still here with me. Once again, I can sing and twirl For mommy and daddy to see. In my dreams, you still hold me tight, And always keep me safe from harm. I can snuggle with you all through the night, And feel your touch, so soft and warm. In my dreams, I can still talk to you And you help to ease my fears. Again, I can have the friendship That I've missed through all these years. I know that you left me so long ago, And I can never have back these things. But there is one thing that still is so... I can see you in my dreams.
Home I drove by the home of my childhood, Ah, how so much has changed. I see it as though a lifetime ago, Yet the view is still the same. The same green grass stretching far and wide, Once velvety soft under my bare feet. Old winding driveway, you're empty. No longer a pathway leading home from the street. House still standing tall with watchful eyes, Staring out at the world around. Now just a shell of your former self Where love and laughter did once abound. Oh! Our evergreen tree stands straight and tall Just a symbol of the love that was once there. Your branches no longer aglow with colored lights Yet I can still see it in my mind, if I dare. Yes, I drove by the home of my youth. The place of my childhood dreams. Now empty and alone it sits waiting; Once the place of many happy scenes. I see it as though a lifetime ago, Yet the view is still the same. As I make my way back to the city, I wonder if it's me that's changed.
Chapter One
Chapter One “Yeah” Phoenix said quietly as she picked up her cell phone while signing the latest copy of her book Deadliest Desires. “So… How’s your book signing going?” Steve asked “Pretty good… It was slow at first but it has picked up over the past hour or so. People must really like this book.” Phoenix answered smiling as she signed another book and handed it back to her fan. “Thank you. I loved your last book so much. I can’t wait to read this one.” the petite dark haired girl said with a smile as she took her book. Phoenix watched her walk away and found her to be an interesting individual with her long baggie black gothic wide legged pants with chains drooping down. The combat boots she wore we new and tightly laced, but the part that caught her attention the most was the jade green trimmed in black lace bustier she wore. It may have been considered inappropriate for most people but she pulled it off nicely. Her short black hair
Come Closer....
Closer/ne-yo Verse 1: Turn the lights off in this place And she shines just like a star And I swear I know her face I just don’t know who you are Turn the music up in here I still hear her loud and clear Like she’s right there in my ear Telling me That she wants to own me To control me Come closer Come closer Chorus: And I just can’t pull myself away Under a spell i can't break I just cant stop I just cant stop I just cant stop I just cant stop And I just can’t bring myself away But I don’t want to escape I just can’t stop I just can’t stop I just can’t stop I just can’t stop I just can’t stop Verse 2: I can feel her on my skin I can taste her on my tongue Shes the sweetest taste of sin The more I get the more I want She wants to own me Come closer She says "come closer" Chorus: And I just can’t pull myself away Under a spell i can't break I just cant stop I just cant stop I just cant stop I just
Winner!!!!!!!! May 5 2008
subject: WINNER ANNOUNCED!! post date: 2008-05-05 17:45:37 views: 8 comments: 1 ratings: 0 And the winner of the contest is.. well lets break this down for a second first.. Landscape photo winner is .. Insane Patient Full color winner is .. Makemepurr Black and white winner is .. Insane Patient LOLcat winner is .. Insane Patient Random winner is .. Makemepurr Overall winner with a score of 3-2 Congradulations to InsanePatient !!!!! Your prizes will be sent shortly. Thank you all for playing! THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING & A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO HAVOK FOR PUTTING ON THE CONTEST
Three Days Grace - Pain
Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rath
What Is Sexy?
Sexy is standing in the rain as you push me against the hood of your car. tearing at my shirt, as you kiss me with the intentions to never stop.
Avenged Sevenfold- Seize The Day
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry These streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there is no eternal lif
There are moments in your life that make you and sets the course for who your going to be. Sometimes they're little, subtle moments. Sometimes, they're big moments you never saw coming. No one asks for their life to change, but it does. It's what you do afterwards that counts. And that's when you find out who you are.
Pleasure And Pain, Pain And Pleasure
Pleasure and Pain, Pain and Pleasure Stretched between two post, you find yourself bound, Arms held out wide, feet barely touching the ground, Legs also spread so there is nowhere to hide, The thrill of it all is making you high. Also a belt is strapped tight to your waist, Keeping inside the toy that's been placed, Feeling it there brings to your body an ache, One that only the pain will help slate. Bound for his pleasure in his dungeon dark, Where the darkness is soon broken by a spark, In the soft candlelight you Master now stands, Holding a riding crop there in his hands. Anticipation grows as you watch him stand there, Welcoming the night of pain and pleasure you'll share, For he is the man you have surrendered your life to, Finding more pleasures in all that you do. Walking to you, he kisses your lips, Then caresses your cheek with the crops leather tip, Dressed all in black, his body melts into the dark, Leaving his face showing, all pale, white a
Friends Anyone can stand by you when you're right, but only a real friend will stand by you even when you're wrong. A simple friend identifies himself when he calls, a real friend doesn't have to. A simple friend opens a conversation with a full news bulletin on his life, a real friend says, "Whats new with you?". A simple friend thinks that the problems you whine about are recent, a real friend says, "You have been whining about the same thing for 14 years, get off your ass and do something about it!". A simple friend has never seen you cry, a real friend has soggy shoulders from your tears. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names, a real friend has their phone numbers. A simple friend hates it when you call while they are in bed, a real friend asks, "What took you so long to call?". A simple friend will talk to you about their problems, a real friend will help you with your problems. A simple friend will act like a guest, a real friend will make themselves a
High Tech Pussy
So, I took a nap to de-stress from today's whirlwind of drama and when I woke up, I realized that my two cats had practically torn apart my lap top! They had a lot of the keys torn off and laying everywhere and had closed out Fubar and opened Yahoo Mail... Hmmmmmmm... wondering who they were trying to e-mail? Anyway, if u got any offensive messages or pictures within the last 2 hours from me... It was the cat, I swear!
Seriously...I'm sick of fucking being lied to...I'm sick of being played like i'm a fuckin fool! I'm not fucking stupid...I know what the hell is going on...But whatever it's all good..Fuck you, I could careless now..I'm fucking DONE!!!
Crystal The Supplier Again
1. What is your occupation? being a lazy bum at the moment 2. What color are your socks right now? white 3. What are you listening to right now? Agony Is My Name by Rhapsody 4. What was the last thing that you ate? A flying saucer I think 5. Can you drive a stick shift? a who what? 6. What color would you be, if you were a color? beige, lol 7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? no one 8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? very much so 9. What is farthest you've ever been from home? Cyprus, dunno mileage 10. Favorite drink? water 11. What is your favorite sport to watch? football (soccer if you're that way inclined) 12. Have you ever dyed your hair? nope 13. Pets? cat 14. Favorite food? too much to name (I'm a fatso) 15. Last movie you watched? back end of Dangerous Minds 16. Favorite Day of the year? today 17. What do you do to vent anger? depends on situation (Liked Crystals answer) but usually swearing or just st
So Sweet
I may not get to see you as often as I'd like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know, you're the one that I love and I'm not letting go.
The One!
You are the essence of my life You are the reason I am alive You are my heart and soul You are why I continue to survive You bring me happiness You bring the meaning of eternity You bring completeness to my life You bring everlasting love to me You have been my dream You have been what I have waited to fall for You have been my guiding light You have been the woman I adore You will be my heart beat You will be my partner in life You will be my complition You will be my wife
050508 Peanuts
Our Journey
Life is a very complicated Hoping we have some control Always wondering what is next But never knowing whats in store We try to do our very best With good intensions in our mind Hoping the next decision will turn out right And our life will be better off We push forward during bad times Looking for that one thing That will turn our lives around And bring us back to our reality But no matter what we do We realize that we do not control Any part of our life here It has already been decided Two things are at work Fate and destiny We make choses every day But we will always end up on their path
Having you in my life.. Is a beautiful feeling.. You make me feel so special with all that you say & All that you do & Today all that I want to say is You are the one I LOVE & No matter what I will always keep LOVING YOU
I Am Worth The Trouble! Right?....right!?!?!
she's worth the trouble I know I aint supposed to hit and double back Cause I don't get down like that (But I'm Gonna) I know I aint supposed to let her push my whip And stunt in front of my chicks (But I'm Gonna) I'm going out of my way To see her everyday All of my niggas say (Jay why you trippin?) But if they only knew The things you let me do They'd know what I'm going through She's worth the trouble y'all She rides me like, I like, all night, so I know She's worth the trouble y'all She holds me down, if it go down that's fo' sho' She's worth the trouble Got a playa actin' like he's a couple I aint never been this deep in trouble There go my hustle It could be bad for me I think I'm fallin' in love I know I aint supposed to let her check my phone Erase them other hoes (But I'm Gonna) I know I aint supposed to hit without my hat My mommas would be mad (But I'm Gonna) I'm going out of my way To see her everyday All of m
Winner Announced!!
And the winner of the contest is.. well lets break this down for a second first.. Landscape photo winner is .. Insane Patient Full color winner is .. Makemepurr Black and white winner is .. Insane Patient LOLcat winner is .. Insane Patient Random winner is .. Makemepurr Overall winner with a score of 3-2 Congradulations to InsanePatient !!!!! Your prizes will be sent shortly. Thank you all for playing!
Just So You Know.....
Just so you know, if you have tired in anyway to contact me and got no where, don't take it wrong, but I have kind of dropped off the face so the earth. I have been in a very mean and pissy mood, and I don't know why. I am shourded in darkness and I don't care that I am, thats just it I don't care about anything anymore, maybe thats good maybe thats bad only time will tell. I feel as if I am standing on the edge of an abyss and at any moment I am going to fall in, would that be so bad? To finally lose ones self compeltly? Guess life just holds no joy for me right now! And I don't know why. Oh well at some point I will snap out of it and be myself again its just going to take time is all. So now you know why I haven't been answering my phone or shouts just don't feel like it!
I always think about you In my sleep In my dreams I always think about you All day All night Hoping that you are alright I alway think about you Wishing that you were, thinking of me too I think of you in a VERY special way I always think of you I really DO All because.... I love you!!!
11 Rules To Fubar
THE fubar RULES ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG,I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Making 20 bulletins a day about how you have new pictures and begging people to comment on them is pathetic. Make the bulletin once if you have to, and those who actually care about you will comment on your pics. SIX If all your pictures look the same, don't post them all. Please pu
I Useta Thunk It Might...
Current mood: disappointed Category: Blogging Unlike most of my blogs, this one is intended to be serious. It is NOT intended to be hurtful, or spiteful, or pompous, or rude, or negative in any way - merely a reflection of my own beliefs based upon my own experience and learning. I don't know why I even bother. Too many things must be more important to the rest of the world to care about simple things like this. I guess my priorities are COMPLETELY skewed. After all, how many people posting anything on the Internet REALLY CARE how they spell? Or how you or I spell? Spelling is way overrated, right? I have, from time to time, read or viewed pieces (articles in someone's blog, tutorial videos, etc.) on the Internet which, it would appear, the creator intends others to understand an opinion based upon facts, or to teach their audience some bit of wisdom or other, that I found almost entirely unbelievable. The reason is simple - it was riddled with spelling and grammar errors, mo
My Only Love
Just to say I LOVE YOU never seems enough I've said it so many times I am afraid you won't understand what i really meant when I said it How can so much feeling so much adoration possibly fit into three little words. But till I find some other way of saying what I feel the "I LOVE YOU" will have to do So no matter now many times i say it NEVER take it lightly for you are my life & My only love I love you now more Than ever before
Riders List - Updated 5/5/08 @ 8:30pm Est
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people (be sure to put Sin Wagon in your friend request!) and then send aGEM4life and AngelGurl a private message (no shouts please) saying that you have taken the ride and R/F/A everyone! **Please make sure you R/F back and if you have already done this in the past simply leave em a comment saying "Sin Wagon already R/F you".** You will then be added to the list of riders. We are all here to meet new people and have fun so we ask that there is No Drama please. '♡aGEM4life♡'Founder 'AngelGurl'Co-founder 'Keith'Driver 'SuperStarrPrincess'
Love This Song
Stand by Me - Ben E. King When the night has come And the land is dark And the moon is the only light we'll see No, I won't be afraid Oh, I won't be afraid Just as long as you stand, stand by me So, darling, darling (Chorus:) Stand by me Oh, stand by me Oh, stand Stand by me Stand by me If the sky that we look upon Should tumble and fall Or the mountains should crumble to the sea I won't cry, I won't cry No, I won't shed a tear Just as long as you stand, stand by me And, darling, darling (Repeat chorus) Darling, darling (Repeat chorus until fade)
New To Fubar
As you can see i'm new here! Just want to meet new people and make friends. I'm trying to figure things out it's a bit confusing so any help would be appreciated! Thanx!! xxx
What Kinda Puppy Are You?
You Are a Chow Puppy Don't fence me in! You're an independent spirit that won't be tied down. What Breed of Puppy Are You?
Does anyone have morals nowadays? Not just on here of course but just in general. Married people cheating and lying. People falling in love overnight and not even getting to know the real person or meeting them in person, then wondering why things don't work out the way they want it to. People sleeping with married people and not giving a fuck. People saying I love you and not meaning it or meaning it but not showing it. It's craziness I tell you. Am I the only person left on the planet with some kind of morals still intact?
Reason #6
...because you say things like this... "It pains me when you hurt every last ounce of pain id take a million times over, so you could live without it."
Comment 3
We may be small but we can give huge HUGS click the pic below to check us out
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself in stead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. And if that makes me a bi
3 Month Vip - 30 Day Blast Contest - Ty I Won Thanks To All Of You
3 Month VIP/30 Day Blast Giveaway Contest!!! This contest started as an idea to help level me to a Godmother... but I already reached my goal. So I am using it as a THANK YOU Contest to all that helped me along the way. I am giving away a 3 month VIP OR a 30 day Blast ~ decided by the winner of the contest. All rates count for 5 points per rate and all comments are 1 point each. The person with the most points at 11:00 a.m. EST on Monday, May 12th wins the contest! No minimum comments or rates needed. I am still taking entries for this contest. If you are interested, send me a message please! CONTEST ENTRY: ◊ DjJOHN© ◊ MEMBER OF THE SILENT BOMBERS ◊ @ fubar CONTEST HOSTESS: dj nilla~owner of ~DIRTYDEEDSRADIO.COM~ @ fubar
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First Time
The first time you fell in love It changed your life forever
Volume 5
Savadog writes: It's time again Rockers and Rockettes for another installment of upcoming releases as well as reviews of Awsome artists already out. COMING SOON 3 Doors Down-Self Titled Cd due in stores May 20th 2008.Having been a fan of 3 Doors Down from there debut release "The Better Life" comes there 4th Cd.Having only heard a couple tracks from this new Cd it sounds as solid as the others.No real suprises here but that's ok.3 Doors Down doesn't need to change there style in my opinion what they have works and it works well, as the saying goes don't fix what's not broken.Have a feeling this will end up being another great success for them.If you liked there previous work you will like this one as well. Kings x-CD-XV May 20th 2008realease date.I have to admit here since there cridicly acclaimed "gretchen goes to Nebraska" I've pretty much lost track of Kings x.Not to say there not a good or even great band
Life is to precious to worry about stupid shit So have fun, get drunk, && fell in love Say what you want to say && Do what you want to do Regret nothing && Don't let people who Don't matter bring you DOWN
Reason #5
You make all my failures disappear when im with you.
Your A Angel Now...
Men Are Like.....
# Men are like....Animals Messy, insensitive and potentially violent, but occasionally make great pets. # Men are like.....Bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest. # Men are like....Beer. The first sip is always bitter. No matter how many varieties you try, they are essentially the same; tasteless, full of bubbles, destabilize your metabolism and give you a headache, but somehow they linger and you either can't finish one or you can't get enough. # Men are like.....Bike helmets. Handy in an emergency, but otherwise they just look silly. # Men are like....Bras. They offer light, medium and complete support. # Men are like....Buses. They come every 15 minutes. # Men are like....Buses. They have spare tires and smell funny. # Men are like....Computers. And a smart woman keeps a backup. # Men are like.....Copiers. You need them for reproduction, but that's about it. # Men are like.....Curling irons. They're always hot, an
Reason #4
You produce BEAUTIFUL primates. I cant wait to make a spider monkey of our own.
I Love You
I love you enough to fight for you Compromise for you & Sacrifice myself for you if need be. Enough to miss you incredibly when we're apart. No matter what length of time its for, & Regardless of the distance. Enough to believe in our relationship, To stand by it though the worst of times. To have faith in our strength as a couple, & To NEVER give up on us. Enough to spend the res of my life with you , Be there for you when you need or want me & Never EVER want to leave you or live with you I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH
Accused Teen Told Police He Wanted To Kill Jesus
"FLORENCE, S.C.- a teen accused of plotting to blow up his high school told police that he wanted to die, go to heaven and kill Jesus, federal authorities said Tuesday. Prosecutors argued in a federal courtroom that the statements are an indication that 18-year old Ryan Schallenberger needs a psychological evaluation." UM....yeah, I'd say thats a pretty good sign the dude needs a psychological evaluation, what do you think?
Reason #3
Your touch ceases every worry i feel; you can bring me down from epic heights of panic, to the reality of your love in the blink of an eye
Corrupted Love
A warm sensation fills my body My heart races with every touch The softness of your voice soothes My soul As I lay there hoping the moment Will never end Calling out for you Praying that you'll never let me go The sensation so strong I can no longer feel my body Slowly I fade in and out of reality In an instant the warm sensation Fades away My heart empty My soul torn apart Lying there; wondering where I went Wrong Calling out for you, only to find there is no answer My mind invaded with thoughts So cruel and unrefined The sensation of fear of what's to come Slowly the reality over powering The lust and fantasy Leaving me empty Confused on how to think or feel The loneliness I feel So wretched and compelled Betrayal to myself Revealing the terrors of my love
I Forgot
just because i rated you a 10 doesnt meant youre not a 10 either. just wanted to throw that out there. :) still waiting on some boobs and what not
Its Official!
Well it is official I go in for inducing Tues (tomorrow) Morning at 5am so will get back to you all when I get home!
Good Man Application
Name Whats your birthday/age Height Hair color Eye color Piercings/Tats If no, do you want any? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? What would you say is your best quality? Whose your favorite band? What kind of music do you like? Do you like kids/want any of your own? How do you feel about marriage? Where do you work? Do you go to school? Do you live at home/on your own? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What do you like to do in your free time? Are you Spontaneous? Are you afriad of commitment? Are you romantic and treat girls the way they deserve? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with? What would our first date consist of? Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a girl? What movies/TV shows do you like? Do you like your family/family oriented? Have you ever cheated? Why did your last relationship fail?
Comment 1
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Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
Is There Anyone Out There Cos It's Getting Harder And Harder To Breathe,,,
Marroon 5 with the lyrical content... How y'all doin? I'm good thanks for wondering and happy cinco de mayo! I heard from a great friend for the first time in a long time... Speaking of that friend... Go check out Rachel's blog if you can. She's got a lot going on right now and is proof that great things do happen to great people. Have a great time at Raw next week baby and I'll be watchin for ya! So, I'm just now getting into SHMMER. Those who may not know what SHIMMER is should know it's a all ladies wrestling promotion. They now have a working relationship with TNA that will make TNA's already kick ass women's division even better. Special thanks to my buddy Se7vn for hookin me up at home with SHIMMER 14. I was hooked after seeing that show and must find more of their shows. I'm watching the Reds/Cubs game on tv as I type this and it's conna be a long night for the cubbies. Everyone that knows me knows I've been a white sox fan all my life and that will never e
I May Never
I may never get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms, All though the night But deep in my heart I truly know You're the one that I LOVE and NEVER let go
K people I HATE HATE being single. It has been over a year since my last relationship. I told myself that I was going to give myself a year to get back to the old me and now Im ready to get out there again!!! So I need your help in finding a good, hardworking, sweet man!!
Reason #5
...because you tell me that you're proud of me, even though I'm nothing to be proud of...
You And Me
What day is it? And in what month? This clock never seemed so alive I can't keep up and I can't back down I've been losing so much time Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing to lose And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you All of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right I'm tripping on words You've got my head spinning I don't know where to go from here Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing to prove And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you There's something about you now I can't quite figure out Everything she does is beautiful Everything she does is right Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing to lose And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you and me and all of the people with nothing to
Weeds Season Four Teaser!!!
OMG, I can't wait for Season 4 Replay of Season 3 starts tonight on Showtime (9pm - EST) BEST SHOW EVER!!! lol
You're special People stand out For lots of reasons, But you stand out For all the best reasons You're outstanding Because You're you
1 Question
1 question 1 chance. 1 honest answer. Thats all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to repost this. And see what people ask you
Promises- A Poem
This cage of dirt and stone will not hold me long. Weapons of rusty metal and shards bones dig just as deep. This laughing corpse you bury today is not as dead as you believe. When you eat I'll be there and do more then bite your hand. Throw away your pride and do not loose your fear, Because your victim today will be your hunter tomorrow. Only the walking dead will let their guard down. When you bath I'll be there and do more then spit in your eye. My prison today will become your tomb. The pain you visit upon me will be paid back tenfold. These are not idle threads, but promises I plan to keep. When you dream I'll be there so guard your throat where you lie. You can break my flesh and destroy my mind, but desire burns far deeper then you can touch. The anger you wake in me will haunt you in time. When you eat I'll be there and do more then bite your hand. I will not find death at your hands, not in this cell. You can't watch me all the time. The toy you boun
Miscellaneous Thoughts
*Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? *If all the world is a stage then where is the audience sitting? *If work is so terrific, why do they have to pay you to do it? *If you are cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right? *Why is bra singular and panties plural? *How come abbreviated is such a long word? *Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of a bottle? *Why do we put suits in a garment bag and garment in a suitcase? *Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected? *Why is it called "after dark" when it really is "after light?" *Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? *If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know? *If Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he find the words? *Why do we say something is "out of whack?" *What is a whack? *Why do "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing? *Why do "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean the same thing? *Why is phoni
What Cereal Are You?
What Kind of Cereal Are You?You're Cocoa PuffsYou've got that contagious level of energy that just drives people ''cuckoo.'' You're always ready to party and you can get pretty wild, which is fun for people around you, but it gets old (and soggy) soon. You need to know how to be more than just the wacky one amongst your group of friends and it'll only deepen your relationships with people. Myspace Quizzes
Red Pill Or Blue Pill...
i am a man. with that being said i know all the man secrets, but i am not going to tell you all of them ladies. just the fubar ones. 1. we want to see all of you naked and we will tell you anything and everything to try to get you to show yourself. we even want to see the fat ugly ones naked. so we will tell you how beautiful, smart, and funny you are to get this. 2. we want to have sex with all of you. even the fat ugly ones and will do everything in our power to acheive this as well. 3. just because we rated you a 10 doesnt really mean you are, so enough with the attitude already. this is just so we can get #1 and #2. 4. this isnt really a man secret but is just a relavent. this website is NOT a real bar nor is it real life. for some strange reason we all think we are going to meet the love of our life on this website like if you do actually meet someone here you will more than likely not find love but a wicked STD. 5. i have resigned the fact that i am NEVE
Wont Be On Much
hello to all i just stop in to all my my great freinds that i have made ,i have alot goin on with school work an i have a new love which take up all my time i will stop in from tim to time to day thank you all for bein such grat freinds . rite now im really into my wife i havent been so happy in a long time so please be happy for me love rubia
It Only Rains On Me
God it feels like it only rains on me. They say when it rains it pours. I ask what do they know about rain? Because when it rains on me, it floods. I'm treading the waters of worry, And I am in a hurry. I'm drowning in this flood of violence and hate. I taste the blood of waste. God it feels like it only rains on me. The waters of worry rise around me. I can't run away. I say that it is because I am too strong to fail. The truth is I am terrified of the alternative. Out there I see deep water I can not tread. At least here I have a handhold. God it feels like it only rains on me. I feel like a fraud hiding behind t
Disfigured Bald Eagle
ST. MARIES, Idaho - She has been named Beauty, though this eagle is anything but. Part of Beauty's beak was shot off several years ago, leaving her with a stump that is useless for hunting food. A team of volunteers is working to attach an artificial beak to the disfigured bird, in an effort to keep her alive. "For Beauty it's like using only one chopstick to eat. It can't be done" said biologist Jane Fink Cantwell, who operates a raptor recovery center in this Idaho Panhandle town. "She has trouble drinking. She can't preen her feathers. That's all about to change." Cantwell has spent the past two years assembling a team to design and build an artificial beak. They plan to attach it to Beauty next month. With the beak, the 7-year-old bald eagle could live to the age of 50, although not in the wild. "She could not survive in the wild without human intervention," Cantwell said. The 15-pound eagle was found in 2005 scrounging for food and slowly starving to death at a landfill
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day, but it should be! And Cinco de Mayo is not an American holiday, but it should be. Mexico declared its independence from mother Spain on midnight, the 15th of September, 1810. And it took 11 years before the first Spanish soldiers were told and forced to leave Mexico. So, why Cinco de Mayo? And why should Americans savor this day as well? Because 4,000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862. The French had landed in Mexico (along with Spanish and English troops) five months earlier on the pretext of collecting Mexican debts from the newly elected government of democratic President (and Indian) Benito Juarez. The English and Spanish quickly made deals and left. The French, however, had different ideas. Under Emperor Napoleon III, who detested the United States, the French came to stay. They brought a Hapsburg prince
People Ask Me
an amazing interview with Pastor Rick Warren: "People ask me, What is the purpose of life? And I respond: In a nutshell, life is preparation for eternity. We were made to last forever, and God wants us to be with Him in Heaven. One day my heart is going to stop, and that will be the end of my body--but not the end of me. I may live 60 to 100 years on earth, but I a m going to spend trillions years in eternity. This is the warm-up act - the dress rehearsal of God wants us to practice on earth what we will do forever in eternity. We were made by God and for God, and until you figure that out, life isn't going to make sense. Life is a series of problems: Either you are in One now, you're just coming out of one, or you're getting ready to go into another one. The reason for this is that God is more interested in your character than your comfort. God is more interested in making your life holy than He is in making your life happy. Rather than life being hills and valleys, I Bel
What Porn Would You Star In?
"A Tale Of Two Titties" ~ An Adult Feature Starring paul ~ 'What Porn will you Star in?' at
Come And Have Some Fun
Just For No Reason Whatsoever...
...random bloggage. So I'm bored. Restless and bored. Seemingly the drama hasn't been so bad latley around here (that or I'm out of the and I guess that's a good thing. When Boo Boo's leveling bulletins get the majority or the looks on my board and the Mummers are being cool, it's definitley a sign of the times. Sure there are the usual cheaters, fakes, suspects, liars, manipulators, thieves, users, con artists as well as every other kind of person that you could possibly want in a real bar are around. Either they are avoiding me or I'm just really not catching all that many anymore. That or they have new ways. But whatever. I'm sure something will blow up as mellow times like these in Fubar land are always followed by dramatic O-M-F-G moments that we all laugh about down the road. I'm working on the usual things as usual as well as my long awaited trip to Texas (to be with chelle chelle!) which is the summer excitement worth looking forward to because well you all know my t
This Is The
type of bullshit i dont want,if you ask question likeD: you think i'm hot? this guy did you will get->D: lol not realy your cute the truthD: well then fuck you you old hag goddman... your a nasty bitch and i was givin you the time of day. old shrek lookin bitch some people i swear no respect for the truth lol
The Lie Detector
John was a salesman's delight when it came to any kind of unusual gimmick. His wife Marsha had long ago given up trying to get him to change. One day, John came home with another one of his unusual purchases. It was a robot that John claimed was actually a lie detector. It was just about 5:30 that afternoon when Tommy, their 11 year old son returned home from school. Tommy was over 2 hours late. "Where have you been? Why are you over 2 hours late getting home?", they asked. "Several of us went to the library to work on an extra credit project" said Tommy. The Robot then walked around the table and slapped Tommy, knocking him completely out of his chair. "Son, this robot is a lie detector, now tell us where you went after school." "We went to Bobby's house and watched a movie." "What did you watch?" asked Marsha. 'The Ten Commandments." answered Tommy. The Robot went around to Tommy and once again slapped him, knock
Whats Your Secret Sexual Position
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Cowgirl Fun. Wild. And deep.Saddle up and ride him all night long.Only for those who feel they're strong! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
Creationism: The Story Of The Internet
In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader called Abraham of Com did take unto himself a young wife by the name of Dot. And Dot of Com was a comely woman, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed, she had been called ’Amazon Dot Com’. And she said unto Abraham, her husband, ’Why dost thou travel far from town to town with thy goods when thou can trade without ever leaving thy tent?’ And Abraham did look at her as though she were several saddle bags short of a camel load, but simply said, ’How, dear?’ And Dot replied, I will place drums in all the towns and drums in between to send messages saying what you have for sale and they will reply telling you which hath the best price. And the sale can be made on the drums and delivery made by Uriah’s Pony Stable (UPS).’ Abraham thought long and decided he would let Dot have her way with the drums. And the drums rang out and were a n immediate success. Abraham sold all the goods he had at the top price, without ever moving from
I Want A Spotlight!
This sexy girl wants a spotlight. So you should donate those fu-bucks. :-D If you donate enough fubucks, she will make you a SFW salute. So what are you waiting for? Donate your fu-bucks to this lovely woman, Tennisgirl1987.... Tennisgirl1987 - Chief Enforcer Fu-Luv Bomb Squad & Shadow Leveler, Fu-Wife of Tuffguy@ fubar This bulletin was brought to you by... Tennisgirl1987 - Chief Enforcer Fu-Luv Bomb Squad & Shadow Leveler, Fu-Wife of Tuffguy@ fubar
Whats Your Secret Sexual Talent
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Need Your Support!!!!!
Would You Like To Own A Diva!!!
Would you like to own a DIVA!!! Come check your Whispers and see what she has to offer. If you can't bid PLEASE just come and RATE HER!! THANKS!! Just click the picture below and start the bidding.... Good luck Whispers...MWAH!! MSMAINE (repost of original by 'Ms.Maine~♥ Fu~Wife to BLACKSTAR♥{Dylons Wizegal Diva}{DylonsDivaMafia}' on '2008-05-05 15:39:12')
Kids Are So...lovely!
JACK (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister. After a while he asked: "Mom, why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?" STEVEN (age 3) hugged and kissed his Mom goodnight. "I love you so much, that when you die I’m going to bury you outside my bedroom window." BRITTANY (age 4) had an earache and wanted a chewable aspirin. She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle. Seeing her frustration, her Mom explained it was a childproof cap and she’d have to open it for her. Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked: "How does it know it’s me?" SUSAN (age 4) was drinking juice when she got the hiccups. "Please don’t give me this juice again," she said, "It makes my teeth cough." D. I. (age 4) stepped onto the bathroom scale and asked: "How much do I cost?" MARC (age 4) was engrossed in a young couple that were hugging and kissing in a restaurant. Without taking his eyes off them, he asked his dad: "Why is he whispering in h
Ends 10pm Central (8pm Fu-time)
It's a Fiesta and I'm the host!! Hopeless Romantic will give a bonus Bling Pack to the entrant with the most rates Auction ends @ 8pm fu-time TONIGHT! (that's 10pm central) All entrants offers are listed in caption on their pics DJ-AUSSIE-AGE Ŧxbloñdi£ Katiebug ~Tina~ (902081) BooBoo Fu-Bucks only GARY FU-BUCKS ONLY Sailor Saturn And lastly: Me I will post a bulletin at least daily to pimp out all entrants. I will also repost any bulletins I see posted by entrants pimping themselve
Halo Needs Your Help!
Is going for THE coveted She has a long journey ahead of her but with our friends help, She can do it! She is rating pics and stash! She will make salutes! (sfw of course!) You will also have access to a bulletin/blog maker! and for all donations over 20k a FREE ANIMATION! examples of the animations are in the following folder! There are 9 animations to pick from!
Original Poem: "my Own Worth"
* I composed this poem based on an experience I’d encountered over the Internet with a guy many of my chat friends know and dislike. I thought I’d be nice and give him the benefit of the doubt and he blew it. The other man mentioned in this poem is someone else I was talking to around the same time. The context shows how different the two are.* He offered himself to her "Are You a dirty little cocksucker?" He came on so nice, before... She felt a conflict of values And her heart and spirit persisted "Proceed with caution or he’ll degrade you like a whore, isolate you from Red Road friends and slowly drain your spiritual core." A second man came along And seen across the miles Her heart and mind He seen the goodness of her spirit While she herself was temporarily blind He wasn’t though, with his thoughts and words so kind The first man is dominating Likes to be an asshole and likes strife The second man spoke otherwise Creation, child
I Got A Laugh Out Of It
A Pagan dies and, to his great surprise, he finds himself standing before some pearly gates. The Pagan asks, "Where am I?" Peter says, "You're at the gates of heaven." The Pagan says, "But I don't believe in heaven." Peter frowns at him. "You're one of those Pagans, aren't you?" "Yes. I believe I'm in the wrong place; I'm supposed to go to Summerland." Peter says, "Sorry. We took over Summerland, and it's temporarily closed for remodeling." "What should I do now?" Peter says, "Well, since we don't allow Pagans in heaven, you have to go to hell. Sorry. Just follow that path that leads downward and to the left." The Pagan walks down to hell, where the gates are standing open. He walks in and finds beautiful meadows, happy animals, and clear streams of water. He walks on in and begins exploring, and after a few minutes a courtly gentleman walks up to him and bows politely. "Hello, I'm Satan. You must be the guy that St. Peter phoned me about. Are you a Pagan?
Read Me
check it out
Lots Of This, Lil Of That....
Here's the Haps... I am up for Auction...Here's the link... This will be my last for a while. So, I am going to get all sorts of generous with my offer! Any cash bid of $100 or more gets my Fu Mascot Fu Kyu Mummington! (have you met him?) Yes, you get his boxers too...even though they'll be hard to part with! Of course, you'll have me as your personal pimp and all that good stuff too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am AUCTIONING OFF MY FRIENDS! Click this link to take you to the Auction Folder... There are so many awesome FUs in this Folder! Some have never been auctioned before! So, go show them lots and lots of fu love. BID, BID, and BID some more! The next 10 cash bids made will receive a bling from me. Private message me when you have made your bid to get your bling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have decided I want to develop my lounge..."BEDROCK". Nothing fancy. Just a place to go chat, hang out and be social.
She Is For Sale..woooohooooo
Would you like to own a DIVA!!! Come check your Whispers and see what she has to offer. If you don't wanna bid just stop and rate her. Just click the picture below and start the bidding.... Good luck Whispers...MWAH!! MSMAINE
Run Away
Sometimes I feel like the word is looking over my shoulder I feel my patience growing shorter I dontwant to know I dont want to feel I dont want to be I dont want to sound crazy! I dont want to sound insane! Have you ever felt the same? I cant take the pressure Just want to run away I make believe Im feeling better Cause I cant take the pressure Just need to run away
Monday 05-05-08 (rising)
Monday, March 5, 2008 Glad you see you back all bright and shiny like a new penny or ... ummm SUNSHINE! Excuse me for a moment ... There! I had to turn off some of the 'brightness' lol So anyway ... Glad you see you back all bright & shiny ... okay Exposed to "Bright & Shiny" surroundings! (at least) As I type this, I'm trying to keep the clouds at bay ... and sound sunny. As I do that, I'm trying to remember
State Of Mind
State of Mind Hunting, just to find For someone, for a state of mind They kept me alive With words so kind Lost in a place like this They tie me down, They keep me here Just as I disappear Its crazy what just a few words can do It's like love at first sight I didnt expect her to bite Now I've gained a new friend Except this isn't pretend She let me know That this isn't the end
I stand, at the edge of the abyss, with only darkness below. A storm of self doubt rumbles on the horizon, foretold by the thunder of disappointment. I shake, precariously balanced at the edge; serpents surround me, grinning at the confusion. The storm roars closer one last step into the abyss. A quick glance above, thru the darkness, thru the confusion, I search. I find. Filtered thru the clouds unfolds a clinging glimpse of hope. A treasure to embrace: My Sunshine, My hope, My future, My life.
Darkness Of Light
Life caresses me with false hope, but Rage, Anger and Contempt are my companions. Passion tempting a wilted soul, while demons continue taunting me. The carousel of life continuing, no destination, no purpose, no end. A continuous circle of blind contentment, while reality invades from the shadows.
here it is how is the easiest way for some one to tll a person their true feelings when the person they want to tell this to lives so far away. i'm starting to fall pretty hard and have no idea how to tell him this. i want him to know but other then writing him a letter or telling him online we really can't talk. any ideas?
Always And Forever
The Porn Star Meets The Coed
The Porn star meets the coed By Caty the Ghost © 2008 My name is Jackie yes that Jackie model actress and prono star. I was hosting a primer party for my newest movie "Pink Girls Invade L.A." It was in the Beverly Hilton. I had the regular "A" list and smiles not a single man around unless you count Trans girls which I had several here. Even the staff was all female after all my parties were the hottest Lesbian parties in Holly Wood! Madonna made her grand entrance as usual and then I saw her sneak in. Yes a hot little girl obviously from UCLA had crashed my party. She grabbed a drink and was trying hard not to ogle the celebrities. She stood about five foot five in her designer heels and her designer dress must have set her daddy back at least a grand. Me I was in a barely there Fredrick’s of Hollywood special made outfit and I was still wearing my hot pink hair from the movie and a pair of killer boots. I strolled over and grabbed her and hugged her lifting her off the
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

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