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Note To Readers Of My Blog!!
When bad things happen some people cry,I write!! I've had a shitty weekend so what I've writting this night is twisted,dark and most people can not handle it. So if your one of this people don't go any farther then this entery!!
Pagan Definitions
The Pagan Community: Heathen, Pagan, Wicca, and Witchcraft! (c)2001 Aerlynn. (E-Mail: The following is a simple explanation of some of the more common terms which are used within the Pagan community. Included is a brief history of the word and its modern usage. The definitions of many words tend to change over time, and so its always good to understand both a modern and historical definition of any word to ensure proper understanding of the term. Heathen The term heathen was historically used to refer to a person who "dwelled near the hearth" or alternately, "who lived on the heaths." The heaths were rocky outcroppings that existed in the countryside and more rural areas. In ancient times, the hearth was the center of the home and the place where the family gathered for entertainment, food, religious observances, and other important activities. In historic texts, the term heathen is often used to refer to those who continued to follow and adhere
Herbal Preparation & Herbs
Herbal medicine has been practiced for as long as humans have been around. It was the only form of physical medicine (except for acupuncture), available until the last century. When it was discovered that the active ingredient of an herb or chemical could be isolated, and in may cases reproduced in a lab, medicine went from treating the patient to treating the symptoms. While this has been a good thing if extreme measures were call for, it further separated us from nature and Her gifts. It also upset the balance of nature both externally and within our own bodies. Externally, the focus of the last fifty years has been, "satisfy our wants and needs now and we will figure out how to fix it later. After all, we have science!" The toll of that attitude on our environment and quality of life is easy to see. Internally more and different diseases have been seen in the last century than in any previous time in history. Cancer affects 1/3 or our population. Allergies and sensitivities are now
Hell Yeah!
today me and my sister got into it and for the first time in my life i didnt take her and dave were at our house today i was finishing the floor while he was doing some odds and ends, lil things that i cant do. my sister shows up out of nowhere. i just keep putting down the floor while shes out side my house digging up the rose bush. pissed me off but my sister had her 9 year old girl with her and i didnt wanna fight in front of her. finally my sister comes in and asks me what im doing so i say redoing the floor and shes looking around and she says is mom ready to sell it now? so i tell her mom and dad are selling it to me.she says well they told me no and i said look me and dave are fixing this house with our money and that it was dads idea if she had a problem with call mom and dad. she startes into her amy gets what ever she wants speech and thats when it happened folks for the first time in my life i stood up for myself i looked right at my sister and said "Fuck You get out
Relationship Questions
Relationship Questions YOU OPENED IT.. NOW YOU HAVE TO DO IT .. AND BE HONEST 1) Single, Taken, or Crushing? YES 2) Are you happy with where you are? I'm in another war zone, yeah, I'm Fugn happy. 3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast? Yes, unfortunatley 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? I have the hard little ball that's left hidden in a secret room. 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok? NO. 6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? I have, I'm a fucking pushover. 7) Have you talked about marriage with another person? Twice, lost my house both times. 8) Do you want children? I have one... don't have what you can't afford to take care of properly... without outside help. 9) How many? Maybe one... Maybe just another Bike. 10) Would you consider adoption? Am right now... DON'T GET ME STARTED... 11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to le
Bangme Or Not
Bangme Or Not
My "dead" Name
"DEAD" NAME GENERATOR Is it time for a new online nic? Well, you've come to the right place! Simply enter your first and last name in the form below and click Submit. The short address to this page is Check out our new adult gallery Here. ((because I felt guilty, okay???)) Enter your first name: Lucy Enter your last name: Brott Your goth name is: Morbid Princess Enter your first name: Lucinda Enter your last name: Brott Your goth name is: Deranged Insanity What's your "dead name" ??? Go check it out at: **************************************************** It's back.... lmao, are ya happy? (don't want them thinking bad of *you*! LoL!)
Night All
Well its been a long weekend for me so I am off to bed Night all
Bad Poetry?
I decided to put some of my horrible poetry out there for people to read. Why? I acredit masochistic tendencies. Walking Contradiction Trying to find words. Simple sounds become absurd. Lingering responses not received. Mounting maladies of the heart. Strange attractions to harmful addictions. Beautiful misery when I’m without you. Cause even in your absence I know you are still there though perhaps not with me. Meandering musing on the matter. Pleading pointless patterns. But I miss you regardless. Nothing discernible in broken ideas. Haunted by a past best left discarded. Only in you salvation is found. Freed from the torment of mundane. Have I made sense? Or is this all just a confusing as me... and you...
Vanilla Sex
John Doe strode into the bedroom wearing His leather postal worker's uniform. He sneered at the bound and gagged figure on the bed as he reached into his latex mailbag. Jane Doe, a 29 year old schoolgirl, looked up at her Master, her eyes a mixture of fear and desire. She gasped as he brought a knife with a nine inch blade out of the bag. "I saw something on the Internet which I want us to try," He said sternly, "Are you willing?" Jane nodded eagerly and mumbled, "yeff Mather." John smiled as he bent close and cut her free of her bonds. "Strip," he ordered as he began to remove his own clothes. Jane quickly complied, wondering what new delights her beloved Master had in store for her. "Lay back on the bed," He commanded. Jane did so. John then laid on top of her. "Tonight my dear," He whispered while reaching for the light switch, "We are going vanilla!" "No!" cried Jane as the room plunged into darkness. The above tale is true. John eventually left Jane to move in with a vanill
End Of The Mourning
blackened palms bring the gods upon us seven eyes of the bleeding one showing the path of darkness revelation of the red sun tell the tale of solitude severed ties from everyone would you let it in would you pray for me end the morning save yourself from sin if you walk with me ill keep you safe if you ask for me to heal your wounds ill cure your pain look inside yourself and youll find and empty soul lift me with your crown of thorns ill keep your heart a glow keeping you awake to see the river of blood thats deep inside me
Herbs & Their Magickal Properties
A Acacia : Protection, Psychic Powers, Money and Love Spells Adam & Eve Roots : Love, Happiness Adders Tongue : Healing African Violet : Spirituality, Protection Agaric : Fertility Agrimony : Protection, Sleep Ague Root : Protection Alfalfa : Prosperity, Anti-Hunger, Money Alkanet : Purification, Prosperity Allspice : Money, Luck, Healing Almond : Money, Prosperity, Wisdom Aloe : Protection, Luck Aloes, Wood : Love, Spirituality Althea : Protection, Psychic Powers Alyssum : Protection, Moderating Anger Amaranth : Healing Heartbreak, Protection, Invisibility, Anemone : Health, Protection, Healing Angelica : Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions Anise : Protection, Purification, Youth Apple : Love, Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality Apricot : Love Arabic Gum : Spirituality, Purify Negativity and Evil Arbutus : Exorcism, Protection Asafoetida : Exorcism, Purification, Protection Ash : Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health Aspen : Eloquence, Anti-Theft As
hey im at 390 and i ws wondering if any one out there can help me out to get to the next level id realy like it but hey im just asking not begging so you realy dont have to if you dont want too well any way in other news im going to be a dad here very shortly wife is about to have our first ' a baby boy , and you aks are you nervus? hell hell yeah and excited at the same time well its late got to work hope you all help me out alittle and thanks for the love you guys have allready sent me
I Cant Believe It...
My husband finally called yesterday and told me some bullshit story about why he hasnt been able to contact me in more than 2 months. He told me that he really wants to be the husband and father that he knows he can be. He also told me that he has never stoped loving me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life making everything right. The story he told me is complete bullshit and I know that if I let him come back that everything will be just as fucked up as before. If he would just grow the fuck up and stop lying to me we might have had a chance. He must think I am an idiot if he expects me to belive him. GAH... I hate guys like him. Thank you to anyone who actually read this leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
It's happening again... I have ONE WEEK. I need to: find an apartment apply get approved pay deposit & rent sign a lease pack all my stuff move in I have one week to get ALL this done. I don't know how I can manage while working 50 hour weeks. Fuck my company for not doing anything to help me properly staff my store. Fuckers can kiss my overworked ass. How am I supposed to do this?
Halloween Parties?
Hey there, what's everyone doing for Halloween? If anyone's from Sydney, let me know if there are any good parties to go to ;)
My New Job
well from the look of it i might be going to the west coast to help finish the indigo girls US tour i got my old job back beign a roadie for various bands just wanted to see if anyone else might have a cool job they wanna list wife well shes a stripper so ... ( whatever ) so list your jobs 2
We see without purpose in a world full of significance, one solid arc surrounding this point; a slow and infinite division, order is ever shifting; observing only a reflection of all that has and will become, we dream our own fate; we fear our own creation. Can we choose our birth, our fate pain bound to earth, others fear our essence, self-hate motionless, forced action sharp gradients, spiral entropy in motion, this hunger slowly decays, both withering, it burns, still uncreated, future consumed past; nothingness waits at last, in any direction; the first moment, first movement.
Back When~~country~~
Back When Performed by: Tim McGraw Album: Live Like You Were Dying (Jeff Stevens/Stephony Smith/Stan Lynch) Don't you remember The fizz in a pepper Peanuts in a bottle At ten, two and four A fried bologna sandwich With mayo and tomato Sittin' round the table Don't happen much anymore We got too complicated It's all way over-rated I like the old and out-dated Way of life Back when a hoe was a hoe Coke was a coke And crack's what you were doing When you were cracking jokes Back when a screw was a screw The wind was all that blew And when you said I'm down with that Well it meant you had the flu I miss back when I miss back when I miss back when I love my records Black, shiny vinyl Clicks and pops And white noise Man they sounded fine I had my favorite stations The ones that played them all Country, soul and rock-and-roll What happened to those times? I'm readin' Street Slang For Dummies Cause they put pop in my country I want more for my mo
Ok I Am Back (well At Least For Now)
Hello To All, Ok to those who don't know it looks like I am back in civilization. Got back today and hope I don't ever have to go that long again without net access again !! Hope to talk to all of you really soon. Have a good week and look forward to catching up with all of you.. And again thanks for all the love you guys have shown while I was away !!! Trish
It Is Not Easy Being A Man ======== Part 4 Questions
Can Anyone Answer These Questions??? This may a little too graphic for some folks.     Does “size” really matter? Why do we men and yes even the women do it too, obsess over the size of certain “body parts”?   I got thinking about this question really hard after getting probably the one millionth piece of spam about on how to “Increase Your Penis Size NOW” normally I just laugh when I get this junk and bounce it right back to the sender without giving it a second thought, but this time I started thinking “Damn this shit is beginning to get really old” and what’s funny too is if I don’t get one of those, I end up with getting one about increasing breast size (last time I checked I did not have any tits, so I guess that leaves me out)   It is really odd how we feel about the size of our penises or our breasts, almost like if we are not a certain size then we don’t measure up to some certain invisible guideline or something. We feel some sort of self-consciousness about ourselves
Damn it..I've reached my faily photo rating limit but I only have 1600 points to go!! AHHH! Dammit! An thanks to everyone who helped and got me down like 4000 points! Its amazing! Thanks so much!
It Is Not Easy Being A Man ======== Part 3 Flatulence
If anyone would like to hear the music to this as well send me a private message and include your email address and I will send it to you ASAP. It is really funny!!!!!   DADDY CUT THE BIG ONE Copyright © Confederate Railroad It was a hot Sunday mornin' Middle of July The choir was a singin' 'Bout the sweet by and by Everybody was a swayin' And sweatin' in the heat We all bowed our heads down As the preacher took his seat My sister and my brother stood next to my mother In the quiet at the close of the verse That's when daddy cut the big one At the Horn Lake Mississippi Missionary Baptist Church My sister rolled her eyes back My brother bit his lip My cousin just behind us Whispered, "Hey, who let it rip?" I stuck my face in my shirtsleeve Stared down at my shoes Lord, you could hear a pin drop As we stood there in the pew Heads were turnin', eyes were burnin' Momma stuck her nose in her purse After daddy cut the big on
I got a Terms Of Service violation from AOL. Its ridiculous. I was complaining in a chat room about a few girls who happened to be southern and not very good conversationalist. And well yeah I called all southern girls that I had been talking to lately retards. And they have been. I stand by it. If you drop out of high school, have given birth to three children and none of them are in your custody because of legal reasons. Guess what, YOU ARE NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE CHANDOLIER. I know I am not Hawking, but I graduated High school, kept my weener out of where it didn't belong for the most part, and can usaully carry on a pretty good conversaiton when I am in the mood to. Yeah sure I have my moments where all I want is pics, but I can generally give up when some one says no. Or if I just wanna quit any way. Bottom line is I don't erally like people. Since I don't have my dads credit card information, I had to ask him to straighten out my AOL mess. It took hime an hour and a half
It Is Not Easy Being A Man ======== Part 2
Next, there are the double standards that come into play which can shed both of the sexes in an unfair light in some cases; 1.        On looking at the opposite sex in a certain manner; a.       If we men are spotted looking just a little too long at a woman, especially at her “special charms” (ie: breasts or buttocks), we may be called pigs, perverts, lecherous SOB’s, horndogs, or at times even worse than that as well but I will not repeat those. Let’s face it, we have eyes and we are going to look, it is only natural, telling us not to look it like telling us not to breath or to stop our heart from beating. It is a huge challenge. b.       On the other hand, if a woman is spotted looking at a man in such a way it is considered humorous. I remember a lady friend of mine whistling at a bunch of sailors and it was quite acceptable and funny. c.       In my opinion I really don’t think that judge anyone on this, as we are all human and have all been born with the key flaw that makes
Bad News
ive got a bad reputation for being the one you choose to keep you from sleepin at night and to be the one you lose ive got this bad attitude its somethin thats been goin around and i dont care if it hurts you youll be set down and put back in your place you dont need no lovin baby strip me down well get things started youll be my cure start loving me treat me like you should we can walk the line until we cant stop take me tonite
Your Evolution
divide the conquored in your path and die again for love fall from the heavens in the next one's eyes and sacrifice your faith live in the excuse of "who you are" bone dry of truth and heart an angel, hardly have you become in these moments of sublime dark
It Is Not Easy Being A Man ======== Part 1
It’s a Guy Thing (Or is it the Perils of Having a Penis?)   I am in one of my “Andy Rooney” type of moods here and I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts and perhaps maybe even give you a good chuckle at the same time even if it may be at my expense, I have no problem with that, through the years not only do I poke fun at other people and things, I have also learned to be able to poke fun at myself as well.   I have been sitting here thinking about what to put up for my next blog on Yahoo 360 and I got to thinking about a phone conversation that I had with a lady friend of mine in another part of the country about a week or so ago along with some other conversations that I have had with a few other women as well about a host of different issues.   We got to talking about different things and in my humorous way I had given each of these dear ladies a man’s point of view (namely mine because the last time that I checked all the male equipment was still ther
okay..listen it's give and take..both of you have to respect each other no matter what situation ur in... and holy fuck people let the small shit go... nobody man or woman should stay in a shitty situation.... men and women should take care of each other sexually ...and i don't care what anyone says.. it's important... The Workforce does pick and choose who they hire based on sexuality, how attractive ur and your qualifications and it's the facts. Take a look around.
Goodbye Illusions
have you, in that place called heart loved at all in truth? in a hard day's life where you are given all silver platters beneath expectation did you think that love wasn't work that there would never be doubt regret, fear, or dissappointment? did you think that life would continue i she wasn't allowed to be a mortal when you had fallen so far from grace so goodbye to the illusions of hope and the false peace of dreams goodbye to the whole and the idea of you
As I Am
This is a partial transcript of a conversation between myself and my former wife. She wrote this. as i am broken and beat I kneel at your feet Father forgive me for I am not worthy of your presence or your forgiveness yet you carry me when I want to quit how can you hold me when I am a sinner broken and beat? Father, heal me and make me whole and alive with your love and grace See my heart it is filled with hurt and anger heal me and make me whole only you, my Lord can make me whole to be free and laugh and feel your joy and your peace enough of this writing it is what is in my heart I was just typing whatever came out of my heart amen
Certain People On My Friends List
I don't know what's up lately with a certain few people on my friends list here on LC. (You probably already know who you are by me saying this) I feel like I'm being ignored when I specifically send you a message and you ignore me. So if I don't hear back from those certain people by tomorrow I'm going to delete them, because obviously you don't want to be my friend. If I just recently added you as a friend then don't worry I'm not refering to you. If I haven't left you a message to which you didn't reply then don't worry I'm not refering to you either. I want to keep people on my friends list that truly are my friends and aren't going to ignore me. I've had my share of those when I was younger and I'm not going through that now. Now is not the time to be ugly to me anyway with my health probs going on. Though I'm starting to wonder if those people I'm refering to even care.
It is something that we far too often take for granted. The term narrate actually initially comes from the same root as knowledge. Latin narrare, narrat-, from gnarus, knowing; gno- Now we are at a convenience cross roads in our own history, which happens to finally converge again as one path in our present society. Around two and a half millennia ago, the concept of Gnostic and knowledge began our separation of science and religion in the Western world. Yet, they have remained constant as narrators, a term which also began at the same time to separate. Gradually, they grew apart while still encompassing many connections. Now not going into great depth, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it; however, all three of these positions rely on two very simple premises. First, there must be a collective faith for the observation to remain as knowledge. Second, there must be a solidified source of divination from which the knowledge arrives. The narrator relies on the author, who prese
Late Night/err...early Morning Piercing Entry Lol
just felt like writing a quick hello. kind of bored and waiting for my iPod to update and watching Christopher Titus stand up comedy- man Titus was so funny, i wish i knew what ever happend to it. sooooo i've been 18 for exactly 10 days... and i am still UN peirced and UN tattood... this is UN acceptable.... i'm going to talk to my doctor about dangers of nipple piercings, but ive decided even tho i want both done- im only going to get one and see how my body handles it, if it rejects at least ill only reject ONE as opposed to two great piercings that i had to pay for (not to say that i wont get the second one done and it decides to reject that), plus if the place messes up or something, i again didnt pay for TWO fuckups, i can see if i like their work and then decide if i wanna get the second one done right away- not to mention its gunna be kind of hard for me to sleep if i have them both done at the same time... so for now ill go with getting my right one done and see how it wor
False And Deadly
in the moments of the dark when you claw for salvation in the arms of a replacement remember the vision of what we could have been remember the nights when the excuse of chemicals released your desires and you told me of secrets or lied to me of dreams so in those moments remember that you couldn't even be real with me...
A Hard Day
He is about 6'3 200lbs 6 pack big strong arms tight ass tight legs dark chocolate skin and brown eyes jet black curly hair. It was a typical day for a guy named Johhny where it consisted of him getting up throwing some cold water on his face to wake himself up. Then turning on the shower as it got hot while be brushed his teeth then going to grab his towel out of the linen closet. Then coming back into the bathroom as he jumped in the shower as he washes his face again getting rid of that dirty and oil on his face. Then washing all over his nice tight 6 pack stomach. Then washing all over this nice muscular arms. Then working the towel all over his dick that is about 9 inches and 3 to 4 inches thick. Then washing all over his tight ass as he rinses himself off. He gets out the shower and dries off as he then wraps his towel around him. As he splashes some preshave on his face then puts some shaving cream on his face as he has it on for five minutes then shaves the cream off nice n and
I have discovered that I deal more easily with my regret over the things in my live that I have done, than I do with my regret over the things I have not done. Today is never the result of one choice made in one of our yesterdays. Today is the culmination of all the choices to act or not to act that we have made throughout every yesterday we have ever lived through. Regret is the narrow-mindedness that says “The Now is intolerable because of this single past circumstance.” How much do you really know about yourself if you have never been poor, been well off, been a follower, been a leader, been in a fight, been a peacemaker, been alone, been part of a larger whole, been a student, been a teacher, been wracked with fear, been consumed with hate, been drowned in sadness, been washed with joy, been baffled, or been the one who figured it out. Strive to understand who and where you are right now to help determine where you wish to go. “You are not the car you drive. You are
Whats Good?
So Much For Friend
was i not anything not precious enough to cherish or do you live in a world where friends, lovers and angels are disposable was i not worth holding in your heart tiny, that it is still beating with those instincts to sacrifice warrior of old and barbarian of my dreams sweet and poisonous so offer me one thing in your rejection only the answer to what made you do this
Communication #2
There are four types of conversations: 1. Surface – These are the conversations on the weather, how she looks in that dress, etc. There is no meat to this. No one is persuaded. 2. Authoritarian – These are one-sided. The speaker is perceived superior and is always the speaker. The listener need only acknowledge that they are listening. This persuades, chastises, orders, or praises. 3. Technical – This is the information sharing exchange. This is an eye-to-eye sharing between perceived equals for the purpose of problem solving. 4. Penetrating – This is the deepest of communications. No subject draws ridicule. There is understanding of the very core of the speaker as well as of that which is spoken. Much of your character is revealed when you examine which of the four is the most comfortable for you and which is least comfortable. A man is no more than a shambling shell if he has no one with whom he can have a #4 conversation. Say what you really mean. When you drop
...SAGITTARIUS... .Spontaneous. .Horny. .Freak in Bed. .High sex appeal. .Rare to find. .Great when found. .Loves being in long relationships. .The one .So much love to give .pretty. .Very romantic. .Silly, fun and sweet. .Have own unique sexiness. ...GEMINI... .Nice. .Love is one of a kind. .Great listeners .Very Good in bed. .Lover not a fighter, but will still punch your lights out. .Trustworthy. .Always happy. .Loud. .Talkative. .Outgoing. .Very forgiving. .Loves to make out. .Has a beautiful smile. .Generous. .Strong. .Ultra sexy. .The Most Irresitible. ...SCORPIO... .Can be mean. .EXTREMELY sexy. .Intelligent. .Their Love is one of a kind. .Silly, fun and sweet. .Have own unique sexiness. .Loud. .Loyal. .Energetic. .Predict future. .Most erotic .Always get what they want. .Hard to forget. .Sexy. .Attractive. .Easy going. .Loves being in long relationships. .Talkative. .Romantic. .Caring. .Great when found. ...AQUAR
New Cherry Here
well a hot frienda mine got me on this site n wow i am impressed-tons o hot ass here! but it takes so damm long on dial up to get all this info loaded up here. anyone else fromKitimat BC Canada here? doubt it but its worth a shoy eh.. anyhoo hope all is well in yer households n halla back ifn u wanna chat! Peace!
I'm so hot and horny these days, I have nobody to really blame but myself. No man in my life, but that's mainly cause i have children. And that usually scares em away. Frustration sits at my heels right at the moment but that's alright, i'll cope as i always do. :)
Kiss-everytime I Look At You
Tryin' to say I'm sorry, didn't mean to break your heart And find you waitin' up by the light of day There's a lot I want to tell you, but I don't know where to start And I don't know what I'd do if you walked away Ooh, baby I tried to make it, I just got lost along the way Chorus: But every time I look at you, no matter what I'm goin' thru, it's easy to see And every time I hold you, the things I never told you, seem to come easily 'Cause you're everything to me I never really wanted to let you get inside my heart I wanted to believe this would soon be ending I thought it wouldn't matter, if it all just came apart But now I realize I was just pretending Ooh, baby, I know I hurt you, but you can still believe in me chorus It's gonna take a little time to show you, just what you mean to me, oh yeah It seems the more I get to know you, the more I need to make you see You're everything I need, yeah (Instrumental break) Oho, I need ya
Conversation requires four parts. It begins with a central idea in the head of the speaker. That idea is translated into the speaker’s words and body language. Understanding then occurs in the listener and feedback is given back to the speaker by words or body language. Know which two of the four belong to you at any given moment and don’t attempt either of the other two out of turn. Having no central idea and still beginning to speak is a serious and common problem. Study our language to aid in your translation efforts and also because, like a sword, language can be used as a weapon. Have care that your ‘sword’ is not taken away and used to kill you. If you do not give feedback, the speaker will repeat himself, waste time and become irritated. Books are conversations with people who may no longer be alive. What you do from that point on with your life is your feedback. Add no additional weight to the printed word; take it just as you would if it were spoken to you persona
Prioritize everything in your life into two categories: 1. Important – i.e. things that could cause someone you care about to bleed or die. 2. Everything else. Strive not to add extra concern to things you place under item #1 and do not take concern away from things you place under item #2. Just use this to make you more familiar with yourself. You will gain understanding into what lies behind your own actions, particularly those that baffle you, when you look at what you have in category #1 that should be in #2.
Value Of A Life
The phrase is tossed about that, “Every life has value…” The end of this line that has been forgotten is that “the value of a life is set by the owner.” This is the same for everyone. Just as a shopkeeper sets the prices for his goods, every person sets the value of his or her own life. If a thug attempts to rob a store he has set the value of his life below that of the amount of money he hopes to get in the robbery. Who am I to argue with him? If the storeowner dies in the robbery it is because he failed to set the value of his life higher through proper preparation. He has placed the value of his life below the value of the, at least, psychologically prepared robber’s. Anyone attempting violent action against me or near me toward an innocent has set the value of their lives at some multiple of 9¢. This multiple, coincidentally, equals the number of .45 caliber Federal Hydro-Shock rounds it takes me to kill them (2 per person at a minimum).
why is it that woman are so blinded by love that they think the person they are with loves them and is loyal and faithful to them but when you sit there and listen to the excusses that they give you... we beleive them... as if our hearts are saying i want so much to beleive my other half.... but yet in all do rality infact they are not faithful... or they do not find you attractive???? they lie and desive you and tell you what you want to hear... how come everytime i am in a relationship i get hurt???? that i am ALWAYS cheated on... damn am i not giving it up enough guys???? do you not find me attractive??? am i that bad of a lover??? friend??? companion??? woman we need to open our eyes and not our hearts.. i think i am just going to turn into a cold heartless i dont give a fuck bitch and then maybe i wont get hurt.. i am fed up with being the nice girl the loving and caring girl the one that puts every one elses feelings befor mine because in the end my heart always gets ripped out
Want This As A Tat As Well....
45 Things Every Girl Needs... (thought I Had Posted This Before, But Didnt Find It)
1-touch their waist 2-talk to them 3-share secrets 4-give her your jacket 5-kiss them slowly are you remembering this? 6-hug her 7-hold her 8-laugh with her 9-invite her somewhere 10-let her be with you when you're with your friends keep reading 11-smile with her 12-take pics with her 13-pull her onto your lap 14-when she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back 15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends. it makes her feel loved Are you thinking about someone? 16-always hug her and say i love you when you see her 17-kiss her unexpectedly 18-HUG HER FROM BEHIND AROUND THE WAIST 19-tell her shes beautiful not sexy! 20-tell her the way you feel about her! ..20 u need to show her you mean it too 21-kiss her on the lips 22-DONT ask her to buy you stuff. you buy HER stuff 23-TELL HER WHAT FEELS GOOD 24-make her feel loved 25-buy her stuff. small things c
My Next This
And What Do You Want?
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Sigh... So Pretty
I gave you everything, all I could give It might not have been, the life you thought you'd live I know it feels good, to have you by my side Even though I know you could, just break my heart wide I just have to ask you, one more time. Did I make feel like number one? Did I help you see like stars in the sun? Did I make you feel like number one? Did I make you feel like lifes just begun It's like a puzzle, a piece that just fits You never really needed to look for it In your eyes I see my future and my past And, I never really thought that we wouldn't last I just have to ask you, one more. Did I make you feel like number one? Did I help you see like stars in the sun? Did I make you feel like number one? Did I make you feel like lifes just begun The way I've seen, all the good times and the bad Been waiting for the next part we never had To the highest mountain, yeah I would climb I just have to ask you, one more time. Did I make you feel like number one? D
Free Morphs
If you want a morphing picture. I will make you one for free.I'm disabled with lots of time on my hands and I love helping friends. All I need is the before and after photo. For more info e-mail me at Tiny The East Texas Dragon
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Why Do You Hide Those Beautiful Eyes?
…To someone I knew…a long time ago …To someone I loved….before love was known …To someone who grew…through life’s highs and lows …To someone whose destiny…is yet unknown …To someone who knows…the importance of truth …To someone whose hidden heart…still bleeds hope …To someone whose searched…the depths of their soul …To someone who deserves…the sanctity of home …To someone whose dreams…have gone up in smoke …To someone who has always…felt alone …To someone who can’t quit…because of the unknown …To someone whom true love…has never been shown …To someone who sees me…through their eyes …In the mirror …Every night …To someone that has survived…life …With a wounded heart, and an empty hand. Copyright: © Jay Bird's Me...again...
Saiyanprincevegeta...not As Good As Goku...but Hey...
Oh Boo Hoo
I just made a friend of mine upset because I told him we can't go to his Friends Christmas Party this year, even though he gave us enough time in advance. I keep telling him that we work on the weekends and won't take time off unless its a good reason to. I'm not going to use my PTO time to go to some lame party of his. And I won't take time off not using my PTO because I don't want any occerances, yea I spelled that wrong...shush... and I can't really afford to have any since I'm moving up in my job. I haven't missed one day since I became a permant and don't plan to. This guy is just so fuckin' pathetic. He's 24 years old, still lives with mommy and his life depends on video games. Literally! He keeps track of how many he has defeated, how many he plans and shit...He gets depressed if there is no game out there to play. He gets depressed when D&D night gets cancelled. He flipped out because Chris couldn't do the game because he was sick. I can't stand Josh..... I just want to
...there's More Than One Way To Skin A 'cat'...
Hello Everyone
dragonse@ LostCherry
Bye Soldier Man
Ok, so my baby left again... Im extremely sad and I cried a lot. This time hes only goin to be gone for 6-7 weeks most likely. For sure only 3. It all depends on the army and what is open. This weekend with him was the best. Things could have gone a lot smoother if his mother wasnt nagging him. Its all good though. His cousin and I are planning on taking a weekend to see him in between airborn and rip. Im totally at a loss for words.. Im so tired but i dont think i can sleep thats soo bad. I need to go on sleeping pills. His cousin and I are just chatting about everything and its really nice to have someone else here my own age. Things are finally starting to look up for me. All I need now is my soldier. This weekend was just the medicine I needed besides a little something else ;) I dont really know what else to write about other than I cant wait to also see my cousins. I havent seen them in probly 8 years and i will be staying with them for 4 nights. I hope I will get along
Rate Meplz
Hope You Get A Chance To Rate My Pics....and Leave Some Comments!!
Im A Single Bitch Again
SO.........YEAH iM SiNGLE.....YAY!!!!!! (i GUESS)
It Has Been A While
It has been a little while since I wrote anything on here so I thought I would let everyone know I am alive lol. I have been having some rough times but who hasn't, I guess I am trying really hard to make it through them by myself to show everyone that I can do it. It is really hard to figure out lifes major things when other things are happening too. I am doing better than I was doing for a bit...I was a little crappy for a minute lol. I am starting to figure out that I can't change what things aren't in my power to change, but the things that are, like me and my suroundings can be fixed. I can also control how I handle how people treat me and act towards me. If someone wants you in their life...they will show it. And BELIEVE ME I know who wants me in their life now a days. I hate it so much when people turn out to be not at all what you thought. It is a sad thing. I will get over it though and learn from it. Now to just move on. I am very sad that certian people in my life choo
I FUCKIN MISS HIM! I MISS JOHN! today has been fuckin horrible! its on days like today that i would run and talk to john and he'd make everything so much fucking better! DAMNIT!!!!! I FUCKING MISS HIM!!! WHY!??! WHY THE FUCK DID HE HAVE TO GO PLAY FUCKIN SOLDIER?! *~*DEAD INSIDE*~*
My First Blog
I just wanted to make a blog and say hi to all my new fiends and hit me up anytime you want to...I am online alot.
Well, my friend Dena told me I needed to check this place out so here I it's quite interesting..Oh dear lord it's already after 11 and I should be in bed, I guess I'm turning in for the night.. To all of the new friends that I hope to make..I hope that ya'll have a wonderful night..sWeET dreams...
All Prepared, Just Need Time
got a costume, got the make up, got the hairspray(yes..i'll need it for what i'm gonna do) pics to come soon, whenever i get time to dress up and take em! note to the one i stalk...I LOVE YOU SEXY LADY!!...and i plan on taking a special pic just for you!
Sweet Dreams My Freinds
I hope you all have a most wonderful tomorrow
My stomachs killing me. Ive layed on my bed and just cried a lot today, it really hurts. Ill survive. I went for a walk a few hours ago, and just got back a lil while ago. Im gonna go for another one. I like walking in the dark, its peaceful and i can think better this way. I love night, i always have. Sometimes when im thinking i have all these thoughts that cross into my mind, and then i think of answers and whys, i hate the conclusions sometimes. I really wish i didnt care about other people as much as i do, cause its going to bite me, just wait and see, im pretty much waiting for it to. Its sad. I should be thinking positive, but when you've dealt with my brother and mother for as long as i have, you know how things end. But i love them. Reguardless of what they've done to me, and i cant let them get hurt, or get screwd over. So if protecting them is what i have to do then ill do it. At all cost. Hes not losing his daughter, even if it means putting off other parts of my li
All About Me
so im still new here to lc...just meeting new people and having fun doing it....well im a 23 yr old single mother of two young but wonderful kids. My daughter will be 4 in jan. and my son will be 2 next june. I am currently seperated from my husband and will be going through a divorce as soon as i can get my kids back from foster care. I am very much in love with my baby Scott...we plan on getting married as soon as my divorce from my looser of a husband happens. We are also trying to have a baby together. He has a daughter on the way in jan. so i will be a step mother also...but thats about it for me...if u have any more questions plz feel free to ask. Dont be afraid to add me as a friend also...there is plenty of room for friends with can never have enough friends....thanks all, Sexy Lexi
It's been only just under three months but it seems like so much longer. Things are going great John and I, and I we are very happy. This relationship is definately at the SERIOUS level much to my former suprise. Honestly I never expected to date him and I am sure most people would agree that we are an unlikely match but as luck of the draw would have it we are actually quite perfect for each other. We have so much in common and we just get along so well. You have no idea. And while I was afraid of jumping into a new relationship at first, it was such an easy transition. I feel completely comfortable around him and being the stress case that I am...its a miracle but he can actually get me to relax. Nothing gets sweeter than this.
Crash Landing (adult)
Three ladies were on a flight when suddenly the captain announced " Please prepare for a crash landing ". The first lady put on all her jewelry . Surprised by this the other ladies questioned her actions. The first lady replied, well when they come to rescue us they will see that I am rich and will rescue me first. The second lady not wanting to be left behind, began to take off her top and bra. Why are you doing that the other ladies questioned, well when they come to rescue us they will see my great tits and will take me first. The third lady who was African not wanting to be out done took off her pants and panties. Why are you doing that the other ladies questioned, well they always search for the black box first ?
=) salad fingers makes me happy
Honestly, Quiz!!!
1. Honestly, what color is your underwear? 2. Honestly, whats on your mind right now? 3. Honestly, what are you doing right now? 4. Honestly, what did you do today? 5. Honestly, do you think you are attractive? 6. Honestly, have you done something bad today? 7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel? 8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? 9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time? 10. Honestly, do you bite your nails? 11. Honestly, what is your mood right now? 12.Honestly, have you had/have an eating disorder? 13. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute? 14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret? 15. Honestly, do you hate someone right now? 16. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now? 17. Honestly, are you loyal? 18. Honestly, are you in denial? 19. Honestly, wouldn't you rather be having sex right now? 20. Honestly, who is your best friend? 21. Honestly, have you ever co
Thank You All!!!!
i wanna thank everyone that has left me comments on all my pics that i have up here. yall are very sweet. i just wanted to thank you all, i have tried to comment on yours as well.
Ok so as yall know it clearly states that I am a wiccan....and I am big believer of spirits and things of that nature I grew up with having to deal with seeing spirits and having premonitions even as a small child...but, here lately folks and yall can comment on whats going on with yall so, I dont feel like its just me but, I guess because its like close to halloween but, OMG! my house has been like damn grand central station!! we have the heat turned up almost full blast and Im still freezing my ass off! and it doesnt help that I can see and feel these "living impaired" beings but good grief do they have to touch me come on! Some of you out there may not believe and thats husband is a nonbeliver but, hey! to each his own...but, I will say this to all the nonbelievers that not everything is just rainbows and sunshine or well in some peoples cases dark clouds and are things out there that we dont understand.....I mean there I was smoking and instead of doin
She Friggin Blocked Me!!!!
Light Inside Me
and so it is written the path has been set the lord works wonders inside good intent I have found a light in an otherwise dark place I see an angel before me with a smiling face unconditonal kindness is what she gives from the darkness she pulls me so that I can live I thank god everyday for allowing me a chance to live again and bringing her to me
I'm An Elf...
You scored as Elf. You are an Elf. You find your center through all living things in the forest, and often you are influenced by nature, and pride. You tend to be selfish and envious at times, and my only suggestion would be to try and earn some trust with people, because you are the type of person who can flourish if you are happy, but you have to lean to put your trust in others sometimes. Elf100%Demon88%Elemental81%Magic user75%Ghost69%Warewolf63%Vampire63%Mermaid50%Fariy31%Mortal0%Find out what type o
Make Me Bleed
its funny to you so sad but its true just a kid in this life getting lost out of sight some day ill just have to let go live for the moment take back my control a gift from god a lightning rod when i start i never stop the man i became is doin nothing but missin shake off the religion id really like to get some but i think im just done stuck in the middle all grown up kicked in the face and now im fucked up left for dead nothing left in me im standing right here but you never really see me you cant keep me here you left it back there fight me make me bleed you cant break me ill take whats yours like its meant to be
Re The New Kid
Winter Joke
What's the difference between a Snowman and a Snowwoman? SNOWBALLS!!!!
I Am V
You scored as Code name V. Your Code name "V". Your vengeful and cold hearted at times. People have done horriable things to you in the past...but dont worry about them, you'll get back at them one way or another. Your a good person on the inside who believes strongly in the good of the people. You think that you could never fall in love because your heart is filled with hate...but even a heart as broken as your can love. Your strong and just and would fight for the good of your world.Code name V100%Creedy33%Finch17%Sutler17%Evey17%Deitrich0%What V for Vendetta character are you?created with
when the magic dies and im still here will you think of me or is it clear that you dont really want to see me everything was fresh and new believe me for awhile it was me and you doing things we had to do two hearts against the evil ones got each others back and movin on but it seems that aint the way it is and things just play out like this and its cool in a fucked up way to get that first one out of the way but now it feels kind of sad like a moment is all we had and left alone in the dark a cover is snuffing out the spark maybe its for the best and maybe its just like the rest of every damn relationship that comes along this wild trip they start real strong and feel so good strong as a rock is how it stood but then the walls start to crack and we get lost along the track and things dont stay the same and then someone starts the game and things dont ever feel right and everyone loses sight of what it was they found in you that made them be so close to
This Is My Thought Of The Day, Week, Millinum..
"A culture fixation on female thiness is not an obsession with female beauty but an obsession about female obedience." There you go. We aren't unhealthy, we just aren't obident. I take pride in the fact that I, being a heavy set woman, stand out among the twigs!!
I Am The Fight Cool!!!
You scored as The fight song.. You are the fight song. You are violent, and enjoy fighting. You don't follow the crowd and like being unique. Your lyric "Fight, Fight, Fight..."The fight song.94%Prelude, the family trip88%Better of two evils.75%Organ Grinder75%Speed of pain.69%The bright young things.63%The nobodies.38%Coma white31%s(AINT)25%The dope show.0%Find out what Marilyn Manson Song you are.... "Take this Quiz!!!"created with
Amor Prohibido By Selena
Amor ProhibidoAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
I Am A Goth(duh) Lol
You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!Goth90%Rocker, Mosher85%Emo40%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev30%Skater10%Prepy10%Trendy0%What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom By Selena
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The Party Went Ok But Kind Went Crazy To Wards The End
yep i got drunk as shit man it was good havent feel that good and a very very long time hell makes me feel like am the old me of by gone days of old
The Party Went Ok But Kind Went Crazy To Wards The End
yep i got drunk as shit man it was good havent feel that good and a very very long time hell makes me feel like am the old me of by gone days of old
so tonight i got in a car accident i hit a deer i tryed to miss it and i slid into the guardrail my whole drivers side and hood of my car r fucked up the deer went over the roof of me car i was way scared and all i could do was in lots of pain but im off tomorrow so ill rest all day right?? lol most likely not
Any One Live Near Grand Rapisd Or Musekgon
just lookign for people that ilve around me
I Am Sally!
Which character from The Nightmare Before Christmas are you? SallyTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Good Ol Country Music
If your a country music lover then you really should check out this wonderful person I know. He is AWESOME!!! Add him if you have a myspace account. He loves talking with friends/fans Feel free to add me also. Have a great upcoming week everbody and thank you for your time. Julie
Who Fucks Better The Marine Or The Sailor? ...stories Of My Two Best Sexual Experinces
who fucks better the Marine or the Sailor? ...stories of my two best sexual experinces Current mood: horny ok so just a warning again if you dont want to hear details about my sex life and how freaky i am dont read. you will find out way to much info about me if you do. but if you want to keep reading rock on. im just here to vent and compair a few things. and i just have to write about my night last night because it fucking rocked. im going to put my fav time i was with the Marine and then what happened last night that just blew my mind.ok here goes.... ok so my craziest and best sex romp was with the Marine one night. Well i guess its now my second best. Anyways. ok so he was drunk when i came over and he had whiskey dick. I always thought that was a bad thing and that they could not get hard. but in his case it took him forever to cum he stayed hard the whole time. i think we started out at about midnight or one am. we were finishing up at i believe 7 am when we heard his bro
No Me Queda Mas By Selena
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I Am Alice
What AMerican McGee's Alice Character are you? You are Alice. Your family has died, you are locked away deep within the asylum walls. You want revengge and seek to get your sanity back. So you go about wonderland weilding your knife to heal the land. Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Potpourri (live) By Selena
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Daughter Fight With Mother
Just get this off my head. I have a 15 year old daughter who lives with me during the week. I found out that her mother bash the hell out of me this past week. To my knowledge it was the first time. 1. I let here down and she can not trust I will be there for her. - She moved in with me because her mother could not stand her there. - Her grades pick up and she got her first straight A grades in high school. - I cook her breakfast every mourning and pack her lunch. - I “choose” not to date so it will not interfere with her life. 2. Because of her that she (mother) didn’t have a life. - Hummm I don’t believe she was ask to come here. - We where using a condom so it must have been for a reason. - She still graduated high school and college. - She started dating the guy she married within a year of the breakup with me. - She went to the prom (told her she didn’t).(SUCK anyway). - Her mother parents where about to sign a divorce that stop when she got pregnant.
This Site
I love this site LostCherry. It is a place to meet new friends and to see what is going on in the world too.
What's Ur Vice?
i took the quiz twice, since there were more that one answer that applied to me. The results are so true........ Your primary vice is sex You are able to escape reality, and all your problems through sex. You are incredibly passionate and a great lover and you have very little stress in your life because of your active vice. Take this quiz at Your primary vice is drugs You like to experiment with your perceptions, and doing so lets you forget about all of the little annoying problems in your life. You are very fun loving, and enjoy partying. Take this quiz at
The Colors Of Sex
The clothes you wear, your home furnishings and the car you drive all give clues to your sexual personality. The key is the colors you select for your possessions. Most people claim they haven't got a favorite color. But look around you, and you'll notice a pattern, especially in your clothing and home furnishings. The predominant color for you is the one that appears most frequently, it's the one that mirrors the sexual you. A panel of psychologists explained the association between color and sexual patterns. RED: People who like red tend to be tigers in the sack. They are easily aroused and enjoy sex in every way imaginable. Once the sexual spark is ignited, it may take hours to extinguish. When two reds get together, the ensuing erotica could make Lady Chatterly blush. Lovers of red tend to be aggressors and weaker colors should be aware. YELLOW: If you tend to favor yellow, your sexual drives are complex and turn toward the adaptable. The favorite color of homosexuals is yell
Rembrandts- Thundercats Theme
Fuck You
I lose everything. And I'm sick of it.
Wonderful Site .. Stop By .. You'll Enjoy
If by chance you dont have on your friends list .. Pleas make it a point to stop by and say Hello.. and without a doubt Check out the site .. Here's a couple of links.. I know you'll enjoy .. a Wonderful selection .. "From a recent Blog" Selling my Inventory of Brand New High Heel Shoes and Boots on Ebay!! Starting at Below Wholesale!! Please Pass this along to your friends!! And .. The Site itself.. now dont forget to Stop by's page and show some luv
Yes More Updatez On Me
Sunday, Still have that damn headache and I don't know what i am going to do.. Grandma is back in town and I have not been in her way at all.. I am sick so I stayed in the bed lol.. I had to.. I can't stand it no longer.. I have to get rid of it.. I try something but I may have to get off here when I am done.. I hope you all understand of what is going on.. I will get a chance to comment on your profile and comment on pictues later on tomorrow ok.. I hope you all have a really nice night.. Virgo24
One Who Has Been There For Me...through Hell And Back...
Cant Blame White People Anymore
Looks like New Orleans is waking people up. Bill Cosby is shaking their bed again. "We Can't Blame White People" by BILL COSBY "They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: Why you ain't, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around. The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what? And they won't spend $200 fo
Love Is This.....
Love is a fragile flower standing tall against tornadoes of hate and seas of discouragement. Love is a gentle breeze against your face. It's a cool stream of emotions flowing down the rocks of life. Love is a warm blanket on a cold winter's night. It's a feeling of be secure and safe. Love is what makes the world a worthwhile place. It's like the old saying goes its better to love and lost than to never have loved at all.
Tag You're It
~I WAS TAGGED By Amourette Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: 1. I hear voices 2. I've seen dead people 3. I can't sleep with any open doors in the house 4. I enjoy suffering 5. I wake up in the middle of the night, and believe some one is there 6. I love my exwife IM TAGGING: Mistressoftheundead RageGrrl DahliasBlood Melisanta Death SilveryWitch Tragedy
Curried Mango Pork Chops
Ingredients: 4 boneless pork chops, 3/4-inch thick 2 teaspoons curry powder 1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 4 sliced green onions 1/4 cup raisins 1/3 cup chicken broth 1 teaspoon cornstarch 1 fresh mango, peeled, seeded and diced 2 tablespoons flaked coconut Instructions: Season chops with curry powder and seasoned salt. Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Brown chops on both sides, turning once, for a total of 7-8 minutes. Remove chops from pan, reserve. In small bowl stir cornstarch well into chicken broth. Add onions, raisins, and chicken broth mixture into skillet; cook and stir until slightly thickened. Return chops to pan; heat through. Serve chops garnished with mango and coconut. Nutritional Information: Calories: 260 Fat: 9 grams Cholesterol: 60 milligrams Carbohydrates: 20 grams Protein: 24 grams Sodium: 140 milligrams Saturated Fat: 3 grams
Their Eyes Are Watching
but our eyes are watching eachother's glare the gleam of my image and yours in mine fuck the past and lost time this is sublime your eyes are mine
Crispy Oven-fried Chicken
Ingredients: 1/2 cup nonfat milk or buttermilk 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning 1 cup cornflakes, crumbled 1 1/2 Tablespoons onion powder 1 1/2 Tablespoons garlic powder 2 teaspoons black pepper 2 teaspoons dried crushed hot pepper 1 teaspoon ground ginger 8 (4 breasts and 4 drumsticks) chicken pieces, skinless a few shakes of paprika 1 teaspoon vegetable oil to grease baking pan Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of poultry seasoning to milk. 3. Combine all other spices with cornflake crumbs and place in a plastic bag. 4. Wash chicken and pat dry. Dip chicken into milk, shake to remove excess, then quickly shake in bag with seasoning and crumbs. 5. Refrigerate for 1 hour. 6. Remove from refrigerator and sprinkle lightly with paprika for color. 7. Evenly space chicken on greased baking pan. 8. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 40 minutes. 9. Remove foil and continue baking for an additional 30 to 40 minutes or un
Crispy Chicken Salad
Ingredients: 14 ounces boneless skinless chicken breasts 1/2 cup wholewheat bread crumbs 1 2/3 cups (5 ounces) chopped iceberg lettuce 3/4 cup (1 ounce) cleaned and chopped kale 1 medium (3 ounces) peeled and julienned carrot 5 radishes 1 cup (1 1/4 ounces) washed alfalfa sprouts 5/8 cup ranch dressing Instructions: 1. Dredge the raw chicken in bread crumbs. Bake in oven at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes until all signs of pink have disappeared. 2. Cut vertically into thin slices. 3. Mix greens. 4. Place 1/2 cup of greens on each plate with 1 Tbsp of carrots. 5. Place 2 1/4 ounces of baked breaded chicken on top. 6. Garish each salad with a radish and 3/4 Tbsp of sprouts. 7. Serve each salad with 1 Tbsp of Ranch dressing (optional). Nutritional Information: Per Serving: Calories 118 kcal; Protein 20 g; Carbohydrate 6 g; Total Fat 1.4 g; Saturated Fat 3 g; Cholesterol 47 mg; Vitamin A 3761 IU; Vitamin C 11 mg; Iron 1.1 mg; Calcium 32
And Here We Are Again..
Yeah.. So I have been in an on-again-off-again relationship for about a year and a half now.. Which has more so become a freinds with benefits type of thing. So today I was informed that on Tuesday he will have a new girlfriend so our whatever you want to call it will be ending. So now I have to deal with him basically raping me (not in the good way) until tuesday and whenever he is around me. So I can be his dirty little secret. Then while I am chatting with some of my friends online, he drops the bomb that he has been having phone sex (again) with one of my "friends". Heh, atleast this time we weren't "together" when they decided to do this. So my day was spent getting fucked by him, litterally and then getting fucked by him, metophorically.
Pic Time
I'm logging off to take more pics.. be back later!!
A Nice Thought.
I'd like to think that if I were made entirely out of bacon, you'd eat me.
Creamy Chocolate Kahlua Pie
Ingredients: 1 cup 2% low fat milk, cold 1 small pkg sugar-free vanilla flavor instant pudding & pie filling 1 Tbsp espresso or instant coffee powder (not crystals) 1 (8 oz) tub light whipped topping, thawed 2 Tbsp Kahlua coffee liqueur or cold, strong coffee 1 (9-inch) chocolate low-fat graham cracker crust, such as Keebler® Instructions: Pour cold milk into a medium bowl. Add pudding mix and coffee powder. Beat with a wire whisk for 2 minutes. Gently stir in 1-1/2 cups of the whipped topping and Kahlua liqueur or cold, brewed coffee. Spoon into crust. Cover (I usually invert the plastic cover from prepared graham crust) and freeze 2 hours or until firm. Place pie in refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving to soften. Top with remaining whipped topping. Store leftover pie in refrigerator. Nutritional Information: Nutritional Information (per serving): 113 Cal; 4 g Fat; 13 g Carb; 2 mg Cholesterol; 76 mg Sodium. Dietary Exchanges: 1/2 Starch; 1 Fat.
Super Mario Themes (piano)
My Children
My Children My love for my children Mean more to me then life it self I don't no where they are Or if their happy or sad My heart aches for them I need them home so could go on I'm lost,and sad,and all mixed up I really wish I could see them Hear them laughand even cry No one can have my children I'll never let them go So just give them back to me I will be fore ever grateful My love for my children Means more to me then life it self Patricia Lynn Keller Copyright ©2006 Patricia Lynn Keller
Super Mario Bros Live!!
This isn't a song, but I thought you would like it anyway, enjoy!
My Sweet Children
My Children My love for my children Mean more to me then life it self I don't no where they are Or if their happy or sad My heart aches for them I need them home so could go on I'm lost,and sad,and all mixed up I really wish I could see them Hear them laughand even cry No one can have my children I'll never let them go So just give them back to me I will be fore ever grateful My love for my children Means more to me then life it self Patricia Lynn Keller
Bombay Chicken
A low carb recipe for chicken. Ingredients: 2 tsp corn oil 1 medium onion, minced 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 ½ lb chicken breasts, boned, skinned, halved and cut into 2-inch pieces 1 Tbsp curry powder 1 cup diagonally sliced carrots 1 cup cauliflower florets 1 ½ cups evaporated skim milk ½ cup canned chickpeas, drained ¼ cup raisins ½ cup frozen peas, thawed and drained 1 Tbsp cornstarch or arrowroot powder 2 Tbsp water Instructions: 1. In a large pot heat the oil over medium-high 2. Place the onion, garlic and chicken in the pot and cook for about 5 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked 3. Pour in the curry powder and cook for another 3 minutes 4. On a steamer over boiling water steam the carrots and cauliflower for 5-6 minutes. Once done, add to the chicken 5. Pour into the chicken the evaporated skim milk and cook over medium-heat for 5 minutes 6. Mix in the chickpeas, raisins and peas to the chicken 7. In a bowl combine the cornstarch or ar
Blackened Chops With Pineapple Salsa
Add contrast to chops with your own salsa. This pineapple salsa gives a touch of spice with the sweetness of the fruit. Ingredients: 4 boneless pork chops, 3/4-inch thick 1 cup chopped fresh or canned pineapple 1 medium red or green bell pepper, chopped 1 tablespoon finely chopped onion 1 tablespoon lime juice 1 teaspoon chili powder 1/2 of a jalapeno pepper, finely chopped 1/8 teaspoon ground cumin 1/8 teaspoon cayenne Salt and pepper 2 teaspoons chili powder 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon pepper 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vegetable oil Instructions: To prepare salsa, in a medium bowl combine pineapple, red pepper, onion, lime juice, 1 teaspoon chili powder, jalapeno pepper, 1/8 teaspoon cumin and cayenne. Season to taste with salt and pepper; set aside. In a small bowl combine 2 teaspoons chili powder, coriander, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, paprika, 1/2 teaspoon pepper and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stir in 1
Az Friends, Please Help. My Friend Got Robed Today.
Today, one of my best friends was robbed at the gas station. She was filling her tank when someone drove up, jumped out of his van, peered inside her truck, opened the door and took her purse. With EVERYTHING IN IT. Her license, cheeckbook, credit cards, atm cards, prescription medications, and her security I'd card for work. The person is being described as a male in his 30's or 40's, short cropped dark hair, and either caucasian with hispanic features or hispanic. He was driving a white conversion van with a powder blue or light blue stripe towards the bottom of the van and "mag" wheels. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please call the Gilbert Police Department. Paul PS; Please feel free to re-post and help me get the word out.
There Comes A Time....
So every so often I get a little sick of Lost Cherry and just plain bored with it. This is one of those times. There's also some things that just plain piss me off about it, but I'm not gonna bitch cause no one really wants to hear it, and others already do that enough. I'm definately not leaving, I'm too addicted for that, but just letting those of you who care know that I probably won't be "lost cherrying" as hard as I usually do. I'll be checking it daily of course, but if I don't get back to your messages/comments or rate your new pics, etc. in a timely manner, don't hate me. This is also subject to change. I am female after all so there is a good possibility that I won't feel this way when I wake up in the morning ;P LoL. But just giving everyone a heads up if I seem as if I am slacking. That's all I got, goodnight all.
Beef Steak & Potato Kabobs
This recipe is an excellent source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron and zinc and it taste good! Ingredients: 1 pound boneless beef top sirloin steak, cut 1 inch thick 1 pound all-purpose potatoes 2 medium yellow or zucchini squash Sauce: 3/4 cup steak sauce 2 large cloves garlic, minced Instructions: 1. Cut potatoes into 1-1/2-inch pieces. Place in microwave-safe dish; cover with vented plastic wrap. Microwave on HIGH 6 to 8 minutes or until just tender, stirring once. Cool slightly. 2. Combine sauce ingredients in 1-cup glass measure. Microwave on HIGH 1-1/2 minutes, stirring once. 3. Cut squash lengthwise in half. Cut beef steak and squash into 1-1/4-inch pieces. Combine beef, squash, potatoes and 1/3 cup sauce in large bowl; toss. Alternately thread beef and vegetables onto metal skewers. 4. Place kabobs on grid over medium, ash-covered coals. Grill, uncovered, about 10 to 12 minutes for medium rare to medium doneness, turning occasionally
A Lovers Kiss
A whisper in the night air, did drift into my dreams. A hint of something sensuous, erotic in extremes. A promise of eternity, of love and true romance. All it takes is for us to dance the lovers dance I woke and felt chill breeze, but cool me it did not. For in my mind were visions, my passion far too hot. Two souls were dancing closely, but neither dared to talk All it takes is for us to walk the lovers walk I reached my mind out further, to see what I could learn. For once I saw the lovers, my aching heart did yearn. I wished to see the future, and what it held for me. All it takes is for us to see what lovers see. I closed my eyes for wishing, and hoped with all my might. That what I was imagining was you and I one night. For if I never see you love, I'm sure I could not cope. All it takes is for us to hope as lovers hope. My eyes were quickly opened, by the touch of your soft lips. Your face of angel beauty, could have launched a thousand ships. And now we are to
i'm lookin for bi fems down for anything in the houston area to have some fun with my girl and i so if you know any or are interested get back to me
Banana Split Cake
A delicious dessert that is sure to please you sweet tooth and will compliment any diabetic diet. Ingredients: 6 1/2 graham crackers sheets (two 1 1/2 squares per sheet) 1 ounce sugar-free instant, vanilla pudding mix 2 cups fat-free milk 8 ounces light cream cheese 10 ounces canned crushed pineapple packed in juice, drained 4 medium bananas, sliced 8 ounce light whipped topping 3 tablespoons pecans, chopped Instructions: Cover the bottom of a 9x13 inch pan with graham cracker sheets In a medium bowl, prepare pudding with two (2) cups fat free milk according to package directions. Add cream cheese to pudding and whip together. Spread pudding mixture over graham crackers. Spread the crushed pineapple over the pudding layer and top with bananas, then add whipped topping. Sprinkle pecans on top. Nutritional Information: 156 calories, 6g total fat, 4g saturated fat, 11mg cholesterol, 194mg sodium, 21g total carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber, 11g sugars, 3g protei
Beef Pot Roast With Maple Sweet Potatoes And Cider
Ingredients: 1 boneless beef chuck shoulder pot roast (3 to 3-1/2 pounds) 2 teaspoons olive oil 1-3/4 teaspoons salt, divided 3/4 teaspoon pepper, divided 1 cup chopped onion 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme 1 cup ready-to-serve beef broth 3/4 cup apple cider 3 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled, cut crosswise into 1 to 1-1/2-inch pieces 4 cloves garlic, peeled 2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger 2 tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in 2 tablespoons brandy or water Instructions: 1. Heat oil in stockpot over medium heat until hot. Place beef pot roast in stockpot; brown evenly. Remove pot roast; pour off drippings and season with 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper. 2. Add onion and thyme to stockpot; cook and stir 3 to 5 minutes or until onion is tender. Add broth and cider; increase heat to medium-high. Cook and stir 1 to 2 minutes or until browned bits attached to stockpot are dissolved. Return pot roast to stockpot; bring to a boil. Reduce he
hope u all have a great night and sweet dreams hugs and kisses for u all GOOD NIGHT & SWEET DREAMS
Basoc Boneless Leg Of Pork
Ingredients: 3 1/2-4-pound boneless leg of pork (fresh ham) Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place in a roasting pan and roast for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours or until meat thermometer inserted in thickest part reads 150 degrees F. (about 18-20 minutes per pound) Remove from oven and cover. Let rest for 20 minutes before slicing. If your butcher has tied the roast with string, remove string before slicing. Nutritional Information: Calories: 179 Fat: 8 grams Cholesterol: 80 milligrams Carbohydrates: 0 grams Protein: 25 grams Sodium: 54 milligrams Saturated Fat: 3 grams Fiber: 0 grams
Barbecue Bacon-wrapped Shrimp With Basil Stuffing
Ingredients: 32 fresh or frozen large shrimp in shells Basil Stuffing 32 basil leaves, coarsely chopped 2 teaspoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese 2 cloves garlic, minced 16 slices bacon, cut in half 3/4 to 1 cup bottled barbecue sauce Instructions: Thaw shrimp, if frozen. Remove shells from shrimp, leaving tails. Butterfly each shrimp by cutting a slit along its back; remove vein. Rinse shrimp and pat dry with paper towels. For stuffing, combine basil, Parmesan cheese, and garlic in small bowl. Place stuffing in slits. Leaving tail exposed, wrap each shrimp with half-slice of bacon, tucking in ends. Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Place shrimp on baking sheet with tails pointing up. Bake until shrimp turn opaque, about 14 minutes. Drain on paper towels. Dip shrimp into barbecue sauce and place on grill until sauce caramelizes or return to baking sheet and bake until sauce is caramelized, about 3 minutes. Nutritional Information: Calories: 155 Fat: 9 grams C
Banana-pineapple Breakfast Shake
Ingredients: 2 cups plain fat-free yogurt 1 (8-ounce) can crushed pineapple in juice, undrained 1 ripe medium banana 8 packets sugar substitute 1 cup ice cubes 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg Fresh pineapple slices, for garnish (optional) Instructions: Place all ingredients in blender. Cover; blend until smooth. Pour into 4 serving glasses. Garnish with pineapple slices, if desired. Nutritional Information: Nutrients per Serving: Calories 140 (2% of calories from fat) Total Fat
Baked Egg Rolls With Dipping Sauces
Ingredients: vegetable cooking spray 1/8 teaspoon dark sesame oil 1/2 cup egg substitute 1 3.2-ounce package fresh shiitake mushrooms, cleaned, stems removed, and thinly sliced 2 cups bean sprouts 2 cups shredded Napa cabbage 1 1/2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch 1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce 2 tablespoons water 8 7-inch egg roll wrappers 1 egg white beaten with one tablespoon water Sweet and Hot Dipping Sauce purchased Chinese mustard sauce (optional) 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon sugar substitute Instructions: 1. Lightly coat a small nonstick saute pan with cooking spray, then add sesame oil. Place over a medium heat and add the egg substitute. Cook until set, and then turn. Slide onto a plate and cool. Slice into thin 1-inch-long strips and set aside. 2. Lightly coat a nonstick skillet big enough for the vegetables and add the mushro
Hung Like A Biker!!!
A babe and a biker were fucking around in a meadow. The biker falls into a mud hole and is sinking. He calls to the babe to go and get the farmer to help pull him to safety. The babe runs to the farmer but the farmer cannot be found. So she drives the farmer's BMW back to the mud hole and ties some rope around the bumper. She then throws the other end of the rope to the biker, and drives the car forward saving him from sinking. A few days later they were in the meadow again and this time the babe fell into the mud hole. The babe yelled to the biker to go and get some help from the farmer. The biker said, "No, I think I can stand over the hole." So he stretched his legs over the width of the hole and said, "Grab for my dick and pull yourself up." So the babe grabbed hold of the bikers dick and pulled herself to safety. The moral of the story: If you're hung like a biker, you don't need a BMW to pick up babes!
Baked Chicken With Vegetables
Ingredients: 4 sliced potatoes 6 sliced carrots 1 large quartered onion 1 raw chicken - cleaned and cut into pieces, skin removed 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon thyme 1/4 teaspoon pepper Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Place potatoes, carrots and onions in a large roasting pan. 3. Put chicken pieces on top of the vegetables. 4. Mix water, thyme and pepper. Pour over chicken and vegetables. 5. Spoon juices over chicken once or twice during cooking. 6. Bake at 400 degrees for one hour or more until browned and tender. Nutritional Information: 160 Calories; 32g Total Carbohydrates; 2g Total Fat; 0g Saturated Fat; 15mg Cholesterol; 6g Protein; 310mg Sodium; 5 g Fiber
Sitting Here
so I'm sitting here watching the little pictures go across the top of the screen. I can watch baseball or turn the station--the remote is too far away--gonna watch baseball. One of the Cardinals is fuckin hot. I want to move to somewhere warm where I am tan year round. I wonder if anyone is going to read this jabber. Sorry if u are still going--this sucks huh? Heehee. I got creeped a lot the last couple days--i don't really mind--but why not make friends dude?
Hey People
right i wanna tell you about someone who is my new friend on here he is the rock yes the dwayne johnson in the wwe i gonna write a song tommoz so keep a look out for it talk soon guys xxxxxxxxxxx
Asparagus Salad With Lemon-soy Sauce
Description: Before cooking, trim spears by bending stalks until they break off, usually at the woody, inedible part of the spears. Use stalks of a uniform thickness so they cook evenly Ingredients: 1 1/4 Ibs. thin asparagus stalks, cut diagonally into 1 1/2-inch lengths 8 whole scallions, trimmed to include a little green 5 scallions, trimmed to include a little green, minced and divided in 2 batches 1 Tbsp. canola oil 1/4 tsp. fresh ginger, minced (or a dash of ground ginger) 1/2 cup of fat-free, reduced-sodium chicken broth 1 Tbsp. rice vinegar 1 tsp. reduced-sodium soy sauce 1/2 tsp. sugar Freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1 tsp. lemon juice, or to taste Instructions: Steam asparagus and 8 scallions in a steam basket over boiling water (or in the microwave, with a small amount of water) until crisp-tender, about 5 minutes. Rinse with cold water to stop the cooking and set color. Drain and cool. To make the dressing, heat oil in a s
I feel a voice call to me yet no person do i see i feel a hand reach for me yet there is no touch to be i am lost in a world of grey clouds my heart being given nothing but doubt i miss an angel i have kissed with ever soft tips i feel that my heart will never touch those lips for the heart and soul of one who not needs sin has lost all his life, and joy even hope as sadness creeps in
Apricot-mustard Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Ingredients: 1 pork tenderloin, about a pound 3 tablespoon apricot preserves 1/4 cup mustard Instructions: Season tenderloin with salt and pepper. Stir together the preserves and mustard in a small bowl. Place pork over a medium-hot fire and grill for about 15 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F., brushing with mustard mixture in the last few minutes. Nutritional Information: Calories: 213 Fat: 7 grams Cholesterol: 78 milligrams Carbohydrates: 11 grams Protein: 25 grams Sodium: 221 milligrams Saturated Fat: 2 grams Fiber: 1 grams
Almond Pork Tenderloin
Description: Marinate the tenderloin overnight in the refrigerator, and finish preparation just before dinner. This skillet supper is on the table in fewer than 30 minutes. Accompany with a fresh fruit salad. Ingredients: 1 large pork tenderloin, about 1 1/2 pounds 1/2 cup dry sherry 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1/2 cup ground almonds 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 cup chopped onion 1 carrot, peeled and diced 1 celery rib, chopped Instructions: In small bowl stir together sherry, soy sauce, pepper and garlic; pour over pork in a self-sealing bag. Seal bag; Marinate in refrigerator 1 hour. Remove pork from marinade, reserving marinade; pat dry. Coat pork with almonds. Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Brown pork on all sides, about 5 minutes, turning carefully. Reduce heat to low, add reserved marinade, onion, carrot and celery; cover and simmer 10-12 minutes. To serve, slice tenderloin and serve w
All American Fried Chicken A Yummy Recipe For Fried Chicken That's Only 4 Carbs
Ingredients: Fried chicken: 4 - 4oz. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, butterflied and lightly pounded 1/2 cup finely ground pecans, filberts or blanched almonds 1 egg, beaten 4 egg whites, beaten 2 tbsp Safflower oil for frying Pepper to taste-if you are not salt sensitive, you may add some salt. Instructions: 1. Season the chicken with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. 2. Dip the chicken into the finely chopped nuts and coat. 3. Dip the chicken next into the beaten egg mixture and then into the coarsely ground nuts coating evenly. 4. Fry the chicken on moderate heat until golden brown, approximately 4 minutes per side. 5. The chicken will be completely cooked. When removing the chicken, handle with care and place onto a paper towel to drain excess oil. 6. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve. Nutritional Information: Nutrients per Serving: Calories316 (50% of calories from fat) Total Fat 18g Protein 36g Carbohydrate 4g
The Writing Desk
He built it the old way Paid attention to the grain of the wood Ran his hands across the face of each board You can feel what you can’t see He cut each joint with chisel and saw Dovetailed drawers and tenoned rails are best Fit them tight and check them with the fingers You can feel what you can’t see This one would be plain No fancy carvings or ornamentation The beauty would be hidden in the workmanship You can feel what you can’t see Drawers that slide smooth as silk Doors that close with a satisfying click Shellac applied with an ox-hair brush You can feel what you can’t see A thousand people would see it Generations of hands would touch it Maybe only one or two would be touched back If you pay attention You can feel what you can’t see
30-minute Beef Paprikash
Ingredients: 1-pound boneless beef top sirloin steak, cut 1 inch thick 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 medium onions, sliced 1 package (16 ounces) sauerkraut, rinsed, drained 1 tablespoon paprika 1/4 cup water 1 can (14 to 14 1/2 ounces) ready-to-serve beef broth 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup tomato paste (half of 6-ounce can) 1/2 teaspoon caraway seed 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper 3 1/2 cups uncooked medium noodles Chopped fresh parsley 1/4 cup dairy sour half-and-half Instructions: 1. Trim fat from beef steak. Cut beef into 1-inch pieces and then cut each in half. In large skillet or Dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high heat until hot. Add beef (half at a time) and stir-fry 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or until outside surface is no longer pink. Remove from skillet with slotted spoon; set aside. 2. In same skillet, add onions, sauerkraut, paprika and 1/4 cup water. Cook and stir until onions are tender, about 3 minutes. Stir in broth, 1/2 cup water, tomato paste, caraway
acthjn //reddragond
Let us live then, and be glad While young life's before us After youthful pastime had, After old age had and sad, Earth will slumber over us.[Latin trans...]Gaudeamus igitur, Juvenes dum sumus Post pucundam juventutem. Post molestam senectutem. Nos habetit humus.Unattributed AuthorSource: (John Addington Symonds' translation)
Jsut Saying Hello
Hello all thanks for all the comments and ratings when i figure this all out i'll get back to u all so give me some time to adjust. Fill free to leave me tips to work every thing on this site. thank you very much. love Jamie.
Music Man Aka Miestro (beatboxer Out Of Austin Tx)
My Hips Don't Lie.....
Your Spicy Score: Medium You are hot enough to make a lasting impression, but you strike a balance. You know when you're being too fiery, and you also know when to bump up the temperature. Naughty and clever. Sexy yet down to earth. You know how to work both sides of your personality. Men find you hot yet approachable - the perfect combination! How Spicy Are You?
More Artwork, Too
Graphic art is something I do when I'm bored. I'm not bored often; between work and writing projects, I have plenty to do normally. The past couple of days had me inspired to post a few of the things I've done. Almost everything I do is taken from photographs - I re-work them, alter the colors and the histograms, make them more than they were to begin with. Sometimes it takes many layers to create something new - 'The Night Is Young' took twelve different layers, if I remember correctly. 'The Spire' took only one. Usually, I'll look at a photo and something will come to me. An alternate view of the same picture. I'll take that photo and try my best to change it to something as close to that image in my head as I can. 'The Capitol in Oil' was an exception. That graphic is slated for a new blog I'll start sometime into the future, when trips to DC make themselves more readily available. I wanted something light-colored that looked more artistic than photographical. In any cas
=( Bleh This Sucks
im sick =( *cough cough*
Just Something I Just Made Up....
as we sit there looking up at the stars and we start to hold hands, there's three words i want to say to you. but as i look over at you i'm so mesmerized by your beauty, i find myself lost for words. you notice me stearing at you with a blank look on my face and you tell me you love me.....the only thing i could say back is....i would tell you that i never thought i could ever love anyone as much as i love you, but my love for you runs deeper than that, i don't think theres anything i could say to explain how i feal about you.
>>>PISCESSmart. >Center of attention. >Too Sexy, DAMN IT. >Very high sex appeal. >Has the last word. >The best to find, hardest to keep. >Fun to be around. >Freak in the sheets >Extremely weird but in a good way. >Super good in bed. (Da Man) >Good Sense of Humor!!! >Thoughtful >A partner for life >Always gets what he or she wants. >loves to joke >Very popular >Silly, fun and sweet.
Why Is It Hard
Why is it hard to find a woman who just wants to have sex? Can anyone tell me please??
Chicken With Mushrooms - Moo Goo Gai
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, cut into 1/2 inch cubes 1/2 c. dry white wine 1/2 tsp. salt 1 bunch of scallions, cut into 1/2 inch slices 1 c. celery, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces 1 tbsp. vegetable oil 1 container of snow pea pods, strings removed 1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms 1 can water chestnuts, sliced 1/2 c. chicken broth 1 tbsp. cornstarch, mixed with 2 tbsp. cold water 1/2 tsp. salt Combine chicken with wine and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Set aside. Stir fry scallions and celery in oil for 1 minute. Set aside. Stir fry pea pods 2 minutes and set aside. Stir fry mushrooms and water chestnuts 1 to 2 minutes. Set aside. Stir fry the chicken and wine 2 to 3 minutes or until done. Combine chicken and vegetables in a wok. Stir together the broth, cornstarch mixture and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Slowly add to chicken and vegetables in the wok and heat until thick and clear. Serve with rice.
If Bikers Ran The Country
If Bikers ran the country... The wearing of ties to work by men would be frowned on, as would the wearing of bras and panties for women. The opening days of Sturgis and Daytona would be national holidays. Third world dictators would be dealt with in the same manner as one would deal with a wino who just puked on his scoot. All money from traffic violations would go into a huge keg fund. Anyone who used a firearm to defend his home or property from vandals would have a street named after him. Tattoos would be funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. The money currently being spent on Mars probes and other useless junk would be used to fund research into finding the cure for the common hangover. Sexual harassment laws would be more open to interpretation and would allow for the fact that most men are really basically just pigs. Global warming would be encouraged since riding in the snow is such a pain in the ass.
Salmon Wellington
8 (6 oz.) salmon fillets, cut about 3/4" thick 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tbsp. milk for glaze FLAKY PASTRY: 1/2 lb. (2 sticks) butter, cold & cut into pieces for food processor, room temp. for mixer 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, cold & cut into pieces for food processor, room temp. for mixer 2 c. all-purpose flour MUSHROOM ARTICHOKE FILLING: 3 tbsp. butter 8 oz. can artichokes bottoms, drained & coarsely chopped 1/4 c. Madeira wine Salt & pepper 1 lb. mushrooms, coarsely chopped Also 1 onion, chopped LIGHT WHITE WINE SAUCE: 6 tbsp. dry white wine or imported dry vermouth 6 tbsp. white wine vinegar 2 tbsp. finely chopped shallots or onion 1 1/2 c. whipping cream, room temperature 1/4-1/2 tsp. salt White pepper 2 tbsp. finely chopped chives or parsley Make flaky pastry: In food processor with metal blade or in mixing bowl, mix butter and cream cheese until blended. Add flour and continue mixing until well incorporated. Shape into 2 flat balls and refrigerate f
Christopher Titus
March 6, 2006 What year is this? is it really 2006 Because we are still having guys die in mines and the government is tapping or phone lines. I guess we didn’t totally destroy the soviet union. Our government brought a little souvenir home. Our government is illegally listening to our phone calls and watching our E-mails. They want to know if we’re terrorists or looking at porn. I have to come clean I Christopher Titus have been looking at Terrorist porn. My favorite sites are also Afghanistan’s favorites. Burkalicious ankles and and Osama bin lick me. net. Please stop messing with our freedom and lets go back to being America? Osama bin laden has offered us a truce thanks Sami but you’re not really in the best bargaining position. We’ll take you seriously when you get a Coleman stove for the cave and stop crapping in a bucket. Then we’ll talk. Osama has also threatened us with more attacks. Really Samster, we’ve been at war for four years. Yo
Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Women
Why motorcycles are better than women: Your motorcycle doesn't get upset when you forget it's birthday. You don't have to talk to your motorcycle after you ride it. You can choke your motorcycle. Your motorcycle doesn't get mad when you ignore it for a month or so. Motorcycles don't get jealous if you come home with grease under your fingernails. Motorcycles don't snore. Your motorcycle won't wake you up at 3:00 AM and ask you if you love it. Your motorcycle won't leave you for another rider. You don't have to pay child support / alimony to an ex-motorcycle. If you say bad things to your Motorcycles, you don't have to apologize before you can ride it again. If your Motorcycle doesn't look good, you can paint it or get better parts. If your Motorcycle goes flat, you can fix it. If your Motorcycle is misaligned, you don't have to discuss politics to correct it. If your Motorcycle is too loose, you can tighten it. If your Motorcycle is too soft, you can ge
Murphy's Laws Or Motorcycling
Murphy's 10 Laws of Motorcycling 1.A motorcycle cannot fall over without an audience. 2.The odds of a motorcycle falling over are directly proportional to the size of the audience and of the owner's ego. (Newness and expense of the bike are contributing factors.) 3.Motorcycles are to yellow bugs as aircraft carriers once were to Kamikaze pilots. 4.You will not feel the need to go to the restroom until after you have put on your rainsuit. 5.The fact that your keys are still in your pants pocket will only become apparent after you have put on your gloves. 6.Quick fixes are so named for how long they stay fixed. 7.The only part you really need will also be the only part on permanent backorder. 8.Nothing is harder to start than a used motorcycle being shown to a prospective buyer. 9.You will never suffer a punctured tire on the road until you leave the repair kit at home. 10."Universal" accessories are so named because that is what you must search to find the bike
Gumbo Louisiana Style
2 stewing chickens 3 lb. smoked sausage (seasoned with salt, pepper, accent, garlic powder), sliced in thin pieces 2 lb. crab legs 2 or 3 cans oysters 1 c. diced green pepper 1 c. diced celery 3 tbsp. garlic powder 2 tbsp. black pepper 1 tsp. red pepper 2 tbsp. salt 2 tbsp. basil 2 tbsp. rosemary 2 tbsp. accent ROUX MIX: 2 1/2 c. flour 1 c. cooking oil Heat oil in heavy skillet until very hot. Add flour a little at a time stirring constantly until it forms a paste like consistency. Lower heat and continue to stir until dark brown. Do not burn. Turn heat off and continue to stir until mixture stops bubbling. In large gumbo pot fill to 1/2 full with water. Add seasoned chicken, basil, rosemary, green pepper, onion, sausage, crab legs and roux. Bring to full boil stirring to keep roux from sticking to bottom of pot. Reduce heat and simmer until chicken is tender about 2 1/2 hours. Then add shrimp, simmer about 1/2 hour longer. Add oysters cook 5 minutes more. Serv
Pasta Seafood Salad
DRESSING: 1 c. mayonnaise 2 tbsp. lemon juice 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1/4 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. red pepper SALAD: 1 lb. med. pasta shells, cooked & drained 8 oz. imitation crab legs, bite-size pieces 4 oz. fresh snowpeas, cut in half 1/2 c. red onion, chopped 1/2 c. cilantro, chopped Mix dressing ingredients in a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and stir gently to mix and coat. Cover and refrigerate until 30 minutes before serving.
You Know You're A Biker When...
You know you're a biker when... Any one of your bikes is worth more than your car. You choose an apartment solely on the basis of whether or not it is flat enough to ride into and how close the good roads/trails are. The first thing you ask when you regain consciousness is "How's my bike". You actually move farther from work so your bike commute will be longer. Your learn you have X money left over after paying bills and the first thing you do is reach for the nearest motorcycle catalog. You dream of winning the lottery, and the first thing you think of is "how many/which bikes can that money buy?" You can tell your significant other with a straight face that its too hot to mow the lawn then take off and go for a ride. You know the distance of every point of interest within 20 miles of your house as well as the location of every pot-hole along the way.
Diabetic Christmas Cookies Lol
1 c. sifted flour 1/4 tsp. baking powder 1/2 c. butter 1/8 tsp. vanilla Sweetener as desired Cream butter, stir dry ingredients together and add butter and vanilla. Form into ball, wrap in wax paper and chill for 1 hour. Slice into cookies and bake until brown. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes until brown.
New Ink
Wuz up all you hot and sexy cherries. I got a new tatoo. stop by and tell me what you think and thanks to all my friends for all the nice words. I will be moving in a week so I will not be online for a few days. When I get all moved in a will send love all of you. thanks again I will be back soon..
Rating Pics
To all my friends .. Tomorrow evening Ill be on here going thru everyones Profiles.. I wont get to all tomorrow . but Im starting . Ill be rating all pics . If I see youre close to leveling up . .Ill do my best to bump you .. See you all Soon :)
The Classic Iq Test
Congratulations, Stingraytf! Your IQ score is 131 This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others. Your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician. This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.
Diabetic Peanut Butter Cookies
2 graham crackers 2 tbsp. peanut butter 1 pkg. Sweet 'N Low or Equal 1 egg yolk 1 tsp. milk 1/2 tsp. baking powder 1. Blend graham crackers with peanut butter. 2. Dissolve Equal or Sweet 'N Low in 1 tablespoon of water. Add to baking powder. Mix well. 3. Add egg yolks and mix thoroughly. 4. Mix in the milk, and form balls. 5. Place on a cookie sheet, press flat with a fork and bake in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes.
You Might Be A Yuppie Biker If...
You Might Be a Yuppie Biker If: If you drink cappucino instead of beer. If you cant figure out why the battery on your new bike won't stay charged. If your trailer has more miles on it than your bike If your leathers still have creases If you don't ride your bike to work because it scuffs your penny loafers. If you move your bike and the grass is brown under the wheels. If your tatoos wash off. If you have doubled the weight of your bike with bolt on chrome. If you have never kick started a bike before. If you buy bikes as investments. If you refer to your bike as your "toy". If you wear a full face helmet If you wear a helmet If you wear earplugs If you really believe that there are bikes that come customized from the factory If the last time you went to the Harley dealer you came home with golfballs and a toilet seat If your Harley shirt has a coller If its not fun to ride unless someone sees you If you don't ride in the rain If you can't find
Pure Fruit Diabetic Cookies
3 med. ripe bananas 1/3 c. oil 1 tsp. vanilla 1/8 tsp. salt 1 1/2 c. rolled oats 1/2 c. uncooked oat bran (creamy hot cereal) 1 1/2 c. coarsely chopped mixed fruit 1/2 c. chopped nuts Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mash bananas until smooth. Stir in oil, vanilla, and salt. Add oats, oat bran, mixed fruit, and nuts. Stir well to combine. Drop by rounded tablespoons about 1 inch apart. Flatten with end of spoon. Bake for 20 minutes until brown on bottom and edge is lightly brown. Remove to wire rack and cool. Store in refrigerator.
Monkey Turds.
So the Orangutans (or whatever you call them big orange monkeys) had these cables strung up at the zoo so that they could move between two buildings and one of the damn donkeys was hanging right over the walkway above the crowd when it started pooping. The crowd went wild. For monkey turds. Now that's entertainment.
No-cook Diabetic Cookies
1 stick butter 1/2 c. milk 1 square unsweetened chocolate 1 c. ground dates 1 c. ground raisins 1 c. chopped nuts 1/2 c. peanut butter 1 tsp. liquid sweetener 3 c. quick cooking oats 1 tsp. vanilla flavoring Cook butter, milk and unsweetened chocolate for 1 minute, stirring while cooking. Add remaining ingredients. Pat out the mixture in small patties. Do not bake. These may be frozen because the recipe makes a large amount.
Your Ideal Sexual Partner
Stingraytf, your ideal sexual partner is: A Type 7 partner needs to know that their sexual relationship is within the confines of a loving partnership. Once that is established, they can fully show you how sexually creative and affectionate they can be. Your ideal partner wants to feel that the love of your monogamous relationship is what fuels the passion and your attraction to one another. In some ways, this makes your match a sexual surprise of sorts as they slowly peel back the layers of their approach to sex with you. Since this partner cannot really separate the feeling of love with the physical feelings associated with sex, you can count on them being utterly emotionally connected to you during your sexual relations. The emotional depth is what makes them so different from many of the other types. Without a doubt, this is someone you can always rely on to be honest and sincere — and that's likely to be what attracts you to them in the first place. Once you've won their
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - Diabetic
1/2 c. butter 1 egg 3/4 c. flour 1 c. oatmeal 1/4 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. soda 1 1/4 tsp. liquid artificial sweetener 1 tsp. vanilla 1/4 c. raisins 5 tbsp. orange juice concentrate, undiluted Mix all ingredients together and drop by teaspoonfuls onto cookie sheet, flatten. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Makes about 40 cookies.
Chocolate Chip Cookies (diabetic)
1/2 c. butter 1/4 c. brown sugar substitute 1 egg or egg substitute 1 tsp. vanilla 1 1/2 c. whole wheat flour 1/2 c. oatmeal 1/2 tsp. salt (optional) 1/2 tsp. soda 1 tsp. baking powder 1/2 c. skim milk 1/2 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and brown sugar substitute. Add egg and vanilla, cream until light. Add dry ingredients alternately with milk, stir in chocolate chips. Drop by rounded teaspoon onto prepared cookie sheet. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until brown and crispy. Makes 36 cookies.
Easy Chocolate Mousse Pie
1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened 1/2 c. Hershey's cocoa Graham cracker crust 1 c. confectioners sugar 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla 2 c. heavy or whipped cream Prepare graham cracker crust, set aside. Beat cream cheese and cocoa in large bowl until fluffy and well blended. Gradually add confectioners sugar; blend well. Stir in vanilla, whip cream until stiff; fold into cheese mixture. Pour into cooled crust; chill until firm. GRAHAM CRACKER CRUST: 1 1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs 3 tbsp. sugar 1/2 c. butter, melted Combine graham cracker crumbs, melted butter and sugar in small bowl. Press mixture firmly onto bottom and up sides of 9 inch pie pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Cool.
You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Whips50%Chains/Handcuffs50%Bondage50%Blind Folds8%Biting8%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Tacos De Al Pastor
10-12 pasilla chilies 10-12 guajillo chilies 1/4 liter of white vinegar or cider vinegar 1/4 tsp. cumin 5 garlic cloves salt to taste sliced pineapple pork meat cut into thin, bite sized cubes limes fresh cilantro corn or flour tortillas These tacos are the best tacos I've ever had! I had a hard time finding this recipe because nobody wants to share their secrets... So I watched my sister-in-law one day and as soon as I got home I wrote it down! Enjoy! 1. Remove seeds and stems of chilies, then cut and soak in water until softened. Note: You may want to wear gloves when handling hot peppers). Blend together with vinegar and bring to a boil until it makes a heavy paste. Be careful not to burn (stir often)! Let paste cool. 2. Cut meat into thin, bite-sized cubes (the meat I use is a pork butt with bone). Combine the cooled paste with the meat and let marinate from 6 hours to overnight. 3. Now you can either cook in frying pan or slowly cook in the oven. Put meat and
...but I'll Take Gucci....
You Are a Classic Gucci Bag You've got style mastered - because you stick with what works Like this Gucci Bag, you prefer classic items that stand the test of time You're also a bit of a practical girl, who prefers function over fluff You prefer a big bag, so that you can have your stuff with you at all times What Handbag Are You?
Raspberry Fluff Tarts
1/4 c. orange juice 1/4 lb. marshmallows 1/2 c. cream, whipped 1/2 c. crushed raspberries 4 baked tart shells Heat orange juice in double boiler. Add marshmallows, stir until melted. Cool until partially set. Fold in whipped cream and raspberries.
Shave It, Baby.
So I shaved my head. Because, you know, why not? It was just sitting there, on top of my neck, looking all goofy and I wondered how odd it would look with no hair at all on it. It's a pretty damn weird head.
Hello all, I've wasted my whole weekend messing with pictures, tomorrow i'll waste my free time uploading them to my photo host. The masterbation experiment ended with 17 times.. err complete times anyway.. The C.L casual encounters experiment yeilded all bots / automated responses with re-directs... If any one has any more ideas for "stupid experiments please send me a message on L.C or my e-mail address . feel free to give me photographc ideas as well or anything even a "hi". Ooopse forgot , I always leave my laptop on lol even in my sleep so if i dont answer right away then im probably asleep.
Messed Up And Confused
ive been seperated for a month or so and tommorow should be my 12th wedding aniversary i bought something for her she told me i should take it back and get my money back im not saying im perfect cause im not but to hold something against some one that happened 7 to 9 or 10 years ago and say you dont know if you can get over it just sounds nuts to me.
Ok, I have already blogged MySpace about this. I don't want to offend anyone here but just hear me out. I am a member of both MySpace and of The LC and I am very happy with both. I have certain family members that are not nearly old enough to join LC yet, and live out of state that is how I keep in contact. And other older people who are quite frankly offended by nude pics and such so have no interest in joining. I know that MySpace is slow and is not as much fun as LC but it is alot more private for my family and personal friends. I'm not trying to piss anyone off or offend anyone this is just my personal opinion and I will not take any offence to any comments left here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
New Boss 3
On Friday when I got to work with Lori she comes in my office with me. She told me to strip so I got completely naked. She took my clothes and said I would get them back at the end of the day. She stroked me hard and then left. Tammy came in and I was sitting at my desk. She had me help her carry some files in from the hallway and she then told me to stand there while she took digital photos of me. When she was done Tammy sat on my desk and made me lick her pussy. I worked up and down her clit and she finally came. “Get to work and I’ll be back after lunch,” she said. I started to work and Lori’s assistant, Shelly came in and closed the door. “We are going to have a lot of work this weekend so suck me off now.” Shelly lifted her skirt on my desk and I sucked and kissed her pussy and she came with me licking her clit and fingering her pussy. As Shelly left my office she left my door open. I started to work and some older women started to walk past my office door. I was embarra
Sudden Weight Loss
This is the first time that I have ever told anyone about my weight problems. For the past few days, I lost 5 pounds. I was at 183, now I'm 178. I must be doing something right for a change. So I figured that I stick with whatever that I have right now. I guess that the medicine that I'm now on is making me lose some weight, because it has been a few days since I have been taking this pill. So, with all that said and done, I will do my best to reach my goal.
what an uneventful day. wow, you'd figure a day off would be exciting. ha! been doing artwork most of the night. designed some stuff for the comic and what not. did my cleaning earlier today. blah. what the hell i have nothing funny to write!?
And I Was So Lookin Forward To Being Bad!
You Are a Normal Girl You are 60% Good and 40% Bad Sure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past. But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl. Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
A Break From Reality.
Last night was my husbands birthday and since mine is the 30th and thats on a monday we celebrated both last night. We went to a really nice resturaunt. And of course after that we went to several bars collecting his free drinks and i even had a couple of drinks. Wine with dinner and one after. And then we did our thing we sat and played pool until the bar closed. We headed home talking and enjoying the even. My husband for a change didnt even get drunk. I loved it. We came home and made love and just laid and cuddled on the couch. We actually fell asleep like that. I got up sometime early morning and headed to bed the hubby followed shortly after. I woke up this morning around 11 and came down and started online after i started the coffee for the hubby. Then he came down and we started all over again. I was over joyed it was really nice not having all the kids. We sat and cuddled on the couch until i had to go pic the kids up. I wish it happened more often but then it wouldnt be so gr
F@#$ The Mpaa Riaa
OK since I am new around here and not everyone knows a lot about me, I believe in freedom. I don't think that someone should charge money (at least not too much money) for things like music, software, education. I have no problem with them charging too much for merchandise, or tickets. But .99 for a song that you can hear on the radio for free. I mean the radio station is paying for it but they make thier money from commercials. OK so now onto my reason for writing this today (I had to stop before I ranted for several pages) I play guitar, purely amature for my own enjoyment. I have not played in a while and decided to go online during a break I was taking from working today. So I did my search for the tabs I was looking for and a large portion of the sites I clicked on gave me a message that they have closed or are reorginizing due to thier ISP getting threatend by the RIAA and its alies to sue these ISP's for distributing tabs not "licensed". This is the biggest bullshit I h
This is my first blog and I am so confused and everything but I wont go into detail but im feeling used and hurt
Sometimes Quiet Is Good...
Your Vibe Is Secretly Sexy Sexy isn't exactly a word you'd use to describe yourself But you have quite a allure that certain men feel appealing You don't need to flaunt your stuff to be sexier A little more confidence in yourself, and you'll really light up a room! How Sexy Is Your Vibe?
Light And Easy Mandarin Orange Cake
1 box Duncan Hines yellow butter cake mix 1 can mandarin oranges with juice 1/2 c. Crisco oil 4 eggs ICING: 1 lg. can crushed pineapple with juice 1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding mix 1 (9 oz.) carton Cool Whip Sift cake mix into large bowl. Add mandarin oranges with juice and Crisco oil. Add eggs one at a time, beating after each one until well blended. Bake in 350 degree oven. For 3 (9 inch) layers 25 to 30 minutes. For 9 x 13 inch pan 45 to 55 minutes. For icing: Mix crushed pineapple with juice and instant vanilla pudding mix, stir with spoon until thick. Fold in Cool Whip. Spread on cooled cake.
Hawaiian Herman Cake
1 1/2 c. brown sugar 2 tsp. cinnamon 1/4 tsp. ginger 1/2 c. chopped walnuts 1/4 c. chopped macadamia nuts 1/2 c. bread crumbs 1 c. sugar 1/2 c. butter 1/2 c. vegetable shortening 2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla 3 c. flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt 1 c. Herman 1 c. (8 1/2 oz. can) crushed pineapple, drained 1/4 c. rum 1/2 c. melted butter Combine brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, macadamia nuts and bread crumbs; mix well and set aside. Cream together sugar, butter and vegetable oil. Add eggs and vanilla and beat until fluffy. Add flour, baking powder, salt and Herman; beat until smooth. Spoon half batter into well greased and floured 9x13 inch baking pan. Spoon half reserved brown sugar over batter and sprinkle with pineapple. Smooth remaining batter on top and sprinkle with remaining brown sugar mixture. Sprinkle with rum and pour melted butter over all. Bake 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Serve warm. Makes 12 to 15 servings.
Lavendar Stars
A smile... A glance... A whisper... watching as your fingers slowly trace the outline of your neck... your shoulder... your chest.... Your eyes... dark... deep... warm... revealing all that remains unsaid... Your mouth... lips full... soft... turned up at the corners... a perfect smile... I whisper, "Tell me"... Looking straight at me... your stare caressing my heart... "My God, you have no idea." ... One finger to my lips... kissing it softly...wanting to reach up and place it on yours.... soft sigh... I want lie next to you... my head resting on your chest... listening to your heartbeat...arms and legs intertwined... becoming one... Lying in the darkness surrounded by lavendar silk robe lying on the floor...there is no other place that I would rather be...
How Many Have Your Name
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:241people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
Weird Fact Of The Day
can someone help me to understand those facts? - he still comes to my page - he still have the collages he made for me saying "i love you maria" and i think a ripped pic of me too - if he was the one that said it's over... so, why he's acting like he's not over me? look at this lol LOL! as i said my dear friends, who goes far away without being kicked, comes back without being called! and cutie pies of my so loved LC, remember that Paybacks are the hell!!!! ahhh well i think it's funny, but please, comment and tell me what's happening... because i don't understand!!!!!! much love and have a great begin of week Maria
Does He Just Want My Body?
He Loves You For You When it comes to your body, your guy hardly notices It's nothing to do with the way you look... He's just has really fallen for you But make sure to stay sexy - keep the chemistry going strong! Does He Only Love You For Your Body?
Which Foreign Guy Should I Go For?
You Should Date An Italian! You love for old fashioned romance, with an old fashioned guy An Italian guy is the perfect candidate to be your prince charming If your head doesn't spin enough, just down another espresso with him Invest in a motorcycle helmet - and some carb blocker for all that pasta! Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?
My Kissing Style
You Are a Passionate Kisser You are the most likely type to kiss a sexy stranger Your kissing style is unpredictable and free spirited You could kiss anyone at a drop of a hat It's all about where your passion leads you What's Your Kissing Style?
Mens Perspective. . .
Men See You As Choosy Men notice you light years before you notice them You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait How Do Men See You?
Orange Mustard Glazed Chicken
1/4 cup orange marmalade 1/4 cup orange juice 1/4 cup country-style Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons light brown sugar, packed to measure 1 tablespoon Gravy Master 1 chicken (2 1/2 to 3 pounds) quartered or 4 chicken breasts In a small bowl, combine marmalade, orange juice, mustard, sugar and Gravy Master. Grill chicken pieces 4 to 6 inches from hot glowing coals for 15 minutes, turning frequently. Brush with orange-mustard glaze and continue grilling for 15 minutes longer, brushing frequently with glaze. Remove from grill and serve immediately. Serve remaining sauce separately. Makes 4 servings.
heh boy o boy its seriously fucked when a possession is more important than a person...when life dont matter cause u cant be the important thing in life...the tears and pain of the one u love not mattering cause of how important the possession is...has the world gottin so bad that a possession has become more hehe love is suppose to be the highlight of is suppose to be the last peice to the puzzle...ha! love what a bunch of bullshit love aint no happy thing its a fucked up way to make more pain its a fucked up rules all what a bunch of bullshit all love does is cuse even the strongest cry...makes even the strongest why love cause its human nature? shit give me a fucking break fuck human nature fuck society its really fucking sad that love makes ppl sit through torture and pain just because the yr hopin one day finally shit will change but its pretty fucking sad hope is all a lot of ppl have to hang on many ppl cant say they r
100% Me!!!!
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means that I am free to be the wonderful creature that I am, with all my own intricacies, contradictions, quirks and beauty. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak up against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. I am proud to be a bitch! It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated, and determined. I want what I want, and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp o
Obsessed With Looks?
You Are a Down to Earth Doll You're good looking and you realize that looks matter And you also know that it's your inside that really shines You do your best to look like an A-lister But you devote most of your time to being a well rounded hottie Are You Obsessed With Your Looks?
My Rep?
Your Reputation Is: Maneater You're the kind of girl all the chicks hate... And guys are both scared of you yet strangely drawn in. What's Your Reputation?
Why Dont I Have A Bf?
You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Busy While a relationship sounds nice, you're strapped for time Whether you're legitimately busy or just making excuses... ... You don't give men enough of your time. As nice as "instant love" would be, there's just no such thing. Why Don't You Have a Boyfriend?
Master Helped Me Writ This It Is Only A Partial Story The Rest Comes Later
You find a package of magazines and videos with a box in the closet. You decide to look at them and watch the videos. They all have very kinky scenes and are very graphic. You don’t know how they got there and right now you don’t care. All are of women in tight bondage and different outfits, all are wearing heavy makeup. You play with yourself and start using your toys. You forget yourself and dig into the box more. A box marked mind trainer is at the bottom. And suddenly you remember us talking about this device and how it is used to train your mind to mentally become whatever it is programmed to. You also remember begging me to program it for you, to program it to make you so much a slave that you could never refuse anything I tell you. Anything! I did get it for you but asked you never use it unless you wanted to become totally owned mind, body, and soul. I begged you not to because the effects cannot be reversed. You are still watching the super hardcore bondage video and playing
Good Girlfriend???
You are a Great Girlfriend When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself You're the perfect blend of independent and caring You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too! Are You a Good Girlfriend?
Not Sad I Promise
When you tell me everything’s alright I find the strength to carry on through the night Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world You light my day with just a smile And it carries me on though miles Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world Time passes way to fast For something that is meant to last And makes life new that’s what I found in you When you hold me fears melt away I feel love to last out my days Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world You kiss me and I want you all through this night I want to show you every things alright Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world Time passes way to fast For something that is meant to last And makes life new that’s what I found in you Your that one special thing in life You cut though my fears just like a knife Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world An angel sent from heaven above And it no wonder that that I can’t help but love Cause you love me girl And I’m
Dont Need A Man :p:p !!!
You Don't Need a Man ... or Want One! Generally, you're very happy being a single woman. And anyone who has a problem with that... well, that's there problem. Not that you wouldn't share your life with the almost perfect guy. You simply won't settle though. Your life is too good to share with some substandard man! Do You Need a Man?
Which Tatt Should I Have?
You Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo Girly and funky For you, tattoos are a thing of beauty - not toughness What Tattoo Should You Get?
What Love Song Am I?
Your Love Song Is Thankyou by Dido "And I want to thank you for giving me The best day of my life Oh, just to be with you is having The best day of my life." It's all good, as long as you're in love. What Love Song Are You?
Right Or Left Brained In Love?
You Are Right Brained In Love Bit of a drama queen Peacemaker, first to end a fight Good at thinking up creative dates Tend to fall in love and get hurt easily Going with your gut instead of your head Emphathetic and caring, sometimes to a fault Good at recognizing patterns in relationships Been in love many times, perhaps too many to count Wildly passionate and intense when falling in love Spontaneous with relationships, going with the flow Overly visual - can play back past dates like movies in your mind Roses, love poems, and stuffed animals are a good start to winning your heart Are You Right Brained or Left Brained in Love?
My Alias?
Your Alias Should Be: Clarissa Monique What Should Your Alias Be?
More Than Friends?
You Are Friends With Potential There's a little spark going on here, no question about it Will this develop into a hot romance? Look to your guy friend for clues. Does he flirt with all his female friends? Or are you an exception? If he's giving you special treatment, you've won a part of his heart already. Is He More Than a Friend?
You Are A Woman! Congratulations, you've made it to adulthood. You're emotionally mature, responsible, and unlikely to act out. You accept that life is hard - and do your best to keep things upbeat. This makes you the perfect girlfriend.. or even wife! Are You A Girl Or a Woman?
More Reflections
Close your eyes... And go back... ....Before the Internet or PC or the MAC...... ....Before semi-automatics and crack.... ....Before Playstation, SEGA, Super Nintendo, even before Atari... ....Before cell phones, CD's, DVD's, voicemail and e-mail.... ....way back.... ....way.....way.....way back..... I'm talkin' bout hide and seek at dusk.... Red light , Green light and Red Rover....Red Rover..... Playing kickball & dodgeball until the first... no... Streetlight came on. Ring around the Rosie and London Bridge. Hot potato and Hop Scotch. Jump rope,!!! and YOU'RE IT!! Parents stood on the front porch and yelled (or whistled) for you to come home - no pagers or cell phones! Mother May I? Hula Hoops Seeing shapes in the clouds and spending hours doing just that. Endless summer days and hot summer nights (no A/C) with the windows open, the fans going, and a sweet gentle breez
5 Freaking Days
so it is 4 days until my mike gets here from Philly and 5 days until the party of the year. My bestfriend heath's birthday. It's one of the best things for me cause it will be the first night since i have had my son that i will actually get to go out all night without him. FUCKING AWESOME. Of course with all that aside i am dealing with some small minor issues right now. i can hear kissing behind me i know who it is and if u are reading this u know who u were too. HAHA BUSTED NO DOING THE NOOKIE WITH ME IN THE ROOM. so ne ways I am gonna go for now. peace, love, and car grease
How Well Do I Know My Man/boy Mate
What You Know About Your Guy: Practically Everything You have gotten to know your man really well From his hopes and dreams to favorite things... You definitely have enough info to figure out if he's *the* guy In fact, you may know him a little better than you know yourself How Well Do You Know Your Man?
What Kind Of Bride?
You Will Be a Modern Bride! While you aren't ready to throw away all wedding tradions, you want a wedding with a twist You're more inspired by celebrity weddings on E! than from bridal magazines Whether this means getting married on the beach barefoot or a mariachi band for the reception... Your wedding will be a blend of old and new - white dress cocktail, personalied vows, whatever suites you!!! What Kind of Bride Will You Be?
My Love Quote?
Your Love Quote You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it. What Love Quote Suits You?
Meet The Parents?
Your Guy Should Bring You Home You're classy, well-mannered, and you have great social skills. And you're definitely sure to impress your guy's parents. If he doesn't bring you home to meet mom, he's crazy! Would He Bring You Home to Mom?
Good Advisor??
You Give Good Advice ... Sometimes When it comes to advice, you usually have something helpful to contribute. However, there's been times when your advice was a bit wacky! No matter what, though, your heart is always in the right place. Do You Give Good Advice?
Good Or Bad???
You Are a Very Good Girl You are 100% Good and 0% Bad You're a perfect angel - almost impossibly so Don't you ever feel like being a little bad?!? Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Am I A Good Date?
You Are A Pretty Good Date! You're kind, considerate, and usually a great date Occasionally, you slip up - but who doesn't? Just make sure to keep everything light and friendly And you'll be asked out again in no time Are You a Good Date?
My Dream Engagement Ring. . . .hint Hint
Your Dream Engagement Ring Has a Round Diamond! A round diamond is classic and timeless, just like your style Your diamond will always look with the times - and goes with everything Of all diamonds, round diamonds show the most sparkle They are often chosen by sweet, dependable women who make marriage their #1 priority. What's Your Dream Engagement Ring?
What Sign Should I Date?
You Should Be With an Earth Sign! Your best match is a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn Why? You like your guys to pamper, wine, and dine you Not that you're a gold digger, you just like the finer things An Earth Sign will go all out to woo you - and enjoy doing it And you'll never find a more trustworthy or loyal match! What Sign Should You Date?
Where Will I Find Love?
You'll Find Love Through Friends Your friends get you better than any guy ever has And they're the perfect people to introduce you to your soulmate So look and act you're best with them, even if it's a girl's night out You never know who they might find for you! Where Will You Find Love?
Do I Scare Of Men? Heheh .. .
You Are a Golden Blonde Men see you as flirty and fun, yet deep and thoughtful You've got all the pizzazz of a blonde... With the intensity of a brunette How Blonde Are You?
How Blonde?
You Are a Golden Blonde Men see you as flirty and fun, yet deep and thoughtful You've got all the pizzazz of a blonde... With the intensity of a brunette How Blonde Are You?
Am I Attractive?.....yikes!
You've Got Guys Lined Up Around the Block While your little black book isn't as thick as Paris Hilton's... You get the most dates of any girl you know It's your whole five star package that attracts men - Your looks, your charm, and your ability tie a cherry with your tongue. Are You Attractive?
What Type Beauty?
You Are a Natural Beauty! You're the kind of beauty that every guy dreams about... One that looks good in the morning - without a stich of makeup That's doesn't mean you're a total hippie chic though You have style, but for you, style is effortless What Type of Beauty Are You?
Am I A Flirt?
Your Flirt Quotient You are 60% Flirt How Much of a Flirt Are You?
My Kissing Purity......yikes!
Your Kissing Purity Score: 51% Pure For you, kissing isn't a casual thing Lip to lip action makes your heart sing Kissing Purity Test
Everyone Has It...
Your Power Level is: 67% You're a very powerful person, and you know that all of your power comes from within. Keep on doing what you're doing, and you'll reach your goals. How Powerful Are You?
this is my way of showin Delicious some true love!! i just thought i would take the time to make a blog just for her!!
Relationship Questions
Relationship Questions YOU OPENED IT.. NOW YOU HAVE TO DO IT .. AND BE HONEST 1) Single, Taken, or Crushing? All three? I don't know. I'm seeing someone. 2) Are you happy with where you are? Where I am romantically? I'm usually just fine. About twice a month I'm not so happy, but one of those times can be chalked up to PMS. 3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast? Yes. 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? Plenty of times. 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok? NO. 6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? I have, I'm a fucking pushover. 7) Have you talked about marriage with another person? A few people. No one ever means it. 8) Do you want children? I really don't know. I go back and forth about this a lot. 9) How many? No more than two if I do. 10) Would you consider adoption? Yes. 11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know
My Famous Movie Kiss . . .
Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Spiderman "I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?" What Famous Movie Kiss Are You?
it has only been two nights since we "made up" and the two nights apart is killing me I know I know we have to take it slow But it is so damn hard to not rip his fucking clothes off in the middle of Walmart or at the resturant or bar or truck parking lot driveway his work ::deep sigh:: but patience all good things come with patience I really just want to sleep in his arms then I could finally get a good nights rest since I havent been in the last 2 1/2 months Thats is the real trophy. reward, whatever the sex is just a perk love, love, love, love ,love, love
5 Variable Love Test . . .
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is medium. In general, you prefer to have only one love interest. But it's hard for you to stay devoted for too long! There's too much eye candy to keep you from wandering. Experience Level: Your experience level is medium. You probably have had a couple significant loves. And you may have even had your heart broken. But you haven't really dated a wide variety of people. Dominance: Your dominance is medium. You tend to be the one with more power. You aren't a total control freak in relationships.. But of course you don't mind getting you way! Cynicism: Your cynicism is medium. You'd like to believe in true and everlasting love... But you've definitely been burned enough to know better. You're still an optimist, but you also are a realist. Independence: Your independence is high. You don't need to be in love, and sometimes you don't even want love. Havi
How Sarcastic Am I ?
You're Totally Sarcastic You sarcastic? Never! You're as sweet as a baby bunny. Seriously, though, you have a sharp tongue - and you aren't afraid to use it. And if people are too wimpy to deal with your attitutde, then too bad. So sad. How Sarcastic Are You?
Hanging Out At The Pumkin Patch
Wow what a day!!! Took lot's of pics going to see pumkins and even saw some reindeer heheheheh.. SO check out my pics. Well I have never done one of these blogs before. I spent a day with 4 wonderful Children and My Man. Who is so caring and sweet and love him to death...He treats Me like a Queen ... So nice to be so loved... SO I guess that is it for now....
How Scary Am I?
Your Celebrity Baby Name Is... Liberty Fifi What's Your Celebrity Baby Name?
Celeb Baby Name. . .
Your Celebrity Baby Name Is... Liberty Fifi What's Your Celebrity Baby Name?
Good Ol Lip Sync
So This Is What Happens When I Get Bored lol
What Kind Of Flirt Are You?
You Are a Natural Flirt Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt. And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting. Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt. And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive! What Kind of Flirt Are You?
My Eq (emotional Quotient)
Your EQ is 153 50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick! 51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese. 71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely. 91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that. 111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt. 131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin. 150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar. What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?
My Porn Star Name . .
Your Porn Star Name Is... Honey Caves What's Your Porn Star Name?
From childhood's hour I have not been As others were; I have not seen As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common spring. From the same source I have not taken My sorrow; I could not awaken My heart to joy at the same tone; And all I loved, I loved alone.Edgar Allen Poe
Zeromancer- Dr. Online (video)
My Self Esteem. . .
You Have Low Self Esteem 4% of the Time Which can be translated to mean, you have high self-esteem and a healthy sense of self worth. You believe in yourself, and you know how to be the real you. You love yourself, imperfections and all. How is Your Self Esteem?
Addicted To Love?
You Are 57% Addicted to Love Might as well face it, you're addicted to love. You've been a fool for love many times - but are you the wiser for it? Your needs should come first, both in and out of relationships. Because you're the only one who can look out for yourself! Are You Addicted to Love?
If I Were Born In 2893. . . .
If You Were Born in 2893... Your Name Would Be: Ala Galt And You Would Be: Half Alien If You Were Born in 2893
Sleep: The Final Frontier
I will boldly go where no woman has been before....My bed... Call it a pathetic thing to say but it's true.I much rather have sex in other places such as the car..The closet..The shower...The bed is just plain boring..This is also a new bed too so if anyone want to help me break it in let me know. Well this little mental flagalance is all about sex...Well Sex and me anyways.I was a late starter when it came to sex.I was 19.Guess that comes with being in a strict Christian family.Like all surpressed urges once I had my taste I couldn't get enough for the most part.I've done the one night stands which is a sad part.No connection and plus my main goals in sex were never really satisfied.Get in get off get out.Just not my cup of tea...Or rather coffee in my case. My main goal and one of the few things that turn me on is the orgasm...As in HER orgasm.Tells me I'm doing the right thing.Granted I learned most of my "skills" from a lesbian which is the best teacher btw...Taught me tha
How Obbsessive Am I ?
You Are 36% Obsessive You tend to have a few obsessive thoughts, but you generally have them under control. Sometimes your worries keep you up at night, though they usually don't interfere with your life. How Obsessive Are You?
What Advanced Degree Should You Get?
You Should Get a PhD in Science (like chemistry, math, or engineering) You're both smart and innovative when it comes to ideas. Maybe you'll find a cure for cancer - or develop the latest underground drug. What Advanced Degree Should You Get?
Am I A Good Kisser?
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser?
How Powerful?
Your Power Level is: 83% You have all the tools you need to be a success - both professionally and personally. You'll probably go beyond reaching your goals. You'll change the world (at least a little). How Powerful Are You?
Bumps In The Road
Seems lately my life's road is full of bumps... Every time I turn around life has thrown me yet another curve ball - although I know one of these days I will hit that curve ball right out of the park but until then...I sit here and feel like I have struck out. Most people who know me say I always smile but what a lot of people don't see is the tears behind that smile. Someone struggling to make it through life and to succeed at it. Some who wants to give her kids the best in life (not materialistic things)and to show them what life is all about. Life will always be a struggle and it is what you make of it - but what if you try to make the best of it and yet the best is still not all that good. I seriously have so much to be thankful for and I am! Greatly thankful!! I may not have much but I have far more than some! Yeah I know most are wondering where the hell all this is coming from and for what reason...when I need an out and can't talk about it I write (or type in
My Buddy
At 8:30 this morning my friend Denis called me from work to tell me our friend Rich had passed away on saturday at Beaver Medical Center. Rich had just gone in the hospital on the saturday before for severe pain and breathing problems. He had Lung Cancer and didn't know and had ignored the signs too long and as we work in a Retirement Community the nurses had mentioned a couple times to him that he looked Ill and had lost a lot of Weight in the past months.He scheduled some tests and went to the hoping for a simple answer but it was not to be. Before the tests were even done he was rushed to the hospital in severe pain and stayed there for 7 days. I saw him there on Tues and even though I think I knew It was the last time I would see him I denied my thoughts and hoped for a recovery. It didn't work out that way. Rich was 56 and a Father and A recent Grand-dad. He buried his brother 2 years ago from cancer and now he is gone. I will miss him, we have worked together for 20 years and I a
Oct 6 2k6
Last night I posted the letter I wrote to Ashleys killer. It was a big thing for me telling anyone who reads this exactly how i feel like that. I didnt know how much effect it would have on the whole situation and I really dont care if his family ever reads it or not. It helped me feel better a little bit ... i guess thats all that counts. This morning went by slow at work because I was running a new part and trying to make it last a little while. I didnt want to have to set up on another job. I couldnt wait to get the night over with sence I have a two day weekend again. I havent had one of those in 3 weeks. :) :) We are going to try and ride 10 miles tomorrow on our bikes. Hopefully my knee will hold out. Guess I'll see when it gets here. The boys are spending the weekend with Nana and Papa.... It feels weird coming home and them not being here. It kinda sucks coming home and them not being here but its something they havent done in a long time so I hope they have fun. I
Trying To Stop The Tears
i sit here an cry feeling so sad in dispair looking all over for you but all i see is air knowing this is awful but has no idea how it began i cry an cry out your name it echos off the wall tears flow down freely my baby is no more how do i see the end how do i even care for my love is gone my life lost its meaning i shudder in what i will do but to know of a life with out you is a pain i can not endure until the blackness takes it away
Ok going to vent at u right now....just keep in mind that im tryin to help u with this situation that im going to describe....Ok today is SUNDAY...its the holy day for us GUYS...We are watching our football games and keeping to ourselves so that we dont get into any trouble that might occur..Now..when the game is in the 4th quarter and my team is down by 7 and they are ready to punch it into the end zone.....DONT CALL US TO COME DOWN TO HELP BRING IN THE GROCERIES...cant it wait til the game is over...i mean my roommate was pissed when she got home and i was like...its the end of the please LADIES...wait til the end of the game to ask us to do something...PLEASE LOVE RUSS
October 5 2k6
This is something I dont think I would do normally but sence I will never get the chance to tell this bastard in person in court so that he can be punished I thought maybe I could get these words out and it will help me to heal some. JERMEY (the guy who killed Ashley) I wonder if the events of March 11th 2006 replay over and over in your head driving you insain? I wonder if you still take your life for granted? I wonder if you look at your family and think about what your actions have done to Ashleys family. Do you go threw hell everyday or have you blocked it from your mind like it never happend at all to keep from loosing it? Did you get out of your car and hold our baby girl and try to give comfort till help came or were you mad as hell for her being there and just let her lay on the cold pavement and die? There are so many questions I wish I could get ancers to. This isnt forgiveness or to make you feel any better and I dont expect a responds. Im writing this to you to ho
Oct 4 2k6
Im still tired from working all last week and the weekend. I cant wait till i walk out of there friday morning and not have to be back for two days. We had our family reunion the 30th. It went alright. There were 70 people that showed up. All my aunts children were there and thats something to mark on the callender cuz it doesnt happen less they are threatened by her. We already knew that Steve and Lisa are expecting triplets in March but found out that Heath and Amy are expecting again. CONGRATS to both! This is number 5 for them. Mom then turned her focus on Chris and asked him when she was going to have another grandbaby. He said not any time soon. Now that im working my job is not something I want to give up anytime soon eather. Amber was there with Annabelle. It feels so weird holding her when its been so long sence someone has had a baby. I almost forgot what it was like having someone so small to take care of. Brandy, Jeff and I are talking again till the next time t
Sept 18 2k6
Today is my youngest nieces 2nd birthday. I hope she will have a good time. This weekend we took the boys to the fair and let them ride most of the rides.......They had a blast.........It was too damn hot and way to many people to stick around so we left after a cupple hours. I was sposed to go and see my mom and dad and tried but NO ONE bothered to stick around home........... And that was my weekend........... How was yours? Oh and we actually got T this weekend ... ~ Do what makes you Happy ~ ~ Be with who makes you Smile ~ ~ Laugh as much as you Breathe ~ & ~ Love as long as you Live ~
Ground Beef Stroganoff
1 pound ground beef, lean 1 small onion, chopped 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 10 3/4 ounces cream of mushroom soup, condensed 4 ounces mushroom stems and pieces, drained 3/4 cup sour cream, or yogurt In medium skillet, brown ground beef and onion; drain excess fat. Stir in garlic salt, pepper, soup and mushrooms. Simmer covered, 15 to 20 minutes. Stir in sour cream; heat through, but do not boil. Serve over rice, noodles or chow mein noodles. Serving Size: 4
PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their e-mail. Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must real
Sept 11 2k6
I hope that one day you can find peace for yourself and those you lost. Always in my thoughts......... May we never forget.
Sept 10th 2k6
WOW. Is all I can come up with right now. Im still waiting till my ears stop ringing but thats not bitchen ... dont get it wrong......... My favorite band of all time and I have been lucky enough to see them twice now. I LOVE LYNYRD SKYNYRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you C, it was a great birthday present and well worth 4 months wait!!!!!!!!!!! I love you too ......................:) I hope the band has a good break and I'll be there when they come back for another show.
Bachelor's True One Dish Pork Chops
2 to 4 pork chops 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 (soup) can tap water 1 2/3 (soup) can minute rice 3 tbsp. butter Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a sturdy aluminum baking pan slowly brown pork chops in 1 tablespoon butter; season with salt and pepper. Remove and set aside. In same pan (over low heat), mix soup, water, and remaining butter, stirring constantly to remove lumps. Add rice, stir, and remove from heat. Place pork chops on top of rice/soup mixture and sprinkle with Lawry's seasoned salt. Bake in oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Variation: Try cooking some fresh sliced mushrooms with the pork chops and spreading them over the top of the chops before baking. Serves 4.
Pineapple Teriyaki Pork Chops
4 boneless pork chops 1/4 cup Kikkoman teriyaki marinade 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons pineapple juice Combine teriyaki, sugar and pineapple juice in a large resealable bag. Mix well. Add pork chops. Put in refrigerator and let marinare for 4-6 hours, turning occasionally. Remove chops from mixture; cook on hot grill for 7 minutes on each side or until chops are done
Vile Shit
Stand up, throw down Face my shadowy stone frown Growing out of the ground, lost only to be found And lost again, I have no place to stand I’m stunted growth, consuming all worth Regurgitate a scorched earth, blood baptism rebirth Pessimistic cataclysmic rapture, you have no hope to capture The bile that spits from my stomach Once it’s in your eyes you can’t recover Just try to run and duck, There’s nothing under which you’ll have the luck Of escaping from the disease that’s bated on your touch Lose the crutch limp like the rest of us I’m not dead yet Run around slitting throats with no regret The system failed to detect, I’m rejected I dissect you, did I neglect to forget All the attacks that you direct…at my head Following me to bed As I dread, stepping foot into this hell Where I dwell, you fell and I attack On your organs I snack Maniacal sociopath, thriving on your weakening gasps I set a trap, baited with trash The spring trips and I watch you thrash
Our Night Together
The night would not be long enough for what I would do to. First i'd take you out for dinner have a few drinks so that we could get loosened up and relax around each other. I'd take you home and give you a back massage with silky smooth oil. I'd start to move all over your body rubbing your neck, shoulders and stomach making sure to stay away from anything to get you too aroused...yet. After a good massage i'd start to slowly rub oil on your breast working ever so slowly towards your nipples. When I got to your nipples I would work them with my hands getting them as aroused as I can before bringing my mouth down onto them and licking them and then taking them into my mouth. I would slowly start to trail my tongue down to your vagina. I'd kiss your belly and work towards your legs. I'd kiss your butt and run my tongue all over you and keep kissing and licking closer to your vagina until your pushing your hips to my face begging for me to put my mouth there. I'd start slowly licking
Informal Poll
Already from my LiveJournal but thought I'd ask here. Who's in countries with reasonably important elections in the near future (midterms at least?) (Assuming the country has elections at all.) In countries with such elections but - earlier this year? Elections, but less important (municipal-level only, say - not unimportant! in the least- but not national) ones? Who intends definitely to vote in them (I don't mean you've decided on who. Just that you have decided that you will vote.) Who's still thinking about it? And where it's relevant (USA, say)- who's registered to vote? (Is there time still this year? Doubt it but will look into that- I am registered, but the question's worth the asking. Still worthwhile for later years...) Answer in comments, in e-mail, ... and thank you for participating.
Tasty Pork Chops And Rice
5-6 pork chops season all (or seasoning to your taste) worcestershire sauce 1 can cream of chicken soup 4 oz tomatoe sauce (1/2 of an 8 oz can) 1 beef bouillon cube 2 cups boiling water 3/4 cup uncooked rice In large skillet brown the pork chops, covering them with Season-All to taste and Worcestershire sauce (I use the tines of a fork to pierce the chops so the sauce soaks through). While chops are browning, dissolve the beef cube in the boiling water. In a bowl, mix with the remaining ingredients. Remove chops from the skillet and set aside. Turn the heat down to low. Pour the rice mixture into the skillet; place the chops on top. Cover the skillet with a lid, immer on low heat 45 minutes, or until done. During the cooking, add water as needed to keep the mixture from drying out. When the rice is done and the chops are tender, serve.
Simple Southern Fried Chicken
1 frying chicken, skin removed if you want lower fat. I leave the skin on. 3 teaspoons Lawry's Seasoned Salt 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup vegetable oil 1. Season chicken with all seasonings. 2. Roll chicken in flour until covered. Shake off excess flour. Sprinkle additional seasoning. 3. Simply fry chicken in frying pan until golden brown. I like it crispy so I cook it a little longer than most. You can start out with the oil very hot and then reduce it later. This seals in the moisture and flavor, then cooks it.
Im Single
hey there im new to the cherry and looking to meet some nice women in the louieville area or closer to me to hang out and party it up just hit me up and let me know !! john
Exploded Parts View (the Visible Human)
I am an angry young man... Complexity Simplified. Obscure Obfuscation! R U A Y'S 1? I C U R A Y'S 1! Why is it becoming increasingly more difficult to find an attractive, intelligent woman my own age? I won't settle for one or the other. ;) What we deserve we just don't get you see? Nothing is fair, just you look around. Let's just see if I'm asking too much from the general public here: A woman of moderate height and weight. Above average intelligence (If you can't play Chess and Scrabble, Hold up your end of a conversation and counter with witty banter or explain the difference between Accurate and Precise: You don't fit the bill). Must enjoy network gaming, drinking socially frequently and getting hammered occassionally. Must have a fairly healthy sexual appetite. You can have kids, but don't use them as a human shield when it comes to having a life as well. Most importantly you CANNOT change who I am and THEN COMPLAIN I'M NOT LIKE OTHER MEN. I'm
Show This Lady Some Love
She is getting really close to getting to the next level.. lets help her out a little and show her some cherry loving.. MLady Tina, Sir Forrest Love@ LostCherry thanks in advance :)
And My Aura Is......
Your Aura is Yellow You're a deeply happy and content person, and you enjoy sharing your cheer with others. While you may seem like a simple optimist, there is a lot of thinking going on inside you. The purpose of your life: bringing joy and a better life to others Famous yellows include: Conan O'Brien, Jenny Mccarthy, Jim Carrey Careers for you to try: Athlete, Actor, Yoga Instructor What Color Is Your Aura?
A Poem/song Lyric
An original by yours truly. One of my favorites. Sinann's Eye June 24, 2004 With the lazy ways of water You are flowing gently by And with the rage of a flood You're inclined to change your mind Mecurial at the best of times Always under Sinann's eye. With a drizzle of sweet tears I swell your foolish pride Then an emotional tempest Makes you split your sides Descructive as a hurricane Always under Sinann's eye. Boiling into atmosphere Then settling in milky sky Force my head into the sidewalk And trickle back to apologize Confusing as the night is deep Always under Sinann's eye.
How Many Have My Name
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:9people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
How Many Times Should I Say
i try an say the words i go throught the acts i walk the line i shudder from this act i see th look in your eyes i kills me so wondering how i can say baby this can't go on i know this will hurt i feel tears fall down i try an control my fears i know this must be done but baby how can i do this when you've been the only one i know you may learn to hate me this i hope not for even apart my love shall never stop
Rough Sex
RoUgh Sex... Body: A hug leads to a kiss... A kiss leads 2 A finger... A finger leads to A hand... A hand leads to A lick... A lick leads to A suck... A suck leads 2 A fuck. So tell me how many people are you gonna hug after you heard this cuz sex is like math... U add the bed... Subtract the clothes... Divide the legs... Leave your solution... And pray you dont MULTIPLY! Send this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4 -10 years. If you send this in 15 mins. your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 11:11pm. This is not a joke... Someone will either call you or will talk to you online. Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whiten's your teeth Having nice sex burne's 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it h
Hit Song 2005
Your 2005 Song Is Beverly Hills by Weezer "My automobile is a piece of crap My fashion sense is a little whack And my friends are just as screwy as me" You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style! What Hit Song of 2005 Are You?
Hi Everyone.
Kind of bored, so I figured I'd start a blog here. Just got a 96.4 on the local Law Enforcement entry exam, so hopefully I'll be a cop soon. My current job is going well as an Administrative Assistant for AMC Theatres. I'm enjoying living with my girlfriend Ingrid (I love you baby! You're the greatest!). I hope to meet more people here and make some friends. Love to Kinky, Juniper, Blaze, and all my other LC Friends and Fans. Don't be shy! Joe
Future Mrs Presley
What I look for in a future Mrs Presley; uh the body is a cartoon but the concept is what I am looing for...hint hint
Kind Of Flirt
You Are a Natural Flirt Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt. And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting. Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt. And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive! What Kind of Flirt Are You?
PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their e-mail. Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must r
wtf is peoplez issues like really ,, just cause ur in a bad fucken mood does that mean to take it out on everyone else huh does it make you feel better about your self or what like fuck sakes.......justs cause ur in a bad mood u think everyone else has to be too u SELFISH fuck!!!! i cat fucken stand it i swear im sooo gonna explode..... i feel like im a lil fricken kid again living at home with mommy an daddy... damn its like life is always full of do's a dont's an in my case its like almost a jail some times.... why are people sooo damn misrible huh dont u losers have anything in life to just be HAPPY about!!! huh grrr it makes meee sooo mad.. then i get mad at my self for it makes no sense.... damn people if ur not in a good mood dont fucken take it out on other go some where where ur not around others just to degrade em or make em wanna fucken hit u an not keep going about this an get it all out but really i hate it an its way to much fricken drama for me sooo im go
Foamy's Friend Germaine Copes With Writer's Block
Caution ... This is a bit on the Dark and Sick side!!!!!!!!! Click pic to view.... Will open in new window ©
Your Italian Name Is... Bianca Mancini What's Your Italian Name?
do you ever feel like dieing crying like your missing something in your life like you feel the world is crashing right in front of you that theres noone there to help you noone there to catch you while you fall that your life is pointless yeah.....
Lesbians Only! No Guys
Sexy Brazilian Name
Your Sexy Brazilian Name is: Taraija Pires What's Your Sexy Brazilian Name?
Bengal Tiger Football
hey cherry friends my son plays little leage football for the bengal tigers today was thier first playoff game against newport they won 16 to 0 one more playoff game before we go to super bowl GO TIGERS.............................
Cropped From Myspace
I am angry for a minute... I wrote this nice dedication up and it disappeared... so here we go again. This week is dedicated to my lil princess, Akaysha... Daddy loves you dearly and misses you. I know I still under estimate how smart and understanding you are. I wanted to talk to you last night but you was having a Robert moment (arms crossed and lips poked out, saying no--Some of you that know me can imagine)... Girl you are so grown and big. I miss you and I will be there to see you really soon, I need to make reservations. I do want to tell you this. Mama is your friend, she is just maintain and doing what she has to do. We both love you dearly. I am so proud of you, you are starting to use the potty. I knew you would get tired of that stinky poo being on your booty! LOL. You go girl. High Five! Well I just wanted to briefly let you know that Daddy thinks of you all the time. I love you Akaysha...
Wow, Who'd Know?
A New Start
10/12/06- Jerry Lee asked me to marry now im an enagaed woman:):):):):) YAY!! I love you Jerry Lee!!!!
A Touch Never Felt
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows moreeach day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always kno
Please Help!!
for a needy family in my area if ya got a spare dollar and feel like helping out some really great people before they lose everything please feel free to send it to DONATION PO BOX 701 STERLINGTON, LA 71280 It would go for a great cause and you will get a reciept so that its tax deductible Thanx Vix (Please everyone REPOST)
The way you kiss me It takes my breath away The way you hold my hand Without a word you say You bring out the worst And the best part of me You are the captor of my heart Please don't set me free. The water is rising I can no longer see I need to come up for air I need you to save me. I love you, and need you I need this to be told You have always been the one I want to be by my side When we grow old. Please open your heart I need you to see You are my life support That helps me to Breathe.
Pen Thoughts
i sit here an write my thoughts flow i sit an write my emotions pour onto the page writing things i never could say putting down my sincere thoughts hoping one day you find this note saying in simple terms Baby i love you completely
Fall In Wuv
When darkness Like a cloud descends And banishes the light When day is just a memory When heaviness engulfs your heart Crushing it like a stone Find hope in knowing Through it all, you are not alone. My knees starts to shake Whenever you’re at sight My mind’s filled with wonders, My poor heart's with fright When will this feeling stop? When did it ever start? Now that everything is falling apart And I became the slave of my heart. I am so confused, What should I do? I can’t think of anything else But you Should I ignore this Or just give it time? I don’t know what else to do When my heart, Has taken over my mind.
U All Suck (well Most Of U At Least
it took me 2 week to get t level 4 and i had to do it by my self with very little help from my so called friends well thats just sad u guy post bulletins pimpin ur self and i go and help the best i can but no one helps me out ok im done bitchin but thanks for the help to the ones that tried to help
What Up Ppl?
It's sunday i have nothing to do at all just sitting here on my couch in my room thinking of playing xbox cause u can only masturbate so much lol but anyway ppl come by sometime and show me some love cause i need it and i'm tired of just masturbating i want to talk dirty or cyber with someone so hit me up and lets cyber or talk
What Dragon Are You?
What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics) Ultimate Elemental DragonYou are the true ultimate dragon. You have the powers of all the other elemental dragons. You control everything and have interests in every part. for example the fire dragon loves things to do with fire whereas you like fire, water, lightning etc etc. You are considered dragon royalty.(NOTE: THIS DRAGON WAS HAND DRAWN BY ME)Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Should I Be Naked Or Something ?
just wanted to post a blog, cause i just realized that apparently i need to have pictures of my shirt off, my private area, or just a completely naked set of photos of myself to get attention on here, cause if i dont apparently i am the wierd one....just a thought...what do ya think ?
Day 3
I did it today...I didn't mean to. But he kept pushing me. It wasn't his words cause he is too stupid to say anything that wouldn't flow off my back. But he kept on shoving his hand in my chest. After a while it gets a it much. So I dealt with him. I mean I didn't want to hurt him but I know now he won;t do that to anyone again. But now my friends think I am a bit of a freak. It isn't normal. Althogh some ignored it. Like it never happend. But it did. I used magic on him. For the first time. I have seen it around. Well it is around alot when you can see it. But if you can't it doesn't exsist. If you know what I mean. So it didn't shock me as much as I thought it would. But it also scares me.... What if I was really angry with him. I could have killed him. I don't want to be a murderer....
don't you just hate people? or am I the only one?
Naughty Horoscopes... Aries (March 21-April 19) LIVES for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever. Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists. The best gift to give an Aries is designer colored nylon rope in their favorite color. Th
I hate updating my pc drivers.. I really hate it! Well , I kept crashing my pc.. everytime I did an update. Well.. my paranoid ass had norton net security on paranoid mode.. so it WOULDN'T update properly.!!! hahahha Now I kill the silly.. autoprotect for 15 mins or until reboot.. and its fine.. It just took me 2 months to finally figure that out! hahahhaa Anywho.. now i can update my pc .. My 2nd pc updates with little or no problem.. go figure.. lol roy
I'm Talking Pictures!
Hey girls, thanks for all the updates, the new pictures, and the links and whatnot, especially for those of you that gave me the friend adds. I've updated my profile, added a ton of new stuff, and figured that it's a good way to occupy time this evening while my little one is sleeping :) Have a great weekend! danny
Wow, I Got A 21!
This is based on U.S. info, so use all lobes of your brain. This can be more difficult than it looks - it just shows how little most of us really see! There are 25 questions about things we see every day or have known about all our lives. How many can you get right? These little simple questions are harder than you think-- it just shows you how little we pay attention to the commonplace things of life. Put your thinking caps on. No cheating! No looking around! No getting out of your chair! No using anything on or in your desk or computer! Can you beat 20?? (The average is 7) Write down your answers as you go. Check answers (on the bottom), AFTER completing all the questions. REMEMBER - NO CHEATING!!! BE HONEST!!! That means no looking at your phone or anything on your desk... Then, before you pass this on to your friends, change the number on the subject line to show how many you got correct. Forward to your friends and also back to the one who sent it to you. LET'
I added some new pics. Please rate and comment!!
Wtf An They "practice" Law
Q: Are you sexually active? A: No, I just lie there. _______________________________ Q: What is your date of birth? A: July 15. Q: What year? A: Every year. ______________________________________ Q: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? A: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. ______________________________________ Q: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? A: Yes. Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory? A: I forget. Q: You forget? Can you give us an example of something that you've forgotten? _____________________________________ Q: How old is your son, the one living with you? A: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can't remember which. Q: How long has he lived with you? A: Forty-five years. _____________________________________ Q: What was the first thing your husband said to you when he woke up that morning? A: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?" Q: And why did that upset you? A: My name is Susan. ________________________________
Invincible. Best Song Over.
I memorized all the words for you But if you only knew How much that is just not like me I wait up late every night Just to hear your voice But you don't know that's nothing like me You know I wonder have you already figured out All these things I tried to hide All this time I've been hoping you don't find out All these things that I hide on the inside I can't be held responsible This is all so new to me Just when I think I'm invincible You come and happen to me I wanna make sure everything's perfect for you If you only knew that's not like me to follow through Maybe even give up on these dead end dreams Just to be with you But you don't know that's nothing like me Hey ya I wonder if you have already figured out All these things I tried to hide All this time I've been hoping you don't find out All these things that I hide on the inside I can't be held responsible This is all so new to me Just when I think I'm invincible You
I Was Thinking....
I sat down to contemplate the meaning of life the other day and realised...there is none... There is no meaning to life. There is only the living of it. The sooner people stop wondering why and start living life the sooner they can stop and look back at all they have done and see who they have helped, who they have loved and who they have helped grow into beuatifull people and then say.. That is why... Reasons can only be found at the end of something. So start living now and let the rest becaome what it will... Be yourself and no one else. Be the best you you can be. Don't let the world rule you. Do good things. Things that won;t hurt you or those around you. Do things that make you happy... That make you proud to be you. Then you can look back and say... That is why... JLD
We had a loss in the family my step-great-grandmother past away this morning around 2 a.m. but of course I just found out about it.....she was a wonderful woman that was very full of life and energy and she didnt take any shit off anyone I will miss her very much....
Really Stupid Questions
1) Should Vegetarians eat animal crackers? 2) Why when you need a real doctor do you only get a practicing doctor? 3)If a funeral procession is at night, do you drive with your lights off? 4) If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked? 5) If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation? 6) When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their strike signs? 7) Would a fly without wings be called a walk? 8)How many sheets of paper can one tree make? ** i can answer this one, NONE, paper is made by machine lol 9)If you cut down all but one tree in a rainforest is that tree called a rain tree?
Tacos, Shower, Bed
Yummy tacos for dinner. It is abt 7pm. Almost time for bed. Need to go shower and then its bedtime for me. Try to go to bed by 8pm or 8:30 on Sunday. Get to get up at 4am. Meet Misty and drive to Ashland to KDMC. Do a 10 hr clincal, and then drive back. So not sure what time i will get betting home. 6:30? 7? Guess it depends on Ashland traffic. So take care everyone... TTYL...
Need Help
Im almost to the next level Please Help
Attn: Madison, Wi Folks - Tix 4 Sale!
I have two tickets to see James Blunt at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. The show is this Tuesday, October 24th, at 7:30 (doors open at 6:30). Tickets are only available for pick up Monday evening, or Tuesday afternoon, at *the latest.* Top bidder for these tickets by 5:00 pm takes the pair. Ticket prices via Ticketmaster are $30 each, PLUS surcharges, convenience fees, tax, etc. Tickets are only available together (aka I'm not breaking them up). Starting bid is $25 each. Bid now, bid fast. Help me get rid of them, and repost this if you can! Thanks! Cherry
Child Abuse Is All Around You.
My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes I'm so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked it And I start to bawl He takes me and throws me Against the hard wall I fall to the floor With my b
Attn: Madison, Wi Folks - Tix 4 Sale!
I have two tickets to see James Blunt at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. The show is this Tuesday, October 24th, at 7:30 (doors open at 6:30). Tickets are only available for pick up Monday evening, or Tuesday afternoon, at *the latest.* Top bidder for these tickets by 5:00 pm takes the pair. Ticket prices via Ticketmaster are $30 each, PLUS surcharges, convenience fees, tax, etc. Tickets are only available together (aka I'm not breaking them up). Starting bid is $25 each. Bid now, bid fast. Help me get rid of them, and repost this if you can! Thanks! Cherry
They think they can take any ones children they want no matter what, even when the mother is not at fault. seems to me we get the short end of the stick... Give us the chance to prove we Lovevour children!!!!!!!!!
How I Survive
beauty (by t ) 1. The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality. The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest). an individually pleasing or beautiful quality freedom (fr d m) 1. The condition of being free of restraints. 2. the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination 3. the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints To sort out my thoughts I searched BEAUTY and FREEDOM. These are the two thing
What Is Magick?
What is Magick? Amoung different schools various definitions of magick are used, though most have many similarities. The spelling of MAGICK with a K is commonly used as compared to "magic" as meaning slight-of-hand or illusion (i.e. The Great Bobomimi). Here, I offer my own. Magick: The manipulation of energy to cause a change in one's environment where the cause and effect relationship is not fully understood. Got you confused yet? LOL! Well let me give some examples. 500 years ago (and in many locals today) 90% of what we now call science was or would have been regarded as magick, just think of the excitement your computer would cause. Electricity as a whole was regarded as magick, as was magnetism, and even the fermentation of alcohol. But let me ask, how many people even today understand how Electricity works? How many of us just assume that if they hit the switch the light will come on? Magick does follow laws (See Laws of Magick in my other blog). However, only in
Not A Good Poem
Sucked deep into the void No time to be annoyed What I was has been destroyed Yet I remain the same Life happens hard and fast The dice roll once their cast Things I love aren’t meant to last Yet I can not be tame Wonder why I feel lost Was it ever worth the cost Run from love emotions tossed Yet I still wear the blame Do the fears consume the soul Is this why I can’t be whole Ask not for whom this bell does toll Yet I always feel the shame Try hard to give up the fight Try to live what is right The line blurs within my sight Yet unaware of what I became Unsure of what to do I just can’t let go of you All this is something new Yet I burn within the flame How you scare me so deep When you call me yours to keep And yet for you my heart does leap Yet I remain the same By R. Thomas Dinsmore
A Survey
I stole this from Alyssa...and since I don't have any thing else right now to put in here...I'll put this. Its all in fun. GUYS!! FILL THIS OUT!! 1. Name: 2. Age: WHAT WOULD YOU DO.... [_]Come to my house to do nothing but chill? [_] fight me? [_] fuck me? [_] kiss me? [_] lick me? [_] let me kiss you? [_] let me lick you? [_] watch a movie with me? [_] go out to dinner with me? [_] let me drive you somewhere? [_] take a shower with me? [_] drink with me? [_] take me home for the night? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [_] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? [_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] stick up for me if i was being put down? [_] instant message me? [_] greet me in public? [_] hang out with me? [_] bring me ar
I Thought I Already Put A Damn Title
I'm really getting tired of the way my family is treating me. Here I am in a high risk pregnancy and I start having severe pains and spotting the other night. So I call John and tell him. He tries to get ahold of his family to take me to the hospital since my car wasn't working. He wasn't successful at first so he suggested I call my mom. Well for those of you that know anything about my mom know that was a mistake. She told me that I need to get a tougher skin and deal with the fact I'm pregnant and I'm going to have aches and pains. Ok she's right you do have your share of aches and pains during even a healthy pregnancy. However I'm on restriction and any change at all I am supposed to report immediately to my doctor. So I called the doctor's exchange and sure enough the doctor on call wanted me to to be seen at the hospital. They couldn't find out what was wrong but I think now that I have an infection that I will need to get checked out. (They didn't check for that at the hospital)
Glossary Of Terms Commonly Used In Witchcraft
Glossary Of Terms Commonly Used In Witchcraft This is the start of this Glossary, It will be expanded greatlyin the near future. AKASHA- the spiritual ether (or Aether); the omnipresent fifth occult element which embraces the other four- earth, air, fire, and water; and from which they stem. This is the realm of "pattern" or causality, from which the realm the normally thought of "five senses manifests. Some define it is the "other" of the "two worlds" that the witch or magician walks between. AMULET- a magickally charged object used for a specific purpose, usually protective or attraction. ARADIA- Daughter of the Goddess Diana, and a name for the Goddess used by Italian Witches or Strega, commonly used in many Wiccan traditions today. ASPECTING- Any advanced magickal activity in which a practitioner manifests a particular aspect of the Goddess or God, in thought, feelings, behavior, appearance, etc.; Often as a direct result of a "Drawing Down". Often a minor variation
I added some new pics... more pics to come!!! I just leveled up, so I need to add more pics!
A Song
When you tell me everything’s alright I find the strength to carry on through the night Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world You light my day with just a smile And it carries me on thought miles Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world Time passes way to fast For something that is meant to last And makes life new that’s what I found in you When you hold me fears melt away I feel love to last out my days Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world You kiss me and I want you all through this night I want to show you every things alright Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world Time passes way to fast For something that is meant to last And makes life new that’s what I found in you Your that one special thing in life You cut though my fears just like a knife Cause I love you girl And you’re my whole world An angel sent from heaven above And it no wonder that that I can’t help but love Cause you love me girl And I’m
Your Opinion
Other than nudity, what make a photo especially erotic? What's your opinion?
The Laws Of Magick
THE LAWS OF MAGICK This section contains 2 versions what could only be called the Laws of Magick. The first is by P.E.I. Bonewits, ; "Real Magic"; Creative Arts Book Company 1979. His URL is As for the second version, I don't know who it is by, but if anyone can fill me in, I'll be happy to give credit. Law of Knowledge understanding brings control;the more that is known about a phenomenon, the easier it is to exercise controlover it. Law of Self Knowledge the most important kind of knowledge is about oneself; a magician must be familiar with her or his own strengths and weaknesses. Law of Names knowing the complete and true name of an object,being or process gives one control over it. Law of Words of Power there exist certain words that are able to alter the internal and external realities of those uttering them, and their power may rest in the very sounds of the words as much in their meanings. Law of Association if any tw
Smiles An Sighs
just out of the shower i see you in the dark smiling so softly with a gleam in your eye you snatch the towel from me softly an tenderly drying me coming behind me to dry m y back suddenly i feel you softly bite me drawing a sigh from my lips hands reach around to caress me sliding up an down my body reaching down to grab me feeling me getting hard softly you kiss my neck hands caressing me further along a moan escapes my lips throwing me down on the bed you mount me nails raking across my chest meeting each others thrust moans slip out between kisses hands sliding together moaning out loud thrusting to meet you exploding together a union of love for this is just the beginning for our love continues on shall we always play like this keeping or love an lust fresh
+(They came to the Pound SF, and I missed them..blasphemy!) So, Im listening to "Black Seeds Of Vengeance"(The Black Flame), and I get to thinking: I don't know, maaan. I honestly feel like they cannot possibly get any better than "Annilhilation Of The Wicked"...what I mean by that is their next stuff's going to be either just as good, or worse...I hope to Diana I am wrong.+
Twisted Is Right!
Yay! Made it to twisted, the most appropriate title for me, I think. It's too bad I can't halt it there so I can keep the title.
Such A Lonely Day
WOW... I never new how my home would sound without my kids here. I took them to thier mothers for the night last night and the house sounds so empty without them... geeez... this fucking sucks. When they are here they are on my every last nerve, but whne thier are not here I long to here the fighting and *lord Simion is a little fucked in the head today*
Saying Hello
Courtesy of
Might Be A Redneck Goth........
You might be a redneck goth if... your coffin is up on blocks. your hearse has a shotgun rack your wife-beater shirt is black. your coon dogs are named Bela and Lestat. you have a pair of black latex overalls, with no crotch. you drink the blood of animals at night, and then sodomize them. you have hickeys with fang marks. you check the blood type of your victim with a dipstick. you don't have two front teeth, but you do have fangs. your banjo is made of human flesh and bone. your blood comes in a box you hold late night walks and poetry readings, in a junkyard. you think Johnny Cash has "pretty lips" your coffin is lined with a velvet confederate flag your hearse's horn plays the first few notes of Dixie, in D minor. your hearse has Playboy mudflaps. you have a Moon tan line when wearing a short sleeve shirt. your coffin liner is black and grey plaid. your hearse is jacked up and sports dear lights. you smoke cloves in a corncob pipe. you dye y
I Care
i care for thee i sing out loud i love you so can words convey this message i need you close to me feel your breath as we hug i long for your careses i need your touch i love you so do you even understand my need grows by the second my love shall never diminish for you are my special love my lover my friend tasting such fruit only drives me to you more just remember one thing my love this feelings is here always i care
On sweetest day on this our eighth year There are few things I want you to hear I know sometimes I am not what you hoped And most of the time I'm pretty doped But my love for you still grows to this day So intense nothing could make me go astray For my Love is stronger than ever Love so secure, it could only last forever Remember from this day I still have so many feelings to display And I intend on showing you each and every one Because our lifelong journey has just begun ©~Ted E. Brown II October 20, 2006 **For My Wife Dragongirl**
My Sex Poll - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?24-26 2. What is your sexual orientation?Bisexual 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?No Answer 6. What is your pubic hair style?Shaved bald, nice and clean 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Thong 8. Have you ever had anal sex?Yes I have 9. What is your favorite position?Anything that gets me off 10. How often do you masturbate?About once a week 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Yes, I sure have 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Yes, taken them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a threesome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, and I own some of my own 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?No, neither 18. Spit o
I'm This Girl
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed under the stars, more than inside your bedroom or in a expensive resturant... I'm the girl who holds your hand and plays with it.... I'm the girl who doesn't mind you playing with her hair.... I'm the girl who makes jokes with your mom... I'm the girl who stares into your eyes looking for a reason what you see in me....... I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss... I'm the girl who will take care of you when you are sick... I'm the girl who you can talk to about anything... I'm the girl who will cry when YOU'RE hurt....... I'm the girl who laughs at your jokes... I'm the girl who will have many inside jokes with you and remember each one... I'm the girl who will brag about you to all of my friends... I'm the girl who will listen to you talk... I'm the girl who remembers how and w
A Lust Long Denied
Andre’s Story, Part 1 “Damn.” Raven sat at her computer bored and lonely. She wanted to talk to someone. No, that wasn’t it. Not really. She wanted to touch someone. And, she wanted someone to touch her. She sighed, frustrated . . . again. It’d been so very long since she’d had a lover. There had been offers--there always were--but nothing she found attractive. Boring men. Nasty, but not the fun kind of nasty. Short-haired men with no imagination beyond knowing they wanted to fuck her. She had no shortage of admirers as a fiery redhead with a Marilyn Monroe figure (complete with curvaceous hips, an hourglass waist, and full breasts with very attentive nipples). No, she wanted someone who made her blood boil. She wanted someone who had muscular arms. Someone dark and intense. A tattooed someone who could make her feel vulnerable and protected all at once. Too bad she didn’t know anyone like that. She sighed again and flipped on her IM. “Hmmm . . . ” She
Getting Replys sometimes it is just one of those days
Post From Tagworld.
The top is a response to the bottom. The bottom is a response to me leaving a comment saying those who conflict with your point of veiw are an idiot. I made that comment on a post that he called my brother an idiot for sharing a point of view. Apparently it's only ok for some people to say what they find offensive. Some people have a view of all people should be offended by something if they are, and if they aren't offended by it, than no one should be offended by it. TO THE NO PORN GROUP LEADER — Sunday, October 22, 2006 yah, that's a big paragraph for someone who doesen't give a dissagreeing doesn't make people stupid. And a different crowed isn't really a better crowed. It's just different. That's all. Avereage people are kinda borring anyway. They are way too quick to judge and critisize. I guess it's basicly your condesension, that bothers me more than anything. It's even more funny that you say if you don't like it, stay the fuck off our page.
The Great One
Safe Sex In Porn...
Demand for safe sex in US porn The California porn industry's profits are said to rival Hollywood's Health officials in California have said the recent infection of two porn actors with the HIV virus means they may force performers to wear condoms. Los Angeles County officials said they believed existing regulations gave them the authority to require condom use. And the state Division of Occupational Health and Safety is also planning to carry out inspections of productions next week, the LA Times reported. The California-based porn industry is worth billions of dollars a year. Around 200 production companies in California make an estimated 4,000 films a year for public consumption, using around 1,200 performers, ABC News reported. And analysts have warned that most porn producers and distributors would not switch to condom-only productions as consumers did not like to see them being used in films. just wonderin what people think bout this...would u st
Wanna Chat
I'm live Now Turn On Your Cam Let's Get Naked Together Girls Only I Don't With Guy's ***************
Bbw & Proud Of It
My Motto
Need A Laugh????????.................repost
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Got Some Pics For Sale Lol
I've got some pics that were sent to me yesterday from a certain LCer LMAO I'll sell 'em cheap
My Blast ... Is A Blast!
So, after a very busy day running about, I came home to find (gasp) I'd just jumped several levels here at LC, got a couple of friend requests (which I accepted after checkin 'em out, you know how it is), and, well, tons of '10's on the ol' profile. Schweet. Only got one shout from some idiot who wanted me to vote on pictures of her wide-open nasty bug hole. Ew. Guess I should have seen that coming. Look, I like the female anatomy as much as the next fellow, but if you're brainless enough to think I'll leap out of my seat at the sight of your clam dip, you are SO wrong. And blocked. Anyway, for all the INTELLIGENT people out there, thanks for all the 10s and the love. It's been an off day and I sorely needed the gratification. :) Thank you!
The one thing that i have realized that out of everyone in the world there are only very few that you are able to trust. Some you may think that you know but you never really know a person. There is always sercets to every person. There are times that you just have to look over them and enjoy what you have. But don't just stick your self with one person because you never know when you will find your best friend. relationships come and go but friends will stand by your side in any situtation you encounter
ive seen it all caught between heaven and hell no walls but trapped within stuck in a world thats broken unspoken foresaken and taken from within mind numbing sacrifice the lamb of blood sent to the heavens to seek out the one the savior within start at the beginning run away from the past take the peace from the lamb of blood the one who saves you from yourself the unspoken one the foresaken one within
A Peeping Tom Has Been Caught On Tape.............repost
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What The Fuck Ever!
I am seriously sick and tired of the jackasses constantly surrounding me. Let me explain something ;) if I want you to see my private folder I will invite you..if you ask and I don't respond that usually means NO lol AND just because I have private pics up does NOT mean I want to cyber with you online/on cam so save your breath! I have no problem showing pics or getting on cam but that's only when I choose to do so..get it? Ok, I feel a little better now lol One other thing (I won't mention names)just because I talk to you does not mean I am in love with you. When I said we should be friends I thought you'd be man enough to be a friend. No, instead you try and make me feel bad and tell me I'm not a "woman"..What the fuck ever, grow the fuck up! I tried to explain but you don't want to listen. How much of a man are you to get pissed at me because I chose not to be with you?? Yeah, now I lost my train of thought..anyhoo..I hope whoever reads this (most of you anyway lol) have a great
I LOVE LOVE Halloween! I've always loved dressing up, and Halloween gives me the excuse. :) I was sorry when I grew up enough that I could no longer acceptably dress up, and am relieved that I'm now in the age where people have parties and I can dress up again without being a freak. *laugh* So, I'm working on this year's costume. I had thought about going the low-effort route as a "Nudist on Strike" -- wearing regular clothes and carrying a Nudist on Strike sign. However, hell, Halloween only comes once a year, right? Instead, my Little Sister Michelle (the girl I mentor) decided I go Goth. I mean, it's about as far away from my normal soccer mom/librarian/teacher look as possible, right? So yesterday I spent much of the day with my wonderful friend Donna, cruising around, finding stuff for my costume. And it's pretty well pulled together now. This is the base outline, although I've got more work to do. Obviously I'll take real pics on Saturday after I get ready for the p
I Have No Lights On My Modem....
A member who shall remain nameless called the first line troubleshooting.Mentioned that she was getting no signal to the modem.Of course I recieve the escalation consider I am one of the head geeks. You see when I was in first line I always checked everything and lived by the kiss rule.Keep it simple stupid.I always check if the modem is plugged into an outlet. Well I recieved the call and done my normal routine of running my advanced tests.Of course the first line didn't check if there were any blinking lights on the modem in the first place. Well she mentions that she has no lights on the modem so first case scenario I always check.Is the modem plugged into an electrical out let.The member goes deathly silent.....Then I am bombarded with a thousand apologies.It seems the modem had slipped out of the electrical socket. The first line should have checked for this first and of course I hung up with the member laughing with her and quickly turned into angry head geek and st
Count Ur Garden
Count your garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your days by golden hours-don't remember clouds at all. Count your nights by stars, not shadows; count your life with smiles, not tears; And with joy through all your journey count your age by friends, not years.
A Little Advice To Those That Are In Lover
Come on ladies let get this LC rockin and have some fun, remember I have addy for msn and yahoo!!!Let have fun and let me know if you want some, just asks! ;-)
If Your Philosophy Is...
that just because the speed limit is 65 doesn't mean you have to go that fast, your ass belongs on the scenic route not the freeway. MMMMMKAY?
Lookin Part 2.
Im lookin 4 friends on this cherry tap 2 be real friends has i have been 2 everyone, So cum 1 cum all holla at ya boy & if u live in san jose really holla at yr boy.
Love Lost
If time could only stand still you would still be here with me wrapped in each others arms making love for all of eternity If time could only stand still We would be lost in our own desires Nothing else would seem to matter It would be just the two of us If time could only stand still I’d be able to say how much I love you How good you make me feel inside And how special you are to me If time could only stand still There would be no tears falling from my eyes My heart would feel no pain I wouldn’t know what it’s like to lose you If time could only stand still You would still be here with me Holding me, touching me, kissing me And forever loving me
Its Over
So yeah I was seeing Jimmy. But I'm not now. I mean he hasnt fully come out and said it yet. But his myspace profile says "now looking 4 the prefect girl". Yeah isn't that fun? Oh well life goes on. Hmm maybe you guys can answer a question for me. If I'm so "amazing and pretty, any guy would be lucky to have me" then why doesnt a guy have me? I mean honestly. Im tired of people telling me all of that and no one has me. I don't believe it any more. I wont believe it until someone actually does something about it. I mean Jimmy told me I was amazing and yet he doesnt want me. How messed up is that? Oh yeah even more messed up he said I love you the same week he asked for time to think about what he wanted. Messed up huh. Im mad at men right now...but at the same down but not out because I know deep down there are good guys out there somewhere.
Quote(s) Of The Day For 10-22-06 Attitude
"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." Abraham Lincoln "The colossal misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that insight will work with people who are unmotivated to change. Communication does not depend on syntax, or eloquence, or rhetoric, or articulation but on the emotional context in which the message is being heard. People can only hear you when they are moving toward you, and they are not likely to when your words are pursuing them. Even the choices words lose their power when they are used to overpower. Attitudes are the real figures of speech." Edwin H. Freidman "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." Hellen Keller "The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by
The Boyfriend Application
All done in fun... please comment Name: Age: Location: Sexual Preference: Height: Weight: Body Type: Eye color: Hair Color: Favorite Bands: Favorite Movies: Why Are you Applying?: Favorite food: Religion: Smoke?: Drink?: Drive?: One special thing about you: Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Why do you like me? Do you think we would last longer than 3 months? Do you even know me? What do you think might impress me? Do you like animals? Can you read, write, hold a conversation? Does the site of blood make you faint? What do you do for a living? Do you believe in taking chances? Have you ever got caught masterbating to bad 80's music? Have you ever given a blowjob? if answer is yes please give full details. Have you ever had sex with any types of food ie. fruits or large meats of sorts? How long do you think it will take for me to hate you? Do you think I will ever love you? Do you think we are compatible as of this m
Grow The Hell Up!!
Really people , this is an adult site, please act your age......If ya dont like someone stay off there site.......Haters not welcome.........poof bgone!!!
Why Is It.......
......that I seem to have no luck with gettin laid at all. Sure I am with someone and want to stay that way but I want to see how it is with others. I have only been with one woman in my life sexualy and am curious how it would be with others. I have been on craigslist in my area and no luck there for the 4 months I have been looking. And for anyones info I havn't had any for 6 months approx (feels like it too). Just sure wish there was someone out there local that would help me out with this...... Just a little vent and hope noone is offended by it.
Is it me or is the messenger on here not all that good if anyone wants to chat hit me up on yahoo or Msn messenger my Im on both is wildone2626 thanks
Words To Live By.
"I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." Thoreau
Number 2
#2. I know its a female drawing but make sure you read the words people... p.s. I am a guy
My First Blog On Here
This is my first one and all but uhhh.... HI
Jingle Bells Backwards!
This is amazing... there are subliminal messages when Jingle Bells is played backwards... click this link to hear. Let me know what you hear. It is spooky!
Don't spoil it....just do it Pick a fruit and comment, then pass it on >>> >>>Which fruit will you pick if you were handed these: >>> >>>1. Orange >>> >>>2. Apple >>> >>>3. Banana >>> >>>4. Coconut >>> >>>5. Pineapple >>> >>>6. Papaya >>> >>>7. Mango >>> >>>8. Cherry >>> >>>9. Black Grapes >>> >>>10. Peach >>> >>>11. Custard Apple >>> >>>12. Pear >>> >>>What is your pick??? >>> (Pick before you scroll down ........... Do Not CHEAT!!! >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>ORANGE - If orange is your favorite fruit, it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly, but very thoroughly and are completely unda unted by hardwork. You tend to be shy, but are reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner with care and you love with all your heart, and not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs >>> >>> >>> >>>APPLE - If apple is your favorite fr
Pics To Make You Smile :)
The Sun Stands Still (song Lyrics And Music To Go With It.)
Love Sex n Death. THE SUN STANDS STILL (click song title on player to play) (Verse)I see my world through iron blinds--as I wash the blood out from my hands--cause you see, we are of the human kind--sharing love without meaning (Chorus)One and only one--that is what we are and got to be--one and only one--sometimes loves casualty (Verse) We see our world, blind with vanity--with the need to understand--it has led to animosity--sharing beauty without care(Chorus-Repeat) (Chorus-Repeat) (End)While the sun stands still--one and only one--sometimes loves casualty.
Suture Self (song Lyrics And Music To Go With It.)
Love Sex n Death SUTURE SELF (click the song title to play) You don’t got to remind me to drudge up everything You don’t have to find me to make me feel the sting of your venomous and potent neuro- toxic injection that paralyze me at the moment I drown, I drown in my affection No breath No shame in your game when you hung me on your shelf but you didn’t hang me up you hung yourself (Chorus) Hung out and strung out, (so suit yourself), and left for ,(so suture self), left for dead You don’t got to listen you don’t hear me anyway There’s a feeling that you’re missing but you don’t feel this way You failed to see the fire in eyes that see through you You want to fuck with me bitch? No! Fuck you! You opened up your own veins when you hung me on your shelf So lick your self inflicted wounds and suture yourself (Chorus) Repeat
Three New Songs!!!
Hey cool cats, Zepman here...was thinking about including some REO Speedwagon into my repertoire, and while listening to "Time For Me To Fly", I realized he (Gary Richrath, REO's now former guitarist/songwriter) was not playing it in standard tuning, but rather, in open D...which then led me to wonder if there were any other songs I could do in this tuning, since changing a 12-string's tuning is a slight pain, especially live. I found that by using a capo on the second fret, I could now easily be in an open E tuning, which would allow me to play both "She Talks To Angels" by the Black Crowes, and, "In My Time Of Dying" by Led Zeppelin (using slide of course) now with three songs, it makes it worth my while to change tunings (and besides, open tunings sound soooo cool, lol!!!) Up to 72 songs on my playlist now...! Hope I'm not boring you all to death, Cheers, Zepman
Hate Awakening (song Lyrics And Music To Go With It.)
Love Sex n Death HATE AWAKENING (click song title to play) (Intro) The enemy inside of me (Verse)Born with the fire of hate-burning in the blank of a mind-as the sanity slowly dies-giving in to the anger of time- (Pre Chorus) Insanity, inside of me. Insanity, inside of me. Go! (Chorus) Wrong! Hate awakened. Blood! Life forsaken. (Verse) Wallowing in waters of pain-sea of hatred miles wide-as reality slowly dies-suffocating on the truth in the lies (Pre Chorus) Repeat (Chorus) Repeat (Intro) Repeat

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