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Just A Quiz
You're an Expert Kisser You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettableWhat Kind of Kisser Are You?
I'm Out
I can not believe how shallow the people on here are. I shouldn't even be surprised, I posted a blog and 2 bulletins about a very good friend of mine whose baby is FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE!!! it was reposted 3 times, and viewed 3 times. Now alot of you changed your pic to the candle in rememberance to premies..miscarriages and SIDS, infant death..etc. but yet you dont give a fuck about a baby who was born at 24 weeks, and is struggling to even BREATHE. all I fucking asked for was some prayers for his little soul. Maybe if I was whoring someone out, or asking for ratings, or in a stupid fucking contest, that bulletin would have gotten the attention it deserved. Dont sit up there and be on my friends list with a fucking candle as your pic, either change your pic or get the fuck off my friends list. And get a heart. I'm not asking for prayers for this baby to be popular. I'm doing it because I fucking love him. So thanks for your support, and all your comments and love for 1 pound Jaiden, no
New Article On The Way
I finally finished my Haloween article (yeah, I said I wasn't going to write it, I think; oh well, I did anyway) and posted it to AC for approval; I'll send up the link as soon as it's available. I'm starting a large project for Britannia!. This involves a lot of game time; I'll be doing a series on some of the 'peerless' monsters in the game, with screenshots, so it will take a while, probably a couple of weeks (there are, what, eight or nine of these things) to complete them all. Let's hope I can keep my deaths to a minimum while doing it. Sometime this evening, I [did] put clickable feeds to my main blogs on the profile page. This saves me from having to create links to those pages when new stuff appears. No technical knowledge required. Ain't life grand? I have several other writing projects to work on from AC over the coming weeks, too, so if it looks like I'm not on here a lot over the next week or two, it's because I'm typing my ass off. I'll stop in and say hello on oc
Today was a bad day without you miss hearing your impressions I miss just hearing myself laugh because you made me Today I felt lost not in the usually way I get lost around town but lost without you by my side I need a place to rest my troubles your not here You can hear my fustration before I even mouth a word you know me best like nobody has and your gone how do I miss our bond My soul feels the loss of you and its losing spirit without you ForTe to JamEs 10-18-2006
What Kind Of Kisser Are You
You're a Romantic Kisser For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet What Kind of Kisser Are You?
Holy Poop On A Stick Batman!
Thank you to everyone who helped me level in like 2 days! I had 8000 to go on Monday and you all made it happen like that!...Thanks to all of you!....You fuckers rock!
Sorry For The Neglect..
It's been hectic over here ... Well for me anyway. Hmmm let's see well i got to try a steaming hot monster energy drink mixed with ciggarette butts. Gagged it all back up all over my uniform. It wasnt too bad thought just a few red splashes. Hit my head on an old pipe cuting my scalp. Still working in the basement of Vizcaya. this is the first time i've seen a basement with crab infestation. Yesterday I counted 10 large land crabs. Today only babys, I guess its because the basement was drained and we haven't recieved anymore rain. I managed to get a few pictures inside the house and the gardens. I will upload them to my photo host tomorrow hopefully and give out a link on this blog thing and or put the pictures in the stash thing .. My little puppy mini hotdog Madel came out of surgery today. Nothing too major just a spay. Wow as I read this I put my self to sleep... Guess thats why this blog is titled "Boring in miami.". Below you will find another link to an
Wanna Make-out?
You're a Freaky Kisser When you kiss, you want to experience something new A new technique, a new partner, a new piercing... And your own personal kissing style is very unpredictable There's no saying where your tongue or hands will go What Kind of Kisser Are You? Was There Ever A Doubt?? lol 10 Cherries gets you 10 mins...hehe So dont forget!! :P
Embracing Love And Never Letting Go
I just read my girfriend's post on love, and I felt compelled to remember that love is out there for me, and will happen when I least expected. Patience is important and not to rush into things is a must. I want the person to really know who I am, what I stand for and really share my love for life. No casual occurance, life is too short, need to cherish every waking moment for what is worth. I want to take it nice and slow, but to let the guy know that I am his and no one elses..I am a one man woman and will be true and honest with him always. I want him to explore my passionate desires for intimatcy, and see my naughty side & passionate side as well. Yep, love is out there, and I know it will happen to me. It did before, and it will again..So, if there any passionate, intimate, honest, and soft spoken men who are not afraid to express themselves, I am here...but remember,,I dont want no drama and no lying!! Be true and honest with me, ok?
Family Adds
My family is for those who i respect the most and actually talk to me
Viva America.
Why I am fed up of America.:-------------------------------- From the very beginning my wife and children told me that medical help is not available in USA. Doctors are not readily available in states. And in general so many rules and regulations to follow that one becomes fed up sort of. The non availability of medical practitioners is so ingrained on our mind that mind began to think why go to America? Medical help is available but the cost of it is prohibitive. Amol tells me that Kashmira’s birth cost him nearly $ 60,000/--. From the very beginning I was debating the idea of going to America. But desire to see and to love Kashmira was overpowering. At last two old Indians alighted on the shores of San Francisco. Slowly it was realized that apart from this medical misconception everything else was just fine with America. We got accustomed with American ways in due course and began to consider American ourselves. But the fear of medical fraternity is still
My Life
well Hello i just wanted to say hi to everyone for starters and introduce myself i am from illinois and i have 2 wonderful children who are an important part in my life i live with my father and he is a important part of my life too i cjoined this site maybe to either find mr right or make some friends which ever comes first but i am a sweet lady and i have a heart of gold and i love poetry
Tired, Exhausted..outta Here!
Hi guys... I hope everyone had a great day! What did everyone do??? I worked my ass off at 2 jobs I am turning in early! Good nite! leave me lots of luv! hugs and kisses!
Here's What Kind I Am How About You
You're an Passionate Kisser For you, kissing is about all about following your urges If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble What Kind of Kisser Are You?
amy still learning how to use this thingy so...take it easy on me. Im just never going to do nudie pics, thats not my respect that.
Another Man Joke! Sorri Guys Have To Do It! Lmao!
why men are like pumpkins.... 1. Every year you get a brand new crop to choose from. 2. No matter what your mood, pumpkins are always ready to greet you with a smile. 3. One usually makes a better pie. 4. They are always on the doorstep there waiting for you! 5. If you don\'t like the way he looks, you just carve up another face. 6. If he starts smelling up your place, you can just throw him out. 7. From the start, you know a pumpkin has an empty, mush filled head. 8. A pumpkin is turned on (lit-up) only when you want him to be. and what we love... 1. They\'ve got that comfortable place on their shoulder that\'s perfect for snuggling into while we fall asleep. 2. They\'re at peace with their bodies, except for maybe some minor anxiety over height, weight, and baldness. 3. They\'re enthusiastic about our bodies, even when we\'re not. 4. They\'re beyond enthusiastic about sex. 5. They fall in love so hard, once they finally fall.
Daddy's Poem
Daddy's Poem Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats. One by one the teacher called At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, for a
Dylan's Surgery
Thank you to everyone who kept me & my son in your thoughts today. He did have his surgery, it took about an hour longer than anticipated, but he came out of it safe, bandaged for alomost the entire day and very scared b/c he couldn't see. Around 6pm the doctor came in & took the bandages off to check Dylan's eyes. As of tonight, his pupils are responsive (good thing) but he can't see anything further than about 2 ft away. That's hopefully going to improve over the next 24-48 hours, then we'll see about the rest. He's bandaged back up til the morning. Everyone seems optisitic about his procedure, so for now I'm just keeping hope & faith. I came home to grab a shower & clothes, then I'm headed back up there. I will catch up with everyone soon. Luv y'all!!
The Muse...
inspiration from stagnation festering wounds that burst and spill acid reflections in cursed glass poisoning this iron will fortitude a league behind me preservation formaldehyde the sun burns through the black sky this night time is never on my side.
Everybody Plays The Fool By Aaron Neville
EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL Note: Sorry i couldn't video code it! It would only play the "Now a preview or Music is life" over and over and over again.
Are You Serious????
Ok....Anybody on my friends list should know by now what I'm about. I'm just an average guy who likes to have a laugh every now and then. But I just got a shoutbox response that asked me, "Why do you act the way you do? Aren't you black? You have all these cartoons and weird pics, that's not black." Now I'm not gonna name-drop or expose anybody here, but I bet they'll get wind of this blog. Yes I'm black, been black all my life. And yes, some things that are assumed a black guy does, I do. HOWEVER, I am deeper than anybody would even believe. Hip-Hop is my favorite form of music, but I love Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John (his older stuff), Depeche Mode...etc. I like the cartoons and pictures I put up. I have a very wide range sense of humor, and I enjoy different opinions and views on life. I refuse to put myself in some small "box" defining me as a black man because I do this and that, and don't do this or that. I never would treat
Leave One
if you want to leave me a voice message call 1-1(641)985-7800 and enter *1546535 to leave me some voice comments!
Playlist For 10/20/06
Here's Ya Button For Winamp...Tune In, Rock Out!! Here's Ya Button To The NEW Microsite...Tune In, Rock Out!! Drop Your Cocks And Grab Your Socks Because It's Time To ROCK!! PLUS You Make Your Requests, Tune In, Amp Up, Get Down, Rock Out And The GenoCam In Geno-Vision Goes LIVE On Yahoo Giving YOU A Behind-The-Scenes Look As Things Happen And As You Know...On This Show...ANYTHING Can Happen!!! The Genocydal Empyre v2.0 Playlist for 10/20/06 12:00am - 2:00am EST 1. The Genocydal Empyre v2.0 (Faith And The Muse - Cantus) (6:05) 2. KR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 3. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 4. Inkubus Sukkubus - All Hallows Eve (Candia & Tony duet, different style) (4:23) 5. Nightwish - Ever Dream (4:45) 6. Corrosion of Conformity - Albatross (5:20) 7. Dope - Fuck Tha Police (2005 studio version) (3:48) 8. Genitorturers - Sin City (3:39) 9. KMFDM - Free Your Hate (5:17) 10. KR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 11. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18
100% A-s-s-h-o-l-e.....
1. Argue with everybody. 2. Touch the paintings at the museum. 3. Get hysterical. 4. Threaten law suits. 5. Insinuate, implicate and insist. 6. If you got it, flaunt it. 7. Eat produce at the grocery store and don't pay for it. 8. Gamble with the rent money. 9. Record over a borrowed vcr tape 10. Tell people that they are in your will, even if they aren't. 11. Don't get caught. 12. Stay directly in front or behine fire trucks and ambulances. 13. When giving out directions, leave out a turn or two. 14. Don't make up your mind. 15. Improve your posture by walking with your nose in the air. 16. Remind people who lose their job that they should work harder. 17. Talk with your mouth full. 18. Accuse, confuse and refuse. 19. Comment on the weight gain of others. 20. Adjust your nuts (boob) whenever you want. 21. Keep a pile of wisecracks for tense and serious situations. 22. Answer a question with a question. 23. See what it takes for the lifeguard to blow the whistle.
Up To The Roof- Blue Man Group Featuring Tracy Bonham
All I see is not for me. What I want you have not got. Tried to use things you sold me, no matter what the cost Tried to go the way you told me, but each time, I got lost The stairs didn't lead me anywhere! I'm taking the fire escape up to the roof. Don't care if it's not the way you find the truth. Time to make this right: to rise above. This room and all of you Who say I should do like you would Tried to live the life you sold me, no matter what the cost. Tried to walk the way you told me, but each time I got lost The stairs didn't lead me anywhere! I'm taking the fire escape up to the roof. Don't care if it's not the way you find the truth And when I get up that high, I don't know what I'll find But I'd rather look at the sky than wonder why I let you take my time Time to make this right: to rise above. I'm taking the fire escape up to the roof. Don't care if it's not the way you find the truth And when I get up that high, I don't know what I'll find But I'd rat
You pretend to want to know me, You pretend that you're a friend. Turns out you wanted to use me, Then laugh about it in the end. You see I'm not a pretender, I say it just how it is. If you don't believe me, Then let me tell you this. It really doesn't matter, That's the part you don't see. I can find many more like you, But you won't find another like me.
Good Video
New To Lostcherry
Hi everyone am spicy cherry and am new to lostcherry, please some me some love on my page, I will do the same for you
I'm new here to LC. Looking to meet some great friends and have some fun
About The Night
Clouds across the moonlit sky, Drawing shadows upon the land. The stars shining so bright, The evening now at hand. As the clouds engulf the light, It becomes cold & lonely. Though sadness it doesn't bring, Yet peace & tranquility. Though most people find, Thier happiness within the light. Some of us find, There is just something about the night.
If A Man Wants You
IF A MAN WANTS YOU If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differe
Suicide Note Leads To Dismembered Body Above Voodoo Shop
Suicide Note Leads to Dismembered Body Above Voodoo Shop Wednesday, October 18, 2006 NEW ORLEANS — Police discovered the remains of a 26-year-old woman dismembered and cooked in her French Quarter apartment after her boyfriend leapt to his death from a hotel with a confession note in his pocket, police said Wednesday. Police spokesmen confirmed that the woman's body was found Tuesday night, dismembered, in her apartment above a voodoo shop on the edge of the Quarter. The New Orleans Times-Picayune and WWL-TV quoted unidentified police sources Wednesday as saying the woman's charred head was in a pot on the stove, her legs and feet were baked in the oven and the rest of her dismembered body had been placed in a trash bag in the refrigerator. Click here to visit's Crime center. The grisly discovery came after a man jumped from seventh-floor of the Omni Royal Hotel in the French Quarter on Tuesday night. Police on the scene found a five-page note det
7 Funeral Home Directors Plead Guilty To Selling Body Parts
7 Funeral Home Directors Plead Guilty to Selling Body Parts Wednesday, October 18, 2006 NEW YORK — Seven funeral home directors linked to a scheme to plunder corpses and sell the body parts for transplants have secretly pleaded guilty to undisclosed charges, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes also announced that a grand jury had voted to bring a new indictment in the case that adds allegations involving funeral homes in New York City and Rochester. "It is clear that many more funeral home directors were involved in this enterprise," Hynes said. The seven unidentified directors all agreed to cooperate in an ongoing investigation into what investigators describe as an enterprise to steal bone and tissue from cadavers and sell the material to biomedical supply companies for profit, Hynes said. All seven entered their pleas in closed courtrooms and their names were withheld. However, defense attorneys said one of th

Government Expresses Doubts to Threat of Attacks on NFL Stadiums Wednesday, October 18, 2006 WASHINGTON — A Web site is claiming that seven professional football stadiums will be hit with radiological dirty bombs this weekend, but the U.S. government on Wednesday expressed doubts about the threat. The warning, posted Oct. 12, was part of a continuing Internet conversation titled "New Attack on America Be Afraid." It mentioned National Football League stadiums in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Oakland and Cleveland, where games are scheduled for this weekend. The Homeland Security Department alerted authorities and stadium owners in those cities, as well as the NFL, of the Web message but said the threat was being viewed "with strong skepticism." Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said there was no intelligence that indicated such an attack was imminent, and he said the alert was "out of an abundance of caution." "The department strongl
Oh My Gah!!!
Cleaning sucks!!!! I have been working on just my bedroom alone for three frickin hours! Maybe we need a to hire a maid!!!
Poems I Wrote
Before I met you, I was badly hurt from relationships that fell apart, I didn't wanna live no more I just wanted an end, I thought nothing could cure me, My heart would never mend. You walked into my problems and made them go away, I didn't wanna be with you, 'Cause I thought you'd hurt me someday. I gave you a chance to see if that was true, But something was different and you were something new. Now, I know what your love is truly about, your sweet, honest, and loveable, something I can't live without. I hope that this love will last, Because you know I'll always love you, I hope we'll never part, because I know you love me too... Your love inspires me. Your love completes me. Your love makes me want to be a better person. Your love makes me want to climb mountains. Your love makes me want to cross seas. Your love makes me want you closer to me. Your love is what makes me go on. Your love is what gives my heart a song. Your love is the reaso
Chapter 7
MSD: Night Seventeen It had been a long day. She was sitting in her cubicle, in front of her computer, working late due to an emergency in work load because, apparently, her department had stolen a new I.T. guy from their sister division across town. It has caused some “restructuring.” She’d even worked through lunch to help her team finalize the trimester reports. So, now it was 6:30 pm and all she could think about was a large steak… well, maybe one other nice piece of meat… She giggled to herself, not really wanting to keep her mind from wandering down the now-familiar thought path. Since the dream in her living room just five nights before, she had become… used to the idea of her dream lover. I mean, beggars can’t be choosers, right? She’d decided to just enjoy it, “take it as it comes,” so to speak. The rumble in her stomach brought her mind back the here and now… I’ve got to get something in me… In the deli section of the grocery store, she looked, unimpressed, at th
Freddy Fender Laid To Rest In South Texas
Freddy Fender laid to rest in South Texas By LYNN BREZOSKY Associated Press Writer SAN BENITO, Texas — Grammy-winner Freddy Fender was remembered as a humble and beloved South Texas musician Wednesday, then buried with military honors in the border town where he was born. Gov. Rick Perry, musician Charlie Rich Jr., Tex-Mex star Little Joe and U.S. Rep. Solomon Ortiz were among the overflow crowd at the funeral Mass for Fender, who died of cancer Saturday at age 69. "Those 69 years were packed full of life, full of passion, full of love," Perry said at the service, which celebrated the one-time migrant worker as a man who had achieved his dreams despite humble roots and had won fans all the world. Rich, who played keyboards with Fender, sang Fender's hit "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" as family members in the first pew sang along. A procession of at least 300 vehicles wended down Freddy Fender Lane, his childhood street, from the funeral home to the Mass. Workers in
To Slingbob777!
This is to my Lo, and he's a real Lo fo sho, if he needs any help he's just gotta let me know. I'll be there till the end, his ass i will defend, and no this aint pretend. Homies are for life! They know what to do to help get thing right, and they wont stop without a fight! Go spread the love SlingBOB! you know how to do, and show all these mother fuckers what you've been through! With your homies and your crew! Represent the wicked klowns, aint not time to mess around, make them people smile instead of frown! To you! Homies for life! Jugga lugga love! Comment, and spread the jugga lugga love!
Lance Armstrong Attacks New French Book Alleging Cyclist Doped
Lance Armstrong attacks new French book alleging cyclist doped AUSTIN — Lance Armstrong assailed a new book going on sale in France on Thursday as "another baseless attack" against the seven-time Tour de France champion. The book by Pierre Ballester and David Walsh, who wrote "L.A. Confidential: The Secrets of Lance Armstrong" in 2004, is based on testimony given in a legal dispute between Armstrong and Dallas-based SCA Promotions that had a bonus contract with the cyclist. The new book, "LA Official" evokes the "strategies put in place by the Armstrong 'clan' to preserve intact 'the legend,'" the French daily Le Monde reported Wednesday. "This latest attack will be no different than the first — a sensationalized attempt to cash in on my name and sully my reputation by people who have demonstrated a consistent failure to adhere to the most basic journalistic standards or ethics," Armstrong said in a statement. SCA Promotions tried to withhold a $5 million bonus owed Armst
Bad Day
Sometimes i really hate my job and want to quit. I've been given the same old empty promisses for to long and i keep getting shit. Today was really bad because they a new guy run the back room when it should have been me. Then everything else fell apart that i had planed today so i figured i'd get on lostcherry cause i have been on since i created my account and see what the hell was up.
Friedman's To Change Business Practices To Settle Suit
Friedman's to change business practices to settle suit Wednesday, October 18, 2006 By Mike Copeland Tribune-Herald business editor Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Friedman’s Jewelers have agreed on a settlement to Abbott’s legal action against the chain. Abbott had accused Friedman’s of deceptive sales practices. A spokesman for Friedman’s, meanwhile, said the activities in question took place before Friedman’s filed for bankruptcy protection in 2005 and emerged with a new management team. Friedman’s has 40 locations in Texas, including one at Waco’s Richland Mall. “We’re happy to put that part of Friedman’s past behind us,” said Steve Moore, Friedman’s chief administrative officer, speaking by phone. “We went through bankruptcy and have been cleaning up things like this.” The judgment filed Tuesday in Travis County district court forces Friedman’s to change some of its business practices in Texas, according to Abbott’s office. Specifically, it must pro
Just Blowin Off Some Steam I Think
Another day and again i see alot of dale earnhardt jr shit, people get fuckin real for 1 he cries more than a woman scorned and 2 he isnt worth a hair off of his dads ass. He is just another cry baby that needs to be run completely out of the race, christ every time someone else restarts he cries about it because it wasn't his restart or his daddies well jr ur dad is dead, grow up and get over it and quit trying to be like him, u r not worth my familys time all u r to us is a bucket of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Thinking About My Baby
When he looks into my eyes, I wonder if he can see all the hurt and pain i've felt inside. I know he has to see it he's been there too, We've both been down on our knees praying our life was through. We've been through the good and bad, We've stood through the best and worse times we've ever had. Together we've found forever, As long as we hold on to each other we will stay strong together. Times may get tough, Days will definately be rough. As long as we are two standing as one, there is nothing we can't get done. As i sit here thinking about my baby, I wonder if he knows how much I truely love him....maybe. Maybe he knows, Maybe he knows that everyday my love for him grows. No matter how different we may seem, I do belive we make the perfect team. I live for him and he for me, That is the way it should be. Love is forever, life is not, So be very thankful everyday for the love that you got. This is dedicated to my baby, my only love
The Value Of A Good Man
If you blessed with a good man you should hold on to him like a wild rose in the snow, i said rose because you have to take on the good with the bad cuz no one is perfect, when I was your light you was my hope, when I was your guidance you was my way, and know your away Im alone to only stand on my own, but out of the darkness I will find the light or the could to every silver lining, so when you sit down at night and think of me realize what you let go cuz only when you let something go you will realize what you had; ..Somebody told me I wasn’t real, but that only because Im a man we all get lost at times but in time you find your way back and hold on to the edge and treasure the good things that you had to only move on in time, but let me keep smiling for those special times cuz I know the value of a good man, there a dime a dozen , to love and to hold to feel and to care, to rub and corress and to take the time to understand your thoughts and needs, now tell me
Very Very Slow..... Art Vs Pussy
Hi ya all well i'm back from up the bush, and i'm just a little sad to see the results so far in voting for the art comp, or sould i say the lack of. .... why don't people take the time [30-40 secounds] to vote and show there support to those who are trying to fill the world with love of colour.. sure i to love a good piece of pussy don't get me wrong please.. lol but i thought poeple would like to see more then that... but mabye i'm wrong maybe we are all shallow pussy perv's ?????? lol yes just go vote for one.... show some love.... thanks noel
The 18th ~ My Name =]
i thought this was rather interesting except that i dont count here because i do not live in america site:
21 Questions...
*stole this* Relationship Questions YOU OPENED IT.. NOW YOU HAVE TO DO IT .. AND BE HONEST 1) Single, Taken, or Crushing? taken 2) Are you happy with where you are? I'm happy with the person, not with a circumstance...(lol... 'literally' I am not happy with where I am...hah) 3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast? I suppose? This is a tricky question. 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? yes 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok? not 'ok' but understandable and possibly forgivable 6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? depends 7) Have you talked about marriage with another person? yeah but I guess it was a bit stupid and high school of us... haha 8) Do you want children? yes 9) How many? between 2-5! lol 10) Would you consider adoption? :) of course. already have! :> 11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know? urm...?
October 17, 2006, The Day When The United States Government Literally Killed Liberty In America
PEOPLE MAY NOW BE JAILED INDEFINITELY - WITHOUT BEING CHARGED OR PUT ON TRIAL "The president can now — with the approval of Congress — indefinitely hold people without charge, take away protections against horrific abuse, put people on trial based on hearsay evidence, authorize trials that can sentence people to death based on testimony literally beaten out of witnesses and slam shut the courthouse door for habeas petitions. Nothing could be further from the American values we all hold in our hearts than the Military Commissions Act." If politicians think this is good enough for we Americans, then I say we Americans should treat members of our Government the exact same way! I intend to do so. Being jailed without charge or trial is one of the specific reasons our Founding Fathers overthrew the rule of King George III in 1776. In fact, that reason is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence! It is just as valid a reason today. The Congress of the United States is embarked
Move Over Eggnog, Here's Chocolate Beer
Miller Brewing Co. is launching a new chocolate-flavored brand for the holiday season as the company seeks to capitalize on the growing thirst for craft and specialty beers. The new beer, Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager, is brewed with six different malts, including chocolate and dark chocolate malts. It will be sold from October through December in Wisconsin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Valparaiso/northwest Indiana, Miller said Wednesday. The beer will be sold in four packs of 12-ounce bottles, and be marketed for holiday gift giving and party offerings. The suggested retail price is $5.99 for a four-pack. Chocolate Lager is the second holiday season beer that Miller has developed in recent years, said company spokesman Pete Marino. In 2005, Miller introduced 1855 Celebration Lager to mark the company's sesquicentennial. Chocolate Lager's sales will be tiny compared to those of Miller Lite, High Life and Miller's other mainstream brands. But it
Ok I Tried Like Hell
i tried like hell to write a good blog ,but all i can come up with is stupid, have you ever seen animals fucking ,and found it amusing to watch,and why do cats howl like that? or have you ever worked at job you hate cuz theres someone there you wanna sleep with?why do i have nipples,although i do enjoy them.why cant you move from one spot too another by jumping and letting the world spin under ya? and last ,has mike tyson ever ate any of your kids?
Hmm...yeah I Wish! Lol
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Living without my hubby right now is really awful. I hate being without him. He's only been gone about a month, but it's gone on forever. I keep hoping that this damn month would hurry up and get over with. Every day just seems to last forever and ever. Thank goodness he's only gonna be gone for a couple of months. I don't think that I'd be able to handle a full term right now. It sucks. Especially, when you're in a whole new area. Alaska is new and cold. It was a good thing that I was able to bring my sister here to help me with my wonderful bratty children. I wouldn't be very sane right now if I didn't have any help. A friend of mine and I have started going to the gym. We're going 3 days a week right now. That should help keep me busy some. I need to find a lot more to keep me going so that this time will go by a little faster.
My Hamster
my hamster Is as of to day Mommy wit 7 babys
Fling = The Definition Of My Life.
In the past 6 months i have been dating someone who i thought was right. We would go out weekly or bi-weekly depending on how the time permits. I work two jobs. She works and goes to school. The look in her eyes when i held her. Her head resting on my chest as we stand in the park looking at the sky. It all seemed right. We spoke in honest words or so I thought. We both agreed to keep the relationship open in the beginning. I knew she was eeing someone at work and she knew i was doing the same. At least until she told me that she and he were no more. The time we spent grew and so did the happiness. That is until the stress loads of work and school got to us both. With our time apart it gave me room to reflect on me. I have father-abandonment issues. This can be triggered by simply watching 30 minute to 2 hour shows or movies on the subjects of father figures. We all go through this right? I went to someone i thought i could trust. AT THE WRONG TIME! With her stress and mine we basicall
I was tagged by my CutieRozie Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1. I exercise way to much at times. 2. I tend to leap first and ask questions later. 3. I get mad when people fart. 4. Im way to down on myself 5. When I fall in Love, I fall in LOVE!! 6. I have a tendency to never trust people. I choose to tag: Shawn Jonah2112 Sadistic Snuggly Kitten Crazyasswhiteboy kidbilly Tainted love
Quit Date
Ok so I found a website and they said that the best thing to do is pick a date to quit and stick to it...well since the concert is coming up and I know I wont be able to smoke on the bus than I am choosing that oct 30 Im offically quit and there is no excuse for me to have one....granted I may kill my husband but, hey theres plenty of fish in the sea (Just kidding) Im kinda excited to be quitting for some odd reason.....I've quit in the past and started up, I know I can do it....
All Kinds Of Bullshit
ok, so i have a friend by the name of kyle who is a total pric. he owes me money and isn't talking to me. I have been friends with him since I was like 14 and the money isn't a problem. I don't care if he never pays me back. I hate to admit it, but I have had a thing for him for years. And something actually happened between us over a year ago. We had sex behind my husbands back. Now think what you will. I don't care for opinions, but ever since then the feelings have increased and grown. I am still with my husband and nothing else ever came of it, and yes, my husband knows about it. I had to admit it to him. ok. so lost here. Kyle isn't speaking to me and I really miss him. This totally blows. But I also wonder if it isn't best this way. If the temptation isn't around then I won't be making this mistake again right. well, thats it. for now neway. oh, yea, kyle happens to also be my husbands best friend. i know, that makes me evil.
Shine Son
A perfect song for any man to play to his Son SHINE SON (Locorriere) DENNIS LOCORRIERE Released - 2000 Released on Album "Out of the Dark" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes I expect a little too much Sometimes I push too hard Trying to see what you will be, I lose sight of who you are You're still a young man with the world in your hands To mould any way you choose Your dream and mine are one of a kind We both want the best for you. I just wanna see you shine, son As bright as you can You're an exceptional boy, you'll be a helluva man Whatever you decide to do, just give it your best And that'll be fine I just wanna see you shine, son Wanna see my son shine. I've watched you crawl, stumble and fall I've watched you live and learn To give and to take and how a heart breaks And how our lives twist and turn You don't have to be the reflection of me You don't have to fill my shoes But if you
Stinky Weeds And Blocked =/
How Come You Never See Apple Flavored Ice Cream?
Just a random thought..
Oh No!
So today was the first day of my new semster, and as it turns out, I don't have access to a computer that I can log on to, therefore I cannot waste valuable class time on Lost Cherry LoL. Oh well, I guess that would technically be a good thing! 3 hours without the internet, I think I can make it ;)
Have you ever been in a room full of people but felt like you were the only one there? Ever been held by a loved one but still felt so empty inside that you just wanted to scream? Welcome to what has been my world lately and it sucks because it so isn’t me. I am the happy-go-lucky girl that loves to laugh and make those around her laugh and while I am still capable of doing that to some extent with certain people, there is a part of me that is still empty and alone. Maybe it stems from the amount of time I actually spend alone at home which isn’t anyone’s fault… it’s simply and extension of bed rest. It seems to me that the only time I am truly happy is when I am in conversation with the ones closest to me and while that is a good thing, it isn’t me. I’ve NEVER been the one to look to someone else to complete me, to make me happy, to make me laugh or smile. So why now? I know that this pregnancy has been hard…full of ups and downs, trips and falls and getting back up time after time bu
Night At The Movies,part Ii©
I gather myself. THAT was incredible. My playtoy is special,that's for sure. She has drained me and will want more before the nights end. She sits back and straighens herself while I tuck myself back into my pants. I get out of the car and walk around to let her out. The look of heat has not left her eyes and I plan to see how hot I can make it burn. As she swings her legs out she slowly spreads herself for me. She loves to flash me when she knows no one will see. I have become so familier with her that at anytime I can see her in my minds eye. I take her hand to help her from the car and we head to the theater. We walk hand in hand. Anyone looking would just see two young people being sweet and loving. What they wouldn't know is the naughtiness we do. As we standing line,I tell her to pick a movie. But to pick a movie she has little interest in watching. I plan to make it very hard for her to concentrate. She knows what she's doing,because she picks a movie that will forsure be deser
Just Me :)
Just wanted to on here a say something, not to anyone but just not to myself, ya know! I moved to Missouri in August b/c my b/f had to go to Iraq. He's been there since Sept. 2 and I worry about him every day! And pray to god every day to make sure he comes home! The reason I moved to Missouri is because this is where I grew up and this is where my mom and my sister lives. I figured that I should be with my family, ya know! Well, since I've been here I have had to worse luck ever, from having a gas leak in my new house to my car breaking down b/c transmission went out! It is just agrivating! But I'm gonna end this now, but for all of you that read this thanks for listening. Have a great day! Later, ME
Hello Everyone
today is hump day i hope your all getting humped.
A Dog's Life
"A DOG'S LIFE---FROM THE EYES OF A 4 YR. OLD" Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten- year old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for the four-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he really understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion. W
Little Opportunity For A Big Thing
I did something tonight I wish all my friends would try when they have the chance. This is something I started when my daughters were in middle school and has always added to my enjoyment of youth sports, especially when I see my kids following my example. As I was walking out of the gymnasium after my niece’s volleyball game with players and their families, I saw a girl from the opposing team being ushered out by her mother. I remembered seeing her make a few plays and so I made eye contact with her and said, “Hey, you did really good out there”. This might sound corny to some people but you would not believe the tremendous emotional rush a simple gesture will create, especially when the athlete sees you are sporting the opposing team’s colors, or are a parent of one of their opponents. At this point the score is of much less importance. What is important to that kid is someone recognized their hard work. The same can be said of their parent if they hear the comment. You can alm
I'm A Newbie!!!
About me~ hmmm..
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Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.) I drive too fast at every possible chance with the music loud (and the windows down in summer lol) 2.) I'm addicted to popcorn even though it usually ends up down my shirt 3.) I really hate traffic. 4.) I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste 5.) I seriously HATE mornings 6.) I love to drive... just not when the stupid ppl are out... I'm going to tag Tasha Ron Tracey Kat Ally Christy
Flying High
I am on an emotional high So please don't tell me goodbye You are so sweet This is so neat I hope you feel the same way I'll ask you some day But for now I'll just see how things go
sometimes i wonder is there really someone for me?? or am i doomed to live a lonely life i want someone special to sweep me off my feet someone who really cares who wont just use me or pretend to like me ive had a few jerks but i havent given up there are good guys out there and i am going to find me one a guy who will love me and support me no matter what i chose to do so dont worry about me im still looking and maybe one day ill find that special someone and fall madly in love but i hope it happens soon cause i really want a guy to love me and cherish me who i can love and cherish in return
Only God Knows
Never understood, i never understand, and here i stand now- Standin on my own, sitting all alone, holding in as much as i allow- The heart was always broken, when said it would never be broke- But it has since been rebuilt, forever sleeping, doubtful to be awoke- Outside Looking happy, inside feeling crushed, i may even crack a smile- My heart is disconnected, so if u tried try to get ahold of it, it might not be there, so dont even dial- Wanting that perfect woman, that special lady, i thought was never 2 much to ask- It has turned 2 be some big project in life, the unthinkable task- My kids are my everything, my kids have my love, but the spot for that someone has never felt this empty- Everyday i used to ask, when will she be here, but i stopped askin that, cuz only god knows when that'll be-
I am so lonely. I wish you were here. But you don't know me. And I dont know you. Or if we do know each other, We dont know we are meant to be together I long to feel your arms around me. I wish I knew you were there for me. I wish you would always be there whenever I needed you. Be there for me throughjoy and sorrow. I am so lonely. Will you come fill the void in my heart? I need you to make me whole. Without you I am a shell I am so lonely.
Angel Wings
~ ~ Angel Wings ~ ~ ------------------------------ At the ending of the day when I'm weary After a waterfall of tears have all been cried And I'm feeling like the skies will always be dreary Nothing's there to fill the emptiness inside. I lay my head upon my favorite pillow Just close my eyes to block all the sorrow wonderin' where I'll ever find the strength inside- to do it all again- tomorrow. And then I feel it- inside me. I feel it- around me. Like a gentle hand just wiped away the tears- and held me close to wash away my fears. It's you, my angel, watching over me. And I know no matter what tomorrow brings, You'll be here to wrap me in your angel wings- your lovin' angel wings. The sun comes up, it's time to face the day and I think that things are going to be all right- But as the day wears on my nerves begin to fray- I feel the hollowness that creeps in every night. And like clockwork all the tears begin to fall As I look at my reflection in
My spirit is free I fly born on the winds back My troubles stream behind me Unable to catch me When I fly with the wind I am safe When I fly with the wind I am carefree Nothing can harm me Everything is right When my spirit is free
1) Do you drive the speed limit? i set my own limits 2) Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? hahhahahahah why ask me 3) What's the fastest you've ever driven? 140+ 4) Do you listen to music in your car? most of the time 5) Would you rather be the driver or the passenger? DRIVER 6) Do your passengers like to be backseat drivers? Dont care dont ask lol 7)Whats the longest distance you've ever driven in one day?Michigan to Cali 8) Where was the first place you drove when you got your license? To matts to go hunting 9) Did you have restrictions on where you could drive when you first got your license? NO 8) What kind of car do you drive? 86 mustang T-top and 93 jeep cherokee 9) What was your first car? 89 suzuki 10) How many cars have you owned? 7 11) Did you pass your learner's permit test the first time? yes 12) Are you nervous about driving over bridges/tunnels? NOPE 13) Do you have a lot of junk in your car? nope 14) Is your car clean? c
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Wonderful and mysterious Complicated and twisted Hard and strange Full of trials and joys Never ending Always beginning Always multiplying Never dividing Always Present Always renewing
Are you happy?? You've made me cry I swore no one would make me cry Ever again Yet somehow you made me cry You have hurt me more deeply than you will ever know Instead of trying to work things out You insist on taking revenge I didn't do it to hurt you But yet you are doing your best to hurt me I sit all alone and think about you Think about what has happened and how things could be different I am growing up I am learning some hard lessons in the process I realize now that you never really know what people are like Or how they will treat you I thought that I was more important to you than your pride Just because I am not what you wanted me to be Does not mean that I am not your daughter Do you not love me because I dissapointed you? Do you still care about me at all? Or am I just a chapter in your book that has ended? I am an adult now Whether you like it or not Whether you acknowledge it or not All I want from you is the love and respect that I deserve I wo
The choices we make determine our future The choices we make reflect who we are deep down inside Sometimes we cannont see The consequences of our actions Every action has a reaction Every action causes good things as well as bad Every choice we make creates change Every change is hard to handle What if?? What if we never voiced an opinion? What if we never made a decision? What if we always let someone else run our life? We would never have to take responsibility for our actions We could always blame everything bad on someone else But could we call that living Or merely existing? How do we handle the pain brought about by our choices? How do we know what to do??
It was a long hike and we were both sweaty and even a little dirty from the trail but there we were in a lush forest of Mexico. It seemed like a world away from where we normally lived. My lover collapsed on the ground while I pulled out a water bottle. “Want some water?” I asked and took a swig. Her hair was pulled back and her shades up on her head. Her eyes were closed as she rested. “Por favor.” She replied. She knew I loved it when she talked to me in Spanish. Her lips were sultry and seemed to be begging me for something. I approached her and as my arm extended towards her I felt the urge to play. Instead of handing the bottle to her I poured it down onto her mouth and tanned body. She was surprised at first but one thing about her is she never misses and opportunity to play. “Now look what you did. You got me all wet.” She teased. “Good, that’s what I was aiming for.” I replied. My grin was mischievous. I lowered myself down to kiss her pouting wet lips and tasted salt
Why? A single word. How can a single word Reflect so much anguish? Why did you do this to us? How could you desert us? Why? What did we do? Why won't you come back? Why? Why? ANSWER ME! But you won't, I know you won't. You left us. All I ask is why? Why?
Winter is coming, Winter is fast approaching. Cold winds are blowing, Look its snowing. Days are short, With little time to consort. Nights are long, And filled with song. Icy roads, Sleighs with loads. People bundled up, With tea in many a cup. Every thing is crystal clear, Winter is near!
A Fresh Start
It is time to begin again The slate has been wiped clean Past mistakes are forgiven Your life is in you hands Make of it what you will Be unique and individual Don't follow the crowd Or let other's expectations define you Follow your heart And let your life be full of woderful experiences Your life starts now If you follow your heart and your dreams Be smart and think You will be amazed at all life has In store for you Go now and live up to your great potential
I want to cry I need to cry But I just can't cry Everything seems to be going wrong I met a guy I fell for him Hard and fast I thought we had something special Then he ditched me And I came back to earth I came crashing down Just as life seems to settle Something changes Just as I begin to feel like I fit in My life is uprooted again I wish I could just let go and cry But I can't
Love's Inspiration
Today, as you set forth into the world You are not alone There are souls connected to you Some seem so small Others are almost overwhelming All are important Your passion comes from within But is shared with all of us You inspire us with your love Your heart is made available We accept this graciously And we will keep it safe in our own When you see a couple kiss Or a child play Think of your family Remember the love we have It is always there Unconditional and forever
It Hurts
Oh, how I wish I could dam up my heart. Then you couldn't hurt me ever again. If I could dam up my heart, Don't you think I would have done it by now? I pretend it doesn't hurt when you choose them over me. After all I'm only your daughter. Why should you worry about me? I'll get over it. I always have. If only I could stop caring Caring about what you do or say. But I can't. Believe me I've tried. So go on live your life. LEAVE ME ALONE. I know you won't, you never will. But you will never know, I swear. You'll never know how much it hurts. To live day by day Without you. Never knowing where you are, Or whether you even care about me at all.
Just Too Hard
Sometimes I think life is just too hard Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easier To give up I wonder what there is to live for Why should I keep on? Would anybody miss me? I can't handle the pressure I can't deal with it all Everyone wants something different from me Nobody ever realizes the turmoil inside me I hurt so much I feel like ending it all My achievments don't seem to mean anything What do I do? Someone help me I feel like I am losing my mind I can't control anything I want to curl up in a ball and just die Help me. Please help me I feel like I am drowning Sinking into crushing black oblivion Will someone please rescue me
I was tagged by CutieRozie Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.) I like watching sports center like 24-7 2.) I NEVER wear shoes in the house. 3.) I really hate traffic. 4.) I hate getting carded when i am dayum near 30 lol 5.) I have a habbit of being to NICE to people. 6.) Boxers never briefs lol I TAG Crys Amber Robyn JoJo HoneySuckleLips Kati
Life can be hard, So be on your guard, People will hurt you, Sad but true, Stressfull times will come, So don't be dumb, Be sensitive and caring, Be outgoing and daring, But most of all be true to yourself, Through trouble and sadness, Through good times filled with gladness, Hold fast to your goal, Don't let gloom swallow you whole, Be bright and cheerful, And ever be hopeful, For life is ahead, So don't lie in bed, Greet the world with joy, For it is your toy, So go now and live, Life as it is meant to be lived.
I am lost in a sea of people I am one of the crowd And yet I am all alone I am lost in a fog A fog of confusion and doubt I don't understand myself anymore I don't know what I want What happened to the self-assured person Who knew exactly what she wanted from life? Who knew exactly what her next move should be? I wish I had someone to turn to Someone who could set me straight again My dreams feel like they are impossible to attain My goals feel like they are too high to reach What do I do? Tell me Someone Please
Who Am I Kidding?
Who am I kidding? I cant stay away from LC I'm too addicted and I love you guys too much. I'm just an emotional mess right now and dont really know what to do about it.Or what I want!!!
All is quiet and still. Take a big breath. Now let it out slow. Look at the glow. The sun's glow. As it dips below Below the horizon. Look at the colors, The hues of pink Blended with blue and yellow The sky is ablaze But all around is a deep quiet As though nature itself Is in awe of the beauty the beauty of the sunset And all around in this quiet Is a feeling of peace Fill your heart with this peace For soon it will end And reality will kick in As the last rays of the sun sink below the horizon nature resumes its hustle and bustle and you return to your busy life there to await the next sunset and the next moment of peace
What defines true happiness and how do we know when we are truly happy? What is true love and how do we know when we have found it? Without love what is there worth living for? Does anyone really make a lasting impression in the world or a real impact at all? If I died right now would anyone outside my family even miss me? Do I really matter to anyone? How does anyone know when they have met "the one"? The one they can express everything to and who they can spend their life with?
Todays Events....
So I made a doctors appointment today for my back. So hopefully I will feel better on Friday. Made sure I picked up somemore duct I hate feeling down all the time. It is so hard to snap out of feeling so lost with out the hubby. Sometimes I swear I can feel him kissing me. But then I wake up. I guess you could say that the worst part is over. Harley has to get to the doc soon. i think he is getting amonia again. He has a bad cough. And so do the rest of the kids but not as bad. He is so cute. he constantly tells me he loves me and asks if I am alright. He tells me it is going to be ok. And you know what? He is only three years old. He is the one that is sick and he is taking care of me. I am so lucky to have him. And I should say to have a man like Fred because we have rasied this boy so good. I got a question for you all. Does anyone on here bank with 5/3? I have had the worst time with them. I could not tell you how much of my money they have taken. Tell me your tho
The Circle
Every sunrise is the beginning of a new day Each new day starts off fresh with a clean slate Every sunset marks the ending of the day It marks the passing of time and the completion of the circle
No Escaping
for the library did allow me to borrow, not just photocopy, the whole Reissiger score- it turns out that the staff card that I now have lets me borrow items offsite. Hee. I'd wondered for years since getting the job if I was eligible for a card, then got the card a few months ago, then waited to use it until now; borrowed the Reissiger trio and a volume of three string trios by Haydn's student Ignaz Pleyel (of whom Mozart said, it would be a good day for music, were Pleyel to succeed Joseph Haydn- slight paraphrase, I don't have a reference to the exact thing). Neither of them, apparently, copyrighted. Glee. For now... rest. Was going to get some meds I need and some exercise, but I am rather sleepy. Then later, will continue transcribing at least the more interesting movements of the Reissiger for practice (I'm not convinced that the slow movement qualifies, but the Allegro risoluto, with its opening theme anti-reminiscent... erm, I mean, which Brahms seems to quote with the main
Torn Apart
I'm torn between two places. I'm torn between two people. I'm always in the middle, Always on edge. Who do I believe? Who do I support? How can I go on torn in two? How can anyone live a full life, When they are in pieces? My heart has been ripped apart, By two people seeking to hurt each other. But what they don't realise Is that in seeking to hurt each other They have instead hurt me.
So Sick!!!!
hey all send me luv I've been very sick and between that and work I've not had time .But I will be on in the next couple days .LUV YOU ALL!!!!
Anger flows through my veins. My blood boils. My head pounds. I wish everyone would just shut up and leave me alone. Where is my place of solitude? Where is my moment of peace? They are all gone and all that is left is anger. Raw and untamed. Fast and furious. Rage is fast consuming me. So leave me alone before I explode.
You And Me
I look into your eyes and see All of the hurts and troubles of times past I wish I could turn back time And change the hurts to joy and trouble to good Erase the bad and replace it with good Ease your pain and be a balm to your soul I hope when you see me You know that I care And I hope I help make your day A little bit Brighter and more hopeful A lttle more fun and joyous I care more than you know
What Sexy Fairy Are You?
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Peter Frampton (talking Guitar) Awesome
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Things And Life
Things that bother people aren't always the same. Somethings bring out rage, some bring out anger, some bring out sorrow.. but yet most bring out agravation. I see this daily at work. Its actually funny sometimes depending on the situation. There are things in life that make a difference in your paths. Little compliments you may recieve or just being around family and friends. I know that my family is one thing that brings me to most times.. only when my kids aren't listening and i have to yell.. but even then it brings me to life. My main thought in life is always to remember no matter how bad times may be there is sure to be someone else in worse times then you are. Not that this is a bright thing but its a thought. I have had many turns in life that have made me doubt life in general... and these are also in my mind daily. But then you may read the newspaper or watch the news and find something worse. For those that know me I am fairly easy to get along with no matte
New Video, New Album!!!
i wake an its black i sleep an its black i cry at the darkness of my life i see the error i made i say out loud please stop i try an turn from it i see no end i see no beginning i see what i become shame sets in for i know what to do the end must soon arrive for my terror may become yours
The Machinations Of A Man Part 1
The Machinations of a Man I often find myself giving advice based on experiences that I have had and in doing so, I usually end up understanding more about myself. There is one young lady who has had some major relationship problems lately and each time I offer advice, it all too often falls on deaf ears. Although I understand this due to her age and inexperience, I am also frustrated by this because everything she is going through, I know something about. From my point of view: 1. If a guy says that he needs space, he is already fucking someone else and need more time to give to her so he will not lose her. 2. If a man hits you once, he WILL do it again. It does not matter how long you have been apart, believe me, after you strike out in anger toward a specific individual, it becomes easier to do each consecutive time. 3. If a man talks shit about you behind your back, it means he doesn’t want someone to know that he is having anything to do with you. 4. If a man talk
A Pretty Comprehensive Survey
- Do you like it rough or sensual?: Both. I think most people do, right? - Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: Opposite. Never tried both at once. - How often do you like to have sex?: Daily - Is sex a top priority for you?: no. though wish i had time that it could be -Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: yes - How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: never anymore - How do you feel about one night stands?: They have their place, but tough to learn enough about another person in one night - How many one night stands have you had?: A handful - What's your favorite position?: Depends on the person. In general I would say doggie. - Where's your favorite place to have sex?: my bedroom - Do you prefer to make love or fuck?: prefer making love, but fucking has its place. - Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: yes. - How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the de
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I took some new pics just wanted ta let u guys know...Hope u like emmm
THE RULES: List 6 INTRESTING things (or Habits) about yourself, then pick 6 of your friends to "tag"(tag a person by leaving them a comment saying something along the lines of "ur it check out the blog 4 more". Then those 6 friends must repeat the cycle..... 1. I know All The Words to "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights" 2. I Once almost kissed a goat 3. I am very particular about my socks matching perfectly 4. I Do All The Cooking in Our House 5. I started College my Junior year of High School 6. I like my Bald Eagle My 6 Picks Eh ♥ Manda Toadleystoned NativeChica Herwkdgm LIL horny College girl
I Survived
Well, I made it through my first two classes last night. The first one, well, the professor didn't even show up. At least the second one did. (LOL) Anyways, for one of my classes, I have a big project due in six days. And for those asking, yes, I am already working on it. At least the classes are fun.
Chocolate Or...
Chocolate or Sex? That's the question today ladies and gentlemen. Which is better? Chocolate is sweet, velvety, least the kind I like, and it's soooo good. It fills an emotional need I think, and releases plenty of endorphins, although it's full of calories. Sex can be soft or rough, sweet or sadistic, and it's also very good. It fills an emotional need I think, and releases plenty of endorphins, fortunately it burns calories. My solution? Have sex while eating chocolate, that way the calories cancel each other out and you get a double rush!
~ .::.::.M@$$!V3 H@LL0W33N $URV3Y FUN!.::..::. ~ Stuff to Start Off Halloween And Stuff To End It When do you start getting ready for Halloween? the beginning of october Do you Dress up? ya sometimes Do you hand out candy? ya When do you buy your costume? the beginning of october Do you go group trick or treating or alone? i used to go with a huge group lol Do you like Scary/spooky costumes or Funny/comical? scary spooky When do u go buy a pumpkin? the beggining of october Do u like scary or funny jack-o-lanterns? ya Do u go to so called haunted houses? ya Do you check your candy or just eat away? i check em =) Did you dress up last year? ...ya Are you gonna dress up this year? ya i wanna What time do you go trick-or-treating? well the best time to is to go around 6 How many of your friendz do u see while your trick-or-treating? well used to see all of them How long do you trick-or-treat for? 2hrs Do u like pranking p
Good News
Doug has been talking to ma almost constantly and today he brought me a book that I wanted to read and fixed my cd player!! He also asked me officially to be his date to the winter ball!!! I am soooooo happy!!! It has been a great day!
I have decided NOT to do away with LC.. but just won't be on as much as before, but I will stop by and check my messages often and leave luv for all my friends!! Thanks for the support on here... it means alot to me!!
Ramblings Of The Broken Hearted
"You deserve better than me." That's what you told me the day you broke my heart. "How do you know?" I wanted to scream as confusion clouded my thoughts. "You need someone who can be there for you." That's what you told me as I sobbed uncontrollably. "Who are you to tell me what I need?" I wanted to yell as anger began to build. There is a difference between want and need. I want you. I want to feel your arms around me as we lay together, sated, after making love. I want to see your face light up when you smile as our eyes meet across a crowded room. I want to have your lips take mine in a passionate display of how much you missed me. I need to be wanted for my personality and sensuality. I need to be loved whole-heartedly and unconditionally. I need someone who is going to be there when I need a shoulder to cry on in the middle of the night. I need someone who not only wants me but who needs me just as I need him. I love you and I want you. That I
People Are Strange =/
THE BASICS..... What is your full name spelt backwards? k anit Age 17 D.O.B 10-21-88 Zodiac Sign libra Birthplace glendale,ca Where do you live now? ps Do you have any pets? ya What do you do for a living? work at a retail store im a floral clerk HAVE YOU..... Been in a car accident? ya Been overseas? ya Been to a concert? ya Stage dived? no Crowd surfed? no Met anyone famous? ya Got any piercings? ya Got any tatt's? no FAVORITES..... Favorite day of the week? sat and sun Favorite Flower? daffadills Favorite Colour? green and black Favorite Animal? panda bear Favorite Holiday? halloween Favorite Perfume? i dont know the name of it but its french lol Favorite Memory? me and my uncle Favorite Place? home sweet home LOVE..... How old were you when you had your first real/serious BF? 16 How old was he? 18 How long did it last? 4 months Was it true love? hm no Whats the
Laughed Hard..!!!
I laughed hard at this one..!!!!! I'm still Grinning/Giggling at it...!! Browse through only the BEST videos at!
Sotd - Night Drive
Yeah, the proper way to listen to this song is whiling driving at 70 mph with this cranked all the way up..... by All American Rejects I know you so better than the city in the rear view I drive to eliminate the ball that I'm chained to Take me break me every mile further there's a part of me that slips away One day you'll see Even if you got down on your knees you couldn't make me stay Drive all night Never gonna get me Night by night To get away from it all Fight fight fight All you wanna do is hurt me You wrecked my life So I'm gonna have to drive all night I'll stay strong I'm pushing on the pedal till I break dawn So I'm gone, go find another shoulder you can cry on Take me break me every mile further there's a part of me that slips away One day you'll see Even if you got down on your knees you couldn't make me stay Drive all night Never gonna get me Night by night To get away from it all Fight fight fight All you wanna do is hurt me Yo
She Made Me Whole
I felt her touch as she made me whole; I became a part of her, she gave me her soul. The touch of her lips sends chills down my spine; I know in every way that she will always be mine. Her smile can always change my tone; When she is not there I am never alone. A gentle rose; A raging storm; The protection she feels when she is in my arms. A gentle breeze across an ocean bay; I know I please her in every single way. There are dreams that eventually come true; My dream became a reality when I met you. I felt her touch as she made me whole; I became a part of her, she gave me her soul.
A Fresh Thought
I saw this in a bulletin today and it made tears come to my eyes. This is something that, well at one point, I thought was me and I thought I had. Here very soon I hope I will but if not that soon, I guess I will just have to wait. Cause as far as I am concerned, it's worth waiting for! To every woman that is SCARED to put her heart out there again, because she has been HURT too many times or so badly. To every woman that has been cheated on,because she's not a slut who gives it up to any guy. To every woman that dresses cute,not skanky. To every woman who wants to be called beautiful, not hot. To every woman that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you. To every woman who gets her heart broken, because he chose that bitch instead. To every woman that would die to have a decent boyfriend. To every woman who would just once like to be treated like a princess. To every woman that cries at night because of another heartb
Camping Trip
Camping Trip by evil_in_the_flesh © I tossed and turned and couldn't fall back to sleep. My gorgeous friend Holly and I were on a camping trip. Out of nowhere, Holly's boyfriend Rick showed up and now it was the three of us. Holly send most of her time making out with her boyfriend, while I tried to enjoy the sights and sounds of mother nature. It got dark and cold quick and before you knew it, Holly, her boyfriend, and myself, were all sleeping under the same tent. Holly and I figured, we would share the same tent and we didn't expect her boyfriend to arrive unannounced. That's when things in the tent started to heat up. While I'm lying here with my headphones on, I could still hear Holly moaning and crying, as her boyfriend Rick fucked her right beside me. They were covered by a sleeping bag and only their bare feet were showing at the end of the sleeping bag, rubbing and sliding over each other. I could make out easily from the dent in the tent that Rick was on top
Funny But Adult {warning!!}
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Fresh Accurate News 24/7
if you have never heard of matt drudge, he's the reporter that first broke the monica lewinski story & since has become THE source for timely, accurate news!!! check it out & bookmark it!!!
Some Commercials That Were Not Used Or Banned
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I Was Not In Good Spirits When I Wrote This.
I would most likely never post it ... but then we are all human ... I figure it best to show all of me ... naked on display if you will .... My souls diary ... all of my poems are me ... no mask .... Read if you dare but not everything I write will lift your spirits ... but then maybe at some time yu felt this way too. Pain and anguish fill the day Why does god torment me along the way I hear his laughing at my plight Though I strive for what is right I fall short as all men do I ask god please end all this too Take away this world of hurt Why must I live in the dirt Festering wounds upon the soul Being left far from whole Lost and alone and not wanting more Afraid of what else lies in store To be unleashed on me by heaven above I have come to hate the words sweet love Nothing hurts you unless you care If your heart were stone nothing would be there To be ripped from you through life and grief To never love would be a relief To never feel anything again Maybe
6 Weird Things About Me
I was tagged by my sexy Diesel Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.I like to bite things as a habit I prefer to bite ppl but most ppl don't like it :( 2.)When I take off my shoes they have to always be placed next to each other neatly. 3.)I actually don't mind cleaning the toilet lol 4.)I hate to be called Ma 5.) I think gothic girls are sexy lmao 6.) I hate wearing a bra I TAG Berto BrushemOff Dave Raid Daddyfatsaccxx Freekish for that Greekish boy
When I Make Love Again
Lately, I've led a life of loneliness. Not the kind of loneliness that comes with a lack of friends or family but the kind that comes in the inky night, when there is no one next to me that I can press against, feeling his warmth, and be reassured. Instead my bed seems perpetually empty. There is no chest to bury my head in, no arm to be draped across my torso, no warm beating heart to listen to when it is the blackest hour of night and there are no other sounds to comfort me. I am always left longing, left wanting. Wanting stroking and cuddling, kissing and caressing, cavorting and creating love, laughter, limp limbs. I long to lengthen and locate all the places that make you scream. I want to make you scream so loud you outdrown the sirens and car horns, the engines and the sounds of life carrying on outside these four walls. I want to make my neighbors bang on the walls, call the super, make a noise complaint. I want our limbs to merge, limber
Julie Ann Hinn The Story Of Her Life
Well If you got Curious To Know Why She is So Special To Me Ill Explain Why '' Jannuary 3 2000 After Being Thru Hell i Lost all My Friends, Everyone Hated Me Because I Didnt Whant To Help them Cheat The SAT so Most People Got Caught Because i was Supost To Pass The Answer sheet but i dint get Involved and that was all. So Them i Decided to Get a Break From School Since i was Depresed and There She was at '' Queens Center Mall '' Sad and Lonely Since i Felt The Same i sat Next to Her and She Looked at me and was lie'' HMM? I Was Like '' Im Sorry is this someone's Seat? She Reply No im alone. So i asked her Whats Th Matther and She told me her Boyfriend Dumped her over a Friend and i Told her about my ituation and i wAS LIKE HEY sINCE WE Introduced eachother How about you and I Enjoy the Rest of The day Here at the Mall? She Replied Well i got nothing to loose;; I Took her To eat Then i Took her To a Movie She whanted to see With her Boyfriend Who Dumped her i Took He
Hes Home
Candy Cane
Candy Cane by My Erotic Tale © //...//...//...//...//...//...Candy Cane. Candy glided the long slender Candy Cane over her tongue while she sucked on its flavor, savoring the deliciously sweet taste while pulling it outward from her moist mouth. Extending her tongue outward and licking the tastiness in laps at the sugar stick, carrying the peppermint flavor on her tongue that disappeared, between her plump red lips. Candy placed the Candy Cane back into her mouth, toying with its lengthy shaft and absorbed in the way it felt on her tongue. She pushed it even deeper into her mouth as if that would heighten the sweet sensations of sugar and peppermint. Pulling it outward then pushing it back inward over her wet tongue several times rubbing the flavor into her taste buds. 'It was the night before Christmas and all through the house,' nothing was stirring except Candy's blouse. One hand held the Candy Cane to her mouth while the other, finger toiled each button loose till
2 All My Friends
Build It And She Will Come
Build It And She Will Come by Bookbinder © Julie was not the best looking girl at work, but she had a raw sex appeal. I had asked her out a couple of times. However, she would never say yes. We just settled in as work friends. It was about 2 years after she started that I heard rumors that she was into bondage. After that I just knew I had to get know her better. A little checking turned up she was seen at a local water hole that treated toward B&D types. I had never been in the place. Nevertheless, I knew this might be the opening I was looking for. I started going to the bar on the nights she talked about going clubbing. On my third time there she showed up. When she took her coat off I knew that I had to find away to hook up with her. She was dressed in a short red leather skirt with a matching tank top. Her boots were black with 3-inch heels. She looked damn good and when she got closer you could just see under the tank top she had on nipple clips. For the next hour I stay
what the fuck is the point of this?
What the hell is up with Texas and those crazy Texans?I mean to they make it seem like if you're from Texas its like flying down from some Godly planet of all awesomeness and those not from that Godly planet of all awesomeness can just rot in hell because they are obviously way cooler than us non-Texans. I hate to admit it but when I meet someone that says they are from Texas (they always will) I already have a sort of prejudice towards them if not for their overly over the top since of devotedness for Texas, its the fact that they are so cocky about it. Cockiness isn't even a good virtue to have, confidence yes, cocky no. Yeah ok Texas may not be that bad a place, I've been there for a few months, but its nothing special. Those religious types that try and convert everyone they happen to glance at are exactly what I think of when I hear a Texan trying to push his "Great State" down the throats of others. Its a State in the UNITED States of America, yeah that word united, crazy word
soo how was everyone's day? eh mine was so-so. It's HUMP DAY! ah yes to bad i don't have anyone to hump, haha. So i went to the tanners yesterday and i got burnt as a damn crisp. My boobs are so damn red everyone was checking em out today. jesus i felt dumb, buut ohh well. annnd i was supposed to hang out with a guy today... did he call me? umm no wtf, who does that. ay yi yi i need to clean, so i should probably go and do that...
Amy's Seduction
Amy's Seduction by Hudson © Amy hated the weekends, ever since Jeff left. As each one arrived filling the void became harder and harder. Why did he have to leave? Did he lie to me when I asked if there was someone else? What did I do wrong? Those thoughts ran through her mind consistently. Saturday morning arrived too soon for Amy, she had stopped taking the phone off the hook as her friends had stopped calling her months ago. She had obliged the invites to the "we feel sorry for you dinners," and awkwardly declined the blind dates they had set up, she knew they were trying to help ease the pain, wallowing in self pity is only taken for so long no matter how close the friendship she thought. Amy disliked the suffering he has caused her the discomfort and sick feeling that sat deep within her stomach, Jeff was the first real man who had broken her heart, a man who intensely loved her, fulfilled her desires, wants and needs. One day she came home and he was gone all his stuff
The Gospel
I was talking to someone and they told me this..its somewhere in the bible and one of those thumpers would know, I do not. Anyways it says something like this, Ignorant people are innocent. Until they have heard the gospel, everything they have done in the past can be forgiven. So, I wait, with my infinite amount of patience for that lightbulb to go off and he realizes just what he had, and who he really is. I have seen the real man inside him. The man who put family before himself. It was rare, but it is there. I wait, ready to forgive everything done in the past. And to let go of it. I wait...
Molly The Camel (adult)
A new US Marine Captain, by the name of Big Willy, was assigned to an outfit in a remote post in the African desert. During his first inspection of the outfit, he noticed a camel hitched up behind the mess tent. He asks the First Sergeant why the camel is kept there. "Well sir, as you know, there are 250 men here on the post and no women. And sometimes the men have "urges". That's why we have Molly The Camel." The Captain says, "I can't say that I condone this, but I understand about "urges". The camel can stay." About a month later, the Captain starts having his own "urges" and asks the First Sergeant to bring the camel to his tent. Putting a ladder behind the camel, the Captain stands on the ladder, pulls his pants down and has wild, insane sex with Molly. When he's done, he asks the First Sergeant, "Is that how the men do it?" No, not really, sir... "They usually just ride the camel into town where the girls are".
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves and states this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged,list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's Fun! 1) I sleep with about 10 stuffed animals. 2)Have never gotten drunk in my life. Buzzed yes. 3)I love the Fear Factor Show 4)Love to sing and do karoke 5)Have never had a ticket in my life. 6)Once fell asleep sitting on the sidewalk in front of a police station. I tag these people. stlhiat45 firelilly kandikane Blackbayou statiklady hedhoncho I tag these people
Oh Heart Where Art Thou
My heart crys as its lonely i feel dead inside i also look at life and feel as if im a observer of life and cannot enjoy or interact with it i see ppl happy and with lovers and think wish i had that wish i had some one to go home to and cuddle at the end of the night to wake up in the morning in the arms of my lover to dance slowly with him in a club and have ppl look at us and say or think what a lovely couple life is black to me and dark. And to quote a famous film well to me anyways "In hell's hot i stabeth thee"
Lc Drama And Stress....
Over the past few weeks, I have been training to get my CDL A so I can start driving and making some serious money. So I haven't been on here much to keep in touch with a lot of you. But I got my CDL and I'll be on the road soon, making that money. But I get back on here, and I've seen a few people have deleted their profiles, and few others that are deleting their profiles in the coming days. Now I know that drama over the internet is just a given when it comes to sites like this, but this is getting ridiculous. I would hate to see anybody leave because of someone else on here. But we're grown folk, so whatever you do is up to you. I just hope that not too many of the people on here take the LC more serious than life itself. You're not gonna please everybody. You're not gonna get everybody's support. And you're not gonna be attractive to everybody on here. But there are a good number of great people on here, and that alone should keep you here and keep you having a great time.
Life Sucks...
There aren't any guys out there that can treat a girl with respect! I need a guy that can talk to me without being an asshole that will come see me not because he thinks he has to but because he wants to! I need a guy to be a boyfriend and not an asshole who calls themself a boyfriend yet they cheat and mess around with other girls and don't think they've done anything wrong! Ughhh! Where are all the nice guys?!?!
Ok I just wrote a huge ass blog but Myspace wants to be a total piece of shit and error out when I went to post it! So I'm posting it here then on myspace if it doesnt error out again. Music and People: Anywayz This guy told me today "sorry you're not my type I cant do the rocker chick thing" Plus in the past I've had a few friends tell me "You listen to country music? I still love ya though" OK wtf are ya'll asking me to do ..choose between you and my music?? Dont even think about going there because you will lose. This is America people, I dont have to choose between you or my music. I have that right, I dont have to listen to the music you listen to for you to like me. If you dont like me for me than too damn bad I'm not going to change for you. I can listen to what I want and there's nothing you can do about it. Maybe it'll work on others and they'll change to suit your wants or needs, but it will NOT work on ME. As for this guy basically saying he cant talk to me becuase I
That saying...It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all......Fucking bullshit. It's not better. It hurts more. Ignornace is bliss...If you never knew what it was then you know the pain it would cause and could save yourself a fucking boatload of heartache. I used to dream about finding someone to love...Craved it, needed to find that someone. I thought I would finally be happy and fill that void I thought was missing if I could only have love. I didn't know how stupid I was. Because I did find it. And eventhrough the petty arguments and worries and everyday turmoils of being a couple I still loved, I still do. Now it is nearly gone. He has not decided what he really wants. He says he wants to be with me, But he still thinks the grass could be greener on the other side. I am broken. So it's not better to have loved and lost. I could have lived my life without it and been content and not happy then to be as I am now. Knowing what love really is and being devas
Yo, I am still a newbie but I will be here for ever. If your reading this, hit me up, show some love.
Amy's Double Dildo Delight
Amy's Double Dildo Delight by Hudson © Wooldridge markets mystified Amy; her Mother used to take her there every weekend, now Amy visited a couple of times a year. When Amy was a child, visiting the markets was like an excursion to the circus, the stall holders all seemed descendants of Gypsies with scruffy hair, earrings of all shapes and sizes dangling from their ears and bright and wonderful clothing, the smell of incense filled the air along with the delicate sounds of wind chimes hanging from the stalls. Most of the items for sale where trashy and could easily be found at a garage sale for half the price, though every now and then you could find something interesting and on the rare occasion a bargain. It was the atmosphere that attracted Amy, she seldom purchased anything, and when she did it was always a dried bunch of colourful posies as she did as a child. The stalls and the shops never changed much, yet every now and then Amy would discover a new quaint place and spen
Amy's Addiction
Amy's Addiction by Hudson © Amy paced back and forth across her bedroom floor stopping every now and then to dig her toes into the deep pile carpet. How could they mix my order up she thought, Amy had taken months to finally build up enough courage to mail order a vibrator and when it arrived they had sent the wrong one, she had spent hours scanning the catalogue over and over again trying to decide what shape, colour size etc and when it finally arrives after weeks of waiting, to Amy's disgust the package contained a product nothing like she had ordered. Amy picked up the phone dialed the mail order companies number and then hung up, she repeated the process another five times through out the morning. Amy was a shy reserved type of person and causing trouble was something she tried to avoid at all costs, in fact purchasing a sex toy was not in her character. Amy would have not let the thought cross her mind, it was her best friend Sandra's idea. Amy could hear Sandra's voice r
Alone With Banana
Alone with Banana by passionmaster © My name is Brenda. I'm 27 separated with a two year old son. My husband the prick moved out when I found out he had an affair with one of his old girlfriends. I don't want him back for with me it was rare and with her it was nightly. My biggest problem is after my son has gone to bed. The angel is a great sleeper and sleeps from 8 in the evening until 8 in the morning. That leaves me with too much time after all the cleaning is done and preparations are made for the next day. I have found the long hot baths usually tire me out and help me sleep but it seems more and more lately that I am lying in my bed with my hand in my pussy. I am 5'6" tall with good legs round bum nice sway back which accents my now (because of feeding) rounded breasts and dark brown hair. My sons last feeding was at 8 just before he went to sleep but even after the bath my nipples are still extended and tingly. I find myself lying in bed rolling my nipples and
If I Knew Then.....
I sit here and think If I knew then what I knew now would I have made different choices? Out loud I say yeah I would have Just so people won't think I am crazy When I say what I really mean NO, I would NOT have changed anything I would have gone through all the bad times just to have the memories of all the many good times For me it was worth it I will cherish in my heart all the smiles I received All the kisses and hugs Even the damn smacks on the ass The hand holding The mornings waking up beside him watching him make funny faces to make Elijah laugh The tickles he gave him The pride and the love he felt for his son I will remember fondly the little things he would do GIve me his lst bite of ice cream washing the car so it would look pretty for me lighting both of our cigarettes refilling my drink asking me where I want to go asking me where I want to eat Jumping to buy whatever I wanted at the drop of a hat regardless of cost just to make me happy Som
Dam I Dont Mean To Brag But.....
i used to weigh 250+ pounds and wasnt that who finds me attractive let me know anyone? lol
Babies Come From
Where Do Babies Come From? A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in. “Mother, where do babies come from?” The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, “Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug and have sex.” The daughter looks puzzled so the mother continues, “That means the daddy puts his penis in the mommy’s vagina. That’s how you get a baby, honey.” The child seems to comprehend. “Oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy’s penis in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?” “Jewelry, my dear. Jewelry.”
I Can Do This
I have made the decision that I am going to quit smoking. I know it will be rough but, I have decided that is the best thing for me....So, I will really need everyone for support!!!! have a great afternoon...
Some More About Me
Although my page has a vampire scene there are many things about myself I dont list. I love the native american culture and I love and live life to the fullest. If every ano one wants to know anything about me all you need to do is ask.. I also love learning.. I feel we are never to old for that... so come and talk to me I'm always full of questions..
Speeding Ticket
Speeding Ticket A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the guy gradually increases his speed until he's topping 100 mph. He eventually realizes he can't escape and finally pulls over. The cop approaches the car and says, "It's been a long day and my tour is almost over, so if you can give me a good excuse for your behavior, I'll let you go." The guy thinks for a few seconds and then says, "My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago. I thought you might be that officer trying to give her back!"
The First Time I Saw You
you were the reason for me to be the person I always wanted to be lesson learned too late you say The first time I saw you, you caught my eye. A little over a month before we were actually introduced The gorgeous bouncer checking ID's I remember staring at you as you checked my friend's ID not just because it was fake not just because you were hot you intrigued me you spoke then and it resonated something deep down I watched you that night As you sang, and it resonated more Then a month or so later we were introduced and we flirted like boys and girls will and I did something I never did before I became the pursuer I was drawn to you And then that night a few weeks later when I slept in your arms for the first time I knew then My search was over I had found my one and only I was home You made me feel safe and it scared me To let someone in To lose control To care for someone other than myself So I ran but everything came back
Just For Ever One
And those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of Heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. Nothing can cure the soul but the senses,just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul. Every spirit builds itself and house, and beyond its house, a world, and beyond its world, a heaven. Know then that world exists for you.
Costume Party
Costume Party A couple was invited to a swanky masked Halloween Party. She got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed, and there was no need of his good time being spoiled by not going. So he took his costume and away he went. The wife, after sleeping soundly for one hour, awakened without pain, and as it was still early, she decided to go to the party. In as much as her husband did not know what her costume was, she thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see how he acted when she was not with him. She joined the party and soon spotted her husband cavorting around on the dance floor, dancing with every nice chick he could, and copping a little feel here and a little kiss there. His wife sidled up to him and being a rather seductive babe herself, he left his partner high and dry and devoted his time to the new stuff tha
My Eggs
Adopt an Egg for Myspace Profile Page
Adair And Aurora- Eudorian Leaders
*note: Click pic for full screen version of the art* This is to kind of tell a little bit more about them. One of my favorite pairings in the novel- they are the main focus in the first book of my series. Both of Adurian (light) blood, Adair Hart- eldest of a set of twins, is trained to be the future King of Eudora. Aurora Phoenix was the only living heir to Dominik who was the leader and Master of the Cerean Clan living just outside the palace gates. A war devastates the country leaving Adair to take the throne before he was ready. Aurora and her friends opt to go against Dominik's order and side with Adair against his Uncle and enemy, Lord Theron. As the flames of war continue to grow, eventually so do the flames of passion that spark between the fated leaders. It is a pairing Lord Theron cannot allow to happen... But can he really stop it before they join to create the power needed to destroy him?
Effin Repost Damn It
"EFFIN REPOST DAMN IT!" We go threw enough drama in our daily "REAL" life - that when we log on to "Lost Cherry" Do we feel any desire to have more, yet we get it ... Maybe some even WANT it: *cough-ATTENTION WHORES-cough* I've watched 'SPRINGER' and read the "Lost Cherry's" version of 'SPRINGER' the 'BULLETINS' It really sickens me to see the repost of drama, yet no "FRIENDS" will repost any of the non-drama related stuff. So, maybe it's just me ... -or- (good way to segue into a Make Up My Mind ) You may feel the same? click link to VOTE on my Make Up My Mind on this subject: I have my reason that I wont/dont/cant repost: #1- I have about a 60% chance I'll be booted because of my shit ISP & computer, So- if I'm done with the things I've set out to do here - then I start reposting (usually until I'm booted) #2- If it's DRAMA filled (I done spread the hate) Lately, I've just deleted people when I open a post that is hatef
Day Before
Well all its the day before my surgery so im not going to be on for awhile after today but my sister Doc's lil girl will keep you all updated on whats going on with me she will be able to get into my account to post blogs so you can know how im doing and keep you updated. As soon as I get better enough to come back on here I will. Thank you all for your support. Have a great week!
To All My Lc Friends:
Yay I Got Tagged...thanks Alot!!
I was tagged by Mronceler..thanks soooo much :) Here's the rules, list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details. 1. I am insanely competitive!! I am not a sore loser, but I get super pissed at myself if I don't win. Even at something as silly as UNO, and I will make you play with me until I win at least once. 2. I am OCD about the shower curtain being closed. It makes me incredibly sick at my stomach if its left open. All I can think about is the mold and nastiness that may be growing in the folds. 3. I absolutely will not put my hand in cold dish water. My roommate does the dishes a lot and sometimes she has to soak things. I can't stand the thought of them sitting there in that water and I will wake her up out of a dead sleep to make her take the plug out. 4. You know that scene in Breakfast Club where she holds the lipstick in her cleavage and puts it o
(the Special Someone Pt2 Of Special Someone
After Listening to '' Welcome To The Black Parade'' By MCR i Decided to do a Special Someone to Someone Special That was in my life and Now She is Gone'' ''We Met When i was Lost and Confused, And Even Today i Smile at Our Memories we Had and Tears Fall From My Eyes For Having to Let The world Say Goodbye to you'' But Deeply Inside of Me ill Cary your Memories Because you Were my Lover,My Girlfriend,My ANGEL,My Peace and My Happiness i Dedicade This Song Black Parade For you '' Jullie Ann Hinn'' Theres a Part that It makes Me Think of you and i Think u would agree this part ''Sometimes I get the feeling she's watching over me. And other times I feel like I should go. Through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets. When you're gone we want you all to know We'll Carry on, We'll Carry on Though your dead and gone believe me Your memory will carry on Carry on We'll carry on And in my heart I cant contain it The anthem wont explain it. Ill Always C
The Most Dangerous Snake In The World (repost)
(repost of original by 'CanadianThunder **Drama Free Member **' on '2006-10-18 14:15:58') (repost of original by 'Evil Hottie' on '2006-10-18 14:34:52')
Mmmm.... Well.... Well.....
MMMM.... WELL.... WELL..... Current mood: sad IF THIS IS TRUE WHY DOES MY LOVE LIFE HURT AND SUX SO FUCKIN BAD? Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle... The eSPIN Personality Test MY RESULT:Saint You can't be a better person than a saint. You're selfless, sweet, and we wouldn't be surprised if you could perform a miracle or two. Of all the personality types on this test, yours is by far the most respectable. We mean, how couldn't everyone love you? Just remember, though - as nice as it is to help other people, sometimes you gotta help yourself a little, too. Don't be afraid to a little selfish every now and then. Seriously! We give you permission. Take This Quiz!
A Crazy Deal
A Crazy Deal by Clayton © My buddy Bob comes up with crazy ideas several times every year. I usually go to lunch with him a couple times each month and he pitches his newest deal. Sometimes he actually comes up with something that sounds interesting. Last Spring he hit it big. A friend of his was going into a divorce and needed cash so he sold Bob a sex saddle. This sex saddle was a favorite item of the soon-to-be divorcee and she was going crazy looking for it. Bob gave his friend $500 for the toy. Of course, Bob wanted to sell the toy to me or split the cost with me. Bob gave me a video tape that the manufacturer distributed with the sex saddle and told me to watch it after work. After work I took a secretary from another office out for a few drinks. Maryanne is a cute little redhead with firm tits and a great ass. I have a very comfortable relationship with her and we satisfy each other sexually without the complications of a long-term relationship. Maryanne is the "friendly
Wicked Intent Opens For Steelheart
My Son
I dont get to see my son that much and i call to check on him all the time.Usually he doesnt talk on the phone,but today he did.He talked for ten minutes to me.He talked about play day and bobos and his candy.I just loved it.He then had to talk with his nana then his papaw then uncle jim then nick(my other son)I was so happy.I still just feel like I am glowing.
Wow I Got Issues, Lol. I Better Start Addressing My Short Comings!!
Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses1. Spirituality - 84.6%2. Generosity - 66.7%3. Kindness - 63.6%4. Adventurousness - 58.3%5. Sense of Humor - 57.1%1. Appearance - 55.6%2. Insecurity - 53.8%3. Shyness - 50%4. Vanity - 50% Dating Strengths ExplainedSpirituality - Your spiritual side brings you peace and balance, and keeps you grounded. This is attractive, as you can help reinforce this quality in other people.Generosity - You are a giving person by nature. Others will see this quality in you and recognize your kind nature. Take care not to let others take advantage of you.Kindness - You treat other people with empathy and goodwill. This positive trait helps you stand out and draw people into your warmth.Adventurousness - You are willing to try new things and be spontaneous. You want to get out there and really live, and you will attract people with a similar love of life.Sense of Humor - Girls are attracted to people with a good sense of humor. Be sure to put yours on display!
Reptiliana - Finished Version
A Candy Cane From Christmas
A Candy Cane From Christmas by eroticorgasm © Samantha laughed at her mother as she helped take down the Christmas tree. "You know it's almost Groundhog Day, Mom. I don't believe you thought we should leave this up until Valentine's Day." "It's just January 19. It's not like it's Lent. We're barely out of the Twelve Days of Christmas, darling," her mother responded. But her mother didn't say much, just pulling down the ornaments and pulling the fake aluminum branches from the fake wood trunk. Her mother -- a communications professor at a university -- had just received a letter from the AARP. Samantha had heard of it -- it had something to do with old people. Apparently, AARP thought that her mother qualified -- being that she was about to turn 40. Which Samantha thought was pretty old in itself. Still, most of the people on those AARP commercials were like 60, not 40. She didn't get it -- but it was of no matter to her. She was 18 and awaiting her acceptance to colleg
im at the public library i have sunk to the lowest of lows my computer crashed and fuckin burned will have on soon miss u all and love u
Love And Cherries
So, I have been leaving tons of comments, cherries etc etc on people's pages...where is the bust of love that I got when I very first joined yesterday? I thought that's what this site was about...repaying each other with kindness, comments, and compliments! Oh well, I'm still having fun nonetheless! But come on cherry people out some love!!!
I Am Metal...? Lol
Your Love Element Is Metal In love, you inspire and respect your partner. For you, love is all about fusing together for one incredible life experience. You attract others with wit and a bit of flash. Your flirting style is defined by making others want and value you. Greatness and optimism are the cornerstones of your love life. You may let go too easily, but you never get weighed down by your past. You connect best with: Earth Avoid: Fire You and another Metal element: will control and smother each other What Element Is Your Love?
How Many Me's????
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:301people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
It Started With A Garage Sale
It Started with a Garage Sale by showife © The idea started when we were at a huge garage sale in a neighboring town. As soon as I saw the box I knew that it had a lot of potential and that I had to buy it no matter what the price. As I dragged it up the the woman who was running the sale Sam stopped me and asked me what I'd found. I showed her the box and started to pull out the pieces of leather, the belts, snaps, dog collars, and show them to her. She rolled her eyes and asked what did I think I was going to do with this stuff, but I think she already knew, when I just said that I had ideas. When it was out turn to check out I was surprised to find that they only wanted $10 for the whole box full, and it I wanted some of the tools that were for leather working it would only be another $10 for those as well. I said sure and already knew that this would be the best $20 that I would ever spend. We spent the rest of the morning checking out other garage sales, but my mind wa
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I am writing this mostly for myself but i thought i would let you all into my head for a little look. Sometimes I think I have grown up and I know the real world and then things in the world and especially things here on lost cherry just come back and remind me that in reality I am still a little nieve. Which I thought would make me feel kind of stupid. But the more I think about it the happier it makes me. When I was growing up I was the youngest girl of 6 girls with only my brother being younger then me and I was daddy's little girl or his princess. I was pretty sheltered. I used to think that was a bad thing because when things in my life came along for instance I obviously was kind of nieve about them. I have been trampled over alot and I have learned alot to. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad but i guess in reality its a good life if i would of started out on this journey of adulthood already knowing the bad things in life then imagaine what a BIT
Baby Contest Come Vote At Icebaby
To all my friends and fans icebaby is haveing a baby contest come everyone thats show the babies some love
Boys So Any Of You Oike Gud Girls Or Bad Girls Let Me Know As I Would Love To Find Out What Men Really Like From Girls
me i like a bad girl there more fun and laugh in the face of danger but then what would i know i am a girl lol
Thks For Making Me Feel Welcome.
to everyone on here thanks for making me feel welcome and making new friends. I love to chat and make new friends all over the plc. i am an outgoing person and love to party and hang out and
Do Girls Really Like Bad Boys Or Is That Just Sumthing U See In Pornos Girls Let Me Know
i like a bafd boy tho there just isn't that meny now a days most men are to lazy to try and be bad lol
hello to everyone on here. its Halloween time. and im just trying to make it through.Im new on here and i dont no anyone yet.
How Not To Talk To Women On Lostcherry
Okay this did not happen to me, but this type of thing happens all the time. Some people just suck. ( bottom to top) ->luv2pullha...: i see your a newbie here..well dear just fucked yourself..have a nice day luv2pullha...: NOT EVEN I BEEN DOUBLIN UP SINCE 19 82 luv2pullha...: LOL ITS REAL SILLY I HAVE MORE ->luv2pullha...: yes n you probably get more disease s Nitro: back ->luv2pullha...: yes..its humor..much like your fake pic luv2pullha...: OH BABY I GET MORE ASS THE A PUBLIC TOILET SEAT REALTIME luv2pullha...: LOL OHH I GET IT IT IT'S HUMOR ->luv2pullha...: many women has that line a ctually worked on? not counting the hairless toothless ones? ->luv2pullha...: how am i all talk? never said id do or show anything..i dont even know you luv2pullha...: HA HA ALL TALK BUT WHEN IT COMES DO WN TO IT YOU RUN ->luv2pullha...: hmmm lemme luv2pullha...: GOING TO LET ME USE THAT HOT LIL PU SSY FOR SOME GOOD POUNDIN ->luv2pullha...: not he
How Many Me's Are There In The U.s.?
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:938people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
Elephant Vs. Camel
An elephant asks a camel, "Why are your breasts on your back?" "Well," says the camel, I think that's a strange question from somebody whose wiener is on his face."
A Long Walk To Forever
They had grown up next door to each other, on the fringe of a city, near fields and woods and orchards, within sight of a lovely bell tower that belonged to a school for the blind. Now they were twenty, had not seen each other for nearly a year. There had always been playful, comfortable warmth between them, but never any talk of love. His name was Newt. Her name was Catharine. In the early afternoon, Newt knocked on Catharine's front door. Catharine came to the door. She was carrying a fat, glossy, magazine devoted entirely to brides. "Newt!" she said. She was surprised to see him. "Could you come for a walk?" he said. He was a shy person, even with Catharine. He covered his shyness by speaking absently, as though what really concerned him were far away--as though he were a secret agent pausing briefly on a mission between beautiful, distant, and sinister points. This manner of speaking had always been Newt's style, even in matters that concerned him desperately. "A wal
A Show
To All My Friends
Thanks for adding you to my friends map
The Ultimate Come Back!
Love This Comeback One of my sons serves in the military. He is still stateside, here in California. He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him, and his troops, everywhere he goes, telling me how people shake their hands, and thank them for being willing to serve, and fight, for not only our own freedoms but so that others may have them also. But he also told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday, on his way home from the base. He said that ahead of several people in front of him stood a woman dressed in a burkha. He said when she got to the cashier she loudly remarked about the U.S. flag lapel pin the cashier wore on her smock. The cashier r eached up and touched the pin, and said proudly," Yes, I always wear it and probably always will." The woman in the burkha then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing her countrymen, explaining that she was Iraqi. A gentleman standing beh
Birth Control
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2006-10-17 05:28:23
2006-10-17 05:28:23 One Sentence is Enough to Break a Heart……One Second is Enough to Fall in Love……and One Misunderstanding is Sufficient to Break Friendship. Friendship is the Rainbow Between to Hearts. Sharing 7 Characters First i like u, then i loved u, Now i'm afraid to lose u, If you dont send this to everyone on ur list, u will lose the person you love. sorry i dont wanna lose the person i love.................................................................. .................................if i dont get this back i guess your not my friend. if u have a lot of love 4 someone... copy and send this 2 ur whole buddy 5 min. ur true love Online friends are people we may never meet.... We see pictures, we see cams...It isn't the same.... We grow close...We care and love one another.... One day we may not hear from one another.... Our hearts will break... All we see is a name on messenger but the person we don't see anymore..... We pra
Guess Friends Aren't What They Used To Be
Well, I gave my heart and love to my best friend again and I got burned...why do I keep putting myself through all the hurt? Is friendship not existent anymore? Am I asking too much from friendship? To me, friendship is full of lil symbolisms that show how much someone cares for the other. Little things make a world of difference. Little things like making dinner once a week, going out to a movie, a lil gift here and there, saying you love someone, etc. I know this is also online stuff, but I truly feel friends in real life off the web should get more comments on the web than online friends who have never met. I believe we should help the ones we love in need. However, for the thousandths time, I help someone who I thought was my best friend only to have her turn her back on me and trash me. U KNOW WHO U ARE!!! (...and those of you who have read my page know who she is too just by the captions on my pics) I was there when u had no place to go and let u live here at no c
Song Of The Day Insane Clown Posse - The Wraith
(Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope) Always Uninvited, (fuck off) unrespected Sometimes he creeps, other times he expected He hangs out in bad neighborhoods up at the park He will strike in broad daylight but prefers the dark 3 little kids caught inside a broken home He'll just sit there and wait for 'em (Leave 'Em Alone!) As sure as we're today and death is inevitable He's waitin there watchin through the eyes of a crow (Chorus) 2x Death is always at a shitty time Don't bother trying to run and hide Take his hand cross to the other side (Step to the other side) (J & Shaggy) Freeway intersections when the bars close, he loves 'em Blew out traffic lights, he hovers above 'em And he loves the motherfuck outta crackheads and heroin Rehab centers and caring mothers always scaring him Sharing them needles? He encourages and raw sex? They got him workin and steady collectin soul checks Then again, 9 times outta 10 I wish he take me instead of some of these poor children we se
Tag You It....
Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.)I shower after I bathe..always.. 2.)I obsess over my clothes & acceseries matching--head to toe 3.)I do not nor have I ever had a Driver's license.. Sad I know 4.)Closet country music fan hidden in my metal CD' 5.) I have a hard time controling my temper when I believe in something.. 6.) I Enjoy tatoo's as much as SEX.. I TAG Jahmann Damion Mcclarkin Wizard Hotpants911 Inked Firefighter
What's Up?
Well every one. First time here and this site is okay so far. Theirs alot of friendly ppl here and thats aaaallllllll good. If you like what you see then hit me up, later
Yellow Ribbon
Courtesy of
Please God...
Courtesy of
I Support
Courtesy of We all miss you And i hope that my best friend Kyle is safe
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To All My Friends
I have a Friends map Plz
I Wrote This 8/29/06.
Its getting close to my birthday. Im going be 21. Then I can buy stuff to kill my liver, and it will be legal. Yes I can see it now, yet somehow pukeing till my eyes bleed doesnt sound like 2 much fun. Although that idea never would have occurred to me before. I suppose during the great days of 12th street it wouldn't have stopped me. All I really wanted was friends, and people to like and respect me for who I was. But who was I? I didnt realize, ok I did realize, but at the time I didnt care, when I should have, that I was causing my childhood friend sickness. I wouldnt blame her if she never spoke to me again, yet oddly enough we still send each other comments via that horrible myspace. I know that we have spoken more on there than we did when we lived with each other. Im sorry that I caused so much shit, and that I am the main reason she was sick a lot. But if I could take it all back I wouldnt; sure I would have found a way to keep my room cleaner and a way to vent
Just Thought This Kind Of Sums It All Up!
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 5. Would you kiss me? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Do you still think that way about me now? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. How well do you know me? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
The Masquerade
The Masquerade You whispered I love you a thousand times You held my hand and let me cry You lifted me up when I fell Why now do I wish you in hell The wall was up but you broke through I let you in no one but you You were silent but deadly with your task I could not see behind that mask Months of believing turned to dust I suddenly feel like my heart will bust I walk in a fools shoes not blind to hate only to those things that you fake They say what you do will come back to you then I will laugh ... at the new fool
Extremely Old. I Love This Poem Though.
& in the mornings she doesn't care her heart is just no longer there - shes trying so hard to be herself but all she's worrying about is everyone else too many tears have staind her cheek too many b l o o d drops, down the sink - too many pills taken for stress too many bathroom trips, to make her look her best she's scarred from pain & she's starved from names. she believes she never enough she needs to be strong, she needs to be tough she's cried herself to sleep, just too many times she's hurt inside, yet no one sees the signs she's tired of her life, she wants it to be taken yeah i guess you could say it, she's just a little broken.
strange how things go...things blow up in your face, and you think what next...and you just dont want to be the cause of anymore pain, i have come to a point where i dont want to lose friendships, i dont want to cause hatred between some of my friends...... i have no idea what is going to happen with me....but i know i will live....i have 3 children that i love more than anything....and i know that that can never be taken from me....i am who i am...just a plain guy tryin to entertain people at a karaoke show, makin a few friends on the way (hopefully), and trying to deal with my shortcomings.... another day has come and gone, but i am still here... ROCK OUT
Who I Am And What I Want To Move On From.
What sign of the Black Zodiac are you? The Lost SoulTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Closing My Eyes
Closing my eyes When i close my eyes at night i feel my soulmate with me her head resting on my chest, My arms wraped around her running my fingers through her hair, I listen to hear breath every breath differant, As she breaths i feel her warm breath drift slowly drift over my chest, I feel hear heart beating in a steady rythem in time with my own as she snuggles into me. Her arm draped over me as we lay there, And the softness of her lips as she kisses me softly, her hair and skin softer than any silk, To know she is there and safe knowing she is happy and loved, And in the morning to wake up knowing she is there to tell her i love her, To kiss her and to see her smile ,A smile so big and bright that it out shines the sun. But when i open my eyes there is nothing...
Do This For Me Please!!
Things That Guys Never Say
Just A Little Poem.
In Memory Of Jack and Sally Alone again shrouded in smoke My mind is clouded As I struggle to breathe I begin to choke The infinite raindrops melding with my tears Each one a simple personification of my hurt and fears Those that stream without fail down my face Every time I fruitlessly search for that place The place that once I could call my home Here I am again dancing alone Running from nothing Which is what we have become I clutch my heart and hold my tongue Gray faced and suffering in silence I snuff the burning of salt water with my eyelids Every night I stare at every individual star in the sky Wondering which one represents the soul of you and I The sky is forever mimicking my pain Here I am again dancing alone In the rain
6 Weird Things About Me..
I was tagged by. .SxyLdy70BACK! My little Cali girlfriend... Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.)When I put toothpaste on my toothbrush I try to do that little curl on the end, like in the comercials or on the box. 2.)I crank up the music in the car then yell over it instead of turning it down....DUH???? 3.)I cant stand it when my socks are crooked.. 4.)I absolutely CANNOT sleep naked.. 5.) I like R&B..SSSHHHHH Dont tell anyone.. 6.) I like to cook.... I TAG Newboston NYC Goth Girl Kort Sexy Italian 76 Christina CutieRoZiE
Pic War!!!
This is the picture game. Since you opened this bulletin, now you must do the following things: 1.) Go to the profile of the person who posted this bulletin 2.) Pick one of their Best Pictures and post a comment *****now the important part***** 3.) Repost this bulletin and see how many comments you get on your own pictures
Two For Now. Please Read And Comment. Let Me Know If You Want More.
COULD YOU EVER UNDERSTAND? I don't think that you understand Can you feel the cold of my hand? Why are you still here, why are you crying? I'm already dead, I'm not dying Don't do that you'll make me feel bad You know I hate it wen you're sad It's not like you'll remember me anyway At least not long after today Just breathe everything will be alrite I'm sorry I cant comfort you tonight I went through hell in my life Now I'll be happy 'cuz death eases my strife Why can't you smile and be glad that I'm gone? After all, you hated me for so long. Please just go away and leave my body here I want someone else to find it and I dont want you near Please just leave me out here in the dirt Ignore all this blood staining my skirt I'm sorry ok? What do you want me to do? I thought you wanted this thats why I died for you PLEASE SEE If you read between the lines you may see MY blood MY sweat and MY tears spread across thispage ive tried so hard to keep
How Bi Are You?
You are 85% Bisexual You are very bisexual. The choice between guys and girls is often agonizing for you because you really don’t have a preference. But you always double up your chances every night for getting laid. Take this quiz at
Blow Up Dude, Anyone?
I swear sometimes it just gets better and better.. There was these bunch of guys here trying to get the attention of this gorgeous neighbour of mine by throwing firecrackers on her window. It landed on her balcony. Freaked the living day lights out of the rest of us here at the apt block. Who do you blame? Video games? Drugs? Do you call the security? NO...they're too busy thinking about what they're going to do after their shift is over. It gets kind of dangerous here once those guys find out where you live. Especially when you live alone. I'm like thinking. Should I get a boyfriend? I think not. Maybe I'll drop by the shop later on and get me a blow up dude. It's like the 4th July here.. minus the parade. Plus the circus of clowns.
can u show me some webcam love its my birthday please robert_morrison27 yahoo
Ok I Know Y
if sumone has sum pics set 2 private plz plz dont ask them if u can c me
A Yello Ring
Your Mood Ring is Yellow Imaginative Wondering Thoughts Peaceful Mood Ring Generator
I Was Tagged!
***I was tagged by D@nny, Nightwolf, and Explicit-Angel. Here goes: Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves and states this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged,list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's Fun! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Okay, mine aren't all weird, but they are unique & definitely things that you might not know about me. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 1. I have to "make" my bed or at least have it completely straigt before I will go to bed. Otherwise I can't sleep & will keep fidgeting with the covers. 2. Even at ages 4 & 5, I *have* to be able to hear the monitor & music or sounds coming from my girls' room. If I can't hear them, I feel anxious & can't sleep. 3. Due to family history, I wonder-- almost daily (lots of times even worry) --if I'll live long enough to see my girls gradua
Walking Up
everday i walk up and look a my phone to see if what time it is and hoping i got a call or tex but no call or tex. i get up thenk my day can't get any wheros but then i go all day with out get a call im tex or email. i hate going to bed feel alown and waking up the same way. hell i don't know why i right this thing no reads them and is thay do thay don't comment
Please Pray For Him!
A very close friend of mine for 10 years needs our prayers. Her son was born at 24 weeks, and is fighting for his life. He is a fighter true and true like his momma, but we need all the prayers we can get.... Jaiden Patrick
A Real Man ..... (repost) With A Slingy Word
and we all should strive for this!!! mcl slingy!!! A REAL MAN ..... 1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his family first. 2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either. 3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself. 4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises 6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 8.) A REAL MAN CALLS U on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS. 9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you. 10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you. 11.) A REAL MAN comes over just to watch movies with you. 12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because. 13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real. 14.
Q&a Time
Where do you live? Currently Seattle, WA in the future CALIFORNIA! Whats your bra size? I know some of you can't read but its on my page 38F Do you have a myspace? Yes the link is under my about me section. You should try reading. Will you and your girlfriend have a threesome with me? First of all that bitch is my wife second of all we're both single. Make sense? Not really but its ok you don't need to understand us. Will you send me nudes? Currently no, will I ever who knows? Either way don't be greedy and I hate beggars.If I decide to show full nudes it will be in good time. I see you only like dark skinned guys so... NO! not what I said, read it again! I said its a preference some people like a huge ass will they say no to a girl with titties hell no! its just a preference. Can I see you on WebCam? No its the same thing with the pictures baby. Whats your email and instant messenger? First of all good luck with that one I dont really use either so if I sa
Knocking On The Door!!
He had been knocking on the door and ringing the bell.... Finally, this eleven year old trooper turned to leave, but something stopped him. Again, he turned to the door and rang the bell and knocked loudly on the door with his fist. He waited, something holding him there on the front porch. He rang again and this time the door slowly opened. Standing in the doorway was a very sad-looking elderly lady. She softly asked, "What can I do for you, son?" With radiant eyes and a smile that lit up her world, this little boy said, "Ma'am, I'm sorry if I disturbed you, but I just want to tell you that *JESUS REALLY DOES LOVE YOU* and I came to give you my very last Gospel Tract which will tell you all about JESUS and His great LOVE." With that, he handed her his last tract and turned to leave. She called to him as he departed. "Thank you, son! And God Bless You!" Well, the following Sunday morning in church Pastor Dad was in the pulpit. As
Turn On's And Turn Off's
turn-ons: Accents, Confidence, Dancing, Erotica, Flirting, Intelligence, Long hair, Manners, People in uniform, Piercings, Public displays of affection, Skinny dipping, Sweat, Tattoos, The unexpected, some1 who can talk almost as much as me, nice stomach, taller than me, late nite phone calls...gettin me flowers or something 4 no reason at all, knows wat they want and will go after it...i like bein called baby no idea y...not every1 can though....i love 2 cuddle and kiss....i love tongue rings they r so hot... TURN OFFS...smoke breath ewww...cheaters, liars, drink 2 much, bad teeth, and people that break my heart...bein called bitch..just hate it, one night stands, and other stuff!! -----------------------------
What She Wants In A Guy.....
want a guy--- who can wrestle with me and let me win. who i can talk to about anything who laughs at my jokes. A guy who puts my cold hands in his warm hoodie pockets. who lets me use his sweatshirt for a pillow. who buys me 25 cent rings, and has sticky hands. who says i love you & means it. who will kiss me in the rain, in the sunshine, and in the snow. who calls unexpectedly. who will have many inside jokes with and me remember each one. a boy who notices girls haircuts. who realizes that girls say things but don't always mean them. who shows up at my games, slipping in the door. who i can go swimming with on hot days. who can tell me his problems and let me help. who will listen to me talk-- about the new nail polish i got. who will bring me seashells from the beach. who will let me beat him up when i get angry. who writes love letters to me, but doesn't send them. who draws pictures and slips them gently into my locker slot. who saves his genuine, big smiles for me. a boy with dee
So So Realtionship
Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? Saying something and wishing you hadn't? or saying nothing and wishing you had? I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. If you do, they might break your heart...if you don't, you might break theirs. Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person? Your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own....when you least suspect it, or even when you don't want it to. Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that other person was too afraid to let you? Too many of us stay walled up because we are too afraid to care too much...for fear that the other person does not care as much, or even at all. Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection was too hard to handle? We tell lies
Going Crazy
going crazy Artist: Natalie Album: Natalie Year: 2005 Title: Goin' Crazy Ever since the day you went away And left me lonely and cold My life just hasn't been the same Oh baby no When I looked into your eyes The moment that I let you go I just broke down (down) Baby if I ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrifice 'Cause the feelin that I feel within no other man Would ever make me feel so right It's nice to smile when I get your phone call at night But I'd rather have you here with me Right next to me And I miss the way you hold me tight I've got to let you know I feel so weak without your touch I never thought that I could ever love a man so much I've gotta let you know I think that we are destiny For you I'd cross the world for you I'd do anything That's right baby I'm goin' crazy I need to be your lady I've been thinking lately That you and me, yes we can make it Just ride with me, roll with me I'm in l
If I Told You...
If I told you I loved you, would you push me away? Or would you let me fall into your arms, where, forever, I would stay? If I told you I needed you, would you feel the same? Could you let me need you everyday, forever and eternally? If I told you I hated you, would you believe the words I say? Would you turn your back on me and leave me alone to pray? If I told you I was crying, would you be right by my side, to put your arms around my shoulders until the feelings pass me by? If I told you everything, could you still feel the same? Now that you know exactly who I am, would you still be mine to claim? If I told you... my point to this is that we should all ask our next partner those questions before we give them our hearts:( specially if its fragile! I trusted another with my heart once not long ago, He mishandled it... dropped it and broke it... fortunately, not irreparably so. I picked it up and took it home and now im hiding it away for
who thinks tatts are hot on women and guys ??
Stories From The Er
>HARD TO BELIEVE, BUT THESE ARE ALL TRUE STORIES FROM >EMERGENCY ROOMS AROUND THE COUNTRY: > >FEMALE SOFA----- A 500 lb. woman from Illinois was >examined in a hospital. During the examination, an >asthma inhaler fell from under her armpit, a dime was >found under one of her breasts and a remote control >was found lodged between the folds of her vulva. >eeewwwww..... > > >PRICKLY PAIR-----OUCH! In Michigan, a man came into >the ER with lacerations to his penis. He complained >that his wife had "...a rat in her privates..." which >bit him during sex- --(not the first conclusion I >would have drawn, I don't think). After an examination >of his wife, it was revealed that she had a surgical >needle left inside her after a recent hysterectomy. > > >PING PONG ANYONE? ----- A 20 year old man came into >the ER with a stony mass in his rectum. He said that >he and his boyfriend were fooling around with concrete >mix, when his boyfriend had the idea o
I Know Its Silly.
If anyone out there in friend land is collecting the Mcdonalds monopoly game pieces, i am looking for boardwalk and/or short line railroad... PLEASE!!!! lol
First One
Hello Everyone, First of all thank you for visiting my page. As you can tell, I am new to the LC. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Take care!
Yay! The contest is over. I can sleep now lol. I got mad homework to make up. Ive been busy with packing and shit. And i might be able to move into my apartment this weekend :D Which will fucking ROCK cause i dont want to be here no more. =] But yeah haha. I rock :p.
True love is Not you loving her because she is hot, Or he is all cute and cut. True love is A river of tears equalizing paradise, Because everyone wants it, They want to experience it. True love is scary. True love is The feeling of someone witnessing, The sun screaming. True love is oblivious. Or is it when you can't stop mistaking His name with the other boys? True love is When he always protects her Like his favorite toy. True love is When you feel a chill in your body, Everytime he touches her. True love is When she makes sacrifices to be with you. True love is You putting up with a lots of things for her. True love is When he pretends he doesn't care about her, When deep inside it hurts him To see her walking with another man. True love is Her doing everything she can. True love is Something special. True love is Hard to expalin, It is like a miracle. True love is when you look at her, And you forget about tim
Having Fun
Hello there, my name is Matt Carrillo! I just love to have fun as do we all! I am 5 foot 4, tan, black hair, brown eyes! I just love to have fun in what ever I am doing, it just depends on the situation he he he he! I also have yahoo if ya want this is my ID mickey_112404 and my email! I will up load a picture I dont know if you can have or put nude pics on here he he he he! but i will have one on here soon!
If You Love Someone
How far would you go for a realationship that you have lost ??
Change Of Heart
One In A Million?
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:0people with my namein the U.S.A. haha told you i was one in a million apparently im one of a kind heheHow many have your name?
Sinners Ii
sinners together we were meant to be called u up one time u set my heart free sometimes things happen when u least expect but they happen for a reason a voice I respect we've never touched we've never kissed we've never held hands but day by day you are missed I know deep inside that one day we will be until that day comes yours forever I'll be. xxxxxx
Hello there my name is Will i'm 23 single gay guy from scotland and i found this good site and thought yea might be lucky and score a few friends and hopefully a guy for myself (if i'm lucky)let me tell you a little about me well I'm laid back chilled out always up for a laugh and good company like to have a drink now and again love to watch horrors love all things gothic and dark from demons to vampires etc so if ya wanna get to know me more drop me a line and get addding lol peace
My Confessions
ok, this blog is about people that meant and probably still mean something to me you may not know if it's you and you may not understand what i mean you might not see or even read this but if you are ....... this i what i must say....! i'll use numbers instead of names! 1.when we first met you and me were best friends you were a friend i confided things to we could never be seprerated we had always knew how to have a good time you werea big apart of my life so much that i hate myself for not being your friend any more we have hated each other for such a long time and i wish we weren't so childish most of all i wish we could grow some nuts and talk to each other most of all i wish i could have told you how much you meant to me i hope one day you will feel the same about me. 2. i alway had fun with you we alway sat next to each other in class we had many laugh even if we did get in troble you were my best and only friend when i needed someone you were there even your little brot
A Real Man
A REAL MAN ..... 1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his family first. 2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either. 3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself. 4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises 6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 8.) A REAL MAN CALLS U on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS. 9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you. 10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you. 11.) A REAL MAN comes over just to watch movies with you. 12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because. 13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real. 14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one. 15.) A REAL MA
Who Thinks
Do you think Canadian women are hot ??
The Vibrator
The Vibrator....... As A Mom Passes Her Daughter's Closed Bedroom Door, She Heard A Strange Buzzing Noise Coming From Within. Opening The Door, She Observed Her Daughter Giving Herself A Real Workout With A Vibrator. Shocked, She Asked: what In The World Are You Doing?" The Daughter Replied: "mom, I'm Thirty-five Years Old, Unmarried, And This Thing Is About As Close As I'll Ever Get To A Husband! Please, Go Away And Leave Me Alone." The Next Day, The Girl's Father Heard The Same Buzz Coming From The Other Side Of The Closed Bedroom Door. Upon Entering The Room, He Observed His Daughter Making Passionate Love To Her Vibrator. To His Query As To What She Was Doing, The Daughter Said: "dad I'm Thirty-five, Unmarried, And This Thing Is About As Close As I'll Ever Get To A Husband. Please, Go Away And Leave Me Alone." A Couple Days Later, Mom Came Home From A Shopping Trip, Placed The Groceries On The Kitchen Counter, And Heard That Buzzing Noise
Who Likes ??
Who watches porn while having sex ??
Went To The Doctor Today
Well this is my first blog and I figured I would just talk about what happened today. Today I had a OB appt. and everything went well, even though my blood pressure is up alittle more than last time. My doctor said that everything looked good, but if I expeirence a severe headache that wont go away with tylenol go directly to the hospital. But anyways I guess im going to go, im going to go get me something to eat.
Girlfriend 5.0
Desperately seeking technical support! I'm currently running the latest version of Girlfriend 5.0 and having some problems. I've been running the same version of DrinkingBuddies 1.0 for years as my primary application, and all the Girlfriend releases have always conflicted with it. I hear that DrinkingBuddies won't crash if you minimize Girlfriend with the sound off, but since I can't find the switch to turn it off, I just run them separately and it works OK. Girlfriend also seems to have a problem coexisting with Golfware, often trying to abort my Golf program with some sort of timing incompatibility. I probably should have stayed with Girlfriend 1.0, but I thought I might see better performance with Girlfriend 2.0. After months of conflicts, I consulted a friend who has experience with Girlfriend 2.0. He said I probably didn't have enough cache to run Girlfriend 2.0 and eventually it would require a Token Ring upgrade to run properly. He was right. As soon as I purged my cac
18. Worst Number Ever.
3 months ago today. was my dads 3 year death gram just died about an hour ago. So yeah..Not in the best of moods. I can't handle all this right now, so please..just give me time. thanks.
Well Well
Man I have been gone for awhile and the LC goes off and changes. It may take me a few minutes to try to locate everything but I guess I like the change. I have been so busy with the family thing so I haven't had much time to come and play but hopefully I will have time this week. Maybe by then my blogs will be a little more intresting. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should write? Stories? My opinion? Maybe something that no one else is doing here. Well its up to you my friends.
Who Is Kinky ??
Tell me how Romantic you can be in bed or outta bed
If You Believe In Satan, You Should Believe In God.
I Will Never Love Again
I loved. I hated. I burned. I lost. I love no more. He was here. Then he left. He's gone. He's not here. He's never going to come back.
Art Of Foreplay
Art of Foreplay Quick savage Sex Starting Lovers day wiht desire But sometimes marathons Are what is called for A simple Kiss glances of the eyes subtle yet direct touches startegically and purposely placed Different textures used ice, hot wax, frozen fruit strong sense of imagination heightens our bond and sensations Feathers, strategic kisses, and the tongue Skin is the ultimate sex organ Slow soft draws of a flattened tongue body heat and pulsations increased to magnamanous proportions Oral journey by tongue full body, patient and direct orgasm builds to release, and to think we have not engaged in intercourse yet Listening and communicating WIlling to try new things Keeping it new and fresh Always will be spicey and spine tingling! I Love you Lover!
Do You Qualify
You ask, do I qualify? Can I fulfill your needs and become the man you need me to be? Mamita, have you prepared for what you've asked for? Can you handle the responsibility? Can you accept that, by GOD, I am the chosen one, the authority, the comforter, and the head? Will you submit and willingly follow my path? Or will you fight with me instead? If I am your King, will you treat me as such? Will I get the best of your beauty and poise? Or will I be subjected, to an appearance neglected, and checked with some serious noise? When I talk, will you listen? I mean whole heartedly and feel me? Or will you rush me just to make your point too? Can I be the man at all times? Even when it hurts? Or is it just when it's convenient for you? Can you love me for me, and not who you wish I could be? Will you see the strong Latino Man within? Or will you always remind me of the all the past relationships behind me and make me pay for their sins? If I don't send you flowers the
Sting Of Passion
Sting of Passion Lover tying me down Her teasing talents buidling volcanos of raw passion Her usual strategy However as the sun creeped over the horizon Into our bedroom window Today was Different I would soon discover Already handcuffed to the fourposts of our bed tremblign wiht anticipation My body already rock hard with desire What came next would forever change us both She came from our bathroom Great Leather Queen, Goddess she had become Her suaul seductive stare Now came with a deep gleam of raw passion and power A small sense of fear mingled wiht my growing astonishment and desire Accompanied by a riding crop and cat of nine tails Lover approached me, ready to unleash her wrath Today the hunter became the Hunted Today there would be no escape her prowess and desire was not to be denied eyes locked on mine Snapping her riding crop Against my thighs "You have been a very bad Boy Mama wants retribution NOW" Stining my ass wiht he
Killing Time...killing Life...getting Through
Well, things are going pretty good right now. I just subscribed for some poetry and I won a contest which is really cool. I've been going out with my boyfriend for 8 months. College=tough but I'm getting through. Only less then a year left and I'm OuTta there. Trying to focus on my dreams and eventually get to where I want to go. And Im just rambling so Im going to stop. Don't even have time to go to these websites I'm just working on my video for my video production class in Lockport and waiting for it to stop downloading so I can have my perfect DVD/Video to turn it in. well im out. Blessed Be and PEACE
Mama Wants
New day dawns rain and gloominess blankets the countryside As I lay listening and sighing to the rain's dancign on my window Journey to kitchen in ym birthday suit Lover stands wiht me, holding and Kissing me The familiar mornign smells of coffee and cinnamon fill the air As our passion is renewed Go sit on the couch Lover purrs I walk weak in the knees with anticipation Sitting down, totaly nude and hard My body quakes violently as Lover comes into the Livingroom to join me Lover straddlkes my lap her arms wrapped warmly around my neck pressing deeply into me her gorgeous breasts pressed to ym hungry lips and tongue Her Sex already dripping with love nectar Lover pumps against my shaft my tongue dances on her soft sexy breast skin worshipping her nipples gloriously The crack of Thunder accompanies her wild Amazon moans My hunger voiced in my deep moans as I feast on her dark brown nipples Work comes early this morning, but we do not care at all Ou
The Lost Relationship
He killed all we had left. He never talks to me. He doesn't even look at me. He acts as if I'm not even there. I wish we had what we had before. I wish he'd talk to me, Or atleast look at me. I wish that we could atleast be just friends again.
Highschool Thoughts----
 So, I and a certain LC friend use to tear up the halls of the same Highschool and we would get into a lot of trouble together. I remember one time quit fondly. I won’t mention my LC by name but she knows who she is and she’ll remember this incident as fondly as I do. I was famous in school for my really hot-steamy-sexual rated love notes and I had more crushes than a normal gal has shoes. One guy was named Craig and I wrote him this XXX rated note but when the time came for me to give it to him I chickened out but my friend was nice enough to give it to him. Well. The guy didn’t think my note was so hot and he sent the note to the principal and I was asked to come down. My friend was nice enough to say I didn’t write the note but that didn’t help keep me from getting a few days in detention for sexually harassing a student. Okay, I am going to say who my friend is— Shout out to, What I had to flaunt has come back to haun
Spanking Good Time
Spanking Good Time Out By the lake Moonlight dances on the waves a small fire lights the darkness As we begin our dance of love Away for the weekend All alone and free Totally barren of all clothing, top and bottom Walking hand in hand On cabin's deck a hot tub awaits We descned into the hot water Our hard hot bodies tingle as we sit in the warmth Hands in gently exploration as we kiss passionate and seductive lightly fingernails graze skin impulses of raw lust radiate throughout us Sitting on the edge of the hot tub Lover sits ofn my throbbing manhood Slow rocking midnight motion yet strange feeligns of naughtiness bring something new Lover rises to once again impale herslef storngly But this time sexual surprise comes A light but firm smack on lover's bottom guttural moans of lust and power eescape her sexy lips My tongue lips mouth loving worship her glorious breasts smacking her bottom yet again wiht more firm animal lust SPank
Oh The Joy It Brings Me
Oh The Joy It brings Me Cuddle on back porch swing Swing to the rhythms Of Goddess's tears Pelting against our home Our own spot of private contentment Guarded by man's barriers Allow us the comfort to bear our mind, body and soul before the Universe We Kiss softly Content and warm warm embrace bring us close Our hearts beat together as one Love rises takign ym hand Racing through the rain totally naked and vulnerable to the elements yet warmed by Love and Passion Gentlay laying back on picnic table Leaning forward to Kiss Lover's moistened lips Oblviious to the world aorund us Secret and hidden for the world primal anaimal instincts take over passion washes over us Our Lips meet in mad embrace tongues dancing close and tight Standing before lover's Glorious Sex My own responding, saluting the Sexual prowess and mystery Of Lover's Animal magnetism Soft subtle approach My mouth gently envelops Lover's nipple Gently sucks, tracing
Pleasure And Pain
Pleasure and Pain Our Great union Always Intense and powerful But Adventure and taboo Cry out for more Pounding her sex mercilessly form behind ANimal screams of pleasure radiating through our love nest Somethign new erupting from her core Spank me good baby, I've been a bad girl A firm but light spank on her soft tush My midnight motion grows in savagery luightly rakign my nails across her back and tush Love's sword hits deep Harder Stud hard Spank my Ass Good Union gowes into overdrive As my spankign gets HARDER and more insistent Soon our monas are primal and savage Take me ravage me, Make me your Toy Grabbing lover's hair savagely pounding her Sex Still WIld animals in heat Our bodies vcovered in sexual sweat As My Dom side erupts SO does Love's swords hidden nectar Toy joins me in orgasmi bliss Still savagely taking her River of love nectar flows form us both As we collapse itno a mass of sexual flesh Master and Toy Our relati
Tear Drops Falling
Tear drops falling. Tear drops falling. Every day, Every night, I cry myself to sleep. I don't know why, But for some reason I'm worried, It could be home, It could be school, I just don't know. Somebody help me! Somebody help me! God please help me! I am in need, Please help me. Can anyone hear me? Is their anyone out there? Does anyone care? Tear Drops falling, FOREVER.
Oh My Goodness! (adult)
Michele, Michele, Michele... what am i going to do about this man that keeps sending me these incredibly gross pictures of himself?????!!!! OH MY Goodness!! just when I thought it couldnt get worse, the one of him standing butt naked in the doorway, below is the latest in, I hope NOT, a series of more to come (no pun intended) It just makes a girl want to like never see another naked man again... LMAO!! "...for my eyes only," oh golly gee, lucky me. Barbara
Sociopath On A Bus
Some of you may have seen this poem already. It is my tribute to mass transportation. I wrote it about 4 months ago when I was forced, against every fiber of my will, to ride the bus for about 2 weeks. I have to go ride one now and was reminded of it. Sociopath On A Bus.... Hey big sleepy fat guy....why are you here You're smelly and sweaty and snore in my ear I'm not your alarm clock you big freakin' load Your stop was a half mile back up the road Hey 90 year old lady, where are you off to your face is all wrinkly your hair's sorta blue you haven't been laid since 1962 and you can't have my seat cause I'm tired too Hey babbling psycho, I knew YOU'D be here at the top of your lungs from a seat in the rear you give a great sermon we pretend not to hear everyone moves away, no one wants to be near All the freaks and the geeks and the wierdos and pimps the crackheads, the hookers, the gangstas and gimps From this mass of humanity I'll rise to the top Move you
Hug And A Smile
Hug and a Smile Darkened clouds Blanket my person Crossroads of life trap me in misery False friends belittle me My heart open and torn Hurt and mistrustful Backing away form the evil world of humanity Walls of Jericho No one will ever hurt me again yet my heart seeks that of another Oh my what to do There comes a person Timid and fearful to speak A simple smile and HUG embrace me I am learning to trust again When the world frowns and its hurting..Give them a smile and a Hug and thus help yourself
Im Sure Someone Will Remember ....
I Suppose MOST of you Would Like to know a Bit more about me Seeing as I dont Say very Much.. Well.. I grew up In the country. Didnt move to the city until I was 19!!! There's Another person here in LC who I have known and went to school with and Her and I have gotten Into scraps and reconciled and all that fun stuff.. her Name IS: Ladydragonfly30f.. you can find Her On my List As Well...:) We Had days where we got Into trouble In school.. Im Not Saying we went around Trying to FIND it.. Trouble Always Seemed to find me and Her!! LOL :D
To Be Seduced
To Be Seduced Commanding presence Goddess walks with an air of power and mystery The total Divine feminine archetype Glances with sensual prowess Slight touching my hand without touching my hand Her heavenly scent of marigolds and Night Jasmine Tantalizing to my senses Trying to hide my attraction but not succeeding My Job, My neighborhood, Out Shopping There she is, Low cut, bending over Seemingly on purpose yet without knowing Oh my goodness, my nature rising in honor of her sensuality and Divine presence Seemingly everywhere I am Always on my mind captivating and mysterious Enchanting and Divinely Beautiful Chance meeting in the park birds singingm, natures beauty personified She walks to me saying Hello Opening my mouth to speak but fumbling on my words Her lips red and soft like rose petals Speakign words of elegance and beauty Flowing on Spring's breeze Our hands gently touch as if premeditated Hands locked in warm loving embrace Man
The Hotties Know What To Do!
Declaration Of Luv
I luv my Master for so many reasons... He gives me the dreams that lull me to sleep He gives to me the reason to wake in the morning He makes the smile that sits on my face grow ever brighter He makes my heart swell with pride for who and what i am He teaches me things about myself that i had not yet realized whether they be through oversight or lack of experience He allows me to see His approval always as it shines from His eyes He creates within me a desire to please Him with every breath i take He allows me to share with Him the knowledge that i have He never attempts to destroy the confidence that is part of who i am He cherishes me and tells me so often He allows me to see the desire HE has for me but most of all i LUV Him because......... He Alone POSSESSES me
She loved him, She thought he felt the same, They had a baby, They got to close. He said they needed time apart, She still loves him, She wants him back, She said he deserved a second chance, She said he'll be back.
Improvement = Deterioration
An old Indian chief sat in his hut on the reservation, smoking a Ceremonial pipe and eyeing two US government officials sent to interview him. One government official then asked, "Chief Two Eagles, you have observed the white man For 90 years. You've seen his wars and his technological advances. You've seen his progress, and the damage he's done." The Chief nodded in agreement. The official continued, "Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?" The Chief stared at the government officials for over a minute and then calmly replied "When white man found the land, Indians were running it. *No taxes *No debt *Plenty buffalo *Plenty beaver *Women did all the work *Medicine man free *Indian man spent all day hunting and fishing, all night having sex .." Then the chief leaned back and smiled....."Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.
Expressed The Best
I know I have overloaded my blogs with song lyrics, but i feel that sometimes the words to a song can express feelings the best and sometimes hits too close to home or everyday life......Really makes you think!
Finally Married
We're finally married babe.... TILL DEATH DO US PART... far longer then forever.... Love ya.. kisses
Rotten Week
I'm sooo ready for next week to be here. Thus far this week I have had to deal with floods, two deaths, and a hospital trip, for both myself and my grandma. Everybody has to have a bad week, but geez, does mine have to be this bad? Well, got my ranting and raving over with, maybe that'll help. 'Later!
Check This Out!
i was walking down the street and someone stopped me and said wtf is your problem....i said im bipolar im adhd and im a guy who doesnt care if someone says something to me on the streets because i have a life....the guy shut up what does that tell you?
My Adventures In Getting My Dog Back...
 First off, I want to say thank you to all of those that were thinking of me and my dog.  So, to inform you all...I DO have my dog back.  And here is how it went to get him back....   First I went through a hell of a time trying to get the gas money to be able to go get him. Then on sunday morning the person who was keeping my dog said that i needed to go get him by monday b/c she was going to be leaving tuesday morning.  So i did the thing i was really hopeing i wasn't going to have to do...i called my dad.  he sent me the money so i was able to go get my dog.  i left sunday evening about 11pm.  My roomie called me about an hour after i left and told me he was having a hard time sleeping and asked how my truck was running.  Which it was acting a lil weird.  it was jerking like it wanted to die, but wouln't die.  so he told me if i h
The Morning Glory Face...
My ranting of a womans face. This one is about her beauty. Few women posses it. Some women are gorgeous even in the daylight. But after a hard night out and the smeared make up with all the frizzy don't really want to look at them. Other women may not be as "shockingly beautiful" as some of these overly maked up girls (refer to my other blogs), but when you look at them in the morning, no matter how bad or rough you both look or feel, her beauty puts a smile on your face-Morning Glory!
I Like Flowers
You Are a Blue Flower A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance. At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower. And at other times, you are wise like an iris. And more than you wish, you're a little cold, like a blue hydrangea. What Color Flower Are You?
A Friend Did This For Me :)
Blonde Goddess of the Ocean Chance cyber meeting and introduction Her beauty unrenowned and trancscending human comprehension Her warm heart and loving touch Breeches the core of his being Eyes of seduction piercing his “walls of Jericho Her cyber “touch” of purpose and focus tingles his every spot He wants her, she him Finally the night at the beach Holding hands warmly Goddess of the Sea caressing them Moistening them Bringing love’s touch to their being As he lights a small bonfire In their private cove of ecstasy She lays their blanket of pleasure out The moon dances on the waves The Goddess speaks through the crashing of the waves On the shores touch Slowly Kissing with seduction and desire Holding, caressing deeper and warmer Slowly disrobing The goddess’ breath caressing their naked skin to rock hardness Of Grand Sexual proportions Moans of intense love and desire pierce the night sky Gently laying her on the blanket Methodical oral worshi
At Water's Edge
At Waters Edge As the darkness of Night envelops and caresses all With her blanket of darkness Spark of light pierces the dark Flames dancing to our deep stare Warm skin tempered with cool night breezes Soothe and melt us unto calmness Children of that night We came to play festive and joyous offering our service and devotion To each other She rises to my wondrous gaze Slowly strip teasing me My nature rising to the soft sensual moves of her person Trembling, tingling, moaning deeply Kneeling before hger professing my devotion to My Goddess of the Night My hands tenderly caress her Taking my hands Pacing them to her big bouning breasts Please Goddess Well dedicated and devoted Warmly and deeply massaging her glorious breasts nipples kneeded gently Rollig between my fingers hands travel seductiviely Tongue flickering with need Turnign her tush to ym wondrous gaze Tongue traveling, caressing her legs, thighs tush Drink form
Goodbye To You
Michelle Branch-Goodbye To You Of all the things I believe in I just want to get it over with tears from behind my eyes but I do not cry Counting the days that past me by I've been searching deep down in my soul Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old Looks like I'm starting all over again The last three years were just pretend and I say Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew You were the one I love The one thing that I tried to hold on to I still get lost in your eyes And it seems like I can't live a day without you Closing my eyes till you chase my thoughts away To a place where I am blinded by the light but it's not right Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew You were the one I loved The one thing that I tried to hold on to Ohhh yeah It hurts to want everything & nothing at the same time I want whats yours and I want whats mine I want you but I'm not giving in this time Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything that I knew you w
Societal Taboos
Societal Taboos You can't do this You can't do that Watch out for those people Love your Neighbor as Yourself Confusion, despair, Conflict Live as I say to live But Unhappiness wraps me deeply in a blanket of dark corners She is White I am Black Lover is 10 year's older Attraction Deep and embracing An animal in a cage poked and prodded from all directions Anger and rebellion my cry With a great clap of Thunder Chains of bigotry shattered Embracing what my heart embraces You don't choose Love, Love chooses you
What ??????
here i go ...watching tv when it hit me a fast food plade i will not say names is giving kids toys in kids meals ok i know that but the deer horns are what got me.....WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING deer season is coming up ??????????? a dad takes is son hunting for the 1 st time and this son loves his toy hes going to take it and dad dont see the cool toy jr has to go take a piss and on his way back puts his toy on his HEAD??????????? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING bratt
I Have A Green Heart...hmmm...
Your Heart Is Green Love completes you, but that doesn't mean you seek it out. When love comes your way, you integrate it peacefully into the rest of you life. Your flirting style: Laid back Your lucky first date: Walking around aimlessly and talking Your dream lover: Is both enthusiastic and calm What you bring to relationships: Balance What Color Heart Do You Have?
Hump Day
Pain Of All Pain
Pain of All Pain To Die alone I cannot bear Wrong one Maybe But he/she is there This cannto be love Pain, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Spirit about broken Soul torn and tattered Computer love origin Said he/she loved me Wold in sheps clothing hidden danger beneath the covers Dio I let go Risk having Nothing Being alone until death I cannot face life alone Divine Light breaks through the clouds of death and mystery Light of wisdom and knowledge caress my person Water of Love refreshes me All these years Tracveling in far away lands Searching for that precious gem WHich was inside my heart already You must Love your self before you can love another
Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough
Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough Now, I don't want to lose you, but I don't want to use you just to have somebody by my side. And I don't want to hate you, I don't want to take you, but I don't want to be the one to cry. And that don't really matter to anyone anymore. But like a fool I keep losing my place and I keep seeing you walk through that door. But there's a danger in loving somebody too much, and it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust. There's a reason why people don't stay where they are. Baby, sometimes, love just aint enough. Now, I could never change you, I don't want to blame you. Baby, you don't have to take the fall. Yes, I may have hurt you, but I did not desert you. Maybe I just want to have it all. It makes a sound like thunder, it makes me feel like rain. And like a fool who will never see the truth, I keep thinking something's gonna change. But there's a danger in loving somebody too much, and it's sad w
Perfect Lover
The Perfect Lover Finesse not Attack Fishing Not Hunting Leaving me yearnign more more Wondering what is next Lover caresses my mind wiht sensual woprds Making me tingle uncontrollably Wihtout touching me Knows my Body Listens to my Body Worships my body Becomes one with my body Adventurous yet loving Lover is patient serves my every desire makes love to me even ion my dreams Communicates openly Wiht a touch of Spice and naughtiness wants me as much as i want her/him Takes me methodically and fully teaches me learning how to please Lover Skin the ultimate sexual organ Ograsmic bliss through every texture Lips to mine Moist and hot Nipple to nipple Impulsines of molten desire connect us Ice cubes and sauces Strawberries grapes Stategically place on my person Orally, lover finds and stimulates my core Power of Lover's Kiss And hug As well foreplay personified Bodies tremble with violent ecstasy Always new and refreshing
I Cant Make You Love Me
Bonnie Raitt - I Cant Make You Love Me Turn down the lights Turn down the bed Turn down these voices inside my head Lay down with me, tell me no lies Just hold me close, don't patronize Don't patronize me. Cause I can't make you love me if you don't You can't make your heart feel something it won't Here in the dark, in these final hours I will lay down my heart and I'll feel the power But you won't, no you won't Cause I can't make you love me if you don't. I'll close my eyes, then I won't see The love you don't feel when you're holdin me Mornin will come and I'll do what's right Just give me till then to give up this fight And I will give up this fight. Cause I can't make you love me if you don't You can't make your heart feel something it won't Here in the dark, in these final hours I will lay down my heart and I'll feel the power But you won't, no you won't Cause I can't make you love me if you don't.
In The Garden
In The Garden Their love was legendary Kings and Emperors fought their union Like the universe it was meant to be Racing itno the deep woods Earth, wind, Fire and water at one with their pressence Came to rest at waters edge resting into the tall grass bearing their mind body and soul to one another To Make soothing love to one another Father Son warmed them Mother Earth held them Union of Sky and Earth creating life Soft caresses and guttural moans Kisses tender and strategically placed Sweet nothings and professions of their undying love and devotion to one another OOO Great Goddess creatress of all things I give you my mind, body and soul to your service and love OOO Great Father God, all wise father, consort, and Magus My core is prepared to receive your divine prwoiess Eternal love and bliss Animal screams and howls mid day motions powerful and liofegiving to fall into warm embrace Love is power, Love is life giving, Love is you
I Aint Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again
Bonnie Raitt - I ain't gonna let you break my heart again (D.LasleyJ.Lasley) from: Nick of time there ain't no use in me trying to tell you how I feel 'cause what I feel ain't what you're feeling I don't know what we did wrong I just know if you come home I ain't gonna let you break my heart again there ain't no use in me trying to find out where you've been where you've been ain't where I'm going 'cause if I ask you where you've been the hurting starts and it don't end so I ain't gonna let you break my heart again , no I ain't gonna let you break my heart again , no o (bridge) tears don't become me pain ain't my friend it seems like you enjoy my crying , baby you always said that I was strong but I believe that you were wrong lately , God knows , I have been trying there ain't no use in you trying to kiss away the hurt , baby 'cause it hurts where it's deep down inside of me and it's hiding if you decide you're coming home you walk in , it won't be like before
Honoring The Bbw
Appreciation of thePlus Sized Goddess ballanced with independence and love She is a Queen, Goddess Honor, worship her as such Be her companion Holding hands listening intently Genuinely concerned Be her Lover and priest Serve her every desire Touch, taste, fill her As she commands to be Ravaged or made love to She is divine deserving of pure love A Divine BBW Goddess Living Venuss WIllendorf Strength, beauty and elegance Plump, mysterious, and Sexy
Longing For My Goddess
Longing For My Goddess Away form her Amrs Longign for your soft butterfly touch Hammer of War calls me To join my brother warriors As night falls Blanketing us in certainty Visions of love and desire swallow my mind I rewach for her sweet soft face Eyes iof love and warmth soothe me and console me Though she is miles away Battlines drawn poised to strike Her love strengthens and enfolds me Ensures me, allows me to continue on I want her to Taste and touch her sweet lips To make passionate love to her again and again Dreams' eye I nurse her glorious breasts, her sweet loving Sex Warm, wet to the touch and taste First night's return Love makign is gone Pure Raw SEX ANimal Lust oozing form every pore Fingers, Hands, Tongues rediscovers each others' source Renewing and reclaiming Our Eternal Love
All In Fun...
I recently posted a blog telling Sox & Cubbie fans to join a winner(Cardinals)...I just want to let everyone know I mean NO disrespect to your teams of choice. This is all in fun.HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!
Seduction By Bbw
Seduction By BBW Late Bloomer was I Shy, timid, but full of raw desire Looking to give my love To that Special someone 23 years gone by alone, unloved, despair Why would anyone want me SIGH SIGH SIGH Then she appears BIg, beautiful, Enchanting Great prteadtory Tigress I was to become her prey Her eyes pierced ym soul Her lips touched my innerbeing withou touching me My body on fire Mistress of Seduction Plump and Juicy Queen knew without knowing Magnetic attraction patient, loving, great skill Tought me to be a real man no boundaries or limits my body, mind and soul belonged to her I becwame her lover Nursing her glamourous breasts feasting of her diamond making love, the envy of the universe barbie doll world make fun and pick at her physique What fools they are BBWs You ALL are... Goddesses, Queens, masters of the art of making love Learn to see in yourself what i see and already know I bow in service and undying love and
Ode To The Bbw
Ode to the BBW Oh beloved goddess Round plump hips strong and sensual Eyes deep and Magnetic Big Soft billowing breasts Swaying, hevaing, containing life's juice Gentle touch, Enchanting charm I bow in service Aggressive, Independent, grounded Oh beloved WIllendorf goddess I serve at your Altar To praise your Mighty pressense The diamond between your big soft craddling thighs Secret to Life warm, moist, life bringing My mind, body, and soul belong to you Take me, use me I am your Priest and servant With poised lips, hands, my total body ready to do your bidding Command me oh Mighty goddesss...I Love You!
The Fire Is My Desire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Success or Happiness does any of it satisfy? I've chased both without "success" (that sounds funny) I guess it depends on what definition you pour into those words. Happiness and success. they are just words thrown around and back again. defined by the direction of the shifting winds derived from others. usually feeling good (for now) as it tickles your ears. if it is not your own it is borrowed. anything borrowed cannot satisfy, im finding. as it is out of my control and is fleeting it has always left me looking for another lender. the question success and happiness begs. am i where i am supposed to be. am i being me? i've known that feeling it was my own. hunting bugs with my daughter asking me questions just wanting to know, trying to figure life out... we just want to be known. Without a doubt it has little to nothing to do about stuff its about living life with others and helping each other figure it out. This feeling is the fire within me. when I feel it
There is a whole day every week set aside just for humping. I assume that's why it's called hump day. This is sad. It's hump day, and I'm not being humped. Nope. No humping here.
You scored as Violent. You are violent. To you there is nothing better than a good spank. You like scratching and biting 'cause that's what people are for.Hot100%Violent100%Wet69%Exciting69%Soft ;63%Sweet50%Awkward25%Shy0%What is your sexual style?created with
Golden Years
Golden Years package slightly worn extra bagage and years upon years Youthful vigor gone...or is it the old adage snow on the roof but fire below rule Lover's sexual prowess friend's choice friend 18 his girl 45 buddies ignorant we were oh divine lover Experience and skill Your touch soft and methodical My body, mind and soul under your spell Oh Great seducer my lips melt wiht desire Your kiss deliberate and hot Take me..I want You Oh how stupid we were Age is a number youth is a state of mind MMM I Love ym Golden years Lover Your sweet sex warm, wet, aptivating massage and swallow my manhood captivating my love and sexuality Teach me Golden lover Your instructions clear The right touch, kiss, caress maximum orgasmic quakes All day and night you pleasureme, teach me to please you Our bodies totally as one insync with each others desires and needs tongue, fingers, my Sex You teach me to use them all My who
Who Needs A Life Now?
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Actors, Authors, Artists, Musicians And Animal Lovers
Dogs Deserve Better needs more spokespeople! What is Dogs Deserve Better (other than the thing I spend 98% of my time dedicated to?) Dogs Deserve Better, 2003 First Place Winner of the ASPCA/Chase Pet Protector Award, is a voice for chained and penned dogs, whose sadness speaks only through the eyes. As the days become years, many of these dogs sit, lay, eat, and defecate within the same 10-foot radius. Chained by the neck, they exist without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. They live as prisoners, yet long to be pets. Chaining is not only inhumane for dogs, but has taken a severe toll on this nation’s children as well. In the period from October 2003 through October 2006, there were at least 105 children killed or seriously injured by chained dogs across the country. Chained dogs, unsocialized with humans, can become very territorial of their tiny space, and any two year old who wanders into this space c
I Would Totally Hate To Be This Guy...
Another One For The Wth Department..
How Do You Find The Words....
How do you find the words to say how much somone means to you. I'm sure he knows but it's hard to say it right. He fills my thoughts and dreams. Just his name sets my heart a flutter.
Hail To The Queen
Hail to the Queen majestic, regal, commanding Beautiful, Sexy, Mysteriously powerful I kneel before you Your Priest, drone, and Best friend Your eyes pierce my soul like razor sharp swords Your divine pressence Commanding my every thought Breasts built in beauty and strength Lips, rosy and soft Like wings of a butterfly Stardust floods my eyes Your body Juicy, plump, robust Oh Beloved Big beautiful Woman I want, Need, Desire you Your round bottom skin so soft perfect and squeezable warm and divine Kneeling before you your humble servant I beg you my Quieen please allow me the honor to pleasure you You say nothing yet speak volumes Commanding me to come to you Wiht the simple movement of your finger My bodyhot and hard like a raging volcano Hard, sterdy shell filled beneath with hot delicious lava Service to the Queen begins Your every command I obey only serves to raise my ownb sensual awareness Teachign me how to serve you
Sexual Bussiness Card
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Eye Candy
Eye candy Sweet, all embracing beauty Lover walks tall and proud Confuidence oozes from every pore I want Lover NOW Lover's side glance Looking wihtout looking at me quakes through my body Lookign wihtout looking at Lover determined to seize my prey Leaning hardness showing wihtout showing Lover takes notice Teasingly we tingle playing wihtout playing Noticign without notice Wanting to surender but somehow holding on Finally as I tily my head down for a drink Lover comes to me wiht great stealth taps my shoulder Eyes lockjed in mad embrace bnodies on fire with molten desire taking my hand we leave journey to the land of Eterbnal ecstacy....MMMMMMMM
In Sexual Dicionary I Am .....
lilmiss -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Today Is A Geat Day!
Had some awesome news this morning. I've been offered a new job! It feels so good after 7 months of looking for a new job to finally get one. It's not exactly what I'm currently doing but very close with the system administration field. The money is way better and is a permanent full time job as opposed to this psuedo contractor job I have. It also comes with benefits which will make it much easier on the family as my wife only has a short term contract job. November 6th is the start date and I can't wait to be out of this place. It's a long story but I work for a guy who doesn't respect his staff and pays shit but expects you to be able to do everything. Life feels so much brighter today!!!
Soulmates To know without knowing To feel their pressence no matter how far away My soulmate Pain, envy, Love, even soulmate's Thunder I feel deep within Interlocked at infinity's depth Deep special love That which spans several lifetimes Like you have always known one another My Soulmate Whether just the closest of friends or the Most intense of Lovers Either way My soulmate is my Soulmate!
Vote For Me Friends!
It's a clean WHAT THE HELL!!! I'm in the WOMEN in UNIFORM contest!!! Thought it would be I jumped in feet first!!! If you get time, or want on the pic below and give me a rating and comment!!! as the contest is based on both! I love you guys!! Thanks in advance!!! :) Lora
Sexual Zodiac Sign
Sagittarius You are fun loving and independent, and you don’t like any of your partners to get in the way of that. You enjoy having a lot of flings and short term relationships because you get bored in a long term one. In bed you are demanding of your partner. You want to have hot sex all of the time. You also like to experiment sexually, with different positions and fantasies. Sex matches: Aries, Leo, Libra Take this quiz at
My Hidin Sexual Talent :p
Using your mind Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mind. Sex is mostly in your mind and to your partners delight you have mastered the arts of seduction and atmosphere. Take this quiz at
True Seduction
True Seduction.. Big beautiful and Enchanting breasts soft and plump plump squeezable Ass Divine presence commanding my attention Goddess, mysterious seductive her deep eyes pierce ym soul Her big sexy curves sway speakign to my sexuality Sensual and spine tingling her touch soft yet deliberate She commands the universe I bow to her greatness The hunter is really the hunted my body betrays me As her sensual lips press warmly to mine taing my hand she guides me teaches me how to pleasure her how to serve her divine pressence orally worshipped sweet caresses volcano's erupotion building to a seething boil She climbs on top of love's mountain Impaling herself SItting on love's throne Dominating me, mastering my person Wild and free riding me wild and free Mt St helens explodes With great magnitude Commanding a immediate repeat performance She inspires my own sexual greatness in every wayOur great union produces wave after wav
God broke the mold, When he made this one I know She's breathtaking but so much more She walks in the room, your loves closed Making you never want to breathe again Her boyfriend has got so much dough So much ice his neck and wrist froze Is he faithful to her? Hell no But she chose to be with him, shorty Tell me is the money worth your soul Tell me what's the reason that you hold on When you know that dude has a whole wall of 'em just like you And girl you're just way too fine Gotta be treated as one of a kind Girl use your mind Don't be just another dime Because I can't take Seeing you with him 'Cuz I know exactly what you'll be, In his gallery It's just not fair And it's tearing me apart You're just another priceless work of art In his gallery She's so confused She knows she deserves more Someone who will love and adore But his money's hard to ignore She really doesn't know what to do Girl it's just a matter of time Before he finds another m
Blogs Omg
So yeah, I didn't know there were blogs. I'm going to leave in a few minutes to class, early, because I know Anthony waits outside, and I'm going to talk to him. Yes, I'm going to talk to him. We will engage in conversation, and he will like it. Also, Lean pockets ham, egg, and cheese taste like shit. Really, a piece of the egg fell on my plate and it made a large thunk noise. It's all very terrible. Aunt Jemima pancakes on the other hand are very cakey tasting. They leave a thick taste in the mouth. Tenacious D, in November, be there or be a lameface. And that is the end of my first blog.
SEXY Rhetoric and posture body languga connecting SOuls kindle the flame Fishing Not hunting Revealing yet mysterious eyes locks the soft sounds of passion radiate wihtout the slightest touch Strategic and spontaneous aggressive not pushy soft rose petal touch passion builds interest shows yet mysteries of desire hidden from plain view hurry up, come here hurry up, come here Lips finally meet in passion's kiss I got you now...
Compromise Pants down by thie butts tired and tunnel visioned Immoral and careless withered and ready to be buried traditonal, solid foundation change is the only constant lack of direction unwilling to grow Then a spark A ray of Hope Compromise Compromise I will treat you like an adult if you stop treating me like an antique Thoughts to Ponder!
Our New Playtoy
Our New Playtoy by dilpickle © It's Friday afternoon and I'm settling down after school to my normal routine. I'll probably just watch some TV or something boring. As soon as I sit down I hear a knock at the door. It's Jamie from up the street and her friend Samantha. Jamie is a really petite girl with medium length dirty blonde hair. She has perky B cup breasts and she's almost too skinny; but her spunky attitude makes her so attractive. She's wearing the shortest pair of jean shorts I've ever seen and her legs are perfect. But Samantha is the one I've always had a crush on. She's dressed much more conservatively in a long flowing dress down to her ankles. She has long slightly curly red hair reaching down almost to her ass, C cup breasts and a perfect body. I immediately wonder why they are here. I've always been too shy to even talk to them really, so we don't know each other all that well. Jamie doesn't really offer me an explanation; she simply says "come back with us to
Most Dangerous Emotion
The Most Dangerous Emotion I want that house I work harder than he does chained soul of heartache Envy, Envy Envy When will my day come Followed society rules bad people always win first Envy Envy Envy This Great beast Green encompassing my heart Solid without compassion Envy Envy Envy Miserly heart Black and cold Looking out for number ! Envy Envy Envy I am alone No one to love trust is gone Envy Envy Envy battle the beast Not a stab at me but a beacon of inspiration Envy has finally Died..HURRAH!!!
True Warrior
The True Warrior looking for the comfort of safety by goign to the heart of danger the "enemy" comes at you visible and cladestine verbal and physical protection from the dark side never ending fight for safety and love True to the oath The true warrior looks within the rsal battle in life is the battle with one's self They verbally and pohysically assault you form all angles blame game abounds But are they your real enemy? Look within There the real fight begins Fight the Real fight There you find true strength of the warrior Whether male or are warrior..Are you going to fight the true fight?
Mindless Rants Of A Lunatic Part 1
this morning i woke up but i didn't sit up i didn't do anything instead i looked at the wall then to my arm because i had a itch . i was about to itch it when i stopped and thought to my self .is there something on my arm or is there something else telling my mind that i need to itch this part of my arm or it will get unbearable if i don't . i don't know what is there really an itch ,or is it my mind playing tricks on me again if so how can i trust my mind if this itch is not true
The Touch
The Touch Soft as the wings of a butterfly embracing my soul we held hands under the stary, moonlit night Cuddles on the park bench Night's whisper caress us eyes glowing hearts melting Lover's touch lips, hands, fingers set fires ablaze throught my being Lover captured my soul
Crossroads Of Life
Cross roads of Life Short and easy or long and hard The crossrods we all approach..sometimes more than once Life's lessons obstacles and tests endure great hardships To achieve Enlightenment The blame Game What did I do to deserve such hardship The Bad win before the Good?! Jealousy, decit, envy I work Hard They have want should be mine Hate Envy Disunion it hurts but I continue on The road of trials and tribulations a test in and of itself Stay the course Love harmony and Inner peace At the end of the tunnel The light of Love and joy Wartming my person within and without. I Love me..and I Love you my friend and enemy alike!
Dealing With The Cold Hearted
Dealing wiht the Cold hearted Hate and mistrust Walls of Separation Those poeple are strange Let's come together They aren't one of us Watch out for them Fear of the unknown Let's Come together When hate is strong fear showers upon all Just goive a smile and extend the Hand of love and friendship Then we will come together
Hardest Thing To Do
The Hardest Thing to Do Internal combustion What nerve she has perceived nasty tone but is it really I'm not listening I'm not either you started it No you started it hate agonytoilsome nerves belly with porocupine wounds what must i do to get past this monster that ungulfs my soul Stop, Look, Listen To what you both have to say muddy water becomes clear What i thought is yours was my own Embrace your responsibility While others my poke at you behind iron bars your tyhoughts and actions remain just that...Yours and yours alone
Lets Trade
love for yr children When i become rich im going to go up to people and tell them that ill give them everything that i have if they give me there kids forever all my money and then when they are about to do it and get rid of there children ill say nevermind just so that they have to look at there children for the rest of there days and to let them know how much they really love them
True Love Ii
True Love Lover's eyes watching me from so far away My soul trembles with anticipation to spend time with lover again Distance cannot break the bond heart strings play a lovely melody My touch to my person is her touch lover's pain, joy, intimacy I feel despite the death grip that distance has upon us No matter how far No matter how rouch life's road of experiences test our bond We are forever one
To Be Sexy And Beautiful
To be sexy and beautiful Independent and aggressive walking and speaking with pure confidence knowing and embracing yur value Knowing you can be vuilnerable yet having will to continue on Living your life for what you want Your body is built right A temple of glory and mystery You are an Empress/Emporer Mistress/Master of all you survey You command your destiny While others may stab you with the pikes of hate and ignorance Live your life for you Only you possess the key to your kingdom Eyes of pure confidence embracing yourself in pure love Know that you are the epitome of absolute beauty See in yourself what I already see!
The Hammer
True Love
True Love Butter fly flies away Hunt it down or kill it what shall i do Courtship Friends first yet results are still barren My soul is bruised heart darkened with loneliness reachign for the warmth of loves strong arms Time of reflection soul searching on my own Secret revealed Love one's self in order to love another
Breaking Through The Walls
Breaking through the Walls Violated, disgraced, humiliated Left for the wolves Hurt, pain and dispair Never gonna hurt me again Walls of protection Thick as concrete strong as Steel Heart is protected...or is it Crying out Wanting to be loved and to love another The walls of protection guard me against myself Then Divine Light caresses me, craddles my heart Soothes and reassures Take that timid first step reachign for the Hand but scared it will disappear Grasping it firmly Smile of assurance I am going nowhere The road to recovery Still many miles to endure But I took the first step The rest is all downhill
Grudges Hate, mistrust, fenced in The miserly approach They will never hurt me again Go away now weighted down heavily carried for centuries guarding form the enemy My heart and soul road of life rugged, long, treacherous evading the enemy or so i think Weary and worn I sit to rest and reflect looking for the enemy without When enemy has always been within The bulb of enlightenment SHines brightly in my mind's eye Light at the end of the tunnel Let it go my friends..Please just let it go
Rain To Make You Go Mmmm
Rain to Make you go MMMMM picnic plans gone Just cuddled in frustration to the sounds of the rain rops dancing on the window glass Already embraced deeply hearts beating together Nothing but us and the rain what a comfortable soothing sound No music, no TV No outside noise but us and the tears of the Goddess calling us to her altar of love Touch to touch Kiss to Kiss Our energy as one pulsing to the steady drum beat of the rain We are one energy of volcanic heat constant pounding of our souls Primal waters flow from our great Union... Goddess I Love the Rain...winks
From One Crackpot to Another An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole, which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water, at the end of the long walk from the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full. For a full two years this went on daily, with the woman bringing home only one and a half pots of water. Of course, the perfect pot was proud & nbsp;of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it could only do half of what it had been made to do. After 2 years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman one day by the stream. "I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your house." The old woman smiled, "Did you notice that there are flowers on your side of the path, but not on the other
Might Be Taking A Break
I might be taking a break from LC for awhile, until I can get things figured out at home.....
10/18/06 Friends And Guests
Friends... Oct 18, 2006 Quick update. The album is still progressing. In fact we have moved into the background vocals stage of recording. Will and Myself, and possibly D-rock will be returning next week to NYC to do some finish work, and finish background vocals. These are really exciting times...I can start to see light! Anyway, throughout the process of recording this recorded, we have been blessed with the addition of many friends contributions. From piano, to organ to string arrangements, to this and that. A ton of amazing and talented people have given themselves to this project. All of these people will all be fully credited in the liner notes on the record, and because I know you all want to walk into a store and buy our record, I have full faith that you will see their names! After all...paying for downloads is so 2006....o.k. so maybe not (At least download the album art to your i-pod;) Anyway, back to background vocals... we have some amazing voices laying tra
Paper Bag
I swear sometimes it can be a pain in the ass having to talk to a guy and suddenly have him whip out his penis or ask me whether I'd be interested to look at it, suck it and etc. Do I need to wear a paper bag all around town so that guys don't get turned on and live with the fear of maybe one day someone tries to molest me etc.? *Knock on wood* These kinda things brings back horrible memories of the past when I was victim to being molested. I can't believe how people can stoop so low to that extent. I wasn't going around half naked for crying out loud. I've heard stories from my guy friends as well being harrassed and my goodness where has the respect & common decency in the world gone to? Besides sexy RESPECT also needs to be brought back.!
Fun With Trica
Fun With Trica by kinky_n_cali © The weekend was coming up. I always looked forward to the weekends. I loved having extra time with my Master. We were able to play more and enjoy each others company. It was Thursday evening, and We were sitting down and eating dinner. “My pet, I have some very special plans for the weekend." You said to me. “Will You tell me what they are?” I asked just hoping for a bit of information. “All I will say right now, is that the two of Us are going to have a very enjoyable time, and I am going to make one of your fantasies come true. Don’t ask anymore questions right now, it would be pointless, because I will not say anymore." You said to me with a grin that I have grown to love. We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and relaxing. We went to bed that night, had some fun play time before it was time to get some rest. The morning came quickly. The alarm went off, very early as usual so You could get to work. I was about to get up with
Biff From Back To The Future Stand Up...
I Have A Life...who Knew
SUPPOSEDLY if you\'ve seen over 85 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you\'ve seen. There are 170 movies on this list. Put your score in header and repost: () Nacho Libre (x) Grease (x) Pirates of the Caribbean (x) Pirates of the caribbean 2 () Orange County () The Green Mile (X) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old one) (x) Neverending Story () Blazing Saddles () Airplane! () Red Eye () Stick It (x) Shes the Man () 8 Mile Total so far: 6 (x) The Princess Bride () SNL\'s The Best of Will Ferrell () Napoleon Dynamite () Fun With Dick and Jane (x) Saw () Saw II (x) White Noise () White Oleander (x) Anger Management (X) 50 First Dates (x)The Princess Diaries () The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Total so far: 11 (x) Scream (x) Scream 2 (x)Scary Movie (x) Scary Movie 2 (x) Scary Movie 3 (x) Scary Movie 4 (x) American Pie () American Pie 2 () American Wedding () American Pie B
Viva America.
Why I am fed up of America.:-------------------------------- From the very beginning my wife and children told me that medical help is not available in USA. Doctors are not readily available in states. And in general so many rules and regulations to follow that one becomes fed up sort of. The non availability of medical practitioners is so ingrained on our mind that mind began to think why go to America? Medical help is available but the cost of it is prohibitive. Amol tells me that Kashmira’s birth cost him nearly $ 60,000/--. From the very beginning I was debating the idea of going to America. But desire to see and to love Kashmira was overpowering. At last two old Indians alighted on the shores of San Francisco. Slowly it was realized that apart from this medical misconception everything else was just fine with America. We got accustomed with American ways in due course and began to consider American ourselves. But the fear of medical fraternity is still
Full-time Leather Slut Part 3
Full-Time Leather Slut by Leslie © "You are such a nasty, bad bitch," Kat said. She stood, and led me to the set of stocks which stood upright, quicly placing my head and hands in the openings, and fastening my ankles to rings in the floor, which were far enough apart to spread me wide. I was frightened, but totally aroused. Kat went back to the bar, and returned with a leather paddle. From behind me I heard her hiss: "Just remember, slut, pain mixes with pleasure." And I felt the first slap of the paddle on my ass, and I cried out in sudden yelp. It stung, and stung bad. I gritted my teeth together, and prepared myself, clenching my ass cheeks tight. With each slap, my ass burned more and more, but amazingly, I reached a point where the slaps were easy to take, and each one seemed to arouse me. Kat urged me on. "Oh yes, you nasty girl. Such a pretty white ass. It's all mine, slut, all mine. Oh yes, I love it, love that pretty white ass." Higher and highe
Full-time Leather Slut Part 2
Full-Time Leather Slut by Leslie © "See this, Leslie? Once I put it on you, you will belong to me. Are you still willing?" "Yes." She showed it to me. It was studded, with a Kat nameplate attached to the front, with a loop hanging down. She quickly buckled it around my neck, and placed a small padlock through a clasp on the back, snapping it shut. Kat then removed all of my cuffs, and she cradled me in her arms. I had only met this woman a few hours ago, and now I was her submissive lover. I looked into her eyes, my pussy wet with desire, my body aching for release. "Mistress?" "Yes little one," she replied. "I think I love you, Mistress." Upon hearing those words, Kat drove three fingers of her right hand into my drenched pussy, her thumb working my clit. The last thing I remember was screaming. Part 3 I didn't know how long I had been asleep. I was in that same room and I shook off the cobwebs, finally making it to my feet. I was alone now, and I c
Go GARDINALS!!! Hey, all you Sox and Cubbie fans...come join a winning team!!!hahahaha
12 Nights Of Halloween
12 Nights Of Halloween On the first night of Halloween My true love gave to me... A vulture in a dead tree! .. On the second night of Halloween My true love gave to me... Two flying bats .. And a vulture in a dead tree! On the third night of Halloween My true love gave to me... Three black cats, .. Two flying bats, And a vulture in a dead tree! On the fourth night of Halloween My true love gave to me... Four hooting owls, .. Three black cats, Two flying bats, And a vulture in a dead tree! On the fifth night of Halloween My true love gave to me... Five TRICK-OR-TREATS, .. Four hooting owls, Three black cats, Two flying bats, And a vulture in a dead tree! On the sixth night of Halloween My true love gave to me... Six ghosts a-haunting, .. Five TRICK-OR-TREATS, Four hooting owls, Three black cats, Two flying bats, And a vulture in a dead tree! On the seventh night of Halloween My true love gave to me.. Seven doors a-crea
Full-time Leather Slut Part 1
Full-Time Leather Slut by Leslie © * * * * * Part 1 "Are ya ready?" I asked Chris on the phone. "Yep, let's go!" he replied. "I will be right over." I left my apartment, walked to Chris' door, and just went right in. He was wearing a boxer-type bathing suit. "Take that thing off," I said, pointing to it. "Leslie, I have to wear something," he replied. "Yes, I know. Take it off." As Chris pulled down the trunks, he eyed my body. I was wearing my black one-piece suit, with black heels. He loves that outfit, and his cock was already rising. I reached into my bag, and pulled out a man's bikini suit, with the lining cut out. It was yellow with black vertical stripes. Chris gave me a quizzical look. "Just put it on, sexy," I teased. He pulled it up his legs, and laid his hardening cock inside, to the left. The vertical stripes made the bulge oh-so-visible. "Much better," I told him. We went up the stairs to the car, and off we went to Verna's h
Can't Wait
I am so excited. Ben is on his way down here to see me and its only Wednesday, that means I have him all to myself til monday morning. I get to cuddle with him for like 5 nights. Not to mention the incredible making love for 5 nights. He is meeting me at my office for a BIG arrival kiss and hug before he goes to our apt in MA.
Hi there, I am new to this by the way of invite from someone I met on myspace, he pulled me here from the dark side, lol! I am 43, have two kids, 22 n 12, I am a full time college student, studying International Relations. I would like to teach or help children in SE Asia someday, (my dream)! Or just simply stay here for the same reasons. I have lived on the shores of Lake Michigan all of my life, and love the beach! I am a Buzzen chatter and my nic is the same, I chat in Peers 40's, and I would love to see you there! I garden, love NFL Football, Hockey, (we have a team in my town), oh and the Lions suck! lol! Leave me messages or mail me at, take care n have a gr8 day! Zildjian
Subject: Budweiser
(First off did some checking ahh research ya know?? and looks like 100% fact here ) Budweiser Story (not a joke) This is TRUE! How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001...Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield, California. After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York, Pennsylvania , and the Pentagon. On September 11th, a Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland. He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their
Blah Blah Blah
so dont really have anything to say ever so thats the reason for the title but yeah ok well gonna go now bells about to ring so bye
A Lil About My Sis And Her New Bf
guess how she met this guy? the net. he came over to see her one day and they was already makin out and shit. a few days later he came and stayed the night. after only seein him once before! she went to his house for about 4 days and a few days later tells us that she thinks shes prego! alright i love my sis but how fuckin stupid can she be? now hes tryin to get her to move to west virigina with him and his mom. shes foreal thinkin about doin this and she aint known him but a month! how the fuck is she gonna jus move away from me my other sis and our mother! she already has one lil boy who we all love to death. how the hell is she just goin to take him outta our lifes like this? she says she'll visit but it wont be the same. they have lived with us practically their whole lifes. seein him once a month aint gonna do it. and the one she may be havin may never even get to really know any of this side of its family if she does this shit! it just pisses me off knowing she doesnt even care.
Full Part 2
"I think I should like to sample that cunt We've heard so much about, slut. Lay back and present yourself to Me!" Leaning back until her head rested on the carpeted floor, hair fanning out around her face, she felt her shoulders lay back flat. In one motion she kicked her legs from the kneeling position so that the stiletto heels and soles of her shoes rested flat on the carpet, her knees bent and spread wide apart to reveal her cunt to Master Thomas. Arching her back, she raised her cunt to give Him a better view. "Play with it for Us, slut." Master Thomas commanded. Slowly she slid her hands down her body, over her tummy, until her fingers lightly grazed the swollen lips of her fuck hole. The memory of how she had touched herself in the bath earlier, and how He had touched her in the car on the drive to the club, filled her mind. Spreading her cunt lips with her fingers, she displayed herself to Master Thomas, softly stroking her throbbing clit with her thumb. As her fing
Hey To My Friends
hi does anybody could help me i want to change my backround does anybody could make me one for haloweene please
Full Part 1
Full by Roke © Full…she'd never felt this full before. * * * When He called this afternoon and gave her instructions on how to prepare herself, she knew He had something special planned for tonight. Not in a million years would she have guessed that it would end up like it did. After hanging up the phone, she had walked into the bathroom and ran a nice hot bubble bath. Before slipping into the tub she waxed her legs, under her arms, and around His fuck hole, making sure she was completely bare and smooth, just the way He required. Just the way He'd specified on the phone. Satisfied that she had not missed a single spot, she lowered herself into the steaming bubbles, laying back for a moment to luxuriate in the feeling of the warmth surrounding her. As she took the bath sponge and began running it down over her body, cleansing herself for Him, she shut her eyes and let her mind drift. It was His fingers she felt tracing around her nipples, over the plain of her tummy, b
Have A Good One Sweeties
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Any Nice Guys Out There
hey everyone, are there any nice guys left in the world? I mean guys who arent gay, married or taken! I am single mom of 2 children and have been playing the field for a couple of months! There is one person that I did really like but we were better off as friends which I am very happy about gaining a new friend! but now I am looking and ready to start again! Anyone wanna chat feel free to im me on yahoo nancy_storey2002 or AIM kayla70100! hope to hear from y'all soon Nancy
Cum Bubbles
Cum Bubbles by slvjenn © The alarm started to beep at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning. Time to begin another day. I stopped the alarm from beeping and headed to the kitchen where I put on a pot of coffee. Once the coffee was brewing I went to the bathroom and peed. I left the door open, as master allowed me no privacy. Once I had peed I turned the shower on, got undressed and stepped under the hot water. Showering was one of my favorite parts of the day. It was my time, just a few minutes to myself to do or think what I wanted. I had no boss wanting reports, no boyfriend, no food to cook, no dishes to wash. The laundry didn't need to be done the bed didn't need making. I let the hot water rinse the soap off of me, it cleared my head and left not only my body fresh, but also my mind. As the conditioner washed out of my hair I knew it was almost over. My few minutes alone were gone for another day. I turned the water off, squeezed the excess water out of my hair and stepped ont
Mom you are perfect as you are, More amazing than a shining star. Your smile is out of sight, More beautiful than the sunlight. Your more precious than a diamond, More beautiful than Paradise Island. Your eyes sparkle so bright, More beautiful than the moonlight. You are sweeter than honey, More valuable than a ton of money. Mom you are perfect as you are, You are the best mom by far.
Yay Me!!!
Wow, I'm so excited. I just seen my profile scrll across the top. It's the first time I seen it do that. Haha. I seen every1 else's but mine. So now I'm happy. Ok lemme stp I sound like a dork.
Dark & Dreary Or ?
When fall comes around, we have shorter days, it stays darker longer, people get drepressed, short tempered and so on and so on.....All i ask is that people just look everyday straight in the face and be happy! Life is Short,Please don't spend half of it being cranky and miserable. Look at everyday as if its a beautiful sunny day, because if your alive and healthy,,,its sunny!!!!!! Smile and Wave People Hugs & Tickles
Craving by TheMadWriter © Even though her back was turned, she knew He was there. Instantly she dropped to her knees and said, "You have need of me Master?" her back was straight her legs parted slightly with her hands on her thighs, palm up. she looked forward with her chin held high in pride for she belonged to Him. "Yes My pet. I have a great need for you." then He spoke the words that she always longs to hear Him say. "By My side pet." she quickly stood up and very quietly turned around, dropped her gaze just below his and moved with a gently grace across the room. Dropping down to her knees she resumed her given position next to her Master. He was a regal looking Man that stood just about six feet. His broad shoulders and strong posture conveyed his confidence and demeanor. A very powerful presence was always the first impression He gave whenever He was introduced to other Dominants or submissives. In the time that she knew Him He showed her the height of His powe
Please Just Fuck Off!!
What Is Your Sexual Style
You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.Hot94%Exciting75%Awkward69%Wet69%Soft63%Sweet63%Violent31%Shy0%What is your sexual style?created with
To live within my imagination, Gives me so much gratification. In my imagination there is no war, There is no rich nor is there poor. We humans are all alike, There is no black nor is there white. Our world is one peaceful place, It is beautiful and full of grace. The grass is green, the flowers bloom, There is never a day of gloom. The sky is blue never gray, It is always a sunny day. No harsh words are ever spoken, No hearts are ever broken. No child is ever left unfed, Nor are they left without a bed. There is no tears, there are no cries, There is no death and no sad goodbyes. We all get along as should be, My world is happy and free. How I pray for this to come true. So our world can be a better place for me and you.
You Betcha, Honey
You Betcha, Honey by humbucker © "Oh, get off it, he didn’t say that!" exclaims the blonde in the bikini with the tattoo on her right breast naming her Sandy. "Uh huh," gushes Gwen, coming out onto the deck with drinks. "He had just finished showering after finishing down at the jobsite--" she stripped off her own bikini bottoms, exposing her fine dark trim and plopped into the jacuzzi. "No!" Sandy interrupts, grabbing Gwen. "…and I was sitting with Holly on the couch. We’d been drinking tea and looking at some photographs for a while before Jim got home. God, did he look good when he was all covered with sweat and dirt and whatever!" "Was he wearing that workshirt?" "T-shirt!" Gwen jiggles her tits around. Her nipples grow quickly hard, and poke at their lycra bindings. "Even better. He had this great big hole in the back of his jeans. I think I actually came while I was sitting there!" "Oh, I’m so jealous of you, Gwen." Gwen giggles. "Honey, you just have to
Pettition For Officer Micheal Briggs
Officer Michael Briggs, 35, was in critical condition since he was shot at the intersection of Lake Avenue and Lincoln Street at about 2:45 a.m. Monday. Family, friends and fellow officers kept a vigil by his bedside at Elliot Hospital. He was the first Manchester officer killed in the line of duty in 30 years.-wmur MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A police officer who was shot in the head early Monday morning has died, hospital officials said Tuesday.-wmur Michael Addison, 26, was accused of shooting Briggs and arraigned on fugitive charges Tuesday morning in Dorchester District Court in Boston. He was ordered held on $2 million bail and indicated that he would fight extradition back to New Hampshire. PLEASE COPY N PASTE THIS LETS GET AS MANY SIGNATURES AS WE CAN!!! ^^^ This isnt fair hes fighting coming back to manchester nh and steping up and dealing with wut HE did HE chose to pull the trigger NOONE told him 2......THATS theres talk hes going to get LIFE not
Long Time No See
Well it's been ages since the last time that I was on here... I hope all of you are doing well... much love to ya!!! So... some of you are probably wondering where the hell I have been... to be honest I took a long needed break from the internet and decided I needed to look after some things going on in my personal life. They have been since worked out and things are going good. I also had some health issues that are getting better slowly but surely. Thank god!!! Now for what's new... I have been in the process of auditioning for a few bands though nothing has come concrete as of yet... but I am still looking and trying. Karaoke just doesn't seem to curb my need to sing on a stage anymore. I also started back in the wonderful world of retail... though I will be honest the place that I am working for is awesome. The people are amazing and they actually recognize hard work. Which is really cool. I had enough of working in places that the only way you are going to get ahead i
This Week On Wet Radio Live
Elegant Angel starlets Flower Tucci and Tiana Lynn are heading to Las Vegas where they will host a signing at 5 p.m. on Saturday at the Whips and Chains Car Show at the Sin Gentlemen’s Club, 3525 West Russell Road. “I love getting out there with Flower,” said Lynn. “She’s really a great girl who loves to meet the fans and have a lot of fun.” Known as Elegant Angel’s squirt princess for her work in the Supersquirt and Cum Rain Cum Shine series, Lynn will be joined by squirt girl Tucci at the event’s after party at the club where they will serve as official trophy girls for the wet t-shirt contest. On Sunday, the two starlets will tour several adult stores in Las Vegas where they will also sign autographs and pose for pictures followed by an appearance on Wet Radio Live at 7:00pm along with Sara Jay. The appearances are sponsored by Elegant Angel and Wet Radio. Elegant Angel is online at and Wet Radio is at
Because I Realize You Have All Missed Out On A Lot
i figured i'd fill everyone in on like... a recap of the last few months (even tho i have been blogging, you may as well get an update as of the summer in a quck few sentences and catch anyone who ACTALLY READS THIS up to speed) got into fashion institute of technology moved in in august majoring in photography making a lot of friends loving class like there is no tomorrow my teachers are great got a boyfriend he dumped me after 2 weeks i was really upset now i guess i'm over it (or at least i have to be since he got a new girlfriend) my friends have sort of drifted but i think they're starting to come back i turned 18
A Speck In The Universe...
I like the breeze. I like to suddenly be aware I'm living. I try and do that most every day if I can... and I like thinking about where I am on the planet and that it's spinning in the universe and I wonder what my friends are doing and think of them and where they are on the planet. Wow, look at me! I'm a speck in the universe! Although technically I am as old as the universe as everything that was in the universe when the big bang happened is still here - just whizzing outward. I'm into the idea at the moment that I am vibrating energy. I just think that's so cool. Things appear solid as they are vibrating at the same speed as me. So what is real? Is my mind something physical or ethereal? Are my thoughts real - a by product of my brain function or something more? Can I feel my soul, and can my soul feel me? I really want to see auras and I haven't quite managed it yet - all I get at the moment is like a hazy dark bit that's just half a centimetre - bit like desert haze. My
Old Couple
An old couple who hadn't celebrated Halloween in a long time decided to dress up and go out. The old woman went into her bedroom, stripped naked and tied a lemon between her legs. When she came out, the old man cried, "You can't go out like that!" She said, "I can go anyway I like and so can you." Whereupon he retired to the bedroom and came out stark raving naked with a potato tied to his tallywhacker. The old woman says, you're going out like that?" And he replies, "Yep, if you can go as a sour-puss, I can go as a dick-tator.
Hump Day
Happy Hump Day
Friends And Fans And Family
from: tater remove friend LostCherry Bulletin! date: 2006-10-18 09:35:36 subject: Need Money??? (repost) MAKE STICKY! Money Angel Well since I need money real bad. I thought I would offer the same to all of my friend on LC...Here guys...I am passing this on to all of ya'll.. Countess Nessa This is a money angel Pass it to 6 of your good friends,or family and be rich in 4 Days. Pass it to 12 of your good friends.or family and be rich in 2 Days. I am not joking. You will find an unexpected windfall. If you delete it, you will beg. Trust me!!! Good Luck
Halloween Party
Wow guys. I'm gettin so excited. My lover and I are having a halloween party on the 27th. And thats like right around the corner. I have a costume, but I don't really like it. I got pictures of me in it on my pictures page. It's call "Chicks Gone Crazy" its from Buuut, I have found another costume that am about to order on Friday and i'm all excited about it. It's also from and its called "Lady Gangsta" Here is a pictue of it and I'm also gonna get the matchin MiMi shoes with it. Lemme kno what ya think! Lady Gangsta.... MiMi Heels (Black & Red)
I woke in a cold sweat, it was half passed three I dreamt something scary and unnerving was chasing after me Something is scratching at my bedroom door, damn what am I to do ??? I jump out the window as my door bursts in two !!! I run, jump, hide and do my best to get away I look within for strength as I search for a safe place to stay No matter what I do, no matter where I go What ever is chasing me finds me, how does it know ??? How do / can I fight it, how do I get myself prepared ??? Why can't I escape it, why does it have me running so scared ??? It seems I've been running a lifetime, it's almost caught up with me I refuse to be captured, I've got to be free I blink and in an instant I find I've been surrounded As it approaches me, I find I am shocked as well as astounded I fall to my knees and thank the Lord above It wasn't a monster at all, I was being chased by LOVE !!!
I Am Exciting!
You scored as Exciting. You are exciting, people want to fuck your brains out and you know it. Whether it's in an airplane or on the back of the bus, sex with you is always exciting.Exciting94%Soft81%Wet75%Hot63%Sweet63%Awkward44%Shy38%Violent25%What is your sexual style?created with
This is a poem I wrote a few year after my son passed away. It is my intention to help others who have gone through a loss like I have. It is not easy. As a matter of fact it is the hardest thing a mother has to go through is to bury her child. Don't try to get through it alone and don't give up on the rest of your family. They love you and they need you too.
My life so far...Well here I am sitting here at work not doing to much. I should really be doing something, but I am just not motivated to do anything right now. I really want to not have to work, but isn't that everyone's dream. To be personally wealthy and not do anything. To be truthful I think I just need a break from work. I do love my job, but I just got burned out. Go on a vacation some where, and relax get my worries out. I have some problems I need to work out. But other then those problems I am perfectly content. I go and watch my siblings play football.All three of them play. My oldest brother is 15 and he plays high school varsity, my other brohter is 13 and plays junior high, and my baby sister is 10 and plays flag football. They are all good I love them so much. They are all crazy. I am not sure what else to write, but I will write more later....
The Kindness Of Strangers?
Yesterday morning, I was walkin' around with my fly open. . . It was particularly weird, because I suffer from fly-open-ophobia, and I'm constantly checking my crotch to make sure nothing is getting out. But, yesterday, I didn't have any urge to do that. I walked out the door and across the street to the bus stop, got on the bus to work, walked around in the office for a while. . . No one said anything at all. And it wasn't just open, either. It was OHHHHHH-PENNNNNNN!!! I finally sat down and saw a flash of red where I should normally just see denim blue. I put it together that the red was my underwear, and it was soon the color of my blushing face. This sure explained some of the strange looks that people were giving me, all morning. This is the moment that I realized strangers will not tell you that your fly is down. What is the world coming to?
Sensual / Sexual Chocolate
Daydreaming of her who would be my Chocolate of the Sexual type I wonder, "What the hell could be better than this ???" Imagining Her as my giant Hersey's Kiss I close My eyes thinking of her, wishing upon a star Wishing for the chance to unwrap Her, like a giant candy bar !!! Reflecting upon one of the many things that I'd do I pop an M&M in my mouth and imagine that it's You As it melts and I'm savoring it's flavor I imagine, us, She & I engaged in some naughty one on one behavior Sometimes I might substitute a Snickers or an Almond Joy And relish in the fact that I'm willing to be her chocolate toy Be my Resses cup as well as my Milky Way Satisfy my sweet tooth until my dying day !!! Melt in my mouth as well as in my hands As we embrace and enjoy one another & I am at her EVERY command I wonder if she can imagine all the things we could do ??? ALL I ask is that she melt with me and promise to remain true blue !!! I find that without trying she has b
I saw you in my dream, Standing in a gleam. You were calling out to me, Your beautiful voice saying mommy. You have become such a handsome little boy, My heart was filled with so much joy. You told me to cry no more, Saying”I will be with you like before”. I held you in my arms so tight, Thinking everything was alright. I woke up from my dream, You were no where, I wanted to scream.. Oh how I miss you so, My love for you continues to grow. I pray my dreams will bring you back again, I'll wait for you my son until then.
Woman have you ever given thought to the birth of woman have you explored the "heaven" before digging into the "earth" of a woman have you ever experienced the length of a woman have you ever succumb to the strength of a woman the small and tall of a woman the distinct call (of the wet walls) of a woman the sight of a woman the curvy & tight of a woman the smile of a woman the worth while of a woman the sensual appeal of a woman the rock & reel of a woman the glow of a woman the "not too fast, but gentle & slow" of a woman the laughter of a woman the ever after of a woman the east, west, north, & south of a woman the cheeks, tongue, & mouth of a woman the kiss of a woman the true bliss which is woman

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