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Why I'm Not Here
Well, I wanted to just write a note and let you people know what I've been up to. Not much...LOL. But, I did go back to work on Aug. 6th (I'm a teacher....gets earlier every year). So, that means I'm not here during the day. I also am not getting online much at night as I am exhausted and not used to the routine yet. So, if you've been wondering where I am, that is it. Of course if you want to message me, that's great...but I thought I'd let you all know that my IM name at yahoo is tweetynole813 if you care to add me. I am always a message away :) And now back to your regularly scheduled programming....
A Tree Grown In A Cave Does Not Bear Fruit.
A tree planted in a cave would soon be stopped short in its growth. There would be no room for it to grow tall or blossom. It would only grow so far and then would grow no bigger. Fear can be like a cave. We sometimes become fearful for the same reason we might enter a cave, looking for protection. But fear protects us from the new ideas and behavior we need in order to grow. Fear can keep us huddling inside it, watching life's opportunities pass by. When fear threatens to enclose us, we can take a deep breath and begin to do what we are afraid of doing. The cave will fade away as we step out into the sun, fresh air, and storms that are a part of growing. What fear can I overcome today?
"we Grow By Our Willingness To Face And Rectify Errors And Convert Them Into Assets."
Authentically you Causing others to lose is not the way to win. The way to win is to create value where there was none before. What you truly desire you cannot take from anyone else. Your effort and your commitment are what will fulfill your dreams. The mere tokens of success are feeble substitutes for success itself. Real success always comes from the inside and spreads outward. Don't waste your time chasing a fleeting, superficial image of fulfillment. Put your energy into creating and living the magnificent substance of your dreams. The moments you'll always treasure are the moments when you allow yourself to be authentically you. Choose to fill your life with those golden moments. Let go of the self-defeating desire to take what anyone else may have. What you have and what you can do with it are so very much better. -- Ralph Marston
Hump Day
The Rose
the red rose is given an knowing the sweet and kindness of the heart is filled with passion of fire. The yellow flower is given to more of a mellow heart that is calmer an quiet type person that shares the inner most eir most inner expressions of feelings an showing their feelings of the heart. only a rose bud would tell how much love in the heart that will be shown for true love an affection that he has for his other color flower types of blooming expressions he showes. to balance out all forms of true love.with in it hearts is witch is the center peice of the flower buds seeds only true love comes from a burning compassion it has shown or afflicted onto onanother true feelings that they express for each other s heart of passion the flower garden
Cueshe - Bakit Bakit ba hindi na masaya Tuwing kapiling ka, ngiti mo'y wala na At bakit ba bigla ng nag-iba Tunay na pag-ibig ngayo'y malabo na At bakit lahat ay nag-iba Maaari bang sabihin mo na Kung sa akin ika'y mawawala Nasa'n na ang ngiti na kay ganda Buong buhay ko'y umikot lang sa'yo Ngunit bakit ba bigla ng nag-iba Ang kulay ng mundo ko sa'yo At bakit lahat ay nag-iba Maaari bang sabihin mo na Kung sa akin ika'y mawawala At bakit lahat ay nag-iba Maaari bang sabihin mo na Kung sa akin ika'y mawawala Itong awit na tanging ala-ala na lang.
Julie Andrews Turns 69, This Is Hysterical
To commemorate her 69th birthday on October 1, actress/vocalist, Julie Andrews made a special appearance at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall for the benefi t of the AARP. One of the musical numbers she performed was "My Favorite Things" from the legendary movie "Sound Of Music". Here are the lyrics she used: Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting, Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings, Bundles of magazines tied up in string, These are a few of my favorite things. Cadillacs and cataracts ,and hearing aids and glasses, Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses, Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings, These are a few of my favorite things. When the pipes leak, When the bones creak, When the knees go bad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don't feel so bad. Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions, No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions, Bathrobes and heating pads and hot meals they bring, These are
9 Things I Hate About Everyone.......
1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.. I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually. 3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too".. Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7. When something is 'new and improved!'. Which is it? If it
Things Going To The Trucks
for all of you out there i have to say i love you folks for all the friendships that have been started here. but u am about to have to go back out on the road.driving a big rig. i had hoped that me and my wife could make it without having to do this but money just isnt coming in the way we had hoped so im back on the road again. well ill be just about everwhere so give me a shout ..jeff
Double Standards..blowing Off Steam
In today's society, everyone wants acceptance. Thin, tall, short, fat...everyone. Larger women have made advances in leaps and bounds over the past several years, calling themselves BBW (Big Beautiful Women). I think this is fantastic, but I also think it has to go both ways...for the guys too. You may be saying that big guys are called BHM (Big Handsome Men), but I have seen no evidence of this becoming as accepted as BBW. The reason I say this is, recently, I commented on how pretty a woman was...a BBW. In return, this same woman commented back that I was too fat and needed to go on a diet. WTF is that? It's ok for her to be fat because it's becoming more acceptable, but it's not ok for me? This is bullshit. It just bothers me that even among other overweight people, I am still ridiculed and called names. Is it un-cool to be friends with a fat guy? Do we cramp your style? I just don't know... Thanks for putting up with my little rant
Deleting More People.
Some of you got added because I liked your page, what was said on your page, some of you I just liked your pics, lol. I try to make an effort to talk to everyone I add, or who adds me, so If I haven't yet, that means either I forgot and overlooked you by mistake, or I just liked your pics and that's all I wanted, sucks, huh? lol. Anyway I am going to be deleting some people within the week probably, so if I haven't made an attempt to talk or you don't make an attempt to talk in some way, shape or form within the week then I will delete you. Have fun! :)
What Can U Do
What can you do when the weight of the world rests on your shoulders it crushes you like a thousand boulders. what can you do when the reins of control have slipped from your hands it seems like your mind has lost all comand. what can you do when those feelings of sorrow have a hold of your heart they cut , they tear they rip you apart when hope seems lost and you drift far from land just cry on my shoulder take hold of my hand ill listen with my heart and try to understand.
I'm Here
You know that I'm here. Even if everythings about to disappear. If you feel alone and scared. After all the things you have bared. You know that I'll take your hand. When everythings about to shatter and, When there is no turning back. Doesn't matter what you have lacked. But you know that I'm here for you. No matter what you did and you do. You know I'll fight back those fears. No more pain in those tears. You know that I'm here. To fight back all those fears. Don't be afraid, don't loose hope. Just be strong and don't say no. Now that you know I'm here. After all that had happened. Don't loose hope, don't be afraid. Cause you know I'm here for you.
Amazing Photo's
Ass Of The Day Award Recipient 3
DING! DING! DING! We have a winner for the third Recipient of the Ass of the Day Award...And it is...*Drum roll please* I AM SO BAD I SHOULD BE IN DETENTION....Ladies who enjoy being approached in this manner or even performing on cam feel free to hit this one up....Course it is my philosophy if he has to beg for it on a web page chances are he probably sucks at it on cam and in real life...Just an opinion....Have a good day I am so ba...: wanna cam ->I am so ba...: Do You NOT know how to read????? Or are you just stupid this Early on a Sunday????If you had taken 2 minutes to read even the first paragraph on my profile you would know the answer to your question is hell no....and how dare you approach me so disrespectfully...... It is not appreciated....Have a nice day but please do it on someone else's page....Thank you I am so bad I should be in detention@ fubar
Tamia- Me
Love was a former owner, but quiet is renting our houseIt seizes my lips from speaking, but forms a sarcastic smile Suspense now raised one of your eyebrowes You ask me if there's someone else I replied yes, hell yes You asked me if it's another man, I said no You laughed and say is it a woman, I say yeah Surprisingly you ask me for honey's name And her name is me, And she loves me more than you'll ever know And I finally see that loving you and loving me Just don't seem to work at all So patiently, she's waiting on me to tell you That she needs love And to choose between you two, boy you know If I have to chosse, I choose me And she told me to tell you to never to hurt me again Cuz if you haven't heard she's a bad chick Eventhough I haven't been, no Yet and still you try and test me by raisin' an angry hand Put it down, put it down I'm leavin don't try and stop me, (no) I'm late and she is waiting, (yes) My love for me is too much so I can't stay And h
FRIENDS ARE LIKE BALLOONS ONCE U LET THEM GO U CANT GET THEM BACK. SEND THIS TO ALL UR FRIENDS INCLUDING ME! SEE HOW MANY U GET BACK ___888888888888888_________________ __888888822222228888________________ _888888222I2222288888_______________ 888888222222222228888822228888______ 888882222222222222288222222222888___ 88888222222222LUV22222222222222288__ _8888822222222222222222222222222_88_ __88888222222222222222U22222222__888 ___888822222222222222222222222___888 ____8888222222222222222222222____888 _____8888222222222222222222_____888_ ______8882222222222222222_____8888__ _______888822222222222______888888__ ________8888882222______88888888____ _________888888_____888888888_______ __________88888888888888____________ ___________888888888________________ ____________888888__________________ _____________8888___________________ ______________88____________________ ______________8_____________________ ______________1_____________________ _______________1_______________
Just To Let People Know
Lasgo- Alone
If only I had one more chanceto change my life today Then I would never let you go All my friends keep telling me That I should leave you for a while So you must show your love to me And tell me what you feel I thought that even you had feelings for me too I know I was wrong And baby when you care, then I will be there By your side And now I stand here alone in the dark Without you There's nothing more that I would like Than be with you I close my eyes but I can't stop Thinking of you And now I stand here alone in the dark Without you
Ahhh Another Sunday Morning
It's sunday morning, in for weekly reboots. a little groggy but i'll live. actually in a pretty good mood thinking fo things that may end up happeneing with my girl and all. like for once in mis a light at the end of the tunnel that isn't the oncoming train. hope you had a good night at work baby, hopefully i'll get to chat with you soon XOXO
La Rissa- Jay & Jane
Intro:I Do.... They make me.... I do both Jay and Jane They make me feel, They make me feel I call Jay, sometimes I need a man I do both Jay and Jane Verse: I met a boy his name was Jay and he was so fine I met a girl her name was Jane and she wanted to be mine I met a boy his name was Jay he was the one I met a girl her name was Jane she wanted to have fun He had a vision of things that I needed She understood how a woman should be treated Got a decision which one I should choose When it comes to Jay and Jane there is just no way to lose Chorus: They make me feel, They make me feel the same There is no shame to my game I do both Jay and Jane I do both Jay and Jane They make me feel the same There is no shame to my game Verse: Jane is sweet as honey, the taste I'm teasing She knows how to hit the spot, her touch is pleasing He knows how to make me hot, his heat is healing babe He is a special man, long, rough, and rugged She is a diamond that shines lik
20 August 2007
Dear Alexa, Here is your single's love horoscope for Monday, August 20: Work may be crazy-busy, but the stars are sending the possibility for lots of movement in other areas, too. Taking a romantic chance -- putting yourself out there a little -- is favored now.
Kosheen- Hide You
If you were in my heart I'd surely not break you if you were beside me and my love would take you I'll keep you in safety forever protect you I'll hide you away from the world you rejected I'll hide you I'll hide you I'll hide you away from danger Bother you night and day Protect you been no stranger, Baby send your love my way Hide you away from danger Bother you night and day I'll protect you been no stranger (hide you) Oh come my way (hide you) My way (hide you) My way (hide you) Hide you Hide you Hide you Hide you x2 (everything) If you were in my heart I'd surely not break you If you were beside me and my love would take you I'll keep you in safety forever protect you I'll hide you away from the world you rejected I'll hide you I'll hide you If you were in my heart I'd surely not break you If you were beside me and my love would take you I'll keep you in safety forever protect you I'll hide you away from the world you rejected I'll hide you I
My Husbands Link
My Husbands Link
Jose Nunez- Bilingual
The only aphrodisiac I need is your voice hearing you speak my name Beckoning me to answer Telling me you want me So I tell you that you're the answer to every question I've ever had about love Without words I use my tongue to tell the tale of us Tracing your shadow scape Kneeling before you my eyes feast upon your masculinity and All its divinity and I praise you Because all of that is for me I begin to indulge myself of your delicacies Digesting semi-sweet dark chocolate decadence as it melts Dripping down my chin Your taste is something Godiva couldn't re-create Needing every atom of your anatomy Necessity is placed upon me knowing you are the source of my serendipity Dipping in and out of me stroking more than my consciousness Subconsciously I find myself rewinding our love scenes In my daydreams Seeing that face you make when you're making me cum And it makes me want you right there and then Thinking of you in inappropriate places I get Tingling sensat
Me And My Husband Of 25 Years
- Get Your Own
Hinder- Lips Of An Angel
Honey why are you calling me so late Its kinda hard to talk right now Honey why are you crying is everything okay I gotta whisper cause I cant be too loud Well, my girls in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on Its really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel Its funny that youre calling me tonight And yes Ive dreamt of you too And does he know youre talking to me Will it start a fight No I dont think she has a clue Well my girls in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on Its really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those wordsa it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips
I Need A Vip Plz Bombbb
everyone i need ur help i lost the other 1 by far! this one i have a chance! bomb till sat. at midnight thnx friends, fam, fanzzzzlink is. TELL OTHERS 2 PLZ I GET A FREE VIP PLZZZZZZZZ! PRINCESSFUBAR81, UR FRIEND!!!!!!
I dont know who will end up reading this, and I am so new to FUBAR that I dont know any other way to promote this but I wanted to let everyone know that my band (FROM THIS DAY) will be playing at Ziggys this Saturday August 25th. If you want to check us out go to on the music page you can hear some of our stuff and also see a vid shot at Ziggys. If you go to the tour page you can actually get directions to the show I would love to see you all there
Ex-girlfriend - With All My Heart
Here all alone just looking at the four wallsHoping You will decide to give me a call I will be waiting Knowing I told you I had things to do So foolish Didn't want to know how much I want you And baby Bridge: I'm so used to getting hurt My heart is always on alert But the truth really is... I love you Chorus: Come to me oh can't you see I'm only lonely I know that I loved you right from the very start With all my heart More than I realize boy I need to See you Once you're mine I'll never let us drift apart With all my heart With all my heart With all my heart Take you to my house, introduce you to my bedroom And show you Yes I'm kinda shy but I know what to do Until you let me Hoping that you'll see right through me And tell you 'Cause in your arms is where I should be Bridge (repeat) Chorus (repeat) I just know you're my one and only I hope you know this Waiting for you is what I'll do That's because I love you baby Baby baby baby
...hey so it's been awile since I blogged or anything like that. I will be again in the near future once I get some things cleared up around here. The song above "Stupid Girl" is by one of my all-time favorite bands Garbage. Anyways, this song & video has been stuck in my head on and off for about a week now for some reason or another so I'd figured I'd share it with all of you. Anyways, that's it for now. Look forward for more blithering in the days and weeks to come...have a good Sunday and enjoy the tune as always ... :)
Evanescence- Call Me When You're Sober
Don't cry to me If you loved me You would be here with me You want me Come find me Make up your mind Should I let you fall Lose it all So maybe you can remember yourself Can't keep believing We're only deceiving ourselves And I'm sick of the lie And you're too late Don't cry to me If you loved me You would be here with me You want me Come find me Make up your mind Couldn't take the blame Sick with shame Must be exhausting to lose your own game Selfishly hated No wonder you're jaded You can't play the victim this time And you're too late Don't cry to me If you loved me You would be here with me You want me Come find me Make up your mind You never call me when you're sober You only want it cause it's over It's over How could I have burned paradise How could I - you were never mine! So don't cry to me If you loved me You would be here with me Don't lie to me Just get your things I've made up your mind!
August 19,2007
You're feeling a bit separate from your work situation, which puts you in an excellent position to make a difficult decision. You may not make the most popular choice -- but it will certainly be the right one!
August 19, 2007
You're feeling a bit separate from your work situation, which puts you in an excellent position to make a difficult decision. You may not make the most popular choice -- but it will certainly be the right one!
Gigi D'agostino - I'll Fly With You
I still believe in your eyesI just don't care what You have done in your life Baby I'll always be here by your side Don't leave me waiting too long Please come by I, I, I, I still believe in your eyes; There is no choice, I belong to your life Because I will live To love you someday; You'll be my baby And we'll fly away And I'll fly with you, I'll fly with you, I'll fly with you You are, are, are, are, are, are You are, are, are, are, are, are You are, are, are, are, are, are Every day and every night, I always dream that You are by my side Oh, baby, every day And every night, Well I said everything's Gonna be alright And I'll fly with you, I'll fly with you, I'll fly with you You are, are, are, are, are, are You are, are, are, are, are, are Dream of me I still believe in your eyes I just don't care what You've done in your life Baby I'll always Be here by your side; Don't leave me Waiting too long, Please come by I, I, I, I still believe
Dee Dee- Forever
Day by day, Heart to heart, I hope that we will ever be together. Will it be me and you? I dreamed that our love will last forever. Hold me tight, in your arms, I know we have the strength to stay together. Walk with me, hand in hand. I promise to be there, forever, forever I'm all alone in bed,And I cant sleep, I'm feeling blue. I try close my eyes, But all I'm thinking of is you. Baby, only you. I cry my eyes out, baby. Wondering what I have to do. I look inside my heart. I know for sure this love is true. Day by day, Heart to heart, I hope that we will ever be together. Will it be me and you? I dreamed that our love will last forever. Hold me tight, in your arms, I know we have the strength to stay together. Walk with me, hand in hand. I promise to be there, forever, forever
Two New Songs! Csn&y
Decided I needed some Crosby, Stills & Nash and some CSN&Y on my list, so I figured these two classics out today: Southern Cross Teach Your Children Can't wait to try them out live!!! cheers, Zepman
Crossfade- So Far Away
I've been changin' but you'll never see me now (I've been changin' but you'll never see me now) Now I'm blaming you for everything No more holding it in How many years can I pretend Nothing never goes the way it should No more sitting in this place Hoping you might see it my way Cause I don't think you ever understood That what I'm looking for are the answers To why these questions never go away [Chorus] I'm so far away I've been changin' but you'll never see me now I'm so far away Now I'm blaming you for everything No more waiting for the end Of every day that I will spend Wishing that I only had a choice No more pushing you away Cause I will be busy watching things going my way Never looking back on this anymore Because what I'm looking for are the answers To why these questions never go away [Chorus] I've been changin' but you'll never see me now Now I'm blaming you for everything I'm so far away Hey hey watch me wave Goodbye to yesterday N
Crossfade- Colors
Can you feel it crush you does it seem to bring the worst in you out There's no running away from these things that hold you down Do they compicate you because they make you feel like this of all the colors that you've shine this is surely not your best But you should know these colors that you're shining are Sure not the best colors that you shine sure not the best colors that you shine I know you feel alone yeah and no one else can figure you out But don't you ever turn away from the ones that help you down Well they'd love to save you don't you know they love to see you smile But these colors that you've shined are surely not your style But you should know these colors that you're shining are Sure not the best colors that you shine sure not the best colors that you shine I know you're feeling like you're lost but you should know these colors that your shining are i know you're feeling like your lost you feel you've drifted way to far But did you should know
Anti-everything @4am
I obviously don't have anything better to be doing at 4am. Do I do this all the time? Negative. I'm an ex-net junkie. BUT I WILL RETURN. MUAHAHA!@!
Fairies this is another thing I really like are certain stuff that are fantasy/
No Regrets
Lucy was 7 and wore a head of blue barettes City born, into this world with no knowledge and no regrets Had a piece of yellow chalk with which she'd draw upon the street The many faces of the various locals that she would meet There was Joshua, age 10 Bully of the block Who always took her milk money at the morning bus stop There was Mrs. Crabtree, and her poodle She always gave a wave and holler on her weekly trip down to the bingo parlor And she drew Men, women, kids, sunsets, clouds And she drew Skyscrapers, fruit stands, cities, towns Always said hello to passers-by They'd ask her why she passed her time Attaching lines to concrete But she would only smile Now all the other children living in or near her building Ran around like tyrants, soaking up the open fire hydrants They would say 'Hey little Lucy, wanna come jump double dutch?' Lucy would pause, look, grin and say 'I'm busy, thank you much' Well, well, one year passed And believe it or not She covered
Wedding Night
A young couple on their wedding night were in their honeymoon suite. As they were undressing for bed, the husband, a big burly man, tossed his trousers to his new bride. He said, "Here, put these on." She put them on and the waist was twice the size of her body. "I can't wear your trousers." she said. "That's right,'' said the husband, "and don't you ever forget it. I'm the man who wears the pants in this family." With that she flipped him her panties and said, "Try these on." He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. "Hell," he said. ''I can't get into your panties!" She replied, "That's right...and that's the way it is going to stay until your attitude changes
My Baby
For Lola Girl==one Smokin' Cherry
Him- Wicked Game
The world was on fire, no-one could save me but youIt's strange what desire will make foolish people do I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you And I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you No I don't wanna fall in love this world is always gonna brake your heart No I don't wanna fall in love this world is always gonna brake your heart ..with you What a wicked game to play To make me feel this way What a wicked thing to do To let me dream of you What a wicked thing to say You never felt this way What a wicked thing you do To make me dream of you No I don't wanna fall in love this world is always gonna brake your heart No I don't wanna fall in love this world is always gonna brake your heart ..with you The world was on fire, no-one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do No and I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you I'll never dream that I lose somebody like you, no Now I wanna fall in love
Him- The Heartless
Your pain ain't love Can't you see he's the heartless Your pain is not love He's taking it too far Don't you know it is wrong You're the one for me lady You're the one If you'd only see in my heart You'd know know all is not lost Your time is running out And you still haven't made up your mind Can't you see he's the heartless And you're one of a kind He's the heartless You can't you see he's the heartless Your pain won't ever be love It doesn't matter how hard you try To you all is lost He's the heartless
Morph Maker
I make morphs and if u want one mail me let me know whats up.
This is all you need to know! 95% of females can't cum from sex unless they are on topand why not unless on top? So they can stimulate their clit by grindin on our pelvic bones, which really does nothin for them, so the key is to eat pussy first! Make her cum a few times, numb her up, then hammer away or soft and slow with a lot of vaginal teasin with your meat thermometer to build it all up in the end, however you like! Now, once you are in between her legs, don't just fuckin' dive in there like a pig goin to the trough, take your time! I know that pussy is damned near irresistible, but don't act like it is! Lick her inner thighs, kiss them, kiss around her pussy lips, kiss the lips, etc. etc. Finally, once you've got your tongue on her clit, this is what you do! (you can use your hands to spread apart her lips if you want, thats all preference! Its easier to make them cum with their lips spread so you can have easier access to their clit!) Roll the tip and somewhat flat par
Dating Guys Younger Then You
17 Signs That You Love Someone :d
SEVENTEEN: You look at their profile constantly. SIXTEEN: When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago. FIFTEEN: You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again. FOURTEEN: You walk really slow when you're with them. THIRTEEN: You feel shy whenever they're around. ELEVEN: When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time. TEN: You smile as soon as you hear their voice. NINE: When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her. EIGHT: You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them. SEVEN: They're all you think about constantly. SIX: You get high just from their scent. FIVE: You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them. FOUR: You would do anything for them, just to see them to be around them always. THREE: While reading this, there was one person on your mind this
Saving The Mumms?? Lol
OK saw a few mumms tonite where people were down out right crule. Apparently there is a big movement to save the mumms from the k. Ill admit in the beginning I was a big basher, jumped on the sheep bandwagon and made popular with the regs. Then things started crossing a line and became very cruel, thats when I realized how stupid I was being.Became one to stand up for the one getting their ass chewed up and literally spit out. Along with that became hated, yea it pissed me off. ive evolved to a degree unless its military, or faith , or getting attacked needlessly. Personally Ive watched the mumms go down the toilet, not by points, not by n00bs, but by the haters that call themselves the "Regs". They taught the so called n00bs to hate just to be able to be in a mumm. Why? OH thats right in a mumm I read a comment that its better to bash the Virtual people on the internet then in real life. hmm So we are Virtual I am a reg, but not one of those wh
Norah Jones- The Grass Is Blue
I've had to think up a way to surviveSince you said it's over Told me good-bye I just can't make it one day without you Unless I pretend that the opposite's true Rivers flow backwards Valleys are high Mountains are level Truth is a lie I'm perfectly fine And I don't miss you The sky is green And the grass is blue How much can a heart and a troubled mind take Where is that fine line before it all breaks Can one end their sorrow Just cross over it And into that realm of insanitive bliss There's snow in the tropics There's ice on the sun It's hot in the arctic And crying is fun And I'm happy now And I'm glad we're through And the sky is green And the grass is blue And the rivers flow backwards And my tears are dry Swans hate the water And eagles can't fly But I'm alright now Now that I'm over you And the sky is green And the grass is blue And I don't love you And the grass is blue
19 August 2007
Dear Alexa, Here is your single's love horoscope for Sunday, August 19: Put the emphasis on the 'give' in give-and-take. Lend a family member a hand, tell a friend how much they mean to you. Life's precious and the universe will feel your love -- and return it.
Who Swings In Your Town?
Norah Jones- In The Morning
I can't stop myself from callingcalling out your name I can't stop myself from falling falling back again in the morning, Baby, in the afternoon Dark like the shady corner inside a violin Hot like to burn my lips I know I can't win in the morning Baby, in the afternoon I try to quit you but I'm too weak waking up without you I can hardly speak at all My girlfriend tried to help me get you off my mind She tried a little tea and sympathy to help me to unwind in the morning Baby, in the afternoon Funny how my favorite shirt smells more like you than me Bitter traces left behind in stains no one can see in the morning Baby, in the afternoon You're gonna put me in an early grave I know I'm your slave whenever you call I can't stop myself from calling calling out your name I can't stop myself from falling falling back again falling back again in the morning Baby, in the afternoon
I Am A Swinger Are You ?
If you are interested in the swinging lifestyle check this out... | Articles | Bonuses | Partners | Add Partners | Account |_ Wanna Get Paid To Comment on Spaces? Earnings Since 2007-08-14 New Sales Recurring Sales Bonuses Sale Match Recurring Match Bonus Match Total Owed 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 All Time Clicks: 0 All Time Profiles: 0 Paypal Email: (Incorrect? Update it) Payee Information: Above are your payout statistics for the ST Partnership program. All payments are made every week on Tuesday via check for US webmasters and via paypal for webmasters outside the US. Please be sure your payment information is correct! You can update your payment information here. $197 Bonus Stats: You have 30 days left to qualify for this bonus. Simply refer $197 more in sales and you will be qualified to receive this bonus! 90 Day Bonus Stats: You have 89 days left to qualify for this bonus. Simply refer 10 more paid members
I Love To Do This!
True Friends
TRUE FRIENDS True Friends are there for you no matter what. I believe you know when you have one. They will help you when you need it most. They also help you make important decisions even though you may not like them. I know I have two special friends I never thought I would ever have or even any that care for me so much. When I was down they were there, When I was sick they were there, I want to return that favor one day and be there for them in their time of need. The two special friends I have I never would change for anything in this world. I never thought I could have friends that I could trust or confied in because alot of friends I had stabbed me in the back or pretended to like me. These Two Friends Are True, Loyal, and Loving People I Have Ever Me, Thanks My Friends You Know Who You Are........ Written By: Virginia Itri
Awakening Apology
I didn't mean to wake you, I really didn't dear. It's just that when we're sleeping, I love to hold you near. And as you snuggle firmly, against me in the night, My hand slides to your tummy, I love to hold you tight. I guess when my lips kiss you, right there below your hair, it might just wake you softly, I guess I shouldn't dare. I guess I shouldn't hold you, so tight all thru the night, but holding you is so nice, it only seems so right. Your back conforms so nicely, you fit against my chest, and it's just like we're fitted our bodies so at rest. Your navels slight depression, I cover with my hand, the way you breath, the movement slight, makes me feel oh so grand. My other hand feels breathing too, more moving, I can tell, for that hand holds a precious gift, a perfect womans swell. The warmth, the firmness of your breast, the slightly yeilding tone, always very supple, my touching cannot roam. You fit within my hand so well, your supple firm young breast, and sometimes on
Such A Great Night
ah ... lol ... I am so tired and groggy and thankfully over the worst of that god awful hangover! last night at claire's birthday party was one of the best parties I been to in so very long! in all honesty there were only about 12 people when we were all in full swig but the lack of people did not mean we would be quiet and boring! I bought claire a 10 year old bottle of whiskey, oh it was liquid gold! we got a permanant pen and wrote a time line down the side of this bottle. fucking hilarious the shit we wrote on that bottle. I know I wrote on the bottle at about 2am something like 'what the hell' and 'more' ... but you can hardly read that cos my writing just so so so bad. apparently I was writing to indicate some of the hippies had been drinking our whiskey which clearly had written on the bottle 'claire's piss' lol and about those hippies ... we had the entire aldinga hippy crew down at claire's house! it was great. initially we invited only Anwar but then he invited all the res
New Tatt
Well I just got a new tatt yesterday. I'll take more clearer pics later today im going back to Please rate for me. Satan will be proud!
If She Only Knew!!!
..I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry If I start not being there, and being used as a door mat, only to be thrown to the side when the new asshole comes around I'm sorry If I don't answer my phone anymore when you call, to listen to you cry for hours, instead of getting a couple hours of sleep be
Been Awhile?
Go Check It Out!
If you are a swinger or you are interested in the lifestyle check it out!
Norah Jones- Cold Cold Heart
I've tried so hard my dear to showThat you're my every dream Yet you're afraid each thing I do Is just some evil scheme A memory from your lonesome past Keeps us so far apart Why can't I free your doubtful mind And melt your cold cold heart Another love before my time Made your heart sad an' blue And so my heart is paying now For things I didn't do In anger unkind words are said That make the teardrops start Why can't I free your doubtful mind And melt your cold cold heart There was a time when I believed That you belonged to me But now I know your heart is shackled To a memory The more I learn to care for you The more we drift apart Why can't I free your doubtful mind And melt your cold cold heart
LOVE The word love has a strong meaning Love is explained all different ways some people don't understand love, alot of people can't feel love. Love is expressed through the hearts of other's who care and that are kind, Love can also hurt when you fall in love and your heart is shattered by the one person who you thought would never destroy that love. Love is a special word you shouldn't abuse or mistreat it ever!!!! You need to look inside your soul, heart and mind to find that love you were taught by your Mother,Father,Brother or even your Sister. Once you find the love don't let it go because you never know when or if you could ever get it back again. Find that special someone and show them the love they ask for don't run away or ignore it. It will haunt you if you just turn your back on love. Written By: Virginia Itri
Lustral- Everytime
Can you hear me,Talking in my mind. I can feel you, You're with me all the time. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face There's a warm sky, covering the night. In the darkness, I only feel the light. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face. When I'm lonely, your voice is in my head. And my memory feeds my soul, with all the things you've said. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face.
Long Way To Go
B-day Card For Me From Catch And Release
Peddle Faster
This Is How I Work!!!
This is all you need to know! 95% of females can't cum from sex unless they are on topand why not unless on top? So they can stimulate their clit by grindin on our pelvic bones, which really does nothin for them, so the key is to eat pussy first! Make her cum a few times, numb her up, then hammer away or soft and slow with a lot of vaginal teasin with your meat thermometer to build it all up in the end, however you like! Now, once you are in between her legs, don't just fuckin' dive in there like a pig goin to the trough, take your time! I know that pussy is damned near irresistible, but don't act like it is! Lick her inner thighs, kiss them, kiss around her pussy lips, kiss the lips, etc. etc. Finally, once you've got your tongue on her clit, this is what you do! (you can use your hands to spread apart her lips if you want, thats all preference! Its easier to make them cum with their lips spread so you can have easier access to their clit!) Roll the tip and somewhat f
Today's Quote What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be. -Ellen Burstyn
(this is NOT about the car. This blog is Not about comments on pics. read carfully!) *Toipic Of Blog: So now people are rateing pics with out even looking at them. oh, that is realy nice. NOT only are they giving tens for the sake of giving tens, but now they are NOT looking at what they are giving tens to. how dubble rude of them...: *Example Of Topic: Modified C...: I don't even think I saw your pic when I rated it. Nor do I really care about a car. ->Modified C...: what is the point of yourateing my pic with out commenting on it? *Question: what do you people think?
Happy Friday
Omfg So True
BRAND MANAGER, PROCTER & GAMBLE Dear Mr. Thatcher I have been a loyal user of your Always maxi pads for over 20 years, and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the LeakGuard Core(tm) or Dri-Weave(tm) absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants. Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? Ever suffered from "the curse"? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my "time of the month" is starting right now. As I type, I can already feel hormonal forces violently surging through my body. Just a few minutes from now, my body will adjust and I'll be transformed into what my husband likes t
Mother And Child
MOTHER AND CHILD When a mother has a child he/she is given to her by God. She should cherish, the baby and give the baby love and support. When a child is born some are born with bright hair like the sun, their eyes sparkle like the stars in the night sky, their skin is soft as the fluffy clouds, their lips are as red as a rose. Let the child know they are need and wanted and tell them you love them. Let them be who they are to an extent smile, and tell them you will always be there for them through thick and thin. Give them the life they deserve and always let them know they can come to you with anything important. And that no matter what you will be by their side forever. Written By: Virginia Itri
Slut Quiz For Men
Congratulations your ALMOST a Slut! Just a wild night away! Go out and rack up some points! Your Motto: "I'll Try Anything Once!" Your Sign: "Rest Area Ahead" Let's Park! * Don't forget to pratice SAFE SEX! Take The Slut Quiz Now!"Slut Quiz - Men" is available here***starXtest v2.0***
I am a 34 yr old nurse with 4 wonderful children and a wife of 15 yrs. I am currently in school to become an RN, I have been an LPN for 10 yrs. I have been involved in the medical field some way or another ever since I was about 14yrs old. I love my profession and hope to someday be a prehospital RN or flight nurse. I am an easy going person and will fan/add anyone who is interested.
Remember Me
the girl that made this is only 15 years old and it is very touching, i tear up every time i watch it.
Why Is A Disability A Problem
i'm to the point of just not giving a shit about what anyone thinks anymore. all anyone seems to do is bitch at me because i right in caps and not lower case. i have a program on my computer that allowes it to talk to me. that way i don't have to depend on looking at the screen to see what i am typing. my puter tells me what i am typing as i type it. so if this is all fuck up i don't really give a shit because every one thinks all i am doing is yelling. if that is the case why do you even read the mumms that i have posted. just so you and profve what an ass you can be because you are perfec and i am not. i am just as nurmal as you or anyone else. if you thing i am not capable of doing things like working on carws or detailing them like i used to whern i owned my own detail shop for 10years,. and was very sucseful at to. i have pics in my profike that show the work i have done with cars. so just because i am blind does not mean i am not able to be apart of your fuck up world. know one
Im A Woman
am a woman My emotions are crazy and strong Sometimes I get hystericall over anything Sometimes I cry about everything But I still got it going on I am a woman I am a woman I know what I want and how to get it I'll throw a tantrum and just get mad Everything you ever did wrong I'll use against you If I don't get my way you will regret it I am a woman I am a woman My voice is soft but I can scream 'till your deaf. Drive you crazy with my questions And then say "I'm sorry ,baby" And still think "I'm the best you'll ever have" I am a woman I am a woman I can be evil and I can be mean. When I'm bored I want you to entertain me Rub my feet and back when I'm tired Damn I'm worth it!! My ass is the best you've ever seen!! I am a woman I am a woman I'm not perfect or a saint, just like all of you men. I've got my good and my bad days My ups and my downs,my high's and my low's I'm fucking doing the best that I can I am a woman,bu
Test Your Brain
Count every " F" in the following text:? FINISHED FILES ARE THE RE? SULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTI? FIC STUDY COMBINED WITH? THE EXPERIEN CE OF YEARS...? (SEE BELOW)? HOW MANY ?? WRONG, THERE ARE 6 -- no joke.? READ IT AGAIN !? Really, go Back and Try to find the 6 F's before you scroll down.? The reasoning behind is further down.? The brain cannot process "OF".? Incredible or what? Go back and look again!!? Anyone who counts all 6 "F's" on the first go is a genius.?
New Pics
Llove Hurts
Forget his name, Forget his face, Forget his kiss & warm embrace. Forget the way he use to walk Forget the way he use to talk. Forget the way he said your name. To him it was all a game Forget the times he once was there. Remember now he's not there. Forget the times you two were alone. Remember now you're on your own. Forget the way he held you tight. Forget the way he said "Goodnight". Forget the way he said he loved you true. Remember now it wasn't true. Forget the way he said it was forever Forget the way he said he'd leave you never. Remember now he's gone forever. Remember if the love is true. The love will stay and never shall you be blue
Even When I'm Sleeping - Leonardo's Bride
Today On The Planet: And It's Parent Companies Dump Social Sites Used For Promotion
Earlier this week Chrisley (both person and company) deleted all of their site network pages that were being used primarily to promote products and services that The Chrisley Music Group and Imperial Alliance currently offer on the web. Chrisley sited in an online posted letter on the company's now deleted MySpace account that the reasons for leaving were both due to the fact that MySpace's parent company News Corporation (who also own the Fox News Channels constantly targeted by Chrisley's company for obtrusive conservative agenda) is "making millions" off advertisers and other means just by people logging on and using the site for free. In the letter Chrisley stated he nor his company wanted to be responsible for being one of many in the masses to make evil corporations like News Corp even richer. The other reason is that none of the sites did anything to attract traffic to The Planet Network's online stores or free services such as the music video channels and the Planet Compass too
Thought Of The Night..
why would someone chose to hav a kid, when down the road they are just going to decide since the kid isnt perfect they are just going to tell them to fuck off? i mean really.. i dont get it...
21st Bday
im turnin 21 on the 23rd of this month and i cant wait, i dont no why because ive done everything turnin 21 means u can do... im such a retard!!
Well I gotta say, life has finally surprised me. Just when I didnt think it had any more tricks up its sleeve, life tosses yet another curveball at me. And for the first time in a long time I swung.and missed. Its been quite some time since Ive allowed this to happen. Ive always been one that has taken every piece of crap that lifes thrown at me and used itused it as my ammunition to fight back at lifeused it as the fuel to keep going. But this has finally done it. Life has managed to throw enough crap on me that its taken the fun from me. Its finally managed to suck all of the fun right out of all the things that Ive held dear and close to me..its taken all of the fun out of living for me. And that is a horrible feeling for me. Over the past few days Ive tried to get in touch with some of the people on here that made this place fun to me and make sure they know my thoughts on them. Since Ive been wrestling with the decision of whether or not to
You know what sucks! Moving back n with yo Mommy n Daddy...No choice tho, its the only way i know i wont go spending crazy...Need to save, plus my ex-roommate is leaving me. :( very sad! Gonna Miss Her very Much! well lata until another time!
According to this person ugly people like me get "6" hot people like her get "8","9" or "10" FAN ME**** RATE ME**** ADD ME**** BUT YOU GOTTA LOVE ME TOO***@ fubar
Gotta Love Mastercard
MasterCard Wedding You have to love this guy... This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University . It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it. It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a lavish reception. As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair, including the wedding party was an envelope. He said this was his gift to everyone, and asked them to open their envelope. Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 glossy of his bride ha
My Dad's Funeral
How Good Are You?
You scored as Sex God, You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God78% A Romantic70% A Slave To BDSM60% Virgin28% How are you in bedcreated with
The One Below Is The Wrong One This Is The Right One :)
In A Child's Eyes......
i was fetching my son the other day, but i was early...the guard says it will not be until an hour more before the grade threes will go there was no other alternative for me but to wait... and while waiting, i noticed a boy, silently crying in a little corner, murmuring...."mama, mama, where are you?". My heart melts for the situation the boy finds himself in...uncertain whether his mother will come to fetch him or not...will he be left there all alone? questions in his minds creeps in,....will i ever see my family again? when will my mama come? have they forgotten about me? what have i done wrong to merit this? why is ma, not here yet? what is she doing? where have she gone? what will i do if she did not come for me? there are so many uncertainties a child faces when they find themselves in a situation like this...i know, i've been there...i know how it feels to be left, to be forgotten, that "i am here, where are all of you gone?"...all the other children had gone home a
Entry One
I love my honeycakes even though sometimes she doesn't like me or we don't see eye to eye. Soon we will have a 360 back and we can kill some locust. GoW is an alright game I guess. I love playing it with her. Hope she loves me back.
234 points to go plz rate, fan, and add me thx
I Realized
tonight that i have the most awesome friends and that getting attakced by moths is never a good idea and you all should be proud i had drugs waved in my face and turned them down even tho im trashed YAY !!!!!!!!
Geez Um
i guess today wouldve been a lot better if i wasnt sick. me and lamar went to state college...thats where my dad lives. he had his 50th birthday party. my brother and sister were there too. i dont see them very often. they're both in college and dont live around here anymore. i've been sick though for the past couple days. it really sucks. pains in the stomach and all. i dont know what the hell is goin on there. i dont know if maybe something is going around or not. well i dont know what else to write right now so im gonna go play some more bingo. more later.....xoxoxox Kristy
What Kind Of Superhero I Am Lol
Your results:You are Iron Man Iron Man 100% Supergirl 90% Wonder Woman 90% Green Lantern 80% The Flash 80% Catwoman 75% Hulk 60% Superman 60% Robin 50% Spider-Man 50% Batman 35% Inventor. Businessman. Genius. Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...
Shout Box Has Been Turn Off
Ok I had to tutn my shout box off becuase when ever I used it and my alerts for my bar tab went off, the site would freese and my computer would lock up. So you will have to FUmail me from this point on. If you do want to actually chat you can get a hold of me on yahoo messenger at pimp_ride_76. Feel free to add me. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I couldn't deal with my whole system locking up every time my bar tab alerted me. Thanks
Hello!!!!Hello.......................anybody........Don`t forget that i`m here.....
Horoscope ~ August 19, 2007
I have been reading my horoscope each day on this site. For about the last week or so, every one of them fits my life so amazingly that it seems as if I am writing them myself. Kinda trippy! Daily Horoscope: Cancer For August 19,2007 A big change is sweeping through your family, and while it's largely for the better, you can tell that it's difficult for some of your kin to go through. Reach out and help them see the long view, if possible.
Your Family Is Important...
Your Family is important to TroopPrayers. We do not want you to feel that you are alone in this, so maybe posting here will help others in your same situation to heal and find courage to stand in prayer/to stand in faith. Let us know your experience, maybe we can help you with your struggle. God Bless
A teenage girl's first crush is . . . well, crushing. Her body isn't hers, nor is her mind. She finds herself shivering, shaking, blushing, Weak, tormented, sick, and going blind. And why? Because some guy might look her way, Then cast his eyes as quickly to the ground; Some special one, for reasons she can't say, Whose voice makes her feel faint when he's around. But now my crush on you has been returned, And so the two of us stand on some brink: It can't be love so young, and yet we've learned Love does its will, no matter what we think. Slowly, slowly now--we mustn't rush: Let's enjoy this first sweet teenage crush.
FEMALE PRAYER Before I lay me down to sleep I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door Massages my back and begs to do more. Send me a man who'll make love to my mind Knows how to answer to "How big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end And always be my very best friend. Amen MALE PRAYER I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with a firm body, big boobs, who owns a liquor store and a ! fishing boat. This doesn't rhyme and I don't care. Amen
If I Use An Iron Skillet U Think He'll Feel It?? *smirk*
Your Prayer Request
Do you have a loved one that is going or is in Iraq, let us know who he/she is and we will keep them on our prayer list.
You Know You're Living In 2007 When...
1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3. 4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you. 5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses. 6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries. 7. Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen. 8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it. 10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee. 11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :) 12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing. 13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom y
Check It Out And Maybe Vote
Meet hot girls and guys at RateMyBody
You Grew Up In The 80's Or Early 90's If....
1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE" 2. You watched the Pound Puppies. 3. You can sing the rap to the "Fresh Prince of Bel- Air" ...and can do the "Carlton". 4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy. 5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own. 6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls. 7. You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey on Blossom 8. Two words: Hammer Pants 9. If you ever watched "Fraggle Rock". 10. You had plastic streamers on your handle bars... and "spokey-dokes" or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect. 11. You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales" 12. When it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. 13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head. 14. You saw the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on the big screen... and still know the turtle's names. 15. You got super-excited w
4 Real Its A Mixed Drink Called Fubar!(d)
As u no i have promoted myself to fubar bartender! I have drink recipes and great shots in my stash, under dunno section! Jus wanted to share one great recipe with all of u I am sure u will luv it! The drink is in my bartenders book and it is really called "FUBAR" Fill a tall glass with ice. 1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz gin 1/2 oz rum 1/2 oz tequilla Fill with hard cider!!!!!!!!! PRINCESSFUBAR81 "Fubar Bartender"
Great Nite !!!!
Tonite has been fun so far. Met bunc of people, wife has gotten drunk (time to take advantage of situation) LOL and I am still looking at hot chicks on Fubar. Thinking of creating a folder for the hotties in here under my pics Titled "Big Bully's Fubar Hotties" Tell me what ya think ?????
To All Of My Dear Friends~ Thank You Always....
imikimi - Customize Your World
Ripping My Pix far everyone (that i know of) has been pretty good about this. i just went back thru all my albums and set then so one could rip any of my pix except for wallpaper. the only thing is, the way i did it was/is confusing, and im not sure that i blocked ripping on completely every picture or album. so for u honest and kind people out there, do me a favor & let me know if u come across one that isnt blocked (nesides my wallpaper album) please, so that i can change it. i know those of u who t honest will help point them out if there r any. i learned real quick to block my rips after one of my "friends" from here stole a pic of a tornado i had taken and was using it himself, which REALLY & SINCERLY pissed me off. i wish i knew a way to persuade him or even force him to take it dow.....oh wee, ill think of somthin'! anyways everyone is welcome to my wallpaper and backgrounds but that is all 4 now untill i get other cool stuff up to share. i just dont like people stealing my personal s
I Was Thinking About Joing Of Of The Fallowing: Suicide Girls Gods Girls Broken Dollz Burning Angels And There Are Other Ones But Cant Remember There Names Ill Post Later. But Yeah Witch One Sounds Good To U?..Because I Might Join Sometime When I Move Out Next Year So Yeah. ;) And If U Dont Know Who They Are Go To Uhm There Myspaces.
Please Help
Here is the link to my contest. I am in 1st, but some people are getting really close. Help me out please. Thanks so much!!
Please Comment My Pic In The 1 Year Vip Giveaway!!!
Please Comment My Picture in theVIC GIVEAWAY CONTEST Contest Starts 7/21/07THANKS CLICKHERE
Susie Lee
Suzy Lee fell in love. She planned to marry Joe. She was so happy about it all, she told her pappy so. Pappy told her, "Suzie Gal, you'll have to find another. I'd just as soon yo maw don't know, but Joe is yo half-brother." So Suzie forgot about her Joe and planned to marry Will. But after telling pappy this, he said, "There's trouble still. You can't marry Will, my gal and please don't tell yo mother, cause Will and Joe and several mo I know is yo half-brother." But mama knew and said "Honey chile, do what makes yo happy. Marry Will or marry Joe, You ain't no kin to pappy!"
Nsfw Markers
for all those people who like to fuck up other peoples fun, guess what its wrong and thats how you make enemys. last week i had a mumm marked nsfw it was neithr nsfw or offensive in nature. now that these penis moungrouls want to play funny person i cant post any mumms for two weeks thanks for the nsfw marking. this site is supposed to be fun not go out there and find people to fuck with.
The War Against Point Whores Has Begun!!!
Okay....First off I'mma set it off like this....Today The War against Point Whores Has Officially Begun!! I am SICK and tired of NOT having the luv returned with the MAJORITY of the women of Fubar on appears that the vast majority of them are either too stupid,too shallow,too ignorant,too naive,too conceited,too pompous or too pretentious to show the same amount of respect to YOUR page and YOUR profile that you showed them. You see I have 441 friends...only 128 fans and am a fan of 490 people...when I send a friends request I also fan,rate the pic and rate the profile and let me tell you that's quite an accomplishment to do seeing how some of your fucking pages take 10,12,15,20 minutes or more just to fucking LOAD up to do all of that....but is the the RESPECT that you shown them returned? FUCK NO!! It seems that the MAJORITY of women on here are completely content with taking ALL the points from fanning,rating the profile,rating the pic and adding and just accept
Thoughts For The Day
If someone is really big, and they get tattoos all over, and then they lose lots of weight, what happens? There is a site call There isn't one called That's kinda messed up. I think I want a sugurmomma. It would be fun, for atleast a while. Maybe more than that, I'll never know if I don't try it though. Maybe I should make my own site for sugurmommas.
What Can I Write Here Today???lol
I have had the most amazing time for the past 2 weeks. I was camping and it was fun totally. The lakes, and water, the pontoon planes landing and taking off were amazing. I have never seen that before. I was so close to one, and then chased it down so i can watch it take off in the air. The fishing, nothing like fresh fish from the lake, and cooking it in the open fire. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good. And two weeks of that was just awesome. No city man i miss the country life totally! I want it back!!!!!
Dime This Is All I Got
IF EVERYONE GIVES A LITTLE Hi everyone. We have an amazing woman here. Strong, caring, loyal, and the list goes on. I could be here all night telling you all the great things about her and it still would only be just the tip if the ice berg. Shes in a contest now one that I myself would turn away and say no that is just way to hard.. Even with all the backing I have.. She needs 250.000 comments and when she gets that "and that is a when" she will receive a one year VIC. You see it's not a matter of if. She will get this VIC. It's a matter of when. If everyone just gives a little of themselves to pitch in 20 comments a day. She will have this prize in no time but that of course is up to you.. Shes got me till the end. Does she have you? Please lets give a little. Click on this pic and leave a few. Bookmark it also so you can visit it each day and take part in her victory.
Too Damned Funny
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The Epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now...the wax. Read on......... My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: 'Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet.' So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those cold wax' kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK!?!) So I pull one of the thin strips out. Its two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so I get out the hair dryer
Just Another Day...........
Cowboy... cowboy Well I'm packin up my game and I'm a head out west Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts Find a nest in the hills chill like Flynt Buy an old droptop find a spot to pimp And I'm a Kid Rock it up and down your block With a bottle of scotch and watch lots of crotch Buy a yacht with a flag sayin chillin the most Then rock that bitch up and down the coast Give a toast to the sun, drink with the stars Get thrown in the mix and tossed out of bars Sip the teajuna... I wanna roam Find the old town chillin fools then come back home Start an escort service, for all the right reasons And set up shop at the top of four seasons Kid Rock and I'm the real mccoy And I'm headin out west sucker...because I wanna be a Cowboy baby With the top let back and the sunshine shinin Cowboy baby West coast chillin with the Boone's Wine I wanna be a Cowboy baby Ridin at night cause I sleep all day Cowboy baby I can smell a pig
Words Women Use 1.) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right, and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means half an hour. Don't be mad about this, it is just the same 5 minutes you use when it's your turn to help do things around the house. 3.) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine (see #1). 4.) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word but a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. "That's okay" means she wants to think long and hard befo
A Poem
Missing you so much want to feel your touch need to see your face want a warm embrace need to feel your kiss don't want you to miss want to have your heart never be apart need to feel you close want to kiss your nose never want to fight but always hold you tight love you till the end cause you're my special friend by moonlil
Iced Earth Rule
Movie Pick Of The Week!
SO SWEET SO DEAD As amazing a cast as that is its important to point out that there are even more recognizable faces throughout. More than we had room to list! Some consider this the ultimate giallo; the pinnacle of the genre that achieves its perfection with calculated finesse and effortless perfection beyond a fault. Others consider it reprehensible; cynical trash thats nihilistic and cruel with no redeeming values whatsoever. Around here we tend to lean decidedly toward the former rather than the latter. A murderer has taken up the position of moral redeemer and begins to violently murder the unfaithful wives of the local jet set leaving behind only bloody bodies and photographs of the victims caught in the throes of adulterous passion. Inspector Capuana is the man in charge of the investigation. As the murders continue and the frustration of not being able to step on too many toes builds inside, Capuana finds himself obsessed with the details of the case. There is relentless t
Hey everybody...I just uploaded a few more pics. Please check them out and rate while you're at it. I will return the favor if you do.
Immature Girls Read This
This is to all of you immature girls out there... Im sick of yall women who dont know what the hell ya want.. So if your one of those dumb women who dont know left from right or up from down dont waste my time cause i dont wanna talk to you if your nothing but bullshit. My time is too valuable to waste it on yall trifflin ass hoes.
Fdny Ladder 5
Lost 2 respected firefighters today... Robert Beddia who was close to retirement... and Joseph Graffagnino...who leaves behind a young child and a wife... To fight a fire in a building that has been condemned and abandoned since 9/11... I don't know these two fine firefighters but I do know someone from a neighboring firehouse who is deeply shocked and upset by their deaths... Bless them and their families...for that matter all fire/rescue/ems...police...military...all that take their lives into their hands every day to protect hat is off to you all...thank you for all that you do. ~t
Pain With Pleasure
I recently opened myself up for hurt.. & Hurt i did painfully receive. Why is it that pain can't go well with pleasure, Why do people give up so easily? Just because shit isn't perfect,Life isn't perfect ,So apparently that would logically tell you that no relationship is going to be either. rightttt?! I don't mind working hard ,When it comes to someone i want.It sucks that most guys i seem to be interested in,just give up on us. Makes me feel like shit. I can't put my finger on why i am interested in guys who are weak . oh ya,i remember now.. Because they claim to be the strong type, They Claim to be more then what they seem i suppose. Does this make me a fool probably,I'm a fool to believe that when a person says i'm strong enough to be your really aren't..They are just stupid little monkeys looking for an easy way out.
30,000 To Godfather
HELP!!!!!!!!!!! ALOT HAVE MAXED RATES..HES THIS CLOSE im going to make this simple.. something for everyone to rate lotsa women for you guys..hes got funny stuff.. hΓ䆃ωk@ fubar
I Missed Everyone .. So Ill Give Prayes Soon And ??
tonight im tired and going to bed but , ill give thanx to our Lord and say good night all catch yall tomorrow ..hugs friend,s.........diana
Help Me Out
Guys i send lots of love whenever i can and i don't ask for much in return. Well i'lm calling in a favor, i got less than 6,000 to go and it's for a bet. I HATE LOSING! it means my hair vs my friends hair. please send any love u can to me
I Was Wondering???
In each state the Liquor laws are different... What state are you in and when do the bars close? We're in Connecticut;1am Sun-Thurs and 2am Friday and Saturday.
Hi Everyone; I Was Having Computer Problems , But Im Here Online ... Hugs..
Hey ill catch up on comments and rates and mums tomorrow . but just wanted you all to know im fine , it was my computer sick moden died and had to be replaced lol..diana
Wickedly Wonderful Delight...
You bring out the beast in me! Something about you, always ignites the hottest, most sensual passion deep, deep inside me! My feelings for you are wicked! Yet you also bring out the angel inside me, inspiring love and kindness, and all things good. Being with you is so heavenly that I feel as if I could sprout wings and kiss the clouds! Quite simply, you're my wickedly wonderful delight! You're my heaven and my blissful nights! You're my fire, and my greatest desire. You're red hot... and angelic white.
Ive Blogged This Before, But This One Has Pictures. This Story Made Me So Sick To My Stomach, This Lady Should Die A Horrible Death!
"Who killed your children?" the officer asked."I killed my children." Her eyes were blank."Why did you kill your children?""Because I'm a bad mother."For about seventeen minutes, they pressed her for details of exactly how she had proceeded that morning. She had gotten out of bed around 8:10 and had waited for her husband, Rusty, to leave for work at nine. The children were all awake and eating cereal. Andrea had some, too. Once Rusty was gone, Andrea went into the bathroom to turn on the water and fill the tub. The water came within three inches from the top.Then one by one, she drowned three of her sons, Luke, age 2; Paul, age 3; and John, age 5. She put them in facedown and held them as they struggled. As each one died, she then placed him face up on a bed, still wet, and then covered all three with a sheet. Each had struggled just a few minutes. Next was six-month-old Mary, the youngest, who had been in the bathroom all this time, sitting on the floor in her bassinet and crying. Wh
Sean Kingston -beautiful Girl
Live Cam!
Iam in BBG's "battle of the sexes"contest. To all I've helped in the past please return the favor and rate N bomb me.It begins on the 23rd at 9 pm Fubar time. I will post the link when it becomes available. Thanks, ~NYC
Need To Find Out The Truth!!!
I just need to find some personal shit out...What do you all think of my body...I have more..."personal pics" but you will have to ask me for troughs...Tell me what you think.THANKS!...I know it's messed up.
Gettin To Know Mira
hi my name is Mira... was born and raised in New Jersey. I live with my husband who is my soul-mate and 3 out of our five children we share...I am very happy with my husband... I live with him in Kentucky where i moved 6mo. after we met... I enjoy reading and writting poetry... I love VC Andrews books bout all i really read! I'd like to meet and make friends.. so if ya wann be friends,(and friends only) let me know...
Im in BBG's contest , "Battle of the sexes". To all the people I've help bomb, I need U in this one. Would you please be so kind 2 rate and bomb my pict?The contest starts the 23rd at 9 pm Fubar time. Thanks, ~NYC
Black Betty - Ram Jam
Happy Birthday 2 U!! 8-19-07
**Peffet** C.T HUBBY TO KILLER BLUE EYES et f Tߢe Karma--dl Rd J-W-JgglTT-HK--KD-g'$ w-Bitch From HELL ♥BooBoo...KDM'Z AnGeL Founder of Shadow Levelers Rock E-Diddy STIGMATADOR Finisher1269{Katiekins hubby}~*K.M.A. Family*~ Steve ~*~Club F.A.R.~*~ joshua0690 liltoughy monkfishpastry TheCujoMan2000
Im In One More Contest Plz Help!
jus one more plz! i need this vip badd cant afford one!!!
Sleep Is A Strange Bedfellow.
Sleep seems to be escaping me now. I'm delirious. I'll crash soon. Counting sheep only makes me dizzy. Reading is futile. Trying to search for a reason for this insanity. But I'm too fatigued to figure anything out. I had one dream during all this. I was tap dancing. I can't remember where, or for whom. Just the shiny black shoes. Funny thing is, I don't Tap dance. And I can't remember if it was day or night. Is it light or dark outside? My head is spinning. My body wearing down. I feel a numbing sensation in my legs. I'll just stare into the mist. Someone needs to claim me. Identify my remaining existence. Before I fade into the woodwork. I'll be easy to spot. I'll be holding my heart.
Not Nice
Shes a level 3, bout 35 friends, and bout a dozen fans. She likes to rate a 1. heather_lee@ fubar
My Birthday
ok so im turning 22 on august 23rd...which is in exactly four days from now. im prolly gonna get some money together go buy a bag and go to a friends house and take pics and smoke with some friends. idk i feel old cuz all the ppl i usually hang out with are like, sixteen to nineteen years old so i feel old compared to them but i do have some friends who are my age and some that are a few years older than me. but i will definitely have some more pics up in the next few days too. so keep an eye out for more pics kk? ok thats it for now.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! -- Ren And Stimpy
Fish Heads -- Barnes And Barnes (dr Demento Hit)
New Head Officer And Leader Of Bomb Squad
One Night
One night, after the couple had retired for the night, the women became aware that her husband was touching her in a most unusual manner. He started by running his hand across her shoulders and the small of her back. He ran his hand over her breasts, touching them very lightly. Then, he proceeded to run his hand gently down her side, sliding his hand over her stomach, and then down the other side to a point below her waist. He continued on, gently feeling her hips, first one side and the other. His hand ran further down the outside of her thighs. His gentle probing then started up the inside of her left thigh, stopped and the returned to do the same to her right thigh. By this time the women was becoming aroused and she squirmed a little to better position herself. The man stopped abruptly and rolled over to his side of the bed. "Why are you stopping darling?" she whispered. "I found the remote", he replied.
Cover Of The Rolling Stones-- Dr. Hook (second Copy Cool Video)
Happy Birthday 2 U!! 8-18-07
spidey American Biker Bounsa PEE-JAY~LADY OF SHADOWS L.D.C./CLUB F.A.R.~PROUD ARMY MOM! Kewl Tiger tack mrmonster1970
66,000 To Godfather
We have a Fubar close to God Fathering.. He's got about 66,000 to go..Show him some love. Hes got a lot of pictures and Stash to rate. Show him some love. Hes got something for everyone. hΓ䆃ωk@ fubar
Help Me Out Plzzzzzzz!!!!
Okay this is my second contest. The last one was a complete flop for me! I am hoping that all my friends come through for me on this one! This is really funny and I think you all really need to check this one out! Follow the link below to help me out plz!
Love Profile
Imaginative, erotic, passionate You prefer to have one partner and to try everything with them. You have an enormous sexual appetite, and you often create sexy scenarios to play out with your significant other. Take this quiz at
Happy Birthday 2 U!! 8-17-07
East Texas Dragon tree tommyb1963 Division by Zero RoUgH^n^ToUgH bones Budly creamdrinker65 Devilray1337
Hey Ya'll!
Taking off (Sunday)till like sometime Wednesday. Have a great start to your week, and I'll be back before you get a chance to miss me! lol :) ::hugs & kisses::
Help!! Woman Trouble!!
HELP!!! I have a girl that won't leave me alone, she calls me about 4 or 5 times a week. All she wants is sex! That was cool and all but now I have a girlfriend! We dated for a little while and it was all about the sex!! ha-ha After we stopped dating we still made time for a "booty call" a few times a week. I have tried everything I can think of, yet she still calls and begs for it and she's got a BF! She's a nut!!! :-p My GF thinks it's funny and so did I at first, but it's getting old!! Don't really want to cut all ties with her because of a promise I made to her about always being there for as a friend. She does have any friends besides me and 2 other people! I'm lost!! Any ideas??
She's Pissed Off
shelby also starts school (preschool) but not til the 4th....well shes pissed off at me cause i told her shes not gettin her bookbag til its closer to the time to the start of school...... everytime we go to walmart and pass em she starts cryin and throwin a fit then she wont talk to me for almost an hour lol. well no matter how pissed off she gets she still ist gettin it til atleast the 31st
The Zoo Trip
Black & White Lemur Ring Tail Lemur Lazy Lemur! Baboons Pengins!!! Bears! This poor guy looked so unhappy Big cats Fishing cat On the carousel
Just Flowin Off Tha Top Of My Head!
In Tha Booth! Ya Dig! Yeah Dis Another One Frum Ur #1 Original Plantation Village Boy Son aka A Dot Cizzile! ya dig? Well let me start it off like dis i'm back in tha booth ready to hand yall tha motherfuckin truth real shit dawg dats how imma play it wit dis rap shit oh yes and i love to rap cause imma keep rap and other types of music goin on like a Super Soulja all in tha streets handin yall my Life After Katrina Vol.1 CD wit tha OZ filled to tha top wit real weed and its only gonna costs fa real cheap so holla at me if ur bout urs,cause i'm bout mine shinin in tha sunshine state out here wit no misstakes aimin wit my choice of life i make u fake so come get some if u really what a peice of tha cake and if not u still gonna be gone out ur mind i'm real so respect me,my family,and my team,cause bein bout urs is only a dream come on dawg be cool go to school u know dat A Dot Cizzzile is a gorilla,lion,tiger,and mainly a bear ready to go to warfare and squrae up wit ya in a fairway o
Ac/dc - Back In Black
Aerosmith - Back In The Saddle
Shameless Promoting :)
Hey... I got my website, back up. Do me a favor and visit it and tell me what you think of it. BTW I KNOW MY GALLERY IS EMPTY so don't mention that part :P Do me another favor and check out these websites: K thanks! *MWAH* Lots of love!
110% Guy, 90% Girl
GUYS PART [x] In the winter you love hoodies. (i love hoodies all the time.) =] [] Dogs are better than cats. [x] its hilarious when people get hurt. [x] Youve played with/against boys on a team [x] Shopping is torture. [] Sad movies stink. [] You own(ed) an XBox / XBox 360. [x] Wanted/played with Hotwheel cars as a kid. [] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter. [ x] You own(ed) a DS, PS2 or Sega. [] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers. [x] You watch sports on TV. [] Gory movies are cool. [] You only go to your dad for advice. (for most stuff) [ ] You own like a trillion baseball caps. [] You like going to football games. [] You used to/do collect baseball cards. [] Its kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people [x] Green, black, red, blue or silver are one of your favorite colors. [x] You love to go crazy and not care what people think. [x] Sports are fun too. [ x] You Talk with food in your mouth. [] Wear box ers to bed. (i
New Band
As I mentioned in the captions of the pics I just uploaded, I have a new band. Well, band is kind of a misnomer ... at the moment it's myself and another guitarist/singer (my friend Joe, who you might remember from a previous blog as the guy who offered me the gig in the country band), but we are looking for a percussionist to fill out the line up. We're going to be doing the acoustic thing playing covers of songs that you wouldn't expect to be done acoustic. The songs we're prepping for out first rehearsal (during late night at Applebees this week) are as follows: Smoke on The Water-Deep Purple I Can't Drive 55-Sammy Hagar Basket Case-Green Day Pressure-Billy Joel No One Like You-The Sorpions Detroit Rock City-Kiss For Those About To Rock-ACDC Power of Love-Huey Lewis Yes we have eclectic tastes LOL. We're also toying with the idea of trying to do Tank! by Seatbelts (aka the opening theme from Cowboy Bebop), but I'm not too sure we can pull that off (it's a big band inst
please go here and leave me a rate atleast comments would be nice i need as many as possible if ud like to any help will be appreciated thanks.
well Im just bored do Im gonna ramble on in a blog as usual, well, me, my brotehr and dad have made up, even though they both blame it on alcohol and dont remember what happened, but oh well, nothin I can do about that, Im too emotionally weak to argue with them about it. Im normally a strong woman, but my last ex has fucked up my self esteem so much and Im tring to build it back up,so why waste my energy on crap like drunken bullshit, ya know? Well Im feelin better some today, thanx to every one who wished me well yesterday *hugs* much love to you all! ~Lexi
Be Careful
BE CAREFUL Be careful of your thoughts for your thoughts become your word. Be careful of your words for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character for your character becomes your destiny. Author Unknown
was given a webcam without a drive its called micro innovations 150c cant seem to find a driver that work for it sigh grrrrrrrrrrrrr lol
Emotional Suicide.
emotional suicide. i came to the conclusion today that i'm dying not that it's news to me or to anyone it's just a fact of life. but i'm not the same as i was in fact, i'm practically skin and bones i don't know where my flesh has gone why my cheeks are so sunken or why my clothes are all too large. every morning i wake up and wish i could stay asleep am i tired? no, not really. slumber is a form of escape. i look in the mirror and my eyes look so tired and the smile has gone from my face and all the tears i've cried do absolutely nothing for me. i thought those little pills i thought they would change all of this i thought perhaps just maybe they'd help me remember how to smile but no they haven't. i'm used to feeling this way the sadness it's not as bad as it seems it's comforting, in a way like rain in the afternoon a sense of security. but i came to the conclusion today that i'm dying a slow emotional suicide. (Unknown author ) But i can tota
Quote For August 18
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity. -- Carl Jung Bonus Quote: I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. -- Mae West
school starts for Blake this friday. he will be in excited but yet scared. hes been waiting to start for months. im scared that he might not do so well..he did great in preschool but this isnt preschool :-( this is a whole new isnt just about fun and games now its more about learning...the req for kindergarden isnt like it used to be :-( i truely hope he does well!!!!!!
Laugh For August 18
Wedding Rehearsal During the wedding rehearsal, the groom approached the vicar with an unusual offer. "Look, Ill give you 100 if youll change the wedding vows. When you get to me and the part where Im to promise to love, honor and obey and forsaking all others, be faithful to her forever, Id appreciate it if youd just leave that part out." He passed the clergyman the cash and walked away satisfied. It is now the day of the wedding, and the bride and groom have moved to that part of the ceremony where the vows are exchanged. When it comes time for the grooms vows, the vicar looks the young man in the eye and says: "Will you promise to prostrate yourself before her, obey her every command and wish, serve her breakfast in bed every morning of your life and swear eternally before God and your lovely wife that you will not ever even look at another woman, as long as you both shall live?" The groom gulped and looked around, and said in a tiny voice, "Yes." The gr
Survey Says.....f*cked.....
SO.....5 years .... 5 long, 50+ hours a week no vacation time years and my ass gets booted to the curb with not so much as a real explanation or a 'thanks'. I have to beg for the vacation time owed me since I never take any and they continue to screw me by telling me that vacation time doesn't roll over in our company. Uhm... whatever. Had I been told that, I wouldn't have worked my ass off so much to keep the business afloat.. bitter? me? not hardly... pissed... hurt... disappointed.. you better f'n believe it... and one had the audacity to ask me if I was going to come back at a much lesser position...... uhm... hello... are you HIGH?? .. hmm let's see.... how can I say this nicely... "Radio EDIT"? ... .. there .. that little bit of anger out ... love blogs.. they allow you vent a bit .... of course, there are people in my friends list that still work there, so someone will probably be laughing about this on monday at work.... well, this is my disclaimer .. nothing personal ladies an
I Dont Need
I look in the mirrow everyday so i know what i look like. I dont need someone else putting me down or talking trash about me. I know im a big woman i know whats flabby and whats not. I really dont give a dang if someone thinks i look like crap coz you know what i happen to be a very beautiful person on the inside even on the internet im a beautiful person. I dont have to show my body to get rated. hell if i had to show my body for that id never get rated. I refuse to change who i am just to make a few ppl online happy. i am always honest if you dont like it dont talk to me. I dont talk crap to ppl personaly i have a man. I happen to be very faithful. i dont need to screw around with someone else online to make me feel better about myself or how things are in my real life. I dont have to tell anyone what size my breast are coz frankly its no ones biz but mine and my b/fs and yes he happens to be on this site as well.
If Only You Knew
If u only knew that iwas in darkness and needed the sun to shine on my face, would you come and remove the shadow? If u only knew that i longed for tender touch and your most intimate kisses, would you come to rescue me like a night in shining armor? If u only knew that my nights were spent crying out my eyes until i had no more tears,would u come and comfort me? But mostly, if u knew that my love was deeper than the oceans and farther than any eye could see;If u knew that my thoughts, my actions, my world were centered upon u;If u knew that i cared more than anyone ever could, Would u care about me and my feelings, would u think of me as some crazy girl, would u feel the same way that i do about u? If u only knew...
Comment Comment Comment
comment bomb if bored, i'm going to sleep and everyone is running low on comments
I Start
i start college on october 1,2007. im so excited u wouldnt even believe it.. i will graduate sometime in 2009... i am going to college to become a medical assistant. then maybe after ill go to college again to become a rn. i dont know yet.. alls i know is i want to work with childeren who have cancer so i can try to brighten there day.. it would put a smile on my face and brighten my day to know i helped someone who really needed the doctors and nurses did for me 16 years ago..
If You Realy Love Them And Tell The Truth
You Know when you really truly love someone you should trust them enough to tell them the truth. Testing them is good to a point to see if they really do love you, but when is it testing goes too far. When do we say no more? A heart can be breaken with just the slightest of moves. The pain that can be felt inside is sharp, very painful and then one wonders what more is going to be tested... then sparks a matter of truth. the one testing wants to know if he / she can trust the one they are testing and the one feeling the pain is not being trusted. How should we really handle the way we test the ones we love and find out if they really love us? If we know they love us...Should we have to test them? Is it that our hearts know that they love us but our minds fuck us over and want us to test them and make us do these stupid things? Well whatever it is... I feel the test should not be in the form of lies, it should be in the forms of a foundation. One to build a life on ...not something to b
Abuse And What Not....
yanno normally i dont write about my private life for others to read but... for some reason this months seems like its just ...bad... yanno... i mean.... i read a bulletin where a mother and father pretty much neglected their kids because they were too addicted to the internet.... then....another story a father killing both his 4 month old daughter and ex gf (personal friend of mine may they both RIP)... and one of Fubars very own being abused to the point of death just because she didnt have the strength to get away....just the abuse that goes on.... now i must be a big hearted of soft person i dont know but what goes through peoples minds when they are causing the abuse... or when they are standing by and letting it happen.. just like the bulletin i posted.... i was a verbally abused child by my father... luckly i was never hit or anything... and then i as i grew older i met guys that were just like physically abusive... alot i felt was my fault... but now i know different yann
For Playboy Mansion
SO DJ Brutally Bane is Back and ready to have fun. You can find him at the Playboy Mansion!! Click the picks to go there!!
109,000 To Godfather
To Love A Slave
To Love A Slave If you want a slave, If you want to keep a slave, You must show her your strength as well as your compassion. If you would be beloved by her, You must show her your love. If you would be adored by her, You must cherish her. If you would have her devoted to you, You must inspire her gratitude. A slave gives you her heart As well as her body; She gives you her trust As well as her submission. Never forget that what you want from her must be earned.... must be mented.... Are you worthy of such a slave as you desire? Do you treat her with the degree of respect you expect of her? There is such a fine line! Love and devotion can turn to anger and resentment If trust is betrayed, If power is abused, If your freedom becomes careless. Discipline is not for submissives alone! Control of a slave depends on control of yourself. Never lose sight of your grave responsibility to one who gives herself over to you! Never lapse into callousness or careles
The point pricks, the skin breaks, sliding in deeper, pain flares, deeper it goes. One. A new spot, sliding in, more pain, more exscape. Two. A third spot, pushing it inside, feeling the pain as they enter. Three. More have to have more, there isnt enough pain, cant let the pain fade away. Four. Emotions over flowing, tears streaming, understanding, cant stop, Five. So many more, here and there, many spots. pullling them out, little points of blood running, the holes close. Feeling Better, Emotions stopped, distractions overcame.
A Frail December
I cant take this anymore It's harder then it seems My dependance haunts me taking everything I need I can't take this anymore It's harder then it seems My dependance cost me every fucking thing. I shouldn't have to force you to help me when I fall After all these years you still dont know me at all Nothing ever changes here My dreams all fade away torn apart by silence growing farther everyday Nothing ever changes here My dreams all fade away torn apart by silence growing farther everyday I don't need you anymore I don't need you anymore I shouldn't have to force you to help me when I fall After all these years you still dont know me at all ALightDivided2007
Just To Let Ya Know
If ya see me going to you page and I don't do anything, I'm just checking to see if I have rated and fan'd ya. Just thought I'd put that out there in case any of ya was wondering!!
If We Had Sex
If we Had Sex Game... Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you! Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15.How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you?
Pre Season Game 2 Cowboys Vs Broncos
Game Preview: Denver at Dallas Broncos (1-0) vs. Cowboys (1-0), August 18, 7:00PM CT, CBS 11 Pre-Season Week 2 Preview: The Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, both 1-0 on the preseason, will both play their 2nd preseason game of the year when the two teams clash at Texas Stadium this Saturday. It will be the Cowboys final home game until the regular season opener September 9 against the New York Giants. The Broncos will return home to Invesco Field for their final two pre-season games after Saturday night's game against Dallas before opening up their season on the road against the Buffalo Bills September 9. Denver came from behind to beat the San Francisco 49ers 17-13 at Bill Walsh Field at Monster Park. This was the 1st game there since the passing of Hall of Fame and legendary 49ers Head Coach Bill Walsh due to leukemia at the age of 75. The Cowboys stomped on the Indianapolis Colts early and never let up in route to a 23-10 victory at Texas Stadium. On Wednesday and T
Mythical Phoenix Bird
In ancient Egyptian mythology and in myths derived from it, the phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird. Said to live for 500, 1461 or for 12594 years (depending on the source), the phoenix is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The new phoenix embalms the ashes of the old phoenix in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in Heliopolis ("the city of the sun" in Greek), located in Egypt. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible - a symbol of fire and divinity. Although descriptions (and life-span) vary, the phoenix became popular in early Christian art and literature as a symbol of the resurrection, of immortality, and of life-after-death. Originally, the phoenix was identified by the Egyptians as a stork or hero
Soulja Boy
My Goal
As day approaches nightfall My tongue has one desire To slip between your pussy lips Ignite that lustful fire Fingers play along the rim, To search for growing clit To gently probe around her base Add tender subtle flick Fingers reach, and gently search To find that special spot The one to inflame passion In pussy now red hot You start to shake, and quiver now Your pussy lips alive As orgasm engulfs you The goal, for which I strive
So My Car Completly Shit The Bed
it died more or won't go faster than 5 mph and it's only running on two what did i do about it? well i went and i bought a new car this is the car i just bought today now all i need is another
Jokey Joke
Girls have unique magic tricks: they get wet without water, bleed without injury, and make boneless meat hard.......Now That's Talent!
The Big Race
As you race and the track I look up and your in back. When I seen you hit the wall My heart just stall When it came to the end And he had the win As soon as I turn my head the crew I seen fled When I seen your lifeless face I Know you were in a big Race When they said you where dead I hung my head But I know you where fine Becuase you had cross that golden finish line
What's Right With Your Life
What's right with your life There are plenty of things that are right with your life. Have you thought about any of them lately? The goodness in your life is so much a part of you that you can easily take it for granted and rarely give it a second thought. On a regular basis, though, it pays to think about that goodness. Whatever else may be going on in your world, the fact is that you are extremely blessed in many ways. Think about those blessings that blend quietly into the background, supporting and sustaining you in every moment. Think for a little while about what's right with your life. The more often you connect with the value that's already yours, the more new value you will create. When you feel that the troubles and frustrations are dominating your thoughts, stop and turn your mind in a more positive direction. Remember that wherever your thoughts go, the rest of you will quickly follow. Focus your awareness on the many good things that m
Song that's been going through my mind lately. From the musical Wicked. May or may not end up being accurate, but it has been before. I still have hope, but we'll see in the end. Hands touch, eyes meet Sudden silence, sudden heat Hearts leap in a giddy world He could be that boy But I'm not that girl Dont dream too far Dont lose sight of who you are Dont remember that rush of joy He could be that boy I'm not that girl Every so often we long to steal To the land of What Might Have Been But that doesnt soften the ache we feel When reality sets back in Blithe smile, lithe limb She is winsome, she wins him Gold hair with a gentle curl That's the girl he chose And heaven knows I'm not that girl Dont wish, dont start Wishing only wounds the heart I wasnt born for the rose and the pearl There's a girl I know He loves her, so I'm not that girl You never know I guess. In the storyline, Elphaba (the wicked witch) has fallen in love with the same guy tha
Come Tell Me
Come tell me your wildest fantasy Your deepest sexual dream Im the one in the night Whos name you will scream Let me take you higher Than youve ever been before When I am done with you Youll be panting on the floor So don't shy away Just come to me an lets begin to play I do know what excites you in everyway So let me bring your passion To its full excite even if it takes me all night
Love You
talk to me im bored
Everyone Is Invited To Come
Amor Would You
would you write me a love letter just because would you have it filled with so much love would you show in it what your heart desires would you cover it with hearts an flowers would you write me a love letter with every fiber of your being would you make sure that each an every sentence has meaning would you write me a love letter just to say you care would you send even if I was right there would you write me a love letter to say you wont ever leave would you let me know that you would miss me would you write me a love letter just because
The Want Is Diminished
It's a vicious cycle. No one wants to trust anyone. Hate will always dangle in the air as a choice. Freedom and respect to be free will never be an option. If we don't do as someone wants, when they want it, we're damned to the abyss. No second chances; third chances are nonexistent. It's an "eye for an eye" kind of world. I hit you, your hit me back. I hurt you, you hurt me back. There's nothing we can do about it. We've been created into these kinds of humans and there's no escape. If wanting to escape, you'll only be drawn back in like a fish in a rod. The phrase, "Let live and let God" is considered bullshit. Not everyone's that religious anymore. Spirituality is dead. Faith is dead and so it fate. Jumping mountains in three days isn't enough to prove oneself. Doing it for a lifetime is what we've adhere to now. Trust is earned. But for how long will we keep trying to earn it? I guess until we're tired out and the want is diminished.
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Lonely To Music
Music seems to be my only escape from this silent home I sit in the dark glaring at the virtual windows shining life into my eyes Only thing that keeps me alive and breathing at this moment in time Can't say much for these feelings that stream from my soul Can't spew anything that's unknown because it's known I feel what I've felt that has been hidden from the public Now there's no place to keep the secret that sleeps in my head Blood flowing through my veins show themselves in the day Can't stop the bleeding Moving in rapid motions are my days with no pulse to prove reality The feel of disconnection isn't so strange anymore It's the only recognizable thing there is to see Can't tell the addicts from the "clean for 60 days" Everyone's troubled in his or her own special way Can't tell the murders from the life savers Everyone's sickly disturbed in their own special way Capable of anything from Miso soup to silencing the lamb Looking at my capability of the so called "
If You
If you love me then come to me If you want me then show me Don't hide behind the fear for my love is right here You are a man of greatness an can do so much So open up your heart and feel the love You know what you want an so do I So why don't we just give it a try
Some Ppl Need To Grow Up
ya know i really think some of you sit back and try to come with ways to piss people off....grow up and be the real person that GOD made you to be...and if you have nothing better to do than to sit back and look for ways to upset or piss people off then go out there some where and get a life.....i think you need something better to is short and i don't have time for the stupid bullshit that some of you want to put out the ones of you that are my friends and i mean true friends...( you know who you are )...thank you for being who you are and don't ever change......oh yeah and for the guy out there that thinks he is all that...( and you know who you are )...guess what ain't shit.....i have the best guy right here at home and you will never top that in this really need to get a life......just to let you know, my son is only a teenager and seems to have more sense than some of you that is in my final thought....BITE
My Day,,,
Well today i woke up feeling pretty refreshed...alittle sore but not too bad. I had something to eat blah blah blah lol. Went down to help someone fix their computer cause they couldn't get on the internet, their computer was infected big time so i got down there and cleaned out the computer out. Talked to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to unsuspend their account to find out what's going on with the internet connection. make this i got the IP address of the computer and modem however the ISP was having trouble catching the IP address from the modem. So after bypassing a few times, replacing the splitter, running the connection straight through from the wall to the modem still no luck. So all i could do is have someone come out on thursday to replace the modem. That was the first part of my day. Came home and passed out for a few hours than went to the store..blah blah blah...the rest of the night was a regular lol
If We Had Sex?
If we Had Sex Game... Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you! Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15.How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you?
Go Mountaineers
Lets hear it for those College FootBall fans out there, Go W.V.U. Mountaineers
Same Ole Same Ole
I've been gone for a little over a week. Returning tonight I see the mumms are still NOT mumms but everyones getting away with it. SO I have to ask myself this....are the haters gone or lurking? Are the Bouncers gone or lurking? Does Fubar really care even? I think they need to rename that section of the Fu features to fubar free for all. I have read 10 mumms and not one was actually making up any ones mind...most were whats your opinion questions and wastes of time to even bother reading.
All About Syd....
Hey there. So some ppl on here I've known for ages. Some are personal friends. Some are old classmates from school. Some are new ppl I've met on here back when it was still LostCherry. Some are ppl that I've met in person and became good friends with. A couple have even been lovers. Here is a quick)but probably long) background about me..... I'm about to turn 30...OMG! Yes I said 30 years old! Sept 4th is dooms day so make sure you bring out the black clothing and violins that day. I just signed papers to end my 10 year marriage. There were a lot of factors that went into the end of my marriage. It makes me extremely sad to think that we were not able to work things out and to correct things that could of been fixed but we were on different pages at different times. We have two little girls and if nothing else that was by far the best thing that came of this marriage. My ex and I still remain friends. We have a pretty decent relationship all things considered. And peace is
There's A First Time ...
There's a first time for everything, and sometimes, all that matters is just doing that task that you were trying to finish. I've had many days where the motivation was not there, but the "need" to finish a gaol was. Now, It's the opposite. I've got these goals, but the motivation and the sheer volume of some of the work that lies ahead just makes it tough to stick it out. I'm definitely going to finish what I start - there's no getting around it! I know what I must do: concentrate on one goal at a time until I complete each task. Once I get past the first goal, I can continue until I've completed each step,until the rest of the work is completed. For techies: I wonder if the Non PowerPC based Macs have the same motherboard backplane connector? If so, I can take the 630CD board out and fit in the remaining PPC board and have a better machine at the same time! That Mac has a dead power supply, and there's only two of the older machines to "scrap" for
A Life ???
A Life??? by dreamerz she sits in front of the screen waiting....... In hopes he will appear waiting........ Lustful........ At last he is here He signals he is alone Sigh!!! Oops!! he is gone 'She' must be near Switch of a sex change Now they can talk (generically) Lustful...hoping she leaves Using names on others accounts..can't have it on the print out!!! Maybe a life is what i need Find a man who is free
Want Respect Gotta Show It In Return Sometimes
i dont mind doing shit for people, i rather enjoy it.....but when people tell me to do shit for them or others it kinda pisses me off, so that bein said im done doin shit for people for awhile!!!!!
A Life???
A Life??? by dreamerz she sits in front of the screen waiting....... In hopes he will appear waiting........ Lustful........ At last he is here He signals he is alone Sigh!!! Oops!! he is gone 'She' must be near Switch of a sex change Now they can talk (generically) Lustful...hoping she leaves Using names on others accounts..can't have it on the print out!!! Maybe a life is what i need Find a man who is free
Guys.....Tonight was the best part of a fathers life. As our day started, we did our running around returning a wireless gateway for my computer that got fired in last night storm. We were trying to get home so we could cook something since we are going to have a bowling party for my son tomorrow. Well, as we went from store to store, we just decided to eat out. The first thing that popped into my mind was Hooters the Restraunt. Well, we got there and we picked out our table and my Fiance noticed that my son was looking harder than normal at the waitresses. We asked him what he was doing and he said just looking. I asked him why he was looking so hard and he told me, which made me almost cry, "The girls are HOT!!!!" Fella's, that brought a tear to my eyes. Then I went on to give him the lesson of how to look at girls and not have them notice it and how to point, but not really point. Man, this little boy is so funny. What a chip off of the ole block.
For My Special Friend..
For my special friend.. I know we havn't known each other very long,Though I feel that together we belong,You make me feel so very happy,I don't know what to do, I really don't want to be without you, I know that the love I feel for you is true, I wish and wish all day and night, That you will see the light, Of the feelings I feel for you, And that I wish you had for me too, I care for you as you are, I just wish we weren't so far, Your the sweetest guy I have met, That I befriended on the net..
Makes Ya Think...
IF A MAN WANTS YOU If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any di
A Broken Heart
A Broken Heart by Cristin Lentine We met one night, we clicked on the spot talking and laughing, our fears we forgot Getting to know one another, could it be true that you finally found someone, the same as you It started out slow, just as friends and we knew that someday it would end As time went on, our converstaions steadied day after day, it soon got hot and heavy We fell for one another, very unexpected trying to keep this a secret, not to be detected You were scared, I was very paranoid all we wanted was to fill the void I depended on you, as my lover and my friend little did I know we were approaching the end A small misunderstanding threw us apart and now I'm left with a broken heart
Future Queen
Experience, Strength And Hope
EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH AND HOPE When, Im at the end of my rope, I rely on my experience, strength and hope. My experience has taught me well. Life sometimes can be heaven and hell. My strength has enabled me to go on. Sometimes, life can be hard from dusk until dawn. Hope reminds me, of a loving spirit that has all power. I am protected even in my darkest hour. My experience has taught me to kneel in prayer. Thru my silent times, Ive found comfort there. My strength has been made strong. I pray lead me from what is wrong. My hope is that no matter what, I shall not yield. I have, a heavenly Father that, gives me a shield. My experience can be of use to others. I can be a help to my sisters and brothers. My strength can be there to give a helping hand. Sometimes, all I need to do is listen and understand. My hope is, to share a light to those that are in the dark. There cant be any light or hope, without a spark. chris
Ptrp In The Army
I found this article on myspace and I thought that everyone should read it. This article is really important to me because I was once in this situation. I went to BCT at Ft Jackson for the ARMY in 2005. I broke my shoulder in the 7th week of basic. I was in what you call PTRP for injured solders for 7 months. This article is really long but you need to take the time to read it all. Thank You April 5, 2006 Malevolent Power at Fort Sill The Army Slays Its Own By JoAnn WYPIJEWSKI No IED, no insurgent force, no lurking Talib killed 21-year-old PFC Matthew Scarano sometime between 9 PM Saturday and 4:45 AM Sunday, March 19. He wasn't in Iraq or Afghanistan or even, despite his rank and year-plus of service, in the United States Army, at least as full membership in that force is officially construed. Matthew Scarano died in his bunk, in the barracks of Bravo Battery 95th, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, but he was as surely a casualty of the War on Iraq as any of the 2,318 U
Feelings by Emma I can't describe my feelings for you, but there's more than 'just a few' without you in my life i don't know what i would do, maybe something that would make my whole body blue, although i am scared of dying, so there's no point in lying. The cuts all down my left arm symbolise, the pain and hurt i feel inside, when we kiss, it's like this, it's like a firework shooting through my body igniting every nerve on the way, it's a feeling i wish would never go away, and stay with me every f****** day, you really mean the world to me, and everyone says we are meant to be, so please just give me a clear sign, because i don't know whether you want to be mine or you want to decline
Help Me Win!
please go here and leave me a rate atleast comments would be nice i need as many as possible feel free to add me to ur friends list if ud like any help will be appreciated thanks
Found This Kinda Interesting
Daily Horoscope: Aquarius For August 18,2007 Your mind is solidly on your job and career path right now, so you may as well focus all of your energy in that direction. You may surprise yourself (and others) with your intensity, but you're definitely going places!
This Is Me I Put It Videos Hard To Explain In Words
Cyber Love(to Someone And He Knows Who He Is )
Cyber Love by Yolanda Schiltz What is this thing they call Cyber Love? Seems to be as crazy as this world of push and shove Never to hear your voice only the words you type Longing to meet you but it's only tears I wipe So desperate to see your handsome face anxious to engage in your sweet embrace I dream of your touch to take my breath away Someday I might know but for now I pray I want to Carress , Kiss and Smell your skin Cuddle and Make Love and take it all in To fall in Love under the moonlight To be side by side in the morning so bright I will keep Faith with help from our God above I will meet you one day "My Cyber Love"
Passions Killing Floor
It's poetry carved in flesh This beautiful hell of ours To the deadliest sin we confess (Tears of joy fill our eyes) We are saved with its bigotries My out-there prophecies of doom My heart's a graveyard, baby And to evil we make love On our passion's killing floor In my arms, you won't sleep safely And of lust we are reborn On our passion's killing floor At the first kiss the seeds of hatred are sewn Back into darkness we flee (To tear our hearts out) We are saved where all fates fail The light inside of our tomb My heart's a graveyard, baby And to evil we make love On our passion's killing floor In my arms, you won't sleep safely And of lust we are reborn On our passion's killing floor My heart's a graveyard, baby And to evil we make love On our passion's killing floor In my arms, you won't sleep safely And of lust we are reborn On our passion's killing floor (My heart's a graveyard, baby) My heart's a graveyard, baby On our passion's killing
He Who Hesitates......
Well my friends, it's been a weird August and really a weird summer. It was hot then it was cool, then it got real hot again. Then I moved out of my house! I left my wife of six years because I felt trapped. Justified, perhaps, but having been out of the house for 2 weeks, i'm just not sure what I was doing leaving and at the same time, i'm just not sure i want to go back home either. Yes I wanted some freedom, and i'm enjoying that but I do miss some things that came with being with someone. Anyway, right now i'm wrestling with some of my own personal demons that I think are keeping me from enjoying being with my wife. And to be honest, if I go through counseling to deal with this and it doesn't work, at least I can say I tried. So bear with me my friends, the next few weeks are not going to be the easiest to go through on mty end. So if i'm not on much from this point forward, at least you'll know why. Love, Peace and best wishes to all of you, Chuck
145,000 To Godfather
HES TOO CLOSE NOT TO DO THIS We have a Fubar close to God Fathering.. He's got about 145,000 to go..Show her some love. Hes got a lot of pictures and Stash to rate. Show him some love. Hes got something for everyone. hΓ䆃ωk@ fubarsome love.
Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open! They Are Out There!!!
I recieved this information from a friend and felt i needed to share it with everyone! Keep your self safe! these are the signs: He uses a typical "Nigerian" Love Scam, Modeling Scam or Charity Scam. You can do what you want. But, just be aware that sooner or later he is going to try to steal from you. Scammers are excellent and convincing liars. 1. He will probably tell you that he is temporarily in Africa and will be returning home soon. Believe me, this guy will never get out of Nigeria, Ghana or whatever African country he is in. 2. He is English is very bad and odd. There will be simple words misspelled, very weird grammar, poor or no punctuation, and/or odd words and phrases. A professional does not write like that ever. 3. If you ask him questions about where he lives and his work, he will only give you vague answers. He will hesitate to give you information that a normal person will easily provide. If you want any details from him about anything, y
Computer Love...
Computer Love... by Enchantrezz As I let the words flow from my mind Onto the screen, I never thought meeting someone on here Would make me feel so serene... You stimulate my mind in every which way... This bond that we've created, Has DEFINITELY got to stay... It's funny how things work, And our eyes have NEVER met, But, I guarantee you this.... This is a friendship that neither one of us Will regret.... From online to phone lines we've met Vocally and mentally, Stimulating each other emotionally and physically. Dayum, that's crazy... How words can travel so far, And touch someone so much, That they can hold a TRUE piece of your heart... The capabilities of us can go a long way, Because the bond that we have built Is VERY special in every way
Cyber Sex
CYBER SEX by Del Senkbeil Love must come from Deep within your heart. Like a seed, it keeps on growing. You wonder how it got it's start. It's not like a little toy, You can play with, then throw away. It's something sacred and special, That pleasures you more each day. Love is not like lust, That sexy words can enhance, For someone looking for cheap thrills, From a cyber sex romance. Love at first sight happens, tis true, But written words are not the same. Written words can be deceiving, While two are playing this game. If your heart is aching for love, The kind that is faithful and true. Become someone's dearest friend first, Then maybe love will come to you.
so like it's 930pm right now, i'm at work, and for some reason this is like one of the few sites that is NOT blocked (however, i dont see pics just the little boxes with "x"), i can't even check my yahoo mail here... seriously it sucks butt so i figured i would write my very first blog..... i've been going thru a rough time here in the last two weeks, i've not wanted to be around my friends at all.. i dont want to talk to them on the phone, i dont really want to be alone with them or anything... i'm like blah... and i'm sure i'm hard to get along with right now. and i honestly think it has more to do with the fact i work 7 days a week and what little free time i have i dont want to do anything but what i consider "fun" aka playing pool, or poker (it's what i do ya know) and it's like i get crap from everyone if i dont do what they wanna do all the time, hello i'm an adult i want to do as i wanna do. and you have that right as well... so you do your thing and i'll do mine, and maybe som
Chat Love
CHAT LOVE by GAGOO Looking for company,chat and friends, Two lonesome people on the internet, So separately they logged on to chat, Was'nt eyes across the crowded room met. Was the words they typed on the screen, That began to mean so much, Was that lit the fire within, That became the magical touch. It began with a shy hello, Then they started to chat most days, They found they had lots in common, In many and differing ways. Their chats were lingering on, Neither one was willing to part, And so they decided to meet, Their words had come from the heart. So now no longer alone, They have started their lives anew, So from an internet meet, A love everlasting had grew
George Carlin On Age.
George Carlin on age. (Absolutely Brilliant) IF YOU DON'T READ THIS TO THE VERY END, YOU HAVE LOST A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. AND WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED, DO AS I AM DOING AND SEND IT ON. George Carlin's Views on Aging Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. "How old are you?" "I'm four and a half!" You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. "How old are you?" "I'm gonna be 16!" You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . .. . you become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun n
Firefighters die in blaze by ground zero By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer 42 minutes ago A seven-alarm fire ripped through an abandoned skyscraper next to ground zero in Lower Manhattan Saturday, killing two firefighters who were responding to the blaze. Officers at the scene were preventing nearby residents from returning to their homes, telling them that authorities were concerned the former Deutsche Bank office building, vacant since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks turned it into a toxic nightmare, could fall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that fear turned out to be unfounded. Two firefighters were killed, and five or six others were taken to a hospital but were expected to be released, Bloomberg said. No civilians were hurt. Construction crews had already dismantled 14 of the building's 40 stories reaching the 26th floor on Tuesday. Some firefighters used stairs to reach the burning upper floors of the building, just steps from where 343 firefighters los
An Angel On My Screen
An Angel On My Screen by GAGOO I met an angel on my screen So friendly, kind and sweet... She makes me feel so special I long for when well meet... Weve talked for hours here online And many on the phone... Shes brought such joy into my life When once I was alone. The love I feel within my heart Was but a dream to me... A dream that once was out of reach Has become reality... Ever present in my thoughts Always in my heart... Forever shall I love her And never shall we part. I met an angel on my screen So full of life and love... An angel that was sent to me From Heaven up above... Always with a kind word Her laughter fills the air... Her love is neverending A love thats always there. So if you ever meet someone My wish for you is this... I wish you all the love Ive found For its the sweetest gift... The feeling that you are so loved No other can compare... To have this kind of special love And someone with wh
One Of The Best Tattoo Artists I Have Ever Met
If anyone living in Canada and close to Grande Prairie, Alberta..needs a tat go to Dragon tell him Sherry sent ya..He is an awesome artist, his prices are wonderful and he takes that extra time to get to know u and reassure u if ur nervous..he guarantees all his work..go see him..his studio is called Ink Addictions..882-8971
Repeat Of 9-11 Firefighters die in blaze by ground zero By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer 42 minutes ago A seven-alarm fire ripped through an abandoned skyscraper next to ground zero in Lower Manhattan Saturday, killing two firefighters who were responding to the blaze. Officers at the scene were preventing nearby residents from returning to their homes, telling them that authorities were concerned the former Deutsche Bank office building, vacant since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks turned it into a toxic nightmare, could fall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that fear turned out to be unfounded. Two firefighters were killed, and five or six others were taken to a hospital but were expected to be released, Bloomberg said. No civilians were hurt. Construction crews had already dismantled 14 of the building's 40 stories reaching the 26th floor on Tuesday. Some firefighters used stairs to reach the burning up
My First Block
Well, I discovered CT now Fubar last November. I've made good friends and for the most part gotten along with everyone. Tonight some dude was a total jerk for no apparent reason and I did it, I figured out how to block people. I wonder why some people want to impart their miserable lives on others? Ok..I'm vented; this IS what blogs are meant to be no? Ya'll draw on something positive now and pass it forward...
First Ever Betty Boop Cartoon
What Kind Of Sportscar Am I?
I'm a Mazda Miata! You like to soak up the sun, but your tastes are down to earth. Everyone thinks you're cute. Life is a winding road, and you like to take the curves in stride. Let other people compete in the rat race - you're just here to enjoy the ride. Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.
Are You On Line
ARE YOU ON LINE by GAGOO When sand and ocean lean to kiss, it's in the memories I would wish, to see the light which splits the night, and have her kisses wet delights, But na do feelings kept inside, allow the soul to loose it's pride, to say I love on screen and tube, what love is this, the feeling's moot, No skin to touch no hands to hold, the warmth of screen all lie's be told, the hopes of what and what can't be, for lie's will never set me free, The lines are open to the word, but is it love or just a bird, to fly away and then to see, that you and I were not to be, Why does the screen turn blue at night, with red's of summer, hopes delight, and in the hour's spent on line, to never know this heart of mine, The words of dreams are written down, to cast them to a screen's playground, and never to touch of the face, which in my heart will not erase, A million choices to be made, but never to the real are played, for out in screen land are t
Web Cam
I think I got my cam on here, but not sure i did it right, someone please tell me if i did
Baby One More Time
Addicted To Chat
ADDICTED TO CHAT by Razel Kristine V. Arias i got addicted to MIRC until the right time came for us to see we chat until late at night from ASL's to goodnight funny is the adjective right for you 'coz even through machine i laugh at you we're totally strangers to each other we did not mind or get bothered either what I can feel now is that I liked you but I don't expect you to like me too knowing you is the first best thing to do 'coz it's important to know the real "You" MIRC is such a place to be for all the chatters who would like to see to know the real meaning of you and me come on let's meet and enjor our EB
Men And Life
Here I go, gotta rant on about this subject. I don't get men, they want to talk to you but have other women on the side lol which is so funny please help me understand that one. There jerks who try to play with girls emotions then when there done or they find a girl like me who will not talk nasty or perverted or fall into there game i become the bad person. I am so tired of men and there games. What ever happened to the real men, the men who arent out just for gettin into a girls pants or seeing them naked and its all sweet talk till the girl says no and boom shes a whore a slut and everything else they can call her. And yes for the guys who are gonna read this WOMEN do it to i am not saying they dont. But the fact remains that men do it. I met this one guy on here he is a sweetheart and I dont want him to think he is classified in this but i cant figure him out either. I have to be honest I am tired of being alone, would love to build a realtionship but hey that takes time and n
Sweet Kisses
Here We Go Again
Firefighters die in blaze by ground zero By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer 32 minutes ago A seven-alarm fire ripped through an abandoned skyscraper next to ground zero in Lower Manhattan Saturday, killing two firefighters who were responding to the blaze. Officers at the scene were preventing nearby residents from returning to their homes, telling them that authorities were concerned the former Deutsche Bank office building, vacant since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks turned it into a toxic nightmare, could fall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that fear turned out to be unfounded. Two firefighters were killed, and five or six others were taken to a hospital but were expected to be released, Bloomberg said. No civilians were hurt. Construction crews had already dismantled 14 of the building's 40 stories reaching the 26th floor on Tuesday. Some firefighters used stairs to reach the burning upper floors of the building, just steps from where 343 firefighters los
11,000 To Rockstar
Show some love PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR.@ fubar
A Love I Found On The Net
A love I found on the net by Anna The Night I met You,Your name on my screen I never thought that I would feel love. I never believe of love on the net.but days go by we chat and talk,we shared words that have coused my heart to care,at first i was scared myself to share with you,but you showed me ways. to make my cold heart smile.I love the way we talk over and over again,I have wanted to devour you.not just in a dream,nor by computer keys, I want to touch your body and feel you near to hold you tightly,not just in words but in reality,show you how much Im deeply in love with you.I want our fantasies to all come true,BABY I want to be with you.I will give up everything just to be with you for a second Notes From The Author: You may e-mail me with any comments about my poetry. I never believe love online i thought just a games,when people get bored,but until i meet this person,he touch my heart make my life people outher dont find love coz love come when yo
What Does Faith Stand For?
F orsaking A ll I T ake H im That means going against others when you feel God is leading you one way. Faith is stepping out on NOTHING and finding something there! Taking a giant leap in the air! And wait! Wait when God says WAIT! When others say you are not doing anything and you know what God has WAIT! God is Good!
Forbidden Crush
Forbidden Crush by JustMe What are you doing? I ask myself As I race back to my computer, Always checking, have to see, Just one more time My heart skips a beat, When I see his name in my inbox He lights up my humdrum existence The one person in this world I feel truly connected He understands me like one no one else A simple flirtation was how it begun, A few words on a screen A few emails exchanged A flirtation, a tease, nothing more, nothing less. Right? His face Ill never see His voice Ill never hear, But in the blink of an eye Hes become more than a friend More than a lover. So very important to me. Yet it can never be. Every time we talk, Every time I read his words-- Simple words, from a gentle, caring heart A knight in shining armor living in a modern world-- The words come to my lips, unbidden, Demanding to be heard, to be expressed But I hold them in Can never tell him, never utter those three little words Even if theyre only on a
leavin on tuesday for cedar point and comming back on friday WOOT WOOT!
A Dot Com Unfullfilled Love
A Dot com unfullfilled love by solambi We are getting so close, And yet too close for me. You scare me By saying You wanna see me. I am not ready For such a big move Maybe I will never be. And that is the truth. My perfect little world Is tumbling down Puzzlepieces scattering around. Nothing is bigger Than the wish For your embrace, Nothing more important Than to touch your face. I am mixed emotion Clouds in my head. I should finally wake up And face the fact, That the love we share Will only be on the net.
A young boy went up to his father and asked him, "Dad, what is the difference between potentially and realistically?" The father thought for a moment, then answered, "Go ask your mother if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars. Then ask your sister if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars, and then, ask your brother if he'd sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars. Come back and tell me what you learn from that." So the boy went to his mother and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?" The mother replied, "Of course I would! We could really use that money to fix up the house and send you kids to a great University!" The boy then went to his sister and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?" The girl replied, "Oh my God! I LOVE Brad Pitt I would sleep with him in a heartbeat, are you nuts?" The boy then went to his brother and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?" "Of cour
I Warn You Now
Om going backto stashing in about 15 minutes after i eat. either turn off your sound so you dont hear it or get off my list. Those are your options. I dont care what you pick That is if you dont like it
Help Me
"Dear God, help me to be a part of this little game of life. I don't ask for any place in the line-up. Play me anywhere you need me. I only ask for the stuff to give you 100 percent of what I've got. If all the hard drives seem to come my way, I thank you for the compliment. Help me to remember that you won't ever let anything come my way that you and I together can't handle. Help me to understand that the game is ful lof knocks and troubles and make me thankful for them. And, O God, help me to play on the square. Help me to study the Book so I'll know the rules, and to study and think alot about the greatest player that ever lived, and other great players that are told about in the Book. If they found out that the best part of the game is helping other guys wh owere out of luck, help me to find that out too. Finally, O God, if faith seems to upper cut me with both hands, and I'm laid on the shelf i nsickness or old age, hel pme to take that as a part of the game too
A Advice To Get A Life
A Advice To get A Life by acyberflame Here we go: The images of lust, Are easy to understand. Do what you feel, Until you find trust. So easy to get Over the good ole internet. It's so easy to understand. Do it until the end. Move your body, move your soul. Getting hot? Have no control? Part of it, my Babe. Love or Hate! Who cares? Faces without bodies, Words without voices, Fake, fake world. Coming without going. Plug me in, plug me out. Still have no doubt? Shame on you! Go, get a life, Find your jive! In the real world.
Another Down Rater
this guy is only posting pics of WWE stuff The Warrior@ fubar
A Night Of Cyber Or Is It?
A Night of Cyber or Is It? by Mary Elizabeth Erotic words,suggestive remarks Sexual innuendos days and night Erratic behavior,ache in my heart How i want you to be in my side My breast are heavy,soft to the touch Aching to be fondled,be in your mouth My legs are trembling on shaky ground Wishing its real and not just virtual The feelings, the passion ruled by lust The images,the fantasies became a must Power of imagination in full force In every caress, touch and stroke Its wild, insane and so unreal Be motivated in this manner Yet its there in every encounter Sexual tension high in the air.....
A Broken Heart
A Broken Heart by Cristin Lentine We met one night, we clicked on the spot talking and laughing, our fears we forgot Getting to know one another, could it be true that you finally found someone, the same as you It started out slow, just as friends and we knew that someday it would end As time went on, our converstaions steadied day after day, it soon got hot and heavy We fell for one another, very unexpected trying to keep this a secret, not to be detected You were scared, I was very paranoid all we wanted was to fill the void I depended on you, as my lover and my friend little did I know we were approaching the end A small misunderstanding threw us apart and now I'm left with a broken heart
G o to God in prayer daily. R ead God's Word daily. O bey God, moment by moment. W itness for Christ by your life and words. T rust God for every detail of your life. H oly Spirit-Allow God to control and empower you.
How INSaNe are you? 41% Quirky - You are only insane very rarely and when you do go insane it is hilarious. 'How Insane are You?' at
Dayumm Nice Pic Of Our Superdome
My Pregnancy Update 8-18-07
I love hearing him whisper my name, I love the way he laughs. I love everything about him. I feel so strongly connected to him. I feel so complete with him. I feel so alive around him. I never want these feelings to fade, I want to keep hold of him forever. I need him, I crave him, I want him, I love loving him. for Stephen..
It seems I have offended a few people with my stash uploads. They removed their friend and fanning. Oh well. Most of you have been on my list for awhile and know that there are times i go on mad uploading sprees. Those that stick with me thanks. Those that cant handle it. FUCK YA. Get off my damn list if you dont like it. Just shut your whiney asses up. If I wanna hear somebody whine Ill call my kids at their grandmas (where they are this weekend). get it? got it? good!
Lol This Is Funny As Hell
yo quiero no showerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Kindergarten Comes At Last!!!!
Well, this week is the week and my four year old son is finally going to school. I was very pleased to see that my hours worked out just fine this week for his school hours....I am going to take him to school and pick him up this week.((I had to fix my schedule around a bit this week only and then change my reg schedule around so that I can take him to school and pcik him up)) And then next week I will get him into the after school program "Kids Club" since that actually ends at 6pm every night....I get out of work by 5:30pm. Luckily, for me I get Friday's off at work still so I can have at least one day to take Jake to school and pick him up. His hours are from 8:55am to 3:45pm. And then this monday night is "Meet the Teachers Night". I think it will be a lot of fun.
Another Saints Touchdown
When He Was On The Cross...i Was On His Mind!
I'm not on an ego trip, I'm nothing on my own, I make mistakes, (Lord knows I do) I often slip, just common flesh and bone; but I'll prove someday just what I say, I'm of a special kind. For when HE was on the cross..I was on HIS mind. The look of love was on his face. Thorns were on his head, blood was on HIS scarlet robe-stained a crimson red; Though his eyes were on the crowd that day..he looked a-head in time. And when HE was on the cross..I was on HIS mind. For HE knew me, yet HE loved me. HE whose glory makes the heavens shine. So unworthy of such mercy. Yet when HE was on the cross, I WAS ON HIS MIND!
To My Best Friend Sherri A True Friend
A FRIEND LIKE YOU Natasha Everyone should have a friend like you You are so much fun to be with And you are such a good person You crack me up with laughter And touch my heart with your kindness You have a wonderful ability To know when to offer advice And when to sit in quiet support Time after time You've come to my rescue And brightend so many Of my routine days And time after time I've realized how fortunate I am that my life includes you I really do believe that Everybody should have a friend like you But so far it looks like You are one of a kind!
~from A Sweet Friend Of Mine...a Real Man...takes The Tme To See More Than Just The Outer Beauty In Me...ty!! Muah!!
I am here waiting Waiting and yearning for you. I am here waiting Waiting for the light in your eyes To shine like a newborn star That will shine on forever. I am here waiting Waiting for your love To finally find me. I am here waiting It seems like forever, Endlessly hoping That my dreams will survive, For just one more day, One more day I’ll spend dreaming, Endlessly dreaming, Endlessly dreaming and waiting… Waiting for you
Where My New Home Is... Lick It Stick It Click It And Join.. The Fun Never Stops
How Insane
How INSaNe are you? 48% Quirky - You are only insane very rarely and when you do go insane it is hilarious. 'How Insane are You?' at
A Tribute To Single Moms (from Rjezzy, Bulletin Board)
For all you single mothers out there...I found this and wanted to share it with yall. You ladies keep doing the damn thing, keep your head up and stay strong. We ask what is a single mother? Is she a woman with much strength and love or pain and fear? Maybe she's the devil in disguise or perhaps the angel beneath the pain. Could she be a woman of much style and grace? One thing is for certain; no one can understand what a single mother is unless they experience the feeling themselves. A single mother is a woman who is filled with everlasting, unconditional love, and words of wisdom to guide the way through life. A single mother doesn't recieve much credit today for the way she dedicates her life to working long hard hours and making time in her busy schedule to take care of what is hers. She goes through life trying so hard to do her best for her child, yet sometimes she feels as if the world is caving in, although one thing goes up, another one comes down
F**kin Lil Boys
For all of you that may think I'm a bitch cause I ignore you or I tell you I don't want to talk. This is why I do it. I have a bf...which is why this asshole got pissed off. Sorry why would I want someone in Mississippi that I've never met when I have someone real here? Kyle Ford: FUCK YOU! sweetnessinevil: you'll never get that chance Kyle Ford: BITCH! sweetnessinevil: thanks I love that compliment Kyle Ford: WHORE! sweetnessinevil: nope not a whore or I'd be dating you too Kyle Ford: WELL TO ME U R sweetnessinevil: that's only cause you're pissed you can't have me sweetnessinevil: lol just like the rest of em Kyle Ford: UR GODAMN RITE IM PISSED OFF! sweetnessinevil: NOT MY FAULT Kyle Ford: I DIDNT SAY IT WAS sweetnessinevil: then stop disrespecting me sweetnessinevil: I have nothing to do with what goes on in your head Kyle Ford: I CANT DEAL WIT THIS N U RITE NOW
Where Is She??
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says, "Okay, but you owe me..." jokingly. Not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you and I care... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. I'm the girl who you can talk to abo
I'm sitting here on the top of the downtown parking garage; the one I always go to when I need to think privately. Sitting on the ledge as I always do, my feet dangling against the concrete walls. One of the tallest buildings downtown, and the tallest parking garage, it has a beautiful view of the market area, orange with the lights at night. My only companions are the strange little birds that haunt the taller buildings, screetching and shreiking eerily. They serve as a reminder of why I am here. My mind is blank, my mouth is dumb, and my heart is the only thing that feels. Aching, as it always has in times past when need drove me to the edge. Edge of insanity? I wonder. Perhaps the edge of death? Sounds more like it, though in all times past I never jumped. Still alive, I think to myself, laughing almost grimly. Alive for what I've always wondered. For the same purpose, the same reason, has ever driven me here. I wonder what it would be like to jump. Leap off the ed
Posse And All Friends Who Care To Assist
Everyone this is one of the most sweetest couples I have yet to meet here on fubar and they are in a contest that needs 250,000 comments to win.. They don't exspect to win this one over night but it is a contest that they can win if each of us puts just a little bit in each day.. For one person this will take a life time. As a group this will take no time at all. They have bombed for the Posse starting way back when Confed had his contest for the 50,000 comments to get a Vic and month blast.. They have put this contest on hold to come out and help us with every contest we have had starting even before that one.. Remember when we were in Balies contest. The father daughter contest where we got like 60,000 and the confeds took first with well over 70,000? Once again that was Doom that bombed with us.. They have not once asked a single favor from us. They have been in contests and they have relied only on them selves and their friends. Knowing we are a bombing group and kn
I am moving this week, and on Friday heading off for vacation to AZ with my best friend. We will be gone for a week. I will not be back online until I get back.
You Are Special To God
Everyone needs someone to talk to. Someone to relate to. Someone to whom you can tell all the deep things of your heart. But since that is also considered a sign of weakness, you dare not let anyone else know. We are created with a deep need to relate. Someone once said that inside every man is a little boy still trying to please his Father. I guess the same applies to every woman. Inside all of us is a child who desperately needs to lean on God. Our society has done a strange thing. It has conditioned us to look upon dependence on God as a sign of weakness. We see, "Success" as the ability to go it alone. To make it without anyone's help. Especially with God's help! Therefore when we hear someone say, "I surrendered to God", or "I asked Jesus to take control of my life," we immediately think of the person as a weakling, as washout, a failure who couldn't make it on his own and had to call on God for help. But when we do we feel good inside; for inside every human being
Things Youll Never Hear A Southern Boy Say
30 things you'll never hear a southern boy say: 30. Oh I just couldn't, she's only sixteen. 29. I'll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex. 28. Duct tape won't fix that. 27. Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken. 26. We don't keep firearms in this house. 25. You can't feed that to the dog 24. No kids in the back of the pickup, it's just not safe. 23. Wrestling is fake. 22. We're vegetarians. 21. Do you think my gut is too big? 20. I'll have grapefruit and grapes instead of biscuits and gravy. 19. Honey, we don't need another dog. 18. Who gives a damn who won the Civil War? 17. Give me the small bag of pork rinds. 16. Too many deer heads detract from the decor. 15. I just couldn't find a thing at Wal-Mart today. 14. Trim the fat off that steak. 13. Cappuccino tastes better than espresso. 12. The tires on that truck are too big. 11. I've got it all on the C: drive. 10. Unsweetened tea tastes better. 9. My fianc, Bobbie Jo, is registered at T
Been Afk Alot Lately..
Hello everyone, sorry i've been afk alot lately. Had alot of shit going on. Well anyway's... It's not going to stop till I But during the day when I have time I will def. be bombing like mad crazy.. Love you all, laterz. -Pyroinc
The sky slowly darkens around me, The night grows darker with every passing moment, My heart sinks lower as the time ticks by, tick... tock.. tick... tock.. and still I sit here waiting on ur return. Lost in the memorys of you, Lost in restless thoughts of you. Lost in my fragmented peices of time with you. tick... tock.. Will you ever return to me? Can I over come my fears without you? Can I live without you? tick... tock.. Here I wait...patiently.
Whats The Time?
This was recently in the Seattle Paper... Thetitle of the article was "Best Come Back Line Ever." In summary, the police arrested Robert Aylor, 59+ year old white male, in a pumpkin patch 11:38 p.m. on Friday night. On Monday, at the County courthouse, Aylor was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency, and public intoxication. The suspect explained that as he was passing a pumpkin patch on his way home from a drinking session when he decided to stop, "You know how a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there was no one around for miles or at least I thought there wasn't anyone around" he stated in a telephone interview. Aylor went on to say that he pulled over to the side Way!
Well its time, Ive decided to host my very FIRST contest! Its going to be a hottest piercing contest. Its going to run for one week and will start as soon as I have enough people entered. Heres the rules: 1. Bombing IS allowed. 2. You must have a salute! 3. Cheating will NOT be tolerated. If I find out you are harassing anyone else in the contest I will take you out of it! The prizes are as follows: First Prize: Corvette Second Prize: Silver Motorcycle or an Impala, winner's choice. Third Prize: Men or woman's ring, winner's choice. You can either have the gift yourself or have it gifted to someone else, it's up to you. If you would like in, send me a fumail letting me know what picture you would like entered. Once again, the contest will be for the hottest piercing and will run for one week. Shaniqua shaniqua~Co-Founder of LDC~Wife of Dark God and Goddess of Afrika*@ fubar
A Poem I Wrote For My Boo-boo
Your eyes fall upon me like a calm before the storm, your touch is soft against my skin, like a blanket soft and warm, your arms wrapped around me tight, keep me safe from harm. Your the shelter from my fears, the hand that wipes my tears, the one I long to be with, from this day, and for many years. Your love has taught me many things, but none of them were bad, the love we share is beyond compare, the best I've ever had. The problems in my life, and the challenges that I must face, All seem so null and distant, when you wrap me in your embrace. There are many things that I could say, and this poem could go on forever, but I shall end it here, but make it clear we will ALWAYS be together. BY: STEVEN KYLE BROWN 1 copyright, 08-18-07
Poem (about Angels And God!
"make A Memory"
Hello again, it's you and me Kinda always like it used to be Sippin' wine, killing time Trying to solve life's mysteries How's your life, it's been a while God it's good to see you smile I see you reaching for your keys Looking for a reason not to leave If you don't know if you should stay If you don't say what's on your mind Baby just breathe There's nowhere else tonight we should be You wanna make a memory I dug up this old photograph Look at all that hair we had. It's bittersweet to hear you laugh Your phone is ringing I don't wanna ask If you go now, I'll understand If you stay, hey, I've got a plan We're gonna make a memory You wanna steal a piece of time You can sing the melody to me And I can write a couple of lines You wanna make a memory If you don't know if you should stay And you don't say what's on your mind Baby just breathe There's nowhere else tonight we should be We Should be You wanna make a memory You wanna steal a piece o
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, P. Niss The Response: Dear Penis: After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace ra
just tired of everything.....i feel like im a worthless piece of shit that isn't even good enough. i dont know what to think anymore. maybe i should stop trying and just give up period. im tired of this life...i dont even care anymore. im dying on the inside anyway and im just not wanting to care or live anymore. if you hate me for my words...oh well, you just dont understand nor will anyone ever understand or even care. i just can't live with this sadness anymore. it's killing me slowly each and every day! and i dont even know wny im bothering with this blog.
I Am Thankful For...
Peeps I Need Ur Help
Heres a thumbs up for all friends and fans. We all need to stick together for this world is better place because we are all friends. In a world were friendship is hard to find its as percious as any gem or worth more than any vault could hold.
Fubar's Sexiest Person Contest
Fubar's Sexiest PERSON(man or woman) Contest - Winner gets a Blast and a New Sex Toy ( I sell them Anyone over 20,000 points gets a free NEW Sex Toy!! Anyone over 18 can join - don't get upset if a man is beating a woman...It happens Contest Lasts 7 Days - once your in it you can not drop out. Any age, weight, height, color, etc can join. I keep hearing that your not pretty enough or I can't win. If your on my Friends list YOU ARE pretty and sexy enough. Want to know how to win? in my last contest I saw someone with 220 friends beating someone who had 1,600! And it was a HE! He voted, got his friends to vote, HIS FRIENDS got other people to vote. Self Bombing and Friend Bombing is allowed.
Welp Here's The Sknny On My Appt.....
I saw the neuro surg today for my doc appt. He says he can fix my back. I wont be 100% but I will be better then what I am now. He will have to do some fusing of the vertebra though. He said I had to quick smoking ( which I had already signed up to do that and was going to quit in Sept anyway ) and gave me a script for something that will help me out alot, said it was the best there was to stop smoking. I have to have another MRI and then possibley a Mylogram. I havent gotten my hopes up just yet. I have been threw so much when it comes to my back and actually getting something done to fix it. I dont think I could handle this going wrong. But like I said before I'll keep those who wanna know/care updated as I know things.
Hello Out Their
Everyone is in a hurry to scream "racism" these days! "In what aisle could I find the Polish sausage?" The clerk looks at him and says, "Are you Polish?" The guy (clearly offended) says, "Well, yes I am. But let me ask you something. If I had asked for Italian sausage would you ask me if I was Italian? Or if I had asked for German bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German? Or i f I asked for a kosher hot dog would you ask me if I was Jewish? Or if I had asked for a Taco would you ask if I was Mexican? Would you? Would you?" The clerk says, "Well, no!" "If I asked for some Irish whiskey, would you ask if I was Irish?" "Well, I probably wouldn't!" With deep self-righteous indignation, the guy says, "Well then, why did you ask me if I'm Polish because I asked for Polish sausage?" The clerk replies, "Because you're at Home Depot."
What Goes Around Comes Around
Flattened Frog There was this little boy about 12 years old walking down the street, dragging a flattened frog on a string behind him He came to a house of ill repute, and knocked on the door. When the Madam answered it, she saw the little boy and asked what he wanted. He said, "I want to have sex with one of the women inside. I have the money to buy it, and I'm not leaving until I get it." The Madam figured, what the hell, so she told him to come in. Once in, she told him to pick any of the girls he liked. He said, "I heard all the men talking about having to get shots after making love with Amber. THAT'S the girl I want." Since the little boy was so adamant and had the money to pay for it, the Madam told him to go to the first room on the right. He headed down the hall, dragging the squashed frog behind him. Ten minutes later he came back, still dragging the frog, paid the Madam, and headed out the door. The Madam stopped him and asked, "Why did yo
Trying To Finish
Ok everyone I'm trying to finish up my contest. I still need 5975 more bombs. I knoe theres been alot of contests this week so If you all wouldnt mind helping me out I'll be glad to return the favor. Heres the link to my contest just click the pic
The Delivery
Susie paced the length of her office, fuming. Her presentation package shouldve arrived hours ago. She had two hours until the board meeting and still had to make some final touches. Ugh! Why the hell did she let Dale talk her into sending them to him for approval? She thought impatiently. When she caught her reflection in the small mirror on the opposite wall, she frowned. She was a mess! The hair she kept in its classy little upsweep was in disarray. Tendrils of curls escaping from the silver dragonfly clip her grandmother had given her before she died. Her blouse was an utter mess, and the thigh high skirt she wore was a wrinkled disaster. Grabbing her purse, deciding to go freshen up, she opened the door and ran smack into the UPS delivery man. Her purse fell to the floor, only to scatter the contents everywhere, while her precious presentation hit the ground with a resounding thud. Im so sorry maam the man said, bending to pick up the scattered remnants of her purse. Looki
Holy wow. I've been attacked by some type of mutated ant. The secret of the ooze has nothing on these guys! My foot is actually aching and we all know how I cry like a baby when my feet are involved... My poor little foot aside, there's a bit of garbage going on at the Sheriff's office, what with the supervisor being replaced and all. Being that I'm the "new" girl, someone thought it'd be really cool to suggest that I have my shift changed so they don't have to...
I Can't Believe I Heard This...
I cannot believe I just heard this. Here I am, eating my pizza, then out of the tube I hear "now you can go strong or you can go soft!!!" I about spit my food out laughing. It was a commercial for ass wipe haha! Gotta love Charmin ;-)
The Crush Thing Could Be Painful In Vulnerable Times
i guess its kinda cool when u don't know who got a crush on you--and when it goes-it sure hurts but less then when you know who put it there--especially when it was mutual and way more. or sometimes it could be something more casual--damn it always hurts when that number goes down--that clearly means someone is rejecting me--either for someone better than me--or not--it sux--ok. but thank G-d for the one who never took their crush away
Stash Rates
wow used them all up too. hmmm maybe I should get a life.......Nah
One Heck Of A Day
dragon boat races are done we have a time of 3 mins on first race 257 on second race we did a challange race and children aidscity local police staion and boys and girls club we place third on that one and last then we had to go back and race the consolation champship we one bronze witha time of 250 five hundred milters race then i find out some one stole my ditial camera what fun but all in all it was a great day got a brand new pair of sandals so i had a great day im sore and stiff now also wind and sun brunt ps sorry about spelling im just sore and tired had to be there for 5 am zzzzz
Rip Ralph
Whats In A Name?
What Ruthie Means R is for Romantic U is for Unique T is for Tricky H is for Honorable I is for Impressive E is for Enjoyable What Does Your Name Mean?
Baked Chicken With Red Wine
1 chicken (3 to 4 pounds), cut into serving pieces 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme 1/2 teaspoon rubbed sage 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary, crumbled Garlic powder or fresh minced, to taste Salt and pepper to taste 1/2 red wine 1 tablespoon olive oil, optional 1 cup coarsely chopped pecans Preheat oven to 3750 F. Arrange chicken pieces in 13 x 9 x 2 baking dish. Sprinkle with seasonings. Pour wine over all. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with chopped pecans. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil; continue to bake until chicken is thoroughly cooked, approximately 30 minutes. If browner chicken is desired, place under broiler for a few minutes, being careful not to burn pecans. Variations: Add dijon-style mustard and/or Worcestershire sauce to wine before pouring over chicken pieces.
Photo Rates
well dang that two days in a row I've used up my photo rates. I must be being a busy little......
I Am Honored To Be In The Same Light As This Saint.
What Famous Leader Are You?personality tests by
Tequila Lime Chicken
1/4 cup tequila 1/4 cup frozen (thawed) limeade 1 tablespoon grated lime peel 1 1/2 pounds skinless boneless chicken breast halves, cut into strips 1 small orange or yellow bell pepper, cut into 1/4-inch strips 1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms (4 ounces) 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1 16 ounce package uncooked spinach fettuccine 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese Mix tequila, limeade and lime peel in medium glass or plastic bowl. Stir in chicken. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes. Place chicken and marinade in 12-inch skillet. Stir in bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic. Cook over medium-high heat 10 to 12 minutes, stirring occasionally, until chicken is no longer pink in center. Cook and drain fettuccine as directed on package. Divide fettuccine among 6 serving plates. Spoon chicken mixture over fettuccine. Sprinkle with cheese. Garnish with additional grated lime peel if desired.
Dats One Ugly Bitch
Now, see, I have been told, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." I have stuck buy that, even in the heat of an argument. Well, lately people on here have not done this. I have read many mumms about people calling others ugly and purposely rating them a "1". I have gotten rated low before but hey, to each their own. I know I'm not a "10" but I'm not a "1" either. I can handle stupid ratings but when you have the freaking audacity to post a comment stating "Now that's one ugly bitch", that's where I draw the line. First, never, EVER call me a bitch cause you don't know me. Second, ugly is such a strong word. I don't consider myself pretty but there's no way I'm UGLY. People just need to grow the fuck up and leave all mean comments to yourself, seriously.
Yay We Won On Weekend
MY TEAM WON && NOW WE IN TOP 8 we just might make finals yet WOOOT!!! YAY LIONS LOST WOOT WOOT awww poor nigel ;)
Parmesan Fried Chicken
2 1/2 lbs chicken tenders or chicken breast cut in strips - no skin salt 4 tablespoons butter or margarine 1/4 to 1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 teaspoons paprika 2 eggs, slightly beaten 3 tablespoons milk 2/3 cups grated Parmesan cheese 2/3 cups grated Romano cheese 2/3 cups dry bread crumbs Heat oven to 400. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in 9 x 13. Lightly salt chicken. Coat chicken with mixture in dish 1, dip chicken into dish 2, roll chicken in dish 3. Roll up strips and secure with a toothpick. Place chicken in pan. Drizzle with melted butter. Bake 45 minutes or until done. May serve with several sauces - salsa, sweet and sour, BBQ, use your imagination. Note: if in a hury can use whole pieces of chicken, place in pan bone side down.
Baby's First Visit To Doctors Office
A woman and a baby were in the doctor's examining room, waiting for the doctor to come in for the baby's first exam. The doctor arrived, and examined the baby, checked his weight, and being a little concerned, asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed? "Breast-fed,"she replied. "Well, strip down to your waist," the doctor ordered. She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded, and rubbed both breasts for a while in a very professional and detailed examination. Motioning to her to get dressed The doctor said, "No wonder this baby is underweight. You don't have any milk. " "I know," she said, "I'm his Grandma, but I'm glad I came."
Walking Alone
Walking Alone by Michael Anderson Alone Edgar Allan Poe [1829] From childhood's hour I have not been As others were- I have not seen As others saw- I could not bring My passions from a common spring- From the same source I have not taken My sorrow- I could not awaken My heart to joy at the same tone- And all I lov'd- I lov'd alone- Then- in my childhood- in the dawn Of a most stormy life- was drawn From ev'ry depth of good and ill The mystery which binds me still- From the torrent, or the fountain- From the red cliff of the mountain- From the sun that 'round me roll'd In its autumn tint of gold- From the lightning in the sky As it passed me flying by- From the thunder, and the storm- And the cloud that took the form (When all the rest of Heaven was blue) Of a demon in my view. Walking Alone Michael R. Anderson [1/90] Response to: "Alone", by Edgar Allan Poe. I, too, was born of a world not the same, Amongst white snow, a raindrops
I just want to say this : I AM SICK OF Selfish, isecure, self-centered, childish people !!!! Ok I am better! Thanks for listening.
Hurricane Dean Hits Caribbian
I Had To Change My Name On Fubar
I had to change my name on fubar because "Orgasmic" is no longer allowed in a name and my name was showing up as just my ID of "385108" My name on fubar is now just "O Aimee~~NSFW~~" Kinda sucks, but oh well. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Please rate my blogs if you read them. Thanks, Orgasmic Aimee
Would You???
Single Moms
For all you single mothers out there...I found this and wanted to share it with yall. You ladies keep doing the damn thing, keep your head up and stay strong. We ask what is a single mother? Is she a woman with much strength and love or pain and fear? Maybe she's the devil in disguise or perhaps the angel beneath the pain. Could she be a woman of much style and grace? One thing is for certain; no one can understand what a single mother is unless they experience the feeling themselves. A single mother is a woman who is filled with everlasting, unconditional love, and words of wisdom to guide the way through life. A single mother doesn't recieve much credit today for the way she dedicates her life to working long hard hours and making time in her busy schedule to take care of what is hers. She goes through life trying so hard to do her best for her child, yet sometimes she feels as if the world is caving in, although one thing goes up, another one comes down
The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled by Kit McCallum How often we must bear the challenges of life; The endless roller coaster between happiness and sorrow; The constant ups and downs of daily strife. And always the question remains .... why? Life is not an easy road for most; It twists and turns with many forks in the road, Although always, and inevitably, we are given a choice ... Do we turn to the right ... or the left? Do we take the high road ... or the low road? Do we take the easy path ... or the difficult one? Decisions are not easy for those struggling for direction ... And sometimes the many choices and signs become overwhelming. While standing at a crossroads in life, The urge is to take the most comfortable path; The road with least resistance ... The shortest or most traveled route. And yet, if we've been down that comfortable road before; Have gleaned its lessons in life, and learned from our experiences; Do we yet again follow the known? Or does our de
Jimmy K's Wife Has Passed Away
Betty and Father Dan Eagan ("Junkie Priest") in Huntsville, AL. Betty Kinnon, the wife of one of our earliest predecessors Jimmy K, died last night, Wednesday, August 14, 2007, at approximately 11:30pm. "We cannot rise higher than our thought of ourselves." -Orison Swett Marden
good evenin family i hope evryone is well , ok im askin you all to go help our friend out she she help in rubias contest plz all go show her sum love plz all have a good nite
Your Smile
Thinking about you, Makes my day, Every moment, In every way, Your smile melts my heart, Like no other, Especially, When we stare at each other, Your face gives me butterflies, Whenever I look at you, It makes me want to blurt out, I Love You, But what turns me on, Is not just you face and your smile, It's your personality, And the times when we talk awhile, Being with you makes me happy, All the time, That I wished you were forever mine, But you have someone else Which hurts my heart, Every time I think about it, It tears me apart, I understand, If you love another and not me, Because the truth is, I just want you to be happy, But what pains me the most, Is when we talk to each other, And all you can talk about, Is her, If she makes you smile, If she makes you glad, I don't want to get in the way, Because I'm not like that, But to tell you the truth, When she goes, I just want to tell you, I love you more then you'll Ever know
Mean So Much
You mean so much to me More than I could ever say And even if you don't believe me I mean it in every way Whenever were together Nothing can go wrong And I'm starting to think That with you is where I belong Whenever we are together I thank God that I'm alive With you by my side I think I can survive You take away my sadness You take away my pain This feeling when I'm with you Is nothing I can explain I wish that I could be with you All throughout each day Therefore the smile on my face Would never have to go away I know you understand That I'm in a constant fight And your one main reason Why my life is worth the fight Youve always been there for me No matter what Ive gone through So I just want to take this time to say Thank you and I love you
Enamorado Por Prima Vez *enrique Iglesias*
Music Video:ENAMORADO POR PRIMA VEZ (by Enrique Iglesias)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Family Values Tour is only 3 days away! my head is going to hurt after all that head banging...
A Poem About Hope
Hope by Brian Quinn When all about you is black with gloom, And all you feel is pending doom. When your bones are racked with grim despair - When every breath is a gasp for air. Keep on going, though you need to grope, For around the bend is a ray of hope. A ray of hope is perhaps all that's left, As your will to live has been bereft. You've lost it all, it's just no use! You can end it all, you need no excuse. But throw away that piece of rope, And give yourself a chance of hope. Just give yourself another day, Brushing aside what your thoughts may say. This is your life and you can make a new start, By ignoring the brain - just follow the heart. Taking baby steps in order to cope, And minute by minute you'll build on your hope. Build on your hope,. one day at a time, Though the road be steep and hard to climb. The hurts of the past - they should be dead. The fears of the future are all in your head. Just live in the present and refuse to mope Your life
What To Do
do I know you? sometimes I'm sure I do at times even better than you know yourself other times I don't know you at all something is happening I will agree your words have caught me up in something big and we have made a real connection here in a short time do you know me? you think you do you've read some parts of me those I've sheared off to rhyme or not rhyme but is that knowing? one thing I know for sure your wants and desires scare the hell out of me and my instincts tell me to run and not look back where do we go from here? ... what to do about you
Check Out This Website!!! Unbelievable!!!!
Suspend Your Disbelief - Join F*ree! Hey there, What If I Told You That You Could Make $111,110 In 60 Days Or Less Just By Referring 10 People To Sign Up For Our Weekly eZine For F R E E.....Would You Believe Me? Probably Not, Right? Well, You Would Be Dead Wrong! You enroll f*ree here: Over 250 people have joined since yesterday......Power Hitters are joining! You don't want to miss this one, they are joining at the rate of one per MINUTE! Best regards, LaTonya Beatty
I Tried.......
I'm on a song frenzy, trying to deal with the recent turn of events that's hit me. The lost of my mom, graduating a week after her death, I keep correcting my friends who say that life's unfair. I mean on top of having to deal with a plethora of negativity one just can't help but feel where's the end to all this? Life is such I guess. Come to think of it now.... I see what they mean. I just wanna feel what I feel right now. I'm in no way wanting to make it feel better. Although paramount thoughts of life goes on and such, it's virtually impossible. Come and sit in to a moment in my shoes. Bone Thugs Akon yeah You know though nothin' come easy, you gotta try real, real hard I tried hard, but I guess I gotta try harder. I tried so hard, can't seem to get away from misery, Man I tried so hard, but always be a victim of these streets, It Ain't my fault cause I, try to get away but trouble follows me, And still I try so hard, hopin one day th
Rhythm Divine *enrique Iglesias*
Music Video:RHYTHM DIVINE (by Enrique Iglesias)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Kelsy Briggs(daddys Little Solider)
Please watch her story and share it with others. It is a TRAGIC story but one that must be shared. Hopefully her story will touch your heart and you will be willing to step up to the plate and help children who can't help themselves. she was such a beautiful little girl.I cannot believe someone can be so heartless. How could the mother allow this to happen. No one person is worth your own Childs life.
Hot Nights Together~
You came inside my apartment lit only by the candles around the room your smile said you were happy to be here and I slid my arms around your neck and kissed you hello. You slipped out of your jacket and let it fall on the easy chairkicked out of your shoes. I offered you a beer and you followed me into the kitchen. Moving my hair, you kissed my neck as I pulled two bottles from the frig and handed them to you. I closed my eyes and moaned slightlyonly encouraging your attentions. I turned my face and kissed you again nudging you out of the room back to the warm comfort of the living room, and sat beside you on the couch. You opened a beer and handed it to me, then cracked yours and toasted to us, taking a long drink as did I. We sat and talked and you told me about your day you always make me laughno matter what. Youre so easy to be with, comfortable. After a while we decide on a movie and I put in the DVD and sit close to youyour arm holding me close I snuggled in
32,000 To Godfather
i need to get drunk buy me a beer plz
3366 To Level
Help Katie get to Level 14! Thank you! *~* Katie *~* Please sign my guestbook *~*@ fubar
Dear America
Dear America, This is a wakeup call. No longer can we disregard our seed that will one day grow up to be the trees we need to proceed. While I'm on my knees begging and pleading, there are kids in the street crying and screaming. From the hungry and diseased with no mommy to claim it's needs. To the babies lost at sea, addicted to methamphetamines: Shaking like a feen before its face is ever seen. When will we wake up from this bad dream: Turn our eyes to the sky and start to realize. All the neglect and disrespect must cease before our childrens futures are deceased. Without them there is no us, now is the time to discuss, a strategy we must: Put in to play before the day we lose their trust. While were concerned with money and material things, little boys and girls are letting go of their dreams. Never looking past today because tomorrows just another day: Don't you see, we are what they need to succeed. We must pick up the slack and make a pact to get our children fu
All About Me
Since I have no info posted on the front page of my profile, I figured I'd do a small blog and reveal some shit about myself. - I am 26 almost 27 single mother of a 6 y/o son - I am currently attending school with a major in criminal justice ( I wanna be a corrections officer) - I am a HOMEBODY - Love the hell outta video games - I am deathly afraid of clowns - I carry a bottle of hotsauce in my purse:) - I have over 200 pairs of shoes and just about 50 pairs of houseshoes - I can't stand for my hands to be dirty - I am very sarcastic... better be able to throw the shit back - My favorite color is blu - I am 5'7" - Recently stopped smokin (cigerettes) - I love all types of music, but Iam a "old soul" at heart
This Is Bullshit
I have asked my friends to help me out with this contest because I was trying so damn bad and no one is helping me out fuck this shit.. If you send me a shout in my shout about wanting me to rate your picture or comment crazy for you I will do that and I have been doing what I can and what do I get out of a return fuck you all this is bullshit.. For now on if you are sending me a message to me in my shout out box asking me to help you with the contest don't bother because I am not going to do it no more.. Sorry no can do for you all you all blow it big time.. Hope you all are happy now because I am not going to help no one on contest no more except my friends if you are a friend of mine than my guess is to help out if not than I don't know what to tell you here is the link if you want to help out I don't give a shit no more PS.. The people who comment on my contest I want to thank you so much.. well give you all updates ok.. have a really good one.. Virgo24
I Belong To Me.....for Those Of You Who Feel That What U Are Is How Ur Man Wants U To Be...think Again...u Belong To Urself
Oh yeah It's not that I dont wanna share my life with you baby It's just that I'm the one I need to be true to baby And I won't give up me to be part of you It's not that I dont want to have you in my life baby it's just you gotta know that its got to be right baby before I open up my heart to you I dont need somebody to complete me I complete myslef nobody has got to belong to somebody else I belong to me I don't belong to you my heart is my posession I'll be my own reflection I belong to me I'm one not half of two and if you're gonna love me you should know this baby I belong to me I gota let you know before I let you in baby that who I am is not about who I am with baby That don't mean I dont wanna be here with you I do I dont need somebody to complete me I want you to know I give all my love but I'm not givin' all my soul I belong to me I don't belong to you my heart is my posession I'll be my own reflection I belong to me I'm one not half
Roasted Chicken Stuffed With Mofongo (pollo Asado Relleno Con Mofongo
INGREDIENTS: 1 whole 3 to 3-1/2 pound chicken 2 tablespoons Adobo 2 tablespoons corn oil 1 recipe traditional Mofongo 1/2 cup chicken broth 1 Preheat the oven to 350 F. Season the chicken with the adobo and brush with oil. Combine the chicken broth with the mofongo and mix until it is moist. (Add more stock if needed.) Stuff the chicken and loosely sew up the opening. 2 Bake for about 1-1/2 hours, or until the meat is very tender.
Mom's Fried Pork Chops (chuletas Fritas Al Estilo De Mami)
INGREDIENTS: 8 garlic cloves, peeled 1 tablespoon Adobo 1/2 cup olive oil white vinegar to taste 6 center-cut pork chops 3 cups corn oil 1 In a mortar, crush the garlic. Add the adobo, olive oil, and vinegar. Use the mixture to season the pork chops. Heat the oil in a skillet. Drain any excess olive-oil mixture from the pork chops. Fry until golden brown.
To All My Friends
hello my friends i have added a voice comment box it's a free call so show me some love and leave me a voice comment
Everyone Please Read
Soldiers Little Girl
While Kelsey's father was in Iraq fighting for our country Kelsey Briggs was here fighting for her life. She lost that battle. The mother of Kelsey Briggs sobbed, "I don't understand. Help me," in court after jurors found her guilty of allowing the girl to be abused. Jurors chose a punishment of 27 years in prison for Raye Dawn Smith. She lowered her head into her hands and wept as the trial judge, read the verdict guilty of enabling child abuse. Jurors deliberated about two hours and 35 minutes, asking the judge at one point in a note if they had to be unanimous on punishment. The judge replied yes. Smith, 27, was handcuffed behind her back after the verdict was read at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and was led away by sheriff's deputies. She told her attorney, "I don't understand. I love my baby." System called into question Kelsey, 2, died Oct. 11, 2005, at her home near Meeker after months of suffering broken bones, bruises and other injuries. (On October 11th, 2005 at 1:30 p.m., an Okla
Well galen and I are at my parents house right now due to the fact that he was in the hospital and I get the third degree about me being there. Their own daughter and I get yelled at. Never mind what he and I have been through or what we are going through right now. My nerves are shot and I can eat or sleep. I am worried to death about him and what we are going to do about his meds and mine. I have an appointment on Tuesday for depression and eating disorder and this just all over whelming right now. I want to bang my head on something or hit something right now. I would have thought that my parents understood what we were going throught, but I guess not. We are going home tomorrow and so this will probably be the last one that i write for a while until we can afford to get internet service at the house. I don't know when that will be though and i just wanted to say that I am thankful for all of that have listened to me. it has meant a lot to me. Thanks from the both of us
Your dreams are more important than you realize right now, so try your best to remember them -- writing them down would be best. If they don't make any sense at the moment, they should pretty soon. gee...isnt that slightly reminiscent of a conversation i just had last nite...hmmm. ------------------------------- k so. found the pet store... with some help from mah trusty chickadee...heh they didnt have the stuff we needed... soooo we ventured to the other pet store mah chickadee mentioned n the guy in the first pet shop said to check out. oh. mah. gawd. they had...everything. bought Rocky the Frog a new terrarium... some ground cover... a lil hut a new water dish and some meal worms dun dun dun. bought mah lil raye o sunshine a guinea pig. cuz she was just sooo uberly cute... i had to have her. regardless of whether sunshine wanted her or not *giggles* i hafta take pix of her. bought her a lil...habitat home thingie with a lil wooden cubie... an
No Internet Until Hopefully Monay
my internet is down again so I will not be on for a few days hopefully monday but I cant be sure. so hugs everyone and love you all I am doing ok though.made it this far I will keep pushing forward.
Just So U Know
Sorry To All My Fubar Friends!!
Hello to all my Fubar friends!!! First of all "I'M SORRY TO ALL MY FURBAR FRIENDS THAT THINK I HAVE PUSHED YOU AWAY!" I still love all of you!!! OK now, I've got a butt load of emails and shout about not being on here that much lately, I'm very sorry!! I'm sorry that I haven't been on that much in the past few of months. I have alot of things going in my life right now, getting a new job and a new girlfriend. WOOHOO!! ha-ha So, I have been spending a lot of time with her and all. Plus 2 of my life time friends are moving out of state, today, so I've been spending alot of time with them as well. I love spending time with you guys so I'm going to make more time for all of you. I'm sure all of you know how it is when you first start dating someone new, you spend every free minute you have with them. I'm not sure if it is love or not but it's very strong, what ever it is!! DAMN STRONG!! :-p So this is me saying I'm very sorry to all my friends!!!! Love ya all!!! Michael
If God Should Go On Strike
How good it is that God above has never gone on strike, Because he was not treated fair in things he didn't like, If only once he'd given up and said, "That's it, I'm through! "I've had enough of those on earth, so this is what I'll do. "I;ll give my orders to the sun- cut off the heat supply! "And to the moon-give no more light, and run the oceans dry. "Then just to make things really tough and put the pressure on, "Turn off the vital oxygen till every breath is gone!" You know he would be justified, if fairness was the game, For no one has been more abused or met with more disdain Then God, and yet he carries on, supplying you and me With all the favors of his grace, and everything for free. Men say they want a better deal, and so on strike they go, But what a deal we've given God to whom all things we owe. We don't care whom we hurt to gain the things we like; But what a mess we'd all be in, if God should go on strike! -Walt Huntley
Purple Highlights.
Yeah, it took 5 hours to do. I'm not sureeeeee about it quite yet.
Brought A Tear To My Eyes
I give up I have loved you forever. I have given you all i have to give. never am i good enough for you to show the world you love me. I promised id never make my own blood flow again. but why should i keep that promise when you dont keep yours to me. As i sit here in the dark writting to you i make first one cut then another. watching as a red pool starts to gather around my hand. I give up pretending, praying . I wont ask for things you are to ashamed to give. you denied me what i asked for what iv begged for so now I will punish me in the way you cant stand. its not to get back at you. its simple a way to end things. i give up on loving you or you loving me. I cant type much more . blood is going all over the keyboard. I must bid you farewell while there is still life in my body. farwell for always my love
Lucy Contest A Real Good Chance To Win A Vic!!!
Race to 20,000 Comments!! 1st to reach 20,000 comments wins a 7 Day Blast or 1 Month VIP. 2nd Place - 3 Day Blast. 3rd place - 1 Day Blast. ~Offical Rules~ Self-commenting is allowed. No Drama. No Downrating. No FRESHMEAT. (Must be level 3 or higher to comment) Contest will start once I have 10 contestants. Just e-mail me the link to the pic you would like me to rip. *Note Only enter this contest if you have the determination to win. If you are just entering for the hell of it, I ask you to please not waste my time. Be sure to get your friends to help you or ask a bombsquad if they are avaliable to help you. Thank you, L
Just Had To Share This.
While she was flying down the road yesterday, a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, Whats your hurry? To which she replied, Im late for work. Oh yeah, said the cop, what do you do? Im a rectum stretcher, she responded. The cop stammered, A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do? Well, she said, I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up To two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch it, until its about 6 feet wide. And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole? he asked . You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge Traffic Ticket $95.00 Court Costs $45.00 Look on the Cops Face. PRIC
Ooooooook. So I haven't posted a blog in a day or two. So - I thought I would let everyone know...If you don't hear from me at all after tomorrow - That means my fat ass died during the walk that I'm doing tomorrow. The American Heart Association is having a walk in Downtown Cleveland - and I'm going. We had our choice of 1 or 3 miles. We opted for the 3 mile walk. It will be me, my mom, brother, his friend, my moms cousin, and 2 of my friends from work. Between the 7 of us, we raised nearly 1000 dollars from our friends, family and coworkers! Wish me luck, that I make it through it tomorrow!!!! I also wanted to thank each and everyone of you who helped me level up yesterday! I'm still smiling over that! :D
Help Her Godfather
Please come show this sexy woman some love She is 68,000 from becoming godfather. Pєяĸy Mя. Đ's Wife Owner of the O.C.L Tracy's FU- Mistress@ fubar
Smelly Cat
One December day we found an old straggly cat at our door. She was a sorry sight, starving, dirty, smelled terrible, skinny, and hair all matted down. We felt sorry for her so we put her in a carrier and took her to the vet. We didn't know what to call her so we named her "Pussycat." The vet decided to keep her for a day or so. He said he would let us know when we could come and get her. My husband (the complainer) said, "OK, but don't forget to wash her, she stinks." He reminded the vet that it was his WIFE (me) that wanted the dirty cat, not him. My husband and my Vet don't see eye to eye. The vet calls my husband 'El-Cheap-O', and my husband calls the vet 'El-Charge-O'. They love to hate each other and constantly 'snipe' at one another,with my husband getting in the last word on this particular occasion. The next day my husband had an appointment with his doctor, who is located in the same building, next door to the vet. The MD's waiting room and office was full of peopl
What About You?
so how many of you honestly tell someone what they like to do sexually because a lot of people think about what they want to try but how many of you out there have done it or just tell your partner or partners what you like and like to do so if you do that then let me know yours and repost this with a picture or image of what you like.....this is a little something that I enjoy doing but most women find it nasty or degrading which it's not it's more of a turn on then anything else so lets find out whats yours. I LIKE being forceful big tits face fucking i love when they gag i love the taste of pussy on my tongue i LOVE anal its the best i have a big thing for pregos i love the feeling of my hand on her ass i LOVE slaves and submissives i have a thing for watching girls pee i love tieing up sluts and slaves i love being in control i love incest roleplay i get turned on so much watching girls masturbate i love play
Captain Troubleshooting **Need To Know** SYMPTOM: Feet cold and wet. FAULT: Glass being held at incorrect angle. ACTION: Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling. SYMPTOM: Captain unusually pale and tasteless. FAULT: Glass empty. ACTION: Get someone to buy you another Captain. SYMPTOM: Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights. FAULT: You have fallen over backward. ACTION: Have yourself leashed to bar. SYMPTOM: Mouth contains cigarette butts. FAULT: You have fallen forward. ACTION: See above. SYMPTOM: Captain tasteless, front of your shirt is wet. FAULT: Mouth not open, or glass applied to wrong part of face. ACTION: Retire to restroom, practice in mirror. SYMPTOM: Floor blurred. FAULT: You are looking through bottom of empty glass. ACTION: Get someone to buy you another Captain. SYMPTOM: Floor moving. FAULT: You are being carried out. ACTION: Find out if you are being taken to another bar. SYMPTOM: Room seems unusually dar
It's The Fucking Internet People
I wrote a blog a few weeks back about being over the internet. I joked about breaking up with the internet, that it was boring me and that I was over it. I have to admit that I think that I am really over the internet at this point in time. Well, ok, lemme restate that. Im over the people on the internet. Im tired of guys asking how big my tits are, Im tired of my friendliness being mistaken for an invite to verbally molest me online. Im tired of idle conversation being taken so seriously. Its the fucking internet people. Just cause I talk to you doesnt mean that Im in love or that Im even in like. It just means that Im bored. It means that Im polite enough to answer your shouts cause I think its rude when people ignore mine (although that seems to seldom happen). It doesnt mean that I want to date you, meet you, fuck you, suck your cock or let you prove to me that you can make me cum. I dont want to look at your dick pictures. I dont want to have cyber sex w
From The Back Pew
There was a preacher whose wife was expecting a baby so he went before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule that whenever the preacher's family expanded, so would his paycheck. After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation decided to hold another meeting to discuss the preacher's salary. There was much yelling and bickering about how much the clergyman's additional children were costing the church. Finally, the preacher got up and spoke to the crowd, "Children are a gift from God," he declared. Silence fell on the congregation. In the back pew, a little old lady stood up and in her frail voice said, "Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much of it, we wear rubbers." And the congregation said, "Amen."
Oh Yeah Go Saints!!!
Queen B
Don't Argue With The Gay Flight Attendant My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone in a good mood as he served us food and drinks. As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and told us "Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing the big scary plane shortly, so lovely people, if you could just put your trays up, that would be super." On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed an extremely well-dressed and exotic young woman hadn't moved a muscle. "Perhaps you didn't hear me over those big brute engines but I asked you to raise your trazy-poo, so the main man can pitty-pat us on the ground." She calmly turned her head and said, "In my country, I am called a Princess and I take orders from no one." To which the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat, "Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I outrank you. Tray up, Bitch."
Little Old Lady
A little old lady is walking down the street, dragging two plastic garbage bags, one in each hand. There's a hole in one of the bags, and once in awhile a $20 bill flies out of it onto the pavement. Noticing this, a police-man stops her. "Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of that bag.. "Damn!" says the little old lady....."I'd better go back and see if I can find some of them. Thanks for the warning!" "W ell, now, not so fast," says the cop. "How did you get all that money? Did you steal it?" "Oh, no", says the little old lady. "You see, my back yard backs up to the parking lot of the football stadium. Each time there's a game, a lot of fans come and pee in the bushes, right into my flower beds!" So, I go and stand behind the bushes with a big hedge clipper, and each time someone sticks his thingie through the bushes, I say '$20 or off it comes!' " "Hey, not a bad idea!" laughs the cop. "Good luck!" By the way, what's in the other bag?" "Well",
How To Win The War
Take all American women who are within five years of menopause. Train us for a few weeks, outfit us with automatic weapons, grenades, gas masks, moisturizer with SPF15, Prozac, hormones, chocolate, and canned tuna - drop us (parachuted, preferably) across the landscape of Afghanistan , and let us do what comes naturally. Think about it. Our anger quotient alone, even when doing standard stuff like grocery shopping and paying bills, is formidable enough to make even armed men in turbans tremble. We've had our children, we would gladly suffer or die to protect them and their future. We'd like to get away from our husbands, if they haven't left already. And for those of us who are single, the prospect of finding a good man with whom to share life is about as likely as being struck by lightning. We have nothing to lose. We've survived the water diet, the protein diet, the carbohydrate diet, and the grapefruit diet in gyms and saunas across America and never lost a pound We can
The Last Year...........
has been so crazy,i've moved this now will be the fourth time,my daughter ran away and moved in with her boyfriend,we took care of a friend and her son grew taller then me and my youngest is being a class one queen B. i just broke up with my boyfriend after 10 years and got my first job. i'm almost afraid this next year
Could It Be
Could it be that we weren't meant to be That you have a soul mate and it's just not me Could it be be that we met and the wrong time wrong place That it was too early and we both needed space Could it be that neither of us were ready My heart was in it but you would have to behead me You kiss was deadly plus I could learn a lot from you Could it be the rebound just went to far off the rim and it wasn't me it was him who caught you It could probably something I never thought of I lied didn't tell you the whole truth at the same time cupid was bussing of the roof Hit you he caught your eye When it hit me wasn't no surprise Could it be that I guided you to his arms Could it be him that will be loving all life long And my place will be your friend then I will settle for that Could it be a dream turned nightmare actual fact twisted twilight zone Whatever it is it could be or should be it won't Could it be I don't cross your mind you know that I don't
Regarding 9/11
One of my fubar friends has quite a few images from 9/11 and I finally decided to view them. All the emotions from 9/11 came back to me... I was going to post the following on one of the pics in his profile but I decided not to, I posted the first part, but not the entire thing... I felt it would just be too much. The part in ***'s is what I posted as a comment on on of the pics. ***The terror. Oh my gosh. I just feel like crying. I have sheiled myself from these images for so long. Just because whenever I see these I start crying and reliving the newscasts. I was in my last year of high school. Sitting in the balcony oh my computer programming class (an elective I took because I really had taken my other classes that were required). All of a sudden the librarian turned on the tv in the ERC... We all were confused and we watched in horror.... Anyway. I seriously thought about moving to Canada once I was able to gather up my belongings, say my goodbyes, and leave!! I knew my paren
Hey All
please come help me win this contest my fu bomber family will not help me wonders why but if you could come help me bomb the hell out of my pic click the picture i hope you come help thanks guys muhazzz Chrissie
New Pledge Of Allegiance
New Pledge of Allegiance Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
~*~ Help Him Plzzz ~*~
D Boyz
why be scareface when u can send da hit on him
One Hell Of A Pimp Out #1
ONE HELL OF A PIMP OUT THIS ONE IS FOR ALL THE ONES THAT ARE GOOD FRIENDS AND HELP OTHERS ON THE SITE AS WELL IF NOT FRIENDS WITH EM. GO ADD EM AND SHOW EM SOME LOVE WHO KNOWS YOU MIGHT GET THE SAME IN RETURN ČĤĪŁŁĚŜ@ fubar ♥BooBoo...KDM'Z AnGeL Founder of Shadow Levelers@ fubar Poisonflightledr~Pls sign guestbook n fan me~confederate bombers family member~@ fubar tevens@ fubar DJ STRYKE * CARRI'S F HUBBY * PASTOR* *OWNER CLUB PURGATORY*@ fubar Draco@ fubar ♥ S R grL ♥@ fubar ~Viu$~GoPhEr...AkA..bLoNdIe'S..fIaNcE@ fubar ~*~*Simion~*~*CherryRock~*~*~*@ fubar
Just The Blues
Love rescue me Come forth and speak to me Raise me up and dont let me fall No man is my enemy My own hands imprison me Love rescue me Is there anything that holds deeper thought and releases more passion than the blues? A blues lyric of only two words could say more than you could write in an an entire dictionary. Bass lines roll though your heart like a freight train, a voice full of emotion crying a message about life, the tickle of ivories and the tight clutch of a brass section, all lead by the beat of almost subliminal drums, whips marks across your back like a cruel slave master. The Blues is like a poltergeist, the presence of which freezes you motionless, as it runs it's fist down your tightened throat, grabs your heart and bites down hard. It grips your entire body so tight that your breathing changes, and so gentle that your body sways to the beat. There's not a solvent strong enough to get it off you or a drug powerful enough to get it out of you. The Blues is the
Heaven Leigh - A True Event!
A little over a month ago our baby- Heaven Leigh passed away. We miss her and love her very much. To anyone that knew her she was the life and light that lit up any room she was in. Although she lived a short life I have to say, Please do all you can for pets. They are part of your family and life just as a real child. This blog is for the memory of our beloved dog Heaven Leigh. May she rest in peace and know she is very much missed by everyone. We love you Heaven!

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