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Hey All Whats Up
hey im in this contest i did one of these earlier but there is no one coming to vote :( so if you are here now and getting this message plz help me!!! Click my picture
olá, tudo bem com vocês? espero que sim. tenham uma boa semana. beijos. Ivan
Please Read This
PLEASE READ THIS AND PASS ON. IMPORTANT. We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this " ICE" (In Case of Emergency) Campaign The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name "ICE" ( In Case Of Emergency). The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with patients, but they
One Of Fubar's Nicest Guys Needs Your Help!!!!
One of Fubar's Coolest and hottest guys Ben DoveЯ®™ is in a contest to win a Happy Hour! If my friends could go and leave a few comments and a rate any love will be appreciated thank you so much click the picture below! Don't Press Your Luck Wammie
Great Plan!!!!
PLEASE READ THIS AND PASS ON. IMPORTANT. We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this " ICE" (In Case of Emergency) Campaign The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name "ICE" ( In Case Of Emergency). The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with patients, but they
You Wont Feel A Thing
You Won't Feel A Thing Just a little uneasiness, that is all. Don't you worry. Life will be nothing but a dream, no realities. When you slip in and out of conciousness, don't you worry. Those terrifying structures will all go away in time. What you see, unreal. What you feel, unreal. What you know, unreal. Because in time, you will soon forget. So, while you're slipping in and out of conciousness, remember, It's all unreal. The most unnatural feeling in the world will soon be brought out of you. Unreal.
so, i go the "Dr." about my sleeplessness...just what i need another f*ckin the last 44 years haven't been full of nothing but disorder. my one solace is he says and i quote"it's're fixable" HA i almost peed myself. i like him. so, while i am at the pharmacy waiting anxiously for my DRUGS hehehe...I see this book by Dr. Gregg Jacobs. I have been in therapy for insomnia and anxiety and panic attacks for like a year(once a month...hmmm) and was seeing no real improvement. Luckily, I decided to take some action and got this book. I thought it sounded like it could help me. My sleeping still needs improvement, but I have broken through the intense anxiety and depression that was engulfing my life. I feel so different but,I only get sleep when IT comes to me. I am hoping that with this new medication and at least getting some sleep here and there will be a big improvement...we'll see
So Sad Dei Makes Me Sick..
When I read the following news article I became really pissed off and the tiny bit of respect that I had for Theresa Earnhardt only because of Dale Sr. is now completely and forever gone. CONCORD, N.C. (AP) -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not be taking his familiar No. 8 with him to Hendrick Motorsports next season. Earnhardt is leaving Dale Earnhardt Inc. at the end of the season and had hoped to take No. 8 with him to his new team. His late grandfather, Ralph, used that number and Earnhardt picked it when he entered the Cup Series in 1999. Although teams do not own numbers -- they are leased through NASCAR -- DEI had the first right of refusal on the No. 8, and Hendrick officials said Wednesday they were unable to reach an agreement that would have made DEI pass on choosing the number for 2008. ``We've been working hard to secure the No. 8 for Dale Jr.'s car number next season,'' said Marshall Carlson, general manager of Hendrick Motorsports. ‘`Obviously, he
Waiting For You..
I AM RIGHT HERE WAITING FOR YOU!! I had a certain dream one night That has not left my mind A dream that I was able to see that perfect man for me.The romance, passion and kindness he has. The beauty that could leave anyone thinking of him for days. His handsomness that parts the clouds That could leave any woman in awe A dream that I was able to touch the soft lips of an angel that caress the dept of my soul. An angel of grace that is so special in so many ways By seeing the angel that is him make my days complete Even if he were not to feel the same way It would not take away the feeling what I get when I see him Wishing he felt the same It would make my life so perfect And wonder if it was heaven A dream that maybe only be a dream Making the dream a reality would be perfection Perfection that would make my life breath taking The beauty and angel is the same person all in one The same man I dream about This really is a special dream of mine And unti
Hold Me Tonight
Be A Father To Your Child
This is something that I see on Maury almost every day when I see these dead beat dads refusing to claim the child.Having a child is the most precious thing in the world & anyone that can't have childern would be glad to have them because I would because they need a male role model in their lives to teach them right from wrong.That's why we have a lot of young kids running amuck because there was no male role model around.Children are the most precious gift from God & we should take out time to let them know that we care & will always be for them. Is My Life.
This is gonna be kinda long and rambling.....but bear with me.....a lot in my head that needs to come out...... You know, I get a lot of people that tend to look at me strange when I talk about my life and about the crap that life has thrown at me over the years….as if they don’t believe me….as if I exaggerate to what extent life seems to enjoy making me miserable. That for every ounce of happiness that seems to sneak it’s way into my life, there’s a pound of pain and sorrow that comes along with it. That life just wants to tease me with happiness….to allow me just the tiniest taste of happiness….as if to just dangle in front of me what I could have only to snatch it away just before I’m able to grab it. And I’m sure that there’s some on here that have heard what I’ve had to say since joining this site, and believe that I’m just like every other fake on here. That I have a little act that I do when I get on here…..a mask that I wear. Well, allow me to prove to you doubters othe
Wanna Know The Real Me? Here's Your Chance...
Dazzy is really Lindsey Goolsby. A girl born in a small town to unwealthy parents who worked their asses off everyday just for us to survive, only to have their daughter grow up and disappoint them both. I have no job, no car, and no life. I've gone through numerous relationships because I fall too hard too fast. I started smoking at 16 because my daddy told me not too. Started weed because I decided to hang out with the wrong people because my parents told me not to. The entire time I was in school I was picked on for being poor, fat, ugly, blah blah blah...I was depressed so I ate, and because I ate, I got bigger. I lost my virginity to a fucker who said he loved me. Fell in love with the biggest asshole on earth, who I should've known to avoid because he was virginity-taker's BEST FRIEND...Lost him to a nasty whore because I let him fuck her. The next two years were hell because I was heartbroken, stupid, and believed he'd come back. Got over that, started dating again...Every relat
My Newest Stalker And Hes A Freaking Cop
supermancjo is a cop in LA and cant seem to take no for an answer. Yahoo sucks as far as blocking and somehow he keeps on getting off my list. So now I have had to copy his picture and threaten to turn him into the police. Nice huh being stalked by a cop. I know I am cute but damn. lol Be safe everyone. The Goddess
Wondering Why They Dont Post Their Pic!
Im a little annoyed at this new friend I met here on FUBAR. For one thing theres no pictures of what she look like. Only in the salute image where she is required. I think its important to post pictures of yourself and friends and pictures taken by you. I understand if youre new and stil learning your way around. But for the people that can post up to a thousand images should and upload everything but no image of what they look like! And there this other girl on another site that flirts with me but she only has one picture of herself and doesnt own a cam. How do I know if shes who she says she is. A camera is cheap like $100. But now Im affraid to see what she really looks like since one 2 dementional image of a person is not enough. But for people who are not affraid to show a little skin and their friends and family Kudos to you! And for the ladies that show me their boobies .... Wooooooo Hooooooo you rock thanks for the peep!
ok people Lingerie party my house two sat from now...come one come all...will be having a keg and more...message for details
The Romance Begins...
She bit him. And sank her teeth into preternatural flesh that had been tested by those much stronger than her...than she could ever hope to be. She marveled that it's secrets were so open to one such as her, for this was surely either destiny or an abomination beyond her mortal perception. She could not help herself. From the moment she'd seen him, lurking in the shadows, she'd imagined this moment...thought of little else but the scent and the taste of him. In the night, when she should have been sleeping, she'd sneaked her way onto the city streets to wander in search of catch a glimpse of his form...his shadow...amongst the buildings and alleys. Waiting for him to notice...wondering if he ever would. She savored him. Pulling him ever closer, tasting the very life of him, hearing his inhuman heart beating in her head as it pounded out a litany, she suckled at the very core of him, never able to get enough. His taste was sweetness, like the aroma of hothouse r
What It Means To Be A Friend
Being loyal to themselves, they'll always be true. No matter what happens, their there when you're blue. Courage and wisdom, flows from their lips. Never kicking you around, after lifes little slips. Always encouraging you, with a friendly hug. Never conceeded, prided or smug. Loyal listeners, with faith abound. Standing there always, rooted and ground. Never keeping a secret, if it will hurt you inside. Willing to save you, with endless stride.
Yup Its True
o0o0o yeah, I'm sure you remember Hydaway Radio,Well were back Come in and say hi omfg Its True, Hydaway Radio Is back !!! click the pic to see what your missing, So get your ass in here and Come Say Hi to sTiTcH
It has been quite sometime since i've been able to pamper myself. So tomorrow i'm going to go out and get my hair layered, and highlighted! I'm utterly excited! It's been a long time coming i'd say. Well that's all. I was just estatic! Purple highlights here I come :D
Always Mark Nsfw!!!!!!!!!
As I Sit Here...
As I sit here wondering... Still... How my life got to this place... Still..drowning... Drowning alone, still, in a tub filled with dreams.. Dreams... Fame, fortune, and bigger things...gone... I've... Gone to that place..The place of broken... Hearts... My heart...Your heart...THEIR hearts... Unbelieving.. Unbelieving that dreams will come true...Tears... Tears, tears... Lost death...LOST TIME... Time... That will never return...Fast...Unrelenting... and blah fucking blah...
So Its That Time Of Year Again
well it's almost that time of year again, late august early september, when the most joyful time of the year is apon us, yes I'm talking about the buckeyes football season, pretty soon the air will be filled with the sounds of, across the feild, hang on sloopy, and my personal favorite, we dont give a damn for the whole state of michigan. Soon you'll see scarlet and grey decorations and festive inflateable brutus's every where. It is truly a magical time of the year when children dream of saturdays in the shoe, script ohio, and the beautiul sounds of O-H-I-O. So come all ye buckeye faithfull and join me in this joyus cellibration of the pending football season because, even though we lost alot of tallent in the nfl draft, in columbus, we dont rebuild we RELOAD!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Remembering Hope That I Have Lost
Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so. -- Belva Davis. Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good. -- Unknown We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes. -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. -- Robert H. Goddard. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. -- Martin Luther King Jr. Disappointment often focuses on the failure of our own agenda rather than on God's long-term purposes for us, which may use stress and struggle as tools for strengthening our spiritual muscles. -- Luci Shaw. The light at the end of
Preparing A Comeback..........
Wish Me Luck.
I'm in the Air Force Reserves. I'm going to Tech School in Lackland AFB, San Antonio,TX. For those of you not familiar with the Air Force, that is where they hold Basic Training. I've already done my time in Lackland and i'm not ready to go back. I start school September 13, 2007 and finish October 26. I don't know when i'm coming back or if everything will be alright at home with my wife and possible kid on the way. I'm just worried like crazy. I don't want to run into any of my MTI's or anything like that, or lose my wife or anything. New things are scarey to me. I would appreciate anyone who reads this to wish me luck or pray for me if you believe in God. Just drop me a line or comment or message if you would like to i would really appreciate the support. Thanks for listening and please respond.
Hello :)
Heyy This Is Just A Quick Blog To Say Hellloooo To Whoever Reads It :) I ♥ My Friends!!
A Question
Iposed this question to some of the ladies I work with and would like to get other feedback on it.The question is "How would you feel to know that you are the object of someones masterbation fantisies?"
Freind's Contest
2 B 6 Again
..Here's a good laugh for you! Subject: 2 b 6 again... A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife turning back and forth, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off, he asked what she'd like to have for her Birthday. I'd like to be six again, she replied, still looking in the mirror. On the morning of her Birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day ! He put her on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster... everything there was. Five hours Later they staggered out of the theme park. Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down. He then took her to a McDonald's where he ordered her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake. Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M's. What a fabulous adv
My Friend's Contest!
Now This Is For Me Help Me:p
Ranting.......possible Nsfw So Beware....
Beware of language that is in this blog... and of misspellings that I could care less about! This is not to anyone on here at all *well but one person* is to a friend of ours that Used us and is a ....well you will see. You wanna fuck with me? You wanna fuck with what is mine and treat me like shit? You wanna lie, decete and be an ugly no good my fucking guest, but don't ever ask me for a damn thing! Don't even come at me thinking that you will EVER in a million fucking years have a shoulder to cry on here! Don't ask my family or friends for shit EVER NEVER again! You think you are God's gift to people? Where do you get off? Who do you think you are? GET THIS YOU NO GOOD are less than nothing to anyone in my life, on my friends list or in my family's life. You can take you playing games, lying, stealing asses some where else cuz I fucking don't need the drama or shit in my life and I KNOW that there are several people out there that feel the
What A Day!!!!
Today was truly one of those days I should have just stayed in bed!!! Oh who am I kidding I am a stay at home Mommy (NO SLEEP). I have no clue what was up my butt today, but my god it best be gone tomorrow, or I could seriously hurt someone, or something. Anyone ever have a day like that?? LOL!! Oh well soon school starts!!
Dj Darkwarrior Your An A*s
ok so this goes out to one sorry excuse for a man!!! so you think my friends are ridiculous and you think my friends are scorned by you...and you think they just want you...heres a reality arent sh* one cares...and u say you've been wanting me to run out of money and fail...well its not going to strong and i will rise above it all...i certainly dont need you for only wish you had friends like friends in real life and even all of my fubar friends are top knotch and i love them all...i just hope all the women beware of you bc the women you've gotten to on here are well aware of who u are...stay away from my friends....ur a predator is what you are. ok so this goes out to one sorry excuse for a man!!! instead of worrying so much about about your lounge and ur fu groupies you need to start worrying more about taking responsibility for your child. im done playing your "i promise i will and i'll take care of it" games. thi
To A New Friend
Im Used To
When I Die
I've got a mouse in my wall. Sigh. It's very noisy; keeps me up most of the nights. Too bad mom's allergic to cats!
I Fucked Up!!
I accidentally erased my guest book!! SO....can everyone please sign it again?
A Thought
"A THOUGHT" how long have i been in this world? so over whelmed by this places cheapest form's life is getting harder to tread, with these thoughts going threw my head. if i just had you everything would be alright, and if i could just see you , this darkness i would try to fight, i know you didnt want me to die, so why am i six feet under, can you hear my cryies barely surviving is all i've known, cause i'm so used to living alone, by;Paul A. 8-16-7
Check Out This Wicked Video
New Stashes
For those of you that LOVE karaoke, I've been given the unique opportunity to beta test a new Karaoke site called SingSnap, My stashes are what the site allows you to do if you wish please check out the stashes I may not be an American idol but hey we can wish...please enjoy! p.s I'm able to invite 8 more ppl to this site to help try it out and spread the word so please send me a message with your email address so I can send you an invitation threw email. It costs nothing but you can't sign up unless your the first 8 ppl that send me there email address get those invitations. Peace all....
i miss ur amrs around me. i miss how ur rough hands feel smooth to my body.. never knowing the hardness.. to close my eyes and lay there next to u.. how my days are brighter.. funny i know.. how just to sleep in a friends arms makes my day brighter.. well it does.. to smell u as i go to sleep listining to ur heart beat.. lookin at u as u sleep.. smiling on the inside.. knowing this is my hide away.. an knowing i dont want to leave.. only to go home to a cold bed.. sleepless nites.. an only having dreams of u come to mind.. i sad i sound to love these things so much.. knowing at any time they can go.. yet im not scared to keep going.. i tresure u.. admire u as a person.. an there for i have grown to love our time.. i go now.. to sleep in my empty bed.. knowing its cold.. holding on to my pillow close.. wishing it was u my arms where around.. there will be more time.. just miss it..nite
I lay in bed alone and awake. No one here to hold me tight. My heart broken, my soul feeling the same. My future seems so uncertain and all I ache for is someone to stay by my side and love me unconditionally. I get so close, so very close, so many times, but always, always, it fades away. Why is love so difficult for me? I lay here and think. Remembering... Warm arms and lips that strike passion in my heart and soul. Will I ever fell such again? I remember making love so tender, so passionate, so erotic, it made my body tremble at the mere thought. I want to be all consuming to someone and allow myself to be consumed by them too. I want all the magic a relationship can ever know and feel. I feel obsessed. Almost like I can not heal or go forward because I lack this in my life. What makes it impossible for me to have this? What did I do to deserve such loneliness in this life?? All I know is I can not carry on like this much longer. Truthfully, I don't want to either. Time to
Mood... Who Really Gives A Shit
Yeah getting drunk when you are SUPPOSED to be doing something else probably isn't the way to do things. Go head ask me if I care? I don't as a matter of fact I'm the thorn in your side. The one thing you will never be able to predict is if I buy your bullshit or not. Then again who gives a shit. Pass the bottle and shut the hell up already! Words of wasted youth.
Nsfw Are They Serious ??????????
This look NSFW TO YOU ????????? This look NSFW TO YOU ???????????? Look down This look NSFW TO YOU ??????????????? Look down This look NSFW TO YOU ??????????????? ???????????? Its an Apricot! Where are your minds ???? LOL
Juggalo Creed
JUGGALO CREED as written by Rev. Last Rite... I am a Juggalo... I am an individual guided by Light... I know who I am and who I want to be. I recognize that the path to Shangri La requires an open mind... I shall not judge. I am part of a Family... I shall Love my Family as I would my blood. I shall do my Family no harm as I know what is done to others shall surely be done to me... I shall strive to honor my Family and not disgrace their name... I am a Ninja... I have no Fear. I do not Fear the unknown fore I embrace the wonders of the world around me and the differences in others. I shall meet adversity head on fore I am a Survivor. Nothing can stop my Shine. I am Human... I recognize my flaws. I shall strive to change the things I can control and seek strength for the things I cannot. I shall cherish the teachings of my ancestors and the Family who have fallen before me I have Love
I stole this from krause and he stole it from Julie So fill it out...Answer it then copy and paste it into a message and send it to me...or don't you lazy bastards...hahaha...This was a bulletin but I put it in a blog...Answer it if you like...I find it humorous Who are you? How did we meet? How long have we known eachother? Are we friends? What was your first impression of me? Do you still think that of me? Do you think I'm handsome/hott/cute/etc.? What do you like about me physically? What do you like about me personality wise? What do you like about me most? What do you like about me the least? If you could change one thing about me, what would it be? Am I nice? Am I easy to talk to and get along with? Am I fun to be around? Have we ever been more than friends? Do you have a crush on me? Would you kiss me? Would you ever have sex with me? Have you ever wanted to tell me something but couldnt? Do you and I share a s
Juggalo Vs. Friend
JUGGALO VS. FRIEND-- Friend: Calls your parents "Mr." or "Mrs." Juggalo: Call your parents "Mom" or "Dad." Friend: Has never seen you cry. Juggalo: Has the best shoulder to cry on. Friend: Asks you for your number. Juggalo: Asks you for their number. Friend: Will leave you hanging to be with a crowd. Juggalo: Always has your back. Friend: Runs for help in a fight. Juggalo: Jumps in the fight to help. Friend: Will bail your stale ass out of Jail. Juggalo: Will be sittin' right next to you saying "That was fucking awesome!" Friend: Will help you move out of a house. Juggalo: Will help you move a dead body out of the house. Friend: Bums you a cigarette Juggalo: Bums you his last pack Friend: Is there when you need them Juggalo: Is there even when you dont need them Friend: Gets drunk at a party and pukes on your carpet Juggalo: Feels worse than you do about puking on your carpet in the morning Friend: Hides you from the cops
He Really Needs Help
he is in a contest and can use all the help he can get ....loveablesissy
Im Such A Fucking Perv... Another Older Stoy I Wrote..
Read and Comment.. Im cleaning out one of my old email accounts before I delete it and I had sent copied of my stories to my email.. Here is another one.. ENJOY!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Im lying on the bed and you are beside me at my side. you look at me as you pull your cock out from your boxers and you rub the tip of your cock around my lips, smacking my cheeks with your cock, then letting me suck on it.. I take my tongue and slowly start to lick the tip of your cock with my legs start to spread a little.... You take my thighs and spread my legs apart further...My skirt lifts exposing the wet crotch of my fishnets.. I start sucking on your cock harder, taking it all in my mouth... I can feel your hands rubbing my cunt thorough those stockings.. I take my hands and slowly start to massage your balls, as my mouth wraps around your cock tighter... I can feel you throbbing in my mouth, and your fingers making a hole in my stockings...You can hear my moans growing louder as my mo
A Dream Is Where The Heart Is................
A Dream Is Where the Heart Is by Bluewolf © A dream is where the heart is, For you have awakened many dreams within my heart. With every embrace, each kiss we shared, And every loving thought, My heart dreams only of you. I love you dearly and completely, For you are the best woman I have ever known, Easy to talk to, from the heart, With understanding and kindness. I will always love you for the warmth, You bring into my life. You have brought God's blessing into my life, And I will always be grateful. Keeping you in my thoughts, Anticipating your kisses on my lips. You are the angel of my heart. Once you were only in my dreams, And now you share my life. As our hearts merge as one, Our souls bind into eternal love, With passion filling our hearts, Speaking the language of love, As our souls grow with the love we share. As intimacy and admiration form our life, Our existence has developed into, The most beautiful dream of all. Love does not dream
Another Naughty Story By Dolly Disaster
Hey all my naughty friends. I actually wrote this well over a year ago and decided to post it for you all to read.. I definitely want to hear what you thought about it.. I LOVE hearing from all of you.. Dont be shy... Bites and Stitches! Dolly Disaster~ XXX~ . I want to feel your hot breath on my neck as your fingertips trace my neck, collarbone, down my stomach, then right between my legs slowly grazing my inner thighs...I slowly spread my legs apart a bit..Fell you softly rub my pussy through my panties....YOu feel me start to tremble at your touch...I start to grind my hips against your body, I can feel your cock groeing and getting hard against my ass and I start to grind on you a bit harder...I feel your hand come up and gently wrap around my neck, you pull me into you and whisper in my ear that you want my cunt...You climb on top of me and you kiss me HARD i can feel your cock against my stomach nice and hard..Youtongue fuck my mouth with your tongue and I can feek your hea
This Is What Dolly Disaster Thinks About.. I Wrote This Over A Year Ago...
Hey you I wrote this well over a year ago.. If you read it, please take the time to tell me what you think.. Dont be shy! I love hearing from you guys think... Love you!! DOlly Disaster . I want to feel your hot breath on my neck as your fingertips trace my neck, collarbone, down my stomach, then right between my legs slowly grazing my inner thighs...I slowly spread my legs apart a bit..Fell you softly rub my pussy through my panties....YOu feel me start to tremble at your touch...I start to grind my hips against your body, I can feel your cock groeing and getting hard against my ass and I start to grind on you a bit harder...I feel your hand come up and gently wrap around my neck, you pull me into you and whisper in my ear that you want my cunt...You climb on top of me and you kiss me HARD i can feel your cock against my stomach nice and hard..Youtongue fuck my mouth with your tongue and I can feek your heart pounding..Without a word you grab your cock and spank m Bone.
Last Night. Was. Hot. and no, folks. Not that kind of hot. Just the Heat. really. I dont do that kind of HOT. But, as the ever so best friend said, as long as youre in a school uniform. RIGHT? But thats alright because.. My Catholic School Days are OVER. and i dont put out... Regardless of School Girl Uniforms Or Not. But I stillgot theskirts. Hanging somewhere in my closet. Buried. Yet Ever So ready.. to be Ironed Out Again. BUTNOT QUITE. WHY. Because Its Sacred.
Shit Never Changes...
So I got stood up...ME...OF ALL people. ME. I wanted to go out. My best friend said I could go to the bar with her. She was gonna turn around and come get me. The car "runs hot". Her boyfriend takes them to the bar, and turns all the way back around to come get me. NEVER FUCKING MIND I tell him. It's not worth the drive. On top of that...I don't know where my girlfriend is...Haven't heard from her since she left work...Stood up TWICE in one day. Damn, don't you wish you had my life? :'(
I Am Back
the internet was down but I am back so ignore the last blog I am back. my life is still a mess but thanks to all my friends I am working through this the best way i can and i am not going to give up hope. thank you all my friends for sticking with me it has really helped me cope with everything love you all jennifer
Look A Like Contest With Working Links!!!!
Are you a Or do you just look like one? Celebrity Look-A-Like Contest Enter your celebrity look a like photos for a chance to win one of three prizes. There are two categories male and female. The photo with the most rates and comments in each category wins their choice of either a 30 day VIP or a 7 day blast. In this contest rates are just as important as comments, each rate is worth 50 comments. Self bombing is a must, but also you will need to get as many people as you can to rate this pic. In order to participate, you must rate, fan and add me to your friends list. The 3rd prize will be given to the person that myself and my panel of judges deems as most resembling the celebrity. This winner also has the choice of 30 day VIP or 7-day blast. To keep this contest honest and true to its intent you must resemble the celebrity. All entries will be viewed and judged by my panel prior to being accepted. Your entry should look simular to this... Once
A Amazing Love Forever
A Amazing Love Forever by BlueWolf © A Amazing Love Forever When I feel you near me I tremble with excitement Isn't it amazing How you look at me And you say nothing at all But I can still understand Every word being spoken through your eyes As you brush back my hair And you kiss my neck I think to myself How can I be so lucky Lucky to have you in my life The thoughts that run though my head They are only of you I don't see how it is possible Possible for you to always be on my mind You're always in my heart Without a word Without a touch You look into my eyes And tell me everything When caressing my face You kiss my lips You speak those So soft and sweet I love you I love you Not only for what you are But also what you have made of me I love you Because you've made me A strong person You've made my happy You have done this With out a word Nor a touch You've done this Just by being you People say we wont las
Beware Of The Clit Ring
I was grinding against her, but that wasn't enough. She lifted her leg into me, bringing me dangerously close to a premature explosion. Curling her fingers underneath my shirt, she lifted and pulled it off. "So," I grinned, "That's how you want it, is it?" She moaned. I kissed down her neck and helped her finish what she had started. Soon, no clothing could be found on either of us and we both seemed to like it that way. Moving my way down her neck, chest, and stomach, I reached her holiest of holies, and what a hole it was. Ripe and ready, I prepared myself for a deliciously sensual snack. As I moved in for the kill, I noticed that a tiny, horseshoe-curved, golden bar punctuated her center of ecstasy with a little ball on either end--she had a clit ring. "You have a clit ring," I whispered excitedly. She picked her head up and looked down at me. "Be gentle, but play around with it." Not being one to disappoint a lady, I went to work--pushing it up, pushing
Sexauly Frustrated Repost
Have you ever had one of them day or night that all you want is sex. Not to take caure of thing yourself but human contact? You do not not need to make love with someone. But you need to jsut the sex. With all its energy and power? And you do not have anyone around to help. Or to have sex with. And the more you you do not have the upset you get. You jsut want to grab the firt man or woman you share any kind of friendship and sexaul tration to and jsut have sex with them untell neether on of you can see strae. I you have had had one of thm days or nights pepost this. :)
Okay, I wrote this poem the other night while I was fighting with my husband. I'm not sure if I like it, or if it really expresses my emotions as clearly as I'd like, but here is it. You can decide what you think. Sadness grips me, clings to me, as my body begins to tremble. Everything is wrong... Everything is wrong... You won't talk to me, touch me, look at me. LOOK AT ME! My heart is bleeding I cry... I am alone... Everything is wrong... Everything is wrong... Anger slowly seeps into me, caressing my bleeding heart, my trembling begins to stop. Everything is wrong... Everything is wrong... I speak to you, my words are full of my anger. LOOK AT ME!! My anger covers my sadness... disguises... half truths... What's next? Everything is wrong... Everything is wrong... Regret fills me... holds me... My bleeding heart bursts. Everything is wrong... Everything is wrong... The anger and the sadness have intertwined. There is nothing now. Everythi
Red-light District".
Glitter Text Maker Layout Codes BEST Sexy Graphics and Images I come home tonight to find a trail of red rose petals on the floor. I follow the trail wondering what's up. It leads to our bedroom. The door is closed. I open it to find the room filled with red light. The sheets on the bed are red. Everything is red! I see you lying in the middle of a bed of rose petals dressed in a very sexy little red teddy with very sexy red strappy heels on. You are posed like a pinup girl smiling deviously at me. I see the fiery passion in oyur eyes and know that this is going to be a very good night indeed. You bid me come over to you. you wrap your arms around my neck as you lay the hotest, wettest kiss upon my lips. The kind that will curl your toes. I moan as you kiss me. You pull me over onto the bed and roll over on top of me, as you whisper, "I've been waiting all day for you, Darling." You loosen my tie and begin to unbutton my shirt as you kiss my chest and run your hands across my chest.
This Saturday
I am taking my sweet babygirl out to the zoo! It is her birthday next weekend, so I am taking her a week early as a birthday present. Then afterwards we are going shopping for a new schoolgirl outfit for her (yes that is also a present for me). Then maybe, The Citadel that night? A possibility.
Please Help!~!!
My friend is in a contest and she is behind...can you please help her out??!!! She is great and is always helping others when they are in a contest!!! this is the link..please even if you only give one comment it will help thanks!!!
Broken Heart
Different Kinds Of Sex... (or So I Am Told)
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you." The 5th kind of sex is called: Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. The 6th kind is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your spouse any more. They take you to court and screws you in front of everyone. And last, but not least, th
Have A Great Weekend
When You Love Someone
When you love someone - you'll do anything you'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun when you love someone you'll deny the truth - believe a lie there'll be times that you'll believe you can really fly but your lonely nights - have just begun when you love someone when you love someone - you'll feel it deep inside and nothin else can ever change your mind when you want someone - when you need someone when you need someone... when you love someone - you'll sacrifice you'd give it everything you got and you won't think twice you'd risk it all - no matter what may come when you love someone you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun when you love someone
Inxs:celebrating 30 Years Of Excellence In Music
By INXS Please sign The Michael Hutchence Tribute Guestbook before you leave,Thank You!!
Ok So I Gave Up On Being Angry
Um yeah i am way to lazy to type correctly or spell for that matter however update on the missing van its still fucking STOLEN meaning it has not been recovered!!! oh well gotta call the adjusters tomorrow and get shit settled well we'll see what happens from there
Tears A Hole
sliding along the skin, tearing it open, playing that symphony of pain, feelings rushing away, washed away in the pain, the edge slowly cutting deeper, exposing more, allowing more to be washed away, can the pain be taken, can it be made real, the pain tears, the hole widens, let the pain flow away, one day it may be washed away in the blood.
I Need A Big Favor!!!
could you copy and paste the link below and repost the bulletin? i have entered ~DAWN~s Celeb Look A Like Contest and i think i have a good chance at winning this thing. but there are not enough enteries yet. so please repost the bulletin this link sends you too and spread the word for me!! That is the link. Just a few seconds of your time is all i ask. thank you
We Won!!!
Susan, Precious, Ozzy, Emma, Ponyboy, Lillith, Clown Lady, 100%, Hotansexy2, Michalle, Turtle, Kat, Yanda, Lollypop and to those who i missed, Thank you so much. It was a team effort. Michael
This Weekend I Will Be....
Im No Better
just realized today that im no better than my fucking father.i just want to fucking carve myself up like a thnksgiving day a worthless no good piece of shit just like him i guess no matter what i do its true what they say. like son
I Give Up
I give up I have loved you forever. I have given you all i have to give. never am i good enough for you to show the world you love me. I promised id never make my own blood flow again. but why should i keep that promise when you dont keep yours to me. As i sit here in the dark writting to you i make first one cut then another. watching as a red pool starts to gather around my hand. I give up pretending, praying . I wont ask for things you are to ashamed to give. you denied me what i asked for what iv begged for so now I will punish me in the way you cant stand. its not to get back at you. its simple a way to end things. i give up on loving you or you loving me. I cant type much more . blood is going all over the keyboard. I must bid you farewell while there is still life in my body. farwell for always my love
Hrm... I Think I May
stop sending requests to, and start dropping, people who (in their "about me" of their profile here, for example... this is site-related policy blog after all! ... ) proudly "don't give an expletive what others think" (any others, all others, without explanation, without qualification) and those who are proudly and generally apathetic, without further ado or explanation... It's nice to be able to pretend that something's an ASpie thing when really one's just plain PISSED (off) - just joking on that last sentence.
I Give Up
I give up I have loved you forever. I have given you all i have to give. never am i good enough for you to show the world you love me. I promised id never make my own blood flow again. but why should i keep that promise when you dont keep yours to me. As i sit here in the dark writting to you i make first one cut then another. watching as a red pool starts to gather around my hand. I give up pretending, praying . I wont ask for things you are to ashamed to give. you denied me what i asked for what iv begged for so now I will punish me in the way you cant stand. its not to get back at you. its simple a way to end things. i give up on loving you or you loving me. I cant type much more . blood is going allover my keys. i must bid you farwell foralways
I Feel I Am This Girl
i'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because i'm sleepy, but because i want to be closer to you... i'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant... i'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because i actually want something, but because it means i get to spend more time with you... i'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and i will have fun because it means i am spending time with you... ***i'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when i find someone i like i want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms...*** i'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... ***i'm the girl who once i let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. & even if we spend time apart, i'm the girl who never forgets you..*** i'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. i'm the girl who you can talk to you about anyth
the pain u feel roots deep in the heart can this really be happening when just yesterday u felt the same as the start no matter how many times u replay u cant seem to pintoint the moment of decay was it the glimpse of my eye or a falling star in the sky the tear that trickeld down ur cheek or was i too withdrawing or too weak you never really told me this much i know like the nights are cold youre snow one last thing before i go i just wanna say that the daggers you throw no longer sting and every nite for moment i wonder what could have been what should have been and then i smile and sing and start remembering ghostdog
the pain u feel roots deep in the heart can this really be happening when just yesterday u felt the same as the start no matter how many times u replay u cant seem to pintoint the moment of decay was it the glimpse of my eye or a falling star in the sky the tear that trickeld down ur cheek or was i too withdrawing or too weak you never really told me this much i know like the nights are cold youre snow one last thing before i go i just wanna say that the daggers you throw no longer sting and every nite for moment i wonder what could have been what should have been and then i smile and sing and start remembering ghostdog
My Pics
are open too see if you like
For The Broken Hearted
the pain u feel roots deep in the heart can this really be happening when just yesterday u felt the same as the start no matter how many times u replay u cant seem to pintoint the moment of decay was it the glimpse of my eye or a falling star in the sky the tear that trickeld down ur cheek or was i too withdrawing or too weak you never really told me this much i know like the nights are cold youre snow one last thing before i go i just wanna say that the daggers you throw no longer sting and every nite for moment i wonder what could have been what should have been and then i smile and sing and start remembering ghostdog
Why I Hate People
girl: hey i have something to tell u guy: ok girl: u know how i told you i had some marriage proposals pending guy: yes girl: well i expepted one ---- This chic married a towelhead and divorced him because he was abusive..and shes back in the same boat. And she use to tell me how bad it was and all and now, shes back in the same situation. Why dont these dell techs stay and find their own kind, instead of invading us chatrooms
->jokerfly: thanks jokerfly: fuck you are a jew bastard and he deleted every comment i left on his mumm
My Wolf... Rytx...
Pimping my wolf again... Show him some love... even if it's not as much as I show him... and continue pimping him out by reposting this for your friends/fans... Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Rytx Kingdom Of Wolves Alpha Male to Shadow@ fubar
Plus44/when Ur Heart Stops Beating...
Oh, The Things I Think
well... nothing new that I am here talking to myself again. I am on a hate fest today I think. I am sick of my job. I hate it. I am a slave & get paid shit to do it. all I want to do is try to support my family & pay my fucking bills... whats so wrong with that??? I don't see why I always take all the shit from everyone.... OH I KNOW... ITS CAUSE I AM SOOOO FUCKING NICE!!!! well ya know what.. fuck them & fuck nice! it only gets me stepped on. I am so sick of getting the blame for shit I didn't do... (and I dn't tell cause I'm NOT A SNITCH) but where the hell does it get me? in better with a fucker who lets someone else take the fll? fuck that! so whats right? I beat myself up over all of it & I don't know why cause they don't give me a second thought.... so why should I care? I wish I was selfish sometimes. nice gets you nothing but shit on! oh well...ranting doesn't help either I guess... but it sure makes me feel better to say fuck alot!!! smiles!
part of what gets me thru my week , gotta love em Time to do as you please , sleep late if you like and hopefully not a time for clock watching :D
So Yeah...
So as of lately things have kinda been up and down around me. I am getting ready to go back to work full time, yet I am not ready for the summer to be over with. There are so many things I wanted to do that I just wasnt able to. A few different people have come and gone from my life. Of course, I thought they were great. Why else would I even bring them up otherwise. One was someone I had been talking to for about the last 6 months. The plan was that he was coming out to WI for EAA (a big airplane fly in with planes and pilots from around the world). Well the couple weeks leading up to that all of a sudden he completely stopped talking to me. Phone calls went unreturned, yada yada yada. Well right before he was supposed to be here I finally got together with who I thought was this absolutely amazing man. He made me laugh, could make me smile when I was sad, and brought a smile to my face just by talking to me, hugging me or kissing me. Well that was great for a few weeks until we start
Wahoooo I Won The 50,000 And The 70,000 !!!
Re: Re: Re: BABY I HAVE TWO PEOPLE MYSELF AND ONE OTHER PLEASE Show header Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 19:56:42 -0700 From: To: Reply-To: Size: 4 KB __________________________________________________________________________________________________ MY FURBAR MAIL THAT STATES IF YOUR THE FIRST TO HIT BOTH YOU GET BOTH. THE MONTH BLAST AND THE HAPPYHOUR WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It goes in order, u hit 20,000 u get blast or VIP, First to 50,000 gets 30 day blast. 1st to 70,000 Get HAPPY HOUR. YOU GET TO 50,000 FIRST, AND THE HAPPY HOUR 1ST YOU GET BOTH On 8/8/2007, wrote: DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU WANT IM GOING FOR OR CAN I JUST JUMP IN AND SEE WHICH ONE I HIT.. SAY IM GOING FOR THE HAPPY HOUR AND IM THE FIRST ONE TO HIT 50,000 BUT SOMEONE ALREADY HIT 70,000 SO I LOSE EVERYTHING OR WOULD I WIN T
Body Salutes
Ok so what I want is for ppl to write my name "Big Girls Ride Hard " on their body. Anywhere they choose. It will be in a NSFW folder thats open though. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Comment And Rate Friend In Contest please check this out u all and do this for me to help one of my cool friends to win this contest it ends tomorrow at noon please help me out u all
Caught Chained Handed
ok now if you know me you know that i am into bondage. today my mother was cleanin my room cuz my uncle is coming down for a vist. while clean she noticed ropes coming from under my bed. she said " your just like your father" not realizing whats going on i ask "how is that" and she replayed "what are those ropes for" i said " mom you already know. remember when you said i should get a job at payless(shoe store for those who dont know)i said i just cant. and you said why you have a foot fetish or something. and i said no i have a different kind. and you i told you" she just laughed and rolled her eyes. then i said just wait when i get the money the ropes are going to be chains. she walked away at the point
Cooking For Women!!
You womn say you like a guy that can cook?? So why is it they never up to find out if I can or not?? I have been left hanging for the last time!! fuck it!!! Dating isn't worth it!!!
Im Fucking Broke Whats New
well one thing I cried tonight another thing is Im starting to Think I will never get to see my Son in England another thing is I let someone down that Loves me and Cares... How do us Human beings suppose to help one another when People Dont care... This land of the Free is one of the Most fucked up places to live If you dont make a Good sum of Money Or have one of them fancy goverment Jobs Well your gonna be one big pile of Shit I have a Family in England 1. A Wife 2. A son 3. A step-son wtf am i suppose to do when I go apply for Jobs everywhere in Town and I dont get shit back... Smoke myself retarded and Tell my wife everynight Im gonna get a job tomorrow FUCK that The lies stop here. I love my Son I love my Wife Why dont anyone else Love me??
you know you really love someone when you stick with them even through the bad times. we have a lot of milestones to cross, but i know that we can get through them. i love him with all my heart and am glad that he is ok. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. they said that he suffers from petit mal sezuires due to be electrocuted on the job back in 2004. hopefully it won't progress or get any worse. i am glad that it wasn't more serious and am glad that he is back at home. thanks to all that have been there for me during this time that we have been seperated.
friends come and friends go... but those friends that stay mean the world.. no matter what this person has been there through everything.. he will listen to me.. make me feel better and he always makes me laugh...MB thanks for being who you are.
Banned Yet
this brings back memories of school and sitting in the principals office in once again i have been banned from the mumms..*it wasn't me* why is it that people have to start drama and why is it only certain people who do bother me? I end up getting worked up over something a complete stranger says..usually them being judgemental or just plain out childish behavior...and before you know it wham there i am letting myself be just as lame as they insanity. I try to think of myself as laid back and mellow but in all least my reality i am stress out and tense and usually at the edge..the edge of what i do not know...nor do i want to delve into myself at the moment to figure it i have come here to vent, laugh...plan hope everyone is having a great friday and i hope the weekend goes slow...peace
A New Verse To My Neverending Song.
I see a light at the end of this proverbial tunnel. Reaching out to hold the light. You are so far away. Can you see me? I'm waving my heart in your direction. I want to feel the sun on my face. The warm sand beneath my feet. Bring me closer baby. Be with me now. You fill me with wonder, excitement, longing. My heart is open to your love. If you so choose to take it. Remember the song? I feel it growing softer. We can create a new verse. A life so serene, so complete. But you have to want it. I know I do. More each day and night. Take me into your world. I can complete you.
Hard Being A Soldier
It is so hard to be a soldier sometimes. No one there waiting for you, always putting your life on hold, never being home. But losing love has got to be the worst. Here's a little poem I found out there floating around. If I ever go to war Mom, Please don't be afraid. There are some things I must do, To keep the promise that I made. I'm sure there will be some heartache, And I know that you'll cry tears, But your son is a Soldier now, Mom, There is nothing you should fear. If I ever go to war Dad, I know that you'll be strong. But you won't have to worry, Cause you taught me right from wrong. You kept me firmly on the ground, yet still taught me how to fly. Your son is a Soldier now Dad, I love you Hoorah, Even if I die. If I ever go to war Bro, There are some things I want to say. You've always had my back, and I know it's my time to repay. You'll always be my daybreak, through all of life's dark clouds, Your brother is a Soldier now, Bro, I promise I'll make you
Seduction Style
What Is Friendship??
I can't tell you how many times i have accepted friend requests never to hear from that person again.Most of the time ppl don't even take the time to read my profile.Many times ppl ask & they haven't even rated or fanned do people just do it for the points?? Anyway...if i don't accept your friend request it's because you haven't done anything to earn it(my friendship) or you ask simply because you want to see my NSFW pictures.To make a friend,you have to be a friend...nuff said!!
Got my bike back yesterday!! finally!! it's been nice having it back I must say. I hate not being able to ride. lol :D
Have Some Self Respect
Well, I'm not gonna say ive done everything in the best manner. Ive been down the road where i've compromised myself. But what really annoys me is when people act like whores, plaster themselves all over other people and then demand respect. WTF. What is the point of doing things then having to hide them? If you want to have respect, you have to respect yourself. The first thing you need to do is act like a respectful person. Don't get trashed and sleep with every one of your male/female friends. Dont have a threesome. Keep your fat ass covered women, just because you got your fat flabby tits hanging out doesnt mean youre sexy. Men, take off those fucking beer goggles. There's nothing wrong with a tramp, as long as she admits to being a tramp. Dont expect to have anything meaningful as far as a relationship if you dont admit to who you really are.
I'm Bout Mine
i'm bout mine, but is u bout urs when u walkin out tha front door believe u gonna get urs nigga im bout mine mr. louisiana out da boot always checkin niggas who wanna run there lip cuz they dont want da murda man to boot up in dis bitch cuz they no i merk niggas straight cut throat to da bone aint another nigga like dis beside c and p and i aint talkin bout c-murder and master p im talkin bout cizzle and pearl two of da realiest niggas on side me came up from da down da road streets st. bernard and u up da road pussy who want beef nigga lets see we got dem heats but fuck it well go wit da fist cuz we aint on da pussy shit wit all dat trigga play god gave me hands and imma use dem and u better belive imma merk cuz im a fool wit it and no nigga can fuck wit dis shit im a soulja in my heart and if any nigga fucks wit my family rounds or my ol lady u best beive u gonna get urs u gonna get merk hurt layin dead in da dirt i no im a fool but i go in beast mood take another hit of dat fir
Screw It And Let Die
Sorry, blasting 'Live and Let Die' in my ears and at this point, it's more like 'Screw It and Let Die'. And if anyone reads it and thinks about it, any actions of their's that they change (if they know me) will be more or less to prove me wrong or a conscious/subconscious level. That is how jaded I am. Wanna know the rest? Let's see, I've been stupid enough to drop my guard and think about that dumb as hell word 'love' five times. In my family, love was something that you read about in books that normally the hero heard from someone right before they were killed or were exposed as being the bad guy/girl in the whole thing and would later repent just to croak in the hero's arms. I watched my parents in a love-less marriage and saw other family members back-stab and lie to each other all in the name of 'love'. Let me be blunt. There is no freaking such thing as love. Give it a rest. It was something invented by card companies and candy makers to sell their trash at p
You Have OK Karma You try to be a good person... well, sometimes you try! While you are caring deep down, you don't always show it. You're very focused on yourself, and others come second (if not third). Which is fine, but don't expect others to focus on you. How's Your Karma?
This Is Fromt He Heart
i had a dick head tell me that our government was stupid for the actions taken since 9-11. i couldnt believe it. is everyone out there so damn blind that they dont know what could happen. there is a website you can go to and it will show you threats that have happen on American soil. this is every day that some one in our country finds something wrong with a person or see them as a harm to society. since 9-11 action s have been taken to prevent the same thing that happend that horrible day. dont ever look down on any one serving our military. they are doing a job and what they are told. they are not the ones who make the decision. we take orders and we follow them regardless if they are right or wrong. that is our job. if i ever hear some one say something about the way the government is running things and that the military is doing the wrong thing i will hit them right in the jaw. if you dont know how the military is ran then keep your damn mouth shut. do not speak down on something y
My Wife Met My Girlfriend
Gotta love Rodney Carrington :) I got home and the door was locked And I tried to ring the bell I found a little bitty note that she had wrote Tellin' me to go to hell I crawled in the window, I got inside She kicked me in the balls And then I cried Called me a name, said I lied Kicked me again and I thought I died Took my clothes, set 'em on fire And hit me with her curling iron I tried to block it with my watch And then she kicked me in the crotch again Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend Well I tried to tell her, but she didn't care Things weren't as what they seemed She had a pan on the stove full of boiling water And my nads would soon be steamed I tried to run, scream for help She hit me in the nerts with her rhinestone belt It was like nothin' that I ever felt I thank God I wasn't wearin' a kilt She grabbed a bat from beneath the bed She swung it once and then she missed my head She reared back, swung it again And then she hit me in th
My all time favorite Fleetwood Mac song. It has a very special meaning to me. I use to sing it back in highschool at events and stuff :P The video... Live on the Dance tour... She was just a wish...
~ Did You Miss Your Exit? ~
What to do when you've missed an exit, you have got to be kidding me. Find more videos like this on
Dog Tags
For the last week or so, I've had a few people asking me where I got My Dog Tags from. Well this First One was made by Latin Diva. Which she did a few months ago. Right now, She is looking for the Web Page she made them at. In the meantime, I went looking for a site myself and found one that makes them like this: A little different style, you can see more examples in my Dog Tags Made for People Folder. Now, I will gladly make them for anyone that asks. I will need the fellowing Information: The Background Camo Color you want: Jungle, Desert, Snow, Pink, Purple or Blue And the 3 text lines you want, up to 16 Characters per line. Please either send me a Private Message Labeled DOG TAGS or comment on this BLOG. Thanks, David PS: Please don't forget about Checking Out my Special set of Blogs for the Military and their Families here on FuBar:
~ Thriller ~ Prison Style
CPDRC (Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) prisoners dancing michael jackson's thriller. Find more videos like this on
Iam Sailing Away
today my boss called iam sailing on thurs .I fly to kuwait on wed to meet the ship and start making money .. yes Iam leaving so if I don't respond don't hate me Iam at work for 3 months .. so please hold all your request untel dec....john
Out Of Comments:(
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm all out of comments for the day:( I'll be on a little bit tomorrow but I have my little cousins birthday party in the afternoon so I won't be around the later part of the day.....Hope everyone has a good night and I'll see you soon:) Mama
Well I need to get my happy ass to bed .. I start my new job tomorrow and I've a ton of things to do before I go .. ( my shift starts at 3) .... tomorrow is 3-11 . and Sunday is 3-10 .. Lawd i hope all works out .. havnt worked in so long .. UGH .. So .. I hope you all have a Wonderful weekend .. as I probably wont be online much if at all this weekend .. Be well . Stay Safe . and Have a Kickin Time !
Type O Negative- Black Number One
She's in love with herself. She likes the dark. On her milk white neck. The Devil's mark. It's all Hallows Eve. The moon is full. Will she trick or treat. I bet she will. She's got a date at midnight. With Nosferatu. Oh baby, Lilly Munster. Ain't got nothing on you. Well when I called her evil. She just laughed. And cast that spell on me. Boo Bitch Craft. Yeah you wanna go out 'cause it's raining and blowing. You can't go out 'cause your roots are showing. Dye em black. Black no. 1 Little wolf skin boots. And clove cigarettes. An erotic funeral. For witch she's dressed. Her perfume smells like. Burning leaves. Everyday is Halloween. Loving you was like loving the dead. Black No. 1Add to My Profile | More Videos
Sad But Sweet
grab a tissue if you have a heart you will shed some tears when you listen to the little girl talks,turn up the volume!!!Turn On Volumethey'd go to the beach hold hands and collect shells and make sand castles even though they were young this was a start of somthing new but one day after mandy's 6th birthday billy came up to her and said will you be my girlfriend and she agreed they sat there by the pond and they promised Forever.they hugged they kissed and their mom and dad's knew they were perfect.everyday as they grew older their love kept growing strongerthey became teenagers and they were loving better than everthey spent their summers togetherthey had sleepovers and they were the best of freinds and loversthey loved everywhere .even if they were miles apartit was perfect. years past and passed and they got marriedone day after billy got home from work mandy had some breaking newsshe was pregnant with a baby on june 22nd she gave birth to a beautiful baby girlshe grew bigger and b
Never Assume
8/17/2007 BECOME A MODEL...Play Boy Opportunity Dear Readers; Whoa thank you for your emails Ladies but please use the provided links for your requests. I am just helping to promote the event and there is nothing I can do to endorse anyone of you. Send your pictures and good luck to you. BE A MODEL AND WIN GO TO Click here Also my last newsletter indeed provoked some varied reactions and I must once more clarify my position to all of you. Some puritanical souls were really upset and were quick to assume or judge my character and me. Now because I am helping some friends to promote a cruise does not make me a slut or a bad boy. Note also that the girls on this ship are NOT prostitutes and as educated, smart, clean and respectable as YOU! The last thing you need to do is to ASSUME anything about anyone! Secondly the opportunity for a beautiful young girl to be selected and start a rewarding career and/or to win an expansive luxury car is to be appreciated. Those
Foot In Mouth Syndrome
Foot In Mouth Syndrome ...don't you hate it when you say or do something you know you shouldn't have done! you wish your brain would work before you say or do something! half of the time, i think my brain is on vacation while i keep truckin' along, doing and saying stuff. sometimes, i get in trouble for that! But.. I am sure, that my brain will continue to take its spontaneous vacations and I may say or do something kinda dumb once in a while. All I can say, is 'oops...sorry about that'. I may offend, annoy or anger people..I may not do the right thing all the time....but I am only human ...and people know how to get a hold of me if they have something to say to me. I love a good discussion, even about shitty things sometimes! Danielle Aug 2007
Cant you see that i'm sick of this? Chances are you're oblivious to how I feel Sitting on your throne, and I'm sure that I'm not alone Tell me please Who the fuck did you want me to be? Was it something that I couldnt see? Never knew this could be so political And please, I'm still wearing this miserable skin And its starting to tear from within But its obvious that doesnt bother you so please.. I didnt think that you'd sell me out Now I know what youre all about You might feel in control of things But youre not holding all the strings Tell me please Who the fuck did you want me to be? Was it something that I couldnt see? Never knew this would be so political And please, I'm still stuck in this miserable skin And its starting to tear from within But its obvious that doesnt matter to you Ive swallowed all your answers Ive swallowed all of my pride You've used up all your chances Cant keep this all inside Tell me please Who the fuck did you wan
Slipknot-wait And Bleed
I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander out where you can't see... Inside my shell, I wait and bleed... Goodbye! I wipe it off on tile, the light is brighter this time Everything is 3D blasphemy My eyes are red and gold, the hair is standing straight up This is not the way I pictured me I CAN'T CONTROL MY SHAKES! How the hell did I get here? Something about this, so very wrong... I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this Is it a dream or a memory? GET OUTTA MY HEAD CUZ I DON'T NEED THIS! Why I didn't I see this? I'm a victim - Manchurian Candidate I - HAVE - SINNED - BY - JUST Makin' my mind up and takin' your breath away GOODBYE! You haven't learned a thing I haven't changed a thing My flesh was in my bones The pain was always free I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander out where you can't see... Inside my shell, I wait and bleed... AND
Sicilian Red Devil Chicken
SICILIAN RED DEVIL CHICKEN 1 lb fresh fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, peeled and chopped 3 garlic cloves, peeled and minced 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can diced tomatoes, drained 1/2 cup red wine 3 tablespoons tomato paste 2 tablespoons chopped fresh Italian parsley 2 bay leaves 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper Pasta of your choice Cut each chicken breast into 3 equal pieces and season with salt and pepper. Heat a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-high heat. Add oil and when hot, but not smoking, add chicken pieces. Sauté until golden brown on all sides, about 5 minutes; remove from pan and set aside. To the same pan, add onion and garlic. Cook, stirring, until onion is translucent, about 3 minutes. Add tomatoes, red wine, tomato paste, parsley, bay leaves, thyme and red pepper flakes, mix well. Return chicken to pan, cover, reduc
Lenny Kravitz-let Love Rule
Love is gentle as a rose And love can conquer any war Its time to take a stand Brothers and sisters join hands We got to let love rule Let love rule We got to let love rule Let love rule Love transcends all space and time And love can make a little child smile Oh cant you see This wont go wrong But we got to be strong We cant do it alone We got to let love rule Let love rule We got to let love rule Let love rule Let love rule You got to got to got to Let love rule You got to got to got to, yeah Let let let let love rule Let love rule Let love rule You got to got to got to Use to yeah You got to yeah Waouh You got to Got to got to got to yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Let love rule -------------------------- Jamaica needs more respeck, yes, respeck.
My Mom
i am home from the hosplital. thank you all for ur thoughts and preayers they helped! My mom is doing better and we hope to have her home in the next day or so. This is the 4th time in less than 4 months she has been in there. ty all again! luvs to u all
I Push You Away
great, I cried a little last night. whoopie freaking do. it only made things worse for me. I expressed myself. I felt my eyes burning and the tears building up to the point that I felt like I was going to break down and lose it. it really bothers me that I can not say what I want to say or act how I would like. you do not want to know how I see you, what I think of you, how it hurts me inside to push you away. a few glasses of wine and two or more tears shed will not cure me. you will not break me. you will not fix me. you will not have me or ever freaking have the chance to hurt me. no matter how much I want to be touch by you, I dont want you to. I dont want to know you. every new day is a new reminder of my failure. how I was so close to my personal nirvana. it all slipped away just because I gave myself totally and truly. god I want my meds again. dope me up let me not feel again let me be a walking no one again.
Rachaels Contest
Here is the link if anyone needs it:) Muah! Mama
Hormonal Ramblings
Hormonal Ramblings It is easy to be negative about our past mistakes and unhappiness. But it's much more healing to look at ourselves and our past in the light of experience, acceptance,and growth. Our past is a series of lessons that advance us to higher levels of living and loving. The relationships we entered, stayed in, or ended taught us necessary lessons. Some of us have emerged from the most painful circumstances with strong insights about who we are and what we want. Each step of the way, we learned, we went through exactly the experiences we needed to, to become who we are today. Each step of the way, we have progressed. Is our past a mistake? NO! The only mistake we can make is mistaking that for the truth! Danielle Aug 2007
Party Tyme Liquors In Prattville, Alabama
Any one needing to extend thier partying needs after hours or even during we have the most exclusive and most delicious selections of alcohol and beer possible. when the party ends come and join our party at (PARTY TYME LIQUORS on hwy 31 (South Memorial Dr) in PRATTVILLE ALABAMA !!! LET US GET YOUR PARTY STARTED
Ty All
TY to all my friends who have sent me FU-cakes and birthday cards! :P Muah!
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To All The Men On Cherrytap/fubar/wtf Ever...
Hi, I'm Lindsey. I have a fiance', and a GIRLFRIEND. I'm not interested in dating you, I'm not interested in sleeping with your girlfriend so you can watch... *NO, I do NOT want to see your cock pictures...*The cock is NOT the prettiest thing in the world to look at...* *Just because I fan you/rate your profile/rate your pics DOES NOT MEAN I want you. GET OVER YOURSELVES. *If you wanna see my NSFW pictures, FAN ME FIRST. If I don't answer you in the shoutbox right away, it probably means I'm busy or I'm not here. I stay signed in 24/7 and I'm NOT ALWAYS sitting here. Just a few things you should know in order to STAY on my friend's list...
Im A Dumb Ass
ok so im a little upset at the moment. You see there is this woman I have an interest in and my cousin is all over her. He knows how I feel about her but every time he comes over to where I live he insists on cracking sexual jokes towards her. And yes she lives with me. and well so does another chick. I have been helping one woman out for over a year now while she is getting on her feet. And this other one that I kinda like I just moved in cause she had no other place to go. So, here I am with two women living with me and I am not doing anything with either of them. I cant. I have to remain stable and not show favortism to either of them. But while I do this I have my cousin all over the one I like. He has tried to hook up with the other but she is interested in me and there for wont give him the time of day. And the best part is he is now trying to form himself in to live here. Cousin or not I know this would end up in a fight. Why cant my life be easy? Why do I always
Audioslave-like A Stone
On a cobweb afternoon In a room full of emptiness By a freeway I confess I was lost in the pages Of a book full of death Reading how we'll die alone And if we're good we'll lay to rest Anywhere we want to go (chorus) In your house I long to be Room by room patiently I'll wait for you there Like a stone I'll wait for you there Alone On my deathbed I will pray To the gods and the angels Like a pagan to anyone Who will take me to heaven To a place I recall I was there so long ago The sky was bruised The wine was bled And there you led me on (chorus) In your house I long to be Room by room patiently I'll wait for you there Like a stone I'll wait for you there Alone And on I read Until the day was gone And I sat in regret Of all the things I've done For all that I've blessed And all that I've wronged In dreams until my death I will wander on
hey well what can i new here, very new and just trying to work it out..... Am curious perhaps (lesbian first) but that doesnt mean i'm up for anything ok! Much more interested right now in meeting folks and just chatting..... Can be very sarcastic and if you dont like it then dont talk to me...and guys not into seeing you naked ok! I'm a displaced english bod living in aussie now.... Thats me for now pop in say hi..........i dont bite on the first meeting!
Game Any One
any one up for a fubar strip game on cam lol
Csn&y - Love The One You're With
Well I've been thinking about suicide quiet alot lately so tonight I took a bottle of asprin, I know this is a pussy way to go but I don't own a gun and I hate the sight of blood so cutting myself wasn't an option. Well my heart is starting to beat really fast so I'm going to go.
Metallica-nothing Else Matters
So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do Never ca
Could This Be The One (not What You Think It Is)
Could this be the one that starts your new life? They seem to be nothing too special, Such horrible little bitches you have to hide from your wife, Spraying fresh cologne just before the threshold, Too much fun... too hard to stop touching, You love them, each and everyone, Kinda hard to stop buying, And throw them out when you are done, And quitting just isn't worth trying, They are sweet little things at your beck and call, When you've had a bad day or just bored, And the one you're about to have could cause your fall, Now let's just press fast forward... Feeling run down...thinking lack of sleep, You start to cough up blood, Now you quit, but you're in too deep, Grab a life jacket too late in the flood, Lose your hair, but not to old age, Your date is the Doctors... not dinner, You're now upset enraged, And you were so good, not a sinner, Worked hard every single day, Provided for your children, Asking for miracles as you pray, And hoping God will fulf
Rose Royce - Car Wash
Disturbed-the Game
Tell me exactly what am I supposed to do? Now that I have allowed you to beat me! Do you think that we could play another game? Maybe I can win this time? I kind of like the misery you put me through. Darling, you can trust me completely. If you even try to look the other way, I think that I could kill this time. Rah! Rah! [x2] It doesn't really seem I'm getting through to you. Though I see you weeping so sweetly. I think that you might have to take another taste, a little bit of hell this time. Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now run for her life in the battle that ends this day? Is she not right?! Is she insane?! Will she now run for her life now that she LIED TO ME! You always wanted people to remember you. You leave your little mark on society! Don't you know your wish is coming true today? Another victim dies tonight. Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Is she not ri
Random Thoughts
Why did you have to touch me that way, And whisper those things in my ear, Why couldn't it have lasted just one more day, I wanted you so bad, did I make that clear, Do you miss me now in any little way, Think back on my lips and my smile, Did you want it to last just one more day, Or was it ok to last that little while, So many things I would like to know, Break into your head and drink, Open up for me and just let it flow, Give me all the thoughts that you think, It drove me crazy then, and drives me crazy now, You were so complicated in every way, I wonder who, when, why, most important how, In my mind I go back to those days, Thinking of your hands on me, It fills me with a familiar heat, With my back pushed against the door, And now....Your so far from me. I can feel you still on my skin, but not like its supposed to be!
The Morning After Reality
The Morning After Reality Can someone in all honesty fall in love with someone and know in there heart and in there mind that it will never happen. Can two souls be so alike.. being in total sincronicity with one another ..knowing that just a single kiss could ruin this. Why do complications of the heart always fog the better of ones judgment .. is it the lack or reason or thought .. can love have purpose other then just the common thread that we all see it as .. Why can loving someone have such larger meaning and devotion yet cant. What is true love.. a thought or a concept of what happiness is. When does happiness become love, just the simple questions one never thinks yet alone asks .. Danielle Aug 2007
H.i.m. Wicked Game
World was on fire, no one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you And I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you No, I wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart) No, I wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart) ..with you (this world is only gonna break your heart) What a wicked game to play To make me feel this way What a wicked thing to do To let me dream of you What a wicked thing to say You never felt this way What a wicked thing you do To make me dream of you No, I wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart) No, I wanna fall in love (this world is only gonna break your heart) ..with you World was on fire, no one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do No, and I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you I'll never dream that I lose somebody like you, no No,
Sorry that I havent been around too much lately but with all the drama that has been going on with the frikkin perv , police, and now on the 31st my daughter goes for her protection from harrassment hearing, which i am 99% sure she will get it ....maybe then there will be some peace in our lives.....but anyhow I promise friends& family I shall stop by your pages to show some love soon. xoxoxoxo
Today...tomorrow..a Better Tomorrow..
today sucked..i was in heaven before i was woken up then my day was hell...escape is what im longing for..a long sweet escape..maybe a vacation to a beach..somewhere anywhere but going to save up all i possibly can to move quik...
I can not wait for tuesday to come, going to the chiropractor, my back has been hurting me for a week now,guess i hurt it worse then i thought, can never seem to get comfy when i sit or lay down and its been so hard for me to sleep.Got me some heating pads and icy hot to help me out some.but i hope the chiro can help me out with this pain..
And you Can bring me to my knees Again All the times That I could beg you please In vain All the times That I felt insecure For you And I leave My burdens at the door But I'm on the outside I'm looking in I can see through you See your true colors 'Cause inside you're ugly You're ugly like me I can see through you See to the real you All the times That I felt like this won't end It's for you And I taste What I could never have It was from you All the times That I've cried My intentions Full of pride But I waste More time than anyone But I'm on the outside And I'm looking in I can see through you See your true colors 'Cause inside you're ugly You're ugly like me I can see through you See to the real you All the times That I've cried All this wasted It's all inside And I feel All this pain Stuffed it down It's back again And I lie Here in bed All alone I can't mend But I feel Tomorrow will be OK But I'm on the outside And I'
~ 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse ~
You just had to know that it was not gonna sway like that for long without breaking. Look how much it is jerking around as the guy tries to get his dog out of the car. Watch the amazing "Gallopin' Gertie" November 7, 1940 video clip. 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Slender, elegant and graceful, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge stretched like a steel ribbon across Puget Sound in 1940. The third longest suspension span in the world opened on July 1st. Only four months later, the great span's short life ended in disaster. "Galloping Gertie," collapsed in a windstorm on November 7,1940. The bridge became famous as "the most dramatic failure in bridge engineering history." Now, it's also "one of the world's largest man-made reefs." The sunken remains of Galloping Gertie were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992 to protect her from salvager's. A dramatic tale of failure and success The story of the failure of the 1940 Narrows Bridge and the success of the Current Nar
New Prose - Post Apocalyptic - Need Critics!
What follows is the first eight pages of my latest story. This will likely turn into a novel. I'm just looking for opinions. This is still in a VERY rough draft, and will likely be edited. Please suggest any editing points or new ideas that you'd like to see! __________________________________________ A sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic. Preface September 11, 2001: Terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The World Trade Center buildings fall and the Pentagon suffers major damage. The United States of America retaliate with a full-scale attack in Afghanistan. The ultimate result is an extended war in Iraq. 2003: Victory is declared in Iraq, yet the fighting continues. Anti-war protests become very commonplace. Americans start calling the war in Iraq the Vietnam of this generation. 2005: President George W. Bush’s approval rating hits a record low of 35%. War still rag
So today was a great day!! I took the boys to the Cleveland Zoo. We had sooo much fun. I think everyone got wore out from all the walking. Thankfully it wasnt to hot outside and there was a nice breeze. Elyja got to see his lemurs.. they had a couple different kind. The most important one was there thankfully. Thats ALL he talked about after that. That and the dino's even tho he was scared of them. :p Anyways, I have pics up of the zoo trip. Not all of them but just a hand full. But on a side note. I FINALLY got a job up here!! YAY!! Had my last interview today. I should be starting on the 29th. The day after Elyja starts school. That way I can be here when he comes home from his very first day! Any questions you can always hit me up! :D Love you all Mysti
Rick Spingfield - Jessie's Girl
The Perfect Job
Got a new job. It is a very part time thing, but will put extra cash in my pocket. It is at a local nightclub. Being a cocktail waitress at a nightclub that, on Saturday nights, blares dance and rap music and attracts the preppy, stuck-up, metrosexual crowds REALLY does not seem like the place for a girl like me, but there is so much more to it. I've been to the club MANY times. I have become acquaintd with the staff there and they are really nice people and I look forward to starting to work with them tomorrow night. The real clincher in my decision to apply at the club is something that REALLY appeals to me. The club is also a venue. They have at least one major concert a month. I've seen Dope, Smile Empty Soul, Papa Roach, Deftones, Drowning Pool and many others perform there. Almost all of the pictures of me with bands were taken at this particular club. Drowning Pool will be back with The Exies, who I've also had the chance to meet there end of September. Basically...I am going to
Blues Brothers - Peter Gunn Theme
Good Night
Definitely Waaay past my bed time. I can barely keep my eyes open. I guess its time to give up and go to bed. Good night Friends! *hugs*
Have You Ever?
Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room? Have you ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs? Have you ever decided just screw it all? Have you ever wanted to be honest, but didn't because you didn't want others to think that you were complaining? Have you ever felt like a stranger when with friends? Have you ever wanted someone, and felt as if that person thinks you're not worth anything? Have you ever just wanted to give up and stop trying but don't know how? Have you decided that if any one was nice to you, it would be out of guilt, not because they wanted to be? Have you felt as if you will always be alone? Have you felt as if you are just the means to an end and have decided to accept this and be done with it? Guess what...answer 'yes' to any of these and you would have spent a short amount in my life. And I'm jaded to the point that I will no longer fight this life. It's mine. Accept this and move on. I have.
To all the people i've helped I need U now. Im in BBG's battle of the sexes contest. Please bomb the hell out of it! It starts the 23rd at 9pm. I will gift anyone that helps out. Thank you, NYC
Yes I Have Returned...
Come hang out w/ Me...Jade in the hottest fubar loungeRawkin it live from $-6 am estjust click one of the pictures to come hang out
Anyone And Everyone!
Please help Luscious Blonde comment, she needs lots of comments by the 17th at midnight EST. Just click on her pic then comment the heck out of it. Scott
One Day
One day you'll need me like I needed you One day you'll miss me like I missed you One day you'll cry for me like I cried for you And one day you'll love me but I won't love you...
i dont no rather 2 b happy or so confuzin.theres couple guyz i have my eye on but how do i choose?i like both & they both very not tryin 2 git wit hard 2 trust ppl am i suppose 2 do that here?sumtimes it helps 2 git an outside perspective.i just dont wanna git not into games & i hate liars & cheaters.what 2 do?
A Night Out
I had this dream you came over and I was at the airport with flowers awaiting your arrival, and when we saw one another it was as if we known each other and I was gone for a long time you ran into my arms and I gave you a passionate welcome home kiss. We went out to dinner and we danced to Marvin Gaye and I just held you close and looked into your eyes and told you I missed you sooo much. And we kissed again as we danced then we went to the kitchen and then things got heated up a lil, as you was washing the fruit of choice i was behind you kissing you on the back of your neck, then i was holding you by the waist and was holding you close to me. You could feel the pressure of Sampson growing against your ass but you moved to the rhythm of the beat nice and slow. I turned you around and we began kissing deeply and passionately I then picked you up and placed you on the counter with your legs spread open and i began to massage your wet spot between your legs through your panties, you sigh
Hes Home
my baby is home. i am so happy. i just wanted to share with you all. thanks for letting me rant on here. love you all.
You Made Me Say Goodbye...
i did leave and say goodbye but i swear it made me cry i didn't want to make you go but whenever i was happy you made me low you tried to get me into trouble and at other times you were as fun as my double but when you kept pushing me towards things i didn't want to do i knew i couldn't stay with you honestly you were a great guy but really i had to say goodbye i told you to stop and not to try to make me but you did and you said that's what it has to be but you were wrong so i walked out i left you without a doubt.
You have a sexual IQ of 120 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Story #11
Seeing you from across the restaurant as i walk over to the bar and order a drink. I feel your eyes following me, trying not to return the stare. My drink arrives and i notice that i was not able to not stare when i see the smile across your lips. I feel my cheeks catch fire as i blush, seeing you giggling with co-workers. Trying to distract myself as to not stare more, i chat with the bartender. After a few minutes i see some of your party say their goodbyes and head for the door, stealing more looks at you. Your wearing a dark blouse and a matching long flowing skirt, when you move i steat a glimpse of the roundness of your calf. Finishing another drink i head towards the rest room. standing in front of the mirror after i finsih, i splash water onto my face to try to help cool off. hearing the door open, then close, i look up into the mirror and see you. " i saw you looking at me across the room, I should say i felt it." you say. I turn to face you, still somewha
Story #10
Closing my eyes, i see you, that sly sexy smile reaching your lips from deep within you. I see me with you, smiing back at you, moving closer to hold you, to kiss you. opening my eyes, being brought back to reality by the growing bulge in my pants. FIndng my hand unfastening my belt, the other hand tesing my nipple feeling your tongue circling it. Pinching and tugging at it as my other hand slips into my pants and fingers wrap around my cock. it feels sooo warm in my hand, the head so sensitive to my touch. My cock twitching to life, the bloood pumping in, so nice and thick now. i squeeze it at the base, turning its color to a deep red, mmmmmmmm feels so good. both hands playing now. one tugging at my balls, the other teasing my head with a fingertip. moving my right hand to my mouth, getting it nice and wet with spit, in my mind again i long to feel your heat sliding down on me as i take hold of my cock, working it nice and slow at first. feeling you, hearing you. my
Thank You All
I just wanted to say a quick ty to every one for their well wishes, thoughs and prayers. Some of you may know my grandmother has been very sick and wel she passed away on Monday the 13th of August at 1:38 pm. I just want to say thank you again.. take care and god bless.
Find Yourself.
When you find yourself In some far off place, And it causes you To rethink some things. You start to sense That slowly you’re becoming someone else And then you find yourself. When you make new friends In a brand new town, And you start to think About settling down, The things that would have been lost on you Are now clear as a bell. And you find yourself That’s when you find yourself. Well you go through life So sure of where you’re heading, And you wind up lost And it’s the best thing that could happen. ‘Cause sometimes when you lose your way It’s really just as well. ‘Cause you find yourself; That when you find yourself. When you meet the one You’ve been waiting for, And she’s everything That you want and more, You look at her And you finally start To live for someone else. And then you find yourself; That’s when you find yourself. We go though life So sure of where we’re heading, And then we wind up lost And it’s the best thing that could
Story #9
On your way home after shopping for a new outift for our playtime together you become startled as a police cruiser pulls in behind you. You're nervous as you know your Master will be upset if you are late returning. Your fear becomes reality as the lightbar, illuminates the night around you. Nervously you pull over, as the officer walks up to the car you have your paperwork waiting for him. "Keep your hands on the wheel ma'am," he orders with a stern voice. You comply not wanting to be delayed anymore then nessasary. Again the officer gives you instruction "Turn off the car, with your left hand toss the keys outside the window!" Again you do what is told. You become scared now as you realize this has become serious and you will be late. "EXit the vehicle, Turn around, and walk back to the sound of my voice....... TURN AROUND AND KEEP YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD. " The voice becomes more forcful, scaring you more, yet in the same token, stirring something inside you. AS
Error: you've reached the daily photo comments limit for your user level. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! And well im in this contest and well i'd really appreciate all the help my friends and family can come up with. I return all comments with luv.
Black Oak Arkansas - Jim Dandy
Story #7
Taking you by the hand, and leading you into the bedroom, turning you to face me in front of the bed, looking deeply into your eyes, kissing you sweetly, asking you to trust me, that i wont let anything happen to you . you quietly nod your head, we kiss again. I walk to the dresser and take a silk scarf out, walking behind you, putting it over your eyes and tying it behind your head. I begin to strip your clothes off of you, touching each part of your skin with my hands, caressing you softly, then moving my lips to your skin, goose bumps begin to stand out. YOur nipples getting so hard under my touch. Guiding y ou onto the bed, telling you to concintrate on the sound of my voice. you lay down on your back, legs bend your feet scooting back to your ass. offering your pussy. i say\" enjoy every sensation lover\' , you feel my breath on your skin , you feel hands caressing your breasts, kneeding them, pinching your nipples. suddenly you feel another hand on your thigh, shockin
Story #6
Staring up as the number and words seem to run together. People scrambling around , I cant see them, I am here to meet only one person, my one. I find the flight number on the screen, all else fades away, its been burned into my memory since you called to say you were coming home to me. After looking up at the monitor again, i find the gate youll be arriving, with enough time to find somewhere and sit, to watch people. Sitting across from a young couple, the look in thier eyes. A love so new and fresh. Realizing that I am staring, i offer a clumsy apology. They nod, smiling, their eyes still locked on each other. I unfold my paper trying not to look over it to the clock on the wall, the announcements of flights coming and going i am oblivious to. My focus is you. Everything we have shared, thinking of what is yet to come, everything in our lives we have left to share. An elderly woman sits next to me. We begin to chat. She asks as if knowing if i am there to met someone special
Story #5
Walking out to the stables, horses ready for the day, saddled up and bags packed. Its still early in the morning, the sunrise burning off the morning fog. Riding through the wilderness, the sights and smells of a warm spring day fill our senses. The well worn pathways become too rough for the horses to continue, we dismount. Taking the reigns and leading the horses up the narrow path. It leads to an opening , wild flowers fill the space, the sweet smell of spring, rivaled only by you, and your sweetness. We let the horses wander off into the field, they begin playing and eating the wild grasses. Taking your hand into mine, fingers interlaced, pulling your hand to my lips. I look over into your eyes, they are so bright, so full of life, so full of love. Turning towards me, standing in front of me, your sun dress flowing in the spring breeze, so beautiful. I am so in love with you. My hands find your hips, leaning towards your lips with mine, slightly parted. We connect, the heat f
So Bored....
This Is Going To Be A Fun Weekend! NOT! I Have No One To Go Out With This Weekend. My Best Friend Can't Get Out And All My Other Friends Don't Have The Money To Go Out. So Pretty Much My Butt Is Stuck Sitting Home. I Am Hoping This One Person Wants To Hang Out With Me This Weekend. My Luck He Will Be Busy Doing Something Else. I Have 4 Free Passes To Go To Electric Cowboy But I Don't Know Of Anyone To Go With. MOST Of My Friends Don't Care For The Place. They Say That It Is A Place Where There Are A Lot Of Young People. When I Say Young I Mean People Under The Age Of 25. I Like Going There Myself. I Don't Care For Fridays But I Do Like Saturdays. On Saturdays There Are More People My Age That Go There. I Was Supposed To Go Out Tomorrow With My Best Friend But That Ended Up Going The Opposite Direction. So That Sucks. We Were Both Really Looking Forward To Going To Coyotes Too. I Wish I Had The Money To Go To The State Fair. But When It Comes Down To It, It Really Isn't Worth It. Just T
Story #4
You wake to hear, water running in the bathroom, walkin in you find me sitting on the edge of the tub. "Good morning love, Ive drawn you a bath, and am ready to pamper you to no end today." Taking your hand and helping you into the tub, the water warm on your skin, scented oils in the tub, feel the air with a sweetness only matched by your natrual aroma. You sink into the water, covering your breasts, up to your shoulders. Tilting your haead back as i begin to lather up a sponge. Soaping your back and shoulders first, moving around to your breasts. Your nipples hardening against the cool air. Water dripping off of you. Lifting your legs for me to soap them. Starting at your ankle, slowly up. Using the soap as a lather, i reach for a razor and shave your legs. you dip your legs back into the water to rinse them off, then back up I run my hand down, so smooth, you reach for my hand and push it toward your pussy, even in the warm bath water, i can feel your heat. massaging y
Story #3
Driving home in the car, after a beautiful dinner. My hand on your thigh, your leaning against me, resting your head on my shoulder. You reach down and lock your fingers with mine, Leaning over to kiss you, your hand moves to caress my face. REsting my hand back on your thigh, you move it to pull up your skirt slightly, your blouse already unbuttoned slightly, teasing me with your breasts. we get home just as a light snow begins to fall. YOu go upstairs to slip into something for comfortable and more revealing, and i light a fire in the fireplace. After the fire is lit, i continue lighting candles around the room, put on some soft music, and pour soem champange. You walk into the room, wearing a sheer robe, buttoned from the top down to just below your breasts. YOu have me instantly hard. walking towards you, handing you your glass, you sip it, then i kiss it from your lips, adding to your sweetness. puling you in front of the fire, the flamses creating shadows tha
Story #2
Waking up in the morning, laying with you in my arms, you look so content. I caress your face, kissing your head, and head out to get some coffee. Standing on the porch of the cabin, looking out into the woods , fresh dew on the ground, animals scurrying about. I hear a sound behind me and turn to see you wrapped up in the comforter. I walk to meet you, you open the blanket to reveal your body. I put the coffee cup down, and take your breast in my hand, you feel the warmth from the cup. My other hand cups under your ass and lifting you to my lips. you tug at the draw strings of my sweats, pulling me out onto the porch. You lay out the comforter, and kneel in front of me. Pullin my pants down and taking me into your hand. Already begining to become rigid. I look down into your eyes, you look so hungry, so sexy . Looking up at me, you lick your lips, stroking me, then you begin to lick the head. Circling it with your tongue, before you take me into your mouth, still loo
Romans Chapter 12 Verses 1&2
from my friend cecil jacob PASS THIS ON TO SOME ONE THAT JUST GAVE THEIR LIFE TO CHRIST , OR IS S EARCHING FOR CHRIST TO COME INTO THEIR HEART TODAY > > ROMANS CHAPTER 12 VERSES 1&2 > > I BESEECH YOU THEREFORE BRETHREN BY THE MERCIES OF GOD ,THAT YE PRESENT > YOUR BODIES A LIVING SACRIFICE,HOLY,ACCEPTABLE UNTO GOD, WHICH IS YOUR > REASONABLE SERVICE. > > AND BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD: BUT BE YE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING > OF YOUR MIND, THAT YE MAY PROVE WHAT IS THAT GOOD, AND ACCEPTABLE, AND > PERFECT,WILL OF GOD. > > our enemy does not take a day off , we are in a battle daily ,we have to > stay prayed up , and armed with GOD'S WORD ,if we expect to win , we > say > we are on the battlefield , but how do you know ,the enemy comes at you > from all sides , just when you think you can rest, here he comes again , > that why we need the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives , that way the battle's > not > your it's the LORD'S,we have to renew our minds daily ,
Beau Rivage!!!!
was the best time ever!! i got a massage then i went to go get a facial and i got my hair highlighted so im a brunette with pale blonde highlights and i layered my hair ill try to get pics up on here of the new and improved me but if ya got yahoo and wanna see just send me a msg and ill send u my yahoo name...and also for ne who knows my cell number on here im getting it turned on tmr after work!! but if i got ur number ill call u and tell u i got it turned on!!!!
Story #1
your hands on my shoulders as you step from your pants, moving my face agsint your heat, smelling you , taking in your hot scent. You sit back onto the couch, sliding your body down against my chest as you do. feeling your breasts againt me. kissing your lips as my hand finds your wetness. You part your legs allowing me to touch you. My hand rubbing slowly up and down your lips, feeling your juices escaping, Parting your legs even further, letting me watch them run down your lips, to your ass, and collecting under you. my hands on your thighs, sitting on the floor in front of you, moving my hands down to your feet, slowly licking my way up, from your calf, kissing behind your knee. my hands moving back up to your thighs, leading the way for my lips and tongue to follow. Your head tilting back, a soft quiet moan crosses your lips in anticipation. You look back into my eyes, looking up into yours as i begin kising slowly up your thighs, The musky smell of your pussy ha
Styx - Renegade
A Special Note To The Christians Who Tell Me I Am Going To Burn In Hell For Eternity
I found this and really liked it so i thought i would share it with you... A Special Note to the Christians who tell me I am going to burn in hell for eternity by Summer Fey Foovay A special note to the Christians who like to tell me I am going to fry in hell for eternity You believe in the Devil. I do not. You believe in a firey Hell. I do not. Maybe you believe in an earth shattering apocolypse as well. I believe that if that happens, it is because we allowed it to. The big difference between our religions, as far as I can see, is your God of Love will condemn me to eternity in Hell. My loving Goddess will greet you when you enter the spirit world. Sit down with you and a box of popcorn and watch the movie of your life, then ask you how you judge yourself and the way you spent the power of your spirit in this life. If the two of you decide you spent it spreading negativity and pain, she will embrace you, pat you on the head, and then chose another life for you on th
Summers Day
The mood was set and we decided to take a walk as it was a beautiful summers evening, the night was clear with just a gentle breeze enough that your hair seemed to flow as the moon glistened upon you, we stopped to look out into the stars, and as we began to walk again I stopped and held you close gazing into your eyes and with what seemed like one motion our lips touched ever so softly which lead to a kiss where passion was evident as our lips seemed to have an unexplainable hunger and desire for something more intense, the softness turned to wetness as our mouths opened and feeling the tenderness of your mouth intertwined with mine,it was such a seductive moment,I could feel you shivering,I pull you closer and as your body pressed against mine I could feel that your breasts has become full of need with the firmness from your nipples. Holding you close like this I found a need to run my fingers through the back of your hair it's softness, drawing it aside and exposing your neckline,I
Ich Mag Sie
ich wünsche, daß ich den ganzen answers.i Wunsch hatte, den ich konnte, was recht und falsch waren und Sachen sich heraus zukünftig drehen. ich wünsche, ich wissen könnte, daß Wetter oder nicht, was ich glaube, real..and Wetter ist, oder nicht Sie mich verletzen, wie die rest.i so viele Sachen haben, die ich lieben würde, zu erklären Ihnen, aber ich bin afraid.all, daß ich wirklich von Ihnen bin happiness.damn es wünsche
I'm So Fozzy Bear Lol
Chapter Two Verses 38-39
Well here goes nothing...... no really i absolutely hate to talk about myself, my life, to complete strangers. So i thought i would post in here some of the stories that ive written over the years. If you do read them, please let me know what you think. And btw they are all pretty much NSFW. -------- Please Comment----------------
August 17,2007
It has been 11 days now since i lost her .. some days are ok and some days are just bad .. at times i lay in bed trying to sleep but then my thoughts begin to wonder and ponder what she is doing .. i expect to hear my phone ring and hear her voice as i have so many times before , never failed i had heard from her at least 4 times a week. now i hear the silence of the night and the day. like Forest Gump would say .. * Life is like a box of chocolates , You never know what Your gonna get * .. this is so true because from one day to the next everything is so different that when you look back there was something and when you blink your eyes , it is gone .. i do not know how long this pain will continue but i will be strong and hold my head up and smile and show a happy look out side .. but deep within my soul i am bleeding and grieving . Someone told me that to give it a few months and it will be easier , but for some reason i doubt that it will .. You have 1 mother in a lifetime .. an
Del Shannon - Runaway
~ Dispatches - Undercover Mosque ~
Chilling undercover investigation into the influence of Saudi Arabian religious extremism throughout the UK. Despite being considered ... all » Britain's principal ally in the Middle East, this disturbing report reveals Saudi Arabian Islam - Wahabism - is spreading a message of bigotry and hatred to a section of Muslims and predicting an imminent jihad. An undercover reporter joins Islamic worshipers... 48 min 7 sec
Bed Or Cake
Billy Idol - White Wedding
Showing Love
my friend list to large to keep up so every so often ill post a hello-love on a blog and still rate all my freinds-fans-family new photos/stash/play games with you and chat when im online when I see you online take care happy fubarring
Maddies Dr Appointment
They checked her ears, her nose, and all that good stuff. Couldnt find anything. I told them that she woke up this morning grabbing her diaper so they wanted to take a urine sample. They put this plastic bag on her and we waited around trying to get her to pee. We sat there for over an hour, finally they sent us home with the supplies to take the sample to the lab when she finally pees. Well I just got back from taking that to the lab at the hospital. if she doesnt have a bladder infection.. they dont know whats wrong. Could be something viral and if thats the case there is no medicine for a virus.. so pretty gay appointment if you ask me. Shes not running a fever right now, but she was this morning and every day since tuesday.. hmm I wonder what is wrong with her. If she does have a bladder infection the on call doctor will call me tonight.. hmmm
A Peice Of My Mind
I wake up in the morning and try to go through my day. I have a few laughs. Talk to a few People. But behind all of the smiles and the chatting, no one knows what I really think about. Most of the time I worry. About small little issues that have no meaning. Like whats going to happen 5 min. from now. Or if I forgot to turn the lights off in my car.I worry alot. Then sometimes I think about what the future holds for me and the people around me. Like if something is going to happen to someone I care about... Or if a friend is going to get married , or tell me someone wonderful news about there life. So then further I think What wonderful news do I have to share with my friends. Just seems like there life is going so well and mine is crashing to the ground.. So you wonder if people make there life sound good on purpose so they feel less sorrow.Because they know theres isnt any better thank yours. Obiously my mind wanders quite often. But everytime lay my head on my pillow one thought sc
Crazy People And U Might Get Upset I Dont Care.
sanchristo...: i get horny when i am wearing button down shirts, rubber pants or my selfmade plastic wear there is some really weird people out there lol.
Golf Shoe Design Contest
If you have a moment, would you go here >>> and scroll down a bit and see the pink and baby blue golf shoes and put a FIVE STAR rating on them. I am trying to win a $1000 gift certificate for my husband with the contest. Thanks!
I'm In A Contest And Need Help!!!!
Beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday morning I am officially in a contest and need any and all help I can get from my friends. :) It is a cutest child morphing contest and below is what the morph looks like. In order to bomb for me, I need you to send a request to my friend Jeff, who's profile link can be found below. I would really love to win this one. Thanks in advance and I love and appreciate all of you! The morph to bomb. It will run for 5 days and I'm already WAY behind: (You have to add him as a friend to bomb. I so appreciate the help.) Jeff's page - *Micaje Cikala Peta*Lord Wolf~Fubar Master FTW Lost Goth *Oy'sa Watta Chee* .Kingdom of Wolves@ fubar I know some of you who would support me 110% in this have your differences with him and I understand and respect that. I just ask that you help me spread the word so I can actually have a shot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
firstly, if you havent read my other blogs listen up. do not ask to see my private folder if i dont know you, and if im close friends with you, you dont have to ask. i will show when im comfortable secondly i dont want to see your penis so dont offer ty for everyone who rated and commented on my pics, i have a lot of new ones so go check them out i also dont have yahoo, it sucks, try something new, you may like it
Out Of Gas
A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window The bee said, "What seems to be the problem?" "I'm out of gas," the man replied. The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an entire swarm of bees flew to his car and into his gas tank. After a few minutes, the bees flew out. "Try it now," said one bee. The man turned the ignition key and the car started right up. "Wow!" the man exclaimed, "what did you put in my gas tank"? The bee answered, "BP!" (I see you smiling) NOTE: In Texas, there are no BP Stations. I saw these primarily on the East Coast when I lived in SC and travelled to CT frequently. What isn't showing on this blog posting from the email I received is the BP Gas Station symbol.... lol... :)
Cam On My Page
i put my cam on my page for the first time plez stop by and let me know how it looks plez and thank you
Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue
Tommorrow's Investigation.
Tommorrow is our investigation @ the local battlefield. I'm excited! Stay tuned to our website ( within the week for any evidence we may catch as well as a report on the investigation.

~ Obsession ~ Radical Islam ~ Full Movie
Part 1 39min Part 2 9min 37 sec
Night Heat
the night is so dark and hot but not as in weather hot its hot because hes there with her tonight......Layin in each others arms knowin exactly what it is they want but neither of them makin the move to get there.......she leans and kisses him long slow deep kisses then his hands aresliding over her shoulders down across her breasts slowly across her stomach down her thighs all the way down her legs to her feet. then she can feel him kissing his way back up slow soft kisses with little nibbles here n there until he reaches the junction @ her thighs.. then he spreads her legs apart n slowly slides his tongue from the top of her pussy down ....he begins teasin her clit oh so lightly licking, softly biting oh the bittersweet torture. his tongue slides inside her she pushes against his face....Oh god yes ...Baby please dont stop she moans she begs he slides a finger inside of ur curling it to hit her "g" spot as he works on her clit again..he feels her heat get greater he knows
Folders Will Be Open This Weekend
hey all just wanted to let everyone know that my nsfw folders will be open tonight from 10 p.m. est to monday morning when ever i wake up and that is around 8:30 a.m. so feel free to stop by and look while you can
David Allen Coe - Off To The Rodeo
Sexy Hushy & Sexy Tex Love My Friends
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar
I Get To Set The Rules On What We Call The Vagina
Some Notes on Dirty Talk With nearly a decade of varied sexual experience with a modest number of partners I’ve determined myself uncomfortable with a certain manner of coital conversing. Because I recognize that I will encounter more dirty talkers in my future sexual endeavors- because they mask themselves as intelligent men with impressive, or at least inoffensive, vocabularies- I can only hope to raise some awareness regarding appropriate conduct for the dirty talker in the budding sexual relationship. So fellas, please keep reading to ensure that we can come to a compromise in which you can run your filthy mouth without causing my vagina to clench up in sheer disgust. 1. Start out easy. We’ve never done this before. I’m not going to venture into terribly adventurous behavior on our first romp, I figure if things continue to go well, we’ll get to that later. Don’t bust out with how your dick wants to fuck my moist pussy when all I’ve said since the removal of my underpants is
Listen And You'll Hear The Other Boot Fall...
So...I finally thought I was gonna get my chance at happiness...but *BUZZ* Wrong again! Ive been seeing this guy, some of you know that already. He's an old boyfriend infact. We were once engaged as kids, I was 18 he was 19. He went in the service, we broke up. I missed him always, he says the same about me...yadda, yadda, yadda.. No sense in dwelling on the mushiness of this relationship now.. Anywho.. Things were going along just fine..we were hanging out (no sex involved), just hanging as friends..although all the old feelings have come back between us. We decided to wait on any huge commitments becuz unfortunately he's going thru the end of a very messy divorce. So tonight he calls, tells me its over..after professing his love to me..Its over becuz the ex-bitch has decided she's pregnant...and its his.. Uhm..hello? They havent been together in over 9 months. Everything was going swimmingly with the divorce til he moved she's pregnant? Neither of us belie
Dying In A Plane Crash
I have a recurring dream about dying in a plane crash. In fact, I had one last night. It's happened so much I feel that I'm as much an expert in dying in plane crashes as any living being can be. I'm not superstitious. I'm not afraid to fly. But on the off-hand chance this dream turns prophetic, I feel qualified enough to make a request for anyone unfortunate enough to be on that plane with me... I don't mind the idea of dying in a plane crash. In my dreams, I've done it a thousand times under a thousand different conditions. In most instances, death is instantaneous and painless. The thing that does bother me is what happens during that final plummet. Yes it's terrifying. But please, for the love of God, what's with the screaming? I understand you're frightened. I understand you don't want to die. I'm coming to terms with that myself as is every other passenger on that plane. But while I'm facing my imminent demise looking out the window in absolute silence and stunned horror, you'
Aww Got Sum 1's On Me Happy Hour Lol!
To Much Stress
TO MUCH STRESS! I got built up anger, right in my chest, Sometimes I just want to confess. Moneys tight, Times are rough, I get irritated over stupid stuff. I got a promotion, And I was off, To be able , ready and be the boss. No one wants to listen, and I dont know why, sometimes I just want to break down and cry. Now I'm to the point that I want to blow, The stress is enough to tow. So what if I get fired, It's better than being tired. And what I deserve I cant get it, But should I expect, To get a little respect? Now I'm not hungry any more, and my stomach hurts like hell, and my throat is to dry to even yell. So leave me alone, you peices of shit, If you want to go then just split! I am tired of your lies, There's to much of that, and I am about to snap. Say what you want to say. I will not go down, I will rise above no matter how much you make me frown. You will not s
~ Radical Islam - You Still Think Your Safe? ~
This is what the war on terror is about. The war on Terror some of your Presidential Candidates say is not. That we have nothing to fear. You tell me? This is a 12-minute ABRIDGED version of the multi-award winning documentary, Obsession: Radical Islam's War ... all » ... all » Against The West - a riveting new documentary that exposes the threat of Radical Islam in a way never seen before!
Resign Plz
Due the natural of ppl putting their body part on my guest book i had to start all over again please resign for me thanks so much!
This chick rates our picture and 8 and tells me im sore i only told her she wont last long thats downrating.. anabell289@ fubar
Bank Account
This is AWESOME....something we should all remember. A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock, with his hair fashionably coiffed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready. As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window. "I love it," he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy. "Mr. Jones, you haven't seen the room; just wait." "That doesn't have anything to do with it," he replied. "Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged... It's how I a
Fuck Youtube
sick of the fucking crying about racist the blacks are worse then the whites end of story too anyone who doesn't think so then get out more an see what life is really about
I noticed a long time ago that robert smith of the cure and rick ocasik of the cars voices are similar....i just thought it would be interresting if robert smith redid magic by the cars....interresting me it is anyhow:)
Elvis Presley - All Shook Up.
Afscme "on The Move" In Illinois
"On the Move" in Illinois August 2007 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees In Solidarity ~~Spanky~~
Fubar Marriage
anyone know about the fubar marriage? if so let me know what you have to do. thanks. Have a good night.ttyl
I Crave....
Dance Music From The 80's
Run Away
Wants to run away from it all Wants to not have to worry for one night Wants to have a night filled of happiness Wants to not have to worry about money issues Wants to not have to worry about ebing short of rent Wants to cry on a shoulder that cares Wants someone to pay atteion to me and only me Wants tommrow never to come. Wants to never go back to a current job situation Wants to be told it will be ok Wants to be married and taken to a land somewhere
9000 To Leve
SHOW SOME LOVE iceman"chill your grill"@ fubar
Im such a child sometimes, its really frustrating to step back and look at myself. I always seem to take a step back and look at my views on life and love after reading a particular anime series that I read. I dont want to mention the title because I would feel like I was revealing too much of myself. And right now I feel exposed enough, even though I'm keeping everything to myself. I know how I would like my life to be, and how I think love should be; but the reality of it all is that its not what I would like. Perhaps thats why I always want to run. Thats what the main character in the series does when faced with a situation she cant handle. Holds everything back, keeps it locked away inside; until she cant take it anymore and runs. It amazes me how much we have in common, and as a reader I have an outside view and I'm screaming at her, trying to tell her what she should be doing instead of what she is doing. I wish I had someone like that, to be a little voice in my hea
Video Tributes For Our Troops Take 2
Lighting Thru The Clouds
As I drive home in the dusk, I see over the Bay...the strangest beautiful and full of wonder. Lightning dances thru them in the sky, lighting up only parts of the strange shapes...makes me wonder about the people I love..what they are doing and how wonderful it would be to share this unusual sky with them. My Heart as fragile as it is..sometimes is so guarded from the past hurts. I have trouble distinguishing my jeaousy from what is real. Not wanting to get close to anyone again in fear of the pain....I know I fell in love again. Beautiful , kind, gentle...this person makes my heart smile when I hear that voice...and pains me to think of sharing...but I know the nature of this person. Maybe sometimes innocently their personality makes people think opposing thoughts, I know deep down they truly love me. If the same God who made those beautiful clouds dance above me this evening is listening....Please show me your will and open me to what this truely is. Put the Spiritual
Matt Costa - Suicide Is Painless
This one is sometimes known as the "M*A*S*H theme"
Midnight Bowling
I'm getting ready to go midnight bowling with my best friends. haha none of us can bowl over a 100 score so wish us luck. Love you all!
Strange Dreams Again.
This time they sort of connect too. Three nights ago was the first one. I was pregnant and I mean like super pregnant. Probably atleast 8 months. It was very odd because the babys body would push out against my stomach, almost like its head maybe... You could see the shape. I was so confused because in my dream it was like real life.. I hadn't slept with anyone since I got preggy for reeeeal so there was absolutely no way for this to be happening. I didn't know I was pregnant until right then in the dream when I was all huge too. I kept wondering how it could have happened, wondered if perhaps it was the baby from the first time and my pregnancy had just came back. (IRL I lost it around the 8th week though I carried it about 13 weeks before I had any signs.) Which leads to last nights dream. In last nights dream the child was born. He was 3 months old I think but about the size of a child who is one. He could already walk (Actually stumble run which he did alot of) and even ta
Dear Mama
Fav Positions
ok normally how these blogs work is that the interesting stuff is posted by the poster noway for this one comments rule this blog tell your fav sexual position describe it for anyone who might not know hell even give a few reasons why
I'm In A Contest Come Comment Me Alot I Need Much Love!!!
Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
What I Want Someday
I am sitting here thinking of being alone and all I want in the next relationship I get into, actually what I have wanted in any. When I give myself I give my whole self Heart, mind, body, and soul... I want someone to hold that dear and treasure it because it is a gift, everyone else took it but beat it up and gave it back black and blue and in 1,000 pieces. I want to be with someone that loves me as much as I can love totally and completely. I don't care to be with someone who shares themselves with others physically I have been there and done that, I want someone who wants me and only me, I also want to be with them and them only been with someone who wanted to share me as well and thats not love either. I want someone to look at me like I am important to them and they want me to be with only them. I want to be with someone I can make happy and smile everyday and we both know whatever happens we can get through it because we are there for each other. I want to be there to brighten t
I Will Miss You All And I Love You All
I lost internet I wont be back on until probably tuesday or wednesday I am ok just wanted to let everyone know. I will miss u and I will be thinking about you remember I will always love and care about you guys. Dont worry about me I will be ok. I need to have a break anyways to get my mind clear. as soon as I get back on I will let everyone know what is going on But I am ok. I will miss everyone leave me messages please I will get to them as soon as I get back. keep me in your prayers I will need them right now. take care and have a wonderful day. Love you all so very much, talk to you all when I get back. Jennifer
Love You Sis-ma Lady Tina
Learning to cope is like living with hope. Loving and care knowing someone is there. Forever and a day sharing your life is the best way.
You Shoulda Believed Me...
I loved you more than I ever loved someone in my life... I understand that I listened to alot of shit and let it get to me... I shouldnt have acted the way I did.. but you believe them over me.. more than I did why do they get your trust and I dont? I gave you my heart and you couldnt even give me a little bit of trust..yet i was suppose to trust u completely? you are the one that says you have been with other people... and still im the whore... I gave you everything... and that wasnt enough I would have done anything for you and to make you happy... but yet you didnt believe me you must enjoy being hurt by the trash you've had in your past and present and future.. I would have never hurt you.. I WOULD have married you.. and shared my life with you.. even when you had nothing but the clothes on your back.. I loved you... I never wanted you to raise my children.. I just wanted you to share our lives... Nothing was ever good enough for you..
Why is it that everyone on Fubar, is just interested in the pictures of people and not on what they type out of themselves. Is our society only a society built on images and not of thought? Have we lost the will to learn from one another? Do images teach us about what someone thinks, feels, or has gone though in their life? Don't get me wrong, I love to look at pictures too, but I know that I can not get the feelings or lessons of a person by looking at a photo. This is just a thought standing alone and unread.
A Very Special Person
There is this woman that I know. I have know here for about 8 years now. I can only hope that when she reads this she will have a better understanding of how I feel. I could write a 1,000 page book about her and not even scratch the surface of her and how she makes me feel. Trust me I have tried. I have written her a few times telling her how I feel. Some she has already read and some she has not read and might not ever read. I knew the first time I saw her all of those years ago that she was something special and was to be cherished forever. She is the greatest thing that has even happened in my life. Over time I have tried to show her how I feel about her. For me to show someone how I feel is very hard for me to do. I am the type of person that will build walls to protect myself. I also from time to time make the mistake of saying or doing something before I think about what I am about to do. She still looked past all the wrong things I have done and tries to teach me. I am learni
I Finally Got Something I Wanted
Well life has its way of getting to you. Tuesday I took a nice ambulence ride to the ER. I had a severe asthma attack and almost didn't make it. I'm better now but I had to quit smoking. The DR. said the next attack could be my last. So for my girls and friends I have quit. Love ya all.
Bombers Read Now!
Okay so I know I was having you all bombing Kathy and JeremyP....but I had forgotten that Luscious was in a contest as well! Please don't be mad! I'm doing the best I can! But.....she only has 4 hours left in her contest and she has fallen behind into 2nd place! We need to get her back up to first if we can! Here is the link! Thanks guys! Mama
At times I think and ponder thoughts, wondering if things would have happen a certain way what life would be like. Oh, I've been through alot, but so have many others. The abuse I suffer through my previous marriage made realize certain things. But instead of whining about it, crying about it, I tried to take the bad and learn and make myself stronger. I love my husband with all my heart and soul. When I look within his eyes I see the love that he has for me. My grandson well that little has me wrapped around his finger and don't even know it yet. My husband has taken my children and my grandson and wrapped his love around them as if they were his own. He makes me laugh, and we have been together for 3 yrs. and yet have had a argument, no yelling, just talking. We've learnt in the pass getting angry, upset, pissed off doesn't change the fact of things. Communication and open to one another is the best thing. So, my past experience I hate, but I wouldn't change a thing, "Bec
Well what about me, im not really that interesting....most of the time im pretty boring...i have 3 kids that i love very much and dont know what i would do without them. I love my family and my friends. I get bored very easy, i love to laugh and have a good time. i have gotten my heart broke recently, but im a strong woman, yeah i had my weak moment but i realized that life is to short to dwell on things. im taking a break from dating at the moment because i cant handle the hurt and the disappointment that all that brings. i havent really taken the time to just be single and carefree, there has always been a man involved in my life one way or another. so its time for me. anyway i dont know what else to say right now, im about to get off of here and get the kids to bed so i can have some of that me time *wink**wink* lol
Girls Are Like Apples
Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys dont want to reach for the good ones because they're afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they get the rotten apples from the ground that arent as good, but easy. So the apples up top think something's wrong with them when in reality they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along. The one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.
Come To Me
If your looking for marriage certs or divorces on fubar come see me and ill be glad to make u what u need ty~ luv this_girl31
Men Strike Back
How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened when she brings it ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do women have smaller feet than men? It's one of those "evolutionary things" that allows them to stand closer to the kitchen sink. ------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart? When she starts a sentence with "A man once told me..." ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do men fart more than women? Because women can't shut up long enough to build up the required pressure. ------------------------------------------------------------------- If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who do you let in first? The dog, of course. He'll shut up once you let him in. ------------------------------ - ------------------------------------
What Love Is To Me
Love to me is holding hands in the rain, looking into each others eyes and without saying anything yet knowing what is in the heart, Love is not about giving or receiving in physical , finical or emotional, Love is about being there for each other supporting each other no matter what even if you disagree, Love is supposed to conquer all. It seems to many people have what I see as a illusion of love. To many people stay for only so long. They think they are inlove until something happens a car wreck and lose their legs , or catch on fire and have burn marks all over their face, or get pregnant and gain weight , or just gain to much or lose to much. Love isn't what is on the outside , love is what is on the inside. You love someone not because how much they make, how big there pee pee is , how big there tits are or what they can do for you. You love them because they are apart of you and always have been. They are a piece of your heart,body and soul. They are the one that no matter wh
we are at the end of this contest a few hours left plz help us even if it is only like 10 comments anything helps!!! ty
Gold And Braid
I absolutely love Stevie Nicks. She's my hero! Don't hide behind your hair that way.
Shhh! you had the prettiest blue-green eyes I'd ever seen and I got a kick out of the way they looked at me like I was a two-headed creature from another planet that thrilled and delighted you but you couldn't understand it don't tell my ears 'cause they're not listening don't tell my heart it doesn't know what it's missing don't tell my eyes I know they won't believe that you're not in love with me we were inseparable you followed me around and I got used to you this new friend that I found I pictured us together I pictured us apart and I knew from that moment that you were capable of breaking my heart don't tell my ears 'cause they're not listening... six months of being friends was all that I could stand so I mustered up the courage to hold your hand you were bedazzled bewildered I guess it was just too soon and when I finally kissed you you walked out of the room....sssh! don't tell my ears 'cause they're not listening.... I know you lo
Sick!!! ;(
Man I am such a baby when Im sick!! this sucks, I hate being congested and feeling like crap! I need a good rubdown on my chest with vicks vapor rub after my shower, man I hate the way that shit smells but it works wonders. I wish i was feeling better so i could go play with my new 2 week old nephew, well its my cousins baby, but I call her kids my niece and nephews since my brother and his wife dont have any kids (thank god cause Id probly end up with it like I do all their dogs lol) anyways, Im just gonna sit at home and be miserable, try to feel better, and layer on the vicks, its so much better when I have someone to rub it on me!! *winks* anyways, thanks for readin my crap *hugs* ~Lexi
i hope every one has a great weekend
9words Woman Love To Use
9 Words Women Use 1.) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay: This is on e of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding
Goals, Hopes, And Dreams
*the person who never makes mistakes probably isn't doing anything. *whatever you do, don't let your progress go unnoticed- even if you are the only one who's noticing. *we dont stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. *in creating, the hardest part is to begin. *unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual as one in which he has had some fun, some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss. *well, this world is on the brink of destruction planned out by we who inhabit it... and its not the wars, the economy, or the rising gas prices... its our intelligence... we, espicially Americans, do not appreciate a good education, we take it for granted, and thus, all the problems we have now, are becuz we think we're to good to actually think... it disgusts me, really...
The Way We Are
The Way We Are would I need ya if I got amnesia would you be the one for me if I lost my memory and would I look at you the way that I used to would I fall in love all over again or would I have to pretend are we gonna stay the way we are are we gonna break and fall apart are we gonna make it when our love is tested are we gonna stay the way we are I don't wanna break and fall apart are we gonna make it through the shark infested water hearts entrusted to each other and I don't know what I'd do if I found out you were untrue would I find it in my heart to forgive would I be able to forget will I be be beautiful or will I just be a fool can you keep me fresh and young what if I make you deaf and dumb are we gonna stay the way we are are... can we still have adventures when we're old and wear dentures will you kiss me on the lips do you think we'll dance with our plastic hips and when you look at me will you see the girl you met when
My Heart Burns For One Man *&* One Man Only!!!
_________________.s$$_________ ____s$ ________________s$$$?______s__ ___s$³ ______________.s$$$___ __.s$, ___s$$³ _____________s$$$$³______.s$__ _.$$³ ________, ____$$$$$.______s$³__ __³$ ________$___$$$$$$s_____s$³___ __³, _______s$___³$$$$$$$s___$$$, ` ____.. _______$$____³$$$$$$s.__³$$s__ ___, , ________³$.____³$$$$$$$s_.s$$$_ ___ _______`$$.____³$$$$$$$_$$$$__ _s³ ________³$$s____³$$$$$$s$$$³__ s$³ _________³$$s____$$$$$s$$$$`__ s$$ ______s.__$$$$___s$$$$$$$$³_.s $$³__ ______$$_s$$$$..s$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $³__ ______s$.s$$$$s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $_ _____s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$³ ____s$$$ssss$$$$$$$$$$ssss$$$s ___$$s§§§§§§§§§s$$$$s§§§§§§§§§$$ ___³§§§§§§§§§§§§§s$s§§§§§§§§§§§§§³ ___§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§s§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ ___³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ ____³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§³ _____³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§³ ______³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§³ ________³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§³ __________³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§³ ____________³§§§§§§§§§§§³ _______________³§§§§§³ _________________³§³
I Fall
I Fall For You a sleight of hand with fingers full of grace work the magic that you do disappear without a single trace and once again I fall for you I fall for you and when I do I can't seem to pick myself up off the ground I think I've come to the conclusion that it's all a bunch of bull love is an optical illusion and once again I've played the fool I fall for you... last night I had a dream I was your assistant it seems I was dressed in ostrich feathers you did that trick where you sawed me in half and then you laughed and then you left without putting me back together
Quote For August 17 (sorry Been Gone So Long)
The man for whom time stretches out painfully is one waiting in vain, disappointed at not finding tomorrow already continuing yesterday. -- Theodor Adorno Bonus Quote: Is it all ready? Right. Come on then. Back to creation. We mustn't waste any more time. They'll think I've lost control again and put it all down to evolution. The Supreme Being, Time Bandits
I Fall For You~~~ Je Tombe Pour Toi
I Fall For You a sleight of hand with fingers full of grace work the magic that you do disappear without a single trace and once again I fall for you I fall for you and when I do I can't seem to pick myself up off the ground I think I've come to the conclusion that it's all a bunch of bull love is an optical illusion and once again I've played the fool I fall for you... last night I had a dream I was your assistant it seems I was dressed in ostrich feathers you did that trick where you sawed me in half and then you laughed and then you left without putting me back together je tombe pour toi je tombe pour toi je tombe pour toi e quand c'est fait je nepeaux plu me relever du sol
Ugly Girl
Ugly Girl When I saw you at the grocery store you were sharing a shopping cart with her and I couldn't turn and run away I didn't know what to say you introduced us for the first time and I had to look her in the eye but you could not imagine my surprise can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl does she talk about politics and all the stuff that used to make me sick does she smoke cigars and stay up late oh she's so great does she tell you what you want to hear and I bet that she can grow a beard I'd feel better thinking you were queer it's not fair I can't compare to an ugly girl ha ha ha the jokes on me I feel jealous and I feel mean is she so nice that it makes up for her face there's no way do you have to keep your eyes closed do you have to keep the lights down low oh I bet you wish you had a blindfold can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl
Bad News From Aunt
I JUST got word from my aunt that my cousin Derek (who is in prison) was jumped by 4 guys and beat up pretty badly. End result, detached retina. That's all I heart. I'll find out more when mom gets back to me. She's at the store right now, and my aunts phone sucks and I could barely hear her, she wanted to talk to my mom so I told her I'd immediatly call mom and have her call her ASAP. Oh man. Detached retina. There is basically no chance for him to ever see again out of that eye. At least not "legally" anyway. Meaning he'll be "legally blind" out of it. He won't be able to read out of it. He will be able to see light versus dark, but it'll be severely fuzzy, rippled, etc. The only reason I say this is because I've done a ton of research on retinal detachment due to the fact that dad had about half of his retina detach spontaneously about 9 years back. Wow has it been that long? So, I feel horrible for him. As far as I know, he was not an instigator of the attack. Knowing hi
The Way We Are
The Way We Are would I need ya if I got amnesia would you be the one for me if I lost my memory and would I look at you the way that I used to would I fall in love all over again or would I have to pretend are we gonna stay the way we are are we gonna break and fall apart are we gonna make it when our love is tested are we gonna stay the way we are I don't wanna break and fall apart are we gonna make it through the shark infested water hearts entrusted to each other and I don't know what I'd do if I found out you were untrue would I find it in my heart to forgive would I be able to forget will I be be beautiful or will I just be a fool can you keep me fresh and young what if I make you deaf and dumb are we gonna stay the way we are are... can we still have adventures when we're old and wear dentures will you kiss me on the lips do you think we'll dance with our plastic hips and when you look at me will you see the girl you met when
Chinese Imports
With a lot of manufacturing jobs moving over to China, are we setting ourselves up for failure???? Hmmmmmmm....... Let's look at the facts that have been uncovered in recent months. I'll start with the mass pet food recall that killed several pets. The cause of the recall was because of contaminated ingredient glutin, which was imported from China. It gets worse. The U.S. is importing seafood from China. Some of it is farm raised in ponds that the EPA would condem. This food is not being properly inspected and tested by the FDA. Yet, we Americans keep buying it. And for the latest, Matel is recalling millions of toys because the paint used on them contains excessive amounts of lead. And these toys are made guess where... That's right! China. Are we really better off getting our food and goods from China? They could be taking us down without us even knowing it. What would happen if the U.S. got involved in a major war similar to WWII? We would not have the man
Laugh For August 17
Bar Bet A new guy in town walks into a bar and reads a sign that hangs over the bar. FREE BEER FOR THE PERSON WHO CAN PASS OUR TEST! So the guy asks the bartender what the test is. The Bartender replies "Well, first you have to drink that whole gallon of pepper tequila, the whole thing at once and you can't make a face while doing it. Second, there's a 'gator out back with a sore have to remove it with your bare hands. Third, there's a woman up-stairs who's never had an orgasm. You gotta make things right for her." The guy says, "Well, as much as I would love free beer, I won't do it. You have to be nuts to drink a gallon of pepper tequila and then get crazier from there." Well, as time goes on and the man drinks a few, he asks, "Wherez zat teeqeelah?" He grabs the gallon of tequilla with both hands, and downs it with a big slurp and tears streaming down his face. Next, he staggers out back and soon all the people inside hear the most frightening roarin
We Seem To Have An Issue!
Just Not Me
Yesterday, I had posted a mumm. What I thought was a pretty harmless mumm regarding what you look for in the person you love. For the most part everyone was very kind and posted their thoughts on this matter. BUT......there was one who seemed to be offended my mumm because she felt it was not a true mumm. Her words then started a riot amongst a few. Mostly lasing out at me not only because of the mumm but because I responded back to her. I then started a small but hurtful battle. That is just not me. I ended it with an apology to this person. All night I thought of nothing else. After much deep thought I realized I owed her nothing. She has her opinion and I have mine. It was a mumm!!! At work the night before a conversation about just that was going on. We all had our own opionions and I, of course had mine, which was not as slam dunk as some. I wanted opionions from the masses; therefore; I asked my fubar friends. By the way, thanks for responding. You know, I think I am just
comfortable you know how to hold my hand you know how to make me mad you know everything about me we've been together longer than most of our friends have but they don't know that it's not always a party I gotta tell you how I'm feeling in case you haven't noticed the mystery is gone infatuation's wearing off I gotta tell you how I'm feeling I think that you'll agree that we've become predictable but I really don't mind being this comfortable sometimes I try to shake it up tickle the passion wake it up it's time to breathe a little fire but you just put your arms around me and I let go of all my anxiety you know you're my lazy boy recliner I gotta tell you how I'm feeling I hope you don't take it wrong you know that I love you and I'm not giving up
Worth You Tears...
The people out there who make you cry aren't worth your tears. but the people who are worth your tears would never make you cry.
It Takes A Real Man....
Any guy can mess around, it takes a real man to find a girl and stick with her. Any guy can call you sexy, hot, and all that.. it takes a real man to call you beautiful. Any guy can call you in tears begging you to take him back, it takes a real man to not have a reason to be in those tears. Any guy can say I love you, it takes a real man to say it and mean it even if all of his guy friends are standing around. Any guy can drive over to your house to hang out with you, it takes a real man to show up unexpected. Any guy can throw back a beer or two, it takes a real man to grab a coke instead knowing he shouldn't do it if you're not around. Any guy can have sex with a girl, it takes a real man to wait. Any guy can be with you on the best days when everything is ok, it takes a real man to stay by your side for weeks if thats what it takes when it feels like your world is falling apart. Any guy can talk noise with his friends when a sexy girl walks by, it takes a re
Hey Everyone
Hey everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know what's up with me. I'm probably not going to be online as much as I usually am. I start school on Monday and I'm going to be out of town alot with Brandon. (My Husband) And I just wanted to say I'll miss you guys. Don't forget about me... don't forget to give me LuBBnZ!!! xoxoxoxo p.s. U know I return all love!!! xoxoxo
Fubar Cops
need too start looking over some of these profiles i mean damn the people look younger an younger on here
What A Lousy Day
Am I not supposed to be happy? I'm not looking for any affirmation here either. I DON'T want people to feel sorry for me. I just want to know why the hell everything in my life has to go to shit. Why can't I just make all the pain go away? It seems like everything I touch falls apart. I'm used to life being tough and all, bad thing happening and what not, but this past year has been a mother f****r. Sorry for the language. Usually I'm the kind of guy that's laid back, doesn't let things get me down, but this crap has been too much for me. I'm actually severely depressed most of the time I'm awake. That's not me. I'm a happy guy. I just can't seem to be that guy right now. At times I feel like there's no hope anymore.
The Things You May Lack....
If you have love in your life it can make up for the many things you may lack. If you don't have it... no matter what else there is... it's just not enough.
Okay, So I've just been stood up for the 875th time in my life. So basically now I just hate men. I could just shake it off the other times, but now I'm to the point where its just like "Why me? Why do people make plans with me and then just blow me off? Is it some kind of joke to them?" I'm a catch! I'll admit it. I'm smart and fun and easy on the eyes even! So why do guys do this? Does something that much better come along? UGH! I can't take this. I turn down all these other plans so I can go out w/ this one person on this supposed big date...and now i'm stuck home on a Friday night w/ no kids...Maybe I'll just go get a bottle of vodka and get blotto by myself.
No Interview
because of the way i answered a list of statements I have to wait 3 months to try again (which by then the position I want will be filled). I am still in the running for another job and Tuesday i am going to an employment agency to fill out another application and another one at another agency. I need to find other work. I hate my current job even though I like the people. The pay sucks and the hours suck.
born:aug 17,2007 at 12:35pm 8lbs 2ozs 19 1/2ins long and red hair,she is so pretty.
I Got My Car
I am so happy that my car is running again. A week is too long to go without transportation!
Beckie Needs Our Help To Level
My Wisdom Tooth
I have a wisdom tooth growing in on the right side of my mouth, it hurts like a b***h! Does this mean I'll be smarter? hahaha (just kidding, I know better than that) any advice to help me with the pain?
Time To Move...
ahh life has become to boring as of lately.. spoke with my sister and going to do what i planned years ago. I think after the end of this year I am cali bound! Tired of the 5 1/2 flight to go visit her for 3-4 days so looks like by my birthday next year i'll be moving out there. Hollywood here I come to stay
Been Gone
Been gone for some time, the backlight on my old laptop went out. So nowI have a new one .... Hey, I've joined the DUAL CORE world now!! :D Now that Yoda (Chance) is back, let the fun commence!!
Needing Some Arf's
Hey fellow FU's!! Stop by and drop a holla, and don't forget to "ARF" me! I always return the favor, and of course, 11's for everybody!! D-Bac
Family Guy W.hip
Winners Of The Ink Contest
good evenin family heres the winneras of the ink contest sorry so short bit im so sick right now first place secound place thrid place fourth place thank you to all
hey i was wondering if someone could do a mumm for me ive been banned and id really like some opinions about something i am about to buy tonight
Summer Vacation (?)
Were the last three months of my life a complete waste of time like they should have been? Nope. I traveled a couple hundred miles away and helped my brother move... only for him to move again in a week another couple hundred miles. I gained a lover/fiance'/livein I payed $500 that I barely had for a beautiful and wonderful mastiff puppy. I got a job. I lost a job. I editted a professionally submitted story. I passed two classes. I withdrew from one. I concluded my court going days. I payed dues. I am still owed. I still owe. I evicted a rotted cancerous shit licker of a roommate. I bought a plane ticket for a new one. I lived. I loved. I lost. I won. I learned. And I've still got a long ways to go.
Rancid-fall Back Down
Don't worry about me, I'm gonna make it alright Got my enemies crossed out in my sight I take a bad situation gonna make it right In the shadows of darkness I stand in the light You see it's our style to keep it true I've had a bad year, a lot to go through I've been knocked out, beat down, black and blue She's not the one coming back for you She's not the one coming back for you If I fall back down, you're gonna help me back up again If I fall back down, you're gonna be my friend [x2] It takes disaster to learn a lesson You're gonna make it through the darkest night Some people betray one and cause treason We're gonna make everything alright Well the worst of times, now, they don't phase me Even if I look and act really crazy I went way down, she betrayed me Now my vision is no longer hazy I'm very lucky to have my crew They stood by me when she flew I've been knocked out, beat down, black and blue She's not the one coming back for you She's not the o
Family Guy...lois Sleeps With Bill Clinton
When You Believe
Many nights we prayed With no proof anyone could hear In our hearts a hope for a song We barely understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there’s much to fear We were moving mountains Long before we knew we could, whoa, yes There can be miracles When you believe Though hope is frail It’s hard to kill Who knows what miracles You can achieve When you believe somehow you will You will when you believe [Mmm…mmm…mmm…yeah] Mmm…yeah… In this time of fear When prayer so often proves in vain Hope seems like the summer bird Too swiftly flown away Yet now I’m standing here My heart’s so full, I can’t explain Seeking faith and speakin’ words I never thought I’d say There can be miracles When you believe (When you believe) Though hope is frail It’s hard to kill (Mmm) Who knows what miracles You can achieve (You can achieve) When you believe somehow you will You will when you believe [Hey…] [Ooh…] They don't always happen when you ask
Bombing Contest Help Me Out By Leaving Some Comments Muah!!
Family Guy..peter And Lois Nude On The Couch
Great Lakes Bikini Blast Tomorrow!
Tomorrow I'll be taking part in the Great Lakes Bikini Blast in St. Joseph Michigan on Lake Michigan. I'll be one of nine photographers there, though more may show up as late registrants... There are 49 models registered models for the event, 46 of whom are female... It's a tough job, bit someone's got to do it! LOL
About Me
------------10 years ago----------- 1.) How old were you? 24 2.) Where did you go to school? I was out of school 3) Where did you work? Fresh Fields 4) Where did you live? Stafford, VA 5.) Where did you hang out? Crazy Horse Bar 6.) Did you wear glasses? Contacts 7.) Who was your best friend? Elizabeth 8.) How many tattoos did you have? 1 9.) How many piercings did you have? ears & belly button 10) What car did you drive? 88 Ford Escort 11.) Had you been to a real party? Yes 12.) Had You had your heart broken? On my way -----------5 years ago----------- 1.) How old were you? 29 2.) Where did you go to school? Not in school 4.) Where did you live? Hollywood, FL 5.) Where did you hang out? Home 6.) Did you wear glasses? Contacts 7.) Who was your best friend? Kim, Paulette 9.) How many tattoos did you have? 1 10.) How many piercings did you have? same - ears and belly button 11.) What car did you drive? Toyota Camry 12.) Had your heart broken?OH YES 13.) Wer
A Family Guy Spanking
R.i.p. Shane
May Raymond Rest In Piece and find Much Clown Luv in Shangri-La. CAVE-IN-ROCK — The 30-year-old man who had been reported missing was found dead near the venue that the four-day Insane Clown Posse “Gathering” took place, a Hardin County dispatcher said Thursday afternoon. Cindi Shockley, secretary for the Hardin County Emergency Management Agency, said her agency was notified of a missing person report Wednesday. She said crews started searching for Raymond Shane Barnett of Indianapolis yesterday and continued the search at 7 a.m. this morning. Friends say that Barnett was last seen Saturday night when he was taken to the hospital. Employees with the Hardin County Hospital could not confirm nor deny Barnett was treated at the hospital and would not comment. Canines were used in the search, as well as the agency’s search and rescue boat, Shockley said. About 10 to 15 volunteers were helping with the search along with the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department. Shockley
Acts 13:26
26 Brethren, children of the stock of Abraham, and those among you that fear God, to us is the word of this salvation sent forth.
Family Guy
everyone is welcome too add my band torsofuck on myspace right now thanks mikko
Playing Cards And Mousepads!!!
hey guys!! this will be the first of quite afew designs for my playing cardsthey go for $20 dollars a deck with a personal autograph on your favourite card!If you'd like more info or want to purchase a deck straight through me, just email me at info@moniquedupreee.comIts a nice full colour deck...(they will prob cost more on ebay because they won't come directly from me)thankx guysmonique Dupree and yes!!! I now have mousepads as well!!!$15.00 and it comes signed with free shipping!!!
Hey Bombers
Just wanted to add......... Let's see what we are all made of! I know we can get this done if we all work together! Muahz!!!!!
when you lie I hate murdering my fate trapped here inside cannot confide fill it up with greed blacken my seed closing in cracked wall death to it all I cant see you here living in your fear throwing it aside looking better all the time so sad for you your hearts broke in two It feels like hell heart locked in a cell i cant see you here bleeding out your fear feeling like hell life trapped in your cell
Bartender Of The Year?
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ogm .... etc... IVE BEEN ENTERED IN BARTENDER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah./... so im really excited right now.. makes me feel so goood.. all i have to do is come up with a drink using some sort of skyy vodka.. (blah... hate skyy) ... already done and the bar loves it... yay im gonna be bartender of the year in NOLA!!!!
friend was sposta call or meet me on line... did neither... got hurt by a friend... went to get a new batttery for my jeep... put it in... worked on the bitch for 4 hours... still wont start... got hurt by another friend... got in a fight with the family... and now i have a fucking headache
Do You
Do you want me, do you still. Do you care, even just a little. Love I've given, laid on the line. Was turned away, not worth your time. I've cried my tears, too many inside. My life's not perfect, or full of pride. All that I've asked, is truth from you. So foreign and weird, it's new to your crew. Do you love me, tell me true. Before I die, from being blue.
I Love Dirty Weeds!!! Lol :p
Us Zombies love Dirty weeds..... YUMMY.... lol. Me and Goddess got so many of them last night... I thought it was Christmas!! Lmao!!! Dont you ppl know that Zombies love Dirty weeds.... Rofl!!! They are good for my ZOMBIE Diet, and good Ruffage !!! LMFAO!!! But for good ness sakes at least if you send us some yummy dirty weeds.. Dont send it Anonymously.... ROFL!! We want to repay you in the upmost utter fashion!!!! LMFAO!!! ROFL!!! :P:O:P:O:P:O:P:O:P We coudln't wash the dirty weeds first .. LMAO!! Or else the wouldn't be dirty weeds.. ROFL!! :O:O: They would then be clean weeds... LMFAO!! PMSL!!! :P:O:P:O:P:O:P:-S:-S But now I gots an aching Zombie tummy ache from eatin all them Dirty weeds we got sent.. (((BURP))))......((((Burp))))))..... hahaa.... Where's the Zombie :P:O:P:O:P:O
Dark Redemtion
something am sorry for somethings take back i can never take back and something i wish i could have been better the what i am but for me what can i say theirs nothing but pain in my soul some times i think my birth was a curse rather then a blessing how can one be blessed known people will all ways judge you for who you are yes am a odd young man but what do you expect when your keeped in the dark about what life is how do you tell your self that you doing the right thing how do you tell you self you havent failed as a son for me maybe i just was biological mistake for everything their is i hurt so much the more pain i take the more my dark twisted being is consumed with anger for what i am i see my self as a monster something that shouldnt even be in this world for me am mstake
Simple Hello
simple hello you came in to my Life with a simple hello Was not looking for anything to start just wanting to chat with someone in open thought ... never did I think that the words we have shared would touch my heart the way that they did... the more we talk the more I get to know the man that you are the more I found myself looking forward to the next phone call, we are going to share... not sure where thing Might go Or what the In store for us Nor whats in my heart, just knowing I dont want it to stop written by norma c brooks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Sex You Dare??
The Sex Quiz.....Do you Dare?? YOU START AT 50 and ADD or SUBTRACT points as stated for each statement that applies to you... +Above75 means you kinda suck in bed. +Above 50 means you are not so good in bed..and not so fun --Below 50 means you are fun in bed --Below 25 means you are damn great in bed! AFTER you're done... put your name at the bottom, along with your score. (TIP: USE A CALCULATOR...THINKING...pfft!!!) Copy this and post your own bulletin! Put the subject - "The sex quiz...Are you up for it?" -Add 10 if you are a virgin. -Subtract 5 if You have had sex before. -Subtract 5 more if you have had sex with more then 5 people. -Add 5 If you have never had oral sex. -Subtract 5 if you have had or performed oral sex. -Subtract 2 if you have had sex in a public place. -Subtract 3 if you have done 69. -Add 5 If you have never had an orgasm. 000-Add 5 If you cant name 3 types/brands of condoms. -Subtract 2 if you have masturbated.
And Again!
yeah baby!
What Is A Krush !
what do you say when your said Why is there really and Answer to that why is it so Importing for the One to Know that answer cant he goes go with the flow and be happy well if U must Know you make Laugh you have gave me the tingle, that i some how Lost from my eyes and with how Me knowing you have touched my heart In more ways then One you have made Me smile Like a silly school girls More time that I want to Amitie You have made Me red. and all you have to do is simple smile at Me written by , Norma C Brooks
Can't Stop
You come over. We talk a bit. Stare at each other. Smile often. You look in my soul and it makes you wonder why my heart says no. The connection is undenialable. We don't always agree or get along yet somehow we manage to make each other feel like our love is all we need. Your lips touch mine so softly just once. That one time becomes two and from there our lips lock. You hold me and our energy's mix. There's something more than both of us are willing to openly admit. I'm not sure what I want in life though I'm sure I can't let you go. Why do I try to push you away? Why can't I tell you how I really feel about you? If what we have is real, then why are we playing these games with each other? Can you please tell me with words what you say with your actions? Have I told you how my heart races and how I smile at the thought of being with you? It's you that makes me happy. I love your smell, the way you make me feel inside, the quirky things you say and the silly things you
In The Dark...
Leave me to my own conscience, as the dark gathers round. Entranced as a newborn child, his eyes' leap and bound. Instilled with the power of light, bright as a noonday sun.
Join My Team!
Join a SUCCESSFUL team!!!! Consultants Needed Nationwide. My team provides the following to all its consultants: * Earn up to 40% on YOUR personal sales * Earn up to 10% additional payout through CASH bonuses on YOUR personal sales * Earn CASH bonuses on every new personal recruit who places a qualified order * Earn up to 5% overrides on the sales of YOUR recruits, three levels deep!!!! * Earn $400 monthly Car Allowance * Earn $3,000 per quarter through our Home Award Bonus * Earn FREE trips to vacation HOT spots * Earn VALUABLE jewelry, prizes, and awards * Earn recognition for YOUR achievements *Training via conference calls. Earn a HIGH Income, have FUN, travel, set your own hours. Work part-time for full time pay. Give it your all when YOU become an Independent Consultant and be awarded for all YOUR work. It is up to YOU on how much YOU work and make. Contact me to find out more. Ask me any question!!
Im 20 Soon To Be 21
So why does this happen. You want your brother to help you out. He says yes. But then the next day. He says he didn't sleep because he thinks bad things are gonna happen and then he tells my mom. I asked my brother to borrow his ID for one night. But no, now he won't let me get it. Its just stupid cuz he says he will do it and then switches it up. I'm 21 September 24 and I just can't wait anymore. Anyway. If anyone is around the area. September 28 I'm going clubbing. Ill be wearing a red and white shirt. And some faded blue looking jeans lmao. I just picked the outfit today. Then I came to work and was a little late so I was like screw it and got some burger king. I'm telling you, keep your BK receipts. You get a free whopper with the purchase of any size fries and drinks. So if your poor like me, lol, then the least you would have to spend is 2.12 unless there's more tax where you live. And I don't even know if this is every burger king or what. Anyway, you like how I go from 21 to
Its Real In Dese Streets!
its real in dese streets.dats why we gotta carry tha heat.its real in dese streets.dats whay we gotta carry tha heat.(3x) (A.Cizzle) ah huh check it its real in dese streets dats why me and my dawgs gotta carry our heat and dats how it gotta be so fuck u if don't keep ur heat on ur hip ready to aim bust and rip dese fakers off dere feet we dat nine mil or dem ak's or choppas so be ready to get down or lay down and roc wit us tha village souljas hold up lil ones i thought we told u dat we always ready to hit yall in tha head or tha heart wit tha triple beams killin yall off like we eatin some jelly beans fa our team A Dot Cizzile is one of tha best in tha St.Bernard streets,cause i'm so ready to knock out ur teeth wit my pecie so don't come wit dat bullshit leakin out ur mouth,cause it be Tha Chossen Child,Big Pearl,n Da Murda Man in tha south wit dat tha dro and not tha fuckin drought i'm so 504 n 850 to my head down to my toes to tha meatshow fa all u hoes andBig Pearl show dese
I Am Love
I am troubled by the misuse of the word love on the internet today, a very good friend of mine and I talked and well the essence of concencus is that we are all love love abides at the basic depth of each soul, it is what we do with it that makes a difference. Also FYI the greeks have 5 words which all translate to love but each word describes a unique love from that of friendship to that of a devine sort. Anyway Love is a very important and powerful thing I just think it should be weilded with a little more care, every time I say I close my eyes a moment so that I know I mean it and how I mean it. Here a few other thoughts on the subject, Enjoy them and I hope you all have someone to share it with, your love that is. "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." - Robert Frost "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my
Mind's Eye
Within my mind's eye, a sad sad cry of a child calls for hell to burn. Concern for my well being from those closed to seeing, echos in the chasms of my soul. I know the me, I know the "I", I know what it takes to make me fly. Death beckons to me with talons stained in blood, yet I turn away from the day that simmers in the cold. Listen to me and set your child free, for today, tomarrow it is all the same just play the game that separates us from the dead.
Moonlight Dance...
Can you see the moonlight dance? Dancing through the darkened sea. The sea that leads my heart to thee. Thee that I long to hold in my arms for an eternity. Eternity with the question burning. Can you see the moonlight dance? Dancing through the darkened sea...
Hot Sex!!!
BERLIN (Reuters) - A teenage couple having sex for the first time were interrupted when candles set fire to the girl's attic bedroom and forced them to flee naked from her parents' house, German daily Bild reported on Friday. The girl had wanted to create a romantic atmosphere for the occasion. But when the room suddenly became engulfed with flames, they had to make a hasty escape. The couple, both 18, were pictured naked in the paper among the burned wreckage of the attic. A charred teddy had survived but the fire wrecked the entire top floor of the house causing around 100,000 euros (68,000 pounds) worth of damage.
Tingling Chills
Tingling chills, passionate sighs, soft hot flesh, hands on thighs. A moan of need from lips apart. Flicks of a tongue, skips in the heart. Feel the lust, the want, the burn. Feel the body begin to yearn. Feel your doubts melt to desire as gentle carresses fuel the fire. Nibble, nibble moving south, master of verse, master of mouth. Delving into the tender flesh. Frenzied joys begin mesh. Feel the lust, the want, the burn. Feel the body begin to yearn. Feel your doubts melt to desire as gentle carresses fuel the fire.
The Kind Of Weather I Am
You Are Lightning Beautiful yet dangerous People will stop and watch you when you appear Even though you're capable of random violence You are best known for: your power Your dominant state: performing What Type of Weather Are You?
Well That Bites
Went to court, and what a fuckin laugh...My ex, beats the shit out of me, rapes me, in front of the kids...amd he gets 3 months, only for rape...He pleads temorary insanity, and they believe him, sayin I did cause him stress???? WTF!!!! Me cause him stress...Well what can I say, then need to make slaughterin men legal!!!!!!! Thanks Dusty and Mina for ur guys comments and support on my other blog...Love ya guys lots
we got choppas and aks wit 100 in da extended clips we from da 504 da 504 (2x) (Mr. Louisiana) im from down da road where we got dem thangs wit da extended clips i got dat fiya whip wit da rims on da bitch cuz im from dat 504 st. bernard muthafucka u best believe i got dem killas behind me dem hood niggas who want to end niggas wit beef cuz we fools down in dis bitch out da fuckin 9 but a lil further down where those souljas there no i aint talkin bout u pussy bitches if u want to clap back den nigga u better be wishin dat ya life aint gonna be ended we ride wit dem things fa u bitch we got dem fine hoes who wanna holla at a hot boy no i aint talkin bout u ugly bitches cuz im a hot boy and fuck da rest of u hoes cuz i got me a hot gurl dat better so what eva u wanna do u no where im at steady ballin in my parish down da road its styll apart of new orleans we got da dope dat will keep u comin and da choppas dat keep choppa so u now who dis is mr. louisiana come on yall lets show d
Tears Of Paris
Mind numbing babble flows in the tears of rich and famous rabble. Images flash before my eyes, resentment is all I feel for her cries but beware of the lies for when the shit flies everyone wants a piece of the pie. Silent are the protests of those whom chose not to involve themselves in the chains of events that revolve around media madness and I scream, 'Why oh why do we try, we should live yet we chose to die.'
Is This An Addiction????
Hello to all of my friends and fans, I am writing this blog because I was told that I have a major problem with just saying no to buying new thongs,undies,boy shorts,etc..... My best friend Missy was over my place yesterday and I have been doing some major cleaning.. And one of the things that I had to do was fix one of my dresser drawers... So when I procedded to empty it she was like what the hell is all that and I was like.. Ummmm.... my undies lol.... so she asked me if I think that I had enough and I was like I don't have that many... She had than said I think that you have more than enough... lol so we than got curious and I decided to count them to see how many pairs that I have exactly. The total # 125 lol!!!! Well Missy than proceeded to tell me that she was going to see if she could find an undies anonymous lol.. and also a socksaholic program because she had me count those too... I did the total # on them is about 80 pairs lol...Anyway Missy said that I am in denial and I
Hehehe Plans And Cuffs
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha So, it’s my birthday . . . so what am I doing? I’m going to get drunk and cuff up all my friends and have a wild night, hehehe. Think I may need more cuffs though, I seem to have more friends than I remember . . . Lol. Anyway, despite the fact that I am feeling pretty damn old today I am going out, kicking off my shoes (amongst other things) and gonna have a great time. I will have my girls with me and some of the guys and dammit what more do I need really? Yeah never mind we won’t be answering that, hehehe. So, I will see a few of you I am sure the rest of you sorry you won’t be cuffed and joining, but maybe next time. Oh, I’ll make sure there are some good pics of it later . . . hehehe
11,200 To Level Aleveler
Please return the love back to her that she shows others Leggz{shadow leveler}@ fubar
I Am Calling Shenanigans On This Entire Site
So I lost my mumming ability once again but as always it was for telling the truth. This site is ridiculous how it caters to the people that pay for it while snuffing out those who don't. Here is a business tip, don't piss off the target consumer. I lost the ability to post mumms because I dared to take a shot at "I love sporks". You know... the biggest point whore on here. For months since I could remember, she had model pics as her default and only lately has she revealed her true, goofy looking self. She won the daily spotlight and all day I've had to see her prego self on my page without a shirt on trying to look sexy. Heres another tip, Fubar losses a lot of people because VIP's are allowed much more leeway when it comes to NSFW than regular people. I didn't want to see this anymore so I posted a mumm asking whether or not she should have a shirt on. At the time it was flagged and I was banned, over 60% of the voters wanted her to have a shirt on. Needless to say,
I Lost My Zombie Teddy Bear!!! Lol
.........I want my ZOMBIE teddy Its cold and ...scary... and I lost my Zombie MOM!!!! ROFL!!! :P:O:P:O:P.... I want my ZOMBIE teddy bear .. I cant find it!!! LOL!!! :( Its got a missing head... And its stuffing is half fallen out of its tummy.. lol.. Its missing one eye.. And the legs are missing.. Its smells really bad .. But good to me.. ROFL!!!
Call Out For Now!
Good afternoon to all our FU-Bombers! So far today I haven't seen either PeggySue or Rachael on so I'm taking it upon myself to let you know what we need to be doing.......I'm sure they need the break anyhow and they much deserve it! We have two people that I know of in our family that are both in contests. Let's do what we can between the both of the them!!!!! JeremyP needs to get to at least 20,000 comments! And Kathy's contest goes until the 26th and she needs to have the most comments OR rates by the end of the contest to win first prize which is a 7 day blast! Mama ~*FU-Bombers*~FU-Bombers Recruiter~Jugz's If for some reason there is someone else in a contest please let me know! At this time these are the only two that I am aware of! Muah!
Check This Out It Will Help
Funny Jokes
CINDERELLA wants to go to the ball, but her wicked stepmother won't let her. As Cinderella sits crying in the garden, her fairy godmother appears, and promised to provide Cinderella with everything she needs to go to the ball, but only on two conditions. "First, you must wear a diaphragm." Cinderella agrees. "What's the second condition?" "You must be home by 2:00 a.m. Any later, and your diaphragm will turn into a pumpkin." Cinderella agrees to be home by 2:00 a.m. The appointed hour comes and goes, and Cinderella doesn't show up. Finally, at 5:00 a.m. Cinderella shows up, looking love struck and very satisfied. "Where have you been?" demands the Fairy Godmother. "Your diaphragm was supposed to turn into a pumpkin three hours ago!!!" " I met a prince, Fairy Godmother. He took care of everything." The Fairy Godmother stated, "I know of no prince with that kind of power! Tell me his name!" Cinderella replied, I can't remember, exactly, .. Peter, Peter, something or other.."
I Was A Fool For You
I Was A Fool For You. I don't know when my laughter turned to tears, When my joys became my fears, when one touch and you'd be gone, and I'd be standing all alone. I laughed till I cried, I knew, but still I tried, To make a place in your life. You walked away without a word, you neither saw nor heard The love I tried to prove The way my life, around you moved. I don't know how long I cried and wished that I had died. And how my body ached for you, And how you ignored my love so true. So, I'm standing all alone again, Wiping the tears that always begin, Every day and every night and every silent moment of my life , Whenever I think of the many ways I was a fool for you.
Thank You
Thank you to everyone who kept me in thoughts today. It went better than I expected and I get to keep my daughter with me!! he gets 5 days a week but I am her primary residence. Love you all!! Monique
Hey All!
please help my SEXI friends! please go comment the hell out of their picture so they can win the contest!!!
Long Distance
Why is it that you always find REALY cool people that live in different kinda sucks because I dont think that there are many descent people left in New York, Everyone is so full of themselves...Ya Mean...People Suck...Were are all the good people....I need to find a girl thats cool and down to earth and likes all the shit im into....blah blah blah
Home Again
Good evening friends. Sorry i've been away. Seems Tuesday afternoon I had to check myself into the hospital and didn't get released until today. I went in with some severe abdominal pains and found out i'm having serious issues with my tyroid & adrenal glands. So Im on all sorts of drugs and am on the mend.
Tonight @ Bloodview 9-midnight 10.00$ For Unlimited Repeats!
TONIGHT @ BLOODVIEW 9-midnight 10.00$ for unlimited Repeats! Summer not scary enough for you?Come on out and get scared for charity as the Legion of Terror and the Broadview Heights Lions Club present A Midsummers Nightmare at Bloodview Haunted House. Admission is only $8.00, and for $2.00 more you can go through the House as many times as you like with all proceeds going to South Hills Lend a Hand! Thats right Haunted House Fans come on out to Bloodview $10.00 UNLIMITED REPEATS this weekend only! Get scared, and have fun for a great cause 9-Midnight and all for only $10.00!For More Info:Bloodview Haunted HouseThe Legion of TerrorBloodview Haunted House1010 Towpath TrailBroadview Heights Oh440-526-9148Friday August 17th 9pm-MidnightSaturday August 18th 9pm-MidnightAdmission: $8.00 for one trip. (for the faint of heart)$10.00 for UNLIMITED REPEATS
Heart Exercises
Your Heart needs to be exercised. See Below? Here are the latest exercises approved by the Heart Association. CLICK EACH 1 BELOW Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Exercise 5
We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time
Shower Time
When I Rule The World
As you may already know I plan to take over the world and mold it into a more ... suitable place to live. This is what awaits the world when I come to power: 1) Public summary execution of all celebrities, past and present, whose continued respiration annoys me like the constant sound of dripping water. Celebrities condemned to death include but are not limited to Pauly Shore (take that, weas-le), anyone desperate enough to appear on American Idol, Britney Spears (that nasty ham-shot you gave us was enough to mark you as a corpse in my book), Conan O'Brien and the entire cast of The View. Particular emphasis will be placed on pop icon from the 80's, the ones that aren't already in retirement homes, anyway. A pardon will be given to Madonna assuming she agrees to be my personal advisor. I think I can learn a thing or two from her about running a tyrannical regime. If you are on my friends list you may request an invitation to witness the silencing of the leaky faucet of your choice
Freedom... If It Fits...
Freedom I released you, you're gone I gave you freedom today The loneliness I'll face Is worth the price I'll no longer pay For 3 years I let you Destroy and break me I let your dominane and ownership Completely just take me I believed all your lies When you said you loved me When you said you needed me You worshipped and adored me I guess, for awhile I needed to believe That you were being straight up With no intentions to deceive You called me your baby The love of your life Stupid me never knew You were thinking of your wife So run to her As fast as you can Lie to her also You're not even a man You have no soul And your heart is pure black I feel sorry for you Karma always hits back Someday you will need me Someday you will crawl When that someday comes I'll hang up on your call Cuz I released you, you're gone I gave you freedom today The loneliness I'll face Is worth the price I'll no longer pay
15,000 To Level A Leveler
Spank her hard she deserves it shes always there to help everyone another leveler that puts there own things aside for others... BrattyBytch - {{Shadow Leveler}}@ fubar
Watch Out For This Guy
Below is a conversation that took place between this guy called Da White Sox and me. Through the comments on the mumms I found out I was not the only one he talked to. All he wants to know is if you could go an yahoo or msn messenger to talk about sex. All people that commented said to block him. He's not on this site to have fun he is here to talk about sex. Beware of this guy. Da White S...: whatever, not here to audition foryour ass either ->Da White S...: I don't know I just don't care for it. Da White S...: y not? ->Da White S...: yes but I never use it Da White S...: do u have yahoo or msn messenger? ->Da White S...: what is your question and sorry I just got home Da White S...: Question for u ok?
Sorry, I'm Closed
Sorry, I'm Closed We were friends, we were lovers, we were friends You're hot, you're cold, you're warm You come, you go, you linger about I'm showered with affection Then ignored without intention You pull me close, you push me away You want me, you don't, but you won't say good-bye On bright days, you don't need me But when the dark lonely ones come around You reach into the shadows Where you keep me hanging And feed from my soul No More I'm cutting the chains with which you have bound me I am setting myself free I can no longer be your crutch There is nothing there for me My best wishes go with you For your peace Some love and some happiness As I must now move along To find some of my own.
Pay Our Rent.
whats it mean? m.i.l.f> tell me? sorry im lol im not smart and i dont know?
I was just told I posted a MUMM that was rated NSFW? Did anyone notice that or can someone,just being a A** rate it as so? How does that work? I read the laws and I don't think I did anything wrong. If I did, I hope some one will let me know. Anywho, Off to Berlin soon to sent my daughter's new apt up for school. You all have a great and safe weekend and if I find a cybercafe in Berlin, I'll check out what you have to say. Peace JC
Connest Has Bebun!plz Comment Bomb
plz go to my fam and wildcat has the contest plz bomb me! FUABR PRINCESS PRINCE
Prince/princess Contest
Hey Gang Im in a contest and could use some much appreciated help.
Just A Quick Thank ~ You Know Who You Are!!
Okey Dokey Smokey.... I just wanted to thanks some peps that made me feel better the last few days... SOME WOULD NOT STOP BUGGNG ME until I told them what was wrong.. ok... I was in a car accedent... I am ok.. really.. I am.. Neck hurts pretty good but I will live... NO I AM NOT GOING TO THE DOCTORS... I have seen to many for other issues that I will not discuss but I am ok, so lets move on... Thank you so much for pushing till I said something... I am more upset with myself then anything else... Anywho.. I just wanted to say this cuz... well... I tend to close up and just.. I dont know.. dont like to complain I guess.. who knows.. probably ate paint chips as a kid... or was dropped on my head one to many times... Ok.. that is it.. I am done... Be well and Safe all ... Besos Para Ti!! Angelique
Seduction Of Us~
Face to face we smile, finally we are here Tentatively you bend, to catch my parted lips Lightly touch and taste, draws me close for more Softly you feel me sigh, lips smiling in relief Whispering I reply, it's as magical as I'd drempt Lips meet again and again, sipping, clinging and deep Slanting for deeper still, hands tenderly hold my face Mine do the same to yours, tongues dip and retreat only to search again...molding, melding strokes Sinking in the feel, tone begins to change As fire lights our blood, hands move to undress Slowly painfully almost, trying to remember to breath Hearts racing we fight for calm, no rush to complete Enjoying every inch each, as each revealed Eyes locking as naked standing, taking my breasts in hands Relishing the feel... my hands to shoulders to arms strength I feel beneath bend to suck at breast, breath catching in my throat Suckling... I feel the pull, sensation streaking down Dropping to your knees, kissing my belly tender My ha
Hot And Sexy
I Made It Through
and thank you for all your love prayers and concern. i went to a public wooded park late wednesday evening-the same one i went to in 1975 eqipped with all i needed. i wasn't sad by the time i got there-i just thought of my booming record sales and noteriety i would receive but never enjoy. i found my spot--it was 9.22 pm eastern daylight savings time--i opened 2 bottles-took from one and then the other-before i returned to bottle 1 a deep sleep befell me--i heard in my mind in almost concert hall quality the opening refrains of my song 'The Funeral Fire' that closes my melancholia falling album. 11 hours later--i wake up--sad-but still here--i pop 2 caffeine pills and drove home. i got home and had a google alert that serotin reuptake inhibitors withdrawal--the meds i was using to combat my sadness can cause suicide--well--not here--almost but no . why was i withdrawing--the dr. proscribed 50 mgs twice a day--the ins co would only give 100mgs. i also got an email that my prescription
Just Want To Say See You All Soon!!!!
I Cathleen Austin would just to say on my behalf. Thank you all for the friendship, understanding,careind and shareing of others pic and profiles. But most of all the worm and heart filled love for the friendship in witch I was to be able to incounter from meting new people. And most of it I give the thanks to Cherrytap when I first became a menber on here. So with great sadnees I am here to bid you all a fairwell ontill we met again!!! Just remember you all who have met me and even got close to me. I love you all and will keep you in my throughts and my heart.As far as it goes I do belive my last day on here will be around next week the 27th So you all take care and I wish you all well!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Cathleen Austin
Men Have Some Nerve
romancespecialty called me trailer trash. because i wanted out of his contest..and he is getting my daughter involved in this and she has nothing to do with it....he is one low sob. HERE IS THE MESSAGE HE SENT TO ME.... LOL, yes I know you have to spread your legs for you to get things...I always thought that was the best part of you. But with all the sexy young women out there I guess some men just like the older trailer trash :) And of course I let a "man" in the contest...nothing wrong with that...Your just jealous that he was beating you thouroughly! And he doesn't have to spread his legs for people to like him. I mean he has 1/8 the friends and was beating you by at least double the comments...Guess that says alot about you.... Now why don't concentrate about your jailbird daughter and stop bothering me as we both know what type of woman you are, your pics told it all....LOL, I ; bet there up on all types of adult site
Pic Bombing
Goodbye Well maybe now I should just say goodbye You used to be my lover and my friend But I never felt I really was yours So maybe this is the end. I'm different from you,my love has no end Each other we've never understood When I do tell you goodbye again This time it will be for good Whenever I'm mad at you it hurts me so bad And you don't even care I don't know why, I just want to cry And someday I won't be here. The streaks on my arm they've done me no harm They're only made of pen But once they are blood that turns brown They'll be there again and again. If I hurt you, I only hurt myself worse But that doesn't really matter All I seem to do is hurt. And my spirit's bruised and battered. I do not know why it has to be so I really wish it did not But the way this has been going it is basically shot. You don't need me and worse yet, you don't want me And that's how I know These words are the ones I have to speak- I love you, but goodbye.
Spending Time With My Master
When I am with my Master i will then be enjoying my life. I will please Him and fufull his fantasies.I am honored that he will let me do this for him. He makes me feel so good that I want him to also feel this.
Hh Contest
HH CONTEST HOSTED BY SEXYGIRLBLONDE YOU CANT MISS THIS..... I am holding a contest and this one you might really want to check out. TOP PRIZE.... A FREE HAPPY HOUR!!!!!!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket This contest will run for 10 full days and there are some rules that MUST be followed before you decide to enter. I will be taking entries starting now and will take them through the first day of the contest which will start as soon as I have at least 25 entries. When I get the entries needed I will post a bulletin stating the date and time the contest will start. RULES!!!!! You and anyone that will be helping you in the contest must rate me, fan me and be on my friends list to enter or comment in this contest. I will be checking everyone and the folder will be set for friends only to comment so anyone that you want to help you comment bomb you need to let them know they must rate, fan and add me to do this. Please make sure to let all your friends
88 Precepts
88 PRECEPTS by David Lane (P.O.W.) Member of The Order Until the White race realizes that there is only one source from which we can ascertain lasting truths, there will never be peace or stability on this earth. In the immutable Laws of Nature are the keys to life, order, and understanding. The words of men, even those which some consider “inspired” are subject to the translations, vocabulary, additions, subtractions, and distortions of fallible mortals. Therefore, every writing or influence, ancient or modern, must be strained through the test of conformity to Natural Law. The White Peoples of the earth must collectively understand that they are equally subject to the iron-hard Laws of Nature with every other creature of the Universe, or they will not secure peace, safety, nor even their existence. The world is in flames because Races, Sub-races, Nations, and Cultures are being forced to violate their own Nature- ordained instincts for self-preserv
2100 To Level
We still need a little help here Im going over to my name to see if I got anythingi havent rated from there.Ill see ya at next Happy Hour cobwebber "Hootie McBoobity"@ fubar
Special Friends
Everyone of us at some point meet a special person who fills our lives and shows us much concern As your friend and as your guiding star they support you and in life make you go far Their love always sparkles in our lonely life and they are with us sharing all our strife You smile knowing this person is there and for us this person truly and dearly cares They hold us close and wipe away our tears to our every need and wants they hear When we are down they are the first to know they will do anything to make our face glow They will open our eyes to many new things and within our soul they will make joy ring They are special and dear to your heart and from you they will never part
Social Security Vs Ssi
When FDR created Social Security, he created it for both senior citizens & the hanicapped, since he was in a wheelchair or crutches; Since he also had polio, which inhibilitated him, he wanted to make sure there was something for, people like him, to live off of. At the time, both Social Security & SSI were 1 in the same; then was separated in the early to mid 70's to what it is today; when they did, they branched off to Social Security (for seniors) & SSI (Supplementary Security Income, for Disabilities). Here's the reasons why they separated & the difference between the 2: Social Security: This was made for seniors to retire off of, so they could live comfortably & wouldn't have to live on the streets; it was also created, so seniors could receive Medicare, affordable housing & food, so they wouldn't have to depend on family members, their children & such & so they would still be independent. This lasted till the separation, then took a different turn, which separated it more;
Love Is Like A Rose
Love is like a rose with gentle tender parts slowly it unfolds and develops in your heart It's beauty can't be tamed It's as wild as the wind words can never explain the feelings held within you could be cut by a thorn and your heart would tend to bleed sometimes it will be torn But inside is always a new seed There will always be a change and yet it grows and grows although it may seem strange love is like rose.
Help Me Plz!!
Will She Really?
Remembrance She remembers it all, All the people who had said They cared, but did they really? She remembers it all, The sound of laughter and How happy she'd been, but was she really? She remembers it all, His arms around her and He said "I love you," but he didn't really! She remembers it all, The pain she'd felt when he left, How her heart ached, but did it really? She remembers it all, The feeling of being so alone, The feeling no one cared, and they didn't really! But now they'll remember her, Staring at the knife in her hand How easy to slit her wrists, but will she really?
Ms. Crew Radio Contest
when cry will you be there to whip my eyes when Im scared will you hold my hand lost will you come find me battered an bruised laying in a pool of blood will you heal me when Im gone will you remember me
Gerald Butler As Snake Plissken In 'escape From New York'
The eye patch has been passed on to a new generation. Variety announced yesterday that Gerald Butler (Leonidas in "300") will take over the Kurt Russell role of Snake Plissken in a remake of John Carpenter's classic futuristic thriller "Escape From New York."
Contest I Need Your Help!!
Thinking About Him
Just sitting here and thinking, Thinking my thoughts of you Dreaming of how things would be If you were right here too. I hope that things are going The way that you had planed I only wish that you were here And I could hold your hand I dream of being with you Of being by your side Of waking up beside you of love that we won't hide I hope one day that you'll be more Than just a dream at night That I can bring you happiness And love with all my might But until then, I'm here alone There's nothing else to do Than dream of you and count the days Until I'm there with you
Prayer For The Living..
Prayer For The Living Why does the thought of death The feeling of ending this life The torture, the pain, the hurt The discomfort I cause, Why does it feel so right? But the thought of the pain The mechanics, the method The hows and wherefores.. Why is that so beyond me, my abilities, My confidence? I know I would be better dead All I care for is others All I do is hurt others All I want to do is leave others To their lives away from me Is my inability from caring? Knowing the final act of hurt The final ability to screw others To give those who truly care A pain even I haven't done before? But they would recover And they could see it was done Maybe not consciously, but truly For the best for them And therefore the best for me. Is it fear that stops me? The inability to take the pain I couldn't inflict on myself The cowardly woman I am, The quitter, never finishing the Job So I carry on to conceal the feelings Trying to do all I can for a
Bad Girls
Music Video:BAD GIRL (by Madonna)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Fubar Prince/princess
Where We Stand....
I wanted to turn and walk away. That is no longer an option, you made sure of that. Now we have come to this...and make no mistake I will not hold back..... My anger for what you have done to me and others will now fuel the pain you are about to recieve. I will not hold back on inch..... Your cry of pain is now a beautiful harmony in my ears. I want the world you dwell in to know why this is happening and if they do not heed these actions the same fate awaits them. My blood is filled with pure hate and rage. I will not hold back this time..... And by the slim chance that you live thru this, I will forgive you and you can leave. But, those chances are few and not likely going to happen this time. Look into the soul you helped destroy. The monster you help create. I will not hold back this time.......
Sexual Iq Test
You have a sexual IQ of 127 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
For Those Of You Who Read Horror...
No not for me!! But someone near and dear to me ...some of you know him as Saintthis is a paste from his blog:Good News Please Read..As you guys know, I said I have some good news... Here it is.I have a Horror novel that is being published... it's being edited by the publishing company as we speak. I was pretty sure I would have had to publish it myself, but it was picked up being worked up and isn't coming out of my pocket to produce.It's written under my goverment (birth name) Anthony S. Thomas.The Myspace page for Anthony is on my top friends list. I'll be pushing the book from there, once it's in stores.The name of the novel is 666 Newark Aveue... I will keep everyone posted as to when it becomes available. Please go out and get it (when it comes out) and let me know what you think ... this is the first of many, so... I would really be happy if you guys take this ride with me. For all of you who read this book and my others before it was even in the hands of a publisher, thank
It Rocks
It is the best online station
Pray For Me Pls
Hey all pls pray for me the doctor does not know what is causing all of my pain but they are looking into it. But all I am asking is for your prayers.. Thank you all kisses to everyone!!
I haven't had a whole lot of experience with this, but from what I have experienced, I thouroughly enjoy it. I think maybe that is because of Wendy. She is beautiful and sweet and a very dirty, naughty girl. She is almost insatiable, with the biggest appetite for cock that I have ever heard of. She's a slut, my best friend, a surgical tech, a mom, smart, beautiful, sweet, nasty, horny, and I love her dearly. I love watching her suck cock (she does this extremely well) almost like she's milking it with her mouth, I also love sucking cock with her, kissing her with the head of his cock between our lips... mmmmm.... yes that is a favorite. I love watching her ride cock... she grinds on it with no worries in her mind about if he's getting off... because for sure at least she will.... anyways, i have to go rub one out

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