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BASICS: Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:Phone Number:OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke?2. Do you like the rain?4. If so...would you play in it with me?5. Do you like movies?6. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night?8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together?9. Would you kiss my neck?10. Do you play any sports?11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother?13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you?
Pants Below Butt!
She Needs Ability Points Spent On Her!
My girlfriend MissClaudia needs help again.... She is so close to leveling, she needs ability points spent on her! Please go help her out, she will return the love!
My mind has a million thoughts going through it at once. I'm also bored out of my mind. I need something to happen. The MuMMs are lame. Someone should stalk me in there.   Oh, I'll be making salutes tomorrow night. If you want one, send me a message. Also, who wants a Christmas card, a REAL one. I'll need you to send me your address in a message to...please do NOT send it in a drink/gift. 
What I Wrote When I Was Locked Up
Your Love- Your love has been my rock even when I couldn't see it. Your love for me is unconditional, so strong that it now consumes me. If only I had seen your love before ending up in here, was blinded by so many things. I lost sight of your love. Your love for me is so amazing, your heart pours it out. One day I hope to show you the same love. I have abused your love in so many ways, the only thing I can say is "sorry". I know that you forgive my mistakes but, know I have so much to fix. Gotta start with your broken hearts. Your love is so amazing,
The Difference Between Me And You
Look through my eyes, and tell me what you see. Can you see beyond them, into the real me? Or is it just the color, and shape you're focused on? I bey you don't even know, where you went wrong. I look at the world, through a different set of eyes. I don't see what you do, I've learned how to recognize. Real beauty, not the surface at all. What lies beyond the brick, that built the wall. What's buried in the sand, hidden from view. That's the difference between, me and you.
Katt Williams Goes Off On A Mexican National Heckler At His Show.
racist or patriotic?   
Gothic 12 Days Of X-mas
I was bored, so I made my own Christmas list!   twelve purple roses eleven packs of Cloves ten stripey arm-warmers nine pounds of coffee eight custom corsets seven Living Dead Dolls six pairs of platforms five Cure CD's four granite gargoyles three Giger posters two ambulance hearses and a Tim Burton Christmas Tree!
If you could date anyone famous who would it be? and why?
Best Blog Ever
Just Follow The Link & You Will Find A Little Angel ,Her Story and her special loving dad right beside her! :)  
What Is Beauty And What Do U Think Is Beautiful?
Personally i think u are only as beautiful as ur insides if u have crappy innards then ur face wont be attractive, whats ur input?
Candy 2
My heart was broken, shatterd dust, before you came along. Every thing I ever done just seemed to turn out wrong, my days were long, lonely and will with such dread. the dark and draining thoughts ran uncheck around my head. Then you came along and your light shined through chassing all those thoughts away. You have made me happy, brought joy in every way. Just for you my love is true, and it goes deep into my soul. You are the most amazing woman I will ever know. Now I end this thinking that your close but far away, but knowing in my heart you will soon be here to stay. To have you here will be like a dream come true, to hold you close and kiss your lips there is nothing I wouldn't do. So hurry home my love, my life, be here with me now, I will show you that I love you, and make that solemn vow.
Silent Night ~pagan Version~
SILENT NIGHT ~PAGAN VERSION~     Silent night, Solstice NightAll is calm, all is brightNature slumbers in forest and glenTill in Springtime She wakens againSleeping spirits grow strong!Sleeping spirits grow strong!Silent night, Solstice nightSilver moon shining brightSnowfall blankets the slumbering EarthYule fires welcome the Sun's rebirthHark, the Light is reborn!Hark, the Light is reborn!Silent night, Solstice nightQuiet rest till the LightTurning ever the rolling WheelBrings the Winter to comfort and heal
Men Vs Boys
A BOY keeps a password on his cellphone, while a MAN is confident enough to say "Baby can you answer that for me!!" A BOY runs the streets & chill with his friends, while a MAN is enjoying time with his woman planning ahead for their future! A BOY complains about spending too much time with his woman, a MAN plans vacations & getaways because he is wise enough to notice tomorrow isn't promised! A BOY tells his woman all the things she does wrong, a MAN acknowledges his woman's hard work! A BOY will read this & think this is about him & a MAN will read this & thoroughly acknowledge what he needs to fix in his relationship
Never Look Back
I cannot try, anymore. No more tears, will fall on my floor. I won't break down, I will not crawl. When I have over looked someone, whose been there through it all. I don't have to try, he knows me too well. I don't have to say a word, he can just tell. That I need someone, to give back everything I do. I'm letting go now, I have to. Because it kills me accepting that, the one I love has already let go of me. Where I'll end up, we'll just have to see. These emotions can fill me, I can live with that. But it's time for me to walk away, and never look back.
A List Of Things That The Sergeant Is Not Allowed To Do.
So, I was going through some of my papers and found copies of several documents I was sent while I was in the U.S. Army. Looking back, I realize how amusing it is AND how stupid I was! So, of course? I decided to post it.     A list of things that the Sergeant is not allowed to do.1) The SGT is not allowed to end After-Action Reports with lyrics from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".      1.1) ADDENDUM: Or "In accordance with the prophecy".   2) The SGT is NOT: A superhero of any sort, Head of "Public Relations", a doctor of psychology, a member of the Illuminati, made out of "bacon and pure fucking willpower", in possession of a IQ over 300, Head of "Female Recruit Review", or a member of "The League of Shadows".    3) The SGT is no longer allowed to make up his own cadence for morning physical training.    4) The SGT is not from an alternate timeline.     4.1) ADDENDUM: The SGT cannot override orders to "preserve the timeline".    5) The SGT is not allowed to challenge anyo
No One Cried, No One Mourned
Monday a family friend passed from this world to the next. He was a lonley man, needed a reason to hold on. Just to go on one more day. But his heart was heavy, his life seemed meeninless. And as we went on with our day, He did not. He succombed to depression and lonliness. He asked God for help, He reached out to some of us. But we went on with our day, self absorbed. We did not see his torment, his lonliness.. His pain. I am sorry Carmine, I did not get here a day or two earlier.. I went on with my day self absorbed. He was not here for points or level up. He was here for love, a love he lost. But she went on with her day, self absorbed. All I can put up now are these words, and now words mean nothing. Because now, it can not be undone Sleep well with God. My husband and I will miss you my friend.
Do You Know
Do you know?Do you know what it's like to....laugh when you feel like screaming... Walk when you feel like running or to cry when you feel like dying... How about to live, when you don't want to...or to sleep when you feel like moving.... How about winning when you feel like your losing... Do you know what it feels like to lose a friend right when you need them.... How about feeling pushed away sitting next to someone... Do you know what a hug feels like when they don't mean it... Or to have someone walk away from a hug when you need it... I Bet You Don't 
Indycar Cites Wide Racing Surface As Factor In Deadly Wheldon Wreck
Dan Wheldon was killed when his head hit a post in the fencing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway -- contact that created a "non-survivable injury" to the two-time Indianapolis 500 winner.The cause of death was revealed Thursday when IndyCar presented its findings of the Oct. 16 accident in the season finale. The crash collected 15 cars, including Wheldon,marc jacobs who came from behind the initial contact, launched over spinning cars and sailed about 325 feet into the catchfence.Although the contact with the post killed Wheldon, the investigation determined several factors contributed to what became a "perfect storm." "The accident was significant due to the number of race cars damaged, but more importantly due to the non-survivable injuries to Dan Wheldon," the report said. "While several factors coincided to produce a "perfect storm," none of them can be singled out as the sole cause of the accident."For this reason, it is impossible to determine with certainty that the result would have
Something To Ponder.....
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” — W.E.B. DuBois
Absolutely EVERYTHING  from GODSMACK! I relate in some way to EVERY song!
He makes me feel so goodMy eyes on him, my soul with hisHe makes me feel so light-headed.Is it love or just infatuation?What is love anyways?Is it how he makes me feel so happy?Or how his smile melts my heart?Is it when I feel giddyOr when I feel at peace?Why do I feel this way?Who has control over feelings like this?Infatuation, what is it?Is it the lighter side of loveOr the beginning of it?When I see his smile,Is he smiling at meOr just for the sake of it?How could it be some one so pureCould win my heat so quickly?What do I see in him?Is it his colored hair or deep eyesOr his personality?He is so unique.At what point in time will I understand how I feel?Why do I feel this way?I haven’t even met him!If I ever met him, would he like me?This love or infatuation is hard to pass by.My heart is with his on Cloud Nine (or is it?)He takes his looks into considerationWhen he does what he does.What is this state of bliss?Does it happen to others?Does he feel the same wayOr is it just me?Ha
  Allow me to enlighten some of you and allow myself to shed something off my mind.  Imagine the strength in feeling so strong about someone that this strength alone creates more energy than anything within one’s self.   This strength is the feeling of love (loving, in love, being loved, and someone in love with you).  This feeling of love is so strong that it dominates any other internal force within you; rather it being an emotional, physical, or mental force.  Love can be expressed in all these forces or it could be the foundation or even demise of these forces.  This feeling comes so unexpected sometimes that it could only be explained as unnatural, though the feelings it brings could only be understood to be completely natural.  You can control who you choose to love, yet you will never be able to control who you fall in love with.  Imagine feeling so strong about this person that when you hold each other you feel so complete that you are at your most lived relaxed state.
Fubar 12 Days Of Christmas
On the 12th Day of Christmas, Fubar gave to me...12 creeps I'm blocking, 11 friends a bombing, 10 corny mumms, 9 begging bling whores, 8 secret admirers, 7 lounge invites, 6 stalkers stalking,.…Fiiiiiiiiiiiiive Draaaaaaammmmaaa Queeeensssss, 4 pimp outs, 3 profile comments, 2 friends-a-pokin & a creep who won't stop shoutboxing meeee...     Merry Christmas ;)
So Much Pain
Trapped in the maddening grips of this pain is driving me insane. Knowing I caused you to hurt burns more than tears on open wounds. I turned into your December and forgot that you were my sunshine in June; I pray to see you soon your absence is killing me this emptiness is hollowing my heart and making me feel like a beautiful monster. In time I hope that you will believe that you have all of me and the coldness that I once showed you was not the real me that captured your precious love, it was merely a cult of the darker side of my personality, that I have rejected and released as I am surely becoming renewed through the blood of the lamb. Now all I have is dreams of what may come and dreading that maybe it’s all a dream or maybe it’s just a beautiful nightmare that I can’t be awakened from and if it is I pray I die dreaming of the joy that I once had in you. 
A Soldiers Christmas
Old Crazy.
I can't find the melody.I lost the note.I lost the ticket.The one you left meand I hung on until my knuckles locked.I was lost.I remember the first time I saw you.bathed in gold, and sacred amnesty.I remember the last.And I envy the glimpse between blinks.Fearful of the flicker. The uncompromising blind of that moment.I wouldn't do that to you.I never could.That cruel purity between breaths.That palpable pause between beats.You could just forget.Wish.And I was never there.Unkind, but that's the moment.No painting on the ceiling.Never quite reaching.
Are You Fucking Kidding Me???
Ok so I go to make a post on the fumafia forums and it gives me this bullshit that I had to remake my post. So I am not allowed frredom of speech to say how screwed up I think the powers-that-be are making the last good thing on this entire fucking site. It is bad enough that this site has become a high school style popularity contest where guys are only seen as a dollar sign by women to buy them bling packs or where people are worried about being funny colors. Now they want to ruin fumafia, the last thing even keeping me on this site. First they messed up fumafia by creating the cowardly gang fights. Then they screwed it up by lowering the amount of time you could own a racket from 3 days down to one and then now you cannot even own a protected racket for a whole day. Are you fucking kidding me??? Now they want to charge us a house take on the hl. Are you fucking kidding me??? How is the fake money of the game going to help in the cost of running fumafia??? Can someone an
For those that have wronged me, you will pay one day. 
Too Far Gone
I mentioned a journey....well my plans have changed...the old saying..if you love something set it free ad if it comes back it's meant to be....isn't always the came back.....but I never really let it was always there with matter how much I convinced myself it wasn' was...always....a part of me died yesterday....I have been through some pretty horrific things in my lifetime....stared them in the came out o top...all on my own...I can't do this on my own....acceptance is hard...but letting go....that is an agonizing pain...and for the first time in a very long time....I am broken....I am going back to the beginning...opening those skeletons in my closet...walking over the burnt bridges...following the trail of watever I have to piece myself back together...face whoever and watever it takes....I'm not afraid to fail....I have succeed at that can I teach my daughter to face the world...if I am
Thought For The Day
i find it utterly amusing when people say stuff like they wish they were rich and famous so they can have whatever they want and get treated like a god... a god you say? well fucking hell you're masochistic as fuck well if you really aspire to be beaten nailed up on a cross and dying of asphyxiation when you just don't have the strength to hold youself up so your chest can fill with oxygen.... as that is what probably killed jesus not the spear wound... i mean... if he existed at all.. then by all means anyway... i really like reading up on brutal ways to die...^ can you tell?
I HAD to rewrite this....I am NOT to be have to allow that first....I KNOW who and what I am....I will NEVER allow the cruel and mean actions of ANYONE to enable me to break....I AM the light..and I will shine just to piss the darkness off....I WON'T stoop the someone else's level in-order to get my point living a happy and successful my payback....I AM the strong one...and regardless of your words or actions....I will NOT allow it to weaken me again.....I do have AMAZING friends here...and people who REALLY care about me....and dismissing them because of the actions of one person is selfish..and not me at all....I DON'T have to hurt other people in-order to make myself feel better....I am here to HELP people...tearing people down..hurting them...that's not my thing....and anyone who feels they have to do things like that...well..maybe they should look a little deeper within themselves to find their happiness....I will keep moving...I
12 Days Of Fubar ...
on the twelth day of christmas fubar gave to me ...   12 friends a pokin 11 knobs I'm blocking 10 friends in shout box 9 horny topics 8 bitches bitching 7 friends complaining 6 stalkers stalking 5 DRAMA QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENS 4 friend requests 3 crappy gifts 2 photo tags and a creep who wont stop inboxing meeeeee ...   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :) xXxXxXx
Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year 2012
This will be my last Christmas on Fubar. It has been 5 years now and I have really enjoyed my time on Fubar and all the wonderful people I have met and the long lasting friendships and bonds I have made. It has nothing to do with Fubar. I have had my disagreements in the past but overall I think Fubar is the best site If I leave Fubar, it is for financial and medical reasons. I will try and give some notice before I leave but always remember I carry the memory of each of my friendships here and they are precious and I will carry them always, even beyond this life.
1 Way I Make Money Is With My Pictures.
 I make .22 cents on every 1,000 views of my pictures,and It helps me out too being jobless.So If I can get people to checked out i can make a nice income. Is the link to see my dolphins pictures.
I Want To Fuck You Like A Animal Then Go Home And Fuck My Man
The Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" (I wanna fuck you like an animal) came on and I almost came. The deep rhythm and hard hitting bass made my pussy cream. I reached up with my left and dug nails into his neck as my right hand squeezed his cock. Precum lubricated my hand and before long I was full on jerking him off. At some point during this deliciously erotic song, I removed my left hand from his neck to reach under my skirt, where I ferociously attacked my pussy. My mind was swimming in the moment and before I knew it and without word from him, he stiffened and I felt cum erupt from his head. He blew rope after rope of thick cum, covering my hand and arm, running down the front of his pants and onto the back of my skirt. The pungent scent of his cum hit my nose and my mouth watered. The last shiver of his orgasm passed and I turned, looked up at him, then licked my hand clean as I stared into his eyes; a silly, awestruck grin on his face. I left him standing there, a mess, enjoying a
2011 Annoyances (maybe Be Edited As I Remember More Lol)
This is a list of my biggest annoyances throughout 2011. While a lot of annoyances will not make the list since they really aren't worth it, these really piss me off beyond description.1. The word "transparent". This word has been so overused it's lost it's importance. It's now a meaningless, 11 letter, adjective. Everytime I hear someone use it, I just want to slap the skin off their face. People, STFU, go expand your vocabulary. 2. The constant flood of "someone sent you a secret admirer" notification. It's always the same 5 sowrina's that send it, I always guess right, yet I get the notification again the next day. It's like these 5 talk to each other to see who can get me to spend thousands of bucks on blings and HH's for them just to see their fat, obese, quad-druple chinned, toothless wonder, nude. OMFG, makes me scream. I wish there was a "shoot on sight" button on fubar, cuz I'd sure as hell use it on them. 3. The constant barrage of useless, annoying, additions to this game
I hate feeling like i'm second place.
For Baby Jesus's Birthday
i can think of no better topic to discuss than evolution and war... in mankind about 50,000 years ago (according to scientists) the brain started to develop at a rapid pace landing us where we find ourselves today they can't explain where this came from or why... but well i'm just so wise i'll let you in on a little secret "the only way to get smarter is playing a smarter opponent"-rules of chess most creatures evolve to meet their prey... a wolf... a lion... their needs only go as far as being able to physically and mentally superior to deer and zebra or whatever their prey is...  in turn i propose that our evolution... our rapid growth and everything we have today we owe to war... we evolved so rapidly  because we had to out think ourselves... constantly having to go one step further faster.... be more clever we can say war is wrong evil unjust or complain it will one day destroy us or our world...  but today i just want you all to know... that you should indeed be thankful f
Here's To Your Health.... we have something to look forward to...starvation brought about by nonsensical, self-images, by celebrities, popular media, government, and "informercials"... Now first off: I agree that there are TONS (and I do not mean that in an unkind way) of people that are overweight. Some grossly obese, and some that are morbidly obese. And that includes children. I, myself, was grossly obese as a child. By the time I was 15, I was 315 lbs. I got my weight down to 173lbs in 12 months. Miracle? Diet? Exercise? No. A woman. Got involved with a woman that meant everything to me at the time. However, I didn't mean that much to her. Got a "Dear John" and became depressed. That is NOT the way to lose weight. Enough about me. Let's get back to the subject. Despite Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers, etc. and celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie Alley, Dan Marino, etc., we are now plagued with "The Biggest Loser", "Celebrity Weight -loss Bootcamp
Our First Night
Sitting in the dark,My body , Pressed agents you.Your strong arm wrapped around me ,  as I look into your dark eyes.Starts ,with small strokes on my face.Then , little kisses. On my forehead . Slowly , I relax back into your arm . My nerves take over , I get up walk back to my room ....Unknowingly, wanting more, As, I turn away from you . I , can feel you delicately Slide your hands around my waist. I pause to see were this is going , before I get my thoughts .. I feel your : Soft, Warm , Wet lips on the back of my neck. Before , I can think , I lean back into you .. and let you kiss.I turn to face you .. I give in .. mouth to mouth . Our tongues playing joyfully.Firmly , but carefully you place me on the bed .. 
In The Shadows An Angel Lurks....for Neva
In The Shadows, An Angel LurksWhen curiosity has planted its seedYou came to me, a small world indeedSeperation to the sixth degree.I know time has passed, years it seemedBut wasted days have been redeemedHave I yet awakened from this dream?For this I'm sorry you had to endureOr perhaps you were never sureDarling, don't be afraid, my heart is pure.It's all the same, this song and danceLook at me now baby, here's your chanceTo capitalize on love at first glance.I know distance has made this hardAnd who the hell would go this far?You won't find this type of thing in a greeting card.You made yourself known, no I can never forgetThat patience and hope is my only safe betTo see if what I want is what I will get.Tell me now, what do I propose?While I watch you try to composeJust know my thoughts of you aren't easy to dispose.Take me now, hell I'll meet you thereOur situation just isn't fairIt does no justice to hear me say "I care".Reaching out for you is quite the endeavorI'd hate to think
Infantryman Pride!!!!!!!!!!
Infantrymen have a pride and arrogance that most Americans don't understand and don't like. Even Soldiers who aren't infantrymen don't understand. The pride of the infantryman comes not from knowing that he's doing a job that others can't, but that he's doing a job that others simply won't. Many infantrymen haven't seen a lot of combat. While that may seem ideal to the civilian or non-infantryman;.................. it pains the grunt. We signed up to spit in the face of danger. To walk the line between life and death and live to do it again - or not. To come to terms with our own mortality and let others try to take our life instead of yours. We have raised our hands and said, "Take me, America. I am willing to kill for you. I am willing to sacrifice my limbs for you. I will come back to America scarred and disfigured for you. I will be the first to die for you." That's why the infantryman carries himself with pride and arrogance. He's aware that America has lost respect for him. To ma
A "me" World
It is hard accepting what is good for you and wat is not...especially when your heart and emotions are involved....a TRUE friend does not bail on you KNOWING you are facing something difficult....they do not disappear or say mean hurtful things....especially in your time of need...they will be the first to call you...and comfort you...not add to your stress level....someone wants you only when it is convenient for them..that is never a good thing...only when it benefits them in some way....when someone you love..regardless wat kinda love that may be..someone that is responsible for making you feel any type of emotion reveals their true cuts straight to the bone...thinking they were someone they are not....and feeling overwhelming emotions that you can't seem to control no matter what you do....just knowing or thinking you know they will be the last one to hurt you....only to be proven wrong....then they pop up...and say I'm sorry....I know I should have been ther
A Long Read But Worth It
I loved every word of the post below and wanted to share it on here. Its a worthy part of your 2011 reflection exercise to reflect on the things you want to stop doing, and leave behind in the current year as you move on to the year ahead. For me…as I truthfully reflect on 2011, its got to be numbers 8, 12, 19, 23 and 26 (you’ll know what I mean shortly, read on). Although, at one time or another it was everything on the list below. I do have to acknowledge myself for the numbers that I just breeezed past and realized “Hey! I’m not that girl anymore! Way to go!” I can recognize the areas that I’ve grown and feel proud, and this is another key element of it all. So if you decide to read below, don’t be a self-hater and try to take on all of the advice at once. Acknowledge yourself for the ones you skip and realize that you don’t need any work in that area of your life. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back once in a whil
Relation .......ship
Relationships are very precious,take care of them, because it is most painful for you,when a person "YOU KNOW " becomes, a person "YOU KNEW" Its means a lots ...
Its Him
It doesn't matter how many times I try to pull away, feel nothing, hate you even. I come back. It doesn't matter how many times I try to get you out of my head because I don't want to think about you anymore, I come back. It doesnt matter how many times I tell you to fuck off because your an asshole. My heart cries because I want you back. No one could ever be you. No one could ever come close to comparing to you. As I sit here, I think to myself, what is it about you that has me so damn strung out? Why has it been 2 years and I still cant mentally get it right with you? The mere presence of you makes me melt. Ive told you to go away, come back, stay, leave, try again, we're done...but I crave you. I feel like I'm going crazy, with or without you. You are my personal drug and the poison in my veins. But its you, always has been, always will be......just you. I'm cross between heart broke and happy because of you. But I love you.
Thanks To Everyone
The Dreamer
PISCESThe Dreamer (Feb 19 - Mar 20 ) - Generous, kind, and thoughtful.Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Sensitive. Does not like details. Dreamy andunrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Unselfish. Good listener. Beautiful.Always respect other feeling.Willing to share the pains of other.Feels for his friend when they  are down.Always looks for  the bright spots when time look darkest.willing to cry for you and with you if needed.Alway looking for the best in everyone he meets The Dreamer 
Just Now
Steven Reynolds pfft why you liking that comment ya damn drunk 15 minutes ago  Matthew Reynolds didn't even drink last night 15 minutes ago Steven Reynolds
Weight Loss In 2012/resolutions
The Psychology of Weight Loss     Strengthening Your Resolve How many times has this scenario played out? It’s January. You make the resolution to eat less, exercise more and finally lose that weight — once and for all. You start out on a path to success, but after a few months, weeks or even days, your momentum slows. Suddenly, the year has gone by, and the weight never came off! The answer might not lie on your plate after all — it could be in your brain. Experts say weight loss is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical one. If weight loss is in your resolution this year, it’s time to get your mind right.   Get with the program. Maintaining weight loss can be as much of a challenge as losing the weight in the first place. In fact, one weight loss study showed that 80 percent of participants who lost weight gained it back within five years. A Yale School of Nursing study interviewed 18 women who had maintained weight loss for
Wtf?! Venting @ Fubar
     Why would anyone on this site have to pay for a vip to keep this site ad free? When I joined I stayed in a vip, spent lots and lots of hard earned money and you are telling me that with all the money spent on here on a daily basis you are not making enough to keep this site ad free????? I say B.S.!!! Everything about this site is turning into how rich can we make all the fubar staff and it is becoming pathetic. What once was an enjoyable site whether vip or not, has become just another porn, gaming and tasteless site. I have worked my butt off to get to the level I am on, spending my money as well as friends helping me by spending theirs and the ty I and others get is fucking ads on our pages now. This was supposed to be about fun, friends, family and now it has no affect much on me anymore to come here... may as well just go back to facebook or even myspace for that matter. I am so upset right now because I absolutley enjoyed this site and everything about it, especially being ad
Another One, Ready For Bed.....
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Standing By
Standing by,All the way.Here to help you through your day.Holding you up,When you are weak,Helping you find what it is you seek.Catching your tears,When you cry.Pulling you through when the tide is high.Just being there,Through thick and thin,All just to say, you are my friend.
Well Look Here :)
I think random shit. I have considered starting a series of online dark comics with a antiheroine/vigilante as the main character.   Now without getting into specifics and having someone steal my shit ... here is a preview of quotes I will use in my storyline:   "Be yourself, someone will appreciate you for who you are. Especially as parts in a commercial freezer."   "Vibrantly Violent doesn't even begin to express to you how beautifully I would carve you."   "I'd love to see how the blood flows out of your eyesocket, after I stab it with a fucking key" "I'd scalp you alive and pull your wig back, but you already look like Wednesday Addams."
You Won't Understand
Im tired of always putting on a showto hide the pain insideto pretend nothing bothers mewhen deep inside its at its boilingIm sick of not having a true friendSomeone who understandsSick of everything and everbodyEverything adds up over timeMaking me angry and bitterSometimes I don't understandWhy I feel this wayI don't guess I ever willWritings on the wallThat your too blind to seeJust open your eyesNow look at meWhat do you see?Sometimes I want to crySometimes I want to screamI cant, you wont understandIm trying to remove a weight of my shoulders
Good Night From My Closet
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Alone Tonight... Thats Nothing New... This Missing You Thing... I Just Dont Do... My Heart Is Locked... Well Thats What I Thought... But Tonight I Realized... This Is All Just My Fault... My Heart Is Wide Open... For You To Take... My Love For You... Just Makes Me Ache... Ive Kept This Hidden... From Me And From You... For To Long Now... There Is Nothing That I Can Do... So Alone Ill Walk... N Thats Ok... Just Knowing That There Might Be A Day... Where I Can Tell You... I Love You And Care... I Want You For Mine Not For Anyone To Share...
Okay... So It's A New Year
Wha t r ur plans? Mine r 2 live lik=fe 2 the fullest like always, & count another year down. Hopefully the Mayan's didn't know what the hell they were talking about, but we'll have 2 wait & see 4 that. The past few years have been lived dealing with people that I probably could be better off dealing without.... but we all have our cross 2 bear. But @ the end of the day, we have another day of life to live. So take this year, and reminesce on the many you have lived & b greatful that you have made it to another, because we all know someone that didn't make it, for whatever reason. Fu(h)ins!
Spring Cleaning...
I can definitely see some of that going on here in short term. lol. Have a good weeked- n- peace.
Would You Look At A Personality If You Could?
I was wondering.  Ladies and guys both say, it is the personality and attitude of a person that really matters.  Problem is you can't walk into a real life situation, look across a room and see a personality.So the "Natural" inclination for most is to gravitate towards either the prettiest, the shyiest or maybe the most susceptible looking person in a room.   I wonder how many ladies and guys would say if they could see the personality of an individual at first meeting if they would be as attracted to the best looking guy or girl in a room if he/she was a player, cheater or a user?  If you comment and it is not clear by your icon or your name, please state your gender with your response.
A Man With Lies
I let my walls down for a  person who lied and said he cared for me when he did not. I had to deal for hatred and dislike from his family and some of his friends and only to be shut out without explaination. I'm not in the wrong and had an attack because of this drama. I will never trust him nor his words again!
Love is a powerful word. Some that use the word don't truly know what it means. I have loved and lost a time or two, Leaving me lonely and heartbroken. Making it hard for the next to get all of me. I've learned to protect my heart, So the pain I once felt, I wont ever feel again. You say to relax, to let you steer. Yet you find it funny when I say I can't or I don't know how. Afraid to let that guard down, I try to move on. So as I jump into this new venture Unsure of what lies ahead, I begin to feel like a newborn Having to learn the basics all over again. I look to you for the comfort as well as the scoldings. Praying that you will be as gentle as you say Because this heart of mine truly feels like its made of glass. And if handled inappropriately one more time May shatter completely So treed lightly and slowly
I Am
I am the salt of the earth wherever I go I add flavor! Can you ever imagine eating food without salt? This life would be so bland without me, the happy, goofy, wonderful, awesome, unique mess that is none other than Tiffany. I am the one who loves hard and goes harder to make you smile. I am the beauty that was traded for ashes, the silver and the gold that’s so priceless I can’t be bought or sold. I’m not young or old I am in my prime and guaranteed to blow your mind one smile at a time! No I’m not a dime I’m a dollar and a sweet dream but I can be your beautiful nightmare if you dare to try me. I’m a dying breed that came from hard shells like seeds we cracked through years of struggles & pressure yet still grew into a tree. I am all of me not what you want me to be. I am the lovely, funny, beautiful, passionate, quite, observant, intelligent, mystery that is named Tiffany, do you like what you see but it doesn’t really matter I love who I am
My Wife And What To Do
Hey fuland this is my first blog so sorry if it is not up to par..... i have a problem that i need help with ........ i have a girlfriend ive been with for some time and i love her alot ....ive mad my mistakes and she has forgivin me ...... i also have put her and my kids through some shit with my choices that i have made .....i just found out that she has feelings for another man and hates her life with me .....word for word .....what do i do ...please yall i dont wanna fuck this up but i want her happy ............
Dreams To A Short Story...
Hello...please understand that I have severe dreams that can make me wake at night in terror. If you are by any means easily sheepish to my words below please turn back now. Although, I am a huge horror film fanatic it really does not cause my nightmares but it can tend to be brought on by medication. Make fun if you will but it's what helps me through day to day battles. Maybe I should pray each night before I lay down to not have to suffer from such horrific thoughts...but I have grown accustom to them and realized they are a part of who I am.  When dreaming a lot of people have tendencies to nightmare of falling, being chased but mine tend to be real life situations which cause me all the more worry. To give a little synapses of what it could be is...waking one day to realize I have a child and in real life I have not had one of my own. But in this it becomes a struggle to be with my family because all are loving and helpful except one my older sister and her friends who for some
Just A Rag Doll...
Abandon at birth,placed in fear of the next fallowing days.. Growning up in pain..taken by love yet haunted by hate,caged in by jealously and still awaiting for some sort of care.I sleep in horror of the dark things that come to take away my sanity one day at a time.Filled with nothing and yet hold every emotion there is..only .. Cursed to care too much it kills all hope. Dieing to feel again, hoping for a kiss that brings back this dead and cold heart to life.Killing time with thoughts of this and that, dreams that will only stay in my head.Stripped of trust in all. The wounds only get so much deeper. I try my best to patch myself up. So many years have pasted now... and all I have become is a rag doll. Torn and broken from seem to seem. Parts missing now and a place where my heart is ... is only spilling out.  no one to hold me. Just another object in life. A lost and forgotten  friend. what will the next day hold for this doll of lost ambition for life?no one really knows.. Lost all
Chapter One--rough Draft (untitled)
Out of the darkness appeared a microscopic green glow. I was so fixated on this small dot that clung to nothing. What seemed like seconds, but in reality, multiple eons it would change in color from green hues, to blue and with each hue change its glow began to expand almost an instantaneous effect like it was blinking at me. Through this constant cycle, I only had one question attached to the random, yet fascinating beauty was, what was I witnessing? As it grew the blinking turned more like a beat and with each beat it sent an arm, one that was invisible, but I could see expansion, because a dot of green would glow in that place of darkness. And before too long, there were millions-- no, billions of glowing colors and growing glows beamed brightly and before too long they surrounded me. I could see and I could think, but I had an invisible form. Where was I? What was I? And what was I witnessing? Pretty soon I had so many questions that couldn't be answered. Questions th
Best Orgasm Ever.
Bzzz Buddies has to take a back burner in the review area because my working SaSi came today (isn't she pretty?) and since for about two weeks I’ve been dying to try it out I had to give it a go.  It so deserves a long and in depth review one that will take me all night.  I’ve honestly never had an orgasm as strong and even if it never delivers again it was so worth the money and the wait.  I am still floating on cloud nine here and hope that carries over to the review.
Looking Back
Although I am no longer an Army wife. I still hold so much respect for those who are. And it isn't just only us spouses that go through these trying times it is family, friends and other significant others. And I hope that whatever you take from my story, it carries you through these difficult times in life. "The hardest thing next to being a soldier, airman, sailor and marine, is loving one." To love someone with who has been diagnosed with PTSD has been rather difficult for me. I don't have the best patience in the world. And from what I hear its normal for someone to become distant and detached. And as hard as that is for me to deal with let alone understand, I've come to realize that I must be patient. But, while being patient, I am left to my own feelings. Left to cope with the feelings of sadness, my own loneliness and above all, the feeling of being unloved and unwanted. Which to me is the hardest of all to deal with. You're left feeling insecure and unsure of how it i
Gone But ,not Forgotten
There it sits. The Rocking chair I grew up in. Mom's lap so comfortable and inviting I sit down, stare out in the yard she so loved The Yellow Dandelions, her Favorite color The Sunflowers she grew with those green thums   The occassional car, Passer by that would always look her way For she was a fixture In her Rocking Chair She's gone having passed to a better place Though always loved you'll always be missed   Nancy  Edwards  1922-2010
The "no-mind"
"You can never know if you will be succesful or not.  You can only prepare for battle, and it must be done with all of your heart and with all of your consciousness.  In that manner, you will have an edge." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War An inner quest of the warrior is to touch excellence, to experience oneself at the highest level.  Likewise, athletes can have a similar mission, to achieve the objective, the task at hand, with the highest level of performance excellence.  According to Eastern traditions and Zen masters, one of the highest forms of experience is the state of "no-mind."  In sports, it is often referred to as the Zone.  Both refer to the seemingly elusive experience in which all things "click" and the person is free to respond at the highest level.  It is that state of effortless action that people report to be the best moments in their lives.  One of the most challenging aspects of this experience is that it cannot be willed into existance.  In fact, the entrance into the
Little Wild Joker's Blog
Have you ever been in love ?Horrible isnt't it? It makes you vulnerable to a world of hurt .It opens up your heart and means that someone can get inside you and mess you up in ways you never thought.You learn to build up those wear your suit of armor almost with pride because you are  so sure you are ready to battle what ever comes next.Then it happens,you call it love and forget why you put the armor on in the first place.All those intense feelings and best intentions.All those lusty nites make you is a four letter word
Birthday Girl/happy Hour Host
So my birthday is coming up real soon....An since its during the week an i will be on fubar :) i wanted too be the birthday Host for or through out the day...But only way that is possible is for me to have many Happy hours which i understand probaly wont happen...But a girl can wish right?....So for whoever gifts me a Happy hour for my bday i will be thanking you in it in the headline next to the Happyhour :)...But in order for me to book them back to back the day of my birthday i have to have the happy hours in advance :( sooo Lets see who will make me the birthday host through out the day..if for some reason u dont want me to mention you in in just please say so i understand some dont like to be bug about it....:) Also would love some credits, an or ability blings..i just love surprises This will be my acutally first year celebrating my birthday on fubar :) im super excited....I will also be making salutes that day xoxo      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :) AN Much love to all my friends a
Carnival Cruises
I'm Going on a cruise in March I need as much help I can get to make this the best Cruise ever. I'd like to hear about your experience. Let me know the "do's" & "don't's".
His Touch
His Touch A gentle brush of his fingers, Sending shivers down my spine.  The love I see in his eyes, Is a love that equals mine. He greets me with a smile, And leaves me with a kiss. If he were to ever leave me, I couldn't imagine what I'd miss. Maybe it's his touch, Or the way he makes me feel. But whatever it is, I'm head over heels. Author, Amanda 
Btw... I Have Vampire Nieghbors I Think ...
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I audition a lot. I don't get cast for very many speaking parts except on stage. I've got an audition for a film this Saturday. The producer emailed me about it. He said he would decide about the part for me at the audition. The casting director didn't email me, which would be the usual way it works. So, I'm thinking the producer is going over her and calling me in. Ah well. Saturday, here I come!
Why do some happy hour hosts put in their little message "drinks on me"     We still have to pay for them.   Just wondering.
Deep Inside
Right now I just wanna lay on my bed and, Feel him kissing me all over, Feeling his hands as they slide down my body, then as he slides them up my legs and slowly spreads me open...... Feeling his warm breathe as he finds my wet dripping center. Slowly with his hand he opens my swollen pussy and begins licking,sucking and nibbling at my clit. He begins to insert his fingers while never removing his mouth from my clit, he begins fingering me faster and faster. He feels me shaking and that's the moment he STOPS.....Only before I can protest I feel his big long black cock thrust hard and deep inside me, He begins to fuck me hard and fast!! I can feel his big black cock throbbing inside me, I beg him not to stop, he doesn't! He continues to fuck me harder and deeper I can feel him growing bigger inside me, I know I'm about to explode from so much pleasure...I tell him to CUM DADDY CUM INSIDE ME NOW!! HE ASKS ME IF I WANT HIS CUM AND WITH PURE EXCITEMENT I SCREAM YESSSSSSSSSSSS I WANT YOUR
In The Ashes...
Sometimes Life all falls apart We are stripped of everything we have and have known Once the dust has settled and we shake off the panic... you realize  we feel lighter unshackled the Calm you feel comes over you like a seawave.... and suddenly you feel something you lost while burdened with all  that STUFF..... It's Called FREEDOM.. and in and thru it all there's a strength you pick up lying in all the ashes... Like a lucky penny you pick up  off the sidewalk Hang on to it... Put it in your pocket and walk away from the old you and start unchained to build the new    
I Need A Little Help
Can anybody tell me just which is the best way to meet the requirement I have to meet to level again?   Here is the requirement:  Must earn 500,000 points for other memberswithin a 24 hour period.Points given through being altruized (or through actions from you to your beneficiary) do not count towards this requirement.Requirement to be completed after 1-13-2012.   I am open to ideas. Thanks
If People Could Read My Mind, I'd Be Fucked!
  There is a strong possibility that most people NEVER change.   There is a strong possibility that most players deny their game.   There is a strong possibility you are not the first, last or only.   There is a strong possibility that you can't fuck the pain away.   There is a strong possibility I am in a good place.   There is a strong possibility that I wish you nothing but the best.   There is a strong possibility that you need to learn how to love yourself, before you can ever be happy....espcecially with someone else.    There is a strong possibility that you are beautiful and you have NO idea.   There is a strong possibility that you will not see it until you are ready.    There is a strong possibility that I will never be there for you.   I will never hold your hand.   I will never be your friend.   I will never be what you need.   I will always be the answer to the question you cannot find.   I will smile.   I will laugh. I will be happy.   Wi
The Pagan/ Wiccan Survey
1.Do you have a magickal name?  I use Ishtara, as I mature in my studies I believe one will come to me.2.What does it mean?  To me it means womanhood, sexuality,sensuality, loyal, strength, dedication, beauty, persistence, and love; after the great goddess Ishtar.3.How did you find Wicca/Paganism?   It has always been with me.4.How long have you been praticing/studying?  A couple months.5.Solitary or group pratictioner?  Solitary6.What is your path? Eclectic Pagan 7.Are you out of the broom closet? Yes!! Pagan Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8.Who is your patron God?  Father Sky9.Who is your patron Goddess?  Mother Earth (Lord & Lady) but I am open to all Deities10.What pantheon do you worship?  Mainly the Egyptian but I also follow the Celtic and others11.Do you fear darkly aspected Gods/Goddess, or rather respect them? Respect. Without dark there is no light. We need balance. 12.What do you think of the Christian God? He’s cool, though he’s very moody and demanding, but I wish h
Girl Loves It When Her Boyfriend Lays On Her, Missionary Style, And, Does Her, Nice, Slow, And, Hard ADVICE COLUMN Clyde's Corner   Q: I LOVE  for my boyfriend to lay on top of me, Missonary Style, and, take mem nice, slow, and, hard - is there anything wrong with that? -  Debbie Schlussel - Dallas, TX   A: Most men love that position - everything they love to play with, is in fr
*feel Me *
When morning light will come to riseand another year's gone by;just listen for the whispered windgently rolling through the sky.And on the clouds, once grey and darka new dawn begins to form.The precious thoughts I wish for youcome by a gentle storm.The rains you feel, my subtle tears;I only shed a few.Sent as a soft reminderI am lost without you.The lightning strikes will penetratedeep into your mind.A spark to bring a start again;renewed and well defined.Then hear the thunder closing intnis drumming melodic sound.It's just the beats of my heartof this love that I have found.And as each storm passes by,each closer than before;every day, I think of youthen love you more and more.
There's No Minute
Valentine's Kisses Scorecard
These I Vow To Do !!
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them; Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride;Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy; When it's in your best interest, practice obedience; Let others know when they've invaded your territory; Take naps; Stretch before rising; Run, romp, and play daily; Thrive on attention and let people touch you; Avoid biting when a simple growl will do; On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass; On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree; When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body; No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and right back and make friends; Delight in the simple joy of a long walk; Eat with gusto and enthusiasm; Stop when you have had enough; Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not; If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it; When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle t
Best Man He Could Be not doin so well pressures of the world, like a living hell the bills are due, the fridge is empty you got phat pockets, please dont tempt me lost in the dark, searchin for my guiding light mischief round every corner, but im tryin to live right my kids lookin up, and a real man is what they see tears in my eyes, cuz i aint who they need me to be struggling with life, wishin for better my girl tries to help, too stubborn to let her lookin at the world, wondering how to make it all this bullshit, i just cant take it frustrated as hell, i toss my hands in the air fightin a losin battle, wonderin why i care but then i see, them two angels lookin at me eyes wide with thoughts of what is to be i see their future rests upon my shoulders a great responsibility, and as they get older i can only hope that they will see daddy wasnt perfect, but he was the best man he could be
Regirgitated Repitition
I’m choking on the vibration of passing words Swallowing open air and shards of broken letters The taste of a hollow phrase pushes into the broken skin of my lips A bitter acidic flavor invades my throat A familiar combination of recycled breath and gathering dust Small airborne angels collecting on the surface of all things Layered reminders of sought after sobriety Redistributed by a heavy sigh, laced with the cancerous beauty of dancing smoke The chameleon rolling paper of my filter less cigarette resonating with hues of burning yellow to brown to ash, grips the rough skin of my fingers I watch the smooth feminine flow of the noxious fumes escape an organized flow of dissipation with every drag The forced tone of conversation feels foreign but drips with ease from my contracting vocal chords With all that drifts from the inside out, I’m still choking on the vibration of passing words
False Optimism
It's a slow day in the small town of Pumphandle and the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit.A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairsto pick one for the night.(Stay with this.....and pay attention)...As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer. The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Co-op. The guy at the Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit. The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner. (Almost done...keep reading) The hotel proprietor then places t
What The Fuck Wives?
Ok, I am NOT a perfect wife. I am a human being. I logged onto facebook a little bit ago and saw this:     Rest in peace to Joe Paterno but more importantly rest in peace to the Marines who have heroically gave their lives this week. Capt. Daniel B. Bartle, Capt. Nathan R. McHone, MSgt. Travis W. Riddick, Cpl. Jesse W. Stites, Cpl. Kevin J. Reinhard, Cpl. Joseph D. Logan, Cpl. Christopher Singer. Rest Easy, Marines. ♥   From AT LEAST six wives (or fiances or girlfriends or whatever). This pisses me off. Why? Because a man passed away. Is there a reason to be so fucking condescending? NO. So what if the Marines didn't make the news? So what if Joe Paterno did? You are doing to his family what (you think) the rest of the world has done to the Marines.  Yes, I care that Marines have died. Yes I care that servicemembers die every day. But guess what? THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIGHT A WAR! So, to all the military wives, fiances, girlfriends...whatever:   STOP BEING SO FUCK
Your Eyes
Your Eyes.... .. .. They keep me thinking everyday.... The peace that they give.... The love that's behind them.... The life that you think about with me shines.... .. .. Anything other then us .... Seems to cast a shadow .... A shadow deep till another time.... We get to spend with one another.... .. .. Nothing shines more then when I look into your eyes.... Keeping me strong for that one day .... That your mind frees and you can say what your eyes say.... Everything in the world will stop on a dime.... .. .. You love that's deep inside was hidden .... Now that I see that no one has given....
Tonight 1/23/12 Well Here`s My Good Luck, First Show I See Is This, To Make Me Feel Even Worse,
copy`d from my my yearbook, well here`s my good luck, first show i see is this, to make me feel even worse, i`m not going on nice dates like they are "" small clip if it adds to my what ever i want thing on my page. 38 minutes ago · Comment · Like · View View all 4 comments... Becky Leuallen /... 12 minutes ago I`m talking about them taking you to nice places to see and do nice things together. Terri F 6 minutes ago Yes, I understand..I was taught to set them up for sucess and give hints. Maybe that would help
Love Or Beauty
Beauty is a mere smile. Love is a smile that warms the heart. Beauty is but skin deep, from outside-in. Love is beauty from inside-out.
Play my wrist like a violin Steel kisses caress my skin Stings hit me then a wave of relief Still I run my arm underneath its teeth My best friend my stress reliever More effective than any meat cleaver No more tears stuff them deep inside Still they peep from the scars where they hide You must always smile never let it slip But when your alone you do a total flip Tears claw their way up and slide down your face Hidden emotions come out feeling out of place Soon you fall into a peaceful slumber Only to be woken by a constant number Snapped awake from the place of dreams And in a place of death and disease Each day passes still nobody knows Pure white tissues turn as red as a rose So polite so happy so normal Yet even with family I'm formal Where am I? who am I? I died years ago I created a character that who everyone knows Bright smile and expressive eyes But they don't understand that it's all lies Fire burns in my soul consuming my rage Until I can escape from my cage And that's
First Song
(verse 1) Cocked, locked and ready to go,  the time bomb is ticking and I'm ready to explode.  Let's start a riot and give the world a show,  its pandemonium and I want the world to know. (chorus) Social media chaos has got me in a rage  and everyone can see me cuz I'm locked up in this cage.  As the lights go out we can now turn the page  and everyone can see me cuz I'm on center stage. (Verse 2) It's time to pay back and give everyone their dues, like the ones in Iraq you don't see in the news.  The political views have got our heads in a noose, and its time to fight back for the ones whove been used. (Chorus 2) Because, this Social media chaos has got me in a rage  and everyone can see me cuz I'm locked up in this cage.  As the lights go out we can now turn the page  and everyone can see me cuz I'm on center stage. (Verse 3) There are kids in the street with no shoes on their feet and little Jimmy hates his dad because he got beat. And all you hear on
Prettylicious Xposed...
Birthday Alert!! Here's wishing a very happy birthday to.. MrsBitchlynn@ fubar She has a file of fakes too. Ha! Have a happy hump day!
If You Live On American Soil You Must Read This It Doesn't Matter If Your American Or Not!
 The Last Six Seconds On Nov 13, 2010, Lt General John Kelly, USMC, gave a speech to the Semper Fi Society of St. Louis , MO. This was four days after his son, Lt Robert Kelly, USMC, was killed by an IED while on his 3rd Combat tour. During his speech, General Kelly spoke about the dedication and valor of our young men and women who step forward each and every day to protect us. During the speech, he never mentioned the loss of his own son. He closed the speech with the moving account of the last six seconds in the lives of two young Marines who died with rifles blazing to protect their brother Marines. "I will leave you with a story about the kind of people they are, about the quality of the steel in their backs, about the kind of dedication they bring to our country while they serve in uniform and forever after as veterans. Two years ago when I was the Commander of all U.S. and Iraqi forces, in fact, the 22nd of April 2008, two Marine infantry battalions, 1/9 "The Walking Dead," and
Preparing For Loss
My parents were not young when my mother gave birth to me. My dad was 42. My mother was 39. They divorced in 1990, when I was 15, he 57, and she 54. Each of them has since found someone new and, I'm lucky enough to say, they have been wonderful step-parents. As you get older, you prepare yourself emotoinally and mentally for that day where you get that phone call: the one that says you are about to lose one of your parents. You expect it. It's part of life.  I got a phone call from my godbrother up north today. The news was grim: my stepfather is gravely ill.  Ronald knew my mother when they were both children in Trinidad. They were originally supposed to get married, but my mother landed an opportunity to go to England to study nursing. She met my father there, and they eventually moved to America and got married. Ronald was never quite that far away, however; it seems that no matter where in the West Indies you grew up, you eventually wind up in Brooklyn. So, they were never reall
Stupid People
  These are the assholes who are ripping my pics to their default albums Please send hate their way Or at least help me report them Thanks!!!!!       Mike Jones:jttheraven: has all my pics in his default)nfa1965AshHeels Wheels Girl's photos   speedster692008
The look in my face , It will say,  I am beautiful and confident . In my eyes , they have a pull ,  but Don't let them lie to you , Don't be taken, No, I am not faking . I am magical, wonderus .... A creature beyond the tide. A secret , a legend, a dream . I will fade ,  Get , washed back under, Don't hold your breath,  You can't save me . I will drowned.
Accepting The Facts.
You've got to accept the fact that life isn't a fairy tale, things aren't always happily ever after. Things like magic wishes, Prince Charmings and true love don't happen in real life. Magic wishes come from money, Prince Charming's a shallow idiot with a bad haircut and overpriced clothes. And true love? Ha, true love is one-sided, Ace. You love her, she loves someone else. She loves you, you love someone else. Never quite works out does it? So you end up with some actor pretending to be your true love. Real considerate of someone to let you know reality was like that before being thrown into it. 'If you wish, it'll happen.' Well, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up faster. Welcome to reality. Enjoy your stay. Study what people's faces look like in the moonlight. Set aside time to watch the sun set over the Atlantic. Study colors. Wonder why things work. Take in the smell of fresh baked bread or newly cut grass. Sun bathe. Moon bathe. Just don't forget
My Own Auction
THIS IS A DAILY AUCTION THAT I AM HAVING    FUBUCKS:  daily profile rates for 2 weeks daily point boost for 2 weeks 250 pic rates  for 2 weeks  25 CREDITS:  daily profile rates for 3 weeks daily point boost for 3 weeks 250 pic rates for 3 weeks sfw salute bling of my choice  65 CREDITS:  daily profile rates for a month daily point boost for a month 250 pic rates for a month sfw salute 2 bling of my choice my points for 12 hours 125 CREDITS OR MORE: daily profile rates for a month daily point boos for a month 250 pic rates for a month 2 sfw salute 2 bling of my choice with one being a boomy my points for 24 hours
Where Did Piss Poor Come From?
Have you ever wonder where the saying 'Piss Poor' came from? Will I got this e-mail about 'Interesting History'. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. They used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot & then once a day it was taken & Sold to the tannery....if yo had to do this to survive you were 'Piss Poor' But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn't even afford to buy a pot...they "didn't have a pot to pin in" & were the lowest of the low. The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts avout the 1500's: Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smedded pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell......Brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting Married. Baths consisted of a b
I won't lapse into deception. I look upon it all - that is to say, all of you - with such envy. My noxious longing to know to feel to see to taste to touch seems to only stoke the inferno. Rhetorical questions of profound ignorance drip from my tongue  like the saliva of a dog. "Why me?" What hubris is this? Such a notion of entitlement lurking in that pitiful refrain. Paint green the walls of my prison. Perhaps here, here in this maelstrom and decay, you could find me. So close to madness yet closer still to tears. Days and nights go by in a gray blur of wishful thinking and vain hopes. So you see, I am simply a cancer wishing he were health. Isolation stirs me  to falter. Is it true? Was I  ...a mistake? A plague upon this Earth that should never have been wrought? Oh. What have you done? This existence... my grand failure. I tremble as I don't want to know it. I beg my mind to forget. How selfish. To envy that which I do not possess when l
[i Should Be Asleep]
I should be deadbut let's not split hairs.Well, the last month some of you may have noticed I went a little darkStar Wars Old RepublicI wanted to hit the top of the mountain and see what the air was like.I'm kinda there now.Still have no idea why that game is subscription-and I hope these folks pull it together having played for a while, and getting kinda neck deep in consumer-peons, I can tell there's some MAJOR subscriber grumbling.Butwho cares?I should be asleep.My dog is at the kennel (boarding clusterfuck) and I have to drive to Topeka for my Gramma's 90th birthday.There were over 100 cupcakes of varied flavors made...and I'm going to bludgeon my mother if she ever takes on such a grand and misguided projectand asks me to helpfor so many strange ingratesI could sit herelieand tell you there's been some progress on:jobssexbookand moneybut there hasn't been.I'm about to spend more on gasoline in one day than I've earned in a month.HURRAY!!!But it will get me out of the house (kickin
i am a submissive...not a switch not a top i dont flip flop. i'v been in lifestyle for 6 years i know how to behave in public and at home..i wasnt "born" a submissive events and relationships throughout my life have shaped how i do things im passive by nature and love to please however . i have a mind and opinions and most of all feelings, i am obedient once i'v submitted . i give Respect where its Earned and Courtesy in any other instance. i am loyal loving caring and rarely forget what One likes or expects i am not in to poly arrangements or cybering. texting and yim is fine at first but please be honest with Yourself and me on what You are looking for and Your expectations of any relationship You are seeking with me. i am looking for a caring patient loving loyal content honest accountable attentive Daddy Dom that is NOT married or otherwise attached and IS local and at least active. i am so tired of games and falseness it would be a nice change of pace to find someone who has the a
The Return Of Sarge's Bad Girls.
Sarge's Bad Girls Are Back And Badder Than Ever. You May Have Seen The Rest But Now You Can See The Best. 
A Pets 10 Commandments
1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful. 2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being. 4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you. 5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me. 6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it. 7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you. 8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak. 9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old. 10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can't be
Thinking Out Loud @ 0521
I keep hearing how I should change my attitude towards life and people and things. I just have one question. What good can come from me changing my attitude when even if I changed it the world and people in it stay the same?
Jean's New Friend (fiction)
Jean is a 18 year old girl with long blonde hair, light blue eyes and a slim figure. The one thing she loved to do above everything was to receive sexual pleasure. She would do anything for an intense orgasm.One day Jean wandered around the mall looking in the lingerie shops. She came across a nice pair of red lace underwear and a matching bra. She brought it, but while she was paying she got a look from a hot brunette. They broke eye contact and Jean left. As she was walking into the next shop the hot brunette quickly skipped out of the shop. Before Jean left the shop attendant called her over. She gave Jean a folded note. The note read "Hey, i saw you checking me out. If your interested visit me at the below address." Jean glanced down and read the address. "Yeah why not." She said to herself.A few nights later Jean was standing at the doorstep of her new friends apartment. The door quickly opened after she knocked. The hot brunette stood there in a dressing gown. "Oh I can"t belive
She Stands
Just felt the need to write this morning and this is what flowed...good or bad it is what it is. Feedback is always welcome....   She stands   There she stands before the shadow that blocks out the light Trembling she wants to give up the struggle So tired, so tired Dead of night, endless life   And yet a tiny ember remains, a slow fire not yet refrained A small glimmer, a small flicker She will not give in Warmth of light, endless night   There she stands, arms open and soul left bare Will you find her and shelter her there Stoke the passion and ignite her thirst Quench the pain, endless sorrow   There she stands, once lost but now found Her heart breaks, it’s almost too much to take Walls crumble and freedom soars No more endlessly alone
Nothing Left
Deep in the heart of me,the darkness you can't see.I stand and watch you bleed.It's more than you deserve,for all the lies I've heard.Before I lay you in the dirt,please take this knife from my back.As you lay dying, hope you think of me.And how good it could have been.Well, you had your chance.Now we will never try again.I don't know why I was so lame,falling for your stupid games.I need to leave you behind.You're not worth my time.I've got to let go of this pain,before I go insane.When you take your last breath,I'll be glad there's nothing left.Good-bye, my darling. © R.A.H
Slipping away to a dark place. a place that has no windows no doors. Loosing myself inside myself. Fallin to the ground with no paracute. watching it all unfold from above. Things that once was are becoming undone. In my mind the events happen. Take it in my hand watch it go in....fallin to the ground....slowly fading into my reality. Lookin down seeing the relief in the eyes. Peace at last. Mind has finally shut down. No more worries no more thoughts. Just peace within. Finally. slipping away slowly watching it all unravel. The peace is there the light is brighter. The world is quiet. Finally the peace within. 
Darkness falls on me Covers me like a blanket Warm and new Taking the light away from me This, all so new All because of you Love is a lesser word Has no meaning here Has no place Only , a sweetly biter taste Covers my mouth Want , need , could ,only Be you There is nothing like your face Nothing like the grace True understanding A new life has landed The birth of me Has
Arizona Gop Lawmaker Wants A State Holiday To Celebrate White People (repost)
By Tanya Somanader on Feb 4, 2012 at 8:15 am Arizona’s unremitting campaign against its Hispanic communities has certainly reached an extreme, with the state GOP initiating a spate of radical anti-immigrant laws, banning Mexican-American and other ethnic studies, and ensuring that Spanish-speakers will never hold elected office. But one lawmaker is intent on turning the party’s xenophobic paranoia into a full-blown caricature. Reacting to a Democratic colleagues apparently incendiary request to celebrate a Latino American day, State Rep. Cecil Ash (R) declared that he’d support the idea as long as there’s a holiday for white people too. “I’m supportive of this proposition. I just want them to assure me that when we do become in the minority you’ll have a day for us,” he said. Ash was “trying to lighten things up,” but when CBS 5 asked if he was serious about a Caucasian holiday, he offered an unequivocal “yes&rdqu
I will tease and taunt him at my leisure,before I decided to take my pleasure,look at him gazing at my slit of pink,but my whip is ready to make him think.With cuffs adorning his masculine wrists,he'll taste my lips in a passionate kiss,but then, I''ll withdraw because I'm a tease,and I am the Mistress for him to please.I'll show him the intense pleasure of painas his manhood bulges from every vein,perhaps then, I shall allow him to sipthe nectar oozing from my nether lips.His moans and whimpers thrill me to the core,knowing that this man will come back for more,for having tasted this secret delight,he'll long for his Mistress in dark of night.I shall stroke the welts that my whip has kissed,show him extreme pleasure that he has missed,when he is finished his sexy tipple,perhaps I'll offer him a pink nipple.Then when I'm ready, more pleasure is foundwhen I let him touch my clean shaven mound,on waves of orgasm I shall then rise,
$ I Want To Be Your Whore$
I want to be your whoreI want to do whatever it takeswhatever you want whatever you desiretake my hand and lead me inbend me over your couchspred my sliky thighs aparttake what you want I wont protestRip my panties off so roughslam your fingers infeel the wetness on your tongueyour throbbing cock waits in anticipationfor you to do what you willFuck me deep inside my holemake me scream each time you drive it deeperso raw and dirty all at oncecovered in my creamy liquidpull me to the floorwrap your hands around my neck and make me beg for moremake me feel every inchtill I'm good and soretake me to my paradise
This Is Me
ive taken a few days away held my words not sure what to say but today's the day to let the words flow let loose and see where they go no point no direction no flaws so theres no correction flowin like water  just like they oughta carvin a path in watever they touch sayin enuf / usually too much words outta control but they come straight from my soul so say what you will/ be pissed if you want but this is me, no bullshit nor front i am who i am without effort or trying i am who i am no bullshit or lying so this is me no illusions no scams this is me just who the fuck i am :D
My Opinion On Other Sites & You Need To Respect The Site Your On Or Walk Away
Frankly ive been here 7 years on fubar. I have seen people Cheat, hack, use progams, get attacked, bashed, banned and more.. there are rules that arent allowed on the site because some feel they are a threat. People need to remember something... Freedom of speech is a phrase that is a joke. You see every race (except White people) in the USA allowed to use racial slurs, make private clubs exclusively for singles colored races but if white people do it they are punished, called racist and thrown in jail. Deal with it, move on the world is not a fair place. As to the other site cool another place to check out. Ive probably already been invited to it but have been too busy with (gasp) my own site, its a site for gaming, mainly Diablo has my radio station from my lounge here, chat and a forum and forum gold for those that post or buy n sell virtual items and so on. Fubar, Lost Cherry, Cherry tap has been here fore nearly 8 years i think It will not die unless they choose to let it, Its got
My Obsession
my mind wanders and weaves like wind blowing thru leaves flowing over every topic under the sun some pleasant some not so fun the underlying topic is simply you cuz see, you're in everything i do every action every move some effortless some not so smooth but still.... there you are shining bright like my north star navigating the world with you as my direction my love, my life, my obsession
Welcome New World Order
Over christmas vactication while most of us celebrated the hoildays, our fucked up president sled a bill passed congress with a 90% approval rating ,that simple states " the united states goverment can now hold you with out due process, and with out representancetation and with out trial and they can hold up there indefiantely , all with the lil label of terriorsizm. just like they can NOW earase any website for any reason and it doesnt even have to be the person that reports the website,is erased under the department of defence.   WELCOME TO NEW WORLD ORDER AMERICA! THE SHIT HAD JUST HIT THE FAN,  many of our constutinal rights are being voilated and we dont even know it , we are sheep being lead to slaughter and i dont even know if its possiable to stop it anymore except an entire revoluion against the entire american public, 2012 is going to be the year that decides, all of our fates, I LOVE YOU AMERCA ,PLEASE WAKE UP AND DONT LET PEOPLE WHO HAS ALREADY DECIDED THAT THE AMERICA
Been awhile since done one of these things.  Doubt if many will read it..but in case you want to know whats been up with gos.  I been working alot not been on much.  When not been working..i been doing housework..and watching boy at wrestling.  I havn't been on much due to all this and fact sometimes being on here just kinda gets me down at times.  I have had alot going on in my life this past few months..but will not go into details..but it has led me to  having to pick up extra work.  I have had a verbal warning last week at work also..which has bothered me I have been down.  I feel like I work with backstabbers alot at times. Anyways..I have been on last few days trying to level.  It has been great chatting to old friends again..but I am done with drama.  I had a so called friend who has showed there trueside.  It hurts alot when you think you have a good friend and they do this.  I ended up having to block them..which if anyone knows me is hard
(how To) Reset The Live Feed
(How_To) Reset Bar Tab / Live FeedEvery now and then the Fubar Alert system will malfunction and cause the Live Feed (aka. "Bar Tab" for Older Site Folks). The Steps below will help any member fix any issues they have with their Live Feed either stalled or not working.Step 1On most members webpage there should be a row of three boxes("Live Feed","My Chat" and "BlastBox").(As shown below (I only included the "Live Feed")My Live FeedEditSee All· Username Here ... This is were notifications come in!Once the page has loaded and you've located the three feed columns look for the little trash can and click them.(Each Can Is Located On Every Column)
Strikeoutdiabetes - Help Me Raise A Grand For Jdrf!
You may know Chris and Lynda Barnes if you follow professional bowling. They reside in Double Oak, Texas, and regularly practice at my local bowling center (AMF Lewisville Lanes). They have twin sons, Troy and Ryan. In 2008, Troy was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Lynda has been on a crusade to find a cure for this disease. A lot of the bowlers have come out in support for this mission, and have been involved in events that raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I myself came down with the disease in 1997, just 15 short years ago. This same disease went undiagnosed in my best friend and killed him just one year prior. I have a web page up, which is taking donations. I see none of the money - it all goes to JDRF. My goal is to bring $1,000 to the next event, being held at AMF Lewisville, by June 1, 2012. If you can, maybe throw a few bucks in that direction. This is money you'd normally spend on pizza. The address:
Stupid Encounter #82
[12:07:14 AM] jonnytruelove: HEY I GOT SUMTHING 4 U [12:10:46 AM] jonnytruelove: ?? [12:11:07 AM] C51 Creations: hey [12:11:25 AM] *** Call from jonnytruelove *** [12:11:35 AM] jonnytruelove: ty [ 12:11:38 AM] jonnytruelove: 1 sec [12:11:57 AM] *** jonnytruelove sent MC Sleeb - I Confide.mp3 *** [12:12:12 AM] jonnytruelove: wheres yer man? [12:12:35 AM] C51 Creations: to the right of me [12:12:43 AM] jonnytruelove: can he c me? [12:12:54 AM] C51 Creations: no [12:13:15 AM] jonnytruelove: did u get the track i just sent? [12:13:28 AM] C51 Creations: downloading now [12:13:57 AM] jonnytruelove: that a doobie? [12:14:11 AM] C51 Creations: no lol smoke [12:14:14 AM] jonnytruelove: oh [12:14:24 AM] C51 Creations: I roll um... its safer [12:14:32 AM] jonnytruelove: so u sure he cant c me? [12:14:36 AM] C51 Creations: yes [12:14:50 AM] jonnytruelove: did the track download? [12:15:05 AM] C51 Creations: yes [12:15:17 AM] jonnytruelove: u listening 2 it? [12:15:27 AM] C51
So you wanna get in FYF huh? Kickass here is what you do. Add The Founder and Co-Founder . Add the homepage (us). Add our head peoples. Make a salute with your name and "FYF" in it. Lastly add "FYFT" in your name. The "T" stands for TEMP until we see you will resume active. If you want in add a comment to this by saying Yes or I agree and we will get right back to you asap.
spirits as you will see both people and animals after the jump!        Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.    
I Made A New Friend
February 9, 2012 12:30am reply KIMMY xKGBx: who are you to say what it is or isnt 12:31am more To KIMMY xKGBx: it's make up my mind. this is clearly not making up your mind. plus the topic "sex" is clearly NSFW. 12:32am more To KIMMY xKGBx: btw. keep it in the mumms, stay out o my shout box 12:33am reply KIMMY xKGBx: oh whatever go cry to your pillow cuz evidently not everyone feels the way you do 12:34am more To KIMMY xKGBx: you do comprehend what stay out of my shout box, SFW/NSFW and MUMM means, right? 12:34am reply KIMMY xKGBx: fuck off 12:38am more To KIMMY xKGBx: you came to my shout box, and i have been asking you politely to fuck off for the past 15 minutes. 12:40am more To KIMMY xKGBx: and if you feel like putting yourself out there by posting a mumm, you gotta live with the comments you get. keep it in the mumms, dipshit 12:41am reply KIMMY xKGBx: ok bitch if ya dont like it or the
Feeling Sad And Lost Today...
Not the best start to the day. Lost a family pet yesterday. Although Jake didn't live in my home and I wasn't his owner he was a peice of my heart none the less. He was the sweetest dog and helped the whole family work through the pain and loss when a cherished family member passed away from Cancer. As the family tried to heal Jake always had a way of being so kind and gentle, or just plain goofy when a laugh was needed. Too many losses in too short a time in my life....
Truth In Numbers.
Obama claims to have done so much and needs four more years to go at it huh? Think we can afford it? You be the judge: That sure ain't Bush's fault. lol.
  They are the first and last person you think about each day and night. When you are willing to do anything, everything, stand by their side or even behind them on all their decission. When you decide to commit to them and only them. You can tell them anything and everything. Every love song you hear on the radio reminds you of them. They cross your mind several times a day. You can talk to them for hours and never get bored. You want to spend your spare time with them. Make them feel special like they are the only one in the world. Be completely honest with them like they are your best friend. Always tell and show them how you feel about them. Always see the positive in them. Love them for them and everything they are about. Do little things to show them that you appreciate them. Be there for each other when it is needed, wanted and because you should be. You can't imagine your life without them nor do you want too. All of this and then some make a relationship and love work. This i
Unexpected Love
I love you When I became your friend, I never thought it will be like this, it will be so beautiful........I want to talk to you, I want to share with you, I want to see you.......I wait for you, and when you reply, I feel so good. I don't know, how I got attached to youin so small time......I don't know, how you became so special to me, how i think of you so much, but i do, and i love this feeling, I love to be your friend.......It must be the luckiest day of my life, when i saw you here....And i promise you, I will be there for you, when you need me, and even when you don't......I will be there, to take care of you, to listen to you, to make sure, that you are happy........May our relationship lasts forever, till the end.......Please remember I will love you to the end of time.
Bzzz Buddies (with Picture)
Well I just got done writing up the review on this little cutie, so if you want to hear what I have to say about him and if Paws' motor was strong enough to diddle my skittle, check it out at The Toy Box.  Input and comments are always welcomed, thanks >^.^
My sister is awesome and surprised me with a gym membership So on the 2 (class 4 days a week) days I do not have class I work on machines and 6 day a week I do at least two miles on the treadmill. I am sleeping like a human again! I am too worn out not to sleep Miss you guys what's new?  
The Birth Cry Of Dark Eugenics
* I have always felt the movie " Gattaca " was visionary but largely unappreciated for the message....... indeed the warning that it had for the human race should we slide into a " Orwellian, Corporatistic type society where technology has made " Big Brother " very real and manipulation of the human genome a prize too tantalizing for ruthless, ambitious factions to ignore. Polite and civilized men and women representing respective governments gather together and establish protocol for what is and isn't allowed in the pursuit of health and betterment of the human race but imagine for a moment what is going on in secret in countries across the entire political spectrum in the name of eugenics........... what is the " End Game ? " Like all emerging technologies it never takes long for " The Hawks " to turn it into a terrible weapon. Imagine an infantry soldier equipped with the latest weaponry in a dessert conflict. Historically the
And After 4 Years ... Another Blog happens.... I'm divorced and been so for 3 years now. after 17 yrs of devotion and loyality he couldn't keep his pants shut.  I found my very first love all the way back 23 yrs and had him come out 2300 miles to be with me.  Things were great and life was bliss till during Xmas I found the needle...  And so after almost 3 yrs I set the man free ( the first and last man I ever knew) to chase his demons and keep his monkey.  But what the hell?! I'm turning 40 this year and I am pretty disenchanted with the whole world today... Is there a good man out there who knows how to appreciate a great woman? One was a cheater and the other a Heroine addict. I'm thinking I'll sit this dance out and wait for something worth while...
To All Americans Fighting For Liberty
Fellow American Patriots; I come to you today to let you know that your government cannot overpower you. You, as the People, hold your own fate and your way of life in the palm of your hands.   You are under the watchful eye of an ever-increasingly tyrannical government, but within that government lies patriots just like you. For fear of retaliation from that very government and the safety of our loved ones, we are forced to wear masks like common criminals when we speak out. I have been told that my actions are traitorous and "un-American". Why? Because I support the People? Because I support the Constitution? I say to those of you that are still asleep that YOU are the traitor. You that stand idly by as our freedoms are stripped from us are the "un-American".   I have asked people on the street if they are aware of the form of government that this nation was founded on. Almost everyone proudly stated "Democracy"... Let me show you Article 4, Sect
I Miss Every Second ...
Oh how i miss uwish you could come back toa time we both knewjust me and youoh how i wish you knew how much me and your baby need youwant to greet daddy when he comes throughthe door,a smiling face i will see no moreone your daughter never had a chance to adoreoh how i wish you could come homejust a hug could make me feel like i was never alonehow your death has me blownoh how i wish you knew how nothing in my life will ever be the samethe thought of hearing your nameand all the great memories it bringsoh how i wish u knew how bad i want to be beside you how i wish you knew how long this poem could go onso much i missbut we were blessed with our baby to hold and kiss.I know your daughter will be so amazing like you and she is truly our dream come true.Forever and ever my darling we love you.   I am trying to be strong ... and move on from this loss ... but I miss you every damn day ... my husband, my lover, my best friend, my soul mate ... forever yours ... D
A True Soulmate
Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you've never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can't wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you becau
The Truth About Love
When you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher. In the game of love, it doesn't really matter who won or who lost. What is important is you know when to hold on and when to let go! You know you really love someone when you want him or her to be happy, even if their happiness means that you're not part of it. Everything happens for the best. If the person you love doesn't love you back, don't be afraid to love someone else again, for you'll never know unless you give it a try. You'll never love a person you love unless you risk for love. Love strives in hurting. If you don't get hurt, you don't learn how to love. Love doesn't hurt all the time. Though the hurting is still there to test you, to help you grow. Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love because you don't force yourself to fall, You just fall. You cannot finish a book without closing it's chapters. If you want to go
(how To) Submit Salutes
(How To) Submit SalutesFor those who have read my blogs in the past will see this as an extension to one of my current blogs named(How To) NSFW ListThe information provided in this blog is not new information, but it will hopefully shed some light on what Bouncers expect when determining whether or not to Approve/Reject a potential salute photo. The main goals for the making of this blog is:To put together a picture that says you are who you say you are,To Educate members so they know the proper procedures before submitting a photo,To Enlighten members on the differences between a Normal Photo and a Photo that is shopped (Created/Edited by a Program).A salute photo must have a picture of you with your complete face & a handwritten sign with your hands & arms visible with the following on it:Your current Fubar screennameYour Fubar ID number (Normally Located On One's Homepage)(ex. my Homepage tab says {fubar: Stevens's homepage! (398528)})The word "Fubar" or ""In lieu of your F
"opinions Are Like Elbows And Assholes, Everyone Has One"
Holding An Auction!
St. Patrick's Day Auction 3 credits to enter plz pm me your picture you would like to use and your offers Most rated will win a boomy Most commented and actually comments not random letters or #'s wil win a boomy Auction will begin February 29th and end March 18th
Short Story
          Confesions Of  A Fool            Some would say that I am a fool, but what is a fool? Would a fool stay true to his heart and think of nothing but his fondest desire, would a fool continue to pursue his dream even if to others it seemed out of reach? I don't percieve that as being foolish, I feel that by doing this I am keeping hope alive. I have but one desire at this point of my life, one dream to follow, and that is to find love and keep the fire burning, the fire that is the passion of a great life. There is but one person I wish to share that great life with.              She is a petite lady so sweet to the sight, an angel waiting for her spot in heaven. She is my love, my life, my every being. I can't get the thought of her out of my head, nor do I wish to do so. Every minute that I am awake I wait to hear her voice, every second that I sleep, I dream of her laying by my side, her beautiful long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, her sweet lips pressing agains
wtf kroger... tomatoes are a fucking fruit... why is it under vegetables? this was only compounded by me catching one of the attendants ducking down behind the register snorting something... and people wonder why my opinion of humanity is so low... *sigh* idiots and druggies
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Starting A...
Poetry blog. It's going to be on DeviantArt to see how much traffic I'll be getting from other artists. My Valentine's Day poem is a hit, in case you haven't seen it. Leave me a reply if you'd like.   Nocturne.   To bless and to bestow. The writers and their woes. I've seen so many things. But yours is the worst. I love the dark of night. To write and without fright. To enlist in pantomime. But yours is still the worst, fuck! I trail and writhe unabated. I toil and think away. To understand the day. That everything went astray. I fuddle with the notion. That you're such a poor token; Of love and pure devotion. I don't understand these ways. Yet I wish for you only this. That you are blessed and through love, kissed. I hope you get the best; Of effervescent address. I just wish it wasn't so damn bad. Fuck. No but seriously, hit me up, you're hot.   For my poison-nailed, arsonic filled darling.   Seriously though, I hope things go better for you. It's been
White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter (repost)
Scott Henson (pictured), a self-described White Texas redneck, was cuffed last Friday by a swarm of policemen, because he was walking his Black 5-year-old grandchild down the street. The Austin resident spoke to NewsOne about how he was accosted by police for being in the company of his grandchild, Ty (pictured). SEE ALSO: Black Woman Leads Crusade For LGBT Rights Unbelievable! Meet The 88-Year-Old Marathoner Ty’s mother is not Henson and his wife’s biological child; the couple decided to raise her after her own father died.  Still, the woman calls Henson and his wife “Mom” and “Dad,” and naturally, her daughter refers to the couple as her grandparents. Henson’s grandchild typically spends Friday nights with her grandfather and his wife, so that the little girl’s parents can get a break.  Last Friday, Henson, who is a journalist and creator of two popular blogs GritsforBreakfast and Huevos Rancheros, took his grandchild t
In Love Relationships we are seeking to bring one another into fuller life... A relationship grows as love finds it's center beyond ourselves.  Faithful and committed relationships offer a door into the mystery of love in which we discover this...the more we give of ourself, the richer we become in soul...the more we go beyond ourselves in love...the more we become our true selves...and our spiritual beauty is more fully revealed." How is this accomplished?   Through bestowing on each other "generous love" that goes beyond the situations, circumstances, and busyness of our days. Act on your values...not on your circumstances.  Life and humans present all kinds of difficulties that makes loving one another HARD, but it's your commitment to love generously that makes the difference. Peace.
Adventure The Perky Land Of Nepal
Nepal is small country well known for its exotic destinations of adventure, culture, pilgrimage and wildlife attractions. It is one of the most amazing kingdom fully decorated with lofty mountains and picturesque valleys meant for nature relish amidst the diverse culture and traditional practices. Nepal tourism is exceptionally beautiful and attractive compose with several wonderments that will enthrall tourist, adventure seekers and vacationers. Tourism in Nepal is the largest industry of this awesome country of Nepal. The incredible wealth of nature wonderments which offers immense of tourist excitement had made it one of the top fascinating tour destinations which cannot be resisted by nature lover and adventure seekers. The place gives delight to all its seekers whether for adventure sports, tour excitement, sightseeing entertainments. Thus the place has become a paradise estate for tourist ranging from the vacationers to the honeymoon escapers all rush to it for its relish.
Psych Me Out
I can't be online as much as I like but it's just as well because I need to read up in my Psych Book. It's a refresher course but I still need to study. SO far it's mostly statistics and biology.  Every Wednsday night I work in a shelter. If it stays quiet here I might read a chapter after I post this. The first time here I expected to get some reading done but a few of the folks (drunks) entertained themselves all night. I watched a man chatting go from drunk speaking nonsense to sober and boring.   Right now it's 2am and I'm sitting quietly in the shelter. The quiet here is spooky but nice compared to last week when a guy doped up on something stole a lady's brand new cell phone then spent two hours helping her look for it. She called it to see if it would ring but it went right to voice mail. He tried to accuse ME of taking it. They finally wound down enough to sleep (or pass out?) about 3:30 or 4am. At 7am my partner at the shelter called to me "Hey Erin, Nox, Suggarfoot or whatev
On Woman
Every woman's heart has different instructions. They're written through her eyes, in her smile, through her actions and in her tears. She just has to find someone who cares enough to read them.
I'm A Phoenix Apparently ...
You are a phoenix at heart; you display a fiery and passionate soul within. In mythology, the phoenix is considered as one of the strongest and most feared creaturesall throughout history. The phoenix personality represents a very lively, passionate personwho often is... not afraid to show their true feelings and stand for what they believe in. Although they might not get along with everyone, a phoenix is sure to stand out from the crowd and bring a warm atmosphere with them. Often very artistic, a person whose spirit represents the phoenix is not afraid to express themselves and their feelings. The phoenix is powerful and will not back down from the things they put their faith in aswell as will fight by the sides of their friends until the end of time. Although sometimes they may get hurt, a phoenix always finds the will and strength to rise back up. In relationships, they are romantic lovers and always follow their heart. If you look into their eyes, they are often wild and vivi
Been A While
I haven't written on here in a while and right now I am filled with a few things so I felt it was time for can know a person for years....and never truly know them at all...and it doesn't matter if they are in your face or across the screen...the effect is still the have to look at the whole picture..and you see things..and pick up on things you don't agree with..but yet you keep it to yourself..because you care about this person and you don't think they would ever do anything to hurt you...regardless of everyone else they just don't think you will be one of them...until you shouldn't come as a surprise...but yet it does....a shock without the shock kind the back of your knew your turn was coming.....but denial wouldn't allow your mind to think that time would ever arrive..then when it does..that denial surfaces because really you knew it would all along.....everything about this scenario is tragic...because you
As of late I have really realized that the only person that I can truly count on is myself. Have you ever felt like you were standing alone in a crowded room and not noticed.  It's fascinating at times just to watch people and how the react amongst their peers. Those you call friends all too often look the other way when around certain people.  Hell I have even been left holding the bag a few nights without any explanation or a thank you or an apology but when you allow things like this to happen it will always happen.  Thus I say to thy own self be true and to hell with others because eventually you will end up fading into the wood work and no one will notice.  You have to ask yourself at times like this am I an option or a priority? I hope you can answer as a priority. Here lately I have felt like an option only even with family.  Do I need to worry, nah, shit like this doesn't get to me just makes the lonliness all that more apparent and keeps me inside my shell more and more. Hell
What Are The Odds?
I'm a little concerned about a loved one. He has had testicular cancer twice (13 yrs. in between). He went through treatment and had both removed. He went to the doctor the other day and now has an MRI scheduled for Wed. then a CAT scan soon after...basically his doc said, something isn't right. What are the odds that he has cancer for the 3rd time? HOLY FUCK! NOT AGAIN! I told him I would kick his ass! I had to lighten the mood of the news. I am not an alarmist, but I know his symptoms and they are daily. I have worried about his headaches for a long time and asked many times for him to talk to his doctor...I think he finally listened to me. Just needed to vent a little. Thanks
Enigma Of A Mind (2 Of 3)
Enigma of a Mind (2 of 3)   .::.::. Lifestyle .::.::. I am currently single.  No kids.  Never married. Nothing.  I have not been with anyone mentally or physically since my last “relationship” almost 1 year ago.  Before I met him, I was celibate for 3 years.  Yes, I know that being without affection for so long seems like torture for some of you, but I have always been “picky” about my mates.  I do not just let anyone “hit it”. Besides, certain mentalities turn me off (refer to the first blog) and I am quite impatient in dealing with said mentalities.  I like individuals who are fun, hilarious, intelligent, adventurous and dare I say, “freaky”.     .::.::. Desires .::.::. I am quite submissive.  I discovered this quite some time ago.  Even though this has been discovered, I have yet to fully engulf myself in what I find most curious of all…BDSM.  I have much to learn, but I am more than willing. I am looking for the right p
The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.
Wow Does This Site Suck Lately
So this is an ADULT site huh? Bullshit it is. Why is there a "NSFW" status for pics and posts? Huh? If you're at work, should you be checking these out? Uhm NO get back to work. And forget posting anything like political views, or questions. You get flagged and kicked out of MUMMs. Ask if you should get your cock pierced........that's okay.....should I fuck a donkey...sure ask away.... but ask about things that MATTER. Nope don't do that. And when in the fuckin hell did people here get so damned uptight about everything....? Listen you uptight assholes, get over it. It's a damned website, didn't get your friend request accepted? Awwww fuckin grow up. Does it mean that a fairy gets it's wings pulled off? NO! Does a baby seal get clubbed to death? NO! IT'S A DAMNED WEBSITE YOU MORONS, GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT.
Top 10 Ways Republicans Show They Hate Americans (repost)
You often hear Republicans claim that President Obama and/or Democrats and/or Liberals, “Hate America!” Here is a list of ways that Republicans showed us that while they claim to “Love America,” they seem to really hate Americans. 1. When Republicans in Congress refused to extend unemployment benefits at a time of very high unemployment unless millionaires and billionaires got to keep their tax cuts, they showed us that they hate unemployed Americans. 2. When Governor Rick Perry and the Republican controlled Texas Legislature chose to lay off thousands of teachers all across Texas rather than increase taxes or use more of the rainy day fund, they showed us that they hate American teachers and students. 3. In 2004 when then State Senator Michele Bachmann said, “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.”  She showed us that she hates gay an
Is It Who I Am?
I realized something as I was cleaning up. I couldn't stop! I thought back, and I came to a sudden realization that I've been like that for as long as I can remember. I call it my "cleaning mode". It's origin is very clear to me. When I was nine years old, my father married a woman named Denise. That single even made my life a living hell for seven years. The way I see it, I got lucky. A lot of people go through what I did for far longer. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Denise was, quite simply, EVIL. She could have gotten a great job with the CIA interrogating. She was a true expert at mental torture. I was the main target. To this day, I still don't know why she hated me so much. I can't ask her though. I'll explain why soon. My sister was her star child. She was treated better than Denise's real children, who were still treated pretty well. If you ever saw Cinderella, you would have a pretty good Idea what my life was like.  I was charged with cleaning everything. I cleaned bot
I Gotta Be Honest.....
I have to be honest here...I don't have a good feeling (I hope, beg, pray to whatever powers there are, that I am wrong) about the upcoming MRI for my RL Quasi husband (look quasi up if you do not know what it means). I am fucking terrified but I can't show it. I'm supposed to be a cast iron bitch...strong...impenetrable....   I'm not. My mind is consumed with worry...stress...jesus fucking christ, not another illness... I can't endure it, once again...or can I??? I DON'T KNOW. I don't fucking know. Hurry up and wait....I FUCKING hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We shall see what happens.
10 Reasons Why The Future Of The World Belongs To Conservatism (repost)
1) A woman's place is in the home - Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of babies, which she'll have many of, after over turning Row versus Wade, freeing up jobs and careers to those who should have them, white men. 2) Unemployment no longer being a concern - Unemployment will no longer be a concern, because the unemployed and underemployed, we'll be able to simply opt for indentured servitude, bypassing any gainful employment, or collecting unemployment benefits, which of course is giving money to people to simply survive, which is counterproductive to their employer's bottom line. 3) Expectation of perpetual war - Because the United States will be involved in one global conflict or another constantly, the future for military personnel (grunts) and mega-profits to the industrial military complex, the future looks quite bright indeed! 4) Abolition of ALL unions - Because there we'll be no more of those pesky unions In the United States, demanding anything remotely resem
Stupid Encounter #83
  7:27am ChiTownTil...: hey you are very beautiful you have pretty eyes how are you today ? my name is Lenny I like to play sports run and workout I'm a very generous person I speak from the heart I'm very outgoing I have so much heart I'm going to get rich off of inventions and designs im gonna come up with after that I'm in help the world I have the best heart in the world it's easy to fall in love meI'm gonna love helping the world I'm gonna try to rebuild it make it better I'm very romantic and fun I'm very polite I have a lotta manners I'm very very good hearted I'm very loyal trustworthy I know a lot I always been nice and kind I' am the sweetest person ever I am 6 foot 2 I work at a 711 right now soon I'm gonna get a really good job get a lot of money then I'll have money to come out with some inventions I like all kinds of music in movies not picky I like the color red I can cook really good I'm very kind I'm really sweet I'm very dependable very agreeable can I text you
It’s dark   and I’m deliciously scared   My flesh is raised when you touch my shoulder   Your hands move over my body like a priest removing a curse   I arch my back to receive more of the electricity   Your eyes are glowing     and I curl into you   My pleasure is pain   Excruciating   You hold me down as I try to escape   Your mouth devouring my breath   The weight of you is my shelter   Protected from the shocks   That render me unconscious
Laddie`s A Daily Dose Of Hot Built Shirtless Men """" !
@shirtlesshunk A daily dose of SHIRTLESS HUNK PHOTOS — featuring male celebrities, athletes, models, reality guys, screen caps of actors, singers, athletes and various sexy Anywhere, everywhere · Following 4,107 Tweets 680 Following 2,210 Followers   FOLLOW ON TWITTER  AND  FACEBOOK   !
So here is a subject I’ve touched on before. I know many of you don’t know me or never talked to me. And you know what...that’s ok. It’s ok because in my world with my people I rock. And I’m sure you do in your world too. However, that is the point of today’s blog. Your world vs. mine. In today’s society I keep in touch with 95 percent of my friends by an online means. Fubar, Facebook, IMs, or some such.  Now I’m talking about people I have met, talked to, interact with in what we will now refer to as “real life”. But wait I also correspond, message, poke, smile, bling what have you to my “online friends” What is the difference? What is the difference indeed? I have a few “online” friends I actually physically care about. We’ve never met in person, we don’t pick up the phone and call every single day, and I don’t send them birthday gifts or Christmas presents. And vice versa. But I d
For Lisa (evil Kitten)
I’m sure that I will always be a lonely number like root three. The three is all that’s good and right, why must my three keep out of sight? Beneath the vicious square root sign, I wish instead I were a nine.  For nine could thwart this evil trick, with just some quick arithmetic. I know I’ll never see the sun, as 1.7321. Such is my reality, a sad irrationality. But wait! What is this I see? Another square root of a three. As quietly walikng, passing me by, together now we multiply. To form a number we prefer, rejoicing as an integer. We break free from our mortal bonds with the wave of magic wands. Our square root signs become unglued, for my love within has been renewed.
Just Words
I feel like I don't exist.It's like tI'm here,but everyonelooks right trough me.Not begging for there me they ever mention.No I'm not a pitty person,thats howI am feeling.Things can be so revealing.This hollow a continuation;happenseveryday to me.I know I'nm not special,but I'm human also.Maybe I should be invisible,and just dissapear.....                      
I Have LearnedI’ve learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them;I’ve learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don’t care back;I’ve learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.I’ve learned that you can get by on charm, for about fifteen minutes. After that, you’d better know something;I’ve learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you.I’ve learned that no matter how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take it’s place.I’ve learned that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you’re downhill are the ones to help you get back up.I’ve learned that sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry.I’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes f
Do You?
Dont look at me with soft lovin eyes.  Dont speak if youre only telling lies.  Dont whisper sweet nothings in my ear, Thinking they are what I wish to hear.  Give me the raw, uninhibited you.  Give me the animal that resides within.  Give me the passion that youve kept hidden.  I want all your senses.  Touch, with gentle finger tips, grasp with tender force. See, what you wish, and grab hold.  Taste, the sweet desires with your lips, trace it with your tongue. Listen, with such intent, never forgetting a single step. Smell, the passion in the air, that has been created. Give me everything inside you. Allow me to captivate your mind. Give me permission to your heart. I wish to invade your soul.  I want to savour every ounce of you.  From the begining to the end.  Ecstasy, takes hold....
Tips For New Players
TIPS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THESE ARE IN PLACE FOR YOUThe tips below are stated, for beginning players (level 1s) but apply to all. No matter if you are a merc, or a level 40, all of the things below refer to any player, no matter what that player is. Basically don't level yourself. Build. You can build cashflow at any level, however, here is where you have the best shot. Not doing missions, no attacking, and losing, are all part of building, no matter what level your player is at. The longer you sit, the more powerful your cashflow becomes, and the longer you sit at levels 1-9 you won't get listed. You start getting listed at level 10.DON'T LEVEL TOO FAST:As with most games I have played you want to get to the higher level the fastest. That's NOT the case here. He who sits, and builds cashflow does the best. I've seen some high level 5's but usually they are mercs. As time goes by, you can tell who's a merc, who's a blinger (people who use credits to pay for their player) who's a scrub
Let Me Entertain You
stand at attention when she enters the room, never realizing this might be your doom. lipstick and stilettos command your gaze, no interest in her brain's , only whats between her legs. wishing you were the friction in her jeans- baby please, she aint no cotton candy queen. walking with purpose and grace- to her your a disgrace - always thinking with your cock. its all good- its just fine, she pays you no mind, your just a fixture collecting dust. if you took the time you would see, it is she that holds the key. insightful thoughts flow like silk, beauty that time can not kill. the kindest of hearts- giving and true, too pure for you. your fragile ego craves youth and awe, only a strong man with the soul of leo could withstand. shes not here for your entertainment- dressed to kill to grab your attention. its all for her with good intentions, look fast at her reflection.for you will never catch her
A Few Things From A Guy That's Too Nice To Be A Perv Lol
There seems to be an concensus among a lot of women, I have talked to on Fubar. It keeps coming back, your too nice to be a perv. Have things reached such a low, where once the standard is now just the exception? Just look at what most women put into thier profiles. Why is that really needed? Because this online forum allows people to be more open and not care about what they say or do. Well not all of us are that way, I am not as shy online as I am in person, but that doesn't mean I don't try to keep my manners. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem telling a women they are beautiful or desireable. It doesn't mean I will do anything or need to be rude about lol.
Love Your Little Girl
Jessica Jo Johnson Love Your Little Girl As I sit here all alone, I stare up at the stars, I think of how it used to be, when the laughter was all ours. Wishing I could turn back time, before I had to say goodbye,... for one more chance to hug you tight, one more look into your eyes. I miss the time we had together, I cherish every day we shared, I miss the way you looked at me, the way you showed me that you care. My mom was someone in my life, that I simply can't replace, you were there day or night to wipe the tears from my face. I didn't think I could go on, without you by my side, but you taught me to be strong, and that life is one big ride. Sometimes it goes up and down, sometimes really smooth, but always keep your head up, for you have nothing to prove. The pictures I have left of you, are sheer memories to me, you, mom, were my very best friend, and you always will be. I still remember, to this day, the last words that we spoke, the last time I looked in your eyes, befo
A Brighter Tomorrow
Boundaries, limitations, that shall not be crossed! I say fuck that, it's their loss. Be who you are, live without regret. You don't want to look back, with that what if. Live your own life, and be free. Freedom is worth it, take it from me. Because I haven't found it yet, but I will this I know. There simply is no other way, for me to go. I found what I want, better yet it found me. And I know I will get there, maybe not easily. I am aware it will take hard work, sweat and tears. But it is worth it, been in the making for years. My eyes are now open, and I shall not fail. My path is weeded out, I will follow the trail. My trail of blood, heartache and sorrow. Will lead me to a, much brighter tomorrow.
Losing Talent On Fu...and No One Gives A Fuck...
Well i have come to a conclusion that its time for a break from djing on fubar...i sit and dj for 4 hrs or so to hopefully give the lounges an atmosphere of a good time...yet again its not like the old days (a year ago) when we had a 75-80% listening ratio with awsome chat and cammers....where now there is mabey a 50% if your lucky in any lounge...and people dont give a fuck about the dj or the music. they sit and watch the women on cam and whack off or are parked and on skype or yim. whats the point of putting on a decent mix of music if ya don't care? why bother having a server that the owners pay for?...and why would we VOLENTEER our time as djs to even play? its a damn shame when even phatty (orgy) has 60 people in there and only 30 listners...hell i love playing ..but i play for you not for me...but ya know its not worth it anymore...i have been on air in a lounge with over 40 people and have only 23 listners...and watching people on cam in the lounge and see them skyping...its a
Writers Block Rambles.....
Poison through my veins Whatever was your name Twisted thoughts of a passive mind I wanna make you mine Emotional disturbance Get ready for the turbulance Journey of hell Whatever should we sell Tickets for a picnic Jumbled words  Massive mind fuck I think you are stuck Creative insanityYou're so stuck in the past of memories that never last.Let it go and you will know. Stop looking back at what was once.You're making yourself go nuts.Passing up something spectacular.
The Way I Am
This is how I feel about myself. I am a down to earth woman and I try to help people because it's the right thing to do. I have had some bad experiences in life ,but I don't let them get me down.Just wanted to say that .
Simple Thought
My oldest son over heard his grandparents talking about the president. One of them likes him, the other doesn't. He started asking them how he became president...his Nana told him. Here is the conversation they had:: Son:: Nana, why don't you like him? Nana:: Well, I don't think he's doing his job. Son:: Then you should just fire him. Nana:: I can't just fire the president. Son:: Yes you can, you gave him his job!     My son makes politics sound so simple, lol. I love it.
Kneel To Nest - 558
By some all of it they claim to know, but then again those some won't go. They know the odds that they could catch, the beautiful dense type or smart dog go fetch. To me all is comfortable fun, even anal entry but I am not the only one.   Call it a habit but I am into my own arts, close to me most of all I like male parts. When I am allowed to taste a 7 or 8 inch main, where few have gone for the good gain. It doesn't need a promise to lean into feeling, isn't requiring a fishing pole to excite the reeling.   Put the erect male into wanting alot more, please thrust the penis on her tongue love and war. Next to dinner oral sex is best, well deserved exhale to the rest. All of this is simple to one day be, the hard is exciting to Tricity.   Yeah I kneel to nest, let me show you why I am told I'm the best.    
For You
This is for you..... Love came to me from the first time we talked... You said HELLO to me and i knew we would never be apart... You have changed my life all around.... You helped me out when I needed you the most.... For you.... You are evrything to me.... If I didn't have you I would not be able to breathe ... You are my BREATH...You are my EYES...You are my HEART...You are my MIND...You are my SOUL... For You... This is a serious THANK YOU  for being you... This is for you ... YOU showed
My Doc...
This is for you... You are always there to help me evrytime I need you... You said HELLO and i knew we would never be apart... You are my BEST FRIEND... You always look out for me...You always take care of me... You are my EVERYTHING... I could not breathe WITH OUT YOU... You are MY HEART... You are MY MIND... You are MY EYES... You are MY BODY... You are MY SOUL...  I am sending this to say THANK YOU sincerely for all tha you do for me.... THANK YOU DOC  i really do appreciate everything you do.... CARRIE NICHOLS FEBRUARY 28.2012  
Untitled Words.
Your words are like smoke   lingering around me     as I try to breath Your face changes like a mask   happy to sad     uncertain which one is real There is no escape   from your grasp    a web is what you weave I am caught and tangled   no breaking free     all I want is more
Boob Blog
Well I am an old dirty man.  For this I do hope that akk if the ladies that are on my friend list will be willing to give me pics of their boobs. I would be honoured if they did this casue I just love Boobs.  They are attractive ladies and sexy as well.
I've Been There...
Wounds.. They cover your soul from the words and actions that have shredded your heart. The worst kind of wounds are the ones no one can see. The ones you feel bleeding out inside of you and you have no way to stop them. It’s an endless flow of pain and sorrow that darkens everything you once held so dear including you.Someone you loved made you powerless, weak, vulnerable, and then they left yo...u barren, desolate, and covered in these wounds. You lie there in a field of misery unable to find any aid. Shivering and aching from all that you’ve endured.I just want to tell you I’ve been there. I have laid in that field of misery on a bed of sorrow with rain as heavy as the tears inside of me pouring down and drowning my screams. I have felt that utter hopelessness and sadness. I have been shattered. I have been abandoned. I have been betrayed. I have been defeated..You are not the only one. You are not alone in this.There are others who have made it out of their misery
Im Very Excited..
just so everybody knows i will be the happiest guy alive here in the next four days or so.. my wife and step kids will be here with me and i cant wait for this to happen.. we will be online together doing our thing here on the fu.. at times she will be on my name gettn points for me while i am  not around.. she is the best a man could ask for in a woman.... so if i dont respond if my name is on then it prolly means she is on here doin things for me.. and then hopefully when we get moved in together and get settled we will be able to run ability bling...not gonna say it will happen for sure or what not, but im sure at some point it will be.. chrissy marie i love u with all my heart and soul..xoxo.. and if this offends anybody that i have made changes in my life then so what, and if u dont like it u know how to delete me.. not that i want that but i am moving on with my life.. i deserve to be happy.. i havnt had that in quite a long time... so like i said if this offends u or whatever u
Hey Kids, hope all is well. Just a reminder to follow the blog if you wish to keep up with the ever changing, new and exciting stuff that we have to offer out here. And yea, there's more stuff I am working on of course....but before we go forward, let's take a little step back... I've been kicking this idea around forever now and I finally got up enough energy to actually do it. lol. Not everyone can go back and look through over like 600 blogs to see something they missed. People can't be here every day, every week or whatever. That's called life. So, I've decided to create an "archive" of previous blogs. Please be advised that all originals will still be posted in "Real Fu-Kin Life" until it's time for them to hit the archived links. Based on demand and questions I have received, I've decided to break them down into three "archive" blogs with the following titles: 1. Fakes of the Day 2. Musings, Rants & Cons 3. FuSocial. The fakes of the day posts will contain all of t
Inside My Own Head
It drags you down, to the center of the earth. As you scream, fight, gripping the dirt. You get a good handful, but the force is too strong. It's power outweighs, your own. You hear them scream out, the souls of the damned. Yet the one pulling you, is neither beast nor man. It is none other, than your own heart. Playing out the regret, that you've ripped apart. To allow yourself to sink, would be accepting defeat. So, you struggle and fight, to get back to your feet. Even you can rip yourself, to shreds. I don't fear the boogie man, the monster under my bed. I fear my own mind, what's inside my own head.
What Women Want
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Really Short Skirts Or Dresses?
Guys let's get real for a minute.  We all know if there is agreat pair of legs in a tiny skirt or shirt dress it is gonna get out attentiion coming and going.  I wonder though, if you're out on a date with a lady t hat you actually care about, do you want her wearing somethng so short that you wonder if she crosses her legs fast enough as she sits down.  Do you get concerned if she bends over to pick up something and doesn't put enough bend in her knee as she reaches for anything she may have dropped? Do you really get more excited knowing guys around you are trying to see up your girls skirt?  Does it piss you off if she shows something only you should be seeing?  Keep it real guys.  I bet the ladies want to know as well.
[i'm Here Now, Isn't That What Matters?]
Over 20,000 views >> damn I keep underselling this blog.So tonight I watched the debut trailer for Assassin's Creed IIIand my immediate response was, after a brief pause"You never go full retard."Back up a stepyou play some dumb ass in the foreseeable future hooked up to some magic machine that unlocks his genomes and lets him relive his ancestor's lives in order to reveal some arcane and terrifying secret(aliens)Shadow Organization A: Has kidnapped you and has been at odds with every single one of your significant forebears throughout history and has masterminded society as a whole.Shadow Organization B: are supposedly the "good" kind of shadow organization and have been waging a secret war/artifact grab for generations against A.Dumbass finds some stuff out, starts becoming an elite killer like his great great great great great grampaand Shadow org B busts your ass out of there.Episode 2:See episode 1 introduce more convuluted unbelievably stupid deus ex machina Indiana Jones and the
She enters my mind fondlya ray of solstice for my eyefocused in an image akinto the brightest star in the skyIn description of this GoddessI find it difficult and rareto chance I should encounterone more beauteous and fairHer gaze I find alluringfor deception is not seenthe qualities of which belongto none other than a queenThe years she owns are tenderalthough it matters not her agefor it is betrayed by press of quillwhen it is poured upon the pageWith the wisdom of a wizardand the talent of artist grandit is pure gold in midst of tinselthat is released from gentle handShe doth not escape my noticenor shall she ever fall from gracewith indelibly eloquent whispersthat inspire my heart to race    copyright@2012 J&K Publishing
Weird Fu Of The Day....
So here's today's Weird Fu of the Day.... Account numbers: and... Same person, same pics same name. Same constant ability bling but on the "secondary unsaluted" profile it randomly adds new people to its' family... Anyone have any idea what the f*ck is going on? Verrrry strange. Comment beeeeelow, thanks!
Since I Can't Get It In The Mumms
Steven Reynolds being american... no... maybe not... but for all america's fucked up foreign policies and shady deals that cripple governments starve nations and cause wars... hmmm... maybe you should consider rethinking your stance :) 9 minutes ago · Like Brian Renfroe americans dont have a fucked up foriegn policy, but american politicians do. 6 minutes ago · Like Brian Renfroe if you dont like it leave 5 minutes ago · 
Give Into Me....
I want to feel your body quiver beneath me as my tongue slowly swirls around and sucks your cock deeper into my wanting mouth. I want to take my time and truly savor you. I want to set fire to your every passion as you slowly fill my heated throat. I want you in agonizing ecstasy, twitching softly in rhythm with my flicking tongue.  I want to make your breath halt and your senses falter. I want to make your world spin, stop, blur, and then cease to exist altogether. I want my love to shower upon you in the silken licks and tender kisses.   I want you, in every way possible. Give into me…
The Shoebox
                                                                           THE SHOEBOX A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little Old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had Cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about. For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took Down the shoe box and took it to his wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls and a stack of money totaling $95,000. He asked her about the contents. 'When we were to be married,' she said, ' my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I e
Poem By Erma Bombeck Who Lost Her Battle With Cancer
IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER By Erma Bombeck   I would have talked less and listened more I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded I would have eaten popcorn in the “GOOD” living room and worried Much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day Because my hair had just been teased and sprayed I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains I would have cried and laughed less while watching TV and more while watching life I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren’t there for the day I would never have bought anything just because it was
Sex Tips.. How To Make Your Girl Happy
One thing i can tell you....most women dont like our clit chewed on like a damn bone. Woman if u cant get a mans head off ur pussy use a spray bottle full of water. That'll get em off. Now back to men. when we tell u you are in a good place dont move just stay there and keep going. Most of the time we get so close and then you move a different way and we lose it. I no i hate it when that happens. So close and then one change and it kills it. There are alotta different positions you can do that hits a womans spot. Butterfly is one. Your girl had to be flexable so it dont hurt her. you put her legs on ur shoulders and pounds away. Praying manthis is where the man sits crossed legged and then the girl sits on him and croses her legs around him and rocks back and forth. Doggie style (if you are long enough) is another way to hit a girls spot. There are alotta different positions to try tho. Another thing alotta the girls i know dont like fucking and fucking for hours on end. It ges dry dow
Is He A Lover
Does  his love making start at dinner while you eat . Or does it happen just between the sheets. Does he take his time and kiss and lick you  real sweet.Or does he hit real fast and fall fast a sleep.Does he make you cum all threw the nite.Or does he get his rock off and turn to the right and say good nite.So women  too you if some of this is true make up your mind what you should do stay with a man that treat you like meat .Or look for that guy who treat you real sweet and love making love to you everyday of the week.And keep you smiling while under those sheet and keep you cumming till you cant speak I think this is the guy you should seek.Is he a lover or are you just meat. 
(how To) Use The Broadcast Feature
(How_To) Use The Broadcast FeatureIt has been requested that I build a blog showing members how to use the broadcast feature and what comes with it.This blog will provide the following for any member who reads it:Insight Into Broadcast FeaturesLocating Broadcast Functions/FunctionsChanging Broadcast SettingsThis blog will not be used in any way to go against's Terms Of Service (TOS) or against the rules Fubar Bouncers have to follow or abide by.Insight Into Broadcast FeaturesLets face it most members want to say "HI" or "HELLO" to every member they come across. The best way to say or do this is to go and broadcast yourself using's Broadcasting Feature. This feature allows members to go on cam and wave or interact with others doing one of the following functions:Talk/Chat with multiple membersTalk/Chat with privilaged membersTalk/Chat with a member one-on-oneUsing this feature also shows others that you are indeed the member behind the profile and not some fat dude b
Take It
hold me tight and rock me slow take me deep and don't let go the music our moans and sighs perfect for this mating dance share with me a soulful kiss tongues wetly part our lips lost in the heat of desire our breath a hot whirlwind aching for your supple breasts pressed to my sweat slick chest hands upon your rolling hips as you rise and fall upon me squeeze me hard milk me dry until we tremble, gasp and cry sweet release bodies flushed warm and spent joined as one
Whispered Your Name
Whispered Your Name by Poet Robert J. Neal on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 10:39am ·'s so very true... You're the reason for my creation As existing with you...permeates... Every atom of my existence My every cell is filled... With the Love...God created between Us Which flows through my veins... And is carried by my blood... To a heart...that God set to beating... As He whispered your name... Into the consciousness of my spirit And to know that your heart beats for me... And that I can feel it's rhythm... Echoing throughout every aspect of my being... Only builds the Faith that God's instilled And intensifies my belief in You... And in the truth of all His promises Which have been brought into being... As He spoke each one into existence Which has Us awaiting the fulfillment of them all... With everything that...We are!!!                              Written By...Robert Neal
can you tell that I am aggitated? if not..let me repeat it.. I AM AGGITATED. seems like i get no where on here at times.  Been working on doing the achievements..but  you have to blow money or have it blown on ya to get anywhere..and there may be few achievements..that  you can do that is simple..but hell. I Got fucked over on one of them this past week. THe send round to newbies  for a week one. I started when it came out .  Did it for 8 days straight to be told it doesnt go into effect til the 10th of this month.  Seriously? why Did it come out around the 2nd then? and why is it couple people  with red names have it accomplished?  I DO NOT KNOW.  So anyways. here I am gonna blow 70,000 more on newbies..who I will not hear from or even get a response to the drink. Then I can go on to bitch about my Happy hours that were a present to me.  I set them up for this thursday.  Well I was told they are a hour different then times i set them up for. So i go to help. They said "did yo
The Stranger
  Melody didn't know how long she had slept, but she woke when she felt the stranger shaking her. "Huh, wha"; she uttered as the stranger pulled her to her feet. As she began to gain consciousness she realized that her arms had been untied. The stranger was pulling her by the arm, leading her into the bedroom. When they got to the bedroom, he gave a tug on her remaining clothes and stepped back. At first Melody wasn't sure what he wanted, but when he tugged again, she realized that he wanted her to strip. She started to take her clothes off, but the stranger stopped her. He took one of her hands and placed it on her breast and placed the other one on a piece of her clothing. He slowly moved her hand around on her breast, let go and stepped back. Melody couldn't believe it, he wanted her to play with herself while she stripped. The stranger could tell she was having second thoughts, he firmly placed the cane on her leg and moved it up and down. The touch of the cane quickl
3-12-12 Test 1
Who Gives A Fu?
Would love to thank everyone who liked ..rated..and loved on me this am..and yesterday. Came very close to reaching my goal..and probably would have if i wasn't fu'd over..and if fubar made things clearer on here.. but they do it for a reason I make more money. I have never went all out like i did yesterday..with all the abilitie blings..and happy hours. It was  fun..but exhausting.  I have many dear people to think for all of that.  Obiwankidoodle.. lonewolf92..mcwhammy.. Anyways, heres a few things I have learned. Do not set up happy hrs during the time change or week before time change..becuz on here the ones you set up for..they freakin change on ya later. My happy hrs were originally set for 7pm..11pm..and 2pm.  Ended up being 8pm..12pm..and3pm. If I had all my happy hrs the way i set them up I would have definately gotten 10,000 likes. Also, if you try to do the 3 boomerang abilities back to back  as a achievement. DO NOT run any other blings in between them
W.a.s.p. - Sleeping (in The Fire)
W.A.S.P. - Sleeping (In The Fire) Touch, touch in the flame's desire Feeling the pain's denial, And your finger's in the fire Look, look in the candle light See in the flame of life And my spell our lie   Taste the love The Lucifer's magic that makes you numb The passion and all the pain are one You're sleeping in the fire Taste the love The Lucifer's magic that makes you numb You feel what it does and you're drunk on love You're sleeping in the fire I gaze as the flame and fire burn And cry out the name of which I yearn Oooohhhhh (Guitar solo) Taste the love The Lucifer's magic that makes you numb The passion and all the pain are one You're sleeping in the fire Taste the love
Days Like This...
I'm feeling quietly contemplative tonight.  So much is going on in my life, in the lives of all I know, and in the world, it's hard to find any sort of mental serenity. I went outside on the back porch to smoke a cigarette.  As always, my gaze turned skyward and I found myself lost in the stars.  One particularly yellow-orange star caught my attention and I focused on it for a bit.  I don't know how long I had looked at it, but I suddenly realized I was crying.  It was beautiful, and with my limited sight, and the diffusion of the light from my teary eyes, I could see a distinct image.  It was lovely, and a rare moment of inspiration hit me.  I have mentally cataloged it and will pen it in the near future.  My hands are far too restless and my thoughts too disorganized to do the image in my mind's eye justice.  Then my thoughts wandered to the state of the world and I began to cry anew.  Why is there so much hate?  Why must we destroy when we could use our energy instead to create?  W
Rainbow Cake In A Jar
  1 box white cake mix made according to package instructions Neon food coloring in pink, yellow, green, turquoise, and purple 3 one-pint canning jars 1 can vanilla frosting Rainbow sprinkles     Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Thoroughly wash and dry the inside of each canning jar. Spray the inside of each jar thoroughly with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside. Scoop about 1/2 cups of cake batter into five small bowls. It doesn’t have to be perfect, don’t panic if you get a little more of less of one color than another. Tint each bowl of cake batter with the food coloring until very vibrant. Spoon about 3 tablespoons of the purple batter into the bottom of each jar. Spoon equal amounts of turquoise batter, then green, yellow, and pink. Place the jars in a shallow baking dish, add about 1/4″ in water in the baking dish. Place the baking dish in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes. Remove jars and allow to cool completely before scooping a small portion from t
Unseen Pleasures
Your touch my first shiver from it the feel of your hands lightly caressing me the gasp when your mouth touches me the feeling of butterflies moaning softly as your sucking and nibbling making soft peaks, hard you speaking softly telling me your desires ordering softly what you want me to do softly touching you first with hands, gentle and soft then with my hungry mouth greedily and yearning hearing you moan encouragements beckoning me forward sucking faster and harder eagerly earning my reward feeling your hands upon my head pushing lightly making me work harder the first quivers knowing my treat is coming you gripping my hair tighter hearing you say, "drink me, taste me" the final shake, the last quiver my treat at last
Latest Imagination
Sitting at my desk… knowing I made a promise but hell I have no idea if you even read the email like you promised so why should I keep mine lol.   I close my eyes and in front of me in a bedroom not mine not anyone just a cute little room..  over on the night stand is one of my toys on the bed is a few pillows and not much else there is a tv so I plop down on the bed and turn it on..  while watching the show I think about the fact I should be scanning and not sitting here letting these thoughts go thru my head but fuck it why shouldn’t I ? I am human and we all think that way.     Taking the pillows I plop them behind my head and lay there realizes there is no ac in here just a little fan so I jump up and turn on the fan..   then figuring I am by myself I wiggle my jeans and panties off my hips and when they reach the floor I kick them off to the corner of the room laughing as I think good shot cause I got them right in the corner.   Figuring I am all by myself I reach
Does Anyone Know?
Does anyone know how long a pimpout suspension lasts? I am not sure why I was suspended for this but I am.  I did recieve a couple of letters one stating to delete all my pictures that were not of me. I did not do this because everyone has folders with pictures in them that are not of them regardless of what the picture is. The letter also stated I was trying to pass thise pictures off as mine. I think everyone that knows me or looked at my profile closely it plainly states they are not of me. I was not trying to pass them off as me. Anyone can look at my salutes and see the pictures I put up of women should know the difference and if they don't then as I said the folders are clearly marked. The second letter was my second warning over this and I was told I would be reset, still I am not understanding this since it is obvious that I am not trying to pull anything over anyones eyes. I did however comply by using my own photos. I didn't write this person back because I was told to go
The Immortal Kiss
i have found immortality at the firey end of an empty candle i have found a child unyet born into reality will this sur-vice and tame the hunger deep inside or will this be freeing to the demons so we may rome in the midnight waters awaiting for you my sweet as i storm the body of an angel and taste her wine we dance under starlight like wild animals celebrating a fruitful kill i gently touch her face and i turn invincible if she only knew that we was dancing in the wake of what was about to come maybe i could save her from dining on the fallins blood souls will spill in the name of the night as we spread our wicked wings to fly and fight everything will be alright by the time the light rips apart the night and touches the first pure soul saved by the tears that will pay for all of this you shell cry forever my sweet lullaby for the tears you cry is the wine i drink the pain you feal gives me power and strength  
Saint Michael (this Ones For Ro!)
Michael Watches Over Thee, One Angel, with eyes that dare, I Saw him sent from our sky, To A World thats our nightmare. He Takes Away our misery, And replaces all our pain, He repairs our broken hearts, So that we are free again. Michael is our Freedom, our everlasting Faith, He touches us with Purity, We once again feel safe.
For You My Reply!
I know what you feel inside. No matter how hard it is to hide. In your hands I could be so much better, even great. You are my heart, my love, my fate. Take my heart back and make it whole, before I lose my mind or worse my soul. You mean more to me than I could ever tell, but trust me its for you that I fell. I see in your eyes a woman pure, but heart hardened by pain you endure. You give me time you give me trust, but deep inside you fear its not love and only lust. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, my heart is yours alone that much you can trust. I have been blind and indeed a fool. I just hope you dont think I am just a tool. I asked you once and still ask you today. My darling my love will you be my wife one day. It may be hard or even tough but you fell my heart with all the right stuff. I love you is what this is to say, not just a little in whole and in every way.
I only date on POF it's the largest free site out there. I don't just want a hookup, there has to be more to it than that.   Is my profile.   Also I look offline but in my area. I rarely get asked out or hit on, so if someone ASKS I will say yes.
Since U Been Gone
Here's the thing we started off friendsIt was cool but it was all pretendYeah yeahSince U Been GoneYou dedicated you took the timeWasn't long till I called you mineYeah YeahSince U Been GoneAnd all you'd ever hear me sayIs how I pictured me with youThat's all you'd ever hear me sayBut Since U Been GoneI can breathe for the first timeIm so movin onYeah yeahThanks to youNow I getWhat I wantSince U Been GoneHow can I put it? you put me onI even fell for that stupid love songYeah yeahSince U Been GoneHow come I'd never hear you sayI just wanna be with youI guess you never felt that wayBut Since U Been GoneI can breathe for the first timeIm so movin onYeah yeahThanks to youNow I get what I wantSince U Been GoneYou had your chance you blew itOut of sight, out of mindShut your mouth I just can't take itAgain and again and again and againSince U Been GoneI can breathe for the first timeIm so movin onYeah yeahThanks to you (thanks to you)Now I get what I wantI can breathe for the first timeIm s
One Question...
Now that I've trimmed down my friends list, I thought it'd be a good time to get to know you a bit better. And what better way to do that than by giving you the chance to tell me what you'd like to know? So here goes... You have one question. Ask me anything you want. I won't give out my full name, address, phone #, and bank account numbers. But anythng else I'll answer honestly as best I can. So who's going to be first? :-D 
Loaning People Money
There was this guy who supposedly loved me more than anyting.. I was all he ever wanted..  That is until I sent him money to buy food and smokes.   Then all of a sudden he didnt want anyting to do with me and was buying ability bling for himself and his new girlfriend left and right!!!!! He couldnt afford food but by damn he could buy special abilitis!! ANYWAY... I asked my friend .... (since he also blocked me) to ask mr K to send me my money back.. His reply was.. she has my number.. if she wants anything she can call me.. and then proceeded to say that I should have some class!!   Well.. let me just say this... I learned my lesson.. and if what he did to me is having class.... I DONT  WANT  ANY!!!!
 I feel at times as if I am all but lost to this world. Wondering whether the very next day will even allow me to open my eyes to the sun shinning outside. Asking myself if I even truly want them open. Seems as of this life of mine is but only a joke. Never knowing from one minute to the next if I will be able to force myself to carry on, or just let the sands of life slip through mt hands, as I slowly evaporate into dust. Going back unto the earth from which I came. maybe some time in the near future, I can have an answer to the one question that always lingers within my mind. Is this the day I shall actually feel loved and complete????    PJ Page  3/25/2012
Everything She Was Not
Most people, have a plan. I just do, the best I can. Trying to give what I never had, to my little girl. So she'll never have to live, inside my world. I'm not sure what to do, trying to get it right. My life taught me what not to, it was worth the fight. To protect her, and watch her grow. Into someone, the world will know. When she gets to be my age, she can say this is what I was taught. All because my mom wanted me to be, everything she was not.
I'm About To Do All Of The Things I've Dreamed Of And I Don't Even Miss You At All :)
Do you love yourself more than the person your with? I’m not with anyoneIs there someone who when they call you drop what your doing to see them? Nooope. He's never done the same for me, not that I ever asked, but yeah hahaDoes your favorite song remind you of someone? No, its just really pretty. Has a lot of heart and meaning, and I can appreciate it. Could be something I would want to show someone else if I wanna ever express my feelings to them.Do you believe in marriage? Umm. Sure, I just don't believe its for me. What’s your favorite kind of music? Don't really have a favoriteDo you ever hear a song and think it was written to explain your situation? Not really, I mean, I can relate to some songsHave you ever been to the beach? YepHave you ever dated someone who was married? Nope.Do you feel like your the one who gives the most in your relationship? Umm. Not really. Like, I don't even really wanna express any real feelings until the other person does, and when I feel m
Bad Cop
        Me and my partner were going to a residence of a known drug dealer to apprehend him. As we bust down the door, he and his girlfriend begin to run out the back door. We pursue them, jumping over and stepping on trash and clutter. By this time, another cop had shown up and he and my partner both corner this drug pusher in the backyard. I tackled his girlfriend and was straddling her back, pinning her to the ground. She really didnt seem to care because she was wiggling her butt saying "Oh be rough with me, I like it!". I look over towards the drug dealer, who is being held at gun point and say "Tell us where the drugs are!". He replied "I will never tell!". By this time he is getting very agitated. I then say to him, "Well then, if you're not gonna tell us, then perhaps you might enjoy watching me have my way with your girl here". He didn't seem to care all that much, as if not giving up the location of the drugs were more important. I asked my partner for a condom and he hands m
2 Sides To A Story Right ?
As George Zimmerman's supporters work to stem the rising tide of public outrage aimed at the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin last month, a new picture of the victim—culled from the 17-year-old's Facebook and Twitter accounts and witness testimony—has emerged. "With a single punch," the Orlando Sentinel, citing police sources, reported Monday, "Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer ... climbed on top of [him] and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered." "That is the account Zimmerman gave police," the paper said, "and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say." Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, says that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and is not a racist as some have portrayed him. "I think we need to let the investigation come forward and let all the facts in this case come out," Sonner said on the "Today" show. "I think it's going to tell a diff
To Feel My Love
The feeling of belonging the feeling of love the joy to have some one to share your deepest desires with, the touch that can move you, the warmth that holds you, the kiss that makes the world disappear just when you thought the end was near a dance to remember so light as the air the look as if two souls reunited, the way ur touch is as chills run down my spine wondering if its real or just my imagination, to make me smile as if my world was complete the feeling of belonging is some thing beyound unique to have you in my life is just what i need.To show you the love as it truely is, to show you i can take away your fears.Have no doubts as to how it should feel as i look in your eyes it makes my heart melt.I long for your touch to feel me so, as we leave this world with the embrace of warth right to the soul. To have dreams of your face to feel you in my arms as if we are all that exsist.Come to me my love,my heart, let me make you whole, give into me as if it wasnt a question, as i clo
Men And Their Twig And Berries
I am just as naughty as anyone I have ever found....but seriously....if I have never talked to you....the last thing I want to see is your dick.  Someone checks out my profile, I go for a visit to theirs. Take a gander at their pics and bam! Cock shots. Like really?  Just out there for the world to see. It's rather pathetic. At least leave something to the imagination. If I have already uncovered the package without the buildup.....boring!!!   To top it...most dicks look the same. Some are smaller, some are bigger, some are wider, and some are just plain pitiful..but the basic form is always the same. I'm not going to look at your dick and say oh damn, that makes me want to touch myself.  And any girl who tells you probably lying to you. Haha.   May sound silly, but what makes me want to touch myself...seduce my mind. No hey hey sexy...or any of that shit. Fuck, if I want to be talked to like a prostitute, I'd put myself on the street corner and charge idiots f
72% Of Men Prefer Video Games   LMAO! This reminds me of men on POF, who play WoW. They'd rather meet me at a coffeehouse. Maybe 10 mins, then it's back to WoW. Do they really think this behavior is hot or sexy? Why bother? I installed a trial for this guy. WoW bored me to tears.   If you'd rather play WoW, fine, go ahead. Don't get pissed when I won't date you. I have needs and expectations.
Love For You....
Hear Me Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After all of the bullshit events from last night, I think its only fair, to know what kind of person you are ripping when you say things you know nothing about, in MuMMs. I would post the link but don't really feel like wasting my time and anyways, the damage has been done.    People say traumatized kids never forget and it's the truth. The following event are very true and I do have proof of the majority of them and the others, well do a brain scan or polygraph or even hypnotize me and you will see that the rest is very true too.  None of this, no matter how horrid and unGodly it is, was made up.   I was born in 1969 and my mom was always high on drugs when she was pregnant with me and my other sister, Julie (you will know more about her in a minute). Right after I was born, mom got pregnant again, with Julie Christine. I have 2 brothers older than me and one younger and, well, besides Julie, there was Lisa Marie (also younger) When I was 7 months old, I almost died (I should hav
man some toddlers at an early age a extremely advanced in skills like walking like my son fer example he is only nine months old and he is already walking all on his own he just stud up one day n walked across the room like he'd been doing it fer months n didn't miss a step man its crazy how fast they grow up rite in front of u
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Hear Me Now!!!!!!!!!!!! Pt 2
So, if you read the blog from yesterday, you would know that I was raped two times before I was 10 years old (well actually more if you consider the constant 6 years from my oldest brother). I remember sitting in the bus line in the school gymnasium, flirting with the guys back then, two of them being Brian Miller and Greg Nevins. They were kinda obscene back in the day, but then again, what little 10 year old boys aren't curious? I was the youngest in my class through out school because I started school when I was 4. Mom figured it was a way to keep from looking after me and my dad was in another state and my stepdad was a drunk and my two older brothers were in and out of Juvee homes more than they were at home.  My grandma's house was the only stable environment I had and she died when I was 5. Me and my grandma did a lot together. We used to fish, hunt snakes (for the skins and meat), she taught me how to cook, quilt, read, whistle (I know that doesn't sound like much but when you
A Womans Prayer
As I lay me down to sleep Lustful houghts of you I keep For in my fantasy One day I will find A sexy stud that blows my mind He'll whip the meat and beat the cream over and over until I scream tried out new condoms and flavored lotions we get to practicing that in and out motion would I could lie back and think you insert 2 fingers into my silky folds of pink hands on counter legs parted wide I feel ur breath on my neck and your cock plunge inside slap my ass so hard it stings the pain the pleasure the wetness it brings hear my moans hear my cries feel the wetness between my thighs its tight its heaven but oh so hot wild in our frenzy, you give it all you got one more thrust and I feel you flex we think to ourselves as we are cumming wow what incredible sex satisfied our lusty appetites been fed
So Many Years Has Passed And We Meet Again!!!
As most of you know I am from Southern Alabama (Hell Yeah)That will always be home!!! Well here's the thing I have been a member of fubar for quite along time. Also I have a Facebook account for along time, Mainly family and friends I have known personally throughout my life. And its how I keep up with my kids, family etc.. Well about 2 months ago I had a friend contact me on facebook, My best friend I have know since I was 9, Man was that a mind blower and as she come along, along come a few more, Now I have not seen my best friend in over 20 years.....Yeah that a long time. I have let myself go with some of the medical issues I have, But Lately I have been doing things to improve myself. I am not what you call a skinny girl, But I am also not a big girl, guess you can say I am inbetween.. Well I have made plans to see her and some of my long lost childhood friends the weekend after the 4th of july...I am so excited!!! I know she will accept me however I am, But I just want to bet
The Redeemed - My Story
    The Redeemed Considering the fact that I am indeed a sinful man, unable to change my nature at all; the only recourse I have to avoid the penalty that I rightfully deserve is made possible for me by the One who made me.  Considering the Holy Scripture as being the source of all truth, I’ve chosen to call the One who made me God Almighty.   Considering the Word of truth as being Holy and Righteous, I’ve chosen to follow the guidance of the Word and surrender my mind, my body and my soul to God as my rightful service.  Accepting the gift of Salvation offered to me by God through belief in His Son Jesus Christ. My Lord.   My current condition is as one who has been redeemed from the penalty that I rightfully deserve.  Having made this choice freely and without any reservation, I’ve accepted the conditions that come along with it.  My flesh cannot and will not honor my decision, consequently; a battle takes place each time I awake from my rest.  And my flesh ha
I forgot the silence of sunrise when I first saw that sallow moon.Sick. Yellowed. Sinking. Slinking behind whispering shadows and clinging talons of dry starving brambles.I felt a sinister baleful glimpse of an old god, felt the goosebumpy spidercrawl of spit down my parched and empty throat and drew the slack leash of my hound tight aroung my wrist.Bolt.Drag.Or barrelled down by this wicked omenI wasn't sure.She felt it too.Planted still, rooted to the moment of pre-eminent fear and squelched oblivion.I felt it like a footfall.An encroaching and confident stranger landing softly under the bad moon's blessing.We knew to step back.Retreat.Flee.Run!But the moment held, like cold hands around our ankles.And the fear of knowing struck us dumb.Another step from the altar.Another dark divine caress against good, and humble things.What dawn could come of this?What light could purge such a putrid, impenetrable marsh of unhallowed night?Creeping, licking, choking closer like cackling conflagrat
When I'm Hurting
WHEN I'M HURTINGIt's easier for you to walk away, than it is for you to reach out to me.It's easier for you to look away, than it is for you to see the depth of my despair.It's easier for you to look through me, than it is for you to see "me."It's easier for you to distance yourself, than it is for you to really care.It's easier for you to hear, than it is for you to listen.It's easier for you to judge, than it is for you to understand.It's easier for you to label, than it is to get acquainted.It's easier for you to bask in your joy, than it is for you to feel my pain.It's easier for you to bewilder at my mysteries, than it is for you to probe deeply into the depths of my soul.It's easier for me to look away, than it is to let you see the feelings betrayed through my eyes.It's easier for me to cry, than it is for me to talk.It's easier for me to walk alone, than it is to risk rejection.It's easier for me to push you away, than it is for me to be held.It's easier for me to distance myse
I'm The Asshole...
Don't you just love it when someone goes on vacation, lists you in their e-mail response as the person to contact for emergencies, and then you are the asshole for saying: "I'd appreciate it if you would tell me you are going to be out office, and also if you plan on putting me down as your backup"
Vacation Time :)
As many of you are well aware of - my husband is in Afghanistan until late October/November and I've been using Fu to occupy my mind. However, within the next month or so - I will be travelling, A LOT and will not have time for Fu. I'm done playing the rank game for a while, but will have my sis turn on the occasional famp for my fam. Y'all can feel free to remove me from your fams in the meantime - I won't be upset over it(:. Those of you I love and care for have my personal cell number and or yim sn and I will be keeping in touch with you. It's been fun y'all, thank you for all the crazy love lately(: Stay beautiful
The Bitching Hour
I want to set one fucking thing straight. I DONOT create the fucking drama on here. It is the jealous ass bitches that seem to not have a fucking life on here that they thrive on the bullshit. Now I do stand up for myself or attack back, once attacked. It is not in me to let shit slide sometimes. Not once have I said anything to anyone just out of the fucking blue ON HERE, So stop lying to make yourself look good when in fact your a scared pussy. There will be a reason behind the fucking shit I say or do. I despice the childish ass games that some of you play on here and some of you are old enough to my motherfucking MOMMY. Deal with your own shit and stay the fuck out of mine. So tired of oh she said this or that, you fucking right I said it, but it is after you open your big fucking mouth and decided to make me your conversation piece of the day. I have let pretty much a lot of it slide and just ignore your silly ass. Get on down the fucking road and deal with your own insecuri
Banking The Right Way..
I've know Donna Robertson for a number of years as she's the woman from the bank in charge of my family's mortgage. I actually haven't seen Donna in a couple of years since the death of my father. Thus, it was a bit surprising when Donna showed up at the house. I suspected there had to be something wrong for Donna to make a visit to the house and I was right. My mother's company had been cutting back on her hours and apparently, my mother had been having problems maintaining the payments. I told Donna of not knowing of what to do, especially as I wasn't even schedule for graduation from high school for a couple of years. Donna said she was aware of my situation as her daughter, Stephanie, who graduated the previous year went on a date with me. Donna said Stephanie told her of how I was a perfect gentleman and only wished she had met me sooner. Donna smiled and said she knew of how I could help my mother, but this was if I was willing to be the good son and do everything. Donna said for
Anger Makes You Smaller, While Forgiveness Forces You To Grow Beyond What You Were!
I've gotten an idea on how to get over this pain..writing a blog about domestic abuse and my experience. I will not mention any names, but for 3 long volatile and tumultuous years I endured what I do not wish on my worst enemy.And even though I've moved on and in a happier place at the moment, I feel that this bullshit still lingers within me and I need to get it out there and out of my system! Abuse comes differently to everyone, every relationship is different, none the less until you walk in that person's shoes you have no right to judge or criticize what that other person has been through. I suffered the mental, physical and emotional abuse that had me question who I was. I use to be this strong woman who knew what she wanted in life but the abuse ripped that away from me. He made me feel worthless as a  mother, a friend and a human being and  I ask myself why did I allow all that? That's is because I allowed him to control me. I knew there was issues from the very beginning but I
Top Ten Zombie Movies
10-Doghouse...British zomedy(zombie comedy) about a group of guys who take a trip to the British countryside and find that when they get there all the men are dead, and all the women are zombies, hilarity ensues. 9-Day Of The Dead...Not the recent garbage remake with zombies that crawl on ceilings, the Romero one taking place in a underground military bunker of sorts, with Bubba the zombie. Heeelllloooooooo, is anyone there. 8-Quarantine...People say it's not a zombie movie, well lets see...Small group of survivors-check, people turned into something that wants to eat and maim them-check, and that's really all I need, it's a zombie movie, and a bad ass one at that. 7-Land Of The Dead...Romero again, taking place in what looks like the very near future, it shows the zombies picking up old human habits, and is the first in the series to have somewhat of a main zombie character. 6-Return Of The Living Dead...Putting itself sort of in the same world as Night Of The Living Dead, it's th
My inner demons and the endless blackness of evil Fear Hate and ugliness Everything I had been taught to despise Are the things that I transformed into strength for my survival The absolute truths that was depended upon for creation Became opposites and changed me Molded me into something I hated But had to embrace Sadness all consuming surmounted with the hopes and dreams of all weighs heavily on my soul hand in hand with regret for the generations having to bear witness of my pain Love and hate  become one to fullfill destiny and complete the plan.     By- Senta Scott
Peg Leg
a convo in my sb with my bestie Bestie: my foot hurts cut it off Me: ok cmere  Bestie: *plants foot in front of ya* Me: *kisses it better and smiles* Bestie: cut it :P Me: No :P Bestie: dont really need a foot and i could make a peg leg work Me: chicks love scars youd pull heaps of chicks with a peg leg Bestie: they dig the wood 
I stole this from my Wifey, aka Per, aka the most wonderful woman in the world:   Write me a private message to my inbox, with a number as the subject line.   I will answer your question truthfully in my status.   It's fun: people try to figure out what the question is and who asked it. makes for interesting statuses.   Ok, now....GO!!
Murphy's Laws Of Combat Operations
Murphys Law of Combat Operations: 1. Friendly fire - isn't.2. Recoilless rifles - aren't. 3. Suppressive fires - won't. 4. You are not Superman. (Marines and fighter pilots, please take note.) 5. A sucking chest wound is Nature's way of telling you to slow down. 6. If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid. 7. Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo and not want to waste a bullet on you. 8. If at first you don't succeed, call in an air strike. 9. If you are forward of your position, your artillery will fall short. 10. Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than yourself. 11. Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself. 12. Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder. 13. If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush. 14. The enemy diversion you're ignoring is their main attack. 15. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions:      a. When they're ready.      b. When you're not. 16. No OPLAN ever survives initial contact.
Lovin And Haven Some Fun
want to me friends on fubar    
As some of you know, my brother passed way when I was 4 months pregnant with my oldest son. He had a little girl and I'd only seen her at his funeral. Well, it's been 10 years and I've found her on facebook. I did send her a request, which she accepted. I just don't know how or if I should bring up my brother, her father.  It's really nice seeing pictures of her and seeing my brother. She looks a lot like him.   Any advice?
My World
The world is falling apart around me Uncertainty is what follows me Hope gets lost in the shuffle As doubrs run deep in my veins Patience is lost While positivve slightly glimmers With each struggle Comes a dose of strength As I fight to get through  Yet another day My friends are reminders Of the possibilities That have yet to come Steadfast and true Beacons of light Through the dark days My world is slowly  Being put back together Adventures are what lay ahead Nothing more can be said I will take the path before me Hope and pray against all odds I find my niche in the world around me Even though it seems to fall apart
Stupid Encounter #84
Ok... so it's been awhile since I posted anything that screams stupid... but today I got one! Now you ither got to be hitting that midlife crisis or you are just fu'ed out either way... I read this twice and I'm still fu-confussed...  I think Im more fu confussed then that time Souless Basturd posted all the shit on Blue eyes... and my God I never seen so many I Love You's of stupid in my life... but that's neither here or there... the compacity of brain cells it takes to Fu this and Fu that is unexplainable. I still am yet to understand if this is serious or just mental... honestly life is to short to sit and ponder it as I read it 100x over till I understand. So... without further fubar fu out of controllness and fu-fuckturds of fu fu fu little bunny fu fu... la la la... you can read this and explain to me what the hell is going on... I tried talking to this guy after he sent it and his reply was: iC51NerdGo...: That story was soooo out there lol Im confussed you:yes I just wis
Distance Never Separates
Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself of how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.
Cherry Inferno Achievement
Way I figure it there is a 30 second delay between bomb's and if done perfect you could get 120 albums in an hour. So way I figure it is to have 120 people add me to thier families that way I won't lose time redoing someone. as you can only bomb one album per person. If you want to be bombed add me as family  for this weekend planning on doing it once I get 119 different people.
You Wouldn't Say That To Her In Person
You know, at least 5 to 6 times a day on here I come across a comment on some chicks pics, or status that just wouldn't fly in the real world. Tell me, would you seriously walk up to a female, say at a bar, or a party, and say "can I cum on your face" or "I would love to eat your pussy". I mean I'm not the best with women, I'm a big nerd, who loves his games, comics, and anything else nerd related, BUT, I do know how to talk to a woman, without asking her to let me leave my knuckle babies on her face. I bet 75% of you guys who leave those comments would never even have the courage to walk up to a woman and start a real conversation, so why would you up and shoutbox a chick on here and throw your shitty porn game at them, it's beyond me. Honestly that's something you save for the bedroom, IF she's even into that sort of thing. Hey maybe some chicks do like getting those kind of messages, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that if she does indeed like that kind of thing, s
Unbreakable chains got ahold of you As the sins of lust take control of me Penetrating the dark, piercing my heart  Your in my veins you flow thru me Temptress of love, coldhearted not from above Your false intentions I fail to see Satan's daughter, Bedeviled is she Pleasured by your pain filled ecstasy Under erotic breasts aflame Hauntingly calls out your name Hypnotized by her eyes How you'd love to spread her thighs Taste the poison that lies within Over and over and over again Stalking each night The hunger inside to taste the flesh In the darkness sweet delight as you try to catch your breath Devouring souls that walk astray praying not to catch her eye Haven't got a prayer when trapped in her lair As you try to run you cannot hide
Like breaking through a sound barrier,  Pain, too, has a limit;  Exquisite, like an orchid, So overwhelming, it can't get scarier,  You hit  It  Head on, an explosion Of darkness and a taste of steel  (Or is it blood, baby? Do I still have enough to bleed?) This is it, the end of the road,  The steering wheel Digging in your chest,  You've given your best,  And it wasn't enough,  End of a life and an end  To a boundless love.    Fear is leaving you, draining Like oil from a junk car;  Only bare soul remaining.   Surprise!  You're still here, standing. Do you think this will leave a scar? Welcome to the other side, baby,  There's nothing here to lose, And what happens next, baby? Safety net that's been choking you Has been denied and refused:   Future's for you to choose.  
  Rhythm of life,  Unfolding as it should,  Missing you Without knowing you,  How could It be?   I must trust My heart,  It hasn't led me wrong,  I must have the faith In my own melody,  My song.   You fulfil me Without a single touch,  Across the miles  I go on a hunch,  Flying the way a raven flies To your side,  Using nothing but my intuition As my guide.   Don't fail me now,  Sixth sense,  As I have lowered My each defense.   And if I walk Right into world of hurt?  At least I tried,  At least I heard Again the music  Of love and joy,  And after all,  I've nothing to destroy.     Facing pain again,  I gain new wings,  My feathers are                                                                  getting dusty,  I'll trust the winds,  And let my soul Fly as it wills,  Until my spirit Burns out and stills.    
Ummm...we Gotta Talk About You And Your Profile
Ok, can't wait to see who gets bent after reading this. I'm sure I'll be called sexist or something to that effect. But, I call 'em as I see 'em..... I've been back a few weeks after taking a break and rejoining. Some of the same silly stuff is still here.....starting with: Calling yourself sexy:just because "sexy" is in your nic, it doesn't mean you're sexy, in fact most I wouldn't consider, nor a lot of folks. Calling yourself bisexual doesn't make you sexier nor better looking either. Ladies, when a guy has a fantasy about being with two bi-women, it entails both women are GOOD LOOKING. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of cute ones, but if they're bi, eh, what's the point.... Sucking on things: it doesn't make you look sexy, it makes you look hungry. Posting naked pics of yourself: well, it'll certainly get you noticed by guys that haven't kissed a girl yet, however a lot of guys(me included) find that just plain stupid. I find it a huge turnoff. Seriously, what ever happen
The Unexpected
When I least expected  You came into my life You taught me how to love again Just when I thought it could never be You walked in and took my breath away There's been alot of hurt and pain But you take it away by a simple kiss Never in my life have I ever expected to fall So much in love I never expected to have a love As strong as our unexpected love.
Always On My Mind
Always on my mind Your face, your touch, your voice Echoing deeply within my heart Converting each cell in my body Each day we spend together Each hour we talk Each minute I hear your voice Each second you're in my head Has me falling completely in love with you You are engrained in me Written By T.L.K. January 2004
Another Time Another Place
Somewhere within me In a much hidden space are the memories of another time another place There is a war I am Losing it Lost within my dreams are locked everything that I am and she is screaming at the top of her lungs clawing for release that never will come Fragile yet intense only ricepaper thickness  between sanity and going insane lost and confused but by no means weak only a Queen without the King The scales of balance are so tipped only One will bring balance Lost in the dust mummif
What is this hard, jagged thing on my face?Was it there before? Or was I someone else?Maybe a piece came off.A rip.A tear.A wanton thread stripped down my head,or a constant reminder of the worst of me.Dead skin furrows, folds of limp muscle and severed sinew.A lumpy, cackling weight pressing into a blind eye.Swollen.Heavy.Dragging.Pulling me into my hands.Knees.Defeated.Homely.Shattered.Ugly.
Make 'em Your Bitch!!
If someone likes to push you around, and say you're not worth it. Don't you for a second, give into that shit. Love doesn't hurt, and that's the damn truth. It is bright and colorful, not meant to bruise. Your face, your heart, your life or soul. Smiling, living happy, should be the goal. Because you ARE worth, so much more. Than cleaning up your own blood, off the floor. I'm telling you this, because I've been there before. I've been behind the closed fist, the one on the ground. Crying blood tears, with no one around. But I refused, to let them win. And no one will ever, touch me again. I don't have to hate, in-order to succeed. Because in life, there are no guarantee's. I have beaten them, at their own game. And they will never again, abuse my name. Because I live happy, smile, hold my head up high. Looked at him from the bars of his cell, right in the eyes. Knowing I put him where I had been, for so long. If I had given up, I would have gott
Our I Love You's Part 4
Starting way back then something was planted and has grown tall and proud, I feel the strength  and have touched the pride I just want to fuckin' shout it out loud!! You know I get to keep you in my heart, our I love you's will keep us together baby nothing will tear us apart.
Everyone Tells You You Deserve Better
Everyone tells you you deserve better, but then no one is willing to give it to you. Most people are only concerned with their own heart, they don't care if they break yours. It's so ironic. The people in my life who say, 'I'm always going to be here for you.' are the ones that walk away first    
All of my siblings are significantly older than me, so I never really witnessed first hand sibling rivalry or interactions.  My children are relatively close in age, and watching them is an endless source of amusement.     Yesterday, you'da thunk world war three was breaking out in their bedroom.  "I hate you!"   "I hate you back!"  "You're so mean to me!"  "You always get everything, and I get nothing!"  "Ima gonna kick you!"  "MOOOOMMMMM!!!!"     ....  Putting away laundry this morning, I found those two asleep ON THE FLOOR next to each other, so close their noses are touching. ...  why?  because sleeping in their beds, they felt too lonely without one another.  
My Girl ...
To be with you ... Each night as I lay myself to sleep I think of you and marvel at the love I feel so deep All I ever want is to be with you To take a walk hand in hand along life's avenue To gaze into your eyes and see the love that shines through To feel your arms around me, when I'm down and blue All I ever want is to be with you To hear you whisper in my ears silly words to bring me cheers All I ever want is to be with you To share a life that's bright and new To go through life knowing that I'm not alone Assured that with you I found my home All I ever want is to be with you
Your Crushes: How To Find Out Who They Are (if You Can)
Apparently if you're high enough level (I'm told 30 or higher) , you can find out your crushes by spending an ability point. There's a link for this under "My Love Connections" (ick.. :) ) at the side of the screen, or just go to and see (again, it does cost an ability point...)
The Dungeon
Dungeon PleasuresSweeping down a dusty hall leading to an immense room lit by nothing but torches. You see a stone lined room with chains and shackles adorning the walls. The smell is musty and dry with a hint of moss and rust from the iron bars at all the windows. The gentle sunlight streaming through the windows gave the room a warm yet gentle glow.Standing by the larger window is a Iron Maiden open and rusted with a rack next to the ajoining wall.In walks a tall handome man with really long black hair with a Vampiric look about Him. Pale skin that looked almost transparent.  He almost had an aura about Him of pure evil and lust. We shall all Him Mason. He sat on the large wooden almost throne like chair. His Masulinity seeping from every pore in His being. He reached over and rang a bell that was next to Him on a small yet sturdy table. He was calling His Slave, Sub that kinda thing.There was a commotion in the hallway and in walked a Petite Redhead, We Shall call Her Sarah. She was
(how To) Determine Browsers
(How To) Determine BrowsersIn todays time browsers have become the most esential tool used to get on the web (or internet as some call). Browsers are the beacon in which Searches, Websites and other web related functions are used (ex. Phone Apps, Cellular Data, etc...) Each of us uses a browser (whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome). There are things the user knows offhand but there are also alot of things people don't know that either elude them or they just either don't care or don't want to know.This blog will include the following:List the major browsers used todayExplain how each browser is implementedCommonly Used BrowsersGecko BasedFirefox
Games For Autism Speaks!!!!!!
Game Galaxy will be hosting an event on April 28th that will include our Arcade Museum ($10 at the door, all games in the museum on freeplay until close), a huge fighting game tournament (see below), and special guests the Modified Dolls of Tennessee will be joining us! A percentage of entry fees from the Museum will go to fight Autism which is separate from the cover/entry charges of the tournament. Saturday, April 28th Location: Game Galaxy ArcadeInside Hickory Hollow Mall upstairs (park and enter near the food court for closest entrance)5252 Hickory Hollow ParkwayAntioch, TN 37013 Games: 12pm-KOF XIII (360 + PS3) 2pm-SFAEv2012 (360) ? (Time TBA) – Blazblue: CSIIE (360 + PS3) 4pm-SFXT (360) 5pm-Soul Calibur V (360) 6pm-Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3-(360) Fees/Payouts: $10 cover, $10 entry per game (all payouts 70/20/10 split) PLEASE BE ON TIME AND PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER/JOYSTICK/PS converter; etc Any questions, feel free to contact us:615-731-1500
I Will Wait
I like those that like me, I like those that might not see I'm not perfect I am not even plain. I am nothing but a lost soul, a figment out of control a nightmare without a name. Pro's out weigh the con's, I won't think of any turn on's they don't make any sense. Without you my reason is dim, why I'm out on a limb just like limbo on the fence. I want to feel your over all heat, from your head to you hot feet join me for together we rock. Every tiny touch is felt, seeing you makes me melt my tunnel wants your cock. Minutes with you I enjoy, your my man, your my boy I will wait for you. One minus one is none, one plus one is fun my dream is 4u2 want me 2.
Mind, Body And Soul ...
I long to look into your eyes, to feel your hands touch my face, your breathe against my mouth before our lips meet, your tongue swirling, dancing with mine, to feel your hands run thru my hair, down over my shoulders, the electricity of your touch through my clothes, the lustful smile as you unbutton my top, to feel the warmth of your fingertips finally against my tingling skin as they caress over the curve of my breasts, your palms brushing over aroused nipples, my intake of breathe as my longing increases ... to feel those lips kissing across my neck working down slowly over my collar bone then taking one nipple at a time between your teeth, teasing, nibbling at me, your hands massaging softly ... and to have my hands holding you right there, fingers in your hair whispering how much I’ve longed for this moment ... to finally feel fulfilled, comfortable in the arms of the woman I long for ... to have found my true home ... I long for you and for the day I give myself to you
Mine Forever
Mine Forever     Walking down a cold dark hall Water dripping down moistened walls The stinch of death fills the air Walking through cobwebs, they stick in my hair Reaching the end I quiver in fear Knowing the pain awaiting me is near Standing at the entrance of a dark cold room and in the middle a large old tomb I slowly enter my body shaking in fear Hearing strange voices whisper in my ear Looking around scared to death Then on my neck I feel his breath Smelling his scent; so sweet so strong
A Poem I've Written
“HOLDING YOU” By: Carl E. Ingram Holding you will be delightful For me and you. Holding you is the rightful Thing I possibly could do. Holding you in my arms Will be a blast. Holding you under the moon and stars Wouldn’t be the last. Holding you next to a stream Will make me nappy. Holding you until you dream Will make me happy. Holding you really tight Hope our love will start a pile. Holding you lovely tonight Would make me smile. Holding you would make sure I have you in every part. Holding you would be a pleasure That I will cherish in my heart.
Me Standing in the middle of no where Trying to let out a scream Nothing comes out I just want to shout The pressure is building up inside of Me Like a raging can of bumblebees The pain is intense  I need to let it out I pray to Odin every night Oh please let Me shout Let it all out  I can't Cry I don't know why The tears just won't fall Not this time, maybe not at all. I don't know what to do maybe sit an stew So not my style this is going to take a while  So I'm gonna keep it Dweazy Take it easy. Be the Duchess  Fuck the rest I am Me This is who I should be If You don't like Me then leave Me be If You hate Me then stay away If You love Me then never Stray I will always Be Impy.  Yeah I maybe moody I maybe broody But this pain is So crazy It makes my brain feel hazy Just help me heal  So I can deal. Back to being Me  And who I should Be
Submissive Bitch
The gentle touch as you lubricate my hole The excitement building I'm so turned on by the all that has happened Now you are going to fuck my ass hole You pull me into a doggie position Commenting on me being your bitch Taking your position I feel your cock I hold my breath knowing what is to come Gently but firmly you move just enough To let the head slide in My nipples tingle as they sway with the clamps in place I hear the chains that hold my wrist together Your force increases, I breath slow Not wanting to resist Knowing the pain that that would bring You pull my hair My head falls back Take it you bitch you say As harder you push And into my arse your cock disappears Your movements are slow But they are determined My arse belongs to you I feel the resistance in my arse Crying out not to let you in But I am your submissive I have no right to say no And so I let my muscles relax I let my body go And so you fuck my arse Getting deeper with each thrust I feel my passion growing As my a
Frozen Water Fantasies Part 2
Frozen Water FantasiesChapter Two~Ragdoll~His grip on my hand was firm, authoratative. There was no thought of turning back now. That primal instinct that I was hoping to take over in him, was now fully evident! He wore it like a well tailored suit. The look in his eyes , unmistakable. I was to be branded as his. I looked down at his magnificient body, engulfed in the fullness of manly arousal. My mind still in a quasi rum limbo, but not enough to quell from within me the deep yearning lust for his strong defined body. He spied the rum glass beside the bed, and shot back at me a wondering, almost questioning look. He scooped me up with both of his masculine arms, cradling me gently the last few steps to his bed. Laying me down , he removed from me the silken teddy I had worn for him , and only him. He then reached for the last remaining ice cubes in the glass. His lips so very chilled against my neck. Holding the cube carefully in between his teeth he proceeded slowly from my neck to m
Bucket List
Yeah, it's kind of an overdone theme.  But you know what?  I don't care.  I've done some cool things in my life.  Staked out parties with a paint ball gun shooting at the obviously drunk idiots driving, running through unplowed corn fields from those drunk dudes whose pants were around their ankles (funny story--ask me about it sometime, you'll get a good laugh).  Snorkeling Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef with hammerheads swimming 20 feet below.  Abseiling in New Zealand (got rid of my fear of heights and found my freedom).  Tubing down raging rivers.  Kayaking across little lakes.  Played "Wipeout" behind Dad's speedboat on the tube (record is 5 cartwheels across the top of the water before biting it).  Walked in a volcano in New Zealand.  Watched the sunrise in Montreal.  The random donuts I did in uninhabited developments in the winter (front wheel drive cars WILL do forward donuts--FYI).  Extreme fourwheeling (had the truck on her side using tree trunks for traction
I Don't Believe In Evolution
I don’t believe in evolution.  I can hear what you are thinking: "Is he an idiot or something? He still doesn’t believe in evolution?!"   But here’s the thing: evolution is a scientific theory, same as the theory of gravity, germ theory, cell theory, quantum theory, theory of relativity and many others.  Unlike religion, science doesn’t work with "beliefs". You take the facts supporting the theory and compare those with facts that do not support the theory. Then you decide if the theory is correct or perhaps you should improve the theory, choose an alternate theory or scrap the whole thing altogether.    And the theory of evolution has literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of scientifically validated observations and experiments supporting it. You have scientific articles, monographs, experiments (yes, there are MANY experiments on evolution), observations and so forth.  And now we take the facts not supporting or invalidating the theory of ev
Since It Didn't Work The First Time.
My Haiku Diva Lighting up my darkest days You are amazing ♥
I'll Do Anything You Want....
I"ll do anything you want when the Moon goes down. I"ll do anything you want I can't say good bye. The Moon goes down on my face not knowing your name passing walls falling falling I'll do anything you want My heart falls apart the sky in boxes down so down I'll do anything you want when the Moon goes down so far away so far away without I never knew... By Christine
March Of Dimes!
I'm very excited to be a part of March for Babies this year!Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick. We're walking because we want to do something about this.The money we raise will support March of Dimes research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And it will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.Please join my team. You can do so on my team page. If you can't walk with us, please help the team reach our goal by making a donation. You can do that online as well.Thank you for helping me give all babies a healthy start!       Please stop by the site and make a donation no amount is to small every bit helps!
Complaints About Members Of The Opposite Sex.....and What I Think
  I commonly get asked for my advice about certain topics.  and I also hear a lot of complaints. In Particular about members of the opposite sex. here are some of the common complaints and my advice concearning them.     1.) Statement: "Men are all Liars and cheats and act like little boys" Truth:  Some men are all those things. But I also say inspect the person saying this. Typically, it is a women who has been in a bad relationship. Where the guy treated her like crap. I cant tell you how many times I have seen good, honest beautiful women hitch themselves to absolute loser scumbags. And of course, the guy who did it is to blame. But I also think the women who kept him around has just as much to blame. Common sense tells you if someone is treating you like crap, you dont keep them around. Most people cant hide the type of person they really are for very long. Sooner or later, your true colors come shining through. When it comes to dealing with people you have to use common sense
All About Me
My name is Bella-Lana Anna-Maria Christina Vista. And I am 19 years old. I am in collage and plan to be a doctor. I love to hang out with friends and meet new people. Family is my life!!!! Love to cook shop dance sing and much more :D I am Italian, Puerto Rican, White, and Black, Im that sexi mix ahhaha lol..... ima sweet hert if ur nice to me in return, ill always be near when u ned someone to talk to! So get at ya grl and learn about me some more
A Letter In The Lost Wallet!!!!!!!!!
A LETTER IN THE LOST WALLET!!As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I picked it up and looked inside to find some identification soI could call the owner. But the wallet contained only three dollars and acrumpled letter that looked as if it had been in there for years.The envelope was worn and the only thing that was legible on it was thereturn address. I started to open the letter, hoping to find some clue. ThenI saw the dateline--1924. The letter had been written almost sixty years ago.It was written in a beautiful feminine handwriting on powder bluestationery with a little flower in the left-hand corner. It was a "Dear John"letter that told the recipient, whose name appeared to be Michael, that thewriter could not see him any more because her mother forbade it. Even so, shewrote that she would always love him.It was signed, Hannah.It was a beautiful letter, but there was no way except for the nameMichael, that the owner could be i
More Selcetions
 ok I am an avid "poker" and I  don't know if this will do any good or if they will even see it but I think Fubar needs to give more selections on the pokes or maybe change or up date them  every so often ..maybe even put a box in there so you can fill in your own words I said  just a suggestion...but I know there are others out there that feel the same way   what do ya say Fubarians??
But Older Women Are Amazing....
But older Woman are Amazing ... Why do young man love older Woman.. Imagine tall dark women with you kissing you on the lips telling you things you will never forget... your brain is going crazy of love in the air of the night ... You hold her dear to your heart     Your mind is going specks of pictures of her in your mind you see your self making love to her in the night you taste her.. room hanging on going around around around...Your affirmations how are you now.
I know this is a topic that's far from applicable to me right now but a friend of mine asked me my opinion on it. She asked "Are you less of a person if you back out of a commitment you made, such as marriage, even if you tried as hard as you can to make it work? Remove the religious aspect of marriage. Take it simply as a contract.” It's a pretty tough question that I actually paused to think of what to answer. I didn't have a ready opinion on it. As I was thinking, she gave me her opinion. She said "I don't think that you'd be less of a person for doing that, assuming you really did try everything you could do to make it work. Life is short and you have to make the most of it. Why stay in the commitment just for commitment's sake?" I agree with it, just not completely. I feel that you would be less of a person simply because you should know what you're getting into right before the commitment. You should decide on entering something as great as a marriage thinking ahead, knowin
She... Me... I...
Where am I... ? Oh, there I am.. It's okay... I can come out now The storm is over He's gone How I get so lost Why I choose to hide Why I stop being me I haven't figured out I trust myself again When it's just me Alone... I make the right decisions I know what I want I am awesomely happy I listen to the music I enjoy I play the games I like I dress however I feel at the time I color my hair, in creative ways or not I shave or grow my hair, depending on the day I love bein
Stupid Encounter #90
9:59am BIGEVIL: wow you have lil scrawny arms but your totally cute lol 9:59am iC51NerdyB...: Hey... Dynamite comes in small packages 10:00am BIGEVIL: yea thats what they say 10:01am BIGEVIL: your far from nerdy though 10:02am iC51NerdyB...: Im so nerdy I should have been Bill Gates Daughter 10:03am BIGEVIL: I can assure you when I look at you the word nerd is the last thing on my mind but being bill gates daughter would make you very rich and even more attractive lol so hell go for it 10:09am iC51NerdyB...: I am a Web Developer and Graphic Artist I also know CAD like the back of my hand. I own 2 business... one in Web Design and one in Graphic Apparel... I can fix both Mac and PC's I make Computer Games I re configured Duck Hunt so you can shoot the dog, I am Fluent in Computer Programming as well as car mechanics I build Vortex Cannon's in my spare time and Doppler Radars. I weld, I collect Comic Books, play video Games and
Is It Perfection?
Beautiful disaster....A perfection of sins.A passion within....This is where it begins.Touching, caressing....whispered desires.Breathing, Feeling....Connection on a new level.Biting, licking...Kisses all around. Steady, Picking up rhythm....pure ecstasy.Explosion of desires....satisfaction on fire ...
Families And Sour Greedy Non Members
She have/had comment approval so she can weed out those comments that dont fit her whining :   HER MUMM : ( I tell you who if you ask...  ) Would you pay? created @ 04/21/2012 11:21 am expires in: 14 hrs [FRIENDS] Share this MuMM: Ok I am trying to level I need to rank top 100 rank of the day so I can finally leveled I noticed 1 of my friends has 5 Happy Hours today so Isaw 1 person having a Happy Hour so I emailed her privatily asked if there was a good deal we can do
Pet Peeves On Fu
Yes, fubar is fun, addictive... BUT here are my lil' PET PEEVES. (Disclaimer: I mean this in good fun btw) 1. Boobs, LOT'S of them, they crowd my visual landscape that is fubar, scroll across the header. Girls, women, in bras, tops pulled down to their navals. It's a gimmick, a desperate plea for attention. Yeah I have boobs too, but I'm a musician so I'm trying to be taken seriously lol 2. Bling Whores, who trade look see's for virtual bling. All shapes and sizes, ages. Bling packs for cam shows. o.O 3. Parents who put their children in their profile pics, or don't make it private. I have a child but won't post pics. Fubar is adult for a reason.  4. Guys who show their junk. They don't even bother to put NSFW. I have mine checked off, so no I don't want to see. Really. 5. Bands that vote for themselves. Come on...that's cheating...right? 6. People who start drama to start drama 7. Annoying profile updates like: "I'm full of cum, any girls want to see me shoot a load on cam?"
Give Me You
Bring me the sun And I’ll show you the night Bring me your love I’ll teach you to fight Adoration and hatred Are one in the same It is only the motivations That denote the change Bring me a star And I’ll show you the world Bring me your despair And hope is unfurled I exist to mend To restore and create Weaving frayed fibers To uphold your fate Bring me a rose And I’ll show you to give Bring me your passion I’ll teach you to live
I can't help the way I feel.Today or any other day.Up two hours too early.Lights aren't on.Birds are already doing that thing.There's a brief, futile argument over going back to bedor just eating breakfast that much earlier, and pretending all day that I meant to get an early start.Breakfast was a soggy bologne sandwich with more spent on the mustard than the bread and meat combined.A remnant of better times, and better tastes.Dog wants the other half.And she gets most of it.After a little work, and some dusky, stiff tea.I can't help the way I feel.Like a plucked pawnshop guitar.Fraying a little at the tight strings.Pulled a little too thin.Left a little hollow, and echoing in empty.Heavy hands on a fragile frame.Scratched up with character and hard times?Good times?Sold.Bartered.Bargained.Or just forgotten.Today was harder.I wanted to tell you everything on my mindeverything in my heart.But it was too god damn hard.And I was too god damn scared.Right, wrong, last time or this.Don't kn
Goddess Poem
Could You?
Could you be the one for me? You make me feel so wild and free, But yet there is a dark side, And I don’t want to be taken for a ride. I get so lost when I gaze into your eyes, And later wonder if you’ve been telling me lies. You make me feel the sparks of fire, But is it love or just desire? I like when we’re together And wish that this passion would last forever. I love to feel your arms around me so tight, But I wonder if what we’re doing is right. But these feelings come on so strong, How can we be wrong? I’ve never felt such a kiss And a touch that brings me such bliss. So, could you be the one for me?   Love this poem I found.
Journey In Life
Old Days/high Ramblings "untitled 3"
Im stuck on rhymin down to nickel and dimein  Dont try to chime in You got horrible timein dont fuckin try this or promise ill meet you with my fist dont pass me off as gone and shot off fuck it all thinkin you so tall thats how i managed to plant your ass against that wall without a care i told  you not to go there but you took that chance not my fault you pissin ur pants doin a dance  tryin to front a strong stance take two steps back cuz you definitely off track and youll never make it back go ahead and just admit im the boss
Tips For Lounge Owners
OK, I'm going to be as nice as I can. It's 2 AM and I'm... well me.   First off, using SAM and autoDJ is the laziest fucking thing I've ever seen. It used to fly in Second Life but really, shuffling an Ipod and broadcasting it does NOT make you a DJ. It's lazy.    DJs taking requests is a step up. It shows they didn't just put SAM on auto and walk out of the room. They're trying.   I REALLY want a DJ that talks between songs. Greet people in the lounge. Say shit, read the chat and interact! Good CHRIST I have never seen a DJ in a lounge that voices on the station.    Live kareokes, bands, ect. Live webshows. It could be huge. Strippers/sex in NSFW lounges. It's all about members and views right? Do something different!   Cam "hotties."  I'm not going to say it but yeah. We all know. Put a hot dude or chick on cam in your lounge. Guaranteed traffic.   Live auctions. When the hell did this stop? It was awesome. People could bid bling or other crap for "ownership."    Guest
New Friends And Old Friends
I've made a lot of New frinds lately and I'm happy about that. What I've been findin though, when checking in on Old friends, that a lot of them either have closed thier accounts or just no longer visit them. What's happening that people are leaving? I realize that this isn't everyones life and sometimes they can get bored doing the same thing over and over again but, it's hard to believe they wouldn't come back every once in awhile to say hi and have some fun at the bar. If anyone has a cmment , thought or opinon let me know. i do really want to hear them.
Stupid Encounter #91
Ok... so I don't do lounges often but this one I had to share... aDoRkAbLe... yes I'm sure you all know who this slut is... most likely you have dated her all of fu has... so I had to share this one with you all... minus all the drama with her trying to break up someone and someones relationship as usual... I had to share this SS cause I banned another one and it was much fun!    So anyways... heres the whore we all know and love... avoid at all risks unless you do it with no feelings and just to get bling!   aDoRkAbLe@ fubar
Love Me
Today is National Plumber day.  I'm a plumber and I want you to hug me
Some Ole Bs...grow The Fuck Up
Wow... i have seen alot of grimey shyt on fubar, and heard of even more but honestly never thought it would be this bad. Afriend of m ine had pics that she put on her page posted on another site...when i went to see the site(which she directed me to) i was like holy shyt...i have a ton of friends and people i once knew on there. some of which i wanted to see nude and some i was like ahh what ever. I find it really fucked up that some grown men and grown ass women would betray another humans trust to that degree regardless of how mad you are at someone or what you paid for something. If you dont have the express permission to reproduce an image and repost it, then why the fuck would you. People go to jail for that shyt. need bring up the napster lawsuit or the the hundreds of lawsuits from celebrities suing paparatzii(yeah spelled wrong fuck off!) to light. Something is just not right when you cant be a man and ask "hey can i post this or is this just for me alone" really. what
Story 1
The moon is out and softly the wind blows through the trees. There aren’t any sounds but the sound of our breathing. The night is growing weary but the fire inside us only grows stronger. I watch as you begin to remove your shirt. I watch your succulent breasts softly fall into place beside each other, free of all restraints. I remove my shirt and see the glint in your eyes as we admire each other’s bodies. I move closer to you. I softly wrap my arms around you; pull you close softly kiss and hesitate for the next, so the passion builds, then softly slip my tongue deep into your mouth while I slide on top of you, gently taking each of your breasts into my hands. The warmth from our crotches radiates to each other as my shaft hardens and your lips moisten. I take your nipples into my mouth and run my tongue across each one, feeling your body moan softly from the touch. Your nipples harden in my mouth as I run my teeth over them and begin to suck. You take my head in your han
Story 2
The night is dull and dim as you begin as you set off on your evening jog around the lake. The steady thumping of your feet against the pavement has drowned out all sounds, with exception to the rippling of the lake and the animals of the wild around you. There is something else there though, watching you. You can feel its eyes peering at you, watching every step you take with interest and intent. You begin to run faster, hoping to leave whatever it is that’s watching you behind. It seems to constantly be there and as you pass other joggers it vanishes. Slowly, calm comes over you as you feel it leave your area. As you jog over the bridge and past the last few lights before you hit the path to your car, you feel it again, and you begin to sprint. You fumble for your keys in your pocket and as you do, everything goes black. Your head begins to spin and your knees weaken and the last words you hear are spoken in a menacing voice, “You’re mine now.” As you
Nsfw Salutes For Credits
In an effort to get some credits, I am willing to make you an NSFW Salute. The charge is 3 Bling Credits per Salute, or 2 Salutes for 5 Bling Credits.   You will get to choose the series the pic is from, but I will choose the actual pic. Choosing a series does not give you access to the actual series of pics. The available series are: Kitchen Bath Window Black and White Bed Roses Friends (If you want to make it look like lots of ladies want to give you NSFW Salutes   I will then use Microsoft Paint to put your name on my body somewhere. If you have a request as to where, I will do my best to get it in that spot.  I do have my reasons for using existing pics, and kindly ask that you not inquire. If we become friendly enough that I want you to know, I'll tell you.  The Salutes will go in a designated folder for you to rate/comment/rip/save, etc.   
Drop Off Your Unused Or Expired Medications On Saturday April 28 2012
The DEA is putting on a program tomorrow to collect unused prescription and non-prescription medications at 5,000 locations nationwide. Thats a great thing, however their advertisements are kinda strange (at least with the wording). The sign says "Got Drugs?" hoping that people will stop by their local drop off point to properly dispose of medications.  It is true that improperly disposing of medications, such as dumping them in your toilet or throwing them away can polute our water supply, so there this is a good thing that our government is helping protect the environment. However check this out: Now one thing I found out was in my area, there is one drop off location at an Elementary School. What the hell? A school really? I thought those were drug free zones? All I have to say is..... Thank you to our government to send the wrong message to the community by putting a collection site at an elementary school.  The authorities did not think this location through.   For more inform
 I see your face and  My body yearns  for something I can not have Wanting one more soaring ride Your naked body  Gliding over mine Sliding deeper, pounding harder My breast in your hands, and Hot breath on my shoulder Driving me over and over Never wanting it to stop Sweaty bodies filled with lustfull needs Ripping and tearing at the seems This is my dream
No Subject
Starts with a purr,till monsieur served hearts on a skewer and spawned her into becoming a monster!!Looking for a cure to sponsor??As she spreads like a cancer since she came off the pants and pranced like a pather!!some fu's still lookin for answers.2 girls from rival internet gangs..talking survival from pussy with fangs..upon arrival both sling some slang to explain needing bling to get banged.Chance to advance their fufame and change the color in their name.. Nefarious for caring less about the ample size of them there breast.HaterX thinks it hilarious when you do the damsel in distress..put you in a sample you detest about how you got trampled by your own breast:P Be superb to observe Obscure acting absurd??On cam shitting a turd!teach said turd to flip you the bird!!Ummmmmmm..Maybe down in the lounge he could be lured where we'd flic pix so quick they blurr,,then from realness he'd be curedCan't sweep me with the people..I creep to the peep hole!!No sleep
Ol Good Times
On One Sunnny Day in Los Angles there were 10 Friends that were headed to a Audtion of Law & Order Special Victims Squad The friends were Alex GoDaddy Jackson, Bre Marie Wolf Matt Lehrman, Teri Mazzo, Skeet Forte, A'v SwagBaby, Harry Atkinson, Meghan Ameye, Terry Jamison, Brielle Daltion and Iniquity Bursts Balloons. They were all Trying out for the Main Lead for the Guys it was Detective Carol Reed and for the Main Lead for the Girls it was Decective Mary Jane Watson so Alex GoDaddy Jackson tried but he failed to get the part so then Skeet tried he failed as well Harry tried and he landed the role so then for the Girls Megan went to audtion first she allmost got it but didn't then Teri tired but she didn't get it as well but a shocking suprize happend when Terry Jamison A'v Swagbaby and Bre and Brielle Daltion all tried out and they each Landed the role so each got to pick out which one they wanted! Stay Tuned for Part two of The Day of Of Alex GoDaddy Jackson & Friends. Part Two Sta
In visions of the dark night I have dreamed of joy departed- But a waking dreams of life and light Haft left me broken-hearted. Ah! what is not a dream by day To him whose eyes are cast On things around him with a ray Turned back upon the past? That holy dream-that holy dream, While all the world were chiding Hath cheered me as a lovely beam A lonely spirit guiding. What though that light, thro' storm and night, So trembled from afar- What could there be more purely bright In truths day-star
wow i cant believe so many people would stoop so low in my life. and these are people i thought were my best friends. SOOOOO basically im now a two faced bitch and doesnt know when to keep my mouth shut and now they are saying i should go kill myself. great friends huh?? this all has been happening within the last 3 days now. it all started because i took a comment the wrong way. a "friend" said im acting like a two faced bitch she knew or something. so i put on my status that now im a two faced bitch this makes me laugh. then everyone else went nuts and started saying its true and that i need to grow up and stop acting immature. then they proceed to say that i need to commit suicide but they think that im too much of a coward to do it in ne ways. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?? Im immature one here in all the bullshit?? Maybe you should go back and look at all the shit uve said to or about me b4 u open ur mouth
Day two without my customary after dinner "painkiller". Fuck maybe it's day 3.Electrical storm wiped out every small appliance that wasn't on a surge protector.Killed a TV and my router. No internet for half of my last day off kinda pissed me off.Royals lost.I dunno if I need to write, type, or email my lawyer, been afraid to lately.I need to get off my ass, I've had this paperwork for almost 2 weeks.I tried to taper off the drink a bit though.Instead I've been over exercising, and been very ... bluh.Very bluh.Very very bluh.Everything has been very bland and unfulfilling lately.Like I'm drinking a gallon of water and still thirsty.It just isn't enough any more.I want my house.I want my job.I want my life.I don't feel like I can find it here, and I'm stillstuck.Working.Yeah...saving some moneygetting my head on right in a safe environment.But it just hasn't been fast enough lately.So I'm staring at an unopened bottle of bourbonand a dribbly bottle of beer, or another night as far away
Stupid Encounter #92
........ I just don't even know what to say here. I got a SB from this guy asking me to comment some of his pics. Me thinking ok np I don't mind helping a fellow fubarian out and rating their default album. First pic in his default NSFW him on a couch with his dick out. Most girls would say ok just a random cock pic no biggy once you seen one you seen them all and so forth... as you more threw the album you start to think wow all this guy cares about is nudes and no not just nudes but of himself... like egotysitical much? It even kind of creepy... the way the looks are he makes in them. Ok so if you get past the creepy in his default and more on you see that he has pics of some pregnet bitch most likely his current Girlfriend... but he is hitting up girls online to comment on his pics so ither hes really obsessed about himself or hes trying to prove to his GF he looks good or he gets off on pregnet chicks is nither here or there... but thats him and we all have problems.  So next I st
Your Own Disease
It is possible, to be your own disease. To send yourself crashing, to your knees. To cause your own pain, your own fear. By never allowing anyone, near. Near you and your heart, you're always on guard. Going halfway, but never too far. Just far enough, to regret holding back. Feeling like your damn soul, is under attack. Because you won't allow yourself, that shot. That opportunity to give it, all you got. I have no one but myself, to blame. I sit and I cry, cursing my own name. You are strong yes, but still so damn weak! Get over that shit, and speak. Say what's in your heart, what you feel. Stop fearing what can happen and, make it real! You'll never forgive yourself, if you don't try. Leave the bad stuff behind, let it die. Put it to rest, fight back. Suit up for battle, you own the attack. You are responsible, for the way things turn out. Make them happen, don't live in doubt. Know you're worth it, and you can pull through. Do it for no
Why I'm Starting To Hate Online Dating
I don't understand why men have to RUSH. I only meet them twice and they're trying to get me to kiss them or push for sex. I don't have sex with strangers. Just because I have nudes does NOT mean I have sex with every guy I meet. I don't even kiss until the third date, and being pushy and demanding will NOT get you a third date.   I also notice men think since I'm disabled I'm desperate. Um no. I do have standards. I also know within two dates if I'm attracted physically. I have a decent body, I look OK.    Learn to take rejection in stride. I can NOT fake attraction. It's just impossible. I don't care how much money you have, how nice you are, ect. If the chemistry isn't there, it's never going to be.   Online dating is essentially a blind date. I'm starting to think I need to do singles events. Where I can see a man face to face and talk. Online dating removes the most important element.
Promoted Members Box.
Information and news on the "Promoted Members" box can be located here: Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, thanks.
Why? – 21 Unanswered Questions That They Don’t Want You To Look Into (repost)
Do you ever get the feeling that the mainstream media is feeding you a very watered-down and twisted version of the news?  Do you ever get the feeling that the federal government does not believe that the American people can actually be trusted with the truth?  It is exasperating to realize that the news that the public is being fed every single day is very heavily filtered and very heavily censored.  In a world where "spin" is everything, simply telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  Fortunately, the Internet has helped fuel the rise of the alternative media, and millions of Americans that are starting to wake up are turning to the alternative media for answers to their unanswered questions.  Increasingly, people are becoming willing to question the orthodoxy that is being shoved down their throats by the major news networks, and that is a very good thing.  The world is becoming an incredibly unstable place, and it is more imperative than ever that we all learn to t
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Bound To Love
Mark considered himself pretty normal for a man in his mid-twenties.  He had his own apartment, a college degree, and a steady job.   So what if he had a string of relationships that never lasted more than three months; he had a good sex life and there was always another available woman to date.   Overall, he couldn’t complain.  Most of his friends had gotten married and already had at least one kid.  He didn’t really envy them, but was getting a little frustrated and irritated that the only women he could get to stick around were the needy, psycho ones that practically stalked him.  Hell, he had to take a restraining order against a nineteen year old college girl.  They never really dated, and had only slept together once, but apparently he was her first and she just couldn’t let go.  The world of dating was scary; it would be kind of nice to have someone to come home to every day; a warm meal, a clean house, and a steady fuck.  That was the ideal, but no man could r
My Ride To Harley Davidson
I had my first motorcycle at 13. It was a Honda 75 Enduro, and was hooked on riding since then. Tearing up the desert in northern Nevada was heaven. I have had a few bikes since then and know that riding is in my blood. I had happened on a few old outdated magazines called "In the Wind", and "Easyriders", and while I knew they existed, had never owned a Harley. I read the articles, and the stories about how it was to be free in the wind, the joy of the open road and no real destination in mind, but in those same stories were countless accounts of these machines breaking down and I thought "why the hell would anyone pay for something that costs more to fix than own, and spend more time in the shop than on the road ??? Fucking insanity !!! Right? I decided that a Harley was not for me. Then one day, I was in my local harley shop (they do have really nice gear), and as usual, a salesman would come up and start a convo about which bike I rode, and once they learned that I did not have a Ha
Getting Older
Today was a beautiful day...and for once in a long time..I finally got on call from work. On call means..that I  was scheduled to work but we were low in patients so i got put on call..and would get called in if we got slammed with admits.  Lately that seems to happen alot anymore.  Anyways..I decided to go to my parents. We hung out..then they wanted to do there mulch.  Dad did just one side of the house, and was getting hot and tired. He did a little of the back side and was the same way.  It made me realize that hes getting older and cant do it like he use to.  Was sad seeing him this way.  My parents are the type who go go go.  They still work full time then come home and do work.  Anyways I ended up taking over the scooping of mulch and putting it around stuff while he drove me through the yard to the places that needed mulched.  We went in after we were done and talked a little then dad  was out.  Still always makes me laugh to see his sleep with his mouth wide open.  Tol
No Lies
Loneliness, feeling like my world has been destroyed.In the dark void of life I here the loud sounds of silence.So dark never knowing if my eye's are open or closed.The world has no compassion for a lost soul.Rejected and having to turn to a realm of confusion and pain.All the violence in my mind can make one go insane.Trying to find the motivation to forget her name.Is this why my brain feel's like it is on cocaine.Cause I'm infatuated with a woman so fine,I have to forget her name.A woman so beautiful that she keep's my mind a float.Should I speak out to this woman so fine to gain the comfort I need.Or do i stay with the void in life that is my solitude from this world of lies and word's to bring one down.Is this what a troubled mind feel's like or a troubled heart.
Cherry Inferno Achievement
Yes, I did earn my Cherry Inferno Achievement by bombing over 119 folders in 1 hour. I wasn't trying to get it at the time, I was having my happy hour and rushing to bomb my friends and family and those who comment as fast as I could. I usually bomb the folder with the most files to get them and me the most points. This leads to a lag as the cherry bomb needs to refill and u have to wait to bomb again, this slows u down. You might wanna try bombing folders with just a few pics in them. This way the cherry bomb won't take long to refill if at all and you can get more folders bombed in an hour. I wasn't bombing the smallest folders when I started my bombing. I had to wait after, to refill the bomb and  would click back and forth between someone, that I wanted to bombs, folders to refresh the screen. This was a strategy I used to get to bombing the persons folder as fast as the bomb refilled. At the end I was bombing small folders and after being asked how I did it by several people I th
Nocturnal Rainbows(inspired By A Hopsin Track) (the Thoughts Of Memz Chapter 26)
The Images Swirl In My Head.  The Mirror Lies Just The Same. Am I Really Ok? Or I Am Doomed To The Pain? Why If The Sun Is Shining...Do I See Rain? The Chains Bound Me Down.  Sometimes It's Too Much To Bear.  Forever Alone I Sometimes Feel.  Even In The Midst Of Company. I'm Invisible...One In The Same.  I'm Crying Out For Relief. But There Isn't Any In Sight.  I Stand Tall...But Sometimes It's Hard To Continue The Fight. Why Is The Darkness So Strong? That All It Brings Is Strife. Sometimes That Pain Cuts So Deep...It's Sharp Like A Knife.  I Am But A Man...Nothing More, Nothing Less. 29 Years Old And Have Tried To Pass Life's Test.  My Mind Is Always Running...I Wish It Would Slow Down So I Could Rest.  A Season In Hell? Or Just The Path To Salvation?  Makes Me Wonder How I Care So Much Only To Be Numb To How I Really Feel.  A Heart Is The Greatest Gift But Can All Be A Curse. Mine Is The Reason For Each And Every One Of These Words. Words That Are Pure And True
A Riddle For The Day
 Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one. Michael J. Fox has a small one. Madonna doesn't have one. The Pope has one but doesn't use it. Clinton uses his all the time. Mickey Mouse has an unusual one. Liberace never used his on women. Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his. Cher claims that she took on 3. We never saw Lucy use Desi's. What is it?     A Last Name! HA get your mind out the gutter...but I will admit I like the way you think
Just found out about the death of a past friend. We always claim to keep in touch....but we never really do...why not?
Nothing of thoughts of you mind blowing around in the wind of love  Nothing of thoughts of you rain go away come other day as I cry for you Nothing of thoughts of you on my mind tears falling from my face deep in the night alone again not holding you Nothing of thoughts of you dark moon shinning on my face walking on stones of no where deep in the woods deeper I go Nothing of thoughts of you I will for get you now my love as I sleep deep sleep blood run off my mind of you it's time for me to go deep deeper away Nothing of thoughts of you I cry my tears my tears fall for you
Not sure where to begin. I know what I want from a guy. Honesty, respect and communication. But almost every guy I talk to wants sex. Yes I write stuff on my page, but I do cause I know that's what u guys want to hear or you won't even bother giving me the time of day, which is pathetic.  Really, because they may have been less then a handful that I have talked to that are honest and respectful and don't ask me for a damn thing. U say girls play games and lie to you all.  Guys play games all the time. U say us women do and that we don't tell u what we want but we do u just don't LISTEN!!! All I want is for one guy to accept me for me. I don't think I am asking a lot. Women want the same thing u guys always complaiin you never get. Not all girls lie or cheat. Their are some women out there that aren't like that.  I am so damn frustrated by what u guys say and do. U say one thing but do another. U leave us women just as confused as we leave you. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN THE WORDS THAT
Lances' Rants Via A Mexican Beach
You know who really Pisses me off? Scarlett Johansson.First of all guys, I don't know what the big deal is. She's not that hot. Really she's not. Check out the picture.Second of all, she needs a major attitude adjustment...The chick is stright-up CuntTastic Like when she didn't get nominated for an Oscar for her role in Lost in Translation, she pretty much went divabitch on all our asses. Dude, you were 19 and didn't really do that great. I mean you were decent at best, but not fucking great.FINALLY, she tried to have a singing career which bombed worse than Britney's MTV awards comeback years back....
Cherry Inferno!!!
If you are stuck & wondering just HOW IN THE FUWORLD you are gonna get the "Cherry Inferno" Achievement so you can level... Check out this blog by the bouncer Stevens... Its a GREAT tool & I think way more ppl will get the achievement done IF you can follow the directions!!!   Have an AMAZING day on FUBAR!!!!   Yours Truly~ Bama Princess
(how To) Own The Cherry Inferno Achievement
(How To) Own The Cherry Inferno Achievement Please Note: GODMODES WILL NOT WORK FOR THE CHERRY INFERNO ACHIEVEMENT! Read below to Kick The Cherry Inferno Achievement In The Face. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First I will give a little run down of how Tripple X failed over & over & over again. He wasted 6 hours of his precious time trying to get the achievement only to utterly fail every time. For those who are using Internet Explorer(any version)? You have already failed the Inferno Achievement.. Do not under any circumstances use Internet Explorer, instead Download Chrome, Firefox or Opera for best results. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Common User Error The first thing you would think to do is: Load Cherry Bomb, Go to Folder, Bomb Folder, Keep hitting bomb on the new one, until the count down gets down, Hit on bomb, Repeat failed steps above. Without giving it much thought.. Th
A guy went into an antique shop. he found a brass rat.. asked the clerk, how much for the rat? the clerk said $10 for the rat, $200 for the story. he said forget the story, I'll just take the rat. as he was walking down the road he noticed a rat following him, soon that rat was joined by dozens of rats and eventually hundreds and thousands of rats. the guy started to run. he ran to the sea and threw in the brass rat as far as he could throw it. the multitude of rats all jumped into the sea too and drowned. the man returned to the shop. the clerk said, soooo, you want the story now? no said the man, but do you have any brass Democrats?
Before I Was A Mom!
Before I was a Mom -I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday.Before I was a Mom -I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations.Before I was a Mom -I had never been puked on - Pooped on - Spit on - Chewed on, or Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and My thoughts. I slept all night.Before I was a Mom -I never held down a screaming child so that doctors could do tests...or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.Before I was a Mom -I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew
Why Would U Do Something So Low
Why in the world would somone take a game such as fumafia and bring it real by not only going to someones shout box calling them names repeatedly but then stoop so low as to rip the picture of her lil girl and post it on his page. I guess the world is truly gone mad and this individual has got to be so proud of himself at this point and today of all days it takes a real POS  like urself to stoop this low but well u managed  to do so didnt you well I think all of fubar should be aware of this person and let it be known that he does this type of thing so that it doesnt happen to you as well its  truly a shame when u get innocent  children involved in ur disturbing behavior kudos u have won the asshat of the year award make sure to pat urself on the back........  here is his link if anyone wants to know who the person is that would stoop to this level
Somethings I Need To Say...
I generally try and play things as close to my chest as possible. I don't hold my feelings in per se, but then again, it's not like I wear my heart on my sleeve either. It's just that lately, I've found myself having feelings for someone that I've never even really met before. I mean, as crazy as that sounds, this young woman has gotten to me in a way that only one other woman has before. That being said, I feel I need to get this off of my chest before it drives me completely crazy. Well, crazier anyway, lol. I want to let you know (no, I'm not going to say any names because, well, you find out later) that you've been my heart since I first joined Fu. I've watched you go through ups and downs and felt everything you did. I've always tried to be there for you in any way I possibly could without you even knowing my name. Even though there are alot ways in which we are different, the similarities are what draws me to you. The way your heart beats to a drum, the way you give of yourself w
C25k For The Treadmill
For those of you who don't know about the C25K program, it is basically a way to get you off the couch and running. C25K = Couch to 5k This is done slowly and you may or may not have to repeat any of the weeks 1-9 to complete it.  I'm doing the treadmill version until I've completed it and can go for an actual run outside. The idea is you start off with a 5 minute brisk walk, then jog for 1 minute, brisk walk for 1 1/2 minutes. You repeat this pattern for 20 minutes then cool down for 5. Do this 3 times a week. If you're able to move on to Week 2, then the time increases for each until you've completed the program which would be a full 20-30 minutes of running. I'm posting this blog to keep track of my progress. Kind of a way to hold myself accountable. Check back if you're interested in my progress as well. :)   If you're interested in checking out the program, this is what I'm doing: There is a "regular" version, just Google C25K.   Week
Narco Girl
  narcolepsy pictures     mmmmmsssssssss softly.......body streaching....graceful arms reaching out.....back arching as big emerald eyes softly flutter open........berry red lips curling happily into a smile as she wakes for the forth time today....its a strange thing being a narcoleptic.......always waking where she left off....her last thoughts fresh in her mind and as she looks around to utter them....the time has passed....and the conversation is over....she knows how very frustrating that can be for the person she is talking used to be to her as well....people would get angry at her........she is not an easy one to chat with cause of the speed at which her narco hits minute awake ....the next asleep.....girl's Uncle calls it the sleeping beauty disease....gotta love family....grinz..... People tend to get a lil offended at first....especially if they dont know......they think it is them....or that maybe girl is being rude....but gosh...she would never be
Actions and Reactions are a funny thing, ironic really. I always find the irony of most things in life to fit with the metaphor workings of a sword. As I said before, I love swords; another reason why is that some swords are double edged, or single edged; and if single edged like any sword they cut in a multitude of different directions. Each direction centimeters shorter or longer, degrees higher or lower, and inches deeper or more shallow. Truth's of this are the same, in logic, in consequences, circumstances, and natural occurrence. For example people. People do stupid things, good things, horrible things, great things. But the one constant in everything they do is a reason. A justification to the "why". Often enough I see or hear of people doing terrible things that result in hurt, thievery, death. And everyone likes to ask, why. But then there are moments in which we have characters who do tremendous unselfish things, giving and sacrificing for others to benefit; whether they were
Maybe I'm Jealous written to the beat and vibe of this song by Slum Village ''Selfish'' for those to lazy to click the link :P   I'm digging you so much, it's fuckin driving me crazy Don't know how to come out and tell you without being funny Don't know if you ever look at me in a way other than friendly Try to pick up on hints of anything waiting on a sign I'm seeing chances but i'm scared to overstep the friend line I'm getting jealous over dumb shit and you're not even mine And not even sure if you ever thought of it, might just be in my mind You're already in my heart, but i'm just the friend so i play my part Even though someday it might be the very thing that tears me apart Shit, i'm fucking up, i really need to breathe and calm down So deep into these feelings that i just might drown Love it when you smile, it's infectious, causes me to smile to Seems to be a daily thing cus i always smile cus of you Yeah it's true, can't deny it, pick on me, have at it
When you hurt...  you feel it when you sad.. you cry when you love ..  your happy when you get destroy..  you  get bk when  you mad .. you see red when you are down... you  stay away When does the hurt  stop and the loving beging? Noone is prefect but   actions  speak loud then your words   Gothic Angel
Scrapper's Blog On Default Pics, For Those Blocked By Him.
Everyday we log into fubar we are confronted with all types of people. Many of us are here to have fun and hang out with friends and to meet new people. Some of us love to play the game, earn points and level. We also must mention the members who push the envelope and photo shop photos to display as much of their girl parts or man parts as possible. The reality is many of us do not want to see your borderline NSFW photos. Yes you might be riding the line of what is considered NSFW, but it is time to clean things up. Yes, you are going to disagree and bitch and moan about how mean we are because we want you to respect the public areas and clean up your main photos, but it is what it is.  The reality is there are many members who DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR junk falling out of your clothes as your main photos. You are more than welcome to upload all those photos to your albums, but it's time to clean up your MAIN photo or avatar. This means exessive clevage, sexually suggestive photos or an
Flames Of Oberon
The King of Fairies doth command. " Fetch dry kindling and wood to this land. Mark my words and by my hand. A fire built deep in this pit of stone and sand." " By fairy magic I’ll set the spark. To ketch on fuel and air it shall deride us of the dark." First smoke and flame shall intertwine. Soon both a greater purpose they shall bind. Now smoke and flame touch the moon. Like a most intricate tapestry upon a loom. Blood red embers dance with blue and gold. Protecting us from both dark and cold. " Bring forth your voices into this light. With flame and ember they shall unite". The full moon reaches down to part earth’s clouds. To witness these wonders created by an immortal crowd. We mortals shared this warmth and dancing light. Our united voices and shadows thus forged into the night. Deep inside the firelight embers mates with cool night air. In rhythmic pulsation’s of lovers enraptured in erotic affairs. Our mortal spirits and voices join the kin
  Of the place of desolation, sand, and boredom, lies a beautiful maiden of a girl in the kingdom, when my heart weeped of lost memories and sadness, she found me and gave me hope for more memories and gratefulness, she showed me a light i thought not possible as she smiled and gave me open arms gave me hope of love, happiness, and light with out cause for doubt or alarm, when i embraced her, her soul so innocent yet michevious brought a smile, it would make me join the military and fight in rank and file, to cherish her, to love her, to protect her from harm from anything, she looked into my eyes as we embraced, looking for something, looking for the same which she gave me without a doubt in mind, I hope she will look and see deep, far, into my eyes and find, a soul that has been ravaged and i need of her and her light, just that beautiful smile on her loving face gave me a sight, that i wish i can see everyday of my life that so one day, she'll take me as hers and cal
Rest Now
Tears keep falling from my eyes, in an emotional-breakdown undertow. To sink and be found broken, by the pain that only love can alleviate. The pains and fears seem to magnify a trecherous stirring in my soul. My sadness is raging wild; the rush of lonliness begins to suffocate. Grasping for a breath, my emotions swirl around as to lift me up. A pull, a tug; strength grabs the arm that directs me to higher ground. An angel in presence, a care-taker in soul; embodied in my spirit. Confusion rests upon the wind of my being; letting it ride by, as I rest now.
Am I The Crazy One?
Online Buddies (50+)ClearPop Out 5:11am reply jetro: hello sweetie lady, how r u cancel Chat 5:17am more To jetro: I am just dandy......... cancel Chat 5:18am reply jetro: i love ur pics cancel Chat 5:18am reply jetro: lovely face , sweet eyes
American Self-entitlement?
You know the other day I was browsing around Fubar, and I found a curious little Norwegian girl who seemed to have a fascination with the problem of self-entitlement in the United-States. Being an American who also happens to be a political science major, this really bothered me. I think this topic merits closer examination. Yes, Americans do feel entitled to the good life, this is reffered to as the "American Dream," but we also believe in working very hard for it; only democrats feel otherwise. The real problem is that many young Americans are working very hard by going to college, then working long hours with starting salaries that are below par. Why is this? The real answer is two-fold. First, the population explosion of the 1940's-1960's known as the baby-boomer generation, and second, gross inflation. In our society there has always been two types of jobs, blue-collar, and upper white-collar(which requires a college education), unfortunately there is only a limited number of whit
Story 3
Ten minutes ago your phone rang. The only words you heard me say were, “Follow every instruction and your night will be one you’ll never forget.” Confusion swirls in your mind as the line goes dead. I’ve given you no instructions, order, requests or even suggestion as to what you are supposed to be doing. You arrive home and as you walk through the door you’re greeted by your roommate who is holding a folded piece of paper. You look at her with a curiosity and as you open the note you see only the words, “Go to your bedroom” written on it. You look up to ask your roommate what is going on but she is gone. You turn quickly and make your way to your room. As you throw the door open you see multiple boxes lying neatly on your bed. A note lay on the top of the center box. “Shower and shave perfectly and wear ONLY what I have picked for you this evening” it says. You quickly strip down and notice the effect my notes have had on you
Fu Divorce
As of today I was fu divorced from Russell by the powers of Judge CC and is posted on my profile now that I did my part and did what I said I was gonna do then someone else needs to do his part like he said he would on 5/11/12 an be done with all of it.  I want all to know I dont and never did blame anyone other then who was to blame for this so if others hear one side of the story they may think twice before judging me and what happened. But other then that if you want more proof I have the shit to back me up what do they have nothing but shit they was told have a nice day Tia
Were You Bullied??
I was, I still am...... I am not perfect I am not, by any means, I read this and had to share its about someone else but it fits me to god damned 'T'. that little girl who came to school with the clothes she wore the day before instead of asking why.. you picked on her... the little girl who had bruises and was dirty instead of asking why.. you picked on her that little girl was me... that little girl had love in her heart to share with all but no one wanted it... this WOMEN has grown up now however the little girl inside still crys because her childhood was shattered Lynda Frederick is her name. I don't claim ownership. Take and read this and think what you like. I had a difficult time growing up. So did other people and many of us still are. Just to be accepted is evidently asking too much. Peace be with you. Even if you don't recipicate.
To Be Or To Be Someone Else
To Be or To Be Someone Else by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, May 19, 2012 at 1:37pm We check in, but we don't check out So much uncertainty beginning to doubt doubt It sings me a melody to keep me here A gentle song to wash away fear Then it leaves me feeling alone Through ever nerve and down every bone I get this mesmerizing sensation That there is no where inside this nation No place I can feel quite like me Always finding someone to be   The cold hearted narcisist Scathing word to keep them away The sensitive soul Who has so much to say The dimwitted fool Who believed she was true The sad broken soul Who knew we were through The happy go lucky That one who knew what to do and the person like me Who needs something new
Nighttime When Im alone and its quiet Im left alone with my habit The stillness of the night interrupted by the loudness of my mind im itching, anxious waiting for something to fix it hoping this rain will drown it im tricked by thoughts deceived by memories my brain rewriting history to make me weak its been adequately conditioned to reject the release it wont accept a possibility of freed.
Sunday Thought..
BATHALA I am a poor girl singing my rage outAn idle spaceAn eye awayTruth unveilingBut sighted by your mystic callKnow nothing but this crack i takeSilence by unearthly talkLittle did i know of youOoh...The thief who stole the savage ills of past andOoh...Some dude who read the grammar of my actOoh...Unveil your causeKnow this void, i hungerBathala...Now steer us close into your designA violent ageA path awayHear your pagansTo dying faith i bid goodbyeA saddle for an unborn's cryOn sacred chance
Daily Delight
She walks slowly into the room her short ruby red satin dress caressing every tempting curve deliciously...Her long luscious legs catching the eye of every gentleman in the room as she passes them one by one...Slowly she walks up the steps, the silky fabric of her dress sliding along her velvety skin giving tantilizing glimpses of her firm round bare buttocks...She moves the heavy velvet curtains aside with one spike heeled foot and slips her leg out slowly...She reaches down and lightly runs her perfectly manicured fingertips along the smooth surface of her leg from ankle to mid thigh before stepping fully out from the curtains...She watches the audience carefully as she sashays out onto the stage, the sway of her hips being followed by every eye in the room...She has them in the palm of her hand as she approachs the steel pole in the middle of the stage and holds it tight as she expertly swings one long tanned leg around it and leans back;her long wavy red hair swaying in the breeze
It is quite warm today…almost to the point of being annoying. So of course I decided to clean today.  I love cleaning.  I love cleaning thoroughly…no half-assing it.  Stuff gets unplugged and moved and lifted.   It is amazing how filthy it can get underneath a bed.   I also had a slight spider problem over the last week so there has been a lot of hunting and killing and spraying stuff in every nook and cranny.  I don’t care if you “love” spiders and that they are “good” for getting rid of insects.  They freak me the fuck out and they all must die. Tore apart all my electronics as well and that took some work.  I do have quite a bit of them.  Aside from the computer there’s the tv, the cable box/dvr, the PS3, the XM Radio, the iPod clock radio, the Wii, The XBox 360, the PS2, the record player and stereo system…and that’s not counting the system I have stored away.   We have exceptional fuses I suppose. Everything is c
Tag! You're It!
Instructions: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. When a food plate is served to me, the foods must NOT touch.  When I eat, I put a little of everything on my eating utensil to make the "perfect bite".  When I speak on a show, I have an OCD habit of touching my forehead, rubbing my nose, then my right cheek and tapping the ashtray on my right-hand side even when not smoking, in that order.  I dislike when people come up to me and rub my arm when talking to me. It feels gross.  If it were up to me, I'd eat tacos every day, 3 times a day. I can go to any restaurant and re-create the same dish at home by taste alone.  I prefer to watch TV Show or movies by myself, because I can't s
Life Is A Crazy Game Of Poker
Its pretty cool... that through the internet, you can meet people from all walks of life. Different perspectives, and have amazing conversations with people. It is a great way to widen the social gap and come together and initiate conversations, learn so many new things!! I met a really great guy, who just out of being kind, helped me with my chemistry homework. I talk to other people who are either out of the military and moving on with great sucess, and others that kind of got lost, and i can lend a helping hand or a listening ear. This has been a fantastic experience. I wish more people would be open.. and listen to what people have to say, listen with there hearts. Its not about bling, or like me fan me ect ect... its a great way to become more socially aware.. and have some fun while your at it Remember.. at the end of it all, all that matters is love. Did you love with the whole of your heart? do the people in your life know you love them.. i hope you make sure to do that EVERY
What A Day!! (erotic Fiction)
What a day!! i remember trembling with anticipation,as she took my hand and slid it up her short skirt."i`ve touched myself thinking of you",she whispered in my ear."mmm,do you feel how wet you make me?"she moaned softly as my fingers run over her hot,wet pussy.i didn`t know what to`s my girlfriends mother,skirt hiked up and my hand in her panties.i certainly felt shocked,yet tunred on.i knew was the luckiest guy in highschool.i was alittle intimidated by this older woman,but was up to the cock was throbbing,pressing up against my jeans,as my fingers spread her pussylips and i gently slipped a finger inside her.she moaned in my ear as she ran her tongue up and down my neck.i was just a teenager at the time but was ready to take this hot mom and make her cum over and over.i dropped to my knees and with one motion,had her panties off and twisted her around to expose her round,tight ass.i spread her ass cheeks and began licking her from her hard clit,right up to
The Craving Of Him
While fingertips trace upon the skin, the lustful feel of a lovers touch... the yearn for a passionate deeply seeded kiss, the feel the tip of the tongue does.... Lightly and slowly it slides, it circles, slightly feeling the the arch of his back... kneeling in front of him for her feed, while feeling comfort within her throats back.... Dancing and swirling of the hot of her tongue goes, a kiss, a suckle , only moans said.... soft yet aggressive strokes from her felt, while his hand rests the back of her head... as the pace becomes slightly faster, as his head slowly lay back... she feels the seed that the feed fills, while her lips do not part away from that... while inbedding deeply within he feels, the velvet narrow way while she closes it's hollow... for in this one feeding she has been given his essense, the fruit he bare's she has taken, she swallows... written by:~Bella Dharq~
Things A Good Submissive Shouldn't Do
Things A Good submissive Shouldn't Do - hilarious! Things A Good Submissive Shouldn't Do" taken from @star_in_the_night Sing "Happy Birthday To Me" during wax play and blow out the candle. During a scene, do a Howard Cosell impression and provide a play-by-play account of what is being done to you. If your dom/me tells you to "Look me in the eyes," do it cross-eyed. If your dom/me decides to do a verbal humiliation scene with you in public, stick your fingers in your ears and say "Neener, neener, neener, I can't hear you!" Stick an Alka-Seltzer tablet in your mouth at the beginning of a scene. Work up some saliva to get it fizzy, then call out your safeword. If you're trussed up and ordered to count, inform your top you can't do it unless you can use your fingers and toes. Hold up a scorecard after each blow delivered. After a particularly hard blow, pretend to pass out. When your dom/me checks to see if you're OK, jump up and yell "Gotcha!" Go in the toybag and superglue t
Today Is Just That...blah!!
Today I am hurting real bad. I'm not going to guess that no one knows this pain. Have you ever hurt so much that you can't walk?? Its not in the foot area for once. I don't mind all the time but when it is agonizing pain that is different. I'm thinking my lower leg bones are getting weaker. Being where I am (state and country) I am in a tower.  I'm not going to cry out for any help. I won't bother a soul. It makes no difference.... life will go on with or without me. I use to be stronger and I had a hell of alot more energy. I use to be a gymnast. I use to dance. I was even on two softball teams. Doesn't seem that long ago yet over half of my lifetime as passed since then. Take care of yourselves. I mean that too!! Don't want anyone to ever shed a tear or frown for me. This is what is meant to be. I may die, my poems may be one day lost, after being just tossed. I never wanted to be in the history books and I never wanted or deserved any lustful looks. I have done
How's It Going To Be?
I'm only pretty sure that I can't take anymore Before you take a swing I wonder what are we fighting for When I say out loud I want to get out of this I wonder is there anything I'm going to miss I wonder how it's going to be When you don't know me How's it going to be When you're sure I'm not there How's it going to be When there's no one there to talk to Between you and me Cause I don't care How's it going to be, How's it going to be Where we used to laugh There's a shouting match Sharp as a thumbnail scratch A silence I can't ignore Like the hammock by the Doorway we spent time in, swings empty Don't see lightning like last fall When it was always about to hit me I wonder how's it going to be When it goes down How's it going to be When you're not around How's it going to be When you found out there was nothing Between you and me Cause I don't care How's it going to be And how's it going to be When you don't know me anymore And how's it going to be
Dont Owe U A Thang!!!
Remember when u actually had to rate photos to get points?? Remember when u had to work for your rank and not have a Famp to help ya out....Remember when u put people in your family cuz you actually talked to them every day....I have been on this site for a while now,,,I have met some awesome people along the way ,,,,and I still meet a few awesome people now and then,,, peple get in my SB when I run bling to ask me to add them to my family,,,Tht wouldnt be so bad if THEY DIDNT THROW A TEMPER TANTRUM when I told them NO!!!! I dont get in peoples SBs to ask them to do something for me with their hard earned money!!  I do ask people to trade fams,,,BUT NEVER have I asked someone out of the blue .....then blocked them or un friended them cuz they told me NO,,,, I do not OWE anyone anything on this site,,,,I pay my own way,,,And almost all of the time when I get bling I bling back!!! actually I have had a few people yell at me for blinging them back !!!  So this is for all you p
Hindsight....written By Syn
The time has come to finally make you cry As I prick the needle into your third eye Inject illusions you're too afraid to see You think you're living, you're just dead like me   The test of time was never on your side Uncommon sanity enslaved your mind You'll never know who's knocking at your door A familiar sound you always chose to ignore     Loathing you helps me sleep at night Death of your lifeless love now lives in hindsight     Looks of resentment that have filled my eyes Make me pure evil in a saint's disguise Think I'm a monster? Let the truth be told Cant fuel the fire in a heart gone cold   As my thoughts of you begin to decay It's not my fault you choose to live this way Can't escape the demons in your head One more reason
On My Yearbook A Thing Went On About Different Types Of Cancer !
I agree children with Cancer we should help even more, 8 hours ago · Comment · Like · View joe t likes this. Becky Leuallen 7 hours ago We need to help everyone who has cancer, Even children (St. Jude Hospital) Becky Leuallen 2 hours ago yes "" I agree "" children even more so """ it`s so very, very, sad to see very young children with Cancer "" I agree there "" ! Becky Leuallen 11 minutes ago but it also makes me think "" what was the carrying mother exposed to, where there chemical plants near by, was she from an area where there was a lot of traffic all the time, what kind of drinking water did she have, was it tested """ Becky Leuallen 2 minutes ago did she eat garden foods where they cleaned good from pesticides. Becky Leuallen 5 hours ago "" ty "" Joe ""
What Ever I Want
I brought this over from another of mine so you can see further into my mind... However there has been much editing to fit the WONERFUL-ness of the Fubar Fun :-) I love you each that stop, read and heed.. Enjoy your life is all I ask. Read on and have a Blast! Oh! Did you know I blog now and then... you might find them interesting... First ...I've done my time for King and Country. I may not agree with some of it but, I am not Ashamed. For those that did not return home, I pray for them and there's. My Only Alterior intention of any kind is to see you N8kid.. I ask for nothing more of anyone ;-) 1 Been Thinking About this "WhatEver I Want" thing.. I WANT, to see the World Happy, Fun, No Worrie's, Free and N8kid.... Can I get a Little Amen? ;) 1a. This will be an every expanding list of things. you may want to check back now and then to see whats up. 1b. Did I mention the "WHAT IF" factor? Sorry Go for what ever Your Heart Says .. Then and Now, Don't Skip or miss an opertunity EVER
A Real Family
My girl friend brought up an amazing blog today so I am going to copy some of it from her and add my own thing. Seems Fubar has turned into a social nightmare where people only care about credits and NSFW pictures. Dont get me wrong they are some awesome people on here, the ones in my family and a few of my friends are really cool people. Im sure they are others too. The thing is I would like to start looking for genuine people. People that would love to help you as well as others. I am not talking about credits. Credits would never be a problem if you got in the right families. I am trying to make this one of those families.  Here is my example I seen today, My g/f Stormy (Amber) was trying to help out a family member by status updating this said person needs 2 pimp outs to level. So instead of people being nice and just helping, they reply to my g/f whats in it for them. Well this really didnt set well with her and it really got me to thinking about this site and where it is headed.
[self Inflicted Wounds]
I don't particularly want to say howI don't particularly want to say with who...but I think I made two deliberate plays to NOT have sex...or at least I put myself in a position where it was a much less distinct possibility.I'll let you digest that information for a moment.Emotionally vulnerable, or judgement-compromised women are not my bag.I mean they ARE... but you'd have to be a bit of a sleaze to take that opportunity.I did however use the phrase "let's go to bed"and froze with terror after having uttered that..."Well not us- er, I meant you, because we can't have you sleeping on the porch"yeah...turns out even in my comfort zone I'm awkward. XDIt's hard not -trying- to act cool around an old crush.Even if we both know it wouldn't work.And when I -try- to act cool, I stammer, and I jumble, and I sit unnaturally, and I do a lot of unnatural things.In other news...I made a spanish marinated steak.with fried brown riceblanched spinachand artichokesIt was delicious.Of course I fried th
My Vision
i have a vision... i want to share with sitting on the leather sofa wearing a tank top and shorts. we are just sitting here watching the news with a couple glasses of wine....when i stand up to go to bed after the news you grab me gently wrapping your arms around me with a warm strong embrace you kiss my neck and nibble my ear gently... your hot breath on my ear and neck, makes my whole body get weak from desire... my knees start to bend slightly and your hold on me tightens so you can work your way to the other side... you are gentle but firm you are taking what you want... doing something you have been thinking about doing for a few hours while watching me drink wine relaxing with you after a long day... you take one hand to grip my breast... holding it, rubbing it, starting a fire inside me... you lay me down on the couch, continuing with your hand on my breast working it out of my shirt so i can feel your hands on my skin burning me up with desire... anticip
Stupid Encounter #93 (ffs)
9:23pm MrBigDick: a question. What would you do if you stayed the night at a party, and woke up to find some jokester literally glued my open mouth around your bare asshole and you woke up with bad stomach pains and having to fart? 9:45pm iC51NerdyB...: Turn around and Shoot you in the head... sorry I sleep with a Gun under my pillow... and if I had to drag you to the hospital with me at least your'd be dead first! 9:45pm MrBigDick: That's better than a fart or shit in my mouth, so it works for me 9:46pm iC51NerdyB...: Smart I believe Id shit first 9:46pm MrBigDick: What? 9:47pm iC51NerdyB...: Shit then shoot 9:47pm MrBigDick: Why? 9:47pm iC51NerdyB...: IDK seems more fun 9:48pm MrBigDick: But there would be no point in shitting 9:48pm iC51NerdyB...: Yes there would cause think bout the person that has to clean your mouth out at the odtopsy 9:49pm MrBigDick: Okay, well atleast you would
Stupid Encounter #94
vandeph: hi there, how are name is Heavy Duty, and i film and produce adult movies here in Phoenix, im in have the look i need for a project. ever thought of some print and film work? 4:02am iC51NerdyB...: Heavy Duty? Now thats a name I can trust... May 28, 2012 2:47am vandeph: it is a name you cant trust, 2:47am vandeph: ??? 2:49am vandeph: hello again, you dont think you can trust a name like Heavy Guty, its just a name i picked up working 2:51am iC51NerdyB...: Yeah but its like... If you asking me to get nude for you shouldent you have like a professional real name when you introduce yourself? How approprite is it to be like my names heavy duty... If you were an agency you would not use a name like that which is why people dont trust you 2:56am vandeph: im not an agent, thats why i dont use my real name. my company name and real name are on all contracts and documents that are signed, i prefer no
Fall In Love
Fall In Love is a funny thing you do not know how long it will last or it's true. Fall In Love can be a mask just to get in your pants. Fall In Love can be laughter in your life . Fall In Love can be spontaneous at times and playful. Fall In Love tension and to menage to stress. Fall In Love smile and have laughter in your life. Life is about choices understand yourself, your behaviors, you thoughts beliefs, and you motivations. Fall In Love yell to the sky build each step that is important to you never look back Fall In Love for ever.. bY Christine
Say What??
I see many people on this site with some type of warning about not using their information for purposes of studies, etc. Warning to any institution and this or that, attempting to prohibit such institutions or individuals from using their information for the purposes of studies. *laughing* Well, sorry to say, ladies and gentlemen, that you gave up your right to privacy as soon as you posted publicly. Granted, you may have certain considerations extended to you if your profile were more privatized, such as viewable by friends only;  however, I want to know what ignoramus originally came up with the copy and paste version of this nonsense, and who further encouraged others to follow along.   Observing what you do on a social networking site is fair game, similiar to observing human interactions at your local public park. You know that People of Wal Mart site (if not, check it out~ it's hilarious!)? They cannot be sued because going to Wal Mart is a public action, and there are no crimin
FuWhores love calling other FuWhores a FuWhore... Hypocrite much? Let us break it down, shall we? This website is nothing more than a social networking game, and the keyword in this sentence is "game". Why then do some people seem to take a game so seriously? Some people on here take this site so seriously that they are willing to whore themselves out for pennies, hurt people's feelings, lie, cheat and become morally bankrupt by just about any ethical standard. For what purpose~ that is the question.  I have been contemplating this one. I suppose one could hypothesize that Fubar itself is like any other social group. In any social group, you have tiers~ like rungs of a ladder, there are some people at the bottom of the social order, while others sit at the top looking down on everyone else. All societies and social groups have this hierarchy, so why would this type of environment, an online society of sorts, be any different? From what I have observed, it is no different and holds
I had surgery on Friday for Carpal tunnel on both hands.. sorry if im slow at getting back with u all. im still in alot of pain but i have not forgot about u.. i should feel alot better in a week or so,,please dont think im ignoring u.. love Megan
Im on bedrest right now so I have nothing better to do than think about stuff. Can someone tell me what the big deal is about being red? I mean i have seen people loose friends over this. Is it really worth all the money u spend on it? Sure I have spent some on here.. I love the site.. Im not hating in anyways. I was just curious as to what the big deal is? Was you made fun of in school or somthing and u gotta spend money to be popular on a internet website? Im just so glad I got a real life outside of this place. cause if having friends means i gotta buy into a Family then thats pathetic. Alot of ruthless people i have seen on here.. And somthing eles that bothers me while im Why is it red people think its ok to talk to me when i run a GM or FAMP but not while im not running a damn thing! Cause from now on if u cant be a real friend and talk to me while im not running then dont think im gonna let u buy in my fam. Im very good at ignoring people..  When i run stuff t
Dress Code.
Coming to a determination that not all dress codes mean the same thing when it's business casual. So us group of gals in our department was pulled into a quick meeting that our casual Friday was placed in jeopardy last week. One of the doc's got highly pissed about an un-named individual for the attire worn. It's funny cause I can think of one that has direct patient contact and blatently had her huge arm tattoo's showing. I don't mind seeing that but not sure I'd feel the same way if I was the patient. Does this type stuff offend you in a doctor's office? We may have our casual Friday's taken away because of this. I try to keep in mind if it's a question about it in mind, just don't do it. Oh well more to come I'm sure.    
Part 1
My life started out simple, I was the son of parents from a middle class family, we were far from rich, but we had a good living. I grew up the youngest of four kids, my brother Kris was the oldest was five years older than me. He was your average bookworm, always had his nose stuck in a book or working on his schoolwork. Then there was Stacy, my oldest sister, she was four years older than me. She was like most blondes, had the drop dead looks that would make traffic come to a stand still on the interstate, but had the smarts of a deer in the headlights of a oncoming car. Next, is my sister Ariel she had the looks and brains of my brother and sister put together. She was the real deal, with the looks that would drop your jaw and the smarts to blow your mind. Even though she was only a year and a half older than me she taught me everything i learned as a child. We lived out in the country roughly seven miles from Turtle Creek in Cali. Every summer my brother, sisters, and I would all
Trying To Help A Friend See.....
I suspect my friend's boyfriend is cheating.  I don't know if she's just in denial, or is just plain stupid.  I've been cheated on FAR too much to know that everythng he's doing (NOW), he isn't doing for her.  It seems his (all around) behavior has changed.  You would's for the better...but my assumption is, that's not the case.   Things he's doing differently: 1. He's showering more regularly.  Twice per week as opposed to his usual twice per month.  No, that's not a typo.  This guy is really dirty.  HORRIBLE HYGENE.  UCK!!!! 2. For the first time in the YEAR that they've been together, he shaved a certain body part (or at least trimmed it).  He's never done that one before.  Why now???? 3. He's been doing his laundry.  Most guys do the "sniff" test.  That's how they do laundry.  This dude is now, regularly doing his laundry.  Not only washing and drying.  He's also hanging and folding his clothes as well.  4. His house is suddenly cleaner.  No more dirty dishes in t
Limited Edition
I'm REALLY wanting a Limited Edition bling. Why? Because I want to get the achievement and I think they are pretty. I know that they are expensive, so getting one would cost a lot of money. But I am willing to pay you, here is what I have to offer. I have fuBucks...and if you name your price, I'll pay it...just be practical, lol I have 1 pimp out's yours I have one bling credit left, I can get you a bling with it I can also boost your family, if you want.     I know it's not much, but it's all I have.  What do ya say? Please??????
What Is The Funnest Way You Know To Use Duct Tape
fun ways to use duct tape  . Keep people quiet during a bank robbery   Cover your exposed butt crack Buy your sweetie a dozen duct tape roses that won’t die  Make a homemade band-aid . Make a strapless bra to hold your girls in place  Instant babysitter for your little one Lint brush yourself Secure the luggage… err… the cardboard boxes on top of your car Catch bugs  Create a homemade mailbox Make a temporary hem Wrap up your iPhone  Create the perfect girdle Keep you focused at work  Make a pair of emergency sunglasses makes a good hair remover to   ok so I started the list now you all add to it  I want to know all the stuff you do with duct tape!                      
Oh Ffs
COUGARMOUNT Buzz:   loaded Level: Rock Star (20) Gender: Male, ? Location: 13463 Status: How do you get music on your page??? Thats cool   12:43pm COUGARMOUNT: Did ya take me off your shit list??? lol 12:44pm  Klover...: dont fucking start..i rarely block people..but have no issue with doing it again 12:45pm COUGARMOUNT: lol Im just pickin on ya geesh 12:45pm COUGARMOUNT: what ya up to today? 12:46pm  Klover...: working 1:14pm
Hawty got a body like she does pilates..swag even uses karate when she gets naughty in the back of an audi...then she confesses when she text this..about showing you what a hotmess is,,driving you crazy in a lexus from new york to texas..she could have chocolate skin or pale to cinnamon swirlzzzzz that ass like its for dividends..a body that could bend for benjamins..might call her friends,get drunk and act like lesbians as they bring out the twins Its like let me in.with those seductive grins like Gwen...........Stefani............try to stuff one calmly while the other rubs stuff on me till I get all ornery,hit them bodies like they're built in the armory.oi oi oi :P
Mine And Daddys Special Day Out
I woke up this morning so excited because daddy is taking me for a special daddy and baby girl day out:) I am so excited. I am going to wear my favorite pink dress that comes just above my knees and it has pretty lace and bows on it.I have the most beautiful new black shoes and white lacy socks with pink bows to wear:)  Daddy said to put up my hair so it has ribbons holding in my pigtails. I was in a rush this morning and forgot to put on my panties. I hope I don't get in trouble.. We got in daddies car and I asked where are we going to daddy? He says it is a surprise for his special little 4 year old! I am bouncing with excitement. We go way out into the country and I fall asleep cause it is a long drive. We come to a stop and I hear the car turn off. Daddy says is my special girl ready, with my sleepy little eyes a smile and a stretch I say yay daddy im ready:) Daddy comes around and gets me out of the car and puts his hands between my legs to unbuckle my seat hehe daddy that tickles
The Old Man And The Marine
Greetings to you and blessings of our FATHER in Heaven! I recently had another opportunity to re-read this story which someone shared with me many years back.  I now share it with you, perhaps re-share it as the case may be.  I live in the hope it blesses you in ways that only our LORD will know about and be glorified in. "A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and stren
Sexiest Body Contest
Hi There Im Jake and Im holding my first contest. If you have a sexy bod submit your best picture. Creativity is up to you and your fans. First Prize is a 7-Day Blast, Second prize is a 3 day blast and third  prize is 1 day blast. its simple get the most votes get the biggest prize! you can submit up to three pictures. I discourage nudity but if you wanna strut yourself in a bikini or Lingere go for.Let the games begin and may the hottest bod prevail. You can link it through the SB or Email. Private message me for email address.
Feeling It
Fubar Thoughts I Thunk Today
Thanks!! I am happy to be in the top 42 chicks today after last week. I only try to stay in top 42 so you can find me on hotness style homepage easily by going to the top chicks in the middle square. The new achievements released the past two days & the new top level 55 have more people interacting, I think.. unless you're paying to find out when to show up to polish a pony. .. If you choose to pay for a tip, that's on you, but if you are charging to give the time to get yours polished and you're getting points on top of that, I don't like how you play. I don't charge people I help out. Maybe I'm a sucker for that, in your eyes, but I can live with that. I'm posting an online cast to sign in my default pictures. Just comment and I will tag you in the picture and use your comment as the tag description... let's have some fun!! There is a FAN TRAIN being set up by CAT (I think she has Wh*recat as her screen name today, but I have always called her Cat since I met her  in my earliest f
A Note About Rating
1. I try to ONLY rate/earn points during Happy Hour & advise the same, for double points. Why not wait? 2. I don't post NSFW pics unless they're soooo funny & then get marked. I think I have them moved to another album so you can by-pass them. 3. I check my buzz meter. 100% means 10% bonus points for everything on fubar, is what my message says. 4. I return profile rates if possible to thank ppl who are kind enough to rate my profile.
Don't Remind Me
Too many things to think about while I sit here alone. Then the subject shifts...Oh there it is again... that love thing that everyone keeps talking about. What is it anyway? Does anyone really know what to say or think about it? I mean really. what is it about that word/action that makes ppl wanna kill for it? Why do i find myself wanting it so bad? Ugh... ppl may read this and think that i am some other emotional bitch seeking attention. If you took a walk in my shoes even for half a mile then you would understand!   What is it that makes a 4 letter word, so irreseistable to ppl to crave? Who doesnt really want to feel a heart beat against thiers? Now, in todays world its more like a "fuck n chuck" .... women are whores (not all of course) and men are players (same).... emotions have become a game or a toy to ppl to just play with then break when its no longer fun to them... they dont care who they hurt as long as they are happy, no one else matters.......... the crow said it right
If you wanna talk shit to me, then at least have the balls to keep me unblocked. You wanna call me a fat ass, at least let me tell you what you are. You're not so fucking tough hiding behind your computer screen, fucking wannabe internet gangsta. LMFAOOOO. You talk shit like you're all that, but you're nobody special. I know about your ass, I've heard from others. So keep hiding behind your block button you fucking pussy. But if you're gonna talk shit make sure you're telling the truth, not your fucking bullshit lies. Kthnx. 

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