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Your primary vice is sex You are able to escape reality, and all your problems through sex. You are incredibly passionate and a great lover and you have very little stress in your life because of your active vice. Take this quiz at

Your sexual experience is like a street racer You like to have fun all the time, and if hooking up is a consequence of that then so be it. You are very easy going and have a rocking life. Take this quiz at
Meet Me
Meet me in the shadows of your heart, The place only you and I know exists. Take me with you and hold me in your arms. Meet me in the stars above, The place the highest goals live. See the light of love shining in my eyes. Meet me at the ocean's edge, The place where the water cleanses. Take me to a place of absolute purity. Meet me at the forest's clearing, The place where the trees part. Where we are sheltered and safe. Meet me in the billowy clouds, The place where heaven and earth touch. Dance with me in the sky and share our joy. Meet me on the mountain's peak. The place where you can breathe deeply. Inhale my essence and make it yours. Meet me, my love.... Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Share my soul and be one with me.
Man Of My Heart
Spring comes with the sun cold winds there are none "man of my heart" - he's the one. I gazed at him once I gazed at him twice this was the start of paradise. He gazed back at me he gazed lovingly I heard the notes of a symphony. We gazed at each other and our daydreams took flight beautiful wedding of white. Spring comes with the sun cold winds there are none "man of my heart" - you're the one.
Broken Hearted By: Heather Rodgers All I do is try... All you do is lie... You say I treat you like shit... When you're the one throwin our love away to some bitch... Three fuckin hard ass years... Full of blood shed and tears... I gave you my life... You wanted me to be YOUR wife... But now, all we do is fight... We hurt each other wit all our might... At one point in time... We would never leave each other behind... But now at a drop of a dime... We treat each other like a waste of time... I hate to see you mad... It makes me feel bad... Jus a few days ago... Our love was all aglow... But now, its black and dead... We're hating instead... There's nothin more to give... Because no one will forgive... Im tired of tryin... I feel like dyin... I feel like we're wastin our time... On a love thas fallen behind... If things dont change... One of us will go estrange.. Yesterday was three years, eight months... All you and I wanna do is smoke blunts...
Q & A
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Do you have a crush on me? 5. Would u kiss me? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why? 7. Describe me in 1 word! 8. What was ur first impression of me? 9. Do u still think the same? 10. What reminds u of me? 11. If you could give me anything wot would it be? 12. How well do u know me? 13. When's the last time u saw me if u ever saw me? 14. Ever wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldn't? 15. To put it bluntly, wud u fuck me ? 16. Are you going to put this on ur blog and see what i say about you? 17. Would you ever meet up with me?

You are a full house You are friendly and outgoing. Whenever you go to a party, you are anything but the wall flower. You also have a lot of luck and can bluff fairly well (at least while playing with your buddies). Take this quiz at
Men Never Listen
In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's rest room, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said, You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall. He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW, WA, PP, and a red one labeled ATR. Who would know if he touched them? He couldn't resist.. He pushed WW. Warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's rest rooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flowers to this unbelievable pleasure.. The ladies rest room was more than a rest room. When the powder puff completed it! s pleasure, he couldn't wait
Husband Shopping
A Husband Shopping Center has opened in Atlanta where a woman can go to choose among many men to be her husband. It is laid out in five floors with the men increasing in positive attributes as you ascend. There is, however, a catch. You're only allowed in once. Once you open the door to any floor, you must choose a man from that floor. If you go up a floor, you can't go back down except to exit the building. So, a woman goes to the shopping center to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door says: Floor 1: These men have jobs and love kids. The woman reads the sign. "Well, that's better than not having jobs, or not loving kids, but I wonder what's further up?" So up she goes. The second floor sign says: Floor 2: These men have high-paying jobs, love kids, and are extremely good-looking. "Hmmm, better," says the woman. "But I wonder what's further up?" The third floor sign reads: Floor 3: These men have high-paying jobs, love kids, are extremely good-lookin
Life's Cycle
At age four, success is not peeing in your pants. At age twelve, success is having friends. At age sixteen, success is having a driver's license. At age twenty, success is having sex. At age thirty five, success is having money. At age fifty, success is having money. At age sixty, success is having sex. At age seventy, success is having a driver's license. At age seventy five, success is having friends. At age eighty, success is not peeing in your pants.
If I Was A Super Hero I'd Be...
Your results:You are Hulk Hulk 100% Green Lantern 100% Iron Man 100% The Flash 80% Spider-Man 60% Catwoman 50% Batman 40% Supergirl 40% Wonder Woman 40% Robin 30% Superman 20% You are a wanderer withamazing strength. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz
Han Solo
Your results:You are Han Solo Han Solo 75% R2-D2 74% Boba Fett 70% An Ewok 68% Luke Skywalker 66% Princess Leia 65% Qui-Gon Jinn 63% Darth Maul 63% Padme 62% Mace Windu 60% Even though you've been described as reckless, selfish and cocky, you're the type of person others love to be around. People like you because you're a scoundrel. (This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters) Click here to take the "Which Star Wars character am I?" quiz...
What Muppet I Would Be :-d
You Are Miss Piggy A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it. You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less. You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way. Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift! The Muppet Personality Test
My Thoughts
I sit here looking out the window The dark sky is full of many to wish upon But even if I wish upon every one of them, my wish will never come true Each bright stars promises me what I have wanted for so But to me, promises are always broken. I look at the moon, It looks sad to feels my pain...sorry that it can't help me I feel a light breeze...warm at first but soon turns cold. The wind whispers to me "u can't have his love back" Tears run down my cheeks....knowing that fact. The wind blows faster after every tear. I slowly walk around. Everywhere I look, I see him...picking a flower for me, laughing. The places we have been together haunts me I still feel his presence around me His hands, warm and promising His eyes...dark, mysterious His touch, soft, smooth His voice, calm, deep He is perfect...too good for me I don't deserve him...nor will I ever Moving on is the hardest of all Forgetting him...Forgetting the past.
New Love
A whispered longing, A silenced tear Cherry-red lips, Trembling with fear. Beautiful and amazing Its hard to beleive you're mine Sweet and quite tempting My heart is yours til the end of time. My heart had not been inspired Since many, many moons ago My body not set on fire Nor my skin given that warm glow. Your voice works a magic Deep within my soul My desire surpasses logic A desire only your would know. This fire will soon be calmed This need will soon be met There is no longer a fear of being harmed And my heart, with happiness has wept. My wonderful sweet treasure You've made my life complete.
No One Can Take Away Your Dreams
There will always be a heartache, and often a silent tear, but always a million wishes, wishing you were here. There will always be your reflection, in my lonely saddened stream, and there will always be a 'you and me', as long as I can dream.
The Cure!!!!
Yes, a cure has been discovered. The internet, a cure for all those attention starved teenagers. No need for real friends kiddies, just post half naked pics up on the internet. Lots of attention for you that way. It also eliminates the need to sleep around with people to get attention from lots of different people. YAY!. So sit in your room, and take half naked pics of yourself, so you can get all sorts of raunchy comments on them. Don't let anyone lie to you. That IS what life is all about!!! Other things are of minor importance too I supose, like school, and jobs, and helping people out, and shit like that. But the main pourpose should be you posting half naked pics on the internet so you can fullfill that need for attention . That way, you don't end up acting out in other rebellious ways. Like stealling, vandalism, threats of suicide, joining a church, becoming mormon due to peer pressure, or other nasty horrid stuff like that. Way to go networking sites such as lost cherr
Angels Took You With Them
This is for my mom, God rest her soul I can hear your voice in the distance, The wind whispers it softly to me, I can see your face, It sets in the warm painted horizon, I can feel you wrapped around me, The heat surrounds me with it, Even though your gone i know your still here, your spirit is everywhere, letting us know you still care, when the thunder strikes its your anger running free, when it rains, its your tears that drop from the heavens above, letting us know you miss us dear, every time the leaves fall from the trees we know its you reminding us of the day you passed, when the snow falls its your blanket of love and you want us to come out and play, you watch us from above and don't think well ever forget the day one of gods angels took you away to join them, we love you and always will, your never forgotten and in our hearts you'll always remain
Hey,everyone! How is everybody's Sunday so far? Mine is alright,still sick,but I'll be okay. Has anyone noticed the amount of DRAMA on LC? WOW It's crazy..But hey, we all must like the drama,at least a little,cause we all still are on this website!!!!! Tsk tsk tsk Work tomorrow...7-3 great hours,eh? Lots of love, Talk to ya'll soon! I'll be on and off today! Lady T
Once Upon A Star
I gaze up at the sky each night and find the brightest star. It's always waiting there for me so close, but yet so far. The star winks in the evening sky and reaches out to me. It magically appears each night for all the world to see. I've wished upon this special star my whole life through, it seems. I've closed my eyes and made my wish of hopes, and plans, and dreams. And then, one day I got my wish for I finally met you. You are that someone special who's made all my dreams come true. So now whenever we're apart I find that same bright star. It makes me feel so close to you no matter where you are.
It's Time...
yes, it's near to end sunday it's already 5pm and yes, i'm still reading again and again my notes for tomorrow... ahh ya, i'm nervous, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! grrrrr well.... i hope everyone is having a nice weekend :) i'm trying to remember everything before my exam and if all goes well, tomorrow afternoon i'll be an Engineer. many hugs and kisses Maria
A Dream Of Perfect Love
A misty sunrise fills the east With yellow, gold and red. The bowl of space a palest blue, Sheds light upon our bed. The warmth beside my soul, a feast Of love for only you. So let the birds, with song, remain Within the morning hours, To pour upon the crisp, new day A hope, like cleansing showers. For you I send refreshing rain To wash the past away. A quiet breeze so warm and slow, Has drifted ‘cross my face. It brings the scents from flower climbs, And leaves without a trace. It stirred this battered heart, you know, To love this perfect time. Like whispers lost at sea, we soar Beyond the sky of fire. Together. Lost together, free To claim our each desire. Like leaves we float to earth, once more To close our eyes and be.
Passion's Flames
A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames
Add Me
hey friends,i recently created a myspace if any of you have myspace add me just another place we can talk and share pics here is my site, i hope to get lots of adds from you sexy ladies Peace Out.....mike
If Your Against Abortion Read This!!!!
IF YOUR AGAINST ABORTION READ THIS!!! MONTH ONE Mommy I am only 8 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. Every time I hear it I wave my arms and legs. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too.
A True Friend
A true friend is one who hears and understand when you share your deepest feelings. He supports you when you are struggling. He corrects yuou gently and with love. When you err's and he forgives you when you fail. A true friend prod's you to presonal growth, Stretches youto your full potenial. And most amazing of all, he celebrates your success'es as if they were his own.
Sex Survey
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69Do you like it rough or sensual?: Depends on my moodDo you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: opposite most of the timeHow often do you like to have sex?: all the timeIs sex a top priority for you?: yesDo you have sex face to face with your partner?: yesHow often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: only a couple timesHow do you feel about one night stands?: they're okayHow many one night stands have you had?: 4What's your favorite position?: doggieWhere's your favorite place to have sex?: in public in a car, bedroom, I like the thrill of getting coughtDo you prefer to make love or f*uck?: dependsHave you ever watched porn while having sex?: yesHow long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: dependsDo you get off first or do they?: theyDo you like kissing during sex?: yesDo you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: loudDo you prefer your partner to be loud or quite?:
Explain something to me, because I do not quite understand it. WHAT FUCKING KIND OF GOD IS IT THAT WOULD TAKE A PERSON SO WONDERFUL, SO LOVING, AND KILL THEM DEAD IN THEIR FUCKING TRACKS? What kind of God? Tell me... cause I really want to fucking know. Shock - Check Denial- Check Sadness - Check ANGER - Current. In case you havent quite figured out what this is about... one of my best friends died last night. Perfectly healthy, was fine a few days ago. She feels sorta bad yesterday, goes to the ER and never even makes it there. Massive Heartattack. Now.... what fucking kind of God would do that....
Yestarday and today, i suffered from allergies. Damm allergies made it impossible to sleep. The sucky part of fall.
do people know how to im or wut
Boring Sunday
Well its a rainy Sunday here and nothing much going on, Hubby is sick with the same stomach bug we all had and so I have been taking care of him....Hope everyone has a great day and a happy Monday
Look Im Here
Please Come By And Vote!!
Dear Cherry Readers!!! Hey all in a contest!! Please come by and vote!! I think I losing!!! But need some votes please!!! I am in the BBW Contest!! There is the link... Please do it for me!!! Thanks.. Jeannie
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
A Little Depressed
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
My Life....
I lived for you.... I slept to have energy to love you.... I loved only you.... You were my everything.... How do I go on without you.... I miss you so much.... I want you back.... I love you.... HOw can I go on everyday with you? I don't know how.... I haven't figured out how to go on everyday, without cooking for, cleaning for you, making sure that you laundry is done, making sure that you are ok. Knowing that you aren't ok, makes me not okay! I need you! COME BACK!
Trials Of Luck
Lc Idiots
Ok, I have been here for almost a week now, and already I am dismayed by the amount of blog and bulletin posts about creepy, perverted, or otherwise just plain pushy men. Grow up guys. Realize that if someone doesn't want to do something, they shouldn't be obligated to do it or even give an explination as to why. IF someone does not want you as a friend...GET OVER IT, you don't know them to begin with so its no big loss. Go out and find someone else who will be your friend. And the big crux: private albums. Men turn into drooling little perverts at the mere possibility of a naked woman (me included), it's a fact of life...however maintain control over yourself. You haven't seen the album, what makes you even think there is nudity in it? Perhaps its photos of her close friends and family she wants to keep anonymous to the millions of random perves out there. Don't beg and don't assume. Your a human being, not a walking sphincter, so why should you act like you are? I have heard too many
Virgo You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex. You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you. Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio Take this quiz at
Sex Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 123 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
7 Weird Facts About Me
1. i absolutly hate feet they gross me out 2. when i get mad and i try to talk about why im mad i cry. 3. i love the smell of fireplaces burning in the winter time 4. im an extremly shy person so if ive ever told you anything personal u should feel special 5. i love ketchup but i HATE raw tomatoes 6. i hate going places on my own and ive just recently started to and im really proud of myself for it. 7. i have to sleep with atleast 4 pillows and one little one otherwise i cant sleep
Being Equal
all right people, how many times have u heard that men are better than women? I have heard it way too many times. Women can do just as good, or even better job, than men at anything. I think that men are just too afraid that we will take over there jobs, so they come up with this line of crap to scare us away from jobs that we can do. We need to stand up to men and let them know that we can do just as good of a job as they can. We aren't a dog , or there pet, we are human being, and deserve to be treated equal, no matter what it is.
Just To Start It Off With
JUST LIL UNFINISHED ONE'S THERE REALLY OLD FROM LIKE YEARS AGO. 'Deep into that darkness peering' long i stiid there , wondeering fearing, doubting,dreaming,dreams no mortal ever dreamed before! dARKNESS OVER COMES I CAN FEEL THE PAIN IT OVER TAKES MY SOUL, IT BLEEDS AS MY HEART BREAKS!! "LOST WORLD" Dreams shattered, Tears streaming down one's face, memories flashing, a past never to be replaced nor forgotten..
yes, its true, i will be moving at the end of next month back to Louisianna to live with my sis and her husband.... too much heartache and drama in my life right now has forced me to say goodbye to Jacksonville Florida and move away from it.... i need to be able to get my head back on straight after all the shit i just went thru with the imposters and with the attack and all... i just need a fresh start and clean break..i will be leaving behind some good friends and i hope we can stay in touch...i will not be moving back here again, unless someone manages to put a ring on my finger and drag me back here, and i dont mean an engagement ring, it had better be a wedding ring, cuz i wont be stranded here again.... i may come back for a visit once in a while, if there is a good enough reason... (like HIM coming to Orlando but living here NO! I love you all and am sorry to be leaving like this, but at least you have a months notice to say goodbye... drained and t
Is It Real?
is it real that thing they call love that one little thing that will make the heavens stop above? is it true, i do not think so i do not think i will ever love you. i do not think there is any love inside of me. for love is something that doesnt really exsist. honestly it is not love ever it is truely lust. a primal natural thing. enriched in desire, seathing with heat and passion. nothing more then lust bite me! beat me! whip me! tease me! i am good come and treat me like im the nasty little slut you should. i will tantilize your sinces. i will give you the darkness, relish in your laugh. I will give you my everything as long as you are real with me.
The Visit
((This is not a true story though it is based on the thoughts of a female friend who visited and wished for something more)) I had finally arrived. I was not in my home, but I brought the essentials from my haven. As I entered the car, he offered me a light for my clove cigarette that I was pursing to my lips waiting for him to put my luggage in the trunk. As he came into the car, he ignited the lighter just in front of my cigarette, moving it slowly back to light it calmly, and without being told to do anything yet. I start to reward him for his good deeds by stroking his balls as he drives out of the airport parking lot. As we drive to his home I'm blowing smoke in his face while distracting his driving so I start to stroke him enjoying the long drive home on the back roads to not have as many people driving past us. As we approach the small seldom used bridge across the river I tell him to stop so we can enjoy the cool air circling around the car this night. As I
Untitled Memory
Somewhere inside of every dream is a rainbow, not the sort of rainbow you get when the sun hits the rain, but one where a thousand lonely tear drops hit the bright rays of hope, and create a kaleidascope of uncertainty. Sometime, maybe in the past, or the future, when I was filled with such doubts, I felt the rainbow stir inside of me, a million beautiful colors, touching ever corner of my body, tingling me with energy, and anticipation, and I closed my eyes and floated on the moment, soaring over giant redwoods, like a magnificent eagle, wild, untamed, and free, looking down upon the world, seeing everything, but unshackled of it's problems. After many hours of flying, that took but the blinking of an eye, I settled on a raft in the ocean, a small wooden raft, that had floated upon the seas for all eternity, that had been floating there before you, and I, and forever were even dreamt of, and I lay there, still in the morning sun, with the gentle surf lapping just inches from my
24hrs To Go!
Hmmmm I Got...24 hrs.... not alot of time so i have to act fast.... B4 we locked ourselves in i start'd the candles... and Music... bath water running...... oh yea Mr. Bubbles!!! mmmmm toss two blue Glo~Stix in the BAth and turn off tha lites... waters HOT but not burning..... i call u in... press u against the wall..... kissing u deeply @ the Same time i am taking off ur bra... peeiling it off ur Beautiful titties bending down and putting mah head under ur shirt sucking on ur nipples!!! slowly pulling ur shirt up stoping @ ur eyes so i kiss u deeply once again .... then cont. getting u undressed..... i kneel down and roll ur pants down leaving ur Panties on for a min.... as i press mah mouth against ur pussy and inhale ur scent.... mmmmm mah mouth starts to water.... as i then roll ur panties down and kiss those Pouty lips!!!! as i am already naked i slide mah body against urs as i cum up to meet ur mouth for the Final kiss b4 we get in the tub.... i test the water by getting in 1st.
Mayonnaise Revealed!
Mayonnaise Revealed > > > > Most people don't know that back in 1912, > Hellmann's mayonnaise was manufactured in > England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying > 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for > delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be > the next port of call for the great ship after > its stop in New York. > > > > This would have been the largest single > shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to > Mexico. But as we know, the great ship did not > make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg > and sank, and the cargo was forever lost. > > > > The people of Mexico, who were crazy about > mayonnaise, and were eagerly awaiting its > delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their > anguish was so great, that they declared a > National Day of Mourning, which they still > observe to this day. > > > > The National Day of Mourning occurs each > year on May 5th and is known, of course, as > Sinko de Mayo. > > > > > WHAT?
On Cold Nights...
On cold nights I wrap myself in thoughts of you velvet dreams of warmer times of sweeter times of... O my word I really couldn't say on a public site On cold nights I wrap myself in thoughts of you sweet subtle thoughts of us entwined of... You fill my mind with exstacy Let me caress you love you fill you with sensual dreams of... On cold nights I wrap myself in thoughts of you velvet dreams of warmer times of sweeter times of... O my word I really couldn't say on a public site...
wow what a fugged up weekend this was.... almost beat some crzy bitch up because she thought she had to be cool n start some shit when my kids were around.. then tried to steal some money and her stupid ass doesnt know how to walk so she falls on my wrist n fuggs it up even more... then today we get the cops called on us just cause she doesnt know how to leave a house when shes not wanted and she is told to leave... damn ... SO MUCH DRAMA>..... one of these weekends i will be havin a non drama weekend... haha oh well still had fun this weekend regardless of what happened.
At The Bus Stop
Scene - a crowded city at a busy bus stop, a > beautiful young woman wearing a > tight leather skirt was waiting for a bus. > > As the bus stopped and it was her turn to get > on, she became aware that her skirt was too > tight to allow her leg to come up to the height > of the first step of the bus. > > Slightly embarrassed and with a quick smile to > the bus driver, she reached behind her to unzip > her skirt a little, thinking that this would > give her enough slack to raise her leg. She > tried to take the step, only to discover that > she couldn't. > > So, a little more embarrassed, she once again > reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little! > more, and for the second time attempted the > step. Once again, much to her chagrin, she > could not raise her leg. > > With a little smile to the driver, she again > reached behind to unzip a little more and again > was unable to take the step. > > About this time, a large Texan who was standing > behi
Je Ne Regrette Rien...
Je ne regrette rien... I do not regret anything. I do not regret the sun, or the moon, and I do not regret the scent of your perfume, that still lingers on my pillow, as an aromatic reminder that you've gone. I don't regret the tears shed in the storms, hidden only by a thousand rain drops, and I don't regret the pains in my heart. I do not regret anything, because you were worth it. To have spent one perfect moment with you is worth the million years of hurt destined to follow.
I have nothing left- Nothing to give... Since I don't have you- Why Should I live... The words you say-Conflict with the beat.... I look at your brown eyes- so warm so sweet I'm Sorry my feelings for you have changed Is what you said.... I feel so alone so lost- I feel like I'm dead... When you told me you liked me- All the glory rose to my heart... Yes, you were right- you tore me apart... I told you I hated you- But deep down In my heart I don't I can't feel your heart- If It just Won't I told you Josh I didn't like you... But what I told you was a lie... I can't tell you how I feel- you made me cry Why does it hurt so much? You Hurt me I want you so bad... But you took my love for granted... Shattered my heart and made me sad... I wish you would know how I feel I wish Josh, you would come back I would make it right- I would make it real I just want to grab you and make you see... Just how much I need you here with me... I still remember that October day-
Never Was So Lonely As The Night...
Never was so lonely as the night with all it's dreams of yesterday encapsulated within a moments hesitation and then tomorrow dawns a new year to find the screaming body dragged from the final breath of the previous chapter and into darkness. clouds fill the sky dark and gray with flurries of snow and worries of man that fall and lie deep upon the fields of thought until the vista is such that even memory can not recognize it's twisted features a thing of beauty? a white demon? who knows what others see behind the windows of their souls who hears their silent screams and runs protective to cradle them within awaking dreams of how it should have been it could have been if only the dice had fallen even how can life be decided by the flick of a wrist? And what of chapters new? of fields yet untrodden and future speak of what you seek alone but not so sure filled with doubts of how much longer can the fear of past remain before it bites upon the very su
A Day At Home
Nothing much happened here at home today. Me, Mike and the kids got a lot of work done around the house though between laundry, the dishes, cleaning the stove and cleaning the porch we got quite a bit done. Mike and I decided that to reward ourselves for a hard day of work we would go and have supper at Pizza Hut. It was a nice dinner out with the kids. Well I guess that is enough for now.
Super Hero
Your results:You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 80% Superman 80% Spider-Man 70% Wonder Woman 65% Hulk 60% Robin 55% Supergirl 55% The Flash 50% Catwoman 30% Batman 30% Iron Man 30% Hot-headed. You have strong will power and a good imagination. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky100%A Sicko60%Average40%A WUSS !!10%How sexual are youcreated with
Sensual Slaughter - Immortal Ego No. Five
After my friend had seen the other artwork for what we had done she wanted to become one herself, we came up with the name Sensual Slaughter as she writers erotic novels for women, there will be a story of how Sensual Slaughter kills her creator (Stu Smith the Artist) and how she sucks the life out of him, and Stu just loves this idea Creating Sensual Slaughter, and what it took to put her together
Feeling somewhat better today. Thanks to everyone who sent their wishes. Do appreciate it. Much love.
These People Have To Much Free Time

You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky100%A Sicko60%Average50%A WUSS !!20%How sexual are youcreated with
My Thots
this is a randm outburst but... stupid ppl (aka-fuckers) in this fuckin world get on my nervs. skool is a bitch and life is just somethin that happns to fill in a huge gap in time and the only thing anyone really does is become a pro at fucking up evry damm thing possible. the girly sluts in this world need to close their damm legs and take their litl prissy asses somewher else cuz they piss me off this next statement will make no sense but LIFE IS A WASTE OF MY LIFE no im not suicidal or anythin which mite be the way it seems i just feel really annoyed at ppl rite now...cuz of issues that come up... sometimes i wonder y ppl r all fake and y they act the same and shitt...then i finally realize its becuz theyr scared...scared that noone will like them if they act like retards ppl r such faggs...(in my mind "fagg" means majorly stupid) maybe if...nvm o then ther r the stupidly ignorant, innocent ppl and they piss me off 2...y cant they just ge
Useless Survey Of Info About Me
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Leslie Tenille York Birthday: Dec 13 Birthplace: Lexington, KY Current Location: Morehead Eye Color: Blue-Gray Hair Color: Blondish-Brownish with a lil reddish Height: 5'4 Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: Breathitt Countian The Shoes You Wore Today: Nike Flip Flops Your Weakness: being tickled, dimples, cute smiles Your Fears: heights, roaches (nasty vile creatures), turning left Your Perfect Pizza: pasquales thick crust with mushrooms Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: become healthy, give up caffeine (hey it could happen) Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol, lmao, brb Thoughts First Waking Up: where is the snooze buttom.. Your Best Physical Feature: Nose Your Bedtime: when i get sleepy Your Most Missed Memory: As in i misplaced it? Why would it be missing? Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds Fries Single or Group Dates: Single Lipt
Skin Canvas
Tattoo Spears filled with rainbows pierce the flesh Blood and ink jade the surface and are wiped away Pain becomes pleasure as the picture unfolds In the end, artist and masterpiece become one.
Emotional Conditioning
Anesthesia Apathy make me numb again Rip my heart out from my chest & all I'll do is grin Depression will not leave me, thus joy does not exist And since love & hate have become the same my pain cannot persist Emotion is just a memory now of a cruel and jaded past Now that all feeling has left this man, I can die in peace at last
Note To All You Fuckers And Wanna-be's
Right here on Lost Cherry, wat the fuck is up with ppl blockin someone from their pg becuz they think that person is ugly?!? It pisses me off wena person is soo damm shallow and soo fuckin stupid that they dont giv a shitt to wat they say to anyone about their looks. It might be weird that im bitchin about this right now but my frend was talkin to some guy on here(first timer) and that stupid fuckk had the balls to tell her he thinks shes fuckin hideous and blocked her after he saw her pic. Do u kno wat the hell that can do to a persons self-esteem?? Pretty soon she started complainin bout her looks and not long after that she started to cutt herself...iduno if u ppl hav best frends that do that but it scares the fuck outa me. So for all u ppl that like to fuck with pplz minds like that, u can fuck off and get a life...cuz ur probly not too much of a looker urself anyway. I kno it might seem stupid as hell to let someone u dont kno get to u mentally and emotionally li
Fuck This Job
My job is a fucking joke. That's practically all I have to say...for details, contact a bitch.
Sanctum Of Sand
The sun drowns in the sea and stains the sky crimson As moonlight now becomes the light to rule the evening Skeletal remains lie black and charred amongst the ashes Slowly the inferno is resurected from pyramid stacked bodies Impaled on sticks, our dinner is burnt to taste Melting bricks glow golden, reflecting the fire Our delicacies are placed 'tween two loaves of honeysweet bread And to appreciate the sweet taste, we drink the bitter rot of barely Some things thought lost are found to be whole and undamaged After all the white flesh is sacrificed we plan our next gathering A journey to sleep near the palace of insane dictators What new adventure will the end of the fifth day bring?
What Color Blue I Am.
You Are Sky Blue Dreamy and creative, you the potential in everyone ... and everything! And while you strive to have an ideal life, you are pretty mellow about it. You know your time will come. What Color Blue Are You?
Dancer In A Daydream: Chapter 2 (adult)
The Dance Continues They shared a few more dances before Aurora decided she would lose her mind if she did not go with them. So when the white haired one asked her again if she wanted to go, she held her head up high and nodded to him. He looked up at his friend with a pleased look in his eyes. The crimson-eyed one gave her a welcoming smile as they made their way off the dance floor. They retrieved their jackets and met her back at her table where she was telling her friends she would not need a ride home that night. “Aurora? Are you sure you want to do this? I mean you don’t even know them,” one friend said with concern. “Yeah, this isn’t like you at all,” another told her. “Jackie, Belle, I know this. That is why I want to do this. While I am still young. I’ll never know what I am missing if I don’t give it a try,” she reasoned. “But complete strangers? Come on, Aurora, you could do better than that,” Brandy pleaded with her. “Maybe, but something tells me I will
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... bord... had a good weekend though. and 4 anybody that reads this, comment me plz. love to all
I guess this is my first blog post. Whatever. I blog on Skary Skouts and Yahoo! 360 most of the time, so dont expect to see much here.
Sometimes I Feel Like This And I Just Dont Know Why...
Visit the artist's Website! Visit the artist's Website! Visit the artist's Website! Visit the artist's Website!
Sadistic Ophelia - Immortal Ego No. Eight
The lady behind Sadistic Ophelia does CRM and marketing stuff, I need to update the wiki pages but Stu had a bit of artists block when it come to doing this one and it was a big effort on his part. Creating Sadistic Ophelia, and what it took to put her together - i need to update these pages for her
by Rick James She's a very kinky girl The kind you don't take home to mother She will never let your spirits down Once you get her off the street, ow girl She likes the boys in the band She says that I'm her all-time favorite When I make my move to her room It's the right time She's never hard to please Oh, no That girl is pretty wild now (The girl's a super freak) The kind of girl you read about (In new-wave magazines) That girl is pretty kinky (The girl's a super freak) I really love to taste her (Every time we meet) She's all right, she's all right That girl's all right With me, yeah Hey, hey, hey-heeeey She's a super freak, super freak She's super-freaky, yow Everybody sing Super freak, super freak She's a very special girl (The kind of girl you want to know) From her head down to her toenails (Down to her feet, yeah) And she'll wait for me at backstage With her girlfriends In a limousine (Going back in Chinatown) Three's not a crowd t
New Pic
I will take a new pic of me. The best idea will see it posted. NOTHING NUDE. Let me know your thoughts.
Falling Fast...
I think Sunday is my official sleep all day/do absolutely nothing day. I think Sunday depresses me just because I know when I wake up the next morning, I have to go to work. It's like I do everything in my power to make sure Sunday goes by as slowly as possible.
as i sit in this chair... i look into the abys of nothing... wondering why i have nothing to do.... it just stares me in the face and laughs at me.... i hang my head... i start to cry... nothing can stop it... i dont know what to do...then a light comes... it looks me in the face as well... with more gental eyes... i still cry... still not knowing what is to be done... and then it just goes dark... my heart starts to pound hard... then harder... then it stops... i have a flat line...and nothing can bring me back. Katherine Maria Longano
It hurts when people go missing from your life and you cant do a damned thing to get them back. Honestly I wish there was some magic pill or encantation to change her mind, make her see whats right in front of her. But of course, she is being brainwashed...Goddess I feel so helpless :(
Fill This Out For Me Plzzzz ^.^
fill this our for me pretty plz tell me wat u think... ^.^teehee Name: age: phonenumber: will u call me if i gave u mine?: what kinda music do u like?: are u single?: are u in a band: scene much?: describe me in one word: what do u like about me: FILL THIS OUT AND SEND IT TO ME! THE REPLY AND COPY THIS AND PASTE IN A BULLETIN! TO SEE WHAT UR FRIENDS SAYY
Hey All My Lc Babes!
I am like a little kid with this thing. You can get one at But I am inviting you to come and leave me a message would love to hear from you guys. Join in the fun and get one you will love it. Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage

Sorry I have been missin from the scene for a sec....I have been moving and just finished getting everything set up. I am glad that part is over. Hope all is well with my friends. Catch ya on later.
Worst Car Modifications Ever.
My List of the Worst Vehicle Modfications Known to Man Can't people just have a car the way it was sold to them? Why this incessant desire to "make it my own." I can see one...maybe two bumper stickers. Or a Patriots or Redsox thing. Here are some of the worst ideas people have ever had to modify their vehicle: 1. Painted Flames - This is the absolute worst. I see fucking dorks driving around all the time in Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, and fucking Dodge Neons with Flames Painted on them. This isn't some retard going out and painting his car himself...that at least would show some frugality. These are professionally painted flames (usually in a multi-color scheme) that run from the hood and front panels, over the doors, and ending at the rear panels. This, I guess, is to show what would actually happen if these idiots actually got their cars up over 100mph and the engines caught fire or something. It's not as if 130 HP is going to ignite the asphalt when they scrub out
Ying Yang
You ever have a time in your life when everything just does not go exatly the way ya want but your loving it just the same? I have no money and I cant buy my children new cloths but I love being with them and i love being single and other than then money everything is GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Bad Kitty
A man absolutely hated his wife's cat and decided to get rid of him one day by driving him 20 blocks from his home and leaving him at the park. As he was getting home, the cat was walking up the driveway. The next day he decided to drive the cat 40 blocks away. He put the beast out and headed home. Driving back up his driveway, there was the cat! He kept taking the cat further and further and the cat would always beat him home. At last he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right until he reached what he thought was a safe distance from his home and left the cat there. Hours later the man calls home to his wife: "Jen, is the cat there?" "Yes," the wife answers, "why do you ask?" Frustrated, the man answered, "Put that son of a bitch on the phone, I'm lost! and need directions!"
Things Are Lost..but Then Found
When you feel a change.... And it IS soo strong... But all you cast it down...and flush it GONE You wish it wasn't lost....You wish it wasn't GONE It would have made you SOMEONE strong... With or without..... YOU want to know.... If you can see the light.... YOU just don't know... Just DON'T give up.... YOU will pull through strong.... Just keep on going....and you will find it was wrong There is nothing that you can do.... But to leave it ALONE... THEN When you get to the'll find that you are not alone

I would like to show my love to all my frenz on LC i want to get to know all of u,nice having ya'll.feel free to IM wheneva or u can add me on yahoo( keep it real every 1 bcuz thats the true thing to do.
Random Question
Why do people tend to stare up when they are thinking hard?
Amy Is Ready 4 U
Live, Learn, And Love
Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?
Fuck It
man this is hard im stuck between a rock and a hard place i dont know if i can trust you anymore but i love my kids too much to leave do i let you go or do i hold on why does it have to be so difficult and than i have to remember the fact i hold you and cry on your shoulder when im upset at even you i am so in love with you but theres only so much that i cant i fall outta love with you why do i care so fuckin much that i try to make things work is something wrong with me or is there a problem with you please tell me what to think is it time to lie down and rest for eternity or is it time to snap into reality i am so hurt and i dont know what to do how much longer do i have to put up with this bullshit from u will it kill me well if i die ill die from lovin u

Just Got Home...
did anyone miss me? lol. I ended up goin to the fair this weekend, and staying in a hotel and omg it was awesome. tomorrow is monday which means school and work again. but I feel so much better now... anyways, Ima stay up for about an hour more, then Im off to sleep. haha, things never slow down for me.
Please & Thank You
All Of The Poetry In My Blog Is That Of My Own & Is Actually Copywritten....Please Do Not Steal My Work And Claim It As Your Own.....Thank You It's Appreciated.
Dirty Story
My dreams are of things that won't exist for me. Like falling in love.. I don't mean with some wei Well I do see myself with a huge underground lab.. 60 trillion terabites . Running reasearch stuff. I keep haveing this one dream.. Your LAB WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 20 MINS 10 SECS.. I scramble out of my bed.. run to find the code .. to stop it.. I see people running to the elevators.. Then I remember .. it was her b-day .. I type it in and it stops.. Then my cell is ringing off the hook cuz.. I just used up all the power grids power for a few days and i started a blackout.. Then this tele confrence happends.. and then i see some pretty girl asking why I didn't show up? I was like where? Where the hell do you think I am..? In your jet flying to France.. I look around and say.. woohoo I have money! lmao Then i wake up.. I check the lotto numbers and no such luck damn it! lol
You scored as Sex God. You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God90%A Slave To BDSM73%A Romantic70%Virgin35%How are you in bedcreated with
Ok I think I messed up my first blog. Anyway in a nutshell, looking for people to talk too, to get to know!! Sometimes I'm just bored and looking for someone to talk to I know there's some cool people out there so where are you?
Current mood: depressed Category: Writing and Poetry Poem I wrote a week ago WHY Dark in the cold is where I lie Cold and alone in the dark I will die No one will know or even care Everyone will say "Oh was she still here" I'll be grown yet completely alone I wanted to stand in the middle of the ocean What I really wanted was a deadly potion I wanted to scream was her beautiful name My heart to weak, I could not speak I am to hurt inside Burning in the core of me was the weakness everyone can now see My Spirit can not let go When there is so much I don't know The time my dreams and I have shared The pain of knowing she'll never be here The answers I do not know, like the Why Causes so much pain deep inside I remember crying all day and night I want to know why it does not feel fair or right Torturing inside I close my eyes Yet the pain still there closing in My God Please help me un

I think I got it now. This is what I said in my first blog that I messed up. I was invited here by a friend and it seems like a pretty cool site. It's hard to get to know new people online however so this is what I'm looking for. People to laugh with and chat with and sometimes maybe even to cry with. I'm 46 and live alone with my 20 year old son. I'm not dating at the moment cause sometimes it just seems like to much work. Throw a 20 year old into the mix that has his own issues and well...too much work!! lol I'll get there yet,cause I dont'want to be alone forever. But as winter closes in and I'm going to be stuck indoors more as the wheather gets colder and wetter I'd like to meet some cool people to talk to even on the phone or if we live close enough we could hook up for coffee sometime perhaps. So feel free to drop by and say hi I'm looking forward to meeting you!!
Hey! I decided I'd post a blog, but I don't have anything important to say!!! Isn't that wonderful? LOL!!! Anyhoo, I guess that's all for now, I'm gonna go watch the latest Masters of Horror DVD, Dance of the Dead by Tobe Hooper.Next time I'll actually say something...
Another One Right On!!!!
You scored as Outgoing. You outgoing and you have a very friendly personality.Outgoing100%Fun94%Dramatic75%Nice63%Immature50%Shy13%mean0%what kind of person are you? (shy,outgoing,fun,mean,immature,dramatic or nice?)created with
Lmfao.. Ok
You scored as Punk/Rebel. Punk/Rebel88%Stoner63%Prep/Jock/Cheerleader38%Drama nerd38%Loner25%Ghetto gangsta25%Geek25%Goth0%What's Your High School Stereotype?created with
How Sexy Are You
Leos Are Better Lovers Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship, it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on.They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs.Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this. AQUARIUS MALE IN BED He has amazing staying power in the sack. He can keep at it and co
Unemployment Not Long-lasting
Well, so much for taking off a few months. I got a verbal offer on Friday and the formal offer letter in email today. The job/company just seems too good to pass up. On the positive side...I do get the rest of this month off. This week I have three photo shoots. I hope to also get my imagery site online shortly as well. I just have to get the logo and graphics finished up, then decide what pics of whom are going up. Stay tuned...
Today I went to the beach with Crystal. We were trying to give Alex and Adam time to bond over football, video games, pizza, and beer (and in Alex's case some girly drinks too). After the beach, we hung out with my mom. I always do that on Sundays. We made a ham (mmmmmmm) and i helped load her truck, and got some more books. lol. I came home, had 3 beers and now I'm here wondering what to do with this erection that Jenn has cursed me with.
Sadly This One Isn't A Surprise...
You scored as Loner. Loner81%Geek63%Prep/Jock/Cheerleader44%Goth38%Punk/Rebel31%Stoner25%Drama nerd25%Ghetto gangsta6%What's Your High School Stereotype?created with
My Cherry
what's up people...i never know what to write in blogs but i figure u wanted to hear a lil somethin from new here and tryin to meet some hot pretty friendly its just i find myself walking away from the computer from time to time especially when someone is tryin to shout at me...holla at me, add me, comment or doin my best to get back at cha!!! love, skittle
A Poem I Wrote. Might Suck A Bit Tried.
A dead flower is like a soul its there for ones to see yet it slowly dies. like the cold cutts through you. when you stand out side for to knives cutting you. never fails through it eats you alive no matter what you do it comsumes you like a fire cumsome a house in the dead of night .
My Life's Saddness
Just An Old Poem That Just Gets To Me.
It's So Hard It's so hard to say "I love you," and not draw back in tears, It's so hard to know that you're not there to help me face my fears. It's so hard to know the phone's at reach, but I cannot hear your voice, It's so hard to know that this time breaking up was not my choice. It's so hard to see you laughing when I'm crying deep inside, It's so hard to just find feelings and now have to make them hide. It's so hard to live without you, when I need you more than words, To want to scream how much I love you but hold back and not be heard. It's so hard to go to sleep at night when I cannot dream of you, It's so hard to think that you might fall in love with someone new. It's so hard to not start crying when I hear your favorite song, It's so hard to sit and wonder, where did I go wrong? It's so hard to live without you, if I only would have known. I will never love another, I would rather be alone.
a gently placed kiss on the curve of my neck, your hand at the small of my back. how many times has my heart skipped a beat? it's just too hard to keep track. i lean into you with my head on your chest releasing an inaudible sigh, then raise my face to look up at yours and my heart begins to fly. love takes us to a special place that no one else can see. where time stands still and waits for us and we can simply "be". there's no one else but me and you as we walk hand in hand, the skies turn blue and the birds all sing as if they understand. for our love is the one true love that fate nor death can part, and our secret place is no secret at all..... it's here within my heart.
21 Things About Yourself
I wanna know 21 things about you. Fill all the blanks ... leave no question unanswered! ANSWER IT AND SEND IT TO ME (REPLY not REPOST) THEN COPY AND REPOST IT FOR YOURSELF! YOU MAY SEND ME A BLANK COPY TO ANSWER FOR YOU ALSO. Be not afraid to be brutaly honest. 1.Your Full Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite Color: 4. Favorite Movie: 5. Favorite Song: 6. Favorite Band: 7. Most Embarassing Moment: 8. Are you a virgin? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me/are you attracted to me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I asked you? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you: 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 12. Do you/have you talk(ed) c
Phoney's Blah!
you know it would seem i would have something positive to say today....but i dont..... so now i am just going to use this new "blob" thingy as my person frustration journal...... anyways..... here in the next couple of days i am going to be cleaning out my friends list.... sorry but i am not a collecter of friends or points for that matter......... oh well...... im off here for the night..........
Damn It!
Dear Heart, I said dont let me get hurt. But no. You had to go and screw up. And take to long making up your mind. And now look. Im fucked. My heart is aching. My ash ash hates me. And i hate the world. < /3 I guess hearts really are made to be broken. Love me.
A Dream
A Dream by garima I had a dream last night We had a lone long flight In the ocean of the sky We like a drop of water did fly Our souls were one And the journey was fun There were stars around very bright And the sky was full of colorful lights Is this the place after death we go? Do we like a drop of water flow? I wonder what is it like But I wish you are with me Even at that point..............
Blonde Paint Job
Blonde paint job A blonde, wanting to earn some money, decided to hire herself out as a handyman-type and started canvassing a wealthy neighborhood. She went to the front door of the first house and asked the owner if he had any jobs for her to do. "Well, you can paint my porch. How much will you charge?" The blonde said, "How about 50 dollars?" The man agreed and told her that the paint and ladders that she might need were in the garage. The man's wife, inside the house, heard the conversation and said to her husband, "Does she realize that the porch goes all the way around the house?" The man replied, "She should. She was standing on the porch." A short time later, the blonde came to the door to collect her money. "You're finished already?" he asked. "Yes," the blonde answered, "and I had paint left over, so I gave it two coats. "Impressed, the man reached in his pocket for the $50. "And by the way," the blonde added, "that's not a Porch, it's a Ferrari."
I Am Going Back Home Soon
I have been in Montana for like three months. I found some friends that convinced me to move up here. I just dont think I can go through with it anymore. I miss my family and my friends in Arizona so much. I think it is way past time for me to go home. The problem is that my friends up here keep talking me into staying once I am finally ready to leave. I think what I need to do is just not tell anyone I am leaving that way they can't try and stop me. I am really ready to go home it is way to fucking cold up here. If I were in Az I could still be swimming during the day. It is getting ready to snow here soon. I am going to freeze if I stay up here. It is time for me to go back to the desert.
A Joke Love & Sex
I have no idea on what o make my blog so my first is going to be a joke I hope you enjoy it Love & Sex A couple was told to individually write a sentence using the words "sex" and "love". The woman wrote, "When two people love each other very much, like Bob and I, it is morally acceptable for them to engage in sex." And Bob wrote, "I love sex."

My 2nd One Southren Men
Southern Men The top 36 things that you WON'T hear a Southern Man Say! 36. I'll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex. 35. Honey, I think we should sell the pickup and buy a family sedan. 34. Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken. 33. We don't keep firearms in this house. 32. Has anybody seen the sideburns trimmer? 31. You can't feed that to the dog. 30. I thought Graceland was tacky. 29. No kids in the back of the pickup, it's just not safe. 28. Wrestling's fake. 27. Honey, did you mail that donation to Greenpeace? 26. We're vegetarians. 25. Do you think my gut is too big? 24. I'll have grapefruit and grapes instead of biscuits and gravy. 23. Honey, we don't need another dog. 22. Who gives a hoot who won the Civil War? 21. Give me the small bag of pork rinds. 20. Too many deer heads detract from the decor. 19. Spitting is such a nasty habit. 18. I just couldn't find a thing at Wal-Mart today. 17. Trim the fat off that steak. 16. Cappuccino tastes better t
Rush Wrestling With Faith On New Album Due In 2007
Sunday, September 17, 2006 By JONATHAN COHEN BILLBOARD.COM NEW YORK -- Rush has penned eight songs for its next studio album, which should be out in early 2007, according to drummer Neil Peart. The artist tells his lyrics for the as-yet-untitled set were greatly influenced by his motorcycle journeys throughout the United States, chronicled in the new book "Roadshow: Landscape With Drums." Peart says he was struck by the ubiquity of religious billboards that have sprung up on America's highways, which got him thinking about some weighty topics. "Just seeing the power of evangelical Christianity and contrasting that with the power of fundamentalist religion all over the world in its different forms had a big effect on me," he says. "You try to put your own way of seeing the world into some kind of congruence with other peoples, and that's difficult for me," he admits. "I mean, I see the world in what I think to be a perfectly obvious and rational way, but w

I generally work a lot. I play pretty hard but the last couple months I've been working more than usual and traveling a lot because of it. I've been really focused on making more money because the more I work, the more I make. Yet, coming home from the lovely hellhole of El Centro on Saturday, I realized that I haven't been spending as much time with my son as I would like. For those of you who don't know me all that well, my son's mother passed away when he was three. He was always a "daddy's boy" anyway but after that event, it's amazing who inseparable we are. He's like a "mini-me" in so many ways. But, because of work lately, we just haven't done as many things together as I would like. When I got back from out of town, I was going through all my mail and my season tickets to the L.A. Kings showed up. I've always been a huge hockey fan and I play on a couple men's leagues. But last season, I started taking my son to the games. And when I opened the ticket package, I
Spoiler 5000
In the end we had pieces of the puzzle, but no matter how we put them together, gaps remained, oddly shaped emptinesses mapped by what surrounded them, like countries we couldn't name. "All wisdom ends in paradox," said Mr. Buell, just before we left him on our last interview, and we felt like we was telling us to forget about the girls, to leave them in the hands of God. We knew that Cecilia had killed herself because she was a misfit, because the beyond called to her, and we knew that her sisters, once abandoned, felt her calling from that place, too. But even as we make these conclusions, we feel out throats plugging up, because they are both true and untrue. So much has been written about the girls in newspapers, so much has been said over back-yard fences, or related over the years in psychiatrists' offices, that we are certain only of the insufficiency of explanations. Mr. Eugene, who told us that scientists were on the verge of finding the ''bad genes" that caused cancer, de
To all my friends, fans, and family!
Afternoon Delight!!
for the bunny brat!! Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight Gonna grab some afternoon delight My motto's always been 'when it's right, it's right' Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night? When everything's a little clearer in the light of day And we know the night is always gonna be there any way Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite Looking forward to a little afternoon delight Rubbin' sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite And the thought of lovin' you is getting so exciting Sky rockets in flight Afternoon delight Afternoon delight Afternoon delight Started out this morning feeling so polite I always though a fish could not be caught who wouldn't bite But you've got some bait a waitin' and I think I might try nibbling A little afternoon delight Sky rockets in flight Afternoon delight Afternoon delight Afternoon delight Please be waiting for me, baby, when I come around We could make a lot of lovin' 'for the sun goes down Th
Ok I Finally Did It!
OK well i finally did it i cut the hair =*( im sad to see it go but im happy that it means a turning point in my life it was nice while it wlasted but i gotta grow up and get workn again n get the cash flowing back =) Im also doing it for a good cause im donating the hair to Locks of LOVE i montel willams talk about it many times and about half way thru the growing of my hair i thought to myself if i can stand to let it grow that long im gonna do that i wanna do something nice for some one that really needs it. ok well here are some pics b4 and during ( mullet style ) lol and i couldnt get rid of it all so i left a braid in the back kinda a lil tail lol. but if i gotta ill cut that off too. i wanna thank Vicky and my Cousin Jack for helpn me with cutting and gettn it prepared for being sent thanks ya 2! kk well thatz all for now peace out y0! -stanz Those were b4 these are during OK these are after notice my lil tail lols
Never Again
When we were together I said "I love you" When things were true Before the lies started You were so sweet Doing nothing to hurt me Always trying to make me smile Loving me more then ever But now things have changed I don't know the truth anymore I don't know what to believe Or what not to believe No longer can it be true Ruined forever Nothing matters now You always lie to me anymore I have decided Never to trust you again Never again will I love you You have lost my love and respect I wanted us to be together But now that's not an option Because of the lies No longer shall I trust you Never again will we be together
The Rose
There is a rose, I dream about, I long for it to be mine. Unfortunatly I cannot touch, this long-stem beauty, For another is holding it by. Oh, how I covet, to touch this rose, To have to hold forever, But I cannot, for nature's way, Has taken it to the other. I could spend all day, staring at it, Mezmorized by it's beauty. Such a caring thing, this gentle rose is, It takes it as it's duty. I've seen this rose, show it's affection, To others quite near to me, Just once I pray, this rose will show, It's true affecton... to me.
Teach me a lesson A lesson of love One that helps me One that teaches me How to be true Teach me a lesson A lesson on how to care How not to be mean That lets me gain friends And care for others Teach me a lesson of tears A lesson of the meaning of tears How to hide them And not to let them be known Unless they are tears of joy Teach me a lesson of control A lesson to keep me from flipping out How to be in control Of the evil actions that come up Also in control of my feelings Teach me a lesson of courage Courage tolove To laugh To be happy The courage to be just me Lessons oh lessons There are so many lessons Teach me one at a time Slowly but surely I will learn them all And always remember them Because a well taught lesson Leaves a lasting impression forever
Love Me
I love you You mean the world to me I will never forget you Please love me We are friends But deep down I want more I want to be in your arms With my head close to your heart I want us to be one No longer to be alone We are meant to be one Please try to see we are meant to be Love me Like I love you Be strong and faithful Forever and always Love me The way you love her Trust me The way you trust her We are meant to be together So love me, trust me, hold me I will not let you down You will not be sorry Just love me Love me with your whole heart!
Wwe Unforgiven
I watched Unforgiven tonight on PPV. And I have to say, I was very pleased with it. It was much better than the last PPV. We decided to get it about 3 minutes before it to Momma, I'm sorry I didn't invite you over...they were on the net, and the cell was dead. But here's how it went: First match- Jeff Hardy vs, Nitro All in all a good match, with Jeff dominating most of the match. Nitro retained the title because Melina hit Hardy in the head with her boot. (Yes I screamed and yelled at the stupid bitch!) Second Match- Umaga vs. Kane This was just a match to take up time. I didn't pay much attention to this match because it was boring. Both of them threw punches, Umaga missed his Spike, Kane threw him over the ropes, he went after him, and the match ended with a double countout. (Boring, someone defeat him alreaady!) Third match- The Highlanders vs. The Spirit Squad It was a match that held my attention for the first fe wminutes. The highlanders dominated all o

A tisket/A tasket/Another victim ina casket/n i got his heart ina basket/let tha blood drip from ya neck like a flood/remember my name...caine/n my main focus is ur pain/left bodies broken n slain/over 900,000 thousand yrs old/now step tha fucc up n get bold/im jus like god/kill ya indiscrimantely/fucc u if u think im odd/when tha night appears/ya more than likely to disappear/shadow walka..night stalka/gimme a chance n ill sink my teeth into ya throat..... fucc these tricks/slap wit tha hands r like bricks/thas how i get muh fuccn kiccs/makin all they asses sticc up outa tha ground like dandelions/im tha street lion/fucc wit my end up dyin pricc/thas my special magik trick A tisket/A tasket/Another victim ina casket/n i got his heart ina basket/let tha blood drip from ya neck like a flood i've seen shit u wuddnt believe/adam n eve/then i was conceived/im tha worlds first disease/n killn abel was a breeze/a fuccn ease/n i rised to power/which made all these demons/had tha human r

Ill be ya best stalka/tha shadow walka/Walk right up behind u like tha kreeper/N take ya throat like im tha Grim Reaper/Yes ima keeper/I think i can get deeper under ya skin/Ill become yo new worst sin/into ya brain like a fuccn pin/fucc u you'll neva win/so much fuccn hate/tell me whutz ya fate/ha fucca ill meet u at tha gate/i aint gonna regenerate those feelns of "love"/Im above all dat shit/n dat was mah last hit to tha chest/Fucc it now ima stay ina state of unrest/fuccn sicc of all ur lil tests/alla long thinkn u wuz tha best/all tha while u laughin cuz mah soul is leakin out mah fuccn chest

hello muh name is C-Ghost/N i don mean ta 6oast/6ut if i get muh hands on ya/ya ass is toast/turn ya inta tha next piggy roast/me im deffinately hated/alwayz fuccn de6ated/6ut muh lyrics r fuccn x-rated/so keep ya kids out tha room/they might jus end up tainted/D.O.A's finest 6itcc/N im jus itchn ta end tha pretenders 6itccn/got muh name from sneakin round in tha dark/n i neva miss a mark/so c'mon get me pissed/u'll end up missed/leave ya heart on tha porch of ur loved ones/told u i was x-rated/n if u don like it/do me one/ get tha fucc on ur knees n succ muh dicc/cud give a fucc less if u think imma pricc
Im Off For A Week
hey, everyone ah i finished work on friday so its offical the summer is over lol, i was back in college this morning, and im taking a week of already to go to bulgaria never been before so it should be a good laugh. Hope you have great week Gary

Feed my need/yea do a good deed/bleed for me/jus tha way it shud be/ur blood wit sum wine/watch tha canines/watch em disappear into ya necc/leave ur body a fuccn wreck/n tha people scream n shout/so fuccn scared they wont come out/no need to whine n pout/ima bout to show u what im all about
The Punishment
The sharp tug of her hair being pulled startled her. " You just can't leave well enough alone, can you?" He snarled in her ear. pulling her head back farther. " I want you downstairs now, do I make myself clear?" "Yes sir" she almost whimpered. As soon as he released his hold on her hair, she hurried downstairs, not quite sure what brought on this mood, but not wanting to make it any worse. When she got downstairs she quickly gets undressed, and kneels on the floor to wait for him. She was kneeling just the way he taught her, her back straight, knees apart, hands on thighs, looking straight ahead. She hears him coming down the stairs, and can tell by his walk that he is still upset. He walks to her, and grabs her hair again, pulling painfully on the braid. " I just got informed, you were flirting big time at the bar last night. Is this true?" "No, Sir, I was just having fun with my girlfriends. I didn't even talk to anyone last night." The more she talked the harde
Fear less, hope more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Jo Ryan
See Ya Later Everyone Its Time For Me To Go
hey all if u are readin this i just wanted to say bye for awhile i have to get outta here and get to work but ill be back laterz!! have a great day all and ill see ya tonite!! muahhhzzzz and love to everyone!!
Things That Annoy Me
Things That Annoy Me About About Everyone List 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the T.V. remote because they refuse to walk to the T.V. and change the channel manually. 3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?".... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine
Baby Blues
A young lady in the maternity ward just prior to labour is asked by the midwife if she would like her husband to be present at the birth. "I'm afraid I don't have a husband" she replies. "O.K. do you have a boyfriend?" asks the Midwife. "No, no boyfriend either." "Do you have a partner then?" "No, I'm unattached, I'll be having my baby on my own." After the birth the midwife again speaks to the young woman. "You have a healthy bouncing baby girl, but I must warn you before you see her that the baby is black" "Well," replies the girl. "I was very down on my luck, with no money and nowhere to live, and so I accepted a job in a Porno movie. The lead man was black." "Oh, I'm very sorry," says the midwife, "that's really none of my business and I'm sorry that I have to ask you these awkward questions but I must also tell you that the baby has blonde hair." "Well yes," the girl again replies, "you see I desperately needed the money and there was this Swedish guy also in
What Poker Hand Are You?
You are a flush You are seductive and suave. You have no problem flirting, and the people who you flirt with find you irresistible. You rarely lose money playing poker because you are so charming, and have a master poker face. Take this quiz at
Monday Morning Whine
It's another dreary, lazy Monday morning. Though I got woken up to the sweet sound of my honeybaby's voice calling I just can't seem to fully awaken. Maybe it's because I know the wrath that lays ahead of me later today. I started sleeping in Cheylans room last night. I really should have done it before now, but I knew he would only start a war over it. I can't take much more of the confrontations. I will be so glad when November comes and I can finally be free of all this. We were trying to part as friends, but the fire and ice attitude he keeps giving me just makes me loathe him. I don't know why he wants make this all so difficult since he himself realizes now that our coming divorce was inevitable.
What Is Your Sexual Hidden Talent?
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Seduction Style?
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Sexual Zodiac
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
What Sexual Activity I Will Go To Jail For?
Robynne will go to jail for ... Wearing your pants at groin level with no underwear 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
How Daring Are You?
You Are Bold And Brave But daring? Not usually? You tend to like to make calculated risks. So while you may not be base jumping any time soon... You are up for whatever's new and (a little) exciting! How Daring Are You?
My Exotic Dancer Name Is
Exotic Dancer Name Is... Delicious Exotic Dancer Name Generator

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I Want Candy
i want candy bubblegum and taffy skip to the sweet shop with my sweetheart sandy got my pennies save so i'm her sugar daddy i love aqua teen in the morning
Amy Is Ready 4 U
Nine Noble Virtues
NINE NOBLE VIRTUES COURAGE - By facing life's struggles with courage, we constantly extend our capabilities. Without courage, nothing else can be done! TRUTH - Blind faith has no place in The Immortal Ego Project. No pie-in-the-sky; we must act in this world as we see it and as it really is rather than calmly wait for the next. HONOUR - We must be true to what we are, and we insist on acting with nobility rather than baseness. Our standards must be banners held high in our hearts. LOYALTY - We stand true to our faith and our values. Loyalty is the basis for all enduring human activity, and we hold it in the highest esteem. HOSPITALITY - The isolation and loneliness of modern life is not necessary. The willingness to share what one has with ones' fellows, especially travelers, is a vital part of our way of life. VISION - We hold to the discipline necessary to fulfill our purpose. We stand willing to exercise the self-control and steadfastness necessary in these difficu
Heathen Magic
.. AND OF HEATHEN MAGIC? The heathen sacrifice can be described theologically as a 'sacrament' (a term originally borrowed from pagan usage by Christian polemicists), that is to say, it is a symbol which effects what it symbolises, and symbolises what it effects. The sacrifice plays an important role in the cosmic conflict between the forces of order and chaos, because the symbolism of ritually offering riches or life-giving sustenance to the gods actually brings what is symbolically portrayed into effect on the spiritual plane, thereby strengthening the gods' hand in their eternal struggle against the powers of chaos. Just as the sacrifices of the battle-slain heroes, the Einheriar, add to the forces of Odin in Valhalla, so too the blood spilt, physically or figuratively, in the celebration of ritual sacrifices reinforces the power of the gods to maintain the order of Nature - and thus directly benefits human society also. In the sense that 'magic' may be defined as a means of a
What Not Say To A Police Officer.........
What NOT to say to a cop * I can't reach my license unless you hold my beer. * Sorry officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in. * Aren't you the guy from the villiage people? * Hey, you must have been doing 125 to keep up with me, good job. * I thought you had to be in relatively good physical shape to be a police officer. * I was going to be a cop, but I decided to finish high school instead. * You're not going to check the trunk, are you? * Gee, that gut sure doesn't inspire confidence. * Didn't I see you get your butt kicked on COPS? * Wow, you look just like the guy in the picture on my girlfriend's night stand. * Is it true that people become cops because they are too dumb to work at McDonalds. * I pay your salary. * So uh, you on the take or what? * Gee officer, that's terrific. The last officer only gave me a warning. * Do you know why you pulled me over? Okay, just so one of us does. * I was try
What Is Your Seduction Style
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Only In America
Only in America... can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. Only in America... are there disabled parking spaces in front of a skating rink. Only in America... do people order double cheese burgers, large fries and a Diet Coke. Only in America... do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counter. Only in America... do they leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and leave useless things and junk in boxes in the garage. Only in America... do they use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so they won't miss a call from someone they didn't wanted to talk to in the first place. Only in America... do they sell hot dogs in packages of 10 and buns in packs of eight.

I have decided to leave Lost Cherry. Just wanted to take the time and thank all of my friends for the great memories and I wish you all nothing but the best!! Best Wishes, Jason
Useful Expressions For High-stressed-days
1. Not the brightest crayon in the box now, are we? 2. No, a hard-on doesn't count as personal growth. 3. Do I look like a fucking people person? 4. This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting. 5. Sarcasm is just one more service we offer. 6. I can't remember if I'm the good twin or the evil one. 7. How many times do I have to flush before you go away? 8. You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing. 9. Can I trade this job for what's behind door #2? 10. Nice Perfume. Must you marinate in it? 11. It must be awful hard to hear with your head up your arse. 12. I'd agree with you if you were right, but you're not. 13. I don't work here, I'm a consultant. 14. Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view. 15. I'll try being nicer if you try being smarter. 16. I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you. 17. I'm not being rude. You're just insignificant. 18. The fact that no one u
The Room
Jesus The Room... In that place between wakefulness and dreams, I found myself in the room. There were no distinguishing features except for the one wall covered with small index card files. They were like the ones in libraries that list titles by author or subject in alphabetical order. But these files, which stretched from floor to ceiling and seemingly endless in either direction, had very different headings. As I drew near the wall of files, the first to catch my attention was one that read "Girls I have liked." I opened it and began flipping through the cards. I quickly shut it, shocked to realize that I recognized the names written on each one. And then without being told, I knew exactly where I was. This lifeless room with its small files was a crude catalog system for my life. Here were written the actions of my every moment, big and small, in a detail my memory couldn't match. A sense of wonder and curiosity, coupled with horror, stirred within me as I began randomly opening f
That Tangle In The Rope
We have been chatting for a while with a couple we REALLY wanted to fuck! And that was the both of us, we dissagree a lot about who to fuck, but this couple was unaminous. They live 40 miles from us, so that has been a problem along with the whole schedule thing. Now, after all this time of chatting I find out that I already know them, and their daughter and son both worked for me at the restaurant I manage, Whoah! I was flirting with their mom while the worked for me? Yes, I know that I drive a stupid long way to work, I don't pick where I go. So, in the past 3 years, I have somehow never managed to meet this employees mother. Then it happened, I saw her, and instantly knew this was the woman I had be seeing naked. Next day I talked to the Hubby about it online, he seemed a bit put back. Yet she and the daughter are coming into the restaurant like clockwork. Just don't know if the still want to have sex in this situarion.
What Crazy Thing Are You Aroused By?
As it turns out, Robynne is aroused by ... Baseball diamonds 'What crazy thing are you aroused by?' at
Keepin' It Real
NO DRAMA, JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL!! What it means to keep it real and be real. . . . Ok this is my defenition on keepin'real. . . . for me keepin it real means always be your self and be up front and straight with your self and others dont lie about who you are and dont lie to others and tell them what they want to hear, my self i tell people how it is i dont hold back what i have to say weather it hurts the person or not i dont set out to hurt anyone but thats how and who i am. being real to me is not being fake and try to be something i'm not. i have come across some people that are just that fake as hell and cant tell the truth if it was right on their faces with shiny florecent lights flashing the words fake and liar. . . i dont have time for kiddy shit nor, do i have time for petty shit either if you cant come at me correct then dont come at me at all if that is to much to handle then "oh well your loss" thats how i see it.
Weekend Fun
Spent most of the past weekend in Ohio. The things you can learn down there, LOL. Never knew that schnausers herd goats, but I saw it with my own eyes, a very funny sight. My brother in law's lil schnauser, having never seen a gaot before did a good job of herding a friends goat back into its pen. The real fun was when we went for a hay ride thru town at 10 pm. I'm sure we looked silly, but then half of us were drunk, it was still fun.
Im Surrounded By Idiots
u people are being ddenyed becuz u leave no message with freinds request y dont u actually read my profile maybe then ull figure out y ur being denyed ur not speacil ur liek everyone else u wana b actcepted dont senda blank freinds request
Just Some Shit
Well thanks to my dear sexy friend Shay for pointing out this place. So far I like it. But anyhow, the many places I have memberships at aren't very helpful to me. Granted I'm getting more friends, and friends are great. But sometimes when your single or even in a relationship that no one should be proud of. I have memberships at,,,,, and several others. But I find it difficult. I try and find friendship, companionship, faithfullness, Truth. All the possibilities of a glorious relationship. I've been in so many relationships that I have begun to give up. I guess I could be considered too picky. But I feel I am in the right to have the option for my apparent pickiness. I did my mistakes in the past. Drugs, Drinking, Parties, Bar Hopping. I don't do any of it any longer. I may goto a bar or a club for the music or dancing, goto a pool hall to actually shoot pool! I don't need or want to have to drink to have a good time.

You Are Seductive Flirt Smoldering hot, you don't really flirt. You seduce. For you, flirting is just foreplay. You don't flirt unless it's going somewhere. You have one goal in mind when you flirt... And you usually get it! What Kind of Flirt Are You?
Ya Think?
Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at
Just Don"t Call Me Rico!!! :p
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Beyond Happily Ever After
After being hurt deeply by Prince Charming dumping her at the alter to run off with an ugly sister Fienderella now seeks revenge by trapping anyone at will by using her mystic, serenity, floating haunting grace when she appears - rendering onlookers into acting just like a rabbit caught in a cars headlights except they never know if what they are looking at is beautiful or ugly, if it is pure goodness or evil, but whatever it is they just can't help themselves from looking. She uses this power to enable her to move closer if she wishes until she has the victim locked in with those eyes bringing a whole new meaning to 'stunning', just so she can then whisper into their ears demoralising, negative words that leave them deflowered and scorned about the society they are living in and the people they live among. Cinderelle now Fienderella takes her revenge on the world. She picks and choose who's going to get the brunt of her poisonous words. Sometimes she just plays with humanity
Every Day Gets Harder And Harder.
The pain is starting to get unreal. It seems like everyday being alone is starting to get the best of me. But I feel alone inside my head. Maybe i am just making it out to be worse then it really is. I am sick of going to be every night alone, and i am tired of waking up that way. I have no one to share my free time with other than my friends not that i care cause i love them. I want someone to keep me warm and wrap their arms around me. to walk around hand in hand. Oh shit i am going girly. *slap myself in the face* well that is all for now. bye
Iq Of A Sort
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself
Love means nothing to me It means what i think But can't say what it means. If you know what kind of shit I went thru with my other relationship you'd understand. I can't tell you everything I feel useless sometimes but I know you dont think i am. Im afraid to love someone again that's why im afraid to say those 3 words you always say to me. You gotta understand that i am afraid and cant say those 3 words yet. You know i do,but i cant say them. I will explain why i cant. Just dont rush me into saying them or you'll scare me away.
I Want To Meet New Friends
I want to meet new people to talk to sence there is nothing else to do.
New Pics
just found a few pics in my computer i deleted a while ago so i cant change the size becuz of that but feel free to enjoy them lol
Siren Beauty
You move with limbs of snake Mind of ice,heart of coal Hurl hooks from your tongue You burn me with your eyes. You destroy what bores you And leave a cloying perfume A scent of death in the air Still i crouch at your best. this poem was written by
Life Sucks...
Hey first post yayness ^^ anyways i guess i will start by acknowledging a t-shirt i saw last nigth i felt was Priceless. I was on register 15 (The Cigerette Lane) at work, (Wal*Mart)anyways. this woman come through she was wearing a black shirt which i noticed had writing on it, i waited til she got to the front of the line to read it and i wish i wouldnt have read it because it read "Love sucks....True Love Swallows" it took all my strength to hold back my laughter. anyways. I am Heading back home, dad is sick and i need to save some money. Floriduh here i come ^^ I am totally home sick. I cant wait i leave the 6th. Aaron doesnt want me to go but he understands the circumstances. i will write more later Peace out!
Uploading To A Laptop
U ever want somethign so bad, that u do what ever poss to get, an it seem like no matter what you do, just cant seen to get it? Its seems liek life jsut threw a monkey wrench in the way that blocks everthing. Ppl say that anything can be done, if you work at it. Its true, but its jsut so hard you want to give up, give in. Best i can say is, just keep doin what ever ur doin, cuz there is a end to what ever it is. But if someone knows of a way that helpful, let me know :)
Surprise Entry Coming Up!!
I will not disclose what this particular entry will comprise of, but you shall enjoy it I woulld think... My dear reader, keep your eye glued on my entries and your mind ready for some interesting reading. It shall be available in no more then a few weeks, tops!!
Lmao How Pussy Was Made? Lmao
Seven wise men with knowledge so fine, created a pussy to their design. First was a butcher, with smart wit, using a knife, he gave it a slit. Second was a carpenter, strong and bold, with a hammer and chisel, he gave it a hole. Third was a tailor, tall and thin, by using red velvet, he lined it within. Fourth was a hunter, short and stout, with a piece of fox fur, he lined it without. Fifth was a fisherman, nasty as hell, threw in a fish and gave it a smell. Sixth was a preacher, whose name was McGee, touched it and blessed it, and said it could pee. Last was a sailor, dirty little runt, he sucked it and fucked it, and called it a cunt.
Catholic School Girls.... Lmao
A train hits a bus load of Catholic school girls and they all perish. They are all in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates, St. Peter asks the first girl, "Tiffany, have you ever had any contact ! with a penis?" She giggles and shyly replies, "Well I once touched the head of one with the tip of my finger." St. Peter says, "Ok, dip the tip of your finger in The Holy Water and pass through the gate." St. Peter asks the next girl the same question, "Jennifer have you ever had any contact with a penis? "The! girl is a little reluctant but replies," Well once I fondled and stroked one." St Peter says "OK, dip your whole hand in The Holy Water and pass through the gate." All of a sudden there is a lot of commotion in the line of girls, one girl is pushing her way to the front of the line. When she reaches the front of the line St. Peter says "Lisa, What seems to be the rush? The girl replies "If I'm going to have to gargle that Holy Water, I want to do
Love Yourself
If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep ... you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace... you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy. If you woke up this morning with more health than are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week. If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of are ahead of 500 million people in the world. If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death are more blessed than three billion people in the world. If your parents are still alive and still married ... you are very rare, even in the United States. If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful ... you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.
Tormentuous Night
I feel a cold hand stroke down my spine, I stretch out to hold the shadowy form my mind presives in this haze, only to find my had pass right threw the memory. Shivering I wake, I look around at the dark room. At the walls and the things within them and wounder how I ended up here. I think about what I am and what I could have become. Of how lonely life has become. I think of the broken dream, and my eyes welm up because I wasnt supposed to be alone any more. I had found my laughter and some how I had shattered it and all that remains is the debree skattered heart. I pull the blankets close and though I am sweating I feel so cold. An unyeilding cold down in my soul. I ponder my exsistance and weither I am truely away or held somewhere cold and asleep. I long for this to be but a momentary dream, such that I would wake and find my home in order and my family whole. I long to believe that all is possible and I try for a moment to hold oto all possibilitys. that moment is only bro
Strength Of The Dark
The darkness tells a sensuous story Speaking to us in soft whispers A glow radiates from our hearts as we melt into one another The sultry smell of lust is in the air The darkness begins to learn our secrets As we expose ourselves and explore Our reflection dances in the shadows Hands search hungrily Eyes stare wildly The darkness knows the meaning of our passionate embrace Our bodies writhe as we fill the empty room with sounds of pleasure In the aftermath we lay in a sea of blackness The moment we became one is written on the walls of our soul The love between us is bound by the power of darkness
alright so i'm happy, mybday is tomorrow and woohoo yeah i'm turning old haha that's about all u r's been a long ass weekend see, work and have 2 test this week..yeah sucks...i know but oh well. it's not like i can doa nything about it. alright so who wants to take me out 4 my bday..jk again haha can u tell i'm hyper? or do i gotta make it more obvious? i think it is already..oh so i'm hungry too..didn't eat anything but a shake in the morning (not fun, but had to run). got to school. alright that's the report for the name is dora (for those of u that don't know that ) and i'm outta the blog section...see ya
Bungie Jumping

endless errors endless efforts... levening you dieng inside.. faceless fear endless tears... where are you when i need you most.. carless thoughts endless fights.. gravity pulls you near you can no longer fight.. your tears can longer fall.. silence has arised and no longer you can hide .. why tare me down? i fight back your speachless and something has your tounge tied in two.. love is dead love is endless somehow i think love doesnt exsist..
What A Ho Hum Boring Day
The problem with having Monday and Tuesday as your weekend is that everyone else is working and all you can do is get up, take a shower, throw in a couple loads of laundry and watch soaps all afternoon. Isolation is shitty some times. I am bored and it is sad when I just HAVE to know what is going on in the lives of fictional characters. When you live vicariously through their lives because you don't have one of your own at the moment. I haven't had a date in months and well man I would love to get out there and party but Monday and Tuesday are not really exciting party nights now are they. Can ANYONE spice up my life today??
Redneck Medical Terms
REDNECK MEDICAL TERMS Benign......................What you be after you be eight. Bacteria...................Back door to cafeteria. Barium.....................What doctors do when patients die. Cesarean Section....A neighborhood in Rome. Catscan..................Searching for Kitty. Cauterize................Made eye contact with her. Colic.......................A sheep dog. Coma.......................A punctuation mark. D&C........................Where Washington is. Dilate......................To live long. Enema.....................Not a friend. Fester.....................Quicker than someone else. Fibula......................A small lie. G.I.Series................World Series of military baseball. Hangnail..................What you hang your coat on. Impotent.................Distinguished, well known. Labor Pain..............Getting hurt at work. Medical Staff.........A Doctor's cane. Morbid....................A higher offer than I bid.
Private Anythings
I have been on here a while and I have found something that I find kinda strange. The privitizing of photos seems kinda silly to me. You can argue that it's privacy, then why even post the pics on the internet. The privacy leaves once you are friends with that makes sense, but I found some that were still private after friendship. Maybe I just don't know how this works quite as well yet but I find it weird to post any pic then make it private. We all know whats behind door number private, and I don't want to sound perverted. I just say why post it on THE INTERNET if you don't want it to be seen. Kinda defeats the purpose.
Monday Again
MySpace Comments Graphics I really wish they take Mondays out of the picture. You know thats the only day alot of people can't stand. Why don't we just skip Monday all together. Anyways, Until next time! Rambling Butterfly
It Never Ends
You say you love me but how can that be true? Your words they hurt me The pain you inflict… How can you mean it when you say you love me? You say its true but it never ends. The cycle continues over and over again. It's not just the words you say that cause all of this pain. Knowing it once was different knowing what it could have been is what hurts the most. You say its true but it never ends. The cycle continues over and over again. Why do I continue on? Why do I stay? Wouldn't it be easier to let it go to just let it fade away? But you say again that you love me. Yet it never ends the cycle continues over and over again.
Faith I dig deep to plant The ground is dry I plant alone Pour scant water Press down the earth, watched only by birds, Grey sky. I will wait Through vacant winter Listen for your voice Naked sticks scrape in the wind Hung with brittle ice There is some color, red Wind-chafed skin But I believe in spring In April's sweet showers That pierce the drought of March deep to the root Unfurling leaves kissed open by the sun, Unmitigated tenderness unbruised.
Only You
Only you... by Chris H. Only you can cast away those gloomiest days, stunning me in your wondrous ways. Standing in awe, I dare to stare, warming me with the brightness you share. Only you will love me with such tenderness, so giving, so kind, so guiltless. Your love will always accompany me, so pure, so elegant, so closely. Only you will make me experience this, what I wouldn't give for just a kiss. Only with you is where I will be, because only you complete me. Only you will make me feel the way I do, Only you, only you...
Dream Come True
Dream Come True by Aram J Boyajian I yearn to live with you In my life My dreams at night are with you as my wife Come hold me darling, hold me tight In the middle of a moonlit night. You've tinted my life with joy and gladness You've chased away my pain and sadness With your soft heart and a lovely face And a smile my mind cannot erase. Can't help but sleep with you on my mind Without your sweet love my heart is blind Come here my angel, come take control, Come drown in my heart and burn in my soul. Sleep In my heart, as I whisper In your ear "You'll never be alone, I will always be here." I think not to live without you near It would drown my soul with just one tear I lay In the darkness of my lonely room I miss you, my love, like a nightless moon My tears start crying, my heart turns blue I hope that some day my dreams will come true
To Keep Ones Word.
well this one is basicly my way of friendly reminding others of such simple acts as keeping ones word that helps to foster, build and grow a good friendship. few weeks ago a friend of mine in finland asked for a tube of pringles; sour cream and onions fat free. other people from the US that claimed to be her friend promised to send some but had not. I told her I would. could not get fat free ones but got 50% fat free which is close enough. sent thme off about 30 minutes ago and my friend is very happy to hear that. should take about 7 days to get there and only cost me little under $10.00 US. simple act of buying the pringles, wrapping and addressing and going to the post office. the man was quite surprised at pringles being sent to finland but said it could be done. on ones part to do such things makes others quite happy. this simple deed should foster my friendship even closer but i'ld done it otherwise just to show her; not all americans break their wor
My Love
My Love The words you whisper to me, are so soft and so dear. The sound of your voice, is like sweet thoughts in my ear. Your scent melts my body, like ice on a hot day. Your touch sends chills down my body, like the first time I met you. You are everything to me, my life; my destiny, and most of all, you complete me...
Why I Love You
Why I love You It's the way you hold me and all my pain dissapears. It's the way you kiss me and I have no more tears. When I look into your eyes, And I know there will never be any lies, It's the way your eyes capture my heart, And I hope we will never part. It's the way you smell the way you do. The way you listen when I know you don't want to. The way you make me smile whenever I think of your name. Now I know I have you, I will never be the same. I love you for everything you do and everything you say. My feelings for you quadruple every single day. I love you with all my heart And I hope we will never part. I LOVE YOU, always and forever And I will never leave you... ever.
In Your Eyes
IN YOUR EYES it's in your eyes i know it's true that you really love me too and i thank god each day that i found you i thank god that you are with me i am in love with you truly, madly, deeply you in my life makes everything right i love when you hold me ever so tight in your arms your sweet embrace when i kiss you i love the expression on your face your love is so deep and true and that's the reason i love you *to my baby! you know who you are and i thank you so much that you have come into my life! with out you, i am incomplete. ~~ i love you with all my heart!! *
I Truly Love You
I Truly Love You I love you more and more each and every day, it's hard to explain my words and feelings I am trying to say, it is the feeling I get when you are holding me tight, in my heart I inject the feeling of the light. It's just every time your gentle lips touch, for I just want to say, "Baby, I love you so much," it's a sense of feeling I get each time we kiss, every moment apart, it's only you I begin to miss. It just scares me to think if we were ever to part, I would be so lost without you, I wouldn't begin to know where to start. For you are my love, my everything, and for you I would do absolutely anything, I would give up my world just to be with you. So I'm telling you now, my baby, "I TRULY LOVE YOU
Sexual Domination
GoddessYou scored 81% Dominance and 75% Technique! You are, quite simply, mind-blowingly and unbearably hot. You would not just be a "good" dominatrix. You would be - hell, you *are* - a stunning and breathtaking sexual experience for whatever man is lucky enough to be captured by you. Whatever you do, don't let your talents go to waste. Use them. Nurture them. Impart them to others. And, if all else fails, call me ;-) Thank you for taking my test, Ma'am - I hope we can meet someday. My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender: You scored higher than 99% on Dominance You scored higher than 99% on Technique You scored higher than 99% on IntangiblesLink: The Could You Be A Good Dominatrix Test written by
The Traffic Ticket
Tracey had the night off and her and her husband decided to go out for dinner and enjoy some alone time without the kids. She made arrangements for a sitter and then made reservations at a local restaurant. The meal was great and relaxing and Tracey really was enjoying herself, being able to relax and not worry about work, or the kids. After dinner, Tracey mentioned to her husband that it had been ages since she had gone dancing and shook her ass on the dance floor. Her husband knowing that when Tracey danced, she got horny, was all for it and off they went to a local dance club. Tracey was the hit of the club, dirty dancing with both men and women. She must have been asked to dance by half a dozen men and even a woman. As she came off the dance floor after a particularly steam session with one of the guys, her husband whispered in her ear that is was getting late and that he wanted to take her home and give her a good fucking before they had to pick the kids up from the sitter

I am finally coming to my sences and realizing that i like girls, i check them out like guys do, and what i used to do with my girls friends I actually enjoyed and liked and realizing that i might just be Bi... What do u think?????
I'd like to float above my mind beyond my thoughts and chaos to leave the tempest down below and float among the tranquil clouds that kiss the sky of quiet I'd love to sleep awake for once to see the world move slow instead of shooting stars of pain filled thoughts...
Angel's New On Air Time
********************* CJ Bond 2006 © ********************* Parents in the background fighting all the time, alcoholic breath, smoke from cigarettes, voices echo in my head, nowhere for me to turn, just to sit here listen to everyone bickering and fighting it’s horrible, tears run down my face, no one to hug the pain away, I wish someone would pull me out, it’s cold, it’s scary, it’s hell, somewhere you enter and somewhere you can’t find a exit to get out.
Goddamn It
wow i am really sick of stupid ass people getting all involved in my shit if it was really anyones buisness as of who i was fucking i would just be like gusse what i am fucking so and so there for everyone else can keep there goddamn mouth shut and mind there p's and q's because honestly if i wanted everyone to know whos cock was sliddign in and out of my pussy i would tell them so fuck off everyone and kiss my fucking ass
I Post A Lot Of Blogs!
Im truly sorry. Not really but haha. Anyway. Ive had like a lot of shit going on lately. So im gonna rant for a bit. Ive had a few people lie to me in the past few days, and mis use my trust and well honestly come on now thats just bullshit. And theres well some people that are pissing me off :). And did you know you're automatically called a slut if you hang out with an ex and his son :) I didn't until i did it. Yes i went to the zoo with one of my ex's but it was completely harmless. We laughed. We looked at monkeys. We spent the morning with his son. Yes i spent a good part of my day with them but you know what. I don't care. He's just a FRIEND. Which some people really don't understand. And if one more person says i shoulda been born a blonde im going to stabb them in their left eyeball. Cause i know im simple minded and easily confused please stop reminding me. Seriously. Dear you. You know who you are. I like you. A lot. I miss you like woah. I care a bout y
Who Wonts To Fuk
who wonts to fuk
Lost Cherry
Mythological Creature
You scored as WereWolf. WereWolf: Craving rare Meat, feeling caged, aggitated by being around people. Unable to control one's anger or temper. The person will give off symptoms of the shift. They will seem more hostile, blood thirsty, aggitated. They may even growl, bare their teeth or other animal like tendencies. In rare cases, some will physically change. Facial hair will grow thicker or darker, nails will become longer, canine's will seem longer. Embrace your wild side, for you are The Misunderstood WereWolf.WereWolf75%Faerie75%Mermaid67%Angel67%Demon59%Dragon42%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
Creature Of The Night
You scored as Fallen Angel. You my friend are a Fallen Angel!You were amongst the closest to God, yet love led you down a path of self-destruction. You find yourself crying a lot, because of the pains of this world. Yes it is very crewl, yet you know there isn't a thing you can do about it. Follow your heart and you will find some of your former happiness.Fallen Angel92%You are a Vampiric Elf!67%Black Witch58%You are a Demon58%Vampire58%What creature of the night are you you most like? (Pics!!)created with

I GOT A NEW JOB! I GOT A NEW JOB! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN' HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! i start wednesday!!! thanks for yer prayers! they worked!
The first time I met my fiance in person..It was far better than I would have ever thought it to be.. I stood near the escalaters, waiting for him to step of the plane into America..When I saw him, I was nervous, but couldn't stop smiling..I am a shorty so he had a hard time spotting me, but the second he did..His smile just grew from ear to ear, and he walked so tall... The look in his eyes were like I was the only one in his view... There was no one around but us..or so it felt that way... I just knew from the second I saw him, that he would b the guy that I would marry and spend the rest of my life with... Love at first site I guess you can sorta say... me and rhys had talked online for about 5 to 6 months before we desided to meet each other..I knew that I loved him before he got here, but I didn't realize how much... He is the sweetest most careing man I have ever met... but anywho back to the the minute he saw me and smiled, he made his way over to me.. walkin tall
Early this morning, I was going through our wedding and honeymoon photos. I thought to myself, I really haven't change too much. Other than my hair dye and eye piercing. Still the same fucking dull looking person. Before I went to bed, I looked at myself in the mirror and though, how can people fuckin' look at me? It's just so fucking disqusting. Omg, I just want to fuckin' hit myself. The last couple days I've been watching what I ate and excersized...well maybe not really excersized at home, it was at work. For the whole 12 hour shift, I was going back and forth in the building, pushing hundreds lbs of crap. Pulling and pushing crap weighing 500-800lbs with pallet jacks. Ugh..what the hell am I doing wrong? Today, we plan on eatting at To Dai which is a japanese seafood buffet. Real spendy resturant but suppose to be real good. It'll be the first time going there. I'll have to watch what I eat there. Sigh...why do I have to be so fuckin' ugly...
Hi And Sorry
i just want to hello to all of you out there in lost cherry. i try to vist all your pages when i can. i also try to leave comments but it is kind of hard when some of you post like 30 pics each lol. but do try to at least rate when i can sorry i can't do more. one last thing you all are great
blahblah i am currently studying for earth science..i have an exam tomorrow, so i am skipping sociology at this moment. actually sociology started an hour ago haha. i am going to go see the covenant! even though i heard people say it is awful i need something to do other than studying orrr listening to white sox games. i also think i like this website even though it moves too much. and also white tea snapple = greatest drink ever.
Ladies Meet My Friend
Home Sick From School
Home Sick from School When I was between the ages of 6 and 10, it was pretty horrible staying home sick from school. Its not that I minded missing school, its just that it was kind of lonely. My mother worked. She would be gone from about 7:00AM in the Morning to about 3:30PM in the Afternoon. My older brother went to school so he was gone during the same time period. My father was home...but he worked 3rd shift so he was asleep during this time. Being sick when you're a kid is no fun...Bad Cough, Cold, Fever, Rashes, and Headaches all sucked. But nothing...absolutely nothing could prepare you for "The Grip." This is the old-fashioned name for a stomach flu. My Mother called it this. I assume that it got its name because of the vice like squeezing around your stomach and intestines during a dual barf and beef episode when you have a stomach virus. Just typing the words "The Grip" makes me queezy. The hardest thing was deciding whether to shit in the toilet and barf in
Learning Some New Songs
i'm learning the following new songs on the guitar: rocket man -- elton john under the bridge -- red hot chili peppers volare -- gipsy kings when september ends -- green day maggie mae -- rod stewart i miss u -- blink 182
He Loves
his eyes are full of emotions that i cannot place his embrace has a tenderness that warms me his heart beats out a rhythm that matches mine he is the only one to lay claim to my heart and i to his he holds a dream for the two of us a dream of the future he loves me and i him
I Need You Now
I need you now-- please take me by the hand stand by me in my hour of need, take time to understand, take my hand, dear friend, and lead me from this place chase away my doubts and fears wipe the tears from off my face Friend, i cannont stand alone. i need your hand to hold the warmth of your gentle touch in my world that's grown to cold please be a friend to me and hold me day by day because with your loving hand in mine, i know we'll find the way
Just Some Poetry I Did A Couple Yrs Ago
Battles As my soul slowly fades. My body rots away. The darkness engulfs, and the day is enraged. As it fights the blackness of night. Never to succeed in its endeavor. Only to gain the hope again when, when its light once again. As the world battles itself for sovereignty. Never to win, but always to be in constant battle. As my soul fades. My body rots away. So dies another day. With it a few more casualties. For the rotting bodies of Compassion, Understanding and love.
More Poetry
The Game Death comes into play We all skitter away But death is not shaken easily Until one of us is taken away So we all take a roll To see which one will take the toll We all hope and pray... Its not us hes come to play
Last One For Today
Dawn As I lay here. The day is gone. Night has come. With it the dawn. Of a new day Of a new world of a new universe of a new existence As the dawn turns to dusk The dreams come out and the day dies Always to be reborn. never to fade for long. With it the hopes and dreams of us all
Get Stoned Video - Hinder lyricsHinder Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by In the winding down hours I let your heart down again (What did I do to make a scene so gory?) (I'm no better than the ones before me) Old habits die hard I always end up hating the end (What did I do to make a scene so gory?) (I'm no better than the ones before me) I'm in the middle of a breakdown Watching you scream In the middle of a breakdown Screaming at me And by the way By the way What made you think you'd have it your way? And by the way By the way Don't say I didn't warn you That I'll always stay the same Speechless and frozen Uncomfortable silence again (What did I do to make a scene so gory?) (I'm no better than the ones before me) I'm in the middle of a breakdown Watching you scream In the middle of a breakdown Screaming at me And by the way By the way What made you think you'd have it your way? And by the way By the w
i don't think you people understand that to be added on my Family list you either got to be really really really hot! Or you read my profile... can i not make anything Clearer...I love meeting new people i really do! ... but come on i can't just let every Tom,Dick and Harry into my Private Photo's... Get to know me Send me a shout.. Or be Super hot! Today sucked! i had such a boring day i just wanted to come home from working with my dad and Sleep! i woke up so early this morning ... And i was waiting inline at this Coffee Shop today and THIS FAT BITCH cut me off!! she just fucking used all her flab and bumbed me out of the way ! i was like WTF who do you think u are!! Thank god the woman at the cash noticed and warn the bitch that it was My turn because i would have smacked her Anyway whatever Love Raven
push me, touch me, slip me, slide me; pull me close and whisper to me; grip me, grab me, hold me, stroke me; realize you cant be without me; feel me, dig me, need me, crave me; go with it you know you want me; turn me on and light me up
I Want You To Know!
My love for you will always remain to love me for the rest of your life i want you to know i love you never will it fade off. cause true love is pure and my love for you-its true! The way i care will always remain in your heart the moments i have with you will always be in your thoughts- even after my dying day! the memories i leave with you unto my last breath will remain in your soul like flowers afresh oh lord! the way i love you can never be expressed because,there ain't any words strong enough! To remember me to love me through time i want you to know love is pure-its eternal never will it fade off i love you-and it'll never fade off i write this today cause i want you to know!
I was reading my sister's blog,and I thought that this WAS such a cute thing! It's about how she wants her wedding day to be...she only 13, but was cute. She started off by saying "i thought that this would be a fun post" Location: The Rio Grande Club Dress: Pure White Silk strapless with a snug bodice and long train Veil: Long gauze with diamond tiara looking thing Shoes: High heel strappy white shoes Flowers: Long stem Red and White roses Colors: Ivory and Burgundy Wedding Party: Best Friend, Husband to be, Best Man and thats all Reception: all the people that came and just mints and nuts later though a dinner with famiily and wedding party and cake and dancing Dinner: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Herbed buttered potatoes, Aspargus, Salad, and Rolls Cake:Three Tier Black forest Cake First Song to dance to: Bless the Broken Road- Rascall Flatts First kiss: Perfect See,in my religion..your first kiss is SUPPOSE to come on your wedding day! LMAO...Lord,forgive m
This Is Too Funny! Wrong, But Funny.
I am better than your kids. If you work in an office with lots of people, chances are that you work with a person who hangs pictures up that their kids have drawn. The pictures are always of some stupid flower or a tree with wheels. These pictures suck; I could draw pictures much better. In fact, I can spell, do math and run faster than your kids. So being that my skills are obviously superior to those of children, I've taken the liberty to judge art work done by other kids on the internet. I'll be assigning a grade A through F for each piece: Megan, age 4 First of all, I don't even know what this is. If it's supposed to be a dog, then it's the shittiest dog I've ever seen. F Kyle, age 8 You spelled America wrong asshole. Also, I could have sworn America's colors were red, white and blue. There's no yellow anywhere, traitor.F Lisa, age 6 Holy shit, I almost had a seizure when I saw this one. Three words: too many colors. Also, eggs aren't supposed to have ears, d
Dublin Slang!
dublin slang Act de magget = Behave in a humourously/irrational manner Alright? = Question/Are you alright? Animal = Wild /uncontrollable/ exciting Arse about face = Backwards/The wrong way Arse over kick = Head over heels Arseways = wrong way/mixed up Aul fella = father/ older man Aul wan = Mother/ older woman away with tha fairies= not right in the head Banger = Old non-vintage car Banjax = Ruin, Injure, Smash, Destroy Banter = Discuss, Rebuke, Admonish, Challenge Baths = Public swimming pool Batter = Assault Ban Garda = Female Police Officer Biddy = Meddlesome old woman Bird = Female/girl Bite Me Shite = Fuck off and leave me alone Bleedin' = Used to express serious emphasis blow = hash Blow in = Foreigner Bogger = Country People/not from dublin or the north Bollix = Dispicable/unsavoury individual Bollocking = Scolding Bowsie = Lout/Gurrier/ Troublesome Character Boyo = Lad ( only ever heard tha garda use dis) Brickin it = Back out of something due to n

well. i am 22 years old. im pregnant with first baby. i just found out that i have the pregnancy diabetes. and i dont know what to do. my husband is being very comforting. telling me we can make it through this and all that good stuff. i just am very afraid.
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
I want you..... I need you..... I love you... I want you to fuck me I need you tied up and submisive to my will I love you when I fuck you so hard that I lose controle I want you.... I need you...... I love you..... I want you to paiste me together I need you to worry for me I love you when your desperate I want you... I need you... I love you I want you to beg me I need you to lose your will to me I love you as you bow to me I want you.... I need you.... I love you....
A Typical Day
seeing as this is my first blog and i don't really have anything to gripe aout i am going to go through the day i just experienced. It all started with me waking up at 6 am for work. i am the get up and go person.. so iget to work 3 minutes late... go to where i am working and start on my daily routine. i work with my stepfather so it's a pretty cushy job. i heard a rumor from my sister that he was going to take my car cause he can't afford to keep paying for his. which makes no sense since i am the one who bought my car.. i just needed a co-signer.. but anyway... i confronted him on it today as soon as i saw him... he said it was a lie and that he had no idea what i was talking about. ah well.. if he does try to take my car then he can go fuck himself. after that i endured 9 hours of hard labor and punched out for the day.. i get home to be greeted by 3 lovely kids and my gorgeous girlfriend. she was on her way out the door to go to work which leaves me here with the ki
The Feelings That I Have For You Can Not Be Said Or Felt So True Until I Gaze Into Those Deep Brown Eyes And See My Feelings From Inside With you I Feel There Are No Chains My Soul Is Free To Soar Again And Leave Behind That Karmic Debt That I once Had Before We Met. I Feel Our Souls Are Intertwined My Feelings Clear To Read Your Mind How Can I Tell You How I Feel And Show You That Those Thoughts Are Real I See Us In My Dreams At Night Talking By The Candlelight While Holding You In My Arms So Tight To Kiss Your Lips And Say Goodnight So Why Then If The Feelings True Can I Not Say That I Love You.
Ooo My First Time
This is my first entry yay! There's so much to do on lc, I forgot about the blog (thank you Juggalo in D skies!!!) Today is quite boring, to say the least. I could have some friends over, but I'm just not feeling it. The long weekend (at least to me it was, a had SOOOO many people over on Friday and Saturday, my house always seem to have people and then before you know it it's a full blown party) just makin me want to chill out and see what's up on lc and download the pics I have been meaning to download. I'm still in the process, but wanted to enter in the blog before I forget (again). Much love to all who reads, not that there was much to read!!
You Mean Everything To Me
you mean the whole world to me yet i cant tell you this because im to shy to say so. i knows its only beena couple months but its like your slowly slipping right out from uner me, and the only way to keep you in place is to let you know how i feel...which is soo hard for me.....i just dont under stand at all.
Stuff I Have Written In The Past. Some Might Over Lap Religion. How Strange.
Your lifesyle is abnormal, quit trying to make it seem like it's ok.... by Aug 25, 2006 So what people are saying is, anything that is abnormal is wrong? or not ok? It's saying your weird, so you are wrong. What kind of fucked up logic is that anyway? Well, My platoon sgt presented it to me like that one day. I was following the rules, we went over all of them right there. I was clearly within the regulations. But he asked me if I knew of anyone else who had hair like mine. That shouldn't have anything to do with it. Just because it's not normal, or not what everyone else is doing, doesn't mean it's wrong. What ever happened to all the anti peer pressure drug commercials? And the if everyone else was jumping off a cliff, would you do it too????? They use that thing sometimes, but then other times they do the oppossite. If you say, well all the other kids were doing it, then they say ask stupid cliff questions. But when it's something they support, they say well that's how ev
Im Bored
hehe..this is my first blog entry on bored as hell right now...ive been sitting at my computer for a few hours surfing and logged in to LC...thank you to everyone thats left me comments and ratings your too kind...ok i know this song i have on my page doesnt gel with the theme but i like the song,my daughter downloaded it last week and i stole it lol....there are so many HOT guys on LC more then any other site ive been on...too bad im not single DAMN!...if i was single id be shopping for my next mate many HOTTIES to choose frommmm...anyways i really dont have anything to say except i think im addicted to LC lol...and ill try to start rating ppl's pics and leaving more comments,its still pretty new for me and this place is a hopping something fierce...kk if anyone wants to ask me anything or leave me any comments please doooooooo...ty lol
Ok What's This Do
NoClue@ LostCherry
The Love Of My Life
The Love Of My Life To my dear sweet husband, this I must say, I'm falling in love with you more each day. I'm waking up happy, just to know you are there, So much love you offer me, along with so much care. We go to work each morning, parting in our own way, With a kiss and a hug, as we begin our new day. A telephone call, when we can find the time, Just to tell each other 'I love you', and 'I'm glad you are mine'. In the evening at dinner, we relax and we talk, Sometimes after we are done, we go for a walk. We talk about our day and express how we feel, The love we will share forever, is a feeling that seems so unreal. Please tell me where you have been hiding, in my past life- You were someone else's husband, I was someone else's wife. Then fate brought us together, a love that was meant to be, Please honor the love I offer you, its a love that's for eternity
Oh I so love this new toy!!! Its so sexy! come and check me out!!!
Please Vote
A Lot Better Today
Hopeful Daydreams
as i sit aimlessly wondering what tomorrow might bring i can't help but to start to think of you. The way u make me smile without effort. How excited i get when my phone rings. I begin to wonder what it would be like face to face. would things change? or would thing stay the same? I manage to bring myself from a day dream of what could possibly be. With a short attention spand on something else my mind begins to wonder again. Is it truly meant to be? Hundreds of miles between we begin to hold on to something that might change us for the rest of our lives. I want to embrace what we have now. The long phone calls, the pictures and even the texts. I have never felt so sure about something in my entire life until now. The urge i have to want to be with u, be in ur arms and lay next to you gets stronger with every passing minute that i am not with you. We may not make it, but for right now everything is alright and feels so right.
Blah is all I have to say, I have been doing school work since I got off at 12:15 and I am getting tired. I just hope that all this hard work pays off and I can finally get into nursing school. I try so hard but it always seems like there is someone better than me out there so I just have one thing to say to everyone who thinks they are better than me or someone of a lower class....BLAH
you really wanna know what i think well here ya go. this bullshit war in iraq that we are fighting needs to end. I have friends dyin and ones that lay injured. every single person i know is fighting that war risking their lives day to day to help people in a country that don't want it. There are plenty of other things that need to be taken care of in this country. What about research for aids? or what about finding homes for the homeless, or even rebuilding new orleans? I hear alot of people say if u don't support the war u don't support the soldiers well god damn it i do support the troops, but i don't support this war. The troops do what they have to do, and they do under unbelieveable stress and pressure. Who ever voted for bush is a dumbass. Yeah i am from texas and i think our president is a dumbass, it is a shame to say he is from texas. He has done nothing but hurt this country since he has been in office. everyone pointed the finger at clinton for getting his dick sucked and
Anyone Else Feel This Way
do you ever feel like everything is depending on you? or that it is up to you to always be the strong one? sometimes i just feel like it's to much and i'm just gonna explode if anything else happens. but i try and know i have to remember that God wont' put anymore on me than i can handle! but it is just so hard. i can't see my best friend right now and my other friend lives in maine so it just really sucks. other than my internet friends and my family i just feel like i'm totally alone sometime! anyone else feel this way?
Rich@ LostCherry
Bush And Blair
Bush and Blair
And He's In Charge......go Figure
Bush Bloopers
Our Intoxication
Your Intoxication by. Amanda Erica Vicoria Come on baby i can sense the intoxication, I want to feel your lips sweet sensation. Lets do the dirty babe come and please me, You wont be disappointed i guarentee. Let me moan and scream, Baby lets take it to the extreme.
Luv This!
10 Things An Idiot Does On My Space
ONE W.A.K.E.U.P. there is NO SUCH THING as a myspace tracker. it does NOT exist. so quit posting stupid bulletins like "OH-EM-GEEEEE this WORKS!!!" no, it doesnt. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Quit crying b/c you're not on someones top 8. who the hell cares? ITS FUCKIN MYSPACE!!! SIX Who really gives a fuck if I don't accept you as a friend? MOVE ON!!! Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up with you not adding me?" I don't want you as a friend, that's what's up! SEVEN Little 6th graders wh
So Yeah..
had a friend tell me to come here since I apparently require some ass well, I'm here. bring on the hotties
My Sunday Night With The Man
So I have this friend who told me to be somewhere tonight to meet up. This friend happens to know how much I love Jason Mraz and his beautiful voice, for he shares that love. As I am in line for a warm beverage and thinking why the hell am I here, its a work night, you should be in bed, etc. I look up and it was like a heavenly glow of Jason Mraz standing face to face with me. I know this sounds scary fan esque. But believe me I'm too shy to be like that. My internal energy went through the roof however and my normally loud mouth, was silenced. What's crazy too was I was listening to his cd on the way to this place also. Turns out he was performing there that night by chance and I look at a new text message from that oh so awesome friend say "your welcome - forever in my book he is awesome. So I got to enjoy such an awesome show and was sop entranced by his voice that my legs actually fell asleep from sitting so long and not moving and being so into the music. But I digress and sound l
Nice Girl
Redqueenbbw@ LostCherry
Sexual Iq Test
Took the sexual IQ test today....scares me, I think I'm a
Follow Your Heart.
"We've all heard the voice of our heart before, whether we followed it or not. As we learn more about the heart and find that we can trust its contributions to our awareness, a new and more rewarding life experience will emerge for individuals and for society. It's worth considering. After all, a life without heart just isn't that much fun." - Doc Childre and Howard Martin I know that there are a lot of us out there faced with difficult situations, and even more difficult decisions. Should I do it? Am I doing the right thing? Will it payoff for me in the end? Is it really worth it? These are some of the questions that run through our minds on a daily basis. None of these answers are cut and dry, life would be to easy if they were. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. We as humans tend to over think our situations and let fear keep us from doing what we really want, but may not really know how to achieve. The only way to really succeed is to spend less time thinking about
Sex Me
sex me baby just do it fuck me suck me eat me love me you know you want to you just cant stand it fuck me suck me eat me love me make me sweat make me scream make me moan fuck me suck me eat me love me you dont be disappointed
Fuck Buddy
FUCK BUDDY...Y does it only have 2 b 1 Body: FUCK BUDDY...Y does it only have 2 b 1 There is at least one person on your list that wants to fuck you. So lets play the fuck buddy game. The rules are simple... if you want to fuck the person who posts this, send them a message saying "id hit it" Dont be scared - lol this is hilarious The twist is YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!! and see who replies. There is at least one person on your Myspace list that wants to fuck u so repost this as FUCK BUDDY... Even if you are in a happy relationship, repost.... It is just a giggle.... You may be surprised
Who I Would Be As A Superhero
Your results:You are Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 97% Supergirl 92% Green Lantern 85% Superman 75% Spider-Man 60% The Flash 60% Catwoman 55% Robin 47% Batman 40% Hulk 40% Iron Man 30% You are a beautiful princesswith great strength of character. Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...
New Camaro Release Date
FOR RELEASE: 2006-08-10 CONTACTS Auto Buyers Have Spoken: GM Will Build An All-New Chevrolet Camaro Next generation of classic sport coupe goes into production in late 2008, on sale in 2009; will be almost identical to wildly popular concept unveiled at NAIAS Camaro Photography TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – Dear sports car fans: General Motors heard you loud and clear. GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner announced today that GM will build an all-new version of the Chevrolet Camaro sport coupe based on the award-winning concept that stole the spotlight at the North American International Auto Show and has ignited the passion of car enthusiasts around the world ever since – even spurring consumers to start petition drives and send in certified checks in hopes of placing early deposits. “The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the Camaro Concept continues to remind me of the uniquely iconic place our products can have in customers’ hearts,” Wagoner said. “Camaro is much
Double Whammy!
So my dad finally bought me an extention cord, so I can simultaneously watch TV and chat it up on the computadore. And guess what I got to watch!? The Simple Life: 'Til Death, Do Us Part. aka, the greatest show on earth. aka, my beautiful girlfriend's show. So in this specific episode, Paris was planning the wedding of her two lesbian hosts. :D yay! So she invited a few bands to audition for the bride and bride. A mariachi, and death metal band, and to my utterly orgasmic delight... Micky Avalon!!! And that's the end of my story. Well, I guess it isn't. While watching the most wonderful 30 minutes on all television, I saw a very naughty commercial. Now... they actually played this... yes, during prime time, but my goodness people! It's a friggen discount designer clothes shop! Not SexToys 'R' Us... But I'll include it because I know you are all pervs. Me included. So enjoy it. Cherish it. Possibly touch yourself to it. I know that's what I'll be doing in 5 and a
Erotic Story (graphic)
Dream Girl It was a hot summer day and i had just finished playing basketball at meder street park up the block from my mom's house on western drive. My friends were heading home and i decided i would just walk back to my place cause it's pretty close. i thought it would be a little quicker to go through the back way which meant going by way of the trees into a couple yards but i figured what the hell, “who's gonna care anyway?” So i'm making my way along a path which runs behind the houses along western drive and it's no real problem. As i go along i start to think that i am going to have to cut over soon or else i'm going to walk too far and pass my house as well so i try to find a house with a small enough fence to climb. i succeed in locating one that has a simple wooden fence that is only about 4 feet high. i jump it and as soon as i do i realize they have dogs in their yard which start barking and running at me. i freak out and basically throw myself back over the fen
Food Play ( A Lil Story)
A lot of people argue that foreplay is the one of the most important parts of the sexual experience. With that in mind I decided to do something more creative with my foreplay. My girl Tina and I were out shopping at the local grocery store, and it hit me. It was there that I decided on food play. I began picking up strawberry jams, syrups, ice cream sunday toppings, and anything that I could find that would turn our foreplay into food play. When we got home I told her what I had in mind and she was all for it. She couldn't wait to experience food play. We went to the bedroom and she told me she wanted to do me first. I removed my clothes and took my position on our bed. She began to undress, revealing her Victoria secrets undergarments that consisted of and red laced pushup type bra that made her cleavage look like her breasts were ready to explode. Her panties were a matching red lace that were a hi-cut thong style. And then there were the garters.
Apply Directly To The Forehead...
So me and C-Money were surfing the interweb, looking up old commercials. lol... We came across this one. And American people, you've all seen it: Now the silly thing about this commercial is, they only tell you where to apply it, and where to buy it. Not too much info about what it's for? lol... But after finding this little fountain of fun, we stumbled onto something even better... :P Wait, where do you apply it?
So...just to punish me for signing up for LC...I ripped my finger open when it caught on some velcro on my vest last night..and then this morning dropped my service pistol on my pinky toe...and it may be broken. THANKS LC.
A Story so lost and yet so strong my weeping angel and my mountain so far away how are you holding me up in your beautiful arms wings carrying us to the dream when you're so so lost? that perfect moment between two imperfect lovers is so close i can taste it in the night when my dreams and nightmares shake me to the waking time my gift is this tiny thought laced with reassurance in the deep dark night we both fear there is a miracle at our door that one beautiful horizon when you turn the corner and step into my world and i fall into yours when all the pieces of our lost moments all the questions that can never be answered come together and matter no longer when those fears we have are put to rest because the risk has been taken the journey started the beginning of the end of this torment Hardly a Sonnet did you know that this would be this? the life we would start to live when our tiring lives changed in an instant when the mourning in our hea
Hope Again if it will heal those empty spaces deep in your broken blue eyes i will pulse my love across this space drag you into the light carry you in my heart which is as big as the world can stand if it will make you smile i will sing in the dark cry with you to those sappy love songs hold you with my voice until the last thoughts are still talk to you of the dreams we have and give you the last of the hope that remains in love, trust and faith i will wait for that first touch that brings the end of the journey Unanswerable Questions how have i earned this miracle when my sins have murdered the last of the faith how can i dare to dream again or open my wounded eyes when i have spent so many moments giving away my soul to the greed of the cowards i attract? how can it be that one as strong as you remains faithful when i have lost it all? Dreaming in Faith do you see? he's there in the night time and any time offering the best of what he is a
Great Song!!
"Wait For You" I know you're trying to get around me baby I know you've got me in your heart baby I know that you could love me If you only had a guarantee When I look at your face it's so empty I know I could fill you with love baby Your soul is dying for me Can't deny our energy And you're far I'm near you're there I'm here you're hurting for me I can see it in your eyes Some of the hardest things are easy to achieve with patience I'll wait for you until the heavens fall I'll wait for you until the end of the world I'll wait for you until I no longer breathe I know that it's not impossible I'll wait for you until you finish your fight I'll wait for you until the timing is right I'll wait for you until you knock on my door Cuz right now it's feeling just like a movie yeah yeah... Just like a movie I know that this is hard for you Want you to know that I'm feeling it too It's taken some time but now I see everything It's so clear to me I can't give up yo
You Want A What??
Ok, so I get a call today at work from a female who wants to do something different for her friends Bridal Shower. She proceeds to tell me how her friend is strange.. yada, yada, yada!! She ends up coming in to look through my books to see if we can come up with some ideas. Needless to say the lady tells me how she and her friend sell dildos for a living and gives me her card! Next thing she asks... Can you make me a Penis Cake? I don't get many of those request so you can imagine the look on my face!! I eventually say , Ok I'll give it a try! Isn't it funny that once any body part of that nature is brought up in a conversation that even the most innocent thing just doesn't sound right!!! I ask her what time she wants it by, she tells me 4:30, so I say Ok that gives me time to play with it!! Needless to say I have to make a penis cake out of cupcakes... So come Wednesday when I go back to work I'm going to tell my Bosses to drop their pants cause I need a model!!! When I do the cak
Missing Scott
Missing you a lot everyday that passes by A little poem that makes no sense *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I sit here and wait till the day Scott comes back from his trip. I wonder if he is ok, but I know He is and having a good time. Time goes by so slow when Scott Isn't around to talk. I sit here waiting for Scott and I know he'll be here soon! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* "When I Come Around" *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I heard you crying loud, all the way across town You've been searching for that someone, and it's me out on the prowl As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself Don't get lonely now And dry your whining eyes I'm just roaming for the moment Sleazin' my back yard so don't get so uptight you been thinking about ditching me No time to search the world around Cause you know where I'll be found When I come around I heard it all bef
Remember The Shelf
Thoughts   When out on the water all by yourself Remember the memories you've put on a shelf The thoughts of a loved one, now gone from your grasp Memories of good times, now in your past   Take only the good parts,throw out the bad Learn from your mistakes & make yourself a life Get to know yourself for You Go deep in your heart .. Be Honest .. Be True   Dont let the bad take over your life Open a door and Invite someone in The pain and memories will soon fade away The Love you gave, will come back someday   You are what You want to be ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE !   Be in control of what you want Dont let Yourself Get down and out ! Let someone in, To care for you To be a friend, To comfort you! To know just how you feel inside Who understands when you need to hide   Take time in Life To Listen to nature Stop and look at how you've matured Dont let life just pass you by Find yourself, Dont run and hide   You will see ... That time
I want the cold to come and freeze my soul so I will no longer feel the pain and suffering of others. I await it with open arms so that I may sleep in this season of death until I can cope with the pain. The chill I feel inside can only be overcome with the fierce winter humanity brings upon itself. The snow will fall, the ice will come and all will be silent before me. Peace at last.
My Final Word
Today I was put in a position I really didn't want nor need to be put in. I really don't need anyone (or their family members) messaging me with bullshit. A future note when it comes to ANYTHING with me: I'm my own person. I'm a grown woman. I can and will do what I want, when I want. You can't choose that for me nor can you tell me what to choose. You can't tell me how to act or how not to act. You can't tell me who I can or can't talk to. You can't tell me who I can or who I can't flirt with. I'm not responsible for what happens in your life, you are. If it concerns your significant other, that person is responsible. I'm not accountable for what people in your life may or may not do to you. I'm also not going to lie to anyone. I'm not to be held accountable or responsible to anyone's lies. If someone finds out you lied, it serves you right. I don't walk in the truth, I freaking BATHE in it. Embrace it. If someone wants to be my friend, fine. If someone doesn't, fine. But I'm not
Just Going Crazy!!
Well just going crazy!! I had a hard day at work and lucky me I get to do it all again tomrrow. Well just so you get to know more about me,I take care of older people and troubled teenage girls. The last two weeks have been split shifts ya!! It also looks like it's going to stay that way!! I need some rum,vodka,o-. Well thats all people peace for now!!
~hey Friends~
Thanx 4 adding me, and thanx 4 the welcomes. This site seems pretty cool. I love myspace so I figured I'd give this site a try too. The one thing I hate about this site however, it's extremely slow! Anyway, Gary comes home from Afghanistan in 7 days. I'm counting!!! I'm nervous as hell. Gary is someone I dated like 8 years ago. He found me on myspace a month ago, and since then we've been talking about giving it another shot. I'm definitely up for it! I can't wait til he gets here..The only thing that sucks is that he'll only be here for 2 weeks, he goes back there, and then comes home for good in March! I guess I have to take it one day at a time right?! Well, I wanted to shout it to the I have to study a bit and go to bed! Hope all is well w/ you guys! Thanx again..Keep in touch Candy
Get The Picture With The Cord Around My Neck
If you're reading this then I finally did it I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye There was no time Understand I was stressed Living day to day was hard and I gave it my best But there was nothing left For me in this world to convince me to stay Now I'm long gone away Don't you do that, don't you start those tears Just remember all the time we spent over the years Never cry, never think bad of me What's done is done and that's the way that it had to be I need you to be strong for me Say a prayer every day in my memory I'm sure it's helping me To earn my feathers, to get some wings And a halo and a harp and angelic things And even though I'm gone and outta sight Never worry about me, I'm alright. And if I should die Don't blame yourself and keep it locked inside I'm alright!! And everytime you cry Don't break down and just keep me inside of your mind I'm alright!! You only saw the outside Never knew what I was feeling Now everyday you lay in bed staring at the ceiling But you don't see me no
To You.
I want to stabb you in the eyeball and make you feel the pain you've made me feel. I hate you =]
Love U
wow it took me long enough to find out were my blogs were but wow i did it so wat up how is everyone i foreal love all of u people on lost cherry you all hgave become like my second family but i gotta go love u all
Why I Don't Sleep
Every night I lie awake, After I've prayed the Lord my soul to take. I dare not shut my eyes and rest, My heart will weep, my dreams will test. So there I lie awake in bed, A hole within and I feel dead. For if I find that I should fail, The dreams of you they will avail. I smell your hair and taste your lips, I explore your skin with fingertips. We steal away to a secret place, I nibble your ear and your heart will race. It does not last, a cruel joke to make, It's but a dream and my heart does break. So many nights I lie awake, After I've prayed the Lord my soul to take. At my worst I wish to die, My life's a sham, a snowballed lie. Every morning I scream it's false, But I love you above all else. Once you were here now you're not, A scant few memories, it's all I've got. I'm so tired, I dare not sleep, For when I wake I will weep. I miss your soul, I miss your smile, I wish we could be together for just a little while. Every time I dream of us, Together we
Long Distance
So there has been alot on my mind, thanks to all that showed love and support and all to my family. I have had so much going on..... I enjoy being online and mainly on Lost Cherry meeting new people and everything. The comments and all make me smile and get me through rough times. Yeah its wild that my cyber life is the high point for me........ right now everything else is kinda crappy.... I still like to believe that it will get greater later..........well I'm thinking about posting some of my poetry so I might be doing that soon........ well I have to get up in the morning so.........till 2morrow or later if i can't sleep LMAO ;)
dirk4144@ LostCherry
Life Is How You Live It!!
H.i.m. Wings Of A Butterfly Lyrics
Heaven ablaze in our eyes We're standing still in time The blood on our hands is the wine We offer as sacrifice [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul This endless mercy mile We're crawling side by side With hell freezing over in our eyes Gods kneel before our crime [Chorus] Come on lets show, them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don’t let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) For your soul [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don’t let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) [x2] For your soul
What Would U Do?...
What would u do?... If every time that u fall in luv u have to say good bye? If every time u love someone he is never there? If ur best friend die tomorrow and u couldn't tell him how sorry u were? If u love someone but u just can have it? Some people fall in love, some luv, and some just die. But i want to tell u that i love u, cus u are my real and dearest friend. If i die tomorrow, u will be in my heart, am i going to be in ur's? Show some love to the ones u luv now when u have time cus maybe tomorrow it would be very late...
Yeah I Am Horny Lol
You scored as Normal Horny. You're normal horny. You're like most people. You get aroused but only when you should, for the most part. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do!Normal Horny100%Very horny56%Super Horny56%A little horny50%Not horny25%How horny are you? (with pics)created with

Fade into you I want to hold the hand inside you I want to take a breath that's true I look to you and I see nothing I look to you to see the truth You live your life You go in shadows You'll come apart and you'll go black Some kind of night into your darkness Colors your eyes with what's not there. Fade into you Strange you never knew Fade into you I think it's strange you never knew A stranger's light comes on slowly A stranger's heart without a home You put your hands into your head And then smiles cover your heart Fade into you Strange you never knew Fade into you I think it's strange you never knew Fade into you Strange you never knew Fade into you I think it's strange you never knew I think it's strange you never knew
I am naughty, extremely sexy youung woman with good sexual appetite:) Already started feeling that?? Come ... and make me feel hot!
HEY ALL IM TRILLY AKA ALLIE, IM 2O NEARLY 21 OMG OMG OMG IM GETTIN OLD LOL. WELL THANKS TO ONE OF MY MUCH LOVED AND GOOD FRIEND GETTING ME HOOKED ONTO THIS LINK. Thanks mate i owe ya one i luv ya sis. well if theres anything else ya want to know just ask SIGNING OUT
Camshows..any 1?

How is it a demon can find love? I welcomed the vampires kiss so long ago. I killed without mercy or regret. I savored the fear in my prey. For two centuries I killed, and fed. Never once did I feel remorse. I enjoyed the hunt. But now I have found my beloved. A heart that was dead is beating in me once again. Now I am haunted by I was once was. I shed tears I thought I never could. For I can never be human again, and I cannot damn my beloved to live as I do. I will exorcise my demons in the first morning light I have seen in over 200 years. May they, and my beloved forgive me.
For My Friends
Once you read this letter you must send it to 10 people that you really care about including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back then u are loved." I promise you my love I promise you my heart I promise you my life I promise we'll never be apart I promise not to hurt you I promise to never make you cry I promise to always trust you I promise not to lie I promise you forever I promise you tonight I promise you my respect I promise to do things right I promise to always be there I promise until the end I promise to always love you I promise to be your best friend I promise you my love I promise you my life I promise this forever I promise our friendship is my life your the PEANUT to my BUTTER , your the STAR to my BURST, your the M to my M, your the POP to my TART, your the MILKY to my WAY, your the FRUIT to my LOOP, your the MILK to my DUDS, your the LUCKY to my CHARMS, yo
Comments And Rating Ratio
Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.... I posted some pics last night and I have plenty o' comments (MUAH to all my friends) but at least one had no ratings.... Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It would be nice to get some ratings if you guys have time :) Oh and one more thing that confuses me... I have like 300+ friends which I really do try to comment on and check out pics at least weekly (if i am slacking please lemme know okay I am not here as a collector I truly would like to get to know and talk to as many peopla as possible. My Best friend DDD Goddess will tell ya I love to talk!)but I have noticed that I have 233 ratings for my profile and over 300 friends... I am going to go through my list today and make sure I have rated all your profiles if you could do the same I would really appreciate it. (and not just for me.. check out the rest of your friends profiles and make sure they feel loved as well) Thanks everyone! Have a great day Kisses Skit

THE WANDERER I walk down this lonely road in sorrow. Wondering if I will see tomorrow. Am I forever cursed to roam? Never to find a home. I am but a shadow of the man that I was yesteryear. And I pray that I can find the strength not to shed any tears. My heart beats in my chest like a caged animal wanting to be free. For I want a life again, a life just for me. I will forever travel these roads and highways until I have found myself. Until then I will forever be The Wanderer! Feb 8/97 Jason A. M.
A Poem Written By Me10/3/ 2006 For The Girls.
Roses are Red, Voilet's are Blue,Take me to bed, cuz I love you, when the Roses are Red, And ready to be plucked, When I see you next, Your gonna get fucked, If I was A flower, would you pick me, if I was A sweetie, would you suck me, If i was A lolly would you like me, IF I asked you nicley would you fuck me?
Gotta Get Some Stuff Off My Chest.
I keep trying to understand why people do the things they do. How could a father screw around and lose his job and then walk out on his happy home? And how could that same father turn his back on his kids, his own flesh and blood, just because the courts no longer order him to help out? How could a mother keep her daughter from her father just because she wants to show him she can be a bitch? Does she not realize her daughter will grow to despise her when she learns the truth? How could someone who claims to be someone's best friend continue to abandon and forget about their friend, especially when they are needed the most? I was asked the other night why am I going to go out of my way to do some things for some of my friends who are not there when I need them, and my answer was very heart felt and honest. I said it was because no matter how I am treated by those I call my friends I still act as how a good friend should. No matter how far you push that knife in my chest or back I still
Some Of My Favourite Song Lyrics
This is where I will be hosting some of my favourite lyrics... ones that have some meaning to me. Afraid to Shoot Strangers by Iron Maiden Lying awake at night I wipe the sweat from my brow But it's not the fear 'cos I'd rather go now Trying to visualise the horrors that will lay ahead The desert sand mound a burial ground When it comes to time Are we partners in crime? When it comes to time We'll be ready to die God let us go now and finish what's to be done Thy kingdom come Thy shall be done... on earth Trying to justify to ourselves the reasons to go Should we live and let live forget or forgive But how can we let them go on this way? The reign of terror and corruption must end And we know deep down there's no other way No trust, no reasoning, no more to say Afraid to shoot strangers Afraid to shoot strangers
Whats Been Going On
i have not been on a lot latly as i been haveing some medical problems within my family no i havent left im here if you write to me ill get back with ya..things just been really crazy. i do miss yall. alot so if you stop by to say hi ill hit ya back i promise. when i check in,i love ya all and hope to talk soon cher
I'm so fukyn pissed right now it literally is making me sick.I hate 2faced fukfaces that live in a godamn fantasy world and aint gotta nuff drama in there lil pathetic live's that they fill ur time up wid drama!I have some serious hatred in my heart for sum certain ppl in my life right now.I hate being this way so much and I hate to let ppl get to me like this but FUK,...they have done a good job of getting to me.People these day's mistake kindness for weekness too damn much and dont respect ppl like they should.They dont think bout what the fuk they are sayin before they speak and could care less if they rub u the wrong way.I guess they jus feel better knowing they aint the only one's that got sum bullshit goin on wid'em. So to all u fukbitchassmuthafukers that r like this ,'s a big FUK U!!!To everyone else that are actually decent and give a fuk bout yourself and others around u,..thank u and i'm glad to kno u r there. DAMN I feel a lil better now
If you have found a smile that is the sweetest one you've known, If you have heard, within a voice, the echoes of your own, If you have felt a touch that stirs the longings of your heart, And still can feel that closeness in the moments you're apart, If you have filled with wonder at the way two lives can blend To weave a perfect pattern that is seamless, end to end, If you believe some things in life are simply meant to be, Then you have found your soulmate, your heart's own destiny
Tale Of 2 Lovers
He holds her body tight Pressed close next to his He looks deep into her eyes And gives a passionate kiss. He kisses her graceful neck And her blushing cheeks But this doesn't satisfy them Ecstasy's what they need. He takes her as he finds her Their clothes are on the floor As he touches her gently She cries out for more. He takes into her His motions slow and deep They have found the passion So long in time they've seeked. She feels an explosion It moves from head to foot Her body feels true ecstacy Her world has been shook. Then when it's over He holds her in his arms Kisses her so gently Knowing she's safe from harm. They look into each others eyes And slip into the night Knowing that the love they've shared Could never be more right.
South Park
You scored as Stan Marsh. You're Stan Marsh! Probably the sanest of the group, you're the mastermind behind the good plans and can easily resolve problems. To you love is amazing, and you're probably already in it. You can be a smart ass and don't have a problem saying what's on your mind. And you're probably an activist. Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here.Stan Marsh92%Kenny McCormick92%Eric Cartman75%Kyle Broflovski75%Jimmy67%Timmy58%Tweak58%Butters58%Shelly58%What South Park Character Are You?created with
I Have Two Contestants
Who wants to join the fray and win LC gifts??? You would think I asked you to sleep with me you just have to do the best job of making me smile!
Famliy Page feel free to check this out and let me know what you think..
Awesome. Another blog. Actually, I like blogs. They're nice. I was wondering when LC would get a blog type thing... and now I see they have one. Which is great for me. Watch those. They're funny.
September 19, 2006
Happy Birthday Baby!
Well today is my baby's 26th birthday! I have no idea what we're going to do to celebrate it.John doesn't really want to do anything....but stay home and relax.His boys are planning on taking him out to the bar and getting him shit faced,but he's going to avoid them! For both of us...birthdays are no big deal.We stayed home on my birthday and watched movies with the baby instead of going out....and that was actually nice. Anyways.....I am still sick with the flu.I ended up sleeping for 16 hours yesterday(I woke up every 2 hours for Buckley's and juice).And I got pampered,my baby took care of me(as he should)...which was nice. Well...Later Days!
I'm Back From Austin
I'm back from my weekend in Austin. The concert was great i had really fun time there. Once i get pictures from the concert i'll post them
Sorry I've Been Gone....
Okay after a week of intense battle with the phone company I have a phone line again. I find it hard to belive that I live 10 miles from town and have so many problems with my phone-means no internet..but I'm back and hopefully not forgotten!!! xoxoxox!
Rob (me) If You View This Please Post To All Ya Girly Mates
this photo or blog, a coment thank you. & the space/pic's so what you waiting? for do it. Steve-o@ LostCherry please re post. xxx
Local Ghost Stories
Helen's Bridge is located on Beaucatcher Mountain in Asheville. The legend goes that a woman, inconsolable after the death of her daughter in a fire, hung herself from the bridge. There has been much paranormal activity associated with the bridge, apparitions, orbs, etc. Helen is supposed to wander the mountain in a long gown, asking those she meets if they have seen her daughter. One of the most unusual occurrences are the reports of car trouble at the bridge. I have spoken to people who have experienced car trouble at the bridge or soon afterwards, including Joshua Warren of Lemur. My own car's battery died the morning after I visited Helen's Bridge. Be warned, there is more present than the spirit of Helen. People have described seeing monstrous things coming out of the woods. They have described being slapped, hit, and pinched. If you do visit, be respectful, do not try to invoke or provoke anything up there.

what the fuck is up with people that use you until you cant take it any more ,its sucks and I am so sick of it I have done my best and for some fucked up reason I still get burnt by the people I love the most ,I am so stessed I cant keep this shit up for too much longer I think one of these days I am just going to break and pack me and my kids up and move out of this fucking state .I am so pissed off right now but what the fuck ever so if I disappear for a while you all know that I had enough
Women Are Smarter
A Woman and a Man are both involved in a car accident... Neither are hurt, but their cars are smashed up. After they crawl out of their cars, The woman says; "So you're a man - That's interesting. I'm a woman..." "...Our cars are completely demolished, yet neither of us are hurt! This must be a sign from God!" The man replied; "Oh yes, I completely agree with you. This must be some sort of sign!" The woman continued; "And look, here's another miracle. My car is completely smashed, yet this bottle didn't even break! How about a drink to celebrate our good fortune?" The man nods and drinks half the bottle, then passes it back to her. The woman simply puts the cap back on, and hands it back to the man. "Aren't you going to have a drink?" Asked the man. To which the woman replies; "No thanks. I think I'll just wait for the cops to show up!"
I Have Decided To Stay
just letting all my friends know i am not leaven lc i have decieded to stay
well today is not a good day..woke up late..throat hurts..knees hurt..i needed to just rol back over and go back to sleep..
Uh, Yea
So life has been pretty crazy! No time for much of anything these days, going to school full time, working full time... I barely have time to sleep these days, but girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do i suppose. I am glad I'm finally working because my bills are starting to pile up on me. =D keep the sanity y'all. See ya 'round.
Why Do People
Insist on creating drama...then when someone confronts them about it, they flip out and say "Im tired of the drama, Im dropping this." People, if you were tired of the drama, you wouldnt message people and talk shit about someone you really Dont know. You wouldnt get mad at them over dumb shit and spread nasty rumors about them. Karma is a bitch, and if Im adult enough to come at you privately and ask you wtf is up with what I heard, than be adult enough to own up to your own shit instead of running away from "the drama" that YOU created! Im not a mean or rude person. I give everyone a fair chance. But Im sick of people getting mad at me for shit they started.
First Blog
Well I guess there no better time to start this thing I'm back in Kuwait and will be headin north soon,miss my lil boy somuch right now welll I don't know what else to do here
Start. I have an oral fixation, not just oral sex perv, like I honestly love to watch people talk. The way their mouths move and lips?.........forget about it, I am done. That could be why I love to kiss. I mean hell, I even like my lips......they aren't Angelina Jolies lips, but they are still pretty hot. This all came to me while watching Prison Break last night and the whole time Michael is talking I am watching his mouth.....dont ask me what he said tho cuz I couldnt tell you. Dammit now I need to make out with someone. End.
Ego Maniac
just pay attention...HE decides whats best
well my birthday is coming up on sat hells yeah cant wait gonna party my ass off anyone wanna come ask me where and ill tell ya

ok so i like everyone knows by now i am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. well i lov eto play softball. i also like to drink when i get the chance which isnt to often. when i drink i drink to get drunk. that is about the only way i get any sort of sleep so i love getting frunk cause i get caught up on my sleep lol. i have been married 2 times to both jerks. i have pretty much gave up on dating noone wants a women who is 24 with 3 kids and cant have anymore. but that is life so i have to move on. i go to church and have my beliefs that is the only thing that keeps me going. the only reason i made it this far, with all the trials and tribulations i have been threw.well that is about me and my life so that is all there is to me.
I'm New!!
Well hey everyone!! I'm new here, boyfriend wanted to me join I guess and I just looked at his interests thinking, hey....he's never told me about some of those, and then...BOOM. I had to fill out my own just like that....haha. Shows how extremely tired I am...this well help the day go buy faster.....maybe I can get more comments then him this time! ^^
Wahoo! Or - Ever Have One Of Those Days?
yeah, so i'm in a crazy-ass mood today, and i'm reeeaaaallllly looking forward to this weekend! i'm thinking maybe some new pics are in order, . . . . also, we've been talking about doing some artistic, erotic photo shoots with our friends, and sharing them with all our friends here. well, you know, if you're into that sort of thing :)
Who's Gonna Get Me What I Want?
mmmmmmmmmm good ? i would love some guesses on what u think i want for my birthday?
Come on everyone. Help me get past just being a cherry. Lets hear it for me!! LOL Love to all LostCherries.
Back Home
I went home today to visit my mom and Sam. I missed Sam a lot too! She was happy to see me I think. I don't want to go to the doctors office today though! Do I hate doctors! I just can't wait until Saturday, I get to see Allie! :) She is so adroable! She's just the cutest thing ever, I'm really thinking about getting her into acting, I mean she would be the perfect baby to put on TV...she never crys, only when she's hungry and she whines a little bit when she's tired, but that's it! And she's 9 months old..the same age the Olsen twins were when they started on TV. I really think I could get a TV deal with her! If only Adam would let me take her...
It seems lately nothing is right. I am nausious, emotional, and my boobs hurt lol. I took a test and it came back negative so I'm not pregnant. I took it because ALL signs pointed to it, though I was pretty sure that wasn't the case. Things that are just for me to know give me cause to know I probablly wasn't pregnant. Now I just need to figure out what the heck is wrong with me. I am sorry for complaining but I need to vent somewhere. If anyone has any idea what else could be the cause of all this please feel free to let me know. In a couple days I'll be flying to TN to see Hank *Doc*. We have a busy lil weekend planned but it'll be good. First will be a night alone and just hanging out enjoying each other. Then we pick up Kelly and later friday night we go to the Rascal Flatts concert. Then our time will be spent with Kelly having fun. I am really looking forward to it all. I just hope that the nausiousness goes away before then. Love Stace
You scored as Evil Bitch. You are an evil bitch! Satan is scared of the ground upon which you walk. More then likely you wear a lot of black and red. Church groups like to burn your effigy. Consider a career in politics, where everyone is evil. Evil Bitch90%Controlling Bitch80%Think your nice but you\\'re just a bitch!75%Manipulative Bitch55%Dyke bitch!40%Not a bitch35%What's your bitch profile?created with
2 Part Stuff
Part 1 I once had a dream, a dream to better my life and make it full. To make my life worth living. Over the years though my dream has collapsed. It doesn't matter what my dream was. All that seems to matter is the faults. What are the faults that have caused my dream to die? Well I'll explain. First off, my fathers side of the family doesn't claim me. Says I'm not thier blood, I'm a bastard. Secondly my mothers side of the family are hypocrits. Not my mother, but her parents, and her sister, and her sisters kids. I'm a blacksheep in the highest regard for those things I have done and the women I have loved. I believe in art, freedom of expression, etc. Usually deals in tattoos, piercings, and alike. They believe in supression. Except for my cousin, she makes all the same mistakes I did, she still is making them. But she is still loved and held in high regard with them. I'm staying with my mother again. She, my half brother, and her 30 year old boy toy. Half the time it feels as thou
Beautiful - Angelina Jolie
Beautiful - Angelina Jolie - video powered by Metacafe
I Love.
I love without knowing how. I love with the depths of my soul. I love with all I am and all I have. I love without eyes or sound. For my love is blind and deaf. I love with the gentleness of my heart. I love with the only passion known to me. I love with desire of you and me. I love so much that we as two become one. I love without judgement. I love with mind,body,and soul. I love in sickness and in health for all eternity. For all that I am, all that I have and all that I will ever be, I am forever yours. KinkyScreams 2006 ©
Pervert Excited By Bears Mating
Pervert Excited By Bears Mating - video powered by Metacafe
Peeking On Girls 18 +
Peeking On Girls - video powered by Metacafe

to be a juggalo you don't have to own a single thing psychopathic, you don't even have to been to a concert, and you don,t even have to know all the bands you only have to support what we belive can even listen to other bands.....and genres country, rap, rock, even all that care please take consideration for all of those people that don't even have the time or money to get what they WANT!!!
If There Was A God
If there was a God.I would spit in his face for subjecting me to this.If there was a devil.I would sell him my soul to make it end.If therre was something higher that controlled our individual fates,I would tell it to take my fate and shove it up it's Fucking ass . Functional.Simple Menocing,Iwant to run or die get fuck'd up.I want to be blind an dumb and have no heart.I want to wipemy existence straight off the fucking map.
Marvel Heroes
You scored as Professor X. Superhuman mental powers: Professor X ordinarily possesses vast psionic powers, including telepathy; the ability to induce in others mental illusions, temporary mental or physical paralysis, and loss of specific memories or total amnesia; the projection of "mental bolts" to stun or render a person unconscious; astral projection; and the ability to sense other superhuman mutants within a small radiusProfessor X80%The Hulk70%DareDevil60%Spider-Man60%Wolverine55%Blade50%What Marvel Hero would you be?created with
You scored as Wealhtheow. Lovely and wise in your own way, which is to say you've always had the right words for the right moments, you are Wealhtheow. You're not around all that much, but when you are you're always taking care of guests and being the perfect hostess. No one can fault you, and many admire you.The Dragon83%Wealhtheow83%Grendel75%Grendel's Mother75%Beowulf75%Hrothgar67%Wiglaf50%If You Were in Beowulf...created with
A Series Of Funny Commercials
A Series of Funny Commercials - video powered by Metacafe
Tatoo Remover
Tatoo Remover - video powered by Metacafe
Michael Jackson's Transformation
Michael Jackson's Transformation - video powered by Metacafe
Vote For The Cute Cowgirl In Pink In The Sexy Womens Contest:)
The 3rd edition is up and running and we have 20 girls! So go check them out guys and gals and rate/comment their pics. (only comment on one photo, multiples won't count) but rate as many as you like. 1st place is the most comments and 2nd place is the highest number of ratings. If the 1st place person has the highest number of ratings also, it will go to the next highest. So go vote everyone! *contestants* -- make sure to tell all your friends to come vote for you and post some bulletins for yourself!!
Beautiful But Stupid !!
Beautiful But Stupid !! - video powered by Metacafe
Every Man's Dream Girl
Every Man's Dream Girl - video powered by Metacafe
Don't Talk To My Parrot!
DON'T TALK TO MY PARROT! Wanda's dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman. Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman, "I'll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll mail you a check." "Oh, by the way don't worry about my bulldog Spike. He won't bother you. But, whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!" She added, "I REPEAT, DO NOT TALK TO MY PARROT!" When the repairman arrived at Wanda's apartment the following day, he discovered the biggest, meanest looking bulldog he has ever seen. But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work. The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant yelling, cursing and name calling. Finally the repairman couldn't contain himself any longer and yelled. "Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird!" To which the parrot replied, "Get him, Spike!" See?
Women Of The Computer World...
Women of the computer world... INTERNET WOMAN: It's not easy to get access to her and you may get cut off a lot. SERVER WOMAN: She's always busy when you need her. Sends you cryptic messages. WINDOWS WOMAN: Everybody knows she has a lot of problems, but nobody can live without her. AOL WOMAN: Nobody can stand her quirks and rules for more than half an hour. But she will try hard not to let you go away. EXCEL WOMAN: They say she can do lots of things, but you only use her for the 4 basic operations. WORD WOMAN: She always has a surprise problem for you and there isn't anybody who really understands her. D.O.S. WOMAN: There was a time when everybody needed her, but nobody wants her now. She can do a lot of interesting tricks, but nobody cares anymore. BACKUP WOMAN: You think you have everything with her, but actually there is always something missing. SCANDISK WOMAN: Deep inside she is only trying to help by trying to clean you up and change you, But actually n
1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. "Absolutely, " said the professor "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say "hello." I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. 2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain One night, at 11:30 p.m., an older African American woman was stan
New Pics
Hello Beautiful Cherries!!!Been here 3 days now and I am enjoying all the love . Ive posted some new photos so please enjoy em and hit me back much love for every one mmmmmmmmmmmm
I,m am looking for a girlfriend
People Are Stupid
Wow It dosent really matter where you go or what you do there will always be people who will be the biggest losers ever This kid went in and rated my boyfriends pic of dimebag darrell a one and then proceded to call me fat and ugly that is fucking childish I cant belive that why cant people just act like adults they have to be dumb and make comments about people that didnt do anything to them now I know that I am pritty and that I look fine the way that I am because I am not insecure like that loser but that kind of pissed me off that he was sooo stupid as to pull me into something he had going on with my boyfriend what ever thank you to all of you who have not said mean things to me. about 95% of you guys on here are some of the nicest people I Have ever met. THanks to all of my Lost Cherry friends
Am I the only one noticing alot of PENIS (that word sounds so icky lmao) pics floating across the top of my screen? I swear I saw one the other day that looked like a freakin elephant trunk. SCARED ME....I mean, I AM a virgin and all.
Strangers In Love
My Dark Prince
Take The Time.
Who Likes You
Body: repost this under "Who Likes You???" 2 find out! BE HONEST ; dont chicken out even if they r TAKEN or whatever .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply to the person that posts this wit a number to the following options.(yes u can pick more than 1): 1-I'm startin 2 like u. 2-I like u. 3-I used 2 like u. 4-I used 2 luv u. 5-I dont like u. 6-I have a HUGE crush on u. 7-I'm in love wit u. 8-I think im still in love wit u & i shouldnt be... 9-I really want 2 talk 2 u & get 2 kno u & hopefully somethin will happen... (aka= date u) 10-I'm wit some1 else but 4 some reason I still have feelins 4 u. 11-I want 2 marry u. 12.-I want to make love to you. 13.- Your cute and sexy 14.- I wanna Fuck the hell outta u. 15.-just come ova and u will find out!!!!! repost this saying "WHO LIKES YOU?!!" & find out who likes u ...............if u dont repost this u will have bad luck tha next 7 dayS!!
Damn It Could U Be More Nasty
like for reals people there are things to do here an things just not too... like have some fricken respect for ur self u nasty lil sister come on here an so do her friends... as well as many other young kids ... sooo for u fricken morons that are posting nasty ass pics of ur self lock em up for shit the first place ud think ud have more respect for ur self then that eh but noooo nothing like giving it all out ... ever hear of leaving some thing for the imagination huh huh huh i guess not .... gawd im so tummy twisted.. this site was awesome when i first came to it an now all u freaks with your damn nasty pics makes me feel like im on a fricken porno site for shit sakes an yes im mad cause its nasty.... like think a lil would u what if one of your kids came on here then what huh oh"i saw mommys nasty on the net... or i saw daddys dick on the net " do u people just not fricken thing put em in a folder to where u allow people to do as they please .. lets ke
well that dance is coming up and i don't know what to wear there but yeah most likey a sluty outfit though and yeah i'm totally stoked about it
Cool Band
what do yoSober Video - Tool lyricsTool Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCure.comu think
Whats Up Ya'll!
Hey everyone... whew... writing this paper is BORING. It's sooo long. I'm sleepy. I think I might take a nap- and dream about every single one of you cuties while I'm asleep :P XOXOXOX Tara
Don't Tell Me Goodbye (original)
Don't tell me goodbye ... why is it such a hard thing to believe that something so simple could give me reason to snipe & grieve why the fuck do I have to beg and plea with those I've allowed into my circle, not to say "bye" to me can't we agree upon another term? do you not want to see me again? As I've said before I'll write it here once more, "When Good bye has come from my mouth anything I had for you has been flushed down south, so "if "bye" is what you've heard me say this was our last moment, second, & day! am I so wrong in my view is it so wrong to have desire to remain in contact with you?" don't say goodbye nor bye to me later or see you later is in itself a message letting me know you hope & want to interact with me again "bye" in all it's variations is far too / QUITE final, TO ME. So please keep those thoughts from becoming words I'd have to hear, Unless you mean it, don't tell me goodbye
Lookin For A Good Woman
Being faithful is the most important quality anyone can possess. This is my biggest issue I have with women. I hate people who cheat, lie, steal, or hit their significant others. Being faithful is simple. If you love someone, you should be their for them no matter what the problem is. I know there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it can be a good one. The way I see it, if your not faithful to someone, then you don't love them. this is what I believe to be true. I am single and looking for someone, but I cant seem to find anyone where I'm at right now. So, ladies, here is a list of things I look for in a woman. In order of importance of course: 1. Faithfulness 2. Funny 3. Unique 4. Kind 5. Smart 6. Clean 7. Willingness to do things I ask 8. Shares interests that I have 9. beauty 10. Fasion With that being said, it is based on a ten point scale the number beside it is how I feel on that subject. 10 being faithful and a 1 being Fasion. Those are the
Well It's Raining.
So I figured I might as well write a serious blog for once right? Last night was (mmmm) awesome. I can't stop thinking about how it was the best ever. God. On to another subject, these dogs drive me insane. Me and Alex have this thing. everytime we go somewhere that has a machine where you win the stuffed animal, he wins one for me. So I happen to have a huge collection of stuffed things. Slash got bored last night and decided she was going to pull every single one of them out from the shelf they're on. Here's how I know she's smart......she didn't rip ANY of them to shreds. She did that once with a stuffed frog April got me for V-day and I flipped, so she learned. Instead I'm finding them all over the apartment though. But I knew she did something last night cuz she'll feel guilty and start wimpering. ALL NIGHT this dog went under the bed and wimpered. Normally she sleeps right on top of me (literally). Alex get's his side of the bed, and I get mine, only Dahlia and Slash Sleep on top
Thanks To All
I wanted to give a thanks to all who read my last blog about my mom and left a nice comment. You guys are the best. She is doing so so right now. Tests are still being done. Looks like I will have another night at the hosp. Hugs everyone!
The Angels
I sit adjacent to my window and eavesdrop on the birds singing as the Angels' morning tears descend upon the Earth. Dark clouds dance in the skies as his children awaken from their fields of imagination. So Early in the morning life which was so serene is now an enthusiastic interruption within his artistic regulation. The Angels inhale their sorrow as their tears continue to fall my hands keep writing their story. My ears are filled with words allowing my eyes to interpret their language My muscles twinge for their pain that consumes them. And my heart is frightened by what the Angels' have to reveal. And my mind believes the Angels' because, my thoughts are incapable to feel.
Final Votes!!
Alright all...the contest is about to end. soooo get your last votes in....annnnd maybe they could be for me =D that would be fantastic here's the link: thanks time a million!!
Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day
Avast ye landlubbers! Ahoy me hearties! Savvy? Ye know it is talk like a pirate day! Arr. Aye.. Me thinks it is cool. Ta luv, Tina Buried at
How Sweet It Is...
Im in love. and damn it feels good.
just sending a huge hello too every1 that reads this.. Im new as u can tell by the title.. Im becca from Ga... feel free too stop by and say hello :)
I Am Alone
I Am Alone Lying here in your bed The warmth of a candle's glow Surrounds me I am alone Music plays softly In the background The beat soothes me I am alone The candle's flame dances To a song of romance It enchants me I am alone The window is open A gentle breeze flows in And cools me I am alone The sky is dark The Sandman is knocking He calls me I am alone But here I am not lonely. 12/1/05
Life is drama. But drama is life. So without drama you would not have a life. And without life you would not have drama. So deal with the things you have today for they might not be around tomorrow.
The Sheriff in a small town walks out in the street and sees a blonde cowboy coming down the walk with nothing on but his cowboy hat, gun, and his boots, so he arrests him for indecent exposure. As he is locking him up, he asks "Why in the world are you dressed like this? The Cowboy says, "Well it's like this Sheriff ... I was in the bar down the road and this pretty little blonde head asks me to go out to her motor home with her. So I did. We go inside and she pulls off her top and asks me to pull off my shirt so I did. Then she pulls off her skirt and asks me to pull off my pants .. so I did. Then she pulls off her panties and asks me t o pull off my shorts. so I did. Then she gets on the bed and looks at me kind of sexy and says, "NOW, GO TO TOWN!, COWBOY!!... " and here I am. Son of a Gun, Blonde Men do exist
Two Women
Two women in heaven were discussing how they had died. The first one said "I froze to death, it wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm and sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you?" The second one said, "I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den, watching TV." "So what happened?" asked the first. "I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched and down to the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under every bed. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally became so exhausted that I just keeled over and died with a massive heart attack." "Too bad you didn't look in the freezer; we'd both still be alive."
Some Cool Haunting Stuff.
- A headless horseman is said to haunt a place called Cherry Hill or Ghost Hill in Fayette County. He was reportedly decapitated by thieves who found that his body was missing when they pretended to "discover" his death. He has been haunting the area ever since. - Near Yellow Springs, another headless ghost is said to haunt. This ghost is Charlie Batdorf, a Civil War soldier who has been seen walking up the path to his house. - A ghostly soldier and his wife have been seen walking and holding hands on the Eaton-Gettysburg Road. They have also been seen seated under a large oak tree on the road. The legends say the young woman was killed and a stake driven through her body by Indians. She is said to have died near the tree. - The old train depot in Galion has a haunted room called the "coffin room" and it is haunted by the ghost of a man in a long coat and reported "inhuman things". It has also been said that ghostly trains have been heard and have shaken the building. -
Stoopidly Funny
when where together. can love fill our heart. i love you i truly do. sleep is sweet when i dream of you. whith this poem i have one thing in mind. you have to read each word in every line. when can i sleep with you.
What Is A Sweetheart
this one was written by a friend of mine but he gave it to me before he left for the Navy. WHAT IS A SWEETHEART~~> A sweetheart is someone special you truely care about some one dear and wonderful you just cant do without A sweetheart is someone who'll laugh and tease with you eachday someone who will sympahtise and kiss your tears away A sweetheart is the one who gave up the stars up above the person who has your heart your life youe love
A Few More.....
I decided instead of one at a time, I would copy one whole page and throw em out there....... PLEASE comment on em and let me know what you think. this is one of my oldest hobbies and passions. thankx Dianne FORGET~~> Forget his name ,forget his face Forget his kiss, his warm embrace Forget the love that you once knew Remember now he has someone new Forget the love that you once shared Forget the fact that you once cared Forget the time you were together Remember now he's gone forever Forget you cried the whole night long Forget him when they play your song Forget how close you two once were Remember now he has choosen her Forget you memorized his walk Forge the way he used to talk Forget the things he used to say Remember now he has gone away Forget his laugh, forget his grin Forget the dimple on his chin Forget the way he held you tight Remember now he's with her tonight FOREVER STRONG~~> Our time so little,each dy we share will it bring us closer, if we dare?? Oh how I'
What Dragon Species Would I Be????hmmmm...
Take the quiz: What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics)Fire DragonRage, passion, you burn with the essence of a powerful flame. You are powerful and majestic and dont let anyone stand in your way without a fight.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!
Caught & Made To Serve
Dear Mystery Beauty, You don’t know me, but I have longed for you from afar for many months. The first time I saw you at that Ice Cream Social at the park I was totally in awe of you. I tried to forget I ever saw you, but your stunning face and incredible body kept haunting me. I knew that nothing would ever come of my obsession – we are both married and I never thought that I would cheat on my wife. So I just settled for you in my fantasies. Your beautiful face would often pop into my head as I brought myself pleasure. You would be between my legs – with a look of hunger – urging me to come for you. And for a while, I was content with my fantasies until I happened to walk by a house during a late afternoon stroll. There you were working in your flower bed wearing a pair of old cut-offs and a white tank top with a plunging neckline. You looked like a goddess to me, and the sight of your ample cleavage almost spilling out of your shirt made my cock instantly hard. I almost c
How Did I Know Which Greek Goddess I Would Be Before I Took It...hmmm?
Take the quiz: Which Greek god/goddess are you?AphroditeYou are Aphrodite! Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. She flirted with everyone, even though she was the wife of Hephaestus, son of Hera, and Hephaestus did not do much to stop her from cheating.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! I am also the Gemini Goddess, and dont you forget it! lol
Bulldozer & Trains
im hot now put me in that spot just never complain or i wont suck your train babe i can make you horny as long as you dont bore me just come over and fuck me like a bulldozer
My Fav
This is may favorite quote...enjoy! ~Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars!~
Which Vampire Would I Be???
Take the quiz: What vampire would you be?Avengful Vampire of the CityYou have been wronged so many ways. This as you see it, is your chance to set your anger free for once and all! Whomever dishonor or embarass you will have to pay for such a mistake with their life!Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!
What Aura Color Am I...
Take the quiz: What Aura Colour Are You?BlueBlue auras express creativity. People with blue auras usually have a strong attraction to rhythm in music, art and poetry. You love to express yourself in your creations and art. People with blue auras usually are great teachers and great public speakers.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! this is pretty accurate lol
Views I Want To Share!
Views I wish to share.... Men and Women: Why do men and women compete, compare, bash, swear, degrade, disown, DIS, not down, argue, hate...........? Then after all is said and done come back and make-up, cry, laugh, talk, work out things, love.........? Or worse... never talk again? Because if men and women always AGREED on EVERYTHING..... what the hell would men and women ever have to talk about, fight about, laugh about or cry about? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! So anyone who has a problem with their wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, brother, father, boyfriend, or husband.... "REMEMBER THIS" -- We are someone, something important or not... to be on the same level would never be good. Men need to be men, women have to be women. Men need their pride.. women have their hearts. Men need compassion, women are the ones who can GIVE IT. Men need to stop denying the fact, without a woman around, your life would seriously be shit. Women give grief, grime and slack.... w
Thank You
I just want to take the time out and tell everyone who look or rated and left comments on my pictures thank you very much,,IF i didnt get yours PLEASE tell me and i will be glad to come and rate and leave comments,, How many of you all LOVE THIS NAME? I do it fits me to the TEE Hugs N Kisses The ugly duckling
-"Trust me." ="Why?" -"Because you can...." Why answer a question with a question? ...... when you already know the answer.. 'trust issues' come to mind for me. When I note something, annouce and say..... someting important.... "Why should I?", or "How do you know?" ....... is always asked... 'my answer'... "Because you can, Because... I KNOW". Know what.. for me to always know, you to never figure out. If I tell you, you must die for me then. It is plain and simple.. never answer a question with a question.... you will find yourself somewhere you won't like. --- Just a simple "YES" or "NO", does me just fine. Many wonder, many seek out, so many will never find. What is it they are hunting for? ........ Me. You ask why? Because.. there is never going to be a simple answer like yes or no, but one you can never share... like I said, you would have to die for me, If I told you why. ="Can you help me?" -"NO" ="But.. but
I Was Told I Am A Tease So I Took The What Kind Of Flirt Are You Test...
Take the quiz: What Type of Flirt are You?Sexport FlirtYeah, baby! We think it's pretty safe to say that you're a Sexpot Flirt you don't hesitate to take the most direct route when you want someone's attention. A lingering touch on the arm here, a little licking of the lips there you're as saucy and seductive as they come. Flirting your way into someone else's personal space is second nature. The good news? Your intentions are crystal clear. The bad news? If you don't put your money where your mouth is, you'll have some explaining to do. But as long as you're having fun, put on that hot little outfit and go crazy. In the immortal words of Olivia Newton John, Let's get physical!Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! wow. ok. i am a deffinate tease. anyone complaining?! didnt think so!lol
C-now My Kiss Is Perfection. The Quiz Said It! Lol
Take the quiz: Which kiss are you? (pics)your the perfect kissYour kiss is perfection. Simple as that.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!
Decide Your Fate Or Not....
The remains shall always be.. The faltering thoughts that follow.. Shame, grief, disbelief.. Power is what? Power is why? What is the reason for the crutial limitations? Then unfounded boundiers beyond the open doors. You walk to find more horric grim. Somber it maybe to find in death Until death took what was all that had been left.. Diar felt tip grips of pain beyond all comprehension. We fall to pick up ourselves.... and do what? Remain within the slumbering minds of grim, horror and pain. Tick toc, as the clocks still goes.... But will you in the end of all what comes forth in your game? Do you have what it takes to survive the deadliest plots none who exist today could last nor begin to understand? Shifting inbetween the lines, outside to wander into danger... Where does it all get you in the end? Really want the answer.......? Then search for it my friends and enemies alike.... before it hunts you down and destroys you first. **I wrote this due to som
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