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1) A woman's place is in the home - Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of babies, which she'll have many of, after over turning Row versus Wade, freeing up jobs and careers to those who should have them, white men.

2) Unemployment no longer being a concern - Unemployment will no longer be a concern, because the unemployed and underemployed, we'll be able to simply opt for indentured servitude, bypassing any gainful employment, or collecting unemployment benefits, which of course is giving money to people to simply survive, which is counterproductive to their employer's bottom line.

3) Expectation of perpetual war - Because the United States will be involved in one global conflict or another constantly, the future for military personnel (grunts) and mega-profits to the industrial military complex, the future looks quite bright indeed!

4) Abolition of ALL unions - Because there we'll be no more of those pesky unions In the United States, demanding anything remotely resembling a living wage, the free market will profit as it never has before! guaranteeing a trickle down, to those who will be very thankful, to exist on 600 calories a day.

5) Elimination of public schools - With the abolition of public schooling, there is no longer a need for arguments over the separation of church and state, public schools will be able to teach what they should've been able to teach all along, how to work for Wal-Mart, be a good consumer, and believe in God.

6) Eliminating all controversy concerning gay rights - All gay people, will finally get the right message, they will finally acknowledge themselves for the abomination to God that they are, and pray their gayness away, (this will have the added benefit of eliminating AIDS Completely) which in turn of course we'll eliminate the need for any gay rights.

7) The recognition of global manifest destiny - Americans will finally be awakened to the knowledge, that it is simply not the United States itself which God intended white people to rule, but the entire globe, thereby eliminating any debate concerning any place the United States wishes to invade, bomb, or conquer for any reason.

8) The purging of liberal ideas and values - A nationwide comprehensive effort, to purge the great, grand, and glorious United States, of all forms of liberal thought and critical thinking, obviously necessary for the citizens safety, and consumer tranquility, the burning of all forms of media containing such subversive ideas, to be arranged and orchestrated at the state, county, city and town level by the officers of conservative conformity.

9) The establishment of English, as our official language - Absolutely no other language shall be spoken within the boundaries of the United States other than English, to speak any other language, is to be considered an act of treason, and will face summary execution, this applies in particular to any non-white person.

10) Declaring Christianity as the only legitimate religion - Any and all places of worship which are not Christian in nature, will be destroyed, any persons participating in a non-Christian religious activity, will face summary execution, (the method of that execution is allowed to very from state to state however) by eliminating individuals confusion concerning the one true God, we establish peace and harmony, which is the goal of the one true Christian God, and his son Jesus Christ.

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