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vandeph: hi there, how are you...my name is Heavy Duty, and i film and produce adult movies here in Phoenix, im in Scottsdale....you have the look i need for a project. ever thought of some print and film work?
iC51NerdyB...: Heavy Duty? Now thats a name I can trust...
May 28, 2012
vandeph: it is a name you cant trust,
vandeph: ???
vandeph: hello again, you dont think you can trust a name like Heavy Guty, its just a name i picked up working
iC51NerdyB...: Yeah but its like... If you asking me to get nude for you shouldent you have like a professional real name when you introduce yourself? How approprite is it to be like my names heavy duty... If you were an agency you would not use a name like that which is why people dont trust you
vandeph: im not an agent, thats why i dont use my real name. my company name and real name are on all contracts and documents that are signed, i prefer not to use a real name on here, considering i have had some very psycho women try shit...so thats the name i introduce myself with, im sorry it bothers you, if you like i shall leave you alone. but thats why i use the stage name.
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