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created on 03/21/2009  |  http://fubar.com/stupid-encounters/b286407  |  13 followers

........ I just don't even know what to say here. I got a SB from this guy asking me to comment some of his pics. Me thinking ok np I don't mind helping a fellow fubarian out and rating their default album. First pic in his default NSFW him on a couch with his dick out. Most girls would say ok just a random cock pic no biggy once you seen one you seen them all and so forth... as you more threw the album you start to think wow all this guy cares about is nudes and no not just nudes but of himself... like egotysitical much? It even kind of creepy... the way the looks are he makes in them. Ok so if you get past the creepy in his default and more on you see that he has pics of some pregnet bitch most likely his current Girlfriend... but he is hitting up girls online to comment on his pics so ither hes really obsessed about himself or hes trying to prove to his GF he looks good or he gets off on pregnet chicks is nither here or there... but thats him and we all have problems. 

So next I stumble upon here are pics of my ex GF... ok. Still a little obsessed perhaps? Maybe trying to get her back? Does the new prego bitch know? And what about your soon to be kid... wow dosen't exacully scream proud son. 

So anyways... I have nothing against this guy, simply got asked in SB to rate his pics and I'm thinking... wolf pics maybe something funny, raciest... idk IDC but no no I get right off the bat 7 nsfw albums and the first one in default is cock... way to put yourself all out there. Its like going on a blind date with someone... getting to the door and them just being naked. Like where was the surprises? The perhaps guessing game? No flat out heres my cock now comment. 

Wow... anyways... so you know to make this an official stupid encounter I have no choice but to at least interact with the stupid on the other end and see what pops off or pops up as he would like nothing more then to see his own cock hard. So here's that convo... 


lukeissweet: would you please rate and comment on my pictures?
To lukeissweet: Sure will you rate mine back?
lukeissweet: any particular pics?
To lukeissweet: Any that you would like
To lukeissweet: You want me to rate any particular pics?
lukeissweet: any that u would like to rate or comment on


Fail... ok so I got sucked in... I did infaut rate and comment most of the default pics... no biggie.

But then once I get past all the NSFWs and done with default I get to this folder... shorts and new jeans. Really? If it wasen't bad enough seeing his ass in a thong I had to see this? Ugh... 

Anyways... I will let you be the judge of this one fubar:



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