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Poetry blog. It's going to be on DeviantArt to see how much traffic I'll be getting from other artists. My Valentine's Day poem is a hit, in case you haven't seen it. Leave me a reply if you'd like.




To bless and to bestow.

The writers and their woes.

I've seen so many things.

But yours is the worst.

I love the dark of night.

To write and without fright.

To enlist in pantomime.

But yours is still the worst, fuck!

I trail and writhe unabated.

I toil and think away.

To understand the day.

That everything went astray.

I fuddle with the notion.

That you're such a poor token;

Of love and pure devotion.

I don't understand these ways.

Yet I wish for you only this.

That you are blessed and through love, kissed.

I hope you get the best;

Of effervescent address.

I just wish it wasn't so damn bad.


No but seriously, hit me up, you're hot.


For my poison-nailed, arsonic filled darling.


Seriously though, I hope things go better for you.

It's been so bad as of late, I worry so incessantly every time I read your blog posts.

I hope this at least adds a little light to your day.

To your nocturne, and the hope it'll bring about light someday.

Fuck. I wish you could just hop on a plane and move over, sometimes.

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