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(How To) Determine Browsers

In todays time browsers have become the most esential tool used to get on the web (or internet as some call). Browsers are the beacon in which Searches, Websites and other web related functions are used (ex. Phone Apps, Cellular Data, etc...) Each of us uses a browser (whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome). There are things the user knows offhand but there are also alot of things people don't know that either elude them or they just either don't care or don't want to know.

This blog will include the following:

  • List the major browsers used today
  • Explain how each browser is implemented

Commonly Used Browsers

Each of us will use one of the browsers mentioned above and each browser has a different feature or function that help us browse, work or for plain leisure time. There is only 50 known browsers that are active and being supported for (updated).

Which is Best?

To answer this honestly...you the user have to choose which is best for you and your lifestyle. My personal answer is between 3 (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9&10). I chose these because I use them very often (sometimes if I need to get something done I'll have two or more loaded and ready to be used).

Below I will try to explain why I recommend these three browsers and the different engines they use.

  • Firefox:

    - This browser uses an engine called Gecko (no not the Geico Gecko) and is updated just about every 6 weeks to a new version that comes with new features.

    - This browser also comes with a vast majority of extensions and themes that can fit the users lifstyle, but each Addon or Plugin does come with a small price (usually constant Window Freezing or Not Responding pages).

    - While this browser does come with Addons and Themes there are also addons called plugins that need to be Manually Downloaded. You can easily find what you need by going to Mozdev.org and click on your Computers Operating System and download the necessary plugins that way.

    - This browser also comes with Sync, which allows someone to automatically sync their bookmarks, preferences, addons, passwords and tabs with other computers.

    - This browser also comes with 3 sister browsers: Nightly, Aurora and Beta and each are a different version

    • Nightly updates every day to a new version (commonly called Nightly Test or Future_Version#a1-a5) and each version is somewhat highly unstable or unsuitable for use, but come with a variety of new features.
    • Aurora is like Nightly and updates every day, but it has more stable features (commonly called Next_Version#a1-a5).
    • Beta is pretty much the final step of testing (commonly called Next_Version#b1-b5) and has the most stablist of features. Usually Beta only last about 2 weeks then the browser is rolled into its Release Version (which is usually the current version that is out).
  • Google Chrome:

    - The engine this browser uses is called WebKit/KHTML and is updated when a prominant threat has been detected and needs patched.

    - Like Firefox this browser comes packed with Addons and Themes but unlike Firefox this browser comes with most of the needed plugins (all thats required is a small verification).

    - This browser also uses a Sync service called Google Sync and works almost identical to how Firefox Sync works.

  • Internet Explorer 9&10:

    - The engine this browser uses is named Trident and is updated every 5 Years (or when Microsoft decides it needs an update).

    - Versions 9 & 10 come with HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 features that both Firefox and Chrome have had for at least a year before Version 9 was released.

    - Many don't like using Internet Explorer anymore because of the bad rep Versions 2 through 8 gave when the browser would barely load on a fast T1 Line, but since Version 9 Microsoft has rebuilt the browser with a new Javascript Engine that makes the browser 10x faster that its previous versions.

    - This browser has a limited amount of addons and no themes. This browser also comes with most of the plugins preloaded, but there are a few that need to be manually downloaded.

Please Note: I did not list the browser Opera because I do not use it personally. For those that do use it and have reviews they can give on it
(like features and things) they can leave a comment on this blog and I will try my best to add it to this blog.

In Conclusion

We all need a browser (whether it be Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Opera) and each browser has different functions and features that fit who we are and whatever we do during our day-2-day routines. Without browsers we would have no way to connect to the World Wide Web, do our jobs proficiently or meet new people on social websites like Fubar.com, Facebook.com or follow people on Twitter.com.

If you have any further questions about how to choose a browser or which browser might be the best to use
Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or private message a Fubar Bouncer and they will try to help you the best they can,
For faster results you can also visit the Support Lounge and the staff/members will help you to the best of their abilities..

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Blog Written/Moderated by: §tevens
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