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You may know Chris and Lynda Barnes if you follow professional bowling. They reside in Double Oak, Texas, and regularly practice at my local bowling center (AMF Lewisville Lanes).

They have twin sons, Troy and Ryan. In 2008, Troy was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

Lynda has been on a crusade to find a cure for this disease. A lot of the bowlers have come out in support for this mission, and have been involved in events that raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

I myself came down with the disease in 1997, just 15 short years ago. This same disease went undiagnosed in my best friend and killed him just one year prior.

I have a web page up, which is taking donations. I see none of the money - it all goes to JDRF. My goal is to bring $1,000 to the next event, being held at AMF Lewisville, by June 1, 2012.

If you can, maybe throw a few bucks in that direction. This is money you'd normally spend on pizza.

The address: http://jdrfevents.donordrive.com/participant/owl75

Feel free to respond to this blog post with any questions you have. I'll be taking pictures and video at the event, which takes place June 2, 2012.

I thank you. The Barnes family thanks you.


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