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Auction Time Again
THE STAKES ARE HIGH IN HIGH VOLTAGE FIRST AUCTION starts Aug. 18th @ 12pm central time all entrys must be made by Aug. 17th to get it. Ends Sept. 1st @ 12pm Central Time. 20k to enter.. send pic and offerings in a pm to me.. any questions they can go to jason or myself.. i want at least 15 ppl to start any rules you can think of please feel free to put them in there cuz i dont know any. !! !!! MEET YOUR AUCTION HOTESS & OFFER GO TO ME VIRTIGO ÐjFållèñÁñgèl @ High Voltage~ Owned by Mr.Bubblz~@ fubar MEET YOUR HOST OR TO ME : ÐJ Vî®tîgº Øwñè® Øƒ High Voltage & High Voltage Radio@ fubar Click anywhere on the pic SO COME CHECK OUT THIS HOT NEW LOUNGE WITH SEXY DJ'S AND HOT MEMBERS!!!! WE ARE ALSO HIRING ALL STAFF IF INTERESTED PLZ GET A HOLD OF ONE OF THE OWNERS OR STAFF MEMBERS
Open Up
Open up them thighs let my love flow in them creamy lips let me forfill your every desire fill my chocolate rise with every push i grow more an more a victim to this love as we melt away in this devine passion this love making is so good it be wrong open up them thighs let my love flow in deeper let my chocolate know just how good it is to ya open up by cleon
James Hoyt American Hero
(CNN) -- James Hoyt delivered mail in rural Iowa for more than 30 years. Yet Hoyt had long kept a secret from most of those who knew him best: He was one of the four U.S. soldiers to first see Germany's Buchenwald concentration camp. Hoyt died Monday at his home in Oxford, Iowa, a town of about 700 people where he had lived his entire life. He was 83. His funeral was Thursday at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Oxford, with about 100 people in attendance. The Rev. Edmond Dunn officiated and recalled time he spent with Hoyt and his wife. "I used to go over to have lunch with Doris and Jim, and I would sit across from Jim at the kitchen table and think, 'Before me is a true American hero,' " he said. Hoyt had rarely spoken about that day in 1945, but he recently opened up to a journalist. "There were thousands of bodies piled high. I saw hearts that had been taken from live people in medical experiments," Hoyt told author Stephen Bloom in a soon-to-be-published book called "T
Sweet Summer Love Under The Stars
> > > New and special original poem > > > By Robert > > > > > > Sweet Summmer Love Under The Stars > > > > > > A beautiful blanket of stars above > > > Full moon glowing around us > > > Gazing at the sky with awe and wonder > > > A soft blanket lying under us > > > Bodies naked and glistening > > > Both intertwined in a lovers knot > > > Sweet summer breeze all around us > > > Love and passion flowing through us > > > An overpowering yearning for each other > > > Pleasuring each other in many ways > > > Savoring each sensual kiss and touch > > > Sweet whispers and words of love > > > Breathing in concert with each other > > > Hearts beating with each other > > > Bodies moving together in poetic motion > > > Bodies tensing as they meet and connect > > > Sweet explosion of fluids into each other > > > Etched in each others minds and souls > > > Sweet memories shared by two XOXOXO RedyFrLuv
Supposed To Be Dirty But Not So Much
40 Dirty Little Secrets Be honest no matter what. one: Who are your last 4 texts from? um.. luke.. chris.. Aj.. and.. brittany two: Where was your default picture taken? my house. three: What's your middle name? ooo.. Ann four: Whats your current favorite color? green five: Does your crush like you back? im not sure if its a crush, im diggin him.. but you know six: What is your current mood? tired seven: When is your birthday Sept 14th eight: What color shirt are you wearing? White wife beater nine: If you were going on a Reality TV show, which one would it be? none not a reality show kind of girl ten: Are you imagining anyone naked right now? not so much eleven: Did you ever sneak into an R rated movie? no.. twelve: Ever had a near death experience? yes thirteen: Something you do a lot? homework fifteen: Do you want to see
Eyes On Me(final Fantasy Viii)
Theatres Des Vampires - The Land Beyond The Forest
Theatres Des Vampires - The land beyond the forest Mourning pleasure of the dark lord Will be assent to ancient dreams... ...And desires Falling the darkness on this arcanum place Red blood turn the colour of the night Only one kingdom... Only one master Nocturnal prayers... In the forest A secret buried in this land Beyond this ways... Beyond the dark Frozen embrace of the winter wind Fog... Come out from the graves Is there something awful in this lands beyond the forest The ill-omened breath of theese trees Take into ancient horrors I hear... funeral bells but I don't see not even a church Something like invisible hands Take me into this way An obscure and mysterious power follow my steps between the... ... Lands beyond the forest!! Red eyes around... Are the wolves that follow my journey... And the odour of my skin Only one kingdom... Only one master Nocturnal prayers in the forest A secret buried in this land Lands beyond the dark
Anybody For Some Love Under The Stars
> > > New and special original poem > > > By Robert > > > > > > Sweet Summmer Love Under The Stars > > > > > > A beautiful blanket of stars above > > > Full moon glowing around us > > > Gazing at the sky with awe and wonder > > > A soft blanket lying under us > > > Bodies naked and glistening > > > Both intertwined in a lovers knot > > > Sweet summer breeze all around us > > > Love and passion flowing through us > > > An overpowering yearning for each other > > > Pleasuring each other in many ways > > > Savoring each sensual kiss and touch > > > Sweet whispers and words of love > > > Breathing in concert with each other > > > Hearts beating with each other > > > Bodies moving together in poetic motion > > > Bodies tensing as they meet and connect > > > Sweet explosion of fluids into each other > > > Etched in each others minds and souls > > > Sweet memories shared by two
Young And Beautiful
Young and beautiful By RedyFrLuv In life, surprises are few and far between. We search everywhere and it often gets quite discouraging. I know first hand, in my second 50 years and never had that happen to me. A point many have been in their life also. I have searched many avenues both on and off the computer. So many dissappointments and dead-ends have been my answer to my search. However, my surprise came to me in a very special package. I can quite honestly thank Fubar for making that come true. My surprise knows very well who i am talking about. She is just so beautiful, sweet and sexy at that. In the brief time I have had on-line with her, she has changed my outlook so much. The awesome part of it is she does it so naturally. Each and every day, so far, continues to become better and more awesome. The smile, warmth, sunshine and passion she brings me is so out of this world. All she has to do is be herself. I guess the moment has come for all to know just who this pers
The First Day After Joining Fubar!!
so heres the updates for whatever the fuk. so....summer is almost will be done here in sept.....prolly by the 23rd......and back to massachusettes i go....where the fam is. so....moms still in the hosp. and after 2 weeks...she's finally talking again....and now we r waiting for the bone marrow test results. ....other than th@..... i guess im ok for now. and these colorado chicks are weird...yeah yeah..i sayin th@ is a lil weird.....but FUK u :) n e doin ok and look forward to screwing with the lot of ya. rp
Famous Olympic Quotes
Here are the top nine comments made by NBC sports commentators so far during the Summer Olympics that they would like to take back: 1. Weightlifting commentator: 'This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing.' 2. Dressage commentator: 'This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother.' 3. Paul Hamm, Gymnast: 'I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.' 4. Boxing Analyst: 'Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious.' 5. Softball announcer: 'If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.' 6. Basketball ana lyst: 'He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces.' 7. At the rowing medal ceremony: 'Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew.' 8. Soccer commentato
She Helps It's Her Turn
Can you plzzzz take a sec and go give MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND..Just One Rate On Her PIC>>Mauhhzzzzzz
Internet Connection Problems
To all fubar friends, Having internet connection issues, hope to get resolved soon.....In the meantime, continue sending your rates and comments. I treasure and cherish your friendship dearly. You will all be in my thoughts and I will be with you in spirit. I will leave some blogs and try to stay connected off and on through the libraries computer. XOXOXOXO With all my love, RedyFrLuv
Baby Girls 1st Day Of School
Ahh well, my baby started her first day of kindergarten today. To know her is of course to love her. LOL But let me tell ya, she has got some major attitude and stubborn as hell. Well, I hope this is not a sign of things to come, She was sent to the principals office the first day of school!!!! They were lining up for lunch in alphabetical order, her name starting with a Y was last. She did not want to be last, so she did her arms scrossing, stiff as a board die mother fucker die stare, and never say a word. The teachers were not impressed, or pleased. They had to pick her up and carry her to the office. LMAO Hopefully she will chill out! I still can't believe she was sent to the office on her very first day of school.
Somewhere In The Middle Of Goodbye
Staring down the hallway There's a shadow that I see You're packing up to leave again so you can be free Holding back the screaming and the teardrops in my eyes Somewhere in the middle of goodbye Rolling through the good times with my selective memory Remembering all those nights of love When you lyed so close to me You're dancing through my thoughts across the stage there in my mind Somewhere in the middle of goodbye Why can't I fight the pain that's yet to come? Or change the way my life has come undone? It's the beginning of the lonely nights when I'll just sit and cry Somewhere in the middle of goodbye It's the beginning of those lonely nights when I'll just sit and cry Somewhere in the middle of goodbye I'm somewhere in the middle of goodbye...
The Contest & Contestants
Friendship Circle Give Away Give away will run from Aug17th 6 P.m Fu Time- Aug27th 12:00 Midnite 1 st. place prize...1 Month VIP 2 nd. place prize..(12) bling pack 3 rd. place prize...250K Fu Bucks RedWingHunny SweetMafiaPrincess DavidRaymen D -Deana Bill MommaDuck
Need Help
These Girls Are Absolutely The Best!!!!
Help me Help the Da Sweet Irish Princess I wanna help a SPECIAL friend of mine...THE D*S*I*P get spotlight so me and a few SEXY friends of mine are offering a salute to the highest bidder! if you wanna see your name written here^^ click the pik > ^^my sexy friends^^ BID NOW!! BID OFTEN!! or bid on 900 11's (to be given over 3 days)
And The Winner Of The Battle Of The Djs Contest!!
Congratulations, DJ HIXX! You have won the Battle of the DJs today and have the prize of 95,000 fubucks! You should be proud of this accomplishment as you had some great competition with the others.... NEXT BATTLE OF THE DJs will be here on FRI OCTOBER 3rd and hope you will also be part of that competition. That competition will not be limited to just one DJ from a lounge; ANY DJ can participate. :)
Flirting Tips
Flirting Tips Women are so much more subtle about flirting clues that men need to really pay attention. Ladies, men are not used to women flirting with them. An overwhelming majority of men said they would just love it if a woman would talk to them first or at least express a larger clue that you were interested in checking them out. #1: Repeated least three separate verbal or non-verbal clues need to be given. Why? The first time he's going to look around and make sure it's really him that you are flirting with. The second, he knows it's him and he gets flushed and pleased. (At this point he'll probably walk by you and at least smile..he's checking you out a little more.) The third time you can express interest-by introducing yourself, or commenting on his tie, or waving from across the room. Now he knows you are open to meeting and it will be a cinch. #2: always gets their attention. Ask them if you can tell them a secret...Then whisper in their
I've Been Waching You
Just A Head's Up........
We have the next Mercury Retrograde on the begins September 24th. Keep in mind, some of us feel the slow down/speed up a week before and after the official Retrograde. Time to prepare as best we can.....if there is such a thing as preparing for a Mercury Retro! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings! Later! Muahz!
Chapter 5
Part II Chapter V No Longer Me 12/21/01 Life Slips by me, as I watch the current flow I'm caught between the prongs of this fork within the road I'm undecided as to which direction I will go A momentary Lapse in Reason lets my pain begin to show My Brain's writhing in agony As my senses become faulty I feel my mind slip from Reality Break my False Sense of Security And Now I'm no Longer Me- Unsure of what I am Now I'm No Longer Me I can't trust what I'm thinking Kuz I'm no Longer Me- Been pushed Far beyond trusting I'm No Longer Me- I don't know who or what I am. I'm watching from the ruined shell of what I used to be As all the action is increasing, Reaction's turned to brutality Heart that was once filled with life and Love Now feeds off all the hostility Please say a prayer, kiss me good-bye, As I slip into Eternity... Watching from high above I'm no longer in control See what's become of me Slipping deep into the unseen Terror grips me, nowhere to r
Happy Birthday
Today Is HIsSweetObession Birthday Go Show Her Some Fu Birthday Lov!!!!!!!!!
Slight Change To The Way You Setup Your Name On Fubar..
*****FROM THE BLOG OF BABY J***** hey everyone, i'm trying to simplify the way we store and display everyone's name on the site. for example, the nickname for my profile is 'babyjesus', my first-name is 'mike' and my last-name is 'hedlund'. we have an overly complicated procedure that we use to figure out what name to display above everyone's photo on the site, and the name to display at the top of the public profile page for each member. to simplify this, starting today *ONLY* your 'nickname' will be displayed above your photo everywhere on the site. if you don't have a nickname set in your profile, then your user id will be displayed. so, if you start showing up as a number-- simply go to your profile settings page and enter whatever you want in the nickname field. public profile pages will also be modified so that only the nickname (or user id if you don't have a nickname setup on your profile) will be displayed at the top of the page. there will be a 'Name' column
A Friends Deep Pain
This is for a truly deep and lovely man. You now who you are. I feel your pain, I want you to know that. And I know your heart is bleeding right now. But you need to know that there is someone out there that really cares what happens to you. And will there when you need it. Even if is just for hugs. Take care friend. You truly rawk.
Stand Up For Cancer
STAND UP TO CANCER "Cancer takes one person every minute. One life in a moment. They are our brothers, our sisters, our fathers and mothers, our husbands and wives, our best friends, our children, ourselves. Every day in America 1500 people die and yet the means to save them are literally within our reach. To wait any longer for someone else to save our lives and the lives of those we love is unforgivable." "This is where the end of cancer begins: when we unite in one unstoppable movement and Stand Up To Cancer." Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people listed below. Please DO NOT just accept the persons friend request...visit their page, rate and fan them back and leave them a comment. When you have rated everyone message me (aGEM4life) to be added to the list. **Please also let me know if you are a cancer survivor** Let's let the Sun Set on Cancer! Rate my Sunset folder to receive your personal Standing Up To Cancer tag. Start with this one... Those that ar
List Continues
Gordon McCannel Aamoth, 32, New York, N.Y. Maria Rose Abad, 49, Syosset, N.Y. Edelmiro (Ed) Abad, 54, New York, N.Y. Andrew Anthony Abate, 37, Melville, N.Y. Vincent Abate, 40, New York, N.Y. Laurence Christopher Abel, 37 William F. Abrahamson, 58, Cortland Manor, N.Y. Richard Anthony Aceto, 42, Wantagh, N.Y. Erica Van Acker, 62, New York, N.Y. Heinrich B. Ackermann, 38, New York, N.Y. Paul Andrew Acquaviva, 29, Glen Rock, N.J. Christian Adams, 37, Biebelsheim, Germany Donald L. Adams, 28, Chatham, N.J. Shannon Lewis Adams, 25, New York, N.Y. Stephen Adams, 51, New York, N.Y. Patrick Adams, 60, New York, N.Y. Ignatius Adanga, 62, New York, N.Y. Christy A. Addamo, 28, New Hyde Park, N.Y. Terence E. Adderley, 22, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Sophia B. Addo, 36, New York, N.Y. Lee Adler, 48, Springfield, N.J. Daniel Thomas Afflitto, 32, Manalapan, N.J. Emmanuel Afuakwah, 37, New York, N.Y. Alok Agarwal, 36, Jersey City, N.J.
Bumblebees Outwit Robotic Spiders
"Scientists have found that bumblebees learn from their "near-death" encounters with crab spiders and adapt their future foraging strategies. They watched real bees in an artificial meadow - containing yellow "flowers" and robotic crab spiders." Possibly my favourite headline ever. Full story here.
Hey im laiken for those of u who dont know..... im a 22 yr old mother to a lil boy who juss turned 1 in august and i am expectin a lil girl in Nov..what can i say im doin it all on my own cause no man can tame this else email me
When The Darkness Won't Lift...
DEPRESSION It's a word we use casually, lightly ignoring the fact that true depression---whether its cause is biological or brought about by life events---can be utterly devastating. The depressed person is emotionally paralyzed, cut off from the stream of daily life. And the condition is self-perpetuating. Just finding the energy to seek help can seem like an insurmountable task. So how do people find their way out of the darkness and into the light? The motivations to seek help and the ways people find to lift themselves out of the pit of depression are as varied as individual personalities.
Who Are You?
“Please… tell me who you are and what you want. And if you think those are simple questions, keep in mind that most people live their entire lives without arriving at an answer.” -- Gary Zukav How deeply can you answer this question? Please realize that you are the only one who can answer it. No one else can tell you who you are. You must discover this for yourself. And the challenge of knowing ourselves is no easy task. I hope this question excites rather than intimidates you. There’s so much more to you than you know at present! Isn’t this intriguing? Perhaps it’s time to go exploring…. “Mysterious and intimidating to contemplate, the human brain is the most complex thing there is and the most difficult task it can undertake is to understand itself.” -- David Noonan “I don’t think God cares where we were graduated or what we did for a living. God wants to know who we are. Discovering this is the work of the soul – it is our true life’s work.” -- Bernie Sie
Holy Crap
Somebody please hold my hand! This is alot to take in. I don't know how this all works. Is it true this is a dating site?
Eye Contact
Do you think there is anything really behind eye contact ... what would you think if every time you and someone locked eyes you . your self got a feeling ... the feeling is kinda like a worm burst in you chest .. sooo with that feeling you get and the other person keep locking eyes with you ... what you think that can meen Please try to help me understand ... and help me out if you can =) thank you Princess
Being Homless
well ive been kicked out of my aunts house and straight back to huntington back to dawns...its sucks but i gotta do what i gotta do...anyways aarons hear and i really just wanna get compleatly drunk but im broke...well i love ya... jess
Falling For Him All Over Again...
Ok so me and nik have known eachother for almost 2 years now and there is major chemistry between us but we have always put our friendship first. He's an awesome guy that you cant help but love...No I dont love him but I do care for him alot. He makes me feel good about myself and he respects me as a person not just someone he can fuck and be done with. He makes me laugh, he listens to what I have to say and he's my shoulder when I need to cry. We started to drift towards the romantic side but it wasnt the right time for us. I was an emotional wreck with certain things going on in my life as was he and we both knew that it wasnt fair to either one of us to be in a relationship together. So we both decided a friendship was better than nothing. Now I will admit I did cry when he first told me he only wanted to be my friend but after i cried I did realize he was completly right about us and it not being the right time to be together. In all honesty I respected him more as a man for
The Dog's Bollox Of Moooosic
Brown Eyed Girl--van Morrison
Just A Thank You
What Does It Mean When Palin Won’t Cooperate With Legislative Investigation?
Posted: 01:39 PM ET Palin fired her public safety commissioner and is now under investigation. Palin fired her public safety commissioner and is now under investigation. FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty: Governor Sarah Palin is being investigated by lawmakers in her home state of Alaska. At issue: Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan and whether he was fired because he refused to pink slip a state trooper who divorced Palin’s sister. But Palin is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Shades of President Bush. Embarrassing investigation? Just refuse to cooperate and claim it’s all someone else’s fault. Palin says the probe’s been hijacked by the Obama campaign for political gain. But Monegan was fired and the investigation begun long before Palin was named to the Republican ticket. The Obama campaign denies the accusation. McCain’s people say Palin will not cooperate with the investigation because it is “tainted.” They insist Monegan was fired because of insubordi
She Is Truly Amazing! A/f/r/c/bling Her Sweet Booty!!!!! U Wont Regret It!
this one is plain and simple > My MsCharlotte2U! has been literally busting her fu~butt to help other when they are in need of something, that includes me! she know she rawks my fu! hehe > i want to see her make it to "Disciple'! now i know this can happen. I would love to see it happen before the weekend rolls by! > SO GO SPANK HER HARD~ BLING HER BOOTAY! DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO! LETS JUST DO THIS AN SHOW HER HOW MUCH WE LUV HER!!!!! > MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add~@ fubar
Parent Orientation
I am just completely in awe. Who knew that, by fighting just a little bit...well...okay, A LOT...I'd be as lucky as I am today with my son's schooling? All it took was a $1,700 retainers fee, and voila :) I met with my son's teacher, who initially, I was concerned about. Any changes can really f*ck these kiddos up. But she really knows her shit. They have music therapy twice a week, art therapy twice a week....the same ol', same ol' subjects all other kiddos do, PLUS, they will take them on field trips once a month...bowling, mini-golfing, swimming. They supply hot lunches EVERY DAY for these kids...FREE. They have root beer floats on Fridays, IF THEY EARN IT. Point stores, where they can buy something at the end of the week, again....IF THEY EARN IT. I mean, everyone there is SO CLOSE KNIT. Come to find out....his individual therapist he has there ALSO works at the OT clinic my son goes to privately. It was nice to hear her say: "You truly have the best of both wor
Family N Being Apart
I also agree that family is important but sometime's the kids grow up and no longer seem to need mom n dad anymore...they enjoy there independency to much and there's just not enough room or time in there lives to listen or pay attention to good ole ma n pa...Yes I love my kids but its pretty hard to show it when there never around...or want to be near you This has been the Blog of the Ballbreaker.
Elliot Yamin - Moddy's Mood For Love
There I go, there I go, there I go, there I go Pretty baby you are the soul, snaps my control Such a funny thing but everytime your near me I never can behave You give me a smile and I'm wrapped up in your magic There's music all around me Crazy music, music that keeps calling me so Baby close to you, turns me into your slave Come on and do with me any little thing that you want to Anything, baby just let me get next to you So am I insane or do I really see heaven in your eyes? Bright as stars that shine up above you In the clear blue sky, how I worry bout you Just can't live my life without you Baby come here, don't have no fear Oh, is there wonder why I'm really feeling in the mood for love So tell me why, stop to think about this weather, my dear This little dream might fade away There I go talking out of my head again baby won't you come and put our two hearts together That would make me strong and brave Oh, when we are one, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
Fallin 4 U
Hello To My Friends Miss U
hi everyone, ive been gone a while miss you manly, thanks for all the comments
American Pride
Old Glory will live forever Our flag stands for freedom for all who believe. Our flag is the oldest decorated veteran to serve and defend our country. Our flag has flown over every battle field in every war our country has fought in. It has been ripped, shot, spit on and even burned yet still stands tall and proud. Flying high and free for those who believe in its colors. Those colors will never run or back down. The blue is for all who served. The stars are for the fifty beloved states it protects. The red strips are for the ones who died fighting our battles. The white strips are for all the ones who never made it home, missing in action. Old Glory is still beautiful for her age and all she been through. Old Glory is still as beautiful as the day Bessie Ross first made her. God bless Old Glory Our American Flag! The Great American Eagle A symbol of freedom The Great American Eagle. I wish I could fly like The Great American Eagle. Flying and so
Help Out To Make It Fair
we want fairness and in doing so we need some help if you are a spanker or in a bombing family I will make it up to you and yours to see that this is fair so we need you please see my bully for this contest or go to this link it is not important who wins but fairness will make it a real
Can't Sneak Up On Death In A Tank...
I was running late, per usual. I turn right onto the street where I work at a fast pace (hehe) and see all these cars wanting to turn out in front of me from a side street. They all stop inching forward because they see me comin in my tank. Trust me, they hit me, NUTHIN' is happening to my car. But then this idiot (green car) creeps up on the side and pulls out!! Not only does he NOT move, he sits there (in the middle of the street) and stares at me (while I'm wildly flipping him off and cursing his name) with the DUMBEST look on his face! I had one thought: "How convienient to die in front of a cemetery/mortuary. Plus I work there so my funeral would be discounted..." Nice, huh? :P -REL EDIT: My pic sucks, I know. Shut up.
Yup Another One
Finally outta the big sand box!!!!!
I Am So Damn Bad At Times...
I have come to realize many things about myself, one thing especially is that I enjoy giving a woman some really great head. I love to feel her grab the back of my head and drive my mouth deeper in. It turns me on to have a woman grind her kat all over my face. Sometimes I actually sit and fantasize about some of my favorite experiences or imagine what new ones I will have. Now don't get me wrong I won't just suck out any female, but if I meet a woman that I really like and I feel comfortable with her please believe that I will make her weak in the knees, so she had better be laying back! LOL! I will eat it like a fat man at a buffet! LOL! I myself am more of a giver than receiver, not that I don't enjoy some good slowneck, it really turns me on to please a woman orally. The wet ones are my favorite! It's nice when I can feel her juices all over my face and dripping down my chin, makes me want to stick my tongue deeper in and let it do a jolly dance to make her quiver. LOL! It's fu
Help Make Oracle Plz! She Has Auto 11's
If The Bullets Dont Get You....
It was about 3:30 in the morning, I was asleep, when I hear some rattling coming from my desk area. I opened my eyes, and reach down to grab my rifle, it's my first instinct, sometimes a soldier's training comes in handy. No one is in my room but myself, I hear more rattling i feel my bed shaking, I get up, and I feel the floor underneath me move. Its an earthquake, lasted just a few seconds, maybe 7 seconds max. Probably one of the scariest events I've been through. The longest 7 seconds of my life for sure. For those who live out in the Western part of the U.S. this is nothing new, but for me its brand new. It definitely got me thinking that the only threat here were bullets, rockets, and I find out, earthquakes are something to watch out for here as well. Magnitude 5.9 - CENTRAL AFGHANISTAN 2008 October 05 22:56:29 UTC Versión en Español * Details * Summary * Maps
Your True Color
Your True ColourBlackBlack is one of the most beautiful of colors and yet is the void of color too. It is the color of detail. In fact, you want everything done in detail. You would make quite an accountant. If a job needs finishing, you are the one to do it. You require leaders to tell you what needs to be done. Under guidance, you are able to get to the crux of the matter and solve very large problems. Finding others' mistakes makes you feel right at home. Blacks are people who hold things inside. One who wears black doesn't not want to be touched. Putting a barrier between yourself and others is the purpose of your color. You are also protective, using your barrier as the shield. You keep your strength inside so you can better protect your emotions. Don't try cutting yourself, as it is possible that you are emo. Perhaps it would be better for you to hang out with your friends or family more.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
There is no such thing as a 'self-made' man. We are made up of thousands of others. - George Matthew Adams
Free-martini Events Are Shaking, Stirring Up Female Buyers
October 6, 2008 BY CHERYL V. JACKSON Businesses are lowering the bar, and embracing it, to boost sales -- putting free or discounted martinis in the hands of women and pitching them goods and services. Martini Park, 151 W. Erie, has found the practice has boosted revenue by 25 percent. Its Wednesday Martinis in the City brings in women-centric businesses and groups. » Click to enlarge image Jenni Guarascio and Marky Bielat, owners of Minx Parlor boutique, check out jewelry and cocktails at Martini Park. "We try to find brands that are on target with our concept -- upscale, more mature groups," said Lauren Boukas, marketing director at Martini Park. Wednesday featured chair- and pole-dancing demonstrations from Flirty Girl Fitness. Other participants have included jewelry retailers and networking organizations. J Bar at the James Hotel does a Diva Series every Thursday night, inviting Chicago media types for networking. The 900 Shops hosts sho
I was so close to you You couldn't see My heart were shouting for you You couldn't hear My voice saying "I am here" But, you're not listening My hands Touching you But,you feel nothing I'm standing In front of you Yet, you look away My heart waited Till it wilted Still,you're standing at a distance Away from me Sadly,I walked away For I had tried hard to get you To look at me And, you're still a distance away
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Help Me Level Up To 25 Please
Can you all help me level up to 25.I need help real bad.So can you all come help out.Even the levelers to can help. If your allowe to..Here's my pic link to my page. ~*SexyBitch*~GIT ~R~DONE BOMBSQUAD@ fubar
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I waited to tell this story, due to my funny Walmart one... But this happened before Walmart, so... I went to see a dietitian yesterday morning, to learn more of diabetes, type 2.. The lady, not bad looking older lady, mind you, asked me to demonstrate how I had been using the needles for insulin, so I proceeded to.. Took the alcohol cloth and put it up to my arm.... she suddenly started shaking her head in a 'No' fashion... WTF? Explained to me that on me, the arm's too solid for the meds to work... She came around the desk and asked to see if she could find a proper spot to inject the needle. To which, I had said 'Ok,' to.. I told her that I was game as long as she doesn't chose the stomach... I really, really hate to stick my gut.... She pinched my arms, the back of them, said they were too solid... then my lower back and upper butt... again, too solid... my lower to upper thighs, off to the side... once again, she said they're way too solid... then she pin
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These people now have new owners congrats to all The One and Only owns me Bhambuggy now owns Emerald tastyflutterby now owns Superproff now owns Sunfirelab now owns Radissongirl now owns Sweet Junior now owns Racerx now owns Tnkrgrl01 now owns AngelDawinks now owns
If At First You Don't Make It...............
If you're never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances. --Julia Soul Do we avoid making new friends because we're scared they won't like us? Do we get embarrassed when we make a mistake and avoid trying again? When we get our feelings hurt, do we think we're bad, or that something is wrong with us? Being scared or shy or hurt are all part of being alive. When we try to stay away from painful feelings, we keep ourselves from having many wonderful adventures. If we're afraid to meet new people, we may never have any close friends. If we stop trying when we're embarrassed, we may never learn a better way of doing things. And if we don't share our hurt feelings, we may never find out that everyone else has the same feelings we have. What can I try again today that I failed at yesterday?
Bar Hopping
The day held nothing spectacular. The air was warm and sticky. The humidity mixed with the rolled down windows of my jalopy had started the peeling of the interior fabric on the ceiling of my slowly dying vehicle. I drove home from the vicious revolving door of gainful employment, and began to plot the evening's outing. Two choices laid before me....where to go, and how far to take it when I got there. A friend of mine had sent me a text message earlier. I hardly ever receive a phone call anymore. Isolated from the rest of the world by emotionless, quick answers. I don't trust a text message. There is no way to be sure of who is on the other end. Of course, this could only be a by product of what my therapist once called the "projection of my fears and paranoia on others." Fearing that the girl I love is not on the other end, but some new lover is on the other side of our voiceless conversation, having a quick laugh at the expense of the forlorn and unsure. My friend's text message cam
Barry Mann - Who Put The Bomp
Who put the Bop - Drifters I'd like to thank the guy Who wrote the song That made my baby Fall in love with me Who put the bomp In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp? Who put the ram In the rama lama ding dong? Who put the bop In the bop shoo bop shoo bop? Who put the dip In the dip da dip da dip? Who was that man? I'd like to shake his hand He made my baby Fall in love with me (yeah!!) When my baby heard "Bomp bah bah bomp " "Bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bomp" Every word went right into her heart And when she heard them singin' "Rama lama lama lama" "Rama ding dong" She said we'd never have to part So Who put the bomp In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp? Who put the ram In the rama lama ding dong? Who put the bop In the bop shoo bop shoo bop? Who put the dip In the dip da dip da dip? Who was that man? I'd like to shake his hand He made my baby Fall in love with me (yeah!!) Each time that we're alone Boogity boogity boogity Boogity boogity boogity shoo Sets m
Frank Zappa
Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, use that something to support their own existence
Oooohh La La!
Your Boobies' Names Are... Silk and Satin Boobie Name Generator
Little Leroy
Little Leroy came into the kitchen where his mother was making Dinner. His birthday was coming up and he thought this was a Good time to tell his mother what he wanted. "Mom, I want a Bike for my birthday." Little Leroy was a bit of a troublemaker. He had gotten into Trouble at school and at home. Leroy's mother asked him if he Thought he deserved to get a bike for his birthday. Little Leroy, of course, thought he did. Leroy's mother, being a Christian woman, wanted Leroy to reflect on his behavior over The last year. "Go to your room, Leroy, and think about how you have behaved This year. Then write a letter to God and tell him why you Deserve a bike for your birthday." Little Leroy stomped up the steps to his room and sat down to Write God a letter. Letter 1 Dear God: I have been a very good boy this year and I would like a bike For my birthday. I want a red one. Your friend, Leroy Lero
are you serious??!
What Your Name Says About You
What Your Name Says About You Your name says that you are mostly: Charismatic but impulsive Your name also says you are: Independent but distant Perceptive but paranoid Fiery but unbalanced What Does Your Name Say About You?
What Does Your Workspace Say About You
What Your Workspace Says About You You are not organized in the least. Everything in your life pretty much survives of chaos. You are hardworking and driven. You have an excellent work ethic. You feel like you neglect your family and friends when you're working. You may work a bit too much. You are still trying to figure out your ideal career. You could quit your current job on any given day. At work, you are an introvert. You don't like people coming around your work space. What Does Your Work Space Say About You?
I Once Was.. Now I Am
I was a bitch once then I became more. Now I look ouside , seeing who is holding the door. the door is held by hands that rocks my heart. Hands so strong and was once so loving. Whatever happened to them days. When all I wanted to do was stare at you in a gaze. I woke up with more bruises today. Got them somehow, in the worst of way. all I remember is seeing the wall. Not knowing how I got there is the greatest fear of all. Please dont hit me no more. Just leave and shut the door. I am a woman that is suppose to be loved. Not hit, or punched, or even sized up with a glove. I got help today and am going to turn my life around. I am going to make it without making a sound. I am stronger than I use to be. I will make it WHY? Because I'm Me!
If You Want To Leave Me.....
I have been doing a lot of thinking recently and I have decided that this is the best way to handle this. My Friends if you no longer wish to stay with me and the things that i am trying to accomplish then i totally understand and i will still be honored to call you my Friends. Just all that i ask is don't, Please don't give up because you think that i have.....Because i have not...i may have slowed down some...and yes i have thought of given up....but i am no quitter.....not yet anyway!I feel that it is to early to throw the towel in!! And those that are my true friends know exactly what this is all about and if you're truly my friend i hope you will let me know if you are still with me!! I do have some things that are going on in my life and family that i am having to deal with and sometimes i can't be here as much as i would truly like to be but im human and do have problems outside of Fu-bar and i hope you all understand this. okay this is the way that i have chosen to handle
It pisses me off that people when peple who havent been here for very long at all (under a year) are so eager to be ahead of everyone else. I've been here since '06.And I dont mind taking my time and working my way up.Being a fucking Godfather doesnt mean youre fucking better then everyone else below you. Saw one girl, wont name names,only been here since april 08.Already higher level then me. I just needed to rant.I wanna level up just because I'm so close. I hardly get any lovin anymore.But because I dont whore myself out, I probably wont get much.Thats fine.I guess. I dont mind rating and levelin myself up.Oh and those people who JUST level and they already wanna get to the NEXT level.for petes sake people.Calm the fuck down.
Wanting To Just Walk Away....
Have you ever had those days where ur tired of everyone calling you because all they seem to be doing is bringing drama and making ur life miserable within a time span of 5 minutes??? Jesus....thats my family today..My drug retarted cousin has decided to take off this past week ago on one of her "adventures". Not only can she be certified as a fucking retard but her doing oh meth, coke and heroin doesnt help the situation. She about 10 times bigger me and imagines herself in love with ome loser ass guy...anyways my grandpa has been worried about her and wanting to know where she is. We had no idea, until she called yeserday to say she was at my parents house. Of course she is gonna be there..she has drugs, she can share with my mom and my brother. And my dad can pretend to turn a blind eye against it all...anyways getting to the point...everyone is playing phone tag and screaming at one another I had only fucking called to tell them that my cell phone was gonna be off till nex
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That's right, I'm up for auction to the highest bidder... UPDATED OFFER: If 25 Credit Bling pack (or more) or 3 day blast is offered: 50 11's a day during HH (instead of 100 a week) 100 10's a week during HH Drinks throughout the week (my discretion) 1 Big Pimpin Gift a week (My Discretion) Will rate all stash during HH throughout the month Will make personalized tag for comment daily Will give a SFW salute Will add your link to my About Me section for the month Permanent Pimpout Blog Pimpout Bully Here's your chance to have me be your B!tch... You won't be sorry!
Life And People
i'm sitting here right now, wondering about people. why people do some of the things they do. how people can come into your life for the briefest of moments yet you never forget them. wondering how it is that you can meet someone, talk to them a couple of times, yet know more about them than you know about people you've known for years. i wonder why it seems that some people only enter your life just to hurt you and what reason there is behind that, is it a sign that you need to re-evaluate where your life is headed, or is it just because they themselves need to re-evaluate their lives? i wonder how it is that some people seem to float through life as if they don't have a worry in the world when the majority of us have so many. i wonder how some people can be one person with you yet another person with other people, do they even know who the real them is? i wonder why some people will talk to you once or twice, tell you things about themselves that are close to the
What Part Of My Life Can I Discover In Someone New Today?
I love him and I cannot seem to find him. --Ovid Where can we find the ones we love? Do they always live in our world, or do we have to go out of our way? They often are not at home; we can find them at their work. Their play is different from ours; we could try having their kind of fun. Too often, we look only for friends who are much like ourselves, and we tend to avoid those who are not. This kind of narrow-mindedness isn't fair to others or ourselves. We are each unique, like the pieces of a puzzle. We are each necessary to the whole picture. When we go out of our way to know someone else better, we stretch our own boundaries; we give ourselves new space in which to grow. What part of my life can I discover in someone new today?
I harbored a lot of resentment as a teenager and as a young adult. I still have a problem with authority, I'm trying to listen ! Nikki Sixx
Obama... Really???
On the news Recently in the Obama campaign... he mentioned that within 6 months of him becoming president that a "world" disaster was going to happen and that you can either trust him or not and you can either follow him or not... now tell me what you'd do? You really want to vote for someone that wants a world disaster that believes that it's going to happen? I though he was all about change.... Change for the good! He also sent out tapes to all his Running mates... all along the Laws of Attraction! Tapes that say stuff like... I want you to find a comfy place to lay down a quiet place be relaxed and say these words... "Obama will be President" all you have to do is say it once, if you say it so will others it only takes one time... you only have to say it once! Now the laws state that you only have to say it once... our mind is a transmission tour... anything we say good or bad will happen maybe not right away but it will happen! This then brings me to The Anti-Christ... does Oba
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Pizza~N~Beer@ fubar 1,400 to level
Halloween Party Invite
SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE! I was sitting here thinking I was gonna post a bulletin about this then I decided I might as well announce it in here, Anyway, I'm having a HALLOWEEN PARTY HERE AT THE HOUSE, for those of you that are interested and are living in the Georgia area. It's on Thursday October 30th at 7:30pm Kids and Teens are welcome BYOB snacks will be provided Costumes are optional. For more information on where it's at, send me a private message and I will give you the complete details.
Sooo...about 15 minutes ago I hear a weird noise. I go into the bathroom, and ...surprise! The whole floor is fuckin covered with water, and the toilet is leaking like crazy. I try to fix it by pulling up on the lift rod, and the fucking thing breaks off! Sending a geiser of toilet water into my face. FUCK!! Then the flush valve got fucked up from pressure,m and just came off. So I figure out that the only way to stop the fuckin water from spouting like crazy is it pull up the stub that used to be the lift rod and tie it to the float ball. I tied it with a sock, and the water stopped. Then the maintenance guy came in and said that the water seeped to the FUCKIN BASEMENT! From my 3rd floor! We'll see if the old farts below me have any damages. I am so fuckin mad right now, I wish I had some dynamite so I could blow that damn toilet to pieces. And now I probably smell like the toilet.
Felt This Way
Chorus-I havent felt this way in a long time, so lonely, scared, confused, ive been straying away on the sidelines, leading a twisted view, i havent felt this way in a long time, lost cuz down i fell, i just wanna find the right mind, i just want to find myself-end chorus i havent felt this way in a long time, i need to find my way, but the lights been lost, and ive been crossed, night never turns to day, and the shadows cast, i never pass, my life has passed me by, reminiscing, empty promises, and i ask myself why chorus i havent felt this way in a long time, on my emotions i dwell they rise to the top, they never stop, like an overflowing well, there i go, im gone again, always running away scared, i fake myself, i hate myself, cuz myself i cant bear chorus i havent felt this way in a long time, so cold and insecure, so misunderstood, so evil not good, yet my powers are so pure, the break is clean, to fake the scene, but now caught up in the act, but i know i cant hi
I Think I Gone And Done It This Time
A nice lady posted a friends mumm titled "Why do guys ruin it?".. well, I commented something guys are born that way. Was about a guy she had been seeing for 8 months or so who turned out to be either seeing another woman or lining another up. I realized I hadnt kept up with the rates, etc on her page, and was going through the photos and there was a picture of the offender. Soooooo I commented on the picture "looks like he is getting ready to leave" or something like that, I cant remember.. hell, I can barely remember my name, so I wear a name tag. To drag this out further, when I logged on this morning, I had a message in my shoutbox blasting me for not respecting other people's feelings, etc, and for me to keep my fat mouth shut. I responded with an apology saying I meant no disrespect, and apologized profusely. I was blocked.. the pinnacle of fubarian insults!!! I felt bad about the whole situation. Do you think I screwed up? .... and I dont think my mouth is fat.. ma
James Meza (rip)
such an interesting guy. he's sister and i were the best of friends but i never got to know him until junior high. he was loud. annoying. and funny when he walked into a room everyone knew who he was. his murder erupted chaos in my small hometown now, 7 people are dead and 12 are in the hospital i don't know the exact numbers but that's what i've heard one of the shootings even happend on the street i lived on..where my parents live. May he rest in peace. i miss you.
Love Him.......
Mike is a good friend of mine. Hes on his way too Godfather.He had an Auto 11 and thought he would make it with it because he returns love back. But he didnt. ~RebelBreed™~@ fubar Can you stop by and show him some love. I know the new theory for so many is only rate people with Auto 11s. Im going too say this and if I make you mad then im sorry and you know how too remove me. What happens when the Auto 11 disappears. Then how do you get points? They are a nice thing but they arent the end of Fubar.They are here today but I have personally seen things here one day and gone the next. And I know alot of people wish they would disappear. Thanks for showing Rebel Breed Love. Hes on a Fire call and off and on.If you send him a message he will be glad too show you love back.
Let's Help Hard 2 Handle
Hard 2 Handle is in a contest to win an Auto 11. You all know how much I love those! :) So could you PLEASE go and rate this pic for me and repost this bulletin? Feel free to leave a comment or two. To get to the contest, just click on this pic... ALSO GO BY AND RATE HER XOXOXO Hard 2 Handle ~ La*La's FuWife~ ** Can't Be Owned**@ fubar
November 4th, There Will Be A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On
This PSA is not about the voting system in the United States, nor is about any history of voting irregularities over the last century or more. This is simply a reminder that we are about to embark on a historic moment on Tuesday. Be of good cheer, strong spirit; do not be deterred from the mission, the mission of change. Change from the politics as usual, change from the ideologues and demagogues. Lift every voice and sing god damn it. We are in the home stretch now, and we are Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and the East German women's power lifting team. We see the finish line, but it does not count until we cross it. So with that I ask this of all of you and I am paraphrasing the Master Thespian David Alan Grier currently of "The Chocolate News" on Comedy Central: "We got four days, DON"T FUCK IT UP!". We have four days, speak in hushed tones, no high fives, no end zone celebrations, don't change your names to anything silly like Ocho Cinco, and no In yo face suckers. Wh
For Bikers And Everybodt Its A Must Read!
JUST A BIKER I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers do
I light a candle and say a prayer tonight. Something selfish and vague, like begging for happiness, kindly requesting love, peace, feeling. I count out those 108 ego crushing mantras. The candle sputters on 56... or was it 58? Nevermind, you'll know when you run out. But for some reason, I can't stay in these moments. My thoughts drift back to those dreams, those lips. The sigh came involuntarily. So did the cessation of alms. How can I pray for the world, when she has become mine?
Fudge Pie
FUDGE PIE 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 2 eggs, separated 2 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted 1/3 cup flour 1 teaspoon vanilla 3/4 cup chopped nuts Cream butter and sugar. Add egg yolks and melted chocolate. Stir in flour and vanilla. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into a greased 9-inch pie pan. Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve topped with peppermint or vanilla ice cream. Makes 8 servings.
Its My Bday Auto 11s On!!!
DJ C51 GILRS BIRTHDAY! AUTO11 IS ON! *********************************** ITS DJ C51 BIRTHDAY ALL HIT HER UP! *********************************** Brought to you by: PICINS420 =] DJ C51 GIRL BLING/RATE/FAN/ADD/CRUSH/COMMENT HER! Bulletin Coded By: ☆Minou Minou☆
The Captain's Martini
Ingredients: * 1 1/2 oz Gin * 1 tsp Vermouth * 1/2 oz White Creme de Menthe Mixing instructions: Combine the gin, vermouth, and creme de menthe in a shaker with ice, shake and serve.
Getting Access To My Nsfw Pic's
Okay Ladies if you want access its free Just ask. lol! Guys if you want access You gotta pay. Buy me something from bling's, bling packs, blasts, happy hours, VIP's ect; If it costs money you'll get full access!
When I Think About You
When I think about you; my mind begins to wonder in the memories we have shared. Sometimes I sit and stare at your picture. My eyes start to galze as I get lost. Lost in the thought of when ?I? will see you again; when I will hold you in my arms and hope I never have to let go. Letting go is the worst feeling but knowing I will come back to you makes it worth everyday apart. So the moments I spend with you I cherish as if its the last I'll every see you. Each kiss is a kiss of passion and every look will photographed into my mind so; When I think about you.....
Burn Out Time
seems to me that is has come to the time to burn out not just fade away to dallas or someother wonderful hole so i say BURN BABY BURN
Four Lettered Words
Four Lettered Words So many words can describe so many things Sometimes we think it's love But it all ends in just a fling Love is all but pain Love is like a razor blade Like water drifting across the glade Lies is another, So is a game They all come together These four little words They can make you feel fresh like flowers I know you didn't mean to, but you did Like the flowers in the vase I gave you So dead and wilted Maybe none of this makes any sense The closer to genius we become The crazier things have become to seem To think love is in the air I'm lost inside another dream I will never win With all the games and lies surrounding love Nothing comes to mind, nothing I can think of I'm better off alone This world isn't so cold I'd rather be dried up and wilted Than to never grow old
Making Love To You
A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way, To urgen
Got Flee? Scratch Your Itch!!!
Oh Hell!
I just smoked my last cigarette...I am quitting starting today. you have now been warned of the future piss off,grumpy bitch I may be come!
Picture Request
For all you photoshopping dudes : 1. My head on Gunjack's body (you know, off of 'Tekken') kthnxbai 2. Thanks Crisis, knew there was something else. ANYTHING THAT SAYS, IN THAT TEKKEN FONT, "ENTER TEH TEKKINS" That shit would rule.
Mysterious Explosion 1,000 Times Greater Than Hiroshima
Thu, Nov 6, 2008 Featured Digg Fark Mixx Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Slashdot Hiroshima mushroom cloud Image: University of Maine On June 30, 1908, the Earth experienced an explosion 1,000 times the magnitude of the the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan (shown above). The event resulted in the flattening of 80 million trees over an area roughly the size of Washington DC, and a century later scientists and UFO enthusiasts are still debating about what caused this colossal 5-30 megaton blast, and what happened to its mysterious remains. Map of Russia Image: WikiMedia Commons Dubbed the Tunguska Event, or Tunguska Explosion, because of the location of the blast in the Tunguska Valley of Russia, the event would have registered a devastating 5.0 on the Richter Scale, had it been invented at the time. And had it occurred about five hours later in the day, the Earth’s rotation would have guaranteed that instead of killing 1,000 reindeer, the blazing object would have
Everything Changes - Staind
If you just walked away What could I really say? Would it matter anyway? Would it change how you feel? I am the mess you chose The closet you cannot close The devil in you i suppose 'Cause the wounds never heal But everything changes If I could Turn back the years If you could Learn to forgive me Then I could learn to feel Sometimes the things I say In moments of disarray Succumbing to the games we play To make sure that it's real But everything changes If I could Turn back the years If you could Learn to forgive me Then I could learn to feel When it's just me and you Who knows what we could do If we can just make it through The toughest part of the day But everything changes If I could Turn back the years If you could Learn to forgive me Then I could Learn how to feel Then we could Stay here together And we could Conquer the world If we could Say that forever Is more than just a word If you just walked away What could I r
The Patsy
Please check out the patsy and have a listen to their music. Leave them a comment telling them what you thought of the music and tell them Joe sent you. It's the band myspace page of a classmate of mine from college. My favorite is "Rainbow Lips;" what's yours?
Visit My New Owner... James
Ton Of Bricks
Love hits u like a ton of bricks unknowingly,you the unsuspecting victim comes across new feelings,new sensations,new joys and new pains.This thief in the night preys upon many taking control silently showing us the true beauties of life and pure evils of it.Taking nothing but giving plenty without it we are unwhole,in pieces and beside ourselves for it is like a drug and addiction that creeps up on u and never allows u rehab.
So, i download this video off of 4chan, said it was a compilation of horse, cow, mule pr0n. I dl the shit form rapid share, and WTF!? It doesnt play...only audio...GHEY....
More Word Play
i wish that i could just begin to understand the world within because i find it hard to see the concept of rationality that must exist for to explain the workings of the human brain i see the world through my own eyes but what i see somehow defies as to the way that it relates to the logic that my mind dictates i think it odd that this can be is it them or is it me ?
The hate inside the pain of pride, the anger of denial your words of spite, it hurts your right, but I hide behind a smile the anger runs deep, a river so sweet, but payback taste so bitter the sparks ignite, from your insight, yes I am a quitter there is no denying, I'm no longer trying, I admit I've lost myself and the pity sounds, but the pity drowns, in my own thoughts I dwell Chorus-You want the truth, from me to you, I know that I have failed And yes im scared, and unprepared, I know that I'm not stable-end chorus Heavy are the wings, that misery brings, my soul it settles down the harsh truth stings, in the midst of things, as the blow goes low The face of a man, you cant understand, whos depths youll never reach Whos feelings been burnt, but still never learnt, yet has the power to teach a brutal game of honesty and all this shit is sprung on me, faith is fading fast, deep down I see, I lie to me, reliving in the past chorus The unseen truth is failed proof a clu
Meet Pure Suga
Had the MRI today. To do a breast MRI, you have to lay on your stomach on this weird setup, and your boobs go through holes in it and hang down. Because of this, the IV for the contrast has to be put in a hand. Had I known this I would have panicked more. When I was in labor with my son they had to try 6 times to find a good vein to put the IV in. Eventually they used a vein between my fingers or something. At any rate, she tried on my left hand first, and after more than 5 minutes of prodding around she called for help. She felt the vein, but it just wasn't hitting it. She got it, but then lost it. So she had to try the right hand. Still took several tries to get it in.... I have huge bruises on the backs of both of my hands now and they hurt. After they got the IV in and started flushing it, I felt extremely faint. I'm usually fine with needles and blood and such... but I swear I almost passed out. In about 30 seconds there were 4 medical professionals in the room
I need english speaking only mumms. Some stupid woman was trying to argue with me without knowing what the hell I even meant. damn idiots...
My "other" Girlfriend
has auto elebens...go rape her ass, she likes it KCPilar69™~FuEngaged2Bambi~ProtectedByBountyHunter~Owned RedZ28~R/L Girlfriend 2 Craven Moorehead@ fubar
I Am Dying
I Am Dying Every day, with every breath I draw, I am closer to the end of my life. For we are born with a finite number of breaths, and each one I take edges the sunlight that is mu life toward the inevitable dusk. It is a difficult thing to remember, espically while we are in the health and strength of our youth, and yet, I have come to know that it is an important thing to keep in mind-not to complain or to make melancholy, but simply because only with the honest knowledge that one day I will die can I ever truly begin to live. Certainly I do not dwell on the reality of my own mortality, but I that a person cannot help but dwell, at least subconsciously, on that most imposing specter until he has come to understand, to truly understand and appreciate, that he will one day die. That he will one day be gone from this place, this, this consciousness and existence, to whatever it is that awaits. For only when a person completely and honestly accepts the inevitablitiy of dea
Level Help 123
Simseru@ fubar 18k to level Auto 11's active
Caa #58
Good evening dear angels. Just got this request form a good friend of mine on fubar. A friend of her is out of work and needs employment. His mother is ill and he moved back to take care of her, but there is no work available. The family is also there with him. This family,and especially him and his mother, need plenty of emergency angel love, prayers and strength. Special angel healing for his mom. Thank you, Doc
This Fits Women To A T
A recent scientific study found that women find different male faces attractive depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle. For example, when a woman is ovulating, she will prefer a man with rugged, masculine features. However, when she is menstruating, she prefers a man doused in petrol and set on fire, with scissors stuck in his eye and a cricket stump shoved up his backside.
Please Pray For My Friend And Maybe Yours Too
Wei-Yi Va@ fubar This is my sweet friend Jaime. If you check her last blog, she was asking for prayers for herself. Her and her beautiful family are dealing with something heavy now; the matter of her health. Whether you view the blog or not, please say a little prayer that she will be okay. Thank You very much.
Always Remembering You....
Guess I figured out what was wrong with me the last few days. Should have known really, but alas my subconcious found a way to call my attention to it. I was wondering why all of a sudden I got really sad and couldn't stop crying, I didn't forget, I'll never forget, but it slipped my mind for a bit. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were here. Can't believe it's been 9 years already cause it seems like just yesterday. Always thinking of you and I'll miss you always Grandma!!!! Love you more then you could ever know!!!! 12-7-1923--11-23-1999
Two Halves One Soul
Two halves one soul. I hear the rustling of the leaves and feel the warmth upon my skin. The sweetest scent of blossoms fills the air. Softly falling petals gently cover my silken flesh. As if they are saying a little modesty please. You brush them from my skin making them flutter away like butterflies on the wind. Pressing your flesh to mine drinking from my honeyed lips. As you run your hands through my downy hair. Sounds of pleasure escape my lips as you make us one. My arms and legs intertwined around your flesh. Keeping you so close there is no escaping my embrace. Your mine for all eternity and I'm your slave. Each belonging to the other. So completely addicted to your touch I can't escape your silken web. Hurry our hearts and bodies cry out, don't stop we are almost there. Our bodies and hearts scream in unison. Exploding and burning with a fevered pitch we cry out in ecstasy. Our hearts softly slow as we hold one ano
Auction Resalts
Divided Loyalties
Divided Loyalties!! Where do you draw the line……….. You love them as a friend You wish for something deeper You adore then with all your heart. Yet………………. You know their love is for another And regardless of your feelings you know deep down that maybe their love for that person is very misguided………………….. What Do You DO!!! You can’t tell them how you truly feel as they will not either thank you or listen They may even say you were interfering and quite rightly none of your business So………………….. You have no choice but to take a step back………. Watch from a distance But most of all, regardless of how you feel, be there should they need to turn to you at any time!!!
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving To My most amazing True!Honest!Real!Fu Friends & Fam! I'm not gonna mention any names or put any links in here because i dont wanna leave anyone out!But You all know who you are & i just wanted to take a Quick Min away from rates,bling,points etc To let ya'll know that i'm Thankful for your Friendship & all the love you've shown me! I have met some pretty amazing ppl on fubar! Ty everyone for being who you are! Being Real!Being Honest! & Being True!! & Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!! This pimpout was brought to you with lots of Love & respect by.............. ♡Confidence Is What Makes Me Sexy♡Owned By The Neighbors House♡Owner Of Burg♡@ fubar
Asshat Nonpayer In Fall Fu Festival... Kudos Goes To Lou Cypher!!
= Sold down the river... lou_cypher owned by SweetSexyLatina♥, and Cindy "Rose" and owner of Qüéêñ ☼ƒ @ fubar IF New Owner has in status "Will pay 3 mill for a AUTO 11, anyone interested?" AND "Last Seen" says "this week" AND there is other comments on his page that say "I WANT TO KNOW WHEN THE AUCTION ENDS ON THE AUTO 11 BLING YOU OWE THAT TO THE BIDDERS!!" AND Your OWN AUCTION HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR OVER 9 days and you have sent him a few emails and left comment reminders.... AND Your New FU Owner has Already Uploaded a pic of HIS New Fu-Owner from The SAME Auction 2 DAYS AFTER the CLOSE of the Auction!!! I think You CAN Consider YOURSELF FU-SCREWED IN THE FU FALL FESTIVAL AUCTION BY LOU CYPHER.. there's no way in hell he can afford to HONOR his BID of 2.5 million fubux and a 65bling pack! Really sad that he had me build up his build in his auction for him, pathetic of ya Lou :(
Eyeless In Gaza
Det er mulig å se Bw's forhold til Dyland på to forskjellige måter. Dels som en kollaboratør med Dy. Han elsker kong David-muligheten. Det gir en viss makt å være den ondeste personen i historien. Og det gir en mulighet til å få fram essensen av jødedommen i vår europeiske ikke-kristne hverdag. Samtidig avskyr Bw kristendommen. Ikke bare avskyr den. Han hater den intenst. Og han er livredd den. I så stor grad at om jeg hadde bevist for ham at Jesus var egypter og hans handlemåte og væremåte kun er forståelig sett mot Israel som forståelseshorisont ville det ikke hatt noe å si for ham. Å døpes eller frelses er for Bw det samme som offentlig henrettelse. Ganger med 1000 eller en million. Det må være en grunn til dette. Og grunnen er nøyaktig den samme som fikk ham i kontakt og interessesamband med Dy. David-navnet og øyet gir en fastlåst tilknytning til jødedommen som religion. Og den eneste måten å være fastlåst til den religionen som ikke-jøde er enten med kjærlighet el
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Go Rate/Fan/Add My Pet Put him on your to do list :D *hugs* sit_up_king *rate spanker* {{{SHADOW LEVELERS}}} , Llama Levelers, *club F.A.R. *@ fubar
Santa does not have any children because he only cums once a year and it is down the chimney!
Nopd Looking For Missing Boy With Autism
NOPD looking for missing boy who suffers from autism 03:17 PM CST on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Chad Bower / Eyewitness News The New Orleans Police Department is searching for an 11-year-old boy who they say suffers from autism and went missing Sunday. NOPD Jack has been missing Sunday. Jack Engalade, 11, was last seen by his sister Keshone Engalade at their residence in the 6800 block of Tara Lane. Jack is an 11-year-old black boy, 5 feet 2 inches tall and 105 pounds. He was last seen wearing a green jacket and camouflage cargo shorts. Anyone with information that can help locate Jack should contact the New Orleans Police Department at 821-2222. The child was reported missing Sunday, but police did not release the information until Wednesday.
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there is always light even in the darkest of times all you have to do is listen the things around and slow down, calm ur mind and breathing pattern in time you will realise how much life is around even if you think you are lost and dead inside look to the sky and ground around and there you will find the most wonderful life to be found the green grass as it whispers to the wind as it passes across, the secrets passed from tree to tree the moon and stars smiling down on us to light our path in this dark world, the warmth of the sun giving you hope every single day ..... just look around you whn your feeling low and there you will see the secrets of this world and also find hope, love and light to guide ur way even in the hardest of times blessed be
Wanna Add Ya Midget ??? Send Me A Private Message Plz
Change my attempt Self indulgent Lie, Withdraw Hiding cold sweat Should I, try Could I, die Would I, why Keep the silver Shine your way Promise nothing Impossible, Ego fuck The source, my plague Ridicule me Blame yourself Understand why, Hurting myself Burnt soul Slave to offerings Gone under to serve Defeated, down Digging past the bottom I'm done...
A Special Thought For U From Me
Having someone like u in my life is like having a wish come true... A special people like u are always thought of with hope and happiness and never ending gratitude.... We could be separated from one another by great distances and long passages of time and yet, upon meeting again, we would simply continue on as though we'd never been apart. You are a blessing and a miracle.You are a guiding light. You are reminder that everything is all right. I cant even begin to count all the times that special thought of u have brightened up the day, made me count my blessings and helped to see me through. You give me so much to be thankful for. For I spend so many quiet moments of my own thinking how much i miss u, how hard it is to be apart, and how wonderful it is that you're always with me, here in my heart....
y is it hard to find a decent man that whats a relationship not just sex.
Everything I do this am I am getting security check even on first comment trying to post and no not NSFW types just a simple have a nice day on friends comments. Then I get one stating I'm spamming.........WTF is up with that.
Tweetjinxin Needs Help Leveling Back Up Plz!
Southern Cornbread Dressing
Southern Cornbread Dressing 4 cups crumbled cornbread 6 buttermilk biscuits, I buy the yellow packet, add water and bake 3 cans broth plus broth from baked chicken .if you use just broth you may need 4 cans 1 large onion chopped 3 ribs celery 3 eggs 1 cup melted butter 4 packets herb ox chicken seasoning bouillon, it comes in a green box 1 green bell pepper chopped, optional 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon pepper 1 can cream of chicken soup 2 or 3 cooked and chopped boneless breasts I usually bake a whole cup up chicken and use the juice from that as part of the broth but you can use canned broth by itself. I sauté the onions, green pepper and celery in a tablespoon or two of butter until tender and then add to the dressing mix. Combine everything by hand in a large bowl .Keep adding broth until the mixture is somewhat soupy enough to pour into a 13x 9 pan. You shouldn’t need more than 4 cans of broth. Add a little at a time. Cook 1 hour and 20 minutes uncover
Navy Life.
People always tell me that i'm doing a good job serving my country, but no one realizes that the navy is almost useless. Sure we are at war, but that is mainly the Marines and the Army with a few Navy personnel serving as security and air support. But the majority of the Navy is just us going out to sea in circles with too many ships. Sure there are plenty of pros to being in the Navy. Get to see the world, have free medical and dental care, get college money and learn a viable job. But the cons far outweigh all that. Whenever someone joins the Navy they are 18 or 17 at the youngest pretty much grown up thinking that they will get out and enjoy life, think again. If you are an enlisted person, you still get treated as if your 10 years old. Fucking bullshit in other terms. When one person fucks up everyone pays for it. Then you also get the assholes that talk to you anyway they want to and you cant do anything about that cause they fucking outrank you.
The Unquiet Grave
"The Unquiet Grave" "The wind doth blow to-day, my love, And a few drops of rain; I never had but one true love; In cold grave she was lain. "I'll do as much for my true-love As any young man may; I'll sit and mourn all at her grave For a twelvemonth and a day." The twelvemonth and a day being up, The dead began to speak: "Oh who sits weeping on my grave, And will not let me sleep?" "'Tis I, my love, sits on your grave, And will not let you sleep; For I crave one kiss of your cold-clay lips, And that is all I seek." "You crave one kiss of my cold-clay lips; But my breath smells earthy strong; If you have one kiss of my clay-cold lips, Your time will not be long. "'Tis down in yonder garden green, Love, where we used to walk, The finest flower that e'er was seen Is withered to a stalk. "The stalk is withered dry, my love; So will our hearts decay; So make yourself content, my love, Till God calls you away."
How Brain Smart Are You? Test Your Iq
She Did What?
Tempted Needs To Get Spanked!
Sarah is a really good friend of mine and is just 250k away from becoming fubar's next disciple. Let's give her a good spanking because she always returns the rates. Tempted*RateSpankers*Pu$$ycatPlaymates*Owned by Cause I'm The Fcking Princess Duh*@ fubar
Group Sex
...or not... This guy has been staying at the hotel I work at for at least a year on and off. He stays for business, and I have seen him millions of times in the mornings. He has always been really reserved, and our interaction have been the regular "morning, have a great day" "morning, you too" Yesterday he asked me about the weather, and when I was looking it up, he went: "oh, I didnt see your ring; did you just get married" me: "no, I've been married for over 3 yrs now" That triggered an hour long convo about marriage, how he has been married very successfully for 20 yrs, kids, etc. He kept asking me questions and telling about his son and his life. Then he told about the fact that he is half Ukrainian. He kept coming up to the FD to chit chat a bit, and before leaving, he came, extended his hand, and said that he never introduced himself. A really nice guy, but it was so strange that I have seen him for over a year at the hotel, and he was really brief and ne
Yes it came from the depths places people will not dare tread People who hunt, who have no morals but it crept up clawing through the ground upwards, nails clawed through he earth, the leaves Finally light, the moon high in the sky Now free in the land of men he creeps, looking smelling things so different to decay Flowers, plants, trees everything alive leaves blow in a breeze, trickling of water in the distance He stops, a wolf, big strong and red leaps over him and races off into the trees The wolf has no fear, strong in heart, strong in itself He follows knowing this could be his match he is a hunter, he has to hunt the smell of the wolf is in the air easy to follow, he moves fast the scent leads him to the water where he stops looking He knows that the wolf has heard him follow, that the wolf is leading him there he gazes around, the moon on the water, like a pool with a stream running off a sheer rock raising up into the mountain water cascading down shatt
Love Hurts [#6]
Love is a risk that we all take Even if it means getting hurt in the end We take our chances still without a care in the world Not realizing what were getting into Until we feel the pain It's easy to fall in love but Hard to forget the pain It's easy to turn friendship into love but Hard to turn love into friendship The love may last but The pain stays forever Memories are painful and Harder to forget Broken hearts Shattered dreams Lost souls and Tears fall Friends leave Shadows come Death enters Life is coming to an end Tonight I cry My eyes out Love is like magic It's a mystery and Still is till this very day No one understands it but We can feel the sparks that Light up our hearts and soul Making us feel warm and fuzzy alright When someone breaks your heart It feels like someone stabbed you A thousands time with a knife Attempting to kill you Each time you get stabbed with a knife When they act like your friend They're only trickin
Just Fuck It
why are people fuckin assholes?i dont get it.what sense does it make to send someone a message telling them that they were horrible in bed ?i mean seriously i dont get why even bother with it.its not like your going to sleep with the person again anyways if they were so bad.And you know another thing for those people who have only had sex like 3 times they should have no opinion on how good the person was they were with if all they did was get on top and say "oh im done".Why is it i pick the shittiest men to be with.Not one man i've ever been has ever really been able to keep up with me.I really wish i could find someone to just really fuck me so damn good that im sore.i think only then will i be completely happy.Now for those of u reading this that have slept with me if i said u were good ur good.Dont question it.I just want someone who loves sex as much as a i do.
hmmm...what to say... Mute is my newest pal..not wanting to make him blush with my praises, though I have quite a few already!! He taught me something new the first time we visited *dorky grin* there are 7 string guitars! Mute@ fubar ♥ I am reserving the right to come back and edit this entry at any time LOL
Please Help A Few Friends Of Mine...
okay are a few friends of mine that need some help, so if you have the time, please go help them !!:-) this is my friend Rhino..he is trying to level and has auto 11's on right now my next friend is Mz Chaos..she is an awesome woman and is also trying to level and also has auto 11's on This friend has a HH coming on tonight at 6pm futime, it's his Birthday and he also has auto 11's on Last but not least, this handsome man is looking for fubuck donations towards a spotlight..any amount is much appreciated:-) feel free to let them know that i told you:-)
Moved To My Own Place But No Net
Hey guys, I moved into my own place. Found a 3br 2 bath mobile home but i lost my internet. The best way to get ahold of me is to either sms message me or call me at 936-465-7677
New Videos
I have 2 new videos up. Ask to see clip First one is "Wiggle and Jiggle" This video is for all of you that like to see a BBW jiggle their luscious body. Cum watch as I do jumping jacks and jump robe. My round ass and huge tits bounce all over as my luscious stomach wiggles and jiggles. Second on is "Sexy BBW plays with Ms. Beaver" I am just a sexy BBW that got horny when home alone. So, I got out my glass toy. I began to play with my ddd boobs. I couldn't help but to begin to play with Ms. Beaver. It is semi-bushy. Cum watch as I squirt so hard that I push out the toy. In the video you can see how far I squirted. The floor is all wet. This video is over 8 minutes long. You can get both of them at Please remember to vote for me in the contest that I am in. I am in second place right now. -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame http://www.souther
The Path Of Enlightenment
Dharma (Sanskrit: धर्म) in Buddhism has two primary meanings: * the teachings of the Buddha which lead to enlightenment * the constituent factors of the experienced world In East Asia, the character for Dharma is 法, pronounced fǎ in Mandarin and hō in Japanese. The Tibetan translation of this term is chos (Tibetan: ཆོས་; Lhasa dialect IPA: [tɕǿʔ]). In Mongolian dharma is translated as nom, which is noteworthy since it ultimately derives from the Greek word νομος (nomos) (law). Contents [hide] * 1 The Buddha's teachings * 2 The Buddha's Dharma Body * 3 Qualities of Buddha Dharma * 4 Dharmas in Buddhist phenomenology * 5 Meanings of "Dharma" [edit] The Buddha's teachings What is called Buddhism in the west has been referred to in India (the teachings' place of origin) and the east generally for many centuries as buddha-dharma. This ter
Loi (lack Of Integrity)
A study in Flakiness as a reflection of a lack of Integrity by *kttn* Integrity, as defined by Wikipedia: “the basing of one's actions on an internally consistent framework of principles. Depth of principles and adherence of each level to the next are key determining factors. One is said to have integrity to the extent that everything he does and believes is based on the same core set of values. While those values may change, it is their consistency with each other and with the person's actions that determine his integrity. The concept of integrity is directly linked to responsibility in that implementation spawning from principles is designed with a specific outcome in mind. When the action fails to achieve the desired effect, a change of principles is indicated. Accountability is achieved when a faulty principle is identified and changed to produce a more useful action”. Per the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Integrity is one of the most important and oft-cited of vir
Love And How To Obtain!
I am stuck on trying to find a job and the main reason I want one is to obtain the money I need to go down to Covington, GA to meet a very beautiful lady. who i've fallen head over heals for! it is very frustrating! but oh well i got to live with it. I have made $100 dollars I need that 3 times over though if i am to go down there.
Why Not?
Why does it seem that not too many females want to be my friend??? You may be honest and say what you think is the reason.
Fu Wifey Get Her While Shes Hot
Ok People here we go again Your chance to own me!! (repost of original by 'Unbreakable † DangerousCurves, DivaMafia, T's Girl!! 1st wives club!!' on '2008-12-17 13:41:21')
Gods Forsaken Features: Chris Caffery Chris Caffery is out of New York City, New York. He has a record label with Locomotive - Lava/Atlantic Records. Chris Caffery plays lead guitar in the bands Savatage and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He has been with Savatage for a very long time with his first tour to support the CD "Hall of The Mountain King" and the following CD was entitled "Gutter Ballet". The video for this song is played all the time on VH1 Classics. The band has sold millions of cd's and played for hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide. In January of 2004 he began pre-production for his very first solo CD ever. Recording began in February. Here are a couple of songs to be listening for on God's Forsaken Radio by this up and coming solo artist, Pisses Me Off, and Edge Of Darkness. So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to hear more of Chris Caffery!!!!
Fight #2
After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply for Social Security. The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver's license to verify my age. I looked in my pockets and realized I had left my wallet at home. I told the woman that I was very sorry, but I would have to go home and come back later The woman said, 'Unbutton your shirt'. So I opened my shirt revealing my curly silver hair. She said, 'That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me' And she processed my Social Security application. When I got home, I excitedly told my wife about my experience at the Social Security office. She said, 'You should have dropped your pants. You might have gotten Disability, too' And then the fight started.....zz...
Fight #3
Saturday morning I got up early, quietly dressed, made my lunch, grabbed the dog, and slipped quietly into the garage . I hooked up the boat up to the truck, and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour . The wind was blowing 50 mph, so I pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and discovered that the weather would be bad all day. I went back into the house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed. I cuddled up to my wife's back, now with a different anticipation, and whispered, 'The weather out there is terrible.' My loving wife of 10 years replied, 'Can you believe my stupid husband is out fishing in that?' And that's how the fight started ...zz...
Penis Envy?
Lying about the size of your manhood just got a little bit, er, harder. A European company has created the petite man's worst nightmare -- a "single-use" prophylactic with a ruler printed on its side. Are you a man or a mini me?! Condometric comes (no pun intended) in flavors like cherry, lime and, appropriately enough, banana and is available in centimeters and inches. But remember, you must be THIS big to buy this product.
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Im holding a bling contest...whoever blings me the best and hardest from now til i godfather gets either a jeweled heart of fubar or a happy hour...
Just a quickie.... if you drink coffee with creamer, you haz to try the *Seasonal* Carmel Apple CoffeeMate Creamer... its Nom Nom Nom Trying to keep spirits high today and we are getting pounded with yet MORE SNOW!
To My Friends
I am not going be around to much for Christmas and probably until next week. My mother is staying with me for this week. I dont want anyone to think I am ignoring your Christmas wishes and emails.... not to mention the regular posts of me photo shopped in compromising positions ( COOT!!!! ) I just want to wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas and a wonderful time with your loved ones. GROUP HUG!!!
I am caught in an emotional current of powerful desire...unable to put it into words or heart is screaming for more while my mind is unsure of the consequences…..body saying yes....mind saying body wins the internal struggle and I decide to give into my unrelenting desire for you...staring into your endless green eyes...speaking without words...smelling your intoxicating perfume...kissing you...tasting you...unbridled passion surrounds us...two hearts begin to beat as one entity...I never thought it would be so surreal...yet I have envisioned this moment every night for months...the world seems to stop...time gives itself to kiss my lips so taste so sweet and innocent yet your kisses are laced with a devilish craving...i hunger for you...breathless...needing more of your touch and kisses...I pin you against the wall...your body pressed up against mine...heat radiates from my skin and is absorbed by yours...moans escape my lips...loudl
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"Bottoms UP"@ fubar 29k to level
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Mind Munchies
Everyone has the right to believe and accept what he or she wants, but reality doesn't discriminate. Reality is not different for different people. Not once has reality excused anyone for good intentions ignorance or stubbornness. Reality shows no mercy, accepts no excuses, and issues no pardons. Reality does not "turn the other cheek." This does not mean that reality is cruel, it just means that reality is what it is ................... accept it !!!!
A New Year
The year has finished And soon to be gone A new year Is right by the door Waiting to come into My little life I looked back and I smiled I've fall and I've rise I've tears and I've laughter I've friends and I've foes I've held and I've let go The time is here To taste the fresh scent Of a new year Leave the sadness And welcome a new day We will still be reminded Of things we've let go But, slowly, like Reading a new book We have a new story to tell For the new year
Just Hold Me — Maria Mena
Just hold me Maria MenaComfortable as I am I need your reassurance And comfortable as you are You count the days But if I wanted silence I would whisper And if I wanted loneliness I'd choose to go And if i liked rejection I'd audition And if I didn't love you You would know And why can't you just hold me And how come it is so hard And do you like to see me broken And why do I still care still care You say you see the light now At the end of this narrow hall I wish it didn't matter I wish I didn't give you all But if I wanted silence I would whisper And if I wanted loneliness I'd choose to go And if i liked rejection I'd audition And if I didn't love you You would know And why can't you just hold me And how come it is so hard And do you like to see me broken And why do I still care Poor little misunderstood baby No one likes a sad face But I can't remember life without him I think I did have good days I think I did have good days Wh
Cant Look For What You Love
guys want to feel needed and wanted and if someone comes into your life willing to give there heart and soul you should take it dont judge them on why or what they will get out of it because pain is a two way street and if you are going to travel that road you will live or die by your decision so this is a little something i had to say before i leave>>> so just remeber to live each day as its your last
Beyonce Knowles - Baby Boy (feat. Sean Paul)
When Lazy Catches Up To Stupid...
Good Morning, and welcome to 2009 yuck…wasn’t it just a while ago we were welcoming in 2008 and before that…Ok enough said it sucks getting old. Oh and this about old…well perhaps not old but retired. Ok this is a peeve of mine and just rocks my cradle. People who are retired can normally go anywhere at anytime right? I mean there is no job to hold them back, however it seems that most would rather meet and do their shopping at peek shopping hours. Instead of doing it say in the daytime…when nothing else is going on…I mean the working class has limited time to do said shopping but … ok I know preaching to the choir, preaching to the choir… How about goofy people for starters and Arousing Suspicion: April Westfall, 40, was arrested in Reno, Nev., in December for DUI. An ambulance crew called the Highway Patrol after spotting her driving down U.S. 395 at 4:30 a.m. with a service station's nozzle and severed hose protruding from her gas tank. Jeremy Aron, 33, was arrested for DUI on
Conditioned Response
Reactions To Life Events Our experiences color everything. The events of the past can have a profound effect on how we see our lives now and what we choose to believe about our world. Our past experiences can also influence our emotional reactions and responses to present events. Each of us reacts to stimulus based on what we have learned in life. There is no right or wrong to it; it is simply the result of past experience. Later, when our strong feelings have passed, we may be surprised at our reactions. Yet when we face a similar situation, again our reactions may be the same. When we understand those experiences, we can come that much closer to understanding our reactions and consciously change them. Between stimulus and reaction exists a fleeting moment of thought. Often, that thought is based on something that has happened to you in the past. When presented with a similar situation later on, your natural impulse is to unconsciously regard it in a similar light. For example,
Would You Kiss Me
would you kiss me tonight so soft so gentle arouse deep feelings please, make it so sensual can you feel a kiss without your heart so warm your lips, I felt them part no words can be spoken, the meaning is true that kiss will last forever it’s only for me and you a kiss from the heart
Oh Yea,naughty,naughty!!
Hey Fubar Friends,Fan and Family.. Im in Need of BlingPacks,Im a Addict.. So,I Offer Sexy Salutes/n Private Cam Shows..The Bigger the BlingPack is the Better My Offer Gets... C'mon U Know U Wanna Buy Me Some BlingPacks!!! Holla @ Me,and Let me Know.. Muahz!
"the Reaper"by Shakey Lee
"the Ho Anthem"by Shakey Lee
Cancion ...spanish Song
11:44am I have been in a writing mood, therefore, I will be posting up random things. Especially thoughts, and songs. It's been a while since I've been able to write anything and i feel like I shouldn't deprive myself of the few things I like and am good at! Ok well... this is for my spanish speaking people and in case you want me to translate it, I could but it won't have the same meaning. I do have a folder somewhere with my songs :) I used to have poems and stuff, but I don't think i want to share them just yet! Please don't copy and claim it as your own. I know I should try to patent and copyright my stuff but it gets costly. Once I fill up my new journal I will do it! I am respectful and mindful of the things other write! 11:46am [Untitled - January 09, 2009] Desde que te conoci Pude ver dentro de tus ojos La mirada de amor por la cual yo hui Nada mas que tu... no sabias porque te baje la mirada porque no entendi Todo el amor que estoy sintie
A Separate Reality
Disconnecting from the Source We all experience periods where we feel separated from the loving ebb and flow of the universe. These times of feeling disconnected from the source may occur for many reasons, but self-sabotage is the most common cause for us choosing to cut ourselves off from the flow of the universe. We purposefully, though often unconsciously, cut ourselves off from this flow and from the embrace of humanity so we can avoid dealing with painful issues, shun the necessary steps for growth, or prevent the success that we are afraid of achieving from ever happening. When you choose to disconnect from the source, you block the flow of the universe’s energy from passing through you. You become like a sleepwalker who is not fully awake to life, and your hopes, plans, and dreams begin to appear as distant blurs on a faraway horizon. Universal support has never left you, but if you can remember that you became disconnected from source by choice, you can choose to reconnect.
Pieces Of Life By Lyrics
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house That don’t bother me I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while Even though going on with you gone still upsets me There are days every now and again I pretend I’m ok But that’s not what gets me What hurts the most Was being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not seeing that loving you Is what I was tryin’ to do It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go But I’m doin’ It It’s hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I’m alone Still Harder Getting up, getting dressed, livin’ with this regret But I know if I could do it over I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart That I left unspoken What hurts the most Is being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not
Sighs Blonde Her hair Blue Her music Dark Her dance Light Her spirit Red Her passion Darlene poet
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With all my heart I never really believed, In this whole "love" thing, But when I first saw your face, I could hear my heart sing. That sweet smile on your face, The gentle look in your eye, Just one look at you, And I could hear myself sigh. I gathered my courage, And walked right up to you, From that day foward, I knew it was true. We just started out as friends, And talking on the phone, But I couldn't take it anymore, So I let my true feelings be shown. I told you how I really felt, The love I had for you, My worst fear was you'd turn away, But that turned out not to be true. You told me you felt the same, But had the same fear as me, From that day foward, We knew it was meant to be. I hope we'll always be together, And things will never tear apart, I'd also like to remind you, That I love you with all my heart.
jhEjjhavvsahbsvjhsdsjh this is how much i never drink and talk in real life
Assorted Lyrics
Swollen eyes that bleed for you Cold steel bars I'm watching through You've been baptized in a lake of tears Crucified yourself with your own fears But you learn from what's killing you And this time it's real Beyond your prayers Too numb to feel Beyond your prayers Deepest darkest thoughts you dream Curing's harder than it seems Slave to no one but your misery Broken man lies where you used to be Now watch the planets collide Planets Collide-Crowbar She told me why She told me lies I always take care of this I told her how I've always stayed Always waited for nothing When I get out of here Will I leave you behind? I found that the years passed despite When I get out of here Will I leave you behind? I found that the years passed despite And I can see you Running through the fields of sorrow Yes I can see you Running through the fields of sorrow Coil-Opeth Broken bruised forgotten sore Too fucked up to care anymore Poisoned to my rot
Looking Back
As I look back at my older blogs I think to myself of wow I really went through that. Over time I have realized I put to much of myself out there. I make myself a target. I know its only been over a year, but over that short time I have grown so much. I am still going to college and I'm still happy. there may be days I cannot help but being sad but hey you cant always run away from sadness. I think of the things I've said and done and I may regret some of the things but I realize that it has made me who I am. If I had not gone through as the sad days, happy days, and just days I would not be doing what I am doing today. I no longer have to have a bf to make me feel whole. I am stronger now and a lil smarter.
Evolution Of Dance 2
We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal. - Tennessee Williams
Only Britt And Sunny Will "get This"
Me And A Couple Of Friends In Free Battle Zone :)
A Tale Of Two Reys...
Here's a lil story about a boy named Rey. Rey is what we mature people call a "liar". How so? He says one thing to my gf via shout blast (I wish I did a screen shot of it) about me and some issues he/me/her were supposedly having with "his" lounge. I confronted him with this (read the transcript below)....and you'll see that I was civil. When I called him on this he got all defensive. I said that a apology is in order and then he went on the attack. I think what pushed him over the edge was me calling him a whiny lil pussy (which he is..a fact is a fact). The amusing thing is that Rey will probably ball up his little fists, pout and then delete his account. Then within a month he'll come back to fubar. ----------- LIES AND DECEPTIONS------- ->Я E Y™ @...: Have a splendid evening. ->Я E Y™ @...: Anyways Rey, I'm sure you'll meet some nice girl on fubar..get upset for whatever reason and delete your away from fubar for a short amount of
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I would marry you. One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine. This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their
Dating Advice
Join the World's Largets SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. All dating advice and relationship questions answered here. Find out how to meet your true love and build a beautiful marriage. Dating Tips, Relationship advice and articles on love and relationships. Including Dating and Relationship advice for girls and guys, written by YOU! Dating Advice From Prop 8 Protesters by Meghan Pleticha. Dating Advice From Classics Majors by ... Dating Advice From Obama Campaigners by Emily Farris ... Check out the latest Dating & Sex articles, tips and information - view pictures , read and post comments, bookmark and share tips on Dating & Sex as part of ...
Want A Bad Girl For A Valentine? Check Out The Auction I Am In
Tempting Enchantress Is in her 2nd auction from January 23 - 31 Make her your personal bad girl Valentine Click the pic below and bid Make sure to show luv to the sponsor SixtyNineMunch@ fubar Rate him Fan him Add him Comment him Bling him ******************************** Stolen with luv from: Carrie Please repost Thank you!
Lynyrd Skynyrd Keyboardist Dies At Florida Home
ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A keyboardist for the southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd has died at his northeast Florida home. AP Lynyrd Skynyrd (l-r): Johnny Van Zant, Ean Evans, Rickey Medlocke, Gary and Dale Rossington, and Billy Powell. Orange Park Police Lt. Mark Cornett says 56-year-old keyboard player Billy Powell called 911 about 12:55 a.m. Wednesday saying he was having trouble breathing. Rescue crews performed CPR, but he was pronounced dead at 1:52 a.m. Cornett says no foul play is suspected and an autopsy will not be performed. He says Powell missed a Tuesday appointment with his doctor for a cardiac evaluation. A heart attack is suspected. Also online More entertainment news Powell was one of two surviving band members who were with the group before a 1977 plane crash that killed three of its members.
Magic Carpet Ride Saturday--steppinwolf
Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride -
Cavalera Conspiracy Or Testament?
This week we have two kick ass thrash bands going head to head. Is your vote for Inflikted from Cavalera Conspiracy or The Formation Of Damnation from Testament? Remember voting ends February 8th at 8 p.m. eastern time. Ok now vote!!
It Only Takes 1 Time
well this is my first time for a blog so i guess im not a blog virgin anymore really i have no idea what the fuck to talkk about .... so how about this some one can send me a message and then i will think of somehting good to blog about
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Why do blue pens exist? No, this is not a hypothetical question, it isn't mean to transition into some cool little point. I just wonder why blue pens exist. Most official documents require that you write in black ink, black in looks more important. Blue just I think I actually hate blue pens. To me, they seem to breed discourse in the world of the orderly. And anytime you are looking through a jar of pens to find a black pen, you always get a blue one. What the crap is with that? Are blue pens just so starved for attention that they try to find their way to you. Perhaps it is because when people steal your pens, they steal the black ones, and leave the blue ones, cause nobody wants the BLOODY BLUE PEN. I think I may be under a little bit of stress. I am so exhausted. Not physically, I am tired in body, trust me, but my mind is so drained. After so many hours, my eyes decide to quit focusing, I begin to drag. I keep telling myself I need to do something else, but there
Thoughts Of The Day (hope)
Hope is as it says - HOPE. There is nothing more and yet it is never ending. We take it for granted sometimes, yet other times we let that light slowly drift away. Why is it that in this day and age we have little hope and more strife then you can shake a stick at. I wonder what would happen if Hope died totally and there was just despair. Then what do you think would happen.....would you be ready? I wish you all a great day and a great year. Ashley
Plz Help My Friend In Need
Valentine Countdown Clock
Myspace Countdowns, Valentine's Day Countdowns at
Movie Prizes
1. 100k 2. 3 credit bling 3. 1 day blast 4. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 5. custom paint shop graphic 6. big drink a day for a week and 20k 7. 5 credit bling 8. 1 ticker 9. 100 11's on your pics 10. custom paint shop graphic 11. big pimping gift 12. 3 credit bling 13. 100 11's on your pics 14. 100k 15. custom paint shop graphic 16. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 17. big pimping gift 18. 1 credit bling 19. big drink a day for a week and 20k 20. custom paint shop graphic 21. 100 11's on your pics 22. 3 credit bling 23. big drink a day for a week and 20k 24. big pimping gift 25. custom paint shop graphic 26. 100k 27. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 28. 1 credit bling 29. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 30. custom paint shop graphic 31. big drink a day for a week and 20k 32. 10 credit bling 33. 100k 34. 100 11's on your pics 35. custom paint shop graphic 36. big pimping gift 37. 3 day blast
What Is Seriously Lacking On Social Networking Sites Or Off Of The Net?
You know, what is lacking on social networking sites like this site MyYearbook and Fubar or Facebook is socializing, hell, this site for example, the most of the members are too concerned about L$ or their popularity and that or on Fubar, they're all too concerned about levels and fu buxs, I mean, c'mon now people whatever happened to socializing, I mean, that is the real reason you joined this site, isn't it, my god, let's get real here people, it's not about battles or popularity or lunch money or fubuxs, it's about socializing and it's a lost art whether it's on the internet or off of it, nobody socializes and no, I'm not talking about going to someone's house to party and get high or drunk, give me a break, it's been years since someone has actually said or asked me if I wanted to go throw a football around or play basketball
Special Blog
Bill@ fubar Bill will be running auto 11's until feb. 14th noon time so be sure to stop by his party.
Fragments Of A Sucide Note
Seems like yesterday; but it was long ago….; Hold on to 16 as long as you can, changes come around real soon makes us women and men. These AM radio proverbs haunt me in the wee hours when I can’t sleep. Not that I can’t sleep, it’s just that I don’t want to sleep. Afraid of what dreams might come. Fears that fill my head on an event that happened a long time ago. In a time when the world and my future were so bright; so full of hope. A time when I had everything in the palm of my hand and I somehow managed to throw it all away. Fucked things up as I normally do. Buried myself into a hole that I can’t escape. I mean I’m in really deep. So deep that the only way to escape, would be to get really pissed drunk and pass out on the railroad tracks. My last memory hear on earth would be of my body being torn to shreds. A nice red and pink mush. Then all this would be over, finally. I could start a new life; with no memory of this one. Ha- that would be to easy, my luck I would e
It's Valentine's Day and I'm sick. I don't feel like going to a hotel tonight so I'm just going to stay home and stay in bed. Thank God I have a laptop. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day! ♥
Through My Eyes
I looked upon the world with innocent eyes. I embraced what it gave me and never asked why. I put my trust in it without a doubt in my mind. And it paid me back with things so unkind. I looked upon the world with tears in my eyes. I was careful of what it gave me and always asked why. I hid my trust with every doubt in my mind. Because it always gave me things so unkind. I looked upon the world with anger in my eyes. I despised what it gave me and was quick to ask why. I had no trust, only doubt in my mind. Hid myself from things so unkind. I looked upon the world with open eyes. I wouldn't accept what it gave me and would always ask why. I measured my trust when there was doubt in my mind. So I couldn't get hurt with things so unkind.
Cool Videos,old And New
i have cool videos to share,old and new,music vids,funny vids,wtf????vids.....come check it out....
Monday, Feb. 16
Welcome to Monday! In the news: If you can be lovesick, that means love is an illness, does anyone have a vaccine? The season for fake love is over, and now slowly fading away. You'll no longer notice shelves of red and pink goodies on the main floor of any store, it will all be in the clearance section! Awesome, marked down over priced candy. As we turn our eyes to March, we'll have a holiday everyone can enjoy: St. Patrick's Day. Let's get drunk! Today in History: In 1868 the Jolly Corks organization renamed itself the Benevolent and Protective Order Elks. I think this one speaks for itself. Who? What? Huh? Corks, and elk. Somebody has some 'splaning to do. In 1959 Fidel Castro seized power after the overthrow of President Fulgencio Batista. Since, we haven't been able to get decent cigars rolled on the thighs of virgins. Thanks Castro. Yeah, I'll stick with the stuff rolled on a table, cause it's just the same. In 1972 Wilt Chamberlain reached 30,000 points in h
Shadow Lover
subject:Shadow Lover post date:2007-11-25 13:59:35 views: 14 comments: 1 ratings: 0 Date: 11/25/07 Song Title: Shadow Lover Verse 1 ------- I slink out of my clothing, and into a lie I curl up with the shadows, and take them inside At peace with the wrong, cuz it feels so right They hold me through darkness, and move on with the light Bridge ------ I never thought I'd run from him But now it's coming clear He too has ran, and so I go To those that remain near Chorus 1 -------- Oooh Shadow Lover, I try you on for size My Shadow Lover, no need to compromise You ask no questions, I tell you no lies I wear no mask, no need for a disguise Verse 2 ------- It's starting to crumble, all that I held dear My eyes are like fountains, run-over with tears He said he was coming, but its so insincere The words are lip service, ringing in my ears Bridge ------ I never thought I'd run from him But now it's coming clear He too has ran, an
Like A Moth To The Flame
subject:Like a moth to the flame post date:2007-09-16 01:03:53 views: 7 comments: 0 ratings: 0 I awoke from sleep Thoughts of you tickled my mind But you are not here I reach out for you But you are too far away And quiet tears flow Fate keeps us apart Because now she holds your heart And now I'm alone Without your bright love Depression is setting in Dusk is my prison I miss you so much I despise this loneliness I blame it on her How sad love makes me Or perhaps just it's absence Why did you leave me? Nothing can hold you You fly like a moth to flame Straight into her arms Lust is pollution Diluting the purest love She is our poison My heart was broken But is slowly repairing Without help from you So stay with her now For I am already gone You've lost me for good My wings have mended I can now fly proud and free Time has healed the pain I see your face, but I don't know you anymore I am your great loss
The First One
Hello good friends. I hope this message of not going with the flow finds you well. You know that people always talk about adapting to things that are accepted in this world, and that people have to adapt to new things in order to survive. We hear it everyday, how the world is changing. People are conforming to new ideas, and accepting things that they might not believe in, but that doesn't matter. The world is changing, and it wants us to change with. The world has its own ideas of how things should be done. What we think and what we believe does not really matter. So many times I see that today we are taught to just go along with what is happening, and to just go along with it, and in some cases, a sad truth has shown itself, and that is that in some places people are told not to challenge what is being done, which in my opinion is one of the biggest crimes that someone can commit, people being told not to stand up for what they believe in. What does it matter what we all believe i
Love Of A Woman
My baby knows me better than I do Funny how a woman had that over a man I can do anything with her here beside me Leaning on her is where I make my stand Chorus Where would we be without the love of a woman? Standing behind her man even when he is wrong The true pure undying love of a woman Makes a man a fool to think he can make it alone My Daddy was a wild one when he was younger Everyone told me mamma he's be hard to tame Full of himself said Sir to nobody But you ought to see him come running whn mamma calls his name Chorus A man goes crazy trying to catch his feelings Too much pride or maybe the words come out wrong But that's okay cause he's still her hero Steady as a rock her love keeps holding on
10 Random Things
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I can do my own car maintainance 2. I never do my homework, and still ace all my classes 3. i can count on 1 hand the number of guys ive let sleep in my bed. 4. i leave everything til the last minute. everything. 5. ive stayed awake for a week straight 6. i can cook just about anything you might want, but id rather eat pb&j. or tacos. 7. i have this fact of the day calender, the one where you tear off a page everyday. i tend to cheat and flip ahead to read all the facts for the week. 8. i have this overwhelming fear of bridges and tunnels. and im petrified of covered bridges. 9. i've never been on a
You'll Always Be Missed
Emily, Even though we haven't seen each other in a few years. It's so hard knowing you're not here anymore. You'll be missed so much by so many people. I know you have touched so many lives sweetie, from here to california. If i woulda known i was never gonna be able to say goodbye, i woulda called you everyday. I just want to see that gorgeous smile of yours in person. All i have now are old pictures. Its just not right luv, You were one of the best people i have ever met. I knew i could come to you about any problem i had, and all you had to do was smile at me with that pure smile and eyes. You rest now sweetie, but always remember you will never be forgotten and we will make sure of that. no goodbyes only see you later beautiful
Mass Control Give Away
Mass Control Give AwayMass control is the latest marketing system that has been created by Frank Kern and could potentially revolutionize how we market online. The possibilities are countless when you consider that Frank has tried and tested his Mass Control marketing system within many different niches and under many different circumstances. The chance to improve your overall marketing skills and to obviously increase your income by using Mass Control within your niche or with in a niche that you are planning to go into.I suppose you may not know who the man behind Mass Control so I'll give you do the low down. Frank Kern is one of the most in demand marketers out there but he has chose to remain under the radar and to only work with a select group of his choosing. He used to be big in the marketing arena but a few years ago he decided it was time to go underground and completely cut of all contact with his subscribers, disappeared from seminars and eventually stopped working on anyth
who the fuck is candiass?????? annnnd reekas a dirty whore and i wanna bang her
Hope I Win
Okay, I'm a mediocre gambler. Some of the time I play a good game. Others, I'm just a donk like the rest of them. I'm going to go to the Boat with very little in my pocket, I'll tell you how it went.
Are They Serious???!!!
I just got my "rapid check out" slip, with all the charges to my room. They are charging me 6 bucks a night for parking....I don't even have a car. I told the guy when I checked in that I didn't have a car. Then I called my Mom while I was here, LOCAL call, and they charged me for it. Time to get dressed and go bitching. EDIT: Grand Total for this junk hotel - $290.88
Sexy Sunday
Just a quick holla out to all my friends and fam on fubar, hope everyones enjoyin their day and had a decent weekend1 Peace , J hola at me if ur around muahzzzz
My Poem 2
Hold me close for right now I'm passing through a time when i need it most Let me see into your eyes Baby, Come to me and light up my nights sky Let me feel the touch from inside your heart Leave an everlasting imprint on my life Let me see love in the seemingly everlasting darkness of your absence Come kiss me and open up the path to my soul Let me take in everything that you are And have your smile heal the pain of our time apart
My Poem9
Slide into my arms and Make me feel alright Let me hug and kiss you Long into the night Let my anger slide and fade Tomorrows just another day Slide into my thoughts and Go and read my mind You’re the one I want to be with I think that you’ll soon find Let my love glow long and bright Stay with me throughout the night Slide onto my body and Let us be as one Stay with me forever and Let me be your sun Let my heart rule over mind Let mine be yours Let yours be mine.
So When Was Your First?
At what age did you lose your virginity ? How did you feel after trying it for the first time? Tell me what it felt like the first time being inside a woman or vice versa.Give me details. Was it good? Was it bad experience ? Did you go back for more.Did it make you a addict?
Is It So Hard To Be Faithful???
I’m just sick and tired of thinking I met a great guy and then finding out other wises. Why can’t I catch a break and just meet a great guy who will love me for me and treat me right and be faithful. I just don’t get what is so hard for people to be faithful these days. It’s like what the fuck. It’s not that fucking hard to just be with one person. It’s just mind blowing that I keep thinking I have a great guy and yet again I end up getting cheated on I'm just so sick of getting my heart broken.. I want to be like most of my friends happy with a great guy and have a family. Instead of what I keep ending up in. What the fuck can I catch a fucking break???? I'm so sick of letting someone in for them to let me down and breaking me even worse than before.
31 Months And Counting
So here it is almost 2 1/2 yrs later and here i sit. I see the planes taking off out of the little airport I pass every day and it give me the BIGGEST butterflies like it was yesterday. I am sitting here in a very strange place in my life. I left like we used to talk about doing only it is just me who left you are still there. Not that I thought tat you would leave too when i did but It makes me think about all the what ifs... I log on everyday to see where you are or if you have been on. I miss my best friend every day. I know they are where they have to be. I wish you the best every day. I hope you find happiness if no other place than in the eyes of those three very special little ones. It would be a shame if it all was for nothing. I tell myself they make it all worth it and make you happy. Funny thing is I have even talk about you and out trip with the other two men i have let get close to me. Then when i don't even realize it compare them to you still after all this time. One e
Monty Python-spam
Sorry to dissapoint my Evil friends. But I had to go for Good. It just feels right to me. So hopefully this Angel will earn her wings with your help and I will always be here and live up to the status.!! MUCHO to all of my true friends. You guys know who you are!
Have Fun Already!
stop cryin in your drink and realize that its shit like that that is the reason you are crying in your drink ! Shut up, have fun and enjoy what you have! If you dont have what you want, go after it , but tactful, but firm, and most of all dont be a stupid bitch ! ........ "You get what deserve in life, not what you want !"
Meat Loaf - Cry Over Me
Another night sleepless I don't want to feel this Nothing can stop this pain Trying to get to A time I forget you Still tangled in yesterday It's so easy for you To give nothing for me Did you ever feel anything? I want you to cry over me Die over me Even for a moment Even for a moment I want you to hurt over me Feel what I feel I want you to cry over, die over me Baby, just for one time I want your heart broken Some sign of emotion I want to see the tears tumble down Show me I meant something And that you feel nothing But your world crashing to the ground It's so easy for you To forget about me Did I ever mean anything? I want you to cry over me Die over me Even for a moment Even for a moment I want you to hurt over me Feel what I feel I want you to cry over, die over me Baby, just for one time Cry... Cry... Cry... Well did you feel something? Did we mean nothing at all? I want you to cry over me Die over me Even for a mome
Signs Of Trouble....
Signs of trouble in emails from someone. 1. too wordy -- worse even than me !!! lol 2. she is at risk of insanity creep via a sequence of events 3. hornet's nest impact -- backpeddling 4. escalated .... after refusing 5. I called bluff & she freaks out 6. She should fast adjust with those you trust 7. Up/down disorientation evident
2nd Nature Cd
1. Father -- Navy song 2. I'll Fly Away -- Baptist hymn 3. The First Noel 4. Go out with Joy --Methodist choir song 5. He touched me -- Methodist choir song 6. I know where I'm going.-- Methodist ... All are guitar music with Kevin and Jack. I want some of these to be played at my funeral.
Scrool Across
My Stylistics Of Poems
All of my poems rhyme and have lines which are of approximately same length. Some are written as acrostics. The styles I so far write in are: 1. kidsville , e.g.upgrades of fairy tales 2. spiritual alternatives, esp. mystical moments 3. Star Wars futuristic 4. romance 5. horny 6. mournful 7. humorous ditzy 8. relationships in general 9. about manic-depression issues
Places To Eat In Austin, Texas For Reasonable Prices
Some examples of places to eat in austin, texas: Kentucky Fried Chicken a catfish/beans all you can eat place a catfish/shrimp specific item selection place Taco Bell fast food , for Mexican food, e.g. burritos or tacos or burritos supreme a Chinese or Oriental buffet a strip joint for a good steak dinner at modest price for lunch Red Lobster for clams, however their other prices are too high now a fish dinner place which also is a grocery store for various fish Luby's cafeteria where you go through the line and make selections from a wide variety another one similar to Luby's SUBWAY or QUIZNOS for submarine sandwiches turkey or ham sandwiches at a convenience store or gas station an eat in pizza place, e.g. Pizza Hut a take home or delivery pizza place like Domino's Pizza a homestyle meal place Golden Fried Chicken which also has catfish an Italian restaurant which has good spaghetti meal with garlic bread IHOP for all you can eat pancake breakfast 24 hours a day
Feb-11-09 Phone Grope
phone grope Grabbing at pockets, patting yourself down to make sure you have your cell phone and don't need to turn around and go back home for it. Guy 1: Dude, stop that. Guy 2: What? Guy 1: Quit the phone grope. You're always grabbing at your pockets as soon as we're on the road. Didn't you remember your cell?
Tired Of It All
I am so tired of all the haters and their Gay bashing. It makes me sick to think we still live in a hateful society. Will we ever be able to get past our prejudices and accept people for who they are not just how they look, their lifestyle, or what religion they practice? Does me being a plus size woman, a wiccan, or poor make me a bad person? No. So why does being gay automatically make you wrong? I don't get it. I am sick of this shit. My best friend Adam is gay and he is the sweetest person I have ever met. He is also the funniest, most talented, and good looking guy I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. So to all you haters out there, here's the bottom line. Get over it. They dont tell you how to live so quit telling them that they are wrong for being who they are.
Need A Clue???
I don't understand how some one can ask you to change for them but they wont change for you. How can one person do all the giving and get nothing in return. If they want you to change then they need to give a little in order to make things work. They even ask you what you think they need work on and they just ignore what you say like they have not a worry or care for what you said.
Have I Told You Lately--rod Stewart
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Give It Up?
according to the radio personality, and an online questionnaire conducted, when asked what would you prefer if you were forced to choose between cell phone, internet, or your significant other, the majority of people said they would give up the s.o. before one of the others! If i had to choose between a person, internet or my cell phone... realistically i would choose the person... but after further analogy... i guess my cell phone is a priority because of my children and job... but i could live with out it if i had a land line for communicating. but im assuming its the stranded on an island kind of question. what about you? whats your choice if you had to choose?
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Albert Einstein: Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Albert Einstein: How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Albert Schweitzer: Thought cannot avoid the ethical or reverence and love for all life. It will abandon the old confined systems of ethics and be forced to recognize the ethics that knows no bounds. But on the other hand, those who believe in love for all creation must realize clearly the difficulties involved in the problem of a boundless ethic and must be resolved not to veil from [humankind] the conflicts which this ethic will involve [us], but allow [us] really to experience them. To think out in every implication the ethic of love for all creation -- this is the difficult task which confronts our age.” Alfred Adler: We only regard those unions as real examples of love and real marriages in which a fixed and unalterable decision has
Abigail Van Buren: The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back. Abraham Lincoln: Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Albert Einstein: Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. Anne Frank: Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. Benjamin Franklin: There never was a good knife made of bad steel. Cicero: It is virtue, virtue, which both creates and preserves friendship. On it depends harmony of interest, permanence, fidelity. Clarence Darrow: With all their faults, trade unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. They have done more for decency, for honesty, for education, for the better
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sometimes i asked myself what am i doing wrong. i try to do what i can but i always feel like im not doing anything right. is it im just picking the wrong person? well one of my past relationships all she does is get drunk. always have to drive her home. i guess its my fault too cause im the one paying for the shots and beers and the bar. after spending a lot of money on her alone on booze. i had to cut down on it. well that was it. i wont go too much on the details. i meant another woman but she don't get drunk. that's a good thing i guess. but she loves to spend her money on everything but her own bills. i felt so bad i helped her pay her utilities. went to hospital to be there for her surgery. helped her get a phone. made her feel she didn't have to live a abusive life. what i get in return was seeing her exbf fucking her in the bedroom. he hits her yells at her. treats her like shit. but she chose to go back with him. in her eyes im not good enough for her. wow just thinking about
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Cientists Warned Thursday That Global Warming Is Accelerating Beyond The Worst Predictions Scientists Warn of 'Irreversible' Changes By JAN M. OLSEN, AP posted: 11 HOURS 50 MINUTES AGOcomments: 1135filed under: Science News, Weather News, World NewsWith COPENHAGEN (March 12) - Hundreds of leading scientists warned Thursday that global warming is accelerating beyond the worst predictions and threatening to trigger "irreversible" climate shifts on the planet. Saying there's no excuse for inaction, the nearly 2,000 climate researchers meeting in Copenhagen urged policy-makers to "vigorously" implement the economic and technological tools available to cut emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.
esoteric \es-uh-TER-ik\, adjective: 1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite 2. belonging to the select few 3. private; secret; confidential 4. (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group
The Internet Is For Porn!
I've blogged this before, but it got deleted when I deleted all of my's funny as hell. Just watch ;]
Password Tips
1. Randomly substitute numbers for letters that look similar. The letter ‘o’ becomes the number ‘0′, or even better an ‘@’ or ‘*’. (i.e. - m0d3ltf0rd… like modelTford) 2. Randomly throw in capital letters (i.e. - Mod3lTF0rd) 3. Think of something you were attached to when you were younger, but DON’T CHOOSE A PERSON’S NAME! Every name plus every word in the dictionary will fail under a simple brute force attack. 4. Maybe a place you loved, or a specific car, an attraction from a vacation, or a favorite restaurant? 5. You really need to have different username / password combinations for everything. Remember, the technique is to break into anything you access just to figure out your standard password, then compromise everything else. This doesn’t work if you don’t use the same password everywhere. 6. Since it can be difficult to remember a ton of passwords, I recommend using Roboform. It will store all of your passwords in an encrypted format and allow you to us
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Dumb Bitches that think they are better than everyone else. Dumb hoes that are fake as anything just to get attention they don't deserve! Thats right! I can show off my body but I don't do it to get attention! I do it because I freakin want to! I don't have to show my boobs and cunt to be sexy! I leave it to their imagination! Oh! Yeah! Another definition! Dumb sluts that screw with people's minds and hearts and would rather have fuck buddies than actual friends! Those who talk shit but when they get called out go crying like a little baby to their friends who can't help them! Bitches! haha just a bit of humor today lmfao
Personal Inspiration
another day has come and gone---soon the sun will rise---a new day to kindle the passion,relight the fire in my eyes---a new day to see the world,ithout deceit and lies---a day to smell the flowers to wathch the new sun rise---a day to forgive transgressors---a day to overcome my past---a day to mold new friendships that time cannot surpass---a day to find the reason my heart forever bleads---a dat to accept the things i choose not to believe---a day to forgive myself for leading me astray---a day i can tell myself tomorrow is a new day BY R.G.aka Mountain man
Social Networking
The idea of social networking sites have always put me a little off balance. Its a mix of being social and not. Free to say anything yet your lips are sewn shut from saying anything of actual meaning. Who might hear or read about what you are doing... I am positive I have never met anyone online, and I see a lot of my friends do it and it seems fun. However what I don't like is the sense of loneliness I get from it. Going on and getting no one talking to me is never fun and it happens all too often. Yeah yeah yeah, im being a whiny little boy about that and really I don't care. Reason I set this account up is to actually get out of my shell and meet new people, who hopefully don't suck or cause drama. Made little to no sense but thats whats on my mind about Social Networking for now... Type to everyone next time kids.
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A papa mole, a mama mole, and a baby mole all live together in a little mole hole. One day, papa mole sticks his head out of the hole, sniffs the air and said, 'Yum! I smell maple syrup!' The mama mole sticks her head out of the hole, sniffs the air and said, 'Oh, Yum! I smell honey!' Now baby mole is trying to stick his head out of the hole to sniff the air, but can't because the bigger moles are in the way. This makes him whine, 'Geez, all I can smell is.... MOL-ASSES!
Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy to buy, But sweet people are difficult to find Life ends when you stop dreaming, Hope ends when you stop believing, Love ends when you stop caring, Friendship ends when you stop sharing. So share this with whom ever. To love without condition, To talk without intention, To give without reason, And to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend... Life is short, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
The Price I Pay For Blogstalking...
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? Andy [2] You were in the car with? Next door neighbor [3] Went to the mall with? I always go by myself [4] Person you talked on the phone with? Hubby [5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? Degorath T/F Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? False Q: Been searched By Cops? False Q: Been suspended from school? False Q: Sat on a roof top? True Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? False Q: Broken a bone? False Q: Have shaved your head? False Q: Played a prank on someone? True Q: Had/have a gym membership? False Q: Shot a gun? True Q: Donated Blood? True WOULD YOU RATHER: [1] Eat or drink? Drink [2] Be serious or be funny? Yes [3] Go
Inflation Contest E-news Tuesday, March 17, 2009 *********************************** News: New Facebook Group for Sharing Information on Constitutional Government, Economic Freedom and Traditional Values 12 Year Old Speaks Out on Abortion and Pro-Life Beliefs Economic Stimulus??? Spending 1 Million Dollars Per Day Every Day Since Jesus Was Born Stimflation: Guess the Upcoming Inflation Rate Contest...Cash Prizes for the Winners! Anti-Stimulus Protests Sprout Up Upcoming Events (1 of 6) New Facebook Group for Sharing information on Constitutional Government, Economic Freedom and Traditional Values Possibly you're new to Facebook...or you have not heard of Facebook yet? Facebook is a "social networking" site, one of the most visited sites on th
Delerium: After All
After All - Delerium
Love Reign Over Me--the Who
So Life is actually becoming better for me finally.. Only thing now is I need to find a damn job and well the economy sucks balls right now.. So it's kind of hard to say the least.. Life has been pretty crazy for me lately with the separation and such.. But I am learning to deal with all the bullshit now... I can't wait to get a divorce.. so I can be free to live my life.. I have been so stressed out lately with this whole separation and getting no where with anyone that its stressful.. My short term memory is completely shot from all the stress I have been under.. And it's not a great thing, But I keep telling myself things will get better.. and they will in time.. Finally recovering from a fucked up hand thanks to my dogs lol.. They decided around the 8th of this month when I was drunk to pull me through what little opening i had through the sliding glass door from seeing something outside, it was hella painful.. But its recovering nicely now.. Still a bit tender, I think it
Girl Posts Nude Pics, Is Charged With Kid Porn
updated 3:01 a.m. HT, Fri., March. 27, 2009 TRENTON, N.J. - A 14-year-old New Jersey girl has been accused of child pornography after posting nearly 30 explicit nude pictures of herself on — charges that could force her to register as a sex offender if convicted. The case comes as prosecutors nationwide pursue child pornography cases resulting from kids sending nude photos to one another over cell phones and e-mail. Legal experts, though, could not recall another case of a child porn charge resulting from a teen's posting to a social networking site. MySpace would not comment on the New Jersey investigation, but the News Corp.-owned company has a team that reviews its network for inappropriate images. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tipped off a state task force, which alerted the Passaic County Sheriff's Office.
Love Sucks
let me enlighten you more on the topic i've been single for as long as i can remember and i try and as hard as i try i get shafted. I want to know what the fuck am i doing Wrong or is it the Chick like the BIG truck with small peckered guys in them IDK?????????????????? if anyone answer this it would be nice to know
God Came In An Ufo...
think about it... we were created in God's image... as we had evolved, our pinky toes and pinky fingers had gotten smaller... our brains got larger... more usage of dormant areas... our heads got bigger.... bodies are smaller, more fragile.... one day, we'll be in space, spreading our seeds.... God was an alien!
We The People Stimulus Package
Please pass this on to EVERYONE you know!!! That is... IF you're an American Patriot who loves... being FREE? :)
Pistols At Dawn: Pedro Gets Into A Disagreement
A few years ago I was part of a project that had me working with what we call “end users” in the I/T industry. These are the people that get the glorious benefits of our service, though from their perspective, they only need to call us when something goes wrong. Those overnighters we pull to make sure everything is working in the morning go unnoticed, unheralded, and in most cases unrewarded, but back to my story. We were pushing out a large upgrade to all the desktops and laptops in the company, which in most cases meant some software had to be re-installed on the end user’s PC. I was one of the lead techs in the project, and not to toot my own horn, I was pretty damned good at it. I was in our area, just working on a couple things, when the Project Manager, Larry, walked in and asked me if I could go take a look at someone who said they were having a problem. It wasn’t one that I had originally looked at, but I usually got the second look calls, because I could work through them
Little Peice Of My Art
Dance With Me the pain reminds us that nothing in life is made to last slow dancing in a puddle of mixed blood and broken glass if you cannot keep the pace with me through the darkness don't even bother provoking me when it has come to pass I am the angel playing russian roulette with the devil six chambers,three shells...I got a 50 percent chance spin the wheel,cock the hammer and another hollow click watching the devil sweat more the longer that we dance I am not built to give up and I am not wired to give in so,take this as your only warning before you approach me I will take you past the boundary lines of life and death only if you trust and keep up,will you make it out safely
This Is Funny
If you need a laugh today, then > this should do it! > > Judas Asparagus > > > > A child was asked to write a book report on the > entire Bible. > This is amazing and brought tears of laughter to my eyes. > I wonder how often we take for granted that children > understand what we are teaching??? > > Through the eyes of a child: > The Children's > Bible in a Nutshell > In > the beginning, which occurred near the start, there was > nothing but God, darkness, and some > gas. The Bible says, 'The > Lord thy God is one, but I think He must be a lot older > than that. > Anyway, God said, 'Give me a light!' and someone > did. > Then God made the world. > He split the Adam and made Eve. Adam and Eve were naked, > but they weren't embarrassed because mirrors > hadn't been invented > yet. > Adam > and Eve disobeyed God by eating one bad apple, so they were > driven from the Garden of Eden.....Not > sure what they were driven in though, because they > di
Come On Seriously
Alright Time To Speak My Mind :D. Yes I Am Scotty Seifried. I am Mo'body. I Am Sexy.Like One Man Said "Every Man Has a Price, But Im Simply PRICELESS!" Those are the words i live by. I'm Not an Arrogant Asshole. But i am A confident and Somewhat Cocky. Guy With Nothing To Prove. Just Living Life Mintue To Mintue, Hour and Hour, Day To Day. I'm Not Stopping Being Who i am For No One. I'm Simply Priceless. Irreplaceable. So Come On Seriously. You Really Want To Go Up Against A Guy. Who well come on face it. I Am The Sexiest Cutiest Big man Alive. I Dear Anyone To Challenge Me on That. And To All The Ladies. CANT NOBODY HIT IT LIKE THAT. So Give Me A Holla IF You Wanna Find OUt. Later Peace And Just Remember Im Simply PRICELESS!!!!!
Die, Pee Wee! Die!!
i would like to think that i'm a tolerant, open-minded person.  i try to accept everyone for who they are - even if they rub me the wrong way.  but try as i may, i cannot grasp this juggalo thing.  maybe it's my aversion to clowns, or maybe it's their mindless adherence to a pop culture fad.  i dunno.  either way, i'd love to take pee wee's hatchet and shove it up his ass.  
A Little Of Me
ok I don't know what to write?.... I am a bisexual women, who just loves the phyfical form! men as well as women! I just love to touch the softness of skin on my skin, in my mouth! Ok I think I'll stop her and go play with my toy(I'm wet just thinking of it) bye bye for now!
Follow Your Bliss
For my part there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart........And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. (Juan Matus) Giving your undivided attention to everything you do today can help you infuse all of your activities with greater passion. While working, playing sports, or being with your partner, you might take a moment to stop and breathe. This lets you become aware of the present moment. As your awareness develops you can bring your focus to whatever you are doing or the person you are with and reflect upon what it is about that activity or person that energizes you. Understanding what excites you could ignite an even greater feeling of passion. Learning to appreciate the moment and see what stimulates us kindles our enthusiasm even more. Since passion is a hot emotion that is spontaneous and natural, we do not often pay attention to the deeper feelings it engenders—we simply go along with the flow of our feelings. Taking t
Ford's Wittiest 6
FORRDDDDDDDAARRRRGGGGGGG! said: · You have a new Crush! · new friend request from 'Doug' received! · Doug became your fan! · Doug rated you a '10'! · Doug just checked you out! dude..... Doug said: LOL that crush wasn't me.... Nice try though Cuddle Slut said: Come on we all know its from you † Irish Goat † said: it was me ღмσ®®î gÅ ηღ™ said: [shifty eyes] FORRDDDDDDDAARRRRGGGGGGG! said: that's kinda believable... it's the giant ball tickler hanging from his chin.. that flavor saver's not gonna miss one drop for later..
Heart Break
I cant take it anymore .. My heart shouts .. I cant take the pain I get every day because I let you go .. I cant bare to hurt you , or cause you any pain .. but every time I try to forget about you I find your face popping inside of me and giving me air to breathe.. I am an organ , I know , but what I feel , nothing or no one can ever understand .. I am numb now .. I cant feel a thing .. I was bleeding for a while .. no one helped me , no one rescued me .. so I recovered by time .. I healed myself with my own dreams .. but then you showed up .. you came and opened me , and put yourself inside of me .. and carved your name in my four rooms .. carved your words .. the 3 words I love you i was too afraid to let you in .. too afraid to offer myself to you , and then one day you will hurt me and cause me so much pain .. leave me on the floor to bleed .. I couldn't bare to get hurt again .. for there is no blood left In me .. I was bleeding before and I cant bleed again .. I am sorry I
Easter Rising
Exerpts from the Easter Proclamation, officially referred to as the Proclamation of the Republic - An Irish Declaration of Freedom. IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom.............. We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. .......... Standing on that fundamental right and again asserting it in arms in the face of the world, we hereby proclaim the Irish Republic as a Sovereign Independent State, and we pledge our lives and the lives of our comrades in arms to the cause of its freedom, of its welfare, and of its exaltation among the nations........ The Irish Republic is entitled to, and hereby claims, the allegiance of every Irishman and Irishwoman. The Republic guarantees religious and civil lib
Hard To Believe
Hello! being a friend is the motive of villian's homepage. So, please bring friendship request. 
He Only Took My Hand...
Last night while I was trying to sleep My friend's voice I did hear I opened my eyes and looked around But he did not appear. He said: Tammie you've got to listen You've got to understnad God didn't take me from you, my friend He only took my hand. When I called out in pain that night, The instant that I died, He reached down and took my hand, And pulled me to His side. He pulled me up and saved me From the misery and pain. My body was hurt so badly inside, I could never be the same. My search is really over now,
labile \LAY-byl\, adjective:1. Open to change; apt or likely to change; adaptable.2. Constantly or readily undergoing chemical, physical, or biological change or breakdown; unstable.
Place your order for DVD's and receive them next day, all movies are guaranteed, call or e-mail for prices, Some movies listed may not be in theaters yet.  (Blu Ray also available) call to make request for movies not listed,   (661)331-6970   7 Pounds........ Will Smith - Drama7eventy 5ive...... Rutger Hauer, Brian Hooks   - Horror/Thriller                                             Australia..................... Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman - Adventure/DramaBeverly Hills Chihuahua - Comedy/FamilyBody of Lies......... Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe - Action/DramaBride Wars......... Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen, Kelly Coffield - Comedy/Drama/FamilyBurn After Reading.............. George Clooney, John malkovich, Brad Pit - Action/DramaCadillac Records....... Beyonce, Mos Def, Gabrielle Union,Ced the entertainer - DramaChaos..... Jason Statham - Action/ThrillerChangeling...... Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich            (2009 academy awards nominee for best actress) - Dra
Lost Dreams Don't Shatter; They Bleed Hope.
Tripping on broken promises and unchanging liesFaithful love destined to shift mountains...buckledOptimism building in yearning heart diminishedHis soul abandoned the chance of a happily ever afterShe fell deeply in the unknown with no fear, worryDownside? Young girl required to carry a safety netDrying tears visible on a face where smiles once shinedTaking her compassion selfishly with nothing in returnDamaged heart, an apparent understatement ...fadingLost in an abyss of distorted shrills and unfamiliarityFalling, falling...disappeared; young spirit gone astraySearching for love to penetrate light into dim eyes"Lost dreams don't shatter dear, they bleed hope"Oh boy does it bleed, trickling with enigmatic tearsEndless wishes whispered to the stars seep throughHe might have altered her, slightly clouding judgmentBut his rejection instilled in her passion to thrive; flyShattered dreams might remain but she's kept the piecesOozing...dripping...seeping...leaking...bleeding...hope.Another
hello all thank u for taken time to get to know me im 23 and singel i live in yuba city california and im a former prisoner i jest got out of prison last month iv been in love once but she broke my heart i want to find love agen but its been hard to find a girl who will be with a xconvict oh i went to prison 4 woopen some dudes ass and he didnt like it lol well thats me hit me up if u want to no more.
Tears In The Sky
Clouds submerge with tears in the sky as my heart longs for a place so divine time and time tear drops fall reflecting on a place I do call my own A breeze of coldness upon my face delightful it is to feel such embrace fog in the sky producing an icy storm so is my heart missing you more and more Snow like clouds hanging over me as I feel the warm touch of a his love shallow streams flow beside my feet as rain falls down escalading as I speak Late night moon shining down on me painting your face, all around me silence surrounds me with tears in the sky capturing the content of you in my eyes written by her for him!!
i walk this road this road is mine i'm willing to share but i can't see anyone one it why? i hate this road, all alone i hear people all around me why can't i see them must i walk alone if so, how long what must i learn how to love, hate, or accept i never had someone to love i have been alone i hate to hate it is never good to hate i guess i must accept must i accept to be alone
I Iz A Point Ho
This Thursday at 7pm fu time I will be hosting the happy hour.  I will also be activating auto 11's a few minutes before my HH.  Not sure if I will be bombing during my HH or not.  I will also be hosting another HH at 2am fu time this Saturday for mah friends across the big pond :)  I am trying to make it to whoracle.  Just wanted to let everyone know.  xoxoxo, Lippy
Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them. Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker. Eat a live toad in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day. If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again, it was probably worth it. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. Never buy a car you can't push. Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you don't have a leg to stand on. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. The early worm gets eaten by the bird, so sleep late. The Second mouse gets the cheese When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. Birthdays are good for you, the more y
Shadowed By A Sigh
Thunder in the distance shadowed by a sigh. Vibration from a thousand jets .......flutter of butterflies. Roaring of the ocean calms to a trickling stream. ....Active volcano ............just .... radiator steam. Lost in another's eyes? Take a swim through their veins? Electric sparks as lips meet Savor a honey kiss ....What is so powerful .................or ....mighty in such force? Love that's pure and crystal clear. ........All for you of course. For His Memory Of Her, I hold her truth safe always!
Human Shields
Human Shields lyrics So much violence in our name A life, a silence masked in shame Children running in the streets Soldier boots are on their feet Mothers bare the burdens of our defeats Fathers are on their knees praying for mercy So much violence in our name Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield So much violence in our name A life, a silence masked in shame No more, no more, no more (no more) No more, no more, no more (no more) No more, no more, no more (no more) No more, no more, no more (no more) Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield No more violence in our name No more violence in our name No more, no more, no more
Well Its Of Those Days Where Im Looking At Her Pic Again- Poem
Well it's one of days again where im looking at a picture of Ding. Recalling her smiles, her eyes, the she speak I realized even before she went to heaven she already had open wings. She has morals, a kind hurt heart, brilliant mind, the heart of Jesus. She's was everyDING. Even today you're the reason I get up for and stay up in the dark. You stay on my mind at night but you were my light you are my spark. If you were here beside me. I'd give you hugs and a kisses, But since you're with Jesus. I'll tenderly reminisce it. Some folks may need to write. others need a final good by. Many spend a long time grieving, and can't do much but cry. Remember that song mom use to sing to us, our favorite lullaby. We'll I've written the song for you because I know you'll like it a little better with a little more style. My nature could cause me to grieve away for hours. I could run to the cemetery with oodles of flowers. You're the reason I get up, brush my teeth, and use the showers.I know it seem
So True
The top 40 ways men fail in bed... take notes, all you Casanovas! 1. NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A properly passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2. BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3. NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, it's avoidance. 4. SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for
Joke Of The Day...
Joke of the Day A crusty old biker out on a long summer ride in the country pulls up to a tavern in the middle of no where, parks his bike and walks inside. As he passes through the swinging doors, he sees a sign hanging over the bar:   COLD BEER: $2.00HAMBURGER: $2.25CHEESEBURGER: $2.50CHICKEN SANDWICH: $3.50HAND JOB: $50.00   Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary payment, the ole' biker walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled farmers.   She glides down behind the bar to the ole biker.   "Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile, "may I help you?"   The ole biker leans over the bar, "I was wondering young lady," he whispers, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?   "She looks into his eyes with that wide smile and purrs "Why yes, yes, I sure am".   The ole' biker leans closer and into her left ear whispers softly, "Well, wash your hands real good
Poetry Or Something Along Those Lines
numb to the inside out layed across the floor as if a corpse has replaced thy soul dead to the world yet not new to the dead reality is surfacing and i begin to relize who is this girl that everyone knows so well yet dont really know at all as i lay there i dont even recognize my own self when you fake who you are for so long you tend to believe you are this person until your walls come crashing down your true colors show everyone see's them yet no one will confront you maybe its best this way for people to believe that you are something else than what you truly are more than likely they wont like who you are behind closed doors so i will continue to hide who i really am its worked so well so far so here i go with a smile yet all the lies are right there between my teeth yet people dont look that hard time to face the world with the absent reality -lipstick_n_guns to whom reads dont take everything i say to heart its just food for thought
Just A Thought On Most Famous People
Do famous people just wear whatever they want to these days? Most of them look like they got thier outfits right from the garbage can, or perhaps the thrift store and they just threw everything on all at once, and robably never check the mirror before they walked out of thier cozy little mansions.....Now, we have years and years of shit to talk over photos of these clueless people dressing so ridiculous, and the whole time they could have just dressed normal and maybe a few cute jewelery if your really rich instead all they layers of clothes/////like my god get a fucking clue people most of you got fat anyway although you tried so dam hard to stay skinny like us petites, and yet you still think your all that because you have all this money and all these cameras making money off of you while your flash us your goodies. Like, come on, get over yourselves. You guys ruined your own fame, and if everyone's opinion actually mattered, I would just like to say we need more classier people in h
Buy Generic Viagra – Enhance Your Sexual Performance
Generic Viagra drugs have been used for long for different purposes. Generally, there is a notion that these drugs are harmful to health. However, as per a recently conducted research, it is now clear that these can also be good and effective for us. Scientists are continuously working to explore more about other uses of these drugs. Many herbal drugs have been introduced which are having charismatic effect. Generic Viagra is a very popular generic drug which is being used as the alternative of the famous medicine Viagra. It is used for many purposes. The generic name of this drug is "Sildenafil Citrate". The successful treatment of erectile dysfunction in men is done with the help of this drug. It works on the similar theory of active ingredient and gives the effective solution. Original Viagra is very costly and not easily available, whereas the generic form of Viagra is relatively cheaper and can be found easily at any medical store. Both the original and generic versions of Viagra
PLZZZZZZZ Help me in my contest :) Leave LOTS of picture comments, and make sure to rate a 10 or 11 for me!! Bling will be given to the #1, #2, and #3 person that helps me if I win!
Caa #95 - Update
Heard back from my friend and her son is doing better.  Still, keep everyone on the list in prayer even when things are better for them, there can never be to many prayers for anyone.   Doc
Live Nude Girls, Part Iii
For the final installment of my “Live Nude Girls” series, I’m going to discuss the fully nude clubs.  As I mentioned before, strip clubs are a massive, sucking vortex of sin.  They pull you deeper and deeper into their world – like a Dyson vacuum with special penile attachment.  Not that I would know anything about boning a vacuum.    Honest.  Stop looking at me like that.   OK, I schtupped a Dust Buster one time.  But that’s because I had some stray lint on my junk and I got a little curious.   I won’t get into the club décor too much because they run the gamut just like the topless clubs.  There are nicely appointed clubs and, in contrast, there are complete sleaze factories.  It all just depends on the quality of the women and the amount of money you want to spend.  One significant difference is that most nude clubs are not allowed to serve alcohol.  I’m not sure of the reasoning here.  Apparently, booze + naked boobies = kosher fun,
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The Cullens Need A New Edward Cullen Role Player
My Sexy Ass Is Up For Sale You Know You Want Me As Your Fuslave    Come and rate me and bid on my beside my listings in the pics I got bigger prizes for who all bids on me. Read the comments and you will see I am dead serious on it. Not too mention you get to own my sexy ass.
Meaningfull Lyrics
Im writing this cuz i cant hold out on my feelings any longer :( Flogging Molly-Between a man and a woman Between a man and a womanLife begins againBetween love and confusionThere Lies only painTake my word, Heal my soul, Shake my pride, I'm too proud to let goGive me the sun And the moon above If the stars should fall Then only heaven knowsBetween a man and a womanIt's everything or nothing at allEverything or nothing at allNeither rhyme nor a reason Will make us think the same You tell me I'm half crazy But you're insaneTake my world, Heal my soul, Shake my pride, I'm too proud to let goGive me the sun And the moon above If the stars should fall Then only heaven knowsBetween a man and a womanIt's everything or nothing at allEverything or nothing at allShe says 'love me like you did, you did before'He says 'love me like you did, you did once more'Between a man and a womanIt's everything or nothing at allEverything or nothing at allTake my word, Heal my soul, Shake my pride, I'm too
Still F-ed Up
still fucked up Category: Writing and Poetry Thought I'd miss you much then I tossed my lunch Bitch yeah your making me sick you made me a prick cause I was convinced we clicked you  were all broken and I was bad but in the end we just end up sad I dont mean we end up ready to cry I mean knife to the wrist and ready to die like you to know that I love your touchyour kick slap and the way that you punchbut if you touch me again you'll be starting the end never hit a woman but im going to beginI got no self control and not willing to stopI could keep cutting on you on a full circle of clockpistol whip the new guy with bunt of my glockcant kill you for real cause they'd lock me upyou aint worth all that not even a fuck your makeup looks good underneath of my truckcouldnt control myself now satan whats up 
My Desire
My Desire Deep within me, In the very recess of my soul. Is a desire which burns, A desire so strong for you, That I can not handle it. A desire so strong it can weigh my heart down. How did you touch me in such a profound way, You reached a part of me, I forgot it exist. I remember why now, Because I was not willing to risk my heart, I did not want the pain that was likely to be. Nothing last forever, Except the desire within me. If I want you with me again, I simply close my eyes, And go to the recess of my mind, Where I know you have been. Here is were we are all a lone, I can feel you against me, I can feel your lips touch mine. I smell your essences and taste your love. My desire starts to burn It is touching very deeply, Forcibly, Aggressively, Lovingly. Your spirit is touching me. It is here were you will always be a part of me. You will always be the one that gave me that ultimate sprakle, That very special twinkle. The one who makes my desire glow, My desire within me burn. D
Do not go gentle into that good night.  -  Dylan Thomas
Finally i have found my happy ending i never really thought i would find someone as special and loving as i have found in my future husband.He treats me the way a man should treat woman and loves me with all his heart even with his flaws i still have no problem finding a reason to smile when im with him.He is my love and my life i know now that good guys do exist
Blog Deleted Despite Adhering To Tos?
Blog deleted despite adhering to TOS?   It's moar liekly than you think.   The TOS only prohibits us from advertising sites for commercial gain. And yet, apparently, my entirely not-for-profit site is against TOS.   How intriguing. Anyway, if you're curious about what the blog was, message me and I will inform you because censorship is for China.
Tickling Lemur
What we think, we become.  -  Buddha
Meus Domus...
Born behind the sun Out of shadow we have come We run together in twilights glow Family is too weak a word We live beyond the kin of man We three are united forever by blood and love This dark trinity is what I choose Blood runs thicker than water We are bound by sanguine dreams I long to feel your love stinging me Together forever in our Embrace Three united as one "Beatus Is Domus"
Attention! Attention!!!!!!
July 18th in Butler City at the Butler Memorial Park in the Rotary Shelter we are hosting a day in honor of my littler brother since he has autism which is an incurable condition, we will be having a chinesse auction, live entertainment, refreshments, a dunk tank, & much more! please come! donations welcome and much appreicated!!!!
Love Within
Love Within As I sat down remembering  My first meeting with you I can help but to wonder... Is there something within That  makes me stand out  From your other friends ? You have told me then... I am different  Though I am thankful but My mind still seeks What makes me special For you to keep me,  Here with you... Something in my mind keeps coming back… Can’t help but ask Is there love within your heart? This is the question I wanna ask… Within your heart, you told me   “I wanna keep you, For I want you to be my true friend and lover too” These words make my heart beat faster Feeling the love within… Though I know  It is just a long distance love affair But still... there is LOVE WITHIN…
The Site Tos...
Ok so today my mumms got removed for violation of the TOS... Yet many are still up that are out right offensive. They even left up my video Mumm which was so so wrong and nasty. Several that I reported were NEVER taken down. Like alot of other content I won't mention. The original content of my mumms was in no way offensive and they actually ran well and were a reasonably good debate for some users. Mind you a few of the answers were totally idiotic. Which is quite the norm around here LOL One post was about a uni class choice and the idiots tried to turn it into a religious debate. Something they do not have the intelligence to do. It was not about beliefs or opinions. It wasn't even about practices. The only thing that was remotely religious were the class titles. It was purely about diversity and understanding the beliefes and practices of others. That is something that can be quite useful in many things like the work place...   Since when is understanding others wrong?   So
Im A Puppet
She was holding a gun in her hand Thinking about the life she had No one was able to understand Why she was always so sad... Black tears were falling down She was about to die Almost about to hit the ground She just wanted to fly... She did not choose this road Someone else was in control But until she wasn't told She believed it was her soul... She was like a puppet Hanging on black strings She was a puppet But without the wings... No one could have helped her It was simply too late A pretty doll forever... Being a puppet was her fate... She couldn't live on her own She needed to be told what to be But she wanted to go home She wanted to brake free... So she put the gun to her head And cried her last tear Very soon she will be dead Death was always near... She was like a puppet Frozen as ice inside She was a puppet Before her suicide...
I'm feeling really weak right now and I don't know why. I had to go make up a bunkbed. Let me tell you, NOT the thing to do when you feel like this. I had the hardest time tucking the sheets in. I ended up hitting my toe on the frame on the way down. It sucks.   I bid on someone in an auction that I don't even know. Got outbid and then I bid again....trying to decide when enough is enough, lol. Oh well. I guess I'll keep bidding until I can't bid anymore, lol.
Family Togetherness
An older woman recently returned from her hometown in North Carolina and told a friend they'd spruced up the churchyard cemetery since her last visit several years past. "Lots of new greenery," she said. "And families are together now." "All together?" her friend asked, puzzled. "Well," the first replied, "years ago they never much worried where they buried someone because everyone was a neighbor anyhow. They'd just dig a grave wherever it seemed to balance things. But they've redone it so people are with their children and grandchildren, instead of scattered." The friend was aghast. "You mean they exhumed all those people and reburied them?" "Oh my, no," was the reply. "We just shifted the headstones. 
Southern Counseling
COUNSELING - SOUTHERN STYLE   Earl and Bubba are quietly sitting in a boat fishing, chewing and drinking beer when suddenly Bubba says, "I think I'm gonna divorce my wife - she ain't spoke to me in over 2 months."Earl spits, sips his beer and says, "Better think it over........... women like that are hard to find."  
Legs Contest
Score is Me... 230 2nd place ... 202
Who Are Consumers Of Matchmaking Agencies?
In ancient time in Russia there weren’t matchmaking agencies, but there were matchmakers – women, who could find a husband or wife. Matchmakers could to entry in each home and palaces. They specialized not only in affairs of the heart, but in diplomacy and in the merging of capitals too. Matchmakers were very well-to-do, they got good honorariums and even couldn’t spend money on food. The consumers considered it an honour to invite matchmakers in own houses and entertain them to breakfast, lunch or supper, because these women were  well informed about all events, gossips and rumours. Nobody dared quarrel with matchmakers, because they were able to damage reputation to everybody. At that time matchmakers acted as yellow press. But who is performing role of matchmaker now? And who are their consumers?   Every year the tempo of life accelerates. Historically, the circumstances were such that women in Russia and other countries of CIS, used to work to secure their lif
Lost My Way
I was just a kid, maybe 12 years old, I lay alone inside of my roomAnd hold a chrome 45 that I stole from my dadDidn't know it had a bullet loaded in the gatTill I go and pull it back and let it go and watch it shatter the glassNo control at all, it happened so fast, I lied and said it was a stoneWhen he came home and found his gun unloadedHe exploded and grabbed me by my throat and proceeded to slap meI was bleeding so badlyIt was streaming on the matress where he beat meHe's laughing as I try to fight back, just like thatHe walked out of my room, I wish he'd walk out of my life and never look backAnother day of telling people that I fell down the stairsAnother day of giving people dirty looks and glaresDon't act as if you cared cause if you did you'd be thereAnother day I want to run away but I don't know whereEvery, everyday I fall down, fall down on my knees and prayWill I live to see the day where everything will be okMy family is destroyed now I lost my wayCause every, everyday I
Savior From Anger New Entry!!!
My name's Marco Ruggiero (January 26th 1976) guitarist from Naples (Italy).When I was 13 years old, I bought my first guitar and I took the first lessons. Listening to the music of  Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors , Riot, Helloween,  Annihilator, Queensryche and all the metal bands of the Eighties  I discovered Heavy Metal. My professional career started with Progressive Power metal band LANDGUARD; with this band I recorded the album "Eden Of A Parallel Dimension", released thanks to the italian label "Underground Symphony". In 2000 I left the band and I founded NAMELESS CRIME with Raffaele Lanzuise.Nameless Crime's style is classic Heavy Metal, with Thrash Metal influences. With Nameless Crime I recorded two albums, "Nameless Crime" published in 2003 thanks to the italian label Nocturnal Music , "Law and Persecution",  published in 2006 thanks to Metal Factory division of Power Zone records and  the EP " B
Fubar....a Great Place To Be :d
Well, Hi Everyone ;D Every listen to a friend, and wonder what will happen? Well, I did, and here I am!!! This place ROCKS!!! It will take me a minute to figure it all out, so bear with me :) Please?! Anyone wanna help show me the ropes? ;D
My First Blog Does This Make You Happy Cuddleslut
A bum asks a man for $2.The man asks "Will you buy booze?"The bum says "No."The man asks "Will you gamble it away?"The bum says "No."Then the man says "Will you come home with me, so my wife can see what happens to a man who doesn't drink or gamble?"
Fu-owned 7 Slideshow Will Not Be Feature
Stand And See
Stand and See TODAY'S SCRIPTURE "...stand and see the salvation of the Lord..."(II Chroniclees 20:17, NAS) TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria Is there something difficult in your life that you are avoiding? So many people today run from anything that’s hard. They run from their problems. They run from responsibility. They run from people they don’t like. They run from the past. They run from anything that makes them uncomfortable. Instead of facing the issues and dealing with them, they just take the easy way out and go down the path of least resistance. But if you’re going to live in victory the way God intends, you have to learn how to face your challenges head on. Notice today’s verse doesn’t say, “Keep running until you see the salvation of the Lord.” It doesn’t say, “Bury your head in the sand until God delivers you.” No, God wants us to stand strong, set our faces like a flint, and fight the good figh
Arcadia, European Au Natural Resort
Got no where to go on a weekday. Want some sun and find friendly faces?  Arcadia, is a Romantic Getaway and European Au Natural Resort in Shelton, WA offering day use for hot tubbing and pool, camping and RV spaces and also wonderful romantic getaway lodgings complete with kitchens and microwaves and even propane barbecues all for a fraction of what it would cost at a hotel with far more amenities for your summer fun.  We are offering a poolside gatherings - how about Thursdays to - besides the weekends. $25.00 for full day use 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  OK no swimsuits required.  Go to arcadianaturally at dot com and see what is all there for you.  for singles and couples of course. We are unique.  You will love us.  Kathy
Read This---
I once heard this from a friend and I figured that I would share this w/the rest of the world, so I dare all to say this phrase 3x fast out loud or in ur head: II amI am FuI am Fu KingI am Fu King WeI am Fu king We ToddI am Fu King We Todd EdHappy hunting...
Buy Soma Rx Muscle Relaxant With No Prior Prescription
Buy Soma Rx Muscle Relaxant With No Prior phone: 877-479-2455email: info@BuySomaRx.infoBuy Soma for a muscle relaxant used to relieve the pain and stiffness of muscle spasms and discomfort due to strain and sprain. Generic Soma is Carisaprodol.Soma is taken orally. The usual adult dosage of soma is one 350 mg tablet, three times daily and at bedtime. Usage in patients under age 12 is not recommended. It is recommended that you take Soma with food, or with milk, to minimize the likelihood that you will suffer an upset stomach as a result of taking the medication.Do not Buy Soma if you have acute intermittent porphyria. Before you Buy Soma, tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease. You may need a lower dose or special monitoring during your therapy. It is not known whether Soma will harm an unborn baby. Do not Buy Soma without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant. It is also not known whether Soma passes into breast milk. Do not Buy Soma
God Given Right
They talk alot about justice and then and go bust us except for the chosen fewI got a God given right to smoke whatever I like so tell me how it got given to youMOTHERFUCKERLyrics from Primitive Radio Gods
paranoiagotta love itwhen you feel like noonelikes you anymorewhen you think everyone istrying to stay awayfrom the cold the freezing lump inside my chest too frozen to moveto stuck in the nowcant get to tomorroweverything tumbing fallingjust crashing downfearthat you just cant do itthat youre not good enoughor that you once werebut youre old nowworthless and ought to bethrown awaytrashed anddiscarded
Come Help My Girl Level To Oracle
We all know how hard it is to get to ths level she is 4.7 Mil away so come check her out F/A/R/C  and Bling her to Oracle.   š ™ A Little Shy ™ š ♥♥ I Love The Girlies ♥♥@ fubar
What Is The Longest English Word?
Without proper nouns, names etc Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon... is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "a word alleged to mean 'a lung disease caused by the inhalation of volcanic ash, causing inflammation in the lungs.'" Source(s): The longest word not in the dictionary is: • This is the chemical name of the largest known protein. It is an astonishing 189,819 letters long. However it is purely a technical term and though written in English it isn't a "dictionary" term and thus the first answerer is the most correct. Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylala... ylglutaminylprolylleucylglutaminylsery... lserylthreonylalanylthreonylphenylalan... rylglycylphenylalanylprolylvalylprolyl... lanylarginylaspartylglycylglutaminylva... nylleucylprolylglycylvalylglutaminylis... ylglycylarginylalanyllysylleucylthreon... llysylalanylasparaginylserylglycylargi... eonylasparaginylglycylserylglycylgluta... nylglutamyl
Always On My Mind
  You're always on my mind A love so kind that's so hard to find The sweetest things u do for me Is what i do see And when we touch Is what i do see And when we touch Is what i like so much When i go to sleep at night I think of you holdin' me tight So i look up to the sky to see the brightest star And i ask myself i wonder where u are
Intro To Emerson's Nature
A subtle chain of countless rings The next unto the farthest brings; The eye reads omens where it goes, And speaks all languages the rose; And, striving to be man, the worm Mounts through all the spires of form. [edit] Introduction Our age is retrospective. It builds the sepulchres of the fathers. It writes biographies, histories, and criticism. The foregoing generations beheld God and nature face to face; we, through their eyes. Why should not we also enjoy an original relation to the universe? Why should not we have a poetry and philosophy of insight and not of tradition, and a religion by revelation to us, and not the history of theirs? Embosomed for a season in nature, whose floods of life stream around and through us, and invite us by the powers they supply, to action proportioned to nature, why should we grope among the dry bones of the past, or put the living generation into masquerade out of its faded wardrobe? The sun shines to-day also. There is more wool and flax in th
Last Words, Emily Bronte
I knew not 'twas so dire a crime   To say the word, 'Adieu'; But this shall be the only time   My lips or heart shall sue. That wild hill-side, the winter morn,   The gnarled and ancient tree, If in your breast they waken scorn,   Shall wake the same in me. I can forget black eyes and brows,   And lips of falsest charm, If you forget the sacred vows   Those faithless lips could form. If hard commands can tame your love,   Or strongest walls can hold, I would not wish to grieve above   A thing so false and cold. And there are bosoms bound to mine   With links both tried and strong: And there are eyes whose lightning shine   Has warmed and blest me long: Those eyes shall make my only day,   Shall set my spirit free, And chase the foolish thoughts away   That mourn your memory
11's Auction
hey all my auction ends at 9am central time-- almost up.... you get a bonus gift if you are the winner-- this is for 200 daily 11's to be given sunday and monday of this week- only one bid so far-- so please come bid-- thank u. if the link does not work just go to my pics and its in a folder there
thees an old saying i lke to use and it isdon,t walk be hind i my not lead dont walk infront i may not follow ,walk beside me and be my friend  and that what matters to me the most .
Just created a profile and feel like a kid with Attention Deficit Disorder! Shit! Seems like a real colorful community!  I have several sites and blogs and look forward to some inspiration from this site. www.FairlyUnbalanced.US   www.DontTailgate.Me      www.Damnit.DontTailgate.Me  - T-Shirt Shop www.BravoZulu.US - Military site www.DrivingIn.MorristownNJ.US  www.MorristownNJ.US       www.LifeIn.MorristownNJ.US   www.StartClicking.Me         www.StopandAsk.Info   
Swine Flu Cases In Britain Could Soar To 100,000 A Day By Next Month, Government Warns
Without music, life would be a mistake.  -  Friedrich Nietzsche
Leveling Blog 474
  Hell~On~Heels@ fubar       48k to level Autos on  
Crude Sex Jokes
Q. Why did the boy fall off the swing? A. He didn't have any arms. Q. What's the definition of eternity? A. The time between when you cum and she leaves. Q. What's gray, sits at the bed and takes the piss? A. A kidney dialysis machine. Q. What do you call a female police officer that shaves her pubic hair? A. Cunt Stubble. Q. Why do only 10% of women go to heaven? A. Because if they all went, it would be hell. Q. What goes: "CLICK -is that it? CLICK -is that it? CLICK -is that it?" A. A blind person with a rubix cube. Q. Why did God invent yeast infection? A. So women know what it feels like to live with an annoying cunt. Q. Did you hear about the two gay guys that had an argument in the bar? A. They went outside to exchange blows. Q. Why did the gay guy think his lover was cheating on him? A. He came home shit faced. Q. What do you get when you cross a rooster with a flea? A. An itchy cock. Q. Why i
Robert Pattinson May Not Do Anymore Twilight After Eclipsewritten By Bureau
 Story written: 07 July 2009   It came as a shock recently when Robert Pattinson stated that he wasn't at all sure that he wanted to do the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn"! "I'm really becoming afraid that my other movies are not drawing me away from the fact that I'm still "Eward Cullen, Vampire". I even hear it from fans. "Look there's the vampire, Edward Cullen from the movies!" "Of course I'm glad the movies have brought me in as an actor but look at all the actors that get type-cast because of repeating the same roles over and over again and Eclipse will be the third. I mean, it may be too late, but not if I get a chance to play a really great role in something else." Pattinson went on to say that he felt it was pushing fate. "Look at all the people you see that was in a TV series for a good while or the same type movies, people see Michael Richards for instance and you hear, "Look it's Kramer!" No it isn't Kramer, it's Michael Richards. The same holds true of those guys who are alway
Idk I Feel Like This Sometimes
have you ever had a feeling that you couldnt really explain. not scared or mad or happy but something else. like in your stomach is like a big ball of emotion and it just makes you want to cry? thats how i feel right now. i cant explain why. the smallest things hurt my feelings now. it doesnt matter who it is or anything i feel like crying all the time. im sad. and the worst part is. i honestly think that no one really cares. my friends see me as having fun and laughing but i think they cant handle this side of me or maybe they really just dont care if im unhappy. i hate my life the spot that im in right now. people think that its so easy being so carefree but actually i worry about so much. im always thinkin about things that happened so long ago and if i did something differently would it be different would i be different. life is strange. the things that come back to you. i cant remember alot of the good things but all the bad are right there lingering in my memory. and i know that
Tusk ~ Madness Of Time (now With Links To Second Life)
To visit Amberly Kinsella's island of Tusk in Second Life Please Click Here. Madness of Time ~ Written by Noe Time shifts in small earthquakes. These quakes do not register on a regular scale but can only be detected by machines buried deep in the earth. With each spike on the paper, each anomaly from the steady rhythm, tectonic plates move and time skips forward. How many of these little quakes had shaken the invisible layers of crust floating above the mantle? Years had gone by, hundreds of tiny tremors, unnoticed, beneath her feet. And now? Now she stands against the parapet of her domain watching the orange crystal orb, lifted and spilling magic, spin marking its own passage of time. With a sigh she pushes off the edge and walks slowly to the floors below. What a fortress she had built, castle walls rising high above the water on her rocky island, orange crystal orbs spinning, pulsing, lending magic to her world. It was lit and blazing among the dark walls, lights that ca
Reflections..orginally Written 7/24/08
When I look into this mirror I don't see the same person I used to be.  If you could see the reflection that I see, yes it is the image of me but far away from just plain ole me.  I can see thru my eyes who I used to be it tells me to get back to me. I look at my reflection tryin to bring back the recollection of what I once knew as this great connection. I look into this mirror and trying to get back to my old self because somehow it mistakenly got put back on the shelf. I look at my reflection racking my brain trying to figure out how to take away the pain. I look in the mirror knowing that, this ain't me! You know who you are and what God came for you to be.  I look at my reflection and I by no means do I want you to keep guessing, because I can't keep you stressin. I look into this mirror I see you there but off in the distance, but when I beckon you, you're not resistant.  I look at my reflection thinking why have you been feeling neglected, you don't have to fear for who
My Way
Ears down, killers up, let me introduce myselfMistress of death, demoness in living fleshI choke necks but I'm not going to say that againCause I replaced that bitch plus she's dead tell the good news to your friendIt's Razakel motherfucker don't you ever forget itI've been blessed by death, I feel no pain, I don't regret itOvercomed by demons, spittin' psycho bitch shitSince I'm already dead I ain't never gonna quitSKR representin' motherfucker that's rightWith some fuckin' wicked shit that will have you runnin' for your lifeThe wicked bitch of the southwest just got signedRaise your crew, we run the final five and we'll never dieI enjoy killin' children of the ministerCause I'm the antichrist, yes, queen bitch blasphemerI ain't lost, I ain't blind, you're the one that can't seeI don't believe in your God because he never believed in meFuck the sheep, fuck conformityFuck the fake, fuck over rated anarchyYour life is based on a lie, in my eyes you must dieI remove your insides, make th
Gifts We Give Ourselves
FriendsGood friends enrich our lives in so many ways. Through a magical combination of similarities and differences, friends offer us the opportunity to know ourselves as we are and help us grow into who we want to be. Our similarities attract us to each other, comforting us with familiarity when we see ourselves in them. When we are drawn to those we admire, the same recognition is at work, unconsciously acknowledging that these people possess qualities that we ourselves possess. By acting as mirrors, friends help us define who we are by reflecting our selves back to us.Friends also help us know ourselves through our differences. Differences allow us to see other options and make choices about who we want to be. Sometimes we are drawn to those who appear to be our opposites, and we learn to accept the parts of them we love and the parts of them that don’t resonate with us, thus allowing us a valuable learning experience. By expanding our understanding to include others’ ex
What's Up By: Ron Killings
[Intro: R-Truth]Whassup?Stand up and say whassup?What's, up? {*repeat 3X*}[Chorus]People over there whassup?If you feel me, stand up and say whassup?Whassup? (Whassup?) Whassup? (Whassup?)Whassup? (Whassup?) Whassup? (Whassup?)You can get with this, or you can get with thatYou better come get with this, cause this is where it's atWhassup? (Whassup?) Whassup? (Whassup?)Whassup? (Whassup?) Whassup? (Whassup?)[Verse One]I be skippin and jumpin and, leavin the competitionMakin 'em disappear like your favorite magicianI ride that {motherfucker} 'til the wheels fall offAnd I bounce 'em back to back 'til they necks get softMost of the time you see me, I'm tryin to keep it simpleThese are the type of people to get popped like a pimpleStatin my claim to fameTo be one of the baddest-ass {niggaz} to step foot in this gameAnd I haven't even started yet~!But you can better believe I'ma yank it off a sure shot betWhassup? (Whassup?) Whassup? (Whassup?)Whassup? (Whassup?) Say WHOA[Chorus] - last "Wha
Poems From Master Of Disaster
When I have no one to turn toAnd I am feeling kind of low,When there is no one to talk toAnd nowhere I want to go,I search deep within myselfIt is the love inside my heartThat lets me know my Angels are thereEven though we are miles apart. A smile then appears upon my faceAnd the sun begins to shine.I hear a voice, so soft and sweetSaying, 'Everything will be just fine'It may seem that I am aloneBut I am never by myself at all.Whenever I need my Angels nearAll I have to do is call.An Angel's love is always trueOn that you can depend.They will always stand behind youAnd will always be your friend.Through darkest hours and brightest daysOur Angel's see us throughThey smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue..Thanks for being my Angel my friendI will be there for you until the end

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