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I want pic suggestions and outfit suggestions for new pics that i'm gonna take in a few hours.. Both SFW and NSFW. Tell me your idea and if I use it, you will get a special pic of it with a salute. So come on people, this will be fun.   Xoxo Annipoo
Curing The Worst Through Dating
Curing the Worst Through DatingBy Francis K Githinji The best way to cure your problems in your relationship is through dating. There is nothing good that's comparable to it. This is the main reason you need a person to aid you when you feel troubled and losing the grip of your relationship. You might have had a relationship of more than two years and thought you were heading towards the right direction; towards matrimony only to realize you are slowly heading towards demise. The relationship might be dear to you, and it is the reason you feel sure amending the breaking tie is crucial. Dating can aid in sealing any hole that is affecting your relationship. You need to make sure you have understood where the problem is. The first thing that you need to understand is the cause of the problem, so that you can change your life. Life is such that there are a lot of issues that control it all the way, and the manner of changing the status quo will be affected by the duration of the relat
A Damn Fine Explanation
The  wife came home early and found her husband in their  bedroom making love to a very attractive young  woman.          And she was somewhat upset.~~  'You are a disrespectful pig!' she cried. 'How dare  you do this to me -- a faithful wife, the mother of  your children! I'm leaving you. I want a divorce right  away!'          And the husband replied,  'Hang on just a minute love, so at least I can tell you  what happened.' 'Fine, go ahead,' she sobbed,' but  they'll be the last words you'll say to  me!'        And  the husband began -- 'Well, I was getting into the car  to drive home, and this young lady here asked me for a  lift. She looked so down and out and defenseless that  I took pity on her and let her into the  car.          I noticed that she was very  thin, not well dressed and very dirty. She told me  that she hadn't eaten for three  days.          So, in my compassion, I  brought her home and warmed up the enchiladas I made  for you last night, the ones you wouldn't eat
Reality Check
Thursday, April 10, 2008  REALITY CHECK REALITY CHECK Current mood: annoyed Category: Writing and Poetry   Thrusting in and out of conciseness, Lost in a daze. My memories blurry..... My life a haze. Living in the past, thinking about the old days.   Wishing and wanting, my past is with me like a ghost forever haunting. Stripped of reality and losing my own mortality.... I struggle.   My heart is broken, yet I smile, laugh, and keep on joken. An act..... so I’ll be, what others expect of me....  my pain I will not let them see.   I feel hurt and betrayed, what happened to the life that I once made?   I feel incomplete, not good enough........... I yearn so badly for true love.
One Tear Drop
ONE TEAR DROP     Category: Writing and Poetry         It follows in her shadow, won’t ever let her be... stares into her soul until she can hardly breathe.. It’s a never ending race inside, with nothing there to win... can’t run, her will grows tired all because of him. As the days drag on by, she commits an inner suicide... smiles on the outside but what’s inside, she cannot hide.. One tiny teardrop, (but there is so much more in pain)... because of him she will never be the same.
We had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently died. Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on the mat in our bathroom. We have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loved chapstick. LOVED it. He kept asking to use my chapstick and then losing it. Finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my chapstick and explained he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put it right back in the drawer after he finished. That year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around and try to get ready for church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up. Everything is a mess and everyone has long forgotten that this is a wonderful da
I'm Just Smart
Bloodlines (interlude)
Listen close! Only in a world this sick do we thrive for the power of anonymity. Where it is no longer safe for a Christian to pray to his God. A Muslim to worship on his Holy days or a Jew to go to his temple. This is my declaration. May every child in this great nation of hypocricy rise above democracy to burn every church to the motherfuckin' ground. May every democracy of hypocricy built on mediocrity burn like ashes in the wind of a concentration camp. Bill Cooper died in vain. Phillip Schneider died in vain. They lay slain encased in glasses of memories soon forgotten. Not by me but by the peripheral visions of the blind Americans lost in this sea of excess. This is our world. The enlightened ones looking up to me to finance, to go bankrupt at a moments notice. Fuck a gallon of oil! This is food for thought that will soon be devoured by the bellies of 2012 hungry Mayan children. This is our Hell, the Cenobites are a metaphor for the beauty of the most grotesque things imaginable
Wishing For A Dream Lover
Wishing for a Dream Lover ............Reach out your handAnd place it gently in mineLet us become oneAs ours souls intertwineThe night surrounds usFilled with the starsAs we danced under the moonAnd make love in the darkYour kisses like velvetYour touch like silkAs we envelope each other And create a love stiltLet our bond be unbroken And lasts many nightsFrom the beginning to the endNever losing its sightSo if by chance we let goAnd drift slowly apartLet the love we endeavoredContinue silently in our hearts
3 Credit Bling Auction
3 credit bling up for auction come bid ends at 3pm central time today! see my pic folders  its titled NEW BLING AUCTION   ty and good luck!
Breaking The Habit
Memories consume, like opening the wound I'm picking me a part again. you all assume, I'm safe here in my room Unless you try to start again. I don't want to be the one, the battles always choose Cause inside I realize, that I'm the one confused I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright. So I'm breaking the habit, tonight. -Linkin Park-
got a link for this site and i am totally clueless about what is going on
[a Month Later]
Well, its been longer than a month, but I think I consider myself "single with no current options" since last month.Damn slinky dust.And that calling sensation is back.Its constant.It got worse when I caught myself staring at this young woman with a slightly better figure (rounder butt, fuller tits), and slightly different face than my ex (thinner eyebrows, thinner cheekbones).First there was terror- on the off chance it was her, which I knew better, I've met this girl before, but the sunlight was coming through the window behind her... and she was staring back.We were kinda frozen there.For... quite a while.I took the first step, but the spell was broken, and I walked out the door.Shook up, and finding myself looking back more than once.The calling got louder as I stared at that dark round in all the right spots sillhouette when time froze.Yeah, I'm still attracted to my ex... I mean physically.A lot of people are, its not a big deal.I don't know what to do about this sensation, and n
M y wife and I were sitting on the couch last night watching TV.  She was running her finger nails across my thigh, then her hand started inching up inside the leg of my shorts.  The nail on her middle finger was flicking on my Prince Albert.  I could feel the blood starting to flood into my cock like a torrential flood.  Her searching hand found its fingers slithering around  the base of my ever growing shaft.   A slight sigh generated from the rhythmic stroking of her hand signaled to her that is was time.. She glided off of the couch and positioned herself in front of me between my legs.  Her hands grabbed my waist and nodded to me to lift my butt.  My shorts found themselves thrown across the floor. Her hand grabbed my thighs.  She looked me in the eye with her evil grin and slowly licked my cock from the base of my shaft to the tip of my head.  In one slow smooth motion the entirety of my engorged penis disappeared into the depths of her throat!  Her teeth lightly clamped down o
Stranger   Strangers in dreams can be very puzzling. Most often they are simply displaced persons and images that are drawn from the list of persons we know by face and name (sometimes they represent our own anima or animus). Strangers can reveal a tremendous amount of information about how we are experiencing the world. Different theorists have offered numerous explanations of who these characters are and how they worked into our psyches. Organizing the cast list is a useful endeavor for interpreting any dream. Anima/Animus as Stranger Carl Jung theorized that in the Self there were female counterparts to the male personality and male counterparts to the female personality. These counterparts are psychic projections that appear to us in dreams. When a female stranger shows up in a man's dream, her behavior can be a projection of the feminine side of his personality. This is conversely true for women who dream of male strangers. These strangers don't often have sex appeal for the d
Why is it, I only seem to find the guys who are either big fat egotistical assholes or big fat immature assholes... ?  I'm not too happy with where i'm at in my life I AM happy that I have my kids though.  I just wish the 'whatever you wanna call him' mans up and decides to finally be a dad and a fiancee.  And help me... I feel like a flippin single mom.  I do everything on my own.  Except spend money.  He's got that well taken care of.  GRRR, I know I can do better for myself, even if it means being single the rest of my life, but I don't want to take the kids away from their dad.  Oh, I dont know what to do... well I DO know what I should do, but getting there is the problem.  Deep down, I hope he will just wake up one morning and POOF magically be a resposible adult.
Attraction to dolls.
[the Awesome Survey Of Awesomeness]
Yeah that really is the name of the survey >> that's almost as awesome as Andy's moobs. 1. What is you full name? I think a total of two people on Fubar know it, and they're both on my blocked list *thumbs up*. 2. When is your birthday? 1/20/85 1/20 is the same as the guy that played Bones on Star Trek. Destined? 3. How tall are you? 5'11 but I say six foot to save time. 4. Eye color? Onyx. Some people have decided to find it sexy 5. Hair color? Ever dulling copper. 6. What nationality(s) are you? Ameriwont 7. Do you eat the crust on your bread and sandwiches? Yerp.8. Any piercings?Nope.9. Any tatoos? Nope.10. You have three wishes, what are they? A.) Maintainable world peace and disarmament, global conflict resolutionB.) The ability to manipulate my body's passage through time (including the ability to age or deage or auto regenerate to the point where I was killed and reverse it)C.) The capacity and aptitude to learn as much as I want. In other words >> hand built giant robot
Idées Création D'entreprise
Ideés création d'entreprise, partagons nous des idées
Beauty-margaret Mcelroy
Many souls on the earth plane are concerned about their beauty, whether they have the right body, a beautiful figure, too many facial lines etc., and this applies to men as well as women. They cannot often see the beauty that is within. The beauty of the soul. When you are at peace, and happy with yourself then one does not concern oneself with mundane thinking. The body that you have is only on loan for this lifetime and it is one you have chosen. The shape of your body, face and appearance is all due to genetic programming from many members of your families. Your soul however is not genetic, but is your own. Created from your own lessons, experiences and growth in the spiritual realms. When your soul is at peace you are at peace. This manifests as a beautiful glow around the body, your energy is golden, it does not matter what you "look like" those who look at you see the face of God. The more you open to love and the divine energy, and deal with your blocks and fears, the more you c
Love Is Worth It
Once long ago I could call you mine,once long ago I had your heart and love, once long ago you loved me and showed me the way out of the darkness, Once so very long ago you called me yours till the day came and it all came to end you loved me ,cherished me but yet secretly depised the person i became. No longer could you love me,no longer could you look at me the same.As I was no longer yours I cowered to hide the shame I brought upon our once happy lives.You loved me,you cared for me;you showed to love again.I betrayed you,i broke you,I destroyed your sense of being.No more can I call you mine,no longer do I have your heart,no more do you love me.I now lay in the darkness that I once shied from but no more for now i welcome it with open arms,for it hides me from the world,hides me from the love I once knew,hides me you.Death comes no sooner than does the rain nor a storm, i beg of it to take me now for I suffer greatly with this pain.I loved you,i cared for you but no longer am I your
Male Hair Regrowth
Hair loss is a very common problem that society has concerned for centuries. Although both men and women experience hair loss, the problem of hair loss is most commonly found in men. If given choice, no body wants to be the victim of hair loss. It affects your life very much; especially it makes a person look older. Men who suffer from hair loss almost fell less confident in dealing with the opposite sex. Therefore, they always want to solve this problem. Let's help a half of the world in this field throughout these information below. Male Hair Regrowth
My First Full Day Back And I Blog About Bowling =/
Well, I'm thinking that my break from here is over. I was just dealing with a lot of personal stuff and I needed to get away. Not that I don't have any personal things left to deal with, but I've figured out a better way to manage it all. Well that is until something else pretty massive comes along. At any rate, tonight marked the first week of my Fall league in bowling. I have to say SUCKED! I didn't bowl bad, just everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I was there 30 minutes early. I wasn't sure if we were going to have a meeting before we started or not. We didn't. I'm waiting for my team, none of which I'd ever seen before. It's 6:30, time for us to start bowling and I'm still the ONLY person from my team that is there. I go talk to the woman over it and she tells me that the 2 men from my team called her an hour before we were suppose to start to tell her that they quit. The woman went to the wrong damn bowling alley but she was on her way. So we all took our
Colonix Reviews
Colonix Reviews
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Linda Pittal's Quality Links
bredbånd mobilt bredbånd bredbånd tv
Happy Birthday Mom
I went to see my mom today. It's her 83rd birthday. She has been in a nursing home for several years now. She doesn't know who I am anymore. They now have her under hospice care. Which means the end is near. She looked terrible. She had no idea who me or my daughter was. She thought we were the staff just there to bother her. That was tough. As bad as this sounds, I just wish the end would come sooner than later. So she doesn't have to suffer in her private hell anymore. I wish she would just let go.
Shaun's Advice
Did you know that you can discover how to grow taller by making a few small changes in your diet? By learning to eat the right foods, you will not only get taller, but your bones will be stronger than ever.   How To Get Taller Grow Taller 4 Idiots How To Grow Taller
A Little About Me
Here are some of my websites to learn more about me! Outdoor Rugs EDI Outsourcing San Diego Health Insurance   I look forward to meeting you.   Chuck  
Laze And Mark Tattoos - Making Reliable You Pickax From Awful Art
Too numerous folks are dragged to galleries that have generic moon and lead tattoos. It's never a salutary idea to pose on a cook cutter ornament, because consume the connection, fill e'er regret doing it. With that said, grouping are discovery it out to ascertain the places that actually tally novel, star tattoos caliber collections of laze and actor tattoos, but I copulate the deed tangled into large collections of biscuit diner designs, I consider I fuck why. It's the sanity why 95% of us get cragfast superficial at that generic object, because we keep using examine engines. It's not symmetrical pleasing to use them righteous a minuscule bit, because the lists they advantage up are horrendous. In the prehistoric span of star tattoos, it doesn't entity which better hunting engine you use, the lists are filled to the edge with generic alcoholic galleries. Those aren't the laze and topology tattoos you essential to device from, instruction not. So, why would you poorness to set for tha
As a lot of you know, my brother in law died tragically a couple weeks ago. It was so horrible and we are all still trying to deal with the shock. He was my nephew's daddy and a true brother to me. I still can't believe he's gone. He didnt' show up for work and didn't call in which is not like Kenny at all. By 10 am everyone was really worried. My ex, who I am on great terms with, Took off to see if he could locate him. He went to Kenny's house and no sign. Then he remembered Kenny was staying at his gf Karens while she was out of town. Denny got to her house and the door was unlocked which wasnt a good sign and lights were on in the house too. He started looking and calling for Kenny but no answer and he couldnt find him inside. He noticed some of Kenny's things outside on the deck and went to investigate. He didnt see at first and then that's when he saw him. Kenny was in the the bottom. Denny's first reaction was to jump in and he did. He tried to get Kenny out but couldn't
It's A Great Place To Go
The Internet Shopping Mall Network is the premier shopping destination that gives you access to millions of products by connecting you to the worlds leading name-brand stores so you can shop with convenience, confidence and the greatest choice. Make sure to bookmark this site so you can always return to enjoy the vast selection and savings. Subscribe to our mailing list so you can save money with many valuable coupons, special offers & deal alerts!copy and past it.
Xbox 360 nintendo wii odklep
New Here
My first blog post. I'm new here.This place has a different interface than some of the other sites I go to. I've been going to a site about real vampires for a bit. I also visit one that's about scifi.   Anywho, this place looks cool. I'll write up a few more posts after I look around a bit.
Today Is Going To Suck Ass
Well, time for another blog that nobody will read, but it helps me to write them, so if you are that one person wh will read it, thank you..:D Now, onto why today will suck.  5 years ago to the day I was walked my soon to be ex-wife up to a priest, on top of a little bridge and swore to spend the rest of my life with her.  A promise I was wanting to keep, but now that she decided to "not be happy with me", I'm spending it getting divorce paperwork filled out right and going on an emotional ride that I wish I was too short to ride.  Sometimes I wish I could just shut down and not feel like I used to do, it made situations like this so much easier, but instead I have to get all shitty on myself.  All I know is that even though I wanted to stay with her and work on our problems, in all honesty it probably would have ended anyways later on, so I guess I should thank her, but it's just hard to do today when I took time off work that I'm probably stuck taking, like I need to stay at home an
Wtf Is Wrong With This World
Why is it that when ONE man dies, the whole of America loses their minds with grief. When a man dies whose only contribution to the country was to ENTERTAIN people, the Amercian people find the need to flock to a memorial in Hollywood, and even Congress sees the need to hold a "moment of silence" for his passing? Am I missing something here? ONE man dies, and all of a sudden he's a freaking martyr because he entertained us for a few decades? What about all those SOLDIERS who have died to give us freedom? All those Soldiers who, knowing that they would be asked to fight in a war, still raised their hands and swore to defend the Constitution and the United States of America. Where is their moment of silence? Where are the people flocking to their graves or memorials and mourning over them because they made the ultimate sacrifice? Why is it when a Soldier dies, there are more people saying "good riddence," and "thank God for IEDs?" When did this countr
Logo Mats
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I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.  -  Elizabeth Taylor
Whatz Up Man.
How are you all doing? i am a woman that likes to fave fun, how about you all. and Thank you men and woman in the military for putting your life on the line to protecting us people in Americans.
Lgn Revolution
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Boot Camp Utah
Boot Camp Utah: The Best Utah Weight Loss Plan There are many different fitness boot camps available, but to find a great one you should consider a boot camp in Utah. Utah is one of the most beautiful places to attend a fitness boot camp and with places like the Fit Club there are boot camps designed for the results you are looking for and so much more. The idea of a fitness boot camp is an intense workout over a short amount of time for the maximum results during that time. Though the workouts are intense they will never be dangerous or intended to cause you injury. As long as you are putting 120% into the workout and doing the moves the right way you will avoid injuries and get the results you are looking for. A good boot camp should offer a well-rounded workout by experience and certified trainers in a supportive group environment. This is a great way to combine the customized attention of a personal trainer with the support of a group class. The other individuals are there for th
Hooray For Whores!!
¨^»Princess...: im kidding you, have a good one ¨^»Princess...: thats true you did nothing hehehe ->¨^»Princess...: I can get drinks without doing anything ¨^»Princess...: can you pls fan me? ill go buy yuo a drink She bought me a drink and the message bathered on about how she's re-rating my profile and has fanned me in the past and I should do the same. :-s Suck my clit, lady! (fu)
Love Is Dead - Mr T Experience
Love is dead. Love is dead, but I still can't get her out of my head, so she'll be gone from now on and I'll regret everything I've ever done. She wasn't coming close to what she was supposed to do. It really doesn't matter, still there's not a sadder lie than I love you. Singing la la la la love is dead that's why I'm sighing and crying and shaking my head-- love is dead. Love is sad. Life is bad when you can't get what you could have had. Days are blue, nights are black. I'd do anything if I could have her back, but I'm just a sap and it's not gonna happen now. It's cold dark and stormy and there's nothing for me out there anyhow. Singing la la la la love is dead that's why I'm crying and lying awake in my bed-- love is dead. Emotional vertigo was never supposed to happen this time, but if she ever were to go back to me there's nowhere I wouldn't climb. Still out on this limb there's only me, a damaged dim and lonely me, stepping on my own toes while I rattle my chain of woe
Chapter Xxii: Life With Trees And Falling Leaves Is Apart Of My Grand Scheme
Let's suppose you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and that you could for example have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, or any length of time you wanted to have. And you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you could concieve. And after several nights of 75 years of total pleasure each, you would say "well, that was pretty great, but now lets umm, lets have a surprise." Lets have a dream which isn't under control. Where something is going to happen to me that I don't know what it's going to be. And you would dig that and come out of that and say "wow that was a close shave, wasn't it?" And then you would get more and more adventerous and you would make further and further gambles as to what you would dream, and finally you would dream where you are now. You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today.
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Pa Hotties
where is all the hotties from PA???
Lord Wolf's Plea
The fucking member who is truly a cunt acused me of hacking a fucking lounge if i could hack i would have gotten my long lost original account back.use your fucking head i need my status back please I will use my dicression better I promise if not,or if u don't believe me delete me please.I have my own problems in life I don't deserve abuse from online activities.Please give me mercy been here long time please don't make it harder for me.Please I service many with my morphs.
Plumber Voicemails: 3:30 A.m., Do You Know Where Your Plumber Is?
Woman's Voice: [from plumber's voicemail recording, 3:35 a.m.]  Hi, sorry to bother you. You’re probably asleep. I’m still not comfortable with the drip.  (pauses, music in background, woodwinds, sounds like marching band) Woman's Voice, Cont:  I know it’s late. But could you check it again? Not now. You’re probably asleep, I know. I know I’m crazy, right? I don’t care for drips. I hate them for some reason. They know. Obviously, that’s why they’re drips. (laughs) Woman's Voice, Cont:  Call me, please. Nothing urgent. Can wait until the morning, I guess. (pauses)  Later in the morning. (pauses) Maybe I should shut the bathroom door, I don't know. Maybe that would help. If I shut the door. I don't think so, because it'd still be dripping really.
Hollywood Rapists And Shouting
I am spitting nails about Roman Polanski and the cock sucking Hollywood deadbeats who are calling for this child rapist to be released. He raped a 13 year old girl and then hired a fleet of expensive lawyers to keep up with the extradition laws of the all the countries he could visit as he fled the US to avoid a prison sentence.   He admitted having sex with a minor. He drugged, sodomised and raped a 13 year old girl, but hang on, don't forget the man is an auteur, he won an Oscar for fuck sake, Woody Allen is crying for his release - we cant possibly jail this man, he knows Harvey Weinstein and Harvey is going to speak to Schwarzenegger to get these insidious charges dropped. Its just a load of rich famous people excusing child rape, even women's rights campaigner Whoopi Goldberg said " it wasn't rape-rape"  really? There is such a thing as rape-rape? I never saw that kind of rape in the film the Colour Purple did you?   Speaking as a woman who was raped as a child, I am aghast at
Not Always Right | Be Prepared For.....some Womanly Advice
(Note: I’m a teenager and doing Girl Scout fund raising by bagging at a local grocery store. All the other lanes had baggers, leaving me at self-check out. A customer notices me reaching for his items.) Customer: “I… uh… please… uh… DON’T!” (I notice his purchase consists of condoms, roses, and chocolates.) Me: “Oh! So, anniversary, or did you just piss her off?” Customer: “The second.” Me: “That bad, eh?” Customer: “Yeah, and she hasn’t given me any since! What kind of bulls*** is that?” Me: “When did this start happening?” Customer: “Like a week ago! I don’t even know what I did wrong!” Me: “Don’t you think it’s a bit early for these?” *holds up the box of condoms* Customer: *sarcastically* “What would a Girl Scout know anyways? Since you’re the expert, why don’t you tell me what to do?” (I t
Weight Loss
Weight Loss Programs
Miss My Wife
I know this sound silly but I have to admit that I miss my wife very much. I wish she's here right now. She's probably on the bed and playing with her Sex Toys right now. LOL. Jane is so far away right now. I have to leave her because of an important task. Hope I can get it done asap and go back sooner than what we have scheduled.
Mark And Moon Tattoo Designs
Depending on the underpants or for women a meet you can do virtuous most anything you impoverishment with a leg tattoo. The agamid is again a symbolization for force and posture and because of the regulate of a dragon's body beingness longest and skinny it can easily be integrated into a wonderful laden sleeve tattoo design that twists around the arm with the topic arrival up at the top of the should expanse. See writer on Grapheme And Month Tattoo Designs. Judgment the perfect kind tattoo can be a chore if you let it but if you don't sink for cookie-cutter styles you testament be conscionable smooth. You penury to dance putting a bit solon activity into forums. Having a superfluity of these tattoos placed in a course equivalent pattern can be tribal tattoos on more peoples' torsos surface horizontally crosswise their berth okay and any symmetric feature it through the size of their sticker. Object moral tattoos gets harder and harder as the net is overloaded by generic learning.Findin
Do you need intellect and witt for this?   Why do people find it offensive (because i throw in a bit of factual reference maybe)   can you be TOO sarcastic?   these are the questions i'n currently pondering .......
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Summary Of Life
GREAT TRUTHS THAT LITTLE CHILDREN HAVE LEARNED:1) No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.2) When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair.3) If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person.4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.5) You can't trust dogs to watch your food.6) Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.7) Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time.8) You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.9) Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.10) The best place to be when you're sad is Grandpa's lap.GREAT TRUTHS THAT ADULTS HAVE LEARNED:1) Raising teenagers is like nailing jelly to a tree.2) Wrinkles don't hurt.3) Families are like fudge...mostly sweet, with a few nuts.  4) Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.5) Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.6) Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the toy.GR
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Flat Tire From Hell
got my first flat tire today 5 years of driving and finally got my frist one. it was interesting it took a cop to fuck my shit up and dent my door, the triple a guy came and fixed the jack the right way, then the damn cop left i coudln't get his name to sue him for the damage of my car, but I do know the town he patrols. My computer is acting up so I need to restarts, maybe i can edit this later. xo justine
A Love To Remember
A dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beThe dream, a never fading happinessSpreads through my heartFaster and faster it beatsAs the memories begin to startA dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beThe memories, ones I'll never forgetI'll make sure to go at a slow paceAll I ever wanted was to wake upI open my eyes to see your faceA dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beI take a look into your eyesThe unbearable flame of pain welcomes your rainIt's an amazing feelingTo hold you once againA dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beYour arms like tress, cover over meProtect me from all the fearsA day, week, month passesYou will always be mine for yearsWe wait for that time to comeDreams we make shadow the nightmare to overcomeMemories that will never fade for eternityBeautif
Love Dawned
The dark of night greets the dayAnd a restless heart it finds;Peering through that cloud of grayThat loneliness hides behind.And with heavy weight of heartTreading light on golden rays;A quest on which the soul embarked To find where love might lay.Down each and every wooded pathAnd fork in road I turned;In each wading pool and mountain bathNo stone I left unturned.But once upon this day it seemsHence came the sun and yawned;You were stirring in my dreamsWhen first my love had dawned!
Lack of charisma can be fatal.  -  Jenny Holzer
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I'm About To Come Alive
I can hear you downstairs crying on the phoneTelling someone that I'm here but you still feel all aloneMaybe we were too youngGoodbye, I've gotta goI can hear the baby waking upGot to get back to the life I know I should have never believed himMaybe I should just leave him Maybe I'm not but you're all I got left to believe inDon't give up on meI'm about to come aliveAnd I know that it's been hardAnd it's been a long time comingDon't give up on meI'm about to come alive No one thought I was good enough for youExcept for youDon't let them be rightAfter all that we've been through'Cause somewhere over that rainbowThere's a place for meA place with you In every frame upon our wallLies a face that's seen it allThrough ups and downs and then more downsWe helped each other off of the groundNo one knows what we've been throughMaking it ain't making it without you
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Cause For Celebration
Cause for Celebration Honoring Everyday Life We all know someone who keeps plastic covers on his or her couch in order to protect it. The irony is that many of these people may live their lives without ever having actually made contact with their own furniture! This is a poignant and somewhat humorous example of the human tendency to try to save things for special occasions, as if everyday life weren’t special enough to warrant the use of nice things. Many of us have had the experience of never wearing a particular piece of clothing in order to keep it nice, only to have it go out of style in the meanwhile. It’s interesting to think of what it would mean to us if we let ourselves wear our nicest clothes and eat off the good china on a daily basis. We might be sending ourselves the message that every day we are alive is a special day and a cause for celebration, and that we are worth it. There is something uplifting about treating ourselves to the finest of what we have
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Huge Boob Student
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Studs Get Involved In A Hot Circle Jerk
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Eastbound And Down
so i started watching a new show on HBO.  it's hilarious.  it's called "Eastbound and Down".  it's about a former pro baseball pitcher who falls from grace and ends up being a gym teacher at a middle school.  i'm not gonna give it all away, you just have to start watching it.  i love it..  oh and Will Ferrell co-produces this show and makes a couple cameos.  try this:
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Salute Me If U Like
as my first blog ill have to mention that my profile and what it is so far even as outdated as it is is legitimate its the real deal of who i am
No More Playing Around
I give my heart and soul, I don't have alot. I give what I can. But what do material things do in the long run? Do they make people happy? I thought love was un-conditional, the strongest power ever discovered by man-kind. I try my hardest, I really do, It's not the big things, but the little things that carry me, guide me to what my heart desires. To my Angel my heart is all I can give. I hope she accepts this, if not, then I haven't found my soul-mate.  God let this be real, hear my prayers...
eternal It is a night of darkness, a song of sorrow,wolves vent their loneliness. The dark oneawakes.Mist shrouds her pale form,an eternal desire.Her ebon hair cascades overpale and delicate shoulders, and herfull deeply crimson lips part slightly, to taste thesoul streaming from thepale flesh beneathher.Now a night of ecstasy,I weep.
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Hero Lyrics
Let me be your hero,Would you dance,if I asked you to dance?Would you run,and never look back?Would you cry,if you saw me crying?And would you save my soul, tonight?Would you tremble,if I touched your lips?Would you laugh?Oh please tell me this.Now would you die, for the one you love?Hold me in your arms, tonight. I can be your hero, baby.I can kiss away the pain.I will stand by you forever.You can take my breath away.Would you swear,that you'll always be mine?Or would you lie? would you run and hide?Am I in too deep?Have I lost my mind?I don't care... You're here, tonight. I can be your hero, baby.I can kiss away the pain.I will stand by you forever.You can take my breath away.Oh, I just wanted to hold you.I just wanted to hold you.Oh yeah.Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?Well I don't care...You're here, tonight.I can be your hero, baby.I can kiss away the pain oh yeah I will stand by you forever.You can take my breath away.I can be your hero, baby.I can kiss away the pain.And I
Diy Solar Panel
Solar panels have been a very useful system for generating free usable electricity. For the residential community, using solar energy is the most sensible decision for many different reasons. Click here to read more - home solar power systems and how to build a solar panel It isn't difficult to learn how to build a solar panel. All you need is some materials like:• Solar Cells• Wire crimping tool• Wire cutters• A sheet of plywood• Copper wires• Screwdriver• Cobalt steel jobbers' twist drill bit, heavy duty, wire gauge size 26, 3" L, 1c" L flute• Machine screw size high-speed steel hand tap taper, 10-24, H3 pitch diameter, 4 flute• 7/32 drill bit• Plastic sheet cutter• Reamer• Pliers• Hacksaw• Solder, 60/40 or silver• Soldering iron, or soldering station• Sheets of glass• Drill• A DIY installation guide In recent years, solar panels have garnered some notable leaps and that continues as the price
Spice Girls - Mama
She Used to be my enemy and never letting me be free, catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be, Every other day I crossed the line I didn't mean to be so bad, I never thought you would become a friend I never had Back then I didn't know why, Why you were misunderstood (mama), So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love Mama I love you, Mama I care, Mama I love you, Mama my friend, You're my friend I didn't want to hear it then but I'm not ashamed to say it now, Every little thing you said and did was right for me, I had a lot of time to think about, about the way I used to be, Never had a sense of my responsibility. Back then I didn't know why, why you were misunderstood, So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love, Mama I love you, Mama I care, Mama I love you, Mama my friend, You're my friend ,you're my friend But now I'm sure I know why (I know why), why you were misunderstood, So now I see through your eyes, all I can give you is love
If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on, now, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. But, if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldn't be the same. 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change. Bye, bye, its been a sweet love. Though this feeling I can't change. But please don't take it badly, 'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame. But, if I stayed here with you girl, Things just couldn't be the same. Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you'll never change. And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change. Lord help me, I can't change.
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Contact Lenses Offer Exceptional Comfort
Many individuals prefer to buy contact lenses over eyeglasses because contacts offer comfort and safety. While some eyeglasses offer fashion, some are actually fairly heavy, causing individuals occasional migraines. In addition, eyeglasses often suggest inconvenience and danger for athletes. For soccer players, a ball to the face could be very dangerous if they’re wearing glasses. Not only will the glasses break, but the shattered pieces could enter the eye, causing severe damages. Contact lenses have also been used for beauty purposes.  Individuals with exceptionally high degrees often dislike the idea of wearing extremely thick lenses. Alternatively, many individuals choose to use Acuvue Advance. Acuvue contacts consists a unique moisture rich element, preventing contacts from drying throughout the day. For occasional contacts users, they can buy Acuvue Advance contacts that are designed to be worn once. Daily wear contacts are great as a pair of cheap contacts for negligent i
Not Always Right | She Uses Google, Part 2
Restaurant | Rhode Island, USA (Over the phone…) Lady: “Is there a way to see your menu before coming in?” Me: “Yes, you can google the name of the restaurant and the first link should take you to a menu.” Lady: “What’s…’google’ mean?” Me: “It’s a search engine on the internet. It’s at” Lady: “Just a sec…” *faintly* “Google…dot…com…” Lady: “It’s not working.” Me: “Did you spell the our name correctly?” Lady: “I can’t even get to this ‘google’ page! Wait… how do you spell ‘dot’?”
Not Always Right | Fun Things To Do On Your Last Day
Call Center | San Antonio, TX, USA (My friend worked in the phone service department of an undergarment company. One day he got a call from an unhappy woman. We’ll call him David.) Customer: “Yes, I’m calling to see why my order hasn’t arrived yet.” David: “Could you please give me some information about your order?” (The customer then goes on to inform him that her gargantuan pair of panties designated by untold numbers of X’s have yet to arrive and she’s very upset.) David: “Well you see ma’am, the cargo plane that your panties were on lost power and the pilot had to use them to parachute to safety.” (The customer did not have a sense of humor. David was promptly fired. True Story.)
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Green kind of goes with the story I'm posting. I decided to go on a "hike" with Daniel this afternoon. I have to tell you that we didn't really go all that far, we were gone maybe 10 minutes. Anyway, I took this picture right before we started. It's so cute. Well, he is.   Well, we kind of got lost. My fault really....I let him lead the way. I told him to walk straight. He did..but I got a little sidetracked. While we were walking back he was telling me, "We have to make it home, I love it there". Kind of made me feel bad and I was starting to panic. The only thing keeping me halfway sane was that I had my cell phone and I was texting Ron. When we got back..yes I'm good, I know =]......He jumped on my back and beat me to death. Not really..but yeah. I was attacked and thought I'd take a picture of it. Hope you all enjoyed it. lol. [edit:] I forgot to mention, when he seen the house he said..."It's a miracle".
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Note To My Teenage Self
  Dear Janey, you are probably sitting listening to a Donny Osmond LP on your big record player and dreaming of becoming a Mormon, flying off to Utah and marrying the toothy singer…it won’t happen, stop crying and dreaming of Salt lake City and swoony Osmond kisses, he marries his teenage sweetheart and she has all her teeth, you have nine missing.   Oh, by the way, buy a toothbrush, I know you have hardly any cash but seriously that stuff they say about decay is right, a toothbrush is important. By the time you are 40 years old you will have paid £2,000 in veneers and bridge work at a private dentist.   Yes, you will have private health care; I know it’s hard to believe right now.   So, get the record player turned off and start staring at school books. Try harder to understand maths and don’t give up on art or English, you will be good at both in future, just try to understand me when I say you will write, paint and you really need to understand per
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Watch One Tree Hill
watch one tree hill
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My Go Phone For When Im Off Shore
my sprint palm phone (POS) is being replaced, and they are having problems with switching my phone..idk...grrrr anyways, those of you that have my FB can go there and get the number to txt me, or call if you want. I will only have service while close to shore so if i dont respond for a few days, dont think im ignoring you. i got this phone cuz my sprint service doesnt reach the dock :( Ill be picking my sprint phone up as soon as they finger it out...   and prolly sending out txts to those of you i talk to already on my other #, for this att #   BTW never buy a palm pre...this is the third one ive had to get under insurance, and the replacement phone is screwed gonna have to get a damned black berry or something!!!   so see yall in a month or so on fubar..and there ya have it
Ive Been Tagged
my friend jen asked me to write 10 unusual things about myself an than ask 5 friends of mine 2 do the same, here goes:      1. When i was young, my mother chased me around the house with the turkey neck an stuff u make the gravy out of. It grossed me out ! So now i only eat ham on thanksgiving.      2. My son says i talk to myself an dont even realize it.      3.When i grow up or retire, I would like to treasure hunt for gold and jewels or own a nut tree farm.    4. Parrots always attack me but i get along with almost all dogs and cats.        5.When im worried about something, I get a rash around my neck and ears.     6. Most of my close friends all have the same astrology signs.      7.I cant keep a secret an dont understand why people have them?     8.I like to read about people who say they can channel the higher mind (edgar  cayce ect..) I dont know if they really can but they have some imaginative things to say!    9.Ive worked for room and board an entire summer just because it
Stupid Encounter #28 (please Read Botto To Top Its A Sb)
NjRoc: i wish my balls where slapping against your chin To NjRoc: Dont say sorry to me go home and say sorry to your wife if you even have the balls to say that NjRoc: ok ok ok ok i am sorry I think you are pretty...have a nice day To NjRoc: look your married... im married.... so no maybe you cheat you like to be a statistic to cheaating on your wife even though you made a promise to God not to but look I dont im a Christian women youd know that if you read my profile i read yours you say your not a douchebag but sorry yo you are anyone to do that to their wife is NjRoc: yeah but i think u r a doll ..i like you ...give me a break To NjRoc: OK BUT IM ALSO NOT 56 NjRoc: hun you are not a child To NjRoc: I UNDERSTAND THAT UR OLD AND SENILE BUT THE HINT IS NO CAUSE I MEAN HELLO YOUR MY DADS AGE... I ALSO KNOW PAST THAT AGE YOU THINK ITS OK TO BECOME A CHILD MOLESTER CAUSE YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO BE YOUNG AGAIN... BUT WHATEVER GO FUCK UR SELF WITH A RUSTY RAZOR AND JUST SOME ADVICE NEWBE
World Gratitude Practice~day 11~entopic Gratitude~blissfully Spinning Into A Trance-like State? Simply Focus On Gratitude.
ENTOPIC GRATITUDE Ready to create ecstatic change,blissfully spinning into a trance-like state?Simply focus on Gratitude.You see ...spirals, circles, dots and gridsare all geometric signals of a happyning shift~ as seen by the minds eye~entopic forms transporting us beyond the normto worlds of wonder, bliss, ecstasy and JOYall present within YOUopening through this symbol of Gratitude.*** Go Gratitude!***Remember ~our heavens dance in circles and spirals,from the smallest atoms to the grandest galaxies.So it is, too, with you as Gratitude.***"At one time alphabets were based and related to"shape-forms." Some of the earliest examples of linearsymbols in Europe were found in Magdalenian cave sites(12,000-17,000 years before the present time).There is also a skull discovered at Mezhirich in the Ukraine,painted with tiver (red ochre) that dates from 14,000years ago. These identifiable symbols are stillrecognizable today. They include the runes, the cross,the swastika and many religious and
Blog About Blogging!
So, here's the deal, I've got a 10 pg paper to write for a Friday morning class. It will probably end up being a 7-8 pg paper. I hate writing papers, absolutely despise it. Loathe it with an undying passion. Unfortunately it's a necessity in college that I CAN do well, I just don't like to. Anyway, I need some points on a subject I chose from the teachers list to talk about. The topic I chose: Blogs! Here's what the sheet actually said: An investigation into the nature of blogs; e.g, text blogs, video blogs, blog creation, where to post blogs, where to find blogs, blog evaluations with respect to validity of content, and other aspects of the blogasphere. So, help me out with some points to talk about. I can get this done easily if I have a direction to head in. Thanks folks!
Great acts are made up of small deeds.  -  Lao Tzu
Rogue River Pilot
If the walls of this canyon could talk they would tell, of a Rogue River pilot we loved and knew well.  With a permanant smile and that look in his eye, in a '55 Cessna 180 through the canyon he fly. Rogue River pilot share your passion to fly.  Over the mountain tops high in the sky.  Up through the canyon where the bald eagles soar, and over the threshold of heaven's door. San Jose strawberries flown in for dessert, they found Paradise right here on Earth.  An oasis for him and his co-pilot Beth, rest up a little and just catch their breath. Rogue River pilot share your passion to fly.  Over the mountain tops high in the sky.  Up through the canyon where the bald eagles soar, and over the threshold of heaven's door. Then one fateful day on a morning in June, they took with berries bound for Half Moon.  Four souls went to heaven when God called them home.  Left us all heart broke, sad, and alone Rogue River pilot share your passion to fly.  Over the mountain tops high in the sky.
Merry Christmas To All Military Personel!!!!!!!!
You know its not very often you see a solder at home on Christmas.   She gets to sit by a warm fire holding the one she loves not sitting in a cold lonely tower holding her gun.   He's hanging the Christmas lights this year not his laundry on a line to dry.   Now he lights candles to give the room a soft holiday glow not the night sky with gun fire and missiles to protect the ones below.   You know so many of us do so much for the Holidays, but we never stop to remember or think about the ones that are not home enjoying what we get to enjoy. so as you go on with you festive things every time you do something with your family and loved one just remember instead of a solder doing those things with his or her family they are spending their holiday time some where far from their loved one and families to protect  and hold or rights to do these things. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL!!!!!!
Vote 4 Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama: Taking Care Of Bussiness (not Healthcare Reform.)
Problem Solution
More Poems
by CassandraXVeronicaXONealaXLawsonA young teenage girl that felt all alone becausenothing but violencewas in her homeshe came home from schoolto yet anther fightnot knowing thatthis time it would cost her lifeas the yelling and fightinggot worse and extremeno one could hearthe poor girl screamas his face flared with rage, he grabbed for the knife, to cut out the heart of this remaining lifeand when he did guilt raised inside andtears started fallingand he took his own lifesee what happensto little girls and little boys ALl around the worldbecause of the violence we put in there life
I Don't Care
Well some things have changed for me and it's about time I blog about it. I don't mean to really offend anyone, so if I do....sorry. I'm dating someone now. I'm actually happy and for that reason, I've not been online much. I spend my free time either talking to him or seeing him. I've gotten a few texts and not been able to answer because I'm either working or spending time with John. I then get a text, from the same person saying that since I don't want to talk to them, they are going to delete me. [shrug] I also got an instant message talking about how I wanted to "take things slow" with a guy. This guy has hurt me so many times, that taking it slow was exactly what I wanted to do. Is it my fault that I met someone, got to know them and then fell for them? No. Me and the "take it slow guy" were NEVER dating. Not only did they try to make me feel bad for being happy, they ended the conversation with "all I have to say - It figures". Whatever. I didn't do anything to hurt them, ne
Music Monday (tuesday) 12
One song... United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop)A Mashup of the Top 25 Hits of 2009, according to Billboard.The Black Eyed Peas - BOOM BOOM POWLady Gaga - POKER FACELady Gaga Featuring Colby O'Donis - JUST DANCEThe Black Eyed Peas - I GOTTA FEELINGTaylor Swift - LOVE STORYFlo Rida - RIGHT ROUNDJason Mraz - I'M YOURSBeyonce - SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT)Kanye West - HEARTLESSThe All-American Rejects - GIVES YOU HELLTaylor Swift - YOU BELONG WITH MET.I. Featuring Justin Timberlake - DEAD AND GONEThe Fray - YOU FOUND MEKings Of Leon - USE SOMEBODYKeri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo - KNOCK YOU DOWNJamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain - BLAME ITPitbull - I KNOW YOU WANT ME (CALLE OCHO)T.I. Featuring Rihanna - LIVE YOUR LIFESoulja Boy Tell 'em Featuring Sammie - KISS ME THRU THE PHONEJay Sean Featuring Lil Wayne - DOWNMiley Cyrus - THE CLIMBDrake - BEST I EVER HADKelly Clarkson - MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOUBeyonce - HALOKaty Perry - HOT N COLD
Indians Took Back The 500 Thousand Acres Of Land.
Indians took back the 500 thousand acres of land. Living in the United States of AMERICA Central and Southwestern states that Native American tribes, ancestors of hundreds of thousands of acres of land taken back by the hand was forced. Their land management agreements with the United States was established, unlike the European immigrants to the land taken from the hands of the Indians, their land was purchased for money. Native American tribes for many years the U.S. government was waiting to find a solution to the issue. Obtained from the American Indian Affairs Bureau, according to data between 1998 and 2007 Native American tribes from across the United States purchased approximately 500 thousand acres of land. Agriculture and livestock belonging to assign this land to return to help again indicating the Indians, for themselves in these lands to the sanctity of life is remarkable. On the other hand Obama administration belonging to ancestors of the Indians for land they can buy $ 2
Now Its Time For The Truth Im Tired Of The Lies soon to be ex, husbands page... his blogs are full of half truths ..... i have the plice reports if anyone would like to see them... he would hit me, put his hands around my throat so that i couldnt breathe, and force me to have sex, when i did not feel well or was in pain... and since june i have been tryin to get a divorce from him, but he is being a child and wont sign the papers, i have known my current man for how long i have known him, but i am only now pregnant... i admit that, but then again i would be married to my soon to be husband if he would have picked up his papers in louisianna, and as for child support, we dont need his filthy drug and whoring money,... this is the truth.
Not Titled Yet
your burning eyes of hatred seek mine  your hands are roughly on my shoulders as you push my back against the wall  no, i quietly say to you, no  you grin evilly  your mouth preys on mine...  ravaging my lips as your teeth dig into them your whole body forcing against mine  your muscles taunt with excitement at the capture  my hands push at your chest half heartedly  as already your lust is feeding mine  i moan involuntarily as your teeth tear into my neck  your fingertips bruising my cleavage...    to be continued... maybe 
As the sun fades,She is not at my side.The night will take its toll,Because she is not at my side. A beauty I dream of,During my days never a thought without.And when the sun sets,Shes in my thoughts,always without a doubt. She could be day or night,Her beauty commands whatever she wants.And forever in my mind,Her beauty will haunt.
Good God By Anouk
"Good God" Surely I am winning but I won't Claiming that I'll do it but I don't Knowing I'll do anything that you want Pretending that I am someone that I'm not Good God, my mind won't let me think right I know you're trouble But I'm determined to create these things up in my head That never happen In time I've got to choose Freedom or loyalty Look at what you have done What am I gonna do? So now that you have made a mess of me You showed me stars that I have never seen I know it's wrong why does it feel so right You haven't got me yet, but you might Your smiling back at me I wanna do it I wanna be with you let me get through it But am I gonna make it back alive Will you show me all the things that you can doooooo Good God, my mind won't let me think right I know you're trouble But I'm determined to create these things up in my head That never happen In time I've got to choose Freedom or loyalty Look at what you have done What am I gonna do? Yeah Good God, my mind won't let me think r
Chill Out Time
Have loved the cold weather, so much so I went on 'STV The Hour' show and declared my love of the snow, it was funny- to me.    I did have a blocked up nose during the broadcast and was sweating slightly. The snow has been a double edged sword in my household. On the one hand, we are all getting cabin fever, on the other we are all talking more and huddling together. Ashley and I are writing together, I have to sit in her room as we do it and I get all distracted by staring at her book collection (why does she have Dirk Bogarde's biography?), the bundles of clothes (are they clean or needing ironed?), why is there make up bottles mixed with bank statements and a basil Panini? (Should I sort them out?) Things come into my head and she shouts "Mum, stop looking at my stuff and bloody focus on what we are writing, we have a deadline!"   I am easily distracted. So after all this week of writing, learning a new programme on the laptop and dealing with a lump that I haven't yet let the
You're Not The Boss Of Me By They Might Be Giants
Yes, no, maybeI don't knowCan you repeat the question?You're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me now, and you're not so bigYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me now, and you're not so bigLife is unfair, so I just stare at the stain on the wall whereThe TV'd been, but ever since we've moved in it's been emptyWhy I, why I'm in this roomThere is no point explainingYou're not the boss of me now, and you're not so bigYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me now, and you're not so bigLife is a test, and I confessI like this mess I've made so farGrade on a curve and you'll observeI'm right below the horizonYes, no, maybe, I don't knowCan you repeat the question?You're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me now, and you're not so bigYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me nowYou're not the boss of me now, and you'
[something I Stole From Someone I'm Barely Acquainted With]
If you've been tagged or you are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions, writing your own response, and tagging 25 other victims. You have to tag me so really you just need 24 more people. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you - but not in a creepy stalker kind of way. ---Ick Disregards these disclaimers... and "rules". 1. What time did you get up this morning?-- 9:50 after a totally sweet dream where I was fighting with Blade and banging succubi.No really. 2. How do you like your steak?-- High heat in bacon fat seared on both sides barely medium. Finished with hand cranked butter or coarse sea salt and cracked pepper. 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?--Jesus christ, it has been a while... uhfuck... fuck fuck fuck it was fairly recent, and it wasn't terrible. And it wasn't ninja assassin. That was the one just before (look... sometimes you have to watch a tardsy macho slasher movie). Totally forgot... 4. What is y
Wyldes First Narly Bulletin
It's About Damn Time!
Sooooooooooooooooooooo I've been sending out resumes, clicking more on and than on fu.  Since I lost my job in September '08, I'd had one interview.  Only a handful of phone interviews or email inquiries.  The job market is crap in SE Michigan, especially for an engineer whose experience is 90% automotive. About a week and a half ago, I saw a posting from Aerotek for a long term contract job and clicked as usual.  That was on a Sunday - on Monday morning a recruiter had called back and was very enthusiastic, wanting me to meet with her that afternoon and get my employment identification out of the way.  It was clear they wanted people quickly, and I was called in to interview on Friday.  After a long weekend waiting, it's 99.9% sure I have the job :D  It's largely in the field I have experience, with some metallurgy thrown in - which is what my degree is in.   I'll be working for General Motors at their Tech Center, and will be hired permanently if the
Minx's New Narly Bulletin!!!!!
Bad Is Bad By Huey Lewis & The News
Went uptown to see my cousin  Plays guitar, sounds like a chainsaw buzzin'  In the crowd, I see his mom and dad  I said "Hey, hey Uncle, man your son is bad"    But sometimes, sometimes Bad Is Bad  Cool is a rule, but, sometimes, bad is bad.    Across the street, a neon sign  All you can eat for a dollar ninety nine  Aww, that old stew is the baddest in the land  But one dollar's worth was all that I could stand    [ Bad Is Bad lyrics from ]But sometimes, sometimes bad is bad  Cool is a rule, but, sometimes, bad is bad.    Back uptown to see marie  Nobody home, I opened the door with my key  "I love you, Huey" was the note I read  But there's a strange pair of shoes underneath the bed    But sometimes, sometimes bad is bad  Cool is a rule, but, sometimes, bad is bad. 
Catch Up
Wow, I have so much to catch you people up on! Well.. where to start? Scholastic: My Winter semester (if 2 weeks can be called a semester) finished on Jan 17. Spring began on the 18th. No breaks for me! I managed to pass the Winter course with a high C. I guess I'm ok with that.. not ecstatic, but I'll live. So far I'm very much enjoying my classes in the Spring semester. I've switch my major to Family and Consumer Sciences: Nutrition and Dietetics option. I'm set on becoming a registered dietician :) I'm very happy with what I've picked. I'm enjoying what I'm learnign once again and am keeping up with my readings and stuff for once. I never used to. I didn't see the point of studying away from school. Isn't that what going to classes is for? My view has changed on that though since my switch of majors. It's interesting what happens when you actually find something you are interested in and want to learn about. I'm taking this class where is the basics of social reasearch. I get to d
Cinnamon Rolls
At breakfast one day, I eagerly waited for my husband to comment on my first attempt at homemade cinnamon rolls. After several minutes with no reaction, I asked, "If I baked these commercially, how much do you think I could get for one of them?" Without looking up from his paper my husband replied, "About 10 years." 
The Formula
I'm spittin' formulas fatal and unstableMy rhymes are like a body laying on the morgue tableAnd now it's time to pay hommage to my influenceYou speak death motherfucker cause I speak it fluentFrom Deicide down to Morbid AngelIma Cannibal Corpse that'll leave you stripped raped and strangledMy rhymes cephalic and you know they cause carnageCause Spice One said a killa is heartlessI show no mercy like my name was SlayerCause hell awaits when its raining blood and so I'll see you thereI'm Two Live like my name was LukeAnd there's a dark funeral everytime I'm spittin' in the boothI sing anthems to the Welkin at duskThus spake the nightspirit through the infinity of thoughts this scum fuckIs soon coming to your areaSo watch out cause you know I spit brujeriaThey call me blasphemer, gate keeperSpittin' formulas fatal to your fleshBlasphemer, hate bringerFor the wicked there is no rest, yesThey call me blasphemer, gate keeperSpittin' formulas fatal to your fleshBlasphemer, hate bringerFor the
Slavegirl Nora
hello, i want to show you a slavegirl that offered me a lot of pleasure and amusement. a really nice and perverted cuban/spanish slavegirl Slavegirl Nora       a very interesting and horny slavegirl. and after a proper treatment her cunt was also a nice and clean viewable part.       some stinging pain to her ass cheeks and a proper training made a perfect slavegirl out of this hot female.         tomorrow i will update the blog with a new entry... then my new amusement subject can be seen here. a very cute young female that knows her place as slavegirl in this world and that does her best to serve properly and to amuse her sir up to his likes and interests.  
Day 1
So, I quit smoking today at 8:30pm.   It's been 2 hours without a cigarette and It's kinda going ok. I want to smoke but I can't because then I would be letting people down and not only that I will be letting myself down.  Im using the Patch to help me along with unlimited cuddles with my boyfriend and lots of candy....I'll probably come out of this with diabetes. LOL I hope that I accomplish quitting and not end up like other people have and just start back up right after I fully quit. This is going to take a lot of will power, and alot of support from my friends and family. I hope I can do this.  
Top 10 Ways To Become Irresistibly Attractive
Top 10 ways to become Irresistibly AttractiveThe Top 10 Steps to Becoming Irresistibly AttractiveCategory: Irresistible Attraction (BK2)Originally Submitted on 11/1/96.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The term Irresistibly Attractive refers to the idea of great people, ideas, opportunities, things and more, come TO you vs you chasing them or being promotive, seductive or acquisitive in nature.1. Don't need much.If you need something, usually it will run away/escape you. Get your personal and financial needs met first and you'll find yourself attracting vs seducing.2. Think big, really big.Attraction occurs when there is a healthy vacuum between where you are and what you want to have happen. The wider the gap, the greater the pulling power of attraction.3. Eliminate the holes in your life.Where are you being depleted? By whom? Plug those holes by extending boundaries, raising standards, resolving past issues, healing. Attraction won't find
  Man... look at the metal finish on those verniers and barrelsSo... I'm putting together the MS 18E Kampfer. I have one Arm completed, 2 short stock shotguns, and 2 bazookas. I'd like to say that this suit really embodies the blitz.Guns guns gunsBazookasSturmfaustsShotgunshead gatlingsBeam sabersMine-whip Covers AP, anti armor, light infantry, I could level a goddamn city block with this thing. A whole lot of joints on this thing say "screw this" and I do exactly that I'm not microthreading eye-glass screws through a cubic centimeter of plastic on an already stable and fitted joint. I did on the gouf custom, and didn't see the fucking point. I wonder how this guy got that great luminescent blue and that high sheen metallic. Great color combination. Now the impulse to go custom on mine... I think it comes from the fact that my first model ever was a Super Deformed Kampfer. Adorable little guy. I had no idea what he was, but we picked him up in a random shopping district in T
Kari Is Masters
Her beauty goes beyond all I know,Surpassing even a night full of stars.Well past the warmest day of summer,Softer than any rose by far. How God himself made such beauty,Puts me in awe of him.Just to speak of her beauty,For this I have yet to begin. My words cannot do her justice,To be in her presence is a true gift.Just one smile from her,A million hearts it would lift. Today for a momment she gave me a smile,A treasure I will keep forever.Beautiful sweet Kari smile for me again,I have not seen such beauty before or will I ever.
My Heart
The blood now flows from deep inside my heartthe hand that holds it shall keep us far apartand place my love in a box to stay for yearsuntil this heart may love again sans tears.My heart is cracked, so worn by years of painThe fragile monster shall not again be plainOh, the tears I've cried, the blood I've shed for loveThe pain I've felt the Hell I've known from aboveMy thought my hopes so dashed so torn, so meekThat hate has burned my heart so black and bleakIt is my hand that holds this heart so frailI'd rip it from my chest to stop my wailI've loved, I've lost I've cried the tears of whiteI bleed this white and prepare for coming nightIn the night I'll stay, in the night so dark I'll lienever to taste a kiss of love I'll sighbut never again shall I cry...
2 Block Or Not 2 Block?
I am normally not one to block people on FUBAR; I've never had to,until now. Some douchebag by the name of "Mac" decides to pay my profile a visit, and leaves a smartass comment on 2 of my pics. No big deal, i'm a big boy. As I said in my about me section," if you don't like what you see, keep steppin', but I can take a negative comment or two. Your opinion is like your asshole, it's yours and you're entitled to it. What pissed me off is that when I decided to pay HIS profile a visit, HE BLOCKED ME. This asshat gets a chuckle at my expense, then blocks me so I can't retaliate. So I left a message for him in my status and blocked him in return, just in case he decided he wasn't done. I have never been one to downrate or leave nasty comments, but I would at least be man enough to let you have your say if i did. I have no respect for cowards, and this waste of sperm is definitely a coward. I handled it the best way I knew... what would you have done?
bombast\BOM-bast\  noun; 1.Pompous or pretentious speech or writing.
Traditional Birthstones For Each Month
You might think that birthstones are only associated with theZodiac signs. This is not exactly true. They are also associatedwith what month you are born in. The origin of the twelve monthlybirthstones was thought to have originated in Bible as they werefound on the breastplates of Aaron.Yet another difference between the monthly and the Zodiac stones isthat the monthly stones have more a numerological associationwhereas the Zodiac stones relate more to astrology.January - The garnet is named as the January birth stone in justabout every tradition or culture The glittering red garnet is thestone representing January in Hebrew, Roman, Arabic, Polish andRussian traditions. In the ancient Hindu tradition the stone forJanuary was the serpent stone, but this is not a stone that has beenseen by anyone. Chances are it was a ruby or a black stone. February - The symbolic stone is agreed upon as being the amethystaccording to North American, Hebrew, Roman, Arabic, Polish andRussian traditions. 
[caviar Omelets, Oh Yeah- I Went There]
It's pretty simple.Okay hardest part about this recipeget some god damn roe. Step 2 3 eggs TBS and a half of roe. combine vigorously, but not batshit fast since you don't want to pulp or juice the fish eggs. Let it come to room temperature. Preheat a very well lubed skillet to medium put that son-bitch on the heat. Wait for it to set, foldwaitflipserve. I dressed with butter cracked pepper and sea salt. Smoky.Delicious. Green.... Yeah. The roe actually offset the color of the eggs into this unappetizing color. You could probably use less.You could probably just use it as a condiment at the fold or dress stage. Either way this bears doing. Then I had cheesey brown rice. Wootage. I'm gonna finish Kampfer... maybe take some pictures if I don't hate you.  
In These 4 Walls (usa 2010)
If I just lay here, and forget the whole world, Would you lay with me?  
3/17/10 Dilbert
The Facts Of Health Care Reform From
1. The plan is not a government takeover of health care like in Canada or Britain. The government will not take over hospitals or other privately run health care businesses. Doctors will not become government employees, like in Britain. And the U.S. government intends to help people buy insurance from private insurance companies, not pay all the bills like the single-payer system in Canada. The key parts of the current U.S. system -- employer-provided insurance, Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid for the poor -- would stay in place. The government would create health insurance exchanges for people who have to buy insurance on their own, so they could more easily compare plans and prices.2. Insurance companies will be regulated more heavily. They will be told the minimum services they must cover, including preventive care. They will have to pay out a certain percentage of premiums for patient care. By 2014, when the exchanges open, insurers won't be able to deny customers
Naked On Cam
c_nolan_03: i'm gonna go naked on cam, you interested? me: Why would I be? me: Like you and your small weenie are suppose to be impressive or something? Does it do a trick? c_nolan_03: make fun of me if you want, it's hot me: I'm sure in your mind it is
Is There....
Is there truely a man,that can see past what i want them to see.Is there a man that canlove me for being just me?not for what i look likebut see what is in my heart.Is there a man that can lookin my eyes and see the hungerthat is there.The hunger to just be held.cuddledbe told that im beautiful,and the man really mean itnot just telling me to gain access to other parts of my bodyIs there a man thatcan love me for just menot what they think they can get from me..not a man that will usenot one that will abuse.but a man that is a real manand will love me..
Creed - My Own Prison
A court is in session, a verdict is in No appeal on the docket today Just my own sin The walls are cold and pale The cage made of steel Screams fill the room Alone I drop and kneel Silence now the sound My breath the only motion around Demons cluttering around My face showing no emotion Shackled by my sentence Expecting no return Here there is no penance My skin begins to burn (And I said oh) So I held my head up high Hiding hate that burns inside Which only fuels their selfish pride (And I said oh) We're all held captive Out from the sun A sun that shines on only some We the meek are all in one I hear a thunder in the distance See a vision of a cross I feel the pain that was given On that sad day of loss A lion roars in the darkness Only he holds the key A light to free me from my burden And grant me life eternally Should have been dead On a Sunday morning Banging my head No time for mourning Ain't got no time (And I said oh) So I held my head up high Hiding hate that burns inside
A Better Place To Be
It was an early morning bar room, And the place just opened up. And the little man come in so fast and Started at his cup. And the broad who served the whisky She was a big old friendly girl. And she tried to fight her empty nights By smilin' at the world. And she said "Hey Bub, It's been awhile Since you been around. Where the hell you been hidin' ? And why you look so down ?" But the little man just sat there like he'd never heard a sound. The waitress she gave out a cough, and acting not the least put off, She spoke once again. She said, "I don't want to bother you, consider it's understood. I know I'm not no beauty queen, but I sure can listen good." And the little man took his drink in his hand And he raised it to his lips. He took a couple of sips. And he told the waitress this story. "I am the midnight watchman down at Miller's Tool and Die. And I watch the metal rusting, and I watch the time go by. A week ago at the diner I stopped to get a bite
At Wits End
This note is about my hubby. For the past while he has been acting very emotional and hard to get along with. Every time one of us ask something, or tell him something , he just flys off the handle making our lives hell. What I find annoying is he will believe his co-workers when they tell him, hes being a ASS HOLE, but not his family. Derek my oldest just ignores him for the most part, but there are times he just fires back at him. He is just draining me and I hate when hes home right now, I feel more at ease when hes not around. He makes me think back to how lousey my life was at home with my mother always on my back. Forever walking on egg shells. I can't live like this and I refuse to. I most times think hes trying to piss us his family off so much so we will hate his fucken guts and end up packing his bags and telling hiim to get the fuck out. He is always complaining about his back hurting, and we feel sorry for him , however...he is on meds every dam day. And I said if these med
The Third Gate Of A Jeffery Sanders
The Third Gate of a Woman By JEFFERY A SANDERS SR. Aka—Cali_isms Baby this has to be The ropes of total cooperation So we can totally process this Ex perience So let me take you on This beautiful natural high im feeling you baby Just as you are feigning Me As I activate the course Of pure aesthetic enjoyment At the threshold of your Third gate Where we open up Initiating another release That one you have never Experienced in the mystery of Your golden zone Yes baby that right there so I can increase Your confidence and Explore your converted Cervical organ Probing deeper and deeper into the realms of your Third gate unlocking Its emotions and transcending Deeper into the Ultimate peak of all Your pleasures Stimulating and creating An emotional explosive release those one's you thought so Elusive but an Exclusive profound Pleasurable spiritual ecstasy A high that makes you Feel and taste delicious Making me take you Day
Irritated With Fakes
I don't know about the rest of fubar, but I for one is totally irritated with ppl being "FAKE"! I'm talking about all these that claim to be COWBOYS OR COWGIRLS And they do not have a freakin clue! Let me give you a example: MrCowboy(name made up) has even a few photo's of him riding. There is NOTHING wrong with loving horses, country or that way of LIFE!!! HOWEVER... there is a HUGE difference to being a horseman, cowboy/cowgirl or a horse lover. This particular guy couldn't come up with even 5 good events you do with horses... shit I know some ppl that aren't even in the horse world that know that! He couldn't name but 2 bits, and 3-5 breeds of horses.There are approximately 50-100+ different types of bits/head apperatus's and about 40+ different breeds of horses!!!!!! I just wish people would QUIT making themselves out to be someone they aren't! The person is probably just fine the way they are... so why make up things? Play on the unknowing? Why just say I like horses, I li
I Once...
I once was wolf, Proud, Noble, And fearsome to behold. I once ran with my pack, Trees, Earth, The smell of freedom. I once was beautiful, Sleek, Warm, Deeper than any ocean. I once was perfect, Animal, Lover, I shall be again...
You Belong With Me
You Belong With Me Taylor Swift You're on the phone with your girlfriendShe's upsetShe's going off aboutSomething that you said'cause she doesn't get your humorLike I doI'm in the roomIt's a typical Tuesday nightI'm listening to the kind of musicShe doesn't likeShe'll never know your storyLike I doBut she wears short skirtsI wear t-shirtsShe's cheer captainAnd I'm on the bleachersDreaming about the dayWhen you wake up and findThat what you're looking forHas been here the whole timeIf you could seeThat I'm the oneWho understands youBeen here all alongSo why can't youSee you belong with meYou belong with me.Walking the streetsWith you and your worn out jeansI can't help thinkingThis is how it ought to beLaughing on a park benchThinking to myselfHey, isn't this easy?And you've got a smileThat could light up this whole townI haven't seen it in awhileSince she brought you downYou say you're fineI know you better than thatHey what you doingWith a girl like thatShe wears high heelsI wear sn
Ngc 1055
Flashbacks of a life unknown remembering not but a few times life in ignorance of pain lived where is it I have been? What have i done? Never to know memories not wanted to see, feel.... There is joy in the oblivion...  
Torchered cries ring out in the darkness, falling on deaf ears and the unknown. Screams of frustration needing to be heard. Silence of a deadened heart. A vast world indifferent to her plight. She cries into the night crazy, mindless. Asking the heavens to ease the pain. No one caring for this lost soul. Alone into the night she wanders..  
It's Ok
Moment of soreness, has long past Cloudy emotion hope won't last My hazed judgment makes it all wrong Wondering will it one day makes me strong The warm touch is still missing Laid restlessly weeping Contemplate the bitterness are only choice The only way to tranquil my inner noise It's almost a year since Mesmerize every past doing Train goes, gone leaving it empty Shallow and disgrace with no sympathy My bed are cold, my thoughts are fumble U gone, leaving to avoid struggle Wealth, status is your only aim For your eyes what's the point be in the game Ur soul lost in the middle of the ocean No way to go & no true direction Baby boy just been born Sadden by the last name Ever wondering was I to be blamed:..
I Love You So Much
I was the one who made that mistake and let you go thinkingThat someone so special would come along, But then i found out you are that special someone for me, And now I suffer every night when you don't call, Or when your not online, or your with her. Even though you tell me you love me so much and your always their for me,Well where are you now?I know i made this mistake myself but then why dont we talk anymore?Why am I always the one crying all alone with no one to Help or comfort...if you love me so much?**I feel the constant pain in my heart...i miss you so much...I never thought a person could make me feel this way, I love you so much, but the hard part about all of this is do you love me? Or her? it's always going to come down to that Choice, So you should just disappoint me now, Because i know that is what your going to do, I've cried so many times without you their to comfort Me ive finally seen how cold hearted you really are, That is why i feel that constant pain in my heart*
"good Day"
What Is .....nsfw.... Geezzzzzzzzz
MY MUM WAS DEEMED NSFW cause i said in original story the little mermaid dies AND I TAKED ABOUT bambi mother dying and simbas father ... wow just wow its a kids movie/story geez WHAT PEOPLE VIEW AS NSFW THESE FU DAYS IS JUST OUTTA HAND sorry if it was offensive i guess disney isnt safe for work .... but safe for kids O__o lol now im ban for 2 weeks for it haha (ban from posting mums i ew it would be over something stupid lol) oops.. (^___^) i didnt know lil mermaid was nsfw ohhhhhhhhhhhhh its probally cause she has no shirt on in video even tho hair is covering ... i didnt think of that .... my bad its a kids movie i didnt think it was nsfw just for record both movies are G rated childrens movies .... s
Birthday Mornings
This morning was great. I was woken up by two little boys. I was told last night to leave my bedroom door unlocked and to not set my alarm. I did that.   What woke me up? Two kiddos screaming "Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!". They had a cake and a card. It was absolutely wonderful.
*pees Pants*
I have read this so many times but it still has the same effect. Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cooking contest. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking for directions to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I was assured by the other two judges (native Texans) that the chili wouldn't be all that spicy and, besides, they told me I could have free beer during the tasting, so I accepted." Here are the scorecards from the advent:(Frank Judge #3)Chili # 1 Eddie's Maniac Monster Chili...Judge # 1 --! A little too heavy on the tomato. Amusing kick.Judge # 2 -- Nice, smooth tomato flavor. Very mild.Judge # 3 -- (Frank) What the hell is this stuff?! You could remove dried paint from your driveway. Took me two beers to put out the flames. I hope that's the worst one. These Texans are crazy!Chili # 2 Austin's Afterburner Chili...Judge # 1 -- Smoky, with a hint of pork. Sl
Where I Used To Have A Heart
Where I Used to Have a Heart by Martina McBride Where I used to have a heartFeels like a mile wide ditchI got a hole insideThe doctor just can't stitchGone without a traceYou left a hollow placeThere's not a stone to markWhere I used to have a heartThere were times when I would hold youAnd feel the pounding in my chestNow I'm just as emptyAs a canyon way out westThat's how deep I loved youAnd babe, I love you stillTo the bottom of this place I'll never fillWhere I used to have a heartFeels like a mile wide ditchI got a hole insideThe doctor just can't stitchGone without a traceYou left a hollow placeThere's not a stone to markWhere I used to have a heartI guess I'll learn to live withA different kind of painI'm suffering from a sicknessThat I cannot give a nameSuch a strange sensationI've never felt beforeMissing you has cut me to the coreWhere I used to have a heartFeels like a mile wide ditchI got a hole insideThe doctor just can't stitchGone without a traceYou left a hollow placeTh
Danny Girl@ Fubar
Danny Girl">@ fubar
Treating Yourself With A Pair Of Uggs
Ugg boots are the most encouraging things in this season to many fashionable people, especially the beautiful Bailey Button Ugg boots, Classic tall or short ugg boots, Cardy ugg boots and so on. All of them are so attactive. The genuine Uggs are made of authentic Australian sheep wool and are handmade, making them all the more valuable. When the Ugg boots first seen on the fashion scene they were being worn by celebrities as they were comfortable to wear. But now Uggs has chosen to expand their range of footwear not just for women, but also for men and kids. Today no longer are you restricted to buying the more traditional form of Ugg that were first being worn by sheep farmers, pilots and surfers alike. Many more styles are available to young people. This is a sign of fashion and beauty. In winter they are the most popular footwear. If you are thinking to purchase a pair of ugg boots, I’d like to suggest you to start searching for your perfect pair before they’ll be sold
Walk's Alone Again
She walk's in the dark and lonely shadow, she walk's empty nothing to look forward to but to be alone forever without her soulmate near by. She walk's alone again ever where and see's his face  her Wicked Evil One. She has walked and waited so long for him to come , now that he is here she lost him again alone again she walk's with a sword throught  her heart bleeding forever. She give's up. He was the only one that keeped her together he had faith in her and believed in her when she did not believe in her self she walk's alone again ever thing was riped from her even her Wicked Evil One She well alway's Love Him No Matter what!! By Devilina Demoness Princess Of Darkness
i have known a few women in my time some friends, some lovers some distant dreams fragrant fantasies forbidden fruit i have kissed them with my lips with longing imagination caressed with hands or love poetry in reverie yes i do lust for you sweet woman but you lust for me as well disguised with beauty of tender words desire burns when i come to you in your bed or as you walk the shore for i am more genuine than all other
What Is Wrong With Ppl????
Si I am sitting here wondering if you were with someone and they did not trust you after being together for over 3 yrs why would you continue to stick around and try to get that trust???? In all honesty if it is not there by now then it is not gonna come right???? Get out of that relationship now and cut your losses....No amount of love or proof is ever going to change his feelings and if he hasn't learned to trust you by now then you will never have it.... If he lets his son walk all over you then thinks the answer on fighting about it is to just keep what he says and does with his son secret then get the hell out...I mean am I nuts here or am I right???? I been there and done that enough that I think I could honestly say that I am right here...Please do not stay in relationships if you are not happy or you are being treated like crap and then cry about it....All you want by telling me whats going on is for me to give you an answer you already have known all along so the answer is Go
This Was Just.. Odd
Me: Kit: Def of Rahu and Ketu:
So, here's a new blog that has nothing to do with crucifying Christians, burning Mecca, hating on the haters, loving on the greenies, blocking your friends, kicking puppies, or smothering kittens!   Except for the afore-mentioned examples of crucifying Christians, burning Mecca, hating on the haters, loving on the greenies, blocking your friends, kicking puppies, or smothering kittens. Now for the blog:   So, here I am trying to think of something to write. Seriously, as you are reading this, at this very moment, I am typing this blog. "But," you say, "How can you be typing it at the same time I'm reading it?" Well, I'll tell you... You see, long ago, there was a princess who lived in a castle with a dragon. She lived far up in the tower and every evening, the dragon would fly up to the top of the tower and hump an open window. When he was finished, the princess would be soaked in marshmallow juices.  But one day, some marshmallow juice found its way through the princess's stoma
Just A Little Something
Those of you who know me, know me as Trent's manager. It's a job I take very seriously and work very hard at, and as much as I bust his chops about how hard he makes it on me to do my job, the truth is I'd do it for free. He's my best friend. He's been there since the day I came into the world, and through it all, remained my friend. Most know the man for what he does or has done, but most don't see the other side of him and I thought I would share my favorite one: Trent was in the hospital visiting Amy, one of his biggest fans. Amy is a 12 year old girl that T has known since Amy was 6. Amy is blind and slowly dying from a terminal illness. Trent brought her an acoustic guitar signed by his entire band. He also brought another guitar (Amy asked him what his favorite guitar was and he promised to show her), a spanish acoustic guitar dating back to the 1830's. This guitar for as old as it was was in pristine condition and beyond value; not just because of the guitar itself, but the sen
Just Me Writing Stuff
  Been a quiet but happy week, I think I might have a mental illness, as I sat on the sofa and chewed the ends of my hair, then got the hair into a knot and ripped it out my head. That’s not normal is it, unless am slowly turning into a cat. Soon I will cough up a fur ball.   Been gigging all week and writing and booking flights, then un-booking them as some comedy promoters and other people can’t make up their minds where am meant to be. So, here is the rule of thumb in comedy, don’t book stuff in advance for cheapness and seat security, leave it till last minute as you wont be going to that destination at all and some travel companies hit you with a cash penalty for changing your mind. Just leave everything till last minute and pay a bit more, cheaper in the long run but fucking annoying. Just thought I would let you know that.   I also need to go buy new high heels, as the ones I had have been donated to the Marquis de Sade museum of torturous pain. I actually
I F'n Love These!
ana: hi babe how are you?>?? To ana: full of beer, spinach pizza, and gas... you? ana: reallyyy?? To ana: Yes, really. I'm talking cheesy spinach pizza with pepperoni and garlic sauce, pabst blue ribbon, and also I had some brie croissants - btw, "really" only has one "y" in the traditional spelling. ana: hahahaha!!!!your a perfectionist???? To ana: No, just literate. ana: i like it babe To ana: The pizza, beer, or croissants? ana: you!!!hahahahahah To ana: Oh. Why are laughing at me? ana: do you havyahoo messenger>??? To ana: No, I think Carol Bartz still owns it. To ana: Are you a man?     Me: I don't think she wants to talk to me anymore. Karen (wit
Missing My Love
    i miss my love the way my unchained heart would rise up as if it could escape my ribs with lightness i yearn for the way i could hold you velvet skin to velvet skin, our legs intertwined as if we were meant to be one body how your liquid bedroom eyes were pools to drown the sorrows of yesterday in how the sincerity of your sweet nothings led me closer to forgetting that i’d let in love before acceptance untying all the shoulds your unbearably light feather fingertips erasing bruises that ran to the bone it was safe to love you, to love this until ther
Cursed It was nothing but a curse a trance but I feel it wont be the last will I ever find my way out to be free of this hunger to never have to feed on the weak the damned who knows one day I will brake free of my bonds but only time will tell but for now I must feed I glow weaker with each passing day all I can hope for is death will ease this pain this fear never knowing when this cuse will be dispelled.
Frederick, a Rwandan, was just 15 years old in 1998. He was on a bus full of Tutsi's going to visit an aunt who was mourning the murder of her husband. Frederick is Hutu. A band of rebel Hutus stopped the bus and ordered everyone off. They had them march, single file, hands on their heads, into the jungle. When they got a distance from the main road, they ordered everyone except Frederick to remove their clothing. Once everyone was naked, their clothes were gathered up to be sorted and sold later. The people's hands were tied behind their backs and they were told to sit. A machete was handed to Frederick and he was ordered to start killing Tutsis. Frederick says his mind left him. He panicked and refused to kill anyone. "Kill me first!" he begged. The Hutu rebels didn't kill Frederick. Instead, they told him they would send a message with him to all of the Hutu in the area that being a friend of Tutsis is not a good idea. Frederick thought they were going to give him a note, somethi
Research Centres In India
Research Center Place Atomic Energy Commission Bombay Bhabha Atomic Research Center Trombay (Bombay) Electronics Corporation of India Hyderabad High Altitude Research Laboratory Gulmarg (Kashmir) Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Durgapur (West Bengal) Central Mining Research Institution Dhanbad (Bihar) Indian Rare Earths, Ltd., Alwaye Radio Astronomy Center Ootacamund Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Calcutta Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Bombay Tata Memorial Center Bombay Uranium Corporation of India Jaduguda(Bihar)     -- 
The Significance Of Wedding Party Morning
A wedding party is in fact a specific celebration in life. Christian Louboutin Sale It is total of magical moments which couples certainly not overlook until their death. Each and every single man desires to create it memorable. They attire beautifully and put on stylish pieces of diamond jewelry on this specific day. The significance of wedding party morning is so significantly that bride purchase stunning wedding party gowns to turn into the center of dresses are this type of an chance for just about any bride to display their different perception of design and also to truly create a style statement. It is definitely an expression of your personality, so do not maintain back; Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Allow your imagination operate wild! Gone would be the times in the plain 'meringue' design wedding party gowns having a small cute well-placed bow; Now couples have turn into far more style conscious plus they are attempting artist bridal gowns as nicely as othe
My Love
as we walk through the days together i look into your eyes and tell you i love youmy love for you grows with every waking moment my eyes openholding your hand just feeling the love you have for me beat so ever strongas we walk durning the moonlight glow we kissever so longing for the touch of your lips against minefeeling the love rush through the tender passion of your kiss as we hold each other it gets tighter and tighteras we start to lay in the grass we look at the stars just wondering and thinking of how happy our lives are now knowing we have each other for the rest of our lives to hold, love, and cherrish each others tendernessas we lay there we see all our worries just float away and see what we have to look forward tomy love will always be strong no matter what we face or what obsticles is in our way we grow with love for each other forever and ever
Green And Yellow
dawn: hey there ....have ya ever seen a green cock with neon yellow testicles ? if you are intersting pls add my yahoo id im on my web cam now 7:58pm Suga Lips: You should probably get that shit checked before it falls off. I'm not really sure there's anything to say....if you add him out of curiousity, SS  that shit! :)
This Rawks
Sleep, You're A Cruel Bitch
You taunt me with a three hr nap...then run away giggling TEASE!!! JUST PUT OUT ALREADY YOU SLUT
Thinking Of Becomeing A Sud Member?
If your interested in being a SUD need to answer a few questions first: Q1) how did you get to the level your at? Q2) what do you do when someone rates you or polishes your Bling? Q3) whats your status message right now? Q4) if i post a bulletin...will u read it, can i count on you for a re-post? Q5) would you ever spend the time rateing my profile the way u want me to rate yours? Q6) are you honest? Q7) who is the most important fu-lander? Q8) are you too awesome to R/F/A new friends? Q9) does Bling make the world go'round? Q10) are you tired of the same fake ass fu's asking for MORE shit every fucking day? i want to create a family here full of wonderfull, selfless, honest, reliable, dependable and REAL people! we will celebrate each other everyday! making sure no one is left behind! still interested?
What Is The Answer To The Riddle Of The Free Woman?
"A Gorean saying came to mind, that the free woman is a riddle, the answer to which is the collar." ~Magicians of Gor~p 9~
Ooops !!!
Ever throw anything out, only to remember at a later date that it was important or had something important inside it. So it only gonna cost you money to replace said something . Yup. Well thats happened to me too. Oh well, everything seems to be easily replaced enough. Nothing interesting going on here. Just another boring day. No one seems to want to chat, or do anything with me. ~ This exsistance is boring me
Fubar Games
games of love, stories of woe but the drama here in fuland is a never ending flow this place can be fun with fantasies to play so long as you realize it isn't reality, at the end of the day so many seem to forget though that the people behind the screen are real some with broken hearts that are not so easy to heal with feelings and hopes and dreams some don't care it seems some play this game not caring if others are hurt or misled some get lost in this fantasy world they have trapped inside their head i like to play the game to some extent there are times (like this) when i even like to vent i like to meet new people and make a new friend or two but there isn't any reason to purposely make someone blue even in fu-land there is such a thing as courtesy, manners and love respect and honesty and a higher force above! Life happens....  let's help our friends survive it.  (giggles)
My Love
My love is like an oceanIt goes down so deepMy love is like a roseWhose beauty you want to keep.My love is like a riverThat will never endMy love is like a doveWith a beautiful message to send.My love is like a songThat goes on and on foreverMy love is like a prisonerIt's to you that I surrender.
Sleeping Disorder
okay so someone said it's unhealthy to get less than 2 hours sleep a night... meh maybe there is some truth to that but i've always managed anyway... but to share... i have sleep paralysis so some nights my body freezes and the left side of my brain activates and i hallucinate... i also have nightmares on pretty much most random nights i manage more than 2-3 hours...  and yeah i like scary movies... but my nightmares aren't quite fun... i have very vivid dreams... not just sight and sound but smells tastes and even feelings.... ever wanted to know what it's like to be someone else.... well i do... now imagine if that person was getting a thrill out of killing people.... (no i'm not joking) and then switch and play the role of the victim... knowing exactly what he plans to do to you.... and how he's gonna take his time... to be able to feel what they feel exactly... the heart racing fear or excitement... and when you wake up you don't quite know who you are... reality is blurred and
Unnatural Selection
is the name of a book that describes the history and current/future ramifications of selectively choosing male babies over female babies.  In the last 40 years, the author declares 163,000,000 girls were aborted, solely because the parents wanted a boy.  While this primarily happens in Asia, the practice is prevalent in Asians who live in other continents as well & to a lesser extent in other areas.  163 million almost equals the total number of females in the United States and Canada. The irony is that 'feminists' worldwide argue the right to choose abortion is inherently a woman's right.   What will the world be like 20 -30 years from now if there are 125 men for every 100 women?  Will women from poor countries/families be pressured, sold, or forcibly taken as unwilling brides or even prostitutes?  Will lower income men who aren't able to find a wife/partner through normal means murder more fortunate men or rape thier wives & daughters?  Normally - I believe in the human race an
Dont Be Afraid To Take Chances
Dont be afraid to take chances even if it might get you hurt. Just be strong and take it because you might miss that single chance that would change your life and make you really happy. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there... to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but when you look eyes with them, you know that every moment that you are with them, they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, will power or heart. Everything happens for a reason! Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your so
The Color Of The Wedding Dresses
Dreams from an early age of the fairytale wedding ceremony frequently centre on getting the ideal dress.Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses,The choices as how to looking for the perfect wedding dress are extensive and cater for the greatly different personalities of brides. Dreams do come true, especially for the women who grew up dreaming about the story book wedding modeled after their own favourite Disney Princess personality.A-Line Wedding Dresses, Disney's bridal line by Kirstie Kelly is an awesome success, and today a different custom is going to be taking part together for any brand new bridal selection.In Chinese in Chinese, Hindu, Vietnamese, Korean, as well as Japanese traditions, the white wedding attire tend to be unusual.Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses, because white is the color associated with mourning as well as death within those cultures. red-coloured dresses are actually more common for brides in many Asian cultures, because this colour signifies vibrancy and health and ha
When Is The Best Time To Order Your Wedding Dresses Online
Most brides-to-be dream to be focused on their big day. They are engaged about begin to seek ideal   wedding dresses even a long time. They know those pieces are incredibly crucial. A beautiful wedding dress presents your outline. It speaks for your personality and status.Do not think the Cheap wedding dresses are all bad in their quality.There will be numbers options when talk about the style ,color and fabric.People may find this become a hard task then. But the decision can only be made by you. You know what your ideal wedding dress looks like. No matter it is the Plus Size Wedding Dresses or the Pink Wedding Dresses.All you want to do is make up yourself beauty.Honestly speaking, you get to know that is the ideal piece instinctively when you put on the dress. Even though you do not get satisfied by ready-made collections, ask designers to customize for you. Let' s face it: most brides prefer to customize rather than buying a ready-to-wear piece on the racks directly today. You get
Protection Technology (put The Outer North Patent)
[material Apex Climateblock SOFTSHELL introduced] protection technology (put THE outer NORTH patent)     All THE protection type (312 397 g/square meters) APEX, THE elastic cloth is put by NORTH developed fourTo elastic cloth; Wind and rain, breathable comfort, table cloth DWR better the spilled water treatment, can strengthen the cloth waterproof function; Elastic characteristics can accord with outdoor activities of the body stretch when demand, 0 CFM, 100% of fangfeng, can resist the external changeable weather.    
How To Locate Great Vintage Wedding Gowns
Are you currently searching for Cheap wedding dresses that actually constitutes a statement,and different type of wedding gown that each other bride is going to be sporting this season?Have you thought about vintage wedding gowns?Probably the most popular reasons for these gowns that they'll give all of your wedding a unique charm. These dresses will always be in fashion by having an elegance and sophistication that most of the more recent style wedding gowns just do not have.Among the best reasons for vintage wedding gowns is they help remind you of the glamorous and much more romantic era,when things were a lot diverse from the times that people live in now.These gowns are becoming progressively difficult to locate as they age, but when you find one,you'll notice that they're exquisitely.Therefore if you searching for some good dresses in your town,and want help,listed here are a couple of great places to obtain began. Search for Vintage Wedding Gowns in your house Request any bri
If Only Life Was Rain
you once told me that this world wasn’t enough I tried to disagree but you wouldn’t let me I never returned the favor you sought out to hold but the Seattle sky wont change any time soon   you wanted to ship us off to Spain to live the lyrics we found hypnotic but you never saw the ocean as too big your child like imagination was to strong to disagree but now its to late the ship has left   we hold on to the fineir things we have experienced to hold on to the naive moments we have been feed to engulf it never occurred to us how the world really span we just lived in that moment in till insanity laid at bay   we never saw the outcome of the path we took the suppression of the truth we lead can only corrupt the notion of sanity we have left but we continue   we hear the sands of the hour glass slowly dropping jealous of the certainty of its intention but yet we fold to it’s will dance for me one more time let the hour glass empty   we shun this
I lay on the floor of the Peterson’s hotel Number 11 The stiff carpet smells of second hand smoke and dry blood. I’m not the first tenant of these concrete walls, the ceiling slants slightly to the right and the corners don’t add up. There’s a small gap between the thin unevenly laid covering on the floor and the make-shift plywood baseboard. I can see the air flow exhaling, blowing almost invisible particles of dust through the slit. My eyes begin burning from the irritants drifting in the recycled oxygen. I sometimes wander around from wall to wall crawling on my stomach like a wounded rat. There’s a constant drip from the mold covered faucet in the kitchen… The counter is littered with pages, stained with faded ink, bottle caps and cigarette butts. The no smoking sign has the first letter semi-scratched out and flaking white-out over the red anti-ring… this cheap conversion to make junkie residents and prostitute stop over more welcome&he
Konjac Mannan   Q: What is konjac mannan and what is it good for? - Layperson A: Scientific Name: Konjac mannanOther Names: Amorphophallus konjac, Devil's Tongue, Elephant-foot Yam, Glucomannan, Konnyaku, Snake Plant In parts of Asia, individuals slice and fry fresh glucomannan tubers like potato chips. More frequently, the tubers are shredded, dried, and ground to make a grainy meal or a powdery flour, which is often used to make noodles. Glucomannan meal or flour may also replace part of the corn meal, wheat flour, or rice flour used in cooking and baking. Mannose, a sugar extracted from glucomannan, is sometimes subst
How To Make Money With A Blog
How to make money with a blog Many people who write blogs today simply want to share their opinion on something. But then there are the business-minded folks, who have found a way to use blogs, or Web logs, to bring in a little extra cash too. This is likely the most common means of leveraging a blog to generate income. Affiliate programs enable your blog to serve as a conduit between readers and online sites offering various goods and services. One popular choice is If, for instanceNor does any marketing material inserted in blog content have to be limited to bringing in completely new business. By using a blog to regularly communicate with existing clients as well as other readers  
Talk About A Song That Hits Home......
Beautiful And Cool Ladies Famous Shoes
Wear menswear inspired shoes in the warmer days of winter. You can pair them with wool socks for an unexpected (and warm!) twist, or simply with tights. Franklin Marshall outlet Their style – oxford, lace up, loafer – is especially suitable for the office wear, but you can wear them with pretty dresses in your spare time as well. Now ankle booties can work in colder weather, Franklin and Marshall too! You can choose flats for a comfortable feel, wedges to combine your love for being tall with your love for feeling comfy, or heels for when you just want to look hot. Lace-ups have a more utilitarian look, while those that close with zippers or elastic are more classy. Pick faux-fur lined ones or wear them with socks so that your feet don’t freeze! But when it comes to winter, boots are queens. Franklin Marshall Heeled ones will look more stylish, but those with a lower heel are more comfortable and are more unlikely to let you slip on ice. You can pick boots with buckle
Random Number 1
Kudzu is green, my dog's name is Blue,And I'm so lucky to have a sweet thang like you. Yore hair is like cornsilk, A-flapping in the breeze.Softer than Blue's, And without all them fleas. You move like the bass, Which excite me in May.You ain't got no scales, But I luv you anyway. You're as graceful as okry, Jist a-dancin' in the pan.Yo're as fragrant as SunDrop, Right out of the can. You have all yore teeth, For which I am proud;I hold my head high when we're in a crowd. On special occasions, when you shave yore armpits,Well, I'm in hawg heaven! - I'm plumb outta my wits. And speakin' of wits, You've got plenty fer shore.'Cuz you married me, back in '74. Still them fellers at work, They all want to know,What I did to deserve such a purty, young doe. Like a good roll of duct tape, Yo're there fer yore man,To patch up life's troubles, And stick 'em in the can. Yo're as strong as a four-wheeler, Racin' through the mud,Yet fragile as that sanger, Named Naomi Judd. Yo're as cute
Weird Fu Of The Day....
So here's today's Weird Fu of the Day.... Account numbers: and... Same person, same pics same name. Same constant ability bling but on the "secondary unsaluted" profile it randomly adds new people to its' family... Anyone have any idea what the f*ck is going on? Verrrry strange. Comment beeeeelow, thanks!
Dance Life To The End
Dance life to the end; So many have muttered, live life to the fullest. So much to see, so much to do, so many not free. No time to count wilted flowers, in a garden that will produce more. Every breath till the last, is more precious than of ones desires. A shame of shallow material things, some wrap their being around. How long you live will be to short, regardless of the days in age. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. Memories will be left behind, for those that remain. Smiles in the shedding of frowns. I say, no tissues, no tears, dance with metill the end. Remember me for now, i say for those. You should have known me. You can get a copy of my book In My Mind here:
Taking My Blogs Virginity
No one will ever read this, I'm sure...but what the goes. I'd like to add that if you are reading this ignore my lame profile info. lol, if I knew there you could write blogs in the first place I wouldn't have botherd to fill it out. ANYWAYS, How should I start? Like David Copperfield...I was born...I grew up...I guess I should start with my name. My name is Violette. I'm a small town midwestern girl with a hope for better days. I strip, and I have been doing it since I was seventeen. I'm an aspiring writer. I admire Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespear, and ofcourse J.K. Rowling. I smoke, I drink, I love love love to party. I want to travel and see the world. I definetly want to leave Ohio one. There really is no future for me here. The small town way of thinking and living is not for me. So, what do I look like? Well, I'm short and petite. 5'3'', size 1. Short chocolate brown hair, light brown eyes and freckled. :) I have a son named Tristan, who I love very much. I'm single mom, n
Enter In My Turf  
What A Wonderful World - Nick Cave And The Bad Seed
  I see trees of green, red roses too I watch them bloom for me and you And I think to myself: What a Wonderful World I see skies of blue, clouds of white The bright blessed day and the dark sacred night And I think to myself: What a Wonderful World The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky Are also on the faces of the people passing by I see friends shaking hands, saying: "How do you do?" What they're really saying is: "I love you." I hear babies cry, I watch them grow They'll know much more than I'll ever know And I think to myself: What a Wonderful World Yes I think to myself: What a Wonderful World     
Act Iv
Act VI by Kenneth Matlock on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 8:23pm  Feeling kind of funny Feeling kind of sad Days are not so sunny Don't think that's so bad It's a rhythmic sensation Bouncing out at times Breathing splendid animation It's fallen but still climbs I don't know where it's going I don't think it really cares Always reaping what it was sewing Giving blank and icy stares It's time for moving on from here Wonder what's to come Though having nothing left to fear Gives a heroic numb Destiny is what becomes us all We run quickly down to hell Leaping just before the fall Screaming in our cell...
Federal Appeals Court Backs Graphic Warnings On Cigarette Packages
A federal law requiring cigarette packages to carry graphic warnings about the dangers of smoking and restricting how tobacco products may be marketed and advertised passes constitutional muster, a federal appeals court ruled Monday- mulberry bags . The law, which took effect in June 2009, lets the Food and Drug Administration limit, but not ban, nicotine. It also lets the FDA ban candy flavorings and marketing claims such as "low tar" and "light," and require that warning labels — including up-close photos of a smoker's rotting teeth, a man exhaling smoke from a tracheotomy hole in his neck and the damaged heart muscle of a smoker — mulberry sale be emblazoned over carton images. It would also regulate what goes into tobacco products and publicize those ingredients. Abrams said he believes that the issue will ultimately be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court- mulberry bags for sale .
Household Shifting And Professional Moving Companies
When you think to shift you home from one place to another city or from one city to another, anxiety and tension hit you. You think about packing of your entire household belongings, put them in to proper bags, lock, transport to the new destination, etc. You will experience a chaotic situation than of getting excited about your next city and looking forward to happy monuments in your new residence. Moving to a new city especially with entire household belonging is not an easy task. Moving from one city to another does not mean that you just throw your belongings in a bag or carton and move out. You have lots of household belongings which you have purchased with your lots of effort. You have furniture, home appliances, vehicles, machines, equipments, computers, kitchen items, crockery, garments, clothes, electronic items, etc. You will not want to throw these belongings when you will move to new city. Proper packing and handling of these belongings is thus utmost necessary so that you
Being Real Must Be A Sin
Being real must be a sin, because I keep getting punished for keeping it real.
Nothing by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 1:09pm ·   Most of the time I can't stand this place. It feels like im sitting in a pile of waste. I want to leave this entire system All these people I won't miss them If I could rip out feeling at all Oh how I would stand oh so tall Nails outside ad numb within Never feel this pain again Not care what these people do Specifically not care what they do to you Maybe forget it all as a comet streaks by I let loose a long winded, relieving sigh I don't have to be here anymore I don't have to wake up oh so sore Never have to see her face again Never wonder about where i've been Never say never or anything more Just wash up on eternity's shore and keep on walking...
The Boy Can't Help It - Bonnie Raitt
If he walks by and the women get engrosed If he winks an eye and the bread slice turns to toast He's got a lot of what they call the most You know the boy can't help it He was born to please And if he's got himself a figure that's just made to squeeze Won't you kindly be aware that the boy can't help it If he mezmerizes each and every one And, Lord when he smiles the beefsteak becomes well done He even makes my grandma feel like she's twentyone You know the boy can't help it He was born to please And if i got to go down to him on bended knees It's because I'm hoping, obviously That some day his answer will be The boy can't help it He's in love with me.
Love This Song
I so love this song by adele it says actually how Im feeling right now   "Rolling In The Deep" There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out the dark Finally I can see you crystal clear Go 'head and sell me out and I'll lay your ship [shit] bare See how I leave with every piece of you Don't underestimate the things that I will do There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch And it's bringing me out the dark The scars of your love remind me of us They keep me thinking that we almost had it all The scars of your love, they leave me breathless I can't help feeling We could have had it all (You're gonna wish you never had met me) Rolling in the deep (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep) You had my heart inside of your hand (You're gonna wish you never had met me) And you played it, to the beat (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep) Baby, I have no story to be told But I've heard one on you And I'm gonna make your head burn
Commercio Di Calzature è Iniziata Nel Maggio Del Marketing Guerra
@@Oggi, scarpe grandi e le aziende di abbigliamento hanno fatto ricorso ad ogni mezzo, mettendo a punto una battaglia di marketing, pronti ad afferrare un "mercato messe" a maggio, stagione d'oro. Rispetto ai prodotti abituali di spinta nuovi, impegnati nella promozione, territorio di marketing, un nuovo termine è particolarmente accattivante - la commercializzazione di microblogging, molte aziende mettono sul microblogging battaglia brand marketing. @@Promuovere un marchio di microblogging @@Il Marketing microblogging ha appena lanciato una rete di commercializzazione, è la nascita dei caldi nuovi metodi di marketing microblogging. Le aziende possono registrarsi microblogging, attraverso il rilascio di informazioni aziendali, interagire e svolgere i premi, pubblicare l'offerta speciale o informazioni sugli sconti, pubblicità, rete di commercializzazione e promozione. @@Resta inteso che dalla prima metà di quest'anno, tra cui carbene, Anta, a pochi passi speciali, come le sc
Care should be in Heartand not in Words"."Anger should be in Words and not in Heart
The Good Stuff
People compliment me, all the time. But one part they leave out, is my heart, my mind. Are people really that shallow, is that all that matters? You think I'll tell her this, I'm not the least bit flattered. Because people like that, you can find anywhere. I want someone that, looks elsewhere. That looks inside, despite the view. Around the beauty, something new. A walk, holding hands, would be enough. Not needing anything more, that's the good stuff.
Aliens Of The Deep
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Find the best in lace up ankle boots, leather ankle boots, variety of ankle boots at Carlton London wholesale. The best online shop for men and women shoes wholesale at the most competitive prices.Lace Up Ankle Boots, Womens Ankle Boots, Leather Ankle Boots, women shoes wholesale, mens shoes, mens shoes wholesale
To Initialize Inside The Reason Why You Should Intemperateness Dermititis Inconveniences
Expanded brush your hair may stop numerous mane, the majority of people highly enigmatic: dermititis is usually more than what really? Shaming dermititis tipping the second each of dining room table, shoulder muscles,ghd australia each of ready brains: what really dermititis is actually results! Increasingly reason behind your hair is simply not just highly interested in preserving, nevertheless a way to be capable of getting eliminate dermititis entanglement troublesome inconveniences a part Think some families encounter dermititis obviously highly interested! Today i want to image dermititis the causes of dermititis a way to response! Still under recurrent conditions, and the skin cellular material of an top of the head, a result of cellular material favored underlayer block copie, to qualify for the emerge of an Let go, one more have to have cellular material experienced, end up as zero existing assise corneum once shedding. Beautiful top of the head is without a doubt
Examiner In Review
I know I usually break these down by self defense and by Catholicism, but there was too much of one, and not enough of the other. Before I continue, though, It Was Only On Stun! is experiencing a price drop at at You can now buy it for the price of a regular paperback.  Enjoy.If you're wondering why I didn't post last week -- it's because I was too busy trying to sell my book to the known universe, and going somewhere very, very slowly.Anyway, the articles ....Interview with Declan Finn, author of "It Was Only On Stun!" ~ Wait? What? But, John, I thought you were Declan Finn. I thought you were the author of It Was Only On Stun!  Yes, I interviewed myself.  Enjoy.Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 -- or, part 2 of my self defense column. Self defense after Aurora shootingThe case for guns: the other Aurora shooting  Yes, back to back articles.Interview with Declan Finn, author of 'It Was Only... July 17, 2012 Article Published editAuthor Karina Fabian arranges charity for v
Words Of Wisdom And Inspiration..
The choices you make determine what you will have.. What you allow will be what will continue. So, if you want to change your life- then change your choices. 
Me Finding Fubar
So I am new on Fubar, and I must say its one of the most addicting things I have ever been on. A friend was telling me about and so I created an account, and I do believe I have not got anything done that I need to be getting done since I created it because I have not wanted to get off of it. But I want to thank everyone that I have become friends with on Fubar so far for helping me out with everything step for step cause I tell you what I was extremely lost when I first got on here I had no clue on what to lol but now I pretty much got the hang of it.
Whats Good???
What is the definition of "good"? Like, how would someone can say someone is a "good" person??? If someone say "he is a good person" what does it really mean? I was thinking about this, because he might be a good person to the guy who said it, but he only know the guy as a friend, or as a coworker. Same think, you can say "she is a good mother" but doesnt always mean "she is a good person" or "she is a good wife" or "she is a good worker".You can be a "good friend" but doesnt mean "good person". Being a "good guy" to someone doesnt always mean being a "good father" or "good husband". Just as an example, a guy could be a hard worker who does good things and motivate coworkers but could be a bad husband who doesnt help around or take care of the family. A women can be a good mother to her kids but doesnt know how to manage money and lie to the husband about things.  So its very hard to say someone is good, cuz most of the time you can only know the person from one point or another, as
T-mobile Usa Will Dein Iphone 5
Samsung Galaxy S III kann T-Mobile USA all-time best-selling Smartphone sein, aber der Träger hat andere Ambitionen. Der Titel ist leicht auf dem Netzwerk, das nicht bieten iPhone, nein danke an Apple beansprucht. Aber T-Mobile hat wollen, dass Ihriphone 5 kaufen usa, auch wenn der Träger nicht verkaufen kann es Ihnen. Mehrere Warenlagerlösung BetaNews, die vor Monatsende sie Nano-SIMs für das Mobilteil führt bestätigt. Das ist vorausgesetzt, Sie können ein zu einem erschwinglichen Preis zu finden. iPhone 5 ist noch nicht verfügbar unlocked, wird der Carrier-Engagement-frei und wahrscheinlich nicht so lange wie Versorgungsengpässe anhalten. Apples US-Online-Shop derzeit setzt Lieferzeiten von drei bis vier Wochen. iPhone-Besitzer, T-Mobile will wirklich Ihr Unternehmen. Big Promotion: "Bring your own Telefon T-Mobile und sparen $ 50 pro Monat". Der Träger wird die $ 35 Aktivierungs-Gebühr auf neue SIMs sowie winken. Monatlichen Raten beginnen bei $ 59.99/month pro Zeile für eine zwei
Interessante Tipps Und Billige Halloween-dekorationen
Es wird ein tolles Wochenende von halloween deko. WeatherBug - meteorologischen Informationen Quellcode-Patch site - sagte, es wird 73 Grad und sonnig am Samstag, 75 am Sonntag Heiter. Ich habe rund Trick gewesen oder Behandlung Block mehr als ein paar Mal, und dekoriert die außerhalb des Hauses geworden ist eine Familie Lieblings-Dinge zu tun jedes Jahr. Haben Sie eine Halloween-Deko-Ideen zu teilen? In den Kommentaren unten.Was für ein paar geschnitzte Kürbisse vor stoop Halloween hat sich zu einem langen Wochenende Aktivitäten der Familie voll von store-gekauft und handgefertigt Dekorationen, Kunsthandwerk, und viele ähnliche Strategie - ob weiß Müllsäcke verschiedenen Funktionen der Geist eines geeigneten Alternative zu der eigentlichen Tabelle. Definitiv kein Experte, aber hier sind fünf Spaß, einfache und kostengünstige Möglichkeit, um für den großen Tag vorzubereiten. Ein. Zwei Worte: a Shop-Dollar. Es gibt viele Sorten des Gwinnett diese Discounter, sind viele Menschen mit
A Woman's Wet Dream
You and your best friend are hanging out, watching the most beautiful woman either of you have ever seen walk across the bar toward you. She perches on the barstool beside you and whispers in your ear, "How would you and your friend like to get out of here and go have some fun?" You look at your friend, a question in your eyes and he slowly nods his head. The three of you stand, you throw a few bills onto the bar for a tip and head out the door. "We can go to my place," she says. "Just follow me there." You and your friend climb into your truck and as you start the engine he asks, "What did she whisper to you?" "I thought you heard?" "No but just looking at her made me want to agree to anything she asked." "She asked if you and I wanted to go have some fun." "Damn, I hope she doesn't think you and I are going to be making out while she watches. And I'm not going to let you stick your dick up my ass." "Eeeeeewwwwww, that's sick. Look at it this way, she has more than one hole fo
The Sacred Tree
The Sacred Tree"For all the people of the earth, the Creator has planted a Sacred Tree under which they all may gather, and there find healing, power, wisdom and security. The roots of this tree spread deep into the body of Mother Earth. Its branches reach upward like hands praying to Father Sky. The fruits of this tree are the good things the Creator has given to the people: teachings that show the path to love, compassion, generosity, patience, wisdom, justice, courage, respect, humility and many other wonderful gifts.The ancient ones taught us that the life of the Tree is the life of the people. If the people wander far away from the protective shadow of the Tree, if they forget to seek the nourishment of its fruit, or if they should turn against the tree and attempt to destroy it, great sorrow will fall upon the people. Many will become sick at heart. The people will lose their power. They will cease to dream dreams and see visions. They w ill become unable to tell the truth and
Poem I Wrote...
HATE Hate is a strong word It hurts so many inside Keep your comments to yourself If you have nothing good to say For once I can say I know how it feels To be hated for all the wrong reasons I am who I am and I can’t change The fact that everyone can see These scars from past reality I held back tears I’ve hid pain behind smiles For the fear that you would see The fact that life is not good to me I’m hated by many and loved by few They take my heart Smash it up Stick it back and forget I have feelings too you know So take back my heart Put it together and don’t forget I am human just like you I bleed crimson red And I cry for you I may not be like you But the fact that I need help Should get your attention I’m hated by many and loved by few Why can’t you see I’m human too?
Ghost Blood all around your body A smile crosses my face She sees me there She yells in my face I don’t notice She storms away I plan my revenge She soon will pay I hide your body Out the chimney stack She beats me down A smile still remains The night I can’t sleep She sleeps soundly next door My plan comes to an end Revenge now will come I sneak in her room Chop off her head Hide the body Under the bed Now she can’t yell My revenge now is over She tried to kill me But you can’t kill a ghost
Twelve Truths About It!!!
Twelve Truths about Relationships..LOVE IT!!!1.You have to love yourself first. – In order to truly have a loving, supportive, and long-lasting relationship with someone else, you need to learn how to be your own best friend first. It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit. Read The Mastery of Love.2.You get what you put in. – In twelve years, people won’t remember what clothes you wore, which car you drove, and maybe not even your full name. But in twelve years, they will remember how you made them feel and the positive memories you gave them. The true impact you make on people will depend on the time and attention you give to teaching those who know less, caring for those who have less, supporting those who are striving, and tolerating those who are different than you.3.What most people think of you doesn’t matter. – You wou
Our Future Together
Was there ever a time that I did not know theeThere must have been for we met on that beautiful dayAt times it feels so long ago in the dim and distant past For I feel that we have known each other all our livesLove has blossomed within my breast and I am happyYour response lifts me up, soaring into the heavensFor in truth I dared not believe this could happenYet through the years I hoped and yearned for itMy eyes have seen your glorious form before meAs my heart enjoys the brilliance of your soulMy soul is spellbound by the love within your heartI am addicted to the radiance of your emotionsNow I spend countless hours thinking only of youReliving all those joyous moments of our pastImagining our future together in perfect happinessThere is no limit to what we can achieve if we wishWe need only to have the will and courage to live itNo matter what we do I know we will be happyProviding we do everything together and with loveThe future will be ours for we hold it in our handsWe must go
They Want To Get Me....
they want to get me... my adventures are my own I don't have to lie they want to get me talking... my adventures are my own I walked the line they want to get me to stand still not say a word... my adventures are my own I don't have to lie they want to get me to laughing my adventures are my own.. they want to get me to lie so how will I be free of you ..... my adventures are my own... they don't understand me I do not care I do not care I'm free I'm free I have me... my adventures are my own... I don't have to lie.... I came clean and it's not to late I have the rest of my life...                                                                                 bY           Christine              I won't back down...                         
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness  Forever slipping through shadows and darkened alleyways,Taking shelter at dawn to escape the burning light of the day.Spending time seeing and doing things you would never dare,Or then again you just might if you are thier favored fare.Awakening at dusk to take thier leave as they step out nto the night,Needing to quench the burning thirst that is their eternal plight.Some are lovers trapped for an eternity in the deepest dark,Giving to you whatever you desire to make your heart spark.Others so foul and twisted savoring  your worst terror and pain,Thier sick perverted pleasures the only thing they seek to gain. 
Mad C's Part 2
Tino, ready for action suited up, pulling on his sleek jet pack. Its been awhile since he had used it. It still had some dried up blood from last encounters. He shook his head, not wanting to be reminded of the killer beef patties. He tucked his blade in its sheath, and check and re checked it making sure, that if he needed it he would be ready this time. With a flick of his wrist he shot up in the sky, pushing himself forward towards, his love Terina. The wind blew viciously around him as he cut through its' currents. Flying  faster and faster over waters. The sun glistened over its wetness giving the ocean the feel of a moving mirror that shined its reflections. He looked onwards concentrating. on his destination. Flying fish jumped up catching its meal as he flew by, confirming  that the ocean was indeed, full of life. He shot into hyper drive as the sun shifted in the sky, leaving a massive warp cloud behind him. He was finally nearing his love, Terina. He had dreamt about this day
Can A Vampire Musical Be Anything But Cheesy?
"I Kissed A Vampire" (found on youtube) should have been cheesy; after all, it is a musical about vampires. But as I watched Lucas Grabeel fighting his transformation, I started singing along with the songs. And when it ended, I found myself wishing that the hour and a half long musical was longer.  For me, there are only two dreamy vampires, Grabeel's Dylan in "I Kissed A Vampire" and Brad Pitt's Louis de Pointe du Lac in "Interview With A Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" and neither is sparkly like the vampires in the Twilight books/movies. Dylan and Louis are fighting an inward battle between their human kindness and their vampire hunger. The only light part of their stories is their human side. In "I Kissed A Vampire", the darkness is represented in rock, well a pop/rock/musical style. The villian, Trey Sylvania played by Drew Seeley, is a goth rocker with several outfits (some crazier than others) one of which is a "Karate Kid" inspired headband and red smoking jacket. But the c
Long distance relationships are so hard.. Not so sure its really worth it anymore!
The Second Period When Horvat
The Montreal Impact have parted ways with forward Justin Braun. Brandon Marshall Jersey . The club sent Bruan to Real Salt Lake for a conditional pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft. "We appreciate Justins efforts on and off the field with our club and wish him luck with RSL," said Impact head coach Jesse Marsch. "We want to thank Justin for the services he rendered here with Montreal," said Impact sporting director Nick De Santis. "He always managed and handled himself in the best professional way and was very committed towards the team. We wish him the best with Real Salt Lake." The forward returns to his native Salt Lake City after registering one assist in 15 games, including five starts, with the Impact in 2012. Braun was originally acquired by the Impact in a trade with Chivas USA on November 23, 2011. Charles Tillman Womens Jersey . As the boss of the NHL Players Association kicks off discussions with the league on a new collective bargaining agreement today, hell do so in close con
Chicagos Paul Konerko Grounded
CANTON, Ohio -- Jack Butler didnt play football in high school. James Harrison Limited Jersey . He picked up the game in college at St. Bonaventure and entered the NFL as an undrafted player in 1951, just another guy filling out the Pittsburgh Steelers roster. Hes not just another player anymore. Butler was the second of six players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Running back Curtis Martin and linemen Dermontti Dawson, Chris Doleman, Cortez Kennedy and Willie Roaf joined him. Butler was a force at cornerback during his nine-year career in the 1950s, finishing his career as the second-leading interceptor at that time. His career was ended by a leg injury. He was presented for induction by his son, John. Mike Wallace Limited Jersey . Arian Foster had two touchdown runs, Matt Schaub threw a TD pass to Andre Johnson, and Houston overwhelmed the rookie quarterback in the Texans 30-10 win over Miami on Sunday. James Harrison Game Jersey . Fast. Rookie catcher
If Only:) *sigh*
If only you loved me i would run to ypur arms  if only you loved me I'd be swayed by your charms. if only you needed me as much as i do you if only you craved me the way i do. if only if only:'( but cravings and yearnings can be cured real quick when the one you love is a giant ass dick!!!
Another When They Likely Place
MELBOURNE, Australia -- Adam Scott shot a 5-under 67 on Sunday to win the Australian Masters in his native country for his first victory of the year. Pat McAfee Jersey . Scott had five birdies on the front nine and another on No. 18. He trailed Ian Poulter by one after three rounds. "This has been a long time coming," Scott said. "This is pretty sweet to be in the gold jacket and hold this trophy that Ive been admiring since I was a little kid. "Winning the Australian Open was like getting the monkey off my back a couple of years ago, but this is certainly something Ive wanted to achieve for a long time." Poulter, who played with Scott, bogeyed two par-5s in three holes on the back nine in the final round and missed a short par putt on 17. He shot a 72 and finished second, four strokes behind the winner. Scott finished with a 72-hole total of 17-under 271 at Kingston Heath. New Zealanders Gareth Paddison (68) and Mark Brown (69) tied for third, eight strokes behind. Poulter said his bo
Ive Said It All Along And Ill
TORONTO -- As it tabled its first offer in the latest round of NHL labour talks, the NHL Players Association presented itself as a partner looking to help fix the leagues problems -- but not one willing to bear all the burden. Vernon Davis Womens Jersey . Flanked by superstars Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said Tuesday the unions offer includes a smaller percentage of revenues for players and an expanded revenue sharing program to help struggling teams. "We do believe that the proposal the players made today, once implemented, can produce a stable industry ... that can give us a chance to move beyond the recurring labour strife that has plagued the NHL the last two decades," said Fehr. By the unions calculations, the deal could see players give up as much as US$465 million in revenue if the league continues to grow at an average rate for the next three seasons. The proposal includes delinking the salary cap from hockey-related revenue and setting
Well Then.
Trying to figure this all out.  I wonder what kind of Tequila they use in those shots?
Cómo Conseguir Un Buen Barato De 10 Pulgadas Android Tablet
He estado esperando un 10 "Android tablet, pero siempre han sido demasiado caro. Por supuesto, siempre ha habido imitaciones baratas chinos online, pero siempre han sido asuntos muy cutre - hasta ahora. Mi familia y yo hace poco me compré una marca Polaroid 10.1 "tablet con Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Aunque este fabricante es cortar algunas esquinas, sorprendentemente no cortar los que cuentan. Es el deporte altavoces estéreo que suenan mejor que el fuego Kindle original y tiene más memoria también. Incluso tiene una cámara frontal frente y un conector de salida HDMI. La velocidad es decente y el WiFi funciona muy bien. Carece de los sensores de tabletas de gama alta y los teléfonos celulares, pero tiene un micrófono y acelerómetro. Es perfecto para ver películas, archivos PDF, navegación por Internet y Skype - Cosas típico tablet. También cuenta con entrada USB para que pueda conectar un teclado también. También se puede cargar a través de USB, así como con el carga
Tablets Android Sarà Presto Sorpassi L'ipad, Gli Esperti Prevedono
Berlino - Apple sta diventando un po 'di concorrenza. Grandi nomi produttori come Hewlett Packard, LG e Samsung tutti vogliono prendere sul iPad, che governa attualmente il posatoio per tablet PC, e sono basandosi sul sistema operativo Android per aiutarli a farlo. Apple potrebbe perdere il suo status di piombo come già nel 2012, dicono alcuni esperti. Ma è tutto una buona notizia per i consumatori, che potrebbero arrivare a godere di prezzi affondamento. 'Entro la fine del 2012, le compresse di Android sarà rapidamente superare gli iPad della quota di mercato,' prevede esperto Sascha Pallenberg durante la conferenza degli sviluppatori droidcon 'a Berlino. Attualmente, Apple vende nove dei tablet PC ogni 10 acquistati, secondo gli esperti di mercato. Ma la 'massa pura' di Android-based tablet PC sarà garantire il loro successo dice Pallenberg, che blog sulla tecnologia dalla sua base in Taiwan. Dieci produttori più grandi, così come innumerevoli più piccoli, permette di vendere i d
This Is On My Mind Sometimes At Any Given Sometime
Companionship will come and go unless you find a love with dedication, but family and friends will be forever. You gotta learn to laugh... its the only way to true love. but if you do feel for me, then dont beat around the bush with me and tell me whats on your mind!!! Honesty and the heart to say how u feel can make a huge difference. I feel like this world thrives off of secrets, me I just let the truth flow no matter who it hurts even if its me that the truth hurts it must be told!!! There are three kinds of people in the world. People who make things happen. People who watch things happen and people who say “What happened?”.
Crea Il Tuo Personale Doll Clothes Barbie In Modo Semplice
Fai la tua Barbie molto più bella con la raccolta barbie vestiti. Barbie è molto noto per i giovani specialmente per le ragazze. La maggior parte delle ragazze piace molto Barbie per la sua scelta bambola semplicemente perché danno una bambola mozzafiato e in grado di vestire. Gioca con Barbie è davvero piacevole. Si può vestire per produrlo occhio molto più cattura. Inoltre, dà anche Barbie vestiti rimovibili, in modo che siano in grado di alterare i vestiti di una bambola Barbie con i vestiti che si desidera.Barbie è in realtà una bambola ragazza che viene in genere con i capelli biondi o castani. E 'confezionato all'interno di una scatola che hanno la finestra per visualizzare l'appello Barbie. Questa bambola è bella con la pelle marrone o bianco. Ogni ragazza ha ovviamente il suo desiderato personali su che tipo di Barbie che si seleziona. Barbie è prodotto con carattere principessa e adolescenti bellissime. Viene fornito con il vestito o abiti che più si adattano al suo personaggi
Mejor Samsung Galaxy S4 Accesorios
Samsung ha llegado con su cuota justa de accesorios móviles en el pasado, y aquí estamos hoy con una interesante adición al mercado de accesorios para samsung, donde ha sido el dispositivo apodado como el Mobile Projector Beam. El Samsung Mobile Beam proyector versátil es una manera en que se puede utilizar con una gran cantidad de teléfonos inteligentes de Samsung Galaxy otros, además de los jugadores del Galaxy, Galaxy Tabs y PC. Ten en cuenta que va a jugar bien sólo con productos que apoyan MHL / HDMI. El Samsung Mobile Beam Proyector tendrá dimensiones menores que la de los Galaxy S3 emblemáticos, mientras luciendo un diseño de lujo gracias a sus superficies curvas. Ahora la vida de la batería es un área donde los proyectores móviles sufren, y el Mobile Projector de Samsung Beam no le va demasiado bien, con un 1650 mAh batería integrada capaz de ofrecer un poco más de 2 horas de uso, luciendo un brillo de 20 lúmenes en su proyección, y un recuento de resolución de unos
Stunning Android Tablet Cellulare E10
Questo Tablet Android E10 è molto sottile e ha un 7 pollici touch screen LCD, che elimina la necessità di tastiera analogica e consente al dispositivo di essere su tutto il viso. La risoluzione dello schermo è di 800 x 480 pixel. Cina Tablet PC è abbastanza luce su 350 grammi e dispone di un processore a 800 MHz, che è la velocità.(dual sim umts)Modello Wi-Fi attivato 802,1 b / g, e può essere letto in diversi formati come PDF, Word, Excel, AVI e video online. Ha una capacità interna di 4 GB. Viene fornito con diversi connettori di input: USB, jack cuffie da 3,5 mm, e la scheda audio è opzionale. Dispone di un altoparlante di alta fedeltà, che rende a letto con le cuffie, perché la qualità del suono è da morire.E 'stato progettato per il mondiale, in modo che funziona in una varietà di lingue, compresi i loro dialetti regionali. Ha, tra gli altri, francese, inglese, tedesco, olandese, ceco, portoghese, danese, greco, italiano, spagnolo, giapponese, coreano, norvegese, polacco, russo, s
Coming Up Avec Mobile Apps Android Qui Peut être Utilisé Par La Classe Ouvrière
Il ya un besoin croissant d'applications mobiles android ces jours-ci, et cela est évident, même parmi la classe ouvrière. La ma?tresse de maison dans la rue, les étudiants de l'université que vous voyez marcher à leur classe, et même les personnes agées de détente sur le parc trouverez ces applications utiles. De plus en plus ont recours à des appareils mobiles Android, alors que c'est en partie la raison pour laquelle le développement de ces applications est devenue quelque chose d'énorme. Pratiquement toute personne qui tire profit de l'utilisation de cette technologie serait apprécié les implications du développement d'applications mobiles Android. Dans ce type de développement d'applications mobiles, nous sommes, bien s?r, se référant à l'utilisation du système d'exploitation Android. La plupart du smartphone sont libérés pour accueillir les caractéristiques à la fois des utilisateurs finaux et les développeurs d'applications mobiles des opérateurs de services travaillent jour et
╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯::: Love Means Having to Say You Are Sorry :::If you make a mistake by doing or saying something that is hurtful or damaging to the relationship, say that you are sorry. Many people struggle with these words, even when they know that what they did was wrong. It actually takes a strong person to apologize. Do not wait until you think you have the courage but say it immediately, and with sincerity. Too often when couples argue, there is a long period of silence, which actually makes the anger and tension worse. You need to let your mate know immediately that you made a mistake and ask for forgiveness.
Panasonic Smartphone Android, Eluga: Examen, Commentaires, Caractéristiques, Prix, Photos, Vidéos, Techniques
Le ELUGA Panasonic est le premier téléphone du constructeur japonais pour célébrer son retour sur le marché européen. Spécialement con?u pour les exigeants quand il s'agit de l'élégance, est certainement destiné à faire tourner la tête de nombreux clients, car il montre un cadre en aluminium léger et de montage IP57 certifié. tablette android 4.1 ce qui signifie étanche aux poussières, de même que dans submersible 3 mètres d'eau jusqu'à 30 minutes. Seuls 7,8 mm d'épaisseur et pesant 103g, ce qui est l'un des téléphones les plus minces et plus légers Android sur le marché, compte tenu de son écran de 4,3 pouces. Panasonic veille à ce que son ELUGA a une surface de l'écran 66% du total. En fait, les c?tés du couvercle de l'écran est presque inexistant, et la forme est ergonomique et compact. tablette android 4.0 pas cher En plus de l'écran de 4,3 pouces QHD, il dispose d'un processeur dual-core TI OMAP 1 GHz, 8 Go de mémoire, le HSPA + 4G radio, puce NFC et un appareil phot
  Footprints Two sets of footprints in the sand, walking side by side, tell the story of our past before the rising tide. But with each new dawn the waters gone and so are our footprints, so we forget the past that has passed and walk the beach again. We leave our footprints in the sand walking hand in hand; we don’t look back in the past we just keep eyes ahead. But with each new day the tide will fade and so will our footprints, so we join hands to walk the sands as we fall in love again Two sets of footprints in the sand, walking side by side, tell the story of our past before the rising tide. Like the beaches we clean our slate starting a brand new day, not focused on the wrongs we’ve done but on the footprints we will make.
Government 1st Suspect
Why Government Should Be The First Suspect In Any Terror Attack     History tells us that false flag is a favored form of statecraft Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt April 19, 2013 In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attack, with authorities struggling to retain a coherent official narrative in the face of photos which show numerous unidentified identically dressed men wearing black backpacks at the scene of the blast, it’s necessary to revisit the evidence of why government should be the very first suspect in the event of any terrorist atrocity. Image: Flickr False flag terrorism – attacks manufactured or provocateured by governments and then
Tablet Available From Mid-continent Airport
The field of small-sized flat panel revival, the small size of the Samsung tablet Galaxy Note 8.0 to prove safety iPad mini, Acer has also launched thousands of quad-core small size tablet Iconia A1-810 targeting the field of small-sized flat panel, and even the PC heavyweights Microsoft is planning to launch 7-inch tablet product as a competitor of the iPad mini. Small size flat compared with the conventional flat has a superior portable experience tablets chinos with the major manufacturers have entered the field of small-size flat-panel, small-sized flat panel has gradually replaced the dominance of large-size flat-panel flat panel industry. Warming in the field of small-sized flat panel is bound to bring a new turning point for the development of flat-panel industry, the size of the tablet is constantly dropping, the screen of the phone continued to enlarge, flat-screen mobile phones and flat-panel came into being, the field of mobile terminals, tablet and mobile phone, completed
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There are numerous types of the Louis Vuitton personal belongings nonetheless Louis Vuitton initialed or monogrammed material thought of as are the hot of. They are those which would totally attract you and choosing completely gets interested these plastic bags whilst they may not manner and check out. the baggage made from these kinds of towel used for any aim plus they're finest grow to be moved especially if you are planning to any individual or special meeting. The skilled craftsmen attach significance to each detailed design with carrying the Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale brand name. To be frank, no one can tell them from the authentic Louis Vuitton bags, so you will never step into such embarrassing situation. On the contrary, a lot of people will give you a ton of compliments. Those Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags really compliment any type of outfits. Even you can enhance your personal style and self-image. Currently you can stay in vogue like a celebrity.  usage poison nicely reduci
Popular Sports-themed Games Android --ice Hockey
Bubble net mobile channel the November 3 ice hockey (OneTimer Ice Hockey) is a very good sports-themed games. The players will serve as an ice hockey team shooter, one-on-one challenge with the goalkeeper.The operation of the game is not complicated, you can tilt the phone, the physical gravity sensing control about sprint, rotate and shot action through the on-screen virtual joystick. Operation of the game very quick response, the action of the players is also very realistic and smooth.Each other's goalkeeper will not always be playing etc. in the goal, he will touch attack with a physical barrier, closing down and other methods to prevent the ball into the goal. Players not only have to go past the goalkeeper shot score, but also as far as possible over the area of the extra points to improve the game score.Overall, ice hockey is a game worth having Whether you are in the sport of ice hockey, as long as you love intense physical game, can get a good gaming experience in t
Death's Transfiguration
      Centuries lain in twilight satinSoon the dawn shall bring reposeCasting forth a life now ladenDrowning with his sin of woes. Hers was oft the voice of laughterHands so soft, and love devoutShining bright the two inciserWounds upon her lilting throat.His was drawn in to her shadowHovered with her every motionSo consumed, his joy did cantoCeased her hearts demure devotion.Never glancing, ever seeing Eyes of dark, unholy gracePulse of cold, her crimson streamingComingles with his earthly trace.Aimlessly his vast despairCursed in every breath he breathes 
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"so Angry "
The past couple days and nights , I've been so angry for no reasons that's right , I feel the tension in the air , knowing the things being said Are just not fair , they only maim and rip apart , detrimental to all hearts , Ill winds are blowing hard , the great deceiver , Is howling plus playing his part .  In the wind , cooling as it is , listen for , The message deep with-in , it sings a song of peace an love , the drum Beat will drown out the Deceivers hum , tune it out for all our sakes , Cause only love will be in the wake ......... Peace , Love & Joy
John Lennon’s first car heads to auction, ticket to ride? When you first passed your driving test, did you have mounds of luxury dealerships surrounding your home, desperate to sell you an exotic sports car? If you’re one of The Beatles you did. Amongst the Maseratis, Aston Martins, and Jaguar E-Types, John Lennon decided a 1965 Ferrari 330GT would make a… Motoramic John Lennon
False Flag
Your affections keep me saneThey keep all four tires in the laneOtherwise I'd stray off courseTrade all fours tires for a horseand ride it straight off a cliff.Your drama keeps me playingThey keep my mouth from sayingThat this world is none but shitThat kind of smog to take my hitThen blow it in your face.Your face is always trueIt can't hide the things you doBut my face has anotherIt keeps it's other under coverUntil you see right throughNot a thing you can do.
Essentials Of 3 Handys
3 Handys oder 3G-Handys sind auch allgemein asthird Generation von Mobiltelefonen identifiziert. Solche Begriffe geben Sie einen anerkannten Standard in Bezug auf Telekommunikation. Um zu leben bis zu diesem bestimmten normalen ein 3G-Telefon synchronisiert Anforderungen an den Einsatz von verbalen communicationin Zus?tzlich zu den Daten solutions.They besitzen müssen zus?tzlich maximale Datenraten von 200kbits / s. Kürzlich ver?ffentlichte Versionen vorgeschlagen three.5G und 3.75G zus?tzlich geben Mobilfunkbreitband World Wide Web Zugriff auf Smartphones und Laptops Computern. -china handys Die erste kommerzielle 3G-Netzwerk in den Vereinigten Staaten war von Monet Mobilfunknetz. Es landete schlie?lich hinunter andsubsequently geschlossen Verizon Wireless landete immer die anschlie?ende 3G Netzbetreiber startet seine Dienste im Oktober 2003. AT & T Mobility ist noch eine weitere legitime 3G-Netz. Japan und Südkorea wurde theearliest L?ndern zu 3G-Netzen etablieren. In der Tat wird g
Packers And Movers Gurgaon – Services And Solutions For Move
There are several professional packers and movers or removal companies in Gurgaon, Haryana. They are providing comprehensive solution to all relocation including packing & moving needs to help out people significantly who want to relocate their home or businesses from Gurgaon to somewhere else. They can also help people who are shifting locally within this city. They can assist people during entire process of move making the job easy and smooth. They can assist people from start to the end – from packing of the first item at current location to unpacking of the last item at new location. They take utmost care of their clients’ belonging throughout the entire operation of move. They handle goods with care and skill; and transfer them to new place timely and safely. Professional Packers and Movers Gurgaon based companies provide a variety of moving services. Major services offered by some of good companies include packing service, loading service, moving & transportation ser
The Protegee (underdog)
I’m the underdog, No one knows my name, Nor the scars and they story they tell, Of a man who has nothing but the cloths on his back, And dream of making it in this world I’m the unknown, A face that you've seen, Just a face you saw in a crowd, Just a man you thought would amount to nothing, Just a dreamer without common sense trying to achieve the unachievable I’m a Protegee, With an untold story nor of fame or glamour, Though some would my tale humorous due to their ignorance, Though I never lowered my head in shame just raised it out of pride, From where I've been to where I am now, Others may have failed but not I, I hold my head up high I’m the underdog, I’m a protegee of where others been, And seldom succeeded where as I never tasting glory, I've never knew defeat as long as my feet can move, Then I can keep going on to wherever my will guides me I maybe unknown but I’m not alone, We’re many and where upon you, When look out the
Micromax Handys Vs Samsung Handys
Micromax Handys sind heute eine Herausforderung, die viele lokale sowie internationale Marken wie Samsung Handy und Nokia Handy, indem sie die niedrigen Budget-Handys, die mit den vielen erweiterten und neuen Funktionen vorgestellt werden. Micromax Handys haben die Revolution in der mobilen Branche gebracht, indem es seine Strategie des niedrigen Preises. Schon jetzt Samsung-Handys haben ihren niedrigen Bereich von Handys gestartet, um den Kunden gerecht zu werden. Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass die Samsung-Handys sind viel nennenswerte Marke in indischen Mobilfunkmarkt als Micromax Handys. Samsung mobile ist die Mischung aus Qualit?t, Glaubwürdigkeit und Zuverl?ssigkeit und Micromax Handy für den Preis nur bekannt. Aber ja, wir k?nnen sagen, dass die Micromax Handys viel besser als die anderen lokalen mobilen Marken in Indien sind. Wie Samsung mobile hat seine lange und erfolgreiche Geschichte und Micromax Handy hat gerade seine Reise von den letzten Jahren begonnen. Samsung Handy hat
Apple Tablet Vs.?tablet Android: Um Estudo Comparativo
Apple e Google s?o, sem dúvida, as melhores operadoras de telefonia móvel do mundo de hoje.?Esta é a raz?o pela qual uma porcentagem maior de usuários de dispositivos móveis preferem comprar marcas que rodam tanto o iOS ou o sistema operacional Android.?Enquanto o mercado de smartphones está sendo considerado saturado, o mercado de tablets está crescendo a cada mês que passa.?Dada uma escolha, você usaria o tablet Google ou na guia Apple??Aqui está um confronto comparativo de tablets de ambas as marcas:telemoveis baratos ?1.?O design do iPad 2 eo Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 s?o os modelos mais recentes da Apple e Android tablets disponíveis no mercado mundial, respectivamente.?O primeiro tem um tamanho de tela de 9,7 polegadas, enquanto a tela de latters mede 10,1 polegadas.?Embora suas medidas de largura do corpo s?o 0,34 polegadas e 0,43 polegadas respectivamente, ambos da Apple e os tablets com Android s?o iguais em peso, ou seja, 1,3 quilos.?2.?O poder do processador Ma??s iPad 2 está
After Developing Into One Of The World’s Most Deadly Hitmen
Napoli star gives major hint that his client could leave, with Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal amongst interested clubs.The future of Napoli striker Edinson Cavani could be decided this week, with the Uruguayan’s agent Claudio Anellucci claiming that there will be an announcement this week.“Cavani in this moment has a contract with Napoli, but something more about him will be known in the next days,” his agent Claudio Anellucci said on Radio Sportiva, as reported by Sky Sports.Manchester City jersey “Whoever is interested in him will knock at Napoli’s door.”“Generally when there is a clause to negotiate, a player’s conditions are absolutely clear – in case of just interest, these decisions will be announced to the player.” After developing into one of the world’s most deadly hitmen, Cavani can take his pick of much of Europe’s elite clubs this summer. In the Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester
The Bikini Than Just Belonging To The Beach
Who says bikini must only be able to wear at the beach or by the pool, as long as you have some simple mix of skills, bikini and evening wear or everyday clothing mix and match the same effect. Regardless of the aesthetic feeling sexy hot, there is always Double String bottom bikini dress so that you become the focus of the beach. Here is the honey honey underwear Xiaobian to introduce several beach bikini with small strokes, and quickly look at that. Black-and-white mosaic bikini peeped mesh vest silhouette, with simple white shorts, with emphasis on light-colored sandals and woven handbags, you can brighten the whole body effect. Bikini with a printed shorts, fringed shawl, plus decorative daze, heavy-bottomed platform shoes reflect a deep sense of bohemian. Printing bikini and hit color dress, Very Sexy The Rivera Push UP Halter Top Leopard Printed neither worried emptied, can also increase the degree of fashion, accessories and handbags gem adds to the feeling of elegance. The
Household Shifting In Gurgaon Made Simple
Household Shifting is considered to be one of the most stressful and problematic events of life. But household shifting in Gurgaon has been made simple. It has been made possible by the professional packers and movers companies working the city. There are many professional moving companies in the city of Gurgaon who are providing helpful services for household shifting in the city. They are providing complete packing and moving solution in order to simplify the complicated process of home relocation in and from the city of Gurgaon. They are providing door to door service so that they can help white clients in the whole episode of move from packing of the first item at current residence to unpacking of the last item at new residence. They are committed to provide hassle-free and happy experience of home shifting with no damages of household goods. They are also responsible to cover the loss if they will make damages of possessions of their clients during the transit or during operation
Sometimes, Love can do nothing.   We need air, water and food more than love.
New Video Posted
New video is posted!  Go check it out and if you want to see more, be sure to pay for the full version! This Redhead Love To Suck Cock - More videos are being edited and will be up later! Thanks everyone and take care! -Julie
Packers And Movers Bangalore Having Leading 5 Organization
Each of our way of life is not currently being constant. It is always on the go. Folks are relocating around states and urban centers pertaining to several good reasons. So buying a good and trusted relocating business throughout Bangalore is definitely an crucial difficulty. Are you currently sick and tired of looking best packers throughout Bangalore? Nonetheless perplexed to discover the best packers and movers throughout Bangalore? Without a doubt it can be small hard. Going your property from spot to one more is often a tough work and the ones are certainly not felling the idea seeing that an easy task. All of us packers and movers Bangalore assure this safety and fantastic relocating of the items. packers and movers bangalore offers wide variety regarding companies such as home relocating, business oriented relocating, house shifting, office move, household and national shifting. We're this respected and encountered packers and movers Bangalore and efficiently arranging people h
Trustworthy And Important Transferring Companies Within Pune
Those people who are about to improve towards completely new position they should willing to manage the genuine tough job regarding resettlement. Transferring is usually a rough in addition to annoying procedure. People ought to should do the very best get the job done to generate this particular boring job easier. The majority of people don't should do the genuine moving job automatically. If you are shifting towards completely new residence chances are you'll acquire support regarding transferring carrier's sites. They supply the high good quality packaging in addition to shifting providers just a efficient approach. They do not ever accomplish may very well be found that could build agitation into their consumers resettlement. You'll find so a lot of moving carriers’ sites portion their own providers well. Nevertheless males and females need to get mindful ahead of selecting the exact providers regarding the removal companies. A wide range of companies help no permission or e
Packers As Well As Movers Corporations Regarding Hassle-free Moving
Moving in addition to approach the labels, supplying, unloading as well as unpacking is really dull as well as demanding obligations. That genuinely needs to be through along with best treatment that is impossible for people which have been certainly not skillful. For the individuals who discover they transferring meant for the first time, the labels, supplying as well as moving is usually a completely new history for the children. These kind of complete obligations tend to be a number of portion of splitting up as well as must be performed just a skillful approach to make straightforward cross linked to products. Certainly any good little oversight may cause very much decline in addition to problems for the valuable products and you should also rinse off your own personal give obtaining individuals unique products for a long time. Therefore rather than causing this to get little issue important and even more demanding it usually is simply sorted away just utilizing the providers regar
So Cool
So I can rant and rave on here and not everyone has to be bothered w/ my musings!!!
Do You Dream Of Me
When you see me everyday WHen you feel me walk your way Do you dream of me when I write Am I the only thing you have in your sights Am I the life you want Am I the dream you feel is a forbidden want Do you see a holy man Do you see a man who can take your hand Do you see the spirit I carry Are you sure you want to marry Let me show you my true side I bleed like the rest I can withstand every test I can make the bed we lay in I can put you to sleep at night Or run every passion you have knowing there will be another night Do you feel my hands so strong and warm That is your man in a heavens storm Close your eyes and who do you see Is it me on a heavenly sea Take my hand as you dream of me Will you please marry me I am nothing but a mere mortal man Will you live and stand with this man I promise a life full of history I promise i will never leave you standing next to a tree I will carry you til our last breath We will share the same stars and make love under th
Single Momma
My life has been tough and torn I live alone with my newborn Many people stop and stare They see a baby how cute and loved I am the momma shouldnt I be loved They say look at her what a shame So young and she has a babe They dont know what I live I try to do the very best I dont ever seem to get enough rest They say I am welfare mom I live like trash and I dont deserve my baby at all They dont see the very heart that loves this baby more than self they dont realize I try and do it all by myself The daddy decided he was fed up He did not want us in his life anymore So I push every day to make it a new one for my babe The people around all just sit and frown One thing they can all think about What if they lost their momma before they were grown up SO they can get off my ass I am a hard working momma WHether I am a waitress or banker They can kiss my ass I will raise this baby Whether I work or not Does not matter at all As long as I have my baby I will raise
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I have posted 5 other blogs and even posted the links on the bullitens..I dont know how else to get you all to read some things I have wrote , that mean so much to me. I look forward to hearing from you all about my other blogs. Thanks Dede
R.i.p. Little Brother
RIP LITTLE BROTHER As I pass away the hours While laying on your grave I whisper to the flowers To the ground they are a slave Shadows cover roses Keeping them from bloom Through the door that never closes Death leads me to doom I've waited on his mercy To bring me back to you For life left nothing for me Once your life was through ( HIS POEM IS IN DEDICATION TO MY BROTHER WHO JUST RECENTLY PASSED I MISS YOU SO MUCH SKEETER AND I KNOW YOUR WATCHING OVER ME R.I.P. SKEETER 5-21-86 ~ 5-12-06
Relationships Lmao!!
For the love of Christ..... Look, for all of you out there who feel so alone or feel so "empty" because you aren't in a relationship, I am about to hurt your feelings. K? So, if you can't handle it, then don't read any further. Consider yourself warned.... If you think that someone is going to come along and make your life beautiful for you, you are retarded. If you think someone is going to come along and magically make your life easier and make all your problems/ bad habits/ or faults disappear you are a dumbass. If you expect that Prince Charming or Cinderella is going to come along and sweep you off of your feet when you don't even like yourself you have got to take a serious dose of reality and wake the fuck up. See, relationships and soulmates and boyfriends/girlfriends are all wonderful and blah blah blah, but they DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT "complete" you. They do not mean you are Beautiful or Whole or Awesome or whatever. Relationships compliment who you are. If
Mondo: Damn good gir, who needs to be badl Lisa: who me Mondo: Yes, if you are good to me? Lol! Mondo: Hell, I have fantasised about you for the better part of 10 years. Lisa: damn long time Lisa: im not all thatspecial Mondo: Your smile is Mondo: Mondo: Hell, I have fantasised about you for the better part of 10 years. Lisa: damn long time Lisa: im not all thatspecial Mondo: Your smile is From the first time I saw you, that was the attraction. Hell, If I saw that ass first that could've been it! But you lucked out and drew the smile,,, the very first time you looked at me behind the counter explaining some dumb shit I didn't really need to know!
Intelligence Is Sexy!
How much can intelligence turn you on? - Intelligence can turn me on a lot! - Intelligence can turn me on a bit. - Intelligence does nothing for me either way. - Intelligence turns me off. Are you kidding? Intelligence is SEXYYYYY! Guys (at least in my experience) tend to be all appearance focused. And, sure, I like to see pics eventually. But to me, nothing's sexier than a guy who has an inquisitive mind, who asks questions, who has opinions, and who seeks in life. To expand further -- of course I can aesthetically enjoy a good-looking guy. And there are certain guys that definitely make me take a second look. But in the end, I'm a lot more interested in his personality -- his mind -- than in his body. I've never dated anyone that was my "ideal physical type." I have, however, dated men who are my ideal personality type, which is more important. They've come in all sizes and shapes, of different races and backgrounds. Am I completely non-shallow? Of course no
Leave Me Not - 08/3/01
Leave me not this insanity. This aching strain, pulling me. Leave me not to the wolves, lions and hungry things crawling through the darkness. Leave me not alone, with out such things as light or love and caring. Leave me not, in tears or pain. Sadness and strife. Leave me not in words or mind or heart. Leave me not in soul, body or even death. Leave me not like this. Leave me not..... Leave me not..... ....Just leave....
Useless - 08/6/01
Feather light fury, I push you away. Beating you down, away from my heart. With the strength of a thousand whispers. I beat you away. Feather light fury, for I am so strong. I can stop you, from hurting me. With feather light fury, I can't understand, how you made it through. For I had the strength, and feather like fury. To keep you at bay. It was useless.
Friends And Fans....
Hey there!!! Just thought there here would be just as good as posting it on the bulletin...some things have came up in my life.....and i won't be online for a few days....hopefully anyways....but will be back soooon...again...hopefully *lol** i'll miss you all and hope everyone has a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!! hugs and kisses to all!!!
When we're incomplete, we're always searching for somebody to complete us. When, after a few years or a few months of a relationship, we find that we're still unfulfilled, we blame our partners and take up with somebody more promising. This can go on and on--series polygamy--until we admit that while a partner can add sweet dimensions to our lives, we, each of us, are responsible for our own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to program for eventual failure every relationship we enter.

Vanity — Monday, 14 November 2005 If beuty was lost. My rant for the day is makeover shows. People should be able to look how ever they want to without anyone giveing them shit about it. It's all a matter of opinion, people should look however they want, not let other people tell them what to look like. They are slowly superficializing america. From the house ones to the people ones. People shouldnt' have to look how other people want them to to feel good about themselves. A lot of people are critisized for getting their daughters breast implants. It's baught self-esteem. But what's the difference between that and buying them nice clothes, or a nice car, or having someone do their makeup and hair? People should be able to have self-esteem without those things. If not, what the hell are poor people supposed to do? If people's self worth is attached to all the pretty clothes and things they have, when a hurricane hits or something they re
"It is natural for the immature to harm others. Getting angry with them is like resenting a fire for burning." Shantideva A BAG OF NAILS Once upon a time there was a little boy with a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he should hammer a nail in the fence. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. But gradually, the number of daily nails dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence. Finally the first day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He proudly told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone. The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be t
Friday Night
well, where to start.. I have always had a dream of singing in a band.. even in someones basement/garage. tonight I got my chance, and I did AWESOME!! the music.. alternative rock, with lots of harmony, the band needed backup singers.. I outdid 4 other girls,..and I am sitting there watching the others... thinking "finally, It's going to happen for me" and you know what? The bubble burst.."... you don't look the part" HUH? 'too old, too big, too loud, you should try chanteuse kinda music.' They picked this little girl who had an ok voice, and big knockers.. oh well.... back to the drawing board.. if I had the wherewithall..I would do my own thing. I WAS offered the consolation prize... a one night stand with the drummer.. I passed.
Slap & Tickle Ch. 1
We have lived in this small country town for about five years now, we ended up here because Julie is a schoolteacher and I, well I'm an aspiring writer. Country towns take a bit of getting used to, it seems the locals know or want to know about everything that goes on, and its this small mindedness that made us decide to keep to ourselves as much as possible. However with Julie's job and the two kids going to the same school and being involved in most of the town's activities, made this a near impossible task. Julie is 28 and has a slim build with petite breasts and long flowing blond hair, most of the time she wears her hair in a bun and dresses conservatively, the image the town folk like to see their school teachers portray. To say the flame of our love life has been flickering very low would be an understatement, there are many factors adding up to this, the towns conservatism, young kids and a husband who still hasn't produced the book he so promised would come flowing out, onc
What Flower Are You?
You Are a Daisy You see the world with an artist's eye. Finding beauty is easy for you - even in the dullest of moments. You notice all of the colors of the world, from fresh grass to sunsets. You are a total optimist and hedonist. You love to drink life in. What Flower Are You?
Hey People
check out my newbie bro payaso...payaso
My Lounge
Hey everyone I have made a lounge. If you ever want to just chat with me, and find more out find me in there. Everyone Have a good day!
I'm Good With My Hands
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
The Cure!!!!
Yes, a cure has been discovered. The internet, a cure for all those attention starved teenagers. No need for real friends kiddies, just post half naked pics up on the internet. Lots of attention for you that way. It also eliminates the need to sleep around with people to get attention from lots of different people. YAY!. So sit in your room, and take half naked pics of yourself, so you can get all sorts of raunchy comments on them. Don't let anyone lie to you. That IS what life is all about!!! Other things are of minor importance too I supose, like school, and jobs, and helping people out, and shit like that. But the main pourpose should be you posting half naked pics on the internet so you can fullfill that need for attention . That way, you don't end up acting out in other rebellious ways. Like stealling, vandalism, threats of suicide, joining a church, becoming mormon due to peer pressure, or other nasty horrid stuff like that. Way to go networking sites such as lost cherr
Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's nothing left Cause I've been blastin and laughing so long that Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of You better watch how you talking, and where you walking Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk I really hate to trip, but I gotta lope As they cough I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like On my knees in the night Sayin' prayers in the street light been spending most their lives Living in the Gangster's Paradise been spending most their lives Living in the Gangster's Paradise KEEP spending most our lives Living in the Gangster's Paradise KEEP spending most our lives Living in the Gangster's Paradise Look at the situation, they got me facin I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the strap
Quiz Results -- How Fuckable Are You?
You are 91% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Drift Away
I look inside the mirror.. But I don't know who I see.. I smoke another cigarette. Then smile back the tears.. This contradiction seems to be The story of my life. I'm a simple man, with memories of Those long lost golded days.. I close my eyes and slowly drift away.. Mistakes I've made remind me. Of the roads I shouldn't choose. It never comes that easy when you've Nothing left to lose. I can't see the answers tell me why am I so blind? A tired man who'll make the best Of another lonely day.. I close my eyes and slowly drift away... I never thought I'd make it just on playing my guitar. Just a little smile always shelters me from pain.. Everytime I start to slide, I wish upon a star.. The sun comes up and dries up all the rain.. I'm an honest man who refused the shade On a hot and lonely day. I close my eyes and dream my life away.. Now I know that I can stop the rain.. I close my eyes and slowly drift away.. I close my eyes and dream my life
Im Surrounded By Idiots
u people are being ddenyed becuz u leave no message with freinds request y dont u actually read my profile maybe then ull figure out y ur being denyed ur not speacil ur liek everyone else u wana b actcepted dont senda blank freinds request
Slow Going
I've just started page 35 of Animus, my novel. Completion of the first draft is a long way off yet.
It Can't Get Much Worse
So today my dad tells me he thinks its time we put down the dog. She is 15, and for the most part you can't tell. What you can't see is that she is ate up with cancer and diabetes. The diabetes has ate away at her spine causing her problems to stand and walk. She has fallen down the stairs more then I can count and our biggest fear is she will fall and break something, causing more pain. Tonight, she fell while trying to eat. It wasn't the first time. It's something that my dad has put off and we both agreed it can't be done anymore. I am sitting here, crying over a dog. But she has been with us since she was just a pup. She has become part of the family and to know that tonight is the last night she will be here breaks my heart into a million pieces. I doubt I will be around tomorrow. We have to go at 7pm to have her put down. I don't think anything has ever broken my heart like this is right now. And I can't even imagine what my dad is downstairs thinking. He never
Private Pics
Lost Cherry is acting up again and i'm missing a friend. Strange day...
Slowly but surely , We got to this point. The point only you and I could face, The point no one could ever trace. Sorry to say but there comes a time, When one falls flat and can not rhyme. Only we know how to deal, But once said only two can feel. Over time we forget on our own. God has come and he has shown. An angel fast and swift in flight. An angel visible only at night. Tick-Tock the clock has shown. Time's flown fast but now it's at its end. Our lives gone by but now I must send. An invisible letter only to a good friend. A friend that thinks of me more than a friend. A friend that knows me. Now I must send.
Your True Fantasy.......?
Connecting into one as you become my ultimate heavenly possession, we now make the heaven of a lifetime. Taking in what we both have to give and take, we go in search as one to find the collared fantasy. Looking into your passionate eyes, I then know it's reality and not just another fantasy. You came to me in search of serving me as the Mistress I am, only to find more than what you expected. You have only dreamed of a heaven like the one I have to offer. Giving into the fantasy you have always wanted to make a reality, has now become real. I call unto you to serve me at the moment in time. You come to me like the "good boy" you are, taking in my orders and following them down to a "T". Knowing in your heart that if you do as I say you will be greatly rewarded as you please. As you are kneeled down before me, I ask of you to remove your clothes and passionately kiss me. Having done that very efficently, I then have you cross the room to bring me the woman on the bed, after r
The Sandwich.. Pt. 2
Kaniel kept his eye contact as he allowed his weight to fall down just a few inches. Eyes flinching, Jackalyn felt the head grazing against her unprotected clit, feeling something like fat, wet larva poking for a hole. His pre-cum was intermingling with her damp slit, glands moisturizing her crack, creating a strong smell that was becoming strangely arousing. As George sat there, recuperating, he watched with awe as the final line was about to be crossed. It was the moment when the three of them had to pause and let the ultimate taboo realization sink in their minds. Laying on her back, legs sprawled wide and perfect, both hands pressing at the rigid chest of her boy, Jackalyn waited for the final diffusion to take place while anxiously biting the bottom of her lips. The last line crossed. Kaniel uttered a depleted moan as the monstrous head buried inside his mother's genital outlet. Biting her lips even harder, Jackalyn responded with a crying "Ugh" and grabbed at his chest.
F*** It!!
happy, proud, content. shocked, frightened, saddened, raged. calm, collective, confused. dismissed, betrayed, deceived. hurt, rage bubbling, pause. careful, time out, sit in silence. why did you.....and with a smile? didn't you feel? didn't you care? didn't it matter that i do? that we do? what were you missing? maybe i put to much on you? you should of walked away earlier. f*** it, all is fixable in hinesight. since we are linear we just have to go forward. i will miss you. hope what you went for is worth it.
Bad Beats The Story Of Life In Poker
ok time to tell a bad beat story in this story i am in a .25/50 nl game i have $64 dollers my opponet has $47 i am delt a 9 os my opp is drawn q 9 os the flop is aq9 small raises on the flop 3 on the turn i go all in i am called then the river comes q i lose 47 bucks that hand on a 2 out merical thats myu bad beat story of the moment more to come
This Is A Cracker, Good Old Aussies
Australian Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Application for Grant of Australian Citizenship You must answer 75% (28 or more out of 37) of these questions correctly in order to qualify for Australian Citizenship 1. How many slabs can you fit in the back of a Falcon Ute while also allowing room for your cattle dog? 2. When packing an Esky do you put the ice, or the beer, in first? 3. Is the traditional Aussie Christmas dinner: a) At least two roasted meats with roast vegetables, followed by a pudding you could use as a cannonball. Also ham. In 40C heat. b) A seafood buffet followed by a barbie, with rather a lot of booze. And ham. In 40C heat. c) Both of the above, one at lunchtime and one at dinnertime. Weather continues fine. 4. How many beers in a slab? 5. You call that a knife, this is a knife. True or False? 6. Does "yeah-nah" mean a) "Yes and no" b) "Maybe" c) "Yes I understand but No I don't
A Song I Wrote, When My Life Wasnt So Good.
I would die for you Dark Clouds & Misfortunes All things I have loved, Turn to ash in my hands, Dark clouds guide me to misfortune, darkness consumes my soul, My eyes bleed bitter sweet memories, the cruel angels torment me, Shadows cast upon me, Shrouded in mist my path becomes clear, You reached into my chest, you left a giant hole, You fucked with my emotion, you stole my soul. I lost a part of me, I can never get back, I watched my beating heart go cold and turn black All I’ve got is my pride and the feeling of being dead inside, I have truly paid the ultimate price, Replaced blood with flowing ice, Inside my chest beats a heart of stone, A desolate world in which I must roam, These feelings stir inside the pain reminds me that I’m still alive, If I’m going to survive I need some time off from these emotions STOP WITH THESE FUCKING EMOTIONS So many feelings running through my head, Perhaps Id be better o
Cheery Filled
Okay, so I have decided to waste W**F** platform and try out Lost Cherry. Sorry for those who hate that I have done this. For those who like this platform let me know. And a great big wet Hosted by Sparkle Tags. Erotic Death. The art of eroticism. The art of Death. For those who receiev the Newsletter Erotic Death, you will not have to come here; to Lost Cherry to read your gruesome sexual exploits. Sorry, but I do have a 'real life'
Panty Shot!!!
5 year old pantyshot i can see between her legs 5 year old pantyshot 5 year old mother fuckin pantyshot cant complain i didn't even touch her so i cant be blamed 5 year old pantyshot in my brain my life has meaning when she spreads her legs 5 year old pantyshot i can see between her legs 5 year old pantyshot shot shot shot 5 year old mother fuckin pantyshot can't complain i didn't even touch her so i cant be blamed 5 year old pantyshot in my brain my life has meaning when she spreads her legs 5 year old pantyshot i suffer again because me want to fuck and touch and fuck and touch the children me fucked for life me grow old and then they dont want me but i still want them they want me fucked cuz i be da monstar getting down in my evil ways i'm getting down in my evil ways right me suffer again cuz me want to fuck and touch and fuck and touch the children they want me dead because i be the monstar they see baby they think im
Check Temptaions Lounge Out It Rocks
A Mother,s Love
New Pics
hello all lost cherrys, how is everyone? well great hey i just put up some new pics of some of the best soldiers in iraq come and show them some loven on my page. and the best part of all is all of them are LC members so come and rate them and forsure leave comments have a great day.
That How Chameleleons Eating!!!!!
very fancy pets but you need a license for that fancy animals!!!!
I hatepathetic LC people, this bitch vice girl and her friends haha. damn peopleneed to grow up with the stupid taking LC seriously. same with this LC cuklt thing going on here. I love calling them names and pathetic. how pathetic is a bunch of old fuckers trying to act cool online. hahaha anyone can be cool online
Cleaning Up My Profile Page
Time to make more room on my profile page and for the patioric music fans out there the Stars And Stripes Forever (sort of)
*-=*=-*chocolate Frozen Yogurt*-=*=-*
12 ounces evaporated lowfat milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup plain lowfat yogurt, stirred 2 ounces semisweet chocolate chips 3/4 cup sugar 2 teaspoons cornstarch In medium saucepan, combine sugar & cornstarch. Stir in milk. Cook & stir over moderate heat until thickened & bubbly. Remove from heat; cool to lukewarm. Add vanilla & yogurt. Refrigerate until mixture is cold. Melt chocolate. While chocolate is hot, pour it very slowly into chilled yogurt mixture while stirring gently. Freeze in ice-cream maker according to manufacturer's directions.
Hosted by Sparkle Tags
Wet Radio Live In Los Angeles Tonight!!!
Sunday night at 7:00pm PST Wet Radio will be broadcasting live from Fantasy Island located at 11434 W. Pico in West Los Angeles. Scheduled to appear is some of the cast from "Britney Rears 3"; Hillary Scott, Jasmine Byrne, and director Will Rider as well as many other adult stars. This will be an extended broadcast which will probably run from 7pm until 10-11pm depending on who else shows up. Make sure to check in at to catch all of the action.
Moved Up
what that took me forever to move up a cherry level...crasssssss! i feel cheated LC...i wonder who i have to fuck to move up another level...
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My Reality
As I lie in bed I dream of every touch, your lips apon mine, and how your fingertips slowly massage my hand. I dream of your skin so soft and how you look into my eyes, I can't help but stare! As you hold me your warmth keeps me there, right next to you I just can't control my hands! Your body so smooth I touch you and my heart skips a beat. As my lips touch your skin all I can think about is kissing away your pain. I sit here wishing your hurtfull memories would fly away. You look into my eyes, so gentle and sweet, for my soul is floating and all I want to do is weep! I love everything about you even you pulling at my hair, knowing it will get to me, for my whole body goes weak. I can't help dream of a world with right by me if you weren't i would be so empty. Everything about you is what I dream for that is all I think it is but when I awake your lieing next to me! I roll over and hold you and my dream becomes reality.
Our Mother
In Loving Memory of Betty Gale Robinson Born on September 26,1951 Went to be with Jesus on April 19,1987 Our Mother was murderd by our father, the headlines read Murder, Suicide. Because after he shot her in the heart and the back of the head. he turned the gun on his self and pulled the trigger shooting himself in the side of his head. this as been the hardest thing for us even though in April it will be twenty years. theres never a day that we dont think of her theres not a day that goes by that we dont wish that she could of seen her grand children you know she has twelve right now and two twins boys on the way. and she never got a chance to see them, only one. the first one but she only got to see her a couple of times before she died. theres not a day that goes by that my heart dosent cry out to her we miss her so badly. theres not a day that she isnt on our mines . and in our hearts. we lost everything when we lost her. apart of us went with her and we grow up
For Those Whose States Observe Daylight Time In The Usa...
Apparently it changes in 2007-see
* . . About You . . *Eye Color:BrownHair Color:Normally brown with some kind of highligts or streaks.Height:5\'7Favorite Color:BlueScreen Name:~1-Sexy-Trini~Favorite Movie:\"SHOTTAS\" & \"The Usual Suspects\"* . . Have You Ever . . *Sat on your rooftop?Not mine, a friendsKissed someone in the rain?Yeah, so romanticDanced in a public place?Duh! For 7 yearsSmiled for no reason?well there\'s always a reason* . . Who was the last person to . . *Say HI to you?My cousin ChrisTell you, I love you?My ex Jay through a textKiss you?KennyHug you?Kenny* . . What\'s the last . . *Time you laughed?This morn, I was watching Goerge Carlin(Love Him)Time you cried?Bout 2 days agoMovie you watched?Bride & PrejudiceJoke you told?can\'t recall at the moment* . . Can You . . *Write with both hands?Depends on what I\'m writingWhistle?yupBlow a bubble?yupRoll your tounge in a circle?yup and side ways too :D* . . Finish The Line . . *If i were a ...Rich gyulI wish ...I had an oscar mayer weinerSo many people d
Points And Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok it just me or has anyone else lost their off thier page????? Am so not happy at the moment!!!!
Job Stuff
So... today I had my very first job interview. And twenty minutes later, I have my very first job. woo hoo. Monday is going to be my first day on the job. I'm now going to be getting off my lazy ass and working at Panera Bread. Good luck to me.
How To Get Over You
How can you just sit there looking at me and not feel a thing but when I see you with her I just cry. How can I just act like there’s nothing there and know that I still love you yet you don’t even act like you’re going to cry. Well I came to the conclusion you’re my first love and I will never get over you. But that’s okay because I do know that you have to love me too! You were the first boy I kissed and I don’t know if we will ever be together but if she doesn’t stay by to you I think I will just go over the moon But this is how I get over you I live day by day and that it sure maybe one day I will hit her but she knows she got it coming. These are the ways I get over you but maybe I won’t have to. If I do I will no we are through so bye baby I still and always will love you
So, I've never been one for blogging. But I've had a rough few days dealing with internet FAKES. It's bad enough I have been lied to so many times, it's worse that real feelings get involved. And worse still, that some really great people have gotten hurt. So I'm going to rant a little. I understand that the internet is just for entertainment to a lot of people. But keep it that way, keep it fun and light, if you aren't here to really meet people and make real friendships. Don't create a personality, use someone elses pics, or any other form of deception, especially if you are eluding to people that there is a possiblity of a reality with them! That having been said.... some stupid hooker on AOL is using my pics!!! It's happened to me before, but this just happened at the wrong time for me! So if any of you have AOL... hit up ATexasPrincess4U .... and remind her that the real Robin lives in Cali... and has a damn cam! And thank you so much Terry for finding this out, and
Coming Up
My absolute favorite time of year is coming up! HALLOWEEN is my most favorite time of year! Its one of the few things I look forward too... My 21st birthday is the next day! If you really wanna make my day, my week or my month!!! Make sure to leave me a comment around then or start flooding me with halloween based comments! That would make my day super super super!
Little Girl Next Door
Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 5-year-old girl and some construction workers that will make you believe that we all can make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time. A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot. The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the workers. Eventually the construction crew, all of them "gems-in-the-rough," more or less, adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars. The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that she take her ten dollar
Live A Life That Matters...
This Has To Be Stopped!!! Please Read!!
Why do we have children? For some the answer is simple, and for others what is the answer? They do not ask to be brought into this world, they cannot choose their parents, and they cannot stand up for themselves as adults can. For some bringing a child into this world is the most powerful thing anyone can's a gift of life, love, sacrifice, giving, protecting. These young beings growing, becoming little people right before our eyes. The love of a child is the most amazing selfless gift anyone could ever imagine. If you were to ask a child what they want in return...most will tell you that they want to be loved, held, kissed, to have someone spend time with them at the park, laughing, to cuddle them when they hurt, when they feel alone or scared. You look at the face of a child and what do you see? Innocent, pure, honest love! There's a thing among most cultures about respect. Warriors from all over the world have some sort of "Code" if you will about honor and respect. Mos
I Love Your Love
I Love Your Love I love your dark eyes, And your curly hair, I love your smile, And the way that you care. I love your deep kisses, I love your soft touch, I love you, I love you, I love you so much. - Christin C.
Mad Luv On My New Pics!!!
Handle With Care
handle with care i am giving you something that means a lot to me. something very dear that is a part of me. it is all together now, but it has been broken at times. so many times, too many times, i became scared to show it. i locked it away on a shelf. i hid it away from the world, including myself. it was when i met you that i found it again. now i am giving you this key to let you in. i give this piece of me, with you i will share. take my heart, but handle with care.
Too Young To Die
Too Young To Die Is that me lying on the ground? Why are people screaming? Is that blood coming from my body? Why doesn't somebody help? Is that sirens I hear? Maybe I'll survive Who is the drunk man? Why are the police talking to him? How could he think he could drive When he can't even stand up I remember it now The headlights coming so slow I couldn't move or cry for help My legs had turned to lead The pain in my legs As I flew through the air My lifeless body bouncing Along the ground I remember the angels Coming to carry me away Tell them Ma, I'm too young To Young to die this way Dave Enmerson
The Doll And The Rose
I was walking around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. "It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it
See..i Always Knew I Was The Bond...but Only Its Sweepee007....yeah Baby
You scored as James Bond, Agent 007. James Bond is MI6's best agent, a suave, sophisticated super spy with charm, cunning, and a license's to kill. He doesn't care about rules or regulations and somewhat amoral. He does care about saving humanity though, as well as the beautiful women who fill his world. Bond has expensive tastes, a wide knowledge of many subjects, and his usually armed with a clever gadget and an appropriate one-liner. James Bond, Agent 00792%Neo, the "One"79%Batman, the Dark Knight67%El Zorro58%Captain Jack Sparrow54%The Amazing Spider-Man54%Indiana Jones54%Maximus50%The Terminator46%William Wallace
I Wrote This In About 2 Minutes...
once loved, always loved, once touched , always touched can't help the way we feel or who's heart we steal, you've stolen mine, but i don't mind you can have my love anytime, so now i leave you with a goodbye, with much love from me to you, always, loving you...
Dominant Vs. Master
DOMINANT VS. MASTER BY MISTRESS STEEL Those just entering the BDSM world will find the abundant usage of both of these words by members of the online community. This is primarily due to the rapid growth of access and the restrained attainability of quality texts to correctly interpret what these words mean within the community itself. Up to a few years ago the BDSM world was a tightly closed and almost secret society. Membership in this society was kept totally private and hidden with significant effort. Entree into the community was by referral and accompaniment only. Protocols or rules of conduct were strict and strongly enforced, not from some control standpoint but because those rules emerged from bitterly hard lessons in survival. A Dominant is a person with a dominant aspect in their personality. A Master is a Dominant with significant real life BDSM experience. They are not the same. It can be fairly said that all Master/Mistress's are Dominant. It cannot be sa
It's all over now no more pain no more hurting no more let downs no more expectations to live up to it's all gone all it took was a simple hole. the blood drips out flowing like a river. so much of it for such a simple hole. I can't feel anything any more I am dead The lines are beginning to blur I can feel things changing Things inside of me are shifting All falling into place These feelings are changing me I feel so different now Will this be a new beginning? Or my end?
Taco Casserole
1lb ground beef 1 bellpepper chopped 1 can onions and tomaters chopped drained 1 1/4th head lettuce shredded sour cream 1 can refried beans 1 can of mandwich 1 bg of shredded sharp cheese 1 bg of tortilla chips 2 sm can of black sliced olives drained preheat oven 350 in skillet: cook hamburger drain put back in skillet add the mandwich onion, bellpepper, sourcream, refried beans mix well simmer about 10 min, In baking pan: take a baking pan layer the bottom with the tortilla chips and lettuce, add the meat sauce spreak evenly covering lettuce and chips, then cover top with cheese completely cook til the cheese is totally melted and slightly browned. sprinkle the black olives over the top and then add big heaping spoons of sourcream again. I do mine with 6 good heaping spoons on top of the olives kinda for decoration lol

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