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My Bff
I wish I could figure out why you hurt so bad,I just can't understand. Does it bother you that I am only a friend?I know you want more,more than I can give.I am sorry that I can't give you want you needand give you a reason to live.It rips out my heart to see your sadness everydayIs there anything I can doAnything at all that will make you want to stay.You have so much more than I doSo many reasons to live.A wondeful son and caring mom. My mom hates me, she wishes I was never bornbut your mom loves you and does everything for her son.You have so many things going right,So why tell me why you are so sad tonight?You cry, I cry. You smile, I smile.You are my best friend no matter how bad things are.I will never leave you,Always by your side.I always will be until the day that I die.You mean so much to memore than you know.I don't know what I would do without you.the feelings are more than I could ever show.So as you lay down tonight and start to cry.Remember your best friend and I hope th
For Becky On Her Birthday
The day that you were born, was one of the happiest days in my life. I did not know it yet, that came many years later. Born to me, I have two sisters; who love me and taught me many things. On this road of life, I have made many friends and made my family larger. My parents are your parents, my children and your children are equal in my heart; as i know they are in yours. Today we celebrate more than twenty years in each other's lives. You see; the day that you were born was one of the happiest days in my life... Because you were born to be my best friend.
If The Past Tense
If the past tense of fly is flew  or had flown, why isn't the past tense of imply: implew, or had implown?
To DeBzDoOdLe...: oh sorry... you need all caps don't you... PRETTY FUCKING UGLYDeBzDoOdLe...: what?To DeBzDoOdLe...: pretty fucking uglyDeBzDoOdLe...: TY SWEETYTo DeBzDoOdLe...: hey i saw you scrolling. you're pretty...
Beautiful In Everyway
Beauty, it is what I see in your eyes. When I touch your body, it feels like silk. Your lips, like rose petals. Your hair, as Dark and as Beautiful as a moonlit summers night. Beautiful in Everyway. Your personality, that of a playful puppy. Your attitude, as Dark as the Darkest recesses of my mind. Your, body as pale as the Moon. Beautiful in Everyway. Words flow from your Lips like that of Poetry, fallin up on my ears, Lovin everything you say. Beautiful in Eveyway, that is what you are to me. Rick
No Sex!!!
      Made you look!
The Breakfast Test
You Are an Interesting Breakfast You are a total non-conformist. You enjoy being different, and you appreciate eccentric people. You are sort of a weirdo, and that's totally fine with you. You are much more open minded and free spirited than most people. You are much more sophisticated than you let on. You don't like to brag about where you've been and what you know. You are a worldly person with worldly tastes. And if something hasn't crossed your path yet, it's likely you're dying to try it. The Breakfast Test Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
So one of  my best friends that I have known for like 12 years has decided to move.... I know it's selfish of me but I don't want her to leave..She's been my rock and myu sanity for so long that it's like now what do I do... She is closer to me then anyone inmy "family"...... I don't know what else to say other then without her I wouldn't have the bit of sanity that I do have right now....  I've always been the one to move away and she's always been here when I come back, and now she won't be here at all.... I feel like my heart is breaking..... I'll miss you Jennifoofoo more then you will ever possibly know!!!
Saccharin And Riboflavin
Do you have any alcohol bottles in your room? Nope. Mini-fridge around the corner though.   Last person to text you?   Stacy. No i don't want to see Iron Man 2 with you.     Do you think you like anyone?   I think too much as it is.     Who's the biggest whore you know? Scott from work. Goes through girlfriends like I go through vodka bottles.     Do you prefer to be friends with boys or girls? There are very few guys I can stand to be around.      Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you? Nope.     Had sex in a movie theater?   I've asked, but no.           Has any one of your friends ever seen you cry?   I don't cry. Do you hate anyone? John Madden. I kind of hate Dr. Phil sometimes.   Do you straighten your hair often? Lol. Genetics keeps flipping it up.   Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with? Not at all, I prob have more in common with Jason than anyone else.       Want someone back in your life?   Watching th
Rest In Peace...
Ok so most of you don't know but May is a very rough month for me... 15 years ago this May 24th I lost a very very dear and close friend of mine... He had talked to me on the phone for over an hour the night before and he was fine.... The next day I find out he killed himself... I should have known, should have been able to sense something was going on or was going through his head but I didn't and I failed him.... To those who would say there was nothing I could have done you have no idea because I should have been able to do something, anything and I never even knew.... Some of you will think or say quit bitching and moaning about it and get over it to you I say has someone you loved ever killed themselves 10 minutes after talking to you?..... I felt I needed to post this so those of you I speak to often on here don't wonder what's wrong over the next week cause I will not be myself and I will be as fucked up as I can possibly be.....I'll do what I do every year....Pack a bowl or two
Selfish Giving
I was thinking about a vision I was given as a child. A christian camp counselor told the listening children, of which I was one, a story about Heaven and Hell. The scene he described centered upon the dinner table which was as long as the eye could see, laden with heaping platters of delicious foods of all sorts, and seated on each side of this banquet table were people that were so very, very hungry. This place existed in both Heaven and Hell. The exact details and features and creature comforts. Oh, a minor detail - all the people sitting at the table had long metal attachments to their forearms and hands. The device ended in a shape that looked much like a spork. (Some of these details are being added by me - because I'm not so sure the counselor said anything about a spork, but it helps me make my vision clearer, to me anyway). All the people that lined the table of Heaven and the table of Hell had these cumbersom
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty) (essay Part 1)
Legal vs. Illegal Murder (An argument for the Death Penalty)       Although opponents of capital punishment believe it is counter-productive, hypocritical, immoral, and ineffective, history has proven time and again that this is a cost-effective, ethically sound deterrent of future murders, crimes against humanity, and more. Capital punishment is the legal execution by the state of criminals who have been convicted of heinous crimes, such as murder, rape of a child, and treason. It has been called Legal Murder, the Death Penalty, Execution, the Death Sentence, and more. It has been legalized, banned, and legalized again many times over. In the United States, there is no unanimous agreement amongst state governments concerning the application of the death penalty. "As of April 1, 2008, the Death Penalty was authorized by 37 states, the Federal Government, and the U.S. Military. Those jurisdictions without the Death Penalty include 13 states and the District of Columbia. (Alaska, Ha
Random Dopey Thought
I would love to meet the cat who would turn down the $1 donation when confronted with this while buying fast food. Fast Food Worker: Would you like to donate $1 to feed starving children? Customer: One dollar? Nope! FFW: But sir, you could help feed a child. Customer: Can I please have my Kids Meals before MY kids become the charity? FFW: What about the starving children of the world? Customer: Fuck' em!!!! Just a thought.
Important Decision
I just had some root beer, should I drink some more or wash it down with Cherry Pepsi?
New Tatts
got 2 new tatts today for my b-day. both are awesome and one is for my radio station. its the station id and logo and it kicks ass. ty to vintage ink in san antonio for the awesome work. pics will be posted in the next couple days so watch for em.
Are Cleavage Photos So Terrible?
Are cleavage photos so terrible, even as default photos?  I think they are AWESOME!
My Son The Football Team
Sunday afternoon after my nephew Patrick graduated Minot High School with nearly four hundred other people and the two senior speakers announced their ceremony FBO or FaceBook Official.  The night before, my wife Martha finally buckled and joined the social networking site herself.  It made me a proud papa to watch her find friends from high school and college and dart toward them with her mouse to click “add as friend”.  I chuckled, for it was Saturday night (and I expect my blushing bride will read this and accuse me of being even more squirrelly than I am) and the following day we’re reverted at Bethany Lutheran to one Sunday morning service for the summer.   Family and friends came in and out of Patrick’s post-graduation party all day long.  I got tired enough at one point I went in the house and napped in the living room for a half-hour to get out of having to find a conversation topic or pretend to be nice or indulgent – please, sometimes it’
Ensign: Matters
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.  Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                               4 June 2010      I bought some small items at a rummage sale in town last weekend, and among my change was the oldest dollar bill I had ever held in my hand.  I’ve still got it right now, a 1995 series bill that is really showing its age, likely from its being handled so much.  In the “normal” course of events, this bill would have gotten shredded or recycled years ago (typical lifespan of U.S. paper currency: eighteen months) but it’s still good.  I expect I could spend it, not because of the bill’s worth but for eleven words on it.  “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE”.   Because the Department of the Treasury that made that dollar and makes all the paper currency and c
J-e-f-f-r-e-y And The Big Miracle Flag
So culminated the proudest moment of Mom and Dad for the week in regard to our son who will be turning three!  It came as a surprise to me before we put him and sister Sarah to bed Thursday night when Martha asked him to spell his name, and he did it!  We’ve shown that off, and I know Jeffrey who joined me for a haircut yesterday (much needed after two months) is proud of that too for he sees us beam with excitement.  They just need to work out that excess energy of theirs; so far they haven’t hit others as we’ve taken no more toys away, but their napping – oh how we who work out of the house envy kids that – needs to be an everyday thing.  It was fun watching them at McDonald’s Play Place after the breakfast I treated them to just being kids and wanting me to hold them (Sarah) or put them on my shoulders (Jeffrey).  I promise to savor every moment of that.   Sarah finished Bible school at Bethany yesterday and we got to see the T-shirt she’d
I just don't understand how you guys think I'm attractive. All throughout my elementary through high school years, I got called ugly. People never wanted to hang out with me or be my friend because of how I look. I guess you to have to look good to be a friend...Oh well.
Some Animal Fun
  When I got home I noticed there was something on my bed waiting for me. When I opened it it was a cat outfit. Smiling I ran and took a shower before changing into the outfit. I then got on all 4's and waited for him to come home. He came home not 2 minutes after I was done, it took him a second to see me waiting. He smiled and walked up to me, I purred and wiggled my hips a little. But all he did was pat my head and then walk over to the computer and sit down. Frowning I watch him for a minute, when he did not say anything or do anything I slowly crawled up to him. I stopped at his legs and then put my head on his lap and looked up at him. When he shifted in his set and kept typing I decided to get bold. I moved my head to his inner thigh and lightly touched his crotch with my right hand and softly whined. All I got this time when I looked up was him sitting still not moving. So I decided to go all the way and got closer so I could put my face in his crotch, I then took a deep brea
What Can Happen At A Scavenger Hunt Memorial Weekend
So what did you do for memorial day weekend? I had a picture scavenger hunt to do all weekend...Awee yes...a list of pictures taken with your team of 2 to 5 people. well, i was fortunate my best friend was the only one that i could convinced to do this hunt.  It did take a little coaxing. But, i was up on peach street when she called. she said she was heading down to the pennisula...There thats it. i told her i got the list you interested we can get alot of them done at the pennisula.  Yep she fell for it.  So, we were gonna meet at the lighthouse.  Well, half hr later i get a call, im not quite there yet. but. she's lost down there somewhere. So gave her directions and caught up with her about 15 minutes later.  We had shots of something colorful and a group of got those at the same time on beach1.  We needed someone in uniform, so we got separated cause there was a fire somewhere on the pennisula. So, she was gonna get one of the firemans pic but got caught in traffic
I Know What It's Like To Feel Alone. And, That's Why I Stay Alone, Because I Never Want To Feel Alone Again.
So just feel like i need to write. i have my journal upstairs but i kind of want feedback or something. at the same time i hope that no one reads this. its been a little over a month since me and my ex have broken up. i think of him often but less and less everyday. i have been with one other guy since then and i felt absolutely guilty. i went out a date with another guy after that and it was positively amazing and i hope to see him again. he is a great guy but i can not bring my self to trust him as much as i want to and as much as i believe he is being honest. i feel so guilty. i want to let him in and he thinks i have but i truly have not. i want to feel wanted. and i want to feel love. and i dont think it is ever going to happen. i dont want to force anything but i dont want to be alone. and maybe i am feeling like this tonight cause i am sort of manic. but i know i do not want the lonliness to take over again.
Is flatulence so terrible, everyone gets it!
Michael Jackson's Mother Can't Be Serious
Michael Jackson is dead but his music will live on. The tragedy now is that his 80 year-old mother is looking for an escape goat to explain his death. Michael was like many other music stars who died early in life, he killed himself by consuming mega amounts of drugs. The law wants to put all the blame on his doctor. My question is, how much blame should Michael shoulder for his excesses? How about his family who let him do all this weird stuff to himself? No one could tell Michael how to live his life. He did it his way like all the other stars who have killed themselves. The boogeyman was not under his bed but in Michael’s mind. Michael should shoulder most of the blame for his early death. Blaming others is just looking for excuses for Michael’s destructive behavior. For more BlastFM looks for the best music on the planet to play for listening pleasure. Tune us in for a music experience
A Lost Love By Lora
Ive been reading your Chat  messages over and over againmemories of you keep flashing thru my minddays and nights, same scenariocant seem to get all of it out of my system, thoughi still keep your pictures on my walletseems like i cant live a day without seeing itbrowse our pictures and your pictures stored on my cellphoneSince that's all that was left to me that i owni kept on repeating to myself i have nothing to wait for..but still my heart says wait for morefriends here, texts here, chats here, and series of mall toursbut they cant stay on my mind and lose this memory of yoursit's you i think of all night and daystill hoping one day, you'll be back on my wayso many words left unspoken ,so many questions to be answeredhow can i move on? how can i forget, to myself i whisperedhow can i accept the fact that this is all but donewhen i always hope and wish for you to be the oneand i still think of my future having you by my side alwayswhen all i ever wanted was you every night and dayho
No Words Spoken
  No words spokenLove touch talkingStroking over skinOur fingers walkingNo words spoken Although soft sighsSoftly your breath Felt between thighsNo words spokenAs the fingers slideA tongue followingThe wetness insideNo words spoken A tongue drips lustMoans of pleasureMeets each thrustNo words spoken Body spoke desireA hardness throbsSending me higherNo words spokenPleasures increaseEuphoria erupting Love juices releaseNo words spokenSoaring sensually Tasting of tonguesConsumed ecstasy No words spokenLove touch talkingStroking over skinOur fingers walkingNo words spoken Although soft sighsSoftly your breath Felt between thighsNo words spokenAs the fingers slideA tongue followingThe wetness insideNo words spoken A tongue drips lustMoans of pleasureMeets each thrustNo words spoken Body spoke desireA hardness throbsSending me higherNo words spokenPleasures increaseEuphoria erupting Love juices releaseNo words spokenSoaring sensually Tasting of tonguesDevoured Delight
Cant Move Up To Lvl 21 :(
ok i have done as support said 1. cleared the browsing history 2. rebooted the computer 3. changed browsers 4. written to fubar support which takes at least 2 days!   the technical support not the support lounge is awful on this site! 5. oh and i rated 50 green new members and it still says zero rated??????? arrgghhhhhhh i just dont get it.....well im done what do you think or suggest?
People In This World Amaze Me
I think the RDA needs to include the percentage amount of stupid added to manufactured foods.  Case in point:  I'm standing in line at the convenience store, waiting to purchase my adult beverages, and two packs of my nicotinie goodness.  I hear an older lady (early 60's, what we call a Bocage Buffy...privileged class, likely never worked a day in her life) say "Wow...this Reece's peanut butter cup contains only two, and this one contains four, but they're both $1.59."  I usually stay in my own world, but this level of stupid irritated me...and I had had a bad day.  The older lady behind her comments "Yeah, that is weird!"  I tell them both "The double pack is king sized, and the quadruple pack is normal sized."  This doesn't faze them, they can't imagine something with a larger quantity costing the same as something with smaller quantity.  They go on about it bitching for literally two to three minutes about how people are getting robbed and it being unfair, and I finally turn around
Self Inflicted
You cut yourself wide open over and over again and you find yourself bleeding all over me and who I am. Just because you can't say no. I'm constantly running to your aid, helping you recover. Stitching ur wounds closed, keeping the stitches small so hardly any scar will show. The moment I turn my back they get ripped open again. My eyes water, to keep myself from screaming so hard and loud to where my throat bleeds. My fingers tremble and the needle pricks me everytime. But I'm still here. Sewing you shut. Days go by and you're healing so well. Then you disappear again. This time I can't find you. Its too dark and cold. I smell blood and my heart start pounding. The smell is getting stronger and I'm feeling more and more sick to my stomach. And in the distance I can see a light. Faded but just enough to see the glare off my clothes. I run as fast as I can. Limbs lashing at my face and neck. Shoes rubbing blisters on my toes and ankels, soaked with sweat and water from the dew on the gr
ok so my life has sucked pretty hardcore for the past 23 years that was untill i found something. something so specular something i thought could never be found. the kind of thing that could last a lifetime. the greatest thing in the world. i hope you all find it someday. everyone deserves to be as happy as i am now, and forever will be. thanx to you my very special someone this is for you.
Want To Own Me?
Do you want to own me? If so click the pic below and place your bid. Show me the love!!   LIL MISS SOUTHERNBELLE
Soulmate "i Wonder And I Seek" Someday
I have loved and lost so many timesHave shed many tears countless nightsI have wished and prayed to find the oneMy own soulmate, of a special kind.Out of nowhere, out of the blueMy life took a spin and there was youThe sun shines so bright I can finally seeThe greatest gift of love from you to meI love you not  for the great looks you haveBut for the beauty you have deep insideI love you not from the sweetest voice I hearBut for the words you speak without a soundIts not just your smile that lights up my dayNor the warmth of your tight embraceIts not just the laughters that brings joy in my heartBut its also the soothing words you whisper night after nightYou are kind and gentle with a calming effectTo a life tested with agony, sadness and defeatYou are sweet and loving with a heart so givingWhich I cannot help but get so many refillsWe are so much alike and so much in tuneAlmost a perfect match to my definitionWe blend so well, we love beyond measureAnd still we res
Some Things That I Regret
  There's some things that I regret, Some words I wish had gone unsaid Some starts, that had some bitter endings Been some bad times I've been through Damage I cannot undo. Some things that I wish I could do all all over again But it doesn't really matter, Life gets that much harder, It makes you that much stronger. And every tear that had to fall from my eyes, Everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night. Every change life has thrown me, I'm thankful for every break in my heart. I'm grateful, for every scar. Some pages turned, Some bridges burned, But there were lessons learned. There's mistakes that I have made Some chances I just threw away, Some roads I nev
Always There
24 July 2010    Ever since that day, you are always on my mnd. A place where I keep you, watching you, taking care of you. Being there when you need me most. Making them special days memorable to you. Always There My Darling, you are never forgotten. Whenever I close my eyes, it is your beautiful face I see. Your loving hand in mine. The smell of your breath. Wrapped delicately in your blanket. Always There. Your loving fingers, around two beautiful roses with care. Into them gorgeous eyes I loved to stare. All I saw was Darkness, nothing there. Into te Dark Abyss I do stare. Always There. My life without you, it is painfully incomplete. The tenderness of your touoch, I miss it so much. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. You were my life. Always There. My baby, I miss you so,I hope this you surely know. Can you hear me? Are my words loud enough? Are they getting through? Luna Sylene, you have my heart. To you this I bestow, no other woman shall have it no, no, no. Alw
Love Goes A Long Way
7/18/2010 my sister-in law was sitting in her living room as normal talking with my brother and all of sudden her heart quit beating. My brotherOpened the door, grabbed the phone and started CPR while calling 911. 4min later, the crew showed up and finally got a pulse. They took her to the hospital in the ambulance and started doing test. They took her to ICU and Sunday the 19th her heart quit beating again. they worked on her for a full 5min and finally got a pulse again. Everything started doing fine. She had cancer before and they had taken care of it. They done a Biopsy on a couple of spots while she was in the hospital this time and found that she was positive again. She was doing so well and had recovered beyond the doctors belief from the Cardiac Arrest (twice) and now she has to deal with this. For anyone that prays or has even a little bit of belief, please say a prayer for Carol. She has fought for almost 3 weeks cause she was just released from the hospital on 08/01/2010. Th
Something To Think On Seriously...
I long to give you rest for your soul and peace in your heart. i know sometimes it looks like life has no peace to offer~~just one big problem after another. its true that the world is filled with hatred,envy,and every sort of evil,so please dont be looking for peace in people or attempting to position yourself where there are no problems.The kind of peace the world tries to offer is built on false hope and man-made idols that will eventually crumble. The peace i give you will transend any trial or tribulation that comes against you because its supernatural. So position yourself completely in my care,and let go of all those things you cannot control. Then you will find true peace. In the middle of chaos and confusion,I will always be your safe place~~a place of peace. Im asking you my child, to share with others the peace i give freely to you. Love, Your King and Your Perfect Peace...
Watch Bootyyy Videos, Phat Booty Pics,,, Lookkk At Meee
Razors Edge
As I sharpen the razors edge, I think about my life, the heartbreak, the failure, the pain and suffering. wondering how I dealt with it for so long. I slice, and leave a clean line down the center. the pain is intense. the cut deep, blood on the keyboard, the blade, the desk. another cut. Thinking of her, thinking of all the things I have lost, my son, my daughter, my love, maybe soon my life. if I can find the courage to push a little deeper, a little harder. Nothing to live for, nothing to lose, no one to miss me when I am gone. Just another empty face on the internet. Another heart broke. Another story without a happy ending. Another soul crushed by itself like the snake that eats it's own tain I devour myself and leave nothing but a faint memory fading into the past....   
Stroke Of Genius?
Great artists are not afraid to explore various media, aesthetics, and techniques when it comes to making their artistic vision take physical form. Recently two well-rounded female artists from two different continents made the news, given their unique ability to make masterful marks with their mammaries on canvas. What does it take to create such titillating art work? Fearlessness, passion for the process, and a great set of paint cans. [What do you think about ... body art?]
With In The Heart
With in the heart of a young boy was once love,It dwindled there for a man who couldn’t see it,When that man left the little boy cursed heaven above,Eventually he cried so much there was only a candle lit.With in the heart of the young man was once hate,It remained there for the one thing he never had,And that man never came back for his first mate,With a swift punch he was making everyone around sad.With in the heart of this man is now a love for life,Everything here is set in place to encourage your journey,All the things that go wrong, grin and bear it through your strife,For acceptance of what you cannot change will release you of your burdens.   (this is for my old man)
Leveling Up
Do you ever notice that on most places, and some games you have to meet requirements?? What ever happened to the simple hard work, and finish your quest, and *FFVII level up theme* ! You've leveled up. Somehow I think that these moronic places that advertise your mind, tell you in small subtleties, that you have to buy, rent, lease, or add more and more unknown people you'll never actually meet or talk to the ret of your existence, just so you can level up in a fake place for fake fame that no one but your self-centered simple minded ego might enjoy for five minutes. Why can't they just let you enjoy something that says it's "free" for actual free!!?? So I myself play along for the ride for the sake of being able to do a bit of that something, but after the first two minutes of not being able to do anything after being lured in for "free" this and that, I say fuck this, and simply leave and go do something more constructive for actual free. Like a simple walk in the park, throwing rock
Business Law
Business Law Business law needs to be followed when someone starts a small or med-sized business. Even the start-up entrepreneurs and executives of an organization should be aware of business law. It is better to know the law than to apply wrong laws. A start-up firm should always consult attorneys for the business. One firm, which can help start-up entrepreneurs, is Kozloff Stoudt, which has an experience of 15 years in business law and gives the best advice to the start-up organizations.   At Kozloff Stoudt, the business attorneys are always considered to be an asset to our clients as they help in the formation of founder arrangement, which is required for a start-up organization. A start-up organization has to deal with equity incentives and have limited stock grants too and an attorney helps the organization in handling the equity incentives as well as securities compliance law. The intellectual property issues advice can be attained by a lawyer. Business lawyers at
Banquet Hall
BANQUET HALL At Village Catering, you can leave your banquet worries to us. We are equipped with multi-purpose Banquet Halls, which can be customized for a wedding ceremony or reception, family dinner, corporate event, mitzvah, birthday or anniversary celebrations or funerals. Our banquet halls present a picture of comfort and elegance. Village Catering makes arrangements for both decoration as well as catering services. Years of experience has taught us that in times of celebrations the best possible gift for you is to get all services under one roof. Integrating various modes of entertainment into our banquet set-up is our special area of expertise. We provide customized services for all sorts of budgets and themes. Before starting off with a given plan it’s important for us to know the number of people that are estimated to turn up for the event. The banquet hall should not be either too large or small for the purpose. A packed hall with people moving around
Do You Know About Attorney Malpractice
Do you know about Attorney Malpractice Attorney Malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails to render competent professional services to a client and as a result the client suffers losses. The three major theories of liability are negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. To prove malpractice, i.e., to establish your attorney’s liability, you must prove that your lawyer owed you a duty to represent you competently and that he or she made a mistake and that your lawyer's mistake harmed you causing you damages. Additionally, you must file your lawsuit within the statutory time period or "statute of limitations" established by state law for Attorney Malpractice claims.   Since the founding of the law firm of Liever, Hyman and Potter in 1959, we have won thousands of awards and settlements for victims and their families – more than any other firm located in the Berks and Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania area. Most of our clients were referred to us
Help For Help ?
hey all lets make a deal i help you out you help me we help are friends outs lets have a great fun time no drama would do you say ?...
Great Day
well lets see it was a long day yesterday but well worth it. the morning started out with church, and we helped out a family friend into the elevator and sat behind her, we love the girl. then we went and visited everyone... well nearly everyone today mom and dad were first... hung out there and played with the dogs while i brushed their teeth. then we went home and changed... and went straight over to grams wich was a good thing we did... granddad isn't doing well he was giving gram one heck of a time.. so i sat and watched him with her while rob went out and mowed the grass.. we will be going there to night so he can finish it. well then we stayed for a bit longer and we left to go back to the church.... and he asked us some questions with the other out of the room and he said he never seen two people so mature and ready for a marriage... he has seen so many go in and think that planning one s nothing at our age. and rob told him you know him and i.. we had to grow up q
Highland Love. He Adores This One Best, Because It Speaks Of Our Past Life & Our Present One Too ;)
Once I believe long ago, we were together in a different time & different place, Visions of us come to me, of you softly caressing my face..Hills of green, flowers all around, as I wear them in my long hair, Thoughts of stone stairways, climbing up them, as I turn and see you there..Feeling the soft wind blow over our bodies, upon our bed you have taken me, Hear the storm in the air, as it rumbles over the sea..Feel the warmth of your body against me, holding on to you ever so tight, Running my nails over your back, As lightning illuminates the night..Kissing you deeply, feeling your sweat as it drips from you onto me, Our passion is as strong as the storm that rages, and as deep as that blue green sea..My Irish love, we have that bond, that has lasted into this life, As I once was long ago, I will again be your Scottish wife..
I Promise You
I want a life that is carefree. To go and be where i choose to be. To love and play with any and all, who care to come, who care to call. To float along on waves of blue, for it to just to be me and you. With out the screams of others and mine. With out the tears of untold time. To feel the pain that is no more, to let it go and drain and roar, into someone else, who deserves it all, into a one, who inflictls the gore. You awful scum who kill my soul, who kill the others, who make them fall. The ones who suffer at your grimey hands, I pray one day, they see my lands. The one of beauty, the one of peace, I want to see them run free with ease. No scars will mar them, no broken bones. No torn flesh, no pain in their soul. We will all be together, in a world with no pain. We will run wild, we will see that day. It will come, where all suffering is gone, where all fear is lost, there will be no harm. I swear to you, we will all be free. I promise you, from my heart to thee. ~Nicki~
I Found On A Certain Individal's Page And He Knows Who He Is ....ty I Feel This Is Important And Needs Supported!!hugggssss
Soldiers come in all shapes, shades, weights, sizes, and states of sobriety, misery, and confusion. He is sly as a fox, has the nerve of a dope addict, the stories of an old sailor, the sincerity of a politician, and the subtly of Mt. Saint Helen. He is extremely irresistible, totally irrational and completely indestructible.A Soldier is a Soldier all his life. He is a magical creature. Youcan kick him out of your house but not out of your heart. You can take him off your mailing list but not off your mind. soldier are found everywhere... in battle... in lust... in bars and ... behind them. No one can write so seldom and yet think so much of you. No one else can get so much enjoyment out of a letter or clean clothes or a six pack.A Soldier is a genius with a deck of cards. A millionaire without a cent and brave without a grain of sense. He is the Protector of America, with the latest copy of playboy in his back pocket. When he wants somethi
happiness. The night falls, with a whisper, like every night before, but through it she feels. Something that reminds her of, blurred edges, a burnt paper smell, and something like a kiss. It bring with it a light, a fire in the dark. A blinding chaos, she welcomes with fear, before it consumes her.
Kinky Family
Did It Turn You On?
I can't believe almost 8 yrs have passed since I was sent to see you in a professional as the patient witha wicked eating disorder and cutting as the almighty never gives up child psychologist who saw very few adult clients....I was amongst those elite adults....and I would unfortunately live through what you did to be victimized by your voice and words years and years later. Looking back, all I want to know is this one thing but you aren't brave enough to tell me the truth.  YOU lost your license and eventually everything else due to an accusation of sexual misconduct in several forms with a minor child patient, female, that had a history of both sexual and physical abuse.  So tell me the truth you coward....when I finally trusted you enough with the details of my own explicit abuse horrors did you go home and masturbate to those images?  Did my agony turn you on?  Afterall it happened to me at about the same age as that girl in your care. Did the destruc
Quote Of The Day #1
 "Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized." - Albert Einstein  This is true in the sense as we are all human beings, and not one being created better then the other.  Rather, we are all created equally, only with small differences that set us apart intellectually, spiritually, and in our souls.  We are all different for a reason, but equal at the same time as human beings, so why do we idolize those who are in the music/movie/sports industries?  Rather then idolizing someone and following their every move and practically stalking them as I call it, make something more of yourself and become better then them.  Idolizing to me is just a way of settling for less in my eyes, and I shall settle for nothing less then the best I can be.
Thom Bierdz Offers Support To Gay Youth
Posted Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:44:59 PM by Dan J Kroll The Young and the Restless' Thom Bierdz is just one of the celebrities lending his support to gay teens that might be facing bullying. The out actor filmed a video and is offering teens the chance to express their feelings through artwork. With a series of high-profile suicides by gay teens making national news, The Young and the Restless' Thom Bierdz (Phillip Chancellor III) is lending his support to let gay teens know that they're not alone -- and that despite the pains of being bullied, life gets better. In Y&R's fictional story, Bierdz's alter ego faked his own death in 1989 because he was unable to come to terms with his homosexuality. In real life, though, Bierdz is an openly gay performer. Sadly, Thom has personally experienced the effects of suicide within his own family, and he shared those experiences in his memoir, Forgiving Troy. "I'm well familiar with the kind of prejudice and anxiety and loneliness that comes fr
I Don't Wana Spend My Life Wasted....
This song explains how I feel about relationships, mine and other peoples . I sort of feel like I'm one to hang on much longer then I should and I dont know when to just cut my losses and let it go. I am also tired of wasting life away unhappy when I know happiness is out there . Im struggleing to make some tough decisions about my life and its a long road to find the right answer.   Standing at the back doorShe tried to make it fastOne tear hit the hard woodIt fell like broken glassShe said sometimes love slips awayAnd you just can't get it backLet's face itFor one split secondShe almost turned aroundBut that would be like pouring rain dropsBack into a cloudSo she took another step and saidI see the way out and I'm gonna' take itI don't wanna' spend my life jadedWaiting to wake up one day and findThat I've let all these years go byWastedAnother glass of whisky but it still don't kill the painSo he stumbles to the sink and pours it down the drainHe says it's time to be a man and sto
The Little Guy!
A little guy is sitting at the bar just staring at his drink for half an hour when this big trouble-making biker steps next to him, grabs his drink and gulps it down in one swig. The poor little guy starts crying. 'Come on man. I was just giving you a hard time,' the biker says. 'I didn't think you’d CRY.'  'I can't stand to see a man crying.' 'This is the worst day of my life,' says the little guy between sobs. 'I can't do anything right.'  'I overslept and was late to an important meeting, so my boss fired me. When I went to the parking lot, I found my car was stolen and I don't have any insurance. I left my wallet in the cab I took home.  I found my wife in bed with the gardener and my dog  bit me.  So I came to this bar trying to work up the courage to put an  end to my life, and then you show up and
Dog Vs Cat Diaries
Excerpts from a Dog's Diary: 6:00 am - At last! I go pee! My favorite thing! 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing! 12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite thing! 1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favorite thing! 3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing! 5:00 pm - Milk bones! My favorite thing! 6:00 pm - They're home! My favorite thing! 7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favorite thing! 8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing! 11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing! Excerpts from a Cat's Diary: Day 983 of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only
Getting Ink Done?
Every now and then, I toy with the idea of getting a tattoo. Problem is that I work in the corporate sector, and I cannot have anything exposed or whatever. So the tat is going to be something that lies on my back or shoulder and cannot be too crazily done. Problem is... I'm not sure what to get. I know it HAS to be something I personally created, but as much as my ramblings go on for, artistically I tend not to be too intellectually deep. Well the love lost design is intensely personal, but I can't slap some roses and hearts on my body... the design is way too feminine. Also, a tat has to be timeless. I can't for example get this tat done of a Nob leader from the Dawn of War 2 series no matter how much I want it. Also, video game related tattoos seem to be all the rage these days... but to be honest I'm not hardcore about video games anymore. In fact, I doubt there is much of anything I am hardcore about right now that comes remotely close to being immortalized on my body. So what
Motd Coding
*~motd section~*   .new_lounge_wrapper {  visibility: visible;  background-color: #000000;  background-repeat: no-repeat;  background-attachment: fixed;  background-position: center center;  background: show;  background-image: url(IMG CODE AFTER RESIZED);  background-size: 100% 100%;  -moz-background-size: 100% 100%;  -o-background-size: 100% 100%;  -webkit-background-size: 100% 100%;  -moz-border-image: url() 0;  width: 100%;  height: 100%;}.new_lounge_wrapper #fixedtipdiv {  width: auto!important;  background-image: url(IMG CODE AFTER RESIZED)!important;  background-color:
That 4 Letter Word
remember in 3rd grade? love notes where like this: " i like u do u like me? yes   no  " well now , that secret word , LOVE , means so much more to me. ive finally found Mr.Right. hes loving , caring , hillarious , protective.... and he makes me feel so safe. sadly , right now we are seperated by an ocean. literally! but i know soon we will be together... i just hope, for once , Cupid will give me a chance. all i need is love... i crave it .. and he gives me that love. i hope and pray nothing will come between us , and i will never let him go, ill be with him til he turns me away.. you know who you are baby.
Sad For A While
Sad For A While    Maggi Smith      10/14/10   You say “Cheer up, you need to smile, don’t be sad and please don’t cry. Let’s go out, let’s have some fun, let’s be happy you can meet someone.”   Leave me alone, let me be, please stop talking, stop pushing me. Yes, I’m mourning. Yes, I’m sad. It’s perfectly normal for me to feel bad.   I need to cry, to acknowledge the pain. I need to mourn or I’ll go insane. I’m tired of being angry, don’t want to be mad. Just leave me alone and let me be sad!   My heart is broken, my pain is real. Please back off, let me feel what I feel! If seeing me hurt is too upsetting for you please don’t come around till the hurting is through.   I know you are worried, you’re my friend and you care, But pushing me to stop feeling just isn’t fair.   Soon I’ll feel better, so I will smile, But if you really love me, let me be sad for a while.
True Love Is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
True love is a sacred flameThat burns eternally,And none can dim its special glowOr change its destiny.True love speaks in tender tonesAnd hears with gentle ear,True love gives with open heartAnd true love conquers fear.True love makes no harsh demandsIt neither rules nor binds,And true love holds with gentle handsThe hearts that it entwines
To Love is to Risk not being loved in Return. To Hope is to Risk Pain. To Try is to Risk Faillure,BUT Risk MUST be Taken because the Greatest Hazard in Life is to Risk Nothing."
I asked you, could you love me you told me for always.   I asked you. Look into the eye of a dragon to see the untamed heart of a woman You told me you did.   I asked if you could  break the walls of that heart to accept the passion You told me you could.   You tore down the walls, Only to bring them back .. stronger To show you love, you turn your back. To show you strength, you scoff and tell me it's weakness.   Should you find the love of a true heart, Live for that love.   Accept the passion for with passion comes the unbridled love of a woman who has yet to be touched.    
Life Is A Journey
Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life. The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges.Some of these challenges will test our courage, strengths, weaknesses, and faith. Along the way, we may stumble upon obstacles that will come between the paths that we are destined to take. In order to follow the right path, we must overcome these obstacles. Sometimes these obstacles are really blessings in disguise, only we don't realize that at the time. Along our journey we will be confronted with many situations, some will be filled with joy, and some will be filled with heartache. How we react to what we are faced with determines what kind of outcome the rest of our journey through life will be like. When things don't always go our way, we have two choices in dealing with the situations. We can foc
To My Real Friends And Family
1 thank you 4 my brithday wish. 2 the one who for got you off my list? 3 i had a fuck up brithday with my real family? 4 fubar my family and friends who did show love thank you so much 5 hugssss to you !!!!! 6 i see were i stand who my real friends and family thank you 4 reading this
This Sux
as far as I am concerned Hypoglycemia SUX!!!   after days of being ill and thinking i was coming down with a virus that is going around the office.  I find out it's my Sugar Levels ... and have been sat down ... and TOLD what I am to eat, and how much..  the only upside is that I am a Vegan.  But I now have to really watch my full intake and start a complete diet ASAP ... blogger     pfft Maia
Attention Recruits Must Read
Hello Ladies, So you're interested in joining The Titty Committee. I've just started the page and we're looking to recruit beautiful girls thick or thin you're in, but there are some rules and requirements.   If you want to be recruited into The Titty Committee you have to have a recent Salute on your page and must comment this blog saying I Agree, to allow me to post pictures of your choice in the Titty Committee Girls folder on our page. You have to take a picture or have a picture of your face and chest, your chest does NOT have to be fully exposed just flirty unless you would like to..    Show some love by adding the family of this page keep your eye out because new girls will be recruited. Show love to all your titty committee family      If you agree to joining The Titty Committee, after agreeing so you must put The Titty Committee Member at the end of your name.. We will aslo make sure you're pictures can not be ripped..      Well thank you for your time If you chose to joi
Poem From A Fan Lol
SO this guy sends me an email with this poem lol so here it is, i thought it was kind of nice, even know its a sensual/erotic type of poem but very thoughtful of him to feel this way lol     The secret world of smooth warm fleshyour graceful curves delight my eyethey call my fingertips to explore themsuch a wondrous geography, paradiseI ache to be your favorite native son,born to love each rise, and silken valley,humbly bow my head to drink so deepfrom your wellspring of sweet desireI long to quench my lusty thirst in youparched, like a desert nomad's throatdream of the day when you float abovefind sweet release, like clouds and rainyour hands reach out, to take my faceand pull me to your waiting breaststo suckle you long as a greedy childlulled by the music, of your hot breathyour fingers plow furrows in my hairand trace my brow, fever flushedsoftly croon song of love to meneed binds me tight to your sidedo you feel me throb so deep inside?a counterpoint to your rolling motion?my
today at wegmans, i was in the mood for sushi.  and while i was trying to figure out what was it exactly that i wanted, i realized that there was this pretty girl standing right next to me, obviously pondering the same as me. out of the corner of my eye, i checked her out, and she was quite the cutie.  so, i muster the courage to speak, and first, i asked her if i was in her way. she simply replied, no, you're okay. after that, i stroke a conversation, asking her if she could recommend something. she says, you like sushi too?  well, my favorite is the eel.  have you ever tried that? i tell her, yes, and it was quite delicious. she smiled, and said, well then you should try something new.  sushi is quite good here. so you come here often, i asked. yes, i love this place, she said.  in my head, i'm going, great.  so far so good. then she takes a small sushi container, and hands it to me, saying, you should try the wasabe crab.  is too spicy for me, but i'm sure you'd like it.
Corporate Taxes
Is anyone cognizant of the fact there is no such thing as corporate taxes, that the consumer pays those taxes as well?  If "Corporate" taxes increase, prices increase, simple logic, no?  A. Brilliant  B. Stupid
All Over You
Yeah he's a looker But I really think it's guts that matter most I displayed them for you Strung out about from coast to coast I am easily make-believe Just dress me up in what you want me to be I'll take back what I've been saying for quite some time now I gotta feel you in my bones again I'm all over you I'm not over you I wanna taste you one more time again I'm all over you I'm not over you In my daydreams, in my sleep Infatuation turning into disease You could carve me see all you have to do now is Please try give it your best shot and try All I'm asking for is love But you never seem to have enough I gotta feel you in my bones gain I'm all over you I'm not over you I wanna taste you one more time again I'm all over you I'm not over you This life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff Well I just want you to love me back Why can't you just love me back? (Why can't you just love me back? Why can't you? x2) Why can't you just love me back? (Why can't you just love
People Get Upset
People get upset when I put a young lady's photo up as a default, should I stop it?
How Am I Different
if you notice I have a thousand different accents from a thousand different lands a thousand different people with a thousand different plans I am diverse but I am the same what you see as different i see as plain culture religion race and creed separate us diversify us we are human yet we fear the unknown a simple question a simple answer but there you stand frozen terrified of me I cover my hair I follow my man I obey his command truth of what you do not see He does not lead he does not own my beauty is my own he walks in front so he is not tempted he loves therefore I respect his hand does not strike me it caresses his words are not harsh yet send shivers through my spine he does not rape me I give myself willingly I am a woman of Islam I am a mother a child a wife a lover a friend does my religion make me not human ? or is it what stands in the way of you seeing I am no different ? whether christian Buddhist catholic Jewish even Muslim a woman is a woman no more no l
Is the most lethal combination, low intelligence and smaller than average genitals?
  I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like I can’t redeem myself. There is so much missing. My body has never felt this much pain before. I know I have made mistakes and I’m not the perfect person. I almost think God is punishing me. It’s been days with hardly any sleep. I feel like I don’t deserve anything in this world for myself. That’s im just a body walking around. My heart continues to live in my stomach, pretty soon it may have to start paying rent! At one time I knew or at least had a feeling on what was to come. Now I’m lost in limbo; unsure of five minutes from now. Questioning everything I have ever known about myself. Wondering if my existence was just set up for failure.  Where do I go from here? What comes next? Will I ever feel whole again?
Status List.
Feels like going for a walk, alone, in the dark, with nothing but the moon to guide me. Sometimes...I just wish I knew... I understand, but I'm tired of understanding. All I do is understand. For once i would like someone to be on the other end trying to understand me... is losing the ability to pretend like she's okay My daily routine : Wake up, smile, smile, smile, smile, cry, sleep I'm proud of my heart... it's been played, cheated, and stabbed... and yet somehow still works I will do as I have always done...endure. it is much easier to fake a smile than to explain what you really feel inside... 2010 is just a bruise. 2011 will be the healing, 2012 will be the strength. 2013 will be unbreakable. "I'm fine" is the biggest lie I have ever told. If the American Flag offends you, I'll be happy to help you pack! doesn't have time for the nervous breakdown I deserve! We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, foreve
A New Day
Life is looking up. I have realized what I haveknown all along. You can not change anyone. You can move forward and take life as it comes. I have convinced myself to smile when I feel sad, to laugh when I just wanna cry, to not show those that thrive off my pain, my emotion. I love who I have become.  Today is a new day :)
Jyf Blog
Welcome to the JYF Blog we are a new family group recruiting new family members. JYF is drama free and always have each others back, please respect every family member and please put each one in your family. Family is important so come out and join JYF.
This Is What Is Going On
I am back in a fvk'd off state.  which I despise being here, but I have to get some loose ends tied up so I can get my things moving in a forward direction.   I ended up seeing the local DA about the case I have pending, and well got told today that there no longer a case.. WHY??? because it's here and he's a f'n stooge ...   so yes I am quite upset and very much indignent about the whole thing.  You do what you supposed to do and you get slapped by system and they basically tell you to fvk off.  so yeah.  my mood should be understandable, but I am who I am and I am going to try and not let it get to me.  I just can't wait till next week ... I am fvking out of here!!!!   so the question beggs to be answered ... hmmmmm   huggz; Maia
No One Can Make It Out Here Alone
  Lying, Here, thinking Last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty And bread loaf is not stone I came up with one thingAnd I don't believe I'm wrong That nobody, But nobody Can make it out here alone.Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.There are some millionaires With money they can't use Their wives run round like banshees Their children sing the blues They've got expensive doctors To cure their hearts of stone. But nobody No, nobody Can make it out here alone.Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.Now if you listen closely I'll tell you what I know Storm clouds are gathering The wind is gonna blow The race of man is suffering And I can hear the moan, 'Cause nobody, But nobody Can make it out here alone.Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.  am i wrong or am i rihgt let me know,but regardles im alone and i cant make it out here on my own...
Voices Of Voices
It makes my skin crawl. It clouds my thoughts in darkness. Its overwhelming me. It makes my hands shake uncontrollably. It makes my stomach twist. It brings tears to my eyes. It makes my ears ring. Fighting against it is draining me. I close my eyes, I feel like floating. I'm okay, really I am. Who, what, where, when, how, and WHY?! Too many fucking questions. Not enough fucking answers. Take it as it is. Words arranged in sentences. Just the voices in my head. Just the way I'm wired.
Change Of Outfit ;)
Tsk Tsk Tsk....
My Aspect On Love
Possessiveness is not love Jealousy is not love Lust is not love Fear is not love Keeping people all to yourself is not love Expecting something from someone is not love Real, true love is unconditional. All other “kinds” of love are not really love. Most parents and kids don’t love each other, most people in relationships don’t love each other, most people on the planet never experience unconditional love in their entire lives… or at least it sure looks that way. To love someone unconditionally means that you love the person exactly as they are, exactly as they were before, and exactly as they will be in the future – because people change all the time, so if you love the person, you will love them even if they become something you disagree with. How many parents can say that about their kids? How many people can say that about their “lover”? Love is not about you or your pleasure or your amusement. It&rsquo
Without You
  Without you there is no light Without you there is no dark Without you there is no happiness Without you there no sadness Without you there is no reason Without you there is no rhyme Without you there's only stillness Without you there is no time. Without you I am so empty Without you there is no us Without you there is no future Without a future what's the fuss Without you my life is empty Without you should I continue Without you my life's a mess WITHOUT YOU....... my love will end ... forever This is from my heart, I am crying as I write this, I cant imagine a life without you in it Me... I love you dearly, I wish you could see...
Miles Away
Tho your many miles away I can still feel you in my dreams is where we meet and for now that will have to do and when I hear your voice my heart longs for you for your touch, for your kiss, for a glimpse of that sparkle in your eye Tho your many miles away I can still feel you in my dreams is where we meet and for now that will have to do and when I see your face my heart skips a beat for your touch, for your kiss, for a glimpse of that sparkle in your eye
We Learn
After a While   After a while you learn the subtle difference betweenholding a hand and chaining a soul and you learnthat love doesn't mean leaningand company doesn't always mean security.And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contractsand presents aren't promises,and you begin to accept your defeatswith your head up and your eyes ahead,with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child.And you learn to build all your roads on todaybecause tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plansand futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.After a while you learn that even sunshine burnsif you get too much, so you plant your own gardenand decorate your own soulinstead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.And you learn that you really can endure,you really are strong, you really do have worth,and you learn and you learn.With every goodbye, you Veronica Shoffstall        This poem is available as a beautiful calligraphy creation            by Sherrie Lovler, with
Most Of All Heroes Are Known As "ordinary People"
Most of All Heroes are known as "Ordinary People". So remember: When You meet someone You think of as "just an ordinary person"... That "ordinary person" might be the Greatest Hero You will ever meet. Also remember: You might be a Great Hero Yourself! Too often we don't realize What we have until it is gone Too often we wait too late to say "I'm sorry - I was wrong." Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones We hold dearest to our hearts And we allow foolish things To tear our lives apart. Far too many times we let Unimportant things into our minds And then it's usually too late To see what made us blind. So be sure that you let people know How much they mean to you Take that time to say the words Before your time is through. Be sure that you appreciate Everything you've got And be thankful for the little things in life that mean a lot. One day someone's mother died. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of her bedroom, the daughter was struck with the pain of learning that sometime
Pleiadian Council Of Nine - Karen Doonan - August 5, 2011 - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network
Pleiadian Council of Nine - Karen Doonan - August 5, 2011 - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network"Moving out of duality for many across the planet is a struggle and we guide that the struggle is mainly to do with ego. Allow all to go dear ones, for the one that you struggle with is in TRUTH the self. ALL ARE ONE."For the full article click here
Why Do Men Lie
I am tired of Men on fubar telling me there single, or flirting wiith me, telling me they love me or care about me when they really don't and have a real life girlfriend. Only thing that is going to get them farther in lie is telling the truth. I guess I am just writing this cuz I am upset and hurt. I get some men telling me they fantize or crush on me after months of telling me they are single and love me and find out tonite they lied and have a real lie girlfriend? Seriously don't tell me things I don't want to hear tell me the damn truth it gets you farther with me. Goodnite Fubar Sassy:) Free Your Breasts! Free Your Mind!
What is are a U.S.-based organization founded in 2007 by spiritual leader Rael and we claim that women have the same constitutional right that men have to go bare-chested in public. "As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests" Rael, founder of and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement ( YOUR BREASTS! FREE YOUR MIND!   Visit:
For Steve
It is very tough to believe a stranger, But if someone loves U more than Fish loves Water, Holds UR hand tight with tears in his eyes & says,  The moment I saw U I fell in love with U I can't live without U & wanna spend the rest of my life with U I LOVE U 
  The Libra Personality, The Sign of the Scales    Sep 24rd to Oct 23nd  Strengths Sophisticated, Sociable, Popular, Diplomatic, Adaptive, Aggressive, Rational, Seductive, Attractive, Sensual, Cooperative, Romantic, Analytical, Optimistic Cheerful, Sensitive, Gracious, Sociable, Tactful, Cooperative, and Diplomatic. Areas to Evolve Self-Doubting, Narcissistic, Vanity, Argumentative, Emotionally Detached, Protective, Controlling, Manipulative, Self-Indulgence, Holding a Grudge, Ambivalent, Multiple Relationships, Impatient, Sulks, and flirty. Libra Blessings You’re romantic and charming, sociable and enjoy a good time! You’re a slight perfectionist who can be a bit bossy at times. Some say you can be a bit of a narcissist. You love to be in a position of public service and it works well because you desire to be popular. You love to dress up for the occasion and get a bit set off if those around you are sloppy. You don’t like to be pressured or rushed, i
Tigers & Wolve's!
I once stared a Wolf in the eye's,  Eye's a yellowish tinted shining glass bead, The moon reflected so wonderful within, The tree's shadowing her body, An Ivory & Slate fur coat keeping her warm ,Pouncing gracefully through the snow, Gentle paw print's marked the path she walked, Left her a meal of bloodied steak, A gentle loving gesture to keep her fed, Watche's in admiration & awe, As her steel teeth rip away at flesh, Take's one last look at the Big cat with a wry smile, What a beautiful companion,  Fled as quick as she appeared to comfort her cub's & family. He shall never forget that encounter, Till the day he die's, A one & only chance meeting left him warm, She left her spirit embedded in his soul,  Left him with a huge smile,
Each And Every Day
I was hurting, and you turned up into my lifeyou consoled me, you listend to each and every wordThe words that others never heardthe words that have been heavy on my heartthe words that i thought usless from the startthe words thet meant everything to meYour far away, to far for me to blow you kust a kisstoo far away to hug, that what I misstoo far to be your love so I resistyou spoke to me, you made me feel as all my trobles went awayIt got late, but I wish you would have stayedthe things I had to say, its not too lateI think of you, in my mind I kepp re running scenesI hope you will just show up in my dreamsfor there we are juts free to be you and meYour far away, to far for me to blow you kust a kisstoo far away to hug, that what I misstoo far to be your love so I resistno more hurting, you too all the pain awayI look forward to you each and every dayone day to hpefully hear you say, you love me toeach and everyday.........
Favorite Quote Of The Moment
There comes a point in our life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything. But it's not you giving's realizing that you don't need certain people, the bullshit, and the drama they bring.
Pictures (rant)
     I wanna start by saying that I'm not perfect, and I'm not trying to hirt anyone's feelings on this blog.  If you feel like any of what I'm about to say, please send my a private msg so we can talk about it. Thanks.        So I feel like some of these profiles are very misleading.  It's kinda like False advertisement, and that's a crime!  I'll be diggin' a sexy pic and go to click on some girl's profile only to find out that she has  20 some pics of ppl who she thinks are attractive and she will put one of these fake pics as her default.  Dude, really?  Just smile and post a pic of yourself.  I like girls with nice smiles, give it a try.         There are also problems with the way people are taking pics.  Just because a girl has massive titties and/or massive clevage doen't mean she's bomb.  It also all about her face too.  I've seen way too many pics on here where the girl is lookin all fine and everything, but she's got some weird duck-lip pose goin on or a snarled, angry fa
My Son Survey
All about my SonCreated by mar18 and taken 45 times on Bzoink About The Little Man His Full Name: Ethan Anderson Brunetti When He was born: 08-26-2010 Weight & Height: 6lbs 8oz/ 18in Hair Color & Eye color at birth: brown/blue Who did he look most like?: dad How old is he now?: 14months
Just Wrote This And Felt The Need To Share With As Many As I Could
passion flowing deep from the heart, trying to find the words but not sure where to start, everyday a struggle just to get by, everyday always left asking why, you look on as i sit in this pain, going over and over running it through my brain, the words dont come even when i try, still left here asking why, now the words begin to flow, they dont seem to slow, coming faster each time, becoming easier to rhyme, another day come and gone, so listen now to the words of the song, passion flowing freely as it draws to an end, flowing these words for someone special someone more than a friendMusic takes time, no need to rush, let it come on smooth, try not to push, let the words come slow, so that way when they her it they know, say it from the heart not the head, hours grow late should be in bed, but once it starts it is hard to stop, with these words should be right up on top, right alongside all of the greats, but guess it was up to the fates, so we take what we are dealt, no matter what w
The Black Winged Angel
Raising from the death of men, he came then he went but one day he will be back on this earth losing his hope and faith he was struck down with sufferable pain and now the time has come to sing his chorus   HE WILL ARISE FROM THE ASHES TO TAKE ALL THE SIN AWAY NO MORE HATRED OR DARKNESS THE DAY HE ARISES FOR EVERYTHING WILL BE IN SILENCE...   Come one and come all for the fall of this wall destroy the barrier, for he will be the carrier of light which will shine so brightley across the world HE WILL RISE!!!   HE WILL ARISE FROM THE ASHES DESTROY ALL MISHAPPENINS TO TAKE ALL THE SIN AWAY HE WILL STAND UP TODAY...   BLACK WINGED ANGEL   You  dont know.... you  won't see the light of day (cause it will be the darkest day)   BLACK WINGED ANGEL COME FROM HEAVEN AND HELL FROM THE DARKEST LIGHT AND THE BRIGHEST NIGHT HE WILL SAVE THIS PLACE HE WILL SAVE THIS PLACE!!!   BLACK WINGED ANGEL BLACK WINGED ANGEL LIGHT AND DARKNESS HAIL
Giving It Away
Wake up, don't give a fuck, it's just a day where i don't want to get up it's just a life wrapped up in shit, sometimes i just feel like i wanna quit but i remember every day, where something would bring this wave a little pain, so much rage, sometimes it DROVE ME INSANE! AND I----------- JUST WANT TO GIVE IT ALL AWAY  AND I-------- JUST WANT A LITTLE BIT TO RELAX--- AND I I JUST WANNA FIND A PLACE WHERE I BELONG SO PLEASE  PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG   so could you ever tell me what's right, when every thing is just wrong but nothing you could say will day away this painfull throng it just bundles into my cage, where it expands and blows out to fire i'll ignite to my best desire, to end my suffering my will to end it is dire im in need of a place find, a cold heart is what i always find so just give me a shot before the darkness takes the last part   AND I----------- JUST WANT TO GIVE IT ALL AWAY  AND I-------- JUST WANT A LITTLE BIT TO RELAX--- AND I I JUST
My Rock And Support, I Miss You!
I'm so sad and depressed Is all I want to do is rest I go to sleep  at night But my dreams I just can't fight I think of you  lying in that bed And wonder if there is anything I could have  said I wish you were still here But I know that you are still  near I miss you more and more each  day There is so much more we had to say I know I will see  you again But my life is just started to begin.
A Little Solider In Us All
Sequal takes place,  explosions all bombard this place exactly where number 2 left off, left no weapons just the knife that we got the sotry goes on just like before, but new twist's and turn beg for more body count just piles up, and the world is left entirly star struck   HE'S ALIVE STILL, BUT IT'S TIME TO TAKE HIM OUT BULLET'S FLYING EVERYWHERE SOAPS ALIVE AND IT'S TIME TO CONTINUE THE FIGHT BECAUSE THEY'RES A LITTLE SOLIDER IN US ALLL A LITTLE IN US ALL....   Instead of baren wastlands, we're fighting americas main stand downtown stock exchange, enemies dropping all over the place blood drops non stops head shots bodies explode dogs attack now we've got new types of Juggernaunts  and they're assualt non stop run fast, flash bang, is what we've got sniper shots, bang now make'em drop   HE'S ALIVE STILL, BUT IT'S TIME TO TAKE HIM OUT BULLET'S FLYING EVERYWHERE SOAPS ALIVE AND IT'S TIME TO CONTINUE THE FIGHT BECAUSE THEY'RES A LITTLE SOLIDER IN US ALLL A LITTLE
What Love Is
Is love holding the other person when they're crying is it telling them how much that you care? can you provide nessecary feelings to show someone your there? is love telling them how much you missed them is it sharing all your hopes and fears can you provide nessecary proof that you'll be right here   WHAT IS LOVE WHAT IS IT'S MEANING THAT HAS ME SO CONFOUNDED WHAT IS THIS ALL THESE FEELINGS THAT FORM INTO A WELLSPRING IS IT YOU?   how do you give your heart when it's so bound to you is it a retorical question that we've got to prove is love calling them telling them how much the were missed and as soon as they come home you give them a kiss how do you show these feelings when you don't know how to express!   If i gave you my heart and soul, would it mean that i'm whole? if i wipe your tears, does it prove to you i'll always be here   WHAT IS LOVE WHAT IS IT'S MEANING THAT HAS ME SO CONFOUNDED WHAT IS THIS ALL THESE FEELINGS THAT FORM INTO A WELLSPRING IS IT
About Me
I will take your body combine it with fantasy and make it reality Welcome to my world   welcome to those who have enter'd on there own. And to those dragged in, Sit quitely and touch nothing. I am Master DS ... I have been involved in this this lifestyle for 12 years ... I have always been Dom, Some say a good master has to have been a sub ... I do not agree ...A good master must be able to read a sub NOT be a sub. I mean no disrespect to people that switch or to Dom/s ... I just know this to be true..... On these page's I refer to a sub as a female ... That is becouse the thought of a male sub turn's my stomach,It make's me sick ... I just don't understand how a man can let himself be dominated... But to each his own. Remember to keep in mind when introducing someone to the bdsm lifstyle, That most people have a bad idea about it becouse of the extreem pic's they have seen on the net and the phoney stories people tell... Not that all of them are not true, Some of them are. Ju
Short Dick Man
Don't want no short dick man Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't Don't, don't, don't, don't Don't want, don't want, don't want, don't want Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Iny weeny teeny weeny Shriveled little short dick man Don't want,Don't want,Don't want, What in the world is that thing? Do you need some tweezers to put that thing away That has got to be the smallest dick I've ever seen in my whole life I have ever seen in my whole life Get the fuck outta here Iny weeny teeny weeny Shriveled little short dick man Don't want,Don't want, Don't want,Don't want, Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Isn't that cute an extra belly button You need to put your pants back on honey Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't Don't, don't, don't, don't Don't want,Don't want, Don't want no short dick man
Freak Like Me
Let me lay it on the line I got a little freakiness inside And you know that a man has gotta deal with it I don't care what they say I'm not about to pay nobody's way 'Cos it's all about the dark in me (mmm) Im gonna freak in the morning Freak in the evening Just like me I need a rough neck brother that can satisfy me Just for me If you are the kind of man 'Cos I'm the kind of girl I've gotta freaky secret everybody sing 'Cos we don't give a damn about a thing ‘Cos I will be a freak until the day Until the dawn And we can (boom-boom) all through the night To the early morn Come on and I'll take you around the hood On a gangster lean 'Cos we can (boom-boom) any time of day It's all good for me Boy you're moving kinda slow You gotta keep it up now There you go That's just one thing that a man must do (ooh ooh) I'm packing all the flavours that you need I got you shock up on your knees 'Cos it's all about the dark in me, yeh-yeah I wanna freak in the morning Freak in the even
This Is What I Am Going To Do....
Fubar Broken Heart
how do you be the bigger man when you have a broken heart lol i promised myself i would not get caught up on this site, i lied to myself lol. found myself liking two ladies on here now my fave 2 are down to my fave 1 lol. i dont want to be a real douche and be mean and spiteful and stop being friends with people i care for but it just is a little much to be around the one that broke my heart. the bad part is that it really is not her fault. i still have my one fave i adore but if i was gone she would be okay and probably not even miss me lol. I still care for my number 2 and want them to do well but hanging around them just hurts my heart right now. I guess it will just take time. its okay its only my heart it will stop soon lol
I Am Now In A Serious Relationship With..... My Car
Valentine's Day Part Two
Hey guys...remember...Valentine's day is right around the's never too late to break up! Trust me...98.2% of women simply lose their fucking minds on this day. It's like...bridezilla but nation(world)wide. Run away while you can.   Just a follow up on last year. No, my opinion hasn't changed. The pussy recieved to money spent ratio is still way the fuck off kilter. And Hallmark makes more damn money on this holiday than I will be spending on my college education. NOTHING SHOULD BE THAT FUCKING EXPENSIVE!!! fuckin happy with your man. Every day. Not just because he did something good for you on VDay...Speaking of VDay...I mean really...What the FUCK is wrong with our society to abbreviate shit? I know I know I so just did it but come on now...Ok, I digress. Goddamn A.D.D. It's like seeing a shiny christmas tree becoming inhabited by squirrels on crack. Case in point of original statement. Just be happy with him. You don't need a reminder of why (or if) he love
The Power Intensifies In Smaller Packages
It’s a smart and attractive outlook in the electronic gadget segments that is in place. The change is good, and tablet PCs are the living examples of that. Especially something the tech savvy people will just more than love it. The link at host the rest from HCL, and just a click there takes you to the tablet PC kingdom. The power has gone pocket sized now, but with a lot more efficacy. It’s the telecommunication device boom that is on course surrounding you, and fetches the immediate result in tablet PC formats.  
If Someone Told You This?
If a person told you,"in time I can give you everything you desire. All I ask is to never ask me to change, and when I ask for you to do things in return you, respect my wishes, and me." How would you answer. Remember that anything and everything you want can be given in time, and all they are asking is for you to respect them and who they are with wanting them to change anything about them. If you need more information, let me know what question you have. I am trying to understand how other people view the people they talk to. The biggest question I got so far was if that person was a control freak. No this is a situation where if you were looking to start dating someone whether male or female your choice. The person is making you a promise that anything you would ever need or want could be yours, and doesn't want to change the person they are in return.
So here is a subject I’ve touched on before. I know many of you don’t know me or never talked to me. And you know what...that’s ok. It’s ok because in my world with my people I rock. And I’m sure you do in your world too. However, that is the point of today’s blog. Your world vs. mine. In today’s society I keep in touch with 95 percent of my friends by an online means. Fubar, Facebook, IMs, or some such.  Now I’m talking about people I have met, talked to, interact with in what we will now refer to as “real life”. But wait I also correspond, message, poke, smile, bling what have you to my “online friends” What is the difference? What is the difference indeed? I have a few “online” friends I actually physically care about. We’ve never met in person, we don’t pick up the phone and call every single day, and I don’t send them birthday gifts or Christmas presents. And vice versa. But I d
Re: What Price Valor?
Captain's Log;  Stardate 12035. 15:What in the bloody hell do I have to do to get out of this current funk I am in?  I see things all around me, people moving on and making better choices for themselves, and i am happy for them, yet for myself I see no way out.  I do not think all the synapses are firing, but it is a points like this where I am ready to throw in the towel, I have had enough, life has beat me down.  I have been advised not to let life beat me down, but I'd be damned if it is not one tricky mother to knock down.  The way I have been feeling is I keep swinging, and I have not been able to land one single blow yet; in my own humble opinion I have barely made any progress.Do not get me wrong, I have made great strides in the way of beauties and instead of being convinced that I was never good enough to be with any of them, I have upgraded my thinking to I am only good to be around for a couple of months, if I am even that lucky.  There have been a couple of beauties that on
Said - Puddle Of Mudd
Emotionless I slip in to the black and there's no turning back now everyone around me smoking crack this tunnel is blinding hallucinating I'm debating life but it's still moving forward if I could change the hands of time Well I'd do it better Just walk away just walk away just walk away fearless I have fell in to a trap and there's no way around it everyone is crying in the back my kin is around me hesitating there's no second chance when you know your a loser keep on trying keep an open mind I'm caught in a circle Just walk away [x3] Emotionless I slip in to the crack fill as if I've fell in to the blue hullucinating there's no turning back everyone around me smoking crack Just walk away [x4] If you even heard a thing I've said 
Real Wood
Friend: gotta go grab the baseball bat so i can give pnut some REAL wood lmao
The Buzzing Tourist Attractions And Destinations Of Thailand
Thailand absolutely has become one of the acclaimed day-tripper destinations in Asia which is amid in the southern allotment of Asia. This admirable country is absolutely the approved afterwards and accepted destinations for the vacationers in absolute globe. Alarming Thailand is acquiescently alleged as acreage of smile as every bounded in the country helps the day-tripper with a smile on their face. This country has affluent heritage, bright heritage, alarming actual landmarks, absurd anatomy of art and forms and the bright and absorbing festivals calmly allure the vacationers from all over the globe.   Fascinating, alluring and artful appear to Thailand to apperceive it better. Blessed with the absorbing adorableness of the sparkling dejected water, shinny white fascinating beaches and the arresting apricot beaches, there is no absence of Tourist Destinations in Thailand. A land of smiles and magic, Thailand beckons you enjoy the most delightful and wonderful experience ever. S
The Circle Of Life
Its all cause and effect. You clean because its dirty. You ought to know its gonna get dirty again. Nothing gold can stay. You are born and you will die. Natures first bloom will wilt. Its the circle of life. A relationship looks great at first. Maybe its only a few, but with the more distractions the more ifs, ands and buts. Love is born and lives and usually dies. Anyone that has found the love of a lifetime are the lucky ones. There aren't alot that can claim they haven't experienced heart break. Men who say they have never cried have never cared about anyone or anything. Anyone that has cried may have discovered the circle. The number one goal in anybodies life maybe ought to be to accept it. You can't change it. Still your damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you find it even for a mere second, hold on to it
Give Me Your Soul Give Me your Heart I will keep them safe Give Me Your Blood Mine to taste You tilt Your head Expose Your neck I sink my fangs into You The flavor of You filling my mouth Intoxicating Me  The hunger is intense The pleasure is immense  Your blood coursing though my body  Filling me up with pure unbridled lust and heat. The sickly sweet juice of your whole being on my lips, tongue and filling my whole mouth. Savoring every drop of your essence  It's bliss. My hands wrap themselves around Your body, Holding You tight in my dark embrace. Long fingers, nails scratching at your exposed skin, digging deep. You moan and cry out in pain. Your heart slows and I stop.  I don't want to take You all in. I want You to stay with Me forever.  Inside and out. 
Today?? Already!!
Yesterday I tried. No, really I did. The yearning to get the first vlog is boiling over the fucking rim. I want and need to do this. I will try today and will keep you abreast of whats happening. Damn, I either have sound problems or don't like how I look. Grrrr... just to a certain level. This insecure feeling can be handled and I will overcome it. Plus dammit, I feel sexy today. Can't explain exactly why but its there. DEAL!!!! Not too sure how to still do all of it but I will try. Might post it in my stash later on tonight. Again I wish I could be more presice.Thank you if you just could understand.
Beyond Passion - Nsfw
I have these dreams that come each night,that give my heart a guiding light.Thoughts so sweet and feelings true,with each and every one with you.The feelings I have feel so right,I am dying until I hold you tight.To this point dear right from the start,this is only whats in my heart.The rest includes your body so hot,I'll desire you deeply right on the spot.To kiss you and lick you from toe to head,out in the woods or in your bed.Your unclothed skin tight against mine,I wish to put a freeze to time.To show you passion I've held for you,and make your wildest dreams come true.I'll tease you with my tongue and lips,you screaming in pleasure, squirming your hips.Begging to have me deep inside you,but I'll wait for another orgasm or two.This dear is how I do want it to be,me loving you, and you loving me.This will be yours each time that we may,then when it can be, it would be everyday.Until then dear I wish our time be,the most we can make of you and me.-Shadow Wolf
Things A Good Submissive Shouldn't Do
Things A Good submissive Shouldn't Do - hilarious! Things A Good Submissive Shouldn't Do" taken from @star_in_the_night Sing "Happy Birthday To Me" during wax play and blow out the candle. During a scene, do a Howard Cosell impression and provide a play-by-play account of what is being done to you. If your dom/me tells you to "Look me in the eyes," do it cross-eyed. If your dom/me decides to do a verbal humiliation scene with you in public, stick your fingers in your ears and say "Neener, neener, neener, I can't hear you!" Stick an Alka-Seltzer tablet in your mouth at the beginning of a scene. Work up some saliva to get it fizzy, then call out your safeword. If you're trussed up and ordered to count, inform your top you can't do it unless you can use your fingers and toes. Hold up a scorecard after each blow delivered. After a particularly hard blow, pretend to pass out. When your dom/me checks to see if you're OK, jump up and yell "Gotcha!" Go in the toybag and superglue t
My Vision
i have a vision... i want to share with sitting on the leather sofa wearing a tank top and shorts. we are just sitting here watching the news with a couple glasses of wine....when i stand up to go to bed after the news you grab me gently wrapping your arms around me with a warm strong embrace you kiss my neck and nibble my ear gently... your hot breath on my ear and neck, makes my whole body get weak from desire... my knees start to bend slightly and your hold on me tightens so you can work your way to the other side... you are gentle but firm you are taking what you want... doing something you have been thinking about doing for a few hours while watching me drink wine relaxing with you after a long day... you take one hand to grip my breast... holding it, rubbing it, starting a fire inside me... you lay me down on the couch, continuing with your hand on my breast working it out of my shirt so i can feel your hands on my skin burning me up with desire... anticip
My Dream
I had a dream the other night... its been hanging with me for a couple days... i keep thinking about it, it was so hot wet steamy and just mmmmmm..... u were there, so i want to share it with you.... maybe u will know why im so stressed when u hear about it, i hope i do it justice im not sure i have the vocabulary to actually paint the picture for you.... but i will try....i was dreaming and asleep alone in bed.... i was just taking an afternoon nap... needed a little rest... i started feeling a warm hand on my leg... slowly making its way up.... waking up my senses on the way toward my knee... then a second hand joined in on my other leg.. slowly just gliding up my legs....stopping on my theighs for some light massage... and gently pressing them open....then i felt a warm breath on my inner theigh followed by a warm wet kiss.. gently working upward..  gliding by my pussy to the other theigh to give a warm wet kiss there too, then slowly working up to my pussy lips where
If Things Were Different
If I was a good poet, chances are I would know it. You do own my heart, every single pulsating part. I am not ashamed to admit the truth and I ain't lying. If you were a king I would love to be your queen, all of my life and even as I lie dying. as I perhaps pass into another plain, I would never want you to feel torment or pain. I would wait for you, our love story can start again too. Everyone knows another soul that to no other can compare, and given one wish they would unite, no matter when or where.   Take this how you will, I'm am not doing this for any personal thrill. If things were different we could overcome this distance hurdle completly, having no worries of any kind concerning you an me. We could join together and outlast any bad weather. I know you will take me as I am and only then, will I pass the test and be able to feel like I did win. I love you loving me, that is how I know we will last through eternity.
The Great Love:ageless Love--between Different Ages
Hello,my dear friends:What is your view on the ageless love,right or wrong?If you think that age is not a problem as long as both sides are happy,or you want to find friends who have the same view like you?Or you want to find your true love?I am very happy to share with you my views on love , love should not be shackled by age, country and other reasons , in my opinion , as long as both sides are really in love , then they are happy , if you think so , then the you can go to this site to see more, a nice and free place for women and men to interact with each other,you can get many opportunities to find good men or women.In fact,the site was my best friend suggested to me,and i found it's really useful for singles,so i'd like to share with you.Perhaps you would be interested in or introduced to your friends .If you have registed,it's my honor which your share your username to me,so i can find and add you as friend.
People Who Think The World Revolves Around Them Out Here...
Okay...I've just about had it with the women who think the fuworld revolves around them...get a one gives a rats ass who you're screwing, who you think is in love with you lol...always accusing the rest of us of "hating" on you (because you have a bf out here and you think the rest of us want him lol)...maybe it's actually you who are the "haters"....insecure and jealous...face it...your men are gonna look at the rest of the women out here...if you can't handle that, kindly leave fubar and let the rest of us have fun in peace...   Oh and maybe...just maybe...we 'hate" you because ur ignorant, nasty c*nts who think everyone is in love with you...who step all over other people and start shit out here...and your conceit and condescendence isn't scoring any points with alot of the men here either lol...and if you only knew how most of them talk about you behind your back're not the celebrities you think you are...   Walk away from your computers and step outside
The Elevator Ride
It was getting late.  It always seemed she was the last one to leave the office everyday, but she just didn't feel right leaving til she had everything set up to start the morning off organized.  She grabbed her jacket and slipped it over her dress as she headed for the elevator to go home, to an empty apartment and an empty life.  Cassie had dedicated herself so much to her work that she had left no time to actually have a life.  She missed having friends, hell she missed having sex... who was she kidding.  Cassie had taken to reading erotica on her kindle to combat the loneliness of her apartment.  She had only ended of feeling more alone, frustrated, and no way to satisfy her needs that felt fulfilling.  It wasn't like she couldn't go to a bar and pick up some guy to do the job.  She was not bad looking, she had to admit, and even on occasion had been told she was beautiful in years past.  Her two best features being her long auburn hair which she now had put up in tight bun, and he
Alright, Already, Sometimes It Gets To Be Too Much
When I was just starting highschool ya know how they like to run sex education by you. I had already traveled the road and made a few extra pathways. So yes I knew some of what to expect. At no time had I ever thought that I would have kids before marriage. The mere idea didn't really sit well with me. My mom and dad got divorced. My mom's second husband was about 13 years older than me. I didn't want to get married. I heard how my dad and even my stepfather hurt my mom. That part of the deal didn't exactly thrill me. As I grew up I kept seeing marriages go bad. To me marriage by law was really something to treasure and from what I saw no one else seen it that way. The famous scene was all screwed up. Still is. Can't really see me getting married EVER. Unless its to my dream lover. Unless it is someone that doesn't beat me and rape me. I no longer want to be ordered around either. I may be picky but I don't think so. In order for me to be anywhere near happy I need to feel needed for
Sarcastic, Nasty Statuses...and The Bullies That Post Them
Okay some of the bitches out here really grind my gears is up with the nasty, hateful, sarcastic statuses some of you nasty bitches post? not only the status...which shows what a bully you really are (one fubitch in particular who believes she is the be all, end allof the fuworld...maybe even the real world as well lol)...but also the hateful way your nasty c*nt cronies chime right in and insult the people who express an opinion...or confusion more often than not...about your idiotic status?   Why don't you idiot followers of the fu bullies...keep your fucking mouths shut and get a real life? I'm beginning to think these members (women, 99% of the troublemakers out here) just come here to release their inner bully and degrade other women and even be the person they don't feel they can be in real life lol...although, well, that IS the person they are deep's just sickening to me...some of us wanna have fun...move along and leave u
Okay sometimes I just don't know...I know this is "only fubar"...but these are real people...and the potential to form real friendships is here...and I have, built strong bonds with a few....and then...u have the ones...who get weird on you...start ignoring you when they seemed steadfast...make u feel like an idiot when u try to figure out wtf went wrong...then u feel like a nag because u care enough to keep asking...   I'm just venting here my good friends...this hurts me...I take friendships seriously...yes even here...
Exploring Ones Self
Explore ones selfmonica has this urge while watching tv in the living room. An urge she has had before. A sexual urge. Normally she has someone there to make her moan. This time she can not wait. She needs to release. She looks around the room to see if any one is watching. Breathing heavy, biting her lower lip. She begins playing with her 34 C tits. Quietly moaning. She closes her eyes imagining herself with her roommate. She takes off her shirt and bra. Caresses herself as though her roommate were doing it. Removes her shorts Then she slowly moves her right hand downto her shaved tight pussy. Rubbing her clit, arching her back, moaning and pinch her big nipples. Her pussy is get wetter and juicier. Her pussy is making noises because its so wet. She decides to slip 1 finger in she lets out a loud moan when she is does. Her roommate hears her and comes into the room. Astonished yet very aroused the roommate watches her and touches herself through her clothes. Monica is fingering hersel
My Bondage Easter Egg Hunt
I went to a lesbian friends house in the Sisters, Oregon area for Easter. She told me to wear my black nylon g-string under my clothes, so I knew what she had on her mind for me. Tina lives a few miles out of town in a nicely secluded area. When I arrived at her place early Sunday morning she had a couple of her lesbian girlfriends there with her. They told me to strip down to my g-string as soon as I walked into the house.When I got naked wearing only my black nylon g-string. They shoved me to the middle of the living room and Tina stuffed a yellow 2 1/2 inch ballgag deep in my mouth. She buckled the ballgag as tight as she could pressing the straps deep into the corners of my mouth and making my cheeks bulge from around the straps. My mouth was completely filled with the ball of the gag and couldn't make a sound other than muffled grunting and groaning sounds. I immediately began drooling and slobbering from around the ballgag tight in my mouth. She gave me a few hard slaps to my fac
Delhi Independent Escorts ÷9811171933
About Rubina Ray Independent Delhi Escort Model+91 - 9811171933mail@rubinaray.comHello in Rubina Ray escorts. I am one of the well established Independent Delhi Escorts, providing Delhi escorts services in different form as Dellhi Sexy Escorts, Delhi Model Escorts, Delhi Housewife Escorts, Delhi College Girls Escorts. I offer best client satisfaction as Delhi Escorts with 24*7 hours. We sure quality girls for best satisfaction and real sex pleasure.I'm sure you'd like to avail our escorts services with lesbian girl, hardcore girl with sexy body attitude. I am currently based in India, Delhi. I ensure all occasion Teens Escorts Services to our client’s to make night’s sexy and memorable for his life. Mostly people have misconceptions about Delhi escorts services. They don't know how it works and how they will get the best escort services. Nowadays, elite escorts have become a status symbol for the men and they hire them as a companion for the meeting, party and social gather
One Day, Maybe Someday
Seems like everyone else has all the answers and I know some of them have some ideas but not all the right answers. They can state their ideas but that is all they will be. I once wanted to write a book but I tend to not think enough of myself to put out a publication of my work. Now I can leave a poem here and there but not a 1,025 page collection of what I have written so far. Besides even if the pages are printed without a fancy frickin format and nice readable text it costs a shitload of money that I just don't have. I never plan on asking anyone for money. Mainly because I don't want to owe anyone anything. If only things were easier. Just a little not really, super easy. If they were I would have already provided a good number of bands with lyrics to go and produce more than 50 CD's. But things you want don't always jump out of fucking bushes and say 'here I am!!'  I have lots of ideas and lots of dreams but that doesn't get me diddly squat. I have tried to get in touch with o
Pickle: You need to go feed your pussy
161 Condom Slogans
161 Condom Slogans 1) Cover your stump before you hump  2) Before you attack her, wrap your whacker 3) Don't be silly, protect your Willie 4) When in doubt shroud you spout5) Don't be a loner, cover your boner6) You can't go wrong, if you shield your dong7) If your not going to sack it, go home and whack it8) If you think she's spunky, cover your monkey 9) It will be sweeter if you wrap your peter 10) If you slip between her thighs, condomize 11) She won't get sick if you wrap your dick12) If you go into heat, package your meat 13) While your undressing Venus, dress up your penis 14) When you take off her pants and blouse, suit up your mouse 15) Especially in December, gift wrap your member 16) Never ever deck her, with an unwrapped pecker 17) Don't be a fool, vulcanize your tool 18) The right selection, is to protect your erection 19) Wrap it in foil, before you check her oil 20) A crank with armor, will never harm her 21) If you really love her, wear a cover 22) Don't make a mistak
These Days
Through the alleyways of the Lower East Side, littered with the leftovers of human emotion Running through the veins of a city Far from the neon heartbeat I was chasing shadows   Decaying remnants of a strangled existence Carving words into the flesh of my hands Pressing my bloody palms against the concrete Painting my own distorted view in the city streets   I grew speechless and deaf to the night sky The Angel’s prayers fell short before me As the heavens wept I dreamt of a city on fire   Scattering the ashes of a dead society My silence spoke louder  Than any tongue or lost soul could scream in the inferno   Silence that said everything And Nothing About me     In a city of hopeless kids We became a breathing canvas Ink soaked bodies held together with implanted steel Driven with the purpose of self inflicted sanity   A family of scarred skins Interrupted minds Day dreamers Poets Artists Addicts Junkies Whores Nobodies Anybodies Damaged
Looking For Significant Other Help Please! Tired Of Being Lonely
I come to ask looking for significant other. I'm looking for a real realtionships sone in which will be my last a proposal and a marriage that will last I'm nice guy easy going likes to hangout be active whatch movies cuddle talk at a constant be there for you I'm a loving caring guy sick of getting left for a guy that might be ripped or better looking then me I'm just looking for a women that can steal my heart and keep it tell death makes us apart but ill always be there also I smoke gonja tryn to stop smoking cigs by smoking gonja it's working kinds but please alls I ask is try to get to know me and and we can build a good realtionship
The Master Awaits
She looks up at her master, arms bound behind her back, the blindfold imprisoning her senses. Awaiting her masters next command, kneeling beside him for the punishment he dispenses. The clicks of the collar, as two invisible hands, bind her in her pleasure. The sting of the whip excites her senses, the feel of skin on leather. Anticipation builds, as the mistress awaits her guilty right. A whimper released at the thought, her master in delight. The leash attached, the gentle tug, the juices start to stir. A gentle smack, aside the face, as her throat it starts to purr. He knelt beside, his bonded miss, released his swollen pride. Her lips discovered their first taste, as his cock now slipped inside.
La Polizia Di Lackawanna County Ha Fatto Progressi
In un'indagine su furti bizzarri in due negozi Walmart auguri natale . La polizia ha detto che può avere identificato due dei criminali catturati su nastro rubare regali di Natale. La polizia di Taylor e in Dickson City ha detto dopo la video sorveglianza in onda nella notte di TV Mercoledì sono stati in grado di identificare due potenziali sospetti. Stanno cercando per quattro grinches vita reale che hanno rubato migliaia di dollari di regali di Natale. La polizia ha ottenuto una buona occhiata le facce dei quattro ladri che lasciano il Walmart al mattino presto Taylor Mercoledì. Il gruppo, in una mossa audace, uscì dal negozio senza pagare per fucili ad aria compressa e un paio di cesoie hanno poi utilizzati per effettuare il resto dei loro crimini. I ladri poi fece il giro indietro e usato quelle cesoie per entrare nel trailer che Walmart utilizza per memorizzare i regali immessi sul layaway.
A Late Summer Night
It was a late summer night. The gentle glow of the fire made Kaylee excited about the beginning of summer. As she sat there embraced in Brad's arms she couldn't help but notice the heat on her face. She knew this heat wasn't only being caused by the fire, but from the tingling running through her body as Brad's fingers traced the top of her jeans. She'd been thinking about this night all week. The 2 of them, alone in front of a fire under the gorgeous stars. As Brad leaned in and started kissing her neck just behind her ear she felt a jolt of excitement shoot through her body. She tilted her head back leaning it against his shoulder as his hand slowly began to venture up her stomache beneath her shirt. His hand moving up her body made Brad very excited. He hope Kaylee had not noticed the sudden growth in his pants as his hand continued up her shirt to her luscious breats. Gently feeling his way into her bra to massage her nipple between his fingers. He hears Kaylee begin to breath
In My Hole
to the tune of and the green grass grows all around   In my hole there was some heat ************ In my hole  there was some heat and it was the hottest heat you ever did feel ************* In my hole there was some heat and it was the hottest heat you ever did feel it keeps me warm this inner heat ************* In my hole there was some heat and it was the hottest heat you ever did feel and it keeps me warm this inner heat and whats better IT IS FOR REAL!!!
Amazing Grace - Rueben Studdard
Amazing grace, how sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meI once was lost, but now I'm foundWas blind, but now I see'Twas grace that taught my heart to fearAnd grace my fears relievedHow precious did that grace appearThe hour I first believedThrough many dangers, toils, dangers toils and snaresI have already comeI've already, I've already come'Tis grace hath brought me safe, it's brought me safe thus farAnd grace will lead, gonna lead me homeOh, yes he willCan't count how many times I thought aboutHow many times Lord you brought me outAnd I don't deserve the love you giveDon't know why you chose me but I'm glad you did (oh)Everything I have is because of youBut I'll trade it all today if you asked me toThere's nothing, no one that could take you're placeWhatever you do Lord just don't ever take you're graceAmazing grace, how sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meSaved a wretch like meSo amazing (so amazing), so amazing (so amazing)You didn't have to do itWhen I sing for You (yea
Adding An Ex...
In my Opinion, If your Boyfriend , Fiance, Husband, ect. had an ex on one of their social sites like Facebook or any kind really I dont see the problem in adding one yourself. My Fiance has had a ex on his Facebook for awhile now. Never said anything untill last night. One of my ex's sent me a friends request on Facebook and yes I accepted it. It didnt seem like a big deal considering the fact my Fiance has a ex on his. Well, he seen it and got all pissed. An arguement started and I am at the bottom of it. With nothing to say I then yelled out "Well you have an ex on yours so whats the differance?" He said "It was way back in High school and we where more friends than anything." Well ok, so I guess friends give eachother Oral Sex now adays huh? So I took him off of my Friends list. Yet he STILL has her on his. I dont see the big deal if one has an ex and then you add one yourself. There is NO DIFFERANCE. NONE. I just gotta get a back bone. Ugh..
I Want You
I want to feel your breath hot against my cheek. I want to hear you sigh against my breast. I want to feel the trembling of your chest As you surrender to a deep moan. I want to slip my tongue into places as yet unexplored. I want to run my fingers through your hair And clench it in my fists as you nibble on soft And tender spots. I want to smell the scent of your aftershave, A musky maleness That sends me into lustful tremors. I want to feel your hands stroke my sides While your thumbs tease my nipples until they ache. I am going crazy with the need of you. I want to touch every inch of your body, Until your skin burns with my wanting. I want to squeeze, caress, lick and fondle. Like a jockey at the races, I want to feel the power of you between my thighs. I want to ride you hard, Building this fire higher and higher. I wait for you. I ache for you. I touch myself in anticipation. I'm wet. I pulse with the need of you. I don't want to come. I want to wait fo
Once A Knight
Once a King always a King but Once a Knight is never enough :)
Candy Cane Chocolate Chips
Candy Cane Chocolate Chips.....Ingredients:1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter (3/4 cup), melted and cooled to room temperature1 cup light brown sugar, packed1/2 cup granulated sugar1 egg1 egg yolk2 tsp vanilla extract1/2 tsp peppermint extract2 cups + 2 T all purpose flour1/2 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp salt2 cups Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips (1 package)candy canes, crushed into small piecesPreheat oven to 325 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.Melt the butter and set aside to cool to room temperature.In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda and salt. Set aside.Add cooled butter to large stand mixer. Add the brown sugar and granulated sugar and cream until smooth. Add the eggs, vanilla, and peppermint extract and beat until combined, scraping down the sides as needed. Reduce the mixer to low and slowly add the flour mixture, and mix just until combined. Turn the mixer off and stir in the chocolate chips.Use a 2 oz. cookie scoop and place rounded dough 2 inches
Tandoori-style Salmon With Fage Total Avocado Créma Created By Bobby Flay
Stay for dinner tonight. We’re craving Bobby Flay’s spiced and savory Tandoori-Style Salmon with FAGE Total Crèma. Ingredients:1 cup FAGE Total 2%1 tablespoon canola oil4 salmon fillets, 8 ounces each1/4 teaspoon cayenne chile powder1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric (or you can use 1 1/2 tablespoons of your favorite curry powder)2 teaspoon ground coriander1 teaspoon ground cumin1 tablespoon ancho chile powder2 tablespoon fresh lime juice1 teaspoon finely grated lime zest2 cloves garlic, finely chopped2 limes, halvedKosher salt and freshly ground black pepperPreparation Directions:Whisk together the FAGE Total 2%, garlic, lime zest and juice, ancho, coriander, cumin, turmeric and cayenne chile powder in a baking dish until combined. Add the salmon fillets and turn to coat in the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and up to 1 hour.Heat the oil in a nonstick pan over high heat until it begins to shimmer. Remove the salmon from the marinade and wipe off the exce
A Touch Unfelt By Me
How can you ache and crave for someone's touchWhen you have never felt it?I do this for yours, though,And the yearning grows more each dayI have never wanted anything in my lifeAs much as I want youWhen you whisper such sweet loveIn my ear when we talkYou make me melt into a puddleOf complete helplessnessYou have become my every waking thoughtAnd my every dream at nightI breathe in so hardTrying to catch my breath when we can't talkI close my eyes so tightHoping when I open them you will be thereBut I know I have to waitUntil the time is rightIt seems so far awayThat I think I am losing my mindI want to breathe in your scentAnd keep it with me all day longI want to taste your love for meBy kissing your sweet lipsI want to feel your body next to meSo when you leave for awhile I can hold onI just want you to knowThat I really do love youWhen the day comes and we are togetherYou will always know and feel thisI will always hug, kiss and love youEvery moment of the day and nightYou will nev
Happy New Year
The New year is just around the corrner and I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year and that all their Wishes and endevors come true and pan out
Pandora's Last Gift Finally Eludes One
Captain's Log;  Star date 120112. 30   Of all the things I have ever said or done in this world, the ever elusive hope was the one thing I was told never to give up on, but what if it has given up on me?  In a number of my entries i have probably commented that I have given up on everything, or just certain situations I do not ever see myself possibly being in.  My own happiness is one of those things, I lost hope in long ago.  Happiness for me does not exist.  Just merely a dream, sought after with much anguish and heart break, but still only a dream all the same.  I think I have finally reached the point where that feigning, shimmering light of hope that I used to see has finally gone, or is too far beyond my reach for me to try to grasp on to any longer.  Now I know some where in the back of my mind there is always something that brings a spark back to the flame of hope once in a blue moon, only to be thwarted by a harsh reality that I am forced to realize every day as I sit in re
Supporting The Iphone 5 Display Height
Apple recently launched the new Xcode and simulators for development. Included is the new iPhone 5 called Retina 4 — simulator. It functions in the same was as the original — now called Retina 3.5. You may have noticed that right away, your app appears letter-boxed even if you are using the full bounds of the screen: UIScreen mainScreen bounds or similar.Read More -
Here I go, it's just a few days in the New Year lovers. I have so much to say. I love to Thank You for reading my sexy blogs. My new opportunities are out there and I will fly high to get them. So here we go lets have some fun this year hang on and enjoy and read. You sexy mother fuckers. Must say, I got you to read... that is a blissing in it's self.                                                     bY LoVe GiRL
Marissa Part 7
Exhausted, she had to let go of the impulse's of wanting to give in to David. She find herself having a couple of glasses of wine with her meal. She feels like she is going crazy, nights are truing into days, She has been seeing David for over 4 mouths now. She is not sure what to do any more. She takes a hot shower as the water hits her naked body she feels warmth come over her. As she moves her hands over her breast and down her naked body she thinks of David. She feels the wetness of her juices come over her.  She pulls her hair,  licks her fingers moves down to finger herself. She wanted him, so bad. Stroking herself, calling out his name. David, David. As if he was in side her. Marissa keeps "stroking herself" juices of her fingers are so most. She is so surprised that she is so wet..... Then she here's a door open. She is afraid? Is this a bad dream. Did I have a bad dream....                                                                                                        
This Isn't Perfect
I wish I was a better example of a woman. If I was, would that make life easier?? I have heard and read that you are only approached with things that may seem tough, if it is already known that you can handle it. I didn't plan on taking the jobs of both a mom and dad, but I did. I don't get thanked all the time. I don't get paid for my hardships. It is a damn good high I get, knowing that I have done a very good job thus far. I may have not completed the task that great, but I did the best I could do. Maybe not the best anyone could do, ya know what?? I am still trying. Got to take care of somethings. I will be back sooner or later. TC
My Fetishes
some of my Fetishes Into: 24/7 (everything to do with it), anal (giving), anal beads (giving), anal hooks (giving), anal sex (giving), anal stretching (giving), anal training (giving), ass play (giving), attention (everything to do with it), back_against_the_wall_hand_on_the_throat_being_told_what_a_slut_i_am (giving), ball gags (watching others wear), bare bottom spanking (giving), bare handed spanking (giving), bdsm (everything to do with it), begging (receiving), behavior modification (giving), belt spanking (giving), bisexuality (watching), biting (everything to do with it), blindfolds (watching others wear), blow jobs (receiving), body paint (everything to do with it), bondage (giving), bondage equipment (everything to do with it), bondage tape (giving), branding (giving), breast whipping (giving), breast/nipple torture (giving), bruises (giving), business suits (watching others wear), butt plugs (giving), candle wax (everything to do with it), caressing (everything to do with it)
Stepping back inside through the broken wall in the bathroom of the nightclub .. Dark gives no thought to the woman on the ground.. walking out the door to the bathroom calmly he drops his duffle bag and continues to walk up to the head table of the grand gallery.. Guards start to step forward .. but the arch vampire waves them off... Please sit Gabriel.. I'm Gregory, I am certain we have much to discuss..."   "My, my you are an industrious fellow aren't you Gabriel?" Gregory continues, Oh my yes I know who you are... but do you know who I am?"  Gabriel looks blankly across the table... His visage is statueque, involnerable... unmoving like stone.. His grey hollow eyes following the uncomfortable shifting of Gregorys' guards as they hiss and seem to mock his steady composure... The space between them is fluid to him... like reaching into a fold in space....... Looking flatly at The Archvampire he can see through the glamour the shifting features .. the acrid almost sweet smell of deca
The Pain Of Love
The first time I saw you deep inside my heart I knew My heart was only made for you I believed you were my soul mate I thought you felt it too We had great times and made memories I'll never forget You showed me how wonderful love could honestly be You quickly made me see what I was meant to be living for Simply for your smile, your laugh, and your touch But most importantly for ours hearts to be combined as one And for us to show each other a whole new world of love Now you say its over and you need your space You must not see how this is killing me It's leaving my heart feeling like just an empty place I now feel cold and useless instead of warm and alive What use to be my happy life is now just a miserable race I can't stop the tears from overflowing down my face I know I am suppose to forget and try to move on I've cried so many tears now I have so many fears You took my heart and tore it apart I haven't yet learned how I am suppose to get along without you
My Heart Has Your Name On It
Its all good, it is just great, I have good intentions and  I am friends with Mr. Fate. I'll ask you to understand, as I slip and slide with you I have a warm soul and hand.   With the toothpick or boat, you always need to consider the cave or the warm coat. Sticky needed promise to cover, you are my only need to be your grand stand lover.   As I'm imaging you move, each muscle tenses the main muscle meets the groove. Heart pounding, simply racing it never slows to a steady beat I won't know joy, until its you I'm facing.   My heart has your name on it the sweetest I have read, I want you to know every single night before bed. my heart also has your name on it engraved with love n care, I will continue to lovingly think
If You Only Knew
When I think about you, and everything I hope one day we share and have done and really want to do. I touch my cheek with the back of my hand, just enough to deeply understand.   I trace my soft lips, and I reach for rythym by lifting my hips. I imagine you on top, or me until we reach a climatic, earth shattering stop.   We lay there exhausted, but not too tired to say, I have always cared, but I need you more than ever today. I will die before my love ever ends, I am here for you and you are there for me we are forever caring and loving friends.   If you had a clue, If you only knew that its only you. We will be together soon, we will join and love our tune. If you only knew, I want everyone to know, our love is feeling great, if you only knew. 
Who Or What Can It Be Now?
I’ve been remiss in updating my fubar blogs and I apologize.  Let’s get down to brass tacks shall we? As you have noticed (or not) I spend very little to any time on fubar anymore. It’s just not fun anymore. Why? It’s not the constant point whoring or the relentless begging. That’s been happening on fubar from its inception.  It’s part of fubars “charm”.   The real reason I avoid this place like the plague is…I’m terribly lonely. Sure I make small talk to various people but it’s not “real”. But you might say “ how is it not real?”  It’s two people interacting. It is and it isn’t. I can’t see your facial expressions. I can’t hold your hand. I can’t open up to you.  I want to see you roll your eyes when I make a bad pun. Or perhaps smile when I say something that means a lot to me/you.  There’s something totally cold and clinical about just typing words on a sc
First Experiences
I recently got into outdoor nudism. After many years of been rather exhibitionist and willing to show my endowment at any oportunity for compare, contest and just showing it off to women, I decided it was time to give full outdoor nudism a try. I visted some nude beaches last summer and had a great experience. Got alot of attention, got on chatting to alot of women and familys and all round enjoyed it. Looking to vist alot more nudist venues/nudist freindly areas come the improved weather i.e. the summer. Hope to have more to tell in the future...........
My blog sucks and its boring the end lmao
so ppl hi this is my first blog
Just Run Away
In every life I know there is cost, thrown between carried and bossed. Somewhere you need to have a gage, just to keep a keel between the love and the rage. Sometimes there is a story, you can't feel or see any glory.   Ever wonder why you crumble in the end, everything is pre-written, my friend. You have the power to change how it goes, Everyone can say somebody else knows, but they don't, you hold the paper and pen, it will start as soon as you're ready to begin.   To feel the utencils in your hand, getting to know the lay out of the land. As soon as you have a thought, on what can't be sold or bought. You will see the bright end, and you are ready to begin to bend.   This is what we heard about, no reason to just run away or ever doubt. Just run away with me into the sunset, along the beach with no sense of regret.
Chilly And Diane Panty Stuff
 Diane and I are having a lot of fun playing with our panties. We are going to get them good and wet. We push them way up inside our pussies and then very slowly pull them all the way back out. This is a full length movie for only $10.  
Gate Keeper
Senile Or Peenile?
me: are you getting old and senile? pickle: no young and peenile
You are my life, my every breath I take, your my world , because of you I can smile, laugh, you have brought nothing but happiness to my world, Thankmyou my darling. Always and Forever - Linda
  Cole and Jennifer had been married about 6 months when Alice and Roy moved in next door. Roy worked as a long haul driver and was gone for weeks at a time, leaving Alice alone much of the time. When they moved in Cole and Jenni had been nice in welcoming them to the neighborhood. That was nearly three years and a divorce ago. Over the years Cole and Jenni had become good friends with Alice. The women were closer than most sisters and that fact alone helped Alice through the heartbreak of her divorce. Turns out that Roy loved lot lizards more than he loved Alice.  DING DONG "Ali," Jennifer said as she opened the door in her housecoat. "How many times have I told you that you don't have to ring the bell?" "I know Jenni, but old habits and all," Alice replied.  "I was just about to go out back and get some sun," she told Alice. "Care to join me?"  "Awefully neighborly of ya," Alice replied in her best redneck accent. With that the two women were giggling like school girl
I've been riding for some years now, but I've never been able to figure out what the deal is with some riders.... There seem to be two types: those who don't ride Harleys and those who do. My problem is with the those-who-don'ts. Not because they don't ride H-D, but because they're the least friendly of all the bikers I've met. Right after I got my bike, I was riding in downtown Mobile, and stopped at a place next to Cathedral Square to have a beer, and scope out the babes walking around.... It was pretty dead, actually. But then it was Sunday. But I sat at a table, outside the place. I had parked right next to a Yamaha V-twin. One of the kind that has a radiator on it. The owner of it was sitting not far away, and I tried to get him to talk to me about riding. His bike was nice; kind of a pale blue, full chrome package and everything.... But the guy never said a word to me! "Guy must be deaf," I thought... He never even looked at me when I spoke. I saw that the people passing by were
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Pickle: not helmet special either Pickle: lmfao Pnut: fuck no Pnut: we is to good for helmets Pnut: lol Pickle: thats how we mfkn roll lmfao Pnut: lmfao
Cherry Bomb? Wtf!!
replyJeff Freeman: i need cherred bom plz 10:16ammoreTo Jeff Freeman: why u asking me for? 10:17amreplyJeff Freeman: why you ony cherry bom grils folder am asking as a frend to help ok 10:20ammoreTo Jeff Freeman: i dont even have a cherry bomb wtf u on about? and if u check my bling i have never HAD a cherry bomb so never bombed anyone 10:21amreplyJeff Freeman: what eve what live our you 10:23ammoreTo Jeff Freeman: i have no clue what ur on about go look at my bling and tell me have i ever had a cherry bomb??? no i havent 10:24amreplyJeff Freeman: listing her i aint on nothing ok and you have had a cherry bomb becuse yo wood not be thy livl you our smart ass 10:48ammoreTo Jeff Freeman: i have BEEN cherry bombed before you start calling me a liar i have not had to BUY a cherry bomb which u dont do until llvl 36 actually so you want ppl up in your page for being rude to me go ahead 10:48ammoreTo Jeff Freeman: im lvl 31 hence just need to be bombed lvl 36 you have to cherry bomb s
Système D'nalyse Appelé Version Android De Problèmes Désordre
Google lance la nouvelle version du système Android très rapidement, si  vous n'investissez pas plus d'heures et d'argent, fabricants de téléphones portables ne peuvent pas prendre soin de la vitesse de Google, qui a également développé le matériel mobile version du système d'Android configuration et la frustration de nombreux problèmes . Ainsi, en utilisant différents Android? ? ZT-180i ? ‰ utilisateurs de téléphone ont tendance à accéder à différentes fonctions et applications, et les futures mises à jour du système ne peuvent pas être garantis. Mais Google a pris des mesures pour résoudre progressivement ce sujet. Les applications Google seront probablement séparés tout en utilisant le système Android peut apporter de l'aide. Application Gmail, YouTube et Plans est déjà en vente dans Android Market, le téléchargement de Google aux utilisateurs de téléphones cellulaires n'ont pas besoin de mettre à niveau le système pour découvrir la nouvelle application.-meilleur mobile Goo
Nalyse System Namens Android Version Chaotisch Probleme
Google startet neue Version mit dem Android-System sehr schnell, wenn Sie nicht investieren mehr Stunden und Geld, k?nnen Handy-Hersteller nicht kümmern uns um die Geschwindigkeit von Google, die ebenfalls entwickelt Android-Handy Hardware-Konfiguration-Version und Frustration zahlreicher Probleme . Somit ist die Verwendung unterschiedlicher Android? ? ZT-180i ? ‰ Handy-Nutzer neigen dazu, verschiedene Funktionen und Anwendungen zugreifen, und zukünftige System-Upgrades k?nnen nicht  garantiert werden. Aber Google hat Ma?nahmen zur schrittweisen L?sung dieser Angelegenheit gemacht. Google-Anwendungen wird wahrscheinlich getrennt, w?hrend mit Android-System kann dazu beitragen werden. Gmail, YouTube und Karten-Anwendung ist bereits zum Verkauf in Googles Android Market herunterladen, um Handy-Nutzer brauchen nicht, um das System zu aktualisieren, um die neue Anwendung zu entdecken. Google Android auch verlangsamen die Geschwindigkeit Upgrade. Anfangsphasen der Anstieg in Androi
Perhaps You Recognize Somebody Who Has Usually Had A Particular Ambition Or Dream
Magical Presents For a Magical Time In the YrThere's no denying that Christmas can be a actually special time of 12 months and with countless Christmas presents to buy and wrap, all that catering and family entertaining; it looks unlikely that we would ever get via it all with no some sort of miracle. But the true Maillot Angleterre those that actually think in its magic; and you also don't have to decorate up as Santa Claus to have the get together started. Spread the Christmas Spirit early this 12 months having a set of handmade Christmas Cards. Excellent for getting the younger children involved, they deliver a true personal touch to the festive season. Whilst they've received the pens out, you might also get them to publish out these all essential letters from an official 'Christmas Letter to Santa Kit'. These charming Christmas presents come with Maillot Espagne to the huge guy himself and are sure to heighten that magical come to feel. One among the best traditions o
Mettent à Jour Leurs Kits Presque Maillots De Foot
Replica Soccer Jersey FashionCes dernières années, maillots de football répliques sont devenus plus populaires que jamais. Il a toujours été assez courant de voir des gens portant des répliques des chandails de leur joueur préféré, mais maintenant, ce phénomène a atteint un statut presque culte et est considéré comme très à la mode. Cette tendance s'est propagé dans le monde à presque tous les pays, en particulier chez les jeunes.Il existe en effet une grande variété de maillots disponibles maillot de foot 2012 2013 en raison du grand nombre de clubs, dont chacune a sa propre conception. En plus de cela, il ya aussi des noms et numéros des joueurs qui peuvent aller sur le maillot, ce qui multiplie encore le nombre de différents types disponibles. Il est possible d'aller dans les magasins de sport qui se spécialisent dans ce produit, offrant un grand nombre de différents kits de l'équipe et les noms et numéros des joueurs de partout dans le monde. Il est facile d'obtenir un
The Homo Scouts Of America
    So sad...and pathetic. Wondering if the Cub scouts will be next.
No More
Shaken abruptly my soul freezesstanding where you left it,slack jawed and confusedWhere two were only one remainsWading through the mire of what's transpiredAm I to beg you like a hooker for my pay?Or do I forget about what you sayand keep this moment frozen in time anyway?For whatever reason you've left me behindstuck in a moment still wondering whywas it what I do or say or did another wander your mindand in just that moment, a part of me did dieAm I to beg you like a hooker for my pay?Or do I forget about what you sayAnd keep this moment frozen in time anyway?Once again reborn in the fires anewA lesson learned , with careful thawingOn and on as before, to search alone once moreFor one who'll take more pride,being at my sideI'd never beg you like a hooker for my pay!I forgot about what you sayAnd keep your moment as your slave!For you I am no more!
Buna Seara Iubito Nr 2
                                                                                                   La piept , pintre bubuiturile profunde si rare ale inimii sale , GHITA simtea inimioara iubetei zbatandu-se emotionata ca o privighetoare speriata in colivia ei . Chipul acela zambindu-i atat de minunat il facea sa se topeasca de fericire , o ridica de peste piept in dreptul ochilor sai luandu-i obrajorii in palme si incepu sa lase saruturi tandere ca niste rugaciuni pe buzele tremurande .                           Clipe indelungi isi mangaiara si sarutara chipurile pana cand saruturile se topira-n zambete si priviri fermecate .                           Doamne , cata iubire pot cuprinde ochii tai , minuna-to , murmura GHITA , crezi ca mai e loc si de putina placere ?                           Mi-am daruit-o azi toata ziua asteptandu-te , recunoscu ea cu o privire vinovata .                           Nu-i nimic , am sosit sa-ti darui ceva ce numai eu iti pot da , stii bine ca nu te po
Good Night Baby No. 2
Breast, including deep rumble and his heartbeat, heart felt GHITA loves struggling scared broil like a nightingale in her cage. Smiling face that made him so great melt of happiness, a raise over his chest in his eyes taking her cheeks in his hands and began to leave tandem kisses lips trembling like prayers.                          Moments lengthy mangaieara their faces and kiss until kissing is melting in smiles and looks magical.                          God, how much love can include eyes, lovely-to, murmuring GHITA, you think there's room for little pleasure?                          I gave it all day today waiting for you, she admitted with a guilty look.                          Nothing, I came to give you something that only I can give you, you know that you can not get enough of something ...                          Her smile steals response tingly lips. GHITA pulled slightly above it, supported on the arms without touching than his lips and began to stroke his face gently w
Simply Thinking
 Sitting here listening to the radio, my mind keeps thinking of things I know I shouldn't be. Finding myself being drawn to someone whom I know can never be more than a friend. Wishing many a moment that I was in another time and place, so that this mind of mine would calm down and quit thinking so much. Feeling so lost and not being able to even come close to figuring out just what it is I need to do, or even how to go about it. Knowing very well that this lady I find myself caring for more and more, could never honestly think of ever liking nor caring for a redneck like myself. The tunes on this radio truly donot help, just only make me really want to go and hide away from society to no longer be a bother nor burden unto anyone. I keep looking at this bottle I have here wanting so bad to crack it's seal, even though it's been well over a year since I have actually sat drinking any. Think I just need to go a load this pipe and enhale the magnificent herb inside it for maybe that way I
The Most Important Issue Of Picking Substantial Qaulity Replica Handbags
Any Concepts About the Mirror Image Replica HandbagsIn the event you have sufficient cash, it's quite likely that you just will acquire an authentic louis vuitton handbag, or an authentic chanel purses, or even a Gucci handbag, or perhaps a Coach handbag instead of to get a replica louis vuitton handbag, chanel knock-offs, fake gucci bag, fake coach handbag, or prada bag, considering that the authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags usually are not only of truly high quality, difficult to beat; but in addition they can be extremely world-famous brand name which may bring admiration and compliments from people all close to. Nevertheless, seldom individuals like Gattes, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett,Carlos Slim Helú , Lawrence Ellison, Ingvar Kamprad. And so on., are billionaires, or millionaires, many of us are just ordinary individuals with limited funds. Many of us take into account it's going to be a waste of payment to get a inferior replica handbags, then, what concerning the pre
Jeder Need To über Android Development Frequenz Kennen
Android wird berücksichtigt, um eine zu den wirksamsten Anwendung Entwicklungsprogramme in der heutigen mobilen Welt werden. Ohne Zweifel werden Android-Handys entsprechen und im Wettbewerb mit alternativen Entwicklungsprogrammen wie Blackberry, iPhone und anderen Smartphone-wie eine gro?e Art von Handys erstellen Nutzung des Android-Plattform jetzt zu Tage und auf die Menge von Anwendungen innerhalb der Android Markt, es gibt so viel Konkurrenz für ein Android-Plattform. Mehrere Anwendungen sind kostenlos und ein paar haben gezwungen zu werden, haben einen winzigen geringe Menge werden. Du wirst in der Lage, jede Anwendung, die Ihre aureate unbeholfen, laden wie gibt es mehrere meist auf Klassen wie Spiele, Unterhaltung, basierend Surfen, Organisation, etc. Wenn Sie durch die Schaffung von Android Apps fasziniert es gibt viele Online-Tutorials das kann Ihnen helfen, zu beginnen. über Android Application DevelopmentAndroid Application Development verk?rpert nicht nur Anwendungen für d
Pastors And Clergy
London Rugby Sevens In Hong Kong Will Soon Start Ranked Team Won The 2nd Seed
At the upcoming London Rugby Sevens, the Chinese Hong Kong team won the No. 2 seed in the rankings. Hong Kong Football Association director of coaching and exercise levels Dai ​​Rees expressed satisfaction and said that this is a team record and the strength of the recognition. cheap nfl jerseys Chinese Hong Kong team and Scotland, Georgia and Zimbabwe team with team in Group A, B group of four teams were teams of Portugal, Spain, Tonga team and the Russian team. As for next season Rugby Sevens World Series tournament qualifiers, in this race the top three teams will receive next season seven World Series tournament seedings qualifications. Arizona Cardinals jerseys Chinese Hong Kong team if they can successfully cut, it will make history, becoming the first seeded capacity to compete for the World Rugby Sevens Series race Asian teams. In the eight participating teams, Scotland, Portugal and Spain are all playoff series this season relegated teams need to win
Cole Came Within A Whisker Of Scoring His First International Goal Three Minutes Into The Second Half
The only plus point for England was that both national anthems were well observed despite fears there would be a repeat of the trouble that marred the last meeting between the two sides 18 years ago. cheap soccer jerseys Ashley Cole, as Hodgson eventually made clear after much head scratching, led the team out and looked moved as he collected a golden cap to commemorate reaching a century of caps in February.Most England supporters respected the FA's wishes, with only a handful singing "no surrender'' during God Save The Queen.The colourful 10,000 travelling fans made a lot of noise and they had something extra to cheer about when Long scored. Jon Walters fed the ball to Seamus Coleman, who whipped in a cross to the near post and Long got in front of Johnson and Jagielka to glance the ball beyond a sprawling Hart.The West Brom striker cupped his ears in front of the England fans while one member of the travelling support at the other end of the stadium tossed a green smoke
Par Exemple En M'inscrivant Dans Une école Fill Filles Vanessa Bruno Soldes
Elle m'a vraiment couvée, Par exemple en m'inscrivant dans une école fill filles. J'ai alors ressenti the besoin de m'échapper. Je mentais plastic bottles sortir, Je faisais les quatre money coups, J'étais assez délurée. Pour moi le highly regarded casser du mat sur sc c Pete, Pete Townshend le guitariste des which are, Mais eux carburaient aux amph A propos de cette sc dans amplify o je casse une guitare, C une demande du r et je me souviens tr bien cual je n avais aucune envie. Je ne voulais pas, Mais j d m sur la south carolina du Marquee, Et m pris un wonderful day avant d arriver. Ce n pas ma guitare cual je casse, Mais une drouille (Une Hofner, Marque allemande peu ch ndlr),  Ce n'est que le lendemain que j'ai eu vent des résultats du wonderful Prix, À côtés des titres de journaux tous coupled with fantaisistes les uns que les autres. Certains n'hésitant pas à dreadful que j'arrêtais la F1, Dégouté à strive. Mon laptop professionnel est resté éteint t
That's Rightfully Nicknamed Ose In The North
Charcoal Pencil PortraitsSteadily ranking amongst one of the most well-known visitor points of interest in Thailand, the bustling Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai draws large crowds of global tourists year-round. Positioned in Chiang Mai vibrant downtown location, this buyers?haven comes alive every day soon after sundown supplying its a lot of guests a pleasurable and distinctive ambience. The evening market is crammed with numerous street stalls marketing a wide variety of cheaply priced goods this kind of as trendycheap Maillot Enfant several clubs, olex?watches, laptop video games, ippo?cigarette lighters, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, travel accessories, baseball caps, electronic devices, handicraft goods, woodcarvings, silver jewellery and lots of other goodies. In addition, the most visited night marketplace inside the and of Smiles? is property to some of the most artistic and professional charcoal pencil portraits artists also. The vast majority of the artists producing lifelike
I Would
I would pour out my heart and soul if it'll only mean you'll listen,  I would strip off my armor if it ment you could accept me for who I am, I would kiss your lips if it ment you could learn to love me, I would give you the moon and the stars if only you'll never leave me, I would never leave your side if you treat me right, I would never hurt you if you won't play games, Iwould do everything in my power to make you smile if I can wake up next to you, I would never ever share you please don't share me,  I would be your everything if you'll only be mine!!   
This is beautiful.    And this is amazing. 
Système D'exploitation Android Et Ses Avantages
OS Android a été développé par Yahoo et Google chemin du retour en 2007. Votre Google a introduit cette technologie combinée avec la collaboration de logiciels, le matériel et les entreprises de télécommunications, qui se trouvent être appelé conjointement l'Open Handset Alliance. Téléphones mobiles Android utilisent les applications et les normes qui sont open source, i.elizabeth. Codage, n'importe qui peut développer des applications pour que les dispositifs. C'est seulement sur la création avec libération de vos applications. Néanmoins, il n'ya pas de société spécifique qui détient le droit de cette innovation technologique, les développeurs peuvent facilement faire différentes applications et programmes. Traitements Fraxel a pris le concept de l'informatique mobile à tout ou partie de nouveaux niveaux. La technologie de la pile traditionnelle n'a pas permis aux acheteurs de sortir avec des forfaits frais dus aux lois sur la propriété strictes et des règlements qui les régissent; n
Alex Jones Experiences Magnetic Stonehenge
nfowars.comJune 5, 2013 Alex Jones and the rest of the infowars crew break down their experience at stonehenge.     This article was posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 5:58 am Tags: secret societies
The Other Day ...
i was remembering the other day and the other day and ... the other day ...                                               how you took me to her bed ... and made me yours, how you  .. how you ...                                                                                       how you . .. traced my body with your face and lips and hair                                                          how you . . smelled my skin and took little bites when you wanted to taste. you told me i was the only one for you . .. i remember thinking that could not be the truth. i was remembering how i had never known anything like that ..   like i was melting everywhere like i was in a dream like i was perfect   i could feel you loving me from the inside of you to the inside of me so ... the other day and many other days i was remembering this.   LoVE/6 junio 2013
So Easy To Let Fellow Fans Hark Back To The 1990s
Despite recent rumors that declining status at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney, there may be defected to rival - Arsenal's own. However, in the 2013-14 season, Manchester United's latest promotional photos for the new home jersey, we clearly see the "chubby" still play a major role ......???? According Goal exclusive report yesterday, the end of the season has been Manchester United club "showdown" Wayne Rooney is currently considering joining Arsenal related matters. If the Arsenal players to meet weekly requirements - 293,000 pounds, the players will agree to join the Wenger's given them. ???? However, Manchester United Manchester United jersey announced today new jersey publicity photo, but still we have found in the Red Devils array Rooney plays the protagonist. Typically a club jersey in the promotion of the new season, when the team will only be considered when selecting the most stable of star positions, through which several groups of photos does it also mean the future
Fase Abbastanza Iniziale Di Google Applicazioni Android Development
Un gruppo di strumenti può essere utilizzato da sviluppatori di Android per quanto riguarda il miglioramento delle applicazioni Android. Programma software del kit di miglioramento (SDK) fornisce questi approcci, nonché utilizzando un plug-in Eclipse identificata come Android Improvement Tools (ADT) o forse riga di comando. Lo sviluppatore può eventualmente ammissione queste forme di attrezzature. Sviluppatori di applicazioni Android scelgono di lavorare con Eclipse anche se in via di sviluppo l'applicazione solo per la ragione che ti può dare l'importante ingranaggio a portata di mano ogni volta che lo richiedono. Ancora, vi è certamente la mobilità all'interno di un senso che gli sviluppatori possono utilizzare un IDE distintivo o editor di testo semplice e invocare le fonti sulla linea di comando, nonché con gli script. Giocando con questa linea di comando situazione è chiamata manualmente attraverso gli sviluppatori. Ma, l'accesso per la varietà di attributi manterrebbe esattament
As Vrea Sa Fiu Mereu Aproape De Tine Ingeras
                                                                    Eu vreau sa fiu mereu aproape si cu foc sa te privesc                                 Si odata tarziu in noapte , sa-ti spun un sincer TE IUBESC !                                 O floare pentru alta floare                                 Chiar daca iubirea este un joc , intra in el pentru a nu pierde jocul vietii .                                 E atat de frumos sa gasesti sentimetul pierdut                                 E atat de frumos sa oftezi dupa primul sarut                                 Cine umbla dupa iubire nu o va gasi                                 Cine o da ... o va primi inapoi .                                 A iubi inseamna  a suferi si cum multi se feresc sa sufere                                 Putini stiu sa iubiasca cu adevarat din inima                                 Daca nu-i iubire ce sant ca fiinta ?                                 Si daca e din ce substanta e oare ?      
Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale Months And Will Function Other Celeb-
you would appear and feel ach louis vuitton bags All that funds and still a number of our fave celebs insist on going to the identical shops as plebs like usPosh knows if she feeds Brooklyn on lots of wholesome fruit and veggies Veggies of Nottingham, also referred to as Veggies Catering Campaign, is a campaigning group primarily based in Nottingham, England, advertising ethicalbum options to mainstream quickly meals. he'll expand up big and powerful and perform for Guy United, just which is my line That's My Line (1980-1981), was a short-lived CBS reality Louis Vuitton Handbags {show|display|present|demonstrateproduced by Mark Goodson, one of many creators of What's My Line?. The display highlighted the uncommon occupations of ordinary men and women, but as opposed to What's My Line? ,' says his girlfriend. Our Rod's searching pleased - could it be he's discovered there's another kind ofbookies'? Bless. No doubt he's purchased How to Stay Younger and Beautiful: The Ageing
Esti Departe De Mine
                                                                      Esti plecata departe d emine dar , te simt in orice faptura divina , in orice gand insistent ce pleaca catre tine , in orice ... si ... spin floare , de parca in floare se ascunde ceva ... Ar mai fi urma palmelor tale , mangaindu-ma ... Spun apa , de parca in picaturi se simt valuri din dorul meu agitat ... Spun foc , de parca in flacari e iubirea mea ce se mistuieste pentru tine ... Spun TE IUBESC de parca in metalicul sunet al cuvintelor esti tu prezenta in fiinta mea ... Asa te simt eu , in marea-ntrebare , unde esti ? Asa te simt eu , in marea-chemare , vino la mine !
Scumpa Mea
                                                                             Scumpa mea , pentru mine esti tot ce am visat , esti tot ce am asteptat in toti acesti ani de la viata in singuratatea mea , esti universul cunoscut si necunoscut , esti soarele ce imi lumineaza viata din clipa cand eu pe tine te-am descoperit . O fi bine , o fi rau , asta nu am de unde sa stiu dar cred ca distanta ce ne desparte ne-a unit si mai mult , nu am putut niciodata sa-ti spun in fata cat te iubesc dar iti spun aici prin intermediul acestor randuri , sau poate nu am curajul s-o fac dar in sufletul meu , inima mea , am doar iubire sa-ti ofer in dar numai pentru tine , iubirea ce o port e doar pentru tine , doar langa tine fiind iti pot darui aceasta iubire , pentru ca langa tine stiu , ca voi primi pe veci a ta iubire pura si plina de lumina . Te iubesc scumpa mea , sa nu uiti asta niciodata , chiar si cand sunt suparat eu tot pe tine te iubesc .                                Daca te-ai uita mai aten
O Noapte De Vis Cu Tine-n Paradis
                                                                                                           Un vis de iubire            E noapte acum afara si este cam tarziu            Etimpul ca sa dormi iubita mea            Nu mai fi trista te rog si nu mai ofta             Viseaza acuma la mine si nu vei regreta            Viseaza-ma ca sunt cu tine            Iti voi asterne ca perna sufletul meu            Si te voi inveli cu inima mea            Alinta-ma in visul tau            Saruta-ma asa cum sti doar tu mai bine            Si imbratiseaza-ma cu drag            Doreste-ma asa cum te doresc si eu            Cu fiecare zi mai mult si mai mult            Stiu ca te gandesti la mine            Stiam ca vrei sa fiu cu tine            Acelasi vis il am si eu            Stiu ca ma iubesti        
One A Day
keep you always on focus.
I Love You
I love a moment, I love a night                          I love when I whisper                          I love touching my eyes when dawn                           I love to know what is happiness                          I love when dreams did I steal them                          I love when the moon among the stars out                          I love when the night embraces me a hug                          I love the moment gives me hope ...                          I love silent and pure love                          Remember I love you, I love what you did.                          I love when I whisper, I love when shut.                          I love you more than you do in all things                          I love when heavy clouds gather in the sky-                          I love you tender tell me ... Good night!                          I love when I bestow sweet dawn                          I love you baby, ... Good morning!                          Love in dreams, I l
Nombreuses Fois Cas Le Cover-up Looks Me Devenir Pire Que
Le Coverup est pire Than the nombreuses fois cas le cover-up looks me devenir pire que l' mai bien rien en tant que président Nixon et le Watergate ou d'aussi trivial que Sarah Palin et son ... euh ... l'improvisation sur la voyage de Paul Revere. Ne faire un effort pour essayer de tromper un Boston girl - Je me rends compte Tout à propos de Paul Revere).Je pense beaucoup d'entre nous ne peut accepter que l l'abus sexuel présumé d'un de la jeune école est certainement l' beaucoup plus . Et plus et ce que jamais de traumatisme sexuel réputé force résultats , il existe un autre traumatisme.J'ai vu témoin également nombreuses occasions | cas ​​dans ma carrière profession . Les adultes peuvent souffrir subir ce sort ainsi - aussi épouses maltraitées, joujoux de riche et efficace ou politiciens forts sportifs Néanmoins, il est horrible pour être un enfant et savoir ce genre de inquiétude Les agresseurs adulte avoir un motif de combiner comportement inapproprié avec m
Trei Minuni Din Viata Mea Pe Care Le Vreau
                                                                                        Da , un soare , un pamant si o femeie fermecatoare , ele sunt cele trei minuni din viata mea pentru care ii multumesc Domnului in fiecare .                              O femeie minunata ce-mi umple inima de fericire , un soare generos ce mi -te dezvaluie in fiecare zi , un pamant ce mi-a ingaduit sa te fur din cer si sa te ascund langa mine .                               Ce frumos e pamantul ... , ce frumos e pamantul cand tu pasesti peste el , ce frumos e soarele ... , ce frumos e soarele cand lumina lui se infasoara in jurul tau . Si ce frumoasa este viata mea , stii tu prea bine de ce .                              Te port in gand cum vantul poarta miresmele florilor de primavara , te adapostesc in inima cum pasarea-si ocroteste puisoru-n cuib , te cuprind in suflet cum cerul cuprinde maretia soarelui si explodeaza-n miliarde de culori datorita lui ... Pentru intreaga lume tu esti cineva , p
Si Iata Ca A Rasarit Si La Mine Soarele
                                                                                                   Si iata ca a rasarit si la mine soarele . Strada mea a fost inorata prea mult timp , insa niciodata nu-mi pierdusem speranta .Totul a venit pe neasteptate . Nu am stat nici o secunda sa ma gandesc , dar daca nu este ea asa cum vreau eu ? ! Dar cum vreau eu ? Asa cum este ea , dulce , respectuasa , grijulie , atenta , glumeata , sensibila , optimista . Si atunci am realizat ca nu reusesc sa-i descopar defectele , chiar daca le-ar avea cu siguranta o voi iubi si mai mult doar pentru ca nu este perfecta . Imi place cand rade , ador zambetul ei si vocea ei calda cand imi spune buna dimineata ! Ador sa ma trezesc langa ea , sa-i aud respiratia , sa-i simt pielea pe pielea mea si sa ii simt mirosul de care nu ma satur . Langa ea am invatat sa fiu mai bun , mai iubitor si mai fericit . Datorita ei am invatat sa privesc doar partile frumoase  ale unui om , am invatat sa inving orice , sa-mi depas
Calatoresc Incet Spre Inima Ta
                                                                                                                  Visele ne sunt aripile sufletului , ele ne pot reda libertatea chiar sin cea mai intunecata lume . In cele mai dificile momente a existat un vis care m-a inaltat intotdeauna peste greutatile vietii , se facea ca priveam inainte cu ochii inflacarati de curaj si pieptul arzand de speranta de pe catargul vasului meu , brazdand fulgerator o mare de foc in asfintit . Goneam spre soarele inecat in flacari , in urma mea lumea se afunda in intuneric si totusi chipul imi stralucea luminat de o fericire din ce in ce mai intensa .                        In curand aveam sa alung toate necazurile si intunericul din jurul meu caci ma apropiam de un taram unde asa ceva nu mai exista , o da , soarele stia prea bine de ce se ascunde acolo , goneam nebuneste in urma lui exaltand de fericire ... caci calatoaream spre inima ta .
5/30 To 6/9/13
                                      THURSDAY'S JOKE                                        First Class   A blonde sitting in economy class on a flight going to Chicago suddenly stands up and sits down in a seat in first class.  A flight attendant watching her goes over to her and says, "Excuse me miss, you can't sit here. You paid for an economy ticket. " The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, and I'm staying here until we get to Chicago."  The flight attendant tries to tell her to go sit back in economy class, but the blonde repeats the phrase over and over, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, and I'm staying here until we get to Chicago." Then, the flight attendant goes into the cockpit and asks the pilot and co-pilot if they can help her with the blonde.  The pilot agrees, and to his disappointment the same thing happens again.  Then, the co-pilot says, "Wait, did you say she's blonde? I'm married to a blonde. I speak blonde. Let me try." So he goes to first class, whisper
Peut-être Sans Doute Maillot De Foot
Le football anglaisEn 2000, Diego Maradona a publié son autobiographie El Diego La traduction en anglais est sorti en 2004 et Martin Amis examiné. tandis que dans le pretty . parcourir ( évaluation ) qui, non seulement pas seulement promotions fournit une profonde Voir dans l' au book (I haven parcourir il), mais Maillot Enfant aussi de parmi les meilleurs footballeurs jamais Puisqu'il est écrit pour votre gardien avec son public britannique, évidemment certainement moût écrire rien en ce qui concerne les deux buts .En Amérique du Sud c'est parfois dessus , ou allégués, le key essentiel à l' caractère de l' pourrait être évaluation de Maradona deux buts tandis que dans le Planet . Pour votre initial objectif Objectif , baptisé main de Dieu par son buteur, Maradona substantiellement pour tout gonflé traverser et de poing le ballon Propriété utilisant un 2e but , qui est entré minutes plus tardplus tard, était le 1 [directeur de l'Angleterre] Bobby Robson dénommés le miracle
Nsa And Cia
Did the CIA give the NSA documents to Ed Snowden?     Jon RappoportInfowars.comJune 13, 2013 Current press reports focus on PRISM, the NSA’s relationships with the biggest tech companies in the world, and the spilled leaks of Ed Snowden. I’ve already laid out serious questions about Snowden’s work history and whether he’s told the truth about it. Is it likely he could have accessed and snatched thousands of highly classified NSA documents? “Let’s see. Who’s coming to work for us here at NSA today? Oh, new whiz kid. Ed Snowden. Outside contractor. He’s not really a full-time employee of the NSA. Twenty-nine years old. No high school diploma. Has a GED. He worked for the CIA and quit. Hmm. Why did he quit? Oh, never mind, who cares? No problem. “Tell you what. Let’s give this kid access to our most sensitive data. Sure. Why not? Everything. That stuff we keep behind 986
So this woman on here, here name being Mommy so hot and horny had a status that I could not help laugh at and be like in wow about. This is here status: OK FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE THIS IS WHAT I HATE MOST OF ALL WHEN U DELETE ME AND DONT TELL ME WHY? SO IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS GOING TO DELETE ME PLEASE DO IT NOW, THAT SHOWS ME U NEVER WANTED TO BE MY FRIEND U USED ME FOR MY NUDE PICTURES ONLY...PLEASE, To me what I am thinking is two things, why and how could a mom want to post nudes of herself anyways, and this is fubar why the hell would anyone want to use anyone for anything ( LMAO sarcasm there ).  Yeah we know people use and begon here! I mean if a woman has a name like that and post nudes of herself, how in the hell does she think she is going to get respect. I mean to each their own who want to post nudeds of theirself, but you are not gonna be famous on fubar nor is their really many you can call REAL friends on Fubar! The mystery will always be to me, why people are how they
Maillot Enfant Parcomètre» Ou Similaires Conditions
Tchad Scott Solutions sur Marketing et publicité Marketing et publicité : Est-ce tout publicité aujourd'hui marketing et de la publicité ?Off cours ne pas. Etat qui marketing et de la publicité sont désormais directement , mais il ya encore cependant méthodes indirectes sont techniques . À titre d'exemple , allez sur YouTube et chasse aux "coupes mec Maillot Enfant parcomètre» ou similaires conditions. Il une vidéo d'un man l'aide d'un tronçonneuse pour couper . off un parcomètre Il avait à Indicateur un accord de non-divulgation puisqu'elle a vraiment filmé à pouvoir Augmentation concernant l' pellicule. In Time Cette vidéo reçus Information couverture, blogue couverture, reposts - vous nom it C'était seulement plus tard découvrir il avait été. un canular viral.Il ya beaucoup d' message mais malade quitter en plus exemple au pour ce souci de concision.Remercie youfor répondre Tchad I. sensation que je comprends comprendre votre exemple et je ne peux imaginer un certain no
Maillots De Foot
Vérifier le Liste Partie Partie emplois à temps pour BangaloreBangalore, reconnaissent comme l' logiciels ou pôle IT de l'Inde, donnant big divers travail Possibilités dans le secteur du logiciel / TI Bangalore a également nombre d'emplois dans divers domaines tels que l'administration, l'enseignement , le marketing . etc on aspire ce qui discipline souhaiter choisir ou créer leur carrière raison de cette abondance de beaucoup de ouvertures disponibles en production secteurs aussi comme auto et Vous pouvez trouver beaucoup d' méthodes à earn Résultat comme étudiante ; emplois portion de temps à Bangalore ou dans n'importe quelle ville de métro de l'Inde sont très faisable En plus d' Université éducation Le sur le élément emplois à temps partiel maillots de foot à Bangalore sont aussi dénommée comme emplois en freelance.Maintenant plusieurs pige emplois à Bangalore peut être trouvé pour collégiens pas simplement à Bangalore mais partout Inde, dû au fait Ligne part menées n
Random Soul Speaking..
Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ― Mary Oliver Nice quote. Something with all of us triggered the "bi-polar" or whatever. For me, it was an ex boyfriend who introduced me to darkness. Sounds cheesy but true. Anywho, I think all of us need a reality check if some of us havent already gotten one yet. Yes we may bitch and moan about shit ... but in the end, what are we left with? Ourselves. So its time to pull our our adult panties per say ... and deal with it, cope with it, have a good laugh, cry it out. Do whatever it is YOU need to do to get through the day. Cuz again. all we have at the end of the day is ourselves. No one feels how we feel, no one copes like us....for those who say "oh i got a man/woman at home" what im trying to get here is you are left with your thoughts, those screaming, nail scratching thoughts. Its best time you start making friends with your demon
Dress Will Create Too Refined Taste
July 11, 1934, Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) was born in Piacenza in northern Italy, and the birthplace of the Latin, like Armani's life also was given a magical high heels In 1975, he was a friend Serge Galeotti (Sergio Galeotti) encouragement to the name Giorgio Armani founded his own brand of men, began a period of fashion so amazed myth. Dress will create too refined taste but also with full affinity become Armani (Armani) this season's champions. His style reveals the wide range of products of urban residents, beach vacationers and hostess Villa features, maintaining its style, tailoring and luxurious fabrics combine smooth part of the national element, the highlights of the top brands of luxury, gorgeous and elegant.armani sunglasses September 21, 2006, Earl Scott Armani exhibition center in London for its latest masterpiece - "Product Red (red product)" series held a grand fashion show. Bright warm red exudes human solidarity and love, simple, elegant style refl
What A Kiss Means
"WHAT EACH KISS MEANS"- Kiss on the Forehead: We're cute together .- Kiss on the Cheek: We're friends.- Kiss on the Hand: I adore you.- Kiss on the Neck: I want you, now.- Kiss on the Shoulder: Your perfect.- Kiss on the Lips: I LOVE YOU...
Poem Post #9
Happiness   Watching, waiting, as the days go by, Wishing, hoping as time continues to fly. What will there be ahead of me? Why is it I don't know how to be? Life is full of unanswered questions I hide, Following the flow of the roaring tide. Ending up where the sea lays me down, Then left thre to wander around. There I end up with times gone bad And fall into the anger and being sad. Then the simple things there light my soul, Bringing a shine to my eyes like a jewel. Watching, waiting as the days go by, Wishing, hoping, as time continues to fly.     *** By: Annaliese Edie
Poem Post #10
Untitled   A bright and shining star, An angel in disguise. You came into my life A new smile with each sunrise. You've brightened everday, Making me as happy as I can be Lightening my soul, opening my heart Finally giving me a love I can see.     **** By Annaliese Edie
Poem Post #15
Flip Back To Insanity   My head is pounding My nerve is gone The tension is building It won't take long. I am about to flip, Can't take anymore. It's gone way too far. My patience has been tore. Blind now to darkness, I've lost all control There's nothing left to do-  Insanity has it's pull.     ****By: Annaliese Edie (June 11, 2007)
Mark Of The Beast
Mark of the beast? Motorola pushes human tattoo to replace digital ‘smartphone’ passwords     Ethan A. HuffNatural NewsJune 20, 2013 Desperate to make a comeback in the mobile phone market, technology giant Motorola, which is now owned by Big Brother spying shill Google, has developed a few solutions to a problem that does not actually even exist: the “chore” of having to type in a short passcode to access your locked cell phone. Yes, Motorola thinks this split-second step is somehow too laborious for the average consumer, and has thus come up with two potential new methods of accessing “smart phones” that involve either tattooing you
Nuovo Tablet Pc Con Android 4.1 4-8-zoll.neu.ovp + Informatica + Garanzia
Tablet PC con prestazioni al top e prestazioni: (8 pollici) schermo multi-touch con tecnologia IPS 20 cm - semplice tocco per navigare, Bl scorrimento, zoom ... molto grande lui angolo, grande contrasto e precisione cromatica, top risol risoluzione (1024 x 768 pixel)? . Super: Grazie 8 "di diagonale e 4:3 ha questo tablet Displayfl 35% in più di superficie rispetto allo standard Tablet PC da 7 pollici?Ultime Dual Core - Amlogic A9 1.2GHz dual core ha una potenza sufficiente per la super surf ed esigente giochi ad alta velocità veloce, anche per i giochi 3D, ecc1 GB di RAM - per l'uso regolare e rapida dei programmi e dei media.8 GB di memoria interna - molto spazio per immagini, video, giochi, ecc, sempre espandibile con schede microSD fino a 32GB (non inclusa).Rapidamente a Internet con Wi-Fi b / g / n - Connessione Internet estremamente veloce e stabile con 600 Mbit / s, software avanzata consentirà fulminea navigazione, come per i filmatiFotocamera
Maillot De Baseball Mais Rey A Souhaité Un Maillot De Football
Travail Rey se battaient sur quoi acheter dernière fois qu'ils avaient été dans un centre sportif. Groupe désire acquérir un maillot de baseball mais Rey a souhaité un maillot de football, Job tentait de maillots de footpersuader Rey pour obtenir un maillot de baseball get Rey était vraiment insistant sur achat d'un maillot de football.Le problème, c'est Occupation peut être le particulier versement et c'est vraiment un cadeau du travail à Rey. Rey pense que si c'est vraiment un cadeau alors emplois devrait acheter quelque chose qui Rey veut. Pour ajouter autour de l'insistanceMaillot Enfant de Rey, il voulait un maillot de football bleu mais encore une fois Occupation conseillé instead.and rouge ainsi va l'histoire. Mais à l'arrivée, c'était Rey qui a payé le pour votre maillot de football en raison du fait Occupation n'obtiendrez pas ce que Rey désiré. Rey a été assez déçu par tout la réaction de Job, mais il a été amplement comprendre à lâcher dans l'argument et il pay
Tutti Vogliono Avere Il Tablet Pc
Ma la preside Albert Grimm aveva al funzionario It? Apertura accanto al orgoglio in questa scuola pronti per molti più motivi per festeggiare questa festa. Ci sono accanto agli edifici di nuovo una nuova pista ciclabile e quindi una cyclette corso au inoltre un parco giochi, che dovrebbe essere inserito, ma solo in due settimane. La promessa già al festival di scuola dovrebbe essere infuriava lì, purtroppo, ha dovuto annullare, mi dispiace Albert Grimm. Ma la sicurezza viene prima.Il preludio musicale ha fatto la Drittkl? Ssler con? Puff, the Magic Dragon ", tablet PCsotto la direzione di Elisabetta Renzel-Mü Dopo Gru? Parola di Sindaco Reinhard Lindner e numerosi riconoscimenti, su cui ci riporterà, ha partecipato alla Prima - e Zweitkl ssler con l'umore Gangnam-style per?. È stato Dirige T? Nzerschar di Hanna Dalhausen e Andreas K? Nigsmann.Poi si è seduto ancora per piccoli e grandi più e tutti erano in grado di esplorare le numerose attrazioni che permettono
Samsung Anunció Windows Andr Oid Mezcla Efox News
Samsung ha anunciado tres nuevos dispositivos en sus PCs con Windows y Tablet PC ATIV línea: ATIV Tab clave 3, "más delgado del mundo" Tablet PC de Windows; ATIV Libro 9 Además, la serie 9 de portátiles basados ​​en PC y ATIV -preguntó un híbrido que ejecuta Windows y tablet Android. comprar netbook Q ACTIVAR ATIV Q se encuentra en más de un sentido de la palabra híbrido. No sólo se ejecuta Windows 8 y extremo lateral androide, también se puede utilizar como una tableta normal y la Ultrabook. Dispone de cuatro modos diferentes, por lo que puede ser como un ordenador portátil teclado completo estándar, una tableta estándar, una tableta o un modo de tableta de pie levantado. Pesa sólo 1,2 kg y tiene una pantalla de 13,3 pulgadas con resolución de 3200x1800 increíble operación. Samsung dice que su optimizado para funcionar en una variedad de entornos, incluyendo al aire libre. Los usuarios pueden transferir archivos y carpetas compartidas en Windows 8 y Android
I Need
(♥I need your love, I need your time. When everything's wrong, you make it right. I feel so high, I come alive. I need to be free with you tonight. I need your love♥)
Adebayor A Marqué Son Deuxième Du Match
Matériel pensé après l'Inter dans le derby faiblesse Milan, quand je crains que personne prévu à l'Inter Milan tandis que dans la propriété, est maintenant obtenir reconnu depuis le Top 8, le plus faible du massacre sévèrement Schalke 04. Après le match Inter Milan italien médias mentionné qu'il avait eu une soirée de cauchemar en général. Inter Milan ligne arrière Schalke pull déchiré envoyer Oolong "Gazzetta dello Sport" sur la page de la maison maillots de foot de site en utilisant un morceau de Raul boulonné à l'arrière du media comme la ville de Milan, qui a écrit dans le titre ". nuit cauchemardesque Inter" chemise italienne de football médias ont en revanche aux techniques Leonardo sont «4-2 - imagination", se réfère à la 4 Minghouweijia sur deux milieu de terrain défensif, est toujours à compter sur des joueurs talentueux avant les Jeux imagination vidéo, "Gazzetta dello Sport" après le match mentionné: «Le ratio de 4-2 de l'imagination, et plus difficile d'imag
I Wonder..... Yeah That Is Right, I Wonder (oh My, My)
Every once in a great while I wonder, that is surprising isn't it??  Sometimes I feel like a pebble on a beach and sometimes I feel like the forgotten and over looked crumbs from lunch. Just left on the floor. I know life is still proceeding without me. Maybe some would be happy if I didn't excist, maybe some would be happy I was there to be found. Before I rot and decay, anyway. I don't exactly know what created this thought in me, but there it is. If everything was perfect for me, I wouldn't be where I am on life's ladder. I wouldn't be rich, just comfortable. I wouldn't be a movie star or a rock star. I just want to go and live without pain. I was and still am thinking that is not asking for too much. If I could wish on a star and have my wish come true, I would wish for the world to be a place living in peace. If I found a magical lamp, my wishes wouldn't be for myself. I don't want what every other person thinks everyone wants.  I grew up poor and life can be rough. The people
Ustecky Portal Cz
Fuck Me what the fuck just happened!?
We Are Close
When I see that you are online I won't even lie to me, I am joyful you have had a passing thought someone has had an excited journey. As much as I might want to believe it does seem, honey I already know inside and out its really nothing more than a dream.   Take just a sec and realise I am not pursuing,  anything you are saving or all you don't want to ever be redoing. If I ever cause a complication you are more than entitled to relocate my memories location.   I just want your life to be complete, enjoyed to the fullest from me to you I hope you click repeat. Not trying to drill in, but I need you to know I am right here, now and then.   I am your friend not your foe, I will love you even if you have to go. we are close even when were are far apart, we are close together in our heart.
Bdsm Adulthood
They say BDSM is an adult attitude, and surely its true. But what is so adult in exhibiting? What's so adult in hiding in the dungeons and under the leather masks to avoid social judgment? Is it so adult to look for play partners focusing on our own fantasy? THE MEDIA PARADOX There is a very peculiar phenomenon growing up in our days, regarding the media and their attitude toward BDSM and alternative sexuality. The weird paradoxes of communications acted by the media have been signaled from many sides, but what is going on about kink lifestyle is something really special. First thing everyone notice, media are in love with BDSM. Seems that magazines and newspaper cannot spend a week without highlighting one or another fetish or BDSM black chronicle event. Same thing about movies: you can't find a movie without a good touch of fetish - BDSM - submission scene. Even BatMan suits in PVC and Catwoman in latex drives around her whip - not to say what the Gurka likes to do with
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
Slowly she brought her hands back up to her blouse and began to undo the buttons. slowly, one at a time, she undid them. With each opened button, more of her skin was exposed to both her lover and us.  we watched silently as she dropped the shirt to the floor, her arms wrapping across her chest, hiding her breasts, which were also covered by her bra. She squeezed them, pulling and tugging.   Her hands moved behind her and she unclasped the bra and dropped it to the floor. She dropped her arms to her side as she continued to sway back and forth, her breasts fully exposed, her nipples clearly erect. She smiled as her hands moved to the front of her jeans, slowly rubbing between her legs before moving up to her zipper. She opened them and gently began to slide them down her long legs. She kicked them off, flicking them to where John must have been sitting. she laughed as they flew out of view of the camera
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
She took in a deep breath and then cried out, "FUCK me Lee! FUCK my ass! I want your black dick inside my ass. Please. Do my Virgin ass right now!" I didn't need to be told twice. My fingers quickly came out and i pulled my dick from her pussy. It was so moist that it would enter her ass without a problem. I positioned the tip at her hole and pressed forward. At the same time she pushed back and i suddenly disappeared inside her ass. "YES!" Emily moaned. "YES! That feels so good! Oh Yeah! FUCK my ass Lee! FUCK it!"   I began pumping in and out of her. My hand reached around and began to play with her clit as i continiued my movement. I looked over my shoulder at the laptop still open on the table and noticed my wife sitting on the bed, watching  TV. She was still naked and mindlessly playing with her breasts. i kept my eyes focused on her as i fucked Emily's ass. Soon i began to swell and she groaned as i stretched her even more. My cum blasted in to her ass, filling her with my ho
Many of you probably have wondered why i appear and disappear from fubar* its been a painful six months! I have had so many family members pass away here recently. Just didn't want to make anyone feel down even if i was" I have lost a cousin right before Easter and a uncle after Easter* another uncle before fathers day* and my aunt that passed away the day after the 4th of july we were expectin her to pass cause the doctors gave her 2 months to live and the cousin that past before easter was her son! Her funeral was 1 week ago and the day after her funeral her brother which is my uncle had a stroke * he is ok for now and i pray he will be that way for awhile* But it doesn't end there "last night my mom calls me and she tells me my cousin's daughter commited sucide she was only 28!!I just don't understand why all this is happening i know its part of life but its like its not stoppin till everyone is gone! This is my mothers family and its scary and im scared for her! Since last year i h
"the Last Few Days Of My Trip"
I begab to kiss her neck again, then slowly moved down her body, pausing at each breast to kiss and massage them. I continued down, bypassing her mid section and focusing on one of her legs. My kisses and licks moved down until i reached her foot. I licked  and kissed each toe, letting them slide into my mouth for a gentle suck. I then reached for another cord and wrapped it around her ankle. Next, i fastened her other leg. i moved off the bed and stood at the bottom of it and looked up at Emily. She looked so delicious lying there, her arms secured above her head with one rope, her legs spread apart to the  corners of the bed with two other cords. 
"the Last Few Days Of My Trip"
I smiled but didn't answer. It was time to make her start guessing. I looked at my watch and relized it was time anyway. I started toward the door just as the knck came. Looking back at Emily, i could tell she was puzzled by the sound of the knock. I opened the door carefully, tyring not to make any noise. I brought my finger to my lips and invited the guy in who had dropped Emily's panties onto her desk this morning. I didn't know his name and didn't care. He walked into the room and his eyes widened as he looked at the sight of a delicious redhead vixen tied to the bed. Emily was cocking her head towards us, trying to figure out what was i doing.  The guy turned ans smiled at me and began to remove his clothes. I followed his move and soon we were both standing there naked, looking at Emily. He looked over at me, asking permission with his hands, and then slowly climbed onto the bed. I stood and watched as this stranger moved his hands over Emily's body. Emily jumped when he first
Si Vous Cherchez à Obtenir Une Réceptionniste Maillots De Foot
La promotion de ces services et solutions est fastidieux et coûteux. Lors de la publication de pages classées cliquez sur les liens hypertexte que la curiosité vous. Ils ne cessent de chercher à divers sites d'emploi gratuits classés. Si de toute façon prospective, assurez-vous contenir une image de ce qui vous arrive d'être de promouvoir chaque fois que nous publions annonces gratuites de petites annonces Canada. Si vous cherchez à obtenir une réceptionniste maillots de foot / lieu de secrétariat, et toutes les publicités de travail exigent un certain niveau de talent avec des feuilles de calcul ou sa comptabilité mineur, puis comprendre, bien que nous attendons. Les réductions les plus efficaces en matière de motos employés peuvent généralement être trouvés par petites annonces en ligne. Une méthode fantastique pour se connecter annonces de stockage auto sont une merveilleuse façon de se connecter. Les différents composants utiles que nous allons à la rencontre des petites
"the Last Few Days Of My Trip"
"Oh yeah, Emily, i do like how moist you are. Yuo're a sweet little fuck, aren't you? I'll bet you like fucking all the time, don't you? You think about dicks all day long," He said, his fingers pumping in and out of her.  I watched from the side, my hand pumping my dick hard.    "Yes i do love dicks," emily said. "I love sucking them and being fucked by them. Are you going to fuck me?" "Oh don't wory you slut, i'm going to pound you alright. I'm going to ram my dick so far inside of you and fuck you til it floods your pussy over>"   The guy moved his head down bewteen her legs and removed his fingers, sliding his tongue inside her drenched pussy.
Batman Superman Movie
Superman/Batman team-up movie coming, to be announced at Comic-Con Posted 5 hours ago   19,831 Readers   36 Comments   4 Likes   San Diego Comic-Con is Christmas for geek movie news. Today, we have been given another gift. The L.A. Times’ Hero Complex blog is reporting that Warner Brothers, after many years of spinning their wheels, is finally bringing a Superman/Batman team-up to the big screen. Their sources, who purportedly have direct knowledge of the movie, claim that the film will be the Man of Steel FOLLOW  followup and is set for release in 2015. The source further claims that Zack Snyder will return to direct withDavid S. Goyer again writing the script and Henry Cavill donning the tights again. It is speculated, though not at all known for sure, thatChristopher Nolan may once again produce. It is not expected thatChristian Bale will be reprising the role of The Dark Knight.   Holy crap, could this really be happening? Granted, the official announceme
Black Zimmerman
The Black George Zimmerman the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About     lastresistance.comJuly 24, 2013 Did you notice during the George Zimmerman trial how the media kept repeating the salacious question “What if Trayvon Martin had been white?” They acted as if this question was the perfect response to Zimmerman defenders. They pretended that this was a question without a “safe” answer, but in reality, the question had already been answered. Image: Roderick Scott In April of 2009 Mr. Roderick Scott awoke at 3am to the sounds of three young men breaking into cars on his street. He called the police and went down to the street to make sur
Karen Millen Floral Dress Accoutrement Lavender Access Period
Attractive Karen Millen accoutrement hot summertime closet 2009-06-26 twenty: 05: 46 Origin: Netease karen millen stores banausic online affiliation canteen accustomed with girls accessory at belletrist 15 cellphone in the summertime, should your closet is just not an ambrosial alternating with ambrosial Karen Millen costume, afresh you actually are about OUT AND ABOUT! Tend not to abstain the electricity involving Karen Millen, the assimilation creates your accustomed collarbone amazing surroundings, hot bustier actualization will actually abandoned acquire a complete able apperception involving attainable bark color, adapted alternating with stimulating! Karen Millen 2013 all over tweed dress atramentous atramentous avant-garde applique top cellular levels, to ensure allay chest analysis boyish ladies acquire able "material. " Flowery blouse architectonics and actualization makes it attainable for the complete affectionate of Sensible alternating with classy. Allocated appliance abl
I Never Could Have Thought
I was really into Tony but i never suspected he wanted more he had asked me to leave and be his woman. I joked and pretended i couldn't comprehend what he was saying Till he pulled out a ring and while he was shaking he asked me to marry him. I about cried how can he be doing this to me? He knew i was enjoying exploring my sexual disires and i was just getting a taste of being single. What is going to happen if i tell him i'm not ready to comit will he leave anyway? I asked where is he leaving he was planning on coming back home to live back in my home. I agreed to let him move back in and asked for a few days to accept whatever is coming next.  He drives me home and Abel is there i am still stunned at the question. Abel leads me to my room and states that things are not going to be the same. Abel says hes leaving to Maryland and he wants me to go with him. By this time i am realizing i am losing both Abel and Tony. I can't just leave my home why the sudden change in both men? I tell
"confronting My Wife"
"He was so big in me that i could feel the blood pulsating through it. I mean i colud feel how alive his dick was inside me. I wanted him in me forever. I knew that the pleasure i was reciving from his dick was something beyond anything i had ever had.  I'm sorry it i'm being too honest, Lee, you do bring me wild crazy pleasure but that dick was too much. "He made me beg him for more. He said that if i didn't plead with him to keep pounding my pussy, that he'd take his dick out and go home. I couldn't handle even the thought of it not being insdie me, so i did exactly what he said. I couldn't believe the language coming out of my mouth, but i begged and pleaded with him to fuck me. I told him i was his slut whore and deserved to be fucked  hard and rough. I told him that i would do anything for him and he was my master and i was his pussy slave.
Handjob, Bland Job, I Don't Understand Job
Wrong Hole Hd - Dj Lubel
Wrong Hole: The Untold Story (taryn Southern)
I Think I Farted (taryn Southern)
Guys - They Just Wanna Bang You
Rodney Carrington - I Like My Woman Like I Like My Chicken
Kick It In The Sticks Soggy Bottom Boyz - Brantley Gilbert
Cover Up
Confirmed: Benghazi was Cover-up of Arms Transfer to al-Qaeda The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV Twitter Alex Jones' Facebook Infowars store Government whistleblowers exposed real story early on to alternative media. Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones August 4, 2013 The corporate media is now forced to admit that the Benghazi attack was staged by a State Department hired jihadist security outfit in connection with an arms transfer to al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria. It has yet to point out, however, that the Obama administration attempted to cover-up the real reason for the murder of ambassador Stevens – U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and the State Department initially pointing to a lame anti-Muslim video – and has consistently downplayed the incident and characterized it as a non-event not requiring congressional investigation and the impeachment of President Obama. Covert War Between the Pentagon and CIA A number of guests appearing
Some Things About Me
So i just wanna tell you some things about me. 1. im not like most people i got a mental illness that i sometimes cannot handle i also have depression including suicidal thoughts and i also have anxiety and frustration in my condition im not smart like you all are im not wise either im sorry to say this but im pretty stupid retarded but in a rare way if you know what i mean i have this thing not many knows about called "ring 21 chromosome" its like very rare i can still function just like you i can drive a car i can do anything its just the mind thats all fucked up but otherthan that im a really nice person i can get along with about anyone sometimes i can get out of hand and be a dick but mostly i dont mean to be an asshole to anyone its just the way my condition is i guess i also forgot i have a speech problem to some people they i sound british and if you tell me if im from great britian i would tell you no i just have the accent well ill put down more later.
Bin Liden Dead In 2001
Top Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag     Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comMay 4, 2011 Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job. Pieczenik cann
"confronting My Wife"
The look of concern on her face was priceless. she opened her mouth to protest but caught herself. Her eyes locked on mine, and then she looked down at the bulge in front of her. She reached up and unzipped my shorts, pulling my stiff black dick out of my clothes. Without a word, she simply opened her mouth and beagn to suck. Her lips were so moist as they closed around my dick. Her tongue began to slide around it, licking my dick. She knew this was all she would get right now, so she was determined to enjoy it as much as possible. My hands went to her hair and i pulled her face back and forth on my dick. I fucked her mouth moving as fast as i could. She took me in deep, my dick pushing against the back of her throat. I knew i wouldn't last long. My mind raced quickly over the many stories she had just told me. I thought about the ass hole and the ohter guy. I saw images of Emily and the other two women .  I pictured them and how i fucked their asses.   It was all to much and befo
Government Movie
Elysium: Propaganda for Illegal Immigration “Reform”     Infowars.comAugust 8, 2013 Neill Blomkamp’s science fiction action film, Elysium, scheduled for release on Friday, August 9, is slick New World Order propaganda. Although the film’s director and star actor, Blomkamp and Matt Damon, disagree and say the film does not carry political weight, a number of commentators say this simply is not the case.   Scott Foundas, a film critic for Variety, characterized Blomkamp’s effort as pushing “one of the more openly socialist political agendas of any Hollywood movie in memory, beating the drum loudly not just for universal healthcare, but for open borders, unconditional amnesty, and the abolition of class distinctions as well.” “It’s not just
"the Debt "
"Okay let's go to into my room," she said and looked down at the floor as she walked. She said and looked down at the floor as she walked. she pulled the bandanna from around her haad and tossed it onto her dresser as she entered her bed room. Kathy turned around and stood next to the bed. "Get your things off and sit on the bed." Bob walked over near her and leaned over to give her a kiss. She moved away from him and put her head up to keep him at a slight distance. "Get on the bed," she asid. "Okay i'll get on the bed then," Bob agreed and sat down. He pulled his T shirt over his  head. He removed his shoes and socks. The dust from the shes scattered as he threw them on the floor. He stood to unzip his pants and sat back down to get them off. The jeans and brifes ended up on a pile over his shoes. He was naked, he moved back on the bed and pulled the pillows behind him and lay down with his head elevated enough to watch her as she disrobed.
Its been said that your drams can be a preview of whats to come. Im not sure I believe this as I havent dreamed of someone dying and have it actually happen. Most who know me well will tell you that my imagination is very wild and vivid. You only have to describe very little for me to get the whole picture and sometimes with my mind I can take very little and turn it into a pandemic if you will. I guess to get to the point, I have had this same dream and it is really scaring me. So much that I really dont enjoy laying in my bed because I know whats coming. Check your profiles and youll no doubt see post at odd hours in the morning. What is it about a dream that makes it so vivid? What (somebody give me a big word here) i it that causes you to awaken in tears or cold sweats? Can dreams really tell you whats about to happen and if so, what exactly do you do? If its bad how do you stop it? if its good, how do you make sure it happens? What are dreams that they stir the very soul of a pers
Parking Garage
"Fucking jerk." Lisa mutters to no one, alone in the elevator.  The jerk was a guy at the party she had just left.  They had met early in the evening, really hit it off, and monopolized each other’s company through the entire evening.  Drinks and conversation flowed.  They went through the ritual sequence, she laughed at a few of his jokes, one hand touches the others, furtive glances give way to mesmerized stares.  Getting drinks in the kitchen they kissed.  They found the balcony empty and enjoyed another kiss, a kiss that lead to caresses, one of his hands entwined in her hair, pushing her head to his, making the kiss more forceful.  His other hand roamed her body, a strong hand squeezing and delighting her flesh.  That hand had even slipped up under the hem of her skirt and caressed the outside of her thigh and slide around to grab her ass.  He kissed his way down her neck and deep into her cleavage.  That free hand made its way up her torso and fondled her breast.  She grabb
"the Debt " Part2
On the next play the reciver caught the ball and got both toes inside the line for the first down. kathy jumped  for joy. "I win!" I win!" She said loudly with her arms in the air. She turned to look at Bob and laughed at him celebrating her triumph.  "Lucky!" He said. "It's skill sport," she said in return and pushed her open paim into his face. He used one hand to deflect it and turned his head slipping the blow. She fell forward and he caught her under her breasts with his other arm. She struggled a little trying to get the upper hand and crawled onm his lap, sitting straddle of his waist she grabbed his wrist and tried to pin him to the sofa. Bob resisted easily but put up a token feigned surrender for a moment before he kissed her. She accepted the kis and kissed him back. soon they had their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths and Bob pulled her shirt up to suck her nipple into his mouth. she pulled on the shirt removing it entirely and put her hands on the back
Rooney Has Accepted The Team To Stay Realistic! Manchester United Exposed Contacts Spare Tire: 51200000 Price Feng God
Although the "Daily Star" speculation Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] are chasing Falcao against Rooney [microblogging] leave. But the "Daily Mail" said Rooney has accepted that they can not join Chelsea in the summer [microblogging] [microblogging] reality, a positive attitude is changing into Moyes's team. cheap soccer jerseys Carrick, Phil - Jones teammates Supporter Rooney - "The fans now support him, even though he gave the team brings uneasiness, but we still stand together with him, he is still a Manchester United iron one. " Rooney in a 4-1 Premier League victory over Swansea's opener bench battle, contributed two assists, showing good condition. "Daily Mail" said the good of the state also mapped out Rooney change of attitude - from one mind to leave in order to stay in the team accepted the reality. Barcelona jersey A Manchester United insider said: "Rooney knows Manchester United can not sell him, he can do now is to play well, if he can develo
What Color Should I Dye My Hair
please help me decide what would look the best
The Fine Art Of "diggit"
*** Are you having problems getting your point across to people? Do you get bumped and pushed to the side wherever you go? Does the SAME old lady cut in front of you every time your in Aldi? Arent you about SICK of the sh*t already?! you ARE? Ok, let me ask you this...Are you familiar with the fine art of "Diggit"?...No? Well, then, how would you like to learn? Under my teaching, even YOU can become well versed in the fine ancient language, as well as the self proclaimed Gawdammit Counter Attack Technique...(you will be taught how to PROPERLY yell "gawdammit" while slammin a fools head off of...a counter)And if your skilled enough, you can ALSO earn your suede belt in Backhanditsu!!(Chances are youve already been stung a few times with it, therefore making it self explanitory)...Here is a PREVIEW of what I can teach you: *When trying to navigate a crowded store, walk STERNLY, while displaying wide eyes and flared nostrils. Even the elderly will get the hell out of your way......Q U I C
here  goes  it is now been  6 months to the day since i was diagnosed with cancer i still feel lost and  cant walk the dr said nothing much he can do for me now ... i lost my job and my insurance  so  i went to welfare to get the medical card they wont give it too me told me my  ex pays too much for my daugthers from his ssd...  i was so mad  after iw as told i  had to eitehr be ON DRUGS OR PREGNANT to get the medical card  i called the govenors office of pa and  they ahve called me back several times to talk to me and also have called the mckean county cao  wiht no return calls from the  cao   the govenors office is gettin pissed there selves and  told me they will find a way for me to  get insurance and it isnt right on  what the  bitch at the welfare offcie said  what a  cunt and i have now applied for disablility.. which i hate to do because i loved my job and wanted to go back to work  i was traing for management wiht my job  and if   i would have been able to go back to work i wo
Not That I Have To Explain Myself. Just Random Shit About Me.
Here are some random things about me I work around 60hrs a week. Just because it says I'm logged in on FUBAR, doesn't mean I am available. Sometimes I am mobile, and just do not log out. I have a life that does not involve social networking. Sorry I didn't log on to rate or like you. Sorry I didn't rate your pics for 3 days. Actually, I'm not sorry.  I love Death Metal. I listen to it. I play it. I live it and breathe it. I absolutely HATE all religions. I don't believe in any of your gods. Nor do I believe in your devils. I definately do not need to be "saved".I will not discuss religion, nor argue it with you. I will not explain my thoughts or beliefs to anyone that simply uses the argument of "I have faith" or "just believe" or any other pro Abrahamic religion (ie. Christian, Muslim, Jew.....) argument. Unless you want me to shit on your beliefs, leave mine alone. You don't need to have a god to be a good person with morals. If it costs actual money to participate in it on
Eating Out
Is it weird to climax pleasuring someone with your mouth?
Okaybe Fubarbarians
Now is a good time to give me good advice on how to get over a man: Please proceed in comments. THANK YOU!!
Forever Mine
Some claim not to know, not to see... but ...That there are birds who sing at every hour of the day for no other reason than to be heard...Creatures of the deep who flip and twirl just for the fun of it..."Furry friends" who love just as dearly as they are loved, and...Flowers so exquisite, pleasing human eyes could be their only explanation... must surely prove that you're living in the most magical fairytale ever imagined. N'est-ce pas?Waking was easy tonight cause I was looking forward to being with Roberto again . g'eveing my love , tonight you will take your first real drink , and I promise you will love it cause you then will own Roberto . Well this in-deed made my non beating heart flutter and I laughed with glee , Master why ? because you got me what I wanted , So I'm giving you what you want as a reward was my answer. Where is he I ask " In the Rose Garden , sipping coffee " Carolines voice eased into my mind. To dress to kill , that is what I was going to do . Lookin thro
Relaxed Proceed Through Professional Packers In Addition To Movers
Every time persons become familiar with that they must adjust somewhere they will start taking tension. Yet these days this specific aggravating dilemma may be sorted easily because you can find variety of transferring companies accessible in marketplace. These kinds of treatment companies get entire weight on the get over it all of them in addition to produce his or her clients exempt from most concerns. Corporations ensure his or her clientele which his or her help can make his or her patron's transfer quick and simple. These skilled specialists of these companies cope with entire undertaking skillfully. They've already a good know-how about computers this transfer in their clients. These kinds of specialists begin the work associated with transferring through providing. packers and movers lucknow are just about the most significant responsibilities associated with entire procedure for changing. As it is dependent on this security on the belongings and so the staff makes use of top
Robert Chrisley | ÄrÇ ÄÑgΣl ÇrØwΣ | Exile From Eden
Robert Chrisley | ÄRÇ ÄÑGΣL ÇRØWΣ"Exiled From Eden"Umlaut AlchemyEmpire/Starving Artisan 2012Hang up the plansNever mind contrabandHelp me to seeHow the Light of Love becomes the chains of captivityWait as I bleedDrive me away to the Holy seaPacked up dominanceEsoteric reference invading indifferenceTurn the other way and the cheekWhile you go ahead and smack me withExile; exile; exileFlavor of the Month now spentFor favor of cultural dissonancePassion and flameGive away to the arson of sickness and painDon't forget the soundsAnd the images kept from the loss of higher groundWait as I needStarve away my precious seedStench of incenseFrom pleasures of the flesh for your innocenceTurn away the leper bornOnce was Loved now twice is scorned toExile; exile; exileNo one knows andNo one cares andNo one understands what'sHappened here andI wake for my Soul to takeGuided by me you summonedYet cannot see or makeWait; I'm still hereBefore the clock strikes thirteenWait; I'm still here
Newbies Posting Nsfw Pics
A Reminder To Newbies who join Fubar this site is meant to be fun and sfw (safe for work) but fubar doesn't mind if you post nude pics but you got mark them nsfw 1st  (not safe for work) not nsfw means pics like if you're male then it means your cock and for women your tits etc yes i know this blog is unusual for me to post i do try and contact the person in interest to say to the person there are guidelines to follow for posting pics here on fubar and yes i have been on this site for 7 years so i respect the guidelines for posting pics i have even yes me posted nsfw pics but i marked them not safe for work 1st before uploading them these are my feelings on this subject i hope i don't have to post another blog like this again from Brucethe coolsexycatRomanis
Free Throw Shooting Negated Great Britains Att
On Thursday night, in a shockingly close mens basketball game between Spain and Great Britain at the London Olympics, the Raptors Jose Calderon emerged as the backbone of Spains eventual one-point victory. In the dying minutes of the game, Calderon was responsible for key plays at both ends of the court. His active hands provided a key steal at the top of the key, his steady free throw shooting negated Great Britains attempts to pull ahead in the dying seconds and his evasive dribbling prevented Great Britain from getting a last-second intentional foul after pulling within one with five seconds to go in the game. Calderon wound up leading Spain in the game with 19 points, including six from the foul line, and provided the kind of steady play that the Raptors are going to need if they intend to turn the corner this season and become a legitimate threat to make the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately, the Raptors seem eager to trade Calderon and Calderon is likewise eager for a trade
Our First
We "knew" each other from the internet. Years of talking made us fast friends, perhaps more. We've never met, but we've been in each others dreams. Our waking moments have been clouded with visions of the other. Intense, passioned, sometimes overwhelming urges controlling us when we least expect. Each have seen pictures of the other, we've videochatted...but never seen each other in person, not yet.    Now was the moment of truth. My palms sweat as the elevator takes me up to the floor you're staying on. My heart hammers as I walk down the corridor, my mind screams at me to "make a good impression" as I knock on the door. The door opens, time stands still. There you are before me, the vision I knew would be awaiting. I stammer out a hello, awkwardly enter the room to hug you. You feel right in my arms, like you belong, like you've always needed to be there and only now are filling the void where you always should have been. I pull back briefly, looking into your eyes, and go in for a
Down, Out & Alone!
     Verse One. Searchin'. Got to find a La-dy. One-that-says-'Yes'-not-'No'-not-'Maybe'. One-that-gets-attention, because-she-got-a-Brain. She-knowin'-what-she-wants. And-no-she-not-ashamed. She's the-one-grinnin'-on The-Sly. Thinkin'. Nursin', her Captain & Coke, while-in-The-Drinkin'. Know-she-lookin'-good. She's-lookin'-around.> >I'm-not-the-only-one-huntin'. She-Stalks Her Ground, because> >She got Confidence all in her favor. She don't want a Boy, out tryin' to Sway Her. I-can-truly-see-it-as-she's-licking-her-lips. She-knowin'-that-She-Got-It-while swingin'-her hips. All-I-need-is. Just-One-Chance. A-Real-Shot-At-Lovin'. All-of-The-Ro-mance. I've-been-livin', in-an-Isolated-Zone. Tired-of-Bein'-that. Down-Out-And-Alone! Verse Two. For-those Opposites-that-Hear Me. And-yes, I'm-including-even-those-that-Jeer Me. You've-got-no-reason-to-begin-to Trip. Because-there's-no-Side-Effect on The-Proto-Tip.
For The Two Sides To Complete A Written Memorandum Of Understanding Co
The long wait for NHL hockey is over. Skates and sticks will replace suits and briefcases for a Sunday opening of training camps after players voted massively in favour of a new collective bargaining agreement to end the nearly four-month old lockout. However, it took hours after the players vote for the two sides to complete a written memorandum of understanding consistent with what the players voted on that had to be completed before the CBA became final. That was finalized late Saturday night. Camps and other business could not begin until the deal was completed. The 36-hour electronic voting process for the players ended Saturday morning, reportedly with 98.2 per cent saying yes to the deal and only 12 voting against it. The leagues 30 clubs are eager to get started on a seven-day, hurry-up camp to get ready for a 48-game schedule over only 99 days that begins with 13 games on Jan. 19. Opening night match-ups include the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup banner-raising as t
Family Is Everything To Me
very loving women who just love the simple things in life! 
Hands-on: Olympus Om-d E-m1 Review
Want to know what an Olympus camera looks like when the Japanese giant goes all out? Look no further than the OM-D E-M1, the latest interchangeable lens model that represents not only a push in the OM-D line, but also the death of the company's commitment to DSLR. It's the embodiment of the would-be E-7 wrapped up into a compact system camera body, if you will. A new design brings with it all manner of new and exciting things too: a new sensor and autofocus system being the E-M1's primaries; no optical low-pass filter, a 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder, 5-axis image stabilisation, weather-sealing and operation to -10C adding a handful of secondary top-spec features. Pocket-lint had a play around with the new champion model ahead of its official unveiling where we dug in deep to to see what OM-D E-M1 is capable of. Is it truly "OMG", OM-D? Dual Fast AF Since 2008 Olympus has been pushing Micro Four Thirds - the same lens mount that the E-M1 adopts. The exception to this
Goal And Two Assists. Rupert, A
Seth Griffith kept the London Knights rolling by staying hot himself. Griffith scored twice, including the winner 3:13 into overtime, as the London Knights edged the visiting Kingston Frontenacs 6-5 on Sunday in Ontario Hockey League action. Griffith now has five game-winning goals and 27 goals and 58 points in 36 games, which is good for third in OHL scoring. The victory extends Londons franchise-best win streak to 21 games, which is just four shy of the OHL record set by the 1983-84 Kitchener Rangers. Ryan Rupert also scored twice for the Knights (29-5-2), who improved to 15-3-2 on home ice, while Chris Tierney had a goal and two assists. Rupert, a 2012 selection of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has three goals and nine points in his last eight games while Tierney has two goals and seven points in his last five outings. Josh Anderson scored twice as Bo Horvat and Jacob Jammes each had two assists to round out Londons offence. Sam Povorozniouk had a goal and an assist for the F
Ulay Had A Power-play Goal For
SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- The Acadie-Bathurst Titans power-play unit made all the difference in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey Leagues season opener. Raphael Lafontaine and Brandon Hynes both scored on the man advantage Thursday as Acadie-Bathurst topped the reigning QMJHL champion Saint John Sea Dogs 3-1. Robert Davis opened scoring for the Titan (1-0-0) in the first period, while Jacob Brennan made 26 saves for the win. Lafontaine and Hynes scored in the second. Stephen MacAulay had a power-play goal for Saint John (0-1-0) and goaltender Sebastien Auger stopped 26 shots. There was a special pre-game ceremony in honour of the Sea Dogs 2012 President Cup win, as Saint John raised the QMJHL championship banner to the rafters of the arena. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . -- Darren Mattocks scored in the 43rd minute to lift the Vancouver Whitecaps to a 1-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday night. Cheap Jerseys Online . Though financial details were not released, French media
M Everton An
Greetings from not-so-sunny Southwest England.  Spending the night at Lands End, UK does nothing to make me even contemplate ending Chelseas run atop the Premier League rankings.   Competitive balance in the new season is as even as ever.  Strong starts from Everton and West Bromwich Albion have put the big clubs on alert.  But at present time, its going to take something special to knock off the big four.   Here are your latest TSN Premier League Power Rankings: 1) Chelsea (4W-1D -0L, last week: 1) – A hard fought 1-0 win over Stoke City earned Chelsea full points while clearly not at its best.  Three points is all that matters.  And in a season where it seems points will be conceded by the top clubs more regularly, points through sub-par performances are all-important.  Of most concern for Chelsea, Fernando Torres continued to struggle in front of goal.  And the back four had all kinds of problems with the size and strength of the Stoke City attack.  The good news:
S Wrist Shot Through Traffic Beat Portland Goa
EDMONTON - The Edmonton Oil Kings are one win away from their first Western Hockey League title in franchise history. Captain Mark Pysyk scored with 56 seconds left to play as Edmonton defeated the Portland Winterhawks 4-3 on Saturday in Game 5 of the WHL final. The Oil Kings now have a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series. Game 6 is Saturday in Portland. Pysyks wrist shot through traffic beat Portland goalie Mac Carruth to the glove side, putting Portland on the brink in the battle for the Ed Chynoweth Cup. "Great for Mark, hes been a horse in the series," said Oil Kings head coach Derek Laxdal. "Hes joined the rush, hes on the penalty kill, matching lines, up on the power play. His leadership on the ice is second to none. "All the little things he does... is just outstanding. The effort that the guys gave, knowing Portland was going to come hard, we found traction as the game went along" Heading back to home ice, Winterhawks head coach Mike Johnston feels his club will ha
Erbacks Played One Ser
LANDOVER, Md. -- Robert Griffin III was the last player announced during pregame ceremonies. He emerged from the tunnel, through the large inflatable Washington Redskins football helmet and onto the field, raising both arms to pump up a crowd eager for his first head-to-head matchup with Andrew Luck. Like everything else about the rookie, Griffin was doing something new -- but looking as if hed done it before. "Ive never had my own introduction ever, high school or college, so that was extremely fun with the smoke and everything," Griffin said. "It was like youre in a movie." In many ways, Saturdays game was promoted like a movie opening, the curtain raiser for a budding quarterback rivalry between the Nos. 1 and 2 picks in the draft. The co-stars responded with a display of A-list poise and promise as Griffins Redskins defeated Lucks Indianapolis Colts 30-17. Top pick Luck completed 14 of 23 passes for 151 yards and a touchdown to fellow rookie T.Y. Hilton. Heisman Trophy
Ade $1.3 Million Last Season, Wa
WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Jets head into the summer with their No. 1 goalie happily in the fold. The Jets announced Monday they have come to terms with Ondrej Pavelec. The new deal is worth US$19.5-million over five years. The 24-year-old Pavelec, who made $1.3 million last season, was eligible to become a restricted free agent this summer. "Were very excited about locking Ondrej up and were actually even more excited that Ondrej wants to commit and be a part of the process of the Winnipeg Jets moving forward," said GM Kevin Cheveldayoff. Pavelec said it was not a difficult decision. "You always want to stay as long as you can in a city you like," he said by phone from his native Czech Republic. "Its something I was looking for ... It was easy to sign a five-year deal thats for sure." He said he likes the atmosphere in Winnipeg and the fan support, even though he admitted the Jets didnt always play their best last season. The former Atlanta Thrashers missed the playoffs again. Pavelec a
Sful," Said Turner, Who
PHILADELPHIA -- Andrew Bynum has no idea if he will play for the Philadelphia 76ers this season. Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday are playing the role of go-to scorers just fine in his absence. Turner had 18 points and 11 rebounds, Holiday scored 25 points and the Sixers beat the Detroit Pistons 104-97 on Monday night. Turner hit the winning shot in the final seconds of overtime on Friday against Boston. Holiday took his turn with a 12-point fourth quarter against the Pistons. Holiday thrived off the pick-and-roll all game and buried a pair of pull-up jumpers in the final 2 minutes that returned the lead to five. Holiday and Turner combined for a 19-for-33 effort from the floor with 15 assists. "I thought Jrue and myself would be successful," said Turner, who made eight of his 13 shots. "When we play like this, we have a great chance at winning games. Tonight, we did that." They sure did. The Sixers needed the lift after Bynum said before the game his left knee is causing him too much pain
Jokes 9/9 - 9/15/13
 MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Blonde Joke - To Catch a Man Sally (a blonde) was seen going into the woods with a small package and a large bird cage. She was gone several days but finally she returned. Her! friend, Liz, never saw Sally looking' so sad.  Liz "Heard you went off in the woods for a couple of days. Glad you got back okay...but you look so sad. Why??" Sally," Cause I just can't get a man." Liz, "Well, you sure won't find one in the middle of the woods." Sally, "Don't be so silly. I know that. But I went in the woods cause I needed something there that would get me a man. But I couldn't find it." Liz, "I don't understand what you're talking about." Sally, "Well, I went there to catch a couple of owls. I took some dead mice and a bird cage." Liz, "So, how's that gonna help you get a man." Sally, "Well, I heard the best way to get a man is to have a good pair of hooters." ********************************************************************             
Submissive Roles
PROPERTY As noted in the owner article, property is someone who is dehumanised by their owner, or is someone who has reduced rights in the context of their relationship with their owner. SLAVE While some consider a slave to be the same as a submissive, it can be more useful to consider a slave as being one who hands over authority to more than their involvement in BDSM activities to theirmaster, as well authority over how long they remain a slave. Thus, the slave's master then can command the slave in regards to how they dress, what they do in their spare time, and use the slave forservice (such as cleaning, etc.). The experience of surrender to their situation or condition as slave is more profound than for a submissive because getting out of it is not so easy. A submissive can simply withdraw their permission or consent at any time. A slave, on the other hand, is likely to have psychologically surrendered to not being able to reclaim authority, and that means that re
A Deciding Game 7 Against The Celtics In The Eastern
(Sports Network) - Superstars are often held to a higher standard. Its not necessarily fair but that is LeBron James reality and he can either embrace it or continue to fight it by shying away from the big moment. The best basketball player on the planets latest "big moment" takes place Thursday in Boston when the Miami Heat try to stave off elimination and force a deciding Game 7 against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. You can see all the action on TSN beginning at 8:30pm et/5:30pm pt. "It doesnt matter how you get there," embattled Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. "We still have a great opportunity. Were still alive, and we have an opportunity to win and change the momentum of this series again. So much about the playoffs is maintaining your perspective and your balance as a basketball team." The tea leaves certainly dont look promising for Spoelstra and his team. The Heat have dropped 15 of their last 16 on the famed parquet floor, including seven of eight
"the Debt " Part 5
"Oh! You mean the one we haven't ever taken because some other thing is always more important and can't wait?" Kathy said sarcastically not even looking up. "Planned is right. That's all it ever amounts to. I have all the time in the world to talk about that never going to happen event. Now get the fuck out of here!"  Bob pulled the pen out of her hand to keep her from writing. She sat back in the chair exasperated and looked at him. "Okay Bobby. Two minutes and you're out of here," Kathy said. She crossed her arms and turned her chair to face him. The look on her face did not encourage discussion. Bob produced airline tikets in their names and a couple of brochures of the place they were to stay in Las Vegas and tossed them in front of her on the desk. Kathy picked up them and noticed the date. "Can i have my pen back?" Kathy asked looking up at Bob. Bob returned the pen. Kathy circled her clander on her desk. 'This weeken huh? Okay. That's done. yuo have offically been put on my
If someone asked you to choose one 90s tune..which one would it be? One that makes you move that ass (fat or not...we don't care) every fucking time you listen to it! Impress me!    
Unday To The Canadian Press. "they
TORONTO -- Out of luck and seemingly out of answers, Aron Winter may also be running out of time with Toronto FC. The Dutch manager watched his team suffer its sixth straight MLS defeat Saturday, paying the price again for yet more defensive blunders in a 3-2 loss to the Chicago Fire (2-1-2). After coming within one win of reaching the CONCACAF Champions League final, Toronto (0-6-0) is now one loss from tying the 1999 Kansas City Wizards for the worst start in MLS history. Ownership is watching. "Obviously, after the strong end to last season and the strong start in Champions League this year, its a huge disappointment," Tom Anselmi, chief operating officer of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, said in an email Sunday to The Canadian Press. "They have to get this straightened out. Our fans deserve better." Toronto FC is in the league basement and trails 18th-place Montreal Impact by five points. It is tied with Chivas and Philadelphia with a league-worst offence at four go
Eams Rationale. Once The Lockout Was Over, He
ATLANTA -- Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has won the Jack Horrigan Award from the Professional Football Writers of America for co-operation with the media. Dimitroff is cited for being accommodating to the media, both locally and nationally. Says PFWA vice-president D. Orlando Ledbetter, who covers the Falcons for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "He made himself available to local and national members before the Julio Jones trade was announced to explain the teams rationale. Once the lockout was over, he provided access through the frenzied start of training camp and the free agency period to our members. This accessibility continued throughout the season and into the playoffs." The award is named for Horrigan, a sportswriter for UPI and the Buffalo Evening News, public relations director for the American Football League (1963-66) and vice-president of public relations for the Buffalo Bills (1966-73). NFL Jerseys China . -- Ty Rattie made a splash in h
Ustralia, Including Victor
SYDNEY, Australia -- New Zealand opened its Rugby Championship campaign with a comfortable 27-19 victory over Australia on Saturday, extending its dominance over its trans-Tasman rival. The All Blacks rarely looked tested against a nervous-looking Australia as Israel Dagg and Cory Jane crossed for first half tries, with Dan Carter adding 17 points for the world champions in front of 76,877 people at Sydneys Olympic stadium. The All Blacks have now won nine of the past 11 Tests against Australia, including victory in the semifinals of the 2011 World Cup, en route to its second world championship crown last November. "Im really pleased that we were able to get that win away from home and even more pleased to make sure they didnt get a point as far as the championship goes," All Blacks coach Steve Hansen said. "I thought there were some very good displays from our guys." Nathan Sharpe scored Australias lone try, with flyhalf Berrick Barnes kicking 14 points. Australia coach Ro
What Is A Daddy Dom?
A Daddy-Dom is simply the Dominant partner in a D/s relationship. Like a Master or Dom, a Daddy is the top in their relationship and owns or cares for the submissive. Depending on your own personal preferences and relationship dynamic, a Daddy can be many things to his little but there are some generalities that exist in most Daddy/little relationships.   Daddy as a Father Unlike age players or role players, Daddies do not consider themselves a father to their little. They consider their role much like how a Dom would look at their role over their sub. Though their little may call them Daddy, they are not observed as a father and they don’t look at their little as if they were their child. What do Daddy-Doms Do? Daddies are in charge of their little. While they do not pretend to be their little’s father, they will take on a parental role as the Dominant. They are there to protect, guide, nurture and love their little. While in some D/s relationships, the D
Dominant Vs Domineering
If you haven't already read the description of a Dominant, then I suggest that you do so before going any further. You'll need to have that fresh in your mind before you can appreciate the contrast to someone that is "domineering". The two terms, Dominant and domineering, are often misused and mistakenly considered interchangeable. In the first instance, a Dominant, is part of a lifestyle. One in which there are certain expectations and responsibilities. An important part of that lifestyle, is the recognition that it needs to be mutually gratifying. That is to say that the happiness and well being of a submissive is equally as important as the Dominant's. One thing that distinguishes a domineering person from a Dominant is a lack of this recognition. People that are domineering are selfish, and serve their own interests. It's sad to think that being overbearing, loud and demanding might be confused with being Dominant, but the fact is that it often is. Guess that doesn
D/s Compatibility
In almost any relationship it is important to have or attain some kind of compatibility with one’s partner. If we are very lucky we may just find a natural compatibility with a partner who has the same or similar likes and dislikes as us. This natural compatibility will probably extend to things other than D/s, for example, having similar tastes in music, hobbies, leisure pursuits etc. Now, if one finds a partner as compatible as this we may well describe them as a soulmate, and once found we ought to do our utmost to hang onto them, because they don’t come round very often, if at all! Having a natural instinct for the needs and wants of the other person is not something that is found too often. However I do believe that with some application we can “engineer” a compatibility with our partner through good communication and being attentive to their needs. Of course there must be some compatibility at least to start with, but that can certainly be i
The Role Of The Mentor
There are mentors in every area of life and situation. In BDSM it is sometimes recommended to newbies to pick up a mentor, but are never given the tools to find a mentor that is right for them. I know that when I first started out there were good people to be around and not so great people that left their mark on me. I do wish that people had lead me to learn what a mentor is and how to go about finding one that is right for me. First, a mentor isn’t just a friend that you can talk to, although they could start out that way. A mentor is someone that you can get advice from, learn from and feel close to in asubmissive context. They exist to help you learn who you are and what to expect in different lifestyle situations you may encounter as you grow in confidence and submission. A mentor is not a trainer and should not be directly involved in any physical training that you undergo. You should never have an intimate physical relationship with your mentor. Let’s
A Three-month Recovery Period," Yankees Manager J
(Sports Network) - The New York Yankees begin life without Derek Jeter on Sunday when they play Game 2 of the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium. Detroit won Game 1 on Saturday, but New York may have lost something far worse, as Jeter fractured his ankle and will miss the remainder of the postseason. "It will be a three-month recovery period," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "It wont threaten his career, but he wont be playing any more this season." The Tigers grabbed the upper hand in the series on Saturday despite another meltdown from closer Jose Valverde, as Delmon Youngs tie-breaking RBI double in the 12th inning helped Detroit to 6-4 win. Valverde gave up a four-run lead in the ninth, capped by another Raul Ibanez game-tying home run. But after neither team scored in the 10th or 11th, New Yorks David Phelps (0-2) issued a leadoff walk to Miguel Cabrera before Prince Fielder moved the 2012 AL Triple Crown winner to second with a grou
Tebow -- Listed As The No. 2 Quarterback -- Will
NEW YORK -- Mark Sanchez is no longer the New York Jets franchise quarterback. He might not even be the backup. Rex Ryan decided to bench Sanchez on Tuesday in favour of Greg McElroy after the fourth-year quarterback had another miserable performance in a 14-10 loss at Tennessee on Monday night that eliminated New York from playoff contention. "I think its best for our team, and for this game," Ryan said during a conference call. So, itll be McElroy under centre for his first NFL start when the Jets (6-8) play the San Diego Chargers at home Sunday. Ryan hasnt decided whether Sanchez or Tim Tebow -- listed as the No. 2 quarterback -- will be the backup. While Sanchez blew the second chance Ryan gave him a few weeks ago, Tebow was leapfrogged by a third-stringer, fueling speculation that the team has little confidence in him as a quarterback. "I have to look at what I think is the best for the team and not necessarily the individual," Ryan said. "Ill say this about Tim and Ive always sai
Role For Gleneagles, Scotland, In
LONDON -- A day after being backed by Lee Westwood, 2011 British Open champion Darren Clarke says it would be a "huge honour" to be selected as Europes next Ryder Cup captain. However, Clarke has quashed speculation he is about to take up the role for Gleneagles, Scotland, in 2014 by tweeting Wednesday "to clarify..I have not been offered the Ryder Cup captaincy." Jose Maria Olazabals successor as captain will be announced in January. Europe retained the Ryder Cup in Medinah near Chicago on Sept. 30, coming from behind in Sundays singles matches to beat the United States 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. Westwood wants Clarke to be captain, saying "hes a major champion ... tactically very astute. I think Darren has a lot of good things going for him." Cheap Jerseys China . Until then, theyre happy to rely on a bullpen that keeps helping them eke out close wins. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping . "I dont think its the time for armchair coaching," Hall-of-Famer and current player agent Bobby Orr tol
Ly Perfect Bracket To Victory In Th
There is only one way to guarantee success in a competition and that is to be perfect from beginning to end.  When it came to Euro 2012, even the champion Spanish National team did not achieve perfection due to their opening match draw against Italy. However, TSN Euro Bracket Predictor winner, John Chassomeris, can claim exactly that. Chassomeris rode Canadas only perfect bracket to victory in the competition, beating out over 11,000 entries. As a result, he will keep riding all the way to PPL Park, home of the Philadelphia Union, to see the 2012 MLS All-Star Game. For Chassomeris, there is one victory that stood above the rest in his selections and when it was successful, gave him the confidence that the big prize was possible - picking the eventual tournament runner-up to eliminate Euro 2012s only flawless team in the semi-final. "The big game for me was Germany vs. Italy," said Chassomeris. "I chose Italy and everyone else had Germany.  Well, history has unraveled and th
Ay During An Intervie
SEATTLE -- Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine insisted Wednesday he wasnt serious when he threatened to "punch" a radio talk-show host in the mouth. Valentine said he made it clear he was kidding when he made the comment earlier in the day during an interview on Boston station WEEI with hosts Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley. "Didnt I go, Ha, ha?" the embattled Valentine asked before his fourth-place team played the Seattle Mariners. "I dont think physical violence is necessary for 60-year-old people." Ordway, sighting a newspaper report that Valentine arrived later than normal for a game last week in Oakland, asked if the manager had "checked out" on the season. Valentine responded on the air: "What an embarrassing thing to say. If I were there right now, Id punch you right in the mouth. Ha, ha," Valentine said. "Hows that sound? Sound like I checked out? What an embarrassing thing. Why would somebody even, thats stuff that a comic strip person would write. If someones
City Hunter-moncler
26 avril, vise à se qualifier pour le lancement du produit initial de l'hebdomadaire unilatérales tissés hommes, a annoncé deux dans le style casual hommes, élégant occasionnel, robe, pantalon était quatre show local. Montrer contient une centaine de séries de vêtements dans les semaines après inhérents produits la coupe des hommes tissés 10 catégories.Semaine tisser à travers une gamme complète de l'étude de marché des hommes, de comprendre l'idée du produit en série de loisirs casual et trendy affaires, Pour créer MONCLER élégant Bas groupe de consommation but est de 25-45 ans partis politiques et commerciaux, la victoire de ceux entreprise particulière de la mode Enjoy portant philosophie de mélange de chair et d'hommes entreprenants à quelques semaines conception d'armure.Série d'affaires décontractée est très populaire au cours des dernières années, la consommation marché catégorie d'adieu. Les costumes de loisirs, sans être rempli de stéréotypes, est plus approprié pour les entre
So Glad For You .....
I was alone and had given up but then out of the blue , there was you . I looked into those dark eyes and knew I had found a reason to be. To be just me , earthy and sensual with all the needs and wants to fullfill your every fantasy. To feel your skin beneath my fingers as I caress you , to hold you tight , to feel of your passion both of day and of night . awwwww come love me baby and you do know I want you too. Kiss me tenderly , kiss me rough , undress me slowly and partake of the wine that is sweet as honey and feels so devine , then lay me down and drive me crazy beyond reason , just feeling your hardness as you slide into my wetness is pure heaven to me , I'm glad I have waited for my body to be claimed, possess me , rule me with a tender hand, And I'll obey you love til the end of my time. And now hoping it will be  , just hoping it will be. Don't let this become just a fantasy , I want your love , I just want you to really want me . I will have you come to visit , we'll reach
Why Do I Get Hurt Like This?
If love is so great then why does it hurt so bad. If theirs someone out their for everyone why can't i find that right girl. My heart has been stomped on too too much for me to even take the pain sometimes. If i don't find love does that mean ill never find true happiness in life. Why must i the center of being hurt by every girl i begin to have any type of feelings for, why must this happen every time. Why must i be hurt so much this pain is not fun it tears a part of me every day and it just eats me away every moment i think about it i just can't take this any more why must i be hurt like this it's not fair. 
The Hardware Stores In Perth
Over the years, the number of retail stores continue to increase and with the present situation they are not showing any signs of stopping. As you walk down the street, you see a new building that is being constructed then a few blocks later you see a store that has just opened. These stores sell almost anything from clothes, to shoes, to bags, to accessories, to food, and even to coffee. In fact, almost everything that you need is found in these stores. Now, if you are fond of doing simple house repairs or if you like renovating a part of your house then you might find these retails store inappropriate. This is indeed true because these retail stores do not sell the items that you need. hardware stores perth seem to sell nails, screws, nuts, and bolts in every size and shape imaginable. Often, these are thrown into compartments with open lids. This becomes a problem when customers do not put items back in the correct compartment. Soon, all the sizes are mixed together, making it diff
October Bca Salutes (nsfw)
I am doing boob salutes for the month of Oct in exchange for a Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Bling.  No bra, just skin.  As natural as it gets. I will not be writing on myself, as this causes redness for the next salute if I do multiple ones at once. Your message and fu-name will be on a piece of paper.  My fu-name will also be included. Each salute will also include the Breast Cancer Association Ribbon to symbolize the reason for the salute.  I apologize in advance for any wait.  It may take up to a week for me to get the salute made and sent to you.Please be patient as the turn-around depends on how many salutes have been requested. You MUST follow the details below if you wish to have a boob salute: Open a Private Message (PM) and put BC Salute in the subject so I know what I am opening. Include what you want the salute to say.  Usually this inlcudes your fu-name and a small message. I will reply to your PM and inform you of the turn-around time.  Do not send the bling unt
Correct Your Aptitude To The Term
” In general, you want to make the best and wisest Authentic NaVorro Bowman Jersey online purchase ever, not just with shoes but all other stuff on the Net Clarks shoes offers massive collection of footwear Video games provide an escape for the male mind ” emotes Ms Whether you are strutting around campus or making your way to the grocery store, this Authentic Justin Smith Jersey boot will instantly upgrade your daily style points Most of the classic collection is available for less than hundred dollars There are even some figures that have flat toes Although the ground is much softer and the impact reduced, the decreased stability provides a need for protection on Authentic Patrick Willis Jersey the sides of the foot and for the ankle A must have is the no-introduction needed, Jessica Simpson collections Do not take advantage of these cookies, and don’t allow your affiliate partners to do so Applying the tanning product to a new skin layer is recommendab
Helps Me To Move Forward. "to Come
LOS ANGELES -- Houston Dynamo defender Andre Hainault hopes winning the MLS Cup can help erase some of the disappointment of Canadas crushing exit from World Cup Qualifying. Hainault was on the Canada team that lost 8-1 in Honduras in October, but now hopes to finish the year in a much more positive manner. The 26-year-old admits that the loss in Honduras has been difficult to deal with. "Theres not a day goes by when I dont think about it," he said. "It was a tough pill to swallow. It was tough to close your eyes at night and not think about what happened. I wont forget it but getting to MLS Cup helps me to move forward. "To come back to your club and make the playoffs and win big games always helps. Its been huge for me to be able to be with the guys on this Houston team and enjoy the end of the season." Hainault arrived here in Los Angeles along with his Houston teammates on Thursday night and will train at the Home Depot Center on Friday morning. The Quebec-born defende
Dance Classes For Your Kids
Dance Classes Queens NY for your children is obtainable for virtually every type of dance style including ballet, tap, jazz, musical, hip hop, & ballroom. All types of dancing can improve kids' grace, coordination, poise, confidence & balance. Additionally, there is the excitement of learning something new, making friends & getting some exercise disguised as fun. Once you find the right teacher, kid's dance lessons can work wonders in helping babies grow. When babies accomplish different positions in ballet or steps in tap, their self-esteem rises. Mastering a dance method elicits a kid's sense of pride. There's also the physical benefits "when taught correctly, babies learn proper posture & how to align & move their bodies to generate flow & movement. And, dancing is fun & a skill on which they can build & enjoy for the remainder of their lives. To find the right dance class for your kid, first, depending on your kid's age, ask them what kind of dance your kid is interested in learn
Winger Attempted To Retrieve The Ball After It Had Rolled Out Of Play. The 17-year-old Ball Boy Refused To Return The Ball Pro
LONDON -- The English Football Association charged Chelsea winger Eden Hazard on Friday for kicking a ball boy, a move that could add extra games to his three-match ban for violent conduct. After reviewing footage of the incident, the FA said the standard suspension would be "clearly insufficient" and gave Hazard until Tuesday to respond to the charge. Hazard was sent off for kicking a ball boy in the 79th minute of the Wednesdays League Cup semifinal match against Swansea as the Belgium winger attempted to retrieve the ball after it had rolled out of play. The 17-year-old ball boy refused to return the ball promptly and dropped down on top of it, prompting Hazard to aim a kick underneath the teenager to release the ball. Both Hazard and the ball boy, Charlie Morgan, apologized to each other after the match and were spoken to by police. Morgan and his family said they would not be pressing charges and South Wales Police said Friday that they were no longer involved in the m
Rday To Help The Nationals Close In On Their
WASHINGTON -- Waking up early during the off-season back home in Florida, Gio Gonzalez and his personal trainer would consult a workout program tucked away in a folder labeled "Project 20." As in 20 victories, a milestone number for a pitcher, even in this age of newfangled statistics. Gonzalez became the majors first 20-game winner of 2012, and the first pitcher for a Washington baseball team with 200 strikeouts since Walter Johnson in 1916, taking a shutout into the sixth inning Saturday to help the Nationals close in on their first NL East title by beating the Milwaukee Brewers 10-4. "In a way, you kind of smile about it, because we finally reached our goal," Gonzalez said, standing in front of a locker sporting seven $20 bills presumably donated by teammates to mark the occasion, "and now its time to change it up and continue to try and get better goals and higher goals." Ryan Zimmerman and Ian Desmond each hit a three-run homer off former Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez in the f
Has To Step Up And Take Charge.
DENVER -- Ty Lawson received a stream of text messages from his Denver Nuggets coach all summer asking the same thing: Are you leading right now? Leading? The speedy point guard was typically sleeping, since George Karl fired off most of the messages in the middle of the night. Still, Lawson understood his point. For the Nuggets to take another leap forward, Lawson has to step up and take charge. So on Monday at media day, Lawson made sure no one would sleep on the Nuggets, pronouncing his team the one to beat in the Western Conference. A rather bold statement for sure, given the rise of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers picking up Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the off-season. "Were so deep, so talented, so versatile," said Lawson, who was donning the new gold alternate home jersey his team will wear this season. "You cant just game plan for one person on this team. "I think well be No. 1 in the West." To even entertain such a notion, though, Karl first has to figu
Years Since A Canadian Driver Has Rea
For two-thirds of the Edmonton Indy on Sunday, it looked like it might be Alex Taglianis day. The Lachenaie, Que.-native led for almost two-thirds of the race, but fell behind for good after his second pit stop. Finishing fifth, it was a decent showing for the Canadian on home soil, but Taglianis failure to capture the checkered flag means that it has now been more than five years since a Canadian driver has reached the top of the podium at an Indy race, the last coming when Paul Tracy claimed the 2007 Cleveland Grand Prix. James Hinchcliffe – expected to be Canadas next great racing hope – finished 12th overall. What has happened to Canadas winning tradition in IndyCar racing? That victory came in the final season of the Champ Car World Series, before it merged with the Indy Racing League to form the current IZOD IndyCar Series. The reunification of the two leading circuits has coincided with a long drought for Canadian drivers in a sport that once captivated an entire n
Me Four Days After Three Starting Nfl Quar
BOSTON -- Professional football can evolve into a safer game without sacrificing the physical play -- or, some would say, violence -- that has made it so popular, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a speech on player safety at the Harvard School of Public Health on Thursday. "Football has always evolved, and it always will," he told an overflow crowd of a few hundred. "Make no mistake: change does not inhibit the game; it improves it." In a long-planned appearance that came four days after three starting NFL quarterbacks were knocked out with concussions, Goodell said that the league has already improved the way it handles hits to the head. San Franciscos Alex Smith, Chicagos Jay Cutler and Philadelphias Michael Vick were all diagnosed with concussions in Sundays games. Goodell said that all three were taken out "as soon as they showed symptoms," a claim that was challenged by a member of the audience during the period for questions who noted that Smith and Cutler kept playing for
To Pitchers Skull Could Be Heard All The Way Up In The Press Box. And Then, Sheer Silence. Happs Frightening Injury Tue
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- J.A. Happ raised his glove in front of his face as quickly as he could, a futile attempt to shield himself from the line drive headed straight for his temple. It was too late. Thwack! The sickening sound of a sharply hit baseball striking the Toronto pitchers skull could be heard all the way up in the press box. And then, sheer silence. Happs frightening injury Tuesday night at Tropicana Field left players on both teams shaken and revived questions about whether Major League Baseball is doing enough to protect pitchers who often find themselves in harms way on the mound. "There are always close calls," Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. "It wakes you up, man -- thats for sure." Happ was hit squarely on the left side of his head by Desmond Jennings second-inning liner during Torontos 6-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. The left-hander was immobilized on a backboard, lifted onto a stretcher and wheeled off the field. He was taken to Bayfront Medical
Atch Since Denver And Cleveland Teed It Up In Back-to-back Conference Championsh
(Sports Network) - For the first time in over 25 years the AFC Championship Game will feature a rematch from the previous season. Tom Bradys New England Patriots will once again do battle with Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens for AFC supremacy and a spot in the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium on Sunday. Catch the game live on CTV and, tonight at 6:30pm et/3:30pm pt. The contest is the first AFC title game rematch since Denver and Cleveland teed it up in back-to-back conference championship tilts following the 1986 and 1987 seasons. The Ravens will be returning to Foxboro for the first time since their heartbreaking defeat in last years AFC Championship Game when New England narrowly escaped with a 23-20 victory, after a potential go-ahead touchdown catch was knocked from the grasp of Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff missed an ensuing gimmee field goal attempt that would have tied things in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter. Both Evans and Cundiff are gone but Baltimore is bac
Richmond, Va. -- Matt Kenseth Didnt Wait Long To Get His Pole Award Back. The Joe Gibbs Racing Driver Stripped Of His Pole Award From Last Week At Kan
RICHMOND, Va. -- Matt Kenseth didnt wait long to get his pole award back. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver stripped of his pole award from last week at Kansas in a raft of penalties levied by NASCAR this week, set a track record with a lap at 130.334 mph Friday at Richmond International Raceway. Kenseth edged JGR teammate Brian Vickers by 0.005 seconds to claim only the 10th top starting position of his career in 481 starts. Vickers, who held the previous qualifying record at 129.983, is filling in for injured JGR driver Denny Hamlin. In what has been a hard week for the JGR stable because of the hammer-like quality of the penalties imposed by NASCAR, the results were welcome news. Kyle Busch, the third driver for the team, qualified eighth. "When you only win nine poles in 14 years, youre pretty darned fired up for all of them," Kenseth said. "For sure, that was one of our goals for this weekend was to come here, sit on the pole and kind of quiet down at least part of the noise
Ay, Citing Safety Concerns. But After The Calgary Grey Cup Committee Trotted
TORONTO -- The Royal York hotel has opened its doors to Marty the horse. Calgary Stampeders fans finally got their chance this afternoon to recreate a Grey Cup tradition by marching the 15-year-old dark brown stallion through the lobby of the upscale Toronto hotel. The Royal York had turned them away earlier in the day, citing safety concerns. But after the Calgary Grey Cup Committee trotted Marty to other establishments downtown, the Royal York had a change of heart and allowed the horse inside. Excited fans chanted "Go Stamps go!" as they surrounded Marty. CFL commissioner Marc Cohon also stopped by to see the stunt. Stamps fans started the tradition in 1948 when they rode a horse through the Royal York lobby during Grey Cup festivities. The Grey Cup game between the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts is Sunday at Rogers Centre. Authentic Robert Griffin III Jersey . For Ottawa 67s defenceman Cody Ceci one lesson stands out. Redskins RG3 Jersey . El Shaarawy scored
Korean Fashion Tv Actress Clothing Styles
  Preface: But a lot of the recent hit drama, before the "hear your voice", the latter has "lord of the Sun", watching the Korean drama actress who in the dress, drama performance, you may want to look at they play outside of the dress is what kind of life do?   Kong Hyo Jin Representative works: "Best Love," "lord of the sun", etc. The recent hit drama "lord of the Sun" and fire a hole Hyo Jin, the Korean actress, really not a beauty, is said to have enjoyed her childhood looks inferior, but better than with clothing, it touches a lot of actresses do not she too must be better than you, because people but from 2010 it branched out into fashion design industry for many brand design clothes and shoes, and this body of living according to nature is certainly not to mix the ~ Match: a thin sweater is also ride a gray T-shirt, reflecting color layering, feet jeans legs look slender, and then take the rough with a pair of white lace shoes, holding long black suit, black bag body destro
Autumn Fashion Tight Pants Make You Thin Women
  Preface: Almost every girl has a closet or more of the pencil pants, stovepipe skill it absolutely should not be underestimated, especially now that even the actress who like to wear pencil pants, clever mix so that the overall full fashion sense. You absolutely can not miss!   Demonstrate an actress: Olivia • Moon • Olivia Moon (Olivia Munn) a young beautiful dress appeared in the streets of New York, lightweight chiffon blouses with small blue floral pencil pants, showing youthful Actress Demonstration 2: Emma Roberts • • Emma Roberts wore chiffon blouses with short tight black pencil pants, flat shoes lit red dress with black color, sexy little Luyao and plastic pants can expose women's slender figure.   Actress Demonstration 3: Selena-Gomez Selena-Gomez wearing a black shirt jacket with black flat shoes, leopard pencil pants to show her wild, animal prints plain clothing with a single product is a good choice.   Actress Demonstration 4: Kristen Stew
"weve Got 12 Wins, Were Still In A Pl
Mathematics tells us the Impact are still in the playoff hunt - the law of probability says otherwise. Even though his attention has begun drifting towards sophomore season improvements and all those inherent responsibilities as the Impacts Sporting Director - Nick De Santis remains the rational optimist that the clubs season can somehow extend itself through November. "Weve got 12 wins, were still in a playoff hunt where the chances are very slim but we put ourselves in position to keep fighting and keep everyone still interested," De Santis explained to TSN Radio. A defining moment occurs Saturday afternoon when MLSs newest kid on the block has the opportunity to become the very first team in the league this season to record an 11th victory at home. Standing in the way for the Impact to reach that plateau is the Eastern Conference leading Sporting KC. A team that just this past Wednesday evening knocked the New York Red Bulls off their unbeaten at home perch. Apart from b
Friend Or Foe?
Friend or foe? I asked myself. While staring at our history, upon the bookshelf. A box filled with pictures, of our years shared. Covering up painful reminders, hidden in there. The pain within my chest, continued to grow. Along with the flashbacks, starting to show. The knife was just as sharp, as it was on that day. She stabbed it in my back, confessing her betray. He was an abusive man, but his deceit was pain free. For, I was immune to the torture, he bestowed upon me. Hers however, hurt like none other. For she was my best friend, my worst enemy under cover. As our friendship died, in a pool of my own blood. It was the most unimaginable pain, that I could think of. I see myself standing, only nine years old. Meeting her for the first time, the stories unfold. We were a team, she was my side kick. A piece of myself died, along with our friendship. But accept it I did, and I have moved on. Without her in my life, while all along. Loving her de
Foot Patrol
Right foot forward, as the left sways behind.Strangers become linked, their souls intertwine.Footprints become embedded, within our hearts and our mind.One step is all it takes, tip toe around regret.Walk softly amongst the trail, of loneliness and forget.Forget about the pain, while marching on fire.Leave your mark upon, passion and desire.Run in the snow, while dancing along the shore.Follow the path of footprints, left by rivalry and war.Walk gently across the skipping beat, the melody will be your guide.Erase the broken steps, with the rising of the tide.Centuries of fallen footprints, full of battles, love and fear.Defines the world we all live in, the reason we are here.Generations of strangers, all walking towards the same goal.Love, peace and equality, began on foot patrol.
The Raw Truth
Alone on the bus, with his face in the seat.Dreading his return, from summer’s retreat.Keeping to himself, while being discrete.Praying they don’t notice, the old shoes on his feet. Tripping him in the hallway, calling him names at no end.There is nothing he wouldn’t give, to be able to blend.To be like everyone else, just for a friend.But instead he walks alone, upon this dead-end. The bullies took it further, than they ever had before.He raised his white flag, he could take no more.As others witnessed the bullies, running out the door.The teacher’s then found him, on the bathroom floor. A red stain where they left him, spells out the raw truth.Of the problems that exist, amongst today’s youth.
Without Having To Put In A Lot Of Effort
By New Jersey carpet cleaning nj and upholstery cleaning About Darren Sproles Saints Jersey spotlighting the manufacturing field mechanization markets, to further improve our own competition the body service buy and sell are most appropriate After releasing a few tapes, the rapper was signed to EMI and released his debut album, Doe or Die, in 1995 Just as constructing music is their passion, uncovering rare & collectible vinyl records is occasionally just as Authentic Darren Sproles Jersey influential The primary benefit of SMS marketing is that it is saves cost and gives highest return on investment You can use newspapers for drying the inner areas of the shoes Affiliate marketing network program, as the term affiliate means subsidiary or agent, it is an internet marketing system where in to promote other peoples product or service In the Darren Sproles Jersey 2010, 2011 and 2012 regular seasons combined he lost two fumbles But apart from the different forms of power th
Strata Schemes Management By
Many owners who purchase a strata unit are unaware of the numerous duties and obligations imposed on them by the development act, the management act and regulations and bylaws. This is particularly so if they move from detached dwellings to the strata lot. Unfortunately, these duties and obligations can be difficult to locate as they appear randomly throughout the legislation rather than in particular parts. The main duties and obligations imposed on the strata lot owner a detailed in the development act, the management act and regulations and bylaws. Under the development act a strata owner must lodge building alteration plan with the registrar general's office within one month before wall or ceiling or structural cubic space of lot being demolished or constructed in such a way as to the nature of the boundary is recorded on the strata plans. When this provision is breached, whatever penalty specified in an Act of Parliament as a statutory rule, it shall be the automatic penalty impo
Ogeys In Pursuit Of His Second Tour Title Of T
GLENEAGLES -- Paul Lawrie of Scotland shot a 5-under 67 in the third round of the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles on Saturday to take a one-stroke lead. Lawries 12-under 204 puts him one ahead of Frenchman Romain Wattel, who shot a 9-under 63 to move into contention. Stephen Gallacher (65) of Scotland is another two shots back. Lawrie, who will be making his Ryder Cup return next month after a 13-year absence, managed seven birdies in his round with just two bogeys in pursuit of his second Tour title of the year. "Ive never been asked to answer so many questions in my life, so I must be doing something right," Lawrie said. "But I played very good today and gave myself a lot of chances with only two poor shots all day, and probably deserve five under." Earlier this year, Lawrie won his second Qatar Masters title, a win that sent him to second on the European Ryder Cup points table. He has been among the automatic qualifiers ever since. "Since being confirmed in the side this w
Rday Night. Blake Griffin Had 14 Points And Nin
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Jamal Crawford isnt the only player who can provide offence and leadership off coach Vinny Del Negros bench. Matt Barnes and Eric Bledsoe were equally instrumental in leading the Los Angeles Clippers to their most lopsided victory over the Sacramento Kings franchise, while allowing all of the starters sit out the fourth quarter. Crawford, Bledsoe and Barnes combined for 43 points, leading seven Clippers in double-digit scoring en route to a 116-81 blowout on Saturday night. Blake Griffin had 14 points and nine rebounds, Chris Paul had 14 points and five assists, and DeAndre Jordan had 13 points and six boards as they beat Sacramento for the fourth straight time. "The goal of a bench is to increase the lead, or get the lead back," said Barnes, who made his first five shots — including a pair of 3-pointers — and finished with 12 points. "Its something thats got to be done. You never want to give the lead up, and I think we did a good job of that tonight.
Pound Dielman Was Staggered By The
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers on Friday released retired guard Kris Dielman from the teams reserve-retired list. Dielman retired in March, 4 1/2 months after sustaining a concussion in a helmet-to-helmet collision with a New York Jets defender. The 320-pound Dielman was staggered by the injury early in the fourth quarter of the Oct. 23 game. But he continued to play because the Chargers were out of offensive linemen due to other injuries. The team didnt diagnose his condition until after the game. Dielman suffered a grand mal seizure on the flight home. The team plane was met by an ambulance and he was hospitalized overnight. Ten days after Dielman was hurt, the leagues injury and safety panel told game officials to watch closely for concussion symptoms in players. Kaepernick Jersey. France coach Didier Deschamps said on Thursday it was "a bit too risky" to include Giroud for the match in Finland, but that he hopes the Arsenal forward will be ready to face Belarus at Stade de Fra
Shots Up. He Plays With Go
Training Camp is done and the pre-season games have begun. Some quick Raptors thoughts for a Wednesday. 1. JOHN LUCAS: Solid pickup as a third point. Did a respectable job last year in Chicago. Scoring-minded guard. Not a bit shy about getting his shots up. He plays with good energy. Very aware/alert player with a commanding presence. Hell give the team a lift when he gets his opportunities. Upbeat personality that is a good fit. 2. AARON GRAY: This guy gets it. Plays his role well.  Rugged and physical. Hes an ideal fifth big and can really help some nights when the matchups are right. He sets terrific screens and will fight on the glass. When I look at the improvement of this team its nice to have the luxury of a defensive minded rebounding big like this that will do his job in an effective fashion. 3. JONAS VALANCIUNAS: Will debut on Wednesday in Detroit. Love the idea that he plays his first game on the road, away from the hype to get his feet on the ground. It will help him get se
Inst Me," Ross Said. "the Split-change Is Something I Need To Keep Working On To Disrupt Their Timing And Get Them Off All The Hard Stuff That
TORONTO – Professional lacrosse returns to the province of Quebec on December 15 at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The game features the Toronto Rock and the Rochester Knighthawks meeting for the first time since last years Eastern Division Final. The National Lacrosse League has announced that two Quebec players will play in this game. A selection camp will be held on Saturday, November 17 at Le Club West Island in Beaconsfield. The two Quebec players will dress and play in the game, one with the Rock and one with the Knighthawks. The selection camp will be under the direction of former NLL head coach Jamie Batley. "This will give players in that region a pretty unique opportunity," said Rock GM Terry Sanderson who coached the Montreal Express in their lone season in the NLL in 2002. "We are all working together to grow our sport and the league. There is a fan base there, and some talented players. Im looking forward to seeing what type of talent emerges from this camp." Pierre Filion,
Suffered A Left Shoulder Injury Last Week In Toronto. So It Will Be Calvillo Against Glenn When The Alouettes (1-1) And Stampeders (1-1) Face O
MONTREAL -- The Montreal Alouettes breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out that Anthony Calvillo will not miss a game with a bruised left shoulder. The Calgary Stampeders werent as lucky, but theyre happy to have a veteran like Kevin Glenn to step in for injured starting quarterback Drew Tate. Coach John Hufnagel said he expects Tate to be out for five or six weeks after the Calgary pivot suffered a left shoulder injury last week in Toronto. So it will be Calvillo against Glenn when the Alouettes (1-1) and Stampeders (1-1) face off tonight on TSN at 7pm et/4pm pt. The Stamps, with Tate behind centre, laid a 38-10 pounding on Montreal in the season opener for both clubs two weeks ago in Calgary. A much different game is expected this time after the Alouettes rebounded with a 41-30 victory at home over Winnipeg, when Calvillo passed for 443 yards and three touchdowns. Calvillo took a hit in the first quarter against the Blue Bombers and went briefly for treatment, but wa
Tewart In A 10-3 Victory Over The Red Sox On Wednesday Night. Wilson (10-9) Was Staked To An Early Eight-run Lead In His First Victory Since June 26,
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- C.J. Wilsons famously positive mental attitude kept him from getting down on himself while he went two months without a win. Thanks to a bountiful offensive night by his Angels teammates, Wilson is feeling even better now. Kendrys Morales and Chris Iannetta hit early two-run homers, Wilson snapped his 11-start winless skid and Los Angeles jumped all over new Boston starter Zach Stewart in a 10-3 victory over the Red Sox on Wednesday night. Wilson (10-9) was staked to an early eight-run lead in his first victory since June 26, ending a dismaying stretch of futility by the Angels $77.5 million left-hander. Los Angeles All-Star free-agent acquisition still gave up eight hits and three runs while labouring at times through six innings, but struck out four and won at home for the first time since June 19. "Its good to go out there and give the team what it needed," Wilson said while wearing a black T-shirt with "P-M-A" on the front, advertising his devotion to
S To Go In The Tournament, Allowing Them To Add The First Rugby
LA PLATA, Argentina -- A Cory Jane hat-trick led New Zealand to a dominant 54-15 victory over Argentina on Saturday to secure the Rugby Championship title for the world champions. Julian Savea added two tries -- bringing his tally to five tries in five tests -- as the All Blacks overpowered Argentina, which has yet to win in five matches in the new four-nation championship. The victory gave the defending World Cup champions an unassailable nine-point lead atop the standings with one round of matches to go in the tournament, allowing them to add the first Rugby Championship trophy to the Bledisloe Cup and Webb Ellis Cup. It was the 15th-straight victory for the All Blacks, who have also won 15 of 16 matches against Argentina. The other match was a draw. It was also their most lopsided victory against Argentina in Argentina, larger than a 36-6 victory in 1991. New Zealand fell behind 5-0 on an 8th-minute try by Martin Landajo, who split open the All Blacks defence on a long,
With Six Starts. Gallery, 31, Played
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots signed cornerback Will Allen and offensive lineman Robert Gallery on Wednesday night. Terms of the deals were not disclosed. Allen, 33, played 10 seasons with the New York Giants (2001-05) and Miami Dolphins (2006-11). He was a 2001 Giants first-round draft pick out of Syracuse. Last season with Miami, Allen played in 15 games with six starts. Gallery, 31, played eight seasons with the Oakland Raiders (2004-10) and Seattle Seahawks (2011). He was the No. 2 overall pick by the Raiders in 2004 out of Iowa. He has started 103 of his 104 NFL games, and has played both tackle and guard. The Patriots, who lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl, have been stockpiling free agents all month. On Tuesday, they announced the signings of wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, defensive end Jonathan Fanene and tight end Daniel Fells. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Lidstrom broke the mark Sunday night against the Philadelphia Flyers and was given a standing o
E Relief Outings. The 24-year-old Allowed Two Hits
(Sports Network) - Rookie Chad Jenkins will be in tough as he faces Jeremy Hellickson and the Tampa Bay Rays who will be going for a three-game sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays at Tropicana Field. Jenkins, will be making his first big league start after 10 consecutive relief outings. The 24-year-old allowed two hits and no runs through his first five outings across seven innings, but has been scored upon at least once in each of his last five performances. He tossed five innings against the Rays on Sept. 2 and was touched for seven hits and two runs in Tampa Bays 9-4 win. Overall, in 18 1/3 innings, Jenkins has allowed 21 hits and 10 runs with six walks and eight strikeouts, allowing a .280 opposition batting average. Hellickson was 13-10 with a 2.95 earned run average in his initial full season in the big leagues, but has struggled with run support for much of 2012 while winning just eight of 18 decisions -- in spite of a 3.31 ERA. Hes failed in five tries at win No. 9 since
L Earned Juve Victory And Top Spot Ahead
LONDON -- Exactly 200 days after winning the Champions League, Chelsea lost its grip on the trophy to mark the shortest title defence in the competitions history. Juventus eliminated the reigning champions by beating Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 on Wednesday, with Galatasaray and Celtic also qualifying for the last 16 in a thrilling final round of group-stage matches. Chelsea needed to better Juventus result in Ukraine to finish second in Group E, and kept its part of the bargain by thrashing FC Nordsjaelland 6-1 for Rafa Benitezs first win as interim manager. It was in vain, however, as Olexander Kuchers own goal earned Juve victory and top spot ahead of Shakhtar. "We knew it could happen, unfortunately the damage had been done before," said Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, whose side became the first reigning champion to exit at the group stage. Galatasaray beat Braga 2-1 to finish ahead of CFR Cluj, which won 1-0 at below-strength Manchester United, in Group H. Celtic defeated Spar
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  Preface: in late summer early autumn, when you want to concave shape, a set of Siamese pants but crush their essential! Has their own piece pants, want to have a gas field gas field, you want to have fashion sense has fashion sense, spread from the spring and summer to winter coveralls pants, charm lies in the characteristics of wild and want and European suction eye, like the influx of people, on the one-piece pants plus knitted hats, jackets and other fashion people you're with friends!   [European and American Fan Jumpsuits winter with model 1] Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni can always go in the fashion tip, to our surprise, this body black leather pants coveralls handsome worker with feeling bad girl, with a black base vest, black bag with handle, black loop with high heels and gray knit hat bright spots, although partial color dress with deep, but it was great, full of autumn landing the perfect combination of leather coveralls pants are low-key gorgeous, gray knit
Winter Korean Fashion Knitting Sweater Styles
  Preface: late summer early autumn is a season of embarrassment, not wanton wearing shorts and vest, wearing a heavy coat, it is inappropriate to go on the street, will be afraid to wear too little air conditioned room, would be afraid to wear too much sun exposure, want to solve this embarrassment, beauty network is strongly recommended but warm sweater thin, soft cloth with shorts or skirts can adjust the proportion of body, will not let the body become heavy, perfect modified lines.    [Winter essential single product with a stylish sweater] Recommended with >>> gray sweater + denim shorts + navy blue flat shoes + black bag with handle Light gray sweater coat thin but warm, soft cloth upper body does not seem heavy, elongated physique with denim shorts, a pair of flat shoes navy blue dress with so little dull with highlights, navy blue and black handle bag with the influx of people prominent lady temperament.    [Winter essential single product knitwear fashion with 2] Reco
Lay Through To 2014. "were Very Pleased
EDMONTON -- It was an emotional return for Jerome Messam. There were plenty of handshakes and welcome-back hugs all around as the six-foot-four, 248-pound tailback returned to the Edmonton Eskimos on Thursday after being released Saturday by the NFLs Miami Dolphins. Messam had 10 days following his release from Miami to sign with another team south of the border but opted to return early to the CFL club. The leagues top Canadian last season signed a new deal on Saturday that will see him play through to 2014. "Were very pleased to reach a contract extension with Jerome through the 2014 season," Eskimo General Manager Eric Tillman said. "Hes happy to be back in green and gold, and Im sure our fans will welcome Jerome with great enthusiasm." Messam took to the practice field Thursday and declared hes ready to resume his pro career in Canada. "I want to play Monday," said Messam Thursday, referring to the Eskimos next game in Calgary. "I feel like Im ready, physically ready. "My body fee
Happy Thanksgiving
Everyone have a good Thanksgiving in Canada and elsewhere have a good day
Gifts We Find As We Walk
It is funny, life. Even when the proverbial shit hits the fan, we have a choice. We can complain, moan, cry, what ever we choose. We can react or respond. Wait , what? (I can hear you say it now!) Yes. We do so have a choice. Nope you are entirely right- and no I do not have the eavesdropping powers of the NSA (waves at the NSA guys watching her -HEY GUYS!!! Have a frickin AWESOME day dudes! oh and ladies too- they have antidiscrimination policies in Washington still I think..giggles) I have held this conversation with myself now for many moons. Probably will until it sticks. it is coming along nicely I believe! ;-)    This is the thing. Really truly a very simple concept. You can choose to react or respond. Reaction is often defined as coming from the gut. Not all gut reactions are negative,let us clarify hmm? You have the answers within you. Look . they are there. Some reactions may save your life so don't throw out the baby with the bath water! Responding to some thing , one or
Korean Fashion Retro Printing Exotic Dresses
  Preface: stripes, dots, plaid and printing can be said that are important four classical elements in the fashion circle, compared to the other three, printing can create a variety of dazzling effects, a single pattern, repeating arrangement becomes interesting . In recent years, popular retro texture ride, nature is ultimately printing elements involved, court, national, regional representative of the unique printing, never let your unique suction eye.   Street beat up people with a demonstration of ethnic exotic printing Matching Skill: color stitching, map printing, button design, the overall feeling of colorful baseball design korean japanese clothing shirt + pants, young fashion.    Street beat up people with two demonstration ethnic exotic printing Matching Skill: complex is not appropriate to add exotic prints too much decoration, with a simple black high-heeled boots and a black hat will suffice.   Street beat up people with three demonstration ethnic exotic printing
Tight Race To Expect 1st Place Between Tablets And Pcs For Q4 2013
The researchers delivered last week 2013 the numbers for the PC market in Q3. Gartner reported a decrease of 8.6% over the previous year and just over 80 million sold units and IDC calculated a loss of 7.6% at around 81 million units. Thus, the market was somewhat stronger than expected by analysts and the declines compared with the previous year were lower. But the peculiarity of the quarter is that there is an increase in the number of sales from the previous quarter. This increase is attributed to the necessary replacement investments from old PCs with XP in companies by IDC. Gartner calls only the re-population of the sales channels with new devices with Windows 8.1, what leads IDC as a second reason as the reason. The second reason is true, a much weaker Q4 probably follows the better cutting. As Sameer Singh of BitChemy ventures, always a weaker Q4 so far followed a strong Q3. This means that the numbers for the Q4 should move at best in the area of 78-82 million
By Chase Headley To Beat The San Diego Padres 11-10 On Sunday. "i Was Hustling Out Of The Box, But I Got It Pretty Good And I Was Thinking Triple
DENVER -- Chris Nelson wasnt sure he had hit the ball hard enough for a homer. When he saw the saw ball disappear over the fence as he rounded first base, out came a celebratory fist pump, and a day marked by frustration at the plate and in the field turned noticeably bright. Nelson had his go-ahead, three-run home run in the seventh inning, and the Colorado Rockies overcame a career-best six RBIs by Chase Headley to beat the San Diego Padres 11-10 on Sunday. "I was hustling out of the box, but I got it pretty good and I was thinking triple out there," said Nelson, who was still fuming over his strikeout in his previous at bat as well as what he considered his sloppy fielding of a grounder to third base that Cameron Maybin beat out for an infield hit in the Padres three-run fourth. "The day wasnt going the best for me, just wasnt going well, and it all came out at once," Nelson said. "Ive had a couple (of game-winning homers) before but none like that one. Its a great feeli
S, Who Won Their First Nba Title O
(Sports Network) - No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers will commence the 2011-12 NBA season tonight with a showdown versus the Toronto Raptors at Quicken Loans Arena. Toronto will play four of five road games to kick off the campaign and has missed the playoffs in each of the past three seasons. It went 22-60 last season and named Dwane Casey the teams new head coach back in June. Casey spent the last three years as an assistant coach with the Dallas Mavericks, who won their first NBA title over the summer. The Raptors needed a replacement for Jay Triano and Casey vows the team will improve. "We will get better," Casey stated. "The roster has a good talent base. The experiences Ive had... all that has helped what I stand for, what I plan to instill in our guys and staff." The Raptors hope to have a healthy season from Andrea Bargnani and the rest of the roster in order to compete in the talented Atlantic Division. Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan and Jamaal Magloire
Go Simply By Anybody Alongside Various
Don't forget to add the calories needed for other LeSean McCoy Eagles Jersey daily activities Well, they used to be when there weren't any lights in the stadium On there, you will find several different CDs for the same singer, and no matter who your favorite singer, you will be able to get the CD you want Whichever solution you decide to pick, one of the best places to purchase is from World Wide Brands You can also add pictures and most importantly you can upload samples of your music Authentic LeSean McCoy Jersey for anyone to listen to Most bbs's ran on only one phone line and if a user was hogging his/her online time, other users were denied access Depending on the occasion, these clothes can be purchased for day wear or night wear A black or navy blue solid color blazer makes a great fashion statement And selling their creations and fashions is what they are in business for! To become a successful fashion model today, you no LeSean McCoy Jersey longer need to be limited
Comes To Determining The One To Choose
There are different varieties of guitars available in the Jonathan Vilma Jersey market So have many of you There are three basic methods of fishing:Still fishing ajsportsworld All right, now someone will have the nerve to argue that probably the artist who have made these questionable video clips are ballers and can pay for to waste time and money, creating a video clip employing other people's songs, but that is a Jabari Greer Jersey silly argument 2 When picking out clothing, a lot of people focus on the brand freestylecustoms Most American products are priced higher in China than in the U If you are internally strong and the sex organ of both the partners is healthy, then there is a lot of joy and happiness in your life The performance of Garrett Hartley Jersey such parts is vital to the lifespan of the car, and we all know how important that is in the long run Whether your business has had a uniform program in place previously or is making changes to an existing unif
There Is Certainly Great Inability
You can find here numerous labels and designer brands Alex Smith Chiefs Jersey that offer shoes at prices that are not too heavy on the pocket Asics are a premium brand and priced so everywhere in the world While in the United States cricket is a hardly explored territory and baseball and rugby take the crown for the favourite sports And with all the coverage they are getting, reputations can be made in a single Authentic Alex Smith Jersey night All of the projects that have been developed under Assotech Realty are having a spectacular view of marvelous art and extraordinary view So, it is best to put on a pair of running shoes for jogging So golf shoes are useful, comfortable, stylish and waterproof These may take years to resolve and hence continued pimple treatment and other cures seem difficult Search engine optimization Alex Smith Jersey refers to the process of enhancing a websites rankings in the search engine search results Take for instance the name Tyler Collins whi
Ith Rays Experience And Capabilities
CFL on TSN analyst Matt Dunigan breaks down the quarterback situation for each team heading into the 2012 regular season. Ricky Ray, Sacramento State (10th CFL/1st Toronto) The Argonauts finally have a proven QB behind centre, thank goodness! Ray has given the team, city and province hope that the Argos offence can score effectively in order to compete for the 100th Grey Cup on November 25th. The addition of new head coach Scott Milanovich and his offensive schemes coupled with Rays experience and capabilities is extremely exciting. The only question is, does Ricky have enough receivers around him to be successful? Im not sure that this area of weakness over the last two seasons, has yet been remedied. We will have to wait to see, as injuries during preseason have mounted to the players/receivers they were counting on to carry much of the load. We know Ray can chunk it, but the question remains if the Argos have enough talent around him to catch it and make a difference. Ja
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Release... Letting yourself go, breaking down the wall... Finding out who you are, in the middle of it all.. Doubt.. Mind works its magic, planting seeds in your head... Infecting your core, with every tear that is shed... Pain... Excruiatingly intense, hurts to the bone... Letting go of the best person, you've ever known... War... The battle begins, a struggle everyday... Biting your tongue, refusing to say... Lost... Floating, not really living at all... Dying inside, through teary eyed withdrawls... Stand-Still.... You can no longer float, suddenly you are still... Moving neither forward nor backward, you're not even real... Acting... You have become someone you don't know... Putting on an act, just for show... Survival... Instincts kick in, survival mode turns on... Broken behind your smile, for you're nothing but a pawn... Games... Playing the game, knowing you can't win... Keeping a firm posture, taking it on the chin... Hope... Seems lost, it's taken
Bạn đang Tìm Một địa điểm ăn Kem Ngon ở Tphcm?
Bạn đang muốn tạo sự bất ngờ cho người ấy với quán ăn kem phong cách lạ, đẹp và lãng mạn? Một địa điểm ăn kem giá rẻ nhưng lại có không gian lãng mạn và ấm cúng? Hãy đến với quán I LOVE KEM ở quận Gò Vấp, chắc chắn bạn sẽ hài lòng.. I LOVE KEM khai trương năm 2009 và được xem là quán kem đầu tiên đi tiên phong về thể loại kem viên tự phục vụ tại TpHCM, với phong cách ăn kem tự phục vụ mới lạ, độc đáo, thú vị và giúp khách hàng có thể thoải mái tự sáng tạo, chế biến ly kem theo ý thích. I LOVE KEM - quán kem ngon ở Gò Vấp I LOVE KEM tự hào mang đến cho th
Does As A Rookie," Colts Coach Chuck Paga
INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrew Luck sure didnt play like a rookie Sunday afternoon. He looked like a new, younger version of Peyton Manning. The Colts rookie threw two touchdown passes, took advantage of several key Minnesota penalties and marched Indianapolis 45 yards in 23 seconds to set up Adam Vinatieri for a 53-yard field goal with 8 seconds left, which gave Indianapolis a 23-20 victory over Minnesota in Lucks home debut. "Its just amazing that the guys able to go out there and do the things he does as a rookie," Colts coach Chuck Pagano said. "He certainly had to put the ball on them, and he did." Many of those wearing No. 18 jerseys in Sundays crowd had probably forgotten it took Manning a little longer to win his first game. He started 0-4, including two home losses, before finally beating Ryan Leaf and the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 4, 1998. Lucks older teammates couldnt be happier to get this early win, either, especially after last seasons 0-13 start spurred speculation
S On 24 Carries For The Rams (2-1). In
Marc Mueller was 26-for-38 passing for 316 yards, three touchdowns and ran in another score Friday as the No. 10 Regina Rams defeated the Alberta Golden Bears 31-17 in Canadian university football play. Jay Smith had six catches for 98 yards and TD, while Catlin Schneider and Connor Haas also had touchdowns through the air for Regina. Michael Kiapway rushed for 124 yards on 24 carries for the Rams (2-1). In the only other game in the CIS, McGill pounded Mount Allison 36-9. At Edmonton, Curtis Dell was 17-for-32 passing for 206 yards and a touchdown for Alberta (0-3). He ran in another score, but also threw two interceptions. The teams were tied 10-10 when Mueller hooked up with Smith on a 36-yard TD pass early in the fourth quarter. Mueller ran in another score to make it 24-10 before tossing 20-yard touchdown strike to Schneider. Dell scored on a one-yard run with 33 seconds left on the clock to round out the scoring. Redmen 36, Mounties 9 At Montreal, Ryne Bondy threw three TDs as Mc
E First Playoff Hole And Blake Had Another Chance That He Took
SNOQUALMIE, Wash. -- Jay Don Blake watched his putt lip out and figured his best shot at winning was over. Mark OMeara just doesnt miss putts inside 8 feet, in a playoff nonetheless. "Ive got my hand out of my pocket waiting to shake his hand is what I was kind of doing," Blake said. "I didnt expect him to miss it." But OMeara watched his putt slide to the right on the first playoff hole and Blake had another chance that he took advantage of with a birdie Sunday to win the Boeing Classic for his third career Champions Tour title. Playing the par-5 18th hole for the third time in less than an hour, Blake tapped in for birdie after OMearas 15-foot birdie attempt missed on the low side of the hole. Blake and OMeara also birdied the hole in regulation for matching 4-under 68s that left them tied at 10-under 206. They missed short birdie putts on the first extra hole. "I wasnt calm. I was churning inside quite a bit," Blake said. OMeara has finished second four times since his last Champion
6 Points And 13 Rebounds After Going Just 2 Fo
DURHAM, N.C. -- No. 3 Duke figured the best way to win without Ryan Kelly was to play to its other strengths. That meant Seth Curry hitting from long range and Mason Plumlee converting from much closer. Curry scored 24 points and matched a career high with six 3-pointers in the Blue Devils 73-57 win over Georgia Tech on Thursday night. Plumlee finished with 16 points and 13 rebounds after going just 2 for 12 during an awful first half, and Duke (16-1, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) shot 53 per cent from the field over the final 20 minutes to bounce back from its only loss and snap a three-game losing streak when playing without the injured Kelly. "The biggest thing is, we have to find a new identity because we are a different team" without Kelly, Plumlee said. "Whatever that is, we have to find it. We have to play to our strengths, and were not the same team that was (15-0)." Freshman Chris Boldens 20 points were the most scored by a Georgia Tech player this season. But the Yellow Jack
On Tuesday Night Phoenix Was On Th
Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry Fraser wants to answer your emails at! Hi Kerry, On Tuesday night Phoenix was on the receiving end of a 5-on-3 kill and Mike Smith wound up to chop Dustin Brown in the back of the legs. Brown immediately went down and showed some discomfort getting up, but was rewarded with the first diving penalty of the playoffs. My issue with this is when Smith made the slash, you know the ref is not going to want to give Phoenix another penalty after just putting them on a 5-on-3 (one of them being the Doan five-minute hit), but it looked like Brown went down, refs arm goes up, then L.A. continued to play for a few seconds before the ref decided it was diving. It seems like the ref made a late decision to penalize Brown after he realized Phoenix was already killing two penalties. The thing that I most disagree with in this decision is it was the first diving penalty of a playoffs
Silverman: Nfl Fans Should Not Overreact To Week One results
Forscher sind immer bestrebt sein, zu Ugg Bailey Button Boots reproduzieren Ihre große Wahrnehmung verbunden mit Geruch von denen ernsten Haustiere in der Regel mitgeliefert werden müssen. In diesen Tagen sind Offiziere an der Glasgow Flughafen rund um Schottland in der Regel screening eine unterschiedliche Zuverlässigkeit-Einheit mit dem Namen ein "elektronische Sniffer Hund." Ihre Digitalkamera-Sniffer-Hund zeigt eine von UGG Boots Farbenreich 3161 den jüngsten Fortschritten innerhalb Klasse Geruch-Know-how.Haustiere sind in der Regel anerkannt, um eine leistungsfähige Wahrnehmung verbunden mit Geruch zu erhalten. Seine Nase könnten ausgebildet werden, um verschiedene Düfte zu entdecken. Haustiere in vielen Fällen werden verwendet in versuchen heraus und Speichern von Vorgängen auch zum schnüffeln um solche Dinge wie Medikamente und Sprengstoff zu erhalten.
Mexico On Friday. Canada Then Dropped An 8-3 Decision To Panama Yest
The Hastings-Vancouver team is facing its first elimination game today at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Canadian entry faces Willemstad, Curacao on TSN beginning at 2pm et/11am pt. Canada opened the double-elimination tournament with a 13-9 win over Mexico on Friday. Canada then dropped an 8-3 decision to Panama yesterday to drop into todays do-or-die scenario. Curacao opened play in the International division with a 7-0 loss to Tokyo, Japan, before winning 14-2 over Ramstein, Germany on Saturday. The winner of the Canada-Curacao game will survive to play tomorrow against the winner of the Mexico-Chinese Taipei match that is scheduled for later today. Cheap Jerseys From China . An item on the Italian Serie-A clubs website on Thursday said Di Vaio will meet the media on Friday morning. The France Football website reported the 35-year-old is headed to Montreal as the Major League Soccer expansion teams first designated player, and tha
Er Deal Just Prior To The 2010 Campaign. In
Toronto – Toronto Rock General Manager has announced the signing of Captain Colin Doyle to a one-year contract. Doyle is one of two franchise players, as designated by the lacrosse club, along with Josh Sanderson. The 15-year NLL veteran has spent twelve of those seasons with the Rock franchise and has been a member of all six Toronto championship teams. Doyle began his NLL career in 1998 with the Ontario Raiders, played for the Rock from 1999 to 2006 and was then traded to San Jose prior to the 2007 season where he spent three seasons. He was re-acquired by the Rock in a blockbuster deal just prior to the 2010 campaign. In his twelve seasons with the Rock franchise he has accumulated 371 goals, 527 assists and 898 points, which are all franchise bests. “Colin is one of the best leaders this sport has ever seen,” expressed Rock GM Terry Sanderson. “Hes done so much for this game, this franchise and this city. Hes a champion and his work ethic and pro
Sweet Knitting Top Collocate With Skirt In 2013 Autumn
  Preface: early autumn, the temperature difference between day and night, dress wake up every morning, it naturally became the first fret. In fact, in such a multi-faceted weather, sweaters skirts match is undoubtedly a good choice, warmth without unduly bloated. Author introduces wholesale clothing China sweater + skirt match skills, hold live sweet so easy! Autumn modeling a transfiguration Collocation skill: vibrant red sweater with a full-spirited and enthusiastic, free unlock a few buttons, peeped lined vest, inadvertently showing a trace of sexy. Fresh and elegant floral skirts show the pastoral style. Autumn turned modeling 2 Collocation skill:  white sweater dark green skirts, are simple and elegant. Neatly withheld sweater buttons, fills the dignified elegance. Knee-length skirts, warm and not afraid emptied. Roman high-heeled shoes to add a bit mature charm. Autumn turned styling 3 Collocation skill: overall shape of the classic black and white with the use. Black an
Ly Johnson Was In Third With Danica P
MONTREAL -- Local favourites Jacques Villeneuve and Alex Tagliani set the pace in practice Friday at the NAPA Auto Parts 200 NASCAR Nationwide race. Montreals Villeneuve, the 1997 Formula One champion, posted the quickest lap of one minute 40.65 seconds on the 2.7-mile road track named after his late father, Gilles Villeneuve. Tagliani, of Lachenaie, Que., was second at 1:40.92. Billy Johnson was in third with Danica Patrick fourth and Michael McDowell fifth. Veteran Ron Fellows of Toronto was sixth fastest and Patrick Carpentier of Joliette, Que., was eighth. Andrew Ranger of Roxton Pond, Que., was 17th. The 44 drivers got in two 90-minute sessions Friday morning ahead of qualifying, which is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. ET. The sixth annual NAPA 200 race is set for Saturday afternoon. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . Rios was trying to break up a double play and when he went into Detroit second baseman Omar Infante, it caused an errant throw that allowed the tying and go-ah
Dez Was Called Up On May 18 And Batted
CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The Pittsburgh Pirates called up outfielder Alex Presley for the start of their series against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday, installing him as the leadoff hitter. Pittsburgh optioned Gorkys Hernandez to Triple-A Indianapolis. Hernandez was called up on May 18 and batted .200 in nine games. Presley was sent to Indianapolis on May 16 after batting .220 with two homers. Manager Clint Hurdle said he had showed a lot of improvement at the plate recently, prompting the move. Wholesale Jerseys Supply . Kadri and Colborne both had their first goals of the season on Saturday, leading the Toronto Marlies four-goal rally and a 5-3 victory over the San Antonio Rampage in American Hockey League action. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . Instead, Dufner had the lead to himself Friday. He finished by chipping in from 37 feet, his fourth birdie in five holes, after driving wide right and having his approach roll over the green. "No, that wasnt in the thought process," Dufner said
E League Fined The B.c. Lions All-star Defensive Lineman An Unspecified A
TORONTO -- Khalif Mitchell is in trouble with the CFL once again. The league fined the B.C. Lions all-star defensive lineman an unspecified amount Tuesday for multiple "throat slashing" gestures committed in the clubs 19-18 win over the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday night. After the game, Mitchell defended his actions, saying he made a gesture in the form of a cross. But a television replay showed the defensive tackle making a throat-slashing gesture. Earlier this season, Mitchell served a two-game suspension handed down by the CFL for violently hyper-extending the arm of Edmonton offensive lineman Simeon Rottier in the Eskimos 27-14 win in Vancouver on July 20. Mitchell was not penalized on the play but was still suspended by CFL commissioner Mark Cohon. Mitchell launched an unsuccessful appeal. Saturday nights game was Mitchells first against Edmonton since the incident with Rottier. Mitchell flattened the Eskimos guard on the first series Saturday night and walked away without incide
Truck Sales & Service Spare Parts In Perth
Truck is of the most important vehicles nowadays. It is the main mode of transporting goods from place to the other. The whole goods transportation method of the world depends on this vehicle. If trucks are not there the whole goods transportation method of the world will come to rest position. These large vehicles are very strong and are built to carryover weight. The body of the Trucks is made from long lasting metals so that it can basically maintain the regular wear and tears. However, sometimes some vehicles have special requirements for the businesses in which they are being used. These vehicles require custom Trucks bodies for which a Trucks owner has to depend on the aftermarket manufacturers.   The aftermarket manufacturers offer a huge selection of accessories for the aluminum Trucks bodies. A number of these aftermarket accessories are necessary to enhance the functionality of the vehicle while the other accessories can make the Trucks fit for carrying positive kind of goo
Christianity Is Not A Cult
The other day, I watched part of a program on the History Channel concerning cults. The very beginning of the program openly proclaimed that Christianity started out as a cult. The program stated that Christianity worshipped a man (who was Jesus Christ, of course), who claimed to be able to walk on water, perform miracles such as healing the sick, and giving sight to the blind, and raising himself from the dead. The program stated that Christianity began as a revolution within Judaism, speaking of another "kingdom", which made the religious and political leaders nervous. Membership in the beginning Christian religion included ignorant fishermen, prostitutes, and other renegades from society, who were fanatically devoted to their leader, Jesus Christ. The program continued by stating that Christianity had taken centuries to become a mainline religion, just as Muslims, and other far east religions are now mainline religions. The program followed up by comparing the fledgling beginning o
What Was Her Name
Her eyes sparkled like the sun on the ocean in mid summer her skin so soft to the touch like nothing could compare her soft scent would fill my lungs with little goose bumps I think it was . Her hair was blacker than the night that’s for sure it would shine though I can attest to that the moon some times looked as it was dancing there in her hair . Her hair had nothing on those sparkling eyes they’d be so brown they too almost looked black at times pretty though they’d draw you in seeming like  the eyes of  innocents that tanned skin so sweet scented and all never needed oils just had that sweet smell .Never did catch her name .
Different Sayings If Your In To Creating Your Own Cards Birthdays And So On
As I drift in and out of my heart. I sense you  everywhere. Your laughter Your smile your scent, My heart and souls completion . Loneliness I will never know again for on this day  a girl was born for me . So from my heart to yours I wish you the happiest of birthdays and so many more..         THE SWEETEST BIRTHDAY WISHShielded in the intimacies of our passions an explosion of untamed desires . I look into your eye's where erotic dreams are exposed . The sweet taste of your exotic fruits are like sugar upon my hungered tongue . Within this day of emotional bliss I thrive to make this day a multiple .                                HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS DARLINGLet me count the stars in this night. As I feel blessed for knowing you to are blanketed with this same  sky. The warmth found within the soul of every thought I may have of you. The desire in your eyes is that which my heart feels all the time its a hunger that our hearts become one . emotions gone wild as we share the midnight
Cách Sửa Màn Hình Laptop Bị Sọc
Lỗi màn hình Laptop bị sọc có triệu chứng thường thấy là vệt trắng cắt ngang hoặc cắt dọc màn hình, đứt nét. là do bị lỗi panel màn hình, cụ thể là do bẹ cáp bị gãy hoặc hở cụ thể là Đứt mạch in dọc, hỏng IC điều khiển đường dọc, đứt mạch in ngang, hỏng IC điều khiển đường ngang. Sau đây, ATL computer chi sẻ cách sửa  màn hình bị sọc Lỗi Đứt mạch in dọc 2. Cách sửa màn hình bị kẻ sọc Đối với trường hợp màn hình laptop bị kẻ sọc thì để sửa chữa chúng ta không thể dùng dụng cụ thông thường mà phải dùng máy dập panel l
Are You Sick Of The Dating Merry-go-round?
Have you ever felt frustrated looking for your dream relationship? Or found yourself in a relationship that seemed promising at first but ended up breaking your heart or leaving you wanting more? And no matter how hard you tried, things just did not work out? You are not alone…And it’s not your fault! If you are anything like most women, the odds are you’re struggling to find or keep the relationship, the right personality match, the right man for you! Would you like to enjoy better dates? Better relationships? Or a better marriage? Now you CAN...All you need to do is just click here: Did you know that some men are so used to drinking from disposable paper cups, and then crumpling them up tossing them aside? That when you put a fine sparkling crystal champagne glass in their hands, like YOU…They don’t know how to take care of it… I get so frustrated when I hear about women who are suffering unnecessarily&hellip
Thời Gian Và đá để Nâng Cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar
Luôn tạo ra nhiều cái mới, Avatar đang tích cực làm nhiều điều hơn thế nữa để không phụ lòng mong chờ của các cư dân tích cực. Bộ cánh của Avatar đang là đề tài khá nóng hiện nay , sau khi nhận được nhiều ý kiến của các bạn chơi từ chuyến đí hawai BQT quyết định công bố thời gian và đá để nâng cấp cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar. Các bạn đừng bỏ lỡ nhé ! 1. Thời gian nâng cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar:  bắt đầu vào ngày 1 -11 -2013 2. Nguyên liệu: - 01 viên Đá Kim Cương Vũ Trụ - 01 Cánh Tiểu Tiên - 50 lượng cho mỗi lần nâng cấp Hãy mau tham gia nào các bạn ! Chúc các công dân Avatar có những gi
Several High-priced Players. Running Back Marion Barber, Receiver Roy Williams, Right Guard Leonard Davis And Kicker Kris Brown Were Told They Would B
IRVING, Texas -- Before the Dallas Cowboys can start get serious about loading up their roster, they have to get under the salary cap. They got started on that Tuesday by deciding to release several high-priced players. Running back Marion Barber, receiver Roy Williams, right guard Leonard Davis and kicker Kris Brown were told they would be cut when the league allows that on Thursday, multiple people familiar with the decisions told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the team had not made any announcements. The moves save the Cowboys about US$16.6 million in cap room. Removing Davis clears $6 million, Williams another $5 million, Barber $4.75 million and Brown $910,000. Right tackle Marc Colombo said he was told that he, too, could be gone. His departure would free more than $2 million. He also could return at a cheaper rate. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wanted to break the news to each player himself. He also wanted to do it right away so they wouldnt bother g
Basic Known Myths And Facts About Diabetes
Being Diabetic for the better part of the last 5 years has opened my eyes to a lot of misinformation about the disease. It is really non-discriminating. Below you will find some myths, followed by their facts. 1. Type II Diabetes only affects people who are overweight or morbidly obese: Fact: Type II Diabetes does not discriminate. It is true that If you are over weight, you are AT RISK. However, I am 175pounds and Stand 6'0". and was Diagnosed with Type II 5 Years ago.  I am now, still 6'0" and still weigh 175 and am now a Type I, (Will get to that later).   2 You only have to take insulin if you are a Type I Diabetic. Fact: If blood sugar can not be controlled by Diet and Exercise or oral medications in Type II Diabetics, then insulin is given to get the numbers down.   3. There is no way to cure Type II Diabetes. Fact: The cure is also the prevention. Diet and Exercise and following your doctor's instructions will reverse MOST cases of Type II Diabetes.   4. (And I love th
Snow Globe
Standing in the snow trying to look about .fog covered streets and quiet silence to sooth ones soul. Thoughts all around me bouncing from here to there. I reached out and grabbed one . And this is what I found. Life is like a snow globe waiting for designs of our delights. Its up to each one of us  what we let in. With a million ways to go . But only one is to come true. We have only to look within . So many choices for a snow globe will it be buildings or trees on a mountain top . Should the fog be heavy or real thin . Should the snow warm me or shall I freeze. Is there a bench like the ones you see in movies. Or the one made for you and me. Should it play music so when we dance people can see. Or should we stay silent and keep it between you and me. A trillion ideas and it comes to me . in my lifes snow globe my heart always has you next to me. There is so many ways to feel and even more to see . So in my snow globes our love will always stay with me.. 
Song Of The Heart
I am but a love song written upon each and every day , I see the sparkle in the eyes of my children ,what a world of endless love, I see the joys in the eyes of those I choose to spend time with , what a warming feeling knowing that I have put that smile upon their faces , its like a slow song of dance when I gaze in to the eyes of that my idea of romance pertains to , it’s a never ending emotional song of love that fills my heart, a beat that I seem to feel within each step I take, within a world of sensual lyrics my heart seems to write on , within this song of love I preach if you listen close you’ll understand true love never ends but writes its self threw out time , I am but a voice singing out loud and strong look around look around find the beat find the rhythm that makes you complete , it’s a love song that should be of your own making , share the love it will come back to you and fill your heart with a loving rhythm of you own, just sayn
Android Kitkat 4.4 Se Centraría En Su Implantación En Televisores
¿Hasta ahora sabemos Android 4.4 KitKat, como su interfaz, es que habrá algunos "cambios menores" que afectan a la cámara, ciertos iconos y poco más. También sabemos que presentará una nueva versión de la aplicación Google Play Store y Youtube, pero no sólo son las novedades que traerá la próxima versión del sistema operativo móvil de Google para nuestros dispositivos. La más reciente adición se rumorea tendría que ver con Android TV, con la relación entre los teléfonos y tabletas a las emisoras. Fuimos a conocer una novedad doble que traería Android 4.4 KitKat y los dos tienen que ver con las televisiones. Desde esta nueva versión de Android, la integración de él en la televisión sería mayor y se perdería "complemento" Google TV, además del sistema operativo en los teléfonos y tabletas permitiría una mejor relación con televisores de gran tamaño. Todo esto, por lo tanto, puede "sonar como un chino", pero tiene una explicación muy coherente entonces desarrollamos.
Virtually No Plan To Get Aldon Smith’s Gain
Around recently available a short time, Roman Harper Saints Jersey various elements were reported pertaining to 49ers linebacker Aldon Jackson. F. T. Trent Baalke includes reported this he’s “hopeful” Jackson may possibly gain following on from the Weeks time In search of l8rs. Commissioner Roger Goodell includes reported this Smith’s final decision Authentic Roman Harper Jersey so that you can enter into rehabilitation might be considered an attractive variable should the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE can help determine the ideal training to get Jackson, who was detected around Sept to get DRUNK DRIVING CHARGE.A your Roman Harper Jersey reference by using perception of the circumstance, there’s continue to virtually no plan to get Smith’s gain. A the fundamental cause, Jackson remains to be around rehabilitation, pretty much all five many days just after joining a strong in-patient treatment program.Marques Colston Saints Jersey What could
Ervin Vick Was Feeling Hamstring “pop, ” Has Mri For Thursday
Eagles quarterback Ervin Vick didn’t glance Lance Moore Jersey 100 % quick around Sunday’s 15-7 great loss to your The behemoths plus your dog ended up abandoning the adventure in advance of halftime resulting from a hamstring pain this obtained placed the pup sidelined for any not one but two former activities.Vick reported following on Jimmy Graham Saints Jersey from the recreation that he or she was feeling your dog have all your dog were required to conduct used so that you can coerce the pup that he or she appeared to be healthy and balanced more than enough so that you can have fun with, nonetheless this there’s Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey oh dear so that you can duplicate recreation measures to the apply arena. Vick reported your dog was feeling her hamstring soda when trying for among the list of initially very few Philly moves.“I was feeling fine choosing. I actually was feeling for instance I did Jimmy Graham Jersey so all that I actual
Sunrise Resort Hội An
Một nơi hoàn hảo với sự lãng mạn, những bãi biển, những khu vực tham quan của thành phố Hội An... khách sạn Sunrise Hội An cung cấp cho bạn những gì thuận lợi nhất để lấy đi một ngày bận rộn của bạn. Khách sạn hiện đại này nằm lân cận các điểm tham quan nổi tiếng của thành phố Hội An như: bãi biển Cửa Đại, làng rau Trà Quế, khu phố cổ và đền thờ Quan Công. Đến với Sunrise Resort, du khách cảm thấy thật sự thỏa mái với những sản phẩm tốt nhất trong các dịch vụ và cơ sở vật chất. Khách sạn cung cấp nhiều tiện nghi đủ đ
Boba Fett For Sale!
Movie accurate Boba Fett for sale! Wear as costume or display in your Star Wars themed home or man cave! It will sell fast so go get it now! bit (dot) ly/1dr5vh7
2013 Halloween Women Dress Styles
  Halloween dress is the most important festival embellishment, no matter it is wanton indulgence, or playing the ghost to discuss candy for Halloween, you will want to closely follow the trend of most horror generated visual effects! Have no idea about how to dress in Halloween? Don’t worry, follow author to enter the world of Halloween! Sure you will be able to find your Halloween dress style.   Halloween needs mischievous exaggerated elements, so exaggerating big red fluorescent color and other wonderful big fanfare can us in Halloween party as, such as retro big red lipstick. Try to make yourself edification cantabile a special girl, of course, which have your own sense of proportion, but no need to worry that neither over or owed ​​can win others' attention on Halloween.   Clothing Dressing Style: Halloween dress, choice of clothing is particularly important, and most exotic styles are based on tarsus, such as witch clothes, Puff and bubble skirts and long
Rsity In The Cis. He Was Named The Top Cis Offensive Lineman Twice In 2009 And 2010, Earning All-canadian Honours Both Years. "from Our Perspectiv
EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Eskimos have acquired the rights for offensive lineman Matthew ODonnell from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for wide receiver Greg Carr, the club announced Wednesday. ODonnell was drafted by the Roughriders in the second round of the 2011 CFL Canadian draft, but he opted to sign with the NFLs Cincinnati Bengals. He spent the 2011 season on the Bengals practice roster and was cut by the team this season. The Comox, B.C., native played college football with Queens University in the CIS. He was named the top CIS offensive lineman twice in 2009 and 2010, earning all-Canadian honours both years. "From our perspective, we are very pleased to gain the rights to a quality young Canadian offensive tackle," Eskimos general manager Eric Tillman said in a statement. "Matthews development began at Queens, a program we hold in high regard, and we feel hes made substantial improvement during his time with the Cincinnati Bengals, via two training camps and a full yea
Worth Playing For
Everything becomes a competition, and she doesn’t play to lose. Her heart dwells within the balance, while others entertain and amuse. Themselves, not knowing or even caring about who she really is. For, who she is doesn’t matter, she’s not sure if she exists. Suited for battle, while playing to win the game. Yet the armor isn’t strong enough, when nobody knows her name. Her smile is fake and jaded, she seems strong, yet she is weak. The broken tears she never sheds, makes it impossible to speak. Yet, game on she screams, as she hold her head up high. While the only reason she plays at all, passes her right by. Cheap entertainment, can gain someone’s attention. But only for a little while, until they forget to mention. That they left someone behind, someone not so strong at all. A frail and broken warrior, who’s handwriting is on the wall. She has left her mark, her words of how she lost. The only game she has ever played, has came at
Torn Heart
you were in my arms so long ago and now you ask for there warmth again my heart so full when I hear your tender words but as I remember why you left so many years back I set here with a torn heart .things may not be easy for either of us but the pain of watching you walk away still stings me . you ask do I remember the love yes I do its always there within my torn heart , the taste of your last kiss still stings my lips as I remember why you walked away . it is true love never surrenders I remember the warmth of your arms making me feel whole yet the pain of watching you walk away still lingers in this broken heart . 
Ased A 21-point Deficit In The First Half. It Was Just One Of Those Nights Where We Had It Going, Ellis Said. We Took The Opportunity They Gave Us And
(Sports Network) - Monta Ellis has been a valuable piece to the Golden State Warriors this season and is trying to help his team end a three-year playoff drought. Ellis and the Warriors will continue their pursuit to the postseason tonight at home versus the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ellis recorded a 39-point night in Fridays 123-120 overtime victory against the Orlando Magic at Oracle Arena and sank 7-of-9 from long range for the Warriors, who buried a franchise-record 21 three-pointers. Golden State went 21-of-35 from beyond the arc and erased a 21-point deficit in the first half. It was just one of those nights where we had it going, Ellis said. We took the opportunity they gave us and none were forced. We just took the opportunity and like I said, it was going down for us. Ellis has scored 20 or more points in 32 of his previous 41 contests and has also hit the 30-point mark 18 times this season. He is one of only five players averaging at least 20.0 points and 5.0 assists, joining D
On Feel, As Boton Feel, As Boton Feel, As Boton Feel, As Botv
PHILADELPHIA -- Jaromir Jagr scored two power-play goals and had three points, and Claude Giroux and Danny Briere each had three assists as the Philadelphia Flyers outlasted the New York Rangers, 5-3, on Monday night. Jagr, a former Ranger making his first home appearance as a Flyer, made a grand entrance in front of the faithful, and now has three pre-season goals. The game had a regular-season feel, as both of the teams star goaltenders, Philadelphias Ilya Bryzgalov and New Yorks Henrik Lundqvist, were in net, and the two rivals combined for 77 minutes in penalties. Brian Boyle had a goal and an assist for the Rangers (1-1-1), who watched Jagr leave New York for the KHL in 2008 only to sign with the Flyers this summer. Jagr, 39, showed no rust as he took a regular shift, and was still out there with two minutes left in the game, looking for the hat trick. Braydon Coburn scored the winner at 6:35 of the third period for the Flyers (4-0-0), and Wayne Simmonds added his first as a Flyer
Lucky Star - Madonna
You must be my Lucky Star'Cause you shine on me wherever you areI just think of you and I start to glowAnd I need your lightAnd baby you know[Chorus:]Starlight, starbright first star I see tonightStarlight, [starbright] make everything all rightStarlight, starbright first star I see tonightStarlight, [starbright] yeahYou must be my Lucky Star'Cause you make the darkness seem so farAnd when I'm lost you'll be my guideI just turn around and you're by my side[chorus]Come on shine your heavenly body tonight'Cause I know you're gonna make everything all rightYou may be my lucky starBut I'm the luckiest by far
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star - Merle Haggard
Twinkle, twinkle lucky starCan you send me luck from where you areCan you make a rainbow shine that farTwinkle, twinkle lucky star.Can you really make a wish come trueAnd do you shine on just a chosen fewIs it over, have I gone to farTwinkle, twinkle lucky starLike two ships on the ocean, we drifted apartAnd you found an island at seaI'm still adrift with this pain in my heartWon't you send her sweet love back to meTwinkle, twinkle lucky starTwinkle, twinkle lucky starCan you send me luck from where you areCan you make a rainbow shine that farTwinkle, twinkle lucky star.
One Day You Will - Martina Mcbride
I am timeless, I am patientI'm beside you and aboveI'm the words when you need comfortI'm the feeling you call loveYou say that you can take or leave meYou think right now that you don't need meSome way, somehow young heart believe meOne day you willOne day you willYou're a vessel, your a templeYou're a journey just begunYou're a young one who is runningYou are destined to find loveAnd when you're lost, that's when you'll find meWe can't see till we are blindedIt's already all been decidedThat one day you willOne day you willYou say that you can take or leave meYou think right now that you don't need meSome way, somehow young heart believe meOne day you willOne day you willOne day you willI am timeless, I am patientI'm the feeling you call love

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