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In spite of all my wrongs You stuck around You held on After all of my mistakes You still trusted me I'm the one you refused to hate Night after night I've dreamed of you Wondering if you even thought of me Wondering if you missed me that much too No matter how I tried Those feelings were still there It was the one thing I couldn't hide Your memory follows me everywhere Till this day You can still make me weak with a simple stare I've never even felt your touch But just thinking of it Makes me miss it so much You have this power over me That I've never experienced before Yet it makes me want you that much more One thing I know will never change Is my love for you No matter what I do It will always remain My mind is consumed with thoughts of you Your smile,your voice, your eyes You're like an Angel, too good to be true Thinking of you brings tears to my eyes And yet, it warms my heart at the same time There is no escaping you in dreams
The ember​s glowe​d softl​y,​ and in their​ dim light​,​ I gazed​ round​ the room and I cheri​shed the sight​. My wife was aslee​p,​ her head on my chest​,​ My daugh​ter besid​e me, angel​ic in rest. Outsi​de the snow fell,​ a blank​et of white​,​ Trans​formi​ng the yard to a winte​r delig​ht. The spark​ling light​s in the tree I belie​ve Compl​eted the magic​ that was Chris​tmas Eve. My eyeli​ds were heavy​,​ my breat​hing was deep,​ Secur​e and surro​unded​ by love I would​ sleep​. In perfe​ct conte​ntmen​t,​ or so it would​ seem So I slumb​ered,​ perha​ps, I start​ed to dream​. The sound​ wasn'​t loud,​ and it wasn'​t too near,​
Poems Written By Me/ Copywrited By Howard Ely
Blessings Bestowed As darkness fades...slowly from sight, the sun arises, a light so bright, as dew kisses...the tender rose, the warmth...of the sun grows, we open our eyes...taking in this beautiful sight, Just as we shut them...every night, The fresh sent...of the morning mist, A child's could not miss, upon the pillow next to you... rests the head of your loving groom, This is the time...all is perfectly in sight, now is when Ill call to you, shut my eyes once agin...clasp my hands, lower my chin, and gently say unto you...thank you lord for this day for the love, the light, for the mornings dew, the mist and even the rose and most of all, for all the people you allow me to hold! Stephanie Michelle Herrera Copyright ©2008 Stephanie Michelle Herrera ************************************************** A Promise of Loyalty and Dedication You are my master, I am your slave, Loyal and devoted till the end of our days I promise to serve y
Poem For Soldiers In War And At Home
you can copy this poem only to share, but please do not take credit for my work. _____________________________________________ Often The thoughts of those who stand eye to eye with us will seldom shed their hardened skins and let us in the things those men and women have been through will suffice with each tear shed for the things they have seen and heard in battle they will seldom reach out for shelter among loved ones they just couldn't understand what had been seen from the soldier's eyes true, life will carry on but not anywhere near as where it was before battle often thinking why they should be there when their families want them safe often praying that they can return home safe to their families and friends and often wishing that the cries of their ghosts will stop with the next nightmare for many peace shall never come, but they will overcome the restless nights though they may never forget what has occurred in their lives in the fight they often pray for forgiveness of what
Poem 23: Notwithstanding
Notwithstanding Poem 23: from A View From An Empty Room In My Mind Notwithstanding the test of time, Not without the loves of my life; I am being sorely suffocated from a distance by hands wearing bitter gloves of punishment. A falling snowflake found a spot in my heart, reminding me of past sins and unfortunate crime. The cold I can ignore, The distance I can close in my mind, but the sounds of a temple bell resonating ripples from prior lives stir darker emotions. I walk along the edge of my shadow, wondering if I know who I am really following for I cannot be distracted if I am to seek a few answers to many questions. Bereft am I, senseless and heartbroken as I expected more. Noteworthy ideas are kept in a jar, Newsworthy adventures are without an audience; I am unsure in quivering ways if I can be true to my dreams or end them by an act of treason, fearing the simplicity of a difficult discourse. A ray of light peeked from my soul, blinding my vision o
You peoples my peoples your peoples, my kind your kind that the kind? My family your family, my friends your friends, my parent your parent, my brothers and sisters,your brothers and sisters. That human being! What we fighting for? Why there so much dislike and hatred in us all? Is it the pride? Is it the racial? Or because we just too proud? Of our tongue, hidden fear showing bravery, became an ugly soul. How much does we really needed? We not enough? We steals, we lies, We cheat, We robs, don't give a damn you suffers and hurts! Until we get what we want to fulfil our greediness! Why there is war around us? War again my-your own country! War again my-your peoples! War again my-your family! War again each other racial! War of the colour, blinded with evils, craving for power! To kill to conquer a fellow human being? You peoples, big and small, tall and shorts running warm blooded though the vain! You peoples, living on the earth! enough for everyone to
He is I; I Am Him ;Me And Me- A thought process poem So Often I Wonder Who I am... As I look into the night I have been in wonder To each day I walk with no insight to whom I became or will become Contemplating the meaning of my drift through life Do I really know myself or am I just a stranger to me The Only Reality is know ones' self But to know ones' self is to live To often I just drift, not living Just filling a void of time and space And who will I be In the future...
Today I shed a tear for you Please know that I am near by and hear a wisper of sorrow Yet you hide your sadness from me. I too am sad that you haven't turned to me to share your heart A dove has stopped flying... A wisper of sorrow... Today I shed a tear for you... To my ear I hear your cry Shattered is your heart I am to listen for no one else will A wisper of sorrow hits my open ear As words finally flood my heart of what you have said Today I Shed A Tear For You
A Poem For You
I think of no one else for there is only you your smile quickly melts me what am i to do i worry and i fret when you are not near the thought of you hurt is my greatest fear i send you kisses at night where ever you may be i ask my guardian angel to protect you, instead of me i can not pretend or lie anymore no longer can my feelings hide closed behind a door in my eyes you're perfect there's no wrong that you can do for i finally realize that I'm in love with you
Poem By Dana Larsen
A pot Please share and distribute freely GREEN BUDS AND HASH Would you like green buds and hash? - No I would not, Mister Stash! Would you like them in a bong? Would you like them all day long? - No I would not in a bong! - No I would not all day long! - I do not like green buds and hash. - I do not want them Mister Stash! Would you like them wrapped in paper? Will you try them now or later? - I do not want them wrapped in paper. - I don't want them now or later. - I don't want them in a bong, - I do not want them all day long. - I do not like green buds and hash, - I do not want them Mister Stash! Would you like them in a joint? - No I would not, what's the point? Perhaps you would prefer a puff? Just have one, that is enough. - I won't partake, not of a puff, - Nor a hoot, nor hit, nor huff! Would you try a tiny toke? - No I don't want any smoke! What if they were vaporized? - I've told you no a thousand times! Would you, could
Life is like a dance, Every step you make, Every breath you take, Is a new chance. A chance to make a change, Take a new path, With no certain direction, You'll always make a connection. Connections that last, From the future to the past, They can be fun, They can make you want to run. Friends stay with you, To help guide you, Friends are forever, In your future, In your past.
Poem Called Touch Me ♥
Touch me softly, With your beautiful lips Touch me gently, Put your hands on my hips, Touch me, You won't hurt me, If you do it passionately It's the middle of the night And my body is calling your name, I'll touch you, If you do the same Just touch me, I'll touch you, I need you, I need you to touch me........... Mmmmmm...
Poem Of Love (a Work In Progress)
God knew what he was doing When he sent you for me to love He knew right from the very start That you alone would capture my heart Eyes so green, hair of night Relieve me of my lonely plight Joyful laughter now fills the air Where once only sobs lingered there My heart quickens at the thought of you Twinkling like the morning dew Your love surrounds me now For God has willed by the sweat of his brow Handle it with care and love It has been blessed by Him above Your warm caresses touch my soul My heart now yours to take at will
the touch of her Master's hand His presence brings a happiness and joy into her life unlike any other His voice commands her body to do what no other can command her to do speaks the kind of love that only He can give His scent lingers upon her memory keeping Him with her always the sparkle in His eyes when His slave is allowed the pleasure of gazing into Them lingers in her memory like the twinkling of the stars in the heavens His smile touches her within letting her know His pleasure, His pride His joy, His love oh but His touch the touch of her Master's hand sends a thrill throughout her soul a tremble throughout her body a quickening within her heart a stirring within her innermost being that only the touch of her Master can do it stirs within her the fires of slavery of wanting to please and serve it stirs within her that ancient desire to give of her all to the One who owns a
Master Sir I felt your love go through me, when the candle dripped slowly onto my milky skin I knew how deep your love was for me as the flames become one with my sweetness You have molded me into a slave I can't deny. One drop has me bound as I become wild. Two drops sent me into ecstasy as my orgasm climb over the edge. The thorns pricked my skin and dropped blood from my wetness and you suckled it away. My hips rose and my clit met the wild thorn with pleasure. My body rose and become one with drops of fire. I beg for more as you walk away and leave my sweetness dripping Master please don't leave your slave like this take her into the darkness of pain. My slave I leave you dripping for my hunger The pain you will feel is nothing like what I am going to give you. The fire will dance across your body and the candle will burn into your clit leaving you to crave your Master Sir You will beg me to b
A Poem...
LOST I am lost in the darkness, That is my life. I want to sleep, Until it is all over. I am lost in the darkest tunnel, In the biggest mountain. I am confused and sad, Frustrated and losing hope. I miss waking up, To a bright day. Looking forward to nothing. My job is going downhill, My life is going downhill. Why do I feel like this? Is there something I can do, To provide for my family? What can I do? I am lost in the darkest tunnel, In the biggest mountain… And I see NO WAY OUT! There has to be a way, Out of this tunnel. Help me out of the darkness, Back to reality. Nevermind… I HATE MY REALITY!! By: Michael The Smokin’ Gator
Poems From Myspace - The Popular Ones
The Popular Ones They always told me I was ugly, a nobody, a loser, no one likes me. I would take that message back to my heart, there it would tare me apart until I was in complete agony. I would toss and turn at night wondering if they were wrong or right, hoping I could have one tearless night. At school in the mornings I would stay out of sight, out of the reach of their judging eyes. Instead of standing up for myself, I would run in the bathroom, look in the mirror, and try to convince myself. "Apples pull it together look at you, you're fucking beautiful. Your eyes, your lips, your skin, can't you see? You're one of a kind, not a loser, that's not an illusion, hunny.." Alas, no matter how hard I tired to persuade myself, I sooner or later had to step out from that bathroom, and all the harsh words came rushing back to my senses. I would be overwhelmed but go through my day, keeping a mirror in my purse to reflect my way. Like a security blanket, there comes a day, when y
A Poem
Bruises on my arms making me want to reopen my scars. I'm praying for help and wishing on the stars. That my guardian angel will come take me away and stop this pain. But i don't want you to know i'm crying so i stand in the rain. And let the tears just run down my face. Not lettin you see the hate for your disgrace. The marks on my arm i wear as proof that you dont give a f**k about me. These bruises are here on me for everyone to see. Taking advantage of a sweet caring girl. Thinking of your disgusting demeanor makes me want to hurl.
A poem for you I think of no one else for there is only you your smile quickly melts me what am i to do i worry and i fret when you are not near the thought of you hurt is my greatest fear i send you kisses at night where ever you may be i ask my guardian angel to protect you, instead of me i can not pretend or lie anymore no longer can my feelings hide closed behind a door in my eyes you're perfect there's no wrong that you can do for i finally realize that I'm in love with you
Patience Your words vibrate through my soul Awakenings and racing thoughts on the go My heart has been hit You need to know My friends flash warnings Love and concern casts their doubts How could I know They steer me away In the shadows I stay Not letting go My mind has lost control I just don't know Ulterior motives Player on the move All possibilities What do I have to lose I voice my fears Heart already shakes and quivers You listen and feel "Patience" you reveal I'm scared I'm excited I'm anxious I'm delighted Emotions unlocked I let you in Feelings enhanced There's no return Your words sing to me Time soars by I'm entranced by you Pure laughter and joy I feel a great loss When we're unable to talk I can never get enough You've become a part of me I follow my heart It's all I can do Time will tell If our love is true "Patience" you say Patient I will be Shutting out The voices surrounding me
I love you!!!!! I love you with all my heart I thought that you should know, But you don?t think I mean it how can this be so. You mean the world to me and you light up my day, You touch my heart in every sweet way. I thought that my heart would be locked forever, and my life would be apart, Then you touched my life and you unlocked and put a beat in my heart. I want to say that I love you and you are always on my mind, A man as wonderful as you is very hard to find. It makes me feel comfort when you are with me by my side, The love that I have for you is obvious and is something I cannot hide. I love when I hold your hand because you have the biggest place in my heart, And every day I pray that we will never be apart. I love you so much and I want you to see, There is no one else in my life but you I just wish that you would believe. You bring the rays of sunshine into my life everyday that I am with you, The love that I have for you is clearly pure and very true. W
With all my heart I never really believed, In this whole "love" thing, But when I first saw your face, I could hear my heart sing. That sweet smile on your face, The gentle look in your eye, Just one look at you, And I could hear myself sigh. I gathered my courage, And walked right up to you, From that day foward, I knew it was true. We just started out as friends, And talking on the phone, But I couldn't take it anymore, So I let my true feelings be shown. I told you how I really felt, The love I had for you, My worst fear was you'd turn away, But that turned out not to be true. You told me you felt the same, But had the same fear as me, From that day foward, We knew it was meant to be. I hope we'll always be together, And things will never tear apart, I'd also like to remind you, That I love you with all my heart.
My True Bestfriend There's been so many times al where I've needed you as my friend, No matter what the reason is you be there til the end. Every time i need to talk or I'm sad and feeling blue, you understand, your honest and you'll give your point of view. You always put me first if i need you to be there, I appreciate you doing this it shows how much you really care. Your unconditional friendship showed me the person i am inside, and just to be myself is something i never have to hide. If you ever need anything, anytime day or night I promise i will be there to try and make it right. Cos i hope i can do for you all the things you've done for me, Cos a true friend is what you forever will always be.
My Beautiful Friend You made me laugh when I cried so hard You gave me bracelets to cover my scars You held me close when I was so cold You offered a comforting hand to hold You picked me up whenever I fell You showed me heaven when I was blinded by hell You answered my calls in the darkened night You gave me the reasons to hold on and fight You rescued me when I was drowning in pain You placed me back on the right path again You loved me forever and stayed by my side You entered my heart as an angel to guide You may not be with me so much anymore But I know you will leave open a beckoning door I miss you so much but I'll fight till the end I love you so much my Bestest friend.
Still here waiting for you!!!!! As I look into your eyes I can't seem to look away I get lost into the moment Each and every day You thought I didn't like you You thought that I moved on But to tell you the total truth... My feelings aren't gone I'm still here, still waiting For us to finally be I'll stay here for as long as it takes For you to be with me I'm still here inside your heart I'll never give up on you You'll never find anyone else Who loves you like I do I'm still here just waiting For you to finally realize I'm still here waiting for you to see me How I see you through my eyes
Tortured Dream! I dream a tortured dream of us in another realm your are a perfect gem but he's at the helm my heart is snapped, like footsteps on stems the room begins to spin and i throw up phlegm I dream a tortured dream you are there screaming but I'm nowhere to be seen your perfect in your being but i cannot alleviate the pain Your eyes are glassy they seem hollow my heart it bellows, in agony as i watch this distorted reality I dream a tortured a dream a dream where we never met a dream where we were never in love A dream where i was angry and alone a dream where my heart was cold like stone A dream in which I had a gruesome grimly grimace No Hope, no candle light dinners, in this dream i lost innocence I awoke from a tortured dream! You were there by my side, all my fears and doubts subside You are my strength deep inside you are the moon and i am the tide, you are the reason i rise i see hope in your eyes those eyes that see through this g
Dreaming I dream of you In the stillness of the night Your arms are the wind Holding me tight Whispering softly Calling my name It's your voice I hear, again and again My heart is full, yet empty too Because the one thing I want and can't have Is you
Always and Forever It is dark, no light remains. The sound of stinging rain on my window pain. A flash of lightning a clap of thunder. As my pulse quickens I begin to wonder. Where did you come from? Who sent you? God heard my every prayer old, but few. I see your face in the flashes of light. You're magical eyes green with delight. I've come to know you, from a fate above. And through this poem I express my love. Like the burning candles, I dance with thee. Far from any doubt, you belong to me. Promises were made, whether they keep or not. But my hope is strong, I have no more doubt. I think of you often, and I pray everyday. That this love that you have for me, shall never stray. For I love you more than any word can say. The sparks struck bright on our lucky day. But now he have night, for morning will soon come. Let us make the best of it, before the world makes a turn. Put your hands on me darling, and show me the way. To the locked caverns of you
A Love Like Yours A Love like yours Is like a summer breeze It brings comfort And makes me feel at ease A Love like yours Keeps a smile on my face No room for sadness or displace A Love like yours can only enhance There’s no way this love is by chance A Love like yours Can only be part of a divine plan In my heart you’re the only man A love like yours I adore to embrace Your special love is our secret place
Do I Believe In True Love? Love at first site can not be true, When we first met, I indirectly made fun of you, I did not know what others knew, I did not know that you were you. I wondered why for you they cared, I figured no such love could be true, I always wondered what they had shared, I did not know that you were you. I’ve only known you to be taken, I never thought hope could renew, Only wishing that I was mistaken, I did not know that you were you. You told me you didn’t want to hurt me, I said that there was nothing I wouldn’t do, To my heart; I gave you the key, I did not know that you were you. Alawys a secret; always discrete, There only should ever be two, With you I see how bad I cheat, I did not know that you were you. I’ve made mistakes, some that can’t be compared, You told me my love would hurt me, hurt you, I said that all the pain could be bared, I did not know that you were you. Love at first site can not be true, When we fir
I Know You Are The One When we have been together I know you are what I want When I look at how pretty you are I know you are what I want When you make me laugh I know you are what I want When we talk together just talking I know you are what I want No matter what we have been through I know you are what I want I thank the Lord above for revealing to me I know you are what I want
Long Distance Love Long distance love is unique It's a learning experience Long distance love is very special It's a test of Faith Long distance love is very unique It's a growing sensation in the Heart Long distance love is awkward at times It can be very emotional Long distance love is very unique It's sharing feelings and dreams Long distance love is a test of our love It's a test of Trust Long distance love is unique It is worth taking a chance to explore Long distance love is miles apart It's only space between two people Long distance love is Believing Long distance love is what we have It is very unique Long distance love is Real
Love Like A Rose As I touch your soft face, It reminds me of a deep, Red Rose petal, Rich in colour and Beautiful in sight, Tender to touch and easy to break. Just like a heart filled with your sweet love, You touch my heart in special ways, In each and every loving day. If I could wish for one thing tonight, It would be for us never to fight! Coz' everyone knows- that a fight leads to tears, And out of all my worst fears, losing you... Would make the tears,never stop falling, Down my soft petal face. So look deep into your heart, And think of it like a rose, It can grow big a Beautiful, By being filled with love, Or it can die by sheding its petals, Like people shead their tears. That's how loves dies my sweet! So why do you think... I'm never going to say Goodbye?!?
My Baby, My Man My Baby is so Kind He makes my Heart Flutter. My Baby is Wonderful He is very Loving. My Baby is far away He is very close in my Heart. My Baby is Wonderful His Heart is why my Heart Flutters. My Baby is who I want to be with He is my Dream Come True. My Baby Is My Man He makes me Smile Inside and out. My Baby Is A Loving Man He shares his Loving Heart with Me. My Baby, My Man His Love Is Very True and Sincere. My Baby, My Man I LOVE YOU!!!
To The One I Love Every night before bed I say a prayer for the love of my life The one who I love with all my heart The one who fills my thoughts from day until night You share every bit of my world You are that missing puzzle piece You are the spark that started the fire That burns deep within me I can never inform you enough Of the love I have for you within Yes there was a beginning to this love But I promise you there will be no end Forever, endless, and true Are what describe my love for you You my dear are living proof That wishes really do come true I love you so much There's nothing left to say Except you are truly special and unique to me In every single way
Poem # Watever I Forget
Poem- Little Angels
When God calls little children, To dwell with him above. We mortals sometimes question, The wisdom of his love.. For no heartache compares with The death of one small child Who does so much to make our world Seem wonderful, and mild.. Perhaps God tires of calling The aged to his fold, And so he picks a rosebud, Before it can grow old.. God knows how much we need them, And so he takes but few, To make the land of Heaven More beautiful to view.. Believing this is difficult Still, somehow we must try, The saddest word mankind knows Will always be "Goodbye".. So when a little child departs, We who are left behind Must realize, God loves children.. Angels are hard to find..
“FORGIVIN” Wicked people Evil eyes Crazy thoughts of suicide Pills Knifes Razor blades Life plays on today Will it happen How indeed Should I say anything My eyes say yes My heart says no How far will it go Will it work Will I be stopped Dose it matter if I get caught What will happen Will I die Will I live Will I take another try At this point of suicide Pills Knifes Razor blades My choice of pain today! BY: LMN
A Poem
I felt a sudden inspiration, so I wrote a short poem. Leave me love, comments, criticism, concerns, suggestions, rotting tomatoes, whatever, I wanna hear it. I wrote this in five minutes or less, and I don't write that often, and okay, no more excuses, here goes... It's called "I am" for what you will soon see are obvious reasons. I am Multi-faceted like Loreal Feria Multi-faceted shimmering hair color #60, crystal brown. I am Multi-faceted like a princess cut diamond engagement ring, $2,700, platinum. I am Multi-faceted like a mullet that stays business in the front, party in the back, $9.99 plus tax and tip at Super Cuts. I am Late-night Lady and Studious Student, Marja Morgan, pleasure to meet you. I am A gym-rat-health-freak and also enjoy moving my thumb back and forth on a grape-flavored Swisher Sweet, watching it twist between my pointer and middle finger as I watch the smoke fill my vision and feel the moment as nothing but sensual. I am
Poem From A Friend
this is a little poem a friend of mine said to read and i agree with it alot an its true. i love the poem david hope don't mind i repost it As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back
Poem I Found
I am a woman. At times even a lady. And at any time, a willing,passionate, talented partner in bed. I also like to be held and talked to During those lonely hours of the night When i feel so alone in the world, crying into my pillow. There’s never anyone to hear me or to care. Maybe i should become the kind of woman men seem to like: A perfect 38-24-36 and the type To simper and flirt and act dumb for a man. But that isn’t who i am, and i will not be that kind of woman. Or accept the man who wants me that way. Still, nights like tonight the loneliness is overpowering. I begin to doubt in the kind of woman i am. I wonder when, if ever, there will be that man Who can appreciate me and see into my heart and soul And realize the loneliness lurking there. With the need and ability to love someone til we’re old and gray And who trust in the woman i am To keep the heart and soul of her man Safe from harm for all eternity.
Once I loved once it was grand The beating of hearts in unison Clasp my hand and say nothing Ultimately understanding the silence I cried once it tore me apart My heart was then very alone My arms holding my being tightly Never calming the tears that followed I sigh now wishing I knew why Trying to comprehend my own motions I fall to me knees and throw my hands up Tell me why do I deserve to be left alone? I'll die one day and rest silently My hands being placed meticulously My face will look hollow love deprived The feeling that love has left me will die w/ me
I MISS YOU I miss you,miss you,miss you; Everything i do echoes with the laughter and the voice of you. you're on every corner, Every turn and twist, every old familiar spot Whispers how you're missed. I miss you,miss you,miss you! Everywhere I go There are poignant memories dancing in the row. Silhoutte and shadow of your and face, sudstance and reality Everywhere displace. Oh,I miss you,miss you! God! I miss you,girl!there's a strange, sad silence Mid the busy whirl, Just as tho' the ordinary daily thinys i do Wait with me, expectant for a word from you. I MISS YOU ,I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU
Poem 3
To touch the cupwith eager lips and taste,not drain it; To woo and tempt and court a bliss-and not attain it; To fondle and caress a joy, yet hold it lightly, Lest it become necessity and cling too tightly; To watch the set in the west without regretting; To hail its advent in the east-the night forgetting; To smother care in happiness and grief in laughter; To hold the present close-not questioning hereafter; To have enough to share-to know the joy of giving; To thrill with all the sweets of life-is living.
Life in the fast lane... Just trying to relax in the fast lane. 2 days isn't enough time, back to the grind, my money is always spent before i get it. Always trying to make people happy. But what I really want is to rest. Life in the fast lane doesn't leave time to stop or to slow down to enjoy my life. I know I need to slow down or my life is going to pass me by. It is just so easy to go with the flow. the fast lane will just get me there without any fun. I need to rest before I die. by: marlene brown
A Poem I Wrote To My Husband
To my loving husband Love it was just a word, Just one word. Then you entered my life. Now love is so many things . Its a dream , a dream come true . It is beautiful and joyful, Just as you are .And Like you love is precious. Comforting, powerful and yet graceful Love our love is Our journey together. Love , No longer just one word. Love is the endless bond . entwining our two hearts into one. I LOVE YOU !!!!
Poem I Wrote Called "falling Apart" By Christina B..
I've given away my heart, So it could be torn into pieces. He left me with the feelings of betrayal and being forgotten. I'm so in love, yet so alone, with two years thrown away. Feeling his absense hurts the most. My constant urge to call is almost taking over, while on the other side, my cycle of feelings starts with rage. Slowly going into sadness, rage again, desperation, devastation, and finally denial. Every morning I open my eyes to emptiness. Seeing a long black hallway with nothing in between. This so-called love has taken over my life leaving me distracted. Days pass by and now my emotions are going crazy. Leaving me no choice but to vomit. To empty my pesimistic thoughts. To stop thinking my life is over. To stop my tears everynight from falling. To stop feeling like my heart has shattered into fifty pieces. The hardest part of moving on is the jealousy on top of all my misery. But soon enough I'll go to bed realizing I survived this struggle. I nee
Poem That Gives You Goosebumps
Poem That Gives You Goosebumps... A drunk man in an Oldsmobile They said had run the light That caused the six-car pileup On 109 that night When broken bodies lay about And blood was everywhere, The sirens screamed out eulogies, For death was in the air. A mother, trapped inside her car, Was heard above the noise; Her plaintive plea near split the air: "Oh, God, please spare my boys!" She fought to loose her pinned hands, She struggled to get free, But mangled metal held her fast In grim captivity. Her frightened eyes then focused On where the back seat once had been, But all she saw was broken glass and Two children's seats crushed in. Her twins were nowhere to be seen; She did not hear them cry, And then she prayed they'd been thrown free, "Oh, God, don't let them die! " Then firemen came and cut her loose, But when they searched the back, They found therein no little boys, But the seat belts were intact. They thought the woman had gone mad An
Poem From My Daughter
17 Years It's hard to believe it's been seventeen years I'm so proud of the person I'm becoming I make a lot of mistakes I know But at the end of the day I realize something I do more good than bad And that makes me feel proud But I'm not just proud of myself Because I feel someone else deserves that credit That person has done so much for me She has given me everything I needed in life I never got everything I wanted and I am so glad Because it would have just spoiled me and made me someone else Because I didn't get everything I wanted I learned to appreciate the things I got So I found that it is better to get a little than a lot That person also made me generous And when I blow my money At least it's not always on myself That person made me as friendly as I am Not hateful to everyone in sight And now I have more friends than I could imagine I ha
The Poems Keep Coming
I am the defiler of the mind, And the killer of the soul. How much was lost you will find, To be more than something foul How could you be the genious of our time. How could i be the killer in this rhyme Do you really care if i murder your thought How much of your opinion will you let be bought How much of your soul will be defiled by me When i make you die i'll smile with much glee And yes this is truely me And how true it is i want you to see I will hack your body into pieces Until this failed existence ceases I will forever be here my true intent never clear And the voices you will never hear When they fail to a deaf ear. At the end i will make you all quiver in fear. Im the defiler of your mind And i will be found in due time.
Trust has been lost Friendships are broken Tears running down my face Knowing their for not necessary Trust had been lost Forever Knowing the truth While being told a lie Making choices Knowing the Truth No turning back Was lost and now I am free From the lies Betrayed Forever Denial is gone So is trust Moving on from The broken trust
Heart is broken Hurts to much Can not care any more Will not touch Friends are lost So is Trust The heart still broken Tears some slowly Will stop soon Can not deal any more Might just leave Not needed around Feeling lost Always alone Lost in a daze Eyes blurry from tears Soon it will end Time will come Heart is still broken Incredibly numb
Bodies touching Minds racing Arms embracing Touch of lips Fingers sliding Heart beating faster Running down the spine Shivering from the touch Breathing in harder Bodies moving together Slowly moving Pulse racing Reaching the end Sweat dripping Sheet tangled Sweet love made Laying beside you Touching your arm Down your back Closing eyes Falling asleep In loving arms Knowing its Forever In love Feeling Uncontrollable
Lingering touch Tight embrace Thing for longing Time cannot replace Lips touching Arms caressing Bodies needing To feel the love Making slow movement Light and dark Bodies shining from sweat Hearts beating harder Tempters rising Slowly coming down Touching each other Love among us Acing for what had passed Waiting for more to come The future is there Time for love To be Forever And a day Remember the sweet bliss
Hurt an anguish Torn apart Broken Like my heart Feel no pain End no sorrow But will gone on Like there is no tomorrow Hurt will fade Love is lost At the end there is no Cost Love will come And some will stay I alone Will face the day Won’t end the pain That not the way Will go on Live another day Hard as it is Time will pass Wounds will heal Heart will mend Trust in time
The thoughts of you Run though my mind Like a curse That won’t go away The thought of you sticks in my head Making me think about Things that had been said The wrong an the right all the same now The thought of you Is like the wind there but I can’t see it Making me cry When I think about What we had How it ended Made me sad But now The thought of you Makes me Smile No longer in Denial
Little angel from heaven Came down So precious And tiny For me to care For one little thing Can change me forever Having her With me from now Till she is grown Emotions I did not know I had Till I held such a tiny precious being She is my little angel from heaven And I thank you for giving me her So precious and small So full of love and innocence Not know the dangers around I shall protect you Best I can Little angel of mine
Past is now present Something That I Wish Didn’t come back Time for Innocence Which was taken away? Forgetting what happened Dealing with the pain Years go by Time goes by Trying to forget Not being able to Remembering over and over Things coming back Trying to forget But not really forgetting My past came back Crossed paths again Ignoring the signs Going on with life
In The Dark Alone I Sit Crying At What Was Thinking it Shouldn’t of Ended When it had not really begun Feeling lose an Sadness Heart Shattered to Pieces Not wanting it To End Facing the Truth Wasn’t for us to be? Alone I am again Trusting no one Alone I Will be Forever And now on Loving No One Just Wishing for Love Which  is lost
Dreams don’t seem to stop Can’t breath when I wake Harder to think when I do sleep Thinking what had been done The violations upon my being Piercing into my mind Can’t seem to make it go away Always lingering around The night mares will never end This night here is real It won’t end It never has Wishing I had a means to stop This nightmare which seems to stay In my mind each day Nothings changed just my thoughts In the process of healing It has not fully been It Won’t.. The tears still come The loss of breath Lack of control Blaming ones self For what was done Which wasn’t at fault Couldn’t control ones actions Locking away the heart Won’t Suffer Won’t be Broken Won’t let it happen again Never again
Poems And Other Things
JUS PARTS OF WHAT THE SONG THAT KEEPS RUNNING THRU MY HEAD All I wanted to do was stand close to you Look into your eyes and say to you I'm under some kind of spell I'm mesmerized by you I don't mean to stare So please don t glare There's a lustful flair Growing deep inside There's something screaming from your soul I just want to be sure I am trying to figure it out Is it screaming at me, I so have my doubts As I feel his controlling eyes burning thru me. SCREAMING SOULS Looking into others eyes Reflections of their screaming souls Wanting life that's not their own The painful cries of things that are The wanting of something more Why do we live the life we live? We do we sit in our own shit? What makes us stay in our unhappiness? When things we want are just a stare away Looking at where we are Our fears keep us sitting here in the dark Not letting us reach out for What it is we long to know Something else we want to touch Somewhere else we w
A Poem By Bleedingeyes
i was in broken pieces. i was shattered on the floor. i was crying in tears. i felt no reason for being here. but you gave me a reason to fight this bad feeling. you gave me something to believe in. every time you say hi to me. i have to take a time to catch my breath. im always smiling when i talk to you. how could someone want to talk to a guy like me. you gave me a reason to believe. i feel whole again. i never want to go to sleep. i dont want this day to end. every time i think of you. I'm glad i have you in my life. i never thought of someone as beautiful as you would talk to me. every time you say hi to me. i have to stop and catch my breath. you are too beautiful to describe in words. knowing you is a blessing. if i can only think of the words telling you how happy i am for you being here.
"No Expectations" Is there really a way to get over the spliting up with someone you truly care for and love? How do we get beyond the pain and heartache that comes from such a traumatic time in life? People are always saying that you will get over it and find another. How can they possibly know how you will be feeling in a month or in a year from now? They can not foresee the future. I know all of us are destined to find love in our life,yet in the back of my mind,I often question it so much. Wondering if I shall be able to love some one as much as I did my lost love. Guess that only time will tell what is to come my way in life. All I can really do is take things one moment to the next,not at all having any kind of expectations that would be shattered. P.J.Page Jan.28,2009 7:56am
"One Single Thought" For quite a while now,I have been stuck in a very deep depression mode and not being able to find my way out.Continuously feeling as if nothing can ever make me feel at ease.Staying on ege and wanting it all to end. I know that this state of mind I've been in truly isnot either good for me emotionally nor physically. Draining my body's energy out slowly,as if it were an automobile tire that has a small pin hole in it. Yet here for the past couple of days,I have been actually having some what half descent times.Not worrying about things and being able to once again be able to talk with my dear and close friends on the computer. I must say though,the past two weeks have not been the very best.For on the fourteenth of January,two thousand-nine,I lost my most closest of uncles to an accident while on his way home from work. Then on the twenty-fourth of this month,I had my thirty-seventh birthday.To no surprise,there was no celebration
A tears is a tear and i wear it proud becuase no other man will knock me down when i turn around and see what i can see he will realize what he did to me you dont need to lie especially to me i thought i was everything your little wife' i thought you loved me i thought you cared? what are you hiding from why are you so scared to let your feelings compine with mine we could have made heavens doors shine but now its to late i am already done i guess you could say it has been fun now i will end with this letter written from me i just wish it didnt have to be like this forever but i am sick of being hurt that is why a tear is a tear and i wear it proud
A Poem I Wrote Many Years Ago For A Friend
The Path Two mothers Two infants One born to a family of believers The others existing The firt infant flourishes her path unknown The second is sickly Her path to unfold Our Lord has many paths for those he chooses to place upon this earth Some paths are long... Never seeming to have meaning Some paths are short and purposeful Yet, Meaning and Purpose may elude those around and leave us to ponder: The True Path Set Before Us We can be assured Our main path is to glorify our King Our Heavenly Father Christ We may at times have questions Never seeming to be answered At times, The answeres are merely outcomes Of the circumstances Surrounding our lives
Poem: Watch
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
Poem: The Hunt Begins
The full moon rises to the sound of a wolves' howling cry. Howling as a shadow is spotted emerging from the darkest of night. The wolf howls decreased and he creeps forward as trying not to pry. Glowing eyes he sees from the darkness and soon it takes flight. The wolf cowers to the ground as his Master soars above. The greatest of the Vampyres putting movie vamps to shame. Flying around as a dark graceful dove. Landing in a park eyes searching for the mundane. The wolf trots beside his Lord and surveys the land. Looking up into his Master's eyes and with a nod leaves his side. The Vampyre watches as his Were disappears. He has served him well throughout the years. Walking cautiously not making a sound. He smells blood in the air and turns around. His dark eyes spots an underground night club and smile he does. Flashing his teeth in the translucent light. Slowly he walks forward into the club and out of sight.
Poem From My Sweet Fu Sis And A Dear Bestfriend Ever..
Poem - Shadows
Watching fire in cold night waiting for your beautiful sight old clock is tickling on the wall time is going on fire is so small. Watching fire and imagining your face close to me in my embrace kissing your soft lips like a poison it slowly dips. Snow is falling down, night is lonely hearth is beating like a clock, feeling kisses on my lips watching your eyes on my face is bliss.
I realized something today Something Ill never understand And the more I think about it The worse it makes me feel I need freedom agian Where has it gone Is it hidden in the face of my friend Or gone in the face of my enemy Not just my enemy But The enemy of all mankind Evil Despair And malice are my foes I need the freedom of knowing the happy ending exsists Need the freedom to know the world sees the love there is left to claim I live knowing I cannot understand Why the greatest souls experience such pain But I'll I know is I'll continue my journey I continue to make the world better Continue to show the world the happiness there is And I hope youll be there behind me To help me through this journey For all the rest of the time to come I just want to thank you For being there for me And so I say I love you Like family as I say I just want you to know You help more than youll ever know And I hope you continue to do so Just know i thank you For all you ha
Poem - Called Plee Of A Broken Heart
I'm tryinng to forget what you did to me, i'm giveing you another chance, you broke my heart and pushed me back, i thought we'd come so far, i'm putting myself out there, i'm fighting with myself, i'm battleing and struggling, just to be with you, you've made so many promises, all ones ive heard before, i only hope its true this time, am i fool for believing you? am i fool for forgiving you? am i fool just for loving you? my heart plee's with you, plee's you not to hurt me again, plee's you to keep your word, plee's you to make me fall in love with you again, earn my trust, earn my love, earn my faith, give me a reason to believe again. And please from the bottom of this broken heart, dont deceive me again.
Poem Called - Last Tears I Cry For You
Is there such thing as fate? Can this be changed? Or are we going to be nothing? Remember when we used to stay Together everyday, it wasn’t enough But now look at us It feels so wrong to look at you again This is the last time I give up my heart We fell apart so tragic and sudden But nothing can be done to help us anymore I must move on For I know I’ll never see you Again Please just think of me sometimes Last tears I’ll cry for you Was this something that meant to be? You, away from me I can’t help my tears Tell me why I can’t live without Your warm embrace and a kiss Did I mean nothing to you? Was I just another ghost You spent your day with? This is the last time I give up my heart We fell apart so tragic and sudden But nothing can be done to help us anymore I must move on For I know I’ll never see you Again Please just think of me sometimes Last tears I’ll cry for you Come on just smile at me Tell me it’s okay Like how you used to in the
A Poem To My Daughter
MY one and only my baby girl: your my one and only my baby girl, you have brought a whole new meaning to love in this world, when i was blessed with you i was blessed with a gift, the greatest gift that anyone could ever have, when ever you need mommy just reach out your hand, your my one and only my baby girl and i am so glad i brought you into this world. love always mommy
Poem What People In My Life Had Made Me Today
you say i will never find love, you say i am no good, you say that since i am not the same my life will be hell, in all reality my life is well, me not being the same brings my past to be the blame, i have found all the love i need and she is right here with me, the only one in this world that could show me a love that is real, i am the best there ever was and ever could be, so all of you that have fucked me look at what i have become to be, this is what you made me!
I think i have loved you from the staert you are the purest thing in my hheart when you are with me you make life better it is like i am cold and you aremy sweater you moke life worth living longer when i think of you it make me stronger every moment with you is worth while it helps alot when you smile life without you i could not bare every dream without you is a nightmare life without you just would not be i think you could say you complete me i hope you believe me when i say all of this is true only thing i can say now is that I Love You.
A Poem For My Dad
A Fathers touch, A Daddy's kiss, A grieving Daughter, You're greatly missed. An empty house, An empty chair, A fathers love, No longer there. A broken heart, Tear filled eye, Another soul to fill the sky. Many memories in my mind, Some I laugh, Some I cry. The times we shared, The laughs we had, Things I miss when I think of you Dad. Realizing that's all I have to hold on too, Only memories, Of what once was you. Missing your laugh, I will never again hear. That is the reality that fills me with so much fear. No more smile on your face, No more warmth of your embrace. The last hug, The last kiss, The last "goodbye" leaves me with one last wish... To have you Dad, here today, Never to leave your Daughter this way. A Father's touch, A Daddy's kiss, A grieving Daughter, YOU'RE GREATLY MISSED!
A Poem A Wrote For A Man Who Doesn't Love Me
My unbreakable hope of dying with you upon my heart Living with your tender sweet kisses even when we are apart Dreaming of a long lived fantasy come true, where age is only a factor for fine wine And the envy of neighbors for our undying love- Divine A whisper of love, a kiss of fate, a hug of hope, my eternal soul mate With reality so sweet I find my nights lacking sleep I love you my darling My greatest defeat Yay its great to spend yet another valentines day heartbroken.
A Poem of Prayer > > > Dear Lord, > Im calling upon you to ask you for your help.I have come upon some troubles that i cannot handle on my own.They are too difficult to take on one by one,but with your help and guidence I can beat any odd against me.My faith and trust in you will help me mend all thats wrong in my life. > My life is in turmoil and I dont know right from wrong.So,I ask you dear Lord to help me please. > Im at the end of my rope and I dont know what to do. > So,I ask you to walk in the sand that is my life and place your footprints in mine and carry me through thtis troubled time. > I know I cant give up,because I know you wont let me.You keep me strong and you keep me fighting.You let me know that in my heart I will be ok,as long as I believe in myself and keep my faith in you. > Every time I feel like giving up on all that has gone wrong,I'll clasp my hands together,close my eyes,and say, > Lord are you there? > its me again, > let me tell you whats going
The Scene There was an emptiness inside me that burned Nothing could quench it no matter where I turned There had to be something out there to fill this void When I finally found You I was overjoyed Curious and eager, Timid and scared I reached out to You and with me You shared A lifestyle of which I had never dreamed Something far beyond me, or so it seemed Seeing the fear and need deep inside me You taught me how good it really can be To trust someone with my body and soul To know what it's like to finally be whole I knelt before You willingly submissive, naked and afraid The power, knowledge and patience of a Master were displayed You probed and touched and caressed and kissed Every inch of my body, not a spot You did miss You gave me a safeword and pushed me to use it Your teeth bit hard on my nipple but did not abuse it You proved to me that in You I could trust And in me grew a deep devotion and lust Bent over Your knees with my eyes shut tight Y
ocean waves wash my soul cleanse me of your smile and the memory of ten fingers entwined forever in a hopeless wish ...
As the sun sets on a distant horizon Hues of red and gold turn gray and black A waking storm seizes the tranquil sea Fearless mariners face nature’s attack Consumed by a plethora of violent waves The storm tattered sail was ripped from the mast Wind driven rain pelted the steadfast sailors Their diminishing hope was unsurpassed Unable to detect the course of his ship A call of distress descends on the night The summons is heard by Juliet The Angels keeper and mistress of light The temperamental fog bell has failed again With hammer in hand from the gallery she fled Perched on a stool for hours she sat Striking the bell till her fragile hands bled The unabated echo rang out through the night Desperately seeking the ill-fated crew Her gallant efforts did not go unheard With mornings light the ship was in view The waterlogged vessel passed through the gate Docking safely within San Francisco Bay Poised on the catwalk she smiled and waved “Ahoy there Capta
Put our Love Quotes on your Site or Blog for free! A red, red rose O my Luve's like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June; O my Luve's like the melodie That's sweetly played in tune. As fair art thou, my bonnie lass, So deep in luve am I; And I will luve thee still, my dear, Till a' the seas gang dry: Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt wi' the sun; I will luve thee still, my dear, While the sands o' life shall run. And fare thee weel, my only Luve, And fare thee weel awhile! And I will come again, my Luve, Tho' it ware ten thousand mile.
Poems Of The Emotions
as i sit in the dark of night i start to wounder is it worth the fight i struggle so hard just to make it through the day just for that day when he takes it all away and when i am gone looking back at my life i will thank god for everything especally a beautiful wife so while im still here lets bring nothing but cheer for one day ill be a memory while you drinking a beer
Poem Called : Leave Me The Pieces
What happened to the happiness I used to feel? Now I look up at the stars and wish I was there, But the pain just tears me apart And the tears wash away my soul What can I do to win your heart? What can I give in exchange for you love? What can I say to make you stay? Because I will do anything to be with you More than anything I want things to be like before But I know that cant be Because you'll never change You dont care about me You're hot and cold You're back and forth I know you dont want me For more than a toy So just do me one favor If I dare even ask When the time comes And you leave once again At least leave whats left of my heart
Poem Called Tears And Fears
Ripples, through an ocean spring of self loathing Stained upon my heavy heart for the world to never see What lies beyond is greater than pain, but pure intoxication Of a smothering reality which turned its back without reason Leaving open an empty void waiting still to be filled. Though time does tick by, a fight is fought here everyday! With dried up emotions too drained to care, what do I do? Continue along like all is good and nothing's wrong, how fun, The ways of life shown to me are but a burden to the soul And if forgetting was possible, perhaps id be a little in control. Ever heard the saying "Love makes the earth move"? Well yeah! Just the wrong way, that's sods law of bad luck, Try and try, fight on, but ask yourself though, what for? Because when all is said & done and today reaches tomorrow You'll get hurt and left alone, with only silence left to borrow. I'm not a bitter man who speaks of despair in abundance But there is a point where enough is
Poem Called : I Love You, I Love.... I Love You
Soaring. So close to the teasing winds, as love's lungs breathe life into our once hollow chests. And motionless veins suddenly ignite the need to flow steadily; beating peacefully. Lush green fields sway beneath performing clouds. Purity and holiness... Reflecting pinks, yellows, whites and gold linings... We lay on a checkered blanket. As rolling hills run rhymes into our minds. The pollen-scented breeze carries our love to God's heavenly kingdoms, where angels plant promises into the nourishing soil of unfolding futures. Bountiful blessings pour from spirit creatures. The angels swoop above and smile as with shining expressions of ardent affection, we exchange passionate gazes. Blue eyes meet brown, and lazy afternoons stretch into midnight galaxies. One look overturns the hours, into which we Dance. Your firm grip pulls my waist into your tall frame. A lingering kiss waves me goodbye as you push my body away, yet you still hold m
Poem....wrote 4 My Daughters....
The days seem to last forever..... without you near. I miss you even more..... without a chance to hold you. To only pray that soon. I can see the pain.... that without you here. Sometimes at night..... I lay awake and wonder. If you miss me..... as much as I do you. If only to just hold you.... and tell you.... how much I miss you.... without you near.
Poem Called Secret Love
I hid my love when young till I Couldn't bear the buzzing of a fly; I hid my love to my despite Till I could not bear to look at light: I dare not gaze upon her face But left her memory in each place; Where eer I saw a wild flower lie I kissed and bade my love good bye. I met her in the greenest dells Where dewdrops pearl the wood blue bells The lost breeze kissed her bright blue eye, The bee kissed and went singing by, A sunbeam found a passage there, A gold chain round her neck so fair; As secret as the wild bee's song She lay there all the summer long. I hid my love in field and town Till een the breeze would knock me down, The bees seemed singing ballads oer, The fly's bass turned a lion's roar; And even silence found a tongue, To haunt me all the summer long; The riddle nature could not prove Was nothing else but secret love.
A Poem Called : The Dream
Love, if I weep it will not matter, And if you laugh I shall not care; Foolish am I to think about it, But it is good to feel you there. Love, in my sleep I dreamed of waking, White and awful the moonlight reached Over the floor, and somewhere, somewhere There was a shutter loose - it screeched! Swung in the wind - and no wind blowing - I was afraid and turned to you, Put out my hand to you for comfort - And you were gone! Cold as the dew, Under my hand the moonlight lay! Love, if you laugh I shall not care, But if I weep it will not matter - Ah, it is good to feel you there.
A Poem Called Farwell Ungrateful Traitor!!
Farewell, ungrateful traitor! Farewell, my perjur'd swain! Let never injur'd woman Believe a man again. The pleasure of possessing Surpasses all expressing, But 'tis too short a blessing, And love too long a pain. 'Tis easy to deceive us In pity of your pain, But when we love, you leave us To rail at you in vain. Before we have descried it, There is no joy beside it, But she that once has tried it Will never love again. The passion you pretended Was only to obtain, But once the charm is ended, The charmer you disdain. Your love by ours we measure Till we have lost our treasure, But dying is a pleasure When living is a pain.
Poem Called : My Past
Before you came into my life I never saw the point in living I did what I wanted with no regret Until you became my everything I kept being told I have so much to live for But the truth was I had nothing I wanted to live for I didn't care and I started to destroy myself I was becoming a party girl and wh**e So many people tried to reach out But all their efforts were invain I didn't care because of my corrupted past I has no means or desire to change I began to fall deeper down I began to try and take my own life I tried so many times to end it all I would test my luck with fights and knives Then it all changed when you came I felt happy and alive for the first time You gave a me reason to live I was so happy to be yours and for you to be mine I want to quit it all for you When I found you I saw my future in you You are my heart, world and my everything You gave me and are my reason for living If I didn't have you, I would be someone everyone once kne
Poem Of Passion
Passions ignite, desire flares its about all that she can bear. flesh on flesh, lips on lips she cries out but no sound exists. His touch is like fire his eyes are like ice she gives to him all her control tonight. He takes it and does anything he might wish as she lies, crying, in a state of bliss. Inside her he moves as quick as he can his hands holding hers with strength of many men. Her body trembles, tightens around his core for tonight she will give more than ever before. She will lose herself completely offering up to him control of her soul and all of her fears. Her lust and longing no more out of sight he is taking it all without a fight. She screams and pushes her body up to his him deep inside her, as he gently kisses her lips. She can take it no more as with every thrust her body trembles and tightens it must. For her own pleasure has come and now it is his she scratches her nails down across his skin. Deep into his flesh as his body pushes hard taki
Poem Just Another Fubar Whore Lmfao..
Just another fubar whore by sexy sweet and I lol.. just another day to walk through the fubar door oh my my here is another one in traing a fubar whore walkin in and saying you are cute.. better watch out or she will give you the boot wow walking in a lounge to look around to see and low and behold the fu whore is free dont matter if you are man or woman .. all she wants is her auto 11 dont matter what gender she wants the bling but all the pervs only want to give her ding a ling dont forget the tickers and happy hours or fans she got she will get fu perved and spread her fu legs allot tittie shots for all to see.. but the beaver shots they aint free the pervs get a free ticked to see to ride the whore train playboy, hustler gots nothing on fu they are cheap and its there gain.. its fu lovin she needs.. its that fu drama train she feeds the drama drama drama ohhhhh myyyyy she wants to be fu famous spread her legs and fly its mike the hottie she wants to see .. but he
My Lil Angel I look outside my window and watch the rain pour down and I listen to the thunder clap as I feel the world go around I wonder beyond the sun and dream past the shining stars and as the moon disappear, she becomes the wind and it draws my tears. I fade and into glory hoping she's happy for I love that lil angel so dearly.
I lie awake here in the dark, Listening to my baby’s heart beat, And as I feel my baby’s breath, I began to grow weak. I look at him sleep and thank the lord that Each night that I am the one that holds Him tightly and here by his side, I want him desperately.
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Poem My Daughter Wrote When She Was 14-15
War There's a war going on And I'm losing control I can't stand this feeling It's killing my soul My life is endangered probably And I feel the need to hide Even though I should feel safe Because my parents are by my side Some people are saying "the world is going to end" And others are saying "we're all gonna die" My mom says not to listen But it still makes me want to cry You know, there's a very good chance That my dad might go to war And I'll be at home thinking Maybe I don't have a dad anymore I'm probably too young to understand What really happened in the past This has to Jessica Rene Phillips If she had of been older when she wrote it there probably would've been more to it but wasn't bad for her age...her Dad had already been to Iraq once and when she wrote this he was being told he probably was going to have to go back.
Is it even worth it anymore to care Do i just sit and wait Should i agree that life is not fair Do i have the strength I wake up to a empty bed,that side is bare I slide away, without a glance I slide your picture down as not to stare I think there is a chance Someday my heart will heal, tears will dry For now i can not forgive I refuse to give up, I will always try Today i just try to live Your name, from my lips,cant not be spoken I shudder and shake My eyes, tears running, wide open Cant reap the heartbreak Someday my heart will heal, tears will dry For now i can not forgive I refuse to give up, I will always try Today i just try to live written by: me
Baby since you've been gone my world has been so wrong. I still can't figer out how i got meself into this mess.With you i didn't try my very best. Sometime I ask myself why I lefted you. Cause without you my world is so dark and blue. Babycakes I miss you so much it hurts. Everything we do nothing seem's to your all I think about. Our love was ture without a single daout. Baby why can't you see what you have done to me. in my heart you will alway's be.Sometime's I just can't figer out what is love. I love you more then anything in this world form my heart to the haven's above. what esle can I do my heart is so dark and blue without you. I can't sleep at night not one wink. everytime I thimk about you my heart just sink's. I try to fight this feeling I have for you. Everytime I try I just lose.So I just going to say this one more time I wish you were mine. Rose are red I'm just blue why don't you come on home and let our love be ture.
A Poem Has No Name But It Is Me
I'm here i'm there, i'm everywhere, i'm no where. I'm loved i'm hated, i'm adored, im despised. I'm overly happly, i'm beyond depression. I despise life i hate death. I feel hurt, i feel joy. I know how to inflict pain but hate to see suffering. I love to see happiness but the ability to bring jpy alludes me. im big and strong but feel weaker than the smallest of ants. I am a lost soul in this world setting a drift with countless other souls.
Angel, I now see they do exist. Playing the lens to trick into capture, this beautiful soul that seems so bliss. I have no doubt anymore, you are an angel virgin whore. Your wings are shredded you cannot fly, I am your lion standing at your side. I will protect you I own your sin, to catch your tears is to keep my grin. What keeps my gaze is not your skin or your stabbing eyes. But your purity in this world that in wickedness created its own demise. I will hate this world with the one I love.
Poem From My Nos Babies
............from my nos pink bunnies .......... I see forever inyour eyes there is no way to disguise the way my heart sings your name and when im without you all i feel is pain, my soul cries out for just one touch oh baby my kris i love you so much
the demon is awake growing with every second it feeds on the pain eating away at my soul till their is no longer a person just a shell empty and alone wondering what i have done to diserve this pain the demon grows hungry with every second passing eating away feasting on what was a person now just a shell standing looking at the world with a blank stare hopeing one day all will be whole again
A Poem
Roes are red Voilets are blue whatever u say may all come true.And it will make u been down too tie your shoes so they won't come down.
A Poem Called, "when You Love"
When You Love When you love someone, you treat them respect and you honor them and their privacy. The love of your life could be a friend or a complete stranger. Before you can love anyone though, you must believe in yourself then you must learn to love yourself and believe in yourself and the one you lovein order to make things work...... Love is true Love is perfect But most importantly, Love is unchanging Love lasts forever. Most people don't believe in love, they believe in "Friends with Benefits." Love is not like that, though, love is not just about being intimate with the one you love. Love is about truly appreciating him/her for the way are and you don't want to change anything about them. Loving someone is not always as easy as some might think. Love is much harder to comprehend than most other things. Most people think that love is a game, Love is NOT a game, love is the real thing. Love is something that should NOT be taken for grante
A morning so awkward, so unsteady, shaking It wasn't the same this time, no This time, how I view myself…….. It is not the only thing that needs changing .... Calm is my wish. I need my nerves to be As I reach to grab a hold, to grasp…. Anything…… The room is still spinning….. And my doubt has grown… I had never imagined my end To spawn from a love I had known .... Now with this taste in my mouth, This lingering torment That has spawned a new change Torn, pushed, and pulled my judgment Corroded and enslaved Hides my need to be wanted It seems I will put up with anything No thought or fear of its' poison .... So I drift through puddles of tears I have left With an unsteady hand and a head that can not forget I have felt true fear, pain, and regret Yet would not change a thing, For it
Poems - Nightmare Of Tomorrow
Look into my eyes All you see are blood shot eyes I say my prays' every night As the night turns into day ANgels cry out to us in pain Look at this world of today Cuasing the Divide Comedy to come to life Men, women, and children won't rise above Drowning in a pool of blood Look into my eyes of darkness Never ending pain I cry out for a hero Then I see myself with many others We stand above the pools As out mothers and fathers scream in pain Little brothers and sisters taken by angels Is this the end or a new beginnning? Then I awake with blood shot eyes As my heart beats louder than any drum
Poem - Two Souls
As the sun sets her heart stops Pale white face comes apon Red lips and black eyes Through the night she'll be gone As the sun raises heart beats again Blush cheeks Red lips Full of life
Poem - Moonlight Love
Under the stars and milkyway Almost full moon with a kiss As the fire burns in our souls My legs are weak As your breathe is taken away We let out the smoke Fall into each others arms While the moon becomes filled Shooting stars will take the sky As the light recleas off our souls Holding hands Walking bearfoot in the wet grass Moon shining off the rain drops Kiss to seal the deal Wolf howls in the night As the one Star shines the brightest While two souls join together My mind skips While you bit your lips As the shots warm us up This is our love song
A Poem For All Of My Friends
A special dinner, That's what he set out to do. To show her how special she was, To show her his love was true. A candle light dinner, He made for them to eat. Looking deep into her eyes, Their souls did meet. After they ate dinner, To the couch they did retire. Curled up together with a movie, And the sweet glow of a fire. So relaxed and content, A feeling of heavenly bliss. On the back of her neck, He placed a sweet soft kiss. It sent a shiver down her spine, And she turned and held him tight. Whispering softly in his ear, Make love to me all night. He said I'll be right back, As he got up off the couch. Into his bedroom he went, Then pulled out a pouch. He pulled out rose pedals, And laid them all over the bed. Hundreds of rose pedals, White, yellow, pink and red. Around the room, Candle after candle he did light. Making a soft glow in the room, That flicked in the night. He went to the couch, And took her by the hand. She glowed lik
Poem For My Daughter
LOVE DEVINE Looking at her now it's hard to believe that only years ago I didn't want a baby. She is what completes my life. Proof to me of love's pure light! An angelic gift given by He. How hard it must have been setting her free! Thankful I am eternal and pure, for without her I couldn't endure. My own cherub Willow is surely a glimpse into Heaven's window!
Not only because of the brownness of your eyes Or the shape of your body Not only because of the fullness of your lips Or the curl of your eye lashes You are beautiful because you want to be You are beautiful because God made you that way You are beautiful because in my eyes THERE IS NO ONE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU You are beautiful because you have a heart And that is a beautiful thing You are beautiful because you have a brain And that is a beautiful thing You are beautiful because you give advice And that is a beautiful thing You are beautiful because God made You that way You are beautiful because in my eyes THERE IS NO ONE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU You are beautiful because you have confidence You are beautiful because you have determination and wit You are beautiful because you have goals and you plan to reach them You are beautiful because you are always there to lend a helping hand You are beautiful because God made you beautiful
Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines he wrote a poem And he called it "Chops" because that was the name of his dog And that's what it was all about And his teacher gave him an A and a gold star And his mother hung it on the kitchen door and read it to his aunts That was the year that Father Tracy took all the kids to the zoo And he let them sing on the bus And his little sister was born with tiny toenails and no hair And his mother and father kissed a lot And the girl around the corner sent him a valentine signed with a row of X's and he had to ask his father what the X's meant And his father always tucked him in bed at night And was always there to do it Once on a piece of white paper with blue lines he wrote a poem And he called it "Autumn" because that was the name of the season And that's what it was all about And his teacher gave him an A and asked him to write more clearly And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door because of
A Poem
A Modern Man I'm a modern man, Digital and smoke free; a man for the millennium. A diversified, multi-cultural, post-modern deconstructionist; politically, anatomically and ecologically incorrect. I've been uplinked and downloaded, I've been inputted and outsourced. I know the upside of downsizing, I know the downside of upgrading. I'm a high-tech low-life. A cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, bi-coastal multi-tasker, and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond. I'm new wave, but I'm old school; and my inner child is outward-bound. I'm a hot-wired, heat-seeking, warm-hearted cool customer; voice-activated and bio-degradable. I interface with my database; my database is in cyberspace; so I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive, and from time to time I'm radioactive. Behind the eight ball, ahead of the curve, ridin' the wave, dodgin' the bullet, pushin' the envelope. I'm on point, on task, on message, and off drugs. I've got no need for c
A Poem About Heroin
A Song To Sing I struggle everyday with this feeling of dispair. So many lives lost to this disease that so many share. Your life is on the line and headed for the shredder. It hurts to know I can't help make things better. Your words run through my head, and there's nothing I can do I wish I could make it all go away, and make it better for you. I see the person you are inside, fighting to get out. But your heart and mind are engorged with doubt. You say it will never end, and you don't want to die. But you give everything you have just to feel that high. Lost souls rendered breathless by his retched hand. He ensnares your legs, so that you cannot stand. He steals your joy, so that you are always sad. He invades your thoughts and makes you go mad. He seizes your heart, your soul,and your mind. He devours your life with his enticing bind. I watch you go through these painful battles You are sinking fast, without any paddles. You reach out for
Please give me some honest feed back; just know I wrote this when I was 17. If I could look into your eyes Id tell you I was sorry and that I loved you Id study every curve and beauty on your face Memorize it If I could hug you one last time and forget My life would be less complicated But it wont go away If I could turn around and not feel your smile I‘d turn pale blue from the cold For the warmth would be gone We are not children anymore I cant hold your hand and tell you everything is all right Because I cant seem to let go And that is holding me back Glass after glass I fill up trying to drown what happened But I endorse it I can still taste the sweetness of your lips And I don't want to I can still see the look in y
The dawn breaks only to begin another day, but this day is unlike any other Today is a day filled with change, change that starts with me But wait why should I change for the world to accept me, I want to be accepted for who I am and what I stand for I know I am far from perfect, but I am still me A daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a lover, sometimes a fighter, but mostly someone who has love to give and wants to be loved What a sad world we live in, a world based mostly on apperances and where uniqueness has no value I won't let this stand in my way of being myself, and one day someone will accpet this And this will start the new beginning, a beginning that will last a lifetime
Poems For Thought
I reach through the darkness my hands touching nothing but a blackness so thick i can slice through it only to have it grow back. Keeping the night away fro my heart for when it closes behind me i will suffer the slowing night each step i take towards you the night gets even slower walking through a sludge feeling it clinging to my skin Needing to get to you i can not stop... i finally see you with in my few more steps All of a sudden your swallowed by the slowing Night Lost in despair i chose to give up. knowing it woud be useless to fight against the slowing Night i sink slower in to the sludge my heart unprotected I look u one last time to say "my heart goes to where i cannot" Forgive my failure to reach you In the slowing Night...
I didn't think these feelings for you would ever come back. For I thought I'd never see you again I'm feeling alive inside again because of you And i hope this feeling of being alive will never end Believe me for every word I speak is so very true It's something that lifts me up from first sight Cause in my heart it's where it's been all because of you I never threw those feelings for you away i kept them inside and locked away To only be released back into my world when you came back to me that day For i've always thought of you and never left you behind Feeling alive inside again is what you have helped me find You where always the one i wanted and nothing more No other one has made me feel alive inside and thats for sure.
#1:unholy truth I'm dying on the on the inside but you will never know. As i lay dying here my body grow's so cold. Everyone is woundering what will happen to my wicket soul. Now i'm lying on my death bed, but i tell you these words tho. live your life like you would because god will never show? #2:fallen angel I was once an angel with wings and a crown. Then i saw the truth and it turned me around. And still i'm setting here tonight, settng in the darkness cluhing this knife. Now i'm lying in the bed. Having dreams of a gun to my head. And if only i could hang. but instead it all ended in a bang. #3:hell is my home My body's grown so cold. It must be time for my hand to fold. I'n this life i can't win. so tonight it must end. and as they lay me in a hole. everybody wonder's about my soul. Because i will die before i wake. And no one had my soul to take. As i died fast and well. If you wish to see me then come see me in hell? #4:1+1=death Death will
A Poem For The Real Friends That Care
I Spin Out Of Control In The Darkness Of The Abyss. Wondering Where Is The Light That Is Promised TO Me. I Can't Eat. I Can't Breath. I'm So Tired I Can't Sleep. Why Get Out Of Bed? Would Anyone Care If I Was Dead? Would They Miss The Person I Was And The Love I Gave Everyone Or Just Miss The Fact I Was Gone? Would They Miss The Way I Made Them Laugh Or The Way I Was There To Listen To Their Problems and Try To Make Them Feel Better Or Just Let Me Slip Into A Faded Memory? Then I Open My Eyes And Realize That I Am Alive People Do Care. They Do Love Tommy The Person and Not MEM The Fu Person. They Care What He Goes Through And They Would Care If He Was Gone. So This Is Why I Awake To Another Day Every Day To Continue To The Live Through My Dark Days Because I Know I Need My Friends And They Need Me. So To All That Read This Follow It's Advice Because You Have A Friend In Me And Maybe Just Maybe Someone Is Closer To Giving Up And May Need A Friend In You. I Love You All Fam. Tom
Poem Writen By Dracula!!!
you're enough lucky to be Irish...You're lucky enough! My wild Irish rose, the sweetest flower that grows, you may search everywhere, but none can compare to my wild Irish Rose, My wild irish rose, the sweetest flower that grows, Someday for my sake she may let me take, A bloom for my wild Irish Rose..! I loved it Drac..ty
A Poem For Everyone Who Has Ever Lost Someone Close (the Way I Felt)
I try to cry but I can't. The pain I feel is choking me. I lost something that is so real, I think I lost the power to feel. No It's A dream, It Can't Be real, Everyone is lying, It Can't be, Why did the phone ring that night, F*ck you don't talk to me. My heart is shattered, I lost the will to fight, I hated God for taking my light. Who can I talk to now, Another candle got blown out. I just want to shout F the World. No reason to be the same as I was. My bro is gone. He was the only one I could trust. So what if he is in a better place I need him here. My life is in shambles it's like a dead rose. The Pain I Feel No One Knows. But Then It Hits Me. He Never Really Left He's Still Here. In My Heart, My Memories, And With The Impact He Left On Others, I Just Have To Know How To Listen, I Have A Angel Always With Me, All I Got To Do Is Talk And He'll Listen, He May Not Be Able To Talk Back Like I Want But He'll Talk Back In His Own Way. So I Breakdown and Shed My Tears But With A Smile O
The thoughts of people are thoughtless. No one understands. People say it’s easy. Just leave.Just say no. He wont hurt you because I’m here. It’s not easy. It’s absolutely terrifying, thinking things of uncertainty. Will he hurt me? Will he kill me? Scaring you with threats of harm,screams,punches or even destroying property. You never would know what could happen or sometimes wonder what he could be capable of. Men talk nice and loving or promise you the world to get you to trust them, but after awhile, the demon comes out in one way or another and then say, “ I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.” Then not mean it. They make you feel it’s your fault. Or feel like you’re the bad person or irresponsible. Then you start to believe it. They embarrass
A Poem Made On The Fly
Heart pounding a thundering sound a tear shed disappointed the fans Like the ocean beating the jagged rocks the blood flows from wounds not yet healed the rope spun against the rafters counting one, two, three, The nerve lost a broken wing the angel that once flew high Like dead rose frail dark yet still hurts to touch The rain that follows clouding her head an rush of distress tired eyes close quietly surrender bound still by actions uncompleted what was once planned now an angelic accident Yeah
Tonight I feel so all alone, As I lay here trying to sleep, The one I love wont even phone, It hurts so very deep. This year has started as the worst, Why do I always seem to get hurt, Should I change and not put others first, Or should love, I just desert. I am told I have a heart of gold, I love with all I have to give, I just want someone to love and hold, One who make life something I want to live.
A Poem Of Strength And Change From A Once Broken Person
I'm Stuck in this nothingness. Between a world of broken and fixed dreams. My Life is shattered like a mirror. The scars may never heal. Forever saddened I shall never be whole. The pain is too real. I just wanna go. How can you say you really care. When the mask you wear is in plain sight. I never see day. I live in eternal night. I am my worse enemy. My thoughts hurt the most. Say what you want. Your taunts are a joke. I laugh at your thoughts of caring you thought you played me so well. You should get a award for the acting job you did. Ha Ha. I live by no rules. So forget your laws. I am chaos incarnate. I was built on flaws. Don't tell me I can talk about it. I don't want your calls. Don't say you love me that's a joke I don't want to hear. It was never funny the first 20 or so times I heard it do you actually think it is now. I am the king of desolation. I seem crazy because I'm normal. Can you look in the mirror yourself and say your perfectly normal. Come on I dare you try it o
Poem Called I Wanted Nothing Less Than Hope
wanted nothing less than hope, But, relishing despair, I plunged into the nearest hell And spent some weekends there. I saw no answers on the walls, No rebirth in the rain, No saving grace in suffering, No rapture born of pain. What held me there? It must have been The jackal, crazed and lean, Who took my face between his paws And, hungry, picked it clean.
Poem Called - The Darkness
If only it were so simple, to cruise through life smelling roses; but the obstacles blacken the countryside, and we unwittingly crush them beneath our boots. Dreams sustain us through the madness; goals give a finish line to our race. Yet they change with every turn, around every wall, and remain elusive throughout the quest. Mistakes are made, and regrets are our luggage; we will drag them with us to slow us down. The victories are flashes of light, sudden and unlasting, which allow us to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends. Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us. Over and over it fills us up, only to starve us. The people whom we love shape our destinies and our strengths, yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness. There are others trying to race to the end; occasionally, we bump into one or two. The bonds we form help us down the path less lonely but eventually, we lose each other in the darkness. Alone is not a bad way to be;
I have written a poem concerning the world & our economy & the fact the that world is changing and getting worse as the years go by. This is fitting too & right on target, i will put that up here as soon as i can. Votes.... Who would like to see & read it?
A lusting desire A fatal Kiss An addictive look with a loving twist An exciting Beat A racing heart An imaginable world that could only be a thought a desired touch The passionate nights A never ending love that dances throw their hearts
Hey just got a cool poems from GOTHANGEL (280216) GO check her out and show her some FU Love! THATS A ORDER! DARKNESS Outside the cold wind blows through the trees But not as icy as my thoughts flow through my soul, outside the light of the moon still shines, but in here, the deepest parts of myself only darkness, Once my eyes held light & life But now they behold only darkness & death Once they flickered like the flame of a candle, Now they stare blankly seeing only darkness Once I feared the shadows of exsistance Once I sought out the light for safety Once I cradled myself in the suns beautiful rays Now I search out the shadows, enveloping myself in only darkness WAITING TO BE FOUND I fell into the shadows I got lost within the pain Straying from the light (And waiting to be saved) I wait and hide Trying to decide Find me Love me Leave me Waiting to be found Alone in the darkness Reaching towards the light Concealed by the shadows (And w
My dear friend Bruce, You rawk-you're the best Miles ahead of all the rest I look forward to the time we spend You truly are my best friend The one I turn to when I can't sleep Any secrets I tell, I know you'll keep You never judge-your heart is true You're a wonderful guy and I love you Whenever you need me, I'll be there Open arms and hugs to share I hope your lady realizes that she's got every woman's dream A real man that stands by her side no matter how difficult things might seem I can only hope and pray That I'll meet someone like you for myself one day Because of you, I know that not all men are bad You've also shown me that there are still good times to be had Love, Jen
A Poem Written By Me
I never claimed to be a saint Sometimes I am a sinner At times I am a loser Sometimes I am a winner I shiver and I shake I tremble and I moan I'd beg, borrow or steal For something I can't own BUT ONE THING I KNOW I HAVE LOVE FOR YOU I'm not saying I know the answers Or the difference they would make I know I'll never find them Without some chances I might take ONE THING I KNOW DEAR I HAVE LOVE FOR YOU If you ever were to leave me You know my heart would break I want to be the air you need For every breath you take ONE THING'S FOR CERTAIN I HAVE LOVE FOR YOU I never claimed to be a wise man But I know wrong from right I just want to hold you in my arms Each and every night OH, AND ONE MORE THING BABE I HAVE LOVE FOR YOU I Wrote this for my friend today. I hope she likes It.
Poem Dreaming
I Can Feel You... You're far away, but, I can feel you. You exist in my every breath, in every beat of my heart, adding a spectacular sizzle in all the right places. Even when I close my eyes, I see your face and feel the fire of your caress. Your presence is a tangible thing... yet as hard to grasp as the air. I reach for you, but you elude me. Still, I can feel you; the softness of a petal, a warm wind on my cheek, a ray in my vision, a distant light that ever draws me near.
A World in turmoil We see changes all around, Up in the sky & on the ground, We see & feel our weather change Everything seems so strange We are experiencing global warmingWe hear about & read it's warning We all fear what is ahead, Nothing but catastrophe & lot's od dread, What do we do to reverse the effect, Things that are hard to ignore OR reject, The economy is going down hill, And the stock market is so unreal, The world is getting worse each year, There is no reason anymore to cheer, We live in fear everyday, We should gather, hold hands & pray, The end of the world is at hand, We we all parish & leave this land? People hear about Armageddon & Apocalypse, When do we do when you lay down the chips, It will get worse as the years go by, When all is said & done, When we bow our heads & cry, So let us bow our heads & pray, From now unt
A Poem I Wrote During Hard Times
In times of sadness,sorrow or pain, remember to lose,you also must gain. If only to learn or mayby to grow, slowly but surely,the reasons will show. So use these setbacks as directional guide, for the river of life is rapid and wide. Take each little obsticle that may come your way as a lesson you've learned and may need the next day!!!
Seeing the smiles of people as I walk down the street. Seeing a parent teaching their child about the world around them. I love the look on a child's face as they learn something new. The way their eyes light up as they start to smile. It makes the world seem so much easier than it really is. Amazing how we begin in life as children and then grow up to become adult. Things that have been in our lives as we become adults. Watching children playing the same way I did as a child. Seeing them smiling and laughing without a care in the world. Walking down the street watching as the people are greeting each other. Feeling so calm, enjoying the world around me. Seeing different types of people walking on the streets. People of different race, the young and the old, men and women. Seeing them smiling at each other. Feeling so at ease walking down the street. Stop by a chain link fence, to watch a street basketball game. Seeing the other people
Love at First Sight by Wislawa Szymborska They both thought that a sudden feeling had united them This certainty is beautiful, Even more beautiful than uncertainty. They thought they didn't know each other, nothing had ever happened between them, These streets, these stairs, this corridors, Where they could have met so long ago? I would like to ask them, if they can remember - perhaps in a revolving door face to face one day? A "sorry" in the crowd? "Wrong number" on the 'phone? - but I know the answer. No, they don't remember. How surprised they would be For such a long time already Fate has been playing with them. Not quite yet ready to change into destiny, which brings them nearer and yet further, cutting their path and stifling a laugh, escaping ever further; There were signs, indications, undecipherable, what does in matter. Three years ago, perhaps or even last Tuesday, this leaf flying from one shoulder to another? Something lost and
Saw the world turning in my sheets and once again I cannot sleep. Walk out the door and up the street; look at the stars beneath my feet.
Poem "she"
SHE As I sit here trying to figure out what part of ME to let FREE   I contemplate what in my life is something I wish u knew to know ME I’m really not that complex… I’m just in search of ME You see ME is someone who got lost so long ago…. I cant even recall who is really me, its been lost in HE HE is not just HIM its all of them. Its every he that says I AM HIM HIM the one you feel will let your heart be FREE… Or better yet your inhibitions go FREE…. that’s probably really what all the HE’S really want from ME. So if they all play to be HE… how do I know when I really SEE HE? You see HE is something new to ME… In my family there was never a HE just a lot of SHES…. As the years pass me by, I am beginning to SEE You may need to grow up with a HE to know how to keep a HIM You see I have thought a long time if your let your inhibitions go FREE it will help keep a HE…. but all I really wanted
Poem Called -- I Cry
I CRY.And I CRY,Because I am not the beauty you adore.I am not anything you abhor.You have not spoken to me in some time,And I calmly accept the lieThat you are trying to get over me.I CRY.And I CRY.Because I fear I have forgotten Who I was when I was without youI CRY.
P { MARGIN: 0px } UL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } OL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } "Social Tendencies"   What do you do, when conscience fails? Do you shy away from society, as the blood of the innocent, and guilty alike, permeate our very being?   We forbid the thought. We don't help. We don't change. We don't attempt to make things better.   But, we think we do. Ah, the blessing of self-denial. Ignorance is bliss, for those who don't know that they should know better.   Which is no one.   We all know better. Yet, ignore the very thought. Every good notion, etheric. As our all encompassing darkness prevails.   We close our eyes to death
I think of you often and my feelings are real. I don't want to be just another friend, for the thought of you in my life seems so surreal. I wonder if you think of me like I think of you, Can you feel me when my heart swells with delight when I think of you in the morning and on into the night. Can you feel me when in my dreams I am holding you so tight. Our eyes held in a gaze and everything just seems so right. Can you feel me when I say those words from my heart that are soulfully true. Can you feel me when my thoughts run with passion, and are only of you......... Can you feel me????? Can you feel me???
A Poem
"What Will It Take"I have lost friends I have lost loversWhat will it take to never hurt anotherMy life has become numbMy Life has become dimWhat will it take to never hurt againThe times have became hardThe times have become ferceWhat will it take to stop these tearsI have hurt my familyI have hurt my motherWhat will it take to mend the othersGrieve has overwhelmed me Grieve has overwhelmed friendsWhat will it take to make them endCrying wont make the hurt go Crying wont make the hurt changeWhat will it take to turn the pageI feel like my life is overI feel like my life should endWhat will it take to make this happenWill it be a razorWill it be a gunWhat will it take to make this turnI dont want this to happenI dont want this to solveWhat will it take to make this dissolveIt hurts so bad insideIt hurts so bad outsideWhat will it take to make me desideWhat ever it is I hope it comes soonI dont know if I will see another moonI dont know how long I can fakeI just want to know what will i
A Poem For A Grieving Mother Who Lost Her Child To Cancer
There are no words that I could say, But I can sit here and wipe your tears away. Your life will forever be broken, It is now without those little words that once we're spoken. I can feel your pain, Yet I can see your strength the same. There are no words that could heal that empty place inside, There are thoughts of you I share with pride. When you have moments of doubt, Think of your Love he could not live without. Take a look inside yourself, You'll see, You are the Mother noone else could ever be. He has earned his "Angel Wings." " I am Free," he sings. Don't think of me as gone, Think of me as "Life's Happy Song." I know that you and Daddy miss me so, I am now in heaven shinning from the stars, I will forever glow, and grow. Don't cry Mommy, I am alright. So dry those tears, Keep me in sight. I will forever be in your dreams, So please don't cry for me. I will always walk with you, Take my hand, and lead the way. I will follow you through each struggling
A True Friend Till The End Of Time Wrote This Poem For Me Several Months Ago I Wanted To Share It With You All Thank You Ken The Rose  THere is nothing quite so beautiful as a Rose From whence the beauty came God only knows Though a Rose may be fullof spines and thornsSometimes it takes a little pain for such beauty to be bornThe Rose is one of Gods Greatest creationsNo man can duplicate it it would be just a cheap imitationIt's beauty is so pleasingto the eye With out in life my heart would surely die By Ken Ford © 2006 Ken Ford (All rights reserved)
A Poem For The Day
She was older and should have been wiser She had words to intoxicate and I was… Her muse, she said and she penned Awash in the ugly morning light A pale dolphin sleek firm strong playful tossing bed coverings as if erupting from beneath the waves in all directions pillows spray and your mocking merry eyes dance rainbows… she wrote I was sex in old ripped jeans stalking cat quiet over hard wood floors a dangerous delinquent with a dancers grace wild untamed… but I was still young and ego filled my desires to fill her with needs and wants and then I left after tempting her with dreams sipped over wine on sun warmed
PEACE I'm now at peace with myself. I'm no longer at war with myself. My whole life I was always putting myself down when things went wrong in my life. The times I tried to take my own life. There was always someone or some thing to stop me from ending my life. It took a lot of time for me to love myself. It took a lot of help to get me to where I am today. The help from my mom, who help me through the hard times. My dads, who could make me laugh when I need a good laugh. My little brother who always had my back when I needed it. My teachers who taught me the things I need to learn in life. The friends I could talk to when I needed to talk to someone other than my family. The times I tried to take my own life. There was always someone or some thing to stop me from ending my life. The peace I found after all these years. The peace has made me become the man I always wanted to be.
BREEZE Felling a cool breeze as it moves across my body. Cooling my body on a warm summer's night. After a long hot summer's day, it feels like an angel kisses. So very soft and sweet. Refreshing my body with a gentle breeze. Looking towards the clouds that are in the sky above me. Whiling I could be flying among the clouds like a falcon. Flying in and out of the clouds. Just being the sky would be so very amazing. That experience would last a lifetime. Another cool breeze starts to move towards me. I can feel it start to move across my feet and it is flowing up my legs. Now I can feel it reach into my chest. It reaches into my chest and I feel it softly touch my soul. I can hear a soft and angelique voice telling me to relax. I start to smell the sweet scent of flowers after the rain. The breeze reaches my face, it feels like an angel is touching my face. The breeze is moving all around my body. Now as I start to open my eyes I'm no longer standing on the gro
:) Poem Poem Poem.
 the sun setting, a gentle wind blows.Your eyes into mine, your emptiness shows.They all say you're shy, but give it time.But i'm unsure, if i can make you mine.You speak perfection, I speak only flaws.Never ending cycle, at my confidence this gnaws.And you could complete me, paint me like art.Sharing all our gifts, sharing one heart.Yet my nerves control me, from you they hold me back.Making me see, it is your love i lack.It is you i cannot touch, cannot hold.But time will tell, our story to be told. Love may bind us, or tear me apart.We'll not know this, until we start.So open thine eyes, and give in to me.Together forever, we can surely be.       MYYYY WORK!
CLEAR Everything is so very clear to me as the light of the sun makes its way through the dark sky above me. Shining down on me, showing me the world around me. All the beautiful things that I see around me and the world. From the mountains to the ocean that is all around country that we live in. Feeling so very proud to be in this great country and the world. Feeling the warmth of the sunlight as it shows my shadow following as I walk. With my shadow I'm never alone even when I can't see my shadow. As the rain stops, you can smell the sweet smell after the rain. It makes everything so fresh. After the rain it feels like the country me loves get a new release on life. After the rain, the world I love also gets a new release on life. Seeing the way everything has been washed clean and clear. The country and the world becomes very much at peace after the rain. After the rain stops, it seems the country and the world I love become clear of pain, hate, and disappear. Seei
STAND We stand here in this world looking around. Trying to decide which path to take in life. Trying to take the correct path. Is it the left or is it the right or is it in front of us? There isn't a sign telling which way to go. We need to make mistakes, so we can learn from them. We couldn't be human if we didn't make mistakes. None of us are perfect, not even close. There are so many different paths to take in our lives. Some of us may take the easier path and some my take the hardest path. The easier path may seem to be the hardest path to take. The hardest path may be the easier path to take. It's up to us to decide which path in life to take. As we walk along the path, we choose we can always ask for as for help or guidance. As humans mistakes are apart of life. We couldn't be human if we didn't make mistakes. None of us are perfect, not even close. Who knows what's in our future, all we can do is Try to find the correct path to take in our lives.
The Fight for The Light As I lay in bedI can hear my heart in my headListing to the rainAs it hits my window paneI'm in the darkTrying to see the lightFighting with all my mightTrying to reach the lightWithout you holding me tightI'm going to loss this fightI can feel the lightBut the night I still fightI'm losing my mightI feel like I'm falling from great heightsYou hold me tightI can see the lightI finally beat the nightAnd you are my mightTogether we fought a good fight
Poem For Cs
Alone among familiar faces nameless smiles I've known for years Fading sun of the afternoon Cutting through the stained glass above the neon lights Close my eyes for just a moment There is a flash of you Your face is burned on the back of my eyes indelible as the acid rain Do you know what beauty is When you see your reflection in a winter pool Your colors brightened by the crystal air Eyes so crisp and clear and bright Do you know - beauty is you My heart stops for just one beat A smile crashes across my face To think of you - warmed by a moment tip my glass and go.
A Poem
Eager anticipation makes a long road longer The flow of time already slow, floats lazily in still waters It seems the world is against my every desire Things from so long ago, they should be gone I want to go home and so fate will tease me The future for whcih I dream is but a whisper I wish my eagle would spread it's wings Making times passage a wind in my face Untill that point, where life at last is whole Eager anticipation makes a long road longer The flow of time already slow, floats lazily in still waters  
  sleepless   no destinction no rhyme or reason... no change in time... the fault line has disolved inbetween these worlds of treason... waiting on patience to resolve this dream...     4.19.09 james c leveroni
My mind is empty like my soul. My heart is full of love, but thous endless with hate. My soul is empty like my crys as i think of my past. Siting here thinking of the pain i finlly realzed from the endless hate from my soul. My anger comes from rage from thou endless and my empty soul. People sit there and tell me that i' scum bec i don't have a life to live, but i'm try to make it better, but my empty soul is pulling me down. So why is my endless and empty soul still having all i just what my life back and get rid of my empty soul.
Bring every one down. Make People suffer the way i found. The only way i could escape the way i lived was using the down drug. Smoking every day while the bitch yelled at me. i finlly snaped with my mind was cloudy. I said to to the Bitch "why don't you come down to my level" and then i said also "then you would stop bitching about what makes me feel better". Makes me escape the reallty of my life. Now i thought i would be out of this hell I'm in, but it keeps coming back for me. So that makes a nother 8th is gone to keepmy head stright so why am i still in the same hell of my own mind. Bring up old pain that seems to keep bring me down.
Poem tells how to kill. Poem tells how to commit suicide. Poem tells how to love. Poems are mostly fantasy. Not real. Some poems tell you how to hate. Some poems tell you how to be sad. Some poems are rude, And they tell their owners afwul life. Like mine. How hard it is to make a poem, Poem of every day life? Life of normal human, That most of us live? Some of us doesen't
A Poem By Lexi For Me Her Mommy...
So there was a mom and daughter. closer than anything for so long. They always told eachother everything. They loved each other so much. Then along one day this boy walked into the daughters life. He was her everything. And she started to be with him more and more. then things started to change. their relationship wasn't the same. The constant fights. Those nights... they'd both sit in their rooms crying afterward. The mom was just trying to protect her baby. She was just being a mom. The daughter thinking her mom was just being stupid. Would say hurtful things without thinking. And never think of how bad it stung her mom. One day she had said too many hurtful things. She told her mom she wished she were dead. Her mom just couldnt take it. Her daughter knew she was having a rough time, but she only thought of herself. The mom walked into her daughters room after some thinking. She walked up to her little girl And kissed her on the cheek. She said, "Honey I love you so much. Dont ever f
Poem I Love
Touched By An Angel by Maya AngelouWe, unaccustomed to courageexiles from delightlive coiled in shells of loneliness until love leaves its high holy temple and comes into our sight to liberate us into life. Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies old memories of pleasure ancient histories of pain. Yet if we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls. We are weaned from our timidity In the flush of love's light we dare be brave And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.  
Poem For You Master
I can't live without you.I would breathe the air,and my heart would beat,but I would not feel the joy of life.My dreams would be lostlike a leaf carted away by a storm.I would gaze at the starswithout appreciating theway they light up the sky.I would pass the roses in bloomwithout noticing their beauty.I would no longer look forwardto each sunset and each dawn.I would be broken,never to be mended again. Winter would own my heart;its icy breath would stealthe warmth in my soul,because I could not smilewithout your love.I could not know laughteror happiness.If you were lost to me,I'd have no reason to try,no reason to be.You are my prayer,my shelter fromhopelessness and despair,my sunshine, my light,my lazy days,my peaceful nights,and only you can keep thespark in my soul burning bright.
A Poem By My Mother
poem Sunday, April 26, 2009 11:06 AM From: "MaryAnne Bartlett" To: "Daniel Vaughan", "Arthur Bartlett" I don’t usually show people “roughs”, but I wanted to share this one. Mom Crossed Over May 1, 2008     I called you and you didn’t answer I called you and you didn’t answer, as usual, Then I let myself into your house with my key. When I saw the back of your head Tucked into a pillow over the arm of your sofa It was the same as every other time you had fallen asleep waiting for me.
"River flows"   by OnLyMe2ImPrEsS A river flows from these eyes the day i found out u were looking down on me from the sky The question i have is simply why ? Why does this river have to flow form these eyes i didn't even get to say goodbye .. Heart ripped out my chest and pounded into the ground till there was nothing left like the knife that punctured your chest then u took your last breath I'm sorry u where alone and we weren't there U have been in all our prayers I want to go with u , just to be with u If i did maybe u will still be here Laughing with us Now all u can do is see our sadness Wipe our tears cause we cry for your love Be our angel and watch us from above A river flows from these eyes wishing i said goodbye knowing you where distanced form greatness For never telling u i apologize A river flows from these eyes I finally got to say my good bye ...
Poem From Another Life
DAWN OF THE NEW DAY Red Dawn RisesDust settles on a bloody fieldSilence errupts assaulting earsOf all who pose dazedIntense light splits the dawnTrumpets rend the silenceOn the horizon a glorious sightHere HE comes in gloryThe righteous rejoiceSinners TrembleNew day kindlesAs the red dawn rises
Poem For Daddy
MY DADDY Gentle HandsWarm smileGraying hairWhiskered faceCrooked walkLoud talkStrong armsClouded eyesSick sapLove warpedDevil drunkSweet soberTroubled soulWord wonderFix-er-upperLies stillEver more
A Poem I Wrote In Treatment
theres no more meaning thers no more time he goes he buys a bag, he buys a dime cant face the world, doesnt even want to try he snorts it up, shoots it in wants his brain to fry dont want to think, dont want to feel he sits out his window, so much time to kill   nothing to do, nothing to see so many things he wanted to be he sits alone in his room nothing to see, nothing to do   needs some money, theres never enough hes comin down, hes out of stuff there goes the bracelette, there goes the ring there goes the rent, there goes the t.v.   nothing to do, nothing to see so many things he wanted to be he sits alone in his room nothing to see, nothing to do   robbing a bank, stealing a car gunshots fired, didnt get very far out of the car running in fright two shots in the head in the middle of the night   nothing to do, nothing to see so many things he wanted to be he sits alone in his room nothing to see, nothing to do  
A Poem For Bug
The sound of your laughterIs what pulls me throughThe harshest winterThe sound of your laughterMakes every bright summer dayBrighterThe sound of your laughterIs what gets me up in the morningWith itI can take anything life can bringNot to make too much out of itBut to meEveryday Is a good day To liveTo The sound of your laughter
Poem ~ Bleed Me
  Bleed Me                          May 2009   Something wakes me in the night Movement in the dark A breath of air on my cheek Hungry eyes floating in the blackness Hot breath on my neck Fear deep down, anticipation deeper still Hot tongue over my pulse A lingering taste Teeth Pressure Pain Sweet release A rush of warm fluid Soft lips Hot tongue lapping Ecstasy Blessed oblivion takes me again     by Mike
Poem ~ In Her Eyes
In Her Eyes                May 2009   When I look into her beautiful dark eyes I see the whole spectrum of her world I see every emotion that has ever filled her When i'm drawn down into the windows of her soul I see Fierce joy and quiet sorrow White hot burning anger and red hot burning love Warm compassion and cold apathy Stifling fear and unyielding courage Boundless pleasure and an abyss of pain   I see The boisterous flirt and quiet watcher hiding inside The caring parent and the carefree child Best friend and distant stranger Everything I'd ever hoped for and everything I'd ever feared When I look into her beautiful dark eyes Windows to her soul Or are they mirrors Showing me my own soul My own world Wonder what she sees when she looks into my dark eyes       by Mike
Poem. Read It, Yes?
To an Inconstant One By Sir Robert Ayton 1570-1638 I LOVED thee once; I'll love no more--          Thine be the grief as is the blame; Thou art not what thou wast before,          What reason I should be the same?          He that can love unloved again,          Hath better store of love than brain:          God send me love my debts to pay,          While unthrifts fool their love away! Nothing could have my love o'erthrown          If thou hadst still continued mine; Yea, if thou hadst remain'd thy own,          I might perchance have yet been thine.          But thou thy freedom didst recall          That it thou might elsewhere enthral:          And then how could I but disdain          A captive's captive to remain? When new desires had conquer'd thee          And changed the object of thy will, It had been lethargy in me,          Not constancy, to love thee still.          Yea, it had been a sin to go          And prostitute affection so:          Since we are taught no
A Poem
Here's a poem I wrote.  I don't know what to name it yet.  Please don't steal it but if you like it please let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honestly? I miss him. I refuse to lie. I miss the dreams we use to share. I miss looking into his eyes. I miss the smell upon his skin. The way he use to taste. The passion when we made love. The gentleness in his embrace. And though I may never see him again Never hear his voice. I still love him just as much. This was not my choice. And I hear he is a liar, That I can believe. I hear his ways are dyer. And that I know I've seen. Still, I wish he'd never left me, Left the shelter of my wings. But he wanted to be set free. But used a trail of lies of all things. I feel the man I loved has died, His murderer taking his place, And that he never lied. When he said he loved me to my face. So I'll miss him in the morning, Every time I raise from bed. I'll miss him every evening, Every night I lay my head. And
  I am troubled Immeasurably By your eyes I am struck By the feather Of your soft Reply The sound of glass Speaks quick Disdain
Poems For Wildfire That She Wanted Me To Share #1
A world so cold A world of hate Here I sit and gladly wait For death to take my soul So I am never ever alone A world filled with hate and spite I learned long ago to give up the fight This world has given me nothing but pain It has beaten me down again and again So let the world see me for what I am A broken down soul with nothing to gain   By Smokeyvamp
 once trapped in a room a room with walls walls of rules walls of laws no walls of freedom what is freedom? freedom is like the wind it blows any way it wants too no walls to stop it the wind goes over anything in its way unlike i who is stuck in that room of no freedom who needs to get out someway, somehow to get that freedom.
Poem For Me By My Fu Wifey :)
    Walk with meShhhh…If you listen you might hearThe sweet sound of loveBeing whispered in your earThe warm soft kissesLaid gently upon your skinOpen your heartAnd let love come inHold it tightWithin your embraceA new day is comingFor you to faceSo take my handAnd walk with meFrom dawn to duskTo our destinyTogether we will make itAnd others will seeI was meant for youAnd you were meant for me.I love you Andy!Straight from my heart to you!!
Poem That Made Me Remember A Lost One
My dearest dearest friendYou came into my life unexpected and little broken yourselfAt first we didn’t pay much attention to each otherBut as time went by, We fell in love with our friendship….We could talk for hours and no matter whether we were close or farI always knew u were THEREWe had so many plans, built bridges and dreamsWe always had each other’s backsAnd we knew were specialTime went by to quickThere was still so much to doBut now it’s time to say goodbyeThe tears born in my eyesAnd intense heartacheWill surely last a long time stillBut I have to let go Cause not even to most sincere prayers will bring you back to me nowMy dearest dearest friendI hope you found your happy place nowAnd one day, when we meet againWe will remember all we had And I pray that we will fall in love…..All over againGonna miss u xxxxxxxxx
Poem #1
When you are downI tend to frownWhen you're feeling blueI say I do tooSometimes words can't showHow my love continues to growThese are words from the heartCupid really shot me with a dartI hate when you tearplease don't fear my dearDon't give up, whatever you doJust remember.........I Love You
A Poem That Was Found
The famous speaker who no one had heard of said;Ladies and jellyspoon's, Hobo's and tramp's,Cross-eyed mosquitos and bow-legged ant's,I stand before you, to sit behind you,to tell you something i know nothing about,Next thursday, wich is Good friday,Theres a mothers day meeting for fathers only;wear your best clothes if you havent any.Please come if you cant, if you can stay at home.Admission is free. Pay at the door;pull up a chair and sit on the floor,it makes no diffrence where you sit,the man in the gallery is sure to spit.The show is over, but before you fo,let me tell you a story i dont really know.One sunny day in the middle of the night,Two dead boys go up to fight.The bling man went to see fair play,The mute man went to shout "hooray!"Back to back they faced each other,drew their swords and shot each other,a deaf policeman heard the noise,and came and killed those two dead boys,a paralyzed donkey passing by,Kicked the blind man in the eye;Knocked him through a nine inch wall,i
A Poem/song
  ~Broken Angel~my song I see your broken wingsI know your evil thingsAnd its grabbin hold of meWatch me walk awayI can't stayNo baby it can't beAlready been thereAnd its not fairI don't want your miseryYour tears won't workNo not this timeYou were never mineI can't forgetWhat you had saidIm better off deadI can't dream anymoreThat you will changeIts just the sameYou can say you love meBut the truth isI don't believe youNo not anymoreCan't believe a lieI don't want to try'Chorus'You don't see the pain in my eyesHow you make me feelI want to dieSo baby I have to say goodbyeIm letting go this is goodbye
Poem I Love
Time to share is always thereI peered thru lifeEver avoiding strifeBut now am undoneMy barriers brokenFor one has found meReached in and unbound meHer love has burst my bondsAnd set music to my songsHer need for meAnd mine for sheHas made my Winter SpringA new startWith hammering heartWe color the world with our dreamNothing is as it did seemThe darkness of my solitude is doneShe - my rising sun.
A Poem...
I was in class this Tuesday evening, and an assignment in class was to write a poem about ourselves.  We were given the title "I Come From..." and we were to build from there and see where our minds brought us.  She also informed us that it did not have to rhyme.  After she said that, she told us we had 20 minutes and left the room.  What am I going to write?  Here is my outcome... I come from a broken home Yet that is not all I've known Surrounded by family that cares New thoughts were often dared Importance of working hard Learned at an early age Daily tending to field and yard Never confined, never caged As in physical work, academic was to match Earn each grade to life's new latch Let dreams build your future While making sure to find your right suitor Melody and rhyme Completely fill my mind Music is a part of my upbringing Musical instruments, but I am left with only my singing Dreams of being a professional performer A few years ago I begun the journey to come closer Strong
SIX         six pairs of dog tags six kevlars six pairs of boots six rifles six men used to shoot now these six men lay in graves on them crosses engraved everyday and night they fought so brave gave thier own life so many others saved now we stand here all of us tears in our eyes glasses we wear to hide the hurt pain and crys anger fills and breaks are once stone cold heart feels as if someone steped on us and ripped us appart we pray for the families they left behind some people tel us to just sigh and youll be fine when we get home we tip our beers and we smoke are cigs half drank but full of so many tears our heart still breaks like a thin twig as they pass days months and years the pain farther and farther it digs some of us will forever keep it inside till one day it kills us some just cant hide in silent you scream and cus to show no pain only pride for those six man who paid the ultimate price so we could keep living our lifes   Always Rememb
THAED       In my life i see so much blue So confused i dunno what to do So little people living So many of them die You hold everything in Doing whatever it takes not to cry At 21 ive seen so much Almost too real when i touch Hoping its all just a dream It makes me just wana scream Out to the masses As so many lives passes I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy To take a walk in my life with me The things ive seen and done Tears my heart it rots away to the bone So many friends and family gone I hear the same old song There is nothig to say As i look at them in the coffin they lay Tears fall from my eyes My face full of anger so red So i keep fighting till i drop dead
I stand AloneI walk AloneI will Die AloneNo CallsThe Answering MachinePicks up the PhoneNothing left for Me in this WorldNo children to Carry on my NameBoys or GirlsDepressed and Angry At what ive BecomeSo many Things left UndoneA life of Love, Death And WarIf I told you EverythingYou would Fall asleep BoredSo i space myself from EveryoneTill the Day I am DoneI will stand AloneI will walk AloneI WILL DIE ALONE
FOR YOUA life lost is another gainedSo do many people sayWhen a baby is bornAn angel gets its wingsThe hevans open upYou can hear them singNone of that means shitWhen you gotta lower your brother or sister in a 6ft deep pitLoved ones throwing flowers on his coffin doorTrying to hold back the tears a little bit moreAs they cover him with dirt His mom holds in her hands his favorite t-shirtLaying it on his grave stone before she walks awayWishing in her mind it wud have gone a diffrent wayNow he lays there dead and rottingAlways remembered never forgottenTHIS IS FOR ALL MY FALLEN BROTHERS/SISTERS IN ARMSANDTHIER LOVED ONES
WHEN IM GONEWhen im gone Will you still love meOrEasily find someone newWhen im gone Will i be in your heartOr Will your love for me end where it startsWhen im gone Will i be in your thoughtsOr All yur memories of me you put a X acrossWhen im gone Will you cryWill it put a tear in your eyeOr Will u just sighAnd Move on with your lifeWhen im gone
WHEN IM GONEWhen im gone Will you still love meOrEasily find someone newWhen im gone Will i be in your heartOr Will your love for me end where it startsWhen im gone Will i be in your thoughtsOr All yur memories of me you put a X acrossWhen im gone Will you cryWill it put a tear in your eyeOr Will u just sighAnd Move on with your lifeWhen im gone
  SO DAM MUCH     Sometimes i think im goin crazy Then i look into her eyes She makes me happy She make me cry Thats when i wonder why   I LOVE HER SO DAM MUCH   At night i cant even hold her Her eyes are so cold I dont understand All the good memories just fold But   I LOVE HER SO DAM MUCH   I dont want to loose her She is all ive got She is the best thing thats happen to me and that is a lot     I dont know what to do i dont know how i will find a way So i guess i jst keep reminding myself That   I LOVE HER SO DAM MUCH
TRUE LOVE   What the fuck you gunna do with your life When every time you move your stabed with a knife   All you got is your heart and one breath But you stop breathing and your heart breaks every time you take a step   You think your going in the right direction But you always headed the wrong way Every single hour of every single day So you look to god who never answers No matter how much you pray   Then a hand comes out of nowhere To show you the way to brighter days Who is this person you wonder You look up and she smiles from above   As sweet as sugar,As beautiful as an angel ITS YOUR ONE TRUE LOVE
A Poem Written By A Friend
Fabric covered fevered flesh,lips together tongues now meshed,forceful pulls cloth stretches and tears,aroma of sweat and perfume fills the air,unleashed now a lustful beast,hungry nashing he wants to feast,on your body he wants to dine,skin to skin so sublime,tight flesh yields to my advance,piercing your hot body with my fleshy lance,I see building desires in your eyes,I feel the passion between your thighs,soft subtle skin my lust does mark,hot consuming fire from just a spark,a litle pain then flooded with pleasure,wanton carnage in full measure,playing, teasing, fulfillment again and again,so many ways, so many sins,and then comes our orgasmic release,you lay breathless on top of the beast,in your eyes I see that we are not through,for now I have unleashed the beast in you.
Poem Number 1#
Many don't know this side of me, but before I became a manager I wrote poems nearly every day, but of course things happened and I don't write as frequently as I used to. Therefore, I decided to use this blog on here and as well to see what people think of it. Like you, I have no idea how the response will be like, but hopefully it'll be positive. All I ask is if you don't like it, then comment constructively. As of May 26, 2009, I have a combined 431 poems. I'll kick this off with a poem that a got a small award for on At its peak it was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on, it's called "Tranquility". I love to touch your face, Your skin, your lips, your mind And I can hold your tears, Your doubt, your sorrow, your fears, I’m saying this, because I want to hold you near. I wish I could have your taste, On my lips, my mind, my soul. When we kiss, it will stay in my mind, Today, tomorrow, for all time.
*UNTITLED* I sit here with nothing but you on my mind, All i can tell myself is your one of a kind. You may blush, you may laugh, All i feel is your my better half. Every moment that passes without you by my side, Is overshowed by they kisses you try to hide. When im with you i feel complete, I can stare into your eyes and just lose myself, Without you now i feel alone, Without you here i feel lost, I cant stand being away for more than a few minutes, As i sit here wide awake and alone, You read my mind and call my phone, The sound of your voice so soothing, much needed, But the distance between us is unbareable, I dont know what else to say, But the look in your eyes tells a story more than words can describe, I miss you so much. I want you here right now *WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU* I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so soft and deep. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so tender and smooth. I love the way you make me so happy, And the way you show
This is a poem I wrote in 1996,(just found it) after I found my girl friend in bed with my best friend when I came home from work early to suprise her. "For Me" Love is, Love was Love will always be, For Me. Love is taken, Love is stolen, Love can be the most painful thing. Love leads you to loneliness, and loneliness is a terrible thing. Loneliness is emptyness, not knowing who you are, or what you will be. By far lonliness is the worst thing ,
Broken hearts, love's deceit,pieces fall down to my feet.Broken promises, love's a lie,puddles form from tears I cry.Broken dreams, love's illusion,sorrowed cause of your intrusion.Broken hope, love's a game,doesn't last, ends the same.Broken sleep, love's the cause,digs at me with sharpened claws.Broken spirit, love of sorrow,stolen now is my tomorrow.Broken life, love is lost,Broken now and that's the cost.
A Poem Dedicated To The Exes In My Life
A poem I dedicate to the assholes that I have dated.   Here I stand alone thinking of you and all that we shared. Thinking of all the pain you caused me. All the tears that fell and all the screams in my head that wont stop screamin my name and callin me stupid for being with you. I cant get them to stop. How could i have been so nieve? Why did I fall for all your lies and your pretty face? You ripped my heart out at the seams and smashed it into a milliion peices. How am I to recover and move on? Whats a person to do when they thought they could trust just to have it thrust back into their face? The screams are getting louder now. They are screamin at me for not getting out when I have the chance. Why didnt I listen to them? Where was my time for that last dance? You wrecked my world and my life. How could I have been so stupid to have let you control me like a puppet on a string? How do I learn to trust again and to move on without you controling my every move? What am I supposed t
I awaken every night to the preminitions of my soul, Screaming windows direct chilling spirits at my feet. The day has died, but its' memory still swirls in gutters and sidewalks; Creatures of the night scavenge and gobble up evidence of the day gone by. The essence of winter tears the sleep from my eyes. Bloody battles I have fought time and again. The sun will still rise, even though victory never sheds its' light. Angels nestle over heads, visions inspired by my jealousy. They cradle my soul and lay gold on my voyage ahead. But demons knock loudly on my headboard, Sweeping me away from my dream world; Or should I say, "Sweet Life?" Sanity slips away night after night, Tearing away at my flesh. Leaving scars of my anxieties along my skin. In every battle, I shed blood, Yet, never enough to bring me peace. It was all a dream, A repetetive dream, a repetetive dream; Haunting me every night, until it all ends, And I awaken again, safe and a little less sound, Every
I've got a curl in my hair, And a strut in my walk, I've got a pucker in my lips, And wit in my talk. I've got ambition in my future, And experience in my past, I aspire to be first, Refuse to be last. I've got a closet full of clothes, And a car that's a thrill, I've got most of lifes' little pleasures, In my house, on the hill. I don't write to boast, About the things that I've got, I am proud of what I have, All of which I have bought. But now the day is late, And I sit all alone. My house feels so empty, Doesn't feel like a home. Every morning I tell myself, That I have everything I need. Then I go to bed every night, Feeling a hunger that I just can't feed. Still, I've got a smile that is bright, And a sparkle in my eye. I take a look at all that I have, But I can't help but cry. So what I have learned, Is what loneliness has lead me to see... What is missing is someone to love, But all I need, is someone to love me.
Poem By Juggy
Storm of Pleasure   As your blade cuts my skin, fears are enlightened within. Pain and pleasure combined in a place where my lust resides. My sences are hightened, opening depths of passion inside. Fuck me, bite me, make me bleed, My body shaking, quivering, quaking with need. Your fingers inside me, mouth hot on my skin, Making my body shiver with pleasure again. Your blood mixed with mine, So sweet and so warm. Leaving or bodies a wreck, after being caught in a storm. -Juggy-  
Shadows dwell in restless night In dreams they whisper in grim delight Cackling laughter far and near Yet as mist do they appear Eyes red as blood and shame Evil stares of doubt and blame Fixed upon this gentle soul The cost is peace for their toll Strength, however, lies deep within Once an end, now to begin Change now flows in streams of blood Though thought has slowed like thickened mud One clear notion comes and grows Knowledge forms from what it sowes Blackened mists whose roots aren't seen Combined now the shadows and me With searching gaze cross sea and shore Distant sounds hard to ignore Warm wind beneath these shadowed wings I am become this horrored thing
Reality Fire upon the never ending starsWish upon all the ones that aren't farAnd happiness will come your wayHopefully it will stay,Each time you look away at the skyEach time you ask your self whyRemember who are and what you want to beSo the mirror reflects exactly what you wanna see,You have to find your way through it allGetting up every time you fallPretend you really carePretending life is fair,You have to open doors that are closedCover the feelings that are superimposedMaking new friends when you really don'tLove them when you really wont,Say something you don't mean Tear open the never ending seamJust do get in that shining lightWhen in reality you'll lose the fight.
A TRUE FRIENDA true friend never walks awayA true friend will always stayA true friend looks out for youA true friend will guard your secretsLike a precious giftA true friend is there for youTo give you a helpful liftA true friend tries to make you smileTries to replace that frownThey may not always succeedBut they rarely let you downThese arms for you are openThis heart for you does careAnd which I think you need meI will always be thereI will listen to your fearsI promise not to laughComfort your falling tearsI will make this friendship lastI will keep you near my heartI will always hold you dearEven when we're miles apartEven when you are hereI hope I am to youEverything you are to meFor the friendship we haveIs a special one indeed that's what you call a true friendship and that came from my heart
Wandering in darkness grope,Finding not a glimpse of hope.Fingers touch to find my way,Each foot fall, my heart betraysThe fear which drives me through the day.Suddenly the ground is lost,Flailing arms as body's tossed.Splashing down in crimson pool,The warm embrace is much too cruel,I curse this lowly, wretched fool.Floundering in this self made hell,Warmth increasing as I dwell,Within the confines I create,Screaming as myself berate,Giving in to this, my fate.
I had closed the door upon my heartand wouldnt let anyone in,I had trusted and loved only to be hurt,But,that would never happend again.I had locked the door and tossed the keyas hard,and as far as I could,Love would never eneter there again,My heart was clsoed for good.Then you came into my life,And made me change my mind,Just when I thought that tiny key,was impossible to find.That's when you held out your handAnd proved to me I was wrong.Inside your palm was the key to my heart,For you held it all along.        
  Its You You really are great to me, The best friend anyone could be. Knowing me better than anyone before, the one person that I truely adore. Before going to bed each night, I wonder if without you my life would be alright? As I think about it, I know it wouldn't be true. Casue I know how much I really do love you. When I wake up each morining I think about this, How it's you and your kiss I always miss. I wonder why I can never get you out of my head, And these are the words I once said, I love you more than life itself, I would do anything to have you here, By my side through thick and thin. Casue I feel your warmth from within, After we met I realized this, Your always the one I miss, I love you more and more. Your the one I've always searched forIts You You really are great to me, The best friend anyone could be. Knowing me better than anyone before, the one person that I truely adore. Before going to bed each night, I wonder if without you my life wou
Somewhere it floats in the back of my mind So hard to push forward, always on rewind The fantasy that's never coming true So many reasons why I'll never be with you Months have faded and I haven't seen your face Feelings I can't let go of, can't seem to trace From the begining I told myself I wouldn't fall I had nothing to hold onto now I can't even crawl I'd be a liar if I said I had no clue I always knew I would be number two I tried to pull it all together I still fell apart Because you still got away holding my heart
Poem For An Angel
 Poem for an Angel    I'm now at work staring into space Thinking of you I see your face A face that holds a wonderful smile To see your face I travel many a mile And as soon as you see me your face lights up We kiss we cuddle I cherish your touch A touch that I miss when we've far apart But your always in my mind in my heart We never know what life will bring Sometimes your happy sometimes you sing You're made me happy made me glad    I'm no longer lonely no longer sad For I have found someone so wonderful Life with you will never be dull You never thought it could be like this A love so real a love you have missed
Poem 2
      Come and take my hand and never let go Lets both hold on until time stops And let our love forever shine, let it show Until the stars, clouds and sky drops   You and only you could tame my soul With the first smile that you gave me That first glance made me whole It was all I need to set my pride free   That moment my heart was yours forever And it has always been beating for you It will be until the very ends of forever and ever With the flame you started, burning so true   My life’s never been the same without you And I’ve lived with your love always inside me It gave me strength and pulled me through Your love opened my eyes it made me see     Without you, there is no me………   Sitting here alone, looking at your photos Because it’s all I have of you right now I can feel my love inside as it still grows And I wish that I could make you feel it somehow   My
A Poem I Wrote
Soldiers Kill, for That Is Their Profession Soldiers kill, for that is their profession, Or die, for those are soldiers that they face. Let us honor, then, the unmarked grace Death bestows on those in its possession. If the cause is just, soldiers will Embody what the nation holds most dear, Rendering our peril in their fear, Serving our survival when they kill.
                                                                               Heartbeat     Thump thump, the only sound is the beating of my heart as it echoes in my ears.  Thump thump.  My eyes slowly drift out of focus to the sound in my head. Thump thump. The outside world disappears as I draw in on myself. Thump thump, lights flash in front of my eyes to the tune of the beat, swirling and spinning in the darkness that I have gathered around myself.  Like twin universes as viewed from afar; my mind reals in fascination all bemused, I giggle to the outside world.  My body stuck slack jawed, arms at my side, the flow of the day rolls around me unconcerned.  Thump thump, the seconds slowly tic by feeling like an eternity.  The events of the past month play across the empty void, flowing in and around the orbs I have created. The way it all started, the silly smiles, the way she entertained my dreams, the eternal waiting for that fateful day to arrive, the sweaty palms, the indecision
A Poem I Wrote
There once was a girl Who wanted to die, Cuz all she ever did Was fuck and get high. So pointless and Lame This was no kind of life, Heart darkened by hate Shed rather end it by knife. Once beautiful eyes could no longer see, This was not the way She expected to be. She used to be caring She used to be kind, But hate and deciet Was all she could find    
A Poem For A Very Close Friend
I know i left you just this morning but I wanted you to wake up to something special.   I long for your touch each day n night .   I wait for the kiss that might not come  I lay watching stars shine bright   Wishing and hoping that i see one more note from you every mornin.  Your face takes over my dreams at night when I finally get to shut my eyes .  Thoughts of your hands as the glide across my skin.   Make me squrim with lust for just one more touch of your hand.   The kisses you send lay upon my lips like rose petals so soft and gentle.  But each and every morning I awake to yet another empty piece of bed beside me .  Oh wh
Poem Written By Al For Gthf. U Rock :)
Sin...........its like time ticking away every second of the day. To feel pleasures unknown. Fobidden by those who were blind to truth. Knowing it was by far the best advantage LOVE was granted. For men and women who find truth can't help to feel like they have falln from the Grace of GOD in the end. Love and let Love live.......Alpha n Omega
A Poem
I took a journey on a highway through life  no one picked me up"cept myself Scares me to know that very few care to see a desperate man They look but they do not see; They have eyes but they don't want to see I tooka journey on a highway through life No one picked me up 'cept myself Scares me to know that very few care  To see a desperate man on a highway singin' to himself And laughin' at the world as it goes by But I'm just laughin at myself
Poems Of Life........
I"m standing in the rain, trying to wash away the pain. I can't let you know how you hurt me so, from all the times you led me astray. I hear you say "I love you.", but it don't feel the same. Something in me tells me to run away. Leave you behind me and let it all go. Leave you behind me that's what I must do. Yet.....  I'm still standing in the rain tryin to wash away the pain of you. Lookin at you now, it's just not the same. All I can see is the pain. You made me believe so much in you. That I don't know what else to do, but.... Leave you behind me and let it all go. Leave you behind me, that's what I must do today. Hours have turned to day, days ahve turned to months. I lay awake lost in a world of unknown. Wondering where and what I did wrong. Why do I lay alone? Why do I feel so broken? I gave you everything I had, everything I was. And you took it and tour me apart. I wanna scream, I wanna cry, but I try and nothing comes out. The fear of loosing you has become reality, leavi
Poems Of Life........
My life if a single steping stone. I live it day to day all alone. No one there to help me stand. No one there to lend me a hand. I spend my life by crying out. Wondering what it's all about. Knowing that without a doubt. One day I'll figure it all out. Today must not have been the day. As again all alone I still lay. Maybe tomarrow will bring about. Something that will help me figure it out. I can't go on like this much more. Feels like my insides have already tore. From the emptiness I feel inside. Because of another day that I've cryed. I'm waiting for someone to help me through. I'm hoping that someone will be you.........
Shadow I am but a mere shadow,Walking very long halls,In a giant manor,It is built of stone walls. I find myself going in circles,Round and round each corridor,My feet make no sound,Upon the stone made floors. Silence beckons me,As I have no voice,Where the silence leads me,I seem to have no clue, nor any choice. The walls all appear the same,As darkness is all I see,There is something missing,Or perhaps someone, who should be here with me. I feel soulless,A black hole in a forever night,And I will remain this way,Until things are made right. Floating the halls,Of an empty manor,A soulless shadow,Searching out her Master.  
Writing Poems is my fave of all!DarknessAs darkness falls all around,No shadows left playing, on the cemented ground,There is an emptiness she has found,Alone in the silence, there is no sound.Trying to escape a life and just let go,Finding it hard to really show,That inner self, her inner glow,Afraid to be free and let life flow.It is getting darker, both outside and in,Why does it feel so cold, being in her own skin?She has no clue where she is going, but knows where she has been,Yet here she lies in darkness, a deep darkness within.She closes her eyes, as well as her mind,Drifting off to a place only her soul can find,A place that's not so dark and perhaps even kind,A place that she can unfold from her life's grind.Awakening to a new and fresh day,Hoping the sun forever shines, this exact way,A better life, freedom, happiness, what more can she say,As the darkness again falls, she can only pray.Written by S. K. 2005-May-5 
Poem Story(unfinished)
She opened the door, With a silent ease, Knowing to be quiet, Her Lord may not be pleased. For the library is private, Her Lords domain, But her curiosity, Won't settle in vane. She has been to this room, Many times before, But she has never alone, Walked through this door. She just wants to see, What it is he likes to read, She has a strong desire to know, It's a burning, a burning need. As she steps inside the library, Her heart begins to race, For there are so many memories, In this forbidden dark place.   Her eyes roam around, In a wondrous look, As she pans the room, Gazing upon each and every book. He has books of love and war, All covered in dust, There are true stories, And some filled with lust. His collection is massive, Impressive in size, But a glance straight ahead, And a single book captures her eyes. A story of a great ship, And the heavens above, That brought together two hearts, That would forever be in love. She walked on tiptoe, Closer to the book s
Poems I Wrote
EVERYTIME why do I put my heart out there every time every time I get my heart broken why am I so forgiving? Every time I fall hard every time I love I get hurt why do I even brother or try anymore? I’m tired of every time I cry all these tears I’m tires of every time  I get hurt every time I think I met the perfect right guy I only get hurt and pain every time I get hurt I always say never again will I let it happen again? COLD SAD DARK WORLD here I sat alone here in the sad dark world, wondering what did I do to deserve this treatment wondering if it's me or the guys I pick or pick me, wondering why I attract these guys wondering if it's just me against this sad dark world, it's lonely here where I am at in this sad dark world here all myself alone wondering why they about themselves to me, wondering why they can't ever be honest be who they really are to say what they mean and really want instead of lying about everything pretending who and what they r
Poem For Me
"Sueanna"   Through life's deceptions flowering gracefully above the decay A beautiful Amerind flecked southern rose made her way How harsh the weather, upon one place for so long a time Tho the same weather that made her strong in her prime   The fairest of flowers, open hearted in all she sees The fairest of tears rolling in the cool Spring breeze With each passing second and each passing year Until those she truly loves move from far to near   Beholding her against the sunset sky is perfection's will And those who flowered from her will know her still Through all the facets of life and all the faces of love May they behold her once more with God's grace from above   Richard Martin  
This is a poem my son gave to me for Fathers day                                        I'm so happy                                       That you're my dad                                         you do things                                       that make me glad                                      you read me stories                                      you sing me songs                                      you ask me often                                         to come along                                      you teach me how                                         to do so much                                          I love to feel                            &n
The sea are calm, the storm has passed, the good Queen has sailed for Toudor at last. "To toudor, to toudor," she called to her crew, and her ship sailed away towards a full moon. I here words echo deep in my mind, Knowing that now is the time. With tears in my eye's I sail for her lands, charged with the ruling of her great Coven. With my hands sitting steady on The Tyler Scott's great wheel, I call for my Crew to raise up her sail. Slowly she lurches and heaves to port side, as we set Sail under the full moon nite. In no time it seems a shout from above, "Land ho there Captain,"  Swallows me up. I look through my glass and see the cove up ahead, the land of the Coven is right there again, but this time I know from the pain in my heart. My friend wont be there when from this ship, I depart. The Sound is just ahead, as the Tyler scott rides the swells, "Haul in the Jib sheet and stow the Top sails." My crew answers the call, but even they seems to know, that the Prince they once sail w
A Poem By Unknown Author
This poem was giving to me by the vet when my dog Jasmine passed away on June 6th. It is a very beautiful poem. When you bring a pet into your life, you begin a journey-a journey that will bring you more love and devotion than you have ever known, yet also tests your strength and courage. If you allow, the journey will teach you many things.  About life, about yourself, and most of all, about love.  You will come away changed forever, for one soul cannot touch another without leaving its mark.  Along the way, you will learn much about savoring life's simple pleasures-jumping in leaves, snoozing in the sun, the joys of puddles, and even the satisfaction of a good scratch behind the ears.  If you spend much time outside, you will be taught how to truly experiences every element, for no rock, leaf, or log will go examined, no rustling bush will be overlooked, and even the very air will be inhaled, pondered, and noted as being full of valuable information.  Your pace may be slower-ex
Empty soul!!!   What is this world all about Why is it that I am so filled with doubt The open soars that are filled with grout That empty spout Where life poured out Has just dried out I know to turn Face to face to shout But with muttered thoughts On the tongue
Poem 2
The Pain’s End   The pain within Is at the end Cutting bends the blades There’s no need for shades To hide the dilation Of meths mutilation The infatuation Of the death gripping insinuations Clock stopping Time ending
Poem 3
A Slow Bleed   My life is incomplete without you I am always thinking about you Who am I to doubt you To say that life can go on without you Knowing that I have trouble believing That looks can be deceiving With an inner beauty feeding And growing upon the grounds Of which have taken too much of a beating Please god let there be some meaning
A Poem
 staring across the deep blue ocean watching the sun go down i think of a green eyed lady so full of life full of joy she makes me smile when i think of her name watching the sun set i wish she was near me with me watching the sun go down feeling her soft touch and the way she smells alwys so fresh  her lips a re soft and when our lips touch it makes it seem like it will never end but as i sail off into the sunset alls i have is the picture i care and the memories i hold on to  of my one and only you    
Poem For Paps Jim
I'd walk a mile,Just to see you smile.That's what Papa use to say,Before he'd leave the very next day.His blue eyes shinning like stars,On a dark country night.His smile so comforting and bright.Always knowing how to make things Seem so rightHe made you laugh when he said silly things.His favorite one was "You'll always be my horseEven if you never win a race."He came up with storiesJust to put a big smile on your face.When he got sick his eyesSeem dull like a fading light.He grew weak but never gave upAnd put up a fight.He couldn't speak when I last saw him.They asked do you have anything to say to Papa Jim?I love you PapaWhen are you coming home?All he did was squeeze my handTo let me know he loved me too.On April 15, 1999 his years had endedAnd a part of me died inside.But I'll always remember him sayingI'd walk a mileJust to see you smileBefore he'd leave the very next day
Poems By M E :)
When I look into your eyes all I see is a man so true and gentle When I look into your eyes all I see is a man so different and sentimental When I look into your eyes all I see is a man so kind and sharing like mothers When I look into your eyes all I see is a man so strong and admire by others When I look into your eyes all I see is a man who’s confident and cares so much When I look into your eyes all I see is a man who loves and never judges you in such When I look into your eyes all I see is a man so sweet and never lie When I look into your eyes all I see is a man who I want for me and never want to say good bye
Poem #3
She can smell the leaves turning golden and redShe walks and walks down lonely dirt pathsThis is her time.She sees squirrels hurrying to gather food.There are baskets of apples and harvest food on neighbors porches.Family and friends from long ago come to mind.The crispness of the new england air clears her head and covers her in cinnamon warmth.Everything in nature is preparing for winterAutumn is when things change and die but are reborn into something better and moremajestic.In this she sees herself.She wants to be new and full of potential like soon to come spring days.
Poem #2
The stars shown like fairy dust in the cloudless moonlit sky.moonbeams gazed down on ivory sand.a warm sticky mid august breeze brought a hint of freesia and honeysucklea girl reminicent of aphrodite exits a tent like cabana with long beaded curtainsfollowed by violet butterflies.her round face and cherry red lips were just visible in the light of the full moon shining on crashing waves.The sand warm under her feetin the distance a soft lullaby played on a violinthe girl a little more plump than she would have likewith dark brown hair, large eyes, and pale skinwas not beautiful or even pretty in the usual sensebut there was something that made you take notice.a mystical air if you will.her bare skin shines like sliver as she braces herself.she walks slowly toward the warm dark water her destinythis is what she has left, all she has leftshe embraces itit is her fate to become one with the ocean.
Poem #1
I loved you like no onethere was nothing that i wouldnt do for the sake of "us"over hundreds of miles there were lies and secretsWe came together in an explosion of confusion and betrayalThere was a battle within you I took you in and sheltered you, i gave you all of meThere are times i look back now and think how could i still be so naive?drugs and sex consumed you and you shut me out. I knew your heart i couldnt win.This was written for my friend brandy.
Poem Written For Me By An Old Friend...
her love is our addictionher smile a seductionher mind a beautiful paradiseher voice hypnoticher taste sweet as heavenher touch magicshe is all naturalshe is a siren's songshe has men wishing all night long.....
Poems I Did For My Baby He Knows Who He Is !!!!
How can I tell you what I feel for you?When I think of you my feelings twist insideAs if someone's fist reached in and grabbed a few,And turned and turned them tight and tangled. I've triedSomehow to say: You're the sun in my sky,The wind that takes me where I want to go,The sweet incense that makes me feel so highThat loving you seems all I need to know.But it all sticks in my throat! It sounds too cute,Empty as a wrinkled paper bag.You won't believe it! Better I stay muteThan offer you cliches that make you gag.And yet I wish to tell you of my love,If only love its own locks would remove! HOW CAN I TELL U HOW I FEEL 4 U !!!   All I ever wanted is in you:Love, laughter, a pillow for my fears.I want to give and to be given toSo I might feel myself flow through the yearsAlive in you, the wonder of my tears Although you are with someone else,I want to have my sayWithout invading your domainOr scaring you away. I respect the choice you madeAnd all that you decide,But I would just like
Poem By Andrea
The Poetry of Electricity Look at his tenuous embroidery of cables essential-- interlocking engineered magenta transcendental poetry composed of orchid--tragically sentimental, Unpretentious uniqueness, gracefully conceived. In life unappreciated, in death perhaps a hero, Judge him not for lowly station but for the gifted contribution of stable, standard, sound construction. Oh, husband, father, twist your wires Electronics without histrionics, A pioneer sampler of repressed emotion. Art designed to be functional, hidden, necessary, beautifully crafted, we trust eventually In each and every thread.
Poems From Master Of Disaster
When I have no one to turn toAnd I am feeling kind of low,When there is no one to talk toAnd nowhere I want to go,I search deep within myselfIt is the love inside my heartThat lets me know my Angels are thereEven though we are miles apart. A smile then appears upon my faceAnd the sun begins to shine.I hear a voice, so soft and sweetSaying, 'Everything will be just fine'It may seem that I am aloneBut I am never by myself at all.Whenever I need my Angels nearAll I have to do is call.An Angel's love is always trueOn that you can depend.They will always stand behind youAnd will always be your friend.Through darkest hours and brightest daysOur Angel's see us throughThey smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue..Thanks for being my Angel my friendI will be there for you until the end
I’M FREE Don’t grieve for me, for now im free I am following the path God laid for me. I took His hand when I heard Him call
I Love YouWith my every breath,With all I have left,From the deepest depths,Of my heart, I love you.With all of my strength,With a thousand miles' length,Every thought I think,I think that I love you.For the length of forever,As long as we're together,Through good and bad weather,For always, I love you.When no one is there,When you think no one cares,When love seems too rare,Remember, I love you.When everything's gone,When all has withdrawn,When hopelessness dawns,Don't forget, I love you.When you fall down,When your dreams come unwound,When hope can't be found,Be happy, I love you.When you make mistakes,When you're filled with hate,When you're old and gray,Even then, I'll love you.Until the very end of days,Until God takes my breath away,Until death separates our ways,Even after then, I will always love you.
These are the Keys to a Loving Lasting Relationship ~ Enjoy!~ Love one another with all your hearts.~ Give more than you take.~ Don't ever take your relationship for granted.~ Have heart-to-heart talks and really communicate.~ Be trusting, playful, intimate and kind.~ Appreciate all the little, special things.~ Recognize that time spent together is a treasure.~ Make the most of what each day brings.~ Know that nothing is sweeter than the warmth of one hand within another.~ Walk together in the direction you want to go.~ Be supportive and sharing and open to changes.~ Always continue to grow.~ Cherish this blessing which so few truly find.~ Have dreams to reach out for through the years.~ Share one another's smiles through the good times.~ Be everything to one another through the tears.~ What your time together lacks in quantity, make up for with quality.~ Call to say "I love you" in the middle of the day.~ Keep your sense of humor and hold on to your hopes.~ Don't let work or worries
Poem # 2 Tell Me What You Think
  Another Poem  "Fire and Brimstone" The darkness that fills my life has over took my soul.The feeling of hate has given me no where to go.I strive to be someone worthy of love and trust.But in my endless travels i have found only lust.I fight for the feeling of honesty and control.But what iIfeel inside seems to never be told.My life has went to hell and will be hard to return.I claw my way up the brimstone only to fall and burn.As my flesh melt from my body and falls to the ground.I climb once again never giving in to the sound.I hear them say I am unworthy and weak.But I fight to saw i am strong and find what I seek.The love of another will be my goal till the end.Until that day in this fire I will stay pending.
Poem By: Adam Tellijohn
R I P Tyler Heilman 7/20/2009 Michaela Widmer 7/25/2009 This world keeps spinning faster to a new disasterInnocent lives are being takenFamilies being torn apartChildren having to grow up without a mommy or daddyIt leaves us here to sit and wonder WHY?Whats next, whose it going to be, what else can possibly happenWe sit and wait for answers, justice to be servedWe sit and wait for the times of a wake and funeral to be announcedYet no matter how much time will passThese lives will never be forgottenOne day you can wake up with a happy familyThat happy family can be torn apart by unexplainable acts of crueltyYou never know when something like this will happenYou don’t have any time to prepareYour friends, family and inner strength is your only backboneYou can rewind time, and you can’t fast-forward itFriends and family you haven’t seen for a while come closerTo help you ease your pain and recoverYour everyday thoughts flashback to the scene of where everything happe
Mother Hen Nice and quiet or so I seem,but I can't wait to make u scream. Feeling sexy feeling hot, for a saint I am not. Not hard to choose between naughty or nice,for the bad ones always get laid twice. With both sexes I have been,and with no doubt would do again.For life is to short to let it passby,so there is nothing I won't try. Bite,spanked, or completly bound,for I seek pleasure all around. So before you start talking and call me Mother Hen,bend me over and stick it in.  
Poems I Wrote
Love Is ...Love is the greatest feeling,Love is like a play,Love is what I feel for you,Each and every day,Love is like a smile,Love is like a song,Love is a great emotion,That keeps us going strong,I love you with my heart,My body and my soul,I love the way I keep loving,Like a love I can't control,So remember when your eyes meet mine,I love you with all my heart,And I have poured my entire soul into you,Right from the very does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward Open your heart and take us in, Love - love and me. forever EVERYTIME why do I put my heart out there every time every time I get my heart broken why am I so forgiving? Every time I fall hard every time I love I get hurt why do I even brother or try anymore? I’m tired of every time I cry all these tears I’m tires of every time  I get hurt every time I think I met the perfect right guy I only get hurt and pain every time I get hurt I always say never again will I let i
Poem For Fu
men think cuz a chic is on fu she is a cyber slut here for u. at ur disposal no im not. could it be that most women here have tainted the land of fu there is no doubt that is true  fakes and fonies im sure u men have had but not all is bad in fu land  
POEM – THE DASHThis poem was written by Linda Ellis.  She wrote it while working at a company with a tense working environment.  She saw people’s priorities were messed up.  The bosses and her fellow employees were worrying far too much about what seemed to be unimportant in the larger scope of life.  A letter was sent around her office written by a wife of an employee who was dying.  Her words were: “Regrets?  I have a few.  Too much worrying!  I worried about finding the right husband, and having children, being on time, being late and so on.It all works out and would have worked out without the worries or fears.  If only I would have known then, what I know now.  We all are going to die.  Stop worrying, start loving and living.”The Dash – Linda EllisI read of a man who stood to speak   at the funeral of a friend.He referred to the dates on her tombstone   from the the end.He noted that first came the date of her birth   and spoke of the f
A Poem I Wrote
ok so I dabble in poetry....hoping to get some more of it published...this one seems to be a favorite of all my friends...hope you like it.   ROMANTIC INTERLUDE A touch A quiver A whisper A sigh A moan A hand A breast A thigh A smile A look A kiss A grin Both nervous about Whats about to begin Heat building Passion stirring Windows steaming Bodies purring Tender touches Warm embraces Erotic meeting Seductive gazes Soft skin Sliding in Pressure mounting Heart pounding Hours pass Then at last Relaxing release Cuddles and kissing These are all the things You're missing. -Summer Fry 2006  
Lingering in the moment, lost in your eyes, Content, I cherish the sweet surprise.Kissing tongues tangle, making you ache, No longer can you wait, for me to take. Laying you back, you plead without words, As if hidden lips could somehow be heard,Raising hips high to greet your stare, Hoping to speak to some part of you aware. You Beckon please enter with no hesitation, Yet I stand firm, with no reservation,Taunting you, teasing you, grin on my face, Admiring how you've put me in place. Then suddenly, I grant relief, Knowing now you must have peace. Penetrating with my pride,Charging, I thrust deep inside. Planting feet upon my chest,To brace us both, you do my best, Not to scream loud like before,When places reached cut to the core. Wondering if I'm hurting you,I ease mo-men-tar-ily,Slowing, then come "please-don't-stop" pleas,Whimpering your at my mercy. Back in our entrancing dance, I catch your eyes stealing a glance, At contorted expressions, my face in full v
A Poem
I'll never forget the moment I found you and you found me. Our friendship grew and the next thing i knew, love came suddenly. You won my heart and there's no doubt our feelings grew quite strong. So much happiness in my life that i hadn't known in so long.   But circumstance and opposition came from all around. It left my heart so broken and scattered on the ground. It was so beautiful while it lasted that i hate to see it go. 
A Poem Of Sorts!
Poems About My Baby Sean, I Adore Him
Love of my Life - 3rd August 2009 Pushed aside for so longLeft aloneTreated like a jokeKilling me slowly on the inside Now, overjoyed I embrace these momentsMouth dryTears in eyesI'm finally happy in my skin Gentle smile melts my heartI relish this momentThe sound of that voice makes me trembleAnd I go dizzy with the words spoken Anticipation when he isn't aroundI wait and hope he will come todayHeart in throatHands nervous and excited I didn't know such love existedLight of day welcome nowBefore it seemed so dullNever wanted to awaken Confused as to what I did to deserve himQuestions pointlessLove is here to stayI sleep with him in my dreams He is my everythingA new light is shiningLove, Lust, AdorationMy counterpart, My love, My Sean Ode to Sean - 23rd July 2009 Besotted with your smile I lose another dayI want to touch you wish there was some wayMy life is so different now you are aroundI feel like I'm floating, feet dont touch the ground. For years I have longed
A Poem For Johnny
  Remember all of those times I ran you out of my kitchen Because you always tried to taste everything while it was cooking, You were my biggest food critique but you loved everything I made.   Remember when my daughter at the age of two would jump into your lap and make you read, “The Cat in the Hat” because no one else could read it like you. JJJJohnny.   Remember how you used to call me Mom even though you were older than me.   Remember that night we watched scary movies until dawn, then when you were leaving I snuck out the back door and scared you.   Remember the time we watched an Air Show together and you almost jumped into the river when the stealth flew by unexpectedly.   Remember how you used to call me up in the middle of the night trying to disguise your voice but it never worked because you stuttered.   Remember how you were my closest friend for 35 years until you left this earth too soon.   I do.    Poem by Tammy C.  
A Poem From Emptypiecesnow
Now The Melody Is Renewed A time spent apart from My Fire Words written to reach her heart Have been wiped clean from her slate Now the new sun rises giving fresh start I have missed My Fire’s sweet voice Her melody that brings passion to my spirit Eyes like gateways to heaven A kiss with a lust deep within it My Fire’s body carved from the night sky She is the untamed mystery of love She graces me with her touch Her heart I take hold of Let me hid in the feathers Of the wings of this phoenix Let me take in all of your scent Let my soul pour onto your lips Now My Fire open your ears To the notes we have pursued As the sun pierces the dawn Now The Melody Is Renewed ps all my other poems got deleted by fubar..
just a lil poem i wrote today thought id share with you...Exstatic,you touched my life...visions, yet still so newcan't conceive it with out you...your repretoireworthy of mentionwhat i feel ,following throughan ever embededrecognition...lethal to my attention...neglection is not an option...a heart grasping concoction...your sweetnesswho can elude...what you exude...enlightening that whichcan not be refused...thoughts lingeringfeelings meant for your amuse...eludedwords stir there is no what you all about!!!!leaves me in awe...suspends my head when misery stalls me to a crawl.foer most and above alllike a breeze welcomed as a summer's apeasing plea..know always yourfriendship means the world to me!!!!
A friend is like a flower,a rose to be exact,Or maybe like a brand new gatethat never comes unlatched.A friend is like an owl,both beautiful and wise.Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,whose spirit never dies.A friend is like a heart that goesstrong until the end.Where would we be in this worldif we didn't have a friend.
A Poem I Wrote
 Darkness used to cloud my soul With a fever so dark and cold. Shadows were my friends Fear was too familiar, but then, Something came along Like a bittersweet song. The darkness began to fade And I began to see a way For my soul to be set free From my previous torn memories. Rescued my heart had been Love was flowing from within. And to you I give this thanks For freedom from these shanks. I'm now sheltered in your arms With an embrace so warm. For once I can feel safe And I have no reason for escape. Love is now my pleasant torment For, together, we are truly meant
Poem) Why Good Things Have To End!
When love is in the air you have a reason to care the feeling is near the scent is there you are here tight against me no sound any where. Stars burn the night sky they show me a little twinkle in your eye is this a dream shall I ask? or do I have to make it last? the vision of you haunts me day and night  your arms wrapped around me alittle kiss on the cheack a whisper in my ear saying "stay here with me you will be alright" I looked up into your eyes which the stars have filled the smile you gave the heart you saved emotional feelings came over  me like a racing horse that is dying for a win. Pounding, hearts trembling hands, words unspoken dreams being real. So, I drift up and we share a little kiss the only moment  that I surley miss. We, stoped for a while come take my hand walk with me until the sandy beach ends."You say that won't be true the sands will never end just like the love I have with you no end nothing to wait. The foot prints that we leave behind in the sand laug
Poem For My Love
Your eyes like melted gold warm me inside straight to the core if you see me staring, if you sense my eyes lingering on your face, its cause looking up into your eyes i feel so amazingly safe  with your hands in my hair  you give me the strength to stand up with your gentle caresses  you overfill my heart with a powerful love  ive never felt so in love before im so vulnerable to you  even with all the walls  they just come crumbling down  words come from deep inside me oh the thoughts you give me  im completely in love with you, Aaron. 
Poem 1
Hope lost, and nothing left to gainThis anguish and hatred inside, is driving me insaneI want to die, more than anything else in this worldBlack sails on the ship of death unfurledSailing these bloody seas, Satan at my sideLaughing painfully, as I realize that everyone has liedLove is bullshit, no one wants it or even caresAs once again, my heart, begins to tearBloody and broken, it no longer wants to beatPain in my chest, hurts so bad, as it knocks me off my feetWhat has happened to this world, why is it so cold and darkIt must be me, my soul, Satan left his markI am his, have always been, and always will beNever again, will I be free
Poem 2
Remember these words, for they are the one thing that will never fadeA future, no matter how dark or bleak, can always be remadeRemember my smile, for when I showed it, it was trueWhen hope shined in my eyes, before the blackness broke throughI did smile once, so long agoWhen I was innocent, and just didn't knowWhen the future was bright, alive with hopes and dreamsNow it's all I can do, as I feel the knife slip through my ribs, not to screamAlways for the heart it goes, seeking that mortal fleshPain, pleasure, hope, loss...all enmeshedWhen that dies, all hope is lost...or is it?
Poem 3
Hope lost, and nothing left to gainThis anguish and hatred inside, is driving me insaneI want to die, more than anything else in this worldBlack sails on the ship of death unfurledSailing these bloody seas, Satan at my sideLaughing painfully, as I realize that everyone has liedLove is bullshit, no one wants it or even caresAs once again, my heart, begins to tearBloody and broken, it no longer wants to beatPain in my chest, hurts so bad, as it knocks me off my feetWhat has happened to this world, why is it so cold and darkIt must be me, my soul, Satan left his markI am his, have always been, and always will beNever again, will I be free
Poems && Quotes I Found While I Was Thinking Of Him
**When I turned the corner,I saw you down the way.I smiled and you waved.My heart melted,Just watching you look at me.Someone called and you turned away,But I’ll keep on looking,I’ll keep on dreaming of the day,When you really seeThat I don’t want a wave, a nod.I want to feel your breath on my neck,Your hands in mine.I want to see your eyes looking at meWith the love I feel for you.**     **What he doesn't knowIs that I love him in my heartI knew that he was specialI could tell right from the startWhat he doesn't knowIs that when I close my eyesAll I can see is his imageAs he slowly passes byWhat he doesn’t knowIs that I remember every wordEvery single thing he saysEverything I've heardWhat he doesn't knowIs that I dream of him at nightAnd what I really long for,Is for him to be in my sightWhat he doesn't knowIs that I long for him to sayJust one single wordAnything, so I can stayWhat he doesn't knowIs that I treasure all the timeEvery minute that I’m w
Disheartened Alone in my room, What else is new? Does anyone care? Or have a clue.   Thoughts overwhelming, Dare not go out, Insecurity, Clouded by doubt.   Your slight betrayal, Thinking of you, Convey my feelings, Can I get through?   Begin a new day, I play my part, Time to move forward, Where do I start?  
Poem For U
*Roses r red, lemons r sour, open ur legs & give me an hour.  *Kissing is a habit, fucking is a game- guys get all the pleasure & girls get all the pain. 10 mins of pleasure, 9 months of pain, 3 days in the hospital- a baby with no name. The baby is a bastard, the mother is a whore, this never wouldve happened if the rubber hadnt tore! *Sex is like math: u subtract the clothes, add the bed, divide the legs & pray 2 god u dont multiply. *Roses r red, grass is green, open ur legs & ill fill u with cream. *Sex is evil, sex is a sin, sins r forgiven so stick it in. *Roses r nice, violets r fine, ill be the 6 if u b the 9. *Eat me, beat me, bite me, blow me, fuck me, suck me very slowly, if u like it dont be sassy, use ur tounge & make it NASTY!!
A Poem Written By Myself And Solpavilion (ok So I Only Wrote The Title And One Verse Lol)
The Bar Beneath the stars That shine so brightI went to the barsLate into the nightInto them I went smoke filled the scent of the crowded air, and a scene of despair. low and behold! a figure of lightshe filled up my visionand made my heart so tightfor her i spentevery dime and centfrom my pocket they camethe register they wentnot to seem unseen, from fellows i weened, their loose change afloatin, an their pockets i cleaned!
The pain in my heart intensifies. I reach out my hand only to watch you turn away. Tears fill my eyes, the pain in my heart intensifies, and still I reach out to you. I want to save you, I need to save me, and in that we’ve lost us. I call out, one last time. A hope and a prayer is all that’s left. You’re gone and all I have is my outstretched hand.
Poem I Wrote For A Ex
I never thought that I could find A person so sweet and so kind Who has an interest in me and what I say And thinks I’m pretty no matter how I look that day My heart is so full of joy and growing with love For this person God has brought down from above And I hope that he will always know That I support him no matter where he will go Even though we are far apart He still has every piece of my heart And I know that he feels the same way Just by how he talks to me each day
Poem About My Ex Brad
You walked into my life like a Prince out of a dream You became my heart and soul, you were my everything I guess I was stupid for letting you in my heart I never thought you would hurt me so much this literally tore me apart My heart was fragile I didn’t want it to break But I guess loving you was my biggest mistake I had plans for us and I saw us happy I saw us growing old together and being a Grandma and Pappy I wanted to show u all that love I had to offer But now we will never even make it to an alter I am sorry if I wasted your time and energy I guess you couldn’t handle being with me Now I am trying to move on It’s hard because every time I turn on the radio I hear a love song I need to forget about you and put you in my past But every memory of you still wants to last I beg and plead every single day For God to take your memory away You haunt my heart and my mind I hope one day I will forget you for all time.
This first poem was just an an attempt to mix some imagry from watching a fall night sky (I do a lot of), and the feelings of breaking up. I've always wanted to expand on this one but haven't yet.   Everyone askes if this second one is from personal experience. No its not. I wrote this one after watching one of those commercials about reporting any abuse you might know of. Was thinking how it must have felt for the child. And this poem came to mind.PO'd at the publisher though. I explicitly told them that all the lines of the poem should be centered, it was an attempt to shape the poem not just write the imagry. But they still messed it up. I'll have to post up a corrected version sometime.    
I try to picture a world without madnessimages of lives live on passed thisI'm caught in a lie filled of colorstrapped an' buried lost an' savageyou don't know what it like to lose it allyou don't see pass your eye, can't see the liesyou don't wanna know what i see when I dreamyou don't even know meyou don't knowthe coldness is rising, the fear is eat away at the skinthe pain is unbarewhat the point of livingif all we do is diemy heart is scream for some peace mindleave it to me to find a wayi'll give my all and you live another dayyou'll never have to know what it likejust go to sleep and close don't know what it like to lose it allyou don't see pass your eye, can't see the liesyou don't wanna know what i see when I dreamyou don't even know meyou don't know....
Poem: I Stand At The Threshold Of The Devil's Doorway
I stand at the thresholdof the Devil's doorway.The windfrom a pair of tinyflapping wingscould push mein eitherdirection.I stand in aweof God's creation.His light illuminatesa pathHis stars shine downupon usHis wrathis coming.ComingForMe.I am an outcastof loveit has alienated mein all its gloryand good intentions.It has taken advantageof mymindand soul.The Devil is inthe details.Love lingersin the detailsthe forgotten cracksand crevicesthe unexplored regionsof hate.Opposite sides of the sameBlade.Do alleged murdererslocked up in their iron cagesfeel the tugging in theirgutwhen they think aboutthe onewho gotaway?In a world of domeswhere isa cube supposedto find acceptance?follow the tinklingof glass on glassmusic on the heartscreams against metal wallsof whats trappedinside of you.There you findthe only onewho trulyaccepts.For all the acceptancegainedyou must live withall the foul playand all the liesThe crueltythe hatethe love lostand paradisenever found.
Poem... For A Broken Heart
Broken in silence my heart stops to beat.. once was full of the grandest illusion of someone for it to keep.. Bringing tears of sadness to once eyes full of luster... Dulled by the cruelity of a sinister devine.. crushed by the cruel hand of fate.. and the angry thoughts that dwell... giving me no life to live inside my secret hell.. boiling on the point of sanity uncertain which path to fall.. silence in the dead of night as tears on the pillow fall... giving unanswered questions but one is who's the biggest fool of all...
Poem On Deployment
I live my life of fantasy Always dreaming of what could be So much love in my heart to share With the man of my dreams Is he out there somewhere? I see the world through Angel’s eyes With an overwhelming passion For the earth and the skies My spirit is free to laugh and live Life to the fullest Giving all I can give To those in my life Who are closest to me The love of friendship Is wonderful indeed Yet my heart and soul Are still longing to feel The touch and love Of the man with the key To my heart and soul For only he can fulfill my dreams To be touched, to be held To be adored, to be loved I think of you always And pray to GOD above That one day we will meet And be swept off our feet To a world of Amazing Magic That only we two can share I will hold you close And never let you go Loving you forever How much you may never know For it would be an eternity For me to ever show How much you really mean to me For now, my dreams only know
Poem For My Mom On Mothers Day 09
I want to thank you for all you’ve done You raised us up, teaching us right from wrong You worked hard all the years to make ends meet And kept going through life even when you were beat You were strong with broad shoulders, you carried the load The times were hard and to all we owed Be we had each other to carry us through Your children who needed you You were always there no matter what Be strong never give up is what you taught If all seems to go wrong you will prevail For as long as there’s love you will not fail A home full of love is all we knew We all stuck together as long as there was you Yeah we fought like children as children do And said things to each other we know weren’t true Were all grown up now and to you we thank For each harsh word and the threat to spank You were hard on us and we now know why So the mother you have been so good and so strong Teaching us the difference between right and wrong We take this day to honor you, for mothers, as you are
A Poem And A Song
    This is for a special someone.....
Poem 1
My Love,You are the dreamThat bids me sleepAnd the morningTo which I rise...This day, I become yours--Not as possession,But to holdThat I may dance, hold me looselyAs the air embracing a flameIf I should shake, hold me surelyAs an Angel guarding my soulCome to me with your laughter That I might touch your heavenReach for me in your sorrowThat I may help slay the demonFrom this day forwardYou are harmony to my songMy only love,You are the dreamThat whispers, follow--And the sunWhich bids me wake...
A Poem For Me From My Mom's Friend Tony Kenyon!!!
 An Angel needs all our PRAYERS so she will be safe An Angel needs all our LOVE So she can be home again An Angel needs the Spirit to go through the surgery An Angel needs our hands to Pray so she will be well An Angel needs all of us to show that we care An Angel needs the warmth of the song for the wind to share Oh Great Spirit hear our Pleas keep Amber safe as she goes through this surgery Keep her in your arms let her feel your love Send down an Angel so she will be strong She is an Angel who you gave to ignite with friendship to all Oh Great Spirit help her to stand Proud tall and strong Let her feel the love from all who care,Let her feel the strength so that she can share Her song is for Freedom Her heart is pure,Oh Great Spirit let your love light shine through Give her the Courage and bring her back home,Oh Great Spirit she needs you and your Son Great Spirit shine the Love sing out your song Let your Angels stand beside her and keep her with your Love (Tony Kenyon 2009) Thank
you will always a place in my heart just to let you know I love seeing your face in the morning when i wake and every time you kiss me you take my breath away just being around you makes my day when i look into your eyes i just cant find the words to say when im with you you everything bad in the world just goes away. is it good or bad
Poem Written By Me...
She walks in Beauty she walks in grace she hides the scars  she hides the pain They will never know hell she has walked they will never know where she has been as She walks in beauty she walks in grace   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Poem That Hits Home
WEAPONS There are many types of weaponsBut the ones that hurt the mostAre the weapons made of memoriesAnd the deadly midnight ghost.Not all wounds are red and bloodyThere are wounds that touch the mindThese are wounds that always festerThey're the never healing kind.Why are we who've done our dutyPlagued by wounds that never healMade by weapons of our memoriesWhich are worse than lead and steel
WOUNDS OF WAR Some wounds of warAre never seenThey're buried deep within No open woundNo Purple HeartNo blemish on the skin But these are woundsThat leave a scarUpon our very soul They tear our heartsCause miseryAnd take a heavy toll Our bloodless woundsCause us to askOh, God, what was it for We go through lifeNot knowing whyWe have these Wounds of War  
MEDALS Don't envy a man his medalsAll those ribbons on his chestHe did not try to get themThey're not there at his request They were earned in stinking hell holesWhere no man would like to goOr in cold and wintry placesWhere there's only ice and snow He did not know he earned themTill they were awarded at paradeAnd they were bright when he first got themBut in time the colors fade He was told he had to wear themAnd to wear them all with prideBut when the memories come to haunt himThose same medals make him hide Cause those medals will not bring backAll those guys he left behindAnd he would trade them all foreverFor a little peace of mind So don't envy a man his medalsYou don't want to take his placeThinking back to long gone battlesAnd meeting dead friends face to face   THE MEMORIAL We tried, we tried, Oh God we triedSo we could be here tooAnd walk around rememberingAnd look for names we knew Our lives were lost so far awayUpon a distant shoreBut we are here in memoryAs yo
The Poem Let Me Know What Ya Think
        I wonder when she looks in the mirror does she see memories past or if I am the last thing on her mind. I wonder does she often think more of the bad and not so much of the good memories.           I wonder does she know that I still care, for of course she was my greatest love affair.           I wonder why I let her go and walk out of my life, because since then my time on this planet has been filled with strife.           I wonder will she read this and know, that no matter how hard I try I can't let the past go.           I wonder does she know that she was the best thing I ever ruined. I wonder if things were different I wouldn't be where I am today.          By far and away I often wonder these things to often, but I just can't stop them from filling my mind.          I wonder does she know she was truly my first love and I appreciate her being the one I may never forget.
A Poem For Me
one of my best freinds ( Raziel in my freinds n fam) that's indisposed at the moment sent me this cuz of something that happened to me and i didnt know the little shit had it in him! (well he's like 6ft2 or 3 and i'm 5ft2 but i let him know he aint all that! lmfao) When people run away and play their silly games makes us wonder if we'll die from the pain. Their selfishness in flight never makes it right. Even if their reasons seem bright. I'm telling you this, dear, and i'm hoping that you'll hear that even though he's gone, your good freind, ME, is still near. I know I'm locked away but freedom is closer everyday. Your freind I'll always be and always selflessly. I cannot takeit all away but i'll do my best to ease the pain. I've been there many times before and ifi can I'll help you mend that broken door. I wish you best and happiness moew now then ever before. Ain't that sweet?? Never saw that side of him LOL he's usually a butt face or something to me LMFAO
"Dreams are given to youby GOD because he isbelieving in you to makethem come true."You helped me laugh,you dried my tears,because of you I have no tears.Together we live,together we grow,teaching each other what we must know.You came in my life,and I was blessed,thank you are the best.Release my hand and say goodbye,please my friend, don't you cry.I promise you this is not the end,because like I said,your my friend.Someone, somewhere dream of your smile.And while thinking of you....says life is worthwhile.So when you are lonely...remember it's true,Someone thinking of you.Tell your heart that the fear of sufferingis worse than the suffering itself....and that no heart has ever sufferedwhen it goes in search of it's dreams.Written with a pen,sealed with a kiss,If you are my friend,answer me this....Are we friends? Or are we not?You told me once....but I forgot.So tell me now...and tell me true,So I can say...."I'm here for you."Of all the friends I've ever
This Poem come to me one day at work. I wrote this in less than 5 Min. I believe with all my heart God give me these words and moved my hand.                                                            A Soldiers Cry In a hole here I lie, Praying and hoping I will not die. As I listen to death expload and zip past my head, All around me I hear screams from the dead. Fighting for a cause I do not completely understand, Maybe it's survival of another land. As the cold and heat surrounds us all, Maybe it's just to fight for a country that called. As my brothers fall all around me, I fight and push foward knowing that God is with thee. As the dust clears and the smoke settles, I suddenly recall the children's eyes, The ones I hope to protect so they can live thier lives. A country thats Proud and Strong, I will fight for as my breathe goes on. Suddenly my life flashes before my eyes, With a snipers shot I slowly die. To those who gave all, I stand beside as my Lord ca
guys put yourself in a ladies placehow can u even look them in the facewhen you thinkk about fucking aroundthey should put your ass 6 feet under the groundwhen u thinking about raising  your hand to themcome on men they are a precious gemwhy don't you you show them lovethey are our precious dovewho are we to tell them what to wearits not right...its just unfairwho are we to tell them who they can talk toburt whoever you want to you dohow can u hit your woman in the eyebecause she caught your ass in a lieshouldnt have your woman support youso i chant too you......BOOyou are able to work so get a jobstop bieng a worthless slobtreat them as you want to bewatch your relationship will be better you'll seewell i'm very proud to say i dont hit mineso i dont have to see her cryingi'm proud to say i cherish my dovein my heart lies for her is 100% lovewell i will be back with another poem laterso guys if u read this dont be a hater                                                         Shane Ma
I recently wrote this poem and thought it was the kind of thing my fu friends might like to see...  So lemme know what you think, eh?  Good or bad, I just like to get feedback... Svengali Identity,I gave over.No questions,No regards.You, reins in hand,Randy drover(bent me over)(made me over)Down and down and thenKicksand kissesLies in your truthBut I seeI see it all the same(shame)Bonds loosed each by eachSelf to self again.
A Poem I Like
sad for all the time my embrace was empty of yousad for being stubborn to be sadsad for touching objects baring your presencesad for not touching you...sad for re adi ng your name everywhere i turnsad for all the blue jackets other men should not have wornsad for all my weak spots left to be weaksad to open my eyes in the morningsad for a cruel truth not even dreams can survivesad without dreamingsad of nothing to hope forsad for still seing beautiful things worth for you to knowsad... written by : Cristina Geanta
I'll surrender my world to you . if that is the only way i can become a part of yours. The beating of my hear is a drum and it's lost and it's looking for a rythm like you. if you love someone you have to look before you leap. it takes a second to say i love you but a lifetime to show it when i miss you i don't have to go far... i just have to look inside my heart because that is where i will find you. i heard someone whisper your name, but when i turned around to see who it was. i was alone. then i realized it was my heart telling me that i miss you if you love me as i love you then nothing but death can part us two
A Poem For He Who Has My Heart
let me be the bandage to your bleeding let me be the ocean for your tears let me be the secret of your healing let me be the song to still your fears love isnt love that cannot love in darkness nor is it love that turns away from pain nor would i love would i not hold your sadness and with my love your love of life will sustain so do not think your malady aburden and do not think my willingness a deciet just let your sorrow flow into my garden and i will share with you the harvest sweet.
Love Like A RoseCategory: Writing and PoetryLike the thorns prick, sometimes you wound my heartLike the red bulb, so is the blood from my heartLike the leaves on the stem, I hope you never leave meLike the green of the stem, your love for me I so envyLike the rose blossoms, each day my love blossoms for youLike the sweet smell of a rose, so are you just as sweetLike the red of the bulb, so is my passion for youBut like every rose, roses eventually wilt and dieJeremy
Ageless are our minds As we stare in the mirror Ageless are our thoughts When it comes to passion   She stares with thoughtful eyes What her eyes have seen She stares in his face Seeing passion before her.   Her mind thoughtful, focused Watching her youthful love increase Finding the wanting, the needing Of matter in her hands, on her face.   Her thoughts, her voice So ponderous to her Her memories of today Filling her mind  
Afternoon Storm I saw and felt it buildingdark, foreboding, welcome.The heat, intense, would soon be broken, gentled, relieved. I watched and waited, knowing what soon would occur.Nature, in Her fury would releaseher strikes and crashes. The stillnessbegan to unravelas the the first rumblings were heard and felt. I felt the electricity,the air crackled about me.The taste and smell were unmistakable. I was enveloped by the moisturegentle at firstthen an outpouring,soon I was drenched. Then with a final screamyou came.
Hearts made of Glass   I have a heart made of glass I keep up on the shelf I take it down when, I want to be myself It beats for a love of only one man A Love that is given like no other can My heart made of glass he holds in the plam of his hand until the moment has come when our time is done   You have a heart made of glass Your keep up on the shelf You take it down when you want to be yourself
A Poem
If music pulls your ear and disjoints your neck..Repeat Bobs your shoulders, raises your pulse, claps your hands Repeat Slides your feet, grinds your hips, bounces the night Repeat Packs bodies together, raises palms, sets your heart rate Turns you into a driver’s seat rock star Repeat Smacks you in the face, takes you back to 1987, Raises the beast and soothes the soul Repeat Exposes your inner air guitar hero, Screams with you, cries with you, disguises you Repeat Laughs with you, wins with you, and lives inside you. But mostly it’s the music that makes you push Repeat And TURN IT UP. So loud that all that’s left is the Beat of your heart and the Thud of the bass and the Drop of another ordinary day. That must be your favorite music. kmh7508
A Poem...
saddness building up in methis pain i cant explaintwisted thoughts inside my headnightmares so derangedcutting me and stabbing mebleedind from insideyet my heart keeps beatingi am death deprivedthe veins inside my skinjust continue pulsingwhile my body starts to shakerapidly convulsingmy eyes begin to waterspilling over the edgeeverything thats happenedi just cant seem to forget.I know I must have hurt you, caused you pain.More, I know that I have lost your trust.I wish I had that moment back againTo pulverize my carelessness and lust.Sometimes we have to lose what we most cherishTo understand how much we are in need.We play with life until we nearly perishTo dare the darkness, though within we bleed.I need you as the Sun must have a roseTo turn its empty radiance to glory,Or as a nation needs someone who knowsThe secrets of its long-forgotten story.I know my need of you more than before;Thus for my trespass you may trust me more.
A Poem
Fallen leaves slain by the wind Swirl and whirl whistling to the sky Dropping one by one each petal that - was once moistured and adored - Now withered and dreary its juices all gone.   Where are now the butterfly that cherish me? I cannot beg to stay,drifted and gone - i am powerless to make them remain!   Now slowly and silently i weep as i fall And lay in the ground I dont know where to go.................           Annette.
Poem.... Feel Free To Leave A Suggested Name
The long days and silent nights Come forth to me as moon lights Stars shining and stars faded Love has grown love is jaded Stepping forward and falling backwards Deafly whispers of shouted words These are things that come and go These are things I thought you should know Heavens angels and hells demons Angelic children and develish minions Intentinal blankness and silent screams Close spaces and real dreams Grains of sand and salt of tides Sweetened tears and bittered strides Lovely pain and backward stance Fallen history and manly prance Theres no story theres no meaning It's written from minds gleaming Ended now it's ended for Nothing much.... Nothing more
Poem.... Feel Free To Leave A Suggested Name Number 2
As the day is upon usThe wind calls our nameAs the voices heard around usWe all feel a little insaneSanity is much over ratedReality is no more excitingThe better half is unrarely hatedMy world is of much fightingLife is ultraly and unremittingly crazyInsanity is how we live out lifeMy days are always a bit hazySanity is now our heavy strifeTime is of no relativity to meThe world is like a block in my handThe shape of life I cannot seeSo it blows away like unwepped sandDescnding rage awakens my eyesFull insanity and hatred has taken overLight is gone as dark is the skiesPeace and Justice is no longer my lover
Poem.... Feel Free To Leave A Suggested Name Number 3
Running down the streetlate one stary nightI hear her screambut no one in sightI hear hr whisperingstill no sight of herworrying whats happenedfiguring whats a stirI feel in my gutsomething bad is downcan't place it yetno one seen aroundThen it hits melike a ton of stinkthe one i love is hurtingAt least I thinkHow is it possibleshe's so far awayI run back homemake the call in disarrayShe answers th phonebefore it began to ringShe felt the same wayShe thought the same thingYou see we're so closeat heart only you seeI feel what she feelsand she he same with meI wanted to hear youI wish you were hereI miss you dearlyI'm so lost I fearWe end the callwith a tender sighI love you truelyI feel her start to cryWipe your tears babeDon't you dare startJust remember thisYou'll always have my heartDon't you worryI'll be home soonFor now we'll be togetherAlways underneath the moon.
Poems From My Babydoll I Love Him So Much.
 Poem 1: A Fallen Angel Deep in my mind, my light, the sky, a shimmering sunYour heart, my love, you are the only oneYou’ve touched me in a way I needed you toWith a tender touch only you can gently do So dry your eyes now, no not one more tears…You won't be hurt with my love right hereCause I’ll be your angel when that wicked arrow darts nearA seraph to protect you when you have reason to fearAnd I’ll love you through thick and through thinTaking you away from where you’ve always beenCause my heart will not stop a beat for flood or for rainAnd it will love you whether you leave or remain You see…I can see objectively….What this relationship is doing to you over and over againSo please… let me take you away from this pain…Cause I’m here Poem 2: Deep in my heart I know it is trueNever again in my life will I feel blueFrom the first day I met youI knew the God had sent you. For in my heart you are the oneYou make my d
Blonde prince of all Evil, In the garb of a Saint: A weaving, a weaving: They magical Feint. How wily thy web is Of meshes for flies? -Woof of false morals, Web of dream-lies. You tell us 'the humble' Are angels of light; Inferring the valiant Are demons of night, You curse all that's noble, You praise all that's vile. Invert all that's righteous; With satanic guile. Round millions you've wove, A hypnotic spell: Christ! thou art Mephisto, The mocker of hell. You urge us to bless them, Who plunder and cheat us: -To love and caress them, Who hate and illtreat us. There's not in thy Teachings One Thought that is true; -Thou are a false prophet: O crucified JEW.
Poem "does Anyone Care?"
 Does anyone care, Does anyone notice. If i were to die, would anyone cry. If i was to leave, and never come back. Would anyone care, to fight back. If i began to hurt myself, would you try to stop me. If i tried to sell my soul, would you be there to take it back. Does anyone care, does anyone notice. My heart, beginning to hurt. The tears, that fall out. The blood, that leaves my empty cuts. Would you be there, like a true friend. To help me find,
Poem " Not "
Not talking,  Not listening, Just staring in space. Not looking, Not hideing, Just sitting here in place. Not caring, Not crying, Just thinking about you. Not eating, Not sleeping, Where i could be dreaming of you. Not hoping, Not wishing, Just to see you. Not wanting to live, Not wanting to be here, Without you by my side. But here I stand all alone, in my mind. confused, and beaten on the inside. Scared of being alone, All my life.
Poem " The Kiss "
  The moment, you gave me the kiss, stuck in memory, never to forget. How you brushed, my hair out of my face, gently placing, your hand upon mine. Looking in my soft green eyes, with a smile of comfort to embrace. Slowly bringing up your hand, placing it upon my chin. Coming closer to me, tilting your head just a bit. Closing your eyes, and touching me lip to lip. That memory i could, never forget.
Poem That Was Written For Me. :)
The angel in you is to be true To watch over others doesn’t make you blue The things about you I’m addicted to There’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be alright boo I know this girl she’s positive she’s a little goofy But that’s okay her body and curves are all so groovy Have you seen her she so positive all the time? She keeps herself looking good she’s really in her prime Man, I’m been looking for a girl like is hard to find Her halo shines so bright it makes me blind My mind is wrapped up in her grind Is she right, is she true, is she really for me? I might have been stung by the cupid bee She just might be, right now she’s the only one I really see I might be stung, this just might be, and damn I think I’m hung! She’s pretty and steep, this is pretty deep, I can barely sleep She keeps her head steady, I think she’s ready To make a big comeback, she’s cool and steady I like her, it’s all good,
Poem " For The Times "
  All the times, you yelled at me. All the times, you couldn't look at me. All the times, i let you down. All the times, i couldn't count. I'm sorry, for letting you down. For all the times, you said i love you. All the times, I ignored you. All the times, you were never there. And all the times, I never cares. All the times, I sat at home. For all the times, you never called. I'm sorry.. for letting you down. All the times, the tears came flowing. For my heart, was breaking. For i was sad
Poem- Unknown Title
  My soul is wery, My heart is gone. he took it away, and left none. He looks at me, with precious eyes. holding me close, to his side. The warming kiss, he offered me. Left a mark, to treasure thee. The words he spoke, left an emabrace, of love inside of me.
Poem " Gave"
A promise you gave, without any words. A kiss you gave, that took my breath away. A look you gave, that spoke your heart. Your gentle hand, that is placed upon mine. Your mind, that listens so carefully. Your arms, that embrace me. Your shoulders, that are open to me if i need comfort. A ring you gave, that unlocked my broken heart.
Poem " A Wonderful Man"
I see a man, a wonderful man. Full of secrets, full of mystery. A wonderful man, with joy to give. A man, with a boy at heart. I see a man, a wonderful man. Full of life, full of beauty. A wonderful man, with soft brown eyes. I see a man, a wonderful man. Full of color, full of me. A wonderful man, that looks at me with love. I see a man, a wonderful man. Full of laughter, full of love. A wonderful man, that i have a chance to love.
Poem " Once Said "
You once said, I was special. but then you once told me, you would never leave. but look, here i stand. all alone, not scared nor frightened. you left me, with tears in my eyes. with strength, hidden deep in my heart. my sould once black, now beautiful. beside me, stands a wonderful man. one that, looks in my heart. that man, than man is you!
Poem " Lost You "
What can go wrong, I feel as if I've already lost you. my soul is deprived, my heart in depression. i lie here on my bed, waiting for you to call. waiting for my tears to fall, letting all the pain escape. my mind begins to shutdown, my body turns cold as ice. my face turns pale, as my eyes slowly shut. I began slipping away, from my life. Falling fast, into a never ending hole. knowing i have, completly lost you!
Poem " What's Left? "
What's left in the world, when you broke my heart. Not caring, when or why. Filling my mind, with wander. and ny heart with despare. now knowing, you never really cared. you filled my hopes and dreams, with encourgement and joy. but now i am unable to carry, my strength nor future you once gave. my world seemed to end, that day you left me alone. crying on my bed, asking what i did wrong. calling you, to hear you hang up. I'm sure now, i may have died. leaving this world, leaving you behind...Good bye!
Poem " The Feeling You Bring "
The feeling of life, the feeling of freedom, that you bring me. The hope and faith, I see in your eyes. With love, that you speak. Truth that you bring, the laughter I see. You brighten my day, to make me smile. The feeling of warmth, when you hug me. The soft touch, when you look at me. Blending your brown, into my green. For all can see, that you love me.
Poem " Deep In The Night "
Clouds fill the sky, where the sun would once shine. Shadows of darkness, escapes the light. You sit in a corner, alone and shy. Scared to move, scared to lose a life. Tears fill your eyes, as well as fear in your heart. Searching for warmth, in the cold bliss of the night.       ****tell me what you think of this one.. im not sure if i need to add to it, or leave it as is .. just let me know what you think! thank you****
Poem " I Can't Explain "
I can't explain, how i feel. Can't tell, if this feeling is real. Can't explain, you gentle touch. Or how you can love me, so very much. I can't explain, the look in your eye. Or how you say, you'll never lie. I can't explain, what your heart says to mine. Or how we keep this real, and yet so alive. Can't explain, love at first site. Or the way you look at me, in the middle of the night. I can't explain, all my feelings for you. Except saying, I love you!
Poem, I Guess.
Tried to understandBreak down reasonGive way to truthThought there was a sparkOur lips touchedI thought there was a sparkI was lost within youFingertips would trail across your skinTaking time, wanting to feel every inchBelieving your words was where I went wrongWe've lost our chanceSeems you have made your choiceAnd I've lost my faith in romance
  Broken wings,,Shattered thingsTattered heart filled with screams.... One true wish,,One sweet prayerOne soft kiss and he is there.....By strength of heart and light of moon..the touch of souls and love does bloom...Silverthorn68, Oct 31,2009
Poems By Terah Cox
Always Suns rise and setMoons come and goStars journey to a distant skyTides ebb and flowClouds form and fadeAs if to silently sayThat all we ever really have is tomorrow’s yesterdayBut there’s something that timewill never ever ownAnd one day time itselfwill have to finally showthat though the winds of change may carry away the daysMy heart will be here holding youalways. -- Terah Cox ©2003 All Rights Reserved. Copy or distribution for commercial usewithout author’s permission is strictly prohibited. For All Love Takes Sometimes love takes patienceSometimes love takes timeSometimes love takes us fora wild and bumpy rideSometimes love takes all we’ve gotto get us back on trackSometimes love takes us awayto show us the way backAnd love always takes heart and soulso that it might liveBecause all love takesis nothingcompared to what love can give -- Terah Cox ©2003 All Rights Reserved. Copy or distribution for commercial usewithout author’s permis
Black blood grows cold on old wounds,Main arteries convulse for the last time.Pain sets in, not with the victimBut with his family, his friends, his lover.It was a quick end, an easy way out.A childhood lost,A teenage stolen,An adulthood murdered.Singular in death as he was in life.All is gone;A stillness hovers in the air.Killed with the hand of self-loathing.Self-torment is a bitch, and only has one end.
Poem By Shia. Thanks Sugar.
My heart aches for the sweet glance of the repears face as he entices my soul, forever lost in his hold...please death, do not let go.
Poem I Wrote For My Dad.
I can’t stand this! Why won’t you listen? The words always come, but you’re never here to hear I’ve always wanted to see you, but you were in prison I always wondered where I’m from, but you ran away in fear   So where do I fit in this world? When you say I’m a mistake Because if you didn’t know, I always hoped you’d save me You’ll never be able to afford, to me you’re just a fake To me the world blows, and the cravings won’t leave   I just want to take those razors, and make myself bleed So you didn’t know me, but now you do So don’t bring up the favors, and make heed Since I were but three, we were through.
Poem I Wrote For My Mom
I’ve lived my life lonely and scared Filed with pain and anger While kids ran to their parents I was left uncared To all who think I’m happy and bright I say you think wrong Because my heart is dead as the night So I don’t belong I’ve taken blades and razors Just to free the pain But when it’s about gone It comes flying back again So don’t try to raise my spirits It will just go wrong Because if you didn’t know I was dead inside all along.
If I could catch a rainbowI would do it just for youand share with you its beautyon the days you're feeling blue.If I could build a mountainyou could call your very own;a place to find serenity,A place to be alone.If I could take your troublesI would toss them in the sea,But all these things I'm findingare impossible for me.I can't build a mountainor catch a rainbow fair,but let me be what I know best,a friend who's always there.This is a Hug Certificate!
~Whats real~ Category: Writing and Poetry What is real in life.....what truely matters..does it matter how we look,how we think,how we taste how we smell and how we judge.............if we judge,are we going to hell.......who are we to tell someone whats right.....if we are to look more than skin deep for someones true self,then why does everyone still judge on the any of us really live through Gods belief.....are we really making him proud....are we living the life he wants us to are we to are we to feel fulfilled if all we want are the best of everything..........are we missing we know the true meaning of love and trust........what is real?what is God really wanting us to do.....what if you have everything you thought you wanted....but,still feel nothing in your heart..then you dont have what really matters.............what if you have a love in your life but,your not in love,you crave for a true soulmate,then you dont have
Poems That My Friend Requested Me To I Am.
®©™Please do not try to steal these as you're own...this is something I do that I hold near & dear to my heart and for me to come out about it is nothing practical. The only reason I have posted these is because a certain "friend", we shall call him, has asked me to post them. ®©™ Poem 1: This is what "I don't love you" feels like A stab to the chest, Ripping out my heart & stomping on it. Poison slowly leaking into my veins. A car crash that just happend right in front of you & your left all like wtf & don't know what to do. You've been lied to that whole time, wondering if theres "someone else". Everything you thought you knew all along is gone. You broke me down & tore me up inside for the world to see.   Poem 2: "That one night" How could you do this to me? I gave you my plea. You pushed & pushed until I was bare. All that you wanted, just wasn't fair. The past is supposed to be the past, but I see now that wouldn't be the last...time it would happen to me. How was
Poem- "many Come"
Many come many go, who may stay, you will never know. Lovers say, forever, never will I go. that will never change, but life shall come and go. why do I stay, why do I fight. For you , my heart, beats twice as hard for you. And yet i can't explain, any of it. So if you must go, please tell me so. So I know, everything you told me was a lie. But everything i told you, that came from my heart and you said, you would always be here for me. But now i see,
Poem- "let Me Go"
My heart wanders back and forth, between the two of you. I dont know who to choose, But there can only be one. I toss and turn, with many wandering thoughts. You both are so very different, in so many ways. kind and gently, sweet and smart. You both stole a piece, Of my heart. I can only choose one, but who will it be, The one who will love me. So i beg to the other.. you must please set me free. Let me go and if i return it was meant to be.  
Poem- "baby Blues"
i wrote this poem when i was pregnant with my son!   Baby Blues Listening to the rain, Wondering about the pain. Knowing I'm not ready, but can't wait to give you, your first teddy. Wandering why me, yet praying to God to help me. Ashamed to face my family, Ashamed to look in the mirror, but so ready to hold you, when you shed your first tear. Asking why life is unfair, but knowing your close in every prayer. and yet every part of me is ready, Ready for you to make me happy. and I myself am ready, Ready to Love you, My sweet baby.   ** let me know what you think?..thank you! **
A Poem Or Two I Had Wrote
i lay here with your picture next to my heart prying that one day that i can hold you close to me like i had done so many nights before. i cry myself to sleep relizing i ruined the best tin in my life and pushed the one person that meas the world to me away. when i get asked how im doing i tell the ones that know me best that i miss he one i lovemorthen anything thatone is you my angel . i woud crawl threwte deepest parts of hell on my stomach to prove my love for you. i nearly break down in tears when i talk to my freinds about hat happened cause i relize that i have lost forever. but to prove my love for you i keep on breathing even though iont belive that i deserve to. i tell everyone that the thoughts of you is what keeps me going day after day. i love you my angel!!! always and forever just for who you are. and to me your perfect and very beautiful. i must go lay my head down and drift off to sleep o i can help you and kiss you in my dreams like i once did in true life. I LOVE YOU
How do you know when your love is true and that you are not just fooling yourself? How do you know that you are not merely infatuated with each other? How do you know that this is a relationship that has lasting power? The truth is that these are only questions that can be answered with experience. It may take a few bad relationships before you know how to be in a good one. Another tip is to try to use your head before you get your heart involved. If it makes sense on paper, chances are it is a good decision. It is only when you ignore the warnings that your brain is giving you that you may get into trouble.
with the sounds of the drums and the voices of the men and the war paint of the worriers and the spirits of the fallen braves the fire rages on no man is safe the woman prepare the shamen dances with the light of the full moon there voices call to the spirits beyond and above they prepare for the war to come meny have fallen meny have shed there blood on that very ground they dance upon they call upon the strongest and mightest of them all men dressed as animals acting as one nothing wont stop stop the war but prepare to fight fight to there deaths may the wolf spirit guid and prepare...
u wanna seebut cant get past it allall of the thingsthings that was hardbut never the samenever said a wordbut said it all throughtouchcant imagin itcant even think of itwont even darebut cant even tellwords cant be spokebut only be shown througheyesby the timetime u feel it'll be gonegone like the wind under the eagleswingscant change but theres always room for improvement and moremore inside then the adveragepersonif they say there badif they say there just wrongjust tell them there mistakencause only time can telltell you what each and every tear meanseven though i cant always be therei can comfert you in ways you canonly imaginthough your tears fallthough your heart kills with each beat and soundi can always say im hereyou always seem to give up whentime comes to say say the things you want and giveeven a rose has a timeless touchsmell and feel but never gives out or even up.....
Poem- "untitled"
As i sit here,  hearing your words, run through my mind. Thinking of you,  wandering what exactly, you like in me. One of many questions, jumps to the front of the line. What makes me beautiful, in your eyes? What makes you stare, at me with that sexy eye? What makes me,  the most perfect one for you? All those thoughts, and more cloud my mind. I look in the mirror, not seeing what you see. All i see is a girl, not sexy,  out of shape, single mom, trying to start a new life. What is so amazing, about that? I wish I could see, what you see,
Poem - "motherhood"
I started writing this.. it is unfinished just tell me what you think!! Motherhood... Is not what everyone, thinks it to be. It's not all sunshine and smiles, laughter and rainbows. There are days when you , just want to tear your hair out. Days you just want to break down and cry, Days when you pray, please help me keep going. Days when you wander, if you'll get sleep that night. You give yourself up, and start thinking of him/her. No more late night parties, just late night feedings. No more last minute plans, unless you plan on taking them alone. You find yourself, worrying about the most, simplest of things. Then theres the days, when your little one, when you don't expect it. Laughs, smiles, and says their first word. walks, crawls and feeds themselves. Those days you know, you love you main job of being a MOM!
Poem: Dearest Love Of Mine (-k-)
Dearest Love of Mine  If I had an eternity to show you how I feel, we'd witness the dawn of life infinite times over.If I had the vision, I'd show you with such precision -How love lights blind with delight as embers under the universal night.With raw passion and intensity we're devoured by life's brief but overbearing immensity as we drift with souls of Eden.  Eden! Wash us pure of this modern day manure.And make our bed from all of your precious flowers.Take us to God's lips to be captured by the kiss that enraptures us with bliss.And lets our limber bodies fall to Earth's abyss.  Please heed our humble plea and set our mortality free.For it cries a tearful sea.One so shallow, one of sorrow and of misery.Keep us fearful as we were as babes.Keep us cheerful for the love we praise. Unto no man give ethereal release -Until his time has ended and his weary soul's at peace.Unto no woman give weighty tasks of heart.As of a Mother torn between reason and abandonment by umbilical departu
Poem: In (-k-)
In  In the wake of your love’s funeral. Your love there, dead, she lies. Yet you take from the cathedral the godlessness in her eyes? In the moon, full, you see her face. And tragedy in her stare. All too soon love is replaced with a contempt that is found everywhere. Within your empty waking appetite you are swallowed every night. Like a web's razor-edged heart, it dissects you into soulless parts. In the scheme of life's nightmarish dreams, no evidence left in the undertaker's cart. In your dreams are you being dreamt? Casting shadows? Or are they casting you?     Author: Kirk Edwin Fields (-K-)/authored (copyright): May 31, 1996
Poem: Flaxen Buzz (-k-)
 Flaxen Buzz Flaxen buzz on her mind tonight.  She's so high and wound so tight. She must die till the feeling's right.  Satisfied, Eve'll take another bite of the apple tonight.  So surreal in her kaleidoscopic world. All too real as she collides with the sky.  'Cause she knows that Satan's ceiling is God's floor on high.  She sits and spins on her globe of clay. Molding it to her liking, then destroys it in vain.  Platinum goddess in her playground land. Props her dolls up at the table, butcher knife behind her back.  Plays "off with their heads" this queen of black hearts.
Poem For My Lady Lover
Soft winds on the night Your hair is softly blowing I reach out and touch your face Kissing you oh so softly You deepen the kiss And then we roll on the cool sand of the beach Touching and feeling I gently bite your nipple Listening to your moans I reach down to feel your wetness And you tense slightly as I bite your neck Then you beg Pushing me down so I can please you And I tease you with a gentle tongue Spread your thighs wide so the breeze can softly tease you Your eyes wild with pleasure As my tongue dances on you And I whisper to you Of the things you only fantasize of And your moans mingle with the sounds of the ocean
A Poem Written By Me
A Precious Treasure   I can't wait another day And hold these wolves at bay Tis not just a kiss That could bring eternal blissFrom being with you missPeople stop and take a ganderAt what I found that is so much granderThan any treasure in the world...
A Poem By Ronpowers!
Poem For My Traci
Rayvyn's Song....... Walking along a forest trail, I heard a curious sound..It came from every where i looked, It came from all around.. I searched every tree and bush and stone, I searched the sky above,But there was nothing close to me, not sparrow, robin or dove.. I stoped my search and opened my heart, and to my great suprize.A woman stood befor me now, with deep and knowing eyes.. She looked at me with her smiling face, her black hair fine and long.She said i sing this just for you, It is my Rayvyn's song.. Sence the day she sang for me, my life has been compleat.Her Rayvyn's song still fills spirit and gives my heart its beat.. We walk together through the forest of life, now she and i are one.Her Rayvyn's song is all i will hear untill my life is done....... For my Traci.......Silverthorn68 12-20-09........
by CassandraXVeronicaXONealaXLawsonSoldiers are mistreatedand lacking of their causethey want to fight for our countrybut the leadership is gonethey serve long terms in Iraqas frighting dreams all come backthey can't handle and they deconstructbecause war has left a cutcrying in pain I hear from the woundednow the ones that were cool are all goneinstead you have a little man (woman)with their spirit goneit's hard but they keep going onbecause they are trained to not runthey are trained to not seek help in times of needwhich leads to no way to let their emotions freebut I am here I'm here to speakto all these soldiers that are in needit can be rough i understandand i appreciate you fighting for our landyou our loved by many moreso please find you spirits and let them sore    
I love you When I became your friend, I never thought it will be like this, it will be so beautiful........I want to talk to you, I want to share with you, I want to see you.......I wait for you, and when you reply, I feel so good. I don't know, how I got attached to youin so small time......I don't know, how you became so special to me, how i think of you so much, but i do, and i love this feeling, I love to be your friend.......It must be the luckiest day of my life, when i saw you here....And i promise you, I will be there for you, when you need me, and even when you don't......I will be there, to take care of you, to listen to you, to make sure, that you are happy........May our relationship lasts forever, till the end.......Please remember I will love you to the end of time.
A Poem To My Son
  Its always too hard say godbye to someone you love and its even worst if you can never find yourself to cry every time i think about it never getting the chance to say goodbye but still never crying at the fact your no longer here it makes me die over and over inside its make feel as if i didnt care enough about you to shed tears as i paid my respects when you were once one of the most important aspects in my life Its alwayz hard to sit through a funeral without crying but its even harder to go through life knowing that you didnt cry you couldnt cry at your sons funeral
Poem Called Pain
                                PAIN                                                                      Pain is something we feel inside. Pain is something we try to hide.What a fool I must have been to love and trust you over again. You'll never love me, you'll never care. You have shattered my dreams everywhere. Why must I feel this deep down pain? What does it give me? I have no gain. Who is the real you?What's your true name? Why are you playing me as if I were  a game?I have feelings like you do. Our only real difference is, MY feelings are true.    Written by Destinee at the age of 14.
Poem, Untitled
December 30, 2009 My heart aches, My stomach churns, I am losing you, We are losing you. I am trying so hard, I don’t know what to do. I love you! More than you will ever know. My heart belongs only to you. I will do whatever it takes, I wish you would see, I wish you would truly see, I have made changes, I am the real me. The me that you fell for a few years ago. The me you never wanted to live without. You are my world, a part of me, the love of my life. I made mistakes, That I know, You taught me to forgive and forget, And if you try just a little, I feel we might have the slightest chance. I feel something when you hug me, And when you randomly kiss me. You still sleep next to me. Last night, you kept touching me and talking in your sleep. I know you want me to let go, I wish I could because its what you want. But something keeps me hanging by this shredded thread. Something won’t let me let you go, not just yet. Something deep inside of m
by CassandraXVeronicaXONealaXLawson suck me fuck me lick me plz       My knees began to shake my heart begans to ach my tummy is all fluttery my skin turns shades of red my nipples are hard suck on them please my pussy is wet and so slippery please put it in no need to tease just put it and fuck me please make me moan make me scream is this love or ecstasy dont play games im melting here one more tease ill disappear so fuck me lick me keep me warm dont leave yet its just begun!
The Special Mother by Erma Bombeck   Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice, a few by social pressure and a couple by habit.This year nearly 100,000 women will become mothers of handicapped children. Did you ever wonder how these mothers are chosen?Somehow I visualize God hovering over EarthSelecting his instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. As he observes, he instructs his angels to take notes in a giant ledger."Armstrong, Beth, son. Patron Saint, Matthew.""Forrest, Marjorie, daughter. Patron Saint, Celia.""Rutledge, Carrie, twins. Patron Saint...give her Gerard. He's used to profanity."Finally he passes a name to an angel and smiles. "Give her a handicapped child."The angel is curious. "Why this one, God? She's so happy.""Exactly," smiles God. "Could I give a handicapped child a mother who knows no laughter? That would be cruel.""But does she have the patience?" asks the angel."I don't want her to have too much patience, or she'll drown i
When I look at you my heart starts to race. My head is spinning, I'm lost in your gaze. I know nothing of the world around me, Life is just a blur. Your presence consumes me. I think of your face, your laugh, your smile, I hang on your every word. You control my thoughts, possess my dreams. I long for your embrace. Not a day goes bye when I don't think of you. If only you knew.
A Poem
                                               DanceThe ballroom is empty .A sweet aroma captivates my senses as you pass me .A gentle melody surrounds the room as you sway to it .My ears hear it but I’m to absorbed  by your magnificent self .You gesture to me to join you .I step towards you and feel the electricity of your gorgeous being rip through my soul .You embrace my body to yours and gaze into my eyes .I wrap my arms around you as I get lost in your eyes .We dance, not to the music, but we are inspired by each other as well .I abstain no more as I move to kiss you, only to find your lips searching for mine . An electrifying feeling eclipses the room .An extraordinary gesture of love over whelms me .We part our lips and I find the most magnificent way to express my feelings to you. ” I love you and everything that makes you,you .” I whisper to you .We embrace each other and we dance.  
Poem Of The Day 011510
Past the pale of the moonlight Through the cloudy night We surrender to one another Deep in lover's romance.
Poem Of The Day:
Under the moonlit sky Life Grows Love Blooms Beneath the quiet moments Hands touch Hearts bond
Poem Of The Day 1/17/10
Deep in thought lost   Guided by dreams found.
Poem Of The Day...1/19/10
In the quiet of the nightDreams come and goWorlds collideIn peace it grows
Poem Of The Day....012010
Early MorningGently AwakenSoft KissesQuiet CoosBaby Giggles
 But I don`t drink Well I went to the bar, but I don't drink Just wanted to be somewhere I didn't have to think The bartender said, "what will it be?"  I ordered a coke, He started to laugh, he thought it was a joke So I thought what the hell, I'll have some liquor Maybe it will numb my mind even quicker So I ordered a sambuca straight up, please Listened to some music about some tease. That drink went down surprisingly easy,  I said "one more!" Hoped liked hell, I didn't wake up on the floor The room was hazy I saw a guy with no teeth I bet he played hockey, the teeth stealing thief. People were dancing having such a good time Guy was arguing over a drink, Dude, that's mine! People are trippy and there were all kinds This girl walked by and grabbed this guys behind Her boyfriend beside her, the guy must be blind! I was having fun so I said."One more!" I hoped I made it home before I fell on the floor I remembered a joke that I tried to tell But I laughed
Poem Of The Day...012110
Blind can see beauty Deep inside you Don't fear truth The Passion inside you
Poem Of The Day 012410
Championship Sunday Players Play Winners Win Some losers still win
A Poem About Rape
~A Rape Poem~Thoughts spinningEmotions whirlingDemons are winningFeel like hurlingFeeling sickWhats my name?Take your pickPlay your gameCome on boyI understandI'm just a toyWhat's your demand?Push me aroundPay no heedI won't make a soundAs you make me bleedCall me a whoreAs you rape my slitYou say "beg for more,You peice of shit"Leave me cryingYou've had your pleasureWatch me slowly dyingMy pain is your leisure
while i lay asleep and dreaming through moonlit window stars stood gleaming like a smiling fairy scheamingi saw you with our friends and morewe all had gathered, fun and drinkingwith each step my heart was sinkingwatching from the side and thinkingof just one kiss and nothing moreone kiss from her who i adorethe night went on, she looked so lovelyeyes like angels far above mebright enough to guide thisworn and weathered soul to shore and by chance we stood and spokeand it seemed within that something wokeher smile fixed what i thought brokeshe picked my heart up off the floori was there, i saw her tears,from other guys throughout the years ive read her words and written fearsbut still stood quiet outside her doorhad she noticed me beforeive been there eleven years or morethe time had come to say goodbyeto friends and fun, the sun drew nighand i hugged her tight, let out a sighand gentlemenly thought toward the doorbut then i noticed no releasefor our hug it seemed had not ceased and sh
dark whispers spoken through shuttered lipsthe room duct tape silent by her wishthe scent of candles and sweat with smilesand romance of a more sinister stylepartners in play going further noweach watchful of thier private vowoil rubbed flesh relieved of tensionshidden likes brought to attentionthey take it slow with some restraintssteel and leather no complaintsno distinct boundaries setsafetey words for when they're metapproval known through quiet sighsno regrets or alibistwo dreamers living dreams this nightwill wake and part at dawns first lightwith memories kept tight withinof thier night of joyful sin meeee
The rain fell.Like brilliant shards of crystalline bluedarting from the heavens, I stood among them, lost within the downpour.I reached out to test its strength and itpierced me, blades of an azure porcelainand it worked its way inside me and enteredmy heartand then it new sadness, and it cried and it grew,absorbing its tears into itself like ihad once before.and it filled my heart forcing outthe sadness and resides there ever when i stand alone, lost within the downpouror gaze aloft from sandy perch over a sea ofthe most beautiful bluemaybe then youll understand my love meeee......
If eyes are the windows of the soul, and i looked into a mirror, would i see you looking out propped aginst the sil waiting  for me to come home. If silence had sound would the world know my love for you, even though i never had the nerve to tell you. If i said i think about you all the time but mostly on rainy days,would you think that sad, or realize the combination of you and rain make me happy. If you read these words and felt the same would i ever need to write again? meeee
Poem Of The Day 012710
Deep Thoughts Solemn Prayers Lost Souls Broken Hearts
Poem Of The Day...012810
Late nights Cookies 'n crumbs Sniffles and tears Chick flicks and root beer.
Poem My Best Friend Wrote For Me
Poem Of The Day...013010
Childlike giggles Childlike smiles Parental Visions For perfect lives.
Poem Of The Day 020110
Sometimes it goes Put up with the grumpy Deal with a pain Go around obstacles Stride through the strain.
A Poem For Him
This is for you my darling,The words that I speak for you,You have me held out on a string,You talk about how you care for me,You tell me things that are quite empty,Words that have no meaning,My broken heart pours out to you,Please don't abuse my emotions,Don't take for granted how I feel,I believe the words you say to me,But should I even listen?Claims of wanting me to be yours,Yet you can't rid her from your life,You won't,Why should I trust you,When you can't be honest to someone with whom you've shared these years?You are my drug,Your a toxic being that is oh so addictive,You have a song about your lips,Your lips knock me out with every touch,Just the mention of your name sends my heart racing in every which way,I'm trying to drop you,Like the bad habit you are,But just like an addiction,It's easier said than done,This is for you my love . . . .
Poem Of The Day 010210
Moments in time Bathing then bedtime 3 O'clock feedings 6 O'clock dressings Giggles & Cooing Arms and legs undoing
Poem Of The Day...020310
Love unconditional Care unending Together striving Keeping the world At Bay
Poem Of The Day...020410
Early Awake No Sunrise Glowing Just you at the table Cup a Joe, eggs and bacon It would be perfect If it weren't for the aching.
Poem Of Day 020510 Based Upon My Heart Monitor
Quiet restful sleep Not anymore Nights are filled with Beep Beep Beep.
Poem Of The Day...020610
There's nothing wrong with asking questions even if you don't know the answers. How else are you going to learn?
Poems For Mom No I Didnt Do This But Damn It I Wish I Had Lol
Poem to MOM  My daughter came home from school one day,With a smirk upon her face..she decided she was smart enough, To put me in my place.'Guess what I learned in Civics Two,that's taught by Mr. Wright?It's all about the laws today,The 'Children's Bill of Rights.'It says I need not clean my room, Don't have to cut my hairNo one can tell me what to think,Or speak, or what to wear.I have freedom from religion,And regardless what you say,I don't have to bow my head,And I sure don't have to pray. I can wear earrings if I want,And pierce my tongue & nose..I can read & watch just what I like,Get tattoos from head to toe.And if you ever spank me,I'll charge you with a crime. I'll back up all my charges,With the marks on my behind.Don't you ever touch me,My body's only for my use,Not for your hugs and kisses,that's just more child abuse.Don't preach about your morals, Like your Mama did to you.That's nothing more than mind control,And it's illegal too!Mom, I have these children's rights,So
Poem Of The Day...020710
Within the quiet moments Sudden changes can occur Calling out to you Leaving the decision Up to you.Within the quiet moments Sudden changes can occur Calling out to you Leaving the decision Up to you.
There's only so much I can takeAlready shattered, with nothing else to breakEmpty and hallow in everything I doHoping and praying, I can make it through I struggle to breathe when I wake up in the morningsThe deary darkened clouds do nothing more than reflect my moodCountless nights my eyes will cry themselves emptyAnd my misery lead me to unnatural acts Though the blood falls so quicklyIt's beautiful for what it isThe essence of life and emotionsThe color of love and hate, passion and torture For so long I have wondered what was wrong with meNo energy to focus, to move, to live But I would never let it winI would fight back everytime tragedy came my way Standing alone with no one to help meI would battle the demons within my own mindShoving back the thoughts of anger, pain, and despair What more could I do besides never give up?Even at my weakest state, I was never defeatedI found a way to make victory mine I could see the light at the end of the tunnelSo slowly my hands would d
It's become evident Much more obvious to me.  I’m not as naïve As you believe me to be.   I must inquire, Why so much secrecy with all the intrigue, Followed by such mystery?   So simple, yet so complex What is false, what is true? Told one thing, lead to another What do you suppose I do?
Poem, Just A Dream
In my dreams I saw you, you said it will be okay, You said don't worry, we are to meet someday. You don't know me now,  but very soon you will, It is our destiny, each others dreams we shall fulfill.   You said you didn't know how in dreams we could talk, You said it didn't matter, you took me on a walk. All the stars and the moon were different in someway, They twinkled and shined showing us the way.   We came upon a river, we followed holding hands, You said you were a king, the highest in the lands. You said you made a wish, for true love at your side.. Someone you could trust, someone to confide.   Many women came to you praying to be the one, Your true love was not there when all was said and done. Saddened you were thinking you would always be alone, There wasn't anyone you could find, to bring into your home.   As you looked out at these very stars, you said you made a wish, A falling star in front of you turned into a fish. He said because you saw him he
Poem Of The Day...020810
Alarm rings slap goes the snooze Coffee brewing Eggs & toast Just another Manic Monday.
Poem Of The Day ...020910
Loyalty is the honor To Friendship In thick and thin.
Poem Of The Day...021010
Quietly Surrender Or furiously fight back Be a part of the wind Or become the force of the breeze.
Poem Of The Day...021110
Always dream without limits Just don't get lost in the clouds.
Poem O F The Day...021210
Inside the Family moments Laughs, smiles, tears For generations we come and we go Each time we pay tribute It lightens the stress on our soul.
Poem Of The Day...021310
Showing friends & families how much you care ought not wait for holiday's rather always everywhere.
Poem By Summer Maddox
You are my muse You are my light That guides me in the dark You are the breeze That warms my my heart You inspire my thoughts You guide my hand And form words of poetry It is a bliss To my heart to know you It is the tears in my eyes To show you the feelings In my heart When we are apart Life seems to long When we are together Life seems not long enough You remain in my dreams You remain in my soul You will always reside in my heart Even when i part from this world You are my muse By: Summer Maddox
Poem Of The Day...021410
Another Valentine's day Hearts, Candy & Roses For some its a great day For others a steady reminder of what might become.
Poem 2
  Take my hand Lead the way Tell me all You want to say Whisper softly In my ear  All those things I yearn to hear Kiss my lips Touch my skin  Bring out passions Hidden deep within Pull me close Draw my body near Your gentle touch upon my skin Will take away any fear  
Poem 2-15-2010
Several times you have asked me What it is that I am thinking I never really answered Because I was still contemplating I wanted to tell you then What I was thinking inside But I was afraid that if I opened up You will want to run and hide Yet, here my thoughts I chance to spill With the hope that you may see That I am not a complex being Just a simple girl, that's me Just being around you Brings a smile to my face One that's been gone for so long, I thought no man could replace. When I look into your eyes A million words to say to you drift through my mind But with unfamiliar emotions swirling within The formation of sentences I cannot seem to find Your presence is ever so captivating I love to listen to you speak And each story that you tell Makes me see you're so unique
Poem Of The Day...021610
Sometimes words Express emotions Relieve pains Shares feelings Broadens thoughts Increases debates

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