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Monday, December 15, 2008
My husband just whizzed through his speech therapy session ... he goes back tomorrow. My husband says he will at 100% in 2 weeks ... let's see if will be.
Hi To My Love ?
to my love i love you with all my heart and soul i love hearing from you i hope to spend time with you soon i am growingmy hair long like i have in those old pictures those old ones is when i was so much more beautiful than i am right now my emotions are out of wack right now when i got your message tonight i started cring cause i miss you so much and its so wonderful hearing from you i have a crush on you D
I'm Stuck. Written 12-15-08
I'm stuck in this life, I feel so alone, I'm lost without you, Because you are gone. I'm stuck thinking That we will have our day, When we will be one, Not like now, not this way. I'm stuck hoping That my dream will come true, Because no matter how I try, I still love you. I'm stuck here, All alone in this world, Because I can't move on, I still miss my girl. I'm stuck wondering If life will get better, I try to make it up, With all my love letters. I'm stuck crying, Because I don't have you, I'm living in misery, Because my love stays true. I'm stuck thinking That I should move on, But I can't help wondering, Will you always be gone?
i don't understand how a guy can call himself a dad when he's NEVER around. i mean really is it too much to ask that you take care of your kids? cuz my sister sure as hell didn't climb on top of her self to get pregnant. do you have any idea how much these kids love you? and you seriously don't deserve their love. i have to bite my tongue when they ask about you and want me to tell them why their daddy hasn't come to pick his son up from school today or why he hasn't come to see him or his sister. sadly they'll know too soon what a real asshole you are until then you can bet your ass they'll be taken care of. because they're my niece and nephew, so they're my life. i love them as if they were my own kids. so don't worry you can continue to play your precious video games, and sleep all fuckin day. but you bet ur ass your kids will always have a place to sleep, food on the table, and clothes on their back. because i'll go broker than broke than to see those kids suffer. oh
Inspire by a conversation yesterday :P I don't like mashed taters or biscuits and gravy. I don't like cheese on my meats. I don't like cheese on my eggs. I don't like most Mexican foods or roast beef sandwiches that are soggy. I don't like soups of any kind, except tomato and I only eat that by dipping crackers in it and then eating the said cracker. I eat potato chips on my hamburgers and dip my fries in mayo n ketchup. I eat everything (exclusing dessert o-o) from McDonald's with sweet n sour sauce. I despise ranch dressing. Or any dressing other than Catalina or French. I don't like stuffing either. Ok that is all I can think of 8-P.
"stand By Me"
Peace n love
Help Still Needed
I had to update my list of people that need help going for spotlight since DevilGirl just had her spotlight. (Thanks to all who helped her). But now I've got another person from my family list that could use your help. For some it will be their first spotlight ever and for some it's their last chance before they hit level 26. If you really wanna help out big time I can even tell you some people who constantly pay for rates and they run auto 11s all the time. So you can rake up some points quickly. But help them all out. They are all awesome. Below 3 of them are links to a bulletin I did to help each other out. If you can repost them that would be awesome. ☠☣FTW☣☠@ fubar With FTW he's not level 25 yet so you can rate the hell out of his page to help him get bux as well. Either way any help you can give to him is appreciated. Along with help given to the others. MaTtDeiZeL*->BooTay MAN!~!aka MaZAt☆ !*BaDa BinGs >kING Of sWINg@ fubar
Longtime GM Peterson stepping down as Chiefs remain on skids CBS Sports Wire Reports KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs president and general manager Carl Peterson has resigned, effective at the end of the season. Owner Clark Hunt confirmed the resignation Monday. Peterson took over in 1989. He hired Marty Schottenheimer as coach and they built the Chiefs into an NFL powerhouse over the next 10 years. However, Kansas City faltered the past decade and seemed to hit a low point with an emotionally draining 22-21 loss Sunday to San Diego, which left the Chiefs 2-12. "On behalf of my family and the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization, I want to thank Carl for his two decades of service to the Chiefs," team owner and chairman Clark Hunt said in a written statement. "Both Carl and I agreed that immediately initiating the search for the next Chiefs general manager would be the best thing for the future of the organization, and he will be resigning following the 2008
Its A Older Poem
This pain that keeps growing inside me is deeper then words I try to cry for help but no one hears me Screaming as loud as my voice allows me Reaching out for the things to say To get you to hear all of my pain As much as I cry as I look your way you just turn away Cant you see I am in pain I feel so alone even with you right here beside me Words have not worked in healing my pains Art is a much more therapeutic way A canvas is that I crave Some dark red paint to show the depth of this pain Thin red lines painted Red teardrop looking images fall from the canvas Feeling better from all this art work I made I cry in silence for you still dont see this pain My body as a canvas My blood for the paint A razor for a brush My tears for me to feel and not for you As I sit in a bath of paint Red tears rolling down my arms My fingers are cold My body is in shakes I begin to feel numb So I dont feel a thing Drifting
Here Go!
Finally, Some Halfway Good News...
The surgical oncologist feels that it is safe to wait for my mastectomy until after my cruise on Feb. 1-6. So I'll be able to make it through the holidays, NYE concert, and cruise without worrying about pain or only having 1 boob or being lopsided or anything. And I shouldn't have many problems getting the surgeons I've already seen, so I should be able to avoid extra consultations. The only downside is now I don't get to wear a "cancer survivor" tshirt on the cruise :P And there's still a chance the cancer will grow and become invasive by then... but this "blessing" by the oncologist is taking a HUGE load off my mind. If anyone's curious about the cruise: Ships & Dip V
Let's See What Ya Say
Post your answers as a comment then put this in your own journal to see what ppl say about you! 01. Who are you? 02. Are we friends? 03. When and how did we meet? 04. Do you have a crush on me? 05. Would you kiss me? 06. Describe me in one word. 07. What was your first impression? 08. Do you still think that way about me now? 09. What reminds you of me? 10. If you could give me anything what would it be? 11. How well do you know me? 12. When's the last time you saw me? 13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 14. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
i've had this song running through my head all day. . for no apparent reason So, this is the sound of forty hearts pounding along To music that's blasting through the room. So, let's put on a show in our weekend's best clothes I hope you find what you're looking for. Cause I meant what I said how I'll never love again. But you'll never understand. This black and white formal's got all that she wants. It's got boys, side to side boys by her side And I'm thinking of her, she's not thinking of me. And now all that she wants is the touch of a warm body. I'm begging you to consciously turn your eyes in my direction. Connection is made. I meant what I said, I will never love again. But you'll never understand. This black and white formal's got all that she wants. It's got boys, side to side boys by her side. And I'm thinking of her, she's not thinking of me. And now all that she wants is the touch of a warm body. makes me miss my Four Letter Lie boys :[
Fill It Out, Thanks!
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm sexy? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Copy and paste this into your blog to see what your friends answers will be.
Je suis un navire vide, casse, et perdu. Avec un coeur qui pas et ne permettra pas l`amour dedans ou dehors. Vide, fonce, et froid est tout ce qui est la. (dont ask)
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To My Sons Father (its Real Rude)
Ethan I hate you! This is me venting so, you have been warned this is like a hate entry. My sons father is a worthless piece of shit. A mere dickhead, a nothing, a bum, a poor excuse of a man, because he sure the hell is not a man. You think your Mr. Great well your not. Your diluted, you think all you say is real, you lie so much you've lied to yourself. You lost concept of that witch is truth. I just cant understand how you can believe your thoughts, makes me think you need to see a psychologist. Maybe get put on some medication so you can sort your head out. Look you have not been around consistently these past 5 years, about to be 6 in 3 weeks. How can you not see that, how can you honestly feel you've been there? What's wrong with you that you can believe something so far from truth? You think you're the father of the year, your not even a father, you just fathered a child. There is a big difference, big! A father is there no matter what, a father takes care of
Giving Words Of Life
You can rest all you want once you are in your grave The health and life that is given is a responsibility to save It is about time to take the road less traveled, may be a longer way Rise agaisnt what is tearing us down, live everyday like it is your very last day Call friend or a loved one that you have not heard much from at all Say your sorry to one's you have hurt and done wrong to that you recall Donate to help someone in need, try to give more care and advice This life is too short to be angry and mean take time to think and be nice What is gone is yesterday a world and a million miles away Only memories and the one's you care and love are here today Take a walk or a run, start watching what you eat To forget how the body runs and functions as a system, here is your dish of defeat What is so wrong about today? One thing happened here, something happened there, it will all eventually go away A day is a gift of life, to see the sun and stars All the planets a
My Girlfriend Application
BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the beach? 5. If so...would you go with me late at night? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie? 9. If not what would we be doing? 10. Do you play an instrument? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw each other to make sure I made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on a gurl/guy? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)? 17. Would you give me kisses just because? What Would You do if... I cried: I said I like
My Girls Kick Major Ass!!
My girlfriends decided they are coming over tonight with leftovers from Saturday night!! *dances* They say we need to have more "non-alcoholic" abs night/parties anyway :D I call my friend...tell her the truth..she understands. *truly blessed*'s friggin cold cold cold..didn't even get past the teens today! -13 when I got up this am.... and Majik is sweating.. pfft.
A Must Read!
MЯ♣PΔŁ@ fubar A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Paul for the original posting of this! The Sack Lunches I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought. Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me. ' Chicago - to Great Lakes Base. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Iraq ' After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached Chicago, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No,
Why would they do that? I have thought this so many times over the past couple weeks it is actually mind numbing. ShOuld I care what others do? In a general sense hell no. But these are the ones I considered close. These are the ones I considered to be my friends. My family. The ones I could go to about the little stuff. The stuff that hurt. So who do you turn to when you aren't sure which family member has the knife? Who do you talk to when you aren't sure they even cared at all. That you were played for the supreme fool? Yes I know. I sound paranoid and nuts. Even a drama queen. But those who really know me know there's reason for it.
Doing The Stuff...
So, I have let my self go a long ways since my martial arts days. So I decided to get back on track. I just started P90X today, and it kicked my ass. It reminded me of that workout hurt. That deep ache that reminds you that your alive. Memo to self...don't max out before they tell you to max out. So I learned my lesson and am ready to try Plyometrics'll probably kick my ass too...
This Is Like Really Long
No one knows where the road they are on will end or what turns they might have to take. Driving down this road is not always easy or what you thought it would be. Take one day at a time plan for what it is you really want, be ready for it never to happen. They say what don't kill us can only make us stronger, if that's true I would be strong, here is something most people close to me don't know, I am not strong, I am in fact weak I am in pain I feel the same pain we all hate to admit we go through, I am not all there at times and I indeed and a person of passion, but my passion can only give so much compassion to those who hurt me and stab me in the back. I love each and everyone person I am close to, I hold my friends close to my heart but that might not say much because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am always the one that paints a smile on my face and says everything is fine, truth be told its all a lie. I am easy to fall and easy to crush so for those of you who hurt me crushed me
Giving It Up For You
Though i'm young and cynical That's not my only crime I've been stealing all your cigarettes To save another dime In case you haven't noticed i just gave them all away Tell me what do you think of me now That i've traded all my armor for a crown Come on what do you do with me now That i've taken down the mirror on the wall And the sweet rain is ready to fall Giving it up for you Well i take a lot of medicine I don't really need I was drinking at eleven Getting high at seventeen So now i don't appreciate the taste of expensive bitter wine Tell me what do you think of me now That i've traded all my armor for a crown Come on what do you do with me now That i've taken down the mirror on the wall And the sweet rain is ready to fall Giving it up for you Take your aim like artemis And kill another dove But when your heart becomes a hunter You may wound your chance to love
lies deceit manipulation is what i feel right now as i think. you sit there with all these words none of witch feels real to me. heartless untruthful is what i feel i believe. thoughts of sleepless running about. mean and cold as you think you can speak to me any witch way, i was sleeping i just woke up today but oh so much more vulgar and rudeness with in thoses words when them are form you to me. what kinda ground do u believe we stand on n this relationship? all i can think is wow there is yet to even be a foundation where i stand and believe this one to have some truth this is where u stand when u stand with me... underneath our feet you see cement or gravel thats a unreal jester thats not what it is for what lies beneath us is a thin sleet of glass and with every lie you tell another crack appears and before we both know it we shall fall through all the lies you speak.
Tag Holiday
Someone tell me what to do I feel like I must be a fool For ending up right back at the start The things that we don't comprehend Are laughing at my mind again I think that I think too hard And I don't give enough credit to my heart I'm so Damn curious to know And there are too Many unanswered questions Then we hold on to I've put my theories to the test You know I've tried to do my best But maybe we weren't meant to strike gold Sometimes things that you ignore Are all the things I'm looking for Will I learn to let go Give into love and listen to my soul I'm so Damn curious to know And there are too Many unanswered questions Then we hold on to Portraits of your loved ones Are more than what you see All the elements they capture Are more to you than me A different dimension we've yet to define There's a forest to cut through with thorns and vines There is no reason to try
Now Hiring
Now hiring for the following postions To apply leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can DJ's: Stream live on Soul Snatcher Radio and entertain the pack with rock and metal Promoter: help the lounge grow help drag new people in to become members. make new friends and make fubucks. Greeters: greet the new people that come in the lounge and make them feel welcome and try to get the to join the pack Lounge Clowns: entertain new people and the current members and make sure that there time in the lounge is a fun one Lounge perves perve our members profiles and make lots of points, fubucks, and friends **** All staff and DJs will have a schedule to keep things orginised and to make sure that everyone dose there job **** apply by leaving a comment to this blog
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Dont Need U No More
I been listening to this song, and it has so many truths behind it. To one person, u know who you are, i dont need you anymore, i dont want you in my life. you are a player and you hurt me so many times. i didn't move back to ny for you, i never would have moved back to ny for you so get over yourself. Hinder Without You I just wanna be alone tonight I just wanna take a little breather Cause lately all we do is fight And every time it cuts me deeper Cause somethings changed Youve been acting so strange And its taking its toll on me Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave Without you, I live it up a little more everyday Without you, Im seein myself so differently I didnt wanna believe it then But it all worked out in the end When I watched you walk away Well I never thought id say Im fine Without you Called you up cause its been long enough And you said that you were so much better We have done a lot of growing up
What I Wouldn't Give
Feeling like I can't forgive, but I want to it's like I don't know how to live, Im afraid to I used to think take them as they come, without hesitations, no now it's like my head is filled with lies, and persuasions as the sun begins to fall I hear her calling out to me she's sayin' hurry it's one more day gone what I wouldn't give just to forget so I can remember how to live again I wanna live again I am feeling dissonant, and distracted the toxic chemicals are spilling in my head and they're bleeding deadly reactions and as the moon begins to rise he shows me all the colors that Im hiding Im hiding myself what I wouldn't give just to forget what I wouldn't give to get some rest so I can remember how to live again I wanna live again am I desperately losing this fight when I should really be choosing my flight take me now what I wouldn't give just to forget what I wouldn't give to get some rest so I can remember how to live again I wanna live again
The Free Moonsinger Fansite!!
A Nice Little Fansite I've created so all my Fans and Friends Can Keep up with all the FUN I've been having lately..There's Videos,Pics and Links to ALL My Naughty Doings all over the Net!! Come Check it out and JOIN!! wwwDOTfreewebsDOTcom/bbwmoonsinger/indexDOThtm
Why Not?
Why does it seem that not too many females want to be my friend??? You may be honest and say what you think is the reason.
Yep She Did Kiss My A$$ Yo
so yeah it happend Even though people said all through our relationship that she wouldn't visit, she would care about me, and we wouldn't last. I even had someone tell me that she would never show up cuz she said that she would visit several times. Anyways... SO Jessa showed up Thursday. I think at first it was a little wow and woah at first for both of us. It took only about an hour and a half to truelly show that it was ok and we where comfortable around each other (incase you where wondering she kissed me lol). We did something that is new for me, we connected emotionally and whole heartedly. To say the least about the first day it was pretty awesome. Friday I actually cooked for her and it didn't kill her. Yeah I know right impressive right. Well we spent alot of the day talking and just getting to know a little more about each other. We also watched a movie and went to the stupid army xmas party (for like 45 mins but hey we went). Saturday she left but she had to
Eat Shit!!!!
Hvorfor har jeg foresltt kyssing av en kvinnes bak, spising av ekskrementer o.l som en nyttig tidsbeskeftigelse? Hadde det vrt kun min private fantasi ville det vrt interessant for noen. Men ikke mer enn det. Jeg vil dermed prve utrykke noe med tanken. Jeg er ikke alene om den. Det handler om avslutningen p en tidsepoke. Noen vil kalle det avslutningen p kristendommen, men det har langt dypere og videre konsekvenser en det. Japanerne ville ikke grepet fantasien S begjrlig hvis det ikke var tilfelle. Vi har dessuten prester i Egypt som mener at drikking av urin ville vrt en grei ting. Fenomenet er globalt. Uansett om slike enkeltstende hendelser og til tider massive bevegelser kan tolkes separat har det dermed noe si for det som kommer til skje. Hva det er vet ikke jeg. ... Da Egypt gikk under rundt r 0 kalte Isis dem hjem til Ra. Som avslutning p egypternes rike og globale innvirkning p verden var det en strle
I Fight Like A Girl
i fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim i fight like a girl whos tired of being IGNORED, HUMILIATED, and BEATEN i fight like a girl whos tired of not being taken seriously i fight like a girl whos been pushed to far i fight like a girl who offers and demands respect i fight like a girl who has a lifetime of ANGER, STRENGTH, and PRIDE punt up in her girly body i fight like a girl who doesn't believe in FEAR and SUBMISSION i fight like a girl who know that YOU ONLY HAVE AS MUCH POWER AS I GRANT YOU i fight like a girl who will never allow you to take more then i offer i fight like a girl who fights back so next time you think you can distract yourself from your insecurities by victimizing a girl THINK AGAIN cause she might be like ME and I FIGHT LIKE A GIRL
Hi. I'm freezing & i currently hate babyj. is it possible to rate him a 1 & block him? stupid bling is disabled so i can't buy any bling for you wonderful people :s
Birthday Party Invite To Y'all
I am celebrating my 41st birthday on Friday, Dec 26th from 6.30 pm to midnight at Gold Cup Gentlemen's Restaurant and Sports Bar. You are welcome to arrive early or late! [I'll be there to midnight!] To take advantage of the Happy Hours, please arrive early! There's a buffet! I am trying to book us a private room, so watch for a sign at the event! The venue is located at 12747 NW Freeway. That's 290 at the Pinemont exit. The number for the front desk is 713: 460-0171. FETISH ATTIRE ENCOURAGED but NOT required. Please note that they do have a metal detector at the front desk, so it is advised to leave your sharp pointy best at home. All clothing must be street legal. [I am not sure if boys are welcome in drag, sorry. Write if you need this information or just opt to side with normal.] This is a night out and NOT a fetish event! I hope to see EVERYONE there! Lv and Kisses, M
We Could Be Ours
You could be mine, The taste of your skin rolling Gliding over my senses. Erotic fantasies flashing over In my mind, to let me know how Much they don't compare to you. I can almost feel the soft press of Your body, warm, firm, molding with Mine to form a perfect being. Nimble fingers and hands working Their spell over my desires. We could be one, you know that, We could become trapped in our Fancies staying tied down in our Own little play world held back by A thirst that can't be quenched. I could be yours, wrapped in clear Blanket on display for your amusement To show everyone the catch you've made The servant you're found, the lover you choose. We could be ours.
At Home Pc Crashed
Well my Friends. I got out of the hospital Sat. at Noon. I go Wed. to have the 13 staples out. I am not well today. I have not been able to sit for more than an hour. I hope by Friday I will getting back to the ole me. The day I came home from the hospital my PC crashed. So for now I am using Tony's laptop. I was to suppose to put it in the shop today BUT was too sick to go anywhere. I will take it in the AM and hopefully feeling beeter. I have to go to the DMV and get my truck put in my name then I will got to the computer store. Tony is gonna have them call him so I don't get ripped off. Till my PC is fixed Tony hooked up his laptop for me. It tends to lagg a bit so bare with me. I will be back ASAP. I miss you all. XXOO MUAH DUH :-)
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Dj Lush
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Whatever You Can Do, Or Dream You Can Do, Begin It. Boldness Has Genius, Power, And Magic In It. Begin It Now.
"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back-- Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I see myself holding you close to me, Squeezing your body tight. But for all I see as I daydream- I know I'll get tenfold tonight. Running my palms across your breast, As you tremble and bite your lip. Feeling your hands upon my chest, The softness of each fingertip. Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft, And slowly lowering my kiss. Over pert nipples, across your navel, And finally into pure bliss. Looking upon your face from below- As you tilt back your head. Feeling your fountains begin to flow- As you ease back on the bed. Your "innocent little devil" look- Crying insatiably with the sensation. Lip to lip lapping up every drip- From the well of your creation. The way you pull me up by the hair- To the heat of your mouth, on fire. No other thoughts, no other cares, Just the quenching of mad desire. Riding the tide of passion, Pushing my love into you. On the waves of your emotion- In slow motion, so sweet and true. Pulse pounding in resounding
My Phone
Just letting my friends who i talk to some on the phone, the phonelines running to the house r messed up. so right now only the ones here in my office work. just if u call leave a message, n i'll try n call u back. hopefully the phone company will be out this evening or tomorrow to take care of it.. anit out here in my office as much, just been workin in the house so i can keep an eye on mom. this dern weather has her arthritis acting up.
Tired Of All The Bs
Ya kno I just dont get it...y do guys feel the need to b full of the bullshit?? Do u honestly think its gna get u somewhere? I do so much for people n get nothing in return. Im so tired of bein used n treated like crap. I just give up....
Customer service is a big part of my job. It is inevitable that I will have to talk to a customer or help them with a problem...sick people, the elderly, the lonely, the's all part of the job. And, I'm a good faker. I genuinely like a few of the people who come in, but those are rare gems. The phone rings off the hook all day and most times it's addicts asking over and over again if their doc has phoned in their vicodin, their lorcets, xanax, klonopin, valium, pills in white, pink, blue, green...a rainbow of delicacies. Sometimes they also want to discuss their constipation troubles or ask if they can come show you their latest rash, wart, boil or *cringe* discharge. It's not dull here most days, but it's kinda gross sometimes. I have to play nice, but that gives me a bit of a headache. I want to shake them and say "for fuck's sake, you're on enough medicine that i should be able to stab you with a fork and you not feel it...what do you mean your wrist hurts, you
Another Year
December 14, 2008 make's 11 years since my lil angel went to heaven, How much I miss her. I can't believe it's been this long already it seems like yesterday I was at the hospital having her. I sit back today and I look at her pics and watch her video. Another Christmas without her. I know she is in a better place, But my heart still hurts, I have this Hole in my heart that still is empty. I move forward every year but the pain is still there.
Life Is Too Short
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance; take it. If it changes your life; let it. Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
Christmas...what It Means To Me/12/15/08
Christmas....what does it mean to me? it means family get together, neices and nephews sister andhe kids and their kids turkey and ham dinners, desserts and opening presents. But its sad for me too for my mom passed away and Christmas just isnt Christmas without her and my das who passed away in 1985. Yeah iam happy go lucky guy sweet and nice to all, for thats me in a whole... :D Im lonely yes, but have love of friends, and family and my new found love Janicew who is my light in the dark and dismal days if this year. I love everyone but miss my dad and mom something in my heart, i have kept them close...i know they watch over me in heaven....hopefully ill be there to see them soon. Sothats what Christmas means to me, not the lights and glimmeer and trees and such but family and friends the ones i love so much. Merry Christmas to ya all..have a wonderful new year as well be healthy and stay warm!
Another Idiot.
I don't know where these idiots come from but here is the convo. Bottom up. g v...: ok snokkums ->g v...: anytime princess, I already told you that g v...: im glad u did lil sis.ur gonna look cute chewin on them ->g v...: I told you the address ->g v...: I have had balls all of my life junior g v...: yea i guess sittin behind a comp gives u balls to. ->g v...: lock the folder up. Maybe you are a Ranger, Intelligence isn't a requirement g v...: ummm naw its dun for pic comments asshole because i have pics of my children on my page ->g v...: Most rangers that I know would have the sack to not have to approve comments. so You fail dipshit. g v...: yea im sure i would lil boy ->g v...: Ranger? hahaha Please. Bring friends then because you will bore the piss out of me g v...: yea we shall see how this army ranger looks in ur eyes such a lil badass on here huh ->g v...:
Who Wants To Be My Stalker
if ya wanna be my stalker please sign the stalker application thanks ya there is a few people on here if ind them hot you know who you are wink
Douche Bag Of The Day Part Ii
Bottom to Top, you know the drill: I apologize in advance for my spelling errors, they were made to show the mentality of these fucktards....his errors are on him. ->venus rose...: But, as I said, it's quite boring when it progresses to that point, I've heard it numerous times. Buh Bye now Penis Leech. ->venus rose...: FIrst, it's gay slams. Next is "I'll kick your ass", after that is the "I'll have 100 of muh familie on yer doorstep in a hour, so get reddy...then it moves on to "we'll blow up yer car/house/etc. ->venus rose...: And trust me, it is the exact same stupid shit from you clown fuckers ->venus rose...: I can take it, too.....but it gets boring when it's the same weak ass shit from you faggots ->venus rose...: I can give it all day long. You're a Juggacunt, I have plenty of material to work with..It's almost too easy venus rose...: what you can talk it but you cant take it ->venus rose...: Funny, I heard the same thing about Oklahomo ->venus rose...: Are you don
Don't Be A Hater
If I leave a sexy comment on someone's page that doesn't mean I'm chasing after them. There is no reason for you to come to my page to check me out unless you want to be friends too. Makes you look like a stalker if you are following around to see who people are that is leaving comments to someone who is in your top family list or your top friends list. If you have a thing for that person maybe you should tell them and not stalk me. I'm not on Fubar looking for anyone, I'm on here for friends only and to pass free time. Have a great day.
Guess The Day???
place your bets and take your guess on which day the new bundle of joy will bless our beautiful Shel..
Tied Up Gettin First Tat
More Playmates
Well We All Have Heard About, Now Its Your Chance To Come See Them In Action On Cam!!! > If You Click The Picture Above, It Will Take You Directly To The Playmates Profile, All Of Them Will Rock Your Socks Off! And I Can Guarantee That > > We Are Also Hiring Playmates, And All You Have To Click Either Tied Up's Or Boatman's Button, and include these in the private message * Name * Profile Link * Yahoo Instant Messenger Screen Name * A brief Message Stating Your Are Interested In Becoming A Playmate * Don't For Get To Write Application To Be A Playmate In The Subject Link So Why Not Click One Of The Pictures Below To Come Visit The Playmates, Or Better Yet Click Both And Join In On The Fun And Be Entertained By The Lovely Playmates!! > >
OK Everyone The beautiful CANDYGIRL has turned her auto 11s on!!!! They will be on until 1pm est time 19 nov. So make sure you go to her page and rate till ur lil fingers cant rate anymore . All of you can level at her expense and ALL love will be returned . Yes you read that right ALL love will be returned . so make sure you go and rate as much as you can , just click on the link below and it will take you to her page . while ur there make sure you r/f/a/c her as well . ? CANDYGIRL ? GREETER AT FORBIDDEN INC.@ fubar
Daddy Rocks Hard
What Is Wicca
When one defines oneself as Pagan, it means she or he follows an earth or nature religion, one that sees the divine manifest in all creation. The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple,its plants and creatures our partners and teachers. We worship a deity that is both male and female, a mother Goddess and father God,who together created all that is, was, or will be. We respect life, cherish the free will of sentient beings,and accept the sacredness of all creation." ~Edain McCoy What is Wicca Wicca (Witchcraft or the Craft) is a very old and very new religion. The modern revival of the Craft dates from the 1940s in Britain. Gerald Gardner learned that some people still practiced elements of pre-Christian aboriginal British religion and fleshed it out with pieces from ceremonial magic, Freemasonry (who share our name "Craft" for what they do), anthropology and his own creativity. Movie portrayals such as The Craft bear about as much resemb
Proverbs 13:12
Proverbs 13 12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. 13 People who despise advice are asking for trouble; those who respect a command will succeed. 14 The instruction of the wise is like a life-giving fountain; those who accept it avoid the snares of death. 15 A person with good sense is respected; a treacherous person is headed for destruction.* 16 Wise people think before they act; fools don'tand even brag about their foolishness. 17 An unreliable messenger stumbles into trouble, but a reliable messenger brings healing. 18 If you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept correction, you will be honored. 19 It is pleasant to see dreams come true, but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them. 20 Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble. 21 Trouble chases sinners, while blessings reward the righteous. 22 Good people le
Trapped Emotions
December 15, 2008 at 1:30am I'm sitting here and my mind is a stir, it won't shut down. I just lost my mother and now the family is falling apart. That wasn't that big a shocker. I remember telling mom that she was the only person keeping this family together, once she was gone. I was right. I'm at peace with mom passing, matter of fact I didn't shed a tear at the funeral. Yes I cried at her home when she passed. I had to go outside and I remember leaning on Roses shoulder and it was a very wet and stormy night. Thank God for Rose and her being there, I really needed her. I do love my wife and my kids but some how I've managed to be a poor husband and an even worse father. Anger and rage seems to feel my heart and it has so for some time at the world and even at times with God himself. I've gotten over being angry with him concerning my health. Being born with a bad heart but through his wisdom he has given me many opportunities to bounce back through guided hands of skilled surgeons.
Tagged By D.a.m.
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? invisible 3. Your hair? straight 4. Your mother? loving 5. Your father? hunter 6. Your favorite thing? harleys 7. Your dream last night? weird 8. Your favorite drink? dietcoke 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? bed 11. Music? coumrty 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? love 14. Where were you last night? louisiana 15. What you're not? sane 16. Muffins? BLUEBERRY 17. One of your wish list items? love 18. Where you grew up? Mississippi 19. The last thing you did? facebook 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? hd 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? laptop 24. Your life? alright 25. Your mo
Giving New Meaning To Doggie Style
Lack Of Motiva...
My projection for the amount of work I get done this week: Zero. Why? Because I have next week off. I have no clue why in the world I am this way, but when it comes down to the time before some time in which I have off, I am so unproductive. It really needs to be the opposite, I should be freaking out about needing to get this done, and that done...but frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. This time of year is kinda strange. Since I work at a university, I get a week off for Christmas, which really turns out to be nine days when you count weekends, but then it turns into about eleven days when you count New Years. Normally that would be exciting, but I seriously have nothing to do during that time frame! I only spend about two days with my family, mainly because they drive me batty. Most of the people I know around here are leaving, so my typical hangout schedule will be interrupted. I recently watched a movie about a couple going on vacation every year for Christmas...wonder if I c
The Color Of Love
What is the color of love? I asked myself this question today when I went on a job interview and I saw so many men of different colors. Now I have never dated or slept with a white man but today got me thinking. I know there are many out there that have dated outside their races, but I never thought I would be a person that would even think about it. Mind you now I do love the brothers. I love the way a black man looks, especially if he got those lips, woman knows what I'm talking about. But when it comes to a white man, I don't know what I would see in them. Wait, there have been some white men that make me do a double take, the blue of their eyes, the hair and sometime their smile. I know there are some white men out there that can make a woman drop their panties, but could that ever happen to me? Could I ever see myself loving someone outside my race? How would my family feel? and How would that make me look? The reason for these question are simply. For the last couple of we
The Hunter
The Hunter A man dressed in what we can never see moving like a beast stalking the enemy he's the one sent to set us all free everything young men want, but most will never be Like a part of the terrain, sunshine or rain he's already there watching and waiting aiming for the heart of all that we seek he'd be the first to wipe the tear from your cheek Fearless, for that's all that he knows a soldier earned by the tracks on his road from hell he's risen, but he bleeds like you and I wanting more to life then doing or dying He will return again, this stranger we can never see from dusk til dawn, the hunter with the silent screams I wish I could take away his nightmares, his pain be the blazing sun that follows the rain What he's taken away will never return His tears have dried but his heart still burns To me he is the epitome of what accomplishment can be The one that would die for you and for me Another night, another death, another steady hand grips th
Just 4 All The Wrestling Freaks Like Me!
this is 3 parts so here is 3 links..... Part 1:;12664911;/fileinfo.html Part 2:;12665271;/fileinfo.html Part 3:;12665588;/fileinfo.html
Here Is The Link
Okay, I'm fed up with his lies. For you people who want to keep backing his lies and his lounge I'm ashamed of you! I can't believe your going to sit in that lounge and watch him boast all those lies. Here is a link to a site that you can search the bulls names he has listed, and search his name, the bulls, some are real, some aren't, as far as Night Fever, the bull does exist, but Allen Godfrey has never been recorded as a rider on him! And if you search in this site which is a directory for all professional bull riders he can't be found! He is not listed on the PBR Discovery Tour as a rider for the coming year as he claimed in his blog! When will you people wake up and smell the coffee. Obviously if he is capable of making these false claims, all other claims he has made are also false! This is the following link, look for yourselves! Read it and weep Allen, your a pathological liar, about everything! Here are a few real Professional cowboys names to run in that site, Travis Brisc
Ode To A Lost Love
I feel you there or is it a thought A memory clear or a feeling begot I reach my hand into the mist And long for you on a day like this I search the grounds of true love's garden With heavy heart somewhat hardened And through the fog of life gone wrong I hear the chords of past love's song I chase the sun and in a ray I see your smile to brighten my day I reach to feel the warmth of you And in the ray my hand cuts through Splits the image I thought so bold Of you reaching for my hand to hold Upon a sound I set my ear For your voice I long to hear As I trek the valley wide Echoes of you on a mountainside I stand below and gaze your way Listening to the things you say And long to be up in a cloud And float into your heart my shroud For you I'd crawl up on ledge and live my days right near the edge And blow the light out of the moon To hide with you in nature's room Just to feel your heart beat quicken And see a spark of you love stric
This Song Makes Me Think Of Him
Sweet Dreams lyrics (Turn The Lights On) Every night I rush to my bed With hopes that maybe Ill get a chance to see you When i close my eyes Im going out of my head Lost in a fairytale Can you hold my hands and be my guide Clouds filled with stars cover your skies And I hope it rains Youre the perfect lullaby What kinda dream am is this? You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare Either way I, don't wanna wake up from you Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare Somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true My guilty pleasure I ain't going no where Baby long as you're here Ill be floating on air cause you're my You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare Either way I, don't wanna wake up from you I mention you when I say my prayers I wrap you around around all of my thoughts Boy you're my temporary high I wish that when I wake up youre there To wrap your arms around me for real And tell me youll stay by side Clouds filled wit
I was just watching Ellen and DOGTOWN was on there with one of Michael Vick's dogs. The pitbull is so beautiful, but they said how she came to them with no teeth, that they would use her as a sparring dog for the dogs moving up in the ranks. They also said she had been overly bred and had serious handler issues. That stuff just makes me soooo sick to my stomach! Dogtown took in a lot of his dogs, going to the website, actually made me cry. check it out,its amazing! I used to breed registered pitbulls, I used to catch hell cuz I had never touched my dogs. I had to put my male down 2 years ago :( Just makes me sad...
A Pleasant Reminder
What a strange and wonderful world, this fubar place. I am grateful--beholden to--sugartastic for leading me here. I, like many of you, spend a fair amount of time wandering around the online wilderness. A largely pleasant experience, filled with surprises and good times and friends, old and new. Despite the interaction and community, though, it is a solitary undertaking. Me, alone, at home, computer on my lap (no small feat--it's a desktop), a cat on each hip, keyboard a-clicking, engaged. This past week, though, I stepped out of the web and into face-to-face land. Went out with friends a couple of nights, to a friend's party another night, and to my own party --first one I've hosted in some time--on yet another night. It was a very pleasant, very happy, and way too fun reminder that life is best lived in the presence--the actual, physical presence--of others.
Angel In All Of Us
My sweet fubar friends and ladies.....would like to say that in each of us their is an angel like quality. I firmly believe this comes from above and is blessed each and everyday. It is important for all of us that we extend that angel love we have to others. Angel love is so special and make a big difference in the receipants life. I try to do that in each and every one of my fubar friends lives. I would like to turn my attention to a very special angel in my in which has made my life so special. In the same way, I have done the same in her life. We are so blessed from above and in many ways it is like we have been put here on earth for that very purpose. She has recently gotten fu-married and i am so proud of her. She deserves the best of love. I am hoping you will all wish her well and give her some of your fu-love...she is Sweet Angel Kisses. Dedicated to my special angel.....Sweet Angel Kisses Love, RedyFrLuv
Im A Diva Lyrics
Diva lyrics Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a Na na na diva is a female version of a hustla Of a husla Of a of a hustla Na na na diva is a female version of a hustla Of a husla Of a of a hustla Stop the track, let me state facts I told you give me a minute, and Ill be right back Fifty million round the world and they said that I couldnt get it I done got so sick and filthy with benjs I cant spend How you gone be talkin shit? You act like I just got up in it Been the number one diva in this game for a minute I know you read the paper, the one that they call a queen Every radio round the world know me Cause thats where I be Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a a diva Im a Im a a diva (hey) Im a Im a Na na na di
One Of Those Days
Ugh. It's cold outside, I'm home alone with my daughter. She keeps asking for mommy, and it drives me mad to look at her and tell her that mommy isnt coming back. I miss her and the kids so much today. The house is empty, too quiet, too big, too lonely. I have said some hateful, angry things to her, but I dont really think I've meant a word of any of it - because in truth, I still really, truly, love her. I love her kids, and I miss them so much that I could almost explode. I certainly wasnt the perfect partner, but from my point of view - I tried. I'd continue to try if she'd let me. It's just, there's a feeling you get when you know that you've met "the one", and she is my one. To have had her, and to have let her slip through my fingers. To not be able to pull her close to me and make love to her, to not be able to tuck the kids into bed at night. And to look my daughter in the eyes, and tell her mommy is gone...The pain that I feel from all of these things is so imm
Candy Doesn't Have To Have A Point
Thats why its candy. I heard that line from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which the book is much better than, a rule only broken by Forrest Gump, the original Star Wars trilogy, and The Godfather) when I was watching it with my kids Sarah and Jeffrey and their aunt Mary Saturday night after work. It was also the theme of this weekend, most of which I spent indoors because we were under a blizzard warning with expected snowfall of six to nine inches with a temperature of fourteen BELOW ZERO with an average wind chill of forty-two below. As I write this now, it is twenty below zero with an expected high of fourteen below and we do have accumulating snow ice, not so much, but still drive with care. Since most everything normally open on Sunday mornings (i.e. churches) was closed, we didnt have to get Sarah and Jeffrey (and Martha, I would never forget my wife) up early and get them ready. So the kids got to have Pajama Day, which Jeffrey said with much ent
Song Lyrics
If I Were A Boy lyrics If I were a boy Even just for a day Id roll out of bed in the morning And throw on what I wanted and go Drink beer with the guys And chase after girls Id kick it with who I wanted And Id never get confronted for it Because theyd stick up for me If I were a boy I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl I swear Id be a better man Id listen to her Cause I know how it hurts When you lose the one you wanted Cause hes taken you for granted And everything you had got destroyed If I were a boy I would turn off my phone Tell everyone its broken So they think that I was sleeping alone Id put myself first And make the rules as I go Cause I know that shed be faithful Waiting for me to come home (to come home) If I were a boy I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl I swear Id be a better man Id listen to her Cause I know how it hurts When you lose the one you wanted (wanted) Cause hes taken you
Video Salute
Thanks Sultry... Love it :P [Upload your own video][Upload your own video]
"the Pit"
The Pit They used to be quite common Now you hardly see them anymore Those little wooden shacks With the moon carved in the door A primitive place to relieve ones self To take a piss or shit But folks should be more careful Of where they choose to sit One August at my summer camp When I was just a Scout And we were camping in the woods There were a few of them about And instantly I hated Going out there late at night I knew I didnt like it Because something felt not right It wasnt the smell, although that was bad And it wasnt where I had to sit No, what bothered me were the horrors I imagined In the bottom of that pit And it sure didnt help when late on Friday My buddy Charles went out there at night And we heard that scream that chilled our hearts Yes, it filled our souls with fright So we ventured out to the worn old shack Sure that he was playing a prank And we creaked the weathered door open And peered into the air that stank But
Still Fighting It
Good morning, son. I am a bird Wearing a brown polyester shirt You want a coke? Maybe some fries? The roast beef combos only $9.95 It's okay, you don't have to pay I've got all the change Everybody knows It hurts to grow up And everybody does It's so weird to be back here Let me tell you what The years go on and We're still fighting it, we're still fighting it And you're so much like me I'm sorry Good morning, son In twenty years from now Maybe well both sit down and have a few beers And I can tell you bout today And how I picked you up and everything changed It was pain Sunny days and rain I knew you'd feel the same things Everybody knows It sucks to grow up And everybody does It's so weird to be back here. Let me tell you what The years go on and We're still fighting it, we're still fighting it You'll try and try and one day youll fly Away from me Good morning, son I am a bird It was pain Sunny days and rain I knew you'd feel the same
No Longer Bi Sexual.. And Still Single
Shelter Animals In Need Of Help... I have gotten 40 dogs in this past weekend, not counting those I already had. My shelter is located right between St. Louis and Memphis and the web site is Not asking for money, asking for anyone who has any connections with other rescues for help, or if you know anyone in the area who might be interested in a dog to help. Have had folks drive from Colorado for a dog, and have a lady coming from Texas to adopt one too. Thanks n hugsss
Thank You
i would like to thank all my fubar friends and family who sent me birthday cards and gifts !!i love all of you !! kimmy
"the Pit"
The Pit They used to be quite common Now you hardly see them anymore Those little wooden shacks With the moon carved in the door A primitive place to relieve ones self To take a piss or shit But folks should be more careful Of where they choose to sit One August at my summer camp When I was just a Scout And we were camping in the woods There were a few of them about And instantly I hated Going out there late at night I knew I didnt like it Because something felt not right It wasnt the smell, although that was bad And it wasnt where I had to sit No, what bothered me were the horrors I imagined In the bottom of that pit And it sure didnt help when late on Friday My buddy Charles went out there at night And we heard that scream that chilled our hearts Yes, it filled our souls with fright So we ventured out to the worn old shack Sure that he was playing a prank And we creaked the weathered door open And peered into the air that stank But
Deceit wears a veil of exotic translucence Woven with infinite care And the silken-smooth threads spun from lies Deceit is the game of petty spirits, and that is by nature a womans quality...Pierre Corneille Deception (also called beguilement or subterfuge) is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths. Deception involves concepts like propaganda, distraction and/or concealment. Fiction, while sometimes manipulative, is not a deception unless it is portrayed as the whole truth. In many cases it is difficult to distinguish deception from providing unintentionally wrong information. One of the reasons for this is that a person or an entire organization may be self-deceived. Contents [hide] * 1 Dissimulation o 1.1 Camouflage o 1.2 Disguise appearance o 1.3 Dazzle * 2 Simulation o 2.1 Mimicry o 2.2 Fabricate
Is it just me or has fubar gotten really boring. Don't get me wrong, I love coming on and talking to my friends, commenting the occasional mumm and all that. I dunno, I feel like it's lost its luster. Anyone else feel like that, or am I being a hater?
A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He She asked him if he would want to be with her forever...and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said... You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't WANT to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die...
My Name Is Vegas And Im A Sex Addict
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I say or do is to taken seriously. I do write the truth from my own personal life experiences. That being said please enjoy laugh and learn. I have known for a while Im a sex addict but unlike most people who can admit to being an addict I dont want to fix the problem, I try to control it as best I can and I have had a hard time resisting the cheating temptation lately, but I have. And now your like how do you know youre a sex addict? Well lets see I need (not want) sex at least twice a day at most until my dicks chaffed, BTW dick chaffing= painful OMFG hurts just thinking about it. Yes I have gotten dick chaffing multiple times the kind of dick chaffing where your skin is raw like a light road rash and in order to function slightly you have to cover you dick with Neosporin and a wrap it in a wad of TP. I have cheated and have needed a stunt cunt(Stunt Cunt Definition- A woman to use in lieu of my girlfriend) in the past. I have never felt sh
Christmas Wishes To Our Men/women In Uniform
To all our Fubar men and woman in uniform and in service to our country, our love goes out to you all. What you do for us is appreciated and are so thankful for what you do for us. Christmas is a special time of the year and we wish you a very special holiday. You will always be cherished, treasured and respected each and every day. Well wishes to your loved ones as wells. RedyFrLuv
Special Holiday Greeting To All
Special Christmas Wish By RedyFrLuv Christmas....a special holiday A holiday to give thanks and blessings A holiday to celebrate the birth of our saviour A holiday spend precious moments With friends and families To be thankful to be alive To be thankful to have such wonderful friends To be thankful for our families To be thankful to live such a wonderful country To be thankful for the freedoms we have in life To be thankful for the love in our lives To be thankful of the special memories To all my sweet and beautiful friends on Fubar....I am so thankful to have you in my life. You will always be chrished, treasured and loved in my very heart. You are all 11's and beyond in my book. May your holiday be a special one and in the coming year....all your dreams, vision and hopes come true. Love, RedyFrLuv
Merry Christmas..
Love So Sweet
Love so Sweet By RedyFrLuv A special love has arrived A love that answers every dream A love so unlike any ever felt before A love that is the ultimate of all love The warmth of it so pleasing The sweetness of it beyond any ever seen The passion of it so strong and overwhelming The thoughts, words and meanings Reach into the very heart, soul and mind A need to touch each and every part of you A need to taste your very sweetness A need to have you by my side A need to begin and end each day with you Want you so much in my life Want to exchange the most special of vows Want to express my deepest thoughts and feelings Want to make special dreams and plans happen This poem is dedicated to a very special and beautiful lady on Fubar. A lady who has agreed to enter into Fu-marriage with me. I ask that you give her special love and well wishes.....Come Holla at Me Love you so much, my sweet AmyLynn RedyFrLuv....Robert
A Carpenters Job
Two blonde carpenters were working on a house. The one who was nailing down siding would reach into his nail pouch, pull out a nail and either toss it over his shoulder or nail it in. The other, figuring this was worth looking into, asked, "Why are you throwing those nails away?" The first explained, "If I pull a nail out of my pouch and it's pointed toward me, I throw it away 'cause it's defective. If it's pointed toward the house, then I nail it in!" The second blonde got completely upset and yelled, "You moron! The nails pointed toward you aren't defective! They're for the other side of the house!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A carpenter was giving evidence about an accident he had witnessed. The lawyer for the defendant was trying to discredit him and asked him how far away he was from the accident. The carpenter replied, "Twenty-seven feet, six and one-half inches." "What? How come you are so sure of tha
I'm Back
Ive been gone for some time now but im back and im going to tell you that's right my friends what I have been doing the whole time Ive been gone.Ive been working hard to make myself some money on line and working hard I have done.but now I have made it and im going to let my friends in on what I found out the hard way.You do not need to rack your brains out its really pretty simple.With the help from the right people you can jump right into the cash pie. just go to my web page to get started with the help from my friends that did it for and with me.I'm not telling you you don't have to do nothing but I will tell you that it is set up for you to be able to do with help all the way.So go check it out and see for your self.I hope you will listen to my friends and trust them because they will bring you down the right bath and on the fast track to making cash for your self. Your Friend Dennis
Love And How To Obtain!
I am stuck on trying to find a job and the main reason I want one is to obtain the money I need to go down to Covington, GA to meet a very beautiful lady. who i've fallen head over heals for! it is very frustrating! but oh well i got to live with it. I have made $100 dollars I need that 3 times over though if i am to go down there.
A Conversation about the Cookies Not sure if what I did is going to work, but this is the original recipe I found online: Peanut Butter Oatmeal No Bake Cookies (No Wheat / No Egg) Recipe 125209 | 11 min | 10 min prep Cookies in five minutes! No wheat or egg so these are great for wheat or egg free diets. A friend gave me the original recipe that called for white sugar and they were great that way. I tried it with brown sugar and that is the ONLY way I'll fix them now! Totally a new level. Only takes 10 minutes total to prepare these. 12 cookies (change servings and units) Ingredients 3 cups old-fashioned oatmeal (dry, sometimes takes more oatmeal) 5 tablespoons peanut butter (reduced fat works great) 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 cups brown sugar 1/2 cup milk (Non fat works great) 1/4 cup butter Directions 1 Mix together the first three ingredients. Set aside. 2 Stir together sugar, milk, and butter in Medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat stirring
Check It Out..
I am in a comment bombing contest... Will you please take a few minutes and come leave me a few comments. I have helped a lot of you and Any help would be appreciated..
Some People
Some people are alive simply because it's illegal to kill them.
lost i'm lost, i cant find my way im blind, i cant see the road in front of my face im deaf, i cant hear what people say im scared, so i pick up the pace my heart and head are pounding there is something inside of me its suffocating, in my head its surrounding it makes me wonder what i feel and see the air is thick im slicked with sweat there seems, on my cheast, to be a brick but i cant lift it, my hands are wet i tremble and i shake i hit the ground then i feel my heart brake it seems like ive been on a merry go round im lost, i cant find my way im blind, i cant see the road in front of my face im deaf, i cant hear what people say im scared, so i pick up the pace
Purple Dog Tag Project Preliminary
This is my first post..its gonna be a shade random. I came across the Purple Dog Tag on a friends page. Its for a charity that donates to wounded soldiers coming home from combat in the middle east. I clicked it and thought..THAT's Cool. I ordered a bunch and intend to give them out for christmas presents. They give 90% to the charity which is an organization that is running pretty close to STRICTLY bare bones costs and donating the rest to the charity. This is one of my greatest concerns...they are doing a good job..soo....they have my support. I will Put this in more posts later better fleshed out..this is to catch up with the blast I posted. An Idea occurred to me and I decided to run a contest. I will create a file for Purple Dog Tag Salutes. Exact details will be in a later post..but will require a purple dog tag displayed prominently worn around your neck and a special salute(details forthcoming). Not everybody has even the 10 bucks required to
Awesome People :)
☩Ibe☩: I hope you stay healthy for years to come...take the advice of a old man...go slow and take things easy -This guy rocks :):) December 15, 2008 @ 4:36 am what a cutie....;) -BWhere is awesome! COMMENTS ON MY DURR FACE December 12, 2008 @ 9:27 pm just add some slobber and you got it 8-p -I love Just Groovy!! COMMENTS ON MY SNOWBALL PICTURE! December 14, 2008 @ 6:28 pm damn i never seen a rock that big.. u gonna share er wat -Wayneside pimp. Real life childhood friend December 14, 2008 @ 6:27 pm damn that's the biggest ball of cocaine I have ever -Just Groovy --------------------------------------------- December 14, 2008 @ 12:12 pm What up Punk!!! -Just Groovy! Kit♥ Silver Heart from ~Kit~ on December 6, 2008 @ 6:55 am gift message: bless your darling heart COOT♠ Funky Monkey from Senile Coot on November 9, 2008 @ 10:15 pm gift message: you have been coot monkeyed
Dark Prince
Dark Prince Your darkness is my blanket. My shelter from the cold. Your touch like a sweet poison; A poison which cant be sold. Your eyes like onyx staring; So deep into my soul. The bond we share is sacred; A fiery inferno raging in my soul. Your spirit lives inside me; The drug for which I desire. The spell which was cast is deadly; My Eternitys drawing near! With amber eyes wide upon you. Your velvety voice; to me speaks! My Dark Princess I shall make thee The words which were spoke The Potion My bodys reaching erotic peaks; Our energy flowing so wildly; I graciously bow at your feet; For now Im wrapped in your deadly web. This moments mystic yet bitter sweet, Eagerly I whisper Take Me It is Eternity I await!
Everyone is looking for something and those that have what they're looking for, usually don't even realize it!
I Am The 2000 Man
Yes. Brian Jones said that ladies. On the other hand: I am the Y2K-Man. Musils main character in the book Mannen Uten Egenskaper is working on a theme for the countrys Jubilee. And when there is nothing to celibrate. And nothing to look forward to. Then there is no theme that could be working. One of his best suggestions was a Kaiser Soup-station. Likewise americanos was facing the 2000 celibration. What could be used to mark the new Era? Many things was suggested. But the best was Y2K. What does Y2K mean? It means New York. Y-OR-K? Literaly: Why be a Whore K? They had been working on that theme for centuries and was rapidly going under in sexual diseases. AIDS. Nothing seemed more interesting than fucking. And I agree. And nothing seems more interesting than the problems we are facing with the result of our way of living. We are going down. On the other hand: What can we do with the problem? Go back to the old way? One man? One wife? Nah. Therefore: Y2
In Heaven
lov'd thee from the earliest dawn, When first I saw thy beauty's ray, And will, until life's eve comes on, And beauty's blossom fades away; And when all things go well with thee, With smiles and tears remember me. I'll love thee when thy morn is past, And wheedling gallantry is o'er, When youth is lost in ages blast, And beauty can ascend no more, And when life's journey ends with thee, O, then look back and think of me. I'll love thee with a smile or frown, 'Mid sorrow's gloom or pleasure's light, And when the chain of life runs down, Pursue thy last eternal flight, When thou hast spread thy wing to flee, Still, still, a moment wait for me. I'll love thee for those sparkling eyes, To which my fondness was betray'd, Bearing the tincture of the skies, To glow when other beauties fade, And when they sink too low to see, Reflect an azure beam on me.
So my dog just had 3 puppies. 1 girl 2 boys. I'm very excited
to the stalked you are a o my computer crashed no need to swear at me FUCK YOU TOO asshole
Hobby Horse
i found someone with a dirty hobby and it involved my knobby
A Little Something To Think About
You don't need To give me flowers To give me money To give me anything You just need to give me love And the rest will work it out
K guys I am still quite a ways from leveling but I would really apriciate any help I get!! I will return the love!! I really want to level... I'm wanting to get up to godmother soooo PLEASE PLEASE help me get up there a cpl levels :) HUGS N KISSES!!!!
Rain's Rating Game - Win An Auto 11
~Rain's Rating Game~ So u want a chance to win one of the great prizes? Here is what you do : Below is links to Myself,Babyboy,and PIA .For every 100 pic rates I will put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a prize (1 entry per 100 rates).There are several prizes that can be won.You may rate any or all of our pics to give you more chances at winning.Please fumail RAIN (NOT SB) fumail ONLY Letting me know how many pics you rated altogether. WE have auto 11's activated ..So you will benefit just from rating! ~~Prizes~~ THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 WINNERS THIS TIME!!! 1st Place - Auto 11 Bling 2nd Place - 1 Ticker 3rd Place - 1 Tag ~~~~~HAPPY RATING~~~~~ ~~~GET STARTED~~~ Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar $j ߺ$H Я{.$.}@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~co-owner @WYKD ~*~@ fubar ~~ List of Entries Listed In Rains Blog ~~ WYKD Radio
When The Rain Falls
When The Rain falls Current mood: handsome Category: Writing and Poetry When the rain starts falling it is to God I start calling. Doubt overshadows my mind, but it is God's peace then I find. My life sometimes I don't understand, but I know my life is in the masters hands. The rain beats against my house yet I am still standing strong. I know by God's grace and mercy I shall carry on. Some battles I may lose, but the war has been won by choosing Jesus God's only son. No longer do I run I just run to the alter and claim my victory. Today is the day I choose Jesus to break the chains that have imprisioned me. Today is the day I choose Jesus, the life, the truth, the only way. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Rating Game - 12/15/08
~Rain's Rating Game~ So u want a chance to win one of the great prizes? Here is what you do : Below is links to Myself,Babyboy,and PIA .For every 100 pic rates I will put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a prize (1 entry per 100 rates).There are several prizes that can be won.You may rate any or all of our pics to give you more chances at winning.Please fumail RAIN (NOT SB) fumail ONLY Letting me know how many pics you rated altogether. WE have auto 11's activated ..So you will benefit just from rating! ~~Prizes~~ THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 WINNERS THIS TIME!!! 1st Place - Auto 11 Bling 2nd Place - 1 Ticker 3rd Place - 1 Tag ~~~~~HAPPY RATING~~~~~ ~~~GET STARTED~~~ Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar $j ߺ$H Я{.$.}@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~co-owner @WYKD ~*~@ fubar ~~ List of Entries Will Be Listed In Rain's Blog~~ WYKD Radio
Some Crystal Bitch... (not To Me)
Some guy, that i dont even know, posted a mumm that says this: some one please created @ 12/15/2008 08:12 am expires in: 23 hrs [FRIENDS] If I told you I cant take living anymore and I am tired of all the shit that is my life would you give 2 shits about me if i was gone obviously this guy isnt in the happiest state and needs some cheering up... then some cunt writes this: December 15, 2008 @ 8:20 am #4 of 8 your a worthless ass hole I hope you fucking die I'm glad I cheated on you I didn't wanna marry you anyways you fucking idiot why the fuck would someone write that when someone feels like killing themselves!!!??? What a bitch.. I wrote this to her and blocked her so she couldnt reply.. but im appauled at how hurtful people are. ->crystal *w...: youre a bitch.. i read what you wrote on the mumm about the guy basically wanting to kill himself.. youre worthless! A pathetic soul! no one with a heart would say something like that. i hope you die a
A Retiree Steps In To Raise Her 3 Great-grandchildren
Carmen Duran raised her daughter. Then she raised her granddaughters. And now, at age 74, Duran is raising three great-grandchildren. She once dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Then she dreamed of a peaceful retirement. But through the years, Duran put those dreams aside to be a mother to three generations. Just when she thought life might slow down, it has sped up. She is responsible for Kassandra, Katrina and Michael Stewart, her great-grandchildren. She also helps care for her husband, Augusto, 84, an Alzheimer's patient. ''Every day is like 10 crazy days packed into one,'' she said. ``God gives me energy. My mind is young.'' Duran is replenished by a spring of selflessness. On a typical day, she drops off Kassandra, 15, at high school at 6:50 a.m. She drives home to make breakfast for Katrina, 13, and Michael, 10. Then she takes them to their schools. She makes daily visits to Augusto, who lives in a nursing home. She runs errands, does laundry and cle
This Is Cool
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Cowgirl Fun. Wild. And deep.Saddle up and ride him all night long.Only for those who feel they're strong! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
Plz Help Anyone...
I have a simple question.. is there anyone out there that can show me how to do bullys with the nice backgrounds plzzz... I would really appreciate.. DJ Chocolate Bunny
god sometimes i hate xmas its so highly rated nemore it used to be about family and now its all about others wanting to know what you got them!!!
Very True
Andrew -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the Sexual Dictionary?' at
has anybody tried it? does it work? anybody you know try it? I was going to get it off amazon for like $100. i've heard some success stories from friends of friends...
Your Sex Sign is... You may have had a late start to sex, but that doesn't mean you do it like a newbie. You seem outwardly conservative to some, but you are incredible in bed! You don't sleep around. Or kiss and tell. Capricorn, you seem cool, collected, and complex - but underneath it all you are a sizzling sexpot. You are a complete challenge for anyone. Your aloofness is a dare, and your stunning good looks are a powerful attractor. You consider power to be a total turn on. You are attracted to powerful people and the things they give you. No short-term love affairs for you. You like security, and you don't consider yourself cheap. Capricorns are usually late sexual bloomers. They are positively stunning when they hit their late twenties. It's difficult to know just how old you are. Everyone tries to guess - and everyone gets it wrong. Though your attitudes toward sex are outwardly conservative, you are the most satisfying sex partner anyone's e
Random Thoughts
The strength of a friendship/relationship is not shown until faced with adversity. Challenges and roadblocks are not always bad, for not only do they make one stronger, but they show the depth and truth of many things around us. It is better to have one true and loyal friend, than many who call you friend. Actions, not words will show which ones are true. Sometimes it is better to stop at a crossroad in life and wait. A decision made in haste, anger, or when hurt, is often made wrong. Patience will often bring clarity. The best gifts are those whose value cannot be measured by money - a smile, a hug, a call.
Lol!!! Fat Noodles Sister Takin A Bath!!!
fat noodles in da sink.. fat noodles baby sister takin a bath... *could make some $$$ off of this* maybe?
Mini Me
Join Club United Today
NEW CLUB UNITED TAKING MEMBERSHIPS!!! Tis the Season to be Jolly. What a better place to be than with Club United. We have open Membership right now. We have alot of new faces and Staff. Stop by the Homepage and Join us! Club United ! See Blog To Join!!!@ fubar Or make it your New Years Resolution to make yourself happy with a great Family of Fubarians. We are not a Bombing Crew, we just have fun and party we always have something going on!! Contests, Members of the Week etc.. We do level our own within Guidelines. No Drama will be tolerated! When you do stop by read the homepage and if see what you like message any Staff Member and they will put you thru the Process. One of our Owners is recruting her name is: IslandGirl most everyone knows that name. =] Her link is ISLИDGIЯL☠ nIpEr's Fu-Wifey ☠Owner Club United☠Zodiak Bombers@ fubar To All that read this May you have a Joyous Holiday Season! From al
i just alot of ppl to be friends and family , i love to see the nude pics of the girls on here so add me to ur family and friends list
Who has had to call their customer service more than a few times? I know I have and its getting rather annoying I've had to call them since November 26th till today. I mean that's so stupid and ridiculous.(sp?). They don't know what the fuck they're talking about. I mean they canceled my phones screwed up my plans and expected me to pay for they're mistake. I mean are you serious. Hell no. Crickets a better service lol. Sorry I'm ranting but really you would to if you had to deal with the shit I deal with. I should atleast have 3 months free of service lol oh but they're too cheap to even correct they're mistake and make the customer happy when I'm fucking right. Grr.
Thought For 12/15
If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking..
Reaching Out This Holiday Season...
There are many aspects to Animal Rescue: a lot of it involves making people aware of the Need...and not being afraid to ask for help. The Sikeston Humane Society needs help. **Sikeston MO, located right between St. Louis and Memphis (2 hours from each approx** They have the following: 7 cairns, 3 aussie terriers, 2 malamutes, 1 lab, 2 weimeradors, 1 jap chin, chin/chi mix, 2 corgies, 2 mini eskies with many more expected to come in this week. These babies need to go to good homes or Rescues. As time permits they will be added to the following website: and even if you are not looking for a new family member you can still help...we are constantly looking for rescues and the best way to find them is via the web. Clicking on the pic will take you to another users page and a good friend.
Dont Buy The Rumor
i have a sprint rumor and i used to love it cause of the keyboard. at the time i didnt know there was any problems with it. i had it since august and it worked fine up til november. now i have had it exchanged three times in less than two weeks and they wont even exchange it now cause they couldnt recreate the problem. as soon as i left sprint yesterday it started going to the black screen when i scrolled down my contact list, its really difficult to read my text messages, and it shuts off randomly. so now i have to wait til my hubby calls sprint and talks to them to get me a new phone cause every phone they give me gets worse and worse. there was three people at sprint alone with the same problems as me but yet they tell me that they can only keep exchanging it for the rumor. well that is not going to happen. everything i read online says everyone is having the same issues as me and that LG doesnt see this as a problem. damn sprint
Man In The Moon
Man In The Moon What is a morning of dew kissed earth With nothing yet to quench my thirst Honey bees flutter on flowers in bloom While a worldly outcast, I live on the moon Longing, yet thriving in life set away Gazing down at the games lovers play An orb cast a warmth setting day into motion While far out of scope the tide moves the ocean I sit on a perch in the shadows of night Casting the stars far into flight Sending down hopes on the tails of the fallen Through wishes I grant to those in true calling As mortals find Love's song set into play I sit here in thought on the outskirts of day The granter of love for all who believe With faith and in hope of the dream they conceived Round and round the earth I do go Watching the world with hearts set a glow Wondering if any who look to the sky Will ever say thank you as I move on by I sit here alone on the arch of my room Fulfilling my tasks the man in the moon Copyrigh
Dope "i Am
I am a huge fan of the band Dope and Here is another song that I believe is fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or if you do, isn't this a cool/good/great song? Sometimes you don't understand Sometimes I am what I am Sometimes I just can't be Everything you hoped I'd be And sometimes I wish that you could see I'm not like you I'm not like them I won't pretend Cause I am what I am Sometimes I wish that we Could agree to disagree Sometimes I wish that you could see what I see This is who I am I've always been And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am You don't understand I am what I am And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am
Machine Head "imperium"
Enclosed are the video and lyrics to the song "Imperium" by the band Machine Head. The more I hear this song the more I love it and the more the lyrics seem fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or if you do, isn't this a cool/good/great song? Hear me now Bearing down upon a path we choose Chosen from the start living different rules Existence something to cherish true Will not succumb to doubts that I hold onto Release the fear of my pain In so much pain Give me the will to fight Every obstacle that I have inside Release the fear and Hear me now Words I vow No fucking regrets Fuck these chains No god damn slave I will be different I'll stand here defiantly My middle finger raised Fuck your prejudice All my life Always I've felt alone Conditioned to believe that I'm always wrong Only truth will help to set me free My every weakness I must turn into strength Every rage, every tear Hate in so much hate Ne
Back Surgery
OMG 1 more day til surgery. I am soo nervous yet I am also not nervous. I know that if the surgery works I will be able to get back to driving within 6 months, but if it doesnt work I will be in the same place I am now, and that is on the brink of disability. I am going to do exactly what my surgeon says to do after surgery so that I can heal correctly and get back to work.
Best Out-of-office Automatic Email Replies
BEST OUT-OF-OFFICE AUTOMATIC E-MAIL REPLIES 1. I am currently out of the office at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. Please be prepared for my mood. 2. You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all. 3. Sorry to have missed you, but I'm at the doctor's having my brain and heart removed so I can be promoted to our management team. 4. I will be unable to delete all the e-mails you send me until I return from vacation. Please be patient, and your mail will be deleted in the order it was received. 5. Thank you for your e-mail. Your credit card has been charged $5.99 for the first 10 words and $1.99 for each additional word in your message. 6. The e-mail server is unable to verify your server connection. Your message has not been delivered. Please restart your computer and try sending again. (The beauty
Weeweechu To Cute!
It's a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, 'Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu.' Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!' said Rosita. Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time,' Pedro begged. 'But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon.' replied Rosita. Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me.' Rosita looked at Pedro and said, 'OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu.' Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang..... 'Weeweechu a Merry Chris tmas, Weeweechu a Merry Chris tmas, Weeweechu a Merry Chris tmas, and a Happy New Year!
"the Demon Clock Of Nuremberg"
The Demon Clock of Nuremberg There are many dark things both here and below Some hide in the shadows, where we seldom go And one of the blackest, of which Id ever heard Was the Devils clock from Nuremberg It was a superstitious German town And in the 1500s the rumors did abound Fearful tales of witches who gathered there Who mounted their brooms and flew through the air In time these fables grew and grew And the town officials knew what they had to do They vowed to make war upon the witches To kill and destroy those wicked bitches So all suspected of casting dark spells Were arrested and taken to a true living Hell To the deep dark dungeons in a state of undress And put to the torture to make them confess And once they admitted, it sealed their fate The torture was over but now came the stake Hundreds of women, old, young, and fair Were roasted alive while their screams filled the air That all sets the stage, these things I have said For a clockma
Bestiality Laws
Wheres every from? I need to plan a trip VAR - Verification of information. Most state/countries laws are only located in that states/countries local libraries. So only some laws have been confirmed through research. Others are given by word of mouth and some have not been researched at all. C = Confirmed and verifyed laws. W = laws given by word of mouth (or computer) - = Laws not known. LAW - Is their a specific law against bestiality in that state/country. NONE = No specific law found against bestiality YES = Law found regarding bestiality. SN - Statute Number. If a law has been found this is the state/country's statute number it was found under. PEN - Penalty classification for violating the law. This may vary between states/countries. PT = Prison time STATE/COUNTRY VAR LAW SN PEN USA LAWS Alabama: C YES Code of Ala. @13A-6-63 "sodomy in the 1st deg
Damn Drunk Dials..
Since everyone is having a shitty day.. have an old laugh..
Happy Birthday Baby
Ice Storm
It seems like my power will be out a few more days, at the least... Downed trees everywhere, taking wires with them, tearing services off houses, snapping utility poles... Wild scene... Home is out, office is out, over 200 schools closed, roads closed, 150,000 people without power in NH, utility crews from as far away as Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio (We won't let the Ohio crews near much) :P A few neighbors had their houses hit and damaged, a few cars, and one boat totalled... Wild ride... Power went out at 11PM Thursday, and who knows when it will be back... They're hoping to have everyone back on by Christmas... I've got a generator for the fridge, heat, and a few lights, but it won't run the well pump, so sponge baths are getting old, and I spent Sunday night at my girlfriends, so I could have a hot shower... Anyway, maybe I'll cacth you online, if not, have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, and I'll talk to you later! GM
In Trouble
We are in DEEP trouble... The population of this country is 300 million. 160 million are retired. That leaves 140 million to do the work. There are 85 million in school. Which leaves 55 million to do the work. Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government. Leaving 15 million to do the work. 2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied with killing Osama Bin-Laden. Which leaves 12.2 million to do the work. Take from that total the 10.8 million people who work for state and city Governments. And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work. At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals. Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work. You and me. And there you are, Sitting on your ass, At your com puter, reading jokes. Nice. Real nice.
Christmas Shoes (by: Newsong)
The Christmas Shoes
>font size=50>Happy Holidays Eveybody And A Happy New Year.This Song Is Sad...
Every One
its a new cool looking lounge stop by and let us know what u think of it
Happy Birthday Celticrose!
All together now ............. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Linda! ... happy birthday to you!! ...... Have a wonderful day!! Please stop by her page and shower her with birthday love, she does so much for other people .... !! Heres her profile link :-) Celticrose ~ The Pegasus Project ~ I have Godmothered!No blank friend request accepted@ fubar This blog/ bully was brought to you by ~*MȆL *~[Real Life]partner of ~*KŋЮέ_p*~ Member of Rating Revolution@ fubar
You Can See Your Future With A Vision.
Sunday, December 14, 2008 You Can See Your Future With A Vision. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Study your present situation thoroughly. Go over in your imagination the various courses of action possible to you. Visualize the consequences that can follow from each course. Pick out the course that gives you the most promise and go ahead. Many successful people use this skill of mental visualization. They mentally run through important events before they happen. Picture yourself in your minds eye as already having achieved your goal. See yourself doing the things you'll be doing when you've reached your goal. You can put your subconscious to work toward making your mental pictures come true. Go over your day in your imagination before you begin it. You can begin acting successfully at any moment. See the things you want as already yours. Think of them as yours, as already in your possession. You can see
Poem: Without You
The sun cannot rise without your smile I await in darkness to fell the sun on me once again The coldness grows deeper without your love its deadly fingers scratching at my soul The lonely rains of sorrow fall without your trust flooding my world with fear The roar of the malicious can only be silenced by your voice as i do deafly mad waiting to hear an angel's song without you my world is dark and Grey with a deadly sorrow only your love can change ................................................. this poem is for someone very dear and special to me
Christmas Carol Train
Welcome Aboard the Christmas Carol Train Deck the hall with boughs of holly Fa la la la la la la la la Tis the season to be jolly Fa la la la la la la la la Don we now our gay apparel Fa la la la la la la la la Troll the ancient Yuletide carol Fa la la la la la la la la ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You know what to do: 1~Rate all the pictures in my Christmas Carol Album--please comment on the last one 2~Rate/Fan/Add or Comment each of the riders below including the Engineer 3~Message the Engineer to be added and receive your tag 4~Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Engineer MscFrk Riders ~Mz Attitude~ uʍop ǝpsdn sǝʇq puɐ xl~RR Member~ ONE&ONLY SYCHO~!~ FUBARS RESIDENT PATIENT~!~Rating Revolution~!~/CLUB FAR/SLAVE TO DEVILISH DESIRE ~*~Desperatly Seeking Sanity~*~ B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club Happily Taken R/L GF to Im4u2Inslave, Proud Military Supporter*~H
How I Conquered The Sex God Of Germany
well, we have been together some time and all I would ever hear was about how Craven (aka is the sex god of germany. when we had finally gotten together I was a bit leary about the sex, i mean come one a mere commoner like myself and the sex god. I didnt think i would be able to compare. then the other night we went out to a clib and had a few jack & cokes not enough to be drunk but tipsy. upon coming home we had a small snack then was off to bed. In which I instigated an intimate intrigue well he was all up for it ( if ya know what i mean) then it got a bit hot and heavy, i wont get into details, but to get straight to the point, he was trembling upon the finale and his legs were hurting. in the back of my mind i was all like YES! he had told me he had never had sex like that before and i was all patting myself on the back while having my smoke. needless to say. He is a sex god and amazing in bed. but to to us commoners, sex gods can be conquered and then we are up there
Holy Cow
Putting hand sanitizer on when you have a papercut= not so smart... owwy it burns! haha
Just One Rate , Pls!
will u pls take a min out of ur time to rate this for a friend of mine ... :D (((thank you)))
Dear Santa...
I've been a good mom all year. I've fed, cleaned and cuddled my children on demand, visited the doctor's office more than my doctor and sold sixty-two cases of candy bars to raise money to plant a shade tree on the school playground. I was hoping you could spread my list out over several Christmases, since I had to write this letter with my son's red crayon, on the back of a receipt in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows when I'll find anymore free time in the next 18 years. Here are my Christmas wishes: I'd like a pair of legs that don't ache (in any color, except purple, which I already have) and arms that don't hurt or flap in the breeze, but are strong enough to pull my screaming child out of the candy aisle in the grocery store. I'd also like a waist, since I lost mine somewhere in the seventh month of my last pregnancy. If you're hauling big ticket items this year I'd like fingerprint resistant windows and a radio that only plays adult music, a television
A Remake Of My First Story It Is A Bit Longer But It Makes More Sence Now And You Are Hearing Mostly All Of The Story
one nite a boy sat on a hill crying and the moon looked at him and said why do you cry young one the boy looked to the moon and replyed i cry for a girl a girl i love more then life it's self the moon looked at him and said why then do you not tell her how you feel for her the boy replyed for she already has a love in her life the moon replyed to him if you wait 3 days time go 2 her for she will need you i can not tell you why all i can say is go to her in 3 days from this nite and tell her how you feel and she will be your's the boy went home and waited the 3 days then went to his love and he found her on the ground in front of her house she had been beaten by her love to a points where her face was covered in blood and she was knocked out cold the boy picked her up and took her home with him and layed her in his bed and washed her face with a damp rag and cleaned her cuts and as he did she awoke and looked at him and she asked what happened he told her he found her beaten and knocke
Me And The Sea
im a big vessel, feeling the pressure of the water. sailing here and there and all around feeling lost, feeling unfound if i stay, i rust; if i go i'll never know the more i sail the more i realize im sinking sinking into the deeps with the cold blue ocean, sinking into the pressure sinking into what some folk call despear i long to feel the calming sea mist against my cheek, i long to get attention from the beautiful sea, in a good way of course other seas call to me, i reject them, i check them out, i reject them, i check them out i reject them to stay faithful to my sea, i check them out to see if it is safe to go but i love my sea too much to leave her, i will never abandon my sea, for she treats me well i see other vessel come and go leaving their marks and scars, but i stay behind defending my sea, my beautiful sea, always defending my sea, happily protecting my sea, i will protect all the way to the very end thats just what happens when you give your heart to
Gps Systems
Good Morning. This is the last day to present snack recipes for my contest. I must admit there are some fabulous recipesand my peppers are taking a backseat to manyimagine that I already know I am done Oh well it was a gallant try. I will post winners tomorrow, stay tuned. Ok here is a reoccurring theme of late. More people who put their brains on "standby" while using satellite navigation systems: In July, a group of 10 children and 16 adults from California were stranded in their cars in wilderness near cliffs close to the Grand Canyon, to which they had been misdirected by their navigation system. Rescuers were able to talk them back the next day on their cell phones. Also in July, a truck driver hauling a 32-ton load from Turkey through several European countries headed for Gibraltar in the southern tip of Spain missed his destination by about 1,600 miles, winding up at a dead end in Skegness, England. (Gibraltar is a British territory, though nowhere near the British Isles
I Got Pro Speed
I get the message "rating too fast" like constantly! can I help it if my comp is tha bomb and I have pro dsl speed? lol
Dancers R Us
come join the fun at CW's on south street in akron....beatiful dancers to fill your every desire...I work tues through saturday 2pm - 6pm let's have fun
Tree & Presents
Leave christmas gifts
Christmas Contest
they helped us in my contest while back in booboos can anyone help them?
Christmas Without Mom.
so this will be the first without mom and all the mom stuff around the house....such as her cooking and bad jokes and especially having her with us. last year she got me some cologne that i wanted and i still have it.... it reminds me of her whenever i put it on. but what really gets what i got her last year.....she wanted a candle...1 of those big ones in the glass jars so she could put it in her candle warmer thingy.... well....for the past few months....when no ones around...i'll turn it on...and the kitchen smells like the scented candle...and i feel like moms in the other room. just the other day while no-one was here...i yelled out for her like i did when she was upstairs and i was down stairs just to remember what it was like....and no one answered back. i went upstairs and looked in her jewelry box and saw a glass necklace piece i hot her when i was like 16 for mothers day. along with all the cheezy gold stuff i bought her over the 1 hurt the most.....not b
Giveaway #29!!! Rates Do Count!!!
"disciple" Yay
A great big friendly "HELLO" to everyone, and I hope you all have Happy Holidays in the next few weeks. I know this, YOU All sure help to make my holidays brighter! I had such an amazing weekend once again with running my auto'11's, this past Friday and Saturday, although, I must say this one didn't come without a little drama, which I have never expererinced on here before...but I didn't let that stand in the way of finally reaching this awesome level, so of course I can't not say "THANK YOU SO MUCH" to all of you who came out and rated my pic's, every click helps as we all know, some of you stayed and rated every photo and I have alot of them, so to all of you die hard's thank you so much. You all rawk. It was so exciting at the end what a "head rush" when I got there! Of course we all have someone on here who maybe will go the extra mile and for, me that is Wicked_Wanda, I must give a special shout out to her, she is always there for me and I apprecitate it so much, so if any of
I Found My Smile Again.
All I have to say is one very simple quote. "Havent you heard that im the new cancer. Never looked better and you cant stand it." If you get it good, if not to bad.
Mean Mom
This was sent to me via email this morning... wow no wonder my kids think I am so mean at times... Someday when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a parent, I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me: I loved you enough . . to ask where you were going, with whom, and what time you would be home. I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover that your new best friend was a creep. I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your room, a job that should have taken 15 minutes. I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children must learn that their parents aren't perfect. I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your actions even when the penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart. But most of all, I loved you enough . .. . to say NO when I knew you would hate me for it. Those were the most difficult battles of all. I'm glad I won them, b
The Tide Turns
In the last few months I have had the sensation of floating. It is hard to tell whether this is because I am not facing any maxi or mini crisis at present. There are definitely times when I am content to sit and wait to see what turns up. I am no longer striving so hard. The spirit of inquiry perches on one of my branches, its head cocked on one side, alert and waiting. The other image that comes to mind is of the sea and its tides. The waves beat upon the shore and, day after day, odd fragments are cast up on the beach, each with its own history. Hardly anything arrives whole, and it is often a mystery as to what the original creatures and objects were and how they functioned. Yet the time they have spent in the ocean and the drubbing they have endured has stripped them of all that was superfluous, and often just the skeletons or shells remain. When our gaze falls on such artifacts from our lives, vague memories stir within us, and if we are patient, the significance of each one ma
Vitamin De
Vitamin de~get your daily dose~}|{*}|{~DSC~::Friendship Circle::Pegasus Project@ fubar CLICK PIC BELOW TO JOIN US!
My Fragile...
I put my faith in those so strong Only to find that it was place so wrong I trust, dream, and make so many plans When it involves someone else, I find I am damn So when you ask me to trust you completely My doubts begin to set in so deafly Work hard, yes you must To gain any of my fragile trust I know I am very jaded Constantly I examine and you shall be graded I can only tell you that someday I shall be worth it If only you can pass my toughest test and keep it My fragile dreams, hopes, and trust I keep guarded and so very close. Written by Paulette ~12-15-2008~
New Meaning To Hungover
We were hanging up the christmas lights and a HUGE wreath outside. My boi, John decided to climb onto the roof using a TREE...brilliant! Wish I had had my camera! He almost fell off the roof and was laying there hang over the side of the roof head first until Lance rescued him. LMAO
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Check out my juggalo stash Im selling on ebay! Im selling hats, jerseys, shirts, hoodies, juggalette goodies, car decals n more! If you have any questions about any of the items lemme know! MCL!
Tears Of Pain....
Ok, so it's like 4AM and I am in so much pain.. For all of those who know what is going on, I had my injections on Friday, and it doesn't seem to be helping! I am in so much pain right now. My whole lower back is burning, and it's shooting down my legs and I can't get comfortable in bed.... I have spent the past hour crying becuase it hurts so badly. I was so out of it on Friday, that I forgot to ask Dr. Sloan to change my pain medication. I'm not sure what he can put me on next seeing as to how I am on 10/650 of Hydrocodone..... I think my next option is going to be Radioactive therapy where they go in and cut the nerves off in my back with radioactive waves to get rid of the pain... But I'm not sure what he could give me for pain. I have already tried the Votaren Gel and it's not working .... It just hurts so badly! I just don't know what to do right now, I am in so much pain and I have to be at work in 11 hours... *sighs with tear* This is just horrible.......
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Download The Opie And Anthony Show, Patrice Oneal In-studio, Penthouse Pet Of The Year Taya Parker, New Official O&a Pe
Listen to Today's WORST-OF OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Woo Monday. Oh...boy. Get on your laughing hats, kiddies! The Opie and Anthony Honky-Tonk Association is ready to roll, and as you all know...or SHOULD know by now, you can download the latest Opie and Anthony Shows from AUDIBLE or iTunes! Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Friday, 12/12/08 (Bob Kelly, Jeff Ross, DL Hughley) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Thursday, 12/11/08 (Rob Bartlett Returns) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Wednesday, 12/10/08 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Dana White from the UFC) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Tuesday, 12/09/08 (William Shatner In Studio) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Monday, 12/08/08 Today on the POgram, we're welcoming back our larger-than-life pal Patrice Oneal, and we'll be filling him in on all of the horrible things we've been doing. We'll also be drooling over PENTHOU
Hot As Hell And On Fire
Vip Needed
1. 800,000 fu-bucks 2. all pic rates n stash rates 3. daily comments 4.daily VIP gifts
Nights Alone.
I sit and I smoke and think as I choke bout the shit that you feed me saying you need me why can't you free me why can't I be me. Do you know that I hate you would die to erase you to tired to chase you no god that can save you. Fuck it you take me make me a fake see gods they foresake me why did you break me for fucks sake you raped me took what he gave me made me so angry got me so fucked see? (Editing) Yeah that's all I've got right now lmao not to good but not bad for a free style. -Mc CreepShow
You Know Who I Am Talking To . . .
You were from the south , I was from the west We were form opposite places, different towns But I knew it was good and you knew it was too So we moved together like a ball and chain Minds becoming two halves of the same It was real, but in shadows it grew Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe? I would've shouted loud and broken through I would've given it all to belong to you But there were different plans, different rules You said "where I'm from there is a lock and key If you'd be so kind as to follow me I will show you the way to the rest of my sins" Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe? Yeah you, you got a secret don't ya babe? And I should know Yeah I should know So this room was damp where your sins laid There was that smell in the air of an old place That hadn't seen much daylight in years And you threw me down, said, "If ya don't mind I'm gonna leave you here until night time Then we can do what we want my baby out of the spotlight." Cos you've
Dont Worry Little One
Dont worry little one things will be alright I can still fight Your wings are small but the are great Lean on me and we will see if we have the strength to fly We will sore high in the sky where things will not hurt us So please dont cry little one Things will get better I promise I will take you to some one who cares They will help you heal
I Really Hate This..
My Inner Torment
(Before you start reading, be warned. I am in a strange mood, so much of the content below is raw and unfiltered. Reader Discretion is advised.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - First off, let me start by saying that I'm not sure if anyone actually reads these things. So if you do, leave me a note letting me know.... But since it's an effective outlet for what I'm thinking, I'm going to continue to write them regardless. Ok, if I ever meet the person who first coined the phrase "Time heals all wounds", I'm going to kick them in the head! It's sappy, optimistic, greeting-card bullshit and it's a fucking lie. Time heals nothing. Anger fades with time, but the aftermath is still very real. Resentment, bitterness, disappointment, these things never really seem to go away, even if anger over something does. I guess that's the problem I have a lot of the time. The funny thing about wounds is, once they heal, they still leave a scar. And scars from deep wounds never re
My Story
Well here is my story my life. I was a wild teenager unlike most. I ran away did drugs partied and never got caught, until one time. Well I guess it was worth it but I did stuff way to young. That was all before I was 17. When I was about 18 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. The father was my high school sweet heart and we were together for a few years. We got married and then just a little over a year we were divorced. He sis stuff that wasn't rite. Then I eventually met a man who I thought was great, a God even . He treated my son like crap and me too after we were married for 5 years I found out he was cheating on me and that ended that. I learned to settle down a lot and now I live in Ohio and love it. I am with a guy who I have known for years as a friend we have a son and he is now 8 months old. There have been a lot of hard ships. My son was born 3 months premature and has a lung disease from being on a ventilator so long about 2 weeks. He was premat
I Am So Lost
What Do You Know About Me Anyway?
Do you hide when Jehovah witnesses knock on your door? Have not had one in years. My wife invited them in one time geez it took forever to get rid of them after that, they came back like 4 more times. Tell me about your dancing style? Imagine someone with an inner-ear infection, high on crack, who just got hit in the head with a 2x4. Ok? He dances better than me.. Do you have any family traditions? Some I guess Honestly, do you laugh when people trip for no reason? Funniest time I ever saw, in the Army this dude and his wife were at the club with us, both drunk, and started arguing. The on the way out the club, she tripped on the sidewalk and fell face down, he did not flinch, did not slow down, just said matter of factly, without hesitation "walk much?". It ICE COLD but oh so funny. What is your most used cuss word? Fuck Do you think it looks silly when people wear socks with sandals? Hell yes.. that's gonna be me someday though! How many speeding t
Come Help This Sexy Fu Level Up !!
ATTENTION ONE AND ALL !! Let me introduce to you all to Dee... For those of you that know her you know she is awesome.. Those of you that don't know her yet ya need to.. She is on her way to Prophet and could use some serious help.. She is an amazing girl in need of some amazing people to help her out.. Sooooo.. Go show her some serious fu-luvinz.... Fan her.. Rate her.. Add her.. Bling her.. Blast her and let's get her leveled up !!! ☉Dee*JustMe*☉ This Pimpout brought to you by the one... the only... ΤhΣ g ΜκΣ .. Owner of The Drunk Penguin..Fu Owned By >^,,^< Pet
Moving On
MOVING ON Through life we travel each to our own road we can not see the changes we'll face as we carry each load. The people we meet as we stumble along, the stupid ways things tend to go terribly wrong. No two people are exactly the same the faces change as often as the name. To continue holding fault against the one you love most for the deeds of others is to live as a ghost. It causes pain where none should ever be and has come so close to destroying the very heart of me. She is the one that caused so much grief and you are the place i find my relief. You are My Future and shall remain untainted, she is the past and is anything but sainted. That life from the past is not welcome here and should never be a part of the life we hold dear. I'm moving on to better things with hope for what the future brings. Im not going backwards anymore Im leaving the past and Im closing that door. You are Blameless and without fault of your own and this is my way of tell
Random Facts About Nicole Marie
-I love reading! Just for pure enjoyment. -I cannot sleep with socks on. It drives me fucking nuts. -When I was in 1st grade, I had tubes put in my ears. -I am still good friends with a lot of the people I grew up with. -I love learning! History was my favorite school subject. -I HATE MATH!!!! -My favorite color is orange. -My parents were alcoholics. -I hate heights and snakes. -I am a tomboy! -I love Nascar. -I was the only girl on my Little League All-Stars team, and the only one to hit a homer :) -I love making people happy! -I thrive off of music. -I hate drama and bullshit. -I have a nasty temper, don't cross me. That will be all for now. There will be more to come!
Within my heart...Love abides Yearning...Needing To be filled with you Your touch, your caress, your kiss Deep in me...There is you Dwelling in the depths of my soul TDW
Poker Joes Freerolls
Poker Joe shas over a 150 freerolss list this week. Comeby and join one of our groups, we have something for everyone.
It's Snowing...
There is a calmness that fills the air when the snow begins to fall A quietness of the night that blankets us all. For a moment I think of peace and wonder if this is how it should be when a child looks at the world or maybe... it's just me.
You Say
You say were just friends, You say that you care, But how do I know this, if you wont take the dare. You know our love could be strong and fulfilling. So take this chance, just once and give me such a image trance.I will only then promise you what you need, and with this I know of you indeed. So come to me, and let me show you the way. So come to me, and I will shelter you in this web of love if I may. So then come to me, so then we can become two as one, like we were flying above , like the wings of the white dove. So you say, what you want. So you say, what you feel. So you say, what you see. For I will always know how you truly feel and see or what you really want. Because of this love of yours. I will feel such a taunting joy, when your lips say I LOVE YOU !!!! So You Say By Kris Mauch
why does being in love have to be so complicated answer me this people. I really want to know.
A Loves Mist
In the depths of your eyes, they show of a weekness, as the blind one's love reveals. How bound they are with the strength of a loves bondage, to hold such a untold story. In your heart, though it beats by a rythem, even now the deaf ears of love can't hear. Though its not for the huntress of the open sea. If you dare apon it, mabie it might be for the goddess of the moon. As you glance up, and to witness her light shine apon you. Your lips are so tempting like the morning dew is to the window paine, after the effects of a lovers moon. Even though as your body holds my embrace, how warm and inticing it is. As this story goes, you may look apon my eyes, to reveal the truth in your eyes as it shows only a trace of a lovers mist By Kris Mauch
I Have Sperm
I need new jeans. That is all.
The Thing About Love Is . . .
So, I sat here earlier, alone as usual, and contemplated many things for even more reasons and came up with some pretty deep and profound thoughts for the mood I find myself in lately. My own mind never ceases to amaze me anymore. Ive been put through emotional hell in the last six months; there is no way for me to sugar coat that, its just been pure hell. I longed to find love only to learn that it is the painful thing I have ever experienced while somehow managing to be the most beautiful as well. I wanted to know what true love was and I learned . . . I flew high and then crashed and burned. I had everything and watched it all disappear in the blink of an eye. I went from euphoria to abyss in the mere seconds it took to speak a few words. But, somewhere along the way I also learned who I was, who I am, and who I still want to be. I didnt learn what I want in life, I was only once again shown what I dont need. A valuable lesson in its own right, after all how can we e
Movin' On
Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm. I get up in the morning and it’s just another day Pack up my belongings, I’ve got to get away. Jump in to a taxi and the time is gettin’ tight I go to keep on movin’ I got a show tonight Mmmm, And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, baby, yeah I’m never touchin’ the ground. Yeah. I take it to the ticket there’s a half a dollar boat headin’ for the bordengate I’m feelin’ pretty low Fifteen minutes later, I’m sittin’ on my plane fastened in my safety belt I’m takin off again And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, baby, yeah I’m never touchin’ the ground. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Yeah. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, I can’t seem to stop now. (Improv. Guitar Solo) I got to move on, move on fro
yeah.. that's right. OMFH I'm hyper as fuck. and I'm listening to music with the one and only manda.rd I'm also dancing like an ultranerd.. in my boxers 'cause that's how I roll! I hate that saying. MOTHERFUCKIN' HATE IT LOUD NOISES!!! but I just used it 'cause I suck.. 2x yeah.. two times.. not twice. I have issues and I'm soon to be a subscriber thanks to the homoface I love beer. =]
Reno Wildfire Aka David!
Almost a year ago, I met David, who goes by Reno Wildfire on here. Ive been crushin on him hardcore ever since. He became my best friend. Then we did the whole friends with benefits thing. We live togther as well. He never wanted a relationship... until today, NOW WE ARE OFFICIALLY TOGETHER AS A COUPLE!!!! He has made me the happiest girl in the world! His sexy little ass is alllll MINE!!!! Im so excited and happy you have no idea!!!! Thank You Baby for rockin my world!!! Ok, Just had to get that off my chest. I felt so happy I thought I was going to burst! Thanks for reading hehehehe Love, xxx Tiff
Nsfw Photos, Rating Them
On days when I'm on the site at all, I have a bit of free time, so I tend to run out of rates eventually *g*- and so I don't like to use my rates on NSFW photos or on ripped ones, neither of which give either me or (general you) points. (I have a lot of rates but still manage to spend all of them eventually, so I'd like to be helpful with them, if that's not to give myself a little too much credit.) (So I really don't do things just with the thought of accessing your secure-ultra-private folders in mind. Really. Sheesh. And who would open them to people they don't know and trust well... don't answer that question.)
Happy Birthday.
My significant other takes her birthday Very, Very seriously. After 5 years, I've yet to surprise her with a gift because she's so sneaky about it. Last week, for her birthday, I finally pulled off the perfect surprise and flew out her best friend from the East Coast out to visit. A wonderful gift by any measure -- a beautiful 29 year-old fitness instructor/nurse who's is my SLF's best friend and look-alike (photo soon). The visitor and my SLF love to party together and the Red Bull Vodka's were the drink of choice. On the way back from the airport, we stopped at the discount retailer to get a six-pack of Red Bull and a bow to put on both the visitor and the Red Bull. I causally say we won't need a bag. The clerk asks if it is a gift. My guest says, "Yes, I'm the other half of the gift." I say, "Yes, for my SLF." It was a good weekend.
Owner Of A Lonley Heart
Move yourself You always live your life Never thinking of the future Prove yourself You are the move you make Take your chances win or loser See yourself You are the steps you take You and you and that's the only way Shake, shake yourself You're every move you make So the story goes {Refrain} Owner of a lonely heart Owner of a lonely heart Much better than a Owner of a broken heart Owner of a lonely heart Say you don't want to chance it You've been hurt so before Watch it now The eagle in the sky How he dancin' one and only You, lose yourself No not for pity's sake There's no real reason to be lonely Be yourself Give your free will a chance You've got to want to succeed {Refrain} Owner of a lonely heart After my own decision They confused me so Owner of a lonely heart My love said never question your will at all In the end you've got to go Look before you leap Owner of a lonely heart And don't you hesitate at all, no no {Refrain twice} Owne
To My Bstest Friends On Fubar
I just wanna say that frogbrat, babylove, luckydogg, oscar, and of course myself are the best group on fubar come check us out in the $$DOGGHOUSE$$
$11,000 Bill
So my college sent me a bill for $11,000, which I find highly amusing because it's not like I have $11,000 to give them. So tonight I've been applying for all sorts of student loans to pay for it. I'll have to do this for the next 2-3 years on top of the other student loans I have out so that's fun. I'm not going to stress too much about it though. As long as I have a good enough job to live comfortably and pay the minimum on my loans each month I don't care if I ever pay them off because once I'm dead that's the end of it and it really doesn't matter lol. But hopefully I'll end up being filthy rich and can easily pay them off :D
Who's Crying Now
It's been a mystery, and still they try to see Why somethin' good can hurt so bad Caught on a one-way street, the taste of bittersweet Love will survive somehow some way One love feeds the fire One heart burns desire I wonder, who's cryin' now Two hearts born to run Who'll be the lonely one I wonder, who's crying now So many stormy nights, so many wrongs or rights Neither could change their Headstrong ways And in a lover's rage, they tore another page The fightin' is worth the love they save... One love feeds the fire One heart burns desir I wonder, who'se cryin' now Two hearts born to run Who'll be the lonely one I wonder Only so many tears you can cry 'till the heartache is over And now you can say your love.... Will never die... Journey
I Dunno
i dunno what the fuck a blog is but i felt like saying that fubar and the dogghouse is the shit and i dunno wat i would do without it
Silver, Blue & Gold
In the beginning, I believed every word that you said Now that you're gone, My world is in shreads Oh you loved me, and left me, You took all the things that I needed so bad I'm standin' here wonderin' Where is the love that I had Oh, Give me silver, blue and gold The color of the sky I'm told My rai, ai, ainbow Is overdue In the beginning, There was something of love that was mine Now that it's gone, Whoa I'm cryin' Oh the time that it takes, For your love to grow cold is a wonder to me I'm walkin' around, With my head hangin' down Tell me where is she ooh.... Give me silver, blue & gold The color of the sky I'm told My rai, ai, ainbow Is overdue... Don't forsake me cuz I love you Don't forsake me cuz I love you Give me silver, blue & gold The color of the sky I'm told My rai, ai, ainbow Is overdue....... Give me silver, blue & gold The color of the sky I'm t
Yes It Exist!!
A wise man said this today..Mr.C and I agree! Do you wake up with him on your mind? Do you go to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night with him on your mind? Can you feel in in your soul, and no matter what you do, this thing just refuses to let you go? Are you willing to lose sight of yourself and do whatever it takes to make it work? In my opinion, these are just a few signs of "true love" & I'm speaking from experience. It is the most thrilling part of this journey we call life, not always easy, but if it's real it's well worth the pain. YES, true love exists.
Im A Dirty Girl!!
Come watch me Play for FREE!!
Saying My Good Byes!!
Been a while since I've been on this site and I see that I've really not miss a damn thing. Used to almost live this site till I met up with a very dear special man . The thoughts of this site getting in our way drove me away from here only to learn that he's more wrapped up in it then he ever claimed he'd be in his life.. but Oh fu_ky well. Women and men I guess you could say , beware of telling other of your feelings toward someone else .. I have found that most ppl here are always waiting and watching for time and place to make thier moves and you'll find yourself out in the cold .. Theres a few things yet here that I'd like to do before leaving but in the next coming days I'll be gone.. I'm not falling in to this trap of being a fulander or living this site. It's pointless .. and very very few people here are even remotely real. I have found a few great friends here and a few of them are still around others wonder off like stray pups. Learned a hard lesson here and thought li
Back To Fubar
Hello out there. I was a member of Fubar back when it was called CherryTap. After some members were total jerkoffs, I bailed on the whole thing. I'm really hoping things will be different this time. I'm looking for some online friends and general fun - nothing too exciting. Yeah, so here's to hoping to find the nice folks out there!
I Challenge All To Beer Jousting!
Beer Jousting Requirements... The Joust Name: All those who compete must have a Jousting moniker or just put Sir in front of your last/nick name(i.e. Sir Swagger, The Drunk Knight or even Sir DrunkenHammered) The Joust: We take approximately 6 beer can's(yes we have to down them) each. We tape them together end to end with duck tape. The Armor: Only armor approved will be beer case packs(as shown in my friend Parr's pic) You will be allowed to arm your other appendages should you feel so inclined to but only approved beer case armor shall be used The Battle: At any time during a party one may challenge another to an Honor Duel, if the duel is accepted then the two shall joust! If it is declined, the person who declined will then be knight Sir Douchenheimer for the remainder of the party until they redeem themselves through winning a joust. When we are full battle ready we shall run at each other full force with our Beer Jousts! 1st to knock the other down wins!
Something For You
For my sugar lips, you know who you are. ;) Something For You I want to tell you something good Something hot Something sweet I could give you everything in between I imagine your magic hands everywhere on me Your eyes staring into mine, reading me Watching every bit of reaction I'm feeling Do you dare? Do you care? Do you think you could handle me? Everything about me is complex So deep So scary Sometimes I can't breathe Hold me, touch me, take me Show me what lies beneath you Because if this becomes something true Everything I have I will give to you 12.01.2008
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Conquest Conquest is out of St. Louis, Missouri. The band members are Derrick, Mike, Tony and Tim. They have a record label with Dark Star Records. Conquest is Pure Thrash/Power Metal. Their influences are Metallica, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Primal Fear, Shadows Fall, Motley Crue, Pantera, Testament, Megadeth, Sabbath and Slayer. Conquest has a sound that is truly all their own, with their duel crushing guitar onslaught combined with thunderous bass & drums. Conquest are a true original, in a world where alot of bands sound the same and are trying to find their niche, Conquest has definatly found theirs. Conquest who are on the Jagermister Tour Series have been matched with many bands ranging from Stone Sour to Overkill, Conquest are fast to up and come, they will leave you wanting more!! So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to hear more of Conquest!!!
Fubux Traded For Bling
ok i want to start buying some bling..first of all i would love to buy an auto 11's please send me offers on what you want for that bling...any blings worth 5 credits ill buy for credit bling ill pay 20K each and so on..if you dont like what im offering please feel free to counter offer if need be
Alone I Break
KornAlone I Break Music Video Codes By Music Alone I Break Pick me up Been bleeding too long Right here, right now I'll stop it somehow I will make it go away Can't be here no more Seems this is the only way I will soon be gone These feelings will be gone These feelings will be gone Now I see the times they changed Leaving doesn't seem so strange I am hoping I can find Where to leave my hurt behind All the shit I seem to take All alone I seem to break I have lived the best I can Does this make me not a man? Shut me off I'm ready Heart stops I stand alone Can't be on my own I will make it go away Can't be here no more Seems this is the only way I will soon be gone These feelings will be gone These feelings will be gone Now I see the times they changed Leaving doesn't seem so strange I am hoping I can find Where to leave my hurt behind All the shit I seem to take All alone I seem to break I have lived the best I can Does this ma
hey fu family I just want you to know my dearest LOEY is back yey here come and show her sooo much love *BehindBlueEyez*@ fubar
Do Not Talk To The Police! Here Is Why!!!
The Bill of Rights is contained in the first ten Amendments to the Constitution. The fifth Amendment is our right not to incriminate ourselves. Talking to cops has gotten many innocent people in prison! Remember the words of the so-called Miranda rights "Anything you say may (will) be used AGAINST you in a court of law." The cop will use anything you say AGAINST you .... and he (or she) will .... even if it means lying. The Cop's side of the story "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. " --Samuel Adams
Cry At first you made me feel special like I was the only one, But I'll never forget the things you have done At first I thought you were play fighting but later I found out I was just blind sighted I want you to hold me But I can't stand your touch As I feel you hug me, the pain becomes to much As I curl up on my shower floor crying all my tears I try to wash away my cuts and bruises To try and escape my fears You promised to protect me But I stop to wonder why the same hand that embraces me, is the one that makes me cry
My Promise To You!
My Promise To You I promise I won't hurt you, I promise we won't be apart. Because I would rather die, Then to ever break your heart. I carry on throughout the day, Remembering the outlines of your face. I want you to hold me A caring and a sweet embrace I Lie in bed at night and hope, That you will think of me I close my eyes And dream a sweet eternity So baby I want you to know, That never again will you be alone. Because my heart will be your shelter, And my arms will forever be your home.
Engagement Announcement In Norwich Bulletin (connecticut Newspaper)
so.. I grabbed the newspaper today because I'm on my never-ending quest to find a job, and my mother notified me that the engagement announcement I submitted to the paper a month ago was in it! here's the link.
Man Of My Dreams
Man Of My Dreams Every morning I awake, Longing to feel your touch, As I whisper in your ear That I love you oh so much I Look into your eyes And softly touch your face I pull your body close to mine. Into a warm embrace Don't let the miles between us Ever keep us apart Just listen close, and you'll hear The fast beating of my heart You have no idea On how much you really mean to me I'm finally finding love again You have set my soul free Until the day were together As far away as it seems You will always be my heart, my true love The only man of my dreams
Romeo And Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Take me in your arms, And never let me go. Whisper to me softly, How much you love me so. If ever I am sad, Gently wipe away my tears. Tell me I don't have to worry, You'll chase away my fears. Look into my eyes, And feel the love in our stare. Kiss me ever so softly, As you brush back my hair. The warmth of your skin, The feeling of your touch. The butterflies in my stomach, Is something I long for so much. The day when we're finally together, And the memories that we'll share. The promise of an amazing future, That no one can compare. I'll give you all of my heart, But please don't make me cry. Because the moment you break it, Is the moment that it dies. I put my faith in you, Please don't do me wrong. Let me show you what love is like, A feeling so strong. If ever you feel like giving up, Remember that I care. Remember that your not alone, For I am always there. Let me be the reason you wake up, And for that smile
When I Was (very Personal. Plz No Hateful Comments)
When I Was... When I was three years old, I lived without my mom. I remember waking up one morning, And all her stuff was gone. When I was four years old, She left me to my doom. She would leave me with her boyfriend, And he would take me to his room. When I was five years old, In weather that was oh so cold. She would lock us outside, You were bad was all we were told. When I was ten years old, Cooking is what I learned. My mother wouldn't get up to feed us, And I ended up severely burned. When I was thirteen years old, I had to move to a new place. I was always picked on, They told me I was a disgrace. When I was fourteen years old, I layed on that hard prison cell bed, "Don't make plans to go home" Was all the officer said When I was sixteen years old, I tried drugs for the first time. Never knew I'd become addicted, I always thought I'd be fine. When I was seventeen years old, I tried to cut through my vein. I wanted it all to stop, I
Till Death Do Us Part! (for Jessica)
Till Death Do Us Part: Never be afraid of who you are, Don't be afraid of what's inside. Just hold your head up high, With dignity and pride. If you ever feel like giving up, Hold on for dear life. Cause I'll be there to guide you, And together we will fight. I know you've been hurt alot, I know just how you feel. But take it one step at a time, And allow your heart to heal. Live your life to the fullest, And always follow your dreams. Do whatever you can to achieve them, As hard as it may seem. As the years continue to go by, And the closer we'll become. A friendship that will last forever, And will never be undone. One of the best days of my life, Was the day you became my best friend. Someone I trust and can talk to, I love you to no end. A best friend is hard to find, And your friendship to me you gave. I would give up my life in a second, If it was yours I could save. Now this poem is coming to an end, I wrote it from the heart. I'll
Have You Ever!
Have You Ever: Have you ever seen a homeless person, And looked at where they sleep. Did you even give a second look, Or did you just keep walking down the street. Have you ever seen a teenage girl, Who's starving herself for attention. All she wanted was to be loved, And giving a little bit of affection. Have you ever seen someone cut themselves, Because they couldn't live with the pain. No one was there to listen to them, So they cut through their vein. Have you ever seen a child cry, Because they had no place to live. No family or toys to play with, Because no one wanted to give. Have you ever seen your best friend get shot, Because they were in the wrong crowd. They chose to sell and do drugs, Now their laying on the ground. Have you ever seen a little boy, Who didn't want to go to school. He was bullied everyday, Because he wasn't cool. Have you ever seen a man in jail, Because he killed his wife. Never thinking about the consequences, Now
Well Is It?
How does one go about believing in faith...believing in the Lord. How can he let bad things happen to those that do their best in life. Isn't he supposed to watch over us and help us along our way. These are some of the things I don't understand. Is it fair that there are murderers and rapists that commit crime after crime and are not punished. Is it fair that there are people that will rob and commit heinous acts against another human. Is it fair that those that stay true to themselves and do good things for humanity get fucked over in the end. Is it fair to take someone from us that sacrificed himself his entire life to make others lives easier. I'm losing my faith again Rest in peace Tim 1974-2008
My Dying Day
My Dying Day: Its hard for me to tell you how I feel, I want so much for you to see. That the girl you should be with, Has always been me. I know you asked me to wait, You haven't made up your mind. But the thing you don't understand, Is that it's killing me inside. I'll wait for you as long as I can, Because my love for you is strong. But one thing I want you to know, Is I can only wait so long. I know that you love me, I know that you care. But you don't know how much it hurts me, Knowing I'm not there. Your the only one I want, You now have my heart. I'll give it to you gently, But please don't break it apart. And now that this poem is ending, I just wanted to say. That I'll continue to love you, Until my dying day
My. Best Friend (for Jonathan)
My.. Best Friend! If ever I am sad, All I do is remember your face. Your kind and gentle words, You'll never be replaced. You've helped me through it all, And listened to everything I had to say. Gave advice when I needed it, And you never looked away. Though we met not long ago, And haven't known each other very long. Our friendship has continued to grow, And will forever be so strong. If you ever feel like giving up, Remember I'll be there for you in everyway. If you ever need someone to talk to, Remember I'm only a call away. You'll never have to worry, I'll be your best friend for a while. I'll do everything I possibly can, Just so I can see you smile. Your thoughts, fears and secrets, You'll never have to hide. You'll never have to be afraid, I'll be there by your side. So thank you for being there for me, I love you like there's no end. Your my brother, the one I look up to, My.. Best Friend
Bling Packs
Please let me know if you are sending one, BEFORE you send it! $50 bling pack: 100 11's a week for a month Random Gifts 2 sfw salutes $100 Bling Pack: Random Gifts 1 Auto 11 Bling (SHITLOADS OF RATES when activated) Pimped out for your Auto 11's (make sure you let me know when tho) Added 2 Family for NSFW photo viewing 1 SEXY SFW (almost NSFW) Salute Video Salute $250 Bling Pack Random Gifts 2 Auto 11 Blings (SHITLOADS OF RATES FOR BOTH) Pimped out for both Auto 11's 30 credit Bling of your choosin Added 2 Family for photo viewing 3 SFW Salutes Another 50 credits of bling.... (thats 150 credits of Bling for YOU!) $650 Bling Pack (which I dont expect ever to receive lol) Random Gifts 4 Auto 11 Blings 2 Jewel Fu Blings 60 extra bling credits of your choosing (Thats 400 credits for YOU!) Pimped out for all Auto 11's Added to family for NSFW photo viewing 5 NSFW salutes Midget on page Yahoo Messenger ID (got a cam too:P) NSFW video clip of me!
its really windy and my foot itches
Love Hate Love
I tried to love you I thought I could I tried to own you I thought I would I want to peel the skin from your face Before the real you lays to waste You told me I'm the only one Sweet little angel you should have run Lying, crying, dying to leave Innocence creates my hell Cheating myself still you know more It would be so easy with a whore Try to understand me little girl My twisted passion to be your world Lost inside my sick head I live for you but I'm not alive Take my hand before I kill Still love you, I still burn Love, hate, love
Waiting Patiently
sucker born every minute isnt there?
Stone Cold
Watch Rainbow Stone Cold in Music Videos|View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.comStone Cold Every night I have the same old dream 'bout you and me and what's in between So many changes, so many lies Try to run, try to hide >from everything that I feel inside But I can't escape you or your frozen eyes... Searching in the darkness Fading out of sight Love was here and gone like a thief in the night... Stone cold... And I thought I knew you so well Stone cold Can't break away from your spell Another dark and empty night If I was wrong I wanna make it right But you are so distant, so far away Your words like ice fall on the ground Breaking the silence without a sound Oh familiar strangers with nothing to say Searching in the darkness Fading out of sight Love was here and gone like a thief in the night... Stone cold... And I thought I knew you so well... Stone cold Can't break away from your spell... You leave me stone cold Searching in the darkness Fa
Fubar - A Personal Perspective
Hey, take a look at my profile page and see when I joined this...May 28, 2008. Here it is Dec 14 2008 and I am surprised a little that I am still on here. The only reason I signed on to this is because I had a friend DJing on here and wanted to see how she was doing. Really didn't think I'd be on any longer than two weeks..however the more I was on, I started checking out the lounges meeting some good people (Even have a lounge I started call Think Pink for breast cancer survivors or those that know people who have it)...posting some MUMM's and meeting good friends in a sense on there as well and just checking out the site in general. I have been able to spread breast cancer awareness and meeting people because of it and I can also truly say I have made some good friends, some close friends, and some that I would truly give my life for. While a Happy Hour would be nice one day, I am happy to know that some friends I have made will be part of my life for a very long time. To those of yo
Rate My Friend I love you all....
Dark Prince
Dark Prince written by Amanda N Chafin Your darkness is my blanket. My shelter from the cold. Your touch like a sweet poison; A poison which cant be sold. Your eyes like onyx staring; So deep into my soul. The bond we share is sacred; A fiery inferno raging in my soul. Your spirit lives inside me; The drug for which I desire. The spell which was cast is deadly; Eternity is my Fate! My eyes are wide upon you. Your velvety voice; to me speaks! “My Dark Princess I shall make thee” The words which were spoke “The Poison” My body’s reaching erotic peaks; Our energy flowing so wildly; I graciously bow at your feet; For now Im wrapped in your deadly web. This moments mystic yet bitter sweet, Eagerly I whisper “Take Me” It is Eternity I await!
Best Of You
Foo FightersBest Of You Music Video Codes By Music Best Of You I've got another confession to make I'm your fool Everyone's got their chains to break Holdin' you Were you born to resist or be abused? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Are you gone and onto someone new? I needed somewhere to hang my head Without your noose You gave me something that I didn't have But had no use I was too weak to give in Too strong to lose My heart is under arrest again But I break loose My head is giving me life or death But I can't choose I swear I'll never give in I refuse Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel You trust, you must Confess Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Oh...
Hello to all friends and foes here...I have decided that Iam willing to do up salutes for friends on here....if ya interested drop me a line by messaging me here [please not in the shoutbox but as a private message let me know also if ya want ya salute any certain way....Check out the couple i have done already ya will like
Let Me Be Me....
Why can't things in life go right? I sit and pray to God almost every night. I am not perfect at all, I am not insane, but some things I do it seems insanity is to blame. I love who I am but, confused who I am. Why do I make things so hard for myself, damn. Trying to be this to this person and this to that is so hard, it seems like being me nobody has regard. It hurts to be done this way by strangers of course, but when it is your family that hurt you it is so much worse. I do have a friend who is my night in shining armor, he treats me like a person and for that I give him all honor. We dont live close, we live so far apart but you know what, he is so good to me that he still has my heart. He never judges me for maybe a mistake that I made, he is the best friend on earth God could have ever made. He takes me as I am and doesnt tell me who to be, he let's me live my life for God, my kids and and for me.
Yall Show Chewy Some Love
"the Coffee Maker"
The Coffee Maker Never could I have imagined In my wildest, twisted dreams That a hellish evil would look as meek As a simple coffee machine A basic tool made out of glass, And molded plastic parts Would fill me with a fear so deep And chill my beating heart It started in the mildest way All innocent at first At the office Friday was my day To do the job I felt was worst I had to clean that coffee maker That would soon bring with it strife The simple coffee maker That would try to take my life I admit it now, I often cheated I never cleaned it through And I never scrubbed the plate that heated But the coffee maker knew And all the months of my neglect Percolated into rage As the coffee maker planned my death For I had set the stage The very first time it made its play I thought Id lost my mind That day my cup was bitter When all others were just fine Yes, I asked around the office About that bitter flavor All said their joe was wond
They Judge
I face the world with a smile while hiding it inside Happiness seen, they cant see the tears I've cried. Alone I hurt, because here I do it well. In front of all the watchful eyes my heaven turns to hell. Judge and jury await me, everyone has a say. In a life that hangs suspended for yet another day. Who are they to judge what is right or wrong? In the end I gave him up, but inside still sing his song.
First Blog
Just thought I would get my blogs started and see how it goes. I am really nervous about trying a music ministry full time when I get out of the army, but am told I should not give up on the dream. If you read this, I would appreciate it if you go to and see what you think of the demos I have and what I have written. If you like it let me know in the guest book. If I don't hear anything, I will take it as either no one reading this, or not liking what is on my site. If I get any replies, I will post more blogs in the future.
Love is an empty mailbox. Pregnant with anticipation Bloated with disappointment. Lust is a fingerswirl of capaccino. Lofty bubbles of caramel hue placed preciously, firmly on my tongue. The jade eyes and soft soft soft soft lips always help. Take me to sweet Zion baby. Where water pours sweet as honey and every hour is happily lost in your embrace. The sky is always overcast here Like its waiting to escape. Or perhaps blocking that heavenly tryst between the sun and moon all the earthly eyes of mortals would turn for that show. Struck blind by their secret eclipse. Love is an overcast wasted day, cool coffee, and I eagerly aching for your response. The plains between us. The world in a promise. The beginning of eternity in my jade paradise.
Ok were having a disscussion in a different blog about not bein able to be with loved ones on christmas. me ill be working both christmas eve and day. i do not get so see my sons face to open up presents. but then i have goin on in my mind. how the hell can i afford christmas when i can just skid by on making rent and bills. and then you have people that are like well christmas is about family and spending time with each other and all that.. i understand this as an adult. but try explaining that to a 5 year old. they want the world, they expect like 432542542 gifts under the christmas tree. and they are getting more and more expensive as the years go on. kids are getting more and more spoiled. lol. why cant it be about family and what not. not the screaming kids that are crying and stompin there feet cuz they didnt get there Wii (or how ever you spell that fucking thing) or there playstation 3's. i dont know where im goin with this but my issue is chrismas sucks. lol.. its been tainted
Got A Minute???
Club Mystic Member List!!!
Some Of My Work
Looking into your eyes and falling in so deep your the guy i been dreaming of and seeing in my dreams. I look at you and reach out to grab and hold your hand as winds blow me down upon grains of sand I get up and see you still standing there with your hair blowing freely in the summer wind. I reach out pull you so close to me give you a kiss for all the worlds and heavens to forever see feeling heavens embrace by the very touch of your skin makes the rainbows forever shine on these cold autumn days the love you bestowed upon to me makes life feels so worth living truely to me inside. Your lips forever truely sealed with a endless kiss your skin forever sparkling in the summer sun as I gaze into your eyes and forever blown away the world in my eyes isn;t truely complete without you standing there next to me forever in this life forever for the rest of my eternity dwelling in the light of heaven waiting for you to appear to take my hand and walk across the endless shores of the ocean
Mark Your Calender!!!
Dec 22nd on Energizer Kitty ....Christmas! Lots of ppl say its for the kids,some think its a made up holiday,some dont care for it and others cant wait for this special time of the year. Would love to hear from you all on what christmas means to all of you also any Dear Santa letters will be read on the air as well! *PLEASE SEND ALL YOUR RESPONSES AND YOUR "DEAR SANTA'S" TO MY EMAIL : K_VIXEN@YAHOO.COM* TUNE IN NEXT MONDAY AND HEAR YOURS AND MANY OTHER RESPONSES ON BLOGTALKRADIO. COM/KITTY-VIXEN
Broken Maze
Salty wetness streams silently As walls tumble broken Stones lay scattered crushed Anguish abounds A cruel darkness descends The eyes blinded Suffocation of all life Devastation Magic lost By Labyrinth aka Teresa 12/14/08
Green And A Mnt Is All U Need
mountain biking is the name of my game. There is no better rush than 60+ down a mountian, no-ing that your probably going to be hurt, but I'm a junkie to the adrinaline rush! If you don't scare the shit out of yourself did you really ride? Life is too short for Watching TV and lying around on your ass! There is no better feeling than pulling off something that you know was stupid and you could have been hurt or killed. Live life on the edge as much as possible and make every day count. Just got some jamican elephant ear! Good times, Christin
Redneck Or Bust!
Yup check it out, my friend Husky Redneck is only 346k from Godfather!! Can we rock his world tonight and get him there??? Husky Redneck@ fubar Redneck Stomp - Jeff Foxworthy
Caa #65
I have a very good friend of mine who needs our angel strength, love and wisdom. She has been doing a lot of hard work going for her LPN (God Bless You for that Hun, we all admire that). She has a project and this is Finals week, let us keep this person who wants to be a healer in our special prayers. Doc
Nicarious Nightmare (new!)
Screamin with someone else's voice Crying someone else's tears Looking over their shoulder We stumble We fall Something moves in the shadows Their heart accelerates Their eyes swarm the surroundings But we dont dare move We watch We wait It lurks in chameleon form The shade its cover Their demon approaches We scream We die
I Want To Know Why Some Of You Are Not Bombing! Weeding Out The Member List!
Indeed, the night coils 'round me like smoke birthed from a flame. Silence, my oldest and dearest foe, hath no answers to offer to make sense of the plight. The calmness - 'tis bitter and abysmal. Rather I the flaring nostrils of Hades' wrath bear. Yet... Upon the price of my mortality, this can not be so. What hath fate wrought upon this tired and decayed soul? She sleeps 'neath the same moon and the same stars, yet so easily replaced I am. Thine disregard, as a prowler under moonless black, mine heart with thy dagger invades. "Truly, I pray you... nothing have I meant to you?!" Blessed words uttered in ardent fervency desperate to perchance validate an existence dangling from a thread. Purging the plague is hence found a trial. The eastern sky hints of dawning and I see a path far from thy. I beseech a sky so resplendent, "Who art thou?" Far from strident, the dulcet voice replies with the spritely tone of a muse. "Thou art not a fool. Thou art far beyond. Thy ti
Mulberry And Hester
There comes a time in the lives of all who cherish the heart of another, that sharing a private, special place is a dream long held. For years, I've wanted to take that one special person to that one special place. So many times I had been there, but always spent the evening across the table from people with whom I was doing business. During those long and sometimes tedious evenings, my mind would wander. This, I thought to myself, is that one special place where I will take that one special person. For years, as my memory declined, I kept this one special place in mind, so that when that one special person took my hand, I would know just what to tell the cab driver. I held out my hand, and the cab stopped. I'll never forget, he pulled over at the corner of 79th Street and 7th Avenue. Take us, please, to the corner of Mulberry and Hester Streets. Take us, I thought quietly, to that one special place, so this one special person will make that long held dream come true
Foundry Cams: Angelina Rocks Out With Duff Mckagan
Hang on to your hats, folks...and lookee what WE got sent in! This shapely little BISEXUAL vixen is Angelina from FOUNDRY CAMS, and she's decked out in her Pink FoundryMusic F*CK ME Shrt, and almost NOTHING else. She's shaking her outstanding ass to "Sleaze Factory" by DUFF McKAGAN's LOADED. CLICK THE PIC TO SEE ANGELINA SHAKE HER MONEY MAKER Then, of course... if you have ANY fluids left in that convulsing carcass of yours, Head on over to FOUNDRY CAMS and chat with Angelina LIVE on CAM! Thanks to our own Jon for the great job on the video.
Check Out My Holiday Video
Sweet Addiction
she is 2,768,375 Points away from Disciple help her out,, Id like to do this before X-mas people help me out ~Sweet Addiction: ~Beautifully Insane~Hookers-R_US~@ fubar
Nsfw Pics Art Or Porn?
I have had several messages left for me, judging me for having NSFW pics, well to those who have left these messages I am going to continue to post NSFW pics( my art) so I would appreciate it if you would just leave my page alone I do not go on yours and judge you! For those of you that read this I would like to know your views on this, porn or art? I think of the adult human body as art and can appreciate anyone that isn't ashamed of there body ( male or female) The human mind sends signals to the rest of your body creating arousal, this is only triggered by the vision of beauty (art) So you that have judged me please leave that to me creater, get to know someone before judging because if you did that with me you would have found out that I am a beautiful person that just appreciate sharing my beauty ( my art)so what is your opinion?
Nbn Bully
NAUGHTY BY NATURE is at it again--- This Tuesday, at 6 p.m. Fu-Time she will be hosting a Happy Hour! She's gonna start running Auto 11's Tuesday .... ..and she's NOT gonna turn em off till WEDNESDAY! That's right, it's your chance to level up on her for 48 hours! I don't know about you, but I'll be exhausted! NBN has decided to PAY for rates! 15k per 100 (10's OR 11's !!! ) She'll even kick down 200K for rating EVERYTHING! Just shoot her a PM when you're done ..... (and be PATIENT, it's taken me DAYS to wade thru all the messages!!) Fu-BUCKS and EXTRA POINTS WHILE RATING---For TWO days ! WHAT A DEAL!! If you don't message her, then she will have no choice but to think you rated her because you just wanted to.... or she's done you a favor in the past. :)
Leveling Blog 197
~Jenn~ {R/L gf of Irishguy81}@ fubar 41k to level
The Keeper Of My Heart
There is ONE who has found and stolen my very heart the one and only thing that makes a difference in this world to me... she is the most wonderfully sweet sexy and a bit of a smartass as well (which i love). Above everything else everyone that has come into my life she has found a way to capture my heart easily and holds it within her hands and for the first time in my life i am actually trusting someone with it.... which honestly scares the living shit out of me but she has my heart and my trust what can i say.... what do you do when someone has captured your very core? all i can do now is trust in the keeper of the stars to make the decision... i love you Erica
Made For Me By My Son...
Photo and video editing at Okay so now mom is really emotional, I watched this, then had to post it to share with everyone.. And yes it made me cry!!
Change The World
Change the World Eric Clapton If I can reach the stars, Pull one down for you, Shine it on my heart So you could see the truth: That this love I have inside Is everything it seems. But for now I find Its only in my dreams. And I can change the world, I will be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world. And if I could be king, Even for a day, Id take you as my queen; Id have it no other way. And our love would rule This kingdom we had made. Till then Id be a fool, Wishing for the day... That I can change the world, I would be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world. Baby if I could change the world. I could change the world, I would be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world. Baby if I could change the wor
121408 Dilbert
My Heart
when i give my heart to someone i do it fully and with out question. at times this scares me because everytime i turn around it seems that the one who i have given my heart to either turns on me, cheats on me, or just plain never cared to begin with. some days i think it might just be better to dissapear and just not BE at all..... who knows maybe ill just be alone forever dont seem worth enough to be loved anyway...but the one who has my heart my babygirl Erica may change all that and for once make me happy the one thing ive been looking for my entire life. she is the keeper of my heart and for her i would do anything for
Yesterday I Laid A Wreath
Yesterday was Wreaths Across America. I attended the ceremony at Fort Stewart and it was called Wreaths For Warriors Walk. It was a chilly day, but the sky was as beautiful a blue as it could be. This year I laid my wreath on the tree of David Kirkpatrick. A young man I never met, but I sent off to Iraq. a young man whose family I have become quite fond of. They live in Indiana, so in their absence I chose his tree. I also took some Christmas ornaments to hang in his tree. I got my wreath from a table covered in green wreaths with red ribbons..all waiting to be placed on their trees. I walked to his tree and was surprised to see the teddy bear I placed there in July still there and in good shape. I placed his wreath at the trunk of his tree and fluffed the red bow. I placed his bear in the middle of the wreath. I then placed the faded family photo next to the bear. I thought of the family who has been left with a empty place that will never be filled. I swallowed the tears and
Want To Earn An Easy 50k??
I want to hire you to help me level!!!! :D All you have to do is send me a message with the words: "Hire me" I will send you a reply hiring you - Please wait til I've replied for us to have a valid contract!!!! Then once your hired go through my folders that you have axcess to and give each pic a minimum rating of 10 (family folders exclued). On the last pic of every folder that you rated you MUST comment me and let me know that your done rating them all.You must also make sure that all the folders are all rated in ONE day in order for me to consider the job done and so I can go back and check for myself that the pics are all rated by you.Soon as I've cleared that you've done the work then I will pay you a nice sum of $50,000 fubucks as your reward!! Easy enough right? What do you say?? Then message me today!!!! Just to be CLEAR here's a recap of the rules once hired: 1.Rate all pics a minimum of 10 2.Comment each last pic of the folders letting me know your done once
Creature Of Night
You Scored as You are a Vampiric Elf!Congratulations my friend! You are a Vampyric Elf. Your kind are few and far between! Your hobbies include drinking the blood of innocent victims or just draining it and mixing it with herbs and spices. You were once one of the noblest of white magic creatures but you turned against those who you loved, most likely because of lost love, and turn yourself into their greatest fear to punish them all! You are a Vampiric Elf! 92% Fallen Angel 83%
To Everyone Who Helped Me
I have never blogged before and thought it was time! I want to thank Everyone who helped me level to Godmother.It meant alot to me. There is no way I can go back and name each person, one because there were so many along the way and two, is fear of forgetting someone. Thank you again for all the love you all have shown me in my year here on Fubar. It has been very interesting and alot of fun! I have met alot of good people here and I hope to meet more in my fu future! Love to ALL *Twistd*
Then There You Were
I thought I had everything, Then there you were. When I saw you I needed to know all about you. I found out bit by bit, not liking all I heard. Then there you were, When my heart was broken. You told me everything would be okay. I was ready to move on with my life but There there you were. To show me you loved me and cared and I gave you my heart. Then there you were, To say those three very magical words And to make my heart melt. I knew you were the one,. Then there you were, To surprise me with that gorgeous diamond as I said YES! Then there you were To ask me when that day will be. Then eleven months later, There WE were - hand in hand. Then there we were, Two years later with twins in our arms. From the beginning I thought I had it all, Then there you were. Written 02-06-02 by ME
Instructions: Look up 10 of your favorite films on IMDb and take a quote from each. List them below. When someone guesses the movie the quote comes from correctly, cross it off the list. Leave a comment with your answers. And NO CHEATING. 1. So does every guy have to go through this just to find out your name? You should try asking for my number.Daredevil 2. If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Pirates of the Carabean 3. Appreciate your prey 4. See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite... and gunpowder... and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap! Dark Knight 5. Wait. Where are you going? Well, I have to save my ass. Shrek 6. Are you stalking me? Because that would be super. Van Wilder 7. All I know about walruses is that out of all mammals they have the second largest penis. I have the first. That's my joke. 50 First Dates 8. You know what my new favorite sound is going to be? The sound
Join Club United!! Cindie's Awesome Bully For Us
NEW CLUB UNITED TAKING MEMBERSHIPS!!! Tis the Season to be Jolly. What a better place to be than with Club United. We have open Membership right now. We have alot of new faces and Staff. Stop by the Homepage and Join us! Club United ! See Blog To Join!!!@ fubar Or make it your New Years Resolution to make yourself happy with a great Family of Fubarians. We are not a Bombing Crew, we just have fun and party we always have something going on!! Contests, Members of the Week etc.. We do level our own within Guidelines. No Drama will be tolerated! When you do stop by read the homepage and if see what you like message any Staff Member and they will put you thru the Process. One of our Owners is recruting her name is: IslandGirl most everyone knows that name. =] Her link is ISLИDGIЯL☠ nIpEr's Fu-Wifey ☠Owner Club United☠Zodiak Bombers@ fubar To All that read this May you have a Joyous Holiday Season! From al
Your Friendship
Thank you, friend, for all the things That mean so much to me For concern and understanding You give abundantly. Thanks for listening with your heart; For cheering me when I'm blue; For bringing out the best in me; And just for being you. Thanks for our talks my friend That stimulate my brain; For silly times we laugh out loud; For things I can't explain. For looking past my flaws and faults; For all the time you spend; For all the kind things that you do, Thank you; thank you, My friend.
Blank Pages
The breeze too quickly left me cold. Like leaves we changed and dyed. The fear of winter made me fall, But his silence left me frozen. He left me questioning if I could breathe Because I couldnt see my breath. Constant shivering, the air was cold But it turns out my breath was colder. The lights blew out with the wind, and the pages all over the room. Always chasing after them, afraid to lose even one And I am left to put back the story, in the dark without a c(l)ue. A flickering match, and I remembered, That all of these pages where blank. He always wrote in pencil- Dirty habits were easier to erase. But blank pages told his stories, and the truth behind his lies, And even though he had erased, an imprint still was there. I ran my fingers on engravings, feeling (e)very(thing) forgotten. And yes, for him it was forgotten, it wasn't there to see. And he just wouldn't feel, and I just can't let go.
A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, s
Wrong Girl.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT SOMEONE HERE KNOWS I AM TALKING TO HIM HERE . . . GEEBUS. So the flood gates open but nothing comes out Im feeling no relief in my head, just doubt But my heart keeps telling me hold your ground. Youll never learn a thing if you bail out now And Im lonely again tonight I can feel it like a knot in my side They keep saying this is part of the ride But Im not getting stronger. Yet hold me against the light And do you see any bullet inside? Wouldnt find one if you magnified Because youve got the wrong girl Had my fingers around the back of your chair Youd never missed a thing but you missed me there And I just kept thinking Am I prepared To pull it out from under your trusting stare? Now the house is quiet as a hollow head And Im walking round bumping into things you said This has not been as easy as I thought it would Id be cooling down the fire if I thought I could. And Im lonely again tonight I can feel it like a k
My 1st Major Art Review
so i got my first major art review today. it' been kind of nagging me to see it in print. i mean, no biggy, really, i've been in papers before. a blurb here and there, a picture or 2, maybe some artwork, not like this guy. this guy writes u and god help u getting shown in a good gallery, a hip joint, or a happening spot. the guru of "cool." so while i was at the bottom, and not a whole lot was said, just my style, really, i had been referred to, in his eyes, as "a brave new artist with limitless potential." i like that :)
Tats And Piercings
I hate them. Why? a) they are stupid and pointless when in excess b) its a good sign that a man is overly selfobsessed and narcissistic about his appearance Nipple piercings and tongue rings are my peeve, esp when guys show them off. THere ARE some exceptions, so don't get butt hurt.
My Life
This'll sound very vague to most who dont' KNOW me but I have some weird things in my life and I'm not sure what to do about them... I need to sort out some major dilemma's in my mind as they eat at me. Sorry I can't be very specific at the moment.. maybe I'll expand on that soon.
Christmas Slideshow
Just take your time, and watch the slideshow. :) Merry Christmas, my wonderful friends. If any of you would like the link to stash it, I'll get it for you.
Metallica - And Justice For All...
Taken from wikipedia; …And Justice for All is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica. Elektra Records released the album on August 25, 1988. This is the first Metallica studio album to feature bassist Jason Newsted, since it is the first after the tragic death of the group's former bassist Cliff Burton. The album's dark subject material, featuring references to injustice in the law system, limited freedom, war, insanity and hate, is accompanied by the most complex song structures to this date in Metallica's discography. The album is also noted for its near lack of bass guitar and dry production and therefore has been called a "slightly flawed masterpiece and the pinnacle of Metallica's progressive years" by's reviewer.[3] The front cover depicts the statue of Lady Justice cracked and bound by ropes, with both of her scales filled with dollars and both of her breasts exposed. The words "…And Justice for All" are written in graffiti to th
Hypopituitarism Hypopituitarism happens when the pituitary gland fails to produce one or more hormones that are used to manage other glands in the body. (If the pituitary gland is failing to produce two or more hormones, it is called multiple pituitary hormone deficiency ; if it fails to produce any hormones, the condition is called panhypopituitarism .) Symptoms of Hypopituitarism Symptoms of hypopituitarism will vary depending on which hormones are not being produced. Not everyone will have all the symptoms listed below. Among the possible symptoms are: * Constipation * Diabetes insipidus * Difficulties conceiving a child * Disturbed vision * Dry skin * Fatigue and a lack of energy * Greater sensitivity to cold * Headaches * Impotence in males * Irregular monthly periods (oligomenorrhoea) or no monthly periods (amenorrhoea) in women * Low blood pressure and dizziness on standing * Lower sex drive * Muscle wea
Pituitary Gland Failure (pituitary Apoplexy)
Pituitary gland failure or apoplexy is the sudden failure of the pituitary gland. This can happen because of severe bleeding or a loss of oxygen to the tissues of the pituitary gland causing tissue death. These events can happen either within the pituitary gland itself or within tumor inside the pituitary gland. Symptoms of Pituitary Gland Failure The most common symptoms include sudden severe headache with nausea and vomiting, double vision or loss of vision, change in mental status, loss of eye muscle control, and meningismus (symptoms associated with irritation of the brain and spinal cord). Other symptoms can include fever, pituitary failure, loss of consciousness, hypothalamic failure and death. Causes and Risk Factors for Pituitary Gland Failure Pituitary apoplexy tends to occur most often in large tumors, macroadenomas. Pituitary apoplexy sometimes occurs as a result of bleeding into a normal pituitary gland; this most often happens in patients who have diabetes mell
Looking 4 A Vip Giveaway Contest
I am looking for a VIP giveaway contest with no time limits. If anyone knows of one please let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks
Would You? The Poem
Would you? Would You Love me? would You love me - if i told You i wanted Your initials branded on my thigh? your name tattooed on my mound? would You love me if i told You i would want You to force Your fist into my cunt until i screamed? if i wanted to feel both Your hands inside me, one in each hole? would you love me - if wanted to taste Your pee, drink it, if i wanted to mop it up from the floor with my hair? would You love me - if i wanted You to bite me until i bleed, bruised me until it was black? would You love me - if i wanted to go out dressed as a trashy slut, or in a classy business suit with a large dildo stuck up my ass? would You love me - if i wanted You to restrain me and whip me and not stop when i cried for mercy, not stop until i passed out? would You love me - if i wanted You to put Your hands around my neck, strangle me, while You fucked me, and not loose Your hands until my panic changed to nothingness and unconsciousness?
Woot Gonna Be 21
Gonna be 21 on the 22nd of DEC and the good thing for me is i will be on leave in IL, instead of sitting here at ft Riley. SPC Clancy
Dam Friends
Why I havent heard from anyone on my page nor do they ever show love when I rate them all and everything n they dont do it in return. Im nice to all the ladies on here yet they wont shot me love or anything or pay attention or show support in mumms n such!! This is total Fuckin bullshit the only people who check my dam profile r stupid fags or fuckin downrate haters. Why cant I have a good time on Fubar this is fuckin bullshit Im better off deleting my account I sorta met soemone anyways n where gonna go out so its all ure fuckin loss!! for not showing love or keepin in touch or talkin
I Tear My Heart Open
the song scars is totally me. my weakness is that i care too much. our scars remind us that the past is real. im totally going insane inside my head. i cant stop thinking about all the bullshit i've done and what i've put my friends and family through. one of these days they will stop trying to "fix" me. there is nothing wrong with me. the song screams in the middle "GO FIX YOURSELF". that is just what i want to tell all the assholes that wont let me be.
For the Holidays I am selecting 2 people each week for a VIP to start out a new year as Fun and adventurous. This is no time limit...Just something I want to do from my heart to my friends. But there is a way to get my attention......and I leave that to you to figure it MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Dr. Chadstein Style...
Savory sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, tator tots, diced onions, ripe tomatoes, and spicy jalapenos. All wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Yeh... I'm making one. There's no Sonic in Indy anymore so... and I've had the hungerin' for one for months... literally. It will be magically glorious. Photos will be taken and posted. On a side note.... Tomfoolery. Posthumous. Ho's and pancakes. Bailey's... mmmm... creamy.
Jody Jody is a hottie, who just loves to please And thats only too clear when she drops to her knees You see Jody has a talent, an oral fixation She promises completion, theres never frustration If word got around, theyd call her a slut But really dear Jody is anything but And in spite of her skills, no boy says a sound Because after one date, theyre not to be found Jody likes boys, and she likes a boys seed And thats not the only thing on which she likes to feed Because Jody is a carnivore, so to speak Shes not in it for protein but more for the meat And just when a boy is ready to cum And Jody she senses the act is soon done She pulls back her lips from her teeth white and gleaming, Then clamps them together, and you hear high pitched screaming And thrashing her head to the left and the right She rips at the member with all of her might In only a minute, perhaps maybe two Her razor sharp teeth have cleaved their way through Then she is trea
Endoscopy Update
Well I went in for the stupid thing yesterday. It sucked. The worse thing I have ever had to go through in my life. First off, when they give you anesthesia, that mean's you aren't suppose to feel anything and if you do have an awake anesthesia, you aren't suppose to remember it.....BULLSHIT. I remember the whole damn thing. It hurt, made me feel like I was dyin b/c I couldn't breathe. I woke up last night freakin out b/c I had a nightmare bout it. That's how bad it was. Anywho. The damn doc decided that he was goin to say that it was just a muscle spasm. I know what a fuckin muscle spasm is and it isn't somethin that continues on for 3 months and worsens. And on top of that, doesn't continualy hurt. All day everyday, no matter what you eat, if you eat, what you drink, if anythin. On top of all that, the so called discharge papers that he gave me, didn't have a diagnosis on it, so I am not sure that he is sure what the hell he is talkin bout. So I have came to the conclusion that the
A Different Kind Of Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some
I am going to work for the first time in almost 2 weeks.. blah! and in the next THREE i will have four MAYBE 5 days off total... BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH stupid holiday season at a casino
Can We Say They Are Worthless...
Over the past months and past year and one I have encountered numerous types on here and I love the BS that comes with it cause I call out the worthless ones....believe me i'm far from perfect, but I try no matter how I feel or hurt...yes I'm a disabled vet in some ways a bad condition yet, I try. The other day there were two people that had auto's so I kicked butt for them both but this is concerning one and her family of worthless pathetic's that threaten. Most adults handle things one on one...this one she brings her little and trashy family and they are that. Anyone can see that, but hey who am I to judge!! So this person I rated 1590 of her pics nad maybe got all of 15 returned rates ...hey I appretiate that but why ask to be helped being leveled like herself or auto 11's when she herself doesnt give back. We all have issues, health, job, children etc...but when you put your word out there whether it is you on line or someone for you give back what is given. Cause over the other
Caa #64
A new friend of mine has asked for prayers for a good friend of hers who passed away earlier today. Let us give up our angel prayers that Allie aka Sweetaspie, is now in that Fubar in the sky where everyday is happy hour and all the people our your family. Allie I didn't know you, but you have wonderful friends and I hope at this writing you are resting safely in the arms of God and all his angels in heaven. Let us also give angel strength and comfort to those that are left behind, her family and friends, along with our angel life. More can be viewed at a special bulletin posted by her friend. In Loving Memory for her friend. Doc
For My Husband
Jamie 2008
videos of my husband from 2008
Hey All
Darke Wave In Hd
Own Me For Xmas! Santa's Little Helpers Auction!
Santa's Little Helper's Auction! Dec. 14th-Dec. 21st Come & Own Me For Xmas This Year! Click Tag To Bid
Wake The F**k Up America!!!
This movies EVERY American should watch... About Obsession Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West is a new film that will challenge the way you look at the world. Almost 70 years ago, Europe found itself at war with one of the most sinister figures in modern history: Adolf Hitler. When the last bullet of World War II was fired, over 50 million people were dead, and countless countries were both physically and economically devastated. Hitlers bloody struggle sought to forge the world anew, in the crucible of Nazi values. How could such a disaster occur? How could the West have overlooked the evil staring it in the face, for so long, before standing forcefully against it? Today, we find ourselves confronted by a new enemy, also engaged in a violent struggle to transform our world. As we sleep in the comfort of our homes, a new evil rises against us. A new menace is threatening, with all the means at its di
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Border Line Crazy
as i'm typin this i'm smokin a cigar and listening to daddys wild wood flower by raplh stanley when my father past away in january that ended my military career for the time one year in, i had a dry spell of 6 months and i made my mind up to get back in uniform i missed it, i swore back in to my previous contract to finish it out 8 years and 10 months when i done my prior service physical the doctor pulled me away after the screening and asked me as anything tragic happen in the past year or two i said ya i just lost both my parents she said its not that hard to tell its the facial expression you got and the way your head is tilted forward and your eyes look down they have that hollowed look i took a test she told me the results i was border line to having post traumatic stress disorder and the loss of my parents could be a factor damn her since then especially in reclassing school i would wake up in cold sweat and the barracks would be ice cold i recall one night about the
One Time Only,...
Ok, so this is the one time I am gonna take time to do a blog, and only so my friends don't havta wonder. I am not gonna do the status msg saying "i am done with fubar", cuz that is just someone wanting attn anyway. I really have no need for that or any desire to be talked out of this. I am deleting my acct before the night is over. No one is the problem, and no one has been a jerk to me. I just think I do not get the whole "online social" thing. I am just me, and sometimes that doesn't translate well into stupid SB chats or whatever. My real friends know me and understand that 90 percent of what I say is just BS, just me joking around, and they laugh along with me. But here, ppl just take things the wrong way, and then they overreact instead of letting me explain. Anyway, I only stayed at fubar past the first day or two anyway because I met some amazing ppl. Mary and her husband Tim. They are in my family and if you read this before I delete, Luv them. They are awesome
The Walk
Sultry skies overhead twinkling stars glowing bright The water is quiet and still Resembling a slick sheet of glass a perfect reflection of the moon rest in the arms of the sea the couple gazes upon the water then into each others eyes He is becomes completely enamored almost bewitched by her eyes the passion behind them brings him to submission to her feelings He knows that she is above all others She brings him complete happiness She only can bring him salvation His soul aches to touch her heart A lifetime seems to pass as he is utterly captivated in her eyes He tries to speak but the words will not come It is not fear that grips his tounge it is simply standing in the prescence of a true goddess She smiles and bid him hush her forefinger upon his lips She removes the finger and replaces them with her lips. He feels his knees buckle slightly as a euphoric surge of life courses through his veins All of his life a kiss has never felt like this. He f
Although i grew out of Simple Plan years ago. Every once in a while i song touches me. As i listened to the song, i was wondering their purpose for writing it. Most celebs don't go out of their way unless there is a photo-op or something in it for them. At the end of the video you'll know why they wrote it. "Save You" Take a breath I pull myself together Just another step till I reach the door You'll never know the way it tears me up inside to see you I wish that I could tell you something To take it all away Sometimes I wish I could save you And there're so many things that I want you to know I won't give up till it's over If it takes you forever I want you to know When I hear your voice Its drowning in a whisper It's just skin and bones There's nothing left to take And no matter what I do I can't make you feel better If only I could find the answer To help me understand Sometimes I wish I could save you And there're so many things that I wan
Why Relationships Fail By Bob Makransky
Why Love Relationships Fail Love relationships fail because at no time in our training by society are we given a factual model of what a love relationship is, or how to make one succeed. There are fundamentally three levels on which intimate relationships operate, and our social training only prepares us to deal with one of them the most superficial one and even that one ineptly. This superficial level is called the expectations level. It is usually the only level we address consciously. The expectations level consists of all our self-images and self-importance. When we primp ourselves in front of a mirror, what we are primping is our expectations of other people. Its the level of our daydreams and fantasies, whereon everyone is as impressed with us as we are with ourselves. On the expectations level what interests us the most about a prospective partner is his or her physical attractiveness, manner of dress and bearing, social and educational background, future prosp
The Source
Would fame come if some would hear the stories I tell Would people laugh or turn their nose in offense Too much knowledge moves around terra firma Many people puppets follow someone who claims knowledge Laziness within prevents minds from learning themselves Satisfied with being a sheep following some cult of personality Dare to take the journey put it in your hands play with it Hear it see it taste feel it Pray to it learn from it. Walk in the light to the east let the wisdom of the ancients Radiant and permeate into your Spirit See whomever is there angels fairies djinn watch them dance upon The breeze with the leaves as they float from the trees Some see darkness and passing over going into the north While others feel the stability of our Mother while she nurtures us And gives us her love, she keeps us centered when we hear her whispers upon the wind Children of the earth gnomes, dwarves, elves and others who are the Caretakers of the north see them produce preci
Eyes tell a story of an old soul, deep beautiful green and wise A smile more than just simple expression, the power of her smile chases all pain away, eases every agony and makes all darkness go away. To some just another lady, to others an angelic figure who makes the world a lovelier place To this one much more than any of those things She is precious much more than any man made word can describe. Her name I may never know, Her face is the only glimpse of heaven I will ever have.
Never in my life will I understand how people can be so cruel and manipulative. They will go out of their way to get what they want. The price is always high, but they don't worry because they aren't the ones to pay the consequences of their actions. They twist facts, tell lies all to get their way! Sometimes they are so good at it they even believe their own web of deciet. There is a story that goes with all this babbling. Can someone tell though, Are there any decent people that have morals that aren't afraid to work to get what they want. Or is the world full the of feel sorry for me because all the people I have hurt and lied to are tired of being hurt and lied to type of people?
A Second Smile
The hustle and bustle of a very special night The preparations must be perfect Beautiful adornments were positioned The whole of the village was awaiting the celebration The royal family was soon to make their entrance They too are to take part in the events to come All of the finest culinarians were imported to prepare the feast Visiting wise ones and scholars all associated with the fine arts were to be in attendance All the stars were to shine on this night The moon full in all of her phosphorescence glory could not out shine the one being honored tonight The darling of the country side The one who brought a smile to the souls of those who came in to the presence of this great being There was no tale that could not be told through song That would give her the proper praise that she was due The time has come all are gathered in the amphitheater Every one is seated in there proper place A very light mist shimmers as it reflects the light of the moon A note is h
Broken It took stitches to patch up the wreck of my heart That thing that imploded, that you ripped apart A red beating grenade, and you pulled the pin Then you ran for cover, and dove quickly in With an explosion of screams, it all flew to bits But you didnt care, you gave not a shit And as quick as you came, you faster were gone And I picked up the pieces and tried to go on. But first I had some patchwork to do Making repairs, yes all due to you So I picked up the needle and then grabbed the thread And although its now whole, I still feel I am dead You see, the parts can go back to where they belong But never again will it be quite as strong It still keeps on working, its pumping still yet But not quite as fast as on the day that we met. Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
You, Me, Her
You start by telling me i'm the one I say yes and feel i'm taken as yours Then she comes It's like i'm more a friend I try to take you from her To show you what's right in front of you You fight to listen And take no part in the relationship She steps in to say you were worthless And have no heart But You only believe in being a player
A Smile
Clad in the clothes of his trade he enters the throne room He waits his time before the royal couple Pierre born to the blue bloods heir to a throne of another kingdom He has forsaken the money the family and the fame to wear the mask of a fool At last its his time before the throne He dances and makes his stories funny the whole assembly hangs on his ever word Laughter and drinking fill the room Women adore him the men wish to be him for a short space of time Someone commands him to sing He has never sang before the throne before His songs were sang alone in solitude They were written for his love A lady he would never hold He would never feel her embrace or her soft lips on his skin His heart was hers no other woman could ever touch his soul they way she did Their spirits were together even though their bodies never would be Someone hands him the lute He starts to play Such a melody the room grew quiet as each note each word hypnotized every living being that c
Something--the Beatles
A Real Man
A real man would be proud Of who he's with A real man would buy flowers When you are sad A real man could tell If you are mad or not A real man wouldn't hit on your friends When you are not around Most of all, A real man would love you If he truly loves you He would never let you go No matter what you say
Broken Hearted
I try and try to have trust I love you with all my heart But, you seem to be reluctant To see what is right in front of you You took my heart Acted true but when we were through You took my heart and shredded it Every piece stands for Each time you hurt me I could laugh at you Trying to to put it back together But in the end, you killed too much to give a care
It's wondrous what a hug can do A hug can cheer you when you're blue A hug can say, "I love you so," Or "hate to see you go" A hug is "welcom​e back again" and "great to see you, where've you been?" A hug can soothe a small childs pain, and bring a rainbow after rain A hug, there's just no doubt about it, we scarcely could live without it A hug delights and warms and charms, it must be why God gave us arms Hugs are great for fathers and mothers Sweet for sister, swell from brothers, and chances are your favorite aunts love 'em more than potted plants Kittens crave them, puppies love them, Heads of State are not above them A hug can break the language barrier and make travel so much merrier No need to fret about your store of them the more you give, the more there is of them So stretch those arms without delay and give someone a hug TODAY! (((I just wanted to point out that i did NOT write this poem. I found it and really really liked it. It did
What Hurts Most
What hurts the most is the way you love me, You treat me like I'm everything And say I'm your babygirl, When it comes to friends, You don't even know me. When we are alone you kiss me Like you love most of me. You show half of what you really care about. In the end You're just a friend. So, now, when you're with your friends, You act like I'm yours. C'mon and save it... Cause I'm taken by a real man.
Necromancy By Definition
Necromancy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the general subject of necromancy. For other uses, see Necromancer (disambiguation). Necromancy (IPA: /ˈnekɹəˌmnsɪ/) (Greek νεκρομαντία, nekromanta) is a form of divination in which the practitioner seeks to summon "operative spirits" or "spirits of divination", for multiple reasons, from spiritual protection to wisdom. The word necromancy derives from the Greek νεκρός (nekrs), "dead", and μαντεία (mantea), "divination". However, since the Renaissance, necromancy has come to be associated more broadly with black magic and demon-summoning in general, sometimes losing its earlier, more specialized meaning. By popular etymology, nekromantia became nigromancy "black arts", and Johannes Hartlieb (1456) lists demonology in general under th
Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? Divorced 3. Your hair? middle 4. Your mother? Patiricia 5. Your father? Lary 6. Your favorite thing? life 7. Your dream last night? nothing 8. Your favorite drink? Dr.Pepper 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? diningroom 11. Music? old rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? love 14. Where were you last night? here 15. What you're not? healthy 16. Muffins? pass 17. One of your wish list items? money 18. Where you grew up?Missouri 19. The last thing you did? Fubar 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? 7 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? emachine 24. Your life? hectic 25. Your mood? yuck 26. Missing someone? no
One Perfect Trust
one perfect trust you think you are there to guide me, but mostly in the way, you try to pretend that there is no question, all though there is a tense look in the naked eye, people plead for the trust of your broken heart, you try to find something to put it back together, but it all seems that the only thing that can fix it, is the trust and one true love, can you handle that one perfect trust.
The Meaning Of Friendship
My grandma once told me that all people only experience one or maybe two true friendships throughout their entire life. The More I thought about this theory, the more I began to realize that what he had said was absolutely true. I, myself, had been surrounded by many so called friends, but never did I question the strength of our friendships. In reality they were not true friends at all. Who I had always considered to be my friends were really just hanging buddies or school cronies. I realized, that when it came down to true friendship, I could only account for one true friend; everyone else was merely an associate or just good company. I began to wonder why that was. Was I too superficial in the way that I approached life? Should I have attempted to build more meaningful relationships? No, it was not any fault of mine, it was just a fact of life. The truth is, I am a very unique individual, just as al
Bloodhound Gang - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny
You came twice last year like a sears catalog Cause your last boyfriend makes love like boss hogg Well now youre seeing me but soon Ill have you seeing god Cause girl Ill get you panting like youre pavlovs dog Like a dc-10: guaranteed to go down But baby your black box is the one that I found Ill give you the gift that keeps on givin it wont cost you any money Then she grabbed me by the ears and said kiss me where it smells funny So down I go like Im 2000 flushes I can tell Im doing something right by the way that she blushes Shes one thats speechless, Im the one thats tongue tied Shes thinking holy mackerel Im thinking tuna on the side There must be something wrong with al pacinos nose Cause the scent of a woman is like rotten tomatoes Yeah Im snorkeling for clams and it doesnt matter if I wanna be Dont come up for air until you kiss me where it smells funny Drop my face below her waist and stay on third base I can tell that the cherrys ripe by the way it tastes
Santa's Little Helper Auction! Closed
Hi there I'm up for auction again! I'm in the Santa's Little Helper Auction and will run from December 14th (2pm EST) to December 21st (7pm EST) Here is the link to my auction pic! Here is what I'm Offering! Top Friends and Top Family All pics rated during HH Keep winner sh*tfaced 1 Big Pimpin' gift per week (my choice!) "Owned By" or "Stalked By" tag in name (winner's choice!) Profile link added to my page If winning bid is over $25 (including Auto 11), the following will be added: Added to Yahoo Messenger 3 SFW personal salutes If Auto 11 bling will be Favorite for one month If winning bid is a 1-year VIP, the following will be added: Total of 12 SFW personal salutes (one per month) Up to 4 profile comments per month (graphics) Permanent pimpout on my page Rate all stash/blogs throughout the month 12 SFW Shower Salutes (one per month) Auction Brought To You By The Beautiful:
Limp Bizkit - Just Drop Dead
ONE OF THOSE I RELATE TOO Ok, where the hell you been? (huh?) Said that you'd been hanging with your cute girlfriend Then I get a call, kinda woke me up Said that they saw you chillin' with this young little fuck (what?) I was kinda dazed and maybe confused, Never woulda expected this terrible news, Not only were you kissing this fool you been dissin' You was playing me out Now you better listen What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck do you think you are? (Bitch!) Cause for alarm Gonna put your shit begging me to stay Even though you run your fuckin' mouth everyday! I ain't some punk ass dealing with your drunk ass Sure your mighty fine But you crossed the fuckin' line Now there's no returnin' This lesson that your learnin' Pulling down your panties And leave your ass burnin' [Chorus] Cause I deserve more, I deserve more You act like a whore So just drop dead Just drop dead Rewind Back to the start (Go) When we got together I gave you my heart You made a few mistakes But
Pagan As Defined
The word Pagan gets bantied about by many and is a very misunderstood term. Hopefully, this will shed some light on the subject. Paganism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Pagan) Jump to: navigation, search "Pagan" and "Heathen" redirect here. For other usages, see Pagan (disambiguation) and Heathen (disambiguation) Mayan priests dancing around fire at a ceremony. The Maya folk religion is considered to be pagan under all definitions of the word. Followers of Romuva, a Lithuanian Neopagan faith, practice a ritual around a fire. Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "country dweller, rustic")[1] is a word used to refer to various religions and religious beliefs from across the world. The term has various different meanings, though, from a Western perspective, it has modern connotations of a faith that has polytheistic,[2] spiritualist, animistic or shamanic practices, such as a folk religion, historical polytheistic or neopagan religion. The term ha
Deadsy-the Key To Gramercy Park
I got the key, key to Gramercy Park Every night Looking for the fight Thoughts on the left The action's on the right As you know, the id wasn't meant to be starved Face white Revenge of the Hittites When you're inside And you thought to take a walk in the park Think someone is about to be carved From the other side of the Underscene To the boulevard of broken dreams To find the key to Gramercy Park I got the key, key to Gramercy Park Where it's safe to be afraid of the dark Maybe there we'll fuck by the heavenly stars But I might, might miss breaking in through the bars From the other side of the Underscene To the boulevard of broken dreams To find the key to Gramercy Park In the other time of mother speed Through evil eyes and make believe To where we bare the supremacy mark And never look at the other place Stay with what's pristine that touches you Where the peril accentuates Something that could mean so much to you Try save a seat in the gold
Omg!! Co&ca Boxed Set!! I Want!!!
Okay... so I'm hard to shop for for christmas. Cause all I really want is a new Canon DSLR, followed by a laptop (since I don't have one, preferably a MacBook Pro. heh.), and a G1 phone. That's really it. I would seriously be ecstatic to get a used Canon 30D, and ONLY that for Xmas. But that shit's expensive. Now, there's something reasonable I want. For once. Coheed & Cambria "Neverender" Boxed Set If you know me, you know that pretty much the only thing that's been in my car's CD player since like, July or August, is the MP3 CD with all four Coheed & Cambria albums. You also may remember a blog post saying "OMGOMGOMG I want to go to Neverender so bad!!!" a few months ago. Yeah, didn't happen. But now... Now the boxed set is on pre-order. Four live DVDs and CDs for $110. omg. So... yeah... In case you're wondering what to get me for Xmas that I'll absolutely love and that won't cost at least $700... there you go. For now, however... I'm going to go smoke
Gurkha Warriors...slaves Of Others`s Will?!please Don`t!!!
Myself as a campaigner for Gurkha`s rights,i am seriously thinking what`s wrong with English people,honestly.What the hell happened to equality and justice?!Is that right that after so many years having the Gurkha warriors fighting on their behalf,they now ignore their rights?!Gurkhas can be foreigners,but THEY DIED for Britain!So,was it not right that they should have the same priviledges as the British soldiers?Why did Gurkhas have to battle so hard to get the recognition they decerved?Why did they have to go thru courts and stuff like that,just to have what they should have had long time ago?They fought,and they won their cause.But they as well,suffered.Gurkhas keep dying in Afghanistan,for a cause which is not well as the british soldiers,they keep dying for a war which is not for them to fight.Is this justice?!No. Let`s respect more Gurkha soldiers as well as the british ones.All of them are in the same sinking boat.They decerve to be honoured and respected. This b
Buck Cherry Crazy Bitch
Alright! Break me down You got a lovely face We're going to your place And now you got to freak me out Scream so loud Getting fucking laid You want me to stay But I got to make my way Chorus: Hey! You're a crazy bitch But you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back to keep me right on (Repeat Chorus) Take it off The paper is your game You jump in bed with fame Another one night payed in full You're so fine It won't be a loss Cashing in the rocks Just to get you face to face (Chorus x2) Get the video Fuck you so good Get the video Fuck you so good Crazy bitch Crazy bitch Crazy... bitch (Chorus) Hey You're a crazy bitch But you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back Come on! Baby girl You want it all To be a star you'll have to go down Take it off No need to talk You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me! (Chor
Help Me!!! Please!!!
Lets Godfather ~*ΚΣЯIZZZMΛ*~ She only needs 1,188,898 Points to go.R/F/A and dont forget to Bling her.She's an awesome girl and if she isn't one of your friends already she should be. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Hell she's even offering to pay for an auto 11, This girl is an A-11 VIRGIN..OMG Someone go help her! Just Click Below and Go Show Her Mad Fu-Luv !! ::..~*ΚΣЯIZZZMΛ*~..::*PU$$YCAT PLAYMATE*@ fubar Brought to you by..Rain & Music Provided by WYKD Radio~ Rain ~Owner of WYKD~
Lol...i Shouldn't Laugh
The boy just got his tongue stuck on the pole... LMAO! Really, I shouldn't laugh...but it reminds me of when I was his age...and I did the same thing...and my dad did just as I just did.. let me scream as he got a warm cup of water..threw on his shoes...ran out there with no coat ...throwing the warm water on pole, tongue and entire child... lol.. don't worry, he thinks it's funny now too..;) ♥ Postal
The Test Of True Friends...
I now know, that the test that is used to determine true friendship is the one where your life is going to hell in a hand basket and you could probly use someone to be empathetic and at least play like they care.... but as nature would have it one of two things happens: 1. everyone hits the road because they don't need, want nor care to be a part of your life as long as you are no longer the life of the party or 2. They are completely unaware of like what reality outside their own cushy life is and they choose to lecture you about how you "need to have a positive attitude about {enter extreme end of the world crisis here} because that's what they would do if said crisis happened to the (although it's not happening to them at the moment they are giving their advice) and then they leave because their feelings got hurt that you didnt appreciate their judgment and suggestions. (UGH!!!) These people (whom number in the over 100 and climbing) are the most insensitive, asinine worthless
The Pentacle
A pentacle (or pantacle in Thelema[1]) is an amulet used in magical evocation, generally made of parchment, paper or metal (although it can be of other materials), on which the symbol of a spirit or energy being evoked is drawn. It is often worn around the neck, or placed within the triangle of evocation. Protective symbols may also be included (sometimes on the reverse), a common one being the five-point form of the Seal of Solomon, called a pentacle of Solomon or pentangle of Solomon.[2] Many varieties of pentacle can be found in the grimoires of Solomonic magic; they are also used in some neopagan magical traditions, such as Wicca, alongside other magical tools. The relationship between the words pentacle and pentagram (a five-point unicursal star) is unclear. The Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition) treats the two as apparently synonymous, but notes that the actual history of pentacle is obscure. In an extended use, many magical authors treat them as distinct. In many taro
"the Vampyre"
The Vampyre Draw the others in, make sure they feel your sins The same old way and thats the real crime And the ones that hang around, they feel themselves so lucky Yet all theyre really doing is hard time Yeah, pick at all those bones but it doesnt fill your belly Cause theyre long ago devoid of scraps of meat Yet that really doesnt faze you, because its really not your meal No, youre looking for some different things to eat And you can beg, and you can plead, and all those blisters on your knees Give a hint to all of where you spend your time Your line is always busy but dont be waiting on my call Because I long ago ran out of phone booth dimes I escaped and ran away, and Ill live to love another day Still, I dont imagine you are asking yourself ,Why? Just wait a little while, in your timeless practiced style Pretty soon somethings bound to drop and die And in the end who really needs you? Tell us all why we should care Well be waiting but
Anyone Welcome To My Page
I am new on this site and I hope to meet and make lots of new friends.
Loi (lack Of Integrity)
A study in Flakiness as a reflection of a lack of Integrity by *kttn* Integrity, as defined by Wikipedia: the basing of one's actions on an internally consistent framework of principles. Depth of principles and adherence of each level to the next are key determining factors. One is said to have integrity to the extent that everything he does and believes is based on the same core set of values. While those values may change, it is their consistency with each other and with the person's actions that determine his integrity. The concept of integrity is directly linked to responsibility in that implementation spawning from principles is designed with a specific outcome in mind. When the action fails to achieve the desired effect, a change of principles is indicated. Accountability is achieved when a faulty principle is identified and changed to produce a more useful action. Per the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Integrity is one of the most important and oft-cited of vir
For Friends And Family I Have Lost
A Funeral Poem Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain, When you wake from sleep in the morning's hush, I am the swift, uplefting rush. Of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die
Hiya this about me me me and a little more about me ;) the craziest sexiest DJ on FUBAR lol no serious Im a DJ for sixth sense the coolest lounge on fubar, im 40 and from the UK i suffer with BI-Polar and get loads of help and support from my friends on Fubar hope i can add you to that list :)
Soul Cry Guitarist Stabbed 50 Times
The singer in a teen gothic metal band and her brother allegedly stabbed the band's guitarist dozens of times because he did not play well enough, Italian police and a lawyer said Friday. Police in Genoa, on Italy's northwestern coast, said the 16-year-old victim remained hospitalized but his life was not in danger. He was attacked Saturday night after the band "Soul Cry" rehearsed in Sestri Ponente, a small town near Genoa. He was stabbed about 50 times, mainly to his back and head, said police official Alessandra Bucci in Genoa. The 18-year-old singer, Cristina Balzano, and her 16-year-old brother, the band's bass player, were arrested on charges of premeditated attempted murder. During the rehearsal, band members accused the victim of playing poorly, police said. The attack occurred moments later in a narrow alley. Saw this article and thought i would share. not something you could make up.
Thank You
Jizz In My Pants
She Stood My Heart Still
SHE STOOD IN A SHADOWED DOORWAY SHE STOOD IN A SHADOWED DOORWAY by Robert Davidson She stood in a shadowed doorway Awaiting the appointed time of delight Eyes mocking love as Lips of lust gleam in a moon-blanched night. She stood in a shadowed doorway When I shattered the dark with a light Claiming a fierce kiss on The porcelain pallor of a face so white. She stood in a shadowed doorway The touch of her body against mine stuns As our sexes meet Vaster than explosions of burst suns. Our lone paths cross, then are blown apart forever As I got what I wanted, and she her cash did recover. The scowl of pleasure's lips now scorn me ever Point down to the pit, mocking this sated lover. She stood in a shadowed doorway Her look of reproach unnerves, conceives A cool challenge while My lust blew away like dead winter leaves. Robert Davidson
College Football Pick'em League
For all of my fellow college football fans. I have a Pick'em league started on yahoo. Click the link to sign up and join. Hope to see you there.
Starting Treatment
I met with the radiation dr last week and here is what my treatment will look like. This Monday I have a CT scan to see if the cancer has spread. On Tuesday I go in to be Tattooed with the marks i'll need for my radiation. On Thursday I meet with the Chemo dr. So by Monday I will be doing radiation M-F for 15 minutes a pop and having chemo once a week for 3 hours. This will go on for 8 weeks...or until it's gone. They are trying to get it to shrink without surgery. I will being staying with family in ID during this 8 weeks and from the side effects of the radiation alone I don't foresee myself being able to get online much, if at all. Please keep me in your prayers and as always thanks for the awesome friendships.! Much love to you all and happy holidays, Jackie
Det Tredje Rike
Det er mulig dele verden idag opp i to strengt separate enheter. De Andre. You-People. Dvs de som ikke er med p det verdensomspennende nettverket som innebefatter bl.a indiere. De vet ikke hva som "foregr" eller de bor utenfor rekkevidde av muligheten til vre en del av det. Og vi har medlemmene av det Andre Riket. De fleste av dem er velutdannede mennesker. Og de er antagelig alle som en uenig i det samfunnet de tilhrer. Uansett hva det dreier seg om. Jeg befinner meg ikke som en del av noen av de samfunnene. Begge deler er meg totalt fremmed. Og dels patetisk. Spesielt Us-People-klanen. Jeg er snn sett Det Tredje Riket. FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!
The Griz
Pray For Allie..(sweetaspie) . My Friend
IN my Prayers sweet Allie.. Sweetaspie.xoxo you will be soo missed by all your friends.... Former Hottie and dangerous Curves member.
My Hh On Monday, December 15 At 7 Pm Fst
Emily knows how to FU.... PROPERLY! This Monday, at 7 p.m. Fu-Time, she has decided to Host a Happy Hour! In keeping with the fine, risque, Fubar tradition she will don her Auto 11's! So meet her under the Mistletoe! EmilyIMAX ☆ THE IMAX EXPERIENCE ~ see more, hear more, feel more ☆ Be sure to F/A/R her. Hit her up! Spank Her! Send her a Bling Present! Level a few Greenies for her ....
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crazy_lover7089@ fubar 2,700 to level
Life is too short to wake up with regerets.So love the peope who treat you right.Forget about the one's who don't. Belive everything happens for a reason.If you geta second chance, grab it with both hands,if it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. friends are like balloons, Once you let them go, you can't get them back.So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so i never lose you.
Jokes And Habitz Sunday Dec 15th
Fubar has informed me that my NSFW blogs can not be posted on my page for everybody to view, so therefore I am posting this to let everyone know where they can find the December 15th issue of Planet of Insanity On another note, I am now DJing in the Bad Habitz Fubar Lounge from 10A-2P CST Monday-Friday. Highlights of the Mid-Morning Gig include Trivia Tidbits, Corruptor's Joke Of The Day, Entertainment and Music Information, and throughout the day I'll make fun of a few weirdos that made the news headlines recently. 12 noon CST bring us to Rock Lunch. Nothing but hard driving rock during the hour. Also on a special note Tuesday Saliva's Cinco Diablo hits the shelves in record stores across the country. Check out the lounge starting at 10A Tuesday as I'll have a CD listening party and play the entire CD track by track throughout Tuesdays Mid Morning Gig. All that and a lot more. So go check out the blog and come hang out with me Monday-Frida
Size Ten Shoe...i Bet His Feet Must Be Smelling Lol
Come Bid On Me!!!
This is my first auction. Would love for you all to come check it out. Cant wait to see who bids and who wins. The auction runs from Dec. 14th (2pm est.) thru Dec. 21st (7pm est.). Come bid and have fun! GOOD LUCK!!!!! :)
No Pics Damn It
dreams as I waken from the nights sweet peace I see what is most lovely of all for beside my heart is a love to true so much more lovely than august fall ever breath I take is like the first drink of water for a soul that thirst because she has held me loved me and captured my being she is first I will embrace her cherish her love her night and day every moment I am awake her mystic beauty enchants me even my dreams are of her softness i cant wait you know my love this moment will last for eternity in our lives for seventh heaven i will take you I will help you reach the skies once loved by you I cannot fathom what life would be without you in my life so long I do crave you, adore you will keep you safe and loved free of strife be gentle with myheart my love for it is yours to keep and enjoy forever and it will keep your hunger and hope and thirst quenched like a river.
Falling Into History
gotta love downraters...all i did was ask for a fan and rate in return, as u can see by the convo, and she got smart...and we all know im not the one to get smart too...lmao... then she did rate...ALOT OF 1's..lmao Click the pic to go show her some real luv!! LOL
Planet Of Insanity Sunday Dec. 15 2008
Peter was in bed with his best friend's wife. Just as things were reaching a climax, he suddenly stopped and sat on the edge of the bed, holding his head in his hands. "What the hell's wrong with you?" his partner asked. "I feel just like a regular son-of-a-bitch, getting some of my best friend's pussy," the man moaned. "Well," she soothed, patting his back, "you can stop worrying. You're not getting his pussy. His pussy is five inches deeper." Welcome to the Corruptor's Planet Of Insanity. If you haven't seen all the promos. I am DJing from 10A-2P CST in Fubar lounge BadHabitzRadio. Come join me as I play some of the best rock ever made as well as deliver trivia tidbits, rock and entertainment news, Rock Lunch and even make fun of a few weirdos that have entered the news headlines recently. All that and a lot more Monday-Fridays at BadHabitz Radio lounge in Fubar. CDs on shelves Tuesday All American Rejects When The World Comes Down Fall Out Boy-Folie A Deux Gho
"hands Across The Sea"
Hands Across The Sea Oh Irish shore, well meet no more, Im sailing from the coast Ill miss my home, but theres a lass, that Ill miss the most Oh my Annie, my love, Im sorry that I go To America, my future, where milk and honey flow Wed have been wed, but then instead, your father doused the flame He said to me, Youd best be gone, youve not a penny to your name. And it pains me so, oh yes to know, that I couldnt have your hand Now here I am, on this ship, bound for foreign land Before we left the Queenstown dock, I sent to you my dear A postcard of this mighty ship, to show I wished you near Just above the ship, upon the card, its there for you to see A symbol of my love for you, two hands across the sea Now four days on and somethings wrong, an icebergs struck our boat Unsinkable?, Titanic, no, they say she cannot float I must say goodbye, and now I cry, for Ill never see your face Or hold your hands, or kiss your lips, or touch your bridal l
"the Lady On The Pier"
The Woman on the Pier In a small fishing village, I once heard the tale Of a lovely young woman, whose man was in sail And theyll tell the old story if you wish to hear Of the fishermans widow who waits on the pier She waits by the water, she stands on the pier Saying, He will return to me one of the years. Its been seven winters and still Im alone. Oh, Lady Atlantic, please send his ship home. After 4 years of courtship, he made her his wife, A fishermans woman, the sea was their life And early each morning shed say, Farewell dear. And until he returned, shed wait on the pier. She waits by the water, she stands on the pier Saying, He will return to me one of the years. Its been seven winters and still Im alone. Oh, Lady Atlantic, please send his ship home. Then came the last morning that she said goodbye As she watched him cast off a tear filled her eye For deep in her heart she knew something was wrong And as days turned to weeks
"requiem For The Sea"
Requiem For The Sea The Grand Banks are empty ,the Cod are no more Old doreys now rot on the shore. Could our forefathers see, what weve done to the sea Well Im sure that theyd turn in their graves Because the sea and man, they were lovers once Shes knew wed just take what wed need But that was long ago, she had no way to know That the almighty dollar brings greed With long lines and draggers, we plundered and stole The lifeblood that ran through her soul And now she lies empty, her children are gone The rooms in her mansion are still Yet the sea and man, they were lovers once Shes knew wed just take what wed need But that was long ago, she had no way to know That the almighty dollar brings greed What once was so plenty, in times gone before Now gives of her bounty no more Our nets come up empty, the harvest is done Her waters have turned to her tears But the sea and man, they were lovers once Shes knew wed just take what wed need That
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Conquest
Conquest is out of St. Louis, Missouri. The band members are Derrick, Mike, Tony and Tim. They have a record label with Dark Star Records. Conquest is Pure Thrash/Power Metal. Their influences are Metallica, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Primal Fear, Shadows Fall, Motley Crue, Pantera, Testament, Megadeth, Sabbath and Slayer. Conquest has a sound that is truly all their own, with their duel crushing guitar onslaught combined with thunderous bass & drums. Conquest are a true original, in a world where alot of bands sound the same and are trying to find their niche, Conquest has definatly found theirs. Conquest who are on the Jagermister Tour Series have been matched with many bands ranging from Stone Sour to Overkill, Conquest are fast to up and come, they will leave you wanting more!! So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to hear more of Conquest!!!
In Loving Memory
Click Me Please, Help Me Level
We Miss You Phoenix
as many of you know by reading her last blog. Phoenix just got tired of the drama and was so burned out. I talk to her everyday trying to get her back so in memory Im gonna do a we miss you Phoenix train, Im sure the inventor of naked twister, and wet and wild waterslide would be happy if we got alot of response. So if someone will help me out with a nice bully we can do this I will even do a blast to promote it. I will make her get on to see it. she loves me so she will do it lol thanks for any help you can give me comment if you would like all will help BhamBuggy
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Conquest
Conquest is out of St. Louis, Missouri. The band members are Derrick, Mike, Tony and Tim. They have a record label with Dark Star Records. Conquest is Pure Thrash/Power Metal. Their influences are Metallica, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Primal Fear, Shadows Fall, Motley Crue, Pantera, Testament, Megadeth, Sabbath and Slayer. Conquest has a sound that is truly all their own, with their duel crushing guitar onslaught combined with thunderous bass & drums. Conquest are a true original, in a world where alot of bands sound the same and are trying to find their niche, Conquest has definatly found theirs. Conquest who are on the Jagermister Tour Series have been matched with many bands ranging from Stone Sour to Overkill, Conquest are fast to up and come, they will leave you wanting more!! So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to hear more of Conquest!!!
Ok maybe I am missing something but 2 of my friends that accepted my invitation have joined over a week ago and did eveything they are suppose to do. Now under my referrals these 2 people don't show up, all my other ones do. So what's up with that, any ideas. For the record i sent email to fubar support with no response back
Made By Blonde Princess
~*This one wholesome, beautiful, sexy fu right here..she has nothing to hide and she always returns the love and is very dear! Introducing the lovely, the talented LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ LINDA FuOwned by ~Steward~ Secret Fu Wifey of... Our Troops Rock ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ~*She can make anyones day a whole lot brighter, she definitely has a glowing quality and is so very sweet!*~ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
"life's Gallery"
Lifes Gallery On my way to the auction sale, I stopped in the little town As I sipped my coffee I knew for certain there were no galleries to be found But I inquired of my waitress, who smiled and said Id see The finest paintings ever done, within Lifes Gallery. You see, in the city where I work I write a column there That tells the world if art I see is good or bad or fair And sure that I was wasting time I found the little shop With the faded sign that said, Lifes Gallery perched upon the top So not expecting much, I stepped in though the door To behold a sad display I saw was something less than poor It really was ridiculous, the paintings hanging there A sick idea of a joke for all the canvases were bare I muttered a curse beneath my breath and turned to leave the shop When a soft yet firm hidden voice said the words Please stop. I spun and saw a little figure of an old man standing near Who went on to introduce himself, his words I still can hea
............MUST........... ............DO............. .........SOMETHING......... ...CONSTRUCTIVE... ...........TODAY...........
Why Sex Is Like A Roller Coaster
WHY SEX IS LIKE A ROLLER COASTER It goes like this - you get it on with your partner. There is anxious anticipation as you start. You start slowly, climbing your way to the top. There are smiles exchanged, and giggles, maybe e
Just A Little About Me
Lets see I am a full time cake decorater and baker, I love my job, but may need to find a new one soon, seeing as the company I work for has this point thing going on and I am almost to the limit. oh well, any ways I have a big family and we all get along for the most part, I am married and have 4 kids and an addotted one too. I also have 5 little dogs. I love to make new friends and hang out as well, so if any of you are interested in getting to know me better as a person please feel free and ask me anything, I will answer all questions good or
My Newset Pics
HEY Y'ALL!! I have just created 2 new photo albums ready for rates and comments!They are.. "SNOW IN METAIRIE LOUISIANA" and "CELEBRATING 35 YEARS AL COPLAND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS W/KIDS". I have also added MANY new photos to my album.. "ALL AMERICAN,FOR OUR TROOPS" and some to "MY FIREFIGHTER ALBUM" as well. Please stop by and rate,comment,and feel free to rip any from those last 2 albums that you like. Thank you everyone! Many Blessings & much love, Steph
A Heart Warming Story
Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond > formed between a little 5 year old girl and some > construction workers that makes you believe that we > CAN make a difference when we give a child the gift > of our time... > > A young family moved into a house, next door to a > vacant lot. One day a construction crew turned up to > start building a house on the empty lot. > > The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took > an interest in all the activity going on next door and > spent much of each day observing the workers. > > Eventually the construction crew, all of them > gems-in-the-rough, more or less adopted her as a kind > of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit > with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and > gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her > feel important. At the end of the first week they even > presented her with a pay envelope containing a couple > of dollars. The little girl took thi! s home to
Say The Word
Say The Word by The Classic Crime I had months to write a song That captured who you are But I fear I have done you wrong Because I've failed you so far The chord that struck, an angel fell The sky went dark and it all comes down The choices made, the lies forgotten Oh, well This is the way that I know This is the way that I know I would give everything for some hope Are you different, could I be different too? Nobody knows you, nobody knows you like I do There's a song outside my window And it plays to your tune And there's a life inside this pencil And it lives for what is true Cause I am lost for words, the cost for her Was way to much to bear You're not perfect, but I don't care This is the way that I know This is the way that I know I would give everything for some hope Are you different, could I be different too? Nobody knows you, nobody knows you like I do Are you different, could I be different too? Nobody knows you, nobody knows you like I
Thy Raven By Toni Buckley
Thy Raven By Toni Buckley Oh Thy Raven How The True Beauty Of Thy Feathers Always Show When The Light Glows Upon Ones Body Showing The Beautiful Deep Blue Oh So Deep Your Mysterious Caw Always Makes Me Wonder What Are You Actually Saying Oh How I Wonder Pondering, Just Pondering Your Mysterious Talons Ripping Trough Your Enemy With Such Power Makes Me Smile But With Such Fear I Have Of You Makes Me Wonder... How Is Life A Matter When One Is As Graceful As You Is It Beauty, Or Is It Love It Could Be Happiness But What Ever The Matter Is Of Life I Know Now Thanks To You That Is For A Good Reason Oh Thy Raven How Thy True Beauty Lies With So Much Shine But With So Much Pain Continue With Your Search For The True Meaning When You Find It I'll Be Hear Waiting For The True Meaning Waiting... Only Waiting And Nothing more
Just For Fun
Post your answers as a comment then put this in your own journal to see what ppl say about you! 01. Who are you? 02. Are we friends? 03. When and how did we meet? 04. Do you have a crush on me? 05. Would you kiss me? 06. Describe me in one word. 07. What was your first impression? 08. Do you still think that way about me now? 09. What reminds you of me? 10. If you could give me anything what would it be? 11. How well do you know me? 12. When's the last time you saw me? 13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 14. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
What The Hell Was I Thinking
For serveral months now I have been saying I was single, but I wasn't free. Yes I left the man that I've loved for 10 years but I wasn't free from him. I wanted to stop what I was doing here in Nashville and run back home to him, I even got to the point where I wanted to kill myself over him, but on Friday morning about 6:30 am my best friend gave me a wake up call. Let me explain, the night before I got drunk and high off of coffee and some meds I'm taking for my seizures and I wrote words down on paper stating how I hated my life and that I wanted to died. I wrote shit that make you think I was really lossing my mind. My best friend read these stupid words and beat the shit out of me, yes I said she beat the shit out of me with a stick. Now I didn't know what made her so mad until yesterday when we was setting up for a christmas party, but that ass whipping woke me up... why the fuck am I going to kill myself over a man? What makes him so different the other men I hav
You know its funny how things hit you all of a sudden One second your sitting there talking and the next BLAM. Well this really isnt one of those times. Over the past many months, Ive been trying to work my way over and through a few a rough spots Which hasnt really been a lot of fun. Oh Ive had a few good laughs along the way, but for the most part, this whole trying to figure out what has been bugging me, working it out and moving on with it Bullsh*t can kiss my A$$ I know whats been bugging me . Most important I need to open up more. Be more free with what Im thinking. And stop worrying what someone else might think if I say what it is Im really thinking. IM TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING THE NICE GUY! LMAO The rest will work itself out. I had a very long wild conversation with a friend last night. As we talked I began to relax and open up. I learned a few things from that conversation about me, And more. I felt free.I dont always have to say the right things. I don
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Texas Metal Alliance Texas Metal Alliance are out of Arlington, Texas. The band has a record label with Housecore Records. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE features RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, GAMMACIDE guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee and DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE was originally formed two years ago for a one-time performance to play a benefit show for HAMMER WITCH's Wayne Abney. Abney had suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident in August 2006. TMA's performance for the benefit included special guest members from some of Dallas/Ft. Worth's original thrash bands... GAMMACIDE, RIGOR MORTIS, ROTTING CORPSE and HAMMER WITCH. After the benefit, some of the core members that made up TMA decided to make it a real band. Since then the band has done many live shows around Texas and written a lot of original material. TMAs current live shows consist of a set list of many new TMA songs an
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Texas Metal Alliance
Texas Metal Alliance are out of Arlington, Texas. The band has a record label with Housecore Records. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE features RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, GAMMACIDE guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee and DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE was originally formed two years ago for a one-time performance to play a benefit show for HAMMER WITCH's Wayne Abney. Abney had suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident in August 2006. TMA's performance for the benefit included special guest members from some of Dallas/Ft. Worth's original thrash bands... GAMMACIDE, RIGOR MORTIS, ROTTING CORPSE and HAMMER WITCH. After the benefit, some of the core members that made up TMA decided to make it a real band. Since then the band has done many live shows around Texas and written a lot of original material. TMAs current live shows consist of a set list of many new TMA songs and a couple of classics from some of their former bands Ri
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Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Texas Metal Alliance
Texas Metal Alliance are out of Arlington, Texas. The band has a record label with Housecore Records. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE features RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, GAMMACIDE guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee and DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez. TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE was originally formed two years ago for a one-time performance to play a benefit show for HAMMER WITCH's Wayne Abney. Abney had suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident in August 2006. TMA's performance for the benefit included special guest members from some of Dallas/Ft. Worth's original thrash bands... GAMMACIDE, RIGOR MORTIS, ROTTING CORPSE and HAMMER WITCH. After the benefit, some of the core members that made up TMA decided to make it a real band. Since then the band has done many live shows around Texas and written a lot of original material. TMAs current live shows consist of a set list of many new TMA songs and a couple of classics from some of their former bands Ri

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