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Happy Birhtday Sproet...we loooove you!!!
This Is Who I'am ! Lyrics By Hilary Duff I Sooo Relate To This Song
'm an angel, I'm a devil I am sometimes in between I'm as bad it can get And good as it can be Sometimes I'm a million colors Sometimes I'm black and white I am all extremes Try figure me out you never can There's so many things I am I am special I am beautiful I am wonderful And powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am I'm someone filled with self-belief And haunted by self-doubt I've got all the answers I've got nothing figured out I like to be by myself I hate to be alone I'm up and I am down But that's part of the thrill Part of the plan Part of all of the things I am I am special I am beautiful [ Find more Lyrics at ] I am wonderful And powerful Unstoppable Sometimes I'm miserable Sometimes I'm pitiful But that's so typical of all the things I am I'm a million contradictions Sometimes I make no sense Sometimes I'm perfect Sometimes I'm a
Add + Ult:)
1) Would you get mad if someone caught you masturbating and posted it on youtube? LoL..Probably! 2) Have you ever watched shit porn, even if it was by accident? Um..NEVERRRRRRR.. 3) Have you ever wiped your ass after taking a shit and looked at the toilet paper? lmao..Oh Dude. 4) If your grandma gave you a kiss and slipped her tongue in your mouth, what would you do? BITCH SLAP THT HOE! 5) Have you ever fantasied about doing an animal? If so, which animal ? i fuck llamasa all the time..dontcha know!? 6) Have you ever been on meat spin? If so did you get horny? okae..what now? 7) Have you ever thrown your underwear at the wall and did it stick to it ? oh fuck man.. never..shoot me please if tht happens! 8) Have you ever bought new underwear and found out later that they had a brown spot in the back? oh never.. but tht would be pretti messed up!..lmaolmao.. 9) Have you ever taken a shit in school? never.. mi bathroom ONLYYYYYYYYY 10) If yo
I Wanna Wake Up With You
Desire And Dreams
Miracle Monkey Award Of Excellence
so i've been reposting a bunch of stuff from my other blogs, that i posted at earlier times and that seem to fit my current moods for whatever reason that may be... Now see the thing about it is, I most often use songs to communicate a feeling or emotion or just because it reminded me of myself or someone i love or know... and right now this is the song... I'm standing at the crossroads in life, and I don't know where to go. You know you've got my heart babe, but my music's got my soul. Let me play it one more time, I'll tell the truth and make it rhyme, And hope they understand me. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, feed Jake, he's been a good dog, My best friend right through it all, if I die before I wake, Feed Jake Now Broadway's like a sewer, bums and hookers everywhere. Whino's passed out on the side walk, doesn't anybody care. Some say he's worthless, just let him be. But I for one would have to disagree.
Do Virgins Taste Better/the Dragons Retort Do Virgins Taste Better? A dragon has come to our village today. We've asked him to leave, but he won't go away. Now he's talked to our king and they worked out a deal. No homes will he burn and no crops will he steal. Now there is but one catch, we dislike it a bunch. Twice a year he invites him a virgin to lunch. Well, we've no other choice, so the deal we'll respect. But we can't help but wonder and pause to reflect. Do virgins taste better than those who are not? Are they salty, or sweeter, more juicy or what? Do you savor them slowly? Gulp them down on the spot? Do virgins taste better than those who are not? Now we'd like to be shed you, and many have tried. But no one can get through your thick scaly hide. We hope that some day, some brave knight will come by. 'Cause we can't wait around 'til you're too fat to fly. Now you have such good taste in your women for sure, They
Please Fill Out And Pm To Me, Thanks!
Sex Survey Posted May 13, 2008 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you? 21. Do you like me? 22. Would you call me the next day? 23. Would you scratch me? 24. Would you let me scratch you? 25. Would you have t
The Secret Lives Of Sheets **adult Content***
The Secret Lives of Sheets **ADULT CONTENT*** Posted May 13, 2008 The Secret Lives of Sheets by juanwildone First time? Does it show? I mean this is... oh- my- god- I- can't- believe- I'm- a- Top- Sheet- at- the- Ritz! Sorry, I'm just a little... Alright. Calm down okay? I've done this dozens of times; this is my ninety- third bed; fifty- fourth as a Bottom. You've done ninety three! Is it true what they say? That most of the time you just lie around waiting. I hope not, I want romance, I want passion, I want... Wait'll you get your first fart. Yewww. Look Top, I've been peed- on, pooped- on, and thrown up on. I've had sweaty, unwashed bodies rubbing on me all night. Sometimes you can't wait to be stuffed in a laundry bag and dropped down the chute. Anything to be clean and folded again. Is it really that bad? Don't you get wrapped around lovers sometimes? Surrounding them, soaking up their passion? You want passion? Fine. Listen to this one. It was my th
You're It **adult Content**
This adult story describes the way i'd like my shitty day to have ended You're It **Adult Content** Posted May 14, 2008 You're It by cosmic_grly She was in quite a mood. Damn, what a day! And the fucking traffic... all the way home, bumper to bumper. What I need is some serious pampering, she thought. She came through the door looking for him. Hmmm, he wasn't in the living room or the kitchen. She heard the TV going in the bedroom... the sound of baseball making her groan. "Just great," she thought, "another fucking game on TV meaning no sex or conversation let alone pampering." He was laying face down on the bed wearing only a pair of sweat pants, his eyes glued to the TV in front of him. "Hey" she said. A short grunt was the only response. A plan started forming in her mind. "Can I get you a beer?" she asked. "Uh, yeah," he replied, wondering what she was up to since he knew she got pissed when he got too involved with watching a game. She came back into the bed
Sea Of My Soul
Sea Of My Soul Words often fail me, Because feelings sweep through me Like great ocean waves. My mind cannot grasp What is so intangible, Cannot define it. Cannot parcel it, Put it in a pigeon-hole, Of understanding. So it slips away, And you might as well attempt To capture a cloud. For all one has left Are the turbulent swirlings, Of unknown currents. Deep-sea rhythms, And the sudden violent squalls Sweeping its surface. Like my inner world, The sea is alive and moving, Of its own accord. The ocean's dark moods, So often seem to reflect My deepest feelings. Standing at sunset, In the cool wind of evening, I watch the great waves. Their rhythms are mine As they sweep into the beach, Unknown and primal. This is my heart-beat, The ocean of my feelings, The sea of my soul.
Dreams I gaze at your pictures As I go to sleep, I can hear your voice It sounds oh so sweet I then close my eyes And sleep the night through, The dreams that I have Are of me and you. I awake in the morning I know this is real, This dream that Im in It feels so surreal. I whisper your name And say I love you, I tell you my dreams Their of me and you. You look in my eyes And hold me so tight, The fears that we have Will soon have respite. I cannot contain My feelings for you, My heart is set free It belongs only to you
Very Important
Well I'm going thru a very hard time in my life right now. I can't find a good job and my love life is just a joke and I don't know if I can take it anymore in AZ. I love it here without a doubt but recent events are causing me to want to run away.... What should I do?? Stay in AZ and try to tough it out or run away back home to PA?? I need POSITIVE advise!!!
You've Got Mail - And Then Some
You've Got Mail - and Then Some by Do_me_rough Thanks to Juggling Fool, T.A.M.I.A. and a few key people for the inspiration, tact, shared writing skills and most of all for their dirty minds and libido. *kisses* * It was a little cool outside that morning. She got to work early and took that time to get rid of the full in-basket. The hustle in the office started up at around 9:00, when big bosses get things moving onto the little bosses, when calls get made and meetings get postponed. As routine as her job may be, she always finds a way to block out the noise. She plugs in her favorite punk rock cd and cordless headphones and messes her hair a little so no one knows she's not even tuned into their conversations. This chick was perhaps too savvy on technology. She'd been able to tap into her boss' computer and know exactly what he was doing, who he was doing and how often. This morning could be fun. Maybe she'd set up a meeting between the boss, the wife and the mistres
Love is both pleasure and pain,joy and sorrow. It has long been held that what you can love, can hurt you, in almost equal reciprocity. The more you love, the more you can get hurt. The more you love, the more you stand to lose. Yet the point of love is not to clam up, to refrain from ever loving. Each and every person has the potential to love so deeply, so strongly, with such passion and intimacy, with romance, and to receive back the joy of that same love. The truth is, the joy of love is so much greater than joy that can be derived elsewhere. Money does not give joy. Material wealth does not give joy. It gives convenience, yet often takes away love. How many rich people seek so hard and far for love, yet never find it. Sex does not give joy, unless it is enjoyed as a part of love. Loveless sex would make one feel as empty as a broken earthernware pot. My love for you is deep and true No matter what you do I'll always be there
A Soldiers Poem
How Australian I Am
I'm the dinki-die Australian You come from a land down under, where the women glow and the men plunder - and you know it. And everyone around you knows it too - and love it. You are most at home around the barbie with your best mates and a few beers. You're the kind of Aussie larrikin that everyone loves to introduce to their mates!
Real Love
When I open my eyes every morning i pray to God...that everyone should have a friend like you Why should only i suffer!!! I miss the beautiful eyes that I can sail through forever. I miss the smile that send me to heaven. .. I miss the touch that comforts me in times of despair. I miss every part of a second I spent with youI miss the laugh that I rejoice at. I miss the tears that call on me to wash I miss the smell! Oh, that pleasant odor. I miss you far and even more when you are near. I miss the letters that you wrote. .............. I miss the times when you forgive me. I miss the colors that you like because I don't see them anymore. I miss the place where we sat and talked till dawn. I miss your name so much. I repeat it to myself everyday!! I miss the dreams that we dreamt of. I miss the hopes that we hoped together Days passes me by and they seem like ages! I don't feel anymore! I can't hear anymoreI cried over you for so long that I blinded myse
Been A Crazy Week
So work hasn't been that great lately, i mean i'm not stupid i dont believe that work is going to be cherries and roses and rainbows all the time, especially not being a nurse aide, but i mean when you go out of your way to be helpful and shit like what happened tonight happen it makes you want to just beat the tarnation out of some people and not mind that you're going to do atleast a dime in county for murder...
Why I'm Pissed About Work
> two aides got sent home from work right before last round...which means there was only 4 aides to cover the whole building well I was on 300 and i went to help the only aide left on 100 hall which is normally a 3 aide hall do her last round, every patient on that hall was shitty and wet, they hadn't done anything the whole night, by the time we got done with her last round it was 15 till ten, my hall hadn't been touched in forever, the other two aides were just standing there knowing there was still patients to be checked and cleaned and they were just fucking standing there i had to end up doing my hall by myself, and they just walked out at 10
Another Convo With Levi
Like i said on the phone, i will let you go but it will be extremely hard for me to just walk away like nothing eter was there between us. I might slip up and call, but will you at least talk to me if i do? I still love you with all my heart that will NEVER change, please remember that. You and Ky are always going to be my heart. I will love you forever! ( I called him he actually picked up and said that he wasnt going to humor me with a phone convo.) Now you are getting nasty. Humor me? I'm just saying that this is very hard to just walk away like no big deal. I wont call the house after 9. This is very painful. him : I was not getting nasty. It's getting where I can't work or relax or do anything with out calling. you need to stop calling my work! you can not have my work schedule! And you do not need to call me! Please stop. we are not friends we are not lovers and we are no longer married! so stop bugging me you had my answer. and now you need to give me my space. Move on with
A Game
so, a game is to explain why its better to be a girl or a boy. im the first. "its better to be a girl because we don't need to shave our faces every day". and the next person should tell why its better to be a boy (doesn't matter who it will be - a boy or a girl). clear?
Eat Me
So, i'm kinda drunk right now how you doin'?
Test Bully
Hey people, Jilly Babe has only 573k to go to Disciple! Her Autos are ON. So spank her up! She loves it! I did til my hand hurts! ~~~ Jilly Babe~~~Owned by S1lkenelder.@ fubar Stolen with Love from: Tappinit
Return To Salem
RETURN TO SALEM Come with me as I take you, back through the sands of time I will tell you the story, take my hand and I will take your mind I will show you no mercy, for theres no mercy in me Forgotten pages crumble, back to Salem we journey Return to Salem Im the nightmare from the past Im the future, Im the ever last Yes, Im the ghost of witches past Forgotten souls joined together pain We have become one with our unity Back from a fiery grave to reign Over this earth our new kingdom Reborn from our own deaths We are alive and well Long live the new flesh The wrath of the witch is upon you Only god can save you now, like a plague, we are among you Do you think you can break free somehow? You thought we had been killed off long ago But being tortured and put to death Was merely a ritual for everlasting life And our pain we shall not forget NO! Return to Salem Im a nightmare from the past Im the future, Im the e
Judgment Day
JUDGEMENT DAY blasts of thunder, the lightning strikes your eyes are blinded, by a brilliant light out of the heavens, as the skies open wide descends a band of angels, with a vengeance inside Judgment day Time to pay Ripping and slashing, through the flesh of your mind Calling up the spirit cause the flesh will surely die Satan wishes for a place to hide Angel of death patrols the sky Watching all your empires fall You had fair warning of the final call Have mercy on your soul As you learn to crawl The good are saved, no more sorrow or pain The evil perish, burning in Satans name Into hell the beast is cast with an iron rod For no one will escape the wrath of god
BRAINCHILD A child of fire of demon seed Put on this earth for an evil need Satan himself in human form Will grow among us without alarm Even as a child he knows his purpose He knows the way, he is the one He lives among us, he is a brainchild He has the answers, he has a plan Hes gonna save us all, he is a brainchild Even as he grows, he is wiser than his years He hides his identity, we have no fears His power grows, hes praised by those Who blindly follow his organized plan The world slowly notices this man whos risen by power Freedom is slavery, slavery is freedom Its his way, he is a brainchild Death to those that try and oppose For they just dont know he is a brainchild So now through the years, hes wiped away our tears He is slowly taken our emotions away The life within us no longer exists We now lay broken down and possessed He is a ruler with an iron fist, oh save us from this You will feel his anger, you will
Live For Metal
LIVE FOR METAL All your pretty boys who think you rule the stage Blinded by illusion, trapped in your own cage I want you all to listen all across the land We must live for metal, its out final stand Live for metal I see things that can not be seen I hear what no one hears I speak in tongues In the dead of the night But never will I fear For I know the change is coming Its the time to call the shots You must live for metal And give it all you got No one can never stop what was meant to be No one will never know what it means to me To bang our heads together, fighting till the end We must die for metal, and die like men
PSYCHO Out of the black night, he creeps Lurking in the shadows, he waits He is psycho, he is freak Driven by an evil that the darkness awakes Unholy night, bloody night Take the kight, take a life Walking by the playground in the middle of the day Watching all the children laugh and play You know he wants to lock them up And take their innocence away Theres a sickness in his brain Taking life in his game He is addicted to the thrill That he gets when he kills He is a psycho. DIE!!!
Burned At The Stake
BURNED AT THE STAKES: Intro (the witch trial and sentencing) Burn her, burn her, burn her. Shattering the quiet darkness, the angry mobs gathers on the hill The tourch lit masses, come together at this night Shouts of rage crack the air, screams of slander growing there As the hatred in their hearts, makes their sanity tear Burned at the stakes Her wicked life they must takes Burned at the stakes Her soul doesnt die Its merely set free to possess you and I Them a nameless face, shouts out where they must go To the widows house, always dark, forever hollow They come without warning, they come without fear Driven by an evil, more evil than the evil they fear Grab her she must die She is a witch another cries Kill her for gods sake Then she is taken away to be burned at the stakes Watching out her wiwodow, as the time of death draws near They have broken her spell, they sense her fear They a
What Holiday Are You?
You Are Christmas More than most people, you are able to find magic in life's small moments. Traditions mean a lot to you, and you tend to be quite nostalgic. You are a giving, kind person who really understands the true meaning of holidays. You inspire others to be as altruistic and caring as you are. What makes you celebrate: Tradition and a generous spirit At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The storyteller. You like to recount memories with everyone. On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Give a gift to everyone you know What Holiday Are You?
The Dream
Woke up to the sound of your heart.crying for affection.needing love.that missing spot so cold.wishing for love.wanting the light.its beauty seems to fade.wishing to stop the pain.wanting to hold you.your pain is my pain.dancing around the light of your soul.i have found you.making you whole.taking the breath and make it warm.going back to sleep your hear is whole...!
we live in a world where you have to be perfect on looks and body with money no one see's who you truly are.... no one is perfect we have all are flaws and down falls in life what give us the right to say you are ugly or scary looking, i know i am not best looking at least i have a heart and respect everyone who respects me as a person not as a object... to all those who bash on a person for their looks on the out side are nothing more than dumb fucking cunt bubble cum drinking ass lick shit stuffin bitch made bums nut sack.. fuck you who ever bash upon some one weight health problems or their family fuck you all good night and dont let the door knob fuck you in the smelly goat ass...
A Christmas Poem
oh we need a little christmas and that's all you'll get with bills and life all my money is spent no ribbons and paper or shiny new bows only misery, sorrow, and other such woes my son wants everything what should i do? give him what little i can and hear his boo hoo's? that his letter to santa got lost in the mail? will he be upset, scream and whail? feelings of inadequacy shame fills my heart i am such a bad mother not doing my part this year all the gaiety of the holidays will ensue but for me it will be nothing but stressful and blue
Warmth Of Love
Find beauty by the light of the it grow by the fire.burns within.never withering out.touching the heart of beauty.whispering its song.waking up with the it has come...!
So today I took another road trip with my friends-to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Took us about 3 and a half hrs to get there, but it is always worth it. We were all alone in the whole place since it was closing, so it was FUN. Heres a vid of the place
Grandmother's Cap
Over the river, and through the wood Now Grandmother's cap I spy! Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done? Hurrah for the pumpkin pie! A children's book, Over the RiverA Turkey's Tale, recasts the poem as a humorous tale of a family of turkeys on their way to a vegetarian Thanksgiving; the book was written by Derek Anderson, and published by Simon & Schuster in 2005. (ISBN 978-0-689-87635-6) ... The point, oh yes - the point. I have alot of hats. I started out my illustrious internet film making career with a movie about HATS. I am a grandma. I have burned many bridges after crossing rivers, and told a tale or two of what lies under the bridges that remained uncharred. The wood - now that is a place of many contradictions. It shelters, it conceals, it confuses. The path through it is winding, children get lost in the wood, and yet they also make tree forts. Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. Turkeys live in the forest, but come out to dine on the bu
What Kind Of Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?
You Are a Christmas Sweater! Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy. You're not afraid to be a little tacky. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?
Thank You
I would like to thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers that I received on my mum's anniversary. It means so much, that I have such great friends that care about me and what goes on in my life. I truly hope that I can be here for you, as much as you have been here for me. We went away for a short break to Portugal to try and take my mind off of things. We had a great time, even though the weather wasn't too brilliant. Seems it was the coldest spell they had in over 10 years, but good friends, and lots of laughs made up for that. On a sad note, we received a phone call on Saturday afternoon that Eleanor's mum had died and that it was our oldest son, Graeme, that had found her. We are, of course, devastated that this has happened, but she had not been in the best of health for a long time and was, in all probability, more of a blessing for her, as she is no longer in any pain. Once again I would like to thank you all for the support shown to me. your friend Adam
Swimming A Witch
'Swimming a witch' and other medieval tortures Poor witches. They have a long history of being punished and persecuted. And yet witch-hunting might even be described as an art -- or craft -- when you consider the many means used to exterminate them. A few remedies have stood the test of time, however. Here's a short list of tried-and-true methods for removal, just in case: "Swimming the witch" Everybody knows witches and water don't mix -- remember what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz"? But where does the expression "swimming the witch" come from? During medieval times, a popular way to test a person's witch quotient was to tie up and weigh down the accused (usually a woman) and throw her into a body of water. If she drowned, she was innocent. If she floated, she was a witch -- and then could ritualistically be punished for surviving. "Swimming the witch" may have been inspired by the baptism tradition that anoints believers into a
Just A Cool Pic
As The Door Shuts - My Prayer
As the door shuts behind me, I'l sleep In solitary, Peacefull Warm Dreams, Watching On The shore. Shell's echoing sweet sounds, Reflections Of Nature Fill My Head, Sand tipped out of my shoes, Toes dipped in cool warn water. Watching the Ripples rresonate, Large white Wave's on the Bow, Fire's Another arrow in the air, Fire & Ice fly high & into the yonder. Swords shining In Sweet Darkness, Reaching on the Hilt & Laying it softly away, The clay's in a bag on the Concrete, Watching the feather's float slowly by. Dropping delicately in wisp's of white, No matter how your day goe's, You always have something or somebody to see, Crystal visions & Word's Of Wisdom.
A Soldiers Christmas Poem
The Talking Dead
WHAT IT IS THAT MAKES ME SO CRAZY Have you ever heard theDEAD and the DYING,calling out your name...... Beckoning for You to SEE....FEEL and TOUCH their PAIN...... Demanding attention from Your SOUL,so You can EXPERIENCE..... and REALIZE?.?.?..........WHAT??!!??!!??!! WHAT is it THEY are trying to make me UNDERSTAND and KNOW.?.?.? and just as i might be close to grasping these over- pwering SENSEATIONS. from THEIR SOULS to MINE... in come other lead ASTRAY... and to GUIDE into MISINTEPRETATION........... not yet finished, REBEKAH S, EAST OCT. 25, 2008
Cherokee Prayer
Cherokee Prayer God in heaven above please protect the ones we love. We honor all you created as we pledge our hearts and lives together. We honor mother-earth - and ask for our marriage to be abundant and grow stronger through the seasons; We honor fire - and ask that our union be warm and glowing with love in our hearts; We honor wind - and ask we sail though life safe and calm as in our father's arms; We honor water - to clean and soothe our relationship - that it may never thirsts for love; With all the forces of the universe you created, we pray for harmony and true happiness as we forever grow young together. Amen.
Every minute that passes without seeing you, I feel like a pain broke my heart. Every hour that passes without hearing your lovely voice, I feel like a pain broke my heart. Every day that passes without seeing your beautiful eyes, I feel like a pain broke my heart. I feel that life has no meaning without you, So if you could only know my feelings, Life would be better with you. If you could only know my feelings, I would make you the greatest woman in the whole world. If you could only share your heart with me, Share your love with me, We would be happier. But how could I tell you, If I don't have enough courage? How will I let you feel what I feel, If I don't have enough courage, If I don't have enough courage to tell you that... I LOVE YOU
The Gobbler Gang - Suburban Scourge
Level ☆ Mlf ☆
Level MLF she has auto 11's ☆ MLF ☆Co-Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties☆OWNED BY COLONEL☆SER GREETER@ fubar I love this girl, she is the sweetest, and wants to level before her bday, level this beauty before the 27th Disclaimer: pssst, be vewy vewy careful, she might be highly addictive
Want Fubucks????
I'm Giving Out Fubucks For 11's & Blings I Also Have A Folder With 100 Pictures If Rated During Happy Hour I Will Give 5,000 Fubucks 2,500 If Its Not Happy Hour I Will Give During Happy Hour 30k - 100 11's 15k - 100 10's Or Stash Rates 50k - 1 Bling Credit 150k - 3 Bling Credits 250k - 5 Bling Credits 750k - 10 Bling Credits 1mil - 20 Bling Credits 2mil - 25 Bling Credits 3 mil For a Auto 11 ღHeartOfLoveღ Click Here Private Message Me When Done 2 Get ur Fubucks
Bloody Kisses (a Death In The Family)
Not long ago but far away A rainy winters day All her pain she kept inside Could no longer hide No cry for help She killed herself Both life & love could not be saved She took them both to the grave A pair of souls become undone Where were two now one Divided by this wall of death I soon will join you yet With my blood I'll find your love You found the strength to end your life As you did so shall I Oh no Please don't go It's like a death in the family A crimson pool so warm & deep Lulls me to an endless sleep Your hand in mine - I will be brave Take me from this earth An endless night - this, the end of life From the dark I feel your lips And I taste your bloody kiss Oh no Please don't go It's like a death in the family Don't die on me Don't die on me Don't die on me Don't die
It Takes All Kinds
->Haley ("Go...: i guess you are done talking to me .. you have a bueatiful evening .. ->Haley ("Go...: you are quiet ? ->Haley ("Go...: doesnt have to be nasty just a hi ->Haley ("Go...: i dont mind saying hi over webcam ->Haley ("Go...: so can you send me pics of who you are ? ->Haley ("Go...: anyone can post a pic Haley ("Go...: i see ->Haley ("Go...: hmm i could do that .. but i would need to see exactly who i am talking to online .. i mean you Haley ("Go...: before i come out starting online ->Haley ("Go...: while i am fucking you in the mouth or in the pussy .. or before you come out Haley ("Go...: after all hes not gettin any of this Haley ("Go...: i insist that if you are serious then you talk to my husband about it i inisist that he be thoroughly humiliated ->Haley ("Go...: whats that ? Haley ("Go...: i do have one condition tho Haley ("Go...: sure ->Haley ("Go...: so am i one of those guys you would like to come and visit ? Haley ("Go...
A Friend Like You
A Friend Like You There's lots of things With which I'm blessed, Tho' my life's been both Sunny and Blue, But of all my blessings, This one's the best: To have a friend like you. In times of trouble Friends will say, "Just ask... I'll help you through it." But you don't wait for me to ask, You just get up And you do it! And I can think Of nothing in life That I could more wisely do, Than know a friend, And be a friend, And love a friend... like you.
My Zodiac
Aquarius, or the "Water-Bearer" Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities. They fall into two principle types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other exuberant, lively and exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the considerable depths of their character under a cloak of frivolity. Both types are strong willed and forceful in their different ways and have strong convictions, though as they seek truth above all things, they are usually honest enough to change their opinions, however firmly held, if evidence comes to light which persuades them that they have been mistaken. They have a breadth of vision that brings diverse factors into a whole, and can see both sides of an argument without shilly-shallying as to which side to take. Consequently they are unprejudiced and tolerant of other points of view. This is because they can see the validity of the argument, even if they do not accept it themselves. They obey the Quaker exhortation to "Be open to truth, from
True Friend
True Friend I'm not sure when it happened But I'm very glad it did... You came into my life when I really needed a friend. The more I get to know you The more I know myself. You and I are different... And in many ways the same. Your good ear, compassionate heart, will always find you fame... I promise to always be here, Forever and to the end. You are the true definition of a True Friend.
I Know We Are Together, But When I Wrote This I Didnt Think We Were
Why did you have to go, Without you I feel all alone. You came into this world with a gift, A gift of happiness that would never drift. You were always there for me, Through good and bad, Now without you I am feeling so sad. For what you did for me, I will always keep in memory. 'Cause without you my days seem endless, Now without you I feel friendless. I came to you and spoke openly, And every word you said showed you cared for me. I try not to cry, I will be strong, Even without you I have our memories and in my heart they belong. I pray to God to look out for you, And when I am happy I'll know he came through. 'Cause even without you by my side, My loving memories of you I'll always keep inside.
Regarding Hrothgar My Hubbie
This past Friday nite while out hunting my husband had a massive heart attack, lucky he was with my brother in law who got ahold of me and we got him to the nearest hospital. There they gave him a lot of blood thinners to start making the blood flow more smooth, then he was life fliet to Nebraska Hearth Institue which just been open less than a year. They took him straight into OR and did a stint procesure on him. He was on 6 different meds to thin the blood. The major artery in front of the heart was blocked at 100% the others were not blocked. They said if we wouldn't had gotton him to the hospital as fast as we did he wouldn't had made it. First and hope the last time I have to do 70mph on dirt roads at nite that for sure. As for me, I am a bundle of nerves, no I haven't broke down as of yet but know I will after he gets home. I have to be strong for both of us right now. I have class Monday morning then after that going straight to the hospital. I was thinking about skipping
Our Dreams
Our Dreams Dreams I was thinking of us last night And the times we shared How good we were But now we are apart Yet we still have our Dreams For in our Dreams we are together Holding hands on the beach Talking all night under the silver moon Kissing and holding each other tight In our Dreams... For no matter the distance Or the obstacle I will always belong to you For we are meant for each other not only in reality, but also in our Dreams by Surabhi M
My Thoughts One Day
As i look out in hte rain..can almost feel the pain..that i'm numbed from its touch cuz i've felt way too much. Its like a searing white pain..that pierces straight and blasts out thru my brain.. and yet........... When i look out into the bright sunlight...can almost feel the exuberating joy i knew but ..numbness..from every all consuming paralisis..evading to the core. Dont know which is feel too extremely... the good and the bad..or to not feel the damage...that i know is rotting me to the core. rebekah s east 04-06-08
I Will Love You Forever
I Will Love You Forever I love you so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice And the way that we touch. I love your warm smile And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring To my life every day. I love you today As I have from the start, And I'll love you forever With all of my heart. When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You." by Terence Inosanto
I Carry Your Heart With Me ~ E.e. Cummings
i carry your heart with me carry your heart with me ~ e.e. cummings i carry your heart with me i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
Dominant Man
I am a dominant man. I am just that. I am not dominant because of any superiority on my part. Not because I feel I am more intelligent, or wiser. I am not dominant because of the strength or mass of my body. I am not, nor would I want to be dominant with all women. Yet to you, I am Master. I am your Master only after earning your trust and I embrace your submissiveness. I have looked into your heart and mind and clearly see your desires and passions. You have thrown away your fears and inhibitions. You tell me of the needs of your heart and body. You have given me total access to your soul, and I accept the responsibility and honor. You are a woman. You are not weak or inferior because of it. You are a treasure to be cherished. We are not equal. I have the strength of body and mind and the instinctive need to protect, possess, defend and provide for you. You are a woman and instinctively stronger of will and heart. Your belief in me gives me courage and direction. Yo
Leo is the Fifth sign of the Zodiac. Its name may derive from the Latin leo or the Greek leon, both of which mean "lion." However, the name is likely Semitic in origin...from the Hebrew word, labi. Leo is known as the "royal sign," symbolic of exuberance and leadership, and individuals who fall within its jurisdiction place courage and personal honesty above all else. Others may not necessarily fulfill the expectations of a Leo native and thus, the life of a Leo is often rife with disappointments. There is a radiant warmth associated with this Zodiac Sign which emanates from the Leo personality to touch the hearts of friends and admirers. This fortunate personality trait is apt to open many doors in life and the individual ruled by Leo welcomes both authority and responsibility. The fiery temperament of a Leo subject is typical of the Zodiac's fire being the element which rules this sign. There are few people who fail to be attracted to the Leos of this world since they ar
I Am His Slave
I am his slave. Though I don't wear high heels, or vacuum the rugs in a French maids outfit, or clean the oven in the nude. I am his slave, yet I'll engage in spirited banter, even firey at times. And yes, he'll hear the word no from me on occasions. Perhaps even be asked if he's out of his mind with whatever the idea is. Please don't tell me I have no limits, or ideas of my own. I am his slave. Even so, it is unlikely that you could tell that if you saw me in the grocery store. No collar will you see, no latex or leather, no tattoo on my neck of some mysterious barcode. Just another woman, wandering round the store in every day clothes, tennis shoes, coupons or list in one hand, trying to decide what to make for dinner. I am his slave, but you might disagree. What makes me claim this, you might well cry. You seem so free, unchained, released, how can one such as you be bound by steel, or rules. I don't see you kneel. So what makes me utter this claim, thos
My Crazy Lil Shit Tune
My Crazy Lil Tune I spread my wings,tried to learn to fly I flew High in the sky,but only for a while Somehow I fell and landed in a SHITPILE The CRAP was so heavy, it weighed my feathers down So I shook and I flailed,trying to shake off the SHIT Just as I thought I had shook my self free, down came more CRAP, straight from the sky It fell so fast and it fell so hard I knew that very soon I'd drown,and my song would be herad no more...NO MORE CRAZY LIL TUNE!!!! REBEKAH S. EAST 4-23-07
Money N Da Bank Auction
$$$ Money N Da Bank $$$ This is a unisex auction for cash prizes only!! That means the bidding must start with a cash purchased item. You can bid bling, bling packs, Blasts, VIP's, and/or HH's. The bigger the offers the better the bids. imikimi - Customize Your World If you are interested in joining the auction there is a 50k entry fee and I need to have your pics and offers by 11:59 pm CST(9:59 pm fu-time) June 16, 2009.
Tribute To The Red Sox
Tessie Tessie is the Royal Rooters rally cry Tessie is the song they always sung Tessie echoed April through October nights After serenading Stahl, Dineen and Young Tessie is a maiden with the sparkling eyes Tessie is a maiden with the love She doesn't know the meaning of her sight She's got a comment full of love And sometimes when the game is on the line Tessie always carried them away Up the road from Third Base to Huntington The boys will always sing and sway Two! Three! Four! Tessie, Nuff Ced McGreevy shouted We're not here to mess around Boston, you know we love you madly Hear the crowd roar to your sound Don't blame us if we ever doubt you You know we couldn't live without you Tessie, you are the only, only, only The Rooters showed up at the Grounds one day They found their seats had all been sold McGreevy led the charge into the park Stormed the gates and put the game on hold The Rooters gave the other team a dreadful fright Boston's tenth man
Help My Friend Out!!!
Jeff Dunham Spark Of Insanity Full Show
I Can Make Graphics Now
I Am Making Graphics. If you would like one Plz Send me a PM. I have 17 days left in my free trial. Give me 1k fubucks and I'll make ya a Graphic like the one below! Click the kitty Below to see the other graphics i have made!!!!!
Toby Keith Lyrics - American Soldier
GOTTA LOVE THE SONG I'm just trying to be a father, Raise a daughter and a son, Be a lover to their mother, Everything to everyone. Up and at 'em bright and early, I'm all business in my suit, Yeah, I'm dressed for success from my head down to my boots, I don't do it for money, there's still bills that I can't pay, I don't do it for the glory, I just do it anyway, Providing for our future's my responsibility, Yeah I'm real good under pressure, being all that I can be, And I can't call in sick on Mondays when the weekends been to strong, I just work straight through the holidays, And sometimes all night long. You can bet that I stand ready when the wolf growls at the door, Hey, I'm solid, hey I'm steady, hey I'm true down to the core, And I will always do my duty, no matter what the price, I've counted up the cost, I know the sacrifice, Oh, and I don't want to die for you, But if dying's asked of me, I'll bear that cross with an honor, 'Cause freedom don't come
Jimmy Buffet-why Dont We Get Drunk And Screw
I really do appreciate the fact youre sittin here Your voice sounds so wonderful But yer face dont look too clear So bar maid bring a pitcher, another round o brew Honey, why dont we get drunk and screw Why dont we get drunk and screw I just bought a water bed, its filled up for me and you They say you are a snuff queen Honey I dont think thats true So, why dont we get drunk and screw Why dont we get drunk and screw I just bought a waterbed its filled up for me and you They say you are a snuff queen Honey I dont think thats true So why dont we get drunk and screw Yeah, now baby I say, (lord!) Why dont we get drunk and screw
We the willing Lead by the unknowing Are doing the impossible For the ungrateful We have done so much With so little For so long That now we are qualified To do anything With nothing (thanks Todd)
Burning Questions
Subject: Burning Questions Body: can you cry under water why does a round pizza come in a square box do the alphabet and twinkle little star have the same tune if corn oil is made of corn and vegetable oil is made from vegetables what's baby oil made from why are you in a movie and but you're on TV why are we "head over heels" when we're happy isn't that the way we normaly are why can goofy stand and pluto is on all fours if they're both dogs why doesn"t the hair on your arms grow as fast as the hair on your head why do dogs hate it when you blow in their face but stick their heads out the window during a car ride if you own land, do you own it to the center of the earth why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle do penquins have knees why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways why is an alarm clock "going off" when really it's coming on If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons when bald peop
You Know You're From Tampa When...
You Know You're From Tampa When 1. You know the difference between I-75 and I-275. 2. You know it will rain between 2 pm and 6 pm during the summer. 3. You wear tank tops and flip flops 365 days a year. 4. You know that St. Pete and Clearwater are "where the old people live". 5. You know that Odessa and Lutz are where the cows roam. 6. You see a Publix on every street corner. 7. You see a Wal-Mart on every other street. 8. You've memorized where the bars are in Ybor. 9. You consider Gasparilla and Guavaween a holiday. 10. More people show up to your high school football games than pro baseball game. 11. You remember what Tampa Bay Center was. 12. You can always find a good riot in St. Pete. 13. You get excited to see a Sonic and WHATABURGER finally in town... 14. You can buy a beer in town for $6 and than go out of town and the same beer is $2.50. 15. You can't im
Little Timmy's Best Christmas
When I was a kid I was so anxious for Christmas! I dreamed of all the toys I would get and for the weeks leading up to Christmas I laid in bed at night listening for Santa to be outside my window. Well, one night I heard voices coming from downstairs. I crept out of my bed and slowly down the steps until I could see the living room where my parents sat talking. My mom was crying, as she said there was very little food in the house. My dad was sad and angry, telling her that they had no money to pay the bills. They didn't know what they were going to do, or how we would have a Christmas. I might have only been 8 years old, but I knew just what I had to do! I sneaked back to my room and grabbed my piggy bank off the shelf. I had been saving all my change for years and had what I considered a great amount of money in it. I took all the money out and put it in a sack, then crept back down the stair. I could still hear my parents talking and it broke my heart, but as I said, I knew what
What If?
On a crisp winter eve, you walk into the house, and find the lights down, a fire in the fireplace, the candles lit, and music playing. As you make your way farther into the room, he slips behind you, wrapping his arms about you, his hands grasping you wherever they might fall, and he pulls you back into himself. Holding you tightly, he leans over, kisses the nape of your neck, nibbles about your ears, and he puffs a gentle breath over your shoulder and through the crevice formed by your glowing breasts. When you try to speak, he gently places a single finger across your lips and whispers, "Not yet". As he spins you around in his arms, you look about the room and see a bottle on ice with two glasses, you see a comfortable place set before the glowing fire, and nearby you see your "toy box" warming in the radiating heat. Gazing longingly into your eyes and kissing you passionately, his intentions are clear, his desire is obvious, and his passion strains against the material restrainin
Darla Has Auto 11s
DARLA has Auto 11s all night and all day tomorrow! ~darla~ Click this picture and give her lots of love: Get points, points, points! Click here: Public Service Announcement by: ღTulsa's Angelღ
Blue Eyed Angel
What A Boob
this guy rated me a 1. of all things....a 1. I'm sure i'm not everyone's idea of is, indeed, relative, but as i learned long ago, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. this isn't exactly a glamour competition here on fubar, but i've never gone around giving people arbitrary 1s. I've never rated anyone a 1. so, what a boob! thanks, jim morrison.
love is the worst thing in the worl all love means is pain im sick of bein huet why cant i be happy for once i treat her like a queen im cute i got a job i actualy go to why cant we just be happy fuck grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Please Complete Below
1 Your current age 2 Can you cook well 3 Do you like to keep a cean home 4 Do you have a current driver's license 5 Do you like children 6 Are you willing to work all day in my home and fuck me all night to my hearts content 7 Dick size 8 How many o's can you have in one night 9 Are you willing to eat pussy 10 Is there anything you wont do 11 Can you keep your mouth shut about your job 12 Are you willing to be at my beck and call 13 When can you start 14 If terminated, you must leave immediately, can you handle that? 15 Marriage is not an option....leave your heart at the door....I'll let you know if you are allowed to cross over from man-slave to more.
I have some class assignments due tuesday... i have started them but haven't finished them.. I have to work till 430am today and tomorrow should I bring my school work OR my chainmail to work? I wanna work on the chainmail but i should finish the work lol
Getting Wet..................
I feel like overall the site takes the seduction out of sex. But then again one can say that it's changed it. The emails, the texts, the photos and the planning now takes the place of "ordinary" seduction? Not sure, yet. I'm the girl who needs very little priming. My engine is always idling. That doesn't mean, of course, that I don't like the seduction and the tease and the build up. One thing that gets me wet every time is a good kisser. I like the kind of foreplay that's extended and is laden heavily with lots of kisses. I like for it to be so engaging that I'm torn between wanting to keep going and cutting it so that we can move on to the f!cking. I'm also really turned on when I give head. It's so freaking hot. I love it! Could easily finish myself off with that by rubbing my pussy while I do it. Mmm! I don't know what it is about performing it that gets me going so much. It could be getting his pants and underwear down and seeing he's hard, that first slow lick that
OK So I'm not sure if this has ever been done before but what the hell here goes.... The WolfPack lounge is going for a spotlight we've set up a direct fupal link for the fubux we raise to help us get the spotlight so I guess what I'm asking is for some donations towards us getting the spotlight all you gotta do is hit the fupal pic below and it will take you to the fupal account that is being used for the donations Now... I bet your sitting there reading this going "but lounges cant get the spotlight" well we're hoping to change that and be the 1st lounge to ever get one...
Trust has to be earned not always given!!!
Sexiest Tattoo Contest
This is very simple.... Send me your Sexiest pic, containing your Sexiest tattoo. I will have a very special folder for yall to strut your stuff in. Everyone will be able to vote. Winner will recieve every last Fubuck that I have at the time of judgement. Sooooo...... Show us what you got! Thanks
Insane Cat
My cat just came flying from across the house.. i heard him running... he gets in here.. and jumps on the blanket that we have on the floor against the blinds that over the sliding glass door so they don't make noise he slid the blanket across the floor about 3 feet then sat there staring at me.. lol hes so weird...
Super Bowl
Who wins this years super bowl? My guess would be the Gaints.
Sts-126 Launch
Space Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105) launched at 7:55 PM EST on November 14th, 2008 destined for the International Space Station Blog By Kaos™
Pimped By Tappinit Again
Hey people, I'm Tapped Out . No pun intended! Xmas has only 135k to go to Disciple! Her Autos are ON. So spank her up! She loves it! (I should know, woo woo ) xmasbaby73r Pimped with Love: Tappinit (repost of original by 'Tappinit' on '2008-11-30 15:26:23')
Silent Rose B-day Bully
Back Home Again
I'd like to thank everyone for the well wishes while I was in the hospital ♥. And a special thanks to Vanima for the extra help :D I'm feel so much better now, and they discharged me today. I have some antibiotics and what not that I have to be on for another two weeks... ...But at least I had a hot doctor!
Sts-126 Endeavour Landing
Landed: Sun., Nov. 30, 2008, 4:25 p.m. EST Landing Site: Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Mission Elapsed Time: 15 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes, 37 secs Total miles: 6.6 million Total orbits: 251 Right click for zoom options (Windows Media Player 10 and 11) Blog By Kaos
Dark Night
The Dark Night It all starts out on the warmest of nights. We have all heard the stories about blood sucking creatures that roam the night. They are out there for this i know i am one of them let my story be told. It happened on a warm summers eve when i was young and had so much life ahead of me. I was walking home one dark warm night was out with my friends having the time of my life. When out of the shadows stepped this person i couldnt quite see and before i knew it before i could run this creature or something was in my face and thats when it begun. It was a vampiress and she was a queen her beauty was amazing she was gorgeous to me. She walked up on me with her eyes glowing red she looked at me and these words is what she "said come with me come have some fun". I took her by the hand and she took me to a place where the party began. There were lots of people running around and having fun. She then looked at me and said your not the only one i have been high and low these are my
Sherrymh Has The Autos!!!
She has the awesome, and I am not just saying that cause she is my owner I love her, please rate her!!! SherryMH Owned By ~Fiesty~@ fubar
Right Now
I have em. :P
Ya, im in the Army, and it sux. Im currently overseas and I really cant wait to go home. 4 more months and im back in the bar. lmao. Im online whenever im off so feel free to hit me up anytime.
Thank You !
I just wanted to thank EVERYBODY that rocked my page during my Happy Hour and helped me level to Oracle. But, I especially want to thank my friends & family that have faithfully come to my page to rate pics over and over and over again. The friends that I never have to ask for any help because they are already there. I could not ask for better friends and am overwhelmed by your contant thoughfulness and kindness. ...THANK YOU....*HUG* FR‡_♥_R
Come Show Some Luv
My auto 11's are on come show your friend DJ Big Boss Some luv. will be on till tomorrow at 12:30 fubar time. Tim *DJ Big BO$$[Owner of Liquid Lounge]*[Proud $hadow Leveler memeber]@ fubar
My 113008 Daily Kiss Fortune
One cannot refuse to eat just because there is a chance of being choked. --- Love is a great risk, but not loving is of greater risk - even though you may have been hurt badly before - a great love will come to you soon and you must be ready to accept it.
I just don't understand the crap one has to put up with on accation. the caliber in wich you have to put up with it and what the he#* is wrong with the people who dish it out. I don't put up with a lot and you have to be someone I really care for to put up with any of it but dam#, I still just don't get it. Am I so out of the ordanary that I tell people whats on my mind? That I don't and wont suger coat it for them to be able to swallow it easer? If you care for someone would you suger coat the things that you are right up front with? I don't see why you should have to and I know for one I am tired of the men in my life having so many dam@ issues with my bluntness. I'm demasculating....puhhh grow up! You can suger me up and act all smart and then later the truth comes out! I want a REAL one! So theres my sencless rant....ty for reading it.
In Auction
Entered an auction, come check it out, rate or bid. Here is the link:
Meet My Hubby ... Phil
Meet...PhilHe is my flower power, hippie refugee and I finally got him to do something with his FUBAR profile and I would like you all to go show him some FUBAR love.Rate, Fan, Add him and buy him drinks! Phil Bully brought to you with much love byAYASHARepost for me please!
Well the boys left last night after about 24 hours here at my house. 24 hours may not be much but it's enough when you don't get to see your kids very often. I had my poi talking to me which made the happy from having my boys even better! And after they left she called me and made the sad from them leaving go away. We played a lot of guitar hero. Multiplayer versus type. I got beaten a couple of times by the boys and a couple of times by the ex but for the most part I did all the beating. Nobody even came close to beating me on Raining Blood! We all had a lot of fun and fortunately there wasn't any real awkwardness with them being in the house they used to live in. That had me a little worried. I was thinking that being in the old house would bake it weird on everyone and nobody would want to leave. As much as I love my ex, we're better friends than we ever were lovers. She's even talking about doing the same thing for christmas so I'm really excited! Ok, I'm done wi
Some Great Luck
Just spoke to a friend on here and hes told me hes been running autos 11 now for 19 weeks straight...... points would be oracle 3 times over wtg i say, well done.
Life Is So Fucked Up.
You know.. I use to think that life was so simple.. then I guess I opened my eyes for the first time to the world around us... Since I started to get sick.. I've lost friends.. I've gained friends.. I've learned life lessons.. experienced life altering situations... cried my heart out.. been the shoulder for countless friends... proven to myself that I am someone... but in the end... I'm still left here... asking why do I pick myself up off the ground everytime I fall.. why do I care so much for people.. when I get hurt so much.. why do I open up... when I know it will never turn out the way I hope... why will I still do anything in the world for those who have somehow or another made me cry... I'm to the point now.. where I honestly think... the best road for me to travel is to just let shit happen.. I mean I'm going to get screwd in the end at least I should it interesting right?.. I mean if something comes out along the way.. why not.... but why hope
Happy Holidays!
Hey, Everyone! Happy Holidays! Just wanted to let everyone know that the web site has been upgraded for the Christmas Season, and with the Christmas Special! Check them out and have a great holiday! Later! Mad Tatter
I Love U
I Love You With my every breath, With all I have left, From the deepest depths, Of my heart, I love you. With all of my strength, With ten miles' length, Every thought I think, I think that I love you. For the length of forever, As long as we're together, Through good and bad weather, For always, I love you. Until the very end of days, Until God takes my breath away, Until death separates our ways, Until then, I love you. When no one is there, When you think no one cares, When love seems too rare, Remember, I love you. When everything's gone, When all has withdrawn, When hopelessness dawns, Don't forget, I love you. When you fall down, When your dreams come unwound, When hope can't be found, Be happy, I love you. When you make mistakes, When you're filled with hate, When you're old and gray, Even then, I'll love you.
Leveling Blog 154
*Beautiful Disaster*@ fubar 14k to level
vid from "and then there was" at the Paradox in Baltimore Huge Fall Massive rave this is the outside tent they had Kill The Noise: It was so fuckin cold out there
Waiting on friday intro...... (vocals) well mondays almost over and tuesdays always a drag maybe by wednesday ill have good reson to brag thursday maybe ill drink my frears away in hopes that the next day will be the best day because.... (chorus) "Im waiting on what friday holds" "yes im waiting on what friday holds" cuz we can all be friends and sit around and drink our beer and act like fools and have no fear (vocals) well im hoping youll be there cuz i really dont feel like going stag but even if you dont ill still throw a few back and theres always saturday but thats not what i want because.... (chorus) "im waiting on what friday holds" "yes im wating on what friday holds" and all i hope is you are too... outro....
What Is Your Travel Horoscope?
Travel Horoscope for Scorpio When you travel, you want to be inspired and awed. You want a vacation that's challenging, exotic, and a once in a lifetime experience. You should travel to: Nepal South Africa China Antarctica Galapagos Islands What's Your Travel Horoscope?
Christmas Poem
What's Your Adult Film Star Name?
Your Adult Film Star Name Is... Ivana Hump Alot What's Your Adult Film Star Name?
I Am Thankful...
God thank you for all I have, all the people who love me, my new laptop, my new ipod... Thanks to friends and family, who pooled their money, to get my new laptop... Thanks to Brad the administrator here, who got Kindred to replace my ipod, when it was stolen... Thanks to my daughter Shellee, who made thanksgiving dinner for the first time, it was great... Thanks to my son Steven who helps me do things I can no longer do, like loading my ipod and computer stuff... Thanks to my mom, who does my laundry, brings me lunch and so much more... Thanks to my brother mark, who manages my affairs, gives me spending money, tried to get my laptop fixed and so much more... Thanx to my ex-wife Kat who reminds me of the good times and who got all the people together, to get me my laptop... Thanks to all my wonderful caregivers, who do all the things I can no longer do for myself... Thanks to God, who gives me the courage and strength to face each day, with a positive, cheerful attitude... Than
Sex Action!!!!!
L.A. Guns Sex Action Lyrics: Talk about love Talk about love I've been around this great big world, yeah Had my share of shady deals and girls, hey Now, I've been thinking of the coming attraction The wink of an eye and the gleam of satisfaction Talk about love Talk about love Here she comes, never get enough of that sex action Baby knows wherever she goes She got sex action Howze baby, I got the potion You're a cool operator got the machine in motion Now, we're all alone doing all the talking She's got me on my back Let her fingers do the walking Talk about love Talk about love Here she comes, I never get enough [ Find more Lyrics at ] of her sex action Baby knows wherever she goes She got sex action Talk about love Talk about love Here she comes, I never get enough of that sex action S-E-X, who's next, yeah sex action And it always feels so good Girl she got style Boy she got sleaze Ah, she's knocking
What Color Rose Are You?
You are a Lavender Rose You represent love at first sight and enchantment. Your vibe: intense and intriguing Falling in love with you is: deep and meaningful What Color Rose Are You?
Email this Quote to a friend You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'. - Homer Simpson Email this Quote to a friend Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. - Mae West Email this Quote to a friend I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception. - Groucho Marx Email this Quote to a friend Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right. - Woody Allen Email this Quote to a friend I was married by a judge - I should have asked for a jury. - George Burns Email this Quote to a friend Never give a sucker an even break. - W. C. Fields Email this Quote to a friend Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning. - George W Bush Email this Quote to a friend The more I see of men, the more I like dogs. - Jeanne-Marie Roland Email this Quote to a friend What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce. - Mark Twain Email this Quote to a friend Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
It's My Life
It's a hard world to get a break in All the good things have been taken But girl there are ways to make certain things pay Though I'm dressed in these rags, I'll wear sable some day Hear what I say I'm gonna ride the serpent No more time spent sweatin' rent Hear my command It ain't no use, I'm breakin' loose, Holdin' me down, stick around But baby (baby) Remember (remember) It's my life and I'll do what I want It's my mind and I'll think what I want Show me I'm wrong, hurt me sometime But some day I'll treat you real fine There'll be women and their fortunes Who just want to mother orphans Are you gonna cry When I'm squeezing them dry? Taking all I can get No regrets When I ... openly lie And live on their money Believe me honey, that money Can you believe, I ain't no saint No complaints So girl go out Any doubt And baby (baby) Remember (remember) It's my life and I'll do what I want It's my mind and I'll think what I want Show me I'm wrong, h
What Reindeer Are You?
You Are Dancer Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance. Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer. Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly. Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
Somebody Love Me
Ok porch just left a lovely comment on my page and I can't respond because he has me blocked, I have the sads :( for your reference November 30, 2008 @ 1:04 pm Any comment about ass kissing shouldn't come from the Queen of buying friendships. Stupid ass cheap whore.
For My Auto's When I Have Them Auto 11's Activated--spanking Time
Auto 11's are on and activated SPANK ME HARD ;) Mk-l-ȥ ~{r h rw}-r h rЧh rl'@ fubar
What's In Your Christmas Stocking?
Your Christmas Stocking Will Be Filled With Little Wrapped Presents You've made Santa a very happy fellow this year. Don't worry - what happens at the North Pole stays at the North Pole! What Will Be In Your Christmas Stocking?
Mariah Carey
Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) - Mariah Carey
Bad Dates
dine and ditch ...lyrics *=chorus i met this girl about a month ago so i called her up she said she wanted to go *out for the night and i knew she wouldnt bite *so i hoped in my car and put the pedal to the metal than she called me up said it would be nice to relax for the night i had some cash i found a room and the price was right so i said *why dont you just meet me *at this hotel descretely *and well decide where to go from there so we layed down things were going right she had her credit card and asked if i wanted a bite so we headed off to the restorant with the red lite after the meal came she said she had to make a call than she steped outside but she never came back at all (yea she never came back at all)
What I Can Give
What I Can Give I know the romantics They use a lot of imagery Paint pictures of Hiding the moon and stars Or being the wind in your wings Holding time in their palms Keeping the sun still Just to hold you a moment longer Promises of fulfilling dreams Being the one of fantasy An Angel or Knight A protector or Lover The one to hold your heart carefully To bridge two souls Cross the skies and heavens Climb every mountain Overcome every challenge Tested by trials of fire Hide you in the folds of my cloak Fight off the demons Lay down my life Chase away all your fears Dry every tear on your cheeks Bring you nothing but smiles But fantasy rarely equals reality I only know What I Can Give Laying down my life Would be a one time gesture Possibly always remembered I would rather live daily for you I know I can give you My Full Attention My hand My Life My Heart My Soul My Love
The Words Don't Ryhme
The Words dont Rhyme I have lost myself The best part of me gone An Angel of passion Now a void in my heart A chasm with no bottom A fissure unfillable Painting the sky black now Blotting out the sun The stars scatter once more The moon hides its face All the wonders of the planet Loose their luster and awe Diamonds turn to dust Gold rusts in worthlessness Another heart felled by Love Another spirit lost in despair The knife swings like a pendulum Closer and closer to exposed skin Fearing the physical pain Desiring to end the emotional pain What is beyond this world? Does it really matter now? Could hell be worse than this? All I know right now is My Angel is going to be with another Because of this Now The Words dont Rhyme
Am Letting Go" Of My Life"
GOODBYE MY LOVE" a song in my heart" EVEN IF" all those sleppness nights, all the tears i've cried, all the pain i keep inside". i keep asking myself why".. we have to say goodbye", was it just a dream? or there is someone new in your life", i could have ask you why? do we have to stay , when it really means goodbye". even if it takes the whole world damn to me" i can forget you, wait and see, i can be strong even without you, I CANT WAIT MY LIFE FOREVER HOPING YOU , COMEBACK TO ME"..AND STARE ALL NIGHT, WAITING YOU"... BUT DEEP INSIDE I KNOW"... I'LL STILL BE WAITING HERE FOR YOU".......
Remembering A Dear Friend-ray
imikimi - Customize Your WorldMISS YOU MY FRIEND
Take This Too
Take This Too You have stripped me Taken everything My tears stolen My last breath yours My lungs collapse They are now eroding My lips sown shut Tongue severed I drank my own blood My skin dry and brittle Slowly peeling away In disparities dark flood Heartless now as well You feed yourself on it Till you were full Left me soulless Just a wolf disguised In sheeps wool You ripped out my love Every feeling along with it A lifeless corpse in your wake Here is the last piece Of what I used to be But was never yours to take
How Not To Get Rated On Fu
So even though my "join" date is pretty old, I let this account sit for abit and did nothing with it. After some urging by friends I reopened this account and decided to do something with it. However I have quickly learned that this site much like a few others is mainly about boobs. Cmon lets face it, if you are not a female and willing to show EVERYTHING then you dont get rated or added, Even worse is the sneaking way some females on here title pic albums as "My super secret naughty pics" which tricks guys into asking for an add so they can peek at this album which only contains graphics that were downloaded but hey, the trick worked and BAM they are rated. It really should be a crime to how stupid we as males can be, and how easy you females manipulate us,..... why do we run the world again? Oh yeah, we don't women just let us think we do.
Small Wonder Of A Kiss
Small Wonder of a Kiss Look ahead My Love Can you see in the distance? A small hide away Where you and I can dance Just a few more steps I will open the door As we step inside Our hearts connect once more Hidden from the worlds view Where only our eyes meet Hands reaching for each other Our bodies creating such fiery heat The candles flicker in the lanterns Shining on your GORGEOUS face The light dances on your skin So soft like silky lace Here we can be free to love Here the world does not exist We can drench ourselves in each other Or just the Small Wonder of a Kiss
Save Me From Drowning (acrostic)
Save Me From Drowning Shallow Another Vagrant Empty Meandering Endlessly Fear Rotting Only Myself Desolation Reward Offered While Never Inheriting Needed Grace
Pictures Whenever I need a smile A picture of My GORGEOUS Angels Face Is all I need to open up And along the lines of her lips my fingers trace I dream of a time When at last I can hold her tight to me My soul leaps from my body At the thought of US coming to be I dream of holding her Wrapping my arms around not letting go I dream of her soft lips Taking in all her essence so very slow Her pictures are GORGEOUS She makes me feel so special when she shares Whenever I open them It takes me away to a place without cares Deep into the darkest night The thoughts of her come rushing in They carry me through long days The strength of her love fills my wings This little message to her I hope she knows what to me she means Her picture lifts my spirits She has taken place in every thought and dream
No Need To Sleep
No Need To Sleep My last thread of hope Has now snapped in my heart My last gasp of air From my lungs did depart My GORGEOUS ANGEL Whom I have freely given all Will soon be a sunset As the final curtain falls While the shards of my spirit Cut my weakened dry flesh My ANGEL flies to another Leaving me a rotting mess Each mile she traverses from me Each step she takes away Each and every piece of me she keeps Each moment I loose the light of day I am so tired now My eyes simply need to close forever I can not bare to watch MY ANGEL fly My chance has faded into never As I drowned in my blood Agonizing in the pain I keep Since my dreams have lost their life There is No Need To Sleep
Dragon Tears.
Dragon Tears. Mighty and Fearsome Beasts Dragons Flying High Reigning the Skies Theyve lost a season Theyve lost a reason Searching high and low Its said Dragons dont cry But sometimes the tears Are easier than the silence
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Lost Again
Lost Again As the winds died down and the rain slowed I felt my heart would never be the same As she seemed to float passed my eyes In her wake a sweet smell remained I was caught off guard by her beauty In a moment I was made so weak in her eyes As time stood still the sun stopped Her name is the passion my soul cries Never so weak and never so strong Yet like a ghost my hands passed through The air flowing through her wings Lifting high above into the sky so blue As quickly as she came she was gone This vision has left my sight Yet the memory haunts me so And I lay cold and alone every night A moment in time lost forever A whisper of a lost chance Longing to hold you close our bodies Creating the music of a lovers dance
I Want To Come Home
I Want to Come Home Its raining even harder now The road seems endless so barren I am so weary from being out here Roaming like a lost dog Wondering where my next meal is Even my shadow refuses to draw near Baby I see your face before me I see the eyes I wish to live in For the passion in your lips I am dying I need to lay my head on your chest Wrap your arms around me You easily bring me peace without trying Let me put my arms around you baby Let me draw close to your skin Feel your breath on my neck Let me take in your scent Let me heart your heart beat once again You can see in my eyes what my heart reflects Baby my eyes are so heavy now Each step I hope brings me closer I dont want to continue to roam I dont know if my words reach you I hope that you can hear me say I Want to Come Home
Here Goes
So lets start in August I found out I was pregnant. So I am actually 16 weeks and 2 days. I am due May 22nd. My sister in law wanted me to come on fubar with her. So I did. But it was all like a game to me. At first I told no one about Sarah my lil girl. Then becuase I have a hard pregnancy I didnt tell anyone about the baby. Trey is a made up name to protect my kids dad. He is a marine and is serving the country. I actually loved being pregnant until I met Ray and the drama crew. My pregnancy had been pretty uneventful. I am single and I am sorry that I lied to you Jeremy. You of all people who loved me unconditionally would have understood but I just couldnt tell you. So I told you I cheated on you in Oct. I havent seen the x since August when Sarah and I moved here with my family. Well he did come to sarahs bday party briefly. When I met Ray i wrongfully fell in love with him but held Jeremy on the back burner. I wasnt ready to let him go. I am not looking for a babys daddy. I can r
Just A Sample Of What I Like....
What do I want? Ill tell you. I want you on your knees legs apart sitting back on your calves waiting for me. It might be a few minutes or it might be an hour or two. Ill be there when I get there. You will be in your white panties and noting more other than your collar. You will be in your living room on your knees head down and hands behind your back. When I arrive I will expect you to remain in that position until I do otherwise with you. Two hours later.. I enter your house walking thru your living room past you as if you werent there to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Returning to you I grip your hair in my hand tightly from behind pulling your head up to see my face. Didnt you know to have a glass of water waiting for me? Didnt you? Pushing your head back down. I dig in my pockets and find a set of nipple clamps. You like these dont you? ....Hush.. I didnt ask you to speak. You could have had them if my water had been waiting. Raise up and stand on your knees! Mo
My New Pics And Friends
Check Out Me And My Friends! Photobucket: ~kittyKat!~
After 2 years 3 months and so many days, I finally got a place of my own. It's been a long f***ing time to say the least. I went from having it all to having nothing and I've finally managed to climb back up this far. If I can pull this sort of apparent miracle off, anybody can. Whoever reads this, keep your chin up.
Should I?
So I am sitting here with 2 unused Auto 11s. I am thinking of activating one after I make dinner. What do you think? Will you show me love? lol I don't want to be a bother, but I appreciate these two people for caring enough to give them to me. :)
Do This Shiznit!
Your Mission... The Sunday To Do List! 1st Mission It's this Sweet and Sexy FU's Birthday! Go show her lots and lots of love! Sexy Goddessrkkennedy84 *Owned By PhotoBug*Slave2T*@ fubar Be sure and Spank her good and don't miss her Happy Hour tonight at 7 pm Fu Time. 2nd Mission One of my Amazing Owners is offering $10,000 Fubucks for every 100 Rates on his pics! So, go make that money! Dark Defender -FU Owned By BestBikerMom & Owner to Pebblesinaz&Sweetheart to PR Mamii@ fubar Be sure to private message him when you are done rating and let him what you rated! 3rd Mission Go congratulate Polish Sausage on making Oracle! I knew better than to accept his challenge to race to Oracle! He made it and I still have 4.5 mil points to go! AUTO 11's ON - The Polish Sausage@ fubar He's awesome so be sure to Fan, Add and Rate him! 4th Mission Go tell this Woman how beautiful and sweet she is! MsCharlotte2U~ No Rate~No Add~@ fubar I am so
Special Thanks
I just wanted to point out what a fine job Smitten does. She sits on the Bored of Directors. We like that. A lot. ~Smitten~@ fubar
Thank Guys Rock...=)
Thanks 2 all my friends that helped me Bombed i won a Ticker Thanks Sooooooo Much my Friends...=)
Game Day
Rate my RAIDER NATION folder and 10k.Message me when done.Rate and fan me I will return it.
I Finally Did It!
Pick Your Weapon!! (free Fubux)
I have a rating folder here for fubux. After you rated THAT folder(during ANY happy hour) send me a private message. rating all the pics in this folder 11 will get you 20,000 fubux. rating them all 10 will get you 12,000 fubux. rate, fan and please read my pageall rates are greatly appreciated and your major pics rated back!!This was made, brought, and single handedly made by ME. if you want pimp bully made message me too. i am still learning how to make them....thanks!The eo Morphin Da Pix™
Hydaway Promo
Spending Time Alone With My Thoughts
brown on brown hair and eyes brown and peach each intertwined thighs cats mewing in the background beats grooving harmony with the sound you want your fantasy glad u seek me maybe you'll love me u told me i produce with my nehru bald, with my 64 shoes i draw the bubble bath and u say u already showered nah baby i want u all hours comply and i shave past yer thighs under yer watching eyes never nip as i clip even if if it is 4 a man 2nite he's not here i dry u w/ yer favorite towel baby oil that i warmed that u thought was my secret that never come out go and rest to your bed red your head blindfold and do you want to be fed? strawberries, cherries celery 2 make make u crunch while i prepare the candles dont peek to get a hunch turning u over to warm u up with oil while kissing yer toes so pretty i've always looked at them u never known rubbing yer back rubbing yer neck rubbing yer thighs u ask y am i in the suit it is only 4 yer surp
Oh My Gosh** She Did What (tysm Roxy) Xox
*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen* Click The Pic Go show her some FuLove Give her the Spanking of a lifetime that she will remember for a very long time Spank her Like she's been a very bad girl Ladies and Gentlemen!! Thanks To All That Send the Love and Spank her booty Hard!! Majestic Vision
John 14
John 14 Jesus Comforts His Disciples 1"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God
People In My Life
There are some of you that seem to think that just because I can joke around and bullshit with the best of them that it doesn't start to get under my skin after a while. There was a recent round of being out playing pool at Golden Cue that like the previous time we went out, the jokes went from okay to being rather derogatory towards me. I am not sure if they were meant to be or if maybe just maybe I am starting to become overly sensitive to it. I don't appreciate being called a bum just because I lack money, I have only gotten one pay check from my work and it was gone before I even had it because I had bills and such to catch up on. I am trying to get stable with work and what not before I end up with every check gone the second I get it. The other thing that is starting to get to me is the fact that even when I don't draw attention to them (which I do occasionally in my I should get my way cause I have boobs, since I am normally the only girl there, that is unless TJ and Ashle
New Bully
Auto 11's On Help A Leveler Level 3 Hours Left
Thanks to everyone who has been showing me love:)much love to you all!!Autos' are on for about 3 more hours or so!please drop by and i will try to return all love shown to me:)Thank you! Would love to make Prophet soon!All help is very appreciated!! (repost of original by 'JoAnna*{{Shadow Leveler}}*Club Far*{{Co-Founder of the LLama Levelers}}' on '2008-11-30 10:21:28')
Starting Up
Was invited over here to FuBar by a friend. I'm pretty sure he didn't think I'd actually sign up as this isn't really my sort of thing. After all, I just got a Facebook and still despise MySpace with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and one black hole. I agreed to sign up because it gave me a way to share some of the photog work I've been doing that is NSFW, and more importantly not safe for me to be found out about at work. So I can't post it on my DeviantArt (well, not most of it). So it'll most likely turn up here. Lucky for you, less lucky for the people I work with (perverts). Things to know about me? I'm a virgo, a member of Party Hard Corps ( a band of militant revelers), a LARPer, a total gamer geek, a Cosplayer, a bibliophile, a Dr. Who fan, and untrained belly dancer, swimmer, and marshmallow mouse. Now you know all you need to know right? Ta.
Date Set
The wedding date has been set! De and I have agreed on the date, for more than one reason, but thats between us. The Date: July 4th, 2009! Thats right I said it, Independence Day 2009. We are still plaining on the other stuff, you know, my dress, the color setting, seating, who's inivited....normal stuff for a wedding!
They Rawk
A/F/R my new owners. They are great friends and sweethearts. Show them fu luv and yes theyll; show it back. })i({☆(`Lz)☆})i({@ fubar AND ♥SuBmIsSiVe♥BiBraT♥Fu-WiFey To☆LiNz☆&FuOwned By Got Ink?@ fubar
An Open Letter To My Friends ......
I know its a little early to be thinking of New Year's Resolutions, but I have one that I plan to start early. In the coming year, I want to be a better friend. If any of my friends feel that I have disrespected, slighted or ignored them in the past please let me know. I believe in the addage of treat others as you wish to be treated. And I know sometimes we tend to get so wrapped up in our own lives that sometimes we can't see the pain or needs of others. But .... don't think this is an open invitation to use me as a door mat. I do not like to be used and I will not allow others to treat me like that. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again. I have been the shoulder to cry on, the confidant, and the co-conspirator. I support and cherish my friends and hope they feel the same about me. But as for my resolution. I want to try to be more in tune to what others need and try to be there more for those that need my support. Queue Michael Jackson .....
I would like to be in all my friends and fans family album , that is always an honor . May i be in your's
Wanna Add Ya Midget ??? Send Me A Private Message Plz
9.7k To Level
Chopper Bikers Club BomB Squad@ fubar
Will Some1 Make Me A Skin!
I would like to have a skin made with this pic below I will pay who ever makes it. Just send me a pm and let me know how much you will charge me. I dont want nothing to big like the fonts, and I would like the color's to match the tag. :) Thank You! Love SinfulBrat
Gosh you would have to spend every waking hour on here to upgrade your level
Just Being Barack
Barack is a true example of what a father and husband should be. I am proud he's our next President.
Gina Is Still 1,000,000 Away But
together we can make her fubar's next Disciple. She is a really good friend of mine and is not shy about returning the rates if you send her a message. Give her a good spanking, her Auto-11s are active. Thanks you and have a great day. ☠ Gina ☠ ~Member of the Rate Spankers~@ fubar
Messing Up
well, having a week here isnt good at all...i just met one and then what.... you know who you are.... i thought you are true and everything but just like them you are an ass! ass!
Auto 11s Up For Auction :)
Up for Auction ...This January... Starting 4.15pm PST 25 Jan '09 for 48 hrs so get ur bids in!!! December's Auction paid in full to : rzM(wr@ll)HߥwꆧxMmm,wr֣M,Grllllꧧ rzM(wr@ll)HߥwꆧxMmm,wr֣M,Grllllꧧ@ fubar Proof that he DID receive it from me: Still need reasurance??...Go check out his Blings yourself or just ask him :) BTW, while you're there, pls do at least rate his page! ۞M뮆 ℓℓ №ﮙ۞ŤĦ ℗ģųŞ P@ fubar
Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep. - Mohandas Gandhi
Thorn Birds
This past week I had the oppurtunity to watch "The Thorn Birds", since it came out 25 yrs ago I had heard many great things said about it and was interested in watching. The reviews didnt do it justice, it was awesome. Richard Chamberlain was very handsome and its not hard to see why he was chosen, if I had a priest like that I would be tempted too..LOL. The whole story had mecaptivated, I dunno perhaps its because I too fall for men that are out of reach that I was drawn to it. Rachel Ward did an outstanding job also as did the whole cast. If youve never seen this and you enjoy love stories at its best I strongly urge you to watch ....
A Women's Poem
A WOMAN'S POEM: Before I lay me down to sleep,I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong.One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door. Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind? 'I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend
Tomorrow morning I will start yet another chapter...I havent been happy with my current theraputic rehab program since they changed formats last yr. Instead of being able to cook, do more physical activity, we basically sit around and talk watch TV and play video games...The thing is, if I want to do that I can do it at home. There arent groups anymore, nothing to stimulate the mind, which is the reason I went in the first place.. The Adair TR still does things such as groups, as per the old model which is why I want to go...They also are much more involved in client/advocacy programs which is awesome too and I feel that it will be beneficial for me in that area to be more involved with those who take an active interest in that. I look forward to getting started...
Changes Pt 2
Usually this time of year finds me seriously depressed, the anniversary of my brothers death is in a couple of days and its always been really hard for me. This yr though, Ive decided no sadness, just joy and thankfulness. He is still with me in spirit as are all the other family that have passed during this season. I think its more difficult to lose someone during the holidays because it serves as an even stronger reminder
RENEWED The snow softly falls from the sky To blanket the ground. It gives the earth a new look A look so clean and pure Something everyone should endure The crispness of the breeze As it flows effortlessly through the trees Makes you feel alive Renews your faith in life. The sun shines through the clouds To make the snow glisten. With each ray of sun The snow looks like a diamond mine. The scintillate from the snow Adds a coruscate to ones eyes. Life as we know it Seems to be renewed. As the sun starts to melt the snow The air seems to be rejuvenated. Everything starts to turn green New life is upon us. The whole world is renewed.
Close To Leveling? Need Fubucks?
> > There are more than 140k in points and Fubucks available here...Auto 11's will be active until @2pm EST on Monday December 1!!!! C'mon over and level up!!!!
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incursion \in-KUR-zhuhn; -shuhn\, noun: 1. a sudden attack; invasion, raid 2. a running or flowing in
Lies shatter my soul Your promises lie broken My heart turns to dust Words spoken in endless deceit My world crumbles around me Dreams vanish in the emptiness Words of love turn to ashes Tears melt the facade of truth Sorrow completely engulfs me
Full Moon Madness--moonspell
What Is In A Number? Please Tell Me
Name:_____________ Number:_______________ Best time to call: __________ text messaging (yes or no) _________ phone service __________ I dare you to copy and paste this and see how many numbers you get.
Masturbation Techniques
My Man!
~our Praises Should Never Cease~
God sent everything best to the beloved humanity which is made to suffer by the cunning networks, who have the pleasure of acquired satanic wisdom. His plan is to show the most right path of life. Our heart is overjoyed on realisation of the fact His Grace always prevails in abundance for the innocent and the under privileged which fills their soul with greater joy and peace. Temporary victory of jealous black souls by blocking others progress are taken over by Maya, have forgotten Gods thumb rule, Live in Peace as well let every other human to live in peace." Is there any other way of showing our gratitude? Other than to praise HIM relentlessly! It is the only process for God loving humanity which solely depends on HIM for protection. Horrifying tricks of satanic terrors conceived and executed by the evil forces may invent new forms without knowing the plan of HIM. He can bring an elephant out through a tiny hole of a needle. An evil plan of dest
Lost Soul's Baby
Lost Soul's Baby is a great lady. She has helped me and many of my friends out many times without thinking twice about it. Helping others seems to come naturally to her and she has no problem helpin anybody who needs it. I am glad to have her as a friend because I know if I ever needed anything she would be there to help along with her husband. They are great people. And if you dont have them as friends already you should seriously add them because you are missin out on a lot by not having them. lost souls baby cofounder of lost levelers~ greeter at babydolls lounge~ Fu Angel@ fubar Lost Soul's Baby, I just want to thank you! You have done way more than you ever needed to for me and continue to do so. You are a great woman and if you ever need anything or theres any way I can help you please dont be afraid to let me know. Thank you again.
Did anyone know that hyena is the ONLY animal that has hermophrodite-like plumbing? And females are twice as big as males. Its NOT a male in this vid. Buck Angel?
What It Was Like On The Street?
I had an unfortunate assurance when I caused my own downfall by opening my mouth too wide and putting my whole foot and leg in it. I regret that I didn't utilize the self control I have preached to others. I look at my loss of my temper or let my temper get the better of me it still equates to the same thing, I should have found some way to refrain my comments with such a blunt way. I do not consider myself one who is in control all the time butt I try to give people some idea of what I would do. Well, my experience started that regretful night at about 6 pm an awful time to put someone out, it was not surprising but still it wasn't enjoyable to say the least.(not like anyone plans to do these things) I had to ask my mother who was at the time renting a room with someone related to the family of her grandson and strangely enough related also to my ex-girlfriend which I forgot to mention who was the one who kicked me out. She will not like that I am writing this but it is not to cause
Lost Soul
Lost Soul is probably one of the most kind hearted people I have met on Fubar. Always there to lend a helping hand no matter what. Even when you dont need help there he is showing you major luv. And as many others he asks for nothing in return. He's just happy to be able to help in any way. Both him and his wife have been great friends to me (yes she will have her own blog). But Lost Soul has been there to help me level, help me in aucitons, pays attention to my status...always around to help. So he's another wonderful guy to have on your friends list. And if you show him love randomly he will show it back twice as often. Go see for yourself what a wonderful man he really is. Lost Soul ~greeter @ Baby Dolls~ Lost Levelers~Club United~ Rate Spankers~Rating Revolution@ fubar Lost Soul hun, thank you for all the times you have been there to level me, gotten me drunk, helped friends for me, and just listened to me rant when I needed to. You are a great friend and remember
You Must Dream Big And Think Big To Be Big
Sunday, November 30, 2008 YOU MUST DREAM BIG AND THINK BIG TO BE BIG. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- High expectation always precedes high achievement. You're as small as your controlling desires, or as great as your dominant aspirations. Once your mind stretches to a new idea it never goes back to its original dimensions. Dream of little goals and you can expect little achievement. Dream big and you'll win big success. The first ingredient of your success is to dream a great dream. Copyright 2008 Watch The Video => Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Watch The => Webinar Check Out The => Glimpse Stories Learn More At => The Mangosteen Evolution
Sexy Comments & Profile GraphicsOh the movement of two hearts as one close in body one in mind both in each others desires. The placement of touch upon each other is in time the passion of each others soul. Look deeply and you will surrender Kkevin
Jinzo71 is one of the many who I have recently become friends with. He was sent to help me level one day and we have talked about everything since than. He is a great guy who has a huge heart. He would help anyone who needed it and not ask for a thing in return. He is one of the people I know I could turn to with any problems and he would do all he could to help me. Looking for someone who you can count on to be ther for you? Someone who will listen and try cheering you up when you're down or someone to help ya level from time to time? Well then dont waste another minute and go add this amazing guy! Jinzo71@ fubar Jinzo hun, thank you for being such a great friend! I know I can count on you any time I need a friend. You are awesome. And hopefully one day we will cross paths and meet.
You've Gotta Love Drunk People
A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. 'Not a chance,' says the husband, 'it is 3:00 in the morning!' He slams the door and returns to bed. 'Who was that?' asked his wife. 'Just some drunk guy asking for a push,' he answers. 'Did you help him?' she asks. 'No, I did not, it is 3:00 in the morning and it is pouring rain out there!' 'Well, you have a short memory,' says his wife. 'Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!' The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, 'Hello, are you still there?' 'Yes,' comes back the answer. 'Do you still need a push?' calls out the husband. 'Yes, please!' comes the reply from the d
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If you had purchased $1,000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49.00. With Enron, you would have $16.50 left of the original $1,000. With WorldCom, you would have less than $5.00 left. If you had purchased $1,000.00 of Delta Air Lines stock you would have $49.00 left. If you had purchased United Airlines or Lehman Brothers, you would have nothing left. But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling refund you would have $214.00. Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle. This is called the 401-Keg Plan.
Dont Do It Cause I Asked Do It Cause Your Missing Out If You Don't
TWO VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE I have no clue if these two people know each other or not. I am just pimping them both out on the same page because they both have done something that is just not seen so much anymore... They both were not asked once by me or anyone that I know of to do that special thing that they did. They just happened to
Lil Johnny
Little Johnnie's neighbour had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears. When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnnie's family was invited over to see the baby. Before they left their house, Little Johnnie's dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears. His dad also told him that if he so much mentioned anything about the baby's missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home. Little Johnnie told his dad he understood completely. When Johnnie looked in the crib he said, 'What a beautiful baby.' The mother said, 'Why, thank you, Little Johnnie. Johnnie said, 'He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see?' 'Yes', the mother replied, 'we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision.' 'That's great', said Little Johnnie,'coz he'd be fucked if he needed glasses'.
The Perfect Relationship
Some People!
OK I really wasn't on much at all yesterday because I got in an argument with some asshole first thing in the morning and I stayed off of here it was soo bad. First lets name names this asshole has not one but 2 accounts on here and after I blocked him he came at me with the second one! So the first account name is E. Freaky Gentleman user number 232217, and the second account is The BigBlack King user number 973169. I added this man to my friends list first thing yesterday morning and then went about my daily real life routine of dealing with my children, I came back a couple of hours later to find a smartass message abt me not rating him as he had done me. So of course I responded! I let him know that I am sorry that he felt offended that I didn't rate him when he rated me but I had real life issues to tend to. Well his response was just so out of line I couldn't believe that someone could actually be that retarded! I was given a slew of nasty remarks referring to me being an ugly as
Nomadestammenes Gudlshet. Hva Kan Vi Gjre Med Problemet?
Vi har sett p de nordamerikanske indianernes gudsforhold i forhold til stabile samfunn som Inkaene, Aztekerne og Mayaene. Det er ikke mulig lage en gudstro slik vi regner det som et vandrende folk. Dette er rsaken til nordmenns avsky mot tatere. Og det var en del av rsaken til tyskernes og andres hat mot jdene. Den Evig Vandrende Jde og andre betegnelser. Det vre omflakkende og uten tilholdssted gir allikevel noen fordeler. Naturreligionene har sitt utgangspunkt i dette fenomenet. Og samenes religion med shamaner. Og ved sette stabile fastboende samfunn opp mot mindre folkegrupper og vandrende folk kan vi utfra det utgangspunktet si at jdenes Jahve umulig kan ha vrt skapt av dem mens de var nomader. Og nomader var jdene inntil de bosatte seg parallellt i Egypt og Israel, samtidig. GT gir to forklaringsmodeller p hvor jdene fant deres mannlige Gud Jahve. Dels at de hele tiden hadde vrt et gudstroende og gudsfryktende folk, med Abraham og andre som
I can't take credit for this but I had to share it. I found it on a GUYS profile on another site. Guys , please take note of the following things that girls DON'T want when they have just started chatting with you as a friend on the net . All the following have happened and been related to me by female friends :- 1. A proposal of marriage 2. An invitation to webcam naked whilst you play with yourself 3. A full and unexpurgated list of the things you would like to do to them (including pictures) 4. A request for them to mail you used panties 5. An 18 paragraph story about what a total bitch your ex was 6. Bragging about how big your cock is 7. A trawl through the underworld of filth that is your fantasy life 8. A tale of how your dying mothers last wish was that you find a nice girl online 9. A 3 page monologue on why Angela Lansbury is sex on legs 10. An inquiry as to whether she has genital herpes or not Now guys I realize that those of you t
When You Wish - Book Review (the Daily Buzz)
Ald Live - Author Steve Berry Book Review
Ready Or Comes Life.
I've never sung anything that I wasn't ready to sing. --Claudia Schmidt Most of us are curious about the "olden days" before we were born. We ask our parents what life was like when they were kids, what they did, what they looked like, and what they thought about. But most of us, even those who are parents ourselves, have probably never asked our parents, "Were you ready to go to school, to grow up, to get married, to get a job, to have me?" So often we are afraid to take even a small new step, afraid of change. We feel so alone in our uncertainty. From our point of view, if often looks as though everybody's ready except us. Perhaps another way to look at it is that, for most of our lives, readiness really isn't much of an issue. Were we ready to be born? Were we ready to walk, to read, to sing? Maybe we were; maybe not. What's important is what we did, not what we were ready to do. For life is mostly a matter of jumping in feet first shouting, "Here I come, ready or not!"
Africa Issues
Unconscious Mind
Unconscious mind I am the constant voices inside your head, Your dreams and nightmares when you go to bed. I am the voice of doubt in all your decisions, Your undecided choices and unknown reasons. I am the voice of confusion of paths yet chosen, Your uncontrolled thoughts and inner delusion. I am the voice of fear holding you back from happiness, Your inability to achieve and keep your life in focus. I am the voice of guilt in immoral things that you have done, Your impulsive and risky ideas of having some fun. I am the voice of hope filling up your internal thought, Your inner peace of which you have often sought. I am the voice of desire lying deep within your soul, Your deepest fantasies and desires you cant control. I am the voice of despair grabbing at your heart, Youre feeling of loneliness that is pulling you apart. I am your unconscious mind, Ive been there from the start. copyright@2008Tonya Rea Co
I Can
Snow Flake I was born to the winter chill and the northern rain, White crystal beauty made with no fear of pain. My spirit sparkles like none ever seen As I dance across the vast serene. I drift down below now and then, To give icy kisses again and again. Though my life will not be long lived, I relish the moments of joy that I give. As children play and giggle with delight, When they come outside and see me insight. Soon the seasons will begin to change, As warm southern breezes drift across the range. I dread the day my life will melt fast away, If only forever in the sky I could stay. As the river swiftly moves around the bend. It will carry me sweetly to the waters end. But before I am no more- forever missing, My last icy kiss I will quickly be giving. Tonya Rea Cook Copyright 2008 Tonya R Cook
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Staying Sane!
These Images Racing Around My head, Speak volumes & Libraries, Off mass confusion & Pain, Is sunday Monday or Monday Sunday. If I knew I'd care, Let me fu sleep some, Get out of my fuzzy head, Pick up my wings & fly to the sun. Its Sunday,Sunday, Watching planes, Fly around my head, Trains on steel tracks rolling, The barn alight burning oil. Digs up Royal soil, Let's the cauldrons boil, While everybodys sleeping sound, I'm going somewhat crazy. Let Hanging high & dry, Please dont sigh or cry, Let the wheels Roll, Let them roll. High & Dry, Slow & fast, The cogs never stopped ticking, The axle's pumped full of gas. The suspensions bouncy, I'm feeling the rev's of a mighty machine, Humming with pride & Beauty, The sunlight bouncing ray's o warmth!
I Don't Care*
Rockin 'round The Christmas Tree
Rockin around the Christmas Tree We're having another auction!! And once again it is a *NO FUBUCK AUCTION* So to make this crystal clear.... DO NOT MAKE FUBUCK BIDS!!! Make only bids of.... **Tickers** **Bling Packs** **Blasts** **VIP's** **Happy Hours** PLEASE DO NOT MAKE BIDS YOU CAN NOT KEEP!!! We (Jake & Jamie) are NOT responsible for bidders not paying up nor those up for auction not fulfilling their offer. We are simply hosting the auction. So PLEASE....... NO DRAMA!! You cause it... You're gone!! We plan on starting the Auction December 2nd at NOON Futime. The auction will close one week later on December 9th at NOON Futime. We will be accepting entries until 10 am Futime Dec. 2nd and this time I WILL NOT be accepting anyone after the deadline.
God I Love Stupid Ppl
ok first off know this guy thinks its his mission to tell us how it really is and not as it appears on fubar...Comments on rorytmeadows-=[TruRaters]=-: кαямα member is Trying to work November 30, 2008 @ 3:54 am Chances are high that im wasting the following vocabulary on a pre-pubescent minor whose chief goal in life is inflicting misery on as many people as he can before his death, but contrary to popular belief *and b4 u bash me or praise me know he has yet to visit my page*many of us *ugly people*(as if your gods gift to women or anything) actually are here to umm make friends, not bother with shallow minded morons with one thing on their minds......stupidity..SO having said that please feel free to visit me and give me a great big 1, which is more then i'd give you by the way and go on with your miserable existance..oh and when the day comes 4 ur demise....don't say no one told you karma's a bitch! delete comment
Messenger /email Change
Well what would we do without wonderful hackers and stupid people that like messing with other peoples stuff.Well i have been forced to change all my email addys and messenger name since I couldnt sign in this morning to nothing. So to those i have been talking to on yahoo messenger please add me again under the following wisesexibbw. Hope to hear from everyone soon.....Love my fubar friends.
Dj Abattoir
Dj Silverfox
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3k to ninja family she needs hit whenever rates change to get her higher Honey~Pie ~Git~R~~Done~ BOMBSQUAD@ fubar
Been a memeber for awhile but really never used the site until just recently so help me get points so I can grow beyond a grashopper lol
76k from FUQUEEN lets git r there! SWEETHING4771~Git~R~Done~Family & Bomb Squad@ fubar
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Do You Have To?
So as of recent I have seen an influx of idiotic cell phone related mumms. I believe that the dumber and shallower you are, the more you feel the need for a souped up fancy phone. I mean, god forbid you have to receive your all important calls from an underaged meth addicted mall rat girlfriend from a $30/mo Nokia. That would make you PLAIN, UNIMPORTANT, and overall not in sync with the rest of sheeple. Ofcourse you need a Blackberry, or a Storm (whatever the fuck it is, it was all over the mumms) to call your fat loser husband sittin at home while out shopping at Target with cunt runts for ValuPAcks of toilet paper. We know the world will end if you dont receive 24/7 txts from your pothead friends on a Friday night, and make arrangements to meet at a local seedy bar to troll for local college prudes that lose their inhibitions after 12am. The desire of people to be more pompous than Idi Amin just makes me shudder. WHY???
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Parenting, New York Style.
My wife Sherry and her little sister Debbie grew up on Long Island, in one of those millions of neighborhoods where everyone's home is on a postage stamp 10 feet away from the next home on it's postage stamp. So one afternoon when she's about 14 or 15, she gets off the school bus and is walking down the street to her house, passes a neighbors house on her street, and the dad and a kid that is too young to be in school are out in the yard. As she walks by, this little 4 or 5 year old boy says "Fuck you Debbie!" to her! The dad overhears, and yells "HEY!!!! That's Sherry, not Debbie..."
We've Killed One!!!!!
Well people I need to leave you a line on the person who got trampled during "BLACK FRIDAY". Well I do hope that you shoppers of the infamous "black Friday" are resting well tonight. Score a kill for the stupid person who pushed her down, and all you fools that walked on her instead of picking her up. Rest well in the fact that you took your kids Christmas gifts over a human life. What the hell have we come to in the day that the birth of Christ is to be honored. Tell me nothing about how sad it is that it has happened cause nobody helpped the poor woman up. You just pushed her on down to her death. I hope that everyone there looses a loved one on that day and see how it feels. You are about the silliest, and craziest bunch of people in the world. I hope that you get cought and I hope that Wal-Mart gets sued and shut that location down. How do you do such dasterdly things to a humanbeing, and shop on. I hope that your kids have a bed sick Christmas just for the hell of it.
Holier Than Thou
Someone asked me this 2 days ago: "so do you think you are better than everyone else?" The answer But I am better than some. I admit my superiority over a lot of people, and when I feel that they are inferior, I don't step down to their level to associate with them. Am I being a douchebag? Probably. But it sure spares me wasting time on interacting with people that I find completely undesirable and not worthy. I do consider myself a pretty balanced person: while I know that there are people that are below me intellectually and otherwise, I realize that there are people that I am unworthy of. People with much higher morals, standards, and brain power. This makes me keep my head below the clouds and realize my flaws that much better. This way I am either a stuck up, know it all cunt, or a very friendly interactive person. It all depends of which level you are looking at me from.
Once in a while something happens that makes me even more disenchanted and disgusted with humanity as I already am. Something that leaves a print on my conscience, adding fuel to my misanthropic nature. Several years ago it was a young guy getting his head chopped off on a Greyhound Bus, while onlookers where cowering in the back, not even remotely trying to do something about the whole situation. This week it was a rush of disgusting pigs stampeding into Walmart and murdering an innocent men in the name of a discounted piece of plastic and metal. These are the same obese pigs that would happily criticize my way of life and thinking, noting my lack of morals and humility. Same cretins that teach their children about tolerance, love, and peace on Earth. It just never gets old: humans acting like...humans. Its too bad the end of the world in 2012 is a pure scham.
I don't know what the hell is going on... but my salute got cleared off... and now its back? wtf??
Love Walks
She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes: Thus mellow'd to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impair'd the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens on her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express How pure, how dear their dwelling place. And on that cheek, and on that flow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent
its 2:45 in the morning here iam awake wacthing tv and the snow is building up outside. nothing really todo at this time of the day bur smoke and drnk coffe really want a coke to tell you the truth. this movie im wacthing sucks i hate juila roberts but what the hell nothing else todo. god i want a choke so tired of drinking coffee if could get a coke i would smile. brb palm's going off ok iam back it was nothing just telling me to take med's woohoo. well thats my 2:45 in te morning how about you?
It's Really Over.
Jeremy and I are now over, even though we never really started. If you haven't been paying attention to the ongoing drama in my life, Jer had come back into my life and I was supposed to go out to Cali to see him in a month. Well, I'm not going. At all. Period. End of story. Jeremy has always had a thing for drugs. Well, he started smoking weed recreationally, which didn't bother me, because it wasn't ruining his life. Then he started with talking about going to a doctor and paying him 120 to get a medicine card so he can smoke it 'legally'. I was sketchy about it, but I said 'whatever, if it keeps you out of jail'. Well, that talk progressed to talking about selling it. Right there I said no. I'm not dealing with that again. I'm not going through the jail with him again. Well, since he left, he has been egging me on to tell him I love him. Kept asking questions like 'you love me, don't you?' 'Why are you coming out here? Why don't you just tell me?' He kept telling me
The Bully I Made For The Dark Karny
Hey Hey You Yeah You! WTF, Where Have You Been? Come Kick It In The Dark Karny Nothin' But Clown Love In There! Come Kick It, Have A Few E-Drinks With Us Listen To Some Music Request Some Music Watch Some Cams To If You Want Just Come In, Join and Kick It! Help Us Put The Dark Karny @ The Top Of The Top Lounges List! Spinnin' Some Of The Best Underground Artists Some Main-Stream You Name It We've Got A Dj For It! ^Click The Above Image To Enter The Dark Karny^ This Bully Has Been Coded By: Nokkie [Guardians Of ShangRi-La] Big Boss @ The Dark Karny@ fubar
Reason Not To Be Sad For Xmas If Your Single!
As the saying goes, 'tis the season to be jolly. But for some, being single during the holidays can be a real drag. Whether it's the idea of spending yet another Christmas without a significant other, being the only single person at all those family gatherings, or just feeling like another year has flown by without meeting that special someone, being single during the holidays can be overwhelming. But never fear, my fabulous friends. The key to having a fun and festive holiday season actually has nothing to do with having a significant other or not. In fact, the secret to the celebratory season lies in giving thanks for exactly where you are in life. the secret to the celebratory season lies in giving thanks for exactly where you are in life. And for the savvy single, that means celebrating the many joys of being single, especially during the holidays. Joy #1: No In-Laws Finding love is hard enough. Finding in-laws you love is even harder. So this season, give thanks that there a
Updated 2/9 Looking For People With Auto 11's?? Look In Here!!
HERE AREA FEW FRIENDS THAT HAVE AUTO 11'S ON SO GO CK THEM OUT AND RATE,RATE,RATE:))YAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Here is a list of some friends with AUTO 11'S on go hit them hard!!!! :)) no fan no add~*tinkergirl101*~ owner of Bratt~@ fubar Jude has AUTO 11'S on friends hit her up! !!! ♥Hey Jude♥Asst. Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties♥Shadow Leveler♥@ fubar TEXAS HELLCAT has AUTO 11'S on friends hit her up! !!! TEXAS HELLCAT PLEASE RERATE MY PAGE TY!!@ fubar TY MY FRIENDS ~BRATT~ ♥~BRATT~♥Fu Married to *TJATTHEROCK* &FuOwn Daddy@ fubar ♥~BRATT~♥@ fubar
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Leave christmas gifts
Repeatedly blurring reflections Splashes of crimson, A taste of elemental Iron. Her cry is silent, Frozen in erotic horror, I have set her free. She has me to thank.
I Promised Myself
You will probably never read this but I don't care I have to let this out. I sit here and know I may never see you even though we talk everyday by phone but your so far away. You are such a good friend I have told you things I would never tell anyone else. When I was scared and frighten you told me it would be fine. You lectured me when I didn't want it and advice me even though it would make me angry sometimes. In the end you could always make me smile when I felt at my worst. We are after all just friends and that is what I promised we would only be friends but I find myself so confused lately. I dont know what it is or maybe I do and dont want to accept it. Maybe I just care much more then I think I do. I know your trying to find love with someone close by and everyday I encourge you. That she's out there and you will find her even though I find myself smiling on the outside my heart is breaking on the inside. You do the same for me telling me he's out there to go out and f
Talihex Crushes Chuck Norris
Hector Cabral: fuck it Hector Cabral: lol Me: noperssssssssssssssss Hector Cabral: nooooooooo Hector Cabral: watch Me: nope u betta not\ Me: I KILL U Hector Cabral: watch me Me: watche me KILL U lol Hector Cabral: you cant kill me nucca Hector Cabral: im a natual born kila, im from he streets Hector Cabral: the taliban dont want to fuck with me Hector Cabral: lol Me: sure i can .... im from the streets too Hector Cabral: taliban run when they see hex Hector Cabral: they be like ah hells to the na, its that crazy rican hex, fuck that abort! Hector Cabral: lmfao Me: abortttttttttttttt lmfao Me: im rolling Hector Cabral: they dont want Hector Cabral: none Hector Cabral: of Hector Cabral: this Me: they dont want none-a-frito da bandito lol Hector Cabral: i heard one said "yo hex beat up chuck norris, and made him it shmegma" Me: omg no way lol Hector Cabral: werd Me: noone beats up the chuck Hector Cabral: i did Hector Cabral: twice Hector Cabral: in o
Xanga Entry 30 November 2008 - " Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are The Days Of Our Lives..."
COMMODORE'S LOG STARDATE 30 NOVEMBER 2008I've began thinking... alot....For those of you who know me well you already know I obliterated my car in June and came close to dieing in the process, and since then I've been a changed man... Although I may never drive again (out of personal choice) I've made my way through town pondering like I always do.The Last Entry that was featured on this Xanga Blog, and copied into my Myspace, Facebook, and Fubar blogs that I do believe I titled "9 In The Afternoon" I addressed the fact of feeling unaccepted. My opinions changed. I am more accepted than I wonce thought. When the Fall Semester of College began this year it started on a sour note. My Border Collie Barney died on the first day of school which made me think that this was gonna be another year of crap on a more Grandiose scale as I had a dead dog, legal problems, and other shit going on that could be detramental to my mental and physical health as well as my potential as a future History Te
For My Friends
LOVE starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR. DON'T cry over anyone who won't cry over you. Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. You can only go as far as you push. ACTIONS speak louder than words. The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else. DON'T let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff. LIFE'S SHORT. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it. A BEST FRIEND is like a four leaf clover, HARD TO FIND and LUCKY TO HAVE. Some people make the world SPECIAL just by being in it. BEST FRIENDS are the siblings God forgot to give us. When it HURTS to look back, and you're SCARED to look ahead, you can look beside you and your BEST FRIEND will be there. TRUE FRIENDSHIP "NEVER" ENDS. Friends are FOREVER. Good friends are like STARS You don't always see them, but you know they are ALWAYS THERE. DON'T frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile. Wh
My dog of 12 years just died a bit ago. 1am. She will be missed so much. Had her since she was a pup. So many good times. She was a big part of our family. A much loved companion. She was not only a part of my life but also a part of my parents life when I couldn't keep her where I lived. She was also a part of my sisters life where she lived a few years with her husband and 3 boys. During family get togethers she was always there with my 2 boys and my other 7 nephews(ranging from ages 0-8.) She watched them like a mother hen...she was also a pony to a few of them. She would lay there and let the youngest kids crawl over her, pull her tail, and suck on her ears. In the end she suffered from hip dysplasia(sp) and the last few days she had a hard time walking and would sometimes fall...she finally called it quits today and I knew it was coming. I was able to pet her and let her know that it was ok to leave us...and that she was loved and would be missed. She will always be remembered.
Death's Abiding Kiss
She sits all alone with nothing but her regrets shattered dreams held unaccountable a room so black not even the light from the moon can penetrate silk sheets lay upon the windows waving with the breath of the nights heart with eyes tightly shut she rocks herself back and forth whispering to the calm a razor to her right; pen & paper to her left she sorts through her imagination untieing her pretty red ribbon; her hair flows slowly down placing the ribbon tightly around her small neck from which the nights breath tickled she wants to write a letter, but no words seem to form weeping from defeat she picks up the tiny razor gliding it perfectly across her pale white skin ectasy building droplets of crimson blood make their way down to that one blank sheet of paper as her last breath draws near she wants nothing more than to be one with the chill across her skin his love's abiding kiss to her is death
A dream is a mere wish the heart makes so i heard and i want to know the stakes the stakes for making all them come true i want to be happy with or without you my heart feels content for the first time in so long it's singing a peacful melody from my favorite song a song of love and belonging isn't it beautiful, would you like to sing? i dont mind if you would like to join pick a side while i flip a coin this coin is a teller of the future of us guess the right side, no need to fuss why i decide this choice of game for the reason you joined in it all the same you felt you needed me as i do you now im wating for the side and what to do.
i dont know what it about and i cannot know who has it for me? so what it for?
Matters Of Salvation. Book Two
I will build you a castle of words. Walls of poetry and prose. Ramparts of pregnant promises. I will chase the dreams of errant romantics down. Like glowbats in fields of soy. Until I am grey with the dust of lesser men's lives. I will find a new life at the edge of madness. One foot and the next Good thing my favorite place is in your sigh, or a willful freefall. See you at the bottom. Where I left your smile. Where I found my way.
Wrong Again
Doesn't it feel like there is always one song that describes exactly what you're going through, and all you want to do is play it over and over? Lately I've discovered that the song "Wrong Again" is perfect for what I'm going through. Its unbelievably exact. Everything that was wrong in my life, he was there for me, and I choose to give up my life to share it with his, I was so sure of his lies. I was told that when he pushed me away it was because he was scared of finally finding happiness, and like an idiot I believed, at one point he'd told me that things always end up bad when he finds happiness. I was so wrong, this wasn't my prince charming after all. As soon as I got pregnant with his baby, its like i have some horrible disease. His stupid friends from online talk crap bout me on here, and he does nothing. It hurts so bad to see the person you love mistreat you, all because you have nowhere to go anymore, because if you leave, then you know you've really lost the battle. I love
When Change Is Good...
Just Me
i was trying to sleep tonight but for some reason i couldnt to much shit on the mind so i did something that i havent done lately look to the stars for some answers for a while i didnt see anything but when i turned my head looking for the big dipper i saw something i havent saw since i was 12 or 13 a shooting star couldnt beleave it so i did something i havent done in a hell of a long time wish upon a shooting star not beleaveing i just did that i came back inside so and seat down for a minute and thought to myself i dont know why iam looking for but i sure hope it helps iam tired of the shit that has to travel thourgh my head and the things i have to listen to so has i seat here smokeing myself to death thinking and typeing i can only wonder why on this night of all its cold has shit and iam tired why i looked up towards the stars
If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...
then blog about it! I've come to realize that my personal limit for forced nicety and cordiality is two days max! The holiday is over people! Please Leave! I understand I'm bound by contract to endure my in laws' idiosyncrasies but I assure you I was never told nor warned of the magnitude to which they would continuously annoy me personally. I'm seriously thinking of adding an amendment to my marital contract if and when that opportunity becomes available to me! We're going on day four. Not only does my tongue hurt, it has teeth marks! Did I detect the distinct taste of blood? I'm sure I did! Never in my whole life have I even fathomed detesting any individual this much let alone two! I know, I should be the better person here. I should endure for the sake of my kids. Don't get me wrong. I do! In fact, I understand that is their sole reason for being here. It's not me. It's the other family that resides within my home...I get it, but why? Why do I have to be
my dear friend no 10 cerrie has auto 11 s and cud use sum luv n e 1 that cud help wud be appreiciated !! shes been goin through hell of late n cud jus use sum luv yall pls xo
The Power Of 3
Three Become's One, We slip slowly through, The time & space In Tracks, Crossing borders, Steel Railings, Flying on Plane's, Watching the clouds roll bye, The wind in our hair, Feel free to stand & Stare, We are Rare creatures, We pass through open door's, Into Moonlight, Out o the Shadow's. British Born & Bred, Proud & Happy, Standing On the Shoulders Of giants. The Lion's roll out there Pen, The Tigers Stand up, The Bulldog's Bite You can't escape, The sands of time & fate, Let them roll free & steady, Calm & Collected, Quite & Subtle, Warm & Contempt!
It's that time again I'm afraid. The holidays depress me and my babies are growing up too fast and I'm oblivious in the computer chair while it all passes me by. Don't get me wrong.I have been spending way less time on here. I am aggravated with auto 11's, people shouting you that dont even drop a comment or rate on YOUR page but want you to hit up THEIRS. People NEEDING VIP's or blasts, trash talking people over bullshit drama. It's just all very old. I did a history search on my paypal and i have spent $2,190 on this site. That's no HH's mind you but that is just insane. I could have invested in a good car for my 15 yr old for that.I could have done a lot of different things with that. And for what? MOre page rates? A high rank of 16 and 13 legend? wow! Like that did me one bit of good in the REAL world. My oldest graduates in May, followed by 9 weeks basic training in the army in July, and then over 6 months in AIT after that.So in all actuality whether he remains safe or not
Congrats To Hottie Nurse!
I'd like to congratulate one of our Bored Members on her new position, "Secretary of the Inferior" Hottie nurse is a lady who can certainly live up to her new title. Hottie nurse@ fubar
Beautiful Angel
Beautiful where do I start? This girl has been there for me long before we came to this site. We met on another site and kinda came here together and just kept building our friendship as the years passed. She probably knows me better than anybody else on here and has been there for everything. Sure we have had a few slight disagreements but she is the best friend a person could ask for! Shes smart, beautiful, and an all around great person. So if you arent already friends with her you are most definitely missing out. Stop by and show her as much love as you possibly can! Beautiful Angel-Asst.Head Greeter&Head Flasher@BabyDolls---support the troops!@ fubar Girl you know damn well I love you! You will always be my girl. And if we dont find a way to meet before my FL trip in Feb I am makin RJ detour so we can stop and see you cuz meeting you would be awesome. And the one you got now will hopefully turn out to be Mr. Right and not Mr. Right I like hi
Rise & Wake, To A New Dawn, A nw day, Don't let people hurt you. Fight until the war is won, Whether personal or not, Keep on steady toes, Don't fall or stumble. Walk the street's concrete, Keep your head's up Brother's, Lock up the street's & towns, Don't ever let your guard down. Keep yourself solid & sane, Forget the pain & The Rain, Let the love flow or the tears dry, Wipe away memories!
I Rock
I'm quite conceited at the I'm gonna let my vanity write a blog about some random facts about me. - I give the most awesome massages ever. - I played sax for over 10 years, which has made me VERY good with my fingers and tongue. - I love to give oral to women - I'm an excellent kisser - I know how to turn a woman on, and keep her turned on - I know how to use my smile in many different ways - I'm a workaholic - I'm understanding, and always willing to listen - I know people better than they think anyone does. I'm always the one to surpass the "impenetrable wall" women put around themselves - I'm very intuitive. I hear the unspoken and read between the lines - I play hard to get. I pretend to not know what is obvious - I always succeed in anything I put my mind to - No matter what happens, loved ones come first. I put the one I love above everything and everyone else (including myself) - I am a selfless lover. I rarely cum, but she
Incomplete Angel
Incomplete Angel is one of the best girls on this site. She's been there for me so much over the last two and a half years. I will never be able to thank this girl enough for all she has done. Make sure you stop by and show her lots of luv. She's an amazing girl and deserves all the luv you can give her. incomplete_angel*Owned by HoneydewNewMexicoBi-BBW*@ fubar And a lil note to you hun, thank you for everything. I cant wait for the day we finally meet which will hopefully be soon:D Remember hun Im only a phone call away if ya ever need me. Love ya like a sis hun!
In General......
Now I know I dont usually write blogs dealing with stuff relatively important. But times have changed. Life seems to have thrown me a lot of curve balls over the years. Be it bad relationships or what have you. And Ive come to survive those obstacles. But there are times when I think to myself is too much enough? Its no secret at all that I used to be heavy into cutting. It was the only way to deal with pain at the time because the pain of a cut cancelled out the pain in my soul. And while I havent done it in years the urge still comes and goes at times. But I fight it. Now people can go and say oh thats emo and blah blah blah wtf ever. And to those that DO then save it. You dont live my life and dont know wtf goes on in it. Dont be so quick to judge.
Snowman is a great friend! We havent talked long but he was the one who has been there when shit got touch, and tried to understand and help me get through it. I am glad to have him as a friend and hope that our friendship continues to grow and he becomes one of the dear friends that can be made here on fubar, not one ofthe fakes that so many are. So go show him lots of love. You wont regret it I promise! Snowman~Devils Advocates Bombing & Leveling Crew~Owned by Southern lady &Candy Girl@ fubar And seeing I know you are going to read this hun, thank you again for listening and trying to help! Not many do, and even fewer actually understand. You're a great guy and I'm glad to have you as a friend
Best Typo Award
face sexual position? I have no clue what my face looks like during sex, but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. That's all I got
Stupid People
Ok so I clean a major dept store for extra money. Ok no big deal. Well today I go in midday just to take out the trash, check on the bathrooms that sort of thing. Well I notice that there is a lot of women shaking the heads in disbelief around the restrooms. Well they were out of order. Signs on the door and everything. Well I go in there to try to unclog the toilets and more ladies come in. So I tell them that the restroom is closed and to use the salon one. well they get pissed. Hello, I am standing in a bunch of yuck and you are the pissed one. So a few more come in. One lady just dropped trough and went.OMG what morons can they not read? I see an out of order sign on the bathroom and I run to the next one. Damn people have common sense. Oh and then my manager puts wet floor signs like a barracade and women were still climbing over them. So Stupid. OMG!!! Well anyways that is women for ya. When we have to go pee, we have to go pee. We don't care how nasty the bathroom is we are go
Me And My Friend Max
Computer Crime,cyber-harassment & Don't Say It Can't Happen On Fubar
I'm posting this because in the past I talked to a few about a law Missouri has. The real deal and a few seem to not believe.They are still prosecuting people in the case......Harassing & mind games online can be very dangerous... LOS ANGELES A Missouri mother on trial in a landmark cyberbullying case was convicted Wednesday of only three minor offenses for her role in a mean-spirited Internet hoax that apparently drove a 13-year-old girl to suicide. The federal jury could not reach a verdict on the main charge against 49-year-old Lori Drew conspiracy and rejected three other felony counts of accessing computers without authorization to inflict emotional harm. Instead, the panel found Drew guilty of three misdemeanor offenses of accessing computers without authorization. Each count is punishable by up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Drew could have gotten 20 years if convicted of the four original charges. U.S. District Judge George Wu declared a mistrial on t
Why I Haven't Been Around!
Hey ya'll it's been a long gosh dang time! I met a great man that I moved in with in January and we've been doing great. Well, here's the bad new's in Aug I started having some crazy symptoms. I went to a doctor that diagnosed me with a UTI and put me on antibiotics. By Oct 30th things went bad and I ended up in the ER in Elko, NV. They gave me a cat scan and diagnosed me with a Tumor in my vaginal area and sent me to a oncologist in Utah. There I found out by biopsy I have squamous (sp) carcinoma cancer and need surgery/radiation/chemo. I have an appt in Idaho on Dec 3rd to go forward with the above treatment. I don't mean to put you all off, but of course my health comes first and foremost. All I ask for is prayers and love at this point. Thank you all for your love and friendship! Please add my bf my #1 guy on my friends list as he's my rock and needs more inspiration than I do...He's my strength and with your help I will get better .... Much love to you all, Jackie
Only In America...but It Looks Like Japan
So...I worked Black Friday with 2 retail jobs. I've done it before, but that was so long ago I'd forgotten the fun. Here are just a few bullet points...I really don't have the words to go into detail about all of it but...any questions I'll be sure to answer: - Asians like lines - If you call it a deal, people will be excited to buy shit - Women with infants are bitches - Women with toddlers are the nicest, most patient women alive - Women with children can go either way - Old spinsters who SHOULD have kids, but are way past their prime and probably dried up...are the most short-tempered self-centered bitches you could ever meet - My smile is a dangerous weapon - I must be at rock bottom, because a lot of black women have hit on me lately (most racist comment I've heard this week...I need new friends :P) - 18 hours working straight is not difficult for only makes me want to work longer - 6 hours of sleep is too much - Everyone knows me...I know
Bad Day
okay well today sucked so bad i mean my husbands unit hates my guts, and quite frankly i hate them too but this deployment is killing me and all we keep doing is fighting, sometimes i think about cameron diaz and how she said that marriage is a dying institution. i feel like no matter what i do its just going to be talked about as another fuck up on my part. My husband refuses to stand up for me, he refuses to stand up to anyone with rank on their chest and i hate playing these games of politics. the best way to describe the army is like your college years with all the cliques and soroities, yeah just like that only about a thousand times worse. i am trying to hang in there
The Crying And Hurting..
Yestesday was thanksgiving I didn't get a phone call from my sons...I am so very sad...My heart hurts so much..I donot have the tears to cry any more..For thoes who know my sons you can see them on my page of me and my sons..Zakk has short hair like his big brother..They are my sons too...I miss them so much..the crying the hurting..Damn it I am there mother ..I want to hear from them soon come on dude damn...
You were never there From day one It was me and him But then he turned away too Leavin me to fend for myself Not caring he was all I had I thought I could do it Been holdin my own for years Then you took the only one who cared Got her to betray me Because you screwed up You needed someone to get what you couldnt She did once again leavin me alone Ive gotten used to being alone Not having the noraml family But dont try not Im an adult Have a life of my own Its too late for you Id rather be alone Than let you back in my life At least alone I dont get betrayed
Carried Home
He came to me one early Summers eve The Dark Hair and inviting eyes A smile to light up any room A friendly "Hi" came from me From there, the discussions were long Intelligence beyond my wildest dreams Talent, Beauty and Grace Where did he come from? Thru passing time, the friendship grew strong I raced to hear his voice, read his words Hear him breath, laugh, smile My heart lifted His poetry so sweet His words so beautiful Tales from the Sea The joy of life's adventures Shared with me A dark cloud rolled in Illness started to consume him Still his beauty shined thru it all My love for him grew strong One Autumns day They took some pride from him Feeling betrayed by Medicine His pain ran deep He persevered The love we shared grew stronger Our Souls were one Every thought was him Cold December turned him from me He tried to push me away He knew though I was to go nowhere Through the year More trials Never once giving up His determin
A Real Mother
A Real Mother Would be there A Real Mother Would believe as they are told A Real Mother Wouldnt chose a man over her kids A Real Mother Would understand whats needed A Real Mother Wouldnt steal from her children A Real Mother Doesnt hold back the important things You think you're a real mother? How many of the above are you?
The Bitch
Things were finally starting to straighten themselves out. My life was falling into order, or at least I thought it was. For once I have a good boyfriend who even though we have our issues is tryin to show me he really does care and Im not alone, my daughter is growin to be a beautiful lil girl...just all about everything has been pretty good. Hell even my family has left me alone like I wanted them to...until tonight. She just couldnt respect my wishes and leave me alone...but than again why should that be a surprise, she neverhas respected my wishes. What does a person have to do in order to make a person understand they want nothing to do with them, that they are no longer important in even the slightess way??? I have ignored her, told her to go to hell, straight up told her to leave me alone...and many other things. Yet she still insist on fuckin things up, makin my life hell. When she refused to give me my daughters baby pictures I told her I wanted nothing more to do with
Mark Twains "war Prayer"
The War Prayer By Mark Twain It was a time of great and exalting excitement. The country was up in arms, the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism; the drums were beating, the bands playing, the toy pistols popping, the bunched firecrackers hissing and spluttering; on every hand and far down the receding and fading spread of roofs and balconies a fluttering wilderness of flags flashed in the sun; daily the young volunteers marched down the wide avenue gay and fine in their new uniforms, the proud fathers and mothers and sisters and sweethearts cheering them with voices choked with happy emotion as they swung by; nightly the packed mass meetings listened, panting, to patriot oratory which stirred the deepest deeps of their hearts, and which they interrupted at briefest intervals with cyclones of applause, the tears running down their cheeks the while; in the churches the pastors preached devotion to flag and country, and invoked the God of Battles beseechi
Its Me Too
I dont mean to come off as a whiner here because i realize that there are some people that would trade their life for mine .Just once, I'd like to wake up and go through a day without something else hurting. i'm a mess there isn't one day that goes by where i don't feel like crying. i'm undersexed, underpaid and overworked. i suffer from ADD, Attached, Deprived, Downtrodden. i have a body by budwieser, a face for radio and more chins than a chinese phonebook. if something actually went right for me i'd die of shock. i'm a complete loser. if you looked up failure in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of me. Most days here, i just think of the mess i'm in and all the bad things that happened here the last 2 years and i just want to cry
Feeling Like Sh*t
I really am feeling like that...and i really don't know what to do... I do everything for him... I give my everything to him... and i always do something "wrong"... I always piss him off somehow... it seems like it's never good enough... I'm not good enough... I love him with all my heart...more then he will never know... but it's not enough... i'm feeling like shit... can't you tell?!...
~Snowoman~Whenever he could show this blessing of an artForever he would flow this compressing to her heartLong breeze proving hours needing to makeStrong ease grooving showers heeding each flakeUsing one hand in defining her roleChoosing a strand for alining her soulDecide where to shove and keep holdImplied there was an eternal love untoldGiving the final pet and brush soon a woman to his delightLiving wet but lush took his hand in moonlightBury what was lost in tide of hateCarry out the frost which lied as of fateEnter vast romantic ocean he would insure her life to beWinter last antic devotion his wife she could see ~Ashton Chase Edwards_________________________________________________Written by me, already copyrighted so don't bother trying to steal. Please comment if you enjoyed
The Men Are Hot! And The Women Are Hotter!
I'm A Gentleman!!
of course... read it from bottom to the top... if you wanna understand it.. such a gentleman ya are === 'Ford' wrote the following at '2008-11-29 20:39:09'.. > > i also ALLOWED her to walk us down the halls, did i not? :P.. > === 'Bossy Toe Witchie' wrote the following at '2008-11-29 20:37:08'.. > > > > LMAO > > you tease you > > > > === 'Ford' wrote the following at '2008-11-29 20:36:11'.. > > > > > > i did... i LET her brush my hand.. > > > === 'Bossy Toe Witchie' wrote the following at '2008-11-29 20:35:08'.. > > > > > > > > whats the worst that could happen really? > > > > send some feelers out yaself > > > > might just be surprised > > > > > > > > === 'Ford' wrote the following at '2008-11-29 20:33:50'.. > > > > > > > > > > i know.. it's one of those things that you can "just tell" > > > > > > > > > > i'm blowing it off as a fluke > > > > > === 'Bossy Toe Witchie' wrote the following at '2008-11-29 20:31:42'.. > > > > > >
Thank You
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love. You collected 1,017,746 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers! 202 members leveled up during your happy hour: Benevolent Malevolence 'Barfly' (11) Demmon5000 'Regular' (12) workthecrowd 'Fu-Fighter' (5) "The XXperience" 'Twisted Fu' (6) Thick and Plump Pinup 'Freak' (9) kkostro 'Newfu' (1) happyzinger 'Fu-Fighter' (5) SUR_oscar_lira_X3 'Freak' (9) lolseriously? 'Freak' (9) kristinjeree 'Grasshopper' (3) lburg12 'Friend of fubar' (10) AlbertM 'Twisted Fu' (6) al_in_calif 'Fu-ling' (2) bigfoot 'Twisted Fu' (6) cammi 'Fu-ling' (2) *~FLOSSIN~* 'Chill Fu' (4) Short Bus R/L Hubby to HarleyGypsy 'Freak' (9) nsheck82 'Wasted Fu' (7) onebadmf 'Bad Fu' (13) sambamm-bamm9 'Wasted Fu' (7) CHRISTI 'Idol' (15) donej2smiley 'Grasshopper' (3) mischievity 'Freak' (9) mizkity4you 'Fu-Fighte
Potato Love
well, there's a lot of reasons i mean, roses only last like a couple weeks and that's if you leave them in water and they really only exist to be pretty so that's like saying "my love for you is transitory and based solely on your appearance" but a potato! potatos last for fucking ever, man in fact, not only will they not rot, they actually grow shit even if you just leave them in the sack that part alone makes it a good symbol but there's more! there are so many ways to enjoy a potato! you can even make a battery with it! and that's like saying "i have many ways in which I show my love for you" and potatos may be ugly, but they're still awesome so that's like saying "it doesn't matter at all what you look like, I'll still love you
Show The Love Plz
MR. TYPHOON.R/L B/F TO MISS KITTY KAT..SHE HOLDS MY HEART FOREVER(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL)@ fubar Miss Kitty Kat R/L G/F To Mr Typhoon(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL@ fubar (repost of original by 'Miss Kitty Kat R/L G/F To Mr Typhoon(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL' on '2008-11-29 18:52:59') (repost of original by 'MR. TYPHOON.R/L B/F TO MISS KITTY KAT..SHE HOLDS MY HEART FOREVER(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL)' on '2008-11-29 19:02:29') (repost of original by 'Miss Kitty Kat R/L G/F To Mr Typhoon(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL' on '2008-11-29 19:11:53') (repost of original by 'MR. TYPHOON.R/L B/F TO MISS KITTY KAT..SHE HOLDS MY HEART FOREVER(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL)' on '2008-11-29 20:02:52') (repost of original by 'Miss Kitty Kat R/L G/F To Mr Typhoon(OWNED BY BEAUTIFUL PURE ANGEL' on '2008-11-29 20:17:55')
Are U A Playa
do u think this is what it takes to get what u want these days. do we have to be playas and manipulate to achieve our goals???
Why is it that when you do something nice for someone and they thank you for that..but when they see that you did something nice for someone else, in which they think was better...they freak out? Meaning...Okay, so I got this new animation program. A few of them infact. So I been playing around with them, trying to get used to how it works. I've made several, which are ok...just beginners work..... I've made one for someone and they said they liked it and thanked me for it. But when they saw that I had made another one for someone else, where I played with more animation, they got mad. Well SORRY that I didn't do that great of a job on something that I'm still learning.... It's like a slap in the face...makes me feel like what I did for them, what I thought was nice, was just a piece of crap..... Ugh.....
Me The Original
HowManyOfMe.comThere are3 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name? 3 out of 3 billion, not bad, not bad at all. I like my name it is one thing that I really like about my self, amoung other things, well, my first and last any way, not really keen on my middle name, my husband can't even get it right. but that's alright he calls me kate and I like that too
I Belong
I Belong I Belong To the pain tied to this place I Belong To the darkness on my face I Belong To this broken heart of mine I Belong To a weakened and fractured spine I Belong To my own despairing world I Belong To the soul that has become unfurled I Belong To someone who left me frozen I Belong To the love that left me closed in I Belong To an unyielding agony I Belong To a brokenness that is staggering I Belong To you always first I Belong To you it seems my curse
The Days Are Here
Hi, the dayz grow darker faster than ever. I can't take it. I feel so alone at times since mickys death. How will i heal in time i hope it happends. Fast.
Jus Felt Like Writing This
I sit and look and think and stare at words that cause me such despair I wonder why they get to me am I reading more than I see? I try to think and my heart sinks, I feel a sickness deep within It wont come out I want to shout I want to bellow to the world I wish these thoughts would go away and leave me without dismay I search my mind I search my soul I feel nothing but a hole This hole is dark it tears at my heart I feel like its torn apart Is there any sense? Is there any reason? Why do I have this hole within? Is it me? Is it my mind, are my thoughts betraying my feelings? The feeling is immense the emotion so intense like a fire burning my soul Tearing me apart from the inside fighting to reach the outside I see a face, a face I love, but these feelings are burning inside, I cant survive against my thoughts they torture my soul and ever widening is the hole The pressure in my soul boils to the brim and I cant contain it within My emotions erupt in a burst so abrupt
Craziness At Wally World!!
Yesterday I went after thanksgiving shopping for my first time! It was CRAZY!! I saw an old man get beat down by a lady over a XBox 360, poor man was hanging on to that game for dear life!!! I dont believe that I would want to go back to WAL-MART this time of the year again!!
Dark Beauty
beautiful as the night beautiful like the moon, such beauty and grace in one, and to all a blessing a dark angel sent from the stars bless by the moon goddess her self to bless the world with her angels, never ground but always flying like an angel flying through the air showing the beauty within the dark, and the dark never look so beautiful before, bless the goddess angels for they are the beauty in the dark. this is how guys should treat there love ones with such passion and love with the fire of a million suns also it can be for girls to girls or guys to guys, guys to girls, girls to guys we should respect each other because life is short enjoy the love and beauty within the dark
Best Breast Contest
Starting 11-30-08 I will be holding a best breast contest open to any members of dirty little secrets lounge . The contest will run for 1 week ( dec 6th ). The winner will get a 1 month vip . Participants will be judged by 6 judges 3 men and 3 women . Ladies remember bigger isnt always the best . So breast of all sizes are welcome to join and have an equal chance of winning . Contest rules 1 . participant must be at least 18 years old at time picture was taken . 2. must be a member of dirty little secrets lounge . Even though this is not being put on by dls . and does not reflect anything on the lounge . 3. judges have final say . winner will recieve a 1 month vip from me . To enter you just have to add me to your friends list and send a message saying you want in the contest .or you can comment on this blog and say your in . Good luck to all that enter .
Missing You.
Missing you Its quiet today, the air is thick and still ,the chill of winter lays like a blanket over the earth . and i am missing you. Noone told me that the distance between us would cause winter to settle in my soul. but here it is with its icy stiffness and the bristle of its cold wind just clinging to my heart. and still i'm missing you. with every letter from you i get a glimmer of spring and for a minute the ice melts and then the reality of winter settles on me again. and still i'm missing you. I count the days until i am in your arms and the warmth of you has melted all the winter cold from my heart.but until then i am still missing you. For those that have someone serving in the military. by: Kimikhi
Just Want Some!
I wish I could find a good set of real tit's! Just want to have some to hold on those cold winter nites, lay up against in bed at nite, be able to look at when ever I want, and of course play with them when the urge hits! Save the ta ta's!
Did you consume alcohol over the weekend? i had a sip of some nasty shit that david was drinking. Could you cry right now? nope. Are you a jealous person? not really. What were you doing this morning at 7 am? sleeeeeeping. What do you need to be doing right now? getting Kaitlyn to put this puppy down. Where have you lived throughout your life? cape may; prospect. Is there anything silver near you? my jewlery is all silver. What are you doing tonight? much of nothing. i'm thinking about playing the bass for a while; but my fingers hurt really bad. What were you doing an hour ago? i have no idea. Do you wear the seat belt in the car? next to never. Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your bf/gf? um, NO! Who did you last talk to on the phone? mandy right now. Where will you be in a hour? i have no idea. probably watching intervention. How late did you stay up l
hi guys im an uncle im happy so are my parents i will let u know soon
Toys R Us
2 Dead In Black Friday Toys 'R' Us Shooting PALM DESERT, Calif. (CBS) A shooting inside a Toys "R" Us on the busiest shopping day of the year killed two people in Palm Desert, Calif., authorities said. The violence erupted on Black Friday, the traditional post-Thanksgiving start of the holiday shopping surge, but accounts of what occurred inside the store were fragmentary or second hand and it was not clear whether it involved any shopping frenzy. The Palm Desert Police Department received calls of shots fired around 11:35 a.m., Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez said. He said officers were still investigating what prompted the gunshots. Palm Desert Councilman Jim Ferguson says police told him two men with handguns shot and killed each other, reports CBS station KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. An argument reportedly broke out between two female shoppers just before the shooting. A witness reportedly yelled, "He's got a gun," as a man who was with one of the two wo
Black Friday Carnage
Saturday, November 29, 2008 9:35 AM EST By The Associated Press NEW YORK Unruly Black Friday buyers lusting for bargains busted down the entrance to a Wal-Mart yesterday morning and trampled a temporary sales clerk to death before continuing on to ravage the racks, police and witness said. At least four other people, including a woman who was eight months pregnant, were taken to hospitals for observation or minor injuries, and the store in Valley Stream on Long Island closed for several hours before reopening. This crowd was out of control, said Nassau police spokesman Lt. Michael Fleming. He described the scene as utter chaos. Shoppers stepped over the man on the ground and streamed into the store. When told to leave, they complained that they had been in line since Thursday morning. Nassau police said about 2,000 people were gathered outside the store doors at the mall about 20 miles east of Manhattan. The impatient crowd knocked the man, identified by police
Boobs For A Good Cause
So, my German friend Martin is here & he's drunk, so am I & we need to see some boobs. your tits!!!! i ♥ you all
Profile Me.
Stolen from LeahAlissa. Making it mine. DO ME. It'll be good for... well, me. I'll post results as they become available.
Donation Chart
Wats up yall!!! Ok Im makin this as a guide for donations for morphs Plain 2 pic morph (i choose or u give me the pics to morph) $5000 fubucks or better Plain 3 pic morph (i choose or u give me the pics to morph) $10000 fubucks or better Enhanced 2 pic morph (i choose or u give me the pics to morph) $15000 fubucks or better Enhanced 3 pic morph (i choose or u give me the pics to morph) $20000 fubucks or better or u can negociate the donation price with me (remember fubar has a size limitation to all pic sizes including morphs **myspace doesn't)
Zen Sarcasm
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 11. If
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The Amish Elevator
An Amish boy and his father were in a mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again. The boy asked, "What is this Father? The father (never having seen an elevator) responded, "Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life, I don't know what it is." While the boy and his father were watching with amazement, a fat, old lady in a wheel chair moved up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched the small circular numbers above the walls light up sequentially. They continued to watch until it reached the last number and then the numbers began to light in the reverse order. Finally the walls opened up again and a gorgeous 24-year-old blonde stepped out. The father said quietly to his son..... Go get your mother."
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Martini The Movie - Trailer
Hey, check this out: You have to pay attention because if you blink, you'll miss me. I'm in the opening scene: Martini the Movie Trailer
So it is official.. i have moved out into my own house. the move went well, though emotional and difficult. After closing, my family and I painted for about 9 hours. Ok, so it was slightly ambitious of me to think you could paint a whole house in one day...but we almost did it. By 9:00 we were high on paint fumes and speaking only in movie-quotes and laughter. "Can't see the line can you Russ?" Another 2 hours of touch up work in the morning and it was all done...and i only leaned against the wall twice, coating myself with paint... and at one point had paint on my eyelid. Thanks to my family and friends and my friends' husbands the actual moving took only 3 hours and 2 trips. Now the real fun begins as i unpack everything and get settled. Stop by and see the new place.. well after my furniture gets delivered. Pictures to be posted soon. :)
Cheeky Monkey
A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink and while he's drinking, the monkey jumps all around the place. The monkey grabs some olives off the bar and eats them, then grabs some sliced limes and eats them, then jumps onto the pool table, grabs one of the billiard balls, sticks it in his mouth, and to everyone's amazement, somehow swallows it whole. The bartender screams at the guy, 'Did you see what your monkey just did?' The guy says 'No, what?' He just ate the cue ball off my pool table-whole!' 'Yeah, that doesn't surprise me,' replied the guy, 'he eats everything in sight, the little bast-rd. Sorry. I'll pay for the cue ball and stuff.' He finishes his drink, pays his bill, pays for the stuff the monkey ate, then leaves. Two weeks later he's in the bar again, and has his monkey with him. He orders a drink and the monkey starts running around the bar again. While the man is finishing his drink, the monkey finds
What kind of psyschotic killer are you?SatanYou are the prince of darkness himself. You are the author of all evil. You destroy life with the wink of an eye. You perfer to kill the guilty, to build your legion of evil in hell. You kill people by making their desires turn against them. After you break their spirit you take their souls.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
***Since I have so many asking me about my health, I decided to repost this from 2 years ago. Remember, this episode was on TOP of my lung removal in 2005. On November 8, 2006, I experienced a 3rd episode of my heart racing. This time it wouldn't stop, so I drove myself to the ER around midnight. Oconee couldn't do anything for me, meds weren't working,which they said was unusual, but, they could tell me what it was. They even shocked me with paddles, 4 times...2 while I was under versed, and 2 while I was awake. The doctor was smart enough to step away from me when that happened. Man...felt like I was kicked in the chest by a mule...damn. Ventricular Tachycardia. What is ventricular tachycardia? Ventricular tachycardia is a fast heart rhythm that starts in the lower part of the heart (ventricles). If left untreated, some forms of ventricular tachycardia may worsen and lead to ventricular fibrillation, which can be life-threatening. Oconee Regional put me in an ambulance
I Don't Care If I Lose Friends Over This.....
Month one Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs I love the sound of your voice The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though It is so nice and warm in here Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy I always want you to be happy I don't like it when you cry You sound so sad It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it I spend a lot of my time exercising I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs I am becoming quite good at it too Month Five You went to the doctor today Mommy, he lied to you He said that I'm not a baby...
All Nsfw Photo's Are Gone!
For One Day
For One Day How many times do we find love? I guess that depends on your view How do we decide what love is? Do we base it off what we have been through? I can only speak for myself When the words escape from my lips I know what is deep with in my heart I dont want to be another passing ship My heart cries out to My Angel I know she has a tough road ahead I wish to be by her side always So that in one spirit we are lead My hands are open and extended As I lay my life before her All I have is opened wide My thoughts submerged in desire I hope you can hear me My Angel There is so much more to say Freely I would give up all To feel your Love For One Day
Faint Image
Faint Image Sitting in your shadow again Light barely streaming in Darkness binds my skin Reflections in the glass Faded history flies passed The cold winter winds Begins memories of when I held you close in time Briefly we did shine Where are you now love? You always stood above I could never quite hold For your hands were ice cold Messages flowed from my heart Now they are shattered apart But I still see you so clearly And though I do miss you dearly You are still my opened up page To you Im just a Faint Image
A duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and a ham sandwich. The barman looks at him and says, 'Hang on! You're a duck.' 'I see your eyes are working,' replies the duck. 'And you can talk!' exclaims the barman. 'I see your ears are working, too,' says the duck. 'Now if you don't mind, can I have my beer and my sandwich please?' 'Certainly, sorry about that,' says the barman as he pulls the duck's pint. 'It's just we don't get many ducks in this pub. What are you doing round this way?' 'I'm working on the building site across the road,' explains the duck. 'I'm a plasterer.' The flabbergasted barman cannot believe the duck and wants to learn more, but takes the hint when the duck pulls out a newspaper from his bag and proceeds to read it. So, the duck reads his paper, drinks his beer, eats his sandwich, bids the barman good day and leaves. The same thing happens for two weeks Then one day the circus comes to town. The ringmaster comes into the pu
To The King Lyrice Below It With You From Chris Brown
I need you boo I gotta see you boo And there's hearts all over the world tonight Said there's hearts all over the world tonight I need you boo I gotta see you boo And there's hearts all over the world tonight Said there's hearts all over the world tonight Hey lil mama, ooh you're a stunner Hot little figure, yes you a winner, and I'm so glad to be yours You're a class of your own and Ooh little cutie, when you talk to me I swear the whole world stops You're my sweetheart and I'm so glad that you're mine You are one of a kind, and You mean to me what I mean to you And together baby there is nothing we won't do 'Cause if I got you I don't need money I don't need cars Girl you're my heart And oh, I'm into you and Girl no one else would do With every kiss and every hug You make me fall in love And now I know I can't be the only one I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight With the love of their life who feel What I feel when I'm with you, with you
Dying Only the dark night and stars cover us The sounds of rustling in the forest Creatures that are nocturnal Their eyes peer at our passionate crest Like waves crashing on the shore We lay by the cool clear lake Each drop of passion creates ripples The moon jealous of the Love We Make Your scent fills my lungs again Your touch brings life to my flesh Your kiss melts me in desire Your body and mine now mesh When two become one like this The world seems to just stop As we enter each others fantasies Love grow with each lust filled drop Hands grip tighter now As our breathing grows short Each kiss lick taste and touch Brings forth a new retort As Our Love is renewed again Next to My Angel I am lying My heart can beat once again To my loneliness I am Dying
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings
Original - Re-issue - Burnt Offerings is American heavy metal band Iced Earth's third album, released April 18, 1995, by Century Media Records. This album marked the introduction of vocalist Matt Barlow, who many fans consider to be "the voice" of Iced Earth. It is also the only Iced Earth album featuring drummer Rodney Beasley. The final track of the album, Dante's Inferno, is based on the famous epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The original album cover is of Lucifer in the Ninth Circle from Gustave Dor's series of engravings based on the work. This album drew both ire and praise at the same time, anger from the European fans who felt betrayed that Iced Earth chose a different path musically, and in contrast, sold much higher in the USA than their previous albums. The arrival of Barlow began bringing influences from power metal, though this album still retained most of the musical identity of thrash metal from the bands previous albums. As with Iced Earth a
Dragonphyre Auction
Yup... I'm a-moving, finally.. Got this great little shit hole in this town... 3 beds, small ass kitchen, tiny living room and hardly no yard... with an actual cliff on one side of the house, that doesn't have a fence at all.. just little lines up stones.. hoping to move by end of the week, at latest, the place isn't quite done yet.. I will be gone for who knows how long.. actually, I don't know if I'm coming back.. Fubar's lost any and all magic for me... just the idiocy of it all... I used to work with people that.. couldn't read, "THIS SIDE UP" on boxes, and opened them from other ends... sometimes, the side end.. Who thought a nail was a screw.. the hardware... if it was sex, he'd be right, same thing.. Who said they knew how to drive stick and burned out the clutch 3 hours later.. Who didn't know where the blade on a box cutter came out, and stabbed himself.. Who offered to pick me up a bag of Sunchips, and brought home Doritos.. Who practiced
Hair Cut
Hi everybuddy :) So I found out recently my department was closing due to the loss of my big client. As a result I am being transferred to an office in my new client's building. So I have to dress up and today I had all my hair cut off. I am donating it to Beautiful Lengths , to be made into a wig for cancer patients. New pics of me with short hair are in my "Me new short hair omfg" album. :D My friend TrickyZ made me this:
Part 2 Of Repost
At Last We Meet
At Last We Meet I have lived my life for his moment But was it a life worth the time spent? All has culminated to this every deed For good or evil for what its all meant Nothing I have held dear Would be carried over to the other side As my life is released from my grasp No more do my sins hide Since there is no life left to live For MY HEART My ANGEL IS gone She took every breath and beat of my heart Now I will never see the beauty of dawn Why was I not enough? Did I not let her know she is loved? Did the words freeze on my tongue? Or did the words get pushed and shoved? I hoped MY ANGEL would have arms open But I have lost my chance to come home Now nothing matters anymore For I crossed the finish line alone
The Horror Train
Hes Back (The Man Behind The Mask) - Alice Cooper welcome to THE HORROR TRAIN all you do is * rate these photos / then: * rate * add *fan * comment if they are already your friend * add if they aren't your friend yet (joining the Horror train) then send a PM to VolfiremaninPa L.U.V. Club Co-Founder, Honorable Society of Wolves Family Member@ fubar
Live Bw
Live on air! ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar DJ Black Widow is live in Wicked Desires NOW! Come and let her catch you in her magic web! Click pic to enter: (repost of original by '♫BlackWidow♫' on '2008-11-29 12:11:06') (repost of original by 'DJ Master Sephiroth' on '2008-11-29 12:12:17')
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When Girls Dont Put Out
When girls don't put out!! This was written by a guy ... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Please have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, 'I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me.' I said, 'WHAT??!! What was that?!' So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... 'You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man.' She responded to my puzzled look by saying, 'Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?' Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep.
10 Ways To Be Unhappy
Make little things bother you. Dont just let them, make them. Lose your perspective on things and keep it lost: dont put first things first. Find yourself a good worry, one about which you cannot do anything. Be a perfectionist, which means not that you work hard to do your best, but that you condemn yourself and others for not achieving perfection. Be right. Be always right. Be the only one who is always right, and be rigid in your rightness. Dont trust or believe people, or accept them at anything but their worst and weakest. Be suspicious. Insist that others always have hidden motives. Always compare yourself unfavorably to others. This guarantees instant misery. Take personally everything that happens to you. Dont give yourself whole-heartedly to anyone or anything. so do u wanna be UNHAPPY or HAPPY????
Celldweller Merch Sale
Celldweller Merch Sale (Nov 28-30) Grab the FiXT Store Thanksgiving Weekend Sale PDF Ad Now: Up to 55% off Select Celldweller Apparel Free Digital Art Single on All Music Album Purchases Free Celldweller T-Shirt on orders over $75 Free Shipping on US orders over $100 Sneak Peak at Several Upcoming Music Albums with Cover Art & More @
The Return Of Gloomy Gus
Terror Brothers Forumdes
Remember that your presence is a present to the world. Remember that you are a unique and unrepeatable creation. Remember that your life can be what you want it to be. Remember to count your blessings, not your troubles. Remember that you'll make it through whatever comes along. Remember that most of the answers you need are within you. Remember those dreams waiting to be realized. Remember that decisions are too important to leave to chance. Remember to always reach for the best that is within you. Remember that nothing wastes more energy than worry. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. Remember that the longer you carry a grudge, the heavier it gets. Remember not to take things too seriously. Remember to laugh. Remember that a little love goes a long way. Remember that a lot goes forever. Remember that happiness is more often found in giving than getting. Remember that life's treasures a
Strength & Courage
It takes strength to be firm. It takes courage to be gentle. It takes strength to stand guard. It takes courage to let down your guard. It takes strength to conquer. It takes courage to surrender. It takes strength to be certain. It takes courage to have doubt. It takes strength to fit in. It takes courage to stand out. It takes strength to feel a friends pain. It takes courage to feel your own pain. It takes strength to hide your own pains. It takes courage to show them. It takes strength to endure abuse. It takes courage to stop it. It takes strength to stand alone. It takes courage to lean on another. It takes strength to love. It takes courage to be loved. It takes strength to survive. It takes courage to live. Do u have strength or courage
Right Now
Somebody is very proud of you. Somebody is thinking of you. Somebody is caring about you. Somebody misses you. Somebody wants to talk to you. Somebody wants to be with you. Somebody hopes you aren't in trouble. Somebody is thankful for the support you have provided. Somebody wants to hold your hand. Somebody hopes everything turns out all right. Somebody wants you to be happy. Somebody wants you to find him/her. Somebody is celebrating your successes. Somebody wants to give you a gift. Somebody thinks that you ARE a gift. Somebody hopes you're not too cold, or too hot. Somebody wants to hug you. Somebody loves you. Somebody admires your strength. Somebody is thinking of you and smiling. Somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on. Somebody wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun. Somebody thinks the world of you. Somebody wants to protect you. Somebody would do anything for you. Somebody wants to be forgiven. Somebody is grateful for your forgiveness.
The Next Time You Think Your Life Is So Bad Read This.
Friendship Vs. Love
Friendship is a quiet walk in the park with the one you trust. Love is when you feel like you are the only two around. Friendship is when they gaze into your eyes and you know they care. Love is when they gaze into your eyes and it warms your heart. Friendship is being close even when you are far apart. Love is when you can still feel their hand on your heart when they are not near. Friendship is hoping that they experience the very best. Love is when you bring them the very best. Friendship occupies your mind. Love occupies your soul. Friendship is knowing that you will always try to be there when in need. Love is when you will give up everything to be at their side. Friendship is a warm smile in the winter. Love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through your heart. Love is a beautiful smile to which nothing compares: A tender laugh, which opens your heart, A single touch that melts away your fe
I Believe
I believe that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe that you can keep going long after you can't. I believe that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else
Just Me Ranting
wtf...? i sit and ask how could she do this i did what i needed to do yet in the end i am the one that got screwed i helped her out the best that i could i tried to help her with things she couldn't do yet here i am sitting wondering what can i do i tried to help her with unpaid bills yet she kicked me out cause it has not came through i paid my rent like i was suppose to yet her light's get shut off and i am the one screwed 2 days she said to get my stuff just two days that's not even enough yet my bills got paid all in time yet here i am running out of time i tried to be a good friend like i was suppose to yet she didn't even care wtf ? i sit and ask yet no answer's will come for i know them all she doesn't care about the way her hurtful words make me feel she never did so i will leave like she asked me to go home to my family at lest there i know i will not be hurt by friends cause what she is doing now a friend would never ever do
Ya know.. i don't mind people who rate "true" to their feelings... or whatever they wanna call it.. but.. when they have a mug like this rorytmeadows-=[TruRaters]=-@ fubar why would they want to judge people? not very smart of them in my opinion.. (btw.. i got a 3 lol)
Porn Contest
ok here's the plan.. send me your dirty pics and i will decide th op 1-0 and post them in a category. when i get 50 or more i'll rate them
VIRGO - The One that Waits Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. A pushover. Loves to gamble and take chances. Needs to have the last say in everything. They think they know everything and usually do. Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something un-trustworthy towards them and never regain respect. They do not forgive and never forget the one and only. (Some of this is TRUE!)
My Profile Too Send Message Add to Friends Add Comment All The Love I have and to Give Goes Out To My Bear Princess and Sunshine, My Reasons To Give Thanks I Love You ,Mommy Mood: touched View My: PhotosVideos35 / Female SPRING LAKE, Michigan, US Last Login: 11/29/2008
Officer Candidate School
I'm off to Officer Candidate School for the NC Army National Guard. The Mrs. wouldn't let me go active duty so I figure join the Guard since they also help with disaster relief and such. I leave on January 19th and scheduled graduation date is March 21st. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time. I'm in shape for it and can't wait to get it over with. It would mean that I've accomplished 2/3 dreams in my life on how I want to live it when I'm done. WOOHOO!!!
What Message Did You Most Need To Hear?
"One word frees us from the weight and pain of life; that word is love." --Sophocles In exploring the enneagram, Riso and Hudson have identified lost messages that we needed to hear as children but didnt. The absence of these words may be at the heart of our most basic fear. And unconsciously we may still be seeking to hear these words from others. Review the following messages and note if any one touches you more strongly than the others: 1. "You are good." 2. "You are wanted." 3. "You are loved for yourself." 4. "You are seen for who you are." 5. "Your needs are not a problem." 6. "You are safe." 7. "You will be taken care of." 8. "You will not be betrayed." 9. "Your presence matters." "Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are -- chaff and grain together -- certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is wo
Tonight 11/29/08
Come out and meet me see the band Have some fun Pats Roadhouse 157 S Getty St, Muskegon, MI (231) 727-2951 1-click directions
Why Can't Some Of You Heres a real sweet lady and friend that always busts her gut to help people with rates,blings,giveaways and much much more. She never complains when asked by someone if she would help them, ive known her to lose sleep to be here for some, Lisa is so caring and thoughtfull and Lisa is a fabulous friend ever so generous so why is it when she puts on her status or may message any of you that she needs us/your help no ones stepping forward. I couldn't ever blame someone for just giving up on some of the sorry souls in here it seems they are more interested in themseleves and what they can get without sparing a thought for the very person/persons that may of helped them get to where they are. So how about pulling some of that human pride right bk out of your ass and return some kindness to the very lady that offered you a helping hand. Lisa needs help with rating her #5 FAM member for his autos 11 A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN ISN'T IT ABOUT
Random Sex
ok i am so0o0o0o0o0o0 sick of guys thinking that becasue i wont meet them to have sex then i DONT like sex.. or because if we went out on a date and at the end of the date i wouldnt have sex.. there again they think i dont like sex. NOT IT AT ALL guys... i am just not like that.. i love having sex ( would rather make love)with lots of feelings... with a guy i care for .just not out for sex.. hell i could find that anywhere just like all of us... but i want something that someone is willing to put the time in getting to know me .. and all that ,that gets u to that point...that is harder to find.WAAAAAAAAAAAAY harder to find. so i will take the harder road and thats cool with me.. and if someone doesnt like that.. well then they really arent for me... good luck to everyone on here..... we all have what we r looking for.. and just cause mine isnt the same as urs doesnt make me strange.. i just have no problem sticking to waht i believe in or what i want.... if u want to have sex wit
And The Winners For 11/28-29 Are .....
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED !!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS and WINNERS of Over 5 MILLION FUBUX!!! RACE, RACE, RACE! CHECKERED FLAG BLING Winners are . ~Mystic Night~ ☠ Gina ☠ ~п GThϢd0.r~ The Grand Prize Drawings for Over 5 Mil Fubux was a smashing success. And the Winners are .. 2 million fubux Carrie 1.5 mil Fubux Prince$$ 1 mil Fubux sexyleelee29 The BlingBux Folder was again another great success. With over 50 Entries, the 6 Winners of 150k FuBux Random Daily Drawing are: DAY 1 canu
Santa and His Cookies
People, Lmao
InhumanlyBROKEN needs to learn some manners. K, Thanks. =]
It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin
Purple Paladin
Played this song all day while painting.. seemed to fit.
Im Sacrificing My Profile
Check It Out Bleu's Sacraficed His Old Profile So It Can Be A Fam Ran Profile And It's gonna b ran by The Dark Karny So, Add His Old Profile To Stay Updated and What Not and btw feel free to hit one of us up to add ur pic today any wyked pic up to 4 and if u have a microphone were taking audioclips for commercials with wyked shyt radio woop woop, Keep It Wyked MMWFKL ~nǝןq~GuardiansofShangriLa*JUGGALOCARTEL~HELLFIREassassins*a.o.d. prospect@ fubar k? Add Bleu's New Profile! ~nǝןq`gaurdians of shangri la*juggalocartel^hellfireassasians*@ fubar This Bully Was Coded By: ?okkie [Guardians Of ShangRi-La]Big Boss Man Of The Dark Karny@ fubar (repost of original by 'Иokkie [Guardians Of ShangRi-La] Big Boss Of The Dark Karny' on '2008-11-29 12:04:43') (repost of original by '~nǝןq`gaurdians of shangri la*juggalocartel^hellfireassasians*' on '2008-11-29 12:09:44') (repost of original by 'Иokkie [Guardians Of ShangRi-
Our Wedding Widget
I made this widget at
12 Days Of Sexmas For Him
12 Days of Sexmas (for him) On the 1st day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; a blow-job in the morning. On the 2nd day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; two titty sucks, and a blow-job in the morning. On the 3rd day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; three back rubs, two titty sucks, and a blow-job in the morning. On the 4th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; four lap dances, three back rubs, two titty sucks, and a blow-job in the morning. On the 5th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; Five Naked Pics, four lap dances, three back rubs, two titty sucks, and a blow-job in the morning. On the 6th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; six steaks a-sizzling, Five Naked Pics, four lap dances, three back rubs, two titty sucks, and a blow-job in the morning. On the 7th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; seven strippers stripping, six steaks a-sizzling, Five Naked Pics, four lap dances, three back rubs, two titty sucks, and a blow-job in the mornin
12 Days Of Sexmas For Her
12 Days of Sexmas (for her) On the 1st day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; a spanking over his knee. On the 2nd day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; two tickle fights, and a spanking over his knee. On the 3rd day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; three foot rubs, two tickle fights, and a spanking over his knee. On the 4th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; four french kisses, three foot rubs, two tickle fights, and a spanking over his knee. On the 5th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; Five Types-of Vibes, four french kisses, three foot rubs, two tickle fights, and a spanking over his knee. On the 6th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; six nights out-dining, Five Types-of Vibes, four french kisses, three foot rubs, two tickle fights, and a spanking over his knee. On the 7th day of Sexmas, my lover gave to me; seven sessions shopping, six nights out-dining, Five Types-of Vibes, four french kisses, three foot rubs, two tickle fights,
Stand by me....
If We Had Sex
If We Had Sex....GAME. don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you whisper in my ear? 3. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 4. Would you say my name? 5. Would you go down on me? 6. Would you let me give you a hickie? 7. How many rounds would we go? 8. What would you wanna do afterwards? 9. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 10. Would you lick and bite me all over? 11. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 12. Would you want me to take my time? 13. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 14. Where would you wanna "do it"? 15. Would you be loud or quiet? 16. Would you mind if i liked you? 17. Would you do it today? 18. Would you do it tomorrow? 19. Would you call me in the morning? 20. Are you going to re-post these so I can
Music Of Life
I was adding a couple of quotes to my music section. Quotes that I've had, but not really thought of in a bit of time. One of them was the following: Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try. ~Mary Kay Ash I have to wonder...when I look back at my life, what type of music will it be? Will it be something with soaring highs and crushing lows? Will it be boring? What will it be? The things I've never said...the things I've never done...all gone. The things I've seen and heard and never told anyone of. Potentially lost...
Life On The Edge
Hey everyone if you want to join me and my husband in some fun you have to live in Indiana or Louisville and want to come to sellersburg to join us if your interested please let me know I'm curious to say i've been with a woman before and want to experience more and I love my dick so All Guys Welcome even couples if your interested Let me know.. Thanks...
Pain Another Poem From Me
Pain No one can see my pain inside and out It hurts like a knife when you do the things you do sharp but yet quick cutting though the body and soul. When steal wraps around your body and breaks bones and sharp pain runs though you You stay strong not to cry but it to much. The pain of the heart when you cant stop the bleeding. You hurt then you get over it but the pain will always be there. The pain in love sucks because you live with it for life and cant get over it Pain my cause anger and anger causes misery. Pain sucks and I know to much about it family friends and people who say they love me Taken from one of my favorite songs a line about pain: Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Three Days GracePain Music Video Codes By Music Pain lyrics Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Caus
Same Shit Diffrent Toilet
i just want tew kno why do men still persist on talking tew you once you told them you are involved? i mean they say stuff like ..well you can have friends cant you? well of course i can but, if i say im involved alot of times your nt my type . its a cool way of saying im not interested........ do you agree?
A scouser walked into the local welfare office to pick up his cheque . He marched straight up to the counter and said, ' Hi. You know, I just HATE drawing dole. I'd really rather have a job.' The social worker behind the counter said, ' Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a Chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. You'll have to drive around in his 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL, and he will supply all of your clothes. Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You'll also be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips. This is rather awkward to say, but you will also have, as part of your job assignment, to satisfy her sexual urges, as the daughter is in her mid-20's and has a rather strong sex drive. A two-bedroom loft type apartment with plasma TV, stereo, bar, etc. located above the garage, will be designated for your sole use and the salary is 200,000 a year.' The scouse g
my dreams are full of screams i no longer have a peaceful dream to see this world is full of let downs so realease the demon hounds let themhunt and feed on the mortal heart for it is weak and full of passionate heat they will take revenge on those who banished them taking pride in the heat of the hunt the pounding of mortal blood rushing through their mortal veins as their realise the hound will take wonderous plaesure in their soon to be pain!
the moon is bright what a sight the stars are tonight all is quiet in the dark of the night which is when the hunt is at its hieght they prowl the woods, watching and waiting as their prey draws close they pounce with the speed of light they are made for this thime they are best at their job thier breed is special they are seen as preditors but can also be prey as thier eyes give them away
Leveling Blog 151
Ike@ fubar 26k to level
there is always light even in the darkest of times all you have to do is listen the things around and slow down, calm ur mind and breathing pattern in time you will realise how much life is around even if you think you are lost and dead inside look to the sky and ground around and there you will find the most wonderful life to be found the green grass as it whispers to the wind as it passes across, the secrets passed from tree to tree the moon and stars smiling down on us to light our path in this dark world, the warmth of the sun giving you hope every single day ..... just look around you whn your feeling low and there you will see the secrets of this world and also find hope, love and light to guide ur way even in the hardest of times blessed be
I Have A Stalker
This was posted in my shoutbox a few minutes ago.....which could indicate that this person has a desire to stalk me as that clearly have me blocked... To this person...I will not block you, I just pray you will either get a grip and relise I do not care or get bored and go find your next target....unlike the last person you did this too....who I believe blocked you.......and just to remind you what you it is You're the LAST PERSON EVER to decide for me what to do !!!!! Don't want me in ur page- BLOCK ME !!!!!!!!! Or else - I'll keep visiting it WHENEVER I wish !!!!!! Call it whatever you wish !!!!!! Couldn't care Very adult I would say....please....move on, again I say you are not welcome and please stay away from my friends too.....
I Wait
A day without hearing your voice is like a morning without a sun rise, A night without seeing the moon shine so bright. Oh I pray to thee to keep you close to me, Though we are miles apart, I will keep you close in my heart. A place where its full of Love with a warm hearted soul. My heart continues to grow, With each passing day that goes. If only you knew how you make me feel, See how my face & eyes glow with glee. Someday you will realize how much you mean to me, How I long to be with you and miss you dearly. I will wait here....patiently, For the day to arrive when you & I again meet. We will hug, kiss, and make Love so sweetly. No need to worry for I will be yours...completely.
They Have Auto 11's
The Power
Recently, I was teasing a friend about how women, because of long standing tradition, change their names after marriage. She lamented all the various things - drivers license, bank accounts, etc. that need attention. I said, Sometimes its good to be a guy to which she quickly replied, That may be, but we have the power. Truer words have never been spoken; as long as women are women and men are glad of it, they will have the power. That got me thinking about The Power and how folks use it. Do you realize that we all have The Power? We have the power to help or hurt. Sometimes we even use our own power to hurt ourselves. Think about this: Lets say that Im having a fight with a friend, not fisticuffs mind you, but an awful argument. It gets so heated that neither of us wants to give an inch and the argument ends with both sides vowing never to speak to the other again. Now the mere mention of my friend gets me all fired up again and starts to affect my attitude,
On Aging
For the very young, getting older is not an option. They think they will live forever. (Ya think maybe thats why the Military wants 18 25 year olds?) But sooner or later we all will face our mortality. Sometimes it comes in the form of a serious accident. Other times its from just getting stinkinolder. But why fight the inevitable? All that does is make a lot of money for the plastic surgeons and it doesnt last anyway. We should learn to enjoy our lives as we progress. Think of all the things that get better as we age: Have kids? They grow up & get jobs so they stop sponging off you. Some even move out. Then the kids have kids - being a Pop Pop is a great thing. The grandkids love you because you spoil em rotten. You get em all riled up and send em home. In some ways, its poetic justice for all the things your kids did to you. Its a good thing. Hey you even get smarter. (Believe it or not, its true). Do the world a favor and share your insights an
For The One's That Was Left Behind And Will Never Know
For the Dear Loved ones of the Fallen Ones that will never Know.
"...her Special Surprise From Master....."
She sits and waits again for Him... His last words come back to her now as she sits waiting and wondering what will be His pleasure tonight. She smiles as she thinks of the pleasure He gives her. Her heart and mind reel with the promise of what is to come tonight. Tonight He has told her she will get a big surprise. He said she has been good and He will reward her obedience and service with a special treat. She wonders now what that will be. She sits now her mind wandering and her hands too, stroking over her own skin as she thinks of Him. The feel of her own hands excite her as she thinks of Him, almost as if His own hands touch her now. She sits back, her eyes closed now and her hands run through her hair and down her neck. Her fingertips lightly trace over her soft skin and trail down between her breasts. They linger there, nestled between them caressing the warm skin there. She drifts off in her mind as she sits now, her hands caressing gently as she sits. She wanders in
Test Those Knockers
I am looking for night clubs that would be interested in hosting a breast cancer fund raiser for the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation. There is no cost to the club and we have some fun contest that the club can run to raise funds and create a good time for all. EVERY MONTH IS PINK so help save a life by hosting a "KNOCKERS PIT STOP" party We need your support and help. Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas. Remember every 13 minutes a person with breast cancer dies. This is something that does not have to happen.
Its A New Day
Well its now Nov. the 29th ..And i still haven't heard from JJ ... Do i still continue waiting or what ? Help me Decide ....Plz
I Am Still Alive!!!!!!!!!
I thought I would pop into Fubar (CT) and see if my id is still alive.....and to my shock it is. Ian
Clap Again
4 My Friends...ty Ty Ty
Male Strippers
The other day, my friends and I went to a Ladies Night Club. One of the girls wanted to impress the rest of us, so she pulled out a $10 bill. When the male dancer came over to us, my friend licked the $10 bill and stuck it to his butt cheek! Not to be outdone, another friend pulls out a $20 bill. She calls the guy back over, licks the $20 bill, and sticks it to his other butt cheek. In another attempt to impress the rest of us, my third friend pulls out a $50 bill and calls the guy over, and licks the bill. I'm worried about the way things are going, but fortunately she just stuck it to one of his butt cheeks, again. My relief was short lived. Seeing the way things are going, the guy gyrates over to me! Now everyone's attention is focused on me, and the guy's egging me on to try to top the $50. My brain was churning as I reached for my wallet. What could I do? Then the marketer in me took over! I got out my ATM card, swiped it down the crack of his ass, grabbed the 80 bucks, and w
The Smart Blonde
A blonde woman boards an airplane. She is extremely exhausted and just wants to take a nap. She finally finds her seat and sits down next to a very curious young man. He wants to test the whole dub blonde thing and possibly make some money out of it. "Hey, wanna play a game?" he asks her. "No thank you, i just want to take a nap." "Please, its really easy, all you have to do is answer the questions that i ask you. If you don't know the answer, then you give me five dollars, and if I don't know the answer to your question, then Ill give you five dollars." "I really don't want to do this. I just want to take a nap." "Oh but PLEASE pretty please. Okay, how about if I don't know the answer to your question, I'll give you five hundred dollars." The blonde woman became interested and decided to play the game. "Okay. How many moons does jupiter have?" the young man asked. The woman reached into her purse and took out a five dollar bill. "What goes up the mountain with three legs a
What Is Your Wish?
u tell me
Please Rate Want To Level
hi everyone can u please rate me and help me level and also can someone help me with a salute ill like to make one but not sure on how. thnx
Let's Make This Princess A Prophet.
Please help a really good friend of mine make the climb to Prophet. She has less than 400k to go and together we can get her leveled. The Princess has always been there for me and most likely many of you too. Now is your turn to help her out. I will pay you 20k for 100 of your 11s. Message her and she will return the rates. Thank you and have a great day. cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH@ fubar
I Hate Girls
why r u sooooo crazy treat em good they hate ya treat em like shit they love ya grrrrrr
Would Ne Of U
Whether you're single or not..repost this..or else The world will end in an explosion of hot pink magma coming from the Earth's core. And it won't be fun even if you like hot pink. Get tipsy with me: Kill me: Love me: Hate me: Hold me: Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me: Dance with me: Grind with me: Touch me: Lick me: Fuck Me: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Make a move on me: Play with me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift: Caress me: Let me borrow your car: Let me see you naked: Be there for me: Buy me a drink: Take a shower with me: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Go to sleep with me: Do me: Drink kool-aid with me: Look if i was naked: Take advantage of me: Let me take advantage of u: Hangout with me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good: Hold hands with me: Do something incredibly sweet for me: Give me a lap dance: Tell me you love me: Let me call you: What would you do i
Novelist M. Robinson - Some Interesting Stuff
"In every important way we are such secrets from one another, and I do believe that there is a seperate language in each of us, also a separate aesthetics and a separate jurisprudence. Every single one of us is a little civilization built on the ruins of any number of preceding civilizations, but with our own variant notions of what is beautiful and what is acceptable - which, I hasten to add, we generally do not satisfy and by which we struggle to live. We take fortuitous resemblances among us to be actual likeness, because those around us have also fallen heir to the same customs, trade in the same coin, acknowledge, more or less, the same notions of decency and sanity. But all that really just allows us to coexist with the inviolable, intraversable, and utterly vast spaces between us." "To crave and to have are as like as a thing and its shadow. For when does a berry break upon the tongue as sweetly as when one longs to taste it, and when is the taste refracted into so many hues
One Of The Dumbest, Most Retarded...
...Convos I have had in awhile.. I have had a conversation with an old flame of mine a few days back... She wanted to know some details that were bugging me about some chica... Tell me what you think... My daughter's teacher, around mid-20s, nice looking and smart to boot...My old flame thought this gal was into me... HAHA!! yeah, me, right? Anyway it started off at the kids' open house at school, which , if you read my blogs on Mummers, you'd know all ready... Anyway, parent/teacher conferences come up and I go to them. The teacher took me in 15 minutes early. The meeting is 30 minutes long, but we chatted for an hour. Found out a bit about her, etc etc, as well as what's going on with my daughter... thing is, she made the next parent wait for those extra 20 we could talk.. Now, this chica was sitting uncomfortably close for one... Kept putting her hands extremely close to mine, even brushing them now and then, with hers. High school crap, right? We
subtle slivers worked themselves under a fingernail roving eye lingered, perhaps too long but who is to say how long is too long? invisible to the naked eye, to other naked eyes forgotten except when you moved the right way, touched the wrong way but always, the glow of intent was clear in your eyes reflected on the nape of my neck as you lay your lips shivers always followed, but not always of revulsion the light was unlearning itself, it was the infinite unfrocking of the prism sparklers wanded their brilliancy like the whole box was burning for almost nine years each falls like a lash against the nakedness and when they went out, everything i knew how to look for had disappeared.
Sick Of It.........(some Explicit Language, Read At Own Risk)
This is my first one.....and probably my last too. I am done trying to add people as friends....I have added a few yesterday and most accepted, a few didn't....I don't care if a person doesn't add me, that's their choice.....but when a person doesn't accept and then sends me a personal message that says "Why would I wanna be your friend ? You are one ugly ass, cheese dick looking mother fucker".............that shit was down right fuckin mean and not called for. If you don't want to add me as a friend then fine, just deny the request.....keep your stupid ass childish rude remarks like to yourself...... Anyway, I am done trying to add new people as my friends, and further more....I am thinking about deleting my account here on fubar.............this site was cool at first, but it has turned into one great big giant popularity contest and I think it now sucks rotten eggs out of an @ss-hole.......I somehow doubt that BabyJesus intended his pride and joy to turn out like this......nothin
The Way I Try To Live:
"To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful. To those who speak with tender voices, life is peaceful. To those who help with gentle hands, life is full. And to those who care with compassionate hearts, life is good beyond all measure."
Skin Scandal! You Must Watch This!
Skin Scandal! OMG! You MUST watch this! Do you know the TOXINS we are ALL absorbing through our skin? You MUST watch this! Skin Scandal!
I Have To Say I Agree With This Email I Got
NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. & nbsp; For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable. We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen, And the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King. It's 'inappropriate' to teach right from wrong, We're taught that such 'judgments' do not belong.
Haven't seen my brother in 11 months! He's gonna be home any minute!!! And those of you who know about my failed trip to Texas know my disappointment about not seeing him there...But yay!!! He's almost home!!!!!!!
When I'm Gone
WHEN IM GONE All the little things that I do lately, seems to make you mad someday youll think back of these things and be sad All the little things that work on your nerves, as the day is long someday youll realize that you deserved, when Im gone All the little things just seem to cause you pain someday youll realize, I didnt cause your rain All the little things you say I did wrong will be the things you miss most, when Im gone All the little things that seem to make you blue someday will be the things that make you smile, when were through All the times you had to get the last word at the sound of the gong will seem so absurd, when Im gone All the times you just had to play your song someday youll realize there was a place it didnt belong All the times you did things that you knew were wrong someday maybe youll understand, when Im gone All the times you just had to be right someday will seem dumb, when Im out of sight All the times that
In the days of old and nights were bold and toilets wern't invented, you left your load beside the road and walked away contented. Now down a hill to take a pill and smoke a righteous bud, the pill was paste the bud was laced and soon you started coughing blood. Saw it cried, later died and was buried in a hole. Took his stash of pot and hash and was buried with his bowl. Now down in hell where satin dwells and things get mighty hot, the devil said to bad your dead and can't enjoy your pot. So he packed and smashed an ounce of hash and put it in your tiny little pipe, he smoked your dope in one great toke and soon his eyes got bright. Yes my friend it's true you really got me stoned so for in return you shall not burn instead I'll send you home. This poem was wrote by my brother and his friends and myself.
For my Stalker!! Fuck ya Man - Tila Tequila

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