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Which Ship?
Your result for Which Star Trek Ship Should You Command? Test... Nova Class!10% Flight_Control, 30% Tactical, 60% Science and 30% Command! Congratulations! You have been assigned a Nova Class vessel! Designed to replace the aging Oberth Class, the Nova is a state of the art science ship, equipped with the latest top of the line sensor packages. She is the perfect choice for planetary or spatial survey missions! Take Which Star Trek Ship Should You Command? Test at HelloQuizzy
Ok finally started a Facebook send me ya name there so i can add ya all xoxo
Karmic Fire
Yagya Ceremony According to Vedic philosophy, our actions determine our fate. Times of prosperity and periods of difficulty are both the result of the energy we contribute to the universe. Yet, according to tradition, we are not powerless in our quest for positive karma. By participating in a Hindu custom called a yagya (also spelled yajna), individuals can counteract negative forces in their lives and open the door to a more harmonious future. During the ceremony, a Guru, or Vedic expert, appeals to the divine spirits for grace and intervention on behalf of someone, while others chant auspicious Sanskrit verses. Items such as ghee butter, coconuts, sandalwood shavings and clothing are thrown into a central fire to symbolize the burning of past negative karma. By impeaching the forces of nature for a change in the tides of life, yagya participants gain strength from the practice. Yagyas can be done for a range of reasons, including to remove obstacles, to get through a difficult
Pirate Love
Your result for The Pirate or Ninja Quiz... Pirate Love!You're a Pirate, go eat a Hamburger! OMG!! Dude, where is your Parrot! O and that eye has to come out!! and the leg... sorry! You're a Pirate, people think your Hot.. when you're not stabing them, looting them, or puking on them!!! Pirates are Rad! Take The Pirate or Ninja Quiz at HelloQuizzy
Letting Go Of Understanding
Deeper Meanings All of us who seek to be conscious and aware regard our experiences as teachers, and we try to discern what lessons we are learning from the things that happen in our lives. Sometimes the lesson is very clear from the get-go, and other times we have to really search to understand the deeper meaning behind some event. While this search often yields results, there also comes a point in the search where what we really need to do is move forward. It is possible that we are not meant to know the deeper meaning of certain occurrences. Answers may come later in our lives, or they may come as a result of letting go, or they may never come. We are all part of a complex system of being, and things work themselves out in the system as a whole. Sometimes we are just playing a necessary part in that process with a result larger than we can understand. It may have very little to do with us personally, and while that can be hard to understand, it can also free us from overthinki
What's This Place Come To?
has it seriously come to this? if you don't have an active auto11 on around here, you get no love? i can't count how many pix i've rated for friends or even non-friends with auto11s, and get nothing in return b/c i don't have one on...again, there are a few of you who are ALWAYS there for me and i'm grateful, but frankly i'm sick of you that just use ppl for rates... for those of you who are real and never let me down, thank you and i will always be there if u need me
United States Of Whatever
Stolen From Iced Earth
Your Spiritual Number is Six You bring communication and empathy into people's lives. You are very open and understanding. You can accept difficult people. Right now, your life is about being understood. You have trouble with your own vulnerability. You end up playing the role of therapist in relationships, and it's hard to get people to ask about you. You will take time out for those you love, even if you don't have much time. You can't help but be nurturing. You are very responsible and ethical. You deliver on your promises. What's Your Spiritual Number? Yeah...I'd agree with that
Funny Old Stuff
So Why Elephants?
i have two tattoos of elephants. jerome as most everyone has met in my pics is one of those. my first tattoo was also an elephant--the little guy on my right forearm. everyone who is at all interested in knowing me usually gets around to this question at some point or other--"so, why elephants?" some hint at is as they gaze lasciviously at jerome. others just ask out of curiousity. elephants are representative of both wisdom and strength. these are qualities i strive hard to achieve for myself and also qualities i greatly admire in others. they're pretty beautiful creatures to me and pique my curiosity, for sure. they're supposed to be good luck, i know, but luck doesn't really have anything to do with it.
My 120408 Kiss Fortune
Fortune favors the brave. --- Be steady and strong with your emotions, not too forceful, but appear certain in your choices and all will be well.
Come join my Pic Club - The #1 Club! This was an idea my ex and I wanted to try, a photo album of all our friends flipping off the camera. And Fubar is the perfect place to set it up! If you want to join you will need to have a salute; rate/fan me, send me a pic of you giving the bird, the name you want on the card, your zodiac sign, your favorite drink, and your male/female preference. If you want to add to or change any of the info please include it.
The Dating Persona Followed From Per
The Peach Random Gentle Love Master (RGLM) Playful, kind, and well-loved, you are The Peach. For such a warm-hearted, generous person, you're surprisingly experienced in both love and sex. We credit your spontaneous side; you tend to live in the moment, and you don't get bogged down by inhibitions like most women your age. If you see something wonderful, you confidently embrace it. You are a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, but our guess is you're becoming more selective about long-term love. It's getting tougher for you to become permanently attached; and a guy who's in a different place emotionally might misunderstand your early enthusiasm. You can wreck someone simply by enjoying him. Your ideal mate is adventurous and giving, like you. But not overly intense. Your exact female opposite: The Nymph Deliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer Always avoid: The False Messiah (DBLM) Consider: The Loverboy (RGLM), The Playboy (RGSM), The Boy Ne
Spiritual Number?
Your Spiritual Number is Two You bring kindness and harmony into other people's lives. Whenever a situation or idea seems extreme, you try to lend some balance. Right now, your life is about benefiting from choices you've made in your past. You have done your best to be a good person, and it is starting to pay off. You are an idealist with interesting ideas. You can't help but see all of the beauty in the world. But you are also aware of the world and its limitations. You have realistic expectations. What's Your Spiritual Number?
she is 11,373 Points from FubarLord come people this is a easy level DEE..@ fubar
Would You Test This On Your Wrist And See If It's Sharp?
I always used to make fun of how dull my mother's knives were. Several xmases ago, I grabbed a stick of butter (not Marlon Brando-style, but that would have been funny, too) and used what was supposed to be a chef's knife to try to cut the butter. Of course, I added a little drama and the knife couldn't quite pierce the butter. My nieces loved this gag. My mother rolled her eyes, handed me a sharpener, and told me to go to work. I turned to my nieces and, just out of my mother's view, gave them an exaggerated eye-roll. My nieces are really missing out by not having my influence in their lives. Anyway, lately I've been seeing someone who happens to be an excellent cook. Initially, I was doing most of the cooking, and I would just ask him to help out with things as needed. "Would you be willing to chop these onions? And the celery?" "Sure. Do you have a sharp knife around here?" Hrm. I realized that my own knife-sharpening had sort of gotten lax, what with the
I Am In Heaven
I know you have seen a lot of blogs I post about my beautiful wife and our wonderful daughter but, I cannot help but brag. I see these mumms with my wife cheated this and my husband did that. Not this couple HA HA HA HA. I love my family so much we can stay on here and still be true to one another. I tell you what there is no woman alive that is going to tear me away from the one woman I love with all my heart. I love seeing people tell my wife give me a night you will leave your husband it cracks me up so bad. they get put in thier place and my wife is not some hoochie on her that sleeps behind her mans back......I am not saying that all woman on here are hoochies and all guys are dicks. I am saying the select few of you and you know who you are LOL. My wife is hot and YES, I AM LUCKY TO BE IN HER LIFE. I hear it like 20 million times a day. We are both lucky to have each other. We have the most beautiful baby girl that is the REAL NEXT TOP MODEL. She is hot and she is ALL MINE and i
Sinfully Delicious
she is 2.1 million away from Disciple.. please help her out people.. thank you Sinfully Delicious Sponsored by 'T' Also Owned By "Dirty Old Man" --Owner of Dirty O@ fubar
Why Puerto Ricans Are The Koolest!
Why Puerto Rican are so COOL! We are a mix of the best of every race. Our legal drinking age is 18. We don't care less what other people think of us. We are not only bilingual but we can speak 'Spanglish' Our women are some of the most beautiful in the world, (7 Miss Universe) We are LATINOS, and yet AMERICANS In PR, any road will take you to a beach..... or a pub. We are the only 'territory' of another country with our own Olympic teams. We do everything under the sun... because we CAN! We don't need to take vacations to be in a tropical paradise. In PR everything is really close. I can call you sir ('USTED'), and insult you in the same sentence. Our Spanish is completely different than any other Spanish speaking country. We all have cool nicknames. (Pucho, Tito, Cuca la Loca!!) We have some of the best athletes in the world. We make the best coffee of the world. even the Pope drinks it
To My Lil Girl, Heaven I Miss You Somuch
I can remember a sad winter night not to long ago whin you were took from me,my love,and the only place we called home.As your mom packed all your stuff determined she was gonna leave,I can remember all the worm tears running down my cheek.I prayed to god to please help me change your mothers mind ,but nothing seemed to work you see i was running out of time.How could she do this just take my only baby girl,without a word or warning she ruined my entire world.She crushed all my plans for us,thoughts of you and me,now without you in my life im feeling so incomplete.Maybe someday,in some kind of way ill have you back in my life,so i wont ever have to feel the pain i felt that sad winter night.
A Soldiers Christmas Poem....
A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their Anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that Sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little Something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, Pocket/purse sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no Long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time To retreat to safety.....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it Home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the Button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the Blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOME!! Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what that burn spot is On the f
Michael And Matthew's Excellent Adventure
since being here on fubar, i've come across some definite don'ts and thought i'd share for those of you who can actually read. 1. I'm not into morons..not even a little. If you can't think and type, don't bother...not even if you're cute. There is no man or woman hot enough on this planet that could make me deal with stupidity just to have the chance to look at them (or fuck them...whatever the case may be). 2. You have to say more than hi in the shoutbox or things like hey, sexy, baby, hun, honey or any other adjective you have suddenly turned into my name. If we've never talked, you don't know me well enough. Simple. If you want me to respond, I suggest a little creativity. I have a heart on for sarcasm. Try me. 3. If your profile pic is one you've chosen because you are "super cool" with your beer or your bottle or your cigarette or whatever mind altering substance you've chosen that minute, then I'm probably not going to like you..especially if every other one of your pi
Christmas Cookiie Recipe
Christmas Cookies 1 cup water 1 tsp baking soda 1 cup sugar 1 tsp salt 1 cup brown sugar 1 tbsp lemon juice 4 large eggs 1 cup nuts 2 cups dried fruit 1 bottle Jose Cuervo Tequila Sample the Cuervo to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Cuervo Again to be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and Drink. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy Bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the Cuervo is still OK. Try Another cup just in case. Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and Add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the frigging Fruit off floor. Mix on the turner. If the dried druit gets stuck in the Beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the Cuervo to check For tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt, or something . Who giveshz a sheet. Check The
Dating Persona
The Peach Random Gentle Love Master (RGLM) Playful, kind, and well-loved, you are The Peach. For such a warm-hearted, generous person, you're surprisingly experienced in both love and sex. We credit your spontaneous side; you tend to live in the moment, and you don't get bogged down by inhibitions like most women your age. If you see something wonderful, you confidently embrace it. You are a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, but our guess is you're becoming more selective about long-term love. It's getting tougher for you to become permanently attached; and a guy who's in a different place emotionally might misunderstand your early enthusiasm. You can wreck someone simply by enjoying him. Your ideal mate is adventurous and giving, like you. But not overly intense. Your exact female opposite: The Nymph Deliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer Always avoid: The False Messiah (DBLM) Consider: The Loverboy (RGLM), The Playboy (RGSM), The Boy Ne
Who Are We If Anyone?
It has come to mine and others attention that some people have you be so judgemental and qucik to point the finger. Although others are scared to say anything IM NOT!!! thats why i am who i am OR i is who i is which ever works best for you! I think its funny how much time and effort is spent to build a relationship or friendship but how quick you are to give it away (hmmm to me sounds just like our paychecks!) If you dont think you will like something about someone nip it in the butt before you yes i said you let it bother you. If you let it go on then its noones fault but your own so dont judge them because you cant stand up for yourself. i just dont get why people cant fess up to what they do but instead need to point and be judgemental on everything. if i like you ill ask you to be my friend and ill show you love and all that other stuff! if i dont ill simply say i dont think this will work. nothing else is needed such as: * Your Momma * atleast im not
Gummy Bear
Auto 11's
Life In The Fast Lane...
One week to the day of my fender bender my puppy gets her foot caught in the gate...dislocating it in two different places. The doggie er fixed her up...on the dl...very very cool...what should have been 600 bucks turned into 15 *grin* I totally love animal lovers. They attempted to reset it but had no luck.Last week I took her to the vet. He fixed her up quite nicely in a's yellow :D..poor baby will have to hobble with "cone head" for 8 weeks, but at least she gets to keep her foot! For those of you who care or don't care... I'm back. Damn switching services gave me no choice but to be offline for a bit. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. ♥, Postal
A Love Survey Hits Pretty Deep
Lets start out with Love: Is REAL love indescribable? i believe that real love is to powerful to put into words Have you ever been in Love? yes i have What feelings do you get when you know you love someone? they are on your mind all the time you feel happy excited so much desire and passion they steal your breath away there are so many feelings that come with love its hard to explain but when you love someone anything and everything that happens is worth it good or bad because you have them there to support you and be by your side thru it all Ever get sick to your stomach because you love someone so much? Only time i ever got sick to my stomach was when the one i loved would tell me he would be home and then never showed up till next morning it hurt and stressed me out so bad my stomach wouldnt stop hurting Describe in 3-5 words what your description of Love is? passion breathtaking happiness desire elation Is love sometimes misunderstood for care?
Guy Fieri
I ♥ this man. *sigh*
Stil Crappy
On the whole seeing the world thing. Whenever we go out on deployment we got to places we call liberty ports. Different countries, but dont think that youll be there for a couple of weeks having fun. Nope 3 or 4 days max with duty on one of those days. hell ive been to Japan, China, Malaysia, and Australia, just enough time to get drunk have a little fun, then leave. take some pictures to show the family back home, and thats about it. the entire other time your out to see working 12 to 18 hour days with shitty fucking food and shitty fucking people. the Navy is obsolete. they want to keep building up and up more ships more people more planes and more helicopters. who the fuck else in the world has a navy like ours. we have more aircraft carriers than any other country in the world. sure they are cool and can take squadrons of fighters anywhere in the world. but do we really need fucking 13 of them holy shit. then add all the numerous support ships and we have a navy thats too fucking b
Stolen From (believe It Or Not) Allah
The Boy Next Door Random Gentle Love Dreamer (RGLD) Kind, yearning, playful, you are The Boy Next Door. You're looking for real Love, a lot like girls do. It might not be manly, but it's sweet. We think the next three years will be very exciting and fruitful ones for you. Your spontaneous, creative side makes you a charming date, and we think you have a horny side just waiting to shine. Or glisten, rather. You enter new relationships unusually hopeful, and the first moments are especially glorious. If you've had some things not work out before, so what. On paper, most girls would name the Boy Next Door as their ideal mate. In the real world, however, you're often passed over for more dangerous or masculine men. You're the typical "nice guy:" without just a touch of cockiness, you're doomed with girls. A shoulder to cry on? Okay, sure. But never a penis to hold. More than any other type, Boys Next Door evolve as they get older. As we said, many find true love, but som
Oh The Fun Of The Shoutbox!
←ĴƁ♂Ɔőőƙ→ ...: okay ... I will ←ĴƁ♂Ɔőőƙ→ ...: I only hope you have health kids and that they out live you ... when you have kids of your own you will understand maybe what I am trying to say ... ->←ĴƁ♂Ɔőőƙ→ ...: Blah get out of my SB and MuMM about it if you have the balls for it, let them decide but I don't think you could handle it. ←ĴƁ♂Ɔőőƙ→ ...: hopefully become a better person ... someone who would rather say something kind to people and have that reciprocated and actually feel better about yourself ->←ĴƁ♂Ɔőőƙ→ ...: *tears* you're so right, what would I have done without you showing me the errors of my ways! ←ĴƁ♂Ɔőőƙ→ ...: and because of that ... you are a bitter woman with nothing better than
Latest Read
Fact is stranger than Fiction. After having just read the book "Angler" by Barton Gellman I am astonished and grateful that the Bush-Cheney Administration has not taken it upon itself to have further disregard for the U.S. Constitution and have not appointed themselves "Demigods for Life". Thankfully 8 years has been more than enough!!!
Navy Life.
People always tell me that i'm doing a good job serving my country, but no one realizes that the navy is almost useless. Sure we are at war, but that is mainly the Marines and the Army with a few Navy personnel serving as security and air support. But the majority of the Navy is just us going out to sea in circles with too many ships. Sure there are plenty of pros to being in the Navy. Get to see the world, have free medical and dental care, get college money and learn a viable job. But the cons far outweigh all that. Whenever someone joins the Navy they are 18 or 17 at the youngest pretty much grown up thinking that they will get out and enjoy life, think again. If you are an enlisted person, you still get treated as if your 10 years old. Fucking bullshit in other terms. When one person fucks up everyone pays for it. Then you also get the assholes that talk to you anyway they want to and you cant do anything about that cause they fucking outrank you.
Ok Cupid
The Vapor Trail Random Brutal Love Master (RBLM) Here today, gone today. You are The Vapor Trail. Are you in a relationship now? What about now? Vapor Trails can be highly charismatic people--unpredictable, confident, and magnetic. You're experienced. You know how to handle yourself in a relationship, and many people appreciate that. Many people, all in a row. You've had your share of blissful beginnings, to be sure. But things almost never turn out how you'd like, do they? The problem is you're never happy with someone for an extended period of time. Relate to the following: PositiveFeelings HER YOU Time Vapor Trails especially need a girl who will laugh at their jokes. They're also the most likely male type to be haunted by serious regret. FACT: A few of your exes, the ones you were best to, will always love you. Nice going. Your exact male opposite: The Backrubber Delib
A World So Cold - Mudvayne
When passion's lost, and all the trust is gone, way too far for way too long. Children crying, cast out and neglected... only in a world so cold, only in a world this cold. Hold the hand of your best friend, look into their eyes, then watch them drift away. Some might say we've done the wrong things for way too long, for way too long... Fever inside the storm, so I'm turning away. Away from the name (calling your names) Away from the stones (throw sticks and stones) Cause I'm through mending the wounds of us. Keep your thorns, cause I'm running away. Away from the games (fucking head games) Away from the space (hate this head space) The circumstances of a world so cold... Burning whispers remind me of the days. I was left alone in a world this cold. Guilty of the same things, provoked by the cause. I'm left alone in a world so cold! Fever inside the storm, so I'm turning away. Away from the name (calling your names) Away from the stones (throw sticks and st
Create By The Great Tappinit
A little Indian boy asked his father, the big chief of the tribe, "Papa, why is it that we always have long names? His father replied, "Look, son, our names represent a symbol, a sign, or a poem for our culture not like the white men, who live all together and repeat their names from generation to generation. Also, it is part of our makeup that in spite of everything, we survive. For example, your sister's name is Small Romantic Moon Over The Lake, because on the night she was conceived, there was a beautiful moon reflected in the lake. Then there's your brother, Big White Horse of the Prairies, because he was conceived on a day that the big white horse who gallops over the prairies of the world appeared near our camp and is a symbol of our capacity to live and the life force of our people. It's very simple and easy to understand. Do you have any other questions, Little Broken Condom ....... It's his FIRST EVER Happy Hour! That's right, this virgin is popping
My Feelings You
When your away I can feel you. You exist in my every breath, in every beat of my heart, adding a spectacular sizzle in all the right places. Even when I close my eyes, I see your face and feel the fire of your caress. Your prsence is a tangible thing... Yet as hard to grasp as the air, I reach for you but you elude me. Still i can feel you;the softness of a pedal, a warm wind on my cheek, a ray in my vision. A distant light that ever draws me near.
I Just Don't Know Why
why do we even love someone in our life if it was never ment to be as one would put it.. why do we have to hurt why do we have tears to cry if it don't work why do you give your heart to someone to have it given back why dose life have to be so hard to live ...why do i have to cry so much and hurt too...
Please Read
Here's another idea. I'm going to save you a whole lot of money on prisons, but at the same time we are still going to remove from society many of our more annoying citizens. Four groups are going away permanently. First group: Violent criminals. Here's what you do with these Emmy award winners. You take the entire state of Kansas. You move everybody out. You give them a couple of hundred dollars for their inconvinience, you know. Got to be fair. And then, you move them out, you put a big ten story electric fence around Kansas and Kansas becomes a permanent prison farm for violent criminals. No parole, no police, no supplies, the only thing you give them is lethal weapons and live ammunition, so they can communicate in a meaningful way. Then you put the whole thing on Cable TV. The Violence Network, VNN. And for a corporate sponsor, you get one of those companies that loves to smear it's logo feces all over the landscape. Budweiser will jump at this shit in half a minute. Alright
Mistakes - Godsmack
No, I dont feel a thing. Lifes going by me. And still I say, oh god! Im making the same mistakes. Low? Im on empty. Try to erase all the bad times. Free? I dont seem to be. My soul remains tied to your life. Every breath you breathe deep... I feel you circulating through me. Ill never forgive myself again. Im so sick and tired of making the same mistakes.
Really amazed..when people move on .. get close to others..or fall in love..they forget who there friends were. Sorry this is a downer blog..but just read a blog that pissed me off. Person i use to be such good friends with more or less doesn't even adknowledge the fact I was there for him when he was hurting..or that I didnt know about his past. Only his new woman hes interested in..and her close friend.. know about it. They are the ones who helped him forget his ex. Well screw it all!
Pre Birthday Me Become A Godmadame
Pre Birthday CelebrationTreated myself to an Auto 11 as a pre birthday present, so come help me move up to GodMadame and beyond ... let's have a great time!I will be running another auto on my bday Dec 11th, and I know between the 2 it can be accomplished!Come show my page some love and spank me hard...I likes it!I have a little over 2000 pics you can rate and snag, so there is plenty there to keep you busy. And while you are there Fan, Add, Rate Me..Crush Me..Bling MeI would so love a Moon Bling for my bday!!!!!And send me fubux too!This bully brought to you byAYASHARepost for me please!
Killing Me Softly With His Song Roberta Flack
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Got the MRI images and report earlier. I have a slight disk bulge between C4 and C5. The syrinx is at the bottom of the scan, not sure exactly what, but I think I'm gonna wind up getting another MRI. This time I'm gonna have them give me something that way I won't twitch. lol.. But I will add more when I find out..
Sinful Kitties Lounge
HzlEydSwtie(Lisa) is gonna try it again and open a lounge for us to keep in touch and hang out in. Its now called Sinful Kitties Lounge so come and check it out and if u wanna help out with the lounge let Lisa know
Just To Let Ya Know
I will try to be on as much as i can. This is the time of year i am working a real lot. I am a floral designer and we are crazy with orders for parties and just plan x-mas . I try to sneak on at work when the boss is not there so shhhhhhhhhh dont tell,,,lol The hours will become more as the holiday gets closer . I some times leave my pc on so if i dont get back to you that means i am not really here . Sorry to those that think i am trying to forget them . But i need to do what i need to for my family . Thanks guys
Buying A House And Being Sick
I would like to say sorry to all my fubar friends for not being on. As most of you know me and my husband have been buying a house well we finally closed on it after 2 weeks from the origanally date because i was in hospital from being sick and dehydreated and as soon as i get better i promise ill be back on. I miss you all
Tis The Season
This is a very busy time of year for us all. We are trying to get our Christmas shopping done, our houses decorated, sending out Christmas cards. I going from job interview to job interview. Trying to keep my spirits up. It never fails, this time of year my heart tends to miss all the dear people in my life that have since pass. Grandpa Ted you left us on a cold Nov morning. Uncle Skip you decided to go 3 days before Christmas. Carl even though we loss you in the summer I cant help but think of you every time our favorite Christmas song is played. And Grandma Elnora well every time of the year I miss you. I cant help but slow down during the holiday season and remember all the good times I had with you. Grandma and Grandpa, I often wish Brendan and Joshua had gotten a chance to see and feel the love you gave to all your grandchildren. I know they would adore you as much as I know you guys would truly love and adore them. You two are the perfect definition of grandparents
I Can See...
I was blindfolded Now I'm seeing You've taken everything from me You spend your days searching for more I can't let you take anymore Touch what I have and I will break you You've tried for so long to tear away at me I've let so much slip by Nothing like a funeral to make u feel alive Let the red right hand tear your face away Rebuild what it took you a lifetime to destroy Put your hands in my face Leave me to break your fingers You came into my life without a single thing Make me scream without a sound Your face I dispise Smash your smile and close your eyes I'll suck you dry Return the favor...
Closing in on 4 months Addict name Carlton. I am todays entertainment and you have the pleasure of viewing someone who been somewhere to discover he actually wasn't anywhere, but was steady focusing on going nowhere, till all of a sudden something amazing happen. The running I was doing later slowed to a 12-step process. One where learning to change direction passing some of the same people I was moving with in the beginning didnt affect his process as much as he put emphasis on, when he passed them going in the other direction. Here is a man, who thought he was the human-net, just like the Internet, he thought he was the answer, move over Iverson. No more talking and not trying to listen or heard and never hear anything. Todays lesson and it is not just for today to take for grant, but to take advantage of, take that chore boy out your ears and put it in your mouth. For those of you who need me to write for you to manifest or write slower it simply mean, the reason for having tw
im gonna start kissin and lickin on your neck, then start slowly movin my tongue down your neck, down to your chest then im gonna circle your nipples with my tongue. spray a lil whipped cream on your nipples and slowly lick them off, then start suckin on them. im gonna move my head down to your belly then pour chocolate syrup in your belly and slowly lick it all up. im gonna slowly move my tongue down past your navel, and down to your clit. then im gonna slowly rub my tongue over your clit, then keep goin down to your lips. im gonna keep goin, spreadin your lips with my tongue, and im gonna start, eatin yo pussy nice and slow. then im gonna open your legs a lil bit wider and use my hands to spread your lips while i go deeper in you, movin a lil bit faster. im gonna take my right hand and start fingerin you with one finger, while im lickin you sweet, wet, throbbin pussy. then im gonna take my left hand and start rubbin your clit, while im still fingerin you, and eatin you, all at the sa
Power Of Prayer
Two days ago my family was gathered at the hospital,they had taken my dad off the ventilator but, he couldn't breath on his own.They put him back on it and read him his last rights. My mom had almost given up she just didn't know what to do but us kids said don't give up yet. My mom has been staying at my house threw all this. It was a long night and for me and mom pretty much a sleepless night.We were driving to the hospital early Tues morning when my sister call my mom from the hospital,my dad was off the ventilator, sitting up in bed and talking to my sister. Although he was not making a lot of sense he was breathing on his own. Only 10 hours earlier he had been given last rights.Today they moved him to CCU into his own room and has a lot of the tubes out of him. We are still waiting on the results to see if they got all of the cancer but today he is here, still pretty sick and in the hospital but, alive. That's one reason my dad is my hero and why i believe in prayers. to be cont.
♦imange Me♦
Thursday Opie And Anthony Links: Bill Burr, Ralphie May, Dana White From The Ufc, New O&a Animation, New Boobs On Ratemywow, New Jim Norton Video, Int
Listen to Today's WORST-OF OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Holy CRAP! It's THURSDAY already? Where DOES the week go? Time flies when you're picking your nose, doesn't it? Oof. Boo. On today's edition of the Opie and Anthony Group Grope, we'll be reunited with our long-lost pal Bill Burr, who is at Caroline's Comedy Club in New York City tonight through Sunday. We'll also be hanging with our jolly comedian buddy Ralphie May, who will be at Gotham Comedy Club tonight through Sunday. (So, like... go see Bill one night, then see Ralphie the next night). Finally, we're going to shoot the shit with our buddy, our pal Dana White from the UFC who is going to tell us about the UFC FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS, which goes down on December 10th in Fayetville, NC, and is a three hour liveevent to benefit the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. GET YOUR UFC TICKETS ONLINE NOW! (yeah, we're plug whores) New Opie and Anthony Animation: Someone (and by 'Someone' we
This devils voice whispers in my head Less than a man I am Subhuman sillhouette Don't give a damn Don't think I ever will My eyes are blind Yet I can see Don't you think I know what I'm doing The sun no longer sets me free I feel the snowflakes freezing me Lock me away please...
Am i wrong here, or do we put stuff on our profiles for people to actually read them??? this is one of the things that are in my profile.."I do NOT own or have axcess to a cam, don't ask, I am NOT going to get one, nor do I want to see a naked you one one..end of story." so what do i get today??(read from bottom up) Aleister C...: hope your not mad Aleister C...: sorry ->Aleister C...: you didnt read the profile did you? Aleister C...: got a webcam ->Aleister C...: depends on the favor Aleister C...: mind if i ask a favor Aleister C...: hi babe now is it REALLY too much to ask to read the profile??lmao..sheesh..btw..he was promptly banned hehehe;-)
Over - Bling Bux 4 - Dec 4 - 5
AUTO 11 100% EZ RATE BlingBux Bonanza 4!!! Prizes Galore !!!! Chiina_Whiite I will be running an Auto 11 Tonight DEC. 4th 2pm Fu Time thru DEC 5th 2pm Fu time. There are Three(3) Contests: RACE, RACE, RACE! At 2:30pm Fu Time The Race is On. The FIRST Three(3) to completely rate the 549 pic BlingBux 3 Folder will win a MOON OVER FUBAR. Please Private Message me when you are done. The Grand Prize Drawings for Over 5 Mil: Rate ALL my EZ RATE 100 pic folders - Default Folder Included - and you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three Grand Prizes 2.5 Million fubux 1.5 Million Fubux 1 Million Fubux Please Private Message when you have finished rating and let me know that you would like to be entered into the drawing. Three(3)Winners will be randomly chosen out of a pool of contestants. Prize Amounts may Rise-The More people the greater the Prize Amounts 150k Bux Random Drawing: Rate the 550 picture folder and private message me after rati
I Get Weak
Farting At Work - Part Two
>>JAILBREAK: When forcing a fart, several forts slip out at a machine gun pace. This is usually a side effect of diarrhea or a hangover. If this should happen, do not panic. Remain in the stall until everyone has left the bathroom to spare everyone the awkwardness of what just occurred. >>COURTESY FLUSH: Flushing the toilet the instant the fart hits the water. This reduces the amount of air time the fart has to stink up the bathroom. This can help U avoid being caught doing the 'Walk Of Shame' >>WALK OF SHAME: Walking from the stall, to the sink, to the door after you have just stunk up the bathroom. This can be a very uncomfortable moment if someone walks in and busts you. As with forts, it is best to pretend that the smell does not exist. Use of the 'Courtesy Flush'. >>OUT OF THE CLOSET FARTER: A colleague who farts at work and is damn proud of it. You will often see an 'Out Of The Closet' farter enter the bathroom with a newspaper or magazine under their arm. Always look
Own Judi
Want to Own me for a month or maybe 2 ?? If so see what i am offering below and hit the pic below to go bid on me Open till Dec 9th only so hurry NO FUBUCKS BIDS CASH ONLY ( not my rules for auction) Please at least rate the pic i need over 350 to win a prize for most rates so send your friends to rate it too Easy conversion of Fubucks to Cash listed here FUBucks Conversion Table - Sticky bulletin = $250,000 - 1 ticker = $250,000 - 1 day blast = $375,000 - 12 credit bling pack = $599,500 - 3 day blast = $600,000 - 7 day blast = $1,000,000 - 1 ticker pack = $1,000,000 - 25 credit bling pack = $1,000,000 - 1 month VIP = $1,000,000 - 30 day blast = $2,500,000 - 70 credit bling pack = $2,500,000 - 3 month VIP = $2,500,000 - 6 month VIP = $3,750,000 - Happy Hour = $5,000,000 - 150 credit bling pack = $5,000,000 - 1 year VIP = $5,250,000 Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee (repost of original by '~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~READ MY PRO
The Worst Part Of The Job...
So, I get to perform the function of my job that I hate the most, one of my employees has been slacking, and in an office of economists, slacking during a recession is a BAD idea. This is a tough situation because I started a year after this guy, and went straight to being his manager...after he'd been told he was a candidate for the job I now hold. I know it's not me that screwed him over, but in the same sense, I'm sure I'd be pissed if someone younger, straight off the street came and took a job I was promised. So, now I get to play big mean boss and lay the smack down...we'll see how it goes.
Rating Game - 12/15/08
~Rain's Rating Game~ So u want a chance to win one of the great prizes? Here is what you do : Below is links to Myself,Babyboy,and PIA .For every 100 pic rates I will put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a prize (1 entry per 100 rates).There are several prizes that can be won.You may rate any or all of our pics to give you more chances at winning.Please fumail RAIN (NOT SB) fumail ONLY Letting me know how many pics you rated altogether. WE have auto 11's activated ..So you will benefit just from rating! ~~Prizes~~ THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 WINNERS THIS TIME!!! 1st Place - Auto 11 Bling 2nd Place - 1 Ticker 3rd Place - 1 Tag ~~~~~HAPPY RATING~~~~~ ~~~GET STARTED~~~ Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar $j ߺ$H Я{.$.}@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~co-owner @WYKD ~*~@ fubar ~~ List of Entries~~ WYKD Radio
Question Of The Day...
--o00o-'(_)'-o00o-- Here We go Campers. Here's a question I'd thought I put before You to ponder... Are You Ready??? Ok, here We go Why do they put Braille on the number pads of drive-through bank machines?
Time To Get These Moderates Out Of My Party, Here I Give You The Names
Lisa Murkowski John McCain Richard Lugar Sam Brownback Olympia Snowe Susan Collins Arlen Specter Lindsey Graham George W Bush Chuck Hagel Ron Paul
Come Get Some Suga
♥ Get Sum Suga!!! Auto 11s are ON for 4 more hours!! ♪DJ Lil Suga♪ @ Sinfully Seductive ~ Proudly Owned by ☠EDDIE☠FUM2JAX
Want To Own Me?
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In An Auction
I'm in an auction,please come bid if u can. Here is the link:
Smooth, Creamy Promises.
I ate most of a bag of Dove Promises, and I can't say I gained that much wisdom. The little messages on the inside of the foil always leave me feeling a little empty, a little in need of more chocolate. They are, in sum, a fucking marketing scam, intended only to sell more chocolate. "Find your passion." Chocolate, obviously. "Love without rules." Just one more? That would be silly. No rules! "Smile at yourself in the mirror." So as to wipe that chocolate smear off your chin. "Hey, why not?" I wondered that, too. "Test your own limits and keep going." Fuck. I'm going to vomit soon.
Longing By Matthew Arnold
Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again! For then the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day. Come, as thou cam'st a thousand times, A messenger from radiant climes, And smile on thy new world, and be As kind to others as to me! Or, as thou never cam'st in sooth, Come now, and let me dream it truth; And part my hair, and kiss my brow, And say: My love! why sufferest thou? Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again! For then the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day.
Things To Say If You Get Caught Sleeping At Your Desk (top 10)
10. "They told me at the blood bank this might happen." 9. "This is just a 15 minute power-nap like they raved about in the last time management course you sent me to." 8. "I wasn't sleeping! I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new paradigm!" 7. "Actually I'm doing a "Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan" (SLEEP) I learned it at the last mandatory seminar you made me attend. 6. "I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve work related stress." 5. "Damn ! Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem." 4. "Boy, that cold medicine I took last night just won't wear off!" 3. "Ah, the unique and unpredictable circadian rhythms of the workaholic!" 2. "I wasn't sleeping, I was trying to pick up contact lens without hands." AND THE #1 BEST THING TO SAY IF YOU GET CAUGHT SLEEPING AT YOUR DESK: "Amen"
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Ok this blog goes to all on here who have made their little comments on me having this They have called it "the easy way out" well let me tell you, i have struggled with being heavy all my life and it took alot of courage to have this surgery, but it is now 6 months after and i feel great, i am now down 100lbs and still This is not the "easy way out" its the "last resort"!! Im extremely happy with my decision and may i add i LOOK I have been asked if my attitude has changed since i have lost the HELL NO i am who i am, i didnt have the surgery to please anyone but myself!! im still the smartass, honest, caring, loving person i have always been!!
How To Fart At Work>>the 'work Fart' Is >>inevitable.
>>CROP DUSTING: When farting, you walk really fast around the office so the smell is not in your area and everyone else gets a whiff but doesn't know where it came from. Be careful . Do not stop until the fullfart has been expelled. Walk an extra 30 feet to make sure the smell has left your pants. >>FLY BY: The act of scouting out a bathroom before farting. Walk in and check for other farters. If there are others in the bathroom, leave and come back again. Be careful not to become a 'Frequent Flyer'. People may become suspicious if they catch you constantly going into the bathroom. >>ESCAPEE: A fart that slips out while taking a leak at the urinal or forcing a fart in a stall. This is usually accompanied by a sudden wave of embarrassment. If you release an escapee, do not acknowledge it. Pretend it did not happen. If you are standing next to the fairer in the urinal, pretend you did not hear it. No one likes an escapee. It is uncomfortable for all involved. Making a joke or
Mercenary - Rescue Me
And now, you remind me Of the life, we used to liveIt stings, just like jealosyIs it love, in disguiseWhen we started to drift awayFrom the perfect past we hadAnd you wanted to play the gameOf my bittersweet feelings...(The feelings were so bittersweet)Don't let me goMy onle love is leavingWon't you rescue me?You're my soul companionLove is what we make itI could never feelWhat I feel right nowAnd you feeling the same way too?And dream, what I dreamt back thenI'm forever blackening...(Becoming black forever)Won't you rescue me?Broken heart is bleedingLove is what we make itI could never...Break it...But still I didAnd you cannot blame meAnd still, this is my honestyAs I always wanted to beWhy do I feel so bittersweet?The distance, killing meIn time, when we grow olderMay life smile upon you dearMy heart would never surely be colderGoing through the years in tears...(Cold heart is bleedingTurns tears to dust)My onle love is leavingWe will be forgivenMy broken heart is bleedingWe will b
It's A Fu-a-thon!!!!!!!!
> I want to be in the spotlight! Now taking Donations,all Love returned. Thank You! Click my Pic to transport to my page! Ozzfanatic2 Music provided by WYKD Radio Made with much mad Luv by: ★♎★Lucretia★♎★ @ fubar
Holiday Tips
HOLIDAY EATING TIPS 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls. 2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. It's rare. You cannot find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that it has 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going to turn into an eggnog-alcoholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Have two. It's later than you think. 3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on. Make a volcano out of your mashed potatoes. Fill it with gravy. Eat the volcano. Repeat. 4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're made with skim milk or whole milk. If it's skim, pass. Why bother? It's like buying a sports car wi
Be My 1000h Friend Get 5000 Fubucks
ive got 5000 fubucks for anyone who is my 1000th friend is is for all fubar :)ty an have fuwonderful time :)
Have You Ever Had This Problem?
I logged into my AKO, no problem just had to reset the password but then I went to manage profile and tried to update it. IT WOULDN'T UPDATE!!! So wanted to send a couple emails, im's, blah blah....IT WOULDN'T LET ME DO IT!!! So I got so frustrated I asked my sister in law to let me use her NKO address......she did. So anyway I'm surfing on NKO not understanding a damn thing lol but it's all good. Then some people wanted to add me so I explain it to them what is happening and gave them both addresses...... HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE?
So I have a question: Is it rude of me to delete most of the people off my account? I do not talk to half of them.. I just want to keep the people i talk to on here.
You Know It's Love.....
You know it's love... when you can't sleep at night without talking to him. .....when you cry because you have to hang up the phone with him and you don't want to. .....when he is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before you goto bed at night. He's even in your dreams! .....when just hearing his voice makes you smile. .....when you feel like nothing in this world can go wrong as long as he is there. .....when all you want is to be close to him and it hurts knowing that you can't!
How could you do this to me? With a simple glance you made me eternally yours. You Stacy are the dawn to my dusk. The very stars spell out your name my angel. How thankful I am that this happened finally to me. You have no idea of just how much you saved me. If I were to live a billion years? Would I find one who completes me like you do? Nae that would be impossible. For you are the very essence of my soul. The core of whom and what I am. I am yours now and forever. When we are old and grey. Still you will be the most beautiful woman to ever be I love you hardly seems to cover what I feel for you. But these words are so true. When you sleep know I am always there. I will carry you upon angelic wings. Never shall I let you fall. Your eyes are my sanctuary. You love my only solitude Never again shall we be alone.
One Month Together ( Anniversary Poem )
Bitter sweet this eternal twilight. For a thousand life times I have waited for you. My soul has screamed out your name to a million sunsets. Only to find my search for you never ending. Now it has come to and end. At last my stay I have found you. For so long have I waited. Wailing agony at spending each lifetime without you At last my search is over. My angel who takes my breath away. Now I have you I fear to close my eyes. These eyes of blue wanting to drown within hazel perfection Now is the time of our first month together. The first of an eternity to come. Not a day shall pass where I do not tell thee how beautiful you are. Not a fleeting second shall pass where I do not show how I am for everly yours. If I shall wake from this serene dream I know it will be with me next to you. I will forever hold you in my heart. These arms shall forever hold and protect you. A thousand thank yous are so insignificant to show the honour I feel How I have longed for
You Saved Me!
Day in and day out I find my love for you only ever growing stronger. How much I yearn for your touch through out these eternally long nights, You came to me like a dream of the heart. A vision of most divine perfection, an angel of salvation. You took what once was so broken and put him back together. You Stacy have made me whole once more. Never before have I been so loved or so happy. You complete me in every way possible. Your smile I find is my greatest weakness. You love for me takes my breath away. I thought I was meant to walk this shadowed sphere alone. Never to feel happiness and salvation. An eclipse of night forever to walk within the shadows. Then you came and drove the darkness away. Shining down your light upon me as if heaven sent. These arms long to hold you, each day they scream to feel you. My body aches for your touch, these lips needing to taste of you. You are my muse and my salvation. My greatest joy and weakness combined. There is nothin
Morph Made For Me
Since I cannot add anymore pics or stash I wanted to share this awesome morph created by Lord Wolf who is owner of the new leveling group I joined. Thank you Lord Wolf for this wonderful morph. Great job!!!!
Very Clean Laundry
Ok, I was asked (bugged to death actually) to tell another story. Here’s one that was an honest mistake on my part that kinda turned out funny…..days later. I was in my first year of college and had just finished playing an intramural flag football game in the rain and mud. Our championship freshman team beat the champion sophomore squad a week before, but we lost to the champion seniors in a very close game. So, I was a bit down but decided to wash my muddy clothes once I got back to the dorm. So I went to my room, showered and changed, and then headed back downstairs to the laundry room to wash my muddy clothes. I wasn’t thinking too clearly (bad way to start a sentence huh). I looked at my clothes and thought; these things may never come completely clean. At least not using the regular amount of detergent. So I chose to use twice the amount. Then I thought about it and used three times the amount….they were really dirty. I started the machine and then left.
People Comeon now are so stupid 2 put your childrens pics up in your default pics that is the most Stupid thing I have ever seen this place has 2 many peeps on here and 2 much porn 2 have your children up duh get a fuckin brain...=)
Christmas Lights Video
And Life Gets More Interesting...
So not only am I dealing with the fact that my cousin is still missing (the sheriffs department decided to reopen and take over the search as of yesterday..)buuttttttt, my cousin Tiffany called me yesterday, in tears. Her grandfather, or my great uncle, has to have open heart surgery. Originally they were gonna do it next month, but they received the tests back yesterday, and 2 major arteries are clogged, which means they bumped his surgery up to tomorrow. The doctors have very little hope he'll survive it, because its that bad. I have the FABULOUS job of being the bearer of bad news and letting my parents and my nana know.. GREAT. I'm 99% positive Darien didn't survive the crash, and I sure as hell don't want to lose my uncle in the same week... Oh, and then. My fucktard I-wish-he-would-die ex, Jay decides to email me because he "wants to talk." So me, being nice and giving him to grow balls and admit the truth, talk to him to see what he has to say. I get the whole "I'm still
School First!
hey everyone! just wanted to let all of you that have been asking, know that my holiday went Great! I was able to see my babies, my brand new 5 month old nephew.....finally say goodbye to my father (i never was able to say goodbye to him before i left for NC :( i was able to spend some time with him).....All in all, i got to spend family/friends time over this past holiday week. It was great being "home" again for a bit and seeing everyone. It was kinda funny how i did it too...I didnt tell a soul i was coming home for thanksgiving (except for the ex hubby and the family that was picking me up in NC). we arrived later in the day and found out that my mom and brother were at my grandmas (perfect! most everyone under one roof lol)....I called the ex to bring the kids into town to grams house when i got there. I pulled up behind my moms car (in which she was sitting in) and i jumped outta my cousins car...ran up and went "BOO!" in her drivers side window. She bout had a stroke L
Da Doo Ron Ron
Sangen Dadooronron med Crystals er spesiell. Den forteller hele vr vestlige historie i et ntteskall og har ftt vidtrekkende betydning for oss. Den ble skrevet av 2 hvite menn og 1 hvit kvinne til den sorte jentegruppa Crystals. Tilsynelatende er det en helt vanlig jentelt med avstandsforelskelse og etterpflgende mte vi har med gjre, men tittelen sier noe annet. "Da" er afroamerikansk slang. "Doo" er en mild henvisning til elskov. "Ron Ron" har en av sine betydninger "Lp for livet" som Iggy poengterer p sin "You Better Run" med gjenforeningen med Stooges. Hva skjedde i mtet mellom de sammensvorne? Min tese er at det er snakk om den hvite mannens oppvkning om sin dyriskhet i mtet med den sorte kvinnen. Backet opp av en hvit kvinne. "Somebody told me that his name was Bill" betyr rett og slett at fyren ikke kan snakke. Han er livsfarlig. Et beist. Og det viser at den hvite mannen var blitt historisk livredd for vise sin dyriskhet sammen med den hvite kv
2 Auto11 Hotties Hit Em Up
Among The Wildflowers@ fubar Fiesty0ne@ fubar Brought to you By : Picins420@ fubar
More Music To Come
[ - *Glitter Photos*] A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you just have to let go.
A Lil News 4 Yall From Pinko828
=== '*Pink0828* Member of ஐ*ღDangerous Curvesღ*ஐ' wrote the following at '2008-12-04 11:27:54'.. > > > > > > > > > > > > It's A Skins Contest!! > Interested In Making Me A Skin? > I'm Giving Away 1 Million Fubux & A 5 Credit Bling > To The Person Who Makes Me The Best Skin > Some Rules: > You must make it using the colors I have chosen > You must make it orginial and it must not be ripped from someone else > There must be a tag header with my fu name in it > > > What I'm Looking For: > Holiday > Color Pink > Animation > Original > > To Enter: > You Must First Rate, Fan and Add the Jugdes(and me) Listed Below > Once You Do Send > Me A Link To Your Skin You Would Like To > Enter > Place Your Skin In Your Blog Folder. > I Will Screen Capture Your Creation And It Will Be In A > Special Folder On My Page For Rates. > > The Top 5 Entries After The Ratings Count > Will Then Be Judged For The Winner. > You
A Lil News 4 Yall From Pinko828
=== '*Pink0828* Member of ஐ*ღDangerous Curvesღ*ஐ' wrote the following at '2008-12-04 11:27:54'.. > > > > > > > > > > > > It's A Skins Contest!! > Interested In Making Me A Skin? > I'm Giving Away 1 Million Fubux & A 5 Credit Bling > To The Person Who Makes Me The Best Skin > Some Rules: > You must make it using the colors I have chosen > You must make it orginial and it must not be ripped from someone else > There must be a tag header with my fu name in it > > > What I'm Looking For: > Holiday > Color Pink > Animation > Original > > To Enter: > You Must First Rate, Fan and Add the Jugdes(and me) Listed Below > Once You Do Send > Me A Link To Your Skin You Would Like To > Enter > Place Your Skin In Your Blog Folder. > I Will Screen Capture Your Creation And It Will Be In A > Special Folder On My Page For Rates. > > The Top 5 Entries After The Ratings Count > Will Then Be Judged For The Winner. > You
Whine Without Cheese.
Ya ever notice how some people, no matter how nice you are to them never warm up to you? Some people really need to check themselves and not be so stuck up or rude. We are all human beings and should be treated the way you want to be treated. A polite hello to fellow Fubarians you run across daily wouldn't kill you. Eh, maybe I shouldn't be so damned nice anymore.
Can You Be Pregnant For Us? With Ham And Eggs
After our first Wednesday night Advent service at church last night, the youth who had come and the triad leading them gathered the kids into small groups and had them study skits to perform for everyone. I was walking around and then Margaret (not my sister-in-law, one of the girls at LYO) looked up from her group and asked me todays title question. Now I dont get asked that every day; the object of the skit was that Margaret played the nurse herding checking patients into the waiting area to see the doctor, and each patient except the first one had something they obviously needed to see the doctor for. As the physically ailing patients sat next to the first one, their ailments got transferred to her, from coughing to sneezing (my part; the pregnant person became my niece Breanna with a balloon under her shirt) to itching to belching uncontrollably and patient #1 ran from the office screaming, Its not possible! Such skits (there were three others) are something to lighten t
Brokencondom Is Busting Out!
A little Indian boy asked his father, the big chief of the tribe, "Papa, why is it that we always have long names? His father replied, "Look, son, our names represent a symbol, a sign, or a poem for our culture not like the white men, who live all together and repeat their names from generation to generation. Also, it is part of our makeup that in spite of everything, we survive. For example, your sister's name is Small Romantic Moon Over The Lake, because on the night she was conceived, there was a beautiful moon reflected in the lake. Then there's your brother, Big White Horse of the Prairies, because he was conceived on a day that the big white horse who gallops over the prairies of the world appeared near our camp and is a symbol of our capacity to live and the life force of our people. It's very simple and easy to understand. Do you have any other questions, Little Broken Condom ....... It's his FIRST EVER Happy Hour! That's right, this virgin is poppi
So this wonderfully generous friend of mine graciously gave'd to me those auto 11's. I have been checking to see what day is riddled with happy hours, so I can level faster(hi,my names Alana, and I am a point whore) Sooooo...she needs love too vixen260@ fubar rate/fan/comment/love her up as often as you can, want, or like to :D I have decided that I will activate the bling on Saturday the 6th...I do have to work that night so ultimately I wont be here the whole time...but I know that if it helps me it helps all of you too :D so..if you can...come help me make godmother please :P thats it for now...I have to go talk to the boy's teacher for a bit!!
dr appointment tomato at 9.
For My Fu Yall..
If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you, And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue If I could build a mountain You could call your very own, A place to find serenity, A place to be alone If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding Are impossible for me I cannot build a mountain, Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there - Author Unknown -
The Awakening
I feel like Ive slept through most of my life flowing through the years some happiness some strife No real dreams or desires no real goals to achieve no real purpose to life to make me believe Then one day came a lady shes such a surprise the woman inside her has awoken my eyes Shes stirred things inside me I didnt know lived All these words and these poems and this passion to give Im filled with the desire to make her feel good to make her heart smile just like it should Im filled with the need to make her face glow to make her feel wanted deep in her soul Shes awoken this man and ignited a fire he now has a dream its to feel whats inside her
For My Fu Hubby Willie. Love You
A Friend's Greeting I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me; I'd like to be the help that you've been always glad to be; I'd like to mean as much to you each minute of the day As you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way. I'd like to do the big things and the splendid things for you, To brush the gray from out your skies and leave them only blue; I'd like to say the kindly things that I so oft have heard, And feel that I could rouse your soul the way that mine you've stirred. I'd like to give you back the joy that you have given me, Yet that were wishing you a need I hope will never be; I'd like to make you feel as rich as I, who travel on Undaunted in the darkest hours with you to lean upon. I'm wishing at this time that I could but repay A portion of the gladness that you've strewn along my way; And could I have one wish this year, this only would it be: I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have be
Just Some Background Info.
Live Today Like Tomorrow Will NEVER Exist. [Just some background information] - Please, don't pity me, or tell me how sorry you are. It tends to get extremely annoying. - I am doing this to help others understand, so I don't have to explain all the time. So recently I found out I had this disorder. It's called Syringomyelia. [] Yeah, big big big word. Hard as hell to pronounce. Its just a fancy word for saying "a cyst in the spinal cord." [[Yes.. I have a cyst in my spinal cord.]] How did it happen?? It could be caused by Chiari [] Malformation. Thats just a fancy word saying "the base of your brain goes lower than it should." Because of the base of your skull [the bone] being where it is, it causes the brain to put pressure on your spinal cord, blocking the flow of spinal fluid. The fluid builds up and causes a cyst. This cyst grows over time, and as it does it eats away the nerves and center of the spinal cord, causing [all o
Fu-a-thon For Ozzfanatic2
> I want to be in the spotlight! Now taking Donations,all Love returned. Thank You! Click my Pic to transport to my page! Ozzfanatic2 Music provided by WYKD Radio Made with much mad Luv by: ★♎★Lucretia★♎★ @ fubar
Auto 11's On- Spank Me!!
Thank You All For The Love :)
In 1 hour I dropped 200.000 :) And I will do my very best in the next days to return all your love :) SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE! Lots of Hugs :) ps: Would be easier for me if you just wrote : I helped .... Thanks again :)
Mary Did You Know By Clay Aiken
I shared this recently with a dear friend and wanted to place it here in my blog for those that have that spirit of love at christmas. I hope and pray that it touches your life all year long Gegi
Update On The Huggable, Lovable, Kissable One Lol
Well I went and saw the infectious disease doctor this morning, referred by my bone specialist, he is recommending that the bone specialist doctor take out all the hardware in my arm, said that the hardware can get infected and cause the bone to get infected as well. Really glad its coming out, hurts like crazy. I go tomorrow morning to the hospital to have an IV ran into my right arm/chest for 6 weeks to run strong antibiotics into my body, since my broken arm keeps getting infected over and over, I'm telling you, this is my 1st broken bone, and it's taking forever to get back to normal, but I think seeing this infectious disease doctor will get me on the road to recovery. Of course today I ask am I gonna be knocked out for the IV lol (hate those things) I have small veins and have to make sure they use the smallest gauge possible, she said it feels like a bee sting and will numb it as good as she can. Please keep me in ur thoughts and prayers that all goes well and that I recover qui
Thoughts flicker In my mind Like faint stars. I glint Like a drop of dew In the morning sun And vanish. This space Into which I now dissolve And disappear Is the eternal color Of your eyes.
Not One Of Mine, But It Fits Right Now.
Losing Yet Again by Katie Love in my life is like sand, I give it care and attention, Then a strong gust of wind sifts it through my hand, I lose yet again
Sometimes Daddys Suck
Evan is screaming. yep, he's pretty pissed off at me. There's not a *really* good reason why--i cut his hair, that's all. I can't take him to have it done, because he hates for someone to touch his head. Don't know why. He's ocd about several small things like that. I cut my own hair, so his is really no big deal--when he's not acting like i'm cutting his toes off. I've asked his dad to cut it every saturday for the last month. and every sunday evening, evan comes back looking like a used q-tip. it's a process that really takes less than 10 minutes, and it's not that complicated. but after 2 seconds, evan was screaming. he says "i'm done." you can't be done. only part of your hair is cut. done, momma. that's enough. just a little bit more, baby... the tears start flowing and he says "you not my best fwiend anymore" i just let that slide. for some reason, that's his new way to express anger. when the dust has settled and we watch cartoons, he'll love me again. the
At what point do you stop holding out hope, at what time can you safely say that there is indeed no going back. We have all, at some point been in just that situation, unsure of how and when to let go and move onis it the right thing to do, do you hold on to the smallest part of hope that what you have desired and wished for will again come true, will once more be there for you to treasure and hold true to you Do we really ever let go, or is it there in the back of our minds, giving us the occasional nudge every now and again, just to remind us just how we do feel, then it is up to us as to how we handle it at that time and mostly we reflect for a while then tuck it back in the depths of our mind once again.until the next time..does it get easier to handle each timewho knowsits a personal thingsome handle and deal well with it.others, not so well. For me, I tend to think I can handle things like that pretty well but I have been told very often that I have
Beautiful Angel Poetry Blender
A Twisting Life
Mixing and matching, Twisting and turning, Hoping and praying, Dreaming and considering, Never knowing yet always knowing, Wanting to, yet not wanting to, Mixing my heart, Matching my soul to yours, Twisting fate with the flick of the wrist, Turning my life over, Hoping that it would end, Praying that it never would stop, Thinking it was over, Wishing that it wasn't, Dreaming of its coming, Considering letting it steal within Never knowing if it's true, Always knowing that it's there. Wanting to live in the light, Not wanting the light to come, The love of another The dreams of someone close, Remembering what you used to feel, Can it come back if you pray so?
Let's Help Her Out
Come help her out, she only has 50k more to hit Henchman, we could knock that out in no time. Let's get it done. The Sweetheart Sexie Fairy♥* ~Member of RR~@ fubar
Me And My Big Mouth(fingers)
So I have this problem. I have to write. Whatever is in my head, it has to come out somehow. The issue is that I like when people read what I write so I keep putting it in somewhat public forums. This keeps turning out badly! I would love some suggestions as to how to purge without stepping on toes and hindering my social life (among other things, but that's a WHOLE other story!), but still get the input of some really smart and/or snide people! Have a great day everyone!
If a broken heart could cry a river To float my boat upon I would cry all night my love and in the morning be gone to travel far away from here where no one knows I cried because you told me you don't love me and a part of me has died If I could sail my boat upon that salty sea and leave behind this hurt I feel I'd take the chance and flee but no...I'd love you still If a broken heart could cry a river to float my boat upon I would cry all night my love and in the morning be gone If I could sail my boat upon that salty sea would you change your mind and go with me come sail on my salty sea... come sail away with me...
Luscious Layers- Update 80
Luscious Layers Do you enjoy layers? This set is full of fetishes. I have on blue pantyhose with black stockings. I am also wearing gloves. I was waiting for you to cum keep from work and couldn't keep my hands off my big 40ddd tits, round ass, and luscious curves. I use my glove hand to make my sweet pussy very wet. My birthday is next month and I would like to do something special for you all. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Do you think I should change the days I update? Should I change how often I update? What would you like to see more of? Email me XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
My Drawing
I Haz Teh Ballz!!!!!
My sweet friend Sproet, commented on my page that I was the first of her friends to "have the balls" to buy herself the Auto 11 bling. That got me thinkin. I sent her the Moon over Fubar bling and decided to write this blog. I'm a little stoned, so bear with me! hehe Now why in the world would I need to have said balls to buy myself something that damn near EVERYone on here is constantly begging everyone else to buy them? I'm an independent woman and If I want something, I will get it myself. I don't need to depend on other people to get ME the things I want. So, in closing, I am a woman, and I HAZ TEH BALLZ!! WOOT!! hehe ok, you can resume your lives now.
My Simple Hobby
Better Than A Flu Shot
Miss Beatrice, The church organist, Was in her eighties And had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness And kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor Came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, The young minister Noticed a cute glass bowl Sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled With water, And in the water Floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned With tea and scones, They began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity About the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist. 'Miss Beatrice', he said, 'I wonder if you would tell me about this?' Pointing to the bowl. 'Oh, yes,' she replied, 'Isn't it wonderful? I was walking through The Park a few months ago And I found this little package On the ground. The directions said To place it on the organ, Keep it wet an
Divorce Update / Surgery Date
Well my peeps. I signed my divorce papers 11 24 08 and if I am lucky I will have my divorce for a Christmas gift. Tony will pay for the divorce and he is not getting anything BUT his laptop, Ps3 and the games and movies that go with it. That is it. He will get visitation BUT was told if he drinks and drives with Sara and is busted he will looose his visitation. He claims to be sober since 11-23-03. Can you say too little too late! I was called yesterday and given a date of surgery. Dec. 10th. I will be in the hospital at least till Friday. I may have to stay longer if they find endometrosis around my colon. We hope all is well when they open me up. I will be uable to pack or move my stuff. I have one week to pack all I can and get my room ready at Mom's to move back into. After the 10th all I can do is point and grunt. I will now know how my Dad felt. I will miss you all while I am gone. When I do get home I do not know how long Sara will have to stay with the babysitter. I will follow
Who Am I?
i don't know who i am at all. i'm trying to figure this out but i don't know how. i've lost my way in life and i don't know how to get it back. i pray, hope, and wish for someone to help me but i don't think and/or know of anyone who can. the only way i can ever talk about how i feel anymore is through writing. because i don't want to hurt myself and confide in anyone because i don't know i can trust anyone.
The Secret's Safe With Me
"Nobody knows the rhythm of my heart The way I do when I'm lying in the dark And the world is asleep. I think nobody knows Nobody but me." -REL
Ok so I thought the fumarriage thing was funny and a nice new addition since people get fumarried anyway. So why not help us out and make it a bit more interactive with fubar and not just something users made up and have been doing from the start. I'm no longer amused by it. I'm more so annoyed by it. Apparently in order to get fumarried you have to dish out $100 yes dollars not fubucks. People have been getting fuengaged and fumarried since before i ever came to the site. You propose, you find a rev in a lounge, have a little fuwedding in a lounge, then throw fumarried to whomever in your name. Some of the reverends on here will even make you a fumarriage certificate. So why spend $100? I love fubar but its really starting to seem like they are trying to get more and more money from us....which is kind of shitty considering our economy right now. Fubar members need incentive for them to dish out their hard earned money. However as always I have a few solutions/suggestions -----
Pain And Sorrow
I am beginning to feel that the Gods have cursed my life, everywhere I turn, every time I begin to feel a small measure of joy. Something occurs to damage that or totally destroy it. What in my past has caused this, I know that we pay for and learn from past mistakes on this plane. But, why in the infinite wisdom of the Gods, must it always affect someone else as well? The pains I suffer should be mine and mine alone to face, no one else. I have recently, without choosing to, caused great pain in someone very dear to me. Someone who has touched me deeply and shown me things that have allowed me for the first time to experience a more enriched view of life. My life has always been so very dark and for once I could see the potential of finding true happiness, now I grow concerned because so many causative factors are working to destroy that. I pray the Gods are just testing our resolve, but it is all to familiar to me. I hope the answer comes soon, I am not sure I can b
December Night
On a cold december's night. I sit here alone. Madly, insationably , passionately in love. Missing the one I love. So intensely, that these words do no justice. To showenough. To express, how I miss her so dearly. She's touched depths within myself. I never knew exsisted. Many trials and tribulations. We have overcomed. More than most care to bare witness too. Yet, we somehow pushed threw all. Destroyed what boundries and fail safes we had built within ourselves. To be stripped down to the bare naked truths. The truths, that are who we really are. Millions of miles seperate us. Time seems to be our enemy most of all. Constantly feeling like if too soon . Is not soon enough. Finding myself in a never ending showering of gifts and intense passionate love. Yet, none of them compare to the greatest gift of all. The blessing and pure love she has given me. Nothing can ever be measured up to it. Nor can it be measured by it. For it is in a league all to it's own. I am forever and always yours
Thanksgiving Divorce...sort Of ;-)
Thanksgiving Divorce A man in Jacksonville calls his son in San Diego two days before Thanksgiving and says, 'I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing. Forty-five years of misery is enough. 'Pop, what are you talking about?' the son screams. "We can't stand the sight of each other any longer,' the father says. 'We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Denver and tell her.' Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. 'Like heck they're getting divorced,' she shouts, 'I'll take care of this.' She calls Jacksonville immediately, and screams at her father, 'You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing. DO YOU HEAR ME?' and hangs up.The old man hangs up the phone and turns to his wife. 'Okay.' he says, 'They're coming for Thanksgivin
No Woman No Cry
Jamaica kan tolkes som et Lesbos i forhold til den sorte mannens rolle i forhold til egyptisk religion. Den sorte kvinnen er rett og slett alt for sterk og dominerende. Sett som et mte med henne selv.
Angel's Fight!
Below I am pasting a copy of my dearest and special friend Angel's blog. She just received some Earth shattering news on Tuesday. I have already pledged my support for her. All I am asking is that those of you that read this, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers while she fights the battle of her life. Some of you know and some dont I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. As the doctor ran more test on me he found a spot on my lung that I had to have a biopsy on. Well today I went and got my results from the biopsy and I have stage 1 lung cancer on top of my cervical cancer. After spending along time talking with the doctor, nurses, and my mom I decided I was going to fight this. I had a lot of options giving to me for treatments and we also talked about the side effects. I decided to go with radiation and a newer type of chemotherapy and they are the chemotherapy pills. After the first of the year I will be having a full hysterectomy for the cervical cancer along with the ra
The Word If
If I never met you, I wouldn't like you If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you If I didnt love you, I wouldn't miss you But I did, I do and will
Ways To Annoy A Bathroom Stall Mate
1. Stick your palm open under the stall wall and ask your neighbor," May I borrow a highlighter?" 2. Say "Uh oh, I knew I shouldn't put my lips on that." 3. Cheer and clap loudly every time somebody breaks the silence with a bodily function noise. 4. Say, "Hmmm, I've never seen that color before." 5. Drop a marble and say, "Oh crap!! My glass eye!!" 6. Say "Dang, this water is cold." 7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 seconds and then drop cantaloupe into the toilet bowl from a high place and sigh relaxingly. 8. Say, "Now how did that get there?" 9. Say, "Humus. Reminds me of humus." 10. Fill up a large flask with Mountain Dew. Squirt it erratically under the stall walls of your neighbor's while yelling," Whoa! Easy boy!!" 11. Say, "Interesting....more sinkers than floaters!" 12. Using a small squeeze tube, spread peanut butter on a pad of toilet paper and drop under the stall wall of your neighbor. Then say, "Whoops, could you kick that back over her
"first Kiss" From R
He told me he was looking and looking at my pictures and was inspired to write's so lovely and sensuous!!! Thank you BabyBoy! ------------------------------------- First KISS Lips light and sensuous... yet at the same time, full behind them, pearls of brilliant white... I wish to taste... The Feel of your breath... The softness of your lips... Moist and gentle... Looking in your eyes... Leaning forward... Spheres of hazel, Looking seductively through me... With a "come hither look"... I have only fathomed in my imagination... The blonde hair; falling seductively, teasing, The feelings unimaginable... Chills shooting up my spine... And my mind races... I see you and me... long yellow locks, dropping between us Time slowing... The gentlest touch electric... Passions ignite... Bodies Drawing closer... Arms pulling each other near... Feeling the warmth of your body through your shirt Tearing spastically at each others clothes... Feeling you
Somethings That Get Under My Skin
Ok I don't know how to start this off but I figured I would start writting to see how many people have the issues I might have and want to share so lets begin here. The few things that gets under my skin is when you or a friend or family member are out and about and they want so much to hang out and chill with you, but when you take the time to do this they like forget all about you and go off and do there own thing when you were out with them all day long and if you knew they were going to screw you over you could have left along time ago, since you know you had other stuff that you could have been doing. It's like since they hurt your feelings and made you so mad sometimes you really don't care if something bad happens to them or not because it was there choice to go out and hurt you. I mean I don't want to get into much detail and im sure half of the people that are going to read my first blog are going to be like what happened that makes Jay think this way... Oh well I say if you n
I Miss You
I Miss you ... I don't seem to know how to pull you close, I don't know how to pull you back...All I know is how to push you away. I don't mean to hurt you but yet I do ...over and over again. I cry everyday. I don't know why I do the things I do. I push and I push. One day I will wake up and you will be gone and I will be alone. I don't want that....but, I don't seem to know how to pull you close, I don't know how to pull you back. ....Can you please meet me half way... I am willing to try. That is promise I make to you. .....I LOVE YOU
Warped & Twisted
Harsh words & violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone, my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted
Southern Cornbread Dressing
Southern Cornbread Dressing 4 cups crumbled cornbread 6 buttermilk biscuits, I buy the yellow packet, add water and bake 3 cans broth plus broth from baked chicken .if you use just broth you may need 4 cans 1 large onion chopped 3 ribs celery 3 eggs 1 cup melted butter 4 packets herb ox chicken seasoning bouillon, it comes in a green box 1 green bell pepper chopped, optional 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon pepper 1 can cream of chicken soup 2 or 3 cooked and chopped boneless breasts I usually bake a whole cup up chicken and use the juice from that as part of the broth but you can use canned broth by itself. I saut the onions, green pepper and celery in a tablespoon or two of butter until tender and then add to the dressing mix. Combine everything by hand in a large bowl .Keep adding broth until the mixture is somewhat soupy enough to pour into a 13x 9 pan. You shouldnt need more than 4 cans of broth. Add a little at a time. Cook 1 hour and 20 minutes uncover
Triple Action: Helpful Cleaning Supplies And Product Information Videos
p>Triple Action: Helpful Cleaning Supplies and Product Information Videos Barry Newhart: Hi there, Barry Newhart with Dan Dillon, We’re here to talk about a product called Triple Action. It’s a carpet spot reducer, spot eliminator. We’ll see if we can ask Dan some questions and maybe he can fill us in on exactly what Triple Action can do for you. So Dan, tell me something what is Triple Action? Dan Dillon: Triple Action is a multi-enzyme spotter and odor eliminator. It is a well versed product that will go after protein based stains. Barry Newhart: And this is for carpets? Do you do complete carpet cleaning with this or is it for spot removal? Dan Dillon: It’s typically known as a spotter. Coffee spots, pet urine, vomit, feces, milk, red wine, it’s like magic cure for red wine. Barry Newhart: If you can get that out of carpets it has to be good. Dan Dillon: Triple Action is awesome. It’s a very impor
Cheeseburger Pie
Cheeseburger Pie 1 pound lean ground beef cup sweet onions, or substitute with white or yellow 1 tablespoon steak seasoning. McCormick Montral is good 1 tablespoon steak sauce 5 slices of cheese 1 egg yolk Let puff pastry thaw at room temp 20 minutes Mix ground beef, onion, steak seasoning, and steak sauce together. Form into 5 small flat patties. Grill until medium well or pan fry. Drain patties and top with cheese. You can also add bacon mushrooms, toppings you like on your burger except the condiments Roll the puff pastry sheet to flatten. Cut into 5 even rectangles Cover each burger with a piece of puff pastry and wrap it around the bottom, pinching edges to seal. Place on an un-greased baking sheet, pinched side down. Wisk together egg yolk and 1 teaspoon water. Brush each wrapped pastry with the egg wash. Bake for 15 minutes until pastry is golden and brown
hey guys buy me a drink coz i'm freking thirsty!!!!!
ok im not crazy but who the hell is goin to pay 100$ of real money to get fu-married not even gettin benifits whats up with that well just sayin. i know alot of ppl agree
I don't feel great..... I don't know if I am coming down with something or if this freezing weather is just getting to me.... It's a whopping 21 degrees here, and although I am inside and the heat is on, I swear I can feel it in my bones. (Does this mean I am getting old?) So if I dont answer or you dont see me logged on thats why...
Gave Away
i going to gave a way some auto 11. so you need to tell me way you should get one!
Hello My Lovelies
Ok, some of you may not know, but I work for 3 companies and I'm a single mom. Which means I don't have a lot of time to rate and do all that stuff. I DO try to slam someone if they're trying to level like Fishy was yesterday. Some people get a little peeved if I don't rate them back the second they rate me. I will get to you when I can! Whiney ass bitches I love you :P
Last Few Days Of Auction...ppl Are Still Sorta Cheap
not many days left to own me...
What Happened Last Night
At 5 am.....I got a phone call. A person that we consider to be in our family went to the hospital. She was pregnant I didn't know........ I ran to the hospital.....she had cramping and bleeding so I stayed there comforting her for 4 DAMN HOURS. THEN I HAVE TO TAKE HER TO THE DOCS FOR HER APPOINTMENT AT 1430!!! SO IF YOU WANT TO PISS ME OFF TODAY IT'S A GREAT DAY TO DO IT BECAUSE GUESS WHAT I DON'T CARE IF YOUR THE FUCKING QUEEN OF GOD DAMN ENGLAND. I WON'T TAKE SHIT FROM ANYONE, ESPECIALLY TODAY!!!!
Dont You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me????????
Well it thought i would give this one more try, anyone out there from the 206?
Or Stuck Up
You know I am so tired of going and rating some peeps pages and then no response hi kiss my ass or anything well you know what you can bite me if you thik you are that much better than me haha we all are human you Stuck up Snaughts...xoxoxo Cindy P.S. that is what blogs are about to speak our opinion...hehehe
Wanna Loose Folicles? Trying Unemployment.
Sigh. That pretty much sums up my feelings right about now. Let me backtrack a bit. I'm currently unemployed. I used to work in the I.T. Industry but whatever, I'm not working now. I've applied everywhere from Office Depot to Game Stop and nothing. Fill out inane application and bring it in, make some small talk with the person on the other side of the counter and nothing. I go back in a day or 2 to check out the status of the fore mentioned application and get the proverbial deer in the headlights look. Fine. So I was on unemployment but that ran out. I get a letter *mind you this is from a out of state claim*saying that the president signed into order a extentsion on claims. Fine, works (no pun intended) for me. I go online and procede to make my claim. But WAIT, they say my pin is invalid. Ok, now what? Call our easy call number to change it. Fair enough...... I've been trying to get a hold of U.E. Since 9 am ( it's now 11:08 am est) and the place is in a centra
Love Is....
Love is like a cloud, love is like a dream, love is one word and everything in between love is fairytale comes true Cause I found love when I Found you
Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex!!!
Its a given that sex feels great. That alone is enough reason to be actively orgasmic. Researchers are finding more and more evidence that orgasms are great for other reasons, too. (Did you really need convincing?) 1. Orgasms are a great way to deal with stress. Stress releases biochemicals which over the long term can have damaging effects on your body and lead to premature death. The biochemicals released from sex counteract the negative effects of stress. 2. Orgasms are a great sleeping pill. Orgasms cause a surge in the biochemicals that act as a sedative. They help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Its not really a coincidence that men fall asleep so quickly after sex. 3. Orgasms can relieve a migraine headache. Not tonight, dear, I have a headache is no longer an acceptable excuse. Although not as reliable as prescription medications, its a bit more fun and has all these other benefits as well. You surely cant get that from a pill. 4. Orgasms can reduce
My Grade
Your Bedroom Grade: A You are an expert in bed or should I say sexpert? But you're going to have to reach (around) for that A+. You are a natural in bed, and anyone that has had you brags about it long afterwards! What's your Bedroom Grade? at
So Hawt - Why Not
Carol-Leigh *Stiletto Girl~�The One That Don't Give A Damm�**Club Oasis PlayMate**@ fubar Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Carol-Leigh is just one of those people here on Fubar.. She walks into your Fubarian life and never walks out. You may not see her everyday, but she is always there, watching over you & taking care of you, whether it be pervin your profile or your pics&stash or just taking care of your heart&soul. She is truely a beautiful woman as the saying goes both inside & out. Friendship is a relationship that is given to few, but desired by all, and always extended by Carol-Leigh, if friends are like Mirrors and you can see yourself just by looking at them, then you should consider yourself a SuPerSeXayStaR with A Friend like Carol-Leigh! Well here it is Fu's... Another chance to see if you have what it takes to help a Fu in Need! Carol-Leigh needs 12,500 Comments for an auto 11 Bling!!! She's a tadbit
Smart Ass Answers
A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub." Smart Ass Answer #1 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead." Smart Ass Answer #2 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could." When the cop finally stopped laughing, he sent the kid on his way without a ticket. Smart Ass Answer #3 A truck driver was driving along the freeway. A sign comes up that reads, "Low Bridge Ahead." Before he knows it, the bridge is r
No Comment..........
4th of appointment to the American Consulate. Reason - tourist visa to go to see my fiance. Result - denial Why? - the (cant even use a word to describe her) was PMS -ing coz she had no reason what so ever to deny my request. I tried to prove to her i am coming back showing papers she didnt even look at. I am angry, disappointed, sad.. Now, i have the chance to go back again any time hoping i will find another officer. Should i wait after the Holidays or before to make the appointment? I am beyond being pissed, my fiance the same! How can u trust ur life in someone's decision that probably had a bad night. her words regarding my denial were "Your relationship with Xavier concerns me" as if she was my mother! And that was it! Where is that fairness in all this? Where is the "checking papers and ties to your country" thing when she didnt even look at the papers i presented from work! Now me and my fiance have to figure out some other
Why I Hate The Holidays
Ok so for all who are wondering why I dont like the holidays....Here is why...I had one of my son's pass away Jan. 6th of pretty much right after this time of year is really rough for me......So bear with me and my bitchiness please.....
I Meant Every Word
And I meant every word I said, when I said that I loved you I meant that I love you forever. And I'm going to keep on loving you, 'cause it's the only thing I wanna do!
20 Ways To Make His Xxxmas
1. Trim his tree. 2. Lick his luscious candy cane. 3. Be his "ho-ho-ho" for the holidays. 4. Polish his christmas balls. 5. Ride him like a reindeer. 6. Taste his sweet egg-nog. 7. Deck the halls with moans of pleasure. 8. Fa, la, la, latio- la, la, la, la. 9. Spark his menorah with a hot strip tease. 10. Request a stiff stocking stuff-her! 11. Make his Kris Kringle tingle. 12. Gift wrap yourself in sexy lingere. 13. Unwrap his package. 14. Hang mistletoe from any place you want kissed. 15. Rock his jingle bells in the frosty air. 16. Make your Rudolph's hose as red as his nose. 17. Heat him up with a snow job. 18. Give the Christmas carolers a show of your own. 19. Dress up as Santa's nasty little helper. 20. Make sure you're naughty, so it's nice.
So Hawt - Why Not
Carol-Leigh *Stiletto Girl~�The One That Don't Give A Damm�**Club Oasis PlayMate**@ fubar Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Carol-Leigh is just one of those people here on Fubar.. She walks into your Fubarian life and never walks out. You may not see her everyday, but she is always there, watching over you & taking care of you, whether it be pervin your profile or your pics&stash or just taking care of your heart&soul. She is truely a beautiful woman as the saying goes both inside & out. Friendship is a relationship that is given to few, but desired by all, and always extended by Carol-Leigh, if friends are like Mirrors and you can see yourself just by looking at them, then you should consider yourself a SuPerSeXayStaR with A Friend like Carol-Leigh! Well here it is Fu's... Another chance to see if you have what it takes to help a Fu in Need! Carol-Leigh needs 12,500 Comments for an auto 11 Bling!!! She's a tadbit
More Me News
My New Baby
As most of you know i am pregnant I found out on November 24th that i am having a little boy Dotlan-Ray Nathaniel Jewett. In the ultrasound on the 24th it was found out the he could have possible Congenital hydrocephalus (congenital meaning developed before birth) I have included some information about it becasue i know most of you will wonder what it is. We will have another ultrasound in January to detemine if it is 100% but i ask that you would please pray and keep your head up for us. with everything i have been handed in the last yr i hope that this would be one more thing i can handle. its very hard to deal with and i have been up almost all night trying to cope and understand and i still dont but i know it will come in time i love my unborn son like the others even if he is not here yet. so thank you for reading and i hope you will pray for Tyson Roy-Allan, Doltan-Ray and I. The word hydrocephalus is derived from two Greek words, hydro, meaning water, and cephalus, meaning
What Is A Slut???
So what is a slut to me? A slut is a woman (or man) who is confident in her (or his) own sexuality. I know who I am, I know what I like, I know what attracts me and I go after it. (too many (his's) needed to add the male gender but guys, we know who you are too!!) A slut is one who leads their lives under the premise that sex is really good stuff and not sinful at all. You've heard little kids saying "God made dirt, dirt don't hurt." Well God made sex too!!! Why would He create something so awesome and then tell us not to do it?? A slut is one who discriminates. I am a very ethical slut. I am very choosy about who I have sex with. If a person I have met gives me the willies, if there is no attraction or chemistry, if they are rude, inconsiderate or disrespectful or if I just get a weird feeling about them, the answer is no. They will not be invited into my bed and I will not accept an invitation into theirs. It's that simple! A slut is one who has taken control of their sex
Status Quo?!
Status that Made me Laugh today: i know i an not yet to rate u back but i have work! eh?
Wishes To All
Hello.I am wishing all my freinds on Fubar warm Holiday wishes.(Merry Christmas and have a joyous New Year!!!)
Coconut-peanut Butter Bars
Ingredients: Crisco Original No-Stick Cooking Spray 6 tablespoons butter or margarine, softened 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup Pillsbury BEST Whole Wheat Flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup flaked coconut ICING 1 cup sifted powdered sugar Dash salt 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Light cream or milk Directions: 1. HEAT oven to 350F. Spray an 11 x 17 x 1 1/2-inch baking pan with no-stick cooking pan. 2. BEAT butter and sugar in medium bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed, until fluffy. Add in peanut butter, eggs and vanilla one at a time until incorporated. In a separate bowl stir together flour, baking powder and salt. Add to creamed mixture. Beat just until mixed. Stir in coconut. Spread into prepared pan. 3. BAKE 25 to 30 minutes. Cool. Cut into 2 dozen bars. 4. MIX powdered sugar, salt, vanilla and enough light cre
What's Your Spiritual Number?
Your Spiritual Number is Eight You bring inspiration and success into people's lives. You understand how the world works, and you have a knack for money. Right now, your life is all about goals and progress. This is nothing new though - you're always moving forward. You have a lot of perspective in life. You are able to remove your emotions and see the big picture. You usually bet right in life. You have are intuitive and win often. What's Your Spiritual Number?
Jeep Disaster!
So, I finally finished the rewire of my 61 Willys. Got everything back together, put the tank back in and filled it with 5 gallons. After remembering to pull the choke, it started right up, such a beautiful sound! Then, turn the key to the off position, and nothing happens, The Beast keeps running. Pull the battery cable and it shuts off. Have either a wiring issue or a bad ignition switch...going to determine which today. Last night, me and the wife went shopping for christmas stuff, had a pretty good time and got 90% of our shopping done. On the way home, mom calls, she smells gas, went into the garage and said there is a puddle under The Beast. Get home, leaking like a sieve. Get the tank out, kitty litter down on the ground to soak up spilled gas, then notice that part of the JB Weld that I put on a seam to seal a leak has broken off, must have happened during install...going to order a new gas tank this week sometime... dont ya just love those little surprises!
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Ingredients: 1/2 cup Crisco Butter Shortening 1/2 cup Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 large egg 2 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 3/4 cups Pillsbury BEST All Purpose Flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt Sugar 48 foil-wrapped milk chocolate pieces, unwrapped Directions: 1. HEAT oven to 375F. 2. CREAM together shortening, peanut butter, brown sugar and 1/2 cup sugar. Add egg, milk and vanilla. Beat well. 3. STIR together flour, baking soda and salt. Add to creamed mixture. Beat on low speed until stiff dough forms. 4. SHAPE into 1-inch balls. Roll in sugar. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. 5. BAKE 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown. 6. TOP each cookie immediately with an unwrapped chocolate piece, pressing down firmly so that cookie cracks around edge. Remove from cookie sheets to cool. Yield: 4 Dozen Cookies
Linzertorte With Cherry Jam
Ingredients 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 cup confectioners' sugar 3 egg yolks 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 1 1/2 cups ground roasted and salted pistachios Cherry jam Directions In a large bowl, beat butter and confectioners' sugar at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Beat in egg yolks until combined. In a small bowl, combine flour, nutmeg and cardamom. Gradually add to butter mixture, beating until combined. Beat in ground pistachios. Cover and chill for 1 hour. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. On lightly floured surface, roll dough to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut with a 2-inch star-shaped cookie cutter. Cut out centers of half the cookies with a 1/2-inch star-shaped cookie cutter. Place cookies 2 inches apart on baking sheets, and bake for 12 to 14 minutes, or until edges are lightly browned. Let cool on pan for 2 minutes. Remove to wire racks to cool co
I Like To Move It
I Like To Move It - Click here for more amazing videos
Paradise Macaroons
Ingredients 2 (7 to 8 ounce) packages sweetened shredded coconut 2 ounces sweetened condensed milk Pinch kosher salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 large egg whites at room temperature 5 ounces granulated sugar 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips 1 ounce vegetable shortening 2 ounces finely chopped dry-roasted macadamia nuts Prepare the oven to 325 degrees F. Combine the coconut with the sweetened condensed milk, salt and vanilla in a medium mixing bowl. In the bowl of a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium speed until foamy. Gradually add the sugar and continue to whip the whites until medium peaks form, 6 to 7 minutes. Gently fold the egg whites into the coconut mixture. Scoop tablespoon-sized mounds onto a parchment-lined half sheet pan and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. Immediately transfer the parchment with the macaroons to a cooling rack. Cool completely before topping. Fill a 4-quart pot with enough
A Muppet Death Metal Special
A Muppet Death Metal Special. - The best video clips are here
The Real Me
I have just talked to someone, and he reopened my eyes on who I am. I was starting to forget. Basically, I don't think the world, or anyone else, needs someone like me. I think about it all the time, like a cancer growing inside my head. I AM the cancer; I manage to fuck up everything I can possibly put my hands on...kinda like King Midas that turned everything into gold...only vice versa...I turn everything into shit, or mold, or god knows what... I've made peace with it for a while, but year after year it gets harder and harder to make excuses for myself and not jump into the abyss. Having enemies sucks-but not as bad as having yourself as one. You have to see that person every day in the mirror,you hear what goes on inside her head, you feel what she feels like. Its like being at a bad concert FOREVER, having to listen to some atrocious performance by a person you really dislike. I carry that fucking cross with me every day; I think of what shit I am. Its like having it
Single Moms Of The World...unite!
Being a single mother is definitely not all it's cracked up to be. I know, I know, I should be grateful that my boyfriend is around, but he's not around enough. He has this weird idea in his head that if he comes over once a week for two hours, Piper will know who her Daddy is. Also, once a week, I stay overnight at his house, but we sleep in seperate rooms and Piper's care is left in my hands. While he is technically Piper's father, I can't help but feel cheated that he gets to be around for the good stuff...the smiles, the giggles, and the occasional kitten-like cry. Me? I'm stuck with the 2 am feedings, the spit-up, the howling and wailing, the explosive poop and projectile barf. To make matters worse, Piper is on a nursing strike and will only take breast milk from the bottle. I guess going out and giving her a bottle with my babysitter wasn't the best idea, but if I don't get out of my house and away from her at least once a month, I feel like I'm going insane. Even so, I would
For All You Priceless Fans Out There Lol
While she was 'flying' down the road yesterday, a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, 'What's your hurry?' To which she replied, 'I' m late for work.' 'Oh yeah,' said the cop, 'what do you do?' I'm a rectum stretcher,' she responded. The cop stammered, 'A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do?' 'Well,' she said, 'I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch it, until it's about 6 feet wide.' 'And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole? ' he asked. 'You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge...' Traffic Ticket - $95.00 Court Costs - $45.00 Look on the Cop's
The Glass Is Always Half Full
Thursday, December 04, 2008 THE GLASS IS ALWAYS HALF FULL. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a good side to every situation. View your problems as opportunities. You cannot have the success without the failures. Any experience can be transformed into something of value. Everything depends on the way you look at things. What are stumbling blocks and defeat before you can be stepping stones to victory if you remain determined. In all of your adversities lies the seeds of equivalent advantages. In every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the next time. When it's dark enough you can see the stars. Copyright 2008 Watch The Video => Surviving A Bad Economy Watch The => Webinar Check Out The => Glimpse Stories Learn More At => The Mangosteen Evolution
:( Welcome To My World...
As everyone runs fast forward and you're there running in slow motion, left behind trying to reach out for them, but there's something pulling you back, how does it feel? Like swimming, a sudden undertow, as if an anchor was chained to your ankles, gasping for breath you struggle and try to reach for the surface to breath oxygen for your lungs. Yet you sink deeper the more you try to reach the surface. As you think your life has come to an end and completely over. One minute everything was alright then suddenly life does a 360 on you; throws you overboard. Like lying in your bed at night trying to sleep away the feeling of sinking in an ocean of depression and anguish. You close your eyes slowly yet abruptly open them again due to gasping, sniffing and sobbing and you say to yourself amidst of all that feelings,"I shall wake up tomorrow, see this all as a bad dream, and everything will be alright."
Millionaire Show And Holiday Snack Contest
Good Morning. Did you by chance catch that show that just aired last night? It was on FOX called Secret Millionaire. We watched and it was actually pretty entertaining. Check it out next week if you missed it this week. I know its another reality TV showbut this one was somewhat a heart warmer. Oh my three weeks until the youngest and oldest Bell Gals arrive back home. I cant wait. Bonita finished the calendars online last night before I returned home from Bowling. Bowling is getting to be a jobI mean, sometimes I just enjoy getting out with the guys and bowling and other times it makes me feel like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble at Bedrock LanesPerhaps I am just in one of those had my fill of sports buddies. Hey speaking of the girls coming home we always do this on Christmas Eve the Snack and Appetizers Movie Night. I mean this is not short of being a full blown eating event. Every year we try to add a new Appetizer and drop one that tends not to go over to well with
Check Them Out
My son and his fiance joined the site last night so they are new here they havent got up a salute yet but they do have a few pics to rate.So PLEASE go show them some love and welcome them to FU-BAR the love will be returned THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGATHA their ID is crystal and ricky--- they are on my page so start the love sending ty again
Missing It
streets that I walked down every day (from school to grandma's,at 1:25 is her apt entry) I have been living in the US for 11 years,since I was 15, and consider it my home. But there are times when I get so fucking homesick again, and wish to see my city just for a moment. I dont consider Chicago my hometown, I never have. It is a place where I moved, and which I associate with the most troubles that I've had in my life. I hated it since day one, and my first year in the US was miserable, to say the least. TO the point where my mom wanted to send me back to Russia. I was really depressed and feeling shitty, with no friends, or language, or anything. I hated it back then, and I still hate it now. I have been watching vids of Moscow (thx, youtube), and became nostalgic to the point of almost crying. Its a city where I was born, where my mom was born, my grandparents, etc. The weather was mostly shitty, rarely any sun for about half a year, but I miss it. I miss
Moving On....
Hiya friends..... I got some Great news tonight at work, I had transfers in at dif. locations & had an interview last Sat. tonight was the night that I would find out if I got it or not, & I did!!! I am so excited, my son will be 18 in 2 wks, hes my youngest, so this is now the beginning of the "Me" phase in life. I have to let them know the date that I'll be starting (which is in Jan). So now I have to find a new place to live & such. I'm moving to Indiana & will be working in Lafayette (home of Purdue). Wish me luck, so if you don't see me on here much, you'll know why.... Take Care friends & love ya all!!!!
Holiday Meringue Dessert
Ingredients: * 1 egg white * 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar * 1/8 teaspoon almond extract * Dash salt * 1/3 cup sugar * 2 scoops chocolate ice cream * Chocolate sauce * 2 tablespoons flaked coconut, toasted * Maraschino cherries Directions: Place egg white in a small mixing bowl and let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes. Add the cream of tartar, extract and salt. Beat on medium speed until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, on high until stiff glossy peaks form and sugar is dissolved. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spoon the egg mixture into two mounds on paper. Using the back of a spoon, build up the edges slightly. Bake at 250 for 35 minutes. Turn off oven and do not open door; let shells dry in the oven for at least 1 hour. To serve, fill shells with ice cream; top with chocolate sauce, coconut and cherries. Yield: 2 servings.
Banana Cheesecake Dessert
Ingredients: * 2 packages (21.4 ounces each) strawberry no-bake cheesecake mix * 3/4 cup butter, melted * 1/4 cup sugar * 3 cups cold milk * 1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple, well drained * 3 medium firm bananas, sliced * 1/2 cup chocolate ice cream topping, warmed, divided * 1/2 cup caramel ice cream topping, divided * 1 carton (8 ounces) frozen whipped topping, thawed * 1/3 cup chopped pecans * Maraschino cherries with stems Directions: Set aside filling and strawberry topping packets from cheesecake mixes. Place the contents of the crust mix packets in a large bowl; stir in butter and sugar until crumbly. Press into an ungreased 13-in. x 9-in. dish. In a large mixing bowl,Beat milk and contents of filling packets on low speed until blended. Beat on high for 3 minutes or until slightly thickened. Spread over the crust. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Spread contents of strawberry topping packets over cheesecak
Pork Chop Potato Dinner
Ingredients: * 6 bone-in pork loin chops (1/2 inch thick and 8 ounces each) * 1 tablespoon canola oil * 1 package (30 ounces) frozen shredded hash brown potatoes, thawed * 1-1/2 cups (6 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese, divided * 1 can (10-3/4 ounces) condensed cream of celery soup, undiluted * 1/2 cup milk * 1/2 cup sour cream * 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt * 1/8 teaspoon pepper * 1 can (2.8 ounces) french-fried onions, divided Directions: In a large skillet, brown chops in oil on both sides; set aside and keep warm. In a large bowl, combine the potatoes, 1 cup cheese, soup, milk, sour cream, seasoned salt and pepper. Stir in half of the onions. Transfer to a greased 5-qt. slow cooker; top with pork chops. Cover and cook on high for 2-1/2 to 3 hours or until meat is tender. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and onions. Cover and cook 10 minutes longer or until cheese is melted. Yield: 6 servings.
Swiss Steak Dinner
Ingredients: * 1/2 cup all-purpose flour * 2 teaspoons salt, divided * 1/2 teaspoon pepper * 2 pounds boneless beef round steak , cut into 1/2-inch pieces * 2 to 3 tablespoons vegetable oil * 6 medium onions, thinly sliced * 7 to 9 small red potatoes (about 1-1/4 pounds), halved * 1 bay leaf * 1 can (10-3/4 ounces) condensed tomato soup, undiluted * 2 cups frozen cut green beans, thawed Directions: In a large resealable plastic bag, combine the flour, 1-1/2 teaspoons salt and pepper. Add beef in batches and shake to coat. In a large skillet over medium heat, brown beef in oil on both sides. Transfer to a greased 3-qt. baking dish. Top with onions and potatoes. Sprinkle with remaining salt; gently toss to coat. Add the bay leaf. Spoon soup over top. Cover and bake at 350 for 1-1/2 hours. Place beans around edge of dish. Bake 15-20 minutes longer or until meat and vegetables are tender. Discard bay leaf. Yield: 6 servings
Cheeseburger Skillet Dinner
Ingredients: * 1 package (7-1/4 ounces) macaroni and cheese * 1 pound ground turkey or beef * 1/2 cup chopped onion * 1 package (16 ounces) frozen mixed vegetables * 1/3 cup ketchup * 1/4 cup water * 1/2 teaspoon prepared mustard * 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder * 3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese * Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Prepare macaroni and cheese according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, brown the turkey or beef with the onion; drain. Stir in vegetables, ketchup, water, mustard and garlic powder. Cook until vegetables are crisp-tender, about 10 minutes. Add cheddar cheese and stir until melted. Mix in macaroni and cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Yield: 4-6 servings.
Almond Asparagus
Ingredients: * 3 tablespoons butter, divided * 3 tablespoons bread crumbs * 1 garlic clove, minced * 1/2 teaspoon dill weed * 1/2 cup sliced almonds * 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese * 1 pound fresh asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces * 1 tablespoon lemon juice Directions: In a skillet, melt 2 tablespoons butter over medium heat. Stir in bread crumbs, garlic and dill; saute until crumbs are golden brown. Remove from heat; stir in the almonds and cheese. Set aside. Cook asparagus in a small amount of water until crisp-tender. Drain; heat with remaining butter. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Spoon asparagus into a serving dish and top with the reserved crumb mixture. Yield: 4-6 servings.
Alfredo Potatoes
Ingredients: * 2 large baking potatoes * 1 cup prepared Alfredo sauce * 1 teaspoon garlic powder * 1/2 teaspoon pepper * 1/8 teaspoon dried thyme * 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese, divided * 1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese Directions: Pierce potatoes several times with a fork and place on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave on high for 4-1/2 minutes or until tender. Allow potatoes to cool slightly. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the Alfredo sauce, garlic powder, pepper and thyme. Stir in 1/2 cup cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. Scoop out the pulp and add to the sauce mixture; mix well. Spoon into potato shells. Sprinkle with remaining cheddar cheese. Microwave on high for 45 seconds or until cheese is melted. Yield: 4 servings.
Red Cabbage Casserole
Ingredients: * 8 cups shredded red cabbage * 1 medium onion, chopped * 1/4 cup sugar * 1 tablespoon canola oil * 1 teaspoon salt * 1 teaspoon lemon juice * 1 to 2 medium tart apples, chopped * 1/4 cup red currant jelly Directions: In a Dutch oven, combine the first six ingredients. Cover and cook over medium heat for 10-15 minutes or until cabbage is crisp-tender, stirring occasionally. Add apples; cook 10-15 minutes longer or until cabbage and apples are tender. Stir in jelly until melted. Yield: 8-10 servings.
Marinated Grilled Shrimp
INGREDIENTS * 3 cloves garlic, minced * 1/3 cup olive oil * 1/4 cup tomato sauce * 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar * 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper * 2 pounds fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined * skewers DIRECTIONS 1. In a large bowl, stir together the garlic, olive oil, tomato sauce, and red wine vinegar. Season with basil, salt, and cayenne pepper. Add shrimp to the bowl, and stir until evenly coated. Cover, and refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour, stirring once or twice. 2. Preheat grill for medium heat. Thread shrimp onto skewers, piercing once near the tail and once near the head. Discard marinade. 3. Lightly oil grill grate. Cook shrimp on preheated grill for 2 to 3 minutes per side, or until opaque.
Buffalo Chicken Wings
INGREDIENTS * oil for deep frying * 1/4 cup butter * 1/4 cup hot sauce * 1 dash ground black pepper * 1 dash garlic powder * 1/2 cup all-purpose flour * 1/4 teaspoon paprika * 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 10 chicken wings DIRECTIONS 1. Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). The oil should be just enough to cover wings entirely, an inch or so deep. Combine the butter, hot sauce, pepper and garlic powder in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir together and heat until butter is melted and mixture is well blended. Remove from heat and reserve for serving. 2. In a small bowl mix together the flour, paprika, cayenne pepper and salt. Place chicken wings in a large nonporous glass dish or bowl and sprinkle flour mixture over them until they are evenly coated. Cover dish or bowl and refrigerate for 60 to 90 minutes. 3. Fry coated wings in hot oil for 10 to 15 minutes, or until parts
Why Worry?
......... ``There are only two things in life to worry about: Whether you are well, or whether you are sick. ** If you are well, then there is 'nothing' to worry about. ** But if you are sick, there are only two things to worry about: Whether you are going to get well, or whether you are going to die. ** If you get well, then there is 'nothing' to worry about. ** But if you die, there are only two things to worry about: Whether you are going to go to heaven, or whether you are going to go to hell. ** If you go to heaven, then you have 'nothing' to worry about. ** But if you go to hell, you'll be so busy shaking hands with all your friends, that you won't have time to worry! So, Why Worry? Be Happy!``
Tortillas With Cactus And Cheese
INGREDIENTS * 1 (16 ounce) jar nopales - drained, rinsed, and dried * Adobo seasoning to taste * 1 (8 ounce) package shredded Cheddar cheese * 1/2 cup chopped cilantro * 10 (6 inch) flour tortillas DIRECTIONS 1. Season nopales with adobo seasoning. Fold seasoned nopales, Cheddar cheese, and cilantro inside tortillas. 2. Place filled tortillas in a medium skillet over medium low heat, and warm until cheese is melted.
Messages In The Dark
This morning I received a text message at 5:15. What followed was the end of a relationship that had been over for a while, but that last conversation hadn't happened. I'm glad for her, she made a hard decision in a hard circumstance, it wasn't what she wanted, but it was something that had to be done. It's strange how life can throw us curve balls, and sometimes it isn't fair because we have to do things we do not want simply because we are adults and hard decisions come with the territory. It isn't until I sit down to type this out, as a sort of last catharsis for my heart, that the tears come. Even though it was expected, a part of me mourns the loss of what I knew was going to happen. To her, even though she will never see this, I say goodbye, forever this time.
Turkey Sloppy Joes
Ingredients * 2 tbsp. (30 mL) vegetable oil * 1 lb. (500 g) ground turkey * 1 medium green pepper, chopped * 3 cloves garlic, minced * 1 cup (250 mL) beer (or chicken broth) * 1/2 cup (125 mL) Heinz ketchup * 2 tbsp. (30 mL) Worcestershire sauce * 1/4 cup (50 mL) sliced pimiento-stuffed green olives * 4 green onions, chopped * 1/2 tsp. (2 mL) salt * 1/4 tsp. (1 mL) black pepper * 4 split buns, toasted * additional toppings: shredded cheese, lettuce, pickle Cooking Instructions 1. Heat oil in a large saucepan or skillet over medium-high heat. Add turkey, green pepper and garlic and cook, stirring to break up the clumps of meat, until turkey is no longer pink, 6 to 8 minutes. Stir in beer (or broth), ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and olives. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat slightly and let simmer, stirring, for 10 to 12 minutes or until about half the liquid has evaporated and the mixture is thickened. Sti
Easy Breaded Chicken
Ingredients * 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts * 1 cup Italian-style salad dressing * 2 cups seasoned dry bread crumbs Cooking Instructions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 2. Dredge chicken breasts in salad dressing, then coat completely with bread crumbs. Place coated chicken breasts in a lightly greased 9x13-inch baking dish and bake in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through and juices run clear.
Corn Dogs
Ingredients * 1 cup yellow cornmeal * 1 cup all-purpose flour * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1/8 teaspoon black pepper * 1/4 cup sugar * 4 teaspoons baking powder * 1 egg * 1 cup milk * 1 quart vegetable oil for frying * 2 (16 ounce) packages beef frankfurters * 16 wooden skewers Cooking Instructions 1. In a medium bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, sugar and baking powder. Stir in eggs and milk. 2. Preheat oil in a deep saucepan over medium heat. Insert wooden skewers into frankfurters. Roll frankfurters in batter until well coated. 3. Fry 2 or 3 corn dogs at a time for 8 to 10 minutes, or until lightly browned. Drain on paper towels.
Breakfast Risotto
3 cups cooked U.S. arborio or medium grain rice 1 cup orange juice, divided use 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt 1 1/2 tablespoons brown sugar 1 1/2 cups blueberries 1. Combine rice and 1/2 cup orange juice in 3-quart saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat 15 minutes or until orange juice is absorbed. Add remaining orange juice, stirring until juice is absorbed. Add yogurt and brown sugar; stir until dissolved. 2. Fold in blueberries just before serving. Makes 6 servings.
Low Fat Granola
3 cups old fashioned oats 1 cup wheat bran 1 cup wheat germ 1/2 cup almonds (or pecans or walnuts) 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds 1/2 cup sunflower seeds 1/3 cup honey 1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/3 cup orange juice 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1. Mix oats, wheat bran, wheat germ, nuts, and seeds in large bowl. 2. In small bowl mix honey, brown sugar, orange juice, butter, and cinnamon. 3. Pour honey mixture onto oats mixture and stir well. 4. Bake in a 275*F (135*C) oven for 1 hour, stirring every fifteen minutes.
Skillet Pork Hash
1 pound boneless pork loin, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 (16-ounce) package refrigerated cooked, peeled and diced potato 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped green bell pepper 1 clove garlic, crushed 1/3 cup chicken broth 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 1. Heat oil in large ovenproof skillet over medium high heat. 2. Cook pork 3 to 4 minutes, until slightly brown. Stir in potatoes, onion, green pepper, garlic, broth, thyme, salt and pepper, cover, lower heat and simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. 3. Place skillet under broiler 4 to 5 inches from heat source. Broil until surface of hash is crisp and golden brown, about 2 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley.
Norwegian Iceberg
Ingredients: * Fill with Ice * 3 shots Vodka * 4 shots Sprite * 1 shot blue Maui Mixing instructions: Fill glass with ice. Put in shots of Vodka, Sprite, and finally (blue) Maui to make it the color of an Iceberg. Make sure all the ingredients are icy cold.
Ingredients: * 2 shots White Creme de Menthe * 1 glass Ginger ale, Tonic or Soda Mixing instructions: Put double of Creme de Menthe in a 10-12 oz (300-350ml) glass and fill to top with Ginger Ale, Tonic, or Soda Water.
Bayou Juice
Ingredients: * 2/5 oz Malibu rum * 2/5 oz Rum (Captain Morgan's) * 2/5 oz Amaretto * 2/5 oz Cranberry juice * 2/5 oz Pineapple juice Mixing instructions: Pour equal parts of all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Chill, shake and strain.
Coco Cognac
Ingredients: * 28 ml Cognac * 14 ml Tia maria * 56 ml Milk Mixing instructions: Pour the ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes, shake, and pour in a cocktail glass.
What's Happened To My Messages....?
I wrote a blog yesterday about my Auto 11's and lots of people came to help me and at this point i am down from over 1 mil to just over 438,000 points till Godmother!! WooHoo, you guys ROCK. Well i had been sent various messages and i was in the middle of answering them when ALL my messages disappeared !!!! So i have no sent messages and my inbox is empty. So, as i can't answer them all now please don't think i am ignoring you. My auto's will run till about 8 or 9pm tonight (UK) time so please stop by if you have a bit of spare time. Thanks so much and a HUGE 'thank you' to those who spent ages yesterday showing me love, it is very appreciated. Hugs Linda
Forever, Until The End Of Time
I want to love you until the end of time Forever and ever I want you to be mine I want you always to love and adore Always and ever after and forever more I want to love you until all the seas become dry Forever and ever until all the birds no longer fly Love you forever until all the winds cease to blow Always and ever after until I find the rainbow's gold I want to love you until all the stars cease to exist Forever and ever I want to taste your sweet kiss Until the sky falls from the heavens above Always and ever after I want you to love I want to love you until all the mountains disappear Forever and ever I want to hold you near Love you always and pray you love me Always and ever after until the end of eternity
Marry Xmas
Season's Greetings Money's short, Times are hard. Here's your fucking Christmas card. T'was the night before Christmas And all through the house, Everybody felt shitty Even the mouse. Mum at the whorehouse And Dad smoking Grass, I'd just settled down For a nice piece of ass. When out on the lawn I heard such a clatter, I sprung from my peice To see what was the matter. Then out on the lawn I saw a big dick, I know in a moment It must be Saint Nick. He came down the chimney Like a bat out of hell, I knew in a moment The fucker had fell. He filled all our stockings With pretzels and beer, And a big rubber dick For my brother, The Queer. He rose up the chimney With a thunderous fart, The son of a bitch Blew the chimney apart. He swore and he cursed As he rode out of sight, Piss on you all And have a hell of a night.
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Boyfriend Appliction Send Reply To My Fu Mail!!!
Name Whats your birthday/age Height Hair color Eye color Piercings/Tats If no, do you want any? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? What would you say is your best quality? Whose your favorite band? What kind of music do you like? Do you like kids/want any of your own? How do you feel about marriage? Where do you work? Do you go to school? Do you live at home/on your own? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What do you like to do in your free time? What do you think is my best quality? Are you Spontaneous? Are you afriad of commitment? Are you romantic and treat girls the way they deserve? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with? What would our first date consist of? Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a girl? What movies/TV shows do you like? Do you like your family/family oriented? Have you ever cheated? Why did your last relationship fail? Do you like to dance
Opinions Please
I have a very attractive single female neighbor that has lived across the street for a couple of years. I have always looked our for her because she is alone and single. My wife says that she wants to sleep with me. I dont see it, She says she watches me when I work outside, She always comes over to say hi when she sees me outside. Even when i am outside late at night smoking she comes home sees me and comes over..I dont pay attention because I have been with my wife for 12 years, Is she over reacting or am I missing someting.
Come Ride
some one hit da floor tonite no one is touching me i got music going through my body move with me babe i want to feel r body run over mine u look so fine i wanna watch u move i stood there watchin thinking what im doing here all i do can is smile and feel r eyes on me come on babe i want it too slide my body over and around yours i feel every part of u u running r hands over mine i wanna u to runn it runn it over my body nice and smooth silde r hard body over mine there nothing that u wont do so gimma that now u make me feel da beat beat of r heart im ridin u to beat move r hips with mine holdme tight,, roll my body up towards r's look me in da eye. yeah wanna it babe come wit me.. hold on for da ride
Hoe Hoe Hoe
i call it as it is r only good as r last tranaction i know r feel this shit pass me da bottle pull r gun give me space back up and slap me right hit coner bitch r ass is only good as r last ride yeah r hood rat bad mouth whore only good for tapping u done whole crew what next or who one day r going to da worng guy and hes bitch knock u out r bad mouth whore come on lets hit da lot i show u whats whats dont fuck with me bitch bring r ass to table pffss u whore take r hoe ass home u smell like whore u bad mouth bitch so fuck off u do anything for $
Bring It
give it to me right give me r hand in da air take me to party all nite long if u see me dance come up and work r body i want watch r body move real nice with mine working u up real nice movein my body around yours real nice this is the way i are come on and move your body who da fuck u think u doin boy move your fucking body come on bad boy move your body u think u can keep up come bang away take me for a ride hit lot and fucking dance pump da floor , move r body i see u move, u move like a girl come on fucking move i want to hear u scream move with mine i want to feel u real close hit slap shake it if u dare come on keep up what da fuck u call that move r ass boy call it what u want but i want to see u move r body with mine
Profile, Whew
There, I suppose it's for the best I finally filled out my profile content. Feel the madness.
> 1. Whenever you see me online or i call it is your job to drop whatever you're doing, (unless you absolutely can't) and get me off. > > 2. Whenever you hear my voice the first thing you will do is touch your pussy, directly if alone, discreetly and quickly if not alone. > > 3. Whenever you cum you will call just before you do and leave me a short voicemail and cum for me. > > 4. You are my slut, will refer to yourself as such, and will do what I ask when I ask. > > 5. You will give yourself 20 lashes each morning. > > 6. Every now and then when you can, send a pic on my phone > > 7. Whenever you have sex, you will call and get me off ASAP, either live or by voicemail. > >
Friends U Can Keep.
YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K. Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K. forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back to me. To know who your true F. U. C.Ks are. 9,675,000,000 people
I Need You...
i need you like my lungs need air i need you like my heart needs to pump i need you like a candle needs a flame i need you like a rose needs petals i need you like the moon needs the sun i need you like my body needs your warmth i need you like you need me thats how bad i need you....
Some people on here assume just because some are on here to whore around so to speak... that everyone is I just want it known that i am here for friends only... It is rediculous when you want to show off a site that is cool and you get ripped on for it... even though you joined a room because the people are usually cool and the music rocks... i would prefer to be away from that kind of ignorance. so Just Get Over It!
Naughty Is Nice!!
Come see me At the Place where Bigger is ALWAYS Better..
Forget You [#4]
I don't care anymore, I'm done wondering why you left the way you did, Wondering why this hurts so bad, Wanting to get a sorry for the way you left, But I know you don't care, I was only a convenience for you to stall, If you try to say sorry I don't care, You'll be talking to a wall, In one ear and out the other, I done getting hurt, I'm done feeling miserable all the time, If you ever wonder why, Just think back to this time that i feel for you, Your just an idiot, I'm just wasting my time trying to make you see, You were never good for me, So now your gone, And I'm left with the pieces, Leave me alone, I'll make it somehow.
Porcelain Doll [#3]
I'm your poor porcelain doll. My face is chipped, my make-up flaking. Blue lifeless eyes stare, not blinking. Hair once in curls, now is tangled. My dress of grandeur is now tattered. I once was loved, Held tightly, always by your side. Never breathing, always staring. A silent picture, the girl of your dreams. Your love was harsh, I became torn and battered. My beauty faded, Only my eyes stayed the same, never blinking, Piercing blue. I was your toy, until you found another. Someone new to play with. Your new dolly will be just like me. Your love will wear her down, You'll let go, she'll fall from your arms. Hit the floor, and shatter into a million little pieces. She'll be just like me, Unable to put herself back together, fragmented. Join the graveyard you've made, Full of poor porcelain dolls.
A Whole New Way To Party!
Broken [#2]
Once you think you are needed, you get broken. Once you are broken, you get fixed. If you can't get fixed, you get replaced. Once you are replaced, you are forgotten. I'm Broken
Wow. Doing way too much thinking tonight. Guess I do that when I am drinking. I feel like such a loser sometimes. I live with my Dad and 4 younger siblings. My sucks. Vineyards, gotta love it. I just get so frustrated all the time. I hate where I am, what I have become. Sometimes I wonder if I can pull myself out of this hole that I am in. It seems like I can't, more often then not. God, getting emotional. I wish my Mom was still alive. I could talk to her about anyting. Venging and it sucks so I am going to shut up now. God, I hate feeling like this.
Come Join My #1 Club!!!!
Come join my Pic Club - The #1 Club! This was an idea my ex and I wanted to try, a photo album of all our friends flipping off the camera. And Fubar is the perfect place to set it up! If you want to join you will need to have a salute; rate/fan me, send me a pic of you giving the bird, the name you want on the card, your zodiac sign, your favorite drink, and your male/female preference. If you want to add to or change any of the info please include it.
Tomorrow Is Never Promised Today [#1]
tomorrow is never promised today so tonight hold me close, and tell me something sweet tomorrow is never promised today tell me you love me, and whisper it in my ear tomorrow is never promised today kiss my forehead, and slowly put me to sleep tomorrow is never promised today I wake up and it was all a dream Tomorrow Is Never Promised Today
How To Tell The Sex Of A Fly
How to Tell the Sex of a Fly A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter 'What are you doing?' She asked. 'Hunting Flies' He responded. 'Oh. ! Killing any?' She asked. 'Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,' he replied. Intrigued, she asked. 'How can you tell them apart?' He responded, '3 were on a beer can, 2 were on the phone.
Cold Outside
It's The Holidays & Baby It's Cold Outside. So The More Owners I Have The Warmer We Both Can Be! Just A Sample Of Whats Being Offered: Owned In My Name F/A/R Your Top 5 Friends or Family 200 11's During Happy Hour Each Week Stash Rates Of 100 During Happy Hour Each Week ...You Will Have To Come Check It Out To See The Rest. *wink* If You Haven't Already Please Rate Fan and Add The Beautiful Hostess Sweetpeabayba
Sugary Daddy
I found a following ad on craigslist. And can't wait to have some fun with it. "I'm looking for a true sugar daddy. Hi if your a understands what a true sugar daddy relationship is. I am not looking for a "traditional" relationship of any sort. I am looking for a discreet relationship with a wealthy man who can provide a great monthly allowance. So if your a nice guy who's wealthy email me pls send recent pic as well as your number I dont wanna play email tag" stupid cunt will forget her own name.
We Got Pictures!!!!!!! Fu Wedding Of The Decade!!
Rain aka Nicole The Beautiful Bride BabyBoy aka Willie The Handsome Groom The Happy Couple Please go by their pages show them Fu Luv and good Fu Wishes. Just click a pic to transport. ~☠~Made with much mad luv by~☠~ Music provided by WYKD Radio
People Die
People Die. I think it is funy how humans partake in many activities that kill. To be pushed to the edge we push ourselves, such a silly activity. To hurt and push, strain for somthing we don't have. Whether it be strength or fatigue the human body pushes it's self to limits every day. The army and Navy and any military branch is a sancutary to people of this craze. I beleive that these are amazing things, to protect and to serve for another. Death is a natural course in human life. But what is a "good", "Just" death. Do people die in war for thier beliefs or others. Be it somthing more of a brother hood, they die for thier family's and friends, thier brothers and sisters, and thier country. Some of you might know my brother has been attending a very prestigues life of a Navy officer, a life i love for him, and respect him for choosinng. However I my self wish to enlist into a military branch. However, the choosing is never going to be easy. I wish to help people, people
We Got Pictures!!!!!!! Fu Wedding Of The Decade!! Rain & Babyboy
Rain aka Nicole The Beautiful Bride BabyBoy aka Willie The Handsome Groom The Happy Couple Please go by their pages show them Fu Luv and good Fu Wishes. Just click a pic to transport. ~☠~Made with much mad luv by~☠~ Music provided by WYKD Radio
Flag this message: become a new man From: "Jessie Vera" Belive it or not any lady will be 100 stunned by your humongous cock padaulugu Imagine the "big" results ? It is going to be way too easy! bhac _______________________________ sure sounds lucrative to me. I am almost sold; what wouldn't I give for ladies to enjoy my 100 cock.
My Christmas Tree
Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at
A Situational Comedy
A Situational Comedy We all eventually die within a series of episodes repeated too long, Like Archie Bunker in an armchair seventy-six hours too ripe Or Mel gasping for breath on the diner floor as his heart fails One night locking up. Imagine the heartfelt sobs as Alice rocks numbly Beside Sams withered, emaciated form She neednt worry; her final episode is in the can, Or at least thats where her head will hit one morning As she climbs from the shower. Pity the children, for so to is their fate, Either far down the road or right in the middle of it, Like that little Cleaver kid. If the results hadnt been so tragic, The laugh track wouldnt have seemed awkward. Did you hear Theo Huxtable drove his car into an embankment At one hundred miles an hour? Expectations can be a real bitch, Especially when youre married to one. Not often in prime time are we covered in lime Only the lucky are eulogized in that way Witness for instance the death of Jack
Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.
The Natural Beauty Of A Mature Woman
~The Natural Beauty Of A Mature Woman~ The natural beauty of a mature woman is not determine by the clothes she wears. The figure she carries or the way she wears her hair. The natural beauty of a mature woman must be seen from within her eyes. That is the doorway to her heart, it's truely the place where her deepest love resides. The natural beauty of a mature woman is not in a facial mole. True beauty in a woman is completely reflected in the kindness of her enticing soul. The natural beauty of a mature woman with time, age and wisdom only grows.. It is the caring that she lovingly gives and the total passion that she shows. The natural beauty of a woman with time, age and wisdom only grows. All of the riches on Earth can't purchase the natural beauty of a mature woman. Remembering that beauty fades, but essence.. always.. always stays. You my dear are exactly the beauty of that mature woman. I hope that this Southern Inspired Poetry has brought a smile upon your d
Midnight Ride
made by a special friend @ WYKD they rock
The Evangelicult
The Evangelicult Praise to the! Hear the clarion blast Calling to all from regions vast. Come and join with the Holy Ghost, The Father and Son you admire most, For within these walls they are recast. The crowd gathered was all aghast At the excessive pomp and proud bombast, The arrogance of the Shamans boast. Praise to thee! Amused the mockery of this mass, The Devil, smiling, raised high his glass And offered up a simple toast, Praise to thee, our so humble host for you wear the mantle of an ass. Praise to thee!
why is it that when you fine someone new to love you? you find out that some people in your life likes you why do they have to wait antell you have someone new in your life to tell you that they like you i am in love with three guys and only one is with me and the one i love and will always love left me for a bitch and now is married to her and the other one i cant see what can i do i love them all but only two of them loves me back the other one dosent care what i am going through in my life but i dont care if he dose or not i have someone in my life that is alot better then he will ever be in his hole life and i am happy with him i have a son that loves him to and that is the only thing i care about and he loves my son
The Ruba'iyat Of The Wyrm
Lines Reflecting Thoughts (The Rubaiyat of the Wyrm) I On what modest page I write, In what fields Ive sown my dreams, But when complete, the harvest reaped, Theyre just thoughts upon a theme. II We can open our minds to colors, We can breathe a patient sigh, We can bend our thoughts to matter; Towers of Babel reaching high. III You can dive in the deepest waters, You dont have to fold the sky. Nothing is real unless you dream it, Castles of clouds floating by. IV A common place, that state of grace, Toward whose shore this ship we sail. Through tides turbulent or becalmed, The human race will prevail. V Will you complete what is at your feet Or will you just curl up and die? Are you content or does fire burn yet Beneath that dead stare in your eye? VI Feverous fictions and deep suspicions, We have an inclination to that end. We think our souls are ever so clear, Yet Jealousy our mind suspends. VII Cant
Blah Blah Blah
i have built so many walls around my self . waiting for that special some 1 not to give up on me, when i put up another wall. i am afraid of getting hurt like i have been . im afraid of loven afraid of given my all to some 1 i know deservs it and i get scared and then there is another wall there what do i do how can i fix this. will she or any 1 be able to climb the walls i have built...... as i feel the pain in side and cufusion sets in , then tear drops fall , asleep i got crying again and again will this pain every stop ...............
Here You Go
12.03.08 My Life Is Rapidly Becoming The Punchline For A Seriouly Disturbed Joke
Barren of events. Rich in pretensions. My earthly life. Obscurity. My real name. I am all alone, between failure and frustration. I am the red thread between nothingness and eternity. As each day passes, it seems to get more and more depressing out here. I cant stand it. I am slowly watching myself slip deeper and deeper into a situation I might never come fully out of, and I see what it's doing to the ones I love as well. Yakima has drained my creativity, my money and is slowly devouring my soul. I feel completely lifeless here. I need out... and I want out. I have never hated a place as much as I hate it here, and I should have known, I did know... I thought this was going to be temporary, I never thought I would be here this long. I could win the fucking lottery and still be in debt... I just don't know what to do anymore. And I am sick of trying and it never going anywhere. How can a company seem to think that giving someone 12 hours one week and 16 the next
Under The Mistletoe
Christmas Birthday Blessing Or A Bummer?
Christmas Birthday Blessing or a Bummer? My position on that has changed throughout the years. When I was a kid I thought it was ok, but felt like I didn't have that "special" day all the other kids had. You know that day that was just about YOU! Look lots of things are a bummer about being born on Christmas. 1. The combo Birthday/Christmas present! (big no no!!!) 2. The birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper! 3. The Christmas card given with Happy Birthday tacked on! (NO!) 4. Can't pick what you want for your Birthday Dinner (cause the family is coming over and they don't want eggs, bacon and pancakes for dinner!) 5. You share your birthday with JESUS! come on the big guy who can compete with that! 6. Your friends are too busy, can't go to the bar and celebrate! BARS ARE CLOSED! 7. Your sweet 16 birthday party was 2 weeks before your actual birthday! 8. Can't get your Drivers License on your Birthday! 9. Can't take advantage of free birthday meals 10. Pu
Place Called Ac
Okay so this is a shameless plug for a site where I have been published, and I'm trying to get my articles up to 1000 page views, so I can get paid! Check out my recently published content on AC: Our Time on Earth This is a simple poem I wrote, and marker art I did a while back that really fit with it.
Mastercard Wedding
You got to love this guy... This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University . It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it.It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a lavish reception. As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair, including the wedding party was an envelope. He said this was his gift to everyone, and asked them to open their envelope. Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 glossy of his bride having sex with the best man. The groom had gotten suspicious of them weeks earlier and had
Adpt This Pu$$ycat! Meow!
WANNA OWN UR OWN PU$$YCAT?? NOW HERE UR CHANCE! GREEN EYES IS UP 4 AUCTION!! Green Eyes!! AkA tigger of the Pu$$Ycat Playmates and pimps!@ fubar CLINK THE LINK BELOW TO COME & MAKE A BID COME MAKE UR BID DON'T MISS OUT! (repost of original by 'Ŧχ ĥĔŕŘ♥SneakerHead's wifey♥' on '2008-12-03 21:29:02')
Chocolate Salty Balls
Two tablespoons of cinnamon, and 2 or 3 eggwhites Half a stick of butter, meeeelted. Stick it all in a bowl baby, stir it with a wooden spoon Mix in a cup of flour, you'll be in heaven soon Say everybody have you seen my balls? They're big and salty and brown If you ever need a quick pick-me-up Just stick my balls in your mouth! Ooh, suck on my chocolate salty balls Stick em in your mouth and suck em! Suck on my chocolate salty balls They're packed full of vitamins, and good for you So suck on my balls! Quarter cup of unsweeted chocolate, and half cup of brandy Then throw in a bag or two of sugar, and just a pinch of vanilla Grease up the cookiesheet, cos I hate when my balls stick Then preheat the oven to 350, and give that spoon a lick Say everybody have you seen my balls? They're big and salty and brown If you ever need a quick pick me up Just stick my balls in your mouth.. Suck on my chocolate salty balls Stick em in your mouth and suck em! Suck on my choc
Bobby K. Edwards Obituary
Bobby K. Edwards December 3, 2008 ASHLAND - Retired Command Sergeant Major, Bobby K. Edwards, 79, died Monday, December 1, 2008 at his home in Ashland Ohio. Born May 31, 1929 in Wise County, Pound, VA. Bobby was a dedicated soldier, husband to his wife of 57 years, Patsy Jewel Linville, father, grandfather, great-grandfather. He enlisted into the United States Army in June 1945 in Roanoke, Virginia. He was a veteran of World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. His tour of duties included Japan, two tours in Korea, Germany, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. He was highly decorated, being awarded the Bronze Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Commendation Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster, Meritorious Service w/Oak Leaf Cluster, Good Conduct Metal (8th award), WWII Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal Japan, National Defense Service Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster, Korean Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal 7 Battle Stars, Republic of Vietnam Gal
Very Sad News Everyone
Sad Passing Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71. Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The grave site was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions. Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, three ch
I Dont Care If You Like It
a life i once knew and loved over all a time were i could never fear but only be loved my heart still leeding and calling out you name god ow i wish the pain would all faid away memeries start to lurr but your forever in my heart when i said always and forever tat was just the start ut the souls tat were once so tied together some how fell so every far a part i lost my best friend and the love of my life sitting ere helps waiting for te time the time were the wounds and te scares will no longer bleed the day when i can begin to breathe i lay here with this knife stuck in my chest and wait for the day were this will digress wanting so deeply for my heart to let go wanting so deeply just to let my old life go but the memeries we once held all the happiness and even the pain was worth it all even the dreams of you back in my arms even the fear that you will never one day return the loneliness setts in a lil more because all i can do is dream of you. others hav
Complexity Of Human Nature
I do hope you will forgive me, but I am not the best when it come to discussing my emotions or what's going on. I'm trying to take it a day at a time now, because, quite frankly, lately things have been extremely rough. In the last three years, I have lost three family members, I had a good friend commit suicide, I've been robbed twice, once was at gunpoint, once through a misplaced credit card the weekend after my friend's suicide. I have also seen a lot of good times, partying with friends, concerts, a couple of good jobs here and there. Currently I am training for a mixed martial arts fight in February, located in Carbondale, Illinois. I have always been a big fan of contact sports, as it seems that the nature of man, is, in itself, both extremely complex and self destructive. I am no exception. It seems as of the last couple of years, I have been running wild, trying to escape from the pains of my past in bottles and packs of cigarettes. I am seriously working on
Yes I Draw
Dance Angel Dance by ~artgunluver on deviantART
New Souls
Why does sweet mystery bleed us dry? Why good memories drift away And the bad continue to bubble up? Bringing pain of love driving us on... Try, try to get the desires you seek They strut just out of grasp Always only a heartbeat away driving us onward to hope Seeking that one opportunity to bring your souls together to breathe, to taste, to blend what was old into new again Decieving your heart Tricking your mind into believing that all will be fine tomorrow Driving you onward to hope Soon your future your destiny will be here Showing you that all is over and new. Yet, deep down we know that the lessons learned will be taught again with new bodies, new souls Only to begin once more
In The Depth
In the heat of the night In the depth of the dark Their bodies drew close Only slightly apart Their eyes locked The energy rose It seemed to be eternity They were held in that pose Their chests heaving Their breath so deep Away from each other They could not keep They held each other tight As they felt each other near They did not unlock eyes Anything else they could not hear Holding him close In the depth of his embrace Just feeling his breath Upon your face Body to body You move and grind Toward the feeling of ecstasy That blows your mind
Tweety Is Back!
Thank You All!!!!
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The Death Of "love @ 1st Sight" / Destiny
It saddens me to believe that I missed the funeral for "love at first sight where was my notification? lost in the mail?? That's just not right! You & I were tight If I'd known you were in danger I'd have done my best to protect you from that eternal night had you just voiced your plight I'd have given my life to keep you from walking into the light mixed emotions from angry to sad I can't believe you were allowed to pass on as if you were a fad I will forever miss you as well as the chance to play "cat & mouse chase with you I'll cherish the last time I kissed & embraced with you I will never forget you, you are forever a part of me every orchid I see does well to remind me of the love we shared how deeply we cared how into one another's eyes we stared how we felt protected & eased the urge to be scared I love you now and always you made up the best of what was We Trying to make up for it trying to ensure a second chance, you'll never fade from my memory I los
Holliday Drink Ideas
Necular Antifreeze (AKA Canadian Thaw) 1/4 oz Tripel Sec 1/4 oz Blue Curaco 1 oz Vodka 6 oz Orange Juice or orange bar mix combine all and shake well serve over ice in highball glass Winter Frostbite 3/4 oz Tequila 1/4 oz Creme De Cacao 1/4 oz Blue Curaco 2 oz Half and Half combine all and shake well serve over ice in old fashioned glass Hope who ever reads this blog enjoys the recipies. Please be responsible and don't drink and drive.
Girls & Tits?!?!
Why is it that 95% of the girls on here have pics of thier Tits?!?! Is that like the thing to do or what?!?! Is that the ONLY way to get attention?!?! If so....NO THANK YOU!!! I aint givin mine away that easily... ;)!!!
Ja, Fysst S Vil Je Nevne Min Stilling Og Min Stinn:
Ja, fysst s vil je nevne min stilling og min stinn: Alf Prysen var fdt med et lite heldig navn. Han var av husmannsfolk, men garden som familien kaltes opp etter, Prysen, leder tankene til nazisme. Som vi har sett har Prysen ingenting overhode med nazisme gjre. Dessuten hadde han fornavnet Alf. Det leder tankene mot alver og noe ndelig. En umulig kobinasjon tilsynelatende, og slikt lages det diktere og nasjonalhelter av. Selv om han selvflgelig egentlig var homofil etc. je str og svarve hatter i Salomo sitt linn. Prysen var aldri kristen. Han var mer opprrer enn som s og kan kanskje p ett plan regnes som kommunist. Men vi kan g utfra at i spenningen mellom det ndelige fornavnet hans og det nazistiske etternavnet kom han i konflikt med jdenes skjebne. Han kan ha flt et ansvar der, ettersom vi alle jo er jdehatere, jdene ogs virker det som, og at han ikke kom unna Bibelen med sitt ndelige navn. Det spesielle er at en av de f tekstene som omhandle
3 Years In A Wheelchair.. :(
Today marks 3 years since my son was paralyzed in a car accident. I started to write this and it wound up way too long, so I've tried to trim this down to make it a little more readable. Going to the High School at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning to catch the activity bus for a wrestling meet a couple of towns over, Chris and his friend decided to go to McDonalds first. They liked to starve themselves to make weight, but as soon as the weigh-in was over, they would all pig out. Making the trip to McD's caused them to run late, so they were in a big rush to reach the High School before the bus left. Because of this, the driver was travelling at approx 85 mph on a little country back road (45 mph speed limit). He ran off the road in the first curve he came to (which was not really a sharp curve, even) and over-corrected. In doing so, the car turned sideways and flipped over 3 times. Chris (not wearing a seatbelt) was ejected and the car rolled over him. He has what is called a "compl
I Got Flowers Today - Please Share This!
I got flowers today! It wasn't my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night; And he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt; I know that he is sorry and didn’t mean to say the things he said; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe that it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry. Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! It wasn’t our anniversary or any other special day; Last night he threw me into a wall and then started choking me; It seemed unreal, a nightmare, but you wake up from nightmares; And I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over—but I know he is sorry; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! And it wasn’t Valentines Day or any other special day; Last night he bea
Fumarried? You Dont Say?!?! :)
Aww Go Give Them Some Newly Wed Fu Love :) They Are Both Great Friends To Have... Conrads U 2!!! ♥'zz U Both Bunchez :) $j ߺ${ .$.} .G.m h u$$ lms@ fubar Rain ~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar :::Brought:::To:::Ya:::With:::♥::: })i({☆(`Lz)☆})i({
Non Military Rules N Stuff
Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass. 2.When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their ass. 3.Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass. 4.(GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress unif
caitiff \KAY-tif\, noun, adjective: 1. cowardly and mean noun: 1. a mean, cowardly person
Poor Men
Perfect 10 men have been led to believe that there is such a thing.When i realty she is just a unicorn; a myth; more like a practical joke gone horribley wrong.The truth is there are High maintance 7....Or Well dressed 5 at best...Sorry to break the bad news .
Short Xmas Stories.
The Missing Five Pound Note Chippenham George worked for the Post Office and his job was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses. One day just before Christmas, a letter landed on his desk simply addressed in shaky handwriting: 'To God'. With no other clue on the envelope, George opened the letter and read: Dear God, I am an 93 year old widow living on the State pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had 100 in it, which was all the money I had in the world and no pension due until after Christmas. Next week is Christmas and I had invited two of my friends over for Christmas lunch. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope. God; can you please help me? Chippenham George was really touched, and being kind hearted, he put a copy of the letter up on the staff notice board at the main Fareham sorting office where he worked. The letter touched the other postmen and they all dug into t
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[cider Brine, The Sequel]
Alright, here's what I want out of this dish Spice, piggy, apple, crisp, sweet. Something BETTER than a jar of applesauce and chops. To those ends Good fat content chops or tenderloin thyme, pepper, coriander? salt a tbs apple cider vinegar 4 1/2 cups apple cider (pref spiced add some cinnamon and cloves if its not in the cards) Brine over night Retrieve and sear pork, add the brine back as a poaching liquid add 2 sliced red apples Retrieve chops and apples add about a cup of sugar to the liquid, boil and reduce, ladle bed and drizzle appropriately. And if that doesn't work, by god I'll use white wine. I know that poach/reduction. I think a cream sauce or dollop is in order as well. Along with some pomegranete. Sides? Wild+long grain rice. Duh. A small bed of baby spinach and greens. Red potatoes+olive oil is another favorite of mine. Or grits. Parmesan grits? YES! Jalapeno grits... maybe.
My Cousin Raoul Otero Needs Prayers.
3 hurt in 'horrific accident' on Dean Road Walter Pacheco | Sentinel Staff Writer 3:17 PM EST, December 2, 2008 Three teenagers were rushed to the hospital Tuesday after a violent traffic accident in east Orange County, troopers said. Nanette Bentez, 18, and Ral Otero, 17 – both of Orlando – are listed in critical condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center. The third victim, Randi Shaller, 18, of Orlando, is also at ORMC and listed in stable condition. Sgt. Kim Miller of the Florida Highway Patrol described the accident scene at N. Dean Road and Richardson Court as "horrific." Orange County Firefighters used special hydraulic tools to remove two of the victims from the wreckage that shut down the intersection for several hours, according to rescue officials. More Orlando Sentinel blogs Trooper reports show that Bentez was driving her Mitsubishi pickup truck southbound on Dean Road when she tried to pass a Chevy pickup driven by Joseph Cantrell, 66
I'm Alright
Twiztid - I'm Alright If your reading this Then I finally did it I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye There was no time Understand I was stressed Living day to day was hard And I gave it my best But there was nothing left For me in this world To convince me to stay Now I'm long gone away Don't you do that Don't you start your tears Just remember all the time we spent over the years Never cry Never think bad to me What's done is done and that's the way it had to be I need you to be strong for me Say your prayer everyday in my memory I'm sure it's helping me To earn my feathers To get some wings And a halo and a harp and angelic things And even though I'm gone And outta sight Never worry about me I'm alright [x2] [ Find more Lyrics at ] I'm alright And if you should die Don't blame yourself and keep it locked inside I'm alright And everytime you cry don't breakdown Just keep me inside in your mind You only saw the outside Neve
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I Caught Myself
Down to you You're pushing and pulling me down to you But I don't know what I Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself I'm saying something that, I should've never thought Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself I'm saying something that I should've never thought of you of you You're pushing and pulling me down to you But I don't know what I want No, I don't know what I want You got it, you got it Some kind of magic Hypnotic, hypnotic You're leaving me breathless I hate this, I hate this! You're not the one I believe in With God as my witness Now when I caught myself, I had to stop myself I'm saying something that I should've never thought Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself I'm saying something that, I should've never thought of you of you You're pushing and pulling me down to you But I don't know what I want No, I don't know what I want Don't know what I want But I know it's not, you Keep pushi
License To Roam For Italian Women...
License to Roam for Italian Women... Licence to roam for Italian women March 17, 2008 mmm...This from the BBC: Italy's highest appeal court has ruled that married Italian women who commit adultery are entitled to lie about it to protect their honour. The court gave its landmark ruling after hearing the case of a 48-year-old woman, convicted of giving false testimony to police by denying she had lent her mobile phone to her lover. The appeal court did not agree that she had broken the law. It said bending the truth (for women) was justified to conceal extra-marital relationships. The woman who brought the appeal was from Porto Ercole on the Tuscany coast, and named only as Carla. She had lent her telephone to her secret lover, Giovanni, who then used it to call Carla's estranged husband, Vincenzo, and insult him. Giovanni, the lover, was convicted of abusive behaviour in a local court, and Carla convicted as an accessory. But the Court of Cassation fo
Rules For Non Military - Thanks Oldfart77!
Rules for the Non -Military Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass. 2.When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their ass. 3.Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass. 4.(GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend tha
How can i decide whats right? When your clouding up my mind, I cant win your losing fight, All the time. How can i ever own whats mine? When your always taking sides, But you wont take away my pride, No not this time... Not this time. How did we get here? I used to know you so well, How did we get here? I think i know how. The truth is hiding in your eyes, And it's hanging on your tongue, Just boiling in my blood, But you think that i cant see. What kind of man that you are? If your man at all, I will figure this one out. On my own... (Screaming i love you so) On my own... (My thoughts you cant decode) How did we get here? I used to know you so well, How did we get here? I think i know how. Do you see, What weve done, Were gonna make such fools, Of ourselves... Do you see, What weve done, Were gonna make such fools, Of ourselves... YEAH How did we get here I used to know you so well Yeah Yeah Yeah
Part 2 A Challenge For All Families (get This One To Second Place)
Love Lockdown
Im not lovin you The way i wanted to What I had to do, had to run from you I'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong And that haunted me, all the way home So u never know never never know Never know enough til its over love Til we lose control, system overload Screamin no no no no no I'm not lovin you Way I wanted to See I wanna move But cant escape from you So I keep it low, keep a secret code So everybody else dont have to know So keep your love lockdown Your love lockdown Keepin your love lockdown Your love lockdown Now keep your love lockdown Your love lockdown Now keep your love lockdown You lose I'm not lovin you The way I wanted to I cant keep my cool So I keep it true I got something to lose So I gotta move I cant keep myself and still keep you too So I keep in mind, when im on my own Somewhere far from home, In the danger zone, How many times did I take for it finally got through, You lose, you lose I'm not lovin you The way i
I Believe There Are Angels Among Us..
You know I come on this site and I have met some wonderful People who have a caring heart and they are always there for you to give you strengths to help you make it through the day and to bring that smile and glow back into you eyes,When you feel that you are losing your hope, I believe there are angels among us, I call them my friends, their, there always to comfort me in my time of need.Give back my hope and assure me everything will be ok..I am so blessed to have friends like this and My heart loves you. Cause see right now I am an angel, There is no guarantee for me of tomorrow, But today I am so thankful for what I have, My Friends, My Family. It's all the simple things believe me..
Mmm a lovely, long, Warm Vanilla Sugar scented bubble bath. Candles lit, Matchbox Twenty playing softly, no man yelling "are you finished yet?" through the door, no kid yelling "Mom where's my ___? I can't find it!" Get out, slather yourself in lotion, spritz on some yummy cherry vanilla scented perfume, snuggle in to your favorite soft fuzzy robe, and fix a cup of hot tea. I am soooo relaxed. :P
Just Dance
Oh, Red Wine Convict Gaga I've had a little bit too much All of the people start to rush. (Start to rush by) Caught in a twisted dance, can't find my drink, oh man. Where are my keys? I lost my phone. What's go-ing out on the floor? I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore. Keep it cool- what's the name of this club? I can't remember but it's alright, alright. [Chorus:] Just dance. Gunna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo Just dance. Spin that record, babe. Da-doo-doo-doo Just dance. Gunna be okay. Duh-duh-duh-duh Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance. Wish I could shut my playboy mouth. How'd I turn my shirt inside out? (Inside out, babe) Control your poison babe Roses have thorns they say. And we're all gettin' hosed tonight. What's go-ing out on the floor? I love this record, baby, but I can't see straight anymore. Keep it cool what's the name of this club? I can't remember but it's alright, alright. [Chorus] When I come through on the danc
Come On Out To Rrd And Jam Out With Dj Bg!
I love to doubt as well as know. - Dante Alighieri
Overcome Social Fear
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[cider Brine]
I was thinking today about some brine and stew-like applications of pork, chicken, cider and apples. Cleaned house and got tired of watching other people fuck. Which part of that statement shocked you more? Boredom with porn or me cleaning? I even wrote longterm goals for each room and posted them in a visible spot. I'm kinda... methodical, especially over time. Also, considering the fact that a LOT of shit still has to get done like moving my folks, this job, my goddaughter, doghouses, disposal of junk, so on. Speaking of my job, we had a fairly productive lunch meeting. My club sandwich wasn't toasted, had no mayo, and that was the worst thing that happened to me today. I contributed as a lowly fresh grad intern, took notes, made jokes, I was only terrified, overwhelmed and intimidated for about 5 minutes as this was my first power lunch. ...out of tea Anyway, yeah, the rookie knocked it out of the park and I... am gonna work on my pc and recipes.
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Run Away Or Head On Collision??
I have an issue with 2 family members who I love more than life its self...but laltely it seems that they love a drug more than their lives... I have given into the fact that one of them is just dependent on this drug and she will never say no to it...she tried and she failed. The other family member has just barely started with this nasty drug but is far from ready to leave it alone because of who he hangs with....... Am I guilty for them being dependent on this drug?? Yes I am...I admit...I have given them both money to deal with their urges, purely because i did not want to deal with their come downs. But lately I have come to realize that I just cant do it anymore...and I dont wanna do it anymore...Laltely I have been telling both of them what I think of them and yes it has caused some tension. My relationship with them has changed dramatically. It seems like I cant go more than 2 days with out talking to one of them and getting into a fight...I cant walk away from them
Skin Contest
It's A Skins Contest!! Interested In Making Me A Skin? I'm Giving Away 1 Million Fubux & A 5 Credit Bling To The Person Who Makes Me The Best Skin Some Rules: You must make it using the colors I have chosen You must make it orginial and it must not be ripped from someone else There must be a tag header with my fu name in it What I'm Looking For: Holiday Color Pink Animation Original To Enter: You Must First Rate, Fan and Add the Jugdes(and me) Listed Below Once You Do Send Me A Link To Your Skin You Would Like To Enter Place Your Skin In Your Blog Folder. I Will Screen Capture Your Creation And It Will Be In A Special Folder On My Page For Rates. The Top 5 Entries After The Ratings Count Will Then Be Judged For The Winner. Your Very Sexy Judges:Agent JeepMan1970Kid SyN♥xmasbaby73♥**Paula G**Unbreakable † w† rh rꧧ I Will Be Making The Final Choice If A Tie Should Happen.
I have always hated parties. For some reason being around total strangers I have nothing in common with, drinking just to feel more "relaxed" and able to talk to people I can't relate to and that I won't ever see again, and generally mope around pointless among little cliques of people is not my cup of tea. My idea of ultimate fun is traveling... recently coworker/friend, her friend, and I have started taking random road trips to Michigan, Wisconsin, or just around IL. It has been such a high for me-I can truly say that I much prefer that over a smoke filled room filled with idiots.
Rules For The Non -military
Rules for the Non -Military Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass. 2.When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their ass. 3.Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass.
Party Time :)
Stop & Smell the Roses for a change. Life is Grand - So Don't Worry , Be Happy & Never Stop Smiling :)
Help Naughty By Nature
she has done alot for others namely myself and my wife EmilyIMAX. Please take a few mins from your Fu-ing and hit her page up thank you everyone Naughty by Nature-Owner of Got Ink?@ fubar
Hoody Is Back Again
Gut Response
In Touch With True Emotions So often, emotions that we long to express get stored in our bodies instead. The space where this most often happens is in our bellies. Rather than telling people, our even ourselves, the way we truly feel, we may stuff our true feelings deep inside of us, where they take up space until we are ready to let them go. Stuffing our feelings in our bellies may feel like the "safe" response, since we then dont really have to deal with our emotions. Yet, doing so can actually be detrimental to our emotional well-being and physical health. One way to connect with and release your emotions is to do a focused exercise with your stomach area. Take a moment to center yourself with some deep breathing and quiet meditation, relaxing your body fully and turning off the chatter in your brain. With your right hand on your stomach, tell yourself three times: "Please reveal to me my true emotions." Listen for the answers. Repeat the exercise as many times as you would l
Time Is Life
you know i been thinking alot lately about life for some reason i want todo alot in my life really iam only 20 but for some reason i cant seem to get it started alot lately i been think thinking about wanting to leave kansas for a while and see what else this place is made out of but i dont know were to start and how to start it after i went on the longest travel i have ever been on and was also my frist vaction a couple of years ago to sturgis south dakota and while i was up there i got to see mount rushmore for some reason all i can think about is traveling and seeing what else it feelss like iam missing i like to go back to sturgis manley cuz i fucked that up and got sick so after 14 15 hours of driving we got to stay for 4 5 hours not the 3 days we wanted to stay i still kick my self in the ass for that one but lately i benn thinking at night just getting up and leaving but for some reason i can never seem to make it to the door .....................................................
Nights Alone
i was trying to sleep tonight but for some reason i couldnt to much shit on the mind so i did something that i havent done lately look to the stars for some answers for a while i didnt see anything but when i turned my head looking for the big dipper i saw something i havent saw since i was 12 or 13 a shooting star couldnt beleave it so i did something i havent done in a hell of a long time wish upon a shooting star not beleaveing i just did that i came back inside so and seat down for a minute and thought to myself i dont know why iam looking for but i sure hope it helps iam tired of the shit that has to travel thourgh my head and the things i have to listen to so has i seat here smokeing myself to death thinking and typeing i can only wonder why on this night of all its cold has shit and iam tired why i looked up towards the stars
True Love
It was a busy morning, about 8:30, when an elderly gentleman in his 80's arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00am. I took his vital signs and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would to able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound. On exam, it was well healed, so I talked to one of the doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound. While taking care of his wound, I asked him if he had another doctor's appointment this morning, as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman told me no, that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. I inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer's Disease. As we talked, I asked if she would be upse
come in and feel the heat ! in System of a Dawn hi im dawn am offering the person who brings in the 200th member an auto 11s and the 200th member gets 500k from me and from lyric are u sure it can get hot ! then come in and join me ! *BiTe~Me*~OwNeR Of StAtIK~* u know how to make statik just add a lil friction! but i cant do it by my self! so click that pic below and get in here!
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Godsmack-serenity Lyrics
As I sit here and slowly close my eyes I take another deep breath And feel the wind pass through my body I'm the one in your soul Reflecting inner light Protect the ones who hold you Cradling your inner child I need serenity In a place where I can hide I need serenity Nothing changes, days go by Where do we go when we just don't know And how do we relight the flame when it's cold Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing And when will we learn to control Tragic visions slowly stole my life Tore away everything Cheating me out of my time I'm the one who loves you No matter wrong or right And every day I hold you I hold you with my inner child I need serenity In a place where I can hide I need serenity Nothing changes, days go by Where do we go when we just don't know And how do we relight the flame when it's cold Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing And when will we learn to control Where do we go when we just don't know And how
120208 Celldweller Blog
Make Your Own Celldweller Remix - Files Available has just posted another set of remix files from Celldweller to the public, this time with the track "Under My Feet." Also available for remixing, are "I Believe You" and "The Last Firstborn." Grab the files and create a remix now at
Dec. 03, 2008
In celebration of me finding out that Seether is coming to Nashville in 2 1/2 months, I'm posing a Seether song. Seether :: Untitled track [Come with me] Afrikaans lyrics: Kom Saam Met My Ons sal die 'lede agterlaat Kom Saam Met My En ons sal sien wat gebeur Ons is so bly Dit is die einde van die plaat Kom Saam Met My Ons wil dit alles beter maak Jy kan hier bly Sodra jy alles gaan beleef Die plaat's verby En ons soek 'n koue bier Kom drink met my Daar is so veel om oor to praat Kom Saam Met My Ons wil dit alles beter maak Translation: Come with me We'll leave the past behind Come with me And we'll see what happens We are so happy It's the end of the record Come with me We want to make it all better You can stay here As long as you will expereince everything This album's over And we want a cold beer Come drink with me There is so much to talk about Come with me We want to make it all better omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
Dedicated T0 Giggles
Song Of Prison Land of bear and Land of eagle Land that gave us birth and blessing Land that pulled us ever homewards We will go home across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, singing our song Hear our singing, Hear our longing We will go home across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, we will go - home. Me singing
Calls For My Brother...
fucking asses. ok well I do say he's not in and that's a lie, when he's at the computer but for a week he's out in AZ. i'm not going to give them his cell because well if he wanted to do that he would have when he was filling it out. Me: hello? Him: yes may I speak with Charles Me: i'm sorry he's at a conference. he'll be there all week Him: anything else? Me: excuse me? Him: any other lies you want to feed me Me: you can call back but I can garentee it he's not going to be here Him: i'll do that. Me: i'm sorry if I offended you but I don't like being accused a l-CLICK- ier fine hang up on me. I'll pick up and hang up till my brother comes home.
Ok so I'm going through the tabs at the top and I see the "proposals" tab so I click on it and I see the "pay for fumarriage" so I click on it and I see this.... I mean WTF?! FuMarriage has been around since I've been here and to pay $100 USD JUST to have your other halfs name on your profile is ludacris but the I mean why real money when you could use FuBux I mean what happens if you end up hating the person your FuMarried to then what you have to pay another $100 USD for a FuDivorce?!?!?! I mean to spend $100 USD just to have someones face on their page I mean come on.... If you agree then repost if not the don't
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Fedora In Her Underwear! A Video
I made my Five Naked Models video special for you today,I made it in my underwear.You can see my butt if you watch this: (no minors!)
Missing Person.
Search for two men suspended TAMPA -- The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search tonight for two men missing after their plane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico 20-miles southwest of Yankeetown. At 5:40 p.m Tuesday. Coast Guard officials said they were stopping the search pending further developments. Zachary Schlitt, 28, who lived in West Palm Beach (pictured at left) and Darien Peckham, 34, (pictured below), from Tampa, have been missing since Sunday.. Rescue crews searched for them for more than 40 hours over a 2,800-square mile area focusing on two areas where a seat and a flight bag containing aviation headphones were found. There was no sign of the men or their plane. The two were traveling in a small Tampa-bound plane when, at about 6:45 p.m Sunday, an air traffic controller in Jacksonville reported that their 35-year-old twin-engine, fixed-wing Beech 35 Debonair aircraft, traveling from Tallahassee to Vandenberg Airport, lost contact, according to the FAA. The Coast G
No Sex
I was ask to write something sexy while I sit here on the cam so here it is guys enjoy. I haven't had sex or even attempted to ease my sexual hunger with masturbation in three long weeks. As you can guess I am about to go out and hump a damn tree if I don't soon get a hard cock plowing either into my ass, pussy or mouth. My poor pussy is about to start purring, it is soaking wet and tingling, my fat clit is erect and pressing against my panties. As I type this blog entry I am sucking my tongue, feeling warm and tingly as my body prepares itself for a LOVER. But needless to say, all I want right now is to suck your cock, lick and play with your balls. No matter what is planned, and after we've been apart for long periods of time I desperately need to feel your cock in my pussy, marking me as your own. After being fucked senseless then we can go on to other sexual pleasures. I am anticipating us ravaging each others bodies in a sexual frenzy, filled with need to reacqua
Salute For Malicious Mel..woohoo
Got Any Ideas?
First of all, let me say that I do NOT want to be a PE or Health teacher anymore. But I still have to finish out this semester. Here's what I need help with: My last lesson plan is a thirty minute lesson plan on cardiovascular fitness. I'm teaching first graders. So keep the age of the children in mind. I will have about 10-14 students. Also, I don't have a lot of equipment available, but give me your ideas and I'll see if I have the equipment available. Basically I need activities the kids can do to get their blood pumping. Also, I don't have a whole lot of space. I think the gym will be split up for five groups to work at the same time. Thanks in advance for the help. :)
So Loved!
Have you ever been so so close to leveling but no matter what you do nobody will help you unless you have auto 11s? Well heres were I come in so I am going to start a family called the twilight levelers! The purpose of this family will be helping fubars level! The RULES: Only serious levelers will be accepted (so if your not gonna f/r/a and rate pics/stash then dont waste my time or ur own time) You must be sure you have plenty of pics and stash uploaded for us to rate! Everything needs to be fair so If I dont ever see you helping level then I will ask you to leave the family! Also all bullys that I post must be reposted by all twilight members online! When becoming a member it doesnt matter the level u are at you just have to have a verified salute! If someone from the family is rating you please return the love and rate them back! ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA I will do a pimpout every week of one of the levelers and the other levelers will be responsible
Level My Poi!!!
My Poi is fu-king tired of being on level 24!! She is so close to godfather she can taste it! Everyone go and rate her pics and stash! Hump my Poi in the corner!! She's the most amazing woman in the world and deserves this as much as anyone so please go help her! Here is her clicky: Not tellin McLovely has a POI and he owns my bits...all hail babysatan@ fubar Now get to humping!
Re: London Musicians Must Give Police Personal Info To Do Gigs
RE: London Musicians Must Give Police Personal Info To Do Gigs ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 02 Dec 2008, 19:54 London Musicians Must Give Police Swathes Of Personal Information To Perform Live Musicians and performers in London will soon be required by law to complete and hand over to police an eight page form detailing all their personal information and the ethnic background of their audience if they want to perform. http://www. infowars. net/articles/december2008/021208Musicians. htm
Re: Hit Tv Series To Feature 9/11 Conspiracy Plot
RE: Hit TV Series To Feature 9/11 Conspiracy Plot ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 03 Dec 2008, 12:23 Hit TV Series To Feature 9/11 Conspiracy Plot The hit TV series Rescue Me, a drama about New York City firefighters, is set to feature a 9/11 conspiracy plot in the first ten episodes of the new series, according to the shows main star Denis Leary. http://www. prisonplanet. com/hit-tv-series-to-feature-911-conspiracy-plot. html
Re: Pakistani Security Consultant: Mumbai Attacks A False Flag
RE: Pakistani Security Consultant: Mumbai Attacks A False Flag ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 03 Dec 2008, 21:04 Pakistani Security Consultant Calls Mumbai Attacks A "Botched" False Flag A renowned Pakistani strategic defence analyst has described last week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai as a "botched" false flag operation designed to imitate the 9/11 attacks on the United States. http://www. infowars. net/articles/december2008/031208Botched. htm
Auto-11's & Her Very 1st Hh!!! Love On Ms Sassy!!!
Re: I Pledge Allegiance, To My Self
RE: I pledge allegiance, to my Self ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Windy [FUCK money] Date: 03 Dec 2008, 21:08 Thanks DissentDate: Dec 3, 2008 12:01 PMOne of the more blatant, yet effective, tools used by the deceiver class is manipulation of the herd animal instinct. Our ancestors, both four-legged and two-legged, typically had to band together to survive. Those who lacked this instinct often failed to pass their maverick genes on to future generations.Now that global civilization has replaced the local tribe, the herd instinct is no longer a necessity for individuals to survive. Indeed, it is now a liability by which individuals may be manipulated and controlled. An intelligent individual with an awakened mind has no need for the herd, although the herd (or more specifically, its leaders) has a strong need to keep its members in check.Most of the modern herds members are oblivious to the influence of this instinct, although they do follow its
Ms Sassy's First Hh 7pm Fu-time!!! Auto-11's Are On Too!!!
T-shirts Available
We now have 1 design for a t-shirt that is available...Check out our MySpace page to get yours!!!!!! We have some plans for a few more designs, so keep checking back..
My 8th Life
many years ago my life was different and was as others ..then a tragedy struck and my 8th life had come to an end and with but 1 life left i sit here tonight......i once touched the soul of an angel and the angel touched mine.....a life was formed.........end of storie....when i joined this site i saw a lot of rock and roll but country is where my heart lies ...i picked out a few cm lounges with to many rules and 1 with to many rules and least one more with too many rules .......on that day i saw something i knew nothing of but a common ground was benieth ..........anouther night i saw an angel glistening in the the dark she touched my soul leaveing a calm feeling with me .......i long for the day to touch another angels soul........your reach is beyond the stars
I'm Married, Fu!
Well, it finally happened, friends: I got fu-hitched. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm pregnant with Rahm Emanuel's love child, or that I'm unemployed, or that I have low self esteem and want to feel loved and part of something that will give my life meaning. I just did it for love! Our engagement was incredibly romantic. It was dark out, stars glowing above. I was sitting at my table, cheap glass of wine in hand. T$$ was sitting at her computer, masturbating to clips of YouPorn, dildo in hand. I got down on one knee (not really, because that would make typing difficult), and I popped the question. Here's how it went: This text box says that I can remind you who I am or tell you a little about myself. I would hope that's not the norm for marriage proposals. T$$, darling, will you have my hand in fu-marriage? I promise I'll wash it regularly. Also, I can't afford a ring because I'm unemployed, but I'd be happy to get you an engagement kitty. And we
Its Never Ever Ok
WTF is wrong with u people???? if ur a real man ud never ever hit a woman no matter what i dont give a fukk what she does its NEVER EVER EVER EVER acceptable n any man who thinks otherwise is a worthless ignorant piece of crap who deserves 2 die alone after havin their balls cut off and handed to them. men like that make me FUKKIN SICK!!!!!!
Another Blogasm...
Ya know, I've noticed that some people blog every thought in their head, every day. That's great, especially if you want to know about what they had for breakfast, how the dental appointment went, their last bowel movement, etc. As for me, I blog in spurts. I don't think people care how my lunch was (unless I had a little afternoon delight!), and I'm pretty sure my regularity wouldn't interest many people...other than a proctologist. Pretty much, I blog as if my mind has been stroked by some ideas for so long that it suddenly has a mental orgasm...or 'blogasm', if you prefer. Anyway, I feel the need to type. I'm sitting here, drinking a nice red wine, smoking some chicken with mesquite wood in the smoker, and today has kind of drained me. I started out pretty normally...working out, getting my swoll on, and enjoying the company of the guys I work with. I come home for lunch and find that my wife isn't home. No big...the youngest boy has to be at school early, so she'll be ho
I went shopping today and got my New Years Eve outfit This dress in black.. with THESE shoes in RED! I am thinking either silver jewelry with red stones.. or maybe just some earrings with a sparkly red thin scarf around my neck... maybe some black tights if it is chilly
Kid Fears Puppets
More Art
Click the links below the pic to see the whole gallery. Until We Fall by ~TimLaSure on deviantART The Patience of an Act of Love by ~TimLaSure on deviantART
My Friends 16 Year Old Daughters View On The American Dream
What Is the American dream? Well, it would all depend on who you are asking. Some may say that owning a house, having money, the rich husband or trophy wife, and a fast car is a dream all Americans share. Others might simply say that giving their children a better life than they had is the ultimate American dream. Would not the true American dream be what Americas founders came here for? What the pilgrims fought seven grueling years to protect? The American media contributes to the out stigma a lot more than we realize. Religious freedom was the original plan, or dream for America, times really have changed, maybe a little more than those pilgrims planned for Henry VII separated from the British Catholic church in 1534, because the Pope would not annul his marriage. Henry issued the act of supremacy, which declared the English Monarch to be head of the Church of England. The church gained complete and total control, and the option to choose your religion was non-existent. People
Another Dangerous Curves Birthday!!
Tomorrow is Christys Birthday lets make sure we show her lots of luv!! Happy Birthday Girlie!!
Come Check Us Out
I just my lounge fully set up. Just purchased a server and I am ready to fill the room up. so don't hesitate to stop by and give us a look. thanks
This Sucks
Ok, so someone please explain this to me. I am naturally a nice person. I try and do what i can for everybody else. So why is it that when i can't do something, people get pissed off at me. I'm a good person. I try to look out for everyone. But while I'm doing that, who is looking out for me? Who's going to catch me when i fall? Who's gonna be there when i break down and fall apart? Nobody. I feel like i'm in a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one can hear me. I'm normally an upbeat person. But lately, I'm not. Everyone keeps beating me down. Tearing me apart. Telling me I'm not good enough. This sh*t is so frustrating.
The Forgotten Dog's Christmas
This should be posted at all pet stores and puppy palaces FORGOTTEN DOG'S CHRISTMAS Author unknown Twas the nite before Christmas when all thru the house Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care In hopes that St. Nick soon would be there. The children all nestled all snug in their beds With no thought of the dog filling their head. And mamma in her kerchief and I in my cap Knew the dog was cold, but didn't care about that. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash Figuring the dog was free of his chain and into the trash. The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow gave the luster of mid-day to objects below. When what to my wondering eyes should appear But Santa Clause with eyes full of tears. He unchained the dog once so lively and quick Last year's
$$$lizzys$$$ Chat Room
Flutterbies Again
Here it goes again. Ever been little? We all have been young one time or another. I know I have been. You know how you think that your in love with someone so much that you get butterflies in your stomache? I have!been there, done that. Well I think it is so cute of a word. Its butterflies but changing the f and b around..AKA. FLUTTERBIES...I am with this great guy and he took me to wal-mart here in my area and He bought me an engagement ring and went to get down in the middle of wal-mart and purpose to me right in front of everyone and guess what i did...Ran straight towards the purses because crazy me got alittle embarrassed and ran away from everyone but anyways he still purposed to me and I said yes. Wether it was infront of people "OR NOT"!!
The Blues Live Knockin on heavens door live November rain Patience
This Is Cute
THOUGHT THIS WAS CUTE SO THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE LOL A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you d deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier than her younger counterpart. Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell you right off if you are a jerk if you are acting like one. You d
Subject: Older women :o) Body: Turning 30 by Andy Rooney This is for all you girls 30 years and over....and for those who are turning 30, and for those who are scared of moving into their 30's! This was written by Andy Rooney from CBS 60 Minutes Andy Rooney says: As I grow in age, I value women who are over 30 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 30 will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, "What are you thinking?". She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 30 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. A woman over 30 knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 30 give a damn what you might think about her or what she's doing. Women over 30 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an
*breathes Out*
Ever felt so strongly about someone that you felt nauseous when you realized they were no longer going to be in your life?
anyone who would like to chat with me after friday dec 5 can add me to messenger yahoo the_game_is_on_2002 or msn z33_21 at hot mail. com
Only Six Hours Left On My Auto-11s!
RED Z28 HAS AUTO 11s!!! And he's paying for your rates! 10k per 100 during Happy Hour. Msg him when you're done! ENDS WED AT 9pm FUBAR TIME. He's my best friend on fubar & needs a good spanking!! Tell him the Princess sent you! BONUS! I will pay you an additional 25k above what he pays you... For each set of 100 ACTUAL 11's!! =) Just tell him in your msg & he will let me know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDERICK!!! xoxo RedZ28 - Co-Owner Rate Spankers@ fubar Brought to you by..... cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH@ fubar
Tired Of Waiting
Ok this is Dec. 03.. and i still haven't heard from my jj ... my fubar bf ... i think i need to give up what about ya'll i need to move on and find one that will actually be around ... please comment and let me know what you guys think please ...
Scientist Discover!!!
did you know that a South American scientist has, after a lengthy study, discovered that people with low IQs who don't have enough sex, always read their emails, blogs, MuMMs, ect. while holding the mouse. Don't bother taking it off now, it's too late. Regards, Your friend
Wat Every Girl Should Be Treated Like
To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what. To every guy who told his
Soldiers "night Before Christmas"
So, Apparently.....
It really is who you know in this town as opposed to how much experience you have. I just came from an interview and the boss man was quite excited to see me. According to him he's real tight with the former boss and Phil(former boss) had told him that he really needed to get me hired there. That of all the people Phil has worked with, I'm the hardest worker he's ever met. The Boss @ the new place had no problem telling me all about this and honestly...I was quite humbled by it. Especially knowing that he had just interviewed my former managers...both of them. And had made no mention of either of them. Nor did he mention that Phil had spoke of them either. One interview and I'm already in the top ten for another interview. Out of 150 people. The dude was actually waiting on me to show up there and apply and was excited when I had said my name "Oh, Jeanine? From Tooey's? Come here, have a seat".....right on. =) ~Dances all happy like~ Hehehe
Disturbing Blog Posting...
You know, one thing I do sometimes is imagine different suicide techniques. One that has caught my attention recently is jumping from a tall building. One question I had for that would be, would it be better face down (so you see the ground rushing up to you) or face up (so you don't see it). For me, I think I'd be better off face down. That way, I wouldn't be worried every split second that I'm about to hit. Face up, while it could be relaxing for some, would make the "not knowing" factor ruin the death. But hey, that's just me...
I Wont Be Online
i wont be online . for how long i dont no the house iam moving to dont have internet and after the 1000 deposit fee iam broke so probably in the next 2 weeks hopefully
Bridges Can Be Built...repost From Lady Victoria
this is a repost from lady victorias blog..thank you for sharing thsi my dearest sister. my heart is always yours to have. Fires rage in my heart the heat heals the pain bridges can be built as a human being I listen to your suffering you offer me your story the pain of the war I learn bridges can be built you are my enemy I was told be a good girl speak only our words and then I met you bridges can be built truth is more important I will speak out for the healing of the world take courage take spirit the game of the tribe is not for me bridges can be built the clothes of prejudice now stripped away as I open to you leaving my bare soul that can love you all bridges can be built with the eyes of knowing I move from us and them our differences disappear the unity of humanity remains bridges can be built your sons could be mine and I could be your brother planting the bomb that killed the little boy bridges can be built and now I sta
My Baby
hey there fu friends i just wanted to update you all on my baby he is weighing in on 3 and half pounds according to the ultrasound his right kidney is very enlarged and that could be 3 reasons one is reflex 2 is that he could have an issue with the tube that goes from the kidney to his bladder it could be that when the one kidney is emptying its not going to the bladder its going to the bad kidney or there could be a blockage but either way i have to go back on new yrs eve for another ultrasound and if it has gotten bigger then they will deliver him then and do surgery if it has gone down then they will let me deliver on my due date which is feb 3 by c section and then they will do 3 different tests on him to find out what exactally they need to do so right now im under alot of stress dealing with this and the passing of my mom you all have been great with me bear with me im still trying really hard to keep up with sarges stuff and fu angels stuff if ihavent been to your page in awhile
There Are No Shortcuts
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS TO SUCCESS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whatever you want in life, you must give up something to get it. The greater the value, the greater the sacrifice required of you. Everything has a price. There's a price to pay if you want to make things better, and a price to pay for just leaving things as they are. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last. Use your imagination more than your memory to achieve success. There is no success at bargain basement prices. The highway to success is a toll road. Copyright 2008 Watch The Video => Surviving A Bad Economy Watch The => Webinar Check Out The => Glimpse Stories Learn More At => The Mangosteen Evolution
We Have New Members..
PLEASE STOP BY AND SHOW LUV TO THE NEW MEMBERS.... BBW LOVERS Roll Call AND JOINING... In order to become a member of the family,you must R/F/A all family members. In friends request state "Joining BBW LOVERS" if you are already friends with someone leave a comment stating the same.Blank request's will not be accepted! If a member has their profile set to private,pass them up.After you become a member they will R/F/A you! You will encounter problems with the bouncer,while trying to add everyone. Just remember to change things up when he appears! Example: Joining THE BBW LOVERS...(3 dots on the end) Bouncer shows up-enter his code Joining THE BBW LOVERS..(2 dots) Everytime he appears add or remove dots! Now let's begin! DJ Chocolate Bunny **Owned by ~Tee~ Owner OF THE BBW LOVERS~The Click Club~~Sarg@ fubar ~Firerose~PegasusProject~RR~Bartender@NeonMoonSaloon@ fubar TLC BETTER KNOWN AS TINKERTLC!!!!!@ fubar ? Be@uTiFuL DiS@StEr ?@ fuba
Rockin 'round The Christmas Tree........come Bid On Meeee!!!
Rockin around the Christmas Tree We're having another auction!! Auction is OPEN and will close on December 9th at NOON Futime. And once again it is a *NO FUBUCK AUCTION* So to make this crystal clear.... DO NOT MAKE FUBUCK BIDS!!! Make only bids of.... **Tickers** **Bling Packs** **Blasts** **VIP's** **Happy Hours** *mari*~(`)~madrina mPէ~
Thanks, Douche-bag!
A big thanks to the fucking worthless douchebag that marked my profile pic NSFW. Really? Chicks half-assed naked and fuckwads with no shirt on are perfectly acceptable, but i have a fuckin' .45 in my pic and some liberal left anti-gun granola eating socialist reports that pic? FUCK you you piece of shit worthless cocksucking snake. You need to do yourself a favor, wrap your lips around that .45 and let me make the world a better place. Go back to world of warcraft and leave the adult site to the adults. Dipshit...
I ♥ these purdy lil things. :) They be sparkly. :P
Need Work Badly.
If you or anybody you know wants some custom artwork done cheap please let me know. I can draw pretty much anything so just let me know what you want and I'll let you know if I can do it.
Casual Encounter
We decide to meet at a restaurant for an afternoon "lunch time special." We go inside the restaurant and sip on fine wine and snack on appetizers. The chemistry was immediate, we knew it was there before we even entered the restaurant, but proper protocol must be followed. Even nefarious activities have a set of rules and etiquette. We make light chit-chat, exchanging stories of uncommunicative spouses and friends with low libidos, and brief bio's of our lives. We aren't paying as much attention to our words as we are to the body language that is being conveyed. It's coming through loud and clear, let's go someplace more private.....;-). We pay the bill and meander over to my car. It is parked in the corner of the lot, in the shade, and it has tinted rear windows. We sit in the back of my car, say a few more words, very few, and then easily give in to the moment. We seem to melt into each other's arms, truly Lust at first sight. Our lips seem drawn together, our
Back To School
So I am going back to college in January, the original University I went to right after high school. It's going to be strange going back 4 years later, but well worth it. We'll see how it goes :)
Sexual Posistion Of The Day- The Melody Maker
Great for A mindblowing orgasm How does it work? This one's a bit more tricky than normal and you'll probably need a small footstool or comfy chair. Sit on the chair sideways and lean backwards so your head is pointing downwards. Now get your fella to kneel between your legs and enter you. You may find it helps if you hold hands so that he can support you The turn-ons Having your head pointing down means that you'll get an amazing rush of blood, especially when you reach orgasm. The turn-offs It can feel a bit odd at first and you may not be able to stay there too long Difficulty rating: 3/5 Not that difficult once you get used to it, but the initial leaning back can be tricky. Fun rating: 5/5 The strength of the orgasm makes this one a real firecracker!" />
It Hurts
Life changes over time. Seems that there comes a time that everything hits at once. Most you see coming, but even that, some how the pain still hits hard. Some you don't see coming, but looking at the things you have done you know how you got there, but it still hurts. You can look back and see how you could have done it different, but does it change the hurt or the present? No it does not. We just have to look at life find the consequences we are willing to live with and make the best out of where we are and hope the hurt will go away someday. I do know this, that love is worth the hurt! Cause with no hurt in life there is no love. Where there is no love life is not worth living. Even if the only love I can find is in my own heart.
Miniblog - Parents
Sent my (ex-)parents a *&$%-off letter today.
Rockin Around The Xmas Tree Auction
Hey Everyone, I am in my very first auction!!! Come check it out!! I have a lot to offer!! You won't be sorry if you buy me for a month!!! **Click the link below to take you to the auction** This is a NO Fubuck auction. Bids of Tickers, Blasts, VIP's, Bling Packs, and HH's only. While your there, stop by and fan, rate and add the Host & Hostess of the auction Jake & Jamie. This bully brought to you by me!! "Kimmie" ~~~Twilight Leveler~~~READ ABOUT ME !!!!COME BID ON ME!! (repost of original by '❤JAmξ ❤R/L Fiance'of Jakξ The akξ~Proudly Owned by Anna' on '2008-12-03 12:53:50')
Kimmie's First Auction, Bid On Her..
Hey Everyone, I am in my very first auction!!! Come check it out!! I have a lot to offer!! You won't be sorry if you buy me for a month!!! **Click the link below to take you to the auction** This is a NO Fubuck auction. Bids of Tickers, Blasts, VIP's, Bling Packs, and HH's only. While your there, stop by and fan, rate and add the Host & Hostess of the auction Jake & Jamie. This bully brought to you by me!! "Kimmie" ~~~Twilight Leveler~~~READ ABOUT ME !!!!COME BID ON ME!! (repost of original by '❤JAmξ ❤R/L Fiance'of Jakξ The akξ~Proudly Owned by Anna' on '2008-12-03 12:53:50') (repost of original by '"Kimmie" ~WANNA OWN ME FOR 30DAYS..PLACE UR BIDS!!(JamieLynnsPage)' on '2008-12-03 13:02:25')
The Icarus Syndrome
Do you remember the story of Icarus in Greek mythology? Daedalus was the great engineer who had designed the Labyrinth for King Minos of Crete to house the Minotaur. He was moved by the love of the Princess Ariadne for Theseus and gave her the secret of the Labyrinth so that Theseus could survive. Enraged, King Minos had Daedalus and his son Icarus imprisoned in a tower. In secret, Daedalus fashioned wings by attaching bird feathers to a frame with wax. They donned the wings and were able to escape the tower and start the long flight back to their homeland. Icarus soon reveled in the glory of his new wings and the power they gave him. Daedalus cried out to his son that the wings were built for a higher purpose than his self-satisfaction. Icarus ignored the teachings of his father and lost in his own ego; flew up to Apollo thinking his wings made him the equal of the Gods. He had forgotten that his wings had a purpose and that his ability to fly was a gift of the Gods. Apollo noticed Ic
Little Johnny
Little Johnny's at it again..... A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, 'Everyone who thinks they're stupid, stand up!' After a few seconds, Little Johnny stood up. The teacher said, 'Do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?' 'No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!' * * * * * * * * * * * Little Johnny watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face. 'Why do you do that, mommy?' he asked. 'To make myself beautiful,' said his mother, who then began removing the cream with a tissue. 'What's the matter?' asked Little Johnny. 'Giving up?' * * * * * * * * * * * The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn't paying attention in class. She called on him and said, 'Johnny! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?' Little Johnny quickly replied, 'NBC, FOX, ESPN and the Cartoon Network!' * * * * * * * * * * * Little Johnny's kindergarten class was on a field trip to t
Bridges Can Be Built
Fires rage in my heart the heat heals the pain bridges can be built as a human being I listen to your suffering you offer me your story the pain of the war I learn bridges can be built you are my enemy I was told be a good girl speak only our words and then I met you bridges can be built truth is more important I will speak out for the healing of the world take courage take spirit the game of the tribe is not for me bridges can be built the clothes of prejudice now stripped away as I open to you leaving my bare soul that can love you all bridges can be built with the eyes of knowing I move from us and them our differences disappear the unity of humanity remains bridges can be built your sons could be mine and I could be your brother planting the bomb that killed the little boy bridges can be built and now I stand alone with you who killed my Dad there is a place inside me that knows you acted your truth challenging injustice and oppress
My Prison
I sit in this prison i have made. I sit here and wonder why i have done the things i have to trap myself here. were my worst fears haunt me and come to life. then i see you, you make my fears hide, you make the prison i have built dissaper into the night. you hold me close and i feel safe in your arms i dont want you to ever let go. but as day turns back to night you fade away and i realize it was only a dream that you want stay so as i sit here still in this prison i have made i morn the lost of my one true love and cry hopeing one day that you shall come back to me and release me from this prison.
I Got The Munchies! Do You?
I got the Munchies! Do you? Yup, you heard right! One of the sweetest, funniest, most charming men on Fubar is up for auction!!! DJ MUNCHIES!!! He's offering some amazing things! As the bid gets higher and higher and higher, this stud muffin is going to raise the offer higher and higher and higher!!! Now is your chance! Click the auction pic above to bid on this sexy mofo! Thanks to Kim for holding this awesome auction! Go show her some love by clicking her link below!!! ღ~KMM ~ღ∞ h ڣGrl~♥H rmr@♥-̧H M!K3Y This bully brought to you by: ~Mistress Momma Meagan~R/L & Fu-Wifey of DJ Munchies~Owner of MMM's Pets~SBG~
Ny Shadow
This was written by one of my favorite people in the whole wold..let me know your thoughts My Shadow all my words go unspoken but my thoughts you hear, i sit alone in my darken room.only light... is my glowing candle here i sit staring into the flame but its you i see i cant get you out of my mind But all the words i bleed out seem to slip away or is forgotten time after time my eyes have looked upon you with love.i hold you above the shadows above my dark and ruined heart and yet i find peace in your eyes but i cant find peace in my soul Still I wish I could find a way to say to you all that is locked away I never thought love could be real and here i sit lost in the thought of being in love. i see no lies in you i see no hate from you how can touch something so clean when im so dirty something so pure and full of life i can only serve you from the shadows i will not bare my head in the light or let you see my suffering...i will walk thru hell to save you from
Curiousity Stolen From Witchiepoo
Ask me a question, any question. I'll answer it truthfully and ask you a can get quite amusing. Thoughtful questions, humorous questions, technical questions..anything. Something you have always wondered about me, something you want a true answer to but never thought I would answer honestly, something that has nothing to do with me that you have always been curious about...anything. Shoot away.
If I
if i could drink i'd be drunk off a cocktail concocted of love wisdom and peace if i could fly i would be high above sorrow and pain where they couldn't reach me if i could lie i would , underneath the stars wishing i possessed their glory if i could drive i would speed away to where money didnt exist and poverty was only a nightmare if i could forget i would erase the memories of my childhood and if i could draw i would paint a picture perfect past but if i could write ..i would inscribe a poem
Wedding Annoucement
"> This is a FU-Marriage announcement. We have 2 members that want to spent there lives together until death do they part on FU, hopefully they will gain more happiness with there lives. We ask for your Presence to show yoour respect. Couple to be wed: Mistress Godess & LoneStar_Tech Lounge: Mistress Layre Date: Fri, Dec 5th, 2008 Time: 9:00 est I will be performing the ceremony. Brought to you by: ღஐ Cindie ღஐ Club Elite Staff Tagmaker ღஐ Owned by: Grlskikass2@ fubar Blessed Be!
I Haven't Coined It
this stray dog freedom was stumbled upon like a dropped penny is it really worth the effort of bending over to pick up ? if somebody doesnt throw out their scraps soon, my ribs will be my most observable feature
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The Great Fixer
I seem to have this amazing power when it comes to my relationships. I've been in several where I am a rebound, the first after that "big breakup". Normally the people these relationships involve have been hurt pretty badly by bad behavior on their ex's part, and we've all been there and know how that goes. All you hear is about how terrible this was, or bad that was, and how great it is that you aren't that way. Usually, over the course of months, or years, those feelings of how they were wronged go away and the past scars fade. That's where it gets interesting, because out of all of those relationships, I've had several end up with the person breaking up with me to go back with their ex. In fact, this very latest one, she suddenly stops speaking to me, and ends up back with her ex husband, apparently. I dunno if this can be attributed to my great healing power in a relationship...or how terrible I am compared to the last person :P Anyway, bring me your dead and dying relationships
The Beatnuts
[Greg Nice] Oh, oh, oh! 2 G's mother, uh! The Beatnuts y'all, uh! Uh, oh! Juju, Psycho Les, uh, oh! Turn it out oh, oh my god oh! Oh, oh, it's the hardcore b-boy shit! Hard to the core motherfucker, no keyboard shit! [Psycho Les] Ayo the Nuts landed, so back it up Pass the mic to big Psych, the manufacterer The architect, bringing you the art of wreck You used to hate my click, now you want a part of it We coming with more hits that funk like Parliament Comparing me to another's going to lead to an argument The heat we fry you with, straight from the armory Guerilla army, we kill tracks and harmonies My Nut orchestra blowing fuses Your amp can't hold this music, it's booming I'm in my truck cruising, 97 tuned in The latest news is the Nuts new album is ruling Y'all vs. the Nuts, you have a big chance of losing (There's no escaping this) Or confronting the union So stop fooling yourself, and feel these Nuts Cause (No one's ready to deal with us) What? (No esc
Santa Joke...
How do we know that Santas a man ? Cuz he shows up late, Eats ur cookies, Empties his sac, Cum'z only once, Calls u a hoe and leaves....
Lifes Storms
A pastor had been on a long flight between church conferences. The first warning of the approaching problems came when the sign on the airplane flashed on: Fasten Your Seat Belts. Then, after a while, a calm voice said, "We shall not be serving the beverages at this time as we are expecting a little turbulence. Please be sure your seat belt is fastened." As the pastor looked around the aircraft, it became obvious that many of the passengers were becoming apprehensive. Later, the voice on the intercom said, "We are so sorry that we are unable to serve the meal at this time. The turbulence is still ahead of us." And then the storm broke .. The ominous cracks of thunder could be heard even above the roar of the engines. Lightning lit up the darkening skies, and within moments that great plane was like a cork tossed around on a celestial ocean. One moment the airplane was lifted on terrific currents of air; the next, it dropped as if it were about to crash. The pastor c
What Love Means
What Love means to a 4-8 year old. . Slow down for three minutes to read this. It is so worth it. Touching words from the mouths of babes. A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, 'What does love mean?' The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think: 'When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.' Billy - age 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.' Karl - age 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.' Chrissy - age 6 --------------------------
Fear Of Flying
Unnskyld meg. Men dette kan ikke vre tilfeldig: Laurie Anderson gir ut United States 1-4 i 1984. Den omhandler bl.a hennes frykt for fly... Og den frykten kan henspille p boka Fear Of Flying som omhandler kvinners seksuelle frigjring. Samtidig har vi Oh Superman som opplagt henspiller p Nietzsches Overmenneske, og som skapte en engelsk massemorder (han brukte hre p makkverket i forbindelse med sin drapsmani). Og hvis vi tar med Dylans begynnelse med Uz' oppgave med frelse verden med en jdisk-nazistisk ideologi og unnlater nevne den historien og de medsammensvorne er det pfallende at den ENESTE personen fra den gjengen som ikke er nevnt i skurkesammenhenger senere er Lou Reed. PERSONEN HUN GIFTET SEG MED???
Military Holiday Remembrance
1775, 1812, 1861, 1898, 1917, 1941, 1945, 1956, 1980, 1991, 1998, 2001, 2003 Do these numbers mean anything to you? Well they mean something to us, and they mean something to the thousands of American Soldiers that fought, the American Soldiers that continue to fight and to the families that lost their moms, dads, sons, daughters, wives and husbands. These numbers represent the dates that Americas bravest, strongest and most honorable men and women traded in their jeans, dresses, sandals and baseball caps for Military fatigues and combat boots. These are the dates that Our American Heroes answered the call of duty. The dates that these outstanding men and women set out to fulfill their oath to protect our freedom and defend our homeland. These are the dates that our Soldiers said goodbye to their families, some never to return. As the Holiday Season approaches and you are planning Christmas dinners, hopping from store to store buying up your holiday gifts and sending out
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