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Beast Within Me
It's paces echo within my mynd. Caged within the blackness of my thoughts. It's rage darkens the blind corners. Clawing the walls, searching for escape from the torment of nightmares. Wounds thought long healed, open with fresh pain as they scrape against the jagged edges of my sanity. Even the falling of my tears can't extinguish this flame burning white-hot inside my soul. Nightmares glowing with the anguish of hatred and pain. Screaming silenced by the flow of life. Deep from within, the beast howls as his torture ceases to exist momentarily. Knowing the circle will form again.
Fumafia Shyjaxx Add.... Peace!!!
Relationships...............need Ya Feedback Fubar:

i got to many site.
Sum Humor
"Men have two emotions "HORNY"​ and "HUNGRY"​ so if you see him without an erection make him a sandwich!"​ "If electricity comes from electrons , does morality come from "MORONS?"​ "Whatev​er you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her."† So - if you give her crap, you will receive a bucket full of sh*t! GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says something incoherent. 8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy OLD IS WHEN: 1. Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. 2. You don't care where your spou
Taking readers through the haunting Holocaust from 1939 - 1942, ‘Shoah’, sets in motion the tormenting love story between a German and Jew. Through the societal angst, Leon and Abigail struggle to find a way to love each other in secret only to be torn apart. Join them as they embark on a legendary love story†to be with each other. "The small, the helpless, the innocent: these were the victims of Adolph Hitler's Holocaust.- The Holocaust Chronicle*Currently finished with book, but on hold due to editing issues. No release date yet...stay tuned.I'll be posting chapter snippets here from time to time-enjoy! Prologue †October 1939 † †The air was eerily cold, freezing my veins and icing my heart,† as I huddled closer to my parents and brother. My mood matching the arctic chill in the air as I peered anxiously out the basement window watching the sky fill with smoke as fire raged in the streets close by. It was oddly quiet, a contrast to the† massacre happening outside. My f
Sweet temptation all over my eyes, I view it , I taste it , within plump thighs. Sweet fragrance of lovemaking permeates the air , temptation to pull her hair. Flavor of candy scent of the rose filling her every sense, with strong overtones. Overture and rapture she screams while wriggling her she sighs deep I swallow every drop of her essence past my lips. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm temptation!! - Artistik Dzigner
Unfair And Unjust Treatment
Why I have not been around much: I am a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, which is a pretty decent rank. It's not the highest enlisted rank, but it is a decently high rank, for those who don't know. †In the Marines Corps, organizations are called "units", and units are made up of 400 - 500 Marines.The lowest rank in the Marine Corps is a "Private." †In most units in the Marine Corps, Privates generally get treated like little kids, get in trouble for everything, and have to do a big majority of the manual labor. †The higher the rank you are, more respect and authority often follows. That being said, I am in a unit that is corrupted with favoritism politics and its senior leadership (Staff Sergeants and above) tend to lose their minds over little unimportant stuff, rather than the stuff that should matter. †Plus, it seems to not be important as to how good you are at your job, or how good of a leader you are...what seems to matter is if you kiss ass to the right people at the right time.
Just Me!
I found out that my ex husband put up some pretty raunchy pics of me - without permission, of course, and he had also told me these pics had been destroyed (LIAR!).† So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing the pics I have of him and his - and his equipment, such as it is.† Not to be mean, but I'm pretty sure he might not be too happy if I were to play the same stupid game he's playing. But yeah - I have pics!† Wanna see?† Just let me know. It's always so quiet on Sunday afternoons around my house.† My boys are off at their dad's and I have nothing to do until 5 p.m.† Gives me too much time to think.† I went out last night by myself.† It's the first time I've been out in quite a while, but I had a wonderful time.† Met a gentleman looking for a bass player and he was even kind enough to buy me a couple of shots, too.† Ok, yeah, I know - he wasn't just interested in my playing ability!† And that was actually kind of nice - to have a little attention from a guy.† In re
Want To Know Me :)
† Im a model and a racer...I like to drive fast :) Driving is my passion. Some say im better off the road but im not. They say i can drive you crazy but i know i can get you nuts... :)If you want me.. then you got to have the nicest car in the town... you should have the pimpest car when we stroll around the city till the sun drops... I like to party.. I get wild at times when my guy is hot.. :)My favorite cars are Lamborghini and Bentley so if you have one thats a great teaser for me...Most of the time you'll think I'm retardedCause most of the time I act like I am.But no. I'm not ;) Oh, by the way, I always have a mirror with me. I just love staring--no, ADMIRING myself :)Sometimes, I become really weird, having opinions opposing that of the norms, others may find this amazing while others condemn me for being foolish.i always put this in my mind :""You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose"I know when to be serious a
Newest Poems
How could you do this to me?How could you leave me like this?Sad and dying inside.I feel like Im rotting away inside.Little dead pieces of me fall off as I fade away slowly,drowning in depression.My heart stopped beating when you stopped talking.My mind focused, like a starving dog staring at a piece of meat,waiting for some glimpse you might care.But you never call.Even the air freezes around me in discontent and sadness.A feeling of empty, a feeling of grief and sorrow.My stomach aches with knots of confusionand head fills with clouds of misunderstanding.Boxes of information opened and poured out without hope of solution.Fingers of blame thrown in the airand words of anger fill the ears of a negativity drowned victim.Falling into pieces that can’t be glued.Beyond hopeless, suicidal and filled with doubt of life’s meanings.You left me here like this.Not giving me the time of day filling your self up,like a glutton, with selfishness.Warped sense of mind.How can you separate
Just Venting
†††††††††††††† ††† Homeless In Our Home Land††† Not that many people know that it is happening but it is. Those that doknow are either trying to do something about it or they just don't care and are just ignoring it, We have a big problem with homeless in our home land and the government are not wanting to help nor do they want anyone else totry and help the homeless. The government is just punishing the people who are trying to do something for the people who are homeless.†††† As a matter of fact the government are a big reason there are so manypeople out there livin on the street's in our home land. The people that are livin out there on the street's didn't necessarily chose it. Now do notget me wrong there are those out there on the street's that have chose to be there by either drinkin up all there money, druggin up it all, just think it is kool or would rather live on the street's instead of being confined to a apartment or house. I know that not all people are out therebecause of
My Life
Well I LOVE my life right now... a dear n close friend of mine got in touch with me..nothing but awesome times when i talk with this person......u know who you are ;) what i wouldn't do to drive a Lincoln ;) well I hope everyone is enjoyin what they have in life because if u lose it don't bother gettin it back unless it means the world to youuuuu so fight for what is right...n dang baby ur right for me :)
Them Damn Sheet's
Friday 13th - Freaky, Creepy Or Normal Day??
My Points
Wtf Blog
Stories I Wrote
Any Answers?
Why is it that women always complain about not having/meeting the perfect guy. They always want somone who is compassionate, careing, honest, sweet, romantic, and a few other personality traits that depend on the type of guy your seeking... (bad boy, emo, southern, ETC...) However when that guy finally comes around, "your too nice for me!" Ladies, I have herd it many times... If you want your heart broke, go on... Pass me up, because I dont cause heartachs.
Make Sure Ur Kids Are Asleep!!
My love is like the sun that warms me when im cold and like the cold water of the brook that refreshes me My love knows the secret pleasures of my soul and delights with me in fulfilling them Who is my love but the soul of my soul and the reason for every beat of my heart Who fills me with life just being in his presence and returns to me more then i have given Come to me my love I die without you Each day is eternity waiting for your touch Remove the tears from my eyes and the ache in my heart Be closer to my breath for all my day and all my nights † †
Lounge Staff † This is your honerable Judge for this court room † JUDGE ROLLING THUNDER † † † This is your honerable Judge for this court room † JUDGE DREDD † † † This is your Reverand for this court room † Rev DJ Sexy Moon † † † † This is your Reverand for this court room † Rev Da MFKN Tatted Flirt † † Sister Lounges † † † Biggs Paradise Haven † †
Total Randomness
For anyone who ever complains of how nasty their roommates are. Shut the hell up. I PROMISE you that I have you beat. Hands down. They are a married couple. Big hearts and they have done a lot for me and my daughter but they are the absolute foulest, nastiest people I have EVER lived with. The husband and I kid you not, has only showered TWICE in the year I have lived here! Now mind you, the rest of the house doesn't look like this because I make damn sure it doesn't. This is how they LIVE in their bedroom!! **WARNING** You WILL need a puke bag!! Shhhh! He's sleeeeepin :O
Beauty In Mother Earth
† Dear Lord † Thank you for the love you've placed in my life through the friends you've given me.† They bring me warmth when the days are cold, music when I'm overwwhelmed by silence, joy when sadness dawns above and below me.† May I be a loving friend to each one of them as well.† Fill me anew with your love that I may pass it along. Amen. ScorpionRuling Planet: Mars/PlutoRuling House: Eighth HouseElement: WaterQuality: FixedBody Parts: sex organsKeyword: SEXDate with destiny: Cancer, PiscesRun for the hills: Leo, AquariusWhere you glow: investigatingWhat makes you tick: chessFitness forecast: sexPlay date: chatting on the InternetPerfect jobs: private investigator, surgeonBest accessory: magnifying glassA sure thing: magnetismDestination: The NetherlandsPleasure: mystery, calling the shots, passionPain: exposure, simplicity, interruptionKindness: Your idealism and passionate belief in transformation and rebirth inspires others to want to work toward these goals as intensel

This blog is just gonna be loaded with different lyrics that I feel has meaning to myself or just things that make me think.All I ever wanted wasI don't wanna lieAll I ever wanted wasA shot that I never gotAll I ever neededNo one ever caredAll I ever wanted wasSomeone take me outta here††††††† (Twiztid "All I ever wanted")I'm differentI'm not like youI'm differentI like fuckin' with voodooI'm differentI come from the darksideI'm differentI've seen the dead come alive†† (Twiztid "Different")No mommy, don't do it againDon't do it againI'll be a good boyI'll be a good boy, I promiseNo mommy don't hit meWhy did you have to hit me like that, mommy?Don't do it, you're hurting meWhy did you have to be such a bitchWhy don't you,Why don't you just fuck off and dieWhy can't you just fuck off and dieWhy can't you just leave here and dieNever stick your hand in my face again bitchFUCK YOUI don't need this shitYou stupid sadistic abusive fucking whoreHow would you like to see how it feels mommyHere
DONT'T QUIT† When things go wrong as they sometimes will,When the road you are trudging seems all up hill.When the funds are low and the debts are high and u want to smile,but u have to sigh ,When care is pressing you down a bit,† rest† ,if† you must ,but dont quit..Life is queer with its† twist and turnd, as everyone of us† sometimes learns,and many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out ;Dont give up though the pace seems slow -You may succeed with another blow.Success† is failure turned inside out The silver† tint of the cloudsof doubt ,and you never can tell how close your ..It may be near when it seems so far;So stick to fight† when† your 'hardest hit" ....Its when thingd seem worst that you must NOT† QUIT A TRUCKERS LIFE We're out on the road trying to clear our mind,by passing every billboard sign. There's more miles in our back pocket than dollars bills,listening to the roaring of them 18 wheels.You learn a lot about being alone ,but hell its our life
Lonely...need Frineds+
I just am goinf thru a very rough time nees people to let me know i can carry on
Lonely...need Frineds+
Fuck All The Bullshit
ok well lets see what all has happened that has me ready to die soon hmm the one person I loved and have cared for for the past 8 well almost 9 years is now telling me that they never want to see me and they are talking to a bunch of guys and they r gonna fuck all of them I got court on the 11th of april where I might end up going to prison for life right now Im facing 250 years in prison for some shit I didnt know was gonna happen but got charged with it cause I was there but yet Im supposed to be happy and keep holding my head up if u ask me my life is over if anyone cares to comment then feel free I will be on here most of tonight and will check back to see if anybodys on here that wants to talk to me all through the week well thanks for reading this
"Times will come in life when you realize you've made a mistake. At that moment, you have have 2 choices: YOU can SWALLOW your pride & pull a few nails, or you can FOOLISHLY, continue your course, hoping the problem will go away. Most of the time the problem will only get worse. When you realize you've made a mistake the best thing you can do is tear down the wall and start over."
Fuland Bs
When you sign into this site some days you feel like you are walking into a really bad bar. Not even a really low class strip joint because of the fact, at least there there's already naked women to somewhat distract the men. At least until they step off "stage" that is. Fubar is set up on a level to where everyone knows what to expect. Most men bitch that because they don't have tits it takes them longer to level, or they bitch because they can't find anyone and they are lonely. I may be here to level but I'm also here to make friends. As I damn well have. Some of the best people I've met in life I've come across right name a few but of course I can't get y'all. Mags, Sim, Jay, Ninja, Java, Kari, Storm, Dory, Princess, Nova, The rest of the NL crew because well frankly you ALL rock my world, Chi, RP, Irish, Jeremy, DH (who, regardless of what you are calling yourself, you will alwayz be DH to me), Jedson, Pamp. Too many to name em all. But you catch my drift. You are all th
† "You can often change your circumstances by changing your attitude"†—†Eleanor Roosevelt † "Do one thing everyday that scares you."†—†Eleanor Roosevelt † You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.††Dale Carnegie † Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. †Dr. Seuss quote † Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. ~ William James You can't live your life for other people. You've got
Random Thoughts
My Heart And Soul
There is peace in my soul For such a long awaited time There is love in my life A love of and rhyme † † Once you took hold of my heart I knew no other could have reached As whispered fate took my hand To levels only you could reach † With you in my life I will live eternally I knew the first night we met YOU were meant for ME † I Love You Baby Heart And Soul
I Think This Is So Sweet And Awesome!!!
Watch This Its A Tear Jerker
The Life Of A Teenager
ok so we all know the saying cant live with them cant live with out them??? well that is for guys they drive u insane and they dont listen to u then when they do listen its only for the answers like yes thats it. ok not all guys are like that but most are like 99% are lol. dont take me wrong i love guys cuz they can be funny and sweet and are there to talk to u but ar the same time they can just bug u and keep calling and calling and txting u till u answer and it drives me up the wall so some good advise girls just answer the dam phone it will save†u alot of time trust me lol. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey this is my new blog and i hope u all love this blog and comment as much as u want lol. My name is shelly im in high school i have 2 sisters a mom dad and step dad bleh. i have a bunch of friends and im going to the movies tommarow to see blind side. i heard its a good movie lol. i hope u all keep reading love u all BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im having one of† those days
Some Things You Might Need To Know....
Rcac Tv!
I would like to invite you to visit RCAC Studios at 137 Locust St., at Park Marina Dr., in the hopes that you may be interested in interning or working with our public access television stations.Please give us a call at: 530-241-7222 or you may call me directly at: 530-917-1037 (to 11pm).Hope you are doing well and hope to talk to you soon.Grant GarrisonRead more: Interested in making television? Interns and volunteers needed @ RCAC TV !! †call 530-241-7222 or 530-917-1037 (my cel)
Raise My Taxes Please!
Raise My Taxes, Mr. President! We can’t afford the Bush cuts anymore. For the last few months, we have heard powerful, passionate arguments about the need to cut America’s massive budget deficit. Republican senators have claimed that we are in danger of permanently crippling the economy. Conservative economists and pundits warn of a Greece-like crisis, when America can borrow only at exorbitant interest rates. So when an opportunity presents itself to cut those deficits by about a third—more than $300†billion!—permanently and relatively easily, you would think that these very people would be in the lead. Far from it. The Bush tax cuts remain the single largest cause of America’s structural deficit—that is, the deficit not caused by the collapse in tax revenues when the economy goes into recession. The Bush administration inherited budget surpluses from the Clinton administration. What turned these into deficits, even befo
I Dear You
Hi, I'm Ronnie I'm locked up, but a damn cool cat to talk to, getting mail is like getting gold to me, So I dear you to write me ( PLEASE PLEASE) † NEW ADDRESS, RONNIE LINNEMON P.O BOX 5244 CORCORAN,CA 93212† V-04863 HOUSING C-7-216
My Ramblings...
(This is an important true story of my life I wish to share with you.)..: I†had met him around Sept 11th 2001- that should have been ominous enough. I was out dancing at my usual spot with my usual hommie- Nina. He was the first good looking white guy to ever dance with me- I usually get the dirty Mexican or the black guys all over me =( He was VERY good looking> tall, dirty blonde, clean cut. I wanted him. I kissed him! I hadn’t even known his name yet. WE exchanged numbers and went out on a date. Well...that date didn’t end up a one-night-stand. In December-of the same year- we moved in together. He was in the Army so the moving in and finances were easy. Month later I got pregnant....he was happy about it even though unexpected. I had a miscarriage in February. That’s when the darkness came. He as partier from the beginning...but nothing unusual for a just turned 21 year old. After the miscarriage he became an alcoholic. An abusive,violent,erratic drunk. I was the
What is sad, like corporate corruption, people are after money, for the most part. Why? because they're insecure and they're out to buy a new Mercedes or some other materialistic crap to try to cover up their insecurities with. Why are people so greedy? Really, why would someone need to make millions and millions? They're insecure. Why would someone not be content with a few million dollars a year, instead, scam others out of tens of millions of dollars? Think about it.. security is one thing, but why not settle for $5 million dollars instead of $50 million?? What good does so much more money do? Just allows these people to live such lavish lifestyles, and why would they do so? Back to them being selfish and insecure, they've got to try to show up others and why do they feel the need? They're insecure, truly insecure; they're scared. This cracks me up though, stupid Yahoo bots trying to get people to go view some half-naked girl on a webcam. Personally, I've never and would never, hav
A Soldier's Heart They don’t know why we do it. They don’t see what we see. They don’t know why we risk our lives for a war that isn’t even ours. It’s not for publicity but for love. That is it. It is all for love. It is as simple as that. For the brotherly love of the men next to us and for the loved ones we have left back home. The times are changing and freedom is no longer free. So we must fight to keep our families free and safe. For we are not afraid to die because we will know in our hearts that our family will be safe. It is truly an honor to give your life for the ones you love and know. So we do this for our moms and dads. Our brothers and sisters. Our friends back home. For the stranger on the side of the street. For the people who have crushed our hearts. And for the guy who said that we would never amount to anything. Because we love and care about them all and always will no matter what they have done. That is why I am a s
True Lies
why those people are afraid to be honest more questions,more lies I'm sick and tired of it.....................
Missin You So Much.
Writings I'm lost and scared feeling so far from you. Not sure of what to do. Are you truly with me or do you fool me? you say it and sometimes show it. But I wonder if I'm blowing it. I don't know what to say or do. Am I dreaming I am with you? I love you want you But don't feel you completely want me. I'm lost and scared your turning back to her. It's not fair I know where I stand I love you I hold you I want you I need you Just be mine and stop my fears! † ~Kinky Tink~ †† † † † 10/17/2010 my heart longs to feel yours beat. my arms long to hold you. my love is far away from me tonight, all i want is him next to me. to hold his hand. to touch his face. to press my lips to kiss for that soft wonderful kiss. i tell him i love him, but my love is unmeassureable. Our love is amazing. its ours no one elses. no would could have it, hold it, or come close to it.
Idk What To Call This
i have no clue bout this blog but try to stay with me..... † †im 22 and trying to do the right thing in life for once but the gharder i try to do the right thing the more it shows that ppl dont give a flying fuck about me or trying to help. i tried of trying to do the right thing and it end up the worst possible choice to be made, i think sometimes that i sould just go back to my previous lifestyle and fuck the rest but when i do that iall i c is my little boy andf asking grandma y he doesnt have a monny or a daddy. then i relize y i trying with all my strength and all my power to keep in the "new" life style. but theres time i get to where i dont give a fuck and wish that none of my life would have happened i think im crazy and think this world is a joke and wish that i was 6 ft under rotting. honestly i would be better off i wouldnt be fucking up someone elses life like i might do to my child i think i shgould leave him with his grand mother but then if i do that there is a big hol
So i am in the ntiedstates army. its alright but after a while it gets boring i really have no clue `why i am in states when my mos is an out of counrty job. makes no sense to me but yeah i am right now out at the feild doing demo its boring but i can say i now know how to set up† a minefeild that is all i gt to say foe now
I feel like all i do is work,† i never have time to be with friends or even have the choies not to be with friends lol. I work at a adult sperstore and i love it there ( thats one of† my jobs )† so i sign up to test California Exotic Novelties and all i have to do iblog anout them and the toy are mine yay. So am hoping that i can do it. That one good thing going on. Sill looking† for some thing i have no idea what it is yet but i still looking lol well that all for now talk to you all later Fu
As a man of the world, really need true love.It is seriously need thing.Now our heart is full of greed,hatred & passion. so I arrived at here to seek truth and reality. Hope I can see here† true fried
I'm a killerCold and wrathfulSilent sleeperI've been inside your bedroomI've murdered half the townLeft you love notes on their headstonesI'll fill the graveyardsUntil I have youMoonlight walkingI smell your softnessCarnivorous and lustingTo track you down among the pinesI want you stuffed into my mouthHold you down and tear you openLive inside youOh, love I'd never hurt youBut I'll grind against your bonesUntil our marrows mixI will eat you slowlyOhhhhhThe horror of our loveNever so much blood pulled through my veinsOhhhhhThe horror of our loveNever so much bloodI wake in terrorBlackbirds screamingDark cathedrals spillingMidnight on their altersI'm your servant My immortalPale and perfect Such unholy heavingThe statues close their eyesThe room is changingBreak my skinAnd drain meAncient languageSpeak through fingersThe awful edgesWhere you end and I beginInside your mouthI cannot seeThere's catastrophe In everything I'm touchingAs I sweat and crush youAnd I hold your beating chambersU
Went to my first AA meeting on Monday. Preparing to go to my second in a few mins. I HATE these people. A bunch of weak willed, trading one crutch for another, pansy fucks. They are completly dependant. They trade the bar scene and drinking for meetings. Granted a healthier habit, but still a habit none the less. When I decide to not drink, I don't drink. I don't need sob stories, or hugs, or a book, or god, to keep me from drinking. Alcohol is NOT a physical adiction. It's mental. I have a stong enough mental capacity, to not get adicted to stupidity. I admit my adictions freely. Caffine, nicotine, actual physical addictions. Things that can adict your body. I hate this. Well I just finished my second meeting. My opinion has NOT changed. A bunch of weak willed, crutch searchin, self destuctive fucks. These are not my kind of people. This is a place where I do not belong. How can any government institotion force people to go to these fuck off meetings? What happened to separation of ch
†Our happiness lies in how we percieve things.†5 years ago,I was happily married to a beautiful woman,Deana, whom I loved very much. we lived in a run down doublewide trailer that I seemed to always be working on when I was not working at my job, which was in construction and kept me away from home alot. Even though Deana and I loved being with each other, we did not allow ourselves to be happy because we wanted better than what we had. The trailer we lived in was falling apart around us, I was never home much because of my job. WE dreamed of getting away,owning our own house, and me not having to work at a job that kept me away from home so much. It was just a dream until fate played a hand. I was run over by a truck on a construction site. As a result,my back was broken and I could no longer work at that job. I† got a settlement and with the money, Deana and I could afford to get the house we dreamed of. Happily ever after right? Fate wasn't done yet. The settlement that I got was en
Songs...these Are Copyrighted
Why Do We Always Hurt The Ones We Love?????
Desire's Dark Erotic Stories
WARNING: Not for persons under the age of 18.Story contains descriptions of extreme violence and sex.†Preface:I write in an effort to change the attitude of the deviant reader... paradoxically those that find what I write appealing. It is by my graphic harshness and salacious content that I attract (bait) those readers ... those deviant minds that I can then interact with... in an attempt to change misguided notions and attitudes of abuse against women and children. My methods are deviously unique... but very successful. I write to AROUSE...and then to APPALL... and so the bitter seed is planted. My stories do not glorify the act of coerced sex or violence... nor do I support sexual abuse of any kind." violence is typically unrealistic, simplistic, glorified, and even presented as humorous."The "bang, bang, you're dead" sanitized scenario that we so often see on TV or in films communicates nothing of the reality of death or dying.It is only when we see death firstha
A - Joseph rating my pics and hitting on me? † or † † B - Seeing fubars regular pervert - "Bob the Love Doctor" going across the top of the page under the new name "Sexy Texan"?†† Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to helpyou figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be - a roommate, a neighbor, a professor, a friend, a lover, or even a complete stranger - but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment they will affect yourlife in some profound way. Sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these sma
Mark all that apply Would you kiss me? []Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] already did Would you do me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] you look to sweet to fuck [] already did Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay I think ur pretty [] Sexy [] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 3 things you would like to know about me? 1.) 2.) 3.) If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Marry me [] Friends [] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [] boxers [] whitie tighties [] thongs [] g-string [] granny panties [] boy shorts [] none What's ur favorite position? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you or what do you think about me? [] Friend [] girlfriend/Boy friend [] Fri
About Me
A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49 {---Basics---} Name: Andy Nickname(s): -- Age: 21 Birthday: Jan. 01, 1989 Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Current Location: Southfield, Michigan Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: brown Height: 5'6" Weight: Lefty or Righty: Right Zodiac Sign: Capricorn What Do You Drive: A Car Screenname: Ask for It {---Favorites---} Color: Red, Black, green, Number: Band: what ever sounds good at the time I'm listening to it Music Genre: All TV Show: Family Guy, The Simpsons, TNA, UFC, WWE Movie: Action, and comdie Actor: Actress: Kind of Movie:
I'm so fucking sick of my job right now. I'm underpaid I'm over work. I mean such as we don't have an airconditioner in are area of work. my boss is to fucking cheap to give any of us a raise or get us what we need so we can do the fucking job and to get it done faster and I'm sick of being the only one to has to clean the fucking back bathroom when there are 12 other people in the back.
What Women Want!!!!
women want to know.. where have all the good men gone..i can tell you where they all are... with a woman who not only cooks, bakes, cleans, and does laundry. we do not want slaves, but those are the rare women that men are looking for,old fashion and ladylike. and when they find them, they keep them by respecting and caring for them, or at least they should!!!!. you all on the other hand. want to travel( we men see this as you want us to pay for you to go on a trip!!!) you want handsom, well built, wealthy to a degree, so they may buy you clothes and jewelry and pay for bills that "you" made and can"t afford to make. u always say how much you like fine long as the man will pay for it..because you are too cheap to pay for it yourselves! then you want walks on the beach... i dont know if you noticed... you are in vegas and there are no beaches!!! just a bunch of rocks by the smelly water!!! and the other thing... you want "all that"??? hit a bar and find one!!!! men are not "a
I have no idea what Im do i put on a background and music? can anyone help me out? thanks AS I said in my last blog im new to this if you feel like chatting or anything.just hit me up.
You Love Another Person
You tell me these things †"i love you", "I'll protect you" but at the end of the day it's not what you do cause i've waited for hours without a reply and stayed up all night to the sound of my cry and you never worry you're carefree and fun while i stress all day wondering if we're done You look at other girls the way you used to look at me and the hardest thing about it is that you don't even see that you're breaking my heart with each passing day and its not just what you do its what you don't say †you'd tell me i was beautiful and look deep in my eyes even my worst day you'd easily revise you'd hold me in your arms no need for a kiss just the sound of my breathing and my eye brought sweet bliss †but now we sit in silence and look away from eachother and i'm just waiting for the day when you tell me you love another person
You Love Another Person
You Love Another Person
Ummm Ya!!
Why does it seem like every manager i've every worked for (with few exceptions), as been lazy, fag, too skinny (nerd type). why do i never see any FIT/Active managers.. ppl whom are proactive and solve problems instead of standing around iwth other fat/lazy manager and *discussing* the problem. This shit annoys me. This is why in the next few yrs im gonna be in management and show them how its done. I hate these fucks.† I'm sweating busting my ass hussleing. and all these lazy fucks so it stare and try to critic me.† I don't MIND critic, but when its unnecessary just for a manager to SAY SOMETHINg.. come on douch bag.. do something.
man i don't know what has come over me, but cant stop the feeling. I wonder what will come of this by chance thing, I hope something eternal comes of it, man this shit just has me mesmerized point blank period.
Random Thoughts...
Woman was made from the rib of a man. Not from his head, †††††††††††††††††††††††††† to top him. Nor from his feet, ††††††††††††††††††††††††† to be stepped upon. She was made from his side, †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† to be equal to him. From under his arm, ††††††††††††††††††††††††††† to be protected by him. Near his heart, ††††††††††††††††††† to be loved by him. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ~Anonymous~ Adversity and issues have a way of sorting out true friends from those who were only there to benefit themselves... when the well runs dry only the true friends offer to help you dig it deeper. The rest seek another well... turbulent, inky black, rushing past my face, jeering laughter interspersed with derisive whispers and sly contempt...My world has become so cold... once loving and tender arms, friendly faces, laughter and friendship, now anger, grief, agony and uncaring dismissals from trusted souls...dreams, once solid, glitt
What To Do
you know when u find someone that u really care about and well u just hate to let em go? I'm still trying to get over the face that when i get home back to wisconsin ill be still hurting and ima be missing the one great guy who i met and fell in love with. yeah i may have lost him to his ex, but on the other hand it was for the best. he'll always be in my heart and ill never stop loving him, but its hard. i wish that i never lost him cause he means alot to me, but i cant change that. things happened between me and him and well yeah. so of course im still gonna hurt and miss him, but ill never forget him. He made an impact on my life and im not gonna give up on him that fast. I have a feeling that he'll forget me when i leave, but idk. thats gonna be his choice, not mine. well since this is my first blog, im a little upset and hurt so forgive me. Im always having guy problems that seems to never end and well my son needs me the most even though this is my third time taking off on him. h
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ChronicTheHemphog ChronicTheHemphog@ fubar evillilfuk evillilfuk@ fubar † Blue Rose Blue Rose@ fubar Moonlight Loverboy Moonlight Loverboy@ fubar SunshineRoss SunshineRoss@ fubar ToughCat ToughCat@ fubar Alyssa Johnny Girlfriend Alyssa Johnny Girlfriend
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Free Article Submission
The Truth
Please go and rate hard2handle, and the others on FUBAR who continuely support the troops!!† HooRah!!† Huu ah!! † Hard 2 Handle@ fubar
Why is it so hard to find that special someone? All I keep hearing is that don't worry she is out there. I have heard it most of my life. Im starting to get really tired of hearing it. Why can't that someone just finally come along? Up to now everyone that I meet that seems intrested turns out not to be. The ones that I think are the one run and never want to speak to me again. I want that special someone to prove to me that not all girls are the same. maybe one day it will happen but im beiginning to think at this point its not going to. Any one want to prove that not everyone is the same...........................
So Called Life ^^
These are the†first things†real†people said to me on Fubar. No surprise, right? "Hi... you into anal?" "Well I'm hungry, hungry and your pussy looks so good I wanna suck your asshole, wanna piece of...? I don't even care if your on the bloody rag I'll eat you buttplug, come on sit on my face I wanna eat you out, baby eat you out Open up your legs baby, I wanna eat you out Eat you out, baby eat you out I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells Eat you out, baby eat you out I wanna stick my tongue in you and suck your cunt juice out Don't wanna finger fuck you, stick my dick inside of you I'd rather? Fat or ugly it looks like you don't care If your young or old, you gotta cunt? I'll lick you there I wanna put my tongue so far inside of you Drink your piss and cum and you can drink mine too Wanna eat your shit, you can eat my diarrhea Wanna... bring your cunt right over here" "can i see your girls?" "awesome boobs" "can i see that ass naked?" "
Will U Be Caged Or Will U Break Away
Baby when I look in your eyes I see a future with you Baby when you touch me I feel your love Baby when you whisper to me I hear your lovely voice Baby when I'm with you I wanna be with you forever and always My heart beats so fast that I can't live without you It seems that when I'm away My mind is always thinking about you I don't want to stop No one is ever gonna get in the middle of us I won't let them I love you so much that when we our together We just have that connection that will never die I wanna give you everything that my heart desire's I wanna be with you forever and always †
About Me
For Those That Have Asked, Update About My Brother. He Does Have Cancer It Is In His Lungs, It Is Treatable But Not Curable, He Is Going To Start Radiation, Sometime Next Week.. Thank You For Your Thoughts And Continued Prayers.. Tom† † Sept / 29th / 2010...† Hi everyone. Well just got back home from a new mri / doppler . They just found another couple clots in my upper right leg .. Ughhhh.† My Doctor is†referring me to see a blood specialist †to find out why all of a sudden the new clots are developing . Guess all the abuse I did to my body in the years past is finally catching up to.. Oh well thank you all for your thoughts and prayers from the earlier post . Thanks again. Take care . Tom..† Teen survives plunge off Golden Gate Bridge | US National Headlines | SAN FRANCISCO - Authorities say a 16-year-old high school student is hospitalized after surviving a plunge off the Golden Gate Bridge. Officials say the student fro
Holy Hell! Wtf!!! No Way!
† OMFG! Who Stole her damn teeth! † † † †
It`s Soon Time For Me To Go
Corn Bread
Just My Blogs
Why do I just lie awake and think of you? It'z because everytime I close my eyes I see you...I never realized what I was doing till It ended..People say never regret the decisions you make, but i can't help but regret what i've done to u..& to a lot of people around me...Now I know why nothing good ever sticks with me..because it took you to realize how I treat other people and only think for myself...I look back at the wonderful 9 months we shared, I couldnt thank God enough for putting you in my life. As a punishment of all the wrng I have done onto people..he's taken you from me. God only Does what's for the best, never for the worst; though it may seem to be. I'm tired, wore out, all i do is lye awake and think about you..3 a.m comes round and all i wanna do is call you up, so i know you're still there..My heart tells me you are, but my thoughts tell me you're gone forever...I wouldn't blame you if you were. Now that i see who & what I've become..I don't blame you or anyone else fo
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Do I Or Dont I?
Things seem to fall apart fast, it dont matter when you try or when you dont try, things still just go where they may and it brings me to wonder, do i or dont i care enough to deal with whats going on around me? sometimes i just want to close my eyes and hope it all goes away. †the problems we face i guess are just a test of what will either break us or make us.
Being apart from you is even harder than I thought it would be. I try to be logical & tell myself that it won't be forever. But that's not much comfort when I really need to touch you, kiss you, & love you. Sometimes I close my eyes & hold a picture of you in my mind & imagine all the things I'd say if I had you here. But no matter how beautiful the picture is, it will never compare to the real thing. To be looking into your eyes, whispering your name, & kissing your lips. I miss you so much, & I can't wait for the day when I can stop holding on to a daydream & start holding you in my arms again. We have a past...You were my love before I even realized it. I had been searching for a long time & then my heart recognized you. We have a present...You understand my language, whether it's a sigh, a nudge, or a sly wink. You inspire me to be be real, to face things & to give everything my best shot.†You accept me as I am & sometimes I'm not entirely lovable, but you love me anyway. We have a
I'm just a simple guy who loves to watch misfits of science online as my favorite past time.
Random Thoughts
Ya know, for the sake of your children, you should be nice. At least care enough to put your child first and be civil with your ex. It's not that hard. It doesn't take a lot of energy to do such a thing. I do it EVERYDAY of my life. As much as I HATE my ex, I care enough about my child to put him FIRST and be civil. It wasn't always easy at first, but we made it work. So to you, you know who you are, quit being a selfish ass cunt and for the KIDS, who are starting to become the VICTIMS, put your anger aside and be an adult here.† You may not have to care enough to want to talk to him, but you do NEED to talk to him and be civil with him for yalls kids. THAT is what matters. Have a nice fucking day.
Close To My Heart
I gave you life, but cannot live it for you. I can teach you things, but I cannot make you learn. I can give you directions, but I cannot be there to lead you. I can allow you freedom, but I cannot account for it. I can take you to church, but I cannot make you believe. I can teach you right from wrong, but I cannot always decide for you. I can buy you beautiful clothes, but I cannot make you beautiful inside. I can offer you advice, but I cannot accept it for you. I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you. I can teach you to share, but I cannot make you unselfish. I can teach you respect, but I cannot force you to show honor. I can advise you about friends, but cannot choose them for you. I can advise you about sex, but I cannot keep you pure. I can tell you the facts of life, but I can't build your reputation. I can tell you about drinking, but I can't say "no" for you. I can warn you about drugs, but I can't prevent you from using them. I can
Whew new online blog, I think the last time I had one of these was about a decade ago in middleschool lol. Anyways, i'll be using the PandasBook to rant and rave about my YT project going on so people know what the hell i'm talking about. I'll make another journal down the road for this and that but i'm trying to focus my attention for atleast 5 min to this :-p OK to business... † What is the YT project? Well, project name is "Horsemen of Chaos" which derrives from the people involved in the project [The Horsemen of Chaos Company 1-18INF] lol. What it's going to be is the four of us and some friends creating a series of vidblog messages to eachother on random topics of conversation before, during and after Iraq] † Who are the horsemen? The Horsemen of Chaos are four individuals from the company that most resemble the horsemen of the apocolypse and have been given the titles of WAR, DEATH, FAMINE, and BEAST. Myself being WAR, Richard being DEATH, Matt being FAMINE, and Tanner bein
Lyrics So Dont Trip Their Just Good N Resonate W/me
[Intro] I don't know what to do anymore After I quit with medicine I became psycotic I suffer from depression Complete depression Had it my whole life I have had it so bad that uh... I had anxiety Been diagnosed with major depression Lots of phobias, lots of fears Anxiety, panic attacks Manic depression before, I didn't think that Depression could be so bad [Verse 1:] Sometimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders Everything around me closing in, it's starts to grow colder It's like I'm sitting on death row and waitin' for conclusion Shits real fucked up, my brains filled with much confusion Do you know what it is to sit a 3am With a gun pressed to your temple on your knees prayin' Or in the bathroom, on the floor, a handfull of pills Cause the fuckin' rent's due and you can't pay bills Have you ever felt the cold grip of death in your heart I'm talkin' rips right in your cavity and pulls it apart Ten motherfuckin' seconds just from ending this shit Flames rising from the action
The mystery of love I sit a wonder how it is possible I always thought Life was so complicated Things always changed nothing stayed the same I understood the people grow and move away However, the pain that brewed after was not tolerable I locked my feelings inside and wanted to throw away the key You came into my life and turned everything around You made it sound so easy You took that pain and turned it to love You pushed me to be the best I can You changed my soul from worst to best They say there are angels, I never believed Today I believe you are my angel You never let me cry a single tear You chased away all my fears You have given me life again You made it magical You made me believe again
Yea, Okay
Well.. I guess I shouldn't have things bother me lately , but I have so much that I am thinking about that I feel like a ticking time bomb. I am losing my patience, and money on †one thing, †losing my mind on many other things. †I can't say one thing †lately that is bothering me or or say anything That something †I get mad of †because 1 thing †that bothers me with a passion. †I can't help it if I can't do something , or say things right because of †how my mind works... If you really knew me, my feelings and gave a rats butt.. that person(s) wouldn't think it is on them... Mostly, I can take a few joking †aside... But if it is constantly... then the other part of my mind †works and might get irritated †or mad. Normally, I don't care... but if I FEEL pushed †I do. I can joke †with the rest of them... I can take a lot of †being joked on..,, but Like I said if constantly on a certain matter I feel strongly? I am usually †the person †who †would either say nothing or †leave if i get fed
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Call Routing/1800 Numbers
1800 numbers call routing
Lost Thoughts
Ever wonder how guys have a fuk it switch and girls are consumed by emotions?Ever wonder if one day it will all be okay? Ever wonder what the purpose in life is?Ever wonder how long our lifetime will last? People have a million random thoughts... No one person can answer every question....
Earthy Garlic Soup 2 heads garlic 8-10 oz day-old country style white bread 1 Tbsp olive oil kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 1 Tbsp chopped, fresh flat-leaf parsley Separate the garlic cloves and smash, peel and coarsely chop them. Remove and discard the bread crusts, and cut the bread into 1-inch pieces. Put it in a saucepan with the garlic and 5 cups water. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer, and cook† for 20-30 minutes, until the bread starts to disintegrate. Transfer the mixture to a food processor. Add the olive oil and process until smooth, about 2 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper, garnish with parsley and serve hot. (Tonics) I seriously suggest not making this if you are a vampire, lol. Not for the weak at heart, more something for the daring individual. † Garlic Ice Cream 3 (750 ml) cups whole milk Ĺ tsp (2 ml) finely chopped garlic 1 vanilla bean, split in half 1 cup (250 ml) heavy cream 1 Ĺ cups (375 ml) sugar 9 egg yolks
Life Is To Trifle With....
Life There are many times that ive sat awake and woundered whats the point... Then i look back on the little things i miss about people that have made mine so wounderous Oh man, i wounder if im in some of those peoples thoughts about their own lives The thing is, I wish i didnt take so much for granted, there are so many memorable things i wont get back Like the way someone makes you feel when your tree is on its last leaf... So many times ive woundered if ill ever get some of those feelings back But all the good things ive done for people always come back somehow I wish i hadnt made myself so distant to those i cherished, now i can only hope the feelings make out alive Point of the matter is dont take the little things for granted, because youll never know when youll get that chance back!
Overwhelming Hate!
Devotion, Unconditional Love, The ring of eternity I offered your finger. You saved me from the darkness and once again showed me happiness, but now you've taken it from me. Was it all for nothing? My family and friends, their strangers to me. You were my only reason to breath, I gave you every fibe of my being. The last shard of my shattered heart, I gave to you to mend and you did nothing but step on it. The festering hate and the boiling rage, a broken mind that is sick. It's all returning like before. I don't want to live this way. What's to stop me from putting the bullet in my head now? I hope he makes you happy, but now I have to think. I have to come up with a reason not to use the bullet and right now? I have nothing. I hope your happy, because if I go to hell. I have no doubt I'll see you there soon!!
Cd Duplication Services London
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Relationships have a big learning curve... If you're not willing to learn, to change, to grow as person... it will never work. † Relationships are a work in progress. Just "loving" someone is not enough. You need to work at it everyday. † You have to put your ego away. As Bob Dylan said "...Swallow your pride. You will not die. It's not poison".† † True love is selfless... but.... There has to be a balance. † My parents met on Valentine's Day 55 years ago. This August, they will celebrate their 53rd anniversary. † I'm still trying to figure out the secret, but they teach me something new every day. † Love isn't always a fairy tale, it isn't always what we see in the movies. † Sometimes, it's just two soulmates, 50+ years, sitting on a porch holding hands, and knowing what life is all about :)
Juggalo Family Stuff
"This shit is soo true we need to love this family more!" -JUGGALOZ- Sorry to be all deep and serious but i got lots of shit on my mind. I'm tired of everything and everybody. The only thing i give a shit about in this hell we call a world is my Juggalo Family. The Carnival saved my life and my soul. My Juggalo Pride is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's starting to scare me for the fact when I sit back and actually observe the juggalo world, It seems like its going down hill. It seems to me that a lot of ninjas are out for self and trying to prove whos a bigger juggalo that who. There is no big or small juggalo. We are all the same. It doesn't take $4,000 is psychopathic merchandise to be a juggalo. Just because I got an old school mostastless jersey doesn't make me any better than a ninja with only one t-shirt. Being a juggalo is whats in your heart not whats on you clothes. I've seen juggalos callin each other juggahoes over spots in line at shows. That's BULLSHIT! Does
Lounge Do's And Don'ts
Do to some repeat questions, thought we would set the record straight as to what is NOT allowed in a lounge.... 1. NO Tip jars for the DJ or other staff members 2. NO Soliciting or any logos for ANY other site (including server hosts) 3. NOONE is allowed to use fubar for monetary gain...if anyone (server hosts for example) tries to talk money and pricing please link them to a bouncer to be turned in. 4. NO bulletins or promos bashing other lounges or members, however you may link lounges as "sister lounges" as you please. 5. †You may post rules, but those rules must not contain NSFW language unless you are an NSFW lounge. 6. You CANNOT remove the fubar logo and HH sponsor at the top, or the TOS and other stuff at the bottom of ANY lounge for ANY reason 7. If you choose to have cams, we recommend you make your lounge NSFW unless you are 100% sure that no one will do anything on cam that can be considered NSFW (strip teases and cleavage shots, simple flashing even) 8. Videos may
Thought You Should Know
Lindsay Lohan, 24, gets her name and face all over the news because she went to jail. But did you hear about any of the following? Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27, Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21, Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23,

Just For Laughs
"The Train Set" Little Johnny was in the living room playing with his train set while his mother was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Johnny would take his train around the track and stop then announce "all you mother fuckers getting on get on and all you mother fuckers getting off get off". Johnny's mommy thought she heard johnny say these bad words but wasn't sure so she listened and sure enough she heard Johnny announce "all you mother fuckers getting off get off and all you mother fuckers getting on get on". Johnny's mom rushed in the room and told Johnny that he was to go to his room and think about the language he was using and not to come down from his room till he figured it out. So Johnny goes to his room and remains there for over an hour. Finally he comes down and tells his mother that he knows what he did wrong and it won't happen again. So Johnny's mommy says "ok go play and don't let me hear those words again". So Johnny goes back to the living room and takes his tr
Rants, Raves, And Other Obscenities
So, to keep from having to say the same thing over and over, let me explain. Somehow my old account got deleted last night. I do not know why it happened. I remade my†profile and all that jazz. Maybe it wont happen again.
Two Dirty Jokes: Two Pigs In A Mud Hole
Mind Grind
Others Speak For Me So Much Better
Looking at a cord And it's shadow on the wall They are congruous Looking straight on I move to it's side And for the first time notice The cord is bent...crooked Yet the shadow remains straight Of course I know why it would be this way Light is a physical thing that follows it's barriers If the light came from where I am now the shadow would be crooked † Why is that such a bad idea? It keeps me aware Not safe by any means But at least focussed on my own safety So base and primal Such a clear path So why do I still see trust as a goal Dr Phil would say that I don't trust myself And he would be right on a surface level But go below and it really just means That I never learned what it was in the first place The first thing I learned was the abandonment of trust A lucid dream that I had last night...clearly deseves scrutiny & interpretation: † Back in NYC wearing a hospital gown & wanting an abortion. The Doctor ( a Black comedian...I can't remember his name) spend
Nepal Trek Info
The best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches is to walk through them. The immense contrasts in altitudes and climates found here support an equally spectacular mix of lifestyles, vegetation types and wildlife. Trekking in the mountains of Nepal is more a cultural experience than a wilderness expedition. You will be passing through picturesque villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. You will see Chhetri farmers working in their fields and Tamang herders grazing their animals on the steep slopes. You will meet Gurkha soldiers home on leave and come across Sherpa yak drivers transporting goods over the high mountain passes. And always in the background, the icy pinnacles of the Himalaya loom over the scenery. Trekking in Nepal is an all season activity. It is possible at any time of the year depending on where one wishes to go. However, the most popular season are spring (February - May ) and autumn (September-November). Even d
The Family
Below is our family The founders of our family are: TFO Vicious @ fubar TFO CoDeKillEr the WHATEVER@ fubar † † The Members are: TFO Sexy Sabrini @ fubar TFO hells shapeshifter@ fubar TFO ZIGZ @ fubar TFO Kayla Khaos @ fubar TFO Stompy The Nice English Guy@ fubar TFO WIKED GOTHIC BYTCH@ fubar TFO PM and DJ BM @ fubar
I found it interesting. Imagine desolving your history, your name and starting again. Maybe in a super secret underground community that members only go by call name. I think it might be cool...for a bit.
my love †i will love you till the sun burns out hold you till a new one comes i love you as fish love the ocean only breaching for air you are my world i will love you till the end of this one past the edge of the next what is time? a way of tracking of knowing just how long i will love you time is past, present and forver my love for you is timeless without end this is how long i will love you this is what i have learned the hard way. maybe it can help someone not to make the same dreadful mistakes. a while ago i lost someone extreamly dear to my heart, do due no one but myself. and she left. it wasnt just my love that i scared away, she was my best friend. i was egotistical, stubborn, i had to be right all the damn time, i couldnt sdmit that i was wrong, and this led to arguments.†like an addmission of guilt was a sign of weekness or something, its not, its a sign of maturity.†and i wasnt right all the time, not even half the time. it was " i am man hear me roar", and
the world is wide and wonderful wherever we my roam, but our thoughts always return to precious things like friends and home and† LOVE ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
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Good Man Found!
Explorer James The Tongue
to whom it may concernin 1991 i was set up to murder a man i was told it was the GYPSY JOKERS at the fourways hotel but it was a bunch of guy's who said they where REBELS they said it was the police plan to trick me into thinking i was killing a cop to join the GYPSY JOKERS,the police offerd them hundreds of dollars or millions i turned down the offer to kill that man, who was thrown in front of me on the dance floor in side of the Port Augusta, FOURWAYS HOTEL in the VAULT area, as i was walking back into the saloon bar,†i heard †"shit there go's all that money just walking out the door"" we will just have to take him else where," an kill him for nothing an forget about the money, the cops†offered†us", i said " what you mean the police are paying for this" they said "yes, where REBELS not GYPSY JOKERS" we was to†swap†the gun with your prints for the money the cops offerd usi said ok you can have my finger prints, they said one problem he is still alive, i said thats easy you's kno
Fubar Ids, 3 Pic Slide Show For Dis Play Pic , Bullys Name Tags
†I am making† display† 3 slide show† pics ,†† name tagges ,† bullys for lounges,† fubar ids† and i code lounges if you are intrested send me a private message or†† comment on this† blog and i will get back to you† make sure your† shout† box is on so i can† get back to you† for all its 500k† for†† 1 it is 1k† for 4† its† 4k†† if you bling† or a† bling pack or a vip you get them free and† doubled†† for bling packs† and vip
Just Me
It sometimes amazes me how looks seem to matter to so many people. What does that really say about a person ? What do looks say about anybody ? Perhaps you have good genetics, or know how to make the most of what you have seems like in this world Beauty will get you further. I love to watch the girl that is pencil thin that says omg I'm so fat. Whats that say about people of normal size ? Or the person that constantly says oh Im so ugly I sometimes want to say Yes you are! I mean when do we look past beauty at someone's accomplishments? Understandably people are attracted to beauty or good looking people. I have met many a man who were so handsome but seemed so ugly to me. Their attitude their "cockiness" †was a complete turn off to me. †Maybe its all some people have ... How sad to skip over an intelligent person who is charming, funny and witty for someone who is just beautiful. Over time as the beauty fades and the attraction dims what are you left with?† I am proudest of my accomp
A Scammer Is Someone Who Lies About Someting To Try And Get Your Money Or Other Things.
A scammer is someone who lies about something to try and get your money or other things.THis is a defintion of a scammer. I am going to post a conversation between me and a scammer but I have to take her name out because she whines to fubar even though it is nothing but the truth being told and they delete my blogs.I will tell you in private who it is and can also send the conversation with her name there.What I am posting below is only the scam not the full conversation and her so called real life husband come to me minutes before the scam started telling me that no one messed with him,so if I have any trouble to come to him,now thinking back I think there was a point to all of that,like in scaring me or getting me to keep my mouth closed and as I said before there is only one being that I am afraid of and that is God and with him I am strong.PERIOD!!! † Scammer: Thank you hun! I love it! You talked to my hubby, I am going to ask you a favor...... if I can pay you back tonight with
The Biggest Player On Fubar
Now, I know everyone hates players and hates to be play.† But, tell me what would you do if you played by someone on here?†† I mean† I think personally I am too much of trusting person.† Which I don't know that good thing or bad thing?† I like to think of myself of person that think about others however, after this experience i probably will never trust anyone on the internet again.†† Especaily Patrick883, the world biggest player so if anyone of my friends come across this guy my only advice is to stay away unless you want to be play.††† This guy goes for woman to woman tell them that his loves them and that he wants to marry them but he is nothing but a scammer that is out to break your heart and take all off money. And his so called gf who also on here is the biggest liar in the world.† BTW also threaten to kill me.†† I think she be locked up but that not up to me .†† So fubar fans tell me what should i do and how i am ever going to be able to get pass this.†
My Fav Song Lyrics
Incompatible, it don't matter though'cos someone's bound to hear my crySpeak out if you doYou're not easy to findIs it possible Mr. LoveableIs already in my life?Right in front of meOr maybe you're in disguiseWho doesn't long for someone to holdWho knows how to love you without being toldSomebody tell me why I'm on my ownIf there's a soulmate for everyoneHere we are again, circles never endHow do I find the perfect fitThere's enough for everyoneBut I'm still waiting in lineWho doesn't long for someone to holdWho knows how to love you without being toldSomebody tell me why I'm on my ownIf there's a soulmate for everyoneIf there's a soulmate for everyoneMost relationships seem so transitoryThey're all good but not the permanent oneWho doesn't long for someone to holdWho knows how to love you without being toldSomebody tell me why I'm on my ownIf there's a soulmate for everyoneWho doesn't long for someone to holdWho knows how to love you without being toldSomebody tell me why I'm on my ow
Happy Happy Joy Joy
I Am This Woman
Would you take me as i am,with my issues and flaws. Pull me to your chest,without hesitation or a pause. Slide your hungry tounge between my parted lips. Run your anxious fingers along my hips. Wrap in your passion,exposing your every need. Press your steamy lips to mine,every secret freed. Sprinkle your tears across our cheeks,confessing your every desire. Moan my name,call me yours and set my soul on fire. Needing me more with every breath that slips into your chest. Please me nightly miss me daily,never comparing me to the rest. Grip my wrist,look into my eyes and say the words i long to hear. Kiss me roughly and weep my name forever holding me. WOULD YOU ? I'm the Woman who will put my head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you. I'm the Woman who likes to be kissed in the rain more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive restaurant. I'm the Woman who says,"Okay, but you owe me...", not because I actually want something, but because it
Speakin Of Hot....
ok so why, when i'm at a stop light, do ALL other drivers think they the ONLY ones at the intersection too?? i mean they REALLY think they by themselves!!! do you have any idea how many people i catch diggin in their nose, like, not just a little 'ooh, scratch a little itch'; no, i'm talkin DIGGIN for PLATINUM!! only thing they missin is a damn mining pick!! LMMFAO swear!!! they got they fingers all spread, u know the face u make when u pickin boogers??? they makin the same face!!! OMG people save the snot hunt for when u actually are by yourself!!! This has been a Public Service Announcement by xXDatOneMomentXx FuOwned by Luscious so one hell hot day a group of friends and relatives and i†decided we should go to the pool and splash around, cool off and have a good time.† im so excited, im changin clothes, puttin my trunks on, slip my cell phone in the pocket (!!) and hop in the ride and take off. We get there and†Im so mesmerized by the blue of the water , thats all i can see (LOL
My brother and I decided to go out last night to a local bar just for the hell of it. Usually the place is pretty packed, and I was in the need of male to female interaction. We get to the bar...and its dead. There are only a handful of people in the 11:00 at night?! I was kind of disturbed, but we knew the bartender, so we stayed. The only people in the bar were a bunch of hillbilly white trash rednecks and the waitstaff. Our drink server just happened to be a well past her prime grandmother who still thought she was in her 20's and for some ungodly reason, thought she looked good in stonewashed short shorts. She was hitting on ME. Fuck my life. Why couldnt we get the cute, albeit socially awkward server with the nice ass? Nope, we get grandma who wants to touch me. So my brother is teasing me about grandmas sexual innuendos and blatantly obvious advances towards me, when one of the sloppiest drunk women I have ever seen strolls by. The woman was hammered...or retarded, I am
Something Comes To Mind...
Greetings Neighbors and Fubarians: † Some of you may already know this, but , my son is going through a real tough breakup from his girlfriend of four years. †As it has been stated, he came home and she told him that she didn't feel attracted to him any more and needed to leave. †Now, my wife and I called talked to him last night. †He was an emotional wreck grasping for any advice to win her back. † Yet, the following is the advice I gave him: 'Son, you need to work on building yourself first. †You need to get right for your children and yourself, before trying to be with anybody else' Well, you think I told him right or was my advice to cold and unfeeling. †The Yadlow wants to know..for the sake of my son and the grandchildren... † Meanwhile, I wish you all to receive the love you need and deserve. † Peace Greetings neighbors: † I have been here for awhile and once again felt the need to explain the way I do things here on Fubar. †Let me restate what a lot of folk
A Day Of Joy, A Life Of Change
Transphobic Murders In 2011 (So Far)Reana ‘Cheo’ BustamenteLocation: Tegucigalpa, HondurasCause of Death: Multiple stab wounds to the chestDate of Death: January 2, 2011No age reportedGťnesis Briget MakaligtonLocation: ComayagŁela City, HondurasCause of Death: StrangulationDate of Death: January 7, 2011Gťnesis was approximately 23-27 years old.Krissy BatesLocation: Minneapolis, MinnesotaCause of Death: StabbedDate of Death: January 10, 2011Krissy was 45 years old.Fergie Alice FergLocation: San Pedro Sula, HondurasCause of Death: Shot multiple times in the head and chestDate of Death: January 18, 2011No age reported.Tyra TrentLocation: Baltimore, MarylandCause of Death: StrangledDate of Death: February 19, 2011Tyra was 25 years old.Priscila Brand„oLocation: Belo Horizonte, BrazilCause of Death: shot in the headDate of Death: March 2, 2011Priscila was 22 years old.Marcal Camero TyeLocation: Forrest City, ArkansasCause of Death: Shot and draggedDate of Death: March 8, 2011Marc
It's Good To Shut Up Sometimes
Cherish constructive disagreement.
Communion Of The Slave
† There is the reverence the spirit walk when my acts crawl up your spine and electrifies your mind when the clash of flesh against flesh becomes the unknown in the darkness of night you seek across this sprawling mecca You sprawled across my rack contemplate the human condition through pain I bring you truth through pain I bring you the freedom the world cannot take from you through my dominance I show you freedom from the ties that bind in other realms your tears salt of the Earth still we seek the intermission from the mad circus only to find it in center ring with your master holding the whip the keys to the kingdom Laid out before you
Just My Scribbles...bout..."promises"...
Always dream..."Promises" or no...Always dream...promises or one will one moment or sometime during our journey here...learn...that a "promise" made just of words...and words...are just sounds...and sounds dissipate...and any simple fool or intensely evil mind...can and will...utter "sounds"...Animals make sounds...animals kill to survive...but...animals have no options... Never trust sounds...nor your ears...not even your eyes...for to blink might be a folly... Only...the "gut" can feel the truth or the deception...leaving one's own "self" to be "the" one and only† "promise"... The final and pure "truth" there..."Be True To Yourself"..."To Thine Own Self Be True"...such old long ago who...I do not know...but...still they ring...and louder each moment in time flicks past us... Belle...a.k.a....HellzBelle...Friday, 08/062010
Betty didn't ask to be born, she was just a victim of the greedy whims of a puppy mill, shipped with her littermates to a pet store.† Shoved in a cage, underfed, not loved, just wanting to be taken care of.† As with many puppies in this situation, she got sick. First a cold, then pneumonia.† She came to the hospital, was cared for, given food when she was able to eat, lots of love and attention, but her poor lungs were scarred for good, she was declared "unfit for purchase"†† The pet store then "adopted" her out for a “small” fee to a loving couple who took her and another puppy "Teddy", who was also “unfit for purchase”.† Their new owners came to the hospital as soon as they realized their 2 new babies needed help.† Both stayed in the hospital, with bad coughs.† Teddy got better every day, but poor Betty's lungs were too scarred.† I would take Betty out of her cage, and bring her to see Teddy, saying…”look Betty your brother wants to say hello&rdqu
Bohemian Bull
I went to an incredible concert tonight.† Three great bands.† Loved them.† The music was loud, very loud, and it pounded through me and flushed all the shit away for just a little while.† My new sort'of friends in the band were nice to talk to.† I ran into a guy who was remodeling the old KTRE studios where my dad worked when I was a kid and he gave me a little tour.† Damndest thing I have ever had.† I was so totally happy to walk through that place.† It's all fucked up now.† Still, my dad was kind'a close then.† What great memories.† Then we left and I smoked a cig.† I don't smoke.† ha.† And now I am home.† I drove home.† Probably should not have.† Whatever.† It's almost three AM and I am fucked up still.† And I am so goddamn alone.† What's the fucking purpose?† I work my ass off for this thing I do, this website and thing for rock and metal bands.† And here I am feeling fucking sorry for myself in my van all alone.† This is damned depressing. Yeah, I have a wife who hates my fucking
Patrick@ Fubar
my link to the most awesome guy on the planet ... i love you husband ... your the best ever ... ~kisses~ ~hugz~† smack on the ass and ~wink~ ....† im ready for lotion on my back again ...
Desi's Day Dreams
Out in the woods I cracked Against the ground my head had smacked So logical reasoning, I found I lacked Only aware of the wrong choice I backed Crazed and insane I listened for the far off profane Trying to find an imaginary lane Bloody and torn I nearly could have sworn I could touch the coming morn And caught my hand on a waiting thorn Nearly dying I couldn't stop spying The trees, for my clothes and skin they were trying Until in the end, on the floor I was lying My blood from my body started shying Then, all of a sudden, just like that... I wasn't dying. There's a knife in my heart Where you played the part Thinking we were both so smart Until we learned I was simply a tart So please... don't even start Filling the rend which will never really mend only for death might I send so my life I can lend so others can fend Don't really wanna talk about pain So I'll mention your stain While my heart lays slain The conversational bane that splits us in twain... Little lily f

So here I am stuck in Hell and I am wondering where in the hell did I go wrong? I think I got things all figured out and that I am finally on the rd to stability and routine again just to have it all go to hell in a hand basket. I cant seem to get to where I am going and I am not in any way going to remain stuck here or going back to where I was...ugh. My phone is shut off and I don't have anyone left that I can call on for help. People just love running their mouths and getting up in my business when their own lives are a fucked up mess and yet I am wondering why I seem to be the only one that sees this shit. I mean like do people not see all the hate and drama that is being spread or the fact that by egging it on or spreading things heard/overheard/disclosed to you that you are only feeding in to the drama??? And wtf is up with ppl stealing lately????? ppl I dnt even know are stealing things from me and then the people that are trying to be my "friend" and help me are actually callin

Friends And Family???
I know its been said before, but I don't think it gets said enough..... †I am so sick and tired of all the High Level people in here always whining and begging for rates and attention! †Don't you bitches ever think about anyone else but yourselves? †How about going back and giving some rates to all the lower level people that helped to put your funky asses where you are? †Or do you only rate the ones that Bling the fuck outta you? †And don't tell me that just cuz you have 14,000 friends, that you don't have the time to try. † You could all stand to take some lessons from MissBehayvn. †All I am to her is a friend. †I don't send her bling or abilities, but I do rate her page, and leave occasional comments. †And in return, she always rates back and always leaves a comment. †She is a level 45, and has over 18,000 friends, and yet she still takes the time to rate a friend back. I am not so naive to think that those of you with thousands of friends can always go back and rate everyone, bu
Women -vs- Girls Current Mood: Chillin Category: Life
Girls want to control the man in their life. Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controling. Girls checc you for not calling them. Grown women are too 6usy to realize you hadn't. Girls are afraid to 6e alone. Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth. Girls ignore the good guys. Grown women ignore the 6ad guys. Girls make you come home. Grown women make you WANT to come home. Girls leave their schedules wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans. Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits. Girls worry a6out not 6eing pretty, the right size and/or good enough for their man. Grown women know that they are more than good enough for any man. Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (I.e., don't want him hanging with his friends). Grown women realize that a lil' 6it of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with her own friends. Girls think a guy crying

Wannabe's Or Real
Standing Alone
Another day another thing gone wrong. Yet i still find myself in the same situations over and over again. I tend to always hit that friend status but nothing more for the people i fall for. yay. I sit here with a fake smile on my face pretending to be ok as i listen to you go on and on about this girl or that one. Yet i cant help wonder when will it be my turn if ever. I find myself slowly drifting from you in the darkness of my mind. no light to guide me back to you. Am i not pretty enough for you or do I not have the right personality for you. I rack my mind trying to figure out what it is that isnt good enough for you and yet i still have nothing. frustrated an jaded is all that I am. Slowly falling with no one to catch me. All is lost and all is gone †
Things To Think About
MARRIAGE When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life
Kev's Lost On Fubar Blog
Another new site and I'm lost already. Anyone who visits my profile or sends me a message, be patient with me...please. And Steven, if your out!!!
How do you feel and what do you hear when someone says ‘I trust you..’? Trust is a hard thing to grasp at times, especially if you give it to someone to only be let down…time and time again. Trust is something that precious to me, something that someone has to gain from me. Over time even the few I’ve let in to trust have ended up letting me down in the long run. Promises not met, sweet talking that was empty, catching them in avoiding the truth or lying. How do we as women navigate through the men and know who to trust anymore? I hunger to trust someone, to give my life in their hands and know that they will always be there to take care of me. That there is no doubt in my mind I can trust them to be honest and straightforward whether good or bad. I feel so broken with so much distrust in people and men. Perhaps in the long runs it’s because I have no faith or hope to trust in them. How do you know to trust someone…when their actions aren&rsqu
The Truth
A Thought That Just Came To Mind
Was wondering if anybody knew if waiting til im 29 was to late to start looking for a girlfriend. †
Acai Complete 6
This supplement helps you to promote rapid weight loss, boost metabolism, increase calories burned and suppress appetite. You can see results in as few as ten days! But Acai Complete 6 is more than a supplement with six vital ingredients to help you achieve these results. In combination with the Diet Success Kit, you will have all the tools you need to build your stamina, lose weight AND get ripped. What more can a guy ask for? (Don't say it! Don't even think it! The ladies come next.) acai complete 6
Writings & Lyrics With Stuff
I've dug up miles and miles of sandSearching for something I can't seeAnd I've just got bruised and battered handsAnd a brand new void inside of meComplete with walls I did createFrom all the earth that I've displacedA mess that I have made from whatI've just let pile and pile upI have not been abandoned, no I have not beenDeserted and I have not been forgottenI need youI need you hereI need you nowI need security somehowI need youLike you would not believeYou're the only thing I wantCause you're everything I needExplore the cave that is my chestA torch reveals there's nothing leftYour whispers echo off the wallsAnd you can hear my distant callsThe voice of who I used to beScreaming out "someone, someone please"Please shine a light into the blackWade through the depths and bring me backI have not been abandoned, no I have not beenDeserted and I have not been forgottenI need youI need you hereI need you nowI need security somehowI need youLike you would not believeYou're the only thing
I Need Your Ideas Please
I want to host a contest for men to enter†about their legs. I love a mans legs! But I am a single mother of 2 so†I†can NOT offer stuff like bling packs or an auto or that kind of stuff as a reward. So I need some help. I would like to know from YOU what you would like from ME as a reward. Dont be shy. I want honesty. Once I figure out from you what you want as a reward then I will figure out when I will place the contest & how long it will run & all that good stuff. Remember HONESTY†††Thank you††
The Final Goodbye
This is the end of the road.† Reflecting back on 3 years of Fubar, I find myself smiling at the close friends I have made, cherishing the times where I could be a listener and help people through their troubles (which I'm actually pretty good at, for those of you who didn't know), and knowing the thrill of anticipation at a few of yo uwho were seriously an integral part of my life.† I am also nearly dumbstruck at the level of pettiness, misunderstanding, jealousy, and outright rudeness I have seen here.† I guess this is really a microcosm of society, which is what I have always seen Fubar as...a social experiment.† If this were a Master's thesis, I would be curious what the author's conclusions would be.† Anyway, there comes a time in everyone's life where he has to re-examine his life and priorities, and make necessary adjustments.† This is that time for me.† Fubar no longer holds any draw or desire for me, and while some may think it rude or shocking that I just end it like this, my
10 Free Things You Can Do To Get Points On Fubar
10 Things you can do for FREE on fubar that will raise your level! (Two bonus tips) † 10 cool things to do on fubar that don’t cost any money! † Polish Bling:† This is a huge opportunity for anyone looking to earn points. Go to that user’s page and click on† Get on fullette and video chat. I was jamming guitar on it and there are people making points.† Rate your friends: even if you are not VIP you are still earning points. Go after some of the achievements. Refer some REAL friends and earn some points.† Write up a blog on some of the tips you have found on the site to be useful.† Check out the MuMMs and see if you can handle the heat. Go to the game room and blow off some steam.
Will you let me touch you, will you let me hold you?Will you let me guide you to a world so pure and true?I could be your angel, your brilliant shining light.I could be the one to warm you, when it’s cold at night.I could help you when you struggle or when you won’t survive.I could bring you upwards when your in a downward dive.I could show your true love, a world where you are free.I want to be your angel if you could only see...Will you let me help you so you never feel alone?Will you let me hold you and make you feel at home?I could be your angel and hold your hand through lifeI could be your angel and take away your strifeI could help you fight it so you won’t feel the hurtI could be your fighter so you don’t taste the dirtI could be your angel and light your soul on fireI want to be our angel, my only true desireWill you let me teach you to be your honest best?Will you let me inspire you to go beyond the rest?I could be your angel, only happiness I would br
I Will Not Bow
What is IWNB? † It stands for I WILL NOT BOW. I want a crew of people that are close knit and have the personality to never back down from anyone. People that will stand up for their members and will stand up for themselves.† I want every member to work to help each of the other members level. I mean lets face it fubar as a whole sucks badly. Everyone for the most part is out for only themselves. I want to have people that are not out to just help themselves. I want to see everyone level thats in our group but i want the main theme to be that we leveled because the other members of our crew helped us to get there.† † This is my corner of fubar. I want to make this corner the best that it can be for us. so those of you that are tired of being stepped on, ignored, blown off cause you are not running famps, boomerangs, autos, or bombs, come seek entry.† † There is an entry process. Before a member is granted entry into IWNB, †you need to have a salute, just to petition for entry, a
10 Things To Do On Fubar To Get Points (2 Extra Hints)
10 cool things to do on fubar that don’t cost any money! † Polish Bling:† This is a huge opportunity for anyone looking to earn points. Go to that user’s page and click on†† Get on fullette and video chat. I was jamming guitar on it and there are people making points.† Rate your friends: even if you are not VIP you are still earning points. Go after some of the achievements.† Refer some REAL friends and earn some points.†† Write up a blog on some of the tips you have found on the site to be useful.† Check out the MuMMs and see if you can handle the heat.† Go to the game room and blow off some steam. We also have the arcade.† Hang out in the multiple of lounges.†http://www.f
Music Is My Life
Deerowena's Toybox
Why Do I Smoke?
I sometimes ask myself: "Why do you smoke?" But do I need a reason? Well, everything has a cause, but not everything has a reason. As a matter of fact, almost nothing has reason, or good reason, for that matter. But I'm digressing. I smoke, and I see everything in a different perspective. I almost have a Jeckyll Hyde reaction. When I am clear headed, I hate the world and everyone in it. Rotting in their filth and petty lives. Black and white, there is only good and evil. I hate myself for thinking that I am somehow not like the world. I am just like it. I can only think about my petty needs and desires. You see, this is the crap that goes through my head. But when I smoke... I am everything. The world is everything. People are good. I am now a people person. The world is quiet. Frozen in beauty and splendor. Grey and colorful at the same time. I can conceive physics and metaphysics. I can understand infinity plus one. † ††††††††††† †With the right
Wolfhound Metal Radio
Wolfhound Metal Radio is making a special compilation of bands of Rock&Metal. It will be 4 CDs in mp3 for free download online with 80 bands.All bands can participate in this contest. The voting will be by the official facebook of Wolfhound Metal Radio.If you're interested in participate, you have to read the conditions:1. You should send an email to with the next information:Band,Country,Genre,Links. Include in the email a photo band & logo.2. The bands should have Rock or Metal roots, we don't accept POP Music.3. The bands should have one Album or EP.4. We only accept bands and the single projects will be rejected.5. It can participate unsigned and signed bands but they need the confirmation of the label for including it in the email.6. All political bands will be rejected.All those bands that do not meet the requirements set out above will be rejected.The last date for participate in this contest is 15th May.Good Luck Bands!Wolfhound Metal Radio, www.
Dropping My Sanity Basket
As some of you may have (or may not have) noticed I have been MIA for a week. There is a really, REALLY good reason for this. †I was officially admitted to Patrick B. Harris Mental Hospital for major depression, suicidal thoughts, a suicide plan, anxiety and hallucinations. I† was released today at 1pm.† I missed all of you and some more so then others ;) Please be gentle with me, I'm bruised currently and slightly fragile.

Keep the Post Offices and Postal Workers Busy † It is up to all of us to keep the Postal Workers busy and use regualar mail and sending out packages and cards and keep then open and operating ! Many workers will soon lose their Jobs due to lack of business since the computer agae began and Internet started. All of that luxury we use is now the downfall of our Postal carriers. If you care about your local post Office then keep them going ! Mr. Scott nailed it... COLUMBINE STUDENT'S FATHER 12 YEARS LATER!! Guess our national leaders didn't expect this. On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee. What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress was painfully truthful. They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every
Being Busy
Lately my Time on Fubar,has deminshed,Between sharing my comp,with my pain in the arse 41 yr old GF.An my Pogo Pool addiction that has Consumned me again.An with my daily involvement on Facebook.There isn't much time for the Fu.Godfather will eventually be achieved for the 2nd.Time,an maybe Dicyple.But my Life doesn't evolve around the Fu,unfortunately as it does most of you.Whom Steal Time on a Regular Basis from your Employers.200 pic 11 Rates on free 11's days.10 rates will nolonger work for a morph. a Cherry Bomb of my Largest pic album will also get u a morph or more,3 credit blings or more. Boomerang bling,Cherry Bomb Bling will get to set off 5-8 Morphs.In some Circumstances I might have to ask my former Co Morph Goddess Izmo Wolf,to Create your Morph.She is far superior than I on most her Creations..Plus my Alcohol consumption has gotten in my way a bit as well,an The Massive Hangovers are really taken there Toll of Late as well..My Family of a few which are favorites will cont
Check Him Out
thedragonis32@ fubar
The Obama Elite Vs. The American People
This Tuesday voters in Missouri, by a 40-point margin, approved a ballot measure rejecting the individual mandate at the core of President Barack Obama's health care law. Asked what the vote meant to the White House, press secretary Robert Gibbs said: "Nothing." Yesterday in San Francisco, federal judge Vaughn Walker gave the exact same weight to a California ballot measure that affirmed marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. Specifically Judge Walker overturned the California Marriage Protection Act after concluding, as a matter of fact, that the majority of Californians who voted to protect marriage were bigots who had no rational basis to define marriage on their own terms. Here are just some of the "facts" Judge Walker found: Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians. The campaign to pass Proposition 8 relied on stereotypes to show that same-sex relationships are inferior t
Newbie Here :)
I have some questions that i would love some answers to. † !. What does it mean to be cherry bombed? 2. What determins how many points you get for being bombed? 3. How do you pay someone in fubucks? 4. What gets you more points, rating someone with the boomerrang or auto† 11's?
8/4/2010 House Fire
Can This Be Real!?!
Just over a year ago my life was shattered when I became seperated from my now ex wife after she made it clear that she is no longer inlove and is a homosexual.† Trying to get my life back in order I had met several women over the year but nothing had panned out.† This June (2010) I met a wonderful woman here on Fubar but she lived in Florida.† We had such a connection from our first conversation.† Our likes and dislike, our outlook for life and the many things that we have in common.† But alas again she lived in Florida and I never thought anything would become of our conversations and flirtations. Having PC issues I was unable to use FU for nearly a month and lost contact with her.† On July 14th 2010 my daughter had surgery and I had to stay at the hospital overnight with her so I took my now repaired laptop with me to kill time.† Out of the blue I got a IM in my shoutbox and it was her.† We tallked for hours and she surprised me with saying she was moving to Pennsylvania and maybe
Why Me
†know† that its been a while since i have wrote on here but i am need to get some feelings out, its been a year since me and my ex broke up i think about him all the time i know that he is happy and thats a good thing, i just wish that i could be happy my kids are still in his life and they will always will be. i love his mom and dad and his grandparents and his sister. its just really hard letting go because we were together for 5 years. he wont talk to me or anything he told me that we will alwys be friends but i do not see that happend at all i just wish the best for him. he was my best friend and in my heart he will always will be,
Dear Mother F*cking Diary
There Was This Woman
there is this woman i once knew who had four kids...three beautiful daughters and one handsome sonshe had a boyfriend who she loved more then her kids...sad to day but trueone day something had happened and her kids where taken away from her and went to the foster care systemthe question is...did she care...i think noteverytime she went to go see her kids she would tell them that she was trying...and one day she would bring them back homedays turned into weeks..weeks turned into months...and months turned into yearseventually all her kids became adults and left the systemall her kids did go back to her just to realize that she had not chamged...she was still with the man that hurt them and was still making poor choicesthey all eventualy got kicked out or moved out because they couldn't put up with her bullshitone always kept on going back...but nothing ever changed...she just kept on getting hurt and and leaving orgetting kicked outnow two of her kids are is about to be a
"i Am Your Peace"
I long to give you rest for your soul and peace in your heart. i know sometimes it looks like life has no peace to offer~~just one big problem after another. its true that the world is filled with hatred,envy,and every sort of evil,so please dont be looking for peace in people or attempting to position yourself where there are no problems.The kind of peace the world tries to offer is built on false hope and man-made idols†that will eventually crumble. The peace i give you will transend any trial or tribulation that comes against you because its supernatural. So position yourself completely in my care,and let go of all those things you cannot control. Then you will find true peace. In the middle of chaos and confusion,I will always be your safe place~~a place of peace. Im asking you my child, to share with others the peace i give freely to you. Love, Your King and Your Perfect Peace...
The Padded Room Lounge Now Open!
Fubar Rocks...Watch this page for Krazy Kewl pics and Interviews filmed live at various public and social events..Coming Soon!!!! If crying was a doorway and my tears opened the way, I'd step right into heaven and bring you back again. No farewell words were spoken no time to say goodbye, you were gone before I knew it the question is only why? My heart still aches in sadness my secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you no one will ever know. I will always be confused no matter how happy I may seem, but I'm grateful for last night when you approached me in my dreams. For now I know you want me to mourn for you no more, to remember all the happy times, and know life has more in store. Since you'll NEVER be forgotten I pledge to you this day, A hallowed place inside my heart is where you'll always stay! Estrella de la Manana! para la muher mas Bonita de MUNDO!
Tangled Up In Me
You wanted to know more,More about me?Then watch the world spin around,To get a clue about what you see.Hey, you wanted to understand,Why I push you around,Why I push you away?Take a closer lookAt what’s right in front of you today.What makes you thinkWhat you see is what you get?You think you know meBut in reality you haven’t realized it yet.Everyday you search for her,The damsel in distress,The perfect girl you’ll one day meet;But what you don’t seem to recognize,Is I’m the girl sweeping you off your feet.You wanted to know more,More about how I dream?Well, I’ll have to admit thenThat’s not as complicated as it seems.All I ever wanted was that sunset escapade,Fireworks and shooting stars,In a secret moonlit rendezvous†That’s going to end upBetween me and you.Hey you wanted to find love?Open your eyes then and see-All you need to do to find itIs get tangled up in me.†
†††† I have climbed so many mountains to do nothing but to fall back down. I'm tired of putting feelings into something to watch them fall down the mountain that I have climbed. I know I'm young and have plenty of things to experience but the way that I see is that I'm mature in ways that some girls my age are not. I'm tired of feelin a certain way and know that I'm the only that can change things. I have told myself that God cannot and will not bless me until I start to do right... I must admit that so far I'm on a pretty good start, deleting certain phone numbers and just praying that God lets "us" one day be together... ††† Climbing mountains by myself is tyring after a while things seem like they would be better if I†had somebody†by my side encouraging me as I'm encouraging them. No matter we're both in it till the end. I want to be with someone that isn't going to get to the top of the mountain then give up... Heck we still have to go down. There are plenty of other challenges we
My Life!
When you are with someone you love and they say they love you too what are you suppose to do when it gets turned upside down? I love my guy he is great but a few weeks ago he told me he wasn't attracted to me physically and desired to sleep with someone skinnier and at first I didn't know what to do so I agreed with certain rules set down and he swears that I will not loose him to some one else. I have said yes so that I wont loose him because the only alternative I had was to leave him and I execpt the fact that I may not be able to please him in every way. And yes it does hurt but i tough threw him sitting on the computer looking for friends and maybe friends with benefits. I have the right to do the same but do not feel the need to so I just look for someone to talk to about everything thats going on.
Facebook Pics
The One You Forgot
A simple word can break my soulRip me in half, no longer whole.I'm shaking at the very thoughtOf being the one you forgot.You're everything in life to meThe reason why I want to breatheI smile just when I think of youAnd all those things you say and do.Yet, if you don't feel the sameNo one can we really blame.It's just the way life sometimes goesYou can't escape all of its blows.But I wish this once to be freeOf the hope we'd never be.That's something I don't want to face.Don't want to feel so out of place.I've planned everything around usNow it may not be enough.Threads are barely holding onAnd your words can break their bond.Or you can make them tighter stillRenew my strength and my will.Keep me believing love is realIf you return the way I feelPlease don't hurt me, but if you doMake it gentle. Help me through.I love you and fear that timeWill cost me my peace of mind.I pray I didn't wait too longTo let you know my love is strong.And without you it's merely wasteOnce so sweet, now bi
Every Now And Then
What if all the love inside meIsn’t enough to make it?What if I choose to believe?†But everything around me is†Is an illusion?What if everything I want it?Just a creation of my dreams…And every now and thenI try to pretend all this is realAnd every now and thenI find myself crying again†And every now and thenI am still in love with youWhat if I can’t make a sound?But I want to screamWhat if my soul is burning?But find myself afraid to seeSo afraid to see…What if I had belong somewhere?But I got pushed away….And every now and thenI feel a little bit of lonelinessAnd every now and thenI find myself bleeding againAnd every now and thenI am still in love with youWhat if you became apart of me?And I can’t separate myselfWhat if I know what's worth fighting for?But I don’t know whom to trust…Will I ever know?What if it’s right before my eyes?But to busy waiting for the second chance?And every now and thenI would open my heartAnd every
Born Under A Bad Sign
Born under a Bad Sign We are all products of our upbringing and environment - Duh. We are taught which political party to belong to, what our religious beliefs are, that minorities are dangerous, that whitey is the devil and all matter of whatnot by our families. Then we are placed into schools primarily made up of like-minded people and these ideas are fortified. We are not really required to make decisions regarding these matters along the way. If we are fortunate (arguable), we find our ways into colleges where other people teach us that we are in fact not Republicans but Progressives and that God is a great lie invented by weak minded people to lull them thru a life of mediocrity. They convince us that we evolved from primordial goo and that monkeys are our former selves. I often wonder why the current monkeys didn't evolve... but, I digress. It is not unless we are very fortunate that we get the chance to explore our planet. This opportunity enables us to call into question our pr
Muslim Belief
Drinking with a††TEXAS††girl...† †A Mexican,†an Arab, and a†Texas girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air,†pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In Mexico, our †glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice.' The †Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks†non-alcohol beer (cuz he's a Muslim!), throws it into the air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In the Arab World, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink with the same one twice either.' The†Texas†girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out her 45, and shoots the†Mexican and the Arab. Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and †calling for a refill, she says, 'In†Texas,†we have so many illegal aliens that we don't have to drink with the †same ones twice.'†God Bless††TEXAS !!! Muslim Belief This is a true story an
When U Think Life Sucks
have u even been like me getting sick n tired of ppls bullshit and throw your hands up in the air and say fuck it people amuse me they really do they act so fuckin stupid some times its laughable do they do that shit on purpose or do they even know they r doing it idk could b both they act like idoits or have a moron attack type of ppl who should wear a helmet 24-7 ppl think that their lives suck some ppl have an easy life i know from personal record how hard life can b ive never had a normal child hood was a punching bag for 13 yrs ive been made fun of picked on cause i look diffrernt talk different wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth never had things handin to me i worked for every thing i have ppl judge way too quick bout a person get to know b4 u judge
ok so ive been on fu for a couple of days,and i have to admit that i have been having fun. In fact I find myself coming here quite a bit. So a big high five to fubar for being a one of a kind place,and i hope i have as much fun a year from now as i am right now Skeptical? Yes i am,and why shouldn't I be I've been to a few sites. Not enough to be a so called expert but enough to form an opinion on them. And so far I am of the opinion that i am not impressed with them.Between the bots and kids and idiots I had all but given up hope that anything else existed so my bud tells me about fubar. He told me i wont be disappointed,will I? Who knows, but ill give it a shot. So far it seems like a cool site, but so did so many others. i really hope i'm not disappointed this time. "prayin" like hell this doesn't suck lol
Talent Investment Plans& Collaborations
scout , sponsor since 1997. † attempted show / contest in 2009. † † † learned to improvise poems, jokes, jokestories, songs, short stories in 2009 - 2010. Long short story is suspense thriller fast & furiously vocalized which takes 35 minutes. Longest jokestory about 30 pages. Longest career assistance research effort 8 years. † late 2009 - 2010 humming bass voice vocals sounding like bass trombone jazz in accompaniment to any tune in any musical genre, done improvisationally. † †
Creatures I Am Particularly Fond Of
Love to see them play hide and seek. One of my nicknames is also Ditzy Doodlebug. great fish bait. Long slender legs.

On Here To Make New Friends
ladys what would u want from me if i was your man?
†† † † † † † † † † † † † †Chapter One†Some †times I † miss being the † teenaged dirt back †hanging out with †you †homies † fucking †them † half the †time † smoking †weed †and popping pills†Having fun †damn † too † bad†Sex sells!Some time in may 2010†Here’s † the †scoop †my †name †is †Bell †I’m †Nineteen years †old big deal right††I †know this †much †sex sells! †Lol I †knew that †at †eighteen †I’m † pretty †flat†I’m short only five foot †two †inches tall †heheh †I †look up †even †if I’m †on my †knees††I †have †a †boys hair cut(boo to older brothers) †I’m not †a girly girl by any means ††I say †bring on the †camping , drinking, pot smoking , and cliff diving †, 4x4ing , and mud†Here I come I love to have sex and †just chill out getting †paid †and having a good †time †Never drink †on the job †number one †rule besides wearing a condom †never for get that either†Some times the calls †are shitty †but it some time worth it. †My loving †Shadow is the best ma
Ultasweet Blogs
You're on my mind everyday And in my mind I see your face A melody plays as you walk by My heart beats fast as I look into your eyes What we have is a mystery An adventure that becomes history Amazing feelings flow through my soul Penetrating my glands giving me a glow A bond that remains so strong A love that keeps shining on Keepsake that never loses its value A nightmare to be without you A journey in which we walk miles upon miles No thunderstorms no need for snow plows Just another memory for us to share I need you here... now... everywhere. † She sat at her computer and typed with frantic haste There was so much she needed to say and so little time Her heart poured out so easily through her fingers As the words appeared on the screen before her She filled her screen with her words of affection Then waited anxiously for him to type his reply Her heart skipped as his reply appeared before her She read and reread his words of endearment Then hurried to reply as her h
Rate Me
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Does anyone remember their first childhood crush? weather it was a female or male? †For me in the 70s it was Susanne Sommers then in the 80s †it was Cindy Crawford. And she still looks good today!
Family Add
This is how to get in my family: † 25 credit bling pack gets you in for one month † 65 credit bling pack gets you in for 4 months † 135 credit bling pack gets you in from now on & my yahoo id † 350 credit bling pack gets all above plus a few phone calls from me & a private nsfw pic † † 1000 credit bling pack gets you everything above plus cam shows, as many private pics as you want & more for a limited time only I am offering something special! if you get me a 1000 credit bling pack I will do all the things listed bellow! † 1. add you to family from now on 2. make you some private pics just for you 3. add you to yim 4. give you my cell number for text & phone calls 5. have phone sex with you if you want 6. naughty cam shows (as many as you want)
The Reason Why Decent People Cannot Have A Good Time Here.
I have a friend on here, and several other friends of mine have noted this, that they are continually being hit on by men and women who want them (my friend(s)) to exchange NSFW pictures, or webcam with them naked.† My friend(s) say "No", but that doesn't seem good enough. I have advised them to inform the webmasters and real life managers of this site, of the offenders. Hopefully, they will eradicate these violators. In many states, webcam'ng in the nude is a felony cybercrime, and you can (men and women both) be arrested, should the offended party take it to that level. Extremely embarrasing to be put on the "Sex Offender" list of you local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies. Plus, most sex offenders are on this site and many more like it. To you, who are on that list already, you can be arrested and your suspended sentence will become active and you will go to prison. You will serve your remaining time, and the time for this conviction.† So, my advice: when a woman, or man
With Me......or Against Me
This blog has been past due for some time now but I feel now is the perfect opportunity to enlighten ppl in understanding WHO I am,WHAT I believe and stand for and why I no longer will allow myself to not be true to me. † ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† WITH ME......Or against me † In the past 3 months I've used this saying more and more frequently and I'm sure I will continue to keep on saying it. The past 3 months have been an eye opening,life learning expirience for sure in many aspects of my life. So here are the things that are important to† that if you take the time to read this blog,you can understand me better,understand my actions whether we are friends or no longer friends,this blog will answer many a great things about me,my beliefs and convictions,what i stand for in life and what I will not tolerate. HOPEFULLY by reading this you will be able to answer ANY questions you may have as to why certain things happened,are happening or could POSSIBLY happen in the fu
True Love
You're there when the darkness comes turning off the ligh tand I'm all alone and then I see your faceyou're there when I'm to tired to go on my legs crumbling under me and then your arms are around me lifting me upyou're there when the tears won't stop hiding somewhere so they can't see don't want to be a burden†and then I hear your voice saying "you're not"you're there when I don't know what to do thinking I'm not enough never living up to my own expectations†and then you say I amaze youyou're there when I don't feel safe anywhere it all looks to scary†don't know where to go next then you take my handyou're there even when I don't ask you to be somehow you just know want you next to me then I turn my head and you're there† Every time I think about you,I'm reminded of the reasonswhy I love you from the depthof my heart and soul.And I wonder what I'ddo without you,without your healing smile,your words of faith,the caring and sensitive wayyou touch me,lifting mejust when I need it most.W
Time To Be
Some of you will no doubt recognize new Corum Golden Bridge Lady Diamond Watch as a derivative of an existing style they have, to others this unique watch will be all new. Years ago Corum was able to develop a mechanical movement that was shaped like a bar (more or less linear as opposed to square or circular). They placed it in a horizontal fashion in watches. It was incredible to look at as they cased in a traditionally sized squarish case with the movement placed in the middle being showcased through the sapphire crystals. †This concept has been adopted here and is now placed horizontally instead of vertically with the new Corum Gold Bridge Lady Diamond watch. The new position of the movement is more flattering to the wrist in the rectangular 41mm x 34mm sized case that comes in either red gold or white gold. Aside from the 180 diamonds on the case and face, and the unique placement of the dial, the real show here is in the mechanical C0113 movement and in watching its ongoing oper
"cloud" Stuff.
So, this is something that I've seen debated back and forth, and I've not really concluded which side of the fence I want to sit on. JSON vs. XML in a web service. What are your thoughts? Pros? Cons? Leave comments with your side of the story. Well, I figure this is as good a place as any to start de-mystifying what the cloud is. Most of my usage is on Amazon Web Services (AWS), so I'll mostly be focusing on cloud information based on that (no, I don't work there.). However, I'll try to be as general as possible. Cloud computing has a lot of misconception degrading the experience, and has the potential for being a major operational pain to those who don't understand it. The point of this blog, is to actually give people a bit of a jump. This is mainly going to be conceptual, with a couple of potential scenarios, but mostly just concepts. Enjoy. Eventual consistency. If you're just entering the cloud realm, you've probably heard this term used before. So what is this strange concept? I
Simply Facts
To Those Who Alter, Use, & Claim/Tag MY Copyrighted Pix as Your own... First of all Get an effin Life and Take Your OWN pix to toy with!!! The person(s) in the photos have every right to display them, but not to alter them. I honestly don't mind so much with Certain random photos, but there are certain sets in particular that were set and posed specifically for use in projects I concieved, designed and created. I've seen these photos altered, tagged, and displayed by SOMEBODY else trying to take credit for My work. Read it and weep - Stop altering My Work WITHOUT MY PERMISSION YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION and Won't - EVER. I find it to be Very disrespectful to take my work and alter parts of it and then stick YOUR tag on it claiming it to be your own. I'm a Professional Photographer/Digital Imager, And the copyrights to the pix I Took are OWNED by Me - NOT the person(s) In the photos. I put a lot of work into some of the Photography and Graphics I've don
My Writing
happiness. The night falls, with a whisper, like every night before, but through it she feels. Something that reminds her of, blurred edges, a burnt paper smell, and something like a kiss. It bring with it a light, a fire in the dark. A blinding chaos, she welcomes with fear, before it consumes her. I watched my world burn to the ground to the beating of a broken heart. I watched the flames take down all i loved, or would ever love, and leave nothing but ashes. I looked down and seen the matches in my own hands. what have I done? I tried to paint you once In shades of summer, bright blues, and frosted orange. But it always turned to shadow ridden decay. I tried to paint you in sun shades of yellow, illuminated whites, bright pure splashes. but the color would run from the brush, and putrefy. Not wanting to admit defeat, I painted you in the ridiculous. green, pink, purple haze, mocking myself with color. But even in these, the humor of it failed. I tried to paint you
Leaving Furbar
I'm In The Mood For A Melody..
After only making an outline for last years WT I've decided to type up a quick blog mostly for my personal records because I do not think anybody reads these things anymore.† Ended up leaving here early and getting there at about 11:30am which was the earliest I think we've ever made it there.† Instead of having the bands and everyone on the concrete as in years past it was on grass which was better for the heat, but not better for my shoes, stepped in gum somewhere along the way, but that could have happened on concrete too. There was a nice hill to sit on and could see and hear the main stage while taking a break from walking around in the large crowd of people. After finding where all of the different stages were we looked at the big board for when the bands play.† Three of the 10 bands that I wanted to see played at the same time roughly 1:30.† I ended up seeing the last 4 songs of The Cab and the last 4 songs of Pierce The Veil so I'm not quite sure what I missed from them, but
... is it filled with rainbows and flowers or is it just a meeting place for lost loved ones? to me it is a place yet to be seen but hey i can wait a nother 50 yrs because i have many loved ones here yet i want to spend eternity with.... to all we make life what we can and soon this earth will be filled with rainbows and flowers for me......
Lil Ole Me
Makes You Think
First let me say i am not posting this because i want you to feel sorry for me...or her.† She is in remission and this ordeal will only make her a stroger person in the future.† If she can overcome this......nothing will stop her. I guess i am posting this because FUBAR seems to have alot of drama lately......people have forgotten what is really important in life.†So seriously....quit feeling sorry for yourselves that you dont have that bling or this bling.....that that person bought this for someone and not you................ † This slideshow design generated with Smilebox
How I Feel
Bright LightTonight I was lonely,I had to come by,I wanted to be happy,In moments I would cry...Just to say this to you,I'll always be loving you...I forget about the tears,With your music in my ears,I am really into you,When I share with you,Moments of your day,What you have to say...The little things you do,Are those defining you.No solitude in the night,When I see your bright light,My heart gets so happy,I sense your serenity...I'll just say this to you,I'll be forever loving you... Falling in love with youI lived my life mostly in solitude,Not because I was a bad dude,Trust in people was not something to do,Years before I knew you...†I walked through life going nowhere,I saw trees but paradise was not there,Birds flew around and I did not care too,Long before I met you...†If sometimes I appear very sad,Do not think I am feeling bad,I care not for me but only about you,I only care about you...†It was long for me to see some light,Telling myself that all will be alright,And you cam
The story takes place during the summer of 1995.† At the time I was a firefighter/medic and crew officer for a local volunteer fire and rescue department.† One weekend, which I had off from fire duty, I was notified of a large structure fire within my area of operations.† Not having anything else to do, I went to the station to help with staffing.† When I got to the station, there was an immediate need for an ambulance.† A grabbed two other personnel to staff the unit.† While responding to the fire, dispatch redirected us to the interstate for a significant multi-car accident.† The dispatcher indicated there were 5 at least 5 cars involved with possible trapped victims.† There were other units dispatched but would be delayed because of the fire. † When we arrived on the scene, I knew this was going to be bad.† Half of four-door sedan had slid under a tractor-trailer.† An old station wagon was upside down and was partially in a ditch approximately 50 feet from the sedan.† There were f
Since there are no SFW mumms to stalk people into, and the primary source of my bartab feed is negative photo comments, I figured I'd do a blog in hopes that some of my friends would come hang out and be fun. Talk amongst yourselves. †:) † (not that I don't enjoy some well-placed shaming of disgusting pics, but I REALLY need to have some *positive* stuff to read) As some of you know, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer as I was going through radiation therapy 2.5 years ago. †She's been whomping the heck out of everyone's expectations, but unfortunately this morning she told me that her doc has recommended hospice and estimated she has 3-4 months left. †I've known this was coming for quite some time, but she really looks awful now. †She's gone from 150 pounds down to about 80, and is wearing kids' clothes now. †She can barely walk, and the amount of degradation in the last 9 days since I saw her last was astonishing. †The way she looked today, I'm just hoping she has THAT long. †
Cowboys From Hell Paso
Ok freaks! Ck. Thease cats out . They are truly The real deal. The are a Pantera Tribute band hailed from El Paso. Cowboys From Hell Paso. If you dig pantera and Dime Bag as much as the rest of us they will truly will blow your mind and for be written in stone. Just search there name and you will find them. I cant speak highly enough of them. For you that are fortune enough to live in El Paso get out and support them, Copy and paste there link.REmber this: We are making HISTORY\,,/\,,/
THExHxBxIxC FuEngaged 2 U KNOW@ fubar
well let me start 1st of by saying i will not be saying any names at all! for a very good reason but i do have lots to say.....I wanna know what the hell gives you the right to do somthing so fucking stupid for the 2nd time BOTH of you!... i mean god gives you a 2nd chance to prove that you are a good person that you can tell whats right from wrong that you can leav the damn drugs alone. he gives you a 2nd chance to bring a child into this world and rase it right and keep it outta harmsway.. and ya know what yall do yall fuck that up so bad.... WHY???? what made them children deserve that??? now there is 3 children in this world wondering why? why they dont and will never know there real parents?HA REAL PARENTS!!! screw that!!!! mabe i should say sprem and egg donor.... what did they do to be treated they way they have been treated!!! .... BOTH of you had the chance... and i remember the day you said she was preg.... you looked me in the eye and said this is my 2nd chance god is trusti
In Love
wouldnt it be lovely to fall in love with the guy or girl of your dreams
My Baby
The day i ment my baby i knew there was something special about him i just couldnt figure out exactly what. The more we talked the more my feelings grew for him.It didnt take long for me to know he was the one i wanted to be with for the rest of my life. When i finally got the chance to show him just how much i really do love him and how much i wanna be with him till the day i die. Tje day i told him that he could move in with me i was prayong he would say yes so i knew i would have my baby for the rest of my life.He said to give him some time to figure out what he ahd to do and i got the message that my baby was gonna move in with me and my heart skipped beats when i found that out. I had to wait for the day of him coming up to be with me and it seemed like it was never gonna happen. When he texted me saying that he was coming up that day i was so excited i didnt know what to do with myself. I waited and waited for him to be here so i could finally kiss him and hug him. Then i went ou
Karma Baby!!!
im fallen down has far as you will let me fall.. when ya gonna catch me if you catch me at all.. the years are flyin by so fast.. i can barely catch my breath.. you said are love was true.. but then you brought me down with you.. in this quicksand called life i am sinking fast getting pulled in.. but you never gave me a second glance.. then i knew it was the end.. we all make mistakes and we cant change what we do.. just wish that i wasnt a mistake done by you.. im fallen down as far as you will let me fall when you gona catch me if you catch me at all.. 15 years old and not a dime to her name.. she was rough around the edges to hide her pain.. with no money in her picket she didnt know what to do.. so she stood on the corner to try to pay her dues.. sad n cold n all alone.. she had nobody no love no home..5 days later she was gone nobody noticed not even her mom..†she left this world with a different kinda blue.. no love that she had no love was true.. down by the bridge they found a
A Testy Blog
in a testy blog
Too Crowded?!
how can this place be too crowded? i have yet to even meet people that live anywhere near me on here
My Writigs
5 seconds later he was announce dead.....dead with his heart opened was empty inside......they wonder why.....he was heartbroken with no feelings inside........he always show love to everyone he meets.......but those same people......whoever they may be........thought it was ok to use pretend to be real.......but really they thought that he wouldn't do anything to them......til he snap.......when he came to his senses.......he realize that he killed everybody that he loved..........even if their love was fake......he had nothing to live he died.....showing everybody what it was like to be him......Be care who pretend to be friends with or this might happen to you. I wish I could be like bob marley and just smoke my troubles away but since we are not the same and ima martian, I know everything is going to be alright so I just take off my shoes and relax my feet and just lean back and tey to do some writing. But I can't come up with anything I got writer
3 Rivers
check out 3 rivers casino...its fun funny and a world of a great time join up today!!!
Illegal Immigration
Recently large demonstrations have taken place Across the country protesting the fact that Arizona Is addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that The US might protect its own Borders, might make it harder To sneak into this country and, Once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand The thinking behind these protests. Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover Me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, 'No! I like it here. It's better than my house. I've made all The beds and washed the Dishes and did the laundry And swept the floors. I've Done all the things you don't Like to do. I'm hard-working And honest (except for when I broke into your house). According to the protesters: You are Required to let me stay in your house You are required to feed me
pretty awesome site..after u figure out what to do!!!
I have been thinking about the most painful stuff that some people have to live with and come to realize the "mentally and emotionally" unstable people are where they are for a reason they trust friends to always help them out when times get rough but sometimes we take that for granted it's something stupid that we all do.. well what happens when those friends turn there back on you and everything falls apart this a stupid fuckin blog . I know im not the nicest or coolest person to talk to or be around especially on my bad days and the more and more i i think about it the more and more i realize that i treat people like shit because i'm unhappy or depressed well maybe it's time for me to step up and try to make a change for the better and maybe by doing this i wont hurt the ones i care about and that care about me the most. We often take things in our lives for granted and maybe we should give our head a shake well all in all i guess this is just me giving my head a shake†
What I'm Looking For In A Relationship
† What your getting ready to read I wrote a while back and f that on trying to type that over and over again I copy and pasted it like any smart man would do!!!>>>!!!†† † I am definitely a person who takes personal gratification in placing others needs before my own and people/relationships are very important to me.† I believe that true love means caring about the needs of others and wanting what's best for them.† Don't get me wrong though, like my G-ma has been telling for yrs...(which whom is the heart and soul of me) "While you may be speaking from the heart... do it with your future in mind".† Helping people can sometimes hurt you :(† I wish people came with instruction manuals saying "This is how I really am after 6 months... and if you were smart you wouldn't even try to get into my pants much less want a future with me" lol † I like to be funny and make people laugh but when it comes time to be serious... yeah, they call that "life"!† I believe in learning
My Pre Fight Playlist
1. Through Struggle- As I Lay Dying 2. Unholy Confessions- Avenged Sevenfold 3. Indestrucible- Disturbed 4. White Knuckles- Five Finger Death Punch 5. I Will Be Heard- Hatebreed 6. Raise Hell- (Hed) PE 7. Set to Fail- Lamb of God 8. Eat You Alive- Limp Bizkit 9. Determined- Mudvayne 10. Sun Dosen't Rise- Mushroomhead 11. Miracle- Nonpoint 12. New Noise- Refused † 13. Her Comes The Pain- Slayer 14. Before I Forget- Slipknot 15. Step Up- Drowning Pool 16 Indiffernt to Suffering- Chimaria
If You're A Juggalo ... Please Repost
Cheyenne@ Fubar
About Me

I go to a site called the live police complaint or police Kamau runs the web site as i mentioned Kamau is a qualified both federal and state court when it comes to police misconduct. Kamau has alot of intresting videos on his web site keep up the good works Kamau thankyou. kamau runs the site at the police and the live police complaint are the web sites kamau has alot of intresting real cases and videos he runs on the two sites, its really intresting.
Big And Beautiful@ Fubar
Everything Else
ever wanted to scream because you wanted something so much even if it was something so simple as a few words. knowing time was the reason you havnt heard any of them. but still not understanding why u havnt heard something. Nothing sucks more then caring about someone and knowing they care about you but not hearing any variation. damn men are so dificult. the smallest comment can mean the world. makes me want to scream but i refuse to give up on something i want so very much. †
Let me start by saying I will not be running famps any time soon so if I am in your family only as a trade you can remove me and I won't be hurt at all.† I'll explain reasons why. Family to me has always been people I care about, people who have helped me, and people I want to help. With only 50 spaces I have had to juggle and move between top friends and family so I can find people easily. When I ran my 1st 2 famps I found people†benefiting†from me that had pulled me from their family during their famps. This last run a girl complained to my hubby that I was in her family but she wasn't in mine even though she had never run a famp. I realize I am in more†families†then I have space to return.I found myself having to pull people to make room.† While I have greatly†appreciated†the people who have included me and have made new friends, it has taken away from what I care most about. I have gotten caught up in the rank game which really doesn't mean anything in the long run. What I like
Fu Bar
ok Ladies and gentlemen......... After being blocked just for trying to get points to level with while playing the silly liked game I have decided to take a break from the fu side and just play mafia I do not care any more if I level or not so the people in my family will be rated and a few friends that have stuck by my side for all these years will be re rated and have drinks sent to them. †If the bs in mafia keeps getting worse I will stay away from it as well. I come here for relaxation no drama no lies no bs So for all you block happy block heads hope you all eat dirt. All the sefish people same thing. Happy point searching for all the others and happy hunting to all the fu mafia plyers. Anna
Words Sent To My Sb
Tell me the darkness will lift from our eyes. That the numbness will soon be a memory. Taunt me with the radiance of you smile and laughter. Sever the clouds to show me your silver lining. Strike me with the bolts of your lust and passion. Show me the pain of being mortal and sinnful of caring...
How Do You Fu??
Everyone knows that using IE to FU is pretty ineffiecient. Firefox, Safari and others are much better. However, I have found that Google Chrome is the best browser in which to FU. It works for the PC, MAC and Linux. You can download it here: DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME Happy FU-ing!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr And Stuff
I am only going to go through this once, and it is going to be crystal clear to everyone. † You are all adults here, SO ACT LIKE IT. † Everyone says things out of anger and hurt. Sometimes it's not the most pleasant shit. But you don't have to be that person to try to divide and alienate people just because someone got hurt. † When I came back here, it was with the express understanding that I am doing this with NO DRAMA. I don't want to hear it, I don't want to talk about it, I will not put my 2 cents in, I will not perpetuate it, and I most certainly will not tolerate it. † Do you people that thrive on this drama ever have to deal with REAL LIFE ISSUES? I'd bet not so much. † There's a whole world out there full of serious issues. And maybe it comes from the experience of surviving some of those things that I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. It really will eat you alive. † Please, all I ask of everyone in my list, keep me out of your drama. I have enough i
Please Read
Okay, Normally I do not write blogs to complain or anything BUT...... †Some ppl on here seem to think that I should spend every waking moment I have on Fubar and complain that I spend to much time with my son. Let me tell you a little secret you azzwhipes, MY SON COMES FIRST! Yeah fubar is fun and all to talk to people and what not BUT, I do not and will NOT let it run my life. I will not let you run my life either. I am a damn proud mommy and will always put my PRIORITIES first. If you do not like that then you can just Kiss My Azz!
When It Crosses The Line...
When it crosses the line from being upset and feeling a certain way about things to harassment, slander, liable, and defamation of character, then enough is enough. We can appreciate the feelings that people have and why they may feel that way, but what people don’t seem to understand is that you may not attack, smear, or launch campaigns against people in order to make yourself feel better, especially if what your doing is for yourself and not for those whom you proclaim to be advocating for. Those of you who know us know that just over two years ago, we inherited a few new members to our family. We were asked to take in 3 children; first and foremost so that the situation that was playing itself out did not result in the children going into the system. It is well documented that we were asked to take these children in. Once again due to the situation that was playing itself out, once the children arrived and events transpired, it was apparent that these children would be her
A Broken Heart
†Well I'm single again, just broke up with my boy friend today, and just one week before my 40th birthday too. It sucks to have a broken heart.
Fake Ass Bitch Finding Tool
† I've been using this for about† year. Search any image and you can see other locations of that image on the net. It's free without† spyware or any crap like that. It's very useful to weed people out†and verify info. Happy hunting!
Non-html Codes
Welcome to FUBAR Come Rawk with the Best Fam and Friends around! Erotic Desires, Have some drinks and Join in the FUN!! Copy and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there! 2 HEY!! WELCOME TO FUBAR! Come Rawk with the Best Fam and Friends around! Erotic Desires, Have some drinks and Join in the FUN!! Copy and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there! 3 HELLO Welcome to FUBAR Come Rawk with the Best Fam and Friends around! † Erotic Desires, Have some drinks and Join in the FUN!! Copy and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there! 4 HELLO Welcome to FUBAR Come Rawk with the Best Fam and Friends around!
Fubar Shizzle For The Street Team (open To Public)
I am moving the Fubar Street Team Bounty Vault to this blog. Please post your bounty as a comment and provide a little information on the who, what, where and how. Here are a few of the ones that people have turned in. Please post in your gallery in a folder called Fubar Street Team. You can then copy the image link and paste into a comment. This will allow us to see results more quickly. Also, it gives other users the option to click to your page. † † † The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar! † As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything. - You must have an approved salute - Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend:† Make Street Team folder in your pictures. † Once you are accepted as a friend, you will be able to continue on and view the blogs.
Fubar Street Team Blogs
The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar! † As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything.- Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend:† Make Street Team folder in your pictures.- Please read all blogs to get caught up on what we have been doing.- View Street Team page photos to see how we have been promoting.- Before you do ANY promoting, please read this: Add the Silver Wings to your profile in your 'About Me' section: When you promote, please take photos. Upload them to your Street Team folder. You can then go to the Bounty Blog and post the image URLs into a comment. This way, everyone can see what you have done, and we can upload the pictures to the Street Team folders.
hi,im janet ,just trying figture fubaer out
My Work
Join Us! † You should definitely come join us at Good Times. Where it always a good time. Nice people. Great music. Great conversation. Come join in on the Good Times. * we can wear guys clothes. If they wear ours, they get funny looks. * Our friends don’t say hello to us by punching us on the arm. * Yeah, PMS sucks. but at least we have a good excuse to eat chocolate for a week. * If we’re on a really big ship that happens to hit an iceberg, we’ll get lifeboats first. * We get the bigger apartment on Friends. * Girl talk. you know, how we just understand each other without having to explain stuff. * We never have to stand in a urinal and have other girls stare at us. * Dark circles under the eyes? a hickey? we can just cover them up wi
My Blog
So you want to know how I got that name!!?? ok here is the story I was living in†a house with an ex bf and 4 other guys, my friend Liz stayed there from time to time, she needed to take a shower and there was no lock on the bathroom door, we didnt trust the guys to not open the door while either one of us showered so when she took a shower I sat in the bathroom against the door so that the guys couldn't come in, and I was yelling YES YES YES MMMMMM , joking around and my friend said "you put it in the wrong hole!!" She has always call me Kooter so after this had happened she said Kooter, you are such a dirty little bath mistress!! Hence where I got my nickname and it has stuck ever since. Kooter The Dirty Little Bath Mistress!!! I don't have a credit card otherwise I would buy these things myself: They aren't in order I just want them Happy Hour Boomerang Auto 11 Cherry Bomb FuPony
EnamoredBy the swell of herBreast, softUpturned, firm.Blue eyes thatBeckon, embrace.Down hair tracesGentle smiles.Difficulty seeingThe contrast,Between the visibleEmbroideries of heavenlyBodies, indeedBeautiful. And the innerEmbroideries whichThey only reflect andAre infinitely moreBeautiful.Clairvoyants perceive"Elementals"Those sprites thatTap into thePositive energies ofNatures Love.She cries out to me"I give you a new Commandment,Love one another!As I have loved you, soYou alsoShould love oneAnother" John13:33 poet Days inceptionCoffeeHot, smoothFrench pressedBreaking sunSleep filled eyesSlight stumbleOn deckApproaching railMorning sunFiltering soft chemiseEach curveShadow seenBed hairTussledWantonly, beggingMy fingers to touchTurningSlight smileAskingWhere's the coffee?I fetchWillinglypoet "The GiftStanding silentThe earliest – 1670The latest stillFresh not yet Disturbed byThe settling of timeFamily plots carefullyTended crowdingThe solitary stoneInscribed – “Unk
My Life
The Best
†† I wounder if people know how easy it is to Love and how much Energy it takes to hate?† Love never comes so easy. I believe most couples are not in love at all. Love is respect and compramise as well as sacrafice. I was told this by my Nana Christine Guiliano. "You have to find somebody that loves you more then you love them."† I really was taken by that statement. I have always given myself more to my partner than they for me. Love is like a flame it burns fierce and wild at first. Over Time it becomes coals hot and stronger. Love is all about respect as well. For guys we just want to be respected by our partner and loved. Woman desperately just want to be loved rather than respected. If she feels loved than she will feel respected as well. Guys want to always offer solutions to problems woman want to tell and know that someone will listen. Love and Respect its as easy and as comlicated as that! †† Hate is so much easier than love. It takes more energy to hate someone than it does
True Heart Hatched
† † † (repost of original by 'SeXy">">SeXy SaSSy Butter co owner true hearts of' on '2010-07-30 20:00:44')
I Was In The Paper
Essence Of Bliss
Beyond the surface of a lost dream lies a heroWith mocha eyes that carry a tale twice ignoredFragile, yet scripted with tints of devout strengthAn aroma drizzled with innocence but held a secretWearing her hopes as a cloak to disguise...maybe hideJust to keep that smile plastered on full lipsLured by a kiss into a lap of that even possible?[let me sing a song full of fantasy,Will you listen? Or at least pretend?Who am I to say how you receive meThat last step into love looks higher nowAnd the hand to guide me throughIs tainted with fear.]She would always hear life is a journeyLooking at it through naive eyesShe saw life as good, pure, full of loveNow the bitter taste of turbulence stingsUnable to free a soul from years of painNot the type of pain erased by new loveNo, the kind that's made a homeIn the crevice of a heart scared to openTake the time to look into those mocha eyes once againYou might see dreams, maybe a hint of hopeBut do you see the suffering? The darknes
In an attempt to eraseaching recollectionsfailed, for you still...lingerThat arousing aromaonce tousled my lockswith it's devilish hooks.Now remains as a stenchdug deep within my skinspewing rancid memories.Teasing of has been'sand forget me not's,all you do is...lingerThose enticing eyesonce girdled a fairytalewith no ending in scene.Now stitched in tormentcarved by a lover's allure.Reminiscence of yesterday...yet you linger.Perhaps your presenceshadows my every movefor I wish to cling to faitha moment longer, in hopesit does not betray my trust.I catch sight of those eyesin the distanceas they lockwith mine.And your haunting scentinvades my essencefor I am not ready,to releaseLinger...and we'll intertwinein my dreams.
Blinding Amber
Amber ring,encompassed my pupil,hopelessly blinded;hypnotized to gazeat the scorching sun.My subconscious mind,detached me from the physical world,where my insatiable quest for loveknows no boundaries;crossing borders, sea of poison.In search of a distant memory,where our dreams once stood.Reclaiming the passionthrough small gulps of air.Overturning pale yellow grass,with daisies and wild roses.Multi-colored rainbowmay once again appearover this luscious meadow.Drought will be filledwith pristine green ocean,where luminous coral reefwill bloom from underneath.Empty spaces painted with vivid life;stroking euphoria in each darken spot,where beauty is definedyet visible only to the blind.Waves of ecstasy,keep me awake in this hallucination.Altering my mind to sleep(not now, not never)But when the sun sets,my soul transcends me back to reality,where my eyes are wrapped in fire;screaming to be extinguished....Knowing that it's worth the pain,just to think of you.† † Just for you!
Engagement Rings
Engagement rings are the best for the couple so present highly glittering diamond engagement rings to impress and excite your soon-to-be-bride.
Sex, Lust, Death & Money
†One day I will move on,Someday all your empty words will be gone.Memories of you will hold no significance,I just wish that it could be now,why must I endure such longing,Such hope that you will find your way back in,You were such a small part of my lifeand yet one of the greatest.The pain from your absence should be long gone,Your kiss still lingers on my lips,The warmth from your embrace I always miss,your smile set me on fire and made me feel at ease...
First Blog On Another Site
Well, let's see here, maybe I should make a pact, or a promise, anthing that really kills the time.††I guess I can list off my goals and endeavours for random people I may or may not know... like it matters though right, after all these are personal, spiritual, and meaningful goals; made for all of us or some of us... Here goes nothing... 1- World peace, no not the stupid bull shit that means we all hug and get along, but anything but demonizing muslims, and communists.† More of a peace that comes from the wise and simple phrase "Live and let live".† How is this achievable, instilling these values into our children.† "Who cares what the Jones are doing, as long as he isn't fucking the goat on my property I'm cool with it."† Nothing too bizare or stupid,†nothing like unachievable expectations, but simply agreeing to disagree and leaving†the person alone.† Differences exist and should exist there is nothing wrong with no liking some as long as you don't infringe on it's existence and d
why do some men just lead you on??..then you don't hear anything back from them after awhile? Is it because they are scared to commit?? Or just plain scared of the unknown? If that's the case.. he's NOT my type anyways..and time to move on!!! :) ††
About Me
†First let me explain what this blog is for alright ; There's a few people out there who claim they know me but in†reality††only a handful of people†truly†do know me ; in fact they are my blood family or very close friends . Whom I have known for countless of years †because†I'm a very private person †and it's hard for me to let just anyone get to really know me . I'm pretty sure alot of you understand what i mean by that........... I'll write more when i get a chance to†
Hello, can u see me? im right here, look at me plz no i mean really look at me † can u see me hurtin? can u see me smilin? † look me in the eyes, they say eyes is the way to†someones soul look into my soul what do u see? † im tryin to smile when all i wanna do is cry, can u see that? ur supose to know when my smile is fake or true † god i cant breath, i really cant breath dont know wuts goin on my mind is gone † i need u to see me look at me plz into my soul † why cant u see me?† am i that good actor? it dosent matter if i am u should see me look at me plz
This Woman
This woman takes on the world Picks me up when I'm down and keeps it together somehow This woman melts with my touch And doesn't want to feel what I've felt. † This woman wants a safe place to live The strength of my hands To know I know that this woman needs somewhere to cry Solely by my side. † And I know that this woman needs to be reassured† That my heart is her home and my love is what can will her to stay I need this woman to see me in every light And hear that she'll love me always.
Another song of mine.. I thought this one was especially good, so i decided to post it and see what you guys thought. † Put on this Earth just to fuck me Burn in Hell and Rot for eternity Everything you say is to spite me Behind my eyes I see you die painfully I feel no emotion when I see this in motion I'm thinking 'bout slipping you some Jesus-juice potion Chorus: Don't try to run, it'll be all right In my machete dream tonight You've made it wrong, bitch, i'll make it right In my machete dream tonight Don't ask no questions, Don't tell me lies I don't want to hear your sobs and cries It's a bumpy ride, you'd better hold on tight In my machete dream tonight Never know what you've done to me The horror I endured subsequesntly Your actions will never surprise me The pain that you've inflicted mentally Don't get the notion of simple facial erosion I'm gonna give you a full-on nuclear explosion Chorus: Don't try to run, it'll be all right In my machete dream tonigh
if you wanne have a music player i made one for fun its just a icone width radio stasions in it you can click forward for a new radio stasion it will open in windows media player here is the code sample † Music player if you have a nice radio stasion thats not in yet mail me and i will put it in
My Photos
Plumbers In Reading
plumbers in reading
Funny Stuff
† Alzheimer's Test How fast can you guess these words? 1. F_ _K 2. PU_S_ 3. S_X † 4. P_N_S † 5. BOO_S 6. _ _NDOM † † † † † † † † † † † † † Answers: 1. FORK 2. PULSE 3. SIX 4. PANTS 5. BOOKS 6. RANDOM † † † You got all 6 wrong....didn' t you?
Hey, ya'll †this is Judith Gable. The reason I am sending you this message I NEED YOUR HELP. I just opened my own office. I am trying to just get my name out. What I would like to do is meet with you and show you what I do. Maybe you might be able to refer someone who might need my services. I only need about 30 minutes of your time. If you can HELP ME out that would be great. Please email me at† her, so I can set up a time to meet with you. If I don’t hear from you I will E-mail you in a couple of days to see if we can get together. Let me take a moment to Thank You now for your HELP. I look forward to talking to you soon.
I Could Stand A Rate I Rate Back
Free Stuff
Addicted to Bush By PAUL KRUGMAN † For a couple of years, it was the love that dared not speak his name. In 2008, Republican candidates hardly ever mentioned the president still sitting in the White House. After the election, the G.O.P. did its best to shout down all talk about how we got into the mess we’re in, insisting that we needed to look forward, not back. And many in the news media played along, acting as if it was somehow uncouth for Democrats even to mention the Bush era and its legacy. The truth, however, is that the only problem Republicans ever had with George W. Bush was his low approval rating. They always loved his policies and his governing style — and they want them back. In recent weeks, G.O.P. leaders have come out for a complete return to the Bush agenda, including tax breaks for the rich and financial deregulation. They’ve even resurrected the plan to cut future Social Security benefits. But they have a problem: how can they
Random Thoughts
Show Some Love For Fubar
Fubar rocks out.. there are so many lounges and too many cool ass people that are funny... Love the site and once I started it I can not walk away. Met some awesome fucking people that are great.
Random Facts And Stories
I haven't been on much to invest any time into my friendships here, and for that I apologize. Been trying to get my life back on track lately. I reapplied for college, I start next month. Strictly online, I'm doing this as best I can. I will have two jobs starting next week as well. I need the money. And I've been trying to invest time in my relationship with Matt because some things got complicated when his friend decided to be a lying bitch. Fact is, I love this boy. I have since the first time I met him and I don't plan on anything changing that. Our parents are meeting on Saturday and Sunday Matt and I are going out of town together. I'm excited for the great great weekend we will have. :) † Well, Sorry again for everything and i love you all :) In virtually all Western societies, execution of a pregnant woman would be delayed until after the woman gave birth, which no doubt gave rise to a desperate effort on the part of some condemned women to get pregn
Just 2 Read
THE GIFT OF FRIENDSHIPFriendship is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, to which no earthly wealth can compareThe ability to give and receive love between friends is one of the blessings we get to shareWe are told the giving of ourselves for the good of someone else is love put into actionPutting the interests of someone else ahead of ours is what brings real joy and satisfaction.Christian friendship goes far deeper then just the surface and transcends any earthly bondFriendship founded in Jesus will not end in this life but will continue into the life beyondJesus said we are to follow His example and be willing to lay down our lives for our friendsHe said there is no greater love between friends then to give and sacrifice without any ends.A friend is someone who will always seek to encourage you and speak grace into your earThey will never tear you down with words because they know that will fill you with fearKnowing you are accepted and loved by someone is one of the greatest joy
Some Of The Vamp!
Hey, im Amanda.. 26yr old lesbian.. bi tendenicies lol... i love to anything outdoors.. im a country girl at heart.. bout to make a huge change and head for city life!.. wish me luck!... i have a HUGE desire and crave.. to know all i can about vampires... their ways blind my thoughts.. its tantalizing!.. i have about 13 tattoo's and 6-7 piercings.. yes yes i lose count.. but im a stoner sooo im aloud!... want to know more.. hit me up! FUBAR LUV!!!
The Elitist propaganda that†influences†the individual to look at someone or something in order to increase the perception of difference and persuade the individual and/or groups against another individual and/or group is social psychological manipulation.††If†citizens of the world†were to look beyond government and religion at the true cause of the human condition and our current†socioeconomically†situational, would they become more aware and accept that religious,†racial,†geographic, and economic†difference is a form of propaganda to†manipulate†the masses so the masses CAN"T†organize†and CHANGE their current individual and social situations?† † † † †Is the simple truth the majority of world citizens are allowing themselves to be manipulated? † Is the simple truth the majority of world citizens have been lead to believe that they have to rely on authority such as government, religion, and money/corporations/material luxury? † Is the simple truth that the majority of world citize
Can't Sleep Thinking
Can't sleep thinking thinking of my only love, Want to taunt tease rap him round my finger. Wish I could tell tell him how I feel when I look into his eyes, Kiss his soft sweet lips and breath on his sweaty back, Fire burning in the pit of my soul desire to feel flesh against flesh, Lusting for one another† craving connected rapped in each others arms, Night Sky's brings the mysterious darkness that fades when the sunlight shines in your eyes, Feeling safe warm and embraced by your ever lasting love, I can't sleep your in my every thought, you fill my heart even though we are apart, you are with me and even though you are not, you can't stop this thing we got.:) One day I will close my eyes and kiss you, One day I will open my eyes and you will be there in front of me, One day I will fall asleep in your stong loving arms , One day I will wake up to you next to me, One day you will ask me to be your wife , One day I will say I do, One day I will have your baby, One day h
† † † Trying to get your lounge looking good, or are you just having trouble getting things to work right. Just let one of our trusted coders know in a private message, and we are sure to help you out!! WE ARE THE FU-CODERS † Please be patient with the coders, some of these members may already have a list of lounges that need help, but they will try to get to you in a timely manor. Just sent them a private message, if you think it is taking to long, than feel free to send another, but again be patient and wait a little. Click any one of these below to get help! †
Bregalad's Song
O OrofarnŽ, Lassemista, CarnimŪriŽ! O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay! O rowan mine, I saw you shine upon a summer's day, Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft: Upon your head how golden-red the crown you bore aloft! O rowan dead, upon your head your hair is dry and grey; Your crown is spilled, your voice is stilled for ever and a day. O OrofarnŽ, Lassemista, CarnimŪriŽ!
Hot Or Not
So listen i just got told by some like guy that i was totally not hott. but then like his friend was like dude what the fuck look at her she is totally hott. Are you like blind or something. So i'm really hurt right now. Am i hott or am i not. rate me 1 to 11 please and thanks. i could really use the confadance boost.
Vampire Bitch
im new to this so hope i do ok my dads home from the hospital after double bypass surgery so im† happy as can be
Happy Birthday My Sir
To: my Sir, Birthdays are inevitable, as is the passing of time. Nearly four years have passed since W/we began spending time together. At first, it was by chance, when both of U/us were on line and not busy. Even then i felt drawn to You. It wasn't long before i started to squirm and wiggle my way out of other on line *clears throat* conversations when You showed Yourself on line, even if only to get a moment of Your time and attention. Weeks passed, some with little communication, some with a lot. It seemed, though, that W/we started to seek each other out more and more often. Just a couple short months into O/our friendship, i knew something special had begun. The word love had not yet occurred to me though it would have fit. You had become an important person in my life, showing me more respect than i could have shown myself at the time. O/our conversations ebbed an flowed easily, sometimes touching on the erotic, but usually just day to day stuff. You let me vent about m
MARRIAGE When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life
My Daddy
My Shit
†Is finding it all very hard to understand in my warped mind these days feelings and such that I try to ignore and pretend they are nonexistant. It amazes me how one can have a friend and not think too much about the future until something throws a wrench in it and changes courses of events in your life. My friend Ronnie committed suicide last week and I have just now come to terms that he will no longer be around it took me a damn week to realize this..what kind of friend does that make me? Funny how you think you wont miss someone so badly and then a event in your daily life jars a memory or makes you think of that person in some particuliar way. At this point my mind says hes free of the pain that noone seemed to know of or failed to notice but my heart weeps for him and my soul crys out for a friend who could always put a smile on the face of a friend or stranger alike. So fly my friend be at peace knowing so much love from so many people could not kill the pain that weighed heav
A Little About Me
Well, I have learned a lot since joining fubar. One there are some very nice people on here,theres great lounges and a great family atmosphere.I was gonna let one bad apple ruin the fubar experience for me but its best to ignore that person and have fun on here.....SO LETS GET THE FUCKING PARTY STARTED!!!!!!! I AM HERE FOR FRIENDS AND FRIENDS ONLY!!! THAT IS WHILE I"M HERE,I WILL BE DELETING FUBAR SOON ALONG WITH YAHOO AND ANY OTHER WAY OF GETTING MY HEART BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!† I THINK THIS DAMN COMPUTER IS THE WORSE THING I EVER BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open For Your Business
Hey all you mooshers and monsters out there. Just a quick hello unto you all, and tell you that my so called "shoutbox" as they call it, or the litte thing called chat haha, is open for your interests. So lemmie know who, what, when , where, and anything in the middle you wanna know or talk about, and it can range from anywhere in singing in the rain, to being the only guy or girl out there who still try to get into chuckie cheese games, and mcdonalds play places. Hey who knows what kinda things people are doin out there. Hit me up day or night and I will try to get back to all my minions or mooshers. Later
Somebody wrote this but I don't know who. I can relate to it in SO many ways!if i ever push you away, i don’t really mean to. when i tell you i don’t want to talk about it i do, i am just looking for the right words. give me a minute, and if i can tell you; i will. i try to be a struggling mix of real and perfect at the same time. at the moment, i am working on the ratio. when i get really quiet sometimes it is because i have too much to say i have thought of too many things to tell you all at once and i don’t know what to say first. i get immaturely jealous of anyone who gets to see you on a daily basis. i miss you real easily. but i also like it that we can be a††† p††† a††† r††† t†† and we are both okay.††††††††† space is good, too. i love the way we love some of the same things. and i love how we love entirely different things. my head is a complicated pile of thoughts, and fears, and cravings, and dreams, and this tangled up nostalgia for the past and, somehow, t
The 3 Candles
3 candles which illumine every darkness - Truth, Nature, Knowledge
My name is Kendra. I'm bisexual and i really dont care what you think about it. Im agnostic so dont preach to me about god i really dont want to hear it. I have 3 older brothers mark, brandon, and will. They do get on my fubar so watch what you say. Im really sweet when it comes down to it. But dont piss me off.
Say You'll Haunt Me...
The Naughty Box Nsfw Now Hiring Greeters Enforcers And Cammers†COME JOIN US FOR HOT TUNES AND HOTTER CAMS IN A DRAMA FREE LOUNGE
Body Jello Shots
† † text here text here † text here text here † † text here text here † text here text here come join our fam and enjoy the jello shots!!!!!!!!!! just click the pic above
All My Love - Alphafighter28
Unconditional Love † I dont know when it Happened Or how is got it's start but my heart fell inlove with you from the very Beginning. † I smile when I think of you My heart skips a beat when i speak to you, My love for you grows with each passing day not a moment in time could pass me by. † Before you came along, my heart was broken, never thought i would meet someone that could make it whole, then i met you!!! † I love you baby and always will no one in this world can ever change how i feel about you!!! You are my world my everything
Turf Rules
What A Rough Month
So being in the military takes its toll on someone but yea thats expected. But this month has just been pretty damn rough, on the 3rd my father past away and that was pretty hard on me, that was and unexpected thing, so i had to leave right away from colorado and fly out to ohio, i got there ok my aunt helped me get the things settledand dealt with, so that was the beginning of the month for me. then me and my wife seperated so now im back in colorado just bymyself, then i was back for only a weekend then had to fly out here to westpoint, ny were i will be at till mid august, have a weekend off there then go out the field for about 2weeks, man just no breaks, im jus hoping things start to slow down a bit, just some time to get away and relax
Fire Safety
Before I pass on a few fire safety tips let me start by saying that I am the Fire Prevention Officer at a 60mil doller facillity.† I only mention this so that you can get an even bigger kick from the inferrences you will surely create. 1. Check your fire exstinguishers regularly..if a member of your household uses one and does not inform you..this could have tragic results when it is needed. 2. Ensure you have enough garden hose to reach any space in your house that may possibly need extinguishing. 3. Keep all drop ceiling tiles in good repair and in place..these are crucial fire safety items when there is a void between floors that contain highly flamable items such as insulation..plastic/flexy piping..ect. 4. Check/clean your dryer venting duct on a regular basis..ensure that there are no obstructions or excessive lint build-up..this is crucial in households where 40-50 loads of laundry are done a week. (No exageration) 5. Always use hard metal pipe for venting whenever possible
A Life Of A Soldier
u stay up for 16 hours . we stay up for days on end . u take a warm showerto helpu wake up. we go weeks without running water u complain of a headache and call in sick. we get shot at, as others r hitand we keep moving forward u talk about ur buddies that arent with u . we nowe may never see any of ours again. u complain about how hotit is . we wear ourheavy gear, not daring to take off†our helmetto wipe our forehead. u get mad at the waiterfor getting ur order wrong. we dont eat today. ur mad that ur class lasted an extra 5 minutes. we're told we will be held over an extra 6 months. u roll ur eyes when ur baby cries . we get a letterw/ a picture,and wonder if we'll ever meet our new borns. u pay the price for ur living arraingements. we volunteer to live in tents. we r not complaining. all we ask for is some respect and for u to extent ur hand. give us ur love. because we have volunteer to die for ur freedom. for we r soldiers for the rest of our lives, and we will protect
New Orleans People Only
lookiong to me new peeps to hang with if i get no requests i guess new orleans sucks and i want to move
Today will be a busy day.. what am I saying? Everyday is busy anymore.† I am sorry I have not been on much. I will be leaving here around 1030 or so.. running to pay water bill, going to Dr for follow up, Going to get my vehicle a estimate on it..Yes..I got hit again.† I don't know what it is about me..If I got a sign on my car saying hit me..or what. Also.. after to do the fair booth...from 2 to 4.† Then maybe later I can come home to relax some..before heading to work tomorrow..then watching the rough trucks tomorrow night.† (Damn I will be tired).† Anyways..this just to let ya all know what I will be doing next day and today.
Fury can't be done unless I type it out myself.....which of course I refuse to do because it is will just have to look up the lyrics yourself It's ok for a man to be angry It's ok for a man to be rude It's not ok for a woman to be angry It's not ok for a woman to be rude That paradox lives with me still In my female body, While I am a hunter myself And even threatens the most ridiculous thing on the planet My ability to access Fubar Where I have friends that are beyond that garbage Because I made sure of that
Mr6sixs@ Fubar
mr6sixs@ fubar
The Poems Of Life
New Blog
Today the sun rose,But it I did not see.Something more beautiful,In my eyes came to me.A smile that glows,More than the sun can shine.Now a friend to me,I hope for the rest of time.Brooke send me your smile,For today and now on.And I promise mine forever,Now our friendship has begun. Her beauty beyond my words,Her heart I cannot grasp.If only across this ocean,My heart I could cast.Would hers come in return,Or mine broken back to me.I look across this ocean,Wishing for her eyes to see.Her beauty,mind and words,I would cherish along with her heart.But until she can see my words are true,Here will I stand,from her an ocean apart. Bullets fly,some dead lay dead, Brutal,heartless they walk away. And drink to thier victory, Till the dawn of a new day. † The new day starts,10 fold now replace, Look for others to help with this menance. And pray to God you send them, And they resectfully do thier penance. † If life and death were as easy as this game, Some could master it all. Oth
All my Anarchist brothers and sisters drop a line and show some love for the only way of life that makes sense
I Have......have You?
Have you ever sat on a doorstep late at nightwondering why nothing in you life is going right?......I HaveHave you ever went out to sit in the pouring rainletting your tears wash away your inner pain?......I HaveHave you ever experienced death, a loss so greatthat you felt nothing inside but anger and hate?......I HaveHave you ever laid a razor blade against your skinpretending to release to demons that reside within?......I HaveHave you ever drink to erase a problem in your headthinking to yourself you would be better off dead?......I HaveHave you ever lied, to those who cared about youbecause you were so lost you didn't know what to do?......I HaveHave you ever forgot what really matteredjust because one of your dreams shattered?......I HaveHave you ever stayed up all night, doing dopethinking it was the only way that you could cope?......I haveHave you ever just given up, not wanting to go onbecause all that you once loved was already gone?......I HaveHave you ever prayed to God, no
Unconditional Love Despite The Imperfections
Tears can not stream down my faceMy mother, now in a better placeHer suffering, and her pain, are goneBut with me her memory will live onMy loss is great, my heart is brokenI remember every word that was spokenI hear it, like it was yesterdayI almost don't know what I should sayShe now watches over me from aboveSending me her unconditional loveEven despite my imperfectionsShe offered me her protectionFrom all the unjust things in lifeShe endured the pain and strifeDoing the best that she could doAlways telling me to think it thoughWhen I was quick to let my anger goMother, I will miss you soMy voice is cracking, with unshed tearsShe was there though my toughest yearsLoving me unconditionally, until the endNot just my mother, but my best FriendShe meant the entire world to meBecause she's the one who helped me seeThat love is unconditional, despite the imperfectionsAs I look at my mirrored reflectionI realize that she made me what I am todayMother, I love you, is all that I can say.
Aloha From Hawai'i
A Sidewalk Cipher Speaking Prionic Jive
If you see this profile, and realize who I am, that's fine. †They never deleted it, and with the new invite only rule I thought I'd keep it as a backup. †I won't be looking at it much. †There is plenty of bling to polish though. † Friend requests may or may not be accepted. †Without a salute, not much point to it.
Peaceful Skies@ Fubar
Mri Results
Next Level
Mass-- Ok you can chalk this up to my mood. or the day I've had or whatever reason you may want to ignore or dismiss this. But I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE TIME. † 1. if u want to DJ here that's fine. I appreciate your help. but if u have Committed , Asked to be placed on a steady schedule. do what u have committed. and no I'm not bitching about real life getting in the way I'm talking about .. the whiny ass "I don't wanna Dj to a lounge with only a few people in it" ..† .. Fubar is a social networking site... u should have friends that want to listen to u .. if u don't go fucking make some. I don't have the time to deal with that and I WILL NOT DEAL WITH THAT. 2. I don't ask any more of my DJs than I would do my self ...I have never said I am the best coder on fu nor will I, However, there are quite a few people who would say that. It didn't happen over nite. Nor did the ppls who tune in to the BoneYard where ever I do .. sometimes it take years of work to be an overnight succes
Love It Or Leave It
Africa“My hands are tiedThe billions shift from side to sideAnd the wars go on with brainwashed prideFor the love of God and our human rightsAnd all these things are swept asideBy bloody hands time can't denyAnd are washed away by your genocideAnd history hides the lies of our civil wars” – Guns ‘n Roses (Civil War)In Africa many civil wars and wars between countries occurred in the past century, some of which are still continuing. Most wars are a result of the liberation of countries after decades of colonialization. Countries fight over artificial borders drawn by former colonial rulers. Wars mainly occur in densely populated regions, over the division of scarce resources such as fertile farmland. It is very hard to estimate the exact environmental impact of each of these wars. Here, a summary of some of the most striking environmental effects, including biodiversity loss, famine, sanitation problems at refugee camps and over fishing is given for different cou
To All Fu Friends, Whom I Truly Adore!
Dear Fubar Friends, I'm writing this quick note to let you ALL know that I appreciate your fu-friendship greatly. I am amazed and dazzled by the fucking crazy amount of friends and fans I have on here. It's really rad, and I'm psyched!! Sadly, I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to keep in touch with all you via my shoutbox. The conversations in that thing alone are confusing, and sorting through the absolute bullshit messages to find the meaningful ones is a hard job. So. I've closed it down to family only. This doesn't mean you can't send me private messages! I'll check them and get back to you asap... Again. I wanna stress that I'm not trying to be a BITCH. It's just truly impossible to keep up with all of the shouts, and by leaving it open I'm only letting you all down. And I don't wanna do that
Army Wife
You aren’t issued with the uniform, boots and weapon,But you are one lady no one should step on.It usually goes “With this ring, I thee wed,”But add in “Even if it means me in an empty bed.”“and the weeks in the field with many late nights,”“which will at some point lead to fights.”Yes, a military wife is courageous and strong,Even when the days seem so long.When you feel like you’re at your wits end,You “Suck it up” and start to mend.You learn the Army language,All those acronyms, “How can I manage.”PX, AAFES, LES, MOS - the list goes on and on,All those letters would make an ordinary woman yawn.But those letters are part of your life,The life of a proud military wife.You move too much and decorate too little,Because you always seem to leave in the middle.Don’t get too settled and make lots of friendsBecause home is wherever the Army sends.And then one day the orders come down,Your husband soon w
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Videos [nsfw]
Mercyhursey Friend
Featured Testimonial from Anne CI am very honored to be given the opportunity to sing Don's praises. He is, quite simply, an AMAZING man!My life was enhanced when I met Don. Time spent in his company has never been anything but wonderful!! He is one of the most stimulating people I have ever had the pleasure of adding to my life.Conversations are endless and always enjoyable. He has led quite a life and is happy to share it. In turn, Don is an incredible listener. He absorbs everything you tell him and is not a judgmental person.Talent? He's got it!!! If you enjoy music, HE IS THE MAN!!! Don is a born entertainer!!! I could sit and listen to him play and sing for days!!! There is nothing like it! My daughter has me play tracks he's recorded over and over for her, LOL!I could go on and on (and on some more) about this man! Don has truly touched my life and the lives of my friends and family who have had the pleasure of meeting him and spending ANY amount of time in his presence!!
Critter Corner
Me Nsfw Style
†25 credit bling pack will get u: added 2 fam for nsfw pic access and 3 NSFW salutes made for u either posted on fubar or sent 2 ur email. † 65 credit bling pack will get u: added 2 fam and have 9 nsfw videos emailed 2 u lol 1 of my tits being played with 1 of my kitty being played with a pink vibe 4 of my fingers playing with my kitty 2 of me sucking a cock and 1 of me riding a cock. † WANNA SEE ME LIVE??? 135 Credit Bling Pack gets u all above and me on cam live!!!!
_______________~Puppet~_________________Am I not just a puppet for your personal amusement?A doll for you to laugh and sneer at when tired of all others? A puppet... with torn clothes that long to be renewed, my painted face.. faded and scratched from all the days of being toyed with. My strings are rather dull, but still not able to break under my own free will. I wait in the dark corner of my mind and await for the next person that I must amuse, then be placed back in the darkness, and wait again. Such a life I have come a costume to though, after all what else must a Jester to do? A wait for the kings orders and then entertain untill send to the gallows, or upon my own death. So I wait, in my corner until my king, my master comes and fetches me. And I still think....Will someone ever cut my stings? Its only once you tell yourself, I’ll only bleed for a whileBut the truth is my dear you can’t keep hiding behind your smileThe cuts are getting deeper and you know I know it
:) † go there and vote for my daughter in the cutest baby contest please and thank and let me know u did and i will return the favor on here
Welcome To Deviant Angel Levelers!
Welcome to Deviant Angel Levelers Homepage! † First of all, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to everyone, we are here to help others level as well as helping ourselves in the process.. We can not do this alone... You must help as well! † Details: This is how the group works.. We find people that need leveling, we will go to the utmost of lengths to make you level, we don't expect anything in return other than a simple recognition and a simple thank you. We aren't out for a popularity contest, we just see members on here that have been here as long as most of us that haven't excelled anywhere.We are a group of family and friends. We work together, not against each other.. † A Few Things That We'd Like To See Are As Follows: 1) If all at possible.. (Depending on your level) try to have at least 250 photos ( That consitutes a bomb folder) 2) ATTEMPT to have a VIP ( Which allows room for more photo uploads) 3) If you need help, ASK! Don't hesitate! That's what we are here for.
Date From Hades
Some time ago , I had one of the worst 1st dates that I could ever remember. I worked with this lady , and we always talked at work ,so I ask her to go out to dinner with me one night...Well that night arrived ,and I drove over to her house to pick her up ,walked up to the front door ,and escorted her back to my car ,opend and closed the car door for her . We got to my favorite Italian restuarant ,and once again I opend and closed the car door for her ,then the door to the restuarant ,and were seated at my favorite table .The waitor come over and presented us with a wine menu as well as the dinner menu .I already knew what I was having on both date looked over the menu and was having problems deciding on what to she ask me to just order what I was having. At this point the waitor returned to our table with the dozen longstem roses in which I had gotten earlier and had dropped them off there before going and getting her .While he was giving the roses to her I orderd dinn
Words Of Wisdom
when a man reaches for the stars and get as far as the moon and finds there is nothing for him on the moon still has a blanket of stars to land on in the end my thoughts: when i wrote this i was only 16 years old i wanted to do so much in my life. people. if you reach hard you will take your dreams by storm. the only problem is your will power. even i have that problem. when i first went into the military i was told i wasn't going to make it. which brings me to my next qoute † people who tell you "you won't make it" , "you won't ever amount to nothing" , or "you can't do that and you'll never be able to" those select few should be the feul of your fire. † now when people told me that i wasn't going to make it in the military i was upset yet i did not let that extinguish my eternal flame i told my self that i was going to add them as fuel to my fire. † for my friends: my friends don't let other people influence you negativily. and if your worried what people think or feel abo
Dad To Be
i will be a dad soon my wife is going to have a girl she is almost ready to be born in this world i will be so glad when i get to see her for the first time out of her mom's belly
People I Have Run Across

comment my new pics and ill will return the love thankyou ladies
Always There
24 July 2010 † †Ever since that day, you are always on my mnd. A place where I keep you, watching you, taking care of you. Being there when you need me most. Making them special days memorable to you. Always There My Darling, you are never forgotten. Whenever I close my eyes, it is your beautiful face I see. Your loving hand in mine. The smell of your breath. Wrapped delicately in your blanket. Always There. Your loving fingers, around two beautiful roses with care. Into them gorgeous eyes I loved to stare. All I saw was Darkness, nothing there. Into te Dark Abyss I do stare. Always There. My life without you, it is painfully incomplete. The tenderness of your touoch, I miss it so much. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. You were my life. Always There. My baby, I miss you so,I hope this you surely†know. Can you hear me? Are my words loud enough? Are they getting through? Luna Sylene, you have my heart. To you this I bestow, no other woman shall have it no, no, no. Alw
Voices From Upstairs
Crazy Ass Bitch!!!
This Is Life Not A Dress Rehersal
Providing everything goes as planned - I will be taking a road trip to louisiana!! (obviously) I can't wait - I've always wanted to see it and the voodoo muesum in new orleans is calling my name. So - I'll see all the sexy cajun girls in a 7-8 months (Man it seems like a long time to wait doesn't it?)
Here is this week's list of Sexiest Dood Cams on Fubar: †- Boge - Top Sexiest Dood Cam!! Boge - Club Fantasia Bang - Club Fantasia† Papi - Club Fantasia Loca - Trivium Lounge Eyez - Club Fantasia Legend - PDP Lounge BAD - Club Fantasia Bobby - Club Fantasia Yusa - Club Fantasia Skittzo - Club Paradise Ranc - Trivium Lounge Lions - Trivium Lounge Motor -T
Although bling is cool...I'm not so much here for the bling, but rather the friendship thing!!!
Dumb Crimals
I really don't share too†many†personal†things Fubar; but the following†is such a special part of my life, that I couldn't wait to let people know.†† +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Some good news happened today. Becky got engaged†to Tim, her boyfriend of at least a year and a half. They went to New Jersey State Aquarium and after they left, he proposed to Becky at the waterfront. It was a surprise to her. Tim†caught†Ed and me †by surprise also this morning when he told us of his plans and asked us†our opinion. Of course, we gave our blessing. He has been with Becky†through her toughest times (her surgery) and never left her side. He showed us†how much he cared†for her then and that was a year ago in May and how much he cares for her now.†Tim said he was not sure whether he would ask her today or on her birthday, but in the end, he proposed around noon today.† Welcome Tim to the family. †
New Blog
Even When
Even When † Even when you say you need me My desire for you is the key Even when the stars shine on me so bright your image is the one I see at night even when your so far a way your in my every thought night and day even when I wish not to grow old I know you will always be the one to warm me when I'm cold even when I say I love you remember I will always be true As always, Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy
From The Begining
Hearbroken Can You Fix It
so sick of men only wanting one thing cant anyone like me for me ??????????????????????
Studies And Finds Of King Arthur
In the morning when I wake up And I open up my eyes, I feel an aching in my heart That’s when I realize. How much I really miss you And long to have you near. My heart is filled with sadness, And my eyes are filled with tears. At different times throughout the day, I find I’m missing you. And I wonder if, perhaps a bit, Maybe you miss me too. I miss you in the shower, When I’m in there all alone.† And when I want to hear your voice, And call you on the phone. When I check my e-mail And find there’s nothing there. I can’t help it that I worry, And I put you in my prayers.† I think by now it’s safe to say, That I miss you very much, And my heart will never be the same Since it suffered Cupid's touch. There is a bridge between Heaven and Earth It's called The Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow there is a land of hills meadows
Take A Few To Help Pass Some Laws
Dear Friends,I have just read and signed the online petition:†† "Kill a Biker, Go To Jail"hosted on the web by, the free online petitionservice, at:†† personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you mightagree, too.† If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and considersigning yourself.Best wishes,stacy R.I.P.††† Tj I LOVE AND MISS YOU KILLED JUNE 11,2010
PLEASE READ AND SIGN- THIS DOES NOT†GUARANTEE†YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO CAM.Snake Eyes Radio Cam InfoPREREQUISITES TO BE MET†BEFORE†OBTAINING CAM LOG IN AND PASSWORDS 1.† You must have a salute. 2.† You must be at a minimum, level 10 (Friend of Fubar.) 3.† You must be a recognized, regular†member†of Snake Eyes Radio.† (Bare minimum of AT LEAST being a member for two weeks.) 4.† At this time, if you are staff in another lounge (not including SER sister lounges,)† you will not be given cam info.† *The cam manager has the right to make exceptions* *After you meet the†prerequisites†please contact the Cam Manager JC @†#mce_temp_url# The following people are the ONLY people allowed to distribute cam information, so if you have someone asking about getting on cam, refer them to one of these people, if they're available in the lounge or YIM them to come help: †JC, UndiscoverdSoul, Anna,†LuckyFKNBitch, Vixen SEWC, and Eyedol. CAM RULES†
Every Moment Comes To An End
Today the world is brokenBleeding hearts bled all but dryA silent figure sits down next to meAnd we watch fire touch the skyRoots break to dust and crumbleThey try to find solace beneath our skinWe block out the screams of machineryWhilst the roots burrow inThe Sun, eclipsed by apathyBurns the heaven from your smileAs metal replaces anatomyThe final truths break our denialRealisation by TelevisionThe silent figure takes the stageThe final light within the darknessJoins in the final fadeCalmness fills the forestsThe oceans take a breathThere's a sigh from all there ever wasAs my last heartbeat fills my chestToday the world is brokenSo I'll kiss you, my silent friendAnd we'll watch the clocks come to a stopAs every moment comes to an end†
Letters From Hell
She reads his letters while alone at night, under starlit skies, Folds the paper when she's done, hangs her head and cries. She kisses every new letter, holds them close to her heart, Can't forget the day he went away, the day they had to part. Prays to god to keep him safe, to have the strength to survive, Remembers his promise before he left, to come back home alive. Until the day he comes back home, she'll wait beneath the stars, Afraid the war may kill her love, the letters become her scars. While she sleeps and dreams of him, her soldier has to fight, The summer stars shape his face, protect her through the night. When she awakes in an empty bed, she stretches way out wide, Touching that old feeling of emptiness, he isn't by her side. She eats her dinners alone, wishing he could be there. For now she talks about her days, to an empty chair. Sitting in the romantic candlelight, of a table set for two, † She reads the letters that he sent, to help her make it through
To Much On My Mind
Hi all, † Yes it is that time again and probably a repeat once again. Did you guys see I have like been neon green for 3 days.I ranked a 5 then 4 and now 8 as the most liked on fubar.I was so cheesing knowing that.Thank you. Anyway some drama hit my door and didn't and they didn't have the courtesy to even knock,now that is just rude. If you guys saw it with the status messages then you know something was going on.I was called a (cunt) and so on.Sorry for the language but it is what it is.It showed who had class.Right? I on the other hand have never been talked about in this way or ever called that,so in a way it hurt my feelings,in the long run it had nothing to do with me.It was over her wanting someone to buy her a bomb and this person would not do it,simply because she had played him with some other guys on here and he found out,she tried to squirm her way back in and when she saw it wasn't going to work she started in on me knowing he cared for me now and not her.Now how stupi
How Do You Tell Your Kids Your Bi-sexual
Grandpa Gets An Audit
The IRS decides to audit Grandpa, and summons him to the IRS office.The IRS auditor was not surprised when Grandpa showed up with his attorney. The auditor said, 'Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment, Which you explain by saying that you win money gambling. I'm not sure the IRS finds that believable.' I'm a great gambler, and I can prove it,' says Grandpa. 'How about a demonstration?' The auditor thinks for a moment and said, 'Okay. Go ahead.' Grandpa says, 'I'll bet you a thousand dollars that I can bite my own eye.' The auditor thinks a moment and says, 'It's a bet.' Grandpa removes his glass eye and bites it. Grandpa says, 'Now, I'll bet you two thousand dollars that I can bite my other eye.' The auditor can tell Grandpa isn't blind, so he takes the bet. Grandpa removes his dentures and bites his good eye. The stunned auditor now realizes he has wagered and lost three grand, with Grandpa's attorney as a witness. He starts to get nervous. 'Wan
I Am Off The Rocker, Hehehe
OMG, I was in a really weird mood a lil earlier. I recall a chat I had a while back with my boyfriend. And something we discussed tickled me so much. I had to write to him today about it. Here's the message I sent him: I remember you asking me "Why do women orgasm?"††† and you said "Men orgasm to deliver sperm"that's the funniest thoughtmen delivering sperm*snickers*††† so like, do women call up a place and order sperm ? Like pizza or Chinese take out ?†and a big strapping dude shows up at her address wearing nothing but native beads, loincloth, tattoo'd, pierced, with a full mast erection ?Can I order the sushi boat with that ? With extra pickled ginger. Don't forget to add the chopsticks. Can't eat Asian with a fork, that's fucked up.I'd like to order the super sperm with GPS egg locator technologygimme some of the dual head ones, XY chromosome.....I'm going for twin boys††† hehehehehe
One Year Ago
ii cant stand people who lie and cheat.† Last year was the last thanksgiving I spent with my father.† He had a very rare disease that attacked his brain.† Doctors told us that he had 5-10 years left with us, guess they were wrong.† A couple weeks later my father passed away.† I will alway cherish the memories of last thanksgiving, our talks, the jokes he told and the looks he would give to everyone.† I love and miss you dad more and more each day.†
The Meeting Of Souls
The room smelled strongly, of worn leather, metal, and sex. It was lit with the glow of candles placed in such a manner as to give him ample lighting so that he may linger upon the faces of pleasure and pain assuredly to come later.† † The Scarf so gingerly draped over the railing of the ancient oak canopy bed, a symbol of trust, lays innocently until it is called upon to guide his charge into the silken darkness. His fingers caress it in both anticipation and remembrance. Preparation and inspection of the thick restraints and equipment are in definite order to† be sure the flesh to be held in them will be able to remind her of this night for days to follow. Other surprises lay just within the shadowed corners of the room. But those will be brought to light after her darkness is secured† and total.The chime of the doorbell sends voltage through his body as he lights one last candle, to be placed by the bed to remind his trust that the only light in his life is her and that he would do
Serious Essays & Bukkake-inspired Poetry
I spend little time online these days, but because I still like to keep up a robust communication with friends (and by “robust communication” I mean “random smattering of postcards from various locales”), I buy a lot of stamps.† And I send a fair amount of mail.† This week, I intended to send a half-case of nice wine to a newly married couple, mostly because I can’t think of anything else to give people who just voluntarily resigned themselves to a lifetime of boredom and misery.† Unfortunately, though, new US postal service regulations prohibit the mailing of alcohol and tobacco products.† Little wonder no one has any use for the mail anymore. What the postal service really needs is porn.† When the whole dot-com bubble popped, the only online businesses staying afloat were porn and gaming.† And though I know of no way to put games on stamps, I am certain that you can put porn on stamps.† All the kids would collect stamps again!† And the dads! Sadly, the
A Weekend Of Fun
I pick you up on A Friday for a weekend of fun. I tell you not to bring a bag of clothes with you so we can go shopping together you get in my car wearing a short sun dress with no panties on as soon as you get you spread your legs†and put your right leg on the dash and your left leg on my sit and begin to play with your pussy as we drive off. we go straight to victory secret and pull into the parking lot as soon as i park the car you lean over and pull my cock out of my pants. you then take it and start to rub your lips around the head and up and down the shaft. as you start to lick it and stick it deep down your throat I am rubbing your clit and spreading your pussy lips wide open as you begin to suck my cock deep,hard and fast i am, finger fucking you in both holes as you cum hard all over my fingers i cum deep down. After you swallow every last drop as you get back into your seat to get ready to get out of the car i suck your cum off of my fingers. We get out of the car and begin t
Don't Hate - I Thought This Prayer Was Cool!!
Our Father who art in Dallas. Football Be Thy Name. Thy 6th ring come, Thy will be done, on the road and in Cowboys Stadium. Give us this day our daily arrest, and forgive those who false start against us. Lead us not into overtime but deliver us to home field advantage. For Thine is The Kingdom, The Power, and a Cowboys Fan Forever. Amen
Funny Stuff
Corruption Confusion, illusion, diffusion among us. Inspired by those who are in power of us. Our protectors are devils, disguised in angel eyes, Misleading, deceiving, tricking us into believing we are safe while we are dreaming. All the while they are scheming, demeaning, Manufacturing a false sense of security just to maintain worldy positions, possessions, with no discretions. We are only puppets in their puppet show, Singing and dancing for their pockets to grow. Assets no longer, it's time to go, oppose their code and to jail you will go. A seemingly endless supply, Brainwashed from inside the womb. It's not us they care about, It's power, greed, prestige, they protect. More money to make, more souls to take. It's Freedom we need to protect, it's us Who need to direct. To stand up for Our rights, unite one another... Believe in each other! Think for ourselves, listen to our hearts,
New Song!!! (a Million Miles Away)
A Million Miles AwayVerse 1Today, was a day, just like any dayExcept I saw somethin' comin' at me from the skyI turned around, then tried to run awayBut it just kept chasin' me downTill I...ChorusI can't breathe, I can't remember how!I can't scream, my voice is fading out!I can't see, my eyes have been blinded!(We should have seen this coming from miles away!)I can't hear, my ears are bleeding now!I can't think, my brain I am without!I cant feel, my heart stopped beating!(Now I will die by myself, a million miles away!)Verse 2Abducted, I was taken by surprise.I didn't believe it, even with my own eyes.Nothing, could have prepared us forThis unimaginable fucking horror!Now I...ChorusI can't breathe, I can't remember how!I can't scream, my voice is fading out!I can't see, my eyes have been blinded!(We should have seen this coming from miles away!)I can't hear, my ears are bleeding now!I can't think, my brain I am without!I cant feel, my heart stopped beating!(Now I will die by myself, a
My Summer Vacation
My husband and I had to leave our friends' farm and truly head for home today. We rode just under 400 miles and are resting in a comfy hotel right now. Tomorrow's goal is our oldest daughter's house where we plan to spoil our granddaughter as much as possible in the few hours we will be there. We rode interstate today and it was UGLY. I miss twisty farm roads but we are on the home stretch so from now on we are all about speed. We are in the midst of a heat wave so we're drinking a lot of water and stopping every 150 miles or so to stretch, eat, gas up, and rest a bit. I'm trying to enjoy the scenery but today was the most difficult trip of my whole vacation. I think I'm just exhausted. I also am very excited to get home. I have eggs due to hatch on Wed. and I hope to be home to take care of them. If you see me out on my little Harley, honk! Keeping the rubber side down, Lisa Ann *Drama Queen* It seems like every day of riding is more beautiful or interesting than the day bef
Some Constructive Criticism Please.
I'm writing a book.I need feedback.Honesty and any helpful remarks will be greatly appreciated.Below is a blurb from my book. † † Prologue † † † The Dreamer Awakens † † † I guess if it werent' for the recurring dream I have I would never have survived what came next.Alerted to wakefulness,I could hear a chittering sound,like teeth...LOTS of teeth and the slithering of something wet across the floor.My head was pounding.Something was wrong here,VERY wrong.I dove out of bed just in time to see the giant sluglike creature leap onto where I had just vacated.A Hellworm.....All teeth and VERY hungry.Rows of needle-like fangs lining its gullet.I dove naked for the window as it slid off my bed,its body making a loud,wet plopping sound.It lunged at me as I threw myself through the glass.I quickly got up and ran along the fire escape,not daring to look back.A loud keening sound came from it.I dropped to the ground and hit it running.Where I didn't know.Glancing back I could see it's h
My Words Of Life
u must meet these requirements 1. white 2. male 3. 28-36 yrs of age 4. works 5. loves kids 6. 5-30 miles of me 7. not jealous 8. not controlling 9. not abusive 10. not afraid of commitment 11. has own vehicle 12. not judgemental 13. not married or with someone 14. drug free 15. no felonies on record 16. not childish to their partner 17. wants a real relationship not a fling 18. not too clingy 19. not a drunk 20. not a sex freak if u meet ALL these requirements give me a shout and if u dont, sorry i have my bounderies. My Freedom Of Speech First of all, I'm not writing this to offend any of my current friends. This is a good way to express how I feel about things. I think that our world has gone to crap. Used to our parents could just send us out to play and not have to worry about anything but nowadays kids are not safe outside alone. I'm not prejudice but this world has turned into a mixed race world which is wrong. The jobs used to be alot better and we really h
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