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11 Rules To Fubar
THE fubar RULES ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG,I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Making 20 bulletins a day about how you have new pictures and begging people to comment on them is pathetic. Make the bulletin once if you have to, and those who actually care about you will comment on your pics. SIX If all your pictures look the same, don't post them all. Please pu
Just So You Know........
Just so you know, if you have tired in anyway to contact me and got no where, don't take it wrong, but I have kind of dropped off the face so the earth. I have been in a very mean and pissy mood, and I don't know why. I am shourded in darkness and I don't care that I am, thats just it I don't care about anything anymore, maybe thats good maybe thats bad only time will tell. I feel as if I am standing on the edge of an abyss and at any moment I am going to fall in, would that be so bad? To finally lose ones self compeltly? Guess life just holds no joy for me right now! And I don't know why. Oh well at some point I will snap out of it and be myself again its just going to take time is all. So now you know why I haven't been answering my phone or shouts just don't feel like it!
What Kinda Puppy Are You?
You Are a Chow Puppy Don't fence me in! You're an independent spirit that won't be tied down. What Breed of Puppy Are You?
As you can see i'm new here! Just want to meet new people and make friends. I'm trying to figure things out it's a bit confusing so any help would be appreciated! Thanx!! xxx
Does anyone have morals nowadays? Not just on here of course but just in general. Married people cheating and lying. People falling in love overnight and not even getting to know the real person or meeting them in person, then wondering why things don't work out the way they want it to. People sleeping with married people and not giving a fuck. People saying I love you and not meaning it or meaning it but not showing it. It's craziness I tell you. Am I the only person left on the planet with some kind of morals still intact?
My Only Love
The One!
You are the essence of my life You are the reason I am alive You are my heart and soul You are why I continue to survive You bring me happiness You bring the meaning of eternity You bring completeness to my life You bring everlasting love to me You have been my dream You have been what I have waited to fall for You have been my guiding light You have been the woman I adore You will be my heart beat You will be my partner in life You will be my complition You will be my wife
First Time
Your A Angel Now...
Men Are Like...
# Men are like....Animals Messy, insensitive and potentially violent, but occasionally make great pets. # Men are like.....Bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest. # Men are like....Beer. The first sip is always bitter. No matter how many varieties you try, they are essentially the same; tasteless, full of bubbles, destabilize your metabolism and give you a headache, but somehow they linger and you either can't finish one or you can't get enough. # Men are like.....Bike helmets. Handy in an emergency, but otherwise they just look silly. # Men are like....Bras. They offer light, medium and complete support. # Men are like....Buses. They come every 15 minutes. # Men are like....Buses. They have spare tires and smell funny. # Men are like....Computers. And a smart woman keeps a backup. # Men are like.....Copiers. You need them for reproduction, but that's about it. # Men are like.....Curling irons. They're always hot, an
3 Month VIP/30 Day Blast Giveaway Contest!!! This contest started as an idea to help level me to a Godmother... but I already reached my goal. So I am using it as a THANK YOU Contest to all that helped me along the way. I am giving away a 3 month VIP OR a 30 day Blast ~ decided by the winner of the contest. All rates count for 5 points per rate and all comments are 1 point each. The person with the most points at 11:00 a.m. EST on Monday, May 12th wins the contest! No minimum comments or rates needed. I am still taking entries for this contest. If you are interested, send me a message please! CONTEST ENTRY: ◊ DjJOHN© ◊ MEMBER OF THE SILENT BOMBERS ◊ @ fubar CONTEST HOSTESS: dj nilla~owner of ~DIRTYDEEDSRADIO.COM~ @ fubar FU-TARD
Corrupted Love
A warm sensation fills my body My heart races with every touch The softness of your voice soothes My soul As I lay there hoping the moment Will never end Calling out for you Praying that you'll never let me go The sensation so strong I can no longer feel my body Slowly I fade in and out of reality In an instant the warm sensation Fades away My heart empty My soul torn apart Lying there; wondering where I went Wrong Calling out for you, only to find there is no answer My mind invaded with thoughts So cruel and unrefined The sensation of fear of what's to come Slowly the reality over powering The lust and fantasy Leaving me empty Confused on how to think or feel The loneliness I feel So wretched and compelled Betrayal to myself Revealing the terrors of my love
We may be small but we can give huge HUGS click the pic below to check us out We may be small but we can give huge HUGS click the pic below to check us out We may be small but we can give huge HUGS click the pic below to check us out
Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
I Love You
I May Never
Things To Ponder
*Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? *If all the world is a stage then where is the audience sitting? *If work is so terrific, why do they have to pay you to do it? *If you are cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right? *Why is bra singular and panties plural? *How come abbreviated is such a long word? *Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of a bottle? *Why do we put suits in a garment bag and garment in a suitcase? *Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected? *Why is it called "after dark" when it really is "after light?" *Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? *If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know? *If Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he find the words? *Why do we say something is "out of whack?" *What is a whack? *Why do "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing? *Why do "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean the same thing? *Why is phoni
Disfigured Bald Eagle To Get A Bionic Beak
ST. MARIES, Idaho - She has been named Beauty, though this eagle is anything but. Part of Beauty's beak was shot off several years ago, leaving her with a stump that is useless for hunting food. A team of volunteers is working to attach an artificial beak to the disfigured bird, in an effort to keep her alive. "For Beauty it's like using only one chopstick to eat. It can't be done" said biologist Jane Fink Cantwell, who operates a raptor recovery center in this Idaho Panhandle town. "She has trouble drinking. She can't preen her feathers. That's all about to change." Cantwell has spent the past two years assembling a team to design and build an artificial beak. They plan to attach it to Beauty next month. With the beak, the 7-year-old bald eagle could live to the age of 50, although not in the wild. "She could not survive in the wild without human intervention," Cantwell said. The 15-pound eagle was found in 2005 scrounging for food and slowly starving to death at a landfill
What Porn Would You Star In?
"A Tale Of Two Titties" ~ An Adult Feature Starring paul ~ 'What Porn will you Star in?' at
Heres The Deal People.....
just because i rated you a 10 doesnt meant youre not a 10 either. just wanted to throw that out there. :) still waiting on some boobs and what not ok, soon i will be heading back to Ft a month or 2 so if anyone from Houston would like to hang out before i go or anyone from DFW wants to hang out when i get there, shoot me a would be pretty cool because i have never met anyone from fubar i am a man. with that being said i know all the man secrets, but i am not going to tell you all of them ladies. just the fubar ones. 1. we want to see all of you naked and we will tell you anything and everything to try to get you to show yourself. we even want to see the fat ugly ones naked. so we will tell you how beautiful, smart, and funny you are to get this. 2. we want to have sex with all of you. even the fat ugly ones and will do everything in our power to acheive this as well. 3. just because we rated you a 10 doesnt really mean you are, so enough with the attitud
Lapdogs - Funnies
John was a salesman's delight when it came to any kind of unusual gimmick. His wife Marsha had long ago given up trying to get him to change. One day, John came home with another one of his unusual purchases. It was a robot that John claimed was actually a lie detector. It was just about 5:30 that afternoon when Tommy, their 11 year old son returned home from school. Tommy was over 2 hours late. "Where have you been? Why are you over 2 hours late getting home?", they asked. "Several of us went to the library to work on an extra credit project" said Tommy. The Robot then walked around the table and slapped Tommy, knocking him completely out of his chair. "Son, this robot is a lie detector, now tell us where you went after school." "We went to Bobby's house and watched a movie." "What did you watch?" asked Marsha. 'The Ten Commandments." answered Tommy. The Robot went around to Tommy and once again slapped him, knock
What Your Sexual Position
This Is The
Whats Your Secret Sexual Talent
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Cowgirl Fun. Wild. And deep.Saddle up and ride him all night long.Only for those who feel they're strong! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Support Your Man Bigga
Cheat Sheet
Own Her
Would you like to own a DIVA!!! Come check your Whispers and see what she has to offer. If you don't wanna bid just stop and rate her. Just click the picture below and start the bidding.... Good luck Whispers...MWAH!! MSMAINE
Run Away
Sometimes I feel like the word is looking over my shoulder I feel my patience growing shorter I dontwant to know I dont want to feel I dont want to be I dont want to sound crazy! I dont want to sound insane! Have you ever felt the same? I cant take the pressure Just want to run away I make believe Im feeling better Cause I cant take the pressure Just need to run away
Garfield On The Oil Crisis
I stand, at the edge of the abyss, with only darkness below. A storm of self doubt rumbles on the horizon, foretold by the thunder of disappointment. I shake, precariously balanced at the edge; serpents surround me, grinning at the confusion. The storm roars closer one last step into the abyss. A quick glance above, thru the darkness, thru the confusion, I search. I find. Filtered thru the clouds unfolds a clinging glimpse of hope. A treasure to embrace: My Sunshine, My hope, My future, My life.
Darkness Of Light
Life caresses me with false hope, but Rage, Anger and Contempt are my companions. Passion tempting a wilted soul, while demons continue taunting me. The carousel of life continuing, no destination, no purpose, no end. A continuous circle of blind contentment, while reality invades from the shadows.
here it is how is the easiest way for some one to tll a person their true feelings when the person they want to tell this to lives so far away. i'm starting to fall pretty hard and have no idea how to tell him this. i want him to know but other then writing him a letter or telling him online we really can't talk. any ideas?
Fuck Slade And His Punk Ass
Wishing today was the days of my yesteryears, I might have changed a bit of my ways. Things could have been different, life would have been lighter I may have looked before leaping inside of myself. Must we wait until time has moved on to yearn for loves we have lossed, those bridges we burned, and rocks left unturned. Then only to find through the business of life we have not yet defined who we are and our own true selves. In spite of hard life lessons we learned, decisions we made and our own paths we paved. Then one day we awake and discover good or bad, happy or sad, whatever choices we made we arrived at this destination in spite of ourselves
Dark Places
There are dark places Deep in my soul Where I need to go To make me feel whole Through my surrender I’ve broken through fear And the pathway to truth Is now open and clear Ive seen through the anger And pain of my past With receptive acceptance Ive found peace at last I wish my secret Could see the sun And its days in hiding Were over and done For there are dark places Deep in my soul Where I need to go To make me feel whole
so a close from of mine passed away and its left a whole in me which i cant figure out how to fill it. as time passes everyone says the pain will ease but instea i feel myself falling into a deep black hole wich i have been before. im not sure what im gonna do but either way its not good life gets to everyone but fuck stop bitching about and move on thank you.
Winters End
know they say we have to wait till Winter ceases for this season I Love the snow but not this much I think we've had enough I Long to stand outside And feel the breath of springs sweet breezes I long to feel the Suns warm kiss upon my gentle skin I see the buds upon the trees so patiently they wait to be reborn to bloom so prould I hear the birds outside my home I see them flying high above in serch of food for thier young chicks I long for sspring and its rebirth to give me strength and life again I Long to stand outside And feel the breath of springs sweet breezes I long to feel the Suns warm kiss upon my gentle skin I long to feel it's touch again like a Lovers dear embrace
Always And Forever
Friends And Family
I want to buy drinks for all and I would like drinks bought for me, but I am always so busy and don't have time to go through every one's name, but if you have time to buy I will reply.
5/5 It has been about 2 years now since my granfather was diagnosed with cancer and given only 6 months left. Just the thought of the C word at his age is terrifying, not to mention the fact that hes so stubborn that by the time he actually said something was wrong and he was in pain, it had already spread to 3 other areas than where it had started. I love my grandfather. He was the rock when I was a kid, he was stubborn, bullheaded, and also the most amazing man you will ever meet. He was in the Navy in WWII as a PT Boat Sailor, the youngest person on the boat. After that served in the Korean war. This is a local newspaper artice that was written on him a couple years ago, outlining his military service. Its a pretty interesting read.Click here for Article After leaving the military he worked for Southern Bell (now called Bellsouth) for 41 years, I was about 3 or 4 and at his retirement party. After that hes done volunteer work with the courts, as a mediator and as a guardian atlitem
My Contest
Hello to all my wonderful Fubarian friends and family!!! Once again, my wonderful Fu-Bomber family has put me in a contest to win a 1 month VIP, or a 7 day Blast. I need 12,000 comments to win. I am sending out an S.O.S. to you all in hopes that you will show some love, and come bomb my contest picture. Below, you will find the link. Thank you and much love to you all!!!!!!
We Are Eleventh Hour
We are 11thr otherwise known as Eleventh Hour. We are a full service staffing agency that connects amazing people with amazing jobs. We at 11thr are trying to be different, to break out of the words staffing and recruiting... We want to change the face of recruiting and staffing forever. The two words recruiting and staffing always seem to come with negative connotations. WHY? Because most of the staffing agencies of the world offer; little value, treat their recruits (candidates) like a number in a database, charge their clients too much, don't offer enough flexibility for contractors or high end candidates and don't pay their candidates enough money. So our goal here is to... 1) Find better candidates for our clients who need talent. 2) Pay our candidates better rates and salaries than our competitors. 3) Charge our clients less and give them more "bang for their buck". 4) Offer different services to give better options to our clients. 5) Offe
A Clue
I am weak now having attempted to cry out all feelings and emotions for you: In one breath you make me smile and cry in one phone call you lift my spirits and plunge me into depression Your voice can build up my hopes and shatter my dreams. You leave me wondering, yet disenchanted. How you do it, I'll never know. And that you do it, I'll never breathe a clue. At least not to you.
Ok, so I am looking for art work. Not just any art work but something extremely creative. What I am doing is taking ideas and art work (computer art is welcome too) to airbrush on my 2007 Harley Fatboy. So you can see how important this is to me. After I get the pics in I will review them and choose a few that I like most. The person responsible for creating the final pic that I end up using on my bike will have their name published in the international mag that the bike is posted in. Also they have the opportunity to make some serious cash, because not only am I looking for art work but so is many of my biker buddies. So get your creative minds churning and get started. (BTW my weaknesses are dragons and military just for a little hint) I will also post the pics in a blog to have other users vote on them as well. Thank you in advance Just so you know this is the guy that will be doing the airbrushing for me click that link and check out his work
Help My Friend
I woke up this morning and deleted 24 photo comments that all said I love you...or something to that effect from this guy sexyboy...I went out for a few hours this afternoon and i came home to 20 NEW comments from the same guy...can we say WOW stalker much :s Lots of fun LOL Many Smiles April ♥
see what ur score is!!!
Justice League
*ATTENTION* ALL JUSTICE LEAGUE TEAM I HAVE FINISHED A FEW OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE ID'S IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE...PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME...WITH A PIC THAT YOU WANT TO USE AND WITH ANY SUPER HERO YOU ADORE... HERE ARE THE ONES I HAVE COMPLETED SO FAR There Is Absolutley No Charge To Making These Tags For You! Click My Profile Link & Send Me A Private Message On Your favorite Super Hero & Picture You would like to Use. Frozen Mystical Dreamzzzz, The Original aka Cat Woman@ fubar
The How Good Are You In Bed Test.
Seconds, minutes, hours, days... Passing by in many ways Leaving footprints on my life Giving and receiving smiles... Frowns and fears, joys and fun Many things have just begun Some are over, never back Never easy to get the track Thirty is the key word here Happy Birthday - don't forget to cheer ;) Ok ok, I'm not that shy - B-day wishes and greetings are very welcome :)
Its Not The First Time
Yeah I loved you, no question But I have learned my lesson You thought you broke my heart But now that we're apart I see so, so clearly that it's all the same You hurt me completely but I'm not crying today I've been through this, over and over Every time, I'm compromised I'm sick of this, over and over But guess what…it's not the first time But it's the last time I hate this delusion I've come to this conclusion I loved you, don't know why Was just a waste of my time. Regret it, forget it; cause it's all the same You hurt me completely; But I'm not crying today I've been through this, over and over Every time, I'm compromised I'm sick of this, over and over But guess what…it's not the first time But it's the last time But guess what…it's not the first time But it's the last time
What A Waste
On My Knees I Break Down Tear-Streaked And Broken I Know It's Pointless A Waste Through And Through The Tears That Spill For You A Passion Burning For Unrequited Love Looking Down To End It All I Fall Further And Further Til... I Sigh And Think What A Waste
I Am Very Proud Of My Erica
Hi everyone my name is Bonnie...I am a 39 year old genetic girl...born female....I am happily married to Erica...Erica is a pre operative transsexual, she is on hormones and t-blockers, 3 years end of this month....this past friday we went and she filled out the paperwork to have her name changed to Erica legally...We both have recently told our mothers about Erica as well...we have a 15 yr old son, and yes he knows all bout Erica...and he is fine...Erica and I have been together 22 years, married for 16 years...I will always be here for her... hugggggggggs to all Bonnie
Blogs For My Team Of Hotties!
Hey Girls! Hope you all had a marvelous Monday and your week has started off fabulously! I was trying to think what I could do as your Chief that would be special to you and the one thing I came up with is to give each of you all of my 11s. So, I'm going to start tomorrow at the top of my Hotties folder and IF you have 100 photos posted then I will rate 100 photos an 11. So yall bare with me during this time and I promise to get to each of you~ This will help you level and gain more FU points!~ Once I've finished this if you guys have any ideas that we can do as a team or as an entire Hottie group, please let me know!~
Madison Lyn 5-9-96 To 10-2-03
Missin you more everyday beautiful!!!! PROFILEDESIRE.COM Madison Lyn ~~I Remember~~ Laughing,smiling,talking,crying, That was all her time was buying. I remember the phone call saying she didn't make it I remember the pain, and still can't take it... They said it was her time to go, Thats a fact I did'nt want to beleave. I would do all I could to get her life back. It is her beautiful smile we all lack. I miss her glowing and happy face. The one no one could ever replace. I feel so bad, your probably wondering why? It's just the simple fact we never said goodbye..... Her death has left us in such deep sarrow. But we have to realize there is no promise for tomorrow!!!! We Love you little miss Square Garden and will always miss you!!!
Adult Things
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook Why is orgasm a 6 letter word? Cuz its easier to spell than Ohmygodyesohshitdeeperyesfuckme!
I want to touch the warmth of your body, And feel the heat of your skin. I want to be the only one That satisfies you... The one to wet the sheets on your bed, I want you, To feel my seduction and my passion To leave the prints of my burning fire Within your soul...
I slipped on a thought And fell into a dream of you Letting go of conscious grip I’m falling… …into …you I’ve thrown out sense Along with inhibitions And needless cares Because I’m falling… …into …you Wrap me up in your love I’m yours for the taking I won’t put up a fight Because I’m falling… …in love …with you
i'm soooo fuckin agravated! i mean i know some people are afraid of love but come on! you dont have to crush someone when they are at their most vulnerable point.....
The Truth About Readheads!!!!!!
Redheads 'have more sex than blondes or brunettes' Blondes may have more fun but redheads have more sex, according to new research in Germany. The study by Hamburg Sex Researcher Professor Dr Werner Habermehl looked at the sex lives of hundreds of German women and compared them with their hair colour. He said: "The sex lives of women with red hair were clearly more active than those with other hair colour, with more partners and having sex more often than the average. The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation." He added that women who dyed their hair red from another colour were signalling they were looking for a partner, and added: "Even women in a fixed relationship are letting their partners know they are unhappy if they dye their hair red. They are saying that they are looking for something better." Psychologist Christine Baumanns said however that it may not be the women who were to blame for the better sex lives of redhead
**auction** Sold To T!
My newest Fu-owner T!! Go show him love people! He's a great Fubarian! Sold to T on 5-5-2008 For 6 month VIP
Vegas Baby
Contest Photo
on this vetrans day nov,11,2008. remember those that gave all. remember the family they left behind so you can have your freedom. remember the ones that are now serving. remember the ones that came home with wounds that left them less than they could be if they hadnt served our country bravely. and also remember the homeless vets that have nightmares of war that keep them from fuctioning in a normal lifestyle. just remember. this memorial day remember what the the day is for and pay respect to the service men and woman that have given you your freedom. Military Rules for Non-Military Personnel "Dear Civilians, "We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation have many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: (1) The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National
Poem Please Dont Steal
Wwhen your path seems narrow and shadows burk behind keep moving forward althought its an uphill climb Never look into the past focus on whats in store always reach for your dreams believe you can be more and if some dark day the rain begins to fall close your eyes and think of sunshine and you can erase it all when your heart gets broken and you think you'll always grieve remember you can move mountains if you only BELIEVE
okay so im seeing this guy we have been together for a week but as i spend more and more time with him i realize maybe he's not the guy for me. He has alot of issues that maybe i am not ready to have to deal with. I am so good at picking them i tell ya. I need help like a matchmacker or something because im obviously not picking good
I'm A Writer, Not A Biter!
A User To B Warned Of...
the following 2 links are of the same man... he hooks up w women online, says that he is supposedly tired of the head games, talks a big game claiming to b a womans soul mate, he has hooked up with 2 other women i have found on this site alone, he has many others on my space and i am tired of being the one he claimed to have wanted to marry and b with if any woman has been approaced by him and would like proof that my words r tru please let me know and i will post pics of txt messages from him stateing how he supposedly loved me and couldnt wait to marry me. his game ends here and now. he claims to a woman that he has been used, and lied to and tired of the games, trust me...he is the one who plays the games. i actually believed him, we started talking back in july of last year, we have met several times. Lord Death@ fubar DEATHANGEL@ fubar
today i sit & think about what the world has to offer & found out its wonderful friends & then i realize im blessed in this world i have many wonderful friends thank you all that worried & have shown to be a friend this past week wish i could do more then say ty in my blog wish i could give every1 everything they want i find that no matter how some people r u can find some really good people out here WITCHY'S WIKKED GRAPHIX here is to all my friends who show they deserve it
French Cuisine Part Three
Spongecake with pineapples Type of dish: Dessert Nb of covers: 6 ppl Preparation n cooking: 30 mn Budget: Economic Origin: Europe Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: • One pineapple cut into circle • One cup of water per spongecake • 2 cups of powdered sugar • 1 ½ cup of rum • 1 cup of marichino cherries Pastry cream : • 4 eggs • 17.64 oz of skimmed milk • 1 TBSP of cornstarch • 1 TSP of vanilla • 2 cups of powdered sugar • Spongecake Material used during receipt : • 1 knife • 1 a cuttin board • 1 large pan • 1 mixer • 1 spoon of wood + spoon • 1 glass • Spongecake boxes Receipt in calories : Pineapple and syrup : • Total calories of the receipt: 1169.4978 kcal • Calories: 194.92 kcal per anybody • Lipids: 0.33 G per anybody • Protids: 0.00 G per anybody • Glucids: 39.17 G per anybody Pastry cream : • Total calories of the receipt: 937.676 kcal • Calories: 156.28 kcal per anybody • Lipids: 0.05 oz per anybody • Protid
Dj Big Sexxy's Bullys
      All right DJ Big Sexxy is back on the air 80's Night Every Monday 8-10Pm Mountain Standard Time @ The Seven Deadly Sins  
Fuck It
ok here i am at 7 am heading to meet some one. i show up at the meeting place and wait and wait till the guards say well i guess its time to give up and go home i spent from 7 till 11 waiting on this person to show up they had my number all she had to do is call and say hey i dont want to meet you but hell i dont even get a text or anything hell an email would have been better then me having to sit there for a big fucking let down i mean i wasted some stuff that made me be on top of my game that i could have saved for later but hell nobody gives a shit any way the only reason i am even typing this is to let of steam i am so mad i could scream i feel like shit today feeling no love and just dont want to be here if you think i am talking about fubar or work then you need to think again love everybody but i dont know some people i thought was going to get close to be good friends left me for some other people they just met then i have to live with the thought that some body i am suppos
Moved To Amarillo Texas
so yeah i moved to amarillo texas...been up here since march 14th...and im lovin it... and im becoming a correctional work at the prison here.... good times good times.... moving is the best thing ive done so far this year lol
Crafts Craft Supplies on a Budget When times get tough our hobbies are generally first to suffer the cutbacks. The list below has just a few ideas to help you save money on craft supplies and you may also find yourself a new creative burst by trying them. Crafts don’t always have to be so expensive and it is fun to improvise. Newspaper off cuts A great place to get plain paper particularly for kids crafts and drawing is a newspaper office. Our local newspaper has always had huge rolls of plain white paper available for around $10 - $15 that is a roll that is over a metre wide and 30cm in diameter. I believe it was over 100 metres of paper well my daughter has had the same roll for over 5 years. It isn’t great quality but it has tons of uses like as a drop sheet for other projects making patterns for sewing. Scrapbooking paper and card: If you are finding the scrapbook stores too expensive try looking in n
In The Shower
I like fantising about you in the shower. Kissing deeply our tongues steel deeply into each others mouth. As you knead my tits and tweek my nipples. I stoke your cock gently as it tingles to attention. I kiss down your chest and take you into my mouth, warm lips around soft dick. I barely breath through flesh and running water. MMM... It feels so good. I mumble "You like the way that feels" your dick in my mouth... I continue to stroke with my hand. Hands pressed against wet wall, steam and heat cloud vision, i reach back grab your cock and send shivers when i rub my pussy lips. Then i grind back slowly so slowly, every inch entered feels gripped and held. Rotation of my hips pushes your head against my walls. I grab your ass and pull you deep into me. You hang to my hips and gaze my tattooed back and its new found connection in you. Like the way that feels. You like the way your cock feels inside me. MMM... I love it fuck me harder. You grip my hips and pull into me. Sou
The Meaning Of The Blue Rose
Blue roses will blossom in the snow, before I ever let you go, Blue roses will grow up to the sky, before I ever make you cry Blue rose given to a woman, Considered sacred from a heart of silent souls, Words spoken, silence was a bond created; Her boldness spurred from a single blue rose; Sacred blue rose hidden, Burns emotions once stirred, Rose blurred by a insecure woman, Lured by his love, now held for him ,from his words of his poems; Silent bond of love fell upon her, Words retrieved from his poem, Fond of what was told; Close to her heart she held what was inside, untold, A token of all she felt, For a man that gave a blue rose and a poem; Tokens of love now broken, Love once spoken with true meaning for a rose, Lost was the closeness so tenderly rendered, driven by a blue rose once given, No memory of what he molded from his heart and soul, Love that slurred emotions of desires within, Love that came from what holds to a blue rose, Hi
Love And Hate
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Erotic Stories
On a stormy night, you walk to you car parked near the end of the parking lot it has been a long day and all you want is to go home and take a warm bath. The closer you get to your car the hair on the back of your neck stands up you feel as if some one is watching you. Then you hear tires squealing in behind you turn to look and a dark van approaches you at a high rate of speed. You start to run for your car when the vans pulls up close to you then the door opens, your pulled in and a dark hood placed over you. You try to scream but there is a hand covering your face, you fell another set of hands removing your clothes , your hands our bound as you lat there on the floor of the van in nothing but your panties. You drive for what seems hours your body quaking in fear, thinking what is going on, how can this be happening to me. Your pulled out of the van and lead down some steps you feel a cool and damp air around you. As you are lead into a room your placed on a bed and the binds
Love And Hate
Love a feeling like no other... Hate an undescribable feeling... Are they the same... Sometimes they feel so much alike. Can you love the same person you hate? Can you hate the same person you love? One night of passion, Two lovers come together, Three hours of ectasy. Gone in the morning This is the life I have choose I just want to fing the one to hold The one to say I will be here always Not to leave in the morning Four more weeks, Five more lovers,and Six days of torture. Who will be here in the morning? This is not the life I have dreamed of I want to say he is the one The one to hold me when the sun goes down. To stay in the morning Seven days a week wondering...dreaming Eight people crossing my mind Nine o'clock in the morning to say good-bye Don't go in the morning This shows a new meaning to my life I will find the one to turn it all around The one to bring me up and never turn me down Not to worry in the morning
Bad ass lil black kid
My Writing
Darkness Through the Darkness We Shine like Angels with spread wings we fly There are walls around us we feel like all we can do is crawl Something Holding us in Noone understands the pain. noone for us to call. noone sees the death inside. noone knows what we try to hide. Through the Darkness We Shine like Angels with spread wings we Fly We sit alone in the dark does noone se we need help Did we die that night too or did we shut you out. Through The Darkness We Shine like Angels with spread wings we fly noone sees us noone calls we are alone we hve to fend for ourselves we should have went that night too no more pain,no sorrow,noone to shut you out. Through the Darkness we Shine like Angels with spread wings we fly Promises were made for that end of time For us they would be there all the time A year has gone by it gets worse with time. Through the Darkness we Shine like Angels with spread wings we fly We were all close at one time A
Hey ummm ya my name is ashley.
Just Me !
Hello Everyone ! I know i havent been on here hardly at all lately . Just wanted to apologize . I havent been trying to ignore anyone . Just been goin thru alot lately and my kids have really needed me . So that has to come first . My husband and I have recently seperated which I believe is for the best for everyone right now . We are actually getting along better then we have in years since we do not live together and he is being really good to the kids . That is quite honestly the only thing that matters to me at this point in my life . I just need to help my kids get thru this . Who knows what the future holds ..... I just know right now I need to be there for my kids ! And to those certain people ( u know who u are ) that seem to alwyas be there for me to vent to and ramble on like a crazy person .....Thank you sooooo sooooo much . Sometimes I just need to talk and get all these emotions out so I can go on with my day ..... And you know it and you help me more than I think y
Funny Answers
* When people run around and around in circles we say they are crazy. When planets do it we say they are orbiting. * For a nosebleed: Put the nose much lower than the body until the heart stops. * For asphyxiation: Apply artificial respiration until the patient is dead. * For dog bite: put the dog away for several days. If he has not recovered, then kill it. * For head cold: use an agonizer to spray the nose untill it drops in your throat. * We say the cause of perfume disappearing is evaporation. Evaporation gets blamed for a lot of things people forget to put the top on. * If conditions are not favorable, bacteria go into a period of adolescence. * There is a tremendous weight pushing down on the center of the Earth because of so much population stomping around up there these days. * Respiration is composed of two acts, first inspiration, and then expectoration. * A vibration is a motion that cannot make up its mind which way it wants to go. * To collect
Love isn't always fair. Yet we must not despair. Love may falter and cause pain. We can't let that keep our hearts in chains. There will be a better day in life. A second chance, No need to cry. It's a time to dance and laugh. Leaving sad memories in the past. View the sunset and smell the flowers. Play in the falling rain showers. Someday true love may just come along. Til' then we must enjoy life and remain strong. I can hear my heart sadly crying. It's tired and so weak from trying. Perhaps it's time to say good-bye. And stop living a wishful lie. Our love has ended without much to say. Silence and pain is the price we pay. My world of illusion exist no more. Left to walk destiny in the desert alone To give of your life and love day-by-day. And now your passion has turned to gray. Dark clouds have covered my sky of hope. My spirit has died, how will I cope? The love I feel,I now must let go. The death of my heart will never be known. My love was true
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Miss You Daddy!
Krystina Aldrich May 4, 11:31 AM Terrified Tear ( I did not write this) The face of an angel is all that is here One beautiful freckle equals one terrified tear Not ready to leave but has to go Wants to go back but god says no Leaving your life is a scary thought But its something that cant be faught A mother A father A sister And friends A meaningful life that suddenly ends An angel is what she is ment to be Now think of all she can see In the night we sleep In the day we cry She watches us all from her star in the sky i miss you. Not a day goes by that i dont think of you. you were my hero. my light. my guide. you helped me through everything. life isnt the same. its so difficult now that im on my own. i miss your hugs, and your smiles. your joy you brought to my life. i miss the fact where i would wait up for you to come home. i miss our conversations. but what i miss the most, is my best friend. the one i used to go to for my advice. my life
The Way It Really Is!
Have you ever just had some shit on your mind and came up with some Aristotle type shit? Yeah, I knew you did. Well I do that shit all the time - so pay attention and you might learn some shit. And if you got some shit on your mind, I might learn a thing or two. So to get this blog rollin' I'm gonna start slow. As I breeze through FUBAR, I ant help but notice the different personalities. In a sick and twisted way it reminds me of high school and the different cliques! How would classify the different FUBAR cliques? My thoughts later.
Just Being Me
Rules For A Threesome
1. Always end up with your "Love" never ever have the Big O with the other person especially the first time, it will cause conflict.. 2. Always make sure you talk to your "other" and understand it is "JUST SEX" 3. Pay attention to your Other, no matter how different the new person feels and what they do, never ever ever say, Damn why couldn't you do that.. 4. When you have one on your face and one on your cock remember to be polite, share and switch places.. 5. It is not all about you, if you are just alying back and watching and not doing anything to assist " WE NEED YOU WHY".. 6.Make this as comfortable as possible, while I am totally at ease with what I do, your love may be scared this is normal.. 7. Even if you get started and you or anyone feels scared, uncomfortable, ill at ease there is a reason for feeling like is totally acceptable to back off and away, anyone that has done this understands , sometimes it just doesn't " Feel r
The Fire In My Eyes
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me.
Chickie Momma
i walk around in your head but am i in your heart i see there but it seems your not i wonder why i love you so i wounder why it hurt me so i care for you unlike no other yet it seems you have another im not why i feel that way yet is how it seems to stay with in my mind i walk around with in my heart i think out loud i feel the need to run away i feel the need to stay away i want to be wiht myself yet im scared to myself life i hard or so it seems if hve you in my heart feels mean i love you more everyday yet for some reason it feels you stay away so ill so go and try to be me yet all i want is to scream
Baahhhhhh Internet
If You Love It Let It Go If It Comes Back It Was Ment To Be!!
Russell The Love Muscle
I am a very out going person who love to live life on the wild side an wouldnt have it any other way,im a good friend to have,im very honest,my only fault is im a nympho i cant seem to get enough sex an yes i can be a romantic person and i beleive you should pleasure a women to the full. i beleive were all equal in gods eyes, and not every one is perfect.god nows im not and im not affraid of it,an every one has a dirty little secert.
Help Kelli
Auction For My Friend Brett
Women Who Needs Them :-)
DICTIONARY FOR WOMEN'S PERSONAL ADS 40-ish - 49 Adventurous - Slept with everyone Athletic - No tits Average looking - Ugly Beautiful - Pathological liar Contagious Smile - Does a lot of pills Emotionally secure - On medication Feminist - Fat Free spirit - Junkie Friendship first - Former very *friendly* person Fun - Annoying New Age - Body hair in the wrong places Open-minded - Desperate Outgoing - Loud and Embarrassing Passionate - Sloppy drunk Professional - Bitch Voluptuous - Very Fat Large frame - Hugely Fat Wants Soul mate - Stalker WOMEN'S ENGLISH 1. Yes = No 2. No = Yes 3. Maybe = No 4. We need = I want 5. I am sorry = you'll be sorry 6. We need to talk = you're in trouble 7. Sure, go ahead = you better not 8. Do what you want = you will pay for this later 9. I am not upset = of course I am upset, you moron! 10. You're very attentive tonight = is sex all you ever think about? MEN'S ENGLISH 1. I am
Dont know if you've noticed but I havent been online lately. I went to see Rheumatologist, I had Xrays done to find I've broken my coxic bone,(tail end of spine) I have to have an Op to remove bone, it cannot be fixed. Have also learnt my sacroilliac joints are almost worn away, there is nothing they can do about that. I have to learn to give myself weekly steroid injections, Lol am phobic with needles! I have shrunk 1 1/2" I'm now only 4'10"! Lol real Pygmy size hehehehe! Just hope I can ride in the wind again! Fuckin hope so! Just thought it would be a good idea to do a few translations, Feel free to add more! Cause sometimes our meaning of things is totally different to yours. here's just a few to start the ball rolling ;) Lol = laugh a lot or Love a lot. Tights = pantyhose. Fag = cigarette not a gay person. Pants = mens underwear. In your language its trousers. Blat = ride on motorbike. Hi folks, its been ages since have been on here, there has been a very good reason to
For The Fu-asses Out There
YAY!! Apples(wtf): You're obviously here to be a middle aged retard with nothing better to do than to fuck with people. It's not considered to be illegal yet, that's what my Mumm and my thesis is based on, that it SHOULD BE. I'm not wasting my time with your stupid ass anymore anyway, peace bitch ->Apples(wtf): PS.. mayeb ONE serios remark.. I have 2 kids, and live next to a convicted child molester. he just moved in and am being forced to move myself due to it.. dealing with child rapists most of my life, i have done my research ->Apples(wtf): you need to reseacrh more, then.. cuz beauty pageants are a form of child pornography to many ppl... and please, if you feel the need to say something, keep it in the mumms.. my sb is for serious convos only.. and i'm not here to be serious today.. Apples(wtf): Are you new to that? Apples(wtf): No, I just act like a decent human being and don't try and incriminate people I don't know about ->Apples(wtf): lol... you're new to the mums
Moving Sucks
To everyone who I have talked to one here I must apoligize that it is extremely brief. I was supposed to move the last saturday of april and everything was set to go. However life has a funny way of changing when you least expect it and that did not happen. Unfortunately that meant that my net access was gone for two weeks and I had to use public PC's in order to do anything. I have not been ignoring anyone I just had severely limited connectivity, hopefully that issue will be resolved tonight and I will be able to do more on here. Thank you to all that have accepted my friend requests and those who have left comments.
Happy Mothers Day
I Am In A Nude Auction And Contest
I am entering in a Nude Auction and Ass Contest!! I hope to see all my men voting and showing me the Sexy Love I show you! Kisses and Ty ahead of time!!
Hi everyone, I am asking all of my wonderful friends to help me as much as they can on my road to Disciple. I have loads of stuff to rate, and if you have them bling me too. I have some giveaways too if you're a bomber. I have 2 specific folders (teddies & fairies), you will receive a bling for each of these folders for 100 rates per folder. Be sure to message her after you have finished to get your blings. Do both folders for 2 blings, 1 folder for 1 bling ;o) Thanks so much for all your help.

Me You And A Mtn Dew
OOOO yet another blog to fill with entertaining, interesting stuff that I like. I have a load of blogs now so I will just go threw and make a list and stick it here. It will show all my different sides
Helping Friends
Please show all these great people lots of love. They are all fabulous and mean the world to me and deserve all the love they can get and more. Me!! :)
Friends Helping Friends
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Passions Volcanic
Dormant laid my passion, Hot runs my blood; Bursting without warning, My lava's fiery flood. I want to feel the friction, I want to feel the burn. You make my body hunger; You make my body yearn. I want to trap your fire inside me, Enslave you with my charms. I want to drink your molten lava, I want to explode in your arms.
2008 Kentucky State H.o.g. Rally In Pikeville
More than 1,500 people are expected at the 2008 Kentucky State H.O.G. Rally in Pikeville June 12-14. It’s the first time in history that the rally will be held east of Lexington, said Rally Coordinator Tim Spencer. H.O.G., which stands for Harley Owners Group, is a non-profit, factory-sponsored motorcycle organization. H.O.G. Rallies, which occur annually in 48 states, attract visitors from all over the country and beyond, Spencer said. They consist of live music, organized motorcycle rides, games, food vendors, bike vendors and, of course, bike shows. Only those who own Harley-Davidson’s can become H.O.G. members, according to Spencer, though individuals can become associate members if they know someone who owns a Harley. The organization consists of more than one million members, with chapters based all over the world. This year’s rally in Pikeville will kickoff Thursday night with an Early Bird Party at the Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center for those who pre-registered for
Pebbles In Az
My Auction Is Over...older Brett's Is Just Beginning!!
OKAY LADIES!!! My auction has ended!! I am now owned by hottieangel!! she rocks!!! Now if u got to my page u might have seen another brett there....from arizona as well!! go figure 2 bretts fubar..arizona... This is Brett's 1st auction so you could be his 1st owner. Looking for a 3 month VIP to do EVERYTHING listed in pic and on caption below on auction page. Thx for looking and/or bidding ... Wish me luck CLICK PICTURE TO GO TO THE ACTUAL AUCTION
Things That Make Me Smile
1. Falling in love. 2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3. A hot shower. 4. No lines at the supermarket. 5. A special glance. 6. Getting mail. 7. Taking a drive on a pretty road. 8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. 9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. 10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. 11. Chocolate milkshake (vanilla or strawberry). 12. A bubble bath. 13. Giggling. 14. A good conversation. 15 The beach 16. Finding a money in your coat from last winter. 17. Laughing at yourself. 18. Looking into their eyes and knowing they Love you 19 Midnight phone calls that last for hours. 20. Running through sprinklers. 21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. 22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. 23. Laughing at an inside joke with FRIENDS 25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. 26. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. 27. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new pa
Rest In Peace Grandpa
OK, it was official at 3:40 pm Friday my Grandpa passed from this world. Last week i was so angry when i heard he was brain dead it overrode my grief a lot an dkept me going. But when I heard that news Friday I cried, a lot. Been crying a lot ever since then. Im gonna miss him so much. He ment a lot to me and I dont think he really even really knew that. And sadly my brother who is deployed cant make it back for the funeral and I know Grandpa ment a lot to him too. Its hard right now. I have to keep going and acting like nothing is wrong cause I still have to continue to work and take care of house and kids. I dont want my kids to see me crying so im doing just about anything to keep busy. Oh, well. Im gonna miss him a lot. Rest in peace Grandpa. May the spirits lift you up and carry you to the Summerland where your spirit may rest so you can be reborn. i love you forever.
Bummed Bullys
I am auctioning myself off! LOL here is what I have to offer: 100 11s a week Daily comment 20minutes of undivided attn from me A salute for you Muahh!
About Me :)
This is a song on the new lacuna coil album...since i'm not allowed to put the music on my profile (copyright laws) I typed up the lyrics... Lacuna Coil - Not EnoughI don't want to be savedI wanna go down with youTogether we will find a wayTo come backCome backCome backI don't want to be savedI wanna go down with youTogether we will find a wayto come backI thought it was too lateI thought you disappearedIts been a while since Ibelieved in youI used to have the strenghtI used to just walk awayBut now that I see youIts not enoughIts not enoughI don't want to be savedI wanna go down with youTogether we will find a wayTo come backI thought it was a gameI'm following the wayNothings changed since I believed in youI knew that you would comeI thought that I'd be afraidBut now that I have youIts not enoughIts not enoughI don't want to be savedI wanna go down with youTogether we will find a wayTo come backForgotten fearsI throw away all of the caution into the windMy soul is burstingAnd I'm st
My mind screamed out "Make love to me" My body screamed out "Make love to me" you do more than that Without a word Without a thought You touch, lick, kiss, nibble, and suck on places that my body thought had lost feeling Passion, Desire, Lust You know just what I want From the top of my head to the tip of my toes I shiver Cry out Then faint The rush of sensation pass through my body It made all the tiny hairs stand up on end Just a touch and all of my feeling came back to me From just your touch
How To Find A True Love???
Own Me !!!
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Can Any1 Buy Me Some Drinks???plz
I kneel, supplicant before you my will offered up in quiet acquiescence awaiting your approval or reproach the fine line between pleasure and pain becomes ever sweeter with your control with every touch, kiss, word smoldering embers are kindled tormenting desires awakened I quiver captured by heat and hunger bend me to your will My Lord show me what you most desire my purpose but to serve through your dominion I find myself You, the Master of many my only
There is a place for us that no one else can enter. It is a place that holds no secrets, only beauty, peace, understanding. A place that we come to, thinking we are one, only to have our souls fused together for a moment. And in that moment, I know you; every pore, every pulse, every thought, every fear. And I love you more. I feel myself laid bare before you, and I feel content . . . joyous that you are with me, loving me in my nakedness.
Passions Flames
A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames
Master Nosferatu's Auction! Come Bid One Me
I am so tired of hearing people talk about how miserable they are, or how rough the have it. If that is the case, change it. The only person that can change it is u. No one can do it for u. Everyone tried telling me that I wasnt going to amount to anything when I got older because of some of the choices I made when I was younger. However I didnt listen to them and I was determined that I was going to have a good life and I was going to be successful. And if u look at me now I am probably one of the most successful 22 year olds that u will ever meet. People, please stop listening when others tell u that u cant do something because truth be told, u can do anything that u want, as long as u want it bad enough and are willing to do what it takes to get it. If u tell urself u cant do something then it wont happen. U got to have faith in urself. I am tired of seeing people dependent on others when all u need is urself. Step up people
Auction Time
I Want To Personally Thank Everyone Who Helped Me Level Last Night! I started on the Fu in January of 07.... This Lovely Lady invited me .... You can blame her for all the Animations: Thru_a_diff_i@ fubar I didn't do much January thru November of that year. I actually started Fu-ing during Christmas Vacation. I learned a LOT and met many great people. A few who come to mind: Frozen Mystical Dreamzzzz@ fubar BLAIRMARE@ fubar Twisted Whispers ~Fu-Owned by DJ KPNTREL~@ fubar Vitamin de~get your daily dose *DSC* I.B.I.C. }!{ Redneck Family Circle@ fubar ~Phoenix~@ fubar ~~~CaliGirl*33~~~MOD @ STUDIO 54~~~@ fubar JoAnna"- Proud Member of the {{{Shadow Levelers}}}" & "Club Far"@ fubar Rho
Well this sunday had to be one of the best days of this year so far! If not it was the best day. I passed my riding test so now I can go get my Motorcyle license. Im hoping by the end of next month to have my bike on the road. I told a friend that passing that test felt almost as good as sex. When my bike is on the road now that is going to feel better then sex. Its been a long year waiting to get her on the road. Once my love hits the road I am going to hard to get hold of for a while. lol Anytime I can get her wheels on the road I plan on being out and about. The feeling of being free and having no worries is how I feel when I am on her. Even during the test when I was riding their bike I didnt really think about anything but the road and the wind. Well i gotta go for a few. Hope all you riders ride safe and make it to your destination in one piece
I love the way trhings are going in my life right now, I have had nothing but good happen lately. It's great. My job is good and I ove what I do. I work six days a week and my schedule revolves around my life it is just a beautiful thing Dear, (fill in name if it applies to you) Over the last few months there have been some people that I've hurt in one way or another. I want to send my deepest apology for all that I may have done that hurt you in anyway. I have struggled through many things in my life lately and finally realized that I need to apologize to those i've hurt. I allowed my life to be affected by so many things therefore i took it out on others. I cannot allow myself to go day to day and never apologize to those I hurt. I'm sorry for my lack of good judgement and I'm truly sorry. It takes alot for me to admit that I was wrong in one way or another and by using bad judgement on my part I lost alot of things. Once again I just want to sincerely apologize for
Shatterd Like A Dream
Gee i dont know where to start!!! Well im kinda confused on what to do? Ive been talking to this female thats cool as a fan and then an ole girlfriend fromhigh school cumsinto town for a week and wants to hook back up? she has a man but hes in jail and i dont want to be the reason she moves back here to be with me i really want who ive been going after and its hard cause shes 200 miles away what should i do i know deal with it lol
Rocker Chic Happy Birthday
So we have another FU-Birthday today.. And it is Rocker Chic. So let's all go her LOTS AND LOTS OF FU-LOVE TODAY! ~Rocker_Chic~Lollipop Gurlz Club~@ fubar
Hello, I just recently created a lounge called Dark Menagerie. The idea of which is to give is members a place where we can hang out and listen to some cool goth-industrial music, like an online club. The next best thing to being there! Thing is, it looks kinda plain. I have no idea how to put a background photo to it. Oh, I can do HTML, CSS style sheets? Have no clue. If you can help, please lemme know... Thanks,and don;t forget to stop on by and hang out with me! Michael (aka Charon) Well here's my first blog entry. I don't expect too many to go in here. Maybe some stories I might write. We'll see.
Joe Smith's Day...
To Every Guy...
To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every
Never Not a whole lot in my mind will ever last With age i've become tempered, an iconoclast. Maybe with time, I can forget my past Patience and heart is all I can ask I feel like a lost ship, awry and dismast Your worldy beliefs, I will not chast First I needed your warmth, your love Now I need you to dicast Even if this will never last I thought I was losing my mind I told myself I cant take anymore I thought I was jelous I thought I was just I was just being over zelous Then I realized, it was you whom I crushed Things will never be the same This I am certain Your love is lost within the sands of my life For you I'll never stop searching Even if whatever God exists, closes my curtain But a Word I'm sorry to hear you're Longing and lonley I wish I could say these Things I wanna say But something holds me Back from these feelings That slip through the cracks Right through my fingertips I don't want to scare you But I'll always hold your back Even i
Honesty, Honestly
Written Works (poems So Far)
To the end of time, Do I climb, The mountain so tall, Searching for my call. When life comes to pay, Cannot let myself stray, For life is not about grieving, And certainly not about leaving. The pain of a forgotten sorrow, Extends itself till tomorrow, Face the pain of reality, Turn your face with feigned formality. Time is near, Do not fear, Forget not what you hold dear, And forgotten sorrow will not peer. NOTE: Written: 2/19/2003 Natural beauty rest and wait, Cover, care, and do not despair, With the right push, beauty fair, Once again she opens the gate. Your eyes, unsure, lost in debate, Worries shadowed by long dark hair, Wisdom found in an unlikely pair, Do not wander ‘less test your fate. Everything has a unique role, With every beat your heart thunders, Listen to the heart, stories told on face. Hidden deep, you must find your goal, Unsure, your lost mind ponders, Come with me and find your long lost grace. Cherry blossoms bloom Whi
An Early Incarnation, Of A Bad Day I Got Up On The Wrong Side Again The First Hours Crawl Emotional Starvation, We Throw The Words Away Don't Wanna Swallow My Pride Again The Worst Waste Of All I Think I've Found My Way In, I Found My Way Out For Every time That You Live Your Life To Please There's Always That Trace Of Doubt An Early Incarnation, An Early Incarnation Of A Bad Day, Of A Bad Day I Got Up On The Wrong Side Again I Got Up On The Wrong Side Again The Worst Waste Of All The First Hours Crawl If I Could Only Erase, This Failure In My Head One Day If I Could Just Face Up To This Put The Past To Rest Live Your Life To Please Live Your Life To Please Live Your Life To Please There's Always That Trace Of Doubt An Early Incarnation Of A Bad Day I Got Up On The Wrong Side Again The First Hours Crawl The First Hours Crawl.
Need Help
Will plz help me level i return favor. I am 546,921 Points to go!. R/A/F I need help with my gf. I love her to to death. I think i love her more then she love me. I just wondering can anyone help me get her back or help me. I want more then anything to be with her but i real hate the fighting. I hate that know what get me and does on purpose.
Your ill informed conspiracy theories are no good here!!!! Do the research!!!!
Drinking Games
1 liter(s) Vodka 2 liter(s) Sprite 1 package(s) Cherry Jello mix 1 liter(s) Orange Juice Mix all of these together. It's recommended you use something pretty big. Then put it all in the freezer until it's no longer a liquid. Then mush up and serve. I like serving it in those cool Halloween Cups that are skulls and monsters. This is great for parties or if you're a lone drinker, it could last you several nights. Category: Endurance Buzz Level: Deadly This game requires a clock, shot glasses, and lots of beer. Each person should have a shot glass in front of them. Every minute all players must take a shot of beer for 100 minutes. It seems easy at first but after about the 30th minute time seems to be going by faster and faster. Once you accomplish drinking a shot for each of the 100 minutes you are officially a member of the Century Club. Not many men can do it. You will end up drinking around ten beers. Good luck!
Drink Recipe's
Category: Ordinary Glass Type: Collins Glass Ingredients: 1 1/4 oz Vodka 1 1/2 oz Orange Juice 1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice 1 dash(es) Grenadine Category: Ordinary Glass Type: Cocktail Glass Ingredients: 1 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Amaretto 1/2 oz Melon Liqueur Directions: Mix ingredients and top off glass with cranberry juice. Serve with ice and a slice of lemon. These are very good and get you drunk fast! Category: Beer-Based Glass Type: Beer Mug Ingredients: 1/2 pint(s) Guinness 1/2 pint(s) Harp Directions: Pour one half pint of Harp into a pint glass. Then use the back side of a spoon while pouring the Guinness, this will lead to less foam. Let settle, then have a few, your Irish Eyes will be shining. This is just like a Black and Tan, only better. It has a really nice black gold contrast, just don't let it sit too long because the Guinness will fall after a while.
Inticed By My Own Death
emptiness and solemnity is all i feel i sit alone in the silence of my reality what can i do to change this i need a counter weight i need someone to make sense of my thoughts someone to clarify what i am interpreting as reality what is my mind coming to a mush of nonsense an interpretation of realty i cant make sense of the truth i need help i need someone to clarify what is going on please help me before i go insane thats all i ask please help me understand my reality life is to complicated for me to understand i need help if anyone is out there come to my aid help me!!!! what the fuck is wrong with me i am going out of my fucking head i keep trying to go farther away and end up closer than before i guess im just a glutton fo punishment every time i think im over it this bitch calls me back and right back in the trap i fall is at the fact that i thrive on the pain or for some sick reason i love the bitch i cant figure it out but i continue on this manhunt for myself i will win if it
Bobby Darin
Bra1ns, D!tz, And 1 Brunette
In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader called Abraham of Com did take unto himself a young wife by the name of Dot. And Dot of Com was a comely woman, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed, she had been called ’Amazon Dot Com’. And she said unto Abraham, her husband, ’Why dost thou travel far from town to town with thy goods when thou can trade without ever leaving thy tent?’ And Abraham did look at her as though she were several saddle bags short of a camel load, but simply said, ’How, dear?’ And Dot replied, I will place drums in all the towns and drums in between to send messages saying what you have for sale and they will reply telling you which hath the best price. And the sale can be made on the drums and delivery made by Uriah’s Pony Stable (UPS).’ Abraham thought long and decided he would let Dot have her way with the drums. And the drums rang out and were a n immediate success. Abraham sold all the goods he had at the top price, without ever moving from
Some of you know, some of you don't, but I'm going to tell you all now.. I'm leaving for vacation on Thursday (6/19/08). I won't be back until next week (6/26/08). So, if I'm not here, I can't he online, right? Wrong. I have someone who is going to be on my account giving my 11's out so I do not lose a week's worth of points. If you feel like you still want to help me level, please do. Just send me a message after you do whatever you do so I can re-pay the love. Without messages, all will be lost and I'll never know who helped me out. I do want to return all love given to me, so I need messages! I will also be turning my shout off so that I don't come back and people say "Well I shouted you a week ago" cause I probably won't get it. Again, send a message! I hope you all have a great week and I'm going to miss you all! Ugh, I'm going to have Fubar withdrawls. That's sad. LMAO Oh, and for those of you who have my cell phone number, I probably won't have service where I'm goi
What No Parent Should Have To Go Thru
March 2, 2007 - What no parent should have to go through. This is a blog of what no parent should go through and that is the loss of a child. This a select group that I hope no other parent will join. But I know such as life is that is not to be. You never want to open your door and have the police standing there at 4:30AM because you know the reason they are there and it isn't because you forgot to pay a parking ticket. There is only one reason and one reason only that they are standing there. The first thought through your mind is which child is it. A lot of things become blurred. You stagger around and you say NO that is not the way it is suppose to be. I'm suppose to go before my kids. They want you to sit but you think irrationally that if you keep standing it won't be true but you know better as the scream comes out of your mouth and you pound on the desk with your fists hoping that will make it not true. The police thought that I was having a heart attack. People say a lot of b
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want a personal salute from me????got spare fubucks?? if so just private message me for details!!! id be happy to work something out with ya ;)
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CONTEST This is a bombing contest(self bombing welcomed) Start date/time: May 16, 2008 3pm eastern time End date/time: May 30, 2008 3pm eastern time Prizes are as follows: 1st place 7 day blast or a VIP and a bling pack. 2nd and 3rd place 3 day blast or a bling pack. And finally here's a spin... The picture with the most rates will be awarded a bling pack. So what are you waiting for? Private message me with the link to your picture and let's get you entered. tHe CoFfEe LaDy Prizes won can be given to yourself or whoever you want...just let me know where to send it. One simple rule: Be nice to the other entrants or you will be removed from contest. created by Alex My contest is set open tomorrow afternoon at 3pm est - 12pm cst I will email everyone that has entered with the link to their photo. As well i post a bulletin. Post bulletin and blog's i will repost for you!! good luck to all!
Love Is
Becuse I Love You
7 Weeks
I want to thank everyone for their "friendship" here at Foolbar. In 7 weeks, my life will be changing and I won't be on here as much. I have some words of widsom tho: #1: Don't ever tell anyone that you love them if you don't or have no intentions of ever proving it to them. #2: Don't assume that all women are stupid and retarded. #3: Don't take Fubar so seriously...but then again, refer back to #1! LOL It's a shame that I have made alot of friends on here and 99% of them are no longer my friend lol. It's also a shame that I foolishly gave my heart to someone on here to only have it thrown back in my face...hence why my very sturdy metal wall is back up and in effect. Let's just say when someone who says they love you and you feel the same, yet they don't want no one in the world to know that and your only communication is when they are at work...there's usually something behind that. Take heed to all who read this...people are fake and it's sad that the game is played a
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Tell Her What She Means To You
  THIS IS FROM GOTHIC MAIDEN WICKED NYMPH WHO IS IN HER REDNECK FORM TONIGHT !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                The worst feeling in the world is knowing you've been used and lied to.Frustrated because I can't tell if it's real. Mad because know how you feel. Upset because we can't make it right. Angry because you won't take my hand. Aggravated because you don't understand Disappointed because we can't be together, but still I'll love you forever.Maybe they are right. Maybe I did get my hopes up too high. Maybe I was in over my head. Maybe I am the stupid one for ever thinking that you loved me, but maybe, just maybe, I am tired of being alone. Every time I see  you all cool, calm and collected, I lose my breath, my heart starts pounding, and I am painfully aware that i am not over you and you are so over me . I don't know w
For My Justin
I can't believe after all this time,I can't get over you, I guess a love like ours is one of a kind,a love that is true. It's been 8 years sense you left me to go to God & heavens immensity, Do you still remember me? It's like a bad dream that plays over & over in my head, Of things I wish I'd done or words I would of said. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, Even after all this time,what am I going to do? Maybe this is the way mommys are suppose to feel, Perhaps our wounds are never intended to heal. If I could ask but one question why, How is it God could need you more than I? When God calls little children to dwell with him above, We mortals sometime question the wisdom of his love For no heartache compares with the death of one small child Who does so much to make our world, seem wonderful and mild Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to his fold, So He picks a rosebud, before he can grow old. God knows how much we need them, and s
It Matters
Love Is When You Find:
Funny But Sad News About The Dough Boy!
SAD NEWS... Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71. Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The gravesite was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions. Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, two children, John Do
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Policeman vs Fireman pt 5 Helicopter
Guys..i Just Don't Understand Them Sometimes..
Guy:"Lets have sex right now. Girl: "Can we do what?" Guy: "You know, can I be your first, finally?" Girl: " Guy: "Why?" Girl: "Because, 1. you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend......." Guy: "So, if you don't tell, I won't tell. Girl: "Besides that, I'm waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first. Guy: "I'm not special to you?" Girl: "You're my friend. That's all. Guy: looks forward and keeps driving. 5 minutes pass....... Guy: starts to run his hand up the girl's thigh. Girl: moves his hand, "Don't touch me.". Guy: tries to kiss her. Girl: screams, "Would you stop. Guy: continues trying. Girl: moves to the back seat Guy: parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss he
Contests 4 Others
I entered a giveaway to get 2 bling packs and need 14,000 comments. If you would please stop by and show some luv. Leave some Comments. I will be in there but at certain times I will be in there to give out something and you can get a bling, fu-bucks and gifs from me so go in and help out and maybe you can be one of the lucky winners. Thanks So Much And Hope To See You There:)
Dear Boys, Stop wearing really tight pants and rolling them up to look as if there was a flood in the area. Also, streching ears outs looks really fucking lame. Dear Girls, Stop wearing those weird things you wear with skirts. Ummm, leggin's or something. Whatever, the multi-colored ones look really fucking stupid. And please, if you get a tattoo, make it meaningfull. Not something completely ridiculous. Sorry, I realize I'm no Calvin Klein, but these things just annoy me.
Goodbye Everyone!!! I Am Leaving Fubar!! It's Been Great Talking To You All!!!!
Creepy Crawly Stuff
One of my co-workers sent me this link after hearing of my latest spider incident (see pic albums). lol And I found another one in my garage and have him in a zip lock bag so that I can figure out just what he is and what him and his relatives are capable of doing to me!! lmao Copy and paste this link to read:
Thinking About Monday Morning
Hi All! If you have read my blog in "Freaking Grrrr!!!" you will know what I'm rambling on about now. If you haven't read it yet, this might make more sense to you if you read that one first. ~Tomorrow~ I'm thinking about the hearing tomorrow, and trying to decide how I will handle the situation. In my past experiences dealing with school officials, I have found that they have made up their minds long before I walk through the door, and talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. Andrew has never been in trouble before, so I don't know what to expect with this meeting. BTW, the kid who attacked Andrew got 7 days out of school/tech. I'm not sure when his hearing is. He might get more. Anyway, I want to defend Andrew in what happened. He has been putting up with crap from this kid for the past 2 months. I want to know what the school is going to do to stop this kid from not only harrassing Andrew, but other people in the school too. Obviously Andrew's instruc
Rants, Raves & Other Things
As you approach the auction house the first thing you see are the eyes looking out through rusted caged windows. The horses get as close as they can to the air, the sunlight they know is out there, but they can’t get too close or their eyes will be impaled by the bent and rusted prongs. Still, they look out, hoping to see something familiar, someone coming to take them home. Every horse has a different story. For the horses at auction, the look in their eyes all begs the same question: what did I do to deserve this? These horses are in a dark, man-made and operated cement hell. They are poked and prodded and crammed, sometimes 50 horses, into single pens. Some horses fight, some try to stay to the side to avoid getting kicked. Some are hurt; some are mares trying to protect their foals. Others are just trying to stay on their feet so they don’t get trampled. There are tired and wounded workhorses. Colicking horses. Injured racehorses standing on three legs that still wear sweat from
Bye Bye Bye
War In Iraq
Please show love to Dirty Red. #1 on my family, he's in the Middle East serving in the Air Force. He just had a birthday and I want him to come back an log on to see all the support that Fubar has for the men and women in uniform. So Please F/R/A him and fill his in box. The person who show the most love from now until he gets back will get 250k fubux if they also F/R/A me. You don't have to rate my pics, but pleas rate his. He will be letting me know who showed the most love and that person will get 250k fubux within an hours of me getting his message.
Nfl Scores
Buzzard Lady...
I had been out drinking PLENTY of times before. After all... I was 17, right? A co-worker/good friend and I left the drive-in theatre where we worked shortly after midnight, and headed to beautiful downtown Albany, Georgia for a li'l fun. Oh, yeah... we had a quart of vodka, too... didn't want to arrive at the clubs sober! My buddy assured me that he knew some bouncers who could get our ugly, under-aged asses in some places... I trusted him back then. We first stopped at a strip joint, but it seemed his "connection" wasn't on duty that night. Oh, well... didn't really want to see un-restrained, wildly-bouncing boobs, anyway (sure!). On to the next "sure thing"... same story at that place, too... hmmmmmmmmmmm. At least the vodka bottle was trust-worthy... and I was spending a lot of time with it at this point! All that running around in circles caused us to work up a bit of an appetite, so we went to the downtown Waffle House- hangout for the wired, weird, social and sexual des
I have diagnosed with moderate cervical dysplasia which may or may not turn into cancer, I've been seeing a Neuropathic Doctor, to see if he can help me with all this. I just don't feel like getting my shit ripped on, they wanted me to go through a LEEP procedure which to me seems like the same damn thing as a Colposcopy so instead I'm trying to heal myself with natural means. Please pray for me in the hopes that this Neuropathic Doctor can help reverse it back to normal. I have done alot of research showing they have done so with many things such as vitamins to build up the immune system to fight the abnormal cell growth. All in all lets just all hope & pray that this will work, cause I'm not looking forward to them ripping on my cervix & or having any other invasive procedures done! I've been trying so hard to quit smoking in which I did for about 12 days & know I can again just with the stress of everything going on it's hard as hell. Please if you'll loves me take the time to ask
The Minds Eye
CBS let another one slip by!! Andy Rooney said on '60 Minutes' a few weeks back: I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have t
Nothing Girl
Maybe I wear baggies and white socks with flip-flops, maybe I don't like listening to rave and I'm not on the social mountaintops, maybe I don't care about the things that make your worlds twirl, maybe you look at me and think: Gee, what a nothing girl. Maybe I like giving smiles which seems to be a sin today, and maybe I allow my imagination to sometimes run away, maybe you don't understand this and that's why you cannot see, if this make me a nothing girl, hey, that's ok with me! The world makes you believe your personality mustn't be detected, your face must be picture perfect and wear cloths just the best, to be accepted. Maybe I look at you and feel sorry that you're blind, robots you have became, yourself you'll never find. God made you, as well as me, this means I am something, the world is a liar and if I must be a nothing for you to see it, then so be it!
Fu Warning Tff
hmmmmm i get warned by a female bouncer for posting comment picture's lol......well if the O SO MIGHT BOUNCER'S dont want them DONT allow them to be posted on FUBAR PEROID!!! and ive seen main account picture's that show worse than a stoopid comment ive sent out .........look's like the o SO MIGHTY BOUNCER'S are'nt doing such a good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Small Pain In My Chest
The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath that tree. As I approached it, I could see him beckoning to me. The battle had been long and hard and lasted through the night And scores of figures on the ground lay still by morning's light. "I wonder if you'd help me, sir", he smiled as best he could. "A sip of water on this morn would surely do me good. We fought all day and fought all night with scarcely any rest - A sip of water for I have a small pain in my chest." As I looked at him, I could see the large stain on his shirt All reddish-brown from his warm blood mixed in with Asian dirt. "Not much", said he. "I count myself more lucky than the rest. They're all gone while I just have a small pain in my chest." "Must be fatigue", he weakly smiled. "I must be getting old. I see the sun is shining bright and yet I'm feeling cold. We climbed the hill, two hundred strong, but as we cleared the crest, The night exploded and I felt this small pain in my chest." "I lo
How I Feel
Sometimes I wonder how you really feel . You came to me so , Could this be real? When I saw you it was like love at first sight . You were innocent and carefree, how could this be right? The first time you touched me the anxiet built up inside. I was overcome with so many thoughts in my mind . You were gentle on the eyes with a salemen smile. Ithe love you passessed would be mine after while. How could I know it would go this far? There was somthing about you that captured my heart. Before I met you I was filled with sadness. Hurt by someone else plagued by never ending madness. But you made me happy once again . In you I found a lover and a friend . Tho we are Young I don't love you any less. So special to me , I know that I'm blessed. I love you more and more each day . I hope that you will never take your love away. Done by Christine
Bloggety Blog
Harsh words & violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone, my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted Surrounded By four cushioned walls. What is this place? Why am I here? There is so much Pressure on my chest, I can’t move my arms, All I can do is Sit here rocking, Back and forth Listening to the voices. Can you hear them? Or is it just me? They are telling me To kill, stab and Rip you open!
Hi everyone, new to the site. I don't have a clue to what i'm doing but i'm going to do my best
As everyone knows, I have been working on getting the funding together for my next film.. While that funding has not yet been obtained, my Partner called this evening and tells me funding has come in for a revisit to our first film Red State Road Trip! So, in the next week or so, I will be away from the internet for a while as we get this next installment of that film completed! I'll try to update this blog while on the road letting all know what the progress is like. in the mean time I'll miss everyone on fubar while I'm away.. Shoot I miss you already and I'm still planning travel!! So while I'm gone.. Keep up the point race and maybe I'll be an Oracle when I return!
A good friend of mine and alot of yours is in a contest all she needs is a rate yes just 1 rate from all of us. Please show her love she loves back. Please show all your love to my girl she needs 1 rate from everyone please help her let her know you rated her and she will return the love
What is the meaning of love?....can somebody please tell me. I hear so many people say it but how do you know if they mean it. Yes its been said to me a couple of times but how do I know its true…..oh I know….they say it and then ma heart gets broken soon afterwards…that's normally how it goes for me each time. Yaw know what I'm talking about…..when u and the other person you're with makes that promise to never hurt you in anyway…..but then forgets all about that promise….or did they really forget and just didn't care. I wonder why people play with love. I hear a lot of people say "Oh, well love is so over-rated" or "I just want to be with them, the love will come later." Then they are the same people that want to complain about their heart being broken. Well, that's your own fault if you didn't make sure that you had love and if the other person you with also had love too. I hate the fact that I get so attached to somebody just because I love their personality. Especially when I c
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American Idol
Everyone who's into American Idol PLEASE VOTE FOR JASON CASTRO on american idol...he's the greatest. Jason is unique, and very talented.... He has the most beautiful sounding voice I've ever heard before.... He's got the most stunning blue eyes and just hott as hell. Not to mention he has a nice ASS! but of course these aren't the reasons i vote for him i think he'd make a great american idol cuz he is a beautiful singer!!!
So do we pass the ghosts that haunt us later in our lives; they sit undramatically by the roadside like poor beggars, and we see them only from the corners of our eyes, if we see them at all. The idea that they have been waiting there for us rarely if ever crosses our minds. Yet they do wait, and when we have passed, they gather up their bundles of memory and fall in behind, treading in our footsteps and catching up, little by little.
Inner Thoughts
They say, the way to your soul is through your eyes. Well, what if you could see through people’s eyes. If they were say, glass? Well well welll, now wouldnt that be interesting? To know what people are really thinking of you. To know what they really think of how you look. How you sound. The things you say. Every movement you do, what their thought or opinion is on it. I think i would rather choose not to be able to see or hear what you say or think. Because you know what? I say i do not care. But do i really not care? I think i do. I actually think everyone does. Now, im sure you are thinking wow, i dont want to hear all the negative things they will say about me. There it is. Right there. Why do our minds immediately go to the negative? What if they were saying nice things? Of course they arent though. Maybe some nice, but there is always negatives. But listen to me all of you who have been judged or been stabbed in the back with words that were used to hurt you. Who are they to jud
My Baby
Thoughts...real Thoughts
So, I'm here having this conversation with someone who within 5 minutes of me adding as a friend, has read my page and appreciates the fact that I am one of the few that don't have to put naked pics up to get a good decent convo. I have talked to many on here that have said that they have met women from here and other sites whom, after looking at their pictures and conversating with them, decided to meet in person...and guess what...the woman was not who she said she was...the pics they had up were from 10 yrs ago when she was 50 pounds lighter and younger. Just for GP, my profile pic I have up now, I took today. I am still wearing the same clothes. I am why is it that men still refuse to conversate with me or "get to know the real me" because I don't have ass, tits and just skin showing in all my pictures...isn't that what porn is for? I mean I am a freaky woman as well with the right person but why must I show everyone in cyber world that? I am not needy with low self estee
Grown Women...
This was sent to me in an e-mail, so obviously I am not the author nor do I know who wrote it, but I did enjoy it & hope you do as well. This is not intended to offend anybody in any way at all, so have fun with it. With that bein said... To the women readers, where is it that u are in comparison to this? To the men. pay attn & see if you have a "woman" or a "girl".... Grown Women Girls want to control the man in their life. Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling. Girls check you for not calling them. Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't. Girls are afraid to be alone. Grown women revel in it using it as a time for personal growth. Girls ignore the good guys. Grown women ignore the bad guys. Girls make you come home. Grown women make you want to come home. Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans. Grown women make their own plans and
This Friend Is Awesome
I want to thank my friend Vern...for being wonderful to me! If you want a good friend... this is the guy! @};-Hopeless Romantic Godfather @};-{{H&L Bombers Founder}}r@};-@ fubar hugss....
Im Lost
im lost i have no clue how this works, it does not seem to be very user friendly and its very confusing, actually it sux. but whatever ill give it a try. just fyi im bitter and angry and i only date skinny fems so if your a fatty dont bother im not interested ok. call me an ass if you want but im being directly up front and honest, so none of us wastes our time. laterz
Today the break-up came. I was expecting it. It seems my inability to change who I am and how I react in situations has once again come between myself and ..... well, whatever. What can I say? I hate crowds. I don't open up and that is that. Large groups of people look to me as large groups of stupid people, which means something stupid is bound to happen. I'd just rather not witness it. Even in a crowd of friends I find myself silently judging them and deciding which of them I don't want to look at anymore. Having a large number of 'friends' doesn't benefit me in any way. I'm always finding reasons to narrow the numbers until there are only enough to count on one hand. I keep things bottled up for very good reasons. ... 1. if I've learned anything its that NO ONE wants to hear it. 2. Even if they do hear it, They don't give a damn anyway. These are traits that are now deeply engrained in me. These things I cannot change. Its far too late for any of that. Give
Brunette Bbw
I can't eat. I'm in pain all the time. I think I made a huge mistake. I never release like this, and I need to. Of all the things I did in my life to lose weight, this was the worst. I haven't been able to keep any food down since Tuesday. But, if I loosen the band, I won't be able to lose weight. So, this is what I'm reduced to: drink my food to lose weight and never eat anything solid again or loosen the band and be able to eat but not lose weight. I don't know, something is wrong when I can't eat yogurt without vomiting. Well, like the title says, I need some encouragement. My husband just brushes me off when I cry about it. I know, I did this to myself, but it still sucks. I don't know why.... I leave at least 1 comment a week for all of my friends. (I had 11 Bouncer checks the last time I sent comments to my friends!) I rate all pictures 10's and 11's when I have them. I rate all stash's thumbs up and all blogs 10's. I buy drinks and other gifts. I try to return all Fu-L
Imvu Tweaks & Codes
Basic 3 Box/Div Layout w/ Tutorial For use on IMVU homepages only Learn how to create a customize an IMVU layout with this basic 3 box/div layout code & tutorial by ChaChaFance. Image (Click for larger view): Unfortunately, the tutorial is too long to fit here, so you will need to go here to view the code & tutorial on Layouts By ChaCha. Note: I'd appreciate it if you did not remove the credit to me & my website, because I took a lot of time out of my schedule to do this for you guys! I get asked on a daily basis on how to make div layouts like this! :) Please let your friends know about this as well! Thank you.
Own Me!
so... do you like what you see? click the image to go to the auction and place a bid on me... dont forget... Rate... Fan... Add!
i cant go on.. its to hard.. the drugs cant help. death cant help. love is the reason it hurts so much .. i wish i could hate you.. i cant though.. i dont know why i love you so much.. its killing me. and death holds no release cuz i know you will join.. fuckedup.. its getting time for me to take the controler and play my last round and try to beat the score.. may you all forgive me when it finaly comes out
Wwe Hell Yaaaaaa
My Thoughts
I really am not much of a blogger and please don't spell check me but I had some thought that i needed to get out. I am writing this on the7th anniversary of my fathers death. Today is a very hard day for me because when I was younger my father and I were not very close. In fact my gradfather was more like a father to me at times than my dad was. I understand that my dad had to work to keep us fed but he was hardly home with driving truck and stuff.As I got older and things slowed down and eased up for my dad we became much closer and became very good friends plus father and son. I could finally talk to my dad about things that I was once afraid to mention to him. It felt real nice to have a friend, buddy, and father all in one. I also realize that I had my father in my life than a lot of other people, but concidering that I didn't really have my of a relationship with him until i was in my mid to lat 20's I didn't have that relationship long. Unfortunately My dad passed away when
Just A Rate
okay all my friends i am in this rev rates contest and was leading til last night. so what i need from you is to rate the person below a BIG 10 or the even BIGGER 11. if you do and want some buxs for it pm me and i will send you 500.. tytyty I am In A Contest For 1 Million Fubucks. First 2 To 15000 Comments Wins. I can do the Bombing But You Are More then Welcome To Drop Some On Me If You Would Like. But Will You At Least Rate This Pic $ Me?? C lick The Pic Below N Drop A Rate
Racing News & Info
It is a sad day in the world of dirt track racing today as we say goodbye to another memeber of our family. Tandy "Suicide" Spurlock passed away last night after finishing a fantastic race night at the 201 Speedway. He was 43 years old & loved by race fans everywhere. He will be sadly missed!! We love you,Tandy!!!! When I get any info about arrangements,I will post for you local peeps!!! Love all of our racing Family ~ReD~
How I Feel Thru Video!
I Dont Care About Pts ,,
I have no urge to have PTS ,, i came on here to talk to PPL ,, and make some frens ,, is it that hard to keep a conversation goin after the first talk? whats up with that? WARNING - im goin to clear up my list ,, and make real frens ,,
Just Babbeling
I think todays blog sould be a lil different so I'll start with my favorite Quote from Marcus Aurelius 121-80 AD, Roman Emperor, Philosopher "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart." To me this is not just a quote it's a way of thinking I believe that we cross each others paths for reasons. With my life being in the mess that it is in at the moment. being away from my girls is a very hard thing to deal with at times. Would I change things if I had magial powers, yes but this is the reality of the world it's not always cookies and cream. I guess what I'm really trying to get at is I want to say thank you to the friends that make these lonely days away from my grils bearable. I have had the pleasure of meeting alot of people here in fu-land, some came for a day others I hope are here to stay. I also want to say to some I haven't be a very good friend, being Bi-polar some days
I'm So.....
you are just fucking crazy. Should i be turned on or, think about the herpes you picked up riding on your mans harley in the short shorts? Fucking horny, yes most guys are. It has been a month since i broke up with my girlfriend and i havnt found any ladies that i really want to have sex with. But now that ive been so fucking picky i feel like im about to explode.... god i hate this sorry to bitch late
Anyone Else
Life's A Bitch
Fingers gingerly dance Devoting promises kiss Upon fire’s canvas Patchouli oils emit Seductive whispers Curvaceous softness As lavender hues Sighs & moans echo Into the stellular sky Finding your pleasures Endless caressive muse Clandestine treasures Erogenous gates yearn Your thighs belonging Spreading your fortress Opening volcanic secrets
Hh Contest
I AM A MEMBER OF THE MOST AWESOME FAMILY ON FUBAR THEY GOT 65K COMMENTS IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!! ALL THESE GUYS HELPED ME WIN A HAPPY HOUR SHOW THEM SOME LUV The Spankers Club@ fubar !Starry!@ fubar ღ Ððµßlê Ð ² §håÐðw Lêvêlêr &ღ Wï£ê¥ †ð §þåzz@ fubar Vanessa's Pwoned Tata's show him love-Member of Spankers@ fubar PUMPKIN BUTT~FU-WIFEY TO LEIF~*R/L TAKEN BY LEIF*~OWNED BY LEIF~*OWNED BY DARTH*MNG Pain N Pleasure@ fubar
Song..hold On To Me
BO BICE LYRICS "Hold On To Me" Who am I to say you’re wrong For feeling what you feel There’s something in the way you talk Like you’ve forgotten what is real You don’t have to prove you’re strong To face it on your own Cause it’ll steal your breath It’ll wear you out It’ll throw you to the ground. There is a lighter day Hold on, hold on It’s closer than you let yourself believe Whoa-oh When life cuts you like a blade It’s gone so wrong You can’t remember who you’re supposed to be Hold on, hold on To me You can tell me anything Your deepest darkest fears I ain’t gonna judge you baby That’s not why I’m here You can lay your burden down You can lay it down on me And I’ll take it all I’ll lift you up I’ll pass you to the sun There is a lighter day Hold on, hold on It’s closer than you let yourself believe Whoa-oh When life cuts you like a blade It’s gone so wrong You can’t remember who you’re supposed to be
Unwritten..a Song
NATASHA BEDINGFIELD LYRICS "Unwritten" I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefinedI'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned Staring at the blank page before you Open up the dirty window Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find Reaching for something in the distance So close you can almost taste it Release your inhibitions Feel the rain on your skin No one else can feel it for you Only you can let it in No one else, no one else Can speak the words on your lips Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten Oh, oh, oh I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way Staring at the blank page before you Open up the dirty window Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find Reaching for something in the distance So close you can
New Work Schedule
Hello I wanted to post this blog to show my support to a good fu friend Hunter. His father passed away 05/01. Today is at services for his dad and my father passed away as well about 6 years ago and I know how that feels. :/ Is Monday thru Friday 330pm to 12am More than likely Ill hope on early afternoon and afterwork. Best to catch me later at night. Regardless all rates and love will definately be returned. Just giving yall a heads up E
For My Peeps ...
... I find myself with friends I don't feel I deserve. I'm not the best person to reply to an email, send an email, or especially start conversations. There seems to be something about me that keeps me from fully connecting with anyone. Just tonight, I was reminded about the unconditional friendship. I hurt a friend bad (in my heart) and after months of not talking, she still accepted me. Not that feelings are like they were, but she didn't turn me away. Okay, I'm drunk-typing again, so I better end this one before I spill my drink and short my keyboard ... just got my system running again and don't need to fuck it up again ... LOL As many of y'all probably noticed by now, I'm not on here nearly as much as I used to be. Life put me through some tests the past couple of months. Nothing too spectacular, but things I had to work out. Now that things have simmered down, the nice weather has finally made it. :) This means that the guys and I are having to work a bit faster on the 4x4's.
Something To Believe In
~~For all my friends that believe & those who care about the lives and concerns of others. I love you all~~Bang a DrumJ. Bon Jovi I went to see the preacher To teach me how to pray He looked at me and smiled Then the preacher turned away He said if you want to tell him something You ain't gotta fold your hands Say it with your heart Your soul and believe it And I'd say amen Bang a drum for the sinners Bang a drum for the sins Bang a drum for the losers And those who win Bang a drum bang it loudly Or as soft as you need Bang a drum for yourself son And a drum for me I called upon my brother just the Other day, he said: John I'm gonna Die if I don't start to live again I work each day and night like clockwork Just trying to make ends meet I could kick this bad world's ass If I could just get on my feet I'd bang a drum for the dying Bang a drum for the truth Bang a drum for the innocence Lost in our youth Bang a drum bang i
Leveler Of The Day
WELL ITS TIME TOO DISCUSS THE LEVELER OF THE DAY.It has been brought too my attention that the lower levels are not going too be able too get chosen for the leveler of the day because of the rates they have. I understand that.. I found on my first day for example.Vanessa hit me with everything she had. She rated everything she could and maxed early just on me and wasnt able too help on level ups the rest of the day. So with that heres our options and majority will win on this. We can keep it as it is or I can choose who will be the level of the day . The choice is all yours... I will not be voicing any say in this. All levelers need too comment on this as too how thye feel. Remember if you are not participating you wont be chosen. You gotta give love too get it Thanks for all your input
i feel alone... i feel like i could die i feel alone... i feel like i could die... tonight carry on carry on don't feel ashamed.. don't feel ashamed i rather it be this way you're not to blame you're not to blame don't feel ashamed i'm getting close... to the other side just close the door i'll leave the past behind me can you see my pride it's only one step away from freedom... freedom... i feel i can fly anywhere with anyone don't feel ashamed i rather it be this way you're not to blame don't feel ashamed don't feel ashamed i rather it be this way you're not to blame don't feel ashamed i love you baby... so don't you feel ashamed!!
Nikki K
My Poerty
Trying to push the past away Still waiting for the lights to change But she'll try, for the sake of her pride, Learing to barely feel the pain The thicker the skin the less the strain And though it's really hurting She ain't breaking, She is loving him still After all this time Some people think that they hold all the power of the people around them... little do they know that it is not them that holds the power but that those around them do. To be concerned about your fate and your soul only deepens your thoughts and wisdom of life today. To to lose your self and your power, over another person. Do not hate for it will only haunt you. Perhaps as one stands alone in darkness, they feel no one can understand them. Cold and alone watching the moon rise in the night, watching the stars race across the ebony sky. Knowing passion is out there, and missing it all the while, feel despair and desire together merging into one. One
Alone... Slave's Poem
Entry for March 30, 2007 **taken from Master Wolfgang's page...thank you for these Rules and that I may see and learn them. Ten Rules for Dominants Ten Rules for Submissive’s Be patient! Until you enter into a contract with a submissive, you have no more right to order him/her around than does anyone else. Give your bottom time to get to know you and what you are like. Finesse and subtlety are major elements of dominance. Similarly, strength and gentleness go hand in hand. The sensitivity and awareness (or lack thereof) that you show in the real world is likely to be repeated in the playroom. Be patient! A potential top will let you know if she or he is interested in you or not. Keep in mind that your purpose as a submissive is to serve and to satisfy someone who will take into consideration the realization of your fantasies. Don't expect your top to be able to turn on like a light switch. The timing must be right for both of you. Be humble. You may be God's/Goddess' gift to
Auction Auction
Rules For Slave's & Subs
Entry for March 30, 2007 **taken from Master Wolfgang's page...thank you for these Rules and that I may see and learn them. Ten Rules for Dominants Ten Rules for Submissive’s Be patient! Until you enter into a contract with a submissive, you have no more right to order him/her around than does anyone else. Give your bottom time to get to know you and what you are like. Finesse and subtlety are major elements of dominance. Similarly, strength and gentleness go hand in hand. The sensitivity and awareness (or lack thereof) that you show in the real world is likely to be repeated in the playroom. Be patient! A potential top will let you know if she or he is interested in you or not. Keep in mind that your purpose as a submissive is to serve and to satisfy someone who will take into consideration the realization of your fantasies. Don't expect your top to be able to turn on like a light switch. The timing must be right for both of you. Be humble. You may be God's/Goddess' gift to
My Writing
Well I can say I got my first published piece today. It was a letter to the editor in our local paper. Honestly I know that’s nothing grand but I’m proud of it. I wrote the letter because it was something that I believed in. They contacted me a week later to verify I wrote it, but I didn’t think they were going to publish it because I didn’t see it at all that week they called me. I had forgotten about it completely so I was surprised to see it in today’s paper. The letter was written in response to another letter that appeared in the paper. My Letter: Art, music should be key part of curriculum I'm very dismayed at a letter to the editor by a Knoxville man complaining about a grandmother wishing her grandson could study the violin. He complained that art and music are a waste and our schools should focus more on math and science. Art and music promote creativity and imagination that is essential for grasping other subjects. There are plenty of studies that show kids who are e
Battle With Jen
So I...
MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Family tree charts - Pedigree chart Seether- Remedy So I.... I Live: in Clinton. I Work: as an insurance agent. I Talk: with an accent to some of my wurrrds because I'm a southerner. I Wish: to leave a positive impact on everyone I meet. I Enjoy: hanging out with friends. I Look: so-so today. Not too bad but not at my best. I Find: body odor and bad breath to be repulsive. I Smell: like Clinique's Happy. My favorite perfume I Hide: my toys. I Pray: That I win the lottery. Amen. I Walk: to the car. We have a treadmill I need to start using that again. I Write: short stories, poetry and the fucked up dreams I have. I See: how many people will put "dead people" under this one? I Sing: along with the radio in the car. I Can: be annoying because I worry too much about the people I care for even when they don't give a shit about me. I Watch: movies. I Yearn: to share my art with the world and be apprec
I'm lost and cannot find my way. I get worse at the passing of each day. People look at me dead in my eyes and do not care. I look back at them and think while we stare. Don't they realize I'm the result of their error and their joy. These people believe what is done is done and leave me as a young boy. They do not help me release the full potential within me. They look at me and what will happen and think that's the way it's suppose to be. The people leave me as a deprived and lonely thing, And in all this world of hurt and pain, I still find one who will sing. I will look familiar, yet different with nothing fancy, not even lace. I say I'm the child you never had, and you yell that it can not be. I'm filled with hurt and pain and things that I can not admit, But the time to change me is here and will come only if you commit. You can fix me because I'm not fully grown. You can help me, or still leave me on my own. I'm your nightmare and dream all wrapped up into one.
What would you do if you had one moment? One moment of what is what you should be asking right about now. One moment is so vague. You can have a moment in so many things in life, one moment to shine at work or school, or one moment you wish you could just take back. We all have moments in our life, some good and some bad. We live our lives and forget that every minute is a moment. There isn't one that is truely greater then another. Every breath we take leads us to another breath and another moment in our life. Yes, we do run into situations that are a matter of timing that leads us to such benefits or sorrows in our lives. We cherish those moments or regret them. We dwell on those moments so much but we fail to remember what got us there. At that one moment the burns its way so deeply in our minds, we don't realize there was actions that led up to it. Maybe you left the house five minutes early or you stopped for a coffee or you forgot something at the house. Whatever it was there was
I Have 11s For Sale
I have 90, 11s to give out left and I'm running low on fubucks 10, 11s for 5k fubucks or a bling if your interested give me a shout..
Please Read And Thank You Ahead Of Time
This is probably what you all have thought a million times just afraid to say it.. and by no means is it about everyone.. cause I have met a few great people here.. Okay.. most of you won't like me after reading this.. hell, most of you don't even know me.. Now that you have ever taken the time to return comments, shouts or whatever... I want to know.. what the fuck is wrong with this site? Seriously.. what is wrong with it.. I have had eight people from my family list up and delete their profiles...They said they had to leave.. they felt isolated.. Why? Why does this happen? It is like you have to be part of THE families.. or know the top members to get anyone to say shit all to you..Or even be members of big lounges...Are people on this site so stuck on themselves.. to even see nice, decent people here? Well, I understand most of the top members here...ARE stuck on themselves.. Hell, me just saying "top members" means you have to BE someone in this place to even matter.. a
Been Almost Cancer Free A Year
To all my friends. May of last year due to breast cancer..Had my right breast removed last year...So it's been almost a year being cancer free,Wooo Hooo...
I Got 11s For Sell
Cancer And Aquarius
This is a not-so-hot combinaion. Cancer is too emotional to tolerate the dispassionate friendliness that Aquarious offers to his friends and lovers. If Aquarious is going through one of his turned-off phases, Cancer will take it personally and feel abandoned. Once in a blue moon these two might get it on but that isn't usual, nor is it satisfying or long lasting
Music Time
Lead Sails Paper Anchor
Marching alone, like a good soldier does I'm setting sail, with anchors holding me down Pack up my bags, stow them away I'm bidding farewell to all that is safe Will I come up for air, come up for air After awhile the current is calling me Lulling me, waving goodbye I'm out here alone, oh God can you save me now? Sinking my heart turns to stone Withering away, a shrinking violet dies So full of life, these lights have dried me out Into the sea, I needed a drink I never thought this would consume me whole Will I come up for air, come up for air After awhile the current is calling me Lulling me, waving goodbye I'm out here alone, oh God can you save me now? Sinking my heart turns to stone (I turn to stone) Sinking my heart turns to stone Save me, take me home Over and over again Save me, take me home Wishing that this all would end Save me, take me home Over and over again Save me, take me home Wishing that this all would end After awhile the current i
ok i was talking to this dude the other day and i got a suprise!!! this cat is using my good friends photos and claims it to be himself pretty sad,so i asked him why is he using my friends photos and claiming to be him...sure enough he blocked me becuase the truth was to be told, well i remember when my boy had his account on fu this candyman dude checked him out and snagged most of his images and placed them into his own folders even though he could not use the salute my friend had since diffrent users had diff profile links well so i asked a good friend from fubar to get some information on this guy named candyman come to find out he likes young girls...check out his myspace he has Underage Kids on his profile and friends list,i know i should not care but just giving people heads up there is alot of fake people on the internet} so here we go let this people be known so if you have this dude as your friend/fam he is 100% fake trying to be someone he is not or ever will be Cur
Last Night
For those who are my real friends and have took the time to care will understand this more! I went out with my friend and her two sisters last night to a bar and had the best time i have had in 2 years! I danced what little ass i have off!!!! LOL For those of you who have helped me through the last month or so, thanks for all the encouragement and shoulders to cry on! You have made me smile for the first time in months and i love you all!!!! You know who you are!!!!!
Listen And Win!
That's Rite This Giveaway Sponsored By: The Spirits Den, & Snake Bite Radio Lounge Over The Next Several Week's Snake Bite Radio & Spirits Den Will Be Keeping Total's On The Amount Of Fubux Given In Prizes. When The Total Between The Two Lounges = 1 Million FUBUX The Next Trivia Question Will Be Worth 1 Million Fubux! The Jackpot Question May Fall On Friday,Saturday Or Sunday! You Have To Be Present In Either Spirits Den Or Snake Bite Radio Lounges And Be The 1st Caller! The Question Will Have Three Parts,Answer All Three Correctly. And Your A Fumillionaire! Music By: "Snake Bite Radio" Rock the weekend with Shock Jock Jokers Wild, DJ Aimee, DJ KrazyChick DJ Harleybaby69, DJ Punk & DJ Tanya Will Have Live Cams Going in the evenings Friday Night Trivia for FU Bucks Sat Morning 9 Am - Noon CST - Chaos in The Morning with a Special Guest Sat Night Trivia for FU Bucks Sunday ALL Request All Day 1st Round Is Always On Us... (Main Events
H E L P Your Little Sista!
And I am LOST!!!!!!!!!! I am tried of Photobucket but I don't want to use imageshack whats another site for posting pictures? GRACIOUS! P.S I have clean panties on today, just because!
Goodies And Me! Xoxo
Je m'appelle Joli. MUAH! Become a part of my family for access to all of my family folders! I have just started to create my FU WORLD and will be adding and updating regularly. View pictures, chat with me here and let's have some fun! Just private message me to ask how! Each month you can renew and reserve your Family spot or choose to stay a friend. I will be designing some custom care packages for those true Joli fans as well. To include: NSFW Video Salutes, Autographed Pictures, Personal Items, Phone Calls, etc... If you have any requests or suggestions be sure to leave a comment. xoxo ~Joli~
Links http://www.canofb
Personal Thoughts & Pics...oh My!
I will make one tonight..since so many girls people think that I'm the faker. *grin* Hi guys! I just updated my BLOG. *smiles* Happy FRIDAY!! I woke up today and I felt tons better. I hate feeling I'm glad that it has passed. It was a beautiful sunny day! I took my dogs to the doggy park. Thats always fun...There is always atleast one single guy there that has tried everything to meet a girl. I call them MR D E S P E R A T E!!! *grin* nooo just kidding! I think It's a great way to meet girls, but I'm always worried about the poor dog. Like..does he really love his dog or it it just a tool in this crazy dating world. *shrugs* Anyways it was fun fun...I have to say tho..while I was there...the only drool was coming from the men! *giggle* Tonight I went to a was yummy...had a few drinks and now here I am. I'm full of energy...and want to get a little wild on cam! Here is a preview..enjoy my boobiness! See you in camchat! Ohhh..almost forgot. I'm doing a free cam sho
Time Too Say Good Bye Too A Leveler & Friend
Its time too say Goodbye too a friend of many of ours. Today will be her last day on Fubar. She will be leaving us for real life. Please stop by and say hi and send her off with a smile. So that she will know just how much we all appreciated her friend ship. CherryPye*BigSexysFu-Girl* {{Shadow Leveler}}@ fubar
Ordinary Man
Look in the mirror tell me what do you see Or can you lie to yourself like you're lyin' to me Do you fall asleep real easy feelin' justified and right Or do you wake up feelin' empty in the middle of the night You want to think you're different, but you know you never can You're just another ordinary man Hey politician, can't believe a word you say Almighty media, whose truth did you sell today? Watchdog of justice, who keeps their eye on you? Con man, song in hand, who you singin' to? The more I get to see, the less I understand I'm just another ordinary man Ordinary man, Just another ordinary man Comes a time to take a stand No rest for the wicked - they get it while they can The preachers and the teachers and your local Congressman Everybody plays the game they played since time began Lawyers and accountant - your media man Everybody's talkin' but nothin's gettin' said You're looking for the truth you better look inside your head I see the flash of ligh
Lunar Festivals
Lunar Festivals January: Cold Moon February:Snow Moon March: Sugar Moon April: Rain Moon May: Flower Moon June: Long Days Moon July: Honey Moon August: Corn Moon September: Harvest Moon October: Blood Moon November:Rememberance December: Long Nights Moon The Blue Moon is considered the 'goal moon', at this time it is customary to set specific goals for yourself and to review your accomplishments and failures since the last one. The other 12 Moons all have special meanings as well. January is the time to conserve energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. It is also a time for protection rites and reversing spells. During this month the energy flow is sluggish and below the surface. February is the time for loving the self, accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans. At this time the energy flow is working toward the surface; good for purification, growth, and healing. Mar
Here's The Reason I Went Through Hell
this pic shows what type of man i am . heres a pic of me and my babygirl which i dearly love . i went to hell and back for her if i had to do it again i would . i dont know how many dads would . but truthfully i do it all again.guys when she gets older she has 4 bothers dont worry about them just worry about daddy.
Life & Love
Pimpin Out My Owner
The Witch's Tools
The Witch's Tools,,,,,The tools of the craft There are many different tools used for Wiccan Rituals and Spellcasting. While I have only included ritual tools I use in my practice, there are many more to be found. As with most witch's I beleive you do not need tools of any kind to practice Magick. Tools make it easier to focus on the actual ritual or spell. THE ATHAME The athame is the traditional ritual dagger of the witch. Commonly it has a black handle and steel double-edged blade. The athame is used to cast circles by tracing the circumference, to charge and consecrate objects and banish negative energies. it is never used as a mundane knife for cutting purposes, and is used strictly for magickal purposes only. In most traditions it is associated with the elements of Fire and the phallic symbolism of the knife links it with the God. THE PENTACLE The pentacle is a traditional tool of the craft that is thought to have been adopted from ceremonial magic. It is usually a
Heart Aches & Rainy Days
Not now, please, she thought as she felt the beginning of fresh tears, not with the bus almost here. It was 3:15 p.m., and her 7-year old daughter, Angelica, was due home any minute. Jessica removed her sunglasses to wipe her tear stained face. “Hello, Jessica,” Rose’s voice reached her as always before Rose came into sight. Rose was out of breath as she topped the hill. Jessica hurriedly put her glasses back on. It wouldn’t do to let Rose see the tears or the bruises. “Hi, Rose,” she responded hoping her neighbor wouldn’t hear the tremor in her voice. “How are you?” “Oh, I’m fine. I didn’t think I’d make it up that hill. The twins are so active,” she laughed, patting her enormous belly. “How are you?” “I’m fine,” Jessica replied as the bus topped the hill. They both turned to look. Angelica, as usual, was the first off the bus. “Look, Mommy!” she yelled waving a brightly colored paper above her head. “I drawled a picture for you.” “Drew a picture,” corrected Jessica
Real Food 4 Thought
First and foremost, how you think, is what you do. It can be no plainer than that. If your mind is fcked off, EVERYTHING you do and EVERYBODY you know, is now fcked too. Stop filling your small mediocre brain with 50 cent type "bling-bling" bllsht music and "Goodfellas" dreams. Put a plan together, start with a 3 month plan, then get a 6 month plan and then a 1 year, and then a 5 year. If you can't get past the first goal, how in the fck can you see what 5 years will yield you. Stop acting like an azzhole, and do your homework. Secondly, HOPE for something better than what you had yesterday. If you were a crackhead and don't want to be a crackhead anymore, pray on it. Then take steps to remove crack from your system and your environment. You cannot get clean clothes from dirty water. If you want different you have to do different. If your finances are fcked off, don't hope for a pay raise while still shopping your azz off and smoking hella bomb, what are you, stupid? And if you don'
Truely Touching
I'm Already There lyrics - Lonestar lyricsI'm Already There Video - Lonestar Music VideosMusic Videos by VideoCure
We Support You Parade
Calling all service members and supporters!!! Welcome to the “We Support You” Parade. Please line up and let us show our support for the men and women of our Armed Forces past and present. They deserve our love and support 24/7, so now we are not stopping just because a day has past, we are marching on. Do not let this parade stop!! Here are the rules: ****If for any reason you have a problem with Fan/Rating/Adding everyone on the list, but would like to join the Parade, please contact me (the host). This is to show support and give strength to those who have sacrificed so much for us.**** There will be 3 sections to this parade, you must start at the bottom of the page and work toward top. Fan/rate/and add everyone. In your requests or even in gifts, please specify if you are a Vet, Currently Serving, or a Supporter. If you have already added them, please leave them a comment letting them know you are joining the “We Support You” Parade. Present Service M
Dudes Playing Chicks
Sick N' Suffering :(
Just tell me how you aren't like other guys, how you'll be different and why you want me to be your girlfriend...Best answer wins! Good luck...make me proud. Kimberly Hey everyone--just thought I'd post a blog explaining why friends have only been able to catch me on here or other places (phone, yahoo, etc.) every now and then. For starters, I am almost done (fingers crossed) of one of the worst chest colds I have ever had (several different antibiotics, inhalers, etc.). That just knocked me off my feet. Rather than logging in and out of programs, I usually just keep things on. Sometimes my son will go to his kid-friendly websites through his easy link, which may end up making me look like I'm really on, but I'm not. Or sometimes my computer automatically reboots itself with updates and opens up yahoo it may look like I signed on but I really didn't. Trust me I'm not avoiding people, I've just been sick and really focused on getting better. Seco
Fubar Sluts
so this girl "tattooed chickie" comes been coming on onto me for a couple weeks and just says she wants to bang and all this shit and im like no im not really attracted to you and find you gross, so in turn she starts sending people messages saying i gave her a yeast infection lol fucking fubar sluts yo
Topic Of The Day
I just came across this article about a New York City columnist who has started an uproar by telling readers they allow their 9yr old child to ride the NYC subway alone!I am just wondering whats wrong with them.... I suppose I won't know for sure until I get there but I doubt my son will be left home alone at 9 let alone be able to travel the city unattended! "Critical parents accuse her of being everything from tragically misguided to engaging in child abuse. Yet, others agree with her that the current generation of parents has become "helicopter parents" who unnecessarily hover around their young children and treat them like fragile and delicate objects that must be watched and protected at all cost. Among those who agree with the columnist, some recall being allowed to run errands at seven and eight years of age without incident. Among those who disagree is a father of three in California, who cites dangerous traffic that makes letting a nine-year-old navigate the streets a
We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answer, 'Hi.' Everyone in the restaurant
Tottenhamlisa@ fubar
~ Bizzare Love Triangle ~
~ Bizzare Love Triangle ~ Every time i think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue It's no problem of mine but it's a problem I find Living a life that I can't leave behind There's no sense in telling me The wisdom of a fool won't set you free But that's the way that it goes And it's what nobody knows While every day my confusion grows Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray I'm waiting for that final moment You'll say the words that I can't say I feel fine and I feel good I'm feeling like I never should Whenever I get this way, I just don't know what to say Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday I'm not sure what this could mean I don't think you're what you seem I do admit to myself That if I hurt someone else Then I'll never see just what we're meant to be Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray I'm waiting for that final moment You'll say the words that I can't say Peace.
Hold Me Down
i don't make everyone happy...... but it's ok......(its ok) and its ok...(its ok) I've been through this before it's nothing new (it’s nothing new)’s .nothing new (it’s nothing new) chorus: i don't know why every time i wanna fly somebody always tries to hold me down...hold me down... im loosing my faith every single time... i try water's on my side dont let me drown.....let me drown don't worry about whatcha done now cause it's ok yeah yeah its a test to see how much you can's nothing new it's nothing new, NOTHING NEW! i don't know why every time i wanna fly somebody always tries to hold me down...hold me down... im loosing my faith every single time... i try the water's on my side dont let me drown.....let me drown i am drowning...i am sinking....yeah! i am drowning...i am sinking... why won't someone help me? why won't someone help me? i don't know why every time i wanna fly somebody always tries to hold me down...hold me down... im
I Wrote This For My Love
If I could make a wish And have it last forever and a day, I would take you in my arms And this is where I'd stay.. For there's no one else I know That holds my heart like you, And I know someday, baby, You'll realize this is true. If I could make a wish Your lips would be on mine, I'd slowly sip and savor you Like only the finest wine. For there's no one else I know That gives me so much pleasure, And I know someday, baby, You'll see that you're my treasure. If I could make a wish Our bodies would unite, There's nothing I'd love more Than making love all night. For there's no one else I know Who gives me passion like you do, And I know someday, baby, All my wishes will come true. If I could make a wish I'd start by making things right, I'd take away all your doubts, And hold you through the night. For there's no one else I know That means as much you see, And I know someday, baby, You'll learn to trust in me. If I could make a wish. It would be
I see you, yet your not around, i look at you, your just a vision, nothing tangable, close not a stranger, someone i know, someone i see in my mind all the time and reach for, but cant touch, in my head, my thoughts wander and ponder, they seem so very real, beautiful, its you, get out of my head... no wait... i love you. I look into your eyes i see your soul, dark, mysterious, hateful and loving, scratching and clawing your way to sanity only to be shot down by stupidity and ignorance, jokes and sarcasm, Love is it real, or something we say to feel better about ourselves, Love its a word, not to be used lightly, but is all the time. In the darkest depths of my soul, i find you, spinning your web, making me more your slave, making me want to serve you and be yours to do what you will, i submit to you as i have from the first sight of your eyes, mysterious, dark, and full of fire, controling, demanding you never say a word, you dont have to.
~ Unchained Melody ~
~ Unchained Melody ~ Oh! My love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch, A long, Lonely time. And time goes by, so slowly, And time can do so much, Are you still mine? I need your love. I need your love. God, speed your love to me. Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea, To the open arms of the sea, yeah. Lonely rivers sigh, wait for me, wait for me, I'll be coming home, wait for me. Oh! My love, my darling, I've hungered, hungered!, for your touch, A long lonely time. And time goes by, so slowly, And time can do so much, Are you still mine? I need your love. I, I need your love. God speed your love to me. Peace.
~ Love Will Keep Us Alive ~
~ Love Will Keep Us Alive ~ I was standing All alone against the world outside You were searching For a place to hide Lost and lonely Now you've given me the will to survive When we're will keep us alive Don't you worry Sometimes you've just gotta let it ride The world is changing Right before your eyes Now I've found you There's no more emptiness inside When we're will keep us alive I would die for you Climb the highest mountain Baby, there's nothing I wouldn't do I was standing All alone against the worlk outside You were searching For a place to hide Lost and lonely Now you've given me the will to survive When we're will keep us alive When we're will keep us alive When we're will keep us alive Peace.
I'm Up For Auction :)
Own your FAVORITE FU! I have an auction going on RIGHT NOW. Go check out my pics folder labeled favorite fu auction. BID NOW! You can even own ME, the host!!! So get to bidding. Check out everyone thats in it. Throw some bids, if you can't... atleast rate the pictures. The contestants are also in the runnings for 10 bling and a 7 day blast... for the person with the MOST picture ratings!!!! UPDATE!!!! CONTEST ENDS MAY 6th at 7pm fu time (PST)!!! Here they are :)
Ride The Sin Wagon Train!!!!
Calling All Divas
~ High Heels ~ Posh Purses ~ ~ Stunna Shades ~ Now That’s a TRUE DIVA Another day to show some Mad Luv to your fellow Divas! Set some time aside to get to know the other Divas a little better! Don’t Forget to Put Up a Diva Tag as Your Default Pic! Stop by the Lounge and Say Hello Comment, Rate, & then Comment & Rate some More! It’s all about Diva Luv! Thanks! = )~ Much Luv to ya! *Hugs* Bully Brought to you by: ***CHIPPER & REBECCA*** &
Army Chaplain Guide
Army Chaplain Guide I think this was intended originally for last rites but it obviously became much more, they couldn't just ignore the massive numbers of wiccan brothers and sisters. xxx hugs xxx The U.S. Army Chaplains Guide to Wicca A guide to Wicca for U.S. Military chaplins. EXTRACT FROM "Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: a Handbook for Chaplains" U.S. Government Publication No.008-020-00745-5 Historical roots: Witchcraft is the ancient Pagan faith of Europe. This nature-oriented, agricultural, magical religion had no central organisation, but was passed through families. During the Christian era, particularly after the beginning of the systematic persecution of Witches in 1484, almost all the public expression of the Craft disappeared. Surviving in hidden and isolated places, Witchcraft has made a comeback in the twentieth century, partially spurred by the repeal of the last British Witchcraft Laws in 1951. Current World Leadersh
A lawyer from New York runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a Mississippi sheriff's deputy. He thinks that he is smarter than the deputy because he is a lawyer from New York and is certain that he has a better education than any cop from Mississippi! He decides to prove this to himself and have some fun at the deputy's expense. The deputy says, ' License and registration, please.' 'What for?' says the lawyer. The deputy says, 'You didn't come to a complete stop at the stop sign.' Then the lawyer says, 'I slowed down, and no one was coming.' 'You still didn't come to a complete stop, ' says the deputy. ' The lawyer says, 'What's the difference?' 'The difference is you have to come to complete stop . That's the law The lawyer says, 'If you can show me the legal difference between stop and slow down , I'll give you my license and registration'That sounds fair. Please exit your vehicle, sir,' the deputy says. At this point, the deputy takes out his
I Love Danny Lee Jones
Margot Adler
Margot Adler Speaks "We are not evil. We don't harm or seduce people. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at TV. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don't have to be afraid of us. We don't want to convert you. And please don't try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give you -- to live in peace. We are much more similar to you than you think." ---Margot Adler "Drawing Down The Moon"
Thank U Judi
please add fan and rate this lady she is the greatest
I Am Pagan
I Am Pagan by Selena Fox I am Pagan. I am a part of the whole of Nature. The Rocks, the Animals, the Plants, the Elements, and Stars are my relatives. Other humans are my sisters and brothers, whatever their races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, ages, nationalities, religions, lifestyles. Planet Earth is my home. I am a part of this large family of Nature, not the master of it. I have my own special part to play and I seek to discover and play that part to the best of my ability. I seek to live in harmony with others in the family of Nature, treating others with respect. I am Pagan. I celebrate the changing seasons, the turning of the Wheel of the Year. I celebrate with singing, dancing, feasting, rituals, and in other ways. I celebrate each turn of the Wheel with personal spiritual practices and by taking part in community festivals. · Samhain, commonly known as Halloween, is a time for gazing into the future and for paying homage to my Ancestors and other l
Dictionary Of Terms
Dictionary of Terms Aromatherapy--the use of essential oils, herbs, flowers and fruits to heal the body, mind and spirit, and to promote well-being. Astral Travel--the art of sending forth the consciousness at will to a more refined level of existence that lies beyond this level of physical existence: experiencing the astral plane, a realm often perceived as being parallel to, and interwoven with, our physical world: also known as lucid dreaming, soul travel and mental projection. Astrology--astrology embraces the idea that there is a causal connection between the heavens and earth: it is the study of how the movements of the planets and stars reflect events in our daily lives. Auras--the distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source: an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being: the colors of the aura and their intensity reflect emotions, health and state of mind: a healthy aura radiates the colors of the rainbow: thin, weak, or broken auras signify illn
The Magic Bus Is Up And Now Running
~ Male Or Female ~
~ Male or Female ~ FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them. PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off; it takes a while to warm them up again. They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong Buttons. TIRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often over inflated HOT AIR BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their butt. SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and retain water. WEB PAGES: Female, because they're constantly being looked at and frequently getting hit on. TRAINS: Definitely male, because they always use the same old lines for picking up people. EGG TIMERS: Egg timers are female because, over time, all the weight shifts to the bottom. HAMMERS: Male, because in
Freestyle/greco Roman Wrestling
My 16 year old Justin is in Sedalia this weekend for the State Freestyle/Greco Roman Wrestling Tournament. He moved up in class this year from cadet to junior..He won it all last year.. but as with everything, the competition in the junior class is much tougher than cadet. He has had no formal training in freestyle or greco roman, just uses instinct and the wrestling knowledge he already has..which is a lot.. so this year he took 2nd in freestyle..being beaten on points to the number 2 guy in the nation... at least he wasn't pinned! He thinks he will get 2nd to the same guy in greco roman as well, but I think he can win it! I'm so proud of my baby!
Principles Of Wicca
In 1974 the Council of American Witches adopted a set of 13 declarations which described in broad terms the Wiccan world view. The document was simply titled "Principles of Wiccan Belief," and was intended as a tool to educate the public and new practitioners. It remains a defining document of the Wiccan faith 25 years later. 1. We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters. 2. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment. We seek to live in harmony with Nature, in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept. 3. We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person. Because it is far greater than ordinary it is sometimes called "supernatural", but we see it as lying within that which is naturally potential to all. 4. We c
How Sex Is Started Lol!
How Sex Starts This is funny .. . smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 a makeout ...makeout leads to a feel up ...a feel up leads 2 a finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck 8==D ...a suck leads to a fuck ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ..subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply
Astrological Correspondences
Astrological Correspondences Astrological Sign & Dates Angel Planet Element Stone Flower/Herb Color Day o.t. Week ARIES March 21 - April 19 Samael Mars Fire Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone, Diamond Thistle, Wild Rose, Grose Red, bright colors Tuesday TAURUS April 20 - May 21 Anael Venus Earth Sapphire, Emerald, Jade, Opal Violet, Wild & Red Roses, Coltsfoot Blues, Greens Friday GEMINI May 22 - June 20 Raphael Mercury Air Diamond, Jade, Topaz, Aquamarine Parsley, Dill, Snapdragons, Iris White, Spr. Green, Silver,Yellow Wednesday CANCER June 21 - July 22 Gabriel Moon Water Emerald, Cat's Eye, Pearl, Moonstone Poppy, Water Lily, White Rose, Moonwort Pale Blue, Silver, Pearl, White Monday LEO July 23 - August 22 Michael Sun Fire Amber, Topaz, Ruby, Diamond Marigold, Sunflower, Hops, Cowslip Gold, Red, Yellow, Orange Sunday VIRGO August 23 - Sept 22 Raphael Mercury Earth Diamond, Jade, Jasper, Aquamarine Rosemary, Cornflower, Valeri
I am a photographer for hire will take whatever pictures you ask.I take family pictures,graduation,family reunions,weddings,personal pictures,I have very reasonable prices and do travel if the job requires.I have been taking pictures for 15 years and never get tired of it.I t is very rewarding getting to meet different people and seeing different places.There is no one picture that is the same there is always something different about each one
Whatever I Want
Application for Permission to Date My Daughter NOTE: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, and current medical report from your doctor. NAME______________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH______________ HEIGHT____________ WEIGHT_____________ IQ__________ GPA_____________ SOCIAL SECURITY #___________________ DRIVERS LICENSE #________________ BOY SCOUT RANK AND BADGES______________________________________________ HOME ADDRESS__________________________ CITY/STATE___________ ZIP_____ Do you have parents? ___Yes ___No If No, explain: _______________________________________________________________________ Number of years they have been married ________________________________ If less than your age, explain ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Do you own a van? _______________ A tr
Help Your Animals
Hmm.. on this beautiful spring day i find myself thinkin bout friends and what they mean to me. I have lots of them But a few i hold close to my heart. (you know who u are) hee hee. I love people and learning about them hearing their experiences, good and bad. Even if it is to confide what kinda chips u like. No conversation is unimportant. My downfall in friendships ia that i fall to easily. I see all people as having something good to bring to the table. why else would you want to be friends with someone?? So I get hurt sometimes. Without a trace?? What's with these people?? Show undying frienship and up one day deside never to talk to you again. Even the person who pissed me off to the end gets an explaination. Cuz lets face it we are imperfect humans. A true friend would be making mistakes with u or or stands by u without judgement. Hmm.. thoughts on paper. I guess thats what a blog is a diary of sorts you choose to share with people. Last but not least A friend to m
A Question To All
> > There are African Americans, > > Mexican Americans, > > Asian Americans, > > Arab Americans, > > Native Americans, etc. > > .....And then there are just - > > Americans.. > > > > > > You pass me on the street > > and sneer in my direction. > > You Call me 'White boy,' > > 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' > > 'Whitey,' 'Caveman,' > > .....And that's OK. > > > > > > But when I call you Nigger, > > Kike, Towel head, > > Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, > > Beaner, Gook, or Chink, > > .....You call me a racist. > > > > > > You say that whites commit a lot > > of violence against you, > > so why are the ghettos the most > > dangerous places to live? > > > > > > You have the United Negro College Fund. > > You have Hispanic History Month. > > You have Martin Luther King Day. > > You have Asian History Month. > > You have Black History Month. > > You have Cesar Chavez Day. > > You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. > > You have Yom Hashoah. > > You have Kawanza. > > You have the NA
Celtic Tree Zodiac
What tree did you fall from? The following is based on Celtic Tree Lore and Celtic Astrology. Find your birthday, and then find your tree. You may be surprised at how accurately you’re described. * Dec 23 to Jan 01 - Apple Tree * Jan 01 to Jan 11 - Fir Tree * Jan 12 to Jan 24 - Elm Tree * Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress Tree * Feb 04 to Feb 08 - Poplar Tree * Feb 09 to Feb 18 - Cedar Tree * Feb 19 to Feb 28 - Pine Tree * Mar 01 to Mar 10 - Weeping Willow Tree * Mar 11 to Mar 20 - Lime Tree * Mar 21 - Oak Tree * Mar 22 to Mar 31 - Hazelnut Tree * Apr 01 to Apr 10 - Rowan Tree * Apr 11 to Apr 20 - Maple Tree * Apr 21 to Apr 30 - Walnut Tree * May 01 to May 14 - Poplar Tree * May 15 to May 24 - Chestnut Tree * May 25 to Jun 03 - Ash Tree * Jun 04 to Jun 13 - Hornbeam Tree * Jun 14 to Jun 23 - Fig Tree * Jun 24 - Birch Tree * Jun 25 to Jul 04 - Apple Tree * Jul 05 to Jul 14 - Fir Tree * Jul 15 to Jul 25 - Elm Tree *
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Jerry Springer Part 2
TRAILERGIRL hey why u yelling at my hubby??? ME "yelling at your husband"? First of all, who the hell are you & I didn't realize I was in a 7th grade chat room TRAILERGIRL uhmm what is ur obsession with the 7th grade..i happen to be 26 fukin years old here bud ME well, u & ur husband are acting like childish 7th graders that create drama by trying to get into everyone else's business. Try acting like a 26 year old & no one will accuse you of being a 7th grader TRAILERGIRL i am acting like a 26 yr old when my best friend comes to me saying that there is a guy on her fubar who is trying to get her to fuck him i start to have a mild attitude problem ME I'm sorry if you think you are acting like a 26 year old, but you are not. I'm not sure your IQ or how far you made it in school, or if you were in the special ed program. Last I checked, SHE is an adult & can make her own decisions. If she wants to fuck me that is HER decision, NOT you or your "husbands". If she is men
Dbc Bash
For All Bad Girls..especially The Newest
Hi Bad Girls...I Would Just Like To Remind All New Bad Girls That Want To Join..I Do Ask That You Rate Fan Add All Of The Other Bad Girls...I Have Been Told By A Few Bad Girls That Some Of The Newest Have Not Fanned Or Added Them..The Reason I Ask That You Do Rate Fan Add All Bad Girls Is I Would Like This To Be The Best Group/Family Around...I Know That Some Of The Bad Girls Have Been Friends From Before Joining..And Some Become Friends After Joining..If You Have A Problem With Rating Fanning Adding The Other Bad Girls..Just Let Me Know...Can't Find The List..I Will Give You A Link..Other Problems..Let Me Know And We Can Talk About That.. Thank You, Sgt. Raider Owner Of Sarge's Bad Girls
Food Smoker
I have been looking around to buy a meat smoker.Does any one know anything about smoker? Like which smoker is the most user friendly. I am looking for a lot of input on this subject.
Business And Other Things
Work Work
Well its Sunday and i have been working for what seems like a year on my new auction website, but its only been months. I sit and i watch hoping to see the number of member rise but with no luck yet. Another week will begin tomorrow and i hope to see my hard work start paying off and i know it does take time.
Rip Dad
Dad, Its almost been a year since you were taken. And it sucks because It just hit me in the car driving. Its like you were afraid I'd forget you or something. But you should know me better than that. I have never forgotten about you. Even though you're not here I still think about you on a daily basis. It gets harder and harder as time goes on. Everyone here keeps telling me it'll get easier. But honestly I dont see an end in sight. Seeing the way life changes scares the hell outta me. And it really sucks. We just started to talk and be father and daughter again. And then God took you from me. I dont think its fair. I dont know why and I dont want to know. I know it hurts like hell to sit here and see a picture of you and want to cry because I miss you. I hate thinking about when I was a little girl and when we used to drive in the car and you'd sing all those old songs and input my name into the song rather than the original name in the song. I remember all the good times and eve
14000 Comments Needed For Two Bling Packs
What To Do Now
Not A Love Letter
Beyond Adorable
Here I Am
Okay so a few of you have asked me to describe myself and for those of you on here who know me leave comments if you think im missing something ok? S here i go my name is Jessica i am a mother of one beautiful 7year old little giant named jade i am 6' tall and i am very stocky i look like a line backer and yes i am being honest or an amazon if it fits better . i am in a relationship an have been for the last 5 years with the same gentelman named Jason. In fact we just had our 5th anniversay together YEAH!anyways as i was saying i am a stay at home mom for reasonsii will explain shoukld anyone need a reason. i love artistic stuff I am a painter as well as a writer and a backup vocalist. I love music i love dancing and singing as well as just hanging out with friends preferably sober because i just am not a fan of drinking. i am very artistic as i was saying i knit crochet read write draw needlepoint cross stitch paint and i love scrapbooking i love taking pictures and cant stand silenc
Short Bio
Too Late
A Woman's Worth
Be careful if u make a woman cry, because god counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved. i dont know who this was by but i thought it was awesome
Just Stuff
I don't blog often.  Almost never, but things are happening that are out of my control.  I haven't expressed my feelings or about this at home; maybe this will help put some of the things in perspective for me.    I received a kidney two years ago.  Had complications from the start in the hospital a lot, but I've been hospital free for almost a year now, which is great so I'm wanting to go back to work.  I find out the kidney is on a down-swing (working at 40%), which is why I'm finding myself tired often.  Doc says it will take a year and a half before I'm on dialysis again, which I can accept that.  The major problem is financial.  Even with medicare and insurance I can't keep up with the rising cost of my anti-rejection meds.  They are very expensive.  I knew before I accepted the kidney I would be able to afford them, but like everything else, they're raising the prices.  Because I'm not taking the anti-rejection meds as prescribed (if I do I'll run completely out so I'm taking
Okay I started editing my name across my pics, then started readding them on here, while doing that my VIP until I can get another VIP I can't upload anymore pics! I only got my 2007 pics, wasn't able to get my nsfw pics back up either. I have a ton new pics that I had up but won't be able to get them up until I get a VIP. I would get the VIP myself but right now am really tight on money so can't afford to. Once I do get a VIP my nsfw pics will be set to family only, I have to do this, no way around it. If someone buys me a VIP I will add you to my family. 1 month VIP gets a month on family, for whatever time the VIP is, is the time you get added to my family. I will also be up for auction on the 20th, I will be making a blog with a link to the auction, so look out for it! Ty to all those who were there for me and concerned about the problem of why I had to delete all my pics to begin with. I set all the pics of me, my son, and my hubby to myself only because some woman de
Help Help Help
OK HERE'S THE DEAL TRIAD, NC AREA... i need to find a family lawyer around the triad area that has a soft spot from someone who really and truely needs help... and that is willing to take payments... .....i just can't take this anymore guys... if you know anyone or anything to help let me or mom know (here's her link) In my dreams...or yours? ~*~ Pilot of Fantasy Flight ~*~ Shadow Leveler ~*~@ fubar thanks so much for reading this because i am desperate... in tears as we speak... all my love to all my dear friends out there in fubaria... Angel Girl + A 2nd Alarm Hottie!!! Angel Girl - 2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar
What's Goin On In My Life!
As some of you may now about 3 weeks ago I took 3 home pregnancy tests and they all came back positive. So, I figured I should call my OBGYN and make an appointment. I went to the doctor on Friday (May 2,2008). They did an Ultrasound and as of today I am 6 weeks and 6 days. The baby is about as big as my 2 year old's pinky is The morning sickness has already started :[...and it's SUCKS! Peppermint tea has become a staple part of my I do have the picture from the ultrasound and I'll try to get it up sometime this week. When we told Dave's son he said he wanted a baby brother so that his baby brother can hold his video games. He was lookin at the ultrasound picture and pointed to the amniotic sac ( it shows up as a black spot on the ultrasound..for those of you that dont know) and asked me what it was. I was quiet, trying to figure out how to explain what an amniotic sac is to a 5 year old. Before I could say anything he blurted out " Is that it's house?"...
Wanna Own A Lilbamagirl?
Would ya/could ya please rate this pic? Pretty please... :-) There are prizes for the most rates and highest average rating. No need to comment bomb. :-) Thank you so much...*hugssss*...Much love to all! The participant with the highest rate average, and the participant with the most rates will both win fubucks :) I'm up for auction in Heartistic Soul's "A Thing Of Beauty" Mother's Day Auction. Bidding is now open, and will remain open until May 10th. If you do not want to bid, would ya/could ya please rate my pic? Pretty please... :-) There are prizes for the most rates and highest average rating. WHAT I'M OFFERING: 1. Owned By In My Name For A Month 2. Daily Drinks 3. Pimpout In My About Me On My Profile 4. Daily Comment 5. Weekly Pimpout 6. Add To Top Friends 7. Rate Stash During HH 8. 300 11's Per Week During HH 9. Rate Stash And Pics Of 1 Friend During HH 10. Random Bling (As I Have It) No VIP Bids Please, as I already have that.
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Here's A Chance To Own Me!!! any takers????
On August 2nd, 2006, I joined the world of "Lost Cherry"*. The girls on there were nice, and sweet as a strawberry. But on July 26th, 2007, I met one that would change my life. Any guy would be lucky to have her, specially as thier wife She's cuddly as a bear, and foxy as a fox. Everything reminds me of her, even a pair of "White Sox" I never met a girl, so kind and pretty. She has a lot of power, like Chicago's Joe Crede. Ever night I log on, I hope to see her on Fubar. We are closer than ever, even though we're both so far. But on April 12th, 2008, she made it a night I'll never forget. It's the night she leaned towards my ear, and whispered "I'll be your pet" Once upon a time, I was walking through the desert (Forrest has been done to death), when he noticed this exotic "PET" diamondback snake. I decided to name it "FRED", and took it home so my family can see. My family seemed a little intimidated by the 7ft snake, and wouldn't get near it. I've
Life And Its Ups N Downs
I'm not one to complain about ANYTHING on FU because it is just that, Fubar, but there have been some things brought to my attention lately that I think have sunk in tonight. I know once you start racking up "friends and fans" its hard to keep. Believe me, I KNOW! But there are only a few I hold close to me and I would do ANYTHING for them just to make their day a little better or to even make them feel special. I may not get to you guys as much as I want but I do get to you. And when I have the means to do so, I spoil the hell outta my close friends. But my rant its, I do and do and do over and again for some people and I dont feel like its appreciated. I wont call out names, because that isnt my style but I'm to the point, I just wont do anything anymore for anyone. No more blinging, no more photo edits, nothing. I am not asking for anything major but appreciation I think isnt much to ask. AGAIN, this isnt for everyone, just a certain few I feel have taken advantage. For th
And the Winner of the $20 Bling Pack Contest is... Curvaliciousbbw™ Bling pack will be given July 25th! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Your Ultimate Desire™
Leaving For Awhile
I am going out ot town in the next month or so, I'd like to see if you all can help me get to fu-king by then. I know that's a lot lol, even maybe get me close as you can. I will return all the love given when I can,just PM me and let me know you helped I won't be able to see all in the bar tab, if I get a lot. I will see if i can get another VIP and rate you all 11's for all the love, I will be posting a blog and a bully on when, i'm leaving.
The Sin Wagon
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people (be sure to put Sin Wagon in your friend request!) and then send aGEM4life and AngelGurl a private message (no shouts please) saying that you have taken the ride and R/F/A everyone! **Please make sure you R/F back and if you have already done this in the past simply leave em a comment saying "Sin Wagon already R/F you".** You will then be added to the list of riders. We are all here to meet new people and have fun so we ask that there is No Drama please. '♡aGEM4life♡'Founder 'AngelGurl'Co-founder 'Keith'Driver 'SuperStarrPrincess'
well ummmm yeah i'm just trying to figure this thing out. i'm new so yeah... if anyone has any comments or ways or ideas on how to help me or something then let me know!
Anyone Up For A Ride? [the Sin Wagon Train]
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people (be sure to put Sin Wagon in your friend request!) and then send me (aGEM4life) a private message (no shouts please) saying that you have taken the ride and R/F/A everyone! **Please make sure you R/F back and if you have already done this in the past simply leave em a comment saying "Sin Wagon already R/F you".** You will then be added to the list of riders. We are all here to meet new people and have fun so we ask that there is No Drama please. 1. '♥aGEM4life♥' 2. 'Keith' 3. 'UnknownCowboy' 4. '♥ღKateღ♥' 5.
created online adult store. Created an affiliate site that is free to use. Just follow the links and sign up for the programs or even use the services listed. adding new programs on a daily basis. keep checking you may find one that interests you. http://www.affiliates for
Auction Auction
$$$$$$$$$$$$$Starting Bid is 100k Fu-Bucks$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION! Yup you guessed it.....I am in another auction....I've bought a few people now I want to be bought! will you bid on me!??! If you dont want to thats cool....could you at least rate my pic....there are two side contests with this auction.....1~~~~I can win 200k if I get the highest bid out of anybody.....or 2~~~~~~if I get the highest amount of rates to my auction pic I can win 100k! So please come have a look see at the auction...even if ya dont bid on me...rate me and help me with the rate contest! I will return all the love....just let me know when you are done rating and I will Luv ya up! Side note~ I'll really make it worth it for ya.....if you can get 5 of your friends to rate me....I will bling you one credit.....also love you up...and I will rate fan add the people you sent to rate me.... 10 people rate 2 bling credit........15 people rate 3 bling credit.......20 peo
Lookie Lookie
Muss needs some help. A couple mins of your time and a couple of comments. thanks if you help him. here is the link.
What The Really Wants From Us !
with life there is death, but also a new life @ death...
Short Stories
The Bus Ride Part 3 Opps there goes my cherries! By Caty the Ghost © 2008 Wow talk about pain this was wild I loved every minute of it! Mistress put some kind of lotion on my back and ass and it felt much better hell I couldn’t see what she was doing back there. Suddenly she shoved some kind of goo all over my ass hole oh shit she entered it with her damn dildo! I cut lose a scream that could be heard all over the freaking floor. Gasping I began to get into her slow steady strokes she was telling me “That’s it slut enjoy it you know you’re a slut let it lose.” Oh my what the? My body shuddered like never before damn was that an orgasm? She then said “Well little slut your first Orgasm form just your ass I can’t wait till I fuck that virgin cunt of yours.” “Damn bitch you just shit a load on my cock looks like it will have to be cleaned now” Fuck I was not going to eat shit off of her cock then hell if she told me to I would th
I feel so fucking blah! Like I just want to throw my hands in the air and give up on everything. Wait not even throw my hands up, that would take up to much energy :( I can't shake this... I feel so fookin blah! I know I am isolating myself to a great degree and I don't even know what I am isolating over. I have stopped calling my friends I talk to daily, haven't been hanging out a lot on the fu. I sit here and just ponder, ponder over nothing at all. I feel so damn down. One thing that got me is I always get my cell paid early, I didn't even care about it, yesterday got a text message saying it had to be paid by today. It got done, but don't really care. My heart is in Germany, I feel so lost and empty without Rudi by my side. We had a talk Sunday, but still doesn't place a plan into action. I am a puppet on a string, a sad lonely puppet. So many times I have had people ask me, why am I allowing this to be done to myself, my only answer is, when we are together, words can
Poem I Wrote When I Break Up With Amanda 3 Years Ago Only Time I Can Write A Good Poems Is When Me Heart Broken And Im Sad
I waited forever for someone like you, What is it that you do? One wave, I cave. But not this time It’s me you’ll never find. I gave u my heart I gave u my all From the day we met And through every fall Why are u doing this I don’t understand All I ever wanted was forever to be ur only man My heart is breaking seeing u with another guy Naked and together, Why do u still lie? I was born to cry, hide, and lose, But I was raised to think, love and choose. You loved the drug, never me, I trusted you, so just leave! Everyone warned me, But I couldn’t see. Your hands covered my eyes, And now im crying my eyes out. And now they’re dry from all the cries. So I’ll move on and just let go, No more wondering, now I know. You need help there is no friend No Vicky exists and no stories to pretend Why couldn’t I make u see We could have been forever Why couldn’t you have loved and kept us together So many chances to tell the truth But u continued to lie
A Thing Of Beauty Auction~own Me
**I also need as many rates as I can get on this… if you’re unable to bid at this time plz just give me one rate no comments just 1 rate is all I ask** In honor of Mother's Day, I am happy to share with you that I am one of the loveliest women on Fubar! Bidding is now open, and will remain open until May 10th One of the participants and if I’m lucky will receive prizes of 100,000 fubucks. Those will be the woman with the highest rating average, and the woman with the highest number of rates. Should the same woman have both the highest average and highest number of rates, she will receive 200,000 fubucks. I reserve the right to refuse any bid or bidder at any time, and may also increase my offers via photo comment should the need arise. Serious bidders only, please! Thank you much!! Whispers…Haunt Me in My Dreams ~~Member of Dylon’s Diva Mafia~~ A Mad!! Hatter!! Thank you Heartistic Soul for making this happen!! Heartistic Soul@ fubar
From The Bottom Of My Heart!
I set my status this morning to: "Just a bad day for me" in hopes that my friends would understand if I didn't answer their shouts, messages, or return rates as I always do. I never dreamed that it would have the reaction it did. I have received so many private messages, hugs, roses, a beautiful video, a candle, it just goes on and on. These were from people I have talked to on here, and some from people that just visited my profile today! If anyone doubts that there are some wonderful people here on Fubar, I hope they read this!!!! My close friends already know why this was a bad day for me, but for those who don' was a year ago today that my fiance' passed away and it's been a very emotional day to get through, filled with both happy and sad things running through my head and heart. I just can't put into words how wonderful it was to come on here tonight and find all these beautiful messages, mostly from people who had no idea what was wrong, just wanting to do
"A relationship is like a rose, How long it lasts, no one knows; Love can erase an awful past, Love can be yours, you'll see at last; To feel that love, it makes you sigh, To have it leave, you'd rather die; You hope you've found that special rose, 'Cause you love and care for the one you chose." Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart! Else it may be their miserable fortune, when some mightier touch than their own may have awakened all her sensibilities, to be reproached even for the calm content, the marble image of happiness, which they will have imposed upon her as the warm reality.
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Ladies your man has went up for auction. Click the picture to go leave a bid on me!! (repost of original by 'FREYA ¢â {SER}FU OWNED BY ¡Ùlotus¡Ùadvent child¡Ù' on '2008-05-03 18:54:00')
Rants And Raves And Other Rediculous Things...
I wasnt sure where i stood with this piece... its been a long road, and im still not thru the rough spot... ----------------------- Tip it up. Cheers my friend. Here’s to our party, and to our friends and to the great drinksin our hands.Here’s to the high times that for maybe a minute, seem to drown out the low ones. Maybe for a little bit I can drown my sorrows in the bottom of this glass, and if not this one than the next and all the ones before it too. Get my head right. Get it on strait, the only wayI know how. Tip it up. This one’s on me. The next round for everyone in the bar.Closing time? We'll continue at my house. I can make drinks damn good. I can mix it up a little. Lets get a little vodka, a little bit of my old friend Jim Beam, a little scotch, and his friend soda, a little captain Morgan and his shipmates baileys and crème. Lets get a little bourbon and his chick brandy, lets ask Mr. Quervo to bring the lemon. I’m sure they'd love to come "chill" out. Mix them all u
All There Things
Tha Spell Vid
A Thing Of Beauty Auction
Inside My Head
Ok so I have been in a world of caos for the last few months trying to figure out what it is in life I really want and why it seems that no matter how hard I try..I always seem to end up in this emotional darkness where nothing seems to go right and I become unappreciative. It's a sick little cycle that I've gone through my whole 20's and it's gotten me no where. Just when I feel things are normal and I have made all the right choices...something comes along and fucks it all up. It's pissing me off quite frankly. Really killing my natural southern charm. haha So last night..this vision (not sure what else to call it) comes to me and I get excited about the future..I figured out that the things I've been trying to avoid are the things that will help my soul. I know Im rambling so let me elaberate...I hate my job, I hate what I do and honestly no amount of money will make it better. Im almost 30 and for 10 years I have put off my true passion for what I thought would satisfy me. Don't ge
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Im hosting myself hahahah.. go make some offers.. im sure ull love it ive had life kick the shit out of me
Blue Without You
My red heart is blue, because I'm missing you. Every day, I think about you, and I imagine how great every hour, every minute, and every second would be if you were here with me. Every night, when I lie in bed, I dream that you're beside me, holding me close to you. If you were, I'd whisper in your ear, how much I love you. Since you came into my life nothing has been the same. I've experienced love to its fullest, and I've tasted a beauty that never ends, because you're where my happiness begins. I'm incomplete without you, and I'll never stop loving you. You're the world to me, in brilliant colors. You're my best friend, a favorite song that will never end. And together is where we should be. Someday soon, I pray, that you'll walk through the door and take this heartache away.
Love And Adore You
I heard the music when true love called, a song sent from heaven on silver wings. The whole world was dreaming, wisps of light streaming, as the stars spilled their magic upon you and me. The tune was more lovely than the nightingale's song, more delicate than a rose weeping, yet as powerful as the sun leaping to shed golden ribbons in herald of dawn. And I bow down before you, the one my eyes have longed to behold, my lonely heart pining, love Light shining, I swear that I shall love and adore you.
Im Up For Auction!
I am up for Auction. If you want your own personally Sweet_Thing than come by and see what I am offering! While your there show the Hostess love by Adding/Fanning/Rating her and some of her pictures. She is a awesome friend to have so don't let her be left out of being gave some love too! ~Phoenix~@ fubar I am up for Auction.Wanna Find out how sweet I am? Then come bid on me! This is what I am offering: 1. Owned by my name for a month. 2. Add to family permanent 3. Add to top friends 4. 200 10's a week during HH... 11's if VIP is offered. 5. Rate stash during the month. 6. Random Profile Comments. 7. Link to your profile on mine. 8. Random drinks and gifts. 9. Random Bulletins and a blog posted about you. 10. 2 Name tags of your choice( more may be added depending on bid). _Sweet_Thing_
GOTTA LOVE THEM REDNECKS......... Redneck word of the day "sodas" My girlfriend gives good head but sodas her sister New redneck pickup line: "Baby do u own a chicken farm?  Cause u sure know how to raise some cock."
I am going on the MS Walk tomorrow and, as any of my friends know, I don't usually ask for much of anything. I have had uncles die from MS and would like nothing better in this world than to get rid of this disease!!! Please, if you can, find it in your heart, donate, even if it is only $5. Jen
Need Comments
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Music Video:MY GENERATION (by Limp Bizkit)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Music Video:ROLLIN' (by Limp Bizkit)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Spongeback MountainSee more like this on
This Is Love
Many,many years ago on a bus in Minnesota a pretty woman was on her way to Arizona, An army soldier seeing that the young woman was being harassed by three sailors, he proceeded to sit down next to her and sparked up a conversation as if they were best friends. They kept in touch for years though just letters a few hours on a bus started a relationship that would last a lifetime. The next time they met when he was on leave and they married. After seven children I was born. When my dad was 45 he died leaving my mom to raise us by her self. She never dated or remarried. Before she died at the age of 83 I asked her why she never dated or remarried. She said simply “ how could I am still in love with him and he is my husband no one else would do.” What a man to model my life by. In her eyes he was perfect. That the type love I am searching for, Undying and unlimited.
Auctions By Heartistic Soul
A THING OF BEAUTY In honor of Mother's Day, I am happy to share with you some of the lovliest women on Fubar! Bidding is now open, and will remain open until May 10th Two of the participants below will receive prizes of 100,000 fubucks. Those will be the woman with the highest rating average, and the woman with the highest number of rates. Should the same woman have both the highest average and highest number of rates, she will receive 200,000 fubucks. All participants reserve the right to refuse any bid or bidder at any time, and may also increase their offers via photo comment should the need arise. I believe that a woman of any age is a thing of beauty! Take a moment, and please consider bidding on one or more ladies of your choice. Serious bidders only, please!
Accepatnce And Growth Amid Chaos
siting calming and quietly in morthes earths embrace, the wind calm and warm upon my skin, birds singing so sweetly, telling of their joy and acceptance of what has been learned today... sometimes it takes a touch of CHAOS to bring about clarity and understanding... my willingness to let go in more ways than one... to walk away from a destructive soul who was not willing to truly let me in and listen to the words i said to him to blindly accept the comfort of another whos path has seen fit to cross my own... my willingness to let go of what held me back for another chance to grow... to be blessed with a sight that understands unconditionally.. the pettiness of some who let jelousy rule their heart is not what i need and i see how their jelousy only enables me... to let my heart see and feel from within...shows me a world that has no end.. the life in mother earth stronger after a rain... feeds my own simple exsistance in my physical plite... to l
Want 40k Fubux???
Swing by and check out my new owner and show her some Fu-Luv. She deserves it. ~SYCHO~ Karen Dove~ Club F.A.R. owner of dragontamer@ fubar
Blue Ribbon
About Adyn
Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice, a few by social pressures and a couple by habit. This year, nearly 100,000 women will become mothers of handicapped children. Did you ever wonder how mothers of handicapped children are chosen? Somehow, I visualize God hovering over earth selecting His instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. As He observes, He instructs His angels to make notes in a giant ledger. "Armstrong, Beth, son. Patron saint, Matthew. "Forrest, Marjorie, daughter. Patron saint, Cecelia. "Rudledge, Carrie, twins. Patron saint...give her Gerard, He's used to profanity." Finally, He passes a name to an angel and smiles, "Give her a handicapped child." The angel is curious. "Why this one, God? She's so happy." "Exactly," smiles God. "Could I give a handicapped child a mother who does not know laughter? That would be cruel." "But has she patience?" asks the angel. "I don't want her to have too much patience or s
Boyfriend Application
Name: Age: Hair color: Eye color: Religious Beliefs: Occupation: Yearly Income: Do you own a car? If so what year/make? Do you own,rent,or share your place? If so where at? Do you have any criminal charges againist you? If so what are they, and when did they take place? Have you ever been committed or entered a mental health facility for treatment? If so, what was your diagnosis and what meds do you take? Do you like kids? Do you want kids of your own? Do you think you can love kids that are not yours like your own? Can you treat them with respect? Do you like a thick woman with a big ass? Can you respect my gangsta? LOL Do you think a 36B chest size is plenty or not enough? Do you like it shaved,trimmed or jungle? Do you like porn? If so, would you want me to watch it with you? Do you like cartoons? If so which ones? Can you handle the fact that I watch more cartoons than anything else? Do you play roleplaying g
Welcome To The World
Early this morning one of my closest and bestest friends that I've had for 11 years became a mother for the first time. She and her boyfriend Jason became new parents to Elora Mae, 6lbs 14 ozs. Beautiful baby girl, head full of hair and looks like her mama. I couldn't be happier for them. It just made me misty eyed standing there at the head of the bed, looking upon my friend Liz feeding her newborn, a tender moment that couldn't be described in words.
K , I don't want any haters or bible thumpers tellin me I'm wrong or bad because I smoke . Besides the fact that I like it , it's very helpful for me medicaly . I'm bored so I'm uploading a couple pix. some old favs. + whatever else ...... I'm still afraid that some people on here don't get the fact that smokin is my 1 crutch . I like it n it also has medical uses (for me ) but I would smoke anyway . at least I'm not out drunk driving ........
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Rock On
For People That Likes Wrestling
Life Or Something
Well, those who come by my page on a regular basis, those who I chat with, and have a good friendship know what I am about say. I have not been around much lately. For the time being, i won't be online much in the future. There's just been a lot going on with work and on my personal side of life. The side that not many see or really know about. Nothing against ya'll, it's just there is some stuff I need to deal with. For those with me on Yahoo, I am always on, just never "online". When I am ready to talk, I have a couple I'm going to go to, until then, just bear with me. You can still try to hit me up, I should reply, but if the message is a couple days old, usually not. I am fine, I am still alive, got 5 months before I hit stateside, and still got a few months after before I redeploy over to the mid-east again. And no, this is not a rehash of the issues from a couple weeks ago, it's a whole different animal, and one with several ugly heads that keep changing and
Im In A Picture Contest Please Bomb My Pic O.c.b 4 Lyfe
Lounge Drama
Yes, this is another stupid mass so listen up! If you or anyone else has any problem with me owning my own lounge, then Fxck You ! If youre one of the ones screen-shotting to start shyt, or creating conversation to start drama... Fxck You ! Now... if you want to hate on me for whatever reason and want to get caught up in "lounge drama" like you always do... Guess What, Fxck You! Point is... ALREADY, things are being said between lounges ALL because I have my own now. I have sat back and havent bashed Anyone or Anything purposely just to see what was going to happen. Once again, i was right! You drama whxres (both Male and Female ) have already started shyt! So, my final word is this... if you want to be all up in the hype instead of acting like an adult.... F.X.C.K. Y.O.U. !
i was going to make a mumm about my weekend activites about the 3 b's! that being booze, boobies, and bi-sexual womens making out, BUT i think i know whats going to happen tonight! ALLLLLLL 3......and me ninjaing drinks..and hitting on milfs at this bar called "crow bar" no sex though! ive been celibit for like a year...(ill explain later if your lucky) imma just blog about .........wanna be mummers! you have seen them.....people who want to be in in in croud they post stupid comments ....and that they think are funny, but they aren't. but they think that being ignorant all the time is the way to get into the mumming party.....i would say faterity, but ...its kinda like......idk. BUT you all know what im talking about right!! im in this freeroll online poker tourney right. i already won the first round, now im in the second round and my goal is to finish in the top 9 so i can advance to the finals. im cruising along whoopin butt taking names all that
No More Tears !!!
No Boy is worth crying over and the one who is wont make you cry...
Whenever you have a chance please visit my website!You can review business from here as well as order any services or join the business.) "...i learned that loving sum1 means sharing urself 2 him..but the saddest part of it, is knowing that you're not invited to his world... and i learned that the best thing to do is to..LET GO.. -i know im gonna shine..cuz I LOVE ME.. i have been too busy looking and trying to have a perfect love..i never realized how it moved in,the time i didn't search..sometimes the person you least expect to be okay with you,is the one who will lighten up your day,make u smile with no reason at all..and will make you feel the most unexplainable feeling in the world.. i guess you should really have to learn from your mistakes and follow your heart what's telling you.. forget all the people who hurt you and most of it all...learn to love yourself..despite all the pain u've been through...stand up and fight again..

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