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Bad Moon Rising
HEY ALL COME JOIN US IN A LIVE AUCTION SATURDAY AT 8:00 PM EASTERN TIME IN BAD MOON RISING! MEET GREAT FRIENDS AND HAVE SOME FUN! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!CLICK BELOW TO GET TO LOUNGE! TO SIGN UP FOR THE AUCTION, CONTACT CAREBEAR or DJ GRADY VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE. HER LINK IS BELOW. JUST TELL HER YOU WANT IN THE AUCTION AND SHE WILL ADD YOU TO THE LIST.♫Carebear♫ CCS Manager@ fubarDJGrady~Dj and Enforcer Bad Moon Riseing lounge~Fu_Engaged to Hope~Spider Bomber ~Shadow Leveler~NAP@ fubar(repost of original by '♫Carebear♫ CCS Manager' on '2009-06-22 20:35:29')(repost of original by 'DJGrady~Dj and Enforcer Bad Moon Riseing lounge~Fu_Engaged to Hope~Spider Bomber ~Shadow Leveler~NAP' on '2009-06-23 10:40:39')(repost of original by '♫Carebear♫ CCS Manager' on '2009-06-23 20:05:00')(repost of original by 'DJGrady~Dj and Enforcer Bad Moon Riseing lounge~Fu_Engaged to Hope~Spider Bomber ~Sha
=== 'DJ ToolMan Tim @ ~Radio Storm~ & ~ Owner of ~Toolshed Radio~' wrote the following at '2008-12-08 15:13:14'.. > > > > > COME JOIN THE FUN > MEET THE FAMILY > > Click the pic below & it will > magicly transport you to Toolshed Radio > >
Auto 11
The Power To Achieve... More Than You Think!!
I've been thinking.... about the future yet again. I believe I'm starting to figure out what its all about, what I'm going to do, how I'm going to get there and accomplish it, and how to live the life I WANT to live... Essentially it all really comes down to your goals and your reasons. If you wish to achieve something in life you must have a clearly defined and measurable goal. However, that alone is not enough... you must have a REASON behind it. A powerful motivation that pushes you towards your goal. One that makes you power through any negatives that may arise because you deeply desire your end goal. I'm having a bit of a goal 'crisis' at the moment... Its like when people ask me how to get motivated in doing something.. You can't just "make yourself motivated," something inside of you has to drive you to your goals. If that weren't the case, people would be getting motivated everyday all day. You have to DEEPLY care about something in order to really get motivated with it,
Sfw Salute Made For Lil Ol Me Hehe!
New Pic Miss Fiona Made Me!
Vote On The Calendar go here and vote for me on the 2009 calendar. my car is HOT!!! VOTE FOR H311RASOR
This Sucks
Night Before The Dawn
come join my lounge the link is
Vip And Bling
Dear Diary...
ok, so a few days ago i found out my EX girlfriend slept with 3 guys when we were "together" not just 1 of my friends (whose married) and another guy i knew. so i dont know exactly how many more there could have been but whatever...whenever she was at my "friends" house she would always get drunk on weekends, she has an alcohol problem too, so its always bad...she would end up passing out on their floor or flirting with random after we are split up and she "moved" like an hour away, nobody talked to her...for a while...she created problems with almost everybody that was here at the when my "friends" wife tells me that they are no longer talking id like to believe her...i was wrong...these are the same friends that when i shell out an easy $100 for a friday night party at my house they show up...not to mention one of these "friends" has stolen stuff from my house from me i just found out... so this wife, is married to the guy that had sex with my girlfriend (his w
These Dreams!
Dreams we all have them even if we cant remember them the next day we have them, I have had alot of strange and biazarre dreams and not quite sure what they mean . I know some believe the dreams we dream can be things that will happen in our future and some believe they are inner thoughts wishes or demons we have in us. I think it might be a little of both.because there are times when i have a dejevu moment and i swear something i am doing i had done it exactly like it was happening before , but I think i might have dreamed things and days like that and that is why i get that feeling like I have done this before.I like to think with my head and try and figure things out even if i know some things cant be figured out i still like trying to figure them out. I am just rambling on here so i am gonna stop and try and close my mind down for the night . one last thought before i leave . Love is open minded love is willing, but if you never open your heart and mind to it you wont have it! Bu
My Babe
I have the most amazing guy in my life right now his name is jeff he's my sweetheart im sooooo lucky to have him in my life he makes me feel beautiful he makes me want to be a better person babe you you how much i care about you xoxo.
Hello Thristy
Legalize Marijuana: 420 Blogs
16 April 2009 8:48am / Writer: Worm Miller / Artist: Sean Wilkin / Views: 9319804.16 Last xmas, I happened across my dad searching for his reading glasses while they were already perched atop his head, and I thought, If I didnt know any better Id say my dad was stoned. He wasnt of course. Hes just transitioning from middle-aged into senior discount land. But more and more lately my parents have been reminding me of potheads, and its dawned on me Old people are in essence stoned at all times. What used to seem like the sad ravages of age are a lot less alarming if you just imagine the person being high. Then its kinda adorable. Hell, I can really relate to my grandparents now. I too have walked into a room with a purpose, only to find myself standing there at a total loss of what that purpose was. I constantly forget where I put my mail, or the point of stories Im telling halfway through. Ill drive well below the speed limit, wondering why everyone else is being
Someone Explain What " Fu - Owner Worth Is
What is Fu - Owner Worth ? What does that new feature do ? Explain it to me in detail . Cause I have NO clue.
Lounge Stuff
GRAND OPENING!!! LIQUID CITY AKA HIP HOPZ! THE #1 HIP HOP PLACE ON FUBAR AND I-TUNES!!! COME CHECK IT OUT!!! DJ TSMOOTH ON AIR NOW!!! Hey whats up all? If you got a lounge and you need some promos... hit me up! I'm a Graphic Designer and have been into art all my life as you can see.... if you just need a personal pic I can do that as well... Anywho's heres some of my previous work... and as soon as you ask if I'm online I will have them done within 30 mins after you have asked... if I'm not around send me a pm... if you would like anything special on them like what you want them to say or a certain pic... send it to me and I'll do it! I love making them! Most people pay me 100K or more to do them if you don't have that much anything above $50K is all right by me... if you just want 1 promo done then its under 50K... so hit me up I'd love to do it! Previous Work:
Making Progress...
This week I began by admitting my mistake to those I love and expressing my desire to get help. With one mistake I realized that I am STILL powerless over my disease of addiction, and I realized how easy it would be to get wrapped up in it again. I am very grateful that I didn't lose the love of my life, and since making my mistake I have rededicated myself to seeking help again. I have looked into getting help from my church, and I will know more Sunday after I attend church. But hopefully I will be able to get back into counseling so I can get myself balanced out again. A lot of my problem is not being able to deal with the stress and pressure of life. I am going to start attending my recovery meetings again also, because the one place I went wrong was in thinking that I had my addiction beat. I forgot my purpose in staying clean and that's what led to my slip. I choose not to let it become a relapse though. So now I'm in the process of re-working my steps and actively see
Just A Few Thoughts
The only thing I ever wanted to be in life was a mother. I was given that chance 9 years ago. Then I was given two more chances at that. I tried my best with what I was given. Which wasn't much. I gave love, uncondtionally. Looking at those little faces and seeing reflections of loved ones pasted, and reflections of my self, gave me such joy. To hold them, watch them grow, everyday they became my world. I wanted to give them the world. A happy home, and memories that they could look back on and laugh about later in life. Those three boys hold my heart, and everything that I am. I couldn't be more proud of them. But I have failed them. I am not the mom who can wipe tears away, I am the mom that causes those tears because I am not there to hold them. I am not the mom who kisses the boo boos away, or brushes them off when they fall. I am not the mom who is able to cook them dinner, kiss them good night or sing that song with them. Everything that I wanted to be, I failed at.
Mocka's Tiki Hut
whats happening to us? weve fallen apart.... wont return my phone calls wtf? is it that were over or what? idk what to think anymore well it was nice getting to knw all of you. there was one person who i didnt mean to hurt and i was never playing games dont know where that came from so yeah i hope everyone takes care and hey i dont think im coming back to this site because well that person who thought i was playing games with really hurt me and i dont knw what else to say so hope everyone has a great day im never coming back..
More Of My Dark Poetry
Two Faces Two faces I have, two faces have I. The one that you knew and the one they thought had died. My flesh it is peeling in ribbons today, Now the new face is gone and the old comes out to play. To me it feels more lifelike, this leathery skin. This mask made of darkness, carved out of sin. Each simple line, each blemish, each scar, Whispers of carnage and dark deeds afar. You see, ages ago I wasnt a saint. Im not going to lie about things that I aint. As for quite who I was, and what I did in my youth, Ill keep it all hidden ; you cant handle the truth. If you look in my eyes you might see a clue. But by then it would be far too late for you. If you think my new face is the most evil of things, Dont look behind me, you might see my wings. Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved Jody Jody is a hottie, who just loves to please And thats only too clear when she drops to her knees You see Jody has a talent, an oral fixatio
Omg I Got Tagged
Kids Stuff
Bath & BodyWorks 3-in-1 Bubble Bath, Body Wash and Shampoo in Cool Kiwi Berry is totally aimed at kids: it's brightly colored, heavily scented, multi-tasking (3-in-1!) and has a cute little reindeer with a cheery scarf on the front of the package. The chemical ingredients aren't so kid-friendly, including sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, and PEG-12 and PEG-150, which are often contaminated with an unlabeled cancer-causing impurity called 1,4-dioxane. Also on the back of the bottle is a warning: "CAUTION: Use only as directed. Excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause irritation to skin and urinary tract... Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision." Kids' soap doesn't need to contain ingredients that may damage the skin and urinary tract in the short term, or ingredients that are linked to other serious health effects in the longer term, like early puberty (which is a risk factor for breast cancer) or reproductive harm. Holiday gifts like those sol
Jack And Jill
Do you know the moral of this story. Don't screw around and get caught :) I need to stop watching tv...seriously!
Read Me!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. 1. I rarely wear my seatbelt. I know, it's a really bad habit. 2. I like my food to be seperated on my plate. It can't touch. 3. I also despise pickles. 4. My maternal Grandmother is my hero. 5. When I leave work, my desk must be spotless. 6. My son is my entire world. 7. I can't date someone who doesn't like sports. 8. I'm very blunt, but I know when to tone it down and be appropriate. 9. I can't leave the house without earrings, preferably hoops. 10. I'm very liberal, but try to listen to everyone's opinion. Hector knows this... ;) 11. I have an obsession with wearing heels. 12. My first major in college was Secondary Educati
Omg I Been Tagged
"my Little Game"
My Little Game You, the masterpiece in my gallery of screams, You a dangling caricature within my darkest dreams. Your flesh will be my sketchpad, a tapestry of pain, My brush it has nine tails, it leaves a crimson stain. There is no admission fee, to see this display, For you my love are part of it, I like you this way. My painting it sweats and shrieks stretched tight within its frame, Some may call this sick but its just my little game. Most critics would say Boring; no color, no hue But they lie; your hands and feet have turned a lovely blue. And there is also red, not boring at all. It drips down from the nails that pin you to my wall. You see, Im easily amused, a man of simple needs, For me its just the basics... I want a canvas that bleeds. Modern art or abstract, for me thats just too tame. Because I really like the old ways when I play my little game. Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved My Psychic Caf Theres a psyc
My Poetry
When you find that special someone, That someone that makes your heart skip a beat. You look forward to being with them and simple things slip your mind Like sleeping and remembering to eat Your thoughts are always with them and hearing from them makes your knees go weak And the times that you can be together, The opportunities you will always seek Being in love is the greatest feeling in the world You always feel that person's arms around you But the flip side of that love is when you realize that person doesnt return the love Then you feel the earth crash around you
Being Owned Is Not Right Its Bull Crap
Own Me!
I Believe... And Other Random Thoughts...
I wonder if all these people who exercise and eat right, dont smoke or drink,... do you think they feel stupid when they die for no reason?? I believe that you can think you know what you want, KNOW you know what you want, believe you know what you want... then you get it and you realized you have no idea what you really wanted or why you wanted THAT I believe the more things change, the more they stay the same I believe that if someone tells you they wont hurt you, you can guarentee they will... and probably sooner than you think I believe random ideas can be fun... and funny I believe change takes time, energy, and a strong will I believe that most people are stupid, annoying fucknuts that are only here cause its illegal to cut their heads off and shove them up their own asses I believe I might have anger issues I believe that if you think someone is worth it all, you will do anything you can to keep them in your life I believe in love at first sight I
Auto #4
> > Auto 11's will be active today, Nov 22 @1 pm until Sunday, November 23 @1pm EST!!!! C'mon over and level up!!!!
Lifeis An Isnt About
Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you're alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, how many people you've dated, or if you haven't been with anyone at all. It isn't about who your family is or how much money they have, Or what kind of car you drive. It's not about how beautiful or ugly you are. Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have, Or what kind of music you listen to. It's not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, Or if your skin is too light or too dark. Not about what grades you get, how smart you are, how smart everybody else thinks you are, or how smart standardized tests say you are. It's not about what clubs you're in or how good you are at 'your' sport. It's not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and seeing who will 'accept the written you.' Life just is
Flowing As The Tide Turns
As life rolls it's waves an turns our lives. It teaches us lessons, in it's own special way. Some see the lesson an learn from it. While others loose theirselves in their sorrows. I choose to learn, to find meaning in the hidden agenda's of the Universal way. Some say life is a game to play. I have learned it is a force to reckoned with! Each chapter of life for each door that opens an each door that closes, is designed by you. You choose which way you flow. With all the doors I have opened an closed, I have become wiser, learning from the lessons I endured. I am at a chapter in my life now. Where all is a new begging. Making choices an opening doors that feel right for me. All I can do now is pray that, I open the right doors, So I am able to me!
Help Level

Not Here To Be Used
I am not here to be if I am just another point to you..etc..please delete me. I am interested in friends/friendships.. not interested in making you higher on the fubar ladder..not interested in making you popular for the day.
It came to my attention last night that someone has been under my sccount and being dirty. I spologize for anything that has been said. I did not do anything of the sort. I am not that type of person. Again I apologize for any harm or hurt feelings that was done.. I am trying to find out who was the person that was doing it. Thank you ~T~ Alright, I am over these little highschool games. I have know clue why people play games. Trying to get what they want, A PIECE OF ASS! If you have a relationship with someone, and you are out playing the field. Do them a favor and leave them, you are going to break that person's heart no matter what route you choose. If you choose the cheating route then you have the guilt trip of that one time or those many times you have cheat on the person you can call yours. So why do it then? Then what if the other person wants you & you want them? You are going to ingore you feelings and try to stay or even hide what you are feeling because of the guilt for
Trying Something New
Many of you who know me know I lost my dad earlier this year. It has been tough and last Friday was my birthday and it was a very emotional day for me. When I was a little girl my parents always came into my room and woke me singing Happy Birthday. After I moved out of the house they would call me at the crack of dawn and wake me singing in the phone, well this year there was no call. Knowing I will never hear my dad sing to me again made me very sad. Last night I received a Bday card from a very special young lady who left a comment 40 & Fabulous and we chatted. I teased with her that I was old enough to be her mom and she said her mom WOULD have been 40 this year. At that point we continued to chat about losses and she made me feel better. Sometimes you want to understand how someone feels but until you have experienced the same loss you can listen but not know they pain in their heart. We all join the trains to get to meet new people so I would like to start one
Turkey Day
Well went threw the reciepes that we are using and to make my food list. Just hope we have enough money to get what is needed. Did talk to a friend that said they help me out after they go threw their bills first and see what's left over. Which is good. Well count down to this day. Just wonder who all is going to show up that said they would. Just hope have enough food. Well its Sunday, need to get out recipes to see just what all I need to start baking and cooking for thursday. Monday have Exam in Med-Surgical class then a Math test. So far doing good in both. At lease this time around I not under so much stress from home. Still stress but not letting it get to me like I did. Hope fingers crossed everyone shows up. I would really like to see my older bro that for sure. Well can think of anything else. Oh had a quiz last Thursday I know I Aced it but find out for sure Monday. me
have court on tue if you dont hear from me im in jail will talk when im out
Top Movies
One more week of hell and then I am free!!! Yay my summer break is almost here! I hate exams and the plethora of assignments at the end of the school year! Anyways, since all that will be over, I am putting my nerd hat back on and wanna have a week of a movie marathon:) Yep I am a dork like that!!! Any suggestions? I love movies and I own quite a few, old and new! But wanna see something that I haven't seen before. So, gimme your list of all time top 5 movies :) Weeeeeeeeeee to the dorks I love! I loved it I loved I loved I loved it I loved it!
Auto 11's Are On For ♥~bratt~♥
~Bratt~ Has her auto 11's on for 22 hrs come hit her hard friends!!=) AUTO 11'S ARE ON♥~BRATT~♥@ fubar
Permission Form
Please copy this form if you'd like your picture in one of my books. Private message me for the address in which to send. Thank you !! Permission Release Letter _______________________ is granting permission to (name of artist) _______________________ to use my artwork to be published in (name of author) ___________________________. (name of book) Please check the box that this release applies to: x Artwork/photo for inside book x Artwork/photo for cover x Author photo(s) I verify that all imagery is copyright free or original artwork. I understand that PublishAmerica retains the right to use the material for publication of this book. PublishAmerica must and will at their discretion make adjustments or even complete changes. They also have the right to use the material for promotion and advertising purposes. Signature: _________________________________________________ Please Mail to: PublishAmerica Attn: Pre-Prod
Just 10 Please
Come See What We Are Doing
That 1
LOOK WHAT THIS FAG SAED 2 ME, piranah lo...: lets video chat sexy man TATS OK GOIN 2 E MAIL IT OUT hey kim r you goin 2 hit me up 2 night @ 9;00 ? i hop so talk 2 u thin
My Blog
A Mom's Christmas Wish
To all the moms I know, here is a little funny that borders on reality! Happy Holidays. Dear Santa*,I've been a good mom all year. I've fed, cleaned and cuddled my children on demand, visited the doctor's office more than my doctor and sold sixty-two cases of candy bars to raise money to plant a shade tree on the school playground. I was hoping you could spread my list out over several Christmases, since I had to write this letter with my son's red crayon, on the back of a receipt in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows when I'll find anymore free time in the next 18 years. Here are my Christmas wishes: I'd like a pair of legs that don't ache (in any color, except purple, which I already have) and arms that don't hurt or flap in the breeze, but are strong enough to pull my screaming child out of the candy aisle in the grocery store. I'd also like a waist, since I lost mine somewhere in the seventh month of my last pregnancy. If you're hauling big ticket items this year I'd li
In Loving Memory Of My Baby Girl Elizabeth
Make video montages at
To My Stalker
ok so you refuse to show who you are but you can talk all sorts of shit: "truth hurts dont it? Cant keep your legs closed or stay off the net to look after your daughter.How does it feel to be a single jobless mom that cant support herself OR give her child the things she wants? How does it feel to have men USE you for sex? Look in the mirror. what else do you have to offer? Get a life and keep your legs together.Too late for that!! another kid you cant does it feel to be just like the single jobless losers on here?TRUTH hurts doesnt it? your daughter deserves better than you can give her. youre a selfish lazy bitch." well guess what dumbass you dont know shit about the truth when it comes to my life. First of all my daughter comes long before the fuckin internet does. Yeah just cuz Im signed on doesnt mean Im at the computer. Second of all just cuz I aint got a job doesnt mean I cant support my daughter and I. Cuz guess what I do all the fuckin time. Oh and I don
How The End Looks... all might think I am crazy for posting this..but if it opens one persons eyes..i did my job.*smiles* ((got this from the website...RAPTUREALERT.COM)) How The End Looks by Michael G. Mickey (11-21-08) I continue to catch a lot of heat from those skeptical of the position of this small ministry for Christ, which is that Jesus Christ is coming soon, but, whenever I'm feeling beaten down or wearied, all I have to do is look at the news of our world today and compare it with Bible prophecy. That does the trick for me each and every time. Rarely does a 24-hour period go by that I can't find something in the news that I can point to and say to anyone, "THIS is how the end looks, according to Bible prophecy!" Let's review a few examples of recent findings I've come across that point to this being the case. The United States on its way out as a superpower Anyone who has examined Bible prophecy extensively or tried to answer the question of where the USA is loc
Omg My Friends Rawk
Help "t"
Where I Is!!!
ok so few weeks ago i had a fallin out with my man and didnt work out best of luck to him and his life but i was asked to leave so...... i dont have access to internet for the time being. i live in my car and its not that bad... lmao dont have to worry about anyone telling me to leave or calling me names out of spite. im making new friends in real life whoa what a concept eh? lol and things are looking up for me. i have an appointment today to check out an apartment and an interview monday for a second job and yeah... i miss you all sooo much and i have a cell now and have messenger from my cell and unlimited text messaging as well so plz plz plz hit me up there! my cell is 386-785-4630 and my yahoo messenger is puuetang. i miss ya'll so much and will try to get on as much as possible to show luvs!!! DONT FORGET ME!!!! MCL AND PLAIN LUVS SHIIZAH A.K.A. JOJO DA KLOWN my lawyer got me a new dr cuz the one i had been going to since aug wasnt really doing anything to help
So Today
I'm supposed to graduate this year, but instead i have to do summer school correspondant school, and reg high school next year. Feeling like a failure and out 4 hundred dolllarss. I'ma slacker. Woot! Woke up late, as usual, got yelled at my mom, dropped apple juice all over me. And now im babysitting kids, that im sick of, they treat me like crap. I need to find a job? Seriously. And i can't wait to go see twilight!!!!! On the 3rd book. On this sucks though. I started reading em before they were a hit, and a movie was coming out. Now im starting to feel like a follwer, Ahhh hell with it. They are great books. Holla at ya later. Love And Laughter -Lisha
Nsfw Pics **
Okay Im guessing the only way I can get an Auto 11 Bling is to do what I just did. I've recently added new NSFW pics to my profile in the "u wish" album which is only viewable my ME! If you'd like to view them here's 2 things that will get u in ;) ( You Must Give 1 Of The Following ) ---------------- *AUTO 11 Bling *Happy Hour *VIP/Blast *Ticker *100,000 Fubucks --------------- Well not to sure on what else to say. I'll be adding more soon.
Steelers At 8-3 Are Impressive......11/21/08
now thats how u handle biz......... top afc teams.... 1.Tennessee Titans 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. New York Jets 4. Denver Broncos 5. Baltimore Ravens 6. Indianapolis Colts 7.New England Patriots 8. Miami Dolphins Steelers 27 Bengals 10
Eiza Adventures
I got a haircut and posted 2 pics of it. Is it cool? Should I grow it out again?
Club Mystic Update 11/21/08
I Can Wait..... When I say, I miss the thing's you do, I just want to get back close to you But for now, your voice is near enough How I miss you and I miss your love And though all the days that pass me by so slow All the emtiness inside me flows All around and theres noway out Im just thinking so much of you There was never any doubt I can wait forever If you say you'll be there too I can wait forever If you will I know it's worth it all, To spend my life alone with you. When it looked as though my life was wrong You took my love and gave it somewhere to Belong I'll be here, When hope is out of sight I just wish that I were next to you tonight And though, I'll be reaching for you even Though You'll be somewere else, My love will go like A bird on it's way home. I could never let you go and Ijust want you to know I can wait forever if you say you'll be there too, I can wait forever if you will I know it's worth it all To sp
> COMPUTER HELP DESK > > This has got to be one of the funniest I've heard of in a long >time. I think this guy should have been promoted, not fired. This is a true story from the WordPerfect Helpline which was transcribed from a > recording monitoring the customer care department. Needless to >say, the Help Desk employee was fired however, he is currently suing the > WordPerfect organization for "Termination without cause." This is >the actual dialogue of a former WordPerfect Customer Support employee >(now I know why they record these conversations) > > Employee_.r{}--"Rich Hall computer assistance; may I help you?".r{}**/--".r{}**--"What sort of trouble?"* > > Customer_.r{}*--"*Well, I was just typing along, and all of a sudden >the > words went away." > > Employee_.r{}*--*"*Went away?"* > > Customer_.r{}*--"*They disappeared." > > Employee_.r{}*--"Hmmm. So what does your screen look like now?"* > > Customer_.r{}*--"*Nothing." > > Employee_.r{}*--"Noth
I'm yours My dress creates a silken puddle at my feet. My vulnerable flesh bared for your eager eyes. Using your eyes you caress my naked flesh. Your heated gazes makes me want to run and hide. Frozen in place I tremble in anticipation and fear. My heart beats like the wings of a bird trying to escape it's cage. As you draw near I become drunken on your scent. It is intoxicating making me weak in the knees. I fall trembling into your strong embrace. I feel the warmth of your breath against my cheek. I turn my head to meet your hungry mouth. As greedy hands roam my burning flesh. A moan burst forth from my kiss swollen lips. I can no longer resist you as your lower me to the softened bed below. My head spins and I can not think as you slip between my silken legs. I cry out against your devouring mouth as you take me in one thrust of your hips. Burying yourself deep inside me branding me as yours. I writhe in pleasure as you claim me
New Song : Bury Me Recorded Sept. 08
Meaning Of My Name:joshua
my meaning of my read it The boy's name Joshua ..j(o)-shua.. is pronounced JOSH-yoo-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "Jehovah is salvation". Short form of Jehoshua. Biblical: Joshua was an attendant and helper to Moses during the Israelites' 40-year trek through the Sinai wilderness. He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses. Josue is a Spanish form
My 9-11 Song.......made On 9/11/08
Hard 2 handle is a fucking Cunt Be cautious of Fearlessfemale I gave her an eight on a few pictures, cause some were blured, and some were just ok She snaps back If there not 10s, don't bother leaving anything So don't give her a damn thing if she wants to be a snob and not accept the truth for krapy photos and just didn't suit my likings
Steam Locos In Usa
Miss You
so how long is long enough, Its been 4 years and life has been very tough just driveing all around this country looking for a new place to start over now I find myself here in philly The last place I wana be how I miss my montana. life there will never be the same so someone tell me how to start over miss you how do say goodbye? all I think about is you and the life we would have had together all the things we said we would do ware we would live how many kids we would have what color house we wold buy how many dogs and horses and of cource wen we would mary and ware. but all that is gone now all the love all the things we had you said we would bee together forever.we had this talk a long time ago about how you would want me to move on but its so hard i see you everyware wen Ihere your song i still cry I have talked to others but I think of you and its all over Its been 4 years now and I still miss you becca. I still love you
November Stuff
No Sleep For The Wicked
I dont sleep for a reason when i sleep im not sleeping im in a state of low awarness because if i was to dream it would only become a nightmare why this happens idk some say its because im always wound up and worried about something if this is true then i dont know what to do to fix the problem i have many worries in my life such as my familys safety my job if one of my boys is sick will 1 of my soldiers or i die today these r the things i live with in my mind at all times the reason this is titled no sleep for the wicked is bcuz any situation can turn even the kindest man violent and these thoughts that brew in my head only cause wicked and violent thoughts for those that cross my path either enemy or a person who tries to break into my house honestly i really dont know y im writing this blog but to get somethings off my chest so thank you for listening
~ Mindless
Systematically reversing the play by play of times passed. Running myself in circles of raw, remembered hurt and feelings, locked up for far too long. Improvements desperately needed, but the emotional funding isn't available. Freedom of the mind seems to constantly get jerked away from me as if I'm not permitted such ease, or satisfaction in life. So much love to wrap myself in, and even more happiness, yet no steady, easy pace for my mind to wander as the rest of me lives. It lives seperately from my heart, my soul... all that is me. It is not mine. *My brain spits stuff like this out sometimes at the least expected moments, don't try to make sense of it, you may hurt yourself. If it makes sense, I'll give you the # to my therapist :P *
Atrue Friend
There are many people in my life i consider good friends but there are one that i wanna let know how much she means to me .That one is Sweetness, Babe you are simply amazing tho your life is very busy you always always take the time to make sure your involved in your friends life .Specially mine from day one you have shown me what true friendship is .You have shown me that there are people out there that actually listen to what i have to say and not just pretend to and give me some bullshit line to make you think they care .Sweetness in the short time i have known you ,You have stood by my side thru so much . When i am down you say something sarcaticly funny to the point i wanna piss my pants .When i am crying you are right there to wipe my tears away with your kindness .When i had to start taking my new meds again you were right there tellin me babe don't stress ,don't cry i am right here with you and threw this we will make it together . When
Crazy Bitches
seriously what is up with them? they break up with you, you stop chasing them, they come runnin to you and by that time you dont want them. you meet someone better who makes you happier and treats you amazing. then that ex bitch gets fuckin nuts and starts stalkin so u and ur new girl blocker her but she makes another profile to stalk you honestly what is with ppl these days
Auction 2 In an auction, bid :)
#1.Why is it that if a guy sleeps around they are GOD but if a woman does it she's a whore? #2.Why if a man cheats they want to work it out but if the woman cheats its ifs and or buts? #3.Why do our mothers tell us how to raise our kids even though they did a bang up job raising us? #4.Why do we ask our kids if they want a spanking knowing they are not going to say yes please? #5.Why do we always tell secrets to someone who we know are going to nark us out instantly?
Funny Sayings
I get enough exercise pushing my luck. Auntie Em- Hate you, hate Kansas, taking dog. Dorothy If you dont like the news, go out and make your own. Sometimes I wake up grumpy; other times I let her sleep Guns dont kill people but they make it real easy. I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car. We are Microsoft. Resistance Is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated. Born free taxed to death. The more people I meet, the more I like my dog. Some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them. Funny Sayings Part 3 A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory. Theres too much blood in my alcohol system. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. Dont take life too seriously, you wont get out alive. WANTED: Meaningful overnight relationship. If you can read this, Ive lost my trailer. Youre just jealous because the voices
The Eyes Of A Woman
What is it in a Person to comment on a Woman,About how Beautiful her Eyes are only to want this Woman to accept them as a Friend just to get the Woman to cam.Look deep into what you are try'n to see and Think about the Soul of Woman inside!!!!!!!!!! Darktazz
Nine Words Women Use
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! (5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to 3 for the meaning of nothing.) (6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding
So Called Friends
why do people carelessly use the word friend what is a friend i was always told a friend is someone who sticks by your side for better or for worse someone who will pick you up when you are weak rather then bitch you out they would say it looks like we fucked up again the would help you the best way they could and make a effort sadly to say i dont really have many real friends and part of the reason why is my fault however mostly why is because people just go about and ask someone they dont no to give them anything . i express alot of my feelings in music becuse i have a had time to open up to anyone and it still hard to do so but iam working on it baby steps so for now here are 2 songs -------------------------------------------- You pick me up, to put me down Your only joy, is when im gagged and bound A subtle prick, a blatant lie, your denial Your denial. No-ones gonna save my life when im drowning No-ones gonna give a shit when I die
Hilarity Ensues....
There are times when some of the fellas on here ask me..." smooth mother fucker the hell do you get da bishes?" Well I wrote some things down to help some of you poor fellas out and this is what I got... For guys that need help with girls, Do this:1. When she asks how she looks, shrug and say "could be better." This will keep her on her toes, and girls love that.2. Never hold her hand. This can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. If she grabs your hand, squeeze hers really, really hard until she cries. This will impress her by showing her what a strong man you are.3. Once a month sneak up on her from behind and knock her over. Girls are like dogs. They love to be roughed up.4. Call her in the middle of the night to ask if she's sleeping. If she is, say "you better be." Repeat this 4 or 5 times until morning. This will show her you care.5. When she is upset about something, suggest to her that it might be her fault. This will pave the way for her own person
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Stuff I Think Is Important
->BULLET PRO...: lol BULLET PRO...: big deal you're still commenting me back lil sheep ->BULLET PRO...: And you are really amusing in your words of choice.. ->BULLET PRO...: Like I said... You're in MY SB BULLET PRO...: if you care you comment back BULLET PRO...: oh i do or you wouldn't be commenting ->BULLET PRO...: And I assure you, you do not ->BULLET PRO...: Nah... that would mean you matter to me lol... BULLET PRO...: hit a nerve dude? ->BULLET PRO...: You seem obsessed with the inbred stuff.. Of course you probably never had sex without saying, "NO Daddy. I have school tomorrow" BULLET PRO...: just telling ya whats going on lil inbred from up north lol ->BULLET PRO...: You're the one in my shoutbox BRO ->BULLET PRO...: Is the fear of cock left over from your days as a prison-bitch? Cuz I hear once they break you in they are quite gentle... BULLET PRO...: besides you all take this site seriously get a life bro BULLET PRO...: nio i fear cock ewwww ->BULLET PRO...: Yo
Up For Bid
I am up for bid :) plz click the link below to own me for a month & to see what i'm offering :):) happy bidding.
Stroll Thru The Autumn Breeze Auction Now Open
LAST CHANCE TO BID ON SOME GREAT PEOPLE A Stroll in the Autumn Breeze..... LAST CHANCE TO BID ON SOME GREAT PEOPLE SilverPixi presents A Stroll Thru the Autumn Breeze Auctions....Come see what is being offered and Bid on your favorite Fu -- Bidding starts at 50,000 fu bucks. ~*~Since this auction will only run for one late entries will be accepted. *Auction will run from November 21 until November 28.* SilverPixi Mz Belle
Mineral Make-up
We have there two wonderful types of products from Physicians Formula. Organic Wear and Mineral Wear. Organic Wear is in my personal opinion a borderline case. They name it Organic wear, but according to their website, the product Loose Powder is made with only 10.6% certified organic ingredients. Ingredients: MICA, MAGNESIUM STEARATE, ZEA MAYS (CORN) STARCH*, CALCIUM CARBONATE, KAOLIN, GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE, CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS (SAFFLOWER) SEED OIL, GLYCERIN, GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) OIL*, OLEA EUROPAEA (OLIVE) FRUIT OIL*, ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) HULL POWDER, SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OIL*, CINNAMIC ACID, CITRUS GRANDIS (GRAPEFRUIT) FRUIT EXTRACT, SODIUM LEVULINATE, TOCOPHEROL, WATER. MAY CONTAIN: IRON OXIDES, TITANIUM DIOXIDE. *PRODUCED FROM ORGANIC FARMING I honestly have to apologize for my smile: Most of our facial products contain more certified organic ingredients, even if we do not mention it! And please: Can anyone tell me why you would use oils in the first place i
A Little Of This And That.......
Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire. If you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don't know everything, for it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow. Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement. Be thankful for each new challenge because it will build your strength and character. Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference. * Broom (brum) - a long handled brush used for sweeping (also doubles as a mode of transportation for your mother) *Vacuum (vak' u em) - much like the leaf blower except it sucks in, instead of blowing out. Don't let this alarm you. It isn't broken and doesn't need more torque, speed, RAM or whatever it is you did to the dishwasher. * Dust pan (DUH) - Contrary to popul
Skin Care For Men
I am not sure if you want to be a 'Hugo' Man, but here is a good reason not to be: This one is for men! Ingredients in this product are linked to: Cancer Developmental/reproductive toxicity Violations, Restrictions & Warnings Allergies/immunotoxicity Other concerns for ingredients used in this product: Neurotoxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Miscellaneous, Multiple, additive exposure sources, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Enhanced skin absorption, Contamination concerns, Biochemical or cellular level changes Scary? Yup, a little. ever wondered why your sperm count is low, sneeze when you smell a perfume/ aftershave/ etc? Check your cosmetics!
Some of you know me as the erotic Model Mistress E./ Edain Wild. Sure, this is a part of me and I love doing it, but I have more sides than a diamond has facets. You can add my erotic side at should you be interested in it. Anyways. My main love is making skin care products and making others beautiful. But I also love smashing the major name brand companies and their dangerous practices, enjoy a good fight with them (and usually win!) and try to make this place (and products) safer for all of us. A lost or a noble cause? Not really. I think we all should make educated decisions and if everyone does something positive, we can change the world, together. I began developing skin care products in the age of 9 (nine!). Actually, it was a variety of soap and I sold them on markets. With 12 I had my first wholesale contract (help of parents here) and with 18 I got the keys to my own production facility. Sure, I finished school, have 2 Phd's (chemistry a
I am a very happy chick I have finally found out what day my c-section is going to be on. i'm having one because of my first daughter was a c-section and the hospital i am going to be going to isnt able to a vbac. so on December 19 i am going to have another beautiful baby girl.
She's Gotta Have It! How To Cheat And Never Get Caught...
She's Gotta Have It! They say variety is the spice of life! But when cheating, you usually have to keep your wanderlust a secret. Sometimes a woman encounters a man she simply has to have, a man so irresistable - and perhaps so titilltingly wrong - that all her sane reasoning goes right out the bedroom windowShe may adore her hubby or boyfriend, yet start an affair with someone who offers more of the steamy, satisfying sex she craves. Sometimes the stud muffin in question is so humpable and well-hung that a woman knows the relationship is just about good sex. They say variety is the spice of life! But when cheating, you usually have to keep your wanderlust a secret. You must create a line between "partner A" (the man in your life) and "partner B" (the man, or men, you have on the side). This means never allowing the guy you are messing around with to permeate your life completely. You should never allow him into your home or even near your residence. If possible keep as much
Want To Make Some Real Money?
I tried one of those online survey sites about 4 months ago that say all you have to do is spend a couple of minutes filling out some surveys and you will be making hundreds a day..... YEAH RIGHT, I didn't make anything. I joined a few of these stupid websites and I actually tried filling out a couple of surveys on each site and they took forever then at the end they wanted me to buy things or I couldn't complete the survey. These are complete scams so be aware!!! I couldn't believe they were even allowed to sell such bogus products. Well here is something different and you get *8 weeks to see if it works!!! That was enough for me I tried this site out and it is the only one I have ever seen that actually pays you just to take surveys. I made almost $100 in my first day just filling out 3 simple surveys. This is one of the only legit survey site online, so if you are interested in making some real $CASH$just giving your opinions then check this out. Follow my own's site
why do men stay with you knowing damm well they want to go
Please Read Its A Fuangel Contest!!!
Okay Guys
now its one thing to think i'm like... 18 or under but to send me a letter asking me to some how prove that i'm in fact over 18 is a fucking joke how many bitches do you see on this site that are fact as fuck i know so many people that are clearly underage but yet i..who is about to be 20 in 2 months is getting a letter from the lovely fubar staff asking me to prove that i'm the age i say i am. seriously. go find a fake to delete or something because thats bullshit. i'm not 17 i'm not 16 i'm about to be fucking 20. that shit just pisses me off. most of you probably think that i have no life and i'm just on this site all the time or on msn i'm really not. because i'm a full time student and i work all the time. so i'm constantly doing other stuff. but when i am on msn i will be gladly to talk to you all :] but for now my life is hectic and busy, so sorry and i cannot take anymore pictures because people feel like stealing camera's that really do not belong to t
My name oh forget my name, just say hi to me and lets all talk for a bit. No one needs to know each other its always a hi and bye and next. What I can say is HEy my name is LIzzy /liz / elizabeth lol im 26 years old and im not joking i know i dont look older. Besides I'm just here looking for a good person to talk to and help me out, cuz lets face it sometimes idk what other things are. Everyday i start my life all over again, I was dreaming the other day and gosh I have the strangest dreams. For example: china...dont ask. I go to the same job monday - sat and sit in the same chair and when i have nothing to do i day dream and keep myself happy. (secret to everlasting beauty Be like a KId) :) thats all i gotta say for now...till nxt time So yeah I'm New here and I'm liking it. Then again I also want to make friends that love to have fun, yet keep it real...
What Do I Want
What do I want out of life? I want my kids to grow up confident and self assured to have them be loving caring people who show the world they are someone very special. I love with everything I have and expect nothing in return except be loved back the same way. I want the man in my life to love me unconditionally and to be the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning and the last thing he thinks of at night. And to be thought of thru out the day. I want a man to put my needs and wants above his own. Not because you have too but because you want too. To be treated with dignity, respect and love at all times. To not be made to feel as if I only exists when they have the time for me. Though I may not admit it I do want a modern day Prince. I want the little things in life that most forget to take time to see. I am strong yet I need a safe place to fall when I am tired and cant be strong anymore. I want someone that is my equal yet different. Strong, lov
Holiday Info
During World War I, on and around Christmas Day 1914, the sounds of rifles firing and shells exploding faded in a number of places along the Western Front in favor of holiday celebrations in the trenches and gestures of goodwill between enemies. Related Exhibits Band of Bloggers The Civil War Dogfights Mail Call Military & War The Revolution Shootout World War II Starting on Christmas Eve, many German and British troops sang Christmas carols to each other across the lines, and at certain points the Allied soldiers even heard brass bands joining the Germans in their joyous singing. At the first light of dawn on Christmas Day, some German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man's-land, calling out "Merry Christmas" in their enemies' native tongues. At first, the Allied soldiers feared it was a trick, but seeing the Germans unarmed they climbed out of their trenches and shook hands with the enemy soldiers.
Work Related Blah Blah
40 Things You'd Love to Say Out Loud at Work 1. I can see your point, but I still think you're full of shit. 2. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce. 3. How about never? Is never good for you? 4. I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. 5. I'm really easy to get along with once you people learn to see it my way. 6. Who lit the fuse on your tampon? 7. I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message. 8. I don't work here. I'm a consultant. 9. It sounds like English, but I can't understand a damn word you're saying. 10. Ahhhh. I see the screw-up fairy has visited us again. 11. I like you. You remind me of myself when I was young and stupid. 12. You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers. 13. I have plenty of talent and vision; I just don't give a damn. 14. I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth. 15. I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I
What Do Men Really Want?
Men wat can u say about them other than they are good to have around sometimes and u wanna kill em.Ok when a man says I want u for u wat does he mean?Ill tell ya it means i only want to fuck u and then move on to the next woman I see. When we say you the only one for me is that real? Ladies I know from a male point of view all men want is to get in and get out so wat do we really want? Drop me some comments please and let me know wat you ladies think.
Taggggg You're It..
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. 1. I had no idea Casey's real name is Mary... 2. I waxed my chest once, and i almost pissed myself in pain 3. I hate pickles 4. I used to DJ on the weekends in Tampa, I know hard to believe if you know what I do for a living now... 5. I organize my dirty laundry by colors 6. I'm addicted to my IPOD and ITUNES 7. I killed a dog when I was 9, he bit me and I retaliated... 8. I'm actually pretty shy in person...for the first 5 9. I can't stand fu-hookers...seriously... 10. I'm actually not registered to vote as a Republican, but as an Independent 11. My family thinks I'm an under-achiever 12. I have an obsession with 13. I'm
e=mc2: 103 years later, Einstein's proven right PARIS (AFP) It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists. A brainpower consortium led by Laurent Lellouch of France's Centre for Theoretical Physics, using some of the world's mightiest supercomputers, have set down the calculations for estimating the mass of protons and neutrons, the particles at the nucleus of atoms. According to the conventional model of particle physics, protons and neutrons comprise smaller particles known as quarks, which in turn are bound by gluons. The odd thing is this: the mass of gluons is zero and the mass of quarks is only five percent. Where, therefore, is the missing 95 percent? The answer, according to the study published in the US journal Science on Thursday, comes from the energy from the movements and interactions of quarks and gluons. In othe
I just dont get why ppll dont give rate and fan back, not coz i do really care about my level, but , if they cant give back, why the keep add u??? I just own some one , and she dident even said thank u.... Its rude isent it ???
My Thoughts
For those of you who know me, ya'll know I'm not really into mushy love movies, but last night I had a moment of envy. I was in bed watching tv, mad as hell from a series of events that probably shouldn't have happened. I was channel suring and came across a movie that I've always been fond of. Diary of a mad black woman. I realized after watching this moving, fuming and steaming that I was envious of the romance that I was watching. After finishing the movie and having a few quiet moments of self reflection. I found myself thinking...damn, why can't I have that? *Inhale....* Yep...I hate my life. Why can't I have a love like that, someone who's genuine and kind. Oh freaking wake up...that crap doesn't exsits... I think. Catchy title I think. It resembles the title to a 4NonBlondes album in the 90's. People are so driven by sex they will probably read the title and automatically think I'm writing sex stories. Sorry kids I save that for my personal time at home, and
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The Pleasure Parlor
I'm here rockin with my girl and just came across a killer website. is a sex toy site with some pretty killer shit. The first page alone had stuff that blew me away( not to mention my girl blew me too for finding it) so i was REALLY blown. Anyway, i was gonna buy an item we liked and ended up getting four items for the money i thought i'd spend on one. SWEET. I can't wait for my stuff to get here so we can really get DOWN and DIRTY. Let me know if anyone checks it out. PEACE
Anger created by love gone awry a hell storm of hatred in the tears that we cry. how much can be measured from the feelings we hide when no one's to blame, on this train wreck we ride. deceptions unmasked in moments of sorrow acceptance of all that's made your heart hollow corruption of emotions meant to be followed by hopeless abandon we all wish to swallow. when do we surrender to our hearts known desire to be who we are and be caressed by the fire. It burns inside like the fledgling and sire. connected to something you can not release. yet someone... has begun to make that distinction to hold your mind while your soul knows only peace.
Life And Fun
Hello i am writing another blog for my pleasure cause most people dont read blogs but i dont care I am finally getting a night out tomorrow and i am so excited. My mom in law is keeping the kid over night and me and the hubby are going out. We are going to dinner and then probably to the funny bone and then to adobe gilas for some fun. What is great is we wont have to worry bout what time to get in cause we wont have a kid to take care of that night. It has been awhile since me and hubby have had a date and we really need it. I hope that it is all that i am hoping it will be. After 13 years of being together he has a habit of making my heart melt, unless he is pissing me off lol. I love him with all my heart and there are times when i fall in love with him over and over again. I cant imagine life without my two favorite people, my daughter and my husband. Being a mom has changed me a great deal. I never knew i could possibly love someone so much. She has made me such a better perso
Red Skies And Black Clouds
Help A Friend Out !!
This wonderful lady is only 101,000 from leveling !! She is super sweet and could use all the help she can get so please go show her some love for me !! big huggles !!!! ~♥StarShine♥~ 2nd Alarm Hotties Member~ Fu Engaged 2 Indiana Cowboy~@ fubar
Satisfy You
When It Hurts
This Love Is Taking All Of My Energy.
Its the setting, the mood of my room, the coziness that I fall in love with. I cant pinpoint exactly if theres just one reason but everything seems to factor into the way I feel when I lay down at night. It heightens my feelings, my awareness; my being. I light incense and the aroma hits me gently in the face. The t.v. is off, theres no music, and I turn my light off and crawl into bed. I hear the aftermath of the rainstorm, how the drops hit the trees, giving an effect that its still lightly sprinkling. Cars headlights flood my room briefly and shadows come alive and play along the walls. Its quiet again and I can see the warm glow from the incense across the room. My hair is down, its length resting upon my pillows and curves of my breasts, moving with my body as I inhale and exhale. The best sleep attire is tank tops without a bra and undies that hug my hips. I run my fingertips along the curves of my skin and roll to my side;
The Note
Would all my problems go away? If I chose to take my life today? Would the pain disappear? Is there anything left to fear? A truth is turned into a lie It hurt so much it I wanted to die I don't cry when I feel pain Can't stop thinking about it until I'm insane I keep seeing all these clues Each beat me down until I'm blue Is it all just inside my head? Or is it the lies she said? My soul is bruised I'm lost and confused. Is the grass greener on the other side Or is this another failed attempt to hide? I have written you many times Alone inside my mind Never knowing what to say Tired of the mental crimes I can't leave it behind This constant thought never going away I will know when the time has come For there will be no more tears It will be the last time I ever apologize This will be hard to understand for some I can no longer hide your fears Some will say it is not wise The hidden message lies in the rhymes Most will neve
In A Auction!
A Stroll in the Autumn Breeze..... Auction will run from November 14 until November 21.* Music provided by WYKD Radio Made with much luv by: ♎ Lucretia ♎ Wiccan GodMother )O(@ fubar (repost of original by '♎ Lucretia ♎ Wiccan GodMother )O(' on '2008-11-17 20:24:24') (repost of original by 'Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}' on '2008-11-17 20:41:08')
My Friend Is In A Contest Plz Help
Your Name
This is one of my songs I wrote for a friend who just passed in a car wreck... Sometime in October, to you Id say that Ill always remember your precious name and Id go on as if Id have the chance again to face you in the future, and say it again But how was I supposed to know that weeks later you would go In disbelief there are no words left for me to say but it would happen this way today that I would use my own words to say that Ill always remember your name A cold day in November I heard the news that you had left us all to go on with you looking down on us from above the clouds as we live out the memories of how you would bring us smiles But how was I supposed to know that weeks ago you would go Your name is like a lullaby it brings us joy, yet makes us cry you will be missed, you will be wished all in your name
Can you see me? No, you looked right through me. My pain I wear like a patchwork quilt. Surely you saw me in these multi-colors? Pain, regret, sorrow, rejection. Each square a tribute of its own to my stupidity. See the threads? They are my tears, connecting one painful memory to another. You carry the tool to take apart this quilt. Can you, would you, free me?
Bling Pack Only Auction. Come Bid On Me And See What Ill Do 4 U In Return.
Sb Stuff
can anyone tell what this says? i'm not a juggacunt Twiztid_Cl...: happy-dau so we said well jue hive u the monet to go sjoopt diw dfff random fun, guess I'm a cunt richieinfl...: welcum cunt, now fuck off and good riddens loser->richieinfl...: thank you!richieinfl...: wow youre a cunt lol see ya good luck to ya, youre gonna need it thats for sure lmao->richieinfl...: ok...why are you telling me this?richieinfl...: do you have yahoo? my name there is dreamzmadeforeverrichieinfl...: was only asking, calm down lolrichieinfl...: i didnt mean now silly lol->richieinfl...: does it matter? I'm not turning it on for yourichieinfl...: oh on yahoo or msn?->richieinfl...: yesrichieinfl...: do you have a cam sweety? -> ♥DJ Mistr3...: nope ♥DJ Mistr3...: i only have 1 hr of my 11s left will u please help me to get godmother!! 1. don't ask me to rate you, i hate rating people 2. i'm not even your friend 3. DJs should just delete themselves dumb cunt!!!
Anger driven emotions, hidden by my insanity. Deep thoughts and insights, blocked by the confusion. Timid, shy, careless masked by boisterous claims and paranoia. Repressed by the hate of myself. Young, innocent, naive, forced to grow up too quickly. Kept in chains, My mind locked, My mouth spews forth insults, all really meant for me. Weakness, vulnerability, and intimacy, killed by pain. Self-esteem lowered by manic-depression and trapped by my very being, my words here written, my dreams, my thoughts, my feelings, my insanity, my pain, SET ME FREE!
Hinder Banner
Soldier Love
TO SHOW LOVE TO THE TROOPS GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get. When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001
Soldier Love
TO SHOW LOVE TO THE TROOPS GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get. When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001
Random Thoughts
I lay in bed with random thoughts running through my head. First and fore most, it's fubar, don't use big words. West nile virus, did the monkey give it to the mosquito? Blog? Puking of the mind? Gas prices? Like a prude? Never goes down? hmmmmm check that out. NSFW, hmmmm.. change the name to shouldn't be looking at naked pictures while operating heavy machinery. SBLANPWOHM But I'm looking at home.. I'm safe! Safe Sex, Electronic communication. Mumms.. hmmm lets see, ummm damn I forgot.. Mumms are useless with ADHD.. woohooo Will anyone read this? Oh let me post a naked picture. Cock a doodle doo, coloring with a penis shape crayon! Don't do drugs. hmmmm lets see how many read this! What the hell is up with drivers in alabama? Nascar has come out on the roadways. everyone thinks they are the next Number 88 car. Only in Alabama. The only place that i have seen worse driving is in Saudi Arabia. Atleast in Saudi, they have an Allah Lane.
My World Is Clouded By Darkness
i have officially decided that im gonna be single for the rest of my life. the man i loved more then anything broke my heart into a million pieces yet wanted to remain friends which i thought i could do then i find out he's in a new relationship. I did alot of thinking last night and i dont think i can handle being his friend knowing he's with someone else. So i have decided to go back to my old habit and shut him out but the problem is i still have some stuff of his here and he my spare car seat so i know im gonna have to see him again. I sent him a message this morning telling him how i feel. I have a feeling he's gonna fight me on it cause when he dumped me he said he would kill me (figurativly speaking he wouldnt ACTUALLY KILL kill me) if i decided to shut him out but at this point i feel i dont have any choice. My daughter asks for him all the time and im having one hell of a time picking up the pieces. when he calls me i act like im fine cause i dont want to start an argument or
Link For Our Wedding On Nov.21 @ 9pm Est
AYYY... yall kno ma BIRTHDAY is tuesday!!! SO WHO GONA GET MA ASS GUD N DRUNK??? HAHA
My Name
I'm Still Your Fool
Some hearts fall in love And it's an easy thing Each tomorrow brings A Better day And some hearts though they've tried Loves a rocky road From their first hello It fades away But listen to me hun Where ever you are I've gotta make you see That I'm still hanging on Though you're come & you're gone You're the only one for me Every knock on my door Every ring of my phone Every step that I hear Is you coming home Every beat of my heart Every thing that I do Every thought in my mind Is a memory of you.... I'm still Your fool... Friends are asking me Why I still love you so Cuz they all know You've said good bye But I've forgiven you Don't you understand That's just the way I am My love can't lie But listen to me hun Where ever you are I've gotta make you That I'm still hanging on Though you've come & You're gone You're the only one for me Every knock on my door Every ring of my phone Every step that I hear Is you coming home Every beat
You know the Ones Hiding behind a firewall offering you a better world like their world is so much better Saying the words that remain unsaid and thinking that you haven't heard them, from someone else just like them assuming that since you're on this site, youre lonely! Never that! You know the ones... always sending sexual messages thinking that you'll just fly across the world and do the damn thing because they brought you a drink and sent an un-original Message... Oh now you're their Soul Mate...and all the socks in their top drawer is un-mated... You know the ones... Always talking about what they have...or what they just got...and never mention about what they've learned Saving your pictures as their screen they can have you displayed when company comes by...and only knows you by your profile name...Such and Such undescore64 And quick to change another stolen J-peg You know the ones... That can't take no for an answer and will bug the hell
When you see someone for the first time, what do you see? First impressions... Do they matter or is there more skin deep? Here I will write about physical attraction and how his/her materialistic objects and belongings coincide with how attracted you actually are to that person. Keep in mind, ones financial (amount of money he/she makes), career/job status will affect what they have or wear (expensive stylish clothing or not). But what you see about that persons body (how physically attracted you are over him/her) and what you witness and take place in with them having (not necessarily owning) will ultimately affect how you "feel" towards that person. In today's day and age, there are two main ways you can find someone attractive. First there's the in-person initial meet, which can happen anywhere such as a: bar, club, mall, bookstore, and many more. Keep in mind, you're meeting this person for the first time, not through means of what I call 'Internet attraction'. *Internet
A Poem...
Who Am I? There has never been a time for me that I feel more lost than now I work so hard at finding me, but I can't figure out quite how Am I loving? Am I caring? Do I have a gentle heart? I'm so lost right now, no idea where to start Can I love? Can I hate? Can I live? Do I learn? To find this all out is for what I yearn Do I want to love? Do I want to be alone? These are things I long since should have known I am hurting with my heart full of tears What have I done so far to survive all these years? When I go to bed and I cry Do I really wanna die? How can I find out all these things? Have you any idea the frustration it brings? I would rather live my life searching for a reason why Than live my entire life protected by a lie.
Hey there Friends.... I am trying to cut 1/2 off on becoming Oracle tonight, so this is what I plan on doing. I am going to turn Off my Shout Box & light my Bomb (Thanks Mongo) . In order to be bombed tonight, you need to have rated a 250 folder of mine & Message me to let me know. It's all about being fair, I sit here days on end at times & rate pics & only get a Profile rate in return. We're all busy, I understand that. I am mainly* interested in those that are not yet Oracle, so now's your chance, if you want to be Bombed tonight then stop by & show me some love & leave your link to your folder in a Private Message. *If Blinged, you will Automatically be Bombed Starting today I am accepting Bids for a 1 Credit *Bird Bling, Auction will end on April 1st, 2009 @ 1:00pm (Fubar time) ~~Click here to Bid~~ *If you don't want the Bird Bling, you can get a different 1 Credit Bling* Psst... If you're reading this would you Please be a Great Friend & Rate this pic for
Crappy Poetry!
VII playfully lost on distant shores no fee no cost no worrying for whats in store no woeful loss or stories of a damaged core damaging all with it exhaust no matter the color whatever the fee damages of valor change of faithful symmetry VIII hallows eve again ventures none seeking cleansed feelings and beings never and nothing come surface, revealing seeming ideas might, some careen into things unseen, unsung IX not really sure seems just a haze lost in distances cure not just a faze(, if not it crazed) activity or trade more travesty in stead. I Mans disgust full of self hatred is no more then a lack of trust for the world we now tread II teetering on the precipice's edge dare not move lest gravity's dredge grows to soothe III time's pause never seems enough then, through gently cause always calms the rough IV For constant merriment's charms doth gently chide thee but in dark nights such charms descend quiet hours (dis
Wtf Is With This World
Realizing that this is an ever changing world with a black, im not politically correct, president and gay marrige and all of this tolerence in the world ive got something that causes great anger in my life. When i was 17 i broke my ankle and received pins and a screw in it. I was told by the military which i had already signed up for that i would have to have a 5 year medically clear background to re'enlist. I waited for the 5 years no bone cracks,slipped pins or nothing.I took my asvab, got a 71,which is good by all means.I waited and waited and waited knowing my call from meps would come and i get a call from the staff sargent stating that i wouldnt even be allowed to join or plea a case for myself. All i want is a chance to make something of myself for my family just show my mom im not a waste of life show my kids they can be proud of daddy.I fucking love this country all i every wanted was to serve i was born on an airforce base for christs sake im justscarred of becoming a leach
Chrissy Coming
Only 11 Days till my bestie, SillyCuteChrissy and her son come to visit for two weeks!! :D Just wanted to share my excitement. I haven't seen her since March, and our little boys haven't seen each other in a year!! *note* Yes I keep counting down the days in this blog too lol.
Each day i wake up and look at my two beautiful girls and i just feel and know how strong i am and how proud i am of my self know each day i know that i have to be the mother and father of the kids be that selfish bastard decides to walk out on us bc it got to hard on him i mean what the fuck its not he broke his back takin care of thes beautiful kids only gettin 3 hours of sleep each night willing waking up gratly waking up to them in the morning to them to know i created them i mean come on that is the role of a parent right but what ever ya know his loss he left took off he will soon regret what he has lost but i will never look back i will keep looking forward with my two beautiful girls so look out world 3 strong girls are out in this world to rock I often wish i was alone thinking of a place to go bu not realy being there, Impossible you think but i know its possible. In my mind i can make it happen but i dont know if i realy want to be alone. I often dream im alone by a
Things That Make Me Smile
I need new jeans. That is all. Since Sherry won't do a proper rick roll.... Well the boys left last night after about 24 hours here at my house. 24 hours may not be much but it's enough when you don't get to see your kids very often. I had my poi talking to me which made the happy from having my boys even better! And after they left she called me and made the sad from them leaving go away. We played a lot of guitar hero. Multiplayer versus type. I got beaten a couple of times by the boys and a couple of times by the ex but for the most part I did all the beating. Nobody even came close to beating me on Raining Blood! We all had a lot of fun and fortunately there wasn't any real awkwardness with them being in the house they used to live in. That had me a little worried. I was thinking that being in the old house would bake it weird on everyone and nobody would w
Eyes Open
hmm i dont know what to say.. except im new and dont know much about this site. so cant wait to meet new friends xoxo
Bling Auction
Now. she is less than 400k from Insider. Tangerine Dream Lady@ fubar Beautifully Broken@ fubar She only has 770k to go. @ cherrytap
I've come to realize that some people can't get over the past. When things happen they happen for a reason so why not just say what you need to say at the moment and leave it at that? Why do other people need to get involved in things that have nothing to do with them? Maybe as humans we are designed to be involved in some sort of drama, and bring other people in that don't need to be, but who knows? When you wake up in the morning how do you feel about your actions from the day before? Can you honestly say to yourself that you are proud of everything you said or did? Think about that before you quickly jump to a conclusion about people and judge them or their actions if you aren't happy with everything you have done yourself.
Drop Your Bombs On ♥hoт Moммα♥
Thats right she did it! Now we need to start bombing! Even if ya cant bomb at least leave a rate..Rates count as 3 points too.. Music Playlist at
Low-rate This Bitch
this woman decided to come to my friends page and a few others and rated them all 1-2 she does know what she is doing so plz out of respect of me and my fellow friends low-rate this bitch and show her it feels to be low-rated. much to all my friends and family. heres her link maria@ fubar
Block This Bitch
there is a woman going around and downrating people left and right. she will come to your page rate you a 10 and then re-rate you to a 1. she has gone to a few of my friends pages and rated them all 1's after rating them a 10. if you can plz find it in your heart to show this bitch how it feels and plz feel free to give her a piece of your mind then here is her link... B_Titties@ fubar now that you have it plz by all means show this bitch some downrating love. much love to all my friends and family
I Want To Be Owned By Someone
Fucking Wow..
So my life is at an all time low this week. Monday started off with me waking up from the emergency room because I got some bunk ecstasy filled with mascaline and all kinds of other crap..mostly meth (YAY..not.) Well I end up getting out of there and decide to go see my mom because she only has a couple of days left..get there at about 1 or so, but its too fucking late anyways she passed away 10 minutes before I got there. I can't even cry at this point, I've killed my emotions so badly, I'm numb as hell and I sit there staring at her for about an hour. By that time I'm crying uncontorlably..all of it hits me at once and I can't even breathe. I try to calm down as the people come in to take her body out but it doesn't I look in my pocket and chew up my last e-tab..luckily not one of the bunk ones from the night before. Stupid right?? You don't have to tell me I already know how dumb I was. I was on a mission and didn't care what happened to me at that time. So a few hours pass
I'm moving to be with my g/f Nicole and i can't wait till i get to hold her in my arms.
The Power Of One
"The Power Of One" by tickintimebomb They say one voice can't change the world, but I don't subscribe to that theory, All it takes in one person to shed light on a situation, and help others understand it more clearly, One closer look can help you delve deeper, and empathise with another's woe, And take you to new depths inside yourself, of which you did not know, One moment of kind words can shed sunshine in on one's darkness, and help to raise up one's chin, But one negative conversation can darken one's situtation even more, and send the thunderclouds rollin in, One donation could be the the difference between, continuing this journey or leaving this earth, One choice of a mother's discretion, can determine a murder or a birth, One minute of rage can result in one's freedom being nullified, and another precious life wasted, And one communnity united can uplift its citizens, and help provide solutions for the problems up ahead, One vi
I'm A Sap Lol Ty Chiina
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED !!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS and WINNERS of Over 6.5 MILLION FUBUX!!! RACE, RACE, RACE! CHECKERED FLAG BLING Winners are . cantsleepclownswilleatme Sexi Sandi Berry, Berry Quite Contrary The Grand Prize for Over 5 Mil Fubux was a smashing success. And the Winners are .. 3 million fubux Lovvrr 1.5 mil Fubux ChelleBelle 750k Fubux Jeffrey The BlingBux Folder was again another great success. With over 50 Entries, I decided to increase the number of winners from 6 to 10. The 10 Winners of 150k Bux Random Drawing are:
Ummmm I Dont Know
I am at a point in my life that i have no idea what is going on...i spend my days at work, my nights at home, and i feel so unsatisfied. i long for companionship...i long for an intimate friendship that is unlike any other i have ever had. i am so emotionally lost i am missing something and yet it seems i can never find it...maybe one day it will find me. i have met a new person that has inspired me to look beyond the surface and to see people for who they truly are......and as much as i dont want to admit it....most of the people that claim they were my friends, never were...they were only looking out for themselves.... I LO0OOOOOVE BEING FUCKIED OVER!!!!!! thats right, i said fucking what!!!! It seems that no matter what I do, I end up getting fucked over. Maybe I am just too damn naive for my own good. I can't walk away, I have too much invested, but I would really like to fuck you.... I am not much of the relationship type....but I would re
Top Tens
songs, songs, songs...and more songs. i heart music. here's my list. btw, i heart lists too. black dog-led zeppellin (this is just a dirty little song and i heart that) mercedes benz-janis joplin me and bobby mcgee-janis joplin wonderful tonight-eric clapton (i used to make my best friend slow dance with me to this song when we were younger. i still smile whenever i hear it) white knuckles-five finger death punch (there's a spot in this song that gets increasingly heavy... the buildup and release make me quite happy) the theft-atreyu (i didn't even really like this song until i saw the video...atreyu is amazing regardless though) forever-hurt (there's a line in this one it always hurts when it's someone you love...good song) the reflection-trustcompany passenger-deftones nothing to gein-mudvayne (multple time car masturbation song for whatever reason) creep-radiohead heart-shaped box-nirvana ( i can sing this one so awesomely) under the bridge
Cleavage/ Auction Im In ♥ Come And Bid :)
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! (5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.) (6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how
What Have I Got Myself Into ???
What have I got myself into ??? Rate/Fan/Add the host SpizZy™@ fubar
What is LOVE ? Love is no mere emotion its a feeling, that is felt deep inside your heart. Love is caring for someone special. Love is being there though good times, as well as bad ones. Love is trusting that special someone, with your life and soul. Love is being passionate with the one you adore. Love is having faith with each other. Love is being there no matter what life thoughs at you. Love is being friends no matter what happenes in life. That is what Love means to me!!! By Henri Byron Blanchard 02/1983
Auction From 11/20-11/27
i am in another auction hosted by spizzy stop by rate the page show some love to the host and place your bids
to place a bid u have to go to my number 5 friends page it is in her no end in sight folder
My Auction Please
What I Like About Sex
What I Like About Sex
ok i have fubar and no one ever writes what is up with that ..what i do sorry i have a life i dont live on a computer .....if u dont want to talk to me delete me then
No explanationnecessary I love the way your skin feels under the deft touch of my fingers, Smooth as the most expensive silk. I love the way your hair feels as I brush it out, The delicate strands glimmering in the light. I love the way you look at me with those deep brown eyes, The love burning there like fire. I love the way we walk in perfect harmony, Like we are one and the same entity. I love the way you squeeze my hand, Like you're scared I'll run away. I love the way your smile can light up my whole day, Like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. I love the way you make me so confident in my own skin, Which no one else could ever do. I love the way you said yes, When I knelt down in the cafe and asked you to marry me. But most of all... I Love YOU!!! I want you. I want you in my arms. I want you to see me staring in to your eyes. I want you to see the love I have for you flowing out of me. I want you
BooBoo created this contest just to have a lil Fu-Fun... yes, there is a reward for the one with the most points. I usually never ask for anything... but I had fun with this one and maybe you will too! So, help a girl out with a simple rate or a few comments? If you bomb it, private message me and let me know how many you did... hard work NEVER goes unrewarded!! *winks* Thanks in advance!! Peace, love and many blessings, ~Dusty~
Strength And Conditioning For Vu
Sitting here a long time searching for what to say The words they come, then they just fade away Perhaps through words some things can never be measured Like a friend, a mother, and a daughter so treasured The thought of you that we have tonight Is that even in heaven you are still a radiant light In our hearts forever, Tim
Ville-a-fied Ent. Write Up In Louisville Music News
STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH FRANK LEWIS Frank Lewis has been the strength and conditioning coach for the VU Men's Basketball program since 2004. He has also trained the VU Lady Trailblazers since 2005. He joined the programs at the invitation of former Trailblazers Coach Everick Sullivan, who first met Lewis as a teammate in summer pro-am basketball leagues, and then trained with him during Sullivan's professional basketball career. Originally from Louisville, KY., Lewis has been a licensed massage therapist since 1996. Prior to his arrival at VU, he was the strength and conditioning coach and team massage thereapist at (Louisville) Pleasure Ridge Park High School from 2000-08, and he was the massage therapist for the Louisville Fire of the Arena2 Football League from 2001-07. Lewis' work with VU athletes has contributed to nine players going on to play at Division I programs while the Trailblazers racked up 79 victories and made two consecutive NJCAA tournament appearances.
Im On Auction!!!!!
My First Auto 11 Session
The Hunting
It all starts with a smell of change in the air. Without even looking at a calender, you know it's coming. You can feel the air become more crisp and clean. The leaves begin their almost instant change, from green to hues of yellow,red and orange. The days become shorter, while the nights cold fingers linger. Autumn has arrived and it's the beginning of the 'hunt'. Thousands of hunters begin their quest for monster white tail deer, wild turkey, or other game. From the wilds of Canada to the Hill Country of Texas, men attempt to get in touch with ancient hunters past. Weapons fired and sighted months before, game trails found and scouted, feeders set up and filled, blinds repaired and readied. They sit in their blinds, or up a tree, hoping for the chance for the mythical 'Monster Buck'. Dressed like a tree or some type of camouflage to give them the best chance of not being seen. All for the hope of capturing their prey. Most times I myself am no different. Except this time I k
Wanna Help Me In Giveaway? Plz?
i'm in a bling giveaway, 20k for $20 bling pack theres no time limit, so if u got come comments to spare and a little time, i could really use some help. just clck on link below and happy bombing! : ) thank u everyone : ) here we go again! lol help me help u! : ) i'm going for 3 month vip, i can't afford these kinda things on here so i enter giveaways to get them, so if you could help me out and drop a few comment i would really appreciate it, or if u wanna trade pic rates for comments on my giveaway i'll do that too or make me an offer i can't refuse just sb me : ) ty everyone! just click on pic link below and start bombing! woo! hoo!
Benefit Tomorrow
Rewind To The 80s
Join us tonite as our very own Gemini aka aGEM4life rewinds time and goes back to the 80s. Nothing but 80s music for 2 hours. Hope to see you there.
I Like It
I like it a lot.
i have about 6 people on my list that are worth a shit and the rest of you can fuck off and die...and hope that you die old and miserable that is all isnt here at all....just seeing who is really paying attention i are making them...anyone want one?
so i have no idea what the fuck im doing here. can someone help...
Wat Central - An Existential Wasteland
Click on this link: PLEASE DO COMMENT WHILE THERE! THANKS! Check out my latest blabbing on this blog I've maintained now for 4 yeas and change! Much longer than my FUBAR account! Yeah:
To All My Freinds
Who Am I?
I take it all. That's my job. I watch everyone and help them all, caring little for myself. It's my job. But sometimes, deep within myself, I begin to wonder....why? What does it matter? I put up so many false pretenses it's not even funny. I don't consider them lies. What does it matter if I neglect to inform anyone of what's going on in my head? It does no one any good. I'd have to actually believe my thoughts, no, my very emotions mattered for me to speak about them. So, I deal. I withhold the majority of myself from prying eyes. It's something I convince myself that I can live with. But, I feel. I have wants. Love. I have one. It does me no good. It's all pain. But, we bear what we must. I'm a person who believes in fate, and in Karma. Yet I do all the good, and get all the bad. How pathetic I sound even to my own ears. Good. Let everyone see exactly who I am. Human.
My newest owner and best friend is so close to leveling to Godfather...let's show her the fu love and get her leveled by her birthday she is only 286,640 points away...I know we can do this. Just click on the link below to take you to her page. Debi Cakes owned by Silverpixi@ fubar Hugs, Silverpixi Debi asked me to post a blog letting our friends know that she is alive, however, she is having computer issues as well as personal issues. Her life is just a bit crazy right now and just found out one of her aunts passed away. She misses you all and will try to get back online as soon as she can. Hugs from Debi
Kid Rock
Kid RockCowboy Music Video Codes By Music
My Shy Little Lover
So this chick comes to my page quite often and lurks about. She had me blocked so I cant talk to her, I think she wants me. yeah she wants me bad. So you gonna talk to me lil momma or what since I know you are reading this. Her name is Christy, she is from Texas, she is 37 she has a few kidlets running around. Should I try and get to know this hot little momma or just give up.... Oh what to do what to do. Oh yeah her name on here is I am a Survivor here is the link to her page I am a Survivor@ fubar
Schtuff From The Boards
Guess what all of you that thought omg The Fat Sonny is so sweet someone lied to you This is not me This here would be a little more accurate of how The Fat Sonny is...... Now just read the rest and follow the bouncing Fat Sonny A bunch of you have been trying to do this to The Fat Sonny All bitching that people on here are fake and using fake accounts and script's well if admin don't care why the hell should i I'm just here to let you know the obvious Those of you that assume cause stuff happens that im leaving guess what? And too the couple of moron mummers with crap to say (like your sitting at home broke and sad opinion matters to me) Ive been this close to vixxen's B00B's So just sit back and enjoy the freaking cheetos (careful diging in there folks i can do that for myself )
Come And Join The Best Lounge On Fubar Underground
Fu Own Me!
Fu Own Me! Highest bidder by 10 p.m. CENTRAL TIME today gets added to my Family with access to ALL my pics...good luck!! XoXo ~ Midwest Milf
Cleavage Auction/contest
In a Cleavage auction/contest....come leave me a bid or at least a rate please....i will return the favor! This is my first ever cleavage auction and promise my new owner to be very happy the month of the link below and you are on your way..... LOVE THE HOST WHILE YOU ARE THERE...HE'S AWESOME!!!
Thursday's Top Ten Reasons.....
I love Top Ten Lists...and i thot i would take a stab at writing one..just for the fun of it... goes..if u like it..tell me..if u don't..then...well...keep it to urself.... Lemme see...Thursdays Top Ten Reasons ...Why You Know its Almost Thanksgiving.... 10. You know it is almost Thanksgiving if you go to the grocery store and there aren't any more Brussel Sprouts in the veggie section.... 9. You know it is almost Thanksgiving if you go to the mall and they have Christmas decorations covered in sheets..... 8. You know it is almost Thanksgiving if the only turkeys in Washington have feathers..... 7. You know it is almost Thanksgiving if reruns of Martha Stewart getting stuffed...i mean stuffing a turkey are on daily.... 6. You know it is almost Thanksgiving if you live in Buffalo NY and there is already 5 feet of snow on the ground... 5. You know it is almost Thanksgiving if you call a 1- 888 number and you are told the best way to baste your bird...
Hocking Radio
Anything Goes on Sunday Sinners Paradise Lounge and Dawn Star Radio invite you to join us as our very own Gemini aka aGEM4life plays what you want yo hear. Regardless of the genre or year its from. As long as she has it she'll play it. Anything you want to hear (and we mean ANYTHING!). 8pm - 10pm (EST) Hope to see you there! (repost of original by 'aGEM4life ShadowLeveler|RatingRevolution ღWife of Ikeღ FUOwnedByJade&JaksonsMom' on '2009-01-18 15:37:28')
Gettn Da Hang Of This Fubar
Made you look! Bwahahaha!!! Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand CHORUS: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see CHORUS CHORUS (Ooh give you up) (Ooh give you up) (Ooh) never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up) (Ooh) never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up) We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Insi
Wrestlers That I Model My "the Degenerate" Wrestling Persona After
My Sincere Thanx
I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you that have rated, fanned, added and blinged me...shown me your help me reach the level of Godmother. I wish i was financially able to give each and every one of you fublings or blasts to show you my gratitude but i'm hoping...since i can't...that you accept my sincere appreciation for all your help. I have met so many awesome people on here...and it amazes me every time someone sends me a bling, rates my pics or just sends me a shout saying that i have an awesome profile and wants to say hi. There are so many good individuals on this site..makes me proud to be a part of it. Again...i thank you my friends and family...and hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Another Random Day
written by my sister and published... love is like running through a field towards your lover and no one tells you about the chips along the way.
New Acct
this acct is going to be deleted. my new acct is please go there and add me if you want to remain on my friends list! Thanks!
Retail Facts
As a cashier if I recieve a credit or debit card that is unsigned I'm required to ask for Photo ID. What's disturbing is the number of customers that tell me I'm the first one to ever ask them even the one's that have "See ID" written on them. People tell me all the time that they never sign their cards, if your gonna be that stupid write "See ID " on the card in permanent marker! At least that way no one else will be able to sign it. The debit card users are even worse they because the thief doesn't know their pin code they're safe, wrong. All they have to do is sign the damn thing and put it through as a credit. It really is scary especially with so many people in debit due to identity theft. All retailers are required by the credit card companies to ask for ID for unsigned cards. Heck, my other job (I have two)requires that all credit card purchases must show ID, a state ID so sorry students your school ID won't count. I guess a lot of cashiers just don't want to bother with it caus
Wrestlers That I Model My Wrestling Persona The Loustsoul After
???? Fubar
i was online for a lil bit yesterday or the day before just to check my messages becuse i did not have alot of time to stay on well today around 2 am i came back on they was all gone now where did they go ?? anyways my birthday is on nov 22 iam not really looking forward to it only because i never really had anything i only had my grandmother this time my father and his gf is coming well atlest they might my dad is out of a job because the person he works for is a asshole who lie about paying him for all the time he did security so he is looking if he finds one he wont be coming iam just going to have a few people over and have a cook out if the pool is not cold iam going swimming cant really do much tho iam broke so i wont have much of a birthday plus with all the drama lately iam not really sure if i really want one but will see turns out my roommate who i had for a very long time even tho we had alot of issues mainly with him and less with me took off yesterday not sure o
Friday Multi Million $ Fubucks - Give Away
I don't have a lot of time for Fu points chasing but I wish I knew of a way to get more points in minimal time.. I mean I've been on here for over a year and I'm only at level like 6....anyway...I would think you should get points everytime you log on ...just saying...anyone else out there agree?
Visit Me Monday
k i dont get it why do ex bfs and ex gfs dont get the hint when it's oh so clear that what happen back in the day is just that back in the day depending on the pass relationship if they was a liein cheat or if they actually was aiight but when i say i dont ever planin on talkin to a liein cheat then i kinda mean that i mean am i wrong for feeling this way i really wanna know what u all think plz help me and give me some real honest opions ok me and some friends were talking and we were discussing what do men think sexy is we know what you like to see thats a no brainer but i want to know what do men think is sexy about a woman i for one say if shes smart and got a good mind and is about hers thats sexy for the body i say thick is sexy more curves the better but i wanna know what you think and be real and honest
A Nephew
Colonoscopy ABOUT THE WRITER Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist for the Miami Herald. This is from newshound Dave Barry's colonoscopy journal: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I called my friend Andy Sable, a gastroenterologist, to make an appointment for a colonoscopy. A few days later, in his office, Andy showed me a color diagram of the colon, a lengthy organ that appears to go all over the place, at one point passing briefly through Minneapolis . Then Andy explained the colonoscopy procedure to me in a thorough, reassuring and patient manner. I nodded thoughtfully, but I didn't really hear anything he said, because my brain was shrieking, quote, 'HE'S GOING TO STICK A TUBE 17,000 FEET UP YOUR BEHIND!' I left Andy's office with some written instructions, and a prescription for a product called 'MoviPrep,' which comes in a box large enough to hold a microwave oven. I will discuss MoviPrep in
I have a problem. I like to masterbate all of the time which is ok foe me but when I am out in public and I see somone who is hot and sexy then I want to have sex with them. even if it where there are people around. Do you think that I have a problem or is this something that every person goes through
So they are coming out with a 2012 MOVIE! That is just fucking insane to me. It seems like one of those things that is taken way to seriously for there to be a movie about it. That is some crazy propoganda. I fucking hope the world doesnt end in 2012 -_- Thats depressing. Hopefully its quick. I bet a shit ton of people are going to be committing suicide december 20th before the big day. But i dont think the world is going to end, im pretty optimistic. ^_______^ The trailer for the movie did give me a brief panic attack..but i think it was just the scary music from the shining that got to me. Or maybe the huge waves coming over the huge mountains. Ehhh
Info On The Movies I Have Been In
By far my smallest role but i am on the top right hand corner of the back of the box, baby! Last winter my Husband Joe (then Fiance) and i acted in a small scene for my dear friend Dr. Squid which he was directing for Into The Woods. The role was amusing to me because i play a married woman who cheats on her husband with the character played by Joe. This isn't the movie that has me as a zombie or topless making out with a hot blonde, those still aren't out yet, LOL! i haven't actually seen this movie yet. i will be sure to update this when i do but i have heard that my Husband's performance was hilarious. Here are some links for it- the info page is here, once you scroll past the naked woman there's a teensie pic of us at the bottom: The order page for Into the Woods, as well as other Falcon Video movies is here- and they take paypal!- So yeah, guess who is now
Just Trying To Help...
So let's face it: some digital cameras and webcams take some funky pictures...too dark, weird color shifts, or maybe they just need cropped. And maybe you don't have the software, the skill or the patience to correct them. I have many years of experience in doing these type of digital photo corrections and would be happy to assist any of my fellow Fu-users in making their pictures be all that they can be. Now this doesn't include swapping heads or altering any other part of your body, you'll have to go to someone else for that. But anything short of that I'm game. Just send me a message if you're interested and I can usually turn them around pretty quickly.
Tatonkas Are Here
haven fun and get lots of friends whats up my peeps just wantin to meet some supafreaks hit me lookin for fun times and fast girls lol
On Air Bully
Ill be going back to DJing, Im starting off on a friends site, he just started this is where you can hear it if you want [b] TUESDAYS 7-10 PM EST. & THURSDAYS 7-10 PM EST [/b] . The sound quality isnt the best right now but its constant music and when i get my mic back ill be live talking. You can make requests you can hit up my yahoo. if you have it. My yahoo is also linked on that page for requests. If i do not have your song...Ill get it or bust my butt trying to. If you could and you like hanging out with the tunes...Register for the website as well and let them know Ash sent ya lol ;)
listen. i know youre reading this. whatever happened, im truly sorry. i didint mean to ruin everything. all i ever wanted was to make you happy and see your smiling face. if i could hold you in my arms for just a minute id be the happiest man on earth. im miserable without you. i miss you like crazy, and your not talking to me is making things worse. i dont know how to express what im losing... but i know its the best girl ive ever met. i love you. i miss you. i dont know what to do. im lost without you. Coming home at night, No one has called all day, No one to keep me company, No one to watch me slip away. Wanting someone to talk to, But there is no one to call, Wanting someone to care, But no one cares at all. Pacing endlessly, Looking for something to take the pain, Searching my heart and soul, Trying to find something there again. The seconds pass like hours, The hours pass like days, My heart burns all the time, Som
K had a mumm a while back about replacing my stolen guitar. This is what I got Friday. Check this link. This is absolute fucking bullshit! I hate it when it gets cold... It makes my pee pee shrivel up, and I have to pee quite often!
Life And Love=shit
How I Think
U guys asked for it here it is....... Name: Whats your birthday/age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Piercings/Tats: If no, do you want any? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? What would you say is your best quality? Whose your favorite band? What kind of music do you like? Do you like kids/want any of your own? How do you feel about marriage? Do you live at home/on your own? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What do you like to do in your free time? What do you think is my best quality? Are you Spontaneous? Are you afriad of commitment? Are you romantic and treat girls the way they deserve? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with? What would our first date consist of? Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a girl? What movies/TV shows do you like? Do you like your family/family oriented? Have you ever cheated? Why did your last relationship fail? Do you like to dance? What do you look for in a girl? Where do you see y
Addicted To Fubar
Addicted to Fubar by Gary DSC We log on in the morning. We log on at night. But one thing is for sure, We all want to level, right? We're constantly rating pictures And stash too. I ask my friend to help me Because I helped you. You can rate 1 to 11. The choice is up to you. So tell me, Are you addicted to fu? We hit those red cherries As fast as we can. The bouncer tries to stop us But we show him. Freshmeat or Rockstar, At home or in your car. One thing is for certain, We're all addicted to fubar. I receive lots of drinks And lots of gifts. If this was real life, I would be rich! So little time, So much to do. I'll admit it, I'm addicted to fu. It's a great place to meet friends. Hang out and play. I don't get no sleep at night. Thanks BabyJ! I can't stop, It's like a disease. I can't logout, Somebody help me please! So take it easy And take it slow. After you reach the end, There's nowher
I was pissed off at messages and convos like this "hey whats up so I have to be straight up with you I think your very sexy and I'd like to get to know you and come do something sexual to you so if you game and down then accept my invite and I will hit cha up and if I don't then get at me but if your not cool with that then don't accept its easy but anyway I hope to be hitting you up soon" DENY "hey u need a job? u can be my secretary for my business here in DC, i need someone who has ur assets to bring to the company." Yeah, assets...right... Me: I'm sorry, I'm not interested in you that way.. Person: I don't fucking care, you made me lose my bet. Guy: "I don't know why we didn't work. I want you back." Me: "You cheated on me...." Guy: "But I thought you were over that..." Me: "yeah...I'm over that....sure.." P.S. Good grammar is sexy more coming soon....
Help Save Us All
My Star - No Longer There
My Star, the one that shined so brightly for me a short time ago its rejoined the trillions of other stars in the universe. The light is still there, I can see it, but the warmth is gone. It no longer shines just for me. Daylight is a precious commodity to me now. Perhaps it is because I see less of it due to the changing season. Perhaps it is because, if the sun is shining, I cant search the heavens for my former star. Such a futile search. When night begins its inevitable march across the sky, I am compelled to go inside. Night brings its blanket of stars, and if I stay outside, Ill search until I find the one that filled my window, filled my soul, but has now left a void. Yet, in times of weakness, Im drawn to my window, just in case the galaxy decides to befriend me again. I sit, staring out at the void, and sometimes I imagine I see a twinkle from that special place recently vacated. Is the twinkle a sign of resurging love or is it just a star again?
life can throw u alot of stuff good and bad and i have had them both this year the best part was marrying my best friend and lover he has been there for me thru alot and now we can do it togather i love this man with all my heart and nothing will ever make me lose him i sometimes wish i hadnt waited so long and that we had met before we married our 1st time but i have him now and i wont lose him
Fu-boyfriend Application!
Now You Can Watch Me On Cam!!
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm sexy? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Copy and paste this into your blog to see what your friends answers will be.
What Is Happening With All The People
I have become so enchanted with all those around They used to be such good friends We used to talk and have so much fun And we were the talk of the town Times have changed and so have we all We climbed up so high we had to fall Yeah I tried to save us from this And feel like its time to move it on Down the road I don't know where it'll take me And i don't care cause at least I will be free I hope they find the something or someone who makes them smile And I will pray for them all the while There's been so many things going on And should have been fixed But now that time is gone So I say so long Maybe it's what I helped to be wrong I ignored it at first Dying for that thirst I forgot that life is land When you are drowning In pain and hate Ohhh ohh life is love Love is great All the things we forget to appreciate I offer myself to prayer So that none of us knows again that despair So save us all and keep this in your heart And don't let the great things f
My Auction
Me... In Need Of $$ And Help Levlin Up
While going through one of my friends (now ex-friend) pix I accidentally clicked a 4. What does this person do? Do they ask why I did that? Do they question at all? Fuck no, they assume the worst and start dropping their grades on your pictures then block me before I can explain my screw up. Really fucking mature for a 39 year old. Wow, way for people to over-react. This pretty much has me disgusted with this place already. Is something happens one should question it before making assumptions and slamming..
On Time Fashions Got Da Hottest Clothes
On Time Fashions
The Unforgiven
My Star
When a star shines for you, the love light it generates is brilliant, pure, and filled with warmth so real you can feel it even from the greatest of distances. The miles between you and your star are insignificant if the star shines true. Love is not bound by distance. What one must be wary of is the star that shines only to be noticed. You can tell the difference. When I look to the heavens in the direction of Ursa Major, I see a star that immediately draws me into its light. The star beckons, sharing rays of warmth, love and promise. And, I respond. When I search the southeastern heavens, I notice another star shining equally bright. This body, though brilliant in its own right, casts the cold pall of a lonely star absorbing its own light. A neon star, if you will, and I am compelled to ignore it. My message? Embrace the star that shines only for you. Feel the warmth, revel in the light.
A Wonderfu Raffle
Cutest Smile Raffle! Are you interested? Yeah I figured that much. To enter: Send me your pic you must be smiling, grinning, cheesing,dimples showing, laughing, ect since it's a raffle contest you need to send 1 million fubucks to play. Details: It will last two weeks. The more people enter the bigger the prize will be. So tell your friends. I will set all of you up with a pic of the screen shot of your 1million fubucks sent. You will get everyone to rate and comment bomb this pic. Prizes: *75% of the million fubucks you send will go in a jackpot for most rates. Because i have to figure in the transaction fee. And one Auto 11. * Most comments will win an Auto
My Fu-versary!!
=== 'Sweetpeabayba ~Always Fu-Owned by T ~ Fu- Wifey To Unbreakable~Dylon's Divas~Fu-Angel~' wrote the following at '2008-11-21 14:46:41'.. > > 'T'@ fubar > > > PLEASE HELP "T" Oracle show him some hadr lov he is one of the best men on fu. So go ahead lov him It's her 1 year fu-versary!!! Go love her hard!!! Sweetpeabayba All love returned!!! And then go make her day And place a bid!!
Katscratchfever!!! Go love her hard!!!
One Step Below Transvestite!
Oh boy we all know a few like this on fubar a few dj,s a few whining sissy's and the list go's on and on and on lol
Day In Day Out
Well the days pass and i cant believe it is now 18 months since I suffered my heart attack, and now 6 months since my last procedure. Well 100% fit again but you would'nt think so when it comes to applying for jobs. Having decided to remove some of the stress in my life, I decided to move down the job scale. however every job I have applied for the response is the same "your over qualified". Well their loss. Just glad to have found thios site it is just awsome, and am enjoying being here.

My Brother 01/28/1970-04/14/2008
Kevin Tice Vicary passed in El Cajon, Calif., on April 14, 2008, at the age of 38. A semi careened out of control after being hit by a van at the intersection where he and his family lived. Kevin was working on his fence just where the semi broke through. He was a wonderful man. He spent many hours with his children, his wife and extended family. They all enjoyed many outings and many cookouts. Kevin went out of his way to make sure his family was well cared for and gave them many opportunities to have fun and learn new things. Kevin graduated from Montezuma-Cortez High School in 1988. After attending college in California, he went to Florida to become a dive instructor. He came back to Cortez, where he met his wife, Isabelle. They married and ran Oak Furniture sales before moving to Albuquerque, N.M., so Kevin could get back into the casino business. He ended up in El Cajon to continue his career as manager of slot operations at Sycuan Casino and Resort. He was always busy do
Stump The Music Geek
think you can do it? give it a shot.
For Sale
hey all i'm selling my ps2 and the games for it and someone that's know about it since sunday night and they haven't let me know if they want it yet...should i wait on them or try to find someone else?...shout me or leave me comments! by the way the system is $50 and the games are $10
Peter's Contest
The Coolest Bulletins On Fubar
Addicted to Fubar by Gary DSC We log on in the morning. We log on at night. But one thing is for sure, We all want to level, right? We're constantly rating pictures And stash too. I ask my friend to help me Because I helped you. You can rate 1 to 11. The choice is up to you. So tell me, Are you addicted to fu? We hit those red cherries As fast as we can. The bouncer tries to stop us But we show him. Freshmeat or Rockstar, At home or in your car. One thing is for certain, We're all addicted to fubar. I receive lots of drinks And lots of gifts. If this was real life, I would be rich! So little time, So much to do. I'll admit it, I'm addicted to fu. It's a great place to meet friends. Hang out and play. I don't get no sleep at night. Thanks BabyJ! I can't stop, It's like a disease. I can't logout, Somebody help me please! So take it easy And take it slow. After you reach the end, There's nowher
Bitter Sweet Poetry
Temptation's Playhouse
(repost) Come to Temptations Playhouse for chat, flirt, and great friends! One of the hottest new lounges on Fu! Great music, live DJs, sexy peeps and great friends! NO DRAMA allowed! Owner: PASTEL PRINCESS Co-Owner: Sarab Co-Owner: VampGirl Station Owner: Dark Angel General Manager: Demon
"Good Morning" How can you tell when you have a good morning. Well, it's one when you wake up without any aches or pains. And it's one when you wake up with aches or pains. It's one when you wake up you and your clothes fit just right. Hey, it's one when you wake up and your clothes to tight. It's one when you wake-up and theres no arguing with any of the members in your family. And it's one when you wake up and argue with every single members in your family. Because you see, it's one when you wake-up. Why? Why is race still an issue Why are we so quick to solve our problems with a pistol Why are we so quick to lie put each other down and make each other cry Why do all the good people always seem to die first? Why before things get better, they get worst Why do innocent people always seems to get hurt? Why can't hard-working people find any work Why have we let society teach us that beauty only skin deep and its okay to creep Why ar
Up 4 Auto 11's
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Help Me Out
ok all the wife entered me in a me the love and help me the pic below and rate and comment for me as much as u can...
Help The Hubby
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
I am a rose , you are my thorns clutching to me , protecting me . I am the Sun , you are my rays , Helping me to shine and to be all that I can . I am a lake , you are my water, filling me with ideas, dreams and , Hopes for the future . I am a tree, you are my leaves Sharing who and what I am , And becoming an important part of my life. I am a heart, you are beat , beating rhythmically to my happiness . My fear, my sadness , my excitement , I am me and you are with me to share All that I am , to share life, love and happiness If Tomorrow starts without me , And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes, All filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me , As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me I know you'll miss me too. But if
F'ing Men
So not for the First time My Ass got cheated on AGAIN! and i am beyond Pissed. i am tired of being Sweet and kind and getting walked on. you know the quote Nice guys Finish last same thing applies to Chicks though i am sure that "nice guys finish last." can be a good thing if you catch my drift.huh lol Anyway so this time the father of my kid is doing it. His ass is Grass.i can't believe this Shit where are all the Sweet sensitive guys Gay? come on. maybe i am destined to loneliness i don't know.
Just Some Thoughts....
So if any of u read my About Me, u know I have already been married....been divorced now for bout 3 yrs and for some reason lately REALLY wanting to find that special someone that I can eventually marry.... My first marriage was a big wedding, no gorgeous dress or rings.....Just the courthouse and a piece of shit for the hubby....he cheated the WHOLE damn 6 yrs....I do want to be married again, Im 27 and not getting any younger....I want the whole wedding, dress, ring, my best friends and sisters in my wedding....I want it ALL....I want a man that will HELP take care of me and my babies....I want a man to stand by my side not in front of or behind me...I don't wanna take care of him nor do I want him to take care of me (tho that would be nice!) I'm being really picky this time around....My guy has to have a good job, car, place.....No drugs, no side bitches....ONLY me... CHEATERS AND PLAYERS NEED NOT APPLY..... I have 4 beautiful children and don't have time to play the game
Auto-owners Askin For Help?
you guys see that on the news??? the three major owners of the automobile companies, beggin for the money front in the millions....then one guys asks....(somewhere near a qutoe) "who flew here today on a commercial airline.....let it be noted noone raised there hand....who flew here today in their private jet? let it be noted three raises hand" what tha hell??!!! they could fly for 280 dollars on a regular plane? but yet they spend nearly 20,000 one way in their JET??!!! needless to say they wont be gettin there loan...
News Flash!
I lost my best friend of 20 years today. She was an amazing, mother, wife, and friend. She really understood what it meant to be a friend. Never judged, always listened, constant shoulder, sincere, loving, not a malicious bone in her body, to name just a few of her attributes. I have so much in my head right now, but what I want to convey is how I really feel at this moment. I tend to gloss over things. I think I'll stay in the moment right now. I need to for a change. It's healthy. This is a poem by W.H. Auden. Grim, YES. It's how I feel. Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead Scribbling in the sky the message He is Dead, Put crpe bows round the white necks of the public doves, Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves. He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and
I can't believe that we have dumb ass whiny little bitches that have nothing better to do than complain and flag a fucking cartoon of a Taz. This is supposed to be an adult site not a cry baby site. If you don't like it, down rate it, it's not a big deal and move the fuck on. Everybody had their own individual tastes and likes. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that others don' who made your dumb ass god and gave you the right to decide who posts what of their own likes on their own page? If you don't like what I put on my page then stay the fuck off of my's that simple. There's no point in being a juvenile little bitch just because you didn't get your way...and yeah I know who you are. The only reason I'm not posting in here who did it is because I'm a nice person and I'm trying to save your stupid ass some embarrassment. Grow the fuck up already.
Suveys :-)
are you evil???answer each question with an evil answer and see if you got what it takes to be the spawn that you really are deep down inside... no sissy answers1.) your a clown, what trick do you show the kids?show them a pencil and make it disappear. 2.)your a robber, how do you escape the police?take off my mask and say the robber went that way.3.)your a culinary teacher, what do you use to cook for your class?a cucumber, carrot, wiener, pickles, and then a cig 4.)your a directer, what props do you use in your movie?a cucumber, carrot, wiener, pickles, and then a cig...what?5.)your a samurai, what technique do you use to elude the ninjas?throw a cat and watch them run after it.6.)your a captured samurai, what weapons do you use to fight the ninjas?a cucumber, carrot, wiener, pickles, and then a cig...then kill them with my thumb7.) name 3 ways to get people to fight each other to the death... ---A1.) throw a beer into an A&A meeting, to be more cruel i would fill it with apple juic
Just Had Gotten Bad News
a few hours ago i found out my uncle is dying. all of his organs are shutting down and we found out that he has cancer in his stomach.He is expexted to pass before Thanksgiving. i may be not be on here for a while due to it. i love you all and all of you will be close to my heart. hugs and kisses to all of you. you all are very dear to me. thank you, love puma(patti) This is how it is, I try to help people. always. There will be a selected few that will stay on my list. Most will be deleted !!! I help people level all the time and when I need it well they arent there so, i am not playing their games anymore. I have always been nice and now i am a cold hearted person. i found out who my real friends are on here so bye to yall and have fun doing it to someone else. I am keeping just the good ones. I do love my friends Please Help my Son Level, show him some luv. He has been at the same level for a while. He is Awesome, Plus he is going to Bootcamp in August, so please yall give him the l
Lets Help James
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: ♥}{ξΰξήŁỳ ĐξМίŞξ♥ Date: Nov 19, 2008 11:24 PM Just Click on the picture... please----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: JAMES AND DADDYDate: Nov 20, 2008 1:46 AMPlease forward this to all your friends and tell them about James and his million friend challenge. Please help a dad keep his promise and put a smile on an amazing boys face.To forward this on click reply then copy and paste the code into your bulletin.Thankyou
Life Is Too Short
Life is too short. With evrything going on in the world these days, you need to step back and take a good look at life. Are you happy where you are at? Where are you going? Since being in Fubar, I've seen a lot of people taking this thing way to seriously. It is supposed to be fun. Is it a popularity contest? Maybe. I don't look at it like that. I have met some great people online here and I enjoy the company. I have a different attitude about life thanks to a few of you. I never read blogs until i stumbled into a fu-woman named fuzzy bunny's bolg page. If you get nothing else out of this blog, read what she has written. you will LYAO. And I met someone else on here who has shown me that there is hope in life. She may be half way around the world, but she has helped me focus on what is important to me in life. I'll be there some day, because , life is too short. and you need to get to where you need to be before life passes you by.
Baby Update #1 - Offical
Well yesterday's appointment was rather eventful, I should have brought a book with me. Though getting poked and prodded like some kind of science expierement wasn't exactly quiet. I'm not saying I cried, but it wasn't comfortable. I got to see the baby for the first time. The doctor says I am 13 weeks, which I think she's on crack because I was 11 weeks and one day on October 14, 2008 (the day I found out.) Honestly I really doubt I am that far behind. Someone is a bit off. All my tests came back normal except for two, my PAP Smear and my Glucose test. I guess I will find out in 10 more days what those results are, but I hope they are normal. I got over my ecoli infection, and now I have more energy than I know what to do with. So now I am trying to clean, maybe move around a little bit more and try to exercise as much as I can before the baby is born so I have more energy for the baby. My ex is still being the dick, he ignores me now and everytime I say anything he ac
My Auctions
Two Auctions I Am In (Please make sure you rate the pic and show the hostess some love while you're there) Here Is What I Am Offering... **#1 Friend for 1 month **Add to family for 1 month **200 pics rated 11s each week for 1 month during HH **All other pics rated 10s during HH **All stash rated during HH **SFW Salute **Random gifts daily **Daily comments **Keep sh*t faced daily **Will rate 100 pics 11s and 200 stash of a friend of your choosing during HH **Permanent pimpout blog and a pimpout bulletin **Owned by in my name **Your link on my page for month Just click on the pics below and place your bid... AUCTION #1 AUCTION #2
Shooting Star
When your inlove the world just stands still, When your inlove you can concure anything, When your inlove with someone and you see a shooting star it is just another pretty site, there is no need to wish cause you have everything you need when you inlove. Love is a funny thing, love is a nice thing, but sometimes love is cold, love is harsh. When you love someone as much as i do and they turn their back on you and walk out the door you realize what love really is. How do you move on when you finally find true love, how do you live without that one that you found true love with. Some people would say that it really wasnt true love but in my heart i know he is my one true love. I love you baby and no matter what I will never stop loving you. You made a black hole in my heart. So the next time that i look into the sky and see a shooting star i will know that its just heading for a black hole somewhere on this place we call earth. COWGYRL UP!!!!! Its the only saying tha
Go Show This Mermaid Lots Of Love
Deleting Days
Rants And Ravings
It was an absolutely horrible day. Did it really get any better? No.I went to this supposed "conference" this morning. UGh. More like sitting through a class at school but more boring. The presenters were completely rude and lacking in any useful information. When I said rude.. I mean to each other also. Sadly I felt completely out of place being I was there as a student and didn't have some community agency initials next to my name. Every time a question was asked and I answered, I was completely ignored. How's that for a daily boost? *rolls eyes* Worst waste of money I've ever spent.. I'm calling the supervisor in the morning.Then Hope and I get to school. HAH! I'm always expected to take notes for all my "friends" when they aren't there, but do you think they could return the same favor? Well hell no because none of them pay attention.Screw it. The rest isn't worth typing out. I've just realized what I'm good for and I don't appreciate it. I think.. I made a stupid mistake that is g
Don't nobody OWN me.. :P j/k I love it Went thru my ownership list, everyone who ever owned me, I owe you a personalized salute, my way of saying thank you and sending some love your way. Crystal Melanie BayBaySunshine Georgia Peach Peacey Frayed Knot So drop a comment here let me know if you have a special request for a salute. John
Its That Time Again!!
A Cure For Snoring
i found this site. and yes it is real. i have had a problem with snoring and i tryed this and it work really well. my wife is happy that she can sleep lol. so please buy it and give it a try. if it does not work then send it back lol. this is not porn i promise. just to saay im not trying to sell anything. just trying to help thats all
James Bond

Looking For A Good Owner
(repost of original by 'Unbreakable ஐ*ღDangerousCurvesღ*ஐ Dylon'sDivaMafia Always owned by T' on '2008-11-19 23:29:33')
An insane fireman walks into the E R unit of a hospital naked with a glass cup on his dick.."oh my god sir"says the woman on reception"what are you doing ???is their some sort of emergency??" to which the man replies "no emergency at the moment..but in the case of an emergency..break the glass and ill come as fast as i can"
A Long Time Friend Needs Help To Level.
I have been friends with this guy for years and he is new to fubar and needs a little help with leveling. If you would help him out, i would really appreciate it. If you private message me saying that you showed him some love. I will return the love. He is a really great guy and has always been a very good friend of mine. Thank you. His link is: eaglesgod@ fubar
Where Is This Guy????
this is a straight up dream man... any girl would love... When she stares at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass because she thinks she's stronger than you [ Grab her and don't let go ] When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her what's wrong ] When she ignores you [ Give her your attention ] When she pulls away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and don't say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she steals your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night ] When she teases you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesn't answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she looks at you
Well I went into the emegency room a couple of nights ago for strep throat and while there they tested my blood next thing I know they have me in a bed running IV's into me and injecting insulin into my arm. Seems over the last few months my sugar has been on the rise and with the infection and all it spiked up to 654 in the ER. So well needless to say I am now a diabetic...on the pills. It really sucks that this happened and there's nothing I can do about it. I just wish I didn't have to put Liz through this. I'm sure I'll be ok I just have to take my meds on time, watch my diet, exercise, and keep an eye on my blood sugar levels. I've been able to get it down around 2oo so far and keep it right about there. God does a diabetics diet suck...I can't eat or drink hardly anything I used to be able too. Well I'll keep everyone updated. And BTW we have set a wedding date that hopefully we won't have to reschedule, March 14 2009.
My Birthday
Tomorrow is my 20th birthday!!! What the fuck is everyone getting me? Show me some love!!! Love y'all KiiTTiiE
Despiration Of Life
when does lonely become despiration? when do you give up the pride in yourself? at what point do you break like a twig feeling traped in a situation that seems to get worse at every turn ? when is enough enough? when does pride feel like the enimy? Scary thought is that i know i am worth being loved and being treated well my body is broken yes but my mind is as sharp as ever and in this day a man need to be more then smart they have to have a job and a future that i do not have. what do i have left?
A Tribute...
I meant to do this last week but I got distracted. Anyway....exactly one week ago rock music (well, all music actually) lost one of the greatest drummers ever to pick up the sticks. Mitch Mitchell was recruited by Jimi Hendrix to join the power-trio known as The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Noel Redding joined as the bassist. Mitchell was Hendrix's most important collaborator. They fed off each other on stage, off stage and in the studio. He is regarded as the pioneer of the fusion drumming style. What made him so great? There are many reasons, however the most important reason was this - he could actually keep up with Jimi Hendrix. On some songs - Voodoo Child(Slight Return), I Don't Live Today, Manic Depression, Spanish Castle Magic, and others - he outshined Hendrix. Do you have any idea how hard that is? It's arguably the closest thing to impossible you can get. Yet, he did it. And he made it look relatively easy. Nevertheless, he is still vastly underrated and unde
My Must Read Blogs
Lets Get Naughty Hey guys and girl, I know you have seen my pics and probably rated them as well. Its left you wanting more. Let me tell you how to get what we both want from this. Yes I have a Naughty folder and you want in to it! Well here is what u need to do! 1.Rate All My Pics 2.Fan Me and Rate Me 3.Leave 100 Pic Comments 4.Bling Me Once I also do personalized pics! Wanna see me in a sexual act or doing or wearing something for you? How about with your name on my sexy ass, tits, or even my wet pussy? Well that will take some effort to get what we both want on that too. Here's how! 1.Rate All My Pics 2.Fan + Rate me 3.Leave 500 Comments 4.Bling Me 3 Times! I also make personalized videos for your veiwing pleasure! Want a naked salute to you, how about a video of what i do alone, or even a video of me taking it in my ass or pussy? or sucking a nice head? Well all you have to do is but me a months VIP and its all yours sent to your email! So boys I am here to
Please Hit Her Wirh Just A Rate
PLEASE SEE FULL COMMENT This awesome girl needs our help Please hit her with a single rate Not much to ask Thank you This awesome girl needs our help Please hit her with a single rate Not much to ask Thank you
A Moment To Reflect.
I've been working at this Pizza place for 3 years now. I've had ONE, raise and that's because minimum wage went up. I've had a tight schedule, but I always made it so I was available, around school. But I don't mind working and then going to school, or the other way around. Everything was legit for the first year and a half. Good hours, fun place to work and I got along with everyone. Basically, I didn't get dicked around. I was treated as an equal to the managers or supervisors.For 6 months there I had about 4 new managers. They took everyone but me and my friend out of the whole crew. Out of 16 people. They left TWO. So after a shit load of people being fired and hired managers in and out rules changing, prices change supervisors and just a massive amount of change occurs. Then the old Assistant manager from the old crew becomes, Manager. Then another one came back. We got a tight crew again, then it was okay. But a bunch of bull shit happened and we had to hire in more people than w
Deadwalker Blogs
Honor The Fallen #15
37, of New York City; assigned to Marine Aerial Transport Refueler Squadron 352, based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Calif.; killed in a refueling tanker crash, on Jan. 9, 2002 in Pakistan. Died: January 09, 2002
Why Women Cry
A little boy asked his mother, 'Why are you crying?' 'Because I'm a woman,' she told him. 'I don't understand,' he said. His Mum just hugged him and said, 'And you never will.' Later the little boy asked his father, 'Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?' 'All women cry for no reason,' was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, 'God, why do women cry so easily?' God said: 'When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue with out complaining. I gave her the sensitivity to love
When All Else Fails
when you are laying on the couch with her head on your chest. It's right then you start to feel like you are truely blessed. when her touch can make you melt .and it feels like nothing you ever felt. when you could talk to her and not have to yell and you started to remember what it was about her, at first you couldn't tell. then you realized it was her you fell in love with from the start... and from that moment you realized that she was the one with the key to your heart words can not describe how i feel. it makes me wonder if when i feel good is even real. everytime i think life can get better it just seems to one day get me upsetter am i doomed to a life i don't want to live or will the good out number the bad when the time will finally give i only want the samething as everyone else to be happy sorry if that might sound sappy but it seem'like it slips throu my fingers like sand while i travel further down the river with the dam
Porn Star
hey girls i'm starting a porn company and i need some female stars please contact me for information
Honor The Fallen #14
36, of Montgomery, Ala.; assigned to Marine Aerial Transport Refueler Squadron 352, based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Calif.; killed in a refueling tanker crash, on Jan. 9, 2002 in Pakistan. Died: January 09, 2002
Crackercowgirl's Blog
My son called me from school today, he was sick. The nurse told me he probably had the stomach flu that's been going around. I had a doctor's appointment that I just couldn't miss at 12:30. I call my husband at work, to ask him if he could come home and just sit with Matt while I was at my appointment. I was going to be gone like 2 hours at the most. He tells me, he won't come home, that work was too important. He also went on to say that if I had a JOB I would have gone and picked him up, taken him home and left him to go back to work. I was shocked and disgusted. I would never leave my child at home to vomit his guts up so I could get back to a damn job. So, after a few choice words I hung up the phone. What kind of man does this? Acts this way? Chooses his job over his kids? I really don't think a chinook would lose a valuable day with out him there for a whooping 2 hours. At this point Im now he worth this? When he got home tonight he wanted a hug, I wanted to pu
End Proabition On Marijuana
Cannabis Sativa Hemp / Chanvre Information The following is excerpted from the mind-boggling and eye-opening book The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, a must-have book for anyone who cares about the future and well-being of our fragile planet. This visionary book makes clear why it is necessary to add hemp to our individual and collective lives today and why hemp is essential to our well-being as well as that of the earth. Hemp is sustainable clothing, footwear, shelter, foods, tree-free paper, cement, gasoline, fuel, nutritious and delicious foods, paint, industrial sealants, industrial composites, and so much more. Its beauty, usefulness, and astounding versatility truly boggle the mind! Hemp oil, for example, has the highest percentage of usable essential fatty acids of any plant, period. Why hemp? Because it is, by far, Earth's premier, renewable natural resource. The hemp plant can single-handedly reverse the Greenhouse Effect, purify our air, water, & soil, a
Daily Hassles
my 'w' and spacebar don't work properly does anybody know what i need to buy to fix it or should i take them out one by one and clean them? halp! On Sunday I got in a HUGE argument with my father. He is truly the asshole i always denied in seeing. So once i had my stuff packed my mom took me to my roomate's grandma's house. As my mother said goodbye to me she began to cry. And well, as for me, i had already been crying for an hour so i began to weep like the pussy i am. I felt so bad. "Me haces llorar." she said. worse words i've ever heard. she also said, "Olvidate de todo lo que paso y estudia mucho." me-"si, mama. I love you." mom-"Love you too." then she left. Falls On Me - Fuel I've always cherish my mother and been thankful for having such a great person in my life. And now, i want nothing more than to give her everything she never had. I want to be like her when i grow up. I want her to leave my father and do what she's being doing for years. bec
Stupid Me For Falling For His Tricks
Happy Thanksgiving
Photo Editor
I would like to start it november 23 - 30 or once I get a handful of guys and girls to join. 25K entry fee to join the auction. If you'd like to auction "yourself" up for bids, just leave me a private message with a link to your photo you want used and what your offering and I'll get you added. I want zero drama in this auction!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may also refuse any bid just comment on your pic and private message me what bid you refused.. If you're not sure how this works... All you do is come up with whatever you'd like to put up for the bidding. A list of ideas are listed below. Then, you and I invite people to check out what you have to offer and they bid using fubucks. People can also bid money gifts such as blasts, VIPs and HHs if they REALLY want what you have!! Real money bids trump all Fu$ bids. *List of Ideas* Rate all pics Rate all stash A personal salute pic to winning bidder A NSFW salute pic to winning bidder Access to private folders
Stupid People Here
I love people who fan you, friend you, talk openly with you, and after admitting that you have been a nudist (at least part time), and they say "awesome" and you ask them if they are, they go nuts, and say that these "newbies" need to "get a fucking clue"! Not a newbie, had to start over with a new account, and I have only had a few weirdos on here. "Betty Boop" (my how original) is one of them. What a skank!
R.i.p Mom Ill Miss U
i wrote this for her visitation service. the angels have came for a mother so dear and a wonderful friend we will always hold near. never forgotten, not one single day. we pray that the tears drops will soon fade away the memories we hold so deep in our heart will keep her close to us and never apart grandkids so young and so full of glee so sad for thier grandma, oh where could she be? children so heartbroke, and so full of sorrow oh how will we make it to even tomorrow a husband so lonely,so burdened with grief beyond comprehension,just pure disbeleif i dont know the day nor the minute or hour but nothings above an angels great power soon we will join her in heaven above rejoiceing with mary and showing her love so shed no more tears and say not goodbye for we soon will meet mary someday in the sky as god as my witness this much i swear mary we love you your sweet and so dear sadly we miss you but please dont forget soon we will join you but i dont
fubar rather pissed me off tonight! I posted a MuMM fubar wide about buying your friends the part they do not tell you or I just missed. Did you know that if you buy someone say for $10,000 and that person is bought from you for $10,200 you do not recoup you initial $10,000 ? You only get 10% on the %200! So, some people will go broke real quick buying friends. I learned this from a bouncer -expert. For those that do not want to play you can turn it off in your settings as I did LOL. Well I MuMMd it and it was not there 5 minutes before the shop deleted it LOL
If anyone has an extra set of the Madagascar toys or at the very least the penguin they are willing to give me. Everytime I try to go get them they sell out before I can. Thank you.
i got this from Nymphomania: 1775, in Eng. translation of "Nymphomania, or a Dissertation Concerning the Furor Uterinus," by Fr. doctor M.D.T. Bienville, coined from Gk. nymphe "bride" + mania "madness," perhaps influenced by earlier Fr. nymphomanie. Defined as "a female disease characterized by morbid and uncontrollable sexual desire." Also coined in 1775 (by Richard Chandler, in "Travels in Greece") was nympholepsy, on model of epilepsy, with second element from stem of Gk. lambanein "to take;" defined as "a state of rapture supposed to be inspired in men by nymphs; esp. an ecstasy or frenzy caused by desire for the unattainable." Nympho "nymphomaniac" is from 1935. also: A disorder in which a woman exhibits extreme or obsessive desire for sexual stimulation or gratification.
Random Rants/thoughts
HEY ALL .. I KNOW I HAVE BEEN MIA FOR A WHILE BUT I WOULD LOVE TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU ALLL ... U CAN FIND ME ON TWITTER HERE ... FOLLOW ME I DO NOT GET POINTS OR ANYTHING FOR U JOINING OR IF YOU ARE ON TO FIND ME ... SO IT IS PURELY AND TRULY FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH .. LOVE YAWL ... CASEY For those of you who do not know, I am in the Real Estate Business. I am a Title insurance Underwriter/Closer. I was pushed into Law School by my parents and being that I do not like to Judge I chose Real Estate/Consumer Finance as my area of expertise. Once upon a time, My business was booming with sales/refinances. Now, it the declination of my business is devastating. I can almost everyones point of view being that I am the closer and deal with all parties involved on a transaction. One of My clients whom we like to call the Donald Trump of Kentucky lends his own money to people with poor credit and save them from foreclosure. I see their Titles and Credi
Brain Functioning
My mom called me up today to ask me this There are 7 girls on a bus. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack is 7 female cats (momma cats) and each momma cat has 7 kittens. How many legs are on the bus? And for every smartass who will retort "none...there are no legs on buses.." the rest of us will know you just can't answer the question.
What Is Sexy?
What is your definition of sexy. Is it the old t-shirt of yours that she wears around the house at night? Is it the way he looks at you from across the room? Is it the way her eyes sparkle when you touch her in that spot? Is it the way he whispers in your ear? Is it that hot leather skirt that just hardly covers her ass? Is it the way he can give you just one look and you completely melt? Is it the way her hips move as she walks into the bedroom? Is it the way he smells.... that cologne that smells JUST right JUST on him? Is it the way she tilts her head, when she listens about your rough day? Is it the way he knows just what you need to hear? Is it the way she can buy just the right lingerie and know how hot it will make you? Is it the way he knows without a doubt that no matter who you flirt with that youre HIS? Is it the way she can turn all the mens eyes, just with the way her face glows and her smile sparkles? Is it the way he can curl his finger up inside you
All This Drama because I didn't want my webcam up.. my bf was on and got pissed..then I got pissed lol..I got called fat, said I never brush my teeth and I'm covered in acne.. what do u think I think its entertaining lmao Please Mess with him for me raleighfella: hiya cutie.. Cassie: heyyy raleighfella: you should just be able too plug your webcam in the usb port raleighfella: and then it should work,, raleighfella: try it raleighfella: then msg. me Cassie: hahahha I will later I gotta get some stuff done around the house I WILL talk to ya soon hun raleighfella: ok beauty raleighfella: nice too have met you today Cassie: you too hunie raleighfella: hiya raleighfella: .... raleighfella: whatcha up yoo cassie? Cassie: so why wont you talk to me without a webcam? raleighfella: much more enjoyable too see your friends smile raleighfella: when you chat? raleighfella: do you not have one? raleighfella: you havent answered many notes raleighfella
Rip Mary
the angels have came for a mother so dear and a wonderful friend we will always hold near. never forgotten, not one single day. we pray that the tears drops will soon fade away the memories we hold so deep in our heart will keep her close to us and never apart grandkids so young and so full of glee so sad for thier grandma, oh where could she be? children so heartbroke, and so full of sorrow oh how will we make it to even tomorrow a husband so lonely,so burdened with grief beyond comprehension,just pure disbeleif i dont know the day nor the minute or hour but nothings above an angels great power soon we will join her in heaven above rejoiceing with mary and showing her love so shed no more tears and say not goodbye for we soon will meet mary someday in the sky as god as my witness this much i swear mary we love you your sweet and so dear sadly we miss you but please dont forget soon we will join you but i dont know when yet I WROTE THIS FOR HER FUNERAL
Are Your Friends In There??they Need You
Your Friends Need You:))
Some giveaways that really need to get worked on I am missing blinging everyone, if anyone has a few minutes to leave a few comments i would really appreciate it,it's a comment bombing giveaway.. THANX to all!!!! ~Bratt~=) ~BRATT~ ~CHAOTIC PRINCESS~ ~Z-MAN~ CHECK OUT THESE FRIENDS AND IF YOU ARE A FRIEND AND WANT ON HERE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! THANX to all!!!! ~Bratt~=) ~BRATT~@ fubar
Bulletin: If We Had Sex....GAME. don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you whisper in my ear? 3. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 4. Would you say my name? 5. Would le me go down on you? 6. Would you let me give you a hickie? 7. How many rounds would we go? 8. What would you wanna do afterwards? 9. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 10. Would you lick and bite me all over? 11. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 12. Would you want me to take my time? 13. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 14. Where would you wanna "do it"? 15. Would you be loud or quiet? 16. Would you mind if i licked you? 17. Would you do it today? 18. Would you do it tomorrow? 19. Would you call me in the morning? 20. What is your favorite position? 21. What is off limits? 22. What
After 36 hours in the car we made to MD, then on to New York with Aimeelynn and Tbone for a fun filled weekend and a night out with all the dreamnet girls. Back to MD for the week now then on the road to Texas again for Thanksgiving.
The Thickheaded (normally If You Know Me Well Enough You Know Who I'm Talking About Anyway)
Well, this is about the man rather than the woman in this. Thanatos isn't included in this at all, this is about my children's godmother and the pr*ck she married. She let it slide once, he messed around on her when she was physically incapable of having sex. She let it slide because she understands he's human. Well, this time there was no call. He was an ass all around, and so was her so called friend, whom he got pregnant. She finally left him, and no it doesn't make me all that happy to see her sad, hazards of being friends with your ex, you know that they've been through it before, one way or another. This ex, though, is also one of my best friends. I hate that she married a jerk that didn't know what he had, and I hope to god that he knows what he's lost. He didn't seem too busted up about it, but still, she's surviving, and I hope it's in spite of him rather than because of him. This man didn't deserve her, and definitely didn't deserve her forgiveness. Cheaters are ne
New Work (possibly In Progress)
11/19/08 (Verse 1) Theres a girl in my dreams that isnt that far away. She dont know I love her, No she dont know how Shes a vision of beauty more than just her face She there every night in ribbons and lace (Chorus) Love is sickness love is a plague can someone please just take it away I cant stand this feeling; I dont want it to be this way Every day its the same old pain Its flowing through my vanes like acid rain (Verse 2) This girl I love and I just dont know why But shes there every night someone please tell me why I close my eyes and she appears I just want to run away I want to disappear (Chorus) Love is sickness love is a plague can someone please just take it away I cant stand this feeling; I dont want it to be this way Every day its the same old pain Its flowing through my vanes like acid rain (Verse 3) I wish I could find out why, why is love a blanket of pain I keep looking around and I just cant see anything but the pain S
I want to people.
Harry Potter
Are Your Friends In There??they Need You
Some giveaways that really need to get worked on I am missing blinging everyone, if anyone has a few minutes to leave a few comments i would really appreciate it,it's a comment bombing giveaway.. THANX to all!!!! ~Bratt~=) ~BRATT~ ~CHAOTIC PRINCESS~
He Is!
He is my friend, He is my teacher, He makes me smile, when I don't want to, He makes me laugh, when I feel I can't, He brings out everything in me, He is the only one who is able to do that, He knows everything about me, my deepest darkest secrets, The way I feel, The things I want, The darkside of me, The good side of me, and he still cares, He makes me feel alive, there is no one like him, He is special to me, I love him in everyway, He is my heart and soul, He is my friend, He is my Teacher. by Linda Weaver to my teacher. I love you.
i think the the love of your life if they really love would spend time in the mornings and every evening with you on the phone if you cant be together. due to any reason and when you are gone out of their lives rite then they dont flirt and shat with other guys in a sexual way unless you both have talked about it and open is the way you both want it. 'm curious, do you want to get married and have kids? Lately I've felt like I'm probably the only one in the world who actually wants a committed relationship, and that everyone just wants to be a whore! (I'm a whore sometimes too, but I don't buy into the hey, let's be a whore for life idea!) " what you got if you don't got love? " " sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand " " when you figure out that love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything seem so small " OKAY, damnit I admit I've probably been listening to too much Carrie Underwood But really, I know people who ha
Death Angel's Place
Let me be the one My life is a mess I know I am Nowhere to go, no one to hold I was alone, cold and blue Broken and numb never had a clue Then I saw you walking along my path Wearing that sweet smile merely a laugh I wander and then suddenly froze Am I the one you are looking for? The eyes that full of love The lips that full of smile The heart that seems so untrue In your arms, it is a dream comes true. When you laugh, I feel the world stops When you hold my hand, I cannot breathe a while Your voice brings me some sleepless nights And make me dream even with an open eyes. I know life will never be the same again Because I have you to love and to hold I feel like I am in a bed of roses The pain, the worries, and the fear I learn to let go Please my beloved let me be the one The one that you will hold on for the rest of your life Thank you for the love that you showered for me Let me be, let me be the one my dear. Madison This i
Nsfw Pics
Anyone on my friends list that requires something bought for them in order to see their NSFW pics will be deleted. Thats just gay so no offense just hiow I feel
It's interesting I notice ppl getting owned guess I ain't wanted by anyone well since ppl in my area don't answer there texts or are even interested why am I here
Sad For A Friend
My Midget.
... The Art Of Qay ...
I Was For Sale?
I didnt know ppl could buy me? i didnt know i was for sale
Bull Spit And Drama
Well as you can guess bull spit and drama just wont leave me alone. I broke up with my BF Josh because he was being way to possessive and always getting jealous. Well I started going out with my new BF Ben and they have not quit butting heads for like 5 or 6 days and I am about to tell the both of them to flake off and leave me the flake alone.... What would you do. They are literally driving me nuts...
Fu Friends
Moose Dreams
Last weekend went on last lake outing of the year. It was the latest I had ever fished for muskies. Took a fisherman half my age as his enthusiasm to fish is refreshing.He explains to me the mornin we were to fish that he had this wonderful dream after driving 4.5 hours.I asked him what it was about as it was very imortant to the day.He explained the dream as it was very vivid,He said we were driving along and Ijust drove my car off the road and pulled up to these moose,more than one and a big bull,they did not run off as we admired their great size.While wathcing wolves ran up and scared the moose off and we drove away I told him we must get going as this meant something was to happen that day.No more than stopped the boat,I did not even have my pole out and he says he has one on get the net!After releasing that fish we move no more than 20 feet and minutes later he yells I have another one! Two beautiful muskies caught and released in ten minutes.Wow what a moment .It was
Desolation, Wide open space, Between the trees and me, Emptiness and me, Confusion and decisions, Feelings hard to define, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, Coldness seeps Its way in, I am falling deeper, Into what I fear most, As I reach out, There is nothing there, As possible there was something once, Only to be gone, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, The sun drops, The last inch of light falls, The squirrels more likely to be huddled up, But not me, Something I never possessed, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, Then the sun has gone, Darkness spreads its wings over me, I see nothing so no one sees me, Feeling of bitterness only, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, An Owl peers down, With question in her eyes, She doesn't have a hope, In helping me, As she doesn't see my pain, Spreads her wings, Passes me by, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, The soft earth, Seems the only thing holding me
Loving Life
Stuff I Can't Publish Anywhere Else
I wasn't meant to write a blog today. It just wasn't in the cards. I wrote, not one, but two very thoughtful blogs this morning. MySpace ate them both. So here is my third attempt. Since my first try was about the economy and my second try was about sacrificing for love, I think my third attempt should be nonsense. Maybe that will stick. Did I ever tell you how much I hate pubic hair? I really, really hate it. Not just dislike; not avoid. Even saying I avoid it at all costs isn't strong enough. I loathe it. Hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE it! And it's not just me. Every lesbian and bi-sexual I know, along with every girl who cares about what they or other women look like down there, even if there is only a chance someone else will see it, shaves before they even step out the door. So, if you don't trust me (or males in general), take the ladies' word for it. It's not cool. I know it serves a purpose. I've heard all the arguments (mostly from women who refuse to groom
My Blogs
Want me to make them a sign? I'll make anyone on my friendslist a sign, only catch is you have to make me one too. Family will get special signs.
I am running another Auto 11!!!!!! I have folders Marked for 10k Rate all the pics in them, comment the last picture and ill send you 10k in fubucks!!!! Make major points, and get paid for it. Its a win win situation!!!!!!!!!!!! So along my fubar travels ive seen people offer money for pic rates. Now im going to do the same..... For every 100 pics you rate i will award you 10,000 Fubux. If you rate all of them ill give a gift as well. Please message me when you are all done rating so that i can transfer the fubux... Thanks again
My Fu Owners Unreasonable Demands
Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself!!!!!
The Eyes Of Others.
U Need To Watch Her
Im In A Auto 11 Give Away
im in an auto 11 give away if u can plz come help me i need 12,500 comments to get it i will return the luv to all that helps me out just click the pic to get there ty 2 all
Life Of Paine
Hmm Dj Or Not?
I am wondering where i should do a live dj spot at from the road? (what lounge) And sould it really matter where i dj at or should i only dj in one lounge? should i dj or not i have gotten some yeses and no no's on my mumm now for everyone else who knows me and has heard me what do ya'll think?
Really Bad Fun
This is a true story. It didnt happen to me (thank God!) it happened to a friend of mine. I just tell it better. So my buddy had a reasonably well-arranged bachelor apartment, a pretty hot motorcycle, and a savage feral cat that he had found on the side of the road one day and brought home to make a pet out of. Which was only a moderately successful transition the cat remained mostly wild, and we were all a little scared of it. My buddy was not the most responsible pet owner he never took the cat in for needles or declawing or have it fixed or anything like that essentially he fed it, provided a place for it to poop, and tried to keep out of its way as much as possible. One night, my buddy made out pretty good with some woman at the local bar we all went to, and took her back to his place to continue the fun. One thing led to another, as these things do, and from necking on the sofa they proceeded to make their way to the bed, discarding clothing at every step,
What In The Hell!!!!
we were lost chary now we are fubar a plase were we can by are friends so is this right.wen i was a kid i was told we do not by are friends so and saying that .this is a plase for fun .and not a meet markit
Just A Thought
Take The Time To Know Me
for all of you that send me add request that dont even rate me or even talk to me dont waste your time you will not be added ever unless you talk to me .ive been deleteing people that say there my friends when i know the only reason they added me in the first place was to see my private pics ..yes i got lots of them but you all will have to get to know the real me b4 you see those . i bet alot of you havent even took the time to read my page .believe me its worth your time to get to know me .just ask my real friends on here .
Just Another Thought
What is optional? Love is not. Due to the emotions toward another human being, that is showing affection. If you are as lucky as I, you will find love, (not the mushy stuff, but ultimate love), in the oddest places. 9 out of 10 times this is how it is. It took many long years to see what true love is...the ability to have a true friend. Now, a ture friend s a person that, no matter what, is in your corner. They have a personality all their own and nothing will change that. Some people say I have many friends. Bull. A wise man once told me "That if you find just ONE true friend in life you will feel spectacular. I couldnt see thatthen, baut as time went on and I grew more mature, acouple of freinds leftand even though I seemed fine on the outside, inside I was completely obliterated. I learned something that I thought I already "knew", friends; TRUE friends are not an option. They are needed in life to help, protect and love one another. This is why I feel that I can not be destr
Who out there has friends? Who out there knows what a true friend is? Who thinks that a friend is just that, a friend? I don't. See I have a few true friends and when I say a few I mean FEW. But I know that no matter what I say or do, they will be right there to tell me if I am doing the right thing or if I'm fucking up all over the place. That is what a true friend is. Their right there when you need them, just a phone call away, or just a shoulder to lean on. They have their own problems in life but they take time out to listen and offer solutions to yours. They also are a sound mind when it comes to needing some advice on something. If you are having a rough time you know that they will help you any way possible. And they don't expect anything in return. If something goes wrong and you need to get to the problem they won't ask you to return the favor by doing something. That would be something that is on you to do on your own. They don't live by the motto: "tit for tat" the
Dark Place
Everyone has a dark place in which they hide deep inside themselves. It is not very often when they decide to let it show up or let some light get to it. I can say that I am one of those people. Only my dark place has a catch to it (just like few others) and that catch is when mine comes out it sticks around for awhile. Depression, ain't got shit on the way I feel when that comes out. Anger, pain, frustration, denial, and horror are but just a few emotions that are present when it come out. But lets talk about how things are "gonna be better". Different people have different ways of pulling out of the black funk. Stay positive or start enjoying life, boy thats a hell of a lot easier said then done. You see the way that most people deal with it is to suppress it and let it fester. Let me tell you about that if you let it it will take you over and when it does look out, your life will spiral down faster than you can say it. I know I live like that everyday. It is not fun because you e
My Poetry Written In 2008
Deep down you know She'll never be the one Who sparkled Like water in the sun. The sweet young thing Who left your life; Thoughts of her Still make you cry. But she knows Her love isn't enough, Though you're her star That fell from above. And you don't know That her heart cries, Because everyday She tries and tries and tries. She knows you better Than you know yourself, And she knows what's tucked away In your mind, upon that shelf. She's not good enough; She knows she can't compare; No matter how hard she tries, Her love can't hold you there. But she loves you so; Never wants to let you go; Won't let the tears show, Even though she knows... As in a house of mirrors- One moment pretty, But turn around And the next is ghastly. I trust in love With visions of the future, But dreams get whisked away And I am left unsure. The maze is laid out To tip-toe through; Unsure steps On the path of you. Ridiculing laughter Echoes through the
My Poetry Written In 2007
"I didn't ask to be here." "I had no choice." Words you'll never hear- Because they're never voiced. I'm here by chance. Small and meek; No one gives a glance, Or sees the tear-stained cheek. Laugh and sneer in my face. Clothes- old and worn- I am out of place; Hurt and scorned. Others laugh and play; I'm not wanted here. They push me away. Wipe away another tear. What was my sin, To cause me such pain? To see where it begins, Just look at my name. Just one more step Is all I need, To slay the beast; Watch it bleed. Ever present, The voices speak; Leading me on To what I seek. They drone on; Chants increase- Find eternal silence; Blessed peace. Take that step; Do the deed. Incessant chants; And I must heed. This is the end. There's nothing more; Nothing to defend Or hope for. The edge of life; The edge of sanity; The end of strife, And of purity. Vast chasm of nothing; No bridge to span; Sea of doom- boiling With the a
Tales From Behind The Table
This One Is For The Ladies..
If a man wants you, NOTHING can keep him AWAY. If he doesn't want you, NOTHING can make him STAY. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition or spirit to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then HELL NO, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant! Why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own set of friends separate from
My Life
well its just the same ol stuff just a different day i am really looking forward to getting on with my move and living it up a little... just not sure i can do it without my daughter..... any thoughts..
My Sister
Well she is out of surgery. I was told everything went good. They used a couple of screws to fix the disc in her back. Her separated shoulder is going to heal itself. One of her legs is in a half cast I guess its called. And that is temporary till she is in a walking boot. The other leg is in a halo type set up so they can keep her from moving it. They also put a titanium rod down one of the bones of her leg. So she is banged up pretty damn good. But they say she will make a full recovery. And she should be walking with crutches in about 3 weeks. Modern medicine is amazing. Well here is an update: She has to have gurgery now because they found out she ruptured a disk in her back and they have to put some pins in one of her legs and a cast on the other. She also sperated her shoulder. So that will be in a sling for sometime. If my day cant get any worse then it is. Besides the fact that I am loosing a friend over something I did that was wrong. Now my sister was in a car accident tod
Random Babble
Don't ya just love the public? NOT!! wish they'd all just fuck off!!! I'm not looking for sympahy and lies on this one, because if you tell me theres nothing wrong with me then quite frankly, your blind! I'm over 16stone which is around the 230 pounds mark for those of you in the states, at 5ft thats not what i should be at all, to be quite honest ive been thinking about it for a while now and i am alone in this fight of my weight issues, and im not getting no help with support at all, been told theres nothing wrong with you isnt support its a contradiction and its hurtful. Chris is also over weight but because he thinks theres nothin wrong with him, 'cough' bullshit 'cough' then theres nothing wrong with me, i wouldnt call a 5ft girl weighing in at 16 stone size 24 at 22 years old is nothing wrong with me. im gonna be dead and burried by the time in 40 and so is chris. It pisses me off how i got myself to a size 14 befor moving to kettering i was fit and healthy and i had
Poets From Today And Yesterday
Shit, tired of gettin shot at Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested Niggaz need a spot where WE can kick it A spot where WE belong, that's just for us Niggaz ain't gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood Y'knahmean? Where do niggaz go when we die? Ain't no heaven for a thug nigga That's why we go to thug mansion That's the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G ... at thug mansion A place to spend my quiet nights, time to unwind So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times I once contemplated suicide, and woulda tried But when I held that 9, all I could see was my momma's eyes No one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble Not knowin it's hard to carry on when no one loves you Picture me inside the misery of poverty No man alive has ever witnessed struggles I survived Prayin hard for better days, promise to hold on Me and my dawgs ain't have a choice but to roll on We found a family spot to kick it Where we can drink l
Kummflix(slavetotoxiccherry)has Herpees
Show Love To The Troops
Jeff Dunham Spark Of Insanity Full Show SHOW LOVE TO THE TROOPS GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get. When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001 WHEN YOU THOUGHT I WASN'T LOOKING A message every adult should read because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make my favor
My Life With My Mother!
I am starting this blog in lu of my mumm that I created for those of you that don't know my mother or my realtionship with her.. I am not trying to say I was the perfect kid cause none of us are! But I really can't afford therapy so this is the next best thing hehe... Well before I was even born my mother wanted to have an abortion an my grandfather told her no way in hell so thank god for that!! When I was 4 yrs old my mother took me to my grandfather an left me with the words " take her I don't want her she never shuts up!" ( great start right?) so my grandfather took me an basicly raised me till I was 4 yrs old,, he then got sent to prision ( i know not the perfect settin but hey it is all i had) mom had no other choice but to take me at that point.. i don't remeber alot from that point on utill i was like in 3rd grade.. i just remember being really afraid of my mother..i can remember havin the chit beat out of me at one point an being drug around the living room by the hair of my h
Steve's Blog
Hey bro, Damn I hate winter. I just want to hang on the beach in Jamaica. My bf is seeing all kinds of adds for Jam. I went to school there for a semester. in college, and it was the best time of my life. By the time we came back my alcohol tolerance was so high that I could drink half a bottle of good Appelton Rum and that was like one drink to me. Hanging on the beach and sipping a cold Red Stripe, a cool Rum or eating some good jerked port is the life. One of my adopted boys, Ryan, who is 18, is going to quit smoking with me,,maybe,, if he lasts longer than me we're going to Jam for spring break. Actually, if I have the money we will go no matter what. Both boys are going to college next year so this will be our last spring break together so, wish me luck. Oh yeah, who says a gay guy can't be a good dad. I had the kids thrust on me but I regret nothing. take it easy keep it drunk, hard and handy. Steve Hey brah, Damn, I cannot believe it snowed today. Last winter we had
Hey all you furrys out there, I have jsut opened a lounge for my roleplaying mansion Haven. I would love any suggestions to make it fun and exciting. I am planning to give a round of drinks daily so look for me! I also want it to be a place for us Fubar Furs to get out there and have some fun so come on down and be a member! Furry Mansion Haven I would really like to hit level 10 today, so stop on by and leave me a comment and what not! Okay so the level 10 didn't happen the other day but I am sure by the end of the weekend you can get this pretty kampie to that level. Come stop by and post some comments and rate some pics!! Thanks!
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Euphoric Lounge!! *join Us*
Euphoric Radio Come on in lets have fun!! It's all about Great Music Friends & Good Times!! Join Us
I watched a special on Showtime about Tommy Chung and how he was arrested for selling his glass bongs. Later in that special there was a clip of a speach done by President George W Bush. Bush said in that speach "that people who do drugs support Terrorism. Now I will addmit I do smoke marijuana and I have never become violent. I for one do not support Terrorism. I also know several people who also smoke as well and they have never gotten violent or anything of the sort. Never have I heard of anyone getting killed over marijuana. Never have I heard of someone dieing from overdoseing on marijuana. I would like to know where Bush comes up with this BS he says and does.

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