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So....u Out!!!!
You Are 36% Evil A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. How Evil Are You?
Yeah... just posting this in some desprite attempt that someone will care enough to help me get to my next level? K, thx, bye...
Where In The World Are You Most Likely To Get Laid?
Cristin is most likely to get laid in Monaco, in a cathedral. Take this quiz at
Yeah For Me
All right, Im the kind of guy that doesn't really give a rats ass what he wears. If it smells or at least looks clean I'll wear it, and the only time I get new clothes is Christmas and my birthday. I thought I did a GREAT job today, went shopping to buy some new pants for work, and as always, I refuse to try anything on at the store. So, I broke the 6 year stretch of not buying myself any type of clothing and bought 8 pairs of pants, yeah for me, I rock. I get home and ripped all the tags off put them in my closet and was done. Then something came up and I needed to run to work so I decided to grab a pair I had just bought, What did I do wrong???? I wear 34W x36L and bought 8 pairs of 36Wx34L and they wont take them back since I removed the tags :( Somebody slap me.
Wat 2 Do Wat 2 Do
ok people check this new here and stuff so im so fuckin lost write now. ok i dont even noe wat the hell 2 put in this blog thingy......
Boyfriend Application. :)
Boyfriend Application Type in your answers IN A DIFFERENT COLOR OTHER THAN BLACK and e-mail this form to me at General Information: 1. What is your full name? 2. What is your phone number? 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. How old are you? 5. When is your birthday? 6. How tall are you? 7. Do you play online games (World of Warcraft, Ever Quest, Etc)? 8. How much do you weigh?\ 9. How tall are you? 10. Describe yourself in 20 words. 11. Do you have a car? If so, what kind? 12. Do you have a drivers license? 13. Do you know how to change a tire? 14. Do you know how to change the oil in your car? 15. Have you ever been outside the US? If so, where did you go? 16. Have you ever been enlisted in the US Armed Forces? If so what did you do? What branch? What was your final rank? Why did you leave the military? Have you ever been deployed to a war zone? 17. Are you a citizen of the US? 18. List 3 of your hobbies. 19. Do you have an
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My Poor Wife Suffering 'eves'' Sheryl
**the following is my observation of my wife, in the eyes of my wife...something that takes place every month lol...Donna, is somewhat oblivious to it..but then again she always has that..who gives a rats a## kind of attitude in life anyway!** Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, she is every beat of my heart, but this is too funny, not to share, and yes she does know I'm sharing this with you people... .............the shedding of uterine lining can create a sort of unintentional hatred for the rest of the human population..even friends that are a daily pleasure to conversate with seem to be simply put on this earth to annoy you into suicidal carnage.. maybe its just my uber bitch of the universe moodswings that make everything so mind numbingly annoying that I spend those 5 days of bleeding grinding my teeth because they itch from irritation..but I am sure the rest of the females reading this can identify with this..wait..*shrugs* ok even the men reading this knows that when th
This Pic Is Nice
This Pic Is Perron
Notihing New Today!!
Well today was crazy!! I am sooo beat!!! If anyone can cheer me up!!! Please Feel free to do soo... Jeannie
Help Please
I know I have been asking alot of ya'll lately, but I only have 619 more points to go till I level, help this gal out please! Much Lovings.
well tonight is the season premire of lost. hmm. wonder what will happen. i am such a dork- everyone managed to get be addicted to that damn show! well let ya know how it was... sure it will just leave me frustrated with more questions. started watching jericho, needed to pass the time til Lost came on... so far seems to be an ok show as well.
Vampiric Angel
Which vampiric angel are you? Alejandro, Angel of DestructionThe need to see death captivated Alejandro a mile from the exit of the Nether Realm. It came close to him and nearly took him alive, until he realized he was dreaming.
What Type Of Car Represents Your Sexual Experience?
Your sexual experience is like a street racer You like to have fun all the time, and if hooking up is a consequence of that then so be it. You are very easy going and have a rocking life. Take this quiz at
Roommates Links Check Em Out
dan@ LostCherry zoey@ LostCherry
Sorry To All!
Sorry to everyone who has posted a comment on my page in the past day or so. I click on your pics to return the favor, and everything freezes up...So when it quits doin that, I will comment ya all!
An Erotic 'twas The Night Poem
An Erotic 'Twas the Night Poem by The Erotic Elves © 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the net People were horny--steamy and wet; The pussies were dripping as they soon knew That the cocks around them were stiffening, too; The ladies were ready, willing, and spread The men kneeling down, giving them head; Santa squeezed down the chimney, hoping to fuck; But found halfway down that he became stuck. A pole was stuck up his arse with some force, poor Santa thought he'd been kicked by a horse. They tried and they tried, but they couldn't unstick, He was wedged in the chimney by the size of his dick. The poledancers gathered round and had an idea, Perhaps if they sucked Santa's cock he could get himself clear. One by one, they sucked on his knob, knowing this wasn't a one-dancer job. The elves wondered how they could help, too, so they opened their mouths and awaited his goo. While they waited, the elves passed the time, by fuck
Last Night
Last Night by Keli © It was the last night of our visit together. I was lying on the couch with my head in Joel’s lap. His hand was down my shirt, lazily teasing my nipples. I moaned happily and he bent to kiss me. Joel’s hand left my tits and slipped under my skirt. He rubbed my pussy for a moment, feeling how wet I was for him. “Get up,” Joel whispered. I obliged and he bent me over the arm of the couch. He raised my skirt and slowly pulled off my thong. His fingers found my wet cunt, teasing me mercilessly. I squirmed, raising my hips a little to give him better access. “Slut,” he said, slapping my ass hard. He stopped teasing me and gave me a few playful spanks. “Harder,” I begged. Grabbing a fistful of my hair in one hand, Joel spanked me hard. When my ass was glowing red, he released me. I immediately dropped to my knees, eager to suck his cock. Instead, he directed me to remove the rest of my clothing and go wait on the bed. Naked, I watched as he removed his
Caught In The Web
Caught in the Web by Frankly © Frank rang the doorbell at exactly 8 PM. He was not a man that was late or unprepared for nearly any situation and pushing that bell was the culmination of two months of planning and preparation. While he waited for an answer his mind allowed a few extraneous bits of doubt to surface. Was there anything that he had overlooked? He was sure of himself, how about her? He was about to confront a woman he had never seen before but felt he knew intimately. They had never met in person before. All their communication had been by Internet and telephone. Frank was cruising through sexual cyberspace one night in search of a deeply meaningful and mutually satisfying relationship with a horny girl, for the next ten minutes. He had done that several times before, found a hot chic, chatted for a few minutes about wild, unimaginably torrid sex, then evaporated into the ether. Sometimes he was relieved of sexual tension, sometimes not. The girls always achieved
Police Hunt Breast Enlargement Cheats
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German plastic surgeon who was cheated out of payment by several women has given pictures of their enlarged breasts to police, in the hope the photos will help trace them. "The women registered under fake names," Michael Koenig, a surgeon in Cologne, told Bild newspaper. "After the operations, which lasted about an hour, they just ran away." "Tanja" went out for "fresh air" after 8,000-euro ($10,000) surgery to enlarge her breasts. "She never came back and never paid," Koenig said. He now plans to demand payment in advance. Bild published a five-column picture of Tanja's naked breasts. "It's probably the most unusual wanted poster police ever had," the newspaper wrote. **You just can't MAKE this stuff up LOL
For Someone Know Who You Are
Tonight as I lay me down to sleep, I prayed to the Lord your heart to keep May he hold you gently in his loving embrace May he shine upon you his loving grace While you lay there and dream of how you'd like life to be I pray that his love will help set you free May his angels keep virgil as you sleep through the night As the dawn rises to meet you may your dreams then take flight So Now I lay down beside you As I gently kiss your lips Spooning up right beside you I give him thanks As we touch fingertips
Too Sexy
I am too sexy for this tinfoil hat.
For The Ladys
if you like what you see come and get it if you can hang
Raw Part 1
Raw Part 2
Work. Tiredness, Ect
im rather tired tonight. i had my first day of work and worked from 8am to 3pm. i did rather well i thought. i was showed how to use the register in less then 5 min then started to use it. only took about 5 min for me to get the hang out of it and start to memorize where the diff. buttons. there were a couple things that confused me a little at first and im still a little confused with, but only had a couple problems. for the most part i ran the register by myself from 9 till 2. then i did some stocking for the last hour. i worked the entire 7 hours with out really taking a break. i bought a sandwhich that didnt taste too great for lunch but still kept working while i ate it. did better then i thought i would i was surprisingly comftorable. seems my social anxieties are pretty much gone which is nice. think ive done alot of growing over the last 3 years. i know its still gonna be hard to do this every day and such since i am introverted and people drain me. but i will make myself b
Raw Part 3
Man I Am Tired..
So I worked my ass of today, and it paid off. My old partner and best friend will be getting out of jail on bond, so he can get the medical attention he needs, (long story), anyways he's getting out under my supervision, and has a sentancing date in December. He's only doing a couple months, which he could do it standing on his head, but he's out untill then, thank god!!
Dude! What The Fuck?!
I am so fucking pissed off, there just aren't words for it. I'm sick of people manipulating and being fucking deceitful! I'm sick of this bitch talking shit about me behind my back. I'm sick of her always needing to be in fucking control of fucking everything and then throwing a fucking fit when she doesn't get her fucking way. *throws her chair* I am soooooooo fucking pissed off!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes, . . .
a person just has to type out stupid shit - so here's some stupid shit! dangly parts! ha ha! pirates, peanut, pirates! didja get that thing i sent ya??? new "Birdman" episodes are coming sooooooooon!!!!!
Raw Part 4
Still Bored Lol
So wheres all those people that wanted to talk? I'm back lol..and still bored out of my mind. Send me a shout box or something, I don't know, lol.
Tragic It Seems To Be Alone Again. I'm Giving In To You......
I feel lonely tonight for some reason. I hate that feeling. I dunno whats up. I don't really feel good either. I was laying down but all I do is toss and turn. I have such a massive headache all of a sudden. Stephen skipped out on seeing Nicholas for the thrid week in a row. Yeah I know big surprise huh? Atleast I know I'll be the best damn parent that boy will ever have. My title best fits my mood for right now. I wish I didn't have fuckin' school. Id so be outta this shit hole then. Life goes on and so will I....I WANT SOME GUMMY BEARS!!!! LoL At least one person I was talkin to tonight made me happy lol I wonder if he knows who he is....(not that the rest of you dont but you understand)
Too Funny
Ok, so my fave cousin is dating a mexican guy. I haven't met him yet. The funny thing is....she doesn't speak spanish and he speaks very little english. They go out last night and he kisses her. She says it's an OK kiss. Then he starts kissing her neck and saying something in Spanish. Of course she has no idea what it was, but she melted like butter. I asked her if she had a clue what it could have been. SHe says for all she knows he could have told her he was a killer that enjoyed kissing chubby blondes before slaughtering his next victim, but the way he said it was so damned sexy. LMAO!!!! She wants me to meet him on Saturday. Hell, I can hardly speak english, so you all can imagine how this is gonna go....with my quiet...shy...self. HAH!!!
Feelin Rambo
like my default pic haha. decided to dress up in my halloween costume early this year lmao! (for those of you who saw I had rambo up as default pic that is)
My Friends Fucking Suck!
I only have 2 "maybe" 3 friends that EVER look at my bulitens, vote on my pics or leave me comments! The rest you SUCK! I have always went & voted & commented on your pics, and left you page comments & never get anything in return!
Raw Part 6
Thats All Im Worth ..........damn
Your Life Is Worth... $493,500How Much Is Your Life Worth?
Raw Part 7
Five (5) lessons about the way we treat people. 1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. "Absolutely," said the professor. "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say "hello." I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. 2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain O
My Style Of Love Is Agape ...hit The Nail On The Head With This One! Wow
Your Love Style is Agape You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner. Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare. You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie. Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you. For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.What's Your Love Style?
Come Little Children
i love that song its on my my profile on here : its an awsome awsome awsome song...
My Candy Heart Says First Kiss
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance aliveWhat Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Sometimes I wish I had a time machine. So that I could just take it all back, The things I did The things I said I know what I did I wanted it You wanted it It wasnt right Why wasnt it right? Was it because of her That I regret what i did? I'm sorry to her. I'm sorry for this. I'm sorry for these few moments of bliss.
Hey Vote For Me
Right Said Fred - I'm Too SexyAudio Codes From vote for the sexiest big man and show the hostess some love while youre there!! MUNCHKIN ~ Big Tymes Wifey ~@ LostCherry (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~' on '2006-10-01 10:11:52') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 11:21:22') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~' on '2006-10-01 18:09:23') (repost of original by 'MUNCHKIN ~ Big Tymes Wifey ~ IF YOU DONT LIKE ME I DONT F@#K%ING CARE! TIRED OF BEING NICE!' on '2006-10-01 18:31:21') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 19:27:33') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~' on '2006-10-01 19:50:28') (repost of original by 'MUNCHKIN ~ Big Tymes Wifey ~' on '2006-10-01 20:33:50') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 21:02:47') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~is stoned' on '2006-10-01 21:18:04') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 21:40:41') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~is stoned' on '2006-10
I Am Free To Do What I Want Now!
To Bland I Guess!
Never sure of what I am doing in here. I come in here to write thoughts and unwind. Nice to have a place to get things off your mind. However, I have not been successful at finding a way to be the fan of many. I will try to stepup my profile image... I guess who wants hamburger and fries When there is T-bone and shrimp on the other plate....
3 Drunk Women
Three women have a very late night drinking. They leave in the early morning hours and go home their separate ways. The next day, they all meet and compare notes about who was drunkest the night before. The first girl claims that she was the drunkest, saying, "I drove straight home and walked into the house. As soon as I got through the door, I blew chunks for 10 minutes." The second says, "You think that was drunk? Hell, I got into my car and wrapped it around the first tree I saw. I don't even have insurance!" The third says, "No, I was the drunkest by far. When I got home, I got into a big fight with my husband, knocked over a candle, and burned the whole house down!" She begins to cry. The room falls silent. Finally, the first girl speaks up: "I don't think you understand...Chunks is my dog!"
Take The Test
You are 100% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Now I Wonder
yeah yeah. Whatever. Anyway i think im gonna go take a shower, and walk around outside in the dark for a while. Who know's. Ash ash i love you < 3 Rachel i don't know what to do. < 3 Anywho. My puppys finally behaving herself, thank god. She was driving me insane. I've been happier today than in a few days, which is good, cause i was driving myself insane, i think its really possible for a person to take away their own sanity, i honestly do. Friday night my brothers wanta go down to wildwood, but i think ima just send them with my grandparents, i dont think i wanta go. Somebodys gotta puppy sit. We'll we could take her, but i just dont wanta go. Ashleigh just sent me a song that im listening to, and all i got to say is. Heh. Seriously. Got my brother a new hamster its a tiny lil fucker, and its fastt, and it dont like me, no suprise none of his hamsters have. I think they're all anti female. Heh. A lot of people in my life are against me :) But i survive.
Cloud Nine
If you want to live, let live if you want to go, let go I'm not afraid to dream- to sleep, sleep forever I don't need to touch the sky I just want to feel that high and you refuse to lift me guess it wasn't real after all guess it wasn't real all along If I fall and all is lost its where I belong If you want to live, let live if you want to go, let go I'm never gonna be your sweet, sweet surrender guess it wasn't real after all guess it wasn't real all along If I fall and all is lost no light to lead the way remember that all alone is where I belong In a dream will you give your love to me beg my broken heart to beat save my life change my mind If I fall and all is lost no light to lead the way remember that all alone is where I belong
The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
Sparkling grey Through my own veins Any more than a whisper Any sudden movement of my heart And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away Just get through this day Give up your way, you could be anything, Give up my way, and lose myself, not today That's too much guilt to pay Sickened in the sun You dare tell me you love me But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die Honey you know, you know I'd never hurt you that way You're just so pretty in your pain Give up my way, and I could be anything I'll make my own way Without your senseless hate....hate...hate.....hate So run, run, run And hate me, if it feels good I can't hear your screams anymore You lied to me But I'm older now And I'm not buying baby Demanding my response Don't bother breaking the door down I found my way out And you'll never hurt me again
My Boobies Names Are.......lmao
Your Boobies' Names Are... The BazoombasBoobie Name Generator
How Do I Communicate?
You Communicate With Your Ears You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker. What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions. You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself. Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.How Do You Communicate?
well looks like another thursday is almost upon us.... and if ya dont know me well enough yet every thursday i go to kareoke!!! well i cant add any pics until i move up another level!!!! so if ya like what ya see help me out.... wish you all could join me there.... it would be so much fun!!! oh well ill take lots of pics!!! muah! Alisa
What God Did Not Plan On
Sleep well Weep well Go to the deep well As often as possible Bring back water Jostling and gleaming God did not plan on consciousness Developing so Well. Well Tell Him our Pail is full And He can Go to Hell This is by Stan Rice written in '93. He is the spouse of Anne Rice
Blowjob Etiquette -
dy: Blowjob Etiquette (by a female) 1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it. 2. Extension to rule #1 - So if you get one, be grateful. 3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard practice to cum on someone's face. 4. Extension to rule #3 - No, I DON'T have to swallow. 5. My ears are NOT handles. 6. Extension to rule #5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard, deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on your dick? 7. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart. 8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now. 9. Extension to #8 - "Blue Balls" might have worked on high school girls - if you're that desperate, go jerk off and leave me alone with my Midol. 10. If I have to pause to remove a pubic hair from my teeth, d
The Offering
To the somethingness Which prevents the nothingness Like Homer's old boar From thrashing this way and that Its white tusks Through human beings Like crackling stalks And nothing less I offer this suffering to my father Again this is by Stan Rice also written in '93
Goddamn, I just snagged on my eyebrow piercing..that fuckin' hurt! No blood that's good..... owie... Im bored...
I Dont Want The Heartache Anymore
written in regards to my husband of 2 1/2 yrs We used to share something special But your selfishness Got in the way You couldnt give a damn what I think do or say but you were always so quick so say I love you Chorus: Oh actions speak louder than words And words from you are all I ever heard This pain and this heartache that I go through To tell u that I'm through Hurts more than I thought Cuz I dont want this heartache anymore. what we lost cant be bought back by changing and fancy I cant believe in your words All of your promises only bring hurt Somehow I know once we loved ... maybe in some way you love me but it only hurts... Oh actions speak louder than words And words from you are all I ever heard This pain and this heartache that I go through To tell u that I'm through Hurts more than I thought Cuz I dont want this heartache anymore. Now I see what true love is. it isnt what you had in mind hurting and malice and anger and prid
Its Finally Here!!
The new Evanescence cd came out yesterday. Its amazing!!!! Everyone go buy it!!!!
someone just kill me
Tonight I am a HUGE fan of scary movies....I love the adreneline rush of being afraid...But the movie I watched tonight had me so freaked out and disturbed that it is now 2 hours later (3am) and I am still wide awake trying not to bug out...Yeah, apparently I am a bigger wuss than I thought I was....It wasn't so much the scariness, or the gore, it was pretty much the descriptive and visual they were in a certain scene...If anyone has seen The Hills Have Eyes...then you probably know exactly what I am talking about...I was SO gung ho on seeing this I completely regret it...I know I am not going to sleep tonight...This sucks
My Love For My Friends
I look at my friends Then i look at me Without my hunnys Where wud i b ? My friends My sister My shadow My world Where would i be without my girls Tears Giggles Smiles n laughs Late nite calls n cute photographs i'll b there 4 u till the day of my death Best girlies foreva Till my very last breath xxxx
2 more days ! woot And the weekend is here .. Yeah baby! lol
hahaha You know your addicted when your computer gets turned on more then you do eh lol hahahaha
Silent Storm
Silent storms ignite in my heart Lightning flashes through my soul. Longing for that electrified touch. To bring forth that spark of love. Silently the storms engulf me And a silent lust awakens and consumes me. Begging for release, wanting to be free From the storms that are simmering within. By Sheila Christian
My Son Did Something Awful In School
Okay I'm not going to sit here and explain the whole story but lets just say Yesterday My Son Threatned his teachers life by writing, "I WILL KILL YOU" on his math worksheet! My son is 7 and in the first grade. The teacher called me but she said next time she will have to get the principal involved. My son has Severe ADHD and I think his meds isn't working like they should(good thing he is going to the doctor friday) Im just in total shock he would do something like this in school. Is he serious? doubtful I dont know/think he knows the magnatude of his actions. I told him he has one foot in the mental hospital for a mental evaulation if he doesn't stop. Who knows what the doctor will do come friday. He may just change his meds up. He may put him in for evaulation. I will keep you posted. Still in shock, Crystal !!
Goin Crazy By Natalie
Goin\' Crazy ( Natalie ) by
Body Part I Am Attracted To
You scored as Penis. You are attracted to the: penis. You are a penis man/woman.Penis100%Boobs83%Abs/Stomach67%Face58%Butt50%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
Well Everyone Does Forget
Ok so heres another blog!! First off..To all my friends I wanna say hi and you rock, However I don't hear from alot of you! Don't be strangers. Feel free to add me if you wanna be friends,, Im going around today and rate everyone pics that i didn't get yet.. PS IF YOU WANT TO STILL TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME LET ME KNOW I AM GOING TO BE REMOVING PPL OF MY LIST. SORRY BUT FRIENDS STOP BY EVERY NOW AND THEN TO SAY HI,,I TRY THAT BUT I DON'T GET NO ANSWER BACK, HAVE A GOOD DAY HUGS N KISSES OR LICKS DORIS
My Lost Soul Poem
O angel of light O angel of death O angel of life For my soul is lost with out her love as I can’t bare the darkness in my heart For I long to be whole again with her sweet love for my tainted sorrow I long for her as I long for my life with her till we die and life forever with our souls Remaining as there love will run wild again
At The Thought Of You
At the thought of you my heart's renewed Broken and so jaded that i thought i was- I never thought I could feel A love this true And with tears of joy I desire to feel this way forever And Even though I don't know what tomorrow brings: At the thought of you Loving me and me loving you- I'm holding on to you for eternity. (C) Karin-Rochelle Dedicated to J.Mo 10-05-06
It Tickles.
You'll never believe this, but my hair is presently on fire. Weird.
You Need To Help This Fucking Soldier Out
hey im single and stuck in iraq you all need to get peeps to add me as a friend and if you know any cute girls between 17-35 hook a fucking soldier up
Why Do You?
Thursday, October 5, 2006 Why do you? Why do you cling to outdated assumptions? Let them go and free your mind to be filled with more valuable, effective thoughts and perceptions. Why do you miss out on so much of life in an attempt to maintain a sense of comfort and security? The real security comes from being willing and able to gracefully handle all of life's ups and downs as they come your way. Why do you let your fears stop you from living the rich and full life you were created to experience? Step back, look at those fears, let them teach you and prepare you, and then move confidently forward. Why do you allow the least little setback to keep you down for so long? Learn to see the opportunity in everything that happens. Why do you put so many burdensome conditions on your own happiness? Discover that happiness is a powerful state of being that you can choose, no matter what. Why do you sit so long and wonder what is to be done? Your most treasured dreams are
I just thought I wouuld say hello to everyone who has stopped by my profile. I have talked to some really cool people on here. Have a great day.
My Real Blog
For Those Who Love Me
Clothes Suck
So I was sitting in my room drinking beer... and I realized something! CLothes suck.. they do really I mean seriously i took all my shit off and drank beer nude and I found that sitting in chairs and bed and stuff is just a lot more comfortable nude.. Now I know what your thinking duhhh it took you 24 years to figure that out ya n00b what the hell is wrong with you... Hey I knew that it ruled I just don't do it much cause I live at home and well my mom and sister don't need to see me naked thank ya very much.. I was just drunk yesterday and it had to be done.. Thats the way I am I feel like Doing something I do it simple as that. Worry about the shit that comes from what I do later its all good that way I guess. so yeah I'm sitting there naked with nothin but my Mets Jersey and a hat and a knock at my door comes.. I'm like uh oh now what. So I pull on some pants and open the door and thank god I did cause there's my grandma lookin at me like I am not decent(really wasn't didn't both
Powatech Rechargeable, Baby!
This one time I totally had sex with this girl I had liked all through high school. It was pretty damn good. And then we had a dinner date (I know, I got it backwards, so sue me) and I realized that all those years of wanting her had blinded me to the fact that she was a complete moron. So complete was her moronity (I make up words because my brain is HUGE) that it instantly destroyed any and all desire I had for her. And the steak was a tad too rare for my liking.
Hidden Sexual Talents
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Fae Fae Fae
You scored as fairy. fairy70%mermaid65%elf60%unicorn60%witch50%dragon45%princess45%oger35%a giant20%leprechauns10%what kind of fairy tale creature are you?created with
I dont really know what to write. but i guess i just want to know what kind of stuff.My first time to blog... I guess when i think of something ill put it in.
Okay, bike is outta the shop and runnin' like a bat outta hell! and all Hallow's Eve is in the air!! and Fall, just a slightest hint of cooling makin' the early mornin' and evenings music for the soul..add the roar of the pipes and wind of the spirits...
Men And Their Laws
I apologize in advance for offending anyone since I know these are a bit barbaric, homophobic, and chauvinistic, but several of them are rather amusing... MAN LAWS 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss's car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". (e) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable.
Sorry Guys
I can't be online as much as I'd like to be. Thank you so much for remaining my friend. message me whenever and I will get back to you as soon as I come back.
New To Town....
ok people i'm new to town (fond du lac, wi) and new to this sight , so anyone who wants to contact me and help me become more popular is welcome..any idea's would be apprieciated too.....thanks for checking me out....
Ok so school really rocked last night! I arrived there to find out that keyboarding class was cancelled due to of all things a virus! LMAO! So all I had to do was go in to take 3 small tests watch the audionym tape for lesson 6 and then I was done. So, class was from 5:00 to 6:45! whooo hooooo! Got to go home early and have a decent dinner for once!
I Am Having A Bad Day And It's Only 9:30am
Ever have one of those days where everything seams to go wrong. Check out my day. My morning starts out great. Keep in mind I am not a morning person yet I woke up in good spirits at 5 am and made breakfast, if you ask my inner circle of friends this is a rarity, and head out running semi on time. Well I am half hay to work and what happens. Some uninsured no license guy loses control of his vehicle and hits me. So here I am crawling to work… I get to work on time and now have to start calling insurance people, calling my dad, getting yelled at by my dad, because as you know if someone hits me it’s my fault somehow, and on top of that my boss is calling me ten times hoping to get all our orders out on time. Can’t find the AM driver, have no helium in our tank for our AM balloon delivery, and trying to keep the phone from ringing every ten seconds. So anyone have any ideas how the rest of my day is going to end up?
For Courtney (he Was A Dear Friend)
The love sweetest And touch so warm The smile kindest In this world so cold and strong So close to the flame Burning brightly It won't fade away And leave us lonely The arms safest And heart, so good The faith in friendship deepest In this world so cold and cruel So close to the flame Burning brightly It won't fade away And leave us lonely
Stupid Nature
Why do mosquitos bite me on the head? Is there even any blood left up there once a person has had a lobotototomy?
The Candy Store
The Candy Store After work we like to stop by Miss Ellie’s candy shop and pick up some treats for after dinner. This afternoon was a little different though. Miss Ellie invited us into the back of the shop and told us how she made her famous treats. The aroma of chocolate filled the room, and you were getting a little wound, they say chocolate is an aphrodisiac and it seems to be working. I walk up to copper pot and take a little spoonful of a mint chocolate masterpiece she had going, Miss Ellie smiled you know my chocolate has a lot of uses, and handed me a jar of this exotic blend. What do I owe you ma’am? Just let me know if it works and I told her thank you as we walked out of the back room and you ask me how does it taste, I don’t know you tell me and I opened the jar and you dipped your finger in and took a sample. We didn’t even get out of the shop and you were ready for some love, you take the jar and lead me to a corner booth near the soda fountain and begin to place lit
#1sex Toy Place
here is a place to buy great toys, lubes, outfits, videos and more, check it out!!!
Hi everyone...hehe..please be gentle i have no idea what i am doing....BUT am intelligent
I Belong To Me < 3
I dont belong to you. My heart is my possesion. Anyway. I didnt sleep well last night. So my kidneys are sore. And i dont like it. And my mind went on this like thinking spree and i had nightmares all night, i woke up 4 of 5 times crying and saying wtf. I hate nightmares, cause when i get em, i get them pretty damn bad. The puppy woke me up like an hour after i finally started sleeping with out the nightmares. So i guess ill just take a shwoer to fully wake myself up. Since ive been up since 8and im still not awake fully. And ohhh does it bite lol. So yeah. Ash has that i belong to me song stuck in my head. Dear mind, Let go, please. You're making it hard for me to breathe. Dear heart, Hold on tighter to the things you want. Dear body, Work damn it! As usual. Love me. < 3
Innocent Exchange Of An Erotic Confession
I'll gently touch your hand, and you'll give me a look that could enslave the wildest dream. I'll raise your lips to be kissed in vain, and enchant your mouth with the caress of an eager tongue. And if you're angered, I no farther meant than to please you, release you, and receive your innocence. On your electric breasts I'll lay my hands and create light impressions to match and twin the marks of submission which earlier you left on my back. And your breasts, with a kind warm glow, they swell and talk with hardened tips. They stir, and desire to dance under my lips. accompanied by the rhythms of heartbeats and the melancholy moans played by instruments of enticement. And if you distrust me, I no farther meant than to please you, release you, and receive your innocence. I'll keep my eyes on yours, on your soft skin my hands will stay. Look at a face kissed by angels. feel skin envied by queens. All of my senses infatuated with you,
Cat Got Your
We've all had trouble with our animals, but I don't think anyone can top this one: Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying. On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head. The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife's wishes to adopt a cute little kitty. Initially, the new acquisition was no problem Then one morning, I was taking my shower after breakfast when I heard my wife, Deb, call out to me from the kitchen. "Honey! The garbage disposal is dead again. Please come reset it." "You know where the button is," I protested through the shower pitter-patter and steam. "Reset i
Love Is So Pointless
why did I bother. I've gone and done something that I shouldn't have and now I'm stuck and I'm gonna get hurt again. i knes she wouldn't let me come and meet her I shouldn't have asked in the first place.. I'm now stuck in something that i don't want to be stuck in I love her but if she won't meet up with me its pointless.. once again the jokes on you tony :( i'm hurting again
This Is So True...
Your Emoticon is Sad You're feeling a tad depressed right now. It will likely pass soon, but for now, you need some major cheering up! What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now?
Where I Live
Get your own map and more at
Advanced Global Personality Test
Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||||| 66% Stability |||||||||| 40% Orderliness |||||||||||||| 53% Accommodation |||||||||||||| 56% Interdependence |||||||||||| 50% Intellectual |||||||||||| 50% Mystical |||||||||||| 50% Artistic |||||||||||| 50% Religious |||||||||| 36% Hedonism |||||||||||||||| 63% Materialism |||||||||||| 50% Narcissism |||||||||||| 50% Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Work ethic |||||||||||| 50% Self absorbed |||||||||||||| 56%
There will always be another Rose... One that is prettier, one that is more vibrant, full of fresh colors But due in time, that Rose will too....start to crumble Petals all fall off, one by one But always know and remember.... There is no other Rose like yours.
My Poem
Yes, my poem 'Thanatos' got nominated to be a semi-finalist in the International Amateur Poetry Contest. This exclusive contest has a Grand Prize of $1,000.00, and the winner will be interviewed for a feature article in the Poetry Today magazine. Here's my poem: Thanatos Staring into your eyes I can see your soul it's not much to look at flicker of light wisps of glitter tiny shots of adrenaline pulsating your irises then the dark emptiness the last look of pleading forever carved upon your face your blood warms me as it spreads across the floor. Here's my poetry site, if you wanna check out the rest of my poetry
Broken Lulliby
I miss missing you cuz I don't miss you no more The future of us....seems like a folklore... Told in story....from a land of make believe The love of you and all but a dream Who are we kidding? We're not meant to be As much as I want it....there's no you and me Tis sad but so true I miss missing you The days of pure bliss is nothing more than through How can I say this without a tear in my eye? But that's the way I am...I always cry with dry eyes For my heart is filled with cold and dark dust Like Rocks amongst the planters crusp The rich smooth silk of burden bee's My heart it loves you....But my life will set you free. Don't ask me why you don't understand I'm sorry but this was not a part of my plan Please take this chance and get away from me.... Get away as far.... as far as you can be By: Tila...Me....
Ride Of Life
Sometimes you play, the cruelest of games You sing me a song, you fuck with my brain. My head in distress, my heart just won't rest I hold in my breath, this is only a test Sometimes I don't breath, I drown in my sleep My eyes wide awake, my feelings too deep. How long is this battle? How long must I fight? I look at the sky.....and send my prayers tonight Everyone says, get ready to fly You are a super star now go on for the ride. But I say to them, I don't want the ride Get the fuck out, and just let me drive If I get to drive, I stay in control the ride will take you in circles and then back to the hole. Let the others get on, they don't fit in with me I do my own thing, I have my own posse, don't you see? A little advice for you and yours too.....Don't let this moment pass you by.... I am only here once.....and trust me....I'm not afraid to say GOODBYE! How did that feel? Did it hurt really bad? Well that's good to know, b
pls can you help me i am thinking that my name is 2 big so i what a new name pls can you help thankyou
Goals, Plans, Hopes
I'm just chillin' Current mood: indifferent Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes hmmm...goals, let's see. My 10 year goals are: to get married and have a stable job. My 5 year goals are: to find a graphic art college, to obtain a degree of some sort, or in general acomplish something. My 1 year goal is to get my Ged, driver's lisense (i kno i cant drive wtf ever) and to find a job-possibly at Halmark (i kno i'm a dork). My plans well i pretty much already said. I wanna get my Ged and look into college. In the future i'd like to have a job in the graphic art field. For now, i'm just living day to day trying to get a job and sort of plan my wedding. My that's a hard one. Well i hope that i am trustworthy and kind, and if not i want to be. If i'm lacking i want to do better. I want to better myself. Each day i become more the person i want to be (well somedays i have minor set backs). I hope that i can make new good friends and that old one's who are true come back. I hpe tha
A Lil Bout Me
my name is mindy and iam 2 sexy and i love 2 party and chill with my gurlz
Twenty Something Crisis!!
The Twenty Something Crisis... I got this in an email a long time ago...i think it speaks for itself!! For those in their twenty-somethings... This puts it all into words perfectly. They call it the "Quarter- life Crisis". It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are a lot of things about yourself that you didn't know and may or may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you hardly know where you are now. You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you though you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest people you have ever met and the people you have lost touch with are some the most important ones. What you do not realize is that they are realizing that too and are not really cold or catty or mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you. You look at your job. It's not even close to what you thought you wo
The Cat Who Needed A Night Light
By Susan McCullough On a warm August day, a dainty little cat named Dolores was receiving a special award: the American Humane Association's William O. Stillman award for bravery. The association gives the award to people who risk their lives to save animals from danger, and to animals who face down danger to save the lives of people. Either way, the winners are heroes, whether they're take-charge, fearless sorts of people, or extroverted, devoted pets like Dolores. Dolores hadn't always been an extrovert. And she hadn't seemed very devoted to anyone, either. In fact, she'd been what most people call the quiet type. When she first came to live with her owner, Kyle, Dolores rarely had anything to say. And most of the time, she didn't like being touched. Kyle didn't know why Dolores was so standoffish. And he didn't understand something else about her: why she always became upset whenever the lights were turned out. But Kyle didn't care. Something about the
Bbw Contest
I just entered my first contest and i am excited... wish me luck!!!!!(luck to the others to you all are pretty)
Howdy Yaw
yeah im fucking boored all the time i need help iv only got a month and a half left and time seems to drag on more and more each day. you can help me by sending me an IM on yahoo sapper101abn someone hit me up please
Old Farts.
I'm old. Ancien even. Almost dead, in fact. But dammit, technology doesn't scare me. Why the hell are all the other people here at Happy Acres Retirement Home and Shuffleboard Emporium so afraid of the Internet?
Thank You!!!
Well I just wanted to thank everyone for their interest and their ratings and their love....ya'll have made me feel really welcome...i'm just here to make new friends so dont b afraid to talk to me or to add me..and thanks again....other then that there's really nothing new going on just been busy with work and the typical hum drum thing called life...
I Am So Freakin Happy Right Now!!!!!
hehe, they sent up an esspresso stand at the albertsons by my house!! i can have my cappacino's, Latte's, & Italian soda's within 3 blocks of my house!!!!!!!!!!!! i CAN WALK!! oh my goodness i am so happy lol...yeah i know, it really doesn't take much to make me happy lol =) this just made my day...hehehe
Just Thoughts ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ There comes a point in each of our lives Where we must make decesions ... We have to decide Have we done all the we know we could? Have we allowed ourselves the chance to grow as we should ? Are we looking for tommorrow to make everything alright? Or hoping that maybe the answers will just appear overnight ? Are willing to step into our past? Open locked doors.. and deal with whats behind em at last? OR ... do we pretend that life is just great ! That there are no ghosts playing a game of give and take .... Sitting in the quiet of the night .... Listening so closely ... Hoping to find the answers to make it alright... Looking to the stars... searching for peace ... Seeking the one answer to put me more at ease ... To many people .. say what they dont mean ... To many people .. living life like a dream ... To may people ... just out for some lust ... T
my hate stays up late and my soul never sleeps on the day that i left this place my mother did surelly weep my fleeing independance longing 4 forevers sleep i hate to be the one who turns up in the snow id love to be one that says hey man u can go and this my lovers i give to u a moment from my heart a peice of me on paper a letter in the dark my love i send to u peices of my broken heart my hate i direct at u my letter in the dark
Random Verses
they tear at your very heart with the stake that u made she thinks shes innocint she should be fuckin ashamed he never should have worried bout the things that her mind hurried.. and now its to late and its over im dead.ur dead and so is ur lover ........ maybe i,ll die tonight and you,ll regret tomorrow maybe ill try tonight and deal with ur sorrow we fly at night on these wings that we borrowed we take no delight in those souls we have slaughtered my aim is to pray in my dyeing ashtray my goal is to never love you my ambition is dead and its gone to my head they say love can never hurt you .. ......... i want to tear apart my broken bloody heart my reasons are pure and thats a start give me wings and red flaming sword i want to kill in the name of our lord will u goto hell if i ask you will hang from a upon my noose theres something bad inside of me and ur lies just let it loose all the hate i have is all that uve ever given me i bleed on my g
Shadows Shadow Ghosts Buried so deep yet simple words Bring em back to the keep Crying out wanting a friend Tired of being alone Time for it to end Looking for the reason Why It always ends this way Tired of being alone day after day Tired of wanting Tired of searching Tired of Trying Tired of Hurting ! ~*~ Pixie ~*~
Somthing Else
i watched her burn as dawn approached another dead witch another ounce of hope they feast on chickens and never come out sad and alone in their bedrooms her sadastic father and her lying mind she stares at the gun and wonders sometimes true love intesyifies its self and surrounds us a light in the night sky and the voice of god afraid to move afraid to talk i,ll see you on the mountin on your darkest day i,ll watch u hang from a tree and pray for a better day
Ballad Of A Broken Heart
i watched her die under the moonlight.. her soft pale body longer of this world i sit by myself and gaze upon ur tombstone i remember ur stoney eyes and i remember the devil in you i remember the night u died i was murdering you i hope ur happy i pray your free i picked up my shotgun why did u abuse me ?? im tired of excusues i pull the trigger and laugh i left your wife,s corpse upstairs in the bath i look around and touch myself how longs this gonna last i go outside and cut myself ballad of a black heart
I Made It!!!! W00t!!!
  here is the update everyone....i have made it to New Mexico safe and sound if some of y'all haven't already figured that out. i got here on Monday afternoon. i have been working on still trying to's kind of taking longer than expected...and i didn't even bring that much stuff...haha. finally got my puter up last night, so i've kind of been running ragged on here trying to catch up on everything. i will be trying to slowly but surely make my rounds to comment. so bare with me please. i've missed everyone's blogs so much, and have missed posting too. but things are going ok...that's all. will keep u updated on how things are as things progress.   love n hugz to everyone
Answers To The Questions
Q1) Sleep with or without clothes on? with Q2) Prefer black or blue pens? black - Q3) Dress up on Halloween? no Q4) Like to travel? yes Q5) Like Someone? yes Q6) Do they know? no - Q7) Who sleeps with you every night? :( i sleep bymyself Q8) Think you're attractive?not really Q9) Want to get married? someday - Q10) To:at this point i dont even know Q11) Are u a good student? yes Q12) Are u currently happy?not really Q13) Have u ever cheated? no - Q14) Birthplace?leominster Q15) Christmas or Halloween? christmas Q16) Colored or black-and-white photo?black and white Q17) Do long distance relationships work? not for me - Q18) Do u believe in astrology? yes Q19) Do u believe in love at first sight? yes Q20) Do u consider yourself the life of the party? some what yes ... Q21) Do u drink?no Q22) Do u make fun of people? if there acting dumb yeah - Q23) Do u think dreams eventually come true? yes but m
i'm 21, i have to use a cane, i'm in a state of constant pain... i have no insurance.. i'm not even getting laid... ftl...
Fecal Many Spewed Forth
well this is my first blog on here and what a way to start it out but with my most recent writing. I just wrote it the other day and I am very disappointed with it! but I don't care i am sharing it you like it ...great...if you don't ....oh well it was your choice to read it :P These thoughts they won't leave my head telling me that I'm better off dead I'm dying eaten away on the inside All I try nothing makes the pain abide How long When will it all end Breaking down Can time really mend?
Ok Heres A Good Joke
ok theres a marine a navy seal and a sapper all trying to get into the secret service. they all had passed every test and are facing there final test to finaly get into the secret service. the hiring guy calles the marine into his office and says. "congradulations you passed all the tests and now is time for your final test if you dont pass it you will not make it in" so the marine says "im up for annything im a marine im tough" so the guy says "here take this 9mm pistol into the next room and shoot your wife" so the marine shrugs and says ok. he comes back and says he couldnt do it, xo he didnt make it in. so the next guy (the navy seal) walks into the office and the hiring dude sys here take the 9 mm into the next room and shoot your wife. and the navy seal says ok. he comes back and says "man i just couldnt do it i love her to mutch" so he didnt make it in then the sapper walks into the office all dirty with a chew in his mouth spitn all over the place. and the hiring dude
I Wont Be On
hey just so ya'll know i doubt ill be on...okay. dont be too sad...idk how long itll be but yea...just so you to you soon....i love you...peace
Ten Tips For Better Sex
1. Make it unexpected. Nothing takes away the monotony in a relationship like the unexpected! The next time you're not doing anything, initiate a little sex play. 2. Add ambiance to your love nest. The next time you plan on making love, light a few candles, spray a light scented fragrance and a put on some soft music. Ambiance can heighten just about any romantic situation. 3. Wear comfortable, but sexy lingerie. In order to feel sexy, you need to look it AND be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable with any part of your body, find lingerie that hides it or greatly compliments another feature. Confidence is a great aphrodisiac and is easier to attain in the bedroom when you look great! 4. Think about what your partner would like. To add a new level to your lovemaking, take your time pleasuring your partner. Add heightened interest by letting them know what you are doing. Speak romantically during the entire session as well. 5.
Actually Lol I'm 100% Norse
You scored as Scot. Wow...Scot? You're a drunk...Man...Scot83%Irish79%Brit63%Pirate50%Aussie42%What "Oi" class are you?created with
This Gives Me Way Too Much Credit
You scored as ^.^ Happy. You are normal... if not happy. You have no problems with depression or anger you pwn right now, take advantage of your mood, for it may not last^.^ Happy75%Some Anger Issues67%EXTREAMELY PISSED46%Depression v.v33%O.O anger mannagement?created with
Being Lonely
as i have said ex and i have been broke up seems like forever now and iam soooo lonely im wantin and needin someone good in my life....inquire w/in and maybe ya will be him hehe
12 Nights Of Submission
12 Nights of Submission by LadyAria © November 1997 In college, I lusted after one guy for three years. His name was Jonathon. He was an arrogant bastard knowing he was God's answer to most girls' wet dreams. Naturally beautiful, his features would have almost been feminine if not for his broad jaw and constant stubble. A long tussle of light brown hair always swung down over dark brows and thick lashes. His piercing green eyes crinkled at the edges when he flashed his classic lopsided grin. At parties, I'd watch him approach other girls. They all wore that surprised and satisfied look in their eyes when he would lean down to whisper sweet nothings into their ears. I want that look. I wanted him. Unfortunately, I was one of his best friends. We had met our freshman year after I had a short and forgettable relationship with a guy in his band. As an ambassador, he had showed up one morning on my doorstep. One long muscled arm stretched up against the frame, he'd given me that
Well.. Iv Lost 1 Friend 4speakin My Mind...any1 Else??
I went public wit my feelings. how dare I?? she went public when she left that comment on that other blog entry. I @least had da respect 2NOT mention her name. HEY! THOUGHT U SAID U WOULDN'T BE VISITIN MY PAGE ANYMORE, ANYWAY? I love u, nameless 1 but I WILL NOT BE CENSORED ANYMORE!! I am sorry u gave me up as a friend. I don't think it woulda come 2this if u hadn't taken erthin else so damn personally. u gave up on me but I domt really think that JUST happened.... iv sent msgs 2ur fone in da recent past that neva got acknowledged. perhaps u neva got a single 1of them.. had u changed ur# n not told me?? 1 thing bout me that's obviously changed: I used 2keep s**t bottled up til I exploded which made me a bad guy cuz it seemed like whateva triggered me was blown WAY outta proportion. I'm not gonna let that happen anymore!! not only has it taken a mental/emotional/spiritual toll but its also had a PHYSICAL effect on me :( so YES I'm takin my issues public, dear former friend & er1 el
Oh Poor Me *grimaces*
You scored as Yup Ur Broken Hearted Alright. I hate to say it but u are one broken hearted person...and a word of advice get Over It No One Is Worth Crying Over No Matter Who They Are!!!Yup Ur Broken Hearted Alright89%Are U Broken Hearted?created with
..THEY SAY IT TAKES A MINUTE...... .......TO FIND A SPECIAL JUGGALO, ....... .....AN HOUR TO APPRECIATE THEM, ...... .........A DAY TO LOVE THEM, ........ ..........AN ENTIRE LIFE TIME......... ..............TO 4GET THEM............. .......SEND THIS TO THE JUGGALOS/LETTES...... .............U'LL NEVER 4GET.............. .........ITS A SHORT COMMENT.......... ...........TO LET THEM KNOW............. ......THAT U'LL NEVER 4GET THEM...... ...IF U DON'T SEND THIS TO ANYONE... .......IT MEAN UR'RE IN A HURRY....... ..........AND THAT U 4GOTTEN......... ...............UR HOMIES......... If you get a dozen you got juggalo Family!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . ** * . . . . .. . . . . .*** . . * . . ***** . . . . . . . . . . .** . . **. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . ***.*. . *. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . .****. . . .** . . . ****** . . . . . . . . . ***** . . . .**.*. . . . . ** . . . . . . . . .*****. . . . . **. .
Lol Finally Something That Was True From Hs Damn I Miss Sports...
You scored as jock. good job idiot! your a jockjock100%prep81%Emo13%Stoner0%Skater0%goth0%XxWhat type of person are you:stoner,emo, skater, prep ect.xX rate mecreated with
To All My Fellow Lc Friends
THIS IS A TOAST.... 2 US... FOR THE BITCHES WHO HAVE US, THE LOSERS WHO HAD US, AND THE LUCKY BASTARDS WHO WILL MEET US!! SEND THIS ONLY TO PRETTY LADIES INCLUDING THE ONE WHO SENT IT TO YOU You have been hit. You have been considered One of the 15 prettiest girls on my friends list. Once you have been hit, you have to hit 15 pretty girls. If you get hit again you know your really pretty. If you break the chain you'll have UglyNess for 10 years. So hit 15 pretty girls on your friends list and let them know thay are pretty!"
I Wear Nice Clothes So What? Fuck! This One Is So Rediculous Lol
You scored as Little Prep. Prep-Your a prep you wear hollister and abercromie and you think your popular when most likely your not. you love rap most likely.Little Prep80%Your HardCore Now45%Gothic40%Punk30%Emo B****20%Your Perfect Stereotypecreated with
Im not sure why it is but LC only seems to be popular in CA or the Northeast. I would like to meet some local Southern hotties. Don't get me wrong my friends on LC are smoking hot but they mostly live way off. So if your busty and near TN send me a msg....
My Talent
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Masturbation Information----techniques For Men And Women Both.[adult Content]
Masturbation Information Techniques for men and women both. Female Masturbation Techniques Introduction Ok ladies, let’s have a look at some different techniques that will work to get you off. A great many of women can only attain orgasm through manual stimulation. There are a few who can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Anyway, here are some techniques that might add a little variety to your masturbation play Direct clitoral stimulation Rolling, Rolling, Rolling – ok, for this technique you need to place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers. You can start off with a slow gentle roll and then gradually pick up the pace and the pressure according to what feels good to you. Circular Rub – I generally find that if you're in a hurry this technique works wonders. Just take your first two fingers from either hand and place them over top of you clitoris. Then begin moving them in a circular motion over top of
All men can't be as shallow as they seem can they? My husband wants me back but he sure doesn't seem to be trying very hard, I think he just doesn't want to be lonely. I think the only thing he must ever thing about is sports, beer, sex, and work. He doesn't seem to have any real thoughts or feelings, dreams or fears, goals or aspirations. Can he really be so shallow? Do men not have deep inner thoughts and feelings?
Hey Guys
hey guys whats up well im new on here so i thought that you woulr want to know someting about me well as you saw in my pic im not to skinny and im not to pritty but once you get to know me i have a great personality and i love to laupgh and hang out iwht my frends. i hate school and im 16 and a junior in high school. i love to watch tv and talk on the phone and most of all i love to listin to music well there is a little about me you shoule im me and let me know a little more about you!!
I Like You
Want one? Go to
Happy B-day
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It's my first blog thing.. BOOO YEHHH
Canada Thankgiving
this weekend is our thankgiving so i be a stuffed moose lol
Very Beautiful World
Attention Whore
Attention, whore. You cannot have my crackers.
Auto Play
Please for the love of god do not select auto play when you put music on your profile. If I want to listen to it I will. It's very annoying at 4 in the morning that crap comes blasting out.
Drink 2 Much~*
hiiii my name is sam iam from ? my email is
Am I Dreaming? Or Am I Just Crazy?
As I lay there hoping for someone to save me, knowing that no one was, the man in the red shirt and blue apron lifted his hand to show me the scalpel and then draw my eye to the kink in the otherwise sharp edge as if to say "this… this is what will hurt the most" I couldn't see his mouth through the mask but his eyes gleamed with a smile... a smile like a man who just got his every dream come true and was now going to finally have the exquisite release of years of holding back the desires like a man in his final moments of restrained orgasm, when he can wait no longer... the eyes told me that he was not insane in the “I don't know what I am doing” way, but that he had waited all his life for the chance to do this one thing and that he loved me for the opportunity as though I allowed him... with one last look at me he turned to my exposed chest, which was out of my sight and I only know it was bare from the cool breath of air and the hot lamps glaring down on it,... he pulled the bottom
The Soundtrack To My Life
IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? So, here's how it works: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button Opening Credits: Sunny Day- Deana Carter Waking Up: Trees- Marty Casey First Day At School: My Favorite Revolution- Eugene Edwards Falling In Love: Call of Distress- Marty Casey Fight Song: Liars Inc- Freakhouse Break up song: If It's Wrong-Friends of Lizzy Prom: Ok Alone-Gabriel Mann Lifes Ok: Not hot to trot- Von Iva Mental Breakdown: Cardiff- Stone Sour Driving: This Side- Nickel Creek flashback: Clinic- Marty Casey Back Together: Shooting Star- Poison Wedding: Urbia- Kissinger Birth of child: Life less ordinary- Carbon leaf Final Battle: The Nameless- Slipknot Death Scene: Eyes can't see- Marty Casey Funeral Song: Prelude 3.0
You scored as Gothic. You Scored as Goth you pride yourself on being individual and you believe in whatever you want. your clothing consists of Tripp, Kik Wear, UFO and your favorite stores might be Hot Topic or Fuckthemainstream.comGothic95%Your HardCore Now90%Punk85%Emo B****80%Little Prep0%Your Perfect Stereotypecreated with
Im Still Here... I Just
Hello all, A lot of you have been wondering where I have been and what has been going on. I've always claimed myself to be a man of the people. Something I haven't been much of lately. So here is the deal... First off, my biggest issue has been my internet connection out here. Lately, it has been active for just a couple of hours per day and usually when I'm at work. Which pisses me off because I pay for this fucking internet and I never get to use it. It's hard for me to be around if I have no means of getting here. Secondly, I have been extremely busy lately as well. I havent let the cat out of the bag yet but friends and family... My unit's deployment in Iraq has been extended. So, I'm going to be out here for a bit longer than originally planned. On top of that, I'm moving from my safe haven little area to a much more dangerous area. They tell us we'll be in the "safest" dangerous area so you can take that for what you will. Honestly, I have no clue what that means nor doe
Um Only Enter If Ya Can Handle A Little Stimulation!
Cilit Bang!!!!
Hillbilly Name Generator
Your Hillbilly Name Is... Tammy Lee Houston Hillbilly Name Generator
St Louis Cardinals!!!!
HOw about those cardinals!??!?!?
George Bush Uncensored!!!
What Art Movement Are You?
You Are Impressionism You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways. You tend to focus on color and movement in art. For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail. You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature. What Art Movement Are You?
The Bath Tub Test
The Bathtub Test It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time, and this should help get you started. During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criterion was which defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub." "Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup." "No." said the Director, "A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?" DID YOU PASS, OR DO YOU WANT THE BED NEXT TO MINE?????
Tar Baby
What started out as a minor rennovation in my study, has now turned into a full on gut. I was origionally going to take the plaster off one wall and leave the exposed brick, cool enough.( you cant take out just a little plaster, its a tar baby) But I noticed there was major mildew form old water damage on the ceiling, so down it came. I re-hung the ceiling the other day. And since I havent been sleeping, well I decided to rip off all the fucking plaster and put up new sheet rock. It will give it a consisntent texture and look perfect. That and new base boards and crown molding. I havent gotten farther than the demolition yet, I cant just take a sledge hammer to it. :| I wish I could, but at least this is keeping me busy. And since I am waiting for something I have no control over, this is the one thing that is keeping me from losing my mind. I also have a layer of dust on everything I own now. At least that will give me something to do tonight. So the plan is to make that study th
im sooooooooooo bored rite now
What Should I Be?
What should I be for Halloween??? I need some suggestions :) :) I've already been a school girl... So I dont want to be that again... Let me know guys!! :) Amanda xoxo
I know it's lame. But it hurts so much. I just need to write about it. I think it just might help. Everyday that goes by I cry. It's getting harder and harder to hold back my tears. What can I say. I'm lonely. So call me lame. What do you want me to do. It's sad to wait until i'm alone just to cry. Why do I feel so ashamed. I just don't know what to do anymore. Acting is very hard and fighting these tears are even more of a challenge. This sucks.
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Well I Am Finally Home
I am so happy I arrived in Phoenix yesterday. I was so looking forward to the warm weather. Now that I am here I can't help but think why the fuck did I want to come back. I am really thrilled to finally be home.
Para Todos Mi Compas
*uncovers Mouth And Vomits Everywhere*
I hate her. I hate that she took you from me and treats you like shit except when she feels like bein nice. I hate how sometimes I try to talk to you and get 3 words but you text bout her and it goes into multiple messages. I hate it so much I keep my responses to less then 5. I hate that I wanna call you durin the week and just tell you bout my day but you fall asleep after gushin bout her half-assed displays of affection. I hate how it feels like when we first became friends and then I'm reminded bout how things are. I hate how half of my feels happy you're goin thru heartache cause it's what you did to me and half of me wants to comfort cause I don't like seein you hurt. *wipes mouth, takes a deep breath and exhales*
Just Listen
See i dont like people that drink and drive.. why cause this week well monday sum dumb ass drunk driver hit my car and now cause of that i cant work for a while i cant hardly walk for so long. the funny part is that the guy driving toke off but i have this plate it fell off and i have it so this a-hole- is going to jail .. so thats all i had to say for today.. ciao people muuuuuhhhhaaaaaa
Not Here...
The Moral Of The Story Is If You Pick Up A Hooker Make Sure It Is The Kind You Want
Today I get to work and start to do my order for the weekend no big deal the Thursday morning rutial when over the P.A. a paniced voice is calling for the co manager and the meat guys to get up front so I'm thinking your run of the mill shoplifter and being that I'm a member of management I had up front. Well outside there is a fight breaking out between the front end manager and some people. Come to find out those people hit our manager with their car a flung her. Oh keep reading it gets better... After talking to the cops and the co manager I found out that this started about 3 miles away at a roach motel called the Plantation inn. This guy picked up a hooker the hooker turns out to be a Transvestite so the guy goes and gets his computer to video tape this randioux. Well after the goings on in the hotel and it was time to pay the trans the guy goes to leave and the fight begains. The guy graps his computer and gets in his car and goes to leave then the trans get on the hood
Read The One Before This One First.
Well dakota was bad again and sent home early this time. I dunno what has gotten into him. he is calling his teachers liars saying other ugly things at them and broke a bunch of pencils today.... WHAT THE HELL has gotten into him!!!!!! grr...luckly he has a doctors appointment tomorrow.
I Talked To My Ex In London.
She misses me she says. She tells me she slept with that friend. Finally she did something with the girl. I knew she eventually would. She says it was just for fun. I believe her cos her heart is mine. Just like my heart is hers, the only difference here is I don't sleep with others for fun.Even though her and I are not together. I am not like that, and never will be like that. I love her and only her. No one will ever touch me like that ever again. Atleast I say that now. lol UG WHY DOES IT HURT SO BAD?Why did she even have to tell me. I am not with her its not my place. I don't understand her sometimes. I LOVE HER. WTF you don't tell me these things.
Southern Girl
Hey there was just saying hey.. I thought this picture fit me being a county girl or Georgia peach for sure....Lorie
Turn Back the hands of time I beg you Give me the moments that we shared Let me restore the memories Of a love beyond compare. Turn To the clock that holds the hours And whisk the time away Give me just a few more moments Of the love you swore would stay. Turn To the minutes that are fading Let me hold a dying hope That in the passing of a second There's still some warmth to fight the cold. Turn Around and look at me Do you see me tremble in the dark And with the haunting of love remembered Can you not feel a spark. Turn To the one who gave you love It's me, who's heart you took to break Into the embers of nonexistence You threw that soul away. Turn Damn you, don't walk away Leave me just a fleeting chance... But he left me standing here Without a second glance.
Tryin To Forget
The dance never happened her heart never fell everything she ever knew never went to hell he had never kissed her they were never in love he was not her angel sent from the heavens above her eyes never twinkled their lips never met she never even liked him there's nothing to forget she never wanted him so bad that she would give it all she has never fallen that easily so for him she didn't fall her heart is still in one piece she never shed a tear she never sat alone and wished that he was there nothing ever happened they had never met at least this is what she is telling herself still trying to forget
My Grandmother Died
Yeah, it soo sucks.. And she lives in Va.I am still unsure as to if I am going or not.... Either way I may not be around for awhile
as some of you think what truth is i will tell you. Truth is when you get up in the morning and when some one asks you how you are tell them what is on your mind. For example when some one asks me how i am doing i always tell them i am still alive or i am still standing. So if you think about it that is truth
Come Check My Pics
hi i would like evryone to feel free to comment on my gallerys and rip any you like sorry to say you wont see any adult but i do have some cool art
I Need A Caring And Loving Girlfriend!!!!!!!!
i need a caring and loving girlfriend!!!!!!!!
Juggalo Family
"Juggalo Family" By: Dark Lotus [Violent J:] "And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And I said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless" [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] I gots love for my homies, members of the Lotus United we stand, squashing all deadly forces Been to hell, could of spent eternity there All the bad shit I've done, I should still be there Juggalos can ya feel me, feel me, worldwide, worldwide Running with the hatchet straight out the Lotus Pod Always got your back till end screaming juggalos Dark lotus, psychopathic that's the way you go [Monoxide Child:] So many people in the matrix die alone, hey Not me, my soul belongs to juggalos, they Keep me going when I'm down and out I pick up the phone drop them a line and here them shout Saying Twiztid is the shit, and I'm down with the clown Dark Lotus for life until I'm dead in the ground! I give a shout to all my homies and
I find tonight that as i am rating pics i can't seem to type the word love right, lol. But that is not new i usually type it lvoe, i think from now on i will leave it like that as my mark, lol. Sometimes i think is the love of your life out there, and i think i found mine, is it true? We'll see. As my very close friends now someday i will be happy, i hope that day comes soon, my very very close friends know that there is that someone special, waiting. I guess tonight I am just thinking about love and how it affects all of us. I love all my LC friends, those closest you know who you are. To you all be safe, much love and have a goodnight.~Heather
Everything Happens For A Reason...but What Now....?
I woke up this morning in the best mood possible thinking I was on my way to Wichita...I went out to check the oil in the car and saw something that looked like water...OMG could this really be happening to me??? I look under the car and I see alot of fluid all over under the car...I called the machanic and he brings over the tow truck...he looks and says I have a hole in my radiator...Good Grief...what next?!?!? He takes my little cherry bomb (that is what my daughters call my car) off to the shop and I watch with tears in my eyes.... A couple hours later, the police show up at the house...Ms. Shields we need to talk to I am thinking ok I know I didnt do anything...did one of the girls do something...or did my son get into trouble...omg is my family ok? Well it ends up that my exfiance is back in town and they said that it looks like someone had poked a hole in the radiator tank...there was also a partial finger print that they are going to run...the police dept is als
one thing i hate is when my friend talk about sex when i have had sex in awhile...and even wrost is when my is making out and doing stuff with her bf while i wouldnt be as bad if been getting some but yeah havent got any lately lol and it driving me crazy!!! lol sorry i just need to let this out
Just Do It
Need Lovin' ??? - Just do it! Don't wait for tomorrow or it may be gone! Give me some love friends!!!Thanks, Sam
Isn't it funny how some people who supposedly have a problem with someone else they run to the internet and bitch about them,.....YET they wont confront them about it. They write blogs and such to that person...but that person isnt allowed to view them. So, how is that person supposed to know what they say about them????? Some people are sooo fucking stupid it;s not even funny!!!!! Here's a little FYI people.....if you have something to say to or about someone...don't whimp out and do it over the net....GO TO THAT PERSON!!!! MAN THE FUCK UP AND GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Facts Bout Bc
BRITISH COLUMBIA - B.C. -B.C. is the most western province in Canada and the third-largest. -Alberta is to the east, and the Yukon and NWT are north . -The Pacific Ocean is to the west. -There are many islands off the coast that are also part of B.C. -Victoria, the capital city is on Vancouver Island. -Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. -B.C.'s flower - Pacific Dogwood, bird - Stellar's Jay, tree - Western Red Cedar. -motto - "Splendour without diminishment" THE PEOPLE -B.C. is the home to over 4.2 million people. (2005 population) -The largest city is Vancouver. (population 2.1 million in 2005) -The Northwest Coast Native peoples live in B.C. -People came from Britain, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. -B.C. has the largest Chinese community in Canada. -The top 10 languages spoken are English, Chinese (including Cantonese and Mandarin), Punjabi, German, French, Tagalog, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Dutch. -Approx
Anyone Want To
go to another planet?
For The Dragon Lover's Out There!!
Dedicated To Dragon Lover's
Update On My Mom
just thought id let you all know that my mom is cool and doin okay...shes outta the hospital and okay for now...she just needs to stop smoking and drinkin and the rest of us gotta chill out on her cause our drama is raising her blood pressure way too damn high...well thanks for the comments and prayers...much love...PEACE
Myspace Vs Lostcherry
okay, so im convinced that LC is pretty darn neat... lol. The site is faster, we can post a bunch more pictures, and gaining points can be quite addicting... But..... I ♥ Myspace, but that doesnt mean that I cant make room for LC... Damn, these addicting sites.... lol. Now stick'em up... I want more points.... :o)
High School reunion time, I am on committe, and was happy to find an alumni I had wondered about for 30 years. Lots to catch up on, which we did by email and phone. The ol' Irishman had lots of tales to tell,I got lots of laughs. To be honest this senior (when in high school, I know yuns are thinking as in age! thanks friends LOL) as I said, this senior had an eye on that young irishman and his harmonica playing brother. They always left a sweet echo in the stairwells at school. And I have been told they really loved when I dropped my books, (on purpose of course, I wasn't dumb or blind as to who was staring at me) When we talked about life since then I heard lots of stories, and big names came up. The younger brother cofounded the music group called "38 Special", and when my alumni friend got a dear john letter, the two brothers got drunk and wrote the song "2nd chance" Then the name VanZant, that caught my ear as well. Unfortunately younger brother lost his life soon after st
Positive Thinking
Wednesday, October 4, 2006 Act it out To quickly get beyond self-defeating thoughts, get yourself busy with empowering behavior. When you can't think your way out of a despairing mindset, start acting your way out. One positive action can neutralize several hours worth of negative feelings. Get your body moving and doing something useful, and your mind will quickly follow along. If you don't feel like helping yourself, then find someone else for whom you can do something positive and useful. Even a gesture as easy and seemingly insignificant as a genuine smile can make a big difference. When you want to start feeling more positive, then act like it. Stand up straight, hold your head high, walk confidently forward, and you can literally feel the difference it makes. You may not believe your own thoughts, yet you cannot help but believe your own actions. When you take positive action, your whole being takes notice. Get up, get going, and act the way you would like to f
Oh Wow!
Thursday, October 5, 2006 Why do you? Why do you cling to outdated assumptions? Let them go and free your mind to be filled with more valuable, effective thoughts and perceptions. Why do you miss out on so much of life in an attempt to maintain a sense of comfort and security? The real security comes from being willing and able to gracefully handle all of life's ups and downs as they come your way. Why do you let your fears stop you from living the rich and full life you were created to experience? Step back, look at those fears, let them teach you and prepare you, and then move confidently forward. Why do you allow the least little setback to keep you down for so long? Learn to see the opportunity in everything that happens. Why do you put so many burdensome conditions on your own happiness? Discover that happiness is a powerful state of being that you can choose, no matter what. Why do you sit so long and wonder what is to be done? Your most treasured dreams are re
A Bit Of Wisdom!!
Wisdom my friend sent to me!!! Please Enjoy!! Jeannie ************************************ Love is grand! Divorce is a hundred grand. ************************************ I am in shape. Round is a shape. ************************************ Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician. ************************************ Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels good. ************************************ Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand. ************************************ Even if you are on the right track, You'll get run over if you just sit there. ************************************ Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason. ************************************ An optimist thinks this is the best possible world. A pessimist fears this is true. ************************************ Ther
This Is For All You Girls 30 Years And Over
This is for all you girls 30 years and over.... and for those who are turning 30, and for those who are scared of moving into their 30's...AND for guys who are scared of girls over 30!!!!...This was written by Andy Rooney from CBS 60 Minutes. Andy Rooney says: As I grow in age, I value women who are over 30 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 30 will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 30 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. A woman over 30 knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 30 give a hoot what you might think about her or what she's doing. Women over 30 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensiv
New On Lost Cherry
Man i'm new on the Lost Cherry thing, but so far it is killin My Space. To the makers of Lost Cherry. Great Job and keep up the good work.
The Sweetest Perfection To Call My Own....
tears sting in the open wound blood pours into the night arms opened wide, calling out waiting for that cold embrace fading to black,retreat from the light my thoughts escape losing control slipping away forever.........
Im Going To Punch This Kid In The Face
so im on myspace the other day (i know it sucks fucking ass, i only use it caue 99% of my friends use it and check it daily, so there!) and ive been talking to this girl back and forth, ive met her before and shes cool, we get along real well, we flirt, etc etc. this has been going on for months now. anyways i go and post a comment on her page saying 'whats up buttercup, i miss you when are we going to hang out again'. the next day i get a message from her gayboy boyfriend saying 'my gf does not want u bro so i suggest stop callin her butter cup or whateevr other kinda gay shit u come up with cuz shes with me and has been'. those are his exact words. so i told him i will call her whatever the fuck i want and if he has a problem then do something, his girlfriend knows where i live. so its been like 4-5 days and he hasnt replied, and i know hes read it. scared maybe? id be scared of me :)
Can U Believe This Shit?
i finally get to log on here again & get a message from the lc bodyguards or whatever the fuck theyre called saying that one of my default photos was deemed adult...and come to find out it was my bondage bettie page animation. wtf?! this is the same kind of big brother shit that is driving me away from myspace.errrrrrghhh
The Blackest Gift
It's a night of darkness a song of death wolves vent their howls the eturnal one rises evil shrouds her deathly form an everlasting desire her black hair cascades over her pale and delicate shoulders her lips part slightly to taste the blood streaming from pale fleash beneath her now a night of new life i thirst mah
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About Being Married
I hate when guys look at my profile and think i am hot or whatever and then they find out that i am married and then they don't want to talk anymore..yes i am very happily married to the greatest guy in the world but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. my husband is on here also and he has some girls on his page that i don't really approve on his page but hey its not like he is going to fuck them or whatever besides he is in anyways ppl just bec i am married doesn't mean we can't talk or whatever and leave eachother comments i have a lot of guy friends so don't be scured@!!!
Is Sick
So I think I have the flu. And I can't sleep.
I Dont Know
Ya know how when everything in your life, seems to be going good for once..then one day, it just all falls apart faster than you can try and fix it? sucks. Everything seems to be falling apart lately, and I cant fix it, even if I wanted to. I'm stuck inbetween something, that I dont want to be stuck between anymore. I've fallen for a great guy, yet..can't get this other guy out of my head, is it fair? Not hardly. Last night, it became obvious about who really cared..but even so, why cant I get the one that does, but can't admit it out of my head? =/ It's weird..cause you would think that my grandma would be the most important thing..but I dunno..I know she's dying, and I know that she can go at any time..but I'm surprisingly okay with it..I made my peace with her, and as much as its going to hurt me, and the rest of my family to see her go, at least she's not gonna be in pain anymore. If Life is so great, then why do people live in pain, that they cant control? Wouldn't you th
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once, and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You will fight with your bestfriend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because the time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you have never been hurt, because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end. Be afraid that your life will never begin.
Late And Just Thinking
I see all these blogs and people can go on and on and write stuff and I seem never to be able to come with something to say. You don't want it to be to long so no one will read it and yet if its to short its like you have nothing to say. I also noticed that is seems like in life most men don't have alot to say out loud but lots of them write blogs that are very long and they say alot. Why is that? Is it because woman use different areas of thier brian. Because i would really like to know. You do realize that when you say to a man you are not listening to me that is because they probably are not. It is a proven fact that the part of the brain in the frontal lobe where that skill resides is not as active as it is in a womans brain.. Strange to think about but the man who wrote "Men are from mars and woman are from venus" might really have something there.. Okay i am a little tired its after 2:30 in the morning and I just did a study guide for my india class. So maybe I am a little slap
Your So Vain.....
You walked into the party Like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was apricot You had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself gavotte And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner They'd be your partner, and You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you? You had me several years ago When I was still quite naive Well, you said that we made such a pretty pair And that you would never leave But you gave away the things you loved And one of them was me I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee Clouds in my coffee, You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you? I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee Clouds in my coffee, and You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so va
You Save Me - Kenny Chesney
This goes out to someone very special to me!! Every now and then I get a little lost My strings all get tangled, my wires all get crossed Every now and then I'm right up on the edge Dangling my toes out over the ledge I just thank God you're here 'Cause when I'm a bullet shot out of a gun 'Cause when I'm a firecracker comin' undone Or when I'm a fugitive ready to run, all wild-eyed and crazy No matter where my reckless soul takes me Baby you save me It's hard lovin' a man that's got a gypsy soul I don't know how you do it, I'm not sure how you know The perfect thing to say to save me from myself You're the angel that moves me like nobody else And I thank God you do 'Cause when I'm a bullet shot out of a gun When I'm a firecracker coming undone When I'm a fugitive ready to run, all wild-eyed and crazy No matter where my reckless soul takes me Baby you save me I know I don't tell you nearly enough That I couldn't live one day without your love When I'm
Saint's Code
"When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgement. I will take vengeance upon my enemies, And I will repay those who haze me. Oh, lord raise me to thy right hand and count me among thy Saints".
Celtic Horoscope
You Are A Pine Tree You love agreeable company, peace, and harmony. Compassionate and friendly, you love to help others. A natural poet, you have a very active imagination. You are very soft on the inside - needing affection and reassurance. You can fall in love deeply, but you will leave if you feel betrayed. What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
What Xmas Tree Are U ?
You Are a Bright Christmas Tree For you, the holidays are all about fun and seasonal favorites. You are into all things Christmas, even if they're a little tacky. What Christmas Tree Are You?
The Unknow Ladie Of My Heart
For beauty is as sweet as you For your eyes are blue As eyes as beautiful As yours well bring love into my life such as yours For such beauty as yours may be as mine once was to be Forever to be as we can bring love to life for we are meant to be for ever tougher For love is life and life is love as love may bring life to all for me Love for you will forever bring love to others as for life will burn deep within' our hearts for each other As well as we bring life to others That will bring love to us From witch we burn the passion to our hearts As we walk towards our future As beauty as such as yours brings these poems to life for others To read for we will forever bring love to life for each other For we may have lots of passion to burn For the burning of life To have for each other We may brings life for others to have and to hold Such as bees brings honey to others to have
Tell Me How Much Love Do I Have To Give?? If Were Going To Make This Last Forever
Tell Me How Much Love Do I Have To Give?? If Were Going to Make This Last Forever Well your love will last for me for as long as life well be for every one on earth Will last to bring the hearts of each other to be all tougher for we will be there for each one can be in love with one another For my love for you well last for as long as life be on earth We will be tougher for as long as we live for my love can only last a life time Such as yours will last for me but our love will all ways be there for us. In other words our love will be their forever more.
How Evil Am I????
You Are 64% Evil You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot. How Evil Are You? Oh hellllll yeah!! Am I evil enough for you now J/K
Wht Kind Of Flirt R U ?
You Are a Natural Flirt Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt. And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting. Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt. And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive! What Kind of Flirt Are You?
What Breed Of Puppy R U ?
You Are a Beagle Puppy Cheerful, energetic, and happy go lucky. And you're sense of smell is absolutely amazing! What Breed of Puppy Are You?
People like to call me strange I think of myself unique.People like to demoralize others,but they dont know the designs and memories that help him through time.He expresses his feelings of his hurt and his pain through a canvas that at first started plain.They judge by look and by size but they have no Idea what forms of thought and art comes to his mind.In every religion no one shall judge the other this is because in gods eyes we are all sisters and brothers, sinners and lovers,friends and enemies,white or chinese.These things really dont matter with todays youth but as time goes on there is still reports of racism with different views.Why does the color of ones skin make them different then u if u cut him doesnt he bleed?If he is hungry doesnt he eat?We all are equal even though some of us tend to stick in the shadows or dont believe in god or the devil.I hope my art kept u entertained,and I hope my words made u think in a different level.
Hey Check This Out
You Are a German Shepherd Puppy Intelligent, quick witted, and a bit aggressive. You've got the jaw power to take a bite out of anyone you choose. What Breed of Puppy Are You?
Willy Wonka
oompa loompas where true evil, wonka kept them as slaves to do his evil biddingif u acualy watch willy wonka and the choclate factory i mean really watch it youll see that willy wonka is truly sidistic i mean all this terrible shit is hapening to the kids and he just smiles and laughs while the oompa loompas sing
First of all, chivalry is alive and well, so a big thanks to all the lovely gentlemen who open doors, offer up your seats when the Max is standing room only (I rarely accept, but your willingness to sacrifice is very sweet), and...oh: to the ones who rush to assist me when I drop my purse on the sidewalk and its contents - which are countless and, let's face it, largely unnecessary unless I find myself in some sort of survival situation - spill out all over 82nd St. Thank you all very much! ...But the chivalrous acts aren't really what gets me. The things I truly love about men are all the things you might not recognize as being "lovable" or appealing to women. Such as: 1. The hilarious, obnoxious and totally adorable banter that goes on between two guys when they're playing a video game. If you know that scene from "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" ("I'm ripping your head off now...aaannd now I'm throwing it at your body...F%$K YOU!"), that's it in a nutshell. I know it isn't meant to
Appreciate The Moment
Appreciate the Moment The most precious treasure on earth is MY heart... When i share it with YOU, protect it, as if it were your own...
From Sky
It's really quite amazing to me the lack of thought or perception to the world with so many these days.... Is it so hard to really see that others have problems too? Is it so hard to have compassion and understanding for those around us? The world is tumbling out of control before our very eyes and yet so many stay lost within their own unique unbalanced wheel of twisted fate and fail to even 'try' to help others in need... My opinion of course.. One thing.. I despise drama... It truly makes me sick inside to see all the people that seem to 'live' for drama or to talk about someone or hurt someone or to use them for their own twisted bantering of corrupted bullcrap and agendas just to heighten their own sense of security. It's bolonga! Just a bunch of mindless twits in my opinion that didn't have a decent upbringing and cannot seem to function on a level with 'manners' or a standard of decency in any little tidbit of their bones.. What a waste of mankind and what a waste
Ok We Try With A Few Other Pictures An See The Results
man can u tell how bored i really am sheesh
Ok Zoeys Turn Lol
To My Darling Brian
to my darling brian , i miss u so much ... and i love u more than u know.... you have my heart for ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Going Down
Ok, I know it was a joke but the other day I saw a blog on blow job etiquite. It was basically people bitching about this and that associated with BJ's and then the man's rebutal about going down on a woman. For Pete's sake, do people really whine about this silly crap? Ugh! In my book, a person ought to just be grateful they have someone to go down ON. Period. I mean if it's not your thing then fine, whatever, but this is for people that actually do and profess to enjoy it. Why bitch about something that's supposed to be fun for both the giver and reciever? I can hang with the being grateful part...I always am...but the rest, well...what a load of crap! Especially the part where the guy was complaining about the taste and smell. Huh? Last time I checked, pussy tasted great! I think we have to keep in mind that felatio and cunilingus are arts, designed to give pleasure to our partners. To me, there's nothing more enjoyable as a lover than seeing and hearing my lady get pleasur
Fresh Meat
hey all you cherries!new here so still figuring this stuff out so if i dont get back at ya right away hang tight...come see me & rate me & ill do the same.have met some nice people here already & wanna meet lots more!
Hey Hey! I'm A Super Nice Guy!
This morning as I headed to my car I saw a little bunny on my front lawn. The bunnies like to come to my yard because I leave them gift-wrapped carrots and they know I will not put them into a tasty stew like some mean people do. I said, "Hello, Happy Bunny!" "Hello, Mr. Wonderful," was the bunny's response. I speak bunny, among other cute animal languages. We then quickly exchanged a friendly smile and I got into my car. When I arrived this morning at the orphanage where I volunteer as a volunteer. Today we are knitting blankets for homeless people.
3rd Day Of !!!hazels Cutest Pet Contest!!!
3rd day of !!!Hazels Cutest Pet Contest!!! !!!ATTN: New Announcements!!! Third Day It is the third day of the contest and already 21 slots have been taken up and I only have six slots left currently. I also have a few slots reserved for people who plan on entering. The good news is I should level up soon and will have that many more photo slots, but they are going fast, so hurry. Rule Changes I have not ammended the rules much today but I will continue to do so when needed as previously afore mentioned at the start of the contest. I have recieved a few e-mails from people wondering if their pet qualifies. Chances are it probily does as long as you are not cheating just ask me, I am pretty lenient. Preveiw On the scond day, I have received many more adorably cute pictures of pets. Now the contest is no longer dominated by cats. If you are keeping score it is; Cats: 09 - Dogs 06. The canine family has made a lot of gains in the second day with only one feline entry.
Things Are Looking Good....
Went to my dr appt yesterday and found that my hormone level dropped by almost half again....went from 3444 to 1604 now to 964. we were very happy about that. seems that my body is taking care of things like it should be so far. will be having my blood drawn again on Mon and have the results tues at my appt. Hoping for another big drop on my way to ZERO...and back to least as normal as I can feel after all this. thanks for stopping in.
Week End
I hope all my friends have a great week end and have fun hugs for u all ..
Finally Friday...
Today is Friday thank God...I just wished I felt 100%..I'm still feeling a little sluggish.. My check for this week sucked royal ass... That's what I get for being sick and missing a day and a half from work... I hate being sick.. It's so not worth it.. I got a new phone yesterday so that was cool... Would have been even better had I not had to pay that much for it...But oh well..
Male Or Female
Your Brain is 53% Female, 47% Male Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female You are both sensitive and savvy Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve What Gender Is Your Brain?
Take A Chance
sometimes life throws curves at you that you just cant seem to hit no matter how hard you try... ever find yourself falling for someone at the wrong time? or looking back and going i was so stupid why didnt I take a chance when I had it? when you find someone that you care about take the fucking chance no matter what the risk cause if you miss that chance you may not get another one and then you have only to look back on things and wonder what might have been.. when you care tell them, when you love someone tell them, dont waste life you only live it once..
Seasonal Icons
I found these great Pictures in a Country Living Mag!!! Comment and Credit Mingarlou @ Lost cherry 001 002 003 004 005 006
Buried at To all my friends i'm so sorry i have not been able to talk to u all but i'm still here and love u all **hugs for u all**
Come To Understand
Friday, October 6, 2006 Come to understand Life grows brighter when you come to understand. Live with a love and thankfulness for life, and your understanding of it will become more valuable. Come to understand that the other people in your world have perspectives, purposes and priorities that are different than yours. It will save you from a lot of needless frustration and anger. Come to understand that loss is a part of life. And you always have every reason and ability to heal. Come to understand that giving and receiving are always inseparable. The level of abundance you experience is equal to the value and goodness flowing out from you. Come to understand that sometimes the most powerful response is patience. There are many battles you do not really need to fight. Come to understand that whatever may have been or wherever you may find yourself, you always have a choice. Choose to live each moment with positive purpose, and you will truly come to understand.
please do show me some love...god knows bulletin will get reposted maybe once....and who knows out of all my peeps on friends i am sure will get max four rates and maybe two comments..
My For Ever Love
You Are My Forever Love Your friendship and love, And all the wonderful things That they bring into my life, Are like nothing else I have ever known. My heart is complete With the love we share, And our love grows more Beautiful each day. MySpace Comments Graphics I love you, And as long as we are together, I have everything I need. to jeff from debora You are with me always... In a smile, a memory, a feeling Or a moment we share. You will always be My Forever Love
From Now Till Forever
From Now Until Forever I’ve never known a love like yours Nor thought it could be true, But every time I kiss your lips I feel what love can do With hair like silk And lips so tender, Each moment with you Makes my heart surrender I couldn’t live, I couldn’t breathe Without you by my side, Never will I let you go, My love will never hide And in my heart you’ll always be From now until forever, No matter what, no matter where We’ll always be together MySpace Comments Graphics to jeff from debora
More Crying
god I miss my friends so much.. I want my angels back :(
First Entry - Yayy!!!
Uhm - I just realized I never put up a blog entry! So here I am, umm, went to a Rob Zombie/Godsmack concert last weekend - it was pretty badass. This weekend I'm not planning a whole lot - probably going to get drunk and hang around the barracks - since I have nothing else to do. I've got a color-guard ceremony next week, I'm a rifle bearer again - but I get to wear my blues and go to a highschool and look good and what not - so it should be cool. Ahh, soon there will be new pix up - so stop whining! lol Okay - I'm outta here for now. Laters.
The Gift Of Friendship
The Gift Of Knowing You There are gifts of many treasures For both the young and old, From the tiniest little trinkets To great boxes filled with gold. But, put them all together And they could not stand in lieu, Of the greatest gift of all The gift of knowing you. When your times are filled with troubles Sadness, grief, or even doubt, When all those things you planned on Just aren't turning out. Just turn and look behind you From the place at which you stand, And look for me through the shadows And reach out for my hand. MySpace Comments Graphics I will lift from you your burden And cry for you your tears, Bear the pain of all your sorrows Though it may be for a thousand years. For in the end I would be happy To have helped you start anew, It's a small price to pay For the gift of knowing you
-------------- I'm all smiles Laughter filling the room Everything seems perfect Everything seems great. I call him to tell him I love him He tells me he loves me I hang up with a smile Close my eyes and imagine us together As soon as I open my eyes, I burst into tears I know what comes next I know the pain and can feel my heart aching already A fear overwhelmes me Starts to kill me slowly As I fear losing him I just can't do it I can't lose him again Can't see him with another My heart isn't strong enough anymore So fragile to even the thought I know what comes next I'm mad at myself for becoming happy For smiling and laughing It feels so wrong Cause it scares me so much If I lose him I don't think I can go on I have fallen in love And love doesn't seem that great Like a roller coaster I'm going higher and higher We're at the top Everything is great I know what comes next And I just relized I'm scared of heights.
You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?!
I really can't think of anything at the moment, but i felt like writing something. I came across an old story I wrote in highschool yesterday, turns out that an ex-girl friend of mine has had it for the last 2 years. I gave it to her to proof-read when we were going out, and then we broke up shortly afterwards. It was really odd to, because like, I just happen to go on MSN, and saw her on, and We haven't talked like 5 words since we broke up, but we started talking about whatever, and it turned into what we did in highschool (which for some reason never came up in our relationship but anywho) turns out she was a band geek at her high school, while i was an actor at mine. She had wanted to be in theater, but the afterschool schedules clashed. I never wanted to be in band, but i had a few friends their that I couldn't hang out with till we all had free time but hey. ANyway, she was talking about how she liked to read plays since she didnt get to perform, which reminded me of a huge stack
Evil Test, I'm Such A Good Girl, Hahahaha
You Are 14% Evil You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm. Just remember, you may need to turn to the dark side to get what you want!How Evil Are You?
Woohoo Got My Car Back
Okies finally got my car back this morning and will be on my way to Wichita in a little bit...I pray I get an apt today so I can get moving and start my new life without the worries of buttmunch or his family to bother me...yeah he will be close to Wichita but hey...its gonna be hard to find me with 300,000 peeps right? *happy dance* I'm not going to be on for a day or two so you all have a wonderful weekend and hugs... Sissypoo stinkerpoo love you and will see you tonight...AND no we arent gonna do any "sexy pics" LOL
Well I am tired and not filling to well at the moment. And I have to work to night lol , but thats life. Its freezing here to and I work with icecream at dariy queen. so I thing I will be a little more froze in the end lol. I went to get my check yesterday and I got a raise! I wasnt expecting to but its cool:)
MySpace Comments so make sure you get your freak on people
Witches New Year
Sheltered by the nighttime sky I walk down Hollow Lane. Entranced by the Echo of the Owl's Cry On this night of Samhain. The hollow is lined with Ancient Oaks Their leaves of Harvest Gold Each step that I take A Bullfrog croaks As if spinning a tale of old. Children scurry all around In costumes made with care. Goblins, witches, maidens, ghosts Designed to give you a scare. The leaves are falling from the trees Blanketing the ground below The chill of night is felt in the breeze Charged with an energy flow. Sensing the thinning of the veil Ancestral words I incant. Communication will not fail As I walk and continue the chant. Love and Peace from ancestors past Surround my very soul Feelings of goodwill I feel at last. Numbing me to the cold. The glow of the bonfire lights the sky As my destination draws near. Merriment abounds Energies are high On this Our Witches New Year... Happy Samhain!!!
What Is This?
ok here is the deal , what the hell is a blog, and what the hell is it for? ok I think I am getting half of my answer right now. so thay are just crap people wright that others can read. kool , but ho the hell would want to read what comes out of my fingers? I gess we will see
I find it confusing when you ask someone how they're feeling and they say fine, but they act like they want to say something else. Or when you ask what's wrong they say nothing but seem to cut them selves off from the world. I don't understand some peoples emotions and their showing them sometimes. I know if I'm quiet and not talking to anyone I am upset or just plain pissed off. Maybe not at that person but I'm still stand offish and keep really deadly quiet. If I feel like I'm about to cry I avoid everyone. I usually try to go to a place where I can be alone. When I'm happy you can read it in everything I do. Sigh I just don't understand some things with others I suppose. Oh well just a thing that has irritated me for a bit. Love Stace
the whispered words we once spoke the promises of love we made... the broken dreams and empty hearts left all alone to mend the love i gave the love i received... made me someone, so full, indeed but now when the dreams have ended and the night falls threatening i sit... an empty shell of who i was... all alone... no love in me...
Everything Is So Wrong...
i*ve been listening to this song non stop for the past day and a half...i can really relate to it lately. i*ve been told alot lately that i*m really sheltered. i*m starting to see it more lately. i don*t let people in...i never have. and the one person i did let in...well...i fucked that up somehow i manage to screw things up alot... weither it*s by my hand or someone elses, everytime i get something amazingly good, something takes it away from me. it*s been that way my whole life... it doesn*t feel like it*s changing at all the older i get the worse it happens... this last thing is the biggest thing i*ve ever lost...and i*m never gonna get him back. i know i should give up and deal with it because i fucked up.. huge... but i just can*t. i won*t give up that easily. i won*t let this crush me... even though it already has. i*ve completely fallen apart. i don*t know how i could do something like this...but in a sence i didn*t do it. but he wouldn*t know that... because h
why the hell cant I open green-eyeed brats page? this really sucks shit. I really dont expect an answer but FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for reading
(untitled) Not Quite Done Yet
So many days ive wandered many trips taken as well stumbled down darkened roads skirted the gates of hell after all that ive done i felt empty inside devoid of self worth severely lacking in pride I Dont want to be Nothing without you I just want to be Something under your shoe I was becoming nothing drifting on winds of remorse for things never done making all things worse needing guidance that you promised me help me find my way to what i know i can be _______________________ I gladly surrender so much of me to you oh please just make me into something new i know im nothing without a guidign light maybe youll help me to find my second sight
Natural Beauties 2006" Playboy Se - Get It Now!!
"Natural Beauties 2006" Playboy SE - Get it now!! Current mood: indescribable Well ohmygoodness!! am I ever excited!!! This is quite possibly one of the most exciting things that has EVER happened to me!! I was totally freaking out when I first saw my pics in the playboy se mag! I looove the way the pics turned out and I'm so excited for the opportunity to be in the mag. I have 6 WHOLE pages in the magazine! (4-6 is average but still... I was only expecting one or two pages!) Playboy also has a little picture of me on the front page of and I am also the free preview pic for the magazine!! *ahem* **free boobie pic** go check it out! If they don't sell Playboy magazines around where you live then you can get it online here or buy the digital version! This is such a dream come true for me! A lot of people said I would never be able to do it! *pats self on back* yay! Thanks to everyone for their support and I really hope you enjoy the pics!!
I Rock Now
PLAYBOY! Current mood: indescribable As if we didn't already know it but... I totally rock. Ok but in OTHER news.... I got into Playboy! Not the REAL playboy but their special editions (close enough though, right?). I am going to be in their "Natural Beauties" edition. It comes out January 31st! You can buy it at if they don't sell it around where you live. Please, PLEASE go get it! Support my little career :) I haven't seen any of the pics for the issue yet but the photoshoot was really cool so I hope they turn out good. So ya, If you do get it and you like what you see write to Playboy and tell them that they should make me a playmate or something! haha. Thanks for reading!! and um... don't forget to buy the issue!!!
What Is Your Sexual Hidden Talent?
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at This one is just too damn true........lmao
This Bothers Me A Bit...
So many tell the ladies about my contest, but who told me there was a BHM Contest going? No one. For the future, tell me. I KNOW I will kill my competition... But it's up to you to let me know. Thanks, Lenny. PS: BHM = Big Man or Fat Man.
hey friend my mom started selling avon so im asking a favor plz check out her site click the banner and it will take u there so plz check it out
What Is Your Favorite Thing To Say In The Bedroom?
Your favorite thing to say in the bedroom is:Hey, I think I just invented this position Take this quiz at
The Men In My Life
since i was younger and i had my first crush every guy i knew either liked my sister first or my friends when i started having sex i had a boyfriend who left me for my sister but my siter wanted nothing to do with him he became a stalker of her then they got really drunk and screwed each other that same boy i took back and said its ok i forgive u at least i know who it was and i know medical history and all that but then he went out with 4 of my best friends he has done this shit since ive known him and it has cursed me for life every guy i meet or go out with either liked my sister or my friends first or they come to my house wile my friends are there and they end up leaving with my friend and then fuck them my man life experiance sux
Well I can say that I am impatient and want to get things done but also, I wanna be more driven in life to finish what I start, I give up too easily and I hate that...but it seems that I dont have a chance to give up anymore seems like people give up on me first...this may not make a lot of sense but its MY CONFESSION:-P
I Got A New Doggie
I got a puppy dog yesterday, Lee bought it for me! He's so cute! He's 6-weeks-old, I named him Jake. He's a Jack Russell kind though. He's definitly more of a handful then I thought he would be. He pisses and shits everywhere...still need to learn how to train him. He always wants to play, even late at night when I'm really tired...but hey, he is just a puppy!
What Natural Disaster Should You Make Love During?
You should make love during a volcano eruption (Hopefully not too close though). The phallic imagery here needs no further explanation, and the heat generated will turn your ordinary sex into super hot sweaty sex. Damn. Take this quiz at
Have No Clue What This Is
People can be so very cruel, and without even knowing it sometimes. Why is it that some people when they see an animal on the road they never slow down, just run right over it, not caring if that animal was someone's pet or one that lived in the wild all it's life? I do understand that sometimes it is truely unavoidable, with some just darting out in front of us without any warning, but see I believe when you are going down a street where the speed limit is 25 mph, you have plenty of time to stop. I bring this up because you see at 4:30am today I found one of my cats dead on the side of the road. She got out while i was trying to take my dog out, my dog saw people outside and she always gets so dang hyper, I was trying to calm my dog back down and so that is when my cat got out. I searched all over the place for my cat. And couldn't find her, I had to come back inside to change my clothes, it was cold outside and i was only in shorts and a shirt, and didn't want to get sick. Af
I Love Jon Stewart...
In an era of media mediocrity this guy always hits the spot, this is his take on Mark Foley:
You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.Faerie100%Angel84%Dragon84%Mermaid75%WereWolf58%Demon25%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
My Random Thoughts For The Day...
Even the strong faulter sometimes, this is my time. Either its my bipolar kicking in because of the drab outdoor scenary or I'm simply depressed but today is just not a good day. Asking my self all the usual questions, like where I went wrong but I already have the answers...Question is...have I realy been doing all in my power? I should already know how to drive, I should've had a job by now(though really that's out of my control considering I don't decide the applicants. I guess really what's going through my head right now is a fear that was kept hidden for the last 7 months, am I failure? I have no job, I can't drive, I don't live on my own...I own a company that produces nothing due to my own inability to accurately keep goals in is it really a company if it produces nothing? I don't know if anyone really bothers to read these anymore, normally I don't care I just write them for myself. But for years I kept myself closed off from the world and this is just my little way
Lil Ninja/ninjette On The Way
im so happy my lette is pregnat hell ya another crazy ninja/ninjette is coming world beware
"the Gift"
Hold me now I need to feel relief Like I never wanted anything I suppose I'll let this go and find a reason I'll hold on to I'm so ashamed of defeat And I'm out of reason to believe in me I'm out of trying to get by I'm so afraid of the gift you give me I don't belong here and I'm not well I'm so ashamed of the lie I'm living Right on the wrong side of it all I can't face myself when I wake up And look inside a mirror I'm so ashamed of that thing I suppose I'll let it go Untill I have something more to say for me I'm so afraid of defeat And I'm out of reason to believe in me I'm out of trying to defy I'm so afraid of the gift you give me I don't belong here and I'm not well I'm so ashamed of the lie I'm living Right on the wrong side of it all Hold me now I need to feel complete Like I matter to the one I need I'm so afraid of the gift you give me I don't belong here and I'm not well I'm so ashamed of the lie I'm living Right on the wrong side of it
What I Think About Steve
well what can i say: Over the past( i don't know how long*cuz im not good with dates) i've got to know more about you.. and yeah im interested in you.. Of course... if it's not obvious.. i like everything about you.. when we talk.. i'm always hoping your honest. *so lets say you are* then i like the fact that your willing to open up and understand where im coming from even if your not into what i got to say... you still listen... You try your best to make me smile everyday.. and you do taht just by say hi... you make me feel good about myself.. you understand what a tough life is and how to make it seem wonderful... your always there to cheer me up.. eveern if you dont' know really how... Sure there's distance between us but , we know dam well that we're still together at the heart.... Kisses babe,
Tday is my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!!!!
Fucking Miss You... :(
Hey loves.. Sorry I have not been around much... Life... What can I say?.. I sure do miss the light you send my way, always know that you are never alone.. Off line I may be for a while.. I have my PO box address posted in my Kisska Gallery.. I hope to hear from you soon.. In my heart you are.. Much love to you.. Always.. Kisska...
The Swampwitch
There have been many stories of this place The Witch who vanished without a trace Within the trees of hanging moss Many have searched and many were lost. They say she cast spells within the night The moss glistens with her light But is she a witch, are they spells Or are they stories people tell. Come and visit if you wish For you might be next on the list Another lost soul within the swamp mist One more victim of the Swamp Witch! © Sasha This was written for me by my friend Sasha Caty-Suets aka Tina_Sprite
Moon Shine
ahh the big old Moon shining in the sky Bright with light then dark as can be! The phases of the moon new, quarter, half and full! The days in which you can see her plain as can be in the daylight reminding us we are not alone! Maiden Mother Matron the wise women in the moon guiding us teaching us. Learn her lessons well if you can even hear them that is. For she affects us one and all ahh the phases of the Moon! So when you see her up in the sky pay her honor and respect and learn her lessons well!
MZ Charlain is the hunter she stalks her prey who or what is she hunting? Only she and they will know! So if you are the prey beware as her arrows strike hard and swift! As she is the hunter is is also the lover smiles for this side of her I know well! For she has already hunted and captured my heart! written by me Caty for my Charlain
What Is Love
For Caty No matter what happens our way will allways be with us its more than sex its more than life itself its something we found like a genie inna bottle . When the nite air is still a calling comes hosts of those that was before us look at us and say aahhh another bonding that is good to grave and beyond . A pebble a star blinking a comet all beauty unsurpassed a flickering moment in time and behold a constellation appears and there in comes the gift set immortal for countless eons to come love at its best. When me an dad sailed I talked to the sea its creatures come to visit one and all I asked a question what is love? and one and all from smallest fishes to biggest whales all said love is being with someone you enjoy someone you feel relaxed some one you know will be there when your later time arrives some one who is there thru thick and thin love is Love is understanding when I fall asleep and love is when I fuck up and you still smile and hold my hand. wri
The Night
ok heres a little poem I wrote years ago I just found again enjoy! THE NIGHT BY CATY aka tina_sprite The night the lovely night home to the dark things all about. Where others fear to tread I love to roam. In the shadows of the Moon. Where Demons live and play I find a kinship. As I work the night like others work the day. The days for sleep the nghts for play. Fear and love the dark you silly mortals one and all! enjoy Caty
Ask Me First
if you want to exchange pics by phone let me know. if you want to see more of me ill send it to you through text messages. just ask what you want to see of me and ill think about it!
A Mother's Memories
As she looked down on him She sees him happy Always running around having fun She sees him always hanging out Coming home after dark Even though he was never perfect She loved him to death She reaches out to touch him His face is cold He doesn't react like usual He usually makes a sound when she touches him in his sleep She remembers how he felt in his arms Always warm He loves to hug her She can almost smell his sweet scent She can hear his laugh His voice is so clear in her mind But he is silent He's not saying anything And thanks to a stranger Driving with one too many drinks in his system She will never hear her little boy's voice again
Count On Me
When you first took my hand, My life changed forever. Your tiny hand curling around my finger, Was the best feeling I can remember. Watching you grow and discover the world, I knew from day one you were destined for great things. Never let anything stand in your way, Discover something new each day. Daddy will protect you until the end of his days, Look out for you and help you succeed. If ever you have a question or a problem, Rest assured you can always count on me.
For My Nena
As I look into your eyes That little twinkle lights up my life. And when you laugh and smile You take away all my strife. Holding you in my arms Gives me warmth like no other. I'll never do you harm You're my first - no sisters or brothers. Forever in my heart 'll give you the world. I knew right from the start I'd make you a Daddy's Girl.
To Answer Your Question
From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were special Just by the way you carried yourself Made me wanna be with you But nothing could have prepared me for what we have For the force that pulls us together Something that feels this good could never be bad And the best part is it keeps getting better I've never been happier in my entire life Never laughed to the point my stomache hurt That's why i think of you as my wife I feel like we were meant to be since birth Before you, I was scared Scared to just let loose and be myself It was almost like I was "fun impaired" My handicap was the inability to enjoy life itself But you were like the cure to my disease You brought out a side of me that was hidden to the world You brought my life happines, joy and peace - you complete me All these reasons are why - I love you Babygirl
True Love
He is enchanted by her smell Her taste sends him to a joyous place He wants to be around her He needs to be with her all the time He has never been happier than when she is with him The way she feels in his hands Makes his body tingle with anticipation He has to hide her from his own family They can't know he is still with her They will want to take her away from him Nobody wants him to be with her But he is so happy with her Why can't they see how happy he is Aren't families supposed to support you Aren't they supposed to want you to be happy Shouldn't they be happy for him If only they could understand If only they tried to understand How she fills him with a warm sensation like no other woman can He will choose her over any other woman He already left one woman for her His wife She never understood how happy he was with her She tried to make him stop being with her How could she say she loves him Even to this day And still not be happy that he is in love S
Which Animal Represents Your Sexual Appetite?
A dolphin A dolphin represents your sexual appetite. You enjoy the pleasures of sex, and you don’t care who you get it from. You are ruled by animal instinct, which makes you a great lover, but you should be careful and always use protection. (If a dolphin could… they would) Take this quiz at What the hell would I need protection for, I'm
Ok. To everyone on my friends list. Let me know what kinds of photo's you think I should ad. Any suggestions or requests will be considered.
damn its the weekend again got the kids almost moved have a few more things to move but will do it while they are in school next week love the idea that i have my weekends free!!!!!!!!!!! hopeing to go out soon with my girlfriend no i am not a lezbo either lol b ut we will have fun looking for guys :D and we won't get stood up :D well i am thru with little boyz and its about time none of them can make up their minds so yeah done with them lol
About The Pet Contest
Dedication To The Goddess
I dedicate my mind, body, and soul to you my goddess. Every thread of me is yours, you made me perfect, and in your image. I embrace thee. You created the earth and everything in it, you gave me people that I can learn from, and then turn around and teach to others. You gave me two beautiful children to teach your ways to, and I am greatful, you gave me a wonderful man to love and cherish, and worship, as he worships me. Thank you. I dedicate my everything to you!
Well Well Well !!!!!
Ok I am posting things here and I see some people are reading the stuff.But no one is commenting on the stuff I am putting here,whats up with that?I am trying to make some friends so I can hook up my page.So please if you read one of my blogs and like it comment on it so I know weather or not to keep posting stuff.I am trying to think of a good blog to post about what I am hoping to find on here but ever time I start it seems to sound stupid.But I should have something thought up by the end of the weekend at least I hope I do.And you will be able to find it under What I am interested in.
Go.. Umm.. Yea
Friday night. So off to a football game. Go dawgs... cause heaven help me if they lose. lol. Hope everyone else is having a great night, sure it will be more exciting than might.
Your Beautiful.
But not so beautiful that I care enough to learn how to use fucking contractions. Get a brain, morans!
Heya =)~
Hey everybody! I apologize that I haven't been able to get everything going lately, but I'm new to LC and it's rather confusing sometimes (especially after a night of smoke'n'drink LOL!) For everyone that has requested me to add them to my friends list you should be added. However, I think I did clear some requests accidently, so feel free to hit me up again anytime. Jesus it's hot here in Georgia - especially to a transplatted Thunder Bay (Canada) resident like myself. Perhaps it is a better trade of though, especially seeing how it's a little uncomfortable to wear a bikini when it's 15 degrees outside. I'm happy here for now atleast, and am looking forward to this Saturday (GO GEORGIA! STOMP THEM VOLS BABY!) I probably could have gone if I wanted, but I've got a lot on my plate right now - what with work and the one month hiatus I took from school. Sucks that granny died, but then again I'm happy she isn't suffering anymore. Anyway, I'll try to write a blog every few days
Ok so I did get the tape. Now I must use it...If you have ever wondered what kids gone wild looks like just come to my house. Nanny 9-1-1 I need you!!!!!!!!!!
When a man goes on a date a man wonders if he'll get lucky, a woman already knows =}
To All My Friends
This is for all of my friends... I wish some more would come show me some love..........)-:
Another Lovely Quiz
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy LoverYou know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you! Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter. You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you. You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover. Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives. Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours. No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover.What Kind of Seducer Are You?
Singing Dancing Slugs
The Weakness Of A Leo.
One of my weaknesses is Vanity and as a result I have critical tastes, if not some what eclectic. I know one shouldnt be critical of another person, and I try, but when it comes styles of art, counter cultures than I am familiar with or lifestyles in general its hard for me to with out bias.. or predjudicial. Its the leo in Me. Lost Chrry is both my addiction and my personal; anthema as of late. Its a known fact that Humanity is often cookie cutter in its approach to certian thing, and that to be an Original you must have been ostracized, or an outcast in some fashion. No where is this more evident than when I look in media, fashions, and other styles. It's irksome. Why? another one of my traist is "true Faith". I belive in the Noble purpose of Humanity, and as such I have faith in its ability to be the pinnacle of creation as it occurs here on Terra. Agian its the Leo in me. I knw its ultimately the rtomantic in me, and often my persoanl Bias is of moot consquence, but I
Well I Got To See My Old Friend's Today
Yeah my old friends stoped by. A few days ago they found me on myspace. They came over and we talked about what has been going on lately. I'm very glad they visited. I must say i'm worried that they'll forget about me again. I worry a lot i guess. We've been through a lot together and i have been hurt, so i just hope that doesn't happen anymore. The guys we've dated are and have been VERY controlling. So thus being the reason we all lost touch. It was great in the past, so i hope to regain that happiness. It was probably the happiest i've ever been. I hope this really works out. I just wanted to fill you all in. Your all such nice ppl, so if you have any advice or comment's plz share! Lots of luv my friend's. Rock On!
Im A Very Naughty Girl
You Are a Very Bad Girl You are 10% Good and 90% Bad As they say, good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere! You make most bad girls look like angels - and have a hell of a time along the way. Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Hehehe Damien
lol shhhhh he never reads these so I can talk about him here lol of all the ppl ive met so far he bye far is the sweetest lol to all the ladys hes one guy worth getting to know lol so talk to him not just spam him for cherrypoints geez lol youd be amazed at how cool alot of ppl are here if you actully take the time to drop them a shout and get to know them as more then cherrypoints *winks but ladys be sure to check out damien and send him a shout hes real sweet ppl
Puppy And Kittens
Kim and i have a puppy named texas. And a kitten named Oklahoma :) How great is that :D We are the awesomest thats for sure.
I Want My Country Back
"I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!"- By Rick Roberts - 760 KFMB AM I don't mean to go off on a rant here, but here's the bottom line, I want my country back. I want my kids to be able to walk to the store or walk to school without being abducted by some 3-time convicted child molester. And the politically correct powers that be in this country just can't seem to get over themselves with "CAN'T WE JUST HELP THIS PERSON!" No! You can't. But they're let loose to prey on more children. I want my kids back. I want my country back. I don't agree with everything this President does. I've never agreed with anything 100% that any President has done or said. You know, I was very young during the Vietnam War. So I probably missed that thing by a hair. I don't know whether I would have agreed with that or not at the time. I was too stupid to have an opinion at that point and time even though I thought I did. I want my country back. I want some semblance of respect for authority, wh
Hehehhe Yep
wel am glad one more week before my birthday kind realy excited that iam its going to rock shame dont have more peps but it will do
Damien Out Out Out Of My Blogs
rofl dont you hate it when you get get caught saying something nice about someone *blush
A Good Bottle Of Wine
A Good Bottle Of Wine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She was humming as she changed the sheets from the smooth percale she liked to the fuzzy flannel he preferred. She imagined what she would do to him tonight, and her humming grew quieter until finally it ceased. First she would undress him, slowly, slowly, kissing him softly as each bit of flesh became visible. "To keep it from getting cold," she would say teasingly. They'd done this before -- he would say, "No fear of that!" and they would laugh together as she began to stroke his skin with her warm hands. Then she would push him slowly back until he fell onto the bed and she would take his penis into her hand. By now he would be fully erect, and it would jump as she touched it. They would laugh again at this familiar occurrence. Next she would begin to lick him with little, teasing cat-laps at his skin, all over him, from his collarbones to his toes, but avoi
YAYAYAYA... its here its here.... Whats here? you may ask...... FRIDAY IS HERE!!!! Time to celebrate... It has been a long week... Im ready to relax on the beach.... which I will be doing tomorrow. YA ME!!!! Feels weird going to the beach in October. I am so use to not being able to. How funny is that... Anyways... Everyone HAVE A Wonderful Weekend! BE Safe!!! MySpace Comments Graphics I know Mine will!!!! Later, RB
Can You Say ...anger Management?
Angery German Omfg!!!!!!!!!
Well Getting My Page Going
well everyone just trying to work my way through the site and get everything going. Everyone has been very sweet and i think i'm going to like it here. Thanks to everyone for the requests and votes. Thanks for the warm welcomes. If you ever have questions for me just ask i won't bit well maybe i do alittle. well thats about it for now. TAY have a horny weekend.
19 Things To Do In The Bathroom Stall
19 Things to Do in the Bathroom Stall 1. Stick your palm open under the stall wall and ask your neighbor,"May I borrow a highlighter?" 2. Say "Uh oh, I knew I shouldn't put my lips on that." 3. Cheer and clap loudly every time somebody breaks the silence with a bodily function noise 4. Say, "Hmmm, I've never seen that color before." 5. Drop a marble and say, "Oh shoot!! My glass eye!!" 6. Say "Darn, this water is cold." 7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 seconds and then drop a cantaloupe into the toilet bowl from a high place and sigh. Sigh relaxingly. 8. Say, "Now how did that get there?" 9. Say, "Humus. Reminds me of humus." 10. Fill up a large flask with Mountain Dew. Squirt it erratically under the stall walls of your neighbors while yelling,"Whoa! Easy boy !!" 11. Say," Interesting....more sinkers than floaters" 12. Using a small squeeze tube, spread peanut butter on a wad of toilet paper and drop under the stall wall of your neigh
If I Could Pick...
If I could pick one dream to hold and cherish, to keep within my mind forever, it would be woman. So powerful, so beautiful, so mysterious, the warmth within my soul, the smile upon my face, and the beating of my heart. She is the mother, the lover, the rock of our lives, the teat that nurtures, the caress that soothes, the touch that arouses, and the vision that inspires. She is the passion, the drive, the muse, but also she is the steady hand, always there, always ready, always... love. If I could pick one dream to hold and cherish, to keep within my mind forever, it would be woman.
Army Nurse
Army Nurse A wounded soldier has a merciful nurse take really good care of him. Author Anonymous4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The young soldier was alone in sick bay. Due to his recent accident, he hasn't been able to get into town on leave. Being young and male he was becoming super horny. Because of the normal lack of privacy in the ward, a guy couldn't even jerk off without the threat of being caught. The young man just couldn't take it any longer, he just had to have release, so after looking around carefully, and snagging a hand full of Kleenex he started to masturbate. Suddenly, Nurse Beverly walked in. "So how is my patient doing?" she asked in her sexy voice. Embarrassed the young soldier tensed at being caught, he began to blush, and just nodded his head in quite shame. "I think you need another examination!" She stood next to the bed, checking his pulse and blood pressure. "That doesn't look too good," sh
And It Begins
so what prompts people to actually tow someones car? i mean i ponder the reasons why some fat slob in a chicken stained wife beater decided it would be a fantastic job to snatch up someones vehicle. "lookey here cletus, heres a car that aint paid for the parkin today. lets take it" fucking jackass red neck fucks. I mean, first u make me think that someone stole my goddamned car, then u tell me it costs 186 dollars cause "its got city fees and some other stuff in there u gots ta pay too" *spits copenhagen* you tow drivers make me sick. go make your money the another way- like selling your fat to cancer patients fucking cuntcakes
Help Me Help A Friend
My friend needs some serious help leveling up she's been stuck on level 7 foer a long time now her link is rate and comment on her pics please thanks all
This Be The First
Yea I just realized that there was even a "blogging" area on the lc. uh-duh. Yea I dont have much to say I just thought I would write something so everyone still knows I am an actual person..ha. talk at me...plz I like to talk I like to answer questions and I am usually bored so I need someone to entertain me ;-)
I so think that it is a full moon tonight! I am sitting on here bored to death. Most of the guys who wanna chat just want to cam or talk about sex. I just want to chat. I am only on here for FRIENDS. My day has been ok so far. I am missing husband way too much. I am thinking of shutting down the computer for a few days. This thing depress me even more. Good bye for now.
Men Who Needs Them
what the hell is wrong with men i think they live to see us squerm. i just left the biggest asshole in the world. he decided he was going to cheat and hurt me for the last time. who needs them. i found me a real a real man named mike and he is so awsome he treats me so good, hes a mamas boy though!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa Too Much Info
Answered by me but not created by me... [ ] I am shorter than 5'4. [x] I think I'm ugly sometimes. [ ] I have many scars. [ ] I tan easily. [x] I wish my hair was a different color. [ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. [ ] I have a tattoo. [x] I am self-conscious about my appearance. [ ] have/I've had braces. [ ] wear glasses. [ ] I would get plastic surgery if it were 100 safe, free of cost, and scar-free. [x] I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger. [ ] I have more than 2 piercings. [ ] I have piercings in places besides my ears. [x] I have freckles. Family/Home Life [x] I've sworn at my parents. [x] I've run away from home. [x] I've been kicked out of the house. [x] My biological parents are together. [ ] I have a sibling less than one year old. [x] I want to have kids someday. [ ] I've had children. School/Work [ ] I'm in school/university [ ] I have a job. [x] I've fallen asleep at work/school/college. [ ]
Look at this photograph Everytime I do it makes me laugh How did our eyes get so red And what the hell is on Joey's head And this is where I grew up I think the present owner fixed it up I never knew we'd ever went without The second floor is hard for sneakin' out And this is where I went to school Most of the time I had better things to do Criminal records says I've broke in twice I must have done it half a dozen times I wonder if it's too late Should I go back and try to graduate Last man and now that it was back then If I was them I wouldn't let me in Oh oh oh oh god I....I Every memory of looking out the back door I have a photo album spread out on my bedroom floor It's hard to say, time to say it Goodbye, goodbye Every memory of walking out the front door I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for It's hard to say, time to say it Goodbye, goodbye Remember the old arcade Blew every dollar that we ever made The cops seeing us hang
Family Guy Video
The Vasectomy Song
California Girls
Well I ain't never had a problem with California There's a lot of good women, Sacramento to Corona But them Hollywood types, after a while wear on ya Strutin' around in their size zeros, Skinny little girls no meat on thier bones Never even heard of George Jones CHORUS Ain't you glad we ain't no California girls Ain't you glad there's still a few of us left, who know how to rock your world Ain't afraid to eat fried chicken and dirty dance to Merle Ain't you glad we ain't no California girls There ain't nothing wrong with plastic surgery Well, Dolly Parton never looked so good to me Everybody oughta be exactly who they want to be But that Paris Hilton gets under my skin With her big fake smile and her painted on skin Never had a chance at a real man CHORUSx2
well this is my 1st post in this but hey they r fun arnt they? let me see whats up with me? i have been working like a mad woman on my website i even started a new redesign, ill be adding videos and new pics this coming week and i have so much more coming in the near future. wanna play with me on cam, join my site and get a free cam show or come check me out on i like talking on the phone while i who is man enough to play with me?
Please Please Help
IF YOU DIDNT VOTE FOR ME CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT,,THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN A CONTEST,,IF YOU WOULDNT MINE PLEASE RE BLOG THIS TO YOUR'S AND HELP ME OUT,I WILL PAY EVERYONE BACK THAT HELPS ME OUT I PROIMSE,THE NEW PPL I JUST ADDED I WILL GET TO YOUR PICTURES AND RATE THEM,,SOMETIME THIS WEEKEND,, THANK HUGS N KISSES DORIS The eight ladies listed below all need your votes! You may leave as many comments as you wish for anyone. That's right, unlimited. The 1st place winner will be the pic with the MOST number of comments. Be smart, voting once for everyone will get you and them nowhere. 2nd place goes to the highest number of ratings. The value of the rating doesn't matter...1, 4, 10...whatever. So...what are you waiting for? Go vote now! Pics are listed in the order they entered. HOSTED BY: Stixxx@ LostCherry Please repost this to help all these sexy ladies out! Thank you!
Whoever needed you Well I did Whoever wanted you Well I did Who said she loved you More than anything And be true Well I did Yes I did Oh how I did Who laid up many nights Crying for you Well I did Oh how I did Who was the fool To give so much to you Well I did Yes I did Oh how I did Who said she loved you More than anything And be true Well I did Yes I did Oh how I did If anyone on earth Could make me happy Baby you could And if we had a chance And who would wait forever Honey you know I would Who said she loved you More than anything And be true Well I did Yes I did Oh how I did Who said she loved you More than anything And be true Well I did Yes I did Oh how I did Lonely days, lonely nights Missing you, with all my might Wanting you To hold me tight Lonely days, lonely nights When you're gone This old house, it gets lonely And talkin' to myself Ain't company And nothin' seems to stop The tears from fallin' F
Tell Me You Love Me
Ignite the flame inside me spark the power held within show no haste no mercy just delighted tasteful sin let the emotions erupt as they build the the world we know its my mind you must korupt but my heart u have to show seduce whats left of me dont hold back at all but watch close for you will see as i begin to slowly fall take me from the fear of which i only know show me that your here and ur never letting go listen to my smile it shows the tears you never see see through my denial and just tell me you love me
Never Thought It Would End This Way
I need time to think about life and whats going around I feel like I have missed my shot and I cant get that rebound The moment is here but my past is confusing me I guess I can stick around for whats destined to be I'm bound to be successful, so go ahead let me hear what you got to say Its not like I'm going to listen and have my time waste away Like I said I need that precious time to think I might not even get that chance to blink Give me a moment just leave me alone, Me, Myself, n I I don't want you to see my tears running down or even hear me cry I long for that time to come and take me somewhere quiet I want you there but then again I know I wont like it Baby, please just hold on to me cause I cant hold on no more My thoughts and feelings that that I had in life are gone for sure I have to let go of everything that I have ever had I'm sorry can you accept this apology and not be so sad Just think for a minute what have you got to
Broken Heart
You and I were the greatest thing Laughter and smiles is what we would bring We would talk on the phone, until it was time for bed Even then I would see you, in my dreams, inside my head Every time I saw you, I would always smile You could see a glow in my eyes from miles and miles Man, I wish I was still holding onto you But you gotta girl now, so what can I do? Now when I see you, there's always a frown Won't you please turn that sad frown upside down? If you're not happy with this person, then just say goodbye Because seeing you depressed, brings tears to my eyes Today I approached you, but you didn't say a word I still have feelings for you, haven't you heard? I miss seeing you smile and laugh Won't you please remember the fun we had? Holding hands coming from lunch Wow! I miss you a whole bunch Just ask my family, you were all I talked about Now all I do is walk around the house and pout I love hearing your voice; it brings a smile to my fac
BeautifulBy James
Bullettins And (repost)
SO since Ive been on LC ive posted many bulletins....and NOT And I always notice that out of all the socalled friends I have on here...maybe 1 or 2 read them......this is why I think this site is full of on Myspace...everyones trying to get this huge friends list...but the whole points thing here makes people whore themselves even more.......I think its truly time for some deleting on my end...for those who do read probly read the bulletins and have no worries....its the people who dont give a shit about what a person says from the heart ..that have no business on my page....
What Kind Of American English Do You Speak?
Your Linguistic Profile: 55% General American English 25% Dixie 10% Yankee 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Midwestern What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
"Jesus loves the little sheeple of the world" or "power to the sheeple" Current mood: disappointed Category: Religion and Philosophy 3 differant types of people exist or "graze'"in this country called u.s.a. they make bold and convincing statements to young impressionable minds and anyone listening ,things such as,"if you want to,u could be anything,even be the president!!"and" fighting a war against drugs"and "its you that makes the difference! "rock the vote"!, shit like,"were having an energy crises involving a shortage of crude oil" and commercials that tell you that if your feeling a Lil' this or tiny bit that,tell your Dr. and ask about this drug cause u can take charge its your life!" now i agree to a point,and yes u can safely say if you've got a turd playing peek-a-boo with the end of your assholes you've got to take a shit. but most listeni
Does This Get You Cherry Points Too!?!?!
LOL so yeah Im addicted to this site.. Thanks a bunch Kevin! Its still a little confusing but Im slowly starting to figure things out! My birthday is coming up... Monday! I'll be the big 2-4 which is a year closer to being halfway to the big 5-0 *panics* lol The light at the end of the nursing school tunnel is getting brighter and brighter with each passing day.. Im down to like 7 months and 5 days.. But Im not counting or anything :) I was in the ER at Robinson for clinical last week.. Its definitely not as fun as the ER at childrens where I work but I got to start IVs and stuff so that always makes for a good day. After clinical i went straight to akron childrens for my practicum where i basically play nurse. I follow one nurse around and then i have my own patients im responsible for. I got to start an IV on a one year old. I was so excited when I got it that I seriously wanted to jump up and down.. It was a very exciting day.. between the two places I started like 6
Rent Paid Woohoo!!!
well its all paid thank god, for small miracles My rent is paid for this month and next month and all of my bills are too!!! WOOHOO
Treat Yourself
Myspace Layouts
Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle
There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl. As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and I thank god for all the joy in my life Oh, but most of all For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking little white flowers all up in her hair; "Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride." "I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried." In all that I've done wrong I know I must have done something right to deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night. Sweet 16 today She's looking like her mama a little more everyday One part woman, the other part girl. To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls Trying her wings out in a great big world. But I remember Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking little white flowers all up in her hair. "You know how much I love you, Daddy, But if you don't mind I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time
o.k. I know I've only ever written one blog on here..oops! am I bad? Well, anyway its friday night and I bet most of my friends,fans and family are out partying,with the exception of one unnamed person who peobably has a gig tonight.Damn the life of a Well, here I be at my homestead feeling terrible and waiting for the anti-biotics my dr. gave me to kick in so I can go back to work in a few days.I'm also waiting for the myspace servers to quit being retarded so I can check my messeges.Any of you can drop me a line anytime,I'd like to hear from each and every one of you..sorry I cant drop a line to each and every one of you right now,but I need to lay back down and rest like the doctor ordered.Peace out everybody!
20 Things A Girl Loves Her Guy To Do
Myspace Layouts
Daddy's Little Girl/ Butterfly Kisses
Daddy take me with you I promise I'll be good Daddy, this is next time And momma said I could Sittin' in the front seat ridin' down town An icecream cone I'd rap him around My little finger Tighter then my baby could You can make a tear go a long long way When you're daddy's little girl Well he tightened my bike chain from 7 to 13 Taught me to drive when I was a wild thing Reached and he prayed while I made some mistakes That I wouldn't have made if I'd have done it his way Now he hugs me when he sees me We talk about the past He tries to give me money And I try and give it back He's a book of advice More then I need The look in his eyes is saying to me Let me help you all I can While I'm still in this world What will you do when you're daddy's gone And you're daddy's little girl There's two things I know for sure She was sent here from heaven And she's daddy's little girl As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks to Jesus And I clos
I just got to fightin with ma best friend Dah'Brita and i hate to admit it but i got whooped up bad, but im proud to say that i can go up against the Baddest! but im a hell of a whole lotta pain.....i need
Remembering My Dad
It occured to me a few days ago while speaking with someone very important and dear to me in my life, that there are so many great memories I have of my father that I decided to take a few moments and jot them down. I know I'll be shedding some tears while doing it, but that is just a part of life. I have always been my daddy's little girl...well hell, I was his only child but even so, we shared a bond that no one could ever replace. My dad was always a prankster, one who loved to laugh and who was terrible at discipline. There were times in life I used this to my advantage. I learned early on that one look into my eyes and he was hooked and I got away with murder, especially after my parents divorced. Don't get me wrong, there were times growing up that I got a stern lecture when I did stupid things and God knows I was an old pro at that. But he never stayed angry with me for long and he always made sure that he hugged me and kissed me after an ass chewing. I knew from the beginnin
Another Poem
I want our bodies to remain tight like closed doors erotic whimpers down pour we making love till around four from the bed to the floor the eye contact I adore you look at me with a seductive face telling me you want more as the temperature starts to rise we start to perspire the chances of us waking up the neighbors is on the wire the burning desire in my heart has now caught fire My everlasting passion is no longer balled up inside letting loose of my emotions tears of joy is what I cry Its like a burden lifted off my chest like my sins been confessed the wardrobe is birthday suits so what is there to hide we lie down gently as you rest your head on my chest
Ya know I just have to laugh at all these "contests" run on here. And the accusations or whatever of cheating and whoring. Whatever people. To each their own. Guess I am just tired of all the whiney babies that are supposed to be adults. If I wanted high school crap I would go to my reunions!
Hmmmm And Some Days ......
ever wake up and it turns out its one of those days where you seriusly wonder if you have the iq of a hamster if you arnt triping over the english language as a whole.Your finding your self doing the most stupidly absent minded things imaginable I woke up today and it was one of those kind of days. If i wasnt sending the wrong messages to the interaly wrong ppl on msn (lol worst part the mesage I sent to the wrong msn user was actualy ment for yahoo... talk about a blonde moment huh)lol so I wound up talking naughty to my sister of all bloody ppl and I never did get around to sending the naughty tidbit to who it was ment for. then proced to thank myself for adding me ...opps wrong damn profile lol wouldnt even have noticed if I hadnt tryed to rate my new freinds profile. so needless to say today has been a mighty long day and a damn good day to get a gigle at my own expence
Ok, I did a bulletin and didn't get any response so I thought I would try this way. Here is a little trivia question. Who knows how NASCAR was really started?
Cagey Kill: My Latest Short Story
Cagey Kill He woke abruptly in a cold sweat. His sheets were wound in a tight wet knot around his body; he shivered as a chill ran from his nape down the length of his spine. Sure there was someone else in the room, he sat up and examined his surroundings; you’re going crazy Jake, just go back to bed, there’s no one else here. And he wrestled with his pillow before falling into an uneasy sleep. He walked down a busy Chicago Street, each step dragging, sluggishly moving along toward his point of destination. He began to speed up as the old familiar feeling of being followed resurfaced. He could feel their eyes boring into his flesh; he could sense them getting closer, close enough to touch him. In a panic he turned around then took a deep breath as his heart resumed its normal pace. Jake. Get off it, there is no one following you. He resumed his ponderings of whether the world is worth what we make it eyes to the pavement, all the while being jostled and bumped by elbows, backpacks,
I know that... this is a pretty bad sitch to be in but.. i dn't know wat to do. Im ganna go step by step here... In July i got dumped.. by the guy i loved dearly. and just a few days ago, he asked me out again.. the words i've been longing to hear rang in my ears..and never stopped echoing. Now... the day before he asked me back out.. i had fallen in love with someone else... the exact day before.... Now... i love both of them dearly... I said yes to the ex, but then the other asked me out... I never said yes becasue that would be cheating. welllll... i wound up cheating anyway... becasue the other kissed me and i coldn't resist. Now here is where i need your help... tomorrow im meeting with my boyfriend.. but i found out that the other guy would be there too... I am so damn scared.. i don't know what i am to do... can someone help me?
To All My Friends!!!!!!!!!
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This Should Piss You Off.
So first off go fuck yourselves..there we go. You all deserved that. When is it that we are going to make this place a Eutopia and stop judging everybody? You say we will but then jump to exclude people. Why are we all still playing along with this big fucking game>? Jesus you are a glorified consumer!! You are programmed to work and buy..thats it!! Why is it we continue making those at the top richer? Stop spending your money on shit your convinced will impress others! It will not make you are a jackass if you believe so! Save your money and help those you love to get to a comfortable level and then all together we race as one to perfection. Why do we leave so many people to suffer from poverty? We all know that some have the money to save every starving person you see..but we actually think THATS stupid. I mean why should he have to work his ass off so they can be lazy, right? Because most of these people suffer so much indignity everyday they can't even muster the courage
I am really bored and need someone to talk to
Deep Inside - A Submissive Plea - Erotic Story
Deep Inside 8.5.05 My Love... that is where You need to be, deep inside me.... tears stream down my face now because this rubber does not replace You.... it isn't warm and throbbing like You are... there is no one gripping my waist like You do... there is no slapping of Your skin against mine... Your fingers do not bruise my breasts nor twist my nipples...You are not with me.. i go alone to my bed now... my fingers will move over my clit in a frenzied dance... my back arching as i try to mimic the way You slap the engorged entrance to my core.... my moans will fill the air, my breathing heavy and ragged... a crescendo of need and desire will rip through the room... i will cum and cry out Your name, but You will not hear me... Perhaps somehow You will stir in Your sleep and sense me somewhere in the recesses of Your mind... knowing that i'm writhing, flesh hot and damp.... hair cascading wildly down my shoulders sticking to my sweaty face.... my thighs pa
Ok Tell Me This On Boys
Why does guys always agree to a women when they are actually wrong and the guy makes them think they are always right ??
Im Single
I broke up with my bf so if theresa any hot young guys in the omaha nebraska area hit me up
Meeting Mr. Dave (part 1)
He stood there right in front of her everyday. She knew it was wrong to lust after a teacher but most teachers did not look like him. He was tall, tan, muscular, and blonde. He was what every man should look like, but he was her teacher none the less. When she moved to Canada she had been completely afraid of what the people would look like, and treat her. She was an American for Petes sake. Her family had left America because they did not believe in what the country now stood for, so here she was an American in political exile. When she had arrived at school the first day the students all stared her down, pointed at her and laughed at her. But over the first few weeks they had come to like her and treat her as one of their own. The teachers were a different story. All the teachers immediately took to her, liked her attitude and work ethic, except Mr. Dave. Mr. Dave was the gym teacher. He asked the students to call him Mr. Dave because he was young and he didn't think that he was abov
Meeting Mr. Dave (part 2)
Should I take him here in his office like I have wanted to for the pasttwo weeks, or should we go somewhere more private thought Beth as Dave sucked hard on her tongue tasting his own cum. It had been part of most of her fanasties to take him in his office, or in the gym, it would make the sex so much more exciting, there would be such a larger chance of them getting caught. She also did not want him to get in trouble, sure she wanted to make him pay for teasing her for the first two weeks but she only wanted him to pay with his cum not with his job. She knew if he lost his job then it would not be the same in her fanasty anymore, he would just be another guy that she could have not a teacher that she shouldn't have. As Dave pulled away from her mouth, she looked into his eyes, they were still filled with lust, a burning fire, a need to fuck her in the most animal primal way. When she saw that look in his eye she knew what she had to do, take him in his office once, and once he had a t
The First Of Many
hi there friends! well, i just find myself before i go to sleep, checking messages on LC :) and found some old stories i wrote sometime ago i don't know if any one will like them but well, here i go ps. they are in part true, the other part i added and came from my imagination ;) hugs and love everyone... Maria ******** Thought it was only the bubbles in the champagne, but no. Your eyes were looking at me, deeply, and telling me that you wanted something else than just listen the music.... for some reason i decided to stand up and you took my arm to don't let me go alone... started walking directly to the bathroom, but felt like dizzy: people jumping and dancing, smoke, trance music very loud... Your hand went directly to my waist, caressing my skin, making me feel the urge to feel your hands caressing me more. Didn't know how i found the bathroom, and still don't know why we were alone there, with the door closed behind of us. The music sounded off, and the place big
Service - Submissive/domination- Erotic Story
Service She knelt before the fire, clothed in the tightly laced black corset. The bones clenching her waistline into an hourglass figure. The cups pressing the curve of her breast unnaturally high with the nipples exposed. The long legs folded beneath her with the curve of her ass resting gently on her thighs were clad in seamed black stockings, the feet encased in the needle point heels that He loved. Her head was bent slightly forward and the long, slow brush strokes she made thru the still damp hair seemed to hypnotise Him. He could just see as she lifted her arm with each stroke the soft curves of her breasts pushed upwards by the restraints of the corset, the firelight catching the gentle movements of the silver chain that swung between her nipples. He held in the low groan of desire that threatened to escape His lips...This girl was a treasure to be a good meal...not rushed like a snack. His voice soft in the room growled out the command to crawl and she
I'm sitting by my window, a cool breeze is blowing in through the window. The air, for once, smells clean - a result of the slight rain, which is always cleansing. I feel like this kind of setting demands to be one of those lazy, relaxing evenings. You know the kind I mean. You sit around in whatever you find to be most comfortable clothing. For me, this means a very soft cotton tee-shirt coupled with a favorite pair of cropped pants that are just as soft - soft material against clean skin has to be one of the best simple pleasures. You surround yourself with whatever you truly enjoy. So I have, as I type this, one of my favorite songs is playing and my favorite candle is lit. It all goes back to enjoying the simple things in life. I was talking the other night, about these kind of moments. I realized that, at some point, these special, simple moments became fewer and farther between for me than they ever were before. Somehow my life, for the most part, became run of
To Unloved
Who are you? Can this be true? You seemed too dark and empty A dream you must be. It was a cold winter night All around me, no light I couldn't see My eyes were black and empty. Your foot steps I was hearing My heart suddenly stopped beating I thought you were just like all of them around me But the glow in your eyes revealed your true identity. You were too pale to be real The beating of my heart you could feel For I could feel it dying inside As you stood in the shadow by my side. A giant stature beside me was standing As he stepped out of the shadow bleeding But on his lips was the blood of another creature That he has killed for his own pleasure. The blood on his lips was red as the rose The glow in his eyes told me I was the one he chose It was dark and cold, I didn't know what to do As you drew closer, I stepped back away from you. I was afraid, but I was drawn to your charms You went down on your knees and opened your arms Wanting to hold me
Thanks Hon
Ok,I'm a day late but i must thank Wendy for levelin me up last night.She spent the better part of 3 hours doin it and it really means a lot to me that you would do that. So I just wanted to publicly say thanks and I love you,hon. *hugswubsanstuf*
Dedicated To Unloved
Standing at the top of the stairs in a long black velvet suit. He watches the full moon from the castles balcony. His eyes are red, red from all the blood he has taken. As he watches, I see his tongue run across his pure white teeth. he is very pale, and very beautiful. Now, a tear runs down his cheek and he lowers his head, then turns and walks away. He walks down the stairs and stops in front of me. He looks up and with a sad voice he says “I’m, so very thirsty.” I lift my head back and smile and say “do not worry you can take me.” He looks at me and asks if this would be fine with me. I smile again and say “yes it would be very fine with me, I no longer want to be of this mortal world.” A smile now forms on his face and he gently holds back my head. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth. The next thing I feel is his sharp teeth being pierced into my neck. Afterwards I fall to my knees. Before I fall flat on my face he holds me and gently lies me down. Everything goes dark, but I do
Party Like A Fucking Rockstar! (part 1)
(I had to split this blog up into two parts, telling the stories of two seperate crazy nights I've had this past week. This is story number one.) Yes yes, my life has been pretty damned crazy this past week. Saturday night me and my friends went to Lafayette. We went bar hoppin' on the strip and Jefferson Street and got really really drunk. We were supposed to go see the Atone Pain Tribe at Club Sin, but we found out they cancelled. So we had a few drinks there and decided to go to a strip club on Evangeline Thrwy called Desperado's. It was my first time at a strip club and let's just say I was a wee bit surprised by what I saw when I first opened the door. We sat down by the stage and ordered some drinks. I was shocked to find out that it costs $6.25 for a bottle of Corona there. Not a place you want to go to when you're sober and looking to get drunk, that's for damn sure! The girls were beautiful for the most part. They were real nice and they thought it was funny that I was
How To Provent Cancer
Cancer... either you have had it, will develop it at some time, or know someone who has had it or has it. Whether we like it or not, cancer affects each one of us directly or indirectly. Preventing cancer is easier than you may think. Through simple lifestyle changes, we can reduce our risk of developing many types of cancer. 1) Avoid smoking, whether it be actual smoking or secondhand smoke. We hear a dozen times a day how bad cigarettes are for us and the risk of lung cancer. Why? Because smoking is the most significant risk factors for cancers that we can reduce. Did you know that smoking can increase your risk of many other cancers? Need help quitting? Check out About's Smoking Cessation Site for great tips and support. 2) Practice sun safety and recognize when skin changes occur. Skin cancer is becoming more common, especially among young people. Wear sunscreen when outdoors, even if it is shady, and try to avoid the outdoors during the sun's peak time, which is 10 am - 2 pm
Dildo Song
Music Video:THE DILDO SONG (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Just For Shits And Giggles
so, anyone's that actually bothered to read mine or pookie's profile is probably aware we're looking for a 3rd. a few months ago i started talking to a person who claimed they were down for it but, wanted me to send her an application. weird, i know, but believe me, we've had stranger requests. needless to say, i never got a reply. however, i thought it was kinda humorous, shared it with a few friends, and figured what the hell...i'd post it up here for shits and giggles. enjoy, and who knows? maybe one of you will actually want the "job" lol full name: last____________ first____________ M.I.______ email address:___________________________________ phone number (optional):______ - ______ - __________ position applying for: full-time submissive___ full-time switch___ other (please explain)___ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Q & A por
How Happy Are You?
You Are 68% Happy You are a very happy person. Generally, you feel content and that all is right with the world. Occasionally, you have a down day - but you have the ability to pick yourself right back up. How Happy Are You?
Killer Kissing???????
Your Kissing Technique Is: Passionate but Aggressive Hey, slow it down a little! Yes, you've got some killer kissing moves... But that doesn't mean you need to show off ten minutes worth of technique in ten seconds. Take your time. A little passion goes a long way.Are You a Good Kisser? Are You a Good Kisser?
My niece aka my baby sis just came home from Iraq today. I am soo proud of her. I AM SO GLAD UR HOME BABY GIRL. I LOVE YOU. WOOP WOOP
Keys To My Heart????
The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring. You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please. Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred. In this moment, you think of love as something you can get or discard anytime. You're feeling self centered. What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
A Little Scary!!!!
You Are a Little Scary You've got a nice edge to you. Use it. How Scary Are You?
Stupid Cherry...
so i'm not much of a blogger, but every now and then i have the desire to let everyone in on the nothingness that is going on in my life. first of all, i want to say that i have become addicted to this damn webpage-THANKS AMY!!- second of all, i havent been smart enough to realize that i'm addicted until i got home from work tonight and had no one to talk to. :( it was then that i had the brainstorm that MAYBE, just MAYBE, everyone else actually had other things to do on a friday night than to talk to me? could it be??? are there other things to do besides chat with me on a friday night? sad isn't it. i am just pouting..ignore me..i was just up for a little witty chat, and my dear internet pal isn't here. i know you'll read can't resist.. :) maybe i'll just go watch team america and go to bed i'll be back for another fun round of internet tag tomorrow. i'm done rambling now..goodnight
"i Don't Want To Feel This Way Forever, A Dead Letter Marked Return To Sender" Thursday
yep more crap I walk a fine line between here and eternity take that final step no reason to stay losing my will hopes have been killed thoughts broken down the scales' fatal tilt the balance of fate is lost my final breath my last tear
When U
When U when u speak; we all hear when u dance; we all cheer when u cry; it sends tears to our eyes happiness is when u laugh smiles to last when u see that u are a part of me. love is when u stay. always have a good day Desiree Brown
One Dark Night
One dark night, when the moon was green, around the corner, came a fart machine, a fart was let, a scream was heard, a man got killed by a flying turd.. enjoy lmao
Yah, Stupid
yah, I'm stupid — Friday, 06 October 2006 So, I didn't get much sleep lastnight, It was hard to get to sleep cuz my mind didn't want to shut off, then when I finally did, I woke up to my roomate and his girlfriend. REally gross and depressing that was.. It went on for a while, and then it was hard to get back to sleep, so I only got a couple of hrs. I didn't have my first class today, but I didn't remember that until I left to go. So I was way early so I read my cj book. Then I went to class, and I the tests were handed back. I got an "A" but that's cuz he adjusted the scores to 76% was an "A". I got just that. I thought I did better than that. But ohwell, I'll just have to try better nextime. Maybe study instead of getting drunk the night before. Well after class I had the perfect oppurtunity to ask that girl out. But I didn't. I think there must be something seriously wrong with my head. I know she likes me. I don't really see any reason she'd say no. ( unless she
Two Sides
For the ones who really reads the blogs. To read my frist one is a insight to me. Like everyone, there's two sides. Not all of us accepts it. Feel sorry for them cuz the only way to know ones self in to know both sides. And always find one person that you let in the side that you hide to the whole so you know that that side is known. If you understand this then you are like the pebble that starts the ripples in the pond. Moving in all directions.
My Sn
For anyone who uste to talk to me, but can't now cuz of my sn being stolen, my new one is Or for anyone who is really bored but didn't happen to talk to me before... lol. Ya'll have a great weekend, I I hope that you really do have more exciting things to do over it.
ok people i have yahoo messanger and msn messanger but there is something wrong with my yahoo if ur on my buddy list for yahoo and u have version 8.0 it will not allow me to talk to you even know i have 8.o, i am really starting to hate yahoo but anyways here my yahoo or msn if anyof my friends would like to chat with me off of lc come chat i am here or right now i am still working the bugs out so u may add me if u like and all still chat with u what o forgot to say was it wont always let me talk to you but it does when the fucker feels like it
heh.... tossed...
Not Allowed
For A Change Of Pace
Anybody interested in missing and exploited children???????....... I am running a website on, with 2 pages especially for missing and exploited children as they are listed on the National site for Missing and Exploited Children. I have very intense feelings about this issue. many of our young people are being exploited on the Internet right now as I write this blog. if you run across a space where there is no longer a picture of the child that was there, it means he or she has been located and is now at home with their families. T There are pedaphiles and predators every turn in cyberspace and it is vital that you teach every young person you know how to protect themselves online, not just at home or on the streets. I have posted ways for children to read and learn to protect themselves online, on the streets and at home. please if you have anylove in your hearts for young people go to my site and see if any of the children on the site are from you
What I Believe
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Sick And Tired........ For My Husband
A little late for all the things you didn't say I'm not sad for you But I'm sad for all the time I had to waste 'Cause I learned the truth Your heart is in a place I no longer wanna be I knew there'd come a day I'd set you free 'Cause I'm sick and tired Of always being sick and tired [Chorus:] Your love isn't fair You live in a world where you didn't listen And you didn't care So I'm floating Floating on air Oh.. yeah... No warning of such a sad song Of broken hearts My dreams of fairy tales and fantasy, oh Were torn apart I lost my peace of mind Somewhere along the way I knew there's come a time You'd hear me say I'm sick and tired Of always being sick and tired
My Next Tattoo
though I want the flowers in purple....
I am getting ready to go to bed...but before I do I must say something. I am a very kind and passionate woman...but lately I have been so angry. I hate it! I mean I guess I can be thankful that I atleast can cry get angry and use my emotions. I haven't become numb to life as of yet. I hope that I never do. I do believe that I have a lot to give, but right now I can't. And it does make me angry. I think I am mad at everything and everyone(not literally), but trying not to be. I want a KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR to come rescue me lol I know...I had to throw in a funny! I KNOW I WILL GO DREAM ABOUT HIM!!! GOOD NIGHT ALL!! Elizabeth
Im Not Too Fond
of the dixie chicks, but i do like the song im not ready to make nice, because you know, its true, they made some mistakes, but jeez, everyone makes mistakes, so back off ya know. Favorite lyrics. -Made my bed and i sleep like a baby with no regrets and i dont mind saying its a sad sad world when a mother will teach her daughter that she oughta hate a perfect stranger and how in the world can the words that i said send somebody so over the edge, that theyd write me a letter saying that i better shut up and sing or my life will be over.- It just goes to prove how far the world has really fallen. And how angry the people in it are. If we all could get along, it would be a miracle. Just like with all the drama on here. Its getting sad. I feel like im in highschool again. Seriously. Just drop it guys. No one cares anymore. < 3 Forgive sounds good, forget i dont think i could < 3
The Forgotten One's
The Forgotten One's: They were the one's who pulled you up when you were down.... They are those that are there when you need them the most.... Their's were the shoulders you cried upon.... They were the ones who made you laugh, when you wanted to cry.... They shared their love when your lonliness became too much.... To those who think they are forgotten, remember theses words.... We will always cherish and remember, you, the forgotten one's!

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