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If This Is Vegas...
If this is Vegas, I'm in the wrong place, but it's all good, because your here too... There was this girl, don't even remember who she was, she said she was going to Vegas, I told her to stick a stack on red 23. She asked me why, and I said, I don't know, just felt like the right thing to say. I saw her a week later, and she ran up to me, hugged me, and told me red 23 had come in, she'd won a lot, I can't remember how much she said, but she must have bet a lot, because her winnings were big, if I recall correctly...
Read This!!
(the last sentence is the best) Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searc
Sexy Abs Contest this is a sexy abs contest and i need your votes!!!
The Past Is Just That.
Fallen, burned and reduced to the tear that stains your pale bitter cheek. I am but an angel on who you placed your hopes I'm not what you seek. look into the confusion. shhhh close your eyes, you'll see from where I come. I am the madness, the terror the love from which you could never run. Take my hand, dance the circle, play the game, Just make up your mind. Count the seconds, they rush past blending to minutes, you can never stop time. You can't take back the dreams and you can't unbreak promises. You could never say no. My possesion, is nothing but a place inside my heart in which I dare to go. Don't twist my words. confuse my meanings, then miss my value in this dream. The mirror shatter, tears fall and from your heart one final scream.
Reflections, Just a lie painted with the resemblence of the person I long to be. She is not my mirror image. Not but a shell, a fragment of who I really am. Just a false apparition who appears when reality is to sour. When I see her in the shattered image of myself. I long for green eyes to see me. for olive skin to embrace me. How could I bring her here? How could she teach me to smile? Could she ever understand who she really is, deep in this abyss? Two sides of the same mirror. Silvers and blacks, melding into one image that never made any sense to those who surround her. There was once one, who knew her who bore her spirit, who shared my indifference. Who created her and I as a whole Identity. Who understood. He left with the whispers of the fall. taking the binds that held her and I as one. shattering the looking glass and leaving us to seperate the realities. I am left to wander the darkenss which engulfs the rooms which he once filled.
Joy Is In The Simple Things
Joy is in the simple things: touching, Embracing, chattering on for hours about nothing, Sure of your place within another's heart. Simple things: like coming home knowing Exactly where the treasure lies; like being At ease with what you do and who you are; Needing what you already have; accepting, Desiring what you have been given; feeling The gratitude of someone who is loved; Investing goodness instead of money; giving For the pleasure of giving pleasure; seeing Fortune come to take you in its arms. All this joy is yours for the price of loving, Not only well but long, days of willing, Years and years of wise and patient love.
Love Is Patient
Love is patient with a life That brings its share of pain. We know sometime there is an end To the most stubborn rain. We know the sun comes out again On a world that's fresh and new, And all the gifts we freely give Somewhere, sometime accrue. We know sometimes we have to wait For life to come around, And sometimes that it won't, but still There's some good to be found. And even when things happen that Your soul can hardly bear, Know that I'll be next to you; My love is always there.
Cherokee Wisdom
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two 'wolves' inside us all. "One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. "The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."
well its been a while since i posted about my new telecaster modifications, mainly cause i havnt been working on it i had taken it apart a few times to have a look well i have had a lot on my plate, mainly with gigging in pagan, goin out and getting drunk and well i kinda/have a girlfriend so my time is well er taken at times but i finally asked the bloke at work to bring his router in so i could use it. well i bought the pick ups and well decided on a kinda colour scheme, black and green, well at first i was a bit unsure bout it but well i bought a black scatch plate, black control plate, and a black brigde for telecaster with double humbucker! well i also needed some router bits which i bought and also a template to cut the cavity for the bridge. well today i got the router, for once simon remembered something. so instead of er phoning bank and sorting out mortages, (tut tut slap wrists i know) i decided to well cut the cavity for the bridge. so i got ready to do some
Guess Whatttt
remember how we couldn't figure out a word better than love? WELP i figured one out. It's FLOVE. it's a conjunction of the two words "fucking" and "love" . so when i say , Evan, I FLOVE you!" ...i'm really saying..."Evan, I fucking love you!". super.
Should I Be Crying?
my mum called me fat.. im still laughing... dont know if its to hide the hurt or if its really funny...
I'm Sad....
4:15 PM - Sad face Slash has been pooping all over the damn place for 3 days now. Parker is sick......she had her apendix taken out and now is in serious pain, and I mean serious. She can't eat and she just keeps crying. Nobody is doing anything to help mom except me and Lisa. The other kids could care less. They have more important shit to worry about (ie. THEMSELVES). Daniel is Jealous of the attention Parker is getting and Erica just doesn't give a shit. What a family unit we have. We're barely squeeking by with the fucking same. Everybody sucks. I'm having a bad day and feel like punching SOMEONE in the face, but this feeling has been building up for at least 16 years. Someone start a help Kristiane out with bills fundraiser. Please.
Comment On My Skin
You have to look at my profile and comment me on my "NEW SKIN"
My Eyes
You scored as Lonely Eyes. When people look at your eyes they feel pity because they know you are lonely. You might sometimes envy people, so others might call you the green eyes, even if you dont have green eyes. Whatever is missing from you will return quickly and people will be able to see whats hiding under your eyes.Caring Eyes100%Lonely Eyes100%Loving Eyes100%Hidden Eyes83%Eyes Filled With Pain And Hate67%Hurt Eyes67%Sparkle Eyes67%Window Eyes50%Happy Eyes17%What Do Your Eyes Say To People (Pics)created with
Ralph Once Again
Monday, October 2, 2006 What is right Focus your thoughts on what is right with your life. There is so very much that you have to choose from. Abundance is as close to you as your next thought. A thankful attitude will connect you to that abundance. There is something of positive value in every moment, every situation, every relationship. Zero in on what's right with life, and that value is yours. What you expect has a major influence on what you get. Expect to move forward on this day, and you will. Let the challenges inspire you. Let the possibilities encourage you. Choose to see and to live what is right with life. Whatever may come, be thankful, and you create much to be truly thankful for. -- Ralph Marston

Among Stones There Is A Diamond. Among Flowers There Is A Rose. Among Deities There Is A God. Among Angels There Is A Friend. And Among Friends There Is You!
Treasured Moments
TREASURED MOMENTS 14:50:08 - Apr 05 2005 Destiny or Fate these treasured moments. Stolen and recorded forever in my mind. Enticingly entranced you are stealing my heart. You have struck in me a desire both immoral and immortal. Captivating my heart and my soul. I drink deeply of your essence. I long for you, for your touch, for your caress. You invade my dreams and haunt my days and my nights. Awakening in me a fire and I burn with a passion I never knew existed. Make me one with you. Fill me and ease this pain that burns deep in my loin. For you and only you can quench my thirst, my desire, my yearning. With pride and with pleasure I think of you. For these have become my Treasured Moments
For You Are The One
For you I would climb The highest mountain peak Swim the deepest ocean Your love I do seek. For you I would cross The rivers most wide Walk the hottest desert sand To have you by my side. For you are the one Who makes me whole You've captured my heart And touched my soul. For you are the one That stepped out of my dreams Gave me new hope Showed me what love means. For you alone
Perfection In My Eyes
All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart, And for us to be together, to never be apart. No one else in the world can even compare, You're perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would, I love you more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past, By the way you look at me I know we will last. I hope that one day you'll come to realize, How perfect you are when seen through my eyes
~*call Me When You're Sober... By: Evanscence
Music Video:CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE SOBER (by Evanescence)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. You want me, Come find me. Make up your mind. Should I let you fall? Lose it all? So maybe you can remember yourself. Can't keep believing, We're only deceiving ourselves . And I'm sick of the lie, And you're too late. Don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. You want me, Come find me. Make up your mind. Couldn't take the blame. Sick with shame. Must be exhausting to lose your own game. Selfishly hated, No wonder you're jaded. You can't play the victim this time, And you're too late. Don't cry to me. If you loved me, You would be here with me. You want me, Come find me. Make up your mind. You never call me when you're sober. You only want it cause it's over, It's over. How could I have burned paradise? How could I - you were never mine. So don't cry to me
I'm going to start posting some poetry up here, feel free to comment and critique all you want. ^^ much love, Barricade
Who Are You
I Scored as a rocker?? What the fuck were the odds of that?! LOL You scored as Rocker, Mosher. Your A Rocker!Rocker, Mosher35%Goth35%Prepy25%Emo15%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev5%Trendy5%Skater0%What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with
Just So You Know
im signin off for the night...i put up some new pix and I added some slide shows to my pro check em out k? ill be on bright and early tomorrow as always....much love....peace
So my roomate and I have decided to do an experiment. We have decided that we will only clean up the things we touch, we won't move anything we didn't put there, we won't clean anything we didn't get dirty, we won't do any laundry or dishes that arent ours....and we will see what the apartment is going to look like in aweek if it were only our third roomate living here. this should be fun.
I may love you forever even if we fall apart I'll have your handprints tattooed on my heart from where you caressed it so gently and burned through all my barricades every cliche you've had me feel you made it very real what I once thought to be some far away cruel mindgame that life would dangle before me but never allow me to play I'll never forget you cause your smile's printed on my mind and your touch, on my soul I'll always have a place for you because it's not like I could fill this hole with something new if you ever decide to vacate it it'd be like an infected wound that no amount of peroxide or TLC could cure because that's what love does it burns holes in us and our lovers are the salve
every blackened crack in the wall seems to increase in value as does everything if one thinks on it long enough... a seemingly painless chain of words can easily go from basic acidic... if it is merely rearranged we should not always rely on our own interpretation... what is abysmal to some may be cashmere to others when braided together words can become....winged and at first glance even those known for their severity can overlook the least original when the same words are revisited at a different magnification seperate minds formulate seperately, this is not something the world celebrates... our medicated minds quickly cover non-conformity and we think the same old chalky thoughts so the solid silence with all its secrets continues on... waiting for a mind to dialate so it may intoxicate and soothe these wretched knots
Full Fill
fallen angel, wrap your broken wings about me and speak... oh your words are like cream and silk sometimes they quell the strain that builds up in me as rain beats into us and keeps us on the edge of sane if the weather were better I'd get lost in your somber amber glimmer that stops time [just for a minute...] cause we love to feel like this will never end... when life feels like too much to bear I can hide in the world that is your arms where tranquil streams trickle I love to make them flow so I can swim in you or you in me... under the silver stained sky we'll sway and glide and collide lean deep into me and we can float away on the transparent swell far, far from Hell...
Darling, you're a semblance of yourself every nuance of your being's been rearranged we need you to awaken... awaken to who you once were yes, yes you were flawed, but, they were your flaws... I can't believe you allowed them to twist and distort your will this way you've become brittle and weak under all this euphoria... baby, find that spark, snap out of this dream state… where is that malevolent beast hiding? it must be foaming at the mouth oh, let it out… don’t become another victim of forfeit… where is your questioning gaze? hidden beneath that valium haze… now, it hasn’t all been wasted stop this being laced in generality I knew you once for your originality… your words were like arsenic and velvet. God, now you’re so hollow… hollow, and it’s sickening when you speak I get that feeling like I’m jumping off of a twelve story building and when you breathe it’s like a cold front
Zeit Fur Alle, Unter Die Sonne
never thought I'd ever have the chance to lift the heavy gate and have my soul bounce out again much wilder than I remember having as a child. these things are so eager gotta find some reins, baby hold on... these things are pure pain when they get out of hand... so if you'll wait a little longer while I figure this out... (I know you will) in time, I'll find this spark again, Hell, I'm burning now baby... I just need a while to align.. a total turnaround takes time. I've never felt this comfortable in my own skin... I know, I know this world is not my home and this skin is not my own but baby, your arms are so hospitable.
Love is killing pessimism It's a shining optimism it burns brightly blinds who I've been and sheds light on who they always wished for me to be my blackened brain senses betrayal strike and recoil, strike and recoil... trust, faith hope, happiness.. foreign words that burn my tongue but I'm growing accustomed to this sensation I've never felt so exposed.
Where have you hidden my will to thrive oh so deeply behind your lies... you have blocked it from my sight the need to become filled with light what is now a barren stream was once overflowing with my hopes and dreams you've stifled my ability to overcome reality buried under all this sanity indifferent calm flows through this body silent screams echo and bring memory of all the times I thought you really cared for me I may never trust again because of all I learned from you, post-reign fallability is an inevitability when dealing with humanity to trust in another is to damn yourself.
Always my sanity instantaneously is countered by sanity all I really want to do is just ki... YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE WHO SHOULD LIVE AND WHO SHOULD DIE! all I really want to say is why are you such a... WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS BRING YOUR PAIN AND SUFFERING TO OTHERS!? sometimes I just want to cu... BUT IT HURTS AND YOU'LL REGRET IT THERE ARE BETTER WAYS! and I should be greatful I suppose.... for this level-headedness but sometimes I just want to think and not have my own thoughts criticized by myself what if I don't want to be san... NEVER SAY THAT!! shut-up. HOW DARE YOU! shut-up! why can't I think for myse.. BECAUSE YOU ARE INCAPABLE! always I'm defeated by my sanity.
When the chill winds freeze you to your core think of me... every day this is what I feel the void you used to fill just a hollow shell pain would be a remedy to my numb un-beating heart when you lie, nearly lifeless as you die think of me... this is how you left me you chewed right through my soul massacred my dreams I died then but my body continues on.... even as your heart stills now you will never fully grasp how this feels you have all the luck.
land lies in bitter stagnation the humid dreariness of summer drags on [matching the mood of its inhabitants] a sickly stench rises in the air but no one cares they will rot and melt into the earth soon to be yielding rebirth the fall is now apon us all our hearts are filled with lust we hide ourselves deep these dark secrets we must keep we disappear inside those who attempt to cease to hide become a shell we have lost ourselves an icy winter wind freezes and fills us in our barren, frosty souls are worthless, dead and cold most will break before we're through won't live to see the bright green hues the spring will come in all its grandeur and survivors revel in its splendor for a moment we are sane then the seasons change again
You scored as Love. You are Love. You Love someone and are always thinking of them. You want them and need them. Your love and kindness is what will win their heart. Thanks for taking my quiz. Please rate. :)Love100%Grace100%Wisdom92%Faith83%Joy67%Peace67%Courage67%Hope50%What feeling are you?? (cool pics)created with
Revenge Queen [pt 1]
lifeless figures staring from a shelf unforgotten just like everything else bitterness leaves a sickly sweet taste to savor like rotting meat dusting off memories a remembrance and a grin willingly falling deeper into sin unquenched vengeance will drive her deep there's no more need for her to sleep unseen horrors consume her soul soon this obsession will take its toll
well i brought my cat mercades home from the vet today, she went in to be declawed and groomed over the weekend and boy was she pissed at me. we cleaned up the townhouse so we can give our keys back tomorrow and oklahoma drivers are dumbasses...and that's my rant for today. todys slam of the're a dumbass, its moderately funny and theres a great chance you'll be right when you inform someone about their dumbassedness. :)
Are You A Butt?
Well thankfully I got a zero on the penis part! LOL You scored as Butt. You are attracted to: the ass! your an ass man/woman.Butt83%Boobs75%Abs/Stomach50%Face42%Penis0%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
Check It Out Hot photo set posted today!!! kisses
You scored as Boobs. You are attracted to: boobs. You're a boob guy/gurl!Boobs100%Penis75%Butt50%Face50%Abs/Stomach50%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky70%A Sicko40%Average30%A WUSS !!20%How sexual are youcreated with
You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Chains/Handcuffs100%Whips100%Biting92%Bondage83%Blind Folds83%Blood25%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Its All For Fun ... Sure!
Might have to stop taking these - might reveal more about me than ppl should know! LOL You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you've been very naughty. You like teasing your partner and making them squirm, and not letting them be able to do anything about it. Some people think what you do is sick and disgusting, but you know it's all in good fun.A Slave To BDSM85%Sex God78%A Romantic45%Virgin23%How are you in bedcreated with
Im Adicted To U
Love is one of the most fascinatin thing. youll know when its there when it takes u under its wing. love can end just as fast as it starts. and when it does ur left with many marks. Most of the time i sit here thinkin about the times we had. all the good and the bad. i think to myself is this the way its suppose to be. you with someone else and not with me. it gets hard at times and sometimes i cant understand. why things have to be so complicated and so unplanned. but most of all i miss u so much. ur kiss ur smile ur special touch. lost hope and given up on all my dreams. why does life have to suck so bad the way it seems. with u i felt so good. i feel so bad without u now i can barely cope but i still am as much as i could. u were my cure my only tooken drug. talkin to u is great but not good enough. i need u more than u know. i hide it all the time cause i never wana let it show. im not good at showing my feelings or letting my emotions out. but i crie
Road Trip
Yep gotta make the run. I have some family stuff that I need to go take care of. If anyone one wants to meet up on the way up or back... Let me know. I hope the good weather holds out to make it a good ride.. haell they areall good.. just some better than other.
Fattie Anyone?
Ok no bogarting baby! Of course I have NO idea what any of this means. All of my sources of info are from the internet of course! :) You scored as Marijuana. The most beautiful, chill drug out there. You want something that's not too harsh on your body, and soothes the soul. It's also not addicting, so smoke it up, baby! And never have to go through withdrawls. Marijuana75%Ecstacy50%Cocaine44%Mushrooms38%Inhalents31%Alcohol31%None!19%What's your ideal drug?created with
Oh My Gosh This Cock Is Annoying
Ya'll ever heard a rooster that crowed from like 4 am till noon.... anyone want some chicken n dumplins??
Answer These So I Know How Much You Know And Care Lol
Answer these so I know how much you know and care lol Current mood: lonely 1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Physically, what stands out? 13. Emotionally, what stands out? 14. Do you wish i was cooler? 15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. How long have you known me? 19. Describe me in 3 words: 20. What was your first impression? 21. Do you still think that way about me now? 22. What do you think my weakness is? 23. Do you think i'll get married? 24. What makes me happy? 25. What makes me sad? 26. What reminds you of me? 27. If you could give me anything what would it be? 28. How
Beyond Betrayed
Beyond Betrayed Current mood: You don't wanna know trust me!!!!! My mind fills with wonder, my heart with fright. Trusting won't be easy not with being lied to. People whom you should be able to trust, turn around screw with your head, emotions, taking you for granted. What a fool I was to believe I had such good friends, but now I see! The grass is not greener, the sun was in my eyes. constantly wondering who's true. Pain of those who had me fooled. No more happiness, only tears! Which way do I go, which path do I take? What's the point anymore?? I can close my eyes to the things I do not want to see, cover my ears to things I wish not to hear, but I can't close my heart to the things I don't want to feel. I'm sick of smiling for myself and everyone else. No one really knows the shit I've been through and put up with. What I have to deal with now, the new shit that keeps on coming in. Weather their my so-called friends or not, I mask my sadness, hide how I feel about
Dancing In The Elevator
Thought I would start to share a few of the stories and fantasies I write see if you all like them and then I will post more late here is one to start out. The hotel lobby was quiet except a few people getting in late from dancing at the club next door the music was incredible and the atmosphere was intoxicating we danced till we almost could not walk. In the elevator I grab your belt and pull you close you throw back a sly smile knowing that I had just enough to drink to make the night one wild ride of fun. The elevator seems to be getting slower and slower when I pull you close and kiss you starting with the top lip and then the bottom nibbling at you tasting your tongue lapping your juices until our lips lock in a deep long passionate kiss. Your breath heavy as we pull at each others clothes your pants a struggle to unbutton them finally breaking free your hard cock already glistening with precum you push at my shoulders looking me in the eyes wanting me t
Another Roadblock In My Life
i just got off the phone with my mom. earlier today she told me the name of the adoption agency that her and my dad went through. well, i searched for a good hour to two hours trying to find a number for them. i couldnt find anything. i called her back and she said they probably closed. so now my search is going to be a whole hell of a lot harder. GREAT! now i will have to go through the court system and that is going to be a pain in my fucking ass! i am not looking forward to that at all! UGH! im off to take a shower and try to relax.
Windows To The Soul
Please Take a Moment to RaTe My Pic Below For The LC Sexiest Eyes Contest Thank You
New Pics
hey guys and gals new pics check me out and let me know what u think.......plzzzzzz!!!!!
A True Budweiser Story
Subject: A True Budweiser Story How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001... Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield, California. After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. On September 11th, a Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland. He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval and support of this treacherous attack. The Budweiser employee went to his truck, called his boss and told him of the very upsetting event! He didn't feel he could be in that store with those horrible people. H
New To This Site
Hey all, I am new to this site..... It seems like it will be fun to play on. I hope to meet some new cool people!! I can always use more friends right? I am on yahoo messenger too, so look me up sometime!!
Little Johnny Stories
A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, "Everyone who thinks they're stupid,stand up!" After a few seconds, Little Johnny stood up.The teacher said, "Do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?" "No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!" _________________________________________________ Little Johnny watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face. "Why do you do that, mommy?" he asked. "To make myself beautiful," said his mother, who then began removing the cream with a tissue. "What's the matter?" asked Little Johnny. "Giving up?" _________________________________________________ The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn't paying attention in class. She called on him and said, "Johnny! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?" Little Johnny quickly replied, "NBC, FOX, ESPN and the Cartoon Network!" _________________________________________________ Li
B/f Thingy Part 2
Do you think i'm pretty? Do you have respect for women? Do you like girls? (lol) What would you do: If i was hurting? Would you hold me late at night? Would lie to me? Would you be there? Do you care? Do you just wanna have sex? Do you like poetry? Do you like to just stay home sometimes? Do you like L.C? Do you like dogs? Do you like animals? Do you have a job? Do you like Kirby ^^? What do you do for fun? What do you love about your self? Waht do you hate about people? What do you wanna do with your life? Can you sing Can you dance Do you have ants in you don't answer Can you play a musical intrement? Can you wirte poems? Can you be a man when i need you there? Can you help me, with homework? I'm i sexy? =D thanks so much love u guys ;)
A Good Joke
Good : Your wife is pregnant. Bad : It's triplets. Ugly : You had a vasectomy five years ago. Good : Your wife's not talking to you Bad : She wants a divorce. Ugly : She's a lawyer. Good : Your son is finally maturing Bad : He's involved with the women next door. Ugly : So are you. Good : Your son studies a lot in his room. Bad : You find several pornmovies hidden there. Ugly : You're in them. Good : Your hubby and you agree, no more kids. Bad : You can't find your birth control pills. Ugly : Your daughter borrowed them. Good : Your husband understands fashion. Bad : He's a cross-dresser. Ugly : He looks better than you. Good
wow first blog... dunno wat to say okay goodbye
Far Away!!
well this is my first blog here...and well right now im feeling a little sad i guess u would say.....a year ago i met this person who made me smile with just a simple text message....he is the best friend anyone could ever have...but why do we have to be sooo far wasn't suppose to happen this way....i wasn't suppose to fall in love with my best friend especially when he is 6hrs away....we only see each other if were lucky every other month....we talked mostly through out the whole its barley that we talk...and its sooo hard....he told me that he couldn't give me what i needed cause of the distance..and now im starting to figure out that i can't do it...anymore....i need him close i want to hold,kiss,hug,cuddle,play with him...and i can't cause hes soooo far away....why is it that we fall for something we will never possibly have....i had faith i had patience but im losing them fast.....well i have lots more to say but...i can't go on...its to hard for me to even
My Beautiful Moment
I live and breath motorcycles, I would sleep on one if I could. I love to ride when the sun is setting, sound cliche? Seriously though there is a road I love to ride. Every night when I come across the same path the sun sets and a shadow of calm casts over me. Day fades to night and the land sleeps. As I ride I forget all the depressions and stresses of being human. All the craziness seems to melt away. In this moment there is no pain or worry, no regret nor anger. There is only me, my bike and all the peace and quiet the night brings. There is something so magical about the night time, something the day can not duplicate. As I ride into this particular moment I am one with everything around me. The world seems to make sense from every little animal to even city traffic. I feel at one with the universe for a brief moment. I believe that there is something bigger then this life because nothing as simple as watching day turn to night could make a person feel so alive. There has to
I Just Love This Cat!!!
Myspace tweaks at
Wow! A friend showed me this. I can't belive how much there is to do on Lost Cherry. I was just getting use to myspace. It is going to take me time to get in the hang of this.
In Todays Age
isn't it crazy, that we've come so far in civilization,yet,being without 1 thing like "electricity", throws us back to primative times. clerk can't ring you up because they don't know how to function the register without it. all electric gas pumps,locks,safes,everything that we use in our house,right now,every day. how would you do without it? yea, you would probably say, "yes i could deal with it if i had to", but could you? think about it,almost every 5 steps (unless you are in the grassy fields of IRELAND) you are using something electrically charged. i know , i know , it could'nt happen, right? but if it did..................... something to think about...(at least for 5 secs.)
Ooohhhh I'm Sooo Blue....
Blue: Lovers of blue are wonderful sex partners. They are affectionate and sensitive to their partner's needs. They consider love making a fine art and their approach is elegant. Men who love blue are like concert pianists, delicately ravaging their partner like they would play a baby grand. Women in the blue category enjoy sex to the fullest. They are exciting partners but their passion may be compared to a tidal wave rather than fiery aggression. Both women and men enjoy foreplay and the aftermath of lovemaking, as much as the sex act itself. In marriage a blue person is a wonderful mate -- never seeking outside interests.
The New "fuhget About It
help spread the phrase ya'll "dont watch that" some of its many meanings- "dont do it" "not gonna happen" "fuck that" "i hate that"
Nice Guys
I caught this in a bulletin once. To every guy that regrets hurting or losing her. To every guy who knows which girl he wants. To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. TO EVERY GUY THAT WOULD SIT AND WAIT FOR HER FOR HOURS JUST TO SEE HER FOR TE
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK MYSPACE! I hate that place! *sigh* Sorry. I had to vent...
Where Am I At?
So much shit on my mind, wtf.... I need sleeeeeep.... (and maybe a drink heh)
Why Do I Miss Him....why
Do you sometimes wonder what love is What does that word mean Do you sometimes wondery why we suffer and hurt over another Why do we allow someone that so much control over us Why does the anticipation of being in their arms thrill us so Do you sometimes wonder why we put so much emphasis on the physical Do you find yourself wondering if it was really worth all the pain to be with them Do you ever convince yourself that they are not indispensable Only to find that once you have been apart for a while the yearning and wanting intensifies and over powers your entire being...that he over powers you Have you realized that fighting those feelings never works Have you attempted everything you know to stay in supress those thoughts Trying to convince yourself that they are not special just flesh and bone not imortal or magical....yet you can't stop wanting them even though you know you deserve better Why then does it seem that once we allow them into our hearts we do
All Your Base Are Belong To Us.
Farts are universally funny. You can't fight it. Stop your petitions now.
Can You Hear Me
Sitting here in the dark staring at the flame from the single candle burning in front of me Soaking up the moonlight thats coming in thru the windows Running my finger thru the flame feeling it burn my sking and enjoying the pain Knowing that as long as it hurts i'm still alive Thinking to myself that there has to be something better than this Aren't we suppose to grow up and be happy What happened to the young girl with all the dreams and ideas that were suppose to change the world Life happened, she's been sacraficed by you and all the people that took what they wanted from her and walked away without giving anything back Sitting here as I feel the fire burn my skin wondering will I ever be able to find her again The voices in my head tell me no It's getting cold now and I'm getting sleepy It's getting harder to feel the flame Is it time to give up time to rest My mind says yes but something inside me is screaming no Maybe I should stop the
My Favorite Body
You scored as Penis. You are attracted to the: penis. You are a penis man/woman.Penis92%Abs/Stomach83%Boobs67%Butt42%Face33%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
To Everyone
Please Read And Understand these Statements I say. First and Foremost. I am one of those guys, that feel in love, and let the girl walk away. I made that mistake many of times. Guys dotn let up with out a fight, ANd here and now I wanna Appolgize for it. Im sorry for not fighting back to keep things together. I am sorry, for everything. I am Sorry for doing what I have done. Second, guys dont ever play games or let them play games with you. Love and Trust You Mate. Be loyal, and caring. Dont horse around to rough, and always take care of them if they are sick or hurt. Third I have a Rationalistic Statement to make. Who Has The Fucking Right to Shoot 14 9 yearold girls, becasue of somehtign that happened to him when he was 12? He Should Be Thrown in Prision but oh No He had to Commit suicide because he knew what was happening. I honestly Say Burn The Fucker. He Was 32 years old, he knew better. So why let him have a proper burial, if he were to be cuasght and put to the death p
Random Thoughts
I read a bulletin today about different things but something in it reached out to me about how there are some who leave messages and comments and post bulletins but no one ever reads one bothers to reply...ever wonder why...I do. I for example have 11 blogs posted they have had 112 views out of all the people on the LC yet the only one person that ever really says anything about them is my best friend Tink....there have been one or two other people who post a randome comment but out of 112 views that's it. People put themselves out there for the world to see...some of us are sincere...and others well lets just say they are not so sincere.... Are we as a society so stuck on the superficial on wrapping rather than what is inside the package that we are willing to let something great or someone great pass us by...never knowing what footprints they might have left in our lives... I am a wiccan and I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a l
Yay!! It's my Friday! No more work for the next 3 days. Today just fuckin' dragged and I hate training newbies. I don't have problems with newbies..I just don't always explain things too clearly. I get tounge tied sometimes... There's this one newbie dude, I don't remember his name or cared to pay attentino, but he's like a fuckin' giant!! I'm 5'0 and he's gotta be 6'5 or something. He's a big boy too...always afraid he was going to step on me...I don't wanna go squish... Yeah..anyways... I've been doing pretty good on my least I think I have...tomorrow morning, I'm going to weigh myself..hopefully it won't be a scary number... will be going to the gym this week... so much fat to get rid of.. okay enough rambling of boring shit..bye!
Comeing Soon !!!!!!!!!!!
hay out there how meany of you like the DOG THE BUNTIE HUNTER?? if you do plz. let me know
Earlobe Piercing
You scored as Earlobe Piercing. Awwww aren't you cute with your little goody-goody attitude and what not. Maybe you should stop being so freaking nice and go and burn something. I mean seriously.Earlobe Piercing80%Dirty Piercings80%Belly Button Piercing70%Tongue Piercing70%Labret Piercing60%Nipples60%Lip Piercing50%Nose Piercing30%Cartilage Piercing20%What Piercing Are You?created with
Which Piercing Am I??? Lmao
You scored as Dirty Piercings. AH!!! You dirty person you! Put that away!!! Who did that for you!? Your the kinkiest of the kinkiest and probably think you're hot stuff. Well, maybe you are but that's kinda nasty. Ew. Weirdo.Dirty Piercings100%Belly Button Piercing100%Labret Piercing100%Lip Piercing100%Cartilage Piercing90%Tongue Piercing90%Nipples90%Earlobe Piercing90%Nose Piercing20%What Piercing Are You?created with
Is The Shoutbox Workin ???
To any who read this. Is it just me or is the shoutbox acting up like a lot of things on LC. I know it is a combo of that and busy people. And just how reliable is the little "online" cherry icon? I see it blinkin for alot of people, but are they all on??
Only 2 More Hours>> Omg>>>
Well.. the countdown is on.. At midnight its happening.. no weed for 7 days.. (refer to "omg am I crazy or what") lol!! I can feel the panic rising in my throat.. lol who thinks that I wont make it? All my friends think I'll give in.. WHat do you think?? PS You can also let me know by voice in my voice comment recorder on my page! Thanks.. Peace..
Zzyxz Road
I don't know how else to put this. It's taken me so long to do this. I'm falling asleep and I can't see straight. My muscles feel like a melee, My body's curled in a U-shape. I put on my best, but I'm still afraid. Propped up by lies and promises. Saving my place as life forgets. Maybe it's time I saw the world. I'm only here for a while. And patience is not my style, And I'm so tired that I got to go. What am I supposed to hide now? What am I supposed to do? Did you really think I wouldn't see this through? Tell me I should stick around for you. Tell me I can have it all. I'm still too tired to care and I got to go. I get to go home in one week. But I'm leaving home in three weeks. They throw me a bone just to pick me dry. I following suit and directions. I crawl up inside for protection. I'm told what to do and I don't know why. I'm over existing in limbo I'm over the myths and placebos I don't really mind if I just fade away I'm ready to
Alone In The Dark
My heart aches, the tears flow as i sit alone in the dark I'm the tough girl who can deal with anything yet the one thing i fight to deal with is being alone My guard is up, i tred softly as not to scare anyone away The more i feel comfortable, the guard comes down and i tred loudly only to be once again alone What is about me i ask myself? Am i too open, too honest, too ugly, an embarresment? I ask myself these questions every night as i sit alone in the dark
Are You A Space Cadet?
Take the quiz: Are you a Space Cadet?Space Cadet!You're a space cadet alright! You are not on this plane of thought and rarely enjoy the wonder of the real world, though the wonders in your head are pretty amazing. Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!
I Found A Lump
So all of you know its breast cancer awareness month and those of you who don't it is. I wanted to share with you guys my experience with this matter. About 5 months ago I found a lump in my right breast. I didn't go to the doctor right away because of my fear of what it could be. Last month I went to the doc and let him fill me up and he sent me to get an ultrasound. He said that if the lump was hollow with fluid i had nothing to worry about, if it was solid then he would be concerned. And of course my luck my lump was solid. when i talked to the nurse and she mentioned that She made me an appointment to see a surgeon, the same surgeon who removed my gall bladder no less, i freaked out didn't really register all that she said. Something like i had so many centimeters of fibercystic??? tissue and they want a surgeon to look at it. I told my mom I hope he doesn't take out my boob to lol. Anyway the reason I am writing this is because it is breast cancer awareness month and i would
Chocolate Chip Pecan Mounds
1 cup whole wheat flour 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup unsalted butter, room temp 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 extra large eggs 9 ounces semisweet chocolate chips (1 1/2 c.) 1 cup chopped pecans (optional) Preheat oven to 375ºF. Line several baking sheets with parchment or grease lightly. Sift flours, baking soda, and salt together. On medium speed, cream butter, both sugars and vanilla until light and fluffy, about 1 minute. Add eggs and beat on medium until blended, scraping bowl. Add flour mixture and blend well, then stir in chocolate and nuts. Drop dough in 1/4 cup mounds, spaced 2" apart, onto prepared baking sheets. Bake cookies until edges are rich golden color and top is lightly golden, risen and slightly tender, about 14-18 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool on baking sheets. Layer cookies in airtight container, using plastic wrap or waxed paper between layers, and store in freezer up
Are you tired of all those sissy, mushy "friendship" poems that always sound good but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that really speaks to true friendship! 1. When you are sad, ...I will get you drunk and will help you plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue, ...I'll try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile =), ...I'll know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared, ...I will rag you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried, ...I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and to quit whining. 6. When you are confused, ...I will use little words to explain. 7. When you are sick, ...stay away from me until you're well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall, ...I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. Remember: A friend will help you move. A really good friend will help you move a bod
The Boss
A junior manager, a senior manager and their boss are on their way to a meeting. On their way through a park, they come across a wonder lamp. They rub the lamp and a ghost appears. The ghost says," Normally, one is granted three wishes but as you are three, I will allow one wish each". So the eager senior manager shouted, I want the first wish. I want to be in the Bahamas, on a fast boat and have no worries. "Pfufffff, and he was gone. Now the junior manager could not keep quiet and shouted "I want to be in Florida with beautiful girls, plenty of food and cocktails. "Pfufffff,and he was also gone. The boss calmly said, " I want these two idiots back in the office after lunch at 12.35pm" Lesson : "Always allow the bosses to speak first"
Which X-men Powers Do You Have?
Take the quiz: which X-men power do you have?controlling the weatherYou can control the weather. You can create thunderstorms, blizzards, and even the next ice age. You can control the wind to make you fly. Your power is probably the most powerful. You can control lightning and hail. There is nothing you can't create. The only thing is your power is linked to your emotion and when you get angry, some serious things will happen.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRR!!! LOL
Chocolate said to a lollipop, you are damn sweet. And the lollipop said : Not as sweet as the person reading this! Ur smile makes me smile... ur talks make me glad.. Ur company makes me happy... But ur absence makes me sad... Be always wit me my dear friend!!! send this 2 all ur friends in ur list n also back 2 me if i am ur friend.... If u get more than 7 u r lovable
Cyanide & Happiness @
Holy Fuckin Shit
holy fuckin shit what up fuckers. went to the TRIVIUM show tonight and meet somebody i never expected to see. somehow caught a drumstick during the show, after the concert, meet up with the band. got the stick, stub, and some other shit signed, and a few pics. thats all good, BUT RITA (A.K.A. DIMEBAG DARREL's girlfriend/wife) was there. apperantly now that dime is gone she rolls with trivium now. she was hangin out by the bus after the show. granted she was a LITTLE bit intoxacated but she is one of the nicest and most appreceative people i have ever meet. talked with her for a few minutes and got a pic. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT, i meet dimebags girl. i never thought that would happen but this just proves that metel is good and you never know who can pop up somewhere. -horns up fuckers- i meet dimebags girl. guess thats as close as you can get now -peace-
Toby Keith
Who's Your DaddyBy Toby love this guy
If I Die An Your Still Here
If I die and your still here remember that I still love on in a another place far away from here even though i'm gone my love will still go on in time we will be reunited in love an peace from the moon to the deepest part of the ocean my love will never die out for as long as your love for me goes on i'll still be alive in your heart, soul, mind an spirit so I say never forget me for as long as you live
Stupid Ratings
for every one who can't figure shit out this is the basic principal of a rating of a picture video etc. if it shows partial nudity or sexualy explicit content foul language or gestures it is "adult" if its shows iteration between nude or partialy nude adults it is R X implies hardcore xx or xxx implies hard core with visible penitration shit just like the movies people adult is pg-13 and up
Well I am fired again, twice in one year. It has not been good for me since I left Saturn. Next job hopefully I stay there for more then six months!
Comming to terms that a past fling is over and there is nothing u can do about, no matter how u try to justify why ur no longer with that person, well i'm doin right now, comming to terms with my ex, hes a great guy n all. soo for all who read this, keep ur man close, dont let anythig get in the way.
Lyrics I Can Relate To
I've had this song in my head all day.. thought I'd share my thoughts, first read the lyrics, the song is called 'Have you ever' by 'The Offspring' -------------------------------------------------- Falling, I'm falling Falling, I'm Falling Have you ever walked through a room But it was more like the room passed around you Like there was a leash around your neck that pulled you through Have you ever been at someplace Recognizing everybody's face Until you realized that there was no one there you knew Well I know Some days, my soul's confined and out of mind Sleep forever Some days, I'm so outshined and out of time Have you ever Falling, I'm falling Falling, I'm falling Have you ever buried your face in your hands Cause no one around you understands Or has the slightest idea what it is that makes you be Have you ever felt like there was more Like someone else was keeping score And what could make you whole was simply out of reach Well I know So
I'm Not Always Fun And Games...i Do Have A Serious And Very Sensitive Side...
About to let Love go..."To Hard for Me to Hold on To"... I used to believe for a long time that there was someone for everybody on this just would have to be patient and keep looking...But as I walk down this lonely road called Life...I began to realize that it was only a illusion...a facade as you will...Our purpose in life is truly to be alone...grow old, weary...and eventually die. I have at this moment and juncture in my life...given up on Love...totally...completely...It is truly awful and unbelievable...that in this day and age...we people whether black or white...jew or gentile...have still the nerve to judge people sorely based on their looks and appearance...I thought I had finally found someone to share my entire life with...I thought that for 2 whole years...but to my dismay and wasnt meant to be... So as the world turns on its axis and the moon and sun must I move on to the next level in my life...being alone
Best And Funniest Chain Letter, Ever
Best Chain Letter Ever Hello, my name is Gary and I suffer from the guilt of not forwarding 50 billion fucking chain letters sent to me by people who actually believe that if you send them on, a poor 6-year-old girl in Arkansas with a breast on her forehead will be able to raise enough money to have it removed before her redneck parents sell her to a traveling freak show. Do you honestly believe that Bill Gates is going to give you, and everyone to whom you send "his" email, $1000? How stupid are we? "Ooooh , looky here! If I scroll down this page and make a wish, I'll get laid by a model I just happen to run into the next day!" What a bunch of bullshit. Maybe the evil chain letter leprechauns will come into my house and sodomize me in my sleep for not continuing a chain letter that was started by Peter in 5 AD and brought to this country by midget pilgrims on the Mayflower. Fuck 'em. If you're going to forward something, at least send me
A Little About Me.
Hello my name is Hazel. I am 31 and in a wonder ful relationship with my Girlfriend/Photographer Ezra Valentine. I am a fetish and crossdressing model. I like to read, draw , write and play music an sing. I can play a wide variey of musical instuments. I am very to extremly knowlegible in most area's of sexual activities.
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser?
Going Home
" GOING HOME" - Apr. 07, 2006 at 06:32 PM Walking along in the warm Summer sun, Feeling warmth of the sand under my feet High over the water the seagulls fly, Fluffy white clouds in the clear blue sky. The sound of the waves rolling to shore, A pleasure of nature I so much adore. I stop for a moment as around me I look, The beauty I see of Gods Coloring book. I gather my thoughts and keep walking along, Not wanting to live was totally wrong. Enjoying God's scenery is where i will stay, Over coming all obstacles that come my way. Accepting my life as it's given to me, Spending more days down by the sea. Enjoying my life with freedom to roam, Until that day when God calls me home. April 6th, 2006 Eileen Pelley (AKA Sweet)
Braydon & Dante'
Braydon & Dante' Current mood: loved Laughing eyes, tiny chin Soon the teething will begin Upon hands and knees you crawl Chase the kitten, roll the ball Though your teeth are still but few Oh what fun it is to chew Lots of toys but in the end One becomes your special friend Now at last you stand alone Then the first step on your own Oh what happiness it all brings Seeing the first of so many things Their eyes will glisten, the smiles will show They both know my love, I tell them so Lots of bruises and a few scrapes Only a beginning of what they'll take Little fussy moments and times of joys They'll always be nanny's two little boys... Nanny will always love you both... May 02, 2006 Eileen (AKA Sweet)
Lottery Ticket??
You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket! Full of hope and promise. But in the end, a cheap letdown. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You? i am such a let down that i let myself down sometimes
Mommy Please Don't Worry
Mommy Please Don't Worry Current mood: loved Mom you were there for me, Through happy times and sad. You helped me through the bumps and bruises, And always made me feel so glad. But I'm growing up now mom, And have to find my own way. I love you with all my heart, And still think you have a right to say. I know it's a creul world out there, But I have to learn from my wrong. And I hope you'll stand by my side, I promise mommy it won't take long. I understand where your coming from, You don't want anything to happen to me. It's not as bad as you think, Just wait and you will see. I know I put you through a lot mom, And it is hard for me too. But I'm not a little girl anymore, They'll always be more for me to do. Mommy I'm not out to get you, Even though it seems that way. I hate what I have done to you, So now all I do is pray. I feel I'm growing up to fast, But mommy please don't worry. Cause I have and always wil
My Stripper Name
Exotic Dancer Name Is... Skye Exotic Dancer Name Generator
Slow and Steady Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder. It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment. They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it. How Do People See You?
Pizza Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza Robust and dominant. When you go for something, you go full force. You tend to take control of situations easily. And in return, you get a ton of respect. What's Your Pizza Personality?
Another Good Weekend..!!
Well Dan come down this weekend..We went to the demolition derby saturday ..The weather was shitty out ..Of course it rained ..We got wet .It was friggin cold out ..When we got ready to leave the derby wasnt even over with yet ..When I talked to my son later the next day , he said they didnt get home till 2 am ..WOW ..but my brother won a trophy for his heat..He was the last car running..Which is cool..Another trophy to put on the self with the others.. We seen one lady get pulled from her car..On her first hit , she took it hard..then she got hit and wasnt expecting it ..She grabbed her head and they stopped everything to check her out ..they ended up takin her outta there in an ambulance.. From what my son said "that they told everyone that she was doin ok "Plus she won a trophy for best show..Bc like I said ..that first hit she took ..she deserved it .. My kids are doin great ..My middle son has a g/f now..and damn is she pretty ..I will post up a couple pics of them .. I so can
if ugot that messenger add me hit me up
Evanescense - Understanding (wash It All Away)
Lyrics to a really good song, if you haven't heard it, I'd suggest you check it out and it will adapt to whatever it is that your experiencing on any level. =) "Understanding (Wash It All Away)" "You hold the answers deep within your own mind. Consciously, you've forgotten it. That's the way the human mind works. Whenever something is too unpleasant, to shameful for us to entertain, we reject it. We erase it from our memories. But the imprint is always there." (Can't wash it all away) (Can't Wish it all away) (Can't hope it all away) (Can't cry it all away) The pain that grips you The fear that binds you Releases life in me In our mutual Shame we hide our eyes To blind them from the truth That finds a way from who we are Please don't be afraid When the darkness fades away The dawn will break the silence Screaming in our hearts My love for you still grows This I do for you Before I try to fight the truth my final time "We're supposed to try and be re
Minx Party Oct. 21
Pimp Me??
Okay who wants to pimp me out...HEHEHE I just kidding, but u know u can do it if you really want to..LMAO
This Is Just Sick As All Hel!
5 Girls Dead in Amish School Shooting By MARK SCOLFORO NICKEL MINES, Pa. - A fifth child wounded in the shootings at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County died Tuesday in a Delaware hospital, state police said. The child who had been taken to Christiana Hospital in Delaware died about 1 a.m., state police spokeswoman Linette Quinn said. The girl was one of seven wounded in the school shooting Monday, the nation's third in less than a week. Three girls, and the gunman, died at the school, in a bucolic area of Lancaster County, authorities said. Quinn said the two girls who died in hospitals early Tuesday had suffered "very severe injuries, but the other ones are coming along very well." Another victim, a 7-year-old girl, died about 4:30 a.m. at Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, hospital spokeswoman Amy Buehler Stranges said. "Her parents were with her," Buehler Stranges said. "She was taken off life support and she passed away shortly after." A 6-y
Insert Wanna Be Groupie Scream Here!!!
Ladies and gentleman children of all ages! Me, my boo and my best friend in the world are going to see the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!! at the end of this month!!!! Now, all you women that read this know what it takes to get ready for a concert...first you have decide what you are wearing and than change your mind adleast 100xs till you get the perfect outfit and than there is hair and makeup...its very exhausting being a guys have no idea!!!!! We dont just roll out of bed looking good it takes time and effort!!! I am so excited!!! I have wanted to see them since like forever lets just say that when I first heard them I was a very young teen....and now Im almost hitting 30 so, you get the picture....And you got to totally love that you can print out your tickets right after you buy them!!! I like cant stop staring at them!!! This is so cool!!! Ok so, your saying to yourself jeez is this her first concert....nope,I get this excited over all the concerts that I've been to...KIS
I'm Bored
I'm bored outta my mind I have nothihng to do I'm sitting here doin nothing Hey everyone whats up? this is my first blog and prolly my only one I never know what to write but right now I'm bored and needed somethin to do .... so yeah ganna go now bye bye
Hell I Dunno Wha This Is Lol
lmmfao ha yallz prolly like wtf is she doin back on well we didnt take da puter down jus yet...LoL but i figured id write one last time jus in case =) but um im happii! Im happii that things r goin right in my life, i kno wha i have to do in my life to make it complete its jus da matterz of doin it ya kno? sometimes i jus dont wanna deal with it and jus walk away but my ma has alwayz told mii to face them head on u cant run anymore so im gunna face all the challenges head on so i can be happii, things will get dealt wif when i get home....its my mii time its my time for it to be ALL about mii in life, wha i want, wha i need. i jus hope ppl understand da decisions dat i make in my life is so my kids can be happii too. My kids aint happii unless mommii is happii and right now im happii but i kno i gotta go back to da hell hole pit of wisconsin and be miserable =/ im gunna make da best of it til December of next yr then after dat things WILL be better =)so yea im borin yallz huh? well too
Reasons To Smile
~Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants. ~Marriage changes passion. Suddenly you're in bed with a relative. ~I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on it. So I said "Implants?" She hit me. ~How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America? ~A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Darn...that was fun!" ~I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place! ~When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping," now I just "chunky dunk." ~Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. ~Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over? AMEN, AMEN !! ~Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school
Beautifully Stated
Beautifully Stated As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.
I was sent this very disturbing news about the loss of one of our great heroes and movie idols as a result of the recent E-coli out break. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself before viewing.
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I have some new pics on here and Just wanted to see how many HOTT guys wanted this!! lol. RATE ME!
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Hey guys leave me some comments :D x0xHeAtHeRx0x
Help Me
Ten Commandments For Getting Along With People
Ten Commandments for Getting Along With People 1. Speak to people. There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting. 2. Smile at people. It takes seventy-two muscles to frown and only fourteen to smile. 3. Call people by name. The sweetest music to anyone's ears is the sound of his or her name. 4. Be friendly and helpful. If you would have friends, be friendly. 5. Be cordial. Speak and act as if everything you do is a genuine pleasure [make sure that it is]. 6. Be genuinely interested in people. You can find something interesting about every person. 7. Be generous with praise ... and cautious with criticism. 8. Be considerate of the feelings of others. It will be appreciated. 9. Be thoughtful of the opinion of others. There are three sides to a conversation/argument: yours, the other person's, and the right one! 10. Be alert to give service. What you do for others is important.
A Man's Anwers To Every Question A Woman Ever Asks
1. WHY ARE MEN SUCH JERKS? It's a testosterone thing. Much similar to your PMS thing, we men suffer from testosterone poisoning. Why do you think the average life span of a male is typically 10 years shorter (and it's not just from all the pregnant doging and nagging we have to endure)? Hormone modifies behavior. We're just misunderstood. 2. WHY DO MEN ALWAYS HAVE TO OGLE AT OTHER WOMEN? Again, this is a testosterone thing. Do you honestly think that all the testosterone just fell out of our bodies the moment we met you? Besides, women do it as well. Women are just much better at not getting caught. I'm fairly certain it's some sort of photographic memory deal. Women take one quick look and memorize it for later reference. Since men lack this ability, we try to burn it into our memory by staring as much as we can. 3. WHY DO MEN ALWAYS TOUCH THEMSELVES, ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC? We occasionally need to adjust our little friend and make him happy. It's much like adjus
9 Pleasure Triggers Of A Man !!
1 . The Outside of His Lower Lip The male mouth is an obvious moan zone. But zeroing in on that slope between his outside lower lip and chin will bring ultraintense bliss to his kisser. 2. The Front of His Neck Women tend to pay oral attention to the sides of his neck between his ear and his collar - but it turns out they're missing the major stimulation spot: just below his Adam's apple. 3. His Nipples You know that your nipples are a carnal command center. Yet experts found your guy's headlights might be even more sensitive, since most men aren't used to having these sexy switches lavished with attention. 4. The Dip Under His Ankle Halfway between his heel and ankle bone is a fingertip-size pressure point that we've learned has enormous passion potential 5. His Perineum Most men are shy about guiding you to this patch of skin just past his family jewels. But beneath it is his prostate gland -- an organ with major orgasmic power 6. His Shaft Any nooky n
Blood Stained Tears And Shattered Hearts
Blood Stained Tears And Shattered Hearts Cold Unbroken Heart Full Of Emptiness. A Vivd image of Him, In His Poetic Justice Rests In My Mind. Alone & Silent, Imagination Runs Rampid Tearing Apart My World Of Longing. Trees Form From My Nightmares And Shadows,Into Mangled Hands That Are Demonic. Reaching Out & Tormenting My Soul's Loneliness Constantly Every Day. My Fears Stalk My Dreams & Confronts My Love For You. " He'll Never Love You In Return", Voices Say To Me,Singular, Screeching,& Strange . Confined By The Frailness Of My Soul's Fear Of Losing him. In My Room My Blood Stained Tears Fall Upon My Shattered Heart. ~Princess~`Copywrite:9/3/2003
A Simple Story
A Tale the River told to Me. This is a tale the River told to me, that set my life's journey. He told me of a land where the fairies live in freedom, and dragons fly the skies, with the Gods and Goddesses having tea at midnight. I asked the river: "What sort of world is this?" and he replied, " A FREE ONE". Imagine freedom with out a price! To be able to soar like a bird, burrow like a mole, run like a horse, fight like a she-lion. The freedom to be anything I wanted to be. "It cannot be real" I told the River And he laughed at me! Me, a human! "You have never been free," he said, "so how would you know?" "There is a place deep inside of you, a place that dreams you anywhere you want to be. To the farthest reaches of our universe, on any plane you wish. We in nature have always known how to go there, but you humans tied to your earthly plane, with its prejudiced views and poisoned minds, cannot comprehend that perhaps there exists more just you. Your ego's have kept y
I Knew I Loved You
Savage Garden I Knew I Loved You (dedicated to DB) Maybe it's intuition But some things you just don't question Like in your eyes I see my future in an instant And there it goes I think I've found my best friend I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life There's just no rhyme or reason Only this sense of completion And in your eyes I see the missing pieces I'm searching for I think I've found my best friend I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life A thousand angels dance around you I am complete now that I've found you I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before
Home Today
Home today with a sick 3 yr old. He's been up all night with fever and a head ache... Poor little monkey. Its so hard to see him go through things like this. He Hates being sick but wont listen to reason when it comes to giving him advice to get better. So its a constant battle to get his meds into him. Or telling him that him screaming will make his head hurt more. Not only that but even drinking liquids is a fight. Got him to eat fruit though... Thank goodness... But I think he is having a reaction to the cantalope says his tongue hurts. Anyways thougth I would take a break from all the tears and strfie while he slept on the couch gotta get back soon I am sure... I am exhausted and only hada few hours sleep... and I myself have a head ache thats becoming more then just a head ache... Must be my muscle spasms Well I am sure I bored the hell outta yall LIke i said a day in the life of is boring LOL
This About My Son Who Is Now 30 And A Father Of 10!
John Paul I found your picture in a drawer I didn't know was there And as I looked and stared awhile I sat down in my chair. It seemed to be so long ago, I don't know where time went, but finding this picture helped remind me, you were heaven sent. The picture I see shows the world your amazement in your smile and how the world was very new, just how you were beguiled. A few short years, you learned the world was not a friendly place By the time you were a teen the smile was gone, a frown upon your face. You hated them, you hated life, your hatred swelled and grew. Before I knew just how far it went, you hated your mother too. You screamed at me, you blamed the world for all your aches and pain. And then one day you committed an act that labeled you insane. So now my son, I sit here alone, wondering what I could have done To help you see the world is good, and beautiful and fun. My hands are tied, the judgments made, your future very clear. I f
My Cherry Stash
Okay Have I been completely blonde or did babyjesus just add this feature to the profiles? I haven't noticed it before today. But anyways I put some stuff in there for everyone pleasure!
About My Oldest Daughter
Katrinia Katrinia I watch you in your self destruction helpless to take away the pain Knowing that it is a part of your growing unable to spare you the hurt. I find myself wanting to hold you To tell you it will be ok, But time only gives what is given, and you have not given at all. So you yell and you scream of unfairnes You throw things and accuse me of lies but you see it still does not matter Its a part of your growing, and mine. © Copyright 2002 Amawitch-granny witch
My Stash
My Stash My stash is growing ... Yesterday I placed original artwork that I've submitted for Kira's Art Contest. I also now put my first attempt of animation under the 'video' section. Then in a failed attempt - I've tried to put one of my original test (I created) under the 'survey' section. (I don't think that JavaScript is accepted, but if you click the name of the quiz -"Ten questions to my heart" it will link you to the test) Today I put a new video of Weird Al Yankovic "White_And_Nerdy" in the 'music' -or- 'trackz' (cant remember what that section is called) Now - to complete -or- FILL the entire 'hidden' stash section I'll place something in the 'dunno.' I'll gladly take suggestions as to what should be placed there ... *shrugs* There is also a pretty funny joke in the 'joke' section. this section along with most others should be updated (new stuff added) whenever I bump into some 'Post-worthy' stuff to stash! So, keep checking back often. With
Tuesday, Tuesday.....
Remember in the Adams' Family movie (one of them) when the kid was a turkey and he sang "eat me"? That was funny. I need more sugar.
Hello There!
I need to get some money and do a Cherry Bomb cause apparently that's the only way to get LOTS of friends and get lots of points...!! LOL Hope to talk to everyone soon! If you are reading this add me! I'll return the favor! I promise! LOL TTYL Sara
A Must To Remember
This bullentin was posted and I wanted to make sure to keep it was well said, and I think for those who wern't here in the beginning know all this, and sometimes it is forgotten now, So lets always keep Mike & the crew and what they started out and want they see for the furture of this site....Tif *Phantom* added ~ this is worth your time to read and re-post ok, this is just a few thoughts and observations, that I wanted to get down somewhere, because it was to much information to juggle in my head, and it's just something I think needs thinking about. When I first signed up at Lost Cherry there was just under 200,000 members, IIRC, because just after I signed up there was a lot of bulletins about hitting the 200,000 mark. Today, looking at the top of the page here there are 279,660 members, which is a massive jump of nearly 80,000, and yet the total number of members online, during that period, has only inched forwards, and on somedays is no more than when I first sign
Men Can Multi Task
Hey Look At This
Back To Work!
Oct 3, 2006 So Paris was insane! So we were only they’re for 48 hours, but I think we saw just about everything you could possibly cram in. Ken our producer is Mr. World Traveler, and what I like to call a complete “animal”! We no more than stepped off the metro, and we were off and running. Seriously running up steps! I do have to say thank you to Ken for treating me to such an amazing trip. I think he has made it his mission in life to inject me with culture. LOL! All jokes aside, I welcome it all. Getting “outside my comfort zone” has kinda been a theme for this album, and this place in life. I feel I will return a new me in so many ways. Have no fear…I’ve gotten a few e-mails about not losing my “small town”. No way kids. If being away and seeing all these amazing things has done anything, it has made me really appreciate home. No place I’d rather be, and you can believe that. I actually get to go home for a couple of weeks. I will get home on Friday Oct 6th, and you can bet you
To Fish Or Not To Fish - That Is The Question!
The water beckons...which is silly. It should KNOW I don't fish in the middle of the day. But if I don't get on the water soon, I'm going to go BANANAS!!! Interminable days of sitting by this phone, waiting for the ring...waiting for the school to call, AGAIN...waiting for the next interesting guy or gal to call , never enough of those...watching the paint peel off the walls. I suppose I could get on that laundry. YUCK! Or the vacuuming, for that matter. Double yuck! Come to think of it, this house could use some HELP! lmao But, the water calls to me. My retreat, my therapy, my comunion with God. Next financial goal (pray to the phone sex gods) is a fishing kayak! Then I will no longer need a safe piece of secluded, accessible shoreline. I can hit the open water to fish, or just disappear for a couple of hours. Ahhhh, sweet freedom from the world!
Are There Any
are there any ladies out there that are the type of girl like in that Lyfe Jennings song "Must be nice" cause i was dating someone and i did mess up big twice and she stayed so i decided to give everything else up but soon as i did that she left lol, so i dont understand is there ever away to make someone completely happy, is love just a word that the more you say it the more it loses its meaning? I dont know I thought I had love but it didnt get me to far aight im done just had to asked that lol.
First Meeting
First Meeting We've been chatting so long.. It's finally time to meet you. It's 7:30am and we decide that today is the day... All morning I am continually glancing at the clock. It grinds away slowly all morning, finally it's 11:00 am. I phone you and all I say is "Meet me in 10 minutes, if you aren't there ..I will start without you, don't bother knocking". As I hear you open the door my heart begins to race. I hear you calling my name as you are walking around looking to find me. I can hear your movements and now it's quiet, you must have paused, listening to hear something. I hear you begin to walk slower and quieter. The closer you get to my room allows you to hear my faint moans, but instead of coming into the room, you stop and watch thru the crack in the open door. You see me laying on my back, legs open, one hand pulling my nipple, while the other hand is helping the toy make me feel good. As I start to get into it, I begin to grind my hips, you can see the wetness gli
London Bridge
London Bridge (Oh Snap Version)By another of my ring tones
Views On Aging
George Carlin (Absolutely Brilliant) IF YOU DON'T READ THIS TO THE VERY END, YOU HAVE LOST A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. George Carlin's Views on Aging Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. "How old are you?" "I'm gonna be 16!" You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . . you become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony . YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed? You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away. Before you know it, you REACH
Music Video:KELLY CLARKSON (by Breakaway)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Grew up in a small town And when the rain would fall down I'd just stare out my window Dreaming of what could be And if I'd end up happy I would pray Trying hard to reach out But when I tried to speak out Felt like no one could hear me Wanted to belong here But something felt so wrong here So I'd pray I could break away I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky. Make a wish, take a chance, Make a change, and break away. Out of the darkness and into the sun. But I won't forget all the ones that I love. I'll take a risk, take a chance, Make a change, and break away Wanna feel the warm breeze Sleep under a palm tree Feel the rush of the ocean Get onboard a fast train Travel on a jetplane Far away And break away I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky. Make a wish,
Havin Some Fun
i'm here to make new friend's and have some online fun. for the lost cherry peep's that add me i have much love. hit up with a commet and i will do the same. MySpace Comments Graphics
This Is Fun!
so I got this invitation to this site from a friend I have known forever. So I check it out and create my own profile, and people start messaging me and shit right away!!! That is frickin awsome as hell. The site rocks and i cant wait to add more people on here that I know!! I will add more pics soon, I am not on my normal computer so I dont have any pics of myself on here. Laters Prettyface62
Southern Women
SOUTHERN WOMEN Southern women appreciate their natural assets: Clean skin. A winning smile. That unforgettable Southern drawl. Southern women know their manners: "Yes, ma'am." "Yes, sir." "Why, no, Billy!" Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions : "Y'all come back!" "Well, bless your heart." "Drop by when you can." "How's your Momma?" Southern women know their summer weather report: Humidity Humidity Humidity Southern women know their vacation spots: The beach The beach The beach Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August: Colorful hi-heel sandals Strapless sun dresses Iced sweet tea with mint Southern women know everybody's first name: Honey Darlin' Shugah Southern women know the movies that speak to their hearts: Fried Green Tomatoes Driving Miss Daisy Steel Magnolias Gone With The Wind Southern women know their religions: Baptist Methodist
The Music Plays...sensual
The Music Plays...Sensual by Bigg-G The music plays a romantic tune, softly creates the mood, We gaze into each other eyes and smile, all is right, scented candles lights the room it sets a real romantic mood.. Rose petals on the bed, satin red sheets, the feeling of satin caressing our bodies, the room smells sweet, on the table strawberries and a can of cream.. Honey on the other side of the table, makes me realize the passion and the delight she has in mind, Red wine on ice, one long stem rose placed in her hand sealed with a gentle kiss from my lips, a soft caress on my cheek, a sweet smile on her face makes me feel truly unique, I'm weak at the knees.. My passion arises as I look into her eyes the music plays, our favorite song, as she kisses my lips, I seem to want her more and more.. She feeds me, I feed her, strawberries dipped in cream, we sip the wine ~Oh how divinely~ The taste on her lips excites me, as I nibble on her bottom lip as she holds me tight, the mus
Blowing Time
Can you count on your fingers and toes, how many times you have heard to slow down and take your time??? I know I can't. Now here's the tricky question...Have you ever took the advice??? I have been taking the advice for about 3 months now, and let me tell you it is so nice. I was use to hiding behind close doors cause I was scared to find out what people were going to say about a 24 yo who is divorced with one kid and is not as skinny as she use to be. Until one day I woke up and decided to go out and get what I want. Well then I found myself going after those things a little too fast and I was getting lost in the crowd. So I started sitting back just to see if life would come to me. Now life just keeps flowing in. I have been meeting lots of interesting people. I have been going out and doing all the things I did before marriage and the kid. Except this time around I am enjoying it. I have a few great guys in my life. I have wonderfull girls. Yes, I am talking friends, you perves. I
When Is It Time For Me To Stop Writing And Get What I Want?
I have recently turned 34 yrs old and have been thinking alot about my life. I don't feel that I am as happy as I want to be in my life. So decided to make a list of things I want in my life. Pertaining to a special someone. 1. I want someone in my life that wants me. 2. I want someone who doesn't hide things. 3. I want to someone I can have mutual friends with. 4. I want to be able to go on trips with that special someone. 5. I want to hear I Love You and know its true. 6. I want to feel respected. 7. I want someone that can love and accept my kids. 8. I want to be able to wake up smiling. 9. I want to know that that someone else in my life is thinking of me once in awhile. 10. I want to be looked at and touched like a woman. 11. I want to be in the top three most important people in that special someones life. 12. I want to feel wanted instead of like a burden. 13. I want to receive flowers or phone calls once in awhile. 14. I want someone who can be honest. 15. I
Hmm... Funny
Sup all you cherry readers.. I recently, went to visit a website that I truely like!!! add well.. It truely different... It where you can play games and make posts.. But i went there today.. and saw that my accout in no long in use.. makes me sad.. They said they would never get rid of my account.. I am sad... Just dont know what to do.. If you have a comment on this.. Please add one!! Going Nuts!! Thanks for taking the time out to read this.. Jeannie
Just So You Know...
Contrary to your belief, my self-esteem is not dependant on your perception of me.
My All
I'd give my all to have Just one more night with you I'd risk my life to feel Your body next to mine 'Cause I can't go on Living in the memory of our song I'd give my all for your love tonight Do you feel the same way as I do?
All New
I am not the exhusband - I am not the girlfriend. I really have no vested interest in the situation. -- Although it's funny as hell as an outsider. So unbunch your panties -- those of you who wear em. I will officially stop observing the freak show -- it's been fun....but now I'm bored. So - you wont see me here again. Peace Out
It's All About Me
MySpace Layouts
10 Years
Okay the year is 1996, and the month is April, and the day the 11. I'm on a bus with a few other people, and I see the sign, Welcome to Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Yup that's it, now all of a sudden it's hit me, like a ton of bricks. I'm scared. Yeah I knew that I was going to be in the military, but man was I not ready for it. I was only 19 years old...and fresh out of high school, well a few months out of high school but still. Well I finish my basic training and go to tech school and finish that up. Get to my first duty station and get an eye opener, of how the real Air Force is. I meet my first supervisor, Arthur Coleman, staff sergenant type. Me being the young, A1C type was scared and kept my mouth shut alot. Well Art, took care of me for the first 8 months before he had to get out for Medical reasons. Then I get put into support and learn more stuff and get praised, that I was the only Airman on the shift working the counter and getting tool boxes out for the morning rush. I
My December
This is my December This is my time of the year This is my December This is all so clear This is my December This is my snow covered home This is my December This is me alone And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all The things I said To make you Feel like that And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all the Things I said to you And I give it all away Just to have somewhere To go to Give it all away To have someone To come home to This is my December These are my snow-covered trees This is me pretending This is all I need And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all The things I said To make you feel like that And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all the things I said to you And I give it all away Just to have Somewhere to go to Give it all
Bls Faqs
From the Mother Chapter... Hey all You Berserker's & Berserkettes!! I would like to take a moment to just to answer a few questions that I get pretty often... I know that there are some old school BLS rockers out there... along with our newest S.D.M.F.'s who may still have a few questions about ZAKK, BLS, COLORS, PATCHES, THE DOOM CREW INC, CHAPTERS... etc. That's Beyond Cool! I get FIRED UP when interest and love is shown for ZAKK & BLS... from all You S.D.M.F. Veterans who have been in the Trenches at all the shows and tours... Picked up the CD and DVD's the day they came out... Have more BLACK & WHITE (BLS) t-shirts than anything else in your closet... Stood in lines to get to meet ZAKK, CRAIG, NICK, and J.D. Beyond Forever!! Thanks for Your True Support! You All are Truly Bad Ass!! But I have just as much Passion for All you New S.D.M.F.'s who get turned on to BLS from a Friend or Family member... or You just happen to have the upmost purest taste in 100[R>Whoop
Contest Starts Tommarow Enter Now
come on ladies time is running out time to show off your cherry love
She Shoulda Been Born With Wings.
I swear, my dog thinks she can fly. She crawls up on my shoulder like a bird, and perch's herself there and jumps off. She thinks she can fly. Then she'll cuddle up in my hair lol, cause its soft, and she likes the feeling of soft things. Its cute, but rather annoying lol. -Its just too little to late, you say you dream of my face, you dont like you just like the chase- yup, pretty much =/
The Follow Up To I May Have A Job!!
Dear Cherry Readers, The following appointment to get the job was sooo interesting!! I just have to tell you what happened!! I went to my interview... Like the guy for the first interview told me right!! well... well... well. The lady I had to talk to... well.. was like I dont know who you are!! Hence here... I got Fuck over for the manger... If you are going to you app.. Online.. make sure they know you are coming in.. So.. That was my second interview right... Well I was told I will be called for a other or this will be my 3rd interview!! So now, you tell me what you think about that!! Thanks for reading... Be Safe In Cherry Land!! Jeannie
Margarita Fruit Salad
1 small cantaloupe, scooped into balls or cut into small pieces 1 small honeydew melon, scooped into balls or cut into small pieces 2 small oranges, peeled and sectioned 1 grapefruit, peeled and sectioned 1 mango, peeled and diced 2 C. strawberries, hulled and halved 1/2 C. granulated sugar 1/3 C. orange juice 6 Tb. Tequila 6 T. orange liqueur 3 T. lime juice 1 C. unsweetened coconut flakes, toasted Combine cantaloupe, melon, oranges, grapefruit, mango and strawberries and set aside. In a small saucepan heat the sugar and orange juice over medium heat. Stir for 3 minutes or until sugar dissolves. Stir in tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. Let cool. Combine with fruit. Refrigerate for at least two to four hours. Just before serving sprinkle with coconut. Serves 8 to 12.
Why Not!!!
Why not everyday, allday, of every week of every month be hump day!! Who says it should be only on Wednesdays!! Who came up with that,,who has that kind of authority! I think we should band together as horny adults and change that!!!!
Add My Friend!!!
Drewfan79 Add this sexy bitch!
What did the egg say to the boiling water? Any guesses??? Jeannie
Vote 4 # 51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx much love!!!!!!!!!!!
Gods & Goddesses
Celtic Gods & Goddesses Branwyn - Goddess of love, sexuality and the sea Bridget - Goddess of fertility, feminine creativity, martial arts and healing Cernunnos - The 'Horned God', God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and the Underworld Cerridwen - Moon Goddess, Goddess of Dark Prophecy and the Underworld Coventina - Goddess of Rivers, Abundance, Inspiration and Prophecy The Crone - One of the Triple Goddess Aspects, Goddess of Old Age, Winter and the Waning Moon Eostre - Goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Fertility and New Beginnings Epona - Horse Goddess, Goddess of Prosperity, Healing, Nurturance and Sustainence Latis - Goddess of Water and Beer Lugh - Sun God, God of War, Mastery, Magic and Good Harvest Morrigan - Goddess of War, Revenge, Night, Magic and Prophecy. Queen of Fairies and Witches The Triple Goddess - The Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once. Moon, Creator, Destroyer British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses Amaethon (Welsh) - God of Agriculture, Mas
My Nan
My Nan Current mood: confused There's a small little woman, I wish you all could know. I'll do my best to describe her, As her love I cannot show. With a heart as pure as gold, Carrying a smile upon her face. Lot's of memories she will share, Her mind you'll not erase. Her hands so soft and wrinkled, As the warmth they always show. Can you picture her right now, With your hearts so all a glow. Growing old and fragile, Her body growing weak. When you ask her a question, She will answer mild and meek. She loves her sons & daughters, Her grandchildren are her glow. She loves to see you come, But cries when you should go. She's my one and only NANNY, And oh how I love her so. So God please look out to her, Until her time to go. Eileen (AKA SWEET) April 25th, 2006
It's Truth, Baby.
Not all babies are cute. I hate to break it to you, but there is a slight chance that the fruit of your loins is one of the ugly ones. I know, to you the little monkey is adorable. But to the rest of us, he/she is just.... a monkey. And not a cute little spider monkey but rather a red-assed baboon baby who will one day kill you while you sleep. Ok, maybe not kill you. But for the love of all that is holy put that damn picture away!
Black Rose
BLACK ROSE Current mood: indescribable Category: Writing and Poetry BLACK ROSE Suddenly the world looks bleak and the fires of hell look comforting in this emotional battle that can not be saved by you The eternal hell that I live in has lasted a bit to long darkness blinds me from joy and love leavng my heart coated with stone Does life have but one path to follow, walking endlessly on a road that seems to be a one way travel into that forever darkness Turning twisting, can I get a glimpes of light to back track to, Fuck I'm stuck, no mercy, no way back nothing to help keep me sane I'd cast my eyes upon the dark with salty tears, it burns, reaching out touching brick wall surrounding me, looking up close dark crimson in color, like blood Lonely heart, mangled torn beyond repair, collisions of truth and dreams, lost what's real, reality is where.... what's right..what's wrong..... trust is it scorn Choise then given, what to think... Black Rose so rare t
If you havent notice yet... I have some funny pics... When I get to level up again! I'll add some more.. That I have hidden away!! These are going to make you laugh!!! I know, I know I show Just go and delete some but really they are too good for that.... So you will just have to wait and see!! Meanwhile back at the batcave.. You will all have been very kind with rating me and comments for me!! You all are the best and I thank you all very much!!.. Jeannie
For All Who Wernt On Last Night
i posted new pic of my shower last night go check them out
Feelings Current mood: stressed As I lay thinking on my bed, A trail of thoughts run through my head. My pillows wet from tears i cry, I only wish that I would die. My days are dark, my nights are long I wonder where my life went wrong. My life is hanging by a rope, I'm losing faith, I'm losing hope. Myself again I want to find, And leave my horrid past behind. I fight to hide my hurt and pain, But death will come to knock again. With you I share these thoughts of mine, And pray someday the sun will shine, My love for you is deep and free, For without you all where would I be. Eileen (AKA Sweet)
Now What Is Going To Happen Today!!
I just got off the phone with my bro-in-law... He is beggin me to come and babysit for him and my sister tonight.. I was thinking that my baby sister is there why cant she.. I guess there are issues and I have to be there again tomorrow!! FOR ALL DAY... so I am going to give them a hand.. OH its tuesday!! Now I know why I need to be there... Its pool league night!! I got it now!! lol.. Tell me what you think!! Jeannie P.S.. I dont get paid.. Its a 3 year old agreement... That My sister take the money she should pay me and take and spent on her kid.. Know there are 2 kids and I am double in the trouble.. What you think 3 and 1 great time great time!!! Its only tuesday nights and wednesday!!
Waz Good People
i'm new here looking for some love and some freinds hit me up mo fos :))
Note To Self!!
Leave the blogs alone wrote to many today!! End of Note to self!!! Lmao!!
A Riddle
A Riddle for the Day.......... Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one. Michael J. Fox has a small one. Madonna doesn't have one. The Pope has one but doesn't use it. Clinton uses his all the time. Bush is one Mickey Mouse has an unusual one. Liberace never used his on women. Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his. Cher claims that she took on 3. We never saw Lucy use Desi's. What is it? Answer below! (this is pretty goo d ) The answer is: "A Last Name." You didn't think I'd send you a dirty joke, did you?
Gone For ???
Hi to all my LC friends and family, I'll be going into the hospital on Wed. for a heart cath. and ???. Hope to be home by the weekend if not sooner, just depends on what need to be done. I would like to Thank everyone who has made me feel welcome and at home here on LC. I hope you all have fantastic days and nights while I'm gone. Take care and have lots of fun, remember, Don't worry be Happy. Catch ya all later. Starr
The Day You Walked In My Life
The day you came in my life i was scared to let you in at firts i was just scared to let some one love me and love some one but now that i know that your true and your not fake i can let myself love you but i dont know if i love you yet i try to tell my self that i cant love you yet but its like i cant hold it back but i know deep down inside that i cant love you untile i know that this is not all a lie untill then i rather try to get to know you better and see what makes you happy and laugh but till then youll just be my "Baby Boy" but if i cant have you as more then a friend i rather have you just as a friend but four right now i rather just think of you as ............................
Myspace Vs. Lost Cherry
10 things people hate about myspace but I could never figure out why: 10. "It's sooo slow." It's not as slow as everyone thinks...sometimes I can access myspace better than I can access lost cherry. 9. "12 photos? Please!" This limits bandwidth so that other items and things can be successfully added to profiles. Nothing wrong with that. This is the reason that lost cherry is slow, simply becuase they think they have unlimited bandwidth...they don't. Nobody does. 8. "Online (undercover) cops everywhere" How do you know they are not on here too? 7. "It is hard to access myspace sometimes" Well, that's with every site on the site is perfect. 6. "Celebs on myspace are not real" Yes, this might be true, but how do you know that certain ones actually have myspace accounts? A more accurate way to put this is "You don't know which celebs are real and which ones are fakes" 5. "People are a lot friendlier here"....(yes, I have heard this one) truth be known that peopl
Men Classes!!! Lmao!!!
WINTER CLASSES FOR MEN AT THE LEARNING CENTRE FOR ADULTS REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY Monday, June 30, 2006 NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THEIR CONTENTS, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS MAXIMUM. Class 1 How To Fill Up The Ice Cube Trays --- Step by Step, with Slide Presentation. Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM. Class 2 The Toilet Paper Roll --- Does It Change Itself? Round Table Discussion. Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours. Class 3 Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub? --- Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours. Class 4 Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Hamper and The Floor --- Pictures and Explanatory Graphics. Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks. Class 5 After Dinner Dishes --- Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Kitchen Sink?
Little Johnny Joke
Little Johnny goes to school, and the teacher says, 'Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?' Little Johnny waves his hand, 'Me, Miss Rogers, me, me!' Miss Rogers:'All right, little Johnny, what is your multi-syllable word?' Little Johnny says, 'Mas-tur-bate.' Miss Rogers smiles and says, 'Wow, little Johnny, that's a mouthful.' Little Johnny says, 'No, Miss Rogers, you're thinking of a blowjob".
My Sexual Style
You scored as Violent. You are violent. To you there is nothing better than a good spank. You like scratching and biting 'cause that's what people are for.Violent81%Hot75%Wet69%Awkward63%Exciting50%Soft31%Sweet31%Shy19%What is your sexual style?created with
Im Moving
hey evryojne sorry i have not been on line i am moving and my internet and phone wont be back on till the 9th sorry but i miss all yall talk to you again soon MUAHH!!! Julie
Thank You All
Thank you everyone who has voted for me in the 2 contests that I am currently in. You guys are really great :). If you haven't voted yet, you still can here are the links.. [ photo: 2522118046 ] If you already voted, but just want to help a girl out, tell your friends.. I don't want to send out a bunch of bulletins cause there are plenty of them already going around and I am really not trying to get on anyone's nerves.. It's just a contest. It won't kill me if I lose yanno... Thanks again everyone and I will try to get some new pics up in the next couple days.. love ya
13 Reasons To Smile!!
13 Reasons to Smile... Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants. Marriage changes passion. Suddenly you're in bed with a relative. I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on it. So I said "Implants?" She hit me. How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America ? A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Wow...that was fun!" I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place! When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping," now I just "chunky dunk." Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl - Alt - Delete' and start all over? AMEN, AMEN !! Why is
To All My Friends!! Friendship Day Is Everyday!!
Hey, If you are getting this that means only one thing.. I think of you as a friend and I care about you... This is a friend.. (I got these 2 follow pieces in a email I dont know who they are from but I hope you like them...) No man/woman is worth your tears and the only one who is, will never make you cry. If you love someone, put their name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say. If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them. "Don't frown, because you never know who's falling in love with your smile!" "If you judge people, you have no time to love them" "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." Plato It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone- but it takes a lifetime to
More Friends Stuff!!
I like you because of who you are to me...A true friend. Remember: "A good friend will come bail you out of jail.... But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying ... WE screwed up, but we had fun! " Proud to be your Friend! ? Make sure you read all the way down to the last sentence, and do not skip ahead I have learned...that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes. I have learned ....that we should be glad God does not give us everything we ask for. I have learned...that money does not buy class. I have learned...that it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular. I have learned...that under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved. I have learned...that the Lord did not do it all in one day. What makes me think I can? I have learned...that to ignore the facts does not change the facts. I have
Johhy Strikes Again!!
Little Johnny Strikes Again... A grade school teacher in Kentucky asked her students to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep; it was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate,' not fascinating." Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to see Rock City and I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate.'" Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate" so she called on him. Johnny said, "My aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight." The teacher sat down and cried.
What Flavor Martini Are You?
You Are A Margarita Martini You are a full on partier, with a good deal of sass and spunk. You're always friendly and welcoming - and very tolerant of obnoxious drunks. You should never: Drink and dance. The pictures will be everywhere the next morning! Your ideal party: Is loud, with good music and fun drinking games. Your drinking soulmates: Those with a Dirty Martini personality Your drinking rivals: Those with a Classic Martini personality What Flavor Martini Are You?
25 Signs You All Grown-up!!
You've Grown UP....GREAT! 25 SIGNS YOU HAVE GROWN UP 1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question. 3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator. 6. You watch the Weather Channel. 7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of "hook up" and "break up." 8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. 9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as "dressed up." 10. You're the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won't turn down the stereo. 11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you. 12. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore. 13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up. 14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers. 15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt. 16. You take naps. 17. Din
Shya, Right!
Oh sure. Like I'm supposed to take the medication EVERY damn day. See? The label says... oh. oops. That explains a lot.
Well Duh!
Did it ever occur to you that the reason that you are so lonely is that you buried all of your friends under your house? In retrospect, perhaps a shovel was not the best gift to give you for Christmas.
Definitely This Is Me
Powerful, magnetic and self-assured, Leo is a force to be reckoned with. While their confidence is often mistaken as arrogance,one thing a Leo won’t be accused of is not being genuine and humane. A Leo is especially suited for a position in leadership or as an entertainer because of a natural flair for the dramatic. Whatever job they choose, it should pay well in order to keep up with the Leo’s insistence on only having the finest. Leo in a Nutshell Born: July 23 - August 22 Element: Fire - active and ardent Quality: Fixed, the quality that signifies a resistance to change Symbol: The Lion Lucky Day: Sunday Lucky Numbers: 8 and 9 Special Color: Gold and yellow, the color of the Sun Leo Traits: Powerful, creative, arrogant, intolerant, warm-hearted, opinionated
Quote 1
You Can Always Close Your Eyes To Something You Don't Want To See, But You Can't Close Your Heart To The Things You Don't Want To Feel.
FRIENDSHIP May the friendship between us always be : As beautiful as the snow on the hills, As deep as the ocean so blue, As warm as the summer sun. And with everyday something new As we share a thought or smile, An idea, a book or star. No matter what the distance Be it close or very far. A friend for life I will be And this comes from the heart. By... Unknown author!!
Time to update everyone on whats been happening in my wonderful life.. Work: Work sucks.. lol.. I gotta love my job tho.. I get paid to sit there all day and basically do nothing.. there are days that im really busy, but most of the time I am bored off my ass!! But in order to pay off my bills and get that new car I am so desperatley needing, I gotta keep working.. Status: I finally have a reason to smile!! That should explain it all.. My girlfriend is amazing!! We have been together for almost 2 months now and it has been the best 2 montsh of my life.. I never thought I could meet someone as great as her.. Words cant really explain the way I feel about her.. All that matters is that we are happy together.. We had a bumby first month, but we got through it and it made us stronger then ever.. I love my girlfriend!! There really isn't much more to update you on.. My birthday is in a few months.. December 10th.. Im gonna be 23 and I expect everyone to come out and party with
My Intro
Hi I’m Warner, I thought that I would write to you so that you wouldn’t miss this opportunity to meet a great guy like me. So start reading the following info to learn more about a great guy that will make your family and friends proud that I’m in your life. Now, I thought I would try something different in the way I write to a profile to let you know that I’m interested. I want to get away from the old way of writing a simple one line sentence like ‘I’m interested in meeting you; please write me kind of stuff’. I thought How about me telling you about me, one hell of a guy. Then you can decide if I’m worth your time. Let’s start with the basic stats about me: Name: Warner Born: October 6, 1964 in Gary, Indiana (The Midwest) Grew up in Long Beach, CA Long Beach Poly High School Class 1983 Height: 6’3” Weight: 195lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Short Black Sign: Libra My best features: I’m told I have a great smile! What I like in a woman is the following: a woman that i
Read It Now...
I know many of you are upset with ang over her and I recent break up. There's no reason to be. Yeahit sucked but life goes on we're both adults. The point that I wanted to stress in this blog is actually taken from taer owikawa himself, my counterpart. "Let us not forget the hardships and heartbreak of heros for that is a great part of what being a hero is all about..." Yes it sucked I won't lie but I'm over it. It's wrong to dwell ni the past, or to dwell at all. The strong keep moving and learn from their personal experiances. I like to think that I am strong. Any of you that think otherwise can simply go fuck yourselves, friend or otherwise. Basically show your man some fucking support and let's hear one for good old TDS!!!!
Random Thoughts At 8am Of A Mind With No Cigs...
Ya'll ever feel like no matter how hard ya try things never work out? Now one person in particular may think this is aimed at them and it slightly is but only on a small scale (like 30%) the primary point I'm trying to make here is simply that I pour alot of myself into goals but they never get done. It doesn't help tha some of my goals rely souly on others get the damn idea.
How much wood did the wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could not chuck!! Or something like that!! LOL Jeannie
Peace of mind is what we seek throughout the world that never changes Believe in one deny another erasing all others certain past reveal thru that we numb from circling life with no escape like a whirlpool of depression Seeking in life a plaque from another side protraying aliens in ones eye channeling evil with such discuss no one sees striaght living in darkness is all we can intake in this world of pure hate desiree brown 5-23-05
Akon ft Eminem Smack That
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1578 To Levwl Up
thats all i need to level up
Happy Halloween
/* This LostCherry background skin complements of */ body { background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url(; } a { color:white; } table.top_header{ background-color:transparent; } td.top_left_header{ background-color:transparent; } table.top_menu{ background-color:transparent; } table.shouts{ background-color:transparent; } table.user { background-color:transparent; border:none; padding:5px; } td.user_left { text-align:center; padding-left:2em; padding-right:2em; } td.user_right { text-align:left; padding-left:2em; padding-right:2em; } td.user_center { text-align:center; padding-left:1em; padding-right:1em; } table.mylounges_small { background-color:838383; filter:al
Mysterous Name Game
Guess what my name means."Radisome" The first person who guesses it right gets a gift from me.
Am I Impulsive?
You Are 60% Impulsive You're quite impulsive, but you never are reckless. You qualify as a very spontaneous person, but you still know how to honor your commitments. And while responsibility doesn't come easy to you, having fun does! Are You Impulsive?
You Are The One
You're the one I love. Who I love when there is nothing left to say, nothing left to do, no one to say goodbye to. You're the one I love. Who I love when the sun stands high, when the sun sinks low, when the birds fly south, when they return to the north. You're the one I love. Who I love when I'm angry, when I'm confused, when I'm frustrated, when I'm failing. You're the one I love. Who I love when the world smiles and I with it, when the autumn evening blossoms, when I glimpse what's gone, when I see what's left behind. You're the one I love. Who I love when all I have, when all I know, when all I see, when all I feel is love.
Are You A Type A Personality?
You Have A Type B+ Personality You're a pro at going with the flow You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer A total joy to be around, people crave your stability. While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity. Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done You're passionate - just selective about your passions Do You Have a Type A Personality?
So i'm participating in NaNoWriMo, only I'm doing it this month b/c I bought the book and you can do it any month you want. I'm doing a scfi-fi fantasy novel, currently without a title and possibly no plot, haha. BUT! It shall rawk, just cuz I'm writing it!! LoL, j/k. I will be updating with a word count, if anyone cares, as I go. 357/50k
Hey Yall Im Leavin So Ill Cya L8tr
im going got some work 2 do so ill cya all l8tr bye peeps luv emm
If you have it add me!
Cooperisms Part 1
Some small quotes from the Colonel Cooperisms Part 1 GOOD BULLETS January 1960--"Being a blackhearted reactionary, I've always been bitter about the loss of the great .30-caliber, 180-grain, boat-tailed, open-point-expanding bullet put out by Western before WW II. On my first big hunt I used it exclusively, and took moose, white goat, caribou and a 39x16-inch bighorn with exactly four shots." SILHOUETTES October 1960--"I have heard it proposed that we should never shoot at a silhouette, the idea of shooting at a man being too horrible to contemplate. Well now, are we suddenly unaware that there is such a thing as combat, or are we just trying to pretend that there isn't? This is a curious, latter-day parallel to the Victorian attitude about sex." SPEED ON THE DRAW April 1961--"All good combat shots are fast. Some are very fast indeed. But there is no point in asking whether they are faster or slower than a 'fast-draw' specialist. More pertinent is what the latter can hi
Cooperisms Pt.2
Cooperisms Pt.2 "TERRORISM" May 2002 - So it appears that the "home of the brave" includes citizens who may be intimidated by the presence of a plastic knife! One may only be terrorized if he allows himself to be. "Terror" is a bad word and should be abandoned. Apparently, we are living in an age when word usage may be dictated by the timid, the cowardly and the dishonorable. Let us turn that around and set up proper English usage to suit people who are worthy of it. Just as you cannot be enslaved against your will, you cannot be terrorized against your will. We inherit a noble tradition. Let us now resolve to live up to it! FRIENDLY FIRE December 2002 - This talk of " friendly fire" is interesting. Having some personal experience in these matters, I can attest that in a major battle it is next to impossible to determine whence gunfire is coming. The single most colorful instance that comes to mind in my own case involved the destruction of an LCI (Landing Craft, Infantry) that
Common Sense
Obituary of the late Mr. Common Sense Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; Why the early bird gets the worm; Life isn't always fair; and Maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6 -year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers
I put a voice comment thing on my page so you should leave me one. Anyway that lil shit pissed all over tonight lol. Ive changed my shirt 3 times. And i ended up hurting my wrist, badly, i think its like injured or something cause when i move it, it like is purple and dont like to move. Oops. Stupid wall lmao. Ugh what was i doing?
Cyber Sex
Rules for cyber sex...(it's a joke, people) 1. Before becoming involved in any kind of cybersex please make sure your spouse, boyfriend, kids, etc., are out of the room at the time (preferably out of the house, and not during a major holiday when your in-laws are also present, or at a time when all your relatives are inattendance). It really gets difficult explaining what you are doing undressing in front of the computer, drooling out of one corner of your mouth, moaning and groaning while the buzz of various "toys" can heard. 2. For men, before you begin, please check that your modem protector is on, along with the splash guard for your keyboard. It will stop the future embarrassment of telling the computer technician that your keys are "stuck" and you have no idea why. 3. For women, no matter what you are truly wearing, such as, sweat pants, sweat shirt, torn bathrobe, slippers, t-shirt with stains on the front, bloomer underwear that could cover a car or
Don't Mess With Little Old Ladies!
An older lady gets pulled over for speeding.... Older Woman: Is there a problem, Officer? Officer: Ma'am, you were speeding. Older Woman: Oh, I see. Officer: Can I see your license please? Older Woman: I'd give it to you but I don't have one. Officer: Don't have one? Older Woman: Lost it, 4 years ago for drunk driving. Officer: I see...Can I see your vehicle registration papers please. Older Woman: I can't do that. Officer: Why not? Older Woman: I stole this car. Officer: Stole it? Older Woman: Yes, and I killed and hacked up the owner. Officer: You what? Older Woman: His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk if you want to see The Officer looks at the woman and slowly backs away to his car and calls for back up. Within minutes 5 police cars circle the car. A senior officer slowly approaches the car, clasping his half drawn gun. Officer 2: Ma'am, could you step out of your vehicle please! The woman steps out of her vehicle. Older woman: Is there
The Goodbye Letter
A father passing by his son's bedroom, was astonished to see the bed was nicely made, and everything was picked up. Then, he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow. It was addressed, "Dad." With the worst premonition, he opened the envelope and read the letter, with trembling hands. "Dear Dad, It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend, because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mom and you. I've been finding real passion with Stacy, and she is so nice, but I knew you would not approve of her, because of all her piercings, tattoos, her tight Motorcycle clothes, and because she is so much older than I am. But it's not only the passion... Dad she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods, and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn't, really hur
Things Found Only In America
Things Found Only in America 1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in people order popcorn, nachos, and a diet Coke at the movies. 5. Only in banks leave both doors to the vault open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. 7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. 9. Only in Ame
Snappy Comebacks
Snappy Comebacks Snappy Comeback #1 A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket, and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket, not your stub." Snappy Comeback #2 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead." Snappy Comeback #3 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could." When the cop finally stopped laughing, he sent the kid on his way without a ticket. Snappy Comeback #4 A truck driver was driving along on the freeway. A sign comes up that reads "Low Bridge Ahead." Before he knows it the bridg
Pay Attention
First-year students at Texas A&M's Vet School were receiving their first anatomy class, with a real dead cow. They all gathered around the surgery table with the body covered with a white sheet. The professor started the class by telling them, "In vet medicine it is necessary to have two important qualities as a doctor: The first is that you not be disgusted by anything involving the animal body. For an example, the Professor pulled back the sheet, stuck his finger in the butt of the dead cow, withdrew it and stuck it in his mouth. "Go ahead and do the same thing," he told his students . The students freaked out, hesitated for several minutes. But eventually took turns sticking a finger in the anal opening of the dead cow and sucking on it. When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them and told them "The second most important quality is observation. I stuck in my middle finger and sucked on my index finger. Now learn to pay attention."
Chorizo Con Papas
1/2 lb. chorizo 6 T. corn oil 1 large potato diced 1 medium onion diced 1 sweet pepper diced 2 - 3 jalapeňo, diced 2 tomatoes chopped 6 eggs beaten flour tortillas picante sauce Remove casings from sausage. Brown in a skillet, crumbling it as it cooks. Remove from pan and drain. Heat oil in skillet. Add diced potato, onion, sweet pepper, jalapeňo, and tomatoes. Cook until tender. Add sausage and eggs. Cook until eggs are set. Serve with warm flour tortillas and picante sauce.
A Bucket Of Money
One fine evening a man walked into a fast-food chicken place and bought a nine-piece bucket of chicken. He took his chicken to the park for a romantic picnic under the moonlight with his lady. Upon reaching into the bucket, however, he received a surprise. Instead of chicken he discovered what was apparently the restaurant's night deposit--nine thousand dollars. The young man brought the bucket back to the store and asked for his chicken in exchange for the money. The manager, in awe of the young man's honesty, asked for his name and told him he wanted to call the newspaper and the local news station to do a story on him. He would become a local hero, an example of honesty and morality that would inspire others! The hungry man shrugged it off. "My date's waiting. I just want my chicken." The manager's renewed amazement over the young man's humility almost overwhelmed him. He begged to be allowed to tell the story on the news. At this the honest man became angry with the manager and d
My Penis
Is bigger then yours.
A Bad Day
You Know It Will Be a Bad Day When Your horn sticks on the freeway behind 32 Hell's Angels. The worst player on the golf course wants to play you for money. You call suicide prevention and they put you on hold. You get to work and find a "60 Minutes" news team waiting in your office. Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles. You turn on the evening news and they are showing emergency routes out of the city. Your twin sister forgets your birthday. Your 4-year-old tells you that it's almost impossible to flush a grapefruit down the toilet. You realize that you just sprayed spot remover under your arms instead of deodorant. You discover that your 12-year-old's idea of humor is putting crazy glue in your Preparation H. You have to sit down to brush your teeth in the morning. You start to put up the clothes you wore home from the party last night....... and there aren't any. It costs more to fill up your car than it did t
Woman's Poem & Man's Poem
WOMAN'S POEM... Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep. One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long. One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer To "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. MAN'S POEM... I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a liquor store and a golf course. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a __it.
Well Dammit
Well dammit i still owe $400.00 on my rent and i have not a fucking idea how im going to pay it, my phone should be getting cut off cause i cant pay that either, all this shit happened since i got fired from my job, I was a secretary at a printing co. for 15 years and the whole time i worked there i got sexually harrassed by 3 different guys. Oh well i just had to vent thanks for reading! :-) So i'm not sure how much longer i will be on here, since i can't pay for my phone bill!!!
isnt mark foley in jail?????????????????
It's Just A Plant!
I have been doing some reading LOL check this out. MYTH: MARIJUANA'S HARMS HAVE BEEN PROVED SCIENTIFICALLY. In the 1960s and 1970s, many people believed that marijuana was harmless. Today we know that marijuana is much more dangerous than previously believed. FACT: In 1972, after reviewing the scientific evidence, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse concluded that while marijuana was not entirely safe, its dangers had been grossly overstated. Since then, researchers have conducted thousands of studies of humans, animals, and cell cultures. None reveal any findings dramatically different from those described by the National Commission in 1972. In 1995, based on thirty years of scientific research editors of the British medical journal Lancet concluded that "the smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health." MYTH: MARIJUANA IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Long term marijuana users experience physical dependence and withdrawal, and often need professional dr
What Flavor Pocky Are You?
You Are Milk Pocky Your attitude: caring and charming Smooth and silkly... invigorating and natural. You are like comfort food for the soul. What Flavor Pocky Are You?
What Christmas Tree Are You?
You Are a Traditional Christmas Tree For a good Christmas, you don't have to re-invent the wheel. You already have traditions, foods, and special things you bring out every year. What Christmas Tree Are You?
What Horor Killer Are You
You scored as Leatherface. You are Leatherface. You arent so much evil, as you are doing what it takes to live. You just go along with what the family says, and kill to keep that belly full. Though you may not do it just for fun, you do have serious mental issues, and anyone who happens to bump into you, is sure to live the rest of their life in therapy, that is if they live at all. Leatherface95%Hannibal Lecter95%Michael Myers80%Jigsaw80%Pinhead70%Captain Spaulding60%Freddy Krueger60%Jason Voorhees60%Candyman55%Buffalo Bill50%
Why Do People Play Games???
i just dint get it frist people say they love you then they say that your the one then they fuck you and dump you! and it sounds funny and you would laugh at the person that it happened to. but if that person was you!! you would say how could this happen to me we were happy. but happy just isn't enough!!! ~~ you have to earn and work hard for you relationship tp work!!! ~~~ and thats all i have to say!!!
So Ive Decided That I Hate Doctors
so sunday morning was my knee surgery and so sunday morning i got up and got ready and went to the hospital and i was there for like an hour and then my doctor came and got me and told me to sit in his office and he went over some stuff and i had to fill somethings out and then i was getting ready for my surgery getting changed and i start to cry cause i dont like surgery and then this hott doctor comes in and sat me down and told me everything that was going to happen in the surgery and then drew on my knee where they were going to cut and everything and then he asked if i was ready and i said for you anytime baby and he said alright lets go and i said alright and we did our thing jaykay but then he wheeled me away to my nightmare and then i woke up to about the whole damn hospital crowded around me and then i was in the recovery room and that oh so very hott doctor came back and said everything in the surgery went well and that the healing process should go fine and nice and easy and
it is really something to think we actually may know someone.. but honestly do we ever really? everyone has secrets they will never tell.. see even as blunt and honest as i am, i still have things i hide. and as much as a bitch that i am i still have a hard time not helping others i get taken advantage of and i shouldn't. as a mother i find i have taken quite well to nurturing and it makes me wanna help others, but at the same time i am leary to being hurt so i hide away. now some people have good honest hearts, and others have only cruel intent, how do we tell them apart? see i believe observation is the key, when you watch the people talk and act you can pick up little cues and instead of telling yourself it isn't true, believe your head not your heart. i too have done things i am not proud of, but the difference is i learned from it and choose not to do it again.
That Special Someone...
With you in my arms I lay in this bed, With nothing but your beauty to fill my head I don't wanna sleep, Cause dreams aren't enough To ease my mind, I need your touch How do I explain what your presence does to me I forget about the pain I forget about the bleed I forget about the things that make my life hell I block out everything I hate about myself It's comforting to know that your there If your ever in trouble I'll be right here As you lay motionless right by my side I slowly drift away holding you tight I love the way that you move on the floor I love how you wish every night on a star I admire the way that you think of me first I think it's cute that you don't like to curse When you kiss me It drives me insane With one look in your eyes I forget my name The curves of your body make me feel blessed You always give me a hug when I'm feeling stressed Your not what I wanted, your so much more How was I so blind not to see you before Now that your here
Haha Me And James Broke Up!!
YIPPY i'm finally free to do what i wanna do and james broke up .....some shit that i never even said was told to him so he dumped me but its pittiful when he can say shit about my father and everyone but can turn around and act like he didn't say shit and bum a ride off of them lame is that ...i'm not gonna go into detail of why we broke up but the one thing was because he thought i was cheating on him with someone just because i danced with one guy at the bar and he's the one that told me to dance with the guy ...but who gives a shit anywayz ... i now have a date for this weekend and he actually seems like a really great guy and everyone says "anyone's better than james" which is sooo true ...oh btw did everyone hear that i'm a whore? lmao ....he actually posted a bulletin about it immature ...yeh just because i danced with a guy at the bar who he told me to dance with now i'm a whore ...i haven't even said two words to him and he has the nerve to post all kinds o
Listen, sister You should wear a smile Jump for joy just like a child 'Cause big fat mamas are back in style Listen, brother It's all over that dial Hear that crowd, they're going wild 'Cause big fat mamas are back in style You need a big fat mama And boys you can't go wrong A big fat mama To rule your home sweet home Listen, mama You gotta keep that double chin 'Cause the big fat mamas and the little fat mamas Are back in style again
Dont regret anything that ever made you smile, and you know what i dont. :) < 3
What Tarot Are You?
You Are The Emperor You are an authority figure, and other people look to you for what to do. You are strong and powerful. Crossing you is not a good idea. You have worked hard to get to your position, and you're not about to give it up to anyone. Though you have a warrior heart, you are gentle to those who treat you well. Your fortune: In the near future, you need to be willing and able to defend those you love. This may be the time for you to step up and be the authority figure to those around you. It is time for you to be independent, to become your own person. You may need to look at your relationship with your father, or your relationships as a father. What Tarot Card Are You?
So They Say
It started out good. I had lots of attention on here and I got an offer for an online job from an agriculture company in Canada. I was feeling pretty good until my ex came by and showed his true colors. After I left and tried to give it some space I got a message from him with his list of excuses for his bad behavior. I just told him to come and get his business shit out of the house and do his own bookkeeping. I am done being disrepected by him over his crap. Then my AA sponsor told me she was done working with me, because I don't have a good enough program to be any ones sponsor. Then school called and told me that my son was disruptive all day and had to come home early. Oh, and he is suspended from school tomorrow. Can it get any worse? Yes! I go to an AA meeting and my ex's girlfriend is there. It is all I can do to keep from saying fuck it! I have been sober for almost 7 years and I am having a hard time dealing with life. Makes me wonder why I ever got sober. I have been at war
A Saying Redone
"i think therefore i am" "i am, therefore i am emo" :P hope you enojyed that thought process from my brain in the shower lmao ~ace~
I Can Feel It
i can feel it up my spine i love it when you make me whine its been awhile since we dont this baby lets just reminess come on baby give me a kiss in this life we have bliss underneath the convers is where ill be how about you come and join me?
I Need 3000 Points To Level
whos gona whore me out lol
men r such fuckin losers im so done im sick of being treated like shit for no fuckin reason allie ilu lets get married!!!
-rev. Casper Aka Brother Casper-jude Aka
Family Values 1. A Juggalo does not Hate/ Discriminate 2. A Juggalo does not steal from his/her Family 3. A Juggalo does not covet his/her ninjas significant other 4. A Juggalo keeps his/her Drama in hand, but out of sight. 5. A Juggalo avoids Cliques and keeps his/her Family whole 6. To a Juggalo Everyone is Equal 7. A Juggalo does not initiate Religous Battles fore that leads to Hating 8. A Juggalo should always try to have fun 9. When a Juggalo has Beef with another ninja he/she keeps it between them and doesn't involve the rest of his/her Family 10. A Juggalo doesn't have to Lie to be Down. 11. Above all a Ninja is proud to be a Juggalo A message to all Juggalettes-- You're a juggalette, and all juggalettes are fuckin matter what anyone says. In my eyes, as it is or should be in every "True" Juggalos eyes, all Juggalettes are fuckin beautiful and they should be told this every fuckin day for the rest of their lives. Even if t
I Am Extremely Pissed Off
UGH...Why do i bother wasting my time on stupid shit!?!...It always gets messed up somehow..FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK..I AM SOOO IRRITATED RIGHT NOW!!!!!..>EVer just feel like you want to beat the shit out of something..Like tear it to shit?..Well thats how i am :)...yup!!..FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Im going to get a beer Thats All -Ash
How Embarrasing
Well, another stupid lesson learned. I let down my guard a little, and felt very foolish for doing so! At least I got my goodies, in the process. Silver lining, I suppose. Back to business, and try to keep the personal off the table, damnit. If you want to talk to me, voice to voice, the call buttons are on my page, and they tell you if I'm accepting calls. If you want to chat,drop me a line and we can hook up in my lounge. I WILL NOT give you my IM screen names or my phone number. I will NOT cam with you. I know most of you are good people with the best of intentions. It's the cheap ass wankers who spoil things for everyone.
Tattoo Contest
The taste of dew that sits pressing against the picturesque Daffodils The caress of the emerald blades that stroke my toes The early warmth of the sun that shines upon my face stroking ever- so gently in solace. Passion of the flames that spark and bounce within mid air. The striking of water that thrushes against the stone Anchored in time and weathered to perfection. Hues of pink and orange smear the heaven’s above. The sensual sunset that disappears below the waters deep. A canvas painted of gold, burgundy, coffee and citrus A crisp, yet gentle emotion of the wind upon my cheek. The first frost grazing upon the ground... like ice crystals spread amongst the trail. The stride of a deer flowing within the depths of a forest. The white outlines of snow that rest upon the branches of bare Birch trees. The bitter taste of frigid air pierces my lips as I inhale. Diamonds glitter upon the new fallen white that envelops the ground. The steam that escape
The Measure Of A Man
Dad is a tough man. He's not the kind of guy you think of when you think of a 'teddy bear' kind of guy. He's loveing and kind in his own way. We may have been on the lower side of middle class, but we had food to eat and clothes to wear. He taught me to be who I am. The kind of person who I am is becuase he taught me that others are more important than oneself and it's never enough to simply be alive you have to life. Take joy in the small things and live for more. Live the life you want to live and not live for others. Granted that last part has been a tough lesson learned. My dad is the strongest man I know. He's not afraid to die...he's faced it before. Then his country turned thier back on him. They spit at him and slapped his face. Thatis not how we remeber veterans. Vetrans made this land ours to live in. Vetrans are the reason we are free. So who do we think we are to sit back and say that they are fighting in vain. If you don'tlike the war fine be mad. But NEVER turn your back
Sunday School Joke
A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" Annie replied, "Because people are sleeping."
My Past
I can honestly say that my least favorite summer was the one I spent with leprosy. Please, don't let your friends get leprosy.
Just So You Know....
I would gladly trade the lot of you for a Klondike bar. And I'm not just talking about the ones among you who smell funny or fall over all the time. I mean every single one of you. Unless you are involved in the manufacture and/or distribution of Klondike bars. Those folks are fine by me.
All Done!!
I am all done and I am back from babysiting it was great... It was great!! Well you like all the blog today!! Jeannie
I Got A Headache, Uggh!
Hey. I have sucha bad headache,I wanna die. lOl. On a good note I may have a job. We shall see, that means less internet time :{ I need a new cellie like whoa- me and the boy decided to shut off the land line and I want a cellie, I miss having a sidekick but the new one is wayyyyy to expensive and I cannot seem to find a cheap one, I stupidly sold my old [broken] one for 5 dollars, I could have sent it to get fixed... If I am lucky I can convince Ant to get me one though, lOl.
Survey About Me!!!!
1. time: 4:21 PM 2. Name: Anthony 3. Nickname(if any): Marvelous Me!!! 4. If you were a skittle what color would you be?: Green you know what they say about green candy 5. Shoe size: 11 1/2 6. Zodiac: Taurus 7. Hair color: Dark brown 8. Eye color: Puppy Dog Blue 9. Height: 6'3 10. Favorite Color(s): Green & Purple 11. Glasses, contacts or neither: glasses 12. Braces?: nope 13. Piercing/tattoos?: No piercings/ 5 tattoos 14.Birth Place: Sanford, NC 15. Area code: 919 16. Sibling(s) name(s): Tracy ******HAVE YOU EVER****** 17. Cut your own hair?: yeah 18. Did something in the past month that you regret?: nope 19. Have u ever met someone u were not supposed to?: Yes 20. Kissed someone who isn't ur b/f g/f?: yeah 21. Skipped school?: Yes 22. Bungee jumped?: Nope 23. Kissed someone of the same sex not related to you?: Nope 24. Kiss more than two people in one day?: Yes 27. TP'd someone's house?: Yes 28. Won something
New Features On My Glitter Site!
I added some new pages for you to check out on my glitter site. There's now a name request page and FINALLY got my newsletter goin so if you like my stuff you can sign up for that to get notified whenever I post new stuff on there! *kisses* ♥PenisFlytrap♥ ^^Click It^^
Staring With Deep Eyes
*staring with deep eyes* I FUCKING HATE YOU Fuck your body Fuck your soul Fuck your emotions Fuck the way you think Fuck how you can never be there for me Fuck the way you always fuck everything up good in your life Fuck how you let everyone take advantage of you Fuck how you never stand up for yourself Fuck how you are always sick Fuck you because you can’t take care of yourself Fuck you because you can’t be there for the ones who matter Fuck you because you can’t be there for yourself Fuck you because you are alone Fuck you because you don’t let anyone help you Fuck how you can’t open up Fuck how you don’t love yourself Fuck how you are so useless in life Fuck your heart Fuck your mind *turning away from the mirror* Fuck you for being me…
Be Sure To Read This. Scary
This is lengthy, but you will want to read all of it. FOR BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS TO READ - VERY IMPORTANT! THE WAR Please take the time to read the attached essay by Dr. Chong. It is without a doubt the most articulate and convincing writing I have read regarding the War in Iraq. If you have any doubts, please open your mind to his essay and give a fair evaluation. I had no idea who Dr. Chong is or the source of these thoughts... so when I received them, I almost deleted them - as well-written as they are. But then I did a "Google search" on the Doctor and found him to be a retired Air Force Surgeon of all things and past Commander of Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. So he is real, is connected to Veterans affairs in California,and these are his thoughts. They are worth reading and thinking about! (the same Google search will direct you to some of his other thought-provoking writings.) Subject: Muslims, terrorist and the USA.
My Life
my life Current mood: confused Category: Life This is my life as is each day that goes by i feel alone my heart ands soul hurt with every beat that it make and it not for a person or some one special really i don't know i sit in my little world and i see every one that i know happy my friends with their lover or wives or girlfriends and i see my parents together and it hurts that i can't find some one for me i have once found some one but they left me for some one else and all my ex girlfriends that i loved and i am sorry that i hurt them and the world still goes on when i am sit alone in stillness so please if you feel like this just re-post or leave a comment
i am sooo horny!
Zee Shugar.... She Goez To My Brrrain!
I can't remember a time I did NOT feel like a nut. And no I do not mean "testicle". Crimeny, you people have issues.
Fuckin Hell
*note: this is NOT about Robbieyumyum and Samismile* question: when did it become a problem for two people to be happy together and their friends not be ok with that?! OMFG i hate people that try to interfere with people being happy together by means of their own immaturity leading to drama!!!!!!!!! immaturity and stupidity should be felonies and should be punishable by death. anyone who has had to deal with any kind of high school bullshit drama knows what i mean and should agree with me. I JUST WANT TO FUCKING KILL SOME PEOPLE IF IT WOULD END THE DRAMA AND THE STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the FUCKING end
Neighborhood Hazard (or: "why The Cops Won't Patrol Brice Street Anymore.")
I always knew there was something sinister about squirrels... I never dreamed slowly cruising on my motorcycle through a residential neighborhood could be so incredibly dangerous! Little did I suspect ... I was on Brice Street - a very nice neighborhood with perfect lawns and slow traffic. As I passed an oncoming car, a brown furry missile shot out from under it and tumbled to a stop immediately in front of me. It was a squirrel, and must have been trying to run across the road when it encountered the car. I really was not going very fast, but there was no time to brake or avoid it - it was that close. Now I hate to run over animals, and I really hate it on a motorcycle, but a squirrel should pose no danger to me. I barely had time to brace for the impact. Animal lovers, never fear. Squirrels, I discovered, can take care of themselves! Inches before impact, the squirrel flipped to his feet. He was standing on his hind legs and facing my oncoming Valkyrie with steadfast re
Know What I'm Sayin', G?
Sometimes all you can say is, "You Honor, in my own defense I have to admit that I don't even know how to light a match. There is now way I could have set that fire. As for the poodle... well we all hate poodles. Certainly that wasn't a crime."
From A Distance
Your voice echoes through my head and haunts me with every breath. The longing for your touch has consumbed my life. Here I sit and wait for the day when all of my dreams can become reality, when we can slowly rock back and forth in each others arms to a tune that is playing only in our hearts and minds. The distance between is the only enemy that we share, the great divide. From miles and miles apart I sit and wait. waiting for your reality to become mine. So From a distance I adore, From a distance I long, and from a distance I wait. although there is a great divide,, from a distance my heart is yours, and that is how it shall remain.. When the time comes, the the hurt ... the pain... the longing for your touch, will be the things that I will be able to keep far away from us.... in the far distance. And the Distance will be no more.
Medical Class
A medical school professor was giving a lecture on involuntary muscular contractions. Realizing this was not the most riveting subject, he decided to lighten the mood a bit. Pointing to a woman in the first row he said, "What do you think your asshole is doing when you are having an orgasm?" Without blinking an eye she replied, "Golfing with his buddies."
The Downfall Of Goverment And People
with news and goverment acting like a bunch of fools there is no wounder that the rest of the world looks at america as a alien planet. when they interviewed Mr. clinton and he gave two replays, an agressive response and one that gave the inverviewer the response he was looking for. and what did the media show the people? thats right. the agressive clinton. why? to me it seems that instead of the facts. people are more into ratings and shock value. and while all this is going on its used like a smoke screen to hide the fact that the people have no control about what happends. if i am not mistaken goverment. is the voice of the people. where did that go. people have become numb to all that is happening. i really hope one day that our goverment does start hearing what the poeple have to say. and the people knowing that there are other places out there and we are not the center of the world. or maybe its just me. well i just had to get this off my chest. laters : nexus
Bored Today
I don't know why i am doing this, i just am.
My Obit...
'What will your obituary say?' at
My Tears
Typing thru my blurred tears I just feel empty. I just hung up with my baby and tonight for some reason it's making me feel hollow and lonelier than ever. Sometimes I just feel like my heart could break in two when we have to say goodbye. Whoever came up with the saying "Love hurts" sure must have felt what I am feeling right now because my heart is breaking knowing I have to wait to be with him.......... to touch him....... to finally be able to hold him. Why does life have to be so damn complicated? I know I need to live alone for a while to get my life and my mind back together, but how am I truly supposed to handle that knowing we have to wait to be together? I know I have to make it thru, though it isn't going to be easy, but I would wait forever for him if that's what it takes. I can not even imagine being with anyone else ever again. He's where I have belonged all along. Why couldn't we have met years ago so that we could have had more of our life to share? Maybe we bot
Lonesome And I (with A Small Thought Posted With It)
I wrote this poem from my heart. I miss my best friend and all our time together. I know he is still around and all I can do is just pray that one day we will be back to where we first started. Till that day comes, I will cherish my best friend and thank whoever I have to for bringing him to me! If he reads this I hope he knows that NO ONE could ever ask for a better person to be in their life. He has been my rock without even having to be here. I feel alone whenever I don't hear from him for awhile or see him and all I can do is hope he doesn't dismay because of that. But like I said from the start, this poem comes from what I am feeling in my heart. I hope you enjoy this poem. Lonesome and I somehow we get by There is always so much to do We work in the yard and sometimes on the car And sometimes we wash it too Lonesome and I somehow we get by Even though we have the blues People walk by and we force a smile We manage to hide our missing you We piddle around the house
You Are The Hanging Man You represent the seeking of enlightenment and spiritual clarity. You tend to confuse others, but your oddities seem deeply satisfying. Self sacrifice is easy for you, especially if it makes you a better person in the end. You are the type of person who is very in touch with your soul and inner spirit. Your fortune: Right now is a good time for reflection and meditation. You should stop resisting the problems in your life, and let yourself be vulnerable to them. You may need to sacrifice something important to you to move ahead in your life. Accept your destiny with courage, and learn to let go of what you think you need. What Tarot Card Are You?
Word Of The Day = Fascinate
A grade school teacher in Philly asked her students to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep. It was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate, not fascinating". Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to see Brick City and I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate." Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate", so she called on him. Johnny said, "My aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight."
People Make Me Sick.
I'm so sick of all the nasty skanks on here looking for cock. But I am especially sick of the whores who say plain as day on they're page "I'm engaged to / taken by a really great guy" and then procede to show their shit in their pictures. IF YOU LOVED THAT MAN YOU'D SAVE THOSE FOR HIM AND ONLY HIM HONEY. Don't get me wrong, swingers are awesome, but the girls/women/whore-bags who say they are taken and tell everyone not to even try and then put up picures of their tits/asses/twats are just disgusting attention craving sluts. Face it girls, men want LADIES on the streets and freaks in the sheets not the other way around. Keep your clothes on. (No offense to any of my lovely swinger friends, this isn't for you.) Feel free to repost.
Gummie Bears ..jeesh
Gummy Bears You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute. What Kind of Candy Are You?
Message To Phil The Dog
Posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door - nose height. Dear Phil the Dog, The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate of food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I fall faster than you can run. I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort. Dogs can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking your tail straight out and having your tongue hanging out the other end to maximize space is nothing
I'm A Magician....
You Are The Magician You are powerful and wise - beyond what anyone can see. Deeply complex, you have the resources to connect to the spiritual and material world. You posses the knowledge to manipulate your life and the lives around you. You also have a great healing power, should you choose to use it. Your fortune: You have unhidden powers that you have yet to tap into. Soon, you will better understand how to use your intellect and intuition. Believe it or now, you will discover how you can manipulate yourself and others for good. You are at the beginning of a path of spiritual enlightenment. What Tarot Card Are You?
Night Time.
As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. In a jar. Under the bed or hidden in the closet.
Why I Am The Black Widow.
Ok men, this one is for you guys. Don't flip attitude to women, because there are a few women that won't put up with the shit. Like me for one. There's a reason why I am getting a divorce, and there is a reason why it takes A REAL MAN to be with me and not a punk. So figure what catagory you are in then talk to me....
Bored To Tears
life this past week has been dull beyong dull. And for some strange reason i just got an urge to watch the labryinth... hmmmm Anyway. I havent seen my boyfriend all week... i'm seriously going insane without him. I miss the warmth of his touch and how much i smile when he is near me. I know i write about him alot on here... but i cant really write about it any where else. Alot of my friends get annoyed with people talking about relationships because they arent in one... I really do need him. I call him any free chance i get. I have trouble at night sleeping without him by my side. I get to see him tomarrow. I may even leave class early to drive over there and jump on him. Well no i wont do that, he fell off his ATV and is in a neck brace.... but i cannot wait to kiss him again!!! But after tomarrow... i dont think i will see him untill tuesday u_u -cries- i hate work...
Good Night!! Lc!!
Well I am off to get them much needed Z's.. I have yet another long day a head of me tomorrow!! Looking forward to my cousins wedding this weekend!! I may just stop in and tomorrow.. With all that I have to do tomorrow.. No PROMISES!! I will say I will try!! They are soo cute I cant wait!!... I have met lots of great people and have helped some of them level!! So my day here on LC.. Is done!! Thanks to all you LC!! Please be safe!! Out here In Lost Cherry Land!! Jeannie *hugs all keep'em near and dear*
Ok Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrr
I WILL NOT POST ANY PICS OF ME IN MY MARINE'S UNIFORM SO STOP FUCKING ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lost Items On Site
Hey, can anybody tell me why my friends list and my gifts lists are no longer on my site? There were comments in my shoutbox that are now gone as well, but maybe they only stay posted for a little while? please would somebody take time to help me figure out what's going on here ?Thanks in advance. Velvet Vamp
'natural Vs.traditional'
Hey Did you know 3%hydrogen peroxide can cure the common cold??drop some in each ear leave it in for a few minutes till it bubbles then drain this will 'nip it at the bud' if your feeling a cold come on try it...not to mention it will also clear your ear wax...just one natural remedy heres more....i personally am not a big fan of traditional medicine i think its all just a money making industry..not really a cure for fuk all...u have to go straight to the source of the problem and thats where alternative comes in..big big believer of the alternate way!!if u share the same views then youll like this to it and bookmark it for future reference
Holding On To My Last Breath
(another older one) Here wer are together by all odds standing soo close it scares me you say were here as just friends leaving me to wonder what was meant by that its all just a dream though your not here with me at all your really soo far from me i lay all alone in my bed soo warm yet soo cold broken like an angel choking on pain & lonelyness feeling like i'm holding on to my last breath so come and save me from this feeling for only you can save me but sumhow i know you'll only leave me to die this slow death maybe in a different life you'll dave me but not in this life scraeming i love you as i die thats how i am going to die screaming your name & that I Love You
It's Carolines *25th* Birthday Today !!
Caroline@ LostCherry Happy Birthday Caroline!!! Its Caroline's 25th birthday today...please go show her some cherry love! Thank you all in advance! Much love, Mette Want one? Go to
Let's See If We Can Get All Lost Cherry On Here !!
PLEASE REPOST Buddies Around the World - Create your own map. Click here! *********** ok..I'm the little dot in Kansas :p Mr Rush ***********
Help Her Please
Please help her level up!! She means soo much to me!!! Here is my sister!! Froggie_kaye froggie_kaye@ LostCherry Thanks for the support!! Jeannie
Hi Every One
hope u all had a good night
wish every one a happy day today and all the happyness in the wrold
Death... why does it seem so easy? It could solve all your problems... but many say it would create more for others, but would it really? Maybe it would be solving thier problems too.. they would no longer have to deal with you, one less person they know and that they have to pretend they care for. Death... Maybe it is the answer to everything?
How Spicy Are You
Your Spicy Score: Medium You are hot enough to make a lasting impression, but you strike a balance. You know when you're being too fiery, and you also know when to bump up the temperature. Naughty and clever. Sexy yet down to earth. You know how to work both sides of your personality. Men find you hot yet approachable - the perfect combination! How Spicy Are You?
I hate posting blogs when hardly noone comments on them. So lonely..such a waste of my time. LOL
The Secret Behind The Number 11
Weird stuff! I've seen some of this, but not all, especially the last part. And yes I tried the last thing as suggested. This is actually really freaky!! (mainly the end part, but read it all first) 1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters. 3) Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993) has 11 letters. 4) George W Bush has 11 letters. This could be a mere coincidence, but this gets more interesting: 1) New York is the 11th state. 2) The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11. 3) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11 4) Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers. 6+5 = 11 5) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known. 9 + 1+ 1 =11 6) The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911 9 + 1 + 1 = 11 Sheer coincidence..?! Read on and make up your own mind: 1) The total number of victims
Irish Priest In Texas
Father O'Malley rose from his bed. It was a fine spring day in his new Texas mission parish. He walked to the window of his bedroom to get a deep breath of the beautiful day outside. He then noticed there was a jackass lying dead in the middle of his front lawn. He promptly called the local police station. The conversation went like this: "Good morning. This is Sergeant Jones. How might I help you?" "And the best of the day te yerself. This is Father O'Malley at St. Brigid's. There's a jackass lying dead in me front lawn. Would ye be so kind as to send a couple o' yer lads to take care of the matter?" Sergeant Jones, considering himself to be quite a wit, replied with a smirk, "Well now father, it was always my impression that you people took care of last rites!" There was dead silence on the line for a long moment. Father O'Malley then replied: "Aye, tis certainly true, but we are also obliged to notify the next of kin."
4th Grader About The Kitty
A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. "Human beings are the only animals that stutter", she says. A little girl raises her hand. "I had a kitty-cat who stuttered", she volunteered. The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident. "Well", she began, "I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler who lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard! "That must've been scary", said the teacher. "It sure was", said the little girl. "My kitty went 'Fffff, Fffff, Fffff'... And before he could say "F--k," the Rottweiler ate him
Old Joke !
A reporter decided that he was going to write an article on a local nursing home for old comedians. He made an appointment to take a tour of the facility. While he was there in the common room there were five retired comedians sitting around yelling out numbers and laughing. One would yell out "92" and everyone would start guffawing very loudly. Another would yell out "75" and more laughter would occur and one of them fell off the chair he was sitting on and began to roll around on the floor. The reporter was puzzled by this behavior, went to the director of the facility and asked him what was going on. The director explained that these comedians knew all the jokes and numbered them. So rather than telling the jokes the yell out the numbers. The reporter says "That sounds interesting. Can I join in?" The director says "Sure, let me introduce you to them." The director takes the reporter over to the comedians. The comedians say "Let's hear what you got." The reporter says "13" and
Another Great Day...
WEll hopefully today will be fun and eventfull....last night however was amazingly boring...i went to what i think was a spiritual AA meeting....there was lots of black people with lots of nothing to say...thanking god for THEIR accomplishments toward their fight with alcohol abuse...anyways it wasnt a lesson learned for me cause i dont have that problem...but i understood theirs...i guess it makes you think ya know...about how you should change your life when you hear about other peoples...but anyways...i got a few things to do today and i guess i should get on those things...starting with food...sooo thanks for reading and im gonna go get some Kiks :) peace
A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed reading when the wife looks over at him and asks the question.... WIFE: "What would you do if I died? Would you get married again?" HUSBAND: "Definitely not!" WIFE: "Why not? Don't you like being married?" HUSBAND: "Of course I do." WIFE: "Then why wouldn't you remarry?" HUSBAND: "Okay, okay, I'd get married again." WIFE: "You would?" (with a hurt look) HUSBAND: (makes audible groan) WIFE: "Would you live in our house?" HUSBAND: "Sure, it's a great house." WIFE: "Would you sleep with her in our bed?" HUSBAND: "Where else would we sleep?" WIFE: "Would you let her drive my car?" HUSBAND: "Probably, it is almost new." WIFE: "Would you replace my pictures with hers?" HUSBAND: "That would seem like the proper thing to do." WIFE: "Would you give her my jewelry?" HUSBAND: "No, I'm sure she'd want her own." WIFE: "Would she use my golf
While walking through the Colorado woods a man came upon another man hugging a tree with his ear firmly against the tree. Seeing this he inquired, "Just out of curiosity what the heck are you doing? "I'm listening to the music of the tree," the other man replied. "You gotta be kiddin' me." "No, would you like to give it a try?" Understandably curious the man says, "Well, OK." He wrapped his arms around the tree and pressed his ear up against it. With this the other guy slapped a pair of handcuffs on him, took his wallet, jewelry, and car keys, stripped him naked, and left. Two hours later another nature lover strolled by, saw this guy handcuffed to the tree stark naked, and asked, "What the hell happened to you?" He told the guy the whole terrible story about how he got there. When he finished telling his story, the other guy shook his head in sympathy, walked around behind him, kissed him gently behind the ear, and said, "This just ain't gonna be your day, C
My Day..
well my day has been going really sucky i couldnt sleep all that great last night and my sister is baby sitting my cousins baby and its crying alot lol umm im bored as hell right now and theres nothing to do im on AIM and no one is talking to me it sucks ass oh wellz well umm buh-bye
Double Monday On Tuesday
You know it's going to be a long day when you aren't making any headway and the tickets almost double before your eyes. I pulled extra hours Tuesday in hopes to get caught up. I made some headway but we are still behind again. It looks like we got the cabling issue worked out on the PIX firewall, Matt's going to be working on that today I hope and we then can get a switch in to get a proper network setup in place. Looking for me? Drop me a comment, email, or IM me. I am around just buried for the moment *lol* JJ the Axe
What's A Girl To Do??
This thing is a bit overwelming. I can figure some of it out, but there is just so much going on. I am not sure where to go next!
New Job
i found out my job is only seasonal which suxs but whatever is money for a month and at a fun job! goin to drop off katey at the buss stop be back in a few call the cell if ya need me
What Kind Of Candy Are You?
Gummy Bears You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute.What Kind of Candy Are You?
Little Girl
Smell of roses a babys feet.A little girl in my dreams. The ultimate dream to me denied. Instead two boys playing in my sight.Rough and tough the little boys are.Still I yearn for the girl not in my arms. Dont get me wrong my kids make me happy as can be.I love you little girl whose birth will never be!
Come Vote For My Friends
Hey ladies. Come and vote for my sexy friends First one is for the sexiest man on LC and the second one is for the the sexiest shaved head click on their pics and give them 10's and lots of lovings in their comments!!! Much Love from ~~Babie Girl~~~
Fireworks exploding in my head.Thousands of voices and thoughts in my mind.Hundreds of bees stinging my side.Torment falling on me.Stomach cramps with menstral pain.Knees that urt when it rains.Wrist that hurt if I write.Torment falling on me.Stop!GoAway!Leave me alone! Medicine starting to not help!I want help!Please help!Hate me oor love me! Need me!Please want me!Darkness!Torment falling on me.
Hazel's Cutest Pet Contest!!! Oct.15-29
Okay I am announcing my first contest. This is the cutest pet contest. The contest will begin at 12:00 a.m Sunday, October 15, 2006 (or the closest conveinent time I can start it) and shall continue untill Sunday, October 29, 2006 (or the closst convienent time that I can end it). This will be plenty of time to take a pictue of your favorite pet (or pets) and enter. So get those cameras out! To enter upload your pet's picture into your photos and then send me the link. Don't forget to tell me your pets name, they are people too. Please read the rules below. By entering the contest, you are saying that you have read the rules and that you agree to all rules, terms and conditions. The rules shall be as follows but may be subject to be ammended at any point before the contest begins and even after (if deemed necessary): 1) I am not allowed to vote in this contest nor shall I pimp anyone out for the purpose of this contest. 2) Only one entry (photo) per contestant.
Something I Wrote Randomly
Baby is it okay for me to say that I need u? That when you’re having a ruff time I’m there 2 pull u trough I can see you fall a sleep and I know you’re a man 2 keep Thinking about u got me falling so deep Maybe I’m in love maybe it’s a crush But whatever it is promise me 2 hush It’s your personality that makes me wanting u more It’s your eyes that I adore It’s your body letting me know I’ve never felt this before Your heart is the place I wane reach Maybe we can hold hands when were walking on the beach I don’t wane hurt u I just wane make things right I can see a chance for us like the sun so bright At night I can see myself laying right next 2 u holding u tight You know my intentions are good so why u try and fight? When I’m doing whatever I can 2 show u my love is true Papi I just wane let u know that aint nobody but you And I will always stay true cuz youre my angel, my darling, my boo And hopefully 1 day I can honestly say I love you
Couldn't Continue
So here are my thoughts for the day. For those of you who don't know, I parted ways with my wife of 13 years. Can’t Escape It Some Days In so many ways So unstable There was once a time Back there in that place Things I can’t Replace So, I go on In so many ways so wrong So unstable I couldn’t help it I shattered, I broke, Fell apart Just another used up heart I thought about ending it one day Hate living this way So unstable Not all my pieces would fit When I tried to put myself together Will I ever be better Over Two Years of Pain Every Day of my past a dark stain So fucking unstable What do you do Where do you go When the one you love You cherish Has murdered you What do you do Where do you go When you can breath with out them You can’t feel with out them You can’t let go I had to destroy myself Because I couldn’t live with myself I will all ways be unstable I am still unsure if she ever really loved me. Well
Lets Do The Time Warp Again
ick i've been so sick!! it doesn't help that i have 2 inspections this month not counting the day the exterminator comes...ick.... Emotionally i've been doing good. My sex drive took a dump and who knows when that is coming back its because im back on my meds again. why is it every clock (besides the cable box) keeps changing times no matter how many times i set my caller id phone says its an hour later than it is while my computer keeps saying its an hour earlier than it is no matter how many times i set the damn thing within 30 minutes its back to saying the wrong time again.. its really agrevating in the mornings when you are trying to figure out the time when you are half asleep not wanting to get up to get the kids off to school..pain in the ass. its like im in a virtual time warp.
Stop Reminding Me.
I hate it when the people I hire turn out to be mildly creepy. I can't talk about them with other people because they keep reminding me that I hired them. And then I have to fire everyone else and hire creepier people so that the creepy person seems less creepy.
Not Sure
Well, this being my first blog here, not sure what to write about. Well, I am heading to Mobile, Alabama this weekend for some sort of fest type deal. I guess i am going down there with friends to have a good time and drink plenty of beer. I know i cant make up for lost time, but gosh darn it! I am gonna try!! With that being said, who is gonna meet me down there to PARTY!!!
Creed Of The Mother
"Walk thou softly upon this Good earth and treat her with respect as she deserves She nurtures us, feeds us, provides our needs. Step lightly on the path through life, remembering always that We are not the only ones here.We have sisters And brothers beyond counting, beyond our ability to Know.They may look different, may walk on 4 feet or a Hundred or none.They may fly through the skies and Race the very wind or swim beneath the cool Waters. Some are furred, others feathered or scaled.It Matters not as all are of value, all have their place in The scheme of things.We are neither the first, Nor the last the greatest or the least of the Multitude. It would behoove us to remember this to honor all Life and the earth, our shared mother, from which we Came."
I Drop My Fears
I drop my fears into your ocean and watch them sink from sight. I place my fears on your broad Earth and see them rot away. I put my fears into your hands and they are no more. When you offer your arms to me, Great Mother, your hands hold nothing but love. - Ceisiwr Serith Pagan source: "A Book of Pagan Prayer" © 2002 Ceisiwr Serith. Reprinted with permission of Red Wheel/Weiser. Spiritual Apothecary were each of us is a healer, to ourselves and those around us, with wisdom and our heart, mind and soul.
What You Really Think Of Your Friends James is your soulmate. You truly love Kristin. You consider AxL your true friend. You know that Sabby is always thinking of you. You'll remember Billy for the rest of your life. You secretly think Tomaran is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times. You secretly think that Harley is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker. You secretly think that Timothy is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Timothy changes lovers faster than underwear. You secretly think The Caj is shy and nonconfrontational. And that The Caj has a hidden internet romance. What Do You Think of Your Friends?
The Layers
I have walked through many lives, some of them my own, and I am not who I was, though some principle of being abides, from which I struggle not to stray. When I look behind, as I am compelled to look before I can gather strength to proceed on my journey, I see the milestones dwindling toward the horizon and the slow fires trailing from the abandoned camp-sites, over which scavenger angels wheel on heavy wings. Oh, I have made myself a tribe out of my true affections, and my tribe is scattered! How shall the heart be reconciled to its feast of losses? In a rising wind the manic dust of my friends, those who fell along the way, bitterly stings my face. Yet I turn, I turn, exulting somewhat, with my will intact to go wherever I need to go, and every stone on the road precious to me. In my darkest night, when the moon was covered and I roamed through wreckage, a nimbus-clouded voice dir
A Thought
Somewhere there's someone, who dreams about your smile, and finds in your presence, that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, remember it's true, somebody somewhere is thinking of you!
Concert Tomarrow
im goin to see big and rich at mohegan sun tomarrow yay!!!! fun fun
Your Power Color Is Indigo At Your Highest: You are on a fast track to success - and others believe in you. At Your Lowest: You require a lot of attention and praise. In Love: You see people as how you want them to be, not as how they are. How You're Attractive: You're dramatic flair makes others see you as mysterious and romantic. Your Eternal Question: "Does This Work Into My Future Plans?" What's Your Power Color?
Ok.. Im not on all day even if you see my cherry blinkin ;) I have DSL and stay logged in unless i turn my comp off. Just lettin ya know yall werent being ignored, lol.
I feel like shit. Ive been up since about 7. I didnt go to bed till about 4. Had a lot on my mind. Plus the puppy was whining ALL DAMN NIGHT. Ugh i gotta tummy ache, and i feel like barfing. Yeah Yeah i know, you didn't wanta know that i have a pretty outfit on today. and i decided to take a pic with my lost cherry tshirt. :) Anways blah.
Wierd Shit-o-meter 1
It was a Thursday morning, I worked the night shift Wednesday night, and my relief and I were Bullshiten over some coffee before I went home. Our radios went off for a motor vehicle accident with ejection. This is the shit I live for. We dropped our coffee cup and sprung into action. On the way to the scene we received an update from the police that CPR was started on one of the victims. We pulled up and I seen number 6 worst accident I have seen in 20 years. One vehicle was in pieces across the road with the passenger side of the car about a foot from the driver’s side and the other vehicle was 25 feet into the weeds along side the highway. The driver of the car that was in the weed were trapped inside their car, and the of driver was laying on the pavement 200 feet from their vehicle in cardiac arrest. I went too the driver in the weed and my partner went too the other. I needed too wait for the fire department too cut the car open before I could do anything, so I ran back t
It was a quiet, warm night in early fall. I was watchin’ pro wrestling on TV in my underwear, drinkin’ some cheap ass beer that I picked up with what was left of my welfare check. Then there was this knock at the door. It was some broad from one of the local bars. I couldn’t remember much about her or if we’d ever done anything together. “What the hell you want?” I asked. Well, she sort of invited herself in. so I figured I’d be neighborly and offered her a beer. She sat and talked forever about pointless bullshit and what was going on in her life – ‘bout how her old man had left her and how she came to accept Jesus as her personal lord and savior. I guess she noticed that I was more interested in the tag team match on TV than in her line of crap so she got up and turned off the television. I took stock of her fine ass as she walked across the room. I guess she must have seen me lookin’. Next thing I knew, she was all over me – kissin’ and grabbin’. Sort of took my brea
Ive Done 118 Out Of 142crazy Things
Body: Body: Level 1 (x) Smoked A Cigarette (x) Smoked A Cigar (x) Tried Weed (x) Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex (X) Drank Alcohol SO FAR: 5 Level 2 (x) Are / Been In Love (x) Been Dumped (X) Shoplifted (x) Been Fired (x) Been In A Fist Fight SO FAR: 10 Level 3 (X) Snuck Out Of A Parent's House (X) Had Feelings For Someone Who Didn't Have Them Back ( ) Been Arrested (x) Made Out With A Stranger (x) Gone Out On A Blind Date SO FAR: 14 Level 4 (X) Had A Crush On An Older Person (X) Skipped School (X) Slept With A Co-worker (X) Seen Someone / Something Die SO FAR: 18 Level 5 (x) Had A Crush On One Of Your MYSPACE Friends ( ) Been To Paris ( ) Been To Spain (x) Been On A Plane (X) Thrown Up From Drinking SO FAR: 21 Level 6 ( ) Eaten Sushi (x) Been Snowboarding/Skiing (x) Met Someone BECAUSE Of Myspace (X) Been Mosh Pitting S0 Far: 24 Level 7 (x)Been In An Abusive Relationship (x) Taken Pain Killers (X) "Liked" Someone Who
Hump Day.
well hi there everyone. once again it is HUMP DAY. and i hope everyone has a great day. i love this day so much. well just wanted to say hi
How Intuitive Are You?
You Are 76% Intuitive You are a very intuitive person. And luckily, your intuition is normally right. You're wise enough to know that relying on intuition alone can be dangerous. When your intuition seems really off, you tend to ignore it - and look at the facts instead. How Intuitive Are You?
Justice???? For Who!!!
Do you remember February 1993 when a young 3 yr. Old was taken from a Shopping mall in Liverpool, NY by two 10-year-old boys? Jamie Bulger walked away from his mother for only a second and Jon Venables took his hand and led him out of the mall with his friend Robert Thompson. They took Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles, along the way stopping every now and again to torture the poor little boy who was crying constantly for his mommy. Finally they stopped at a railway track where they brutally kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint in his eyes and pushed Batteries up his anus. It was actually worse than this... What these two boys did was so horrendous that Jamie's mother was forbidden to identify his body. They then left his beaten small body on the tracks so a train could run him over to hide the mess they had created. These two boys, even being boys, understood what they did was wrong, hence trying to make it look like an accident. This week Lady Justice Butler-Sl
so yeah i fuckin hate school without my love here! it really sucks! but yeah im supposed to be doin work for careers right now but yeah that class is soooo gay i mean its worse than spanish 2! but this chick julia beside me has this whoopee cushion i guess thats our entertainment for this class but yeah im gonna go so later
About Me
well let me see here what can i say about me i am 5'9 150 lbs i have brown hair an brown eye's i am disabled i have spina bifida if anyone want's to know what it is leave me a message an i will get back to you as soon as i can as i will not be home next week i will be on vacation it will be the next week before i can check my message's but until then i can check them until tuesday since i can't seem to get along with any *female's* i am just going to stay the way i am SINGLE since i guess that's how god meant it to be for me to stay is single so i guess i am meant to stay single unless i can find someone but until then i will stay single an loving it NOT it's the pit's to be single why can't i just be loved by a nice female but i guess i will just go on being single an being me im single an it's the pit's like i said up above if there is any one out there for me let me know an i will get back to you when i can an as soon as i can get back to you until then take care all.....
Ahh Fuckzit!
i just came back from lunch, and in the morning i had to go to attend the dot net classes (they started with ASP.NET last class) but now i'll go to the medical service, i don't feel good my right ear hurts a lot, since the last 2 days, but i thought it was just a moment, not nothing that would hurt me inside for so long time so i don't think i'll be around till later many hugs for everyone, and i'm sorry for being absence much love
Good Or Bad?
You Are a Bad Girl You are 30% Good and 70% Bad You're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes. But you're too badass to even care if you're labeled "bad"! Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
I've done a lot of stupid shit in my life, and this one is up there. I thought that I was being the good guy to one person by stabbing the other in the back. Well it turns out that I was causing drama for both sides, and now I don't know how to fix it. I should just stay out of everybodys shit. It's really messed up that I thought I was helping and was actually hurting people that mean something to me. I've realized that I am a selfish, spoiled, immature bitch. Caleb helped me figure that out at one point in my life and I swore I would never go back there, and look what I've done. The people that I've hurt or angered, know who they are and I guess this is my formal applogy to them. I don't expect them to forgive me, because honestly I don't know that I would forgive myself. I just wanted to get my feelings out. Anyways, I have to get started on my final, before I fail at that too!
And The Wait Continues......
Went to my dr appt yesterday and found out that my hormone levels are dropping like they should be. Thurs they said my level was at 3444 and yesterday they said it was at 1604. It dropped by over half in 5 days. It looks like so long as my body keeps taking care of itself like this...the wait may be over before too long. If my body doesnt continue to drop in hormone levels like it has been down to zero...there is a medicine that I can use that will make it happen for me. I am starting to get desperate to get this over and done with and get this baby out of my body so that I can start to heal again.
What Senator John Glen Said
WHAT SENATOR JOHN GLENN SAID There were 39 combat related killings in Iraq in January. In the fair city of Detroit there were 35 murders in the Month of January. That's just one American city, About as deadly as the entire war-torn country of Iraq. When some claim that President Bush shouldn't Have started this war, consider the following: A. FDR led us into World War II. B. Germany never attacked us; Japan did. From 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost .. An average of 112,500 per year. C. Truman finished that war and started one in Korea. North Korea never attacked us From 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost .. An average of 18,334 per year. D. John F. Kennedy started the Vietnam "conflict" in 1962. Vietnam never attacked us. E. Johnson turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost An average of 5,800 per year. F. Clinton went to war in Bosnia without U
1. THINGY (thing-ee) n. Female..... Any part under a car's hood. Male.... The strap fastener on a woman's bra. 2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj. Female.... Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. Male.... Playing football without a cup. 3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n. Female... The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner. Male... Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys. 4. COMMITMENT (ko-mit-ment) n. Female... A desire to get married and raise a family. Male...... Trying not to hit on other women while out with this one. 5. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n. Female.... A good movie, concert, play or book. Male...... Anything that can be done while drinking beer. 6. FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n. Female... An embarrassing byproduct of indigestion. Male...... A source of entertainment, self-_expression, male bonding. 7 MAKING LOVE (may-king luv) n. Female...... The greatest _e
Thank You All
I just want to thank all of you who have responded to my blast I posted yesterday. I appreciate you all taking time out to reply and rate me, add me, and comment me and my pics. I try to acknowledge everyone so if I miss you please bring it to my attention.. Thaks again my Cherries and have a great day.. Also don't forget to go to my "New Lounge" blog entry and join us in our new lounge.. Trish
An Invitation
An Invitation by the_butterfly © A soft hiss, matchlight flaring Twin flames dancing on red candlesticks Blue eyes stare back From the silver circle of the looking glass Her window to the unknown To see deeper and reach beyond the reflection To see past copper curls and black lace This sight required special tools Careful rituals First the unveiling Dropping the lace wrap and pinning up silky tresses No shield left to hide her from seeking eyes Slowly each full breast lifted, offered Wrapped in black velvet cord, coiled, drawn tight Biting deep, painting the ivory skin with a red blush Slow deep breaths as the fever builds Fingers gliding down over a long lean dancer’s waist Parting naked lips, pinching, pulling, Turning up the fire in her tight, hot tunnel Making it weep for a lovers touch Turning slowly, kneeling, head and shoulders to the floor Knees spread wide, bottom high Reaching behind to part slick lips Dipping her fingers into the slick t
Make Someone Else Smile Today
i have tried to make at least one person smile per day for the last year i have been deployed it has kept me happy becouse i have spread smiles through the deployment and helped those around me be happy if only for that moment. just think if everyone tried to get others you do or dont know to smile if only once a day how much happyer the world could be. so go out and help the world be a better and happier place its very rewarding.
What Is Your Sexual Hidden Talent?
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Fall...i Cant Wait
spending a lot of time outdoors loving the new fall colors coming in..look for the new pics of Fall
What Will Your Sex Business Card Say?
Khris Fantasy realization expert 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Buddha's Revenge Music Video
Ban Harry Potter!
Was scanning the AP newswire this morning and this popped up; ATLANTA - A suburban county that sparked a public outcry when its libraries temporarily eliminated funding for Spanish-language fiction is now being asked to ban Harry Potter books from its schools. Laura Mallory, a mother of four, told a hearing officer for the Gwinnett County Board of Education on Tuesday that the popular fiction series is an "evil" attempt to indoctrinate children in the Wicca religion. Board of Education attorney Victoria Sweeny said that if schools were to remove all books containing reference to witches, they would have to ban "Macbeth" and "Cinderella." "There's a mountain of evidence for keeping Harry Potter," she said, adding that the books don't support any particular religion but present instead universal themes of friendship and overcoming adversity. In June, the county's library board eliminated the $3,000 that had been set aside to buy Spanish-language fiction in the coming
Seriousness right now. Whats up with all the jealous females on here, i mean seriously, i never claimed to be any better, or any hotter than any of you. I mean i never once said omg omg im so much prettier. Jesus. Stop with the bitchy comments, and the ignornat words. Its rude, and retarded. I never said i was any different than any of you. Its pretty fucked up. Im sick and tired of hearing guys, and girsl i know coming to me saying, did you hear what so and so said, no i did not hear it, and no i do NOT want to hear it. I don't care about gossip, or rumors, i dont care about what goes on in other peoples drama filled life. It's truly messed up. I have my own life, which i love living, and it's just the internet, so why get so bent out of shape over something someone says? Some of the people on here, exspecially females confuse me. Theres a lot of girls and guys around here, and everyones fighting for attention. Whats the point? Yeah i do have a lot of points, but a lot of them a
Soulfully naked I've exposed my essence Absent from presence Taking a good look at my spirit It cries And although my hope dies I wipe my eyes so its not to show I dance this dance, in order to do what I have to For me its not exploitation I was born with only flesh So I gladly shed the clothes of society And comfort you in this strip club So easy how you've misjudged me from my outward appearance To you I'm in all faults Yet you sit and stare with a glare In your eyes that suggest fair foreplay Or a threesome with some other and me But you have it all wrong I only provide the service of a fantasy And if you want more I suggest you go home to your wife Because its not you I fancy its my life And the money in the wallet of which you sit upon Flesh abroad so behold There is not a hole in my heart Or dignity that needs to be filled But one in the stomachs of my family That I've allowed my body to be the attention of mass appeal
Candy Cigarettes
One thing I thought was really swank back in the 1970’s was candy cigarettes. Try to find them at them 7-11 nowadays. In this politically correct and increasingly militant non-smoking culture the US has become these confectionaries are no longer acceptable. While I do not ascribe to being PC, I am not exactly a fan of smoking… save for the special occasion cigar…and after 36 years that tally would be below 10 cigars. Skimming Wikipedia…Candy cigarettes were introduced in the early 19th century and have usually been made out of a chalky sugar, chocolate or bubble gum. Some varieties even smoked when consumed (my guess is via dust or some chemical reaction to moisture). There is a theory that candy cigarettes encourage children to take up real cigarettes. Candy Cigarettes have been banned in a number of countries, including Canada, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It has been considered being banned in the US in the 1960’s and 1990’s but my guess is soc
My Picture Albums
So I finally decided to rearrange my pictures. They'e arranged in a semi decent manner..I'm going to try and leave them organized. But I'm not usually good at that sort of thing for very long. My default album will now basically consist of things that were taken by me or with my digital camera. And the rest of my albums will be arranged accordingly. Don't just peek in at my defaults...Check All the albums. Rate the pics, comment on em and all that fun stuff. And as always, have a Humpy Hump Day. ~*Kathy*~
Another Explaination
OK here it is again. I have two folders one for a Biker Babe Contest. No you donot have to be "perfect" to be in it. You have to have the ATTITUDE for a Biker Babe. No you do not have to be posed on a Bike. No you donot have to be naked... but I won't stop ya LOL Send the pics through Cherry Mail or ask for my yahoo. Also give me the caption you want on your pic.
Well Hello, Hello! I think it's about time for a new blog don't you?! OK so here's what's on my mind today... Why is it that we feel that we have to "dumb ourselves down" for some people to like us? Do we think that if they knew we were smart they wouldn't want to be around us anymore? Do we not want to outdo someone or offend them because we can use our brains? I'm not sure what the problem is, but every young person I have spoken to, girls in particular, are intelligent and articulate and then the moment a man/boy comes around they start giggling and acting as though they based thier existince on The O.C, or Laguna Beach, and the guys LIKE IT. I don't understand why girls just can't be themselves around guys they like. Eventually the dumb blonde (no offense it's just a saying) act gets old afterwhile for both of them, and they find they have absolutely nothing in common. I know I am the first one to get tongue tied around a guy if I am really having feelings for him,
I Love It When....
I love how just a touch of your hand can make my world stand still. I love it when you hold me close, Please, never let me go. I love it when you love me How you know my body so I love it when you kiss me And let you feelings show. I never want to leave you I know I never will For as long as I'll remember I'll always love you still.
I Just Cant...
I cant make you love me I cant make you see I cant make you want to Stay here with me I cant hide the hurt The tears in my eyes The pain that consumes me Because of your lies I cant make you leave Yet I cant make you stay What would it take To rewind today To just be happy As we were in our way You told me so often You would never stray But today I met a woman your other lover You say you love me You say you love her Do you love anyone? Only you know for sure I cant make your mind up I cant keep you here And I cant keep ignoring What is so painfully clear The words you dont say The things that you do Maybe It's not me Maybe ITS YOU
Help My Friend Please :)
T-Bone@ LostCherry A good friend of mine needs some love so he can add more pics and family! Help him out!! Love yas!
The Time Of The Crone
Hecate Rising The Time of the Crone As the Wheel of the Year turns and the winter dark approaches, the energy of the underworld and the blood-wisdom of the crone pours through the barren land. Here, Fiana Horne reveals the mysteries of the festivals of Mabon and Samhain, and gives personal rituals to perform to help you work with their power. During the year a Witch celebrates eight important festivals, which are called Sabbats. Four are the Lessor Sabbats which relate to astronomical events - The Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, and the Summer and winter Solstices. The other four are the Greater Sabbats. These relate to agricultural events like the sowing and reaping of crops. Witches of different paths recognize the Sabbats in different ways. Those of the Wiccan tradition use the Wheel of the Year Myth to feel closer to these sacred times. The Myth evolved from our European ancestors, specifically the Celts, as a way of explaining the turning of the seasons and the cycl
Sexual Hidden Talent??
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
my fault, my guilt, my pain, my heartbreak, my fuck up... i hope you can forgive me jimmy. you dont deserve someone who will hurt u like this or who doesnt know wat she wants...i cant ask you to wait for me cuz it would be unfair. *sigh* you'v been the best bf i'v ever known. you treat me better than anyone else ever has and better than i deserve. i couldnt ask for someone better to love me. but, i want to experience life as much as i can, i WANT to experience college as much as i can...u worry about me cheatin on you when i go and to be honest, i worry about it too. you should know that i have cheated before in relationships and i'm trying not to. i do want to be everything you want and everything you need but...we do have some issues we need to figure out and i need to sort out my life. baby...i cant ask you to wait, i cant ask you to keep loving me, especially wit the chance that i might meet someone at college or have bfs here. it's hurting me more than you know
Volume 3 -- Burst Angel / Click Click Boom
Great job in this one with the lip and beat sync! It was one of the few fast paced amvs I could find to this anime series which is odd considering what an action packed series it is! Very nice song that had me humming the tune for a couple days! ENJOY!
Week Ending 10/2/06
I usually leave some commentary or thoughts. I actually missed most games, because I was at the County Fair. All my college teams won - yay! In the NFL, The Pats beat the Cats! Who knew! I'm glad they won though - Go Pats! Played Games: College and AFC East --Tennessee @ Memphis, 12pm (Tennessee 41 Memphis 7) --Miss State @ LSU, 1230pm (LSU 48 Miss State 14) --Purdue @ ND, 230pm (ND 35 Purdue 21) --Bama @ Florida, 330pm (Florida 28 Bama 13) --GA Tech @ VTech, 330pm (GA tech 38 VTech 27) --USC @ Washington State, 7pm (USC 28 Wash St 22) --Ohio State @ Iowa, 8pm (Ohio 38 Iowa 17) --UMaine @ BC (BC 22 Maine 0) --Indy @ Jets, 1pm (Indy 31 Jets 28) --Miami @ Houston, 1pm (Houston 17 Miami 15) --Minnesota @ Buffalo, 1pm (Buffalo 17 Minnesota 12) --NE @ Cinci, 415pm (NE 38 Cinci 13) Other: --NO & Carolina, 1pm (Carolina 21 NO 18) --Giants - OFF --Denver - OFF
Its My Birthday Woohoo
Get your own countdown at
American Soldier
I am an American soldier. I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values. I will alwyas place the mission first. I will never except defeat. I will never quit I will never leave a fallen comrade. Iam disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my Warrior tasks and drills. I will always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. I am the guardian of freedom and the American way of life I am an American Soldier. For my best friend Kyle Kent
Still Counting.
14 weeks and 5 days. Sheesh, this is taking a long time. I thought it would go by a little faster. That's what I get for counting down the days. I just can't help it. I'm so excited I can't stand myself. I just know something good waits for me there. I'm not sure exactly what, but I just have a feeling. Anyway, we're having our internet shut off till we move so I might have to count down to myself. I don't know when. Could be tomorow, could be a few weeks. So when I just disappear, don't forget about me and please don't delete me. I'll be back after I get moved. Hopefully this isn't my last blog, but if it is, thanks for reading whether you were interested or not. And to my friends in here, thank you for being my friend and I'll see you soon. That's all.
Lane Frost
ON THAT NOTE: ~*~Cowboy Is His Name~*~ ~*~Lane Frost Tribute~*~ There's a hundred years of history and a hundred before that All gathered in the thinkin' Goin' on beneath this hat. The cold flame burns within him 'Til his skin's as cold as ice And the dues he paid to get here Are worth every sacrifice. All the miles spend sleepy drivin' All the money down the drain, All the 'if I's' and 'nearly's,' All the bandages and pain, All the female tears left dryin', All the fever and the fight Are just a small down payment On the ride he makes tonight. It's guts and love and glory, One mortal's chance at fame. His legacy is rodeo And cowboy is his name.
Oh Yes!
OK, so let me officially say that I am stepping into the middle of the court and Im takin a shot. Im gonna dance in the moon light nekkid. Then Im gonna take a hit for all the smokers out there. I know exactly wat Im talking about here...if you dont. Im sorry.
Just testing out the new blog...
It Is So True What They Say About So Many Of Us Guys!!!
ok, so a friend of mine got the flu the other day, and I think she's given it to me, and you know how women joke about men being like little babies when we get sick? I am so living up to that stereotype! I am sitting here, all hunched up, feeling sorry for myself, moaning and groaning, for... god knows what reason (it's not like anyone is here to hear me and give me sympathy!) I'm lolling about, acting completely out of proportion to my condition, I mean, yes I am sick, but the way I'm carrying on you'd think I'd just lost an arm or a leg! Why are so many of us guys like this? I mean throw a bit of physical pain at me and no problem, I'll handle it, but throw a bout of mild illness at me, a cold, the flu, a headache and I'm suddenly seven years old again, moaning, complaining and wanting mommy to bring me a drink! Guys, I may be one, but I'll never understand us!
My Life
.I'm currently going through a divorce and have a son. I got married six months after I graduated and then had my baby boy..see I got married first then had my child, I did everything the right way or so I thought.. I found out my husband cheated on me and left him...not going into details here..but anyway I say that so u know where I am coming from. So, I talk to guys on this and in my daily life not wanting to get with a guy just friendship and as soon as they find out you have a kid..they want nothing to do with you... I'm not asking you to be my babys father or to support me nigga's I'm merely talking to you as a friend...My question is why is it more exceptable for a man to have a child and us as woman except it...but if you're a single mother u are looked down upon and judged? Or is it because you would rather not care for another man's child or show them love? In my case I did everything right and still ended up with a dog and would rather not be with a cheater but in tod
I Am
just so you know I am a very simple honest down to earth guy, alot of fun to be with, party with, or just hang out with, I also take shit to heart very easily, so be carefull what you say to me, I dont want to take anyones comments the wrong way. I also finished the last gig with the oldies band, and am jamming with my 1st band with a reunion in mind, we arent any younger but...... we are so much better singers and musicians than we were. fall is here now and the leaves are changing color, it is awsome during the day, but I'm stuck at work, and chilly at night, other than that I just wanted to pop in and say hi to all of you , thank you for becoming part of my extended family
How Fuckable Am I?
You are 82% fuckable! Take this quiz at
sometimes i feel so alone even when i'm sitting next to someone. i feel like i need someone to just reach out and hold me. it's times like these i feel eighty million years old ...ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human viens. i often wonder why these feelings come about when i'm surrounded by people. people who love me. and yet this never phases me. i always seem to yearn for that which i cannot attain. i want to be loved more than anything, that is what i desire above all. i think that perhaps my soul is older than my spirit. sometimes i feel i'm only playing grown-up. like this is all pretend. just a fictional world we create as a shell, a filler for our time. do you ever feel like you want to go home but you're already there? like you're waiting for something that feels right? feels like it belongs? i feel like i've been waiting forever.
My Porn Star Name
Your Pornstar Name is:Leo Sucker Take this quiz at
A Little More About Me For My Friends And Fans.
At the moment I'm a SAHM, I have a five month old baby boy, who apart from being absolutely gorgeous is also very demanding! If you send me a message or leave me a comment and I don't return it straight away even though it says I'm online, that means I'm attending to him. Please don't think I'm ignoring you or being rude because at the moment I'd love some adult conversation (not as in adult *ahem* conversation), just talk to people and get to know them a little better. So leave me comments, send me messages I will get around to answering or replying, this place keeps me sane.. well sorta. :p P.S. The baby in my photo isn't mine, mines a lot cuter. hahaha! I don't want to put pics up of my kids because you never know who is out there, damn sickos and perverts! Be good or be good at it! ;)
New Pics
I just posted pics from the 2006 Redwood Run in piercey Ca. SO MUCH FUN!!! Some pics i love, some i hate- but thats life right?
The Thanks People Give You...
I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this; Ever go out of your way to try to help someone or a group of people to get nothing but shit in return? I am about at the end of putting up with it. I used to enjoy IRC, and many other chat networks. Lately its nothing but idiots and kids on the major networks, and people you thought were friends on others. I am a helping person by nature but, I will think twice about it for many now. (you know who you are) I'm sure this will make its way back to where it was meant for. With that said, Game off. Quotes off. Me off. -sorry guys and gal. I just need a break from all the BS. c-ya when I c-ya.
For My Paranormal Interested Friends And Family
I have Opened An Msn Group For Ppl Who Are Interested In The Paranormal If You Would Like To Join All You Need Is An MSN Or Hotmail Email Address, And Of Course An Invite From One Of The Admin. So Let Me Know Thru Cherry Mail Or A Shout Out. Thx Venomous Kiss
People N Parents Are Fucked
i just love how you look at me , i whisper thru the night knowing everyone hears. you try to stay quiet, you try to stay near. even tho they keep pushing you out, you somehow push ur way back in. people say i dont need you, my head says im the loser and yet for some reason my heart keeps crying out your name even tho your not here , where u are sucks ass, but just think my parents wont be forever written by danielle
* didn't want to put the word so used blanks* ____ ____ scream the name ____ _____ you're insane You think you're right just because you're white But I am taking your world over tongiht Whatca gonna do when black is in sight I've followed your rules I've played your games I've entered your world, been driving you insane But now your stuck in a mind of confussion Don't know what to do Because this girl ain't white So this shouldn't be right You think you right because you're white But that don't mean shit tonight You wear it proud and that's alright Because I do the same and have no shame Cyz I scream his name like anyother I've earned my laces just like my brothers But still you try to fight this fight Just because my skin ain't white So let me say this once to you Just because my skin ain't true Doesn't make you better and true I've earned my right to fight this fight And I am taking your world over tongiht
Far Away
Nickelback Far Away Music Video Code
I Felt Like This , When I Reed This
Cherry Pickers Contest
Hey everybody, yes it's me again. Two blogs in one night, I'm on a roll.:) I just wanted to say that my ass is on the Cherry Pickers sexy panty contest. You don't have to vote for me or anything, although it would be nice :). Just go check it out and vote for the one you like the best. This is my first and probably only contest I'll be entering in, way to much competition, and I ain't all that. But thanks for reading this love to you all....
Perfect Family Verison 2
* first morbid thing I've written since Pure white whore so. blah bare with me lovez* His hands lock around her neck And she knows it's about to begin agian She can see it in his eyes But she has no more tears to cry Too many times she's been here before Laying here taking it as he rips her apart Filling her womb with maggots and blood He doesn't care he's having his fun A rotting body she lays there now But he doesn't care She's the girl of his dreams The one he knows will never scream The eyes of his love forever frozen in fear And the only liqued that comes Is smelly and clear But to him the scent is more then heaven sent His morbid bride Decaying inside A rotting body she lays there now But he doesn't care She's the girl of his dreams The one he knows will never leave Postmortem baby To a maggot filled mother He'll rape the graves to give him a brother The family he loves The family hez wanted So perfect in his mind Twisted in his ow
And I Love Water Too...
Your Element Is Water A bit of a contradiction, you can seem both lighthearted and serious. That's because you're good at going with the flow - but you also are deep. Highly intuitive, you tune in to people's emotions and moods easily. You are able to tap into deep emotional connections and connect with others. You prefer a smooth, harmonious life - but you can navigate your way around waves. You have a knack for getting people to get along and making life a little more peaceful. What's Your Element?
The Human Spirit
I saw the human spirit today. I love it when it happens, its usually out of the blue when it happens. I like to think thats because it is so common. But we both know it isnt anymore. But still, it is something I like to see. I was in a Dunkin Donuts for my morning ritual. Large coffee with a little cream and one Splenda. There was a woman in the front of the line, I guess she got a coffee and a coffee roll. Well she didnt have enough money (for whatever reason I cant presume) but she didnt have enough. The Wilmington policeman behind her gave the cashier a nod and that was it. No big ordeal. She thanked the cashier, and that should have been it right? Nope. The cashier told her it was the man behind her that picked up the rest. Now the cashier could have taken the credit and been her hero for the day, but he didnt. And what was best of all, no one made it a big deal. No one tried to look down thier nose at her, or make her feel less than. And that is what I am talking about! That is
Does Anyone Have Any Hill Or Mountain Shots
I need to build some new picture tubes for one of my programs so anything to do with rocks I would love to rate so i can use a small part of the pick for my work!!
Level Up
Im almost there anyone want to help?

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