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Hell Yeah!
Pictures For My Friends
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Away Today
I will be offline today...I have a show and won't be home until everyone have a great day... hugs and kisses Lisa I send you a smile As I know I will find you there You took my side when I'm down And you show that you always care. I send you more love For your caring of me When I was sick or hurt I know I will find you there Or just when in need for company. I send you a rainbow As you told to me, The sun needs the rain For a rainbow to be. I'd send you the world If dreams could come true, For a friend takes it all, Then returns it to you.
Vote For My Baby Please
My Job
Well it's Christmas time once again in retail. I really enjoy working in toys. I love the department and the people that come in and shop. I even enjoy putting the product on the shelf. This time of year just means I get more of a work out as I put the product on the shelf. Trust me it's a work out too. I walk from the pallet to the shelf and back again. Doesn't seem like much but you add up all the stuff on 8 pallets and it's alot of work. Ask Hank he had to stop after only a few boxes or so. Hehe I worked him hard lol. Seriously though I do enjoy my job I just have some stressful days with it. In all honesty we get some stupid questions as well as idiot teens that can be trying at times. I'm sorry if you're one of those people that bounces all the balls in the store and you dislike the associate that comes over and tells you to stop, but I am that associate. I have the permession if need be to ask you to leave the store. You see not only is it irritating to us that work there but
A guy goes over to his friends house, rings the bell. The wife answers. "Hi, is Tony home?" "No, Chris, he went to the store." "Well, do you mind if I wait?" "No, come on in." They sit down and the friend says, "You know Sara, you have the greatest breasts I've ever seen. I'd give you a hundred bucks if I could just see one." Sara thinks about this for a second and figures, what the hell, a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks. She opens her robe and shows him one. He thanks her and promptly throws a hundred bucks on the table. They sit there a while longer and Chris says, " They are just so beautiful! I've got to see them both. I'll give you another hundred if I could just see them both together." Sara says what the hell, opens her robe and gives Chris a nice long look. Chris thanks her and throws another hundred bucks on the table and says he can't wait any longer for Tony and leaves. A while later Tony arrives home and his wife says, "You kn
To All My Friends On Lc
To all my friends on LC, You all have made being on LC a great place to be. Thanks for all the comments, The friendship... and oh yea, the great pic's... I love you all. I hope I help you smile and bring a little joy in your every day life. I know you do mine. Jim (the old biker)
The Raven
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore-- While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "'Tis some visiter," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door-- Only this and nothing more." Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow;--vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow--sorrow for the lost Lenore-- For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore-- Nameless here for evermore. And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me--filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating "'Tis some visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door-- Some late visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door;
What I've Been Up To
ok so here's what i've been up to i have started my 2006 christmas present shopping already why you may ask it's a bit early isn't i hear you say to yourselves well yeah it's early but sure beats having to leave it until the mad week before christmas to do it in so i start early so i can finish it early so i can do what ever i like once i've finished and it saves time leaving it until the last minute to do it in as well until my next blog from Bruce
Brere Rabbit And Brere Bear
Jack Rabbit is a pseudoname, I write under many names but most of all I write. It allows me along with my art, to express a living self and inform some who need to know, there is life after major mistakes. Nothing is so terrible it will not pass, but also there is something to be learned from human trials and pain. We live until we die...we have a choice as to how we spend the time and most of the time who we spend it with. Choose wisely and become cherished and loved, choose unwisely and make adjustments or try again..... a.j.anon/ abner
One Week Down, One Week To Go
And thus ends my first week as a new employee. For the most part, it went pretty smoothly. The work is not easy, but it seems like I have to get on the bosses to actually hand me things to do or risk having a perfectly capable IT consultant sit at his desk for eight hours "training" but not "working." That having been said, I'm so-so about this position. Why? Well, when you go for a job, don't you usually try to find something where you make more than you did at your last position? They offered me the same exact money I was making at my old position, but for more responsibilities. They tried to give me the excuse that I'd be taking home bonus money depending on how much work I did in a single day, but so far, I don't see that happening. Admittedly, it's only been a week, but I'll see where it goes. I think the only real thing I didn't enjoy about this week was the hotel room stay. Sure, the staff was nice, but the room itself left a little to be desired: the bed was semi-comforta
My Love Number????
Your Love Number is 8 Your confidence and passion draws people in. You've got a powerful personality, and you tend to take the lead in relationships. Protective and dominant, you like to keep a short leash on your sweetie. And that works out well for you, as long as you don't get with another strong personality! What Is Your Love Number?
Finally Getting Out Of The Hell Hole
Well it's settled. The U-Haul has been rented and i'm just rarin' to go to virginia to be with my pagan family. I'll be moving to Newport News, near Ft. Eustis. I feel myself just being beat down by the closemindedness of this small bible belt town. And with my connection to the ocean, being this far from it is draining me to the core. My family is gonna be pissed but i refuse to live my life for them. It's finally time i grow up and live my life the way i want to. No husband, No bitchy mother, No over bearing god, no regrets.
What The Fuck
You know I don't get it when a XO tells you that your basically a lazy son of a bitch, yet all they do is sit on there ass all day.I understand that I do slack off sometimes, and I DON'T use my head sometimes, but I was caring. If only people knew what the fuck I was going through. I am not going to really tell anyone, because I don't want people to worry about me. I just wish that people would leave me the fuck alone and actually apritiate what I do. I don't get it when people talk shit and say they "never see me work" yet when they "need my help" they end up telling me to do some bull shit instead. Then they want to call down to the CP and talk about they only have two people.WHAT THE HELL???? You just had another helper if you forgot, but o wait I don't count because I got to be the little bitch and pick up every little piece of fucking trash. You know I have worked no joke 33 hours in the past two fucking days. I almost missed lunch today so that I could get some paperwork
Treat How Ya Wana Be Treated ...
what ever happened to the phrase treat how ya wana be treated !! im so fed up with people letting others down ... why is it everyone is so selfish maybe some dont even realise there doing it but such a simple act can make people lives so so diffrent we should all take the time to think of other people before jumping in ..... if you wouldnt like it to be done on to you i would take the thought that they wont either ....
For All Cherrry Heads Who Dont Know Me
my name is diamond and take a peek at my profile at your own risk,lol,and see what ya think be nice to make some new friends so have a safe on and be bad,luv diamond,xoxoxo
You say youíve lost yourself Well Iíve lost myself too Iím Falling again Dropping to the bottom Drowning all over again Love, Desire, Lust Is there a difference Itís hard to tell Can no longer feel Letting go for the last time Hating mistrust Almost as much as myself I wish to remain lost
Dunno, Just Something I Wrote Whilst Under Influence Of Vodka
This world is a big place full of many interesting and differenet people from different backgrounds, beliefs, tastes and everything. We are all individuals, and humans in general are an amazing race. We can create so many beautiful things in the sciences and arts. Everyone is beautiful. And to know someone really special, just adds another beautiful person to the list of amazing people here.
Oh My God No I Do Not
well dammit, i just moved into this apartment and now i have to move AGAIN. ive only been here about two months. All the sudden my landlord decided to pitch a fit about how many people are living here (3) and then proceeded to ask me why i felt the need to run a dormatory. then she turned my air conditioner off and said i should learn to conserve energy, then proceeded to lecture me on good will and how to treat people, then proceeded to ask me the names and occupations of everyone that has ever been to my apartment, as if it were her fucking business. so i said, im sorry but im 21 years old and im not gonna have my fucking neighbors keeping tabs on who comes in and out of my house, tell them if they wanna stalk someone to find someone with the fucking time to be worried about them. SO ANYWAYS> we found a 3 bedroom apt , i have so much shit this sucks so bad, but it will be better since evan is moving in like a week from today =) =) =),
From The Words Of Amy Lee
Evanescence-You(Amy Lee Solo) "The words have been drained from this pencil Sweet words that I want to give you And I cant sleep, I need to tell you... goodnight When weíre together I feel perfect When Iím pulled away from you I fall apart All that you say is sacred to me Your eyes are so blue, I canít look away as we lay in the stillness You whisper to me, Amy, marry me, promise youíll stay with me Oh you donít have to ask me, you know youíre all that I live for You know Iíd die just to hold you, stay with you Somehow Iíll show you that you are my night sky Iíve always been right behind you Now Iíll always be right beside you So many nights Iíve cried myself to sleep Now that you love me I love myself I never thought I would say that I never thought thereíd be you"
I'm From Ky & This Is Damn Funny
I'm brand new on here and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. If you guys can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful! CheerZ!
The Initiate
He was a boy when it took place without body hair or stubbled face, all tucked in bed, he'd said his grace an watched the sky through curtains of lace when the moon whispered his name. The voice had struck him in the core- without word or doubt, he crossed the floor and silently crept out the door to answer to the call Under the dark cloak of the night led by the Full Moon shining bright he went into the woods-- led by silvery light-- where raccoons crept and owls took flight far from house and road. And on the edge of a clearing round a circle was marked upon the ground in stones-- in which a woman was found beckoning to him. She was withered, wrinkled, old; her silver hair around her flowed without a stitch of clothes or robe naked-- yet unabashedly bold-- a key hung round her neck. Her sagging skin was pale and white, her ice-blue eyes held a light that danced with vibrancy in the night and emanated power. Instinctively, like deja-vous, he knew exactly wh
Will You Be?
Will you be of Wicca, tonight? Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Then come with me to the Circle of Light. Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find. Take up these herbs and brew up a tea. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. And drink it all down; the gods you shall see. Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find. Take up the glass, and look at your face. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Go into yourself and find a new place. Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find. Go to the Woods, and find an Oak tree. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. And cling to it tight, and strong you shall be. Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find. Go to the Mountains and call to the Wind. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. And fly through the Air with the Thoughts that you send. Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find. Fly to the Sun, and touch its bright Flame. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Open your Mind; now choose a new Name. Bend the Will; the Wish you sh
What Piercing Are You?
You scored as Labret Piercing. You probably intimidate a whole lot of people without really meaning too. If people could just get past the many tattoos, piercings, and sideburns I'm sure they'd love you. Or still be scared, who knows.Labret Piercing100%Earlobe Piercing90%Nipples80%Cartilage Piercing70%Tongue Piercing70%Belly Button Piercing70%Nose Piercing60%Dirty Piercings60%Lip Piercing50%What Piercing Are You?created with
A Quiz For People Who Knows Everything
Join my FREE No Spam Mailing List: c o n t e n t ē Funny Jokes ē Funny Pictures ē Funny Videos ē Miscellaneous ē Games entering your e-mail address below with Your comment may unsubscribe anytime! A Quiz For People Who Knows Everything (1) There's one "sport" in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. What is it? (2) What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward? (3) Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables? (4) Name the only sport in which the ball is always in possession of the team on defense, and the offensive team can score without touching the ball? (5) What fruit has its seeds on the outside? (6) In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the b
Celtic Horoscope
table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2> You Are A Chestnut Tree You are a born diplomat with a well developed sense of justice. And even though you're impressive and intimidating, you're also fun to be around. You can be irritated easily, and you sometimes act superior. Nevertheless, you are sensitive of others feelings and very loyal. Sometimes you feel misunderstood and are fiercely close to those who know you best. What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
My Famous Last Words
Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "I dunno, press the button and find out." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
Death Of A Freind
one of a friend had die yesterday she was only 26 yrs old she was sick an all an her mother went out for 30mins to get her daug sum meds like she asked when the mom came back in 30 mins time she was out not knowing she would cum home to her daug.. dead in bed so this weeken started out sucks ... i feel so bad for the mother to have to fine her daug that way... ive had people worried about me cause mixing pills an so on so now this has wake me up cause lossing a friend even tho she wasnt close it was a friend an it hits hard cause death aint no toy thats for sure cant take it back i feel so bad tho not even sure what to say when they told me i was blank i didnt know if they was playin cause she was just out at the club wed.. for drunk an drown so see death can cum any time but we think she had mixed the wrong pills not knowing well i dont know what to say now so im out ... girl ya be missed know that
A Pagan Child's Abc's
A is Athame, the knife that we use. B is for Beltaine, when partners we choose. C is for Circle where we all are one. D is for Deosil, path of the Sun. E is for Esbat, when we gather round. F is for Fire and its crackling sound. G is for the Goddess in beauty and love. H is the Horned One, our Father above. I is for Imbolg, candles light the way, J is for June when it's Midsummer's Day. K is for Karma, the things that we do. L is for Lammas, harvest's almost through! M is for Moon, riding way up so high, N is for Nighttime, which darkens the sky. O is for Ostara, when we hunt for eggs, P is for Pan, with hairy goat legs. Q is the Quarters and there are just four, R for the Rites when we open the Door. S is for Samhain, end of the year, Tis for Tarot cards, futures to hear U is Undines from the watery West, V is Vervain for protection and rest. W's Widdershins, the path of the moon. Xis the sign that's the sign of the God. Y is for Yule and the sun's return, Z
What Is A Witch?
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a WITCH. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a WITCH. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, or do things my own way, they call me a WITCH. Being a WITCH means that I am free to be the wonderful creature that I am, with all my own intricacies, contradictions, quirks and beauty. Being a WITCH means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak up against it, I am defined as a WITCH. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. I am proud to be a WITCH. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated, and determined. By God, I want what I want, and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to sto
A Pagan Pledge Of Allegiance
I Pledge Allegiance, to the Earth, And all the Creatures which inhabit it, And to the Oceans, Which Give us Life One Planet, under sky, inter-dependent With Energy, and sustenance for all.
My Vampire Name
Your Vampire Name Is... Ignacio of the Damned What's Your Vampire Name?
My Pirate Name
Your Pirate Name Is... Bloody Long Ben What's Your Pirate Name?
"It is time for you to go now." The Lady spoke to him in a sweet voice. "So soon?" he answered, "It seems as if I just arrived." "It always does," she smiled, "But it's time to move on to another life and another body. You'll like this one." "I hope so. Buchenwald was not pleasant...." "No, it isn't. But, like you folks say, 'that's Life!'" He laughed, and stood up on the so-green grass. "Yeah, I guess it is. See you in a while, folks." The Circle of friends waved at him, wishing him luck and good fortune, and he and the Lady moved off into a misty area. "Pretty foggy here," he remarked. "It will clear up soon," she said, and she took his hand. They walked for a long time, until he saw they were on a quiet street in a small town. It looked like a nice place. Around the corner was a park, and in it, two people, a man and a woman, were sitting on a bench, holding hands. They were deeply in love, and that love shone around them to those with eyes to see. "These are
Stupid Monitor's
its been a long 2 days, i had my monitor die on my thursday and my flat screen died 6 months ago, grrrrrrrrr.. i went out and bought a new 19 inch flat screen at costco. was very nice n all. but pic quality sucked worse than a paris hilton skin video. aso all day friday i couldnt use it so i took it back today, got up early as not to rush back for work. got a 17 inch envision flat screen, just as nice but all metal. pic quality is a little better, but for some reason as other flat screen, pics on lc are fuzzy, wtf is the deal? if this doesnt work out i'll take it back and get my refund and worry about a screen when i get back from my trip in early december, yup i got 6.5 days left b4 i cross this nation and back. if anyone had or uses a flat screen, let me know how the quality of pics are on them. just dont remember them being so bad on my last one. i might be doing something wrong, so leave some input please, thanks.....goooooo yankees
My Sexual Zodiac
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
ESCAPE i am free free from your grip letting go of our love giving up on our future letting eternity set in finally walking away feeling the pain disapate i am happy again i am me again my friends will return once again i'll be accepted now that ive broken free your hate cant hurt me your lies cant burn me i have escaped
why do i hurt i cant understand why when i look in the mirror i seem so bland why do i hate no matter the reason why does my mood change more often then the season why do you love me and treat me this way why does it seem im living out one endless day why do i care that im all alone why do i pray that i can come home why do i writ but dont want them to read why do i say i love you if you dont take heed why when you bleed i'm the one that crys why can no one answer my why's
Sexual Dictionary Definition Of Me
Robert -- [adjective]:Like in nature to a human dildo 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Metal Years Soundtrack
DECLINE OF THE WESTERN CIVILZAITION PART 2-THE METAL YEARS IS THE CLASSIC ALBUM OF THE DAY,AS I AM JAMMIN THE RECORDS TODAY!! LOOK FOR MY SHOW COMING ONLINE SOOOON! DJKRIS2FUR song of the moment is Colleen by Seduce... great memories of a good friend I knew in MD,that i got to meet thru metal edge magazine and we chilled in mid 1994,i saw forrest gump with with her!! If anyone knows her,Colleen Ferrick from Rockville,MD tell christopher brown says hey,the Mr Big fan..we both played bass,thats how we met,thanks to Billy's bands music... DJKRIS2FUR.COM
Hi Every One
Iam having so much fun on this site and if you want to add please free to do so thanks , Cindy
First Entry
this is my first entry. hopefully not the last. i recently joined this site. i really like this site. cya later. marc
'what Crazy Thing Are You Aroused By
As it turns out, sherri is aroused by ... Psychotic clowns 'What crazy thing are you aroused by?' at
Your Halloween True Self Is
YOUR HALLOWEEN TRUE SELF IS: "FREDA THE FRENCH MAID" You are the sexiest maid ever! Take this quiz at
What Pumpkin Are U ?
Please Vote
Hey guys i have enter another BBW contest and i would like to get some votes from my friends please I try to vote on my friends that enter contest so please return the favor here is the link if you want to vote
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion83%Eyes full of Pain67%Diamond Eyes67%Mysterious33%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
If You Like Stewie You Will Like This
done for me by a good buddie of mine here on lc buzzer hope you like it
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion100%Diamond Eyes75%Mysterious42%Eyes full of Pain17%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Chinese Proverbs To Make You Smile
Passionate kiss like spider's web, soon lead to undoing of fly. Man who run in front of car get tired. Man who run behind car get exhausted. Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day. Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ. Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok. Man with one chopstick go hungry. Man who scratches butt should not bite fingernails. Man who eat many prunes get good run for money. Baseball is wrong, man with four balls cannot walk. Panties not best thing on earth but next to best thing on earth. War not determine who right, war determine who left. Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house. Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night. It take many nails to build crib but one screw to fill it. Man who drive like hell bound to get there. Man who stand on toilet is high on pot. Man who lives in glass house should change clothes in basement.
Alabama Slammer (5)
1 oz. Southern Comfortģ 1 oz. Amaretto 1 oz. Sloe Gin 1 oz. Orange Juice Collins Glass Fill glass with ice the mix the ingredients in the order listed: So co then amerreto then sloe gin then orange juice.
What Kind Of Angel Where You?
You scored as Guardian Angel. You were a guardian angel! Before you were sent down to Earth to live and be tested, you were a beautiful guardian angel who faught off evil and protected humans even the ones who didnt deserve it. You risked everything to protect them because for some reason you just naturally had a fondness of them. Humans felt protected when you were around even though they couldnt see you secretly keeping them safeGuardian Angel100%Angel of Hope100%Angel of Guidance93%Angel of Good Fortune93%Angel of Prayer71%Angel of Death43%What kind of an Angel were you before your life on Earth? (kool anime pics)created with
More On The Scorpio
Scorpio Scorpio is known for its intensity and personal magnetism. Members of this sign have tremendous inner strength, which when properly developed, gives them great power to turn negative situations into positive outcomes, and to rechannel destructive energy into constructive purposes. There may be times when you feel that you must constantly struggle with difficult situations. Yet this ability to turn adversity into fortune strengthens you each time, and as you continue through life you grow stronger and more skilled, with ever-increasing confidence. Scorpio is often compared to the Phoenix, a mythical bird which was reborn from its own ashes, more powerful and beautiful than ever before. Scorpios are usually inspiring and dynamic. Through intelligence, determination and a persuasive personality, they can often be found in positions of leadership or influence. Well-liked and admired, Scorpios are generally identified by forceful yet graceful body movements and an intense, h
Ok Are U Reading Or Looking??
ok i do notice people are checking out my blogs but wondering do u even read em??? an how come no one ever lets me know what they think of the random shit i post inputs would be nice u guys come on show the love damn it....
Robin Williams' Peace Plane
Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan ... what we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message. I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan. 1. The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Noriega,Milosovich and the rest of those good ol' boys: We will never "interfere"again. 2. We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea and the Philippines. They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one sneaking through holes in the fence. 3. All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of who or where they are. France would welcome them. 4. All future visitors will be thoroughly checked
Me In Shower
i could get into an action flim like this, lol More Funny Videos at GOYK.COM
Common Complicity
Today?? What is today?? Today is a day I am growing to hate. Tomorrow? What does tomorrow holD?? A bunch of fake prayers and some tears. I will not go to church. The hyprocracy is so great.. Say I believe in these rules... Though I shall break them when I leave... Not very Christiany... Why should I see the light of a situation?? When the dark side is so much better.. So much funnier... Easy to deal with.. A common complicity.. A truth of a world few admit to knowing....
Sick Baby
just wanted y'all to know if you dont see me on much its because both my kids are sick. my daughter may or may not have whooping cough so im stuck at home right now with 2 sick kids and not a whole lot of puter time. for those who have my number, dont be afraid to call, always have time for the
Fast Food In Africa
More Funny Videos at GOYK.COM
I Could Just Cry
So I am due to leave for California in a few days and this morning I wake up with a massive toothache. Luckily there are some painkillers lying around the house. Take half of one in the morning and it does absolutely nothing, so I take a whole one this afternoon and it knocks me out for about 4 hours. When I wake up my jaw is swollen and looks like I have been punched. I know it is going to have to be pulled which is not a problem. The problem is it is now early Saturday evening and I wont be able to have anything done to it til Monday. This sux.
The Latest Terrorist Scare...
I haven't studied chemistry since school, so I have no basis to judge this story on mixing chemicals, but I do remember that to make gunpowder you need some basic ingredients which none of the below include. Toothpaste, bottled water, shampoo, baby formula, hair gel. All these things that are now deemed too dangerous to bring with you in your carry-on luggasge on an airplane. Well to be exact, since August 10, when British authorities "foiled" a terror plot by Islamic extremists to blow up ten planes on the way from London to America. The official story goes like this: According to the British and U.S. governments, the suspected hijackers were going to use TATP--triacetone triperoxide--to blow themselves and thousands of airline passengers to kingdom come. TATP is an explosive that can purportedly be made from some rather inconspicuous liquid components, such as drain cleaner, hair dye and paint thinner, which the terrorists wanted to smuggle on board in simple drink bot
Michael Jackson Actin Up Again
More Funny Videos at GOYK.COM
A Shell (poem)
You may see a face made from stone , yet i see a face made from pain. You wonder why I am the way I am. all of the pain has made me who I am. I look in the mirrow everyday and see someone I dont know anymore. I see a shadow of what once was I see an empty shell of one who used to shine I see no laughter in eyes that once shown bright with laughter You ask me why dont I try and change I tell you I have why should i bother with empty emotions, emotions that are not part of who I am? Once a bright soul lived here. now darkness dwells here. why should i bother with a world that does not care about how much pain it causes me? why should i bother with a world were I am nothing Just let my soul morn its lose just let the darkness over take me , for i dont care anymore Just let me go......
Lost Love Found Me On!!!
Dayum how sweet it is to be found by a long lost love interest on's my lil story.... Last week when I had recieved a message from a guy on LostCherry saying "hey I know you cause we use to dance together all the time in the club" I had said ok it had caught me completely offguard until the point that I was like hold on up who is this? He had told me Sean he was but it still didn't register until I saw his pictures on yahoo.I was oh dayummmmmmmmm where the hell have you been or how the hell have you been doing ain't seen you in about 10 years. Sean and I haven't seen or heard from each other in over 10 years up until now. And to be found by him,someone who once had deep feelings for me and I the same for him but couldn't share or react on them same feelings back cause he was already spoken for so therefore,I had to keep them bottled up and noone knew about them feelings but us.....hummmmmmmmm "Inquiring Minds Wanna Know Right"....lmaoooo "Yes there is
Comming Soon
dog the bounty hunter pic. comming soon to my album. haveing some trubel with some of the pic. if any one out there has any pic. of the dog and his family feel free to let me know and e mail them to me and i'll put them up in the album. thanks a lot my cherry friends thehogman
Boredom At Its Best
well, it's been a busy busy busy few days. mom and dad are out of town so i've been taking my little bro to and from work. busy doig so many other things i dont have time for my online i love my online buddies. : ) i got the new evanescence cd the other day, got the little mermaid on dvd.hehehe love that movie, and my mom got me the anniversary dvd of grease, complete with leather t-bird jacket it's great. right now i'm enjoying the silence of my apartment, tony's sleeping and troy isn't home from work i'm chillin and fartin around on the computer...but i have to do laundry...uggg i hate doing laundry. well that's enough rambling for now...
Oh Why
Why does it hurt so bad when you love someone so much and you miss them. I am so in love and it is starting to kill me that my man is so close to coming home to me but he is still so far away. And then knowing that he might have to go back in 11 months of getting back hurts even more. Knowing that we will be oh so close by then and then him up and leaving. I know I am a very strong woman but I don't know if I will be able to do this again. I know I will always have support but some don't know what my heart feels. And words can't begain to explain how much I really love him. My heart longs for him and his touch now just imagine what it will be like in a year. Living with him for 10 months. I don't know what to think anymore. I know I never want to lose him. He is the man of my dreams and he treats me so well. Well now i am kind if better getting this all out in the open!! Much love!!
Im Never Dating A Scorpio
Never Date a Scorpio Jealous, paranoid, and possessive - deep down, your Scorpio will never trust you. And even if you are very trust worthy person, Scorpio's paranoia may drive you to act out. Instead try dating: Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius What Sign Shouldn't You Date?
Neuropathy is a disease that affects the nervous system in the peripheries. There are four main types of nerve damage: polyneuropathy (more than one site), mononeuropathy (just one site), autonomic neuropathy (your autonomic nervous system), and mononeuritis multiplex. The most common type is peripheral polyneuropathy of which the most common cause by far is diabetes. In diabetic neuropathy, the high sugar levels in the blood damage the nerves over time & causes symptoms of pins & needles, numbness and even severe pain mainly in the feet and legs. It's important to understand that having some neuropathy does not necessary mean that it will lead to a serious problem. However, the exact cause should be investigated and treated where possible as the cause of neuropathy is usually more serious than the neuropathy itself. The treatments for neuropathy depends on the type of neuropathy, but it usually includes strong opoid pain medications and medications that affect the nervous system such
Im So Dirty I Make Christina Clean Hahaha
Your Stripper Song Is Dirrty by Christina Aguelera "Too dirrty to clean my act up If you ain't dirrty You ain't here to party" You're so dirty, you make Christina look clean. What Song Should You Strip To?
Wow what a weekend it has been my sis and neice came for a visit yesterday it was so great seeing them!! Hopefully soon they well get moved closer that will be so nice. For some reason it that all the kids and there friends want to stay here this weekend but decided that was cool since my leg really seems to be hurting, so NO NIGHT OUT WITH THE GIRLS!! Told the kids next weekend mommy was having mom time and so they get to go to friends houses. Well hope everyone ou there is having a wonderful safe weekend and we will post again later. HUGSSSS AND KISSSESSS
How Sarcastic Am I
You Have Your Sarcastic Moments While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge. In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead! And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in. Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious. How Sarcastic Are You?
Men Vs Women
Subject: FW: RE: Male versus Female T >>> >>> 1. THINGY (thing-ee) n. >>>Female...... Any part under a car's hood. >>>Male..... The strap fastener on a woman's bra. >>> >>>2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj. >>>Female.... Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. >>>Male.... Playing football without a cup. >>> >>>3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n. >>>Female... The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner. >>>Male... Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys. >>> >>>4. COMMITMENT (ko-mit-ment) n. >>>Female.... A desire to get married and raise a family. >>>Male...... Trying not t
Raven Rileys Real Blog Diary
Raven Rileys Real Blog Diary My real blog is located at ravenrileydiary
I Want To Get Screwed
A traveler knocked on the door of the house where a cabdriver had told him he could be sexually accommodated. An eye-level panel slid open and a female voice asked what he wanted. "I want to get screwed," said the man. "OK, mister, but this is a private club, so slip twenty bucks as an initiation fee through the mail slot," answered the voice. The man slid his $20 bucks in, the panel was closed. Minutes passed and nothing happened. He began to pound on the door insistently, and the panel slid open again. "Hey," exclaimed the sport, "I want to get screwed!" "What?" said the voice, "Again?"
Code Word For Sex
A husband and wife decided they needed to use "code" to indicate that they wanted to have sex without letting their children in on it. They decided on the word Typewriter. One day the husband told his five year old daughter, "Go tell your mommy that daddy needs to type a letter". The child told her mother what her dad said, and her mom responded, "Tell your daddy that he can't type a letter right now cause there is a red ribbon in the typewriter." The child went back to tell her father what mommy said. A few days later the mom told the daughter, "Tell daddy that he can type that letter now." The child told her father, returned to her mother and announced, "Daddy said never mind with the typewriter, he already wrote the letter by hand.
Just got home. Im beyond tired. Like im ready to just collapse. I feel like shit. I look like deathe. But today was pretty awesome. < 3 Kims my lovah < 3
Yes, well, kinda, maybe, ummm, no? I could, should, maybe would, but... you know? It's just, well there isn't really a reason, it's more that... Yeah, but, ummm... well, you know? I would, but... Well, I won't lie to you, it's like this, well, in a way it is, it's sorta... Ok, yes, well, kinda, maybe, no?
To All My Lc Friends!!!
If a kiss was a raindrop... I'd send you showers. If hugs were a second... I'd send you hours. If smiles were water... I'd send you the sea. If friendship was a person... I'd send you me. If you dont send this to at least 10 will be left with no friends because they won't know that you appreciate them. This poem shows lots of send this to all of your friends and let them know you care
You Feel.ti Wrote This Poem For My Uncle Rip =(
When you lose someone You feel like that person is still there but they're not, believe it or not. You think of all the good things you've done with that person, and cry because he died. But we tried, to bring him back. But all we can do is remember the past. But you have to see that the person, who died went somewhere good.
Horsie Ride
Little Johnny is passing his parents bedroom in the middle of the night, in search of a glass of water. Hearing a lot of moaning and thumping, he peeks in and catches his folks in the Act. Before dad can even react, Little Johnny exclaims, "Oh boy! Horsie ride! Daddy can I ride on your back?" Daddy was relieved that Johnny's not asking more uncomfortable questions, and seeing the opportunity not to break his stride, he agrees. Johnny hops on and daddy starts going to town. Pretty soon mommy starts moaning and gasping. Johnny cries out "Hang on tight, Daddy! This is the part where me and the milkman usually get bucked off!"
Once Upon A Time...
Once Upon A Time, there was a married woman, and she was not happy about her sex life, so she goes to see her doctor about it. Her doctor gives her some pills and tells her to put one in her husband's glass of water before going to sleep and then HAVE FUN. The woman comes back home and tries it the first night. She puts one pill in her husband's glass of water. And that night they have sex. The next night, the woman was happy but not quite content yet, decides to use two pills. That night their love making was even better then the night before. So the third night she decided that if two pills was great, then she would put all the pills in the glass of water. A week later, the doctor calls her house and asks: "Hello, how's the whole family doing??" The son, who answered the phone, answers: "Well, my Mom's dead, my Sister's pregnant, My ass hurts and my Dad is running around naked outside screaming, 'Here KITTY KITTY'."
Everyday this condition gets worse. the only way to cope is to drop a verse. i keep my past hidden away and thats where its going to stay day by day, slowly killing myself to bad whats going on will stay on my shelf. its too hard to trust so i lie everyday, its a must i push them down an hide these emotions to make it appear im fine and give the notion that im cool and everything is perfect knowing all the well if you were in my shoes you'd have gone bizurk(sp) i smile and make believe that things couldnt be better and make you percieve the im fine and 'normal' knowing all the while my heart hurts with a pain thats horrible so this is the truth and its what im sayin you may think this is a game an im playin but i dont know where to turn and it seems like the end its just how i feel... i have no "Friends"
Hey Dad look at me Think back and talk to me Did I grow up according To plan? Do you think Iím wasting My time doing things I Wanna do? But it hurts when you Disapprove all along And now I try hard to make it I just want to make you proud Iím never gonna be good Enough for you I canít pretend that Iím alright And you canít change me ĎCuz we lost it all Nothing lasts forever Iím sorry I canít be Perfect Now itís just too late And we canít go back Iím sorry I canít be Perfect I try not to think About the pain I feel inside Did you know you used to be My hero? All the days You spent with me Now seem so far away And it feels like you donít Care anymore And now I try hard to make it I just want to make you proud Iím never gonna be good Enough for you I canít stand another fight And nothingí alright ĎCuz we lost it all Nothing lasts forever Iím sorry I canít be Perfect Now itís just too late And we canít go back Iím sorry I ca
Live In The Sky
Got back from Bryan's funeral earlier, god it was so hard to say goodbye. I couldn't stop crying, trying to think of all the good times to try and stop is easier said than done T_T...I remembered when me and Bryan were high and drunk were fucking around talking about having babies to freak out Shawn and Ashley. I can't stop but think what would have happened if we did end up getting me preggo and thinking that him dying would have never happened...or if he never went out that night what would have happened..if i called over at Shawn's to talk to Bryan like I kept telling myself I was going to but didn't T_T might have kept him in the house longer and he wouldn't have left that night. I can't help but thinking all that. There is always going to be flying that thought around my head. God he was only 21 years old...he was a big kid, so sweet, funny, cute...he was just one of the most awsome people I have ever met in my life...saying but i just wanna ride my bikeee in that cute little kid
What Is it, with Men? Can All the Most of them do Is think is with that thing between their legs?? Dont SOME of them Have Compassion and UNDERSTANDING that When they Are in the Mood,.. the Woman May Not Be? If It was up to me I would put a Chasity Device On Every one Of them Sex Hungry Men Who THINK About it Every 2 Minutes!! Where have ALL the Real Gentle Men gone to?? a REAL man Would tell his girl that HE feels Like "Screwing" Geeeeeeez..its like Us Women arent to say Anything and hop on the Bed and Spread Our Legs,.... it has got to the Point where I dont go for that Anymore! Im Sorry But i Need to Rant...not like i Have Anyone Else who Understands where im coming from here.....:(
Marathon To Zion
Bricks fade Beige they seem As I perambulate Through this brickroad Destination O As I recollect my lungs Dragging to N Jumpstarting my drums As the line Seems distorced Yet I still Carry this Albatroz Wrapped around my conscience Down the curve On the path To Zion We ride To the State of Mind Of uncertainty Where sanity's evaluated On the drop of a dime I still stand Moth Fuckas At the gate It now rains Sharp darts In question mark shapes Quest is over I'm at the finishline Accomplished nothing As the logo states Start And I warm up to run again... __________________ "Sipping flesh outta monkey's back That Who ain't straight no more Met with the utopia that they could be the same thoughts Yet my sin can't fuck with my saint There they stand side by side with no arguments" I don't know what da fuck yall know about this...
Halo 3 Take A Look
Time Warp Baby...mmmmmmm.....sooo Hptt
Quick Thinking
A man and a woman meet at bar one day and are getting along really well. They decide to go back to the woman's house where they engage in passionate love making. The woman suddenly cocks her ear and says, "Quick my husband just got home, go hide in the bathroom!" So the man runs into the bathroom. Her husband comes up into the bedroom and looks at her. "Why are you naked?" he asks. "Well, I heard you pull up outside, so I thought I would come up here and get ready to recieve you." "Okay." the man replies "I'll go get ready." He goes into the bathroom before his wife can stop him and sees a naked man standing there clapping his hands. "Who the hell are you?!" the man asks. "I'm from the exterminator company, your wife called me in to get rid of the moths you are having problems with." The husband exclaims, "But you are naked!" The man then looks down and jumps back in surprise, and says... "Those little bastards!"
Well That Was Fun
So as the day went on the swelling got worse so Mom and I headed off to the emergency room to have my mouth checked out. Looks like it is an infection caused by a fractured tooth. All I know is it fucking hurts! So now I get the fun of taking an antibiotic for the next 7 days and the doctor also liked me enough to prescribe oxy-codone. WooHOO!!!! Looks like I will be getting alot of sleep. So I will stay signed on here but if I dont answer y'all know why!
Okay About Me...
FAV'S LIST Color: Black Crayon color: Black Marker smell: Cherry Time of day: Night Food: Chinese Desert: Cheesecake Candy: green blow pop Game type: RPG Game: Halo Most times killed in one halo match: 15 Most times killed others: 8 How many hours spent on games per week: 10 Hours online per week 20 Toy: tickle me elmo Place in world: Ireland Place in USA: N.C. Thing to do: fuck Band: Metallica Song: Poision 'Alice Cooper' Club song: Hot in here' Type of guy: long hair, black clothes, voice Type of clothes: black black black Flower: black rose Animal: white tiger Saying: 'To be or not to be that is the question' Famous dude: Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Rob Schnider Body part: neck Possession: Diamond engagment ring belonged to my grandmother Movie: Freddy and Jason movies Show: Charmed, Dark Angel and South Park That's all i can come up with, if you can come with any more to ask me just let me know.
Nudist Colony
Bob joins a very exclusive nudist colony. On his first day he takes off his clothes and starts wandering around. A gorgeous petite blonde walks by him and the man immediately gets an erection. The woman notices his erection, comes over to him grinning sweetly and says: "Sir, did you call for me?" Bob replies: "No, what do you mean?" She says: "You must be new here; let me explain. It's a rule here that if I give you an erection, it implies you called for me." Smiling, she then leads him to the side of a pool, lays down on a towel, eagerly pulls him to her and happily lets him have his way with her. Bob continues exploring the facilities. He enters a sauna, sits down, and farts. Within a few seconds a huge, horribly corpulent, hairy man with a firm erection lumbers out of the steam towards him. The Huge Man says: "Sir, did you call for me?" Bob replies: "No, what do you mean?" The Huge Man: "You must be new here; it is a rule that when you fart, it implies you called for me." The
My First Time
Okay, relax. I mean it's my first time writing a blog. Ever. Yes, really. I was dragged into the 21st century by my wife. I don't know, I never think I have anything interesting to write about, so why bore cyberspace? I guess anything would do. After all, I wrote this babbling nonsense, and you did read it, right? Hmmmm...not so bad after all.
What Do You Belive In Or Not ?
Ok everyone I would like to know what type of things you belive in or you do not belive in! I myslef belive in ghost,and I will tell you why that is. Ad then I want to hear from you all about this. Ok here is my story about beliving in ghost. It has been a little over four years (2002) that my father-in-law past away ,we at that time lived upstairs from him and my mother-in-law,I helped take care of him the hole time he was sick so I was even more closer to him but we had always been close.So after he past we decided to have my mother-in-law live with us so we could all help each other out with bills and stuff,To kind of make a long story short,That did not work out my mother-in-law only after six months started looking for a new man to have in her life well the 1st guy did not work out so she found a nother one,so need to say her living with us did not work out she left us to move in with him and left us with all most a 1,000 dollar house payment that she insisted we get,so we
Kwel Pic
The Financial Advisor
I received a call from Jim who introduced himself as a financial advisor from Smith Barney. He was offering a free review of my portfolio. ďOh good!Ē I said. ďWhich segment of my financial empire would you like to talk about first?Ē ďWell, what are your investment strategies, Chris?Ē Okay, so Jimís a little slow on the uptake. ďYa know, Jim, I was thinking about investing in chinchillas, but then I got a tip on the Ever Shine Diamond Mine from the colored guy down the hall. It seems that he got in on the ground floor and his investment has grown exponentially over the past few weeks. It looks like there could be a lot of untapped potential there.Ē ďTell me, Chris, what stocks do you own?Ē This guyís unbelievable. ďWell, I have about five thousand shares of Enron.Ē ďChris, I think it might be worth our while to get together and take a look at your holdings and see if they really fit your plans for the future.Ē I give up. ďHey, Jim.Ē ďYes?Ē ďI donít know h
A Wise Man
A wise man once said, "I have less friends than I do enemies, fortunately Christmas will be cheap this year,"
What Will Ur Sex Bussiness Card Say!
Canadianmeany Sexpert 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Joy Happiness Is Good, The Place To Be Happy Is Here, The Time To Be Happy Is Now, The Way To Be Happy Is To Help Make Others Happy, Happiness Is Good.
Love Potion
This guy goes to the pharmacist and says, "Listen, these two girls are coming to my place for the weekend and they are hot, very hot. Would you have something to get me going all night. It is going to be hell of a party." The pharmacist goes in the back room, comes back with an old dusty bottle and says, "This stuff is very potent, you drink only one ounce of it and I guarantee that you will be doing the wild thing all night. Let me know about it." The weekend goes by and on Monday morning, the pharmacist is going to work and at the door of the drug store, the same fellow is there waiting for him. The pharmacist says, "What are you doing here so early? How was your weekend?" The guy replies, "Quick open the store, I need Blue Ice (a pain muscle reliever). The pharmacist, knowing what the guy had been doing all weekend, says, "Are you crazy, you can't put that on your penis. The skin is way too sensitive." The guy says, "It's not for my penis, it's for my arm. " Pharmacist
oxycodone good!!!!!
Fraggle Rock!!!!!
so since i have been out of it most of the last couple days i left my computer signed on to LC anyway. I have 31 pending friend requests at this point..who'da thunk I would ever be so popular...lmao
6x6 Matrix just copy n paste this web add into ur browser
What Do My Eyes Reveal About Me?
You scored as Eyes full of Pain. People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.Eyes full of Pain83%Mysterious50%Diamond Eyes0%Passion0%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Another Ghost Story !
Ok I have to tell you a little about my grandmother.She lived on her own after my grandfather past away.So my faily thaught it would be a good idea to get her a pet to keep her company.So they got her a black dog I dont remember what kind it was.So my grandmother and her black dog lived in her house for a long time.Then the dog got sick and then had to put her to sleep she had something wrong with her that they could not fix.Then a few years after we had to do that to the dog my grandmother got sick with cancer and we had to put her in a nursing home because she got to bad to stay home.Well after a few years of dealing with the cancer she past away in Oct of 1999.And witch at this time my youngest daughter was only 15 months old,so she reall never had the chance to know her great grandmother.Well as my daughter was growing up i would hear her playing and talking to someone,so when she was about 3 and 1/2 I asked her one day who was she talking to and she siad mom you know who i am talk
What My Eyes Show
You scored as Mysterious. You wish to hide who you are from all those around you. You find it very hard to trust people. You also may enjoy the fun that comes from playing mind games with others around you.My advice Get out there and reveal the true you if only to one person!Mysterious67%Passion58%Diamond Eyes33%Eyes full of Pain33%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with

Maybe If You Understood How Much A Broken Heart, A Shattered Dream, And A Dying Soul Hurts... Maybe Then, You Would Think Before Causing Someone Misery!
Sotd - Meds
The album this song is from came out in April, but I've recently started listening to it again....AWESOME! by Placebo I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget, what happened to us, what happened to me, what happened as i let it slip. I was confused by the powers that be, forgetting names and faces, Passers by, were looking at me, as if they could erase it. Baby...did you forget to take your meds? Baby...did you forget to take your meds? I was alone, staring over the ledge, Trying my best not to forget, all manner of joy, all manner of glee, and our one heroic pledge. How it mattered to us, how it mattered to me, and the consequences. I was confused, by the birds and the bees, forgetting if i meant it. Baby..did you forget to take your meds? Baby..did you forget to take your meds? Baby..did you forget to take your meds? Baby..did you forget to take your meds? And the sex and the drugs, and the complications. And the sex and the dr
Ladies Enjoy
Saturday, October 07, 2006 ladies enjoy Eight Words with two Meanings > > 1. THINGY (thing-ee) n. > >Female..... Any part under a car's hood. > >Male.... The strap fastener on a woman's bra. > > > >2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj. > >Female.... Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. > >Male.... Playing football without a cup. > > > >3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n. > >Female... The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner. > >Male... Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys. > > > >4. COMMITMENT (ko-mit-ment) n. > >Female... A desire to get married and raise a family. > >Male...... Trying not to hit on other women while out with this one. > > > >5. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n. > >Female.... A good movie, concert, play or book. > >Male...... Anything that can be done while drinking beer. > > > >6. FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n. > >Female... An embarrassing byproduct of indiges
What Your Kinky Turn On
You scored as Blind Folds. Your turn on is the blindfold. When you can't see, that makes your other senses more aware... including your sense of touch. So who wouldn't enjoy being blindfolded???? Sex isn't sex without enhancing your sense of touch.Blind Folds100%Chains/Handcuffs58%Whips25%Bondage17%Biting17%Blood8%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Outside Looking In
Once I was on the inside looking out. Now I'm on the outside looking in. Like the little street boy standing in front of the candy store. Staring in the window at all the treats he can't have.

I May Not See You As Often As I Like. I May Not Get To Hold You In My Arms All Through The Night. But Deep In My Heart I Truely Know, You're The One That I Love, And I Can't Let You Go, Never.
A Prayer For You
"A Prayer For You" I Said A Prayer For You Today And Know God Must Have Heard I Felt The Answer In My Heart Although He Spoke No Word. I Didn't Ask For Wealth Or Fame I Knew You Wouldn't Mind I Asked Him To Send Treasures Of A Far More Lasting Kind. I Asked That He'd Be Near You At The Start Of Each New Day To Grant You Health And Blessings And Friends To Share Your Way. I Asked For Happiness For You In All Things Great And Small But It Was For His Loving Care I Prayed For The Most.
Believe In Yourself
"Believe In Yourself" Believe In Yourself- In The Power That You Have To Control Your Own Life. Believe In The Strength That You Have Deep Inside, And Your Faith Will Help Show You The Way. Believe In Tomorrow, And What It Will Bring- For Things Always Work-out, If You Trust And Believe That There's No Limit To What You Can Do.
Balance Is The Key.
We walk the distorted road of life alone. The experiences we share with others enable us to endure the travel we take, but ultimately what we do; we do it alone. The ennui, that is the depression of this Isolation, can be more than we can handle at times as we seek to define ourselves and our lives by our interpreation of experience. This Depression often leads us to label ourselves "dark" and to ultimate lie to ourselves that we find comfort in it; or likewise to over indulge in that which flood ourlives with those experiences that bring us hollowed joys and call ourselves "light". No matter what we label ourselves, these labels show, presuppose and aspect of life that is Detrimental. Life is Balance, not excess. Being Dark or Being Light is a Delusion. Why? Metaphorically speaking, these terms tell of being either withdrawn, or fully available. Dark means one is Isolated, emotionally "dead" and suffering from the lack of interaction. Being Light mean one fully exposes
What Do You Think?
Bell Four
A man who worked for a fire company came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station. Bell 1 rings and we put on our jackets. Bell 2 rings and we slide down the pole. Bell 3 rings and we're on the trucks ready to go. From now on we're going to run this house the same way. When I say bell 1, I want you to strip naked. When I say bell 2, I want you to jump into bed. When I say bell 3, we're going to screw all night. The next night he came home from work and yelled, "Bell 1," and his wife took off all here clothes. "Bell 2," and his wife jumped into bed. "Bell3," and they began to screw. After 2 minutes his wife yelled, "Bell 4." "What's this Bell 4?" asked her husband. "More hose," she replied, "You're nowhere near the fire!"
She's Everything - Brad Paisley
She's a yellow pair of running shoes A holey pair of jeans She looks great in cheap sunglasses She looks great in anything She's I want a piece of chocolate Take me to a movie She's I can't find a thing to wear Now and then she's moody She's a Saturn with a sunroof With her brown hair a-blowing She's a soft place to land And a good feeling knowing She's a warm conversation That I wouldn't miss for nothing She's a fighter when she's mad And she's a lover when she's loving And she's everything I ever wanted And everything I need I talk about her, I go on and on and on 'Cause she's everything to me She's a Saturday out on the town And a church girl on Sunday She's a cross around her neck And a cuss word 'cause its Monday She's a bubble bath and candles Baby come and kiss me She's a one glass of wine And she's feeling kinda tipsy She's the giver I wish I could be And the stealer of the covers She's a picture in my wallet Of my unborn children's mot
I'm Having My First Contest!!
I'm having my very first contest ~ the Sexiest Ass contest..... go give these guys some votes and comments!!
Long Day
Man today was a very long day. I meet few people on here and a few people stoped by the house today. Big ups to rosepedal. She is a really nice person. So today me and my roommate were just chillin out at the house. Our friend Jessica came over and was sick. I had to take her to the hospital cause she has a nerve problem. So once i drop her off i had to go find her boyfriend. I found him and took him to the hospital. I then came back to my appartment thinkin i was goin to chill. My roommate found out that the police my come search our house in the next couple of days. Fun lol. So we cleaned up a little and now i'm just chillin bored. The parties tonight are few and far between. Our football team lost the game today so everyone really isn't that crunk. All my friends please leave me a message on this one lol. This had been a bitch of a day lol.
Do You Smoke?
Just a random K.i.T thought for all of us smokers: Death. That's what it is. Death for you, for those around you. A slow process of toxins invading your body, attacking it in ways it doesn't know how to defend against. Your death,and the death of countless others. Where do you think that smoke goes? The smoke that we exhale after our bodies have taken the toxins into our mouths, swirling around inside the darkness , down our throats, teasing and tantalizing our sick desires, to settle in our once pure lungs? To the air. The air that everyone else breaths. Mingling and mixing with the one thing people could never survive without. Your death, their death. Killing people you will never know, never come to befriend. Murderer. That's all it is really. A piece of death wrapped in a fine paper, shoved into a box and sold for 5 dollars a pack. You're not buying your stress relief, you're buying your death. Your unhealthy addiction to an inevitable end. But so what? You, and every
Date 10-08-06 Time 1:06 Am
i am off to bed all nite nite .. talk to when i get on to LC in the am bye4now :0) hugs Jill
Get Stoned
Hinder Get Stoned Music Video
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I saw this movie tonight. I say movie because of course I would not put it into the category of a film...cos I'm a snob. But anywho...if you know me, you know that I am obsessed with the horror genre. I loved the original TCM and I loved the remake a few years ago. I was really looking forwawrd to this one...and I definitely wasn't dissapointed. It rocked. Full of gore and crying and screaming. I was really suprised by some of it though. A lot of the characters lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. I loved it because you got to see why a lot of stuff from TCM (2003) was the way it was. How the sherrif became sherrif, how he lost his front teeth, how Monty lost his legs, etc. Good times. I also liked how they took a lot of things from the original one from the 70's and put it in this movie. Like the famous dinner scene. That was in the original movie. Of course it was modified a little bit to fit this story, but it even had the main girl jumping out of a window. Rock. Most
There I was standing on the back porch doing what every normal person in this world does, I was letting my dogs out to potty and catch a moment's peace. There as I walked out onto the porch was something that caught my eyes and took my breath away, the changing of the leaves. Signally the end of Summer finally and the beginning of my favorite time of year. You know the time of year when you can curl up with a cup of hot Chocolate and sit on the patio and just take in all of mother nature's wonder. I feel at the peace during this time of year, It is a time when I can look on the past year and look forward to the new one ahead. It was during this moment out of the deck that I realized how much I despertally wanted to be around for another change of the season's, to be around when fall harvest is upon us, and when the trickery of halloween's to come intrigue us. But, there in the back of my mind was that naggy reminder that my life will never be the same again, I will never again look at
""i've Tasted Burns" Cold
its all the same these words heard them all before its all the same these tears have fallen before its all the same gone now everyone leaves me its all the same this feeling lonliness fills me its all the same why now will it ever change?
The Court Jester
Messing around with Grunge
Ohhh Dear!!!!!
Copied From Shar
Number 10 "Life" is sexually transmitted. Number 9 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die Number 8 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. Number 7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. Number 6 Some people are like a Slinky..... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. Number 5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. Number 4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. Number 3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents? Number 2 In the 60s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now The world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. AND THE
I Can C
As the ol' song goes " Holloween is everyday" Nice holiday, but when UR as myself, and have a funny knack of just seeing thru people, No 1 at at needs a coustume. Courtesy of and please B safe!
Hmmm Seems Its True
noticed since i started doin these,and god knows how long i will carry on doin em ? that its the same people all the time coming over and reading this,leaving comments,why do we all have 100's of friends when its the same 20 or 30 that DO bother seeing what your upto and whats going on with ya ? just my thoughts thats all
Ok Night
slept sorta ok last night,i really must stop sitting at my desk with my feet up like now cos my right leg keeps going dumb and thats not good either,its still there but not as bad,just have to see how it goes during the day,off the Vale laters (my football/soccer team) so want it right for then,best find them pain killers then lol
Still Frame
Still Frame Video - Trapt lyricsTrapt Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
A little boy was sitting on the curb with a gallon of turpentine and shaking it up and watching all the bubbles. A little while later a Priest came along and asked the little boy what he had. The little boy replied, "This is the most powerful liquid in the world, it's called turpentine." The Priest said, "No, the most powerful liquid in the world is Holy Water. If you take some of this Holy Water and rub it on a pregnant women's belly, she'll pass a healthy baby." The little boy replied, "You take some of this here turpentine and rub it on a cat's ass and he'll pass a Harley Davidson."
Any Ladies Interested In Doing Porn
hey is there any ladies who are nterested in doing porn of all types if so then get at me on here in a private message or message me on yahoo im mobius6192006
I should be in bed asleep, most people are right now, but they don't have the problems I have.for 1, I can't sleep, and for 2 I'm worrying about my son, thats in jail right now...He is facing a prison sentence, if he don't get out of jail soon and join the national gaurds, he will be gone for a long time....we are doing everything that we can to get him out, but it's hard when they set his bond at 75,000 dollars..most people don't have 7,500 to get their kid out of jail...we don't but are checking on getting a loan from the bank soon...he was actually starting to straighten his life up,then came along a asshole at my other sons school and started picking on my younger son, so my older son,went to tell this kids to stop bullying his the kid called the law and said that he pulled a knife on him,so they came and picked him up....thats how the law works here in my town, they go on hearsay...
Black Rose
with this black rose I leave for you. I pay with it your heart withers and dies to.with yoru coldness and lies you destroyed everything I had. now may your cold heart wither and die causing you half the pain you h ave caused me with your treachery. I hope this black rose slowley withers and dies so you will know half of the agony i felt just half of the pain i felt. May your body draw up and wither away to dust just like this rose.
Black Is My Blood
black is the blood that now beats from my cold dead heart. you played your games . had me fooled. god how you must have laughed at all the times you lied and i believed in you. once my blood beat red as yours now only black.
15 Ways To Keep Your Love Alive
1.Talk to each other. Best friends talk!!! Once the initial passion dies down, you are left with conversation. If there is no conversation then the relationship may only be built on the physical, and thus, not likely to last in the long-term. Find new things to talk about every day, even if it is just reporting your day to your loved-one. Talk about current events in the news, the plot of your favorite movie or just discuss plans for the next time you go out. Talking is the key to longevityÖdonít forget it! 2.Get away with each other. Take a trip together, whether for a night, a weekend or a week - it will breathe new life into your relationship, as well as test the waters by forcing you out of your Ďsafe" environment. Plus, you will be creating memories to last throughout your relationship. (Be sure to take pictures!) 3.Give gifts. Sure, you can survive on love alone - but why? Donít ever forget the importance of gifts! Donít feel like you must spend a fortune on gift-givi
Pleasure Promises
Pleasure promises, promisesÖ Through furled bud and new green leaf, Through banked brook and sun-warmed stone, Through star-rise in violet skies. Through feast set forth with savored care, Through flame refracted wine and fragrant rose, Through silvered bowl on mirrored wood, Pleasure makes its pledge to lips and eyes. Pleasure promises, but pleasure lies. But let a long-sought glance cross yours, Carrying the look of love, intent Like sun through lens, to burn; Let knowledge leap the circuits held apart By frozen doubt, and overload the heart: To shock delicious shudder from the flesh, That felt dawns past, and now new dawns to come; And let the fused energy ignite All senses promised-to in vain, Then pleasure promises, and does not lie again.
The Rose
A splendid rose stood all alone, Surrounded by a wall of stone. Around the wall were roses too, Yet neither knew the others grew. So often we like flowers dwell, Too deep within our human shell And pass through life ďnot understoodĒ - Nor making all the friends we should. So tear down those walls where we all hide, And in each other we should confide. For we are the same, yes you and me, We are people, not flowers - for eternity.
Real Friends?
why is it thet everytime u need ur friends they never there for you but yet you drop everything to help out your friends....hmmm
Mans First Happy Moment
MySpace Comments Graphics this is what all men want
Im Not A Lion
MySpace Comments Graphics lol funny
Do Not Disturb
MySpace Comments Graphics this is debora and jeff mmmmmm ohh yesss
Do Not Disturb
MySpace Comments Graphics this is debora and jeff mmmmmm ohh yesss
Do Not Disturb
MySpace Comments Graphics this is debora and jeff mmmmmm ohh yesss
Do Not Disturb
MySpace Comments Graphics this is debora and jeff mmmmmm ohh yesss
Do Not Disturb
MySpace Comments Graphics this is debora and jeff mmmmmm ohh yesss
Do Not Disturb
MySpace Comments Graphics this is debora and jeff mmmmmm ohh yesss
About Me...kinda...
Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me by onmyown2723 Height:: 5'9" or 175cm Weight:: Hehe...I don't think so... Right or left-handed:: Right Heritage:: English/French Canadian Are you in love?:: Only with my car How do you alleviate stress?:: Play my drums Do you swear?:: Fucken Oath If you could have any job, what would it be?:: Airline Pilot What are your favorite sports to watch?:: Rugby League (hey,I'm an Aussie) What was your first car?:: A bomb What kind of car do you have now?:: VB V8 Commodore Were you popular in high school?:: Did home schooling so yea..liked Do you like thunderstorms?:: Love them.. Is the glass half empty or half full?:: Half full Best places you have ever been?:: Hervey Bay Favorite food?:: Steak..blood rare Least favorite food?:: McDonalds or KFC What type of music do you dislike most?:: Rap/H
*why Pay All That $ 4analysis When There's Blogthings!*
Your Personality Is Idealist (NF) You are a passionate, caring, and unique person. You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals. You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily. Your heart tends to rule you. You can't make decisions without considering feelings. You seek out other empathetic people to befriend. Truth and authenticity matters in your friendships. In love, you give everything you have to relationships. You fall in love easily. At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career. With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with someone. As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style. On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours. The Three Question Personality Test ******************************************************** You Are An ENFP The Inspirer You love
My Pussy So Wet;
MySpace Comments Graphics haha made u look lol
*why Pay 4analysis....part2*
Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence Every part of your life has a beat, and you're often tapping your fingers or toes. You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time. You are probably a gifted musician of some sort - even if you haven't realized it. Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds. You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer. What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? **************************************************************************************************************** You Communicate With Your Ears You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker. What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions. You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself. Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod. How Do You Communic
To My Friends
MySpace Comments Graphics so cute
Lips that speak words that make my heart smile, Eyes that look deep with passion and fire, A touch that can always bring more than desire, For this is not mere fantasy, I know, You will forever reside in the depths of my soul, For that is the only place that true love can grow. SHARI PARKER
I'm So Druyink
My unc thought it would be cool to call me and give me shit because my other uncle had been so good to me thta i got a poem pubished dicated in his name. Well the othet got pised and now I feel bad. Bug oh weel because the other supports my ideas, the one i dedicated it too. I miss the other but he's never here.
This morning I have much to smile about though, I do not wish to go into such detail over that. I am smiling back of the people i have met, the sweetness and honesty I have encountered here. Most of you will come to know me as james, which there are different sides to the name. Though in truth, if you are kind and nice to me you shall hear, see, and know the heart of who I am. I am a writer of heart. I bring my attention to your words, I wrestle with thought as well as body, I am a man of different skills. Nothing is too much or beneath me. I fight for those I love and I protect others with words. I speak my mind and I am not afraid to show emotion. I cry, I laugh, I fear, I am human. I am a gentleman, and yet hold a naughty mind beneath my heart. I am a man, yet I attempt to stand between the sexes, rather closer to women, yet on my own. Any human no matter male or female, no matter the look or belief we all make mistakes. The key is learning from it. And one thing I value is the comm
Some One Like You
Why do you have to be that way?? Why do you have to talk about him like you love that fucker after only a week? Iím fucking tired of it stop comparing me to him I know Iím not as good as he is but you donít have to rub it in my face its like you want to hurt my fact you said your self that you didnít care if you did and i thought it was only going to be that once but now you just keep doing it...I donít want to even be friends with some one who deliberately hurts me like you do some one that doesnít care who they hurt as long as they feel better...some one like you I think we should just not talk for a while until you feel that you can talk to me with out making me feel like a worthless pile of shit.
Black Zodiac Sign
What sign of the Black Zodiac are you? The Lost SoulTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Sexual Issues
Although I really don't have any sexual issues (my hand will tell you otherwise :p), I find it's always good to take a refresher course every now and again and to seek new information to stay on top of my game. My friend, Renea, has posted a series of blogs under the title Sexual Issues. Each entry in the series focuses on a particular aspect of human sexuality. I find the material very informative and apparently well researched, and it is presented in an easy to read format. Please visit my friend Renea's profile for really informative information about the naughy nature of man/womankind. Neabear@ LostCherry
Large Party Easy One-pot Chili
3 lbs. ground beef 2 large onion, chopped 3 cans tomato soup 42.5 oz. diced tomatoes 2 15.5 oz. cans dark red kidney beans chili powder as desired salt and pepper as desired cayenne pepper (opt.) habenero sauce (opt.) Brown ground beef with salt pepper and chopped onion; drain. In crock pot, add browned beef mixture, tomato soup, tomatoes (including juices from can), and remaining ingredients. Let simmer for 4-6 hrs, then taste. If it doesn't have enough kick for you, add cayenne pepper or habenero sauce as desired. Serve with Tostitos chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives. Serves 6-8 This recipe can be prepared the night before. Prepare ground beef mixture, then mix with remaining ingredients in crock pot. Let sit in refrigerator overnight and simmer the next day.
Yes I know I havent been around liek at all lately, well that's because ive eben workin a lot, and have been goin out with ym friends, and really havent been in an onliney mood, call it a funkj, call it uhh yea dunno, but yes I'll try to be around a little more, hope alls well with everyone
What The F----
I know i'm a lil older then most and i have a problem thinking im a lil out of shape but i've summited my pic for butt,legs and tat. contest and have i been picked to be in these contest no it's always the same women I know i don't look that bad. So i feel these cotest are only for the young and for the ones that have perfect breast no stretch marks from kids ----you get what i'm saying . I'm sorry this just pisses me off that my wanting to be in the contest is over looked allthe time
Just thought I Would say Hi to all and good morning I hope everyone has a great day.....
Turkey Day
PREGNANT TURKEY STORY One year at Thanksgiving, my mom went to my sister's house for the traditional feast. Knowing how gullible my sister is, my mom decided to play a trick. She told my sister that she needed something from the store. When my sister left, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen, and inserted it into the turkey, and re-stuffed the turkey. She then placed the bird(s) back in the oven. When it was time for dinner, my sister pulled the turkey out of the oven and proceeded to remove the stuffing. When her serving spoon hit something, she reached in and pulled out the little bird. With a look of total shock on her face, my mother exclaimed, "Patricia, you've cooked a pregnant bird!" At the reality of this horrifying news, my sister started to cry. It took the family two hours to convince her that turkeys lay eggs! Yep..................SHE'S BLONDE!
Quiz 1
Your favorite thing to say in the bedroom is:Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Take this quiz at
Quiz 2
Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at
Justice In America
Sentence of Reid Remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it? Did you know his trial is over? Did you know he was sentenced? Did you see/hear any of the judge's comments on TV or Radio? Didn't think so. Everyone should hear what the judge had to say. Ruling by Judge William Young, US District Court. Prior to sentencing, the Judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say. His response: After admitting his guilt to the court for the record, Reid also admitted his "allegiance to Osama bin Laden, to Islam, and to the religion of Allah," defiantly stating, "I think I will not apologize for my actions," and told the court "I am at war with your country." Judge Young then delivered the statement quoted below: January 30, 2003, United States vs. Reid. Judge Young: "Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you. On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sen
Need A Las Vegas Booty Call
You would think with the number of available people who want to hook up why is it so difficult?
Quiz 5
Martini! Your sex life mostly resembles a Martini. You are suave, sophisticated and just a little kinky. You have an active sex life, but you only recruit the best to be your sex partners. Take this quiz at
Quiz 6
You should have sex outdoors You are the romantic type and enjoy being spontaneous. You are not that into having other people watch though, so make sure that there is no one else around before getting busy. Take this quiz at
Where Should U Have Sex??
You should have sex outdoors You are the romantic type and enjoy being spontaneous. You are not that into having other people watch though, so make sure that there is no one else around before getting busy. Take this quiz at
What Is Your Pornstar Name??
Your Pornstar Name is:Lolita Snow Take this quiz at
Quiz 7
You are 55% easy You are easy. You like sexÖ a lot. You do have some reservations about who you do it with though. Only the hottest of the hot. Take this quiz at
Wow That So Funny About Boobs Sizes!!!
Quiz 12
Wesley's sexual nickname: "Hairy Hot Dog" Take this quiz at
This Is What Your Money Goes Too(content Edit)
below is a pic that should explane it's self but i'll dumb it down for you.... and you may think im just parinoid but it maks sence to me.... this is a piece of abstract art that hangs above your head at the SACRAMENTO COURTHOUSE down off of bicentenial dr. in the RANCHO area... if you can't tell it is a giant VICE and in the middle of the giant vice is a wheel and tire ... just hanging in the loby just to remind you tht we pay themto us in there controle and with no regulations on how they spend our money i mean COME ON PEOPLE... this kinda irratated me to see...and i know im probly the only person in history to see what i see in the message... but it's a fucked up message if you ask me... WHAT DO YALL THINK????? HERE IS A CLOSE UP
You have a sexual IQ of 131 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Martini! Your sex life mostly resembles a Martini. You are suave, sophisticated and just a little kinky. You have an active sex life, but you only recruit the best to be your sex partners. Take this quiz at
Read Me
If a kiss was a raindrop... I'd send you showers. If hugs were a second... I'd send you hours. If smiles were water... I'd send you the sea. If friendship was a person... I'd send you me. If you dont send this to at least 10 will be left with no friends because they won't know that you appreciate them. This poem shows lots of send this to all of your friends and let them know you care
Where does a guy find a woman that is honest trustworth and loves cars? I would really like to know.
Ok, So I'm A Pagan
And I saw this floating by in a bulletin today ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, I write this letter in concern of your daughter, Aradia Moon. Please don't take this the wrong way, however, although she is a straight A student and a very bright child, she has some strange habits that I feel we should address. Every morning before class, she insists on walking around the room with her pencil in the air. She says she is "drawing down the moon." I told her art class is in an hour and to please refrain until then to do any drawing. And speaking of art class, whenever she draws a night sky, she insists on drawing little circles around all the stars and people dancing on the ground. And that brings up dancing, I had to stop her twice for taking off her clothes during a game of Ring Around the Rosťs! By the way, what does "sky clad" mean? Aradia has no problem with making friends. I always find her sitting outside during recess with her f
What Horror Movies Have Taught Us
When it appears that you have killed the monster, never check to see if it's really dead. If you find that your house is built upon or near a cemetery, was once a church that was used for black masses, had previous inhabitants who went mad or committed suicide or died in some horrible fashion, or had inhabitants who performed satanic practices in your house--move away immediately! Never read a book of demon summoning aloud, even as a joke. Do not search the basement, especially if the power has just gone out. If your children speak to you in Latin or any other language which they should not know, or if they speak to you using a voice which is other than their own, shoot them immediately. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run. NOTE: It will probably take several rounds to kill them, so be prepared. When you have the benefit of numbers, never pair off and go alone. As a general rule, don't solve puzzles that open portals to Hell. Never stand in, on, above, below,
Jack Schitt
You don't know Jack Schitt. Who is Jack Schitt? For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, "You don't know Jack Schitt!" Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way. Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married Miss O. Needeep They had one son, Jack. In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt. The deeply religious couple produced six children: Holie Schitt, Giva Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins Deap Schitt and Dip Schitt. Against her parents' objections, Deap Schitt married her cousin Dumb Schitt, a high school dropout. After being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced. Noe Schitt later married Ted Sherlock, and, because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was then known as Noe Schitt Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schit
Vampiric Relations
First off I have to comment on the fact that I dont usually post such material on general forums. We find that a rather large number of people have trouble understanding the lifestyle and therefore we sometimes recieve expressions of outright hatred due to this. Therefore I must state that if you have any negative comments about my lifestyle or that of my bretheren then keep it to yourself. The general ideas of the Sanguine/Vampiric community tend to be very similar to the general ideas of Ds relations, except in the more organized scene it tends to become more complicated and grandiose, coming from the interactions of coucils and courts. In the most basic of terms the vampiric relationship breaks down to a variant of the Ds wheras the vampire is in the role of master and and those they feed upon, often known as donors, take the role of the submissive. In the preferred form of this relation the donor is a non-vampire(often referred to as mundane) and is only donor for the one
New Pic's
i got new pic's please check the out
My Seduction Style
You are flirty. You find it easy to attract people because you are so confident. You also arn't bad to look at which helps. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Crash Here Tonight - Toby Keith
I almost said I love you Could I really be that kind of guy See one candle burning in your eye And watch my heart fill up with butterflies I almost said I need you Girl I shouldn't go there anymore Act like I never been in love before You probably think it's my first time Is this what love's all about Am I getting in too deep Wouldn't want to freak you out Make a promise I can't keep So close your eyes and hum along And I'll sing you one more love song If everything is still alright Why don't you just crash here tonight Close your eyes and hum along And I'll sing you one more love song If everything is still alright Why don't you just crash here tonight Girl if everything is still alright Why don't you just crash here tonight
Samhain Or Halloween
Samhain (pronounced; Sow-in), All Hallows. All Hallowís Eve. Hallow Eíen. Halloween. The most magickal nite of the year, Halloween is beltaneís dark twin. A nite of glowing jack-o-lanterns, bobbing for apples, tricks or treats, and dressing in costume. A nite of ghost stories and sťances, tarot card reading and scrying with mirrors. A nite of power, when the veil that separates our world from the otherworld is at its thinnest. A Ďspirit niteí! The celts called it Samhain, which means Ďsummerís endí, according to their two-fold division of the year. When summer ran from Beltane to Samhain and winter ran from Samhain to Beltane. Not only is Samhain the end of Autumn, it is also more importantly, the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Celtic New Yearís Eve, when the New Year begins with the onset of the dark phase of the year, just as the new day begins at sundown. It is one of the four great Sabbats and today is called Halloween, which is derived from All Hallowís Eve, a n
15 Fun Things To Do At Walmart
Things to do at Wal-Mart while your shopping buddy is taking their sweet time: 1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in peoples carts when they aren't looking. 2. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms. 4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, 'Code 3' in housewares ..... and see what happens. 5. Go to the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on layaway. 6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area. 7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department. 8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?' 9. Look right into the security camera; use it as a mirror, and pick your nose. 10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he kn
How Far By Martina Mcbride
There's a boat, I could sail away There's the sky, I could catch a plane There's a train, there's the tracks I could leave and I could choose to not come back Oh, never come back There you are, giving up the fight Here I am begging you to try Talk to me, let me in But you just put your wall back up again Oh, when's it gonna end How far do I have to go to make you understand I wanna make this work so much it hurts, but I just can't Keep on giving, go on living with the way things are So I'm gonna walk away And it's up to you to say how far There's a chance I could change my mind But I won't, not till you decide What you want, what you need Do you even care if I stay or leave Oh, what's it gonna be How far do I have to go to make you understand I wanna make this work so much it hurts, but I just can't Keep on giving, go on living with the way things are So I'm gonna walk away And it's up to you to say how far Out of this chair, or just across the room
Passion - A Poem By Union Jack
Passion The Love We Made Will Forever Linger In My Mind Branded Forever On My Soul Your Essence Your Taste Your Smell They Will Always Be With Me You Have Given Me The Pleasure Of Your Wine And Honey I Will Forever Long For Our Next Encounter This Man Will Forever Remember Your Moans And Quivers The Touch The Heat Of Your Body Will I Ever Have The Pleasure Of Feeling You Next To Me Again The Fire Burnt Bright Our Passion Burnt Hot For Me At That Moment Only You And I Existed We Existed As One We Existed As A Picture Of Passion I Pray To The Gods If There Be Any To Allow Me Once Again To Make Love To You To Touch Your Breasts So Soft Yet Firm Your Body Strong Hard Warm Oh How Pleasant You Are To Caress Thank You Lover For Giving To Me What I Feel No Man Could Ever Have Felt As I Have Felt ---------- A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop spee
Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself...WHY AM I HERE??? well thats what i did last night! i was trying to figure out my purpose! I have a 2 year old son that i love to death and would do anything in the world for but the one thing that i want more than anything for him never comes true!! I want my son to have a father figure someone to look up to and someone to show him how to be a man! i cant show him how to like sports and stuff like that i need a REAL MAN to do that! What is a girl to do?
Happy Gobble Gobble
To all the Canadians on Lost Cherry.I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving...We have so much to be thankful for this year....1st are foremost our troops over seas......fighting to give us our freedom....Second a big thanks to all my friends and family here at Lost guys are the greatest.....And finally a huge thanks to the big man above for keeping my kids and family safe and healthy......Thank you
She Walks In Beauty
"She Walks IN Beauty" She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night Of Cloudless Climes And Starry Skies; And All That's Best Of Dark And Bright Meet In Her Aspect And Her Eyes; Thus Mellowed To That Tender Light Which Heaven To Gaudy And Denies. One Shade The More, One Ray The Less, Had Half Iimpaired The Nameless Grace Which Waves In Every Raven Tress, Or Softly Lightens O'er Her Face; Where Thoughts Serenely Sweet Express How Pure, How Dea Their Dwelling-Place. And On That Cheeck, And O'er Her Brow, So Soft, So Calm, Yet Eloquent, The Smiles That Win, The Tints That Glow, But Tell Of Days In Goodness Spent, A Mind At Peace With All Below A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent.
School Will Be The Death Of Me
To all who dont know me and to those who do,my life is crazy all by itself but then to add another full semester of class to it. Wow! What was i thinking. Oh i'll get through it no doubt about that. I may need a few hair colors along the way to cover the gray i will be getting. Guess i am a little worried about this semester that i may have over did what i am able to do. We are only in week 4 or a 12 week semester and i have a crap load of homework and two more class to go. Oh ya and they are all Medical classes so they are no walk in the park. So i guess if no one hears from me for awhile you may want to send a search party out for my becuase i am probably trap under neath these heavy ass books. I will try to keep in touch with all of my friends as much as possible but please dont be strangers. All phones have numbers on them so that means they work both ways in and out calls!! So wish me luck getting thru this semester with out going crazy. Well without going completely cr
Just noticed that two so called friends deleted me, i always wondered why a couple had numbers for user names LOL, anyway looking at one of the bulletins i notice some drama. I am not one for drama and kicking people off my lists just because they have a problem with someone else, but as they seem to have kicked me, just makes it easier for me to decide to delete them. Drama is always going to be a part of a social network, but i thought stuff like this was left in the school playground, looks like i was wrong. Perhaps i am naive, but i'm learning. Life is too short to play petty games, i have enough of those at work.
Inseminating The Pigs!
A farmer buys several pigs, hoping to breed them for ham, bacon, etc.... After several weeks, he notices that none of the pigs are getting pregnant, and calls a vet for help. The vet tells the farmer that he should try artificial insemination. The farmer doesn't have the slightest idea what this means but, not wanting to display his ignorance, only asks the vet how he will know when the pigs are pregnant. The vet tells him that they will stop standing around and will, instead, lay down and wallow in the mud when they are pregnant. The farmer hangs up and gives it some thought. He comes to the conclusion that artificial insemination means he has to impregnate the pigs. So, he loads the pigs into his truck, drives them out into the woods, has sex with them all, brings them back and goes to bed. The next morning, he wakes and looks out at the pigs. Seeing that they are all still standing around, he concludes that the first try didn't take, and loads them in the truck again. He
The seasons differnt but yet they change down south one could say what changes but change they do. Fall Brings the lovebugs crops are being harvested pecans peanuts cotton to name a few. Winter this brings the cold cold you say in the south ? yes true it may only get to 10 and then late at night bur cold it gets. Frost forms on the grass ice now and then to. Then we get that rare treat SNOW! Spring smiles when the grass turns green and the fileds spring to life new plants and animals of all kinds . To walk in the woods to spot a new fawn or other baby critter is a joy in its own right! Summer Can you say hottttttttttttt yes thats what most remember heat and sketters and other pests but still the time to go to the beach or the pond and take a swim and cool off! Just watch for gators or snakes at the pond! Ah the joy of the seasons Southern style!
van-surfing should definitely be a sport if you don't know just ask.
Understanding All Sides
Owning Your Tendencies Whenever we examine our lives, we examine them from a particular side or angle. Most of us tend to favor one side over the others. For example, we may tend to look at things from an emotional perspective rather than a financial perspective, or we may prefer to think in terms of details rather than the big picture, or vice versa. To a certain degree, this is not a problem, and these tendencies add color to our individual personalities. However, they can also make us one-sided, blind to the many other ways of looking at our situation. Even if we have decided that we are most happy when we focus on one particular side of things, it is always worth exploring the other sides. When we do, we become well rounded, more understanding of other viewpoints, and even more solid in our own. Perhaps you are a person who tends to see your life in terms of your spiritual well-being. As a result, other concerns such as financial comfort or social standing may not be prominen
Snorkel!!!!! Haha
What a snorkel is... Most of you will think of something having to do with being in the water. Please allow me to expand your definition of this term. You need: 1) Brew (Long-neck) 2) FlexiStraw Steps: 1. Open brew (duh) 2. Curve straw so that the short end is toward you. 3. Exhale as much as possible. The reason for this is that the less of an air bubble you get under the brew the less chance of you hurling. :-) 4. Place long end of straw in brew, short end outside the neck. 5. Chug. The short end of the straw should be away from you during this, which allows for the transfer of air pressure into the bottle, at whatever rate it so happens to be. 6. When finished, show all your friends how to do this. Enjoy for many parties to come.
hey friday i got a steroid shot for my chest and found out i have costochondritis i don't know too much about it but that it is something wrong with the cartilage in my chest and in about two weeks i will be leaving for iraq even tho the army can't do anything to fix the problem
10 Commandments Of Love
1. I am thy Main Squeeze; thou shalt not sqeeze no others before me. 2. Thou shalt not take thy name of thy Squeeze in vain, nor badmouth me behind my back. 3. Remember our Anniversary, and keep it holy. Or else! 4. Honor My mother and father and I shall honor yours. 5. Thou shalt not kill my love by behaving tackily and making me embarrassed to be seen with thee. 6. Thou shalt not commit adultery nor shalt thou even THINK about it if thou knowest what's good for thee. 7. Thou shalt not steal from my purse/wallet while I am in thy bathroom, nor use my credit cards, nor make long-distance calls from my telephone. 8. Thou shalt not talk about our personal problems to our friends. 9. Thou shalt not covet the higher market price of thy neighbors house. 10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's squeeze, nor son or daughter, nor stereo, nor BMW.
Another Poem(heart Warmng)
Brand New Love Poem I may be an old fashioned poet lost in a new age world but I do know of and about emotions. I am emotion. All I feel is my love for you. I'd promise you the world if I knew it was a promise I could hold true but I can promise you my world and to always hold you. I'd promise you you'd be beautiful forever if I knew time would stand still but I can always promise you'll be beautiful to me and that I'll wait for all time for you. Like a statue I'll wait in the place where we first fell in love. I'd pluck the brightest, most radiant stars from the heavens above if your eyes hadn't already beaten me to the chase. I'd steal the sunshine from the sky and cast the world into darkness except your smile already casts the kind of brilliance that streams right through a man and straight into his heart. I'd always be by your side if you wouldn't push me away and I'd write the world a brand new love song if your voice wasn't already like a symphony of angels. I can't promise
Another Poem(inspiring)
Playing with Fire I sit alone on a couch staring out an open window and find that I can see much farther than the house across the street. I see the world of opportunity with it's bright and beckoning brilliance. And I feel a hand cup my own, that of faceless sensuality coupled with creativity. So much is on the line and though you are thousands of miles away I feel your influence taunting me to make a choice. I can't help the way people look at me nor do I have any idea of what they see but I know now I need to open my eyes and see what's staring back at me. I hold back because of what I fear, Fear of what I'd have to sacrifice in order to gain. I feel different. Result of letting go of childhood memories and false dreams and find that the only one mocking me is myself. It seems though I should be overwhelmed but I'm wading in calm waters. Tomorrow is a new day and as the night makes way for the morning after that new day becomes today. Things are no longer lost in a haz
What Do You Get??
You scored as Dog. You are the Dog. You are the most loyal of your friends and you protect them at all costs. Being what you are makes you happy and your friends like that about you.Horse100%Dog100%Wolf92%Ram92%Crow92%Salmon92%Dragon83%Fox83%Eagle83%Bear67%Deer67%Stag
Another Poem(uplifting)
I do not fear the darkness; it's the unknown that scares me Day to day I wonder wandering things my mind cannot possibly comprehend. All the usual questions that teenagers often ask themselves; Is there anything beyond where we are now? If so why are we here and not there? Most people live contently not knowing what more lies beyond the borders of their small town lives. But what about me? Could it possibly be my destiny to be forever soul bound to this desolate and lifeless place? I won't let it be. I want to take the first step but when you know nothing you understand nothing. I want to learn. Teach me, show me, guide me. Take my hand, lead the way and let me fly! I can't say if I'll ever be coming home but my answers are out there and I'll never find them if I don't go looking. No longer will I have to dream. If you love me you'll let me go. I won't be afraid so donít fear for me.
Get Outa My Head
You ever had one of those ppl in your life you just cant seem to ever get them out of your head. No matter how hard you try their voice just keeps wispering inside your head? You wake up in the morning and you are thinking about the dream you had about them then your mind wonders to the mundane "wondering how they are,if they are thinking of you, Missing them,wishing you could hear thier voice again, You drag your ass out of bed and try verry hard to busy your mind with other things but alas thoughts of them just keep creeping back in. As your makeing your morning cup of coffee stiring the cream in it you can almost feel that person reaching over your shoulder to grab a cup from the cupboard and you wish it was true. Youve suddenly lost intrest in the simple pleasure of your morning cup of coffee. So you wander off to look for something to distract yourself but everything around you seems to just remind you even more of that missing someone. So you figure hmmmm ok ill wander to my comp
Lovey Poem?
An eternal vow of loyalty For forever and a day I walked, clouded by a mist, living in a world of dreams. Dreams...or nightmares? The darkseed finally bloomed and consumed me entirely until the person in the mirror started to leer back at me. Tainted things lurked within my heart. My soul normally my doppelganger but this time the tables had turned and I was the evil staring back at me. Then as if my heart had enough strength to shout out one more did. And it was heard. A woman sweet in heart, warm to the touch, and beautiful to the extent that no amount of words could ever do her justice. Suddenly the darkness retreated to the darkest recesses of my inner self and my eyes once again opened to the beauty of the world beyond walking in my sleep. Showed me that beneath all the dirt and years of pain & hatred that I really am a good person with a pure soul and loving heart. Now that I'm awake and stand next to her astounded by the tremendous woman in front of me I start
The Reviews...
i have had a active week end. frieday night i went to see a band called wdie spread panic. I loved the music. They're a southern rock style of music that alot of people enjoyed of all age ranges.. check them out. saturday night i went and saw "Employee of the month" I had my reservations hearing the reviews from the critics out there, but i thought it was quite funny. laughed through most of the movie. And eben though nothing blows up, it truely is a guy flick, but ione the women will enjoy as well
Anybody Else Not Like Their Job?
AHHHHH!! This fricken job is driving me insane!! I can't stand it! And now they wanna take away our smoking room in the back, fucken bull shit!!! Bad enough we have to put up with all their shit, then they wanna tell us we can't even smoke!!! AHHHHHH!!!!
As I slowly work my way through the editing process on Martyrs & Angels (aka Godspeed aka God Committed Suicide) I thought it might be interesting to post some of the questions that inspired the novel. I can't say that I've answered all of them for myself, but I have solidified my belief system somewhat. Using the assumption there is a "God" answer the following: 1. Is God a personified being? Meaning is God someone or something we would be familiar with walking down the street? If not, what form does God take? 2. Is God benevolent, malevolent, or ambivalent when it comes to human beings? 3. Is God all-knowing and all-powerful? 4. Is there an afterlife and if so, does it resemble the Heaven/Hell concept? 5. Is there more than one God? I guess the reason these questions are important to me is because I have to question the sincerity and intellect of anyone who has just accepted the belief system they were taught without exploring such an issue further. I have spent
The Same Routine B/w Me And Jimmy...again
Music Video:I DON'T WANNA KNOW (by New Found Glory)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone the way i do it: prepare for the worst, pretend i dont care anymore, realize i do but keep breakin it off and breakin up...realize i dont want anyone else. this isnt healthy...
You Know.
Trust is something that should be earned. And when you have someones trust. Don't break it. Cause when you do, its only causing more problems. And its hurting the person you break it with. And it sucks. Like woah. But thats life. Some times you just gotta deal with it. And see shit happens. And understand life truly does go on :) Kay. Im done ranting. < 3
What Kind of Spell Caster are You? (anime pictures)You are a mage. You are sweet and innocent, yet powerful and wise. You are the perfect spell caster. You have compassion for all living things and show respect and love to all. But you are no fool and will rise up and take evil down, all the way down. You always believe magic is a powerful thing and would never waste it on household things. You save it for when something big is going down and only you can stop it.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Lc Dont Seem To Get It
lets turn up the heat lc dont seem to be getting the hint get all your frinds to jump in lets fire this site up i know we can do it rip this photo i need atleadst 500 people to use it as the primary photo for the day please
A Survey
Tell Me About Yourself SurveyNamebillyBirthday11/1/1980Birthplacen.yorkCurrent Locationn.yorkEye ColorblueHair Colordark blondeHeight6"2Right Handed or Left HandedrightYour HeritageThe Shoes You Wore TodaynikeYour WeaknessYour FearsYour Perfect PizzamargaritaGoal You Would Like To Achieve This Yearfuck as much as i canYour Most Overused Phrase On Instant MessengerfuckThoughts First Waking Upa sexy girlYour Best Physical Featuresee picsYour Bedtimedont sleepYour Most Missed Memoryi ve broke up Pepsi or CokecokeMacDonalds or Burger KingmacSingle or Group Dates
Happy Sunday everyone! I hope it is blessed and full of fun and laughter. The subject of this post is "WOW!!!" because one of my friends just brought me a HUGE collection of clothing and accessories from an expensive store called Torrid, for my audition on Wensday. He works there, so he kind of got the employee discount which is always a good thing. I told him that I didn't need it, but he said no. I just wanted to be a blessing. :) All of us should be like that, for real. Give out of WHAT you have and NOT of what you lack. Lots of Love, Lady T
Whats My Sexual Hidden Talent
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
What Sexual Activity Will You Go To Jail For?
Ashley will go to jail for ... Performing a strip tease on the street 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Freak Nasty Test!!!
1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u sex me hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 12.Where would u do me @? answer: 13.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u do me again and again? answer: 15.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we did it like ........ stars? answer: 17.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 18.If i gave u my heart would u love it or let it go? answer: 19.Would u do me once then leave me the next day? answer: 20.Would u tell me the truth no matter what it i
What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ect
You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!Goth85%Rocker, Mosher40%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev25%Skater10%Emo0%Trendy0%Prepy0%What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with
Saturday Night.. P2 My Day..
I looked gooooooood! lmao And it was nice to feel goooooooood and look goooooooood. I talked to women who could hold a conversation. wow.. I'm so used to "brb" Like in that song.. lmao Nothing wrong with chatting with women .. but they usually wonder off and never say.. I'm going to take a nap or i'm going to the store or i'm going to drop my kids off.. I'm left sitting here .. Knowing i have things I want to do.. brb.. lmao Anyways.. The sportsbar.. "champions" was a cool sports bar.. I had fun.. I had this huge plate of cheesey fries! man was it huge! mmmmmmmm good too! They actually had food that I could eat! wow! What a concept! lmao Usually its me checking out or looking at girls.. last night.. several waitresses were looking at me! talking to me! I liked it.. for once.. 1 single day out of this year. It felt realy nice! Debora was so right.. I needed to go mingle.. Your a good friend.. Fritz was getting ansey.. He saw wa
why are you doing this to me?
My Girls
This is for my girls! You might have noticed me... i am the guy from the back of the room, i have been staring at you... Ha like WTF eh V , Wtf are you supposed to say to that. Jax thanks for that apple juice and rum drink... no comment. lol. Arrest me fire man, im on FIRE !!! Dunner, it's hot !!! Can you just please leave , " well i dont think so cause my shoes are here so i should stay here." NO! FUCKING GO and bring your fucking shoes. I think i made out with a giant... lol. Katy take off your shirt! FanFuckinTastic ! Would you like a shot of screaming orgasm against the wall with that ??? Patti SCREAM ... And thats not fucking big mac sauce ! definatly the best laughs have something to do with ranch sauce ... And for sure i think the devils hot ! To the SLLIIIDDDEEEEEEE !!!!!!!! who you gonna call... ??? GOATBUSTERS !!! i think lindsay kissed me .... sweeeeeeet , lol wow that chick is tittle ! i love my penguin
I Think I Just Popped My Cherry!!!
tweety@ LostCherry
What Body Part Are You Attracted To?
You scored as Boobs. You are attracted to: boobs. You're a boob guy/gurl!Boobs83%Abs/Stomach58%Butt50%Face50%Penis0%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
The Phantom Ship
The ship was ready to sail for Europe; and Philip Vanderdcken went on board - hardly caring whither he went. To return to Terneuse was not his object; he could not bear the idea of revisiting the scean of so much happiness and so much misery. Amine's form was engraven on his heart, and he looked foward with impatience to the time when he should be summoned to join her in the land of spirits. He had awakened as from a dream, after so many years of aberration of intellect. He was no longer sincere Catholic that he had been; for he never thought of religion without his Amine's cruel fate being brought to his recollection. Still he clung on to the relic-he believed in that-and that only. It was his god-his creed-his everything-the passport for him self and his father into the next world-the means whereby he should join his Amine-and for hours would he remain holding in his hand that object so valued-gazing upon it-recalling every important event in his life, from the death of his poor mot
its sad that we have never met, and still your face i cant forget. we have stayed up all night long chattin, and now you can be done without batting, an eyelash.... Grrr, all these thoughts in my head all because of you i cant wish you were dead, cause thats just not true *sigh* you thought you found something in me far as i know, it was me making you all smiley and now trying to hurt me, all because of your jealousy. cause you couldnt take the comments left on LC.
My Love - Justin Timberlake
Ain't no other woman that could take your spot my... If I wrote you a symphony Just to say how much you mean to me (What would you do?) If I told you you were beautiful Would you date me on the regular? (Tell me would you?) Well baby I've been around the world But I aint seen myself another girl (like you) This ring here represents my heart But there is just one thing I need from you (saying I do) Chorus Because, I can see us holding hands Walking on the beach our toes in the sand I can see us in the country side Sitting on the grass laying side by side You can be my baby goona make you my lady Girl you amaze me Ain't gotta do nothin crazy See all I want you to do is be my love (So don't give away) My love (So don't give away) My love (So don't give away-) Ain't no other woman that could take your spot (My Love) (So don't give away) My love (So don't give away) My love (So don't give away-) Ain't no other woman that co
Hey Everyone!
i need help to get to the next level and oct 3rd was my birthday and nobody even notice that made me feel sad really... guys maria
Lady Of Darkness:
Lady Of Darkness: I live the darkness and beyond the night, I heard the night calling me to come, Had un-embraces me out of my glasses case, I dress in black lace, tight Glovers, and Black highs heel shoes, I stand in the dark desert corner, With my eyes glowing in the dark, Like a wild animal ready for a attend, I am only drink the warm blood out after thing, I lured and ambush and bring them into my lair, I will make love to you, Feast you; drink the blood off your body, And I will make you mine, forever. My youth and my beauty with steak with me forever, I will in an eternal life, Along if I steak away from sunrise.
My First Time. . .
Well. . . It's my first time writing in one of these things. I am suffering some writer's block, lately, and I figured that I would just start doin' this to get my fingers goin' on the keyboard, again. Today is day two on, for me. It's kinda' cool. I don't understand the point of racking up the cherry points, but it sure is addictive. I'm not a very good whore, though. I try, but I don't do that well. I kinda' like these social sites, though. was a bit too trendy for me. . . Xanga just never did it for me, either. This one I liked because a hot chick pointed me too it, I guess. I'll do anything for the hot chicks. I'm shameless, I tell ya'. It's a burden. Well, that's it for this short entry. I'm gonna' try to do more of this in the future, so keep your eyes open. And all of you ladies can feel free to stop by my page and rate me. I'll do the same for you. Gotta' get those cherry points, after all.
Mists Of The Otherworld
MISTS OF THE OTHERWORLD I am out at night in my accustomed place, And when the grass is whispering To the full moon and stars; I see your form slowly shimmer into sight. You come to visit me from the Otherworld, Come to me at Midnight, holding out your arms. I long to go back with you, You have asked me so many, many times. But I would have to leave my human kin Never again to see them, To hold my grandchildren in my arms. So these Midnight visits are our trysts; Loving, with the stars enfolding us And the night itself conspiring to hide us, Hide me from your faerie kin That try to search me out and destroy me. I know they cannot harm me if I marry you; The silk ribbon wrapped around our arms And our eternal vows during the handfasting. But how long before you would resent me, too? I am not faerie, my human blood might yet Set us apart and cause trouble for you With your royal kin. My childr
I Wrote This One On "mothers Day" Many Years Ago
MY MOTHER IS AN ANGEL My mother is an angel! at least she is to me. since birth she has always been there and wished the best for me. Every hurdle I have jumped in life she has jumped right by my side. durring the times when I was lost she played the role of guide. Whenever I was troubled somehow she always knew so mom its with all my heart when I say that I Love You! If it was not for your prayers who knows where I would be. So I say my mother is an angel! at least she is to me. written by Some1special2k
Contest Please Repost Or Comment
come on all let or pet have there time to shine enter them in my cute pet contest there are prizes and its just to have fun and let all see our pets on here so come on show the love so send your pics to me big dood@ LostCherry
I Want...
I want...
You scored as earth. you scored as Earth, you are loving and the most caring of all, you want love more then anything, your relationships are long and meaningful, you dont want anyone to be sad, you\'ll listen to anyones problems so long as they\'re happy, you have no problem being a good friend, and one day you\'ll make a special person very happyearth90%ice80%Fire60%wind30%which element of love are you?created with
Day 7, The Weekend Continues
Today was a good day, we pretty much hung out at the hotel, watching movies. David brought a shit ton of DVDs, so we actually have some thing to watch, and understand. We did goto the bathhouse at the hotel, and soak in the spa for a while. Nothin like running around butt ass naked, one of my favorite past times! (sorry no pics for you ladies, no cameras allowed!!). The bathhouse at the hotel is men only, we are going to try and find the co-ed one nearby (LOL). After the soaking we went to the bar for dinner, then came up to our rooms!! I watched a a few more movies, but I think David and Jim went straight to bed, they we're still pretty rough looking from the night before (i.e. HUNGOVER as HELL). Anyway it was all good! We have a festival to go to on Monday, it is a holiday, and Toyota is putting on a big production with the robots, so we were asked to attend! I will try to take pics so you all have an Idea of what I'm talking about when I say robots! Okay well later all! Later Gat
Something Unfinished. . .
It was four-thirty in the afternoon when Sean discovered that Kathryn was gone. He had noticed that her car was not in the driveway when he came home from work, which was unusual. That was at about ten minutes after four. The note was in the bedroom, so he didnít see it for nearly 20 minutes. Curiously, to Sean it was not what most people would call a ďshock.Ē Seanís normal routine was to hang his coat in the closet, drop his briefcase by the sofa, head into the kitchen to fix a snack, then have a seat on the couch for a little decompression time. He spent a lot of time on his feat at the office, and it always felt good to take a short break before relaxing. Thatís what Kathryn called it: ďA break before relaxing.Ē How would he get along without her? Sitting alone in the bedroom, Sean played back the previous dayís events in his head. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, even in hindsight. Sure, there was a little bickering. But it was nothing beyond the normal playful ba
check out my last bulliten! its a must see! its called she blocked me!!
A Little Something I Was Working On. . .
Cast of characters: Todd Sherman -- Given a gift by Megan. Not sure what it is. Jerry Layton -- Todd's best friend. Never liked Megan. Jerry has a big crush on Elizabeth. Elizabeth Sherman -- Todd's older sister. Friends with Megan. Megan Rawlins -- Todd's ex-girlfriend. Gives him a gift shortly after breaking up with him. Rick Tremayne -- Megan's new boyfriend. EXT: A SHOPPING MALL. A SUNNY DAY. INT: TODD AND JERRY WALKING THROUGH THE MALL. JERRY: . . . and anyway, you're moving soon, right? Good riddance to her. You'll get to start over, fresh. TODD: Fresh. . . Yeah. Like a daisy. JERRY: C'mon, Todd. She was no good for you, anyway. She had eyes for everyone but you. Everybody knew it. TODD: Yeah, but Rick? She leaves me for Rick. . ? The guy's a pile of laundry on legs. JERRY: I agree. I agree. I bumped into him at the gym once. He kinda
Myth Character
You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel100%Faerie83%Mermaid75%Dragon50%WereWolf17%Demon0%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
Seduction Style
Your Seduction Style: The NaturalYou don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast. What Is Your Seduction Style?
POEMS POEMS BY GELS I WILL I will..Be your lover, I will..Be your friend, I will..Show you love, I will..Until the end. I will..Stand beside you, I will..Never walk out, I will..Be all yours, I will..Without a doubt. I will..Cherish your love, I will..Hold your hand, I will..Always be true, I will..Take this man. I will..Make you smile, I will..Be your wife, I will..Always love you, I will..Fulfill your life. Two words you can say, to make my heart stand still, In the house of the Lord, the words would be...I WILL! MOMMY'S ANGEL It's been several years ago today, Since the Lord took My Angel away. I'll never hear your cry, or see your smiling face, For now you've gone home, to rest in God's place. You're not in my arms, but forever in my heart, Not even death, could tear Mother and Daughter apart. I can only bring you flowers, knealing beside
More Poems
MORE POEMS POEMS BY GELS DIVORCE When we were married, we beleived in our vows, We could not make it work, so we are apart now. I am now with another, and you are too, I guess our love, could not make it through. We had hard times, and we loved alot, Some are special memories, and some are not. We made love one last time, still deciding to part, Knowin we still had feelins, deep within our hearts. We knew there was no hate, we would always be friends, A love would always be there, though our marriage had to end. The memories we made, had always helped me through, If I knew it would end, I would have never said 'I DO' IF YOU DON"T If you don't love me, then let me go, If you don't need me, then tell me so. If ou don't want me, then just say no, If you care for me, then let it show. If you want me gone, then I will go, You won't say, so what am I to do. Holdin back feelins, that just won't die, Tears are blindin me, as I wave good
This Shit Is Just Not Right
THIS SHIT IS JUST NO RIGHT! Current mood: annoyed Category: Life I can't help but sit and wonder....What the fuck is wrong with people these days. When did abortion become a form of birth control? Was it when I was off the face of the fuckin earth that day. Ok maybe I'm bein a little selfish on this subject, but FUCK's my blog! I was talkin to a certain person, whom I think the world of and love to death....But, in the past two years, said person has had 4 abortions. Yeah...thats a little fuckin much for me to handle. And why? Well to hear her say it...Her boyfriend is a peice of shit and fathered kids by many different women, and don't do a fuckin thing for any one of them. WOW! That's a good fuckin reason huh? Here's what I have to say.....Close your fuckin legs, or kick the NO GOOD bastard to the fuckin curb. Dick is not that important.....Hell u can buy a dildo, and that won't get ya knocked up. Shit it won't even argue with you either. There is people out ther
Im French
Your French Name is: Brie Corre What's Your French Name?
Which Mortal Kombat Character R U?
You scored as Raiden. Lui Kang100%Raiden100%Kung Lao78%Blind Kenshi67%Katana67%Sonya67%Sub-Zero67%Kabal67%Smoke67%Reptile67%Scorpion33%Goro33%
My Attitude
Your Attitude is Better than 55% of the Population You have a positive attitude... somtimes. You prefer to see the world through clear glasses, not rose colored ones. How's Your Attitude?
Breaking Benjamin Rocks My World
Kiss Per Yard
(DAMN IT, ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THAT ONE) Walking up to a department store's fabric counter, a pretty girl asked, "I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?" "Only one kiss per yard," replied the smirking male clerk. "That's fine," replied the girl. "I'll take ten yards." With expectation and anticipation written all over his face, the clerk quickly measured out and wrapped the cloth, then teasingly held it out. The girl snapped up the package and pointed to a little old man standing beside her. "Grandpa will pay the bill," she smiled.
My Ideal Relationship =)
Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating You're not ready to go walking down the aisle. But you may be ready in a couple of years. You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment. And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility. What's Your Ideal Relationship?
I Have Started A New Lounge....
To all of my friends.... I have started a new Lounge here on the LC specifically for creating and sharing tags, etc. I will be posting in the next few days in the "discussion forums" offering up some new tags for personalization. I hope to see some of you there... Thanks!!! Tag, You're IT!
=/ Fook Yu
You Need to Grow Up a Little You're definitely not a kid anymore, though sometimes it's hard to tell. Your life is somewhat adult, but chances are, you aren't really satisfied with it. Whether this means getting a better job or dumping a loser boyfriend... It's definitely time for you to start living a fully adult life. Do You Need to Grow Up?
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion83%Mysterious67%Diamond Eyes67%Eyes full of Pain67%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Psh I Wanna Be Angelina Jolie!!
You Are Jennifer Aniston Girl next door with a free spirit. You're low key and naturally sexy. Sweet and approachable, people are attracted to your upbeat attitude. And even when life doesn't go your way, you always eventually turn things around. Are You More Like Jennifer or Angelina?
What Body Part Am I Attracted To
You scored as Penis. You are attracted to the: penis. You are a penis man/woman.Penis83%Face58%Abs/Stomach58%Boobs50%Butt33%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with
My Ideal Proposal
Your Ideal Marriage Proposal Is After dinner at your favorite restaurant, at the spot where you first kissed. What's Your Ideal Marriage Proposal?
How Sexual Are You?
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky80%Average40%A WUSS !!30%A Sicko20%How sexual are youcreated with
Sweetness Of Married Life......
FROM MY E-mail .. AUTHOR UNKNOWN SWEETNESS OF MARRIED LIFE...... A couple had only been married for two weeks and the husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, "Honey, I'll be right back." "Where are you going, Coochy Coo?" asked the wife. "I'm going to the bar, Pretty Face," he answered. I'm going to have a beer." The wife said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands ! from 12 different countries: Germany,Holland, Japan, India, etc. The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, "Yes, Lollipop... but at the bar... You know... they have frozen glasses... " He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, "You want a frozen glass, Puppy Face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so fr
You Are Jennifer Aniston Girl next door with a free spirit. You're low key and naturally sexy. Sweet and approachable, people are attracted to your upbeat attitude. And even when life doesn't go your way, you always eventually turn things around. Are You More Like Jennifer or Angelina?
Early Sunday Night For Me
getting ready to go to bed- its abt 8pm. But I have clincals in Ashland tomorrow. Fun. So will have to leave by 5am. Need all the sleep I can get, and dont get to leave til 5pm. :( So not sure what time I will end up online tomorrow... but need to remind myself i have homework due wed. fun fun... oh well -sweet dreams.... Hugs; Me
There are so many different things to do on here. I'm kind of confused? I'm rarely on the computer as it is, so I'm not really climbing up the cherry tree, haha. Maybe I should try boob pictures like suzanne haha. I don't know, okay I'm done.
Im A Total Catch =)
You are a Great Girlfriend When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself You're the perfect blend of independent and caring You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too! Are You a Good Girlfriend?
I Love You Like
I love you like the rain I love you like the sky I love you like the twinkle deep within my eye I love you like the sunset I love you like my smile I love you cause you always make it worth while Ilove you jeff just because your you.
Traditional Witchcraft And Wicca - Some Differences
How many times have you seen a sentence start with "Witchcraft, or Wicca, is.." leaving the reader with the impression that these are one and the same thing. Such generalizations are unfair to the practitioners of both, and more than a little confusing to those who wish to learn some form of the Craft. Yet, in an age of electronic information, it becomes difficult to set the boundaries that would allow one to study witchcraft or Wicca as distinct disciplines. There are many pagan web sites that proclaim connections to Wicca, although few are truly Wiccan. Chat rooms and message boards are filled with arguments over whether this or that act is within the perimeters of the Wiccan Rede, yet the chatters are not Wiccan. Perhaps the argument concerns how many traditional witches are needed to call the guardians of the Watchtowers, but the well-meaning participants are unaware that traditional witches usually do not call the guardians. It's difficult to even find terms to use that haven't al
B/f Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Are you a virgin? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked junk about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 17.Do you think I'm hot? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 19.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 20. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 21. what do you rate me outta 1-10??
Before Time Was
Before time was, there was The One; The One was all, and all was The One. And the vast expanse known as the universe was The One, all wise, all pervading, all powerful, eternally changing. And space moved. The One molded energy into twin forms, equal but opposite, fashioning the Goddess and God from The One and of The One. The Goddess and God stretched and gave thanks to The One, but darkness surrounded them. They were alone, solitary save for The One. So they formed energy into gases and gases into suns and planets and moons; They sprinkled the universe with whirling globes and so all was given shape by the hands of the Goddess and God. Light arose and the sky was illuminated by a billion suns. The Goddess and God, satisfied by their works, rejoiced and loved, and were one. From their union sprang the seeds of all life, and the human race so that we might achieve incarnation upon the Earth. The Goddess chose the Moon as her symbol, and the God the Sun as hi
A Rose Pressed In Time
A Rose is a precious flower. A symbol of that precious hour. A flower that stands for love. A love that that no matter what two people use to rise above. Pressed a held in the pages of time, Of memories that seem to be left behind. But when the troubles of the world come crashing down, you can open that page and drown out the sounds. You hold that Rose close to your heart, So close that the memories begin to start. And when the memories take all your troubles away, You can press that Rose back into it's page. And hold it there pressed in time for another day. love u jeff
If U Had Me Alone...
Survey: "if We Had Sex. . ."
I got this from Sexy Vixen. Hopefully, I'll get lots of replies. . . Woo hoo!! Body: If we fucked..... Body: Reply in a message and Repost so others can fill it out ;) 1. Would you be in control? 3. Would you whisper freaky shit in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you go down on me? 7. Would you give me a hickie? 8. How many rounds would we go? 9. What would you wanna do afterwards? 10. Would you take off all ur clothes for me? 11. Would you lick and bite me all over? 12. Would you like 4play or get straight to the point? 13. Would you take ur time if I told you to? 14. Would u fall asleep when we were done? 15. Would u want to go fast or slow? 16. Where would u wanna "do it" at? 17. Would u be loud or quiet? 18. Do u think u could make me have an orgasm? 19. Are u gonna re-post these so I can answer them for you? 20. WOULD U FUCK TODAY? REPOS
How Old Are You?
You Are 23 Years Old Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe. 13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world. 20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences. 30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more! 40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax. What Age Do You Act?
Who Wants To Kiss Me?
You Are a Sensitive Kisser For you, kissing is a way to connect And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy It may take you a while to kiss someone... But when you do, it's total fireworks What's Your Kissing Style?
My Engagement Ring =)
Your Dream Engagement Ring Has a Heart Diamond! You wear your heart on your sleeve, so of course you should also wear it on your ring. A heart diamond is the perfect choice for highlighting your passionate disposition. Only a true romantic can get away with wearing this ring. Luckily, that's you. And only a true romantic can give you this ring, so make sure you find him...! What's Your Dream Engagement Ring?
I'm The Only Girl You Can't Have, And It Kills You
Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Cruel Intentions "I'm the only girl you can't have, and it kills you." What Famous Movie Kiss Are You?
I Added Some New Pics
They are adult only..
Please Read
Hey everyone i need ur help to move up so i can put more pics on here please comment and rate my pics i would be very greatfull
Winding Down...
Well the endless list of boats to winterize is finally getting down to a few boats. We started with about 137 boats on the list and we are down to about 30 now after this last weekend. It is a big relief knowing that most of them are done. It will be nice when we can close down the buildings for good but that will be aways away. I enjoyed last wednesday and thursday morning over in Bemijdi hunting with TJ, Trish, and Mark. We had alot of fun. Thursday was a little different but it sure beat working. Dad and I are going to go out in the morning to see if this west wind blew any new ducks in. All we had around here is the local corn fed mallards. They aren't very smart this year though. We had a 2 acre brush fire saturday evening that almost got away from us but I got the head pinched off before it could go any further. Fires have been burning all around. This high fire danger won't last for long with the weather we have coming in this week. The lows are supposed to be below
My Weekend...
I spent the weekend with my sister and mom. It was nice to have family around. My sissy slept in my bed with me. It was also nice to have someone in the bed. I slept better than I have all week. Katie went to her dads. So I just had the other three kids. In case you dont know I have four kids. Katie who is 9, Courtney is 7, Harley is 3, and Hannah is 1. What a handful. So my sister and I just hung around the house. We went to Sams club and got one of there chocolate bunt cakes. You so have to get one! While we were there she devloped some pics from a ghost hunt she went on. It was at Mansfield prison. A few movies were filmed there. Then tonight my mom came over for a few. She had me show her how to work a computer. That was fun. This Friday the kids are out of school. So mom and I are going to Wright Pat Airforce Museum. I cant wait. It gives me something to look forward to. Well goodnight all.
Not Something I Should Be Saying Here Part 2
Just to touch base with you all on the other nights blog.....It went really well we had a blast and hubby loved what I did for him! But the only thing was I did not go to bed till like 2:30 or 3:00 and I had to go to work the next morning at 8:00,when I got there I had a big surprise I had to decorate something like 30 cakes,I did not really want to do them but my boss is leaveing for 6 to 8 weeks and she said I need to do them more so when she is gone it wont be over weling to me.And I was saposed to leave work at 3:00 but I didnot get out of there till almost 4:00,so when I got home I was dead tired and did not feel like doing anything,So I took everyone out to dinner and came home and went to bed,not to sleep right away
What Kind Of Sexy Are You?
Helena, you're Sweet 'n' Sexy You're not overt about your sexuality, but you're not purposely hiding it either ó two traits that naturally draw people to you. You possess an understated zest for life, and a way of approaching the day with a can-do attitude that draws people to you. As a teenager, were you maybe a little on the quiet side? Even if you weren't, it's clear that underneath your occasionally understated statements, you have an undeniable sweetness that attracts people who see that special something burning from within. Is it the way you carry yourself? That quiet sparkle in your eye? Those who know you intimately can't wait to uncover your sweetness. What's hiding behind that innocent smile? A little devil perhaps? A tattoo in a seductive spot saved only for your lover? Possibly, but you're so good, you'll never tell. Or will you?
Wake Up
WOW, WHAT A WAKE UP! Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at ?. . Moses Lake, Washington 2/2/96 Bethel, Alaska 2/19/97 Pearl, Mississippi 10/1/97 West Paducah, Kentucky 12/1/97 Stamp, Arkansas 12/15/97 Jonesboro, Arkansas< /st1:State> 3/24/98 Edinboro, Pennsylvania 4/24/98 Fayetteville, Tennessee 5/19/98 Springfield, Oregon 5/21/98 Richmond, Virginia 6/15/98 Littleton, Colorado 4/20/99 Taber, Alberta, Canada 5/28/99 Conyers, Georgia 5/20/99 Deming, New Mexico 11/19/99 Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 12/6/99 Santee, California 3/ 5/01 and El Cajon, California 3/22/01? Sincerely, Concerned Student Reply: Dear Concerned Student: I am not allowed in schools. Sincerely, God How did this get started?... Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained she didn't want any prayer in our schools. And we said, OK.. Then, someone said you better not read the Bible in schoo
Doin It (ll Cool J)
Music Video:DOIN IT (by LL Cool J)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone WAS IT GOOD AS YOU WERE HAVING SEX AS THIS PLAYED IN THE BACKGROUND ?????
For My Friends, Family And Fans
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the wonderful well wishes you all sent me during my recovery and the blessings for the surgery to go well. I greatly appreciate how fantastic you all are. I just thought I would let you all know that you were not forgotten and how much you all mean to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such great people and so thoughtful. It means everything to me.
Steeping Into My Mind......
OK.... Why the name "The Evil Monkey King?" That is actually quite easy.... First off it is NOT a rip-off from "The Family Guy." I should sue them for strealing it from me. I know Seth Green drugged me with a laced banana and stole it with the help of the Underwear Gnomes. The real genuis of the name comes from the old saying "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.... Have no fun." I always saw the last monkey as an Evil Monkey. At an early age, I adopted that phrase. I did anything I thought i could get away with (But that didn't always work LOL). My mother knew I loved that saying so she would sometimes call me an Evil Little Monkley. From there, the name just grew. I think when I hit puberty and found a stack of magazines and movies buried in my parents closet, I became "The Evil Monkey King." I think all guys become Evil Monkeys when their balls drop. It's like a "Right of Passage" thing. Well that's that for this. Until later...... DON'T STEAL MY BANAN
Sat Night Part 3!!
Part 3 was part comedy and concerts Let me explain something.. IN my 38 years on this planet.. I've never witnessed anything of this magnitude.. I've never seen a singer so disrespctful to an audience in my life. ok.. that one guy at the vogue.. but anyways.. lol dj shonuff and dj flo.. named chagnged to protect the "silly minded". also.. keep in mind the singer is like 50 somehting. So in his feeble attempt to "blend" and or.. make us feel welcome.. We were privy to his "cough" song stylings in the key of g! I had to see this moldy guy.. named.. slick or something.. the dj's cousin.. He sang about "downlow" on women to a room full of Sorority women and their daughters.. The look that they were going to beat him up was priceless.. How low is your down low? Really now.. what would possess a 50 yr old lounge singer to do that? Let alone... Old gangstas need gangsta luv.. we really do! Baby.. when I put the heat on the table..
In Time..
In time I will find my place in this world. Sometimes the humdrum of life seems so unfullfilling. Sometimes life is harsh and cold. I take a look around and sometimes I wonder how it got to be this way, and then I simply remember. In time I suppose I will feel more alive, maybe someday I'll learn to live my life. In time, perhaps I will find meaning, someday, somewhere, somehow.
Here Is Some More!
ok well since my opinion supposedly doesn't matter, well at least that is the fact even though supposedly we all have a voice. Alright, I am just going to ramble about shit so please work with me on this. The government! What a fucking joke! Yea we probably do a lot better then most countries but you know what it is said when our president can't pronounce anything right. I am sorry but come on can we say HOOKED ON PHONICS. One of the most loved news reporters died of cancer about 1-2 years ago and the head of our country can't even say the guys name right but he is just hurt by his loss, and yet we have innocent parents and children over seas dying and for what reason. Apparently there were no weapons of mass destruction ok but maybe just a mass of weapons. So umm can anyone out there tell me that everything that this fucking president is doing is for the best of this country. The worse part to having politics is that somehow it alls boils down to religion, and yet the last I checked r
Sexual Matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just thinkin of you puts a smile on my face,and when I see you I feel all warm inside.As you approach me and wrap your arms around me with your warm embrace,it sends chills up & down my spine.We walk into my room & you close the door behind us.You start to kiss my lips & my neck as you slowly take off my nightgown.Your warm hands carressin my body rubbin up my back as you gently lay me down onto the bed.Gently carressin my breasts as you lick on my nipple.You place your mouth on them & begin to suck them as you're rubbin up my inner thigh.You rub two fingers between my wet ass pussy & suck my juices off your fingers.Now you start kissin my stomache you work your way down to my get between my legs & wrap your arms around my thighs as you begin to lick my pussy.Your tongue hits my clit & it's a feelin out of this world.You begin to suck on my clit as you have two fingers goin in & out of me.At a slow pace makin sure i'm enjoyin every bit of it.You continue to do so until you see
Art And Other Stuff I Don't Really Understand
Let it be known that art often confuses me. But there are some pieces, some artists that make me forget about being confused and manage to touch me. Not in a way that would make me go "Um... why are you touching those?" but rather in a way that makes me stop acting like a retard for a minute or two. Please to be visiting this one broad/artist. She is gifted.
Miss & Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is so much I would love to say and ask of you,But I get so worked up and depressed I don't know what to do. I wonder if you're safe and warm,I still wait patiently for you to call or even come home. As we were growing up we always fought,But you were my smart and beautiful sister I always thought. Not just my sister but also my best friend,If I had any problems on you I would always depend. But now you are gone but will always be in my heart,As far as I'm concerned we will never be apart. One day we will meet again in heaven up above,Then I can hug and hold you and show you all my love. I miss you so much Tee,I know this you can see,I can't wait to see you again that's just how it should be!!!! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! YOUR BABY SISTER ELAINE XOXOXOXOXOXO
Fear Of What Could Be?? Not Any Fucking More.
Aight haha... I was scared that his new gurl would be prettier, skinnier and better then me... Then I saw a pic and I'm like hehe.. What the fuck.. He decided to down grade. I don't even care anymore.... Afta that dramatizing shit I am so over him period. Anyways... I came to this conclusion... ACtually I have always had it but I let it down for one time and got fucked over... Don't let them stay long enough to get attached... Two weeks is my limit most generally. P.s. Now he thinks Im ugly... Its terrible.
You Are 88% Evil You're the most evil person you know. The devil is even a little scared of you! How Evil Are You? THIS IS MY FAVORITE QUIZ SO FAR
Hey People
Well, some of u have asked when I was going to , or if I was going to post any blogs. The answer is yes, but right now if you want to read them so bad go to These were written as a way of stress relief, class assignments, and just cause i like to write. Leave a comment on here or the other place if u want, I have a TEFLON back, so things tend to role off quite easily.
So hi everyone I'm new and a little confused but I'm getting it! So nothing really to say right now.
hey if you got a nice ass. and have a thong shot then you should be in my lc thong pics. i just opened it up. who is going to be the first. we will see. show off what you got.
My Birthday
hey my lost cherry family i am just letting every one know my birthday is in 4 days yea i will be 19
Linguine With Seafood And Sundried Tomatoes
Tender whole scallops and shrimp get a quick saute in hot, garlicky olive oil and butter before taking a brief clam juice simmer. Toss with hot pasta, bright strips of sun dried tomatoes and tangy bits of lemon zest for a refreshing entree or appetizer." Original recipe yield: 4 servings INGREDIENTS * 1 pound linguine pasta * 1/2 cup olive oil * 1/2 cup butter * 4 cloves garlic, minced * 1 pound bay scallops * 1 pound medium shrimp - peeled and deveined * 1 (8 ounce) jar clam juice * 1/3 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes * 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley * 2 1/2 teaspoons lemon zest * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes DIRECTIONS 1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain. 2. In a large skillet add the olive oil and butter. Heat until butter is melted. Add the garlic and saute until tender. 3. Add the scallops
Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll
Why go out and buy expensive sushi when you can make it right at home? This simple dish is made from steamed rice, with avocado, cucumber and smoked salmon all wrapped up in dried seaweed. It might take awhile to learn how to make a perfect roll, but you'll have fun trying! Add wasabi (Japanese horseradish) for a good kick!" Original recipe yield: 6 servings PREP TIME 30 Min READY IN 5 Hrs INGREDIENTS * 2 cups Japanese sushi rice * 6 tablespoons rice wine vinegar * 6 sheets nori (dry seaweed) * 1 avocado - peeled, pitted and sliced * 1 cucumber, peeled and sliced * 8 ounces smoked salmon, cut into long strips * 2 tablespoons wasabi paste DIRECTIONS 1. Soak rice for 4 hours. Drain rice and cook in a rice cooker with 2 cups of water. Rice must be slightly dry as vinegar will be added later. 2. Immediately after rice is cooked, mix in 6 tablespoons rice vinegar to the hot rice. Spread rice on a plate until completely cool. 3. P
Ima geekburger. Just ask anyone. So like i havent felt good the last few days, so i havent eaten anything, at all. Or drank anything but water. So today i felt great. Except some pain in my lower tummy and ass. So today ive eaten the worst and wierdest combos of food. Bananas covered in strawberry jelly. Chicken salad covered in ketchup. And bacon covered in chocolate syrup lmfao. Then for dinner i ate mustard and dorritos on bread. And i ate chocolate peanut butter candy kisses! And i hate candy, but i wanted em lmao. And now im eating honey roasted peanuts lmfao. Im strange man. And no before you even ask. I am not pregnant. Lol ive already been asked that. I love you kimmerrrrrs < 3
"hear What People Have To Say."
"Hear What People Have To Say." Answer This And Send It Back To Me. Post It On Ur Bulletin Without The Answers. You Might Be Surprised With The Results. Y = Yes N = No M = Maybe Would You? [_] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [_] Slap Me? [_] Kiss Me? [_] Let Me Kiss You? [_] Watch A Movie With Me? [_] Take Me Out To Dinner? [_] Take A Shower With Me? [_] Take Me Home For The Night? [_] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [_] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [_] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me? [_] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [_] Tickle Me? [_] Let Me Tickle You? [_] Stick Up For Me Uf I Was Being Put Down? [_] Instant Message Me? [_] Greet Me In Public? [_] Hang Out With Me? [_] Bring Me Around Your Friends? Do You... [_] Think I'm Cute? [_] Want To Kiss Me? [_] Want To Cuddle With Me? [_] Want To Hook Up With Me? Am I... [_] Smart? [_] Cute? [_] Funny? [_] Cool? [_] Loveable? [_] Adorable? [_] Great To Be With?
An Evening At The Races
Ethan and I went to the track last night to watch the horses run. We decided to sit in the general admission area instead of paying for seats in the clubhouse so that we would have plenty of money for snacks as the evening progressed. There was a lot of riff-raff on the lower levels, so we walked up stairs to the section where the nice people sit and found some good seats close to the finish line. Ethan was rather amused at the way the seat bottoms could be flipped up when not in use. The first race was a 300-yard maiden claimer. Noble Affair looked like the best of the bunch, but Classic Move had only lost by half a length in its only race. After some discussion, we decided to put a win bet on Noble Affair and play an exacta to Classic Move. We hit with the win ticket but the other horse failed to fire. That was okay, because we turned ninety cents profit on the race. Ethan and I went over to the paddock to take a close look at the horses for the next race. We agreed
Never Know
you never know what could be right in front of your eyes... an affair?!? you would suspect but never truely know... a lie?!? you would believe because you love them so much... a secret?!? you wouldnt eventually find out to realize the person you love isnt that person at all... trust?!? could be an issue but maybe its not at all... caring?!? you always wonder if there is more you can do... honesty?!? if you ever find them being disshonest you could never get it out of your head... love?!? always has been there always will be but could ruin a relationship with the jealousy that comes with it.... pain?!? never goes away.... jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water... jack fell down broke his crown and this damn rhyme wont go away...
You tell me today can be my turn, you are my submissive, I am your Mistress... I ask you to go to the kitchen and open a bottle of wine for us and wait for me there as I slip into the bathroom to start running a hot bath, set up candles around the tub and turn on some soft sexy music. I go to the kitchen, take the wine from your hands and ask you to follow me to the bathroom. It's dark outside, but the glow from the candles makes soft shapes along the walls and the shadows seem to embrace every corner of the room. I set the wine glasses down and move to you, you still look a little skeptical about what is in store for you. I start at your shirt....undoing each button slowly, deliberately, shrugging off you first item of lean down to kiss me. Gently, teasingly, I say, "No Sir, my time." I undo your belt, pulling it off of your pants loop slowly, running my fingers around you waist band. I slip my fingers behind the clasp and do away with the closure, unzipping t
Love Or Lust?
How do you know what is Love and what is Lust? I do not know how to tell? I know my feelings are strong. I know that I wish him to be here, with me. but do i love him?? I swore I would not love again after my heart was broken to many times. but I have not felt this way in a long time so alive so free. I do not want to loose these feelings. What do I do?
Juggs Check It Out
Easier Then Going To The Hospital
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The Wind
The boy walked into the silent place, and there he saw her beautiful face. He spoke to her with a tear in his eye I love you babe and good bye. As he slipped upon her finger a pearl, he whisperd to her, remember babe you will always be my girl. Then as the door opened and the wind started to blow....They carried her casket out into the snow.
Should Of Listened To My Doctor
I'm down t one arm for a little while now. Fractured my rotary joint in 5 places in my right elbow 9 years ago in a skateboarding accident; and the doctor told me that I had a lot of bone fragments that I needed to have surgically removed. I was 16 and he was a docotro, so what the hell did he know, so I never went in for the surgery. Well, at work on Saturday, I was picking up a 50 pound bucket of chocolate icing and one of the bone fragments, as they occassionally do, got logged into my rotary joint; and with the weight of the bucket and suddeness of my picking it up, I refractured my rotary joiny and damaged a few nerves in the process. So now I sit here with my arm in a sling with a partial cast, having to use my left arm for everything and able to do hardly anything. Just wanted to bitch a bit so there it is. I miss my arm :(
What The Hell . . . ?
I have a SERIOUSLY allergic reaction to pot. Last night, at our friends' house, they decided to go outside and get high. Now, they were outside, and that's fine. It's their house. But they didn't air out long enough, and I ended up spending a half-an-hour last night puking my guts out. Now . . . if you KNOW (as they did, because they were told SEVERAL times) that your friend has a problem with it and a SERIOUSLY allergic reaction to pot . . . would you STILL smoke it, regardless of their allergy to it, or no? I mean, this isn't us randomly showing up. That's different. This is us being INVITED over, and them STILL doing it, knowing my allergy to it. Would YOU do that? How about if, this morning, after discussing it AGAIN, especially seeing the reaction to it LAST NIGHT, telling us they won't do it anymore if they invite us over -- They won't do it when we're there, ESPECIALLY if they invite us over . . . and 20 minutes AFTER the discussion, doing it fucking AGAIN, IN TH
It's My First Time...
... Writing a blog on this site. :D W What did you really think I was going to say? Perv. So I guess here goes nothing... Not a whole lot about me really. I just work all the time. Seriously, that's what it feels like. I thought life would be much more exciting after high school. Guess I thought wrong. Or maybe it would have been better if I had gone to college right away. I'm not going until next fall because I'm a broke ass white girl. I have no car, which if you have viewed my photos, you will have seen why. I work at Walgreen's Pharmacy. Not a whole lot going on there. Just the same shit, different day. Once in a while there is a little excitement, but rarely. The last time things were exciting was when our parking lot got flooded with 3 feet of water because of torrential rains and no one could go home until the water cleared. And the time before that was when I had my accident and everyone was freaking out. I didn't know they loved me that much. I'm pretty much babbli
North Korea Conducts First Nuclear Test
By BURT HERMAN, Associated Press Writer 3 minutes ago North Korea said Monday it had conducted its first nuclear weapons test, setting off an underground blast in defiance of international warnings and intense diplomatic activity aimed at heading off such a move. U.S. and South Korean officials could not immediately confirm the North Korean report but the U.S. Geological Survey said it recorded a seismic event with a preliminary magnitude of 4.2 in northeastern North Korea that coincided with the country's announced nuclear test. The Colorado-based agency said it was unable to tell whether the event was the result of an atomic explosion or a natural earthquake. Condemnation from the region came swiftly. Japan's top government spokesman said if confirmed, the North Korean test would post a serious threat to the stability in the region and a provocation. China, the North's closest ally, said Beijing "resolutely opposes" the North Korean nuclear test and hopes Pyongy
Another Poem!!
Blood on the moon. Shadow long. Time still. Time spin. Time tell. Blood on the moon. Wind calls. Time still. Time spin. Time tell. Blood on the moon. Rain falls. Time still. Time spin. Time tell. Blood on the moon. Fire burn. Time still. Time spin. Time tell
the lords of reality have set me free ive healed the blind once again im calling you come back my friend crawl back to the rock from which you came return to your world back to the path of shame ill be here once again to heal your wounds my friend seven nights and seven more a path of deception , a settled score You can never free your self from your reality Im blinded by your hatred but still I can see im poisoned by you and your mind cemetary crawl back to the damned , to your fake reality pass me by never to feel again your faith is long gone and dead Ill remain in the wings of my youth the hidden meanings disguised by the truth so shall pass your soul thru the door and remain hidden forever more
How Will You Die??
You scored as Bomb. Your death will be by bombing. You will probably be an innocent bystander, not doing anything wrong and not a person who was targeted at, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.Bomb80%Suicide67%Posion67%Disease60%Accident47%Natural Causes40%Gunshot40%Disappear40%Eaten33%Stabbed27%Suffocated20%Cut Throat
Let It Go
Let it go and leave it be end it and let it pass fuel a fire that noone wants with shards of broken glass everyday and every night Ive sat and thought this thru now the time is closing in the sinner must pay their dues let me go let me be let it all alone take yourself on your way your path is set in stone let me live without your rule your messed up way of things let me go so i can be the person i sometimes see
The Travesty Of Being A Workaholic
Losing what you love for what you want has and never will be worth it!! I have loved my wife since the beginning of time it seems like. But, there was a fatal flaw in me that caused her to push me away. I was able be the provider, as far as financial, but real life connotates that love and understanding go hand in hand with providing!!!! I still love my wife and I wish her well, but damn do I miss her and my son night and day. Just because I was not centered enough to be there when she needed someone to just listen!!Love those that love you even when they seem far away and hopfully everything will be alright!!!
Another Sad Poem,don't Read!!
I was walking along our street today. I thought I was alone. But then I felt something. I turn and nothing was there. I was walking along our street today. I saw your tree. But then I felt something. I turn and still there was nothing. I was walking along our street today. I saw your resting place. But then I felt something. I turn and still nothing. I was walking along our street today. I saw our home. As I headed for the door I felt something. I turn and there you were,as see throught as any ghost. I knew then that no matter what you'd be there always!!
Creature Of The Night!
You scored as Fallen Angel. You my friend are a Fallen Angel!You were amongst the closest to God, yet love led you down a path of self-destruction. You find yourself crying a lot, because of the pains of this world. Yes it is very crewl, yet you know there isn't a thing you can do about it. Follow your heart and you will find some of your former happiness.Fallen Angel100%You are a Vampiric Elf!83%Black Witch75%Vampire67%You are a Demon50%What creature of the night are you you most like? (Pics!!)created with
Jamie and I found time to be alone yesterday while the kids were at the park. Naughty mommy and daddy. I love posting on LC because I would never say anything like that on myspace. And here on LC my mom doesn't read it! So Jamie joined thr Lost Cherry family too. It will be cool to leave messages for each other. I know I know, we're so sweet we could cause diabetes.We're just two ppl running the rat race, trying to pay the rent and keep ourselves sane in the process. So rate our blogs and we'll return the favor.
Muppet Intro
The Name Game!!
Playing the name game!! HEHE!! someone got it right!!!! dang on the second guess!! lol!! Good job Hun!!
The Story Of Iron Maidens Eddie
Eddie was born with no body and no arms and no legs. Just a head. But despite this slight birth defect his parents loved him very much. So on his sixteenth birthday they run into a doctor that says "Hey, I can give Eddie a body"... so the parents are going totally nuts because finally their kid can have a body and be like other normal people. They go home and are really excited and say "Have we got a surprise for you. It's the best present ever!" and Eddie says "Oh, no, not another fucking hat!"
Happily Ever After
Does every a gothic romance end like this? With a cut of a kiss against thy wrist? Does every a story end like this? With a fear of never being kissed? Happily ever after Society's unrealistic romantic scale Happily ever after Society's cookie cutter fairy-tale Every little girl is raised to Believe That she has a prince Waiting for her on one Knee But isn't this psychologically damaging? This "Happily ever after" scare To believe that they are the world And grow up to realize that no man cares Happily ever after Society's unrealistic romantic scale Happily ever after Society's cookie cutter fairy-tale But if you look closely You will see off far Out there, there is a man Who will not leave you with a scar There is a man who can hold you so dear There is a man who you can kiss without fear There is a man who can love you through the years In this cookie cutter fairy-tale
Angels Eyes
She presses that mask Firmly to her skin Deceitful grin Plastered tight Plastered thin She has an angels face So pleasing So sweet Though one cannot deny She has no desire Behind that candy-coated smile She looks into the mirror Looks through those angels eyes Looks into that picture frame of lies It is not her that she sees A face plastered with Glee That is not who I see Look behind those angels eyes Then tell me what you believe Remove your leash End this chain of horrible misdirection Misconception Set yourself free Dance your ballet Your masquerade My darling Prance and pray That you'll be appreciated one day Dance your ballet Your games My darling Prance and lie Looking through those angels eyes
I Know He Is Older, I Know He Lies
He is older This agree But he is a sweetheart This you cannot see I know his history I know its not that great I know he used to beat those woman But you see he has changed! He makes me smile He makes me laugh He makes me cry But you're not suppose to know that He says he loves me I know he lies But as long as I feel happy Somewhere inside He says he loves me I know he lies But as long as I feel important Somewhere inside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This I wrote in dedication, to all those girls out there who seek attention from older men. Understand that most of them don't want you, don't respect you, just wish to use you.. and your assets
Stop It Now
So unreal, I feel, the pain that makes me kneel And there, I lie, I lay upon my side, lying there until I die I cry, this sorrow, writhing in desire, all the while The blood oozes from each separate wound I sew flesh to flesh and seal each cut with a kiss Though I try I try so hard I fail to stand On my own again Though I try I try so hard I fail to stand On my own again Here Im lying, slowly dying, quickly crying, feel Im flying, though Im falling, falling fast, this pain will last, I want the ground to come. 11:56 AM - 1 Comments - 2 Kudos - Add
This Day
You're the epitome, my darling My days grow dull My life grows somber My eyes grow tired Seeing your reflection in each tear Makes me long for you My love for you-though there is no poetic justice I want you There is nothing more complicated- nothing more simple Then this emotion Romanticism is just a game This, we all know "I love you" is just an over used phrase This, we all know But today, this Dull, somber, tired day I cannot manage just a phrase It takes everything I have To say I love you So, please Don't take it for granted When I kiss you it means so much more When I hold you, I truly wish To never let go
Break Down
I love myself That is why I cut myself I break down Try to gather all the pieces When I break down Try to smile, not to mourn When I break down Its ok, Iím not ok When I break down I love myself That is why I cut myself That is why I drown myself That is why I hate myself I break down
Valentines Day Massacre
Each bullet tares through their heart Each word spoken rips them apart This is the valentines day massacre The floor is dotted with red Though its all in their head Cupids bow is strung taught Like heartstrings begging to be shot They say they loved with a love that was more then love With heartstrings torn and undone I prefer to quote the raven "Nevermore" For ever-more Truths are only lies in disguise This is the Valentines day massacre With chocolates and flowers Though wilted and rotten Still consumed and honored With love and esteem Those candy-coated smiles Ignorant all the while As the bodies hit the floor Even then they still smile Until their lover walks out that door Truths are only lies in disguise This is the valentines day massacre Each bullet tares through their heart Each word spoken rips them apart This is the valentines day massacre The floor is dotted with red Though its all in their head
Next Field Problem.. Ughh
gunnery is quickly approaching, and im beginning to prepair for this field problm. It runs from 26 Oct. to 22 Nov. and is all about the helicopters. but i dont know why im going to need to be out there the whole fuckin the bird i work on isnt going to fly everyday.. then to boot the fucking maint. that is going to need to be done when these birds get back is going to be OUT OF but while im gone, i would really appreciate comments and some luv.. ill be returing the luv and comments when i get back from MPRC so dont worry about that... ill also be finding out about getting access while in the field.. just depends on where im going for this field problem..
Today marks a week since the Bell's Palsy hit me - without any improvement. I have faith that I will return to normal...soon. Some of you have seen my "sad" looking face and have been so nice. I want to thank all of you for your kind words and comments. Without friends like you, I don't think I could make it. I've pretty much stayed in hiding due to this, people just don't understand and can be so cruel. Again, I know it can always be worse. I am thankful they say it's only temporary. With that said ...I wish you all a happy Monday and a wonderful week. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will do the same for you. Hugs, Kim
Happy Monday
To Stab Me In The Back
Just use ice Its quite nice you dont have to clean just be mean its your favorite thing to do but i dont do it to you you want an argument fine youll find out what i meant i didnt do anything to you so you should be good to me too but you keep calling me names and you dont even know the games you wanna play lets go cause bitch you dont know stay away from me or you will see what i am capable of doing cause bitch i aint movin i hate to fight but you keep at it and bitch i just might you dont wanna go round cause bitch you gonna hit the ground the games have begun NOW BITCH LETS HAVE FUN
Patriots Week 5
Ok, It wasn't pretty but we did win. I thought we'd bury the fish but there defense held up pretty good. But not Next week is a bye week then its back to work in Buffalo.
give me time and you will find that i aint the same and i definately aint tame lets go have fun just not in the sun the full moon is what i want so lets go out and flaunt the fun is just beginning lets hope there is no ending i want to be with you and you want me too or at least thats what you say if you lie to me there isnt any way for me and you to be anything youll see i dont mind the occasional white lie like stuff i like or my surprise but dont keep secrets from me and ill give you the key there you can stay and pass the time away keep it up and well go along with the flow
Read This And Then Go Thank A Soldier :)
Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. ** He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up. ** He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache" and call in sick. ** He gets shot at as others are hit and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. ** He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. ** He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. ** He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. ** He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. ** He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow. You go out to lunch and complain because the r
Tips For Men On Women school for me today and I'm bored so I'm gonna blog =D Tip 1) If you are meeting a woman for the first time..."hello, how are you" is a much more appropriate and accepted approach than "hey baby wasup" It's really not cute or funny and if we laugh it's because we're thinking you're a friggin ignorant loser and we're already planning on how we are going to get rid of you. So don't do it. Tip 2) If we decline your invitation to dance or won't accept your offer to buy us a drink, don't start calling us names and telling us it's "our loss". The minute you do that you prove what an insecure person you are and that it's really NOT our loss. Just accept the rejection gracefully and leave us be. Odds are if you see us again...we may not reject you the next time based on your previous behavior. Tip 3) If you feel you must compliment us...make it a sincere one. Don't tell us we're hot or spout some cheesy line...we'll reject you cold if you do. I know I'd respond a lo
"The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting."
Columbus Day
As usual I am at work. We get only the big holidays off and not the small ones. Why do we even have holidays when most people don't even get them off? Or they get consolidated into one holiday like President's day?? As predicted it looks like we are over another hump and it might be a slower week, which is good as I have numerous projects, I need to get caught up on. JJ the Axe
Been So Busy!
Hey everyone =) just thought i should update this thing. I haven't been on here very has gotten very busy. I started my second job on friday, worked 2-9...and yesterday 12-8. and now today i work 12-8...and wendesday 7-3. Ahh its kinda crazy. After friday i went to adam's party. It was pretty fun. This friend chirs hwas having a party upstairs too, but it got broken up before it even started. haha. Adam got mad at me for talking to some people, he said that he has parties, and i should be talking to him...but he was busy..what was i suppose to do?? just sit there. ah i dunno...he was really mad. anywhose, i went to work on saturday morning...and then came home and slept. haha how fun. =P today i gotta work...but its so nice outside, and i want to wash my car. maybe i'll do that before i got to work at 12. I have so much homework to do too. some math homework and a paper to write that is due tomorrow. =( ahhh and reading that is due on wedesday. I hate be
My Unknown
Some things change some things dont.The times I cant rember I miss the most.Memories of my past haunt me like a ghost.Let them haunt me somethings are best left unknown!
More About Me
My name is Stephanie, I was born on May 3rd of 1981. I am 5'3(yeah i know im short). I was born in Idaho Falls Idaho. My best friend is Nikki Lyman. I have 3 kids. Shantel(8),Cody(7)and Jayden(passed away last Dec). I am happily married to a wonderful guy named Dallin. I love football(Eagles). I now live in North Dakota(in the middle of no where).I have only one brother he is disabled, he is blind and also has down syndrome. I have a very hard child hood being a kid and a parent to my brother. I am a very good person(when i want to be that is). I have a very good personallity and all that knows me well knows that by now. I love to meet new people(i do everyday). I hate drama(except on tv). I love music as long as it has meaning to it(HIM, Korn, Hinder, Evanence, Rob Zombie). Some say that i am goth in sheeps clothing i dont know about that but maybe i am. I am a tattoo artist. I have been ever since i was out of high school. Well that you know some more about me if you want to know mor
Something To Remember
"Love life for all it is... Believe that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
only you you asked me how I knew but in embarrassment I just couldn't say that somehow you have encased yourself so deep within my heart that I fear if we should end it would be the undoing of me a whispered word, a roving touch never did i think that I could want you so much this is new to me as sweet as the first taste of faith the enveloping trust the moment when you finally give in and let His spirit embrace you the oceans deep and unrelenting movement couldn't hold a sunken ship any tighter than my soul clings to you you believe in me have faith in me and with all your innocent love you have made me believe that what we share no matter why could be the one truth in this never ending sea of life and when we join together melding our bodies into one the emotions you bring forth from deep in me sends shivers down my spine even when you are not here it reminds me though I know love offers no guarantees I wouldn't change a thing all I could ask
A Saying
Life aint a garden...So don't be a Hoe!""haha favorite saying
Poetry To All The Ladies
Every man should give there woman one night of happiness. A night to be treated like a queen. A night to be swept off her feet. A night to put her above all. A night to show your love for her is real. Realer than she could ever imagine. Make her wildest fantansy come true. Make her remember why she is with you. A NIGHT OF HAPPINESS A night of happiness No pain no stress A night to be true A night to cater to you A night to show you how I feel A night to give you a love so real A night full of happiness A night of fulfilness **Realize ladies that you are beautiful and you** **deserve nothing but the best. Get your night** **of happiness from someone who loves you.xoxo**
New Pretty Eyes Contest
i entered a pretty eyes contest....please vote for me by rating my pic!! the link to the picture is below. [ photo: 219599536 ]
The Meaning Of My Name
~~~~STEPHANIE~~~~~ From the Greek root Stephen; A feminie form of Stephen. ~~~~~~Crowned~~~~~~ Travel and public contact bring me enjoyment; a natural peacemaker and arbitrator; a social occasions; a lady who enjoys music. art and literature; a lovely lady; sophicsticated and stylish; a casual girl who is perky and athletic; someone who is clear-sighted; i am thrifty, determined, and a deep thinker.
Hitting rock bottom is the best thing in the world. You get to see things for what they're worth. Are any of your "FRIENDS" there to lend a hand? Who can you count on to help you pick up the pieces? You're only as strong as the weakest link, and now you're the only link. Where are all those "FRIENDS" at? When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It's time to either lie down or get back up and brush yourself off. You've seen what you're worth to others, don't be afraid. Make better decisions and judgments next time. If you can rise up from the bottom this time, just be wise. Your value will be more than you or anyone ever expected. Remember that diamonds start out as coal until pressure changes the unwanted into the desired.
What Mythical Creature Are You?
What Mythical Creture are you (Lovely Pictures!!!) 13 Results Your a werewolfAggresive and BeautifulTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Waste Of Life
Too many people waste time and moments in life with useless emotions or too much pride. Anger, hate, and jealousy are probably what keep most people from living life to its fullest and enjoying everyday like it may be there last. I did for19 years and Iíll never be able to make that up no matter how much I try. Yes there was moments of happiness in there along the way, but they were too far and few between. I know most of the time I use to blame it on my pride, because Iím a fighter. Always have been and always will be, but I didnít always fight the good fight. I realized this sometime ago, but could never put the plan I had into effect so I struggled with my emotions all the time. One day I just realized that my idea of what pride had meant was wrong. If you truly have pride in yourself, that means youíre able to put things aside for the greater cause of whatever it is your searching for in life. My pride and emotions I use to have never did anything but slow me down from lea
What Mythical Creature Are You?
What Mythical Creture are you (Lovely Pictures!!!) 13 Results Your a DragonHott and lovingTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Whispers In My Head
If the world was to have a horrific tragedy where the only person to survive was me I could make it without a problem. You on the other hand would succumb to the voices in your head because of the lack of communication that you so desperately need and base your existence on. I use to have a lot of friends but now have none. I never thought that could happen to me, but it did. See I realized when I was sitting around that unlike you I can be alone. I donít like to but for the past 5 years itís been that way and Iíve learned how to deal with it. You need constant attention and things to occupy your mind because youíre just scared of being in solitude. It was hard to deal with at first but what I realized is that when people call me or want to do something is when they are feeling obligated or lonely and need someone to fill the silence in their souls that is making the go mad. Rather then sitting back and reflecting on how they could better themselves or their life theyíd rather sit arou
One Day At A Time
~~Whatever the goal we're pursuing, no matter how rugged the climb, we're certain to get there by trying our best, And taking one day at a time. "Forever" is hard to imagine, "the future" may seem far away~~ but every new dawn Brings a wonderful chance to do what we can on that day.~~~ ~~~~~~Emily Matthews~~~~~
The Key To Immortality
When all is said and done in the end, what is there to carry on? Will you be missed? Mourned? Forgotten? Remembered? Will loved ones and friendsí remember you with love and laughter, or tears and pain? Ask yourself if you have made an impression on someone. If you have left your stamp in time to never be forgotten by those that matter. Will the legacy of your life carry on when youíre no longer here to live it? Live life to the fullest everyday, for you never know when it may be your last. Find peace in knowing that nothing can be perfect and that people perceive things differently so some may be happy with you and others may be upset on a day by day basis. If you live life doing things that make you happy, youíll please others along the way in most cases. By all means live life to itís fullest and with no regrets, because when you have regrets that means you have questions too. At my fathers eulogy there was a saying ďRemember me with love and laughter, for that is how Ií
What Mythical Creature Am I...
What Mythical Creature are you (Lovely Pictures!!!) 13 Results Your a DragonHott and lovingTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Thank You
The words you said cut right through me. Iím not mad though, Iím actually really happy. This time I didnít have to trick or force myself into not caring for someone. You did it for me with the hate, bitterness, and harshness in your voice. We donít communicate well if at all, because itís all one-sided. I can share my feelings and you just wonít. Itís not that you canít, itís because you choose not to. The funny thing is I do whatever you ask me to in order to make things go right, But you and your double standards, or is it a game your trying to play with me? Iím still not sure, because you say one thing and do the opposite. The funny thing is I remember you saying ďyouíre always rightĒ. I thought you were joking though, but it looks like the joke was on me. This time when the relationship fails Iíll at least have solace knowing it wasnít me. I can walk away without having to answer any questions to myself as to why I did things. The answer for once will be clear and I
The day I found out I was so happy The best thing in my life, You gave me something to live for You were my everything. Then in just a day You went away. When they said I'd lost you My world crashed down. Nothing hurt more Than losing my little baby boy or girl. Now my heart aches for you And nothing will bring you back, I'll have to move on And though it's hard Maybe I'll see you again in our next lifetime.
When you tell me it's good, I know it's not. When you tell me I'm pretty, I know I'm not. I can see in your eyes That you mean well. But did you look in mine, And see all the hurt inside? I want to feel warm But all I get is cold. I want to see light But I'm in the dark. I'm calling out and no one's listening. Can anyone help, Or are you too busy to care? Turn and look. Am I still there?!
You put the world on my shoulders and i take it all. You don't say thank you you just act like its nothing. I try to be strong try to hide my feelings for you. I make it so you don't see all the hurt I have inside. I wish you would help me, instead of me helping you. I can't let you down thats how you make me feel. So now I'm saying sorry for my own Feelings.
Iím sick and tired of this place, sick and tired of this rat race. Sick of getting no thank yous or respect in return, sick of always being the one who gets burned. Sick of how things once were, sick of how that is now just a faded blur. Sick of the fact that I ALWAYS turn the other cheek, sick of how that is considered to be weak. Sick of the people I once thought were friends, sick how I canít wait till they get thereís in the end. Sick of nothing is ever good enough and everyone steals or uses to get more, sick and tired of waiting for karma to even the score. Sick of friends talking of how things use to be, sick that canít see Iím still the same me. Sick of people thinking they can play me, sick that they just canít realize how well I still can see. Sick of people trying to front like theyíre strong, sick of how silly they look because theyíre wrong. Sick of people wanting everything for free, sick of people and the new epidemic called ďPOOR MEĒ. Sick of people and all th
Shut It Off
Itís the simplest things you say Do you mean to come across in such a careless way? Are you trying to hurt me with your evil personality? Or are you really oblivious to your lack of inequality Just as fast as I told you there would never be another I can quickly turn around and shut it off forever You need to understand that these emotions are new to me But some of the shit you say makes me want to go back to the way things use to be Itís not easy to open up and expose how I feel Especially when it seems all you want to do is take until I have no more to steal Are you really that bitter and unaware of how you act? Maybe youíre just to scared to look in the mirror and face the fact I know Iím blind, but Iím not dumb And you canít fool me anymore by acting numb Just as fast as I was certain I loved you I can take it all back, shut it off, and be through too.
What I was so sure of yesterday is now gone. The thoughts and dreams have disappeared. The life I was planning was never true. Things we talked about where all lies. I dove in head first and just kept falling. You asked if I was lonely and I answered honestly. NO! I should have been smart enough to ask you the same question. Once you got your fill, you were gone. SMACK!!! Iím not falling anymore. I hit the bottom hard and got hurt. I learn easy though, never again will I try a leap of faith. Never will I attempt to try my hand at love. Itís not what they say it is. Not worth the time or effort if all that going to happen is pain. Iíll stick to razors on my wrist if I want to feel this way again. Itís a much safer game of risk.
Knocked down and thrown around always picking myself back up off the ground. Bear and grin it and turn the other cheek, because this is life and itís not for the meek. Brush myself off and dig the glass out of my hand, and remember to be careful the next time something comes along which is no more than quicksand. Donít bother to struggle because your problems will only sink you faster, remember what you are; this games master. Never worry about falling without being caught, nobody has ever been there before and you always stood tall and fought. When you appear weak and down for the count, remember who you are, where you came from, and what youíre all about. Youíve been here before on your way six feet underground, then you struck back without so much as a sound. You control your destiny and fate; just make sure that your battle is not one of anger or hate. The scars youíve obtained along the way, is just another reminder that no matter how bad life hurts; youíre strong enough t
Gee Your Hair Smells Good
A man walks up to a woman in his office and tells her that her hair smells nice. The woman immediately goes into her supervisorís office and tells him that she wants to file a sexual harassment suit and explains why. The supervisor is puzzled by this time and says, ďWhatís wrong with a co-worker telling you your hair smells nice?Ē The woman replies, ďHeís a midget.Ē
Bilingual Help Wanted
Bilingual Help Wanted A sign in the window saying "HELP WANTED - Must be a good typist and have good computer skills. Successful applicant must be bilingual. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer " A short time later a lovely golden retriever dog trotted up to the window, saw the sign and went inside. He looked at the receptionist and wagged his tail, then walked over to the sign, looked at it, whined and pawed the air. The receptionist called the office manager. He was surprised to say the least to see a canine applicant. However, the dog looked determined so he led him into the office. Inside, the dog jumped up on a chair and stared at the manager expectantly. The manager said, "I can't hire you. The sign says you must be able to type." The dog jumped down, went to the typewriter and proceeded to quickly type a perfect business letter. He took out the page with his mouth and trotted over to the manager, gave it to him, then jumped back up on the chair wagging his t
Wrestling Was Fun Last Night
Last night me and two of my friends when to the WWE No Mercy PPV. I had a blast. Still pissed off that King Booker won. After the ppv was over we went to waffle house and continued the fun there. All in all I would say last night really fun and maybe i might go to the one ppv in richmond in december.
What Kind Of American English Do Ya Speak?
Your Linguistic Profile: 65% General American English 15% Upper Midwestern 15% Yankee 0% Dixie 0% Midwestern What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
From The Past
In the past year I've remarried and discovered that having stepsons is KEWL... I mean my father didnt really care for the music I was listening to when I was Chad's (Step Son)age.. We both like alot of the same music.. And I've discovered a whole bunch of new songs that I LOVE..!! because of my wife (cathy).. But this is Enya.. I dont really know if Chad likes Enya.. This song is from my past.. Back in 1988... But there is just something about her voice.. if you listen to the song.. to me her voice isnt really a voice... its a beautiful instrument..!! Music Video Code provided by Music Video Zone
What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "I can pass this guy." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
To My Love
I was going to write you a poem, but poetry sucks donkey nuts. Besides... I'm pretty sure you can't read. And that is why I love you so. You are a complete and total idiot. I love you, donut.
Slightly Emo Bitching
I'm afraid. I'm afraid I'm pushing my boy away. I know that there are things that I can't control, and he is one of them, but I fear that I am pushing him away from me. I feel like a failure. I try so hard to take care of that boy. I try to keep him from sorrow, and pain, and I failed that today. His beloved camerais gone, despite my best efforts. If I'd had the money, but he told me he'd have it. If I'd had the car, but I lost the license. I'm failing him... That camera probably meant more to him than I do. I feel like it's my fault that it's gone. I exhausted every asset I had to try and get that thing paid off and still, my best efforts aren't enough... Don't misinterpret. He hasn't said this. No, Robbie is like me. We're very appreciative when we know we have you under our thumb. i know I've been sucked into doing all this stuff for him, I know he thinks he's manipulated me here, but the thing is I do the same to him quite often. We're both manipulative and we both know when
Dont Like
Daddy and I dont really like RAP because of all of the violence and usesless killing.. But this Video is just FUNNY!!! Music Video Codes By Music
Im Broken
you know how when a someone gets a stereo or a digital camera or any kind of toy and they play with it and it breaks, they usually send it bakc to get fix. once fixed this element either goes back to the owner or its sent for resale as refurbished... well thats how i feel .... i feel like a used stereo that was aparently fixed but that deep inside knows that its been broken and that there is nothing or no one who will make it whole again.....
How Common Is Your Name
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:3people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
Yesterday on my way home from northern Ontario I saw 3 moose. never seem them before in my life but damn they huge!
Well How Do You Like Them Apples.
here I am, sitting in front of my computer, oh fun. I got the day off, I had a day off on firday aswell. this kicks ass!!! I only get a day off once every few months with my 2 jobs, however I think I'm going to start looking for a 3rd job. just till after x-mass. just going to sit around here and chill for the day. that sounds nice :D
Myth & Legend
As I gaze across a crowded room My eyes fall on a woman of myth and legend. A mane of shimmering coal and corn silk flows like a quiet river past elegant shoulders. Piercing eyes adorn the face of the goddess before me. Tearing through my very soul they hold the softest heart yet found. satin lips call to me for the kiss that captures gods. Can I, a mere man, withstand such a creature? when all I wish to do is give myself to her. Patrick Maxey Revised December 7, 2002
As I look across a smoky room a vission of raven hair. Eyes filled with a piercing blaze floating through the air. A specter of passion that taunts mortal men. Like ships on a stormy sea they crash on her shore. Only to find death at her feet. She is lust. She is passion. She is romance. she only has one name..... Siren Patrick maxey revised october 09, 2006.
My Disdain.
You're soaking in it. Hey, isn't that dishwashing liquid lady dead?
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Its Monday!!!
Please Come Vote For This Cutie
my friend has her child entered in the cutest baby contest please come vote for him.just click on the pic below thanks alot everyone
This Is Great One....second One Of The Day
THE OLD MOTOR > > He's 80; she's 20; both white. > > It was the stir of the town when an 80 year old man > married a 20 year > old girl. > > After a year of marriage she went into the hospital > to give birth. The > nurse came out to congratulate the fellow saying: > "This is amazing. How > do you do it at your age? > > He answered, "You got to keep the old motor > running." > > The following year the young bride gave birth again. > The same nurse > said: "You're amazing. How do you do it?" He again > said: "You've got the > keep the old motor running" > > The same thing happened the next year. The nurse > then said: "Well, well, > well!!! You certainly are quite a man!" He responded > again, "You've got > to keep that old motor running." > > > > The nurse said: "Well, you better change oil. This > one's black."
Fun Fun
well today lets see i get to clean all day long? YIPPY ME LOL
Do You Qualify?
Do you qualify to be the man I need you to be? Will you be able to recognize the things you need to see? Will you be able to understand, that I'm a good woman and in my life I need a good man? Do you qualify? Do you qualify to fertilize my unproduced seeds? Can you fulfill, as I can, all of our needs? Can you put me in my place if you see I am slippin'? Can you talk to me, wholeheartedly? Not constantly trippin?? Do you qualify? Do you qualify to be called all mine? Can you leave the other women and temptations behind? Can you come to me with your problems and not wait until it's too late? Can you stand up and admit if you made a mistake? Do you qualify? Do you qualify to be the honest ebony man I would want you to be? Would you be able to look me in my eyes and admit your feelings to me? Could you take me in your arms and make love to me all night long? Can you be sensitive and still be strong? Do you qualify? Do you qualify to be my friend as w!!
Your True Birth Month Is January Loyal Social Logical Easily jealous Loves children Rather reserved Highly attentive Likes to criticize Needs close friends Ambitious and serious Smart, neat and organized Hardworking and productive Loves to teach and be taught Quiet unless excited or tensed Sensitive and has deep thoughts Knows how to make others happy Searches for the greatest romance Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds Romantic but has difficulties expressing love Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses What's Your True Birth Month?

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