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It Ain't No Lie--women Suk!
In the newspaper business that's called a headline and it sucks you into reading the first sentence then paragraph and hopefully the story. I don't believe women suk and that is what this blog is all about....WOMEN....and how the men on here treat them. There are so few real men on this rag that it's a pitiful statement on thier upbringing. (to be fair--I've met a couple women that fit the same catagory) What the (H) brought this on? Well yesterday while cruising around I found 3 of my ladies had broken hearts and statements about being wronged in some fashion or another. Conclusion: some dude or dudes, in this case, played them like a cheap guitar then left for a real cheap guitar. These boys are taking lessons from Brad Pitt or that other ass, Tiger Thingee. BTW there are a lot more but I don't have time to list them all so let me sum it up in one word....ASSES....That should cover the rest. Ladies! Before falling for a line that is coming from a sewer- look, listen, learn what HE
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all my Fu-Family and Friends! Thank you for making this year special! Love Ya ALL!
Ramblings Of A Sane Person In An Insane World
I got an e-mail from my brother this afternoon before i walked out from my house today... My great aunt died last night....she raised me since i was 2 yrs old...she taught me everything I know and more than any man (meaning my biological father) could ever teach me.....i was pretty bummed at work and i tried to keep a straight face but it was very hard...   I ll be ok ..I found out the funeral is on Christmas eve and theres no way im going back home to NJ on Thursday to a funeral so close to Christmas...... Why isnt there some kind of cosmic moratorium with death during the holidays?? What does "Spotted Dick" taste like??? Why do people act like morons during a time everyone is suppposed to be nice to each other??? Why do hot chicks ( who know they can get a date with any man they can) act like they are undateable or the men they want to date are no good for them?? Why does a dog lick its balls?? Why do women constantly complain about nonsensical shit?? Why dont i trust grown
Do Not Know The Title...
Am I so different because I know and feel things? Before anyone else knows. Because I know what you may feel? Before even you know? I'm not the only one... Can you imagine how alone we may feel? Doubted...ridiculed...cast out... How it may change our lives, knowing things? Dreams of death that come true. Feeling the loss of a loved one, death or abandonment. Tis the life of the KNOWING... So be it.......... We can not change it. So we live with it. And HURT because of it! Whether YOU believe it or do not. WE DO! Because it has become reality too many times. So we feel the pain...some can not stop the emotional drain that comes with it. I am one that can not! I have tried. I have lost many people that I love because they will/do not trust in me. Soooooooo great for self esteem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People wonder why I'm fucked up? PUHLEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!   I feel I have just lost one that I admire and be it.
Merry Christmas
Just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas, folk of fubar! It's been a funny old year for me, as you may know, and the upshot of it is that I'm plain not going going to be around next year any more than I was this, so it looks like the MuMMs are finally free of my inanity.  But for what it's worth I had a tremendous blast, notwithstanding the ultimate result, and I shall always look on you folk with fondness.  I wish you all the very best for Christmas, and I trust that 2011 is, for all of us, a step in the right direction from whatever kind of 2010 you may have had.  Peace to you and those you love kins xx
I just need to voice out a little..please forgive me. But my mind needs to bleed out..For so long I had searched and waited..attempted and gave just to have that one chance of feeling the love I had lingered for for so long.Over 8mths ago I found it..and it was the most breath taking moment in my life. As it grew I became strong..strong enough now I see to love for the both of us.The dream now ended as a nightmare..a hurt that feels like nothing I've ever known. Was it such a can I be fooled so easily? I had believed every words..and now I wonder was it all just lies? My worth feels like nothing as of dreams crushed and my life spiraling into a eternal chaos. All I have left is the memories..why would anyone want to pretend to love that desire so needed its worth hurting another ..I just don't know if I ever want to try to trust again..Maybe I should just be thankful I was able to have this love even for just a short time...
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Darkness resides, Malevolent pride, Animal guide, Smolders inside, Cauldron of lust, Flesh a must, In Id I trust, From concept to real, Your kiss is the seal... And so the cycle begins....
Fu Life Vs. Real Life2
Well here we are again, I recently realized that tho I covered the female side of fu exploitations I, like many times before, forgot about the male perspective on things. I apologize and this is for you boys! Our fu men are subjected to exloit themselves just as much as us women, just in a different sense. As opposed to exploiting themselves physically they are required to play countless games and jump through various hoops to accomplish.... much of anything really. In a sense I feel worse for our fu men, what the fu women are expected of is fairly straight forward and simple if they're willing. or simply give in. Where as men are required to give gifts, bling, actual money in a sense and lots and lots of attention. Women end up feeling they need to use what they were born with to receive the above to accomplish, lets be honest, pointless tasks and men have to give and pay to accomplish the same tasks which keeps the machine running. I like the site, its fun and somewhat addictive
So The Story Goes...
alooooha fu-holes =] blog #2 of the day. lol i'm on a roll right... some own thoughts, but i'm sure lots share my feelings. its a new year! whoa where the hell did that come from...wasn't it just july? yeah...last year kinda blew. so did the year before that. for me anyway. i'm ready for a change. some "re-evaluating". i feel like every year i say that though...ya know "GOALS! CHANGE! GET MY FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER!!" and yet here i sit another year of almosts behind me. good god. i honestly can't think of any really "good" things that happened to me or for the people i love. just hurt and let down and out right slap in the face shafts from the world. marriages falling apart, people lying to each other, loved ones passing away, money name it...everything went wrong last year...ask your friends, they'll probably have some story about how shit just didn't work out. we all get so wrapped up in our own negatives and they feel so huge and overwhelming that
Music Monday - My Favorite Album Of 2010
I liked a lot of albums last year...but this was definitely my favorite. didn't have any of the songs, I'm using youtube videos and other links.  If anyone knows a site where I can upload my own files to make a playlist, I do own the album. Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise 1. Repo Man 2. New York City's Killing Me 3. God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise 4. Beg Steal or Borrow 5. Are We Really Through 6. This Love is Over 7. Old Before Your Time
What Is Your Hidden Talent?
Your Hidden Talent is Your Rebellion You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system. And while this may not seem big, it can be. It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes. You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices. What's Your Hidden Talent? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
Something A Friend Just Pointed Out To Me .
Can this be why there are no levels above (45) ??
Something That Was Pointed Out To Me Recently!!! Something That Makes You Go Hmmmmmmmmmm!!
Can this be why there are no levels above (45) ?? Check it out and decide for yourself!! Maybe in time, they'll get it right!
8 Ball, Corner Pocket
          Her fingers tapped against the cue stick in beat to the music.. she rocked gently as she faintly whispered the words to the song as it blared throughout the bar... She watched as her opponent sunk yet another shot.... the only bad part about playing... is losing.. but she was having fun.. she watched as his eyes lined up his next shot.. he looked so intense.. she only wanted him to look at her that way.. she stretched... with a little mew type sound escaping her.. it was cute.. and caught his attention.. just enough for him to notice her chest presented up and out as her arms were above her head... she saw the look flash over his face and knew it would be her turn to shoot soon.. it was shameful really she would let him get just so far ahead in the game.. and be good.. then make some little movements or sounds to distract him and pull his attention away so that she could win.. they say the best way to play is to get into your opponents head.. then you could call the s
Just A Short
 We All Die                           By: Tina Louise W.    "You are such a fucking hypocrite!," screamed Pamela.   "Well if you weren't always being a cunt I wouldn't have to resort to being a dick now would I?" Ben said in a flat tone.  "Fu-"  "No fuck you Pam, I'm sick of your shit."  The Andersons... typical family in the local hell of Nashtown suburbia. Sure they have their bad points but also their good. You know?? Take their kids for a walk in the park on a leash, push the dog on the swings-set, have their holier-than-thou perception on others, laugh at the expense of one's misery. Yes, a normal life.  It wasn't that the family is odd, well not all of them. It was that the mother was nuttier than a half eaten payday melting on a summer afternoon. Pamela would be the sweetest woman in the world unless she didn't have her swiss army knife keychain. From what is known, this keychain was given to her by her mother which told her, "Always keep this by your side or you will surely die
Why I Suck At Email...ect...
So recently I just lost someone I was very close to when I was younger. I've known one of my friends since we were 12 and her mom was my second mom in life. She scolded me, loved me, yelled at me, hugged know like a mom. At her memorial service me and 3 friends from high school stood around and talked of days gone by...things we'd done...stuff Mom would've yelled at us for so it was funny to us.   I look around and every single child in the room has a cell phone out typing away. Now don't get me wrong I text my ass off but at this I thought it would be rude so I shut my phone off. (It was a viewing not the funeral but still) I look at my friends and went...remember when we had to "write" notes out? They began to laugh and on my 2 hour drive home I begin thinking how horrible I was at answering said letters.   Now I have the Internet and it can be sent in a waiting....and I STILL suck at answering "letters".  I think it's because I never know what to reply to p
Magnificent sparks shower from our hearts as cupid’s blacksmith forges the delicate shimmering chain forever together, hers and mine.  The ringing of his hammer echo’s with the song of our hearts encased with them. The glowing of the fire grants the sacred artisan light to see his creations clearly through the smoke that stings his eyes. Insuring he may stamp his promise into his workmanship.  Taking care not to overlook any cracks from forgotten falls. The heat from massive bellows urging fill the molten metal with warmth that will be felt with each beat. Warming our souls long held in the cold darkness of solitude and loneliness. Shielding us from the biting frozen winds from distant long forgotten storms that rendered our souls.  Sweat from his mighty brow hisses as it dances upon a surface white hot with passion, lust, and longing. The sheen of his skin shows the painstaking effort, care, and skill, in hopes it will be a masterpiece remembered even by the immortals of o
When Life Veers Off Path...
When life veers off path we have to make choices that will either make us or break us and in the long run we will never know if that other choice was the right or wrong one. We learn from our mistakes along the way and then we can try again if those choices arise again. Life has many paths and it isn't always the right one but we have to use our better judgement and see where it will take us. There will always be those what-if questions in the back of our minds nagging at us. Sometimes the choices we make reflect on others around us and thats when you have to sit there and give it more thought than any other choice because you need to make sure you are happy first but in most cases you have to considers others feelings too. I've learned to many times that I can't make everyone happy unless I want to end up the unhappy one in the end. I wish I could take back some of the stuff that has transpired but I know in the long run I won't truly know if it will make a difference or not. I have t
  vent.       every time something g
Punished For A Day Off
Why is it everytime i sleep for more then 6 hours, i wake up with a headache ?  If anyone knows the answer to this , please feel free to tell me what it is ! It feels like someone is punishing me for having a day off, and actually sleeping in. Got my new bloodstone pendant in the mail yesterday. I fit it into a setting that my chain actually fits though. And today its around my neck , where it always belonged. ~ around
Her Arrival Part Ii (read Part One Below First)
her eyes quietly opened as she slowly adjusted her skirt and blouse... sitting herself upright, she brushed her fingers lightly through her hair... then smiled up at him as he came around to open her door... extending his hand to her... taking both their bags from the trunk of the car in one hand... his other arm around her waist... he guided her inside the hotel... he didn't stop at the desk but headed straight for the elevators... he pressed the button for the 7th floor and whispered to her... "i was here earlier to set everything up for your stay..." he pulled her close to him, kissing her hard as the elevator slowly ascended to their floor... then led her to the door where he pressed his lips close to caress softly against her cheek... whispering against her ear... "i left you something to slip into, in the bathroom... you have everything you need to freshen up a bit... don't take too long though... i'm not a patient man..." she slipped quietly into the bathr
New Zodiac Signs? Wtf
WTF New Zodiac signs 2011 are: Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16 Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11 Pisces: March 11 – April 18 Aries: April 18 – May 13 Taurus: May 13 – June 21 Gemini: June 21 – July 20 Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10 Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16 Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30 Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23 Scorpio: Nov. 23 – 29 Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17 Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20 NOW IM NOT WHAT I WAS MY KIDS ARENT WHAT THEY WERE WTH IM ALL DAMN CONFUSED
Am I Dreaming...
Soulmate is a term not be abused. I didn't choose... to feel the way I feel for you; reserved and coveted, not to be refused. Am I dreaming? The gift that you instilled is true. You lit the fuse... on a passionate heart that's been scarred and bruised; tarred and used. Like the breath of life, you make me want to start anew. You're the star on a horizon of blacks, blues, and even darker hues. You replaced anxiety with the embrace of peace, and that's hard to do. I've been addicted to your love, since the first time I parted you. The Queen of Hearts, filled me with her song and left the record queued; spinning every second - Enthralled by the Siren, inspired by the Muse. I float on your currents, like the arc that make's the archers arrow cruise. The apple of my mind, Pretty Sparrow, you're a treasure that I cannot lose. Land on my limbs, let's make one from two, let my seed infuse... the emptiness, the need in you. I speak the truth - I f
Internal Struggle A Poem By Yours Truely
The sun is still set and yet im awake mixed emotions trouble the mind makes it ache. Too much to do with too little time releasing frustration in another rhyme. World will keep spinning as sun rises and sets,i lay still pondering triumphs & regrets. Its all in the past why should I care, though in my mind it stays right there.Want to carry on and do more right a sweet release of this internal fight. Thats all Ive wanted the thing I need, with a little faith I may succeed.
Tuesday Boozeday
I couldn't think of anything yesterday...but here's a little list so you can drink away the day! 1. 40 oz. To Freedom - Sublime 2. Alabama Song - The Doors 3. Gin & Juice - Snoop Dogg 4. Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks 5. Too Drunk to Fuck - Dead Kennedys
  Can you figure out the riddle?
I shall delete what I want to delete, whenever I want to delete.  The First Amendment of the US Constitution does not apply to privete persons or institutions, otherwise why the NSFW crap?  And whoeever does the same has my blessing.  Also if I or anyone else wants to approve comments that is their choice.
American Knightmare Harem Application
Basic Information: Full Legal Name: Age: Height: Weight: Eye Color: Measurements: Natural Hair Color: Current Hair Color: Contact Info and Preference: Getting to Know You: Are you a Virgin: Have you Had a Sex Change: Do you Smoke:    Illegal Substances: Do you Work Out: Do you Have an income:     What is it? Live on your own: What Kind of Car do you Drive: Highest Education: History of mental illness: Ever cheated on a boyfriend: Do you Cook: Favorite Sports Teams: Piercings: Tattoo's: Will you Bling me or show your desire for me in some other way?: Favorite Movie: 3 Favorite Music Genres: Interview Questions: Idea of a Perfect date in 3 sentences or less: Why Should I pick you in 1 Sentence: Any Specials Skills: What do you want out a relationship with me:
Numbering Family And Friends
It has come to my attention, after a long conversation with a Dear sweet friend I met on here and I love him very much,He thought I didn't care about him anymore because he wasn't in my top family or friends,So I have removed the number's and will not  number a Fu family member or Friend again on here,I would hate to lose a great friend because of number's..I do care about each and everyone,though honestly I come to love a few people on here that mean the world to me,even though I have never met them...I have special feelings for everyone but I have to say a few that have become very close to me,in chatting,texting and on know who you are or should .After all I came to this site not really knowing exactly what it was in 07,deleted because of personal things in my life,But I have come to enjoy the very few close friends I have here,would greatly miss them,for you that haven't known me or tried to,I am a very caring,loving person that has a very big heart,My heart breaks when
Cincinnatti Clam Shack
When banging a girl, alternating between her pussy and ass. The resulting queefs and farts will fill the room with a stanky sea food aroma reminiscent of a clam shack. fucking awesome!!!
What Does It Mean To Give More Than 100%?
This is a strictly mathematical goes like this:  What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? Here's a little mathematicalformula  that might help you answer these questions: If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. Then: H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%
Slave Auction
Slave Auction   Feb 1st-Feb 8th    500k FuBucks To Be In It   What Are You Willin' To Do for: FuBucks VIP HH And You Have To Do That For 2 Wks-A Month   Tell me in here if you want to be in it. And say which pic you want to be posted.
Obamacare And The Military
ok check this out, A reservist/Guardsmen with over 20 years and 3 deployments to Iraq/Stan and under 60 if they retire and want medical they will have to pay over $900.00/mo for coverage until they reach age 60. the only other option is the VA where they wait for 6 months to see a doc that is so over worked the quality of care can be horrid. Did you know that our President and the former congress would not pass this bill if the retiree did not should ALL the cost? no contribution from the country that called them. Now service connected disabilities after you fight like hell to get them will always be covered by the VA. This angers me to no end.  
My Rant And Rave, If Your Offended....then Obvisously You Are One!!
  I honestly don't care if you think I'm crazy. You're just a figment of my imagination anyway! ;-) People come to this site to make friends and have fun, Of course its an adult site and frankly fubar lets you get away with just about anything and more or less if you have up NSFW pics its to gain your popularity and 95% of the time it works, But I have to say the way it make u look both men and women. If you worked this hard in life as you did on a website. You might end up somewhere in life, So your not sitting your ass on a computer all day seeing how much you can gain off someone else.I have come to the point if I am going to do, I will do for myself.I am so tired of being nice and get nothing back in return, Oh but these people who show there ass get all they want even from fubar them selves..Screw that I am WAY above that!!!! I dont have to show and will not show my ass to get what I want.. If someone is going to give me a gift thats fine if not fine to i wont die!! I don't
Easiest Way To Get Out Of The Endless Bouncer Checks
The easiest way to get out of the endless Bouncer Checks that I have found is, 1. Stop inputting the CAPTCHA characters 2. Open your home page in a new tab 3. Click the link for your Front Page (Public Page) 4. Enter the Bouncer Check CAPTCHA 5. Close the new tab 6. Go back to the tab you were working in 7. Click the 'Go back one page' button on your browser 7. Continue rating :)   Hope this helps.
Quotes Of The Day Lol Or Week..year...which Ever
d3c0m Xx TM xX: you two are tighter than a crabs ass js him on me and my sister rofl   Ryan x Mr Bree ...: nutter butters were invented when i put peanut butter on my balls and ball stamped tks forehead   delete   Ryan x Mr Bree ...: my bed got so much jizz on it, it looks like i pissed the bed, my mom trying to install one of those anti bed wetting devices   delete Ryan x Mr Bree ...: id rther hump the bed then the floor, it has more padding   delete Ryan x Mr Bree ...: id have to say these panties are way more comfortable then the other pair i had on but the other pair makes my ass look better, such a debate UGH!   delete Crystal Goddess...: Jack Frost ne
Whats Love Got To Do With It?
As we all know that holiday most of us despise is rapidly approaching. In my opinion "Valentines Day" is a made up holiday by chicks. They   wanna feel validation from their S/O buy receiving flowers, jewelry, a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant, a card or any other token to   show their "love"   I wanna know I'm loved everyday, not just one day of the year. Send me flowers just because it's Tuesday. write "I love you" in the fog of   the bathroom mirror, run your lady a hot bath and light a bunch candles, turn on some soft music and wash her hair. Trust me chicks   will appreciate these simple signs a lot more (and if not then she is a gold digger and you should dump her ass.)
Trapped Hopeless Doomed
Her breath caught  Before she could scream, turn and run No time to even really fight it had begun   trapped  hopeless doomed   his hooks were in her she was pinned to the wall the sequence of events a painful blur it started out just a normal day at the mall   trapped  hopeless doomed   room pitch black save a few candles broken down house, practically in shambles psychopathic laugh echoing down the hall she can do nothing but wait, as she hangs on the wall   trapped 
Lol ... Does This Surprize Anyone??? - Call India
Twisted Desires Lounge Spotlight
Ok Guys And Ladies, Place a  Bid for this weeks Lounge Spotlight !!! all fubux from this will go toward the lounge getting a lounge SPOTLIGHT.. so please bid highly lol
Name Game Via Crazy Lips Via Peacey Via I Dunno
Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.   Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question. ONE WORD ANSWERS ONLY! Have Fun!! 1.   What is your last name?     H****** 2.   Flower:..............................  Hydrangea  3.   Boys name ......................  Henry 4.     A Girls name:.................     Heather 5.   An occupation;.................. Hairdresser 6.   Something you wear:.......... Hat 7.   Something you eat.............. Hamburger 8      Place............................     Hawaii 9.   Something you shout:....        HolyHellOPete!!!!  :D
Repilfered From Suga's Lips Via Crazys Lips
Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.   Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question. ONE WORD ANSWERS ONLY! Have Fun!! 1.   What is your last name?     M 2.   Flower:..............................  Magnolia 3.   Boys name ......................  Morpheus 4.     A Girls name:.................     Mercy 5.   An occupation;..................  Musician 6.   Something you wear:.......... Moccasins 7.   Something you eat.............. Macadamias 8      Place
HELLO ALL U FULANDERS.. For  those of  you  who personally know me this may seem all things you already know.. But for tose of you who are  HATERZ  of me and like to critizize people WAKE  UP this is what you so rightfully wanted..   I am a  29 year old female .. I  have alot of  personal real life issues that i  try not to bring to fubar  but it happens at times..I  am  a REAL person with  REAL  feeling just like all of you.. I came to fubar over a year ago on a old acct  that  was closed up I came here  to socialize with  new people and  REAL  people and to play  on fubar as most of you do with lounges and the games and things of that sort.. NOT  bcause i want  your man in r/l or fu life .. I am  real life married some of you know who that is if not then look a little bit you will find him.. I have a heart of gold  I would give the shirt off my back if i could  to help anyone even my enemies.. I'm no super model  I  dont have NSFW's nor will I .. I am a REAL  person just here to h
Mi Amore.. This I Shall Keep
Honestly, i just needed to share this with my friends. This has been a strange day.. i cant really concentrate on much. but, i figured i would blog this letter that robert wrote to me, so everyone could see the real robert.. the kind and loving friend that i was fortunate to make on this site and carry into my life. i hope you all enjoy it as i have. i read it every time i log into this site. anyways... here goes:   From: Robert Are you afraid of heights? Would you take a hot air balloon ride with me? We could have a picnic in the sky, maybe even drink a few bottles of Blue Look as far as the eye can see, floating and free, if only for a few hours. Marveling at the view, you of the scenery and me of you. I would love to see your eyes and face, as we drift along. Would you take that ride with me? Do you promise not to push me out of the basket? Siete il mio amore Let me know if you need Dramamine
~love's True Essence~
One of My Favorite Readings....Hope You Like It... Kahlil Gibran on Love, from the Book- 'The Prophet' When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth. Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself. He threshes you to make you naked. He sifts you to free you from your husks. He grinds you to whiteness. He kneads you until you are pliant; And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast
Sfw Mumms And Commenters
If someone writes an SFW mumm and the commenters have a need to be NSFW should the mumm deleted involuntarily and the mumm poster banned, because of the comments? A. Yes B. No
Wanna Own A Barbie?
Cash bids: -Sexy Salute -Add to Yahoo -Name in mine for a month -Add to Fam -Top friend add -Pimpouts daily -Shitfaced Daily -10 or 15 credit bling -Link on my page for a month -Kinky Creation -1000 11's a week -Radom gifts givin daily of my choice More is bid is high enough Fubucks: -100 11's daily -1 pimpout a week -name in mine for a month -kinky creation BIDDDING ENDS WITH HIGHEST BIDDER OF MY CHOICE!
Sex Stuff 101
Women who went to college are more likely than high school dropouts to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex. The inventor of Vaseline ate a spoonful of the stuff every morning! The G in 'g-string' stand for groin. One punishment for an adulterous wife in medieval France was to make her chase a chicken through town naked. More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria are exchanged during a typical French kiss! German soldiers, both heterosexual and homosexual, are allowed to have sex with each other! Each year, approximately 250,000 American husbands are physically attacked and beaten by their wives. A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever. Formicophilia' is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals
Romantic Movies
  In the spirit of this day, I offer my hastily assembed list of romantic movies. Other recommendations? Fools Rush inSerendipityCity of AmgelsAddicted To LoveContinental DivideDon Juan DeMarcoThe Family ManForget ParisWhen Harry Met SallyThe Lake HouseLove ActuallyLost In TranslationThe MajesticMust Love DogsSabrina (Both Bogart & Ford versions)Somethings Gotta GiveSomewhere In TimeThe Sure ThingWhile You Were Sleeping
A Fubar Haiku. Inspired By Most Ladies On The Site.
Wanna see my tits?You have to buy me FuBlingFu whores are not cheap
Me Again
Far Away   In stars at night and children's eyes There is a land within that lays Dungeons, dragons, maidens fare Knights, and castle's in the air Where evil fights and good guys win Where hidden secretes lay within Magic is the source of power Midnight is the witching hour In my heart I always long To live a time where I belong Riding on towards the sunset Where new challenges will be met King Arthur and his Lancelot In battles with Black Knights they fought They find the golden laden chest Then does end another quest But will be more stories told Of Maidens fare and Knights so bold In stars at night and children's eyes There is a land within that lays  
Everybody has a favorite movie. I have movies that I HAVE to watch when they come on no matter how many times I've seen them. 1. RoadHouse 2. Urban Cowboy 3. Mommie Dearest 4. Face Off 5. Wizard of Oz 6. Gone in 60 Seconds 7. Gone with the Wind
Issues On Gay Marriages
Well I guess I'm headed to Hell in a homemade hand basket made by Aunt B. just with my marriages alone. People look at religion for everything, God please get me thru this and I promise " blah blah blah" ..... Countless wars & bloodshed all in the name of "God" babies born and died within a few hours, days,months cus of a disease or other factor that we have no cure, so innocent children die and people say " it was Gods way, or his plan. No you don't carry a life inside you for 9 mths to have someone tell you that BS. It's not a plan life is screwed up, yeah you can't stop everything that happens, but don't put everything on GOD, he didn't make a full scale plan to kill a baby. SHYT HAPPENS!!! A drunk driver can hit a kid, go to jail and in a yr or too he gets let out on parole " cus he found god" and he honestly believes god forgave him for killing an innocent child, but what do you hear at funerals when someone dies by the hands of another " god has a plan, or god does things in myst
Bastard Out Of Carolina.
[Disclaimer: If you don't stalk my other blog, which is probably the case 'cause only a few people do, then you're reading this two days late.] I figured since this is my last night in Vegas, I might as well blog about the week I spent in North Carolina right before my current company trip. Better late than never, right? Besides, I haven’t written much in the past month since my time has been occupied by work and Lost, so what would some amandababble hurt. Itinerary, January 23rd: Wake up at the buttcrack of still night, finish last minute pre-travel needs, drive to airport, park car, check in at Continental, discover I’m dressed too perfectly to get frisked by security, arrive painfully early at terminal yet inhale a fast food breakfast, hurry up and wait, board flight, read, get off flight, lather-rinse-repeat last three steps, get rental car, drive to Greenville, hotel, sleep, breathe. I hate connecting flights with a passion but, with a book within my grasp, I can ge
Madeleine Mccann Is In America, Claims Pi Marcelino Italiano
The disappearance of Madeleine McCann has taken a new twist as investigator Marcelino Italiano claims Maddie was snatched by an Algarve-based paedophile ring from holiday apartments in Praia da Luz and taken to the US. It gives hope to parents Gerry and Kate McCann that Maddie may yet be traceable, three-and-a-half years after she first went missing in Portugal. A spokesman for the McCanns said an investigator had done 'absolutely the right thing' by going to police with his suspicions. According to Marcelino Italiano the paedophile ring has taken a dozen other children, believing they can get away with anything. He was quoted in The Sun newspaper as saying: 'I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America.' The Angolan, who also works as a nightclub bouncer, has given in a dossier - including the names of two prominent Portuguese businessmen - to police in Huelva, south-west Spain, according to the newspaper. The McCann's spokesman sai
Rum Garlic Shrimp
One of my favorite recipes that I picked up in the Bahamas, and of course, had to put my New Orleans spin on it! Ingredients: 2-3 lbs Large Peeled, deveined, and butterflied Shrimp Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum (Or a spiced rum of your choosing) Chopped seasoning Diced garlic Diced tomatoes (one large can of petite diced is plenty) zucchini fresh mushrooms, pre-sliced and cleaned  (optional) Cayene Pepper If you have it: Liquid crab boil Butter or margarine Linguine Prep: Dice your zucchini and steam it. Ziplock and Glad make wonderful microwaveable steamer bags. If you use them, cut 1 minute and 30 secs off the cooking time. Pasta: Follow directions on the box. Always add a small amount of olive oil to your water and stir frequently to prevent the pasta from sticking together.   Directions In a Large Saucepan (use one with higher sides), melt the butter/margarine in the saucepan over MEDIUM-HIGH heat. Stir in the chopped seasoning and 2 table spoons of garlic. If y
The Martini Test
You Are Chic You are a natural leader, and it's likely that you have climbed the way to the top of the social ladder. You aren't superficial, but you are image conscious. You love admiration and approval. You are also a bit of a perfectionist. You are unnecessarily hard on yourself. People love you just the way you are - flaws and all. You don't have to be perfect. The Martini Test Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
The Flesh and hunger. All pretense torn asunder. Your form fills me with wonder. I yearn. I burn. Beyond the lusty connotations  Beyond the primal motivations Want to drink you in  Want to taste your sin Wipe off that surprise. You lay it bare. Hush now, I've come to take it from you my dear.
New picture of me.
I Love The Way
I love the way you touch meso soft and sensuously.It makes me tingle all over. I love the way you kiss me.It starts a fire deep down inside of meand makes me yearn for you even more. I love the way you look at me.It makes me feel beautiful and treasured.Most of all I love the way you love me. When you walk in my whole day gets better.And even when you’re not with meyou’re in my thoughts always. It doesn’t matter what we don’t have or what we do have.The most important thing is we have each otherand no one can take that away. I am the luckiest woman in the worldand I don’t need or want anythingbut you beside me loving me to the end of our days  
What Your Name Says About You.
Well according to a French poll,women who's names end in A are easy. (i'm sure that's just in France though.*cough*)  Ok there was that Lolita chick but still. lol   Also the men with the name Chris have the most success with the ladies,and the men with the name Ed,the least.  (Edwars Scissor hands comes to mind) lol    Gin-A lol :P
More On My Travels.....
Hello everyone, I figured I would send in a little update. I am going to be heading to New Orleans on March 15th to stay the night with my husband... Then it is Texas... I will be buying collectable shot glasses and a few other things as well why I am there. I also plan on having one hell of a night of beautiful memories... I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them so everyone can see. I know this is short and sweet and will be updated more once the day gets here. Talk soon hugs and loves Rie 
For Today
Hopeless   Ever consider life is just not in your control Life spins you til you can fathom where you are any more Each day gets you discouraged until you just don't want to wake up And knowing that there is a tomorrow just brings you down even more  Despondency is a weight around you neck Choking the very spirit from you Draining your reality Exhausting optimism   Depression reaches to irrational revelations Pessimism becomes the lifeline to disillusionment Discord and anarchy flourish Chaos reigns   Despondent we scrutinize for a way out Self-mutilation to some Suicide finds solace for others Change of scenery consoles few In the deepest depths of our misery Blackness is a consistency Melancholy, anguish, discouragement over take us This is hopelessness      
Animals react They don't create Did Giraffes figure out how to travel to the moon They did not & the last time I saw a Giraffe He seemed to be quite happy to be fed & left alone   So when you come across a Human that merely reacts Treat him like you would a Giraffe Feed him & ignore him because he will never Create a godamned thing
Steamy Shower
I’ve been home alone all day cleaning up and making everything look nice. I’m in the kitchen finishing up the dishes,  and I hop in the shower, hoping to be done before you get home.  I’m just finishing up my shower when the curtain opens and I see Michelle there, naked too, she just walks into the shower and starts kissing me, roughly grabbing my boob pushing me against the wall pressing her body to mine.  Hot water streaming down on both of us while she sucks on my tongue and lips  one of her legs between mine rubbing into my pussy.   Then she takes her mouth from mine, trailing down my neck to my nipples, already hard she takes them into her mouth sucking and biting them teasing them till I’m hotter than the water.  Then she just drops lower, on her knees in the shower she starts to lick my clit, easing her way down inside me a little and back to my clit until I can’t stand anymore.  My knees are weak and so she takes my hand and leads me out of the sho
To My Real Friends And Family
1 thank you 4 my brithday wish. 2 the one who for got you off my list? 3 i had a fuck up brithday with my real family? 4 fubar my family and friends who did show love thank you so much 5 hugssss to you !!!!! 6 i see were i stand who my real friends and family thank you 4 reading this
Fun Facts About A M0ni. Error: This Is A Waste Of Your Time, Please Leave In A Soundly Fashion.
SO I suppose its time for MOAR m0ni facts Numero dos Es no bueno, but whatever G.     #372- I write so I can remember all the things in my life that I have blocked out. #373- Everything I have ever written has had some piece of truth, some factual event I've been through, locked away in it. Secretly. #8911- If you ever hear me mutter the words "Hopelessly yours, Alabama" know, until further notice that I am utterly and completely shattered.  #406- I'd steal my son's coloring books. #917- Current playing song on my itunes is Jim Sturgess- Across the Universe. #285- I act alot tougher than I actually am. Defense mechanism. #110.3- I'm a simple girl, with simple thoughts, and a simple heart. #296- I haven't rode a bike in a year or so. It's sad. #727- I like attention, no matter how pathetic that sounds. I admit it. #201- I probably dislike myself far more than you do, so calm the fuck down. #456- I try to be optimitic with I give advice. Knowing, secretly deep inside that
Are people getting tired of the women's photos that I post, that are mostly Asian?
anybody out there....Shout if you can hear me...
My Downloading Dilemma
so this album I've been playing the shit out of the past few days... Deep Politics, by Grails....   it isn't released until March 8th   when I buy it from iTunes... I have to delete the illegal files first and totally fuck up my play counts.   I'm soooooooo ashamed. I just couldn't wait. *hangs head low and kicks rocks on the ground*
Basic Lounge Skin By Ic51
HERE IS A BASIC LOUNGE CSS SKIN: YOU CAN USE THIS SKIN FOR YOUR LOUNGES****JUST DONT CLAIM IT AS YOUR CODE CAUSE YOU DIDNT CREATE IT!!!!! EX:  .new_lounge_wrapper a {  font-family: veranda;  color: red;  font-size: 15pt;  font-weight: normal;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;  background-image: url(-----BACKGROUND IMAGE LINK GOES HERE----)!important;}.new_lounge_wrapper{  font-family: veranda;  color: red;  font-size: 15px;  font-weight: normal;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;  background-image: url(-----BACKGROUND IMAGE LINK GOES HERE----)!important;}.new_lounge_wrapper a:visited {  font-family: veranda;  color: red;  font-size: 15px;  font-weight: normal;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;  background-image: url(-----BACKGROUND IMAGE LINK GOES HERE----)!important;}.new_lounge_wrapper table {  visibility: show!important;  background: transparent!important;  background-color: transparent!important;  border: 0px!important;}.new_lounge_wrapper t
What The....
Fuck. My. Life. I had this huge post written out halfway and I left it up before I went to go watch a movie. Came back, finished it, and then went to post it. What happened next? Session fucking timed out. Entry? Gone. GONE! Communist bastards... My body hurts. Head hurts. Fever. Swollen tonsil. Chills. Body aches. Yeah. I'm sick. It's fucking amazing. Shhh...I know you're jealous. Let's see how much I can fucking remember...ugh. I'm dreading this already. Society. That's right. I ranted about society. Who the fuuuuuuuuuuuck dictates what is right and what is wrong? Morals are not commanded. They are just there whether you like them or not. Some may have more than others, but that's besides the point. They're still there. In my opinion, society and it's fucking rules destroy more character in people than mold them into perfect fucking angels. Think about it. One day it says you're fat. You go anorexic. Go on a diet. Work yourself to death in a gym and take diet pills that fuck up yo
Maji Sayz... Do This!
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? Yes - why else would I have a whole blog full of them? 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? No, I'm too much of a rule-follower.  Although the tags DO say "except by owner" and I own my mattress... I keep the tags on the pillows too.  *hangs head in shame*3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) Yes - as a flamethrower - but for mosquitos, not a spider4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? Never even more than one - never had the thought to. 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? All the time.  Especially when I was a teenager; it's a miracle I never got into any accidents. 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? Once.  When I was meeting Governer John Engler.  I shook it anyway cuz he was a Republica
Keeping The Light (extinguishing The Light, Part 3)
"What was this feeling?Sharp... and coldwarm around cold..."The priest gently traced a pair of fingers over the steel protrusion growing from his chest, pulling back red tingling warmth.He had just enough time... but not the strength, to praise his god once more before sleep.He slid from the blade like a thin branch bending with the wind.Leaves strewn about, severed from the branch, hacked from the limb, as Kei went through the God king's church chopping away, stripping the bark- until all that was left was the root.Dyroneus had not even stirred from bed. Making prism and light dance overhead as he felt each of his faithful fall.When he was certain all was still, he emerged from his chambers, and parted the great iron doors to the balcony overlooking his chapel. His crimson gilded robes flickering against the moonlight streaming from the hall's many windows and overhead. All temples to Dyroneus were built as solariums. However what was brilliant and dazzling in the light of day had a q
[wots4- First Impressions]
Finally!A game set in the meiji era!Or... well, actually its pre-meiji.This is the time in Japan after the foreign ships had embargoed Japan and demanded trade and entry...SoWots4 as its planned at presenttakes place in a harbor town as tensions are at their peakThe factions areIssolationists (Kill all foreigners)The Government And foreignersSpears, barehanded, and dualsword are back"dialogue and plot are going to be longer, and more interactive"I wondered what they meant here- because ... a game you play through 100 times- you're gonna want to skip through some shit. But in Wots3 you could draw your sword or bow out of the scene entirely if you bumped into it accidentally.Drawing your sword midconversation was actually key to several endings."Combat has been changed" in a thus far unexplained unannounced waywhat I can gather from the game screenshotsWeapon durability as I know itis gone.In all previous versions of Wots your weapons had a max durability, typically 5 boxes on a bar of "
For All The Cry-Babies Out There, This One's For YOU, So Listen Up:   If I run a famp and u r not in my family, it's b/c either a: you haven't done shit for me; b: u lost ur spot to someone who traded/paid for a spot; c: u don't care about pts/are already lvl 45 n have been in my famps b4 or have me in ya'lls, but i'll add ya back when certain famps r done; d: i simply forgot ya, obviously, if we haven't interacted lately. e: jus b/c i friggin feel like it, i help out a lot of low levels and if u don't like it, then u know where the unfriend button is.   Sooooo....BEFORE u go and get all butt hurt n shit, get a grip, it's not the end of the fuk'n world b/c ur not getting pts off of me.   That being said, if u r in my family and think ur safe and still haven't done anything for me, ur time is coming. I downsize all the time.   This is a Social Networking GAME. If u don't b social, or network with me, then u do not get benefits.
Did You, Will You?
Did you flirt with a member of the opposite sex today? Will you tomorrow?
At The Bottom
Yesterday I made a bargain with a friend that if I did not go to the gym this morning, I would write a blog... so here it is, Pete. (I hate you :P ) So I've been sitting here staring at this blank blog for what seems like hours. I have so much running through my mind that it feels impossible to separate one thought from another in order to get it out of my head and onto the page. It is extremely frustrating because this isn't like me at all. I've always been a good writer, I've always been very good at conveying exactly what I am thinking and feeling. I haven't even been able to write any new poetry lately, and that was always such a good way for me to express myself and to vent. It feels like I have come to a screeching halt at a point in my life where I'm at the bottom and all I want is to start moving in a positive direction. I tell myself that it's because I'm so physically and emtionally exhausted, but deep down I wonder if I am just lazy... too lazy to do what it takes to make t
Something I Noticed On Fubar
Ok 1st off I have a few friends are here that are great. However, this is supposed to be an online bar. How is when I go to a real bar I see real people that will talk to others. It seems like that you have to act like whore or be a gangster to make new friends on here. Hell there is lounge on here that I have real life friends that DJ and Greet for them. I go into the lounge and get fucking ignored. I ask for a song that is METAL, and I get shot down. I guess I'm not in the click. Hell they need DJ's, I am an experianced DJ and I was going to try out for the job. After tonight fuck that. This place is like pissing contest most the time. I'm staying cause of my real friends.   Maybe cause I'm not on here to pick up a chick or something is why I don't get talked to. Might just be me.
[plagiarisimo Di Plagiarisimo]
Alright its not often that I'm too busy enjoying a game to say "wait a fucking minute... this totally ripped off (insert game X)".... this is a lie.I do this with almost every game I own, demo, test, or play at a friend's house.I could probably sit down and get you 1001 examples of this hackjob shit, but .. instead I'm going to cite the most specific and most irritating one I can come up with.Deadspace 2 (no... deadspace 2 isn't actually the game I'm ripping it retains enough uniqueness and charm to warrant a playthrough)Is a copy of -several- games conglomerated into one weird, schizo offspring.Let's cite the major MAJOR influences first:I'd say at the top of the list is System Shock (1 and 2): You run around on an "infected" ship blasting hybrids and mutilated humanoids and advanced types with crude, begged or improvised (and sometimes super tech if you invest in it) weaponry. You have a spritely malcontent leading you about by the balls who HAPPENS TO BE THE MAIN BAD GUY IN THE GAME
To All Her Friends
This past Saturday, at about 4:00 in the morning.  Cassie Johnson passed away after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  She was heading to Wal-Mart to pick up some supples among some other personal items, when a car driven by a 2-time convicted drunk driver swerved into her lane and smaked head on into her car.  The man was again drunk and is in critical condition. According to the paramedics I talked to, our Cassie probably died immediately upon impact.  I hope and pray that was the case as she had seen too much pain in her young life.  Even with that pain, she had this infectious way about her, you couldn't but not help liking her and in some cases loving her. She will be missed by many and for some that pain will be hard to overcome. Cassie would not want her to mourn her passing but to rather celebrate her life, abliet short as it was. Being her closest friend, It is my honor and pain to pass along these words to you. I hope you find it in your hearts to pray to your
Real Life Vs. Online Life
At what point did this become a society distinction? I never thought on it much because is life. I even catch myself saying "In my real life...." But what does that mean? I mean when I talk to people here on fubar I talk to them about real life things. I speak to real life people. And some of them I even care about outside of fubar in my real everyday life.   People talk about online life like it's not a real world. It's just fantasy. But let's be honest, how much more real could it get? On Eharmony commercials it says one in five relationships start online. (I realize it's a commercial but I bet there's statistical facts out there to back it up) I've gotten my feelings hurt on this site. Isn't that real life? And for some who are workaholics, lazy, busy, whatever the situation may be, this is their life. Real or otherwise.   Now I do get that some people can't distinguish fact from reality. If you're a 30 or 40 something year old guy, with no life, living in mom's ba
Boyfriend Bs
u know whats fucking bad? is when the guy wont change shit for you but expects you to change for him fuck that im not the alcoholic im not the one that says he wishes his ex gf was still here im not the one that makes fun of us big chicks when he aint skinny himself fuck you fuck ur stupidity and as for the car u have in my name you can shove that puppy so far up ur ass it fucking makes u sick. i left you once you called me almost every fucking day begging me to come back and that u would change how foolish was i that i believed a fucking lie all i ever do is run ur stupid ass around feed you and do everything you want me to do even when i say i wanna go see my kids you say well take me here ill be a couple minutes and it takes you forever then its too late for me to go see my kids i fucking hate you for ur stupidity i fucking hate that you have a hissy fit when i dont do what you want me to do well ya know what fuck off i hardly get to ever do what i want coz im allways fucking busy t
Because Someone Can't Keep Their Mouth Shut..
So it's come to my attention on more than one occasion that someone thinks they know me better than I know myself. There's people on here that know A LOT about me, but NO ONE know's me better than I know myself. Except for maybe Supreme or Pezzy..or my MOM, Pirate Molly...or perhaps Stummy... You got REALLY mad when you saw the screen shots of YOU making a fool of yourself and when I found out you were telling people my fu-hubby (don1897) is your sugar daddy. Then you got really mad, blocked us both and yada yada..if you'll knotice, you're not blocked. Nor will you ever be. I don't run from anything..espically when I know I've done nothing wrong. Further more, I'm really amused that you twist the words people were saying to make me look like a liar..but it's cool because when your fuwifey came to me and told me what was said and how you twisted it. I'm really amused you approached Tami and said you were gonna be her new gay best friend! HA! That amused me..What amused me even more was
I Finally Found My Love
Out of nowhere u came into my life and just swept me off my feet!! Everytime i see ur face my heart soars when you talk 2 me my heart melts i have never felt so beautiful and loved... I never imagined i could love someone so much,or feel so loved and happy the feeling u give to me is like nothing i have ever felt befor and i promise 2 always love and cherish u for always 
Fu Hores
I have been on FU for juss over a year now, and I've met some really, unscrupulous people. People who are mean, not that bright, and frankly some were juss a waste of space. whom do i find the most offencive? the Fu Hore! Right now all the people who show the goodies for bling, and credits r getting pissed. Calm down, ur off the hook, i mean the other hores. with the bling and credit hores, u know where u stand "here's muh bewbs, gimmy some bling/credits. I'm talking about the other ones, the ones that talk it to a whole diff level. From the chatter of the lounges and the prying eyes of the bouncers in sb, to yahoo where they can spin webs that will tie u up as tight as any rope, or cuffs.  The ones, who insinuate themselves into ur very life. some r content to keep it juss casual, a lil naughty on the phone late at night, doesnt really hurt anyone right? Well some go much further, talking to peoples family members, involving children, paying visits, all in the name of love. Except
Dear Pathetic Losers
My Dearest Douschebags. I am sick and tired of looking at profiles and reading all these wonderful things about you, giving me hope that there is actually some kind of chance for finding a decent man in this world. That maybe someday I will have that family, your loyalty, faithfulness, and trust. But then when we finally speak, the first words out your mouth are , “Hey, Nice rack! Can I see them!?”. WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS! Hopes and dreams dashed with the perverted minds of lameass assholes with only one desire in this world. To fuck. To see tits and ass, then to call up their friends and brag about it. The worst of you are the ones who make yourselves look like saints. And make it seem like you are interested, only to find an unsuspecting woman to screw a few times. You tell yourselves that you are not a bad person, that you are doing it for her. “to raise her self-esteem”. THAT is a load of bullshit. You are just a piece of crap doing anything you can to get a some of ass. W Funny!
Hi Aryes517 I work in the marketing department for and wanted to present an opportunity to you that we think you would be great for. Do you want to be filmed on a first date with someone you are interested in meeting from These dates are light, fun and truly illustrate how exciting it can be when you give a try. So, if you're feeling spontaneous, we want to hear from you!  To see examples of First Dates we've recently filmed, visit If you're interested in participating, please let me know ASAP so that I can give you more information involving next steps. Also, please send the following to be considered: 1.       A recent picture of yourself 2.       Phone number to reach you 3.       First and last name Thanks! Lauren Filipski Marketing
Kinda Important
Morning all you lovely, people.   just to give you a clue as to what is happening ... and most i know it's personel drama and you don't need to be invloved.  I am locking things down as of today.  There will probably be someone coming around being all nice and cutey about it ... but trying to find out where I am and where I am living and who I am talking to and so on.   I am not a very public person.  but I am having to protect myself.  This is from the same person that I got away from ... has informed me if I proceed with everything that I am doing ... "When I get out of jail, you better leave the country, because i will find you!!"  yeah, not needed.  So, I am protecting myself.   I(h) all of my friends and there are those that know and understand more of what's going on.  Please just know, I will not have pics available for anyone other than friends.  And even though I need to have my profile kinda open, yeah ... sorry!!!! huggz n lubz n stuffz     3/14/11 I am hoping som
...not Trying To Be A Supa Fu-hero...
not trying or wanting to be a top dude, or a green, or most liked (facebook/fubar),or start an enormous bling collection..just trying to meet new people, stay in touch with the ones i've already know, have fun & keep it ma' fukkN real yo..leveling will eventually happen, but u will not see me post a pathetic status begging for help, or for bling, or bling packages, cause having fu-celebrity status, is definitely not in my interest..just keeping it one hundred, is all ;-)
Just So Words From Me Lol Hope No One Get Offended
First Time
I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes. "
Oh How I Miss You.
Happy birthday Daddy. I wish you were here. Sadly we never had enough time spent together. We were both stubborn and couldn't get over our pride until the very end. In a lot of ways I regret that so much. I miss you. I think about you everyday. You will never be forgotten.   I've learned a lot in my 27 years of life. Both good times and bad. Times I've regreted and probably always will. Growing up my father was never there for me or my brother. It was always his other kids that came first. We went through so much with my step mother. When I was 13 my brother past away and I blamed my father. He was never around, never there. He couldn't even save him. For over 8 years I avoided my dad. Then when I finally decided to get married I realized I wanted him there. Sadly he never showed up. 3 years later I found out he from a family member that he had cancer. Imagine that, finding out from someone else that your own father has been given around 3 years to live. So I decided after not seei
I Guess
I guess the regular MuMMers got their wish i am STILL mumm banned.  The non regulars?   1. Happy 2. Sad 3. Why?
My Pix
ok so ive put a few nude pix in the folder. they are of me pulling down my panties lol
Song Challenge - Day 05
Yes, I'm a day late. Oooops. Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone I can't listen to this song without thinking of being back in Minnesota and going out for karaoke with my best friend. Tanya, this one's for you. Even though you're not reading this. I wore our dollar store sunglasses till they broke.
My Life Story
i was born on 1982 in phx maricopa medical center to a woman who had no real clue on how to be a mother and a father who was not ready to have a son both are piece's of shit my mother was a stripper who work at a titty bar at the age of 14 and my father who was the bouncer he was 19 or 20 she had me at the age of 16 both was so into what ever they wanted to do and they did everything under the sun you name it they did it even when she as pregnant with me i did not come out like most kids i came out with my shoulder out the doctor took a x-ray and to find out i was getting choke to death by my own umbilical cord so they did a sea section on my mother turns out i had all my guts out in the open so they put everything back will there suppose to be and had to fly out a doctor who had done this before i have suffer 2 heart failer i die 2 times they try to get my heart to start back up but it would not they almost gave up then all of a sudden it started up i was born with bad l
Song Challenge - Day 07
Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event Green Day - Time of Your Life June 7th, 1998: The last song played at graduation. The memory I have of my past isn't awesome, but make no mistake - just because I remember this song, I am definitely not one of those people that wishes they could go back to life during high school. Eff. That. Noise.
Get App Here
The Official Girlfriend ApplicationThis application must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying. Photographs may sway my opinion one way or the other, feel free to attach any that you think may help you gain this position.Just a reminder: be completely honest with all your answers, I will be double checking applications using Google to ensure honesty. Any false information will automatically nullify any chance you might have had. Thanks, and have fun. BASIC INFORMATION  1. Full legal nameLast First Middle 2. Age  3. Height 4. Weight  5. Natural hair color 6.eye color 7. Measurements CONTACT INFORMATION 8. Home phone 10. Email 11.Cell Phone  GETTING TO KNOW YOU 12. Are you a virgin? Y N  13. If no, how many past sexual partners have you had?   14. Do you smoke? Y N   15. Do you use any illegal substances? Y N 16. Have you ever had a sex change? Y N 17. Do you have kids? Y N 18. Who do you currently r
[it's A Little Known Fact-]
that I have an affinity for bad coffee. I've now been awake for 22 hours, I modified my Zeta C1's headhandpainted *headtilts*Wow. Sorry, I get goofy after this little sleep.I:Handpainted my C1 eyes black and then flourescent green on the camera lenses.hand painted the side vents the "cheek armor" olive green (which pretty much decided khaki for the rest of the head)and cut out a few nibs and connectors to ............. AH!!! *shakes head*I took some connectors off the eye part and within the "helmet" parts so that I can slide the beard/eyes piece INTO the gundam head.And I cut the V fin and sanded it a bit, as the original design was a bit... goofy.What do I have left?I gotta... oh yeah and I hand painted the chest vents with my 020 brush on the torso. That took a couple hours in its own regard.right- so what's left?Priming 2 very small pieces.And then masking 2 very huge partsthen khaki a bundle of stuff.partial reassemblydry transfer decalsclear coat.Full reassembly. Pose.Pictures.To
Walk Naked In America Day
WALK NAKED IN AMERICA DAY  Think this would get their attention? Don't forget to mark your calendars. As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide. So next Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Time, and every Saturday thereafter, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists. Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorism effort. All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers. Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism. The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorism activity. God Bless  America!!
So i have been here on Fubar for 3 years now, and I have seen alot. NSFW pics for friends and family...selling credits for fubucks..selling NSFW pictures for bling credits. But now its a new low..I have seen it...selling NSFW pictures for fubucks. and not even stopping at pictures...NSFW Videos... I came across a member who had videos that was posted and was selling for 5 mil fubucks each. Really?? Dont you have more respect for your self than that. Selling your self for fake money on a social network site??? Here are a few videos that was being sold by the member for 5 mil a piece...
Yoooooooooooooo Bitches!!
I'm not in his family now. Of course I would have removed myself too, so I'm not upset.   Anyway, I just seen that he is taking a break. Which made me think that I haven't seen him on Facebook either. Does anyone know what's going on? If it's really personal, I'll understand if no one tells me.
Hellpits Twisted Comedy Night
HELLPIT'S TWISTED COMEDY NIGHTdon't be a fool get in on it     30 min sets,in stand up comic fashion each set 50% metal music 50% comic skits/intro style bumps and anything else the twisted creators can pack into it to get a laughAPRIL 1st6p FU time start100% crowd choice crowd will be asked to Rate three qualities1. flow of the set2. laughter factor3. Variety of contentcomment on this blog to enterif your twisted enough to join in bling to crowds choice
Hello...i Love You Hhhhhint
hi everyone.... i'm not dead....just not here tmerlady@yahoo or hotmail or gmaail hint
Hello all, It's Sunday and I feel like jammin the classics... yanno, the stuff with nostalgia..anyway, Im streaming some classic rock, oldies, punk covers and whatever else today in Area 51. Also I will be on in SER for the 7 to 10 slot..thats there or be square!   as you were 
Inner Struggles
never satisfied to yourself you lied a life despised empty meaningless unreasonably so life is good  and you found true love be happy damn it fuck your crazy over-analizations allow happiness in you shouldn't have to fake it it is real and there for you just fucking take it why do you always expect grief with this new life enjoy relief remember how miserable you were before  you love him, don't spoil it ignore the demons whispering in your head listen to the voice of reason
Stupid Encounter #64 (read Bottom To Top Its A Sb) Op Another Low Self Esteem Whore On The Fu
->*†*MISTRES...: well i already know them so yeah *†*MISTRES...: I DONT GIVE OUT THAT KINDA INFO ->*†*MISTRES...: so you must know where he lives whats his address and phone number? *†*MISTRES...: YEAH IN UR DREAMS ->*†*MISTRES...: he was with me last night ->*†*MISTRES...: right right *†*MISTRES...: LOL I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT AND ILL BE THERE IN A FEW MORE DAYS ->*†*MISTRES...: lol right keep telling yourself that *†*MISTRES...: DUMB* *†*MISTRES...: I KNOW FOR FACT U DONT DUMD ASS ->*†*MISTRES...: Yeah i do lol *†*MISTRES...: LMAO NO YOU DONT ->*†*MISTRES...: I live with him dumb cunt *†*MISTRES...: LOL ULL BE WAITING REALLY LMAO U WERENT INVITED ->*†*MISTRES...: I'll be waiting ->*†*MISTRES...: LOL your so dumb ->†S51™ BOY†...: and im on yahoo ->†S51™ BOY†...: BLOCK HER †S51™ BOY†...: really? this is news to me.
Baby Jacob Forever Even After Death. A Poem Written By Me!!
Flowers at bloom, birds in there nest. I looked at the time and knew it was time to rest, Laying in my hammock while the wind danced with my hair. I felt like I was in heaven,but realized I was already there. An angel approached me and took me by the hand, and asked me this question. "Are you ready to see your little man"? I shook my head yes with a smile on my face then we started walking with a graceful pace. All of a sudden I heard a small cry, when I looked up baby Jacob was dancing with a butterfly. He flew down to greet me and whispered in my ear, said that he loved me,but I wasn't suppose to be here. I gave him a big hug and said I loved him, and before I knew it he dissappeared. I know I have a job right here on earth to take care of my children before I go there.But when I do get there, I would know for a instant that I would be dancing with my baby like the wind dancing with my hair, singing beautiful songs like the birds in there nest and resting in my hammock
Fuck Everything
u know whats so sad is when you have a bf that says oh i dont want you to lose weight coz i dont want anyone else hittin on you but then  he calls you a fucking fat bitch coz u was sittin there watchin the rest of the show which had like 2 mins left and he was in a big fucking hurry to get to do something im fucking done with this shit i went off on him told him u know what ur not skinny either u fucking asshole if u want me to lose weight why dont u help me lose it i lose it slowly u just wanna do a line of coke to lose urs im not that stupid. i told him mother fucker stop being so self centered all u care about is what you want no matter what it costs the other people you are around fuck you fuck ur stupid assholed ways start careing about stuff and maybe things will change for you stop being so negitive there are so many positive things that you have or have done. fuck yesterday he bitched coz i didnt feel good and i didnt wanna go anywhere go fuck off i run you around constantly to
9-11 Poem
Just tell me why I have to fight and die Is it just another lie Is this my last good-bye? How dare they call me free Claim it’s for liberty It’s just another killing spree In the name of my Country Our Government lied My brothers died To many mothers cried In the name of false pride Take a look at life now Sit back and wonder how How are my brothers dead Who’s next to have their blood shed The seas are turning red This shit’s fuckin with my head They give me this gun I’m not the right one I’m still too young I just wanna run Run to the hills Live life for the thrills I’m not the type that kills Don’t waste my time Time’s a priceless thing What’s the next moment gonna bring Is it life or death Have I taken my last breath Should I want the answer Will it kill me like cancer Is it time to meet my maker Be slapped in a box by an undertaker Death comes to all But who makes that call Who’s n
Okay, so I posted a status after seeing many status changes from women about men and how they lie or how the woman had been hurt by some dipstick. Here is the status I posted: "Dogs won't bury their bone in the same hole twice." Not even 30 seconds later the following conversation took place in my sb.... 6:33am BlueEyed Soul: Ew...really...?   6:34am  To BlueEyed Soul: just something I thought up quickly due to the fact that I see tons of status changes about dudes lying to women to get what they want    6:34am  BlueEyed Soul: So you relate women to dogs...good thinkin...    6:34am  To BlueEyed Soul: im sure once they run out of yard they will go back to a previous hole
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 13
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder)Day 03 – A song that makes you happy (Fuck You - Cee Lo Green)Day 04 – A song that makes you sad ( Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman and Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick)Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone (Best I Ever Had - Drake)Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere (Antes Muerta Que Sencilla - Maria Isabel)Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event (Prozak - Dexter Freebish)Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to (La Vie Boheme - RENT)Day 09 – A song that you can dance to (Feedback - Janet Jackson)Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep (Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen or Rufus Wainwright)Day 11 – A song from your favorite band (Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles)Day 12 – A song from a band you hate (Just Dance - Lady Gaga)Day 13 – A song that is a
Read This Or Not...more Likely Not.
eh im getting bored again....fubar still sucks, now i know why i was gone for over a year. nothing to do, unless you are into drama or looking at cock. meh, ill pass. i might peek in here and there, but those who matter know how to get ahold of me. peace sarah
Time Once Again
My unfortunate friend, the rules never bend, to my will or yours, I have scores of stores that well up inside me, my authority of mentality, is a subtle reality of the sentimentality of the feast put in front of me. Not a kind you can taste, or can put on plate, but tasty nonetheless, I again have to digress, and release the feeling deep in my chest. I do this all at the muses behest, that simple request, I write all these words till the thoughts finally rest. The saga begins. (again) 
[i'd Like To Make A Statement]
So I can't sleep for pretty much a day and a halfand the first thingthe most natural thing to meis to go get coffee and people watch blue collars and chicky college student baristas.That makes perfect fucking sense doesn't it?Pretty sure I don't respond to threats.Pretty sure I hat self entitled people. Pretty sure I had something else to say, and something else I wanted to look upoh yeah-baseball schedule. Look, things aren't so connected when you're on running on fumes.
Crawfish Etouffee
Everyone has their own recipe for this, this is mine. Enjoy! Shopping list2 packs of frozen crawfish tailschopped seasoning (onions, bellpepper, celery, green onions)2 cans diced tomatoes (i like to use the italian seasoned ones)flourcreole seasoning (mixture of salt, black pepper, white pepper, cayene and ground crushed red peppers)liquid crab boil (if available)cayenne peppermargarineseafood stock (i make my own. you can usually find this at the store)Directions:Melt Margarine (1/2 stick) in pan, add chopped seasoning, 1 Tbsp cayenne, capfull of liquid crab boil (if you can find it) and 3 tbsps of flour. Soften the seasoning and add the crawfish tails half a cup at a time to the mixture also as you add the tails, add seafood stock half a cup at a time as well. Once you have added them all, add your diced tomatoes and reduce heat to medium low. simmer for about 30 minutes to cook down the cayenne pepper. Serve over rice. Really quick, easy and delicious! Freezes and reheats
[that Was Entertaining And Time Consuming]
But not necessarilly enlightening.   My "sexy survey".   I put out on the first date, let's take some highlights shall we?   "Crossroad is not necessarily promiscuous or lacks standards, but the overall answer patterns suggest that Crossroad is exceedingly sensitive to the psychological and physical elements of romance and passion, even to the point they, at times, may lack impulse control. People like this tend to love life with zeal, often living in the moment and trying not to let experiences pass them by, with many having engaged in a wider range of sexual behaviors, sometimes with a number of different partners. Someone like this is bound to be gregarious and flirtatious in public, becoming extremely sensual and wildly uninhibited behind closed doors. In fact, these individuals are amongst the most passionate of people when the timing is right."-------- I like to fuck."Crossr
A List Of 28 Things That Will Make You Think That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With This Country (repost)
What in the world is happening to America?  Perhaps you have asked yourself that question from time to time.  Today it seems like everything is falling apart.  Our economy is crumbling, our politicians are incompetent, we have just gotten involved in another war, corruption is everywhere and the Americans people are so addicted to entertainment that hardly anything can wake them from their stupor.  It is enough to make you think that there is just not much hope for America.  But the truth is that we should never give up.  It is when the times are darkest that the greatest heroes arise.  We truly do live in challenging times, but that just means that there are great victories to be won and great stories to be written.  There may be a whole lot of things that are very wrong with America right now, but that doesn't mean that the game is over quite yet. Unfortunately, right now most Americans are completely asleep.  Just like during the declining years of the Roman Empire, m
[and Other Mild Catastrophes]
Dog's ear is gettin worse.Called my dad and told him to expect me soon. Vet visits there are still 1/2 what I pay here, and I was gonna be down there to see my goddaughter and friend soon anyway.Oh the exciting life of smalltown Kansas.I gotta pay bills and mail off a couple trades.I'm in a bad mood as it is. Being forced to worry about or do anything is not going to improve my mood.I should probably grab a book or two.Things areslooooooooooooooooowdown yonder.And I might wind up being there all of April....yeah...I better grab a dozen books.I haven't quite formed all of my opinions yet.Been up 30 hours again. Fuzzy.I'll probably be scarce.
  AudiGasm AudioGasm@ fubar Is needing to be in the top 200 chics of the week to level! ! So GO Like Her, Rate Her, Fan Her, Bling Her and Most of all JUST LOVE ON HER!
How So?
How do ugly ass bitches get bling? And I mean the expensive bling?   These people do nothing but bitch.
Inspired By Del-t (giggles)
she feels around with her hands, in this tight, dark space trying to figure out where she is when the realization hits soft cushiony feel beneath her hard surface on all remaining sides musty smell she's been cast out forgotten burried left for dead she screams as loud as she can  kicking and beating on the lid of her casket but no commotion breaks through to the surface and the lid does not budge no one is there to rescue her the only thing gained by her struggles, is the blood slowly flowing down her arms the warm, sticky, trickling of her own blood when she gains control of her fear she knows to be quiet to save what little air she has left silently she now waits for death  
Photo Tab New Skin Help
HOW TO: Bring Back Photo Tab Or Hide Photo Tab On New Skin Public Profile.. If You Need Any Other Video Help Send Me A Private Message And I Will Make A Video To Help You Thru What I Can....   Here Is The URL If You Can Not See The YouTube Video Posted Here..Click On The Code Or Copy & Paste White Code Below Into Browser And You Will See The Video...        
Answering The Call
Silently standing, awaiting sunset, a small group of soldiers patiently sit. Head to toe in camo, armor, and ammunition; these weary warriors fight with conviction, Jets and helos break the silence, as these brave men prepare to stop violence. Flashes, noise, pain, grief and misery, the farthest things from their minds as they pray on bended knee. Hand signals, nods, the shuffle of boots, the sounds you don't hear when they destroy evil's roots. "CONTACT LEFT, TANGO DOWN, OUT OF AMMO, BLACK BLACK BLACK" they keep pressing onward, without ever looking back. Constantly moving, running head long into danger, these brave men who earned the title Airborne Ranger. A wife becomes a widow with the knock on a door, as all of her strength crashes with her to the floor. She cries all alone as he confirms her fears, her hero has died, covered in blood, sweat and tears. She remembers her pride and how much she would brag, but all she has now is a folded flag. She wishes it were
38 More Profile Rates
Could you all PLEASE go rate this chick. She need only 38 more profile rates.     Thanks
Smoke And Mirrors
It's all smoke and mirrors.....some are  better than others at the game...IN THE really kinda hurts unless you are heartless....I'm not! YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't play with a heart that can not bear much more......once it turns to's dead, and will not care what it can do to you.....
Caa #141 - Urgent!
My step-son-in-law-to-be is in the emergency room as we speak, condition unknown.  He is a competetive bullrider and the bull hit his head during his ride.  Mare and I will keep you all posted!   Love,   Doc
Attention Anyone On The Philadelphia Area!!
There were a few of us that are in the area that were thinking....why not have a get-together for all of us Fu-Folks!! If you would be interested...please let me know....we were thinking of having everyone meet up at the Dave & Busters up in the Franklin Mills Mall. This way there's no $$ out of pocket for anyone (accept for the cash bar) There are games, billiards and a ton of TV's....and is easily accessible from I95. Possibly on a Thursday night..later on in the summer....this way we avoid the weekend crowds....and it's not called thirsty Thursday for nothing!! LOL So, if you're from Philly or anywhere in the area....pass the word on and let's make this get-together a huge success! Once we see how many would be interested, we'll finalize the details and set a date! 
I don't need no more bullshit lies or words to pacify my soul. I need someone who knows what the hell emotions are and how to articulate them into truths. So many have spoken the false words of hope, yet non have followed through with said words. Yes many have tried many have failed, I know my faults and I never hide them. But one thing has always remained I love hard & I love true. They may be words but they are words filled with every peice of me. "i love you so much honey. there are no words that could explain it enough for it to ever come close to the way i feel about you and how happy you make me. i never want to lose you for any reason."So many times I've seen this, just to later to be told yes I love you but I'm not in love with you. Remember those times I said my gut told me otherwise, and all those times you told me it's false.....made me believe in you trust in you fall deeper for you. So many sit there and love the idea of "me" Yet so many can never love me. The impossible d
If You Don't Get Adopted You'll Get Copped
So my daughter Sarah said on our way to her and Jeffrey’s grandma (Martha’s mom Sharon) for the day when I asked her did she know what “adopted” meant!  Since her cousin Breanna won her a teddy bear festooned with star and music note designs from the claw machine (“It decides who will go and who will stay”) at North Hill Bowl last Saturday, Sarah’s been saying to whoever asks her that the bear’s name is “Teddy [our last name], adopted.”  I asked her what it meant to get copped too, and she said, “You’ll go to jail.”  That’s rather unsettling for all of you in foster care or children’s homes reading this …     Luiz the bulldog from the new animated movie “Rio” is known around our house as Water Puppy Banana!  That’s courtesy of my son Jeffrey who got his second toy from the movie with his McDonald’s Happy Meal – Sarah got one too, of course, and apparently it&
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 25
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder)Day 03 – A song that makes you happy (Fuck You - Cee Lo Green)Day 04 – A song that makes you sad ( Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman and Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick)Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone (Best I Ever Had - Drake)Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere (Antes Muerta Que Sencilla - Maria Isabel)Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event (Prozak - Dexter Freebish)Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to (La Vie Boheme - RENT)Day 09 – A song that you can dance to (Feedback - Janet Jackson)Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep (Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen or Rufus Wainwright)Day 11 – A song from your favorite band (Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles)Day 12 – A song from a band you hate (Just Dance - Lady Gaga)Day 13 – A song that is a
Stupid Newbs
pm iNiNjAdUrM...: imma be blunt on here ... if u dont have $$$ no chick will talk to u 3:53pm Donald Gould: fine 3:54pm Donald Gould: i don't like you 3:56pm iNiNjAdUrM...: lmfao, i wasnt talking bout me idiot i was talkin bout the rest of fubar but since u have the iq of a Door knob fuck off
A History Of Marijuana
  People around the world have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years while also using the hemp plant for everything from fabric and rope to ethanol fuel. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, a man with a bit of power and enough determination decided pot was wicked, evil and narcotic. He moved mountains to make it illegal worldwide. In the U.S., the struggle continues to this day to overcome the lies and misconceptions about marijuana that the government spent billions to spread.   Between 1937 and 1947, the government spent $220 million on the war against drugs. Between 1948 and 1963, the cost of this "war" on marijuana alone escalated to $1.5 billion. From 1964 to 1969 the government spent $9 billion on the war against marijuana, a price tag that continues to rise.         First Fabric Known to Man   The hemp plant, also called cannabis or marijuana, has been used around the world for thousands of years. Sometime around 7000 - 8000 BCE, the first fabric is belie
Need A Lounge Coder?
Alright many of you have come to me with I need a lounge coder... I get about 20 a day... and although I love to code lounges, because I'm a web designer/deveoper... 20 a day is pretty rough. So here's what I decided to do. First of all message me. Don't SB Me cause trust me I'll loose you in the middle of everything else. Second of all I need to state how I opperate this lounge coding... Now in this catagory of blogging I have placed a basic Skin with examples of where stuff goes in the code. I know for most of you this is hard to understand and I have tried my best to write it out in english to best describe where things go in the skin. I will say this... I have a limit. You have to understand this is a process. Its not something that will take an hour to code and your lounge is fully up and running. So here's a break down.   I will do basic lounge coding for 10 Million... that is a basic background a easy skin code and some buttons and a banner. I will also place your Player as w
Wonders Of The Mind
I sit and wonder sometimes if other do like hurting others? Like with me I don't like promises they are always broken but when you give me your word or vise versa I hold that like gold. Like when you say you will be by someone's side forever and you swear to that you don't just turn your back on them no matter what, but seems once again it was done to me. I swore I would be by his side and here I still am, dealing with the pain that he has stopped talking to me stopped texting stopped calling what am I to do? Tell you what I did, I went back into the shadows and there I will stay once again til yet another lonely person needs someone to listen to them and talk to them and show that one person in the messed up world though I deal with my own pain I can still find it in my heart to still love, care and show them that I do in fact understand where they are coming from. So to those who read my blogs now you will know a little more about me and maybe too you will understand me as I do you.
Last Night
Last night, I went out with a friend, an old friend; we used to be really close, but i guess we have different life styles, so, we eventually stopped talking.Tony is gay, and he enjoys using drugs.I, Myself, am Drug-free and I'm trying to get my life in order.(ex. Going to school)Well he called me and asked if i wanted to go out, since we didn't talk for a few months, I was hesitant; so, I decided sure, why the hell not. I called a cab, and he picked me up, and we went to the first bar, nothing was happening there, within an hour we ended up doing 2 shots each of Jose; and drank a few beers here, Then he decided that we would hit up Oswego, If you've ever been to Oswego, there are bars on every block, pretty much, so We take a cab to Oswego; and we go to Old city, That bar is fucking packed to a T, Did i mention its a College town?It took us 20 mins  to get to the bar, so we do 2 more shots; I know that we finished a whole bottle at the other bar;we danced the night away and ended up g
I Want To Be Loved By Some Angle From Us
sliding my shirt over my head.. and no he cant see me.. my chair is blocking his view were he try..sliding it up my body.. over my head... savoring the feel of my breasts being bare... the cool air.. causing my nipples to harden...Damn it forgot something when i got out of the shower.. wonders.. what it wasgrabs her scented lotion.. mulberry..places a small bit in her hand.. rubs hands together to warm the lotion a bit..places her hands on her breasts..gentely caressing...rather enjoying.. the smooth feel of her skin.. so silky and soft.. her body quivers with delight.. as sheas her nail scraps across her hard nipple..she continues to apply the lotion and works it in to her breast... across her rib cage... and her stomach...she feels the heat of her skin as well as a heat between her thighs.. thinking how much she wants HIMhow she wants to feel his hard cock... stroking her hot wet pussy.. she can feel him... even through the phone line.. feel how hard he is...feel how much he wants he
Osama Is Dead!! 5-1-2011
Now I lay me down to less terrorist this world does keep...with all my heart I give my those in uniform regardless of serve our country and serve it well...with humble hearts your stories as I rest my weary eyes...while freedom rings our flag still give your all, do what you must...with God we live and God we trust....Amen
Thoughts On Osama Bin Laden
I had a friend comment on facebook that the killing of Bin Laden was just another mess of Bush's that Obama had to clean up.  So when I stated that in fact if she knew her history of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden she would know that this mess she claims Obama cleaned up was a mess of President Clinton's.  That bin Laden was responsible for the first attack on the Trade Centre and if he had done his job and taken care of this piece of shit the attack on 9/11 would never had happened.  Her response to me was "Ain't even touching it Not worth it"  Am I wrong in my thinking?  Bill Clinton was President from 1993-2001; al-Qaeda began in 1991, 1993 the first attacks on the World Trade Centre took place. Below I've listed the history of the rest of the al-Qaeda/bin Laden activities during the Clinton administration.  So it's my opinion that if Clinton had taken care of Osama bin Laden the chances that 9/11 could have been prevented.   Bin Laden History: 1991: Osama bin Laden moves to Sudan
Laziest Blog Ever . . . -
What does TIME mean to you ? -   *Stupid answers encouraged . . .
Blood Lust Part2
He wanted her, she could sense it. The heated passion that was in his eyes everytime he looked at her. Her jade smoldering beneath the smokey eyeshadow. She watched as he slowly made is way through the crowd, his golden eye fixed on her as she moved to the music coming from speaker. She felt his hands slide up her thigh as she grinded her hips against him, he felt his cock growing hard as she danced against him. He kissed her neck, his fangs nipping her flesh, his hands caressing her full round ivory breasts through the leather bikini top. As they danced, she reached behind her and started stroking his hard lucsious cock, as his hands dipped down beneath her micro mini skirt and started to tease and finger her sweet moistness. She moaned in pleasure as his fingers stroked her clit. She pressed her body against his opening her legs a little more for him, submitting to his touch she hissed in pleasure as he inserted two fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her pussy. She was
Stupid Encounters #70 Omg The New Cs5.5 Is The Shit!
C51 Creations: CS5.5dj.tsmooth: i am gonna raise elements to 7dj.tsmooth: ill say 7dj.tsmooth: but there is soooo much on cs5dj.tsmooth: honestlyC51 Creations: is that your final answerC51 Creations: no nodj.tsmooth: i mean thats toughC51 Creations: CS5.5dj.tsmooth: what is that?C51 Creations: CS5 1/2C51 Creations: its the new onedj.tsmooth: i got the newest oneC51 Creations: just released todayC51 Creations: no nodj.tsmooth: oh really?C51 Creations: this is CS5.5dj.tsmooth: i wonder what has changed?C51 Creations: 3 hours ago C51 Creations: just releaseddj.tsmooth: damn that sucksC51 Creations: EVERYTHINGdj.tsmooth: everything?C51 Creations: its badassdj.tsmooth: that would be hard to believeC51 Creations: You dont even need a computer anymoredj.tsmooth: u mean from cs5 to cs5.5dj.tsmooth: huh?C51 Creations: no like its set up like WiiC51 Creations: like virtaldj.tsmooth: like wii?C51 Creations: you can use power wandsdj.tsmooth: i wouldnt like thatdj.tsmooth: i hate wiiC51 Creations:
Please Take A Moment Of Silent For This Brave Young Man Ty
Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy fought in a harrowing firefight on a mountaintop in Afghanistan where he and his team were outnumbered.   In a last-ditch effort to save his team, Murphy pulled out his satellite phone, walked into a clearing to get reception and called for reinforcements as a barrage of bullets ricocheted around him.  One of the bullets hit him, but he finished the call and even signed off, "Thank you." and continued to battle.  He was killed in action and later awarded the Medal of Honor.As a further tribute, a warship bearing the name of the Medal of Honor recipient will be christened Saturday - on what would have been Murphy's 35th birthday - at Bath Iron Works, where the destroyer is being built
Friendships On Fu
I have to write this because it is really starting to irrate me! I have noticed way too many times that way too many people on here get close with people and build a friendship or relationship and then others on here start to run their mouths like we are in highschool and ruin those friendships or relationships built on jealous peoples lies and accusations. Why can't people learn to go and talk to the friend or mate and ask questions instead of just believing the rumor starter? Are we all really that immature to act in this manner? For example I have two people on here I was talking to and I thought building a friendship with and now they totally just do not answer me. WTF is up with that? Ready to hear others opinions!!!
The ex and I got into it shortly before we broke up. We were screaming and yelling at each other, and she said something that caught me off guard. She told me I was a lousy lay. So naturally I was all :0!!! about it. She stormed out of our place and about 30mins later, there was a knock. It was her sister, they had made plans to go out. She asked if she was there and I told her no. She asked what was wrong and I told her we were arguing. She asked if I was okay, I told her Id get over it. Her sister and I started talking, she was trying to cheer me up. Well, one thing lead to another and me and her sister ended up in the bedroom. We were fooling around and it went further. About 20mins into it, my ex came home and into the bedroom, and of course had to be a cockblock about the whole thing. She kicks open the door and has a fit and asks "What the fuck do you think youre doing?!?"To which I smiled and replied "Getting a second opinion"
Just Fuck Her
Fuck Me by Maggie Estep(1962- present) FUCK MEI'm all screwed up soFUCK ME.FUCK MEand take out the garbagefeed the cat and FUCK MEyou can do it, I know you can.FUCK MEand theorize aboutSado Masochism's relationshipto classical philosophytell me how this stimulatesthe fabric of most human relationships,I love that kind of pointless intellectualismso do it again andFUCK ME.Stop being logicalstop contemplatingthe origins of eviland the beauty of deaththis is not a TV movie about Plato sex life,this is FUCK MEso FUCK MEIt's the pause that refreshesjust add water andFUCK ME.I wrote thisso I'd have a good excuse to say "FUCK ME"over and overand overso I could get a lot of attentionand look, it worked!So thank youthank youand fuck ME.
Writhing A Blog - What A Typo
So a few blogs past, I was complaining about a part vendor who was being difficult and not supporting their products.   The customer breaks down again. I coordinated a visit from the vendor with all new components. Everything was fine. Then they pull this crap we need to send someone to install their stuff. Day before I leave for this trip to Idaho. I arrange for another guy to go after informing my fill-in manager (who is really pissed at this vendor now, himself).   The day of the install was today. The vendor didn't even send an engineer. They sent a safety expert, who was only there to make sure WE installed their stuff correctly. He's not capable of judging this, though, because he's not a fucking engineer. Strike one. They were supposed to send new everything. We were doing a fresh install of safety light curtains, cables, power supply, and control relays. What did they send? ONLY light curtain senders. The part that shoots light beams across the opening that's supposed to b
An Odd Man
I met an Odd Man one day By pure accident & luck He spoke of vast pictures in his head Of precious things torn from his heart "So open is he with things that matter!" I said in amazement And with respect I listened Then more and more with Love Endlessly to this wonderfully Odd & Interesting Man My heart started melting Drop by tiny droplet upon the ground And when he felt the small but Noticeably growing puddle at his feet He did the strangest thing! He gathered up the liquid with care And offered it to me sweetly As if I had forgotten it in haste Saying "This is yours, you must drink it!" From his kind perspective It was not a mess to be wiped away Not a hazzard to avoid in careless step Nor a treasure to steal away in triumph But an essential nutrient, an elixir of mine That my body requires, never to be wasted again Such a stunningly, perfectly, Beautiful Man I will Love him through always and ever And Time  
Was the jagged cliff ever hard and unforgiving as my heart? It's jealous.                                                                                                                                                             Within reason.                                                                                       I make solitude my art.
I'm Going Back
ok ... for everyone that added me and stuffz ..     and everyone that helped me lvl this account and stuff ...   please !!!! PLEASE!!!!!   I am going back to my original account !!   .... ... this will effective immedately!! but I can't delete this account till my gift runs out.   thank you all ever so much ...   all of you are the best and the squishest!!!
How Do You Do It?!
I admit I should have cut my nails on about Monday, because the TSA wouldn't let me bring my clippers with me the prior week. So they're a little longer than normal. How the hell do you ladies with nails use touchscreens?!!! I'm trying to pinch and zoom, but end up having nothing happen. It's frustrating! *goes to find my clippers* I have a six hour drive to the Louisville, Ky. area tomorrow so I can be in New Albany, In. to reload software in a robot Monday morning. When that's done I go five hours North to Niles, Mi. to replace a switch in another for Tuesday. I hope the freeways aren't clogged with abandoned vehicles after today.
Ended Winner Was No Games
The easiest contest ever!   From now until i level ALL fubucks are being GIVING AWAY to who ever HELPS the MOST!!     Meaning who ever sends the most people to rate profile & photos rate blog & stash fan me friend me like me will get ALL fubucks made when leveled!!!!   to enter please comment here & change ur status so i can verify it!        
Have You Heard "the Werd?"...
Have you heard the werd?....if not check this out: Feel free to check it out! Now...the fun part..I'm being serious...if you have absolutely any ideas, suggestions and input or things you would like to see in future editions of that FuPublication, please leave them as a comment here or pm me with any and all ideas you have to make it amazing. Any input will of course make its' way to where it needs to go...try to keep it positive. lol.. Thanks in advance and have a great week.
[spicey Food]
I now have all mah stuff. It is good to be me. Well... I've actually got my nintendo TV and PC back at home. Uuuuh cuz they are MOTHERFUCKERS to move. 5 hours. To and fro with about $3000 worth of stuff in one box. Magic cards, interview clothes, games+systems.   There's actually some irreplaceable stuff at home, but of a sentimental value. That PC isn't worth dick, but it WOULD be a pain in the ass to recover all of my favorites, compiled work (which is backed up online) recipe ideas and porn ... uuuh oh and a couple video serieseseses. Sooooo... in a slightly better frame of mind tonight. Had the opportunity to playtest Pox against my speed deck they're 2:2 right now, Pox went 2-0 and got good draws both times then got a SHIT draw and then a decent one. That's right >> I'm playing with myself. With TWO proxy decks.   I'd say "oh need gurl" but there's at least one on my mind, and she is the unfair standard for all other women.   What do I say to them? Oh I'm unem
Why Am I Getting An Error Message When I Try To Pimp My Friend Out? Heed The Warning...
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG*****   The online members bar on the Old Hotness and Old Janky have been around since day one. We have been very clear about our NSFW policy, but many of you like to ride the line and show off your wares. Some of you have pushed it too many times or too far and were filtered from appearing on the online member bar. Many of you did not know this until we fixed the pimpout bug that allowed you to circumnavigate the system. If you are getting an error message, it means the person was filtered and can't be pimped out. They used their breasts or chest to impress with the things they suggest and were filtered at some point.  No, we are not going to unfilter them. Fubar is a site for adults and NOT an adult site. If you can't be mature enough to keep your main photo to our standards, then as the old saying abuse you lose. It is nothing personal. Many of us do not want to see your junk floating across the screen. Many of you may have been
This is a long story, so I apologize in advance.     In 2006 I originally joined Fubar with some friends. It was fun. This was before it got with crazy with the leveling, spending money, and being green etc. I met a guy. I will call him X. He was charming, funny, and seemed really sincere. We eventually moved our friendship to myspace, then facebook, etc. X was a successful business man. Tall, dark, handsome. The entire package. He was a dream. Sadly, that all he will ever be... a dream.   X knew I was (IRL) married so he never really pursued me in that way. He claimed to be a churched person and was very much into his religion. Innocent right?  We became fast friends. Yes, I will admit there was a flirtation, and a attraction. I won't lie. I knew it was wrong to have these feelings but I kept telling myself it was innocent flirting.  We talked on the phone constantly and endless amount of text messages. We lost touch for a year or two then, last year when I got divorced and we sta
Marry Me
Ok... I get it. I'm a nice looking woman.  So, why are there weirdos that are asking me to marry them? It isn't because I'm nice looking. It isn't because I'm educated? It isn't because I'm an independent woman... It's because they want to see me naked. Seriously?!? Save your fucking breath! I'm not going to marry you so that you can see me naked. I have much more respect for myself than that. Trust me, if I want to cam with you...I'll inform you myself. So stop wasting your precious time asking me over and over and over again...the answer will remain NO!  Ok, I may broadcast and show my face =)...doesn't mean I want to see your dick on cam. I REALLY don't BWAHAHA!!  Love my loyal friends and fans!! ~~Sassi
Out Of Curiosity...
Here is the scenario... You have a friend that you are in love with, but you are afraid to reveal your feelings. You've felt this way for about a year or so and no matter how much the two of you hang out, watch movies, even cook you keep your feelings to yourself. He (or in some cases she) decided to take it to the next level and the two of you have an AMAZING sex session. Now, you really don't want to say anything. You don't want them to think or feel that it was because of the sex. So to help my family member out of this situation...what would you do? Would you tell them how you felt or keep it to yourself.  BTW..the sex sessions hasn't stopped. The 2 of you get together like once every week to every other week.
U.s. Marine Vet Shot Down
  ON A PERSONAL NOTE, THIS IS F*CKED UP AND I PRAY THE POWERS AT HAND ENSURE THE SAME PENALTY HE RECEIVED FOR BEING COMPLETELY INNOCENT!   On May 5 at around 9:30 a.m., several teams of Pima County, Ariz., police officers from at least four different police agencies armed with SWAT gear and an armored personnel carrier raided at least four homes as part of what at the time was described as an investigation into alleged marijuana trafficking. One of those homes belonged to 26-year-old Jose Guerena and his wife, Vanessa Guerena. The couple's 4-year-old son was also in the house at the time. Their 6-year-old son was at school. As the SWAT team forced its way into his home, Guerena, a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, armed himself with his AR-15 rifle and told his wife and son to hide in a closet. As the officers entered, Guerena confronted them from the far end of a long, dark hallway. The police opened fire, releasing more than 70 rounds in about 7 seconds, at lea
Day 1 - All Smiles (the First Ten)
  A Song From Your Childhood - Day 29: I'm Goin' Down by Mary J, Blige When I think of music in my childhood, I think of riding in the back seat of whatever car my mom is driving. Which always is R&B playing.  So I heard Boys II Men, Silk, and many others but no one was played more by my mom than Mary J. Blige.  A million times more than anyone else.  That's who my mom loved more than anyone and she filled my childhood.  Mary represented many young black women during the whole 90's. Even though I'm not one who is much into R&B, I know artist like Mary J. Blige are part of my love for music as a whole.  You felt the emotion from her and i'm an emotional person and respects that in all artists. Everyone knows this song.  If you heard this song before you know it.  Its one of those songs you couldn't hate. You had to sing with her. It's a cover of a song originally done by Rose Royce.   Your Favorite Song - Day 01: Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco W
Top 20 Countdowns.... Vote Here! Genre- Country
Pick your favorite song then i will count the vote and they will be played Friday nights! One genre a Friday!   Lady Antebellum-"Just a kiss" Blake Shelton-"Honey Bee" Rascal Flatts-"I Won't Let Go" Luke Bryan-"Country Girl"(Shake it For Me) Jason Aldean-"Dirt Road Anthem" Zac Brown Band-"Knee Deep"(ft Jimmy Buffett) The Band Perry-"If I Die Young" Lady Antebellum-"Need You Now" Taylor Swift-"Mean" Eric Church-"Homeboy" Brad Paisley-"Old Alabama"(Ft Alabama) Zac Brown Band-"Colder Weather" Sugarland-"Stuck like Glue" Jason Aldean-"Don't You Wanna Stay"(ft. Kelly Clarkson) Thompson Square-"Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" Chris Young-"Tomorrow" Dierks Bentley-"Am I the only one" Sara Evans-"A Little Bit Stronger" Eli Young Band-"Crazy Girl" Rascal Flatts-"My Wish"
It Only Takes 1 Person To Piss U Off If They Do It Right
This guy really made my day n pissed me the F*CK off MATT@ fubar See what he had to say Now how come he 26 n talking like that when back then when it all happened he wasnt even planned yet??? I n also all the germans now dont have anything to do with what happened back then....   Well after me not responding n ignoring the guy i just got this from him again   wowers it keeps going now all germans in his status  
Guilty Pleasures
What is YOUR guilty pleasure? Dirty or clean....matters not. My GUILTY PLEASURES are.....adding a no particular order. Game of Thrones Camelot The Borgias PORN BONDAGE PRETTY GIRLS BEING SPANKED....   COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Odd Feeling
I have a feeling that something is wrong... I can't put my finger on it     I need distracted
Wanna be Altruized?   Let's Make A Deal!FAMP or BOOMY ~ 12 HOURS OF ALTRUIZING AUTO 11 ~ 2 DAYS WORTH OF ALTRUIZING GOD MODE ~ 1 WEEK OF ALTRUIZING   I will make my list as of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis!
Why I Believe - The Short Version.
First, let me say that this story alone.. as I mention later.. is not by any means the only reason.. it's one story of many. Second.  I was an atheist - or I suppose you could say agnostic - until the age of 25.. it was around then that some very strange things began happening.  I remember the day that I officially decided there was no God.. and gave up being agnostic.. and decided I was simply an atheist, I was at a concert for one of my favorite bands "Christian Death"... at the time I wore a st. christopher medal necklace - I called it my catholic detector.  During the song "sick of love" I decided it was stupid even debating the subject of God anymore.. there clearly wasn't one .. and I ripped the necklace from my neck and threw it on the floor of the bar. -- this was just before the month when things began happening... anyway... It had been a very strange month.. lots of bizarre things had been happening. I had always told myself, that if there really was some sort of highe
So You Want To See My Nsfw Pics? Please Read
Alright guys, here's the deal. I'm assuming you've went to my picture folders and saw the fam only folders, and if you're here, you would like to see them. Here's what I think. Family Spots : For a perm spot in my family, I will ask for: - A 65 bling pack // 50 credit fupal transfer or a HH For a temp spot lasting 6 months: - A 25 bling pack // 25 credit fupal transfer For a temp spot lasting 3 months: - A boomy // 15 credit fupal transfer For a temp spot lasting a month: - A 12 bling pack // 10 credit fupal transfer For a temp spot lasting a week: - A 6 bling pack // 5 credit fupal transfer  
Saving Friends
Thought I would say I won't be around much anymore. I don't want to be a burden on anyone and I know you all think I'm mental enough and I don't need to feed into it. I've lost so many people, I can't afford to lose more. I figure if I wasn't here, I wouldn't lose anyone. each other and peace out. I love you.
[challenge Mode]
Abuse me more. I like it.   I spent the better chunk of my time resetting passwords and security for a friend. He got hacksauced.   Anyway, there's some spare cream in the house, so I'm gonna try to make chicken au poivre again. And there's about a third of a bottle of wine so... coq au van?   What happened to the music and the ruin? Everything's so god damn wholesome and whole.   Got some nibbles on plenty of fish from... druggies asking me if I "smoek pot" or to say "hey" and nothing else.   There's some patheric bags of fail on the internet. ... process this statement for a moment, and then accuse me of accusing you.   Just call me wizard or god or Roadkill.   This wizard god needs to pay his bills, and get drunk off his ass... maybe that's tomorrow's project.   ... hmmm what else ails? Not much. Back hurts, waiting on my PS3 to download little big planet (free games to say "woops we compromised everyone's account") Wish they would've just gave me $40 of
Word Of The Day
Word of the Day:: Fappable Something that is sexually desirable, or deemed high enough quality that it can be used for maturbation purposes "Man, that picture is really fappable."   Enjoy! And remember, spread the smartness and use the word!!!!!  
How Well Does This Fit?
So I decided to get my full birth chart for my zodiac. What they do is take your exact birth date and time and tell you about yourself. For the most part, I'd say this is me.  Apparently my OCD was predetermined! LOL What I disagree with is in this color. Here's what I gotThe Sun in ScorpioThe Sun and its place on your chart are the most important information astrology can provide you with. Your most powerful energies and force-of-will are denoted by the Sun's position. Traits: Determined, Forceful, Emotional, Intuitive, Powerful, Passionate, Exciting and MagneticDark Traits: Jealous, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive and Obstinate You were born during a period when the Sun was in Scorpio. Intuitive and ever curious, Scorpios are the great investigators of the Zodiac. They want to know everything about everyone. When an answer is needed, a Scorpio will find it for you. Unfortunately Scorpios seem to see only in black and white. They always have their own agenda and never fail
I Say Goodbye
Stairing out into the empty sky its time to say goodbye, Through the years, and all tears. through lifes trials, and the many miles, that keep us apart. I will hold you all close  to my heart. For those that took the time to know me, and let me be me. For those that loved me, for me and not someone i was never meant to be. For those that kept telling me that things would be okay, and always had so much to say. Stairing out into the empy sky, i hate to say goodbye, but i cant stay. Time for me to move on. Thank you to those that
Thanks For The Entertainment Cyberstud11
If you act like a dumbass, i WILL share it with all of Fubar. Just sayin.This guy sends me a message that says "boing". I said thanks but no thanks and then I get blasted with this chat. Enjoy :)   cyberstud11:what fucking whore comes on here if shes married go die cunt me:LOL poor baby never been rejected before? cyberstud11:your ugly as fuck nigger i would rape your ass for power because i can me:and THATS why you tried to hit on me with "boing" really? lol cyberstud11:bring your dude i will beat his ass nope i do that to everyone u fucking fat ass so do us a favopr and fucking die me:roflmao i gotta say, thanks for the amusement. this is quite entertaining. cyberstud11:u arent hot i rated your ass a one me:no, actually i am. you're just pissed off because I turned down your lame attempt at a comeon. Get over yourself, seriously. cyberstud11:look here bitch if you keep talking i will find you and kill you im fucking serious ill kill you and your kids me:suuuuuure you
A Marrige Ended.
That pain that you feel,when a loved one has destroyed your life, and your dreams that you had made together, is far worse than any physcial pain one can endure. Being betrayed and lied to by a loved one whom you thought was your partener for life is one of the most devastating experiances that I myself never want to go through the rest of my life. The mental torture of what did I do? what could I have done to stop this is endless. How can humans hurt eachother like this? Love and happiness come so easy, But a real relationship must be a work in progress at all times. To give up, is the easy way out and is extremely painful for those who are left behind.
video blogs never work right... but this is who I'm going to see on Sunday (will post in the comments)
The Silent Stallion
I find myself confused, which, if you know me like I know me... you probably don't... isn't that unusual. I tend to live in my own little world until some external event pulls me back into varying degrees of reality so I can evaluate whether to either interact or continue with my internally located thought processes. This can make me seem cool and distant, which I acknowledge must look that way to an external observer... but it's not anything anyone should take personally. Still with me? Okay! I was talking about being confused. It's quite often I run into people who don't get me, but the cases where I find someone (or in my case a group of people) even more confounding than myself are rare. And it wouldn't be an issue if they weren't so damned enjoyably interesting. I'm standing inside the doorway between two rooms at a party and I've found a room where I believe I want to be, but I'm not exactly invited into this part of the house. Conspicuously inconspicuous. I don't normally sh
Our Fearless Leader Is At It Again...
Our fearless leader is at it again... have a great weekend....just don't go food shopping or you might notice $2 bread this week :o
Browser Update 101
We get questions daily from user's who are having browser issues and blame these problems on fubar. The first thing you should do when you are having trouble with using the site is to assume it is your browser. I could write a book on reason's why and how this happens. To put it in fubaraian terms, browsers fail, browser addons can fail or overide normal browser functions, browsers need updating, browsers need refreshing, user's spy ware can overide functionality, running multiple tabs on a browser, slow connections and the list goes on. Browsers are not hard to understand, but if you think that something you downloaded two months ago is current, then you should read this closely. Browsers upate weekly if not more often. Getting the latest greatest is not always the best choice, but making sure you have a few things updated will help you avoid user error a.k.a browser errors...... The following tips should help you. 1. Dumping your browser history and cleaning your restarting your
Maybe A Permanent Vacation From Fubar
This game is no longer fun...I show daily devotion to family and friends on here. I enjoy sending my daily comments and pictures. I enjoy rating and commenting on pictures. I enjoy the interaction but that is getting harder to come by...Some, out of the blue, rip me a  new for my daily comments and I even had one trying to direct me on which ones they want to receive (I like this one but not that one) Then there are those that come around for one reason and one reason only- like me, bling me, rate me,, help me or my friend level, etc.....I accept this as part of the game but that is the only time I ever hear from them...That brings me to the stupid leveling requirements. Let's face it, this site is all about the money and how they try and squeeze out of us. They want us to spend our hard earned and limited resources without providing any tangiable product or service in return. I have been on this site for over 4 years now and have made friends, played the game and done things the old
Day 4.
Day 4.  A song that makes you sad. Not only does it make me sad, it makes me cry.  Every time.    Stella  
A Sucky Situation
Dear my favorite Ninja, lately I keep getting sexual advances from vacuum cleaners. I know this sounds crazy, but I don't know what to do. Either A) ignore it, because it's prolly bits of LSD resurfacing back from my highschool days. Or just go with the flow, or suck I suppose in this situation. - Always me, your favorite sin.   Dear SIN What kind of vacuum are we talking here? If it's a Dyson, I'd say, what the hell, go for it. You want one that's reliable and won't lose suction. If you must, you can always lock her away in the closet after you're finished. That way if it is a crazy acid flashback, it won't be awkward in the morning.   Welcome back doll
Defenseless Against You.....
Defenseless Current mood:indescribable    When I stand before you... I am paralyzed in your presence I am unable to think, or reason every inch of me is at your submission  under your control  I cannot deny you anything  nor do I want too  I am your equal yet your subordinate in love...... I am too strong a girl to feel so dominated  but your power over me is too strong I love you I am defenseless against you or the power that you have over me maybe thats the way it is supposed to be in nature... We are both Alphas...  I am strong in the world... to everyone else...  But You.... I need you  Crave you Excited by your look, your touch  So damn electrifying, it shudders me to the very core of who I am as a woman  I feel like a total woman in your presence....  I never want to leave this place..that... I have found under your magic..your power...  Over me!    ~Ragdoll~
Fuckin Theives...
I applied fo ra job about 3 weeks ago, and to get hired on they have to do a credit check, ok I dont mind, I am open that I have bad credit and all that stuff.. However they aproved me  for hire so there is me and one other person that might get hire kind of 2 people and 1 opening.. anyway that isnt why i am pissed.. During their credit check of me they were havign a hard time finding me, they found 2 other people with the same first and last name with the same middle ittial, one is a felon and the other is a drug dealer.. one if in floride and the other in michigan.. I have never been to either state.. the SS#'s came out the same as mine and the names were the same  as far as the initials and stuff. the guy that may hire me let me in on all this.. so now I have to figur eout what the hell happened befor my credit gets fucked up by someone other then me, I think i am doing a good enough job screwing it up myself.. i dont need help with it..   i called up the SS office and they tell
Why I Oppose Mandatory Drug Testing For Those On Welfare.
"Seventy percent (70%) of all illicit drug users... are employed" Are we testing the people of Japan or did we drug test the people of Haiti, do we test those effected by hurricane's or other natural disasters? No, yet we spent and continue to spend billions helping those who need(ed) the help. Being on welfare does not make one a drug abuser, as a matter of fact "Seventy percent (70%) of all illicit drug users, ages 18-49, are employed full-time."[1] There are a lot of misconceptions about those on welfare, with 70% of all illicit drug users being full time employed that leaves 30% that has to be divided between those who are not working, not working full time, drawing unemployment, on welfare or whatever. That means that the other 30% of users are not entirely just welfare cases. The public view of those on welfare is way off base and although the test tend to reflect on average a good result there are many, many cases where the results were incorrect. To make a long story short
Make Everyday Count
 Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people who you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, even if it doesn't seem right because you are too young or too far, just follow your heart. Surround yourself with those who make you smile, laugh, and make you happy. Break free and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own life then LET GO and LIVE IT! Do you ever think about your life in terms of eternity? If you were taken suddenly or find yourself on your deathbed, what haven't you done or tried that you wish you had, what do you regret, what haven't you said that needs saying, What fences haven't you mended, who haven't you told how much they mean to you or how much you appreci
My Status.....v2
In case you're wondering what it's about::That guy posted a MuMM asking if it should be legal for women to go topless in public because men can. His MuMM was set for comment approval so I was sure that mine wouldn't be approved. What did I say???" perverts like you can look for free? Use Google"He approved my comment, came to my profile and rated the salute I made for Suga Lips an 11. I went back to the MuMM to see what someone had said after me and went to reply back to PieDaDDY. Guess what???I'm blocked. If I pissed him off that bad, why did he approve the comment and come rate a picture of mine? He is a pussy, plain and simple. Didn't even have enough balls to reply back to the approved comment.I'm going to bed now. Good night everyone!!!
There was no one around but myself; I heard my thoughts as if it was telling me a story…that’s when I knew I was alone. It was an odd day; there was hardly any sound but occasional chirps of birds and an occasional giggle from a neighborhood kid, but other then that for the first time there was silence. I felt the warm sun against my skin, the prickly grass between my toes and the shy breeze that lightly blew through my hair. This was the last time I’d be here, I thought to myself. The last time I’d stand in this grass and look out into this street, this house was no longer ours. My thoughts rapidly raced through my mind as if I was watching a movie in fast-forward, it’s been three months since I’ve seen my Oma, three whole months since she’s been gone.             What was I to do? What was I to say? As I stood there lost in my thoughts without words. I felt like a blank canvas, so many thoughts but no progress whatsoever.  What was going to
Look What We Accomplished In Three Hours! (this Doesn't Count The 1/2 It Takes Me To Water Js)
Plants n SEEDS Planted! 06-29-11   Veggies and Herbs   Basil (plants) Aristotle grows to 24-36” Pesto Perpetuo grows to 36-48” Basil (seeds) Custom Blend sprouts in 5-10 days height unknown   Mint ‘Garden’ sprouts in 8-10 days, height 1-3’   Dill Bouquet sprouts in 20-25 days, height 30-36”   Tomato ‘Tumbling Tiger’ put this one in a hanging basket on sunny side of porch. Maturity 60-80 days yellow striped sweet cherry.   Cucumber (plant) Cucumber Armenian Melon matures in 55-60 days Need to trellis.   Flowers (plants)  I’m hoping the all reseed, they a
Its Funny
its funny how, if u dont have VIP, OR BLING, your nobody on here anymore, your "friends" leave you, they dont talk to you anymore its like seriously unless you can give people fake things they dont have a need for you   it shows how fake and selfish you are now i understand why people leave fubar so much, a week or months at a time
The Reason I Exist
"I simply seek justice. How can that ever be a mistake?"As I pondered this simple thought. I smiled. Not out of happiness. But because I knew that one day, I wouldn't have to do this anymore. One day, I could stop fighting. Because one day I would win. One day, there will be no pain, no loss, no hatred.... Because of me, because I fight for you, for all of you.... One day, I will win.I had finally come face-to-face with the Devil... And there was fear in his eyes, for the beast inside of me realized that the man inside of me was stronger than he could ever be. My present state of mind is not a pretty sight. It is a thing of Agony and Horror. But, it is also a story about Hope. It is about Revenge. Justice. And fighting for what you believe in.You see, there's law... and there's justice. But it is rare that the two of these concepts are the same. This is holy work for me, a sacred oath. There's is no room for mistakes, and and even less for forgiveness. Criminals and scum w
This Is A One-time Deal... Read It Or Don't
It is rare that I allow anyone to see a human emotion from me. Most of the time, what you get out of me is either sarcastic, contempt, rage or indifference. However, very rarely, I show that I am capable of more than simple disgust toward the rest of humanity... This is a one-time deal. Do NOT ever expect to see such a thing from me again. Anyone who has studied psychology will tell you that anger is never a primary emotion, it is a secondary feeling. A defense mechanism created either to mask the first emotion or to inspire action instead of inaction. One never gets angry without having first experienced some form of loss, pain or injustice against them. Knowing this, now you will begin to understand more clearly why I react the way I do and behave in the manner that you see. Many times I am seen as the worst kind of person. There are people in my past and my present who honestly believe me to be devoid of any compassion, kindness or decency. Nothing is furthe
Blah!!! Blah!! Blah!!!
So i've been feeling like crap all week.. just in a choke the shit out of someone mood for no apparent reason.. temper is short... patience is shorter.. I think I'm just getting burned out on all this shit.. I need a break from reality....oh well...maybe I'll be in a better mood after the holiday.. but right now.. don't think so!
Who Are You ...
(how To) Manage Family
(How To) Manage Your FamilyEveryone who has a Family List on Fubar wants to pick and choose which member they want as their #1 choice as Top Family. Each member can utilize this feature and choose up to Twenty-Five members to be in their Top Family. Also each member can organize their Families to better show off other members.This blog will give the following:- Show How To Add To Family,- Show How To Make A Member A Top Family Member,- Show A Live Look Of The Manage Top Family Page.Adding Member To FamilyTo add a member to your Family List you must first add that member to your Friends List (making the member a Top Friendwill not make them a Top Family Member). Also before you move on you can read the blog titled (How To) Manage Your Friends as it will also have another feature that will show you how to add a member as a Top Friend.The below steps will show you how to make a member who is already on your Friends List a Family MemberOpen Your Desired BrowserDirect Your Browser To Fubar.
Random Things That Piss Me Off......
Wanksters, gangstas, whatever you want to call them. I can't fucking stand them. But you already know this, don't you? Moving on... Illegal immigrants. I have no problem with the legal immigrants, mostly because the legal immigrants at least TRY to speak one iota of English. At least enough to function in society, which is all I ask for. I don't want to sit down and have an intellectual debate, I want you to be able to follow simple directions and understand that $1.06 doesn't require a fifty dollar bill.... Door-to-Door Christians. Look, if I really wanted to know "all of the answers," I have Google. I don't care what faith you have, until you can draw a cubic sphere and create matter and energy, I don't want to hear your bitching. Stop parroting around about how miraculous your savior isn't.... Small children. Always wanting and disrespecting their parents and tearing up shit and sqealing and whining and- SHUT THE FUCK UP! Sit down, and if you make one more fucking peep I will pun
[ /headtilt ]
I do this really unnerving thing when I tilt my head all the way down to my shoulder- it pops all of my upper vertebrae and makes this stepped-on water bottle sound. It signifies great displeasure possibly leading to violence.   Tonight a balk was called. A balk that advanced a runner home. ... in the bottom of the ninth.   ... I can feel the acid in my stomach and the clenched anger in my neck and shoulders.   but hey... at least I've got a job thing tomorrow. Don't get excited. It's for a friend, and its just one day. And I might be working with some hot girl I stumbled upon, or I might be working with a toothless chatty moron. ... no really, either or both are a distinct possibility. I'm thinking I might bring my PSP and headphones just in case. Me and hot girls, and work, and... comfort zones... it all doesn't quite work out. Gets under my skin churns that acid in my stomach in a unique and vicious way.   So I'm not terribly thrilled about it in fact I want yo
Casey Anthony : Not Guilty
Casey Anthony : Not Guilty. Not like I'm shocked they did this, I mean the prosecution didn't prove their case. The funniest part of the whole thing is the defense's post-trial comments. They attacked all of the media's "talking heads" about being wrong. It's true and they are right. They spent too much time on all of the networks covering this trial. Like the rest of the world doesn't exist. Well now they can eat it. Maybe now we can get back to somewhat real news coverage of I don't know...important things.. Just my take. Thanks.
Why I've Been Gone So Much
Here is a little update on why I haven't been around much. I took a job with a company that I worked with for a short time and have been staying in a hotel in Bristol, VA. I am working 7 days a week and have been here at the hotel almost 2 weeks. I work from midnight until I finish my deliveries. Normally back to my room a little after 9am. I haven't had a day off in over 3 weeks. Since I have been here my father has ben in the hospital and I lost my grandmother(last grand parent) so it's been really hard being away. The pay is great and I make a little more staying here rather than driving down each night plus it saves 4 hours travel time round trip so that helps a little. Miss everyone so much, Feel free to text me or yahoo me if you have that info. If I don't answer right away I amon the road or sleeping but willas soon as I can. If you don't have it, your not special! LOL, just kidding, just ask me for it. Leave me love so I know who cares enough to read this. LOL :P   Wally
Dom/sub Vs. Master/slave
I wanted to get some comments or opinions on the subject of "sub/dom" vs "master/slave"  The way I see it, being submissive means just that. It doesn't mean subservient to anyone. So the realm of "master/slave" is really far removed from that of a dominant and submissive relationship.  The following is my personal understanding, PLEASE don't take it as anything other than me putting my thoughts down in order to have a greater understanding. I'm perfectly willing to accept constructive criticism and alternate explanations. Dom vs. Master: To be dominant over someone means that you have a responsibility to the one or ones you "dom" over. You are a leader and a strong personality. You have accepted the role as teacher and guide and you are willing to do your best to show your sub more about themselves. To help them to look inside themselves and find that place where they are truly happy and able to release any inhibitions. As a dom you may use means that seem to others to be cruel or pa
anger is my own best friend.. embraced by hate.. consumed by my own rage.. I burn.. slowly building agony.. the pain is the only emotion i feel.. use to bleed to feel alive.. now only numbness left. nothing left to fill this void inside.. the endless sleep.. wishing you would just die.. maybe it would justify this reason i cry.. heartless is the one who claimed to love.. guess it should be of no surprise you were nothing but lies.. my anger will burry me alive.. but at least i'll survive.. burying the memory of you deep inside.. bitter  sconred  angry  alone heartbroken  cold ashamed of what i've become...
Casey Anthony : Stop It From Happening Again.
I hear this is gaining traction in quite a few states. If you'd like to help make a difference so we don't have to deal with this kind of spectacle again, please visit this website below:
Spinning Wheels, Round And Round
The next spin of the where-Chris-is-working wheel puts me in Phoenix for a few days of wonderful robot repeatability testing. I leave Tuesday and who knows... maybe come home Thursday evening. I was in Michigan this past week, New Orleans the week before... I wonder what the rest of this month has in store for me.
hey everyone in fuland, Im writing this blog to tell all my friends that Im gonna be leaving fu. Well not really leavin just more like wont be around much anymore, but when Im home I'll try to stop in and say hello to all the great fu friends I've met here on fubar. Im going back to truck driving now so I wont be home but every 2 or 3 weeks for just a couple days b4 I have to leave back out on the road again. I miss being on the road and had to give it up for awhile back when I was still with my ex-wife a few yrs ago, but I have been given the opportunity to drive again and I really miss it. There's nothing here where I live to keep me grounded at home anymore so I feel that this is the best thing for me atleast for now until something else comes along or something else changes in my life for the better. Well I'll miss all the great fu's Ive met here on fubar
Okay, I did the "joiner" thing... Not Tellin' did this, so I did it too... Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quizzes Rock on!Shawn, AKA Durham
The Final Nail In The Supply Side Coffin
Broken recovery: Taxes are low and corporate profits are high, but nothing is trickling down to the American worker By Andrew Leonard   AP/Doug Mills President Ronald Reagan smiles as he poses for photographers after delivering a speech on television, in this Dec. 11, 1987 file photo. The theory of supply-side economics tells us that if you cut taxes on rich people and corporations, the newly liberated moguls and businessmen will take their windfall and invest it, creating jobs and accelerating the rate of economic growth. The benefits of a light hand on the upper class, therefore, will "trickle down" to the working man and woman. Ever since Ronald Reagan first attempted to make supply-side economics a reality and proceeded to inaugurate an era of persistent government deficits and growing income inequality, it has become harder and harder to make the trickle-down argument with a straight face. But we've never seen anything quite like the disaster that's
  im skerred :(
Feelin A Lil Evil
I wanna kick something. I miss my class. It's been two weeks and I have to miss another cause the instructors have a fight :/ It really helped me vent frustration. Grr.
What I've Learned Since Joining Fubar
I have been on and off this site since 2004. Since then I have learned you can be whoever you want, you can be a Doctor, a Lawyer, A Soldier, A Biologist, A Musician, A model, a Porn Star, An Actress or a Loser (No harm intended). I have met thousands of people, I have exchanged email addresses, screen names, phone numbers and photos. I've learned that when you are single and you are interested in someone, you usually only talk to them a few weeks if your lucky a few months but you rarely ever make it long enough to meet someone. I've learned that most of the hot guys are either Soldiers or are in California (My opinion of course)I've learned that anyone can take a bad photo and photoshop it. I've learned that if you turn the cam a certain way "it makes things look bigger" sorry guys but it's true and you now it. I've learned that you can never fully trust someone you meet on here, not that everyone is a habitual liar but a lot of people are in it for themselves. Men and women included
Super Funny!
         A woman takes a lover home during the day while her husband is at work.Her 9-year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides in the bedroom closet to watch.  The woman's husband also comes home. She puts her lover in the closet, not realizing that the little boy is in there already.  The little boy says, ' Dark in here.'  The man says,    'Yes, it is.'  The Boy says:  'I have a baseball..'  Man:    'That's nice'  Boy:    'Want to buy it?'  Man:    'No, thanks.'
You Must Join The Family Lounge After Signing The Fbc & Fbd Coc
About Me
A LITTLE ABOUT ME: Name: George Feelsgood Birthdate: 9-1-71 Birthplace: Somewhere in Oklahoma Current Location: Lost, Somewhere in Oklahoma Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: What Hair?Height: 6'Weight: 230Piercings: NopeTatoos: YepGirlfriend: SingleOverused Phraze: Don't Get Me Thrown Out Of Here!FAVORITESFood: MostCandy: M & M'SNumber: 13 1/2Color: BlackAnimal: Yes, I am!
Ok Fine
I will polish stupid bling to be a point whore for a little bit. Anyone got pages they go to a lot? I need lots of points :)
Mexican Army Prepares To Destroy 300 Acres Of Pot (repost)
by ANGELA KOCHERGA WFAA Posted on July 16, 2011 at 10:14 PM BAJA CALIFORNIA, Mexico — Soldiers in Mexico are preparing to set fire to the largest marijuana plantation ever discovered in that country. It stretches across 300 acres, and soldiers say they will need about two weeks to destroy the fields. Authorities say at least 100 farm workers tended the massive plantation, which is the size of about 225 football fields. The pot plants are valued at $160 million, and marijuana is the biggest illegal cash crop for drug cartels in Mexico. "It's estimated that 95 percent of marijuana that comes into the U.S. comes in through the Mexico and Central America corridor," said Diana Apodaca of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso. Marijuana busts on the border are down slightly from this time last year. "We're looking for drugs, but the amount of pot seized in San Diego has more than tripled, and there's a spike in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley," Apodaca
18 Signs That Life In U.s. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.s. Prisons (repost)
In the United States today, our public schools are not very good at educating our students, but they sure are great training grounds for learning how to live in a Big Brother police state control grid.  Sadly, life in many U.S. public schools is now essentially equivalent to life in U.S. prisons.  Most parents don't realize this, but our students have very few rights when they are in school.  Our public school students are being watched, tracked, recorded, searched and controlled like never before.  Back when I was in high school, it was unheard of for a police officer to come to school, but today our public school students are being handcuffed and arrested in staggering numbers.  When I was young we would joke that going to school was like going to prison, but today that is actually true. The following are 18 signs that life in our public schools is now very similar to life in our prisons.... #1 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has announced that school officials
This Is A Nsfw Exotic Story Read At Your Own Risk.
 This Is 1 of my new exotic stories for all to read.If you loved exotic read this and let me know what you thin ok.It's graphic and nsfw too.   I can feel her passion streaming from her body.Her lustful desires makes my hunger more stronger.Her smile so Inviting to me,and her eyes tells me her whole life story.Her short life span have seen many horrors and she has lost everyone she has ever loved.But yet her zestfulness and lusty sexual drive has fueled her through It.And It's her lusty side that I so badly needed tonight.For It has been well over 10 yrs since I have fed my sexual vampire side and It was screaming at me to do so.I could feel It pulling me to her.Her curves aroused me In more ways then one.And the thought of being inside of her have driven me to a almost frenzy state of being. My condition didn't go unnoticed neither,It have caught her eyes and spark a fire In her.But she had to keep dancing till her shift was over.But as soon as her song stopped playing she came to m
Mutual Respect
You know I understand that we all come from different places and different worlds, but in what place and what world is "Hey sexy nice tits wanna cam" an acceptable way to start a conversation with a woman.  A little about me.  I am 27 years old, born and raised in Dallas but a single woman who worked three jobs just to make sure we lived in a decent neighborhood.  Now where i come from that is not acceptable.  Acceptable would bee "Hello (Her name), My name is (your name), how are you today".  It's fascinating to me just how hard it is for guys to have a descent conversation with a woman on here.  I dont know maybe I am just weird.  But guys if you are just trying to get her to let you see her private pictures, you will most likely be dissapointed.  Where i come from, what I am talking about is called Mutual Respect.  Show it and you will have much better conversations.  Just a thought.  Hope everyone has a great day.
Wanna Be My Wifey...fill It Out N Let Me No!
New Blog Series!
New Blog series if anyone is into what the big box chains and retailers are doing to con you out of cash, things you might not know.... ..but you would have known if you either.... Added me on Facebook: Or...followed me on Twitter... Those are where the most current, exclusive and up to date things are posted before they even hit Fubar! See ya there!..peace.
The Most Beautiful Song Ive Ever Heard.
Is this NOT the most beautiful song you have ever heard???  
Torture Or Pleasure?
she lie on the hard wooden table blindfolded and chackled. stretched out over the table with her bare body on full display. she tried to call out, but the duct tape over her mouth made that impossible. she fought against the shackles, but found that she had only minimum movement. who had done this to her? where was she? she heard a loud creek. the door opening and slamming close. followed by the heavy footsteps of her captor. she heard his breathing. heavy. lusty. wanting. a slight touch was fealt upon her inner thigh; a feather trailing up her skin and tracing her slit with an almost surgical concentratinon before tickling her clit. her nipples grew hard as bullets. body betraying her. her moistness becoming blatantly visable to her captor. she fought against the shackles more, but got nowhere. a sound. a loud buzzing. the vibration rubbed along her opening, spinning and prodding to cover itself in her wetness. it felt so good, but in the back of her mind she knew it was wrong. NO!
My Plan For America
I think as a people and a Nation we need to have a voice. WE THE PEOPLE has been silence (or quiet for far too long. We are the ones down here in the trenches and we know better than anyone else what is going on in our 'neck of the woods'. You can read the paper, see it on the news... it's all the same line of shit that they have been trying to force feed us for generations now. I don't think I have all the answers or boast to have it all figured out but as an educated citizen I think that I have mulled some of the issues over quite a bit and come to some very simple solutions. First off I am sick and tired of hearing about our failing economy... what the hell did you expect - this has been coming on for years... WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER - I mean seriously...I think more than anything it was meant as a means of population control... which made no sense since are borders are weak and we are giving all of our jobs and industry over to foreign contractors... How dumb can we be? 1. CLOSE TH
How To Get My Points
~HOW TO GET MY POINTS~ I do Altruize friends for the pupose of helping them level.  This means I come to your profile and click "Altruize for 12 hours" and the person begins recieving all of my accumulated points for the next 12 hours. Its nice/helpful if the person receiving my points sends a bling to run for themselves, i.e. an Auto 11, a Famplifier or a RockStar...otherwise the person wouldnt get as many points! Depending on the daily bonus a Rockstar ability bling has thus far proven to create the most points. I created this blog for anyone interested in getting my points since i am asked about my points on a regular basis, i figured a blog would be beneficial for anyone interested. When deciding what bling you want to have run while you recieve my points I always tell people if you are considering sending a Famplifier, you could just go purchase a 25 credit bling pack which is only $19.99 which saves you $5 when purchasing a Famplifier, and i would then just purchase the Fam
What's New.
Some of you on here I talk to daily.  Some not so much.  But for those of you that I don't talk to on a regular basis....this is a good time to enter an update, since I have not even wrote a blog in some time.   In 3 weeks I start on a new adventure.  About 8 months ago, I decided after having a series of bad days at my dead end job, it was time for me to do something about it.  So I enrolled in school full-time.  The goal of this is for me to get my associates degree in management/marketing.  There are so many things I can do with that.  And after school, I hope to pay down some student debt, and perhaps later persue my bachelors' degree in an related field.  And get out of this town.  If you have ever been to Houtzdale, PA.....well, you know....   Quitting my job is such a relief.  I work with someone I kind of am dating, and even though we do not work directly with each other, there is so much drama all the time.  And yesterday...was a whole different creature with her.  Usually
Why Won't He Stay?
the wind blew ever so lightly through her hair while she simply stood there heart breaking, watching him walk away never to return, why won't he stay?   the moon up above shining ever so bright this fateful night lighting his way why won't he stay?   the stillness of the night is deafening to her ears her body shivers, giving way to her fears knowing this time he won't be back it is over and that is that why won't he stay?
Samuel Langhorne Clemens~mark Twain
I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure. If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything It is curious - curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare There are people who can do all fine and heroic things but one - keep from telling their happiness to the unhappy. I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him. Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it (perhaps i should learn this one) Honesty: The best of all the lost arts Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great. Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. Whatever you say,
What Fubar Has Done For Me!
Just wanted everyone to know what Fubar did for me and actually changed my life. When i was first invited here i hesitated not really knowing if i wanted to fool with another crazy website. But as you can see i am here and i have met some amazing people and made some amazing friends, and for that i am truely grateful. Let me tell you just a few things about me.................. I am 41 yrs old and a single parent, struggling and fighting every day to provide for my family, my kids are my life. I have been seperated for almost 3 yrs been through 2 marriages actually just to have both go down the toilet because of drugs. For along time in both marriages i felt like it was me thought maybe i was the cause of the way things turned out, but then i woke up and realized i didnt deserve the abuse and mental torture they put me through and they were the one with the problem. Excuse my language but hell i wonder everyday if i will find someone to love me and i think personally that I am a very n
Seems We Have Someone Who Wants To Be Me
In 150-200 words, explain the concepts of crime and deviance.  How do certain acts come to be defined as deviant?  How do these definitions change over time?     Hmm  I am fucked because what I have to say will seriously offend some people.
As I slowly watch the pieces of me drift way I realize I am broken and falling apart not know if and when I will ever be whole again. Is it meant to be that all I ever will find are just the scattered remains to put me back together to what I was once or will it always be broken? I sit and listen to the small remaining sound of what is left of my heart listening to it fade away slowly into the distance not knowing if it will ever return also. I sit and try to remember the feeling from when I was whole, and all I feel is the numbing of my heart, as it builds a wall so high that I cant see over it or around it, a wall that is so thick and strong I may never break through.  
I Will Be Heard
In what has turned into a recent effort to clear up some skeletons and demons for myself and from my past, I am going to start adding more blogs about myself. Trying to share information that I normally may not, and trying to quit being so closed up when it comes to certain things. I have held on to a lot of things for way too long, and realistically - I'm tired of how they are affecting my life. As I said yesterday, things with my anger have affected past relationships and living situations; both of which turned worse for me as a result of the anger. When I care for someone, I mean really care for someone - I tend to take their problems onto myself a little too much sometimes. Same friend I mentioned yesterday tells me that because I get so concerned sometimes, it appears that I'm trying to make things my fault so I know better how to handle them. I don't think I look for things to be my fault constantly, I think I have been in places in time where I was used to that being the case.
This Great "economic Recovery" In Stats..
Here's some interesting facts for those that pay attention to, I don't know...actual real life things around them... And thanks to The Slut for this: He gave this to me awhile ago I just found it. The article is very informative, someone should sent it to Obama. Have a good weekend, peace.
I Love Serving In The Army, But...
*So, I'm not into politics. I purposely avoid politics in order that I may serve impartially and with what is in my heart and mind naturally. So, for those of you who read this and find inaccuracies, please correct me. * Lately I have been hearing rumblings about the government changing the retirement plan for the military. From what I have heard, I'll still be able to retire after 20 years but will not be able to draw a single dime of my retirement money until I'm almost 60 years old. That's about 15 years of waiting for something I feel by that time I will have more than earned. Sure, I'll still get my medical benefits and all (I think), but unfortunately those do not pay bills and put food on the table. Yes, I'll be working another job once I finally DO retire from service, but to take 50% of my planned income away from me and holding it for 15 years is pure bullshit. I don't know how other retirement plans work, but I do know this: other retirees in other jobs have never ha
Ordinary World
Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue,Thought I heard you talking softly.I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio,Still I can't escape the ghost of you.What has happened to it all?"Crazy," some would say.Where is the life that I recognize?Gone away...But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world,Somehow I have to find.And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world,I will learn to survive.Passion or coincidence once prompted you to say:"Pride will tear us both apart."Well now pride's gone out the window, cross the rooftops, run away,Left me in the vacuum of my heart.What is happening to me?"Crazy," some would say.Where is my friend when I need you most?Gone away...But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world,Somehow I have to find.And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world,I will learn to survive.(Ooh, Ahh, Ooh)Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed.Fear today, forgot tomorrow... oohHere beside the news of holy war and holy need,Our
Applications For Being My Man. I Am Very Picky So Can U Meet The Requirements?
So there are people out there who actually wanna get with me. Well I am picky bitch and dont know if you are will meet the requirements but if u still think u wanna get with this here it goes: Requirements: Must be a real man Between 5'-10 - 6'-4" in height Must weigh between 175-280 Must have a penis length of at least  7" no more than 11" circumference of at least 6 inches around and 2in  OK BADASSES ( I like bad boys but I am looking for a real good man-NO CRIMINAL RECORDS) Must love animals Must love BBW Must love latin girls Must love music Must know how to dance Must love to eat pussy Must be passionate Must take showers at least one a day twice if u sweat a lot Must be in good physical condition, no lazy asses allowed Must love family ( NO MAMAS BOYS ALLOWED) {Its one thing to love and take care of ur mom but u cant be asking ur mom to take care of u or dont tell her our/my biznass} Must remove pubic hair if u want me to go down on u Must TELL ME THE TRUTH (N
Not Interested
I know that Royce and I have a messed up situation right now but here's the deal...     I'm not looking for any sugar-daddys. I don't want to date/go out/ fuck or meet up. I'm honestly not looking for anything other than some good friends on here. That's it...   So please stop trying to get me to do any of those things. I'm here for FRIENDS and you should respect the fact that I'm pregnant and dealing with a lot right now. They last thing I need is for some guy or girl to get attached/think there's more to our friendship than there is and someone getting hurt or pissed off along the way.   I'm not being rude and I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. I'm sure that a lot of you guys/gals are wonderful but I'm NOT looking for a relationship/fuck buddy. I know I'm a flirt and I love to joke about things or say rather innapropriate things at times but it's not to be taken too personally.     Thanks and with love,   VT :)
Question 7
What is yout high-priced indulgence?
Question 8
What do you collect?
You're All Talk
"Nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of jibberish.." {Eminem}       Whenever someone says, 'Real Talk' it always makes me think they are just all talk. There are a lot of people in our society lately who are just that, talk; and lots of it. Some chose to listen and take action when needed where as others talk until action is taken by someone else. This might be good for an office job, where a boss does nothing but chirp to employees who end up taking action and making things happen. In the end, what really matters is the people who make things happen. That low level employee, doesn't plan on becoming a manager, most likely. That low level employee who always takes action, every day, will see that there is more in life to take action to. You can get people to move by asking them to move, even if in the end you go no where yourself.     The world is full of people who are just simply all talk, which looking back when they speak, is mostly negative talk. We only
Me Not You
Why? do I act like someone else? Am I not good enough to just be me? Why do I have to expose my body to get attention? Is my mind not good enough? Why do I act like a slut to get attention? Is this the way of the world that I must succumb to? Why do I lie to other human beings? And tell them what they want to hear so I can get what I want? Buy me a drink Buy me this buy me that and I will love you forever. Rate me 11 1/2 and I will be yours forever (LIKE HELL I WILL)
Mistakes Happen, For A Reason
Have u ever asked yourself, Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Well I have and I learned that God keep making you go through those same mistakes for a reason. One to make you realize your not perfect and your not God. The second reason is that mistakes are like lessons,like when you were in school and the teacher repeats the same lesson over and over and you think to yourself, we just did this, so y are you repeating it? Its so you can get it in your head, so you do well when test time comes and If you fail at the end of the year they go over the same problems til you get it right, for that final exam.  God keep putting that same lesson in your life until you finally get it right and pass that test. So next time you ask your self that same question, Why do I keep making that same mistake over again? Remeber theses words and also remember Mistakes can only make u stronger and much more wiser and the next time that same situation cames around, you'll know what to
He Does It Again
Another black eye, another broken lie. He does it again. He has left her in pain. It had replayed like it was all the same. She loves him way too much. She gives him all her trust, but I guess it just not enough, cause he does it again. It must be the pain she loves. It must be the hate she knows, cause she stays there now with a broken nose. She can't leave his side, and all the make-up just can't hide. All her broken dreams she has inside. Another black eye, another broken lie. He does it again. He has left her in pain. It had replayed like it was all the same. She loves him way too much. She gives him all her trust, but I guess it just not enough, cause he does it again. It must be the pain she loves. It must be the hate she knows, cause she stays there now with a broken nose. She can't leave his side, and all the make-up just can't hide. All her broken dreams she has inside.
Write It Down
I guess I was about the age of four, watching tv, sitting on the floor.Your a bright young man, you hold the tools in your hand. Momma handed me my coloring book and some crayons, and thats where it all began. She told me, when a good idea comes around. Write it down. You got something thats hard to find, and thats your inmagination in your mind. Don't hide what you have found, write it down. It started back when I was sixteen, the english teacher came up to me. Your a bright young man, you hold the tools in your hand. She handed me some paper and an ink pen, and thats where it all began. She told me when a good idea comes around, write it down. You got something thats hard to find. Thats your inmagination in your mind. Don't hide what you have found, write it down.
Here For Eternity
Every muscle in my body screamed at me when I tried to stretch upon waking up, I laid there in bed debating if I should take a shower of soak in a nice hot bath to uncoil my tight aching muscles. I had only been in the house for a month and a half but I had been busy fixing up the old manor. My mind was still having a hard time believing that my fiancé had written a letter to his family attorney and asked that this old manor be left to me in the event that something ever happened to him.  All of my friends had told me that the thought was crazy, to leave the loft warehouse apartment that I owned and move to a foreign country.  My writing was selling well, but had suffered as of late there was inspiration; maybe this move was just what the doctor had ordered. The countryside was beautiful, and the old manor even though nobody had lived in it for years was still for the most part well kept. There was running water, and the electric worked. The attorney was kind enough to have the house i
Sorry I Haven't Been Online Much Lately!!
Sorry I haven't been on much lately,I have a job now and I have started going back to school and getting my diploma! thats very important to me right now! I have been focusing on Only the important things right now. I've been doing fine I haven't forgot any of you. How are all of my fubar friends and family doing? I will try to be on when I can.I'am just an extreamly busy bee right now!. Love to all of you.
Apologies To My Friends....
I am sorry that I can not be as positive as some of my true friends. I do not share everything with you...there are only a few (probably NOT you) that truly know what is going on. So, I apologize for being so negative.......PEACE!
The Messages Aren't Broken Completely.
For any one who hasn't figured this out and is having issues replying to messages, it's pretty straight forward. Don't click on the message from your bartab, just go to your inbox. Mark all as read. Now when you go into the messages, you can click "reply" and send a message. The new system they have in place actually works. Too bad it's extremely glitchy.
The Decaying Filth
I looked beyond your flesh Your painted eyes and face Your grossly adorned ears, tongue,hand, and neck Your clothing that is nothing but a public display of a whore Your dyed hair attempting to make you look younger and exotic   You disgust me You are no better than the whore on the street Full of seed from men Vagina stretched and mangled from the sick fucks that would fill you Your breath of rotting flesh   You display no integrity No loyalty No fealty No devotion And no love   You fuck anything that moves Anyone that spends thousands of dollar upon you Anyone that dolls you up You may not fuck them, but you're a whore just like the one on the street   You tell me to trust you You tell me you won't lie to me You tell me that you love me Hah! You love nothing but your own demoralized, self-loathing   I deserve true, unrequited, love Devotion, trust, loyalty, fealty, Adoration, and caring compassion Not the filth of this world you wallow in.   ----- FSI
I Shed A Tear
I shed a tear, cause you greeted me with open arms. I shed a tear, cause of a sweet kiss. I shed a tear, cause you touched my heart. I shed a tear, cause you took the time to hear me. I shed a tear, cause i love you. I shed a tear, cause of a dream. I shed a million tears cause it was not meant to be. I shed more tears cause soon the miles will grow between us. I shed not a tear, but a smile knowing you will be a friend for life.
My Body Is Not My Temple
My petite little body, Is my downfall. There is so much more to me, Than something that small. My long golden hair, And ivory complexion. Is just the surface. You’re looking in, The wrong direction. Go past the outside, And see your way in. There is more to me dwelling within. If you’re taken by the outside, Then that’s all you will ever see. You’re missing out, On the most beautiful part of me. For, my body is not my temple, It is my curse. But if that’s all you want, Then it will never be yours.
Help Me Out Father Time
Hands go back and forth, not knowing what to do. As I wipe the tears away, thinking of you. How I screwed up, and threw it away. Not taking control, of my emotions that day. Come on Father Time, give me a break. Please just let me, fix my mistake.
Bloodstained Petals....part 3
She toweled herself off dry, pulled her hair back and really looked at herself in the mirror. Aside from the flushed red look from orgasm, she didnt really feel as good as she had hoped too. The percoset had helped with the pain some but she knew it would wear off. Her mind still racing with all the anger and hurt that had been building up for some time. She had to get away from her reflection. Seeing herslf in this way just made her feel uneasy and extremely uncomfortable. No Matter how hard she tried to create change in her life and try to make good changes in the lives around her, she still came up short at the end of the day. Why would she not be good enough? Her children had both grown up healthy stable and successful.he did her job there. Her love life altho was in shambles. Her last husband left her because she was a good wife. She would not give in to selling his drugs and she begged and pleaded with him not to sell the medications he was prescribed to keep him alive and f
Today's Admitted Fake & A Top Member Backpedal...
hey kids, back to the grind. Also, a new blog!! Yes, a fake and an update on one of the blowouts from the last blog...goes to show what level some people take it to to maintain their "fu" status....check it out and follow the links below.. Click here & then link in stash!... It's a sick world out there folks...knowledge is power. Awareness is key. Happy Hump Day!..leave your thoughts as always..
Really? Fustalker?
So, I've never blogged before, but this is hilarious. I know fubar has it's share of complete fucking idiots, but this one might take the cake.  DJscdaddyo...: you need to back off lacy. period. she's my girl. nuff said8:58pmTo DJscdaddyo...: um.....what did i say to her?8:58pmTo DJscdaddyo...: i wasn't hitting on her at all8:59pmDJscdaddyo...: all i'm gonna say is keep making bogus profs to harass her and you'll be looking at criminal charges asshole8:59pmDJscdaddyo...: period8:59pmTo DJscdaddyo...: DUDE, I'M NOT GONNA BOTHER HER, BECAUSE I NEVER DID BEFORE9:00pmDJscdaddyo...: ya well she's already reported your ass to fubar, and if you continue then you will face legal concequences..........and remember fubar logs ips for everyone that signs in9:00pmDJscdaddyo...: so back off9:00pmreplyDJscdaddyo...: period9:00pmTo DJscdaddyo...: dude....i swear to god man, i didn't do shit to her. wtf are you talking about? what is she telling you?9:01pmTo DJscdaddyo...: chill the fuck out. i'm not
Hi FuGuys and Fugirls. I've been busy buying drinks for all you generous members and I hope to catch up soon. My favorite drink is the Panty Dropper!! ^_* I see myself getting to new levels and it's a bit of a thrill. I see it can be addicting. I like Blogging and am always looking for something to blog about. What do YOU do for fun here? 
Test Blog
I wonder where this will go .. ^_*   .. ^_*
This Really Struck Me.. And Is So True
I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.But you didn't see me playing santa in the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant.But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by.But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out of the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children.But you didn't see me when I took time off of work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair.But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves.But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves tothose that had none.   I saw you lo
Whatever It Takes
When your world, crashes and burns. And you feel, you have nowhere to turn. Out of nowhere, comes something bright. You see the beauty, follow the light. Let it surround you, soak it all in. Feel it's beauty, within. Remember the laughter, the smiles and dreams. No matter how hopeless, everything seems. Let those memories, be your guide. To bringing that spark, back to life. Don't fall into darkness, grief and despair. Remember the days, when they were there. Remember the words, so soft and sweet. The looks and promises, we didn't sometimes keep. The thought behind them, is what matters the most. Remember those times, when they were close. Regardless of where, you may be now. There was a time, they reached you somehow. Let that real spark, shine bright and true. Whatever it takes, to be the real you.
Some Random Stuff
Just some facts: 1) No one will ever have to pay to be in my family. "Big fuckin' deal," you're thinking, but it means a bit to me. People who are in my family are there because they're good people, and can hold their side of a convo without getting too goddamned emo. For that matter, no one will ever have to pay me anything for anything, unless I fuckin lent you money. :P 2) I will never pay for NSFW through bling packs, fubucks, or whatever. It doesn't matter at all to me whether or not you even HAVE them, and there are plenty of naked pics on the web for free even if I do get the urge. There are two job groups that get paid to be seen naked: strippers and prostitutes. Think about that one. 3) This brings me to the next bit, a pet peeve if you will. If you are considering being one of those types that will be constantly asking for bling, bling credits, bling packs, and other things that cost OTHER people money, kindly fuck off. You know you're asking people to buy you small
10 Basic Truths About Keeping Your Relationship Healthy
1. Successful relationships take work. They don't happen in a vacuum. They occur when the couples in them take the risk of sharing what it is that's going on in their hearts and heads. 2. You can only change yourself, not your partner. If you love someone and think that after a while he or she will alter behaviors you find uncomfortable, think again. If you want changes, put them on the table, so your partner knows what you need. 3. All arguments stem from our own fear or pain. When upset occurs, check out what's going on inside you rather than getting angry with your partner. Truth is that we usually aren't upset for the reasons we think we are. 4. Understand that men and women are very different. We're not from Mars or Venus; we're not even in the same solar system. Understanding and celebrating our differences will make living together more peaceful, interesting and fun. 5. Honor each other in some way every day. Every morning, you have the opportunity to make your r
I Blame Woo
Woo made me want shoes. So now when I can't pay my bills, I will be moving in with Woo...with all my fabulous shoes.
Seeing The Light Through The Dark
Can you see the light, through the dark? Have you made it there yet? Left your mark. Has anything just made you, stop and think? Or are you still searching? Refusing to sink. You may break a few times, but that's just fine. The glue that puts you back together, will enable you to shine. That small piece of yourself, that is cracked or lost. Makes you unique, worth the cost. Perhaps, you haven't experienced it yet, but someday you will. Then you will know the reasoning, behind every feel. Every tear you shed, falls down for a reason. Don't allow it to be for nothing, never stop believing. Although you hurt now, this won't always be so. It may take a while, but one day you'll know. Why, you had pain, sorrow and fear. It'll all make sense, when that day gets here.
Truly Lost
Here it is, You left, I can not, Carry on, This chirade, My heart, iiis in bit's, Torn & shred, read at will, I tried, More than other's, To put things right, I did to much, Or not enough ? Make yp my mind, Bunny please, are you mine ?
Taste Me Tuesday...
I catch your eye in a club...I notice you sitting there alone. The music is blaring...the air is thick with the smell of sweat..You look around nervously...glancing back my way....Im gone..Slightly dissapointed that apparently it wasn't you that I was looking at you sip your face still stuck in the back of your mind..You get up to walk out..You pass a stairwell leading to the exit...Suddenly you think you feel something on your look down and see nothing.. looking around shake your head and start back out....Theres a crowd so you stop....You feel a hand slowly trace along your ass....turning slightly you see me....I hold a finger to my lips telling you to be quiet....You stand straight...rigid with anticipation....I run my hands down the back of your legs....bringing it back up between the inside of your thighs....coming around to the front I massage you.....Your breathing is short in heavy but you dare not move...Your really not sure if this is even re
My Sick Lil Computer Named Pavillion
My computer is sick.... Ive noticed a change in him these last few weeks... Taking longer to respond to my touch... follow my commands.. I thought he was just lil tired. I didnt realize u was so sick ... We spend so much time togeter... I love when my fingers are tapping away at ur sleek keyboard and seeing how well u respond to my touch...Hours of pure enjoyment for me.. I know u enjoyed it to by how hot u got ** blushing** Now I see u falling to pieces in front of my eyes.The more time I spend with you ... trying to fix u and make all the lil things right that is going on in your framework... I get more and more fustrated and mad it u.. I HATE YOU COMPUTER... WHY DID U GO AND GET SICK ON ME LIKE THAT? WE CAN'T EVEN VISIT THE SPECIAL PLACE CALLED THE INTERNET.. I care for you to much I am not giving up on you , my sweet Pavillion... I shall get you into a program to protect you and make u feel safe... This is only one day with out being able to have some me tiime on the computer. I
Best Divorce Letter
THE BEST DIVORCE LETTER EVER! Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! ——   Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter
The Start Of A L O N G Night Of Teasing And Pleasing...
I slowly undress you, trailing my hands with sweet, soft kisses all over your body. I'll start by kissing your lips and moving on to your neck. You feel my breath on your skin as my teeth lightly rake across your neck. I can feel the goose bumps as my hands slide along your arms. I lift your shirt and can see your erect nipples already looking forward to feeling my hands and lips. I kiss them through your bra as I slowly turn you around to unhook your bra. My kisses and nibbles move to the nape of your neck as I slide your bra off and cup each breast in my hands. You feel the warmth of my hands as they squeeze each of your hard nipples. The kisses trail down your spine as I unbutton your pants, sliding them down your legs. My kisses reach the small of your back as my hands slide your panties down. You step out of your pants and panties and lean over the end of the bed allowing my hand to move up your leg to your already wet and hot pussy. I slide a finger inside, feeling how hot you yo
Looking Through
Heart pounding, warm breath upon your sheets. Hands shaking, the feelings intense, deep. Your mind isn't convinced, that you're alone. That empty house, finally feels like home. I had to look through the tears, I was drowning in. And open myself up, to the world again.
What Do You Think?!
A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: 'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together. So the doctor said: 'OK and what do you want me to do?' She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.' The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.' She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request. Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care 2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms. The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a c
Needing To Vent
I need to vent some in this blog . I wonder sometimes why some people insist on pressuring other people into doing things that maybe that person doesn't want to do. Also why can't people start learning to read profiles and even filling out a little in their own profiles. People have become really stupid in the past decade I have noticed. It's like they live in the USA but don't want to take the time to learn anything whether it's proper English or even how the government has become really bad. what ever happened to being intellectual and even intelligent . I don't mean being a snob in attitude and a know it all type of person but just a smart witty intelligent person who has a good head on their shoulders 
I Was On The New
 Mary Gaines was one of several people evacuated from their homes as a precaution. She says finding something so dangerous close to her home was unsettling and a lesson to her young kids."I told them there's a lot of things out there you're not allowed to touch and if you see something that doesn't look right, you need to come and get mommy," Gaines said.This is an article, but no live interview yet!       anit that just too cool...Someone found 7 pipe bombs 2 streets down from us... it was scary 
Poem For My Daddy
you never said you im leaving you never said goodbye you were gone before i knew it and only god knows why there are no words to tell you just what i feel inside the shock.the hurt.the anger might gradually subside a million times ill need you a million times ill cry if love alone could have saved you you would have never died in life i loved you dearly in death i love you still in my heart you hold a place that no one could ever fill it broke my heart to lose you but you didnt go alone for a part of me went with you the day god took you home things will never be the same and all though it hurt so bad i will smile whenever i hear your name and be proud you were my dad   in loving memory of my daddy 1952_2011
Words Of Wisdom By Morrissey......
Interviewer: Did you hear t.A.T.u's version of 'How Soon Is Now'?Morrissey: Yes, it was magnificent. Absolutely. Again, I don't know much about them.Interviewer: They're the teenage Russian lesbians.Morrissey: Well, aren't we all?
Oh That? I Could Run That...
One of the things I enjoy most about running a long distance is that later, if you see a sign that says an exit is seven miles away you can think to yourself "Oh that? I could get out and run that!" I can't remember the last time I ran seven and half miles, even in the Army I think the longest we did in formation was six miles.  Sure it was three times a week, but it wasn't all at once.  I think I am really going to start pushing for the half marathon 13 miles.  I'm not going for speed, just distance. He's going for distance, not going for speed.  She's all alone (all alone) in her time of need.
Girls...girls...and Some More Of The Usual Nutjobs..
Before you hit the blog below...Here's today's October special birthday some birthday lovins too.... XBoNeR KiLLeR BaRBie@ fubar annnddddd.... SeXXi BDAY GIRL@ fubar And before I forget and how could I???..there's another new blog about well, another psychopath, a usery ridden misinformed futard and well, even a NSFW girl complete with you know you want to click the link below and follow the happy trail.... Click here & then link in stash!... Lots of entertainment on this brisk October day...hahah ....peace.
When I look in the mirror, most of the time I only see my flaws.
Tour Bus Blues...
welp, as you all know, i used to pay my internet bill by building houses as a carpenter. then one day i mangled my hand a bit on a table saw and was ultimately unable to continue in my chosen trade. so. three yrs later after trying different things with little success, i've committed myself to commercial truck driving. it's not an overnight type of life change. it takes weeks to get the whole thing set up proper like. lots of hoops to jump through or sneak around. one of those hoops is the commercial driver's license. in my home state of washington, you are required (as with most states now) to pass a driving program which costs $5000. and then you have to hire on as a bread truck delivery driver or a bus driver for two yrs (which doesn't pay squat) to gain enough experience so that an insurance company will insure you to drive interstate and be able to make the "big money". well i snuck around that hoop by moving to idaho. laws are alot more lax in here in idaho. soccer moms have gun
Not This Day
There is a saying, that has proven to be true. If you love someone tell them, before the moment escapes you. Don't brush it off, think they'll be a next time. There may not be, speak with your heart, what's inside. People search for this, their whole life through. And I am proud to say, that I'm in love with YOU. I would gladly shout it from the roof tops, as loud as I could. Because nothing has ever made me, feel this good. Don't think because you hurt, that it's a bad thing. It's great to have a mixture, of feeling. Anyone that can cause you to break, and make you at the same time. Is worth it all, not waisting a dime. Because that is priceless, precious and rare. Knowing wherever you are, they are also there. That is a feeling, you don't want to pass you by. My words are expressing this, my reason why. Because I do love YOU, more than I could ever say. And I'm not letting this moment escape, not this day.
I Was Complete
There is an old legend, about two people really being one. It doesn't matter where you're born, who you are or where you come from. This one special soul was created, with only one thing in mind. The purpose of bringing them together, at a moment in time. Two halves, searching, for that one missing link. Overcoming obstacles, journeys, forces us to think. Then when they are joined, finally becoming one. It is beautiful, powerful, their world has begun. The way it was suppose to be, before even they knew. I was complete, from the moment I found YOU.
My Job
People bitch about the war they bitch i carry a weapon.they say were all just fags but i think theyve forgotten.these mother fuckers sit here and forget who gave them that it wasnt me but it was my for-fathers.and it's cause of people like me you can spit in my face.if your one of the bastards ungratefull toward any US military branch you can kiss my fat American ass.
I Got Blocked Today Lol
So...I got blocked today by the fu-wifey of a long-time friend out here lol. My only crime? I made the mistake of rating her an 11 and pushing her LIKE button lol. I have done this a few times....out of courtesy....that's all. Her face comes up alot. Unavoidable lol. I have noticed she snubs me...never rates what do you make of this? maybe she's jealous...a hater....or has something to hide on her precious page...   oh...and she's a so-called "legend"'s not the stuff that Legends are made of...I'd like to tell her that she's not all that really, there are far better women out here....she has no reason to be conceited...the most beautiful woman out here, Legend #1, is also one of the kindest. So WTF...and while she's at it...she should take off the ugly dark glasses that she thinks makes her look sexy (THEY DON'T).......there is too much fubar favoritism (topic for a future blog lol)...   so much hating...i've had other women demand that their fuhub
Way To Make Me Drool E-mail!
Deftones is pleased to announce the release of a special edition vinyl collection, available this fall. Deftones: The Vinyl Collection, 1995-2011 is a seven-album (8 LP) retrospective containing the band's six studio albums — 1995's Adrenaline, 1997's Around the Fur, 2000's White Pony, 2003's Deftones, 2006's Saturday Night Wrist, and 2010's Diamond Eyes, and the limited edition 2011 Record Store Day release Covers. Each album has been exclusively re-cut from the original master recordings and pressed on 180-gram European virgin vinyl, exclusively for this collection. This collection also includes a unique lithograph and is presented in a hand numbered box set, limited to only 1000 copies in the U.S. As an added bonus 25 randomly selected box sets will be signed by the band.    Hmmm, boxed set $200.  T-Shirt $20, wristband $10, Sticker $2.50.   I think I'll need two though...
Just So You Know
Fast asleep, laying chest down, on the bed. Being woken up by the feel, of your breath on my leg. I act like I'm sleeping, not wanting you to stop. The feel of your lips moving upward, sends me over the top. Your lips are like heaven, all over my skin. As you place your tongue, a little deeper in. I grab the sheets, the feeling is too intense. I begin to moan wildly, there's no holding it in. Trembling from pleasure, being pushed to my limit. Holding on for dear life, forcing myself to handle it. The satisfaction is too great, for me to let go. Just writing about this is killing me, just so YOU know.
Demons..i Have A Favor
If any of you have any ability points, could you please use them on a friend of mine? A buzzkill or shit face would be fine..every point counts.  If you do, I'd really appreciate it. I don't have much to offer you, but I'll think of something, lol. Just let me know.   Here's the link::   Angels, you can do something to.....he already has family/points boost, so those don't work..but a pimpout or vouch would be fine too!
[top Ten Things]
... that make me go a limp rubbery one.     10. Chicks who drunktext/dial me after I told them to fuck off forever especially after 10:00 p.m. My expectations are HIGH for texts after dinner. I want boobs or something hilarious.   9. Complicated drink orders. Whether its a mocha double mint frappucinno grande machiavelle twisteroo at precisely 30 degrees farenheit or a chocotini with extra dark chocolate shavings- Bluh You're being awfully pretentious and prissy over a god damn beverage- either drink somewhere where you have faith in the service enough to not micromanage, or lower your expecations where you are.   8. Micromanaging/nitpicking/henpecking/control freaks Obvious reasons.   7. More tattoos than skin.   6. Tattoos with no cohesion or plan, or forethought. And yeah- you can have six TINY tattoos in different locations, but when you throw the kanji, arabic, tasmanian devil and native american dream catcher and ex boyfriend at me- I can't take you seriously
Good "recipe" For 1,000 Likes (before Rockstars Came Out)
Need a lot of likes in 24 hours as a level requirement?   This is the best way, I was told, & used it with success:   Blast  - 1 day blast costs $10M fuBucks, limited to 1 per week or $7.50 cash Submit your blast and expect to wait until Admin Office Hours before it's approved. Weekend blasts are approved over the weekend but take even longer.  5 MUMMS** (global) click OFF the Just Friends box and it will cost $5000 fuBucks per post   You can time your "run for 1000" you can post 5 in the evening, then 5 after fu-midnight for 10  MUMMS have been deleted recently by fubar & some users have been banned temporarily from posting MUMMS for an unspecified period** 5 Pimp Outs (may have to pay but worth it) Profile comments on every page you visit all you can - ( d) or (b ) and  smile emoticon :) :-) .. varied to keep Mr. Bouncer away go to MY > Friends and open a new browser tab to leave friends, new and old,  a comment, even tell them you're attempting to get 1000 lik
"As far as stupid questions go, these are the stupidest...1. Why does your gynecologist leave the room when you undress?2. If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?3. Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?4. Why is it called alcoholics anonymous when the first thing you do is stand up and say"hi, my name's Bob. I'm an alcoholic"?5. If you mated a Bulldog with a Shitsu would you get a Bullshit?6. Why are they called stairs inside but steps outside?7. Why is there a light in the fridge but not in the freezer?8. Why does mineral water that has trickled through mountains for centurieshave a use by date?9. Why do toasters always have a setting on them which burns your toast to ahorrible crisp no one would eat?10. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say "I think i'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink what comes out"?11. What do people in China call their good plates?12. If the professor on Gilligan'
I have to be the biggest, fool of all. For allowing myself to believe, to fall. I don't have time, believe me I love you too. And seeing with my own eyes, that isn't true. You're busy, have  a lot going on. You mean you don't have time for me, I really got it wrong. Because I see, you do have time, for others that is. After I begged you to please, just tell me this. This is a shock, because I honestly believed you. It feels like my worst nightmare, has just came true. I don't understand, like you want me to see. And you don't even care, what this is doing to me. You know I am real, and you know how I feel. You were the one person, I never thought would hurt me. It feels like you have torn my heart out, deliberately.
Loving You
Stupid Encounter #79
honestzuzu: hey jojo 4:28am reply honestzuzu: so u do not talk to me anymore n u ignore me when i text 4:28am reply honestzuzu: u 4:28am reply honestzuzu: anyway thx 4:29am reply honestzuzu: bye 5:11am more To honestzuzu: No Im just reallllly Busy running my website 5:12am reply honestzuzu: but u let that stop u from a potantial life relationship 5:14am more To honestzuzu: My Business is my main priority... If Love is to come my way and the guy understands that then he is worth it. No one will ever tell me how I can't live my life 5:15am reply honestzuzu: mine too 5:15am reply honestzuzu: good for u.....keep living it 5:15am reply honestzuzu: good bye
As night gives in to day and cold gives into warm Winter gives in to Spring. Rain falls, grass grows, flowers bloom. The monotone color of Winter fades as the many colors of Spring shine bright.
Staff Policy
Rule Enforcement First and foremost, you are staff, therefore, you must set an example for the members and guests, this means simply; “don’t be breaking the house rules.” To ensure that you don’t break them you should take a moment and actually read them and familiarize yourself with them, if you have not already done so.  The reason being, you cannot enforce rules that you yourself break. The penalty for breaking the rules should fit the crime so to speak, for most things; First offense = verbal warning and reprimand Second offense = privately talk to the individual, do not have a long drawn out battle in chat     whenever possible, this breeds drama. If the offense is racial slurs or disrespectful speech, deleting the comments the person made would be in order. Third offense = silence the person, and tell them privately should they ask. Fourth offense = kick, banning is left to the discretion of the DJ working as when they are DJ-ing they have control of
My Pleasure...
I laid there…naked, with the cool breeze roaming across my flesh, thinking of, my lovers deep voice, his masculine hands, and the intoxicating feel of his lips against mine, and my body quivered with excitement. I slid my fingers between my legs and circled the outer lips of my pussy as my visions of him became more sensual, more passionate, more urgent. I thought of him flicking his tongue over, my now, hardening nipples. I spread my legs wider so I could gain better access and delve my fingers deeper into my quivering pussy. I imagined him running his fingers down my naked flesh in a slow and tantalizing torture as he outlined my trembling thighs. I slid my fingers more, earnestly, in and out of my pussy as each vision became more clear, more stimulating, more demanding, more arousing. I imagined myself hungrily licking and sucking his rock-hard cock. It was almost unbearable; my eyes rolled back in my head and my fingers sped up their pace as I envisioned him l
To You...always And Forever..
This is to YOU....anything that has to do with written about YOU....simply because...well I say simply..but truthfully..there is nothing simple about the way I feel for is complicated...but realism in it's truest is scary for me...I fear NOTHING but my own emotions..and emotions scare the Hell out of me....I tend to make excuses..when the fact is..I do this because I am afraid....afraid of how powerful this is...and how bad it will hurt to have someone else I love walk out of my I end up doing it for is a crazy philosophy I know...but it is the only way I know how to deal...the only problem is...without you...I am hurts worse not having you....than the thought of loosing you....I would right now...lay my life down for yours to live....people like you don't just walk into my life....that simply doesn't happen to me....YOU make me feel like I am something I know I am not...what YOU see in me amazes me...because
Wah Wah Wah
I CAUGHT MY HUSBAND/FU HUSBAND SEXTING A BUNCH OF SKANKS ON FUBAR! I have seen that status about every other minute in my live feed for 6 hours (give or take). fubar guide to to those with cheating signifigant others. step 1..... tell the world ONCE step 2..... block the cheater, fu divorce the cheater, divorce the cheater in real life and take him for all he doesnt have. step 3..... find a hot guy to bang and move up in the world step 4..... stop fucking whining about it like a 10 year old who got his birthday cake taken away cuz he ate half the damn thing at one sitting!   sometimes you just have to be the adult in the room......
Voodoo Penis... Joke That Was Sent To Me
A businessman was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort with an extremely healthy sex drive, so he thought he’d buy her a little something to keep her occupied while he was gone.He went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him.He was browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter.He explained his situation. The old man said, “Well, I don’t really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don’t know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except—-” and he stopped.“Except what?” the man asked.“Nothing, nothing.”“C’mon, tell me! I need something!”“Well, sir, I don’t usually mention this, but ther
I Can't Believe It
I can't believe that I've been here for 5 years today. It went by so fast.   I'm so glad I came back. I have wonderful friends. I love you all.
Your Love Is A Lie
I fall asleep by the telephone. It's two o'clock and I'm waiting up alone. Tell me, where have you been' (where have you been) I found a note with another name. You blow a kiss but it just don't feel the same. Cauz I can feel that you're gone. (feel that you're gone) I can't bite my tongue forever, while you try to play it cool. You can hide behind your stories, but don't take me for a fool! You can tell me that there's nobody else (but I feel it!) You can tell me that you're home by yourself (but I see it!) You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want, but I know, I know Your Love is just a lie! (Lie! Lie!) It's nothing but a lie! (Lie! Lie!) You look so innocent, But the guilt in your voice gives you away. Yeah, you know what I mean (know what I mean) How does it feel when you kiss when you know that I trust you [ Your Love Is A Lie lyrics from' Could you be more obscene' (be more obscene) So don't try to say you're sorry, or try to m
I like to have my hair played with by someone soothes me. :)
Chapter 2
three strikes Chapter 2 "Jesse, don't get that close to me." I quietly snapped. Jesse's arm was around my waist the next morning, as we both walked down the hallway, acting like a couple. Girls glared at me with envy, as guys high five Jesse, who was smiling cockily. "So, Jesse, is this your new fling of the week?" a guy, who I recognized as Adam. Jesse smirked, and pulled me in even closer to his chest, which had an overpowering scent of cologne. "Nope, I'm planning on keeping her for a while." Jesse smiled, dreamily looking down at me. I wanted to gag. This whole 'couple' thing wasn't working out for me. But, the money that Jesse was willingly to pay me was far too good of a deal to pass up. I forced a fake smile, as I felt Jesse slightly elbowing my stomach. "Aw! Jesse, you're so sweet." I giggled. I shuddered at my own voice when I giggled. I sounded like one of those dumb bimbos who drape themselves over pathetic player's like Jesse. The bell rang, as the hallways started clearing
Feel As I Have Felt
Don't get too cocky, to sure of yourself. Or I'll leave you feeling, just as I have felt. Mislead, lead on, replaced, used. Lonely, pathetic, crying and confused. I have had my weakness, but now I am strong. Maybe I didn't want to face the fact, that I was wrong. But I see it now, I know it's true. I have done everything, this time it's on you. Never asked for anything, never will. Just to be straight with me, on how you feel. That is too much I guess, but I have dried my tears. Not one more will be shed, I have faced my fears. Fought my demons, literally kicked their ass. Not beating myself up anymore, that's a thing of the past. I know what I am worth, what I truly deserve. It's sad you let go of, what was once yours. Instead of just telling me, I found out myself. Now you can step into my world, feel as I have felt. Like an idiot, a fool, taking the blinders off. Definitely a line, I will not again cross.
"poem* Contempt
Life not knowing , who really cares. Is it all that I have to know . Show me my feelings inside of me, C r a s h b e s i d e m e . Open up and don't look back to trust the hand of fate On display I amn for you . . So just don't look at me Stay away now hear my thoughts D a r k n e s s , c o l d n e s s , T e m p t a t i o n s . Who are you to say I am what you are not . Go now leave me here to waste its time that holds the constraint If I should ever dance again its my mind that surely pains . For I am the only thing left here to hate . Above me , below me , beside me , a stagnant feeling states My time is then and this is n o w And forever shall I wait © 2006
Dear Mom And Dad
Dear Mom and Dad, Look me up and see, what I've become. Despite what I've been through, where I come from. You hand delivered me, through Hell's gate. Signing those papers, sealing my fate. You slept warm and cozy, wrapped up in your bed. Not once did I, run through your head. Every Time I heard, that door creek. I knew what was coming, I didn't dare speak. I laid there shedding, my blood tears. As my cries, fell upon def ears. Innocence shattered, taken from me. I knew this wasn't the way, life should be. In my youth, I was older than my years. Fighting, struggling, facing my fears. I had to find a way, to come alive. And I did, the day, that little girl died. In her place stands a grown woman. I have found my voice. Life didn't really, give me a choice. I am strong, yet I am also weak. I hold my head up high, choosing to speak. But not to you Mom and Dad, you're not worth my words. They go out to the voices, that are never heard. The victi
Here Is My Decision
This is my decision and mine alone.   I love all my friends on here, and you have the opportunity to "tag me" on Facebook.  I am not really happy being on this site, but I have people here that I care about and here for them.  Sorry, but I really need to be where I need to be.  This is not the place for me.  I realize this.   I really can't explain it.  This site for me isn't going to get any better, at in my eyes.  There is to much going on and I am wanting to really move forward with things that going on with me.  This is solely my decision.   I am still around for those that need or want to keep in touch.  send me a msg and I can link you to my blogs or to even my facebook if you would still like to keep in touch.     *This will self destruct in by my birthday* :P
I've Decided To End My Life.
People I love are sick, others seem to have forgotten me and in the last 4 years, at least 20 people that I knew, worked with or were related to have died. So has my dog, so has my car. I am in debt up to my ears, I have the IRS after me, bill collectors too. Things keep breaking in the house and I can't afford to fix them. I been unemployed since July of '09 and have sent out at least 10000 emails with resumes and have had people ask me to stop sending. I have tried to find work outside of my feild but was told that I have no experience, or have gotten no response. Unemployment cut me from $405 a week to $154, and couldnt understand why I was angry when I called to question it. Every day there seem to be fewer and fewer job options or names to send resumes to. I'm 53 yars old and going back to school at this time of my life seems futile, I'll be in my mid to lat 50s when I finish, and then I'll have to go in as an entry level employee. Thats if jobs are available at all. Every day I w
99 Things About Guys.. Is This True?
1. Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.2. Guys hate flirts.3. A guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards.4. When a guy says he doesn’t understand you, it simply means you’re not thinking the way he is.5. “Are you doing something?” or “Have you eaten already?” are the first usual questions a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.6. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.7. When a guy really likes you, he’ll disregard all your bad characteristics.8. Guys go crazy over a girl’s smile.9. Guys will do anything just to get the girl’s attention.10. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend.11. When guys want to meet your parents. Let them.12. Guys want to tell you many things but they can’t. And they sure have one habit to gain courage and spirit to
A Dream
  Dawn is hours away So tired and worn out Though I can not sleep There is an angel next to me - So sweet and tender  Everything about her makes my heart race The thought of her eyes The smell of her hair The glimmer of her soul The way her laugh echo's in my thoughts - So much that I love So little time to list it all I love the way she lingers on my mind There is nothing that could ever mean more - She is the glimmer in my world She makes the worst of times seam beautiful Her smile takes my breath away How the sweetness of her kiss shocks my soul I watch her eyes for hours even in my dreams - Her smile is like heaven Just thinking about it makes my heart race Sexy and spicy can not describe it nothing could haunt me more than her face The though of it even being near drives me insane - Beauty is in the eye Love is in the soul Warmth is in the heart Yet they all blend together I wish I had the right words to say one thing - You mean more to me than
How can a girl feel so alone? Lost in the depths of the life shes known. Struggling to know whats false and whats true. Lost all color but black white and blue. The kind of hell that makes you scream. So little done, so little but mean, hurtful, demonic, and cruel. Trapped in a kingdom repressed by your rule. Yearning for the life unknown. Why should someone be this alone?
The Things I Have Learned...
I have lived my life thus far to the best of my ability. I have, like everyone else, made my fair share of mistakes. I have learned from every mistake or bad decision I have made. If no lesson is learned, then the mistake will be repeated over and over until the lesson is learned. I'm not going to sit here and say that I've had a horrible life and that it's been full of bad events and memories. I've lived a good life. Plain and simple. Yes, bad things have happened. Many bad things. I have suffered, yes. Yet there are many more out there than I that have suffered a hundred times over what I've been through. I grew up poor but with a mother who loved me, family that loved me, and friends that loved me. I had a happy childhood. I had bad moments and sad moments but the good and happy moments outweigh them. I have loved greatly and not so greatly. I have lost friends and loved ones long before their time. I have made it through every good moment and every bad mom
The Writings Written On The Wall
I sit here all alone, holding in all I have to say. Can't someone see me crying here? I cry here everyday. I want to shout out why; why I sit here and I cry. But if someone gets to know the real me they will leave me and just go on by I 'm crying from the pain, the love and the hunger. If you're wondering why I'm feeling this, you'll just have to continue to wonder. To me it seems so clear; I feel it's written on my face. You try to read me, but your guesses are so far out in space. I try to get to the light, but I still can't get out of the hall. Can't you see me dying here? The writing's written on the wall
A Big Pile Of Shit.
I am finally nearing 100% on the healthy scale! YAYYYYY My sister just told me that she is leaving her hubs...after 18 and a half years..... She says there isn't someone else, but I know better....but I also think her hubs is with someone. I am not so much worried about them, or the kids...they are grown. But what I am worried about is his family trash talking my sister. I will have to stab a mother fucker. The whole I am friends with like 10+ cops is getting to me...the areas my boys work are not the best, and getting worse. I make each one of them text me when they get home :/ I did get good news though, I am a perfect candidate for the surgery, and I will be haering from the surgeon's office this week :)
Let Your Light Shine
Let Your Light ShineKeb' Mo' You say, You want to get over.What are you gonna do?Watch the world go byIn a corner of the room?I know,None of my business.But there's something I need to say,If you could see youThe way I see youYou'd start flying on your own.Step aside and . . . Let your light shine.Let your love showIt's a short rideDown the long road.When the rains come And the winds blowLet your light shineWherever you go. This world is ready and waitingFor you to break on through.It's time to recognize,To realize, You're the only one like you.Step on up,Step into your greatness. Don't be afraid.There's a place where you will rise up to;No one else could do what you do.Get out of the way Let your light shine.Let your love showIt's a short rideDown the long road.When the rains come And the winds blowLet your light shine
MasterIn the darkest depths of her mindSecretly she seeks her “kind”A master dominate and boldYearning desires yet untoldOne to whom she will bend her willLonging to have master fullfillDisciplines, she will be taughtSubmitting to his every thoughtIn pain, with love, the ectasyWith stinging skin, her soul set free Her racing heart now gone beyoundHas formed with him a special bondIn reverie she seeks to pleaseThe one who will bring her to her kneesThen take her with such wanton lustFor he has taught her she can trust.
R.i.p. My Dear Friend Kuki
The end to my dear friend has come...Kuki the marvelous cat!  Unlike any other feline, he filled my home for almost two decades with unconditional love, entertainment and zany antics.  R.I.P. my companion, you are loved and will always be missed..       My son, a strong compassionate 10 yr old said he would have never forgiven me had he not been there for Kuki whilst his life ended..he dealt with losing his lifetime best friend, his companion in the crib, toddler bed and into the twin...Kuki didn't know he was a cat and had no fear of dogs or other animals..he helped me de-ferralize many cats when I did rescue work years ago..before children.  He was the mother figure to my pit mix dogs...and well I will never forget him for the joy and comfort he brought to our lives.
Not Even Real
I see images, inside my head. There I am, lying there, dead. There is no burial plot, no final resting place. It is just me, wasted space. No headstone spelling out, what an impact I've made. Completely unknown, in an unmarked grave. That's me, it has always been. Alone with my pen. Writing away my pain, day after day. Always being seen, the same way. If I am here great, but not a big deal. To almost everyone, I'm not even real.
Virus Warning On Facebook
Going To The Bar
so last night my pretty new pool stick came in and i went to the bar to try it out... at the bar of course my friends try in a failing effort to get me to drink(cause i'm somewhat less of a cunt while drunk) the bartenders look at me funny... coke? really? my only response to these things is... i go out to socialize even before i quit drinking that was the only reason i was there... the alcohol wasn't even that important just gave us something to do example... beerpong shots card drinking games chugging contests(i nearly always won) and of course karaoke because well a hot girl asking me to sing with her just works so much better when i'm drunk okay so anyway back to the point they think there is something wrong with going out and not drinking.... really 8-P and they think there is something wrong with me? also i didn't go out to socialize last night i just wanted to play pool dammit
My Dreams
It was a beautiful day sun was out, not too hot nor too cold and i was just enjoying the day with my friend Jenn. The kids were in the house which was by the lake. All of a sudden my phone tells me i got a text and its from my ex wondering if ii could postpone our court date because he cant make it. I told him I would try, not really meaning a word of it and fuming inside that he would even ask me that. I told Jenn that i needed a pack of cigarettes so i left to go get them on my way back home i get a phone call from my exes grandparents telling me that they love me and to be careful after hanging up im wondering what that phone call was all aboutwhen i hear a loud buzzing inside my ear. I look up and notice that the wind had picked up and the skys were a dark menacing color and thats when i see the tornado i run from it barely dodging it and everything else getting picked up with it. I run towards my house only i got lost and cant find my way back. The only thing on my mind is to get
First Attempt In Ages To Write An Erotic Story
The evening has passed,  I finally got you to meet me and we are just finishing up eating. During the evening I kept catching you glancing over and checking my out enough that at one point I felt myself blush and get a little worried that maybe my words were good but my looks and personality face to face wouldn’t be good enough. Pushed that thought away and let my foot brush against yours under the table you grab my foot with both of yours and then I quickly slip off my shoe and let my foot slip up the side of your leg just about to your crotch letting my toes almost act like fingers.  As I do I catch the look on your face of surprise and pleasure.  You really never know what I may or may not do.. But since we are out I reposition myself so I am sitting like a good girl with my hand on the table and my shoe back on and my feet under my chair.  Smiling. I end up asking you well smiley what is it gonna be we gonna go our separate ways or do you want to keep this night going.   I
Day 1
On the first day I meet some one i want to fuck I: "accedently" spill something on my shirt so i have to take it off i drop something on the floor, bend over and wiggle my ass in their face i 'break' my bra so im not wearing anyting under their hoodie shirt i sit on their lap and rub my ass up against their penis until they're hard then i unzip their pants and take their warm, hard dick and put it in my mouth and then, we move to the bed (;
Very Unhappy With Life Right Now
For those that are wondering what's up with me, here goes.  The men issues are killing me.  I'm tired of being lied to and being used.  My heart can't take anymore of falling for a guy that doesn't care how I feel.  One that blows off my feelings or doesn't feel the same about me.  I won't let any man get that close to me again.  I have to work hard at keeping my heart locked up tight. Work has been one big cluster fuck.  Since I had to start all over again when we merged with a bigger company, I don't get my time off until next August.  So now I don't get to see my kids at all during the holidays this year.  I'm so depressed about that.  I wasn't seeing them enough as it was.  So there you have it, some of the issues I've been having.  Just found out that my coworker resigned, so now we are shorthanded two people.  Ya, work just got worse.   
Struggles i know we've all had our share.Mine have been to many and i've done my best to overcome then.My biggest struggle right now is not having my youngest children with me .I find the holidays very hard but i put a smile on my face and make the best of it.So if i'm a lil  quiet around the holidays i'm sorry.This has been going on for a few years and how it got this bad is a long story . I got divorced in virginia and settled all though we had shared custody with equal time then he wanted to move to ohio i didnt check into the laws there and moved there neway needless to say they dnt recognize what was done in virginia as time went on the kids got settled with him and his new wife they spoke 2 me less and wanted to see me less they were bng brainwashed.He knew i wouldnt have the money for a court battle and i wouldn't take them if they didnt want to go so in putting what they want first i'm sad but my kids come before me.I know some people will judge me but i love them and in time t
Fucking Idiots.
Blingy: haha buy me a boomie ill make u a salute XD 6:42pm The AntiCh...: oh is that so babes? 6:42pm Blingy: yuppers 6:43pm The AntiCh...: what brings this about? I dont think we've talked in quit some time 6:44pm Blingy: oh idk ive been dropping it in alot of my friends sb's to see who is crazy enough to do it. 6:45pm Blingy: but im good how r u 6:45pm The AntiCh...: lol is that so 6:45pm Blingy: yup and no biters per usual i won my last boomy because i guessed a question right lol 6:46pm The AntiCh...: lol I buy a lot of bling now a days because i make deals 6:46pm Blingy: haha, yeah i still dont do fu whore-y shit. 6:46pm Blingy: hence why no biters 6:47pm The AntiCh...: i gotta break you of that habit of calling ppl who flaunt what God Gave them as whores lol it's so not right 6:47pm The AntiCh...: am I rich prick cause I was blessed with wealth? 6:47pm
A Poem 2011
You think that pretty smile and those pretty eyes  Will keep you from finding out your lies Well I'm here to tell you, she isn't a fool She's taking her time and playing it cool Eventually you WILL slip up Then she will know for sure what's sup   Word of warning: You make her cry......I'll make sure you bleed.
Merry Christmas Cookies
I like fruit cake so so but these cookies are soooo good!!!! Merry Christmas Cookies 3 eggs 1Cup butter 1 1/4 cup light brown sugar  3 cups all purpouse flour    ( start with 2 1/2 cups, 3 may be to much) 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup milk 3/4 lb. white raisins 7 cups chopped pecans (2 lbs) 1 lb. red and green candied cherries 3 slices red and green candied pinapple 2 cups chopped pitted dates 300°oven Cream butter and sugar until light, beat in eggs. Alternate milk and dry ingredents and mix well. Add fruit and nuts and mix well. Drop by teaspoon on to a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 25 minutes at 300°. DO NOT over brown.Makes about 10 dozen.These cookies store and freeze well!Enjoy!
Black Friday
i had a gift certificate for sams club so i had to go out shopping... i get to the register and $184 in groceries  chashier named jasmine- well you don't see a lot of people buying groceries today me- yeah... i ran out of bacon...  jasmine- well everything else is on sale today me- checked the prices it was cheaper last month jasmine- really? me - yep... and i did all my shopping online cause i'm not a low class gritty consumer whore whose willing to stand in line for hours jasmine... uh..    i love leaving women speachless    *side note... maybe i might have bought 2 custom made shirts for like $65 online... *sigh*  over priced some crude heartless pig shirt i improved upon... and... HAND BANANA!!! which so rocks... :D
Last Night
*Shows up at party* someone says, " come on in we're all friends here." *enters slowly eyeing everyone really suspiciously* someone asks, "what are you doing?" isn't it obvious? you invited us all over here under the guise of friendship for a traditional thanksgiving feast replied, "yeah... so" well i'm just trying to figure out who the indian is gonna be   bwahhahaha my sense of humour is quite... well... just yeah
Sooo my mom is having an operation 2moro and I am sitting here worrying trying hard not to think of it to much ... but how does one not think about it when i 12 hours it going to happen. I really hate seeing ehr in the hospital i hate it i hate it soo much. I might lose my mind b4 morning sighs ... please say a pray for her 
Neighbors Suck...
     This Hispanic couple and their 2 kids moved into the other half of the half-house where I live. 1 month later, the woman's cousin, her man and 3 kids moved in with them, totaling 9 people in a very small 2 bedroom apartment. Apparently, nobody works there, they have 2 great vehicles. 2008 Dodge and a full size SUV GMC. One with a $600 GPS and hook-up. Both loaded with Florida plates. They have over $300 worth of beer cans beside the house.  The men sleep until 2-5 in the afternoon. I've been really nice about stuff, seeing as it's hard to find work, especially here, but I'm pretty sure they're not looking, either.     Saturday, at 1PM, I had started to finish a project I was working on for months and had to put off for awhile. Mostly hammering. The "Daddy" comes over accusing my kids of continuously banging the walls. I told him, "That would be me," as I put the hammer into his face. Then I told him that. by law, if I wanted to start hammering or firing up my power tools, I can do
Why is it that mistakes made in our past tend to change the corse of our lives? Is it because there is no going back? if it was possible to go back in time to change one thing that might have happened in our lives would we? The mistakes ive made in my life are unforgivable and unforgettable in all the eyes of those affected by my mistakes. Only GOD has forgiven me and only he can keep me on the right path in life to never make those mistakes again, I AM FOREVER SORRY to all those affected by the things Ive done in the past. My judgment was bad and the dicisions that i made were influnced by those around me who apperently knew that I was weak minded, the devil works in ways that can be very misleading.  I dont blame any one but myself for doing the things that I have done, YES I would go back in time and change something if it were possible, the one thing that changed the entire corse of my life, one thing that affected me drasticly and hurt those closest to me more than any one else,
Teehee Hee
“A woman's appetite is twice that of a man's; her sexual desire, four times; her intelligence, eight times”   “Don't knock masturbation - it's sex with someone I love”     “Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.”     sex is simple, love stings afterwards.”     “Sex is better than talk...Talk is what you suffer through so you can get to sex.”       “Nobody dies from lack of sex. It's lack of love we die from.”       “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”  
Senate Approves Indefinite Detention And Torture Of Americans (repost)
The terrifying legislation that allows for Americans to be arrested, detained indefinitely, tortured and interrogated — without charge or trial — passed through the Senate on Thursday with an overwhelming support from 93 percent of lawmakers. Only seven members of the US Senate voted against the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday, despite urging from the ACLU and concerned citizens across the country that the affects of the legislation would be detrimental to the civil rights and liberties of everyone in America. Under the bill, Americans can be held by the US military for terrorism-related charges and detained without trial indefinitely. Additionally, another amendment within the text of the legislation reapproved waterboarding and other “advanced interrogation techniques” that are currently outlawed. "The bill is an historic threat to American citizens,” Christopher Anders of the ACLU tells the Associated Press. For the bigges
Inner Peace
I'm passing this on because it worked for me today. A doctor on TV said to have inner peace we should always finish things we start & we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked around my house to find things I'd started & hadn't finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Jin, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a boks a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum!     I haf founded inner piss! luvumin yas all!   I got this in an email and it tickled me to death! PEACE and LOVE to my beautiful friends! Kelly
A Kiss
A kiss  love color boxes falling from sky of mindedness woods of love falling deep in the moon sky just a kiss goes around and around of love stars falling on my face of love just a kiss as I sleep at night I feel your lips of love of passion as I wake I know you think of me our lips will meet one day of passion of love... color boxes falling from the sky of mindedness of love falling deep in the moon sky a kiss goes around and around of love stars falling on my face of love just a kiss as I sleep at night I feel your lips and your by my side.
The Day The Wrong Way Around
getting mildly feed up with seeing the day backwards ...  i miss sleep! My god do i miss sleep, there is something uncontrollably frustrating about seeing the day come the wrong way round. I dont want the sun to burn my eyes .... hell my lap is burning my eyes... Its slowly getting so bad i feel the sun hit my face and my head throbs for a moment    I am not a bloody vampire lol as fun a role play as that can be... i dont wan the sune to brun my eyes... I am just tired    I miss peaceful rest. I miss sweet dreams... waking up clam and bliss.. ya anyways if it was summer the sun would be burning my eyes already but its not... so maybe i will sleep enough that it wont 2moro
Go to Google. In the search box type "what defines an English person"   Look at the first result ;)   Have fun
[i Think I'm Going Blind]
So yesterday was a Brink bendertoday was a -mod the holy hell out of Fallout 3 and then play wanderer's edition bender (worth it)I have 70 gig of games installed on this computer with more coming.I didn't implement the cosmetic mods for FWE, and I'm probably not going to, the thing runs for hours at a time (more than I can say about vanilla on PC or console) and the game already looked good.I do enjoy the 10 second loadtimes and increased graphics on my PC.I think I spent... I dunno at least 5 hours modding Fallout3, and I'm counting the time where I had to sit and wait on downloads, patches, ini fixes, and *nods off for a second* I have narcolepsy...but I'm pretty sure I just PLAYED for 12 hours.Now, I managed to pick up Fallout 3 Goty for PC on sale for $12.00I've played Goty unmodded backwards frontward and sidewaysbut I have to say FWE is a completely new experience.New guns.New monsters.Random crazy shit.WAAAAAAY more challenge.You gotta scrounge for every itemyou take a lot more
Article On Endometriosis, Read If Your Curious About How This Disease Effects Me
What It Really Means to Have Endometriosis In last week’s post (“What is endometriosis?”), I said that endometriosis by definition is a disease process where the inside lining of the uterus, the endometrium, flows back up inside of the body around the ovaries and bowel where it implants and begins to grow. Quite frankly a lot of this medical stuff can be quite dry and boring and does not convey what it is like for a woman to have this disease and how it truly impacts her life, her family, her career, her sex life, and her ability to live her life in very basic ways. In reality, this disease can be like having tens or hundreds of excruciatingly painful blisters covering the inside of the pelvis. Infertility and pelvic pain are the two most common symptoms of endometriosis. Patients with endometriosis can experience horrific pain – for the lucky ones it lasts just a couple of days during their period, and in the worst cases the pain is 24/7. The dic
I love, I mean absolutely LOVE a guy with tattoos.  Super hawt!  :D
Im sitting here listening to Numb...(song on my profile) and it so describes me at this time right now. I am numb...a vessel of what I once was. This holiday season has turned into pure hell. Shit this last year has been one fucked up roller coaster that I seem unable to get off of. Between the fucked up relationships, the economy, and the news that a woman who has been a mother to me for the last 17 years, has cancer. (as seen in another blog) well three days before christmas we were all told that her battle is coming to an end. and not one you want. There is nothing left to help her. She was sent home to live out her remainder days as best she can. With the help of pain meds to ease her suffering. and all I can do is sit here look in my daughters faces and wish I could take this pain away from them. Watching their actions change, their attitudes. Everything in them is changing as we all have watched her fade away to nothing. waiting for the day we wake and she will have finally been
My Very Own Christmas Miracle.
My nephew gets to come home today. It's all I wanted for Christmas. I am so very happy! Thank you all for your encouraging words, thoughts, and prayers!!!!!!
My Amazing Southern Friendy Boo Gave Me A Sweet Salute:) Xo
Can You Get Them Right?
Just for fun, lol. Give it a shot. 1. What is my first name?       2. What is my favorite color?       3. Am I married, divorced, single or seperated?       4. How many kids do I have?       5. What
My Miracle Cure
I can remember everything from age thirteen on....I mean down to the very last detail..wat I wore on a certain day..every damn word that was said from then on out...who said it..where we were....wat we ate drank...the room setting...there is nothing I don't remember from that age on...all the memories...the nightmares..the harsh words..the struggles..the obstacles..the fear I was feeling...the terror of thinking I was going to die....the looks on the faces of those who have hurt me..the lack of remorse...the rage in their face and in their tone...just knowing that was the moment I was going to die....imagine having all of those voices..the names..the numbers..the images..I remember it all...there is nothing I forget...i carry that around with me every damn day...the medication..that's all it is...a's not a miracle doesn't make things fade away or easier to deal with...there is no magic learn to drown it out...but it is just a quick fi
Fu-resolutions / Rebel!
A rebel of society will be seen as having no tattoos. Who considers alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal. Who understand the misconception of weed but still feels it's perfectly labelled as destructive. A rebel wont celebrate those substances instead frown upon there use by any and all. Live and let live, but you live a little further over there. Violence is non-sense and never be thought of as any variable resolution of any problem. So no love for guns or hatchets. No love for threats and hate speech. No love for the no lovers. Let the mind be the only weapon carried and owned. One who realize being a freak is common and no longer view sexual acts as taboo. Secret is out, everyone has done it. What is there to be afraid of? We're all sluts, live with it. A rebel enjoys face to face communication over phones and computers. Webcams is never a substitute. Texting never thought of as being used. Pick a place and lets meet. Tomorrow dont exist and yesterday is never forgot
Just Rambling
Wow I really cant believe Im doing this but I guess Im needing to release some hurt and frustration.  Seems new and old friends lie all the same.  Its funny how I never trust anyone, and the ones I thought I could turn their backs on me....Me, lol the one who would do anything for anyone, who gives and gives and asks nothing in return, who never asks for help....All I want for the next year is one person I can count on no matter what....its not like I would ask a thing from anyone but it would be nice to know that no matter what someone would be there for me.  If I died tomorrow, yeah there would be a few people at my funeral, and so oh were so close and blah blah one could honestly say I know Jami....Thats because I couldnt let anyone get too close...everyone lies to me and uses me for some reason...thats why Im such a loner..... Would it be hard to just be a friend??  I mean a true friend?  Even if its a virtual friend?  People form relationships on line constantly, heck
I. Could. Be.
I wrote this in a daydream.On green seas and old iron desks.Worn smooth and thin from tapped rubber erasers.Playing at a thrum. A beat. A drawing.I sat there, afloat, unaware, and certain ofeverything.Til I caught a glimpse of derelictionand had to haul it all inNot for sake of curious chivalry but ignorant temptation.I had to have.In your eyes I could count the gods and taste the starsin your naive wonder I could have onceloved myself.Even by accidentand all at once.There was claritybut it slid through my wet, salty mind.Like sand at the bottom.Loose, dissolute, and impossible to grasp.
Summer Storm.
Summer Storm   When the lightning of your gaze chars my brain, when your tongue thunders in my ear, when I stumble against the torrent of your sweet breath, I close my eyes and let my fingers fumble for the softness and the stillness of your rain.
I am ready.  Ready for a relationship.  Ready to find the one that I can spend the rest of my life with.  Ready to have a hand to hold, lips to kiss and someone with whom I can share everything.  Ready for the butterflies in my stomach, can't stop smiling, when will I see him again, feelings.  I. AM. READY.   Lord, I'm ready when you are.  
Just wanted to put in my little info on this matter that has came to my attention.  I am sick and tired of the comming foward to a person and the only thing that comes to your mind is "hey i got something that can make you smile" or "Ill meet up with you for the night" so on so on that fucking bullshit to me.  How can you treat a person like he or she is a whore or slut or just someone that you think you can get yourself off with.  I mean think about it i wouldnt want anything to do with you if you came up to me and that was the only thing that you could offer me, id would hope more on the line of friendship would be better but alot of fu's just think about themselves and only them, grow the fuck up be a man or woman!!!!!!!!  
If I Left
Poets Corner.....
The Beauty The beauty of a woman is not in the coths she wear The figure she carries or the way she combs her hair The Beauty of a Woman must be seen through her Eyes That is the door way to her heart The place where love resides The beauty of a woman is not in a facil mole But True beauty is reflected in her soul It is the caring she lovenly gives The passion that she knows The Beauty of a Woman With "Time, only Grows"
Reason We Live
On the first day, God created the dog and said: 'Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.' The dog said: 'That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?' So God agreed. On the second day, God created the monkey and said:'Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a twenty-year life span.' The monkey said: 'Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?' And God agreed. On the third day, God created the cow and said: 'You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.' The cow said: 'That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years... How about twenty and I'll give back the other forty
Chin Rubber
i'm not typically the type of person to choose sides when my friends have misunderstandings, cuz they certainly don't take sides when i'm the one in a mess. my neutrality is my scapegoat from drama, but in that sense its like -wow Lu, do you value you friendships enough to make a decision when its plainly obvious that one of these people is TOTALLY wrong?- when do i step up and make my choice? and why do i struggle so much with having to make that choice? i guess i have never taken a side because i know the end result is the person i don't choose isn't going to like me anymore, will probably talk shit about me and perhaps whatever secrets i've shared with them will soon be known to the masses. i'll act like i don't care, that being disliked by someone doesn't bother me or that their words don't hurt. but ultimately...i hate that...i hate being disliked because i'm a pretty decent person. i'm a good friend and i'm loyal. i have my faults just like anyone else but i try really hard to f
Death Of The Heart
It was all a dream within a dream the fragile part of me finally died its you that I lived for and for you I'd die. Now I wonder why did you pull me from the hands of death and not just deliver me to them. So now the tears start to fall from my eyes and my heart I will never regret  the nights we spent and moments shared.  
Should I Give Up Face Book?
    I know some of you are not 50 yet, but thought you would enjoy the message below anyway.       When I bought my Blackberry, I thought about the 30-year business I ran with 1800 employees, all without a cell phone that plays music, takes videos, pictures and communicates with Facebook and Twitter. I signed up under duress for Twitter and Facebook, so my seven kids, their spouses, 13 grand kids and 2 great grand kids could communicate with me in the modern way. I figured I could handle something as simple as Twitter with only 140 characters of space. That was before one of my grandkids hooked me up for Tweeter, Tweetree, Twhirl, Twitterfon, Tweetie and Twittererific Tweetdeck, Twitpix and something that sends every message to my cell phone and every other program within the texting world.. My phone was beeping every three minutes with the details of everything except the bowel movements of the entire next generation. I am not ready to live like this. I keep my cell phone
Throughout History
Man Has. Searched the world over. Be it fame, furtune, that exoctic isle, But the greatest search, comes when the man looks for the One to call his own. Soul Mates That spark felt from the very Soul Looking into her eyes, the smile that captivates  The Calm sultry glance. The look that takes "Our" breath away.   Not a moment passes that they are not on our minds The desire to share. Sometimes is crushing. But we endure knowing This is right, she's the one Why should I make her wait Thats no way to procrastinate
An Empty Pill Bottle
Are you expected here?   Turn around.   You shouldn't be here.   It's so desolate that the isolation burns. You live such a narcissistic dream while you bathe in the waters of a martyr. This place is not for you.   Words are just that on your tongue. Vague promises and haughty desires bleated out to your congregation. Fools and charlatons all. Watch closely for the flicker of silver in 30 pieces - they will betray you.   And what of me? I won't be here when you return.   The fantasy of a gravebound slumber has gotten me through as the reward of promises kept and tasks fulfilled. Have I not earned that reward? Must I be burdened with the guilt of those whom linger here?   But you waste time. Go now. You have the illusory adoration to soak in to your pores. The mirage of those you can trust and those that seem so enamored with you.   Does it eat at you? Beneath the zeal of a flirtatious glance, do you know the mendacity of it all? How many times will you s
Stupid Phuck Number 1
ok i have now offically started my stupid fuck file. This nasty bastard is 50 yrs old and talks to women like they are nothing more than pieces of meat. he has no concept of respect or decency ! so go to this bald headed fucktard's page and tell his bitch ass off!   Congrats bussballs you are the first waste of space to be placed into my stupid phuck file!   buzzballs@ fubar;
Redistribution Of Wealth
Redistribution of wealth-sounds like a good concept so why are so many opposed to it?...The sad truth is, some of it has to do to with greed. But, if you accept the premise that most people are good, there has to be another reason. I believe it is in the implementation of such a program. Undoubtably it would come in the form of higher taxes on the wealthy. The problem is taxes go to the government and the government is very much like the mafia. First a certain percentage would be skimmed off the top to line the pockets of the politicians. Then some would be steered into the politicians' pet projects. Then more would go to the special interest groups and campaign supporters of the politicians, ie-rich people like George Soros and union bosses like Richard Trumpka. In the end pennies on the dollar would go to the people who really need it. I'm sure the government would tell you that it would go to create jobs. But how has all the stimulus spending and a $15trillion dollar debt helped o
I - You - We
Holding You - Holding Me
The Spiders Lullaby
  I watched spiders crawl out from her mouth,  their legs twitching and jerking about in random spasms.  They made way for her eyelids, gnawing away  like parasitic rats sheltered behind cold walls  echoing tainted memories only moths could recall.  The spiders were the bane of sight,  the logic and reason for blindness,  to bind darkness to those who were already lost without the light. I watched the spiders spit venom into her eyes,  their legs twitching and jerking about in random spasms.  She was unable to blink, unable to think, unable to stop the poison from corroding morality  perceived through her mind’s third eye.  The venom seeped through and damaged her porcelain soul,  little by little vacant spaces replaced what amnesia sought  as she started to sing deadly lullabies the spiders had forgot. I watched the spiders creep down into her head, their legs twitching and jerking about in random spasms.  They weaved a special web to catch and save th
Just Cause
Steven Reynolds jeez that's all you people wanna talk about.... borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring 35 minutes ago · Like Ainsley Walker it wont be boring when its censoring your ass left right and centre! :P 33 minutes ago · Like Steven Reynolds hmmmm well i've been barred from facebook twice already... banned from fubar probably upwards of 20... ummm... myspace a few.... hmmm come to think of it... pretty much everywhere... ah the joys of being a troll 31 minutes ago · Like ·  1
Help Save The Oompa Loompas!
Ok, So, Baby Roxan is in Pre School! For those of you who know the story realize exactly what kind of accomplishment this is! So her first school Fundraiser is HUGE for us as a family. For a child that was never supposed to make it to be IN SCHOOL and thriving makes the thought of chocolate from her oh so much sweeter :-) If any of you don't know about my daughter, feel free to ask. It is an amazing story!   With that said... GO BUY SOME CHOCOLATE!!! Contact me if you place an order so I can give you details on delivery etc.etc.   Thanks!   AJ aka PEZ aka Unique Dream    Hi, We're getting ready for our George Robinson Center Fundraiser and we are looking for your support! We’ve just kicked off our fundraiser through Gertrude Hawk Chocolates and we are offering a variety of delicious chocolates and gifts! A website has been setup specifically for George Robinson Center fundraising campaign. All purchases made on that site will be credited toward me and all proceeds wil
Yay For Me Being A Fictional Character now i just need people to troll... ;)
Fake Of The Day..1/20/2012
Who DOES THIS?!!? For God's sake. Lol TGIF! Peace.
[the 90's]
So I'm still working on an all 90's mix.Shit that meant something to me when I was a teenagerPixies- Where is my mind (obvious anthem)Mazzy Star- Fade into you, Into dust (This is about nothing)Butthole Surfers- Pepper (this is about HIV)Toadies- Possum Kingdom (my sex life)Local H- Bound for the floor (my social life) Everclear- Santa Monica (a breakup or two)Poe- Angry Johnny (for blowjobs)STP- Interstate love song, Crackerman (this is about gravel, and because purple isn't blue)Beck- Got no mind, True love will find you, Some things last a long time  (Beck has done some remixes, redux that no one hears, and they're fucking amazing)The Flys- Got you where I want you (because I never change the station when this comes on)Primus- John the fisherman (Primus sucks!)Cake- Friend is a four letter word, I will survive, Satan is my motor (assholes)Oasis- Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova (the drugs I should've done), Don't look back in anger (frenemies)Gomez- Get myself arrested, Get Miles, De
Missing My Friend
today , was the last day I could keep in contact with a friend , after comunicating with her every day  , on yahoo while having our morning coffee... she'd been out of work for 3 yrs. i'd known her for 2 years.. We hit it off right from the start... [ from another site ] ... now her internet is cut off ,,, she lives 1,000 miles away . we talked like she was living across the street... now there is an enptyness in my world ...   1/22/2012
Just To Make Someone's Day
What ever happened to the days when people would help you level and things as such on here without expecting things in return? I mean it's not just here either, no one ever just does something to put a smile on someone elses face. It's more and more about "What can you do for me'? now a days.    P.S. Not EVERYONE is like this but it was something that had been on my mind a few days and finally decided to getting around to share my feelings.   I like the majority of you, love some of you and wanna see you all naked at some point :P
I Don't Get It....
Just a rant. I needed to vent and this is the proper place to do it. Don't like what I have to say? Deleted yourself from my list and wish yourself luck in finding another good friend.     I don't get it. This "filtered reality" we call the internet. Why is it, that we become members of a social site.....a place for meeting and interacting with people.....but then when you actually make a friend and a little hurt is exchanged unintentionally, people resort to the "Oh it's just the internet, it doesn't matter." Um....EARTH TO PEOPLE........the screen names and profiles on these social sites have ACTUAL PEOPLE behind them. People with feelings. Why is it because it's "the internet", people feel it's ok to just say anything they want.....things they wouldn't normally say in real life? Yes, I speak the truth......but sometimes when people can go too far. You really have no idea what that person behind the profile has been through in their life NOR can you assume that everyon
Curtain Call
        Hurt me once, it's shame on you.  Hurt me twice (or three or four or five times), it becomes shame on me.  When it gets to the "shame on me" stage, I am done.  There are a couple of people here that have pushed me to that stage.  The fact that I have allowed it is SHAME ON ME!     I am fairly certain that they will read this and none of it will ring true with them. as denial goes hand in hand with cluelessness.  Either way...   Close the curtain on the "shame on me" stage?  Don't mind if I do...
I Wish You Enough!
Found this elsewhere and liked it enough that I thought I would share it.     Recently I overheard a Father and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the Father said, 'I love you, and I wish you enough.' The daughter replied, 'Dad, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Dad.' They kissed and the daughter left. The Father walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see he wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?' 'Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'.. 'I am old, and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' he said.. 'When you were saying g
A Friend's Photo
Chase Burt Hmm not really we are all thinking the same thing Thursday at 8:28pm · Like Dustin Nouansiri I'd shoot him. Also, we need you back at drill, we are doing gunnery test next month and the 50 cal is part of it. Thursday at 8:29pm · Like Scott Mitchell when is the next drill? Thursday at 8:44pm · Like
Absent The Farewell
I must admit that point is belabored. Conspirators may move in shadowed steps  far from my view, but what good is searching if nothing is there to find? Could I have known what I know now? That I would wake to find you gone? So I turn a hopeless pale and the sun shines through a cracked windowpane stretching another shadow on the wall. Betrayed by a longing within me there is now no one in whom to confide. A final word from me became the first for you. Meaningless? So it seems. And what is there left to take? I'll try to forget you as you forgot me but how to contemplate this change in my time of need. I ponder how easy it could be  to end it all and disconnect from that sickness that turns me from the world. In fleeting moments, the darkness fades but it never sustains. Turn away. You never belonged here.  So I'll wake to an emptiness haunted by the three words that forsook me. Watching promises turn to lies and the plight carries us all away. The hop
Wolf, Come Paaawwwtttaaa With The Pack
When Did...
When Did... I say yes but it tears me up inside You’ve changed and I’m alone Is my heart not yours? Is what I’ve given not enough?   When did us become you? When did I become nothing? When did my tears become invisible? Weightless, soulless Slowly fading, drifting away   Do you notice the pain in my eyes? The soft sigh in the darkness The distance between us Ever growing, can we ever find ourselves once more Can I ever find me? Am I even worth finding?   When did us become you? When did I become nothing? When did my tears become invisible? Weightless, soulless Slowly fading, drifting away   Till I am no more…
Stepping Back
I have been questioned over a profile here to many times, even more than once is old to me. Just because I know someone that has or had a profile here should not have any reflection on me, but then it has. I have been questioned about it, accused of it and even betrayed by those I felt I could trust. The feeling is not good when that happens. I don't see how it is suppose to be my problem, but always brought to my attention. I will not explain it. Reasons why: 1. Didn't know a damn thing about it until it was pointed out to me a while back. I should have written about it then to avoid the chaos it is still causing me. 2. What my family/friend did here is none of my fucking buisness, don't make it mine. 3. If you feel it is my profile then think it. I will no longer prove it as I already have that it is not me. I don't have to anymore. 4. If a person can't trust me then that is on them. Drama seeking people will always find away to fuck something up and I just will not play there
Here We Go
Ok doing this here cause I can :). I'm Mystic been called that for so long don't know if i would answer to anything else lol. I'm happily divorced :). Retired nurse, i have 2 sons who are my heart and my world, and a grandson on the way (haha) i'm older then what you think. See blood does the body good *bites* LOL. Deal with it people! I DO NOT put up with drama ever dam good way to get blocked and fast! Please don't put up porn on my page i'll just delete it. The sexy pics yeah love them vamp pics keep sending them and if i like them i add them to my pics. Ok back to the BS stuff i've been through more and seen more then 95% of most people ever will and never should. Need to talk then Sb me i'll sit and talk i'll either understand or do my best to try. I love my FU friends and family i have the most amazing people in my family THEY ROCK!!!!! I'll like you rate you fan you but i wont cam with you nor will i give out my private info or yahoo, skype info again deal with it. Don't ask to
My 'lil Faey Painter!
Your heart is to precious to me, To be broken or hurt, Your mind is to strong, To ever be done wrong, Your soul consume's me, In every possible way, Just to have those arms, Wrapped around me like silk, Your hands paint perfection, We could join them someday, The city is our always canvas, You paint the green in my tree's, I'll paint the sun above your head' In my eye's they yearn, To see your beauty always, Inspire & invigorate my soul, I Love you my little Faey, Never want to l
100 Questions
‎1. What's your middle name? Michael 2. What are you listening to right now? nothing 3. What was the last thing you ate? pizza pizza 4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? samantha 5. Do you drink? i have and will again 6. Do you smoke? i smoke cigars 7. What is the first thing you noticed in someone? how they act towards something that cannot return the same thing thats given to them 8. What is your hair color? black 9. What is your eye color? brown 10. Do you wear contacts/glasses? no, but i should be 11. Dogs or cats? both 12. What's your favorite animal? honey badger 13. What's your favorite television show? ESPN(anything on it) 14. What's your favorite movie? The Warriors or The Big Lebowski 15. What's your favorite band/singer? Led Zeppelin 16. How old are you? 42 17. Do you have a crush on anyone? Yes 18. What's your sexual orientation? Straight 19. What's your favorite color? i love green 20. What was your most embarrassing moment? oooh th
Another Old Poem
                             The Last Ride                                            this world is like none other everything you recieve you lose,    in this time of dispair and wretched conflict you have to break the rules,   don't hold back let it all out stir the fire deep with in   step into my world and let the pain begin   shower me with your energy and feel me deep inside   stay right here and take you share don't run and hide   don't be scared I'm right here this peace will never die   the time to fly is here I cry as I take my final ride
My Awesome Marine
Mom,Happy Valentines Day! I know you've been having a tough time lately, especially with work. I just want to let you know that I love you and that I'll always be here for you, even if I'm not close by. I just wanted to say, thanks for accidentally creating me, and putting up with my smartass ways, and driving me to school and helping me with my homework. Even though we had our rough patch you're still my mother and despite the fact that you're extremely vertically challenged, I'd still give you a hug anyway. Happy Valentines Day mom,Your marine and son
A Real Broken Heart...
It was but a day ago, or maybe two. And yet the image is so vague I hesitate to label it a memory. Searing pain and a sense of unease racing through me whose sensation I had never before encountered. A gnosis screamed from deep in my mind - something was wrong. I was going to die. My breath stolen from my lungs with no replenishment as I fell to the ground. As my conscious mind began fading I felt my heart suddenly stop. And what dreams oh what dreams did I behold. Panic, fear, nausea, pain all the things I felt before I fell to the ground went away. Suspended in time. As if they were not replaced simply frozen. Time became an abstraction. And what to others might have been mistaken for deep understanding of all things I recognized as comfort. My brain is dying. And so I guess... ... I am dying. Such a revelation - well, defies words. It is not an exclamation in words just an unmistakable axiomatic knowledge. A pure moment of self-awareness. In that
Some Jack Ass group of doctors want to have grief classified as a mental illness. That way people going through a rough time can get treated for mental illness rather than just going through the natural process of grief. It's been seven years since my miscarriage, 15 years since my father died. I still grieve a little for both. I'm glad I wasn't medicated through the process though. Feelings need to be validated, not numbed. I needed to be sad. I still need to get a little teary eyed when I think about them.
Stupid Asses
The Sellswords New Pants (part 6)
How exactly did he get out of this one?"I charged them." He stated flat and hollow unaware of the leaning-in crowd.It was a slippery, bendy, floppy charge, but it was the first thing he could come up with having seen their fear.If even for a moment, he had to capitalize. He wasn't planning the nexthe had to think of all threeand their gigantic, powerful frames, and their colossal plated bodiesand that's when he recalled a brief study he had on the subject of killing giants.Whole books and tomes have been published on the subject of slaying the ludicrous, the fantastical, and nightmarish- few people read them as an actual howto, but more as a fancy and silly way to pass a lazy warm afternoon. The simple truth is not everyone finds themselves in these predicamentssureTraveling along some lonesome totem ridden highway to visit a shrine in the mountains, or being the grandson of an exorcist, legend, or abduction-prone princess makes the material a bit more mandatory, but few standing armie
Silly Ass People
                                                  (  I feel like I keep repeating myself )   I have written a couple of blogs on a certain person here. We ended up becoming friends or so I thought. I should have known by her rep on here that what everyone said was the truth. I am not like that I try to find the good in everyone and see for myself. Well I did. So, I am sure as the sun shines that this person has come to you or her posse to tell you I am a fake. excuse me while I laugh. Here it is. If you think that then go away. Doesn't matter to me. Below I will post some things and you can make your own mind up. Take notice to this first:  I don't blog unless I feel I need to or in a defense to something someone has done or said.  Otherwise I don't give a flying fuck to what people say on here. I have wrote before over a profile being here that people are assuming is mine. Today I will post that link instead of telling you to come ask me, now before posting all of the bullshi
I have a tendency to blow off good advice.Pants.Bloody jeans clinging to life with safety pins and off-color stitches.But they're a part of me.I thought of how they came to beAnd how I couldn't quiteresist the urge to repeat.Not the crashbut the freedom.I miss my hipbones and junky-stink.Years from now I'll miss the thinning streaks in my eyes, and the flirtation with nose studs and cigarettes.The temptation to be a real man is there.Spending more on shirts and cars than tuition and food.The nowhere nothing of smarmy fuckhead smilesthat fail to impress in any shitkicker bar or horrid wild reality.Do I lack appeal for knowing where money and meat comes from?Or is it the fact that I cared only for you to stay out of arm's reach.Maybe its the dust on my palmsthe callouses on my big toesthe zippers hopscotching my body in errant curiosity.I remember when you put your lips on that stiff, unfeeling fleshas if to say I was still pretty.I was numb.To the sensationand the gesture.I couldn't lov
Taking A Break
My fu-friends and family (or whomever reads this) -    I am leaving here for a little while. Without going into detail, I am dealing with some personal issues. While this place has always been an escape, I have never really focused on the reasons I am here until recently.    You can't fix real life with Fubar. Took a good friend to show me that.    I'm not going away completely. I will pop in from time to time to check messages every once in a while, but I'm not going to be a fixture in this place as I used to. And let me make this abundantly one drove me to make this choice. I need to make some hard choices in the coming months,  and all that I ask is that you do not pass judgment, and do not feel as if I've turned my back on all of you. I need to attack the root of my unhappiness that drove me here in the first place in order for me to appreciate my life again, instead of living one of remorse and regret, and a slave to this place.    For those of you who have oth
I Read This On A Dating Site ,
When she stare's at your mouth [Kiss her] When she pushes you or hit's you [Grab her and don’t let go] When she start's cursing at you (Kiss her and tell her you love her)When she's quiet [Ask her whats wrong]When she ignores you [Give her your attention]When she pull's away (Pull her back)When you see her at her worst [Tell her she's beautiful]When you see her start crying [Just hold her and don’t say a word]When you see her walking [Sneak up and hug her waist from behind]When she's scared [Protect her]When she lay's her head on your shoulder [Tilt her head up and kiss her]When she steal's your favorite hat (Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night)When she tease's you [Tease her back and make her laugh]And when she is ornery [hold her down and blow razz-berries on her belly]When she doesn’t answer for a long time [reassure her that everything is okay]When she look's at you with doubt [Back yourself up]When she say's that she like's you [she really does more tha
[please Don't]
Not long ago, a disturbed man with a revolver went into a locally televised PTA conferencemade some wild demands, statements and claimsand concluded with the crazed, fat, selfish man drawing his gun pointing it at the man I assumed to be the super intendantIt was brutishsavage, selfish, inhumane, and ... mad.The epitome of mad.And the superintendant very calmly, and very sadly said"Please don't, please don't- please"He pulled the trigger, repeatedly.Injuring several. Someone off camera returned fire.Fatass went down and we were told took his own life.We were told."I'm gonna die"I'm gonna do what I want, I know what you don't want, I know what I want.I'm gonna do what I want regardless. I have the power.Let me reason with you- and present a rational argument that nobly sacrifices myself, and allays all guilt of the other hostages.Nah- I've got six bullets and I intend to use all six.Stop taxes okay!WildCrazy, selfish acts.And in the face of this madness, all I can ask isplease don'tplea
To All You Haters Out There!!!
I am filled with so much right now..I don't even know where to Imma just write watever comes to mind I guess..I don't go on a personal level with many people...I don't reveal things about myself..things I am faced with..because I know that regardless of how bad I HAD it..or HAVE it now....I know there are people that have it MUCH worse...there is SOOO much hate..and it is uncalled reason for it..even on ADULT website...altho there are people that don't act like adults here...they call others names..people they don't even know..FU-WHORES or BLING's bullshit and who the fuck cares!! it really bothering anyone who posts what here...I mean it is obvious that if they didn't WANT and LIKE the attention they wouldn't be posting what they do....why hate someone for something they obviously enjoy....jealousy is an ugly little creature..and I say do WHATEVER it is that makes you happy...and if ANYONE isn't ok with this..then TA HELL with em...
Even More And More
Would thee enjoy thy sunrise with colors of pink and blue upon the Eastern shores?  Would thee enjoy thy sunset of orange and purple the same upon the Western shores?  Doeth thee breath feel as the pedals of silk roses soft and sweet upon thine’s cheek?  As thine treasures all secrets untold thy has become a gem thine holds close.  Thee are thine sunrise and sunset.  Thee are thy golden moon before the stars shine through the broken path thine travels down on dreary nights of pain.  Thee are thine everything upon thy ocean waves of time.   Alone in silence consumed with thought and fear.  Falling into a tunnel of darkness.  Consumed with my own destruction of shame.  Knowing change makes no difference.  Changing inside and out still leaves me lonely and in despair.  Tears rain upon a pillow as acknowledgement eludes the wonderment of these ears.  Turmoil in chaos over what should never be.  A hear reaching with hands in need.  No lips to speak forgotten words no ears to hear the

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