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We get questions daily from user's who are having browser issues and blame these problems on fubar.

The first thing you should do when you are having trouble with using the site is to assume it is your browser.

I could write a book on reason's why and how this happens. To put it in fubaraian terms, browsers fail, browser addons can fail or overide normal browser functions, browsers need updating, browsers need refreshing, user's spy ware can overide functionality, running multiple tabs on a browser, slow connections and the list goes on. Browsers are not hard to understand, but if you think that something you downloaded two months ago is current, then you should read this closely. Browsers upate weekly if not more often. Getting the latest greatest is not always the best choice, but making sure you have a few things updated will help you avoid user error a.k.a browser errors......

The following tips should help you.

1. Dumping your browser history and cleaning your restarting your browser is the first step.

2. Also, make sure you update your browser, java and flash plugins. Most of this stuff will update itself, but in many cases simply updating your adobe flash plugin and your java will correct your problems. You can find this under your tools or settings. Each browser is different.

3. Make sure your anti virus, spyware or security settings are not filtering fubar.

4. Make sure you do not have 10 browsers open with 10 tabs. This will slow you down.

5. Make sure you are not running add-ons or some third party software that is conflicting.

6. If all else fails, download and reinstall the original browser and reset to the default settings. Make sure to restart your computer between uninstalling and reinstalling.

The best rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Use chrome, firefox, IE, Safari or whatever your personal preference. Download another browser as a back up and a sanity check for when you encounter problems. If you can't seem to figure it out, stop by the support lounge and have a bouncer walk you through.

You will save yourself a lot of frustration and heartache by keeping your browsers updated and having a back up browser.

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