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[first Custom Sd Neue Ziel]
Well it took two airbrushes, an epic retail sagahundreds of dollarshours of procrastinationand pretty much learning the entire process from one or two people and a few hundred pictures with japanese captions but my Super Deformed ("Chibi" or cutesy) Neue Ziel is complete.'ll get pictures later. I learned a few thingslike... even though you think you're done, you should do a spot cover coat. And the extra mass from the paint does make the sockets rub funny.Also...dribbley bits. Y'know... when the paint dries you need to consider where/if it'll pool and how best to keep it from pooling. I probably need to get a higher grade paint... hehmaybe when I'm being more serious. So modifications for this kit ...HAH   2 1/2 coats of primer 3 1/2 coats of black high gloss acrylic. ...That's it. I pulled it apart at the major parts, colored all the parts that were previously green and replaced the gray panels, and put her back together. There's some rough edges, some parts where
Silly Kids...
So, yesterday I was driving to work, and as I passed McDonald's I noticed someone walking toward me on the sidewalk.  He wore a horizontally striped shirt with very wide stripes (of random different sizes), in multiple colors, and it came down to crotch level.  As I got closer, I saw that THAT shirt was on over another striped shirt with different colors, this one going down to what I think was his knees.  I couldn't tell for sure, because the pants were.... well.... when I saw him in the rear view mirror after I passed him, the butt part went down to about a foot above ground.  I tried to get my iPhone out and take a picture, but I was so busy laughing hysterically that I couldn't grab it in time.
My Heart Is Broken
I wasn't with my boyfriend for very long, 5 monthS but I cared about him so much and I wanted a future with us.  He broke up with me last night, told me he had too many things in his life going wrong and his life basically sucked and he needed to work on himself.  I was devasted, I didn't want to break up.  I don't understand.  We had NO drama, got along GREAT, never fought, had a few minor disagreements, but nothing major.  He was on my facebook page and I had in my status that I was heartbroken.  Well I was.  He didn't like my posts, which were not angry by the way, just posting I was heartbroken without going into details of why we broke up.  He deleted me and told me he had to let go of me for good.  I am so hurt and confused. What did I do to deserve this?  Its one thing to break up with me I can accept that but to just banish be from his life forever?  I did not cheat on him, I was a loyal and faithful girlfriend.  I was there for him when he needed to talk about his life.  Why d
Part 2 In The Girl Friday Series... Players: Girl Friday, The Boss
Girl Friday spends the day researching at the Bosses request and anticipates practical application     A little nervous, I arrived at the office unsure of what my day would reveal. The Boss was there busy on the computer and did little more than nod at me and returned his attentions to what he was doing. I smiled and nodded before quickly putting my things away and going to my desk. There I found a large manila envelope with forms and employee handbook. I took them and opened my desk drawers to find a place to put there for further inspection and noticed beneath it there was a legal sized envelope also addressed to me. I opened it thinking it would be something else from human resources but instead found my itinerary.Girl Friday,I was looking through our training information on your new uniform addition, and realized we needed a bit of updated information. I have two websites that I've found that talk about the subject. I'd like for you to read both articles, and also find at least
A Note From Peyton
Hello WORLD!!!   Peyton here & I have a few things I would like to say or discuss if need be. I hope I don't offend anyone when I do this.I just would like to clear the air.I hate to know I have hurt anyone. Its about my friends and family list. I have had some come to me and say wow I went down in ranks when I should be going up or that the one in first are usually the ones you love the most. I am writing to clear all this up now. Fujeff will always be my number one don't know how I put him 2nd in family unless one of the other girls got on here,point is this,he will always be number 1 in both areas. He is very dear to me and has been since I come here I think around a couple of weeks ago now.We are going bike riding next month and I think it will be awesome.He stole my heart with his charm and intellect in talking to me.Very smart man.He is very cool. As far as who is after that has nothing to do with how I rank our friendship. I wished I could put all of you first but I can
Lay There And Hate Me - Ben Harper And Relentless.
Lay there and hate me Lay there and burn One side to the other You toss and turn Never trust a woman, never trust a woman Who loves the blues Mistake number one, I made it three times a day We'd best talk over how there is nothing left to say I feel like an underpaid concubine Who has overstayed her welcome You gave me an eight-page letter front and back Written in your favorite colors, blood and black Choose your words as careful as you'd choose your own gravestone You lay there and hate me, better than being alone Had to fight your way in, you got to fight your way out Ain't no fool like the fool you love So let me hear you shout Shake down, break down Just can't sit still You cut off your hair and sold it For your pretty little pill I've learned some things about myself I wish I didn't know You gave me an eight-page letter from front and back Written in your favorite colors, blood and black You choose your words as careful as you'd choose your own gravestone You lay there and hate m
Tired Of The Changes
I may be new to all this, but I decided to give it a try b/c a lot of people I know told me it was a great place to be. I am a member/staff of 3 lounges. How can we keep them maintained and in order if the site keeps changing things on us. Not just to the lounges but to our pages as well. I say put it how it was and stop playing with everything b/c your bored. Put it one way and leave it alone!
  She was lying in bed, alone, normally she would be laying there with her man but they had a fight a few days prior and he packed a bag and left, she had not heard from him since. She looked over at the clock, 11:30, she wondered what he was doing and thought to herself ‘If he was here we would having hot passionate sex.'Slowly she lets her hands start to explore her own body running her hand up under the tee shirt that she was wearing. Slowly she starts to play with her nipples, pinching and pulling them. She lets out a sigh as she lets her other hand slide under the shorts she is wearing. She slowly runs a finger over her clit, rubbing it slowly as she pinches her nipple. Removing her hands from under her clothing she rolls over and opens the drawer in the desk next to her bed. From the drawer she pulls a long red felt bag, opening it she pulls out a long glass dildo. Placing the dildo on the bed next to her she wiggles out of her shorts and tosses them to the floor. She ag
Need Sex!
AH! I just have to scream out that I need sex and I need it now! I want cock! I hate not hvaing quick access... GR! I feel better getting that out there though.
I Love
I love my fufamily and friends, got an issue, too bad!
13 Questions
Kathys Comments To Detach is to cut off Disconnect, Divide DisUnite Sounds so Easy But Yet so Hard Why? Because I love you But you Don’t look at me Like you used to What happened? Where are you? What do you see When You Look At me? Why am I Questioning My Own Questions? Am I Wrong? Are you Right? If I’m Still in Love with you Why do you Get to Decide? Change? Is that it? I don’t do anything for you anymore But did I have to in the first place? If you Love me For Me Then why do I feel like I have to change To better suit your needs? Do you Love me? Did you Ever Love me? I just can’t seem to understand They say its 21 questions to see if You love someone But only 13 Can Change all Of That
Ngc 4651
This Made My Day ♥
Jen showed up in my shoutbox and told me she heard a song and it reminded her of me and that I had been on her mind all day. I listened to the song and it made me cry because is so much like me. We have been friends for quite awhile but just recently gotten close. I just want her and the rest of my Fu friends who will take the time out to read this to know how great I think this lady is and how much I love her.     Carrying the weight on the end of a limbYour just waitin for somebodyTo pick you up againShaded by a tree can't live up to a roseAll you ever wantedWas a silent place to growPretty little thingSometimes you gotta look upAnd let the world seeAll the beauty that your made ofCause the way you hang you headNobody can tellYour my virginia bluebellMy viginia bluebellEven through the snowA flower can bloomYou just need a little pushSpring is coming soonUmbrella in the rainThey'll roll off your backBetter watcha can realize what you havePretty little thingSometi
I 'm Cold, A Parody Blog!
I'm cold.  Should I get a couple of hot women to lay next to me, or put on the heater, stupid.  A Girls B Heater stupid
Ok.. most of you have seen my status lately.  Yes, I am for the most part leaving fubar.. I won't be trying to level.. I won't be buying people in fu-owned, I have adjusted my settings so that I can't be owned.  My pictures are locked up until I decide to come back full-time to fubar.  I have my reasons, and if you wish to stay in contact beyond the limitations of fubar... send me a private message.  I will be on now and then to work in my lounges for my own reasons (which are all private), I will be here to DJ now and then for a few lounges I work with, but thats about it.  I am sorry for the short notice.. but it has to be at this time like this.  I hope you all understand.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. ~AngL~
Oneamazingbitch ;)
So Ive heard the"I want to get to know you" from more than a few people on here and been asked numerous questions so I thought I would just let my lovely friends know a lil about me.. *Im very independent *I have a mouth on me and Im not afraid to use it *I dont bite my tongue or pussy foot around. *I dont tolerate bullshit or liars *I like to have fun and keep my life as drama-free as I can *I can drink most of you under the table *Im all for 420 babii When it comes to what Im "looking for" in a guy its very simple.. -Be honest with me and dont try to be something you're not. When Im with someone that I honestly care about they're everything to me and there's nothing in the world I wouldnt do for them and I expect the same in return. I doubt I'll find love online (Im not looking for it) but if it happens it happens. As far as the generic "whats your favorite blah blah blah" I dont have favorites. I like rap, hip hop, r&b..pretty much anything but heavy metal and rock. Im
What Do You Do With Negative Friends
What do you do with negative friends on fubar?  Wait and maybe they will change.  Do something stupid and let them delete you? Delete them right away, don't have time for that bovine manure?
Tears Of Joy
If there's one thing that I can say that I am grateful for is that those who have stuck by me have faith and believe in me. That's something that means a lot
Dating/relationship Help/advice Needed!!!!
Not sure what I should do about this! Back in high school, I had an on and off relationship with one of my teachers . Which by no means am I complaining about. I knew at the time it was just going to be an affair while I was in school. Which to me was fine. I mean what  young girl would not go for the older woman. Which she wasn't that much older 10-15 years. Anyway, here is my problem now! After high school thought for sure it was over even we both said it was. but at the time I knew I was moving to a different state because of my parents work and they wanted me to move with them even though I was old enough by that time to be on my own. Now that I moved back home to Colorado, she found out that I had moved back  from a mutual friend of ours and contacted me by email which I got this morning. In the email she has told be that she has never stopped thinking about me and miss that I am no longer in school being she don't see me everyday no more. And also misses the time that we spent
Pic Ideas
OK..I am gonna take some new pics this coming week & need some good ideas! I know some of u have got 2 have some good ideas!    Please leave a comment here with ur pic ideas! I will read them all & do what I can!   **DO NOT ASK 4 KITTY PICS**   Thanks, SexyBiChris =)
found out yesterday a friend of mine growing up died...ive known he was sick but we never thought this would happen....he had a staph infection that spread to his kidneys and he went septic and there was nothing they could do   thats why ive been pretty distant with people lately and im sorry i will be back as soon as i can
"hate! "= Tha' Rain That Destroys A Kingdom.
Good Morning Fuvillei've discovered some things about you that leaves me dismayed abut the future here.I wish i was talking about some chilldish immaturity and i wish it  soooo prevelant here. i'm talking about Hate. The kind that rains division and alienates good people from A-L-L people.It's One thing to beg,But to be mean to people who haven't done you a thing,WHO DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE? That's far beyond ANYTHING resembling humane decentcy.                           WHY?,and for what? what PURPOSE does it serve? Oh,I know, TO"SERVE"Satan,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!! Well,FOR A-L-L of you who call yourselves vampires and wolves and other assorted demons"SATAN DOESN'T CARE!!!!!"Nor does he care about you,your dreams and other"self-stryled fantasties you may be dreaming of.A-L-L he wants is to destroy you,your hope and you life and see you get ready for the hell he himself will join you in.            THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE WHO COME HERE JUST TO HAVE FUN AND MEET NEW PEOPLE FOR
I took a journey on a highway through life, No one picked me up 'cept myself. Scares me to know that very few care To see a desperate man. They look but they do not see, They have eyes but they don't want to see. I took a journey on highway through life, No one  picked me up 'cept myself Scares me to know that very few care, To see a desperate man on a highway Singin' to himself. And laughin' at the world as it goes by, But I'm just laughin' at myself!
All Friends Read Plz :p
How To Reduce Facebook Getting Your Fubar Browsing Habits
Looking forward to everyone you know on Facebook knowing that Fubar is your most-visited site? Can't wait for Farmville to offer you some "special" crops to plant? Excited to have all the ads you get served on every site you visit be for "adult" sites? Answer "no" to any of those and read on... Why I Don't Like Photo-Page Like Button Fubar's use of Facebook "Like" on other people's photo pages means that Facebook knows every time you (and probably you coupled to your Facebook login) visit a photo on Fubar. That also generally gets shared with the people that run every one of those cute games, gifts, sruverys, and all that you accepted on Facebook too. Oh yeah, I'd love for the Disney Channel to know all about Fubar Facebook's Flaunting Of Privacy Policies And Laws With Facebook's past history of flaunting privacy (or search on "Facebook beacon") and its new "feature" of pulling all your activities on other sites into your Facebook acc
Lost .............
I am lost.. Found, gone yet not. My heart aches. And I cry. Needed touch yet none there. I sleep awake. Eternally loved yet unknown. remaining out of reach here but gone My mind whirls round n round I deserve none. crazily sane. Forever lost to me. Who am I? Treacherously sweet Stabbing life with nothing. I cry for peace. beauty is seen not touched. I remain alone in a busy world where to go? who to be? I am gone lost in twirling. mind not stopping. deep wanting needing unknown world not seeing what I am.... stagnant blood pumping repeticiously unfound.. a smile lost soul tarnished you do not see what I know. I am not yet here I am.  
Electrified Sin
________________________________________ Electrified Sin Electrified sinOn but a noteof the wind. Hearts beatinga tune of unisonthump, thump, thump. wished touchesof sparks flyingmelding climatically. Felt at distanceblowing unknownacross my skin. Electrified Sin_________________________________________  
Friends And Fellows
The flight of souls lost...Traveling to the unknown?Unforeseen failures caught!To go unto the heavens........ Friends and Fellows! Doth we know, I thinkst not...This world finds dark??Mourning these souls..... Friends & Fellows! Alas, to know is to die!I seeketh not to know!  
Why Daddy Why....
Pain given in place of loveinexcusable choices made why daddy why a world seemingly lonelyslipping towards the darknessneeding your pride..your compassion for life?not knowing love can be so wrong why daddy why praying to forgive this painno pride, no hope, no loveunworthy of love never knowna daddy proud of his little girlunimaginable pain, such a young life why daddy why a touch of pure hatred on sightdarkness must lift for i want to LIVE....  
A budding rose of dewy perception. Temptation of plucking, you doth have. Yet my Petals sit unabated and alone. Moist and yearning, here I stand. In a mind of strange episode swaying. Petals wildly insinuating unknown beauty. I await, within a rose of dewy perception.  
I am a distant star.   Wished upon.   Yet, never reached.   I am sorry for that.  
I Cry
Special   They say   But They   Don't see   What's buried   Deep inside   Dark & Dank   The quiet   Screaming   Nothing special   Damaged soul   They Don't   Know through   My Smile   Buried Below   I Cry....  
In Grief For My Little Girl....
In Grief For My little girl   In your mourning... I feel my own... The sadness I see in you.... Is sadness I have known.   I can feel you... Every sigh of your breath... The despair of your heart... The effect of death.   Know you are not alone... We all must go through this... Some take it harder than others... Though take the time to reminisce.   Do not concentrate on anger... As I seem to have done... Take the time to remember the good... Then the healing has begun.  
Rantings Of A Madwoman
Crazy..   Inheritant looniness   Her mind travels, long gone.   They see her smile   The happiness a shroud for pain   it creeps, the darkness   lunacy gone wild   and no one knows   how dangerous she is   watch her.. her eyes...   you dont know the level   snap, crackle, pop...   She thinks the speed of light   resides in her brain.   Lost, gone, checked OUT!   Spinning around   Light, camera, action!   and another day dawns...  
Bad Love
nothing to ever be quite the samean innocence lost, my innocencethe truth i was so determinednot to dig for, has been unburiedit doesn't only hurt, it left scars so deepthat life makes me have to deal with yet i cannot help but feelsaddened by these memoriesmeaningless and pointless as it isto beat myself up over this dead weighttrying to dole punishment out on myselffor something his crude love did to me not loving me should have been enoughbut to cause so much pain on the youngwith feelings of abandonment and helplessnessat a life that stays darkened and sadforgotten and lost in this chaotic worldhow do i find myself with a broken soul?  
Kisser Test
Your result for The Are you a good Kisser Test... The tempter Congratulations! You scored ###%! You Know all The tricks My friend. calm and confident there's no one you cant please. you love a good time and usally are the one who makes it good! Take The Are you a good Kisser Test at HelloQuizzy
Just a small rant... I FUCKING HATE WOMEN.  Seriously, how the hell can it be so goddamned hard to be true to a man?  How the FUCK can it be so hard to appreciate when you have a good man?  Then your stupid ass hurts him and wonders why you can't GET a good man.  Gee you dumb cunt.  I wonder why.  And it's whores like yourselves that make it difficult for those of us who ARE good women to be believed.  We (women) complained for so long that we were abused and treated unfairly.  Well, now that we have the chance to get somewhere with what we strived so hard to get, you think it's time to play games and fuck with the few good men that are out there.  If you're a bitch that likes to play mind games, can't decide what you want, or something to that effect, do the gender a HUGE favor and go fuck your gigantic slut-hole with a broken, rusted, metal baseball bat!
Coke Or Pepsi Mumms
What is wrong with the people that post pepsi or coke mumms?  At least I parody and flag my mumms NSFW.  A. New to fubar B. imbecilic
Today's Work Disaster...
So, we have been really slow this month at work. It's the end of the month, and a Friday. We were busy as HELL today! Finally a good solid day to make some money & make up for the rest of the month!! NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden, something in the system DIES. We can't print, we can't e-mail, we can barely rate. We finally get a good day, and we blow it!! We could have made so much more money today!! **cries!
Confidence Is The Sexiest
Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.It's much sexier than any body part
Just My Observation
Hello World,   Peyton here.You remember me right,hehe Anyway I have been here a few weeks now after joining these other two girls site here on what you call the FU. These are just my observations and I could be so off beat with it and please feel encouraged to tell me so. First off I would like to say this.After getting some emails and shoutbox messages I would like for you to know I am not the only one on this page.So when you ask why I didn't accept your friend request it may be that I simply don't know why,but I will ask. This is what I was told when I arrived on that certain subject. 1.Don't accept any girls,They will bring drama almost everytime 2.Don't approve high ranking members because usually they have been here so long that they are taking the game to serious and have become buttholes but they said the other word.That being said I have approved many just go and look. 3.This one is mine..If you have anything that has anything against religion or devil names or just na
The Most Inane
Am I the most inane, senseless, bored person on fubar?  Or can you think of others?
Things I've Learned This Week...
... Physical distance does in fact make the heart grow fonder; emotional distance makes it grow cold. It is not hard to drive more then one sleeps. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you think they shouldn't doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have. Sometimes said love just isn't enough. It's harder to forget then to forgive...It's not the animosity that bothers a person...It's the fear of it happening again. I love my Texas friends, but y'all can NOT drive in ND. An Xbox360 is still viable and running after 14 hours of continuous play...but the people put aside after those 14 hours are not viable and running. The people that you love the most are the people in your life that will hurt you the worst, these are the people that will test your strength and your devotion. And finally...after so long of the same thing, that strength and devotion runs out and one is left FINALLY realizing that that person as well as themselves are far better off in the l
If The Past Tense
If the past tense of fly is flew  or had flown, why isn't the past tense of imply: implew, or had implown?
Sharing A Few Words That Have Touched My Spirit And Sharing With You...
the following message i recieved a few days ago...and i would love to share w you... so much has transpired in the last year...and to b honest only the closest FEW really know the truth... but a lesson i have learned and would like to finally open my mouth and shre is written in these words and i hope it may touch your  spirit has it has mine...   something stired within my soul aching for change, wanting me to let go. the wind howled and the oceans churned, and sent a lesson then was soon learned. the friends i have, the ones that held me fast, will never be forgotten, for it is thier friendship that lasts. hoep you dont mind a ghost wondering thru to say hello. i had lost my key but am now back along with this message i recieved from a young lady that found me when i first joined,  ppl who found me also  when i first joined have turned out to be  kindred spirits to mine...   lesson is... there will be times when we cross paths...and granted theres either a reason a season
Hall Of Mountain Glory
The Faces Of Mars
Missing Him
Lately, I have seen a lot of friends losing people close to them and my heart breaks all over again. I know the pain they are feeling. Although it may not be the exact same loss, example a mother, father, aunt or such as losing my brother, it does hurt. It creates a void that is never filled again. For me losing my brother was one of the hardest things that I had to encounter. Today it has been 8 years since he was murdered. Eight years since he was selfishly taken away from his 2 yr old son and my family. He was 20 years old. Lived only a fifth of his life and had so much more to learn and live. I lost my faith in God and everything that day. How could a God so wonderful bring someone (my family and I) so much pain. It was hard to find anything positive in such a negative event. As time went on the loss did not get easier. Jerry is never missed or loved any less from day to day. The void that was created when he was taken is still there and at times seems to grow. The pain I feel ev
Im A Ditz And I Know Im Slow But..........
its impossible for me answer gift messages if I have 500  tequilas or  daquris or whatever   itds startin to gettin  be borin deletin   and I miss gifts that are real   if I miss u Im ss but its this bs   with lazy round drinks  so as im busy chasin boomarangs these days and tryin find real friends and fufriends    plz for give me   I do try level a few  as I can with sendin bulltens or shares   or my user status so just lettin e1 Im a point ho  and freely admit it  but love to return help as I can when I can just let me know
Zombie Slayer Test
Your result for The Zombie Slayer Test... Barely Survived The dead walk! You scored ### out of 54! No one knows how the hell you survive as long as you do. Your just lucky, or your rich. Granted that your not compleatly useless. For instance, you can warn everyone of danger with your girlish sceams. Your not as bad as most, but you'd be most likely to get eaten when things get really hairy. Take The Zombie Slayer Test at HelloQuizzy
Halo Of The Cat's Eye
Get To Know Me
I copied this from another blog that I also write and felt like sharing it with you guys. Here are some things about me that you may not know about me. *Born: Canada *Astrological Sign: Pisces (Scorpio Rising) *Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Horse *Status: Married since July 15 2007 *Weight: 120lbs *Bra Size: 34 C *Tattoos/Piercings: I use to have my navel pierced. Would love to get a tattoo one day. *Ethnicity: French Canadian, Irish *About My Family: My parents married for 40+ years, 2 older brothers who are in their late 30's and early 40's and a half-sister who is in her mid 40's *Pets: Shitzu/Pekinese. *Kids: I don’t have any kids, my husband has a son who is almost 9 *Smoke / Drink: I use to smoke in high school but quit. I have never been a drinker and never ever been drunk in my life. *Education: High School Graduate *I Like: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Astrology, Numerology, Internet, Sex, Feng Shui, Sex Toys, Camming, Dream Interpretation, Tarot,
No Sex!!!
      Made you look!
The Mind Of A Dom/master
Interpersonal forms of power are the way a Master obtains compliance to his rules, motivates his slave to achieves his goals and obtains her obedience. These are the powers she gives him to rule her.  Not only  are strong interpersonal forms of power necessary to properly train a slave, they are essential in her  long-term management.    Interpersonal forms of power: (the ways one person has power over another)    * Reward power  -  ability to control the reward a slave wants. This provides reinforcements for correct behavior or changes in behavior or attitude. The slave complies in order to obtain rewards controlled by the Master,  * Coercive Power - ability to cause a slave to have an unpleasant experience. It is also defined as the power to give or withhold punishment. It is also associated with using force to compel compliance. The slave complies in order to avoid punishments controlled by the Master.    * Legitimate power - is based on position or mutual agreement. The slave agree
Does It Ever Get Any Easier
For the last few years there has been two times of the year that i just cant handle anymore. one being this time of here right now and the other is christmas. The simple reason being that i do not have that one eprson, the person that these so called Holidays are meant to be for.  the time has gone by so fast but there isnt a single day that goes by that i dont think bout her. What makes it so much tough was that it was mothers day when u left me that year. As much as i denied it before yea i was a mamas boy. I will admit it now, YOU WERE MY BACK BONE and I will always love u. Things just havent been the same without u here. So today i will recite the poem read that day just for u........   WHEN TOMORROW STARTS WITHOUT ME   When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see; If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things we didn't get to say. I kno
My Poem
What Is Love?..... being happy for the other person when they are happy; being sad for the other person when they are sad; being together in good times and being together in bad times Love is source of strength. What Is Love?...... being honest with yourself at all times being honest with the other person at all times; telling, respecting the truth and never pretending Love is the source of reality. What Is Love?...... an understanding that is so complete that you feel as if you are part of the other person; accepting the other person just the way they are and not trying to change them to be something else; Love is the source of unity. What Is Love?...... the freedom to pursue your own desires while sharing your experiences with the other person; the growth of one individual alongside of, and together with the growth of another individual; Love is the source of success. What Is Love?..... the excitement of planning things together; the excitement of doing th
Maybe I'm still in lesbian mode A thought that came to mind was after I ss my page, which freezes anything moving The thing imparticular that I am not sure if I should continue giggling about is the add me bling In the picture I noticed that it was shut and did not read "add me" that you see when it opens Immediately, I thought hmm it's like the fuwhores that show their vagina Open legs to add them closed legs don't draw the attention Wow I wish I had a better sense of humor right now Someone please make this interesting?
Where Did It Go?
I've got the tv on just for the sake of it. There's some moto GP on. I hear something exciting, look up, this dude's come off his bike, got up, run off to where he thinks his bike is...   He was very very wrong. Made me laugh.
Http:// Could Earn You A Boomerang
please vote on my bestie fu wife's mumm http;// from the title and have your friends comment you name, the most comments gets a boomerang if the mumm gets a thousand votes second price is a 12 credit bling pack third is a million fubucks
The New Begining
Today starts my life anew.  Those of you that know me know I've had a rough time the past few months.  I've let depression get the better of me quite often, and have let things really get to me. Today though, I have been up at my parent's home and have put my grandparents to rest.  Sorrow and grief accompany this, but I have also taken this as a time to grow, and to change.  From this point on, I have buried that in the past which has almost broke me, and have decided to move on.  In endings, there are also beginings. As such, I am rearranging things on here.  Those now that are in my family, will only ever be the ones that I truly do consider that.  Please, if you were in it before and are not now... do not be offended.  Any that were there and are no longer have been kept in my top friends. I have created my Code... I have my Honor... I cherish my Family.  Those three things are what give me strength. I will defend all three even to the death of myself.  Each member of my Famil
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My Daughter
We had my daughter to see her back specialist yesterday and it was not good news. WE found out her spine has gotten much worse and that now we have no choice but to start surgery on her. I know many of you on this site hate me but my daughter will need a lot of love and support even from all of you whom she wont ever know face to face. The surgery is scheduled for June 2, 2010. She will have growing rods placed into her spine which will be a 2-3 hr procedure. If everything goes well and she does not develop any complications from the surgery she can come home as soon as June  7th. Then 10 days after surgery she will have to go back to see the drs for a post op check then will be in a back brace for 2 months. Then every 6 to maybe 9 months as she grows they will go back in and adjust the rods to compensate for her growth.    With any and all luck by the time she stops growing she could be very straight and may not require having a permanent rod placed into her spine.     This link
I remember the days years ago When you were still here Still here to dry my tears When I was sad You'd make me feel better  When I felt bad As the years passed by I loved you more Til you decided to walk through  that door Your work left undone And me still drying my tears As I sit here thinking Painful memories flooding back Still thinking as if you're still here Memories, memories, painful ones In memory of your loving soul     ***Side note....I wrote this in 1999...I copied it from the book it's published in...In loving memory of Uncle Brian
Seriously Wtf?
Schwarzenegger's revised state budget at a glance   HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES About $3.7 billion in reductions, including: - $1.1 billion through the elimination of CalWORKS, the state's primary welfare program, which serves 1.4 million people, two-thirds of them children. - $750 million in unspecified cuts to the state's in-home supportive services program for the disabled, achieved through reductions in wages and services. - Cuts $532 million from Medi-Cal, the state's medical program for the poor, by reducing eligibility, limiting doctor's visits to 10 per year, reducing funding for hearing aids and other medical equipment, and increasing copays. - Cuts $15 million from Healthy Families, which provides health care to nearly 700,000 children from low-income families, shifting more of the costs to recipients, including raising the co-payment for emergency room visits from $15 to $50.   This is after he eliminated Dental, and eyecare under the Medi-cal program, cl
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Dryer Died-it's A Good Thing
Our dryer has been on its last legs for a while and finally died about a month and a half ago. Since hubby's salary has been cut by 20% and his job is iffy we havent replaced it. I've been using a drying rack and an outdoor clothesline. Ut oh. I've discovered that I like carrying the clothes outside. It's a little exercise that gets me off my ass, the clothes smell great, and my electric bill has gone down about $100.
Update On My Grandma
Well my grandmother fell and broke BOTH femurs (you know the hardest bone in your body-thigh bones). Initially they didnt want to do surgery. Too risky-she willl be 80 on monday, is skin and bones. like 5'7 and maybe 78lbs. so no immune system & she has no muscle/fat on her. they couldnt even get enough blood out of her to check her sugars.   so they decided to try the surgery rather than just let her die. they ended up putting 80 pins into her legs. but the docs said if an infection doesnt kill her, the healing just may. if she heals. so now we sit and wait.   I guess the hardest part is I never had a good relationship with her. she was always quite mean and cruel throuh my entire life. she is old school german-cold hearted and almost totally emotionless. so the guilt has been eating me. I did go and pretty much force her in the most gentle way to see me. so I could tell her that I DO love her and that I hope she is able to recover from her injuries. And if there was anything I co
Sex Novel
   I kiss you ever so lightly as i run my fingers through your hair,and pull you closer with my other hand,whispering in your ear "you are more bueatiful then the heavens them selves!"I nibble on your ear as you sigh in relief,your body relaxes in my arm,so sweet n fragile.I gracefully lift you into my arms as our gaze of passion and lips lock in its own excstacy.I carry you to the bed as our pulses rise and our moods calm.I lay you on the bed and continue to kiss down your neck to your sholders,and caress your body ever so gently,along your rib cage to your hips,as i nuzzle a hardened pink nipple,and kiss to your belly button.Your breathing gets heavier as i unbutton and unzip your pants with my teeth,and slowly pull them down around your ankles,along with a trail of baby kisses on your thighs.I run my hands across your hips and up your stomach to your ample breast,and sit you up to slowly discard your shirt.I gently brush the hair from your face as you lay back down.I admire your bod
Ha What Assholes
Taday I got to watch sum asshole on here acuse Red of lyin bout havin cancer.ask what her true relationship story is and say she lied about having her acct hacke. Fuck sum people will do anything to hurt someone else for no dam reason.I known that girl half my life, I have never caught her in a lie. It is no one on heres business as to her relationships, the people they involve know.She aint never said she has cancer.She IS sick though I been with her at docs so I know she aint lying about that.I guess I donno what it is about her that has these fukkers so fascinated that they try to pull this shit.But dam it makes them look fucking pathetic
Posted In My Sb @ 8:43 On Sat May 15
Themanagerie: And for a woman to say all that in her profile and yet at same time show sexy cleavage and other teasing pictures in her albums certainly leaves me in a state of mind boggling confusion as to what the hell you do want and are up to on this site Themanagerie: No offence noOne, but there is restricted chat and too restricted chat in which holding a normal adult conversion is like i said quite impossible to do in the free world Themanagerie: I'm from England UK and the nicest girlfriend i ever had was from Tempologue Dublin 12 Themanagerie: WOW OMG with a profile of DONT'S like what you have got, it's quite impossible to have a normal and fun conversation with you it would seem
Ronnie James Dio
 Ronnie James Dio, whose soaring vocals, poetic lyrics and mythic tales of a never-ending struggle between good and evil broke new ground in heavy metal, died Sunday, according to a statement from his wife and manager. He was 67. Dio revealed last summer that he was suffering from stomach cancer shortly after wrapping up a tour in Atlantic City, N.J. with the latest incarnation of Black Sabbath, under the name Heaven And Hell."Today my heart is broken," Wendy Dio wrote on the singer's site, adding he died at 7:45 a.m. "Many, many friends and family were able to say their private goodbyes before he peacefully passed away."Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all," Wendy Dio continued. "We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us ... Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever."The statement was confirmed by Los Angeles publicist Maureen O'Connor.Though he had recently undergone his seventh chemotherapy treatment, he was hopeful to perform again.
The Future For Irish Pride
Well as the founder of irish pride. I want to welcome everyone who has joined and who are wanting to join us. We look to the future for what we want to do to make it better for everyone to be in there. Not alot of people relize what we  strive for and what our goals are. Thats why we ask everyone who is with us in this effort to make it available to  everyone. to please help us get it out there in fubar to get people to come in and have fun with us. No they dont have to be irish to be in here with us. We welcome them all. We look at it this way we all have a little irish in us. So in the future we would like the help of posting bulletins of events and things. If we all work together in this and make an effort we can bring this to new hights on here. In the near future we will be having an auction for the lounge. Sometime in the next month. So if you want to be part of it let us know. so we can put it down and know how many people will be in it. We will have more info on it here in the
The Elf Who Was A Giant
As many may have heard, after news of his dire condition was misconstrued into several announcements  of his passing yesterday, the inevitable did actually happen thereafter and by morning May 16, Ronnie James Dio, had actually passed away from complications resulting from his fight with stomach cancer. I know how bandwagoning these events can be on the internet, but I do feel compelled as a musician to say a few words, for someone that gave me so so many years of entertainment. I followed his career all the way back from his gig with Richie Blackmores Rainbow after the Deep Purple split, and subsequently got turned on the Elf LPs aside from that. By the time I was in high school, Ozzy had left Sabbath, and Dio filled the spot, thereafter launching the Heaven and Hell legacy. It was here that his presense really took root, and the music and songwriting better exploited his talent in both voice and his zest for theatrics. It was on this tour where I first got to see
16 Days In May
So far in the past week, I've had my haircut by two primary school children, built a flat-pack cardboard terraced house and decorated it with glue and tissue paper, photographed a large red ball in various places round the city, watched Daniel Kitson deliver a moving monologue on home, seen Camille O Sullivan perform an outstanding set of Jaques Brel, Nick Cave and Tom Waits covers, been captivated by two clowns asking each other questions for six hours, and, to be fair, been bored stiff by a musical history of Jerusalem.  The Norfolk and Norwich Festival was established in 1772, and has been a major event in the city since the mid-1990's.  And I absolutely LOVE it. #nnf10 or #nnfestival on Twitter also, for the website of the guy behind the clown thing, which was astounding
To Everyone That Was In Zodiac Auction ....
i just wanna say thankyou for being in it i hope u did well, sorry if u didnt thankyou for helping me celebrate  my bday weekend with me ith the zodiac auction weekend bash ...anyhow...i just anted to all let u know i will be pimping everyone that was in it as a thankyou ... it will take me couple days/weeks to do it but ill get to u all ...:) thanks again xxoxoxoxoox hope u had a good weekend   p.s- thank you to everyone who helped too ! and all who bidded thnx for joining the fun!
How To Love
Love is both an action and a feeling. The action of love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name. When the action stops, the blissful feeling is replaced with pain. Every person is capable of great love (and its opposite, fear, which generates all painful emotions such as hate, greed and jealousy).While there are many different ways to define love and there are many different ways to love someone (or even yourself)Say it. When you say the words "I Love You", they should carry with them the desire to show someone that you love them, not what you simply want to feel. When you say it, make sure you really mean it and are willing to do anything for that special person.Empathize. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Rather than impose your own expectations or attempt to control them, to understand how they feel, where they come from, and who they are. Realize how they could also love you back just as well.Love unconditionally. If you cannot love another person without attachin
And Yet Another....
It really makes you wonder don't it?
New Bands I Like.
Metal Howl-blackened death to smoke too, it's lovely and Mastodon with sick ass riffs all over.  Fvck yeah. Detritivore-brand new drone that sounds like Sunno))) at their very, very best...yet somehow cleaner, very nice. Cruciamentum-Death metal that's's dark and dirty and awesome. Coffinworm- god that's dirty. Garden of Worm-sludgy.  Okay, I'm getting really lax with the reviews. haha Industrial/Electronica Clan of Xymox-Yes, they've been around for years, and I've probably heard them before, but I just recently rediscovered them.  Gothy electro, kinda in the same vein as Cruxshadows. Hip-Hop Panacea     I'll put more later.
Will My Heart Ever Heal?
"Snuff" - by slipknot.......*****I dunno I just am feeling every word in this song. Why isn't any1 real anymore? Fukin' blows. Tired of dating or talking to guys that just lead me on or just want 1 thing. where are all the "real" guys man. ****     Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there. Deliver me into my Fate - If I'm alone I cannot hate I don't deserve to have you... My smile was taken long ago / If I can change I hope I never know I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldn't face a life without your light But all of that was ripped apart... when you refused to fight So save your breath, I will not hear. I think I made it very clear. You couldn't h
Part 4 In The Girl Friday Series...players: Girl Friday, The Boss, Mr. Jones
Girl Friday goes on a field trip.   The Boss sat in his chair behind the desk, thinking. Girl Friday was due back from her assignment any minute, and he was anxious to discuss a few things with her. He opened the drawer to his desk, checked the contents, and nodded to himself. Everything was ready. Now if only he had read her correctly... He was still amazed that the fates had brought her to work for the Firm - employees like Girl Friday didn't come along every day.As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. "Enter". The door opened, and in stepped Girl Friday. Her hair was down around her shoulders, she was wearing a thin dress buttoned down the front, leather boots, leather belt, and a huge smile. In her arms she carried a large box. He found himself smiling back at her, very pleased to have her alone in his office again."Hello Boss," she said, "I'm back." "So I see." he replied. "I must say, you look lovely" And she did. The Boss was not the type to hand
Just Another Blog Ay! ^_^
Well here I am... back online for the last few days... been feeling up and down a lot... more so down than anything else.. But that’s just something I have come to expect from my past. Not a demon I can be rid of anytime soon I’m afraid to say... but ah well huh, tis life... lol So let’s see I’m living in a new place now. It’s nice here... my house mate is kind and understanding to me she has 8 cats that are all adorable... 2 don’t really like me unless I have food lol I am trying to keep up with all my writing even through these dark feelings... but life is a hard thing and the people within life are just getting to me more and more, they push and probe, poke and pull until you explode at them and lose all self control. But then when do we have self control, I hear things; I listen when people don’t realize I am. I know that though a lot of you say you have high self control when you are pushed, you forget that self control and just lose it and it takes forever for you to calm do
Thank You
Acquaintances come and go, True friends lasts a lifetime, The love for the other will always show, Some would trade it off for a dime, Commonly mistaken acquaintances for true friends, No price can buy something that never ends. True Friends will withstand anything that gets in the way, As for acquaintances would fall apart and runaway, While watching the new relationships we sew, As ours will blossom and grow, Nothing can ever compare to my friendship with you, Without you I wouldn't know what to do, Thank you for being strong n true, I just wanted to say thank you for being….You
What Happened??
Its been 2 years since we met, and my what a 2 years it has been! We both been through some much shit in our lives, we both lost jobs,loves and been hurt. But through it all we remained friends,shared some good laughs and some cries even. Well me crying more I am sure. In these 2 years I have realized alot of things...... I have realized I have never really had a friend such as you, never has someone touched my heart in the way you have. We have even had our fair share of fights, which always made me sad I would never hurt you. But some how we cant find our way to each other. I cry many nights thinking about you, wondering where you are,who you are with. And at the end of the day I know....NOT WITH ME! Wow how that hurts. I will never know what I would have to do to bring you to my heart and let me have a chance at the things that the other woman seems to always get. I dream sometimes you come to me and we make a go of it, but I know that will never happen cause for some reason iam n
Identity Crisis
So i have decided that i will be writing a weekly blog about things that I find interesting, or i feel need talked about. Last week was obesity this week is idenity crisis.Have you ever felt that you were born the wrong sex? You look at your body.. and your disgusted.. Like.. why do i have breasts.. these arent mine.. or.. i should have breasts? and your a man asking yourself this? I believe this is all a mental thing, not that they are crazy, but that the hard wiring was crossed, and the physical doesnt match the mental. (as i will say the same with gay lesbian peoples.) this will be a differnt blog entirely) and i give people that take the time and have the courage to change themselves, so much admiration for going after what you want!This is something that happens more commonly then what you might think. I can speak about this personally, but not that i would or want to be a man. But growing up i was always tall, i stand 6'0-6'1 now. I was always small chested. the women in my famil
Just Some Thoughts From Inside My Head
Its what I GET  to do todayI was filled with ease and comfort this morning. I attended a counseling meeting with my daughter this morning and the councilor said to me that “ it is great to see a father stepping up and being a man and taking responsibility for his family.” I was holding my 2 week old grandson and I had to think about being a man for a minute and what stepping up was all about. You see I don’t feel I knew how to be a man all that long ago in fact it has just been in the past few years that I feel I have become a man. Before that I wasn’t much more than a selfish toddler in a mans body. Oh I knew about responsibility but it was a duty a chore so to speak and I avoided that sort of thing as much as possible. I really hadn’t learned how to even take responsibility for my own action. Of course I sure thought I was a man but see my values were a bit skewed. I suffered from to many John Wayne, Clint Eastwood move ideas of what a man is supposed to
My next mumm session will be on Thursday  A. Happy B. Who cares?
Guardian Angel (poetry)
Stability and a centering balance.The yin to my yang.Pulling in my shattered soul,Relaxing my over stimulated brain.Someone to talk to,Whisper all my secrets.Wrapping protective wings around his charge,He see's everything.Looking deep withing my shattered soul,Putting together the sharpened pieces.Protective and ever vigilant,Never blinking an eye.Spreading gossamer wings,He watches from up high.Coming to me when I need my esteem,When nothing seems right.He comes in many form's,The fox to guide me, The man to hold me,The cat to show my my independence again.And the hawk to watch me.Always taking another shape to show me the way.Protecting me never leading me astray.Christian I may not be,But always a guardian, and angel, watches over me.
Rest In Power Just1er-destine4legacykrew
-3:21 am :you have a new text message from Josh Goldman "Please tell John that JUSTER has passed."   Goddamnit...Im still tryin to understand it. The passing of another of the downest on the planet. Thinking back, its pretty hard to keep from laughin. flyin down the 2 on the way back from the cabin.. AYE! the fuck do we do with this shotgun? no faster than i said it, here the damn cops come... yer ass bailed from the car, "lettem come get it if they want some!" how about patrollin 2 different school halls? talkin about the glory of bombing on smooth walls... we took on 5 crews at a time, and 5 cats served'em ALL.. only thing a toy could say was "man,FUCK YALL" i remember poppin basketballs... and the first time i rode a ramp.. busted my fuckin ass, and all you did was clap... ditchin the last half of days, buses to hellrose, a hour and a half ride and beat non-stop had just closed! chillen with Wes and Doc, Wax Records for hip hop, and finally teachin yer ass to bus
How Often
How often should I write blogs until I start my mumms again Thursday?  A.  Every few minutes write one B. When the mood strikes C.  Don't write mumms ever again, just blogs D. Do whatever you want
Boomerrang On And 86k To Level Help?
boomerrang on and 86k to level help?
I have seen interesting animated pictures as default, and i was wondering if someone can help me with mine. i found my animated picture that i want on Photobucket...i have uploaded but it doesnt animate like some photos on here does. Can someone please help me? I'd appreciate it thanks- all who helps gets rated 11, become fans & what not :) thank you fubar neighbors!
Am I so much of a meaniepants, I don't think so!
wonders why there arent any decent men?....maybe she wouldfind one if she learned to sound more educated than the goodwill spokesman   looken4asugardaddy91 Photos(7) Buzz:  100% sh*t faced! Level:   Chill Fu (4) Fans:   4 Friends:   7 Gender & Age:   Female, 18 Location:   Corona, CA Status: Is thier no decent men anymore? i mean everywhere i go there is a bunch of loosers....thier must be some good somewhere
When you need to ask fubarians a good topic for a mumm that you are not even planning to write for two days, you know THEN you are bored.
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty)
I guess I should open this up with an explanation of where everything stems from. This semester, I took Philosophy Ethics (Understanding Right and Wrong). We have debated everything from ecology to racism to abortion to capital punishment. As the semester was getting closer to being over, I chose Capital Punishment as my topic for my final paper. I made this decision over a month ago. At the time, a friend of mine was trying to get her 1,000 vote mumm. Considering I was already studying the death Penalty, I decided to write her mumm for her based on Capital Punishment and Lethal Injection. Although she did not get her 1,000 votes, the mumm was surprisingly successful with the mummers, who generally detest the mumms of the point whores. After days of debate, argument, and highly intelligent conversation, the mumm finally wound down, and things lay dormant. Now I have revisited that mumm to gather my thoughts on the paper I must write. Although I am keeping my quotes from t
Judging People
It makes me sick when someone see's a hot guy/girl and automatically want sex with them why cant people go by what's in the heart?  THATS WHAT COUNTS!!!      
Jap Recreation
If you can read this whole story without laughing, then there's no hopefor you. I was literally crying by the end. For those of you who have lived / traveled in Texas, you know how true this is.  I no longer let any Texan pick a restaurant.20 These folks do not like the flavor of anything, they just like the burn.Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction….and a lot more amusing.  *********************************** ********************************They actually have this Chili Cook-off at Halloween time.  It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the San Antonio City Park. Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chili taster named Frank, who wasvisiting from Springfield, IL. Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chilicook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and Ihappened to be standing there at the judge's table, asking fordirections to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I wasassured by the other two judges (Native Te
My Perfect Man... (subject To Change/add)
Intelligent, outgoing, patient, sweet, loyal, loves to cuddle, non-drinker, positive, no kids, no baggage, loves cats, all heart, kind, not all about sex, drug free, ambitious, handsome, attractive, quick witted, funny, understanding, great family, christian, greatjob/career, dosent give up, knows what he wants isent afraid to get it, isent boring, honest, creative, never been married, drives, loves to play video games, man of God, trustworthy, smokes, loves giving, also loves to recieve, can cook, abad boy with a good heart loves music. Is NOT a man whore Dedication Not Egotistical
Love It!
Yesterday, I'm standing outside the grocery store watching this guy talk to his son.  They are approached by a man in a suit who says he's new in town and is looking to find the post office.  After they tell him, he says he'a a preacher and is starting at a church nearby.  He asked them to come in and he can help them find God and get into heaven.  The Dad looks uncomfortable and doesn't seem to know what to say. WHEN!  The son chimes in with, "With all due respect Mister, you can't even find the post office." That kid is AWESOME.
 ... If everyone who has ability to see.. could for one week see in a fog. They would understand and see life a little differently ..of course senses are more acute .. but there are other sense that becomes apparent, you ou go on instinct .I have learned so much about myself as well as others from experencing this . I had to understand myself and others in a total new way as well as normal everyday things we take for granted...    Like we wake up knowing the sun will rise and the sunset will set ..the moon will guide us ..and the stars to enlighten in dark ..but what if you woke up and things where grey and not there for you to see .. a trust begins to take a different form. You begin to trust others to see for you and to guide you .. you rely on that trust in others to make things clear for you..seeing through them. You lose something in this process .. and you gain !My eyes are wide open now to everything..knowing what is real and who you can trust .. I have gained so much of inner i
Tired Of Them
why is it that people say one thing and do another! people are who they are and nobody had the right to judge others just because they are different then them. they say " i love you for who you are", they are really saying "i love you as long as you fit in how i want you to be not who you are". why cant people just be who they are not what people want them to be? i am who i am take me or leave me. love me for who i am not who you think i should be.
No More Sfw Mumms
I shall not post any more SFW Mumms.
So Sad
My husband, who im sure most know is a soldier, lost a friend last week. He was in Iraq, he lived in the same small town as him, had recently gotten married before deploying to Iraq for the first time, was killed by an IED. Really struck him hard and makes me feel extremely lucky my soldier is home. When deployed, in some cases you dont get to talk to your soldier for days, weeks, months. When Ron was deployed he worked internet cafe due to getting hurt in iraq by going on a volunteer mission to clear out buildings, looking for ppl, weapons, ect and fell through a two story roof after chasing after someone.(he did get the bastard too) but I was lucky, most days i could talk to him, unless a soldier was killed then internet couldnt be used until the family was called, which he called a commmo blackout. longest i had to go was 50 days, during that time i lost 25 pounds and made myself sick not knowing where he was and of course the worse thoughts go through your head. You never get use t
I thought this was hot  
Votes Needed
Some Of The Greatest
The greatest achievement is selflessness. The greatest worth is self-mastery. The greatest quality is seeking to serve others. The greatest precept is continual awareness. The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything. The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways. The greatest magic is transmuting the passions. The greatest generosity is non-attachment. The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind. The greatest patience is humility. The greatest effort is not concerned with results. The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go. The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances. ~Atisha
A Story Of Love
A solitary rose grew in the darkest corner of the garden surrounded by many others yet remained alone   time passed and trials came and went one dealt a severe blow and the rose began to wilt and wither   Forgotten....   Then... as if by a miracle...   there came a soft and gentle breeze followed by a ray of light as all the other roses fell into darkness the solitary rose began to shine   shining with a special light... and watered by a gentle cascade... a cascade of love a cascade of selfless affection   "I do... not now but forever...." said the rose to the sunlight and there they remain a rose in full bloom with her sunshine smiling down on her...   you are my sunshine, my life, my very soul, and I your rose blooming in the light of your love....
Twisting, Turning, Never Letting Go
  Trapped inside my own mind Twisted and turning thoughts Nothing makes sense anymore The world comes at a cost The voices screaming so loud But none can ever agree What choices do I need to make To regain a little bit of sanity   Pressure builds and overflows People say that it is nothing They look from the outside And think that they can know me But the pain is inside my head And it will not let me go The bindings of a misery That confine my darkening soul   Twisting, turning, never letting go The pains and miseries that are me The world smiles and says ok But my chains are those unseen Twisting, turning, never letting go Emotions from deep within These shackles that bind my mind The darkness has become my friend   This is my sanctuary of insanity In the depths of my crumbling mind Come walk if you dare with me Do not be afraid of what you find I stand on the edge about to fall Into the abyss of nothingness It’s only the precipice of my mind C
When little bunnies are running in the middle of the road without their momm and they can't get over the curb, you should pick them up and put them in some bushes away from the road; not too far away, but mommies can find their babies within 200m of where they left them. Mommy bunnies come back for their babies only in the morning and at night. so the babies are alone all day, but that doesn't mean they are abandoned. Also, the vet said that it is a rumor that if you touch a baby bunny that its mommy will reject it! So, pick it up so the crows don't eat it and hide it in some bushes. You don't need to bring them to the vet unless they are distressed, hurt, or you haven't seen their mom for over 24 hours.
Devil Horns
Literally, tattooed on some dude's head, from behind each ear to the forehead.   Looked like a me at least
How Many Songs?
You may think, hmmm songs are about 5 mins long, so if I run for 9 songs that's 45 mins.  I found out it's more like 10 songs, even if one of them is Eulogy by Tool.  I really figured a Tool song would cut me down to 8.  Nope...  oh and by the way.  Ow!
Like You
Why? Can be asked many times with alternate endings you left and why comes to mind A woman who leaves children is very strong but for a mother to leave her children, thats abandonment maybe you thought it was the best thing to do since you would sit at the kitchen table and do drugs with jess and i watching innocently what if i told you i liarned how to do drugs from watching you do them the guilt would rush in Dont worry im not like you My kids will never have to worry i will be there dont worry im not like you whoring and committing adultery are crimes but dont worry im not like you not everything is hereditary some are choices dont worry im not like you my choices are smart My mother made some bad choices when i was growing up. When she was pregnant with me she would consume drugs on a daily basis. i was born two months early and for the first year o fmy life i was on a heart monitor. When she left us my grandmother took over the responsibility of raising my sister
The Exodus primary journey is wrapping up, Ive got just a few more things to get in order before I depart for home. Those that gave a shit and kinda rode along thru my updates, will know Ive covered a bit of ground in the last 2 months. Sooo much to see. I'll be leaving Ventura later this week to finish up in SanDeigo, and am tweaking things to try and make room to see a few folks on my way out, so keep your ears on if I got your digits. :)  
Royal Paper
Royal Paper The Princess of the Stationery Store Doesn't love me anymore; The Queen who taught my pen to sing Has taken off on broken wing. All the others I admire Have launched headfirst into the fire. No sympathy please, I beg and prithee, Simply one more round of whisky. I have no stomach for this sadness, So I'll go home and reek of gladness; While my poor neighbors bolt and flee The Minor Mode I'll shirk earnestly, And when that dour mood doth come, I'll drive it off with beat of drum; When thought turns in upon itself, I'll take the bottle from the shelf. "He is jolly," they will say, Others, "Merry!" and some "gay." None will take me seriously, Whilst I warble in the key of C; From my lips will drip anecdote, Bawdy tale, rhyme and joke. By the glass I'll drill where only I see, So none will guess how I loved thee.
I Can Do This
Writer's Block
welp im outtie for a few days after back around saturday     miss me while im gone
Test Blog
test Blog
[turns Out]
It has been brought to my attention that: my capacity to anihilate people's self defense mechanisms and squash their tiny naive delusions,my complete lack of an emotional register (soul)and the fact that underneath this dark, reclusive, tortured surfacethere's MORE dark tortured reclusiveness and no bunnies, unicorns or a desire for a human connection- is all a little off putting for my romantic candidates.Especially if they have that nurture impulse and I tell them to stop and just get naked/enjoy me for who I am. I don't need your helpI don't WANT to be fixed. I'm going to have a refreshing cool drink now.  
my ship is sinking fast, no way to stop it, no way to help it sink faster.. i cant find the support or the communication between me and my wheelman, how is one to do all this alone and keep the ship at sea and from sinking when no one is willing to help... i cant give cords of where the ship is..... it isnt allowed ..i cant give names of the crew..... it isnt allowed... feels like im on a secret ship and now its sinking i am not sure if i shud drown with my ship or jump off and tell the world of my close to death experience  .. i am in awe of all the things that i have to decide and do it ALONE. i am alone even when i have you with me, cuz no one is to know anything..i needed you many times and i never had u when i needed, and i just cant keep goin on this sinkng ship i need to get off or u need to help me save it.....  
New Google Only Searches For Sites That Match Your Preconceived Opinions
Internet giant Google has developed a unique version of the online search engine which will confirm the enquirer's prejudices. Google-ThoughtAsMuch will effectively censor alternative views and second opinions. ‘Designed for the busy opinionate who hasn't got time to think about things, Google-ThoughtAsMuch will make sure that your preconceptions are never challenged,' runs the press release. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, added, ‘ With a single mouse click you can confirm your preconceived opinions are shared by hundreds of other websites'. One of the beta testers, Sarah Palin, had a chance to use the programme yesterday to test her suspicion that Obama was a Muslim terrorist. She found her opinion to be perfectly corroborated by dozens of high-traffic websites. Through deployment of algorithms, Google works out the source of your fears, and matches them to the appropriate comforting version of events. The blogosphere and online forums will be heuristically searched fo
6/10/10 Dilbert
Happy Together
Imagine me and you, I doI think about you day and night, it's only rightTo think about the girl you love and hold her tightSo happy togetherIf I should call you up, invest a dimeAnd you say you belong to me and ease my mindImagine how the world could be, so very fineSo happy togetherI can't see me lovin' nobody but youFor all my lifeWhen you're with me, baby the skies'll be blueFor all my lifeMe and you and you and meNo matter how they toss the dice, it has to beThe only one for me is you, and you for meSo happy togetherI can't see me lovin' nobody but youFor all my lifeWhen you're with me, baby the skies'll be blueFor all my lifeMe and you and you and meNo matter how they toss the dice, it has to beThe only one for me is you, and you for meSo happy together   I love you Michelle...always and, Rob
So Many Words.look What The Cunt Really Is
Debby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:07 PM): i wanted us just us to chatkerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:16 PM): whatever it is i havent done it lolDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:21 PM): hahahahaDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:34 PM): i must say i did not expect john to put what he has in his statusDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:38 PM): it actually upsets meDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:44 PM): goes to show he is still looking at your statuskerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:49 PM): does not shok mekerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:52 PM): yeskerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:58 PM): but mine was not about him lolDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:02 PM): lolDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:09 PM): he obviously thinks it isDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:25 PM): but, when i met you, i felt you.. if that makes senseDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:31 PM): after what i had been through with kezkerry lively (3/23/2010 1:32:46 PM): he thinks everything i do revoles around him..i am doing much fact am at a loss as to why i was so in love with him to be honestkerry l
Still Water.
Todays thoughts stuck to buxom blondes who put out on the first date.Not unlike dry sweat on a muggy summer evening.Rolling the black silt between my fingers.Oblivious to the raging ruin outside.Unaware of the cages we've builtthe temples we've burnedthe monuments we tiltArgumentative and inattentivedeconstructive and absent in all responsibilityfuture sight, tenure proofedrationalizing the drudgery of the one third splitas my eyes sink and itchas my lungs pleadopressed by balmy, morosely mundane routineover scheduled, under employed, ever pragmatic, never sexedHoney caught the flyFire caught the moth.
Stupid Encounters #40 Rofl!!!!
Drama ... Who Needs It?
There are scores of people in the world who seem to be magnets for calamity. They live their lives jumping from one difficult situation to the next, surrounded by unstable individuals. Some believe themselves victims of fate and decry a universe they regard as malevolent. Others view their chaotic circumstances as just punishments for some failing within. Yet, in truth, neither group has been fated or consigned to suffer. They are likely unconsciously drawing drama into their lives, attracting catastrophe through their choices, attitudes, and patterns of thought. Drama, however disastrous, can be exciting and stimulating. But the thrill of pandemonium eventually begins to frustrate the soul and drain the energy of all who embrace it. To halt this process, we must understand the root of our drama addiction, be aware of our reactions, and be willing to accept that a serene, joyful life need not be a boring one. Many people, so used to living in the dramatic world they create, feel uncomf
So I have been sad the last couple days and been crying off and on all day today. Well, it is after midnight so technically it was yesterday. It seems like when I need a friend the most, or someone in particular, that is when I have no one.   Trust is a major issue of mine and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I say and do stupid things sometimes and it doesn't end up hurting anyone but myself. I just need to let a little off my shoulders since I feel so bottled up I could explode. I always mess up, it is like I don't want to get hurt and so when it gets to a certain point I do say something to make the person turn the other way. It hurts but it is safe right? I guess if they really cared they wouldn't walk right? Ah well.
Sunday Is Over And Past Time To Sleep
is feeling down and really discontented.. I'm going to lay down. Message me or text if you want to talk..
You Knoooooooooooooo Wth With Men Making Pic Request
YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WTH WITH MEN MAKING PIC REQUEST LOOK : FirST DUDE SAYS I HAVE TO POST PICURES NO MAKING SILLY FACES AND ACTTING NoRMAL OR WHATEVER (i have over 24 in defult alone of normal faces )- even tho i do have goofy ones too ... next dude says he wants me to post decent pics of myself with no clevage and makes a sad face cause my "boobies" show in some pics ....(even tho its only cleavage) wth duddddeeeee alota chicks post way more and i get shit ? lol wow just wow .... man u kno its like i cant win i post just face pics i get told to post body pics i post body pics in tshirt and jeans i get told to take pic sexier pics haha you know these fu-ckers have some balls to be making demands js..... what makes them think they have right to tell people how to pose dress faces to make how hairhould be done etc .... i mean damn if ur that demanding and controling and u hardly know me and ur like that alreadly is not a good sign .... and u knooooo  there are more reques
"coffee Spill"
Serious, but hilarious.
Red Rectangle Nebula
Apology, To A Mumm Poster!
I am sorry if I had said something wrong, before you posted your reason for joining fubar!
For Those Women Who Don't Quite Get It.... I'm Reposting This. Maybe You'll Get It This Time Around...
You might agree with it, but when it actually happens 99% of girls dont realize it 'til it is too late and that guy who did it is so frustrated that he has moved on to someone who will take notice.From a guys point of view:We don't care if you talk to other guys.We don't care if you're friends with other guys.But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there.We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 12 at night we do get a little concerned.Nothing is that important at 12 a.m. that it can't waittill the morning.Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we mean it. So don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you.The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence.Yeah, you can quote me.Don't be mad when we hold the doo
Green Jello - Three Little Pigs
(Spoken)Why don't you, sit right back,and I, I may tell you, a tale.A tale of three, little pigs,and a BIG, BAD, WOLFFF.Well the first little piggy, well he was kinda hick.He spent most of his days, just a dreamin of the city.And then one day, he bought a guitar.He moved to Hollywood, to become a star.But, living on the farm, he knew nothing of the city.Built his house out of straw, what a pity.And then one day, jammin on some chords,along came the wolf, knocking on his door.(Chorus)Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.NOT BY THE HAIR OF MY CHINNY, CHIN, CHIN!!Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.NOT BY THE HAIR OF MY CHINNY, CHIN, CHIN!!Well I'm huffin, I'm puffin, I'll blow your house in.Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.Huffin and a puffin and I'll blow your house in!!!Well the second little piggy, well he was kinda stoked.He spent most of his time just a gone just smokin.Huffin and a puffin down on Venice Beach.Getting paid money for rel
My Baby Girl ...
  Before you were conceived, I wanted you Before you were born, I loved you Before you were here an hour, I would die for you This is the miracle of love.   -Maureen Hawkins    
Blog For Wichiewhateverthefucksheistoday
she hates me but loves me and stuff   love on her like she hates me
A Vernacular And Phrase Lesson, By "cyn".
There are commonly misused, misspelled and ABUSED phrases and words that NEED to be fixed! I am taking the first step to make you smarter today. Misused phrase: "I could care less" (Really? You COULD care less? Then why don't you?) Correction: "I COULDN'T care less" (Simple fix. See?) Misused word: "Irregardless" (You pompous jerk. I hate it when you say this) Correction: Just "REGARDLESS". Leave it alone. Misused phrase: "For all intensive purposes" (Is that like intensive care?) Correction: "For all INTENTS and PURPOSES". (Intents means intentions and purposes means uses) Misused phrase: "Taken for Granite". (Does someone actually mistake you for a slab of granite?) Correction: "Taken for GRANTED". Misused phrase: "A MUTE point". (duh?) Correction: "A MOOT point" Misused phrase: "Escape Goat" (Is that like an escape con? I suddenly want an escape goat in my backyard) Correction: "Scape Goat" Every time I hear someone say "aks" instead of "ask" I want to punch them in the face
i meet you at the hotel. we get the key. walk to the room. get inside. all without a word.once inside still we havent spoken and the door shut we inbrace for the first time. coats, shirts pants, shoes..they all go across the room as we are moving to the push me to the bed and stop. you face hovering above stair at me, looking down over by body and up again.i became a little nervious thinking you did not like what you seen but at that moment you kissed me with gentle passion witch lasted it seems forever.then you stoped and asked if i like that. i replied ,yes baby i need that..and now can i have your hott self in me? i pull your face closer anf kiss your lips and nibblin in the bottom lip. my god how i could eat you alive. you say to me as i kiss you that i cannot have you in me untill i taste you first to see if it is the right flavor. i smile and give you a little puch to the side and you land on the bed. i quickly pounce on you kissing your lips licking your nec
About Me...
Okay here it is. I am Amanda Lorene Barnes. I am twenty three years old. I live in Marble Falls Texas. So if you want to hunt me down and kill me go ahead I could careless at this point in time of my life. I was born in the "wonderful" town of Burnet Texas but raised in Elberton Georgia. When I was five years old my mother married my step father. She told me everything was going to be alright that he was my new daddy and would take care of me and I trusted her knowing she would never put me in danger. Things went swell for a while, but he was a drunk and a drug addict. Sometimes he would spend his whole check on cocaine and alcohol. He would disappear for days at a time with no word. When I was at home I wasn't allowed to speak without being spoken to. I couldn't even use the bathroom without asking first. I was basically silent at home. So when I went to school I would talk a lot, and in doing so I would get into trouble for talking. So a note was always sent home. When that happened
Mother Upset Police Transported 8-year-old To Station
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) -- A mother is upset after police placed her 8-year-old in the back of a squad car after she was accused of writing graffiti on a park's walls. Last week, Courtney Mickel was playing with a group of friends in a Broward County park when police were called. Park officials were upset by what they call graffiti. Police started questioning an 11-year-old and then Courtney, but the questioning didn't end in the park. "They called me and put me in a police car and said that they need to ask me questions, and then that's when they shut the door and locked it," Courtney recalled. "Then, the police was arguing with my mommy." Courtney's mother, Tiffany Mickel, is upset over the matter. "I'm trying to get more information. Why would the police take an 8-year-old girl downtown when her grandmother lives two houses away?" she said. "I felt sad and I was crying. I thought they were going to let me out, but they didn't," said the 8-year-old. Broward Sheriff Office d
Fairest Maiden Selectin For The Week Of 6/14/10 Ava Adore
6/16/10 Dilbert
Just Some Things I Have Learned Assorted With No Ryhme Or Reason...
-Posting statuses about arguments with your boyfriend/girlfriend trying to make THEM look bad, makes YOU look bad. Trust me. -Smacking your lips while eating is absolutely unacceptable. Not only is it repulsive, but its annoying. Just stop. -Every problem can be solved without screaming, try it. -If you're having a problem with someone, discuss it with them personally, not behind their back. Especially if that person is your friend. -A guy who puts his hands on you in a violent manner will not stop, this is practically a proven fact. Do some good for yourself and get out. Stop hanging onto people who's idea of hanging onto you is grabbing you too tight around the wrist. And men, if you're putting your hands on ANY women, you deserve a bloody beating. The end. -I don't think it'd kill you boys to get the door for your lady every once in a while. -If you don't treat her right, someone else will...and vise versa!
Tell Me This Isnt True About Them Fuckin Fakers
Fake people Are people that are not real They always try to deceive you And make you think that they are the real deal With fake people You can never see the light Because when you are staring into their eyes It's always dark and never bright Fake people are like mirrors You can see right through them They are always lying to you But you already know it's a scam Fake people are always trying To be something that they are not But when you get a good look at them You realize that they don't look no where near as hot Fake people think That they gain a reputation But in my eyes They are an embarrassment to the entire nation They are always trying to convince you To believe who they say they are But a fake person can't fool me Because I'm way too smart Fake people waste time But they never pay attention to the time that they are wasting Only because their minds are always racing They are always trying to impress you With things that you never notice But you woul
Are You Represented?
LilBoops made me a suepr duper birfday picture! Is your state represented??
'if' - The Fubar Amended Version.
'if' - The Fubar amended version. Original by Rudyard Kipling. Amended version by RocABella.   If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, (if you can stand the drama created by fakes and drama llamas who make you out to be the liar)   If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; (if you can tolerate to have the people you trusted doubt you because they listen to EVERY little bit of bollocks they hear from people who can't keep their trap shut)   If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, (if you can keep your opinions to yourself about what you hear, even if you're implicated)   Or being hated, don't give way to hating, (love your haters) And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise: (Don't tell em I told ya so until you have to - usually in a status message for everyone to hear your effin business!)   If you can dream - and not make
Poem Of Lifes Curses
[Curse Of Life] ***************************************************************** *I curse the moon the sun and the stars. * *I curse the life given and the life taken. * *I curse the ground I walk and the air I breath. * *I curse this heart and the beating of the thunder in the skys. * *I curse the the thought of cursing. * *I curse the thought of not breathing. * *I curse the life taken for granted. * *isnt life a wonderful thing. * *I curse it. But its my curse . * *Your curse. * *Our curse. * *the curse of life is hard. * *but we wouldnt give it up for the world. * *
Michael O'clair
Back in October I blogged about my goddaughter passing away from a long fight with cancer. This morning about 6am her brother, his wife, their 5 year old daughter and their 2 year old son, were killed in a house fire in Lebo Kansas. His lady was pregnant with their 3rd child. Michael, 25, was a great guy. He had been going to school to be a chef, was a wonderful father, a great husband and all around just one of the nicest guys you could ever want to know. My deepest sympathies go out, again, to his parents and the family. They have been through so much in the last year with the loss of Dannielle and now Michael. These kids used to call me dad. I always felt they were one of my own. I will never understand the "circle of life". Why someone so young with so much going for him would be taken so soon in his life. And the kids had so much to live for. I never knew his wife but my heart goes out to her family also. Rest In Peace my son. We love you and will always love and remember all
Retard Riot
What a retarded site this has been lately. The MuMMs have been completely taken over by the right-wing nuthouse gang, or the weird fake Jewish guy.  Do people seriously prefer that type of thing rather than talking about the type of subject matter I or my friends bring up?  Seriously? So I got a default pic yanked for the first time ever. This one:  Good grief.    
Wut U See
shit i know im no model or got body shaped like a bottle do u see who i am can u understand? damn beauty only goes skin deep without it who will u be? i know i will be me. beauty comes from within i think it should be a sin to be someone who is sickly skinny... only made of bone and skin. God made me who i am i walk with no shame the beauty i hold inside i can not tame urs may show on the outside ... but my personality shines just the same. got more shine than those who live in fame. shit i know im not a model or got a body shaped like a bottle... but i still walk around like i won the lotto. do u understand beauty only goes skin deep. my words, my luv, my personality can out do the pride of wut u see in the mirror on a daily bases fuck...i see beyond the faces. damn beauty only goes skin deep. my soul is more valuable than the green printed on ur money. for u ... i have no jealousy... with wut i hold inside ...i will have walking around with envy ...want
6/19/10 Dilbert
4th Place In Best Bullys : Johnnydevil
  Haha got ya!.. Well, with that out of the way, it's the hottest auction of the summer, and well, what else woud you expect other than well, hot?... Click the pics below to check out what we're offering and remember, if ya rate & share both pics, leave a comment here or send a message and I'll send you $50,000 fubucks.. Gotta make it worth it, believe me, what's up for auctions is...especially that ph
I Hate You
I hate you I hate the way you make me feel I hate the way you manipulate me I hate that I know you’re not who you’re supposed to be And yet all along I love you still I still crave you and You threw me away You tore me down along with all my walls You rebuilt me in your image Rebuilt me as you wanted me Then tossed me away like a discarded broken toy I hate you for making me trust you I hate you for making me love you I hate you for everything I love you in spite of it all… I love you with all the broken pieces of my heart But I hope they cut you open I hope they somehow make you empty and broken too
first a thank you i just had surgery where a herniated disk was removed from my neck and they did a fusion on the rest. thank you all who knew this for your prayers, flowers, and cards.  It makes it so much easier having friends when something scary is happening in your life. I have three other hernias but with God's help and your prayers those will not need the surgery.  I am still in a lot of pain, but again, having friends seems to make that a smaller deal.  i am grateful for you my friends
Your Rights As A Submissive
I have the right to set limits, and expect them to be respected. I have the right to adjust these limits at any time, with notice to you. I have the right to expect you to push them, to force me to create new limits and boundaries. I have the right to privacy. I expect you to be concerned about time we spend apart, but I expect you to understand that I am a person, separate from you, and thusly having problems and situations in my life that I will not need your help with. I have the right to expect you will respect me for my independence and not criticize me for it. I have the right to ask you for help, should I need it. I have the right to be trusted, providing I have earned it, and I have the right to expect you to believe I am an intelligent, caring and loyal person. I have the right to ask things of you, and have you listen to my requests. I have the right to ask for your attention, without having to misbehave to get it. I have the right to ask you to contribute as mu
Guy goes into a bar, there's a robot bartender. The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini." The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the man, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "168." The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology. The guy leaves, but he is curious... So he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini." Again, the robot makes a great martini gives it to the man and says, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "100." The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser and John Deere tractors. The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back into the bar. The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini," and the robot brings him another great martini. The robot then says, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "Uh, about 50." The robot leans in real close and says, "So, you people still happy y
6/21/10 Dilbert
A Few Things.
First off I feel like I have to apologize. For what? Not being on here nearly as much as I use to be.  I've been super busy trying to make life changes for me and Fubar pretty much got pushed aside. I'm not saying this as a way of saying I'll be around like I was before, but I will try to be on here more often. I need to tell one person something though. John, Radio X, I'm so sorry for leaving you hanging as much as I do. I don't ever do it on purpose. I have no reason that seems valid. I do know that when I'm on, you aren't....however...I could at least leave you a shout saying "hey" or something.  For that I'm sorry. I'm not that much of a friend...I could do better in that department with you. Again, I'm sorry. Hell, I don't even know if you are on to see this..but I'll link you when I'm done.   On a different note, it's nice to be rid of some friends. I had to delete one person that I've been friends with since I joined this site almost 4 years ago. The only thing that bugs me i
Gynecologist's Assistant
 A man laid off from work went into the Job Center in Downtown Denver and saw a card advertising for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested he went in and asked the clerk for details. The clerk pulled up the file and read, "The job entails getting the ladies ready for the gynecologist. You have to help the women out of their underwear, lay them down, and carefully wash their private regions then apply shaving foam and gently shave off the hair after which you must rub in soothing oils so they're ready for the gynecologist's examination. The annual salary is $75,000, and you'll have to go to Billings, Montana." "Good grief; is that where the job is?" "No sir,- that's where the end of the line is right now."
Drunken Drive Thru
I am drunkerededed, so hence the big fuckin font! McDonalds sucks ass, they would not take plastic for drunken munchies! Bastids! why does one need cash only, at 2 am for a god damned burger and fries???   assholes     as you fucking were!
My Friend
As I sit alone in the darkness, A figure enters, And the room becomes engulfed with life. Her beauty and elegance, Her grace alone, Creates and atmosphere of pleasure. She is the most beautiful, Sensual being, To ever walk before me. As she moves closer,  I can feel it, The pull  of her, She is electric, She is penetrating, She is mesmorizing. I want to look away, But there is just something about her, Something that won't let me. I am drawn to her, Like the magnetism of earth, She draws my attention. She enters my mind, My heart, My soul. I try to maintain myself, It's no use, Her presence is too powerful. She does not realize, The effect she has, Controlling my every thought. My mind, No longer my own, But now a part of her
Frustrated With People
Is it really that hard for people to have a non sexual conversation with me? What the fuck. Doesn't any one just ever want to talk about books or music any more? Next person who pretends to be my friend and then springs the oh i wanna phone bone you game on me is getting kicked in the nuts. or cooter, either or.
I watch the storm clouds surround me, Yet luna still shines in between... Lightening flashes through the clouds. I stare, wondering what it means?   I think sometimes storms forget.. My soul needs to be quenched. A gentle cleansing of impurities, Or maybe I need to be violently drenched.   It really doesn't seem to matter. I believe the storms have left me for dead. They slowly move away from me. Leaving only darkness ahead.
A Story Tree
A story tree occurs when one person starts a story and others add on to it, it doesn't need to make sense.  Anyone want to try?  I shall. In a little town by the sea a man walked by the shore, 
I Was Graced Sun. June 20 2010
   I was fishing today with my cousin wasn't getting any walleye hits but the most amazing thing happened to me. I looked up and a Adult Bald Eagle was flying around above us. I was watching it, with its powerful wing strokes, and wondered how it effortlessly stayed aloft. As it made a turn and came lower, I thought to self my animal guide has graced me with its presents. It neared even closer, closer, closer I became excited. It landed in a tree top that was maybe 20 - 30 ft straight over my head. I am awed at its beauty. It looked down at me, I know now for sure no doubts that my animal spirit guide is watching over me.
Until We Meet
Until we meet My nights will be a little colder My days a little shorter My heart will beat little less rapid Until we meet I know my arms will be empty My mind hurting from the constant thought of you Minutes will seem like hours Hours will seem like months Months will seem like an eternity Until we meet The starts will not affect me with their gleaming sparkles of life Until i am gazeing up at them from inside your arms Until we meet The food that i eat will not be as fulfilling or nourishing Until it is you that i am shareing it with Util we meet I will not feel whole My world will seem incomplete Until that wonderfull day When our eyes make first contact and Our bodies and souls collide in a blissfull whirlwind The words will roll off my tounge a sweet song HELLO MY LOVE I COULDN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU For Austin I Love You
Maybe Not So Happy, But...
WALK Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence One step from lashing out at you... You want in to get under my skin And call yourself a friend I've got more friends like you What do I do? (Pre) Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who I am, where I've been Belong You can't be something you're not Be yourself, by yourself Stay away from me A lesson learned in life Known from the dawn of time (Chorus) Respect, walk Run your mouth when I'm not around It's easy to achieve You cry to weak friends that sympathize Can you hear the violins playing your song? Those same friends tell me your every word (Pre) (Chorus) Are you talking to me? No way punk
All my life I have been circling this big old house. Every once in a while I will find a window and get to see inside. My family and friends are in there, as well as strangers, people I have known and forgot about, people I remember passing on the street, everyone. I guess I seen just about everyone in there at one time. I look in the windows and they are all doing something I want to do. They're talking, laughing, and maybe the most important they are listening. To each other at least. I keep moving from window to window, thinking, "Man! I would love to get inside there!" but all the windows are locked. Sometimes the glass is open to a screen, and they can hear me, but never really acknowledge me. And so I move on to the next window. I have no idea what makes me think I will ever get inside, but I keep circling that house and looking inside, wishing I could get in, until there are days that I am so tired I collapse.   I'll look in one window and see my family celebratin
Casual Obeservations
1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clearyour computer history if you die.2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when yourealize you're wrong.3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.5. How are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?6. Was learning cursive really necessary?7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm prettysure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how theperson died.9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.10. Bad decisions make good stories.11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment atwork when you know that you just aren't going to do anythingproductive for the rest of the day.12.Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? Idon't want to have to restart my collection.. .again.13. I'
Too Soon!
I think I didn't take a long enough break from fubar. I seem to either hurt or get hurt when I deal with others from here. This is never my goal or intention. I just have to figure out some things and I don't need the lies from the people here to add to my life. I am heartbroken AGAIN and I know that I have to heal before I can play again. If someone really wants to talk to me you can add me on yahoo (I'm always mobile) @ YIM: goodgirl_2480. I'm out!
My Flowers Are Real...
You Are Real No matter what, you are always yourself. You don't know how to be anyone else. You are honest, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin. You embrace your faults. You expect everyone else to be as transparent as you are, but you're not always so lucky. You're in search of the good people in this world, and as you find them, you make friends for life. The Flower Test Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
I believe - . . . that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. . . . that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change . . . that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. . . . that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. . . . that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. . . . that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. . . . that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. . . . that you can keep going long after you think you can't. . . . that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. . . . that either you control your attitude or it controls you. . . . That heroes are the people who do what has to be done wh
Not Looking For Pitty
I was born in 1966 in Dallas, Texas. From the start I was abuse by my father for about 7 years til I moved to Maine with my mother. In between grades 4-6 I was raped 3 times by guys. From 7-12 I was picked on for the most part of it. I really didnt have friends or even a close friend. After a year of messing around with a dead end job I joined the army. I did 7 1/2 years total. In 1990 I got married and have 2 wonderful boys. I was married for about 10 years she wasnt so I gave up after trying to make it workout. All me ex's cheated on me. With all the stuff I went through and my mother being sick I have been stressed and depressed for many years, I dare not say how many cause its too much. I have always been kicked down in life ALWAYS. That doesnt seen to change. If theres anything esle you like to know just ask me please. I'm very honest and open, I'm not affraid to answer any question weather big or small, unpersonal or personal. Thank You for taking the time to read this blog.
Bed Rest For The Next Week
I will be here very little the next week. I am currently on bed rest. I do not appreicate inapp. comments regarding it. I don't care for rude comments, regardless if you know what I'm on bed rest for, its uncalled for, so I'm doing the only thing to do, I'm deleting those that do it. I don't give a fuck if you want to jack off to my pictures, Do you really need my permission??? No, You just think by asking that I'm going to think it's "hot"....Guess What? I DONT. When someone states there on bed rest, do you really think its the time to say such things??? I mean, come on, use your fucking brain. I came here for a little support, and I've gotten it from what I call, Real friends. Sex doesn't rule my life, even if I was single it wouldnt rule my life, there is a time for things, and when someone is on bed rest is not it....It shows me how pathetic you are...and I'm talking about two ppl only, everyone else has been very caring and I thank you so much for it. I know my pics are "suggestiv
How Many Psychoannassgarbs?
How many psychoannassgarbs are on fubar.  A.  Alot B. A little C. What is a pychoannassgarb?
Giving In
You're the causeThe reasonThe only way outThe meaningThe bleedingThe lustful doubtYou're the blissThe heartacheThe gut wrenching denialThe equal to the cocaine kissI want you I need youScreaming in my veinsDenying And TryingNo way outPlease baby PleaseJust one more hitMy drugMy addictionNo running awayMy mindMy soulPlease baby stayI've changed my mindNow run awayTime to goFinallyAt lastI can't leave you I can't quitYou're all I knowTake comfort in crueltyRevel in thisAccept it as rightFightingAnd lyingThrow me away Give it all up Please don't stayI know betterThen what we arePulling me backAs I make my throughKnowing you betterThen you know youBlinders so tightI just can't do thisI just can't fight
Things 2 Cool Chics Should Never Say But Did! The Intro
Oh wow so I am totally winging this introduction there will be typos...I have trained myself to type with my eyes closed but not with one less finger lol...I can adapt, I promise, I do this well. Anyhow, WTF oh yes for those of you allowed to venture into the words that were actually written down on paper expressed between myself and my strictly platonic flaming heterosexual beautiful wife, who has btw touched me while I was tied up...hey someday she will tell everyone she is as twisted as the rest of us! ROFLMAO I have already almost wet myself twice because I was laughing so hard...once because I smacked my messed up finger on the door casing... OMG stop knocking on wood after saying I never and then what something dumb happens....oh shit rambling again anyone that has talked to me more that 3 times know what that is about...I do talk way too much oh well its yeah these words that will posted following my amazingly (oo sorry I have to swear right now) fuckered intro (lil nsf
Free Concert
      The BIG O! Throws a huge free concert every summer. I have to share two things I saw tonight. While standing in the Porta potty line with my daughter, three drunk women walk up to the line next to us. 2 40's sisters and their niece. The niece doesn't look old enough to be in public drunk, but she was. Niece thinks she can walk to the front and be cute to the male.  He tells her to go back to the end of the line. Long story short... They make friends with the young guy and lady in front of them. By the time they get up to the front the young guy lets the ladies go first. While aunt #2 is going, aunt #1 Is officially introducing Daniel and Niece. I have a pic. titled "Nothing like having your aunt hook you up... at the porta potty.". When I get back to our site, this guy asks a friend of mine if he could have some pizza. Dion ( my friend) look inside and sees: 3 pieces and a couple bread sticks. The guy pulled a $20 out of his pocket and said "I'll give you $20 for that." Dion
My Voice On 4th Of July
Oh Im sure what Im about to say is going to piss alot of people off but dont forget, there isnt a lil person in my head running in circles yelling "give a damn, give a damn". We are so stoked about The 4th of July....but why? I mean I know people have died for this country but that also happens in every day life as well. We tend to forget the truth on this it so called "got the freedom". It was stolen from the people who were here first. Where was the freedom then? Where was the voice that spoke up and said, "ya know what, this is OUR country".  There was no voice, those people who now live on small parts of land were killed. For the soul purpose of mine mine mine!. point is, before you shoot off your fire works, have your family cook out...take a moment to remember the ones that DIED so people could be here..oh and dont forget...if it wasnt for the NATIVE AMERICANS...most of the people on the boats would have died as well...My people taught them how to live.
I Helped An Assgarb Fuicide
I helped an assgarb fuicide, should I feel bad?  I think it should be an achievement!
Anyone Got A Camera???
Lonely cougar needs a photographer!!! Any suggestions???
Bomb Jerk
I like to ocassionally bomb. I hit my friends up first, then fans then whoever is left. I find it truly annoying when people can't even thank you for the bomb. A little common coutesy would be nice, but I truly get irked by people that beg for 'em. Usually I don't play them any mind unless they actually rate a few pics. I mean, at least make an effort, but this guy ( takes the cake. Not only does he ask me for a bomb without rating or anything but actually has the balls to ask me to bomb him again after I already did. WTF?! I mean seriously people!  
Since I
Since I am going to reach 25 only once, what should I choose Angel or demon and why?
Are U Following Me On Twitter? are u following?
So You Like It Long, Eh?
July 2, 2010 journal entry At either side of me sits a cup of coffee and a bowl filled with as-yet-unshelled peas.  The wind is blowing wickedly again today, and I am grateful that I finished up the mowing last night, just as the sun was setting.  Mowing in the wind is no treat, what with the blindness caused by whirlwinds of dirt and grass clippings. Yesterday I met with a new client, one with a real estate issue.  He stopped over to drop off paperwork, and then proceeded to babble incoherently for twenty minutes or so, telling me (“Well, you’re a lawyer, so perhaps you know something about this,”) that when one registers or licenses a car in a state, the state takes ownership away from the licensee.  This was perhaps the sixth conspiracy theory mentioned in as many minutes.  I interrupted him to explain that No, that’s not correct.  Property ownership is a bundle of rights, and when you register or license your car, yes, you give some powers to the state, bu
Should I Care?
I have many friends on this site that I care about, however, if I don't know you at all, and you jump in my sb, mumms, blogs or status complaining to me about your life, I may show a little empathy, but should I really care?
Life Lesson's
I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.  
*lost In The Crowd
Have you ever felt numbOr incompleteLike all the goals you setYou'll never meetHow it will be when you're not aroundHow happy you'll make The people you've let downOr if it's all a phaseIf you'll ever winBounce back from all the timesThat you gave inI've got an addictionThat can't be curedSo I sit and ventI tell you with wordsI'm only humanAnd I make mistakesHow much moreUntil one guy breaksI'm not trying to bring you downI'm telling you how it isJust thinking out loudJust another faceLost in the crowd
*a Letter To You
If love is a fashion trend,then I am use to it going out of style with me. I thought I'd never say that,I was glad to see you leave. And if this is killing you as bad as it is me,then I hope you can give me a little of your sympathy. I hope you're crying over me because I'm laughing over you,and I wouldn't take you back if it was the last thing I'd do. You can call me whatever when I'm not there,but the truth of it is that you never cared. You say we're still friends,and all good things must end. But I hope you don't treat your friends as bad as you treat me,because in the end all you'll be is lonely. I tried to be nice about things and make you see,that the only person you're hurting isn't me. So with regards,and my deepest haven't got to the best of me just yet. Wait around and maybe you'll see,I was the best thing you had but you never had me.
Dinner With Mike...
So Mike and I had dinner tonight for the first time (in 7 years) as friends. It was a bit awkward at first and I spent the first hour crying (or trying not to cry) and it just didn't feel right. But I had an epiphany. Here's a bit of a conversation with a friend: warmthoughtsofyou04: So I've realized tonight that we're split up, there's nothing I can do about it until A. He finds me attractive again or B. He figures out what he has lost orcrush1968: how did tonight change love warmthoughtsofyou04: I guess seeing him warmthoughtsofyou04: The only real differences are no sex, I can't call him baby anymore, and I can't touch him as much as I would like warmthoughtsofyou04: But other than that things are the same warmthoughtsofyou04: When the cat was laying on me and my nose was itchy he scratched it for me, and he bought me dinner and told me that even though things are the way they are that I'm still going to get preferential treatment   So I guess that's a good thing. I'm just k
My Writing.....must Comment
he hates me i can hate him right back after, after what he did how could i be so dumb i thought older guys didnt play games i guess i was wrong as my mind goes into shambles you made me feel wrong you made me feel used like a piece of trash on the side of the street i lay in the shower tears and blood running down the drain you hurt me dont you see a fragile young women torn to pieces by a grown ass man your not a man!! i tried to play your game i saw it from the start i should have known better but i decided to trust trust in an older man a older man thats never going anywhere in life stuck with his surroundings stuck with his miserable life do it again, to someone else we all know you will watching my tears mix down the drain with my bright red blood shaking like i have never shaken before i cover my face to think maybe it will end faster the air starts to thicken
Run Fast
Lying in the middle of the woods lissioning to the wind blow from the trees. Thunder clouds roll in as a shower is soon to happen. Should i just keep laying here and allow the rain to melt my pain or should i fight threw the winds and fight to be free. Awe but the rain feels so good in the noon day heat. My mind tells me to stay but my body tells me to fight. The rain is coming and reminds me of better days as a child at play dancing in it as my mother would call out to say come in. Awe but were have those days gone now. They seem so lost and forgotten. Is that why i choose not to run and fight. No matter the comfert of it all it is an illution to keep me from where i need to be. So i stand and run as fast as i can trying not to look back for every time i do it seems something is trying to pull me back in. The srapes and scratches that are riping threw me mean nothing but only go get away to find a way. Only what way. It doesnt truely matter as long as you find that place that keeps yo
Politics And Fucking
Are politics and fucking basically synonomous terms?
My Day At The Er
So the past couple days I've had a dull pain on my right side. Today would be day 3. After day 2 it turned into a sharp pain. Have you ever had a gas bubble so bad you curled up in a ball until it passed? That's what I thought it was. Then when the pain just kept getting worse I started worrying. My back was hurting too. My thoughts, "Crap my kidney's again." Well, I was part right. I do have a minor UTI/ low grade kidney infection. But that didn't seem to be the problem. I spent almost 4 hours in the ER. Not waiting at all, lotts of testing. None all to pleasant. After the 4 hours of testing I get my own room because they needed the ER rooms. And after blood work and tests, a few of them someone better be buying me dinner after that.... They decided to do ultra sounds. I thought they were thinking pregnant (possibly tubular). I mentioned my concern and got no answer. That scared me too. So there opens a new worry. "Well what are you looking for?" Apparently they needed to look at
What Do You Crave?
You Crave Love You don't feel like life is really worth living if you don't have anyone to love. You know that in the end, relationships are what matter most - and you put love first. Even if you've already found your true love, you're looking for more people to care for. You never like your life to be too quiet. You prefer it to be filled with friends, conversation, and laughter. What Do You Crave? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
Happy Birthday Ii
A couple of weeks ago I noticed this girl Was getting birthday wishes in her status comments box.     Since she didn't have a salute and even the name (Fantasy Girl) she'd postged screamed "FAKE PROFILE" I left a LOL @ all the dumb fucks wishing the phony Happy Birthday, for her status comment approval.   If I'm blocked by a fake profile am I only pretend blocked or does this count?   Show your love.   Taylor@ fubar   You may appeal to my base instincts..
The Road
I walk this lonley road, the only compiny that I keep is the wind and my shadow.Its not perfit or complet, its full of potholes, deadends and spot are onley dirt and over grown with grass and weeds. Its been a long time sent I have walked with any one, But dont get me roung there has been a few who have walk with me time to time, but not for very long most leaving when a better and falsly britter road opens up. There run up haed an the gone forever. The skys normley turn dark and sart to wheep for days on inn it seems, but then it clears up. The road is a mirrror of my sacred and wounded heart, showing all how pass by what i have been though.But yet I still walk on day and night hoping one day that some one will walk with me to the end.                                                                                                                                                        rye the drifter
thouw these blury blood shot eyes, I see your dark intinsoins, With these scared hands I still grip to the false hopes and brooken dreams, that you so joyfuly left me. My loungs are suffacating from your intoxi ecents of dark bueaty. These scare that cover me from head to toe are a sad shallow reminder to any who fall to your dar and timting precents. You lower any lonly fool with your evil stair, promising unimaginable pleaser and dark desires with every wink,  your devlish grin teases to come back for more. You drain thim till nothing is left then cast thim to the side and move on to your next fivtom. Now I see you for who are you are the wicked and i m slowly but shurly make my way back to my feet hoping some day my angle will come to save me but on till then i will be a live sine to all of what ur dark powers will do to a person..............                                     the scared            
My "sexy" Brazilian Name
Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is: Livia da Silva Bafo! What's Your Sexy Brazilian Name? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
My Manufactured Reflection
As some of you may know, I recently made a move back to Cali where most of my family is. The reasons are most personal, I'm sure that goes without saying.. Anyhow, I grew up in a very Catholic family. Had my First Communion && all that good stuff. A few days ago, I asked my aunt to see if she had any pictures from my Quincenera.. See, I never got to see the pictures myself, as I soon after moved to Nevada along with my mother, && siblings.. Damn step dad tagged along as well.. mehh. So, yesterday she shows up with a disc of all the pics she had taken that day. I can't explain the emotions that filled me, one after another, while looking through these photos.. It still turns my stomach to picture them.. I grew up, for the most part, a very unhappy child. For reasons that I will not go through as they are very gory and devastating, so much more than most know, I grew up hating my mother.. I always thought I was stronger than her will to affect me. I was wrong. Let me explain.. When I
I Can Help
Do you feel its a waste when u run ability blings? Not getting the attention it should have? Want to max on profile rates using a Famplifier? Need points but noone hits ur page while running autos? Dont quite get how to run a bomb and need help? I can do it for u. I can give u my points/ add u to my fam while doing it. Hit me up if u  need help maximizing ur blings abilities, and dont mind giving me something for my time/use of my profile activity. I have a busy page, u do the math. Serious inquiries only. Luv ya!
So the pimp handing Wild Bill ended up on a rampage, and slapped many of us with it 10 times or better.  I dont get it, i never saw this guy, payed any attention to him before Jeniwren asked me to post the mumm for Sparkly. I guess Sparkly is right about this douche breathed faggot! So of course I go and look at his pics and find it really sad that a 60 something year old man would act like this, on an online website. I feel for his kids, and how they must  have been raised, I feel pity for him in the least gaf way possible..I thought when i got pimp slapped 5 times i was dealing with some 20, maybe 30 year old someone who had nothing to do with his life and see its a drunken grandfather... sooo sad
I Still... (be Warned If You Plan To Read...just Mindless Chatter)
...miss you when I close my eyes...and then I open them and I realize my aim is improving at a wonderful pace...LOL. ok I had to. I guess right now I am looking for the humor within myself. This coming week is going to CRAZY! Epic crazy...I look forward to the madness, It keeps me busy, It keeps my mind working and enjoying life. I am going to be making another one of my "little road trips" which means 1600 miles in something like 20 hours, would be 16 hours but I must be a dutiful person and spend time. On the bright side I'm bringing my son home. I miss him when he's gone and I'm never myself. I alwayz find myself turning into a workaholic when he's not here for me to come home to. I'm also entirely too self focused. So I turn into a bitchy workaholic psychopath lol. There's a lot of shit on my mind lately. There has been for awhile. A lot of it is political crabbiness which I will not even get into here. None of you know that side of me and I am pretty damned well sure you wanna ke
Are Emticons Intrusive
Are emoticons intrusive?  (fu) =D
Poetry In Motion
One of my poems.  Enjoy.   TO ENTER THE MIND AGAIN  Through the vast ocean, I do breathe Through the valley of hills, I do slumber Through the pits of volcanoes, I do remember Riding the bumpy rollercoaster of time Touching the dark and light Seeing but not knowing which way in between Sliding faster into the unknown depths of space As if falling through the sky I embrace Clutching the air as I fall Being caught by the strong arms of a parent Being let go, just to repeat the process To enter the mind again.
Stuff My Son Taught Me...since We "moved"...into..."the Struggle"...and Now...i Understand...oh How I Understand...
We've been in this city now for 2 years this son and I...& we haven't lived together since we were separated...he was 17 at the on the streets with his 16 yr old gf...for close ta 6 months...I didnt get to see him on his 18th birthday...we had no cell phones ..I had to take "temporay"  shelter in this city...& he landed in the projects downtown...I am at the other end...My kid learned a whole lotta "stuff"...ya gotta survive here...and he taught me...k???...And we both agreed the other day when I saw him...It's HARD WORK...being poor...& amongst other things...We are all in this hell here together & nobody"wants"to be here...& once your here...It's real hard to get out. One of the most important things we that we are ALL just people.Human beings.You Give Respect.You Get Respect.Pretty much the law of the land here. There are a few more which I really can't write here,but, some of these songs tell it all. It truly is "An Every Day Struggl
In Loving Memory Of Plaques
  I will make up Memorial plaques for you and to post in my lounge.     I can also make one with 2 people on it. If you would like one done up for you to post on your page and in my lounge let me knowleave a comment with this info in it*Color *EndearmentBeloved SonBeloved DaughterBeloved WifeBeloved HusbandBeloved FatherBeloved MotherBeloved Daughter and SisterBeloved Son and BrotherBeloved Husband and FatherBeloved Wife and MotherBeloved Wife and DaughterBeloved Husband and SonBeloved Father and MotherBeloved Daughter, Mom and GrandmotherLoving WifeLoving Wife and MotherLoving HusbandLoving Husband and FatherHusband and FatherWife and Mother
Hacked Maybe??
When I got on the computer this morning and typed in fubar in the google search area I was surprised that an account was up. Not my account, but a new account. It was made yesterday at 5:45pm. The email address that was used to make it was is very very odd.Look at the email address. Is it possible my computer was hacked?? I went to this account and fanned it. What do you think I should do about this? I still have the account logged in on one web page while I have this one opened up on chrome.  What do you guys think this is?
It trickled down with sadness. Tear stained forgoteness. All that was left was emptiness. Screaming please ! Please! Don't forget me! Then you came.... Crept up like fire under my skin. Peeling back my bitterness. Burning up my soul like acid eating paper. I loved it. I craved it. GIVE ME MORE! I would kill to be in your arms... I would die to have your lips on mine... The blinding salvation of deaths' sweet call, only if will have me first. Take me completely. Forever yours...  
Bbw *ugh* (re-post)
Over the years I have heard all the names and been left out of all sorts of things due to the size of my clothes, but lately I have really been thinking about a term use on the internet that I believe is overly used. BBW, big beautiful woman.There are many different people in this world of all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and just because you are of one of them does not mean you are more beautiful then the person you stand next to. So why is it that because you are a big, plus size, woman you are automatically beautiful? This I do not understand, but I am sure someone out there in the world is someone who does understand it, because the term has came to be and very popular at that.I, personally really dis like the term. I don't think people should drawl attention to themselves by putting labels on themselves and/or others. Yes I am a bigger woman, yes I shop at plus size stores, but I don't want to be called BBW. If a man (or woman) tells me at the get go th
No More Love
It's cold outside I'm sensing fear My self control has disappeared I'm spinning out at each end Could you be kind and let me in Despite the writing on the wall My future's bleak and rather small That's all you could ever take from me I've got nothing to lose so let me be Well I sized you up your not that strong You're weak inside I knew all along This made up army you fight in your head Destroyed your worth and pronounced you dead There's no more love There's no more love There' no more love for me and you No more love There's no more love There' no more love for me and you The cruelest joke that has played on me Is all planned out so I can't leave Now quietly I will walk away There is no bad blood but I can't stay There is no more love because there is no more love
Long Day 2.25
"Since we're taking the scenic route. Tell me your life story, Siren." I ask. "Well, it started many moons ago, before telephones had answering machines and mom was having her first child. Dad got drunk the night before and still half lit when she informed him "It's time." Dad replied "Of course it's time. I'm dry woman, where's my beer?" "No, you drunken idiot. My water broke." "Well, let me get Bubba on the phone, he'll come by and fix it." he slurs. My mom smacked him upside the head "No, your baby is on the way and we need to get to the hospital.""Oh Shit!" And he was running around the trailer like a chicken without a head! He couldn't find his shoes and then forgot mom when he took off in the car. Came back sheepishly. They barely made it and I was almost dropped in ER." Enthralled in the story, I ask if that was true. She replies. "No, not really. I was given up for adoption and I don't know who my parents are. But my adopted parents were always loving and supportive of me.
I'm In An Auction Ends July 23
Men Are No Longer Gentlemen
Nope, they're not.. However, I am the exception.
A Better Relationship Through Communication Skills ......
Use the power of communication for you! Ask a couple what's the one thing they'd like to improve in their relationship and more often than not their answer will be communication. It seems the thing we take most for granted, our speech, is the one thing that has the power to build or destroy a relationship. If you find communication is an area you'd like to improve in your relationship, take a few moments and read over the following tips and ideas for a better relationship through communication. 1. Communication is a power - don't abuse it.As with any condition of power, the quickest way to ruin is by abusing it. Remember that your words have long lasting effects, even more so than you may realize. In the future, the reason why you were arguing or having difficulties may not be remembered, but the feelings and words you conveyed will be. If you feel yourself about to say something demeaning or unneccesary, stop yourself and don't say anything at all. Try other tactics like going out f
The Ocean Test
You Are Reflective and Thoughtful You are most comfortable when you are challenging yourself and trying something new. You believe in transparency and honesty. The truth hurts, but you'd like to know it. You have no trouble finding contentment wherever you are in life. You are happy in the now. You believe that if you look closely enough at people, they all have their own unique beauty. The Ocean Test Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
Nothing Special.
Sorry I been a slackin kiddos. Of course there's more shit than you can shake @ stick at. But until then. Enjoy ur point hoaring bc it's at a crazy level.. And it's famp time sat soo ya'll know how that goes.   lol Until next time...peace.
I Miss You! For My Dad's!
Father how I miss youevery waking dayI curse the one who made youdie and go away.I miss your warm handsand I miss the talks we hadI miss the times when words were of no needand hope my love you'll always see.I wish I'd had some time to sayhow I loved you sobut I never got the chancebecause it was your time to go.I want the memories backnew and happy stillyet I know I never willif you knew how much I caredI might not feel so sad and scared.My Father how I miss you soMy Father I need you!I hope you knew about my lovebecause its strength is always trueToday, Jesus, as You are listeningin your home above;Would you go and find my dadand give him all my love.  Just Really missing my Dad an My Step Dad Been three year
Current List Of Sexiest Dood Cams On Fubar!!
Here is this week's list of Sexiest Dood Cams on Fubar:  - Boge - Top Sexiest Dood Cam!! Boge - Club Fantasia Bang - Club Fantasia  Papi - Club Fantasia Loca - Trivium Lounge Eyez - Club Fantasia Legend - PDP Lounge BAD - Club Fantasia Bobby - Club Fantasia Yusa - Club Fantasia Skittzo - Club Paradise Ranc - Trivium Lounge Lions - Trivium Lounge Motor -T
Cyber Sex
Cyber sex with just words, so terrible?
Write what you want, that is why it is called the feeple's blog.
What Are Your Colors?
Your Colors Are Neutral Your colors are subdued - like grays, tans, black, and white. You are a classy and elegant person. You don't need or want too much flash. You have an eye for quality, and you are a big believer in "less is more." You are a solid, unwavering person. You are very comfortable with who you are. What Are Your Colors? Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.
Stupid Mistakes And The Ramifications Of.......
Ever make a grave mistake and beat yourself up over it? I have and every day since I wonder why I did what I did. I suppose the old adage is true, you can't cry over spilled milk. Move up and move on? Cowboy up? Whatever...meaningless phrases , motovational poster tripe.I had someone who I thought was my soulmate. We (or rather I) approached or broached a subject not in the most delicate of ways. And now she's gone. And I'm here...lonely, utterly miserable. My bed,my mess, my life. So my life consists of work, going to the gym for a bit, riding my bicycle (no tassles on the handlebars ...yet) , playing with the kitties and going to sleep. Rinse and repeat.I put a ad on craigslist (can you say super duper desperate?) and I got 33 of them. All spam. C'est la vie. So I then went to Eshhhh. Every woman there seems to be a hipster wannabe or maybe they are hipsters, who knows? ;)  All trying to out do the next with random pithy sayings, smug attitudes and th
I'm A Sexy Man
Yeah, right, wanna laugh?
Happy Birthday My Sir
To: my Sir, Birthdays are inevitable, as is the passing of time. Nearly four years have passed since W/we began spending time together. At first, it was by chance, when both of U/us were on line and not busy. Even then i felt drawn to You. It wasn't long before i started to squirm and wiggle my way out of other on line *clears throat* conversations when You showed Yourself on line, even if only to get a moment of Your time and attention. Weeks passed, some with little communication, some with a lot. It seemed, though, that W/we started to seek each other out more and more often. Just a couple short months into O/our friendship, i knew something special had begun. The word love had not yet occurred to me though it would have fit. You had become an important person in my life, showing me more respect than i could have shown myself at the time. O/our conversations ebbed an flowed easily, sometimes touching on the erotic, but usually just day to day stuff. You let me vent about m
Stuck In My Head All Day
 this has been in my head all damn day... (see comments)
Sleep Or Read Porno
As you were
One Of My Favorite Videos!
I'll post the video in the comments.
Ic51 Blowing It Up Again
she don't stop.   
Is Drinking Coffee Really An Advantage For Hepatitis C?
Is Drinking Coffee Really an Advantage for Hepatitis C?December 22, 2009Printer-friendly versionFor people with a chronic health concern, claims of coffee's benefits and dangers have essentially canceled each other out. However, new research on coffee and Hepatitis C tips the scale for those with this Nicole Cutler, L.Ac.Besides water, coffee is the world's most popular beverage. While at least half of Americans drink one cup or more per day, we are still uncertain if drinking coffee is a boon or peril to our health. Since the liver must process everything we eat or drink, those with advanced liver disease from chronic Hepatitis C are especially wary of any type of habitual consumption. However, new research demonstrates that those with chronic Hepatitis C have a lot to gain from a several cup per day coffee habit.The Bitter BeverageWhen a cup of black, relatively strong coffee is consumed, there is no doubt that bitterness dominates its flavor profile. Even though many peop
Write Me People
when im gone im gonna need real ones   heres the addy Andy Smith 10 E North AvePittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212     pleasekthanx
Mark This Nsfw
If I wanted your opinion I would have taken my hard tool out of your mouth and asked you!
Name Funnies
Something I happen across. 20 Worst names ever. Here's the link to the site which has pictures of most of the people: For those that can't be bothered with links, here's the names:                     Chew Kok Knight, Jed I (actually, that's pretty awesome) Gaye Males Judy Swallows Charley Willard Horse Dick (you should click the link above and view this one - trust me on that) Robert Fagot Mahboobeh Mister Love (sex offender) Natalia Vagina Mike Litoris Rusty Kuntz Oliver Loser (guess he was born a Loser) Jack Goff Barre C. Dumas Willie Stroker B. J. Cobbledick Anass Afadass Anass Rhammar Jesus Condom Batman Bin Suparman     What else can I say after that?
More Falkor.
He went swimming today - see comment.
I Am Busy
I am really busy  this week. I am testing all week for my Red belt in Bok-Fu and it is serious business...Yes I am testing with a broken patella. I am not dead so I can still kick ass. Yes it hurts at the end of class but I have suffered far worse pain than this. Nothing is going to keep me from training, not even death. I am so close to my black belt in this style I can taist it. This is one of the hardest arts to receive a black belt in. Taekwondo was nothing compaired to what I do now.  I am the only student who trains in multiple systems he has in his dojo, Bok-Fu, Judo, Sport Jiu-Jitsu, kick-boxing, and defensive weapons. I hold a belt in each style (well defensive weaposn we do not have belts) and I have a black belt already in Taekwondo...again I am the only student he has that hold the most belts. There is only one other student who is close , a 2nd degree black belt who has 3 belts Taekwondo, Bok-fu, and Jiu-jitsu, he is a black belt in each style. He is also a world Champion
My Story...
(This is an important true story of my life I wish to share with you.)..: I had met him around Sept 11th 2001- that should have been ominous enough. I was out dancing at my usual spot with my usual hommie- Nina. He was the first good looking white guy to ever dance with me- I usually get the dirty Mexican or the black guys all over me =( He was VERY good looking> tall, dirty blonde, clean cut. I wanted him. I kissed him! I hadn’t even known his name yet. WE exchanged numbers and went out on a date. Well...that date didn’t end up a one-night-stand. In December-of the same year- we moved in together. He was in the Army so the moving in and finances were easy. Month later I got pregnant....he was happy about it even though unexpected. I had a miscarriage in February. That’s when the darkness came. He as partier from the beginning...but nothing unusual for a just turned 21 year old. After the miscarriage he became an alcoholic. An abusive,violent,erratic drunk. I was the
My Heart And Soul
There is peace in my soul For such a long awaited time There is love in my life A love of and rhyme     Once you took hold of my heart I knew no other could have reached As whispered fate took my hand To levels only you could reach   With you in my life I will live eternally I knew the first night we met YOU were meant for ME   I Love You Baby Heart And Soul
Lady Antebellum - Never Alone
Saw this on someone's page and it hit hard. This is what haunts me day in and day out.I can't walk away.I can't forget.I can't stop caring.And the thing that hurts the most is that you've taken my friendship and loyalty for granted.You've treated it and me as if it was an obligation. And maybe it's time to remember that an obligation is usually something one fulfills because they have to out of respect and not because they want to out of love.An obligation is something you HAVE to do not something you WANT to do.And what I do is done out of the pure desire to please you.Not because I want anything from you at all but because I desire to make you happy and take care of you. Maybe that is my mistake. I fell in love with someone who doesn't need anyone and can't love anyone in return.May the angels protect youTrouble neglect youAnd heaven accept you when its time to go homeMay you always have plentyThe glass never emptyKnow in your bellyYou're never aloneMay your tears come from laughingY
Lousy Week
I am hanging on the fu today trying to keep my mind off my lousy week. Im suppose to start my classes back next week and I am pretty sure I blew the head gasket in my car. I am not looking for pitty, just need to vent. Monday I had an appt and my car started smoking like a SOB, Tuesday I went about 3 miles and my car started over heating. Wednesday I went and got my 7 YEAR CLEAN coin (one good thing this week), leaving there which was 3 blocks away, my car wouldnt start, then when it started, I got it home and the smoke began again. There is oil in my exhaust and it feels like my car isn't getting much gas, mind you, its a 3 banger metro but I will be without transportaion for awhile, which makes me feel almost claustsphobic, I know what  a way to explain it but.....   but once again Yeah me on being clean from meth for 7 years!  
Obama Defends Plans For Mosque Near Ground Zero
 Obama: 'Muslims have the right to practice their religion as anyone else'  J. Scott Applewhite / AP President Barack Obama hosts an iftar dinner, the meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, Friday in the White House State Dining Room. Obama said the American tenet of religious freedom means the freedom of Muslims to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City.NBC, and news services  updated 8/13/2010 10:23:23 PM ET -WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Friday endorsed plans for a Muslim mosque two blocks from ground zero in New York City, declaring that "Muslims have the right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country." Speaking at a White House dinner celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Obama said all Americans have the right to worship as they choose. "That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance wit
Ninja Warrior Bishes!!!
Set your DVRs. New season of Ninja Warrior @ 3 today on G4!!! I could see missing my 30 year high school reunion for that. I could totally avoid ironing a shirt!!!
Johnny...never Say Never You Big Hypocrite
One thing I have learned in my life is to never say never which is why I keep doing that all the time.  We don't really learn to not say that we just say it cause we all know things constantly change in this life. I have always said I would never eat insects.  Except if involved in a plane crash in the jungle with no food and was really really hungry!! I will cook them if I can find fire.  I will never have a pet snake. Many people have them but somehow they just don't have the same look in their eye that a doggie or kitty does.  I will never, never, ever go out with a Pittsburg Steeler fan and I will never get Fu married on this site.  Seems to be the most ill named concept for sharing points I had ever seen....just call it sharing points.  Well I was wrong on both of those last nevers and now appear to be somewhat of a hypocrite.  In fact I not only appear to be a hypocrite..I am one I guess.  But my heart was in the right place.  Then I met someone that just came barrel assin in and
The Haunting
To the sound of a voice I awake.. I close my eyes in hopes It will go away   I drift back to sleep Slipping back into that dream It all seems so sweet But nothing is as it seems   I hear the voice once more I sit up to answer you Why you won't leave I have not a clue   I'm haunted by the memories Of our scattered past The neverending nightmare Of a love that didn't last..
Fbi, Fcc, Ftc, And Kazaa
So, my mom calls. There's an extra 20 dollars tacked on her phone bill in my name. I think, well I didn't sign up for anything. Oh, it's Kazaa - the file and music sharing site. Well, I didn't sign up with them. Or did I? I looked up a song that I tried to find a direct download link for in Karen's interest the same month I supposedly signed up for Kazaa. I retrace my steps to the site. Totally different website than what I remember. Not to mention, I don't remember filling out any forms using my MOM's address nor would I have signed up for anything that charges me to download music. After all, I can get music for free. So I call them and they tell me that I provided my name, address, and email to sign up for their site. And that I verified it through email. I certainly did not! They won't refund the charge but they will cancel the account and tell me I can fax so and so and file a police report and have an investigation and blah blah blah and maybe I'll get refunded.  Dial phone comp
Starting Tomorrow
Well, tomorrow is a big day for me. My "baby" will be starting kindergarten. That means both of my kiddos will be in "big boy school". I'll have no kids home on my days off and my evenings will be filled with homework. At any rate, I'll be on more often during the week now because of that, lol. I'll still be spending time on Facebook too. I guess I'm just a social networking freak. =/ Oh well........hope everyone has a great day. I must make a phone call and get ready for work in about 10 minutes.
so this is what is on my mind.   apparently if you don't talk to every guy that hits on you on this site....they get really pissed off. apparently..if your a "top" guy you must follow by the rules and speak to them when spoken to. well I say FUCK THE RULES.... I have a life....i go to school full time..I work.I'm a mom and sorry if i cant fit in your boring conversation in between all of that. Guys....... you know how many guys hit on me on a daily basis  A SHIT LOAD. WHAT IS WITH THESE MEN THAT DID NOT GET ENOUGH ATTENTION WHEN THEY WERE BABIES??  no to mention I have a you guys need me to say that in spanish? french? how about german? ohhh and I know turkish too!!!  do you think that when i come on fubar...I wanna start talking to about 30 different guys? have you ever talked to 30 girls at one time? I'm thinking not!! well let me fill you in..its a pain i the ass...and NEWSFLASH if i wanted to talk to you..I would.If I had something inter
The Street Team Is Rollin' With Biz Cards! What?
Beckee420 and Tech are masterminds of promoting fubar. Their quality is top shelf. This is why they are top brass here on the Official Family Fubar Street Team. We do not want to spam people or be a nuisance. We want to spread the fubar gospel and represent. This place is bad ass. It is only going to get better if our street team and users get other cool people to come over and check it out. To the fools who say fubar is all about leveling.....they may want to see there is an offline movement that is pushing our online movement. The more cool people we add, the more cool people they add and the annoying people fall into the cracks! Where else can you do whaat we do?    Join the fubar Steet Team Movement! Talk to Beckee420 or Tech or stop into the new fubat Street Team Lounge and see how you can get involved.
Ever Wonder What It Looks Like When Ppl Say The Walls Were Breathing?
Which Do You Prefer, No Music!
Which do you prefer, skinny women or big women?
How To Destroy Angels
A Drowning It's the glare from the reflectionMaking patterns in your eyesIt's the looking back in angerWith every second slipping byUndertow has come to take meGuided by the blazing sunLook at everything around usLook at everything we've done.Please anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfThere's a tiny little windowSwarms of locusts fill the skyMaybe I just disappear, If I canKeep my head above the tide.Please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myself   The Space In Between All our blood lying on the floorSense the crowd expecting something moreOpened up, proudly on displayWhat we tried so hard to hide awayBl
OK Where to start with this. Well I first signed up on FUBAR in December 2008 and poked around and left. In June 2010 I decided to give FUBAR another chance. As i leveled and was checking out profiles i was starting to notice a common theme. No one ever rated any one under a 10 unless they had drama going on with the other person. But I was also noticing other thing men and women on FUBAR who had a high average but in reality wouldn't and as you went threw their photo or read their profiles they were selling their nsfw photos for bling or credits or FuBucks, or they would just post them for friends to see or for any one who wanted to look.   I started to ponder and think about this and one night i was watching Penn and Teller's show Bull Sh*t. And it just happened to be about self esteem.  A little light when on in my head i figured out why this was happening on FUBAR. People on FUBAR had become a costumed to the 10 and 11 rates and the rating system lost what it stood for. I am rat
Daddy It Hurts!
DADDY it HURTS !!   My name is Christopher ,I am three,My eyes are swollen..I cannot see.I must be stupid,I must be bad,What else could have made,My daddy so mad?I wish I were better,I wish I weren't ugly,Then maybe my mommy,Would still want to hug me.I can't do a wrong,I can't speak at all,Or else I'm locked up,All day long.When I'm awake,I'm all alone,The house is dark,My folks aren't home.When my mommy does come home,I'll try and be nice,So maybe I'll just get,One whipping tonight.I just heard a car,My daddy is back,From Charlie's barI hear him curse,My name is called ,I press myself,Against the wall.I try to hide,>From his evil eyes,I'm so afraid now,I'm starting to cry.He finds me weeping,Calls me ugly words,He says its my fault,He suffers at work.He slaps and hits me,And yells at me more,I finally get free,And run to the door.He's already locked it,And I start to bawl,He takes me and throws me,Against the hard wall.I fall to the floor,With my bones nearly broken,And my daddy co
The Mystery Of Penis Size...finally Uncovered.
I recently had a male friend of mine ask me, "Would you rather have sex with a guy who had a thick 9" penis, a guy with an average 6" penis, or a smaller 4" one and why?" To this, I replied that there wasn't enough information presented to formulate a real opinion. After an exasperated sigh on his end (which I seem to get regularly, due to my constant need for more information), I explained the entire mystery regarding what women think of penis size, and it's that knowledge I share today with you fine folks.First, size DOES matter, but only in terms of confidence, really. What a girl generally finds is that, those packing the "big guns" tend to be rather self aware, and their ego often allows them to overlook performance. Similarly, those with smaller than average packages fail to have much in the area of confidence, and this too may be related in the bedroom. Here's the reality:Big Boys: The Pros - In a way, penis size is a bit like breast size. While some like the appearance of somet
Hahahaha Parody
I'm sure you've all heard the song "love the way you lie" by Eminem. Well some guy and a girl made a parody of it, and it's cracking me up. Watch! [video in comments]
New Maybe Song, Not Sure
  You left me Went to her One day she will see She got what she deserves   (chorus) What’s she going to do When she gets to the bottom of the box And there she finds you Will it be a shock?   She expected to get a price, a top ranked show Instead she got a washed up old man Trying to be a boy, a toy , an man ho Still living with mama just cause he can   (chorus)   He plays video games all day Stays up half the night Bitches when he don’t get his way And tries to start a fight   (chorus)   Talks to one, two, three or four Girls at one time Tells each they are his only whore Laughing at them the whole time   (chorus)  
My Sex Story Read With Caution
MIDNIGHT PASSIONYou don't know how or why you are here but you find yourself in a beautiful black dress with lace all over it. You blink trying to clear your vision and once you can see you look around the room. You notice that there are no windows and the only exit is opposite your bed. You get up and attempt to go to the door,but you fall flat on your face. Just as you get up you notice there is a man at the door, looking at you and chuckling a bit under his breath. "Who the hell are you and how did i get here"? As you ask your question you notice how incredibly gorgeous he is. He has eye length jet-black hair with a purple tint.He is staring at you through a few strands covering his piercing blue eyes.He seems to look straight through you into the depths of your soul.With a blink of an eye you are back on the bed and he is seated next to you."I'm William and you my dear are Angelic, or have you forgotten that as well"? You cant help but be a bit turned on by the seductiveness of
Can I Get An Answer?
Can someone tell me how this salute was approved?   yeah...I didn't think so.
Truckers Aint Robots
Truckers get the blame when anything on the highway does not go right.  We work a 70 hr week and we get no extra pay for our work.  We travel up to 3500-6000 miles a week and get paid  on only 90% of our actual miles.  We haul just about everything we get in the stores or the things we buy online.  Truckers move this country in return we are treated like children.  Yes, some drivers are not the greatest people in the world, but we are Human.  Truckers miss family activities and we miss our lives.  Some drivers experience a life alone.  They get depressed, stressed, and their weight and attitude show it.  Company employees such as dispatches and brokers think we are robots.  Sit in the docks for 2-15 hrs. cant sleep because you have to be awake to hear your truck to be called to load on the cb raido.  After you are loaded the broker wants you to be there ASAP, they know you been up all day and expect you to now drive how ever many miles to get it there in the morning so u have to truck
Best Oosik To What You Know
Retail | Anchorage, AK, USA Customer: “Excuse me, what is this?” Me: “That’s an ‘oosik’.” Customer: “What’s it made of?” Me: “It’s umm.. the lower anatomy of a walrus.” Customer: “What?” Me: “It’s a part of a male walrus.” Customer: “What part?” Me: “It’s a petrified walrus penis.” (The customer laughs and runs over to his wife. They talk in their language for a bit then he drags her over by the arm, still giggling.) Customer: “Tell her what it is!”
Japan - A Cultural Experience
video below
A Real Life Experience Of Mine
The story takes place during the summer of 1995.  At the time I was a firefighter/medic and crew officer for a local volunteer fire and rescue department.  One weekend, which I had off from fire duty, I was notified of a large structure fire within my area of operations.  Not having anything else to do, I went to the station to help with staffing.  When I got to the station, there was an immediate need for an ambulance.  A grabbed two other personnel to staff the unit.  While responding to the fire, dispatch redirected us to the interstate for a significant multi-car accident.  The dispatcher indicated there were 5 at least 5 cars involved with possible trapped victims.  There were other units dispatched but would be delayed because of the fire.   When we arrived on the scene, I knew this was going to be bad.  Half of four-door sedan had slid under a tractor-trailer.  An old station wagon was upside down and was partially in a ditch approximately 50 feet from the sedan.  There were f
Yet Another True Story
I was just walking down the hall and passed a very pregnant girl wearing a s
Things Change
in time things change, even if the light seems miles awayplease never wipe that smile off your facei seen the bottom, felt the cost of painsome say its just the cost of famei know at times i felt i lost my waybut my friends always been there to weather the storm,shit, i guess that what friends fori see the future lookin bright but i won't fast forwardcuz when i get, it means that much morei know you feel me and i been spillin my heart for yearsshowin ya'll the real me and this is all sincerei know folks that are livin just like, and plenty others that flat out despise mebut every mornin when i rise and shine,i shake them haters right off my mindknowin i'll be fine and understand things clearplus now i'm cool with the man in the mirrorthey saying that my subject matter is all similarsorry for so long,i remained, sinistercouldn't harness the hate or put faith in the ministerwhen things dont change pain remains in your literaturethats just all i'm sayinand if you ask how i'm doin i'll say
The silence so deadly the pain so divine never forgetting the love stuck away in the back of my mind the memories burning searing from within the knowledge of loss wearing me thin the look in my eyes as i gaze in the mirror the suffering i've caused much more then a glimmer know that i'm guilty  of every single sin not seeing so clearly as i glance again forgetting the moment  and what i wanted to say the knowledge of self running so deep the monster overtaking  inhibiting release scream it out softly a demons keen wail knowing so surely  in this life i WON'T fail pulling together  making it work tougher then life in every single way i will take on the world  and prove the doubters wrong i'm nothing in this life if i am not strong  
Goodbye And Thanks For The Fish.
  I’ve spent a lot of time on fubar and met some interesting people. Some bizarre, some kind and some I wouldn’t pee on if on fire.  Fubar, like society in general has its good and it’s bad, it’s ups and downs. I spent way too much time here, wishing for something to come true.  Perhaps I was looking for friendship and that all elusive thing we all crave, love.  No matter how witty one is, or well spoken, or thoughtful, it’s trumped by a nice set of breasts. .  Words fall on deaf ears.  It’s all a popularity contest and I’ve gotten to the point where I refuse to play anymore. I’ve left Facebook as well. I haven’t deleted it as I use it to communicate with family overseas but for my so called friends and associates on there, I will not communicate with them anymore.  I don’t care about your weekend plans, or who you nailed, or how drunk you got. It’s meaningless.  Do you honestly care about what I say?  The reality is no
The Environmental Effects Of War
Africa“My hands are tiedThe billions shift from side to sideAnd the wars go on with brainwashed prideFor the love of God and our human rightsAnd all these things are swept asideBy bloody hands time can't denyAnd are washed away by your genocideAnd history hides the lies of our civil wars” – Guns ‘n Roses (Civil War)In Africa many civil wars and wars between countries occurred in the past century, some of which are still continuing. Most wars are a result of the liberation of countries after decades of colonialization. Countries fight over artificial borders drawn by former colonial rulers. Wars mainly occur in densely populated regions, over the division of scarce resources such as fertile farmland. It is very hard to estimate the exact environmental impact of each of these wars. Here, a summary of some of the most striking environmental effects, including biodiversity loss, famine, sanitation problems at refugee camps and over fishing is given for different cou
Gimme Monies!
So heres the thing.. My Birthday is in a month and I wanna get spotlight on that day cos Im an attention hoar and stuff. Anyways I would much appreciate any help with fubucks. I mean you dont have to give me anything,wait..yeah you do:P Ok you really dont but I would be so happy if you helped a girl out:D please please please! I have like 100 mil right now and Im gonna need a ton more. This is gonna suck. I hate constantly asking for fubucks.   That is all..Thank you
The Pussy Palace Is Full Of Abortions
Have you been to an emergency room in the past three months? Yeah, right. I don't have health insurance. I'd rather be dead than have medical bills. If so, what for (patient, visitor)? What is your least favorite thing about the same sex? Shoes with chunky heels and muffin tops. What about the opposite sex? They're needy ass bitches. And they always want blowjobs. Hello, how about my neck hurts. Have you ever seen a bald eagle in person? Hello, I'm so American I have a pet bald eagle. What type of rides do you like most at amusement parks? Yeah, let me go spend thirty bucks to get on some death traps, be around screaming children. And if all that isn't fun enough I can buy a eight dollar diet coke and not be able to smoke anywhere. Would you be willing to take a drug test right now? I mean it depends on what it's for but there is a VERY good chance I would pass. I'm proud. Has there ever been a time in your life that you would've failed that test? Why don't you ask DuPage County about
The Day The Nation Stood Still
Do you remember where you were 9 years ago on this day? I bet you do. I bet nearly every American born before that day could tell you exactly where they were. For some the events of 9/11 touched far deeper then others. For those of us that did not directly lose a loved one, a family member, a close friend, we were all still touched on a deep primal level. Those images that flashed before our eyes on every media frequency available. The days of living the way we once did, ended at exactly 8.46 AM when Flight 11 was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. It was 9.49 AM Central Time when I heard the news. I could go into grave detail of the feelings that overwhelmed me on this day but my personal feelings do not play a part in this. It was the feelings of all of the souls trapped in that tower, the feelings of this, Our Great United States of America, that matter. It is the thoughts of those people stuck and knowing they will DIE. And for what? What was going through these
Black Lips
        Black lips black hair candles reflect in  black stare   pale skin so cold to run away scared   an embrace to escape   sharp nails  soft  touch no escape is near   a soul ensnared   cold sheets  a taste of sweat pay the pipers debt   black lips black hair     LOST IN THE DARK  Sept. 9 2010
A Mudslide Took Her Down
Actress Veronica DeVoid was in court again today seeking damages against a local Los Angeles spa owner. Ms. DeVoid visited the spa, Serenity's Smoke and Mirrors, last summer for a relaxing weekend before beginning her latest film, Cop A Feel 2. The spa advertises itself as specializing in relaxation herbs, aromatherapy massages, and facials. Ms. DeVoid alleges spa owner, Serenity Swindler, gave her a mud mask facial made of feline feces. The facial cost her $1,349.39. She is seeking monetary damages for the full cost of the weekend stay which totaled $14,857.26. She is also seeking an additional $12,280.15 for emotional distress. In a press conference yesterday afternoon after the first day in court, Ms. DeVoid related she had, indeed, questioned Ms. Swindler about the strong odor of the mask but was informed it was a special Egyptian mud known to keep skin tight and firm and that Cleopatra herself had been known to lay around for days with the mixture on her face. Ms. DeVoid al
Interesting Info About Donating Hair To Those With Cancer
Family To Receive $1.5m+ In First-ever Vaccine-autism Court Award
Nine-year-old Hannah Poling is shown. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Spink) The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. CBS News has learned the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million dollars for her life care; lost earnings; and pain and suffering for the first year alone.     In addition to the first year, the family will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah's care. Those familiar with the case believe the compensation could easily amount to $20 million over the child's lifetime.   Hannah was described as normal, happy and precocious in her first 18 months. Then, in July 2000, she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor's visit: measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae. Afterward, her health declined rapidly. She developed high fevers, stopped eating, didn't respond when spoken to, began showing signs of autism, and began
White Women's Workout!
Here ya go.
Lmfao This Is Too Funny
This is an "actual letter" from an Austin , Texas woman sent to Proctor and Gamble regarding one of their feminine products. She really gets rolling after the first paragraph. This was PC Magazine's 2009 Editors' Choice award-winner for the best letter sent via e-mail.   Dear Mr. Thatcher,   I have been a loyal user of your 'Always' maxi pads for over 20 years and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the LeakGuard Core or Dri-Weave absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts.   But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants.   Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my time of the month is startin
About Me
Many have asked me many times if I was a real life DJ, the answer to that question is "YES"!! I have been in this business called House Music for many years. I have been in the thick of things and have become widely known throughout the Chicago-land and surrounding areas, also doing gigs out of state. I have seen a lot of Clubs and rocked them good. From New York, to Cali, to Florida and other Clubs in other states, I have sent moved the masses. I got my first shot on the FM Dial on W.C.Y.C here in Chicago and then moved up to W.C.R.X, to W.I.I.T and now on B96. I do what I do best and take pride it in by moving Clubheads wherever I go. I have mixed beside some of the Industries best accomplished DJ's. From DJ Tiesto, to well known others. I could go on and on, but I am not trying to write a book. Here on Fu, I had a lounge called "Club Mixture" and it brought in a lot of members. I closed it, due to time restrictions that conflicted with my gigs. I hated to close my lounge down, but t
Quote Of The Day 9/15/2010
The truth is "hate speech" only to those who have something to hide.--Michael Rivero P.S. Free 1 credit bling to the first person who can figure out what this day means to me personally.
How to be a good Wife Excerpted from a 1950’s High School Home Economics Textbook Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal in time. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome needed. Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so that you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be a little gay and a little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift. Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives, gathering up school books, toys, paper, etc. Then run a dust cloth over the tables. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order and it will give you a lift too. Prepa
Facebook a good alternative to fubar, or a supplement?
good to be back the idiots who reported me in the mumms lost as i was not guilty of being racist' i explained to scrapper that this idiot from the uk had it in for me' so if you read this im laughing now ;o]
Point Whore Friends.......
I mean really..... should i delete the lot of you for a reality check? you don't need those boomerangs, 11's etc to be someone in a world that is non existent. shame!....
Here's What I Got To Say To All You Point Whores & Bling Beggars
I don't hand out fucking bling or bling paks to anyone that asks. I am sick and tired of being hit up for it and then berated because I buy it for myself and not you. So, here is my answer to those of you that think I'm just an evil and selfish person...GO FUCK YOURSELF! I think you should earn it and I hold contests or raffles to share in my wealth of bling at times, but don't come on my page or in my SB asking for it just cuz you want it. I say, EARN IT! Don't be a lazy fuck and expect everything handed to you cuz I'm not your momma and it won't happen. I am on a limited income as it is and I know most of you are too with today's economy, but I don't beg for shit nor do I come on your pages or in your SBs and make a stink about it. I will say that I do try to return favors that have been bestowed upon me from some of the more nicer FUs that I have met on here but I will not just hand out shit cuz you just HAVE to have it! I have removed some people from my friends list because I f
I'm A Simple Man
I'm a simple man, I find humor in simple things.  When there is a store named "BJ's" and it is right next to a store called "Dick's"  I am going to find that funny.  Every time I see it, it will make me chuckle a little inside.
Where Do You Live?
Optimists live in the future. Realists live in the present. Pessimists live in the past.
This Is All Written By Me And Is Explicit So Enter At Your Own Risk
It was 7 PM on a late summer night.  She drove to Siesta Key to a small bar and restaurant called the Daiquiri Deck as she had an arrangement to meet Steve for dinner.  She had never met Steve in person so she was a little apprehensive about meeting him.  But then she had her protector in her purse which was a nickel plated colt 45 with hollow point slugs….just in case.   She recalled his instructions of what she was to wear for dinner which was some high heels and a very short skirt and here she was sitting in a very short skirt …angry at herself for agreeing to follow his request but satisfied since she did not wear the heels as he had requested.  Then she sat back and smelled the salt water breeze blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico as the bar was just near the ocean.  Who gives a shit she thought .. I’ll just enjoy the evening.  Besides the first drink was starting to kick in and she let this rush over her like a large wave crashing in from the ocean and washing
I Answer Random Questions :d Enjoyyy
Is the person you have feelings for at least a bit cute? VERY!   When's the last time you deliberately skipped a class? This semester, ALREADY.   Anything you're avoiding? Doing my readings for uni.   Last time you were truly upset? last week, when I was sick :(   Does everyone deserve a second chance? Depends   Have you ever lost someone who meant a great deal to you? Yes   Are you close to your father? Kind of   Are you thinking about a certain person right now? Well now I am   Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to? No wayy!   What do you wish about at 11:11? nothing, it's dumb.   Are you emotionally strong? Nooo.   Do you act differently around the person you like? I'd say so   Are you one of those people who hate crying in front of others? I can't do it, It's like my biggest fear   How would your parents react if you got a tattoo? My mom hates them, my dad would think I'm crazy as well. My family is very posh.   You see the
Why is Fubar changing so much?   First I notice the tickers are gone. Then I realize that they've just moved down and now are ain a place that I never look. [yes, I actually looked at the tickers] Now I think my laptop is messing up and that the online bar thingy isn't loading. Nope, they changed that too. I'm told it has something to do with seizures.   My plan for this:   1. Put the fucking tickers back. It's a waste of money/fuBucks where is't at now. Didn't you all try this before and you moved it back? If it didn't work the first time, it's not going to work now...just sayin.   2. The  non scrollling bar thing..seizures, really? Why not ban fast morphing pictures and the flashy shit? A scrolling bar has NOTHING to do with seizures. Okay, maybe it does, but I'm sure fast morphing pictures and flashy ones are far worse.   That is all. Love you, friends!!
Which Is A Better Brad Pitt Movie
Interview with a Vampire, or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Zeb Little For Alabama State Senate
I have this pic in my default album (crosses fingers that it shows up in the blog) its a campaign sign by my house ... one sign is on one side of the street and the other side is across from it pointing at the other sign! So this douchenozzle was at the very small, hole in the wall restaurant I was at for lunch today. I do not know him personally, but I know of him. He's pretty famous in Cullman. When I worked last year at the bowling alley I was told a story about how he dated the owner's wife at one time and blah blah, who cares.  So, the guy comes to my table and introduces himself and is trying SO hard to get my vote of course. Keith introduces himself to him and shook his hand, I however did not tell him my name. I mean really? Whats the point of that? So in five minutes he can't remember it? I have never been impressed with this jerk and today I am even LESS impressed. I hadn't even noticed I'm strictly going by Keith's words on this, but when I got up to go pay the check he
I Love My Job.....i Never Forget
Crabby Old Man What do you see nurses? .......What do you see? What are you thinking......when you're looking at me? A crabby old man, ....not very wise, Uncertain of habit ........with faraway eyes? Who dribbles his food.......and makes no reply. When you say in a loud voice....."I do wish you'd try!" Who seems not to notice ....the things that you do. And forever is losing .............. A sock or shoe? Who, resisting or not...........lets you do as you will, With bathing and feeding ...... The long day to fill? Is that what you're thinking? Is that what you see? Then open your eyes,'re not looking at me. I'll tell you who I am ....... As I sit here so still, As I do at your bidding, I eat at your will. I'm a small child of Ten......with a father and mother, Brothers and sisters ......who love one another A young boy of Sixteen ...........with wings on his feet Dreaming that soon now. .........a lover he'll meet. A groom soon at Twenty heart gives a
Hate List 2010
Just in a mood to whine a little, you can read further or leave.....whatever ~I hate having a headache EVERYDAY ~I hate people who ride your ass when driving, speed up to pass you then fuckin turn 2 feet in front of you WITHOUT a blinker. ~I hate the way this site and the people have changed (and not for the good either) ~I hate the fact Grey's Anatomy makes me cry almost everyday ~I hate the fact I honesty care about some of you people ~I hate I'll have to take 2 pills for the rest of my life to keep myself from going to the mental hospital again ~I hate the fact after 19 years of marriage and 15 years of being a mother, I don't know who the fuck I am anymore. ~I hate all of you
I Like Asian Women
Is it strange that I have predilection for Asian women?
Prayer Of A Truck Driver's Wife
Prayer of a Truck Driver's Wife Dear Lord,Please bless my husband while he's out on the road. Please protect him from the wind and rain and cold. Help him to keep that big rig between the white lines so he can make it to his destination on time. May he find his back-haul quickly and make it home soon. Please light his night on the road with your stars and moon. Let him rest peacefully in his sleeper's bed, and please let there be a good meal and fresh coffee at the truck stop ahead. Help me to keep the home fires burning while he's out there movin' on. And give me the strength and wisdom to take care of things while he's gone. May the road he travels be clear and dry, and may not temptation catch his eye. Help him remember when he's all alone that his loving wife and best friend is waiting for him here at home.Amen
Rest In Peace, Tony.
I've always wondered when it became alright to be selfish with your own life. Not too long ago someone very dear to my heart took their own life. As if it were okay and everyone was supposed to turn the other cheek and go on as life does. I'm sorry, but I can't. I am still very angered and hurt over it. Why is it okay for you to take yourself from us? Where is it written in the books that a belt and a ceiling fan is okay? I have yet to forgive you. And I don't know if I will ever learn how. You told Amber you were trying to escape the pain. Well congratulations, you succeeded, and fucked everyone else that ever cared about you in the making.  I don't care that you left me, I don't care that you left everyone else. I care that you left Hailey. Of everyone I know you truly cared about her. And how I know this, is I lived it first hand. She never asked to be brought into this world to a mother who was a junky and to a father who would eventually take himself from her.   Amber told me t
Living In The Past??
  The events over this past week have really made me think, as a country are we still dwelling in the past? I'm a firm believer in you treat someone how they treat you, you get what you give, and if something bad happens to you it happened for a true reason. I was never raised to value someone based upon the color of their skin, rather how they treat you and others. This week has really made me question the values that many Americans have in regards to race. About a week ago I got a call from my son's 4th grade teacher in regards to a little girl claiming my son said he was going to bring a gun to school. The teacher said she didn't think this little girl was telling the truth, but still had to report it as the girls mother is the one who called her about it. The mother wanted to have a meeting with me, okay fine I agreed because it was best to let this mother know that I don't even have a toy gun in my home let alone a real one. When I questioned my son about this and about the litt
First Day
so this is my first day on fubar...i'm a bit confused, but i'll get the hang of it soon, i'm please have patience with me as i learn to use this site, lol...
Girls Of 4 Moon House - Part 4a
WARNING: Not for persons under the age of 18.Story contains descriptions of extreme violence and sex. Preface:I write in an effort to change the attitude of the deviant reader... paradoxically those that find what I write appealing. It is by my graphic harshness and salacious content that I attract (bait) those readers ... those deviant minds that I can then interact with... in an attempt to change misguided notions and attitudes of abuse against women and children. My methods are deviously unique... but very successful. I write to AROUSE...and then to APPALL... and so the bitter seed is planted. My stories do not glorify the act of coerced sex or violence... nor do I support sexual abuse of any kind." violence is typically unrealistic, simplistic, glorified, and even presented as humorous."The "bang, bang, you're dead" sanitized scenario that we so often see on TV or in films communicates nothing of the reality of death or dying.It is only when we see death firstha
...You just have to shake your head and walk away. There's really no other options...I thought about another things I learned this week blog, But frankly, I haven't learned anything really, nothing that stuck at least... I guess learning that the possibility that someone can truly give a damn is something big, yet at the same time, I know how to love and how to care, I know how to stop being a hard ass long enough to actually put forth effort into something. The one person who'z sworn to love and cherish and uphold you will more often be the one person that will let you down, time and time and time again, sometimes it's just an inevitable part of the day to day, the let down and constant down side to actually giving all of you. So when that's all over, A person has to rebuild, from the ground up. This process takes time, it takes effort. It takes wanting to prove to the world but most importantly yourself that you can not be beat, that you can NOT be held down. Nothing in this world t
Powder Blue Or Dark Blue
Which looks nicer for a user name?
To Everybody
everytime i turn around there is someone starting drama on this site.i am sick of it.just because you don't like someone does not mean you have the right to talk about scream out they are the hell do you know if i'm real.have you ever been with me or raised up with me.NO.i have never hung out with any of yall.alot of yall just want to hurt other people and don't care if someone has feeling for that person.everybody does things for a reason,might not be the right reason.i let myself get to jealous or stupid things on here and i have to pay the price for now yall care , focus on one thing was to hurt that person and never cared of what it would do to me.really get sick of this place.just want to leave this site for good.we i first come on this page i knew it was a bad thing .that took a hole 5 min.i really don't know why i logged back in this place.after three months i kept getting email from this look at me.i hurt alot of people i care about.not f
A Slave Is
A slave will never be truly happy or content in her life if she is un-owned. A slave's most profound freedom is found within her Master's chains. Within these chains, she is free to live as she is destined to live to serve and please, and to be pleased in return for the privilege to serve and please her Master. A slave should never think of herself as a weak person for it takes a strong female to commit to the drive inside her, to serve, to obey and to please a Master. A slave chooses willingly to be her Master's property. As a slave is her Master's property and an object of great value she is an instrument Master will use to draw out His pleasures. Above all else a slave's primary and foremost focus shall be to please her Master, hoping that her Master finds her pleasing in all that she does, whether she is in her Master's presence or not. All of a slave's choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please her Master. A slave and a slave's behavior are a direct reflection
Just one little peek into heaven, Is all I'm asking for today. I just want to know how she's doing, And heaven seems so far away. Is she playing on the clouds with angels? Is she laughing and running today? Does she miss me? I guess only she knows. Oh why does heaven seem so far away? If you just let me look for a moment, To catch a glimpse of her sweet smiling face, I promise I won't try to take her, I know, she's in a better place. Just one little peek into heaven, Is all I'm asking for today. I just want to know how she's doing, And heaven seems so far away...
Rules To Live And Love By..
I am sure some of you have seen this a million times over. Read it again.   A Master's Creed ~ The Dominants Creed ~* Above all else a Dom cherishes Their submissive, in the knowledge that the giftthe submissive gives Them is the greatest gift of all. * A Dom is demanding and takes full advantage of the power given to Them, but knowshow to share the pleasure that comes from that precious gift.* A Dom is in control of Themself first and foremost, so that They may control others.* As a stern and demanding Dom, They can cause Their submissive to cry real tears.* As the consummate lover, They will then kiss the tears away, without stepping out of character.* In times of trouble, a Dom will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive friend and partner, neverforgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring individuals.* A Dom is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality.* A Dom would never ask a submissive to put Them before their career, or f
Today's Special Birthday Goes To...'s special birthday blog goes to the chick that has gone by alot of names and been through well, let's just leave it at "alot" over the course of the yes, three years, she's been here!! So if you stop by, feel free to give today's special fu birthday chick some lovins.... HARDCORE BARBIEx@ fubar P.S. Her real name is Tina and... P.P.S...Don't tell her I told you "that"...haha..happy first weekend of October kids...peace.
Satisfying Secret [[poem]]
Eyes so delicate, words so sweet, plausible, making you want to believe, making you want to hang on her every word, gaze so venomous, luring you to her, makes me sick because I know that i’m Kissing the same lips that tell all the lies,   What’s worse is that I know it and I still don’t say a word, I keep the role of her vulnerable, witless marionette, in the sick puppet show play that she puts on in her head, For everyone to see her cruel powerful ways, and the effect she has on me,   the way she uses me as a pawn to feel all the more in control, I am her victim, and she loves it, she loves that I am inferior to her, it pleasures her for me to fall prey to her mind games, I am the servant, she the monarch, my everlasting ruler, as I obey her every whim, meanwhile being strummed like a banjo,   in her own pathetic orchestra of songs about the oblivious souls to be pitied like my own, for all they see is that we are too naive to see, tha
I Wish I Could Eat Your Cancer
written on June 6th 2010. (Taken from my main blog)   My mom has been hiding something from me, I can feel it. I didnt push it though, I knew it would come out soon...and it did. She finally got drunk enough to tell me. She's Dying. She has bone cancer, which was caught too late, she's known this for about 6 months.. and she's dying. She will die...I cant even comprehend this. Ive spent my entire life trying to save her from the drugs, trying to save her from the crazy fucked up life we live.. but, now, all that work, for nothing...She's going to die anyways. When she's gone, I will fucking die on the inside. She's everything to me. My whole life, Ive taken care of her , worried about her, tried to help her, always always thinking of her. Now my mind goes blank and worried when I try to think of ...what now? This is my biggest fear. She's 37 years old. and shes gonna die. ...
From Revjoe Thank You
Merged friendshipYou couldNever beJust anotherPieceOf assSomeone whoI fornicateThen letSlipFrom myGraspWe knowToo manySecretsTo ever putOne anotherIn the PastIt wouldSimply beSomething elseWe didTogetherEven ifIt wasJust one timeThe rest Of ourLoveWill last     RevJoe wrote this for me thank you babes for everything the 6 years(h)
What Flacor Gelato Are You?
You Are Chocolate Gelato You're very consistent and above board. Friends know what they can expect from you. You are honest and real. You're a bit complicated, and you don't do anything to hide that. You are a loyal and true friend. Many actually consider you to be their best friend. You are always there in good times and bad. You never quit when things get tough. What Flavor Gelato Are You? Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
She Sits...
She sits...   She sits... Tears running down Her once pretty face.   She sits... Broken hearted, Wondering how she came to this place?   She sits... Thinking about life And the shadows that befall.   She sits... As she wonders What's the use of it all?   She sits... In anticipation For an answer that she seeks.   She sits... And she waits For some distant voice to speak.   She sits... Wondering why There's pain and strife?   She sits... Hoping and begging, There is more to this life.   She sits... Beaten and broken By one she used to trust.   She sits... Now looking With complete and obvious disgust.  
Why Is It That....
(Well being that this is my first blog on here and honestly very few people will even read this, I will do my best to keep it short.)   Several times in my life I have often wondered why it is, that until someone is missing in your life, whether it be from them just not being a part of it, or from illness/injury that no one truly cares? That person just exists sometimes, until they are gone, it is like a realization that "Oh Shit" I lost someone important, especially when someone dies. It irritates me to no end, when your at a funeral and you listen to all these people who where never there for the person crying and all like "I miss them, they were so great, why did this happen" ect ect ect. this applies applies to non death related  as well! Seriously if you really gave a shit why didn't you say something then? why didn't you remind that person how much they meant to you. Why does it take them being gone and you losing out for someone to get a clue about what they meant... Too ofte
Oh ..??
They love you but they are not your lover.They care for you but they are not from your family.They are ready to share your pain but they are not your blood relation.They are... FRIENDSTrue friends scolds like a Dad care like a Mom, teases like a Sister, irritates like a Brother, and finally loves you more than a love
[oh Right... Coffee]
Ah... 1:30 and I still haven't made lunch.That's healthy and productive.Well... since I wasn't disappeared in the night, I'm a bit more confident that the bogeyman isn't coming.... a bit more.Not totally.:DAnyway.Rumor has it I need to pick up my cousin from the airport tomorrow, right around midnight.Then I'm pretty sure I'm going to week?Woo.Vegas.Mostly just want to see my brotherI'm just trying to think what all needs to happen before I get there.FUCK.I gotta get Clover's Distemper/Parvo.FUCK I need a car.FUCK I need a job.Ohgoodnow I'm freaking out about real things.I needed that after my little break last night :/Fucking terrific.Maybe tea would make me a bit less... agitated.
Nasty Adults On Fu!!!!!! Plz Read!
I Thought Of Every Friday Besides Tgif We Could Have Some Fun Stickin Out Our Tongues Might Make The News Lol
So RainBowBright  Did The Bully And Here We Are .....       Brewski said I'S STiCK OUT TONGUES FRiDAY LOL SHE DO iT HE DO iT I DO iT NOW JOiN US AND STiCK OUT YOUR TONGUES RainbowBriteKilla FuEngaged to LetsDoThis@ fubar (repost of original by 'RainbowBriteKilla FuEngaged to LetsDoThis' on '2010-10-08 10:56:
If Logging In Through Fb How To Unlink And Beable To Log In Using The Fubar Home Page
This is how to make it so that you can log in using the fubar homepage instead of facebook.   Step 1: Go to My then Settings. Step 2: Click the privacy and sharing tab then click remove next to facebook link. Step 3: Click the Logout button in fubar. Step 4: On the Fubar login page click forgot password since because you signed up through facebook you didnt have a password to login with. Step 5: Enter your email address that is tied into facebook when you created your fubar account with the facebook link and enter the bouncer code. Step 6: Go to your email and click the link to reset your password. Step 7: Enter your new password and click submit.
I'm a metaphor for a ballad of sour notes.The all seeing lidless eye in a sandstorm.A spark in a match factory.Muscle pain on bone. Irony on tragedy.Life but an organ grinder on a slow ride to nowhere.Any amount of time or belief placed in me returned.Nonredeemable tickets and crackerjack gags.Crumbling softly on the ride home.Just a dark penny machine outside the matinee.Dry gears stuck on years of wear and neglect.Maybe if you hope real hard, the handle will turnAnd I won't break.Maybe if you eat all your vegetables.Maybe if you promise some vague- imaginary offering of yourself...Failure dawning on this machine.Like the fading light behind the curtain's fall.All things in serenity, after simple surrender.Sardonics, sense, all the barbs and anguish of my spirit. Your peace comes at too high a price.
Just Released! New Level Up Requirements For Fubar
I just found out to level up to level 20, I have to jump up and down on a 3/4s inflated WNBA game ball used in a LA Sparks playoff game (any LA Sparks playoff game will do) in a pattern including a 3 to 1 ratio of left footed jumps to right footed jumps while juggling a running chain saw, a half eaten marshmallow peep (pink, not yellow), and a mylar get well soon balloon.  In addition, I must be chewing grape Bazooka Joe bubble gum without reading the comic, wear a flannel tuxedo with a striped lace cumberbund and have my hair cut into a mullet with the word FUBAR etched in the back of my skull.  I should be level 20 any time now!
Somethings Are Just So Sad About Fu
Issue 1- How can you complain when people use you for rates? Isn't that the point of Fubar? You pay $100 for god mode or something DO NOT COMPLAIN because all of us use your wasted money to level.  Fubar is here to make friends, hang out and kill time, and to LEVEL! Accept it you whiney baby.  Just cuz you can afford to waste the money does not mean you control what all of us out there do.   Issue 2- Folks if you won babyj's HH contest do you really feel it important to keep your need for attention on here out there for everyone?  If you won a free HH congrats to you really but dont keep entering the same salute into the contest.  Want to win twice fine be more creative than that.  You wonder why many of you are disliked?  Try being less of a point/attention whore and more of a friend to the people around you it works out better at the end of the day.   Issue 3- STOP CRYING ABOUT THE DISLIKE BUTTON THERE ARE NO POINTS INVOLVED!  Many who use the new dislike button do it for fun bec
Why Do We Hurt The Ones We Love
this  quote  brought up lots of my memories and past experiences. Many of those questions or insecurities are also the very same ones I had until a couple of months back when I truly understand what I need or wanted.It was only then that I realized giving in all the time and bottling up frustrations are really not they way it’s suppose to be if we expect the relationship to grow, mature and stabilize. Avoidance of negative issues only makes matter worst. As these issues wouldn’t simply just go away by ignoring it, as it would only start building up and silently gnaw away our inner self - especially our self-worth. Losing our sense of self and dignity in a relationship would only lead to a stagnant, stale and unhappy outlook. I kept stalling the matter, thinking if I just continue to give in and try to change or mold myself according to his ‘idea’ everything will eventually fall into it’s place. However, unfortunately that wasn’t the case, and I found
Fake This..
Now I have heard it all.Can you bust a fake saying she'he is a fake? Haha.Stupid Bishes. Ok listen up because you guys story is getting old and making me sleepy.Yawns...Sorry First off READ MY PROFILE.How much clearer is that,now let me address something here without adding there name to it.Yes I know the fuct up okay... This one cracked me up and wasn't sure if he was coming at me or what.   Fake or not, whatever idiot bouncer approved this "salute" should be fired since it lacks one of the three "required" (and I use that term QUITE loosely) elements. Ok salute was not approved even though there are some idiots on here that wag there tail behind the other to get liked.If it had been approved it would have showed in the little section to the right of your homepage under your profile picture that says salute,Don't believe me go look.I use the old and janky style myself to view my homepage and that is what I see. The next one I will address. My only question about
Just A Thought. Pt 1
Close your eyes and imagine a world filled with so many contradictions that it's damn near impossible to tell left from right, up from down and right from wrong. Picture a culture at war with itself, where the best of what it has to offer struggles to see the light of day, where style almost always trumps substance, where people seek out an existence based on their ability to blend in with an insanity that has come to represent the status quo.   Okay, Now imagine a voice in the midst of that wilderness, in tune yet different from everything that surrounds it. Barely indentifiable over the monsterous hum of the daily grind, the  voice is a constant that grows louder by the minute. What began as a soft whisper, innocent and only flirting with your audible consciouness, has grown into a definite roar, distinct, and undeniable in it's existince.
I'm Sorry
I just wanted to issue a mass apology to everyone for not being around much lately. My health has been generally poor. I got a cold over 2 weeks ago and I've been feeling like shit ever since. I know smoking is making it worse, and I'm trying to cut back a bit but it's hard. I'm having trouble focusing, my whole body hurts, and I've been coughing so hard especially at night that I'm gagging and even vomiting at times. On top of that I got in a fight with some drunk bitch the other night while I was looking after my friend Tawnua's cats. I got her pretty good but she got me too. It was a dumb decision that I chose to make and now I'm living with it. I stayed at the apartment complex from last Tuesday until yesterday. I'm home now but the problem is I know everyone in the complex and they're constantly dragging me off to hang out. And I have been caught up in so much drama with friends there, and quite honestly I'm sick of talking about it but it has me focusing on that instead of myse
Boldness be my friend.  -  William Shakespeare
Ok , so for my Composition 2 class I need to come up with a topic that I can write a 5 paged paper. My creative mind is failing me and I am having a tough time trying to decide what to write about and I really could use some feedback. The topic can basically be anything but it must either be controversial and/or debatable in some way. I must take a particular stand point on a topic or issue. Please help me out and give me any ideas you have. Thanks!!   The topics that it CAN'T be about: *legalization of drugs *prostitution *murder *religion *capital punishment *assisted suicide *pornography or sex
These People....
.....need lots of love!!   Ninja   Vixen260   Wetcat   Durhamntx   You can find them all in my family list....hit the rest of my family while your at it :)
Measles Is Back, And It's Because Your Kids Aren't Vaccinated (repost)
If you didn't vaccinate your kids, you too could find yourself partly responsible for the resurgence of a disease thought eliminated in 2000. Measles—a highly contagious disease-causing virus—is making a comeback in the U.S., thanks to parents fears over vaccines. Fifteen children under 20, including four babies, have been hospitalized and 131 sickened by the red splotches since the beginning of this year in 15 states and the District of Columbia, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The CDC had announced in 2000 that the disease was eliminated in the U.S. thanks to a vaccine that can completely control it. But fears of autism have led some parents to forego this treatment and at least 63 of the sickened children were unvaccinated. Peditrician Pauline Filipek of the University of California, Irvine told this spring that parents who don't vaccinate their kids are putting the tykes at risk of long-forgotten diseases, like measles. W
Shit I Probably Shouldn't Say...
We should stop spending money on discovering ways to keep old people alive....  We should require reflex and cognitive tests on the elderly before they can re-new their driver's license.... All drugs and alcohol should be legal for adults... let them kill themselves... if they are driving or working they get to wear a giant hat saying I like to fuck things up for other people....until they die... People that are pretty or handsome but stupid can have jobs as mannequins or experimental research... People that are stupid but ugly can be rural laborers or... experimental research with full head coverings required.  Breeders (if they can get through the screening process)... Will not work but will devote time to their spawn and if they feel that the spawn is not up to standards by age 5 they will be terminated unless... they can be used as the aforementioned.   More to come later...
A New Beginning
Do some research: This has been the thought in my head for weeks...I  need more information about things  Look into all the situations  before proceeding.   Lately. I hve felt that something was missing in my life...I used to blog daily with something I learned from some research I'd done. In the last year, after finishing my book (btw, it won't publishing that book, I think it was more therapy for me, if ya want to read it, I'll send the full manuscript to you at a slight fee :) I need to start researching again, it was a part of my life that filled something in me, it brought joy to my life. I need to start doing that again, I need to trust in the synchronicities that occur. Maybe READ more. I love to study and kearn about other religions and cultures. With everything going on in my life, my health, trying to sell this house and what not I have been neglecting the part of me that is a researcher.   To those who used to read my blogs without fail, I'll be posting starting today.
She Is
She is perfect. She is flawed to her soul. She is safe, She is dangerously seductive. She is calm, She knows beastly passion. Flowing beauty, Darkest lust. Emotions like tempest, lapping playfulness. She is mine, She belongs only to none. She is loved. She is the bane of my fears. She is known, She is mysterious as a sirens call. She is my muse, and I adore her.
Falling Angel
see this angel falling she is falling fast i realy dont know how long her strenght will last she feels broken so lost to it all will somebody be there when she finaly falls locked up in this cage wanting to be free and yet it is the pain that no one seems to see see this angel falling watch as she fades away. she has felt the love come and go because she knew he wouldnt stay fore she is just a falling angel unworthy to be touched but deep down within her soul she misses him so much she knows she must let him go and let him just be free but she doesnt know how to hide that love doesnt know how not to let him see that she is just a falling angel fore that is all she will ever be..............                                    Sherry R.  
As If Any Of You Needed Further Evidence...
...of what a dork/nerd I am:   I posted on Baby J's blog on how changing the famplifier rate notification from "by way of" to "via" would result in a 60% savings in related bandwidth. I made two text files with 100 iterations of each phrase. "by way of" was 1005 bytes, and "via" was 404. Waiting on approval by blog owner, lol. 
My Weight
With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information andwisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes outto the rest of our bodies.  So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated, and happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, “Good grief, look how smart I am!”    Must be where the term Smart Ass came from!!        
Why Me!!!
why can't i find one sweet decent man on here most that i have met are a bunch of perverts and sex o halics! im not like that!.fubar should really pay attention to who's on here.they should a pervert button or something lol.but honestly i'd like to find a guy who actually likes to talk,who has some intilagents. sex is nice but not when its the ONLY subject to talk about. just cuz it's the internet dosen't you should act like a just so sick and tired of perverts and sex o halics.WHERE OH WHERE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING?????
Last Words
Last Words:I wonder where the mother bear is?The odds of that happening have to be a million to one! He's probably just hibernating.I'll get a world record for this. Yeah, I made the deciding vote on the jury, so what of it?The odds of that happening have to be a million to one! Pull the pin and count to what? I've seen this done on TVRat poison only kills rats.I can do that with my eyes closed.I've done this before.Well we've made it this far.That's odd.Don't be so superstitious.What duck?Hey, watch this...Oh look it's a sting ray! (australian accent)Noo these windows are ok to lean onHey what’s that buzzing noise?Don’t worry its not that deep.One time at band camp.No, he doesn’t bite?.Hey look a light at the end of the tunnel.Nice doggy.I think it's trying to communicate...No, its not that bad we don't need to go to the hospital.It's a dud! It's a dud! It's a du...What does this button do?Are you sure the power is off?look ma! no hands!Don't worry, I'm sure it's dea
God Bling
When the change first came to god mode (now lasts 24 hours or a max of 20 mil points) i felt a bit awful for those who bought it under the old rules but now thinking about it, it makes sense. I remember reading Scappers blog a while back about how it's not just about money here and that anyone can rank. So if you think about it logically they had to make the change to the god bling, people were closing folders and blocking anyone who polished their bling (i should know it happened to me plenty) all because if they kept it for a week it would garantee lots of profile rates and high ranking although the general excuse was "for their family" which im sure was true in some cases but not most. So yes it had to be changed as all that Scrapper said in a very good blog not long back would of meant nothing and would have been a complete waste of time. I could be totally wrong about all of this but to me this all makes sense!
Most Liked And Gender Trust!
*FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG**     If you are stupid enough to try and milk the LIKE system by changing your gender, you will be reset or deleted. If you want to be escorted to the door posing as the opposite sex, that is your deal.Please report anyone playing the system. They shall get served.
Bad Parenting
Lately, I have been working at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.  For those who do not know what that is, it is when the Universal theme park in California stays open until 2am and it has mazes with themes like Saw, House of a 1,000 Corpses, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.   Anyways,  I have seen a disturbing trend.  Parents taking their 6 year old and under kids to this event.  This is just bad parenting.  A child's cognitive function (thinking processes) come to maturity at 6.  Why would you expose something that can be seen as traumatic to them?  (i.e. the Saw maze is basically people in traps from each of the movies)  That is just asking for mental and behavior problems later in life.   So I have to ask WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? This goes for the people who take animals to these things too.  I am not talking about service dogs but even they dont need people scaring  them like that. Last Sunday, a lady brought a puppy in her purse th
Young Lust By Pink Floyd
I am just a new boy Stranger in this town Where are all the good times? Who's gonna show this stranger around? Ooooo I need a dirty woman Ooooo I need a dirty girl Will some woman in this desert land Make me feel like a real man? Take this rock n roll refugee Ooo Babe, set me free Ooooo I need a dirty woman Ooooo I need a dirty girl Ooooo I need a dirty woman Ooooo I need a dirty girl (Phone Ringing) [Man:] "Hello?" [Operator:] "Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mr. Floyd. Will you accept the charges from the United States" (Phone is Hung Up) "He hung up. Is this your residence, sir?" "I wonder why he hung up..." "There must be someone else there besides your wife to answer." (Phone Ringing) [Man:] "Hello?" [Operator:] "This is the United States calling." "Are we reaching?" (Phone is Hung Up) "See he keeps hanging up." "But it's a man answering." (Operator cuts connection)
Loungers Strike Back
5:34pm reply Anti Bling...: Achoo oops sorry what did i drop, care to click it and help me get it back? 5:40pm more To Anti Bling...: have you read my blog? 5:41pm more To Anti Bling...: Nevermind... so you have a lounge huh? Do I know anyone in your lounge? 5:41pm reply Anti Bling...: idk? 5:41pm more To Anti Bling...: are there cams? 5:41pm reply Anti Bling...: two but no one's on them\ 5:42pm more To Anti Bling...: actually, I'm not going to do this... go read my latest blog. 5:42pm more To Anti Bling...: I like you so I wont do it this time... 5:42pm more To Anti Bling...: this will all make sense if you read my blog 5:43pm reply
Coment On My Pic
hello. i am i my first salute contest on here. i need lots of coment to win. i hope all my sexy freinds and all you sexy fu people can come vote for me. ty and have a great day. [ photo: sexynymph ]
Get Over Your Self & Stop Being A Dumb Fuck!!!
OK This is a Convo in YIm between me & a certain someone who thinks he is the total package. He starts out by hitting on you & then when you keep turning him down, he blows up on you. An I will not name him but I will show a convo we had in yim that caused him 2 block him on fu after cussing me in my sb. I never even got the chance 2 respond:( Lol Oh well he will learn one day I hope that not all women want him or 2 get on cam 4 him. Some of us women have more RESPECT 4 ourselves & the ppl we are with. He just lost the chance @ having a good friend cuz he could not accept that I did not want more & he could not take a joke. But this convo ya'll are about 2 see shows just how much of a dumb fuck he really is.   YIM CONVO: Marko: All right it's time to send me ur cam? dixiedevilwendy: Lol no can do Marko: Ahh you just don Marko: t want to... dixiedevilwendy: Lol  dixiedevilwendy: I look beasty Marko: I don't care baby! Marko: I just wanna get you in my ride...*Smiles* dixiedevilwendy:
Love Song By Tesla
So you think that it's over Say your love has finally reached the end Anytime you call Night or day I'll be right there for you If you need a friend YeahIt's gonna take a little time Time is sure to mend your broken heart Don't you even worry Pretty darlin' I know you'll find love again Yeah Love is all around you Love is knocking outside the door Waitin' for you Is this love made just for two Keep an open heart and you'll find love again I know Love is all around you yeahLove is knocking outside the door Waitin' for you Is this love made just for two Keep an open heart and you'll find love again I know jump around..........Love will find a way Darlin' Love is gonna find a way Find it's way back to you Love will find a way So look around Open your eyes Love is gonna find a way Love is gonna Love is gonna find a way Love will find a way Love's gonna find a way Back to you Yeah I know I know I know I know
the cold wind bitterly tore at my face as the first wintery snow began to fall.i pulled my colar around my neck and looked across the frozen done alot in my life an now it was all comming to an end.i sat near a fallen log,the snow freezing to my coat,and i pondered what the doctors had told me that morning.i had been diagnosed with stomach and colan cancer,my time could be measured with a six month had been a good life,i had no regrets and had made alot of friends but there were times thaaat werent so great also. i remembered the good as well as the been a cop and had started at an early age in my profession.i was moved from school to school to help combat  the growing drug problems.i did this with no remorse becouse id seen my best friend die before my eyes from an over dose.with this assignment i was able to help alot of kids,not just throw them in jail and forget.for this i felt good an i kept in contact with several for manny years.the bad part was alo
Hurt Is What She Hides
Little girl sits staring into the sun, Visions from the past haunt this little one. Laughter and smiles, Angers and fears, All of the cryin through the years, Dancing and cheering there is no more,  The Life of her guardians of which she isnt sure. To her this world is a harsh Place better then others but in poor taste. True her happiness shines on the outside, BUT  HURT IS WHAT SHE HIDES
Just Another Day...
              It started pretty normally, Debbie arose, brushed her long, red hair, and turned on the hot water in the shower. Looking in the mirror, she practiced the dance she wanted to do for Master, a slow striptease, and removed her nightclothes slowly, undulating and swerving her lithe body.               The water made steam on the mirror, and it was time to get in. Debbie stepped inside and slid the door shut, the hot water making her skin cold for just a second, then opening her pores, her skin ready to be scrubbed.                Holding her head back, the hot water flowed onto her scalp, making her hair weigh twice its normal weight, and shimmering. Debbie's little mirror in the shower showed her hard nipples, and she moved her hands over each one. The erect little buds lept at her touch, and she began to move her hands to other parts of her body.                Her palms moved wetly over her tummy, and her fingers swirled around her mound, grabbing the soap and making it
Why I Wear My Poppy
The Poppy The red field or corn poppy is an annual plant that, preceding the First World War, grew in fairly modest numbers on the edges of grain fields all across Europe.  It was considered by many to be an insignificant weed of little importance.  Each bloom produces many tiny black seeds which are widely dispersed by the wind.  The seeds are remarkably resilient and can survive for many years. The custom of wearing a poppy to honour the dead stems from a curious regular occurrence on the fields of battle in Flanders and France during the First World War. That war produced destruction at such a level as the world had never seen.  Modern automatic weapons and particularly artillery shells leveled towns and villages and tore up fields and wooded areas into twisted, grotesque scenes of murdered nature.  Often the wet weather conspired to form vast fields of mud pummeled into a liquid ooze that many soldiers simply fell into and drowned in.  It is difficult to imagine how anything cou
Armistice/veterans Day
Last Updated: Mar 6th, 2010 - 14:47:58  VETERANS' DAY Veterans' Day and Armistice DayNovember 11 By Sarah LaneNov 11, 2004, 06:00 PST Email this article Printer friendly page  The War to Begin all Wars It’s hard to imagine that World War I involved 35 countries. It lasted five years, from 1914 to 1918. The United States only fought from 1917 to 1918. A year was more than enough time, however, to claim too many lives, and people held tight to the notion that this was the very last war. When the fighting stopped, leaders of several countries signed an Armistice on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. An Armistice is an agreement to stop all fighting, in other words a truce. This truce was signed on November 11th, 1918 at 11 A.M. This is important to know because Veterans' Day was originally called Armistice Day. This day was set aside to reflect and remember the sacrifices men and women made during World War I in order to ensure peace. The fi
Wet Dream
dont be too conceited to think you started this blog, u were merely the straw that broke the camel's back.   Wet Dream's status: if you like me and do not rate me, I will asshat/dislike you!   I purposely did not rate her even though i had many many times in the past.
Veteran's Day
I have noticed today that alot of military have been changing thier name on here to things like "Marine Vet" or "Army Vet" or whatever branch of the service they represent. Which I  want to state now I have the utmost respect for any Veteran, in whatever way they served and for whatever branch of the military they served in. (My boyfriend is currently deployed to Afghanistan and I come from a very long line of military). I find it disheartening that they change thier name or thier status to say things like bling me Im a Vet or buy me this or buy me that because Im a Vet.  I think every Vet should be recognized and commended for thier service I guess to me it just makes it seem bling or point whorish to use something of such honor and prestige for that purpose.
[everything Seems To Be Juuuuust Fine]
Wow... I forgot how awesome these pills are.Uuhso I was watching TVand I realised I did not like what was on TVso I started reading a bookthenI got in the bathtub and kept readingthenmy bathtub backed up into my toiletand thenmy toilet backed up into my bathtuband thenI took a little pink pill.Everything is fiiiiiiiiiiiine.And now we're here.Here is pretty neat.Reminds me of the time they gave me open use for those lil yellow pills.I was 15 at the time, and pretty much ate em like tic tacs.Everything was fiiiiiiiiiiiiine then too.several minutes have passed.I'm gonna make oatmeal.And I'm gonna leave it as a present for myself later.So I can sayHow did this oatmeal get here?
Prayers Go Out To Families N Friends What Was To Celebrate 10 Yrs Together Turned Wrong
A rural highway in Southern California was reopened Sunday after a collision that killed five, the Highway Patrol said. Four members of a San Diego-area motorcycle club were killed Saturday along with a passenger in a car in the collision near Ocotillo in Imperial County. Highway Patrol officers told the Los Angeles Times seven bikes from the Saddle Tramps were hit by an oncoming car that swerved to avoid another vehicle that was passing the motorcyclists on Route 98 Saturday afternoon. The victims included a husband and wife who were riding on one of the bikes. Five people were injured, including one critically, and were airlifted to area hospitals, Imperial County firefighters told The San Diego Union-Tribune. The Saddle Tramps were marking the club's 10th anniversary with a ride along the desert highway 80 miles east of San Diego. A rural highway in Southern
Major surgery tomorrow afternoon. Ugh! I don't mind the surgery because I'll have anesthesia and I'll be HAPPY, but when I wake up...grr. Morphine! I'm going to try to leave the hospital the day after surgery because it's $1,100 / day and I don't want to have to work 4 jobs all winter just to make up the costs. My husband will be taking care of me at home and one of my daughters will spend weekends here as much as possible....I hate having people take care of me. Four months is total recovery time so I'm thinking I'll be Fubar Hoaring for awhile. I'm planning on being back at work in 3 weeks so I suppose my recovery time will be a little longer in the long run...but, don't work / don't eat !!!!!  
his soft lips brush against my neck the heat from his breath ignites an inner fire my body arches instinctively  as if it were metallic and he was a powerful magnet his lips continue on their path, oblivious to my moans or are they empowered by them? his kisses become more passionate and determined lost in the moment, i don't realize they've arrived at my right nipple then i feel the swiftness of his teeth, clamping down and tugging the pain and ecstasy shoots down my spine his right hand takes my left breast no longer is there softness he is laying claim to what is his his left hand discovers the moistness between my legs not a surprise to him at all i am always wet when he touches me
Well it's heading towards 4am here so I'm apologising upfront for the typos, babbling and general theme of this blog. If people are reading this who have actually taken time to get to know me then you will know I'm an optimist, a good friend of mine recently described me as "the happiest person they know" - bold statement! I am a glass full kinda gal but it doesn't mean that I still don't have problems to face and issues to deal with. I don't think it's good to completely bottle it, nor is it good to dwell... so here is me, processing, in my own personal and probably non-sensical fashion. When things go bad, I like to deal with it by taking a moments thought on the situation and then taking appropriate action, if necessary. I guess I'm kind of logical, next I'll be saying my ears are pointed and I'm from the Planet Vulcan... I better move on, this blog is taking a dire turn into bad joke avenue - one that I tend to visit every day! Back to the point... So I then like to go to sleep,
You. You It's for you Only you It's for you I never know I never care I never believe my people I'll tell you what I say I never lie I never try I never cry for you people I'll push you Push away As you lonely people Keep on running around my door Yes, you lonely people Keep on begging Beg for more And I'll cry for you Yes I'll die for youPain in my heart it is real And I'll tell you now how I feel inside Feel in my heart it's for you It's for youOnly you It's for you I'll never try I'll never dieI'll never push for you people I'll tell you how I feel I'll never lie I'll never cry I'll never try for you peopleI'll tell you, yes it's real And you lonely peopleKeep on passing time away Yes you lonely people keep on passing,Pass away And I'll cry for youYes, I'll die for you Pain in my heart it is real And I'll tell you now how I feel insideFeel in my heart it's for youAnd I'll take everything As it comes my way Pushin' your pain 'round my doorWill I cry for you as I die for youIs this b
I Dream
                                                                      I DreamI dream          And in that dream, I see YOU                       Standing…….                              Sitting……….                                    Lying on beds of white lace                        Hoping……...                               Watching…..                                     Waiting for the day, when                                              Our hands will touch                            &
This Holiday Season Remember What Everything Is About..
I am thankful for.....   1. God : No explanation needed 2. My parents : I am the daughter of two wonderful parents who have always been there and believed in me and given me so much. 3. My children : I have the most two amazing children I could ever want or hope for. They are my reason for living and my reason for striving to be a better person. 4. My family : My family is everything to me. Without them I would be lost in this crazy world 5. My friends : I don't have a large number of close friends, but I do know there are a lot of good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me. I truly value my friends and will never have "enough" or too many. 6. Being an American and our Soldiers : I love my country because it is mine. It may not be perfect but what place is? I love it none the less. A soldiers job is an admiral and brave thing to do. Our men and women in uniform, past and present, have, do, and will give so much for us
The Nature Of Our Friendship
The Nature of Our Friendship   You are the trapeze artist, I am the net, In the Circus of Life, center stage. High above me you soar, joyous flier, Reveling in your freedom of flight. Difficult maneuvers make you pause But a moment as you prevail, Lifted by dreams, guided by heart.   Beneath you I am suspended, Attentive witness to your flight, Silently applauding your every move. My joy is in my uselessness, in knowing That your skill has no need of me.   But should your holder should grow careless, The rope frays or you lose your grip, Fall with no fear, For I’ll be there.                                       --Shawn Priest    
New Tsa Bumper Stickers
>>>cant see london, cant see france, unless u drop ur underpants! >>>grope discounts available.... >>>if we did our job any better we would have to buy dinner and a movie first >>>only WE know if lady gaga is truly a lady or not >>>dont worry, my hands are still warm from the last guy >>>wanna fly? drop your fly! >>>weve handled more balls then barney frank >>>we are now free to move about your pants >>>its not a grope..... its a freedom pat >>>when in doubt, we make you whip it out >>>TSA: touchin, squeezin, arrestin >>>you WERE a virgin >>>we handle more packages than the post office
Something New To Tell
I know I haven't blogged for a long time..but I thought it would time to share. For the longest time I've wanted to go and see other things..other places within the US and other countries. This might come to a shock to some..a surprise to others..but Things do change in our lives. You see, in May 2011, Eric and I will be moving to Ossineke, Michigan on Lake Huron. Yes I'll be further away from family and friends, but this is something that both Eric and I agree on doing. He has family back there and we'll be taking over his grandparents house which sits right on Lake Huron. Also employment there is alot better then here in Washington and it's alot cheaper.   I will miss everyone that I have come to befriend and get to know, but sometimes you have to make changes and this one will be my last move!!  I have spoken already to my parents, my son and sister about me moving and the all understand why even though we'll all be further away from each other. I've decided to let Ethan stay
Anxiety Hangover-copied From Witche
THE RULES1) Put your iPod/Windows Media Player on Shuffle2) For each answer push the "Next" button for your answer3) YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS4) Tag 20 friends5) Everyone tagged must do the same thing____________________________________________________________________1.) If someone says "Are you okay" you say: Slavedriver-converge  2.) How would you describe yourself? stone to wake a serpent-isis  3.) What do you like in a Guy/Girl? lice halo-birds of prey 4.) How do you feel today? wild ox moan-coalesce 6.) What's your motto? the purveyor of novelty and nonsense-coalesce 7.) What do your friends think of you? magical chylde-electric wizard 8.) What do your parents think of you? mangled by mongoloids-birds of prey 9.) What do you think about very often? swollen and halo-baroness 10.) What is 2+2? barnburner-harvey milk 11.) What do you think about your best friend? modern times-black keys 12.) What is your life story?out on the tiles-coa
From This Fantasy
Dedicated to my naughty goddess Miss innocent CTP   I feel your breath blow against my neck  and I go dumb. Then you whisper into my hear all the things I wanna hear and I start to cumb. You're so fuckin good at being so fuckin bad. You are a woman I never had. I feel your breast rub against my chest and I go numb. Then I feel your nips go between my lips and I start to cumb. When you touch me I get weak at the knees. No one does that to me. So please never wake me from this fantasy. You're so fucking good at being so fucking bad. You are a woman I never had.
Brokencyde-you Krazee Mofo Biatches....lmao...they Said They Were You Come Back Thru Holla At Me
I Am Putting their Song On Top Today....But if You have Never Heard of BrokeNcyde then You May be Living a Boring Life hahaah...jk..But Yes I have Been Friends witht them past 2 years,and Believe it or Not Most of their Fame has Came from Youtube...And they have a New Cd Out....But its Gonna be a Style You Love or Totally Hate But anyways Song On My Player called 40 oz...And Also Look them Up on Youtube Video 40 oz and You will Catch First Hand How Whack they Are...But anyways I Truly Cant Wait til I Put My Songs On here...And I Can then Share them With You...Is Blessed and I Have My Own Syle as Well You def will be able to tell I Like all Styles...Thanks for Stopping By Erbody have a Great Weekend Yo!!!!!!!! And Remember That Dayum Bobby lmao
Saying Grace In A Resturaunt
      Saying Grace In A Restaurant  Last week, I took my children to a restaurant.My six-year-old son asked if he could say grace.As we bowed our heads he said, 'God is good, God is great. Thank you for the food, and I would even thank you more if Mom gets us ice cream for dessert. And   Liberty  and justice for all! Amen!'Along with the laughter from the other customers nearby, I heard a woman remark, 'That's what's wrong with this country. Kids today don't even know how to pray. Asking God for ice cream! Why, I never!'Hearing this, my son burst into tears and asked me, 'Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?'As I held him and assured him that he had done a terrific job, and God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly gentleman approached the table. He winked at my son and said, 'I happen to know that God thought that was a great prayer.''Really?' my son asked.'Cross my heart,' the man replied.Then, in a theatrical whisper, he added (in
i can not replace you in my heart i guess that makes you irreplaceable you're my best kept secret  though it seems impossible  you give me the best feeling  you must be delectable i can never hide my thoughts inside to you i'm detectable take away all reason   its not incomprehensible live all the brokens hearts past i may be indestructible but take one day with u away from me is completely irreprehensible loving you is my worst case scenario totally irrefutable  but living without you I am nothing my only unforgettable
Mindless Ramblings
Some say they don't like my attitude! Well my response to them is to quit pissing me off!! If only common sense were contagious instead of stupidity. No dude, i will not get naked for you......I dont want to see your penis......If i was gonan strip i would be on a pole,  I am after all a single mom. I do not work for free....damn. So i tried to quit smoking, but i gained like 5 pounds! I would so much rather fuck up my lungs than get fat. Nicorette gum you say? I would rather chew on a cigarette thank you.....and no thank you. Why is it little things make me want to take myself out? For example....if i killed myself, i wouldnt have to write this paper that is due in 4 hours..... Irritating stuff.... Women who assume that simply because another woman poses nude, is a stripper, or works in the sex industry, that she is somehow automatically unintelligent or less deserving of respect than others. IF you got it flaunt it.... :) That guy that thinks I'll fuck him because I'm a "Frea
A Bikers Poem
He rides his trusty steed made of steel chrome and rubber,cruising the blacktop highways in the spring and all summer.Its the ride not the destination that matters the most,sometimes he takes the lead,sometimes he won't.He rides all day he rides all night,the moon and the stars are so pretty and bright.He lives to ride,He rides to live,he ride for charity,its important to give.When people ask where is his home,He says there it is,His trusty steed made of steel,painted black and lots of chrome.When he gets to old the bikers will say,remember that guy...he was ok.He was to tired to ride that sunny day,so he pulled to the side and died in his own way.He went as he lived with the sun in his face,He died next to his trusty steed with dignity and grace.Lee aka EZ RIDER.
Many Thanks
The Jack - Ac/dc
She gave me the Queen She gave me the King She was wheelin' and dealin' Just doin' her thing She was holdin' a pair But I had to try Her Deuce was wild But my Ace was high But how was I to know That she'd been dealt with before Said she'd never had a Full House But I should have known From the tattoo on her left leg And the garter on her right She'd have the card to bring me down If she played it right She's got the jack, she's got the jack She's got the jack, she's got the jack She's got the jack, she's got the jack She's got the jack, she's got the jack She's got the jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack She's got the jack Poker face was her name Poker face was her nature Poker straight was her game If she knew she could get you She played 'em fast And she played 'em hard She could close her eyes And feel every card But how was I to know That she'd been shuffled before Said she'd never had a Royal Flush But I should have known That all the cards were comin' From the bottom of th
There are only three things you need to let go of: judging, controlling, and being right. Release these three and you will have the whole mind and twinkly heart of a child.~Hugh Prather
Good News/bad News
The good news:  My doc called this morning to let me know that the tests showed the antibiotics are working and my UTI is improving. The bad news:  The CT scan from Friday showed that I have more kidney stones, and in particular one enlarged one in my right kidney that is probably causing my continued symptoms.  She is referring me to a urologist tomorrow.   More good news:  I get to take loootttsss of Vicodin :P
[i Could Kill For Somoene Elses' Food]
It happens every once in a while.You might be an awesome cook.You might have the zen of 30+ dishes.You might not sleep any more.... but every now and then you hunger.and that hunger can't be satisfied by the food you cook.It pokes and paws and gnaws at you like an itch behind your eye.A splinter in your mind.You gotta  havesomeone else's food.So I could either go to IHOP and pay double the price and eat too much food.Go to tacobell and get assured dyssentaryor wait six hours for mcdonalds to serve breakfast.... sooo hungry.God its like a crack binge.Fuck it.Tacobell.I haven't had nachos and a bunch of other REALLY awful things in a year.
Life Vs. Death
The reaper crept into the roomfilling the place with dread and gloomher nearly lifeless body barely hanging onthis isn't fair, it is too soon for life to be goneAs his pale white steed stomps just outsideDeath takes her soul, there was nowhere for it to hidethis battle of life and death has been foughther life has been lost, her soul has been boughtJust as this life was lain tattered and wornnew life prevails as a baby is born
Life In A Homeless Shelter
About 4 years back I was living in a homeless shelter, some say it's the worst place you can be! I have to agree to that but at the same time you learn alot about who you are while you are there..I learned a great deal about me and well weather anyone reads this or not I know I was able to talk about it and feel better about myself. I was there for 6 months no friends no family in a state where I was all to new to. Every day we had chores to do which was ok it helped them out. Every morning we had different classes we went to, but the one that I enjoyed the most was one that was done by a man named Jerry. There was many things we talked about one that stayed with me the most was that though with a life of pain he helped me to see that the pain that was inflicted on me was never my fault..NO ONE ever asked for some pain to be put on them..The one thing he helped me see was I needed to forgive myself cause all my life I had blamed myself for that pain when in all it was not to forgive th
Food For Thought!
So I haven't done one of these in a while so here is my thought after a long break.......... hard to figure out where anyone goes and what anyone is doing. You can put it however you would like but facts are facts you never matter what you try to do. How hard you work to get where your at. In the end your just like everyone else. A nobody trying to be a somebody and a somebody trying to be a nobody.
The Feeling Never Ends........
My story leaves off as well.....wishful thinking and hope...lessness. Just when I think things are on the mend and looking up....reality slaps me in the face. Summer went well, no major issues, usual teen girl problems. School started off to a good Sstart.....for all of 3 weeks. Then shit hit the fan.....She gained a boyfriend, to our ever scruitinizing eyes. We believed and still do she is no where near ready for that after the previous bf. (see first blog)Again, becoming the ever disrespectful I am now 16 and know it all of the universe, that no one on earth has ever felt, been through her woes of life!Sarcastic that may have sounded..yet screaming inside at her shear utter stupidity and total self centered and selfish little brat she has turned into.She chose to run away a couple of weeks after engaging in this new relationship, when we called her on yet again, behvior issues and not doing her usual chores.She tried unsuccessfully to gain support for this and failed, ultimately lead
So The Work Answering Service Calls Me...
Who in their right mind is working at 4pm (PST) on a Saturday?   I don't expect anyone to read, let alone understand... I'm just venting.   Random operator guy is seeing a SRVO-024 Move Error Excess alarm on his robot, and wants me to fix it over the phone. I ask many questions which lead my to learning he's been overloading a motor, which can only handle 3Kg, for 18 hours a day, seven days a week... the past two fucking years, and explain that he's likely worn the brake mechanism, if not the motor itself. He's so hellbent on production production production that he's about to tear into it himself before I explain there are no serviceable parts on the motor, and he'd end up getting nasty gearbox oil all over the fucking place if he tried. 1. Your robot is out of warranty. 2. Even if it was under warranty, you voided it by overloading the axis. 3. You have four robots and no spare parts? Production must not be THAT important to you. 4. Go home. Have a beer. Fuck work. Your overw
If The Fushoe Fits=-=wear It!
Before I even start this diatribe let me say that this does not apply to any of my CURRENT friends or FAM members. If you're on either of those lists just read and understand what I am saying OUTLOUD. SOME OF YOU MAY WANT TO CHECK THE LISTS---I'VE MADE SOME CHANGES??? There are a couple of ppl who used to be on my list but they seem to be in a special group that practces deception and the neolithic art of creating tools using the stones of lies. Once upon a time this rag was called something like "lost Cherries" and I have lost 11 GOOD friends because of member whorechit and the powers that have turned this into a circus for chidren, the rude, the crude, and the self-glorifiying trash that runs loose on here. I was just blocked by a ignorant little twit that thinks she only has to be concerned with her own opinions and I, apparently, ruffled her feathers in a friend request because I stated I believe differences are what make the world go around. SO SHE BLOCKED ME. Only happened one o
Bye For Now Fubar
I'm just going to leave Fubar for a while. I don't see a point in it anymore. I'm not a people person, I hate small talk, and I hate people with no common sense even more. Which is a big majority of this site. I can't bring myself to be a fake whore for bling, or ratings-and I can't afford VIP so I get no where [point wise] on this site. So yeah. Thanks to the people who were nice to me. Take care.
Spirit To Spirit Unified
I was at the Hospital yesterday and received a very expensive gift, not in monetary value but rather in the value of coexistence. While waiting for transport I stood by the front window and noticed a man dressed shabby but clean, walking toward the front with a large Golden Retriever on his left. Dog-Hospital-state law***It was a seeing eye dog, a guide dog. As they came down the ramp I saw the man's lips move, I was in=he was out, didn't hear words but the dog veered to the right and headed for the doors which opened electronically. The dog stopped and waited for door motion to cease and then proceeded to lead the man to the 2nd set of doors with the same reaction there. They stepped inside and on to the carpeted floor and once inside the dog stepped in front of the man to stop him and when he did the dog looked left, then right, then up and only then did he start to move again. When the floor turned from carpet to tile the dog stopped and he noticed a janitor with a mop touching up s
Sexy Siren Info
  Hello Ladies and thank you for your interest in participating with the Sexy Sirens. Detailed below you will find all the info you will need to participate. Satyr's Sexy Sirens are the lovely Ladies of Fubar that allow me to post their photos to help attract more attention to their individual pages. The Sexy Sirens Homepage is Ladies Only! ALL INTERESTED MUST have a Fubar approved sfw salute to even be considered, this is required to ensure the page remains LADIES ONLY!! Also you can NOT share an account with your boyfriend or husband or allow access to the Sexy Sirens Homepage via your account to your boyfriend, husband or male friends. You and your photos will be deleted and blocked immediately! To participate you will need to post 2 photos minimum. The first is a SFW photo. This photo is public and will be cycled through the Profile Pic to bring attention to your page. The other photo is a NSFW ( frontal topless minimum ). This photo is Family Only! This photo was suggested b
Twas The Night Before....
Twas the night before xmas all over the fu, all the fu whores are whoring, even the jew. The stockings are hung by the desks with sweet care. In hopes Baby J will soon be there.  The pervs are all nestled snug in their beds while visions of fu whores dance in their heads. When out of the server we heard such a clatter. and ran to our puters to see whats the matter.  Typing away with such a flash. we open our browsers to see what had crashed. The glow of the screen gave it away. The crash was a fu whale who had gotten away.  When what to my wandering eyes should appear. But a miniture gnome and eight tiny fu ponies dressed as reindeer. With a horny lil driver so lively and quick. I knew at that moment it was St. Dick. more rapid than viagra his coursers came and he whistled and shouted and called them by name.  Now chewbacca!! Now blackhole!! Now blue tacos and cunts!! On yetti!! on skunks! on fu whores and sluts!! To the top of the fu charts we must go! Go fu ho, go fu ho, go fu ho
Happy Holidays, Too Those Who Care.
I note my first blog was a fail but nice, and if you have the time to view it I fixed it!! Was sentimental and you will fully enjoy. We have so much to be thankful for! I used to think it was so cheesy because of the idiot notion  of gift giving, picking names out of a hat and buying them a 10$ gift they will stick in the bottom of their drawer. now, I realize how important it is to give thanks for our  immence abundance, each year, each day! I won't list every single thing i'm thankful for, because ill be here all day, but if your reading this, know that I am thankful for you and your presence in this amazing life. Yours truly...Tarantula
You Know What Else Is Dying?
boobie blogs. i miss them.  no ones posting boobies anymore.  its sad.
It Is What It Is
ever think oh i'd never do that just to get something, the more and more i'm on here the more and more i'm getting sick  of really being on here, seeing the same thing again and again  ill do this for this or you give me this ill add you to this, blah blah blah just so  much for having respect for  oneself i say no names cause i ain't going to slander shit  bout no one you really need to learn.  but alas no one ever does  not pointing fingers directly cause that'd be trouble ooh right do one thing over and over placing certain people in certain spots  getting just really sick of it all no one is ever who they are, people come an go mind you there are few people i do deem important to me an they know who they are, the few things i can do to help show it,  hardly get asked for anything do not get told  to do  things  to get other shit needless to say i have had a lot built up over the last while it has been sitting an stirring and not going any where building over  boiling til it woul
Guess Who
Don't You Ever Feel Like This?
El DoradoGaily bedight,A gallant nightIn sunshine and in shadow,Had journeyed long, Singing a song,In search of El Dorado.But he grew old -This knight so bold -And - o'er his heart a shadowFell as he foundNo spot of groundThat looked like El Dorado.And, as his strengthFailed him at length,He met a pilgrim shadow -"Shadow, said he,"Where can it be -This land of El Dorado?""Over the MountainsOf the Moon,Down the Valley of the Shadow,Ride, boldly ride,"The shade replied -"If you seek for El Dorado."by Edgar Allen Poe
Lesbian Sex Again?! Uh Thats A Naughty Pussy ;p
well hello ;p  yes you, you know what im up to? im up to answer on 5 questions i got asked alot ;p again?! yes :O and again nad again :O till you guys become more creative   QUESTION 1: WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A GUY?! 1. MANLY (oh come on lets say it straight man has to be a man otherwise how im suppose to feel safe and secure when im with him ;d) 2. CARING (i like when someone is protective and takes care of me it makes me feel good, special and wanted ^^) 3. FUNNY (so he would know how to put a smile on my face ;]) 4. INTELLIGENT (one of us has to be otherwise system would eat us hahah) 5. GOOD IN BED (i think i don't have to explain that one hah)   QUESTION 2: WHAT IS YOUR FAV SEX POSITION? pleasuring position ;]   QUESTION 3: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD?  i love pastas mmmmmmmm all type of pastas mmmmm and i love to cook! so if you have any cool recipies hook me up we can trade ;p   QUESTION 4: HAVE YOU EVER SLEEP/KISS/PLAY WITH OTHER GIRL? yes i did ;] and i liked
I Need A New Name
Ok, I need a new name, any ideas?   I like gwen stefani, so it was Hella Good. Help, but nothing pervy please
(how To) Create Profile Skins
(How To) Create A Profile SkinNow-a-days everyone is online (whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Fubar) and each website (aka. Social Network) has their own style Profile Skin. While Facebook & Twitter have limited to no User Input on Custom Profile Skins Fubar allows its members to customize a limited portion of their Profile Skin. Below I will demonstrate (with limited Screenshots) of (How To) Create A Profile Skin using basic (easy) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Codes.This blog will be Part 1 of a 2 part blog. The next part will list what some of the basic skin functions do.(How To) Profile Skin BreakdownThe first thing you'll need to do is go directly to your Homepage (whether it be Old Hotness, Old Normal, Old & Janky or fsB) and go to the Main Menu (listed in Figure 1-1) and click on
Dear Mom.
Dear Mom,   We weren't always nice to each other. You were an infuriatingly stubborn old bat. We fought tooth and nail over what was best for you and what was best for our family. You were cranky, frustrating, and a complete and total nag. You drove me insane with your need to leave the T.V. on 24 freaking hours a day, your constant concern over your yappy little dog, and your meddling in the way I raised my children. I couldn't leave the house for more than 5 minutes without you calling me, worried about me and nearly in tears. In the last few years, you became anxious about everything. You pictured me in a car accident, you pictured me lost and alone, you even pictured me in jail if I was out of your sight for too long. I had no freedom. I had no life outside our home. I had no friends with the exception of your old persnickity ass. I complained all the time about how crazy you were driving me.   And I loved you more than words could ever express. Probably more than you ever susp
Sing With Me!... Again!... And Again!
Skeeter lyrics   (chorus) There's a skeeter on my peter whack it off There's a skeeter on my peter whack it off There's a dozen on my cousin I can hear the bastard buzzin' There's a skeeter on my peter whack it off   I was playing with my one-eyed trouser worm When I shot a wad it blew up in the air I should have aimed it better it hit my Irish Setter while my mom was combing out his hair   (chorus) She was drivin' down the road doing a-hundred and ninety nine and the chain on her motorcycle broke Well they found her in the grass with the muffler up her ass and her titties playing "Dixie" on the spokes   (chorus) Whack it off
Should I delete or block people who are negative?  Or let them spout their bullshit until it becomes totally intolerable?
Merry Christmas .....i'll Be Gone For 5 Days
Christmas & Holiday Greetings on yTagiI Will Be gone for 5 days ..Dec.22 thru the 26th..Have A safe Holiday!
The Joy Of Fucking
Heya, kids! Today we’re going to talk about cursing! Won’t that be fucking fun? I cannot figure out for the life of me why everybody always gets their panties in a bunch over these so-called "potty words". They’re just words like anything else, and damn it all, they’re just plain fun to say! Words like shit, fuck, and all their naughty ilk almost always either roll or ooze right off the tongue with ease. I’ve been incorporating these words into my daily vocabulary for years, but it’s recently been brought to my attention that perhaps certain curse words pour from my mouth more often than useful words such as the and when in my blogs. I looked back at some of them and was surprised to discover that the word fuck (or variations there of) appeared in my rant no less than about twenty times (or about an average of three times a paragraph). That’s a bit fucking much. So I trimmed a great

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