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created on 03/21/2009  |  http://fubar.com/stupid-encounters/b286407  |  13 followers

->*†*MISTRES...: well i already know them so yeah *†*MISTRES...: I DONT GIVE OUT THAT KINDA INFO ->*†*MISTRES...: so you must know where he lives whats his address and phone number? *†*MISTRES...: YEAH IN UR DREAMS ->*†*MISTRES...: he was with me last night ->*†*MISTRES...: right right *†*MISTRES...: LOL I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT AND ILL BE THERE IN A FEW MORE DAYS ->*†*MISTRES...: lol right keep telling yourself that *†*MISTRES...: DUMB* *†*MISTRES...: I KNOW FOR FACT U DONT DUMD ASS ->*†*MISTRES...: Yeah i do lol *†*MISTRES...: LMAO NO YOU DONT ->*†*MISTRES...: I live with him dumb cunt *†*MISTRES...: LOL ULL BE WAITING REALLY LMAO U WERENT INVITED ->*†*MISTRES...: I'll be waiting ->*†*MISTRES...: LOL your so dumb ->†S51™ BOY†...: and im on yahoo ->†S51™ BOY†...: BLOCK HER †S51™ BOY†...: really? this is news to me.....and she doesnt know where i live i mean she knows i live in NC and near the beach but other than that lol oy vey what the hell ->†S51™ BOY†...: *†*MISTRES...: ILL DO MORE THAN BUY HIM LOL AND IF IM SUCH A WHORE I THINK I WILL GO DOWN THERE AND FUCK HIM ->†S51™ BOY†...: no she said shes comming down to fuck you right now Bearhugs420: ok i will rate the blog just link me to it ,lol loves you *†*MISTRES...: ILL DO MORE THAN BUY HIM LOL AND IF IM SUCH A WHORE I THINK I WILL GO DOWN THERE AND FUCK HIM †S51™ BOY†...: I don't have the phone. so is everything ok? ->†S51™ BOY†...: ... ->Bearhugs420: its not everyday I get a stupid encounter ->Bearhugs420: imma blog it lol ->*†*MISTRES...: I know yes that you have low self esteem thats a given... and your an emo whore wow another 2 and that I'm not the stupid bitch because who in their right mind would put a married man in their pictures and long to be with them oh yes a whore... continue making that money on the corner of fubar and myspace so you can buy my man ok! ->*†*MISTRES...: lol righttttt i know nothing about you... hmm ok *†*MISTRES...: LOL U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME U STUPID ASS BITCH ->*†*MISTRES...: ok any girl that has such low self esteem to sit there and stick half naked pics of her ass on fubar Im sorry thats a whore in my opinion... and its ok to be emo to to hun just cut down the street not across the road *†*MISTRES...: IF IM A WHORE HUN I WOULD HAVE ALREADY DONE THE FEW HOURS IT WOULD TAKE TO GET THERE AND FUCKED HIS BRAINS OUT ABOUT 4 TIMES OR MORE U STUPID BITCH ->*†*MISTRES...: whore *†*MISTRES...: BLAH BLAH BLAH ->*†*MISTRES...: think of the shoe being on the other foot ->*†*MISTRES...: yeah i know the diffrence... hes with me in R'L not fu *†*MISTRES...: LMAO WHATEVER IK NOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REAL LIFE AND FUBAR HUN ->*†*MISTRES...: ok maybe your just nuts ok cool your retarded you ride the short bus cool but watch out *†*MISTRES...: YEAH AND THAT IS JUST FU LOL *†*MISTRES...: HUN HE ASKED ME TO TAKE IT DOWN I TOLD HIM THE SAME THING ->*†*MISTRES...: you best watch yourself ->*†*MISTRES...: Hes married lol and you have a fu bf and a fu hubby *†*MISTRES...: BECAUSE I CAN*†*MISTRES...: I know your on... Whats with the default?

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