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Only One Alternative Associated With Transferring Merchandise Is Usually Movers And Packers
This option is termed self-service attempts. From the self-service attempts, the purchaser should do several perform by yourself, for example providing and unpacking the goods. The whole process inside the home relocation, professional packers and movers pune agents for taking excellent care associated with merchandise. These people carry many achievable measures to stop loss through the transition time. Professional movers and Packers Company invested in security, deterioration no cost transportation associated with merchandise crossed your limit to the brand new targeted consumers. To complete by far the most worthwhile solution to present providers, they've got your professional training associated with individuals and staff members. They may be especially suitable for your safe and sound transportation associated with merchandise to the brand new shipment service provider; the prospective crossed your limit and transition car or truck. packers and movers in pune within Pune Compan
The Only Way I Know How To Apologize
words I say don’t always come out rightand they always seem to start a fight I know what I say can hurt youand believe me I don’t mean to the last thing I want to see is you sadbecause I can’t control myself when I get madI know all you want from me is my bestbut right now I need time to resteverything is happening so fasthow long will it all lasteverything is falling apartit’s ripping my heartI have so much anger built up I have to get it outand all I want to do is scream and shoutI take it out on youeven through I don’t mean toI’m sorry for causing you more stress I know even you need time to rest  
Only One Solution Regarding Transferring Products Will Be Movers In Addition To Packers
This option is named self-service pursuits. Inside the self-service pursuits, the consumer need to do several function yourself, like providing in addition to unpacking the goods The complete method from the housing move, professional packers and movers in pune agents to take health care regarding products. These people take almost all possible measures avoiding reduction throughout the change time period. Expert movers in addition to Packers Corporation focused on protection, destruction cost-free transportation regarding products crossed this tolerance towards brand new goal clients. To do essentially the most profitable way to supply services, they've got this professional education regarding individuals in addition to workers. They're specially made for this protected transportation regarding products towards brand new packages company; the target crossed this tolerance in addition to change car or truck. Packers in addition to Movers within Pune Corporation likewise have motor tr
Only Human
The three basic human emotions:  greed, fear , and greed.
Only Once In Your Life
Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love
On Masterbation
I'm feeling chatty tonight, but nobody is online to talk to, so I'm writing my third blog tongiht. Masterbation is nice, but I normally find that it's too much work. From being around guys all my life, I've gathered that guys can just masterbate and ejaculate whenever they want with no real problem. For me I have to get in the mood. Spend time thinking about romantic and erotic things, before I start to get turned on. After I get turned on I can start touching myself to get harder, but that's all touching myself can do. I know guys can materbate in the shower, and have no problems, but I can't really do that. When I start to get close to ejaculation, my legs no longer work, and I can't stand anymore, and on top of that, my hands stop to function properly, and I can't finish myself off. In the end the only way I can do it is by laying in my bed, on my stomach, and move my waist, while thinking of romantic and erotic thoughts of girls I like. Afterword I feel guilty thin
~*on Marriage*~
Marriage - Part I > > Typical macho man married typical good-looking lady and after > > the wedding, he laid down the following rules: > > "I'll be home when I want, if I want and at what time I want and > I don't expect any hassle from you. I expect a great dinner to be on > table unless I tell you that I won't be home for dinner. I'll go > hunting, fishing, boozing and card-playing when I want with my old > buddies and don't you give me a hard time about it. Those are my rules.. > Any comments?" > > His new bride said, "No, that's fine with me. Just understand that > there will be sex here at seven o'clock every night .......... > whether you're here or not." > > (DAMN, SHE'S GOOD!) > ************************************ > > Marriage (Part II) > > Husband and wife had a bitter quarrel on the day of their 40th wedding anniversary! > > The husband yells, "When you die, I'm getting you a headstone that reads: > > "Here Lies My Wife - Cold As Ever "
On Marriage....
> When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him > keep her. > Sacha Guitry > > After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just > can't face each other, but still they stay together. > Hemant Joshi > > By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a > bad one, you'll become a philosopher. Socrates > > Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them. > Dumas > > The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, "What > does a woman want? > Sigmund Freud > > I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me. > Anonymous > > "Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a > restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and > dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go F ridays." > Henny Youngman > > "I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years." > Sam Kinison > > "There's a
On Mardi Gras, Hugh Hefner, And Exposure
Mardi Gras, certainly one of the most renowned parties of the world, where you can see all the babes, boobs, butts, and beers you could ever hope for. Where else would the Hefner limo be that week but in 'The Big Easy?' I found myself actually shaking hands with the ultimate man's man himself. (Great handshake by the way.) But this isn't an ass-kissing story to pay homage to the founder of Playboy. In the days that followed, men and women alike were captivated by the story of my encounter, and I began to wonder why. What is it about this man that appeals to so many? I decided that it wasn't the money. Wealth is more common than it used to be, and it still can't buy you charisma. No, the answer lay deeper. Flashback Two of my charming lady friends, (We'll call them Rebeca & Marie) were having a discussion about Victorian dresses, and more specifically corsets and the wonderful cleavage they provide. Marie, whose figure resembled that of an ironing board said; "No way, ain't hap
On Mardi Gras, Hugh Hefner, And Exposure
Mardi Gras, certainly one of the most renowned parties of the world, where you can see all the babes, boobs, butts, and beers you could ever hope for. Where else would the Hefner limo be that week but in 'The Big Easy?' I found myself actually shaking hands with the ultimate man's man himself. (Great handshake by the way.) But this isn't an ass-kissing story to pay homage to the founder of Playboy. In the days that followed, men and women alike were captivated by the story of my encounter, and I began to wonder why. What is it about this man that appeals to so many? I decided that it wasn't the money. Wealth is more common than it used to be, and it still can't buy you charisma. No, the answer lay deeper. Flashback Two of my charming lady friends, (We'll call them Rebeca & Marie) were having a discussion about Victorian dresses, and more specifically corsets and the wonderful cleavage they provide. Marie, whose figure resembled that of an ironing board said; "No way, ain't hap
On Married Men
Everyone has their opinion, please feel free to voice yours, but I feel that Married men are selfish. When a Man and a Woman get married it is supposed to be a lasting bond. You give yourself to each other and promise to be faithful. It isn't supposed to be an I am yours until I get bored and want to fool around with someone else while still remaining bonded as Husband and Wife. I am only speaking from my point of view. I am sure there are Women out there who display the same kind of disrespect for that bond, but damnit. How selfish is that? I have had my fair share of married men trying to get together with me and when I say no thanks, they just persist. I don't give a rats ass if you are unhappy or if you aren't getting any or if you have kids. I don't want any part of it. I'll talk to you, I'll be your friend but don't expect me to be part of some selfish fantasy of having your cake and eating it too. It isn't fair to me and it isn't fair to the Wife. I personally
On Mail
I spend little time online these days, but because I still like to keep up a robust communication with friends (and by “robust communication” I mean “random smattering of postcards from various locales”), I buy a lot of stamps.  And I send a fair amount of mail.  This week, I intended to send a half-case of nice wine to a newly married couple, mostly because I can’t think of anything else to give people who just voluntarily resigned themselves to a lifetime of boredom and misery.  Unfortunately, though, new US postal service regulations prohibit the mailing of alcohol and tobacco products.  Little wonder no one has any use for the mail anymore. What the postal service really needs is porn.  When the whole dot-com bubble popped, the only online businesses staying afloat were porn and gaming.  And though I know of no way to put games on stamps, I am certain that you can put porn on stamps.  All the kids would collect stamps again!  And the dads! Sadly, the
On Men And The Internet
Pondering men and how they approach women on the internet: - Why does my exact bra size matter, anyway? Does it really impact your fantasies if I'm a 40C vs. a 42D or whatever? - Along those same lines, why do I care how big it is? If I *really* have strict size requirements, then I'm the one who should bring them up, shouldn't I? - Why do they always take photos of _only_ their *ahem* pride and joys? I know men can look at different pairs of breasts for hours and always think, "ohh... another pair," but to most women (and I've polled), it's pretty much you've seen one, you've seen them all. Hint to all the men out there -- if you really feel the need to share a photo of that (and I'm *not* encouraging that), include your chest and face, too. - Does "God, you're hot. Wanna f*** me?" ever work as an opening line? - If you don't know what the poem means, don't share it. You won't look cultured, you'll look idiotic, especially if you precede it with, "u wnt 2 c a pome?"
The 411 On Me
THE BASICS Full Name: MichaelBirthday: 12-15-72Birthplace: San Bernardino,Calif.Eye Color: GreenHair Color: BrownHeight: 5\'6..5\'7Weight: 110Right handed or Left handed? RightyYour Heritage: noneMy Worst Habit: Self-Loathing,MutilationZodiac Sign: SagittariusShoe Size: 7 1/2Pants Size: sometimes a 10 sometimes 14 it variesInnie or Outie? innie an outtie..I have a pic lol
The 411 On Me Atm
Well.. shitty days n night n blah. So Alots changed about me...i got a job and i have a life not to mention i miss alot of people. I now work for the board of Education and i work 5am to 5pm FUN! I have money now because of my job so I can afford to go ouit which is awsomeness, and i can get myself stuff i wantz. And as far as people I miss..they're all people that are no longer living. this past summr alone..i like 7 friends/family. in jus a matter of 2 months. I found out only a few months ago a friend of mine Jessica hung herself. She was like me in the fact that we did the same self mutilation BS and we were depressed. Alot of the time i felt she was the only one who could understand how I feel and why I felt the way I did. We were so similar, Same name, same likes, same dislikes. I miss her like all hell. I just wish we stayed in touch. I feel like her death is partially my fault because i didnt stay in touch. I guess one morning a friend of hers walked into her house an
411 On Me
Ok I figured I would give you the 411 on me.I was born in Georgia..Never married (thank god)I recently moved to Nevada from Georgia, I endeda relationship that just wasn't working out so whywaste my time.I just wanted a fresh start just meand my son..So I packed up and left and took whateverwould fit in my car.Which wasn't must But I had todo what I needed too.I am not rich, And I barely getby.I am looking for work but its really hard to findanything.I have to say I am much happier, But I amstressed from the worry of if I am going to make it.I am a strong woman and I tend to not eccept help fromanyone.But I have to realize its not just me.I have a little one to consider here now.His father dont help with nothing.He is useless!!!!But I manager best I can and I go withoutso he will have what he needs. I amgine things are going to get tough before they get betterThats usually the way it goes, Plus I never have good luck..But I am thankful I am alive and have a beautiful baby boy.It makes
On Melancholy Hill
Up on melancholy hillThere's a plastic treeAre you here with me?Just looking out on the dayOf another dreamWell you can't get what you wantBut you can get meSo let's set up and see'Cause you are my medicineWhen you're close to meWhen you're close to meSo call in the submarines'Round the world well goDoes anybody knowIf were looking out on the dayOf another dreamIf you can't get what you wantThen you come with meUp on melancholy hillSits a manateeJust looking out on the dayWhen you're close to meWhen you're close to meWhen you're close to me  
On M!! Grown Th@ng
Chillin R3@d!! 2 h@NG
On Mind (part 1)
This was the beginning of what became a rather epic day for me in the chat world. For some reason I kept running into these rampant "materialists" all day. How people can cling to such irrational lines of thinking is quite something! Topic: Do we have nonphysical souls or minds? * masticator has left #philosophy no * masticator has joined #philosophy explain rhettboy1 * The_Oracle sets mode: +o Grumpy_Old_Daemon anyway mind is non physical brain is mind is not color is a product of mind - not a property of reality outside of ourselves can you imagine the color for infrared? or ultraviolet? no, because the spectrum as we know it is something we experience only in our minds, and within the limits of our biology brain, not mind * Annie- has left #philosophy * Antony has quit IRC (Quit: Stephen T. Colbert for White House Press Secretary) * bose has joined #philosophy !topic Topic: Can it still be called love if one loves someone but that person does not
On Mind (part 2)
Continued directly from my last entry.. the mind is what people called the brain before we had the technology to study it * evil-dna has joined #philosophy * bellasleep has quit IRC (Ping timeout) if you want to reinvent language to suit what you want it to mean, then we cant really discuss this not in a person to person sense * filsuf02 has joined #philosophy we rely on shared meaning of basics like understanding what mental means what does 'mind' mean then what does "experience" mean? i have no idea I think you will find this equally difficult to refer to without invoking mental concepts - yet you relied on that too wha does mind mean? now you say you dont even know what that means what* an experience of the brain that was your phrase you say now you dont know what experience means I guess you dont know what you are talking about the brain doesn't have experiences, the brain allows people to have experiences you chose those words rhettboy1
On Mind (part 3 - The Nature Of Ants)
The prior conversation was more or less wrapped up with this after a lot more nonsense which I have edited out for sake of sanity and brevity.. Do you believe in emergent properties? in what now? ... Nevermind. ok then After this I had a private chat with CaptainJack: Session Start: Fri Mar 06 07:37:47 2009 Session Ident: CaptainJack I'm quite interested in the emergent properties of complex interacting systems which is how I view "mind" actually Heh what is interesting is how you can end up with properties that seem to be greater than the sum of their parts Yeah .. it is interesting stuff, but I won't make any pretense on my understanding it. I just like how when you asked if he believed in emergent properties and saw he had no concept you just gave up :p I'm going back to bed soon anyway, and had not the energy to deal with it. But really, to say cyberspace doesn't exist .. come on. It is real, it exists .. but it's not one computer or even one
On Mind (part 4 - The Nature Of Reality)
Later in the day, tired of the lifeless view I was running into in #philosophy, I decided to join #christiandebate - at least here people are not scared to speak of esoteric matters... but they were here too - materialists! Who in time thought I was defending Christianity, when prior to this chat, I made quite clear I was not a christian. This is just where I began to express my thoughts and when the day started to get most intense! I believe that the whole of Creation is the act of God meditating on the only thing he has available - Himself but that's just me * Aeloi shrugs Aeloi, I think there is much truth in that answer. And I love Aristotle. any particular *reason* you believe that Aeloi bnyfoofoo no, not specifically\ thousands and it took years of research to come to that conclusion where would I start? But I would ask, is that the only way God could have created the Universe? And could it have been different? * Aeschylus thinks that Aeloi's reason, abo
On Mind (part 5 - Origins:mind Vs Matter)
The arduous quest to understand the nature of the universe continues.. gotta love philosophy about random declarations of what "logically follows" that somehow manages to lead right to christianity ya, really I can make stuff up, too I do not defend Christianity, if you must know nor any religion I do not believe God has a Kingdom where He sits on a throne being praised by a choir of angels and awaiting us to do the same I think that reeks of myth, and limited understanding of "God" further, I do not think we require "forgiveness" from God, or sacrifice I think God is big enough, and wise enough to know that we are imperfect my son is quite imperfect I have yet to consider casting him out of my presence if I am imperfect, how could I be more loving than my Father in heaven? good synapses Aeloi how is your "father" sentient? I believe the Whole of Creation is in the act of observing itself, and interacting with itself - that we are a part of this what
On Mind (part 6 - The Emerging Systems)
I don't have much an intro for this one, it basically continues where I was. going back to that idea of cause and effect, what do you make of quantum physics? quantum mechanics tries to understand matter in terms of it's smallest possible slices where on the atomic scale, the ideas of cause and effect are suspended getting to that proverbial "instant" of time and in doing so, they are getting to a point where it becomes unclear what came before what and things seem to happen spontaneously without cause you really want to know what I think? :p that realit is a conscious mega fractal hologram * Aeloi winks * rusalka has joined #christiandebate * SeekHim sets mode: +v rusalka that all things exist as waves of energy, and what we see as matter is the interaction of these forces or.. every point in the universe(one whole thing) is in the act of interacting with and "observing" every point within the universe and these interactions create the manifest reality w
On Mind (part 7 - "fractal Like")
We are nearing the end here - a rough attempt on my part to prove the case for an intelligent universe. A view of God that might not be familiar to many of you. A view of reality that is not often considered... noone has anything to say one way or the other on these claims of mine? * Aeloi pouts what claim lol, far too much to repeat I wrote a book today i was away doing stuff, just sat back down and was scrolling back, basically i agree heh * Zumarraga has joined #christiandebate * SeekHim sets mode: +v Zumarraga reliationships every where, connections everywhere, , exactly what happens within a singularity * SeekHim sets mode: +l 44 my claim Sanrio, without going into the novel like proofs, is that reality is a conscious mega fractal hologram or at least - that is a good way of viewing it a "model" for it What is your evidence for this claim? everything to sum it up as consicely as possible constituent parts State how everything is good evidence to
On Mind (part 8 - Putting It All Together)
This would be the end of this series. I would appreciate any feedback =D. wild.. I went into christiandebate expecting to argue with Christians Aeloi, go ahead. Don't quit on me. oh, sorry anyway, I found myself arguing with materialists - and they assumed I was defending christianity it was bizarre even though I admitted not being a Christian the Christian minded folk in the room were agreeing with me I basically asserted that mind begat matter, I did my best to construct a model for the existance of "something" from "nothing" but could not even get the materialists to accept a well understood definition of "mind" even within materialistic views they were more stuck in their faith like assertions than the Christians they looked down upon and despised I suppose that if I got nothing to do, you can share thy knowledge with them. you got* the christian view is more something from nothing than the non-religious view that's because "mind" is an extremely
On Morphs.
Morphs. My, aren't you clever. You took a picture of yourself (or some chick you're trying to see naked) and then you took a picture of something better than yourself (or the chick you want to see naked) and told a program to morph the two together. Brilliant. You are a prodigy.
On Monday We E-mailed Jokes
On Monday We E-mailed Jokes Author Unknown On Monday we emailed jokes. On Tuesday we did not. On Monday we thought that we were secure. On Tuesday we learned better. On Monday we were talking about heroes as being athletes. On Tuesday we relearned who our heroes are. On Monday we were irritated that our rebate checks had not arrived. On Tuesday we gave money away to people we had never met. On Monday there were people fighting against praying in schools. On Tuesday you would have been hard pressed to find a school where someone was not praying. On Monday people argued with their kids about picking up their room. On Tuesday the same people could not get home fast enough to hug their kids. On Monday people were upset that they had to wait 6 minutes in a fast food drive through line. On Tuesday people didn't care about waiting up to 6 hours to give blood for the dying. On Monday we waved our flags
9/11..."on Monday"
9/11 "ON MONDAY" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Monday there were people fighting against praying in schools. On Tuesday you would have been hard pressed to find a school where someone was not praying. On Monday there were people trying to separate each other by race, sex, color and creed. On Tuesday they were all holding hands. On Monday we thought that we were secure. On Tuesday we learned better. On Monday we were talking about heroes as being athletes. On Tuesday we relearned what hero meant. On Monday people went to work at the world trade centers as usual. On Tuesday they died. On Monday people were fighting the 10 commandments on government property. On Tuesday the same people all said 'God help us all' while thinking 'Thou shall not kill'. On Monday people argued with their kids about picking up their room. On Tuesday the same people could not get home fast enough to hug their kids. On Monday people picked up McDonald
On Morality: A Wiccan Viewpoint
On Morality: A Wiccan Viewpoint One of the greatest contributions that Christianity and Judaism have imparted on our society is the institution of morality. Previous religions, especially those of Greece and Rome, placed little importance on the teaching of morality. This was left to the philosophers who in turn described their own moral beliefs and systems to their students, creating a moral code which was as diverse and disorganized as there were philosophers to listen to. It is difficult to imagine living in a society in which there is no absolute right and wrong . . . or is it? I would like to assert that American society has evolved thus far into a homogeneous entity as far as morality is concerned, but this is simply not the case. There is, of course, a general and large consensus to big and important issues, such as murder, rape, etc., but many issues go unresolved and continue to be battling points for any of us. When we talk about morality, we are talking about the Judeo
On Monday 6 11's Will Be Activated Along With A 'tweety's Got Attitude{train})dont Miss Out!!
Auto 11 bling will be activated today Monday Dec. 8th Starting at 6 PM Eastern time. Show me the love and HELP ME GET TO PROPHET Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}@ fubar Pimp out Brought to you by Mď˘kď-ßlµę-ČĄę§ ~{Đďr†Ą §đµ†h Çręw}Çđ-ŁđµńĐęr 𣠆hę ŁrďęńЧhďţ Çďr˘lę'@ fubar
On Mtv
we just had mtv here taping for there new reality show check out jeff doing piercings
On Mumms
I should have known the porn one would be a deluge of responses.
On Music And Streaming.
I'm probably like many and enjoy a non-stop flow of music into my ears. Bu t does my desire for high quality, low cost, tunes have any negative side effects. Well a recent newsletter from Projekt Records founder Sam Rosenthal, has shed some new light on the subject. It turns out that some streaming services pay less than one cent per play, in royalties to the artist. "Let's discuss the economics. For a play on Spotfy.... NOW READ THIS CLOSELY..... on average $0.0013 is paid to Projekt. There is the math, plain and simple! 5000 plays generates around $6.50. In comparison, 5000 track downloads at iTunes generates almost $3000. To be clear: I am not suggesting that every stream would have been a sale at iTunes. I understand the reality of the music business. I am providing that as a comparison for you." The above is quoted directly from the newsletter mentioned at the begining of this lovely extension. So if you really want to know more, please click here, and read it in full
On My Way Home
ON MY WAY HOME (SHAMEKA’S PRAYER) i am on my way home, you have called for me. when i reach my destination, in heaven i will be. old familiar faces will be there for me to greet. the friends and family i leave behind once again we shall meet take care of my loved ones now that we will be apart. take a piece of my spirit, place it in each and every heart. let my spirit comfort them so they know i am here. let them know i am on my way home, with nothing to fear. i leave this broken body, and this broken shell. i enter the lights of heaven, not the darkness of hell. tears need not be shed for the time that i am gone. my journey has ended and now i am home.
On My First Day.
I'm new to the LC so I get to figure everything out. Wish me luck all!
On My Way
Well You Guys I'm going over seas on a mission, I Don;t know if im gonna make it back, but i hope and pray i do..that all fer now..peace
On My Way To The Er (pouts)
I have to go to the stupid hospital. I have this big red spot under my arm and it hurts so bad it makes me cry. I don't know whats going on. Well ok yeah I do know what it is. Nichaols had one when he was 4 months old. You can't even believe how bad it hurts. I saw the movie The departed last night. Oh my god did that movie rock. I love mob movies so much.
On My Page
what should i put on my page? dirty pics of me? dirty picks of my exes??? hummmmmm so tempting
On My Way Out
Today is saturday the 28th of october and tomorrow morning i am on my way to kansas for my dads wedding then i will be off to texas probably to live. I am leaving people out here in cali and if any of you from cali read this just rember i love and will miss you all and i will never forget about any of you and i will come home to visit soon guys i promise. Anyways this will be a fun and interesting trip i am nervouse because i am going to be meeting all of my new step family. Anyways i will post when i get there and tell everyone in cali how i like it anyways yall i will talk to yall soon and i just want yall to know cali will always be my hom love all the ones in cali bye guys. Tay
On My Mind
what is going on in my mind alot of things is going on what ami gonna do what am i gonna say people tell me to listen to my heart well honestly i do not know what mt heart is tellin me it tells me to be happy and do whats right but honestly what is really right? like my life whats right man i take it day by day and see what happens and go from there i take it day by day i dont planit out in ahead of time it will take out all the fun and suprises in it and all the adventure to live ur life out of a plan ok love ok thats a diff. story love someone who dont love u backor u dont know if they love u back, love someoen who loves u back but ur not inlove with that person what are u to do?or fall for someoen who treats u like ur presicous gold and treats u like a princess that u so love to be all the years?or be with the one who loves u deeply and shows it but it diff. because u love em but not the way he does? what are you to do u have this person who makes u smile makes ur heart skip to the
On My Mind
On My Mind... do I have a single REAL friend are there those upon whom I can depend or is being treated like a leper the new trend some thoughts which cross my mind aspects of my life already shitty speaking to enlighten & inform, swallow your pity keeping it real some might find it grimy & gritty as I speak about what's on my mind chasing destiny stumbling along the path set before me impaired visually, LITERALLY can you comprehend that which is on my mind praying rather than begging or trying to cop a plea almost feverishly with tenacity due to reality which is often on my mind so what I'm visually impaired and I'm still treading where the sighted have dared I might be nervous but I'm far from scared as I have enough to deal with on my mind still taking chances making the best of circumstances not ignoring or avoiding stares & glances probably deep in thought trying to cope with what's on my mind true indeed I'm LEGALLY Blind sustained by those t
On My Being In A Contest
As I lay in bed last night before going to sleep I got to thinking about contest on the site. First off let me say that I am currently in two contest here on Cherry Tap. Neither of which I will mention here. First I will no long vote for myself in a contest or make commets on myself in a contest. Whether I win or lose is up to the people here on Cherry Tap. If you are my friend and I tell you I am in a contest then I expect you to at least go look.Whether you vote or not that is up to you. Since the majority of my bulletins are not reposted I know that most of you don't read them because if you did and you reposted I would get them back (which I do from some people) these at least I know take a look at something besides themselves. Frankly being in a contest affords me nothing, I don't get any points for commets or ratings except for the ones I place on there myself. Taking time to make a bunch of comments on my pis is for the birds. I would much rather be talking to
On My Way To Work This Morning.....
On my way to work this morning this dick in a pickup pulls out in front of me.
On My Mind!
On my mind, your face. On my my lips, your kiss. In my arms, your embrace. My heart, looking for bliss. My soul, searching for it's place. Me and you, wanting this.
411 On Myself
so i'm on here and yes i have hot pix but i'm sure that everyone wants to know exactly how the person on the other side of the computer looks. Ethnicity:Dominican(spanish)black(afro-american)cherokee(native-american) Height:5'4 Weight:179 Hair:recently cut it medium length black w? redish brown highlights Eyes:luminous brown Lips:full Bra size:42D Jeans size:15 Skirt Size:14 Shoe size:9
On My Watch Tonite
On My Grown Woman
Goin into the '07 I figured I try to do some things different. Not that I'm not happy with myself,trust I have no regrets, I just realized that looking back on some situations there were some things that I could have handled in a different manner, but like my mom says and the infamous quote goes "You live and you learn". The end of 05 and beginning of 06 were some good times...I mean college life was great. Yeah classes got the best of me resulting in me taking a semester off, but it was still great. Living on campus isn't as bad as some make it out to be, but I guess if you know your roomate it's cool, but its even better if they leave second semester and you end up with the room to yourself. But aside from that I made some friends, made some memories, and had some wonderful times. The bf situation had its highs and its low but thankfully the good outweighed the bad majority of the time(I still love my boo. And doubt if I'll find another like him). Anyways, things didn't get rocky
On My Way Home
it's 5:15 am in new york, flight leaves at 8, lands at 12:30(pacific) home by 4. Honestly the trip is ending on a perfect note another day may have been too much. I'm a little overwhelmed about all the shite that i did. So think good non plane crashy thoughts for me. Oh and watching wicked last night was awe inspiring. I have valuum for the trip home so i shouldnt freak, as long as my plane stays in the sky... Miss chatting with ya all, and will start posting pics after i sleep for a day. One Love Shannon. ps postcards were sent yesterday.
On My Way Home
Well not that this is much of a blog, but I just wanted to let all my friends know that I'll be offline for a couple of days as I'm about to make a wonderful greyhound journey home back to ottawa. Continue the wonderful comments, ratings and what have you..I promise I'll catch up when I get to the other end. Thank you all, y ou've been a blast. Love Always Kitana
On My Mind
I'm laying in my bed, smoking an sigarette. My head is almost empty, only you are in my head. But still i'm alone here in this room, and that makes me verry sad. I'm staring at the sealing, with you on my mind. I wanna go to you leaving this room behind. I don't now why, i love you so much. But i just don't wanna lose you so please .... keep in touch.
On Myself
"on My Watch Tonight" - Video
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On My "forgeries"/ My Art And On Iconography
I feel I should say something here so that no one gets the wrong idea about my art. Since I was a girl, I have simply loved God. Growing up, I was a nominal Protestant with an agnostic intellectual for a father, and an opera singer for a mother. Without boring you with unwanted detail I will just explain that when I was 4 years old, I lived in West Africa and I contracted a particularly resistant strain of pneumonia. Where I lived, there was only one hospital which was run by some Baptists from Texas. To make a long story short, I was in a ward with children who had everything from leprosy to gun shot wounds. Because antibiotics were difficult to get in time, I died in my "sleep". I spontaneously "woke up." That was in 1970 and since then, I have just loved God. Throughout my life, my art has taken some unexpected turns, but one theme seems to run throughout: my love for God and my wonderment at his creation, including most especially human beings. Because I am crea
On My Honey Moon
Ok for those who don't already know I got hitched today to the most wonderful man. I am leavin right away on my honeymoon so I won't be on for a week or so well i may pop in for a few mins here and there but not much. so I just wanted to say have fun and play safe till i see ya again luv ya all. S~E~X~Y!
On My Mind And Definitely In My Dreams
In My Dreams There was a time some time ago When every sunrise meant a sunny day, oh a sunny day But now when the morning light shines in It only disturbs the dreamland where I lay, oh where I lay I used to thank the lord when I'd wake For life and love and the golden sky above me But now I pray the stars will go on shinin', you see in my dreams you love me Daybreak is a joyful time Just listen to the songbird harmonies, oh the harmonies But I wish the dawn would never come I wish there was silence in the trees, oh the trees If only I could stay asleep, at least I could pretend you're thinkin' of me 'Cause nighttime is the one time I am happy, you see in my dreams We climb and climb and at the top we fly Let the world go on below us, we are lost in time And I don't know really what it means All I know is that you love me, in my dreams I keep hopin' one day I'll awaken, and somehow she'll be lying by my side And as I wonder if the dawn is really breakin' She
On My Knees Begging
please all my friends family and fans ... I dont ask much but this is a very special girl and a good friend of mine shes in a sexy eyes contest .. and if u look at the pictures you'll see she deserves your comment votes ... please go bomb her or vote a few times for her .. click on the link below
On My Mind
On my mind, your face. On my my lips, your kiss. In my arms, your embrace. My heart, looking for bliss. My soul, searching for it's place. Me and you, wanting this.
On My Way To Baltimore
I will have a table at the Horrorfind convention. This one proves to be really wild and very fun! Some of ym darkstone family will be in attendance if you'd like to attend go to See you there!
On My Mind
soo here i am and i am writing this much on my mind. i mean alot. i have a crush on someone but i kinda cant tell them cuz that would just be wrong in the simple fact that i am close with them. i am kinda not in the place where i want to be. i mean i want to go home with my family....but yea...ife goes on
On My Lips
On my lips Fingers tracing, tickling, teasing, Hot breath exploring soft blushing skin, Urgent usherings through new folds uncovered by subtle moans and seductive moves. Tasting love, testing Love, discovering... GASPS! Heartbeat, hot breath, quivering lips, Glistening baubles of feminine mystique, Trembling 'neath touches of male desire, Presure in rhythm brings writhing and giggling, Dividing the covers with sweet scents of love. Nibbling with lips and teasing with tongue, That blow the world and it's woes far away Blowing, blinding, tickling, pleasing. Darkest of night, starkest of day. In the lap of a Lover rests the kingdom of heaven - a feast for a king - a gift for a god. by David Higgins, 1/06/05
On My Mind
I am sitting here wondering why I seem to always be a secret in peoples lives. the past 3 ladies I have been involved with I have seemed to be a secret to others. the first one of course had a Master and I was just a friends with benefits but even after they were seperated I was a secret. the next didn't want to put on her profile that she was taken not sure why she told me a reason but it really didn'ty make thjat much scence to me anyway since she told me that she was proud to be part of me. the last it seems wanted to be mine and I wanted to give her time and she agreed but not sure if how she is feeling really if she wants anyone of her friends to know. and really not sure if we have progressed past what we have had before what she said. well time will tell I guess. no big thing. I will be fine.
On My Way Home
On My Mind
On my Mind You are on my mind constantly nothing can set my imagination free. Free of the thoughts of me and you the thoughts of us making love so true. I dream wonderful dreams throughout the night, of us doing unimaginable things and doing them so right. I dream of us making love under the moon Under the moon so bright and full. I hope my dreams can come true soon in my mind nothing at all could be dull. You are on my mind constantly nothing can set my imagination free. Free of the thoughts of me and you the thoughts of us making love so true. Poem ID: 2174
On My Mind
well this is whats in my head i dont know much anymore cuz i figure everytinme i learn something there is something else to be learned, and its like u think u know someone but u really dont what the hell y do people change so much, i just wanted to make my 1st blg on here but i dont want to get to deep on anyone who will read this not for my first one lol
On My Page...
This Is How It Works.... Family-- Gets a lot of Comments and rates, Gets to use shout out box and see all pictures.---- IF you want to become family and are not on it just show me some more love or if you feel u have already done so just message me..... Friends-- get some rates and a comment here and there, Use shout out box, and access to all Pictures--- To become a friend just add.... Fans-- Get a profile rating, and fanned bck (sometimes b/c I can't keep up with all of you) then basiclly nothing lol unless u are both a fan and a friend.... Regaurdless of what u are I still love ya.... I know right?? absolutely pointless now u can go bck to riri
On My 1st Year Wedding Anniversary......
At three minutes and four seconds after 2 AM on the 6th of May this year, the time and date will be 02:03:04 05/06/07. This will never happen again. Well at least for 1000 years I am so excited that this will happen on my 1st year wedding anniversary :-)
On My Wish List Happy Hump Day Happy Hump Day Happy Hump Day Happy Hump Day Happy Days Happy Pics
On My Soapbox Again
been a really shitty word from gov. they screwing me again on my disability . freakin tired of playing games with these people. hope they have a need for their service someday and they get fucked as bad as they screwing with me and my family. ok now that i've bitched some gonna go pout lol ya'll have a better day than me
On My Own Lyrics
Artist: Eponine Lyrics Song: On My Own Lyrics EPONINE And now I'm all alone again Nowhere to go no one to turn to, Did not want your money sir I came out here coz i was told to And now the night is near Now I can make believe he's here. Sometimes I walk alone at night When everybody else is sleeping I think of him and then I'm happy With the company I'm keeping The city goes to bed And I can live inside my head. On my own Pretending he's beside me All alone, I walk with him till morning Without him I feel his arms around me And when I lose my way I close my eyes And he has found me In the rain the pavement shines like silver All the lights are misty in the river In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight And all I see is him and me for ever and forever And I know it's only in my mind That I'm talking to myself and not to him And although I know that he is blind Still I say, there's a way for us I love him But when the night is over He i
On My Wedding Day
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On My Knees With Folded Hands
On my knees, with folded hands, I thank the Lord each day; For when I think of life itself It makes me want to pray. Most of my friends are dead and gone; You’ll find flowers where they lay. I know that some of them, To heaven found their way. So many times I've looked up To heaven in the night, Asking answers from our Lord Who's always in my sight. Any day could be my last, There's no time to fuss or fight. There's just time to be loved. Who cares who's wrong or right.
On My Page
I started putting my friends on my page with my thoughts on them...If you are not there, I just haven't got that far...If you want to be on there, let me know... If you want to check it out, they are underneath my music box.... I may start putting some in my pictures section, it depends on how many I decide to do...
On My Own Again
In 6 days I will be on my own again. I was staying with my boyfriend, but I found a place of my own again. I am sooooo very excited. I can sit and chat on puter and worry about kids looking over my shoulder. I can't wait to start chatting and sending things on tap again. So to all my friends and family members on here I WILL BE BACK IN ABOUT A WEEK. Talk to you all soon. My boyfrind and I are still seeing each other,just not living together. It was just tooo soon for that.
On My Mind
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On My Way...
Michelle & Sarah So it's official. I tested out Thursday night. Tested out? Yeah, that means my instructor tested me by state board standards on facial, day makeup and facial waxing and I passed. Now I can start taking paying clients at school. Before I wasn't allowed for obvious reasons. Also means in five months I'll be more than ready to pass the exam at state board and become certified! Hell yeah! I'm on my way baby. I plan on working on a national cruiseline after I graduate. Three to nineteen month contracts. I'll be on a ship for that amount of time making BANK! Been waiting for my life to make a turn for the better...I'm now rounding the corner. REL
On My Mind
things have been on my mind. the way things came to be. how did it happen? i could never see. not complaining how we met just that we are so far apart. the day i left you at the airport though... lets just say you've never left my heart. talking to you everyday just eases the pain a bit, i don't always know what you are doing, but i know that your thinking of me, with the loving lil texts and the thumpin i get deep in my heart. just a few month and again i'll be there. you were just my friend a brother at most... and from there it became something more. just to be straight with you it was from afar.... you my dear were the one i truely adored. so i'll letting you know now this is what i wish.... to be your every tomorrow. good time bad time happy and sad... we promised to make it through it, because after all we are a team.
On My Way
Alone and cold, I will find my way Nothing can stop me, today is the day I’ll spread my wings and soar Because in my heart, I know there’s so much more. {Italian Diamond} 9-13-07
On My Way To Nashville And Coyote Ugly!
Fuck yeah! Earlier in the week Jocey and Crystal asked me to go down there with them and i said no i couldnt. Not enough money. Well last night after my date I met the up at Koodie Hoos and they talked me into going. They are going to split the cost of me going and drinking with them. Thats how bad the want me to go. lol. We are going to COYOTE UGLY man. oh yeah. And yes I AM going to dance on the bar. Last night we ended up down at the river skinny dipping at 3 in the fucking morning. but it was a ball. But anyway I gotta get off here. I have an hour and a half to get packed and ready. theres 4 girls and one guy going. lol dont you pity that poor guy. lol all 4 of us ladies are nuts when we get together.
On Myspace...
Hey, I was getting bored and decided to make a myspace page cause I guess I am not cool until I do this (yeah right, lol) :) :P :)
On My Mind
You know when I started on this cherrytap/fubar page I thought it was fun, addicting. I started making some really good friends. But you know sometimes people forget on here that some of us are real, not characters in a play....we have feelings, real life issues. I guess I am just so tired of being lied to on here, tired of making friendships and relationships only to find out that these friendships and relationships are not all that we thought they were. I guess I would just like to know that there are some genuine people here that aren't just talking to you for the ratings or the points, that aren't out just to see how many women they can get to fall for them. I am sorry just had to get that off my chest.
On My Mind...
Ok so there's someone who's been on my mind non-stop for the past week/month. I mean literally 24/7. I eat, sleep, breath this person. Does this person even know? Does this person even care? That person knows who they are and just recently things have happened that I can't explain but I can't think straight cause of things that's happened. I mean is it an obsession? Is it a obsessive compulsive disease or something? I mean what the hell! This someone has been around for times on end and it's like the closer times come the further they are. I've called it love but is that even a word now or just an excuse? It's gotten to the point that times I've thought about just walking up to that person and just letting go. Forgetting who's around and just telling how I feel but at the same time don't wanna do that and run that person off. While that person's told me their feelings, I still have yet to see the result. Will I see a result? Probably not. It's been a long time and they
On My Way
Well the time has come for me to be on my way. To all the friends I have made on here it was a blast an wish it could last longer. Now for the people that are up tight u can blow I'll be on the road driving cross counrty with my Baby Girl(my DOG). So as I say goodbye to Cali one last time I toss back a cold one for all of you in the FU world. So peace out an suck it easy. An maybe I'll find my way when I get to where ever it may be.
On My Own
subject: on my own post date: 2007-10-14 12:04:31 i was alone thinking about you the house is so empty now just thinking of wonderful times when i went to my room you and me had such wonderful times just thinking of cuddling when i went to my room i thought nothing of you had to do it on my own not just cuddling we did when i went to my room i hope i'm in your thoughts as we are in the naked embrace it is such folly to think of another when i went to my room all this is no good if you dont think of me cause my thoughts are of you when you went into my room
On My Mind
Band : Sunday Drivers Song & Lyrics : Sunday Drivers Chorus: On my mind, on my mind, on my mind, on my mind There's a thing that I can't explain and I'm quiet, yes I'm quiet, very quiet, really quiet, most of my time People talk to people go and make them shush, Can you stand them talking superficial guff? Our communication is going down a lot but it is really not my fault You spoil it when you talk Chorus You say I was a good friend and I have gone downhill, honestly, I don't know if you were so to Can you understand me? can you hear me shout? If you don't understand me leave me in my cloud Talking of life I'm not to keen Sometimes I face it sometimes I cry, cry, cry Chorus Talking of life, I'm not to keen Sometimes i face it sometimes I hide, hide, hide Chorus
On Myspace
check out my newest pics on myspace... you know you wanna look-see.... lol
On My Own
So many times, Said it was forever, Said our love would always be true, Soimething in my heart always knew, I'd be lying here beside you, On my own On my own On my own So many promises never should be spoken Now I know what loving you cost Now we're up to talking divorce And we weren't even married On my own Once again now One more time By myself No one said it was easy But it once was so easy Well I believed in love Now here I stand I wonder why I'm on my own Why did it end this way On my own This wasn't how it was supposed to be OIn my own I wish that we could do it all again So many times I know I should have told you Losing you it cut like a knife You walked out and there went my life I don't want to live without you On my own On my own On my own Chorus Repeat This wasn't how it was supposed to end I wish that we could do it all again I never dreamed I'd spend one night alone On my own, I've got to find where I belong again I've got to lea
On My Own
You would think by now I would know my way around I shouldn't miss you so badly I should be on familiar ground How many more lonely years must meander by until I learn the lesson it does no good to cry What manner of iron will must some people possess to be always looking forward to never accept regress Perhaps if I was willing to let someone take me by the hand they could show me a happy place in this unfamiliar land Perhaps I'm only homesick for all the joys that once were mine I must accept that they and you belong to another place and time But I know that deep within my heart there's a place where only you reside and when the pain of loneliness comes it knows that is where I hide So if sometimes it seems to you I'm clinging to the past it's mostly because I can't yet accept that our love didn't last No matter how hard I try I've yet to get over you for the part of me that's still alive believes you love me too Maybe there will come a day when that part will finally
On My Way Home
the best thing to forward to at an end of a deployment: its simple it is the final day you are schuduled to start flyin home and today 30 nov 07 is my day and i will be glad to be home wit h friends and family.........
On My Own
see all those people on the ground wasting time i try to hold it all inside but just for tonight the top of the world sitting here wishing the things I've become that something is missing maybe I... but what do I know and now it seems that i have found nothing at all I want to hear your voice out loud slow it down without it all I'm choking on nothing it's clear in my head and I'm screaming for something knowing nothing is better than knowing at all
On My Mind
Celestial Love a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson Higher far, Upward, into the pure realm, Over sun or star, Over the flickering Daemon film, Thou must mount for love, Into vision which all form In one only form dissolves; In a region where the wheel, On which all beings ride, Visibly revolves; Where the starred eternal worm Girds the world with bound and term; Where unlike things are like, When good and ill, And joy and moan, Melt into one. There Past, Present, Future, shoot Triple blossoms from one root Substances at base divided In their summits are united, There the holy Essence rolls, One through separated souls, And the sunny Aeon sleeps Folding nature in its deeps, And every fair and every good Known in part or known impure To men below, In their archetypes endure. The race of gods, Or those we erring own, Are shadows flitting up and down In the still abodes. The circles of that sea are laws, Which publish and which hide the Cause. Pray for a
On My Nerves
so i was talking with my friends and we were talking about fighting if the US ever got taken over he said he wouldnt fight he would run to cananda and i was thinking about it lately and it got me all worked up that some people who are free wouldnt even stand up and fight for it or die for it yet there are thousands upon thousands who would fight and die to be free but here is someone who wouldnt i think then he dosent deserve to be free if you wont die let alone fight to be free whats the point huh? maybe im not seeing something or is he just that much of a pussy? i mean i would be sacred to fight but i would hope if it ever came down to it i would stand up and be brave and fight awwwww who knows im just ranting
On My Way
I am leaving this site...It' was fun while it lasted.If you are a good friend and dont have my yahoo you have about 2 weeks to let me know.I am just done on here. Talk to you when I do cheryl.
On My Knees
I'm on my knees, begging you please, Can you give us one more try, Before we end what we have, Before you turn and say goodbye. I'm on my knees, tears falling from my eyes, My heart pounding in my chest, The words frozen on my lips, Wondering if you have already left. I'm on my knees, heart within my hands, Offering you all that I have to give, Begging you please don't let our love die, Give it one more chance to live. I'm on my knees, begging you please, Don't wealk away, Please, baby, I love you so much, Please tell me that you'll stay. for WMH 10-14-2007
On My Mind
Dear Family, Friends, and Fubar people, Well I am just upset back in Dec. I found out a close friend of mine has HPV and that it could lead to cancer. Well she had a pap and it came back that it was abnormal. It just got me down because I don't want to lose her. She has been someone that has helped me through the darkest parts of my life and she talked me out of killing myself also. It is just hard for me to deal with people that have cancer because I lost some one that I loved and hold dear to me and that was my mom's mother. I was her baby boy, and first grandson so I was close to her. But I know that cancer can go away but yet it can come back and people die from it and thats what scares me about my friend because that threat of losing her. Death itself does not bother me it is the fear of losing one that I care, love, or have been friends with that scares me the most. She says not to worry about her but I do it, thats just who I am and you will find that out if you take time
On My Way
It is 7 in the morning on the 10th and I leave this evening to take three flights to finally see someone I believe I truly love. That statement got me to thinking just how many of us have experienced this sensation. I have seen so many SL relationships come together and break apart in the short span since I first rezed. I have also seen people profess their love for one another in world and I have to ask myself if that love is for the portrayed character or the real person behind the pixels. In my case it is the later and has been from the very beginning. I fell in love with a wonderful woman who just so happens to love me in return and I count myself amongst the lucky who have found more than just virtual companionship. I have found a second chance at happiness and it has bared fruit in so many ways. I really should say that happiness has found me because this shy man has a hard enough time typing in a created world let alone speak in the real one. On this day of anxiety (ov
On My Way To Virginia.
Being it Monday morning, 9:30am, in about 30 hours from now I'll be on the plane "moving" to Virginia. It's been ten years since I consider Virginia home in a sense of living. It'll be an interesting move seeing that dad said he'll find me a place to live, till I can find a apartment to move into. Only thing he says about me having a place to stay is "we'll stick you someplace", 'we' being the family that would not think twice about sticking family members in hotels when no longer tolerated. It'll be an interesting move but worth it.
On My Mind
Let's make a date out of the cinema Then stay out till early in the morning I always like it cause we take it slow While everyone around us seems so hurried It feels familiar, cause I've been here before When your words Swept the ground right from under me Remember when you were so insecure Now you can't get your hands up off of me But the time we spent was so short Can't believe it's time to go again You're always on my mind, all the time On my mind, believe it You're always on my mind, all the time On my mind, believe it Can we pick it up where you left off When you said you'll never get over me I'll take for granted every roll off your tongue Cause you're screaming out all your honesty But the time we spent was so short Can't believe it's time to go again You're always on my mind, all the time On my mind, believe it You're always on my mind, all the time 'Cause there's nothing I'd rather think about, believe it, believe it You know it's time,
On My Mind
Have you ever just had some shit on your mind and came up with some Aristotle type shit? Yeah, I knew you did. Well I do that shit all the time - so pay attention and you might learn some shit. And if you got some shit on your mind, I might learn a thing or two. So to get this blog rollin' I'm gonna start slow. As I breeze through FUBAR, I ant help but notice the different personalities. In a sick and twisted way it reminds me of high school and the different cliques! How would classify the different FUBAR cliques? My thoughts later.
On My Mind
Do you have a dirty mind?You have a very dirty mindYou've got a one-track mind! Either your hormones have taken over your brain or you're feeling deprived in some way, because s-e-x is the first thing that pops into your mind on almost any occasion. How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
On My Way To Insider... Thanks To Tappinit And His Great Fu Friends!
Well, well, well .... Only 77k to go till i get Insider ... OOPS Till SHE gets TO Insider !! Let's get her DONE. She had a VERY rough Monday and deserves all of our Fu-Love. Catch her here ..... ~Steph~@ fubar Look at those eyes ..... Woo Hoo !! OCOC Tell her Tappinit sent ya XOXO: Tappinit~Salami, Salami, Bologna....Ewwww.... Try the tuna, It's fresh !@ fubar Brickhouse - Rick James (repost of original by 'Tappinit~Salami, Salami, Bologna....Ewwww.... Try the tuna, It's fresh !' on '2008-06-03 16:40:06')
On My Mind
I have been thinkin hard lately because my significant other keeps telling me that I am guarding myself. I do not think this is true. Things are going fairly well between us and I dont understand why she thinks this. I have not been any different towards her lately, nor do I want to be. I love her with all my heart and she means the world to me. That will never change.
On My Mind
Walking a trail of memories returning to spirit lands misty atmospheres appear as through a window tinted amber searching for the colors of the heart dreaming of times not measured by hour glasses crystals of quartz nor counted like grains of sand when each knew and felt a sense of place a silent serenade felt much like wind my spirit reads braille now reaching for you, touching reaching, reaching for you through the interval of space that is both now, here, present past, future, held suspended frozen by our minds...transfixed reaching because it has that special meaning to us the poignancy of waves breaking over Carolina blues, greens, and golds of listless days languishing listening to whispering wandering winds whip at open shutters there banging like a drum on coastal Carolina windows sounds of piano heard through a stand of pine trees music carried there by winds infinitely for your ear
On My Way
So yeah. I'm on my way home from driving over the road and I can't wait to get back to Chicago. Life out here is boring but at least I got the trusty PSP and my knowledge of hacking wi-fi networks. I miss a lot of people and I can't wait to see them. I know my ass will be busy but first things first, I gotta get my laundry done first lol.
On My Knees Again
BUT it is for a good cause.....I promise! ok, so I really want to get spotlight soon. NOT for myself but for breast cancer survivors! Survivors go through so much and unless you have gone through the chemo, radiation, surgeries, all the have NO clue what it truly means to be a survivor. Women are looked at for our outward beauty....but really deep down it is the inside beauty that outshines everything. Our strong wills to be beautiful in the world's eyes.....being a survivor means several - you probably were bald at one point from chemo.....two - your body is disfigured in one way or another either by a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. And after a battle with breast cancer...we don't feel beautiful anymore. We don't feel attractive....Either way unless you are a woman and went through or are going through breast cancer you have no idea what goes on for a woman! I want a day of honor and support for all breast cancer survivors here on the fu.....once
On My Way Home From School Today 2/18/09
On My Way Home From School Today (2/18/09)
Feel free to comment
On My Way Home Soon!!
Just to let everyone know I won't be on here very much in the next month or so. I have soo much that I have to get done before I can move. I am finally headed back home. And for those of you that don't know where that is its Washington. So I am having to sell most everything that I own and start over once again! But at least this time when I do it I will have friends and family close by to help me out. SO I have alot of work to do in clearing out all that I have other then what I can fit into a suitcase. I guess I just have to laugh and try to think of the end results for this move. If I didn't laugh I think I would cry! I know that the things that I have are all replaceable but it took me soo damn long to acquire the little bit that I do have. So having to part with it all is not very easy. I think I am going to miss my punching bag the most! So for those of you that actually take the time to read this I guess I would pose this question to you. If you could only take with you what cou
On My 29th Birthday More To Come
On My Mind
Why are you suddenly always on my mindI think about you all the timeHoping that one day you’ll be mineWhy are you suddenly always on my mind?I find myself wanting your kissWhat it would feel likeTo have my lips pressed against yoursI keep picturing thisIn my headWhile I lay in my bedMaybe this isn’t what it may seemTo me in my dreamI wanna run my hands through your hairI wanna know that you careI wanna know that you’ll be thereYou’ll be thereIs this to much for me to ask?Would this be to hard of a taskFor you to doIf I asked you to?copyright jas 2008
On My Way
  So i've been thru a lot in the past, but of course who hasnt.  but finally... things are starting to look right.  with in 3 months i've managed to fix my license, get a car, title insurance and all, and just got promoted to a management position.    but of course,,, i honestly couldnt do all of this without the love and support of my baby, Xavier (Eternal Beast Of Burden).    Next step is to get a place of my own and then finally the love of my life and i will be able to be together... not just on vacations.... but actually together.  nothing makes me smile more then the thought of that.  All i gotta do is keep strong now... and well.. im a stubborn cookie... so i know things will work out just right.   i love you baby.  
On My Way
On my way to Brazil. Will try to post updates as i go. Where am i right now? Check this link   奴 Çĺlm GđĐĐęSS 奴    
On My Mind
So I was thinking...did they really wait around ALL day or however long it took for the puppy to finally fall asleep to complete this commercial...or was the puppy drugged?
On My Knees...
I know this is way different than what I usually write but just wanted to make it a little bit interesting this time around…Lol : P My man will be one of a kind…Because when we bump and grind He will have me on cloud nine…Especially when were doing the sixty-nine Than I’ll turn around and he can have me from behind I don’t mind if he takes a hold of me and pushes me against the wall He is there standing tall waiting for me to get on my knees and give it my all I softly bite, lick… oh yeah even suck all the way down to his balls I will have him moaning…looking down on me and it’s my name he’s going to call Wanting more he pulls my hair and gradually pushing my head further down…deeper, slower I go and as I come up stroking, choking on his c*ck He will put one leg around my shoulder making sure I don’t move away as he has me on a lock…That gets me more excited wanting me to slowly take my time …Now I
On My Knees
On my knees I am ready to pleaseYou stand before me hard, naked willing me with your eyes to let you insideAnd I do as you likeTaking hold of your dickI feel you tense and take in a breathThat makes me smile as I move my head closerplace you on my lips and kiss and lick the sweetness that is now dripping outI tease you with my tongue sliding up and down your shaft and right on the tip of your Carmel colored dickI begin to draw in inSlowly no need to rushI hear you begin to moanAnd I feel your hands caress my hair"Damn this feels so good." you sayI take you in fartherSucking and licking"Don't stop, Don't Stop Mami."And I don'tSucking you like your the last thing on earthMoving my head fasterwith my hand insincThe grip you have on my hair tightensRight then we look at each otherYou began to quiverI get myself ready for youYou move your hips to the movements of my mouth and scream my nameI feel you flow down my throatMMMMM you taste so goodYou slide out of my mouth and claps on the floorO
On My Mind
Ok this is how it go's you rate me i rate you , when i fan you could you please do the same back ive noticed i have so many people fanned and alot do not fan back.Please do not send blank friend request's. one more thing as for some of my family members who i dont see online anymore or that often, please dont be offened if i take you out for a bit i will add you back,  just helping others to level with demon adds w due to the reqiuremenrts thanks  Bearhugs420
On My Own Reba Mcentire Yes I Like Country To. I`m Sad Because I Feel It`s Going To Stay This Way A Long Time, Maybe Even The Whole
On My Way Home
On my way home! The weekend went pretty good, got to spend quality time with my 2 baby girls which made me super happy... it was soo good to see them and be able to kiss them and hug them and snuggle with them. It was really hard to leave but I know that I will see them again soon. Court went pretty good and things are how they were meant to be for the time being, which makes me feel somewhat better, still worried that things won't go as planned but will have to wait to see what the future holds. Can't wait to see my bebe, I have missed him so very much.. going crazy without him. Would have loved for him to be there with me but he couldn't at least I will see him tomorrow. Wish it was tonight but staying the night in a hotel, close to home but so far away at the same time.  Need the rest though, didn't get much over the past few days so it is much needed and appreciated. I love you so very much my bebe and am sooooooooo excited to see you and kiss you again! I have missed your yummy
On My Mind
heres whats on my mind.... NFL players, yea the ones who make MILLIONS a year, are crying poverty because of the lockout and they don't know what they are gonna do without a paycheck..GROW-UP ya bunch of BABIES, now you know whats its like for 85% of the people in America. #2 President Obama has said that the USA will lead with the airstrikes on Libya...ummm HELLO, there are 2 wars going on right now or doesnt that bother you and another thing who is the USA to be leading other countries in airstrikes, my vote would be to sit back and relax and let someone else take care of things!
On My Soap Box (ranting Ahead)
All I ask is for people to be up front and honest with me about things. I don't ask for much really. However, what I've seen lately are people who seem to say one thing, dangle a carrot in front of your nose to make you believe them and then WHAM! these people end up breaking your heart and leaving you with the shards of broken glass that was your heart. If you are reading this blog, know this. If you are pretending to be something you're not, I will find out and it will be ugly. If you're hiding something,  I will find out about it eventually. Do NOT string people along just to get your jollies off on anyone. I've been honest and up front with those I've talked to and made great friends. Why? Because I'm real and what you see is real. No bullshit. No jokes. No lies. NOTHING...why lie when you'll eventually get caught anyway? I'm giving you much to ponder on.  Oh yes, and if you're married and your wife doesn't know you're on FUBAR trying to find a lady to play with or have a relati
On My Way
Life is just a trip in to the unknown with a navigator without any clear picture. You can get hints and ideas but you will never know what will be behinde next cornor, and thats the beuty of it all. You can never tell what will be you can only follow a path that feels good what the outcome will be is left to see.   So make youre choises decide where to go follow your road in to the future and enjoy the ride!
On My Way To The Circus=-=
On my way to the circus..or back from the circus..or was there a circus..have no idea now. What did happen was during my happy homeless days I got real tired after 3 weeks and no sleep so I pulled the motor off the highway. Then I noticed a closed BBQ place and jumped on a picnic table and started to nod. All of a sudden I have the biggest set of headlights [car type you boobs] in my eyes. Out from behind the lights I see this figure in blue with a baton, not the cheerleader type, and he approaches slowly. I quickly sat up and said "WOW! did I order take out". What kind?? In uniform he couldn't laugh but I heard the jaw crack as he tried to suppress the smile. He asked what was going on and I started to tell him I was a professional photographer taking [star] shots. The cloud cover gave that away so I headed for the truth. He said he would finish the tour and be coming back thru in an hour and I'd better not be on that table. So he left and I put motor under a tree and jumped on the ne
On My Own!
On my ownI don't need your kiss to make me feel bliss.I don't need your tongue to make me feel young.I don't need your hands to make me feel glad.I don't need you bone to make me moan.So I guess what I'm saying is...I don't need your body to make me feel like a hottie,I'm doing perfectly well on my own.Your kiss is not needed along with the tongue.Your hands are not needed I can do it on my own, because I can make myself moan all alone.
On My Libra Scale
I’m in hell’s kitchen with an apron and a hair net.Devil on my shoulder, the lord as my witness.So on my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.What goes around, comes around like a hula hoop.Karma is a bitch? Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful.Life on the edge, I’m dangling my feet.Some people hang you out to dry like a towel rack,I’m all about “I” give the rest of the vowels back.I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine. Eat her 'til she cry, call that “wine and dine” Try to check me and I’ma have ‘em checkin’ pulses.They say choose wisely, that’s why I was chosen.But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit.Now hop up on my dick and do a full split!
On My Mind...
Birth a beautiful and yet depressing process. Growing up is fun but always sad. Adulthood rewarding and painful, Is there ever a time in life that is not depressing, sad, or painful? From the moment that you are born you start to die. Which would mean, you are only happiest on your death bed?
On My Yearbook A Thing Went On About Different Types Of Cancer !
I agree children with Cancer we should help even more, 8 hours ago · Comment · Like · View joe t likes this. Becky Leuallen 7 hours ago We need to help everyone who has cancer, Even children (St. Jude Hospital) Becky Leuallen 2 hours ago yes "" I agree "" children even more so """ it`s so very, very, sad to see very young children with Cancer "" I agree there "" ! Becky Leuallen 11 minutes ago but it also makes me think "" what was the carrying mother exposed to, where there chemical plants near by, was she from an area where there was a lot of traffic all the time, what kind of drinking water did she have, was it tested """ Becky Leuallen 2 minutes ago did she eat garden foods where they cleaned good from pesticides. Becky Leuallen 5 hours ago "" ty "" Joe ""
On My Yearbook, I Had One Hell" Of A Life !
  Becky T.I. - Whatever You Like [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Source: © 2009 WMG Whatever You Like (video) 35 minutes ago · Comment · Unlike · View You like this. Write a comment...   Becky
On My Yearbook Page, Now Called Meet Me """ They Changed There Name.
under cover Q: if you were going to ask me out for a date, what makes yours so romantic and exciting i could not resist ? asked by Becky Leuallen A: Already answered that. You got to have one profile lol Answer This! | Ask Friends 1 hour ago via iPhone · Comment · Like · View Becky Leuallen Just now whoop`s well less it gave you a second chance "" to make it for taking me out some place nice " to show me a great fun time out "" ! Write a comment...
On My Dads Birthday - Rip - July 4th - God Called Another Angel Home To Heaven
My dearest uncle, may you fly to Heaven as show white dove full of glory,wrapped in God's love. The Father has taken away all your pain, a new life with Jesus is what you have gained. All your worries and all of your woes they are now just bad memories, what you endured only God knows.  He sent down His Angels to meet in the sky, to bring you to Heaven, your home upon high. Although we will miss you every day, we will sense your Angelic prescens not only at times when we pray. We will feel you always, we will know you are there.  Please stay by us always, let us feel you are here, if we know you are with us, then all these lonely nights and days we can bear. Whisper you love us and wipe all our tears, if you stand by us always then we all have no fears. Please take care of your family, guide them with all your love. You are now their Angel, you are now their Dove, forever and always in Heaven above.   I will always miss you and love you uncle Per....Memories stay with me
On My Mind
You and me Were meant to be;In my dreams, and in my heartWe have something that can't be torn apart;Dreaming of you, makes my night worth whileThinking of you, makes me constantly smile;Something tells me that your the oneWhenever I'm with you, we have so much fun;Having you is the best thing everHaving you is what i want forever;Til the end of timeYou will be mine;I love you baby, your one of a kindBecause your always on my mind.
On My Back Pt.1
On my back" I wake on my back & look @ the clock it's 1:42 am. I hear the sound of smacking like eating. Im in the dark & it's like Ive been tied to the bed. My vision began to focus in the darkness. I see the see the silhouette of a pssy & 10 lbs of bootymeat. below my waist is numb. It feel like a pitbull pulling on my dik! I want to suk d@ pssy like big bags of peanut mms. But she wont let me. Got my arms pent with here thighs. I say: baby let me' taste she go deep on my dik then drop that pssy on my chin. Sukin the head like a 25˘ Ł blow pop. I cry out ohh! pushing my tongue far in her pssy! Nose in her boohole. She takes it away. & I loose all composer!
On My Back Pt.2
On my back pt 2"I flip her on my knees wit the dik in her mout. Grabbing hand fulls of tits. I began sucking her clitoris. I feel her loosen composer. I start fukin her mout deeper. She screams out wait im cummin! I grab the back of her neck fukin mout slow, my nose in her pssy, my lips sukin the clitoris in my mout, teeth holding it in place & tongue causes more & more frictions. Pssy contracts. I suk the hole err time she cums. I pull her leg under my arm to slide my tongue in yo as. It already wet & juicy. We kiss as I push my dik deeper. Sukin yo tongue fukin faster & deeper. Err stroke dripping cum inside grabbing yo tits like a beast. Get behind u on yo side holding yo leg up slow deep stroking dat pssy!
On My Birthday
On my birthday(9-04), I know it is early. Just found some info and I might forget I found this out when it is my birthday. Who was Born on my birthday?? In 1803 Sarah Childress Polk, First Lady of the United States (d. 1891) In 1913 Mickey Cohen, American gangster (d. 1976) In 1917 Henry Ford II, American industrialist (d. 1987) In 1951 Martin Chambers, English drummer (The Pretenders) In 1956 Blackie Lawless, American musician, lead singer in W.A.S.P In 1974 Carmit Bachar, American musician (Pussycat Dolls) Historical events In 1781 Los Angeles, California, is founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Seńora La Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula (The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncola) by 44 Spanish settlers. In 1923 Maiden flight of the first U.S. airship, the USS Shenandoah. In 1950 Darlington Raceway is the site of the inaugural Southern 500, the first 500-mile NASCAR race. In 1951 The first live transcontinental television broadcast takes place in San
Onna No Hinoeuma:
Onna no Hinoeuma: What it means to be a Fire Horse Woman What Is A Fire Horse? Although I'm not a believer in astrology, I'm more than willing to admit that it's fun. No matter your opinion on the topic, you probably also know your birth sign, at least according to the western paradigm. You know, Capricorn, Pisces, Libra, that sort of thing. Some people also know their birth sign in Chinese astrology -- mine is a horse. Others are dogs, goats, tiger, dragons, and other animals. What you may not know is that there are special personalities associated with each of the signs. 1966 was a Horse year, and it was a special kind of horse -- a Fire Horse, called "hinoeuma" in Japanese. (The Chinese astrological system is also in use in Japan and Korea as well, although each country puts a slightly different spin on it.) Japanese women who were born that year (and the previous Fire Horse year, 1906) battle superstitions about themselves all the time. Fire Horse women are called dan
On Native American Calling, July 7-11 Thx Kenny
From: Kenny Monday, July 7, 2008 - Mechanics of Addiction: When it comes to the question of what causes drug addiction or alcoholism, there has been ongoing debate. One emerging school of thought is that people who are suffering from physical or emotional pain find relief from their discomfort in a drink or drug. The greater the discomfort the more importance a person places on relieving it and the greater value he or she places on the drink or drug. As the abuse gets stronger and becomes addiction, there are only three eminent outcomes: death, prison or sobriety. What is addiction? Invited guests include Gary Smith, Executive Director/Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Center. Tuesday, July 8, 2008 - Voices on the Wind: Alternative energy: we've been hearing about it all over the place. But, did you know tribes and tribal enterprises are already utilizing alternative sources of power? The wind is considered by some, to be the lowest impact producing energy source. So
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On Next Happy Hour
We need to go back and finish Rating her. She had added more pics to rate so it will be easier to level her. She now only needs 3203 to level please lets make this happen. Thank you. Totally Twisted@ fubar
On Ne Sait Jamais - Leslie & Magic System
Onn: Gaps 'for Kids By Kids'
Onn: Human Head Found In Hamburger
Onn: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys
On No
I just found out yesterday that I am going on a weekend retreat with some co-workers from the hospital up to a isolated cabin in the cascades. My Seahawks are playing the 49ers on Sunday at 1 PM. There will be NO TV at the cabin. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need my Seahawks fix for the week!!!!! Luckily my husband and son will record it for me on our DVR so that I can see it when I get home Sunday night. Thank goodness for modern technology. I need my STV (Seahawks Television) LOL. Come on Hawks whoop those 9ers!!!
On N On About Help On This Site:)
I think its funny when u sit there and help people out all day... rate.. and all and it is like half people are only out for themselves... no i will not sit n beg.. its crazy... yes i used to beg... but its gonna be i will only rate family n friends all others will only be rated if u rated me....  i work my ass off and hardly see anyone give back   and to the ones that do   YOU ROCK :)   Ok rant is done:)
Onn: Panda Demands Abortion
On Number 3
Well, I just found out today at 2pm that I am gonna be a daddy again of my 3rd child and I am excited actually. Me and my fiance went thru a bad turn and split up for a lil bit. Well she told a couple of days ago that she was late,(all you women know what I mean)!!!Well, I myself, didnt think nuthin of it, then today comes around and she stops by cryin, and she tells me that she is prego,lol. First instenct, I gave her a hug. So, yup there is my good news for the day. Sry Kayla for hurtin you girl I never ment to do so.
O Noapte De Vis
                                          Mi-e dor de plimbari pe malul marii ,        Sa ne intindem trupurile pe nisipul fin             Sa ne invaluie briza ... sa simtim mirosul de apa sarata ...                  Sa fii tu cea care ma tine in brate si-mi dezvaluie iubirea                      Inchid ochii si ajung undeva intr-un loc uitat de lume ,                           Pe o plaja pustie , cu valuri lenese ce abia se sparg de mal ,                              Parca dorind sa nu imprastie tacerea noptii                                  Mergem tacuti pe faleza .. privind cum luna se joaca pe fetele nostre                             Desenand lumini si umbre portocalii , simtind jocul brizei , privind puzderia de stele                                          Ne oprim ... imi apuci usor mana si ma privesti lung si tacuta                                              Tacerea apasatoare e sparta din cand in cand de strigatul unui pescarus ratacit                          
O Noapte De Vis Cu Tine-n Paradis
                                                                                                           Un vis de iubire            E noapte acum afara si este cam tarziu            Etimpul ca sa dormi iubita mea            Nu mai fi trista te rog si nu mai ofta             Viseaza acuma la mine si nu vei regreta            Viseaza-ma ca sunt cu tine            Iti voi asterne ca perna sufletul meu            Si te voi inveli cu inima mea            Alinta-ma in visul tau            Saruta-ma asa cum sti doar tu mai bine            Si imbratiseaza-ma cu drag            Doreste-ma asa cum te doresc si eu            Cu fiecare zi mai mult si mai mult            Stiu ca te gandesti la mine            Stiam ca vrei sa fiu cu tine            Acelasi vis il am si eu            Stiu ca ma iubesti        
On Obama
"'We the people of the United States.' These are the first seven words of the constitution of the United States of America. As I stood in the reception area of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. early this year, a large recreation of that constitution was posted on the wall. It's the first thing you see as you enter the building. 'We the People of the United States,' I stared at it and said: 'I'd die for that idea!' "I've written in the past, I love my country, but I'm scared to death of its government. That idea for me has taken a new twist in this coming election. "I'd first like to point out that I am not a John McCain supporter. I have been critical of the U. S. government for years, and I, like most of my fellow Americans am angry and frustrated with the lying, manipulation and partisanship of the elected officials, both local and national, Democrat and Republican, of this country. "The founding fathers of this country wrote this constitution, with all its Amendments, as THE
On Ocean And Man
I took some time to walk on the beach at Cape Disappointment on the coast of Washington State a few days ago. I watched the waves and the sky. I admired the picturesque lighthouse on a hill above the water. I drank in the beauty and serenity that surrounded me.   As time passed I began watching the waves that broke out in the ocean, away from the shore. They were impressive out there, so powerful and awe-inspiring. I decided to follow one large breaker as it made its way to the shore. As it came closer to the barely perceptible incline of the beach, it began to flatten. It calmed and slowed, and finally washed up into the embrace of the warm sand of the shore, gently covering my toes with incredible softness. It was hard to believe that this ripple was the same raging wall of water that had begun many yards away.   The picture was perfect. Pristine.   My mind began to slip into thought, and I wondered. Was this the way God had intended man to be? Majestic, impressive beyond word
Onoes Teh Tag, I R It!
Since I'm SO lazy, I'm just stealing Imy's instructions. And now, to think. Thinking. Thinking. Instructions - Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Still thinking. Okay. I suppose I can't cheat and say "I have ten things on my profile already, bawwwwwww!", can I? No? Bugger. Fine. Some of these some people might already know. All of them at least one person on my list will know, but she's not been around for a bit, so. 1. I was born COMPLETELY covered in hair. Not just a little. ALL OVER. It was fine and it was downy and it was apparently rather soft. I still have it, except for the usual areas which are coarser, obviously. Like my face. 2. I'm a hopeless romantic. I
On Of My Fave Songs
This song for some odd reason has always been one of my faves. From: Hounds of Love Written by Kate Bush "If I only could, I'd be running up that hill. If I only could, I'd be running up that hill." It doesn't hurt me. Do you want to feel how it feels? Do you want to know that it doesn't hurt me? Do you want to hear about the deal that I'm making? You, it's you and me. And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, And I'd get him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building. If I only could, oh... You don't want to hurt me, But see how deep the bullet lies. Unaware I'm tearing you asunder. Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts. Is there so much hate for the ones we love? Tell me, we both matter, don't we? You, it's you and me. It's you and me won't be unhappy. And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, And I'd get him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up that hill,
On / Off Guys
"I am FINALLY starting to realize something: unless a guy is really into you, don't go there or stay there, period. "Every woman deserves a man who is whole-heartedly into her. Those guys who open up and shut down have issues that are never going to go away. This 'open up/shut down' B.S. is the way they are and who needs that? It will probably NOT change! "And do I even need to mention the problems of insecurity these men obviously have? "There are great men out there who don't do that. I haven't been with too many men who do that, but the one or two who come to mind had ISSUES, and nothing I did or didn't do was going to make them see the light. "It is a game they play whether they realize they are playing it or not. "If I can have that, why would I want one of those nut jobs with emotional issues? "It ain't worth it! Please, please, please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! Never, ever, EVER try to rescue a guy! KNOW what you
On Old Vet's Take...
About 4 years ago I happened to reconnect with an old friend of my father at Dad's funeral. He was in his 80's and had served in both the Korean War and World War II. We agreed to meet the next day at the local American Legion to reminisce a bit. This gentleman makes a heck of an argument for justification of a war with Iraq. I asked him to give me a little history lesson and his thoughts today on War. I am sharing this because it is a different look at the War. It is not my opinion just thoughts from an honorable man that lived through two Wars and that I have a great respect for. Thoughts to think about: I'm not going to get into a history lesson. The short, short version is that the League of Nations (established after WW I to prevent wars) failed to stop Mussolini's Italy from invading and conquering Ethiopia. It failed to stop Japan from invading and conquering Manchuria and much of China. Their committees wrung their hands spoke in platitudes but did absolutely nothing
Onondaga Corn Sticks
1 cup cornmeal 1/2 Cup molasses 1/3 Cup flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup milk 1 egg 2 tbs lard - melted Mix together the cornmeal, flour, salt. Add milk, egg and lard; beat until smooth. Fill well-greased cornstick pans almost to the top (or pour into a greased 8 in. pan). Bake in a preheated 425 F. oven for 12 to 15 minutes. Serve with butter, molasses or maple syrup.­/2dso0jfli7ve3 I AM INVITING YOU TO COME AND JOIN ME AT MY NATIVE PRIDE NING PAGE I AM THE OWNER OF THIS SITE . ! THE LINK YOU NEED TO JOIN ME THERE IS LISTED ABOVE.THANK U RACHEL!
On Or Off?
Body: TURNS YOU ON = ON TURNS YOU OFF = OFF YOU DON'T CARE = DC GIRLS FILL THIS PART OUT Wears a grill: Dresses Gangsta: Dresses Preppy: . Dresses Athletic: . Has green eyes: . Has brown eyes: Has hazel eyes: . Has blue eyes: Drinks alcohol: . Smokes cigarettes: Smokes weed: Plays sports: Smiles a lot: Has hair: . Has brown hair: Has black hair: Has red hair: Has no hair: Has blonde hair: . Good dancer: Wears jewelry: Tattoos: . Laid back: Plays guitar: Plays drums: Plays bass: Raps: Can draw: Has a lip ring: Has a tongue ring: Nipples pierced: Has a big butt: . Facial hair: Hugs you:.. Hugs from behind: Creative: Calls you just to hear your voice: Religious: Goes to church/temple: Is funny: Has dreads: . GUYS FILL THIS PART OUT: Has a nice butt:On Plays musical instrument: dc Has green eyes:dc Has blue eyes:dc Has brown eyes:dc Has hazel eyes:dc Has long hair:ON Has med. hair:dc Has short hair:off Drinks alcohol:dc as lo
On Our Wedding Day
I stood before a pastor I new you were coming I thought in my dreams What a way to live It is like heavens gates opened up I could visualize you coming toward me I knew you were the angel god sent me I could see your face covered with a veil I knew your scent was heavenly Your long white train I knew there would be no rain today Your father smiles at me I knew he was king I could see the people crying as you walked up to me I knew it was the joy of this unity I lift your veil all I see is a big smile I wanted to tell you You are my dream I knew I was the luckiest man alive I could see heaven in your eyes They were so blue It was like god took a paint brush And you were his masterpiece I held your hands you were trembling I knew it was your way of telling me Your life was no longer empty Many men have prophesied this day I lived it I showed the world I had a miracle On our wedding day you came to me On our wedding day you showed me How to be free
On Our Wedding Day
On our wedding day, I shall cry. Not knowing all, the reasons why. When you say, " I love you with all my heart" I know it will be. till death do us part. As we exchange, our wedding rings. Angels will, begin to sing. When it is said, son kiss your bride. True emotions we can, no longer hide. As we are introduced, as Mr. and Mrs. I will cover, you in kisses. The first time you, call me wife. I will know we, started our life!
On Our Bed
You were sitting in your king's chair relaxed and drinking your coffee. You were watching me lay on the bed as we talked a few minutes ago, but as your hard on started to grow, you decided you wanted to see my ass and pussy. You told me to get up and stand on the bed and then take my panties down. You wanted me to bend and show you what belonged to you. I slid my panties down slowly, pushing my hands down my thighs in a seductive way as I assumed this position of your request. My cheeks were pink with embarrassment that I was showing you me in this very vulnerable way, even though I was hot and loving this thrill of exposing my most private parts to you. You sat there so calmly feeding your caffeine fix, as I bent all the way down looking at you from around the side of my leg. I knew that you could see tight asshole and pussy shaved smooth. I heard your sigh, and watched as you unzipped your trousers and pushed your hand inside deep. You commanded me to spread my legs a
On Our Bed
You were sitting in your king's chair relaxed and drinking your coffee. You were watching me lay on the bed as we talked a few minutes ago, but as your hard on started to grow, you decided you wanted to see my ass and pussy. You told me to get up and stand on the bed and then take my panties down. You wanted me to bend and show you what belonged to you. I slid my panties down slowly, pushing my hands down my thighs in a seductive way as I assumed this position of your request. My cheeks were pink with embarrassment that I was showing you me in this very vulnerable way, even though I was hot and loving this thrill of exposing my most private parts to you. You sat there so calmly feeding your caffeine fix, as I bent all the way down looking at you from around the side of my leg. I knew that you could see tight asshole and pussy shaved smooth. I heard your sigh, and watched as you unzipped your trousers and pushed your hand inside deep. You commanded me to spread my legs a
On Our Wedding Day Love You My Angel !
Our dreams never need to be lost I could share all of mine with you We’ll step neath the stars tonight Just as the moon comes into view. Tonight we will capture romance I’ll admire the beauty I see in you Together we’ll lay neath the stars Just as the moon comes into view. I will whisper to you oh so softly Saying how much I only love you Tonight romance shall capture us Just as the moon comes into view. Tonight I’ll count the stars above Every star is why I love only you Tonight the stars brought us close Just as the moon comes into view.
On Parenting And Manipulation
I was recalling some arguments I've had with my parents the other night and the whole topic and challenge of being a parent has been nagging at the edges of my brain for a while now. Also, how some parents try to manipulate their children. Argument: My father once yelled at me for almost 2 hours, reapeating the same stuff about how since HE was the parent, he didn't have to explain anything to me; I just had to do what he said without question, regardless of whether or not I believed it to be right. HE said it, so I would have to believe that way, act that way, etc. My Response: It's not that I'm going against him, or trying to be a rebellious person necessarily. However, if something doesn't resonate with my mind in a pleasant way, or is even the slightest bit questionable to me, I want to know why I'll be doing that thing. What good will it do other people? Will it hurt other people? Will it hurt me? When I tried to explain this, he told me to shut my mouth or I'd be smacked fo
**on Paper** (kjd)
"Cherish your youth", I once heard somone say. Now, i look in the mirror, & see my face deteriorating. I see age in my eyes It seems like years since i saw myself & now I'm on paper, & theres nothing you can do about that. For each one of your greying hairs, Theres a line of pain etched in my face... Another tear in my soul and no voucher mends that agony. You are my SadNess-You are Tourment You are My Evil, and i am SICK to think of you with love! I am up to my soul in sickness, Drowning... in your abscence, Which is what you want. You have, again, infected me... hoping i will fall. My youth is retarted, And holed up somwhere.... I dont even know. You speak... and then tell me your kidding, You hurt...And then laugh You SCREAM... and are silent. You Are confustion-You are a lie...
On Pause
How do you let him go When somthing inside of you is screaming NO!! Something is telling you to hold on But you don't know for how long. But now your not the only one to feel it Everyone is telling you the same shit "Good things come to those who wait" A quotation that could be my fate It's easier to let go When nothings left and you know Nothing will change But now you feel so strange Like someone pressed pause And you sit there and wait because You know someone will push that button And when you come to it will feel like nothing Nothing has changed no time has passed So now your life moves on at last So here I am paused for now Just waiting for you to press pause somehow
On Palin
OK, get this: McCain claims Obama called Plain a pig with lipstick when Obama didn't, so that means the first incident of calling Palin that came from her own running mate. And she referred to herself as a pitbull with lipstick at the RNC in her lame speech. So, tell me... Is Sarah Palin now a pitbullied pig with lipstick?
On Photos
I’m sorry that I’m a model. I’m sorry that I’ve made a nice chunk of extra change by having pictures taken of me. I’m sorry that someone (Alyssa), thought it would be okay to steal my picture as her own, then alter it. Any time you’d like to come over here, bring it on. I’m sorry that some of you aren’t me and seem to wish that you were. Either accept yourself, or go get plastic surgery. Two of my ex’s are on here, and they both know exactly what I look like and who I am. Also, there is a girl on here that hates me- but even she knows who I am and can tell you that I’m real. This is all a bunch of BS.
On Philosophy
The one vocation I think people in general need to engage in, at least once a month, is philosophy. One does not need to read Plato, meditate under a tree for seven days, or even sit in a park and start spouting fortune cookie wisdom.  Philosophy itself is the art of thinking, and everyone can think. To be a philosopher is to really ask questions that will help you understand yourself and the world around you. What do you believe? Why do you believe the way you do? Where do you come from and where do you want to go? Of course, the questions I have written above can be a bit heavy, but there are other questions that are easier to ask, easier to answer, and just as enlightening. Andrew Carnegie had this notebook that he wrote in every night and he asked himself three questions: What are the good things I did today? What mistakes have I made? How can I learn from them both?  Reflecting on your life and asking questions will open up your mind and make better changes in your life. I cann
On 11122007 - 19.00 Pm.
Welcome EverybodyBy The Way Just Wanted to Connect With Some More Equines_Horses Buddies Here at Fubar So Your Welcome to Add Me as Your Friendship If Your a Equines_Horses Person Just Add the Profile You See Below Thank You Very Much(repost of original by 'Der_PferdeLieber_666 aka. 4_Legged_Professor_666 aka. equines_horses_666' on '2007-11-11 00:07:06')
On 11122007 -19.00 Pm.
Welcome EverybodyBy The Way Just Wanted to Connect With Some More Equines_Horses Buddies Here at Fubar So Your Welcome to Add Me as Your Friendship If Your a Equines_Horses Person Just Add the Profile You See Below Thank You Very Much(repost of original by 'Der_PferdeLieber_666 aka. 4_Legged_Professor_666 aka. equines_horses_666' on '2007-11-11 00:07:06')
On Possessions
There is nothing I have to have,there's nothing I have to do: and there's nothing I have to be, except exactly what I'm being right now.
On Politicized Sept. 11 Anniversary, Mourners Gather
On politicized Sept. 11 anniversary, mourners gather Mosque, Quran controversies overshadow memorials; president calls for unityFamily members of the victims of 9/11 gather around the ground zero reflecting pool where the twin towers once stood on the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, in New York City on Saturday.Moments of silence were held at 8:46 a.m. and 9:03 a.m., the times hijacked jetliners hit the north and south towers of the World Trade Center. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were attending separate services at the Pentagon in Washington and a rural field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania."Let today never, ever be a national holiday. Let it not be a celebration," said Karen Carroll, who lost her brother, firefighter Thomas Kuveikis. "It's a day to be somber; it's a day to reflect on all those thousands of people that died for us in the United States."But the rallies planned in New York embroiled victims' family members in a
On Profile Comments
I just want to preface this by saying that I realize that it doesn't apply to most of you, but the few that it does apply to ... listen up. If you're going to be posting a comment on my profile, I just have a couple of simple requests. 1. No Autoplay It's fine if you want to post a video or audio clip as a comment, there's been some good stuff posted, but please make sure that it's not set to autoplay. I frequently go to my profile page to listen to my playlist and it's a pain in the ass to have to have to hunt down the one comment that's playing a media file and turn it off. 2. No Pimping It's my profile, not a bloody public billboard. I understand that you want to plug your contest or lounge or whatever, but that's what your blog and the bulletins are for (Btw, I have bulletins turned off and they're staying that way, but I do read blogs and will often bomb contests when bored). On a related note, doing this in my shoutbox without so much as saying hello first is also a bit rude
On Prayer
People in a Position to Know, Inc. ON PRAYER Mal-2 was once asked by one of his Disciples if he often prayed to Eris. He replied with these words: No, we Erisians seldom pray, it is much too dangerous. Charles Fort has listed many factual incidences of ignorant people confronted with, say, a drought, and then praying fervently -- and then getting the entire village wiped out in a torrential flood. "Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. I'm mad but not ill" Werewolf Bridge, Robert Anton Wison The Purple Sage. HBT; The book of predictions, chap. 19 Heaven is down. Hell is up. This is proven by the fact that the planets and stars are orderly in their movements, while down on earth we come close to the primal chaos. There are four other proofs, but I forget them. Josh the Dill King Kong Kabal   IGNOTUM PER IGNOTIUS The meaning of this is unknown IT IS MY FIRM BELIEF THAT IT IS A MISTAKE TO HOLD FIRM BELIEFS.
On Psychic Attack
Psychic attacks come in many forms. The simplest is an everyday experience. Someone says something bad about you, makes a judgment, calls you a name, yells or curses at you. The person is directing his or her energy in a harmful way toward you. If you are not strong enough in self-esteem and personal power, these little attacks take their toll. Do not become paranoid with this information. Do not go running around accusing everyone who does not agree with you of a psychic attack. Such negativity is not meant as an attack. It is an unfortunate by-product of how our society conducts itself. This is a simple, subtle way harmful energy is directed. We all do it at times. Most often, we do it to ourselves. We judge ourselves as not worthy, not attractive, not lovable, and these images become thought forms, packets of energy, filled with a poor self-image. When people experience an "attack," they usually are experiencing and clearing these thought forms. Be aware and responsible of your
On Purpose
Have you ever had someone do something to hurt you on purpose? something that they knew would hurt you deeply? Cause a lack of trust, just to get even? Just to inflict pain? This is a person who is supposed to love you, have given their heart to you, and yours to them. It feels like a hole in my heart, like a knife ripped it out, savagely. the emptiness, and void I feel....i can't even put words to it, to accurately describe it. It is no wonder I have low self esteem issues, when someone is always stomping on my heart.
100% On Quiz
You are 100% fuckable! Take this quiz at
On Rats And Stealing
On Rats and Stealing I remember the day the man I called Dad taught me to steal. It was just like any other day in Camp Sea Ashe. My brother Randy and I had been down to the green (a green is the term used to describe a large expanse of grass in Europe) playing soccer with some of the local British lads. My best friend Colin had been teaching me how to trap the ball with the arch of one foot up against the heel of the other while running. The move was designed to toss the ball over your own head (and consequently your opponents) while at a full run. I had been able to pull it off a few times but generally my attempts had resulted in face plants. When we came walking in to Hill Bridge (that was the actual address of our "home"; Hill Bridge, Camp Sea Ashe, England) my dad was waiting on us. "There is a rat in the laundry room boys" he said from the couch while playing his guitar. Randy glanced at me and we just went to the closet and got the cage, cut-off brooms and our gloves; we kne
On Raising Kids...
I would like to add that we cannot control everything our kids are gonna be forced to deal with, emotionally and physically. Let's face it...we are raising them to live in the REAL world...and in the REAL world, folks don't always make the right decisions, and folks actually get hurt. The hurt prepares us for bigger things. Just a thought - from someone who was not sheltered, then sheltered, then not sheltered, then VERY sheltered. I needed the tools to face those obstacles as a teen that were never appropriated to me. And, as a parent of a preteen, I try vehemently to ensure my child has what it takes... That's all. I'm out...
On Rats And Stealing
On Rats and Stealing I remember the day the man I called Dad taught me to steal. It was just like any other day in Camp Sea Ashe. My brother Randy and I had been down to the green (a green is the term used to describe a large expanse of grass in Europe) playing soccer with some of the local British lads. My best friend Colin had been teaching me how to trap the ball with the arch of one foot up against the heel of the other while running. The move was designed to toss the ball over your own head (and consequently your opponents) while at a full run. I had been able to pull it off a few times but generally my attempts had resulted in face plants. When we came walking in to Hill Bridge (that was the actual address of our "home"; Hill Bridge, Camp Sea Ashe, England) my dad was waiting on us. "There is a rat in the laundry room boys" he said from the couch while playing his guitar. Randy glanced at me and we just went to the closet and got the cage, cut-off brooms and our gloves; we kne
On Ranking & Leaving The Lists
I did it.  I started off this week with the goal of making the top 50 chicks of the week.  I was at rank 71 of the week when I started out.  I have always wanted to be on the home page of new hottness.  Of course this was a year ago when the only way to get likes was to scroll or have someone like you from the home page.  Back then my goal was to be green.  I already accomplished this the week I got back, you can read my previous blog post "Leaving the Green Behind" about that adventure. I am writing this post to thank everyone who helped me achieve my goal.  I not only made top 50 chicks, I hit #15 of the week.  I couldn't have done it without some very special people.  You know who you are and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (h). The past seven days have been a struggle.  I put my entire self into getting rates so I could rank.  I did whatever was necessary.  I even stopped talking to a lot of people.  For this I am sorry :(  I never meant to ignore anyone.  I love
On Reason And Overthinking
You calculate these things, perhaps trying to find some sort of reason, there are an average of 100,000 hairs on the human head, make some sense of things, make some sense of anything, I have, on average, 80.3 years to live (laughable..I drink and smoke) I have some sort of meaning in this larger universe The sun is 864,938 miles in diameter, our galaxy is 100,000 light years across. There is a reason here, some variety of meaning given to me by my senses, (Phenomenologicialy that is all I have) And I refuse faith, I refuse belief, (It can be argued that while all wars are largely over economic reasons, just as many involve a religious component) My belief is in reason, cold and sterile, but sense, so I am left with entropy. Eventual heat death. But that makes life more precious, right? If we aren't fighting for an afterlife, we just have today, golden, gorgeous, ours.
411 On Relationships ~
Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men Jeanna Bryner LiveScience Staff Writer LiveScience.comThu Apr 10, 11:25 AM ET Women seeking a lifelong mate might do well to choose the guy a notch below them in the looks category. New research reveals couples in which the wife is better looking than her husband are more positive and supportive than other match-ups. The reason, researchers suspect, is that men place great value on beauty, whereas women are more interested in having a supportive husband. Researchers admit that looks are subjective, but studies show there are some universal standards, including large eyes, "baby face" features, symmetric faces, so-called average faces, and specific waist-hip ratios in men versus women. Past research has shown that individuals with comparable stunning looks are attracted to each other and once they hook up they report greater relationship satisfaction. These studies, however, are mainly based on new couples, showing that abso
On Request :-)
On Reinstating The Draft
On Reinstating the Draft Much has been made by the new administration of the idea of national service and volunteerism. While service to one’s community is certainly admirable, it is not the federal government’s place to “encourage” or promote volunteerism. Moreover, there are troubling signs that national service could transition from voluntary to mandatory, or de facto mandatory, such as the requirement of service in order to be granted a diploma, or something along those lines. Involuntary servitude was supposed to be abolished by the 13th Amendment, but things like Selective Service and the income tax make me wonder how serious we really are in defending just basic freedom. The income tax enslaves workers for nearly 4 months out of a year by garnishing what amounts to all their wages in that period of time. A military draft could demand your very life, without your consent. This should be unthinkable in a free society. Proponents of reinstating the draft claim it is n
On Religion...
As far as any type of religion goes...well, I guess people will believe what they WANT to believe, and create their own personal reality based on those beliefs, and adhere to it. Hell, because our country adheres to a concept of freedom of religion, I could walk around worshipping a grilled cheese sandwich if I believed in it hard enough. Does that seem crazy? Sure, to most people...but maybe not to the person who HAS that belief. Does that make it a religion? Most people would say no, but who knows? It sure wouldn't be the norm, but maybe somewhere out there, there are a bunch of people standing around a big skillet somewhere watching cheese melt and praying away. Are they right? Is their faith valid? *shrugs* All depends on your point of view, I guess. Just don't try to convince me that I'll find nirvana if the bread is toasted just right... *chuckles* I'm tired, babbling, and getting a bit silly here, so I guess I'll just try to simplfy what I'm trying to say. Point One: You hav
On Religion... (very Long Read...but Worth It!)
Ugh! I usually HATE this topic. There are too many ideas and thoughts running through people's minds to have an intelligent, non-biased discussion about religion or faith. But, I have had several friends of mine wanting to discuss this very topic with me as of late. That fact combined with the constant onslaught of religious signs and media have seemed to forced my hand. So, without further ado, I bring you my viewpoint. As always, you are free to to read, comment and (unlike MOST religions) even call into question my own beliefs. Please drop a quick comment in if you do choose to read this, even if you have no feedback. I am always curious to see who actually reads the things I write! Okay, first and foremost, let's get one thing perfectly clear from the start: I am an Atheist. Period.... This viewpoint is from the sight of a skeptic. I will attempt to make it as unbiased and logic-based as I can, but in NO way do I claim that this is completel
On Rosie O'donnell (thanks Eric Vh)
“Oh, my God! Did you hear what Rosie said?” Sadly, this weekly refrain around the water coolers and 24-hour news networks of America is now a thing of the past. Now that O’Donnell has left the daytime TV chat-fest “The View,” the show’s ratings will most likely tumble into oblivion and the country will have lost an important provocateur of political debate. Rosie is wrong about everything (save the fact that she should be able to marry any consenting adult she wishes), but her public expression of the paranoia of the left in such a mainstream forum was just about to pay big dividends for those who oppose her point of “view.” O’Donnell’s addition to Barbara Walter’s coffee klatch a year ago was perfect timing for O’Donnell, the still unfunny former comic and second-rate actress. She arrived just as the country had decided it had had too much of the war in Iraq and President Bush, who, many believed, had bungled everything. The sort of political commentary that got Michael
On 4's
I want her Half clothed Swinging from my hips Bent over in my face Looking back with her mouth open I want her On her knees With her hands on my hips Pullin me in deep Leaving no room for error I want her Naked in my mouth Nipples hard Biting her fingertips Playing with a strand of pearls And I want her On all 4’s Hair in her face Sweat in her eyes Beggin me not to stop
On Samhain’s Eve
On Samhain’s Eve in the healers hall, Alone in the wounded, lonely dark, Will you feel your flesh beneath your skin And touch fear in your murmuring heart? With the leaves dying fast upon the limb, The slashing rain’s a mourning cloak The old healer’s arts may bring you joy. His reasoned, cultured hands may choke. Will you curl against the window’s bars Which mock the freeness of your breath? Will you hear the rain’s doubts on the glass And heed the winds that whisper "death"? Cut off from all that you know and love, Will you walk with your reasoned tread? Or will you yet heed your tingling neck And own the fear of nameless dread? The Witching hour approaches near – Awaiting, waiting – nothing breathes. The spell is wrought – the path is set For good or ill on Samhain’s Eve.
7:56 On Saturday
When you watch Your friends do Horrible things Seeing them Vanish While still Being here You experience The numb That hurts The nothing That feels You react To a void You attempt To avoid In dread of The future Lament for What’s past This instant Is blinding Your soul In a cast Only the Ending Can be Free at last
On Satanic Reds And Social Credit
(Originally posted on November 13, 2006)I found a site this weekend about Satanic Communists.  The page is called Satanic Reds and can be found here:It brings back my thoughts to Social Credit.  I really wouldn't mind trying it out, because I figured out how much time we're working as opposed to thuings we want to do.Think:  The average work day is 9 hours long (since employers aren't usually paying for lunch anymore; the song "Nine To Five" no longer seems to apply) and it takes about one hour to prepare for work.  On top of that, you have time spent going to and from work, say, 15-30 minutes each way.  So let's say, for the sake of the argument, that it is 11 hours a day.  The average person requires 8 hours of sleep.  Adding that to the work time is 19 hours a day.  That means there's five hours left, compared to the 11 hours working.  So you will (on a work day) work twice as much as you will be off.  In addition, there's the time needed to prepare food, clean house, etc.With Socia
On Saturday I Will Never Foget
It all started out as a nice warm day in may. I had plans to spend time with my family, celebrating my step-moms college grad, good food and beer. Unbenounceted to me a twist of fate awated for me and my friend,Marie, who was accompanying me for the day. Adround 1130 pm we were heading for home from Ashalnd, Ohio on US Rt. 250 and got behind a slow traveling car. I had made a joke about being behind yet another slow driver. We crossed over US Rt. 224 and kept heading north on US Rt. 250. No more than a quarter mile past that intersection fate intervened on my nite. I was sitting in the passanger seat and had looked down for a second to grab my pack of newports when Marie began to break hard. I quickly looked up and the car infront of us wasnt breaking at all. For a split second i was confused why Marie had braked so hard. I then found out why when i saw the head on collision between the car infront of us and an on coming car that had went left of center. The back end on both cars had l
On Samhain’s Eve
On Samhain’s Eve in the healers hall, Alone in the wounded, lonely dark, Will you feel your flesh beneath your skin And touch fear in your murmuring heart? With the leaves dying fast upon the limb, The slashing rain’s a mourning cloak The old healer’s arts may bring you joy. His reasoned, cultured hands may choke. Will you curl against the window’s bars Which mock the freeness of your breath? Will you hear the rain’s doubts on the glass And heed the winds that whisper "death"? Cut off from all that you know and love, Will you walk with your reasoned tread? Or will you yet heed your tingling neck And own the fear of nameless dread? The Witching hour approaches near – Awaiting, waiting – nothing breathes. The spell is wrought – the path is set For good or ill on Samhain’s Eve.
On Sale Lol
Offering "Owned by" for one month, rate all pics 11s during HH, comment 10 pics, sfw salute,gift every week,crush for the month,profile comment a week for a month, added to fam, # 1 friend for a month and if your lucky you might get a cleavage salute and one graphic per week for a month.
On Saturday Night Looking To Pitch The Giants One Win Away From Another Championship And Cap A Comeback That Has Become More Improbable Each
ERIE, Pa. Merril Hoge Womens Jersey . -- Devin Williams deserved a better outcome in his third career Ontario Hockey League start. The rookie goaltender stopped 33 of 34 shots in regulation and overtime and four more in a six-round shootout, but the Erie Otters fell 2-1 to the Owen Sound Attack on Wednesday. "Hes got a great temperament," Otters coach Robbie Ftorek said of Williams. "He just goes about his business. The guys play hard in front of him. Too bad we couldnt get that (win) for him." Daniel Catenacci, who scored in regulation for the Attack (24-21-7), slipped a wrist shot past Williams on the games final attempt to hand the Otters (7-38-5) their second straight defeat. Eries Stephen Harper scored tying goal 3:27 seconds the third period to force overtime. The rookie winger also scored in the second round of the shootout. Sondre Olden, one of Eries best offensive performers, surprisingly wasnt involved in the shootout. When asked about that, Ftorek said he believed the player
On Schedule
ok, the contest will begin Monday....I will send everyone entered in it a link to their picture prior to the start.... I have 18 contestants at this time...I know I said 15, but the more the merrier I guess...and if anybody else wants to join before Monday, it works for me:D dont forget that it is up to the contestants to pimp themselves out...I will promote the contest, but I can not help any one person, it wouldn't be fair...:D oh, and there are no default winners no matter how much I luv you or how sexy you are!!!:P I want to thank CC for reposting my bulletin too!!
On Second Thought....
see ya on wednesday or thursday. ergh! i ended up back here at the old apt one more day. figured what the hell, and just hooked the computer back up. the phone company dropped the ball too, so my phone/net is gonna be getting turned back on later than planned. so, yeah...see ya on wednesday or other than that, the new place kicks ass. well, except for the fact the previous residents were total nastyasses! we're having to scrub a few things down, that the cleaning crew missed (!?), before we can get things situated. oh, and someone's gonna have to come in and spary for bugs before it turns into Starship Troopers over there. aint moving just fucking great?
Blood begins to boil Fire coursing through veins A rage almost overwhelming It takes just a spark An unwise word, look, gesture Sets off an explosion inside There is no release, no relief Bloody knuckles show of unforgiving walls Hops and barley only bring despair The heat simmers and fades With time, wasted time
On Second Thought ...
Fuck 'em .... Quite a few people helped me get this account up to speed. I should leave it up and use it for them. I am tired. LOL My bad. Hoist the Jolly Rodger.... Corwin
On Second Thoughts…
A man sees a fine looking woman at a bar. He steps over to her an says, "Hey baby, let me suck on your nipples." She says, "Watch it buddy, I'll have my boyfriend kick your ass." He laughs and says, "Alright, why don't I just give you a big sloppy kiss then." She says, "Listen, if you say one more thing to me, I will have my man kill you." "This is my final offer", he says, "I'll hold you upside-down, pour beer into your pussy, and drink from your cunt." She gets up, walks over to her boyfriend, tells him this guy said he was going to lick her tits. He yells, "I'll kill him!" She then tells him he was going to kiss her. By now he's pissed and starts walking in his direction. She says, "Wait! He also said he would hang me by my ankles, pour beer down my twat, and drink from me!" Her boy friend stops and say's "Sorry babe, I can't fuck with anyone who can drink that much beer."
On Second Thought
Now that im on my new medication.Not to be alarmed it's just something to make me a little happier and alot less anxiety.I think that it's time i definatly get over my ex and start to explore new and wonderful possabilitys.If shes going to be a bitch about things and not bring the kids around out of her own free will. Then i don't need her around any way.I just need to get over it. If shes going to fall in love with some strange guy on the net that she has no clue about.Taking a chance on getting herself hurt or worse....getting killed.Oh well let it happen.Nothing i can do to stop it.I feel bad for her daughter because she has that kind of mother.Yet the road to happiness means you got to let somethings go and let people learn the hard way. As for me i just need to find someone new and have a good time.Even for a short time.Because thats what life is all about a series of moments that make you happy.
On Sex
Made ya look! ;) You know you want to.... Get More at
On September 2nd Ron Paul
On September 2nd Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty will be hosting the Rally for the Republic. This event is the apex moment of the Freedom Movement. If Aaron was still with us he would surely be one of the headline names attending the event. But in his absence we need to represent for the man that showed us the path to Ron Paul and awoke the nation to the truth of his message.
wander in the nightime, far from light of day, listen to the voices, close to what they say, look into the darkness, find me withered away, sitting in the corner, pleading stay away, you lift my eyes to heaven, ask me see the skies, but I see the horror in your face, stripped of my diguise writing in the shadows, demons at my pen, madness running over, where do I begin? looking for the reason, questioning my own life, seeking my true lover, making my sacrafice, wander in the midnight, seek the light of day , find me still sitting there, slowly fly away angels scream in heaven, for every tear I've cried, eyes lifted hight to heaven, where is my disguise? Question bourne in heaven make me turn away, lift my eyes to heaven, burn my eyes away roses on the window, sitting where once did I, looking back to heaven, where is my disguise? Do not see me naked, never been so bare, as in your eyes you tatse me, and I fall throughout the air, living for tomorrow, pray I find a way, find me in t
On "social Network Platform" Fatigue (part Iii)
SKY'S THE LIMIT Well, the "Social Network Platform" fatigue I talked about a few days ago, is starting to set in, this time for some of the developers. Which developers? Why, the ones who eagerly rushed in to build applications (aka apps or widgets), for the newly open for business Facebook F8 platform. And as Marc Andreessen points out today, it's only five weeks after the launch of that much-vaunted platform, and the Facebook backlash is starting. Here's exhibit A, as an anonymous developer in the Valleywag post describes it:"I work for a startup in the Valley and have nothing natural against Facebook at all - in fact my team and I have spent every hour of every day for the past four weeks developing our Facebook app because we thought it was a great opportunity for exposure. Our dreams were inflated by how viral the initial set of applications were, despite their weak design. However, over the past week we've begun to realize that the whole thing has been much more hype tha
On Some Random Shit
On Socialism And Medical Care Coverage
Given the current debate i the U.S. over health care coverage, the word Socialism is getting tossed around like beach ball at a lakeside picnic.  Unfortunatly, most of the people tossing the word have no more idea of what that word means than the average picnicer.  At best, most folks simply don't know the difference and misuse the word, at worst the word is being thrown as a red herring to scare the HELL out of people. Capitalism: the means of production, (industry, business and such) is controlled by the owners, (those who have POWERFUL CAPITAL) Government can be an elected republic... but need not be. Socialism: the means of production is controlled by the WORKERS not necessarily the government.  That is, that which produces the economy is controlled, possibly owned, by those that work there.   If the government controlled by the workers as well is a communism. What the president is suggesting in the change of health care system, is making health care coverage a right and respons
On Special Request :-)
On Special Night
As I sit here gazing out the window, Instead of working, I’m daydreaming of you... And wondering if while you’re in your own world, You’re thinking of me too. I reminisce about the day we met and how you made me feel, Looking at the glowing smile on your face, Staring into your dreamy blue eyes, Your smell, your touch, your warm embrace What a special night that was... And now, I’m starting to feel that warmth inside, Like nothing or no one else can make me feel... Butterflies, a constant smile, happy thoughts, Looking forward to the next time we meet. What lies ahead, down the road to love? Can it possibly be what I’ve been hoping for? All my goals, dreams, passions, hopes... Glaring now before me with great anticipation. No one knows what tomorrow brings... One can only wish and believe... I have abounding faith that God will take care of me, And bring the right person into my life. Could it be you? Time will tell... I feel a special bond starting b
On Speed
Scab Maids On Speed by Maggie Estep(1962-present) My first job was when I was about 15. I had meta girl named Hope who became my best friend. Hope and I were flunking mathclass so we became speed freaks. This honed our algebra skills and we quicklybecame whiz kids. For about 5 minutes. Then, our brains started to fryand we were just teenage speed freaks.Then, we decided to to seek gainful employment.We got hired on as part time maids at the Holiday Inn while a maid strikewas happening. We were scab maids on speed and we were coming to cleanyour room.We were subsequently fired for pilfering a Holiday Inn guest's quaaludestash which we did only because we never thought someone would have thenerve to call the front desk and say; THE MAIDS STOLE MY LUUDES MAN. Butsomeone did - or so we surmised - because we were fired. I supppose maybe we were fired because we never actually CLEANED but ratherjust turned on the vacuum so it SOUNDED like we were cleaning as we pickedthe pubic hairs off the
On Squirrels 'n' Stuff
I have, of late, been in the habit of preserving the dignity of small woodland creatures. Was out walking with my dear Jules (my dog) as is our wont some 3 or 4 times daily, when he (first) espied an unfortunate squirrel who'd gotten its head stuck in one of those rather ubiquitous empty Yoplait containers. Here was this cute little squirrel in what amounted to a quite fashionable Yoplait helmet, flailing this way and that in, ostensibly - for who knows what goes on in the mind of our little Sciuridaen friends - an attempt to get the darn thing to pop off. Anyway, this tiny, helmeted creature was in the gutter and, because he could not see, he kept bumping into the curb. Very undignified behavior to say the least. I could almost imagine his furry little friends pointing from the bushes and sniggering, "Look at Irving... What a maroon!" Anyway, he wasn't really going anywhere and I feared for his long-term well-being, what with all the cars in the area. What to do? Well, Jules had neve
On3's Summer Auction
Inbox me if you have any questions!   Update*6-1-2012 - 6 entrants so far. Keep em coming!
On Strike
Onstar Police???
I heard a news report, about this idiot, that was showing off his new onstar feature to a buddy.thinking he had disconnected he began to tell his buddy about a recent cocaine purchase he had made,and apparently was showing his buddy the goodies.the operator at onstar listened in and then called the police and told them where this guy was at.well imagine his suprise when the police showed up,searched and found his shit,and then told him that onstar,a service he pays for had called the police on him. to all you ppl i told about onstar when it first came out...TOLD YOU FUKKRS....BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING IN WAYS YOU NEVER SUSPECT!!!! so before getting your onstar feature in that new gm car or truck..or sending in your next payment...they know where your at and can hear you without you being aware...pass this along THIS HAS BEEN YOUR DAILY DOSE OF REALITY!!!
On Strike.
Means just what it says.I'm on strike here,until I feel I'm capable of making worthwhile contributions.(Comments,or otherwise.)Tired of being dead weight here,quite simply.
Even though they were my favorite band, I didn't want to go. I thought about all the work I had at home all the way to the bar, and it dulled my excitement. Picturing Ian, the lead singer, on stage with his characteristic ripped to the ass jeans, moving with the music, gaze intent on me, pulled me out of my funk quickly. For an unsigned local act, they drew a crowd. The bar busted at the seams to contain the throng, and as security lagged a bit, the crowd became an uncontrollable life form before the band even started. Max grabbed my arm and pulled me forward to the stage. She had a way of splitting the most violent moshes, then strutting straight down the center. She did the same that night. We stood directly beneath Ian, close enough to the stage, so we didn't get caught in the pit developing behind us. I thought I was seeing things. Ian stared directly into my eyes during the whole song, never dropping eye contact for a second. My legs were on fire immediately, and if the b
On Strike
im less than 500k before bein Godmomma i know yall can help me its not like im askin for money but since yall dont wanna help me then its all good dont ask me for a damn thing cuz u aint gonna git it i mean u can help sumbody wit 2mil to go but i got less than that & i dont git sh*t half of yall dont even talk to me but then u wanna b my "friend" when u want sumthin well no more as of now im on strike p.s. at least i didnt mum this bullsh*t dont like it? take me off ur friend list i sure as hell wont miss u ciao
On Strike
I am on strike. I have moved all my pics (I think) involving me in to a private folder for the time being. Since I have to have something to reply to people, y'all are stuck with my feet. Besides, it isn't as if people stop by anyway unless I have a bomb on anymore. I even have a low success rate when it comes to the Auto's. So, unless I have a blast running, it isn't going to matter if my face is plastered up there as a default pic. My salutes are visible anyway. I know that I have been busy with work and doing other things and have been too tired and lack the patience and energy it takes to click and rate but even though with my schedule and not even using but maybe 5-15 of my 11's a day, most of which go to waste I make sure I take the time to take care of the very least making sure my family members are if nothing else profile rated or shit faced daily. I however, have not been able to count on that for myself, can't even keep my buzz meter full. This isn't about everybody, this
On Suicides Edge
On Suicides Edge (There are two versions of this, 1. and 2. leave me some feedback on which you think is the better one. By the way I wrote this a long time ago, I'm not thinking about killing myself lol) 1 Standing on the edge of traffic, Non-descript yet some how tragic; Body fallen to the pavement, Defiance swallowed in complacence. Can't help but let it chill my skin, One more spirit given in. Walking slowely on the rooftop, She found a way to make her pain stop; Gliding gently as she dives, Never felt so quite alive. Metal passes between my teeth, Squeeze the trigger feel release. 2 Standing at the edge of traffic, Non-descript yet somehow tragic; Unable to fight the way it chills my skin, One more virgin spirit given in. Wander slowely upon jaded rooftops, She discovers a way to make her pain stop. Gliding gently, transcending dive; Death never felt so fucking alive. Unforgiving metal jammed between cle
On Supposing There's No Cheating Death Through Science Fiction
minds do not transfer, synapses do not copy, memories fade, dissipate, and are kept, alive, by those who shall never know them, if kept, and passed on, at all. what's in writing, is what you're reading, and all you've got to go on. much shall be lost, in time, and translation.
On Sunday 5/18
I will be a college grad. :-D I'm getting my Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. I can't wait.
On Sunday Night, "its
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. Patrick Willis Elite Jersey . -- Wes Welker was jogging back to the line after running a route during the New England Patriots first training camp session Thursday when owner Bob Kraft arrived on the sideline and pointed in his direction. Wasting no time, the Pro Bowl receiver immediately approached Kraft, the two sharing a quick embrace and a handshake before parting ways. At least on the surface, everything appears to be just fine between Welker and the Patriots despite the two failing to agree on a long-term contract this off-season. "Everyone tried. I tried, they tried, and it just didnt work out," said Welker, who signed a $9.5 million franchise tender on May 15. "Its in the past and were moved onto this season, which we expect to be a good one." Welker is now resigned to playing out his one-year deal after both sides couldnt come to terms on a longer contract before July 15, the deadline to sign franchised players to a multiyear pact. Coming off one of the great
I have decided i'm going with being Off tap instead of On tap.. coz i'm usually off tap after a few drinks... No way near the on side of things!! lol
On Taking A Long Needed Break, A Step Back, And A Breath
Current mood: determined It's so easy to forget yourself When the world rushes in. I found myself swept up in all of it, losing myself in it, forgetting myself in it. And now I've taken the step back, to take the time I need to find myself again I know what it is I want out of life. I always have, I just have the tendency to become wrapped up and losing sight of what it is I want, what it is I need. I'm going back to school, obviously, that's a given. The decision I face now is what to major in. Part of me wants to go for the R.N., while another part of me wants to take Psychology and go on towards my masters degree in it, because I've always loved listening to people, and learning about them, and the way the mind works on an emotional level has always fascinated me. I want to see my writing published, either through song or book, as I have since I was young. I want a home to call my own, a house with a big yard, huge dog, and lots of grass and trees to sit
Ontario (canada ) "highway Of Heroes"
HIGHWAY OF HEROS There is a petition circulating on the net to have a portion of Highway 401 designated as the "Highway of Heroes". The web site reads Quote Let's officially designate 'Highway of Heroes' In Ontario, when a Canadian soldier dies for his country in Afghanistan they touch Canadian soil at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. From there, a funeral procession leaves the base and heads to Toronto, Ontario taking our departed heroes to the Centre for Forensic Sciences. Along the 172km path of Highway 401 people fill the overpasses to show their support, waving Canadian flags and signs, in a sort of paying their respects to the fallen and their families. It's been unofficially dubbed the "Highway of Heroes" and I personally would love for an official naming of the 401, from Trenton to Toronto down to the Don Valley Parkway "The Highway of Heroes". It's already called that to the thousands of people who line the bridges along the way and it should be remembered as such in
Ontario Snow
On Tattered Wings I Shall Fly
On Tattered Wings I shall fly Up to the Heavens I shall sore Down to the pits of Hell I shall fall Where I'll end Never to know But let me tell you this now I shall find my own place Wheater it be in the sky Or in the Fires down below There will be a Time When you wish I was around Then will it be that I am not At your beck and call as some have For I am an Angel That flys on Tattered Wings Wings that will lead me To my one and true Home Wheater it be in the Skys To glide among the brightest stars Or to the bottomless Pits Of never ending fires
On Tai San Everyone On Here Knows
She was took to er earlier tonight she was at my mom when doubled over in my mom kitchen floor.The Emergency Room thinks that ovarian cyst has came back.She doing okay she is resting right now.I thought let everyone know what happen to her.
Ontario Ca Mortgages
Ontario California Ontario CA Mortgages
Ontario To Get 13 New Seats In Commons, Officials Say
TORONTO — Ontario will get 13 more seats in the House of Commons as part of a seat redistribution plan by the federal Conservative government, Ontario officials said Tuesday. The seats will bring Ontario’s total to 119 in a 334-seat House of Commons. Yet political experts still called the new plan a partial loss for Canada’s most populous province. Previous legislation contemplated by the federal Conservatives this year would have given Ontario 18 additional seats, or 124 in total. “It seems to back off a little bit,” said Matthew Mendelsohn, director of the University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation. “Ontario, B.C. and Alberta ridings will be a little larger this time than they were anticipated to be under (Bill) C-12.” Mendelsohn said while the latest plan is less aggressive than the original, it is “still moving (the three fast-growing Canadian provinces) closer to rep-by-pop than the status quo.” The ch
On Terrorists And Time Travel
(Originally Posted on August 17, 2006)While surfing, I found this comic at this page.It got me to wondering about some things.  Before I go into them, remember:  I never claimed to be that nice of a person.Here is what I determined:1) Q:  Would I try to dramatically change history, such as warning about the WTC bombings?   A:  No.  Oh, I would call somebody the morning of and have the buildings evacuated (if I could), but I wouldn't try to stop the terrorists.  We really needed to be kicked like that.  It brought us together as a country.       By the same token, I wouldn't kill Hitler either.  If he hadn't been there, doing those despicable things, we as a culture would still be pretty anti-semetic.2)  Q:  Okay, what would I do if I had a time machine?    A:  I would do the following:        1.  Become incredibly rich.  I would go, for example, buy stock in Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, and any of the other exceedingly big businesses of today, when the stocks were first put on the m
On Television Today
I am going to a local high school today to video taped with the presentation I gave to a councilor and a principal there. The presentation will be shown to the entire high school student body on Wednesday morning to see how many of the students are interested in joining the club I am offering them. I will also be going to some elementary schools to see if any of the kids there will be interested in joining a junior version of the club to gather interest in nursing at a younger age. This should be fun.
Onte Said. "because My Dream Continues, After A Year Of Working. Certainly Its
TURIN, Italy -- Juventus coach Antonio Conte has signed a new three-year deal with the Serie A champion that will keep him with the club until 2015. Conte, a former Juventus captain, took over last summer from Luigi Delneri, who failed to take Juventus into the Europa League with a seventh-place finish in the Italian league. The 42-year-old Conte led Juventus to the league title this season and reached the Italian Cup final. Juventus was unbeaten in the league, but lost to Napoli in the cup. "Its obviously a great day," Conte said. "Because my dream continues, after a year of working. Certainly its a great show of admiration that fills me with pride and happiness and definitely pushes me to try to definitely do better. "In May last year, the clubs intentions were clear; it wanted to create a project, to build year on year something that would take us back to the top, like Juventus was in the past. We managed this year to win the league, next year there will be a new challenge in Europe
On The Verge
I am on the verge Love with an urge You make me shine on the inside Your life I want by my side I look deep in your eyes What is that hurt you despise It is now the time to erase Come to me Now is the time I feel your hurt Let me love your heart We were meant I hold out my hand one time THis is your time to fly Love with me you will not regret I can work wonders with the pain you feel We will make great love together Your tremble is something I feel I know when you are near I turn around and tonite is the time Love me right now We will never seperate I promise a life full of fun and no hate When the time comes walk down the aisle with me YOu will see a great mystery We will live the life dreams are made of If you know what is good It is time to get better I love what you offer Now is my time My time to fly I choose it to be with you.
On The Defense Again
If your a myspace dork...and follow my blogs it'll be pointless to read my LC blogs...cuz for awhile Im just goin to repost...blah blah...mwa mwa! Luv yall...missing most of yall.... Everyday. I approach life with an openness. Never afraid of meeting new people EXCEPT for the one that will own my heart. Now stop. Reread that statement. NEVER afraid of meeting NEW people.....EXCEPT....for the ONE....that will OWN my HEART......What does that say to you? How do you read that out loud and fully grasp those words...YOU DON'T...unless you are feeling the same. Unless you have felt the same. We have to share that common denominator for you to understand how strong that statement is.... With that fear overwhelming our hearts we may have overlooked that one that was meant to be... With that fear I am held captive only to myself, with myself... I have had the time to talk to a few of you in the last 24 hours...I have yet to reach out to some...but I'm hoping you will know how much
On This Night
On This Night By: Jeremy Rhodes On this night an angle appears To guide me on my path This angle has a halo of gold And wings upon her back Oh how beautiful this angle looks So elegant and agile No mortal man could resist So as we talked through the night I saved one question till last Dear angle dear angle will you go out with me And make my life a blast
On The Counter!! (adult)
We were working on our Business Plan for our Business tech the next day, when we decided we needed a break. We had been planning to take a bath later that night but we were tired and wanted one now. I walked into the bedroom, and quietly undressed to get the bath ready as she finished her homework. She walked into the bathroom with only her black lacy panties on and I bent over to turn on the water. I only got the hot water turned on before somebody was touching me, caressing my ass. I turned around and passionately kissed her. She gently pulled down my briefs. As we stood there kissing, I got harder and she wetter thinking about what we wanted. I wanted to be inside her, to make love to her like it was our last. I slid my hands over her breasts and down her tummy. I was getting so hot. Then I slid my fingers inside her, touching and teasing her G-spot. MMMMMM... She moaned it felt sooo!! Good!!!. All I could think about was the bathroom counter, was she tall enough? I didn't have much
On The Truth & Trust
Ok this is a rant that might hurt someone's feelings. i'm sorry if it does but I speak my mind ALWAYS. I was raised Wiccan. I was not raised under the lies of christianity. the "easter bunny" "Santa Clause" "the Tooth Faery" and such things as that. all lies made to make children feel better toward christianity. now that rant is not about religion is about trust. I do *not* lie. gave that up a long time ago. I found it only hurts those one lies to, and it hurts the ones lying. case in point for me. 4 years ago in Austin Texas I was in a relationship with a woman that shall remain nameless; for a period of 3 years. during those three years she told me to my face that she loved me, she wanted to marry me and all these wonderful things. though to other people but on the streets, in malls, and over the internet; she told them I was stalking her, she was afraid of me. She actually claimed to people online that i had "followed her home and cut her face with a knife leaving horrible
On The Corner Of Washington Park And A Monopoly Board
I can see the neon light of the ferris wheel over in the Andouille Festival from the window of PJs. As I passed it on the highway, it seemed like the place to be in La Place this Saturday night. I spent last night again in New Orleans. Alex and I met up with a bunch of her Vassar friends at Washington park as they were preparing for a "girls' night out." How sexist, right? Nah, the few boys that were with them ended up joining them anyway. I met Zen and Zion, the two toddlers of the prototypical hippy, "Kim." Zion enjoyed eating dirt. I watched Alex get acupuncture performed on her by two visiting doctors. I watched Matt, a burnout from Connecticut, paint a wooden sign he found that had the word "Restaurant" engraved on it. I also talked to Ross, whose dog, Po Boy, bit the hell out of my arm because he probably smelled Jack on me. There was generally a positive vibe within the commune. They had raided the free clothes tent and decked themslves out in the poofy thrilly dresses and high
On The Way To........
OMG in a few days gotta go.......OMG I am so scared......on the way to parents,my friends,my life, my stores, are in Italy .........a new life will start I m so scared but I must go...knock on wood for me Love u all Valentina aka Ann
On The Wont Of A Lady
ON THE WONT OF A LADY What about your body makes me melt at the thought of you? What about your body makes me weak in the knees? What about you makes my eyes wander like a child in a candy shoppe? Hereafter is what makes me say, "Do do that voodoo that you do so well!" "What to my wandering eyes should appear...?" First, I see your high heels that you don for the evening (please, oh please). They are a symbol of feminine sexual superiority over my quivering male body. Second, I see your legs, encased in those shiny pantyhose -- shimmering like a sunny lake on a dewish Summer morning. I then stare relentlessly at the exotic, erotic curves of your legs and calves -- reaching to your behind. And here, my eyes stay, until I notice your chest. Oh, my god! Those shapely mellons, stretching at the tight fabric encasing them. Very like the heels on your high heeled shoes -- your cleavage is beckoning my inner wont for your body. It renders me "emotionally erect." I must break my st
On The Flexibility Of The English Language
You need sound and BTW it's not office friendly:
On This Day
On This day On this day Of September Eleven You were taken away to live in heaven A loving Wife and Mother of two We watched your family as they grew. On this day, thinking of you as we mourn lives shattered and very torn Our daughter, our sister and friend With a helping hand to always lend. On this day, living with god And the Angels above With tears in our eyes, we send our love For your heart to forever and always hold Like a rainbow and a pot of gold. On this day, rest your soul my brave one God is with you above the sun Silently we hear the ringing of the bell On this day, here you lie for us to say farewell. Written by: My Mom (for her sister Donette)
On The Eleventh Hour Of The Eleventh Day Of The Eleventh Month ...
McCrae's "In Flanders Fields" remains to this day one of the most memorable war poems ever written. It is a lasting legacy of the terrible battle in the Ypres salient in the spring of 1915. In Flanders Fields In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead. Short days ago We lived, saw dawn, felt sunset glow, Loved, and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up your quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
On The News Last Night 11-14-06
I was watching the news last night and thought this was funny. Living in Texas we are one of the bordering states for Mexico (I know you all knew that). The makers of energy drinks have come up with a new energy called "Green Card" (HAHAHAHA) The people of Mexico are suppose to drink this and then run across the border. The drink is suppose to help them make it! Now if I had not seen this for myself on the news I would think that was a bunch of bologna! But it's true!!!!!!!!! LOL
On The Ground I Lay Motionless In Pain
On the ground I lay Motionless in pain I can see my life flashing before my eyes Dead I fall asleep Is this all a dream Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare I will not die (I will not die) I will survive I will not die, I'll wait here for you I feel alive, when you're beside me I will not die, I'll wait here for you In my time of dying On this bed I lay Losing everything I can see my life passing me by Was it all too much Or just not enough Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare I will not die (I will not die) I will survive I will not die, I'll wait here for you I feel alive, when you're beside me I will not die, I'll wait here for you In my time of dying I will not die, I'll wait here for you I feel alive, when you're beside me I will not die, I'll wait here for you In my time of dying I will not die, I'll wait here for you I feel alive, when you're beside me I will not die, I'll wait here for you In my time of dying
On The Lamb
Q: Did you hear about the Arkansas farmer who thought he had an STD? AIt turns out he was actually just allergic to wool.
On The Top
On the Top All these vices...trivial prices we pay for the constant stimulation of just a moments maturation when the brain decides that things just don't add up to what they should be in retrospect... and now we hold ..... All these wishes...wasted kisses that showered the skin of madness around desire's corner while my clothes shed at your feet and you corupted the sweat that pooled on the small of my back in this constant motion.... Of this fire....almost expired as the dim flames try to leap from your tongue to my ears but I can't hear the voice that once sang the songs so clear now only reverberated sound lost.... To this being...always seeing the examples set in front of eager eyes open to the staples we follow to the hilt and then regret the lives we've destroyed at the hands of bliss and joy... Now an issue...didn't think...did you the greivous ramifications of what would come when your hands brushed away the traces, the cobwebs and h
On The House.
Here, keep yourself busy, just move the mouse over the picture. Shortcut to:
On The Whole Celibacy Subject...(part 1)
Alot of people have asked me what prompted my seven month long...and counting...celibacy. Back on June 2nd, 2006 I wrote a blog telling the whole story...and followed it up with another one on June 5th. The problem for CherryTappers is that those blogs were only published on MySpace...and since alot of us have deleted our MySpace accounts...they were unable to read them. So, after being asked for the story for the umpteenth time I've finally decided to just repost it here. I'll post the June 2nd entry...and then the June 5th one. I just wanted to warn any readers that these entries are not current, although they do explain my current situation... Just a Bad Trip... June 2nd, 2006 I know I haven't been posting often in these past months. I would give some lame excuse about how busy I've been or how idiotic keeping a regular blog is, but I refuse to lie to you, dear readers. I've just been lazy. So many times I've sat down at my desk ready to write and then just got
On The Whole Celibacy Subject...(part 2)
Maybe I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque... June 5th, 2006 You can take the sun from the sky: Make the rain fall down eternal. You can take the color from the world, but don't take away you. You can steal the stars from the heavens: Tear the belt from Orion. You can rip the heart from my chest, but it will still beat for you. You can pull down the moon from it's perch above us all: Crush the petals of every bloom. I will still need you. It's funny how a single emotion can cause you to feel in so many different ways. How one day it can make you feel lost and alone, and the next, you feel safe and warm. One moment, you're optimistic and eager, and the next, you're hiding from shadows. One second, it seems to be giving you the power to fly...and the next it sends you hurtling toward the earth. But then again, when you think about it, there is only one human emotion that can cause these manic mood swings. LOVE. Now, I've mused on this touchy sub
On The Lighter Side...
Mr. and Mrs. Fenton are retired, and Mrs. Fenton insists her husband go with her to Wal-Mart, but he gets bored with all the shopping trips. He prefers to get in and get out, but Mrs. Fenton loves to browse. Here's a letter sent to Mrs. Fenton------ Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and may ban both of you from our stores. We have documented all incidents on our video surveillance equipment. All complaints against Mr. Fenton are listed below. Things Mr. Bill Fenton has done while his spouse was shopping in Wal-Mart: 1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House wares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the restrooms. 4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official tone, 'Code 3' in house war
On The Mend
Hi guys, Well The Lab is still there, but the nausea seems to have kicked its tail and scampered off to the hills. I am still having nightmares, suffering fatigue and getting the odd headache. No dizziness at the moment which is nice. Zeb (see my pics for details) is being very attentive and insists on sitting on me if I stay still long enough. He's going to be rather upset when I go back to work, I think. I am getting Cabin fever, though. Its driving me mad. I've had charmed, Alias and House MD to keep me company. Obviously I've also had the Xbox but when you have nausea, even I can only take a coupe of hours of Lara Croft at a time...and I used to play 72 hours straight at one time. Today I actually went to the Supermarket just for an excuse to get out. I was very good and actually managed to do a good economical and sensible shop. The fact that my appetite is pretty much dead helped. It meant I shopped with head instead of my stomach. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'
On The Road Again
well im out of here got to go to calfi. 7drops al over the southern end of the state.well ay least it will be warmer there i have 4 inches of ice and3 inches of snow to you all around x-mas be safe have fun talk to you soon much luv.and happy holidays to all of you.
On The Bottom Looking Up
December 3, 2006 On The Bottom Looking Up 1 Samuel 30:1-20 Many times when we are seemingly at the bottom it is because we have not confessed and truly repented, or turned away, from sin. This was the case with David. Weary of running from the murderous Saul for eight long years, David finally wilted and moved to the land of the Philistines, partnering with King Achish. Only the providence and grace of God prevented David and his band of 600 men from warring against their own country. David had a faith failure. He stopped believing that God would protect him from Saul, and fear caused him to side with Israel’s staunchest rivals. Compromise usually follows a faith failure. David stepped outside of God’s will, compromised his loyalty to God and God’s people, and then forgot God. It wasn’t until David reached the very bottom rung, until he was facing the loss of his family and death by mutiny, that he returned to the Lord. He repented, recall
On The Edge Of A Ledge
well I posted some videos for Still Game - Dial a Bus yesterday to me stash, its about a bus driver played by Robbie Coltrane who goes a bit of his nut. Well today I decided to get the free bus home from work and I thought the driver was going to throw a wobbler, he was driving very erratically and huffing and puffing at the traffic, I thought this was amusing but a bit scary hahahahahaha. It so reminded me of Robbie driving the bus. anyway tomorrow I am off on a two day course for leadership development, been on a couple of these things before but they were a bit fluffy. Not sure about the whole leadership thing as it just smacks of sheep to be honest but it will be a skive and you never know I might even learn something new, I do hope so. Me mate Tania, who does the ethical marketing stuff bumped into a person who i hadnt seen for ages so will be meeting up her with tomorrow night to see what she is up to. Also Stephen who came round last friday has done some stuff for
On The Edge Of A Ledge Part Two
Well I can honestly say day one of the training course has been quite good today, I have learned a lot about what motivates people, core values and different types of leadership etc. Also the group all come from management and I truly am a cat amongst the pidgeons. One of the guys there was telling us about his division and the research they do into Stem Cell and what happens with peoples umbilical cords etc, quite fascinating stuff. I think I was the only one there without a degree or a phd, so I am looking forward to tomorrow.
On The Swastika
OK, I was thinking about something today that I wanted to get some other opinions on. Open up a bit of a debate, maybe. So I'm for the purpose of this blog, I'm going to play a bit of the devil's advocate role. What I'm wondering is, should we in the white power/white pride movement be using the swastika as one of our symbols? Does using the swastika and identifying ourselves as Nazis, in fact, hurt our movment? Hear me out. Most people still believe the jewish propaganda surrounding the National Socialists of Nazi Germany. They believe the myths surrounding WWII and the "holohoax." They still hold the belief that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were evil. So when they see a white nationalist, skinhead, national socialist, or other such white activist bearing a swastika or identifying themselves as a Nazi, they immidiately associate that person with the percieved evil of the German Nazis. So, if our goal is to educate and inform other white people to the dangers faced by our race, sho
On The Nature Of Binding The Demonic
Know what you are doing! Don't go into dealing with the infernal half assed. Have all your wits about you. Lose any religious symbology in the room, it irritates them. Do your summoning some place boring, a science class room works great! Draw your floor symbol well, artistry counts people. Have a well thought out contract. Be certain of the fine print. Be prepared for the double cross, its' kind of what they do. Have a holy water filled water balloon. It can seriously fuck their world up, plus it is kind of halarious. Don't go with black robes, that is always a bad choice. Shorts and a comfy t-shirt is probably a better move. Don't do a sacrifice, that's just tacky.
On The Corner
If you go down to the corner of Kings and Queens you'll find the classiest shops and countless boutiques selling priceless antiques But somewhere amongst the glitter and fashion you'll find a red-capped wanderer that loves laughing at the rain If you go down to the corner of Kings and Queens you'll find department stores and the endless wails behind the going-out-of-business sales But somewhere amongst all of the fear and the change you'll find a red-capped wanderer who loves laughing at the rain Now if you go down to the corner of Kings and Queens you'll find buildings for sale and the women so destitute that they've become prostitutes But somewhere among all of the sex and the violence You'll find a red-capped wandered who still loves laughing at the rain
On The Inside Of Me
emotions running amuck haven't been this close to losing control not since the last time it's been a while irrational hate being called that but that's what this is at least once a month I'm immersed in this hormonal overload panting with desire one moment and ready to bite heads off the next kissing to make up only to start pouting the instant i don't get what I want or this insanely jealous monster that says I must be the center of the universe bares her teeth as claws lengthen have to get out of here before she takes over walking walking fast buttoning coat as I go cold damp rain doesn't bother my footsteps cool wind in my face and I can reason a bit easier a misunderstanding unintentional feelings hurt I want to tell him that I'm sorry sorry I'm like most women subject to the insane flow of estrogen out of my control and there it is again and fighting for it scrapping for it been trying to stand my ground but I've been looking for a fight or
~~on The Lighter Side Of Life~~
> >Subject: lighten your day > > > > If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced > > enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. > > (Hardly seems worth it.) > > > > > > > > If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is > > produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. > > (Now that's more like it!) > > > > > > > > The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to > > squirt blood 30 feet. > > (O.M.G.!) > > > > > > > > > > > > A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. > > (In my next life, I want to be a pig.) > > > > > > > > > > > > > > A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to > > death. (Creepy.) > > (I'm still not over the pig.) > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour > > (Don't try this at home, maybe at work) > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > The male praying mantis cannot copul
On The Road Again.
well its time again .time to hit the road haul some freight.after all i got to pay for m new truck.left omaha ne. yesturday didnt make very far im in mt.vernon to get out of here though.headed dowm to morgan ga. for wensday 8 am so no hury the holiday mest every thing up.owell be down there sometime this weekend dont know any body in morgan so just beboop my way down there.its raining in il.right now did that all the way across mo/ia/ m new baby all wet.well i write somemore tommorrow.happy new years to all of you just whanted to show you all some safe.have fun
On The Inside
Take a walk with me, I'll let you in; tell you everything. About all the pains and fears. The hurts and hidden tears. The lies to comfort those, Who shouldn't ever know. I'll show you how bad life's been to me. Then let you decide how it's bittersweet. I know the air is cold on your face. But it's better than talking in this place. At a loss of my own words. There's too much to say that can't be heard. So bare with me the freezing weather. Let's just talk or listen together. I wish I had done so much better, Gotten my act together. But alas at twenty-one, There's so much I've left undone. I live within my notebook. Some time take a look. Shattered dreams are burried deep. A regret to those who should've loved me. I know it seems that I am nothing. I write only to feel some what alive. I used to resort to cutting with knives. When I felt the sting and began to bleed. That always seemed to reasure me. I couldn't get it through their heads. I am alive, They ju
On The Road Again.
well its that time im in baytown tx.right now reloaded in benham tx.on my way to miami fl. for monday is great down here 50s at nite 70s in the day so hopefully ill have a god ride.washed my truck yesturday.two hours later it rained in me what a drag just blew 60 dollars for nothing.owell ill talk some more 2morow have fun talk soon.BFN...
On The Farm
Three bikers are traveling in the middle of nowhere & need a place to sleep. They stop at a farm & ask the owner if they can spend the night. The farmers says okay, but one has to sleep with the pigs, one has to sleep with the cows & the other has to sleep in a room with his 6 daughters. The next morning... The first biker says- "I feel like a pig, I slept with pigs all night" The second biker says- "I feel like a cow, I slept with cows all night" The third biker says- "I feel like a golfer. I've been in & out of 18 holes all night"
On The Road
There's a sad young wife never had a life her mother said she married young and her husband's a fool never listen too all the things she's never done so she packs up that old ford Maryland she's had about all she could bare a suitcase of hope and a heartbreak she's gonna find all somewhere (Chorus) On the road where the night is black on the road where you don't look back there's a white line in the distance where it's going nobody knows if it's anywhere you'll find it on the road There's a teenage kid no matter what he did nobody ever understands and he don't measure up and he's had enough of being his daddy's little man so he pulls out that hot rod Chevy he puts in his favorite cassette he ain't going to no college the world is waiting up ahead (repeat chorus) Betty and Jim got time to kill the kids they never come around and a gold plate watch was all he got when the company shut his life down so he takes out that old trailer they don't know where there bound sixty-five yea
On The Edge
My day started with breakfast in bed. Well, if you can call licking whipped cream off of your lover's private parts breakfast. After a lovely shower for two, I got ready for the day ahead. Of course I really had no idea what was planned, as I was told that the days events were on a need to know basis, and that I didn't need to know. All I did know was that I was supposed to wear something that could be both casual and dressed up a bit. A perplexing challenge, but I was up to the task. I chose a turquoise sundress that showed off my tan quite nicely. It was also easy to dress up with a shawl so I felt well prepared for the day ahead. After I'd finished with all of the mysterious things women do in a bathroom, I slipped back into the bedroom to dress. On the bed was a small box with a little red bow. As I stepped toward the box my lover, Nick, came up behind me and placed his hands on my waist, stopping me in my tracks. He walked toward the bed and picked up the box, bringing it back
On Tha Bayou
i am a american indian that lives on tha bayou in jefferson parish which is not far from new orleans. i live in a trailor,i drive a truck,i have 4 children. yes i live tha great life as a bayou boy. update. i just got my 1st house. i wrecked my truk. im still live n a great life. lmao most of the time Hot! Myspace Comments
On The Truth Of Liiving With Cats
On the Truth of Living with Cats Hoping that I won’t see what is really there, I turn away and cover every mirror. But the cat reflects me and tells me I am forgotten anyway. At once it’s pride and humiliation pushes me toward God’s heart. But the cat surely knows what I am. If I wake or if I sleep, alone, and dreaming, what shall I be but screaming into the night? Nothing comes to me for comfort. The dove has passed by saying, “She is not here.”
On The Mark Of Soul
On the Mark of a Soul Surrounded as I am by old friends with dusty jackets I wonder about the plain and the war torn hacks, who hawk their wares but never seem to take flight. And in the quiet of the night, I wonder “Shall I ever be content?” And though I know not from whence it came, the thought consumes me as if a flame had died. No more shall I deride, the soul of another- for if I bear the marks of a mother, more so does the man who bears his arms, by whom, for my sake, the battle is won, and the victory shared. --SLN
On The Beach
On The Road Again With Ozzfest 2007
so as I got the invite letter yesterday for the ozzfest 2007 tour (plus some inside info as to headliners which I cant say yet) we've been kicking around the idea of going back out this year on the tour... the 2005 tour we were on was fun but a financial disaster which I still shiver about... this year would be way different and also as I have 2 years under my belt on this tour and anderson has 3... I think that we can finally get our shit together and do this... or else die trying heh... way to rack up MORE shit to do this year... looks like the fimling of "one of those nights" full length might be delayed 2-3 months already heh... sweet!
On The + Side
He Likes the cure... AWESOME FUCKING POINTS FOR MATT! Boredom/// IM me on MSN ujvhuhguhbg FUCK i love Robert Smith
On The Wrong Foot Already
Originally written June 24, 2006 "Happy Fuckin Birthday to me!", I think to myself as I realize how close to ruined my day has already become. It started last night when a friend of mine, Dave, and a girl that I was seeing came over to my apartment. Dave is like the wild guy, a raging alcoholic and drug addict who lives a life with little or no responsibility. He's the type of person that you call when you want to throw a party, but you certainly don't want him around for any type of serious matter. It was the night before my birthday and plenty of liquor was consumed...of course, Dave was already drunken and high when he got here and it wasn't long before he was passed out on my couch. With this free moment, I took the girl and retreated to the bedroom. Being that I was also drunk, I just took off all of my clothes and went straight to sleep. My plan was to have birthday sex ready and available when I woke up this morning. That plan was derailed before the sun even came up.
On The Bottom Tier
On the bottom tier, what's embraced is only fear, as I fall asunder dragged under with every blunder.  Blissed with good, but blessed with hell, the scorching tomb I'll call my cell, tell the tale, my eyes they swell the tears they fall, at devil's calls.  My loyalty is my sin, my purgatory is from within.  Twisted, pulled, also fooled, told the lies as truths are told, the Cheshire cat's smile unfolds, unfurled like a sail in wind, and I am led to darkness by a friend, she was a friend, now she's all I hate.  And I cling to her and know my fate.  I should have left on my own accord, but my legs are gone and I lay here floored. People watch and pass on by, on the bottom tier, this is where I'll lie, on this bottom tier until I die.  
On Thoughts Of Love
how often have we thought and felt like the words below...may your feelings and thoughts not turn on themselves as mine did for a while..God Bless On Thoughts of Love As the stream gaily tumbles o'er broken stone so does your laughter leap through my mind. As the shine of summer sun lights my day so does your smile light my life. The sparkle of your eyes Does outshine the evening stars The curve of your form More exciting than the finest art The joy of your touch, satin feel of your skin The soft warmth of your breath Does bind and enchant me, more Aye more than the breeze of daytime zephyr Oh mine love, let me hear your words Say forever. always and beyond you shall grace my existance. Still this anxious heart that stands before you Trembling, more than the shyest deer Say, my love, say unto me Take this gift I offer More precious than gold or rarest gem Take this gift of me, and I will give you us. Caelwyn January 2003 Copyright retained
On The Verge Of Insanity
Why is the question. Why is the world here? Why are we here? Why is there so much confusion in the world? I wish just like all people to understand why. Maybe the reason is to make us stronger or to punish us. Maybe it's not for us to understand. All I wish is that I could understand why. Then again who knows. Maybe when my head stops spinning I might be able to anwser that question. Then again maybe not. Life sure does suck
On The Sketchin Block
tattoo designs are open but limited. and they AREN'T free, as some may believe. depending on the complexity they range anywhere from 10-60 dollars. and the space IS limited as i don't have much time for tattoo designs when i'm also accepting commissions and drawing for myself. commissions are also open but limited, and are 20 dollars flat. that includes shipping if needed. and they'd be in color. once again, these are LIMITED. and as is the subject matter. i can't draw certain things so if not, meh, sorry but as much as i'd like to draw for you, if i can't draw it, don't expect it. on the sketching block i have the following tattoo designs - snakes in a mobius pattern for darrell - - commissions - dragon girl for cindy - - anyone else by all means i'd gladly take your money in exchange for art XD ((haha my way of shamelessly promoting myself in way of monetary gain LoL))
On The Horizon
I see Darkness ahead I'm getting scared. You know me,I DON'T get scared. Not easily,at least. The Seals are breaking, The world is dying. I'm almost awake now. God,help us all. I DON'T want this! I don't want blood on my hands. Mother,why must I kill, To save a world? I keep hearing the dead. Before they are dead. All of ye,I see cold,and still. Maybe I'm dead,too. What does one do, When the hero is YOU, Yet you've already fallen, Fallen to the Darkness? I DON'T want this! I don't wanna hear the screams anymore. Father,I'm not a weapon. Right? Someone save me, Save me from myself. Save me from what I'm becoming. And by doing so,save yourselves as well. The dead tell me things,you see. They tell me of wars on the Other Side. Of how not even death is a sanctuary,not anymore. God,save us all. I CAN'T stop this! We're all damned,damned in flames. My love,why can't I be a healer? What the hell AM I? I see Darkness,everywhere now. Not ev
On The Move
well I just got promoted to reigonal manager for northern can dominos so i get to move from MN to CA not a bad trade off
On The Military Pentacle Dedication Ceremony
On The Wind
I've never seen such beautiful hair, play on a woman's face before. As you move swiftly from here to there, you leave me wanting more. --- Like the stiff, cold wind, flying through the trees. You leave not a mark to be found, and not a trail to be seen. --- But I know she was there, she clings to my lungs, to my face. She leaves the skies fair, and the soft sand out of place. --- Like she is on a mission, she flies by in a hurry, Leaving nothing but a blur in your vision, and a good example of fury. --- Though she isn't very big, believe she's tough as nails. You'd never even figure, that her heart could be so frail. --- So remember that she's a real woman, and not a machine. She's more capable than anyone of real love, and she can be twice as mean!
On The Ups
My friend Christie got Christina tickets for us .... i cant wiat its an early bday gift :D
On The Edge Of Your Seats?
Okay, stand up now! LOL My first bit of good news today is that I got a call from our realtor Denise at about 12:30 PM, and our asking price of $89,900 was accepted for the house! It was the price the owners wanted, but why quibble? It took us so long to get approved because the owners of the house are in Japan right now; but we'll sign the paperwork tonight at church (Denise goes to Bethany Lutheran Church as well) and within five days a home inspector will come out to make sure everything's ship-shape. I still don't know what out payments are going to be, but Martha's sister Mary will be moving there with us. She's lived in the same apartment for nine years, and lately her neighbors have gotten rather violent; there's still holes in the walls from an altercation last week, and even a call to the cops evidently didn't merit more than a slap on the wrist. Also, I think Mary would like to move for one of the same reasons we do . . . the neighbors smoke like chimneys. It's a five
On This, The Evening Of March 20,2007
What is up everybody? Nothing going on here really. Just got done cleaning my girls room, god, it was trashed. I though only boys were the destructive ones. I guess that myth is blown out of the water. I found food, make-up, stuff I name as unidentifiable, and a 2 members of an arctic expedition who apparently made a wrong turn somewhere. Then i cleaned my room. Now things are coming together. I found food, no make-up mind you, stuff I name as unidentifiable, and the rest of the arctic team looking for the others. I told them to get the hell out from under my bed, their friends were in the other room eating slushies. So, my powers of deductive reasoning gave me insight into why the girls room was such a mess. Like father like daughter. lol. So, now i sit at the computer in a mostly hazard free room, drinking a pepsi and glad that you cant get tetanus from dirty socks. heh heh. Talk to you later.
On The Heart Of Darkness
Time to attempt to write some more.. lets hope I can find something interesting to talk about / worth you reading... As I write I'm, to some degree, dealing with a kind of low grade depression... a "gray dog" if you will. I would describe this as a kind of occupational hazard of the artist's path... I don't make art for money, I make it for passion.. but it's hard to live on passion alone... That is we, as humans, have a whole lot of different needs.. it depends on the "need" really.. sometimes depriving ones self of.. certain hedonistic pleasure can have benifitial results.... But other things.. can be damaging to your being.. and the starving artist's path is one where you.. well you often are in a position where you have to make choices and.. live with the consiquences.... I suppose I could take you into the heart of this darkness... but I'm not sure that that is where I want to wonder tonight... There are, it should be said, other worlds and layers of darkness
On The Subject Of No Contact
I thought that it was finally over...I had finally been able to forget about everything that was going on..and then, contact was made again when there wasnt suppossed to be... I'll let it go THIS time though...because I'm finally over that hump and onto other things..
On The Way Home
Well on the way home from work tonight this white car desides he wants to turn left in front of my van. so im kinda pissed and my knee is fucked. im ready to fuckin kill the asswhole. i mean what the fuck cant you see a gold van comein but nooooooooooooooooooooooo imma tirn anyway. what a fucking moron. any way thats my rant on that and yes im fine but like i said my knee is hurtin bad but ill live.
Onthe Decisions You Make Today
On The Road Agian
I will be on the road again. Tues the 10th. Deal or No Deal try outs. April 12th-April 16th National Tattoo convention Seattle April 26th.-30th. Del Mar California Tattoo Convention.
On This Dreary Dismal Day After Easter...
Cold..alone Many dark clouds fill my sky.. Wandering soulless, choking... I have gone many weeks without solace, my release the evils brewing inside.. Sadness spirals around seeping deep within.. blinded by torrents both from the sky and behind my tormented, haunted eyes
On The Way To Work
> While she was "flying" down the road one day, a woman passed over a > > bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in > > wait. > > > > The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, with that classic > > patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, "What's your hurry?" > > > > To which she replied, "I'm late for work." > > > > "Oh yeah," said the cop. "And what do you do?" > > > > I'm a rectum stretcher," she responded. > > > > The cop stammered, "A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a > > rectum stretcher do?" > > > > "Well," she said, "I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up > > to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I > > work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly > > but surely stretch it, until it's about 6 feet wide." > > > > "And
On The Way Out Again
I really do like my job it is always what I wanted to do but I get so tired of never being at home. Thursday I must leave again for Washington State in the US for more work. The best part about this trip is that from the US I got France for work but my best bud Micah lives there. I will only be there for 3 days and most of the time I will need to work but my job allows me to take the time I need for what I want. Tonight while I am intown I must go to the pub with my friends and drink as much as I can and sleep all day tomorrow.
On The Outside (looking In)
I hate how I am so untrusting of people. I always question their intentions and wonder about their motives. Paranoia? Perhaps. Maybe, I am just looking out for myself; I have been hurt countless times before; by people who claimed to have my best interest in mind. These feelings cause me to feel like I am on the outside of things. Like watching a movie or play. Never really feeling connected to the situation. I wish I could toss logic and reason out the window and live life carefree. Yet, night after night I sit pondering and overly analyzing everything in my life.
On The Meaninglessness Of Intellect
Before you naysayers disagree, keep in mind, this is coming from someone at least reasonably intelligent. It also follows with an explanation. First, let's look at what intelligence is... A lot of people point to someone knowing more as being intelligent. Possibly, and partially true. We'll get back to that. Others say the ability to learn based on what you experience is intelligence. That's BS. Any dog will stay away from you if you kick it a few times. Does that mean a dog is smart? No. Learning based on positive and negative response is something even relatively stupid creatures can do. Others say that intelligence is required for problem solving. That, also, is BS. Ants do problem solving all the time. They reach a stream, and hundreds throw themselves at the stream until one finds leaves. Boom, they get across. Intelligence doesn't solve problems. Persistent attempts solve problems. It's true in human society also. So why do some people learn faster than ot
On The Lighter Side..a Smile Goes Along Way~
A Smile Is The Lighting System Of The Face, The Cooling System Of The Head and The Heating System Of The HEART.. Your Smile Shows Your Inner Aloha Spirit..Please Share, Show and Spread The Aloha.
~~on The Way To The Democratic Convention~
On The Contrary!
"It's totally understandable that you need some alone time, so stop apologizing. So much has happened, and you need to find a way to process it all. Later on, call some friends and get together so you can decompress." yeah, so. this couldn't be more wrong. fuck alone time right now! i need to party with my homies! WERD.
On The Road Again
Hey all, I will probably be online sporadically for a spell as I am heading down to Boston tomorrow and gonna hang there for the summer while I take care of some business and do some other things like making a "pilgrimage" to Fenway Park
On The Water
Imagine being on a 40 foot boat, with the hull slowly rocking beneath us, and I am lying next to you. It's dark in the cabin, except for the few moon beams that drift in and out of the windows, teasingly showing me parts of each other's naked bodies. Even though it's chilly outside, it's warm in the boat's berth. The bed is big, and the champagne sweet. So are you. My hands begin to wander, Your nipples seem to reach out to me as I touch them. Our lips are drawn together, our bodies begin to react. The synchronicity is picking up tempo with each heated touch. The moon beams and the headiness from the champagne make for a surreal scenario as we melt into each other's flesh. I move down your body. You moan when I reach my destination. I move your legs wide apart as I slowly begin to take in your swollen clit between my lips.'re very wet, and hot, and purring. This entices me to further action. First my tongue darts in and out. Then I add a finger to the
On This Day
ON THIS DAY The bugle has sounded Its notes drift away. This time now belongs to you…. Verse: On this day for one brief moment Hear the silence fill the air. Think of those, who walked beside us; Now no longer there. Then, don’t cry, but hear their laughter For their spirit lives inside, Let the mystic stream of mem’ry Fill our hearts with pride! Make us humble, Make us knowing, And reflect on what is done… On this day For now, forever Make this nation one! On this day, For all the fallen, Make this nation one! Music and lyric by Charles Strouse © 2003 Charles Strouse Publications
On The Can, On The Phone
Ok, are you really so busy that you have to talk on the phone when you are in the can? Just heard someone in there having a conversation. No matter who you are, you are either important enough to say "I'll call you back" or not important that they don't need to talk to you anytime anywhere, you gotta take some private time.
On This Day A Year Ago...
My Mother, the person she was... July 26, 1938~~~~June 04, 2006 Her name is "Constance Elizabeth Williams", "momma or ma" to her children and grand-children...Connie to her friends.....Born in Birmingham Alabama in the late 30's married to Charles in the late 60's who together had two of her children Vivian and Alice, and adopted Tony and Natashia, much later.....four children altogether. She worked as nurse, who had a passion for the written word....she wanted to be a journalist in her youth, Constance went to college at the young age of sixteen where she got a AA, but school was to much for her young mind, so her mother made her come back home. Some years later she met George a soon to be famous jazz musican in the early 60's, who became her first husband and after traveling the world and having the chance to meet the likes of Malcolm X, Tina Turner, and many other's. She divorced him, she gotten tired of all the traveling and wanted more stability in her life
On The Yahoo Messenger Issue...
Ok...if I tell you once that I don't give out my messenger ID, that means that you are not gonna get it so just leave it at that. Being persistant isn't gonna change the fact that I'm still not gonna give it to you. Get it through your head...I don't do the chat thing except with really good friends, and I really really don't do the stupid cyber whore thing. On that is one prick who wouldn't take no for an answer...he decided to send me a private message and give me a piece of his mind after I blocked his ass.. Here is the shoutbox conversation: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Da White S...: question for u ok? ->Da White S...: ok Da White S...: do u have yahoo or msn messenger? Da White S...: ?? ->Da White S...: i do, but i don't use it Da White S...: how come? what's your yahoo or msn messenger? ->Da White S...: i don't give it out, sorry Da White S...: whatever ->Da White S...: yeah, fuck you too ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On The Air Right Fucking Now
On The Level
Cosmo's Most Creative Sex Positions Ever On the Level This is a perfect position if there's a big height difference between you and your man...but it's pretty hot even if there's not. Stand with your back to the wall, either at the bottom of the staircase or one or two steps up if your guy is taller than you are. (If you're taller, do the reverse.) He stands facing you so your pelvises are at the same level. Get yourselves situated, then lift one of your legs and rest it on the banister that's across from you to help support yourself. Hold on to his shoulders for balance as he enters you. (You both might have to twist your torsos a little to meld the right way.) The angle created by your raised leg will give him a tighter fit, making it more pleasurable for both of you. Erotic extras: By slightly bending your outstretched knee, you'll have more leverage to rub against him, giving your clitoris some extra feel-good friction and boosting your orgasm. "Try flexing your knee and
On Thin Ice
Feeling like im on thin ice, that everything i believed is somehow broken.That it was all a lie. And im about to fall through this thin ice. I'm slipping with nothing to grip. Clawing and scratching the ice. But more and more slipping away, through the ice into the frozen emptiness that will consume me if i let it. Im fighting hard with everything i can to grip the ice to pull myself up before i fall in. Pretty soon i will just let it take over and let the freezing cold wash over me. and wash away everything that i let build me up..that now has taken me down. Maybe thats for the better..let the cold wash it away so i can be new again, to be free, and whole again. One day this feeling of cold will be gone and i will rise again. To fly to the clouds where i was meant to be. To soar and fulfill everything i need and desire. The one thing that will always lift me up will be that handsome little face that smiles at me every morning, and hugs and kisses like no one else. For this littl
On The Subject Of New Innovations... I couldn't nmake this up...
#14 On The Top Lounges On Ct Woot Woot Lol
On The Road To Oregon.
The day has finally arrived. "D-Day!" I will be leaving in just a few hours to take a 3 day trip to see and be with my Kally Boo! I have waited for this day to come. Love is the basis for all relationships and I have earned her love. She has earned my love. So much so that I am willing to make this move to be with her. With the Grace of God on our side there is nothing that can stand between matter how hard they try! Create yours at!
On The Top Of You
Baby You've Been Given Feeling To Me All Night And I Cant Leave Unless You're Leaving With Me Tonight Now Its Not Difficult To Tell Oh Baby You're Selecting And I Think You're Selecting Me To Lead You - Baby Cant You See? I Wanna Leave With You Gotta Take You Home I Can See It Inside My Head That If I Leave With You And I Get You Home Baby Youre Gonne Love What I Do When Im On Top Of You Theres No Need For Us To See The Future Tonight I Just Wanna Live Inside This Moment All Night No Its Not Difficult To Tell Baby Im Attracted Thats The Way You Make Me Feel I Wanna Lead You - Baby Cant You See I Wanna Leave With You Gotta Take You Home I Can See It Inside My Head That If I Leave With You And I Get You Home Baby Youre Gonne Love What I Do When Im On Top Of You When Im On Top Of You Something I Cant Define But Your Eyes Tell The Story When My Love Fills You Up You'll Never Come Down I Wanna Leave With You Gotta Take You Home I Can See It Inside M
On The First Day, God Created The Dog And Said:
"Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of t wenty years." The dog said: "That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?" So God agreed. On the second day, God created the monkey and said: "Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a twenty-year life span." The monkey said: "Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the dog did?" And God agreed. On the third day, God created the cow and said: "You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty Years." The cow said: "That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I'll give back the other forty?" And
On The Cover Of!
We've made headlines online! Please check us out and buy our cd while the limited run edition of The Price of Human Ruin is available! has this to say: Got twenty minutes to spare for some "unrelenting orchestrated destruction with beautiful overtones of pain?" Sure you do. While the world continues to be helplessly saturated with metalcore bands that all claim to be poised and ready to rip your ears off with their unrelenting assault, few seem to actually be able to cut the mustard. This EP makes a strong case for why this San Diego five piece might be one of the groups worth paying attention to. Heavy on the riffs but not dependent on them, these songs are fast and slyly sophisticated, throwing in hits and breaks that add a real variation to the structure of the rhythms. The drums may be the real backbone here, cranking into double time with ease and almost toying with the other members, beckoning for them to catch up. The subject matter of the songs is typical
On The Out Side...
Living on the out side always looking in,,seeing all the things i can not touch,seems to be a way of life for me....I once remember a time when i had a small stream of sunshine hitting down on me,,it was a window, a window of hope,but lasted just i second or two..a tease you might say,,,life laughing back at me....being on the out side always looking in, meens a freedom that most don't have,,but the price we pay is a lonley and some times bitter place to be from day to day.. I tell my self that some day i'll know how to fit in, but for now it seems being on the out side ,always looking in will be the lonely life i'll lead...
On The Verge Of Something Wonderful
A serpent, a rabbit, A walk in the forest. A tentative looking sun. A feeling, a moment, A bursting of bubbles, A panic to overcome. A samurai, an angel, An eloquent table, An AC that does not work. A road trip, a car wreck, A paperback novel, A lover that ain’t been hurt. When you let me go, now I’m on my way, And the world below, is cold and grey. On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful. A resurgence, on the edge of something wonderful. For it, against it, Said he’d never meant it, but Harry still dropped the bomb, A trip to the dentist, the Hollywood black list, A moment that time forgot. When you let me go, now I’m on my way, When the world below is cold and grey. On the verge of, on the verge of, something wonderful. At the edge of, on the verge of, something wonderful. You can dance in the devil’s shoes, you like walking heels, There’
On The Edge
ON THE EDGE The trees stretched out their fingers And tap on the windows The Darkness is coming It’s the season of the bat The rustle, that you are hearing Is the scuttle of the Rat In the Darkness Love lies bleeding. Off the edge And on the ground Nothing lost and nothing found Can you please sharpen These plastic scissors The edge has gone I can not shave Now I forget The why of here Like wearing straps A Bondage slave. It’s not here or the Hereafter I am gone, but still remain Laughing down my sleeve Which I have torn off Is what you see, what you believe I like your cheeks, they feel so soft. I stole this knife But it has no edge I have snapped it’s blade So the corners shine I rub it slowly Cross the window ledge The taste along My tongue’s divine. They say, I’m mad But who are they This Madness is all pretend But who are we Is what I say To tell the truth It’s all been lies With ivory teeth And blood shot eyes Now, before I
On The Iphone Pricing Plans
NO GREAT SHAKES Well, Apple and AT&T announced the pricing plans today for the iPhone launch this Friday. And there are no major surprises. But one does need to get mentally ready for the financial commitment involved here. Here's the low-down:"Pricing & Availability iPhone goes on sale at 6:00 p.m. (local time) on Friday, June 29 and will be sold in the US through Apple?s retail and online stores and AT&T retail stores. iPhone will be available in a 4GB model for $499 (US) and an 8GB model for $599 (US), and will work with either a PC or Mac®. All iPhone monthly service plans are available for individuals and families and are based on a new two-year service agreement with AT&T. Individual plans are priced at $59.99 for 450 minutes, $79.99 for 900 minutes and $99.99 for 1,350 minutes. All plans include unlimited data (email and web), Visual Voicemail, 200 SMS text messages, roll over minutes and unlimited mobile-to-mobile and a one-time activation fee of $36. Family plans
On The Way Home
well to all my closet frens, i wont be online for a week or so coz im heading back home to singapore, no internet access for me while im in boston and new york for 5 days, hope to catch up with u the following week.....see u all and have a good day to all..............
On The Creation Of Worlds
"We create our own realities," she says, "in spaces where sanity is subjective. What is true is only true because we agree it is. Tell me once more - what is the color of the trees on your world?" "It goes beyond our own realities," I say. "It extends into others as well. You create your reality through the consent of the people around you - because you all agree that it is sane to say that gravity is a law made to be broken, it is only those who demand that they stay grounded who are insane. Even so, as you tell me of your world, I define it according to my reality's standards. Here, your world is the opposite of real simply because in your world up is not always up, and not everything comes back down. "And to answer your question, in this world the trees are green. And in this world, I love you." "You think too much of reality," she says. "What do you do to relax?"
On The Up And Up
hey people whats up, i just wanted to say LETS FUCKING PARTY. you know, i got shit planned out for this week, and i cant wait. its fucking party time, whenever wherever, and just cuz i want to all my people who live near me if you know of a different party hook me up im already there, hell ill bring the drinks, or most anyway, lol. well holla back and let me know the one and only FOX
On The Iphone Experience (the Day After)
SETTLING IN Well, it's been over 24 hours that I've had a fully activated iPhone, and I'm really liking it a lot. This despite all the well-publicized quibbles (slower AT&T data network, no Java and Flash on browser, no movies with camera, no physical keyboard, no replaceable battery, non-expandable memory, etc.) And despite the fact that AT&T/Cingular dropped the first call I got on the device. Networks will be networks. What can you do? I still get better coverage in my area on the AT&T/Cingular network, than on T-Mobile, which is the carrier for my Blackberry pearl, my OTHER back-up cell-phone. (Good rationalization, don't you think?) At this point I'm going through the practical issues of how to integrate the thing in my daily routine. It's especially tricky for me since there doesn't seem to be an easy way, YET, to download my contact and calendar info from my Outlook over a Microsoft Exchange server. Syncing Outlook data is no problem if you have a desktop version o
On The Road Again
JUST TO LET you all know I am back on the road this weekend for the first time since march after an incident from out WEST in Arizona. Hope to some of you out there some where on the road. Be safe all.
On The Verge...
I think at this point it's but a matter of time before I close shop on here. I haven't heard from my 'crush' in 3 days. which is abnormal. Plans with friends to go out are continually interfered with by unfortunate circumstances. Like as if I have a '13' on me or something. what if things happen to others because I'M their friend? Like some bad luck charm.Like I'm An upside down penny or black cat. You don't know what it's like to wanna go get something to eat, see a movie, or just hanging out, and shit happens. Only to the people that are friends of mine. I feel bad that I can't tell the difference between someone dodging me for whatever reason and a genuine bad incident or emergency. I wait for the next bad thing to happen to a friend because I'm their friend. Just call me mister "13"
On The Road
Husband and wife are traveling by car from Key West to Boston. After almost twenty-four hours on the road, they're too tired to continue, and they decide to stop for a rest. They stop at a hotel and slept for four hours and then get back on the road. When they check out four hours later, the desk clerk hands them a bill for $350.00. The man explodes and demands to know why the charge is so high. He tells the clerk although it's a nice hotel; the rooms certainly aren't worth $350.00! When the clerk tells him $350.00 is the standard rate, the man insists on speaking to the manager. The Manager appears, listens to the man, and then explains that the hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference center that were available for the husband and wife to use. "But we didn't use them," the man complains. "Well, they are here, and you could have," explains the manager. He goes on to explain they could have taken in one of the shows for which the hotel is famous. "The
On The Pain Of Running...
I've been in the Army for the last 15 years. During that time, I've come to appreciate the joy of running. It's not like I was always a runner. Prior to joining, I weighed in at a hefty 250 lbs, and not in a good way. (I'm 175 lbs now, just in case you wondered; not bad for 6'0" tall and 34 years old). Since joining, I've run the Army 10-miler twice, and I've run a few half-marathons, 10-K's, and 5-K's. No, I haven't won any races, but I have a butt-load of t-shirts from each run (a veritable wardrobe!). And while I enjoy running (it's cheap...a pair of good shoes, shorts, and shirt), there is one thing I can't stand about it...BLEEDING NIPPLES!!! OH MY GOD, they hurt SO bad!!! A lot of that comes with lack of preparation. Most of the time, I just start running, so I don't really know how far I'm going. BIG MISTAKE! Next thing I know, I'm 5 miles into it, and my shirt is drenched and rubbing HARD against my sensitive man-nips! Nursing mothers know best what I'm talking
On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand VideoOn The Other Hand lyrics - Randy Travis lyrics Randy Travis Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
On The Wings Of Prayer
Just close your eyes and open your heart And feel your worries and cares depart, Just yeild yourself to the Father above And let Him hodl you secure in His love- For life on earth grows more involved WIthendless problems that can't be solved- But God only asks us to do our best, Then He will "take over" and finish the rest- So what you are tired, discouraged and blue, There's always one door that is open to you- And that is the door to "The House of Prayer" And you'll find God waiting to meet you there, ANd "The Houe of Prayer' is no farther away Than the quiet spot where you kneel and pray- For the heart is a temple when God is there As we place ourselves in His loving cre, And He hears every prayer and answers each one When we pray in His name "Thy Will be done"- ANd the burdens that seemed too heavy to bear Are lifted away on the "Wings of Prayer"
On The Road
Hey friends. On the road for a while. See ya in a few weeks unless I pass ya on the way. Let me know and we'll have a drink or two.
On The Construction Site
There was this Spanish guy, this Korean guy and this Russian guy all working for the same construction company. At the beginning of the day the boss comes out and says to the Spanish guy, "You're in charge of the cement." Then he said to the Russian guy, "You're in charge of the dirt." Then he said to the Korean guy, "You're in charge of the supplies." Then he said, "I'm gonna be back at the end of the day to check on your work. It better be good or you're fired." So they all go off to go get their work done. At the end of the day, the boss comes back to check on their work. He looks at the big pile of cement and goes, "Good work," to the Spanish guy. Then he looks at the big pile of dirt and says, "Good work," to the Russian guy. Then he couldn't find the Korean guy so he asks, "Where the heck is the Korean guy?" All of a sudden, the Korean guy jumps out from behind the big pile of dirt and yells, " SUPPLIES!"
On The Verge Of Losing It!!!!
Frustration is an emotion that can take you on many different roads. Yet if not relieved, can basically lead to total melt down. And no I'm not talking sexual either lol. Life is dealing me so many damn curve balls at the moment I don't have enough hands to catch them all. And I'm about to crash. Or so it feels that way anyhow. Someone once told me life is like a wheel. It just keeps on turning and eventually the good comes back around. Wish I were close enough to throttle that person right about now lol. Because my wheel has a flat! It hasn't turned in a long long time now. And the World Wide Web is a lovely place to come and create a solitude that no one else can destroy. A safe haven. Where it so lovingly introduces you to people that you just can't have lol. Or even get close enough to, to have that so needed chat or hug or even just the closeness. I dunno, maybe I'm just looking down at everything at the moment. It's more than likely the case. But I am a breath aw
On The Other Side...
I have been venting my frustrations, speaking my mind about what I considered to be an injustice. In the last few days I've talked to Scrapper and a couple of bouncers. And I see their side of things. This site has over 1 million members, and a handful of bouncers. Issues sprout up every minute that need to be dealt with, you aren't being ignored because you are unimportant (sometimes), you are being queued to deal with more important issues. Too much work and too few workers always leads to problems. They do what they can, when they can...however they are all only human, and can't devote their entire lives to appeasing everyone. And as important as something may seem to you, it may not be as important when weighted against other issues. Patience is a that I don't have. I have been assured that the mumm issue I spoke of before is being addressed, and will be attempted to be solved soon. I hope so, I truly do. Speaking to Scrapper just momentarily eased my worries and
On The Eve Of My Departure To....
The big desert overseas. Yes I am goin to Iraq this is my 3rd deployment over. An yes this will be a 15 month rotation this time. I want to thank all my new friends and family people for letting me a part of this special site. I also want to say 'sorry that I will probaly be slow to respond to alot of emails and to do votes and comments. Thank you all for all the support from you all. I will try to update and post as much as possible. Thank you, Coyote
On The Hunt
I Am On The Hunt For A Set Of Staff If You Want To Give It A Try Or Think You Got The Right Stuff Click The Pic And Come ON In I am Waiting For You >
On The Wings Of Hope
As an ancient legend goes; If anyone desires a wish to come true, they must capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it. Since butterflies make no sound, They can’t tell that wish to anyone but the Great Spirit, So by making the wish and releasing the butterfly, It will be taken to the heavens and be granted. Although this legend implies that we should keep our wishes silent, there are some wishes that need to be expressed out loud. To those that have been touched by the disease we are helping to fight today, We wish the caregivers strength and tranquility, and thank them for their gifted labor of love. We wish the survivors a long and happy life, and thank them for showing us how to fight with courage and determination. We wish those currently fighting the battle energy and hope, and thank them for showing us what true bravery is all about. And finally, we wish the victims peace and love, and thank them for the joy and happiness they brought to us. With this symb
On The Prowl
Gonna getcha! The kitty is on the prowl tonight! First time in a long time, I slip by ya on the dance floor and chills run down your spine as you watch my tattoos disappear into the crowd... I'm going out tonight... Can you stand it? I can... If you can't stand the heat get out of my fucking kitchen!
On The Beach
It's a warm night, and the ocean breeze eases the heat of the day. We're finally alone. We walk hand in hand along the water's edge, occasionally kicking at a wave. The beach is almost deserted, except for a few lonely stragglers enjoying the solitude. The sun is going slowly down, casting the evening's golden light on the shore. Silently, we stroll together, picking up shells, skipping rocks, relaxing in the peace of the early evening. The last of the sun slips below the waves and we're left drifting in the moonlight. I bend down to pick up one last shell, when I feel your fingers trace lingeringly down my back. I stand up, and you wrap your arms around my waist and pull me close to you. I can feel your hot breath on my neck. Your arms are tight and strong, and I melt into you, already wanting you. You start softly, almost so softly I can't feel it, and begin kissing your way down my neck, slowly, tasting me. I sigh with pleasure, and lean my head to the side, wanting more, needin
On The Other Side
I have been venting my frustrations, speaking my mind about what I considered to be an injustice. In the last few days I've talked to Scrapper and a couple of bouncers. And I see their side of things. This site has over 1 million members, and a handful of bouncers. Issues sprout up every minute that need to be dealt with, you aren't being ignored because you are unimportant (sometimes), you are being queued to deal with more important issues. Too much work and too few workers always leads to problems. They do what they can, when they can...however they are all only human, and can't devote their entire lives to appeasing everyone. And as important as something may seem to you, it may not be as important when weighted against other issues. Patience is a that I don't have. I have been assured that the mumm issue I spoke of before is being addressed, and will be attempted to be solved soon. I hope so, I truly do. Speaking to Scrapper just momentarily eased my worries and
On This Day I See Clearly Now
******WARNING MASSIVE USE OF THE F BOMB********** To preface this it goes along with my other rants and previous attempts to take the high road a few months ago concerning how things went down with my potential move to NC Ya know its really fuckin funny how I'm the one fucking accused of playing games. I'm the one accused of not being fucking honest and all that other fucking horse shit. Turns out the fucking pot was calling the fucking kettle FUCKING BLACK... No that was the fucking pot dropping a bunch of fucking N bombs on the goddamn kettle and not givin the fucking thing any chance to fucking reply. Go figure. Not only does shit go down badly and I get accused of some fucked up shit that I never even fucking did it turns out the accuser is way fucking more guilty that I ever fucking was. Not even a little white fucking lie like oh my hair really isn't red or no my eyes aren't really green. This was a pretty big fucking lie. Now how fucking funny is that?
On The Outside Lookin In
On the outside, looking in... I slowly open my eyes And have a look around I see a lot of people I hear a lot of sound I see a massive box It’s shaped as a square People moving inside it As I stand there and stare People going to work Children going to school Others on a holiday Splashing in a pool Men seducing women Girls flirting with boys Everyone is so busy The world is full of noise There is some joy But a lot more pain Some people are crazy While others are sane I stand outside the box And look at them all Wishing I could join in With my heart and soul But no matter how hard I try, To enter the box and go in I know it’s a lost battle And that I would never win So I hold my head up high And I raise my chin I will always be on the outside... On the outside...looking in! AND SOMETIMES I slowly open my eye
- On The Next Happy Hour
She needs 5974 to level. Go show her some love. carolg@ fubar
On The Way...
Well, I am on my way out the door... waiting for Phil to get here... I have calmed down considerably with the help of a few friends today... you know who you are and I want you to know that I really appreciate it! So, please pray for me and show me some love while I'm gone so I know I was missed, lol... and you know I love pic comments, hint hint, lol... at least you know I am calm enough to smile :-) talk to everyone wednesday night about 10ish... Muah & love to all!!! SuzyQ
On This Day
I've often sat and wondered what it would be like To know the person behind that face To find out who you are and know your fears and dreams To see if I could fall under your grace I had that chance today to talk with you a while We opened a door to a whole new world A world built on friendship and caring All based from all of these words I wish you were here with me now Sitting right beside me in this place Hear your voice sweetly fall on my ears And so I could reach out and touch your face I wish one day to gaze up at the stars with you Listen to the peaceful sounds around Feel the warm night breeze on our skin As we share that moment sitting upon the ground We have so much to learn and share Each day that comes we'll get that chance So take this hand I've extended Who knows this might be our true love romance
On The Rampage Again
So I am going to write another blog that is going to piss-off some people and probably get me kicked off of several of my social networking sites yet again. As many people know who are my friends I normally write down what I am going to blog about and then I write it on one site and then copy and paste it to the other sites I am on. This saves me from having to re-write the entire blog over for every site that I am on, so if there are references to one site and it is not the site the blog is on, please forgive me because I must have missed it in the editing process. So let me begin by saying that if you read something you do not agree with please do not have me kicked off of whatever social networking site you read this blog on. I have a right to freedom of speech as much as any racist, bigot, or just plain moron who gets to enjoy that right and who are normally the people I go after the most. Well let me start by saying that I am really pissed-off that our troops in the Af
On That Day!
See, there was this site that i joined i had for got about it for like a month lol So I got a email from a friend request so i clicked it and decided to give the site a chance. Shortly after this man found me one day we talked for awhile then he just disappeared i was disappointed but hey thats the internet you meet talk become friends someone diappears lol but then he popped up again one day wanted to meet hmmm at this point i was kinda wondering but i agreed then something came up and i couldnt damn the luck seems to happen that way for me alot and to be honest was kinda of worried hadnt really ever meet someone like that before and to be honest i am a flirt and exciting spontanous and kinky but i am no slut i mean hell i havnt ever even had a one night stand. So at this point I really did figure ok so he asked i didnt go so i missed out but then he contacted me again, he use to fill all these little thiings out for me he was such a flirt sexy flirt but a flirt, hehe so he asked to m
On The Frontline In Afghanistan
On the frontline in Afghanistan
On The Road Again....
So today i decided that im gunna tke off to Alberta for about a month. Im goin to stay with my grandma,perhaps find a job n see whats happenin.I might just come back here for the winter then leave in the spring,who knows. Exciting eh! Oh n my laptop is gunna be fixed this week and im gettin my wisdom tooth pulled. HOORAH! :D xoxo
On The Wings Of A Butterfly
THIS IS DEDICATED TO MY ANGEL OF LIFE... Your friendship is special Like the flowers that bloom, Or when a butterfly emerges From within its cocoon... You remind me of that butterfly, Loving and free, Bright and colorful, For the world to see... We will share sunshine and rainbows; Sometimes, the rain and the snow; We'll stand together through it, While the cold winds blow... When the time is right, We won't stop to ask "Why?" Our friendship will take flight On the wings of a butterfly ... TEJANA POR VIDA...
On The Next Happy Hour
he needs 6589 to level. Juggalo Josh@ fubar
On The Air Live In Charme Visions Until 9 Pm
On The Beach
A widowed Jewish lady was sunbathing on a beach at Boca Raton, Florida. She looked up and noticed that a man her age had walked up, placed his blanket on the sand next to hers and began reading a book. Smiling, she attempted to strike up a conversation with him. "Hello, sir, how are you today?" "Fine, thank you," he responded, and turned back to his book. "I love the beach. Do you come here often?" she asked. "First time since my wife passed away 2 years ago," he replied and turned back to his book. "I'm sorry to hear that. My husband passed away 3 years ago and it is very lonely. Do you live around here?" she asked. "Yes, I live over in Suntree," he answered, and again resumed reading. Trying to find a topic of common interest, Sarah persisted. "Do you like pussycats?” With that, the man dropped his book, jumped off his blanket and onto her's. He tore off her swimsuit, and gave her the most passionate ride of her life! When the cloud of sand began to se
On The Go - Go - Go!!!
It's been a busy few days and unusually...I haven't had a whole lot of free time. I went into an interview on Tues and started work weds. Kinda funny. Yesterday (my second day on the job) I was supposed to work 11:30-7 with a break and ended up working 10:30-8:30 without a break. The owners are amazing and seem to know that I know what I am doing. I better!! I've only had several years experience. LOL! I am technically still in training, but its amazing how soo many stupid common sense things have been explained to me. I subtly remind people that I have a good 5 yrs experience under my belt already by saying things like "We used to do the same thing at my old restaraunt" According to Patty (owner) the waitresses are amazed that I seem to know what I am doing and at how quickly I catch on. LOL! Apparently my hints are too subtle. Today is day 3 and I will have my own section. Super cool. I will probably be off training on Saturday. We have to wait and see. Today will be the first
On The Road Again
Well, im not having luck at finding work here in denton, so its time for me to move on. IM going to go back to my roots, in the small towns of East Tx and try and start a new life. There are a lot of jobs out there, and i should be able to find one pretty quick. My family started out there 130 yrs ago, and i love the area, so it'll be good.
On That Edge
Your lap straddled mouth to mouth caressing soft brushstrokes fingertips on my spine back of my thighs silence, except the rocking of my hips tells everything gives everything fingers strum taking your time I feel fire you give slowly taking me a shimmering note on that edge
On The Air
On This Friday Nite!!!!
This FRI!!!..... I will meeting my girlfriend and going out of town to Syracuse, NY... We wil going out to the bar and will gets more pics of us and you will see it ok??? I am so excited to see her!! We had been waiting for over months!!! O'Well!!! I know she is excited to have me!!! Thank you Mike
On The Road Again
hi all to morrow 9th i go to holiday's house so yu'll don't se me before the 20th of november, i hope yu'll be all fine when i will be bak on the fu if yu want to see me i'll be in the pic below, lol
On The Trail...............
I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail the stary night, the camp fire night The coyote call, and howlin winds wail so i'll ride out, to the old sundown I am just a cowboy, lonesome on the trail lord im just thinking bout a certain female... The nights we spent together, riding on the range looking back it seems so strange Roll me over and turn me around, let me keep spinnng till i hit the ground roll me over and let me go, ride me in the rodeo I was took in texas, i did not know her name lord all these southern girls they seem the same! down below the border, in a town in mexico i got my job bustin bronco's for the rodeo Roll me over and turn me around, let me keep spinning till i hit the ground roll me over and let me go, runnin free with the buffalo... HERE I GO! Roll me over.... and i'll turn around And I'll move my fingers, up and down... up and down... it's okay amigo, just let me go ridin in the rodeo Roll me over and
On The Make
i know i keep coming back to the same questions, the same comparisons. fubar itself, of course, even more obviously when it was still called cherrytap, and in an attempt to occupy a position somewhere between the supposedly naďve topology of myspace and the crudely exploitative adult friend finder, has chosen to emulate or pretend to emulate a drinking establishment. if you’ve seen yourself get magically “shitfaced”—100%!—and then watched yourself gradually sober up, without really noticing anything intoxicating nor detoxicating, you start to wonder about this flimsy conceit. what is the bar today, given that it really doesn’t provide the friendly neighborhood “cheers” anymore? what does it have to do with the particularly gendered and sexed pursuits fubar tries to animate? david grazian, a sociology professor at penn has had the undergrads in his research seminars in urban culture write up their weekend exploits in old city and center city philadelphia. living vicariously through o
On The Road...sort Of...
Well, we left P.A. just after 5pm and arrived in S'Toon approx. 6:40pm. We made pretty good time considering the roads are a tad bit icy and the traffic was uncooperative (everyone seemed to either be a) in a tremendous hurry when oncoming traffic; or b) painfully slow when traveling in the same lane as us. The hotel is rather sweet. **grinz** Two rooms, so we're doubling up. Two words: Complimentary Breakfast! And...even better...WIRELESS INTERNET!!!! **squeees** This is going to be a great weekend...even if it does involve 12 hour shifts and sleeping in a bed that isn't my own. Will miss hubby terribly, though. T_T Ate at a nice restaurant...stuffed ourselves on kalamari and lasagna. Yum yum! I'm taking advantage of the quiet evening and just relaxing 'cause I know for a fact that tomorrow is going to be insane. @.@ All I'm going to want to do is sleep when we get back to the hotel. **laughs** Though I'm treating this as a working holiday, I can't help but
On The First Day Of Christmas . . .
On The Second Day Of Christmas . . .
Merry ChristmasUploaded by pgei_64 I tre porcelliniUploaded by zorro71 Canti di NataleUploaded by james_milan Campo d'addestramento per babbi NataleUploaded by reduce Letterine di NataleUploaded by PGei
On The Loose: A Quicktime Bug
On the Loose: A QuickTime Bug I hate having to bring bad news your way, but there is a new bug on the loose that threatens both Windows XP and Vista and you all really should know about it. On Monday (November 26, 2007), posted a story about a vulnerability in the QuickTime program. It looks like the security hole in QuickTime allows hackers to access your system and use it to send spam, spyware and adware across the Web. It may also allow them to access your passwords to get into your sensitive information. Yikes! This attack is now active on the Internet and many security consultants have found that people are writing viruses from it. The good news though is that you can only be affected by this bug if you watch certain streaming videos or if you're convinced to download a new file for QuickTime. At this time, the security hole has not been patched by Apple (the creators of QuickTime) or by any other security software companies. The only advice I can give i
On The Third Day Of Christmas
On The Fourth Day Of Christmas
On The Fifth Day Of Christmas . . .
On The Sixth Day Of Christmas
On The Seventh Day Of Christmas
On The Eighth Day Of Christmas
On The Ninth Day Of Christmas . . .
. . . . . . .
On The Tenth Day Of Christmas
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On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas . . .
On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas
On The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas
On The Fourteenth Day Of Christmas
On The Fifteenth Day Of Christmas
On The Sixteenth Day Of Christmas
On The Seventeenth Day Of Christmas
On The Eighteenth Day Of Christmas
On The Nineteenth Day Of Christmas
On The Twentieth Day Of Christmas
On The Twenty-first Day Of Christmas
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On The Verge....
Well i have been here for abut two days now, running thru cash like you cannot beleve. no job, not place to live.As of now im just sitting in a hotel... looking for jobs that don't exist. places that i cannot afford, in area's i do not know. I dont know may be im just a stupid looser that is destined to make stupid decisions. everything from self mutalation, to Overdoses, to what i am in now, strange place, no job, no shelter, no stability. I just dont know ..... Sorry about this just babling on, and on, and on.
On The Wings Of A Dream
On the Wings of Dreams I'm flying free with a dreamer's dream, To a land without fear, darkness, and doubt; Where shadows and hauntings of all time and space, Are rainbows with colors that endlessly grace... happiness, hope, and all joys to embrace. A land with no storms, without pouring rains, where changes abound and great comfort remains; Where all hate is replaced, all questions erased; Where new memories are shaped, with wonderous light... of romance and love, before out of sight; A dreamland of heaven without jaded thought, where butterflies are free, their colors uncaught; With milk oceans to see, fresh air to breathe; Countless flowers and trees, fragrancing the soft whispering breeze. No more webs of deceit, where lovers have fought; No battles of hopelessness, where all love is lost. Maybe our dreams hold the land of our thoughts, Or maybe our hearts have learned lessons well taught. It is the stairway to heaven, this dreamland we seek... Hop
On The Crushing Silence
With neither fallen hero Nor the fleeing foe, nor With careful stratagem and Expert heraldry, Was my world laid bare, But by by God's Plan and Under the watchful eye Of the Queen of Heaven. Call it Destiny, Or call it what you will, A movement in the matter stream Was liberating iron from ice To set it galloping at ever-heightened pace Through some far stretch of starry skies. If a transport or dream could make us see it, No outcome would change, why would we flee it? Two playmates, we Thought to know each other Like children in the garden. Because my heart was full, I saw my sphere as this planet Abundant with mirth -- Neither floating on Air Nor tied down to Earth. But suddenly all eyes turned heavenward With youthful fascination at the Pretty lights that flickered there. Our innocence knew no such phenomena, And of its consequence we were wholly unaware. This mass of mineral ambled on its steady course, Every second and for aeons tumblin
On The Road Again.....
Ack. Yep. I'm on the road again. I'm going BACK to NC for a while.. til the dorms open back up in January. Probably be back around the 8th or so........ lol So I may not be online as much as I was before........ In fact, I know I won't be online as much as I was before. But that's okay....I will check my stuff probably once a week if not MORE!!! YALL DON'T FORGET MY BIRTHDAY!!! LOL JANUARY 6TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Anywhoo. Much love!!!!
On The Lighter Side....
It is snowing like crazy here,a nd my dogs are in the back yard playing in it, they love it!!! Dogs can be so much fun at times.
On The Road
Ok, so its 50 years since the publication of On the Road by jack Kerouac, which in my mind was one of the greatest novels of the last century. Not only did it start the whole Beat Generation with the Beatniks and hippies that followed, but it was also that the youth of the world really stood up and where noticed by the wider society as a whole. However it does sadden me that the message of the book seems to have been lost of millions of people. Most people seem to go ‘yeah, its great, loads of drug taking and sex and dropping out of main stream society’, but to me that’s not really the point the book is trying to make. It’s about the journey of self discovery, and looking for something spiritual or fulfilling in your life. It’s about making the decisions in your life the way you want to and not settling for what is expected of you. It’s about challenging society’s expectations and following dreams. Its about seeing the good in people, and the bad in society. I think from reading
On The Road
Ok, I'm heading out tonight for my road trip from Chicago to Seattle. Hopefully, mother nature will be kind to me and my car will make it without trouble. If any of my fu friends live along the route(I'm following the route recommended by Google maps) and would like to meet me, please let me know. Although I'll be on a tight schedule, I'd be happy to stop for a coffee or something. Of course there's also the chance I may be bedding down in your area(at the cheapest motel I can find), in which case I'd be up for grabbing a drink or something. Once again, let me know. My cell is 312.402.5161(there's a good chance I won't answer since I don't like to talk when I'm driving and typically don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize, but please leave a message and I'll call back as soon as I can. Happy festivus.
On The Third Day Of Christmas......
I’m on a stay out of my way..... Nothing makes much sense to me these days. I see people talking on TV about polls and views and alleged ideas and some other crapola. The ABC, NBC and CBS "Hole in the Wall" gangs yakkety yakking on and on about politics and supposed "news". Guess what, People?? I'm tired of it. Everybody's trying to tell me what I'm supposed to want and to think and to do. I'M TIRED OF IT!!!! I don't care who's running neck and neck in Iowa or New Hampshire. I'm not gonna vote on the basis of what happens in Iowa. What happens there may mean that somebody will drop out of the race early or something significant may happen because of the way the vote went down. But I'll vote the way I want to. Well, maybe not. I wish there were more parties than just these two giants, Democrats and Republicans, who claim to represent all of us, but actually don't. I'd like to see somebody get up on a stump somewhere and raise hell, and I don't care if it's a man or a
On This Saturday....
Seems like everyone is getting sick. I look at the friend list on Fubar, almost every one's headline says sick. I look on the CM site, several people I talk to there says "sick." I talked to a nurse friend last night and she said there is a lot of it going around (this nurse friend is in WV.) Flu vaccinations in several cases prove noneffective. And, I have a cold myself. It seems like the thought of me getting sick just began a year ago February. The firs ttime I was sick in ages. Probably since before high school. And here I am, thinking I could put up the "sick" headline. They ask for I.D. for cold medicines now. I was not aware of this when I went to Dollar General to buy some generic Nyquil. Luckily the lady at the counter knew me so I did not have to go back home for my wallet. I guess the good side to that is I have not heard much stories about travelign meph labs. The last one I heard about was at a gas station. Cop busted him and he threatened to blow his
On The Clock Lust
Working an office job isn't my idea of a good career move. I'm too creative, too wild and free-spirited to spend all my days in a small office with only my computers for company. Too much time cooped up and I want to go crazy mad. It doesn't help that I bore easily and I work in big efficient bursts, leaving my wheels spinning for the remaining hours of the day. When I realized I had no other choice for employment, and started casually wandering the hallways of my office building in the hopes of finding some minor distractions, that's when things started to get interesting. I first met Nick when one of my band mates mentioned something about a friend working at the same company I did. I cherish my life outside of the corporate sweatshop, and the thought of connecting with another musician while on the job was more than a little appealing. When I found out that he worked downstairs from me in the same building, I had no excuse but to drop in and say hi. We met hurriedly, both off to
On This Summertimes!!!!
We are thinking about marry with Mike at VA!! We had been together for over 6 months!!! I am so happy and I got Mike from fubar! I found him that Right man for my life and cares and understanding!!! We will moving out about end of Jan to first of week on Feb 2008!!! I loves Mike So Much!! My 2 sons love him too!!! thank you Roycie!!!!!! P.S. I love him lot!
On The Air Come Join Me
On The Air.
Alright you all. I am on the air right now at or you can find me in the stinkeye radio lounge Or hit me up on yahoo at awas46710. I will play your requests, dedications, or what have you.
On The Hunt
On The Hunt
Contact Witoka:Shattered Heart Witoka* Royal Eliet BomberTotal Master Morpher Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Are Hippie:`InSaNe HiPpIe`co owner of the kingdom of wolves@ fubar Morning Star:Morning Star*Co Owner Of The Kingdom Of Wolves Till Witoka Can Return Spirit Of The Wolf Platoon*Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Hippie:~`HiPpIe`~co owner of the kingdom of wolves'@ fubar First let me start off by saying thank you for choosing to bomb with The Kingdom Of The Wolve's . We are happy to have all new comer's and hope you All have fun bombing with the Kingdom Of Wolve's ...I might add here you might find a few of my rules a little strange or unfair but I assure you there are very good reason's behind each and every one of them and may have more added as time goes on. Please make sure you read them carefully and if you have any question's no matter how big or small you can talk to your leader. List Of Rule's 1.) NO bad mouthing any other bomber..If you have a problem with any other
On The Hunt
Contact Witoka:Shattered Heart Witoka* Royal Eliet BomberTotal Master Morpher Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Are Hippie:`InSaNe HiPpIe`co owner of the kingdom of wolves@ fubar Morning Star:Morning Star*Co Owner Of The Kingdom Of Wolves Till Witoka Can Return Spirit Of The Wolf Platoon*Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Hippie:~`HiPpIe`~co owner of the kingdom of wolves'@ fubar First let me start off by saying thank you for choosing to bomb with The Kingdom Of The Wolve's . We are happy to have all new comer's and hope you All have fun bombing with the Kingdom Of Wolve's ...I might add here you might find a few of my rules a little strange or unfair but I assure you there are very good reason's behind each and every one of them and may have more added as time goes on. Please make sure you read them carefully and if you have any question's no matter how big or small you can talk to your leader. List Of Rule's 1.) NO bad mouthing any other bomber..If you have a problem with any other
On The Road Again
Heads up yall i am headin to gloster in a few days to go visit some family be there for a few back soon..if you need me call my cell
On The Road Again!
yep gonna be headin out on the road Wednesday and could p[ossibly be gone for a few weeks! To all my family, friends and fans Thank you for all the love and support and please keep it coming! I will try to check in from time to time when I get a chance and will be looking forward to hearing from all of you!
On The Road Again...
Well everyone my free time will be soon vanishing... Ill be on the orad as of feb 1st. My first stop will be Maryland to see my Dad and Brother, then New Jearsy to see an old friend, then New York city to see my sister then off to Belle Plaine Minnesota to see an old friend then down to Poplur bluff Missouri to visit family then my last stop in Orlando florida wooot geez what a bunch of driving!!! Then hoem to Richmond va to be in class by may!!!

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