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One Night Whit Me @ Club Oasis
One Night Stand
A Beaituful women sits alone in the corner sipping her wine, she happens to glance up to see the most handsome figure she laid her eyes on. As he turned around thier eyes met, and he thought to himself OMG let her be the one for me to love.Then he slowly walked towards her very nervous in every step he takes, she felt herself becoming very hot feel every sensation tingling in her body, and seeing every inch he makes towards her fullfillied with excitement. Not having said a word to each other yet the man sits down beside her the 2 are speechless in thier erotic thoughts of each other, As they introduced themselves to one another, he grabbed her hand and walks her to the dance floor, as the young couple stared into each others eyes all night long. As the night drew to an end, with much anticipation the young women invites the man up into her apartment, the man agree, nerviously as the couple head into the bedroom, they begin to carass and feel each others bodies, the 2 begin to undress
One Night Stand
I liked this guy named Chris. All I wanted to do was suck his dick. He tried to get with my sis, Man what a prick. He goes riding with us when I want. I've searched far and wide on this hunt. I wish he would stick it in my cunt. Me and him smoke a lot of blunts. He says he's six foot nine with an extra long peter. I told him that I've had better. He's a great kisser and definitely a leader, because he pulls it out every night just so he can eat her. I told him he's a hottie with a hard on. I'd be lost if he decided to be gone. No more sex for me god dammit hun. Just one more time before I run. Fuck me once, maybe twice. Just make sure it's all really nice. Well gotta go, I'll say goodbye. Thanks for the fuck, now I'll sigh. By me...Stacie Arnold
The One Night Stand
She was dancing on the pole when she popped it on my face. So I stuck my tongue out to see if I could get a taste. I didnt give a fuck if the bitch is fucking trife Its only for one nite and I dont wanna wife And I cant for get the condom I put it on my cock I dont give a fuck if its a trogan or not First I made her pussy wet while I hit da fuckin blunt Id almost fucked up when I called her a fucking cunt I whispered SSSKKKKIIII in her ear and saved the day So this time I had to make uuup so I went out of my way I ate that pussy another fucking time but this time I gave it a good ole I can barely see spit shine Now were getting it on right after she re sucks my dong Casue I didnt come this far to ruin da fuckin song So stay tunned into the next verse to see if I bust or not Or to hear that I cant even get that fuckin twat
Spring turns into Summer Summer into Fall Fall Into Winter And Winter Into Spring. And So is the way of life. Things Are Always Changing It's up to us to accept them Whatever they are And go with the flow Because with change comes Knowledge Pain Sorrow Wisdom Fights that we've won Battles we've lost For with each change that comes We ourselves grow So accept change Know matter what fears you may have Because friends come and go Are family ushally parts ways We need to allow ourselves to be Both teachers and studants When we can be both of these things We go far beyond What we poosibly think We can accomplish in our lives So accept change And be one with yourself Do what is best for you And feel the oneness Withen yourself With a special friend With nature Be one with the oneness Once again And you will see What the oneness can do for you....
One Night To Live
IF, you had the chance to be with me for one day and night, that is it, would you take the opportunity? and if so, what would we do?
Oneness (religion & Spirituality)
One of the great ironies of human nature is the fact that the very structure intended to enrich our relationship with God is the one thing which divides us most as a human family. For countless eons, more wars have been fought on religious principles than for any other reason. Even to this day, wars, bloodshed, political battles, and countless examples of our inhumanity to one another are commonplace as one group tries to instill (or enforce) its belief systems, its politics, or the supremacy of its God onto the lives of others. These conflicts are not simply between various religions but are also within each denomination. There are sects within Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam- The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness- Oneness! Reading 900-429 within every religion!-many convinced that they ar
One Nsfw
i am placing just one nsfw in my default....and only for a limited time so for those of you who ever wanted a glimpse you better act fast!!!!!!
One Night
As she walked from her room to the kitchen she noticed the mess of bodies lying all over her living room floor, thinking "man, this must have been some fucked up scene last night, wish I could remember any of it". Walking into the kitchen half asleep she sees him standing there, 6'2", 190 pounds or so, gorgeous black hair and blue eyes, he looks up and there goes that full package, the beautiful smile that captured her the night before. Karen smiles at Scott and wonders if he even remembers her name. "Hey, sleepy head, I was wondering when you were finally going to get up" said Scott. She walks over to him and he opens his arms and takes her into him and they kiss, she looks up at him and says "now that is what I call a good morning", they both laugh and start their small banter about what they plan to do for the day. As he walks out the door with the promise of seeing her later, she knew she probably would never set her eyes on him again, see him again is not an option, it is
One Night Stand
I got kidnaped by a rich woman this weekend we both desided before anything happened it was a fling. We talked until 6Am Saturday morning Itook her car to my house go some sleep went back she talked me into driving her 45 miles to hear a rock band she baught a motel room for us. We went the bar had one beer and she smokeda cigar a bit. We went back to the room at 6PM and then had sex on and off for the 8 1/2 hours. When I drove her back home sshe showed me some of what she has done in her work took me to my car told me she would not call me. I got a call from her at 20 to 6AM this morning. I answered as I always do she told me to hang up nand she would leave a message. She told me how she had thought about me the last 2 days and then she called 10 minutes later wanting me to come over tonight I told her I had aready made plans for tonight. she is a little excentric and weird for me but should I have gone over or not
One Night Stand
ONE NIGHT STAND - Wrestling PPV We took the kids to Wrestling Pay per View last night and it was great. After we took pics of the stars leaving.. we saw some others but couldnt get pictures because other fans ruined it . They we're all rude and yelling and banging on their cars.. stupid ppl ruin it forever one. But anyway we went to Chili's after for dinner. This is all for Pj's 8th bday btw. Its was great Tommy Dreamer and Hornswoggle and another guy( looked like a wrestler but we couldnt place him) were there. Everyone was buggin them even while they ate...some ppl are so frickin rude. Anyway we told the kids to wait until they were done then we could say hi and see if they could have a picture. Well they kept staring at us and talking about us , prolly they could tell we wanted to come over but didnt. So Tommy Dreamer left the table and walked by and smiled at me and said hi. Later he came over to our table and asked us if we had fun at the show. We told him it was Pj's bday a
One Night
Since sex and sexuality for each person is tied to personal values and beliefs, it makes sense that people may form attachments to sexual partners whether it is a one-night stand or an ongoing sexual encounter. There are some expectations that peers, media and society may place on us when it comes to sex, and this includes being able to have sex with someone once and not getting attached to her/him. The truth is some people will get attached because of the emotional involvement and connection that they have with sex. There is nothing wrong with having those feelings, but each individual should examine if one-night stands are working for her/him. It is important for each person to ask her/himself the following questions about one-night stands; what enjoyment does one get out of the hook up? Are there feelings of regret or doubt? How does one feel about her/himself after the one-night stand--good, bad, indifferent? Does it impact the ability to have a relationship with another person if
The days without you become longer and longer. As MY feelings grow but stronger I can feel you as if youre near. And the sound of your voice I still hear. I feel your presence so close to ME. How much closer could we be? lovely chills go down my spine. Is that your heart I hear pounding or is it MINE? Our hearts are joined as one, never to be undone. Although our bodies are separated, Our love, remains dedicated. We will always be together, even while apart. We shall forever hold the key to the other one's heart.
One Night
As you trace your finger's along my back, my breathing becomes faint. The suttle kiss along my spine, send my mind into unknown territory. Feeling you breath on my neck, gives me the feeling of being on a cloud. Weightless, floating, free. The look in your eyes, tell's me I'm taken care of. The passion in your movement, tell's me I should not worry. The sound of your voice, gives me that comfort I always looked for. Who are you? My knight and shinning armor? My mind telling me this is what I've longed for? That smile spread's across your face and let's me see the light. In my own world I'd think this was a dream. In your world it's my reality. Let me sleep across your chest and take in your scent. This is one night of unforgettable passion. This one night I don't want to forget.
One Night
I open my eyes and turn to see your face You breathing is calm so I know you're not awake I stare at you endlessly as if you were fake My windows flood with thoughts of love You mover everso slightly now I know, I must leave quitely.
One Night With You
treasure the moment and treat you as a lady and explore the full depths of yur sexuality and find what pleases you in every way and make you feel like a woman and lady as i take you like a man should take a woman as beautiful as you are for your needs would suoercede mine and my pleasure would be to experience your passion exploding inyour beautiful eyes as we moved together as one
One Night Of Lust... (whom Its To Is Personal)
you wisper in my ear your fingures touch me so gently you know what i want i know you want the same slowly undress a kiss so soft and sweet your breath on my neck sends chills down my spin your touch makes my body tingle your voice makes me want to beg beg for your body beg for your affection beg for your pleasure the warmth of your body leaves as you pull away from me i wish to hear my name in a wisper as it escapes from your sexy lips touch me again kiss me again show me again how our one night of lust happened
One Night
A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames
One Nighters
So I was sittin at work on yahoo, and all of a sudden I get a message...from a guy that I had a one nighter with 7 years ago, when I was 19. Rewind... My friend and I were bored, and decided to find someone to hang out with. We found some dude on yahoo, and invited him to her place. He was 31, covered with disgusting tattoos, and dumber than a bag of shit. We drank beer and sat around, then me and him went to the lake. We made out at the lake, he drove me home at 4am. I suggested we do it, he said next time, cause the car was too small. I said there would be no next time, and suggested that the neighbor's front lawn was big enough to accommodate. So we did it, and I threw a used condom on my neighbor's window sill cause he was a douche. The guy went home. THe next day he called me and asked me out, I said no. He called a coupla hundred times again, and was politely denied based on a lack of IQ. Forward... So yesterday he messaged me out of a blue. He is 38 now, and is movin
One Night Lover"can It Be You?
[ - *Glitter Photos*] It was a rainy night When he came into sight, Standing by the road, No umbrella, no coat. So I pulled up alongside And I offered him a ride. He accepted with a smile, So we drove for a while. I didnt ask him his name, This lonely boy in the rain. Fate, tell me its right, Is this love at first sight? Please dont make it wrong, Just stay for the night. All I wanna do is make love to you Say you will You want me too All I wanna do is make love to you Ive got lovin arms to hold on to So we found this hotel, It was a place I knew well We made magic that night. Oh, he did everything right He brought the woman out of me, So many times, easily And in the morning when he woke all I left him was a note I told him I am the flower you are the seed We walked in the garden We planted a tree Dont try to find me, Please dont you dare Just live in my memory, Youll always be there All I wanna do is make love to you One night o
One Name
One Name Disaster and anguish, this is my game Destruction and torment, these are my names You wont see me coming, you wont hear a thing You had better start running, my intent is to maim Teeth of razors and eyes of red Dont turn around, you might lose your head Scales of black and dark as night I smell your blood and now your in sight Ill tear a path straight through your soul Leave you screaming, cold and alone Ill tempt you with lust and feelings of trust Then turn you to metal and watch you rust I could climb inside your puny shell Fill you with nightmares and dreams of hell I could take your mind to a twisted place Where nothing is real, not even your face Look in the mirror and see my face I look like you, you waste of space So dont be surprised when you find us the same You knew all along, our name is the same
One Nighters
I've been with 5 guys in my life sexually (meaning intercourse, haha), and out of them, 3 were one nighters. I don't get the whole aspect of men not calling back after that, since I couldn't get rid of the losers. One called me the same night, and asked me to be his gf. Another one stalked me forever, making excuses to see me. The third one was a whiny bastard, and said that he didn't know it was gonna be a one nighter, but thought we are gonna start a relationship. Am I missing something? Oh, guy #4 called the next day...and we've been together for 7 years now, and married for 4 :)
One Night Of Passion
She walked into the room and just looked at him. He looked back, taking in her full beauty. He couldn't stop himself from walking over to her, grabbing her around the waist, and kissing her. They kissed gently at first, but then they fully engulfed each other with their arms and the kiss grew more passionate and deep. They loved the taste and feel of each other's tongues pressing against theirs. She felt herself walking backwards and leading them until her back was up against the kitchen counter. He lifted her up so she was sitting on the counter, and they never broke their kiss. They stopped and pulled away, each staring into the other's eyes. She looked down and began to unbutton his shirt. He tore it off and reached to remove hers. He lifted it over her head and started kissing her again, passionately. He pulled her off of the counter and they made their way to the bedroom, stopping against a few walls along the way to kiss each other more. They tumbled onto the bed, and he stoppe
One Nite
It was the same night after night. Men would come and go, while she lay on her back, or sat on her hands and knees pretending to cum. It was her job, the only job she had known since her family sold her into prostitution. She was lucky, she got to work in the most beautiful and highest priced brothel in town. She was not hurt for money. She had tried before to leave, but always seemed to find herself coming back. She knew no other life, and never would. This night was like all the rest. She lay there putting on fake moans and orgasms. This night she had, had a skinny ugly guy, a fat sweaty guy, a rude bastard, and a guy who was so scared his wife would find out he could hardly perform. Nothing new, though her clients would change from night to night she never expected what would happen next... It was about five in the morning as her boss came into the room saying she had one more client. She argued calming she had already had five, the limit, for one girl for one night. It took her b
One Night Alone With You..... By Kevin Hill
One night alone with you We could go to my place pretty early Steak and lobster isn't that burley After that we could cuddle on the floor Knock! Knock! who could that be at the door? Its flowers and a cute little bear that's only a little of how much I care I'll start off by kissing you on the neck I'm going to move down in a sec finally reaching the inside of your leg you're always supposed to give a girl pleasure they shouldn't have to beg starting off slow getting faster your body cringing yeah I know I'm the master Moving my tongue in and out, up and down you don't have to return the favor I won't frown Just as long as your satisfied how I did the deed If you want we can smoke some weed &n
One Notch Up
After posting the last blog I had some good news - before we were stranded with a car that needed a brake job and could not be ued. Then someone showed up and offered to buy small fishnig boat and as part of th deal he said he will fix our brakes on th car. At last we got transportation again and well over 100 bucks to buy some food - and we were truely at rock bottom. Yea - my metaphysical angels have returned. Until tomorrow - but tomorrow is just some other time. P'S - read my other current blogs - overlook the otherly-dimensional terminology in some of them.
One Night
One night when we're alone in the house; I want to take my time unbuttoning your blouse, Slide it slowly down your arms Showing you that I mean you no harm. You rip at my pants, And pull me into you I push you on the bed, As I grind into you. I kiss on your neck And down to your chest, As you whisper in my ear; "Baby your the best". I get down to your hips; I kiss, tease, and bite, I look down at your wetness; Now that's all I have in sight, I slide between your thighs Looking up at you staring; Passionately into your green eyes. I slide my tongue slowly up your lips I slide only one finger inside you As you start to buck your hips I flick my tongue faster over your, Very swollen clit. I roll onto my back; On top of my face you will sit. I lick all around; Mostly up and down, Then you start to shake and shiver As you cum like a wild flowing river, I lick up all your juices It taste like suger and pears; Nobody's taste will ever be good Enough to compare.
- One Night -
To savour all that is HerTo explore and divine allof her passions all her desiresTo learn and empracticea man would aspire.To rend real all her fantasiesTo indulge her every sweet sinsuccumbing to every temptationTo ignite and stokethe fiercest fires within.To burn from dusk to dawnTo blaze passionately, engulfedan inferno, fiercer then old SolTo rage and burnone night would never be enough. ~CHP, March 16, 2009
One Night Stand
It was late... a late night in the apartment as she lay there in bed, covered in the smell of wine and smoke, and still wearing her clothes from the earlier evening spent with her friends. As she laid there, her mind buzzing from the alcohol, she could not find sleep. No, her mind wandered upon a man... the one in the next room sleeping on the couch. She often thought of him, when she felt like this. Amanda and Rick always had get-togethers like this, and with their drinking one or more of their friends would end up staying the night. But it was also in these situations that she and Mitch would happen to get a little adventurous. Of course, in Amanda and Ricks' old apartment, it was much more so due to their being no guest room for her... they were on the couch, their hands exploring, lips crushing, even though drunken clumsiness kept making them giggle. Despite that, she still felt aroused at the thought as she turned onto her side with a frown. After all, Mitch was a good looking m
One Night
It was a cold, dark November Night, the moon was hidden behind the thick autumn clouds. It was so cold that the breeze gave goose flesh down the neck to the toes. He walked out of his truck and zipped up his thick sweatshirt as he walked towards the entrance. A few hours ago he told his friend he was going out for a bite to eat in an email discussion they had earlier in the day. She offered to meet him there so they can catch up, they had not seen each other in flesh for years, and it worked out for the both of them to see each other. He agreed, and told her where to meet him, and what time. He entered the restaurant and spotted her sitting at the table sipping a soda. The man made his way to her table, Hugged her in greeting and sat down across the table from her. They ordered their meals as she talked about her work, and how her kids where growing up. He talked about the stresses of his work, and how his work made him depressed lately. He also talked about what he did on his time of
One Night 5 Different Ways
You see me acrossed the room dancing nice and slow seductively, teasing every man in the room, you start moving closer to me thinking that you just have to have me right there hard and fast. As you reach me you grab my waist, spinning me into your arm, I gasp in surprise, we start dancing nice and slow with your hands on my hips, my breast, kissing my neck, as you slide your hand down my shirt rubbing my breast, making my nipples tighten under your hand, you say to me softly " I want you now lets go back to my place." I look at you with a look that would melt a hard mans soul and say " let me get my coat" as I walk away from you you yell out," oh yes nice ass" and all I do is shake it more. As we leave you throw me on to the wall of the building, kissing me lifting my legs so I can straddle your hips kissing me deeper as I melt into your arms you say grab my cock baby putting my hand between us touching you softly you gasp out of breath you say take it out and stroke it baby. As I stro
One Night In Prison
“They are not my guns” were the last words I heard myself say as the prison door slammed shut behind me. That slow realisation that this room with no windows and that smell coming from the ‘stainless’ yet somehow ‘stained’ steel toilet pan in the corner is ever present. What is that smell? I realised it was the mixture of bleach and shit -to be honest- the shit smell would have been fine but with a hint of bleach it somehow elevated the scent into a higher sense in my nose. My brain kept trying to make sense of what the conjoined smells were and that made it worse - bleach and shit were the two smells that remind me of that horrible night. I stood in that small room that was painted a dirty mushroom colour; it had one shelf bed with a blue foam plastic mattress. The mattress when pressed emanated a new smell to the collage of stinks already in the room. I grabbed the grey crusty blanket and lay down. Then immediately sat up- how the fuck did I
One Night Only
What would you do if you had one last night to share hot, steamy, passionate love with that special someone? If you only had one night to show them that they were all you needed in your life? This is my story of that one night…It had been too long since I last touched his warm, smooth skin, smelled his scent, and tasted his flesh. Now that I had him here with me, I wanted to take my time and memorize every inch of him. I wondered if he had any idea what he did to me? What I felt whenever I saw the smallest part of his flesh? Snickering wickedly inside I thought…after tonight he would.I get the most electrifying thrill that runs through me whenever I catch a glimpse of his stomach as his shirt raises; a deep wantonly ache whenever I stare at his manly bulge; and an ungodly desire that fills me when I catch him staring at my chest.Simply put -- I love his body. I love touching it, caressing it, licking it, and tasting it. I love the smell, the heat, an
One Night A Man And A Woman Are Both At A Bar
Onenight a man and a woman are both at a bar knocking back a few beers. They start talking and come to realize that they're both doctors. After about an hour, the man says to the woman, Hey. How about if we sleep together tonight. No strings attached. It'll just be one night of fun. The woman doctor agrees to it. So they go back to her place and he goes in the bedroom. She goes in the bathroom and starts scrubbing up like she's about to go into the operating room. She scrubs for a good 10 minutes. Finally she goes in the bedroom and they have sex for an hour or so. Afterwards, the man says to the woman, You're a surgeon, aren't you? Yeah, how did you know? The man says, I could tell by the way you scrubbed up before we started. Oh, that makes sense, says the woman. Youre an anesthesiologist aren't you? Yeah, says the man, a bit surprised. How did you know? The woman answers, Because I didn't feel a thing.
One Night Stand
what will come to be of love that comes your way give your all to the one may walk away are you sure love will stand by your side wounder life of true love hold so dear to your heart with pain your eyes see love your body feels love listen words of love last one day one year or more then you can feel have to walk away what will come of love you say your in love are you or is it just a funny kind of love you cry out for love hold out your hands for love you die for love lie for love you take for love run from love move for love love another want them back for love dream of love kiss for love hate for love fuck for love you run to love one night stand for love you meet for love you don't know her name fall in love one look at her is love you kill for love steal for love hold her all night long tell her how much means to you tell a story of love take her to your bed lay next to her hold her tell her sweet words kiss her on her lips love moving faster as you move with the wind love is
One Of Mine
Be kind...this is one of my jokes...I used it onstage a couple of time I'm short. Its an obvious statement....see me and it'll be obvious to you too. I wasn't supposed to be this way! I was SUPPOSED to be 6'5, but my mother was dyslexic, so I ended up 5'6" on a good day. Dyslexia isn't a bad thing though. Every fellatio afficionado is dyslexic. They just don't realize it. They keep sucking through every blowjob. I'm kinda thankful for that. A penis is NOT, I repeat NOT a balloon. Here at SBC, the Sadistic Broadcasting company, we are very mindful of how impressionable our viewers and listeners are. It is our goal to provide programming that is insightful, informative, and most of all, cheap. With that in mind, we are delighted to provide audience appropriate messages as a public service and are thankful for the tax breaks these messages provide...It is in that interest that we present the following PSA: Masochicsts hit your head here ---- Sadists, make someone hit h
One Of My Tarantulas Died.
I had 3 tarantulas. The youngest died just after her molt. She was a aviculara versa color...she changed colors with each molt and was currently in her neon blue stage. I got her as a first baby tarantula. Im bummed about it. Her name was brain. I have an Aviculara aviculara, or aka Pink Toe. Her name is Pinky. She is jet black and has each end of her eight legs are toe. I also have Rosie....Grammastola rosea...she is the color of a penny.
One Of My First Poems
Ocotber 6, 1975 Written by me on 10-06-75 What is life Without everyone What is love Without anyone What are you Without me by your side To handle with love Till the day you die What is a flower With no petals on its stem What is the sun With its rays put on dim Everyone wants to smell the flower Everyone wants to see the sun But no one wants to plant the seed So nothing really gets done If you want to see the sun Or to smell the flower You have to plant the seed Then hope for a shower The shower brings the rain To start off the seed Then the sun comes out And soon up comes the leaves Finally the buds appear And little flowers bloom But take care of the flowers They wont last till our doom Well LOVE is must the same With all the care it takes But you must first plant the seed And Try not to make any mistakes...
One Of My Sex Stories
warning this is an adult story :) The Spa I get home from a long day at work and find you in the spa. I hurry to get changed and join you. You are wearing that one peice suit I love on you so much. I pull you onto my lap as we kiss and cuddle. I slowly let my hands roam your your body enjoying both the feel of your body and the warm bubblering water. As I kiss you one hand cups our breast as I drop the other over your belly going lower till its on your swimmer glad pussy. I hear you let out a small moan as I rub your nipple as Im kissing your neck. I slowly pull the swimmers down over your sholders so that your breasts are exposed to the water and my sight. I play with your nipples making them harder then they were before. I stand you up to fully undress you. I pull the swimmers down over your hips then down your leps as you giggle. I kiss your belly and nipples again before asking you to sit on the edge of the spa. You sit there legs wide. I place one leg over my sholde
One Of These Days
One of these days One of these your going to love me you'll sit down by yourself and think about the times you pushed me away you picked me up and pulled me close, but at the age there was only one thing you see I hope you see me in your dreams And i hope you hear me whisper one of these days your going to love me, Maybe think about the times you turned away fro me maybe you'll sigh alittle maybe even cry alittle Now everyone stands up the wind blows clear my mind the pages turn and turn I'll stop and think One of these days i'm going to love me and feel the joy of sweet release one of these days i'll rise above me and at last i'll find some peace then i'm going to smile alittle maybe even laugh alittle And one of these days Your going to love me
One Of My Stories, I Hope You Like It.
JUST A DREAM I walk into your room and find you fast asleep on the bed. I can tell you are having a very nice dream from the bulge in your shorts. Slowly, I get on the bed, between your legs and slightly touch you. You moan but do not wake up. I move closer and pull down your shorts and take out your cock. Its so thick and hard and when I put my hands around it I feel you move slightly but you still dont wake up. I lick the head of it just once and incredibly it gets even bigger and harder. I start stroking it up and down and a drop of semen appears and I hurry and lick it. It tastes delicious. Now I start licking it from to top all around it and I feel it throbbing in my hands. You shift your body up and now it take it in my mouth slowly as I feel you moving up and down, slowly fucking my mouth. I take it all in and start sucking as hard as I can to make you come in my mouth. I feel you shudder and moan loudly, just as you start shooting the biggest and most delicious load of seme
One Of My Poems, I Now It Ain't Great But It Is Just Something I Thought Of
what love is the first fresh rain of springtime that washs away the grime the bright forever sunshine that leads the pass of time the fragrant smell of flowers on the summer breeze that opens op the senses and helps you to believe these are the things that love knows that help us to be wise these are the things thatlove shows in the bright sunshine skies the beauty of the sunrise that shows a bright new day the fresh free trust of children that keeps them young and free the wonder of an acorn that grows into a tree these are the things that love is that change the way we see these are the things that love is that allow us to be free the closeness of a family thats shared with one another the love in a little child that is taught him by his mother the beauty of an eagle that soars so high in flight the wonder of the stars that shine so in the night these are the things that love is we share them evryday these a
The One On My Profile
Bloodlust As I stock my prey. Just waiting for the chance, to drink her life away. Her soft sweet flesh grows cold, as my teeth sink in and the blood starts to flow. I burn with the sensation, as it flows through my body. No one can understand. I've got a bloodlust. She cries into the night. Never to see the light. No one can understand. I've got a bloodlust. As her life flashes before my eyes. Her blood just enters my veins. We meet in eternal darkness. As the lust starts to fade, and the world goes black. Then she says her final goodbyes, cause were all dead in god's eyes.
One Of My Favorite Shows Growing Up
One Of These Days...
I might post a blog about some serious matter... Kristiane's three day old erection... :P
One Of My Reasons For Posting The Pages Of A 20-page Piece
besides practice using a notation/score preparation program - is that sites like Mutopia ( and others accept LilyPond files of pieces they don't have (in uncopyrighted editions, ...) to better distribute these scores to interested people. If you don't have LilyPond they also offer the PDF that LilyPond can be used to produce. (Hrm. Though I see they do have KV478 - the piece in question - already. As I thought, I really should have checked! My main reason for choosing the first piano quartet wasn't because Mutopia didn't have it, but because I'd played it back in college. Wonder if I have a piece they don't, besides the Reissiger ... probably do. A Rubinstein piano work I bought at the Ithaca Friends of the Library Book Sale may do for the porpoise... but I'll continue working on the Mozart for practice. Hrm. Yes, I should have checked that months ago - found out by searching and clicking Mozart, then searching for 478 .
One Of My Favorite Colors Too
You Are a Blue Flower A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance. At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower. And at other times, you are wise like an iris. And more than you wish, you're a little cold, like a blue hydrangea. What Color Flower Are You?
One Of My Poems
You are my heart and soul, to show you is my main goal. To show you how much I care, my love is almost too much to bare. I want to hold you every night, I love you with all my might. You are the one that I want in my life, I want to be your wife. I hate to have you go, 'cuz I love you so. You are my heart and my soul, to love you all my life is such a beautiful goal.
One Of My Faovrite Ones, Warning A Tear Jerker...
UGLY Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and shall we say, love. The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye, and where the other should have been was a gaping hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot has appeared to have been badly broken at one time, and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. His tail has long since been lost, leaving only the smallest stub, which he would constantly jerk and twitch. Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby striped-type, except for the sores covering his head, neck, even his shoulders with thick, yellowing scabs. Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. "That's one UGLY cat!!" All the children were warned not to touch him, the adul
One Of 60 Points
that I really should have paid attention too 54. Always make sure you know what kind of stuff your getting into before making out with a guy whether it's a one time deal or not ....
One Of My Poems!
Forgivness In one single night I felt my whole world fall apart! You grabbed a knife and stabbed it into a place you already owned! As blood rushes out I look into your eyes and see the pain behind my lies! I bleed for you! I hope you do see! As my blood washes over your hands my body goes weak and I fall to your feet. I gravel down and beg for your forgivness not for my life! I don't deserve to live a minute more in your arms or in your eyes! I can't stay another minute in your world knowing the pain i've caused or how I broke your heart. I lie on the ground with you above watching my every move. I'm slowly dieing! Every breath slowly fading. Every ounce has been sucked dry! I have no more tears left to cry! As I stare up at your face I see my life flash before my eyes and know I'll be with you til' the day I die!
One Of My Old Poems...
Abandoned World Touch upon the abandoned world Of primitive pasts once tender. To breathe the winds of arid dust Inhaled within the splendor. For art thou thee of spoken thought The man within the mirror? Reflections eye the image of self, Through sands of time made clearer. I hold the stone of which you yearn, Weighted through timeless grief This gem of history I do gaze, Where images grieve beneath. Gods of infinity unshackle your bounds Ficticious memories now dead. Within the abyss doth lie the currents, Of rivers once crystal now red. The dusted corpse from whence you rose This face I see but shattered Deeds of sorrow doth make you whole, And to this world not mattered. Chase not the winds which carry you free Set loose perversions of sin To sanctify this abandoned world Your path shall now begin. QueenofWolves.
One Of Life's Great Mysteries.
Is it "butt naked" or "buck naked"?
One Or The Other
Bevis or Butthead? Bevis Michael Jackson or Usher? Michael Jackson Megadeth or Metallica? Megadeth Bananaman or a Monkey? Bananaman (Always) Snoop Dogg or Tupac? Tupac Jay or Silent Bob? Jay Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson Condom or Pill? Pill Tacos or Nachos? Nachos Puppies or Kitties? Kitties Black or Blue? Blue Poison or Virus? Virus Kids or Siblings? Kids Ninja or Samurai? Ninja Blood or Wine? Wine PBNJ or Turkey? PBNJ Sammich or Sandwich? Sammich These are my Thoughts.
One Of Those Days
One Of My Poems
This one is for the son to a liberty that has never existed This is dedicated to the visionary behind eyelids that have never been lifted To the young boy numb to the fact that all around him time and space has shifted And in his, what once was, insignificant existence in this specific time and place punctuality and boastful shows of sharpened linguistics are persistent In this instance you are one with his words, don't be an ignorent pessimist you know he's lyrically gifted And in one of his moments of body and soul conjoined there is a blissful moment of absolute truth......... In your silence and his self appreciation and if you were'nt listening and hanging on to each and every word at that time, then I'm sorry you just missed it Carlos Figueroa (remeber kids plageurism will get your ass beat!!)
One Of My Writings
when the flute is played under the full moon the fairy lights will glow and you will know that all you think you know is mere illusion and the reality of the world is within the minds of the chosen of the earths true children who will come to rule as humans die out for the earth has sent its demons to destroy all humans but there is one, a creature of the earth bound to a human by love who could save the human race.
One Of Those Weeks...
Well, I'm going to whine now. Just wanted to warn you so you can skip the rest of this if you like. :) I have a tendency to get attached to people very easily. Yes, even online. We talk awhile, and I start to care. But because other people rarely get attached as quickly as I do, I can get really hurt when people disappear on me, start to ignore me, etc. Or, I'll get into a stupid argument with someone, and really take it to heart, when the other person just shrugs it off. Yesterday I had a self-intervention when I came to the conclusion that one of my friendships was in heavy need of that guy from "He just isn't that into you!" We're just friends, but I think he meant a lot more to me than I did to him. I had to work very hard to keep in touch with him. Our conversations would go like this: I'd say a bunch of stuff, and 10-40 minutes later he'd answer with a couple things, and then I'd ramble for awhile, and the cycle would repeat. I put up with it because when we did
One Of Sacramento's Flyest
My latest creation...a remake of some of my favorite pictures of myself.
One Of My Investigation In A Graveyard
There are some orb's and unusual manifestation in the picture of my husband Now tell me what you think of the pictures ??? and yes I have more of them. *(Click on the picture to really see them good)*
One Of My Many Stories
Sometime I go crazy wanting you. I need to feel you deep inside me. I need to feel your touch. I want to know you are near me and never leaving. I need to feel the heat of your body as we move together. baby I need you! By Jade
One Of My Songs "vision"(fly Away)
Verse 1 I had this vision the other day, when it came thru i didn't know what to say, your lips touched mine and I knew i was in love, god must have sent you from up above, Bridge Girl I need you badly, your love is only for me, so don't ya go away (don't you go away), and girl your love has changed me, and i know that you need me, so girl lets fly away (fly away), fly away to another place, Chorus*2 Lets fly away together, forget about the past baby and start anew, will make it thru the stormy weather , cuz i got you and you got me boo, Verse 2 Girl i don't kno wat to do to sho u, just how i feel i can't live without u, seems like yesterday we first met, but tonight you became me juliet Bridge Chorus*2
One Of My Favs...hope You Enjoy As Well...peace
One Of My Favorite Djs
One Of The Largest Painting In The World
project "onemillionandonedollarpainting" is challenging mind and body. It contains 3 superlatives: 1. 500 qm of painted canvas 2. Size of artwork is 1 km 3. Total fee of one million and one dollar One of the largest painting in the world is split into 5000 pieces, which become one when connected. Each piece is unique. This unique project of art shall entertain. Become part of it!
One Of My Favorite Quotes
For what is it to die, But to stand in the sun and melt into the wind? And when the Earth has claimed our limbs, Then we shall truly dance. -- Kahlil Gibran
One Of A Kind...
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:0people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
One Of My Favorites
just read these lyrics and think about them...this is what i feel alot of the time.... She said I wonder when it'll be my day 'Cause I'm not too far from breaking down And all I got are screams inside But somehow they come out in a smile And I'm wondering if I'll always feel this way, this way (Chorus) Tell me about those nights you stayed awake Tell me about those days you hated me Tell me how you'd rather die alone Than being stuck here with me And maybe you've fallen down And maybe you took the long way home But baby you could never love you like me And one day this will fade away In the mirror you'll see a smiling face And standing next to you will always be me, be me One day you're gonna see things my way You gave me so much room that I can't breathe And all I've got are pictures to view It was nothing before and I started with you And for some reason it's supposed to be that way, that way (Chorus) Tell me about those nights you stayed awake Tell
One Of The Piercing I Want To Get...nifty
You scored as Labret Piercing. You probably intimidate a whole lot of people without really meaning too. If people could just get past the many tattoos, piercings, and sideburns I'm sure they'd love you. Or still be scared, who knows.Labret Piercing100%Belly Button Piercing90%Earlobe Piercing90%Tongue Piercing90%Nipples90%Cartilage Piercing80%Dirty Piercings60%Lip Piercing50%Nose Piercing30%What Piercing Are You?created with
One Of My Poems
Having to say Goodbye Having to say goodbye was the worst thing I ever had to do Having to turn my back and walk away from you I must have died a thousand deaths that day You know that I loved you in every single possible way I know that you couldnt have seen too much in me Im sorry I wasnt all that you wanted me to be I guess I could have done better, if I really tried But the harder I worked at it, the more it made me want to cry I know that I disappointed you in a lot of ways And now I look back and count all the days The days when it was just us, you and me forever You once told me that we would always be together I never forgot a single thing about you And I sometimes ask myself if you remember me too Sometimes I wouldnt even be able to guess If you ever even thought of me, but maybe its for the very best Who really knows anymore, I know that I sure dont And I know that even in a million years, I still wont I remember all the nights that we spent toge
One Of The Many Things I Write....
Do you believe we are the dead? What about the living among us? Do you think this is the never ending road? Everyone is dieing off...are you sure your alive? You may have a heartbeat, you may have a pulse, your heart stops beating. Then what do you do? Your left without a body, no flesh to tend to. The living consume the energy, to make us whole again, the dead lie face first in the ground, and watch as the world passes us by. This so called life takes it's toll, on our insignificant paths, trying to make the best, of this already dead world. Where the dead are roaming, aimlessly in this world, rotting corpses walking beside us, and lying in the ground, Living in this complex world. How can you be sure? By: Mae Em
One Of My Poems
I figured I would share one of my poems that I have in my Poem book called Butterfly Madness a collection of Poems. For some reason my poems sometimes can be dark and I am not a dark person or so I think HAHA. Newest Child ~~~ Tick tock Here the clock Wonder what to do Drip drop Over in the corner Snow is turning to dew Feeling funky Body is thumping Something in the works Cant quit see it But can feel it Something coming out Hush hush Little one Cant you hear? The drum? Its Pounding Pounding Louder and louder Calling out your name Creeping Crawling Feeling something Cant quite figure it out But it is there Even if not fully aware Call it what you want Tension building Holding strong The feeling of something wrong Is gone Hoping Praying Coming true I think I clearly see you Far from sight Yet very close The time is near Ive made the most Here it is And what a surprise The thing I search Was always before My eyes
The One Of My Life
As hard as I try, I cant seem to get you off of my mind,you are my one and only. I have never felt this way before and it scares me. What has happened to me? When Im not with you I seem to lose my mind. When Im with you I can barely breathe. I barely see you so how do you make me feel this way? I see you every night in my dreams and in my mind all day. I just wanted to say: I love you but my heart is breaking. Because I know that you can never love me the way that I love you. If only you knew of all the tears Ive cried. If you counted them youd be counting until the day you died. Because you are my one and only. You seem to be the cause of my heartache, so who will be the cure? Id like to think that it is you, but this is impossible. I feel as if my whole world is falling apart, because I love you more than anything. I dont know what to do. How long will I have to keep this secret? It is driving me crazy. Will I ever get the courage t
One Of Those Days...
So..I'm crabby as hell today and I'm sorry I didnt get my daily comment out to those who normally get one. Money and family issues are making me feel like jumping off a bridge is the answer. I'm not even sure what to do about anything right now. I'm just sort of venting. Hoping I can magically win the lottery and get a divorce. Frickin' men...Can't take their shit anymore either.
One Of My New Favorite Songs
Dexter Freebish Leaving Town Oh your reputation is so golden your never lonely and your never home I know you've been talking about leaving you've lost all your feelings for this town. Paint your nails and put your lipstick you don't want to miss your ticket out. Just because you graduate from school so high in the gene pool that's point of view. But when your broke and down and no one else is around You'll come running back to this town and I'll be there, yeah I'll be there. Cause I remember how we shared time together and how you used to say that the stars are forever. And dreamed about how to make your life better by leaving town, leaving town. Pack your bags, your smokes in your pocket Your wearing my locket around your neck Take your drag and wait for the Greyhound the world is your playground and you want to win. But when your broke and down and no one else is around. You'll come running back to this town and I'll be there, yeah I'll be there.
One Of My Personal Favorite By Chris Tomlin
Song: How great is our god Album: Arriving [" Arriving " CD] The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty Let all the earth rejoice All the earth rejoice He wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hide And trembles at His voice Trembles at His voice How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God, and all will see How great, how great is our God Age to age He stands And time is in His hands Beginning and the end Beginning and the end The Godhead Three in One Father Spirit Son The Lion and the Lamb The Lion and the Lamb Name above all names Worthy of our praise My heart will sing How great is our God How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God, and all will see How great, how great is our God
One Of My Few Good Poems
My Everything... In your beautiful eyes, I get lost. I can not let go of you, no matter the cost. Till the day I die, or pass away, know that in your hands my heart will stay. It is yours to mold, however you choose, but please baby, never set it loose. One day, I promise I will make you my wife; to have and to hold the rest of my life. When we are together I hope the time slows, and our love for each other surely grows. I miss your laugh, your smile, and your grins, and those arent even any of the seven sins! When we embrace, it is hard to let you go, because of my heart- a fit it will throw. Through all of the times- both good and bad, I have never lost the feelings Ive had. I love you woman with all of my heart: I knew it that day (in Wapak), right from the start. Ive wiggled into places no one has ever before, and I promise never to hurt you by closing the door, You are my friend, my partner, and my life, and I want you forever, as m
One Of My Poems
Look beyond her eyes And look at the girl inside Deep inside where the real truth lies Down where she cant hide There sits a sad little girl That long ago lost her way Her eyes are doing swirls And it's causing her to sway A fog is surrounding her And deflecting' her from seeing Its getting thicker and thicker And becoming suffocating Its thick and hazy Covering every inch and angle Its driving her crazy And it's beginning to strangle She's crying every minute All the time, every day She's almost reached her limit As she's slowly, drifting away She cries tears of blood Crimson streams that fall down her face Slowly forming a flood That no light or cure could erase She drowns in her tears Letting it become a deep pool of despair Not wanting to fight her fears Because it too much for her to bear She is gasping and screaming Hoping someone would,
One Of My Favorite Poems
Harsh words and violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside Im warped and twisted So many tricks and so many lies Too many whens and too many whys Nobodys special, nobodys gifted Im just me, warped and twisted Sleeping awake and choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the numbers unlisted Lost in someone so warped and twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood ive bleed Im not gone, my mind has drifted Dont expect much, Im warped and twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, and hollow Todays just yesterdays tomarrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted Im still here, warped and twisted
One Of Those Dayz... :p
I amjust having one of those days!!! I just want to scream as loud and as long as I can. I wan't to crawl in to a dark space and hide from all reality! Do you ever just feel like you have just lost every ounce of control that you had on you life, on your family, on your finances??? OMG!!! I hate feeling like this and I am just so far into this funk that I don't know how to get out. I am just tired of all the things that are supposed to happen never happening. The things that are never supposed to happen end up on my front porch... My kids are just not in the listening mood these days and I feel lost. I have not that much support. It is just my husband my kids and I. I have one close friend and I have some "aquaintances" You know that group of people that only call when they want something. All our family that is worth something is either in another state or too old to help with things. Lately I feel like I am running up a down esculator that is set on high speed. I can probably keep o
One Of Those Quiz Getting To Know Ya Things
1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? in an oak tree (yes i want a tree house) 2. Whats your favorite article of clothing? a brand new thong, have a bad day, buy new underwear makes me feel all the better, i know most chicks dig shoes or purses, but me.. definately a new thong 3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? arms definately the shape of the arms, then the eyes 4. Whats the last CD that you bought? pink misunderstood, lol, yeah i dont buy and listen to alot of music these days lmao.. 5. Wheres your favorite place to be? work (no shit i love my job even though it is a hassle it is like sanctuary to me, my kidz drive me nuts lmao..) 6. Where is your least favorite place to be? hmmmmm cant think of one.. i suppose at a get together i really didnt wanna go to in the first place lmao 7. Whats your favorite place to be massaged? lower back and inner thighs, dont ask what happens lmao, suffice it to
One Of Those Days
GRRRRRRRRRRR......I'm Trying to upload new pictures to my profile, but for some unknown reason they do not post...........GRRRRRRRRRRR...I am ready to pull my hair out (On the verge of cryin')I've tried 6 times and now I am ready to give up and throw my laptop out the window.........=(
One Of The Best Movie Trilogies
Music Video:ONLY TIME (by Enya)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Fantastic Music
One Of Those Moods...
I'm having one of those days, a day when songs just seem to be speaking to me in ever little bit and piece. I don't know what has happened, but I have a feeling of one door closing and another opening and I think I have lost something. Something I probably never had. Everything in this life is a game. I'm tired of play. I'm ready to sit on the sidelines, but I keep getting forced back into it. If I just disapper for awhile maybe it will all go away. Not that any of this makes sense, and I'm sorry for that. Sometimes I question my sanity, and apparently so do others. If you are reading this, I'm's pointless...
One Of Those Days
You ever have one of those days that you just can't seem to keep your mind focused on one thing?? really makes me wonder today if i have A.D.D. anyway, guess i better try to get back to work.
One Of Those Days.....
Do you ever have those days when nothing just seems to go right? That has been today through and through. Nothng went well, just feel like going to bed and waking up with a new happy day tomorrow.... ************************************************** One sided conversations with "mother dear". Hello cant she listen to a word i say? No I dont care about the dog. dont change the subject just answer my questions and quit the sidestepping game. Please stop talking about him.... I know he is my brother but pay attention to me too. Yes I told you the date- yes you knew months ago- why act as if today it was all a surprise? **************************************************
One Of My Friends Has Been Shot In Iraq
One of my friends, Ernie, a friend of mine in the Army I knew in Hawaii, got shot in Iraq today... I just found out a few minutes ago... No one knows if he is ok... as of yet. The sad thing is, he fell in love with this girl who cheated on him the moment he left for Iraq, broke up with him and moved away to Texas with the new man in her life. Poor guy has been through enough! Keep our soldiers in your prayers... No matter what your point of view of the war is, please support the troops... Every email, photo, whatever you send them means so much, I learned that when I was deployed to the Arabian gulf when I was in the Navy.... This is him and I at a luau last year in Hawaii...
One Of My Favorite Songs......
Some say love it is a river That drowns the tender reed. Some say love it is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love it is a hunger An endless, aching need I say love it is a flower, And you its only seed. Its the heart afraid of breaking That never learns to dance Its the dream afraid of waking That never takes the chance Its the one who wont be taken, Who cannot seem to give And the soul afraid of dying That never learns to live. And the night has been too lonely And the road has been too long. And you think that love is only For the lucky and the strong. Just remember in the winter Far beneath the bitter snow Lies the seed that with the suns love, In the spring, becomes a rose. The Rose~~ has been recorded by several, but my favorite is Bette Midler's version.......
One Of My Dreams
ok this may sound like a silly dream . but I would love to appear ringside with mr kennedy as his guest. i've always been a fan of his. b/c of his style. he isn't afraid to take on anyone. including the deadman himself. or the big red machine. for those that don't know much about WWE. i'm referring to the undertaker and kane.
One Of My Favs!! Skynard-i Need You
One Of My Fave Muppets Vids
This in 4 parts! Enjoy
One Of My Published Poems
this one is about my dad that passed away jan 2, 2002 Bubba's Little Girl If I had to do life over I would have chosen you to be my dad once more Even if it meant losing you It was worth all the tears in the world that I have cried You were my sunshine, when the skies were grey I loved and honored you You always took my tears away I was happy to be with you, proud to be your little girl Sometimes we would argue but to me you meant the world Your love was always pure, you treated me as your own Your time seemed all too short I feel alone What can I take from this, my heart's completely crushed But nothing loved is ever lost And you were always loved so much
One Of The Sickest Rappers Ever Canibus Freestyling
One Of My Faves: The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "'Tis some visiter," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door -- Only this, and nothing more." Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow; -- vainly I had tried to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow -- sorrow for the lost Lenore -- For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore -- Nameless here for evermore. And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me -- filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating "'Tis some visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door -- Some late visiter entreating entrance
One Of My Poems
Well I like writing poetry and I figured I would put a new one of mine on here. I am not sure what people will think of it but every one has their own opinion. If you want to let me know what you think of it that would be cool. So here it goes. My Way Tears running down my face As I sit here wondering why I see you and want you more To have you is to try It has been so long That I have this need I want so much To have bloom this seed To say we are as one Together as I want to be I want to make this happen You don't seem to see me I am trying to change this I go day by day I will do as I can To have this my way I wrote this on October the 28th 2006,,, and as I said you can let me know what you think of it
One Of My Daughers Is A Nurse
She would love this... A nurse walks into a bank. Preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it. She looks at the flabbergasted teller and without missing beat says, "Well, that's great...That's really great...Some asshole's got my pen!" Got another medical joke if ya loved that one... Why can't Monica Lewinsky ever become a doctor? ans. She sucked as an intern.... :) Gotta love me...
One Of My Love Affairs
One Of Thoses Days
omg i think i'm going crazy wait i'm already there lol i'm having one of those days where i feel like crap.. anyways last night my friend made me sooo happy she siad she is going with me to the taste of chaos tour in march.. i get to see my fave. bands the used and aiden.. also we maybe be going to see fallout boy in jan. if they don't sell out before we get tickets.. i'm always picking out concerts for us to go too..
"one Of Those Days'
Just how bad can one day get?? These are some of the high lights of my day today. First I updated my messenger just to have it not install right. NOW my damn computer won't let me re-install it. Because it seems that there are now files missing from my windows program. I got bit by the dog today. No need to see a Doc, just some blood and pain. (LOL) Then I get a phone call about my cell phone and they tell me that I have to turn my old phone into them. So the question is.. Why in the hell did I end up driving over 300 miles (I had to make more then 1 trip) just so I could keep my old phone??? (I have pix and some other stuff stuck in the phone) Oh that's right.... Because at both of the stores I went to they told me I could keep my old phone if I came back and picked up the new one up since mine was broken. Can I charge the for gas???.(LOL) Oh wait my day got even better. This just topped my day off.... I had just got done taking a drink of pepsi and get this..... my cr
One Of My All Time Fav Scenes, Funny As Fuckin Hell!!
One Of My Favorite Songs.everytime I Watch This Video,i Get Homesick
.......You know i'm a dreamer But my heart's of gold I had to run away high So i wouldn't come home low Just when things went right It doesn't mean they were always wrong Just take this song and you'll never feel Left all alone Take me to your heart Feel me in your bones Just one more night And i'm comin' off this Long & winding road I'm on my way Well, i'm on my way Home sweet home Tonight tonight I'm on my way I'm on my way Home sweet home You know that i seem To make romantic dreams Up in lights, fallin' off The silver screen My heart's like an open book For the whole world to read Somtimes nothing--keeps me together At the seams I'm on my way Well, i'm on my way Home sweet home Tonight tonight I'm on my way Just set me free Home sweet home
One Of My Newest Writings
"Everyone is Blinded by the Games We Play" Never say never youll learn as time goes on but I say forever because I never, will be gone Those words echoed in his head the night she wished him dead he thought back to the day When things went his way They were all a hoax She wishes hed just fuckin croak Now he says: never say forever, you'll end up with a never Again.. and youll see just who they are Cry me a river, sweetheart Tonight, he sucks the pain through his veins Stirring up another addiction through tragedy The powerful by tragedy they gain But the meek are left with no remedy The needle wont stick this time he says But he realized he just lied to himself Now he says: Never say forever, you'll end up with a never.. again.. and you'll see just who they are cry me a river sweetheart Motionless he lies, and emotions will soon be dead While the pale blue color rushes to his head To her this was all
One Of My Songs And A Poem
Lonely is the toughest thing to do Lonely is the toughest thing to do And just sit around this place missing you I wish we had back that day When we threw every thing away Cause lonely is the toughest thing to do I think about a time when we were young and free My ache grows thinking how you looked at me And we walked around both hand in hand Your were my woman I was your man Now lonely is the toughest thing to do Some days I lay awake in bed and shedding tears Feeling time pass slower than the passing years I think of vows that we did say And how I felt upon that day Knowing lonely is the toughest thing to do In a perfect world you would not have told me to go And I would have done all that did not then know But you went and found someone new All Im left is missing you Dear god lonely is the toughest thing to do Lonely is the toughest thing to do Now you have your perfect life with him too Do what it take to make love grow Take it from a man wh
One Of My Songs And Two Of My Poems ... Thinking
another falling tear There a moon that shines over you my dear I look up and wish to god that you were here So I could take you in my arms And partake of your charms Oops there goes another falling tear Oceans arent deep enough to hold my love And mountains arent high enough to touch the dove That carries on it wings sweet peace For only you give me release Oops there goes another falling tear Time will tell if one day I will hold you near And only then will I know peace forever here To taste your honey sweet lips And see that loving halo slip Oops there goes another falling tear I need to tell you all about this little fear And how these moments drag on just like a year To look deep inside those eyes And feel just like I won first prize Oops there goes another falling tear Maybe dreams come true and I will be with you And I can build the perfect life just for two Holding you in my arms so near And hearing what I longed to hear Oops there goes
One Of My Poems....
Close to the Holiday Terri Ann Bostian 4/28/71 - 7/18/02 The tears are coming back again Close to the Holiday The one that we would buy our kids the toys. So they could play. Most people call it Christmas A time to love and give But you're no longer with me Your body wouldn't live It gave out from the sickness That you had within your parts Your liver and your kidneys died Along with your warm heart The heart I fell in love with So many years ago Is no longer beside me Again I feel alone I miss you most of all around this Holiday The smile that was upon your face when watching the kids play The gifts we gave each other Showed love for you and me And though you're gone I love you still my heart's in misery I miss you Princess everyday There's depression in my head I never will forget the words We said each night at bed. Author's note: Terri and I had a routine at bed time each night before we sleep. It went exactly like this. I'd say: "
One Of My Poems.....
To My Children (In poetic form) Joshua: It was you who gave me the reason to quit I drank all the time without giving a shit Until the day I heard you cry "Daddy's drunk again" with tears in your eyes You were only 4 years old When you said those words You've given me strength not to drink anymore I've been sober now for 12 and a half years You all were so young then when I drank rum and beers I drank every day from morning till night Of course it did cause me and mom to fight She stood beside me though I did her wrong By being a mean drunk and not getting along I've grown up since then in a sober way I have you to thank for those words from that day You're growing into such a fine young man And very smart I must say Your ability to write stories from imagination Will make you well known someday I have no doubts you will become A man known to the world Through writings that flow from your mind Through books for boys and girls Zachary: Our sweet lit
One Of Those Weeks.....
Its just been one of those weeks for bad news... and its only Wednesday (well thursday as of right now)... Tuesday Derrick called Sharon to see what was goin on bout pics of our daughter (we r 4 months since the last batch)... and he found out that she (our daughter) needs surgery... no one seems to understand what i am going thru with that news. I've cried myself into hyperventilation i dont kno how many times since that call came. I sit here and blame myself for it. What else is there to do? Its not normal... she "baked" inside of me for 10 months. I guess im just cursed when it comes to kids... look at domanic.... althou his was birth trauma... but still... Wednesday (today) my mom got a call from her best friend (our old neighbor when we lived in Holden)... her daughter died in a fire on monday. Her daughters used to babysit me. My mom is pretty devestated to say the least... but theres talk of us going up there... GOD can i survive a 2 hour something drive with my mother?!?!
One Of My Most Amazing Friends
I want everyone to know that I have one of the most thoughtful, caring and amazing friends. Who will go out of there way to do and make someone feel loved.... My best friend Leanna...aka..Kinky XXX...Kinky-XXX@ CherryTAP wrote an email to a radio station to put in for a Christmas wish for our family. She wouldnt let me read it but only told me bits and pieces of what she had put in. She let them know about our situation on to why we had to move here with their family, that Ray was terminally ill,and that regardless of the time we have left we were still married and I was still standing by him becuase I LOVE HIM..I never hesitate for that answer he is my life, and that my son has had to make alot of sacrifices as well as her family and children, which there daughter made the biggest sacrifice of all she gave us her room. How loveing and thoughtful she is. And though her and her husband has made sure that my son will have Christmas from Santa on that morning, She wanted to make sure t
One Of My Fav Songs - Stone Cold Gentleman!
One Of Those Nights
im glad the manager was in this morning, i had one of those nights you just want to end. there were people in the store steady from 10 when i got there until about 5 this morning. i still got a lot done and everything that was no issue it was just frustrating, then i forgot a paper with the password for the day change on it and thought i had it memorized but didnt so that caused some issues. my donuts were really pretty the manager even noticed to the point of she was going to comment on it tho i mentioned it before she did lol. but im glad she was there because she always makes my mood better no matter how bad the night was cuz she's so nice and everything. she seems to have a lot of faith in me and really value me as an employee. she was talking to me about changes we're thinking of doing and stuff and was wanting to know what i prefer to do and such, and i started telling her and she told me i should write her a list of my likes and dislikes. we are maybe gonna have someone do ju
One Of My Fave Songs By Lacuna Coil
Want to get closer, in too deep Where there is something I wish for I'll go through Want to get closer into you No hell to discover I've got it all inside myself Salvation you have preached is gone No way, you can't turn it around Looking for a higher ground Searching for this something missed before From a higher ground Will I fall in a right direction? (Higher, searching for more) Falling apart There's nothing real That will convince me to change but I'll go through Want to get closer into you No hell to discover There is just nothing to betray Salvation you have preached is gone No way, you can't turn it around Looking for a higher ground Searching for this something missed before From a higher ground Will I fall in a right direction? (Higher, searching for more) Looking for a higher ground Searching for this something missed before From a higher ground Will I fall in a right direction? (Higher, searching for more) Looking for a higher ground
One On Me...
I have to share this with ya'll. First of all my Mother is a Saint! And my Brother is the only man i will ever hug. Under my mom's christmas tree there were these two large packages..nicely wrapped..nice bows on each one, addressed to me from my little brother. During all the excitement, he slipped over, got them out and gave them to me. He then kinda slithered out of the living room into mom's kitchen....snickering. I knew something was up right then ,but I just didnt give it a second thought. As i opened the "gift" much to my SURPRIZE there, in Mom's house, I sat holding a box containing a 7 foot tall X 6 foot wide "love Swing" frame. All I could say was "thanks Kelly, I needed this "Light" frame for work." I took the other box and my new "Light" frame out to my truck with out opening any further. I will get him!
One Of Our Mission Statements - From Fakebusters
One of our core mission statements is that NO matter how hard and long we are baited by accusations, drama, attacks or whatever anyone wants to throw our way, the dedicated staff here at fakebusters will not be drawn into any variety of it other than the ones involving fakes and busting them. Some people have resulted to posting default pics that clearly aren't them looking for us to take the bait. We are veterans here. And know the game. And we can sleep nights knowing we are doing the right thing. And those that support us can too! Everyone's entitled to their opinions, and we encourage that. It's what makes CherryTap light years ahead of myspace. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT! - The Staff At Fakebusters.
One Of The Most Amazing Quizzes I Have Taken!
I took the free personality test!"Pursues her objectives with intensity and does not..." Click here to read the rest of the results.
One Of Those Nights.... a pretty happy person. but occasionally,i notice some of the things im missing.not materials mind you.just the little simple things that make life worth living. i suppose you could say im just in need of direction.or just have the wrong direction. i dont know.i just know something is missing.and i cant find it? any of you guys ever feel like this??????
One Of Them Days
why is it some time family got to be your own worse enemy seriously some times family can just bring you down for me maybe i should just do things my way with out them barkin orders
One Of My Poems
As the InSanItY flows through my viens like that the blood of a normal human being I wish to not wake the day of next for the pain of life is to great to bare.
One Of My Fave Jokes..
"An escalator can never break; it can only become stairs. You would never see an 'Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order' sign, just 'Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.'" --Mitch Hedberg
One Of My New Fav Songs!
Pink You And Your Hand Lyrics Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh Check it out Going out On the late night Looking tight Feeling nice It's a cock fight I can tell I just know That it's going down Tonight At the door we don't wait 'cause we know them At the bar six shots just beginning That's when dickhead put his hands on me But you see I'm not here for your entertainment You don't really wanna mess with me tonight Just stop and take a second I was fine before you walked into my life Cause you know it's over Before it began Keep your drink, just gimme the money It's just you and your hand tonight Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh Midnight I'm drunk I don't give a fuck Wanna dance By myself Guess you're outta luck Don't touch Back up I'm not the one by-bye Listen up, it's just not happening You can say what you want to your boyfriends Just let me have my fun tonight-aight I'm not here for your entertainment Yo
One Of My Favorite Things.
So yesterday was an awesome/hectic day. I finally got to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers and it was so worth it even after all the driving (like 7 hours of it) the traffic jam the detour and the 7 hours of boring classes. I made it to the show and it was awesome. Anthony has a really nice ass *btw*. I can't wait for the next one. I love going to concerts so far to date I have seen well over 150 bands/singers. and I have got to meet some people that I never dreamed I would ever be in the same room with let alone have them hug me or talk to me. I love it.
One Of My Favorite Things.
So yesterday was an awesome/hectic day. I finally got to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers and it was so worth it even after all the driving (like 7 hours of it) the traffic jam the detour and the 7 hours of boring classes. I made it to the show and it was awesome. Anthony has a really nice ass *btw*. I can't wait for the next one. I love going to concerts so far to date I have seen well over 150 bands/singers. and I have got to meet some people that I never dreamed I would ever be in the same room with let alone have them hug me or talk to me. I love it.
One Of The Best Indy Cd's I Have Heard In A Long Time.
NOMINATED: BEST INDEPENDENT CD - Hard Rock Music AwardsWON: BEST NEW ARTIST (INDEPENDENT) - xXx Radio"I came across (the) band while listening to another band's music and I must say I was blown away"- DJ Straitjacket/Gothic Industrial Radio"Kiana (Prestol) is without a doubt one of themost powerful and incredible female vocaliststhat I have ever had the pleasure of hearing..."- Azra Medea/Movement MagazineNOW AVAILABLE IN STORES & ONLINESubmerse yourself in the graceful concoction ofaggression and melody that defines "paradismal", a richlyrical introspection and a cutting-edge blend of alternativeand industrial rock textures.FREE SAMPLES: [CLICK HERE]AVAILABLE AT:PLEASE SEE STORES FOR DETAILS.or please visit:WWW.CURSEICON.COM- On MySpace -1
One Of Those Random Dayz
Oh well here goes nothing yet again Today there was NOOO Snow. So basically the city canceled school work ect for nothing. Maybe it's the really hard rain.I'll admit it people around here dont' know how to drive in the rain. They freak out when they hear "possible snow" As you can see that why they canceled school. Anyways getting more onto my day. I plan to write more blogs about my day just to give people an idea about how I can be and can't be. it's a rude surprise to find out the person you thought someone would be is acutally nowhere near that.(Yes I know my spelling is wayyyyy off but just bare with me)(and Im random just ask Lancalot or inside me a thin woman trying to get out...) Well my writing teacher suggest that I write more in order to develope a style of my own. Currently I think my style is out of order yet in some sort of flow. My writing teacher is what some of us would call... an asshole. Yeah that's a good word for her. She wants my writing to be dry and boring .
One Of The Greatest Stories I Have Read
THE FIREMAN In Phoenix, Arizona, a 26-year-old mother stared Down at her 6 year old son, who was dying of Terminal leukemia. Although her heart was filled With sadness, she also had a strong feeling of Determination Like any parent, she wanted her Son to grow up and fulfill all his dreams. Now That was no longer possible.. The leukemia would see to that. But she still Wanted her son's dreams to come true. She took Her son's hand and asked, "Billy, did you ever Think about what you wanted to be once you grew Up ? Did you ever dream and wish what you would do With your life?" Mommy, "I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up." Mom smiled back and said, "Let's see if we can Make your wish come true." Later that day she went to her local fire Department in Phoenix , Arizona , where she met Fireman Bob, who had a heart as big as Phoenix. She explained her son's final wish and asked if It mig
One Of My Faves:
My Daily Bible Verse Email Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things. Romans 2:1
One Of My Faves
One Of These Days
One morning I'll wake up in your arms I'll sit with you While we drink our coffee And wait for the children to wake Enjoying the conversation We can say without words. One afternoon I'll pick up the phone And hear your voice A little pick-me-up To a long day The baby walked today I tell a proud father Just a few more hours Before you can see him yourself. One evening You come through the door Tired but happy You kiss me Then our daughter Then our son Before going to change Dinner's almost ready But you help anyways Together, just as always Working side by side One night We close her door softly Bath, water, bedtime story Now she's fast asleep These are the moments I cherish Cuddled on the couch Watching the news Or a show What's on doesn't matter Later that night I'll fall asleep To the sound of your gentle breathing And the warmth of your body Next to mine A smile on my face A slice of heaven in my heart One of these days...
One Of The Best;-)
In Mississippi, a guy sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog for Sale." He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard. The guy goes into the backyard and sees a black mutt just sitting there. "You talk?" he asks. "Yep," the mutt replies. "So, what's your story?" The mutt looks up and says, "Well, I discovered my gift of talking pretty young and I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping. I was one of their most valuable spies eight years running. The jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger and I wanted to settle down. So I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security work, mostly wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings there and was awarded a batch
One Of The Songs I Wrote
Two more lonely people Everytime youre leaving me My hearts an open book The truth is there for you to see Its time to take a look And thoughts that never crossed my mind Express what I cant say The words I truly try to find Im begginyou to stay There are two more lonely people in this world tonight Two more lonely people cant find a place to hide Everytime youre leaving me My heart is in your hand Im not the man I use to be Cause I cant understand The lonely days of long ago Are knocking on my door Theyre calling me although they know What I am waiting for There are two more lonely people in this world tonight Two more lonely people cant find a place to hide Everytime youre leaving me The sun has lost its glow A lonely rooms my destiny A final one-man-show A faiytales a nightmare now And wishes turn to fears But only you could show me how To fight these bitter tears Everytime youre leaving me Theres nothing left to lose The
One Of My Fav Poems - (not By Me Though)
You know me not by day, The night is my domain, That is where you come for me. I long for your peaceful slumber, When the spinning of your mind ceases, No longer diverting the pursuit of pleasure. I wait impatiently, Lonely for your touch, Until you dream once again. That place beyond is where you find me, Forever there, I am drunk with anticipation, Writhing, ready for your touch. Impale me, That is what I'm pleading for, Pervasion, The surging passion of union, Divine intoxication; Is it ecstasy or madness? Rest in me; calm yourself in my still waters, Raging as a tempest against your shore, Awaken not, once more without me. A prisoner, existing only for your embrace, Reason erases remembrance when you arise. By day it holds me hostage, or is it you bound by this quest? Always retreating, I keep you with iron chains, Invisible, yet strong as spider's webs, That no man can tear asunder. Goddess, granting secret desires, With deathless lips
One Of My Favorite Britny Fox Songs
There's this girl I used to know, the way I feel heaven knows. I look up high and dream at night, memories I can't let go. Don't you know how it feels? Did you know your dreams are real? Don't you know you have the time? This dream feels good inside. Dream on, oh, dream on, don't you know your gonna find that star, dream on. Dream on, oh, dream on. Wish upon a star and dream on. Hand in hand we'll rock this land, gone through blues with her heart. Sometimes we need to make our dreams, things may glow bright as the stars. Bridge, chorus, lead, hook out.
One Of My Favorite Kiss Songs
Before I had a baby I didn't care anyway I thought about the back door I didn't know what to say But once I got a baby I, I tried every way She didn't wanna do it But she did anyway But baby please don't refuse You know you got nothin' to lose You got nothin' to lose You got, got nothin' to lose, well nothin' You got, got nothin' to lose, yeah baby You got, got nothin' to lose You got, got nothin' to lose, you g-g-g-g-got nothin' You got, got nothin' to lose, well come on mama You got, got nothin' to lose, yeah shake your You got, got You got, you got, you got nothin' to lose So now I've got a baby And we've tried every way You know she wants to do it And she does anyway But baby please don't refuse You know you got nothin' to lose You got nothin' to lose You got, got nothin' to lose, yeah baby You got, got nothin' to lose, yeah You got, got nothin' to lose, you feel so good You got, got nothin' to lose, well come on mama You got, got nothin' t
One Of My Baby Girls
hey everyone my daughter cheyenne is on and i was just wondering if you all can go there and vote for her. last week her twin sister was in it but didn't win. hopefully she will win. i was really wanting both to win. but if one wins the other wins cause they look just alike! lol! her entance number is 42158. thank you everyone. i appreciate it!
One Of My Poems, Look Into My Eyes
" Look Into My Eyes " Look into my eyes So you may begin to realize I am not who you think I am Can you see how deep I really am Can you even see that deep Let your soul begin to seep Into the whole of who I am Seep beyond the superficial dam Become a part of me so you can see Beyond the superficial reality Feel the venom coursing through my veins Let yourself experience all my pains Feel the evil deep inside And catch a glimpse of the other side And then look again because I have evolved The circle of life has just revolved. ------------------ Copyright 2007 TLC
One Of My Most Favorite Player Morris Bradshaw
Morris Bradshaw of the Oakland Raiders Q: Who were some of your favorite teammates? Morris Bradshaw: I would probably have to start with the guys I was drafted with in 1974. Henry Lawrence was our first round draft pick and I ended up rooming with Henry whose nickname was Killer. Dave Casper and Mark van Eeghen, I ended up becoming fairly good friends with all of them. As I got more entrenched on the team I ended up becoming friends with guys like Clarence Davis, Jack Tatum, Cliff Branch, Willie Brown and Fred Biletnikoff. These were guys, as far as your teammates were concerned, that I ended up having very good relationships with. Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of your teammates? Morris Bradshaw: Because of what I do here with the Raiders now, I stay in touch with all of them. Some more so than others because of geography and things of that nature. Mark van Eeghen lives in Rhode Island but our families were pretty close with our kids growing up, they are all adul
One Of My Fav Sayings..
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
One Of Those Nights
Ever feel there just wasn't anything left to believe in?
One Of A Kind
Everyone should have a friend like you You are so much fun to be with And you are such a good person You crack me up with laughter And touch my heart with your kindness You have a wonderful ability To know when to offer advice And when to sit in quiet support Time after time You've come to my rescue And brightend so many Of my routine days And time after time I've realized how fortunate I am that my life includes you I really do believe that Everybody should have a friend like you But so far it looks like You are one of a kind
One Of My Passions
i love erotic sensual art like this..dorian art is just awesome
One, Only You
One Of The Ideas To Have A Sexy Day
Whether the Valentine in your life is new, familiar, or make believe, you can have a Valentines Day full of hot sensuality. Adventure and exploration; the exotic and the new -- these are things that almost always get the inner lust bunny hopping. So let's start with travel. The latest global sex news suggests that the good sex fairy visits some places more than others. For example Ibiza, that sexy little Mediterranean island off the East coast of Spain; whether you're single or plural, it has one of those "island of love" reputations -- which may be why it has attracted some recent research. As it turns out, about half the singles (as in people not traveling with sex partners) who visit Ibiza have sex while they're there. Those are pretty good numbers. To arrive at these numbers, researcher Mark A. Bellis with Liverpool England's Center for Public Health asked about 1500 young singles who had just returned from the naughty island, what recreational activities they'd been up to. And
One Of A Kind
To you I've promised my heart and soul, As well as my body and mind. And now I'm going to tell you, How our love is one-of-a-kind. I tell you all of my secrets, Some funny, some good, and some bad. In return you do the same for me And for this, I'm eternally glad. We have never had a fight, An argument or anything of the such. We fit together so perfectly And these are the reasons I love you so much. You listen to all my problems, And you tell me you'll always be there. If only you knew how much that's helped me, So now I'm no longer scared. I know I'm not perfect, Though you tell me you think I'm wrong. But, I'll be as perfect as I know how, And knowing you believe in me, has made me strong. Love like this happens once in a lifetime, And is usually so hard to find. But, by now I hope you can see, What makes our love... One-Of-A-Kind
One Of The Best Danzig Songs Ever!
"Am I Demon" Hordes of faces Empty eyes I see nothing new Seasoned schemes of slimy curs Offer up their flu Am I beast or Am I human Am I just like you Power seething Really reeling Reaching out for you Am I demon You need to know Faces of a million hells Rage inside these veins Pounding out desrved pain To anyone in need Am I beast or Am I human Am I just like you Power seething Really reeling Reaching out for you Am I demon Need to know Wo-oh, wo-oh Am I demon Need to know Wo-oh, wo-oh Every world And every limb Torn asunder base Everything I need is me Everything I am Am I beast or Am I human Am I just like you Power seething Really reeling Reaching out for you Am I demon You need to know Wo-oh, wo-oh Am I demon Need to know
One Of The Greatest Episodes Of Futurama!
Futurama - A head in the pollsAdd to My Profile | More Videos
One Of The Funniest Moments In Family Guy
One Of The Pages
check out one of my pages,but it is still in the works but check it out anyways here it is ....
One Of The Most Heartwarming Makeover Stories...
You just have to read this article as posted on the online version of the Austin American Statesman today. It is one of the most heartwarming stories that you might have read in a very long time...... ENJOY!! :D **************************************** Austin 'Makeover' family goes prime time 'I had to go outside to cry a little,' mom says before TV debut. By Andrea Ball and Patrick George AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Monday, February 19, 2007 Despite covering more than 4,600 square feet, the O'Donnell family's new "Extreme Makeover" home was tight on elbow room Sunday night as more than 70 friends, family members and teachers gathered to watch the episode on ABC. Laughs, cheers and tears filled two rooms of the custom-designed house as Jeanette and Patrick O'Donnell, five of whose six children have some form of autism, recounted the experience that has changed their lives and drawn a stream of strangers bearing both cameras and gifts. "I've been nervous for
One Of My Favorite Quote's !!!
"To you alone it is given to know the truth about the gods and deities of the sky... The innermost groves of far-off forests are your abodes. And it is you who say that the shades of the dead seek not the silent land of Erebus and the pale halls of Pluto; rather, you tell us that the same spirit has a body again elsewhere, and that death, if what you sing is true, is but the mid-point of long life." Lucan Pharsalia c.60AD
One On One By Keith Sweat (dedicate This Someone She Knows Who She Is)
One Of Those Thinking Days
One of those days where I think too much. :) Guess I will try to keep busy with work and not think more than I have to. Temps are up and the snow is slowly melting. Its refreezing at night so the walks get icy. Almost fell on my butt last night. Twisted my ankle though, so it hurts pretty bad again. Dr said it would be weak a long time. I hate hearing that stuff! Got another small job from a new client today. Small now but he wants to redo his site in a few months so we will get more work. Trying to do more work in the evenings and will have to concentrate more during the day too.. I think I have 10 projects bouncing around and have a few more coming soon. No David this weekend, so I better find something to do. :( I am sure we will play a game over the computer or something. His friends that play too ask when I will be on to play. My friend Liz has been coming on Yahoo to chat. I feel so bad for her. She is so lost since her husband died. I just wish I knew w
One Of My Poems
Shamaness' Musings The mists rise across the mountains Calling me, beckoning me, whispering tales of old Caressing me, teasing me to step across the veil and behold, Things that have been and are yet to be Joined in the timelessness of the mists. Like a dragon's breath it entwines about the land Making her ageless and ancient Enticing and enchanting her to sleep. Like the wet soft kiss of a lover The mist gently moves over her curves and valleys Lulling her gently, comforting her, sheltering her. Time stops and ancient spirits roam. Brief glimpses of their shadows Cross before my eyes and are gone, Leaving their imprint on my soul A feeling of ache and longing left behind. I step across the mist and lose myself Feeling it surrounding me, entwining and becoming one. Crossing over and merging with the ancient energy It holds me close and alters me, Opens me, releases me Into a time that is no time. I lay upon the land blanketed by the mists Breathing deeply letting her renew me Sinking m
One Of Americas Saddest Day's
ONE OF AMERICAS SADDEST DAY'S ..........................THE CAISSON DIRGE............................... buh da bum.....buh da bum......buh da bum...bum...bum! buh da bum.....buh da bum.......buh da bum...bum...bum! .......................TWENTY-ONE GUN SALUTE....................... COMPANYYYYYY.....HALT! ! ! PRESEEEEEENT....ARMS! ! ! FIRE! ..... CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ....FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE.! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! CHUW! ...FIRE! ..... CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! ...CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! ...FIRE! .....CHUW! .......................................MILITARY TAPS........................................ TO TO TOOO.....TO TO TOOO.....TO TO TOOO....TO TO TOOO TO TO TOOOOO....TO TO TOOOOO....TO TO TOOOOOOOOO ....
One Of A Kind
Always on my mind are memories shared with you.Your always there for me please know I', forever here for you.Poeple say that love matures over a long long time. From the very start its seems our love was one of a kind.This seems to be the perfect love a love so hard to find. In my heat I will always know our love is one of a kind. I love you Donnie with all I am You are my life
One Of Those Nights
yep its one of those nights or early morning now where sleep just won't come to me so i sit here at cherry tap at 4:30 in the morning venting and whining ........ knowing that in a couple of hrs i have to be up again and will need a lot of energy to get through tomorrow grrrrrrrr don't ya just hate nights like this ..... oh well guess i should go lay down and try some more perhaps try reading again see if it helps this time
One Of The Meanings Of True Love
True love is Not you loving her because she is hot, Or he is all cute and cut. True love is A river of tears equalizing paradise, Because everyone wants it, They want to experience it. True love is scary. True love is The feeling of someone witnessing, The sun screaming. True love is oblivious. Or is it when you can't stop mistaking His name with the other boys? True love is When he always protects her Like his favorite toy. True love is When you feel a chill in your body, Everytime he touches her. True love is When she makes sacrifices to be with you. True love is You putting up with a lots of things for her. True love is When he pretends he doesn't care about her, When deep inside it hurts him To see her walking with another man. True love is Her doing everything she can. True love is Something special. True love is Hard to expalin, It is like a miracle. True love is when you look at her, And you forget about tim
One Of My Poems
Me and You.... Do you love me? Do you not? You told me once but I forgot. I picked you from the very best because I loved you the best. IF you were to die before I do I would Kill myself to be with YOU! Written in 1998.
One Of Those Days!!!!
One Other Thing!
I never really understood the NSFW.. WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU ON A WEBSITE WHEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE AT WORK!!!!!!! UGHHHH People these days have NO ETHICS!!! Okay.. lol I'm done...
One Of My Other Heroes Needs Our Help..
Please help this young lady by voting for her hero tag. THANK U A MILLION YALL.. YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST > CLICK ON ME N VOTE PLEASE..
One Of Those Damn Days.........
Shit! You ever have one of those days where you feel like everyone is avoiding you? I don't know what's going on today, but I feel so fucking outcast! Where are all my friends? Where are the people who care about me! WFT!?!?!?!?!?
One Of My Earlier Novels
One of my earlier novels Before I knew how to tell time, my mother gave me a timer. When she wanted me to come home by a specific time, she would turn its dial to whatever amount of time she was allowing me. It was about the size of a half-dollar, and she had somehow attached it to a shoestring. I would either put it in my pocket, or wear it around my neck. (Yes. A timer on a shoestring around my neck. My dorkdom is born). When my time was up, it made a loud buzzing sound as it turned back to 0. Mostly what I remember about it is that I worried that I would lose it and not know when to go home. In an attempt to manage my anxiety around the Timer Issue, I did what any other square-peggish child would do: I wrote about it. Thus begat one of my earliest novels (though not the first). I think its both funny and odd that I had this compulsion, or whatever it is, to make sense of things through writing for as long as I can remember. I still do this in my spiral-bound notebooks,
One Of The New Ones
My naughty mind does stir at the thought Of things that to my lust youve brought Of how I long to take you in my arms and night And get lost in your eyes and delight In the feeling on you touching me Something about you sets me free To release the beast that burns with lust And must taste you before he bust Take you and lick you from head to toe And dance in your private places for lust to grow Tongue that licks you long and hard and deep Do you know I am your alone to keep Sensual soul I long to give you powerful orgasms And see you convulse with strong spasms And hear you scream my name in desire And be the one to light your fire And slide into you and grind hard and fast And to love you beyond time and unto the last As we dance me in you long into the night I know we both feel this is so right Blue eyes staring deep into my soul Youre the piece that makes me whole Me in you and you taking charge on top We grind together in a rhythm non stop You in control
One Of My Favorite Megadeth Songs
Somewhere there's a reason Why things go like they do Somewhere there's a reason Why somethings just fall through We don't always see them For what they really are But I know there's a reason, Just can't see it from this far Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice I thought I knew it all I thought I had it made How could it end this way? I thought I knew Somewhere there's a reason Why things don't go my way Somewhere there's a reason That I cannot explain Just like the change of season, Just may not be my turn But I know there's a reason, The lesson's mine to learn
One Of These Mornings
One Of These Mornings Moby One of these mornings Won't be very long You will look for me And I'll be gone
One Of My All Time Favorite Songs Ever....
I thought youd be out of my mind And Id finally found a way to learn to live without you I thought it was just a matter of time Till I had a hundred reasons not to think about you But its just not so And after all this time, I still cant let go Ive still got your face Painted on my heart Scrawled upon my soul Etched upon my memory, baby Ive got your kiss Still burning on my lips The touch of my fingertips This love so deep inside of me, baby Ive tried everything that I can To get my heart to forget you But it just cant seem to I guess its just no use In every part of me Is still a part of you And Ive still got your face Painted on my heart Scrawled upon my soul Etched upon my memory, baby Ive got your kiss Still burning on my lips The touch of her fingertips This love so deep inside of me, baby Ive still got your face Painted on my heart Painted on my heart Painted on my heart, oh baby Something in your eyes keeps haunting me Im trying
One Of My Poems....
She lays there in the dark, singing songs that make her cry. smoking cigarettes, burning them down one at a time. She feels so guilty, she feels so alone... Sometimes she wishes this life weren't her own. Looking in the mirror, she can't recognize her face, the clock is ticking, shes losing the race, of time, you see, and getting ahead. times like these she wishes she was dead. Slicing her wrists, she likes to bleed, it comforts her in her time of need. How much more of this? Has she gone too far? She's lost now in her emotional scars. She's living her life dead, not open anymore, not that fun loving life, everyone adored. She can't take the pain, you can see it in her face, but one simple moment, can change all things. *written by Desir (me!) in October 03*
One Of Two Men...
what have i done? i want him but not the other one. I married to get free of the pain only to add guilt and shame. i cant give him what he needs.. rotten in all my thoughts and deeds. i would like to take my life away to rebuild it like yesterday.. to have the chance to just say no.. to be with the one i love and know... it is pain of my own making a poison i have been taking.. the one that i married is sweet and kind but with the anger of a war inside.. the other man has been my friend he knows me well and his hope with me is not pretend... i want one but not the one i have .. i want out of this hell and i want it bad.. i drown daily with the weight i carry... if only it was easy to burry.. my heart is tainted and i have no rest.. i play with this love like i was second best....
One Of My Faves
"My Own Prison" A court is in session, a verdict is in No appeal on the docket today Just my own sin The walls are cold and pale The cage made of steel Screams fill the room Alone I drop and kneel Silence now the sound My breath the only motion around Demons cluttering around My face showing no emotion Shackled by my sentence Expecting no return Here there is no penance My skin begins to burn (And I said oh) So I held my head up high Hiding hate that burns inside Which only fuels their selfish pride (And I said oh) We're all held captive Out from the sun A sun that shines on only some We the meek are all in one I hear a thunder in the distance See a vision of a cross I feel the pain that was given On that sad day of loss A lion roars in the darkness Only he holds the key A light to free me from my burden And grant me life eternally Should have been dead On a Sunday morning Banging my head No time for mourning Ain't got no time (And I said o
One Of My Poems
My craving lusts My torrid lies My aching depths My pain filled cries My lonesome nights My endless days My aching limbs My vacant gaze Testing times And absent bliss Memories of His lingering kiss
One Of These Type Of Days
TAKING BACK SUNDAY "Cute Without The "E" (Cut From The Team)" Your lipstick, his collar.. don't bother Angel I know exactly what goes on When everything you'll get is everything that you've wanted, princess (well which would you prefer) My finger on the trigger, or (me face down, down across your floor) Me face down, down across your floor (me face down, down across your floor) Well just so long as this thing's loaded And will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head This all was only wishful thinking, this all was only wishful thinking And will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head This all was only wishful thinking, this all was only wishful thinking let's go... Don't bother trying to explain Angel I know exactly what goes on when you're on and How about I'm outside of your window (how about I'm outside of your window) Watching him keep the details covered You're such a sucker (you're such
One Of My Deep Moments Lol
Miss your touch, your smell, your feel. I miss your smile, your laugh, your zeal. I miss your mind, your thought, your soul. I miss your friendship, your kindness, the way you make me whole.
One Of My Better Poems. Hope You Like It.
The Dream You Live Today By J. S. Monti When your dreams became reality, And the fairy tale comes true. Did you stop to thank the many folks, Who cared to see you through? In times of trouble and in need, You called upon their names. And willingly they came to you, Like moths unto the flame. And now you think you did it all, Your fantasy come true. Could not have been with any help, Cause in truth twas only you. But that truth that lingers on your lips, Tastes sour now Im told. For in this latest victory, Your soul was bought and sold. So now comes the harsh judgement, Upon those whos backs you tread. For no good deed goes unpunished, In the world inside your head. How dare they think to spoil it. How dare they question you. The pain, the work and suffering, You alone went through. So in this little world of one, Where your favorite word is I. You grumble bout no gratitude, From those who stayed near by. But arent these the same fol
One Of Writigs I Like To Share
CLARITY OF PURPOSE A new day awakens, our eyes open, we take our first full breath of the day,and another 24 hours is ours to do as we wish. Amazed by this very thought your mind greats your subconscious and the reservoir of thoughts pours through the doors of wisdom and creativity like a dam opening its gates after a heavy rain fall. So many ideas, so many challenges, and maybe a few unresolved decisions clouded by indecisive memories. Yet, the inner strength that molds you to be who you are seeks benevolence. Understanding in ones mindset, there is right, and there is wrong, and never an option to deviate away from this because trying to believe in half truths, or half lies leads you to deception, and cant allow yourself to succumb to this realization. Each day, we awake from a dream, or with a thought, that usually sets our day in motion. Our day will either start on a positive or negative mindset, knowing if it does infact start on a negative side, we hav
One-on-one In The Backyard
One-on-one in the backyard Sponsored by: Less lethal issues in law enforcement Sponsored by TASER International with Capt. Greg Meyer (ret.) by Columnist Greg Meyer Sponsored by TASER A true story recently ended in a county jurisdiction with a reputation of being very favorable toward law enforcement: It was a gun-burglary crime involving a suspect who had a record for assaulting officers. A long, dangerous pursuit. A cold, dark night. A minor crash. And the foot chase is on. Youre in plainclothes. You have your gun and handcuffs. But no pepper spray or TASER. Your back-up officers are closing in. Or so you think. Over the fence you go. In the dimness you see the suspect trying to get over the next fence. But he falls. Youve got him at gunpoint. He gives up. Or so you think. He gets up, but only into a crouch. You see his hands, empty but near his waistband, then near his ankle. He wont stand up. He wont lie down. Hey, come
One Of Thos Days That Just Drags You Down
not much to say other than that after the last two days if i got hit by a car all i could say would be at least i can rest in this hospital bed for a spell. its been rough, real rough. with only one real person lookign out for me it makes it ok. not great but it makes it ok, livable,withstandable and at moments more than pleasent. with all the hell ive been dragged, pushed and thrown through ive still got hope and a smile and goddamnit a smile makes me feel so rich and so free. Thanks for reading -Collin (Stang Lover)
One On Trust ... 2 On Spiritual Things
THE MIND OF TRUST Fear a false evidence appearing real killing the love and the trust that we feel Loss of intimacy is replaced with anxiety unknown liaison found common in society Wandering eyes that seek out new a play mate expecting you home yet you come back late Plans the were made and now are in tatters pain at the thoughtless act, anger because it matters That one who professes love does things that create doubt is a sign of one self seeking without thinking things out As to who will pay the price for the things that matter least placing any ahead of love will give rise to the green eyed beast A monster with a will to destroy trust first of all it does this by using our pride to lead us to the fall It tells us that the one we love is untrue it shows us all of the signs of a love new It leads us to wonder where our love has been it creates images in our minds of the greatest sin Betrayal of all we held dear, now in disgust leaving us empty,
One Of Life's Little Unanswered Questions?
Why do they call it an Animal Cracker when its actually a cookie? Do you know the answer, if you do please tell me? A proven correct answer may earn the winner a prize.
One Of My Inspirations
I think we all have those songs that we use to lift us up when we need a jump start on life. I thought I would share with you mine. I hope you enjoy it and may it help you get your day moving as it does mine. "Shackles (Praise You)" Whoo! It sure is hot out here Ya know? I don't mind thought Just glad to be free Know what I'm saying, uh! Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance I just wanna praise you (What'cha wanna do?) I just wanna praise you (Yeah, yeah) You broke the chains now I can lift my hands (Uh feel me?) And I'm gonna praise you (What'cha gon do?) I'm gonna praise you In the corners of mind I just can't seem to find a reason to believe That I can break free Cause you see I have been down for so long Feel like the hope is gone But as I lift my hands, I understand That I should praise you through my circumstance Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance I just wanna praise you I just wanna praise you You broke the chains now
One Of My Favorite Posters- Back In The Day
One Of Us
One Of Us lyrics They passed me by, all of those great romances You were, I felt, robbing me of my rightful chances My picture clear, everything seemed so easy And so I dealt you the blow One of us had to go Now it's different, I want you to know One of us is crying One of us is lying In her lonely bed Staring at the ceiling Wishing she was somewhere else instead One of us is lonely One of us is only Waiting for a call Sorry for herself, feeling stupid feeling small Wishing she had never left at all I saw myself as a concealed attraction I felt you kept me away from the heat and the action Just like a child, stubborn and misconceiving That's how I started the show One of us had to go Now I've changed and I want you to know One of us is crying One of us is lying In her lonely bed Staring at the ceiling Wishing she was somewhere else instead One of us is lonely One of us is only Waiting for a call Sorry for herself, feeling stupid feeling small Wishing
One Of My Fav Passages
I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my country men, here, in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom. Will you fight? Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least for a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!
One Of My Favorite Songs.
( I love this song mainly because of the video and the dancing Cupids they are sooo cute. And I would also love some guy to look at me like this some day.) Cupid's Chokehold (feat. Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) Ba ba da da Ba ba da da Ba ba da da Ba ba da da Ba ba da da Take a look at my girlfriend She's the only one I got (ba ba da da) Not much of a girlfriend I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da) It's been some time since we last spoke This is gonna sound like a bad joke But momma I fell in love again It's safe to say I have a new girlfriend And I know it sounds so old But cupid got me in a chokehold And I'm afraid I might give in Towels on the mat my white flag is wavin' I mean she even cooks me pancakes And Alka Seltzer when my tummy aches If that ain't love then I don't know what love is We even got a secret handshake And she loves the music that my band makes I know I'm young but if I had to choose her or the sun I'd be on
One Of "those" Days
Ever had one of those days when you can't get out of bed, but you can't go back to sleep? When you're still pissed off at your lover for a fight you had two days ago but you still can't shake the pissed off feeling. Today is going to be just spiffy. One of those days where all you can do is second guess and the like. Then again I should be used to it by now. Depression does make these days come closer together. It also gives you insecure days where you're never sure your friends are your friends and if you lover really likes you, or that roof you conviently provide. Or why your ex has suddenly shown his face again practically knocking you senseless for a day or so. This is one of those days that makes you want to sit in the middle of a highway or at least play in traffic. But for some insane reason you want to keep busy... busy because you know if you sit still too long or idol on a thought that your wrists will look interesting and that little blue-green vein overly appealing
One Of The Loneliest Days Of My Life
So today is a hard day for me. Today would have been my grandmas birthday. She would have been 72. She passed away on Aug 21, 1993. It has never gotten any easier. I remember everything like it was yesterday. I was close to my grandma, she was like my mom. Most of my family hated her or hates her but I'm the one person that she helped and you could even say saved. I've always wondered what she would say to me today what she would think of the things and choices I've made. I care more about how she would feel then my own mother. I miss her everyday and everyday I look at her picture when I wake up. I don't think anything will ever fill the piece of innocence that i lost when she died. I grew up the day we hurried to pack w/ me sobbing to go up north. I still haven't to this day cried as much and as true as I did when I watched them lower her into the ground from across the cemetery. There's so much most people will never know or see about me. is one of them.
One Of Those Days....
everyone has a "one of those days" day every so often. i fear i have somehow entered and won a lifetime supply of those damn "one of those days" days. every sunday i get up and get dressed and leave the house. i drive the 10 minutes to work and clock in. i pull up my pc and log in and then it starts....well in this case doesnt start. nothing happens...nothing at all! sunday is our slowest day to say the least. and to make it worse im a special project team leader. i call ppl about virus problems affecting our network...and it being sunday we cant call ppl. so i get fewer calls than other ppl! im sure someone out there is get payed to hang out all day! yes...i do...but lets look at what most ppl with time to kill do at a pc... 1. porn - cant do it here...duh...perv... 2. music - nope 3. games - nope 4. chat - nope 5. surf the internet and learn things and keep up to date on important current events...what the hell kinda freak are you! no...pretty much
One Of My Essay Really
It is a rare person who does not attach some sort of value or emotion to some physical object or to an event. A home becomes more than a building. A statue of the Virgin Mary, a crucifix, a flag or a song, or even a photograph can stir emotions greater than the value of the material item. I have a piece of paper showing I served in the Marine Corps until I was discharged honorably. But, oh, the memories that piece of paper conjures up. The friends, the fun times. The bad times. The times when we were bound closer to strangers than to our own families and, in frightening chaos, our lives hung by a thread. Many of our friends died far from home. Ask us about the feeling of "American soil" upon returning to the land we loved. Ask those returning Marines about America. Remember the old, faintly humorous band of American Legionnaires, wearing out-dated military uniforms straining at the buttons. But, God how proudly they marched. Grinning, waving to friends and families, a
One Of My Favorite Songs In World.
Almost Human Artist(Band):Voltaire What did I ever do to you that you should treat me this way? is it really such a crime for an angel to speak his mind? in time I'll try to shed some light if I were a big boy I wouldn't cry but since I'm not a big boy I'll have to cry what did I ever do so wrong that you should cast me from grace though I love to rule in hell here how I miss the taste of heaven its soft and cool embrace if I were a big boy I wouldn't cry but since I'm not a big boy I'll have to close my eyes and picture what's it's like I'm just like you made by he despised by they I'm almost me I'm nearly human look at me I'm almost a human being I'm just like you made by he despised by they I'm almost me i'm nearly human pity me I'm almost a human being I still remember your light It was streaming down and burning out my eyes If I were a big boy i wouldn't cry but since I'm not a big boy i'll have to close my eyes and picture what it's lik
One Of Those Days..
so im sure iv finally found it true love, what a thought somthing so wonderful and pure could never be sold or bought you know its true love when he's never out of your head the last thing youd do is hurt him you remember everything hes ever said your chest feels hot and heavey the air you breath is thick all you want is for him to hold you come here, come fast, come quick the beating of your heart is different twice its normal pace just when you here his voice or simply from looking at his face true love is a rare thing today when you find it you cant let is pass because its a once in a lifetime thing
One Of Those Days
Tell me that you never cared that you never gave a f*ck tell me I was useless to you that I only brought you bad luck, say that you never loved me that you never cared a bit so I can feel the same way and get over all of this sh*t tell me I am nothing, hurt me like you did before hurt me so much that I wont feel pain anymore tell me that you used me just for a piece of skin, make me hate you like I want to so all of my healing can begin. Shatter my heart into a billion peices then set it on fire tell me when you said you loved me you were being a liar, murder my soul with a rusty dagger drown my innocence in blood chop my sanity up while your at it shove my concience into the mud, I never want to love again love is for the blind it's only for people who cant see this feeling just f*cks with your mind
One Of My Poems I Had Published
This is the latest poem I have written and published. I have more and I will post them from time to time, enjoy. The Man in Red In a world full of dark despair The man in red shall never shed a tear Always aware of the dangers so near For the man in red the world seems clear The tranquil sun will never shine In the dark trenches of his distorted mind The faceless see the man as blind To those who know him he is truely inclined The man in red so keen, so sluth About the world's future it's dismal truth He can't stop the future events to unfold Even all knowing, no man is that bold The man in red so dark and so cold The burden of the world he's left to hold The man in red is now forced to wait The knowledge and pain, for him it's to late For him the end must come, with death he finds his escape
The One & Only Me
OK I WAS BORED THE OTHER NIGHT AND I MADE THIS SHIT UP after talkin wit some fool who just doesnt understand wat NO means!!!! Its corny & stupid but ahh fuk it...I aint no poet.....LOL!!!! LMAO!!! Tell me wat u think I warned u,once u got a taste of me U were gonna fall in luv wit me Now U want me cuz u couldn't get enuf of me Now u wish u could be wit me cuz there aint no other like me!! Now ur heart is achin for me U say u will always love me But if u ask me or even if u beg me YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ME!!!!!!!!
One Of Those Days!
Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you've been busy busy busy but when the day ends you feel like you didn't accomplish much? Thats how my day was at work today. I felt like I was busy the whole time but I must have been spinnying my wheels because I just don't feel like I accomplished a whole lot. Well I did give blood, so thats something... right? RIGHT?! lol
One Of My Favorite Videos
One Of The Best...
and sweetest comments anyone has ever left me.. I didn't want to lose it. You are a beautiful, and amazing woman with a platinum soul and stainless spirit. You're going to do something, and be someone, I know it like I know my own face. And when you get there, and you sit back, and think to yourself "I made it." I'm going to see you, smile, and say "I told you so." I pray one day you can see yourself for who you are in everyone elses eyes, Melly.
One Of Those Moments, Hopefully I Am Not Alone In
Good morning and hello there. Trust me there was nothing in the news that was news worthy to report or laugh at. But, that brings up a good point. Have you ever laughed at a situation that was actually serious and honestly not funny but something struck your funny bone? Oh my gosh I have. I did it again on Friday night on my way towell I just dont know but I was on my way. As I drove downtown Coloma through Main Street the road bends and goes down a slight hill towards the Paw Paw River. No its not a cat and dog paws type river for all of you who think I am going in that direction. At the bottom of the hill is the river and the there is a bridge that crosss it. The river is only say 3 feet below the bridge. Not at all a big river but a river just the same. Well, on my way down the hill towards the river bridge I see a person sitting and from a distance it reminded me of a cowboy sleeping in a position well known to be said as a cowboy sleeping, legs, crossed head tilted downward. A
One Of My Poems That I Had Published
Vampyre Life To anyone who has gone through a dark time in their life. Vampyre life is a dreadful life to live. You drink to live and live to drink The sweet red nectar of the mortals. I am of the Third Generation One of the strongest there is. I am considered Prince And virtually unstoppable. My symbol is the wolf. I am a Gangrel. When I go in for the kill I use the tactics of my clans symbol. I go in swift and strong And aim directly for the neck. When I grab hold WATCH OUT! It is the end. Bones crushing, flesh ripping, blood pouring. As I bring you to the point of death I will then give you a choice. A choice of peace or darkness. Darkness being a life of eternal thirst, Or a life of peace being death. This is your last chance. Choose your fate wisely, The end is here. This is a vampyres life. We all go through a time in our life that is dark. If you have read my Oh How I Yearn series, then you know what the dark time in my life was. This poem
One Of Those Days!
Have u ever had one? A day u just want to put away? If u could just STASH it? lol I love u guys! I love u so much RETTA!
One Of Those Weeks
The week before memorial day weekend, and its been one of the top "one of them weeks". Locally the discount gas station went from $2.90 / gallon to $3.50 / gallon with the name brands being even more. Another announcement of some 300 jobs earning less than poverty level is coming soon to our town, A lot of people have stated to me I should write a political article lambasting politicians for ruining the lifestyles of 25% of the country ... which just happen to live around here. Personally, I have had to dig into my savings twice this week, once to replace the pump on the well for my parents or let them not have water and once to pay for the repairs to my car I asked for before the last 4 gas hikes. Hard to beleive that was only a couple of weeks ago. My publisher hounded me every day to get more revisions back to her for the novel. I wonder if she is panicking yet? In spite of her rants and raves, I managed to get to her all the information she was after and the novel w
One Of Our Dark Realm Family Members Is Expecting
One Of The Many Talents Of Kloey.
Well, apparently, I'm even more talented than I realized. I provide both of my employers my schedule of availability several months in advance. It would seem, however, that my schedule of availability doesn't coincide with my June work schedule. Let's take June 4th for an example. I'm scheduled to work from 6 AM to 6 PM at the jail on the fourth. I'm also scheduled to start my shift at the Village at noon. How 'bout June 7th-8th? I'm scheduled to work from 11:30 PM until 8:30 AM at the village on the night of the 7th, but I have to be at the jail at 6 AM on the 8th. Mind you, it's roughly thirty minutes away from the Village. See? I done tol' y'all I'm talented!
One Of My Favorite Songs And A Nice Lady To Go With It ..
Free Video Hosting
One Of My Favorite Songs By Faith Hill
Beautiful ~ Faith Hill I love the way you stand in my way You won't move 'till you get a kiss And how you tell me that my name It tastes so sweet on your lips I love the way you hold me with your eyes Hold me so tight that I can't move It's like everything I've ever known is a lie And you're the simple truth Is it a dream or is it real All I know is you make me feel so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful You make me feel so beautiful feel like I could fly Beautiful - cross the clear blue sky Beautiful - baby I could cry You make me feel so beautiful I love how soft you touch my skin Like you're touching the wings of a butterfly I wish we could just lock ourselves away in a room Where there was no such thing as time I've never let anyone get this close I've always been afraid But you break down every wall and I feel so safe Every part of who I am Is so in love cause what I have is beautiful Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful You make me feel so beautiful feel
One Of My Fav Movies
ur my boi blue!
One Of Those Online Thingies
I guess lol
One Of The Biggest Lies
One Of the Biggest Lies Told By Man!!!!
One Of My Poems Of What I Was Feeling
PRAISING YOU your love is as deep as the ocean and you're our almighty king you said you will noy forsaken me so why do I feel so alone and not good enough to recieve your everlasting love? I fall to my knees with a broken heart that only you can heal. waiting for my sins to be washed away only to confess to you because you are all forgiving . Please grant my restless mind peace and comfort so i may praise you like the magnificent GOd that you are. May I rest in your glory. *DMJ* 2007
One Of Those Days.
I am having another one of those days. Got a serious case of the blahs. I think it is from being alone too much. I could either sleep all my time away or sit here and bitch about being alone....which to do? Which to do? I think I will bitch. I guess I am just in a funk right now. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me. Please don't. That just pisses me off. I am not typing this out for that. I am typing this out for pure release. Just so I can get it off my chest. It's truly sad when you want to stay at work, just for the companionship.....actually it's down right pathetic if yo ask me. But eh, that is just the way things are going right now. Well, per my CT Hubby's request I am posting some of the pics from when I used to dance. No guys, not nudeys. Sorry. Those are for special eyes only. Anyway. I would say thank you for letting me vent, but there was not "letting", so I will say, if you are reading this, thank you for caring. Always, Jenn AKA Evil Princess
One Of The Best Emails I've Ever Gotten!
I got this email and well.. I had to share it. I wanna add something to it though. If you don't support our men and women in the military, then YOU go fight in over 100 degree weather and send somebody's kid home! "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11th, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9 /11. I'll ca
One Of My Poems "watch"
WATCH I sit here and watch them grow. Teaching them things they need to know. Wondering if they really know, How they have helped me today? Watching them day to day. The smiles as they play. What will they learn today? DO they know they help me everyday. Reading stories and playing games singing and dancing throught the day. with them I do no wrong what am i gonna learn today? watching them grow and play teaching new things everyday. they helped me today. watching them grow and play. Written by Tanya Bray October 20 2006.
One Of These Days, Maybe
One of these days, maybe I'll try to stop scheming. One of these days, maybe I'll try to stop dreaming. One of these days, maybe My dreams will come true. One of these days, maybe I'll stop feeling so blue. One of these days, maybe My sun will start to shine. One of these days, maybe You will be mine. One of these days, maybe I'll taste your sweet kisses. One of these days, maybe I'll find out what bliss is. Sweetheart, you're super, In so many ways. Maybe you'll realize I love you, one of these days.
One Of Those Days...
Have you every had one of those days where you just wished you never got out of bed? Yesterday from the time I woke up until this morning when I went to bed was one of those days. Maybe it had something to do with Sunday being my fourth twelve hour night shift in a row, or maybe it was only getting five hours of sleep for the last several days.. Whatever the reason I am glad it is over :)It started up with waking up too early, at 1:30pm after going to sleep around 8:30 or 9.. Since I couldn't go back to sleep, I ended up spending too much time on here and going to get my hair cut.. (which I am not totally sure if I like yet). When I got back from getting my hair cut, one of my cats puked o the floor, so I had to clean that up.. Once I got to work I found out that I was the only nurse in the room with the sick infants to have three patients.. It seemed all of them required lots of work.. While I was running around caring for my patients I discovered that nurses in the 'easy' room with
One Of My Favorites
THE RAVEN by Edgar Allan Poe Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door Only this, and nothing more." Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow sorrow for the lost Lenore For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore Nameless here for evermore. And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating, "'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door Some late visitor
One Of The Hardest Things In Life To Learn
"Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who do not." - Thomas Jefferson FIREARMS REFRESHER COURSE 1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject. 2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone. 3. Colt: The original point and click interface. 4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control. 5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords? 6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words. 7. "Free" men do not ask permission to bear arms. 8. If you don't know your rights you don't have any. 9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither. 10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved. 11. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand? 12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others. 13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday. 14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicia
"one Of These Days"
A friend of mine opened his wife's underwear drawer and picked up a silk paper wrapped package: "This, - he said - isn't any ordinary package." He unwrapped the box and stared at both the silk paper and the box. "She got this the first time we went to New York , 8 or 9 years ago. She has never put it on, was saving it for a special occasion. Well, I guess this is it. He got near the bed and placed the gift box next to the other clothings he was taking to the funeral house, his wife had just died. He turned to me and said: "Never save something for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion". I still think those words changed my life. Now I read more and clean less.I sit on the porch without worrying about anything. I spend more time with my family, and less at work. I understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through. I no longer keep anything. I use crystal glasses every day.. I'll wear new clot
One Of A Series Of Idle Thoughts
I have thought of moving to either North Carolina (with my brother) or Baltimore with my aunt (finding a place of my own). The only thing stopping me is the cost of living. If i could find a descent job and go to school in Baltimore I would probably move there and leave this city. I have also thought about just leavign the city i am in for a city further north. I guess for now i will just focus on trying to get out of the city every once and a while. Perhaps no matter what city i will be in ...there will be moment's of boredom. i just wish they will happen less than they are now. I do intend to leave this city eventually...Alive of course hehe ;)
One & Only One For All
only one for all-------Entry for June 26, 2007 Tuesday, June 26, 2007 he is the one with unique features hi-it life speaks on the subject concern with all- about the god & his greatness- though all knows well, nothing new to elobrate but none has refrained from defining it. saints & the religious litrature has justified it that god is only one. who is one , desireless, formless, nameless, unborn, who is truth in himself-cociousness & bless, who is supreme effulgence, all prevaiding & all formed---is is he who has performed many deeds assuming a suitable form. that he has done only for good of his devotees; for he is supremely gracious & loving to the suppliant.he is excessive fond of his devotees & treats them as his favour. the restorer of what has been lost, the befriender of poor, he is very straight forward & powerful master. he is none other than god-god the only one in himself, one for all to reach the pace of faith. may god bless all for success & g
One Of Many
Hello every one. I like puzzles. Big and small- all shapes and sizes really. I espescially enjoy brain teasers. So tease away!
One Of These Days
one of these days, happiness will find me, One of these days, my true love will walk in that door, One of these days, I wont have to argue anymore, One of these days, my life will be my own, One of these days, I wont feel loneliness anymore, One of these days, I will actually start to care, One of these days, I wont feel like a total failure, One of these days, my heart will rejoice, One of these days, heartache and pain will disappear, One of these days, I will be able to say I am the luckiest person in the world, One Of These Days, All Of My Dreams Will Come True
One Of My Passions...belly Dancing
"☆*.-๑☯May you see the beauty that surrounds you and have the wisdom to embrace it.☯-๑-.☆" "☆*.-๑☯DREAM☯-๑-.☆" "☆*.-๑☯ENCOURAGE☯-๑-.☆" "☆*.-๑☯INSPIRE☯-๑-.☆" - Get Your Own
One Of The Random Joys
for this geek of being a staffperson (though being a student or facultytype fishie would do also) is being able to access scanned-in books, magazines, musical scores, ... online... (this has been very helpful lately, e.g. referring to those magazine articles in Wikipedia articles in turn.) I think I've mentioned this before twice already but it's bearing restating. :)!
One Of Those Days...
Havent been around in a while with a hello or whatever but i did get to talk to a few friends today...which was nice...on one of my walks with my girls since im not workin and one place they like to go is the library..go figure..haha..anyways its a little cooler than outside so here we at home is a lot more quiet these days..course im workin now again so no one is there half the time.. Anyways..just wanted to say whats up to everyone Ive got a brother on here that Ive been diein to hang with again..a special hi to him and his family..hope the boys are good.. to the rest...I'll be around again...say hey when you get the chance...just grew some new wings... lots of luv...Vikki..xo
One Of The Old Favs...
Show me how you do that trick The one that makes me scream" she said "The one that makes me laugh" she said And threw her arms around my neck "Show me how you do it And I promise you I promise that I'll run away with you I'll run away with you" Spinning on that dizzy edge I kissed her face and kissed her head And dreamed of all the different ways I had To make her glow "Why are you so far away?" she said "Why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you That I'm in love with you" You Soft and only You Lost and lonely You Strange as angels Dancing in the deepest oceans Twisting in the water You're just like a dream Daylight licked me into shape I must have been asleep for days And moving lips to breathe her name I opened up my eyes And found myself alone alone Alone above a raging sea That stole the only girl I loved And drowned her deep inside of me You Soft and only You Lost and lonely You Just like hea
One Of The Most Annoying Things Is This
After you come home from the hospital, you relax a bit, go to bed, BUT just as you fall asleep, some asshole at 1 in the MORNING is STILL shooting off fireworks and it IS 2 days AFTER the fourth of July. Not only does it wake you up, but you wake up shaking. I mean come on. I had a rough night as it is and I wanted to sleep but now I have to deal with people still shooting off fireworks in the early morning or late night, however you wanna look at it. I just wanna sleep. Is that too much to ask? :(
One Of The Greatest.
I laugh every time I see this.Sam Kinison was one of the funniest comedians around.
One Of These Days....boom Right To The Moon
You've probably been wondering what Creepy does with all the DBs that he hunts down and rounds up. Well, it depends. One of the problems with disposing of them is that if you simply bury them, they pollute the ground and the water supply for miles around. If you throw them in the ocean, they kill all the sea life in the vicinity. Burning them is one of the best ways to minimize the adverse impact on the environment, but even then toxic fumes are released and a very smelly ash becomes airborne and settles on things for a much greater distance around. Very high intensity flame and a system of afterburners to scrub the smoke helps with this problem, though. One of the best solutions that Creepy has found is to simply blast them into outer space. Unfortunately, the cost of doing this is prohibitive. Creepy was lucky enough last year to make a good deal on three used rocket ships that were scheduled to be cut up for scrap. He got them working to the point that he could be assured
One Of My Wedding Gifts From Serena
One Of The Funniest...
this is funny and great intro and so true On behalf of Dr. Timothy Leary; in association with the legions of illuminated social rejects; and as an influential administrator and creator of musical chaos in these so called United States I stand as a messenger of strangeness this evening in order to impress upon or at least to instruct the honorable musicians as to the methods and motives of the truly bizarre realityThe Weird Revolution. Thomas Jefferson, cofounder and president of this normally corrupt nation said If God is truly just I tremble for the fate of my country. Secondly, there are some dynamics at play which I must familiarize you with. The so-called weirdos in this country stand as completely freaked out by the normal man as the normal man is completely freaked out by the weird masses reaction to him. Which came firstyou may askchicken or egg; you may ask. Well, the chicken of course; and its time to break this weird-ass chain. The weird masses dont want to b
One Of My Fav Parts
delete | ban ROCKIN' DEB LOVES ANGELS AND SMLUUVSLM....: SONEONE FINALLY ASKED ME TO DANCE delete | ban ROCKIN' DEB LOVES ANGELS AND SMLUUVSLM....: DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU'VE MADE ME?? delete | ban smluuvslm: NOW delete | ban ROCKIN' DEB LOVES ANGELS AND SMLUUVSLM....: I LOVE YOU WHEN CAN WE DANCE? delete | ban smluuvslm: I LOVE IT..I LOVE YOU AND LUKKAS delete | ban ROCKIN' DEB LOVES ANGELS AND SMLUUVSLM....: HOW DOES IT FEEL BEING MARRIED TO A ROCK STAR???? delete | ban smluuvslm: I LOVE YOU delete | ban smluuvslm: THANK YOU WE ARE TOO. delete | ban ROCKIN' DEB LOVES ANGELS AND SMLUUVSLM....: I LOVE YOUBABY delete | ban j Hrrc ♥Tmm♥ MKѧ Q ♥TЧ Wf♥: Im so happy for you both delete | ban smluuvslm: YES delete | ban
The One Of A Kind Friday The 13th Quote Of The Day Post
I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five. -- Stephen Wright Superstition brings bad luck -- Paul Carvel I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt Some people are so fond of bad luck they run half way to meet it. -- Douglas William Jerrold The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. -- Wilson Mizner I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike? -- Jean Cocteau This public service is brought to you daily by CT's Yoda, speak to you I will!
One Of My Bestest Buds Ever
One Of Us
(One of us) Yeah, Rule (One uf us) Yeah, nigga If God were one of us (One of us) What about that? What if he was? What if he was me? (One of us) What the fuck would I do? Lord, when I die pacify, crucify me I rock a Devil cross, one's for the soul one's for the body If I'm built then God dies, I wanna see God cry Real tears from a burned out life in ten years I sware I got the Devil in me, with no fear If I hear I can't see, if I see I can't hear It's the eerie little thing between deathness and blindness Weakness and kindness, rejects and primaz I'm on this when I'm hollerin', "Dear Lord, take me" (One of us) (Baby) 'Cuz I ain't really happy here, can you blame me? This game done changed me, made me an animal I can't even laugh no more, my kids smile for me now I'm the one-and-only, my momma's only child Lord, save me before I go crazy 'Cuz if you, live through the strain just to die from the pain, tell me Would you believe that you could breathe again? [
One Of My Writings
In the corner, past the bed, if the closet door is open I can hide there. Sometimes when she is mad, really mad I can press myself tightly against the wall and she never finds metoo consumed by fury to think small. If she comes close to my hiding spot and it gets like that he usually draws attention to himself to protect me. I am not sure why, but he does. Oh, she takes what she can get too. She will start with that low nasty tone of voice that sends shivers up my spine and I can see her smile in my head that slow deliberate one. She will insult and intimidate him enjoying watching him squirm. She can see his fear battle his love for her as he bears the full brunt of her attack. Sometimes that is enough for her to fulfill her need for power but there are other times when it only whets her appetite for more. Those are the times that I love him the most. She has no conscience and no remorse pushing him, shoving him, pinching him, grabbing whole handfuls of his hair to whip his head ba
One Of My Favorite Movie Quotes..
"Too many guys think I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive. But I'm just a fucked-up girl who's lookin' for my own piece of mind; don't assign me yours. " from :: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
One Of My Writings
As I sit here this darkness surrounds me. It leaves me spellbound and confused. Unable to protect myself. I am filled with grief for I know that come morning i will have done something horrible but can do nothing for I am bound by a hand stronger than my own. Even as I sit here the darkness rises it seems as though I can feel it growing inside me searching for release. But I must not let go I must fight it with every beat of my heart for my soul rests in the balance. But I slowly feel my will fading. I know that I must hold on but the hunger keeps rising night after night. Becoming a second being inside me fighting for control. Soon I will be to weak to rise. I must not give in. I can feel the desire to subside ripple through me. It seems to come from all directions. I cannot fight it anymore. The need to give in to the darkness overwhelms me. I can feel myself beginning to will beginning to fade my resolve
One Of My Friends!
Ok BrattyBytch here. I'm here to pimp out one of my long time friends from Yahoo! She's one of the sweetest, Sexiest, most loveable cherries that CherryTap/Fubar has ever seen. This is my great friend - Wendy. Show this sweet lady some love. Add her, Fan her, Rate her. She's been stuck on her current level for months now, and desperately wants to level up. Tell her the Princess sent you! CherryPye@ Fubar BrattyBytch@ Fubar
One Of My Peoms
o the roses o there was single red rose o in the guarden with the morgning dew falling off of the rose peddles o on to the ground of the grass o the sunlight shine on the rose to give it some light o it only bud but what such beautyful flowers o exspecialy this one o the rain gives it water to make it grow o i brought a special vase for it o so i also grew some black roses o two of my fav flowers o then has iwatched themspring up and blooming o the never look so lovely o so i picked them and took them in my house o of darkness and put them in my vase o done by ladydespair09
One Of My Poems
IMBAS In a beam of moonlight In a reflection of a prism of a raindrop Can you feel the past, present, and future all intertwined? Like lace or a spider's web So intricate that you wonder at the meaning. In your heart , your soul do you feel a sensation coming over you? An overwhelming energy that is beyond yourself And you speak as the oracle and you feel so insignificant And wonder will anyone believe? Do you listen to the wind in the leaves and the sun touch your body And think what language have I lost? Do you question, do you tire of people not believing? Or do you just deliver the message and then smile and say it is their path to choose And let them find their own way out of the mists
One Of My Really Good Friends Is In A Contest She Needs Ur Help
One Of My Tracks Im Workin' On
Wonder if Ill live in heaven...Only time will tell.....Life's trials & tribulations got me...Feelin like Im livin in hell....Im gonna take what life's got to throw..Im gon make you remember the name...Im gonna live in the sky....Not burn in the flames (2x) I dont care what the struggle..'bes' believe Im gonna try...Im gonna face every obsacle 'til I live in the sky...Some people live their life wanting things.. and never even try....That ain't for me ...Im never gonna ask why...I had the chance in front of my face and and I still did'nt take it?...Im gonna grab sit and wonder why you didn't make it..Sure ain't everything easy that's just the way it goes...How can you appreciate the finer things and never been on skid row...I've done lived at the bottom and I will reach the your eyes Im just another rapper , too me Im the cream of the crop.Just like I said Im gon' take the whole damn pie....You sit and try to put things together while me......Im gon' live in the sk
One Of My Favorite Songs
I made this MySpace Music Player at
One Of My Horoscopes For Today
well this one is ok i suppose but i have to say, that i have seen better ones. however this one list a couple of good strengths and lists what it belives to be a powerful color for me. thats teh part i have trouble believing tho. ive never heard anywher or by any other horoscope that black was my color. it is almost usually always in the blue - turquoise, or yellow colors. especially ble which happens to be my fave. anyways, here it is, i hope it shows up on here! =D
One Of My Favorite Tunes
One Of My Favs
This Is One of My Favorite Pieces From The Great Maya Angelou,.......................So Listen Up Sistahs, Even Though We View Most Men As The Dawgs They Are,.......The Good Men? They ARE Out There, Where,............. Well, That Remains To Be Seen, So Don't Throw In The Towel Just Yet. In My Missouri ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In My Missouri I Had Known A Mean Man A Hard Man A Cold Man Gutting Me Killing Me Man A Tough Man A Man So I Thought I'd Never Meet A Sweet Man A Kind Man A True MaOne Who In The Darkness You Can Feel Secure Man A Sure Man A Man But Jackson Mississippi Has Some Fine Men Some Strong Men Some Black Men Walking Like An Army Were The Sweet Men The Brown Men The Men In Oberlin Ohio There Were Nice Men Just Men And Fair men Reaching Out And Healing Were The Warm Men Were Good Men The Men Now I Know That There Are Good And Bad Men Some True Men Some Rough Men Women Keep On Searching For You Own Man The Best Man For You Man The Man
One Of My Sayings
I say... "Life is being stressed, over worked and believing that it all is for some reason when it isn't. But LIVING is always being happy, enjoying yourself and not letting anything or anyone weigh you down and hold you back!" You can say whatever you want, but thats one of the many things I say
One Of My Favorite Songs
Runaway Train Lyrics by SOUL ASYLUM Call you up in the middle of the night Like a firefly without a light You were there like a blowtorch burning I was a key that could use a little turning So tired that I couldnt even sleep So many secrets I couldnt keep I promised myself I wouldnt weep One more promise I couldnt keep It seems no one can help me now, Im in too deep; theres no way out This time I have really led myself astray Runaway train, never going back Wrong way on a one-way track Seems like I should be getting somewhere Somehow Im neither here nor there Can you help me remember how to smile? Make it somehow all seem worthwhile How on earth did I get so jaded? Lifes mystery seems so faded I can go where no one else can go I know what no one else knows Here I am just a-drownin in the rain With a ticket for a runaway train And everything seems cut and dried, Day and night, earth and sky, Somehow I just dont believe it Runaway train, never g
One Of Mysticals Pic Sources
One Of Fubar's Nicest Guys Needs Your Help!!!!
One of Fubar's Coolest and hottest guys Ben DoveЯ is in a contest to win a Happy Hour! If my friends could go and leave a few comments and a rate any love will be appreciated thank you so much click the picture below! Don't Press Your Luck Wammie
One Of A Million Surveys! Lol
1. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? Melaleuca - Gold Bar 2 Is there any watermelon in your fridge? Nope 3. Is there anything moldy in your refrigerator? Not that I'm aware of! 4. Are there any dirty dishes in your sink? A few. 5. What would you change about your living room? My couch! 6. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? Clean, need to empty it!! 7. Do you have a can of mushrooms in your pantry? Hmm, I think so. 8. White or wheat bread? Depends on the day 9. What is on top of your refrigerator? Board Games 10. What color is your sofa? Black 11. What color or design is on your shower curtain? pink 12. How many plants are in your home? hmm, only two right now 13. How many candles are in your home? to many to want to count them!! 14. Is your bed made right now? yep, excpet for a sheet laying on top of it. 15. If you have a coffee pot, what color is it? White 16. Electric or standard can opener? s
One Of The Dumbest....
Ok, as most of you know, I'm not one to hide my dumb adventures, if i have any at all... Well today I scored another one, I have just made up a concoction of garlic, vinegar, borax, and water to bath my dog one. Garlic, cause everybody knows fleas hate garlic, Vinegar, cause it's one of the best bio-degradable cleanse, and Borax because the trainer he was brought from told me to use it to keep fleas away. My dog is 8 years old, he has only had a flea problem once in his life and I got that nibbed in the bud fast by removing his bedding. My niece brought her black lab down for me to babysit and the poor thing was covered in fleas. By the time I saw this, my dog was scratching too. Now this is the second week we've been dealing with this. Baysil gets so sick with A flea he vomits, and yes, been doing a lot of cleaning there too. I literally take the tweezers and go over him several times before, during and after baths. This time however, Vampires couldn't get close enough! He smells lik
One Of The Best Tattoo Artists I Have Ever Met
If anyone living in Canada and close to Grande Prairie, Alberta..needs a tat go to Dragon tell him Sherry sent ya..He is an awesome artist, his prices are wonderful and he takes that extra time to get to know u and reassure u if ur nervous..he guarantees all his work..go see him..his studio is called Ink Addictions..882-8971
One Of Those Days...
"Its just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up. Everything is fucked. Everybody sucks." That quote from a Limp Bizkit song pretty much sums up my day. Woke up w/ a throbbing headache that has yet to go away. Got attacked by a friggin centipede when I got in the shower.(I'm severely afraid of anything w/ more that 4 legs) Then my friend I carpool with left her window cracked so I ended up w/ wet pants when I got to work. Patients have been super crabby today. If one more of them bitch that they have to wear a wristband I may just shove it down their throat. Then I end up pissing off someone I care about. So then I get super crabby because I feel like a horse's ass. And then its Employee Appreciation day here at work so in the cafeteria its a free fajita bar. Well I walked the 2 blocks to get my free food, walked the 2 blocks back to sit w/ my friend while we ate and ended up dropping my fajita onto the lovely sidewalk. So because I hadn't brought anything for lunch, I had
One Of My New Favorite Covers...
One Of Today's Thoughts;
In order to make someone else happy or convince myself that someday my life would, as if by magic, get better, I have put my life on hold. I know now that it didn't work. The magic day never came, and I was waiting and hoping for happiness that was never going to come. I am worthy of being happy, of having people love me the way I want to be loved, and of making my own choices about what happens to me. It's my life. Today I take it back. No one can do that for us, We must act on our own..... Right ya"ll ?!!?
One Of My Stories
Here is a story for those who have joined my friends list and have not read any of my stories yet.
One Of My Poems
Love Lost To Time A soft sigh in the night, a few little words Nobody knows the event that occurred He hurts over the past and the things that cant be fixed Thinks of her face and of all the things they missed If only they had looked into one anothers hearts They might not be lost in this life spent apart She is gone now and he knows not why she left But he does wonder what really is best The love lost to time and the words to the night He hears them each time the winter wind blows by The day his heart froze with the words goodbye And in the middle of the lonely night he sighs He falls asleep not knowing what tomorrow holds Nor caring if he lives or if he goes He wonders how hell go on, without her there is no means To him she was his life, now lost as a dream Kole Law Faith In Love You can have faith in something so strong And believe each day nothing will go wrong To have your heart held in another person's hand To sacrifice parts for
One Of My Best Friends
She is one of the most down to earth girls on Fubar and I am proud to call her my friend. Unfortunately not many women want to be my friend so its an honor...Stop by and rate, fan and add her..shes great! ~*~IncrediblyBewitching~*~ Member of MHC~*~@ fubar
One Of My Lil Fantasies
So I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about step brothers/sisters who hook up. The whole time they were talking about it and how it's kinda "oogie" (their word) all I could think about was how it was kinda...well.. HOT! The thought of having a hot step-brother who is sleeping right across the hall... and teasing him. Walking around in a towel that JUST barely covers me or in one of his T-shirts "got mixed up" with my clothes. MMMMM It just sounds HAWT! Thinking about him stroking in his room...just across the hall from mine. Maybe brushing up against him in the kitchen or sitting a little too close on the couch. It's TOTALLY something I could get into! My panties are wet just thinking about it! So... who wants to be my step-brother? I've got the perfect football jersey ready for the occasion! xoxo Kaycee
One Of The Best Songs Ever Written ....
One Of My Surveys From Myspace (im An Addict)
1. Who was the last person to call you baby? The Mexicano walking down our street selling strawberries. 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Always 3. If you had to kiss the last person you kissed, would you? Um......yeah. Freakin' moronic question. 4. Has someone ever sang a song to you? son has sang many a song to me and he is fabulous. 5. Do you play Sudoku? OMG no......I admit that I think Sudoku is Gay (I think that because I don't know how to play it) 6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive? I would definitely survive 7.Favorite food? Mexican......always Mexican. Coming in a close second would be the Triple Play appetizer at Chili's 8.Favorite vacation spot? Somewhere I can snuggle, relax, sip something yummy and make love (If it happens to be at a rest stop...then thats my favorite) 9.Favorite television show? Family Guy (Giggity giggity goo) 10. Whats your signature dish? I make a sup
One Of Our Own Is In A Contest !!
When it isnt happy hour if you all could comment his pic when you can it would be very helpful. The contest runs until the 24th of this month. I want to thank everyone in advance. And also want to thank all of you for being so faithful to our group.
One Of My Poems
love sick puppy dog you see in my eyes love sick is right sick right down in my tummy i ache to be held and love the way i see others i ache to be told how much you love me i ache to be free to love you too fear hides deep inside of me again and again teh ugly lil monster we all hide deep inside i know teh cuse of my fear my fear rest in betrayial betrayal of my trust of my love of my heart lost if safety lost of my shoulder to cry on lost is others need of my shoulder lost is anothers need of me feeling of being wanted not just needed is one thing i still crave
One Of Those "special" Days!
This will be one of those days that gets recorded in baby books, lmao!! I am taking Taylor, age 16, for his first piercing. Yes, Mom has no problem taking her little boy for his first piercing. I believe he is getting his lip pierced - somewhere, lol! I will definitely do an addendum after the fact! If I had the extra money, I'd get my navel pierced. Get me close to this place and I want to get a tattoo or a piercing or something, lmao! Let's see how he handles the pain, shall we?!
One Of My Fav Songs
Against All Odds(Take A Look At Me Now) PHIL COLLINS How can I just let you walk away, just let you leave without a trace When I stand here taking every breath with you, ooh You're the only one who really knew me at all How can you just walk away from me, when all I can do is watch you leave Cos we've shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears You're the only one who really knew me at all So take a look at me now, oh there's just an empty space And there's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of your face Ooh take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space And you coming back to me is against all odds and that's what I've got to face I wish I could just make you turn around, turn around and see me cry There's so much I need to say to you, so many reasons why You're the only one who really knew me at all So take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space And there's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of
One Of Those Days
Its amazing what you can do with a tool of your choice. alone. depressed. your hair sticks to your face from the moisture of your eyes that tells everyone that you've been crying. and the cracked mirror infront of you from when you punched your reflection but unfortunatly it was still there so all you got out of it what a bloody fist. but you were ok with that because the pain was soothing and relaxed your brain so that you only had to focus on not getting blood on your thin white shirt that was pressed against your stomach. its times like these where all you want to do is scream at yourself and ask why your so damn phuked up and again the response is pressing a xacto knife against your skin, pretending that you'll stop after this last time but you know that thats not true so you press down harder. your little brother walks in on you and screams then runs to get mom so she can call 911 and hope that she's not too late. Little sister is crying along with your dad as they take you away t
One Of A Kind!!!
I've got this feeling deep inside. But what it is I don't know. My vision starts to change. My mind gets filled with rage. I raise my fists up to the sky. What do ya see? The fear I see when I look in your eyes. Makes you believe I'm one of a kind (one of a kind) The fear I leave in the back of your mind. Makes you believe I'm One of a kind. And Now I feel like I'm alive. Don't know just how I got so low. These voices in my mind. Tell me it's killing time. It is a thrill I can't describe. What do ya see? The fear I see when I look in your eyes. Makes you believe I'm one of a kind (one of a kind) The fear I leave in the back of your mind. Makes you believe I'm One of a kind. The fear I see when I look in your eyes. Makes me believe, makes you believe. The fear that I see in the back of your mind. Makes me believe, makes you believe. The fear I see when I look in your eyes. Makes you believe I'm one of a kind (one of a kind) The fear I leav
One Of My Fav Songs.... :d
One Of My Favorites
You're not sure that you love me But you're not sure enough to let me go. Baby it aint fair ya know To just keep me hangin' round, You say you don't wanna hurt me, Don't wanna see my tears. So why are you still standin' here Just watchin' me drown? And it's all right yeah I'll be fine don't worry bout' this heart of mine, Just take your love and hit the road, There's nothing you can do or say you're gonna break my heart anyway, So just leave the pieces when you go. Now you can drag out the heartache, Baby you could make it quick, Really get it over with And just let me move on. Don't concern yourself With this mess you left for me, I can clean it up you see Just as long as you're gone. And it's all right yeah I'll be fine don't worry bout' this heart of mine Just take your love and hit the road, There's nothing you can do or say you're gonna break my heart anyway So just leave the pieces when you go. You're not makin' up your mind And
One Of My Fav. Poems
Poem by: Robert Burns My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here, My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer - A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe; My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go. Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North The birth place of Valour, the country of Worth; Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, The hills of the Highlands for ever I love. Farewell to the mountains high cover'd with snow; Farewell to the straths and green valleys below; Farewell to the forrests and wild-hanging woods; Farwell to the torrents and loud-pouring floods. My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here, My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer Chasing the wild deer, and following the roe; My heart's in the Highlands, whereever I go. _________________________________________________ I dream of Scotland...of seeing it someday...such a beautiful place.
The One Of Your Dreamz
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One Of My Best Friends
come show her lots of love in her first contest loves ya girlie hope this helps some
One Of My Favorite Songs And Artist
so um yeah just basically my favorite songs and artists rite now it's Alicia Keys- No One I just want you close Where you can stay forever You can be sure That it will only get better You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry 'cuz Everything's going to be alright People keep talking they can say what they like But all i know is everything's going to be alright No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you Can get in the way of what I feel for you When the rain is pouring down And my heart is hurting You will always be around This I know for certain You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry 'cuz Everything's going to be alright People keep talking they can say what they like But all i know is everything's going to be alright No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one, no one, no one Can
One Of Those Days. ♥
Its amazing what you can do with a tool of your choice. alone. depressed. your hair sticks to your face from the moisture of your eyes that tells everyone that you've been crying. and the cracked mirror infront of you from when you punched your reflection but unfortunatly it was still there so all you got out of it what a bloody fist. but you were ok with that because the pain was soothing and relaxed your brain so that you only had to focus on not getting blood on your thin white shirt that was pressed against your stomach. its times like these where all you want to do is scream at yourself and ask why your so damn phuked up and again the response is pressing a xacto knife against your skin, pretending that you'll stop after this last time but you know that thats not true so you press down harder. your little brother walks in on you and screams then runs to get mom so she can call 911 and hope that she's not too late. Little sister is crying along with your dad as they take you away t
One Of The Reasons I Feel Cursed!
I originally posted this as a bulletin, but thought it might actually get more action here.. And before anyone asks "What was I thinking?..." DONT! lol I need a favor of any of you that would help.. Apparently Ive picked up a stalker..Yay me *rolls eyes* He's taken it upon himself to post pics of me with my real name in his pic folders. Im asking you to bombard his pic folder or profile which ever you like and let him know how wrong this is... I know it seems childish..but thats the mentality of this moron so its prolly the only way he'll get a clue... (JEFF) JUST A GUY THAT NOBODY WANTS TO BE WITH@ fubar
One Of The Most Amazing Feelings
Baby's In The Bag - Watch the best video clips here
The One Ounce Joint
One Of Those Days!!!!!
Don't you hate it when your day turns out like crap. Then things really look up that evening. Something you needed to get done comes together for you. Then on your way home from one of the great things, BAMMM, you hit a fucking deer. Smashes your windshield, rips off your side mirror, dents your finder in the front and puts a huge dent in your rear panel too. Its been one of those days today.
One Of The Many Ways Of Sex
So, someone made me think this evening about phone sex. I personally am not for it. I don't care if you do it. More power to you if it works for you, it just doesn't work for me. They don't have casual sex or have partners solely for sex so they substitute with phone sex. That's admirable, keeps em safe, but that's just constant masturbation. Don't get me wrong, I've done it a time or two many moons ago, but I need the satisfaction of skin on skin. The taste, see, feel and all the other sensations it brings with it. You can't kiss a phone and that is an important part of it. In case you are wondering, yes I've had and still have kiss less sex.. makes me remember of that scene in pretty Woman when Julia ROberts says kissing makes it personal. So.. what do YOU think? Is it worth the hassle of holding the phone with one hand while pleasing yourslef with the other or would you rather just play alone?
One Of Those Nights
did you ever have one of those moments where it seems everyone in your life has changed and it doesn't fit in with you anymore? I am having one of those of those nights where I don't feel that I fit in anywhere, I am lonely and just blah and yes I feel that everyone has changed but then think to myself, is it me that has changed or am I just tired or am I just blah and nothing has changed at all I just need alone time...anyway I am just rambling so im going to shush up and lay down and watch the tele i suppose.....comment if you want......if you don't want then don't......nights like tonight suck......i hate being lonely, feeling lonely =[
One Of My Favorites
One Of Them Days
Just one of them of them darn Days wish i had slept threw it
One Of These Days
One of these days, I will have everything I need, Everything I ever wanted, Oh yes I will indeed. One of these days, Someone will look into my eyes, See me for me, Instead of seeing my height and size. One of these days, Things will go my way, I wont have to fight anymore, There it will stay. One of these days, My life wont be torn apart, Things wont be so hard, I truly believe with all my heart. Written by me...Littlest Angel Lisa
One Of Those Days
its one of those days,were i wish.the world would just go away.its been 3 years since my best friend passed away.and its coming up to dec,she passed away dec 26th in her own home.even 3 years later it still hurts like it was yesterday.people say get over it,life goes on,but how do you still go on,i dont even know how i made it this far the past few years without her,but i did for the sake of my daughter,today just hurts a lil worse,.i use to call her jewelz short for julie,just really sucks cause its like no one understands me even 4 years later it still hurts just the same,i miss her alot,she was my angel.she protected me,pratically raised me while i was a teenager,i tho of her as my sis and my second mom,i know im suppose to protect my daughter,as a angel.but i cant do that if my own mind aint clear and straight,.just somedays are good somedays are bad,somedays i just wanna scream and be mad,but i already know that wont change the fact she is gone,and it wont bring her back,so the me
One Of My First Poems......written For A Dieing Friend
Have you ever known someone Whose soul was so unique Whose smile made your day And whose presence made you weak Who could always make you laugh But understood when you must cry Who knew what you were thinking From just looking in your eyes Who was always right on point So you never had to say a word Who listened with their heart When you needed to be heard Who was the only one to get it When you made your corny jokes Who loved when you act silly And adored the poems you wrote The one who was your biggest fan And alway boost you up Whenever you were down and out They'd feel it in their gut They always knew just when to call To offer joy and love and praise And remind you of just who you are When you were lost, confused, and dazed Now if you've ever known someone Like the one Ive just described Keep them close to your heart I suggest you hold on tight Cherish every moment And cling to every word Take in all that they're giving Give back the go
One Of Scarest Days For Me
On Monday I kept my two younger kids home from the daycare, because they werent feeling good and I hadnt had much sleep lately, like none in 5 days! My son was acting funny, all he was doing was laying down when he usually is getting in to stuff and running around the house. He fell asleep on the chair in the front room. So I didnt think much of it, though he never does that. my youngest daughter went to her bed and went to sleep. Well I was like awesome so I can try to get some shut eye. I was dead wrong. Not a minute later I heard some weird noices in the front room and I could hear my son trying to cry. I ran straight in the front room and saw his lips blue and him trying to breathe. I got him and my youngest daughter in the truck and headed to drop her off at the daycare and to take him to the ER. I had called the EMT's but they were busy and couldnt get there. I live in a really small town so it is hard to get them down here. well anywys I ran him to the ER and as soon
One Of My Best Friends
lucky2002mo david heres to you i do not know how to put your pitcher here but you are the greatest an i am very attrated to you you have an awsome senceof humar
One Of 2 Videos Im Going To Post Before I Take Off On A Mental Break Enjoy
One Of The Funniest E-mails I've Ever Received...
This was written by a guy... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the da
One Of My Stores
I had a dream about you... It started with me sitting on the couch, talking on the phone. You walked over to me and as you stood there, I caressed your leg, running my hands up your thigh, then up under your denim shorts to feel your sexy ass. My caresses instantly got your passion stirring and you leaned over to kiss me. I hung up the phone and you crawled on the couch over me, straddling me and kissing me deeper. We started to get more into it the more we kissed. My hands were roaming your body now, and then caressing your neck and face as I slowly kissed you. I felt you moan softly in my mouth as you lowered yourself a little more onto me, and start to grind against me, feeling how hard and excited I was. The next thing I knew, you were tugging at my shirt, pulling it up and over my head--then you ran your hands all over my chest as you continued to gyrate against me. My hands grabbed your hips, pulling you down against me, and then I slid them under your shirt, slowly caressing you
One Of My Best Friends On Fubar Needs Your Help
~DJ BADGIRL~@ fubar Hello all my friend badgirl needs help to lvl she only needs 1577 to lvl to 22 please help her out and i will thank you ahead of time Drunkenmonkey
One Of The Sexiest Songs In The World, I Think. Candlebox - Cover Me
Cover me When I walk alone Cover me When my stance it stumbles home Cover me We'll trip on through the sands of time And cover me 'Cause I've been branded I've lost my mind Lost my mind But you'll cover me yeah Won't you give me shelter from the storm Over me You fade into the night Over me You melt into the light Over me You will fear the things I need Over me You will feel the hate I breed You're under me And you will question my authority You're under me And you will lose almost everything You're under me You will feel the pain I wanna bring you You're under me You never change Never change a fucking thing Not a, a fucking thing But you - you'll cover me Yeah, give me shelter from the storm Cover me cover me Won't you Cover me Cover me Don't you Cover me Cover me Give me shelter from the storm People push & shove on time I give it to you What I have is what is mine I feel it for you You've
One Of Those Days
yep, i'm having one of those days. missed my appointment yesterday. my son is feeling lousy, and i have to compile a file for the lawyers about my health. it could take a while to get the file completed.....what fun!!! so i'm going to take off and get started on everything i need to do. have a great day everybody!!!! i'll see you when i'm done digging myself out.
One Of My First Attempts At Song Writting Lol
Bitter Harvest Bitter chil fills the cold embrace of a icy Grave cold and bitter my soul wonders looking for Vengeance Humiliated I can not rest Descrased I cannot forgive Beaten I must repay Murdered I will collect YOUR LIFE IS MINES!!!! Your life blinding deceitful you are lie to Your wife kids soon truth surfaces your world crushed No one to help you now I got you in my sights fill The cold embraced of death my suffering unleashed in brutal exstacy Humiliated I can not rest Descrased I cannot forgive Beaten I must repay Murdered I will collect YOUR LIFE IS MINES!!!!
One Of Us Wins!
"Stagezz &#... We have a bet, first to level out, check her out also please! But rate the one you like! I am not real sure how to copy her profile here, so if ya want she is stagezz in my family list
One Of My Original Tunes On Youtube
One Of Those Nights
have you ever had one of those days where you wonder does it really matter? Disenchantment is always waiting around the corner every time you think you have figured things out and find faith in humanity only to have someone turn around and screw it all up. I'm fine, i and for those who know me no i don't want to talk about it.
One Of The Great Ones!
An Old friend of mine stopped in today Want to meet a great person ... ____________________ shes your gal! Rayne@ fubar
One Of The Hardest Vocabulary Tests Ever... How well can you do? No cheating, lol. With a few lucky guesses....189.
One Of My Many Poems
The time has come,finally, to say unto you; The love that I feel,is eternaly true. We'll write our own vows, our time has now come; To show our love,pushed apart by no one! You are my light,in my darkest of days; Pushing me forward, out of my haze. I now say to you,with no doubt in my mind; Our happiness lies ahead, our sadness behind. "Forsaking all others", I feel when I say; I'll not change my heart, neither tomorrow,nor today. I'm ready for us , to be man and wife; I'll not feel for another, for the rest of my life! I see your love shining, deep in your eyes; It's always been withyou, where my happiness lies! Now comes the time when I say"I DO"; And spend the rest of my life,loving only you. No distance will stop me, from pulling you in; No darkness will cloud my days,ever again!
One Of These Days
One of these days you'll look back to see... that I was always there but you were never there for me. One of these days your heart will start to ache... then you'll realize there was a risk you needed to take. One of these days you'll look around for me... I will be gone but I am yours eternally. One of these days the thought will be too much to bear... just say you love me and I'll be there.
One Of My Personal Favorites
The tears you've cried The lies they lied Those angry hands Poor excuse for a man Can't turn back time There's no rewind You try to deal Don't want to feel You'd rather be numb Easier said than done Tried so hard To define who you are Breaking thier mold Taking control To succeed is to try Don't be denied A life on your terms Dare to be heard Learn to rely On those that won't hide Don't dispose Those that bestow A haven of rest Count yourself blessed For those by your side Let them provide Thier love and support It's what friends are for Let them be there Allow them to care They understand pain And the scars that remain So be strong Keep keeping on Every mountain you climb One day at a time
One Of My All Time Faves
One Of The Greatest Bands On Planet Earth!!
how i wish i could have seen them in london...:(
One Of My Dearest Friends
witchlinkk@ fubar
One Of My Favorite Raven Poems ( Phoenix)
Into the shadows I cast my soul, Burning through Hell And losing control. The fires that burn have consumed me entire. Bathing my body In unending fire. I lay here in the dark With questions unasked. This burning desire Not up to the task Of holding you close And loving you true Because I can't have A woman like you. This fire's so hot It burns me to ashes, And the sight of your smile Is just one of the matches. Please turn to me If you want to be loved And you'll find I'm as gentle As a soft, velvet glove, But until that day, I sit and I wait. This burning desire, My unending fate. The Dark Tower Tet Contents
One Of My Favorite Movies...
makes my cry every time i watch it. it seems like one of the few attempts by the mass media to address a topic that's very real and pertinent in life today. does anyone whom has viewed the movie care to share their opinion?
One Of My Fav Songs
(What would the music be without sounds) Pitbull: Young Boss, Miss Trina, Pitbull Let's show em' how we get down I Party like a rockstar I Look like a movie star I Play like an all star I F**k like a pornstar Baby I'm a superstar Always posted at the bar Always wit' a couple broads Maybe I'm just dat dat raw Dawg check da resume I hit somethin' everyday Ask about me n' dey'll say That chicko run MIA Pitbull, young boss Thats fire Go girl wear it out til your tired Just tryin to pay tuition Liar My corner is like HBO's wire So please don't play no games And baby don't say no names And we can do this one more again Next time you can bring your friends So go get your friends And I get my friends And we can be friends Do dis every weekend pre-hook: we can hit your place we can hit my place shes on my top 8 I bagged her off of myspace Chorus: Go girl x8 Shake dem dice and roll em' x 2 When dey ask u whats dat dance U say dats the hu
One Of These?
Yes, It's one of these. I have 3,500 points left before I level. It's not much. All the help is appreciated. Do what you can, thank you.
One Of My Poems
What can you see when u look in my eyes?, Do u see someone who trusts, Or someone whos heard nothing but lies?, Do u see happiness and a smile on my face?, Or do u see my pain and a lonely girl whos been misplaced?, Do you see laughter or tears?, can you see all my doubts, hurts and fears?, Can you see joy in these sparkling eyes?, Or can u see all my scars i try so hard to hide?, Can you see a broken or shattered heart?, Or a soul thats been tattered and torn apart?, I see all these things within myself, but i go unnoticed like a knick knack on your shelf.
One Of Dolly Disaster's Deep Dark Fantasies..well.. Part Of It... I Want You To Finish The Story....dont Be Shy!!
Thinking about and getting aroused and turned on by what others fear...I think about going on a date with a really nice, handsome guy.. Having a great time, having some drinks, having some laughs, flirting.. and then, just when I think we are going home, he needs to stop home. I wait in the living room as he makes a phone call.. All of a sudden I feel him behind me.. his hand covers my mouth from behind and he shoves me into his bedroom.. He lays on top of me, spreading my les apart with his knees.. He can feel me struggling underneath him, trying to get away.. My heart beating so fast.. He tells me what a tease Ive been all night.. Before I know it, I can hear his pants fall to the floor and his fingers tear into my pussy.. Pushing them so fucking deep inside me.. One then two then three and four fingers deep.. his hand moving to my neck, gripping around my throat enough to make me nervous.. As soon as i feel him squeese a little harder I feel his HUHE thick cock push into my tight pu
One Of My Best Friends,need Advice
I wonder what the consensus is - can men and women just be friend or is there always the sexual tension simmering below the surface? I always thought it was definitely possible and pointed to my male friends as proof. We never had any sexual issues, I said. But the night before I was thrown. I was out with my closest male friend.Jay, and a few of his friends for drinks. Sitting at the Iron Horse Pub, we went through a few bottles of wine (I only had about 2 or 3 glasses - they had about 4 bottles!) and he was in a very flirtatious mood. His friends were making cracks about us and I just laughed. He was getting drunker and drunker and by the time we left, he was trashed, at least in my opinion. He insisted that I was not capable of driving and I agreed to sleep on the couch - have done it many times before.But then, while walking home, he pulled me aside and said "What would you say if I were to kiss you right now?" Gulp. I was as diplomatic as possible and I said I felt it would r
One Of My Best Friend On Here
One Of My Poems
I wish we could go back in time back to those precious unspoiled moments in our relationship,b4 doubt ever entered our minds. because if we could go back and start from those unspoiled moments once more. I would hold u alot longer, never miss a chance to tell u how much u mean 2me, and that i would never hurt u. But i know we can't go back to those days, I know i can't erase the mistakes. I can't take away the questions u must have or the hurt we both feel in our hearts. But i can assure u of 1thing......I LOVE U AS I DID THEN AND AS I ALWAYS WILL!!!!!!
One Of The Best Lounge
Build your own Blingee
One Of These Days...
One of these days I'm gonna walk out the door and smile for once in my life I'm gonna feel good because I am me Look in the mirror and smile at the reflection I see Scream out loud because I will finally feel free I'm gonna be soaking wet but purified from the pain I'm gonna answer a question I didn't know yesterday I'm gonna finally qwench my thirst that has been dry 4 too long I'm gonna fall and get back up I'm gonna sing and be heard I'm gonna make a difference and expect nothing in return I'm gonna love and finally be loved in return I'm gonna pray and my answers will be heard I'm gonna walk forward and not look back I'm gonna write a letter that never will be returned I'm gonna speak the truth but someone won't listen I'm gonna cry but because I'm happy That day will come but it won't be today... Written By: Kearra Gurule 3/30/07
One Of My Fav Songs
Heat of the Moment - Asia I never meant to be so bad to you One thing I said that I would never do A look from you and I would fall from grace And it would wipe the smile right from my face Do you remember when we used to dance And incidents arose from circumstance One thing led to another, we were young And we would scream together songs unsung CHORUS: It was the heat of the moment Telling me what my heart menat The heat of the moment showed in your eyes And now you find yourself in '82 The disco hot spots hold no charm for you You can concern yourself with bigger things You catch a pearl and ride the dragon's wings CHORUS And when your looks have gone and you're alone How many nights you sit beside the phone What were the things you wanted for yourself Teenage ambitions you remember well
One Of These Days
I'm reading more and dusting less. I'm sitting in the yard and admiring the view without fussing about the weeds in the garden. I'm spending more time with my family and friends and less time working. Whenever possible, life should be a pattern of experiences to savor, not to endure. I'm trying to recognize these moments now and cherish them. I'm not "saving" anything; we use our good china and crystal for every special event such as losing a pound, getting the sink unstopped, or the first Amaryllis blossom. I wear my good blazer to the market. My theory is if I look prosperous, I can shell out $28.49 for one small bag of groceries. I'm not saving my good perfume for special parties, but wearing it for clerks in the hardware store and tellers at the bank. "Someday" and "one of these days" are losing their grip on my vocabulary. If it's worth seeing or hearing or doing, I want to see and hear and do it now I'm not sure what others would've done had they known they wouldn
One Of Friends And A Member Of My Family
ok now this is crap a friend and member of my family is deleting his fubar page because some ppl can't keep from copying and stealing other ppl's pic ! come on ppl can't you behave like adults and not children damn we leave my space to get rid of the childish bull shit. now the children and childish adults come here to ruin everyones fun. damn soon the only left on fubar will be trouable makers and pervs . thay deserve each other . this just really sucks adults that act like children . that is why i do not talk to very many ppl on here . and if this shit continues i'm just going to talk to just my family and block the rest. it's bull shit for adults to act that way.
One Of Our Own Fuburains 'darkravenlord~ Arya Kitten's ~fubf'
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One Of Many Battles Fought...
LadyAnna awaits your reply..." wrote: Please all who recieve this, it is more than mere words to me . It seems to be the right message to acknowledge, to many of my friends , who don't already know, but are concerned as to Why I have not been here for this past week...and yes, I know not all will understand my actions here ...BUT most of my friends who have gotten to know me Will... I am forwarding it out of Love for, in Honor of, my daughter who, thanks to cancer, Lost her first child even before he had the chance to be among us.. Yes, on Memorial Day at 3am California time, my grandson was taken away, to be among the angels... My daughter will be 23 in July and this was to be her first, she was 5 and a half mos. into her pregnancy and had just learned she was to have a son, due Sept 19th. She had been dealing with the cancer for a few years but it has stayed Dormant, till the stress of newly getting married and moving to Cali, away from all friends and family and then the Pr
One Of My Favorite Scenes (fright Night)
One Of My Better Comments
MEDICAL TEST STARE INTO THE CAT'S EYES FOR 10 SECONDS .. NOW STARE IN THE PUPPY'S EYES FOR 10 SECONDS ... Your CAT SCAN and LAB TESTS are now complete couldn't resist Do you feel like working today? Tomorrow? The day after? Next week? Next Month? Me neither! I just want to party! You... ...have a GREAT Day!!! Life is short! Break the rules! Forgive quickly! Kiss slowly! Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile
One Of Many Desiresa
I love what it is like to take all of you inside of me. It is in your eyes It is in your touch It is in your movement. Love. Who needs to sleep when our nights are like this? With the moon, the stars and the sky When you take me in your arms Laying your body so close to mine. Love. I want to lose my mind inside your head I want to know you and you me. I want and need to understand the mystery Of who and why we've become one. This is only one of my many desires... Love.
One Of My Favorite Poems:
I did a favor yesterday, a kindly little deed... And then I called to all the world to stop & look & heed. They stopped and looked and flattered me in words I could not trust, And when the world had gone away my good deed turned to dust. A very tiny courtesy I found to do today; twas quickly done, with none to see, and then I ran away... But someone must have witnessed it, for truly I declare- as I sped back the stony path roses were blooming there! This comes from my Apples of Gold book and is one of my favorite poems. I love poetry and wish I was talented enough to write my own. It warms the soul when you are sad and lifts your spirits even higher when you are glad.
One Of My Favorite Songs.. Fits So Well Right Now
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house That dont bother me I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out Im not afraid to cry every once in a while Even though going on with you gone still upsets me There are days every now and again I pretend Im ok But thats not what gets me What hurts the most Was being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And not seeing that loving you Is what I was tryin to do Its hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go But Im doin It Its hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and Im alone Still Harder Getting up, getting dressed, livin with this regret But I know if I could do it over I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart That I left unspoken What hurts the most Is being so close And having so much to say And watching you walk away And never knowing What could have been And
One Of Those Days
Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to pinch someone's head off???? Today was that kind of a day. At least now it is the end of the day and I can close my eyes and forget. But sometimes it just feels good to vent a little, rant and rave. I hate dealing with stupidity. And yet, in my chosen profession, that seems to be what most people have an abundance of. It oozes out of them in slow trickles, like sap from a long-forgotten winter tree. And those people who just cannot seem to stop themselves from showing their utter stupidity, seem to revel in it. Alas, what is one to do but to watch in amusement and wonder as those poor, less-fortunates wallow in their delusions of greatness. And now, feeling much better, I can once again be my usual happy, fun-loving and oh so joyous self.
One Of The Boys
I was in the elevator today with Keith and Chris when I got the ultimate compliment. What ever we were chatting about led to a comment coming out of Chris mouth I think they were talking about girls or fucking or burping or something that only a man would say and in response I think I pulled the girl card. Anyways, Chris comment was hey youre one of the guys. I said who me? he said yah. Not for nothing but that touched me. Growing up I was a tomboy and it feels like ever since I got boobs, a period and my hair bleached I stopped being one of the boys. I never wanted to stop being that but I feel like the good old boy group got one girl smaller when this girl started getting her nails done. I remember when it happened too. Like fifth grade I was still cool with the boys. We were still running around playing with sticks, in the mud and climbing trees. Then sixth grade came, I got my period, my hair permed and a real bra- no more training bras- and poof.I was ou
One Of The Many Ways I Feel Right Now
I'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that you're sorry Didn't think I'd turn around, and say... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late I'd take another chance, take a fall Take a shot for you And I need you like a heart needs a beat But it's nothin new I loved you with a fire red- Now it's turning blue, and you say... "Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you But I'm afraid... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late Bridge (guitar/piano) It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late It's too late to apologize, yeah I said it's too late to apologize, yeah- I'm holdin on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground...
One Of My Fav Songs
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One Of My Better Works Of Fiction...
as if we didn't pay enough for horse meat cut with worm and sawdust, McDonald's has implemented a new pay for extra sauces policy... i know this because i happen to like my french fries slathered in hot mustard. i ask you, what goes better with potatoes deep fried in animal fat than hot mustard? i, unfortunately have fallen victim to the NMO (new mcdonalds order) as I'm unable to overcome this soul sucking addiction... sadly what most of the world doesn't know is, said policies were put into action in order to support and cover up Ronald's nasty little heroin and make up habit... i happen to know for a fact that he is also a member of the dreaded clown mafia and he uses the Ronald McDonald House to launder money for this crime syndicate... there is currently a hit out on the king, jared, and wendy... hasnt anyone ever wondered what happened to the taco bell chihuahua? rumors have surfaced that he is now living as a pit bull in idaho somewhere, but i believe he sleeps with the fishes at
One Of My All Time Fav Movies
One Of The Hardest Things To Deal With Is A Death
As most people know Its hard to deal with Death, everyday is a reminder of how life can be so fragile one day your friend or love one or family member is here and the very next moment they are gone. The Little things in life are called memories these are the things that make life worth while we sing, we laugh, we cry and we make friends we build our lives around our friends and people who care ,it is what makes our souls stronger and the life that we live full, it is the little things we do that count, a simple hello,a heart felt " I love you" or even a wave can make a difference in someones life, and in your life too. I have dealt with death I know it like a lot of you will never know it, and only a few others have known , when my son Zachary passed away all time stopped it was not a trip I wanted or asked for and I look back on that day that I lost him, with sadness and still a lot of helplessness I only say this to make you all better understand how much stronger I have become, th
One Of My Favorite Quotes!
One Of My Hero's Birthdays Is Today
Yepp .. One of my Biggest Hero's Birthday is today .. My Dad turned 70 .. Its hard to talk with him knowing im so far from him and mom .. granted mom can be a little moody at times but .. having to do everything on their own in that old huge house im sure can get on ones nerves .. but today she was in a wonderful mood and dad was so happy .. I called him this morning and sang him the Usual Wendy Birthday greeting .. I could hear the smile in his voice ....He was so happy each of his kids called him to wish him a great day .. and many more birthdays .. and I promised him when mike and i go up to Conn this June we're taking a day of just us well autumn also and we're going to spend some time .. We went back down memory lane for a while .. laughed and laughed some more .. he got a lil choked up when i told him mike wanted to wish him a happy birthday .. they talked for quite some time .. you see .. They were best buddies when mike was little .. and they still are .. and I thank God every
One Of My Favorite Recipes
Chocolate Pound Cake 1 Stick butter 1 Stick margarine cup of Crisco 5 eggs 3 Cups of Flour (Plain) 3 Cups of Sugar 1 of Milk tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla cup of cocoa Cream butter, margarine and Crisco, with sugar. Add one egg at a time, beating well after adding each one. Add vanilla flavoring. Add flour and milk. Beginning with flour and ending with flour. Pour in greased tube pan. Bake in oven for two hours at 300 degrees. If you want Lemon pound cake omit cocoa and vanillaand add cup of flour and juice of 1 squeezed lemon. If you want spice marble cake omit cocoa and add 1-tsp. cinnamon, cloves all spice, tsp. nutmeg Note you will split batter and add spices to half of the batter.. then in tube pan you will alternate spoon of regular, spoon of spice Chocolate frosting (optional) stick margarine tablespoon of cocoa cup box 4x sugar dash of salt Mix with buttermilk to proper consistency
One Of Those Days
It's one of those days where I'd pay myself just to go away blow away Inside i've withered like the wind blowing outside I'm cold inside i've become my own prey people talk of salvation but salvation is for those those still able to dream and that's just not me People talk of vacations but i can't find no rest though my whole life is just an escape from reality like the end of this cigarette I'm burnt and falling apart little left but embers from a broken heart Just one of those days JSDEUEL Copyright 2008
One Of My Most Beloved Topics
Keeping your breasts healthy at every age By Hallie Levine Sklar Let's face it: There's no body part women obsess about more than breasts -- their size, shape, sag factor, and whether those strange pains stem from monthly PMS hormones or something more ominous, like breast cancer. All this nipple-gazing makes sense: Your chest changes over the decades, meaning you're continually facing new questions and concerns. To help you troubleshoot at every stage, Health asked experts to get age-specific. Here's the latest on how to keep your breasts healthy and looking great -- now and in the years to come. Your breasts in your 30s Typically, in your 30s your breasts still have good elasticity and tone, says Shirley Archer, a health-and-fitness educator at the Stanford University School of Medicine and author of "Busting Out. " If you have kids now, you'll notice changes post-baby. While your breasts get bigger during the actual pregnancy, you may, alas, permanently go down a half
One Of Those Days
Ever have one of those days were everything feels futile?
One Of These Days
you ever have one those days where you want to do something and somethings else comes up and you can not get back to what your doing now hapen to me at times along with other poeple to you al have them days right
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(one Of) My Passion (s)
I have not had much time as of late to get out and about with my camera. I have been a bit ill and the weather here has just been nasty, but I just added new content yesterday so check it out! My first spring photos of '08 and a new self portrait among other shots. This was my first time using my newly acquired Nikon 105mm macro/micro lens. I am still figuring out the mechanics of it, but I am thrilled with the results! (click) If you have a flickr account add me! xoxo
One Of A Kind
Your beauty is as deep As a moonless night, With skin as smooth As the dove in flight. Your kiss is soft As a heavenly dream, With a voice so sweet Like strawberry cream. Your eyes shine brightly With passion and love, Yet with the power and warmth Like the sun above. You fill my heart With your special way, And just your presence Always makes my day. Your love for me is worth More than any treasure sold, For just one day with you Is more precious than gold. All the diamonds there are Upon this earth, Your beauty outshines All their worth. To me your priceless One of a kind, Like the snowflake Not another youll find. Yes there is no treasure Id rather see, Than the sight of you And your love of me
The One & Only Drink Special
One Of Life's Lesson!
(my personal favorite) A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him. Morals of the story: (1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy. (2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend. (3) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!
One Of The Realest Guys On Here...
shiloh2000 (Please read about me before you rate...)@ fubar
One Of The Best Stories
ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I'VE EVER HEARD! As Mrs. Thompson stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he did not play well with the other children, that his clothes were messy and that he constantly needed a bath. In addition, Teddy could be unpleasant. It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X's and then putting a big 'F' at the top of his papers. At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child's past records and she put Teddy's off until last. However, when she reviewe
One Of The Weirder Meme's I've Seen In A While...
1. You're in the hospital, who on your (MySpace)top 8 comes to visit you? Chris, Miz Odd, and maybe Bitsy, if she's in town 2. If alcohol were banned, what would your reaction be? I hear Berlin is lovely this time of year... 3. Your CD collection is repossessed. But you may keep one. Which one would you keep? Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon! 4. Do you believe world peace is possible? Only if Man is extinct 5. I'm a genie. Name your wish. Unlimited wishes forever and ever and ever! 6. Name one thing about the opposite sex that automatically turns you off? Pointless cruelty 7. Name one thing about the opposite sex that automatically turns you on? Pointless compassion 8. Speaking of same sex, what did you think about Brokeback Mountain? Best comedy I've seen in years 9. What are you obsessive about? Weird independent films 10. Leatherface is in the kitchen: Good. I have some chores for the little bastard! 11. Do people underestimate you? Yes, but
One Of Fubars Finest Owners
HERE IS ONE OF FUBARS FINEST OWNERS Doc~*The Spanker Family*~ Fuowner of spazzy69 SHOW HIM SOME MAD LUV!!! SPAZZY69 THANKS YOU VERY MUCH spazzy69~~ fuowned by Doc~*The Spanker Family*@ fubar THIS PIMPOUT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY King Domino ~force~3~bomber~manager~ Cowboys Fan 4 Lyfe Walking With Jesus@ fubar (repost of original by 'King Domino ~force~3~bomber~manager~ Cowboys Fan 4 Lyfe Walking With Jesus' on '2008-05-23 12:31:47') (repost of
One Of The Best Songs Ever,..
One Of The Best Songs Ever When You Are Pissed.
One Of My Best In My Opinion
Oh you're mommy doesn't love you And your daddy doesn't care Your brother won't speak to you And your sister wouldn't dare Your life is just so horrible It's all just deplorable You feel like the world owes you something Well let me tell you something you piece of shit I'm so sick of hearin it Get up and do something about it Quit layin around cryin Wishin that you were dyin You want somebody to help you But you can't even help yourself What you think I'm supposed to help you Just because I have some wealth I didn't make your life the way it is today I didn't make you walk down that path I didn't lead you into the darkness you found You did that to your self! Nobody understands And nobody cares You just want some attention So you shave off all your hair Wear clothes that are disgusting Cut yourself and show the scars Showing everbody how life is just SO HARD You cry fake tears So loud that everyone has to hear make up stories of molestation and rape Sorrow
One Of My Best Friends
hey guys, i'm bored and have nothing to do, so i am writing a blog about one of my best friends. (and i'm typing to fast for my fingers to follow. lol) but her name is Hannh and she just joined Fubar (cuz i invited her) and she is one of the nicest people i know. shes a wiccan just like me and we have alot of the same interests. i guess thats what makes us pretty good friends. i mean, i dont have alot of friends in the first place because people just dont like me, and when i was in 9th grade i transfered to the school halfway through the year. her and another person, (his name is josh) were the first two people to talk to me and we bonded though star wars at first and then we dound that we like a bunch of other things. not to mention we are all geeks. although i am the only goth in our small little circle of friends, she still loves me! (as a friend) and i know that she is always going to be there for me nomatter what happens cuz hannah is just a kewl person like that. and i kn
One Of Our Members Is In A Contest!
Here is one of our best Levelers ButterflyMajic and she is in a contest! She has a list of items she is offering! They are:: 100 comments = Morph 250 comments = Animation Click the pic! bomb the amount u choose! then Private message ButterflyMajic for ur trade! ButterflyMajic (repost of original by 'ButterflyMajic{fuSlave2Boom&DarkGod}{StaffOFSpiritOfGaia}{Force~3~BombersHeadGreeter}' on '2008-06-24 09:49:08')
One Of My Fav Songs. Within By Kiss. Let Me Know What You Think
Cry without tears See without sight Night without day And every day's black as the night Fly without wings Feel without touch Touch without feel And everywhere nothing is real [Chorus] I wanna see from within I wanna be where I've been I wanna the truth, not a lie I wanna live... Before I die Life without death World without end Sleep without dreams And nothing is quite what it seems I want something More than you'll know Follow myself And go where you can never go And I see though my eyes are closed [Chorus] I wanna see from within (cry without tears) I wanna be where I've been (see without sight) I wanna truth not a lie (night without day) I wanna live... Before I die (And everywhere nothing is real) (Touch without feel and everywhere nothing is real) Inside you Without your blessing Inside me Is me confessing Outside you Is outside me And inside there is no guarantee (no) [Solo] I wanna see from within I wanna be where I've b
One Of My 1st Slide Shows.
One Of The Best Mashups I've Heard
Mash Ups - Prodigy vs. Enya - Smack My Bitch Up The Orinoco Flow.mp3 -
One Of Those Days :)
today was one of those days - where i was so thankful - so thakful he is gone - so thankful i am free - i never have to see his ugly pissed off look again - so thankful i never have to cover bruises again - so thankful i can do any fucking thing i please - so thankful i can be me again - so thankful i found me again - and if someone does like me - well i thankful i can just say f*ck you :P
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One Of The Coolest Pimp Outs
One Of These Days - Tim Mcgraw
One Of My Fav
One Of My Favs
One Of Them Faces
Cyanide & Happiness @
303 One Of My Personal Favorites
When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. Henri Nouwen
One Of These Things Doesn't Belong
Cyanide & Happiness @
One Of My Recent Poems
Hey, so this is my first blog... im really not sure what to put so I just decided to share some of my writing with you all. Darkest places There is a depth of darkest places Untold fears and nameless faces Whispered screams and dried up tears Silent cries that no one hears There is a land where full of pain The smallest learn to make hurt fade And in their state of almost dead They learn to hide inside their head There is a land of living death Can't measure life by seeing breath Hearts may beat and blood may flow But all inside are empty souls There is a sea of cold dark waters Filled with hell's own sons and daughters Cast there by another's hand Drowning with no sight of land There is a chamber cold and dark Where evil leaves its ugly mark Where hearts are poisoned till they die And children learn to never cry In this depth of darkest places Gloom and dead of night encases Foundations of an earthly hell And evil that no
One & Only
[Verse 1 - Timbaland] I'm head over heels for someone (I) That I really can't deal with (deal with) I want to block her out my mind But I really can't do it I tell myself this the last time I'ma let her do this to me Whenever we do spend time I realize that I can't get enough of you [Bridge - Patrick Stump (Timbaland)] (Let me say to you) Wipe that smile all off your fucking face (Then I say to you) Wipe that smile all off your face (Then I say to you) Wipe that smile all off your fucking face (Then I say to you) Wipe that smile all off your face (Then I say to you) [Chorus - Patrick Stump] To be despised To be loved To be dreamt of To be sought On the inside I don't care Right in the middle I'm right in the middle To be despised To be loved To be dreamt of To be sought On the inside I don't care Be my unholy My one and my lonely [Verse 2 - Patrick Stump] I wear scarves and hoods 'Cause they're the only poker fac
One Of Many Inspirations
Bend in the Road When we feel we have nothing left to give and we are sure the "song has ended" When our day seems over and shadows fall and the darkness of the night has descended. Where can we go to find the strength to valiantly keep trying> Where can we fing the hand that will dry the tears that the heart is crying? There's but one place to go to and that is to God. And dropping all the pretense and pride we can pour out our probllems without the restraint and gain strength with him by our side. And together we stand at lifes crossroads and view what we think is the end. But God has a much bigger vision and he tells us it's only a bend- For the road goes on and it's smoother and the 'pause in the song' is a rest. And the part that is unsung and unfinished is the sweetest and richest and best So rest and relax and grow stronger Let Go and Let God share your load Your work is not finished or ended You've just come to a "B
One Of A Kind!
One Of A Kind Sometimes you believe in what you see, and in time you fine you were being deceived. No one can really walk a straight line all the time. But I can tell you that I am a one of a kind. We are only human and we all make mistakes. But believe me when I say it is never to late. You will continue believing in what you believe. And in your heart you willbegin tosee. I am who I say I am. An individual and a uniquely human man. A One of a kind but not perfect in any way. But true to my heart I will always stay. The only fault I have is being human. With a human heart that can be stolen by a good woman. If she believes in herself then so will I. But this is where
One Of My Stories
The add at the newspaper said: "investigator looking for a woman to participate in an experiment about the power and length of the female orgasm". Shannon, who wasn't satisfied by her husband, because he was focused on his own satisfaction than hers, decided to investigate. She wondered whether her physical reactions to making love are similar to those that other girls have and thought that maybe this investigator can help her. The address at the add said that he is doing his research at his home in a small village, "looks safe enogh" thought to herself. Shannon drove to that village, while she passed the park she was trying to imagine what she is going to encounter and without paying attention her right hand was on her breast, her fingers slightly pinched a nipple. A driver that passed her car saw that and honked at her. Shannon bent forward and saw a young guy, dressed in a suit with his new car, she gave him the finger and drove away. Taking the exit and she park her car near th
One Of My Stories
Crimes of Passion The end of September suddenly changed in Colorado Springs. The hot summer days went directly to a cold rainy climate just as Labor Day passed. The trees changed what seamed like light coming on. From the deep greens of summer to the vibrant colors of fall. The warm breeze had but a cold chill with every breath it gave. Streets and lawns were covered with dark brown sheen of remnants of the decaying oak and maple leaves. Tami awoke around 10 a.m. that Saturday morning. Her head and body ached from the night before. She felt a little hungry but she knew there was no way she could eat anything. The dry cotton taste in he mouth convinced her that he needed a glass of water only. She went into the bathroom and took a big glass and began to take slow but decisive sips. Standing naked in front of the mirror she peered at her eyes. They indicated to her that was indeed a long night before. Stepping into the shower the hot steaming water rushed all over her shapely curv
One Of My Secrets!!
Most of us were taught to put ourselves last, and as a consequence we attracted feelings of being unworthy and undeserving. Unless you fill yourself up first, you have nothing to give anybody. Therefore it is imperative that you tend to YOU first. Attend your joy first. You must begin to treat yourself with love and respect, and emit that signal and get on that frequency. The law of attraction will move the entire Universe, and your life will be full of people who love and respect you. Many people sacrificed themselves for others, thinking when they sacrifice themselves they are being a good person. WRONG!! TO ACQUIRE LOVE....FILL YOURSELF UP WITH IT UNTIL YOU BECOME A MAGNET. Undoubtedly to some, the idea of giving so much love to self will seem very cold, hard, and unmerciful. Still this matter may be seen in a different light, when we find that "looking out for number One," as directed by the Infinite, is really looking out for number Two and is indeed the only
One Of My "friends"......
ok here it goes.......i had a friend once.....yes it was a friend with benefits type deal....however, there where two of them calls me up one day and tells me that hes got i pass the info on to my other "friend" whom i thought needed to know. well i went and was husband went and was checked....even my room mate went and got checked!!! NONE OF US HAD IT!!! HELLO!!!! so i call my "friend" back and tell him the news....i also called my friend who had the issue in the first place...and asked him just who all HE was sleeping with!! well my other "friend" has decided that he would rather be a jerk and not even consider my feelings on the subject and drop me like a hot potatoe!! Now, in my who act like that are no better than the ones who beat their i argued with him over the issue...even told him that i was deleting his number and so forth and that i didnt want to even talk to him anymore....well all of a sudden, after
One Of My Fav Songs Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watching girls go passing by It ain't the latest thing I'm just standing in a doorway I'm just trying to make some sense Out of these girls go passing by > The tales they tell of men I'm not waiting on a lady I'm just waiting on a friend A smile relieves a heart that grieves Remember what I said I'm not waiting on a lady I'm just waiting on a friend I'm just waiting on a friend Don't need a whore I don't need no booze Don't need a virgin priest But I need someone I can cry to I need someone to protect Making love and breaking hearts It is a game for youth But I'm not waiting on a lady I'm just waiting on a friend i love this song...........this song brings back alot o memories from my childhood......
One Of My Poems.
In a dark place unseen by eyes a sorrow so deep that angels cry wretched pain that draws many tears living daily fear... fear that I'll be lost forever alone in the dark without a cover wounds open so all can see will they pity me? All I ask is for a love to last daily pain to loosen its grasp to find myself in anothers eyes never to hear sorrowfull cries. Fate has chosen me to be the strong one that you now see aged by pain and love for the lost love is pain and with a cost. more to come in future.
One Of Those Moments
Part 1 of 3. Across the miles he drives, up, and farther up the interstate he goes, toward the agreed upon destination. As the miles pass, his mind drifts, and he envisions her glowing radiance, her commanding presence. He imagines her walking into the room, all heads turning, and the room falling quiet. For what seems an eternal moment, the surrounding chatter stops and the only sound in the room is the tinkle of ice settling in the bottom of a glass. For this, the first of three appointed "dates" for the weekend, they had agreed upon a more "formal" setting. No, not formal in terms of tux and gown, but formal in the sense of a quality restaurant, attentive, but non-invasive, service, and a comfortable menu; there was no way he would tolerate the distraction of having catsup drip down his starched shirt while sitting in some "doo-dah" burger joint. Tonight was to be a night of "hello's", and "it's good to finally meet you"s. A night where, hopefully, eyes would meet, and
One Of Our Fuangels Needs Help!!!
Ok one of the Angels "GoofyLady" is involved in a VIP contest for a HH. She really need's help on this situation. The VIP contest consists of her being able to have the most comments and rates by the 21st. If she is able to do this. She will be able to get a Happy Hour. She will be supportive of the Fu-Angels in the title of the Happy Hour. Also she is willing to throw a VIP contest for the FuAngels only. Now if she is able to win. She will also provide a blast to promote the Angels. I know that we are not that type of family at all, although all of you are still FuAngels for a reason. You are all sweethearts of FuBar!!!!! Anyway if you are able to take the time out to provide help. Please click on the link below when you have the time, and be supportive of a Fellow Fu-Angel. Come out and play Fu-Angels, and have fun with it!!!!!
One Of The Big Quests In Nanotechnology Has Been Accomplished
( A crucial step in developing minuscule structures with application potential in sophisticated sensors, catalysis, and nanoelectronics has been developed by Scottish researchers. Dr Manfred Buck and his team at the University of St Andrews have accomplished one of the big quests in nanotechnology, opening up an exciting new development in tiny technology. The St Andrews researchers have developed a way of forming an easily modified network of molecules over a large area - the chemical technique provides an advantageous alternative to traditional methods which become increasingly cumbersome at the ultrasmall length scale. The key to the development lies in the creation of robust and versatile surface - self-assembling structures just one molecule thick which can be exploited for further control and manipulation of nanostructures. Dr Manfred Buck, of the Universitys School of Chemistry, explained, One of the central issues in nanotechnology is the development
One Of The Most Intelligent Quotes Ever!
With the re-opening of the new 35w bridge opening on thursday morning a professor of engineering at the University of MN said- "Having the new bridge up could either make traffic better, worse or it may just stay the same." That folks is what a college education can do for you!
One Of My Favorite Candies:
One Of Those Days
have you ever been so angry you wanted to kick life in the nuts for giving you the hand it dealt and been such a pus ever wanted to screw with fate shove an arrow up cupid ass show destiny the way to hell and beat karma to a pole ever had a real bad day when everything went wrong ever wanted to spit on luck and bitch slap good fortune ........ Just One Of Those Days
One Of Those Days,,need To Vent!
first let me say this is just venting,,it has nothing to do with just one person,, it is just life in general. i am content with my life and basically more then happy with it,,but somedays i just have to vent and today is one of those days! people dont always see eye to eye, this is just a factor of life. i have, just like everyone else, have my own opinion on things.i do try and respect the opinion of others and i don't try and push mine on anyone. we dont agree thats ok. the part that i dont get is if we dont agree but we were friends before we had this parting of thoughts,,why is is so necessary to stop talking just because our opinions are different. ugh! we may get upset but that is what friends do sometimes, they disagree, but it is because thay are friends that they should be able to understand that things arent always my way or thier way. friendship should help hold them together. _________________________________________________ thats one..the other thing is if i
One Of My Faves
Storming outside, rain She keeps me home Quiet conversation makes me warm So Summer rain Whispers me to sleep And wakes me up again Sometimes i swear i hear her call my name To wash away the pain My summer rain In the middle of the night when i'm alone I feel her kisses on me even when she's gone Can't wait 'till she gets home Summer rain Whispers me to sleep > And wakes me up again Sometimes i swear i hear her call my name To wash away the pain My summer rain I don't mind if it rains forever Let it rain, rain, let it rain I said i don't mind if it rains forever Let it rain, rain, let it rain So go ahead and make it rain You bring the sunshine back again So go ahead and make it rain Your tender touches wash away my rain Summer rain Whispers me to sleep And wakes me up again Sometimes i swear i hear her call my name To wash away the pain My summer rain Summer rain Whispers me to sleep And wakes me up
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One Of The Most Important Things I've Ever Been Apart Of
In August of 2007, 35 year-old Monica (Sprague) Jorge went into the hospital to give birth to her baby girl, Sofia. After delivering that day by Cesarean section, she developed an infection. By the time the infection was diagnosed and Monica was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital on August 12th, her body was being ravaged by Necrotizing Fasciitis. The devastating bacteria traveled through Monicas body, destroying all the soft tissue and muscles of her abdominal wall and down past her upper thighs, destroying many of her internal organs. The fight to keep her alive left her in a deep coma. Surgeons at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston were able bring her back from the brink of death but at a horrific cost. Monica awoke from the 3-week long coma only to learn she would be scheduled for amputation surgery. Sadly, all 4 of her limbs had to be amputated. The everlasting challenges from a transformation like this are hard to even imagine. Monica came home to care for
One Of My Favorite Poems "the Raven"
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door Only this, and nothing more." Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow sorrow for the lost Lenore For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore Nameless here for evermore. And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating, "'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;
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one Of Our Own has a HappyHour for Saturday at 7 pm fu-time. she will have auto 11's activated too. Fireeyes***Member of Rating Revolution***~Sugar Momma to The Sledge Hammer~@ fubar
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One Of Many Haunted Houses
Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? by Molly Edmonds Print Email Cite Feedback Share Digg This Yahoo! Buzz StumbleUpon Reddit Cite This!Close Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this How Stuff Works article: Edmonds, Molly. "Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere?." 07 April 2008. /> 18 October 2008.Inside this Article Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? Constructing the Stairs and Doors to Nowhere Visiting the Winchester Mystery House Lots More Information See all Afterlife articles Science Videos More Science Videos Most of us want to get home construction over as soon as possible. We worry about the expense and complain about the inconvenience. But for Sarah Winchester, construction was a way of life. For 38 years, she had construction going 24 hours a day at
One Of My Short Stories...tell Me What You Think.
This is not a true story!! I made it up!!! I am not a widow!! I got this idea after I watched a news story!! A Soldiers Widow It's a rainy day in June, sixteen months since he left I remember it like it was yesterday. Jon came home, gave me a kiss, and patted my very pregnant belly. He looked at me and said we had to talk. He looked so sad and resigned; I just knew what he was going to tell me. He sat me down on the couch and sighed. He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said he was called to duty, and he had twenty-four hours to get everything squared away. I sat there while he talked; my hands in my lap. Trying to process what he had to say. My brain was telling me that this is his job. He is a soldier; this is what he was trained to do. Protect our country and keep us free. All the while my heart is saying, "Oh God". What about our baby? What will I do without him? How will I sleep at night without him by my side? That night I didn't sleep
#9 One Of My Favorite
Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. Ernest Hemingway
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Just joined tonight, please help him lvl up by commenting, rating, adding, Thanks!! :D Beth
One Of The Best Shorts I Ever Have Seen
One Of My Favourite Girls On Fubar
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One Of My Favorites..
PHENOMENAL WOMAN. Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenom
One Of My Favorite Songs
All these years~ Sawyer Brown
One Of Our Own!
Mrs Independent is 590k from Godmothering..So lets get our Fine arses in there and help her out! ~MRS INDEPENDENT~IN REMEBERANCE OF MY SON JR 02/05/1985-11/30/2000@ fubar
One Of Them Days
I've just had one of them days that totally SUCK!!! My baby had to go back to work and thus begins another freakin' week of not seeing her. Friday ain't too far away, but it feels like forever!! I know...I know....puppy love you say. Just wish it was so it wouldn't hurt so damn much!! It's just lonely with out her. I got my roommates to keep me company. Much love to my Emsie!!! She keeps me pert near! Hit me up sometime if y'all wanna chat.....Loves, Liby Lou

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