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Rated X ~ Queen Of Scooter Bar Beauty Crew
My Bar Rules
for those of you that don't know me very well or feel you have a right to harrass me, here are some basic rules i go by when here.. if you can't respect them then i really don't give a damn. it's my page not yours so gtfo if you don't like it. 1. if you are in my family then you have earnt a place there. adding me to yours or bitching at me about why you are not in my family will not change my mind and put you there. not to say that i don't have friends that are not in my family.. but it is limited in space and for once in this lifetime, i can choose my family! lol jk.. well sorta :P 2. i do not do cam or cyber sex.. no ifs or buts.. if you ask me about it i will delete you 3. i love the mumms and will enjoy the flirting, chatting, laughing, bashing and mocking but that is it. don't come to my shoutbox and try for a bit of one on one action or to continue whatever was said in the mumm. my shoutbox is different territory altogether! 4. i often stay online but do not stay at
Out Of Reach
Out of Reach My hopes soar no limit in sight become despair on a cold lonely night o'er there is where you are so close yet amazingly far Inside i yearn for things out of reach waves crashing against the frozen beach A. Boudreaux 2007
My Bowling Story I've been bowling for about 20 years and I always bowled thru injury. I jus went thru major ankle surgery (re-attaching the achilles tendon) in Sept. 2006 incredibly I'm back to bowling earlier then I should be in the end of Jan. 07. My avg. before the surgery was 205, now I'm at a avg. of 187 dont ask me how. I guess my never quit and never let anything keep me down attitude got the best of me. The surgery i went thru I would not wish it on anyone thats how bad it was. The thoery behind this is u can do anything if u put ur mind to it.
My Fucked Up Week
so, tuesday I left work early cause I was not feeling very good. Wednsday I called out cause I was still feeling ill. Thursday morning I woke up with an awful pain in my ribs on the right side. I had been getting this pain pretty often if I eat spicy or fatty foods the night before and it goes away with in an hour or so. This time...5 hours later I finally decided "Okay, Chris...Take me to the ER" Not even 30 mins of being at the hospital they were talking about taking my galbladder out. I went in for an ultrasound and sure enough I had 2 stones. one was lodged in one of the ducts connecting to my pancreaus. So, They moved me into a room and pumped me full of anti-biotics and I had surgury on friday. they let me come home on Saturday. normally you can be released the same day as surgury but my white blood count was still elevated and I was running a temp. besides that, they were worried about bleeding and had a drainiage tube out my side. So, Saturday they released me home
It Go Out To All Of My Native American On Here Fubar
Yeha-Noha Native American chant
I'm Pimping Myself...
Alot On My Mind
I guess I have a lot on my mind . Main reason I say this is because I have been in one of those funks . I have been thinking of just up and disappearing for a bit,I need to re-energize myself so to speak. I have been down for a couple of weeks and the only way I can re-center myself is to vanish for maybe a couple of days at least . For some reason I feel as if my spirit, or for those that understand it my "chi " is out of kelter. This is something I need to do. I am sure that I will be better by Wednesday night. This is something I feel I need to do . Alot of my family do not understand my thinking and logic but oh well.
What A Crazy Weekend!
Wow! This Was One Crazy Weekend That I Had. Friday Night I Went Out With Charles. He And I Went To Delicious Italian Place On Bardstown Road To Eat Dinner. It Was Soooo Good. I Canít Remember The Name Of The Place To Save My Life. Soon After That We Went To Phoenix Hill Tavern For A Little While. I Ran Into A Few Friends Of Mine. We Watched Jefferson Tarc Bus For A Little While Then We Left. I Also Ran In To A Guy Named Nick. He Works There. I Didnít Even Know That. I Didnít Realize That Place Was So Big. From The Outside It Looked Pretty Small. It Was A LOT Bigger Than I Thought. I Could Get Lost In That Place. I Know One Thing I Wouldnít Want To Be One To Get Drunk In That Place. LOL. But That Night Really Flew By! I Guess Time Flys By When You Are Having Fun! But I Want To Thanks Charles For Taking Me Out! Hopefully, We Can Do It Again Another Time. : ) Saturday Night Was Absolutely Crazy! Best Friend And I Went Up To Creekers Like We Normally Do And It Got A
Possible Plans For This Weekend
I have tentative plans to leave here saturday and head to Illinois and stay till sunday. I'm hoping it all pans out and this happens. I cant wait to see my honey again! We've been apart since Oct. 20th and I'm going nuts without him! I know its only one night but I need that one night to break up the whole being apart thing. I miss him like crazy! So cross your fingers for me ya'll that it all works out and I get to go!
The Horror
"They train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won't allow them to write fuck on their airplanes because it's obscene! "
"lock U Down"
[Intro:] Yeah, uh huh Yeah, sir What it is? See this right here is automatic man, understand that See what you know bout Scott Storch got torch And Weezy F got fiyah, yes And we bringin' back Ms. Mya, get it [Mya:] If I had a dollar for all of the times I thought I found the right one I'd be a billionaire and then I could probably ride out And go and find the right one I wouldn't mind a dude that could take my attitude And take the time to listen Someone that understands when I need a lil space And when I need attention But I'm lookin' for a real Somebody with direction (direction) Somebody with affection (affection) That knows how to put it on me That's what I need (that's what I need) Somebody who could read me, check me, when I need to be (oh yeah) Pick me up when I'm fallin' That's what I need [Hook:] So when I find you, I'll never let you get away Neva let you slip away I'mma lock you down, lock you down When I see you, I'll never look the other
Only 12,760 To!
Okay people, so I know more people read blogs than bulletins so I thought I would post a bulletin. I want to level so I can add some more pics. Can someone out there help me level. Hell, could someone pimp me out. I will personally make a salute for whoever helps me out the most and will send the salute to you as well as post it in my pics once I level.....PLZ HELP ME! ~*krazymomma21*~ Add me, fan me, rate me, sign my guestbook..I'll return the love!@ fubar
Hollow Men
"We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! Our dried voices, when We whisper together Are quiet and meaningless As wind in dry grass Or rats' feet over broken glass In our dry cellar Shape without form, shade without colour, Paralysed force, gesture without motion;"
Good Facts.....
The most useless thing to do ... ........Worry The greatest Joy....................... ........Giving The greatest loss.................Loss of self-respect The most satisfying work............. ...Helping others The ugliest personality trait......................Selfishness The most endangered species...................Dedicated leaders The greatest "shot in the arm"..................Encouragement The greatest problem to overcome......... ....Fear Most effective sleeping pill........... ...Peace of mind The most crippling failure disease..... ....Excuses The most powerful force in life.............. ........Love The most dangerous pariah.................................A gossiper The world's most incredible computer... ...The brain ! The worst thing to be without...................Hope The deadliest weapon.... The tongue....... The two most power-filled words..............."I Can" The greatest asset.............. ...Faith The most worth
Just Me
Damn I'm sad I miss my kitty I miss you It's dark Cold Damn Bummed out Should just go to bed Can't sleep Damn This sucks Hatin life Scared I need a hand to hold Damn
What The F*ck Is Up With People
Gosh ever since I have been back in America it seems people just feel they can shit all over each other in order to get what you want out of that person, wtf is up with you all, why do you not want to be friendly? How about some kind of reflection to yourself and figure out why you can not stay married, or with someone or even keep friendships? How about some respect toward one another and not worry about money and look but worry about how one another is doing?
The History Of 'aprons' ....
The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears . From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warmingoven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had beenshelled, it carried out the hulls. In the fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprisin
Walk With Me
Walk with me ~Tony Martinez As I stare out onto this long empty road ahead of me Only one question comes to mind Will you walk with me? I dont know where this road will lead I dont know how long it will take to get there So I ask again Will you walk with me The journey wont be easy Some of you may only walk for a short while Til you get to where you want to be That's fine I'll enjoy the company For those of you close to me I ask for your protection On this Journey Keep the leeches off me Those that would do nothing But suck the life out of me Love on me To give me the energy To continue to walk on To all others that walk with me Thank you for coming on this journey We will all walk together I will help pick you up if you happen to fall So I ask one last time As i start to embark on this journey Will you Walk with me
Host A Passion Party!!
Looking for ladies that would love to host the ultimate girls night in! Invite all your girlfriends and have a wonderful night talking about our favorite thing...SEX!!! Great for girls night, bachlorette party, bridal showers, holiday party, etc.!!! Everyone in attendance must be 18 and older! Great hostess incentives! By Hostessing a Party, you earn 10% of the party total (must be $350 or more in total sales to qualify)in free product while giving you and your friends a fun and educational get together, and click Host a Party to request your free information packet! Also receive a Ho Ho Hostess Special!! Everyone in attendance must be 18 and older!! View more information at my website, click on the "Host a party" tab and fill out your information there. I will contact you as soon as possible! Have a wonderful night!
Proud To Be An American .......
Dear Civilians "We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem---kick their a**. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest---kick their a**. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their a**. 4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms
Walk With Me
Walking with introspect in mind. I challenge my life one step at a time. Each day grows, new lessons learned No time for the old man, just the new I yearn. What makes me who I am only few really know. Hidden in those tiny dark places is a light waiting to grow. Getting inside is the secret to the quest. Many have tried, success only by the best. They never stole my spirit or my soul. Each one in their own way has made me whole. As I look back and then forward again. Nothing much has changed outside or in. We are what we make ourselves and we learn to be content. People only see us on the outside and pass their judgment. Who we are on the outside speaks volumes of what is on the inside. Do we live two different lives? Does one rise up and the other subside? I can only judge myself and my own thoughts and deeds. I can only be who I am and what others may need. Such is my lot in life. One I quickly embrace. For knowing me as me, I find no shame, no disgrace.
Have You Ever
have you ever cared for someone who didnt care for you that you would give the world to see her dreams come true but the more you care for her the worse she makes you feel the more you think of her the more you cry yourself to sleep thats how I am right now I care for someone who makes me feel like I dont amount to a thing that no matter what I do or say its never good enough it hurts so bad
Just Wondering
why do the people i love always run from me why do i fall for the drifters or the guy that a million zillion miles away... why i keep cashing why do we always want what we cant have? i love so much sometimes i think its over loading i want to explode it all over everyone but thats way to messy and no one likes cleaning up messes they just sweap it under the rug and forget it
Hi Everyone...the Weekend's Almost Over - No. 1 Pimp Site † Hello everyone..... It's been awhile since I've dropped a line to say "HI", and touch base with everyone.† Things have been a bit on the crazy side the past few weeks here in our house. † Some of you may already know, but our son, Kirk, is coming back home, after living in Australia for the past 2 yrs..† We will be picking him up tomorrow evening at Lambert Internationl Airport in St. Louis.† Needless to say, with it being over 2 yrs. since we have seen him, we are all VERY VERY excited!!!!† We will all be making the trip to St. Louis...Lee, Moriah, Landon, and me.† I have been spending the past couple of days cleaning, and getting things set up for his arrival.† He is going to be here at least 4 months...possibly longer.† There is alot up in the air right now, so this is uncertain at the moment.† But, we are just glad that he is going to be home. † I say it's been crazy, because we've been spending a couple of weeks now, ironing out detai
Icefishing A blonde wanted to go ice fishing. She'd seen many books on the subject. And, finally getting all the necessary tools together, she made for the ice. After positioning her comfy footstool, she started to make a circular cut in the ice. Suddenly, from the sky, a voice boomed , "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE." Startled, the blonde moved farther down the ice, poured a thermos of Cappuccino and began to cut yet another hole. Again from the heavens the voice bellowed, "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE." The blonde, now worried, moved clear down to the opposite end of the ice. She set up her stool once more and tried again to cut her hole. The voice came once more, "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE." She stopped, looked skyward, and asked , "IS THAT YOU, LORD?" The voice replied , "NO, THIS IS THE MANAGER OF THE HOCKEY RINK."
You Know Who You Are
most people on here i don't mind looking at profiles but when you are going to be nosey with an ex and his new interest there is a problem. you know who you are. i am sorry you are not together and things could not work out, just like i am sort of sorry my ex and i did not work out, but i do not scope him or ask a zillion questions about who he is talking if anyone. he is moving on if we don't work out so be it, but you can not check everyone he will talk to when you are not together. i hope you can come to terms with your seperation and move on.
In every change that you experience in life, there will be times when you'll wonder if you can endure. But you'll learn that facing each difficulty one by one isn't so hard. It's when you don't deal with a situation that it sometimes comes back to confront you again. Changes are sometimes very painful, but they teach us that we can endure and that we can become stronger. Everything that comes into your life has a purpose, but the outcome is in your hands by the action you take. Be wise with your life, be willing to endure, and always be willing to face life's challenges.
The Song
Rain . . . Softly falling down . . . each drop a symphony of sound . . . as it hits the tin roof . . . tap . . . tap . . . tap. It can sound just like a sad song with a slow beat . . . the kind that makes you daydream . . . and feel sad and sigh . . . as you think of what might of been or could be in your life. Or maybe it is a happy song that brings back sweet memories . . . tender thoughts and special smiles . . . thinking of someone who makes your heart beat faster . . . and your laughter ring with happiness and joy. Or maybe it is a love song . . . with sweet and soft lyrics . . . tender and romantic and sensual . . . that makes you think of dancing in the rain. Only you can decide which song . . . is the one you are hearing . . . which music soothes your soul . . . and which song you want to sing along with. Sometimes, you have to choose a song . . . and the choosing isn't easy.
Grand Openining Right Now Join Us !
I Took A Hammer And 2 Nails To My Eardums A Long Time Ago
its why im mr chainsaw When was it that you lost your youth or traded It for something more for them to use so jaded Why is it that you never said I love you more than just a friend I pray this gridlock never ends And when we get there just depends I found out recently that you are leaving For good I hope I softly tell my ceiling It's better now to be alive Sleeping is my 9 to 5 I'm having nightmares all the time Of running out of words that rhyme Everything that you could never say Would never matter anyway I took a hammer and two nails to my eardrums long ago Before that steak knife took my eyes I looked up to the sky For the last thing I would ever see For the last time I'd cry When was it that you sold your life or wasted Every bite of that small slice you never tasted I guess I should be one to talk There's nights that I can't even walk There's days I couldn't give a fuck And in between is where I'm stuck From blocks away I heard somebody screaming Tha
If your heart was truly mine there would be no false comunication wit me .there would be no lies told to protect me from the harsh truth. why is it my reality has been broken why is it that my heart is the one that is broken . am i the only one in this relationship that gives a damn . I try an try but u push me aside tryin to get what u want . Not that i care any more about what u say . I care for u an i love you . Your oppions mean more to me then my friends an family an yet it seem the opposite for you . Why is it my life is distroyed an i have to rebuild it . You can break my heart but i am the one that gets to pick up the peices . You think a simple sorry is all it takes to make it all better . I forgive u time an time again . I dont knoe how much more i can take . Tell me whats really goin on . Tell me if u wanna leave me . Becaus if leavin makes you happy then go . if that is truely what u want then gets a stepin but dont tell me u love me an that we would allways be together if
Sexual Frustration?
Grr! x] Yeah, it sucks when you have a way hot friend, who knows every little spot that makes you squirm, and he has a girlfriend. x] Not to mention I'm in my 'peak sex drive' week. D: Asshole.
Disecting A Downrater...
I wonder what makes them tick. What makes them so hostile that they spend every ounce of their time trying to bring down others? I don't have down raters very often but the few I have had, I have paid attention too. I had one lady who had to have weighed like 250lbs. I had one who didn't even have a real picture was a cartoon charecter. I had another who had only one pic and was nice one minute/ bitter the next. Well this blog is in Honor of all those downraters. I have finally concluded that every last one of them has absolutely miserable lives and they feel like blaming everyone else for their problems and taking it out on them. Repeat after me...." I am in control of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions." What is it going to take to make all these bitter people realize that life is a blessing no matter what is going on. That no matter how they feel about themselves...ALL people are beautiful. Size doesn't matter, ethniticity doesn't matter, age doesn't matter. We
Want Everyone To Check Out My New Online Store
want to share this with everyone its a great way to may money. contact me if you are interested... tha ks so much . cherry girl
Please Shoot Me......twice
Do kids have a biological clock? Because I think my son's is ticking for me. Once again he's bugging me about finding somebody and getting married. Tonight he asked my parents how they met so he would know how to make it happen for me to meet the man I'll marry. Because he wants me to get married soon and have a baby brother or sister for him. As if him saying I needed to date the other night wasn't bad enough. So sorry if I don't reply back or talk to you tonight. Just not in the mood. Hopefully reading this you'll understand. :(
Nihon Tube 1
My New Hair :d 11/4/07
I sometimes find I'm drifting Through this life without effect; I often wonder if I'm truly Worth what I've been blessed. I search through days that have been hard, To try to understand, The many trials that I have known, The life that I have had. You see me in my daily grind, So confident and strong; Yet when I am alone, I question Just where I belong. I often try too hard I find, To analyze and guess, To scrutinize, investigate My life I will confess. For somewhere deeper, there must be Some meaning to this life, Some way to make a difference, Give a reason for this strife. Is there some hidden meaning? Some agenda to be found? A greater purpose waiting If I care to hang around? It teases and it taunts me, Always slightly out of sight; A hazy vision out of reach, Where darkness hides the light. I struggle to bring clarity To what awaits me there, And yet this weak illusion Always fades before my stare. It seems the harder that I try, T
" Please Keep Both In Your Prayers "
A Nightmare Alone
In the darkness of night, I lie alone on my bed Many thoughts of you running through my head Remembering the smile on your loving face Cherishing forever our last embrace The strength of your arms, the way they felt When I am in your arms, I completely melt The way you smile as you look at me When your eyes are peering, so lovingly The silkiness of your adoring and wanting touch That thought alone makes me miss you so much The sweet flavor of your enchanting kiss Oh, the way that makes me feel is utterly bliss The way your lips graze lightly over my skin As the heat of the moment starts to sink in If you only knew what your love does to me If only there was a way to allow you to see Your love fills my heart in so many ways As it will for the rest of my living days It encompases the person that looks back at you With you by my side, I could never feel blue Your love raises my life to higher planes In words, there's just no w
Gah@ Assholes!
Today, november 4th, 2007, I had a nice little chat with someone who will go unnamed. but You all can thank HIM for any reluctance i may or may not have. gotta love the assholes! after trying to explain to me shit i ALREADY am aware of, and, as a matter of fact i tried explaining i was already aware of said ways of Fu...he proceeded to be an ignorant little snot who... and i quote.. told me he could see my tits and ass on the new photo's page, but couldnt get to them in my private folder. well no shit? i dont have him on my family thing. if i wanted him to see the full fucking pics i would have added him. so he had to go on and on about how he 'didnt care' about the photos, but that he 'just wanted me to know'. lol! anywhoo. it goes like this now. DONT ask to see the yum-yum folder. IF i want you to see it i'll offer it. if you ask? i'll tell you no. assholes abound, it seems, and cant seem to keep their thoughts, opinions, idiotic tendencies, to themselves.
Well I said in my last blog that I would keep you up to date on what was going on with me wanting to get a truck. After agreeing to look at cars, we did get a truck. I am happy now, but I am sure that I will be paying for it later. We got a Ford F250.
She died a year ago today of cervical cancer at the age of 25. She was one of my favorite cousins and was way to young to be taken from us. I miss her every day. I love you Sami!! RIP
Hurry Up And Block This Guy
HE'S GIVING EVERYONE "1"'s.... Tyson@ fubar
Murphy's Laws Of Combat Operations...
Murphy's laws of combat operations... 1. Friendly fire - isn't. 2. Recoilless rifles - aren't. 3. Suppressive fires - won't. 4. You are not Superman; Marines and fighter pilots take note. 5. A sucking chest wound is Nature's way of telling you to slow down. 6. If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid. 7. Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo and not want to waste a bullet on you. 8. If at first you don't succeed, call in an air strike. 9. If you are forward of your position, your artillery will fall short. 10. Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than yourself. 11. Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself. 12. Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder. 13. If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush. 14. The enemy diversion you're ignoring is their main attack. 15. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: when they're ready; when you're not. 16. No OPLAN ever survives initia
Musica Nocturna Playlist 11/04/07
POP WILL EAT ITSELF - Ich Bin Ein Auslander THE CREATURES - Another Planet BELLA MORTE - Fall No More LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT - The Kids Are All Wrong SHE WANTS REVENGE - Written in Blood DIARY OF DREAMS - UnWanted? AND ONE - Military Fashion Show NOYCE TM - Our World COVENANT - Go Film (Live) NITZER EBB - Fun To Be Had SPETSNAZ - Allegiance ORANGE SECTOR - Dynamit SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY - Breed A PERFECT CIRCLE - Judith (Danny Lohner/NIN Remix) BIG ELECTRIC CAT - Red Roses (Black Vine Mix) DAWN OF ASHES - Torture Device SUICIDE COMMANDO - Hellraiser (Agonoize Remix) RE:/LEGION - Cancer Decay NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - Red Right Hand SNOG - The Last Days of Rome NINE INCH NAILS - My Violent Heart MARILYN MANSON - This Is The New Shit (Sergio Galouan Mix) CARFAX ABBEY - Purified MADELEINE LE ROY feat. AMBER - Wuthering Heights THE CRUXSHADOWS - Deception VNV NATION - Beloved PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF - Turmdrehkran (Radio Edit) TECHNOIR - All In My Head (Beborn Beton
You Know You Wanna
Hi all.. Come on.. You know you wanna.. come in.. hang out with the MOSH PIT HOTTTIES and listen to great music.. and have some real fun... Just click on the link below and enter the PIT!! - Get Your Own Hope to see you there.. KISSESS!!! Oh and tell them.. Cassie sent you.. :) Click the link below.
No Answer....
He grabs the razor blade, presses it to his skin. I love you he cries out.. no answer. He slowly starts to drag it down his arm. I love you he again cries out... still no answer... He pushes harder as he drags it, making a small cut.. The blood starts to run down his arm onto the floor. drip by drip the blood forms a puddle, he stops for a minute and cries out again.. I love youuuu.. still no answer He pushes it deeper ad harder, More blood starts to flow. My girl left me but i cant let her go. With his finger he spells her name in blood, Below it says I love you.. as he finishes himself off.......
Zack My 12 Yr Old I Am So Proud Of Him
Each one of my sons have something special about him that brings out so much pride in me ...... Today my 12 yr old went out for tryouts for a baseball traveling team this is the type that eventually are shown on t.v and has the little league world series .... Zack not only made the cut he was the first to be notified ..I got the call this evening and was completely at a loss for words at what the coach had to say about his performance ....He had hit several out of the park ...pitched with speed and accuracy that a pitcher from the San Diego padres association was totally blown away by his performance and he fielded the ball perfectly ..... so I didn't think I could be prouder of him 'till he found out his best friend might not make the team ... Zack tearing up said "I wont play cause if Ross does not make the team he couldn't take the offer...It just wouldn't feel right cause Ross wanted me to do it with him and he really wanted to play and he plays just as good as me" ...... etc
Leaving Fubar
I am pretty sure as of 11-9, I am leaving fubar. Its just not that exciting, it seems to be nothing more than people that are super caught up in numbers, "give me comments", "add me"(so I can never even talk to you, and if you send me a message, I wont reply), people striving to get over 1000 friends... WTF?? why does anyone need over 1000 friends? You cant possible talk to them all, guess I may be selfish, but if your on my list, I would expect you to know who I am, and to want to talk at some point. I have been to the other sites (myspace, stickam) and decided they were nothing but a bunch of young kids, and they those sites just wasn't for me, then I found this site and thought hmm, a more mature crowd, not really, just older people. I do not mean this of everyone in here, but in general, for a majority. I realize 95% of the people on my list wont read this, and the 5% that will, are already on my yahoo list, but if you would like to keep in contact, I can be reached on yahoo at hoc
Vent: Not All Military Wives Are Unfaithful
omg. i was wearing my marine wife sweatshirt today and some lady literally came up to me, acted all nice and stuff then out of no freaking now where, asked how many guys i'd slept with since Mike left. WTF!?!?!? I mean seriously. NOT ALL MILITARY WIVES ARE UNFAITHFUL. I take my marriage very seriously. I love my husband and would never do anything to hurt him. Yes, I have alot of male friends, and I love talking to other guys (and ladies!)- no matter their branch, who can help me better understand whta he's going through. I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!! AH! Sorry, had to vent.
A Lover's Retreat
Cold, black satin sheets canvas the bed, Rich, luxurious mahagony forms the frame, Mirrors, polished with care lie ahead, Taunting the lovers to begin a new game, Candles aglow with an amber hue, Solicit the mood of passion and sensuality, A musky aroma permeates and subdues, Toys of pleasure heighten the carnal mentality, A view of leather, satin, lace and much more, Encourage a lustful yet shameless greed, Novelties that most would seem to abhore, Awaken the lovers' most inward needs, The enchanting melody lingering in their ears, Beckons their libido into lascivious affection, Reviving emotions that were buried for years, Tantalizing their taste of the sweetest confections, To be continued.............
Clay Walker ~ She Likes It In The Morning
she likes it in the morning when i run my fingers through her hair she smiles when i call her darlin she looks like an angel layin there she wants me in the evening to listen close to how she feels she needs to know i need her and heaven knows i always will cuz she loves me every single day and night and she says we are everything thats good in her life she says she loves me more than anything on earth and thats almost as much as i love her she likes to lay down on me and rest her head on my chest and softly whisper to me what she won't share with anyone else and theres a sweetness in her laughter when it's just the two of us and i try so hard to capture every little thing she does cuz she loves me every single day and night and she says we are everything thats good in her life she says she loves me more than anything on earth and thats almost as much as i love her and she says she loves me more than anything on earth and thast almost almost a
Need Help
I need help everyone!!! i am in a contest. I need to 25,000 comments to get a 30 day blast.... please click on the link below to get there.... any help would be appreciated. i will do the same for all my friends that ask. hugs to all Kat
My First Poem I Ever Wrote...
Everyone always talks about me, They say they dont like me. Does anyone actually know me? People say that they know my kind, A freak whos out of his mind. Does anyone actually know me? I'm just a loner a prisoner of time...
Bethany Dillon ~ You Could Be The One
Could I talk to you sometime this afternoon? About some things I know I'm reading into Because you and me come at this differently And I'm just trying to be honest with you Now that I've found you in the most unexpected places You were right in front of my face You could be the one that I could hold on to forever, hold on to forever You could be the one Yeah, I get it Go change the subject But I can't forget how much this seems to fit When you feel this way Everything sounds so clich� But I'll try to explain my side of this Now that I've found you in the most unexpected places You were right in front of my face You could be the one that I could hold on to forever, hold on to forever You could be the one Maybe you are the kind that doesn't want to say it I should just let you be But maybe if I spoke up that would be enough To give my mind some peace You could be the one that I could hold on to forever, hold on to forever Yo
Alone to cry Alone to laugh Alone to smile Alone to frown Alone to live Alone to die Alone to wander Alone to discover Alone to learn Alone to live Alone in pain Alone in hurt Alone in joy Alone in the morning Alone in the night Alone in the afternoon Alone in this life Alone in this world Alone in boredom Alone in knowledge Alone in this state Alone with people Alone at work Alone right now Alone when I was born And alone when I will die Alone walking through life Without any pride How can you be satisfied Living your life like you do When you know there is some one out there Who could really use a friend like you No one will know how I live No one will know who I am No one will ever get to know me Because I am destined to spend my life alone I am always alone. Itís no fun to be alone To do everything on your own To live with no recognition To share my pride with no one Wanting to have someone To live my life with But for now I will continu
Re: To All California Patriots (updated)
Re: TO ALL CALIFORNIA PATRIOTS (UPDATED) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pgh_Oldtimer Date: November 04, 2007 9:17 PM Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pgh_Oldtimer Date: November 04, 2007 3:11 PM Body: From: Bill Davis Date: 11/4/2007 3:23:05 AM To: tootough Subject: INFORMATION WANTED !!! TO ALL CALIFORNIA PATRIOTS The "Mutt" who drew blood on Dennis and Newt today at the Canoga Park Home Depot Protest Against Illegals and known As the "INDIAN" is WANTED........ By Me !! I'd like all possible information on him, anything in your files whether You think it's unimportant or not, please send me copies of it. Spread the word around with flyers in the areas he haunts. You May be able to flip a "friendly" as guys with his history of Anti-social behavior usually turn on their friends at some time. A "WANTED" poster with his picture will keep him looking over His shoulder. And sometime, somebody may
Baby Girl
I am a new father now for 5 months and I want to say that it is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. You may see pics of her in here and see more later. It is because of how proud I am of her.
A Shitty Start But A Somewhat Happy Ending.
OK so the Halloween party was going really well. We all wanted to play a game so, we went upstairs to my friends apartment, and started to play a game of Moose Head. For all that do not know what this is, you try to bounce a quarter into a bowl full of beer (1 bottle) if you get it in on the bounce, the last person that puts moose ears on their head and says, "moose head" has to drink the bowl. Well, I did this like 3 times within just a few minutes. Needless to say I was feeling pretty good, but not like totally trashed. Just a good ole buzz. Well, more people started to come up and play. There was one guy who is an ex-army guy who I've never had the chance to meet, but he is one of my really good friends, brother. His name is Hill, he's fought over in Iraq and he is currently studying Russian so he can get back into the army. Everyone was like OMG, you're going to be a Russian spy, and me having a little knowledge was the only one that got he was trying to be in Special Forces, but--
My Right
for the one who stands and fights I wish for him to stand at my right he now knows the truth about me and he has no fears that I can see I would take his right with honer and pride outlaws in the world side by side now he knows whats in store and neither of us could wantit more long days and longer nights finding peace in twilight as the wolves howl in the dark of night a full moon rises to give us light
Hi all Just wanted to let you all know that my aunts best friends brother killed himself on Saturday 11/3/2007 and I am not sure how to take it any suggestions would be nice
Carrie Underwood - So Small
What you got if you aint got love? The kind that you just wanna give away It's okay to open up Go ahead and let the light shine through I know it's hard on a rainy day You wanna shut the world out And just be left alone Don't run out on your faith Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing Is just a grain of sand What you've been out there searching for forever, Is in your hands When you figure out love is all that matters, after all It sure makes everything else Seem so small It's so easy to get lost inside A problem that seems so big, at the time It's like a river that's so wide It swallows you whole While you're sittin round thinking about what you can't change And worryin' about all the wrong things Time's flying by, moving so fast You better make it count, cause you can't get it back Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing Is just a grain of sand What you've been out there searchin for forever Is in your hands Oh, When you figure out l
Please Read
If you are one of those people who never responds to emails or shouts, then most likely you are a self-richeous peice of shit. Call me an asshole or w.e. but I dont like you and you should probably not send an invite to me or accept one if ive sent it to you. Im not on here to have a million friends that i dont talk to. Not here to enter a popular slut contest. So if it ends up being you i will probably delete you after a while.
Day 1 (a Bit Behind) page) Chapter One Sabrina. Cold. Wet. Very windy. No weather for a cat. Home. Lights. Run. Thunk! Meooooowch! Pain! Huh? I see the light. Run. Thunk! Again? Why? Back to steps. Now what? Mew. Help? Mew Hands. Flying. Warm Thing. Warm. Drying. Nice. Zzzzzzz, The tall, athletic girl looked at the sleeping feline and shook her head. Definitely a dim bulb in the chandelier, if not the dimmest. Glass was simply a foreign concept to the ball of fluff, and at least a half dozen times, she had seen the silly thing bash itself against the windows. The sole survivor of a rough birthed litter, Sabrina was a sweet little thing, but honestly, probably was not going to make a very good familiar. Which was going to make the school year a rough one for the teenager. Once again she mentally kicked herself for being a bleeding heart. Fortunately, familiars weren't a crucial part of this year's curriculum, but either Sabrina smartened up or she was
Sign My Guestbook, Please
Tears Of Joy
Tears of Joy Tears of happiness The tearsi cry are of neither They fall like a swollen storm A storm that want go away I pray to the lord everyday Let the sun shine bright i say Does he hear me Or is he trying to punish me Why does he let the black night come When all it does is rain Shows me the memories of all the pain The storm is getting closer It floods my path The only way to go now is back Back down the path I thought was blowen away Through all the fog it reveals it self I hate to go back down the path No i will swim threw the river that he puts in my way Will i make threw to see the sunshine another day
I Have A Contest Idea!
Ok so I want to have a contest but I'd like some opinions on whether or not people think it would be cool, i'd do a MUMM but some of those people are out there just to be assholes so i'll just take the opinions of the people who care enough to read my blog. So here's the skinny- I have a mineral makeup business and I need a slogan for the winter/holidays so I thought i'd have a contest to see who could come up with something I can use, the winner wouldn't necessarily be the best slogan, it has to be something I can use and it has to apply to the product. The prize would be the usual fu gifts like VIP or 7-Day blast, OR they would also have the option to win the equivalent (about $20) in free makeup. So, thoughts? Questions? Let me know and thanks for your time!
Lifehouse ~ First Time
We're both looking for something We've been afraid to find It's easier to be broken It's easier to hide Looking at you, holding my breath For once in my life I'm scared to death I'm taking a chance letting you inside I'm feeling alive all over again As deep as the sky under my skin Like being in love, she said, for the first time Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right where I belong with you tonight Like being in love to feel for the first time The world that I see inside you Waiting to come to life Waking me up to dreaming Reality in your eyes Looking at you, holding my breath For once in my life I'm scared to death I'm taking a chance letting you inside I'm feeling alive all over again As deep as the sky under my skin Like being in love, she said, for the first time Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right where I belong with you tonight Like being in love to feel for the first time We're crashing Into the unknown We're lost in this But it feels lik
Bethany Dillon ~ You Could Be The One
Could I talk to you sometime this afternoon? About some things I know I'm reading into Because you and me come at this differently And I'm just trying to be honest with you Now that I've found you in the most unexpected places You were right in front of my face You could be the one that I could hold on to forever, hold on to forever You could be the one Yeah, I get it Go change the subject But I can't forget how much this seems to fit When you feel this way Everything sounds so clich� But I'll try to explain my side of this Now that I've found you in the most unexpected places You were right in front of my face You could be the one that I could hold on to forever, hold on to forever You could be the one Maybe you are the kind that doesn't want to say it I should just let you be But maybe if I spoke up that would be enough To give my mind some peace You could be the one that I could hold on to forever, hold on to forever Yo
How Old Are You ?
older than 21...but less than dead
Plain White T's
Hey there Delilah I've got so much left to say If every simple song I wrote to you Would take your breath away I'd write it all Even more in love with me you'd fall We'd have it all Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me A thousand miles seems pretty far But they've got planes and trains and cars I'd walk to you if I had no other way Our friends would all make fun of us and we'll just laugh along because we know That none of them have felt this way Delilah I can promise you That by the time we get through The world will never ever be the same And you're to blame Hey there Delilah You be good and don't you miss me Two more years and you'll be done with school And I'll be making history like I do You know it's all because of you We can do whatever we want to Hey there Delilah here's to you This ones for you Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me
Survey Says....??
1. What is the status of you and the last person you held hands with? its my daughter 2. Whats bothering you right now? the fact that it feels like saturday & its asunday. 4. Wallpaper on your computers desktop? some stupid graphic 5. Background on your cell phone? palm tree, that I took a pic of when in the florida keys. 6. What do you want in your life right now? a great guy & more time. 7. Listening to? the hum of my computer fan 9. What do you smell like? probably household cleaners, since I spent the day cleaning 10. Drinking? nothing 11. Whats your favorite thing to have on your bed? a snuggly guy who loves me 12. If you could change something in your life, what would it be? my house, be closer to work, make $5 more a hour, cheaper or free insurance, being single & of course I would change fat into thin & breathtaking 13. What do you wear to bed? T-SHIRT 14. Do you remember your dreams? sometimes 15. Who will you sleep with to
How And Why I Rate Porfiles And Photos
Before you ask, I will explain how and why I rate the way I do. 1: If I look at your page, I will rate you a 10 as long as your page doesnt take 5 minutes to load with my high speed Connection. As I feel that everybody deserves a 10, due to everybody is important in there own ways. I dont think one person is better or worst then somebody else. 2: I dont rate mens profile for the reasons I dont want people to get the wrong idea, as I am not into that at all. 3: I always read the profiles, not just look at pictures, I have a certain style of people I vear away from, and look for certain types of people. Some groups I stay away from are those that are into satanism, vampirisim, goth, or those that deal with the dead, swinger groups, and etc. 4: people I am looking for are those that are real life type of people, not ones that wish to hide behind a false profile, role play, or act out certain persona's. People that are happy to be who and what they are. 5: If I rat
Alicia Keys ~ No One
I just want you close Where you can stay forever You can be sure That it will only get better You and me together Through the days and nights I dont worry cause Everythings gonna be alright People keep talking They can say what they like But all I know is everything's gonna be alright No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I feel for you You you Can get in the way of what I feel for you When the rain is pouring down And my heart is hurting You will always be around This I know for certain You and me together Through the days and nights I dont worry cause Everythings gonna be alright People keep talking They can say what they like But all I know is everything's gonna be alright No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I feel for you You you Can get in the way of what I feel for you I know some people search
I used to have a projectplaylist on this site--in case you dont know this is a music play list. Someone from fubar must have removed it maybe due to some of the songs on it I dont know! You know Im fuckin sick and tired of people being afraid of offending other people so I think soon I will just create and if need be pay for my OWN fuckin site so I dont have to worry about being deleted like did to me TWICE!!! Its BULLSHIT that I have to worry about other fuckin peoples feelings--who the fuck asks me if they can call me a fuckin cracker? Fuck you and your mother! Ill be outta here real fuckin soon just like myspace!
Twin Flame
So if Soul Mates are our spiritual family, what are Twin Flames? Twin Flames are ourselves in another body. When Souls chose to enter into physicality, they were split into masculine and feminine aspects. Please note, I did not say male and female, because throughout our incarnations, we will be in both genders of bodies. When we first leave the Light to enter into physicality, we will connect with our Twin Flame. This is done so we will not feel so totally alone in the human experience. After this we go our separate ways and grow lifetime after lifetime in experience and wisdom until we are ready to break free of the bonds of physicality and mortality. When we have reached this stage we have the opportunity to reconnect with our ďother halfĒ or Twin Flame. The chances are that we meet our Twin Flame briefly in many lifetimes, but one or both of us are not ready for the intensity of this connection. When both halves of the whole are ready to come back together and meet they will discov
Hurry Up And Block Drama Queen
A Dsc Family Member Needs Leveled
Come on ya'll come help me level a very sweet lady. Also a member of DSC and IBIC. She's trying to reach henchman with 48,000 to go. Hope to see ya there. Canadian/Jason is leveled. ~ஐ~ de ~ஐ~ .:*DSC*:.~ I.B.I.C.~@ fubar
Ufc 78- Validation Full Fight Card
Here is the main card for UFC 78 all. Main Event!!! Lightheavyweight Contenders match Micheal "The Count" Bisping(14-0-0) vs Rashaad "Sugar" Evans(15-0-1) LightHeavyweight Contenders Match. Thiago Silva(10-0-0) vs Houston "The Assassin" Alexander(7-1) Middlewight Match. Joe Doerkson (39-10) vs Ed "Short Fuse" Herman(14-4) Welterweight Match. Ryo "Pirahna" Chohen(14-7) vs Karo "The Heat" Parisyan(25-4) Lightweight Match. Frank "The Answer" Edgar(6-0-0) vs Spencer "The King" Fisher(20-3-0) UNDERCARD FIGHTS. Welterweight Match. Chris "Lights Out" Lytle(34-14-4) vs Thiago "Pit bull" Alves(18-4) Lightweight Match Jason Reinhardt(18-0) vs Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon(14-3) Lightweight Match Luke "Lil Hulk" Caudillo(15-8) vs Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio(14-5) Welterweight Match. Akihiro "The Japanese Sensation" Gono(27-12-7) vs Tamdan "The Barn Cat" McCrory(10-0) 1. Micheal Bisping by TKO in 2nd RD 2. Houston Alexander by TKO in 3rd RD 3
All Right Everyone Not Much More To Go. Let's Show The Fubar Spirit
Hey Everyone Sorry For The Hiatus
To all of my friends, Family, and Anyone else that happens to read the shit that spews forth from my keys: Thanks for being there for me, even though I haven't been around alot. I still get on and check messages and comments. If I have time I will respond to them all. I hate the fact that I don't hang out here as much as I used to because I have managed to find some pretty cool people here on fubar that are entertaining and very true to heart. I have a full time Job and I am also a full time student at the local college. I am also a Doggie mother and a maid. My schedule is full to the brim. Some things have been put on the back burner, and fubar is regretfully one of them I will try to get on more often. Feel free to leave comments I will get to you all EVENTUALLY! Mistress
R.i.p. Moolah
WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah Passes Away Date Added: November 03, 2007 Story By: Marc Middleton - has announced the passing of WWE Hall of Famer, The Fabulous Moolah. Apparently Moolah passed away last night sometime. On behalf of everyone here at the site, our condolences go out to the family of Moolah. No cause of death has been confirmed yet, but WWE should release more details soon. It's believed Moolah was 84.
Need Comment Bombers
i need some comment bombing done on my pic in the tat contest please show me some love i am way behind
Someone So Messed Up
Someone so messed up , on the edge of losing, losing everything Home,spirit,mind the only thing that pleases everyone The little girl who doesnt know what is going on so scared to tell her Like making a deal with the devil You damn if you do and damn if you dont
Slow Tears
I look up as a tear rolls slowly down my cheek I think about better days and wonder if I'll feel that way again you look at me with those eyes I know so well always serious, so deep and insightful as though you're always in control But not today not now Now you look so scared like for once you don't have the answer I gaze at you looking deep into those hazel eyes Hoping to understand why you've said those things you did I wonder for a moment if this is all a dream if I shall wake in the morning and be relieved you look at me with a confusion I have never seen slowly pull me towards you and wipe the tears from my cheek
i am lost i have gone to look for myself if i return before i get back please ask me to wait
she said she wanted 6'' and wanted it hard so i fucked her 3 times and hit her with a brick
Still So Far
My mind still keeps those words, And palms still remember that touch, My heart remembers the care and love, Love...and felt it slipping away, slowly away, My heart reached out to you, Trying to catch your hand, In the net that was my soul, My feet patted the ground, Scampering, trying to catch up, But the fog of those days crept in my eyes, I lost you...but you're still here... You're so close, but still so far, My eyes can't open until that day, When you come back, and I will wait, When you're with me on dark, rainy days, It makes any sunny day without you Feel so cold, so treacherous to breathe. When you're not here, I still remember, But I can't keep playing back my thoughts Of you, your care and love and pure presence, So please come back, come back soon... I love you, and I always will. Why we have to stand so far apart I'll never know. All I know is I want you here, all three of you with me. Come back soon, I miss you guys...
Please Help
Please help! I need as many people who can leave a few comments for me! I am quickly losing my lead and do not know how much longer i can keep up. Please help! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! Jennifer Link:
This Life
This life of mine has no time I stand before the black depths I sigh as I begin to cry And take the fateful dive May I have peace before the storm Or will raging winds sweet it away I find this life is no longer mine I must leave it all behind I strive to break through the storm As I stand on the cliff looking down To the black depths far below Dreading taking that final step I twist around only to fall down So I let the blackness surround me Drowning me as I try to let go Of the past thats no longer mine What will I find beyond the dark Maby peace I hope for love Pray my dreams wont ever fade Into the gray nothingness of tomorrow This storm will pass with my past Ive nothing left to say And if I see tomorrows sun I dread the days still to come As I dive into the darkness I know My soul will rise aboe all the storms And it'll fly away back to the day When time was mine for a while Even though now its nolonger mine I know there will be a time Wh
I don't believe in love, At least not yet, Because supposable, What you see is what you get, And I haven't seen any love yet, Maybe its there, And I don't even know it, But if it is, I wish that person would show it, Because I'm about to give up, And it's hurting within, That I can't see love, And that it's something I don't believe in, Can't someone come and rescue me, And save me from this dullness, Or just let me die, In this loneliness?
Military Inc
Calling All Fire & Ice Crew
Alright Fire and Ice Crew Show me what ya got! We have a job to do, let's level this sweet lady!
37 Things Girls Don't Know About Guys.......
37 Things Girls Don't Know About Guys....... 1. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. 6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. 7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. 8. Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. 9. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And h
Interesting Ideas...
My life is nothing but interesting. LOL. Well...lets see here... I got a wake up call from my Master. That was fun! :) I talked to a mutual friend that Master and I kno today. Regarding some additional BDSM type of activities that I am now intrigued by. LOL Thats all Master needs...more ways of torturing me. These I want to play around with. Abrasion, Fire Play and Sensations. He described them to be and how they are done. Which I thought were pretty cool. I will have to talk with Master see what he thinks. I am making some graphics. Some Desktop Wallpapers...and some graphics for Meg (bifly) and Leslie (Witchy1). Which the didnt turn out to bad. :) I stashed the song I wrote in my Stashes here. Plus its on my puter. I made a folder for that stuff. And I am sitting here bored at work! LOL. Oh well... BOLO! ^..^
Case Mod Pics
Added some new pics... They are of the computer case mods that I have done... The first one is my personal machine... Simple color scheme, windows, organized cabling, added lighting, etc... On that one I paid a lot of attention to details... Notice the interior is colored... Yes I stripped the case down and painted the inside.. Also one of the coolest mods is an added blue LED light inside the DVD-Rom drive (a pioneer slot load not tray load)... So when you insert or eject the disc the disc shines a beam of light into the room (way cool effect)... The next one is a mod of an HP case... I cut a spiderweb into the side door for a window then placed a spiderweb fan grill in the center with a lit fan behind it... The owner wanted a purple and green color scheme so that's why it's black-light lighting with uv green cabling... I like to think both cases turned out well.. Learned a lot from both jobs... I haven't seen the HP since I gave it back but mine is still in mint condition.
This Is What I Do To My Crushes
NuttinButtSexxy NuttinButtSexxy NuttinButtSexxy NuttinButtSexxy NuttinButtSexxy
To All Slap Happy Bombers I Need Yer Help
I am in a contest for a 1 day blast here is the link pl come help me win
Something To Crush On
Come Join Me
Was sup all Dj Hustler here i'm live right now taking requests and shoutouts come tune in @ or u can join me in fubar lounge hope to see u their
Fire & Ice Rules To Live By
Please read them and follow them as they will be our guide to a happy family. 1) NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED!!..I will not put up with any drama from anyone. there will be no exceptions to this rule! You disregard this rule and you will be dismissed from my family! Act your age, if u cant then please do not waste our time! 2)No one but upper management will be allowed to blog about Leveling..unless you have been given the ok to do so. This will only be to minimize confusion in the family! The only ones to blog about leveling are Founder, CoFounder, President, Vice President and Manager. Even so I need you guys to confirm with me before posting Blog. 3) Absolutley NO BOMBING! If you choose to enter into a contest or give away you are doing so at your own will, and you are not to expect anyone in the family to help you out. We are a not a bombing crew but a leveling family!! For now this is the rules on bombing. In time when our family grows we will divide into two different gro
Kisses 4 My Crush
Sexy ... Hell Yes..
The clock is ticking, time is moving quickly, and they are running through the train station hand in hand. Grady has got both bags under his arm, the conductor is announcing "All Aboard" as they barely make it onto the steps, the train is pulling away. Grady and Kimberly are standing right at the top of the entryway, hair blowing in the wind, still trying to catch their breath. Laughing just a bit. The weekend is so fun, they are enjoying every minute of it, consuming everything, feeling everything, breathing everything, including each other, together. Slowly, they walk back to their cabin and Grady puts the bags up. They sit gently down on the seats and smile at each other, he leans over just for a small kiss. She loves that, she leans on his shoulder and they watch out the window as the trees stream by. They chat together softly, about their plans, their future, kissing in between what seemed like each word. They decide to get ready for dinner, unpacking the suit cases Grady i
Here Ya Go Babe.
~*Krissy*~ ~*Fu Bomber Family manager*~ ~*Hopelesly Devoted to Ms. AllCOX*~@ fubar ~*Krissy*~ ~*Fu Bomber Family manager*~ ~*Hopelesly Devoted to Ms. AllCOX*~ Will you take my hand in fu marriage? I don't have any money so I can't pay for your net to stay on! I don't have another computer to give you, if yours dyes, but I have all the 10's and comments possible to give you! And I promise to downrate anyone who downrates you! I will be the best fu wife ever! Will you have me? And if I had money, I would buy you this in real life, because someday I hope we can widow me!! So will you have me? *-Ms. AllCOX-*-Assistant Manager To My ReaLife LOVE ~*Krissy*~, Of the -*FU*- BOMBERS-*@ fubar
A recently widowed lady, was sitting on a beach towel at Cocoa Beach, Florida. She looked up and noticed that a man her age had walked up, placed his blanket on the sand nearby and began reading a book. Smiling, she attempted to strike up a conversation with him. "Hello, sir, how are you?" "Fine, thank you," he responded, and turned back to his book. "I love the beach. Do you come here often?" she asked. "First time since my wife passed away last year," he replied, and again turned back to his book. "Do you live around here?" she asked. "Yes, I live over in Suntree," he answered, and then resumed reading. Trying to find a topic of common interest, she persisted. "Do you like pussycats?" With that, the man threw his book down, jumped off his blanket onto hers, tore off both their swimsuits and gave her the most passionate ride of her life! As the cloud of sand began to settle, Sarah gasped and asked the man, "How did you know that was what
Agree With Bubblewrap
I have met some folks from here and some from other sites. So I know those folks are real. Then there are the ones that are on your list you talk to them for while and intend on meeting. The closer the meet time the more intense the emails get..etc. Then they suddenly go paranoid on you. Giving you a lecture about 'protection' because they have seen my profile in other sites...assuming I slept all I have met..even with oral. What?? All we were going to do is met and say hello..when did that require a condom? He basically called me a liar..did not believe me when I told him never had an std. Assumed I have slept with all men on my list--including the other sites..and judged me before meeting me face to face. I am real..I have a photo salute. I do not have a video camera or how to use the cam for such a thing. But even if I did, I would not know what to say or do. Guess it takes practice. Tom-Tom "Bubblewrap" does a damned good job of doing his videos. Tom, since
Why Do We Feel
Well here we go... It is funny how pain works.. I mean we all know that it is electroids relaying information from our nerves to our brain But how do you explain the pain when you lose something you love or you walk away because it is time.. I think that this pain is the worst type of pain because it seems everlasting. I can hurt myself and move on knowing that the pain will go away but the pain of the heart now that is a different story. I can try to shake it loose but it stays right there and nothing i do makes it leave. I have tried so many things but it doesnt leave it is like my soul is empty now but I know that it will fill again in time. but does that help the present not really. Does it help that when you walk away you question yourself for doing it. NOT REALLY. I know that there is someone out there for me I know this but how can I stop this feeling that I walked away from the one... Well I guess it helps that I didnt really have much say in it.. So I walk away and hope that o
So Im Happy!
everything has been going great. ive actually been happy. thats all. :] lol you can leave me comments!! that tends to make my day as well.
When you get married, is something magical suppose to happen that changes you? If so, I'm still waiting. I feel the same- happier, but still, the same.
(shoutbox) erv131: I've lost my panties, may I borrow yours? Need I say more? urgh.
I'm Back!
hey everyone I know its been a while, but I'm back. I've been MIA for quite a while, just beeb working a lot and taking care of my mom whom was diagnosed with breast cancer about 4 months back and has underwent the radation and chemo therapy. its been very hard on me and that family, as well as my mom but we are running strong with her with the fight and she's doing outstanding. I love her to death and she came first. But other than that I am finally able to come back on here and hang out with you guys. so shoot me some love back, I'd love to hear from you guys!
Rules For Being Human
Rules For Being Human 1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but make the best of it because it's going to be with you the rest of your life. 2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life on Planet Earth. Every person or incident is the Universal Teacher. 3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of experimentation. "Failures" are as much a part of the process as "Successes." 4. A lesson is repeated until learned. It is presented to you in various forms until you learn it - then you can go on the next lesson. 5. If you don't learn easy lessons, they get harder. External problems are a precise reflection of your internal state; pain is how your subconscious gets you attention. First it whispers; then it yells. When you clear inner obstructions, your outside world changes. 6. You will know you have learned a lesson when your actions change. Wisdom is practice, practice, practice. And remember,
Please Sign My Guest Book
Please sign my guest book
TATTOOED A man had íI love youí tattooed on his penis and showed it to his wife. She said to him, "There you go again, trying to put words in my mouth." :p
Beyond mind, there is an awareness that is intrinsic, that is not given to you by the outside, and is not an idea -- and there is no experiment up to now that has found any center in the brain which corresponds to awareness. The whole work of meditation is to make you aware of all that is "mind" and disidentify yourself from it. That very separation is the greatest revolution that can happen to man. Now you can do and act on only that which makes you more joyous, fulfills you, gives you contentment, makes your life a work of art, a beauty. But this is possible only if the master in you is awake. Right now the master is fast asleep. And the mind, the servant, is playing the role of master. And the servant is created by the outside world, it follows the outside world and its laws. Once your awareness becomes a flame, it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created. There is no blissfulness more precious than freedom, than being a master of your own destiny.
10,500 To Go To Godfather!!
Steve ~*~Club F.A.R.~*~@ fubar
What's In It For Me?
Well, there's been so much going on in my mind. Wondering if I'm doing the right thing or not. Do i second guess myself or stick with my gut feeling? Each time i 2nd guess myself, i end up losing out. What do I do? *paces the floor* Do I do it? Or Not?
Don`t Tell Me You Love Me
Words conveyed with tear drenched eyes hearing true meaning without sound telling myself it is all a bad dream please...don`t tell me you love me Arguments started but never completed reconciled within naive denial heartache unraveling from the core hindered by broken wings that never soar Vows that sadly cannot endure promises made but now ignored answers to questions constantly needed please..don't tell me you love me Pain has enveloped my soul`s desire trying not to be consumed by hell`s fire selfishness has taken over my mind as redemption I seek to find Haunted by memories of time gone awry Having seen all the tears you have cried just one request as we retreat please...don`t tell me you love me
Let Me Out
FUTURE LEADERS OF THE WORLD LYRICS "Let Me Out" I found some peace today I grit my teeth And swallow all my pain and selfish pride I use to hide behind [Chorus x2:] Let me out, let me out Iím singing Let me out, let me out Iím singing Iím a liar and a cheat in prison Accused of telling the truth Flames of pain stained paint my eyes Child I've lost this face won't lie Time burns my souls decay grey Sifting through the smoke and lies Swimming exhale our love that's died First and last ain't ever the same, so Iíll keep on singing this I donít care if youíre right or if I'm always wrong Just want to sing my song before this whole world [Chorus X2] [Bridge:] Now and forever I stand to sever all ties and connections with recollections of pain or fear Family, society, authority and every peer Swallowing tears, lien' in my stomach I'm getting free-er every second eroding and exploding All these corporate deceptions right here I'm... Metal prison bars blo
Never Ending Love
I love you more than words can say. I love you more than angels pray. I love you with all of my heart. Please don't ever let us part. I know you love me too. But how can all of this be true? You say you've never been so happy. Our love for each other is kinda sappy. Even though i see you everyday. My love for you will never change. I will love you till the day i die. Because your not just another guy!
Heat You Got To Hate It
What is anyone to do about there heating stats, gas is so high I dont know how they expect us to come up with 500 right off the bat.I mean i make good money but still, I cant pay that right now I have three kids I have to buy x mas for .How do you do that with xmas coming and I am the only one working , my husband is trying for disablity he isnt alound to work because of his marfans.. So if any one has any ideas please feel free to email me or comment ..Thank you for listen....
Help This Family Member
he's close to get to leveling stop by and show him some love Soul_Tamer Proud Member of the Confederate Bombers Family'@ fubar
Horoscope For Today
"Financial issues are on the table and your ability to juggle numbers and concepts in your head has never been stronger. It's a great time to experiment with new ways of handling your cash." LOL!! If only I HAD the cash to do this....!!!
My Just Me(nsfw Folder)
is open for a few days, go ahead and comment/rank!
Spicy Angel
My new friend Spicy Angel needs your help. Her profile was recently deleted. She was a Rockstar before she was deleted. Please stop by her page and rate her pictures and stash to get her level back up where it was. Thanks, Tiggerbear2007 Spicy Angel@ fubar
What's With That?
Why are people putting up cartoons or scenery for their page pic? They also put nothing down for their age....where they live...or their sex....I can't see why anyone would add them if they let you know nothing about them. Crazy.
This boredom consumes me Now you're laughing, you're pointing in my face I'm so sick of not knowing I'm so sick of you saying it's ok But I'm still buried here for 212 days Why can't you just take me from - Take me from this place From all of these faces That don't understand They don't understand that I'm Stuck in these places With these situations This boredom kills me I'm sitting here with all I've done When my frustration snatches me by the throat These hours are days And these weeks in to months Please take me from - Take me from this place From all of these faces That don't understand They don't understand that I'm Stuck in these places With these situations This boredom kills me You think it's funny that I'm sitting here You think it's funny, I'm still sitting here You think it's funny Do you think I'm funny? When I'm told so many times Told so many things Liar on paper Nothing works out for me Told so many times Fucked so many ways T
are the pats, jeeze who's gonna beat them they are so good
42,000 To Henchman
Hey ya'll can you please go help level Jason, he's a great guy and a good friend and he'd really like to level soon. He's around 42,000 from Henchman. He's always there to help his friends when they are in need. I'd really appreciate some of you going by and helping him out. Thanks, Jackie CANADIAN - NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!!!!@ fubar
ok... this is starting to get ridiculous I feel like all I am is a go-between. My "friends" don't want to talk to me, they just want to talk to my other friend, my roommate. For instance, the only time my cousin and good friend will talk to me is to see if she is mad at him (they are dating). My other friend literally, I will text him and he will never respond. She will text him and get an immediate response. She even told him to text me, so he did, I responded and he never sent me another message. One of my best friends who I have not talked to in quite a while just texted me asking how she can get ahold of my other friend. Why does no one want to talk to me? I mean seriously. I'm still here. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I get so mad. I get so hurt. I tell them they make me feel this way, they say sorry then never change. I seriously just want to cry. I tried so hard to be a good friend for so long. Does anyone want me? *sigh* I really just don't know. *cries*
You Better Make It Count Cuz You Can't Get It Back...
"I know it's hard on a rainy day, You wanna shut the world out and just be left alone. But don't run out on your faith. Cuz sometimes that moutain you've been just a grain of sand. What you've been out there searching for forever...Is in your hands." REL
This Goes Out To My Stupid Sister
Wow, ok. first off, not everyone got the prissy life that youve been luckily given, Not everyone can fill the shoes of a child who thinks they are an adult, not everyone can sit there and get thier hair dyed every other week, get new clothes, every fucking day and yet you say im ruining your brother, Fuck you , cuz your nothing but a spoiled little cunt,who wont get far thinking like that in life, but when you do get a chance to grow up.. dont bother comming round me or my kids, cuz you wont ever see who you play adult games with. cuz you will be burned, ohh and dont forget.. all you normally say IS COMMENT my defult, i mean come on I try to give you some loving sisterly Advice and this is the shit i get in return, fuck just thinking of the time ive obviously wasted on you makes me sick to my fucking stomache. Do you want me to go and tell your mother , Bout the booze i caught you drinking or how bout ur "best" friend bout the lie your brother told foryour friend or how
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Love This
href="" target="_blank"> NuttinButtSexxy
Love These Eyes" target="_blank"> NuttinButtSexxy
Mommy And Daddy
Mommy and Daddy I know right now you won't understand Why Mommy and Daddy split apart Sometimes love gets lost between a woman and a man I know how much it breaks your heart To know Mommy and Daddy are in love no more Just know it isn't your fault And we will love you evermore There have been many lessons taught And many more to come This one will be hard to swallow I know it is not an easy one And how it feels so hallow I to have walked in your shoes My Mommy and Daddy broke up too In the end its the two of you who lose Just because Mommy and Daddy couldn't make do I hope you won't be angry with us I can't blame you if you are For you this is a minus, not a plus On your heart there will remain a scar We will always be around when you need us Even though we won't be together Our love for you will never die regardless of what should come between Your Mother and Father
Philadelphia Eagles Football Tailgate 2007
Dedication To A Dead Friend
Dedicated to Rivers It was July 25th 2005 My best fried was no longer alive That day he slipped quietly away I wouldn't have had it any other way His pain is gone and mine begins This is the day I lost my best friend I know he is still in my heart It just hurts to be apart I sometimes sit and think off all the good times we had It helps me not to feel so bad I lift my head up high, because he has wings now, he can fly He taught me things I never knew Like how to say I love you I never heard the man raise his voice He showed me I have a choice I never saw him act in anger He never met a stranger My friend is gone But his love lives on in all of us he touched and loved so very much Knowing him has made me a better man He taught me to say I can I love you man You Betcha!
another poem It's Over I don't know when things went so wrong All i know is they sure aren't right I can't remember the last time we felt close, its been so long I'm so very tired and I no longer care to fight You've got your own hopes and dreams I no longer know where they lie One day I will learn to fly with broken wings Would you be better off if I were to die We used to hold each other close at night Now we just turn and face the wall I have finally began to see the light I feel as if I don't matter to you at all you've got your friends and pleasures It's easy to see they mean more than me I sit in this house with all these worthless treasures This shit hurts, why can't you see? Is there someone else, or has my new worn out? you no longer look at me like before This shit hurts no doubt I can't take this much more I don't show it on the outside But I feel like I'm gonna break I fell like I'm drowning in the t
While Killin' Time, I Took A Survey.....
You help bring order to the world with your practical skills, high standards, and common sense. No one could ask for a more loyal and trustworthy friend. You are a source of strength and stability to everyone in your life. Not only will you drop everything to help your friends and family, but they also know they can count on you for no-nonsense advice. You have a clear moral center. You know who you are and what you believe. You would rather live life than endlessly debate its meaning. You are a very hard worker. No matter how difficult or tedious a job is, you will plod through it till it's done. Of course, you would not know all this from talking to you. You are extremely modest and cannot stand show-offs. If anything, you are too self-critical and do not appreciate all the good you do. In fact, you are probably overdue for some well-derserved fun, rest and relaxation. You are an ambitious person who enjoys competition and the thrill of victory. You like to wi
A Poor Mans Gold
sleep A Poor Mans Gold Sleep is a poor mans gold An escape from reality The world gets old You can go there and rest easy When you can't get there its like sufficating You toss and turn Then you lie there waiting Your eyes, they burn Your mind goes racing Your eyes, they won't close All this time is waisting Your all alone, nobody knows You can't sleep, you can't find peace Sanity is so hard to keep When its so hard to sleep
As A Proud Wife Of A Disabled Us Army Vet
Rules for the Non Military Dear Civilians: We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem --- kick their ass. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest --- kick their ass. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass. 4. If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. We
Demons Demons with Demands My demons have demands How can I make you understand I've done all I can I am only a man I've got needs and desires The burn in me like a fire I can't go on with this feeling of rejection I can't play a game of deception I'm down and out I feel like shit, there is no doubt My demons have demands you just don't understand I feel like im sitting out in the cold It seems like someone has stolen my soul I feel so empty you just can't see I feel like shit I think I'm gonna lose it My demons have demands I've forgotten who I am I wish you could help me But you just can't see I need to feel wanted My heart feels haunted I'm crawling outta my skin I've got these demons within
All this aggravation and fucking mental constipation I just want to explode I thought I left these feelings in the comode the depravation it smells like deffication I feel like I'm sufficating I can't stand waiting
Stuff I Wrote
Illusions and waiting Illusions My tears don't fall, you wonder why you see a long time ago I died inside you ask "did I do that?" No you see it takes more thank on mear mound to kill me My inner death came from years of being poked, stucked, prodded, and stabbed in the back feel no pitty and ask not " did I do that" Inside I've died but still I carry on Mabye one day I can be born again and mabye not slain again Mabye one day I can pull it all together and be the man I need to be not the one they all want me to be not the one they all want to see You see inside I feel so low but on the outside it just don't show its all an optical illusion all this fuckin confusion one day I'll be strong mabye it won't be long
Yeah, Sick And Tired
of getting some bullshit excuses from people..... be real and come correct when you speak to me..... I keep it real with you and expect nothing less from you..... you know who you are.
FUBAR IS A...: Please BLOCK ME ->FUBAR IS A...: No.... just the most blocked goodbye!!! FUBAR IS A...: I will become the most hated I assure you that ->FUBAR IS A...: That title is taken.....You havesucceeded in being a jerk off though!! FUBAR IS A...: leave better comments though I wanna be the most hated on FUBAR FUBAR IS A...: cause I like fucking with the weak and frail minds sorta like yours FUBAR IS A...: hich pig was yours I pissed off and you needed you to help her ? ->FUBAR IS A...: The question I have is why are you here then?? FUBAR IS A...: not at all ->FUBAR IS A...: is that the best you got jerk off? FUBAR IS A...: ont worry you can have all these fat dumpy looking low self esteem issued skanks FUBAR IS A...: dont do myspace you chum change asshole ->FUBAR IS A...: go back to myspace loser! FUBAR IS A...: Fuck You Asshole
Chris Cornell - When I'm Down
What say you now? The door is opening on your vigil And i'm in my usual way I save my breath, knowing what you're Wanting me to say I only love you when i'm down You say that midnight opens its arms to me Leaving you alone, and i fly so far away Until the light blurs my vision And i have nowhere to roam I only love you when i'm down And i only love you when i'm down And i'm only near you when i'm gone But one thing for you to keep in mind, you know I'm down all the time Well i know you're reaching out And you need to feel my hand You want to be understood, yeah well i understand I know you hold precious little hope for me And in your happiness I'm always drowning in my grief And i only love you when i'm down And i'm only near you when i'm gone But one thing for you to keep in mind, you know I'm down all the time All the time, all the time, all the time
I was in a really really really really good mood all day. Then some fucktard decided to send me a Fu-Mail calling me a cunt. Normally I'd just ignore it...but the fact that I was having such a good day - just irked the hell out of me. In honor I leave you with the following song!
A dietitian was once addressing a large audience in Chicago. "The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. "Soft drinks erode your stomach lining. Chinese food is loaded with MSG. Vegetables can be disastrous, and none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our drinking water. "But there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have, or will, eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?" A 75-year-old man in the front row stood up and said, "Wedding cake". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Some marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning." "Marriage is a lot like the army, everyone complains, but you'd be surprised at the number that re-enlist." - James Garner "Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards." - Benjamin Frankli
My Favorite
A Step Away From Them
they step away. they donít go offline. they step away. well, actually, they change their status to ďstepped-away.Ē which means theyíre still there. and i get alerted to their having stepped away. it is not their fault. the system itself is set up this way, to allow for the slightly absurd or, letís just say, paradoxical act of alerting others to oneís own having stepped away. it didnít always. it first introduced the taxonomy of compromised states or ďstatuses,Ē as they call themselves. they are derived, to be sure, from other such status-conscious catalogues (aim, yahoo, etc.). the change came later. the change that automatically sends out alerts about status changes. the paradox was born: hey, you, pay attention, there is nothing to pay attention to anymore! for those with a statistically significant sample, a fan base of thousands, friends in equal numbersódoes a wail commence with your stepping away? ďhey, please, no! come back!Ē i tried to check. i have become obsessed, as of l
Fantastic 4
Ain't God Good!!!!
The Windows Of Heaven The windows of Heaven are open, the blessings are falling tonight! THere's Joy, Joy, Joy in my heart since Jesus made EVERYTHING right! I gave Him my old tattered garment, He gave me a robe of pure white; I'm feasting on manna from Heaven and THAT'S WHY I', HAPPY TONIGHT!!! For those who do not know...I have been with out a car since August.. TO go any where I either walked or got a ride form my mom..Well who says you can't out give God. Last Saturday I found $40. I didn't think of how I was going to spend it instead my first thougtht was give it to God. That was last Sunday and this Sunday...God GAVE me a car. Praise God. AIn't God good. Watch our folks.. The blessing are flowing. I can't wait to see what else HE has in store for me and my kids! HALLRLUJAH!!!! Can u tell I am excited!!!!! Yes!
Please Help My Freind Out
Hey everybody a real close freind of mine got her account deleted for some really stupid reason she was a rockstar before it happen! If ya can and if you find the time please rate her and fan her for me thanks everybody! The Game Spicy Angel@ fubar
Re: Re: A Word To Those Wishing To Donate Money To Causes...
Re: Re: A word to those wishing to donate money to causes... ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: BECK911TRUTH Date: November 04, 2007 11:53 PM Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: nierika Date: November 04, 2007 11:44 PM Body: Please be advised that unless the organization you are donating money to is associated with or registered as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, you really do not know where or how the funds are being used. Anyone can set up a PayPal or Chip-in under the guise of collecting funds for Joe Blow and the MoFo's helping Albino Guinea Pigs. They do not have to keep a bookkeeping legder, give you a receipt or answer your questions about the use of funds. You get a PayPal receipt that says 'PAID TO THE THE ACCOUNT OF MANNY SWINDLER' instead of 'PAID TO THE WASHINGTON MUTUAL ACCOUNT IN CARE OF THE SAVE THE ALBINO GUINEA PIGS TRUST FOUNDATION' Whereas a Non-profit organization registered as 501 (c) 3 has state to
I Lost *crys* Lol
Hey all you wild & crazy fool just wanted to let you all know I suck!!! LMAO not realy. I had to say that it was part of a bet I lost with my best freind sum of U may know her she goes by DJ JUICY on here, and she is originaly from the Us so U can well imagine me & her spend alot of time debating over which is better Us or Canada, I think it is important to note that she now lives in Canada and has for several years & has been quoted as saying "I WILL NEVER MOVE BACK!" so I think that ends this debate lol. However recently we got into a heated debate during one of our work-out setions @ a local gym it got so heated before long everyone there was tuned into us lol. The end result of this debate was a small freindly bet based on who could name 10 undesputable facts about our respective countrys that was better than the others. She won by naming ten things faster than I could, however she could only name ten where I was able to name 35 it just took longer lol. ya ya this is all boaring
New Blog
Hey.. my friend Turtle turned me on to this nw site... checking it out... and i like what i see... looking to make new friends.. this site seems to be pretty cool i belong to many others... like collarme, alt, myspace etc.. but so far.. this seems liek it will be my fave.... so.. going to explore and see what kind of trouble i can get into
Come On People Help The Ghost Rider Out!!!!!!!
Wear It Proudly!
I attended a meeting today of one of my families.... out of 30 members there were at the appointed start time only 3(count them-3!!!)but we attained the great number of 7 before we ended the meeting 2 1/2 hours later...granted some were out,or had company,but even though it was called on short notice I'm sure there were more than the 7 of us available to give input,output,and any other put there might actually be...... The 2 biggest concerns in the family are the fact that even though only required to "drop" 150 comments minimum,some don't even attempt it on an every other day basis sorely depleting the energy of the remaining bombers.... and refusing to put the family name into the tagline on their names.... If you have enough chutzpah to want to join the family (any family)then you should have the cojones to wear the name of the family with pride.... And if you belong to so many families that you can't even abbreviate the titles into the tagline,maybe you should rethink your po
G Rider
I have been having a lot of mixed feelings lately. Mainly when I think about my 19 year old daughter in NY expecting her first child. She isn't much older than I was when I had her. Funny thing was I had finished HS and was married to her father when I had her. She is still in HS and is only living with her boyfriend/soon to be husband. Part of me HATES not being there for her right now. Part of me is GLAD I am not there. Part of me is MAD at her for not waiting to have a baby. Part of me is EXCITED about the new baby. AND A REALLY BIG PART of me Is HAVING MIXED FEELINGS!!! It wasn't that long ago that my honorary 1st grand child passed away. He was only 3 months old and his parents lived with me. I have a onesie in my closet that I can't help but cry when I pull it out... it says "Grandma Magnet". I wasn't thrilled when I found out my daughter was pregnant and my friends tried to make light of it by telling everyone that Ronin was my grandson... to get me used to the idea o
Where Do I Go From Here?
wonders where do i go from here... do i follow what i think i should do right now and what feels right... or do i play it safe and try to wait it out... i do know where anything is or why everything is the way it is... its driven me nuts... i wish things were clearer to me... but i know its goona be a while before i can figure this out and i just wish things could fall into place faster or easier in my head,,, will it ever become clear.. or am i just to stay in limbo about it all...
I Believe!
I really believe we can do this! Just 5650 more comments to go!
Love Hurts
So this last week has been one of the hardest weeks in a long time. You meet this really amazing person and you let them in your life. And then life gets in the way after so long and the next thing you know that person is gone. And maybe they will come back and maybe they won't but just the thought of losing them alone is enough to tear you to pieces. Now I remember why I swore off letting anyone in my life again, because this heartache is so hard to bare.
Inbox Dollars
A Speech I Remember Saying In A Dream
Above All Let Me Have Honor For Honor even above Love is Worth A Thousand Deaths, A Thousand Agonies. For they can take Everything from You, But Never the Truth, Never Your Word, Never Your Honor. Your Word and Your Name , they will survive long after You are Gone. Lies will always be Uncovered even if you have to cross Generations, the Truth will be brought into the Light. Have Faith and hold True to Yourself. Know Who and What You are and never let the complications of others make you feel that Lies and Dishonor will Not be Revealed. In the Times of the Fire all their deceptions will be Burned Clean and they will be made to Answer and be brought Low. Will you Grant them Grace or will you Serve Them Justice? Choose Wisely. This was something i dreamed. I was addressing a group of people in what felt like was some type of temple, but it just struck me so I decided to put it here.
hi sorr havent been gettin married...feb 14b wish me luck hugs to all
5 Fish Are Deadly, 3 Will Help Your Heart
Health authorities are encouraging us to eat more fish. There is good reason. Higher intakes of omega-3 oils, the healthy oil found in seafood, have been associated with dramatic reductions in cardiac deaths, ischemic strokes, cancers, arthritic pain and disability, as well as acting as a powerful protectant for the brain. But many fish are also high in mercury, which is one of the most poisonous metals in existence, as well PCBs, dioxins, pesticides and herbicides. So, is it really safe to eat more fish, and if so, which fish are safe? This, in essence, is the dilemma for the general public and a significant number of scientists as well. The EPA (which regulates fish from sports fishing) and the FDA (which regulates commercial seafood) have set limits for ďsafeĒ mercury levels in seafood, but they do not share their concerns about contaminants with the general public through the media or public alerts. The reason is they are treading a thin line of trying to protect the public
My Eyes
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She Was Only 13
Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one's around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endore A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly crys She loves her parents But they want her to die She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking?" Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She thrusted the blade Rig
Bust A Nut
No Way
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Adult Stories
One rainy night, Storm was working on a new project on his porn site in the other room. Brandi was in the bedroom watching TV and relaxing, getting tired she slips out of her clothes and gets comfortable. She finds some porn to watch from the Porn4Porn collection of Storms and slips the bag of sex toys out. As the movie starts, Brandi is already touching her hard nipples and sliding her hand down her stomach to her hot pussy. As she runs the tip of her finger across her clit a few times and then inside her pussy, she lets out this moan. Peaking Storms curiosity about the noise, he finds his way down the hallway and looks into the cracked door. He stands in the door way for a few minutes getting aroused, watching his slut finger her pussy. Storm strips his clothes off and walks in the room, as he walks past the bed he leans over and kisses Brandi and reaches down to help finger her pussy, as he goes to sit down, Brandi grabs his hand and sucks the juices off his fingers. S
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Unfiltered Eyes
Gazing deep into my reflection as if never before. The eve of regret no longer scarring the core. The tainted perception etched in my mind, The shattered me left far behind, Has left my self image distorted, estranged. The window of truth opened; the vision has changed. The soul was entombed in hatred and lies, But the dawn clears the night, with unfiltered eyes. Gazing deep into my reflection, as if never before. The eve of regret no longer scarring the core. Promises surface. I will not subside. Now that Iíve unmasked the true beauty inside.
This Is Me
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These Are Just For Fun
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Sixteen Police Comments Were Taken Off Actual Police Car Videos.
#16 "You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through." #15 "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new, they'll stretch after you wear them a while." #14 "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document." #13 "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired." #12 "Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you." #11 "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?" #10 "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?" #9 "Warning! You want a warning? O. K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket." #8 "The answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not. Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?" #7 "Fair? You want me to be fair? Listen, fair
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Ever Feel Lost?
ever feel lost in your head at times to the point you feel like the world is spinning around you so fast you cant be live the time date or how fast the year has flown by? Well thats how i been feeling the past few months with life, so many things going on and around my life, this year just kinda flew right by me, i cant be live its already Nov. I mean its not a bad thing really since my b/f will be going to school in less then 3 months, but man im 26 already, hell i remember my 21 b day like it was yesterday, but also i have grown up a lot and changed for the good, 5 years from to day i was alone single,had moved back in with my mom and dad had a car payment, had no money saved, just started a new job i thought was to hard for me to handle, was still very depresed over my ex and well just pissed alot of my time and money away. But now im 26 been at my job almost over 5 years, i have a great man in my life that i so cant wait to get married to some day!! My car is paid off, my car
All Spirit Bombers
I Love You Baby ..i Love The Snorkel He Does All The Time
I love the snorkel at the end that brad does in this..i look like a fat cow though
he gazed at the pictures, and wondered why he felt empty inside, he leaned back in his chair and wipeed a silent tear from his eye...yes he was in love with the lady he looked at..but she was taken, or she probably didnt care for him if he met him. he just looked at howe beautiful she was and looked in the mirror next to him, saw how plain he was....sighing, he looked at the pictures and realized.... PICTUES DONT LOVE BACK
Somewhere beyond waking, Just out of touch, I see you smiling, Just as always. You always reminded me, Of warm summer nights, Standing on the shore, Waiting for the stars to fall. Silver moonlight in your hair, Eyes that shimmer like jewels, How often I've wondered, How your blood might taste. I will hold you now, Even as I push you away, For you are an angel, And I have Fallen. I cannot reveal my secrets, Though you beg for explaination, My Darling, you could not love me, If you knew the dark curse I hide. Daylight approuches and you cry, For now it is that I take my leave, Not before a kiss; sweet as crimson rain, Heaven forbid it-- I have Fallen.
Lol Hate It When That Happens Lol
Ok here it is, I got lost, in a very small area last night! lol........ Gave a couple of ppl a ride home, and when I left their place, of course never havin been there b4, I ended up lost immediately! lol. It was a camp ground of sorts, RV's, cabins etc. and tons of lil side paths n roads in just a small area really, but I turned the wrong damn way when I went to leave n ended up drivin around those lil roads thinkin "oh shit am I "ever" gonna find the damn entrance so I can get the hell outta here?!?!" lol. Had to laugh at myself, that's what I get for not paying enough attention to what turns I turned to get to their place to begin with. LOL. Anyhow, that's just a lil more of "Jade's Dork files" LOL. Have a good night...... Hugz :) lol
I'm tired of waiting for you...
A woman scanned the guests at a party and spotted an attractive man, standing alone. She approached him. "My name is Carmen," she told him. "That's a beautiful name," he replied, "Is it a family name?" "No," she replied. "I gave it to myself. It reflects the things I like most -- cars and men." "What's your name?" she asked. He said, "Bob Titsenbeer"
Love In General!!!
Ok So Now it's time to really ask myself what do i want out of my life well its this simple i want someone who will love me for me and not treat me as if i was a fuckin door mat . I just started talking to someone today and well im not saing there name because its frankly none of any ones business but mine really .so here is the crystal question can you love someone regardless or there personage ?? alot of you will say nay but as for me i say yay and thats just because of who i am i can love anyone that is willing to love me and someone that needs me because its clear the person im with does not he tells me alot that he wishes i would just go he tells his family and friends well im waiting for her to divorce me sio i can live my life and you know what maybe its time i did just that he has no faith in me i want to live in a house where im needed loved and wanted not someplace were i feel like a burden to the other person granted i have lots of problems with my feet since i ruined the li
Dedicated To Me... Hmm Wonder Why
An empty room can be so deafening, The silence makes you wanna scream, It drives you crazy. I chased away the shadows of your name, And burned the picture in a frame, But it couldn't save me. And how could we quit something we never even tried, Well you still can't tell me why. We built it up, To watch it fall. Like we meant nothing at all. I gave and gave the best of me, But couldn't give you what you need. You walked away, You stole my life, Just to find what your looking for. But no matter how I try, I can't hate you anymore. ...I can't hate you anymore. Your not the person who you used to be, The one I want who wanted me, And that's a shame but, There's only so many tears that you can cry. Before it drains the light right from your eyes, And I can't go on that way. I Can't Hate You Anymore lyrics found on And so I'm letting of everything we were, It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. We built it up, To watch it fall. Like we meant nothing at all.
The exquisite taste of eternal temptation. This black fire sun, Spirit filled and symbolic. Awash my soul in darkness. Midnights' flood sweeping me away. Honing me into a spiritual weapon, A weapon of carnal fury. A passion of shadows, Chasing away the taint of light. My senses awaken to the service, The service of my hearts design. Ghost of desire, Calling out in the kingdom of eternal night! Saints of shadow, With their chalices of crimson wine. Exceeding in excellency, lavish empires through out all time. The exquisite temptation, Of cold, wicked inclinations. An immortal world of darkness, Bathed in blood. Enjoying a wanton celebration, The reign of the vampire nation! Wolves howling in tribute, A lustful, Longing sound. Ravens take flight from skeletal branches, Ominous and lithe. Weeping angels with eyes of ink, Smile with secret delight. As the marshaled forces of Heaven and Hell, Shiver from our might. For imposing and majestic are we. We who w
I Need Some Help
the man that i wanta be w/ is insisting that im the one who deleted a chick off his list when i really didnt and just a few minutes ago i found out who did it which were my 2 pretective cousins that were trying to prevent me from getting hurt well now that i know who did i tried to message him he wont reply back i dont know what to do im crushed please if ya feal me holla back
My Baby Got Baptized..i Love You Brad!!
Growing Up
Men and women alike need to grow in reach adulthood! LOL... How hard is it to finally give up the game and say ok I wanna be with one person and one person only. *SIDENOTE...THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME CUZ I AM SO VERY SINGLE! LOL* If you still have an ex or a crush on ur mind and you still talk to that person then maybe you shouldn't be trying to start another relationship or sweet talk someone else into believing that you may want to be with that person. Life is not a game of pick and choose...cause feelings get involved and those who have ever had their feelings hurt know that it's not a good feeling to have at all. SO how hard is it to admit to anyone "Hey I still haven't decided what I want out of you or life or a relationship yet"...I would think a person would rather hear that then hear lies about how you are talking to others and yet lying to someone else's face about it all. It's really not that difficult people...
Have you ever watched a spider, Spinning it's web without stopping? Do you want to be that persistant, In all that you do? Have you ever listened to a bird sing, It's song so unique and clear? Do you want your song, To be always clear and strong? Have you ever smelled something, That made you think of your childhood? Do you want to always remember them as, The good old days? Have you ever tasted as snowflake, On a snowy winter's day? Do you want to share your taste of life, With someone special? Have you ever touched the softness, Of a newly bloomed rose petal? Do you want your life to have that softness, even when your at your lowest? Our senses keep us in tune, with all of life's treasures. So, freely share your experiences, Give without measure. ~~Darla~~
A Little Help
Would you please help my friend level? She will return the love. Just click the live link below ~Thanks for the help!
My Lil Girl
she just turned 1 and she is starting to walk on her own i am so proud of her she is my lil angel
Too Late Lyrics*
Come with me, stay the night You say the words but boy it don't feel right What do you expect me to say (You know it's just too little too late) You take my hand, and you say you've changed But boy you know your beggin don't fool me Because to you it's just a game So let me on down Cause time has made me strong I'm starting to move on I'm gonna say this now Your chance has come and gone And you know It's just too little too late A little too wrong And I can't wait Boy you know all the right things to say (You know it's just too little too late) You say you dream of my face But you don't like me You just like the chase To be real, it doesn't matter anyway (You know it's just too little too late) I was young and in love I gave you everything but it wasn't enough And now you wanna communicate Go find someone else [ Too Little Too Late lyrics found on ] In lettin you go, I'm lovin myself You gotta problem But don't come as
Just A Little Vixen
Almost There Friends Ty For Ur Help Could Use More
If these are the crimson skies, Then I burn in a sapphire hell. The midnight calling has sounded, But I cannot answer to it. Wrists bound; mind in turmoil, Screaming for release; I writhe. I shall escape from these confines, And when I do--run. Skin so pale with eyes so dark, Hunger that rips across the centuries. Anger is petty--Oh! but this is fury, And I will not take such offenses lightly! I will not be trapped! I will not be imprisoned! I will not bow down to you, Sire or no, I refuse! So then, the battle rages on, My cold hands at your throat. My cruel fangs ripping at your cool flesh, The chilling night air whipping by. As soon as it has begun it is over--done. You stare at me coldly, As I walk away, Your bloody heart pulsing in my palm.
'take The Lead' A Movie About Ballroom Dancing...
Has me thinking of going back to Ballroom Dancing, when I just graduated from High School I applied for a part-time job at a Dancing Company. I was being trained as a Dancing Instructor, I sorely wished I had stayed cause who would have known I could have gone to the Dance Contest. Doing my best, as in everything I do, which there is alot of things I love doing so well. The Contest would have been fun whether My partner and I won or not. For me dancing is a way for me to escape all the troubles in the world and in my life. "Take the Lead' and other movies that came out before that all of Ballroom Dancing has made me want to go back to the dance Studio and just have fun again. Besides Ballroom, I know other dancing as well. Every Bar I have ever went too. I never got to sit very long and enjoyed my drink that I order before someone asked me to dance. It's not steps that I dance to, it is the bass and drums that makes me move. TTFN
True Meanings.... Lol
Love affairs: Something like cricket where one-day internationals are more popular than a five-day test. *********** Marriage: It's an agreement in which a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her master *********** Divorce: Future tense of marriage *********** Lecture : An art of transferring information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through the minds of either. *********** Conference: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present. *********** Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece. *********** Tears: The hydraulic force by which masculine will power is defeated by feminine waterpower.. . *********** Dictionary: A place where divorce comes before marriage. *********** Conference Room: A place where everybody talks, nobody listens & everybody disagrees later on. *********** Ecstasy: A
I was on my first flight ever over seas. I was nervous and scared of the take off and landing. I don't mind the turbulance that much, it's kind of comforting if you ask me. Only 3 hours into the flight. The only thing calming me down was the thought of seeing a huge smile come across your face. You don't know Iam coming at all! The thought of you purring while I stroke him was making me a little more excited than I wanted to be on this plane alone. You're my angel. You've saved me and yet you don't even know it. I think of you and my stomach flutters and my body tingles. I can't wait to wrap my arms around you. I hope you're happy to see me... I'm was so anxious. So anxious that I had started to think about what I had in store for you. I have this georgous white dress that I bought just for you. I shows a lot of cleavage I think. But it's tasteful. Hugs my body until half way down my hips and just flows out. Good thing I fogot to put on underware this morning, this will mak
Two Elderly Women...
Two elderly women were out driving in a large car, both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself, "I must be losing my mind, I swear we just went through a red light." After a few more minutes they came to another intersection and the light was red again, and again they went right through. This time the woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red, but was really concerned that she was mistaken. She was getting nervous and decided to pay very close attention to the road and the next intersection to see what was going on. At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was definitely red and they went right through. She turned to the woman driving and said, "Mildred! Did you know we just ran through three red lights in a row! You could have killed us!" Mildred turned to her and said, "O
The Airport
I saw you come out of the terminal from your flight from California. I was so happy to see you. I see you looking for me. Your hair short but scraggly from the flight. Your eyes pacing the crowd just to get a glimpse of me. I find it rather cute the way you look impatient and desperate to see me. Your tall broad shoulders turn me on. I can't help but just stare at you. I'm in awe of you. How you are, the way you talk, the way you indluge my little fantisies, my little quips. You have kept me waiting in want of you for so long. I run to you with my arms open. I plunged into you almost knocking you over. You giggled and put your left hand on my head and your other hand around my back holding me tightly. You whispered that you were glad to see me; that you were glad to be in my arms for the first of many times to come... I felt the warmth of the salty tears come from my eyes... I break the embrace, though I did not want to. We need to get to the baggage claim. After standing at that
How's It Done?!
How does a guy like me bag myself a hot-ass babe? it seems like everything i do just seems to fail. Why is this?! It's so frustrating!! the only "Action" i ever get is wackin' off :p
The Kiss
The Kiss For Nan Thi Nguyen Was it a breeze that touched my cheek as I lay there half asleep? Soft and sweet as an angel's prayer I felt the kiss that lingered there. The day was long and full of care, and bitter hurts were everywhere. But just before I sank in sleep I felt the kiss upon my cheek. Oh, but I'm inclined to guess the tender breeze was your caress. Bless your heart for knowing when I had a need, you kissed me then.
The Collision-you Gotta Read This!!!
RogerLee Founder of The Pride ô@ fubar PLEASE REPOST!!
Call Of The Kindred
Come to me, little mortal I can bring you to heaven's portal There'll be no sorrow, there'll be no pain Feelings of joy will fill your brain Come to me, sweet human thing Give me your heart and I'll make it sing Forget your fears, leave them behind Forget the troubles of your kind Come to me... yes, that's right Now hold still, it's no good to fight I'll take your blood, and leave you dying Didn't you realise I could be lying?
The Nothingness Of Tea
The Nothingness of Tea Now is all I have as tea is in the making unimportant past and future leave me recalling Zen Quietly exhaling the day into air no words need be spoken between friends who met by chance The Ochawan offered thick green froth steaming hot rejuvenating my soul Bittersweet warmth kindness between friends I realize that now is all I have
2 Weeks!
My name is Angela, and I am a nicotine addict. I have stopped nicotine for 14 days, 1 hour, 43 minutes and 4 seconds (14 days). I've not smoked 281 death sticks, and saved $49.28. I've saved 23 hours and 27 minutes of my life. Had some very hard moments but i made it! they say the first 2 weeks are the hardest so here's hoping it gets easier from here on out. What should i do to celebrate?
To everyone that acknowledged my birthday I Thank You! It's greatly appreciated.... my so called bf decided to go out and get drunk with his brother and stay out all night and my own mother didnt even say happy birthday to me so as u can imagine Im a lil down... but It's cool tomorrow is a new day and I will be smilin again!
A Moment In Time....Lost When you watch the flashing of trees you are passing. The shadows are intwined with snapshots of time. Light makes your eyes close Your brain into overload. Held in your memory Fields of light, shimmering. Thoughts race and fly away Quicker than you can translate. What do they mean? Threse thoughts in between? A free thought captured held captive, tortured! Disected by the human mind, what should've been a moment in time. J. Koblitz
Naughty Thoughts
My Quote
Cassie say......"Girl that masturbates with cucumber... ends up with pickle".
When Life Treats U Bad
why does it seem like when things are going to be ok and you will get back on track, like maybe getting a new job or new place, then bad shit starts to happen? well i just moved and had started a good job, only to find out a few days ago that they laid me off! due to lack of work, aint that some bs? now i have new place to pay for and got to go job hunting again! wtf- why cant life be fair ? i thought oh well i will be able to stay afloat w a decent payin job and will be ok who was i kidding? is there other people out there that are going thru the same thing? if so give me some advice so i can maintain.... thanks for reading this~!
White Boy
White Boy Someone else besides me finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me "Whiteboy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" and that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towelhead, Sand-nigger, camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. You have Miss Black Suwannee County. If we had WET(White Entertainment Television) we'd be Racists. If we had a White Pride Day you woul
My Inspirational Thoughts!!
All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. Do it trembling if you must, but do it ! The past cannot be changed, the future is still in your power. A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can't. You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true.
Pic Info For Top Photo Run!!!
We came up with these pic types for first months Run Swimwear Useing this pose ...U can use any swimwear U want just stick to pose and keep it clean and classy Dress Use this pose Ur best dress Lingerie This pose any lingerie but remember to leave something to the imagination Last 2Pics Last 2 are Free 4 all you can pic what kind If you need ideas plz see Legz the Manager Dead line is the 10th of November! ♥ TINK ♥~Vixen La La's Wifey~@ fubar
Bilderburg 101 Bilderburg 101
Bilderburg 101
Fan And Then Add
The Tattoo Contest
Please help me win by clicking on the photo below and commenting to your hearts content. thanks :-)
Name Change
Going To West Virginia
Hey everyone will be visiting West Virginia to see my family on November 16th through the 22nd.Will not be on fubar at all during that time as I will be with family and friends...Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving..will be back on here November 23rd...will miss everyone..Hugs and Kisses..Tammy
Here for the ones who always ask why I never post a blog everyone can read. Yes,I know I SUCK!!! CHEERS!!! :p :p
For Shan Aka Lt38 Steelers
This is for shan LT38.Hope you like it hun. MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds
Demon House Divas
What is Demon House Divas? This is a group of extremely sexy women that i hand select/accept to represent demon house (My Fam/Demon House Divas These girls will take over the top photo category of fubar .... they will be decorated with the finest Bluedemon/ Demon House art work They will be respected .... pimped out.... etc They will show off there beauty/art for you so therefore a rate wil be worth while What R requirements? 5 pics per month .....Ideas on group improvement...scouting.... no drama Goals Take over top photo out the hottest divas on the Fu....become well known and respected.. 30 day Blast In a special folder all the ladies will have there pics displayed ..On Nov. 15th the run for the blast begins ... from 15th to 15th i will award the lady with the most pics rates will receive a blast (30 day ) to help themselves out with there Fu Fame .... the rates will never reset so the winner of that month will always have
Most of you guys dont know but my grandfather has recently been very ill thusly in and out of the hopsital. This morning the nursing home in which he was staying at called us to inform us that as of 6:00 am this morning my grandfather had passed away. Personal I never got the chance to get to know the man however it doesnt take away the hurt and pain of losing a family member. My sadden is drawfed compared to my mom's, she had just within the last year become a large part of her father's life. To see her pain so deeply only futhers my own. My mom rushed to Landcaster this morning and had some how managed to swallow her pain for the moment and do everything that needs to be done. I however have sit back and wondered on how can I possibly help or comfort her in this time? (shakes head) In notice I wont be around much for the next couple of days but please any and all adivce is welcomed.
Men And Tenderness
Why is it so hard for Men to open up? Why do they find it difficult to let their guard down and speak freely and let things happen? What is it that they seek or trigger that makes them let loose? Women seem to take the greater risks when it comes to tenderness. I know I know, we were built that way. Do Men preffer the bitch as opposed to the sweet girl? My personal experience is as long as I am a Bitch and don't give a shit it's great, but let one ounce of tenderness slip and it's like WTF? If Men really preffer the evasive un-emotional connection, why not just get a hooker? I don't mean to stereo type, I really don't and I know some Men feel the same way about Women probablly but I am assuming that the scales tilt more the other way. Ultimately, the thought that I was pondering was what inspires a Man to desire more than Physical relations with a Woman?
Help Me Out A Lil
Hey all as most of you know my old account was deleted. Well I want all my friends back. Please try to pass around my profile so i can find them. I miss them all. Thanks a bunch hugs and luvs.
Never Too Late
My heart is heavy and my mind is busy. I hurt for my friends. There's a hexagon of people.... six people involved, supposedly. But, that's BS. There's always those caught in the throes of crossfire. So many people hurting. This extends out so much further than realized. It's all rather sad. I am asking, begging for those involved... take two steps back and consider others... consider the friendly fire. Consider this... a friend - a real life friend, you get together, you hang out, you gossip, you chat on the phone, you brag on each other, "This is the best friend ever." You don't trash each other... you don't hook up with the one that holds your best friend's heart. You don't even think about it. Are you real friends? What's done is done, yes. What hasn't happened, you have a chance to change... the future. No one controls you but you. NO one held a gun, blade, or other weapon to your head and "forced" you to say the things you said or do the things you did. You said them on your
Breakfast After 10
My Mom and I love this song
And Things Just Keep Getting Better
so many things happening all at once dealing with them pretty damn good but you know what after last night im not to sure dealing with any of them is the anserw... So ok last night i went out addmitidly not in the best state of mind that was one of the manjor reson i did so in the first place im not going to into detail on that becuse that choice i made is my own dirty little secreate but needless to say needed to get my mind off it so i went out me jackie and laura laura is going thru what iam but reversed had haveing a verry bad time with it so needless to say we drank drink for drink and drank alot thu sadly i couldnt seem to get drunk no matter how hard i tried i couldnt get drunk and my agenda that night was to get drunk enough to do something stupid So first thing happens laura isnt inlove with her husband hasnt been happy with him forever so apperntly she has been seeing another man and he showed up (hes an ass if you ask me) he picks a fight with her calls her some godaw
so i was very drunk and my friend asked me to send him a photo of me and today he said he never got it and i have no idea who i sent it to... opps..
Join Me Will Ya?? See Ya There
One Of These Days
One of these days, I will have everything I need, Everything I ever wanted, Oh yes I will indeed. One of these days, Someone will look into my eyes, See me for me, Instead of seeing my height and size. One of these days, Things will go my way, I wont have to fight anymore, There it will stay. One of these days, My life wonít be torn apart, Things wonít be so hard, I truly believe with all my heart. Written by me...Littlest Angel Lisa
Migaines Again!!!!
Ok well I am starting with the migraines again. The only good thing is, my insurance has started so I can go see my neurologist again. Last night I was losing my vision off and on, but this morning I passed out and hit my head. I don't know which was worse hitting my head or being woke up by five dogs licking me in the face. Anyway, I have got to call tomorrow morning and try to set up an appointment with my neurologist really early because my shift starts at 12:15 pm so that is pushing it just a bit. And for those that are wondering yes I do have a bump on my head and no I'm not as hard headed as you all thought I was. Love Gwen aka Untamed Anjel
You Are The Sunshine Of My Day
Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy You Are by BlueWolf © You are the sunshine of my day, The constellations of my night, You are the quench in my thirst, The discovery in my sight, You are the beating of my heart, The shelter through the storm, You are the treasure of my journey, The flame that keeps me warm, You are the lighthouse to my ship, The answer to my question, You are the string in my soul, The object of my obsession, You are the wind in my sails, The wings that give me flight, You are the sunshine of my day, The constellations of my night,... ~~PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT THIS POEM~~
Alone In The Dark
I sit here crying alone in the dark Wishing, hoping that the man she loves was here to comfort her. I lie here staring at the time Wishing, hoping that it would go by faster. I sit in bed holding my wolfie crying into its fur Wondering: Why am I such a fuck up? Why does no one truly loves me? Why did God keep me on this Earth? What did I do so wrong to get hurt like this? Am I being punished for something? I sit and cry a lot alone in the dark With the one person she loves so much not really caring That she is crying. I lie in bed with nothing else to do ĎCept wonder does he hate me that much to hurt me like this. I sit here watching the candles flicker and smelling the incense burning Trying not to cry no more but canít Cause wondering what is going to happen Is he going to try what was suggested or is he going to blow it off And hope we forget about it Does he love me enough to do this or is he just saying he will Hoping it will blow over like nothing ever happ
U Know U Wanna
DJ's Needed for a wIkKiD ass PsYcHoPaThIc any picture to get in.....ask for Twiz..or Goth.....Hurry...join in the crew of one of fubars hottest lounges. Drop in and see why Juggalettes do it betta!
If Only I Could Cry
Have you ever felt a great pain, a sorrow beyond believe. and been unable to cry? To easily hurt and to hurt hard, and not be able to cry? To ache and to morn and only squeeze a single salty tear. If only I could cry, so much pain would be let free. If only I could show the pain building up inside. Let me cry, please let me cry I beg to no one at all. let me sob, and let me whine. Yet when I hurt and my heart needs freeing, my eyes barely seem to wet. I havent cried in years, though my feelings push and scream. Loss and sorrow hurt and pain, never more than a few tiny drops is all my eyes will give.... I wonder shall I ever cry again? If only I could cry I feel I could truly live. Wrote by Amanda "Kat"
Heart N Soul
I thought I knew what love was Till I met a man who showed me the light He opened my eyes to new things He opened my mind to new ideas He opened my soul to the light He opened my body to passion And he opened my heart to love like no other Before him all I knew was darkness To me love was always pain But I met him and darkness turned to light And pain turned to passion I curl up to him and I feel safe He looks at me I feel his love He touches me and I feel his passion I see in his eyes that I will always be safe I can't wait to come his wife To live our lives as one All because I finally found what true love is And I have found it in him In his heart In his eyes In his soul In his arms To the end of time I now know what love feels like And to be loved by another He is someone I know that will protect me That will show me the way That will guide me And that will be there for me in one way or another He is the man I truely love with all my heart and soul.
Hey My Friends Fans And Family
come join my lounge its called munkyface see yall there
Lost N Confused
Walks into a room sits lonely and confused wondering what will come of me will i ever find happiness or am i doomed to be alone random thoughts rush thru my head cant differ one from another everything seems to be a blur knows it cause im lost n confused but wonders if it will ever end or am i suppose to walk aimlessly in circles knows people care know im wanted but why do i feel so lost n confused i dont want to be a bother i just want to get out off this ride im on that seems to have kept me in this fog but i will continue to wonder where am i suppose to be or is there a reason for me to be so many things have happened alot i regret so many appologies i have made but will anyone ever accept wonders where i belong alone or with family shall i embrace my feelings or let them go knows what im writing is most likely a drag but has no other way to express the thoughts running thru my head people wonder why i look so sad it prolly cause of the con
Hearts Desire
With the spirit of a wolf And a Heart of Fire He's every mans envy and every womans desire Untamed by nature and a Rogue by choice with laughin blue eyes and his warm whiskey voice He'll tempt and tease u till you go insane oh but this pleasure is the sweetest of pain he's hotter than fire don't be burned by the flame he can't be caught he won't be tamed Don't try to trap him he'll only soar above Only the bravest woman Is worthy of his love He's passionate and fierce this untamed soul he can move me to tears he could make me whole With his spirit of a wolf and that heart of fire I'm consumed in the flame He's my heart's desire.
Ashleys Story
Ashley's Story *********** I hid out for the first six years, then I began speaking out, when your partner is "the law" it's a lot harder escaping the hell you call home. My goal for this year is to make awareness of Domestic Violence (DV) widely known, point those in need to the help available, & to eventually eradicate DV. Some things to consider: When is it okay to be hit & cursed at by your ________________? (Fill in the blank here> Spouse>Partner> Boy Friend> Friend?) When I : (A) Don't have the house cleaned. (B) Don't have dinner ready! (C) Don't have everything perfect! (D) I've done something he doesn't like. If any of you answered any of the letters, you got it wrong. The CORRECT ANSWER Is NEVER. IT is NEVER okay! DUCKS Have you ever felt like you lived in a box? Everything is okay as long as ALL your ducks were in a row-BUT if a duck was missing, or you weren't sure you did everything you were supposed to do before he got home? You're raci
Salutes For You
just wanted to let you know I like to take pics of all kinds if you would like a salute or a pic dedicated to you,are even a certain pic suggestion just let me know,I love you all and you all look great!
What Our Fire And Ice Family Is About.
Wanted to give you the basics of what our crew does. We will take requests from family members to help either them or a friend, as long as they are within 20000 points or less and you have enough pics and stash to rate, so b4 you come to us for help please add lots of pics and stash, and if it's for a friend of yours, make sure they have plenty for us to rate. We will send a blog for the family to help us. You are expected to help us by rating pics and stash UNTIL that person has leveled, and the person leveling needs to pic one of our members to rate while we are rating that person, it will help us level them faster. We will rate one person per Happy Hour...that is if the person we are rating has alot of points to level...if we are leveling someone who only needs 5000 or less we may choose to find someone else to level for that Happy Hour....only during Happy Hour will we level anyone...also this does not mean you go in and rate a few pics and stash and leave, you must stay until they
Apprehensiveness And Revulsion In Redlands
The world spins, light hears, sound feels. There is something at the edge of my vision, something menacing and ominous..but it is faster than I. No matter how quickly I turn my head, it moves faster, always at the edge of my vision, threatening me. The music surrounds me, caressing my skin and massaging my bones. Time works differently here, I wish I could go back to when things were orderly and made sense. One second follows another, 60 in a row makes a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. Orderly, sequential...but not here, not in the land of the distorted. I pop a pill at 7 PM, a friendly little blue pill that makes the carpet fuzzy and the walls crawl like myriad ants. I smoke a joint at 6 PM, after the pill, to chill out and relax a little bit. I drink a beer at 9 PM to start my night, take the edge off the day, time works backwards. One minute does not follow the previous, it follows the next or perhaps the one after. People are strange, conversation is difficu
My Bad,...bad Kitty
You move with the grace of a cat, but sometimes in those hazel eyes there is a playful innocence, a wicked delight, and so he calls you Kitten. You come to him on hands and knees, like a prowling panther, your hips swaying enticingly, your skirts falling about you and your breasts hanging heavy beneath. Your manicured nails, like unsheathed claws, tap lightly on the tiled floor as you move towards him. But you would be more feline if you were naked, he decides, so he tells you to stand and remove your clothes. "Undress for me slowly, with elegance," he orders. "And describe each garment as you remove it." Getting to your feet, raising your delicate hands to your neck, you then bring them down slowly, unfastening the buttons to bare your body for him, letting the blouse of soft cotton fall from you. "Soft master," you say, emphasising the softness, hoping that his eventual caresses might be equally soft. Then you move your hands behind you to unfasten your
Welcome Our Newest Godmother.
GamerChick *Chriz's muddie*~Member of L.O.L Levelers~@ fubar
Bad Bad Kitty...........
You move with the grace of a cat, but sometimes in those hazel eyes there is a playful innocence, a wicked delight, and so he calls you Kitten. You come to him on hands and knees, like a prowling panther, your hips swaying enticingly, your skirts falling about you and your breasts hanging heavy beneath. Your manicured nails, like unsheathed claws, tap lightly on the tiled floor as you move towards him. But you would be more feline if you were naked, he decides, so he tells you to stand and remove your clothes. "Undress for me slowly, with elegance," he orders. "And describe each garment as you remove it." Getting to your feet, raising your delicate hands to your neck, you then bring them down slowly, unfastening the buttons to bare your body for him, letting the blouse of soft cotton fall from you. "Soft master," you say, emphasising the softness, hoping that his eventual caresses might be equally soft. Then you move your hands behind you to unfasten your
My Results
Follow up to my other blog..had my iodine test for my thyroid everything came back great,I still have my nodules in my thyroid but none look cancerous...yeah...Anyway everyone on here has been so great just wanted to let everyone know that was interested that I am alright:)
In general, I like bugs. I think insects are under-appreciated creatures. Bees, when they do their little sex-dance on the flowers, ensure that we will have plentiful fruits and veggies. Then the bees buzz off and make honey. They even have a matriarch. What bright, industrious little creatures! I don't even mind sharing my living space with a few insects. If I find a spider in my apartment, I move it to a plant, explain to it that it should stay on the plant, eat any fellow critters that come its way. And, in general, the spiders obey. They make webby little homes, catch the occasional fruit fly or mosquito, and we live in peace together. In general, if I find other insects is my home, I scoop them up on a piece of paper, open a window, and let them find a different home. But I've realized that there are a few exceptions to my kindness-to-bugs philosophy. Sugar ants, despite sharing half my name, are quite unwelcome in my home. After walking into my kitche
In The Shadows...poem
Master Here I wait for you Here I stand for you Here I lay for you Here I hold my thoughts for you Here I kneel for you Here I breath for you is here that I die for the Shadows.
~wsc News And Bombing For Nov. 4th~
Good Day Wicked Storm Crew!! News for today, November 4th The 50's party was a big hit, and although we had some "fubar glitches" with rates, everybody gained. The big winners of the night were Will who won Overall best 50's folder and LuAngel with best default pic. They won Fubucks and a personalized (by PsychoRainStorm) Tag! This week's theme will be Hippie Daze centering on the late 60's (Sixties)/ Early 70's (Seventies). Details on next Saturday nights challenges... coming to a bulletin/blog near you. ~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~ Bombing for today, November 3rd ~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~ ~&hearts~ALICE in Wonderland~&hearts~ She needs 50,000 for a Happy Hour and currently has 33,496 doing great on this one, keep rollin' WSC! ~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~ Make a stop and comment on these WSC members. All four of these are long runni
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Chemistry Lesson
HELL AS EXPLAINED BY A CHEMISTRY STUDENT The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well : Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today.
Missing You Blues
Missing you, Feeling blue, Sometimes I don't know what to do. It wont change anything. It wont bring you back to me. Will the skies be blue again? Will I ever let love in. I can not trust, I can not risk. My heart is to tender for any of it. There is to much hurt, To much pain. There is never really anything to gain. I would give my life for you, I would give anything. To not have to miss you, Or feel the pain, But love always turns and walks away. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
I Hope I Never Have To Experience Something Like This
So it happens quite a bit... and we hear about it more often than we like to... It's happened to alot of us .....Losing someone you know or love because of the War..... I myself have lost a couple friends, one that pops into my mind everytime I drink a Coke ( weird right???? but he loved Coke.. never drank alcohol). Living in a Military town isnt that easy.. you hear about it all the time, you see the Memorials on post, the funerals, the ceremonies.... But it makes it a little harder when you come across the page of a spouse who lost her husband.. I was surfing around on myspace and found the page of a woman who lost her husband the day after Christmas last year... I then proceeded to look at her husband's page that was originally his but that she had added a couple things to but had left it the way he had it. I saw how much love she has for husband and how she leaves him comments everyday... ending them with " I'll see you at dinner".... It wasnt just that that brou
Ripped To Pieces...poem
I honor you, yet it is not enough... I would die for you, yet it is not enough... I would give all for you, yet it is not enough... I would lay on the streets with nothing, and yet it is not enough... I would lay there and let you walk over me, and yet it is not enough... I would lay there and let fire consume me, and yet it is not enough... You hold my world in your hands, and it is not enough... you hold my hopes in your hands, and it is not enough... You hold my passion in your hands, and it is not enough... You take my fire, and it is not enough... You take my will, and it is not enough... You take my desire, and it is not enough...
Dear Sean
October 31, 2007 7:30 am Sean, Words cannot explain how I am feeling right now. Iím sorry that you think you canít trust me and for that I feel like shit. To be honest when I said yay about that guy saying I was pretty I was trying to be sarcastic, but thatís kind of hard to do on the computer. I never meant to make it sound like all I want is attention because that is SO far from the truth. All I want, all Iíve ever wanted from the start was someone who liked me for who I was and not how I looked. And maybe someone who would even care about me. I have thought that maybe I had found that person so many times, but I guess Iím just not meant to be happy. Whenever Iím with you or Iím talking to you Iím always so happy that itís hard to explain. Sean, I really, really like you and I donít want to lose you over something so stupid and insignificant. Youíre the only guy that I want to see and be with. It hasnít even been a full day and I feel as if Iím spiraling into a black hole
Please Help...
If any of you here really care about me in any way then please read this! I am in desperate need of a phone card for my Boost phone my mother is in the Hospital and I have no way of contacting her I am in the middle of an eviction and currently without a job my mom lives in California and I'm stuck here in Michigan so I can't even go visit her if I wanted. My home phone has been shut off so that is why I need a phone card for my cell it's all I have...if you would be willing to help please Msg me right away! Sincerely, ~White Russian~
Sundays Should Never Be The Same!
Seriously ... Have you ever work real hard at something, And have it be anticlimactic? I really hate to lay guilt on people, Because nobody ask me to put such an effort in to things - I DO them out of friendship & add a lot of love. So I -K N O W- I have no right to complain When said effort isn't met with an overwhelming approval. I -K N O W- that you should'nt be held accountable for others lack of enthusiasm or support. Because this isn't intended for those who show their appreciation & support ... Unfortunately, it's those who do show their luv - that get the burden of the blunt! (being they DO read my stuff while the ones this is directed towards don't read it) - Hence never getting an unprovoked tyrant & fit from me < /end rant> I'm sorry ... Rants over and I'll fake a smile for a minute & Knowing those caring folks out their will replace it with a REAL ONE ... in a matter of minutes! That I also -K N O W- ... I love those who car
my job is going to take me away from fubar for about 3 months, will talk to you all when i get back.
Come Ride Me Lol
You Are a Carousel You are young at heart and a truly playful person. No one would ever accuse you of taking life too seriously. You are definitely in things for the fun. You find joy easily, and you are often building up anticipation for your next adventure. In relationships, you tend to want to be babied and taken care of. And while you may be a bit high maintenance, you are incredibly loyal. Your life is simple and satisfying. Each day you treat yourself to something you enjoy. You have a lot of emotional attachments, and experiences are extra vivid to you. You tend to be nostalgic and sentimental. The past is important to you. Comfortable around all living things, you have a special connection to animals and children. At your best, you are whimsical, free spirited, and creative. Even if your schemes seem a bit strange, they usually work out wonderfully. At your worst, you are spoiled, demanding, and impossible to satisfy. You've been known to act like a brat if you
momofagirl@ fubar
You Canít Go Back!!
You can tell me all your sorrows Live in hope of all your tomorrows Smile is lost when your dreams are gone Tell me youíre alright Iíd know youíd be wrong A heavy heart I feel your pain within Hear the words as you try yet once again You can't hide the fact There's no going back * Today you leave and take a look behind Try to cover up whatís going on in your mind Your walk is slower no energy is shown Reflect on how much your kids have grown Eyes moist with regret on whatíll never be A life thatís so full yet still so empty You canít hide the fact You don't want to go back * Working hard to build a home and a life One that is good and free of all strife Goodness in soul you try to do the right thing By staying with her when she means nothing Bitterness displayed each day when your home Anger expressed in screams, articles sheís thrown Give in to the fact That you canít go back * So take a hard look around
Screen capture Transferring the current on-screen image to a text or graphics file. There is a "Print Screen" function in the operating system that copies the contents of the active window to the clipboard, which can then be pasted into a graphics application to print it. If there is no active window, the entire desktop is copied. There are also numerous screen capture (screen grabber) programs for Windows and the Mac that offer more sophisticated capture capabilities. For example, any or all of the windows can be selected by moving the cursor on screen. Some programs can capture the contents of an entire scrollable window Step 1. Click Print Screen located where Image above shows Step 2 Goto START menu (Programs)then (Accessories)go down to your (Paint) program top of screen you'll see FILES and EDIT go down to PASTE Step 3 After you paste the image from your computer screen save file as ______ the name under that is SAVE AS TYPE....c
Life Is A Right... Not A Choice.
In This Video, There Are VERY Disturbing Images... Please Be Prepared. Please Don't Watch In Front Of Children. ********* After So Many Miscarriages.. You Can Guess Where I Stand On Abortion. I know that there are lots of reasons why women get them... One of the biggest fights for abortion is rape but less than 2% of abortions are due to rape. 98% of abortions are due to other 'reasons' There are other avenues/options to abortion... There are hungry, lonely arms of men and women that what a child so badly. WHAT A GIFT!!!! And This Gift... is destroyed.. murdered... and for what? A Firm Figure? Not Ready For The Responsibility? A Secret Revealed?
My Plea
Everything is so messed up, I donít really know what to say, I miss him so much, and I guess that is how itís gonna stay. Yes I messed up, itís all my fault, Iíve tried to fix things, but you have your doubts. You donít believe me, You said that I lied, Now Iím beating myself up, and really crying every night. I want to go back, make everything good, but you just wont listen, I donít think you understood. So what am I supposed to do, I really, really love you, You helped me when i needed it, and now I really need you. Please baby forgive me, Please make everything okay, This depression is killing me, I donít want it to stay. I want you to come back, Relieve me from this pain, I canít do this without you, Nothing is the same. This is my plea, Iím sick of the hurt, Please take me back, ĎCuz now I feel like dirt.
What Monster Am I Lol
You Are a Werewolf You're unpredictable, moody, and downright freaky. You seem sweet and harmless, until you snap. Then you're a total monster. Very few people can predict if you're going to be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. But for you, all your transformations seem perfectly natural. Your greatest power: Your ability to tap into nature Your greatest weakness: Lack of self control You play well with: VampiresWhat Kind of Monster Are You? SO bring on the s3xy Vampiresses
In Here
In here I cry and the world will tremble with my tears... In here I cry and the world will stop from my pain... In here I cry and the rain pours to help me hide.........the lighting strikes with my wrath and those that have come to me will walk away.... In here I die and the world will tremble with my tears... In here I die and the world will stop from my pain... In here I die and the wettness of blood covers deny others the chance to say that were right as they walk away... In here I shiver and the world will tremble with tears... In here I shiver and the world with stop from my pain... In here I shiver and try to waste give nothing for them to they walk away...
Axe Studio Music Promotion And Publicity
Axe Studio Music Promotion and Publicity Is a new Music Promotion and Publicity with artist as- Avril Lavigne , Buckcherry , Fuel , Dave Matthews Band , Seventh Day , Hellyeah, Johnny Rodes , Nickelback , Puddle of Mud , Nin Inch Nails. revebnation site link: website page Link: We are Looking for street Team Members to help out and Promote all of these artist in there towns, Street Team Members are, people, fans and friends to help out when the time comes , fliers, spred the word etc. Please sign up at or and also at For all questions please send an e-mail to All work on the site will be under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 License. We have major artist to musicia
~wsc~ ~*~bombing And News Nov. 4th~*~
Good Day Wicked Storm Crew!! News for today, November 4th The 50's party was a big hit, and although we had some "fubar glitches" with rates, everybody gained. The big winners of the night were Will who won Overall best 50's folder and LuAngel with best default pic. They won Fubucks and a personalized (by PsychoRainStorm) Tag! This week's theme will be Hippie Daze centering on the late 60's (Sixties)/ Early 70's (Seventies). Details on next Saturday nights challenges... coming to a bulletin/blog near you. ~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~ Bombing for today, November 3rd ~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~ ~&hearts~ALICE in Wonderland~&hearts~ She needs 50,000 for a Happy Hour and currently has 33,496 doing great on this one, keep rollin' WSC! ~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~~*~WickedStormCrew~*~ Make a stop and comment on these WSC members. All four of these are long runni
I Disappoint Myself Sometimes.
Yesterday my brother's friend invited me to go to the mall with him and his nephews.It was okay thou,i couldn't spent my money thou.I'm always saveing my money for bailing my family on whatever they need,and it's beginning to piss me off.Anyways thats not the case thou.The thing is that i saw cute women,but with their boyfriends,of family just shopping.I kind a envy them,cause i have no girlfriend or a wife,and kids to spent time with them.I know i always make a blog about this,but you guys don't have idiots brothers or sisters that all they do is complaint asbout their job,or do stupid things just to bail them out of a problem that ain't mine.What i'm tring to say is that everytime i feel depressed or sad i tend to just give up and leave.In this past month and years i felt sad,depressed,and angry that i have deleted like 4 profiles,broken my hands 2 times,told my exs where to go,Trash my room like 5 times,and gave up hope all the time.This past month it's been okay.I haven't done an
Winter Wonderland Ozzy Osborne And Jessica Simpson-lmao!!!
Winter Wonderland Ozzy Osborne and Jessica SimpsonAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Class Shots G
( a murder scene ) (creativity ) (keep your chin up ) regret pain pain sadness
What Can I Say To Love Em
Go Git Yo Mamma A redneck family from the hills was visiting the city and they were in a mall for the first time in their life. The father and son were strolling around while the wife shopped. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again. The boy asked, "Paw, What's 'at?" The father (never having seen an elevator) responded, "Son, I dunno. I ain't never seen anything like that in my entire life, I ain't got no idea'r what it is." While the boy and his father were watching with amazement, a fat old lady in a wheel chair rolled up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched the small circular numbers above the walls light up sequentially. They continued to watch until it reached the last number and then the numbers began to light in the reverse order. Then the w
Pam Huber Needs Our Paryers Now >>
see she is a victime of violent crime , one her husband most likly comitted on her . she was shot in the head and now off life support . Lord Jesus help this famuly, and help the criminal department to prove and seek justice and win for this lady . She has children, and she is fighting for her life . Love her oh Lord; as I know you do > Keep her under your Grace and show mercy to all. And let some since come out of this all. Ease the pain and suffering of her and her family . I ask in thy name O Lord . My tears I shed for all hurting and suffering and in need . Amen!!!
Its Cuts
When I can't see your eyes looking back at mine, it cuts... when I long to hear you and cannot, it cuts... When my life falls to pieces at your hand, it cuts... When I cry silent tears, it cuts... When you don't blieve in me, it cuts... When you use my thoughts and pain, it cuts... When you don't see me, it cuts... I shiver in the rain for you, it cuts... I beg and plead for you, it cuts... When I do not wish to face another day, it cuts... When love that knows no bounds, it cuts... When forever is but a word, it cuts... When pain is freely given, it cuts....
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New Bewb Contest
New Best Boobie contest on freakdaddys. You don't have to vote for me..but I'm on there. Last row all the way down on the left...tropical dress. Can't miss me. Theres some hot boobs on there for worth a look if you're a boob guy! Enjoy your weekend...whats left of it! XOXO, Aimeelynn
My Blonde Joke
Line Painting There is a blonde that is trying to find a job and she went into a job service and asked if she could get a job. They said that they had a job opening for painting rural roads lines. The next day she got a call and the guy asked if she could start the job today. She went to work and when she got there the boss was telling her that you need to paint at least 2 miles. So she went out and started painting lines on the road. When she finished for the day she went back to the guy to see how well she done. The guy said good you painted 4 miles. The next day she came to work and started painting and finished the day and went to see how good she done. The guy said your ok but you only painted 2 miles today do better tomorrow. The next day she came to work and she finished the day and she went to talk to the guy and he asked her why she only painted 1 mile today. She said "Well everyday I keep getting farther and farther away from the bucket."
Life Realy Sucks Sometimes...
ok so i posted this blog sept. of last year... but the same thigns are going on again... sooo i thought i would post it on here.... I've never been as hurt or felt as rejected as i did today.... why is it that my husband can claim to love me so dearly but yet he seem to not find me desirable.... the only time he holds me or kisses me even slightly passionately is when i have bitched and complained about it.... is it so wrong to want more then to just be "told" you are loved.. to want to be held,,, to have a warm loving arm wrapped over me in the night... i want to be called beautifully by some one other then some stranger on the Internet... i want to be told I'm special by the man who promised to love me forever... will there never again be romance in my life... soft music playing, the warm glow of candle light, a genital touch on my cheek, the caress of a lovers lips against mine.... i truly cant remember when i last had a kiss that made me go weak in the knees... i
"remembering With A Smile"
~~~~~ As I sit here on this Sunday afternoon, my thoughts drift to times of fun. Bennie & I always got out snacks and put some beer on ice. We'd turn on the Football game and root & woo-hoo for our favorite teams. We did so many things together everyday as he was my best friend as well. ~~~~~ My memories of our times together are full & vivid. This is my cane at this time to carry me on as I limp from this horrible experience of his death. And when some little something comes up that Bennie always did for me, that I now must do myself, it jars me to the reality of him being gone. Then he will suddenly remind me that he IS here! I feel him & can hear familiar sounds he always made. His pc and desk was in our bedroom & I can hear the door to it open & close softly several times a day. I can smell his cologne when I pick out my clothes for work in our closet. ~~~~~ The night after he died, I was fussing aloud because my electric blanket had stopped working. I went down th
For The Guys
You have been warned! Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties & local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date rape drug on the market called "Beer". The drug is found in liquid form and is available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, or from taps and in large "kegs". Beer is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and sleep with them. A woman needs only to get a guy to consume a few units of Beer and then simply ask him home for no strings attached sex. Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several beers, men will often succumb to the desires to sleep with horrific looking women whom they would never normally be attracted. After drinking beer, men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that "something bad" occurred. At other times these unfortu
6,500 To Go
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A Bad Day All Together
i guess it true what they no matter how nice you are to friends it just no where at being good enough. but you know what as far as im concern i dont care anymore. so from now on im not wasting my time with people that doesnt have patient or people that spread rumors telling to my face that im not good enough so dont worry i will fix that someday. I am sick of provening myself to everyone that spread rumors
Marriage Before marriage : She- Good day! He- Ah,been waiting for that for a long time! She- You want me to leave? He- Nope,never She- Do you love me? He- Of course,a lot! She- Have you ever cheated on me? He- No! Why are you even asking? She- Do you want a kiss? He- Sure,every chance that I get. She- Are you going to beat me one day? He- Are you crazy? I'm not like that! She- Can I trust you? He- Yeah She- Hunny! After marriage : (Read the text starting from the bottom to the top!) Which way has a better meaning of marriage?
A Flaw In A Woman!! My Big Sis Posted This On Another Site..
Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take 'no' for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, run or email you to show h
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New Virus Treatment
A physicist and his biologist son destroyed a common virus using a superfast pulsing laser, without harming healthy cells. The discovery could lead to new treatments for viruses like HIV that have no cure. "We have demonstrated a technique of using a laser to excite vibrations on the shield of a virus and damage it, so that it's no longer functional," said Kong-Thon Tsen, a professor of physics at Arizona State University. "We're testing it on HIV and hepatitis right now." Tsen and his son Shaw-Wei Tsen, a pathology student at Johns Hopkins University, came up with the idea while strolling in the park and discussing the need for antiviral treatments that go beyond vaccinations. Tsen senior has long experimented with ultrashort-pulse lasers (USPs), devices increasingly used outside of physics. Raydiance, a USP laser manufacturer, signed a deal with the FDA in July to explore laser therapies. As Wired News reported earlier this year, an FDA official estimated there could be a hundred med
Drama ,drama, Drama!!!
Okay so I am out of high school what the hell is with all the high school bullshit. I feel as though I am right back there. WHy are people so judgmental?? If I am happy why the hell does my life matter to them, I ain't hurting anyone. I don't see why it is neccescary to say that I am cheating on my boyfriend I have made my mistakes but he knows about them, and is it really neccescary to exagerate them and make them worse than they are? Is it neccescary to spread so many rumors about me that I can't get a job? DO you need to tell the whole town I am pregnant(when I am not) If I was pregnant I would be more than proud to tell my friends and family I was. I don't need you doing it for me...I don't need you trying to run my life...I got it on my own, even if you don't think so. Oh yes and can't forget you telling everyone I do drugs...okay maybe if I did I could see you are trying to help me out...but hey news flash I don't use drugs...Yeah I used to...haha you dumbass I used to get
Things You Show Know Before Dating My Daughter.....
Rule One: I am aware that it is concidered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off your hips. Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are idiots. Still, I want to be fair. You may come to the door with your underwear showing and your pants 10 sizes to big, and I will not object. However, to ensure that your pants do not, in fact, come off during the course of your date with my daughter I will take my electric nail gun and fasten your trousers securely in place at your waist. Rule Two: I'm sure that you have been told that in today's world sex without a barrier can be deadly. Let me elaborate: When it comes to sex, I am the barrier and I will kill you. Rule Three: I have no doubt the you are a popular fellow, with many oppurtunities to date other girls. This is fine with me as long as it is okay with my daughter. Otherwise, once you have gone out with my daughter, you will continue to date
I Am
I am I am nobody with loveing or care, i am the sign which states strangers beware, i am the house with the big iron gate, i am the life of lonlyness and hate, i am hatered, i am death, just as life in mac beth, some say that they care, i think that they might, but for now i am bidding you a black goodnight
This Wondering Will End Me.
i wonder if he misses me too, i wonder if he cries for me too. i wonder if he thinks of me, and when he does, what is he thinking? does he think of all out good times? or all the times we wont ever have? does it make it smile to think of the joy we shared, or make him cry to know it wont ever be that way again? i wish so badly that i could talk to him. i miss his voice, i miss his arms around me, i miss his lips on mine, i miss his passion, and i miss making love to him, i miss that so badly. i find myself fantisizing and then balling my eyes out. cumming and then breaking down. i think of him in my moments of self indugence and then cry becasue i know i'll never have him there again. i'll never feel his touch. i'll never be able to kiss his lips, and feel his tounge seaching inside my mouth, and other places that i so desperatly wish i could enjoy. i wonder if he misses it. does he miss being inside me, making "love" to me, ... ok, fucking me. we both know what we did wasnt e
This was in a bulletin that I reposted this morning - Thought I would blog it! :D Fun Facts from Infection Control During an hour's swimming at a municipal pool you will ingest 1/12 liter of urine In an average day your hands will have come into indirect contact with 15 penises (touching door handles, etc.) An average person's yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs In a year you will have swallowed 14 insects - while you slept Annually you will shake hands with 11 women who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands Annually you will shake hands with 6 men who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands In a lifetime 22 workmen will have examined the contents of your dirty linen basket At an average wedding reception you have a 1/100 chance of getting a cold sore from one of the guests Daily you will breath in 1 liter of other peoples' anal gases
Bruschetta With Gorgonzola Cheese And Honey
Ingredients 36 slices (1/2-inch thick) baguette bread, about 1 loaf 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 8 ounces Gorgonzola, sliced 3 tablespoons honey Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Method: Arrange the sliced baguette on a baking sheet. Brush with olive oil. Bake until the bread is pale golden and crisp, about 10 minutes. Arrange the cheese on the toasts and bake until the cheese is melted, about 3 minutes. Drizzle the toasts with honey. Place on a serving platter and serve immediately. (trust me, this one is really good.)
She Is My Hero
She is My Hero Never has an American Woman been drafted into service Thousands came forward on their own. Not allowed to volunteer, They disguised as men to serve in combat Many wounded, others Died Mary Walker received The Medal of Honor. One Hundred in the War on Terrorism Died Your blood in ageless battlefields flowed. Thy Valor is unquestioned From the founding of our country, Through the jungles of Vietnam, In the Burning Sands of Far Off Lands You held our hands Spoke with tender Love Cleansed our faces Wiped our Tears With our blood covering your body With Thy Buxom gave us Comfort as we died. She Fights for Our Freedom, She comforts us in our sorrow, She provides cover fire to protect us, She is our Mother, our Daughter, our Sister, and our Aunt She heals our wounds She helps us to our final rest. You are My Sister in Arms You are My Hero! Semper Fidelis Raí 2007
The Test Of Love
Apple And Pear Crisp
Ingredients: 2 pounds ripe Bosc pears (4 pears) 2 pounds firm Macoun apples (6 apples) 1 teaspoon grated orange zest 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg For the topping: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup granulated sugar 3/4 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1 cup old-fashioned oatmeal 1/2 pound (2 sticks) cold unsalted butter, diced Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Method: Peel, core, and cut the pears and apples into large chunks. Place the fruit in a large bowl and add the zests, juices, sugar, flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Pour into a 9 by 12 by 2-inch oval baking dish. For the topping: Combine the flour, sugars, salt, oatmeal, and butter in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Mix on low sp
Screen Shot Class 101
Screen capture Transferring the current on-screen image to a text or graphics file. There is a "Print Screen" function in the operating system that copies the contents of the active window to the clipboard, which can then be pasted into a graphics application to print it. If there is no active window, the entire desktop is copied. There are also numerous screen capture (screen grabber) programs for Windows and the Mac that offer more sophisticated capture capabilities. For example, any or all of the windows can be selected by moving the cursor on screen. Some programs can capture the contents of an entire scrollable window Step 1. Click Print Screen located where Image above shows Step 2 Goto START menu (Programs)then (Accessories)go down to your (Paint) program top of screen you'll see FILES and EDIT go down to PASTE Step 3 After you paste the image from your computer screen save file as ______ the name under that is SAVE AS TYPE....c
Thanksgiving Dinner *turkey, Sides And Desert*
Roast Turkey with Sausage Stuffing Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 3 hr 30 min Makes: 16 servings 1 frozen whole turkey (10 lb.), thawed 1 lb. pork sausage 1-1/2 cups hot water 2 pkg. (6 oz. each) STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix for Turkey PREHEAT oven to 325įF. Do not stuff turkey until ready to roast. BROWN sausage in large skillet on medium heat; drain, reserving 1/2 cup of the drippings. Place reserved drippings in large bowl. Stir in hot water. Add stuffing mix and the cooked sausage; stir just until moistened. Stuff neck and body cavities lightly with stuffing. Truss turkey; place on rack in large roasting pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Place any extra stuffing in separate lightly sprayed covered baking dish. ROAST 3 to 3-1/4 hours or until internal temperature of thigh is 180įF, breast is 170ļF and center of stuffing reaches 165įF when checked with meat thermometer. Bake any extra stuffing with turkey during last 30 min. of turkey baking time. Sweet Potato
57 Girl Confessions
1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Yes 2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Short party dress 3. What would you do if you received a long love letter? I'd read it over and over again! 4. Group dates or single dates? Depends--prefer single 5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends? Yes 6. Are diamonds a girlís best friend? Not at all 7. Is your hair up or down today? It was down, now it's up 8. Do you straighten your hair? Sometimes 9. Favorite mascara? Any 10. Do you get your nails done? Yes 11. Small or large purses? Both-depends where u go 12. In your purse, what are your must haves? Cell, wallet, gum, lip gloss, keys 13. Jeans or sweats? Again-depends what Im doin 14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry thatís uncomfortable? No 15. Do you text message a lot? Sometimes 16. What would you do if you got pregnant? Ahhh...??? 17. Whatís your favorite color? Purple 18. Heels or flats? Mostl
*prances around like a dork* My Salute been accepted >=3 I'm so excited! Now! I can.... >.> be awesome? *goes off to update more on her fubar* >=3
My Heart Will Never Forget
The Lumber Yard
It's new and will be the hottest lounge on fubar "THE LUMBER YARD"/Where Real men come to get wood.Help Wanted Bouncers ,Strippers Bar maids ,Door greeters Opening soon in a aea near you (repost of original by 'EXECUTIONER/Founder & Owner @Lumber Yard Where Real Men Get Wood' on '2007-11-04 11:23:22')
Have you ever heard the saying God only gives you what you can handle?? Well I'm beginning to think he sees me as super woman. For years I haven't slept hardly at all, I'm now on the way to getting that fixed. But the Dr isn't happy with the way my legs look, there very very swollen, that makes it hard to walk or even stand. Greg had a heart attack last year and now he has to have surgery on tuesday for his arm. Then on friday I have a EKG then on tuesday I have another sleep study. With Greg being off work for 6-8 weeks there wont be much money coming in. Only my paycheck and a small amount from Greg's short term disability. Now its bad enough that there is not enough money coming in to pay bills but Christmas is coming. Well for the second year in a row we wont be having one. My birthday is in 2 weeks and all I wanted was dinner at texas roadhouse and a movie. Wont be doing that eather. The dogs need to go to the vet, I need to get bills paid and food in the house oh and dont forget
Niagara Falls
I agreed to take a road trip a few months back... Let's just begin by saying that we were initially going to Washington state, then changed plans to drive to Michigan,then Minnesota, how we ended up in Buffalo, New York is more of a novella than a here we are... The van ride wasn't bad at all, we lovingly refer to the van as the "Roll Crib." It's comfortable, spacious, and I had the whole back to myself. John drove - Len navigated...I did whatever I felt like. My idea of a great trip! We arrived in Niagara Falls around noon on Saturday. It was overcast and cold - had to break out the mittens and scarf! Today (Sunday) has been fairly sunny (but still flippin cold). We did walk across the bridge to Canada...Len and I could have gone in, but John is a bad boy - they denied him access (funny story about an altercation with an officer in 1994). What can you do? We walked back to the good old USA! Hope all is well with you and those you love! Me
Linguine Alla Carbonara
Ingredients: 1 lb dried linguine 1 Tbs olive oil 8 oz rindless pancetta, chopped 4 eggs 5 Tbs light cream 4 Tbs freshly grated Parmesan cheese salt and pepper Method: Bring a large, heavy-bottom pan of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the pasta, return to a boil and cook for 8-19 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a heavy-bottom skillet. Add the chopped pancetta and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, for 8-10 minutes. Beat the eggs with the cream in a small bowl and season to taste with salt and pepper. Drain the pasta, reserving 1 cup of the pasta water, and return pasta to the pan. Tip the contents of the sikillet, then add the egg mixture and half of the Parmesan cheese. Stir well. If sauce is too thick, add some pasta water to desired consistency. Serve immediately, sprinkled with the remaining Parmesan cheese. Serves about 4 people. (squisito)
This Is Very Sweet
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Go Geenbay
No Tears
Remember him with a smile today He was not one for tears, Reflect instead on memories Of all our happy years Recall to mind the way we spoke Of all the things he said His strength, his jokes, the way he laughed, Remember these instead
Extremely Appreciated Of These
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For My Son
Things haven't been the same Since you've been taken away. And sharing the day to day It's been years seince we last spoke And I remember those words fresh and clear Tears fill my eyes And I wish you were here I think about you all of the time. And always with a smile. It feels like you have been gone forever. But it's only been a short while. You'll be with me forever. And that I know is true. A friend, a son Devin I will always love you
Just Saying Hello.
I'm just saying hello. I'm kinda bored and was wondering if you people would just come chill with me and what not. Show me some love or not. Just keep me company. :D Thanks!
Come on ladies, be truthful! 1. What color is your bra? Not wearing one right now. 2. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys? In between. 3. Are you currently frustrated with a boy? No, I'm frustrated with a man. 4. Are you in a relationship? Might as well be. 5. Do you have a best friend? I have two. 6. What do you want to be when you grow up? A wife, a mother, a homemaker, a journalist (or a teacher). 7. Who was the last person you hugged? Rayna. 8.Have you ever had your heart broken? A few times. 9. Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery? Yes. 10. Do you like your life? Currently? Not so much. 11.Do you shop at Hollister? No. 12. Has one of your friends ever stolen a boyfriend from you? You could say that. 13. Single, Taken, Confused? All of the above?? 14. Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on? Yes. 15. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys? I don't have a lot of friends. Period. 16.
Whispers In The Wind
One night i sat all alone on a grassy hillside, looking out into the night sky, as i looked into the heavens visions of the past played in my mind, I thought of days of old when things seems so peaceful and sereane, not asingel worry plagued my day. As I saw the shadows of these moments new visions began to take there place, I could hear a voice, coming from the distance whispering a name. I couldnt quiet make it out, the voice seemed so faint, but the sound touched my heart and a single tear fell from my eye. how could i miss someone this much when i dont even knowwho they are i pondered to myself, then again came that whisper, this time a little louder a little clearer, but i was a name i didn not know, till i met you, now every time i hear that name my heart begins to race, I colse my eyes and there you are right back in that heavenly place. to hold you to touch to feel your warm lips, oh what visions they were, which were carried upon the whisper of the wi
Blackstar..this Is About U Babe..
So I got this idea from one of my friends. This is just a lil blog to tell my Fu~Hubby how much he means to me. Blackstar is the type of guy that I can tell anything and he will listen. When I need to bitch about my bf he will listen and tell me what he thinks. He is always makin me feel better about myself. He is the BEST Fu~Hubby and Friend that I could ever ask for. Stop by and show him sum love... Peace&Love MsMaine YOU ROCK MY WORLD BLACKSTAR BLACKSTAR (CLUB F.A.R.)~FU HUBBY TO~ MS.MAINE~@ fubar Natasha BedingfieldLove Like This ft Sean KingstonMusic Video Codes By Music
My Suffering
Why do I give my heart so freely, when I know I am only going to be hurt. Unconditional love is what I give, done it since the day of my birth. Feel as if I am sinking deeper, within this deep and dark hole. Wondering if there is anything I can do, to save me from your devouring soul. Try to hard to rid you of my dreams, and somehow return to my happy place. Everytime I close my weary eyes, all I see is your haunting faces. Cuts,bumps, bruises are all that I suffer, looking at the headlights through eyes that strain. Then I see the wreckage around me, and they become eyes of sorrow and pain. Now you know why I dont sleep at night, for my friends are all dead and gone. Somehow I wake up and face everyday, for I know their memory must live on. Pity, sympathy,empathy and your prayers, are what people always seem to give. They still dont answer my heartfelt question, why I should be the one you choose to live.
There Is A Land Called 'passive Agressieva' And I Am Their Queen
Passive-aggressive behavior refers to passive, sometimes obstructionist resistance to following authoritative instructions in interpersonal or occupational situations. It can manifest itself as resentment, stubbornness, procrastination, sullenness, or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is assumed, often explicitly, to be responsible. Thanks for the diagnosis Wikipedia.
Repost Please
Please repost this bulletin if you can!! Thanks
I Need A Life...
1. Talked to an asshole today? No. 2. Do you like anyone? You could say that. 3. Are you wearing socks? No 4. Do you regret something you did yesterday? Yes... 5. Have you ever been stoned? Unfortunately. 6. Do you own a guitar? No. 7. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? Yes. 8. Do you own a piggy bank shaped like a pig? No. 9. Do you shower facing the shower head or with your back to it? Both. 10. Do you have anything in your pockets right now? I don't have pockets. 11. How many windows are open on your computer? One. 12. What are the colors of your wall? White. 13. How many hours did you sleep last night? I have no idea. 14. Is something bothering you right now? Very much so. 15. Have you been outside today? It's beautiful outside today. 16. Who was the last person to IM yoU? Tim on GMail. 17. Last text from? Tim. 18. Are you a daydreamer? Yes. 19. Are you sarcastic? Yes. It's just one of my many qualities.
Official Rules
HOTT BOMBERS OF FUBAR! (Helping Out Their Team) A Bombing Family Dedicated to Helping Out their Team Member to the Best Of Their Ability! This is not a leveling family, but on occasion help with that may be given. RULES 1. Must be dedicated to helping out their team member first and foremost. By this I maen comment bombing a member of the team in whatever contest they are in. (Comment bombing is commenting over and over again on a particular pic) If you are unsure please contact either myself or Briguy. 2. Every member must be added as a friend. 3. Each team member is limited to one contest every 2 months which is subject to change as we grow. 4. First to notify of contest entry is the first to get help. This is only fair because we can't bomb more than one in any given contest. 5. Notifications must have start and end date of contest and requirements for bombing from the host. Notifications must be sent in email to Briguy and we can keep track. 6. No D
When It Rains
Family And Friends
Hello Every1 Just wanted to say hi and to say to my family that i am sorry for not being on much the past week, my close friends know why and its all good, I am still here for everyone if you need anything, please hit me up with anything. AND HIT ME UP ANYWAY I MISS MY CLOSE FRIENDS ALOT MUAHZZZZZZZZ TO EVERY1
Go Colts!!!
I'm about to hit the road yet again, and of course on the day that the biggest game of the NFL season is about to go down. New England Patriots vs. WORLD CHAMPION Indianapolis Colts!!! As you can tell, I am a homer, and a Colts fan. However, I do respect the Patriots. They have proven to be one of the best, if not the best, team in the NFL. And this is setting up to be a historic game. And I hope it will be. I also hope that the Colts end up on the winning side of this game. I know there are probably more Patriot fans than Colts fans on here, so I'll probably here all the jeers and insults, but it's all good. It's part of the rivalry. So for all that, I will say, Patriots, I look forward to a good game. And on a final note, I hope you don't take this ass-whoopin' seriously :P LOL. GO COLTS!!!!!
The Things You Can Realize In About Two Hours!
It's weird how life works sometimes! You can constantly surprise yourself or see many things about life that maybe you haven't seen before or may have just forgotten. For myself and maybe one other person (at least I would hope to think so), a simple phone conversation brought about quite a lot of thoughts stirring through my mind. The scary part is if you asked me if I would have been talking to this person on the phone about this time last month, I would have said you were insane - I ended up surprising myself. To explain this, I feel the need to go back in time, but out of respect for privacy, I will not be using names. The friends involved here will know who they are! One of my best friends had told me that she had met someone and that she wanted him and myself to get to know each other. We exchanged IM information, but the few times we did talk (which is probably why there were so few of them), I constantly felt like I was being rubbed the worng way in one way or another. As
Concert And A Drink...
'People should really pay more attention to who they meet online,' I thought to myself as I handed my ticket to the large bouncer at the gate. He didn't think I would ever find him here, but then again, he didn't really know me as well as he thought he did. Once inside, the pounding music throbbed in my legs, moving its way up and mixing with the excitement that already surged through my blood. It became a great compliment to the arousal I already felt in the pit of my stomach. A good chase was almost as good as great sex. I caught his scent instantly. It was musk, vanilla, and sex, and then my animal senses picked up the arousal and fear. This was definitely him, and the scent led me into the pit. I was a bit disappointed that my prey would be this easy to capture. I pivoted this way and that to maneuver through the mass of sweaty bodies between my victim and myself, and then I spied him. I pushed my way to him quickly, forcing aside those unfortunate enough to p
WHY PLAN OR PLAY IT SAFE? because the only thing you can control is who you are !!
Screen capture Transferring the current on-screen image to a text or graphics file. There is a "Print Screen" function in the operating system that copies the contents of the active window to the clipboard, which can then be pasted into a graphics application to print it. If there is no active window, the entire desktop is copied. There are also numerous screen capture (screen grabber) programs for Windows and the Mac that offer more sophisticated capture capabilities. For example, any or all of the windows can be selected by moving the cursor on screen. Some programs can capture the contents of an entire scrollable window Step 1. Click Print Screen located where Image above shows Step 2 Goto START menu (Programs)then (Accessories)go down to your (Paint) program top of screen you'll see FILES and EDIT go down to PASTE Step 3 After you paste the image from your computer screen save file as ______ the name under that is SAVE AS TYPE....c
Long Distance
Hey all... this is my fisrt contest. Please come show love. Make sure to add the host as a friend! Thank you all!!
Tiger Spell 11/03/07
Dark bands striking across an expanse of burnished gold majestic crowned with elegance a wise wild countenance solemn yet feral peace and war clash in your brilliant steady gaze a song in motion a deadly dance prey and predator the tiger stalks and i am caught- spellbound i wrote this in my sleep, so if it sucks, well... i was asleep for heaven's sake, whaddya expect!!!! lolol
I Know I Cant Be There
My Friends Dad
I'm askin all my friends to please keep a good friend of mine's father in ur thoughts. Hes goin in tomorrow to have some test done to see if the tumor they found is cancer or not. I will keep anyone informed on whats goin on if u want to know. just send me a shout. Thank you!! xoxo- cotton
Missing Someone
The One I Love- David Gray
Gonna close my eyes Girl and watch you go Running through this life darling Like a field of snow As the tracer glides In its graceful arc Send a little prayer out to ya Across the falling dark Tell the repo man And the stars above You're the one I love Perfect summers night Not a wind that breathes Just the bullets whispering gentle Amongst the new green leaves There's things I might have said Only wish I could Now I'm leaking life faster Than I'm leaking blood Tell the repo man And the stars above You're the one I love You're the one I love The one I love Don't see Elysium Don't see no fiery hell Just the lights up bright baby In the bay hotel Next wave coming in Like an ocean roar Won't you take my hand darling On that old dancefloor We can twist and shout Do the turtle dove And you're the one I love You're the one I love The one I love
.to Kev.
ya ive got issues ill be the first to admit it, but i just dont what what you worked so hard to fall cuz i wont budge on a issue, you will never loose me as a friend, ill always love you. but i cant handle bs,im preggo,stressed and pissed off you of all pplz know me,.prolly the best when my mind is made up,I dont budge then being called childish showed me that maybe sweet was right and i wasnt fit for your lounge,. GO on.. Be strong, and remember i love you.!
Top 5 Voting Starts 11-5-07 !
Well thanks to all of our friends, fu friends a big part of it all - we are in the Top 10 on the ROCK stage over at - an online talent contest ala American Idol - only YOU are the judges ! We need another round of support - as the competition is FIERCE ! Head on over there and vote for our video "HELL" daily - it's free - and believe me, we really appreciate this, a hard working rock band that is hoping for some big breaks can use both the exposure and the money ! Thanks yall for your help. MISTY lil drummer girl for PSYKNYNE
jaymanbaby@ fubar WATCH OUT THIS ONE IS A REAL PERV!
When You Love Someone Kid Rock
Oooh..Ooooh I tell you it will shake the earth beneath your feet The light that shines will redefine your old beliefs What you reap is what you sow and so it goes Where you plant your needs is where your garden grows Before you think about yourself Think of someone else, it will make you feel Each day ain't wine and roses I doubt it's meant to be Always a cross to bear salvation don't come free A heart that beats is a heart that bleeds And you know that's true So don't deny yourself of something good for you Before you do it for yourself, do it for someone else That makes it real *Chorus* 'Cause when you love someone It don't matter what you say When you love someone You will dance the night away When you love someone There ain't nothing you can't do Ain't that right Yeah I want to love someone tonight Will you believe in love or just sit around and judge? Can you forgive someone or will u hold a grudge? Cuz above selfishness t
Over time we will be recruiting Enforcers! You will go through Sens2u...our Asst. Manager if you are interestd in this position. Basically the purpose of an enforcer is to keep the drama levels down! The enforcers will be there watching..almost like a bouncer if you will! If there happens to be anyone that comes across at you in an inapproiate way. And it is something you can not or would not like to handle on your own. You may refer to our Enforcers! They will go and handle the situation at hand the best they can. Now if someone inside the family is the cause of this drama you need to contact an enforcer immediatly so they can contact managment! Enforcers please note that our family is drama free! If you notice anyone inside the family starting shit please contact myself or another member of managment immediatly!!! If you need an enforcer you may blog to call them! Or update your status to calling enforcers! This way they will come to you as soon as they can! If you are having any p
This Was To Funny Not To Post
Subject: Am I Gay? A self examination for men. Am I gay self examination for men: 1. If you are over forty, and you have a washboard stomach, you are gay. It means you haven't sucked back enough beer with the boys and have spent the rest of your free time doing sit-ups, aerobics, and doing the Oprah diet. 2. If you have a cat, you are a flaaaaming homo. A cat is like a dog, but gay -- it grooms itself constantly but never scratches itself, has a delicate touch except when it uses its nails, and whines to be fed. And just think about how you call a dog..."Killer, come here! I said get your ass over here, Killer!" Now think about how you call a cat...."Bun-bun, come to daddy,snookums!" Jeeezus, you're fit to be framed, you're so gay. 3. If you suck on lollipops, Ring-Pops, baby pacifiers, or any such nonsense, rest assured, you are a Gaylord. A straight man only sucks on bar-B-que ribs, crab claws, raw oysters,
All Summer Long- Kid Rock
It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long Caught somewhere between a boy and man She was seventeen and she was far from in-between It was summertime in Northern Michigan Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Splashing through the sand bar Talking by the campfire It's the simple things in life, like when and where We didn't have no internet But man I never will forget The way the moonlight shined upon her hair Chorus: And we were trying different things We were smoking funny things Making love out by the lake to our favorite song Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long Catching Walleye from the dock Watching the waves roll off the rocks She'll forever hold a spot inside my soul We'd blister in the sun We couldn't wait for night to come To hit that sand and play some rock and roll [these lyrics are found on
Updates Galore!!
Hey kiddies... hows it goin?? things here are rockin right along... I'm settling in at and the Show and Noize Network is havin mucho bunches of fun working with The VM Underground, PamPam (WFLMRadio), as well as AJ over at I've been mucho busy with tryin to work on the show and WBRK at the same time so this past weekend I was able to bust ass and was finally able to polish off some rough edhes as far as the show and station were concerned. I haven't really had the time to fix some of the websites since I left WRR.. they were abit outdated but I was finally able to get to not only updating the Rambunctious Noize Radio Show myspace page but I was also able to updated everything on myspace for both WBRK and The Rambunctious Noize. I also updated WBRK's homepage and website. I gave it abit of a make over. Now I am pleased with what it finally has shaped upto be. I added a new streaming server to take the place of as of N
Meet The Members!
HOTT BOMBERS OF FUBAR (Helping Out The Team)A New Bombing Team Dedicated To Helping Out Their Team Members To The Best Of Their Ability! With All The Contests Everyone Has It Gets Hard To Get Help Sometimes. HOTT Is Being Created To Give Everyone A Chance To Win Something! (This In No Way Meant To Be Disrespectful To Any Other Bombing Family Already in Place) HOTT BOMBERS OF FUBAR MEMBERS SO FAR!!! TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life@ fubar Duffer66@ fubar *.:.Savannah.:.*@ fubar Denno666666@ fubar bikerdad1963@ fubar rg62@ fubar snake2007@ fubar fearless
The Stripper & The V.i.p. Room
It was my ex-husband's birthday, wanted to treat him special for his birthday so I took him to Deja Vu, the Strip Club. We walk in, sit down, order some drinks, watch the girls dance, the usual thing. Well, it turns out, they wanted to pay more attention to me & would groan when I asked them to give him a lap dance. They did the obligatory boob in face, quick rub & came back to me. After about 30min, this other stripper comes over.....tall, leggy, built like your wettest dream with the softest looking lips, tantalizing eyes & a fall of sable brown hair that looked like something you could get lost in. We got to talking, I bought her a drink & after a bit, she took us to the V.I.P. room where she made him sit in the corner. While she & I were on the bed, she does her thing, comes up to kiss me, & by this time, I am like, why not? I kiss her back, full lips, full tongue, the whole nine. She starts to really get into it, touching my breasts, guiding my
Lost Friends
the gates have raisen from the sand the death & hatered has began.Life is but a thing of the past frinds are said &gone theres no moving on no one 2 turn 2 no way toescape the pain my relationships take friends a plenty & friends a few you've all turnedon me the way u do we where once close now where far a part what went wrong.Iguess we just have moved on from our childish ways now r friend ships at an end never 2 be used again we closed all roads that lead 2 r heart & soul.our hearts grow cold as ice our friendship isn't worth the price we paid we where strong together now where weak a part may our lives stay safe & free of ay danger!& each other goodbye u asshole may we never speak again p.s. I didnt fuck your girl like u calmed I did but, y didnt u tell her the truth about u cheating on her with the other 3 girls BITCH!!!!
Looking For Wild Horney Females
to work at my lounge the lumber yard where real men come to get wood
Music Video:BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (by Sean Kingston)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Cant Let Go
this is what makes this site creepy. i
It's Sunday. I'm at...WORK! Again, I volunteered but still. What was I thinking? Ah yes...wanting to decrease the workload on Monday and I was thinking overtime. Mhm that's what it was. I saw dollar signs. But I'm here all by myself! I keep hearing some noises in the warehouse and I have to's starting to creep me out a little. I never hear these noises on normal workdays... I dunno how I feel about moving. Kind of excited, kind of scared. OK, way scared. Not sure why...I mean, when we were in North Carolina I might as well have been by myself. My stupid husband was never around. And I'm not just talking about the deployments. There were times when he just...neglected to come home for days. Weeks too probably. This reminds me once again why I'm glad it's over. But back to my point, I was 21 hours away then and I did ok. Little more money coming in but... This place will only be about 4 hours away from home and I'm working for a good company and people from THIS office
New Pics...
Hey ya'll *waves*, Put up some new pics, so come check 'em out...let me know what cha think...Hope everyone is having an awesome day... Huggs and Kisses and much love... ~ Sadie Grace ~
In My Dreams
Will This Every Freakin Stop?
Ok I feel the need to write my own blog regarding the Buzz bull crap going on. I thought it was done and over with weeks ago, but apparently someone can't leave me out of there conversations. Here's my side to the ever entertaining drama regarding Buzz and the Xtreme X. Back in July when Gary asked that all of us DSC come into Xtreme I obliged and during my time there met Buzz. Well from my understanding there was a mutual attraction there. Buzz and I started talking regularly on the phone and he was supposedly coming to Idaho to meet me at the end of August. I had asked him during our chats about Sweet and Kare to which I was told that April was a sponsor on his car and would never be anything more than that. There was no attraction. As for Kare, she had the hots for him and they were nothing more than friends. He claims to me that she had a layover in Dallas once and he'd gone to meet her during this time. Well I now know this was a lie and she actually spent time with him
if you dont listen to queens of the stone age, you are a big fat FAIL of a retard. if you havent ever heard their first self titled album. wow. you are a big fat FAIL of a retard (although i got mine at best buy like 4 years ago, it seems this is kind of tough to get a hold of these days, ie-it goes for a lot on ebay, ie-30 bucks or more) BUT it is fucking stupendous. i got a few of the tracks on my playlist. bringing me to the main point of this..."if only" is track 3 on said album and itll make you cream. HOWEVER, the version that is on my playlist, isnt the one on the album...its better, x50. listen to it. if youve heard the original, youll be amazed. if you havent....make sure youre sitting down to begin with. yeah, its that good. but trust me, you wont be sitting long as you rock out to a killer tune. on a side note to it possible to get that song from my playlist to a cd? im sorta retard when it comes to computers so thats why im askin. it would be REAL swell. peace and
Ozzy Is Mad
Ozzy Angered by ND Sheriff's Sting Nov. 3, 2007, 7:05 PM EST Ozzy Osbourne wants an apology from the Cass County sheriff for staging a sting operation in the rocker's name without his permission. Osbourne claims his reputation was tarnished when Sheriff Paul Laney invited 500 people with outstanding warrants to a phony party at a Fargo nightclub before the rocker's concert with Rob Zombie at a nearby arena. More than 30 showed up and were arrested. "Instead of holding a press conference to pat himself on the back, Sheriff Laney should be apologizing to me for using my name in connection with these arrests," Osbourne said in a statement. "It is insulting to me and to my audience and it shows how lazy this particular sheriff is when it comes to doing his job," Osbourne said. Laney said Friday that it's his job to arrest people with outstanding warrants. "We meant no disrespect toward Mr. Osbourne or his show," Laney said. "What we did was a very creative law enforcement
Thought For The Day Ii
"Blondes get noticed, brunettes are remembered."
My Sadness
my sadness fulls like a day in the pouring rain my eyes grow dark never 2 be seen again my heart beat slows for those i've loved that are lost & gone!&4 those Iloved an konw all so well y did they leave me no 1 can tell I wish I didnt have 2 let them go. they were taken from me without so much as a goodbye ,so now I cry theres no greater lost then the odf a loved 1 so if u feel the way ido give a frind a shout & they'll try & help u thought it if they dont there not a true friend 2 u!
Thoughts, Feelings, And My Attitude
Sometimes I get depressed. Alot of people do, esp. during the "Holiday Seasons" Nothing new there. However, November and December just suck for me. I get kinda depressed, I feel out of place, no one understands me, I just want to run away from everyone. I want to start arguements, yet, cannot quite bring myself to do it.(I just lied...I have and do, I'm a rotten person) Nothing feels right. November was always sad for my family. My oldest brother Tim died in November, years ago, but my Parents never got over it. I guess no parent would...I couldn't imagine it. November bothers me though...I think what kind of person my brother would have turned out to be...I still cry for him, although I know he is around me and he is ok. Still November just sucks! Let's jump to December, shall we? OVERRATED!! I don't do Christmas....I did the gift thing and stuff for my kids, however I screamed at the top of my lungs many years ago that I want NO gifts from anyone, actually that ha
Some People....
I find it very amusing how some people must think I am a total moron.... I am so tired of being told how stupid I am being, even though I am pretty sure I know what I am doing. I can't help that maybe some people just have a guilty conscience... I have to question, what would some people think if they got the whole story? I am not going to be the one to tell any story because I am ready for all the drama to stop. I have lost 2 friends from all of this, and I'm done with it because its just not worth it to me anymore. I have tried to let it go, but I keep getting more information, and its all fitting into place now. The friends I lost, weren't really friends in the first place, just people who are out for themselves and don't care about anyone else's feelings. With friends like that, who needs enemies....all it did was make my wall go up a little further, no big deal, I shouldn't have let my guard down at all....I am part to blame for some of it, I apparently gave too much inf
Something I Wrote Awhile Back Enjoy!!
Luxury Rules Wow, Luxury thought. Another beautiful day at the beachÖShe loves the summer time, warm breezes, hot bodies, and cold margaritas. Doesnít get any better than this she thought with a smile. Luxury always loved soaking in up the sun. Long lazy days warm sand between her toes. She always loved the attention she got at the beach.. Why shouldnít she. She worked so hard to keep this body in shape. The payoff was a tiny white Brazilian bikini. She knew she looked hot in it. She could always feel the eyes on her as she made her way from her lounge chair to cool off in the water. She loved knowing that she turned men on. Not sometimes but always. She loved knowing they were undressing her with there eyes and fucking her in there minds. She always pretended not to notice, oh but she noticed. She lived for it, craved it. Women always hated her, women knew Luxury was aware of her effect on there boyfriends and husbands. They knew exactly what there men were thinking when they saw h
Lead Is Slipping
When I woke up this morning the lead I had was gone! Right now I have the lead back but I am not sure how long it will last. Please help out! It is greatly appreciated! I love to comment and in the future if it someone was in a contest I would definantly help out! Please leave a comment or two. Thank you, Jennifer Link:
You need to break your projects down into small, manageable chunks today, or else the details will start to get overwhelming. Things are looking up, but you've got to get past today to get to the good stuff. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Hmmm I see what your saying so I should keep it lite , mumms, mumms, and more mumms!!!
Sorry Guys.....
To all of the guys on here that know and adore me (and why do you, by the way? lol)....I am officially nice to
To All My Friends..please Read!!
I have been having problems with my computer for awhile now and have finally found out that it is my server so I have told them to shove it and I am going with anoughter server!!Sooo,I may be with out service for this week cause the new server wont be able to come out till friday night so,if I am missing this is why!!JUst wanted to let all my friends know why I am missing for a week!!I hope that everyone has a wonderful week and will talk to you all as soon as I can!!love edwin
Another Update
I am gone a lot from FUBAR so please excuse the personal things I have had to work on here at home, thx to ya friends!
In True Love-distance
Intersting Things
"Stewardesses" [] is the longest word typed with only the left hand ... And "lollipop" [] is the longest word typed with your right hand. (Bet you tried this out mentally, didn't you?) No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple. [][] "Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt".? (Are you doubting this?) [] Our eyes [] are always the same size from birth, but our nose[] and ears []never stop growing. The sentence: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet. (Now, you KNOW you're going to try this out for accuracy, right?) [] The words 'racecar,' [] 'kayak' [] and 'level' []are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left (palindromes). (Yep, I knew you were going to "do" this one.)
The Pussycat Song
The Pussycat Song My pussycat was scratching out on the front door Scratched so long, poor pussy got sore Sore pussy! Sore…pussy Just a friendly little cat! My pussycat was sitting out on the front step Sat so long it started to rain, poor pussy got wet Wet pussy! Sore…wet...pussy Just a friendly little cat! My pussycat was playing out on the back lot Played so long, poor pussy got hot Hot pussy! Sore…wet…hot…pussy Just a friendly little cat! I left my bottle of whiskey out last My pussycat drank it and got real tight Tight pussy! Sore…wet…hot…tight…pussy Just a friendly little cat! My pussycat was rocking in the rocking chair Rocked so long, he lost his hair Bald pussy! Sore…wet…hot…tight…bald…pussy Just a friendly little cat! My neighbor and I are at the clothesline I said to my neighbor, “Won’t you look at mine?” My pussy! Sore…wet…hot…tight
Please Read Your Prayers Are Needed
8 month old Lillian, Grand daughter of Anna *Fu-Bombers*, is in the ER and has stopped breathing. Please help her with your prayers.
Wuz Up
wus up my dear people
My Saturday
I think I may be quitting Starbucks. I hate having to work on weekends, and I'm always tired again. Which isn't good. My levels are normal and I'm not getting sick, like I thought (YAY!) The only two explanations I can think of is that an onslaught of depression is setting in/will be setting in shortly, or my hormones are off again. Sigh. Why can't my body work normally? Anyway, this is about yesterday. I called in sick to work, and was told that because I didn't find anyone to cover my shift, my manager had no choice but to write me up. Whatever. I couldn't stop throwing up for longer than five minutes at a time. But it WAS my fault that that happened. I was put on antibiotics for my skin on Friday, because, well I'm almost 27 for fuck's sake...this breaking out bullshit is for the birds. My skin wasn't this bad in hischool. Anyway, doxycycline (sp) must be taken on a full stomach, and I forgot and took it on an empty....vomiting ensued. Called in sick, and VIOLA, Satu
I Owe My Mother
I OWE MY MOTHER 1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. "If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning." 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. "You better pray that will come out of the carpet." 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" 4. My mother taught me LOGIC. " Because I said so, that's why." 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. "If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me." 6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. "Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident." 7. My mother taught me IRONY. "Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about." 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. "Shut your mouth and eat your supper." 9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. "Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!?" 10. My mother taught me about
Pplz Sometimes I Swear
you know last time i checked. when you tell someone something you keep it to yourself you dont run off and spat ur mouth, im sure imma be in deep shit but i banned drew and i dont care about my consequences he is a lying cheating bastard, he needs to be put in place sometime..(not saying i dont) but damn seriously when you think someones ur friend and then they stab youin the back ,.. and leave the knife there. so.. if shit happens. it was fun while it lasted.. and what ever.., peace out..peeps.
Dragula From Ozzfest 05
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