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Little Eyes See Everything
Subject: Little Eyes see it all . . . WHEN YOU THOUGHT I WASN'T LOOKING A message every adult should read because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make my favorite cake for me, and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life. When you thought I wasn't looking I heard you say a prayer, and I knew that there is a God I could always talk to, and I learned to trust in Him. When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you
A Good Look At Things To Come.
Clown Penis
If you hear the sound of flopping while you read this blog entitled "Clown Penis", try to remember its just his shoes... I've stayed in an assortment of hotels on the Las Vegas strip. I've picked up the advertisements on the street that feature "Asian School Girls wearing Invisible Clothes", "Black Beauties - Spurs Allowed!", "Sassy Cheerleaders Wanting An F" - and all of them had stars at groin and nipple. I guess that's how a woman can tell if she should pursue a career in any of the above categories. Just look for the glinting points. I was more entranced with the amateur efforts of some male graffitti vandal. I say it was a male, because of the delusional proportions given to the surprise "package". I first glimpsed the clown's penis behind the head of an elderly woman. A small step to the left and Slappy - with his big red...nose, and his hand held...horn - was revealed in full clown regalia. The freehand addition of an orange sized testicle x2, and a 12 inch dick st
Please Help Destine Become Our Newest Angel!
imikimi - Customize Your World! ~~DES TIN E~~@ fubar Pleas Help Destine Become our Newest Angel!
Freak Star
My Hardest Life Moment
while growing up i thought I had made it through the worst times that i could have, from the constant beatings, watching my brother be tied to a bed post and a knife held to his throat, being stabbed as well as having glass jars and knives threw at me, being raped by 3 people when i was 13, to eating flour and ketchup on bread, but now that i have my own children , to which i am lucky and thankful to have made it out alive,I have quickly realized that those things were nothing compared to the constant torture of watching your child beg and plead and wish she wasn't alive every time she has to go to her dads , for every time they go through things like abusive natures and emotional beatings, it not only hurts because it is my beloved child, but because i relive my own as well, with every tear they shed, my heart bleeds a little more, you can't imagine what it's like to have to sit and watch your daughter be in such dismay, not that there aren't much worse things one can go through , but
Ok, so as most ppl know I deleted my account and then came back. Well, I still don't care for it so I'm leaving again. Now that I tried it twice I know I'm not missing anything. It's not for everybody. You may love it, and that's fine. We're all different. But that's not the point of this blog. The point is, if you want to stay in touch hit me up with an email on here!!
I am healed... but the smell of charred remains still linger in the air, from torches carried by past lovers who said they really care, and as your heart and soul drifts into a false state of bliss, You think to yourself finally my most precious dream as come , then they burn you with their torches,setting your very blood a flame, to which engulfs your soul smothering your every breathe you take, leaving nothing behind but the smell of smoldered flesh , a blackened soul and a bitter charcoal taste of love gone bad, and despite how many times this happens it doesn't strangle my desires to be loved, to love, my need to care for people, my compassion for people, and my love for life. Sometimes, we want something so bad, that we over look the demons inside someone only seeing the good, for fear of failing or ending up alone. I have learned a great deal through out my love life's , the first being some people are not who they say they are, some people's goal in life is to cheat and lie, wit
A Gypsies Demise
She is the gypsy who walks among the darkness, only allowing you a mere glimpse as she swiftly moves within the shadows. She didn't always walk in blackness, for there was a time she walked not only in light , but carried a light surrounding her like a golden shield . The light has since been burned out , by the hands of darkness, casting over her, like a thick fog, leaving her feeling used and her body frayed like a rug at a corner tavern for the drunks to wipe the filth off their feet from the streets of despair and guilt of things they've done wrong. Her hair is disheveled like the whores on the city streets after earning their grunge pay, and satisfying the devils advocates with unnameable acts of sin . She drudges along like a gentle lamb so trusting, before that trust turns and devours the very soul of her with the weight of betrayal across her once strong shoulders. Her body and mind are numb like the earth and vegetation during the winter as the frigid air crosses over encomp
Really Are You Kidding Me?
It would seem that People do not want an honest rateing on there photos . There seems to be this odd "rule" to rate every thing a 10 . Seems that 10 a 1 is basicly a 0 and any thing other then a 10 is in the negative. maybe the rateing thing should reflect the negative numbers. to me a 1 is a low blow .. a 5 is half way marker and a 10 is that WOW factor . Or am i just not understanding the rateing system? Help me out here people...
No Shit Trust Someone What Is That?
i would tar and feather myself the day i find anyone on this site who is not a LIAR.. SELF ABSORBED ..HIDDEN AGENDAS know what i will not even rant about this fuck it its not worth it you can all fuck yourselves which is surely what one does who just cant quite get enough of themselves.... I can't stand the sight of you. I can't stand what you put me through. Your life's a lie, that will you hide. Is it that terrible being you inside? I can't stand all the thought of you. I can't stand all the things you do. Why do you try, to justify? You are just too scared to be you inside. Let it all go. (x4) Look at you, all I see is a man too afraid to really be. (x2) I can't stand what you put me through. I can't stand even the thought of you. Your secret lies, that you hide. Is it that terrible being you inside? Let it all go. (x4) Look at you, all I see is a man too afraid to really be. (x4) You try so hard to be wanted. False emotions tells you
Bones Of Humanity
(This was written in response to the Amish community's embracing of the family of the killer of their own children October 2006. Such a standard to try and emulate.) I watch the world with wonder. We all carry out our little lizard brain directives of feeding, fucking, fighting, and fleeing under the warmth of the same burning sun and the silvering of the same mysterious moon. Some of us rise above the atavistic impulses and bring the Divine just a little closer into the world. Its all a matter of choice and free will. The milkman's baby daughter died 20 minutes after she was born. He was filled with rage and hatred towards a God that would let him suffer such a loss. Nine years later he went into an Amish schoolhouse and killed innocent little girls, then himself. Two of the girls offered their lives freely to sate his rage, hoping mercy would be shown to the others. In Columbine two boys took aim and killed classmates. One asked a girl cowering under a table, "Do you be
Silent Scream
Wait, listen, can you here that? There it is again! Somebody screaming so loud they are not heard. When the soul aches so deep that it screams out in pain it usually falls on deaf ears. The kind of emptiness that one feels when they have no one to turn to. Hold on before you say something like well she should have known I would have been there for her. All she had to of done was to ask. Not to say that one should feel bad if they didn't have a relationship with them in that way. But do take a moment to stop and check, is there somebody in your life that if they were hurting you would see it. No I mean really think that though. We all would like to pride ourselves in our level of relationship power. But if we are really honest with ourselves we are just giving polite lip service. So would you see the hurt and then would you know what to do or how to help them? If we were true to what we give our high level of friendship credit for should they really need to ask? Ultimitly we are
Scarlet Letters
MUDVAYNE "Scarlet Letters" My heart is beating but the soul has died My body's breathing beneath catatonic eyes The blood is flowing, set free for demise I've lost my balance but god knows I tried I don't want to be here anymore in scarlet letters Carved into what once was me Once was yours no more An uphill battle I failed to climb I left it all now and I don't mind Betrayed and broken consumed by the lies Farewell to you all, I'll be fine. Goodbye I don't want to be here anymore the scarlet letter Torn in two, a piece of me, the peace in you no more Do you believe in loss Do you believe in faith Do you believe in death Now that I'm gone Forsaken me, ashes to dust just let me lie Lay me to rest, I've done my best but lost my sight Turning my back, leave me alone let spirit rise Knives in my back, all hope is lost Say goodbye I don't want to be here anymore in Scarlet Letters Got to go, what once was me, once was yours, no more I don't want to be here anym
At The Moment Of Death
aT The Moment oF Death Category: Romance and Relationships He cried out my name, "Vicky" I reached and grabbed his hand. As he looked me deeply in the eyes for the last time, I told him "Bye baby I Love You" then watched his soul leave his body. A lite golden haze covered this half of the bedroom as God came to retrieve what was already his. His body, the shell of a human just laid there. I instantly detached emotionally from it, for I had just watched him leave it. Some would ask, you mean he looked so peaceful? I'm saying NO! It laid there like a broken egg shell. Once the egg is gone the shell holds no purpose. The peace was mine as he and God stayed with me, totally surrounding me with in them. A level of peace I have never known was now engulfing me. I was touching and being touched by them, breathing them in through the gold haze that held them. Knowing without a doubt that he had not died again, but that he merely was no longer a part of this
I hate spam. And by spam I don't mean the ham byproduct made from smashing a whole pig into a 4"x4" can and letting it sit on a shelf for years on end. I mean the email messages you get trying to get you to buy something, or trick you into something. I don't hate them because they are malicious, I hate them because they are done so poorly. I mean honestly, if you have fallen for some of these things, you seriously need to have your interwebs taken from you and never be allowed on a computer again. I think spam would be more enjoyable if it were written better. Make it entertaining, give people some reason to WANT to open the message. Then you could develop ads to go with it, and you could make a special market just for this. You could make money off of it. AKA COMMERCIALS you pricks. I especially love the ones like "I'm a hot girl, but I lost my email account in a fire, so that's why I'm using this random email address. You can't reply to this email address either...because, i
Just A Poem
I wrote this tonight. Its called yours just yours Are you a sadist? Are you the chain to my heart The flogger on my skin The brand on my inner thigh Are you a sadist? Will you control my every action Take my very free will Release me from my own thoughts Are you a sadist? See my glowing red skin In the shape of your palm Does that turn you on Are you a sadist? Seeing me look at you Eyes full of heat and pain and sex A starving woman starving for you Are you a sadist? Slut whore cocksucking bitch lovers names you've given me Are you a sadist? Being cruel yet kind Teasing and tantalizing Always holding something back Are you a sadist? To be your greatest posession The object of your desire The object of your passionate rage yours just yours
My Happy Hour Tomorrow!
I'm celebrating a turning point in my life, and I want you there! Not only am I celebrating getting rid of the "trash" in my life, I'm soooo close to Oracle! (12 Mil!)(Not to mention I hope it gives him hell!)I want your rates during my Happy Hour on Wednesday, March 24th @ 3PM FuTime.I'll pay with FuBucks!I have a few 250 EZ Rate Folders!Stop by and rate ALL of them and then send me a private message and I'll send you fubucks! How easy is that?!I'll have Auto11s on, so I'll be paying 25K for 250 rates.Bomb me for 30K in FuBucks!!Remember, this is valid ONLY during my Happy Hour on Wednesday! PM me for pay on the rates, I'll see the bomb automatically! *muahs* So what are you waiting on? ϛὡᶓᶓʈ Ҡתּɳɗɣ Ҡiϛϛʈina@ fubar
The Darkness Of Hope
what is a life when you are lonely, troubled from the companions, those who call you a lover or friend. dealing with hopeless thoughts of torture, driving you madly to breaking point, then making you collapse in fearful thought. living in darkness searching for the light, through pain scorching your emotions, making normality a strange fictional place. driving a steak into your mind, spearing the last little light from your soul, destroying the life you once had. hope fading dimmer under you heart, developing your fears and twisting them around, creating a uniqe reality where all is to real. yet hope finds a way to make itself brighter, fueling from passion and emotion, lighting the darkness so you can find your way.
Highways Of Life
Roads are dark and lonely, moonlight guiding us through the dark, silvery beams glancing off of the road. Seeming like all is asleep, protected by the nights blanket, shadows still moving all around us. Driving our evil thoughts away, slowly protecting us from all those who harm us, weather we allow them to do us that way or not. We ask for help and even give in, yet our will allows us to fight on, driving us on through the darkest of nights. Guided by a silvery light, nightly as our soul wants to rest, while our dreams are telling our hearts where we are heading
Dry And Lonely
I have left myself go dry, lonely and empty searching for myself, looking down every road. i have tried to fall in love, shattered and miserable wanting more, left me here alone. i have friends who try to keep me in line, maybe too straight of a line, i falter and struggle with out them knowing. it could be my fault it happens, a dark place in my head where i go, no lights to show me the way, maybe i am there already, is it time for a new journey, have i come to a full circle maybe i am wandering, lost and scared in the dark, looking for my saviour to rescue me i have asked for help, in the dark where there is no one, not ridiculed for me bein me if you are not with me, i dont want you to be, i have all i need if you dont like that the door is there
A Herstory Of Uo
(Ultima Online is roleplay world - the one where its creator Lord Britain was lightening bolted by one of his subjects in the middle of his GIVE ME YOUR WORSHIP OH YE FELLOW PLAYERS speech. I guess somebody forgot to tell him that a good gaming world is not always one where politeness and good manners and acknowledgement of superiority is a known quality for all...) A Herstory of UO Dwelling in possibility, believing in the greater good of mist, magic, and maybes - this is my creed. It required that I pick up and use any random recall rune I found on the corpse of a PlayerKiller massacre victim, beast slain adventurer, or pile of discareded "junk". Eventually, it paid off in a grand adventure. I used the recall rune I'd found laying in the wilderness. It put me inside a guildhouse full of treasure. Obviously the rune had been made before the house was built, because to my knowledge you could not recall to the interior of a structure. An adventure AND an anomaly. Such joy
2 New Noise-toys
Im sure that in America there are 12 step programs for people that collect musical instruments and other music related gear, here in Iceland there is however no such program to the best of my knowledge, therefore i will continue to be an active addict. I bought two new noise toys today, well they arent exactly new, i bought them second hand but anyway, they are new to me. I traded some kid my Morley wah/volume pedal for a Boss DS-1, i didnt really have any use for either the wah or what i traded it for but i will probably modify the Boss pedal to make it sound a little bit more interesting. I also bought a Aramat Mojo Fuzz for around a 100 dollars, this pedal truly kicks ass and after browsing the Aramat website i found out that the guy who made these pedals died a year ago and there wont be any more of these pedals made which makes this pedal rare and probably valuable not that i intend to sell it. So, all in all it was a pretty good day for me.
Behind Blue Eyes
X To The Enth Degree
The Power of "X" - Shadow of Yserbius Yserbius had the "X" factor for me. I've spent the years from then to now thinking very deeply about what that entailed. I've been in every major online rpg game since leaving Yserbius, none has had the power to enthrall me the way Yserbius did. In fact, a straight two hour stretch of playing in any of the worlds I've traversed since then has been - well... a stretch. Days go by and I don't log in. A few months go by and I decide its time to cancel my account due to lack of use and interest. Why? The games are so much prettier now, so vibrant, the storylines so much more complex (in some), there's so many more people! For myself, I've decided that I need a world that mostly lives within my mind, not before my eyes. I need to be surrounded by people that have the desire to work with me to create a world of mystery, thrills, chills, a few spills, lots of laughs, and some love. Those people were in Yserbius. Because of its dearth of pretty pict
Flogging Moon
it is so weird how a song can make you feel i listened to jar of flies today.. my major fits me well.. i went so far into psycho babble that i lost the one who loves me and could only entertain myself.. no one there to converse appreciate this gift i have..i feel alone and further from my past.. and i stared at the bonfire for an hour never know.. but hopefully twilight ends the tunnel .. thought over load today no where to drop it.
Vampire Queens And Cheated Kings
Ascension of Ensaneti Ensaneti was a manifestation of pain. She began her life in my heart and head as my "sham" of a relationship with Shaman was being taken away from me. Grinning and bearing it is my least favorite thing. I'd rather shriek and rip and rend and gnash. Ensaneti was my formal announcement to myself and the world that I was not in my happy place. Around the time that Ensaneti was just starting to pick up the pace of a deepening depression, Nosferatu and the Wampir guild was born in the mind of Zack. This was a very special person. Tragedy struck his life and he found solace in the world of Yserbius. He asked me if I would be Queen to his King. I agreed with a ragged grin and burgeoning fangs. Ensaneti wasn't a very regal Queen. She was quite insane. Knitting odd garmets with the bones of the unfortunately truly dead was a favorite hobby of hers. She had moments of burning glory and inspired thought. Mostly she was a very bad Queen to a King that deserved bette
The Broken And Booted
Avalonia - The Broken Promise The Sham reached its apex with the creation of Avalonia. I don't even play Avalonia anymore because the last time I took her out for a spin she was so out of control that she needed to be dropped off a cliff into a bog of eternal forgetfulness. The name was given to me, created for me. The features specified. The class, race, alignment. Frankenstein's monster but perfection, not a conglomeration of misaligned pieces and parts. Frankenstein's mistress. "The Love Doctor...." I didn't want an online marriage. I wanted a friend. A very intimate friend. Closer than a husband because there would be no financial/material/social responsibilities to drag down the energy levels. It would be an unconditional exchange of voltage. What a dream. I was told that this character name would become a wife. Shaman knew that I hated to sit in the tavern, I loved questing. The first thing he did to take myself away from myself and put himself into the position o
Frageeeelay - Must Be A Lady
Genesis of a Lady It was Super Bowl Sunday, 1993. The Buffalo Bills versus the Dallas Cowboys. I was in love with a Sham. Shaman to be exact. Future husband of Cyren. Future destroyer of a part of me. I prefer to think of that destruction as an opportunity for other parts of me to thrive. Always the optimist, is me. I'd quickly discovered that I was attracted to certain names. A name in the tavern was almost like a glance in the coporeal world. You knew things about that person immediately, they might not be true - but certainly they weren't just accidental. Silk-n-Chain was a bold and sensuous woman, Ironfist was most certainly a fiesty male dwarf. Babble-On, with the epithet of +sinner+, was going to be a giddy woman/childlike type. And they were all my creations. I'd spent enough time observing the phenomenon of the name game to have a fairly accurate read on what type of bait to put on my hook. So I created "Lady China - fragile". And I sat in the Sword Swamp tavern that
New Job!!
well i have moved on from that last job... i finally told them to fuck off... i got out just in time... just before the big christmas trucks came in (hahaha)... i have kept my job at the honeybaked ham still doing caterings... but now that i have gotten settled into that job we have a new distric manager... he is not going to let me stay (company laws) since my dad is my GM and family can't work with each other, other than big hoildays (easter, thanksgiving and christmas)... but the cool part is the new GM is letting me stay long enough to fine a new job but right now that aint happening.... but now with all the shit going on with the store manager (dumb ass blonde) i can't say anything bc my dad is boss and i am barely keeping my job any ways.... but other thank the store manager and the new DM things are wonderful at work!!! i love what i do and it works around my classes!!
Wut I Am Up To
Ok so i no i said i would stay away from that loser scumbag.. but one day out of the blue he calls me up..... sayin baby i miss u come back... and me bein me i forgave him and said u have one chance, but if u ruin it ur gone.... it went good 4 a few months we went all over and did alot... but then he started changin... he stole from me and treated me different.... and then he is like i am leavin .... a few weeks later i thought i was preg from him so i contacted him.... the dumbass blamed me.... then he is like i skipped town ao i said fine if i am u dont get 2 no... i took the test but thank god it was negative... but deep down it one little way i wanted a positive but that is another story... but i no that i dont wanna no him anymore..... this time i am livin up to my word... he has been completely outta my life for a little over a month and i have nothing left for him.... so wut else have i been up 2.... i found a new man... he is wonderful.... i luv it.... and now i am even movin..
Proof I'm Not Fake
I'm A Whore For Proving I'm Real?! Since When?!
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New Sexy Train In Town Called The Sexy Bunny Hop!
So What? Oh, Wait.
Sooooooo, several months ago, I hung out with a guy I met online. We'd met before just once. I went to his house to watch Ghostbusters 2 and ended up sleeping over...which means, yes, I had some cock. We stayed in contact through email and texting...mainly dirty emails and such. There wasn't much of a connection there though a certain online site suggested we were 80 something % matches. Whatever that means. Anyway, back to the second. We watched a movie, had some laughs, and some more sex. He's an attractive guy and has the deepest voice which i enjoy...or would, if he was much of a talker since dirty talk is the cat's meow. But, I mean, let's just face it...we only hang out to have sex and to be even more honest, it's not all that great. I thought the first time may have just been some nervousness, but nope, the second time was not any better. I haven't made much of an effort to stay in touch. I mean, I'm just too busy to care. Tonight, I get a text message out of the blue fro
Life Sucks
Just venting. As the days go by my gut still hurts but its healing. Im going through this gamut of emotions, why is this happening to me, why now, will i ever get laid again, what is this pretty shiny thing on the floor and why is it there? My ex and i have been fighting the system here because they have my granddaughters in their care because my son is a fucking irresponsible little prick. That is almost done and I believe we have won. Judge still needs to make the final decision. Our lawyer is a money hungry fucking little jew. Im pretty sure that cumstain could have done the job for a lot less money. My sister called tonight, my brother had a heart attack and is in ICU in Kansas City. He had a quadruple bypass a few years back. Don't understand why he had another heart attack when the doctor supposedly fixed it. But i don't know his habits. Probably his wife. She is about the dumbest bitch I have ever met and talk about a nag. Would like to kick her in the... Fuck I
Story Of The Cion
Story Of the Coin - August 22, 2008 Story of the Coin. When I was in combat, because of my specialty, the airmen that that were like me, carried in their pocket their last bullet. This bullet was not for the enemy, if you know what I mean. Capture is not an option, when national security is at question. Although the government will deny the policy, we knew what was expected. I carried a 45 round in my pocket for 17 months for the cause, but after that it was a good luck item for all of us that made it out. The service found out that I carried a live round in my pocket for good luck and they decided that that wasnt a good idea. So, I was given an Air Force coin to replace the 45 bullet. Wasnt the same, so I started the Eisenhower dollar transfer program, (EDTP) for those know get a coin. These coins have successfully been passed on for every campaign, since it conception, in 1976. The last I passed on, went with the HMM-163 (REIN) group to IRAQ, everyone in the group made it back. Th
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1. Name 2. Age 3. City/State 4. Favorite color 5. Favorite food 6. Do you drink? 7. Do you smoke? 8. Do you do drugs? 9. What kinda music do you like? 10. Favorite movie 11. Have any kids? 12. Ever been married/engaged? 13. Whats your life quote? 14. Do you have a job or go to school? 15. What's your opinion on gays/lesbians? 16. Do you believe in God? 17. Whats your religion? 18. Do you live with your parents, a room mate, or yourself? 19. If you said a room mate, it's not your ex, is it? lol 20. If you could tell me anything, what would it be? 21. Ever been in love? 22. Ever cheated on someone? (be honest!) 23. Have any pets? 24. Have any siblings? 25. If i give you my heart, do you promise not to break it?
Being With You--smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson - Being With You - Smokey Robinson
Clearing Up Confusion
Well I am Back Finally:D As most ppl know I am in a new Duty Station now and finally got settled in to the house and got it stocked up and ready for my Family to move into. It is a relief to be done with that part of this transition. What some of you may not understand is that the new job I am in requires a whole new level of concentration because I am out of my field of work now for the most part. I am not forecastiong the weather in this duty. I am in a combat unit now. What this means is that the training I am undergoing right now requires 110% of my focus and concentration in order for me to learn what I need to in order to return alive each time I deploy. What this means is that I may not be as chatty or interactive as I was when I was in Hawaii. Please do not take it personal or think I am ignoring you or that I just don't care anymore because I always have and I always will. My Fubar Family and friends are just that, You are my Family and you are my Friends, whic
What I Need In A Person
I'm not a complicated person. I don't want much. I want someone who i can be myself around, and who feels that they can do the same. Someone i can come to covered in dirt with makeup streaming down my face, and they still think I'm beautiful. Someone who makes me laugh, who calls me during the day, just to say they were thinking of me. Someone who brings home flowers, just because. Someone mature enough to admit when their wrong, and fight for what they love. Someone who comforts me when I'm down. Who tries their best to make me smile. Someone who can keep up with me, in every aspect of life. Someone who doesn't mind my randomness. Someone who is family oriented, who loves kids, their own or not. Someone I can't go a day with out thinking about, and knowing that I am always on their mind I am a loving passionate person, and i give everything when I am in a relationship. I am the type of girl, to leave you a note to tell you that I love you. To call you and say I miss you. To day drea
Post Secrets
If you've ever visited the site then you know that people send in post cards with their deepest secrets written on them .. Well here is mine , When I was little my mother continually went from bad relationship to bad relationship . Once she dated this guy Named Burl and when my sister and I did something wrong he'd make us stand on our tip toes and reach for the celing ...I know you're thinking wtf Rob what's so bad about that ? well the reaching part wasn't the bad part it was what he'd do when we were reaching that has left me scarred for life . He'd take the wire end of a fly swatter (back in the day they were wire all you to young to remember ) and he'd strike us with it accross the legs and back . One time I went to my Mother about what was going on and she confronted him with me there and he lied about doing it ...the next day he hit me so hard it drew blood accross my legs and back . I will never forgive him for hitting my little sister ... if he
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Ladies If You See
If you see a man you like ladies times have chanbed go get your man andlet no one or nothing stand in your way
A Women Should Not Tell A Man Her True Feeling
a women should not tell a man her true feeling we are so sensitive all we want is to be love we don't want to be used when we get close or feel self we start telling a man our true feeling BIG,BIG mistake i notice when we do that a man head get big,and chest out they think they have us where they want us when a man tell us about there feeling half the time it not the truth they got habit telling us what we want to hear for them it not the truth but when we tell them how we feel we be telling the truth a man eats it us when we do that a women should not tell a man her true feeling
Nirvana--rape Me
Dui Georgia Style
Only a person in Georgia could think of this. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a bar in Walton County Georgia noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it. He sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off--it was a fine, dry summer night, flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left. At last, when his was the only car left in the parking lot, he pulled out and drove slowly down the
Hey join me and my friend in her lounge please
Me? Fake?! I Think Not! Webcam Feed In This Blog!
Dazed And Confused--zeppelin
My Time With Rsd
I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS in 2004. I had been having a lot of trouble with my right knee and no one could seem to pinpoint an exact cause. While at work one day, the leg became very cold and was hurting so bad I couldn't stand on it anymore. I went to the doctor and spent 3 1/2 hours in ultrasound. They were looking for a blod clot that wasn't there. My records were sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. A vascular surgeon diagnosed the RSD. The disease spread from my right leg to my left shoulder. From there it finally traveled to my right leg. At that point walking was not an option. A motorized wheelchair was ordered and the pounds started packing on fast! We moved to Washington in 2006 looking for better care. The specialists here were better able to manage the pain, but no further treatment options were given. Then in 2007 I went into remission. Within 3 weeks I was walking and back to work!! WooHoo! As a former firefighter and emt I knew there was a possibilit
Confused & Annoyed
Right, does anyone know the reason for the following? Why can you buy other people a vip via paypal, but you can only buy yourself one direct by credit card? That extra 1.50 bothers me.
Yesterday something hit me like a ton of bricks. I didnt even realize how stupid I was when I was growing up. Its like at the age of 15 I suddenly underwent this mental puberty, so to speak. Up until I was 15, I was a total idiot. I dont think there was a smart thought in my head, and I did all sorts of ridiculously stupid crap. It was amazing. And all of a sudden...BAM! I actually had an intelligent thought in my head that didn't involve vodka, or vandalizing something, or stealing cigarettes.
Wii Fit
So the Wii Fit arrived today. I was just doing the hula hooping and now know that swinging my hips clockwise makes me feel somewhat handicapped.
Maybe People Will Get The Hint
"Love means never having to say you're sorry." -Erich Segal In the absence of love, there is nothing worth fighting for. -Elijah Wood True love is night jasmine, a diamond in darkness, the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard. It is the most common of miracles, fashioned of fleecy clouds -- a handful of stars tossed into the night sky. -Jim Bishop "Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'" -Erich Fromm You know a dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows. And a dreamer's just a vessel that must follow where it goes. Trying to learn from what's behind you and never knowing what's in store makes each day a constant battle just to stay between the shores. And I will sail my vessel 'til the river runs dry. Like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky. I'll never reach my destination if I never try, So I will sail my vessel 'til the river runs dry. Too many times we stand aside and le
All My Words
All My Words I'm scared out of my mind Of everything that's been real Love is taking a chance Like spinning a wheel. You're all I ever dreamed of I want to steal you away Waking up next to you Is all I'll ever need to feel All my words are crossed But my feelings will never be mixed I'm sorry If I've caused you any misery I need you here with me I just want to say I love you And i'm here for you I get scared a lot And for this I'm sorry I'm scared I don't belong But please don't worry I truly care This world is far from fair I don't know weither to come or go Weither to lift you up, or set you down My mind races to and fro I don't know weither to surrender it all Or fight instead of drown Knowledge is power And I know you love me But as for the other's I hate that they shun me I never did anything wrong All I did was care They try to take you from me That's like stealing my air Without you, It's like i lose everything Even my circulation I'
Life Changing,
I just though I would give you all an update on my life. :) A. Moving I will be moving at the end of this semester into my sister and her fiance's place to help pay the rent. I have a job lined up out there and I start training the monday after my finals. B. School Because I am moving, I have to transfer schools. I am still saying with the Purdue school system but I am going to a different branch. I will have to take the toll road every day to get to class. I will be in classes with an entire group of people I do not know. It will suck but it's for the best. Yeah I think that is about it. I am sure there is more but I can't really think of anything so oh well, haha.
Religious Thing. Watch It, Kay?
80's Mania
80's Mania Night is back in Bad Habitz Radio!!!! January 9. Click the pic below to find out more! 80's Mania Night is back in Bad Habitz Radio!!!! January 9. Click the pic below to find out more!
Dj Smash- Moscow Never Sleeps
My job
Crimson Fire
MySpace - Vampire's ID # 105844
Is Wondering If A Turtle Lost Its Shell, Would It Be Naked Or Homeless?
Is Wondering If A Turtle Lost Its Shell, Would It Be Naked Or Homeless?
New Contest Ends April 28th, 2009
This is a comment contest!!! The member with the most comments will win Fubucks!!! 1st place will get 25,000 Fubucks 2nd place will get 10,000 Fubucks 3rd place will get 5,000 Fubucks How it will work: I have taken the total of comments from every member as of April 6th, 2009. I will subtract that from the amount of comments that they have received by April 28, 2009. That will give me the total of comments that they received during the contest. If you have a couple pictures on the group page I will add the total of all your comments from all your pictures!! Good luck to all!!!
I am one who does not hate; I try to understand, tolerate, and forgive. Though now my husband I have roommates and have moved into a way better place than we were living. But, and I didn't know this at the time, they are prejudice. So much so, that when I wanted to do a native blessing on the new place, I got told NO!!! because it would interfere with her allergies. So, I have packed up all my native american things, meditation, and yoga supplies .... to include the business I have been trying to get off the ground. Which has managed to upset me. But I am being tolerant, and not saying anything about it. So, now it comes about that things were agreed upon, in which where we are parking vehicles, when the dishwasher is to be run, to keep the electricty down and give everyone a chance to eat and put things away. Well, I now don't have a place to park, and dishes are getting run before time which is going to run up the electric bill. and yes, I am griping and complaining ... whic
90% Facts Of Me
I'm sitting here listening to music, and I hear some neighbors screaming bloody murder. I believe they are killing each other. And I think to myself: "damn I love Dibs". I have some in my freezer downstairs. I'm also out of Coke.
Help Me Out!!!
Hey! Im in a contest I need as many comments as you can put so help a girl out!!!! Click the link below!!!
Krasnaya Plesen'- Chernyj Umer
I Am Someone
I am someone I walked past a dead face even though the person was alive I saw my eyes in the mirror and cried at the sight I looked at a person I didnt know and I met a friend I got heads to turn when I walked past I learned a lot about myself when I lost a new friend I cried every tear in my body when I thought about love I got hit bad then got back in the ring I climbed a mountain of rocks and saw an eagle fly over- head I heard terrible things about myself when no one thought I was listening I realized I was strong when I didnt cry when it hurt I found out who I was when I was with someone else I thought I was lost forever when a friend found me I held a life in my hand and it was my own I was a pawn in someone else's game so I surrendered to a brook I walked the fine line between surviving and not wanting to survive I still am I am someone
Who Am I
I sit here in my house all alone and no one will talk to me so what am i. will I am just a man with feels. and I do hurt with all the friends I have none of them will write me back. I am not trying to get in to any thing just want some friends to talk to some times, so onep up your hearts and see how i feel. yes I do have a lot of ladys on my page but I do not know them and I am not going to lie to you I do like to be with a lady.
Sunny Came Home
Sunny came home to her favorite room. Sunny sat down in the kitchen. She opened a book and a box of tools. Sunny came home with a mission. She says days go by I'm hypnotized I'm walking on a wire. I close my eyes and fly out of my mind Into the Fire. Sunny came home with a list of names She didn't believe in transcendence. It's time for a few small repairs,she says, Sunny came home with a vengeance. She says days go by I don't know why I'm walking on a wire. I close my eyes and fly out of my mind into the fire. Get the kids and bring a sweater, dry is good and wind is better count the years you always knew it strike a match go on and do it. Days go by, I'm hypnotized I'm walking on a wire I close my eyes and fly out of my mind Into the fire, Light the sky and hold on tight the world is burning down She's out there on her own and she's alright... Sunny came home. Sunny came home... -Shawn Colvin
New Songs Up
Check out some of the cover songs I cover on YouTube. Enjoy.
Will Ya Trade Redsoxfan??
REDSOXFAN IS LOOKIN TO MAKE A TRADE 15 credits of Bling & 1.5 Mil Fubux for an Auto 11 or Cherrybomb ANY TAKERS? OBO? Just Click pic to go to redsoxfan's profile to private message or sb him... ty for your help redsoxfan@ fubar Bully brought to you by BooBooKitty AKA ♥Shauny66♥~FU-GF of Hamiltoe~I'm SixtyNineMunch's Lucky Charm@ fubar
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i found this somewhere and i belivie it is to true... I say, the heart speaks a language the mind can't understand... Trying to reason with emotions... trying to apply logic to love is fruitless and an exercise in futility. If you love someone, it shouldn't matter what they are or aren't. Am I the only one who believes in Hollywood fairy tales or what? Benjamin Button... Now that's LOVE in spite of the tragedy... I say go for it! Life is short, and far too long to spend it living loveless wondering about what could've been...
My Fu Owner Timmy
My Fu Owner and his family have experienced something so very horriffic, it's honestly unfathomable unless you've been there. His nephew Andrew was killed by an oncoming train. He was out for his evening jog, wearing an IPod, and didn't hear the train whistle. He was hit and killed. It's easy to get into our own little worlds, whether it be an IPod, or cellphone when walking, jogging, biking, driving. It's too easy. Just be careful...think twice. It could save your family so much heartache. Please, take care.
Autos On
Desa has auto 11s on for whoever is interested *Desa*FuBomber *Highness To: Your Awareness Revolution* Queen Of The Dragons Lair* ~*~ RaK~*~@ fubar
The Moments Ride
i close my eyes as your hands ever so softly run across the crest of my shoulder down my back caressing my breasts making my nipples erect your lips leave mine searching for pleasure you lay me down softly on my back your wet lips go from warm to hot never leaving my skin sucking, licking, grabbing my flesh into your mouth all over my body kissing and loving every inch of me until you find it my passion overflows onto your tongue and u never stop until i WRITHE under your grasp moaning how i can't take any more kissing me gently you reach my neck feels like butterflies dancing across my skin you slowly inject your love into my vein simultaneously ever so gently i caress your as cupping each cheek into my palms i squeeze with every pulse every beat our hearts race to match the rhythm of our bodies moaning and sweating passionately loving holding on to the other our faces express the height of our pleasures you hold me down thrusting and
Idiots With Guns & Armored Trucks, Inc.
O.K., SO... Monday night, I was at the group get-together with the Pirates of Reno (Argh, matey). A good time was had by all at Ryan's on Wells Ave. However, I almost didn't make it. I actually thought that for awhile I would have been a *gasp* person of interest to the Sparks P.D. Here's the skinny: I went to the Drive-Thru ATM machines on Oddie Blvd. And sitting there, blocking ALL the ATM Machines (all 4 of 'em, mates), was an Armoured Truck. It was representing a local business that performs cash deliveries/etc. I have agreed to not mention names, as they would find it embarassing. (hehehe) Well, anyways, I pull up, see everything blocked. I see one of the Armored Truck Employees working in the end ATM. So I roll down my window and say "hey, 'bout how long do you plan to be?" He turns around, sees me in my pirate gear, mates. Does a bit of a double take, and asks me "What are YOU supposed to be?" To which I reply"Uh, a Pirate!" out loud (and "DUH!" to myself" This....value
A Man Wonder Why Females Can't Trust Them
a man wonder why females can't trust them they come into our lives telling us what we want to hear it sound so good that we believe them our guard be down that we believe anything they tell us until we find out that they lying to us they dont't realize they messing up for the next person that come into the female life a man wonder why females can't trust them a man lie to us just to get what they want from us a man lying to us when they say they don't lie don't realize that they just lied a man lieto us when they are guilty about something i came to a point i can't believe anything they tell me a man wonder why females can't trust them
Violets Made Me
OK, last time. I promise! I need fuBucks for the spotlight. I'm going to try for Wed or Thurs. Please help!
The word Juggalette reminds me of mini boobs. The word Juggalo reminds me of boobs that hang to your knees. ROTFLMMFAO
Boyz In Tha "A" Holla Wut Dat Du? Sumtymez Me, Alwayz U! Crank That Up, I Cant Get Enough! I Swigg 2 Da Beat, Im So BangTup! Take A Step Back, Then Pause 4 Tha Cause Yall Go Fall, Us Boyz Go Ball Crank That Up, I Cant Get Enough! I Swigg 2 Da Beat, Im So BangTup! Bangtup means...... "Tight" "Throwed" "Off Da Chain" "Hella Bad"...........etc.
This Guy Is Awesome
Got to love this guy..and his movies. I have watched all of his Transporter movies. Not only is he good eye candy.. hes all that and more!
Validation...and Such...
So, ya I like positive feed back...I like to hear I'm doing a good job, doesn't everyone? I believe the last time I vented it was suggested that I get the compliments from my clients and plants...and I do... and I love it BUT DAMMIT!! all I hear from my bosses is the negative shit, I have to "fish" for the positive from my bosses and it feels kinna slimmy. So, any suggestions how I can beat this strange inner monster? On happy notes, my boyfriend found a job YAY! but it pays 5 bucks less per hour BOO! but hey, it's a job right?? I should be happy right?? Thank God I make good money... I made a sample arrangement yesterday for a "picky" client. They ♥ it! *dances* So, finally I get my kick in the ass to get this floral gig a goin'. I figure I'll clear 70 bucks extra per month and have a few samples from week to week to present to more potential clients. *kicks herself for bitching* ♥ most of you! PoStaL's a sample I designed with the extra
New Pics And Art Work
Got more pics up of me and my work Jay
had to try them for myself didn't expect them to be so soft it was so electrifying i had to make myself stop the lips of a man gave me this intense feeling so bad that i was seeing stars bright and twinkling well i guess i was hit but that wasn't shit you know i went back for more it was only right, i had to do it even better than the stars before his mouth began to explore......
Leaving Fubar
So anyone who wants to take the time to read this so be it. I basically came here to see after gaining some much needed perspective of my life though many sleepless nights, and much prayer I have come to the decision to deactivate my fubar account in the next week. I feel this place isn't really what I need in my life. It hasn't brought me any life long friendships, it has mostly brought me hurt and confusion, and a lot of people who are looking for much more than a friendship. I originally came on here because, and I will be truthful my soon to be ex was on here and I had a feeling he was up to no good and to be honest I still feel that way. I was here to see what he was up too. He seemed to want to be here more than with the family so I was trying to see what was so great about this place. I tried to fit in but in all honesty this isn't a community I want to be in. My kids don't need to see me on this kind of site, they don't need to come across it when they are playing on th
Just A Collection Of Random Babbling
Sometimes I wonder I wonder if it's that I think I'm not good enough, or if I'm afraid I am. I wonder why I can't just accept things as they are, But must always question the how and why. I wonder if she laughs at me when I can't hear her. I wonder if she thinks about me as often as I do her, Though she is busier by far, I'm sure. I think the paradox to curiosity is that often, Not knowing is what makes life exciting. It's what drives that spark in the eye. That infinitesimal catalyst for a better now. Maybe I think too much, I know it seems so to me. Maybe I'm afraid to just be. And maybe, just maybe, being afraid is what scares me the most...
My Friends
I'm a long time trucker----Retired now. Been a Biker all my life. I enjoy meeting new people . Need to find more rideing buddys in Topeka,Kansas. Also Party people, that loves to ride, and party at the same time, what a deal,huh. LOL. I started a biker group on It goes by throttle busters. Come and signe up.
My Love For You
my love for you is like the sky with dreams that soar and hopes that fly it's like a never ending ocean an everlasting deep emotion it has the tenderness of spring the charm that warmth and laughter bring it has the simple strength of stone it shields us from a life alone it's ever growing it's ever new it's always there MY LOVE FOR YOU
A Day At Work -rough Day
First of all you may had gotten an fumail from me on this already.. and yes i know i cant spell but i dont care right now... so and sorry for the rant in advance i had to drive all day... had to hand unload material to job site... ( i work for a lumber yard. My main job is office.. i am the credit manager..but i do alot of other stuff also) but today was worse... my last load was a hand unload.. but turns out the dumb ass in the office desided to send to much material out to this one job and not enough of some other wood so my job was to take the materical out to the job. and hand unload it. john (the dumb ass) doesnt tell me that there is also a major (truck load and I am talking about a lumber truck load) of material that I have to load back on to the truck. I lifted on that one job by myself over 7000lbs of wood... stuff that weighed over 150lbs at a time carring it over 100+ft and lifting it up on myu truck... i am sooooo sore and tired..
Ma Ladi
From Tha Moment That We Met, I Knew U Had2 Be A Blessin' No More Stressin', Cuz Now I ThinK I've Learned My Lesson Not 2nd Guessin', Cuz U Could Never Be Contested Addicted To Your Essence, I've Been Cardiac Arrested..... I Promise2 Never Lie 2Ya, & Thatz Tru I Want A Son & A Daughter That LooKz Just LiKe You But, Until We See That Day, It'll Be Just Us2 Cuz Im HooK'd LiKe Phonics, StucK 2 You LiKe Glue..... You're Kinda LiKe A Preist I Gotta Confess2 Cuz Lord Knowz How Bad I Wanna Undress You Yes, God Blessed You, So TaKe Advantage Of Tha Scenery I'll Put It In A Song, To Show You Just How Much You Mean2 Me..... Shoot'n Tha Breeze, In Tha Park, After Dark, Me & U WalK In A Pair Like A Part Of Noah'z ArK I Keepz It Real, Magnificent From Tha Heart We Depart & Cum BacK 2Gether LiKe Grocery Kartz..... Ya Digg
The grief over the loss of a friend... It never leaves and no one wins. Why must sorrow happen, I know not why.. Why must the process make me cry I'll get over the pain and move on in time... but the thoughts of you will never leave my mind. Friends are a gift given by God as a blessing to you... Had you not deserved them, he would not have given them, it's true. I never lied, my words were true... This was a promise I made to you. If you love someone, or so they say... Let them go and they'll come back one day. I loved you as a friend and you'll find this to be true... When you need me again, I'll be right there for you.
New 3 & 1 Credit Blings Up For Auction! Ends 3/24 @ 8pm Futime / 11pm Est!! Come Bid! Time Is Running Out!!!!
Im running a BLING AUCTION! IT WILL END ON TUE MARCH 24th @ 8PM FUTIME / 11PM EST NEW 3 CREDIT BLING ADDED! YOUR CHOICE! HIGHEST BID WINS! 1 CREDIT BLING!! THEY ADDED THE BLUE BIRD! YOUR CHOICE! HIGEST BID WINS!!! brought to you by: AUTO 11's ON COME PARTY WITH ME!!! 6 CHERRY BOMB FOLDERS!!!**** sO FrESH __[diAMon@ fubar (repost of original by ' AUTO 11's ON COME PARTY WITH ME!!! 6 CHERRY BOMB FOLDERS!!!**** sO FrESH __[diAMon' on '2009-03-23 21:27:15') (repost of original by 'Diamond Dave' on '2009-03-24 07:51:03')
New Meditation Video - Freedom -
" Freedom is the courage to be yourself - Celebrate Freedom" - OSHO. Flower of Life Meditation video produced by FeedTheFire. *Freedom - Music sung by SiriSat - Julia Claire* *LOVE PEACE TRUTH* Thank you to all my friends, Julia ♥
Want to be a part of the HOTTEST lounge on Fubar? Join us at EROTIC SEDUCTIONS!!!!!
Warehouse Worker (not Me)
king in a hot warehouse out behind a big store.The place iz like a cavern and yet have no assistantz.Dont want any fuccing assistantz.I like 2 spend my dayz alone out there. Well,not alwayz alone.Sometimez,Marie,20,the boss'z daughter,comez out 2 visit me.She'z A pretty ghetto puerto rican gurl with long brn hair with bigg tittiez bigg apple booty and soft juicy lipz.She iz working in the store during the summer. And Marie alwayz volunteerz when someone haz 2 go out 2 the warehouse and get something.I can usually see her from the door,running from the store in the afternoon heat.She stopz at the warehouse door and lookz at me while I sit there on a big crate.I usually have my shirt off.Marie lovez 2 see my chest. "We need some more _____" And then she will tell me whatever it iz they need in the store.It iz my job 2 load up a few of the itemz on a little trucc and drive it 2 the bacc of the store,where the boyz in white shirtz and tiez take them off the trucc and carry them in for
Free Tattoo
A man walks into a tattoo parlor and says he would like a $100 dollar bill on his dick. Well the tattoo artist laughs and says "I'll do it for free if you can give me one good reason for it." The guy thinks for a second and says. "Well one, I like to keep my money in my pants, two I like to watch my money grow, and three I want to see how fast my wife can blow a $100.
Don't You Remember!
Don't You Remember When kissing was nasty and the only thing boys gave you was cooties. You were popular if you had a new toy, not if you were a jerk. Remember when getting high; ment swinging on the playground. Your worse enemies were your little siblings. People liked you if you were nice not "cool." Wearing a skirt didn't make you a "slut." Remember when a race issue was who was the fattest kid on the playground. Remember when there was no such thing as "gay." Your friends would always be on your side and nothing could get between you. If you were friends with a boy; it didn't meen you liked him. Remember when the only thing you drank was apple juice. Smoking was nasty; and war was nothing but a card game. Remember when the only thing that could get broken were toys and bones. Mommy was your hero; &+ goodbye only meant until tomorrow. Now heres the funny part, the only thing I remember was wanting to grow up.
A Bonafide Session
i reach down 2 grab ya tittiez wit both my handz,rubbin over ya nipplez gettin them fatter and harder.I lean up,spread ya legz apart,grab ahold of my dicc and smacc ya clit a few timez,then i put my dicc head against ya pussy lipz and slide my dicc head in between them and feel them seperate around my dicc head,leave it there,move it bacc and forth then pull it out and smacc ya clit again a few timez then slide my dicc head against ya pussy lipz again,warmth of your pussy i can feel enticin me 2 dig my dicc in deep,but i slow it in there,inch by inch in ya sugar wallz,vibratin as i get deep as i can and start 2 pound your pussy real fast in & out then slow it down 2 a steady pace.Then i start 2 work it around in your pussy,makin it go in all directionz,then i stop,grab my dicc and force it up,down & around ya wallz tryin 2 stretch it out even more.then i smacc that azz and continue 2 pound ya pussy wit vigor,forceful poundz,then i stop,pull my dicc out slow,make ya stand on ya feet and
Thursdays Auto 11 Blog
so my buddy and his girlfriend... Two of the first people I met after moving to California, I would say I had a lot of respect for them. Until, she told me that she wanted me... Can you say JERRY? lol, well she said it was ok with her boyfriend to do some crazy things to me... Number one. I dont have sex anymore, at least not til I'm married to that person. Number two. I dont think that would be very appropriate... what do you fu friends say? Thx all! much luv! Trent
Llama Leveler Of The Day
sweet and sassy@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
Eleanor Rigby
Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
If I Didn't Have You
ok i have been super distracted these past couple of weeks and it is my own fault but i really need to stay focused on my writing. It is my ticket out of here and I do not want to give it up. I will be on here but just not as much feel free to say hi though
Different Way To Perform A Female Orgasm
# First, lie in a comfortable position on the bed or prop yourself up against some pillows with your legs relaxed and apart. Ignore what you've seen in his porn films: Most women don't remove all their clothes and luridly lick their lips while rubbing oil all over their breasts. Usually it's just off with the knickers, leaving everything else on. # Squeeze out a big dollop of lubricant and apply it to the inner lips of the vagina and clitoris. # Start by massaging the entire area, adding more lubricant if you start to feel dry. # Begin concentrating your movements on the clitoris. Most women avoid direct contact because it becomes so sensitive to the touch ‑- so work around it. You may discover that one side is more responsive than the other. # Most women use the middle right-hand finger to rub, stroke or flick the clitoris as though they're strumming a guitar. Keep the rhythm steady but gentle to start. Try rubbing your fingers back and forth, skimming over the cli
Since I Was Called One Today
You Are 72% Sociopath The good news is that you're devastatingly charming. The bad news? You mostly use those charms for evil! Are You A Sociopath?
What Doez Deep Throating Mean?
I JUST LOVE GIVIN INFO SO DONT COME HERE ACTING LIKE YA DONT GOTTA TELL ME THIZ...JUST READ IT DAMMIT...LOL When the dick goes down past your gag reflex area it is called 'deep throating'. The best way to give fellatio is still with the lips and tongue, taking only as much as you can without gagging. You can overcome the natural tendency of the body to gag when a foreign object, such as a dick, is inserted down your throat by completely relaxing your throat at the moment the insertion is made. It is equally important that you maintain this relaxation during the entire 'deep throating'. Once again practice is needed to perfect this act. The average length of your oral cavity is 3-31/2 inches while the average black dick length is 6-61/2 inches. The biggest obstacle to taking all of your partner's dick down your throat is the fact that there is a bend of almost 90 degrees behind your tongue leading down into your throat. You will need to get into a position so that y
Just Today
It started off early got worse then even more so, then I spoke to Anna and realised I should look at things with a more positive attitude. So now everything is really cool
Wkrp In Cincinnati & Venus Flytrap
WHAT YA KNOW ABOUT VENUS FLYTRAP & IM NOT TALKIN ABOUT THE PLANT EITHER READ UP IF YA NOT HIP Venus Flytrap is a character on the television situation comedy WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-82), played by Tim Reid. He is the evening and early night-time disc jockey at WKRP, and during the course of the series he also becomes the assistant program director. "Venus Flytrap" is the pseudonym used by disc jockey Gordon Sims, the evening DJ at the radio station WKRP. His real name is not revealed until late in the show's first season. The background of his character is complicated, but can be pieced together from various episodes. Gordon Sims is from New Orleans. His parents were divorced and his mother raised him. At the age of 22, he was drafted into the army and served in the Vietnam War. After seeing another soldier go crazy and commit suicide, Gordon had enough of the war and deserted; he spent the next several years hiding out under assumed names, which explains why mo
I Miss You
See This Is What Happens When You Let People Like Me Play With Phones In The Store..we Go Camera
11 Foods To Increase Libido,
What's the one thing that you like to do besides have sex? That's right, eat! Now what if you could eat food that would serve to increase libido and result in awesome sex? Well, you can. Here are 11 foods that will provide the essential fuel to spark your sexual appetite and increase libido. 1- CELERY While it may not be the first food that comes to mind when it comes to sex, celery can be a fantastic source food for sexual stimulation, as it contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration that turns women on. How to enjoy it: Celery is best eaten raw. Wash and cut some, and munch away. 2- RAW OYSTERS This is one of the classic sexy foods. Oysters are high in zinc, which raises sperm and testosterone production. Oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone known to increase libido. The experience of shucking a raw oyster is erotic. Try incorporating it into your foreplay -- feed her and have her feed you. The slippery tast
Just Hangin Around The Sprint Store While I Got My Phone Replaced
Far Away--nickelback
Im The Beholder Of Beaut
People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. Salma Hayek
How You Remind Me--nickelback
Figured You Out--nickelback Live
Pride And Joy--stevie Ray
My Son
Ok bare with me, I am not one to post mumms or blogs to often,,, But I am at my wits end and am not sure what to do,, Not to many on here are aware of this, But my lil man, Has a severe heart defect, and although he went through 4 major heart surgeries, A cure has not been found, Only temp. Fixes. With this comes the knowledge that my lil man may not make it past childhood. I try not to dwell on that, or even let myself remember the words from the dr. But it lives with me every day. I do my best as a single parent to give my lil man the best life possible, To let him live as other children would, Normal,,, But with letting him live normal comes a massive fear everyday. I have been having a lot of problems with kids bullying him in school, and for you to understand what I am about to write, you need to know that my lil man doesnt really have the cartlidge to protect his heart as we do. Ok after going to the school many many times, Nothing has been done about these kids, Well today I
What You Mean To Me
when i thought i lost me you helped me find her again i lost my will to fight this unseen horror i have before me you gave me courageous again when i go to bed at night i think of you hoping to see your eyes once again my smile is for you because you put it there even the darkest days cant harm me now you are with me always my soul knows your touch gentle and soft my heart sighs when you say endearments to me of sweetness , dear one i know you mean them when others have lied in your arms i feel safe forever loved
Sometimes You Have To Wonder About People
A co-worker of mine has two daughters that compete in beauty pageants. Personally, I think it's a mistake since the oldest has a swelled head the size of Canada, but that's just me. Last Friday I guess she had one to compete in and her daughter took the title. Don't go cheering just yet. Her daughter was the ONLY one who showed up so she got it by default. And mom is bragging about it! I'm sorry, but that just really makes your kid look bad. My kid's #1...only because no one else was there.
I Stand Alone--godsmack
Have fun rating this loser who gives out 1s!
The 4th Reicht Is Here
GIVE Mandatory Service Act Strips First Amendment of Volunteers * Text size * Larger * Smaller Kurt Nimmo Infowars March 24, 2009 On March 18, Rep. George Miller, a Democrat from California, tacked an amendment on H.R. 1388, entitled Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, or GIVE (to government), Obamas plan to require mandatory service for all able young people. Millers amendment will prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing, according to, a site that tracks Congress. featured stories GIVE Mandatory Service Act Strips First Amendment of Volunteers Obamas call for a Civilian Security Force during a campaign speech in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In other words, Obamas volunteer corps act, passed by the House with a 321-105 margin and requiring the government to develop
Left Hurt, Confused, And Alone
I never really considered a long distance relationship, Iam not talking a couple hours, Iam talking Iam in Western Canada, and he is in Virginia. Didn't think it would be even remotely possible to allow myself to get close to someone so far away. We talk every day, but last night we ended up having a huge argument, but I'll spare the details for not only his sake, but for my own. Anyways, he says that the moment he thinks the girl is leaving, he puts up this defence barrier. He was a completely different person when he did that.. Thing after thing he would say would hurt me really bad. I really care about this guy.. But he just gives me the cold shoulder, can't show any sign of remorse, or caring. The thing is, he is going through a divorce right now. I shouldn't have even gotten close to him. He keeps telling me to wait, and not go to anyone else, but how can I do that, wait for him, when he throws the divorce in my face? I can't feel for you because Iam still technically married. Las
Cold Winter
the sweat of the night touches my skin i lie on the sheets dreams waiting to begin for when, this sin i think of you touching my skin but i am not so bold i say this only to myself skin waiting so cold for me this gold is having you to hold warm summer, warm night with time you take flight warm summer, cool night i miss you do you miss me tonight? days so long the sun burns my sky everything seems to go wrong for me, this sad song is knowing you'll be gone still you say i love you your words sound so fine but are they true? for love you i wish we could make this all brand new cold winter, cold night with time you took flight cold winter, lonely night i still miss you do you miss me tonight?
Ride And Die No Loger Exists
Every successful baller should have a Psycho Stalker. There's this chick on here whom I block on a daily basis who changes her name after I block her. It makes me sick to my stomach that she won't leave me alone. She rides by my place weekly and hollars at my dawgs just to find out what the hell I'm doing. I don't understand why it's any of her concern, but if it is I will be married in September to a very pretty and successful woman that I Love with All My Heart and who My Daughters call Mom. This is the last blog I'm writing being nice the next one won't be that way. But I do think it's a shame that she robs and steals from all my friends. (You're a no good theiving trick and I hope you and your man get along perfectly) (And If You Want To Talk To Me Or Say Whatever You Need To Then Just Leave Me A Message On Here Instead Of Stalking Around).
Can I Get Fubucks Donations Plz!!!
Kitty would love fubucks donations! If you donate I'll rate your pictures with 11's. I only get 100 11's tho. So Depending upon how much you donate will depend upon how many pics i rate 11's. I can also make you a Salute & a drop if you are a dj! Just PM me before donating so we can make a deal!!!! MWAHZZZZ, Kitty
Spring Fever
I have it! Spring fever is the name for a temporary mood typically characterized by a state of low energy and weariness experienced by many people in springtime. It is not in the category of a diagnosed illness, but rather a phenomenon thought to be initiated by a change in the season. [edit] Symptoms In the northern hemisphere the symptoms usually arise from mid-March to mid-April, and depending on the person may be more or less pronounced. Weariness (despite an adequate amount of sleep), sensitivity to changes in the weather, dizziness, irritability, headaches, and sometimes aching joints and a lack of drive are the most common. [edit] Causes Although the causes of spring fever have not yet been fully resolved[1], hormone balance may play a role. According to this theory the bodys reserves of the happiness hormone serotonin, whose production depends on daylight, become exhausted over the winter, making it especially easy for the sleep hormone melatonin to have
Something For Those Who Feel Themselves Lost
Remember and try to remind yourself... Hope is found where we expect it the least. Love is in the air and thus is invisible but it is in fact there. Take the time to stop and breathe it in. And courage is a thing that most often comes to the weakest when they need it the most. - Steve Santini
World Of Warcraft - Starters' Guide
World of Warcraft - Starters' Guide Current mood: chipper Category: Games ............ Huge fans of role-playing games are flocking the internet in droves looking for websites that have the world famous World of Warcraft game to play. This game now has more than 10 million subscribers with approximately 2 million players from Europe, 2.5 million North Americans and 5.5 million from Asia. All of these subscribers have paid a subscription fee or have used a prepaid card to play. With its immense popularity, new members are still signing up and playing the game for the very first time and are looking for some guidance on how to play the game.
Not A Rant Just Some Thoughts 3/24/09
Im in a damn good mood today and i love it...its been so nice getting away from here and getting back to reality. I just needed that little push back into the real world.. I found on here people act one way and then poof,someone more interesting comes along and you are history, and thats ok,i dont hold it against anyone,but thank you i needed that. AND, dont get me wrong there are those few and only just a few that i deeply care for! In this short period of time ive gotten back to me and moving forward in real life, this is no where close to being reality...sad sometimes,but i remember all to well why i took a break for a year from Fu for this very reason... Thanks to my little break into reality my yard looks beautiful and my flowers are blooming and i couldnt be happier. Im getting ready to turn 30 in a few days and this is not what i want or need for myself,i need to be able to hear someones voice to see there face to touch there skin, to give real hugs if someone ne
A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will." Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" "All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry. Finally he put in a call to God. When God answered, he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?" God said: "When I made the woman she had to be Special. I made Her Shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave Her an Inner Strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave Her a Hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining. I gave Her the sensitivity to Lo
Whatever I Feel Like Talkiing About At The
Whatever I feel like talkiing about at the moment..... Current mood: amused Category: Life You know how you refer to an object as 'her' or 'she'. Like Your car . 'She's a beaut aint she?' Or a boat, 'Hold her steady'. I was just wondering if if it's true for a laptop...I hope so cause I spend lot's of time on her. She get's so hot soon after I turn her on. She does so much for me at one time. She has so much control over how much we do together. We organize & plan everything with an amazing symbiotic dance. I'd be lost with-out her. The best place for her is on my lap or I guess on my chest too. I stare at her face all the time. I couldn't imagine not looking at her while I finger her. I'm the hunt & peck her type of guy.(I know I'm cracking up as I peck her too!;o)But seriously, when I finger her I use smooth stroking sequinces in rythmatic succesions. See? There she goes again getting hotter by the stroke. I might have to shut her down again before she gets another RAM
Oh My Own These Ladies! Help To Free Them! Look Inside
plzs go to my other pages its that fubar
life it to short people need to live go out into the world make use of it we only have limited time here so live it up as much as you can
New Yahoo
dante0wns is gonna be a dead yahoo name after 10 years im bored with it so I am changing it to " DiabolicDante " ( without the . in the name like earlier reported ) so add if you want... I will keep the other name alive for a few more days but after that its gone !... Holla !
This Is My True Self;
I try to be a good friend; I try to stand by my friends; be there for all my friends I am very much out going love to support/help all my friends I have my own youth group trying to help/ support all the youths in need I try not to infer with my friends; but be there as they need someone by their side I am od fashion; like doing as in old ways like making new friends- strangers are friends we never meet yet my best saying is you can't judge a book by it cover what is inside might not be what is on the outside I go by what I see & hear from others; I chat for a while- add them to my messagener- if not in person I give out my cell number it takes long time to get to know another person as friends yes I met some good friends from the internet; some with good advices I not really that bad person to get to know I can get lil rough as I am into the outdoors & country music like being youthful; at times I hang out with the youths cause youths needs som
Don't Understand
What I don't understand is people who make judgements against others. What I am talking about is that my husband put up a blog yesterday. In that blog he failed to mention that my mom had a tia (like a stroke except it reverses it's self). The doctor who discharged my mom from the hospital said that the only way my mom was going home is for me to stay with her. I understand that it is hard for my husband but I would be in the same position as him if this never happened to my mom. Also he wrote that he had a hole in his heart about his daughter. He didn't stop to think about how I felt if it wasn't for the phone call that I made we wouldn't of had our daughter taken away from us. So I don't think it is fair to sit and say the stuff that he said. Yes he was probably mad and all but he didn't stop to think about me and the position that I am in.
Tantric Poem - Show Me Your Mysteries...
Show me your mysteries, I'll show you mine As we embark outside this space and time. Clasping hands we'll join the dance divine, Flowing gently toward eternal rhyme. Tell me your fantasies, I'll tell you mine Show me your ecstasies that flow as wine. Together we'll reach the highest peak sublime, Drinking deeply from the spring of time. Try as we might... So many chambers in which to dwell To reach the heights... From the bottom of the wishing well With second sight... How we ascend only time will tell To the Temple of Living Light... Far beyond heaven and hell Bare your heart to me, I'll give you mine Though all alone we might be flying blind. Through embrace fire and ice entwine, Surging and merging as the ocean tide.
Mysterious Angel
Mysterious Angel She walks by me a stranger. Her stare is a look of exotic danger. Who is this intoxicating stranger. A mysterious beauty who a smile that pierces threw me. Could it be she is a perfect dream, or more like a tantalizing fantasy here to tempt me. Who is she with an angelic face and heavenly frame. I'm captivated by the image of her, wishing i knew her name. A mystery that is also my fantasy, my heart is here for you to claim. From this dream i hope i never wake, as I watch each step she takes. Who was she, as i watch her silhouette disappear in the cities commotion. Who was she her presence touched my spirit and sparked unusual emotion. Who was that glorious angel, a mystery that has me so deeply entangled. Mysterious angel my hand is here for you. Mysterious angel where are you? by. Larry Young Jr.
Back & One Drawback ...
-ugh- I think I just realized -W H Y- $ VIP $ WAS important to ME! Not status as much as If you want to add a photo/art. ( ! ! ! ) So, I'm kinda back With a little less color, but a slightly refreshed -tude- Springtime seems to always get my system stirred. And my emotional/mental well-being flips & flops like a fish outta water. Add the pressure of my employment (or lack there of) Wondering if the owners are going to make more cuts and knowing the area job market is even worst than when I slid into this one ... Over 1500 more people lost their employment due to factories closing/downsizing - Makes finding even menial labor hard to find here. So - as I said ... I'm -K I N D A- back ????? Here's me Sherry Dancing
My Own Calendar ..drafts.
our new year starts on march 21,, it is the beginning of spring here"/ farwardin , ordibehest,khordad,tir, mordad, shahriwar, mehr, aban, azar, day, bahman, esfand. every 21 st. of the mon. is 1 st of our mon. march, april, may, june, july, august, sept. oct. nov. dec. jan. feb.. and march 21 .OUR NEW YEAR. 9 MONS MORE TO GO, STILL IN THE MAKING..LOL a href="http://imajr.cshahriwar-1400990" title="Click to view shahriwar-1400990.jpg on" target=_blank> CALENDAR DONE WHEW"LOL
Prevent Sexual Abuse
I just saw three new Camaros; Silver, Red & Black, and had a bit of a Cargasm. I'm not that much of a car guy, but damn if these didn't look awesome. Let me put a picture in here:
Help End Child Abuse
no one knows me now, fear consumes my heart, feelings flood my soul, breaking me apart, It's not my time, you can't save me, I'm just a lock without a key... I don't know how to heal, there's nothing you can take, until then I'll wear a mask, my happiness I fake...
April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month
There Is No True Love.....sad ....
reality, fubar is a game and a popularity contest that is over run with drama. i am now choosing to surround myself only with fun and supportive people here. i am sure i will start deleting those "friends" that never talk to me or never rate me or anything. there is no need to have 5 million friends on here. i would rather have a tight smaller group of people that talk to each other and help each other out when they need it. could be with rates, leveling or life. i have too many better things to do than deal with drama that a select few cause. lets keep it real on here
I can't believe I let him break my heart again!!! I can't believe I believed him when he said he loved me. He tells me that I deserve better than he could ever give me..that I deserve to be loved in ways he never could...that I should want better for myself...that he's not worth my tears. But how can I let him go that easily after all that's happened? I carried his baby in my belly before I miscarried, I've never had someone look at me the way he does, my life feels like a rollercoaster I can't get off. I love him still...I'm hurt, I'm angry, I'm lost, but no matter what I would still lay my life down for him in a heartbeat. All he has to do is ask. I wonder if he'll ever know what it's like for me when he's not around? The words I miss him don't even begin to cover what I'm feeling right now. I don't understand what I did to make him go...I tried so hard to make him love him with everything I had to give...I guess your all isn't always good enough. It's not that I couldn't
Have You Ever Seen One Like This
Have you ever SEEN...let alone TOUCH one like this ? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CALM DOWN LADIES ITS A BABY PANDA
Wishful Thinking
Things went wrong again, and I should've seen it coming Never was good at it anyway, but I wish there was a way To make you see that everything I said and felt was real But it'll never happen after how bad I ruined things this time Maybe one day I'll figure it all out and look back on this See it for the learning experience and not the pain I felt The pain I caused is worse because you didn't deserve it Right now I only wish tears were enough to wash it all away Wishful thinking at it's best, nothing more, nothing less Is this what happens when you let yourself truly feel Who knows
Proper Beer Temperature
Drinking Beer at the Proper Temperature For the true and discriminating aficionados, a glass of the finest beer should only be partaken if it is the correct temperature. The subtle nuance of the melded grains..... the fragile and fleeting taste of the brewers art.... can only be truly appreciated if that golden elixir is properly chilled. To this end, advanced studies candidates in the Graduate Engineering Department of The Ohio State University have developed an easy-to-use, fully portable Beer Temperature Tester, which very accurately determines whether the beverage is acceptably chilled or not. To test the beer, simply insert the tester into the glass THE BEER ON THE LEFT IS THE CORRECT TEMPERATURE
What Should I Use This Ticker 4
i just dont know what 2 do w/it any suggestions
Leveling Blog #428
Kanan The Dreamcatcher"K.L.W. Creations"rip any of my pics dont mind@ fubar less than 20,000 to Godfather
Does Any One Know?
I found out about 3 years ago that I have a younger sister that is in her early 20's, around the louisville, ky area, and her name is Megan Whalen. I could have spelled the name wrong but that's how it sounds. If anyone knows of anyone that could be that person then please let me know. I would love to meet her or at least talk to her to let her know that even though we knew nothing of eachother and our dad can be a prick that we are still family and thats all that counts. Thanks for reading....
This Is What Marriage Is Really All About . . . . ..
This is what marriage is really all about . . . . .. He ordered one hamburger, one order of French fries and one drink. The old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half. He placed one half in front of his wife. He then carefully counted out the French fries, dividing them into two piles and neatly placed one pile in front of his wife. He took a sip of the drink, his wife took a sip and then set the cup down between them. As he began to eat his few bites of hamburger, the people around them kept looking over and whispering. You could tell they were thinking, 'That poor old couple - all they c an afford is one meal for the two of them.' As the man began to eat his fries a young man came to the table. He politely offered to buy another meal for the old couple. The old man said they were just fine - They were used to sharing everything. The surrounding people noticed the little old lady hadn't eaten a bite. She sat there watching her husband eat and occasionally t
Thank You To All Who Donated..sorry If I Forgot Anyone
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Help Out If Ya Can Plz-ty
.COM Click on Sweet and Sassys pic and Spank her to Disciple please!She has Autos Activated and she returns the love:)While there Fan/Rate/Add/Bling her just love her shes an awesome friend! sweet and sassy@ fubar imikimi - Customize Your World! .COM This Lovin Pimpout Brought to All of Fubar by:JoAnna
Something Silly........................
You can't read this and stay in a bad mood! 1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit? Unique Up On It. 2. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit? Tame Way. 3. How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest ? They Take The Psycho Path 4. How Do You Get Holy Water? You Boil The Hell Out Of It 5. What Do Fish Say When They Hit a Concrete Wall? Dam! 6.. What Do Eskimos Get From Sitting On The Ice too Long? Polaroid's 7. What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work? A Stick 8. What Do You Call Cheese That Isn't Yours? Nacho Cheese . 9. What Do You Call Santa's Helpers? Subordinate Clauses. 10. What Do You Call Four Bullfighters In Quicksand? Quattro Sinko. 11. What Do You Get From a Pampered Cow? Spoiled Milk. 12. What Do You Get When You Cross a Snowman With a Vampire? Frostbite. 13. What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Twitches? A Nervous Wreck. 14. What's The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup? Anyone Can Roast Beef. 16. Why Do Gorillas Have Big Nostrils? Becau
is rocking Bad Habitz Radio out! Where are you?!Click here to come rock out with the crazy Bad Habitz family! is rocking Bad Habitz Radio out! Where are you?!Click here to come rock out with the crazy Bad Habitz family!
Thoughts For Today........................
Advice for the day: If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children." Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar. The problem with the designated driver program, it's not a desirable job, but if you ever get sucked into doing it, have fun with it. At the end of the night, drop them off at the wrong house. Relationships are hard. It's like a full time job, and we should treat it like one. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to leave you, they should give you two weeks' notice. There should be severance pay, the day before they leave you, they should have to find you a temp. My Mom said she learned how to swim when someone took her out in the lake and threw her off the boat. I said, "Mom, they weren't trying to teach you how to swim." A study in the Washington Post says that women have bet
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How Adam Got Eve:)
Adam was hanging around the garden of Eden feeling very lonely. So, God asked him, 'What's wrong with you?' Adam said he didn't have anyone to talk to. God said that He was going to make Adam a companion and that it would be a woman. He said, 'This pretty lady will gather food for you, she will cook for you, and when you discover clothing, she will wash them for you She will always agree with every decision you make and she will not nag you, and will always be the first to admit she was wrong when you've had a disagreement. She will praise you! She will bear your children. and never ask you to get up in the middle of the night to take care of them. 'She will NEVER have a headache and will freely give you love and passion whenever you need it.' Adam asked God, 'What will a woman like this cost?' 'An arm and a leg.' Then Adam asked, 'What can I get
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Get Your Fuckin Facts Straight
alright we need to set some things straight here... i am in a relationship with the man of my dreams. If that pisses people off oh fucking well. im a flirt my man knows this. As for whoever messaged my man telling them i was cheating, i thought our relationship was over because i hadnt heard from in in a few weeks.for whoever sent my man the link to my plentyoffish profile, im not going on that anymore, again, thought we were over so i was starting over. PLEASE enough of the bullshit. ~*DarLing NiKi*~
Single Light Of Darkness
Turn off the lights, take a deep breath, relax and feel what is inside you. What color is your skin in darkness? What age you can feel under the water? Does that all ever matter, when you are inside a black bag? Crimes are too many, but where those enough to make us believe we are strangers in our own world? Is our fault not to believe not to know or feel cities fall, oceans dry and continents disappear, will we end our lives because of a spear? The trick is to keep breathing Unfortunately mostly not pure air Because we made that, what you see in the space; that gray cloud over your city. I am not the only one I see, and never trust anyone I am not the one that tracks you down; you can get what you want and stay around darkness protects and takes everything from you what for to be human anyway, when you can be You.
Waiting for the sunset Waiting for the night. Waiting for the darkness Waiting for life. So long to wait. So much to wait for. Finally the day ends. The worlds mine. Nothing can stop me. Im the night. There was a time when I was happy during the day and afraid in the night. But that was before I was born. And I started to forget about day, right after I was born. Theres the madness waiting for every vampire who doesnt...
About Me
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Melissa A. Gunn. Birthday: May of 1982. Birthplace: Holland, MI. Current Location: Zeeland, MI. Eye Color: Goldish Brownish. Hair Color: Dark Brown - Black. Height: 5'4". Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Handed. Your Heritage: English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Indian-?, not sure of what else. The Shoes You Wore Today: Not wearing any shoes. Your Weakness: Depends what type and kind the weakenss is. Your Fears: Spiders, Snakes, Sometimes Darkness, alone, i have alot of fears, i even have fears that im not aware of too. Your Perfect Pizza: Cheese! Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Get Job, Keep Job, get paid, get my own place, keep own place, a guy, family, live semi happy ever after lmao! YESH! i live in a fantasy world, leave me alone! lmao!!!! Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: =^_^= Mew! Thoughts First Waking Up: What i have to do the day ahead. Your Best Physical Feature: Eye
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Safety Word
a safety word is 1 you and your "other" pick out before ROUGH sex. not reg. rough sex but REAL rough sex, the kind you know youll be screaming NO! STOP! NO! but you dont want them to stop.... only the "safety word" means stop!
nowhere to run, no place to hide... the pain in your heart starts to subside... hopes turn to fear, like days change to night, knowing there's no end in sight... closing your eyes only makes things worse... wondering why your stuck with this curse... *unfinished*
Show Some Love
Cherokee Indian Davecherokee
Osiyo, My name is davecherokee "Spirithawk" Warrior, a Native American North Eastern Indian and proud. I descend from a long line of Shaman (Medicine-Men) wisdom Keepers & Healers of the Bird-Klan. My Blood Tribes are originated from Bird-town, Yellow- Hill, Oconoluftee, of the Cherokee Nation, Eastern Cherokee Tribe, Cherokee Reservation, North Carolina. I am also a Blood descendent from the Lumbee Tribe, being a Warrior and of the Bird Klan. Which is also a part of the Cherokee Nation, now currently originated in Pembroke, Lumberton, North Carolina. I am also a proud "Military Veteran" with service tours in three branches of the United States Military. The United States Army, The United States Coast Guard, & The United States Navy Spec Warf UDT Seal Team 3-4. I have training in Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue Operations, Aids To Navigation, Pollution Response Team Investigator, Marine Safety, Marine Law Enforcement, Military Readiness, Electronics Repair, Quartermaster Repair Tech,
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22) You are rejuvenated by the depth of your feelings today, as if they put you in touch with an endless supply of energy. You are motivated now to do something about your emotions instead of just talking about them. But being driven to action can also create trouble, especially if you act before thinking about the consequences. Although your usual style tends to be cautious, letting loose is a good exercise for your soul, even if it makes others a little uncomfortable.
The Kings
well another hockey season is coming to a close and being a kings fan just sucks cause it looks like they are gonna miss the playoffs again now being a fan as long as i have i have seen the kings when they are really good and really shitty and well this team isnt shitty they arent moving in the right direction yet still alot of issues to be resolved first off the offense now this use to be a strong point but now its a weakness they dont score enough timely goals and when they do they seem to have a defensive lapse in the next few mins and give that goal back but they have made strides in the goaltending dept gone are the days of the 7 to 6 games that kelly hrudey played in or for that matter mario lessard daniel berthiume and grant fuhr days atleast felix potvin was pretty good but a few things i have noticed about this team is the fact that dustin brown has too many goaless streaks anze kopitar doesnt score enough alexander frolov cant play hard in every game drew doughty cant shoot t
Dj Ct69 On Air
Sweet And Sassy Has Autos-help Her Disciple Plz!
.COM Click on Sweet and Sassys pic and Spank her to Disciple please!She has Autos Activated and she returns the love:)While there Fan/Rate/Add/Bling her just love her shes an awesome friend! sweet and sassy@ fubar imikimi - Customize Your World! .COM This Lovin Pimpout Brought to All of Fubar by:JoAnna
Rantings Of A Bipolar Episode...please Try To Follow
The Blonde Who Married A Catholic
Body: On their honeymoon, the blonde bride slipped into a sexy nightie and, with great anticipation, crawled into bed, only to find her new Catholic husband had settled down on the couch. When she asked him why he was apparently not going to make love to her, he replied, 'It's Lent'. In tears, she sobbed, 'Well, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Who did you lend it to, and for how long?'
Is It Me?
WELL DONE! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's 70's First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a van - loose - was always exciting and great fun. We drank water from the garden hose or tap and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle or can and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cakes, white bread and real butter and drank cordial with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because......
Doctor Says
the doctor says "This should be taken care of right away. " I'd planned a trip to Hawaii next month but this is so easy and profitable that I want to fix it before it curse itself. "Welllllll, what have we here..." Since he hasn't the foggiest notion of what it is, the Doctor is hoping you will give him a clue. "We'll see. " First I have to check my malpractice insurance. "Let me check your medical history. " I want to see if you've paid your last bill before spending any more time with you. "Why don't we make another appointment later in the week. " I need the money, so I'm charging you for another office visit. "I really can't recommend seeing a chiropractor. " I hate those guys mooching in on our fees. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. " Since he hasn't the faintest idea of what to do, he is trying to appear thoughtful while hoping the nurse will interrupt. (Proctologist also say this a lot. )
Wtf is the point of health insurance if they don't cover anything anyways? Gawddamn capitalists!
Every time I close my eyes, your face is all I see, it keeps me in a funnel cloud of pain and misery... the words I hear don't mean a thing, they don't come from your heart, each time we talk I realize how far we are apart... I've cried at least a thousand tears, you never even knew, I thought the feelings that we shared were of a love come true... No matter where you are tonight, wherever you may be, whoever you are holding tight, I wish that it was me...
Woody Tunes
Get Ur Arses In& Listen ToWoody's Awesome Tunes!!!!☣ Woody Phukkahoe ☣
This Is Beautiful
Thank you Aunt Sonya this is beautiful...... Will You Dance With Me? READ THIS VERY SLOWLY.... IT'S PRETTY PROFOUND. Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to de part from their routine. I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed? Does the word 'refrigeration' mean nothing to you? How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched ' Jeopardy ' on television? I cannot count the times I called my sister and said, 'How about going to lunch in a half hour?' She would gas up and stammer, 'I can't. I have clothes
Come Get Corrupted
Come get Corrupted!Just Click The Pic Below!!!& Come Check Us Out!!!You Know You Want To!!! Also Stop By The Owners Page!!!Cяzy Lil Rawker ☢ Owner of Bad Habitz Radio Come get Corrupted!Just Click The Pic Below!!!& Come Check Us Out!!!You Know You Want To!!! Also
I want to be immersed in your lustful seduction to open my eyes finding myself in an enamor expedition where I can quench my thirst with exuberance and know I'll be captivated with each chance I want you to blackout with passion to be gasping in sultry fashion As sweat drips down off our pulsating distinguish forms heavens gates open as our love surely conforms I want us to experience the eternity of light the delight of a genuine embrace to be held tight Intriguing every step with intoxicating intimacy as our deep emotions climb towards a unequivical decree
I Love This Song Vid Is Dumb
This Is How Most Guys See Things Lover I Dont Have To Love
Trivia Night Bully
Trivia Night In Bad Habitz!!! Click the button below to join in and win awesome prizes!! Trivia Night In Bad Habitz!!! Click the button below to join in and win awesome prizes!!
Sitting in the toronto airport... plane was suppose to be leaving at 2 now its leaving at 2:30 cuz of the weather in Halifax. I has the stress cuz my landing isnt that long in Calgary and I have to clear customs... Now Seattle should be cool Hell I have 4 hours there anyhow..... Just put on a nicotine patch, cuz I am starting to have a nicfit.... go figure....
I Want....
Is it so hard to be honest with a woman? I know it's not always easy to understand us, but um if we ask for honesty damn give it to us. If I say I want communication well there are so many ways to go about it. I don't even need anything more than a" hey how's your day going? " If I ask you to come home after work right away don't ask why. Normally I've got a pretty sexy night planned for the two of us. I don't expect that any man will ever actually do any of this but I figure I will put it out there! Fact is that I've been screwed thoroughly lately. Not in a sexual way either. I'm easy to please and it takes so little (sorry not talking about what's in your pants there! I love some big ones )But a simple caress, a kiss on my neck, a honey how was your day and then sincerely listen. A smack on the butt, and you know what? It's the little affections that gives you the best connections!
4 Officer Dead & 1 Parolee In Shoot Out.
Parolee stood over stricken police officers and fired again By Harry Harris and Cecily Burt Oakland Tribune Posted: 03/23/2009 02:53:37 PM PDT / Updated: 03/24/2009 09:18:08 AM PDT Lovelle Mixon, a parolee on the run, already had shot Oakland police Sgt. Mark Dunakin and Officer John Hege. Then, as the two men lay on the ground, Mixon stood over them and fired again. But the ex-con wasn't done. He ran around the corner to his sister's apartment and waited SKS military assault rifle ready for the officers he knew would come after him. Those were some of the horrifying details that emerged Monday about the shootings of four veteran Oakland police officers Saturday by a violent felon who has also now been linked to the rape of a young girl last month. Three of the officers were declared dead over the weekend. A fourth, Hege, was taken off life support Monday afternoon at Highland Hospital in Oakland. Dunakin, 40, of Tracy, a motorcycle officer, stopped a Buick driven by Mixon
Ok You Wanker
holly tortillas batman........... look i was on this site b4 like in 06 on and off.. i do not give a shit about points if you rate my pic i think you like it if i like your pic i will rate ... but you demanding attention whores really need to get a life.. i may have rated you but you told an anarchist to rate you back... buahahahahahahaha! you can SUKADICK! i love people rates comments but come one.. are there any real people left ????????????? seriously..... if this is posed as an online bar i can say i have met cooler people in real bars.. laughing... and hey naked chicks with daddy issues and the personality of a stuffed animal.. same goes to you.. all you people care about is points do you not see how pointless that is.. no pun ... do you even read profiles do you want to get to know people. ugghhh i could go on but talk about the decline of the western civilization .
Today Is A Good One
I can tell by the beautiful sky and sunshine today is a good day. I feel like today is a day for opportunity. I hope that after all my recent hardships I can blossom and turn into this optimisic woman I hope to be. I want to see people and go places today. Explore life because there is this undying flame in my heart that yerns for the ability to be satisified.
Needs Points
Lebron James Is Having A Historical Season
In terms of the game's hallowed numbers, it doesn't quite resonate like, let's say, 50.4 -- Wilt Chamberlain's historic scoring average in 1961-62 -- or Oscar Robertson's 30-12-11 triple-double that same season. But it's a big one at Hollinger HQ, anyway. That 31.89 mark is Michael Jordan's PER (player efficiency rating) from the 1987-88 season, the top mark for any season since the league started tracking individual turnovers in 1973-74. (We don't have enough information for seasons prior to that, unfortunately, so we can't properly evaluate Wilt or the Big O.) And it's an important figure at the moment because it's under assault this season from LeBron James. That James is playing well is hardly a secret -- virtually every writer in the country has him either first or second on the MVP ballot heading into the season's final stretch. But the vagaries of the game's stats have made it difficult to appreciate what a historically great season he's having. James doesn't lead th
Katie Armiger - UNSEEN (great song and i know this all too well.) I was right in front of you Standing in clear view I had so much to show I was like an open book You never even looked So much I wanted you to know The deepest part of me You never tried to reach It would have been so easy All you had to do was pay some attention All you had to do was look past the surface But you never noticed much of anything All you had to do was just try to listen All you ever did was just catch a glimpse and The tragedy is that you left so much unseen You left so much unseen You know my favorite colors blue When I wore something new And my favorite song You didnt know my biggest fear Was that you didnt care That this aint the life I want To be right by your side And have this great divide We were close but so far All you had to do was pay some attention All you had to do was look past the surface But you never noticed much of anything All you had to do was ju
If I Told You I Was Making A Salute
hold your horses.. they are badass and i can only make one at a time..... i will post when they are up if you bitch i won't make you one
Emo Moment Of The Week
Do you ever wonder if you're consistently making bad decisions? Sometimes, I find myself sitting around thinking that maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should've done "this" different or "that" different. Maybe if I had gone "there" instead of "here," things would be completely different. I don't want to say that I regret something because I feel that everything happens for a reason, but I can't help but wonder how things would be different. Who would I be now? Who would I know? I've met some amazing people in my life and had some awesome experiences, but I'm afraid that my life is going nowhere... as though I've fucked up one too many times, and I'm stuck in a rut. How many bad decisions can you make or trouble can you get in before it takes over? Is my life just one big pattern of eff-ups? Am I emo for thinking so? On more than one occasion, the same scenario has cycled over and over. There's a guy I'll be talking to for a while. He's an amazing to begin with, but as soon as I let him in, he
No Sense At All
A woman reads my profile on a dating site and comments in email as follows: "Just wanted to say something about I read in your profile. I am very open-minded, but men or women that talk about sex in the first couple conversations usually leads to a relationship based on sex. Believe me I've had a lot of experiece to guys doing that and then the conversations turn to sex only. One time this one guy felt so comfortable that he sent me a pic of his private part. I couldn't get the pic to focus, so I gave it to my 11 year old. He knows more about that than I do. I grabbed that phone, just before he realized what it was. Sex is better left for a face to face conversation, and it is very important, but not every other word. Which it eventually leads to, and I promise that is not the type girl you would want around your son. Just my opinion from someone with too much experience at that kind of talk." My reply: You of course realized you started a conversation about sex, right? D
Contest Help Needed!
i am in a contest..if you wouldn't mind rating me? if not, thats cool and have a great day! but if you do, pls just scroll down and click my pic to rate me! ty again darlin!, and feel free to send some friends by to help out as well! Come show your favorite BADGIRL some love and support! All she needs is your votes! Help her become The Penthouse Lounge's PET OF THE MONTH! Simply click the picture below, and rate her, it's just that simple! Show your Dangerous Curves and SDMF sister all the love you can!! Voting starts tonight (3-23-09) and will stop at the end of the month, so rate and re-rate when you can!
If Looks Could Kill
Tell Me Whats The Motto
Deep With In
Harley Riding
So where are all the Harley Riders In washington,Its almost time for the Harleys to come out of hibernation and get with the program and ride
Words To Live By
You Want
Why High-fructose Corn Syrup Causes Insulin Resistance
A new study in mice sheds light on at least part of the reason for the insulin resistance that can come from diets high in high-fructose corn syrup, a sweetener found in most sodas and many other processed foods. Fructose is much more readily metabolized to fat in the liver than glucose, and in the process can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD in turn leads to hepatic insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Researchers showed that mice fed a high-fructose diet could be protected from insulin resistance if a gene known as transcriptional coactivator PPARg coactivator-1b (PGC-1b) was "knocked down" in the animals' liver and fat tissue. PGC-1b controls the activity of several other genes, including one responsible for building fat in the liver. This suggests an important role for PGC-1b in the pathogenesis of fructose-induced insulin resistance. Sources: Science Daily March 3, 2009 Cell Metabolism March 2009; 9(3):252-64 Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Taking A Long Break
First, I want to let everyone know, first hand?..No one has done anything to me. No one has offended, pissed me off or hurt my feelings, or create some silly drama. For reasons of my own, I've resigned from Rating Revolution. I didn't want to do that,'s not fair to them, if I can't give a little of my time to help level, other then honor DOD for the day. That isn't fair. This is a great leveling family, with one heck of a boss man and boss lady. They've a family and work, and fully understand that we have a real life outside of the net!! My time is consumed by a 2 yr. old little rascal, who I love and adore completely. As most of you know, he's now potty trained, and with that in mind, he needs to go on a regular basis, to "instill" the learning. On top of that, he is very hoggish with my time. LOL. And we are learning right now too. I'm teaching him is numbers and letters. He's doing great. Ok enough of that, you all get the general idea. I have noticed, tha
Cotton Candy Culprit
I was introduced yesterday to the Letter People. I was amazed these people teach you about letters and sounds and still manage to be some groovy cats. Makes me want to buy the series for my neice cause its educational and her mom would like it to. I love Mr. C he is the cotton candy culprit and Mr. S and his super socks. It always makes me wonder why such shows aren't on anymore. I think kids would really learn from them. Shit it taught me things I knew but didn't know I knew. Mr. C. the man of my dreams.
Wtf Suck!!!!
What is it about fubar that makes everything so easy to talk? Is it the fact that they are 3000miles away, or that you on Fubar are safe from being shy, nervous, awkward convo's, and the choice of who you talk to? What do you do when you do like this person? Do you really know them, or are they fake? And if you believe they are real (90% of Fubarians aren't) and they like you to, what then? Most have lives that you will never be in, agenda's that don't include you, goals that over see you, and skin you will never touch. What feeling do you get from all that? Pain, rejection, loss, and a fantsy that will never happen. Do you continue going on with it? Or do you accpet it as it is and just enjoy being friends? Don't tell me i'm gong to deep into this cus i know who i am, and thats what i do. You don't like it STFU and get off my F*ckn blog. I don't do this to be ragged on, i do it for others thoughts. So if you feel like writing stupid sh*t you will be the only one enjoyin
Pennies From Heaven
For no particular reason, I have started leaving a penny on the hand rail in the elevator at work. It started when I had a couple in my pocket after lunch, now its a goal to leave one on each elevator every day.
Nothin' At All--heart
Who Will You Run To--heart
My Recipe...
fried fish and veggie spring roll.
Fairytale In Cyber
Dreamland awaits you, Close your eyes, Imagine you and I, Close as breath, Skin upon skin, Lips touching, For you taste of Raspberries, sweetly irresistible, The fragrance of you, Takes my breath away, I am burning inside, A torch of fire, Burning fuel of passion, For you are my desire, My heart beats with every breath, You are my destiny, Your eyes evade me, deep, dark, mysterious, I am your slave, Your love has captured me, Grab my body, Pull me close, Show me your love, In ways I could only dream. Wake me I must be dreaming, This is a fairytale.
Workout Diary, Day Six
After an extended hiatus, I was finally able to make it to the gym yesterday. I had the day off, but still had a lot to do, so it was only an hour, but this is better than nothing. Stationary Bike:25 mins, 101 Calories burned Elliptical Machine:20 mins, 191 Calories burned Stair Climber:10 Mins, 60 Calories burned. Weight is holding at 209.5, but that's what happens when you take a break I guess. If I can loose one pound before the end of the month and keep it off, I would be satisfied.
Dirty Talk
Sexy and fun way to spend time with your lover. It provides new ideas and some mental stimulation. Storytelling and fantasizing can be told anywhere, in a or in bed. Find a topic that suits you and your partner's fancy. Women prefer lots and lots of foreplay, especially to those with such wicked imaginations. Not all stories have an ending or orgasm for those involved. It's just a tool to share sex without even physically touching one another.
What About Love--heart
Life As A Soldier
Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. __________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash on your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. ___
Leave Me A Messg!
A Few Reasons Why Men/women Cheats
Spouse is abusive, physical or emotional or just for the hell of it. Husbands can be jerks and wives can be bitches. We look to someone else for attention and affection. Which isn't a wise choice to do because then we get emotionally attached. Your lover may not feel the same and has no intentions of leaving their spouse. It's risky. Others cheat for the lack of sex. Antonette raises her hand "!!" The passion and desire isn't there anymore. The spark has slowly flickered away. The sex is okay but where is the foreplay? Multiple orgasms? Sex drive? Various sex positions? We try and encourage our spouse to try different things and they refuse. Other times we don't say anything because we want to spare their feelings.
Broken Woman/damaged Goods
Internal Bleeding. The mirror of projection Laid over me Of all things taught is Passed on like an inheritance to every man I once let in my life And then said "No more". Each time I took the impact of the one who swung the mirror at me. It cracked more and more Until it lay in pieces as if from a violent storm Only difference is tornados or hurricanes are indifferent. Not human Finally knowing the difference I said rebuked all of them Sending them to hell... Or so I thought I did... What if I didn't And even though I am alone there is one left. Me. When a mirror is broken Each piece reflects what it did in it's entirity. So painful splinters work their way out of me Anyone who touches or comes near me risks being cut By what pierced me going in And again as they come out. What if they never all come out of me... I now come with a warning You should not touch me, hold me much less come within a certain radius. I draw
God Is Busy
God's Busy--- (good one) If you don't know GOD, don't make stupid remarks!!!!!!! A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in he looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, 'God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform.. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes.' The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, 'Here I am God. I'm still waiting' It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him, knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold.. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked, stunned, and sat there looking on in silence. The profes
Stand Up For America
Very interesting the University is standing by their professor and not bowing down to special interest groups! Professor Wichman E-mail Claim: A Michigan State professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim students to leave the country. Status: True. The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indrek Wichman. Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student's Association. The e-mail was in response to the students' protest of the Danish cartoons that portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. The group had complained the cartoons were 'hate speech' ============ Enter Professor Wichman. ========================================== In his e-mail, he said the following: =============================== Dear Moslem Association, As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to protest your protest. I
A Wish For Our Children's Future
Subject: Let me know if you get this....this is neat. > > > > >>> Can you answer this riddle? >>> >>> Here is a pretty neat little thing from Paul Harvey. >>> >>> See if you can guess the riddle at the end. >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Paul Harvey Writes: >>> We tried so hard to make things better for our kids that we made them >>> worse. For my grandchildren, I'd like better. >>> >>> I'd really like for them to know about hand me down clothes and homemade >>> ice cream and leftover meat loaf sandwiches. I really would. >>> I hope you learn humility by being humiliated, and that you learn >>> honesty >>> by being cheated. >>> >>> I hope you learn to make your own bed, mow the lawn and wash the car. >>> And I really hope nobody gives you a brand new car when you are sixteen. >>> It will be good if at least one time you can see puppies born and your >>> old dog put to sleep. >>> >>> >>> I hope you get a black eye fighting for something you believe i
Shopping Remote
"Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the worst thing I could do to him legally."
I Haz Teh Funny?
How come when I say something I think is extremely funny I don't get noticed, but if I make a typo people like flood me w/ messages and junk?
So we've spent about 4 trillion dollars in real money, and untold amounts in hidden expenditures... are you in better shape ? do you feel more secure financially ?
My Expectations Per Haps To High?
I guess I am gonna have to say I am a bit of a prude sorry to say and my expectations of people is wrong. I have a high standard in my thoughts and feelings on how people should be, but I know that not every one thinks like I do. I have been like this ohhhhhhhhhhhh since I was 20. I know there has to be decent people out there men and woman who find it distastful to talk like gutter pigs. Example: I just read this mumm about angry dragon, okay okay I am soooooo out of the loupe, I had no dam idea what that meant till I read a few lines and thought what a fucken pig. What is it with people who want others to answer such crap. Sorry but to me sexual desires and such should be kept to ones self not asked in a mumm. And if they want views on what have you about some sexual move etc, why cant that be discussed amoungst their circle of friends...shrugs Oh I am sure there are woman who dont think twice on answering that and sorry but I dont think much of any woman that lower
Why I Need You To Pound Me Like A Porn Star
Contrary to popular belief, women do not want to be romanced in bed. Romance me BEFORE bed. By the time you get me naked, all romantic shit needs to disa-fucking-ppear. The bedroom is not the place that men need to be gentle with their women. Men have been psychologically trained for years to be gentle with women: their emotions, their feelings, their pride, etc. Men are subconsciously conditioned to handle women with a tender touch. So why is it different in the bedroom? Why do women, who need to be handled with so much care outside of the bedroom want to be roughed up inside of the bedroom? Because I wants you to be a MAN. I need you to step up and show me who is in charge. My emotions and feelings and pride may be gentle, but my body are not. Women have evolved to a point that we have the same (if not more) responsibilities as men. We work a full week, we deal with shit from our bosses, we diffuse problems with clients, we stress over bills, yet on top of that we bathe the ki
I'm Outta Here..
To all my Rating Revolution Family/Friends I've done a lot of thinking lately and have decided that I cannot give rating revolution my fullest attention, and feel it would be fairer if I left. This may not come as a shock to some of you for I haven't been happy on fubar for a long time, the site has in all sense of the word killed itself, with the auto's, and blings. Don't get me wrong I have had some wonderful friends give me bling's and things and thank you to them ... but with the rush of the auto came the obvious point whores, the so called friends that I had'nt seen for months and months suddenly came out of the woodwork and were all over other ppls I thought why bother. I always got great pleasure from finding pictures to add to my folders, I liked sharing them with friends but again only a small handful of loyal true friends stopped by regularly unless the dreaded auto 11 was on. The ezee rates are just pointless no one can see what the pic's are, which made m
The Ballad Of Ninja Ho
Ninja Ninja Ninja, dontcha make me singe ya, i bring the shadows with me, draped in a murk of enigma, silently wrapped around me... Ninja Ninja Ninja, always in pajamas, not as cute as pandas, i can't be seen with radar, such a stealthy invader... Ninja Ninja Ninja, if you see me, time is short for you, and you will be in heaven soon... Ninja Ninja Ninja, hope you like my ditty, if not then it's a pity, i made this in a hurry 'cuz i have a target to bury... Ninja Ninja Ninja, before you fall, i'm gone, i haven't got too long, I have to go watch some sexy ninja pron...
There are some weird things going on at a hotel I work at. Its a 30 yr building, but was renovated 3 yrs ago. Last week the head of the Housekeeping was in his office next to the HK laundry room, when the lights started going on and off, and then he says he heard some whispering sounds. He darted outta there in a second, and ran to the lunchroom. A maintenance guy was fixing something in a room on a 3rd (last) floor, when he heard the dishwasher shake , and the dishes in cupboards rattle. He opened the cupboard, and the there was a cup in there that was spinning. Ofcourse I suspect BS, altho the maint guy is REALLY not a person to make shit up like that. At all So, 2 nights ago I had to get something from the electrical room, and conveniently the light switch is on the other side of the room. So I feeling my way through all the crap in there in the dark (2 30 am), when...something catches my shirt from the back! I freaked out like crazy, and swung my arm around in horror.
Carbon Copy Pro Mlm
Carbon Copy Pro MLM Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Want the best home based business on the internet? Want to leave your day job? Want to have financial freedom? Want to have the time to spend doing the things that are most important to you? Carbon Copy Pro provide you with the tools, training and support you need to be successful in an online marketing home based business. Carbon Copy Pro is not a get rich quick scheme, you do have to work! But following there guide to online marketing a home based business never looked so easy when you know how. Imagine working a few hours a day, earning a executive level salary all from the comfort of your own home. Carbon Copy pro can provide this and then you get the great benefits of time leverage. You can spend quality time with the family, go surfing, go skiing or read a book, its all up to you. Carbon Copy pro can help you achieve all your goals, they have the systems in place to have a successful home based business in online ma
Infinity Lounge
Mood : Excited
The one I am looking for and have been for years. Since I felt that first dark pull, his senchus lure speeks to me inside pulling me closer to him I cant yet see him physically but I can smell his presents around me, feel his energy feel the lust radiating from him. his energy pulling at mine as though it were his hands pulling at my cloths so powerful yet gential, persuasive, welcoming, beckining me to come to a place I don't yet know but my heart seem to know the way. he is here I can feel him, like goosebumps on my skin I shiver with excitement the wanting almost overwelming me ..... soon he will come to me, show me how to please him, make the night ours alone..... Mood: Excited
i have more of it in me than blood. its really windy and crappy out today, and for that i blame witchie and fuck you candi my bff went and bought me the twilight special edition so you couldnt tease me no mo, hes awesome p.s. post boobs
Dragon's Lair
Ok let's start over!a bunch may know me.some may not.but i have a lounge i find to b the best.but i have favorites.anyway i have people to come and go cause there is no one do you invite people and greet to.well i know it can b done.but impossable.if ANYWON inter for sure drop in and let me know or send a private mess.i am loooking for all staff members any 1 willing to help will be fupaid at the end of week. thank you manager dragon's lair
When I Have Time
I'm gonna be a busy lady here soon. Not gonna be around to chat or much of anything else. I also will not be buying anymore goodies on here. So I can't return certain things. I just gotta keep moving. Always your friend...just a little busy with life. Love to you all. Sorry if I disappoint you.
Battle Of The Profiles (round 1)
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Little Miss Can Be Fake
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Carbon Copy Pro Money
Carbon Copy Pro money Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? If you've heard of Carbon Copy Pro's Business in a Box, you might be wondering if it lives up to all the hype. Is this a legitimate business opportunity or just another get-rich-quick scam? Let's take a look at what's contained in Carbon Copy Pro's Business in a Box, how much it costs, and whether you can actually use it to make money. First launched in July of 2008, Business in a Box offers entrepreneurs the chance to try out Carbon Copy Pro at a more affordable level. For $395, Business in a Box (or BiB for short) contains everything needed to be a successful online marketer. Some people might balk at the start-up fee, but this is a very good deal for what has proved to be a top-tier program. When you purchase Business in a Box, you receive a boxed set that contains two marketing manuals, three DVDs, and an assortment of extras that add even more value to the product. Newcomers to the network marketing field like
I personally don't have any experience in that area. All I have ever opened to that much has hurt me so I keep that in a safe place..... Big Don't even ask sign on it. But the further I go on my walk in Wicca I have come to realize that I do put forth thoes feelings just not to many my children, & grandchildren naturally, Parents, Good friends, Mother Earth, & myself. Though I have watched others through love around like its nothing, and that makes me sick to my stomach. I have hurt people we all have sometimes you just cant help it but it makes me so mad to see people who do it just cause they can, that is no reason to hurt someone and I wish they could see just what they are doing to that person it saddens me to the core but I have also seen people do it and know what they are doing and how that other person feels and they just dont give a shit. that to me is evil pure and simple evil. In my faith I have read in so many places about love spells I don't like that eather I feel that L
How Many More Times--zeppelin
Everything About You
[Verse 1:] There's a place in your heart where nobody's been. Take me there. Things nobody knows, not even your friends. Take me there. Tell me about your momma, your daddy, your home town, show me around. I wanna see it all, don't leave anything out. [Chorus:] I wanna know, everything about you. And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live, where you keep the rest of your life hid. I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare. Take me there. [Verse 2:] Your first real kiss, your first ture love, you were scared. Show me where. You learned about life, spent your summer nights, without a care. [Take Me There lyrics on] Take me there. I wanna roll down mainstreet and backroads like you did when you were a kid. What makes you who you are, tell me what your story is. [Chorus 2x:] I wanna know, everything about you. And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams
Ronald Reagan's A Time For Choosing 1964 In 2009
Ok I am a little behind on sending you all the podcast of the last show, but here is the podcast of the airing of my show on Saturday.
Bring It On Home--page And Plant
Over By Your Momma And Em--frank Davis
Drunk Girls On Bourbon St. Balcony
Carbon Copy Pro Leads
Carbon Copy Pro leads Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Carbon Copy Pro is really a marketing system "wrapped" around a network marketing company. The company, founded by Jay Kubassek, claims to have spent big bucks and 4 years developing the marketing system. The network marketing company that the marketing plan is "wrapped" around, is Wealth Masters International. Wealth Masters International specializes in direct sales. Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek have teamed up to form a formidable pair in the network marketing arena. You may remember Mike Dillard, the glib author of "Magnetic Sponsoring."The Product line The product line at Carbon Copy Pro mostly consists of "How To" financial information products. Examples of some of the titles are, "How To Consolidate Your Debts," or "How To Protect Your Assets." Nothing to really get me too excited. Pretty "run of the mill" stuff. The company features 3 product "lines," M-1 through M-3. They are priced as follows: M-1 1995.00, M-2 8995
Sasha Kemsy Prifiles
Crazy In New Orleans
Mysterious Stains Show Up On Lower 9th Ward Homes sorry, only the URL to this video is available
To All My Rating Revolution Family/friends
To all my Rating Revolution Family/Friends I've done a lot of thinking lately and have decided that I cannot give rating revolution my fullest attention, and feel it would be fairer if I left. This may not come as a shock to some of you for I haven't been happy on fubar for a long time, the site has in all sense of the word killed itself, with the autos, and blings. Dont get me wrong I have had some wonderful friends give me blings and things and thank you to them ... but with the rush of the auto came the obvious point whores, the so called friends that I hadnt seen for months and months suddenly came out of the woodwork and were all over my page, and then as soon as the auto stopped my page became a ghost town. I always got great pleasure from finding pictures to add to my folders, I liked sharing them with friends but again only a small handful of loyal true friends stopped by regularly unless the dreaded auto 11 was on. The ezee rates are just pointless no one can see what
CCPro Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Carbon Copy Pro is the product of two particular Marketing Masterminds, Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. It all started as a concept in Jay's mind back in 2004 when he was an unhappy muffler salesman. He knew he was destined to become more that just an average, run of the mill, everyday employee making someone else wealthy off of his efforts. He knew he had it in him to succeed and you know what? He wanted others to succeed as well. In 2004, was developed, split tested, and tweaked. They used their own money to perfect this power marketing system. It took four years and over four hundred thousand dollars to streamline their marketing system and thus Carbon Copy Pro was born. It was officially launched in 2007 and quickly become known in the industry as one of the most complete, powerful, and fully integrated sales and marketing systems on the planet. And what is so great about their system is that you are able to "c
A Thank You Poem 4 My All Haters
The hours count down like clockwork. 12 to 1 and so on and so forth. The darkness tries to conquer me but it can't succeed. I will not be defeated. It has no hold on me. Go try me if you dare. You will fail. I am the Light That always prevails. Sorry I can't lose. I Laugh in the face of danger. So that means I laugh at you. Bring the hate. I can take it. Your just my biggest fans. You know you can't win so no reason to lie. I am the king of all I see and if I don't see it I just take a step forward and then I run that. So what are you gonna do. I am the definition of real you just the fakest of the fake. So to my haters where ever you are Thank you for the hate, Without you I wouldn't be where I am today.
My B-day Gift Collections.. Things Tht I Like'
this corner is absolutely hand off!! these are my gifts collections, those things that i received from friends over the years during my birthdays.. i love crystal , aside from bags and blouses and jeans... i love collecting stuff made of glass and small figurines... so one one is allowed to even get closer to this,,, lol'..
One Casket Left..
One Casket Left One casket left I'm ready now to die away and bury myself into my own grave tonight. My Prayer's are gone my hope has gone my life has wasted away into nothing but more Whiskey drinking my Faith has never seen the Light of Day and now my breath begins to slow down. I'm empty inside again and tired of crying I'm lost and trying to hold close onto a new sympathetic tear that never will give me the time of day but that was never going to happen as tonight I saw my Angel's finally taking my Halo's back home. All in a Death Row the graves open wide for me with not even a flower to cover my Soul when it is laid to rest asleep forever by the Priest who never gave a damn about me. The tears I cry are forever and yet you laugh because you don't understand where I come from besides the endless numbness of the empty bottle that tried one too many times to forget that I was already lost.
A List...i Make Lots Of Lists
? my nail polish is always chipped ? most lipstick contains fish scales this is why i don't wear i look like a hooker in lipstick ? i don't really make eye contact with people i don't know well...unless I'm working...then its no problem ? i like to hot roll my hair ? i have four scars on my tummy from a laser surgery to remove my gall bladder ? i've lost most faith in the opposite sex ? i quote lyrics when i cant find my own words...i also quote movies a lot ? my right ankle pops every time i go up stairs since i sprained it my senior yr of high school ? i crochet ? when im bored and nobody's online...i talk to myself on my messengers ? i collect bottle tops and tabs off cans ? i'm a photographer ? i have and obsession with other peoples belly buttons ? my favorite composer is Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff ? i'm an event manager for a resort (mostly weddings) ? everything gives me heart burn ? i re-fry my fried rice ? the last 4 digits of my cell nu
Ghosts; The Truth About Earthbound Spirits
Carbon Copy Pro Team
Carbon Copy Pro Team Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? As someone interested in multiple streams on income online I found Carbon Copy Pro intriguing. Clearly some people had experienced and were experiencing success with the system. My question was of course could I duplicate the same results, and also, how many within the Carbon Copy Pro system were repeating this same success? These were some of my main concerns and questions: Implementing the Carbon Copy Pro system meant purchasing their "Business in a Box," which would be putting in place a duplicate website offered to all new CCP reps. Having a "unique selling proposition" that sets me apart from others would seem to be difficult if my website was a clone of another and was out there amongst thousands (or more) others. How would I fare against my own company reps with the same site? The system also aims to "eliminate the human variable." This is an attractive proposition for people who hate cold calling, prospecting f
Team Abunza
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy This article is the newest review about the online business of Abunza and the cash potential that it provides to distributors. (Team Abunza) After reading this you should be educated on the Abunza business and know why exactly all the top income earners from programs like EDC Gold, Roadmap To Riches, and Passport To Wealth have all come to the Abunza Family and brought along their secrets to making money. Many of online marketers are calling this the best income opportunity on the internet today. Abunza is bi-lingual business opportunity in both English and Spanish. Co-founders Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldarriaga choose the name Abunza as it means "abundance" in Spanish because they thought that this name would embody this program because of the unlimited about of income you can create.. It is the first opportunity of its kind to capitalize on b
Cell Phone Free Air Time
Five Ways To Kill A Man By Edwin Brock
There are many cumbersome ways to kill a man. You can make him carry a plank of wood to the top of a hill and nail him to it. To do this properly you require a crowd of people wearing sandals, a cock that crows, a cloak to dissect, a sponge, some vinegar and one man to hammer the nails home. Or you can take a length of steel, shaped and chased in a traditional way, and attempt to pierce the metal cage he wears. But for this you need white horses, English trees, men with bows and arrows, at least two flags, a prince, and a castle to hold your banquet in. Dispensing with nobility, you may, if the wind allows, blow gas at him. But then you need a mile of mud sliced through with ditches, not to mention black boots, bomb craters, more mud, a plague of rats, a dozen songs and some round hats made of steel. In an age of aeroplanes, you may fly miles above your victim and dispose of him by pressing one small switch. All you then require is an ocean to separate you,
Abunza Top Team
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Through experinces of mine and the company i work for Abunza i know people say that theres not, but there are secrets to making money online. (Abunza Top Team) As a newbie it took me a while to find someone who was willing to take me under their wing and help me, but when i found out the secrets to making money i showed my mother my income deposits and she thought i was doing something illegal. The secrets to making money online lie within your marketing ability and the way you present it. Simply theres no other company that provides fellow members a complied digital library of ebooks, plus audio files vauled at over 60,000 dollars all helping you market and shoing you how to produce those income deposits that millionares see every morning when they wake up. Here is a brief summary of the benefits to joining Abunza: *Advertising co-ops includi
The Ace Cafe .... Need Some Friends To Come And Join Me
Come Rock your morning out with Terror Brothers Radios newest dj Phenella live in The Ace Cafe! Wake up and Smell the coffee its time to Rock!
More Funny Words
nonversation March 24 A completely worthless conversation, wherein nothing is illuminated, explained or otherwise elaborated upon. Typically occurs at parties, bars or other events where meaningful conversation is nearly impossible. Smith: What a waste of time it is talking to that guy. Jones: I know, every time I do, it's like a complete nonversation. Facebookemon March 23 The term used for the collection of people, on your Facebook friends list, that you dont actually talk to or know in real life. Related to popular tv program and game pokeamon, where the aim is to collect as many diffrent Pocket Monsters as possible. Dave - "Hey, my friends collection is getting up to two hundred" Steve - "How many do you really know? go admit it, most of them are Facebookemon" John - "Gotta catch em all, gotta catch em all" bitchassness March 22 Term coined by Diddy on Making the Band. Overall stank actions towards others through words, facial expressions, a
Beside Myself
well in the next two weeks I am taking a trip.. and not one that I am honestly looking forward to.. during my kids spring break I am taking them to FL so I can go see my grandparents, obviously their great gp.. I dread the trip so much but I have to go.. my grandfather hasn't been in the best of health the past few years.. with multiple heart attacks and strokes I never know when another one will happen and I might lose him forever.. but thats the least of my worries at the moment.. He also has been diagnosed with alzheimers within the last year and things are just steadily declining.. hes having problems remembering who his family is and honestly Im scared.. He's always been there for me through out my life when everyone else let me down (even though we live states apart).. lol I can't type anymore without completely losing it.. but anyways if any of you have wondered as to why I haven't been myself this has a lot to do with it..
plzs check out my new picter and tell me what you think thankyou
Ace Cafe Lounge Come Join Me
Come Rock your morning out with Terror Brothers Radios newest dj Phenella live in The Ace Cafe! Wake up and Smell the coffee its time to Rock!
What am I supposed to say, when every answer seems to be wrong What am I supposed to do, when I can no longer remain strong Who do I turn to, when the dust finally clears How do I tell them all that I'm grounded by my fears They treat me like I'm unbreakable, like I'm superwoman And I really don't wanna be the one to say, that I'm only human I can't be your saving grace, cause I can't even save me And as much as I'd like to be unbreakable, this isn't a movie This is my life, and I can no longer fight your wars I'm only a meer mortal, and never be anything more
Accept the emptiness, welcome the cold There is no fath, those are just stories told They wanna make you a puppet in their sadistic play They wanna make you eat your words, they wanna make you pay Simmer down now learn your place I learned along time ago noone wins this race Cut a little deeper, let the blood heal your pain Drink a little more, let the numbness keep you sane Bottle that rage, can't let them see they won Swallow your tears there's still work to be done Carry that cross, hide those scars Keep all your emotions, looked behind those bars Fight the fight, and take loses in stride Don't just follow, be the master of the ride
A nibble on my ear, a kiss upon my cheek You say your here to stay, but I know you don't play for keeps You playin with my heart, your messin with my mind Your killin me slowly, but you think I'm fine Your so selfish, your so nieve You think I'm gonna wait, while you cheat on me You must be crazy, not wrapped to tight I asked for forever, but only got tonight I should've known better, I should've been wise I should've listened to my head, and not to your lies You took my heart with your first glance, your a smooth criminal You turned me into a laughing stock, I feel like the town fool I was just a piece, then you pushed me to the side I exposed my heart, you exposed yourself, I guess i was just along for the ride
My World
Story after story, lie after lie Bit by bit, it's just another reason to cry You think you got it, you think you know me But the only truth you get, is the truth I let you see My deepest n my darkest, are hidden in my chest And I'm not tellin, n I know you'll never guess Take your opinions, n shove them up ur ass Your never gonna get with me, no you don't stand a chance You can try to own me, but you'll just get dismissed In my little world, boy you don't exist
Lost in a moment, I can't get it back Lost in your smoothness, I'm gettin way off track Lost in a fantasy, you shattered my reality Lost in translation, this is the new me I messed up and got lost in you eyes I saw what I wanted, didn't want to see your lies You are the disease, but your also the cure I got lost in the treatment, now I keep beggin for more I think I'm addicted, you got me hooked Fienin like a crackhead, I knew I shouldn't of looked You eyes capture me they read me so well They see all I try to hide, all I'd dare not tell I tried to keep my distance, tried not to let you in But you reeled me in anyways, with that stupid cheesy grin I was lost in thought, when you snuck into my soul Planted the vision, now it's taking it's toll
In Case You Were Wondering
Vegansexual A vegan who refuses to have sexual relations with a non-vegan. "I'm attracted to you, Jerry, but we just can't have sex. I'm vegansexual, and I saw you eating chicken at Louie's house last week." 2. vegansexual Extremely compassionate, passionate, and sexy people who engage in sexual activities with people don't consume animals or anything that comes from an animal. They believe that engaging in sexual activities with omnivores is hypocritical, especially since they live to keep their bodies' free of all and any animal biproducts; which are technically in any omnivore's bodily secretions. Wow, since you are a vegansexual, you look almost good enough to eat! sex vegan vegetable sexual sexy attractive semen vegetarian intercourse vegansexual The vegan equivalent of those who refuse to have sexual relations with cannibals, nazis, and serial killers. Sorry mouth-breather I'm not interested in sex with any corps-breath, be they human or animal re
Carbon Copy Pro Review
Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Many people have not realized the true potential of promoting the same product. Some argue that if you get an exact copy of a web site than visitors will soon begin visiting the different locations of the same site over again and will soon stop reading the site altogether. Internet marketing gurus such as Mike Dillard have seen through the master plan of this system. Is someone like Mike Dillard can understand that this system is going to create at least 100 millionaires by the year 2012 and snuggle up to the CEO of the business one can imagine the potential of the site. This policy of distributing carbon copies of web sites is what will ultimately sell millions of products of wealth masters International. Make no mistake; there is a master plan at work. A master plan created by the very brains that run Wall Street. Imagine a few hundred thousand people promoting thee same website selling the same
Questions For The President.
NBC Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent encouraged viewers to submit questions for the President during tonight's prime time press conference. I realize that all of five people will read this blog, and maybe two will understand it. C'est la vie. "Thank you, Mr. Todd, for this opportunity. Only two questions I would really like to see the president answer as soon as possible. 1. I understand that your current priority is stabilizing markets and the economy before any discussion of market regulation, but I would like to know how much muscle this administration will put behind a restoration of the Glass-Steigel Act, which helped insulate insurance companies, traditional banks, and investment banks from one another, providing a firewall between banks and brokerages. Many have made an effective case that repeal of Glass-Steigel is the mechanism used to bring us to our current economic crisis. And how quickly can we expect action to ensure that this stabilized eco
i'll be makin my lil pimp picture for those that donated to my spotlight. i didn't forget anyone. i'm just a lil tired tonight. thanks to everyone to helped me get here hugs n cuddles to all. xoxo lisa
Curvalicious Needs To Level Show Her The Love R/f/a
Curvaliciousbbw ஐ*ღDangerous Curvesღ*ஐ@ fubar
No One Understands How I Am.
Why is it that the girls I talk to always end up becoming just friends or people I just happen to know. I want a girlfriend who knows me and how I am, who understands me enough to be patient with me. Someone who doesn't get frightened by what I say or runs away at the fear of commitment. When I say my views on marriage or children or what I want out of a relationship or if I even keep bringing up things over and over knowing full well they get the picture. No one understands me when all I want is to be happy. Is there no girl out there who is brave enough to deal with me? All I ever do is get my heart torn out because I'm to stupid to take a look at who they are before I start to like them. I don't know why it's to hard to like me more than a friend because I really am a nice guy. I am most things a woman would want in a guy. All this heart break has whittled my confidence and self esteem down so much that all I ever do is say sorry or get paranoid if I think I'm losing someone which i
Abunza Elite Team
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Abunza is a new concept being the first to be a bi-lingual business featuring english and spanish speaking sales assistants. It opens doors to a whole new market allowing hispanic business owners as well as seasoned marketers to participate on the vast home business arena. (Abunza Elite Team)Theres never been a business opportunity even close to this. How about this instead of me giving you the same old tired speec about i can make you 3,000 dollars a week and make you a millionare in 6 months let me do something that you probably havent come upon if you've been looking for income opportunites LET ME BE REAL!! Ill just tell you some of the things that Abunza offers that others can't! In my 2 weeks with Abunza i have finally payed off my debt that i got in with dealing with 3 different online businesses. This is why im thankful and excited that im in a
Sooner Or Later....
Everyone is going to hurt you sooner or later. You just have to decide who's worth the pain" I saw this quote on a page recently and it started me thinking. It's probably one of the more profound statements I have seen and definitely true. You can give everything you have to give, and sometimes, it's not enough. Some people require things that you don't have the ability to give them. You may get hurt, but hopefully, you learned something in the process. Then there are those few who give as much as they take from you. The people, or person, who cares so much for you that they put your needs and desires above their own. Those people are like diamonds, precious and rare. Worthy of every bit of love and friendship you give to them, because they nurture it, and return it to you. Cultivate your garden of friends carefully. Separate the weeds from the flowers so that you are not choked by ugliness, but rather, surrounded by the beauty your garden offers you. Every perso
Why you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead Why you being a dickhead for? You're just fucking up situations Why you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead Why you being a dickhead for? You're just fucking up situations Shiny floor, slippery feet Lights are dim, my eyes can't meet The reflection that turns my images Upside down so I can't see Think you know everything You really don't know nothing I wish that you were more intelligent So you could see that what you are doing is So shitty, to me Thirty five, People couldn't count, On two hands the amount of times you made me stop, Stop and think why are you being such a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead, Why you being a dickhead for? You're just fucking up situations, Why you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead, Why you being a dickhead for? You're just fucking up situations Stop, don't show, just have a think before you... Wil you, stop, now don't show, just have a think be
Lookin Cute Don't You Agree...
I noticed that every time you have to wait for something time feels like it goes slower... Why? Probably over anxiousness. Anyway just wanted to have a bit of a rant about how the second hand tends to tick backward instead of forward in these instances. Then again maybe I'm just impatient lol
so i read a couple articles while eating breakfast on my bf's comp.... and i read an article that said "10 ways to tell if he's cheating".... well my bf saw it on his history on the comp... well he thinks i hate him now.... i love him to death.... we just moved in together.... i love everything about him except his drunken walk abouts.... but besides that.... how do you convince someone you dont hate them....??????
Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek
Wealth Masters International Jay Kubassek Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Carbon Copy Pro is a USA Corporation based in the state of Texas, and it was founded by industry leaders in January of 2005. This is significant because it has passed the important three-year mark that many companies never reach. You also need to know the structure, or compensation model of the business. Carbon Copy Pro is not a multilevel marketing system. There are only two "levels": your direct sales and the sales of your team members. The compensation model is that same one used in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance industries. Leaders who recruit and train new professionals receive a commission each time members of their team make a sale, but the largest commission goes to the person who actually makes the sale. Therefore, each member is rewarded for his or her own hard work. You might want to make certain the company you'll associate with is established with industry organizations. Ca
Wmi Jay Kubassek
WMI Jay Kubassek Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? When it comes to making money through a home based business you have to do a lot of research to discover who is doling out a load of false statistics and who is actually making a profit from the business they are promoting. The secret is to sift the fact from the hype. Carbon copy Pro does just that for you presents you with facts and leaves you to decide. So what is Carbon Copy Pro? This is an automated marketing system created by some of the very brains that drive Wall Street. You are required to buy yourself a financial course what will teach you all you need to know about internet marketing. You will get a copy of a web template that will sell products of a company called Wealth Masters International. The marketing of the product is done for you by Carbon Copy Pro and you get as much as 8000 dollars when someone buys the product, sounds dicey but it works! The CEO of Carbon Copy Pro is Kim Herriage. Kim was managing a
Allxsociety, Live The Lifestyle
Allxsociety. Live the lifestyle. Experience all that life has to offer! Enjoy the pleasures of the adult lifestyles and become wealthy to your wildest dreams! WWW.ALLXSOCIETY.COM
Abunza Launch
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Abunza is a direct sales business opportunity created by Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldarriaga. (Abunza Launch) It is a bi-lingual internet opportunity that is targeting both the English and Spanish speaking markets. Abunza offers travel certificates, software, e-books, and the ability to sell the software you are given separately through your own "store". What makes Abunza different from a log of other direct sales opportunities is that members are also able to use a site that is completely translated into Spanish to target that market in addition to the English speaking population. The Abunza compensation plan is not a pass up or a modified pass up plan. Rather, as a representative, you are allowed to keep 100% of the commission that is generated from the sale of your products.
Do I Look Good....
My Life Ramble
I haven't written a blog since the middle of February, and I have nothing to say really my life is very boring now that I don't have a job. Yes it is the 24th of March and I am still out of work along with thousands of other Americans.Last week was Spring Break but because I don't have class until tonight at 5:30 PM MST I am still on it, and it has sucked. Haven't gone anywhere the family doesn't want to do anything, and all my friends, well they still have jobs they have to be at come morning.Other then all of that there really isn't anything to say.I did however make an appointment to see my doctor about these damn hot flashes I have been having for almost a full year now. Thinking back over the winter, the only reason I had my hoodie or jacket on was to keep dry going into work in the morning or not to get yelled at by my grandmother when I went over to her house in the evening. The rest of the time I was either hotter then hell or just right.Other then the hot flashes I have been h
Something I Need To Get Out Of My System
I've talked about this with some of you and I'm sure you're tired of me complaining about it so much. So, I have decided to just write about it on here. Hopefully after all of you read this you will understand me a little better, but I doubt it will make much difference. As you all know, I am a follower of the straight edge lifestyle. For those of you are unfamiliar, that means that I do not drink alcoholic beverages, I do not smoke cigarettes or cigars, and I do not get high. I know that most of you do all or some of those things and that is fine. Contrary to what many of you may believe, I do not judge nor do I condemn anyone for doing those things. It is your life, you live it however you choose to live it and you deal with any and all consequences that may come as a result of doing those things. My only problem is with the kind of people who choose those things over their friends and loved ones. That is why I feel that most of the people I try to be friends with and hang out
Battle Of The Profiles!!
I sometimes feel that I'm not strong enough To support you of what you did I often wonder if I'm truly Worth what you have been Working so hard for I believe of the path you have chosen That in your life Its the best route to walk I understand that life Is known to have many trials That some decisions are hard to make I sometimes question it when I'm alone That the choices you had made If it's make differently How will it changes our life I confess that sometimes I had wish that you have done it A different way But I believe in you The choices you made I wouldn't have you change it I won't want you to walk down your life Filled with regrets There is no "What If" Follow your dreams I'll be there at the end of the road
Abunza Travel Rewards
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy The Abunza business opportunity has been around now for a couple of months and I have to say, it's now one of the more popular internet home businesses online today. But what's this Abunza company? (Abunza Travel Rewards) What does Abunza sell and can it compete against the other high ticket programs? The co-founders, Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldaarriaga, had chosen the name "Abunza", which means "abundance" in Spanish. In their opinion a business opportunity nowadays has to have four essential elements. - Good support for the members and pre-enrollees - Mentoring, especially for the newcomers in the home business - A Program that has been proven and tested - Direction and focus is essential They focus the opportunity on both the English market as well on the millions Spanish speaking people on the internet. The product itself
Too Long....
Tommorrow is gonna be the long day from hell... gotta be up at 7am EST, my plane leaves at 10:20, from here I fly to Toronto, then Calgary, then Seattle and then finally into Spokane, arriving at 230AM est.... yikes...... the trip was fun for the most part... April and Ernie rock! Wish me luck on not missing any flights, I won't be on at all tomorrow so see you all on Wednesday ♥ ya'll
The Pefect Man In My Dreams
I dream of the perfect man The one that will makes me smile in my dreams The one that will tell me "Your life is better now that you got me" The one that catch me when I fall The one that sings to me when Music can't makes me feel better when I'm down The one that brings breakfast to me In bed When the morning shine glances through the window The one that listens to every word I say Even thou it carries no meaning at times The one that watches me sleep and tell himself that He is the luckiest man alive To be by my side The perfect man in my dreams
What Do You Think
:bling Up For Auction!: Ends On 3/24 @ 8pm Futime /11pm Est! *come Bid*
Abunza Success Mentors
Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Most people who start an online business never make any money. Shocking? It's true. But, it doesn't have to be. There is a thin line between making money online and failing. Things like researching the program prior to joining and planning how you will generate business can separate you from all of the people that quit after a few weeks. Here are 5 tips to help you make money online with Abunza. These tips can not only be applied immediately to your Abunza business, but to every future online business you decide to start. Once you master these key steps - making money will become almost effortless. 1. Do Your Homework Before you start any new endeavor, you must research the market, timing, product, and then the program. In that order. Don't get this wrong. If you choose a great product that nobody wants to buy, you are wasting your time and money. If you find a huge, expanding market and a great product but it has a weak pay plan - y
Give This Guy A Piece Of Your Mind
there is a group calling themselves the trueraters acting like they are so kool rating people on how they look, this is what fubar is not about and disgusts me to no end. they decided to go to a very good friend of mines page and rate her a 2 and then decided to leave her very disrespectful comments and messages. plz show your support and showing these people that fubar is a place for all to get along and not judge us on our looks and appearances. here is a link to one of the people who showed my friend the disrespect she didn't deserve and you will be able to find all of his other little friends thru him as well. rorytmeadows-=[TruRaters]=-@ fubar i want him ripped to shreds ny any means necessary and plz out of respect give him and his friends a piece of your mind. P.s. this is what its states what a truerater is on his page -=[TruRaters]=- We are a group that likes to rate and rank people right where they should be in our opinions. We are sick of the large mass of naiv
Ohhh Noes Mister Bill!!!!!!!!!
I hear you distinctly, as you walk away & under your breath you call me a bitch. Irony is how much closer you are to it. Recognitions or validation of your own fits. And the deep impact, due to the result of your lack of responsibility in owning it. Back & forth you go, but only when it serves you. Stirring the pot. When others are at their weakest. You take their confidence when they come to you to vent. You betray & use their words as tools for a tactic. Ignoring the impact. Compounding the issues. Digging deeper. Stepping aside, avoiding what you created. Being jaded & enforcing/inflicting others w/it. Insisting on making them taste the very jaded indifference you taste on a constant, while desperately you insist upon others to keep the very taste you keep on a constant in the back of their mouths. Cause you cant get it out of yours. Pick & praud, seemingly as a kind trusted kindred. The very
Help Plz
RATE ME PLEASE YOU PICK YOUR BLING CONTEST RATES ONLY! Each of these people are in the running for their choice of a cherry bomb or an auto 11. The person with the most rates wins...... The folder WILL BE OPEN TO ALL TO RATE! However, the person who also sends me the most New Friends and Fans will also receive a $1,000,000 Fubucks Prize! So, encourage your friends to F/A/R the Hostess for a Bonus! Make sure you say who sent you!! Prizes for Rates will be as follows! 1st....AN AUTO 11 Bling or Cherry Bomb Bling 2nd....A 5 Credit Bling and $500,000 Fubucks 3rd....A Ticker and $100,000 Fubucks XOXO P.S. Each cuppycake bling sent will earn you an extra 5 rates. Person sending bling, MUST say who the bling is sent for. (repost of original by '☆☆suziэღκϋnτasτίc☆☆' on '2009-03-23 17:52:22') (repost of original by '☆√lt ℉th☆' on '2009-03-23 18:29:02')
Turn Ons
I absolutely love tattoo's and piercings. I have a thing for guys hips, when a guy has the V shape hips omg I am in trouble. I like guys with nice hands, and facial hair. Deep voices are a big turn on with me. I have a thing for tall guys as well.
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong But...
She can be fake...Ouch on this one, click the link to see... Click for a good blow out..
Am I In Love
You Are Hesitant in Love You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time. You give and take equally in relationships. You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time. You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change. You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard. How Are You In Love?
plz everyone just a few rates will get me to my goal i just like 78,040 Points to go! plz just take a min and help i been tryin for so long hacked and started over now am so close plz it cant hurt ya for a few rates
Auto 11 Party! Help Me Prophet!
Ibc Can Come Quickly
To all who read my last blog I apologize for the ramblings of a crazy person...thanks for caring!
Little Miss Cant Be Fake...or Can She...
Mixed Emotions
So...this weekend my idiot self decided to get back at my lousy ex...did not work...i just proved his point...kinda. Oh, right, duh...first of all he calls me Friday morning to let me know he loves me and misses me and can't wait to see me...then six hours later (yes I said six HOURS) he calls to let me know he's back with his other girl (one of the ones he cheated on me with) and they are getting an apartment together. Not cool in the vals book....But, he gave me some hope that he's not a total dousche bag by telling me that he loves me enough not to let me waste my time on him..that I deserve more than he could ever possibly give me. He says he wants to be there..he promised he would be in the audience when I take home my first grammy. What to do? Hate him, love him, shoot someone...I'm a bit lost My therapist thinks I should just let him go..thinks that I deserve better..(I think he has a crush on me ;P) It's raining outside right now..I love the rain. I'm with
My Turn Offs
I don't care for guys with huge egos. Otherwise, it just depends on the person in general. I am sure I have turn offs but it just depends on the person. Obviously you have to have some attraction to a person but attraction varies in different ways and the same can be said for being unattracted to somebody.
hatred is a bitter,damaging emotion. it winds it self through the blood, infecting its host and driving it forward without any reason. its view is jaundiced and it skews even the clearest of eyesights sacrifice is noble and tender. its the action of a host who values others above himself. sacrifice is bought through love and is truly heroic. vengeance is an act of violence. it allows those who have been wrounged to take back some of what was lost to them. unlike sacrifice, it gives back to the one who practices it. love is deceitful and sublime,in its truest form,it brings out the best of all beings. and its worst,its a tool used to manipulate and ruin anyone who is stupid enought to hold it. dont be stupid. sacrifice is for the weak. hatred corrupts. love destroys. vengeance is a gift of the strong. move forward not with hatred, not with love. move forward with purpose,,,
I'm An Ass? Omg Really?
OMG...she told me. I'm gonna go cry now for being such a horrible person (bottom to top) ->❣ upper cu...: That is where you are wrong. I am one of the sweetest and most caring individuals you shall ever meet. I just don't give a damn about that particular situation...I'm all out of rats asses to give tonight. Try tomorrow ❣ upper cu...: I hope that one day you can become a kind and less ruthless person and Im sorry that you are the way you are and couldnt find it in your heart to take 5 mins out of your free time to help out a 13 year old child with allot of problems maybe one day you will find the error of your ways ->❣ upper cu...: I'm outspoken and with it. I didn't care about your problem: deal with it. I am an ass at times: deal with it. You don't like it....just ignore it, that's how the adults handle things ->❣ upper cu...: Here's a hint: There are more of us than your pea brain can comprehend. ❣ upper cu...: if u did
Right About Now...
I'm walking out in a force ten gale birds thrown around, bullets for hail the roof is pulling off by its fingernails your voice is rattling on my window sill yesterday's headlines blown by the wind yesterday's people end up scatterbrain any fool can easy pick a hole i only wish i could fall in a moving target in a firing range somewhere I'm not scatterbrain somewhere I'm not scatterbrain lightning fuse, power cut scatterbrain
Hey Ya'll,
Hey Ya'll, I'm have a big sale everything in the store is less than 30% of retail. Come and check it out for yourself. We have womens and mens rings, we also have tung, belly, labrets, ear rings. we also have some add ons for your tung rings. Happy shopping. Black Knight Sales big Sale................................ Hey, I'm have a big sale everything in the store is less than 30% of retail. Come and check it out for yourself. We have womens and mens rings, we also have tung, belly, labrets, ear rings. we also have some add ons for your tung rings. Happy shopping. Black Knight Sale
Take me down, 6 underground the ground beneath your feet. Laid out low, nothing to go Nowhere a way to meet. I've got a head full of drought down here, so faroff losing out, round here Overground, watch this space, I'm open to falling from grace. Calm me down, bring it round too way high off your street. I can see like nothing else, for me you're better than I want to be Don't think cos I understand, I care Don't think cos we're talking we're friends. Overground, watch this space I'm open to falling from grace. Talk me down, safe and sound too strung up for sleep Wear me out, scream and shout I Swear my time is never cheap I fake my life like I've lived too much I take whatever you're givin, not enough Overground, watch this space I'm open to falling from grace -Sneaker Pimps
Please Help My Sweet Sexy Friend Mz. Iowa Level Up !!
PLEASE HELP THIS SEXY FU LEVEL !!! Meet Mz. Iowa... This girl is awesome.. She is just 200K from Disciple and could use some serious help.. She is an amazing girl in need of some amazing people to help her out.. You KNOW what to do.. Go show her some serious fu-luvinz.... Fan her.. Rate her... Add her .. Bling her.. Bomb Her.. Blast her and let's get her leveled up !!! (`☆-Mz. Iowa-☆) Fubar's Dirty Dozen ☆ Fu-owned by The Big Mike This Pimpout brought to you by the one... the only... ΤhΣ g ΜκΣ .. Fu Owned By HIS Pet & Carolvision63
Us Roadtrip In June
things have been a bit on the down side here, im still jobless! ugh... and i still havent gotten that guinea but im ultra excited, a friend and i are going cross country for a whole month. finally get to visit family/peeps in cali, mi, and well...everywhere else! but im not doing too much partying just need to get this gypsy bug out of my system and spend time with a good friend. it feels like its the only thing im looking forward to right now
One Of My Poems
If you could see the pain in my eyes or hear me cry those somber tears would you use your arms to comfort me or use your gentle touch to calm my fears You have gone down your own troubled road and found it easier just to move and roam makes me wonder if you would let me in your heart or ever be able to feel that I am your home
More, More!
BlastFM got another permenent listener today. For a pre-programmed radio stations the listenership is climbing. There must be something good going on there. Check it out.
Something To Be Proud Of
Made thought the first week of school with flying colors here are the results Grade Report: COM/140 Grade Summary (Week 1) Total Percentage: 100% Your Total Score: 10 Total Possible Score: 10 Week1 Possible Score Your Score CheckPoint: Final Project Topic 10.0 10.0 Comment: Please see your IF for attached feedback. Discussion Questions 10.0 -- Comment: Not yet graded Participation 10.0 -- Comment: Not yet graded Week 1 Subtotal : 10 10 Cumulative Week 1 Subtotal : 10 10 Week 1 Feedback:
Something To Be Proud Of
I made it through the first week a school with flying colors.Here are the results. Grade Report: GEN/105A Grade Summary (Week 1) Total Percentage: 100% Your Total Score: 130 Total Possible Score: 130 Week1 Possible Score Your Score Assignment: Elevator Speech 70.0 70.0 Comment: See posted grading rubric. CheckPoint: Distance Learning 30.0 30.0 Comment: See posted grading rubric. CheckPoint: Leadership 30.0 30.0 Comment: See posted grading rubric. Week 1 Subtotal : 130 130 Cumulative Week 1 Subtotal : 130 130 Week 1 Feedback: You did a terrific job your first week of class! You have demonstrated your understanding of the materials and it is apparent you have learned a great deal about how distance learning and the online classes work. Please feel free to contact me regarding any of your feedback for this week. What a great start to this class!
Cherry Bomb
If you need help trying to find people to cherry bomb here is a blog with over 25 people direct links to there folders.
Would You Let Your Kids Play Here?..
really. lol.
Rare Breast Cancer Hard To Diagnose
How To Open A Medical Marijuana Business.
Learn what it takes to own and operate a legal medical marijuana dispensary business and all the benefits of the medical cannabis industry. Get ready to position yourself to capitalize on today's newest and fastest growing career, that will change the way people think about medical cannabis. Cannabis Business
Ibc (inflammatory Breast Cancer)a Story Of Hope
Being A Virgin Is Not A "bad" Thing
When did being a virgin become such a horrible thing? I mean just because someone chooses to wait til they find love doesn't mean that they are a freak or some kind of conquest to be had. I don't think it should be seen as such a big issue. Personally, I don't go around spouting off or preaching about choosing to wait til I find someone that I love or condeming those that choose to have sex. So I don't see why people automatically assume I am continueally going to be abstinant because of fear or waiting til marriage, or that something is wrong with me because I choose at this time not to have sex. And I don't understand why guys see it as a huge issue. I mean most men look at it as oh shes a virgin, I gotta get into her pants, or they see me as someone who won't put out so I am not worth the effort. And then there are the men that hear virgin and start treating me like I am this breakable thing that they need to protect. And further more, it's not some precious thing that is too impo
whats up with the rating limits?
Fvcking Fox
On a day when we have 4 of our dead soldiers return home from Afghanistan, we have to put up with this Bullshit. yes, Canada is in the war, yes, we lose soldiers. Nevermind the timing of the show, why does Fox air it? How do these asshats still have a job? You don't have to watch it all, just the Fox TV part, its about a minute long. Sorry, we are a country of 30 million people and can't afford 42 tillion dollars to fully arm of arm forces for 5 years. And PS, we have Police, and they drive in cars. Assholes.
There is an Elmo phone in my kids' toy drawer here in my living room that keeps singing "la la la la, Elmo's world!" Its been turned off. I'm skeered. I think I'm gonna get attacked by a psycho spirit in the night, if I'm not here tomorrow you know where I am.
One Of My Poems
If I let you into my heart to let you see how I feel would you give me a chance or even know how to deal Just the thought of your touch makes me weak to feel your lips pressed to mine and your hand gently touch my cheek as you press your body close to mine Should I take the chance to tell you I wish you could see the way I yearn and the way my body and soul ache too at wanting and wishing to be with you Could we ever be more than friends or is it possible we are soulmates But I guess that all depends on whether I can admit to the way I feel
Wondering what people get excited to do for a lil monthly vip. Here are some ideas I have swirling around in my head. => Buy a ticket with the fu bucks and say..rate (certain folder) and get vip.. => Have everybody who wants a VIP to rate or bomb the biggest folder. Put all the names in a hat and pick it. => Best salute.. you win a VIP => or to whore myself completely ask a response wins a vip These are some ideas..probably sound dumb but oh well... ~Timmy~
Check Out My New Owner, Tulsa's Angel.
This is my new owner. She is a wonderful person. Please Show her some love. Tulsa's Angel ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl/Club FAR Team LOVE/The Pegasus Projectღ@ fubar She has Auto 11's. Show Her Lots Of Love!!!!!!!! This Pimpout brought to you by: jade&jaksonsmom,25 To Life,Club Mystic,~ Proudly Owned By TULSA's ANGEL~ Owner Of CHAOS & DJ BAB@ fubar
Hackfest: Super Special Sexy Beam Gooo!!
Yo, salty piles of whale extrement, and welcome to my latest edition of HackFest, FuBar's best in the slow corruption of the Leviathan that is the Interweb. My name's Captain Saucypants, also known as Law. Today I feel in a bit of a generous mood, so aside from kicking small children into busy crosswalks, I grant you people the honor of experiencing my newest rant on racism. Now, granted, I am a person who firmly believes that all humanity bears an overwhelming trait of ignorace and stupidity. Hell, you're talking to a person that is a avid and frequent practictioner of Darwin's theory of evolution when he stabs celebrities in the ribcage or drops trucks on public parks. However, the oldest and by far most iditoic social vomit that I have ever come across the misfortune of hearing about is racism. To those of you that have either experienced brain damage from excessive paint chip swallowing or have lived in your great-grandparent's basement for over three millenia, racism is the
Fuck Pantera PANTERA SINGER APOLOGIZES FOR RACIAL TIRADE Twenty-five years after the Black Panthers, we had the White Pantera prowling in the Verdun Auditorium. Singer Phil Anselmo took his band from best-kept metal secret to newsmaker after an angry screed he delivered during Saturday's jam-packed show blew up in his face like so much stage pyro. Anselmo issued an unequivocal apology to the press this week, but the real story is how he unwittingly stripped bare one of metal's dirty little secrets. Sic thousand-plus were listening when Anselmo began by denouncing anti-white rap acts, then made himself a lightning rod for a certain surly, muttered undercurrent of white anger as he carried the issue further. According to Mitch Joel, co-publisher of two music magazines, freelance writer and a good union metal fan who caught the show, Anselmo widened the scope on his blunderbuss. Joel scribbled notes furiously as Anselmo raged, interpretin
One Of My Poems
I've spent so much time building up all these walls But now I find myself wishing I hadn't built them at all I dream of being somebody else, someone who has no fear A person who doesn't hate themself, or the image in the mirror I don't wanna be safe and cautious anymore, I wanna be empetious, dangerous, and loose control Leave myself behind just let go, til I feel the excitement deep within my soul I wish I could just let go of it all, let people see who I really am So they can see the real me underneath the facade, and have someone see me and not this sham
A Message From Me,.. If It Matters,...
... ... I've a passion for art & music. I enjoy my freedom of being me. I enjoy the things I adore. I seek nothing less then appreciation of my vast appetite towards art & music. I'm far more open minded then, I may seem. Especially in regards to the things we human beings do to express our selves, ... in our art,.. being art or music though they are one in the same to me. Word semantics are a must for the shallow & closed minded. Such is life to have to cater to such dramatics. I can only hope to be appreciated as much as I a
Penthouse Pet Contest Vote For Me Please
this is my frist contest and i would really like to get as many votes as i can so please vote for me to be your penthouse pet for the month of april i promise you i'll make you proud so come on and vote for me!!!!!
Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy to buy, But sweet people are difficult to find Life ends when you stop dreaming, Hope ends when you stop believing, Love ends when you stop caring, Friendship ends when you stop sharing. So share this with whom ever. To love without condition, To talk without intention, To give without reason, And to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend... Life is short, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Cover Songs!!
I want to know your fave cover song!! Theme for one of my next shows in Dirty Deeds Radio!! Can be any song!! Any genre!! Leave a comment with the name of the song and who covers it! If you know who sings the original put that in there too!! Still confuzzled? Here are some examples: Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson Wanted Dead or Alive - Chris Doughtry Sweet Dreams - La Bouche Leave a comment or fumail me!!!
he skalks his his prey carefuly silently he moves closer senseing the direction of the wind as as it moves over his bare arms and face being sure to stay downwind he moves ever closer awaiting his moment the deer faises his head testing the air for the scent for any sign of a threat listening for any sound watching for any movment the hunter freezes as its prey raises its head slowing its breathing holding perfectly still senses impossibly keen watching waiting patient as the forrest around it scitishly the the deer looks around a large buck in its prime it knows well the the laws by which it lives senseing no threat the morning is warm the breeze gentle and the dew on the grass and flowers that its feeding sweet and quenching one last time the buck surreys the glade and the others of its kind around it
The Morning
Heat is in your eyes Lightning in your touch Unadulterated passion released And I've never felt so much Hands are on my body Your lips are on my skin Making sure there's no resistance When you're ready to come in And deep with my body Something stirs in my heart Warning me to be careful That you don't tear me apart But regardless of this warning I drag your pants away Caught up in the moment Believing everything you say I let your mouth trail kisses Making new paths to trace Relishing the morning When I wake up to your face
Help My Friend In Auction
My friend is an auction and needs your help! Please take a sec and rates his pic, Bid as well if u like what u see....also if u PM him and let him know i sent u that would be GREAT!!!! Hope your Day ROCKS! His profile for the PM
Meaning Of Letters In My Name
This probably won't be a blog, just more of a post. I know for myself that when I know there is someone that I care about that really needs help and there is nothing I can do but prey, I prey. Please hope for just a little help, that's all she needs:
New Game By ღஐღjЀdღஐღ
imikimi - Customize Your World! ````````````RULES``````````````` #1 to join you must first submit 150k #2you must let me know what number you would like to be 1-10 i iwll let you know if the number is taken #3 after all 10 spots are filled i will then ask some random fubarians to pick a number If it is your number that is picked you will be contacted as soon as possible Good Luck Have fun and Enjoy Brought to you by: ღஐღJЀdღஐღ Twisted Phucker@ fubar p.s. Click on link above to participate and play
A Dog's Prayer
A Dog's Prayer By Beth Norman Harris Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do. Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear. When it is cold and wet, please take me inside, for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements. And I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land, for you are my g
Penthouse Pet Of The Month
Vote for me as Penthouse Pet of the Month for April! All you have to do is: 1. Visit Tim's page at; 2. Go to the Penthouse Pet of the Month Contest Folder 3. Find my pic and RATE! Thats it! Easy as 1-2-3! Thanks Luvs! ~Astra
I Know
I know for a fact that you can't avoid drama. It's everywhere. It's part of life. People that say they are "drama free" are liars. I think what they mean to say is that they don't start it themselves. Which in essence is a lie as well. I can't explain it and anyone that calls me a liar will probably just win because frankly, I don't feel like arguing about it. Anyway, what I'm kind of wanting to vent about is the people that actually start it for no reason. I mean if a person is 'attacking' another person, the other person has every right to say something back. I know I would....I'm veering off of what I was wanting to say here. What started this was something else on here, and I know I'm probably starting some of the drama that I'm bitching about, but I'm seriously just looking for answers. So what if a person asked a question. You may not have liked it but when the person that it was asked to already answered it, why did you feel like you had to throw your 2 cents in? It mak
Do I Go Home Today?
Rules Of Engadgement
RULE 1) approch the woman with ease and smiles RULE 2) say hello RULE 3) dont be like the joker comeing up behind them, bending them over, and rapping them with music RULE4)reach out with your right hand and greet your self to the other person RUL5)dont be like the joker reaching your hand out with 100$ bill and asking for a one night date more rules will be on the way for "rules of engadgement"
Won't Be Here Much
I am only here writing this now, because some people here are my best friends in the world. My nephew Andrew was killed tragically earlier this evening and I will not be around much in the next few days. Timmy
Hello all! I just updated one of my favorite albums. It's dedicated to my Dad. He's a true blue 1% er and he is a welder by trade. He's been ridin for most of his life and now he has put his past work into making fine art. I posted some pics in my album "They call him Bad Burt".Feel free to check out the pictures or even his website. He's an awesome ol hippie and I love to give him props every chance I can. So, with that said, enjoy! Peace Ride Safe
New Game
````````````RULES``````````````` #1 to join you must first submit 150k #2you must let me know what number you would like to be 1-10 i iwll let you know if the number is taken #3 after all 10 spots are filled i will then ask some random fubarians to pick a number If it is your number that is picked you will be contacted as soon as possible Good Luck Have fun and Enjoy
Today-the Beginning Of Canada's Shameful Ways...
today, the 23rd of march, marked the beginning of this year's slaughter of seals, off the eastern shores of canada. the 'quota' for this year has been increased-due in large part i am confident, in the less successful slaughter of last year, when the weather kept the murder and carnage down a little below the 'official' target of 275,000. this year the quota sits at 338, odd number to set. already there have been babies slaughtered, heads caved in by the hakapiks wielded by these marauding human beasts rushing across the seals' makeshift nurseries and birthplaces....the imagery is far too graphic to post....blood flowing across the previously pristine white of the ice and snow...bodies lying in pools of life juices before being dragged and tossed into waiting small boats...others being skinned then and there...still moving....twitching and worse... what evil an animal we first set out and decimate the populations of various fish species, and then, to assuage what
Faktor 2
Dj Schedule For The Week Of 3/23 - 3/29
This is the new schedule for the week of 3/23 - 3/29....just wanted to take this time to thank everyone that helped in gettin QUEENY to oracle this past weekend-and also on FRIDAY 3/27 we will be havin QUEENY's Birtday Bash in Bada Bing-so pls let all your friends know to come celebrate The QUEEN's birthday with the Bada Bing family!....much love to all and ty so much for all your deication and support to Bada! If any changes need to be made-pls let Queeny or Bounty know! Monday PET - 6pm 9:00pm EST (5pm 8:00pm CST) (80s 4play) QUEENY - 9pm 12am EST (8:00pm 11pm CST) (80s show) Darth - 12am - 3am est (11pm - 2am CST) (Devious and Bounty No DJing) TUESDAY Bounty - 6pm -9pm EST (5pm -8pm CST) Devious - 9pm 12amEST (8pm 11CST) (megamix) Darth - 12am 3:00+ EST (11pm 2:00am CST) (PET and QUEENY NO DJING) WEDNESDAY Devious - 6pm 9pm EST (5pm-8pm CST) Humpday 4-Play QUEENY - 9pm 12am EST (8pm -11pm CST) Humpday Pet 12am -3am EST (11pm 2 AM CST)
3/23/09 Fluffy Starr Blog
Girly vlog alert! (Or shoe fetishists...) Had a very rollercoaster week last week. Astounding ups and downs which made me feel a little crazy , but sometimes our personal lives can do that to us. But, like a cat, I ALWAYS land on my feet. Nevermind the lowlights... But the highlights were; because of my friend Bobby, I got to go to see Cinema Bizarre and Lady Gaga last Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun! Lots of "soda-pops" were drank, and lots of craziness ensued. All shows were really good too, even though I'm more of a Rock Girl, I still enjoyed it a lot, and respected the art form. The weekend was good! Wicked music, and saw lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while. My dog decided to act semi-normal for half a day, so that was a bonus as well. And I had lots of eats and sleepytime on Sunday, which was desperately needed. Oh, I have been practicing with my live band for my upcoming Junofest show (this Saturday) and that has been a lot of fun, and a good release of pen
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i really don't understand what happen in california over the weekend. why is that criminals have to big men on campus. do they really think it is ok to shoot at people especially police officers. i have to give a lot of credit to the people who put on the uniform everyday and put their life on the line. even if they work a desk job they put themselves out there. criminals don't care what job you do, all they see is a cop. my heart goes out to the families of the officers who were killed. it was very senseless. in case you are wondering why i am writing this i have someone who is an extremely good friend that is a police officer and i at one time was thinking of becoming one. so everyone should give respect to all law enforcement and thank them for keeping us safe everyday.
The Best Thing That Ever Happen
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Why Bother...
ya know i try and learn from last mistakes and try and give ppl the benefit of the doubt for what.....why bother why not just be me the one who dont trust you for shit who sees you for what you are and who can just take each day in stride...instead i absorb everything and try and change the person i am mold myself into a better person whom is capable of many levels and dimentions. and yet again to no fail... i get the same thing ppl i cant trust nore who want to be trusted...why is it one person...any one can stand up and be noticed for being something that is outside the box of societies norm and be themselves. a trully unique and amazing person. without the influences of todays standards!
A Study In Poetry: Men Vs Women
A Womans Poem Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man whos not a creep. One whos handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long. One who thinks before he speaks. One wholl call, not wait for weeks. I pray hes gainfully employed; and when I spend wont be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door. Rubs my back and wants to do more. Oh send me a man who loves my mind; not another that worships my behind. I pray that this man will love me to no end; and always be my bestest friend. - - - A Mans Poem I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with great boobs who owns a liquor store next to a golf course. A chick who loves to send me fishing and drinking. And doesnt care that my poems dont rhyme.
i turn instide and outside in this life, death being the only thing to remind me to pay atention, what are we going todo oh girl, you turn to me but im gone, so close to you, yet so far,
A Feeling
Take time and listen my heart beats for you and only you always in my mind its my dream I will not resign I love the way you make me feel Id make a deal with the lord himself to conceal this feel keep it always with me never to lose touch you'll be in my thoughts till I die never to lose something I love so much. Never to stop talking about what you do to me, always to let people know what kind of feeling is inside of me, warm sensation goosebumps appear tears in my eyes I hope you never disappear its a fear you could call it a nightmare. Ill be thinking about you always right till the day we meet until that day comes Ill never forget the day I seen..... MY TRUE LOVE written 03/23/09
On Strike
I am on strike. I have moved all my pics (I think) involving me in to a private folder for the time being. Since I have to have something to reply to people, y'all are stuck with my feet. Besides, it isn't as if people stop by anyway unless I have a bomb on anymore. I even have a low success rate when it comes to the Auto's. So, unless I have a blast running, it isn't going to matter if my face is plastered up there as a default pic. My salutes are visible anyway. I know that I have been busy with work and doing other things and have been too tired and lack the patience and energy it takes to click and rate but even though with my schedule and not even using but maybe 5-15 of my 11's a day, most of which go to waste I make sure I take the time to take care of the very least making sure my family members are if nothing else profile rated or shit faced daily. I however, have not been able to count on that for myself, can't even keep my buzz meter full. This isn't about everybody, this
this is insencire when i look arround all i see is cock sucking queers queers, beers, peers ? i look at all of that and think of myself as a paul revere taking on the world with a battle rage i can put this all down on a page as i am speaking my mind your world is in a bind and you dont have time to come up with a ryme so dam!! im at a loss fuck it your the boss you like a randy moss scoring a touchdown but watchout because soon you will be in a bound to life... but ssshhhh... heres a secret ill tell it to you only once... if your lost and dont know the cost of life heres a lesson dont get involved early in your years with the opposite sex unless you know what your getting into cause if not youll be that paul revere takin on all thinking your 10 feet tall but thats not the way to go thats not the way of the flow go to school and get a degree dont be like me but what pisses me off most of all is when some one trying to be big and bad and coul
I Have No Clue Y
Its not something you can buy its not something you can ask why its not a person place or thing its not something you bring or make its not even something you take you cant grasp it you cant even handle it its not something you can control but you know its out of this world your emotions are always in a bind and you cant even speak your mind heck in all out of rhymes but i will always make time for that special someone to shine on that special day when all the little problems go away the day when i say i do when two become one and not just for fun or because you said that i was just there but yet you know the who what and where so when you ask yourself what is love its not sent from above its the moments that you and i have the moments we share together. written 03/23/09
Wife Needs Help For Spotlight
Heartistic Soul is having an Easter contest and I would love it if you all could help my wife out with this and get her as much love bunnies as you could. She is tryin to win first just so she can try to get spotlight and the 5 mill will help out a lot. If you got the extra fubucks and would like to help her out it would be greatly appreciated. They are only 500 fubucks each which is cheaper then most drinks you get from the gift shop. Thanks so much for all of you that read this and also help her. Here is the link to Heartistic Soul's page where you can fupal her money and let her no how many you want to give and my wife's id which is Again thank you all so much If you help and need anything just let me no and my wife and I will do what we can to help you out. Heartistic Soul@ fubar

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