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PoSTaL MuSe's blog: "PoStal ~vents~"

created on 02/04/2009  |  http://fubar.com/postal-vents/b275702

So, ya I like positive feed back...I like to hear I'm doing a good job, doesn't everyone? I believe the last time I vented it was suggested that I get the compliments from my clients and plants...and I do... and I love it BUT DAMMIT!! all I hear from my bosses is the negative shit, I have to "fish" for the positive from my bosses and it feels kinna slimmy. So, any suggestions how I can beat this strange inner monster? On happy notes, my boyfriend found a job YAY! but it pays 5 bucks less per hour BOO! but hey, it's a job right?? I should be happy right?? Thank God I make good money... I made a sample arrangement yesterday for a "picky" client. They ♥ it! *dances* So, finally I get my kick in the ass to get this floral gig a goin'. I figure I'll clear 70 bucks extra per month and have a few samples from week to week to present to more potential clients. *kicks herself for bitching* ♥ most of you! PoStaL ps...here's a sample I designed with the extra flowers left over from the other sample. ha, that sounds funny. Whatcha think? Photobucket

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