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Random Blurb
So now, I have a blog to set the world afire, how shall I use it? Who knows. Some use it as a journal, others as a site to show people things they do, what I will use it for has eluded me to the point of not making one till now. But I now have one and will try filling it up with random ramblings and showing you what I do.   I do however have to first and foremost thank my family at Gods Forsaken Radio, you guys kick so much ass it makes my brain explode. And I do thank the extra special people who I have been there for, and vice versa I'm glad to have you all as friends and family members. :)
Mission Beat A Biatch
To all My real Gz Punk dem wanna B real niggaz 4 us all aight, now as you were soldier.
Yo Fellas!
So, I just answered a phone call from a *restricted* number. I only did this as a friend of mine sometimes calls me from a NAS, those #'s always show restricted. Not this time. This time it was a lady, mmm hmm. She asked who I was and explained that someone had called her "friend" from my # last night, and he wanted to know who it was. I call BS. Few of you have my #, but one of you should know that someone is soooooo checking upon on you! See, my battery was dead last night...   "I know that, somebody's lieing...."    Check yo'self!
To The Love Of My Life
Well, I'm sorry for the things that I told youBut words only go so farAnd if I had my wayI would reach into heavenAnd I'd pull down a star for a presentAnd I'd make you a chain out of diamondsAnd pearls from a summer seaBut all I can give you is a kiss in the morningAnd a sweet apologyWell, I know that it hasn't been easyAnd I haven't always been aroundTo say the right wordsOr to hold you in the mornin'Or to help you when you're downI know I never showed you much of a good timeBut baby things are gonna changeI'm gonna make up for all of the hurt I broughtI'm gonna love away all your painAnd tomorrow's gonna be a brighter dayThere's gonna be some changesTomorrow's gonna be a brighter dayThis time you can believe meNo more cryin' in your lonely roomAnd no more empty nights'Cause tomorrow mornin' everything will turn out rightWell, there's something that I've got to tell youYes I've got something on my mindBut words come hardWhen your lying in my armsAnd when I'm looking deep into your ey
Wondering Soul
i spoent lots of time on here for the last year, LOts OF MONEY and made manyfriends, first and foremost i thank you for that.....but trials and turbulance does happen. my wife(queenie) is not on here and im not sure when she will or will be back. my friends from fetish lounge have all gone there seperate ways, and i cant afford to keep up with the auto 11s and the bombs. i am a mom 1st and foremost. back when i started i got rated how i still rate people, by friends and by scrolling, i never expect a payout altho i have paid out to people who rate all my pics. I appreciate the bling, mostly i got from toxic, gypsy, sweetest kiss, bug, and alot from tabs whom has been on lockdown for some tos shit, and has tried repeatly to show proof. the fun is gone for me i met people on here then i met them in real life and i love you all. to my sister she knows where to find me but it is time to close this chapter for a good while as life has called me to make other things more important. if you ne
Till The End
there so much going wrong. you cant make anyone happy. you cant find happyness with in you. nothing but pain. you ask why. no one  ansewer's. you try to move on. but there no point. you have dreams. of a better life. you never see that happen. your trying but nothing works out. you live for a reason that's in you. that makes you smile everyday. you spend your life. in darkness. thats all you know. where yourself is happy. the most. what more can you do. except live one day at a time. intill your time is up. the end.      
My Life - (how It Used To Be) Part I
One More Night I find my self all alone... Alone In the same damn place Again with these lies trying to hide behind my eyes...  Just under the surface of my face And I just dont know what to do... Because all the addictions & all this rain makes it so hard to see things through It makes it so heartbreaking when you cant find the truth And its a real world reality  Ive lived and breathed since my youth To Be Cont.    
Purple Magik Live Auction May 27th
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Love Lessons
love is about finding the right person and creating the right relationship.... and its not about how much love you have in the begining but how much love you gain for each other in the end.....
Tonight Is Prank Call Nite!
Quote Du Jour 5/20/09
"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people."
Opened all the doors and turned off the AC. It's a balmy 70 something outside with just the right touch of humidity that helps chill the air only a bit. I watched Smarty the Squirrel enjoy the peanuts I put out for it, but have yet to venture to the porch. I did manage to program the favorites channels on the cable remote!! Such an uber cool feature. I will never have to ever be bothered by that stupid scrolling ever again. Over half of mine are the music channels...hahahaha...of which the Classic Rock one is friggin jammin' out right now... Went outside once today though. Had to go pick up the girl chylde from school. Seems she went puke-a-zoid in the bathroom and a stupid stomache flu has hit our school. Oh joy. That might explain why I had one out for two days last week, huh? And now I feel a little sea sick at moments, but haven't begun that worshipping the porcelan [sp?] god stuff...Just NO appetite..probably a deterant from my subconscious!! Plus ALL of those in the house have
Just Another Thought
When we look into a mirror, all we tend to see is our past mistakes. When we look into a mirror, we don't see the beauty that lies beneath the face that God bestowed on us. When we look into a mirror, we compare our looks to that of which society thinks is to be true beauty. When we look into a mirror, we see a reflection of the sadness in our own lives. Maybe it is time to look in a different mirror. Past mistakes are nothing more than learning tools...and should be seen as such. Others may place value on your self worth, but they are not the accountant of you. Look into the eyes of those who care and love you, the reflection changes. The beauty is so much more than what society says it should be. The glow you emit is more than the clothing you wear, how much money you make or the kind of car you drive. It is the inner most part of you shinning through and others around you close thier eyes and rejoice in it. Your voice lights up a room, your laughter chases away pangs of s
I have a want that is slowly turning into a need and when it reaches that point the next step is not care if I get it or not.  I want to be wanted, I want to be important to someone but I am not and I know I also know I am in love with someone I am not important to
He Spoils His Friends!
This guy is really sweet, He spoils me I know He will Spoil You! Love on him hard as HELL! Rate/Fan/Add/Bling Him! He returns all the love. Showing Him Love! From: Sn@zzyChic This guy is really sweet, He spoils me I know He will Spoil You! Love on him hard as HELL! Rate/Fan/Add/Bling Him! He returns all the love.Showing Him Love!Sn@zzyChic
Abundant Blessing From Above
My abundant blessing from aboveYoure more than Ive ever dreamed ofHow could I ask for moreThrough you my faith has been restoredA true gift from HeavenBy your beauty I am overtaken You have opened my eyesThough the past had made them blindMy heart no longer needing to hideMy walls crumble brick by brickThese words I write cant even explain itNever thought it could be so easyI long for the days to pass quicklyUntil the moment I hear your voiceTo fill this undeniable voidTo see the smile on your faceThat very moment is worth the waitBut until that day comesI shall dream of you, my abundant blessing from above
Love To Other People
Love To Other People Love: a typical interpretation.Devotion, attraction, a weakness for another person, passion of heart and soul for someone.Love: My interpretation.To be able to give yourself over to someone with complete trust. To love without borders, rules, and walls, without things to hold you back, is love. To touch souls with another. To share a part of your heart with another. To kiss without fear, to hold another without guilt. To at one time, be that person and yourself, in the same moment. All this is love. To be able to give your heart to another without fear of it being crushed, is faith, to have them give you a piece of theirs, is Love.It does exist, despite the disbelievers Heather Stephenson Copyright ©2009  Heather Stephenson
In These Walls
In These Walls To any woman who has been hurt by love: Inside these walls you burn, and yet you are so coldI've learned how to hate your wickedness because of what you've told Love and hate you've shown to me can equal just the sameIf what you've done you think you've won, I'll tell you I played the game Understand when i say to you that time is passing bywith new time to grow and live, there is no time to hear your lie Each day goes by and yet I cry but not one a tear of painI like to think these water drops are only salted rain You see you think you've won and you've left me here to dieBut a clue to you who thinks I'm through, I'll say you're just a guy Heather Stephenson
Not sure why but this song is in my mind this morning. My eyes are awful from crying all day yesterday :(    
Without You I Am Everything
Without You I am Everything These tears I cry, have stopped for nowNot another will I shed.You tore me down to depths unknownMy loving heart is dead.You abused the love I had for youFor granted it was taken.You had my heart, my soul, my loveYou left me here forsakened.Deeper and deeper I plunged into darknessThough Death, he turned away.Forced to live this life I was given,continue another day.I will live this time, for myself, you seeAgain my heart will sing.Because even alone I am better offWithout you, I am everything. Heather Dawn Stephenson Copyright ©2009  Heather Dawn Stephenson
I Know
I Know I didn't get a good goodbye.I didn't get a last chance to say.I miss you more and more.With each passing day.What I would give to have you hold me.Just one last time.What I would give to tell you how much I careWhat I would give to have you here.I know you have moved on. I wish it was that easy for me.I cant just say I dont love you anymore. Heather Dawn Stephenson Copyright ©2009  Heather Dawn Stephenson
Great Song
My Daughter Is Graduating
She's making the move from pre-school to Kindergarten this year, she graduates on the 12th. I've made her a dress this year, she's going to re-use her regalia from last year with two new designs an eagle and talons  already have the eagle on it just have to cut out some talons for the front, Jocelyn's sisters are going to be wearing similar dresses just w/o the shells, they all have the same designs on them just smaller versions hehe. they are going to support their sister and look just as cute. My baby girl is getting so big cant believe she's going to be in elementary school this year it came by so fast. next thing ya know I'ma be puttin AIrvee an Soraya through pre-school....UHG wawawawawa they need to stop growing... Iknow it will never happen
Holding Back Tears
Life is bitch then U die struggling 2 survive trying 2 find a 9-5 just 2 provide. In these days & times It's 1 no after another. Right now i'm holding back these tears cuz i don't want 2 feel them burning my face with the pain trying 2 find right lane & make a quik change 2 a succsesful life that's not filled wit all this pain st8 messing wit my brain sometimes it's a constant fight i just want a peaceful life. Instead all i got i this mess that idk how 2 fix. damn holding back these tears is a BITCH!
He Calls To Me
He Calls to Me He calls to me across the milesNight winds carry his whispersThey float on the breeze and through my windowsFalling gently upon my ears Hush I hear him now.He calls to me from the heavensGlittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyesWhen he looks at me, I am consumed by the fireI see him now.He calls to me through my dreamsDancing together in the shadows of my sleepWhere we laugh and love once againI am in his arms, I feel him now.He calls to me.Every moment of every dayDistance couldn't keep us apartWhen destiny drew us togetherI'll hold him for eternityAs long as he keeps calling. Heather Dawn Stephenson Copyright ©2009  Heather Dawn Stephenson
Update #1
Update! Current mood:Loved and Motivated!Category: Life I know I haven't written a blog on myspace in so long just been working on organizing my life.  I have been through some major changes and all for the best!  Well as many as you have seen husband and I are no longer together.  We both came to a mutual decision and called it quits on January 17.  It was a difficult decision to make but to be honest I was no longer happy.  I was very grateful that the most amazing guy ever stepped in and offered me a place to stay.  It was weird rooming with someone other then my family or husband but I was taking a chance and figured what the heck.  Well that chance paid off and about a month later we became and couple.  We went to Disney with his family and it was soooooo much fun.  We had a little bump while in Disney but when we came back home we worked things out and are so much stronger now.  I have never been this happy in my life.  He has been my rock through everything and I thank God
My Life Songs....heh
      Both of these tunes are my theme songs, given to me by...well, it doesn't matter but they were given to me none the less! HAHA =) Enjoy! ;)
Fubar So Full Of Hatas
fubar is so fucked up its so full of hatas with names of love in them example am in a mumm about ratings ok i make a comment makin it known ma feelings about it n dis peep comes to ma page n downrates ma pic of course she onli came there jst to hate on me for makin ma comment fubar is so full of dis crap am fuckin sick tired of dis btw i can type any way i want yo stop makin comments about tat too they think am whinning about ratings it not tat its the damm attitude they come to ma page with dis bunnylove dint come to ma page to rate she saw ma comments n came to downrate n downrate with attitude cuz in next comment she sai "i rate yo "8" so fuck yo" shows her damm attitude dont it i dont need yo damm attitude
Deleting People
HI:) I dont care who you are!I dont care if we talked alot in the past and dont now~ whatever. Im deleting people on here! I am not on here to see how many friends i can get/get a high number blah blah blah!Im on here to make friends and talk to the friends i make! So~ yeah! Much love to my friends tho Have a great day everyone much love Mwah xoxoxoxo Rachel
Eddie, my nieces' crayfish died,, R.I.P  you mean s.o.b.
The chairman of this committee I am on is having too much with the power.  He wants to change the culture of the committee and it may go over heavy. He all of a sudden is taking the power to his head and now we will see where it will go from here.    
5/20/09 Dilbert
hey please join  new chatsite totally free no hidden charges also has games rooms , great staff if u need help with anythin an friendly chatters as well why not give it a go thanks :)
I have the greatest supervisor in the world. Curt, aka boss-man is so f-ing awesome. He trained me right before he became supervisor. He's so smart, and he's a smart ass. lol He's approved all 3 of my vaca days as soon as i handed him the vaca slips. I've trained him as well. I ask him "Curt, what do I always tell you?" and he says "don't be a dick, be a dude." LMAO. Boss-man's the shit!!
So I've seen A LOT of pictures lately with women laying on the backs with their boobs up at their throat, is that really sexy? It just looks awkward to me and I'd be afraid my windpipe would get crushed...
I Saw
I was siting on a rock when god flew by he noticed me just siting there starring off into spaces he floated down sat next to me and ask me what was wrong. I told god nothing was just thinking what is the most beautiful thing in the world, god said I can show you he took my hand and off we went. We flew to outer space and saw the beauty of the cosmos, then we flew through heaven and I saw all its wonders. We watched the sun rise over snow peaked mountains the sun set over  the ocean, we say all the stars and planets god showed me every beauty he created. There he said now what do you think I looked at god and said yes they are all very beautiful and lovely but none of them compare to this I took a picture of you out of my wallet and showed it to god. That smile and those eyes to me are the most beautiful thing in the world god looked and smiled your right he said that is the most beautiful thing in all the world.
I've held others before,But it was never like this,Where my body inhales youAnd quivers with bliss,Where my senses are reelingFrom the strength of desire,And if I can't have you soon,I'll be consumed by the fire.
Beat Down
Wife, 78, allegedly beats man over old affair Witness tells cops she admitted kicking him because of liaison 35 years ago LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A 78-year-old woman arrested last month for allegedly beating her 84-year-old husband because she believed he cheated on her several times during their marriage was charged Thursday with assault. Prosecutors said she hit him with a bowl, pipe and carpet sweeper. He suffered broken ribs, pelvis and a wrist. One witness told police the woman admitted kicking her husband three times in the groin in the last six months because she believed he had an affair 35 years ago.The woman was jailed on $70,000 bail.
Sherman Soldier In Iraq Accused Of Murder
Sherman soldier in Iraq accused of murder CHRIS JENNINGS / HERALD DEMOCRATWilburn Russell, father of Sgt. John Russell, left, and John Michael Russell II, son of Sgt. John Russell, right, speak to members of the media. BY JOYCE GODWIN Herald Democrat SHERMAN -- He stood outside his father's new Sherman home on Monday alongside his grandfather, ready to be the man of the family. Wearing a camouflage shirt and a Texas Longhorns cap, John Michael Russell II, 20, faced reporters and cameras of all sizes and types representing local and national news agencies. It was less than 24 hours after learning his father, Sgt. John M. Russell was arrested and charged with five counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault by the U.S. Army. Sgt. Russell is accused of shooting those individuals in a medical clinic Monday at Camp Liberty in Baghdad Iraq. In Baghdad, Maj. Gen. David Perkins told reporters that Sgt. Russell, a communications specialist assigned to the 54
You Douchebags Have Done It Again
Ok... I am generally pissed off at everyone on my friends list at the moment. Let me explain and yes, I marked this NSFW because seriously, I am gonna say fuck a lot. The subject I am gonna mention in this blog is my NSFW folder. I find it quite frustrating that I am giving out family adds, and no one bothers to look. Yes, these pics arent quite safe for the general public, but I do not randomly let people view these pics. To be honest, I am extremely offended. I have had new pics up there for a few days, and not one view. Not one fucking view. Only way I am letting people into the family from now on is to cough up 100,000 fubucks. I am not doing this to try to whore, but I want people in my family who will actually bother to take the time to view the pics and leave a comment or 2l. If you do not wanna comment, rate. Lemme know u did see the pictures. I am not asking for much but like I said. I am hurt and insulted right now by this , and this seems to be the only solution. There are
Skelton: Stop Bilderberg’s Nightmare Future At All Costs
19 May 2009, 16:30 Subject: Skelton: Stop Bilderberg's Nightmare Future At All Costs Body: Skelton: Stop Bilderberg's Nightmare Future At All Costs London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton, who began his coverage of the 2009 Bilderberg conference in a jovial and mocking manner, is now warning that the horrendous treatment dished out to him by both police and undercover spies is just a taste of what we can expect in our daily lives if we allow Bilderberg's agenda, and specifically ID cards and implantable microchips, to be implemented.
St. Trinian's Support Your Local Police Sewing Circle
St. Trinian's SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE Sewing Circle THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE ERISTOCRACY by Lord Omar VERSE Mine brain has meditated on the spinning of The Chao It is hovering o'er the table where the Chiefs of Staff are now Gathered in discussion of the dropping of The Bomb Her Apple Corps is strong! CHORUS Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! Her Apple Corps is strong! VERSE She was not invited to the party that they held on Limbo Peak So She threw a Golden Apple, 'sted of turn'd the other cheek! O it cracked the Holy Punchbowl and it made the nectar leak Her Apple Corps is strong! "Limbo Peak" refers to Old Limbo Peak, commonly called by the Greeks "Ol' Limb' Peak." "The tide is turning... the enemy is suffering terrible losses" -Gen. Geo. A. Custer If a quixotic socrates studied zen under Zorba...? People in a Positio
2009 Bilderberg Attendees From Wayne Madsen
19 May 2009, 21:16 Subject: 2009 Bilderberg attendees from Wayne Madsen Body: 19-20, 2009 -- 2009 Bilderberg attendeesHeld at Astir Palace Hotel in the suburban Athens resort of Vouliagmeni.Dutch Queen BeatrixSpanish Queen SofiaPrince Constantijn (Netherlands)Viscount Étienne Davignon, Belgium (former vice-president of the European Commission and director, Kissinger Associates)Josef Ackermann, Germany (CEO of Deutsche Bank)Keith B. Alexander, United States (Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Director of the National Security Agency [NSA])Roger Altman, United States (investment banker, former U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton)Georgios A. Arapoglou, Greece (Governor of National Bank of Greece)Ali Babacan, Turkey (Deputy Prime Minister responsible for economy)Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Portugal (former Prime Minister of Portugal)Nicholas Baverez, France (economist and historian)Franco Bernabè, Italy (Telecom
Rogers Echoes Warning Of “sucker’s Rally”
Rogers Echoes Warning Of "Sucker's Rally" Body: Rogers Echoes Warning Of "Sucker's Rally" Veteran financial guru Jim Rogers warned CNBC viewers today that the stock market has yet to hit a bottom despite people ploughing their money back into a sucker's rally, as the Bilderberg Group's plan to pull the rug out from under euphoric investors draws closer.
What Would A Woman Say If I Talked To Her With One Of These?
Last week on Friday I walked into the store at 2pm. The other manager was by himself, and had a store full of people, two of them whom demanded I wait on them as I was punching in. Now although I could see it was obvious that I needed to get started on helping clear the thicket of last minute prom brats and wedding groomsman, I also needed at least a moment to put my things away, take off my coat, etc, etc. Some people just don't factor common sense into the equation when making demands. I put my stuff away, had a glass of water...I needed it, and it was also to spite the a-hole, just enough to be sassy, not enough to be rude. I went back up front, and began helping this groom and his groomsman. The groom had already been fitted, and he is very ghetto. Trying to talk to him should require an interpretter, or someone who speaks ODB, cuz half the time I don't understand WTF is coming out of his mouth. He harrassed me about the price of the tuxedos for his wedding party, and I know dam
Who Can Tell Me?
What if I switched?   I have had the wirst luck with men.What if I am wrong? How do I come to terms with the fact that women may be better for me? I don't know if that is the answer or if I am just tired of the whole game. I like both but don't feel the passion the same. Am I just incapable of finding the right one reguardless of gender?
Maybe It's Just P.m.s.
I haven't blogged since last week.I've been working full time since the manager at my store is on maternity leave, and this includes at least two doubles a week, so when I do finally get a day off, I usually only spend a few minutes at the computer.My head is full of things to express, but I don't have a lot of time to get it out.My ex came home last week. It was awesome, because he spent much of the time being overly nice (I even got foot massages, which he would NEVER give when we were together) But on the flip side, it was also awful because I had to go through missing him all over again when he left, which was why I broke up with him in the first place.I jokingly asked him why he couldn't just come home and marry me. He gave me the standard reply of, "I can't. I've got bills to pay." Then I added, "Plus, you aren't ready yet." It was meant to be light-hearted, but when I said it, he looked so sad it was like I killed his dog, so I changed the subject.I have a date this evening, and
I know that I may not be well liked by posting this, but I wanted to get the chance to put it 'out there' before the rumors and all the bullshit even started since it has already been ticking, and it's only a matter of time before it explodes. Trik and I have decided that it was in our best interest to split up.  Him & I are still friends, and no one did wrong.  We still love each other, nothing has changed except for the "title".  I still care about him and will still take up for him when those 'haters' wanna bash him, in any way, shape, or form.  He is, and will always be my best friend.  It really isn't anyone's business on why this decision was made.  And I'm not going to go into details.  And no, it's not because I was in the wrong or any reason before you jarheads even begin to think about that.  Anthony, I know that you most likely don't approve of me posting this blog, and I'm sorry that you don't.  You & I both know how people twist shit around, and I don't even want it to s
49 New Sexy Hair Ideas For 2009
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Auction!!! 5.26.09-6.10.09
Telugu Movies Online
There are various online portals available on the World Wide Web platform but there are very few that caters to a wide range of sections. The net users keep on wandering for information about the local stuff from one website to another but sometimes they get hooked up with no positive results. Hence, to cater to the requirements of such people and offer them a common platform for whatever they are looking for, id the perfect solution. If compared to other online portals, we can say that is a place that takes special care and requirements of Telugu community. It is an online community that covers a wide range of subjects ranging from Classifieds, Money, Finance to Real Estate and Matrimonial. It caters to large section of interesting topics for Telugu natives inhabiting across the globe. It covers gossips and news on topics ranging from latest updates, politics, entertainment, technology, health, local city events and real estate and general day
I am only as real as you choose to make me. Fleshing the bones on my two-dimensional skelton in your perceptions. Clothing that flesh in your opinions. Placing your creation upon the stage to watch it dance for your amusement. The play's score of derision playing counterpoint to the toy's cavorting. Your reality is as you make it as is mine, know this and know it well, I am not the only one upon the stage.
ok so i was trained not to show emotions this doesnt mean i dont have them ,i just keep them inside until i am alone and then i release in a blast of  primal instinct allowing the emotion to become a tool used to create a stronger outer shell .some people say i dont know how to understand or show emotions but the fact is i was trained all my life not to show them  so am i wrong for using my emotions to wreak havoc on people i consider enemies or should i allow the emotional overload in lfe to consume me and  end up housed in a facility for people who are not safe to be in society
20 May 2009
Never give up hope, someone or something is always there for you, just open your eyes.
Broken Things Inside
The poem your about to read is 100% factual.I was greeting all the pplinside the velvet kittyLaughing and joking and pretending to be a man that truly wasnt meThen in walked Spirit, attitude with class and beautybut as trained Marine I quickly saw throughI seen that she glowed and there ismore to this woman than i ever knewI knew right away she was more woman than I was manBut her presense I couldnt resistit consumed me I couldnt understandThen she called my name and withmy fear hidden answered this maidens callWe began our journey with just nothin but small talkAs we talked the more in depth our convo began to growI suddenly told her theres something you need knowMy outside appearnce is wellas you can plainly seeBut deep inside there are many broken thingsThen I felt her courage and compassion that Ive only felt by a fewAs she said ricky to fix your broken things it will take not 1 heart but 2I instantly went back to a day gone pastWhen mom called me to her death bedto tell my future
Hosting My First Auction...
so in my late night bordom i was thinkin about hosting my own auction... if you want in message me with a pic and what you are offering... the rules are as follows.... 1-NO DRAMA if so... both the person and the person in the auction will be pulled 2-ALL BIDS ARE FINAL AND IF THE WINNING BIDDER DOES NOT PAY UP THE 2ND HIGHEST BID IS THE WINNER.... 3- HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!   message me if you want in
A Song In Loving Memory
I placed the lyrics of this song, sang by Barbra Streisand as a dedication to my daddy. Those of us who loved him, lost him last Fri. night, at 11:45 p.m. This song has ALWAYS been the song I had chosen to help express the sorrow I would feel when the day came that he was no longer with me. (I took a little artistic license when I typed out the lyrics, changing only one word) I replaced papa with the term Daddy. I'm hoping Barbra won't mind. The loss I feel is deeply expressed in the words of this song. It is also one of my daddy's favorite singers. God - our havenly father.Oh, God - and my fatherWho is also in heaven.May the lightOf this flickering candleIlluminate the night the wayYour spirit illuminates my soul. Daddy, can you hear me? Daddy, can you see me? Daddy, can you find me in the night? Daddy, are you near me? Daddy, can you hear me? Daddy, can you help me not be frightened? Looking at the skiesI seem to see a million eyesWhich ones are yours? Where are you now that y
It Is What It Is.
Believers in fate would have you believe that we (humanity) drifts on the ebb and flow of the tides of life. That our existance has purpose, but that purpose is to exist and uphold the order of things purely through existance. I do not believe in such thngs. Through out my life, There have been made as many choices are there were different paths to choose. For each crossroad came new circumstances and new lives that would be impacted by my decision to be. I have reached a place in my life, purely because of the decisions I've made, be them wrong or not, they have put me exactly where I am today. Aside from the crossroads there were many times that i could not choose, that I would take the only path avialable to me, to take the path that HAD to be taken, and too has led me here. Today I am faced with yet another of these situations. Given a choice, and choose I must. To remain in quickly dwindeling safety, or to make a full break, and run hard and fast, to chase the dream I have had
The Truth About A Man
Well it's all in how you look at it. Now I'm not woman bashing or anything like that but men are highly misunderstood especially in serious relationships. Now yes there are a lot of bad guys but the female side isn't too clean either just sneakier.(you all cover your tracks way better than we do lol). Basically the majority of problems in relationships are due to the basic differences between us. These are also the same things that bring us together. On the men, you see a lady and she's all that, dressed sexy, BAM! Now 6 months later when the smoke has cleared and your girl goes to wal mart in some small shorts and a cut off wife beater don't get mad. On the flip side ladies, if you like a bad boy- manly man, don't expect him to be anything but bad and manly. be realistic in what you choose to "see". We all know what each other's faults are. I always hear, "oh girl he's a dog" or something along that nature. This will naturally evoke a response from the male side in defense, for exam
Simple Vs Real
  Simple vs Real Anyone can stand by you when you are right, but a Friend will stand by you even when you are wrong... A simple friend identifies himself when he calls. A real friend doesn't have to. A simple friend opens a conversation with a full news bulletin on his life. A real friend says, "What's new with you?" A simple friend thinks the problems you whine about are recent. A real friend says, "You've been whining about the same thing for 14 years. Get off your duff and do something about it." A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you wit
Myspace?!?   :/   hmmm... do i get points for that?
Were You Born A Idiot?
So many times people fall in love and believe just about every thing their mate says to them. And why shouldnt they right?  Wrong!!  I dont know what it is but some times you just have to wonder what makes a good loving realationship sour. You go through,  many experiences with different mates,  some dont last long,   some just rip your dam heart out,  some just make you want to rip your dam hair out. You put so much into the friendship/realationship only to be handed your ass. You go through  your brain trying to figure out,  was it something I said?  done?.  But you cant find anything that would cause such a nasty break up. Chances are you haven't.  People when they want out of the realationship with you,  just make up an excuse to bail.  They dont have a dam clue as to just be open and honest and tell it like it is.  Sometimes,  you just have to hurt to be kind. Then sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,  you get a poor person that is left holding their heart in their hand and wondering w
Shawn Mullins - Lullaby
she grew up with the children of the stars in the hollywood hills and the boulevard her parents threw big parties everyone was there they hung out with folks like dennis hopper, bob seeger, sonny and cher now, she feels safe in this bar on fairfax and from the stage I can tell that she can't let go and she can't relax and just before she hangs her head to cry I sing to her a lullaby, I sing everything's gonna be all right rockabye, rockabye everything's gonna be all right rockabye, rockabye rockabye she still lives with her mom outside the city down that street about a half a mile and all her friends tell her she's so pretty but she'd be a whole lot prettier if she smiled once in a while `cause even her smile looks like a frown she's seen her share of devils in this angel town But, everything's gonna be all right rockabye, rockabye everything's gonna be all right rockabye, rockabye rockabye I told her I ain't so sure about this place it's hard to play a gig in this town and keep a
Help Me!!!
I am in need of some help! I need EVERYONE to go do the initial registration for this.. you will NEVER have to go to it again.. i swear it.. I really want blizzcon tickets and need as many points as i can so that i can get entries :D   HELP ME BE A GEEK!!!!       EDIT Ok as that link thingy doesn't seem to want to work for me.. if you would like to help me out.. please PM me your name and email addy (or comment it... if you are brave..) and i will send it that way
A Poem/song
  ~Broken Angel~my song I see your broken wingsI know your evil thingsAnd its grabbin hold of meWatch me walk awayI can't stayNo baby it can't beAlready been thereAnd its not fairI don't want your miseryYour tears won't workNo not this timeYou were never mineI can't forgetWhat you had saidIm better off deadI can't dream anymoreThat you will changeIts just the sameYou can say you love meBut the truth isI don't believe youNo not anymoreCan't believe a lieI don't want to try'Chorus'You don't see the pain in my eyesHow you make me feelI want to dieSo baby I have to say goodbyeIm letting go this is goodbye
Seventh Void - Broken Sky
Sanguine addiction - a lyric from Type O Negative. A fact of life for a little boy that had the burden of leukemia as part of his life. He relied on the blood donations of others. He fought like the fiercest tiger, everyday, with smiles, laughter, a few roars (I always pretended to be scared). He was blessed. I saw the angels gathered around him. Eleven of them. I looked with my heart, it can see beyond IV poles and chemotherapy and see the miracle. So now there is a new band Seventh Void - I like it. They had a song called Broken Sky - and what wonderous things can be found when you go beyond what you can see. Harper knows. He is part of the movers and shapers now, though he moved and shaped the lives he touched while he was still bound by the sky. Take the silence at the end of the video and just enjoy it. It is amazing what you hear when you stop to listen to yourself. God bless and keep hope alive, in the face of aliens, angels, demons, and even me - Chi Chi, Amma Lullaby, Moni
100'000 Fu Buck Payout
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I Am Sorry Havent Posted In Forever
I am sorry i havent updated much, micah died on November 15 ,2008 .Our hearts are still grieving
An Update
Okay, so I know it's been awhile since I've posted a blog. There's been a lot going on and I just haven't had the time to sit down and sort it all out. Where to start? So many things in the last 6 months, better start where I left off in the last blog.So a quick recap. Steve's daughter was molested, chili-mo went to jail, chili-mo sat around changing his mind on whether or not he was guilty. While this was going on, Steve was offered an under the table job by a co-worker who has his own security company. Now I don't like this guy at all! He hasn't paid Steve for previous work he's done and this time wasn't any different. However, this time involves Steve's brother John and almost $3,000 dollars worth of services between Steve and his brother. NEITHER OF THEM HAVE BEEN PAID A DIME!!!! I'm still pissed and would love to harvest the retarded cousin of gomer pile's kidneys to sell on the black market! Now a friend of mine is dating the douche bag and I'm sure that unless she reads this blo
Spotlight Update
      brought to you in part by Pixeh, Kit, Vanima, Misty Melons, Jai, Joker, OMFGSHOSHONNI, Tom, Brain Ninja, Nursie, Postal Florist, LaLa, Jeniwren, Majik, Bunnz, NinjyStars, Hairduz123, Luna Deuville, Sproet, She Devil, Faeriesue, Not tellin, 9987, MooMoo, Moet, Deacon, Lipstick, Frayed Knot, Mistress of Wolves, Gabe, Muss, Yssup, Noone, Babybootay, Whorasaurus Sex, Morgan Le Fay, Cute But Psycho, Goddess Kevauna, Jan, Black Widow, Pan, Kisses Papercut, Cory, Witchie, Jennie28, CQQrsLightGirl, WooGirl
Bet I Could.... :)
I Feel Like A Prune
When I set out on my ride I planned to ride from where I live on the east coast of Florida south, then across Alligiator Alley and along the Gulf coast to Pensacola then home. Total distance was to be just over 1,500 miles. As some of you know I changed my route on Sunday soon after I started. I fell short of the 1,500 miles. I rode just over 800 miles. The weather did me in. When I woke Tuesday morning it was the same as when I was in Sarasota. Last night when I arrived in Stuart it was raining. This morning the rain had stopped. It was cloudy, but wasn't raining. I watched what the weather would be on TV and accepted the fact that I would end up riding in rain on my homeward leg. After having breakfast packed my gear, checked out of the motel dressed in my rain gear and headed for I-95. Though the Interstate is never my prefered route I felt I needed to put miles behind me and get as far north as I could before the rains came ashore from the ocean. I managed to ride only around 30 m
i didnt know what the shout box was for until tonight.....
I recently went out with a chic from where i live..shes cool and all but ya know i just met after the second date basically... i spend the night at her place and ya know how that goes...everythings cool. she keeps calling me my friend and says she wants to take it like cool...after thinking about it should i be offended? she says she wants to still see me when i get off the boat and i guess i have the fwb thing... i dont want a clingy possessive freak a bish trying to walk me down the isle at her congregation next month... but my guy ego says she should be lol any ways... and i ran into my last fwb and she says she wants to hook up too.... i love the single life when its going good... ol
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Want 3 Million Fubucks? Read
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May 27th, Wednesday At 8 Pm Fu Time Aucion & Cam
Come & Hang Out With Us Tonight At!! We have friendly people, good music, random bling for new members and live auction! So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends! We are having a live auction on May 27th @ 8pm fu time come and join and have sum fun!!! Here are our entry's so far!! ~Bratt~**Depends Who You Ask's** Stalkee:) Çhåotïc P®îñçë$$
My Favorite Local Performer
she is actually amazing but you wouldn't believe some of her songs she does this whole public performer clean image bit but she has some dirty songs she only plays for us :) including "just a finger isn't cheating""i haven't been fucked in the ass in the longest time" and "12 inches isn't enough" but i didn't tell you that
No Promises...
      Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love. Every time you're near I feel like Im in heaven, feeling high I dont want to let go, girl. I just need you to know girl. I dont wanna run...  
Hospice has been called in and the nurse was there today. It's so sad to see such a courageous beautiful person become feeble, weak and slowly lose his self pride. My mothers heart is breaking and mine breaks for them both. Pardon my postings on here, but somehow it helps me.. I think. I dont know what the coming days or weeks will bring, but I shall be tending to my family and trying to take care of any needs. Ciao for now.
??are U The Devil??
Before you I had plans, Before you I knew what my future held. Before you I had made a promise to myself to make it But when you came in to my life…phewwww!!! But when you came into my life…Ohhhhhhh!!! But when you came into my life…Mmmhmm!!! Words cannot express what you did. I began planning my life with you as the muse. I began planning my life with you as the centerpiece. I began planning my life with you and me being synonymous. My life became our life, My dreams became our dreams, My goal became our goals. You made a vow to me You made a vow of unconditional love You made a vow to take care of my heart, But what happened, where are you? You went away just like you came into my life. Where is the year of assurance, of your love? Was this a game? Was this a challenge that you succeeded in? Are you the devil??? Now am alone, left to pick up the pieces, Now am alone, how can I get my ideas back to be one instead of two. Now am alone, should I celebrate? You made
Please Read All The Way, It May Help You In Some Way.
For all of those that  doesnt know whats going on in our life, my dad(jason typing), has terminal cancer. He was diagnosed in january and is in last stages. No kind of chemo or radiation is able to cure or help him. He is my step-dad, but the only dad i have had since i was 2 1/2. He is a vietnam vet and  a proud american and man. He doesnt even show his pain to us even now. He can barely walk or even sit up most days. His bodily fuctions are shutting down as we speak, but yet he holds on, trying to protect my mom and the rest of us from pain. I get soooo pissed off thinking about all the people that does so wrong in this life and  there sits a man that loves his wife and family and had never been in any trouble with the law, lays in a bed dieing!!!!! Yes i may be saying this because of him being my dad, but it still isnt fair nor right in my eyes. He is my hero. He made me the man i am today. And even though i have done things in my life im not proud of I still strive to be like him. 
ok here is my offer and yeah i know im still a few levels away but still i rather get things done now than having to wait... I am needing referrals as most know by now you have to have 25 to get to level 30... I am willing to pay 10.000 per referral that is verified and logs in 5 days straight also i am 1.2m from leveling and who ever gets me leveled will recieve a Auto 11 or a cherry bomb bling..(your choice)   so if this sounds good to you please let me know ...when you refer someone to me tell them to let me know that you sent them so i know who to give the 10.000 is my link to use..... ....i will return all luv shown ty... 
This Hole
You... you fill this hole inside my head that is deeply hurting I.... I fill this space of air that I am wasting You... you fill this hole in my heart, vacant, empty You.... you are the likeness of me, ever changing I... am just all that I am, ever changing This... is not all of my own design, please give me time I.... I need to find my center and make this place mine Dont... dont write me off as worthless, there is more to me can see You have your way and I have mine, yet the winds are free, and they combine More than the space in between Belief is not what in can be seen
The Economy Is Sooooo Bad...
The Economy Is So Bad... CEO's are now playing miniature golf. Jewish women are marrying for love. Even people who have nothing to do with the Obama administration aren't paying their taxes. Hotwheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM. Obama met with small businesses to discuss the Stimulus Package: GE, Pfizer and Citigroup. McDonalds is selling the 1/4 ouncer Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their childrens names. A truckload of Americans got caught sneaking into Mexico. The most highly-paid job is now jury duty. People in Africa are donating money to Americans. Motel Six won't leave the light on. (Now, this is serious) The Mafia is laying off judges. And finally... Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal. Hey, neat...the guy who made $50 billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $750 billion disappear.
Oilfeild Pride
I live in western colorado. I love it here there is sit  much to do here i work outdoors just love it. Weather is tough here at times wind, snow and dry heat. Living at a high desert. Have horses play polocrosse, teampener, work cattle. My mare just add her baby filly the other day there just fine i'll be posting pics soon and also where i work. I'm also into fishing, hunting, camping, atv's, horseback rideing, add more!!!!
Lyrics I Likes
Will I wake up Is it a dream I made up No, I guess it's reality What will change us Or will we mess up Our only chance to connect With a dream Say a prayer for me I'm buried by the sound In a world of human wreckage I'm lost and I'm found I can't touch the ground I'm plowed into the sound
Our Lady Peace - Naveed
Charm Farm- Superstar
Heading Things Off At The Pass
I am shortly going to do a pick thru and delete on my friends list ( I am keeping the people I dont like) In the hopes of heading off the inevitable emails and comments belabouring the fact that I deleted a name ....its nothing personal. Its list managment ...if we dont talk outside of the mumms and dont watch for each others activities I dont see the need for being on a list. Honestly I would rather be able to actually figure out what the people I have regular contact with on a more personal level are doing than have to see a pile of bar tabs alerts that I do nothing with. If that will change the fact that someone  finds me ammusing or comment in the mumms to me or will enjoy a blog I do or even rate my stuff so be it. It certainly does not mean I do not like or do not enjoy people that are not on my list it is just an effort to make this place easier to keep up with. Besides lets be real smaller list smaller drama  pool no?     gosh I just took a page out of Misfits book and rant
The Many Faces Of Towelie- Just To Get High
All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.  -  Henry Ellis
Funny 2
Ok, I should be mad but this kid is on a roll tonight. As he's laying there (I thought he was already asleep) he tells me that "the people all the way down in China have powers". "Powers?", I ask. "What kind of powers?". "Water bending powers", he said. Not sure why people in China need water bending powers but this is coming from the same kid who can say his alphabet backwards. I'm truly glad to see our schools are teaching our children useful skills such as how to beat a field sobriety by teaching them to say the alphabet backwards..... I'm so proud of him! ♥ Now if he doesn't go to sleep, I'm getting out the duct tape..... :D  
Untitled Tonight, he can't understand or comprehend...That this unbelievably cold reality weighs more than this spinning spheres gravitySuch a weight shall inevitably break us all...If were not prepared for how far we could truly fallSimply because we never learned to change our waysJust an example of how ignorant we are each and every dayBecause we never thought about the words we sayHow they were said & how much in the end we will all have to payUntitled To Be Cont.J. AlexanderApril. 16th, 2009
fey \FAY\, adjective:1. Possessing or displaying a strange and otherworldly aspect or quality; magical or fairylike; elfin.2. Having power to see into the future; visionary; clairvoyant.3. Appearing slightly crazy, as if under a spell; touched.4. (Scots.) Fated to die; doomed.5. (Scots.) Marked by a sense of approaching death.
Towelie's Funkytown
On our way home tonight, my 5 yr old son takes his gum out of his mouth and asks me to blow him a bubble. I tell him that's gross (even by my standards!) and he assures me that he's dried it off and is ok. I've been sadder than usual lately and I needed that giggle. I love my kids. ♥
Switched - Inside
Systematic - Breakable
If He Likes Peanut Butter Why Shouldn't You?!
pretty sure this is a joke but it is kinda twisted enjoy
Your Heart
My parents raised me to believe that love will always find you. Does that mean not to search. What they really are not telling you is that the love that will find you is the love that they show you and that your friends show. If love really exists the only place that will find love is not in your head its in your heart, but i believe you can find love through a womans eyes.
Wish me luck. I'm going to check out an apartment tomorrow. It's on the top of my list and I hope everything works out. I already know they have what I want and are willing to hold it for me. I just have to check out the place and make sure it seems cool. The pictures on the internet and driving by don't always tell you the whole story. That is all. Back as you were.
Love Hurts
Isn't this the truth??????????   Love hurtslove scareslove wounds and mares any heartNot tough nor strong enough to take a lot of painTake a lot of painlove is like a cloudholds a lot of rain.Love hurtslove hurtsI'm young I know but even soI know a thing or two I've learned from youI've really learned a lotreally learned a lot.Love is like a stoveburns you when it's hot.Love hurtslove hurtssome fools rave of happinessBlissfulnesstogethernesssome fools fool themselvesI guessBut they're not fooling me I know it isn't trueNoit isn't ture. Love is just a lie made to make you blue.Love hurtslove hurts.Love hurtslove scareslove wounds and mares any heart  
Wanna Help Me Out?
its quite simple, whoever gets me a one (1) month VIP will get in return: ALL the elevens (11's) for the entire month (if they have enough pics to rate) minus the elevens (11's) I will use to rate my family at least one salute pic shitfaced daily if not already one big pimpin gift (my choice) every three (3) days if this is not enough, make me an offer, maybe we can bargain on something send me a PM if you are interested
Suicide Lab Free Album Downloads
Diskoteka Avariya- Zakolebal Ty
You Belong With Me
You're on the phone with your girlfriendShe's upset.She's going off about something that you said'Cuz she doesn't get your humor like I doI'm in my roomIt's a typical Tuesday nightI'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't likeAnd she'll never know your story like I doBut she wears short skirtsI wear T-shirtsShe's cheer captainAnd I'm on the bleachersDreaming about the day when you wake upAnd find that what you're looking for has been here the whole timeIf you could see that I'm the one who understands youBeen here all along so why can't you seeYou belong with meYou belong with meWalk in the streets with you and your worn-out jeansI can't help thinking this is how it ought to beLaughing on a park bench, thinking to myselfHey isn't this easy?And you've got a smile that could light up this whole townI haven't seen it in a while since she brought you downYou say your fineI know you better than thatHey whatcha doing with a girl like thatShe wears high heelsI wear sneakersShe's cheer ca
Well dad has been keeping me up to date about my grandma who is not doing well. I was goin to go down on Saturday and see her. But they are giving her 24 to 72 hours to live. I don't know if I should just take Saturday off of work and go down if she is still around or if I should just go down after work and then maybe drive home late and or stay the night in Iowa. I do need the money if I have to take off more time is she passes sooner, but I don't really want to think about it like that. This is my last grandparent around so I don't to see her in her worst but I want to see her, I love her. I just don't know what to do.
Scary ...
  not sure i know what to think on this one!
My Name
C : You definitely have a partier side in you, don't be shy to show it. H : You are not judgmental.R : You are a social butterfly. I : You are always smiling and making others smile. S : You are very broad-minded. T : You have an attitude, a big one. I : You are always smiling and making others smile. N : You like to work, but you always want a break. E : You are a very exciting person. R : You are a social butterfly. O : You are very open-minded. B : You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people. I : You are always smiling and making others smile. N : You like to work, but you always want a break. S : You are very broad-minded. O : You are very open-minded. N : You like to work, but you always want a brea
Do You Believe?
The Difference Between Believing In, Knowing, and Loving GodMy friend, do you believe in God? If you can answer yes, that's great. But there is something better than just believing in him. Do you know him? For example, I believe that Bill Gates is real. I believe he has alot of money. I believe he probably won't need a stimulus check from the government. But if you asked me, what he does on Friday nights? I would say I don't know. If you asked me, does he have any pets? I would not have anything more than a guess. What's the problem? Don't I believe in him? Yes, I know he exists, but I don't KNOW him. You see if I know him, I can tell you what he does with his free time, whether or not he has a dalmation or a German Shepherd, and tell you many other personal details that the average Joe would not know about Mr. Gates. This is the doorway to a true relationship with God. Believing in Him, will open the door for you. But if you fail to step through the door of faith and get to know God y We....go! im finished with my LA its time to hit new orleans for a week......we are staying in the french quarter for 1 week.... then im heading to massachusettes to work and kikass......  so. ...LA was a success with everything......and it was awesome to see friends and hang out n stuff.  ...quiet mikes drivin a is still werkn @ wonderland...lil wendy finally turned 21 and shes always our lil sis....shes awesome!.... danielle took the CA. bar exam....twice.....and didnt pass...but she will.........jaquiline is MIA......  irish james died like 2 weeks ago @ beckas house......becka turned into a hooker this year........big black james is not as angry as he used to be....colin hit 1 year last week...holy crap!!!...... lil alex gained 8 lbs. ....then lost 4.... wtf?...... everything seems cool aside from a few mishaps and a few ppl comin n goin..... rich isnt doin so good...we dont really get along bu i hope he gets  the crew is goin
Another Update For The 19th
ok so just a quick update for everyone. I have been having problems with my picc lines and this is the second one that has gone bad on me since i have been up here so they had to start an iv in my hand tonight so that way they could start to give me my new antibiotic and my pain medication for my dressing changes. But the doctors are saying that my sores are lookin better they are just taking a while to heal and it will be a while ,but i am tryin to keep everyone updated. I miss all of you!! That is all for now ,but i will write more when i can as soon as I can..
Really Lovely Things
for lovers chinese food for dog lovers for sunbathers.. those of you who like a stiffy in the morning
If A Dog Was The Teacher
Grampa's Hands
Grandpa, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench.  Hedidn't move, just sat with his head down staring at his hands.  When Isat down beside him he didn't acknowledge my presence.  The longer I satthere I wondered if he was okay.  finally, not really wanting to disturbhim, but wanting to check on him at the same time, I asked him if he wasokay.He raised his head, looked at me, and smiled,  "Yes, I'm fine, thankyou for asking, "  he said in a  clear strong voice."I didn't mean to disturb, you, Grandpa, but you were just sitting herestaring at your hands, and I wanted to make sure you were okay,"  Iexplained to him."Have you ever looked at your hands?"  he asked," I mean really! lookedat your hands?"I slowly opened my hands and stared down at them.  I turned them over,palms up and then palms down. No, I guess I had never really looked atmy hands, I thought, as I tried to figure out the point he was making.Grandpa smiled and related this story."Stop and think for a moment abo
Bill Of Non Rights
This guy should run for President one day... " We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and other liberal bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights."   ARTICLE I
Man I'm tired.  Work was long and boring (surprise).  My sister and I went for a walk and on the way to the park we got chased by crazy dogs.  I really hate getting chased by dogs.  (I should mention that I'm terrified of dogs.)  I actually tried to push my little sister into the dog.  I was horrified by what I attempted to do.  I'd probably do it again though.  Oh well.  It's shower time.
Letter To Bank
                                               The letter, shown below, is an actual letter that was sent to a bank by a 96 year old woman. The bank manager thought it amusing enough to have it published in the New York Times. Dear Sir:   I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavored to pay my plumber last month.   By my calculations, three 'nanoseconds' must have elapsed between his presenting the check and the arrival in my account of the funds needed to honor it.   I refer, of course, to the automatic monthly deposit of my entire salary, an arrangement which, I admit, has been in place for only eight years.   You are to be com
hey all I'm new to this joint Whats happening?
The Human Mind Is Simply Brilliant !!!!
Why do we procrastinate ? We put things off till the very last minute. Then we mush rush to get them done. Why do we not take our time ? Why do we work better under stress ?? Why do we work better under pressure, the time when we are most likely to make a careless mistake? Why do we work better with pressure ?? Our mind is brilliant !!!! @ Imaginary world If I could imagine a world, a world of love If you could picture a world like the one they say is up above Imagine the beauty , imagine the peace Imagine the pain we thought would never cease If I could imagine, a picture perfect life, a picture perfect fable If you could see a picture perfect world, a world that was stable Imagine the hope… the faith… the bliss Imagine a life, of ones, we only use to wish If we could imagine a year… a month… a day If we could imagine the courage to say what we need to say Imagine the impact,… the transformation Imagine the world and its reformation
Aw! Sayaka! Sayaka!
Another one busted!
Good Bye My Almost Lover
This song is a total sad one!!   Your fingertips against my skin The palm trees swaying in the wind in my chase You sang me Spanish lullabies The sweetest sadness in your eyes Clever trick I never wanna see you unhappy I thought you want the same for me Goodbye my almost lover Goodbye my hopeless dream I'm trying not to think about you Can't you just let me be? So long my luckless romance My back is turned on you Should've known you'd bring me heartbreak Almost lovers always do We walked along a crowded street You took my hand and danced with me In the shade And when you left you kissed my lips You told me you'd never ever forget these images No I’d never wanna see you unhappy I thought you'd want the same for me Goodbye my almost lover Goodbye my hopeless dream I'm trying not to think about you Can't you just let me be? So long my luckless romance My back is turned on you Should've known you'd bring me heartbreak Almost lovers always do
Aw Sayaka Sayaka!
Some of you may recognize Venus Da Goddess from around fubar (after all tonight is her first happy hour). For those of you that don't, this is Venus Da Goddess: Here is her profile link: I'd like to point out a few things: She a level 27 with no salute. Also the only man in her family claims to be her R/L boyfriend. When you view her profile photos they are all professionally done. So why no salute? Meet Sayaka Ando (feel free to google her for yourself): She's a very famous model from miyagi, japan. This is considered her official site:
Enough bashing tonite, I'm outta here.
Eve 6- Rescue
I rode a western wind with a girl over to her mothers In the backyard stars shown bright-er than the others that I rarely see through the smog haze that covers the home that I used to live in. Yeah yeah we kind of sort of knew what was going to happen when she put her number down on a restaurant napkin and she said goodbye think the words were when you're back in town let's have each other again I'll come around and see you again. Like Jessica Rabbit she corrects bad habits Gets her drinks for free Animated vixen stole cupids arrow and came to rescue me In the blink of an eye lid my lid opened up and I could see that she come to rescue me I tasted Southern sin with a girl who was just perfection at a two room condo back in a wealthy section of the Florida flatlands where she had me kept in a wicked trance for a day. Yeah yeah we kind of sort of knew what was going to happen when she and a friend came and met me in Atlanta I professed my love in an animalistic manner Like an endless
Retard Gene
Today I discovered that I have the retard gene. I changed out of my work uniform and put some khaki shorts and I daytona bike week shirt on. I grabbed my phone my Ipod and my wallet. I hand carried my mountain bike to the curb which I mounted and went on a planned 6 mile ride. Well this is where it gets stupid. I was almost done. As I was riding back to the apartment I hit a small piece of wood and it popped up at me. At the moment I thought something fell out of my pocket. I stopped started doing a fast inventory left pocket phone yep, right arm Ipod yep keys and 10 dollar bill right front pocket check. right back pocket WTF my wallet was no longer there. I immiedatly started back tracking to the end of the trail. In the process of looking for my wallet I encountered several people some friendly looking some clearly homeless but never the less I asked everyone if they have seen a brown fossil wallet. In this quest to find my lost wallet I started to wonder if it was ok to ask everybo
Are You Ready For This??auction!!auction!!auction!!
Soundgarden - Mailman
    Hello don't you know meI'm the dirt beneath your feetThe most important fool you forgot to seeI've seen how you give itNow I want to receiveI know that youWould do the same for meI'm know I'm headed for the bottomBut I'm riding you all the wayFor all of your kisses turnedTo spit in my faceFor all that reminds meWhich is my placeFor all of the times whenYou made me disappearThis time I'm sure you willKnow that I'm hereI'm know I'm headed for the bottomBut I'm riding you all the wayMy place was beneath youBut now I'm aboveAnd now I send you a messageOf loveA simple remind of whatYou won't seeA future so holy without meI'm know I'm headed for the bottomBut I'm riding you all the way 
My Love
  I lay awake last night,Thinking, what would it be like,To have you here beside me?My love for you is so strong,I know nothing could go wrong,And I hope you feel the same about me.Because my love is everlasting,It could never go away,My love will be forever,No matter what you say.So, tell me that you love me,And forever is the way.Because I love you yes I love you.More than words can say.When I finally fell asleep,I tasted you love so sweet,And there's nothing in this world that can compare.The nights have been dark and lonely.In my heart I've longed for you,To show me a lasting love,That's forever and true.  
What Hurts The Most
Right now I feel like my heart just wants to rip out of my chest and yes I am feeding the tears with music even if it is making it worse.  
Plus 44- Make You Smile
The last time I saw you, you turned away. I couldn't see you with the sun shining in my eyes. I said, 'Hello,' but you kept on walking. I'm going deaf from the sound of the freeway. The last time I saw you, you turned away. I couldn’t hear you with your voice ringing in my ears. Do you remember where we used to sleep at night? I couldn't feel you. You're always so far away. The first time I saw you, you turned away. I couldn't see you with the smoke getting in my eyes. I said, 'Hello,' but you kept on walking. I'm going deaf from the sound of the D.J. The first time I saw you, you turned away. I couldn't hear you with the noise ringing in my ears. Do you remember where we used to sleep at night? I couldn't feel you. You're always so far away. I don't, don't want to take you home. Please don't, don't make me sleep alone. If I could, I'd only wanna' make you smile. If you wanna' stay with me a while. The next time I see you, you'll turn away. I'll say, 'Hello,' but you'll keep
I'm Tired...
I don't care take this how you please, I'm just being honest so if things in the coming sentences offend you, you don't have to read on at this point.   Well first off I would like to say I'm starting to dislike white people a whole lot to the point it's starting to become hatred.  It's easier to say "white people" than just, "some white people". I shouldn't group people together but that's how it feels like.   Why do they feel like they are the most supreme being/race on this planet. It's either they are afraid of you or they think they are better than you. I don't get it one bit.  Where did this mentality come from.   I've been putting up with alot of shit from white people lately because of my job. People [white] look at me in disapproval like I shouldn't have my job. That shit drives me up the fucking wall. This guy literally took a quadruple take the one day to make sure he saw what he thought he saw. While he was staring at me I say hi and to him and he says not a word to m
Boyfriend Application
BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Phone Number: OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke? 2. Do you like the rain? 4. If so...would you play in it with me? 5. Do you like movies? 6. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together? 9. Would you kiss my neck? 10. Do you play any sports? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother? 13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 17. Would you give me a kiss just because? 18. Would u sleep in the same bed as me? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents? 20. Would u have sex with me? 21. If so, whats the soonest into our relationship you'd have it? 22. Would you tell your friends we had sex? 23. Would
Secret Smokerz Society
No Woman Will Ever Be Truly Satisfied
Clearing Out A Few Cobwebs...
Hmmm... where to begin and where to end? I'll begin here... People who say Fubar is just a game are full of shit or they haven't met anyone that has touched them; either pissed them off, made them smile, or made them almost spew their drink all over their screen. I have made some pretty cool friends here (yeah, I've met some face to face, talked to some on the phone, cammed with some (sshhhh... I won't tell if you won't), exchanged ... nevermind. Other's I have just made a connection with here and I talk to some of you almost more than I talk to my friends that I've had for years. Why do people say "real life" friends? I mean hell, I know more about some of you than your local (yeah, that's a better term to use) friends do. Then there are you guys that MMMmmm... you know just what to say to make me *smirk*, lip lick, lip bite, and/or say, "DAMN", or moan "Oh Fuck". You know who you are *wink*. Okay, I'm drawing a blank right now because I really want to make a few
She's There
She’s There   I watched the sun set today It set upon sweet lips I watched as the moon rose It rose upon cherished hips Sitting upon this shore tonight Hearing her soft voice call Fantasizing of tasting paradise Desiring to breach her honey walls Would she hear my passions? Would she grace me in the dark? Would she desire my touch?
What Hurts Me The Most
What hurts the most is here you have in my heart and not with me. Yes i still miss you. I still love you. and you dont see what you mean to me. But your quick to say something to someone. where there doing something that you know i dont like. Its crazythe time its beenand still theres days what i do miss you and want to be wrapped in your arms again. To hear your heart beat. I cant listen to that one song without tears comming to my eyesit played the first time you really kissed me.I remember everythingwe did sice we stared dating I know i grow stronger with each passing day. And i grow  to learn that thngs happen for a reason. But you know what, even with everything that happend for a reason between us i dont regret it at all. I really did love you and you really did love me. and the reason we broke up should be the reson we get back together. My heart will always be open to you. and when you need me I will be waiting here for you with open arms. Never forget the day we started
Mnogotochie- Sinij Dym
Good Day :)
I just feel like killing some time by posting a blog. :) I had a good day today. The class I'm teaching went smoothly and we didn't stay the whole time (3 1/2 hours) thank goodness. I got home around 3:30 and decided not to be a lazy ass and go do something. So I put on my bathing suit and headed to the pool. I took the book I'm reading with me. I finished the chapter I was on and read the next chapter too. It's a pretty decent read. The book is basically a woman's empowerment type thing. I then came home and was trying to decide what to make for dinner. I consulted my big spoon on an idea because it sounded odd, but my mom does it all the time. I decided to make bunless cheeseburgers for dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was delicious! I've got to run to the store in a little while to get two things. I'm stressing about money, but I'm praying that it all works out. Well, that's all. Nothing earth shattering or even remotely interesting. Just me passing time. :)
Greg Kinnear Almost Cockblocked My Funeral
It had to happen eventually. I had taken over 50 flights last calendar year which, for the most part, have been uneventful. No vicious turbulent air that makes everybody puke up their no-longer-complimentary peanuts. No mid-flight, airport food court related digestive problems. No overshooting the runway like I did in Green Bay last year ( fortunately, there were barrels of ranch dressing stacked up to stop our progress ). So it came as very little shock to me when, on a recent JFK – Phoenix flight, the flight attendant calmly asked us to evacuate immediately after landing.That’s when we all started noticing the acrid smell of burning electronics coming from the rear galley area. Apparently, US Air didn’t want to deploy the evacuation slides and go through all the bother of filling out those time consuming FAA forms. So instead they taxied all the way to the gate and forced us to file out through the front doors. I can’t tell you how delighted I was seeing as ho
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Corrective Lenses And Happiness
i know when i blog sometimes it comes out all fucked up. the things i type out don't always coincide with the reality of the situations. please know that when you read them, i'm writing them through the eyes of someone that is very upset because she doesn't have a hold on her emotions, not because someone has done something to upset her to that extent. i'm going to be going away this weekend, if all goes well... please all cross your fingers for me, and will be out of state for two weeks... again, cross your fingers, and toes and anything else... i'm happy. this is what i wanted all along. just to know i'd see him. to know he loves me. and when i'm calm, i know all of that. when i'm happy, i know all of that... when i'm upset, i'm not sure of anything. he really is wonderful, and a sweetheart, and he is there for me when i need him. he's going through the stress of moving, i know i mentioned the not calling thing, but when you're moving, you don't have time to txt and call someone 100
Part Iii - When Tomorrow Comes - New Beginnings
Wake up, the day begins And with it the sun will rise as my love Causing light to fill my eyes And blind me.  And as the day goes on The sun will grow larger and  hotter And with it my blind love will swell As my heart does.
Part Ii – When Tomorrow Comes – Dreaming
The man within my head urges The man within my heart to drink ten cups. Ten cups to perhaps dull the pain Ten cups to perhaps replace it with drunkenness. ...But what ten cups could make me as drunk    As I ever am with your love in my heart? You came to me last night in a dream, I know this because awake or asleep I am lost and always thinking of you.
Part I - When Tomorrow Comes – Waiting
My heart is heavy, and has been all day long, Because I clearly see you have so far to go. It is almost as difficult for lovers to meet As for the morning and the evening stars. So as I turn gray at my temples, And you still brush long thick tresses, I wait for you to clearly tell me that
So Close... And Yet
And the little girl sat huddled, hunched Intently staring, glaringly gazing into The tiny star found in her hand. And as she watched it, selfishly, Sharing it with only she, it grew and By its gleamings could be seen, the Tinier mimicked stars within her eyes.
By the measured tread of time’s sure footings We count such matters as we deem important And glance, by chance, at those times seldomed In moments odd, and by luck unnoticed. And as the portents of age following age Unravel the veil of cosmos spanning chronometer We note, not ‘mused, that only love endures The ravages that we burden all that surrounds us. And what of such time lasting essence? And by whose gavel must fall the judging?
I'm selling brand new, NEVER worn, from the factory tongue rings and naval rings. All size 14 g, many different styles to choose from. If you're interested, please e-mail for pics of what you are interested in, I have more types than just what is shown in the pics!!!. I myself have 23 piercings and am very knowledged in this area of jewelry. I not only wear them in my tongue, but in my ears and nipples too! All are $1 a piece, or give me your best offer on any quantity you want and i'll consider it, I'm willing to ship them to you for $1 up to 20 pieces, and if you want more, I'll let you know what it will be, but def not expensive. I prefer cash or paypal, but will take money order too. Click my link, or e-mail I'll be happy to answer any Qs. My jewelry is listed on e-bay too, my username on there is jtjenkins423. I have 100% feedback, so as you can see I'm not in this to screw people over, I'm just looking to make a few bucks.
Stand by my side, woman. Naked... body and soul. Reveal your true self to me. Shed the fear from your eyes. And let love bind us together. Can you not see my love Waiting for you with open arms. ....Oh, my sunlit-midnight The feelings that capture me when I merely think of you... I see a thousand lifetimes before me A vast expanse of eternity
Title Says It All
I really feelthe title and the lyrics to this song say it all.
And I Want You To Know
I know that you know that I adore you. There is no one else like you. I want to know if you know how much I appreciate you.I know that I don't deserve it,but there was a spot in my heart and I reserved it.For that place you took, but that is okay. but I slowly learnTo take it easy and wait for you, so  i hope your heart I patiently earn. Hey,I really respect the fact that you respect me. I admire your true integrity,complex mentality,distinguised personality,Everything about you that compliments our similarity.If mishaps should occur and I happen to die and there is indeed another life, I pray that I come back with more appreciation, andmore joy for you, and hopefully as your hero.
What Does Your Family List On Fubar Mean To You
I guess everyone has a different idea about what a fubar family member is.  To some people it is just those who are allowed to look at their nsfw. To others it is a list of the people you are closest to. To me it is a list of the people that I talk to regularly and honestly consider my closest friends. I dont get out much because of being a parent to severly handicapped children so honestly all of my friends live in my computer. Its a sad, and very pathetic fact. So the people I have in my family list here on fubar are the ones I have come to know and love. Would even go so far as to give almost my very last fu buck to. No it's not real money, but it's still representative of hours spent rating people and earning it. 
I will not be on much today or tomorrow. I got poison ivy ..and woke up at 3 this morning..with it really bad.  I worked all day..misserable..then went to the Doctor. I ended up with a shot in the arse..a zpack...and told to take some allergy pills also.  Anyways.. I am sore..itchy..and hurting..and tired. I will try to be on later maybe..if feeling up to it.
Im Moven To Texas
Inner Child
The youthful joy of childhood a feeling too often hidden by the evolving changes of age thats usually fear ridden. kept locked away in a box under lock and key there's a little kid just waiting to be let free. there's no reason for it why can't the child be let out we hide it for "its own good" its too fragile for a world of doubt. though if everyone went back and showed their inner child everything would be different a world so fun and wild. no more fighting or egoes no one to say how to think no more jealousy no more living with with war on the brink.
Lost Child
Up and down,Up and down the never ending see-saw goes a child on one side a lost man on the other cries of joy and screams of pain fill this park of life so many pieces of people left behind the field cluttered with debris the child looks to the man "what has happened to the park?" The man has no reply though he knows but how do you tell a child of misery? "why is there so much trash here?" the child asks glowing of innocence. "when will the questions stop?" things the man to himself for the man knows there's no trash everything from the red shoe to the broken bat all have different meanings. they're all parts of memories though scattered none forgotten though painful none regretted "its not trash" the man replies "you see all these things are what has turned you into me, these are why i protect you" the see-saw stops, the man cries as the child fades
Looking Back...
It's funny to me how time goes by and things in our lives change.  Dramatically sometimes... People come and go, emotions that we believed to be so strong fade into oblivion.  I look back over my life and it just amazes me.  The blog before this one, I've had held invisible for the entire time it's been there.  I was so crushed, so defeated.. Now, I haven't talked to him in so many months I can't help but wonder how he is doing... but yet, the connection that felt so strong then is gone.  Faded away.  Out of sight, out of mind.  And that makes me wonder if any connection is REALLY ever as strong as we think it is.  Can you stay connected with someone you never see?  Can the bonds actually hold?  Or was it just someone I was destined to meet and feel connected to only to have life take them back away?  I guess this is something I need to do more deep thinking on... Who knows.. I know at least for right now, I don't......
Smash! Smash! Bang!  whats the dreadful sound? Crash!Slam! Crash!  did someone get in an accident? Bam! Goosh! Goosh!  quick someone get some help! Rip! Rip! Rip!  that sounds so close Crack! Splat! Drip!?  Why is my heart so heavy?   I can't believe its my heart making those sounds..
Too Late
I was ready to make my move but I lost my groove Someone else stole her heart now mine is torn apart It's my fault, my trouble My job to clean up the rubble. Maybe I'll get another chance This can't be my last dance
Isnt it funny how I get the blame? They get the credit and I get the shame But I guess thats my life The dull side of the knife Others listen, some console But none can refill my empty soul A temporary hole slowly turning Becoming an emptiness constantly burning From upside down to inside out A lifelong rollercoaster of doubt A slow ride thats never-ending With a backbone thats forever bending.
Question For God
Thank you God, but I dont believe its true Gave me my own true love I dont know what to do I see her there all the time How do I make her mine? So full of peace,love and joy So close to perfect, but boy oh boy. It must be a cruel joke I really must be a dumb bloke She avoids me like the plague Her words always so vague I cant take her on a date She says I'm way too late She's in love with another man Was this part of your master plan? I bet you're laughing at me now Showing your friends just how You so easily won Damn you for make me fall for a...nun?!
Not Named
Looked in her eyes today saw something great Lost what I was going to say now I'm in a shy state Simple moves now majestic strides all done with style Changes me like the tides from deep from to giant smile Sit and dream all through class wondering if she feels the same I really like that little lass but I fear my shame Maybe someday my words will peak we'll talk for sometime Then I won't feel like such a geek or act like a bad mime
Disturbing Thoughts
It feels like the world is falling on your shoulders Thoughts of misery run through you like a swift stream The sadness crushes you like a ton of boulders In your mind you hope its all a dream. You begin to cry like a frightened child Starting to look for ways to end your life Thoughts of pain,misery and sadness run wild You reach for the gun,some rope and a knife. Feeling alone you hide your problems, no one to tell You say your life is bad and wish it could end. I'm here to help you through your personal hell There's a message that to you I want to send. Life will be good again, dont throw it down the drain Living throughout the pain, emotional strength you will gain.
Nutrition—returning Vitality, One Swallow At A Time.
Last week I was convinced that we would lose Sydney very soon. She certainly looked and acted like it. She wasn’t eating, she seemed so very tired and sad. Her coat was dull and dry. I tried canned puppy food to entice her, and she ate it, a little at a time, then more, and then more.   I noticed that her back hunches when she puts her head down to eat and her hind legs slide out from under her. I moved her to the carpet and raised the dish about 9 inches.   She is up to a full can twice a day, which I am now mixing with 1 cup of the dry each feeding. She has watched and learned when meal preparation begins, and wolfs her food down like it is going out of style.   She has used a self-filling water station for years, and after 9 years, one would think she was used to the air bubbles going “glug” when it refreshes. No, it scares her every time. I took it away and put down a still bowl of fresh water. I’m having a hard time keeping it full.   Wow! She&rsqu
Last Tear
Vines of silk across a vanilla backdrop gliding with ease, weaving in and out spreading along an unseen path like a gentle summer breeze mixed with a heavy gust. Fruits of passion raining from the sky dropping gently to the ground the sun hides behind storm clouds   The portal of souls gazes over the beauty of nature with awe knowing that within a few ticks of time the ground will turn to accept its course. With great force the ground quakes sending waves throughout the land the night air so warm and heavy the sounds of fierce tsunamis crashing down met with the calm song of the doves the powerful shifting of the ground freeing spirits in volcanic eruptions Suddenly all is calm the vanilla background returns from rust the vines regrow while the fruit caress the soil the portal of souls fades to black 
Help Me!!!!
Hi can you do something for me. Read my two links and a comment on it. may have to open a new window to see them.
Sorry that I made you sad, but being a fool I made things complex. I never meant to make things bad, by taking words out of context. Wrong wording at the wrong time, not how they were supposed to sound. Now i fear you wont be mine, and it drills me deep into the ground. So here I sit in my sulking pool, realizing that i truly am a fools' fool.
First Sight
Can it be right? Love at first sight? These things that i feel, Can they be real? Saw her only one time I knew she had to be mine Can my heart speak true? This girl...she's you!
Darkness,Hatred and despair what are these but a vast swamp of waste a self made sheet of black serving no purpose other than dropping ones soul bringing it to the depths of a bottomless pit what is it that brings on such a shade? It eclipses even the brightest lights It cant be the overwhelming loss of a love one that fairer than those of fairy tales no its not the lack of wealth that can break even the strongest into tears its not even a never-ending yearning of that which cannot be obtained this vile sludge that contaminates the soul seeps in from a source so great greater than the eyes can percieve its affect is intoxicating the blackness spirals around and around from the peaks of the mind, racing through the veins it breaks down anything in its path a cancerous vermin gnawing its way crawling down the web of an intricate system corrupting even the most innocent of a beautiful creation its enough to make the sane flip their lids it creates words out of heav
'm so tried but I keep going Like an old movie still showing. Many times have I wanted to sit down Put my feet up and lounge around. Its 7:50 pm on the time machine My pockets full of silver and green. But I could use an eight hour nap Because tomorrow is full of the same ol' crap
This month has been a rollercoaster I've been as high as the sky, burnt like bread in a toaster and all i can do is wonder why You play tennis with my soul then caressed it like a baby the stress is taking its toll but still theres that maybe When will this ride end there's too many times I've cried my heart can no longer mend I can no longer endure this ride
My Chair
Went to sit in my favorite chair The one shaped like Sonny not Cher. Made of plastic the color white But someone stole it last night. They left me a note, On the paper they wrote: "We got your precious Sonny So Don't try anything funny, You can't get him back, He's my new clothing rack!" The whole night I cried Cuz thats the night my chair had died
So many types of eyes around So many colors like blue and brown Some are crooked, some slant Some are as small as an ant. Even though give a loving wink Every single one still must blink. The eyes can tell so very much Tales of success,love and the such. When I look into your eyes I see a story of beauty and surprise
So dark in here yet bright outside drowning in those things I hide A little bit of love stomped by fear my heart a ship that I cant steer People tell me what to do but its just not the same around you Maybe I'm too scared to open so I sit here hoping I could be wrong,maybe I'm not Too afraid to give it a real shot Sorry that I'm not a talkative man I dont mean to be a silent fan It's that your beauty steals my mind I've never had feelings of this kind
'm sorry that I never knew you I guess I'll never understand. See since you've been here, I was blind to the truth. My real dad left, gone far away but here you still are twenty years to this day my "father" knew me for so short but you've never swayed you loved me from the start. you yelled and criticized so i thought you hated me now that i'm on my own I've learned what you wanted: The best for me Unfortunately I travel my own trail though I may be blind,you know where I'm going I realize you don't like it and it might be my ruin I dont know what else to say but that i love and appreciate you more and more each day
watch out the coffee is hot its a brand new pot it tastes really bad but its really all I had I forgot the filter last night I used milk not water thats why its white feels like black tar or at least oil for your car try it with a spoon or a fork use it to paint a stork maybe it'll make some good toffee but I truly am sorry about the coffee
Just want my day to be free A day where I am who I am A day where stress lets me be Worries faded into light When will I again feel pleasure? When will I be filled with delight? But this wounded hearts soul So full of holes and pain Lets a heavy mind pay its toll The care and compassion of one In a struggle with an old jealousy Fighting a war thats all but done So I cling to an aching life Searching for my light,my friend Anything to help end my stryfe No one knows how much I care I can see it in their eyes But my love is so hard to share I fear the I may be out Another hearts star to be lost In my grey clouds of doubt
Too Shy
In awe of your beauty Because you're such a cutie. From your freshly trimmed hair To your heart warming stare. You have it all down including your walk Whenever you're around its too hard to talk. No matter how hard I try I still wonder why. I'm not the average joe And I really dont know Just how i should be But i can plainly see There's so much that I lack Like being ably to play the mack Maybe I can't do what i should Because you look and smell so good People teach,preeach and guide But when the time comes I turn and hide Its not as easy as I once thought You deserve more than I got
People wtf ?! we all need to drop our pre concived notions of religion and politics and borders I will be the first to admit all sects , countrys etc have fanatics but theres nothing wrong with that Do you really think that " god " ( I prefer the theology the univers was created wholy by Giant Omnipotent purple bunnies ) Cares one but about borders or sects or what douche is in power No  he,they.she dosent care Hey nut ball from religon A your going to hell at least according to religon B and all you crazies from religon B your going to hell  well at least according to religon A All of us need to stop and treat our fellow man with the common kindness and realize that we all need each other I know for myself when im dead and gone i dont want people goin wow that guy was an asshat I hated his stinking guts pople all over the world have the base need to be loved and cared for and everyone has the basic instict to give those things no matter how warped that might be think about that the ne
 Ok so I am sitting in the pre-op are of the hospital while my mother is waiting on her surgery to be done, and my mother grandmother and I get on the subject of superstiotion. I totally am superstiotos, and I was saying that karma can bite you in the ass if your not careful...OMG my grandmother looks over at me just as serious as she can be and asked me who karma was...I could NOT stop laughing...I asked her if she was serious, and she says, yes I don't think I have ever met her before.. WOW I had to control my laughter and explain it to her, and she was like, omg I feel so silly right now, so now I know where I get my moments from! Thanks grama, you rock!
Paper or plastic,dont do anything drastic Paper kills the trees, just say "plastic please" But plastic also kills,takes up space in landfills Many animals will choke because of the words you spoke "Put paper in the plastic bag", not caring how many animals gag Some poor duck lost its air but you dont care You have your holding sack,who cares if a duck can't quack
Fun In San Bernardino
anyone up for adult fun in san the morning...all bi ,gay men or women?...seving "pink tacos"...and sausages...
Mind Vs. Heart
mind vs. heart the mind shows so many thingsthat which the eyes just dont seeyears of joy to warm the soulyears of pain encountered by theeit can help us to laughor want to shed a tearit can drive us to tryor to run from our fear. the heart knows what it wantsbut doesnt always trust the wayit hides behind is shieldwaiting for that magical dayin its quest for lightit'll at times find the darkbut dont let it give upfor eventually it'll find its spark following the mind is a trickit'll never let you get too closeit'll keep up the hearts shieldand push away what you want mostlisten to your inner heartlet it lead your mind alongthere's nothing too good to be truewhen your heart conducts the song
with a heart bigger than the moonand love greater than any otheryou've been there for anything that we need a ray of light in the darkest hourthe silver lining in the cloudsthe plant of life with you as the seed never wanting any extra gratitudeyou would give selflessly anytimeno words could describe how great you are i have so much respect and admiration for youi'll never find the right words to show youbut someday i hope to be at your par forever loving and wearing your smileforever shining so brightyou're the glue that makes our family one i wish i could tell you how much you meanbut i fall short to such a tasklike a flower reaching for the sun so i sit here taking great prideas a tear streams down my faceyou're the guiding light that nothing can replace
Do Ppl Read These
My question is do ppl actually read the blogs that ppl write or do they rate them just for the points? do they actually care about the ppl behind the blogs... My life is in shambles at the moment as I sit and think about all that is going on in...where did I go wrong with all that could have been done differently...could I have been a better daughter to my mother? could I have been a better mother to my children? the questions keep going thru my mind without fail...over and over again... These are all normal questions that we all ask ourselves...of this I am sure...but could things have been different with my children if I had not decided to fight for my life and decide to fight for that of my children knowing now what they would go through in their lives...the stuff that I think about doing would get me committed to a hospital for sure...but it would make me feel so much better for vindicating what they had to endure and what I had to endure while living with their biological fathe
Once again i forgot hot to thinkToo many options of what to drink.So many flavors or Sobe and SnappleLots of orange but no apple.Theres also 7up,Pepsi and Root BeerBut there's more from what i hearCoke,Mountain Dew and SpriteWay too many to recite.Right now I'm not in the mood for sodaThough you can win if you find Yoda.Its just so hard to thinkWith so many options of what to drink.
Pirates Online!
Copy this banner! Check this online game! Is fun! Pirates for the hunt of gold and many fun this more!  
So, James was deleted with no explanation. After spending hundreds of dollars, and countless hours on this site, as well as shamelessly promoting it to level to 30, it no longer seems worth it. I have some bling to get rid of. I have some tickers to run. I need to get contact info from some of you.  I'll be around for a few days to get these things, and then I'm done. I'm not being emo because someone upset me.  This site has simply pissed me off. Just because it pissed me off though, doesn't mean that YOU sholdn't enjoy it.  
I give you my hand, you clasp it with pride. I give you my lips, you kiss them with a soft touch. I give you my time, you consume it with a childish joy. I give you my words, You listen with trust. I give you all that I am, You accept it with passion. I give you my heart, but you refuse to accept. So now i question my hand, though i find no answer I question my lips, though i recieve no response. I question my time, though i am still unsure. I question my words, though the mystery still remains. I question all that I am, though the shadows hide the answer. I question my heart, though now its lost. The answer isnt me, I cannot solve this puzzle. So I turn to you, you offer an explanation. I hear your words, they make no sense. I feel your emotions, though i'm still lost. I hear your honesty, though you speak without clarity. "Time alone is time well spent." The theory shows as the mystery unfolds, so again we meet with words that repeat. You convery
Rate Back Ffs
If Ur Gonna Fan Add And Rate Me Rate My Fuckin Pics When I Rate Urs For Fuck Sake It Wont Kill You To Rate Back
Toe Lint!
I have a few friends who I love dearly on fubar. I call them friends because they put up with my somewhat psychotic behavior. here's an example in the last hour Ive discussed: Toe lint with seamus Sour cream donuts with Hugh Lesbain Sex with Pixie spankings with name crisis my beautiful nakita with seamus I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I do know there's some serious underlining issues here ..... I love you all going to get my hair cut Wicked
Im going to die , your going to die everyone you ever met is goin to die its a fact so stop worrying about it Unless you have ben dead for any extended amount of time came back to life and dug yoruself out of the ground showered and ( hopefully ) put on clothes and know for a fact what is in the great hearafter your never going to know so why waste time worring about something you know nothing about stop pondering what you should do with your life and do it Love like you have never loved everyone and everything at all times
Norwegian Proverb!
Heroism consists in hanging on one minute longer.
Just sitting here thinking about life and people and thought this was something everyone should know Your life sucks . My life sucks and guess what every one elses you have ever known or ever will meet their life sucks as well . No one is perfect and no one will ever be perfect it doesnt matter how much money you have how " hot " you are how may things you have . As a person it is our nature to want more or change something about ourselves And its not bad to want to better yourself or your situation but try to remember eveyone else is trying to do the same thing So the next time someone need a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold or a few minutes of your time give it to t who knows someday you might need one of those things for yourself
Daddy's Here...
Don't worry I'm here You can sleep now son Ain't no nightmare gonna get you I'll hold you close Keep you safe from the other ones Protect you from the evil ones Quiet your mind and rest assured Your boogey men have no power here I'm here to clear out all the shadows No more monsters under your bed I can't promise you the world All I can do is swear to keep you warm Save you from the evil that men do The world is a nasty place I'll always be by your side I love you baby boy...
An Adapted Story
with haunted lips and pointed finger tipsinkept hair and a devilish starethe beast of the night spreads his fright leaving the town in whiteWOLF- "a nibble on the neck is fine, turning blood to winethe skin tastes great but just wait-cuz the mind is the soul, the heart the goal and soon it will all be mine"so from house to house he goes, on each door he blowswith a great puff they fall down, except on made of browninside they cheer and chug their beerthree pigs with nothing to fearPigs-"its us you want to eat but you must admit your defeatgo on home and smoke a bonebut we will never be your treat"Wolf-"i will get in this place using my charm and graceyou cannot hide and i wont be deniedtonight i dine on your face"while the pigs continued to drink the wolf started to thinkthe light kicked on, a costume he'll donand he'll get those pigs of pinkWolf-"I'll dress as Gregg and deliver a kegthey'll get drunk as a skunkand for their lives they shall beg!"*knock knock*(pigs)"who's there?"(gregg
Solid As A Rock
“Wherefore the people did chide with Moses, and said, Give us water that we may drink.  And Moses said unto them, Why chide ye with me?  Wherefore do ye tempt the LORD?”  Upon settling in their encampment in Rephidim after traversing the wilderness of Sin, the Israelites and mixed multitude who’d left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea on dry land, been miraculously supplied quail and manna (and would continue to be until they actually got to Canaan, see 16:35), and were once more on the lookout for water.  When it didn’t readily spring up – for about two million people and their flocks and herds, it would take a lot – the start of the seventeenth chapter of Exodus shows us that the people were ready (under some careful guidance from a few rabble-rousers, I’d expect) to turn on Moses who had been the one the LORD used to lead them out of Egypt. Apparently the people in their thirst had forgotten that it was the LORD and not Moses (he just acted at
hey yall...i'm bein lazy...if you have a bomb folder you should put a link to your profile here so i can find yall when i get around to usin  :D
Ever Grey
So is this it?Does time end here?Is this what I fought for?And what I've gainedWhat a fool I've beenTo think life had more to offerInstead I lie hereIn remorse and sufferAnd I hate you for doing thisAnd I hate you for saying thatI never did enough to ever please youNever did enough for it to cease toAffect me the way it doesProvoke me the way it mustAnd I'm still thinkingI'm not enoughMy war on timeGot worse and fasterThe sands fought hardAnd every day I lost a battleAnd even though I know I liedAnd even though I saw the signsThe same three words each timeI am fineAnd I hate you for doing thisAnd I hate you for saying thatI never did enough to ever please youNever did enough for it to cease toAffect me the way it doesProvoke me the way it mustAnd I'm still thinkingI'm not enoughI'm ashamed of the life I've livedI'm afraid of what I have beenAnd it just becameJust became enough...
What Hurts The Most
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty houseThat don't bother meI can take a few tears now and then and just let them outI'm not afraid to cry every once in a whileEven though going on with you gone still upsets meThere are days every now and again I pretend I'm okBut that's not what gets meWhat hurts the mostWas being so closeAnd having so much to sayAnd watching you walk awayAnd never knowingWhat could have beenAnd not seeing that loving youIs what I was tryin' to doIt's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I goBut I'm doin' ItIt's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm aloneStill HarderGetting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regretBut I know if I could do it overI would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heartThat I left unspokenWhat hurts the mostIs being so closeAnd having so much to sayAnd watching you walk awayAnd never knowingWhat could have beenAnd not seeing that loving youIs what I was trying to doWhat hurts the
Totally Broken!
I am so fucking upset........ thats all that needs to be said........FTW!
What Worse
Some days, I dunno.   Someone else letting you down or letting yourself down?
If You Want To Sleep Better...
Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you are not alone: researchers have found that most of us are lacking an adequate amount of sleep. The jangling pace of modern life seems to be wreaking havoc on our sleep patterns, and dragging around after not enough sleep is not only no fun, it can also be a danger when we drive or do our jobs. Here are twelve secrets for getting more good-quality, restful sleep. For instance, do you know what the ideal room-temperature is for sleeping? Or what the perfect nightcap is? Find out, so the Sandman can pay a visit to your bedroom tonight! 1. Create an optimum sleep environment. This includes a mattress that offers ideal support and comfort; a dark room (see below); steady, soothing, low sounds like a whirring fan; and a room temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is optimal for sleep. 2. Don’t miss sleep to get extra work done. Most people shove sleep aside in favor of working more hours with the belief that they&rsq
25 Signs
25 Signs That You Have Grown Up 1.Your house plants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2.Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question. 3.You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4.6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 5.You hear your favorite song in an elevator. 6.You watch the Weather Channel. 7.Your friends marry and divorce instead of "hook up" and "breakup." 8.You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. 9.Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as "dressed up." 10.You're the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won't turn down the stereo. 11.Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you. 12.You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore. 13.Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up. 14.You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers. 15.Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt. 16.You take naps from noon to 6 PM 17.Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the
Look at me with lust in your eyes Smile like I make you happy Lean against me like you need me Kiss me like you want me Hold me like you mean it Tell me that you enjoy it without using any words.   Show me your dreams Share your hopes Let me see just a small glimpse of your world I'll surrender my heart open up and allow you to touch my soul If you'll let me teach you uncondtional love.
Help Stop The National Energy Tax
President Obama and the Democrats are planning to jack up energy prices and pass the cost on to you and your family. Let me ask you, with our economy in shambles, the unemployment rate at nearly 9% and our country about to run a record deficit of $1.8 TRILLION for 2009, can you and your family afford an additional $3,100 in higher energy taxes a year? If Obama and his liberal Democrat cohorts get their way, you and your family will be paying an additional $260 a month in energy taxes thanks to the Democrats' outrageous Cap & Trade legislation. That's $260 a month that you and your family should be allowed to spend, save or invest anyway you see fit. This tax hike may be coming sooner than you think. Ultraliberal Democrat Congressmen Henry Waxman and Ed Markey, who chair the Energy committees moving the Cap and Trade bill, want it passed by the U.S. House before Memorial Day. That leaves Republicans precious little time to stop the Democrats' energy tax plan that could cost American bus
Quote Du Jour 5/19/09
"Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway."
Ice Capades
A mother's four-year-old daughter was attending her first performance of the Ice Capades. She was so mesmerized that she wouldn't budge from her seat even during intermission, watching the activity while the ice was cleaned. At the end of the show, she exclaimed, "I know what I want to be when I grow up!" The mother envisioned her on the ice in another 15 years, starring in the Ice Capades. She was brought back to earth when the daughter continued, "I want to be a Zamboni driver!" 
My soul is gone.Lost and broken.The dreams have faded and This charade is faulted.The endless sorrow continues Through the night. While the hope flies off into the distance.
Read Read
Read my two links and a comment on it. may have to open a new window to see them.if you like show your friends!!!  
I'm broken, cut, and bleeding,On the inside of my heart.All because of what you doneIt really tore me apart.I try to move on ,I try to get on with my life,But it seems no matter what I do, I think of you,And it makes me want to cry.What you did was very wrong,It shocked me in the worst possible way.You being the person you were never would have done the things you did,Or would have said the things you did say.It seems so unbelievable,That you could betray me like this.I trusted you so much,You gave me so much happiness and bliss.My cuts will heal eventually,They will turn into ugly scars.All except a few that were left by you,And they will stay forever on my heart.
Saga Of My Tears
I sit all alone in this roomAs memories unfoldTears streaming down my face againThis pain never grows oldSome say it's a state of mindBut it's my heart that really hurtsI only aim to please you allBut what's a smile really worth?This is the story of my lifeThe saga of my tearsA story told a thousand timesRemade over the yearsIf you listen up closelyMaybe you might hearThe beating of my heartAnd the saga of my tearsThey say that life's a tripI hit the ground face firstLost everything I ever wantedBut it could have been worseOr that's what they tell meDo they sit alone in the dark?Or stare into broken mirrorsThinking it's the pieces of their heartThis is the story of my lifeThe saga of my tearsA story told a thousand timesRemade over the yearsIf you listen up closelyMaybe you might hearThe beating of my heartAnd the saga of my tearsThis is the saga of my tearsA saga that never endsThis a the saga of my tearsThat fall from cheeks til the end
Monkey Drummer
For Nordmenn Og Andre Som Kan Norsk...
 PåskeeventyrDet var en gang i en påske for lenge, leenge siden ….I Påskelandet som ligger langt bortenfor der vi er i dag.  Det het ikke Påskeøya, men Påskelandet.Der bodde det en konge og en dronning i sitt Soria Moria slott. Slottet hadde kongen bygd med sin sjel, til sin dronning og sin prinsesse, som var hans edelsten i livet. Slottet var plassert oppå verdens største båt, hvor de hadde egne gullgrønne skoger, grønne enger, grønt solskinn, grønne påskekyllinger, en grønn påskehare og eget tivoli. De var lykkelige og skulle leve under den evige solen og de sov de vakreste drømmer i den stupmørke stjerneløse natten. Men intet varer evig, og en dag blåste det opp til storm på havet. Et piratskip med påskehaner kom å røvet den vakre dronningen i sin gullgule ballkjole. Kongen sendte prinsessen i trygghet med sin hvite hest med hvite vinger som tok henne med til lekeland.Solen skinte bak skyene og påskeregnet, mens påskestormen økte og kongens skip med Soria Moria slott buldret
You abandoned me on this cold, dark road.You left me all alone to solve this impossible code.In this endless storm of tackling winds, blinding lightning, roaring booms of thunder, and stinging rain.With me forever feeling this pain.You walked with me but left like the other.You abandoned me on this cold, dark road.You were with me for every twist and turn.Trust is a lie this all must learn.You said you would always help me.Trust comes with a hard fee.I trusted you then was abandoned too.Now that I look back that's nothing new.You abandoned me on this cold, dark road.Now I go every day all alone.Not a single thing I own.I couldn't take it I fell to my knees.Another one of lives cold hard fees.No more, that is the last time I will fall for this trick called trust.All will have good times as well as the bad times but all that is left for me is bad to be had.Besides the bad all i have left is this impossible code,because you abandoned me on this cold, dark road.
Celldweller-:best It's Gonna Get" Demo Clip
The Name Number Is : 2
This is the mediator and peace-lover. The number two indicates the desire for harmony. It is a gentle, considerate, and sensitive vibration. Ruled by the Moon.Keywords: diplomatic, warm, peaceful, sensitive. .As lovers: Number Twos will bend over backwards to keep a relationship running smoothly. They offer emotional security to their lovers. The number two is associated with the Moon and, since the Moon rules Cancer in astrology, is similar to the Cancer vibration.
May Holiday
Going on holiday for a week from Saturday (23rd). Taking the family to stay in a cottage down in the south west of England. Staying not far from Taunton in Somerset. Never been to that part of England before so will be something different. The cottage is part of an old rectory, has a churchyard close by so the neighbours should be quiet Planning on spending a while researching more of my family tree which is why I am staying in Somerset. Will take loads of photos and will upload them when I get back once I have renewed my VIP. I probably won't be on much this week. Taking the kids to a special tour of the new enlarged Great North Museum on Wednesday evening. I am sure that nothing there comes alive at night. On Thursday taking the kids to see Night at the Museum 2 at the local cinema, something that they are getting excited about. They don't know about the museum trip so that will be a surprise for them. Will be packing for the holiday on Friday night. Aiming to leave
Online Horndogs
what the hell,does everyone really get online to cyber?shit ,thats not what im here for.i have waaaaaay to much self respect for gets on my nerves,it disgust me,and if being a guy saying this makes me sound gay.....go fuck yourself!!!
Having That Special Person To Share Your Life With
Hello the one special persons in my life today is my  children. my daughters brings me so much joy and happiness and is a very understanding young ladies whom i love with all of my heart, and my daughters who have made me very proud of them and making me a grandfather of two beautiful grandaughters who loves me so much just having those special people in my life gives me a reason to live for one more day
Once Again
why do i bother making plans? why do I bother setting myself up to get hurt. I cant stand life anymore.. Not like ths.. I look forward to things and I swear to god that curses everything.. Because it for sure wont happen if I have time, feelings, money whatever invested in it. It is the story of my life. One distinct memory of being disappointed started with my Mom. Now I am not giong to go into the whole story of why things were the way they were but I was in foster care. I remember sitting on the porch of my foster family home an waiting for my Mom to show up. she said tat she was goign to be there and I had my heart set on it. I sat there for HOURS waiting.. until it was cold and dark.. I was crying but refused to move because she had PROMISED...  I eventually fell asleep and she never showed up... This wasn't the last time and I promised myself I wouldn't look forward to things anymroe ecause I just got hurt.. Well, that is a hard promise to keep to onces self.. I do look forward
They Felt It,but Never Told Anyone About It
As they left the resteraunt,they were a little tipsy.They were laughing and becoming very touchy,there was this unspoken ,unknown attraction between them that they noticed but never talked to each other about.The valet brought his car around ,he walked to her side and opened the door for her,as she sat down in the car seat,her dress which was slit all the way up the side ,slid across her skin and up her thigh.He moaned to himself, the sight of that soft tender flesh made his heart skip a beat.She leaned out from the seat,leaning foward,her breasts straining against the thin material of her dress.Her nipples pressed hard against the fabric,she was driving him crazy without even knowing.He walked around the car,got into the drivers side and they started to drive off.He asked her ,,,,"where to my lady",she laughed and her hand dropped and landed on his thigh,she bashfully said "how about my place for a nightcap"He could hardly talk straight ,when he just about yelled out ,yes,that sounds
First Camping Trip This Year!!
This past weekend I went camping for Victoria day (clarified for Hugh and Rev...) it was a beautiful day when we got out there. I set up and started to drink. Rye and Coke go along way and a few marshmallow baileys shots and the Bocce tournament was on. For those of you who have not played bocce its a game where you try to get your 3lb ball closets to a small white ball. Seems a little lame but when half your team is drunk and your playing with forest and water hazards it passes the day away. To get down the business ill forward two days to the last night, A dark black cloud came over the sky and it started to snow. The weather took a turn and hit -4. Being Canadian we are use to this shit, but the Greek heritage in me choose to hide out in the tent under my blankets with my faithful companion nakita... Well i was bored and wondering about my fu friends so i got online and started chatting with Seamus and Witty (evil bastards).. Needless to say after an hour or so i had to pee. I ma
I'n Not A Hero (repost)
I am not a heroFor you I would bleedI don't have a haloI'd fight your demons until I ceased to breathI'm not bullet proofI'd take one for youMy kryptonite is the truthIt's the best that I can doDon't make me more than I amThere is something you need to knowI'm nothing more than a manI am not a hero
The Affinity Rocks! Come Join Us Ladies
=== 'The Affinity' wrote the following at '2009-05-18 15:33:35'..>> > > > > > > > > > > > > I've been surfing around the fu for a long while now, looking for a group of people to join. I've visited pages, watched them at work, thus far haven't found a connection with any of them. Not that there is something WRONG with them, but none of them seem to have what I'm looking for.> > So, here are my thoughts. I'd like to be part of a family where leveling isn't the total priority, and where all women that share a few simple common bonds can join together in friendship. I want to be part of a group made FOR women, and BY women, without a care as to what she looks like. I've found lots of female-oriented groups, but they all seem to have a prerequisite for joining based on a woman's appearance. Some are only looking for beautiful women, others are looking for women of a certain size (large or small) and others take members only based on hair color. Not that I have anything against the groups t
you found me there in your world of darkness prisoner of your words caresses i begged for promises of them you offered only to pull them back to hear me cry out pleaseeeeeeeeeee your throaty words you sought out the dark and here you will stay who knew i had it in me to leave you with a parting kiss to your face to watch as you  from afar glittering like diamonds in your world of dark were your tears your loss of me more than even you would admit now face this world of yours alone without me no more will i  beg for you no more will my tears slide down my face while you smiled im gone from your world of dark alone you are darkness
Definition Of....
STRESS The confusion created when One's own mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it.
Hey all, I'm entered in a rating contest. How it works is I get 10 points per rate and 1 for every comment. Here's the link.   any help is greatly appriciated.
smiles were foreign to me until i met you soft and slow it formed with great care it stayed smiling now seems so right gone are the days when i never did my smiles are  for you a thank you for all you did for me smiling now ................
What I Meant
what i meant  when i said i need you to be complete you patched my heart to make me feel again you brought a smile to my face instead of tears a laugh from my lips when i thought  there were none to feel a love without you i could never imagine you complete me in more ways then just the words convey i need you means so much to me  i need you means i love you more than you know it means i cant see a day without you feeling you always near me you  are needed so much more than just words can say look deep within me see what i mean when i say i need you
Plz Just One Rate
A Game Of Chances
a game of chances is what life is a maze of sorts turn to the left a promise of such sweet joy turn to the right a pain so great it would sear your soul but i  must conquer what i fear to play this game do i have the strength to face them alone i close my eyes and pick a fate stepping lively to face it head on im tired of this life of fear wondering did i make the right choice life is full of what ifs but this time around i will pick the way this game plays out some will not be around to see this games end but i will not condemn them for leaving appauld them for the strength to do so it takes a greater courage to pick what you want to do and not what others want you to do its time for me to play the game called tamms life to feel free of the bindings of others to feel what i pick is my choice my right win or lose its all me
10 Year Old Girl Has Breast Cancer
"Doctors in California are treating a 10-year-old girl with breast cancer, KFSN-TV in Fresno reported.The station said that the fifth-grader, Hannah Powell-Auslam, had a partial mastectomy to remove a tumor, but it still spread into her lymph nodes.She..." Source:
To Those On Here
i am editing my friends list please respond if you wanna stay on my list if not peace out have a good one
Renee  was my soulmate  my sunshine  she passed away or over last week  I am greatful for the time I had with her she made me want to be a better man    if she can see this in heven I want her to know she meant the world to me  and I will always miss her
Helping A Friend
hey friends and fam,got a friend,hes new in fubar.plz go help him out in leveling:Dhes in my family and goes by the name ghoulunatic.very cool guy:p  
They Really Pay You
Still Reading Commercial Emails For Free? Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You And Get Paid For It! If you have access to your own email account, you can get paid. Refer others and get paid up to two levels. Hits4Pay is one of very few highest paying advertising program in the industry. Signup for free and receive $10 as a Free Reward:
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"me" Folders That Are Private
agina and again im seeing "me" folders with plz rate and comment but th ucking file is private!   whats with that??    oh oh look at me but wait dont!!  im gonna wear something whorish then tell you im a good girl even though im half naked in my profile picture.   i think most of you girls need stronger meds if you arent already on them.   you know what this site is and what its for.  its like going to the bar and expecting the dance floor to clear just cause you came onto it.  get over yourselves.  seriously  i you wanna privatize nsfw folders awsome but dont ask ppl to rate your pix but mark them private that is the stupidest shit ever (i dont care if thats misspelled).  its these type of girls that say either all the good men are married or gay but you dont let in the guys who wanna look.   guess you can blame yourselves for the loss of most of us good men trying to flirt and be nice when we say you have nice eyes or compliment you.  seriously its like being a stripper and getting m
So fucking jealous right now!!!McCain's daughter - who is prosex according to the media because she doesn't support abstenance only - just was called out by MY LOVE STEPHEN COLBERT because it was claimed her friend dared her to go on the show and LICK HIS FACE!! He totally was going to let her...DAMN IT THAT IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST KINKS....So greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen...Honestly though, she is SMOKIN' HOT!!Lv M Ps - as I told a nice man from TN:...My boyfriend was laughing in extreme joy as I sat here and wailed...I would have launched over that desk with a sliding motion, grabbed him on either side of his face, knocking the desk chair to the floor, held him down and licked like an animal...Fuck being a lady...
The Feel Of Rain
Well it has been a nice day so far the rain pouring down on the earth. Kissing the moist ground with it wet lips, the rush that moves threw me as I go out into the storm. Feeling its power around e, curessing me with the wind as my hair blows around. The touch that feels as if it is lovers gental cureses. My hopes and dreams are flying on the wind into my heart and into my head.    
Guardian Angels
OK True Story..... Does the thought ever cross your mind that there is really no truly honest people in the world anymore? Especially when you see film of someone lying on the street in distress of some kind, and people are actually STEPPING OVER that person and just keep on going! I saw that on tv one day and it really gave me a dishearted feeling that no one really cares about anyone anymore! Scarry to say the least. But then I think of all my blessings and remember that is not true. For example just yesterday I went grocery shopping, and when i started to get out of my truck (yeah I,m a redneck girl) I suddenly decided to just take out the little cosmetic case that was home to my checkbook and drivers license and credit card and just carry it instead of my big heavy, bulky bag. So i finished shopping and wrote my check at the register (yeah Lisa I STILL write those hehehe I am an ole fashioned kind of girl, and really do hate alot of change in my life. Anyways I put all my grocer
A Meaning To My Life
alright this is going to be a weird blog goes... well it starts when me and my son's dad split up...i felt i had no meaning in life...i've had people going in and out of mine and my kid's life but it seem as thought sooo much shit has happened to me and no one was going to keep their promise to actually stay around...i felt as though i didn't have a care in the world anymore about anything..i started taking anti-depressants to feel good..more like a fake ass smile and living a lie of being happy...well years of being pushed down by people i thought actually gave a damn about me and my son...just when i thought i could just lose any emotion i had in my body...losing people in 1 yr and having no help with allen really as a father figure for him to go by...well i felt my life was going nowhere and i thought i would just end up being alone in life...he walks in..Chris sean horstmann...he brought out the real true happines inside that i never thought exist...he has taken my life
The First Step
I take her and make my mark as the pack leader of wolves makes his mark upon his chosen mate. I fight and conquer any male or beast to protect her. Firmly holding her neck, she feels the thrust of a rocketship. Rocketships continually take off with major thrursts. The pack of wolves gather around in a circle. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. She shakes as if having convulsions. Sweat flies off both. Unable to determine where one's skin ends and the other's begin. Then the mushroom capped rocketship becomes a massive Roman candle.  Massive muscle.   (Work in progress.)
Mo Fon Gosh! one say that in my first global mumm back next Wensday....or *gag* either.   thanks
Make U Famous
ok i need fubucks so i want to have a bidding for fubucks. wat do u get . well u get all ur pic rated i put ur name n mine illput ne thing u want in my content ill ell every ody to visit ur page and ne thing else u want
Update For All Our Fans
I see that there alot of people who make salutes for other people! Ladies! I would love to see who would actually take the time to make a salute for me! I am quite sure that if someone takes the time to make me a salute that would mean they seriously would like to be friends with me! SO, if you make me a salute not only will I return the favor but I will indefinately add you to my family! I am intruiged as to see how many people will make me a salute! Once you have made it please send it to so that I can post it on my fubar page! Thanks and hope to see a salute from all of you!!!!!!
We Love &miss Our Fallen Soldier
2005,30-June House Resolution 2305 By: Representative Hatfield of the 177th A RESOLUTION In memory of and honoring the life and service of Sergeant Chad Michael Mercer; and for other purposes. WHEREAS, on June 30, 2005, the State of Georgia lost one of its finest citizens with the death of Sergeant Chad Michael Mercer of Georgia, while serving as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Commander of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment in Baghdad, Iraq; and WHEREAS, this exceptional individual exhibited outstanding leadership, patriotism, courage, and dedication in his service to this state and nation in the 48th Brigade of the Georgia Army National Guard; and WHEREAS, this young man of 25 years leaves behind his loving wife, Pam; his beloved children, Alanna Taft, Amber Taft, and Gavin Mercer; parents Mack and Dorothy Mercer; parents-in-law Dudley and Carol Cole; brother Adam Mercer; sister Lara Mercer; sister-in-law Rebecca Cole; grandparents Mike and Shirley Junk, Jean Jone
You Think...
You think I don't see the way you look at me, But I do, and it warms my heart. You think I'm not excited by your touch, But I am, and it thrills me like no other. You think I don't love you like you love me, But I do, and it kinda scares me. You think I hide my feelings, Which I do, because I've been hurt before after showing my feelings. You think I don't care for you like you do for me, But I would willingly die for you to live. You think I'm not attracted to you, But I love your mind, body and spirit. You think I don't appreciate the things you do for me, But you have drawn me out again and for that I can never thank you enough. Not only do I appreciate everything, I am forever in your debt for rescuing me from myself. I am truly scared by the feelings I have for you. I've only ever loved another as much as I love you, I lost her, and I never want the same to happen with you. You are my everything, Diana, I would crawl through Hell and back if you asked it of m
Roundup Poem By Billy, Donny, Ant, Gage, Gail, Jimmy, Tom, Leeann, Austin, Steve, Zoë, Nett/mic, Mark
The Horse Roundup Vision   *Billy* Ride with the visions of the horses as you round all them up. Racing as the wind touching your bare body coming together as a free sprit  Knowing the excitement you get at the end of the trail As you watch the beautiful free and wild horses become one as the circle of our life.  Are the horses really us? Or just wild as our souls.   *Donny* I found a beauty today in the round up.  I chased the wildness as I never chased before, Watching as she moved in the wind and her mane flowed in waves  Oh, what
And Again
Will the feeling of emptiness ever go awayenough to where I can feel happiness each day?Will the time ever comewhere I don't feel so numb?I believe the answer to those questions is yesthough when this will happen is anybody's guess.The moments I've spent in his armsI felt like nobody could do me any harm.Being near him gave me a sense of peaceand my feeling of security sure did increase.When it came time for me to partI felt regret tugging at my heart.Now each night I dream of himand my future does not feel quite so grim.I look forward to time together with anticipationand in the meantime enjoy our communication.
Thank You
Thank you for all you doto keep me from feeling blue.Thank you for being thereand showing me that you really care.Thank you for showing meexactly how things should be.Thank you for understandingand never being demanding.All of the things you mean to meI hope one day you will see.You have given me a new hopeand the ability to better cope.I have never felt so close beforethat you care, I can't ignore.Because of this I am awarethat my trust in you is quite rare.You have more power than you knowto deal me the lowest blow.If you chose to walk awaymy heart would hurt more than any other day.But I refuse to live in fearbecause I want to hold you near.There are times I become quite scaredsince never before has somebody cared.Words will never allow you to seehow greatful I will always be.Being your friend makes me quite proudsince your heart makes you stand head above the crowd.
With your arms around meI felt so safe and secureI knew I was where I'm ment to bemy feelings have never been so pure.Cuddled up against your chestI felt like I was where I made me feel my bestIn your arms I felt so strong.The time we had was not enoughit has only left me craving for more.Being away from you is so toughI did not want to walk out that door.I look foward to another nightwhen I can sleep easily next to you.And wake up with the sun so brightthat I see sparkles from the glistening dew.Just the thought of another tender kisscan make my body burn.Your arms around me I sure do missmore time with you I yearn.As soon as I had to leaveI already missed your touch.The way I felt in your arms is hard to believeI never thought I could feel like I'm worth so much.I look forward to many more nights with yousleeping with a feeling of being home.I know with you I'll never be bluebut exactly how good this would feel I would have never known.
I'm Not Above Begging...
I have 2 weeks before I would like to bid on the Spotlight...but I am not even close!   Seriously, I need help! Anything at all that will help me would be very much appreciated!   Thanks to those who have already been working on helping me out:)
Does It Exist?
Is love really possible? Does it really exist? Why isn't life easier????
Ok! All Is Healed But The Toe!
Ok, so I can get back to the living, no crutch or cane! So last week I went a little to far with my daughters dad. I punched him and kicked his car when he picked up my Princess! I have never been violent or aggressive, but when ur baby comes home telling me that she spent the nite with a 12 yr old boy and she just turned 5! I went apeshit on him! Now more court costs! But worth it! Hence the broken toe!!!
No Excuse
I love the title....
Can Kitty Get A Cherry Bomb Plzzzz?????
Kitty would love a cherry bomb bling. A11's won't really do me any good since i am not vip anymore. Offering: rate all your pic's 10's for a month add to top friends & family (if not there already) leave a comment on your page 2-3 days out of the week drinks daily weekly gifts a sfw salute plz help a kitty out. Mwahzzzzzzz
going to see my regular for a checks up today. been battling the toughest case of depression i've ever had, but im doing better. i hate how they play their games, there is no reason for me to see him today, just yep uh huh you're doin okay. okay, $15. waking up at 7 o'clock ain't my gig anymore either!   *edit* everything went very well, gaining back lost weight and feeling good!
The British Solution To Saving Petrol
(Quick note for Americans: Petroleum Spirit or Petrol is what you call Gas for some obscure reason. Mind you, you also play rugby wearing armor, where you primarily use your hands and call it Football. Go Figure, lol) Brown wants us to cut the amount of petrol we use......   The best way to stop using so much petrol is to deport 3 million illegal immigrants!     That would be 3 million less people using our petrol. The price of petrol would come down.....     Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the Channel....     When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the Channel, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq ..... Tell him if he wants to come to  Britain then he must serve a tour in the military.... Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it.....     After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country..... He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal resident...
My Vagina Hurts
I miss seeing all the nudity/peens in the new members section. It always made me LOL. :(   PS; give kins FU MONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello My Name is Kellie I am 18years old from Orange Texas Im on this site : My link should pull up my profile after you join ... Im also listed in The Top20s category #20favorites #3Bloggers and #15promoters come by and check it out... Need More Information about the site : Its a Site for women who want to enhance there Bust Size by getting Breast Implants .. See The thing is girls have a Goal amount and once they have collected there goal the site sends the Money theyve collected to the Doctor of there Choice (this is so the Money is Being Used for what its ment for) its a great site the People are friendly and alot of help Soo If your a Girl wanting too get implants and cant really afford it Join up what do you have to lose and as for you Guys ..Ive almost reached my goal and would appricate itt if yalld join up and help me out see My Surgerys going to Cost $4075 but so far on that site i have Collected $1,583.15 I ONLY need $2,490 Until
19 May 2009
In the end everyone isresponsible for themselves, as are you.
Users In This World
There are so many users in this world today. Some pretend to be a friend,  just to get what they want from you then walk away or make excuses why they dont want to be your friend no more. And then you have some that pretend to care for you,  love you ,  want to be with you forever. Then as soon as another person gives them attention.  Your push to the curb like dirt. They even so much as start shit about you,  knocking you down,  turning others against you. Now why the fuck do that?  Are you that lame and childish.  Your suppose to be a adult yet you act like a dum fuck! Then their relationship with whom ever doesnt pan out.  They go running back to you trying and pleading and telling you so much gawd dam bull shit. You want to believe them, cause you still have strong feelings dispite the bs they handed you not so long ago. You forgive and try and pick up the pieces.  Every thing is right with the world.  Out of the blue they dump your ass again. They have a new conquest to 
Rage Within
I sit alone cryingIn my soul dyingAll has gone All is lostThis perfect life to me is lyingSin to suffer Alliance goneA need to know my lovers songOne small touch brings me aroundTo earth I am forever boundTo list my shame with no remorseBe it mine to know you trueTime has come to do the doGo, be gone, and get far awayAnd shine bright another day
Thank You
I Want TO Say Thank You To All Of You That Help Me With My Ranking You Guys Are The Best. I Specially Want To Thank Moonie And Dispatchgrl For Everything They Have Done For Me As Long As Everyone Else And You Know Who You Are.Thank You Again
The Crimson
I feel it welling up insideAnd Robert Smith liedBoys do cry and withBlood tears in my eyesI'm an Anne Rice novel come to lifeI can't hide the monster anymoreOne can only feel desolate for so longUntil one starts to change into somethingThe mirror doesn't recognizeMetamorphasizeThe darkness has been biding its timeTo claim its latest victimFresh meat for carnal desiresTo become what I becameI've viewed the sun for the last time Will you still hold me when you see what I have done?Will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victim's blood?So crimson and redI feel it flowing from your lips(Crimson and red)My heart is dead and so are you And it pulses throughThe desire to changeTo deconstructAll of myAll of my past feelingsBut where to beginBecause when you live in sin, it's hard to look at saintsWithout them reflecting your jet black aura back at youAnd all I have is hopeMy inner burn's not fadingI wipe the blood from my cheek and get on with my day Will you still hold me when yo
Thanks So Much Friends..
I want to say thank you to all my real friends here.=) Some of you have really made me smile and I think alot of you.Most of you know who you are.The ones who have truly taken the time to get to know me and not judge me or my lifestyle have seen the real kind of person I am.I am sweet and kind and will help in anyway I can.I had been pegged by some as mean,a gold digger,snotty and thats not me at all.They just drew their own conclusions instead of getting to know the nice little girl from Arkansas.Remember get to know someone before judging them.I appreicate love Ive been shown on fubar.You guys make me feel like a million bucks.Ive been blessed to be quite popular here and I hope that I can make at least one person smile a day.Thanks for the love friends.Thanks for the laughs.Thanks for the rates.Thanks for the bling.=) I love you all and appreciate my time here.Its a fun place most of the time.I want a special shout out to Bunnylove for being a sweet girl.She's by far my favorite gir
Not A
I just love it when im right... Ive been screwed over once before and it will never happen again as long as i pay attention...     xoxoxo   Batman 31 Forever
I Am A Blasphemer And Proud Of It
I alway's find myself in the same debate. It usually starts with some born again bible thumper telling me that I'm gonna burn in hell because I don't attend church or follow Christianity. Before I continue I would just like to say that if this offends anyone of the Christian faith...get over it and stop taking yourself's so seriously. It's alright for them to bag on everyone else for having different belief's but don't anyone dare fire back on Christianity. Ya right. Now I am not trying to attack all Christian's. In fact I do know a few that are surprisngly normal. Shocker! Now this is not an unprovoked attack. I have personally berated and persecuted by many people  of that faith because I don't accept the bible as it is written. I do believe in a spiritual connection all that is around me. I do also believe in one great force that is responsible for the universe. I just don't buy that it was one particular being with a form. Now I do also believe that a little blind faith is a good t
Join Uk-hideout :)
hey join uk-hideout u dont know what ya missin ;) if any  wants to join ans sum  to talk to my chat nae is kitty_kat feel free to find me :) x
My Last Breath
I hate this feeling!!! :( Whats going on with me? Heart ache is the worst kind of pain there is. i try not to thank about it but it always comes up. And hurts even worse and more pain is uncoverd. New things happend. And old things happend over and over again....Heart broken...You said "I will always love you and never let you go. Your mine forever I'm going to marry you. Your the best." But i guess it was all a lie. I see your face everyday and i cant stop thinking about you. and the cuts get worse and deeper and wider. I can hardly breath...  just to have this pain go away. no more pain. I wish a butterfly so i could fly to a island and be by myself with no more pain. But thats not going to happen. :(
Last Thought Before Bed
i haven't changed my mind, but i change my sheets every night when i think of you.
Loads of people what do MuMMs do that thing where they are a spotlight, so I have decided that it must be a wicked way to get TEH!! POINTZ!!  As I love TEH!! POINTZ!! I have decided that I will do this as well, because if there's a bandwagon going, Imma gonna jump it. So here's the thing.  I hereby solemnly swear that from now until the end of May, or until I haz loads of bucks to do that thing, I swear that any money anyone gives me will not get spent on buying TQ back from some guy or other, or buying a Hummer to give to Jai.  The only gifts I will buy will be those ones where it is a cheap can of beer - YOUR money will go on me getting spotlight and nothing else.  If you give me any.  Which you don't have to.  Well wishes are equally valued.  Or a can of that cheap beer. Whatever.  But I have a vision.  A vision of a man.  A man that wears a wrestling man mask that he drawed on his face himself.  A man that is a spotlight.  A man... well, it's me.  Do you see? It's me, being a spot
I am very happy to be alive I HAD LUNG CANCERin2004.they got it all  out of me and now I still get to enjoy my family and my fubar friends
Sometimes ... when you cry ... no one sees your tears...   Sometimes... when you are in pain... no one sees your hurt...     Sometimes... when you are worried.... no one sees your stress...     Sometimes ... when you are happy ... no one sees your smile ......     But just try masturbating on a bus, see how much fucking attention you get.   Ps. Can you pick me up from the police station in about an hour
My Life
well ladies and gents of fubar!!!! this is my first blog this  past month ahs been so horrible. i lost my job and dicking around with me on my umemployment i cant  find a job this guy who i thought was my friend stole my wallet that had all my rent money my debit cards my social everything i am so mad at him then i heard this " Dead and Gone" By TI and Justin Timberlake. Well generally i am nice a person you ask me for my shirt off my back i will give it to you all i ask is that you respect me and dont lie or steal from me. apparently he wasnt who i thought he was but thats ok karma is a bitch. but here are the lyrics!!       AyLet me kick it to you right quick, manThat on some gangsta shit man, on some real shitAnybody done been through the same thing, I'm sure you feel the same wayBig PhilThis for you pimpin'[Chorus - Justin Timberlake (T.I.)]Ohhhh (eyyy)I've been travellin' on this road too long (too long)Just tryna find my way back home (back home)The old me is dead and gone, d
Answers To Ur Swine Flu Scare
In 1997-98, viruses, bacteria and other microbes started mutating out of control. Disease-causing agents have been evolving extremely rapidly, and strangely, since then. Life scientists reported an "evolutionary crisis," and "accelerated evolutionary processes." As early as 2002, scientists warned of new infectious diseases appearing and old diseases reemerging due to a "complex interaction of social, economic, evolutionary, and ecological factors." It all goes back to 1997. What happened in 1997? Simply put, a number of factors new to the earth's systems converged, and interracted in new, and unprecedented, ways. The interracting 'factors' include escaped pathogens, lab accidents, GM animals and food, factory farming, pollution, chemical contaminations, and more - categorized broadly as "social, economic, evolutionary, and ecological factors." Several local biological systems around the world reached individual points of "self-organizing criticality," where the rules change
Why Acid Is Bad
On Sunday night i had a horrible acid flashback and tripped out bad, really bad. (I didn't do more acid, i just tripped out unprovoked) Things started off ok, colors became more vivid, i started seeing things a little. Then it got progressively worse. Those vivid colors started flashing wildly. The first major thing besides the colors was that my left wall started to breathe in and out. The posters on my right wall started to "dance" to the music i was listening to. They then started to rearrange themselves. The crooked ones straightened, the straight ones became crooked. That wall also started to breathe in and out. I noticed someone was watching me from inside my closet. I could see him move, but i couldn't see his face. The walls kept breathing harder, more angrily. The posters started to meld together and the walls started to melt. Keep in mind that i was listening to music the whole time. More people appeared. One was crouching down on the right side of my bed, but
Interested in meeting cool furs. I'm pretty much totally new at FUBAR. It seems interesting, but I'd like to meet some people with interests similar to mine.
Quote Du Jour 5/18/09
"Get your facts straight before you start talking about your stripper aunt and baking soda." -a thread on
Help Us Out!
HELP US OUT!!!!!!!   I would encourage anyone who enjoys good music and would like to help a deserving artist to hit me up for her site where you can pick up her new cd as well as other items to continue to support her music. I would not do this if I didnt think she was worth it. It helps me as i do get some commission but not much so its not a gold mine for me just a favor for a friend. Check her out Rebekah Starr Band   Thank you. C
Heading To Bed Alone ... Again ....
I am melancholy tonight if yall  havent noticed ... damnit I need to hurry up and get mah arse to california ... being away from Him is killing me slowly ... i need to get it all in perspective and just suck it up ... he will be here soon to stay for a while and get a chance to bond some with the kiddos ... ugh ... God knew why the man i was intended to be with for the rest of my life is 2400 miles to the west of me ... loll never cared bout leaving NC ... planned to eventually but now omg i have to get the hell outta the south and get to where he is .... where he is is HOME and its honestly making me kinda sad when i have no business being sad ..i have the love of a lifetime ... im lucky as hell .. im spoiled by him and miss his smile ... his laughter ..... we talk on the phone all the time .. text ect or black berry messenger ... but erm i have a void till i am with him ... ok sucking up ... ill try to do funny or informational blogs from here on out loll .. sorry yall
Forgotten things remembered Blasphemies revealed The written word shows my pain I laugh now to hide the tears The jokes on you all I hereby recommend incarceration A straight jacket may do me some good Better trapped inside a cell than inside myself Insatiably insane Incurably ill I'll keep my demons inside, thank you Can't decide to live or die Maybe I'll outlive you all Hell, I could be gone tomorrow Who cares, just let it be No prison is as strong as the one we build for ourselves
When Love Finds You
Love sure is something no one can explain It can bring you such joy, it can bring you pain And with every emotion, love puts us through There's nothing you can say, when love finds you Love is the power that makes your heart beat It can make you move mountains, make you drop to your knees When it finally, hits you, you won't know what to do There's nothin' you can say when love finds you Chorus: Give it all you can give it, when your love comes around It you put your heart in it, then it won't let you down You'll find out it's true, baby, someday when love finds you And when you least expect it, it will finally come true There's nothing you can say when love finds you Chorus You'll find out it's true, baby, someday when love finds you   Howard -- I love you so much lovie have given me the greatest gift of all ...your heart ...
Pics U Want 2 C Of Me Or Salutes
Hi everyone just wanted to know if anyone can help me think of new pics I should take. I try to be adventurous but extreme is out of the question. I am still debating any sex on pics. But I am sure a lot of positions I could get in that I can not think of you can. Also I would like to trade salutes with others. I will not get nude. But I have a new bikini I want to show off.
I Dont Care If...
if this is an old one one haha So after landing my new job as a Wal-Mart greeter,A good find for many retirees,I lasted less than a day......About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, Unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids,Yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance.As I had  been instructed, I said pleasantly, 'Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?'The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, 'Hell no, they ain't  twins. The oldest one's 9, and the other one's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?'So I replied, 'I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am, I just  couldn't believe you got laid twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.'My supervisor said I probably wasn't cut out for this line of work.
Love Song For You Baby
Whenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel like I am home againWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel like I am whole againWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel like I am young againWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel like I am fun againHowever far away, I will always love youHowever long I stay, I will always love youWhatever words I say, I will always love youI will always love youWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel like I am free againWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel like I am clean againHowever far away, I will always love youHowever long I stay, I will always love youWhatever words I say, I will always love youI will always love you
Rates And Comments Please I Really Need To Win This Please Copy and paste link and only rate and comment on me make it a great comment and we both get blings If i win i'll bomb whoever hits me with the most comments
A Mama's Plea....
My kid is the greatest kid in the world.   That bein said   Can someone PLEASE get her the Rump Shaker Bling??   I would but I can't afford to buy anymore bling. Hell, my VIP expires in a few days cuz I can't afford the $15 a month! Times are REAL tough right now.   I would love anyone to DEATH if you could get her the bling. She is such a great kid. She makes me so proud everyday. She REALLY, REALLY, really deserves it!!   Here she is: geeKISSexy--READ MY PROFILE BEFORE SENDING FRIEND REQUESTS! OR SHOUTS!@ fubar   Thank you SOOOOO much in advance!! If ya message me lettin me know ya did, I'll lay a bunch of 11's on ya! It's not much, but it's all I can do!
Bling, Sh*tfaces & 11's Up For Auction! Ends 5/25 @ 10pm Est!
      IM HOLDING ANOTHER AUCTION! BUT IT'S NOT JUST BLING! I AM AUCTIONING OFF 1(one) CREDIT BLING, 10 SH*TFACES & 100 11'S! Auction will end on Monday, May 25th @ 10PM EST. PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURE TO BID! ** ITS IN A FOLDER IN MY PICS!!***** links don't work since they changed the blogs. Thank you. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: plz don't steal my layout, thank you. sO FrESH♥_[diAMond dAveS gUrL & LuCkyChArm xox]_♥Owned by JMO & Simply Erotic@ fubar
Oh Teacher! ((written By Me))
A timid, dark-haired girl walks into her science teacher’s classroom. Her nervousness peaks as she sees her teacher sitting at his desk. She clears her throat which gets his attention, causing him to look up at her. He smiles at the unexpected visit. “Hello, Ms. Higurashi. What brings you to my class so late today? Most of the other teachers have already left to go home.” “Well,” she says as her nervousness rises. “I was wondering if you could give me some extra credit.” “Oh, that’s right. You failed the last test because you refused to dissect a frog.” he says to her. “I usually don’t give out extra credit, you know.” “I know, but I’ll do anything! If my mom sees that grade then I’ll be in huge trouble. Please…I’ll do anything.” She says in a pleading tone. He takes off his glasses and sets them down on his desk as he leans back in his chair. He places his hands
I Am Worth It.
I have loved and I have lost. I have hurt and been hurt. I've been lied to, cheated on, rejected, and taken for granted. I may not always let you know how much you've hurt me because I will try to maintain a smile...choosing instead to bear the pain in private. As often as I sometimes do it, few know how much I cry. Even fewer will ever see it. Everyone in my life is there because they choose to be. Should you choose to walk out please know that I will not ask you to stay. I refuse to beg. Those who remain in my life know just how much they mean to me. To all those I've ever hurt in my life, I'm sorry. I pray one day you will forgive me. To all those who have hurt me in my life. You're forgiven. I realize now my best isn't always going to be good enough and that I won't always make everyone happy. I also realize I deserve happiness because dammit, I AM worth it. As much as it may hurt, I will no longer let anyone treat me less than I deserve to be treated because dammit, I AM wor
Eris - Goddess Of Chaos, Discord & Confusion
ERIS - GODDESS OF CHAOS, DISCORD & CONFUSION They awoke to the sound of pins clattering, and found the bowlers engaged in their game and the waitress busy with making coffee. It was apparant that their experience had been private. The Korean Flag  They discussed their strange encounter and reconstructed from memory the chimpanzee's diagram. Over the next five days they searched libraries to find the significance of it, but were disappointed to uncover only references to Taoism, the Korean flag, and Technocracy. It was not until they traced the Greek writing on the apple that they discovered the ancient Goddess known to the Greeks as ERIS and to the Romans as DISCORDIA. This was on the fifth night, and when they slept that night each had a vivid dream of a splendid woman whose eyes were as soft as feather and as deep as eternity itself, and whose body was the spectacular dance of atoms and universes. Pyrotechnics of pure energy formed her
True Meaning
af·fin·i·ty Pronunciation: \ə-ˈfi-nə-tē\ Function:noun Inflected Form(s):plural af·fin·i·tiesEtymology:Middle English affinite, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French affinité, from Latin affinitas, from affinis bordering on, related by marriage, from ad- + finis end, borderDate:14th century 1: relationship by marriage2 a: sympathy marked by community of interest : kinship b (1): an attraction to or liking for something (2): an attractive force between substances or particles that causes them to enter into and remain in chemical combination c: a person especially of the opposite sex having a particular attraction for one3 a: likeness based on relationship or causal connection b: a relation between biological groups involving resemblance in structural plan and indicating a common origin
Song I Wrote 4/22/09
Sometimes at night when I lay my head down i wipe my tears on my pillow, and sometimes at night before i sleep I pray for you, and sometimes at night i cry myself to sleep, and sometimetimes i find myself alone in my dreams. And sometimes i find myself upon mu knees and sometimes at night when i cry i finf my tears rolling off my cheeks, and sometimes i wonder why i must be here alone and I wonder why it is your there alone when you said you loved me and you call somewhere else home. Sometimes at night I cry myself to sleep, sometimes at night I wonder why it is you choose to be with out me when it is when it how much I love you so. Sometimes at nightI cry and I pull your pillow close to me and it's those night remembering the wonderful times when i look up to the sky and those nights i cry and I wonder why, yes it's its those nights I remember and i look up to the sky, oh oh yes it's those night I remember and I look up to the sky and I cry. Sometimes at night I cry waiting for you
Then To Now
The walls are all spinnin again I look in the mirror and see a devilish grin Is it real or am I hallucinating again? I hear voices but I can’t make out a damn think there sayin again Damn, I guess I’ll just set here and let myself spin In a downward spiral straight to oblivion Insomnia just settled in an it looks like another binge Another plot at revenge Can I succeed or will it end as soon as it begins Clean for two months but I’m about to give in Fuck it looks like I already did Lookin up but all I see is the stars I look around and all I see is the bars What I’d give for just two xanax bars Or a line of coke so I can jump in front of speeding cars Leanin back in the passenger seat Passin blunts while the devil chauffers me If hes here then where God, ain’t he listenin to me
I Miss You ,,, God Knows I Do
To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn't think could be real. To know that you feel the same as I do is a three-fold, utopian dream. You do something to me that I can't explain. So would I be out of line if I said, I miss you. I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine. You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away. I know I'll see you again whether far or soon. But I need you to know that I care and I miss you.
Memorial Week-end
What can you say about this weekend except that it goes fast.  There is the 500 mile race,  Rolling Thunder in DC and the family picnics.  If that is not enough then tune into BlastFM for a rocking good time!  Get your weekend started on the right stomping foot then change to the left foot.  That's the start of a new dance phenom.
Is Torture Ever Justified?
Is torture ever justified in a post-9/11 world? FRONTLINE gathered a group of legal thinkers to answer this question. Several of them had studied the torture question together for a joint project between the Harvard Law School and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. That group issued a report, "Preserving Security and Democratic Freedoms in the War on Terrorism," which attempted to establish some limits and a process for oversight and accountability for the use of "highly coercive measures" -- tactics sometimes called "torture lite." FRONTLINE asked respondents the following questions: What tactics would be justified in what's known as the "ticking time bomb" scenario? Would a recent amendment proposed by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) solve the problem of prisoner abuse? What can we learn from the experiences of other countries that have grappled with the torture question? Related Link Preserving Security and Democratic Freedoms in the War on Terrorism Here is the repo
Pickey People
ERROR: sorry, this users permissions don't allow you to send them a private message. this really bothers me how fubar members join and won't let you leave a comment without checking it first! ...well delete it if you don't like it some people just want to be nice and comment on your pic. dam!...have we lost insight into what fubar is all about? i mean no salute no on my comments ....what is this place cia or fbi ? don't be so childish!
****** Important *** Must Read ******
                          From Jason Cardomone... to meMatt Morris SU / WV (World-Ventures a.k.a. - Working While Taking Exotic Vacations) WebConference...Join us on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MDTDear Todd,Thank you for registering for:Matt Morris SU / WV WebConference, Tuesday, May 19, 2009 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MDT1. Click here to join:
No Air
this is how i feel without you for a day .... imagine   Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no airIf I should die before I wakeIt's 'cause you took my breath awayLosing you is like living in a world with no airOhI'm here alone, didn't wanna leaveMy heart won't move, it's incompleteWish there was a way that I can make you understandBut how do you expect meto live alone with just me'Cause my world revolves around youIt's so hard for me to breathe[Chorus:]Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no airCan't live, can't breathe with no airIt's how I feel whenever you ain't thereIt's no air, no airGot me out here in the water so deepTell me how you gonna be without meIf you ain't here, I just can't breatheIt's no air, no airNo air, airNo air, airNo air, airNo air, airI walked, I ran, I jumped, I flewRight off the ground to float to youThere's no gravity to hold me down for realBut somehow I'm still alive insideYou took my breath, but I survivedI don't know how, but I don't even careS
Deadly Passion
Come Join us for the Grand opening of Deadly Passions! Great music great fun and all The Drinks you can handle!!! So come play with us if you Dare!!!!
Our Fight
Our Fight For You by Robert Byers We fight for what many won't Our bodies battle like many don't We save lives in the field Knowing that we may be killed Freedom is saved by what we do You don't understand that it's all for you We take the punishment to help the others Our mission is to save our brothers Mothers at home worry about us every day Just so you can have everything your way Some people at home put us down and call us names While miles away we fight for freedom so that our nation can reign We see the blood of our brothers But we keep on fighting for all the others We never give up and we always try When banded together we will never die Know this peace lovers, war haters, sad mothers, and mob creators We fight the war for you as well We take the bullets in our chests and go through all the hell We are the Marines We battle day to day No Matter how much pain we take Our freedom is what we save We take our guns, and we take our lives and put them o
Who We Are Who we are you ask We live on our feet, definitely Will not live on our knees. When duty calls We leave everything behind Family, friends everything we love. We will kill for those who cannot kill Die for those too scared to We fight for what many wont We take the punishment and pay the price For all that you enjoy. Fear not our fate, enjoy your freedom While it is not free, we will pay your share Often ultimate sacrifice is the cost. There is nothing you should fear. We have your back, the bullets hit our chest. While people question our jobs, We courageously battle the enemy Off in far away lands We never know if today is the day we will die but, We are not afraid to do so because In our hearts we know, that back at home you will all be fine. Honor, courage, and commitment Hardship along with those training experiences Bond us all together A brotherhood so inexplicable You will never understand, unless you’re one of us. Who we are you ask, We are the fight
2 Months Sober
how do you start to tell the end that begins a new day? How can you start with feelings when you aint feeling ok Heres a way, take a look at yourself through anothers eyes And now I see why all my acquaintances look at my life and despise No one looks underneath to see the pain No one believes someone could have that fucked of a brain But instead you see the drug usage and alcohol all the same So instead of explain I crack a bottle and light my mary jane Another day in the life another day so bright But instead another day where I aint seein the light If I make it out of bed then it might be alright But solitude fits me best so I think I’ll set tight I grab the pill bottle so tight, take one or two I just might Or eat em all up since there’s no point to life Maybe one day I’ll find it maybe one day it’ll be alright But I’m a man so I’ll man up and just try to do whats right But you can’t go wrong if you ain’t got no goals
My Desire
My Desire Deep within me, In the very recess of my soul. Is a desire which burns, A desire so strong for you, That I can not handle it. A desire so strong it can weigh my heart down. How did you touch me in such a profound way, You reached a part of me, I forgot it exist. I remember why now, Because I was not willing to risk my heart, I did not want the pain that was likely to be. Nothing last forever, Except the desire within me. If I want you with me again, I simply close my eyes, And go to the recess of my mind, Where I know you have been. Here is were we are all a lone, I can feel you against me, I can feel your lips touch mine. I smell your essences and taste your love. My desire starts to burn It is touching very deeply, Forcibly, Aggressively, Lovingly. Your spirit is touching me. It is here were you will always be a part of me. You will always be the one that gave me that ultimate sprakle, That very special twinkle. The one who makes my desire glow, My desire within me burn. D
So, there was some drama in a mumm tonight. The person on the other end of the drama has apparently posted a blog about me and James, telling people not to associate with us. If you feel that's what you must do, that is fine.  I can't stop you. I don't keep track of a friend count, so I really don't know if anyone has deleted me over it.  Maybe if I realize that someone I thought was important to me deletes me, I'll notice, but at that point I'll probably also realize that if they WERE important to me, they would've talked to me about it at least. I won't tell you to stop talking to anyone.  Who you choose to be friends with is your business.  I don't ask people to take sides.  It's not fair to people who I have come to care about. I have my reasons for saying the things that I did.  If you want to know about the reasons, please, ask.  I have nothing to hide.  
Rude And Crude People
Why is it that women and men on here have to put up with people that think it's just fine to come across your shoutbox with rude,cude,nasty,comments and statements?  I realize that this site is for adults,but damn....!  My 14 year old acts more like an adult than some of the people on here!  My blocked list is getting longer than my friends list.  I don't feel that I should have to lock the shoutbox down and limit it to just family and friends,but it looks like it's coming to that point.
shit some one hit me up am bored as hell girls dont be shy
I Thought This Time... Maybe I'm Wrong, Maybe Not
it's eating away at me. i thought maybe, just maybe, this time could be different. i think i think that every time. they all say the same thing about my past relationships. you had low self esteem. and then this happens. my crazy can't handle them and they can't handle my crazy. i love you i hate you, i hate you i love you, i need you you don't need me. it's all the same. i just want him to be there when my world is falling apart. that's what every girl wants. my world falls apart more often. i want him to call me back when he says he will. i want to feel like a priority in his immediate future, not just some generic someday. i want to know why i can't be normal. don't jump down my throat for that. fine, i want to know why i can't be healthy. i have tried 50 different medications, three hospitalizations, four if you count the one that was a non suicidal near fatal overdose. i've tried one on one therapy, group outpatient. i could run a psychoanalysis group session at this point. i can
Woman Pie
Woman. These woman. Why do they tease? Play with a guy then expect them not to be mean. They say we create bitches, but assholes don't just generate themselves. I think we coincide like a chef and his pie because one can't exist without the other and I'm definitely not the pie bitch. If anything I made you from scratch. I built you up from the crust and threw my fruit in the batch. You were "Oh So Sweet!" Now what the fuck happened did i burn you and leave you there too long. Or you naturally became bitter because things begin to wither and decay with expiration. I aim to have the best and this was not my expectation. So why should i be deserving of an explanation. I'm a master of my craft, a culinary expert. There is plenty of recipes on these shelves so let me open one up and and take another look for myself.
well,,FIRST--my BABY is a collegeeeee...GRAD...she went from higs school the next Monday to college and she is now a Grad..In Florida and taking job interviews..while in college she was full time student and two she might get a little rest.. Second...sorry I have been so busy..with Grad,,and helpin my (81yr) mom take care of brother (58) with stroke and paralization,,,he was never married.. Third...HELP...I work 3 jobs,,and try to socialize...3 jobs 7 days a week for the last three I need some ZZZZZZZZZZZ... thanks friends 4 understanding...Hugs B
I Got Hit On By A Guy...
*(jburton)*: thank u..  ->*(jburton)*: well, seeing as how you're a guy I can't say i'd be to into it.. but good luck on your search   *(jburton)*: lmao..nevermind..i'll just move on 2 som1 who like 2 play along wit me.. ->*(jburton)*: well, unless you're a doctor i'm not sure there is much you could do..  *(jburton)*: ummm....just wht kind would u like..   ->*(jburton)*: out of curiousity, what help are you offering? ->*(jburton)*: Okay... *(jburton)*: oaky..u know where 2 find ->*(jburton)*: i'm fine, thanks..   *(jburton)*: u need help wit ur wounds..just askin..   Aside from Dyss trying to show me his penis I havn't had men try this.. I don't like it and don't know how you women can put up with it.. Thank god i have a penis..
Looking Forward To The Summer
Yeah.... I am looking forward to this summer, because I am going to get to finally do my own thing now!!! I am going to get a part-time job and try and work hard to earn me money so I will get to go on a trip this winter, I will do a lot of things to have fun but, I really want to earn money so I can go to some of the places I said I wanted to go to.          Also, I am glad that I now live on my own... because I can get someone to come in and have to come over!!!! Now, if I can keep the person with me, I would be happy!!!
Please Keep A Little Girl In Your Prayers
My kindergartner was at lunch last week wtih her best friend, who is diabetic. While they were eating and talking she collapsed her sugar had dropped and they could not wake her.  She is still in hospital we pray for her each night and would like as many as possible to add her to your prayers.This little girl could use them she is a sweet angel and is missed at school and by my girl. I thank you for keeping her in your prayers they do help thanks monica
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Go And Join This Group And Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy this Group
It Sucks. Really. It Does
ok first off, i am by no means whatsoever a morning person. i am the definition of a night owl. usually out n about till 1-2 am and up till at least 3 or 4. had to get up at 7 to get showered and across town to the courthouse to report for jury duty by 8. got there, checked in and waited... and waited... and waited some more... till bout 11:15 when the judge and attourneys were ready for the group to go up and be questioned and eliminated and selected for the final 12 (out of 51) that would actually be on the jury. let us go for an hour and a half lunch from 12-1:30. got back and had to park in the overflow parking lot because the main juror parking lot fit all of 20 cars and waited some more, oh yes, there was waiting...and more waiting.... got back up to the judge n all them bout 2 and got questioned some more... didnt make the jury(oh what a shame $10 a day plus $0.55 per mile (13 miles each way) to miss out on my $13 an hour job) so they let me go around 4:15 and on top of all of i
25 Mins
[ photo: 112375724 ] anyone wanna get a bid in? Also...this one website I'm on sent a "flirt" to every man in now they are all over my page....I'm getting 150 hits every 3 mins....GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And since when can guys be bitches? WTF is up with the spotlights lately? I NEED A VIP ASK WHAT U GET :) HE HE  ♥§éxýEvilCãrêßê... i wish i could be ^^^^that big of a slut too....
It all started with a dead bird. I'd never been superstitious in any way until that year, my 21st, and that bird. Now, however, hitting a bird with my car is almost certain death--an event which makes me run for the covers and stay there for approximately 3 days. After that amount of time, I know from experience, it's likely safe to come out and play. Maybe. But, it's still tentative. I never could decide if this particular bird had a death wish--avian depression with suicidal tendencies, or if my speeding to make it to work on time put me in just the right position, but the little fucker certainly flew in the direct path of my car, a tan 1986 VW Jetta complete with crank sunroof which resembled a cardboard box more than a vehicle. Either way, dead on impact was really an understatement. I hate hitting living, breathing things and felt genuinely sorrowful for the bird's passing but continued on to work anyway. No funerals this day. Little did I know that karma had quite a downw
Into The Void
Friday I wake up on my last five-day workweek looking forward to a three-day weekend. I head to the office, picking up jew donuts for the coworker who gave me a $20 Einstein's giftcard. Besides her and unlike previous years, no one has done anything for me at the office. Not that I expect extravagant gifts, but at least I gave them birthday/gift cards when their bday came around. The day goes at a snail's pace until it's time to go home. There's a package in the mail, it's my sis/hubby's bday present: Industrial goggles from Cryoflesh.I can understand they are a couple but only one gift?I bought each of them $70 bday gifts, although I'm sure they'll make it up when I visit this summer. Most of my family/friends are out of town, the others are too broke or too busy to do something. It is what it is and I cant put my happiness in the hands of other people. My brother sent me a $50 to BestBuy, he's been broke since his fiancé's work hours were cut so I appreciate it.Not easy to afford g
What A True Friend Is To Me
well today is a new day. i have recognised that a real friend is a friend by my side. a real friend is comforting me with concern. a real friend is thinking of me right about now. i might  have been fooled by a demon in discise. the demon has taunted me for so long and told me lies. appologised for the same mistake they made numerous times. as a good friend i have forgiven but as a fool i let it happen again. i know i have a friend when i come home and hear a phone call asking how was my day. i know i have a friend when i get online to do i feel. i know i have a friend when i hear..can i come over to keep you some company. i have had so much anger over these past few months that was sealed in a glass bottle. it was filled with so much anger that the bottle became heavy. i let this one person hold me. that one person was not strong. that one person has dropped me. and my bottle shattered. my life, my friendship,my love, my hopes,my only...has shattered in to
Test 3
Hi5 Layouts
Monday Ride
I guess the god's are against me. This morning after getting out of bed I took a peek outside. My Harley was there all nice and wet as it was raining. That was going to put a damper on the day. After watching the weather I have a choice to make. Stay put in Sarasota or ride. The storm was moving NE and I was going South. Once I was ready to hit the road, the rain had stopped. Off I went. I guess 10 miles into the ride I feel rain drops. I found a place to pull over and put on my rain gear. I spent the day in and out of rain gear. I did manage to ride across the Everglades. I finished my ride in the rain. So, here I am in a motel in Stuart, FL 337 miles for the day and rain for tomorrow.
You know when you want to blog something, but you're an air headed zombie like me? Okay, maybe not. But because that's what I am, I'm gonna blog about stuff that happens at work that makes me laugh. So explanation done, on to the story. Place - Inside Stairwell Time - Lunch People involved - 1 x generally hated (amongst students) female teacher, many x students. Background info - Every lunchtime the kids sit on the stairs and in the hallway and get in everyone's way basically. The event - Said teacher walking up stairs, student pushes another student into teacher, nearly making her fall down the stairs. Teacher goes ballistic, kids plead innocent, was a joke they say. Teacher promises to have them banned from being there at lunch. Much mirth for me
Test 2
Hi5 Layouts
Special Pics
Ive always wondered when men check out your nsfw pics ,the first thing they usually say is ,can i see or how can i get to see them . my  question is  get to  know somebody  before . u want to see  their special  pics theres a reason they are private in the first place.
My Trhoughts In My Head Today
why are we here. there is always pain. some are here cuz we where planed some where not. we wish for death. but we wake up the next day. some think they have you wrapped around there finger. but they learn the hard way there not. when life goes bye. its too late to start over. they say pain is weakness leaving the body. more its like hurt that u dont want to feel. u get sick of love cuz your always gettin hurt. then u find another love but only to get hurt again. they say there sorry. and they wont do it again. but they do. you move on too start over. but there nothing there to start over with. u sit alone. nothing but thought. and wonder. the end  
Part Of A Song Im Workin On...
Nothing Really Lol
You take the top 10 most played songs on your iPod or similar device (or just pick 10 songs you listen to a whole lot). Post the first line of the lyrics to each in your blog. Sit back in smug satisfaction, knowing you have the best taste in music ever (this is a crucial step).Then your friends do their part: Private message me if you know the answers. Oh, and Googling is cheating!1. save yourself cause the only thing that matters that you get away from the pain and the thought of losing your mind.2. Looking out across the night time.3. Say hello to the rug's typography.4. Dont mind, me just cruising by, by the girl with the balloon5. It takes a lot, to be always on form, it takes a lot.6. There's a shadow just behind me, shrouding every step i take7. What about sunrise? what about rain?8. Ah, look at all the lonely people.9. God bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime10. Don't breathe too deep, don't think all day.
Hi5 Layouts
There Was A Lil Bird
 There was a little bird no bigger than a tird sittin on a telephone pole He ruffled up his neck He shit about a peck and puckered up his lil asshole
I'm Free!!!
I'm Free!!! I was sentanced to 121 days jail, suspended and 3 years probation. there is a $900.00 fine which I'm being given time to find a job before I have to make payments.
Child Molester Updated
[EDITED DUE TO THREATS FROM BOUNCERS OF DELETION... RE-EDITED AFTER BEING TOLD I WAS ALLOWED TO MENTION SCREENNAMES]   I was accused of being a child molester today, in the mumms. Of molesting my own daughter, ffs. By a friend, or so I thought. Not only that, but she accused me of kidnapping my own daughter, and not being able to see her unsupervised. Even went as far as saying she's always been concerned about my intentions with "her" friends on here. Little does she know, but "her" friends on here had, and still have, some pretty deep intentions with me. Just sayin. I can clarify where she got that misinformation, but I shouldn't have to. The people that know me, know my situation, what I've been through, and that I'd never be living with my son's mother and her husband and family if any of that was true. Fact is, I've been fighting Social Security for 8 years since my car accident, and living here for the past 3 has been quite helpful to me, and to them, me being an extra se
I've got a proposition for someone...I want to trade 3.5 million fubucks for a 25 bling pack...If anyone wants to do this trade with me, pls let me know so that more than one person doesn't do it...Thank you for reading...xoxo Tina
A Forward. What Is The Perfect Guy?
  The PERFECT guy/ would: Text you EVERY FEW HOURS to see how your doing. Tell you you're gorgeous in front of his guy friends. Stay on the phone with you even if your not saying anything. Teases you, but lets you tease back. Stays up all night with you when you're sick. Watches your favorite movie with you. Won't wipe his mouth after you kissed him. Gives you the world. Lets you wear his clothes. When your bored and sad, hang out with you. Lets you know your important. Kisses you in the pouring rain. When you run up to him crying.. the first thing he says is Who's ass am i beatin today baby? If you don't forward this in four minutes you will lose the one you love. If you do forward this in the next four minutes the one you love will: Call you Kiss you Txt you Send this message to at least 10 people but not to me Guy or girl Dont matter.
Blow Me! *winks*
 You send me a blowfish (they are so darn cute!) and I will make you a salute... NSFW or SFW your choice!... Just let me know which you'd prefer... and guys, NSFW doesn't mean completely nakkie! (Unless you're Big Mike of course ;)) So are you gonna do it or what?? *muahssssssssss*
Why Some People Vote Democratic
I voted Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I've decided to marry my horse. I voted Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn't. I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would. I voted Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it. I voted Democrat because when we pull out of Iraq I trust that the bad guys will stop what they're doing because they now think we're good people. I voted Democrat because I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves. I voted Democrat because I believe that people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away In ten years if I don't start driving a Prius. I voted Democrat because I'm not
My Thoughts Today
Some days I feel invincible others I feel as if I am cloaked with the darkest heaviest material made. Today I feel shadowed by things I have no control over. I am female and with that comes...yes... emotional,, very. Passion runs in my veins with no release. It builds and builds until I break down over and over nothing piecing me back together but hope for many things. My soul aches for so much like many the pain is numbed by other things. I appreciate all my friends for being there for me in these hard times and love goes to the ones that give me a source to vent when I need to. I open my soul for those who care. This is a tough day for me I had to vent somewhere now I need a friggin to all my friends kisssssssssss
A Perfect Day For Flying...
Just wanted to pass along the the sad news. I lost my best buddy today, Garfield has gone off to the big millet spray in the sky. He passed away this morning from a respiratory infection that came on suddenly. My theory is that God had a shortage of fine feathered friends, and needed Garfy more than I did. He picked a perfect day for flying into Heaven. I can feel him perched in the tallest tree, chattering & whistling and munching on his favorite - spray millet & boiled eggs! Some of you have met Garfy, many of you have listened to my stories about him. He has been in my life for 28 years and 2 months. My son Justin named him when he was but a boy of 8. It is the end of an era - as one of my friends has suggested. The first picture below was published in the Tennesseean, Nashville's daily newspaper, in 2002, in their first "Pet's Corner" weekly feature. True to form, I never miss a chance to talk about my little buddy! Of course, he is reflected in his beloved mirror con
My Arm
Your eyes are like the brightest star shinning down from the heavens with every glimse i fall deeper and deeper into your soul and get lost in a world of beauty.
I dont do this kinda thing very often, but i need an out. im tired of these feelings of hate and and destruction. these actions of anguish and dispairty. Im tired of feeling alone in the world.  im tired of all the deciete from people who are supposed to be my friends and love ones. you know who are. i bust my ass to try and make something of my life and then you have some people that just like  to see people suffer.  all i have is one thing say to you ungrateful pigme you know what thats not nice to say so i'll say it like this. NO MORE GAMES. YOU NO LONGER CAN AFFECT ME IN ANYWAY. so  try your lies and games it wont work. im a strong black man that came from the gutter. ive been to much to let you take me back down. so in the end im not mad at you. im happy you opened my eyes and let me see who you all really were and for that i thank cause you brought out the person im am today. So to end this blog and i just wanna say to you all who have done wrong in my life or manage to get me to
Omg My Mother's A "whore" Lol
This story really blew my mind - so I had to share it with you all - I think the fact the "one in twelve" statistic is what shocked me the most :-s A mother of twins has had a shock after doctors revealed that her 11-month-old boys do not have the same father. Twins Justin and Jordan turned out to be half-brothers   Mia Washington decided to get some expert advice when she and her partner noticed that twins Justin and Jordan had different facial features. Paternity tests then revealed what had happened - two eggs had been fertilised by two different sperm and there was a 99.99% chance the twins had different dads. Doctors at the DNA lab in Dallas, Texas had never seen such a result. Mia later admitted she had had an affair and got pregnant by two different men at the same time. She told TV channel Fox 4: "Out of all people in America and of all people in the world, it had to happen to me. I'm very shocked."   Mum Mia shocked by discovery Clear Diagnostics preside
Okay More Religous Bs
Okay, now unlike folks of the hate all others God, my diety has only one comandment, face it folks I am a man my mind is to occupied with something ( or Someone) else to remember ten rules so she made it easy just one rule "DO NO INTENTIONAL HARM" sort of vague I know. But then again She is a female and like all females she expects people to know what she means. Lets look at some of them Xtian rules that Xtain comandment thou Shall not covet your neighbors wife. As long as I covet her without her hubby knowing what is the harm? or the commandment thou shall not Kill, folks ~~sorry some folks just need killing. rapist, pedophiles and the jackass doing 80mph in a school zone, Realy need a time out. and I see nothing wrong with sending them to her for punishment. My favorite thou shall not steal~ sorry givin the chance I will steal a piece of you heart. Oh and before I close this one out let me say I use Xtain because I do not want to offend real Christians by lumping them in with th
Losing Someone
A friend of mine, chunkymonkeyjunky, has lost a family member. Please stop by her pagfe and show some love and condolences. Thank You.
Been using Fubar a lot more lately. Some very interesting people on here. I am really wanting to find some lovely young women that are wanting to put together a portfolio or just have some fun having their picture taken in the most respectful manner. What kind of pictures is strictly up for request and am willing to do this for free. I currently take pictures of our beautiful part of the world but would like to take pictures of the beautiful people in it. Some of my woek can be found at I will be discret as you wish if you do not want your pictures shared. I am also looking for someone who shares common interests, I'm sick of fake relationships where I have nothing in common and not "clicking" with my partner. I will not make any moves on any lady wishing to have their picture taken unless that is what they wish and what I wish. I am a gentleman and want to enjoy the beautiful aspects of live. Thanks for reading I have a myspace if you wish to get to kno
God, I Love The People I Work With!
So I can't even go to Meijer with out thinking about my buddy Matt from work. We went to Meijer on night so he could pick up a wii, and as we were walking out we passed the flower display. There were some orchids out and I stopped and looked at them. So Matt says "awww, you are a girl!" To which I replied "If you tell ANYONE about this I will kill you!"   LMAO
Things That Annoy Me
1. H1N1. Get over it people. It's all the same. Bird flu, SARS, west nile, MRSA. everybody makes such a big f-ing deal over things that have been around, and will soon be out of the spotlight. Just wash your f-ing hands and you'll be ok. 2. Stop sending me stupid messeges in my sb saying "you're hot" or you're sexy" I don't care. I want the 0.1 second of my life I waste reading that crap! 3. If you're the time of person who's all boohoo, pity me, pity me don't talk to me. I have no sympathy for those who are constantly looking for it.
I See Red
Father's Day
I am trying to find Delon Evan Davis originally from Florida but lives in or near Minot ND. Trying to help his daughter Lucianna to get in contact with him...
Distance Between A Mother And Her Son
  I had moved out to Arizona from being born and raised in West Virginia.  Married and divorced by the age of 22 years old.   I didn't get full custody of my son, Kaleb.  I came to Arizona, only to visit with my mother, to relieve stress an get out of a small town only to realize later that i was hurting someone back home.  I was having so much fun not being tied down with the responsibility of a 5 year old son and stress of a husbands trust, when all along i was just making my life choices even harder for me.  I know time flys when your having fun, but i should've been thinking of my family instead of friends and freedom.  One night my son called me, he had asked me "mommy when are you coming back home"? I told him that i was moving out here and that anytime he wanted to see mommy all he had to do was give me a call and that together we could go outside and pick out a star in the sky. I then said after he found his star to place his finger over it and that when he did he could feel mo
Its All Goin To End.
Everyone and everything is going to end one of these days. But when? How?. These are all questions that effect the decisions that we make that in essence can make us happier than we have ever been. I put it to you. Should we live in fear of the unknown, or should we do whatever we want to do.
My Wish
I wish when I stand from this chair that you would be behind me, and you would wrap your arms around my body one resting on my breast, the other sliding down to that most treasured of places. We are both clothed but the heat generated by our bodies as you kiss my neck smelling the perfume I placed there just for you, is so intense that I can feel the beads of sweat appearing on my forehead. I am not sure how long we stand gently swaying, our bodies following our inner serpents. I feel through our movements the beautiful firmness below your waist, so enticing. I turn and we embrace, and kissing so passionately I feel elevated. But, what I really want is to taste you, to feel the fullness of you in my mouth, to feel your softness against my lips, my tongue, my cheek. I would drink you if you would let me, but a taste is all I am allowed for you have better plans. You coax me to the softness of the cushions and on our knees we undress one another, kissing, kissing, and touching everywhere
My Favorite Quote
True love is your soul's recognitionof its counterpoint in another
Msg From Joe, Hep C Help #'s
Joseph Risenhoover (5/18/2009 12:20:59 PM): Alabama Health Insurance Options - Great resource for state health insurance programs and options Alabama Unemployment Insurance - to apply for Unemployment Benefits Alabama Medicaid - state health insurance, or call 1-800-362-1504 Alabama Medicare Drug Program - Part D - Prescription drug coverage for Medicare Alabama Local Health Department Alabama Health Department HIV Progam Coordinators - for help with programs and services like ADAP Alabama HIV/AIDS Drug Assistance Program For more info please call 1-800-228-0469 or 334-206-5364 ADAP Drug Formulary List Alabama Viral Hepatitis Resources - info on hepatitis, news, resources, information, contact & links Social Security 1-800-772-1213 (Toll free) 1-800-325-0778 (TTY for people with hearing problems) Medi
Love On This Lovely Lady
Show my lovely friendHeaps of Fu-Luvinzto help her reachGODMOTHER"SwEeTaNgElKiSsEs" SBG@ fubarThank You
Happy Birthday To Me!
Turned 25 today...    blah!!
343 Bully
Even The Dead Will Weep
  though u never caredi know u will never forget the pain u put me throught the lines u pushed me tothis may be my last chancemay be the last time to show u what it is like in my mind and in my heart the heart u had no problem braking i have no hard fellings for u just one LAST GOODBYE!!!
Lovely Lies
She sets next to me My mind says to leave her be Driven by this pain Hoping that I'm still saneHiding my shame This delusional fame Form her liesTo my linesSuch a poetic drugA beautiful bugThere is no difference between  your tiersThere is no end to ur fears  
Bestmoviestar In ( To Be Loved)
bestmoviestar in To be lovedHeld onto tightTo know right thenI found mr. rightTo be lovedLike never beforeTo wanna cry when he leavesAnd walks out the doorTo be loved,Cant get him off my mindTo know he'll alwaysBe super kindTo be loved,Never leaving his side,never getting annoyedWith this perfect guyHoping that some dayI'll find this manDoes he even exist?Or am i in fairy land?- Author Unknown   
Recoopin From The Weekend
jus got abck into the city and i been drunk since i been home i think its time to take a break
This Weeks Flowers Dedicated To & Inspired By...
  Thanks woman! =D Ok, I attempted a new style this week... *hopes you enjoy* ♥ PosTaL This is her arrangement.... :D    
Contorted to fit the contour of her shadow Overshot and shy of short-term memory loss Never made it last time with broken wings She's looking for heaven on a crash landing Wishful thinking for whore I hope you crash and burn and die And leave me secret little messages Blatant hints of nostalgic longing That scream of self concern And with your tempered memoranda Inspired nonsense for your heeding heart I hope it bleeds your heart to death You may not be here right now but I wish You would go away
Things Just Keep..............
Things just keep on getting worse. Found out today, that my job ends on the 29th of this month, not the 15th of june!! Which is great, I haven't even got a lead on a job yet. Now I have to try even harder, to get one. So yea I am having a bad day. I will land on my feet, like always, but I am depressed over this.
Sex And Six Mistakes Men Make
I come across this article while browsing around on webMD last night and thought I might share it with you this morning, It is entitled, "SEX-6 Mistakes Men Make". WebMD asked two acclaimed sex educators, Tristan Taormino and Lou Paget, to tell them what they think are the most common sex mistakes men make with women. Personally, I think this is something worth reading and keeping in mind. So, to all the gentlemen out there that think you know everything there is to know about having sex with women, just always remember that the little erotic encyclopedia you carry around in your head may contain a lot of basic errors and omissions about women's sexuality, errors that can lead to a lot of all nighters with you and Ms. Rosey Palmer. Taormino is a prolific author, lecturer, and video producer. Her latest project is the Expert Guide educational video series from Vivid Ed.Paget is author of The Great Lover Playbook and other sex manuals, and she gives seminars nationwide.Sex Mistake No.1:
No Life
She Likes It Rough She Like Soft when she gets it she cant help but faint. She likes her whips she like her chains and she likes a lot of pain theres no one to blame she just likes what she likes. She wears her leather she wears her spikes she wears her collar and she wears her high heels. this woman is kinky and she likes it and i like it too.
Daddy, It Hurts...
stop child abuse! created @ 2009-05-18 13:58:17   This is a very important message; kids do come first…Subject: "Daddy ... it hurts">   This is A TRUE STORY AND IF YOU DON'T PASS THIS ON YOU DON'T HAVE A>  SOUL!!!>>   My name is Chris,>   I am three,>   My eyes are swollen.>   I cannot see.>>   I must be stupid,>   I must be bad,>   What else could have made,>   My daddy so mad?>>   I wish I were better,>   I wish I weren't ugly,>   Then maybe my mommy,>   Would still want to hug me.>>   I can't do a wrong,>   I can't speak at all,>   Or else I'm locked up,>   All day long.>>   When I'm awake,>   I'm all alone,>   The house is dark,>   My folks aren't home.>>   When my mommy does come home,>   I'll try and be nice,>   So maybe I'll just get,>   One whipping tonight.>>   I just heard a car,>   My daddy is back,>   From Charlie's bar>>   I hear him curse,>   My name is called,>   I press myself,>   Against the
Worth It?
Right....first blog on FUBAR! WOOWOO hahaha. ok. To start off just (if you know me skip down to second paragraph) wanna give a lil back ground info for ya. My grandfather has altimers and cant really take care of himself. I do most everything for him and he does less and less of anything anymore. I look at him and ask him why he doesnt get up and do stuff anymore and he always makes up some exuse of being old(the doctors have done every test they can his BODY is perfictly fine). I asked him the other day if he would like to get up and go look at what our God has givin us to look at(or just nature not to offend anyone). He asked me what was the point. I said to go and live the life he has been givin by God and to see what beutey God has given us. He said God will talk to me when I die and tell me to stop bothering him.......   Fu's I dont get it. How someone can just lay down and kill themselves. Because that is exactly what he is doing. I die every time I go back there and talk to hi
Intro; Left Vs. Right Anarchists
I hope somebody actually reads this. I've been seeing the circle-A used in contexts that seem completely meaningless to me. I have that symbol tattooed on my leg. It means a lot to me. It means a lot in history. And it is relevant to our current economic crisis. So I'm creating this blog for anyone who is truly interested in anarchism. First topic: The different flavors of anarchists. We generally fall into one of two camps. I'm a left anarchist, meaning I believe in the general principles of Marxism. "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Workers' control. No bosses. The opposing side is the right anarchists such as Libertarians. They believe in capitalism. They don't think we should even have public schools. If you don't have the money, your kid can't get them thats how it should be. I have a lot more in common with Trotskyists than I do with them. Please, if you are interested in this topic, talk to me.  
Death Of A Young Marine Of Camp Lejeune!
At 2:50am Sunday morning on the bypass at the U.S. 17 South and N.C.24 west split, Jacksonville Police Department reponded to a single vehicle crash according to a deputy. The Vehicle's Driver 19 of 2nd MLG, CLB6 Supply Battalion, Camp Lejeune, was opperating a 97 mercede edan n lost control which had caused the vehicle to runn off he road to the left and travel up the embankment of the overpass of N.C.24,according to press release. The Driver was ejected from the vehicle and came o rest ontop of the overpass in the lanes of N.C.24 east. The vehicle continued to travel until it came to rest at the bottom of the embarnkment.  The driverwas airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.  His passenger  who as well was w/ the same battalion as the driver was treated for minor injuries.. AFTER READING THIS AND KNOWING SOME OF THE MARINES WHO WERE FRIENDS OF THESE 2MARINES... LET OUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS COMFORT THE FRIENDS FAMILY AND LOVED 1S OF
Stop Child Abuse!
This is a very important message; kids do come first…Subject: "Daddy ... it hurts">   This is A TRUE STORY AND IF YOU DON'T PASS THIS ON YOU DON'T HAVE A>  SOUL!!!>>   My name is Chris,>   I am three,>   My eyes are swollen.>   I cannot see.>>   I must be stupid,>   I must be bad,>   What else could have made,>   My daddy so mad?>>   I wish I were better,>   I wish I weren't ugly,>   Then maybe my mommy,>   Would still want to hug me.>>   I can't do a wrong,>   I can't speak at all,>   Or else I'm locked up,>   All day long.>>   When I'm awake,>   I'm all alone,>   The house is dark,>   My folks aren't home.>>   When my mommy does come home,>   I'll try and be nice,>   So maybe I'll just get,>   One whipping tonight.>>   I just heard a car,>   My daddy is back,>   From Charlie's bar>>   I hear him curse,>   My name is called,>   I press myself,>   Against the wall.>>   I try to hide,>   From his evil eyes,>   I'm so afraid now,>   I'
Movies...the Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)
before my last blog,before i watched "American Pop" I watched "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" What a load of Fucking Shit That Was... It really needed some gore or something... The Protaganist was such a lil fag,I woulda beat the shit outta him myself and Im more passive than agressive... WTF?! Dont waste your time with this shit... If you havent seen it!Keep it that way...Go jerk off or something, better off sticking jars up your ass...   ...yes this again...
Movies...american Pop (1981)
So i got done watching "American Pop"...My first time...Its not a tear jerker,but its got its moments where you feel each characters emotions. Even more interesting how its one Bloodlines Search for success in the music industry...Falling Rising Falling Rising,Etc,Etc... Ralph Bakshi is an awesome animator at that!Some Friends that its lame,But its the matter that It was nearly the first of its style,ya we have badass CG animation now,But it had to start somewhere.Bow and Arrows arent Guns and Bullets,But both are deadly...Know what i Mean?! of course you dont!   fuck you....  
I was born without a name. For 6 months, all my birth certificate read was: male, april 3, 1969 (or m4369 if you prefer). you see, bc I was going to be the 5th (n last if my mother had her way but she didn't) my mother decided that I was to have a name unique to the family. Why did it take her so long to find a name tho? well in part, the reason is bc I come a rather large n scattered family who did not always keep good records. In another part, my older brother was only 2 n half months old at my conception. Yes ppl, my parents had high libidos. For those without dictionaries, that means they were very horny. anyway, after exhustive research spanning several states n more than 100 yrs, at the age of a half yr, I was christened daniel phillip morrical. dan to my friends. 2 of the most common names throughout history n the world are unique in my family. go figure. 6 months later, my aunt named her son daniel n my mother never spoke to her again. Some time later n for circumstances that
Hit Me Up
Ode To My Lunch Burrito
 Why are you so angry with me? Was it nessecary to spit on my shirt? Was it because I had a Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel w/o you on Saturday?? Sighs......
Leveling Blog #443
HotRod@ fubar I seen a bulletin asking for help Godfathering this guy-its also his Birthday today!! So please lets help him Level:)Less than 60,000 to go!
It Was Fun While It Lasted Xoxoxo
To my friends- There is just so much going on these days that, the time I spend here could be used for good, not perviness lol. I just want to say I love all of you guys. Even though I actually only talked to about 10 of you on a regular basis. I will still have my Yahoo messenger account that I will check from time to time. For those of you that don't have it it's, and if you'd like you can text me at 203-505-0655 just let me know who it's from lol. I may be back someday, but for now this is goodbye. Be good to yourselves and each other xoxoxoxoxoxo..                         MARK...
3 Songs By Minus Fyder
made up...played..recorded last night. jam sessions are always fun...especially being a singer with nothing but thoughts in my head with the band just playing what they will. ive got to figure out names for some of the songs though. "animal" "searching for land" "no problem/no solving" of course it was all improv and freestyle but...we did put a few songs together that stuck. there was something...someone...i had in my head to sing about too. so it  made it easier to just wail and sing what was in my skull. and if that aint crazy enough...i have a serious lust for red paint and black for some reason now. which im going to use tonight. my imagination and creativity is coming back with a twist. and i'll have to thank someone for that soon.      
Fake Ass Bitch "you Still A Hoe"
Every Real American Should Read
The White House> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW> Washington, DC 20500>> Mr. Obama:>> I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your> conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that> you are not an adequate representative of the United States> of America collectively or of me personally.>> You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the> Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of> the President of the United States of America. You are> responsible to the citizens of the United States. You are> not responsible to the peoples of any other country on> earth.>> I personally resent that you go around the world> apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we> are arrogant and do not care about their status in the> world. Sir, what do you think the First World War and the> Second World War were all about if not the consideration of> the peoples of Europe? Are you brain dead? What do you think> the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you no
Copy And Paste...its Like Cosmic Yo! Haha
The Meaning Of Love (he Makes Me Feel)
To love is to share life togetherto build special plans just for twoto work side by sideand then smile with prideas one by one, dreams all come true.To love is to help and encouragewith smiles and sincere words of praiseto take time to shareto listen and carein tender, affectionate ways.To love is to have someone specialone who you can always dependto be there through the yearssharing laughter and tearsas a partner, a lover, a friend.To love is to make special memoriesof moments you love to recallof all the good thingsthat sharing life bringslove is the greatest of all.I've learned the full meaningof sharing and caringand having my dreams all come true;I've learned the full meaningof being in loveby being and loving with you.
Boredum Got The Best Of Me
What is the single largest item in your house? my bed How well can you write your name with your non dominant hand? like a 5 yr old What color is your bedroom? white What type of computer mouse do you use? the lil touch pad on my lap top What is your earliest memory? its notta good one... but my dad being hauled off by the cops Have you ever jumped off of a high dive? fuck that Do you take vitamins? my flinstones When did you first become interested in sex? hs probably?? Do you like to color inside the lines? hell no bitches What do you have set as your home page? GOOGLE Do you have your own radio? a few of them Where would you hate to have to work? in a cubical Who is on your speed dial? whats speed dial lol Do you prefer lightbulbs or candles? depends on what the occasions is How much money did you spend today? nothing yet... ive been in bed sleeping What are you sitting on right now? my bed Do you look at yourself when you pass by reflective surfaces? from time
A Blog For My Good Friend Paul"
  i hate to see u leaving fubar, but i know it will be for good reason,, so i am happy  , even if i know i will miss you here badly" although we spent a very limited time on here , but i think those were precious times, because they made us close together as friends. we talked about our lives, problems a our bad days and good days', and even when there were times that we dont talk or visit each others page, i know that we are always connected as friendsi always feel your silent prescence.. and your kindness, when you feel something is wrong with me".you never failed to ask". i thank you so much for that, they are very special act of friendship.  i know that you are busy and still you always find time to remeber me" specially when i am feeling down".  now that you are leaving, i know i will miss you here".but i will keep you in my heart and all the fu memories that we have". i will always include you in my prayers, and i wish you so much happiness, good health and success,  .. to

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