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If You Want My Books
My author page is and you can find my books on or just search the name "Jessica Marie"
Survey Time
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Physically, what stands out? 13. Emotionally, what stands out? 14. Do you wish I was cooler? 15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. How long have you known me? 19. Describe me in one word. 20. What was your first impression? 21. Do you still think that way about me now? 22. What do you think my weakness is? 23. Do you think I'll get married? 24. What makes me happy? 25. What makes me sad? 26. What reminds you of me? 27. If you could give me anything what would it be? 28. How well do you know me? 29. When's the last time you saw me? 30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't
Getting Started
First things first.I had to find some killer hopps.  Well I did and they came from New Zealand!  Man those hopps smelled soooo good.  I knew then that I was about to make some killer beer. Second things second,I had to become a Maltser!  Well I did this by using Barley and Oatmeal.  I had to soak the Barley and Oats in water over night.  Next I laid the Barley and Oats out in the form of a couch.  At this point I waited untill I could smell a sweet aroma filling the room.  Man did that sweet aroma come!  Then I spread out the Barley and oats a little flatter, this is calle "Flooring".   I then Kilned the wet malt. for one hour and thirty minuets, at 160 degrees farenhiet.  That prosess had made me a Maltser! I might tell you more later if anyone is interested in making the best beer I have ever had!
Emerald City Sequence
EMERALD CITY GREEN: I want to be seen green Wouldn't be caught dead, red 'Cause if you are seen green It means you got mean bread You've got to be seen green To show that you're stuff's layed If you're not seen green You better be wearing jade Oh, you've got to be seen green Don't tell them your cupboard's bare That you gave up one week's feed To pay for your colored hair Oh, oh, oh AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE GREAT POWERFUL OZ: I thought it over and green is dead 'Till I change my mind, the color is red EMERALD CITY RED: I wouldn't be seen green Ooo! Oo! Oo! Ah! Ah! I wouldn't be caught dead And if I'm caught at all Then catch me in dead, red Ooo! You've got to be dead red You've got to be real hot So throw away those green gems And wear rubies on your yacht You've got to be dead, red You've got to have flash and flair And if you're not seen red Then you shouldn't be seen nowhere Ah! How quickly fashion goes down the drain. Last week when you all was wearin' pink Already for me
Slide Some Oil To Me
Slide some oil to me Let it trickle down my spine If you don't have S.T.P. Crisco will do just fine Slide some to my elbows And to my fingers if you would Slide some oil to me, girl Whoo! Don't that feel good! Slide some oil to my feet, look I got toes again Come on and slide some oil to my knees And let me see if I can bend Slide some oil to me I'm beginning to feel just fine Slide some oil down my throat And let me lubricate my mind Slide some oil to me go ahead, hit my shoulder blades Those who don't have to lubricate Sure got it made Slide some oil to me Let it slip down my side Laying there in one position Sure does make me tired Now watch me dance! And let me lubricate my mind
I'm A Mean Old Lion
Say, what you wanna? But I'm here to stay 'Cause I'm a mean ole lion You can go where you're gonna But don't get in my way I'm a mean ole lion You'll be standing in a draft If you don't hear me laugh And if you happen to come around Well, you best not make me frown For I just might knock you down I'm a mean ole lion You know, I'm ready to fight And turn your day into night 'Cause I'm a mean ole lion If you're half bright You'll detour to the right From a mean ole lion All you strangers better beware This is the king of the jungle here And if I happen to let you slide Don't just stand here Run and hide You just caught my better side I'm a mean ole lion Look, you better beware This is the king of the jungle here And if I happen to let you slide Don't stand here Run and hide You just caught my better side I'm a mean ole lion I'm a mean ole lion
Diana Ross- Ease On Down The Road
Ease on down Ease on down the road Ease on down Ease on down the road Ease on down Ease on down the road Come on Dorothy, Don't you carry nothing that might be a load Come on There it is! Come on and ease on down, ease on down the road Come on and ease on down, ease on down the road Don't you carry nothing that might be a load Come on, ease on down, ease on down,down the road Come on, ease on down, ease on down the road Come on, ease on down, ease on down the road Don't you carry nothing that might be a load Come on, ease on down, ease on down, down the road Pick your left foot up When your right foot's down Come on legs keep movin' Don't you lose no ground You just keep on keepin' On the road that you choose Don't you give up walkin' 'Cause you gave up shoes, no Ease on down, ease on down the road Come on, ease on down, ease on down the road Don't you carry nothing that might be a load Come on, ease on down, ease on down down the road 'Cause there maybe times When you think you
Michael Jackson- You Can't Win
You can't win You can't break even And you can't get out of the game People keep sayin' Things are gonna change But they look just like You're stayin' the same You get in way over your head And you only got yourself to blame You can't win Chile (You can't win Chile) You can't break even And you can't get out of the game You can't win The world keeps movin' And you're standin' far behind People keep sayin' Things'll get better (Just to ease your state of mind) (So you lean back, and you smoke that smoke) (And you drink your glass of wine) So you can't win, Chile You can't break even And you can't get out of the game You can't win, you can't win no way If your story stays the same (You ain't winnin'), No, no, (But it's nice to see you) (I'm awfully glad you came) (Better cool it 'cause It ain't about losin') And the world has got no shame You can't win, Chile You can't break even You can't get out of the game You can't win You can't break even Ain't the way it's supposed to be (You'
I Thought You Should Know
Here it goes...I guess I need to blow off some steam once again...   I just want to make friends on here. Its cool that all you men are on here looking to get off or for someone to full fill your fantasy of online im not sure what you want to call it but Im not her. Im here to make friends. Yes there are some of you that I give my yahoo to and thats cool that is a differnt story. I have even given out my number to a couple. If you are lucky to get my number it is because I want to know you as a person not as the person you are on here. Everyone has a differnt side to them on here. I try to be real everywhere. If you get my yahoo good for you and that means that I like to talk to you and I will play whatever game you want to play up to a point. I hate when people always ask to see me on cam..I DONT LIKE TO BE NAKED ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!! The few pics I have up are it...I prefer to keep the rest of in person meeting. If you dont like any of this then please by all means take yourself off my
Duty Duty is a binding allegiance to those ideals that we hold most dear.  It is the most chafing bond we wear.  It is a multi-faceted claim upon our being.  Only to be broken down in context by individual limitation.  We are bound as individuals to bring to the world a unique perspective and make that voice heard so others have a guideline, a basis for comparison or a counter introspective to their own individualism. As a woman these duties have clear definition yet no line of distinction.  I am bound by womanhood to be strong for all those who look up to me or to me for comfort, encouragement, definition of self, independence and leadership.  I determine what people see and it is my duty to present the best possible example of all the things beautiful and strong about being a woman. I am bound by marriage to be the rock that my husband can lean against in his struggle for balance.  Man’s duty being vastly different yet uncannily the same to our own.  I am bound to him in law
Inside Her...
Behind the lost look in her eyesI saw the pain inside her eyesI felt the anguish of being a left overI felt her dream of being loved not usedI felt the worth she had long since lost for herselfI saw the glow of the woman hiding inside the girlInside there were more layers than she can ever express.
Blind Moments
Blind moments impassioned by lonelinessEntranced by beauty unseen beforeWorking on a release of tension Enthralled within one anotherOur bodies found each otherDespite our inability to believe.
Best Legs Contest
I Hate Love Songs
Worst News Ever
My grandma died this morning. I am a mess. Talking to my dad right now and they are looking at the funeral for Tuesday in Hamilton, MT. In Corvallis besides my grandfather that died when I was little. I cant deal with this.   Update:: From what I am understanding is I will be riding over with my sisters monday afternoon and they will have the funeral Tuesday with coming back Wednesday. My dad is postponing it for a few days since my daughter graduates Saturday night. I am a huge mess, I am not dealing with this well at all.
Fuck An Animal
Salutes A Must
Okay I am SO past the "fake" woman of Fubar trying to get full on access while at the same time trying to get me to cyber! SOOOOOO my new rule is no salute, you cant even look at my profile! Just the way it is... Love it or leave it, i dont care.
as i sit here and think about my life all i can  do is wonder what i might have been able to do different.  I know that there is nothing that i can do about my past but i would sure like to go back and change hurting someone i loved sooooooooooooooooo much over a year ago.  I still love him and hope he loves me too.
Rape Fantasies (not Porn)
As sometimes happens with me, a subject grabs hold of my interest and won’t let go until I’ve exhausted every publicly available resource on the subject. But let me preface this by saying that I find forcible sex on anyone a deplorable act, deserving of swift, merciless, and equally deplorable punishment. I have no compunction against ‘educating’ a man who would force himself on an unwilling woman. Ask me privately why I feel that way because I won’t post it for public view. We all know the social stigma associated with rape, and it’s one that’s well deserved. As a criminal act, it’s expected that 1-in-6 women will be victimized sometime in their life. Half of those will be repeat victims ( And of the nearly two-hundred thousand assaults that occur in a given year, almost 60% go unreported, or so goes the best statistical guess. The real point of this post is to explore a poorly understood (and in my mind, surprisingly c
New Clip At Cbt & Bondage
I have more new clips up on My Clips4sale store, and more to come!!! Come check them out at HERE'S THE LATEST: "Clipped & Tied" CBT, Rope Bondage, Fingernails,(4 min.) Now atop the spanking horse; Mistress Genevieve has the worthless ball busting boy who had left her disappointed in the last clip, inescapably bound and restrained with rope. She has him just like she wants him� vulnerable and exposed. Helpless and hopeless , with no way to wiggle away from the cruel intentions of this sadistic Domme, she declares it open season on his balls and buttocks. At first her subby's suffering comes from the stinging lashes of her signal whip, but in no time her focus shifts back to those beet -red, tightly bound balls that had disappointed her so much ,only an hour or so before. Mistress feels no mercy when her captive slave boy cries out in pain, when she goes on to torture his nuts, in numerous way. Slapping them, clawing them with her long red cl
Boxers or jockeys? A gust of wind reveals that at least one soldier of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders prefers neither. (Hamilton, Ontario.)
A blind man is often known to be able to feel the printed word on a sheet of paper. It’s been fabled that one may even have fingers as keen as to distinguish the numbers on the currency in his wallet. To the sufficient mind, hands may be used to understand the form of the human face, ‘seeing’ contours and shapes that once only the eye could comprehend. Human hands can feel differences as minute as the thickness of a sheet of paper, and temperatures that are a fraction of a degree different than the surrounding air. There is a reason that touch is so important. With it we can perceive the things that no other sense can measure. It comes as little wonder then that touch can be so powerful, even in the dark. And the blessed complexity of the sense becomes so much more apparent considering that it is the domain of our whole body, whereas the other senses reside in specific organs. Every inch of our flesh is sensitive, though not always in the same way. But every part of
Travelled the world a million ways,Catching upon a familiar gazeEveryone lives by do or die,there's noone with time to laugh or cryThere's noone to tell us what we're living for.......And though I try to be a good man,I just know that I'll be losing very soonAnd there are times and there are motions,when I do believe I'm going outof tune....oh..I've been around a long,long while,looking for sun to make me smileStill multiplty the daily bread,their thinking of lives for times aheadIt must be a mighty funny way to feel......And though I try to be a good man,I keep finding there's no where to beginAnd so I think I'll go on singing,and in time I hope that we can all joinin....oh..oh,oh,oh
ok...i have something on my mind....    This is my third time to iraq and I get so fricking tired of people who come here and to put it bluntly, look for a piece off ass for the deployment. The single people dont bother me too much. But what is ascinine is when some married puke (guy or girl) comes here and cheats but then gets pissed off and depressed when they find out (later) that their spouse has cheated. I mean WHAT!? Us being in a warzone somehow justify it? I truly dont understand how its ok some, namely soldiers, yet when they're on the opposite end...its a cardinal sin. Does anyone understand this shit. I dont. Maybe Im stupid for wanting my wife instead of a "desert wife" but come on! To those people i know, and dont, who does this I say: get with the freakin' program. Oh yeah and before anyone who reads this says it none of my business....i forgot to add that when they're fling, gets a friend of the opposite sex, they get jealous and start spreading rumors that are no way
The Powerless Dom (part 2)
I took a step back after writing about Doms the other day and reexamined my position on the whole thing. After all, some of the best enlightenment occurs well after we think we've mastered a subject, only to start from scratch with no assumptions. Some of the things that Genus has said keep tickling the back of my mind, and a blog that Nookie directed me to the other day gave me a different perspective. What I've come to accept is that I made too much of a blanket statement with my first foray into the topic. I also accept that I have no suitable experience on which base an opinion. But taking an objective look at things, I feel as though I've got a better understanding on a few things. My understanding has grown to encompass the positions that Genus and I take respectively, and that we are, in fact, both correct. Dom are both all powerful, and powerless, dependant entirely upon their context. In the instances that Genus posits, the Dom is responsible for the care of his or her sub,
Stupid Are In Full Force
PINOLE -- An East Bay triple-murder suspect left his cell phone behind at the scene of a Pinole burglary and then called it to get it back, unaware that a police officer was on the other end, authorities said today. Although Anthony Ramirez eluded officers, he was arrested several days later while unknowingly texting a second officer in another desperate attempt to find it, Pinole police Sgt. Matthew Messier said. Ramirez, 23, never got his cell phone back. Instead, he is now in jail, charged with killing a man in Emeryville and suspected of two other homicides in Contra Costa County, Messier said. It all began at about 9:30 p.m. May 22 when the suspect broke a window to get into a home on Alice Way in Pinole. The resident interrupted the break-in, and the burglar fled out the same window. But he left his cell phone behind. As Pinole police were scouring the home for evidence that night, they heard a cell phone ring. Officer Uri Nieves answered it. "Hey, did you find my
The Powerless Dom
I told a story a long time ago about taking a flight lesson. My eventual employment at the very same flight school and subsequent termination not withstanding, I still have fond memories of the place. I've maintained good relationships with several of the people with whom I worked. Some of them were even good enough to provide me with glowing references. But that's all an aside to the point for which I'm heading. Bob, the instructor, and I had reserved a plane for the morning. It was an oddly foggy morning for early June, and there wasn't really much we could do except sit on our thumbs, drink coffee, and talk shop. Well, there was one thing we could do, so we preflighted the airplane. The sun was struggling through the mist, but it would still be an hour before we'd get an ok from flight services to do our little VFR introduction flight. So I walked around the plane, peering intently at the little white beast (honestly, the Diamond Katana looks more like sperm than anything) as Bob t
He "bobbit"ed Himself
Egypt (AP) -- A 25-year-old Egyptian man cut off his own penis to spite his family after he was refused permission to marry a girl from a lower class family, police reported Sunday. After unsuccessfully petitioning his father for two years to marry the girl, the man heated up a knife and sliced off his reproductive organ, said a police official. The young man came from a prominent family in the southern Egyptian province of Qena, one of Egypt's poorest and most conservative areas that is also home to the famed ancient Egyptian ruins of Luxor. The man was rushed to the hospital but doctors were unable to reattach the severed member, the official added citing the police report filed after the incident. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak with the press, added that the man was still recovering in the hospital. Traditionally, marriages in these conservative part of southern Egypt are between similar social classes and o
Island Of The Misfit Boys : Junior Banditos
christopher.: oh my gosh. i have seen it all. a 51 year old mom got her 12 & 14 year old sons, and their friends to commit armed robbery. really, wtf?xxxx: whoa lolchristopher.: wait, wait... damn them ... there were three men, too. 18, 20 & 20christopher.: i like the imagery of the junior banditos.xxxx: lolchristopher.: i do. that's hollywood movie, style christopher.: it'd be like Island of the Lost Boys 2 : What Happens when they Come Homexxxx: hahachristopher.: yeah... i'm a dork, but stillchristopher.: i can picture it... a group of five kids, four boys 12-15 and one girl, maybe 16, as kind of the ring leader, and they all run away from home... like the goonies, but for criminals.christopher.: but it's not crimes for crimes sake, see... these kids, their homelives suck... abusive fathers, neglective mothers... and they have to leave, they have to get out and save themselves. they steal and shit to survive. that's all. xxxx: there has to be one older boy..christopher.: why?xxxx: ha
Stupid People Shouldn't Breed
Seriously...WTF is wrong with this mother?!?!? Victorville, Calif. (AP) -- Investigators say the mother of a 15-year-old Victorville girl allowed the teenager to have sex repeatedly with a parolee. San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies, acting on an anonymous tip, allegedly caught 25-year-old parolee Anthony Vaux and the teen in the act on Sunday at the Travelodge hotel. Vaux has been booked for investigation of felony unlawful sex with a minor and his parole has been revoked. Investigators say the teen's mother was aware her daughter and Vaux had been having sex regularly in recent weeks and she allegedly allowed it to occur. A complaint regarding the mother's actions is being sent to prosecutors.  
The Word That Sends Chills
I am Dark Seraphim and this is what I am feeling….   I sit in front of this computer; my fingers are slightly swollen compared to them just a year ago. My path to enlightenment has resulted with knowledge but loss; it is loss of family connection. Right now through, I do not know whether or not I ever had those connections over the last few years. Now however, what I had with my family is now being tested. I am confused over everything in my life. I am in college, passing with a GPA of 3.925. Most would be happy during this time but I am not. I am tired, distanced, and feeling alone. I am surrounded by people who cared but don’t understand what is going on at the moment. My mother calls just a few days ago to tell that she may have cancer. That word just sends chills down my body and makes my mind speed with thoughts of many passing which would include my grandmother. My mother’s words echo in my mind as I know that word and its history with my mother’s f
Survey Dealio!!
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Physically, what stands out? 13. Emotionally, what stands out? 14. Do you wish I was cooler? 15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. How long have you known me? 19. Describe me in one word. 20. What was your first impression? 21. Do you still think that way about me now? 22. What do you think my weakness is? 23. Do you think I'll get married? 24. What makes me happy? 25. What makes me sad? 26. What reminds you of me? 27. If you could give me anything what would it be? 28. How well do you know me? 29. When's the last time you saw me? 30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 31. Do you think I could ki
Find Me
hi im ehra madrigal and im looking for fun ,,.,. and i like to know you better and im looking for sex experiences for real .,,.,.,. and i need guy who have experiences so you can teach me ,.,.,.,. if your interested be my friend or to have some fun with me ,.,.,.,.hit me up,.,.,.,.,. and the same to my hot male ,.,.,.,. i hope we will meet each other ,.,.,.,. i will make you happy WARNING: IF YOU DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD DONT ADD ME OK ,.,.,.,.,.,. YOUR WASTING MY TIME
10 Hottest On Fubar: 10-1
                             I CAN'T DECIDE IS THE HOTTEST         SO YOU TELL ME   10.)             9.)   8.)   7.)   6.)     5.)     4.)     3.)     2.)       AND FINALLY THE HOTTEST:                    
Gathering 2009!
Approaching Me On Fubar (part 1)
I may be a Fubar Bouncer, but I'm also a Fubar member, and I'm HUMAN.  I take my job seriously and have no time for drama.  I refuse to get involved in ANY type of drama, so don't bring it to my page. I am happily committed to one person, so I have no desire to IM, CAM or any other cyber crap you can name. Bouncers are allowed to block, and we do. You have been warned, take it as you like.The best way to approach me for help is through private messaging on the FU. If you approach me through my shout box, I may not see it.  The SB rolls off, and my shout gets very busy at times.  If I don't answer your shout, this is why.  No matter what anyone thinks, I'm not ignoring you.(or maybe I am...see below). When I'm on Fubar, I'm working.  I may not have time to socialize, so please don't be offended if I do not chit chat.  As you do....Please approach me by my first name, Dolly.  I'm not baby, babe, sexy, hon, sweetie or darlin, or any other term of endearment or sexual reference.  I have a
Jail Bait Part 3
Calling Bank Manager.... ring ring ring Heather (his assistant): Hello me: Hi Heather its Denise I have a problem can you help me out.... Heather: Whats going on Denise, Ill do what i can to help you. Me: I deposited a cheque into my personal account and when i try to make a payment its telling me there's not enough funds in the account..... Heather: Oh let me hear typing in the back ground) I'm wondering what the hell government account has taken funds out of my account... i don't owe taxes. what the hell is going on......and oh my god please don't ask questions.... Heather: Oh Denise you have a hold on that cheque.... Me: Why I don't have daily limits on my card Heather: Denise that's your business account not that card... Me: Can you release the funds please Heather: I am not sure you usually have to wait 5 business days This is where i decided that i need to tell her my boyfriends in jail thus publicly humiliating me and losing some respect from my busine
I Am Someone
I am someoneI walked past a dead faceeven though the person was aliveI saw my eyes in the mirrorand cried at the sightI looked at a person I didn�t knowand I met a friendI got heads to turnwhen I walked pastI learned a lot about myselfwhen I lost a new friendI cried every tear in my bodywhen I thought about loveI got hit badthen got back in the ringI climbed a mountain of rocksand saw an eagle fly over- headI heard terrible things about myselfwhen no one thought I was listeningI realized I was strongwhen I didn�t cry when it hurtI found out who I waswhen I was with someone elseI thought I was lost foreverwhen a friend found meI held a life in my handand it was my ownI was a pawn in someone else's gameso I surrendered to a brookI walked the fine line between survivingand not wanting to surviveI still amI am someone
Tomorrow smile at someoneThat you've never seen before.Take time to think of others thatYou feel compassion for.Tomorrow tell somebodyHow they brighten up your day.Let random acts of kindnessPut your feelings on display.Tomorrow hug your childrenSomewhat tighter than before.Be sure to think of all the thingsYou can be thankful for.Pat your dog a little longer.Hug and kiss your husband/wife.Thank your God for granting youAnother day of life.
Killer Crickets
So its a lil late but heres part two of teh cricket saga...Iz been busy.  As many know I have a cricket crisis, no Im not lacking Names for the Wicked Lil creatures, they have infested my truck.. I believe there are 4 more now when i started with two, I inadvertantly open a cricket whore house it Seamus, which still isnt the crisis i speak of .... Last thursday on my way to the bus.. I was texting a Moon pie (i can text with out looking so dont yell at me for doing it while driving) THe crickets were chirping and said moon pie was starting to melt my Puppet strings, Suddenly Out of the corner of my eye  i see a brown spot dart toward my moving truck...I hear a Hugh dummbump dummbump noise..... and knew the crickets drove the bunny to suicide.... Theses things are not only driving me crazy but they are making poor lil bunnys get runned overz. Halp me with my Cricket crisis ... Pllllleeeeaaase. Ps the bomb didnt work.... :/ I haz been invadeded by evil bunny killing super crickets.
Victoria Stafford Abduction
Sodom And America
In the silent earth of yesterday lies Sodom & Gomorrah.An example to the world for their unnatural sin of horror.On the day of God's great judgement,the fire & brimstone fell.Too late,too late,the wicked were turned into hell. High over the sinful city t'was just another day.Tho the wrath of God was hovering over the city of Pompeii.The big volcano trembled,too late to weep & wail.The lava buried the city,& the wicked went to hell. The Pharaohs & the Hitlers,The roman Popes and King,& all the persecutors have all now have their fling.They've touched God's chosen people:They thought their motives were well.There is a way that seemeth right,that leads right down to hell.  
who tagged you ? ASHLEY*grrrr*** You got laid last night, didn't you?--sure didn't. Have you ever had a sleepover with a member of the opposite sex?--i have Do you believe in forever?--i believe in eternity. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a A?--yes i have What's the biggest annoyance in your life right now?--confusion. When's the last time you embarrassed yourself?--i try not to get embarrassed. but I guess at work I was carrying 2 aventech board and sliped in mudd did a flip and the boards landed on my head Your ex REALLY needs you at 3 am and you have a way to their house would you go?--yeah probably.depending on the problem How many hours did you sleep last night?--about 7. Is there someone you don't ever want to be out of your life?--YEAH JENNY C.....and 3 others Is there someone you want out of your life for good?--i dont have anyone in my life that i dont want there.but there is someone I run into now and  I'd like to see hit by a large bus
Just Like A Tattoo
Oh, oh, oh No matter what you say about loveI keep coming back for moreKeep my hand in the fireSooner or later, I'll get what I'm asking for No matter what you say about lifeI learn every time I bleedThat truth is a strangerSoul is in danger, I gotta let my spirit be free To admit that I'm wrongAnd then change my mindSorry but I have to move onAnd leave you behind [Chorus]I can't waste time so give it a momentI realize, nothing's brokenNo need to worry 'bout everything I've doneLive every second like it was my last oneDon't look back at a new directionI loved you once, needed protectionYou're still a part of everything I doYou're on my heart just like a tattoo (Just like a tattoo, I'll always have youI'll always have you, I'll always have you) I'm sick of playing all of these gamesIt's not about taking sidesWhen I looked in the mirror, didn't deliverIt hurt enough to think that I could Stop, admit that I'm wrongAnd then change my mindSorry but I gotta be strongAnd leave you be
Help With Wireless Connection, Please?
I'm getting a box popping up that says "connect to broadbad 3". I was told last night that it's because I have 3 connections set up. How do I get rid of them????   I might be a smart girl, but I'm not that smart, lol
Anniversaries Aren't Always About Celebration
On June 18, I mark the occasion of two of the worst moments in my life...The day I said I was done with 16 yrs of pain...And the day my brother in law was taken in a tragic accident... And now...almost a year later...I'm still asking myself why God chose to destroy my life twice in one day? Many people say there can't be a God for if there were...He wouldn't allow such human suffering...And being a Christian doesn't stop me from asking the same question...It just makes life that much harder to bear at times...Because you know that even after the pain of one tragedy finally eases...There will be more to come to tear it open and let it hurt all over again... Reflecting on the past year, I find that I haven't really moved a single step forward...If I'm honest, I would admit that I have fallen back several steps...And I don't know if I will ever start walking forward again... Because everytime in the past year when I thought I was back in step...Getting my life together...Something or
No longer confused...escaped from those dayz, Shackles are busted...finally freed from your maze, The mind is intact, Having survived your endless attacks, You didnt expect for me to be so bold, To do exactly the opposite of everything i was told, And because i did... i walked down different paths, Constantly able to elude all your traps, Now face to face with your demons you sit, Forced to reflect on this life you have lived, Wretched creature crawl away and dissolve, What a waste...for some reason as a being you failed to evolve!!!     truthsquad 09   ©
My Daughter Deanna
As i sit here its june, 2 2009. My daughter has been away from me almost 2 weeks now and god how i miss her. I hope both me and her father can get her back soon. Damn them cps people all they like to do is make peoples life miserable and turn our lifes upside down.... If anyone who reads this has any advise or any ways to beat them bastards please contact me at thanx very much                                                     A broken hearted mother 
"days Are Scrolls"
Days are scrolls: write on them only what you want remembered.
Caresses Of Night
The feel of your lips,a caress and light touch.A feeling within,I've held onto too much.Just a thought,a whisper, a teaseMakes me smileand beg "Take me please."You smirk as your eyesstare deep into mine,And your fingers tickleall down a lineStraight to the center,to where pleasure lies."Please, take me now,"I beg with hands tied.Your a tease as you tickleYou please as you goYou grab a firm hold,as I moan, from below.Another caresssends chills down my spineMaking me squirm,seemingly moaning in time.A nibble, a bite, a grasp and pinchI moan, you think "Well, this is a cinch."My voice looses itselfas you tickle and tease.My mind draws a blankand I grow weak in the knees.You draw yourself over meI'm not able to touch.I can't help but think,"This is too much."I draw my head up,trying to kiss your sweet lipsBut you pull awaynot allowing this kiss.You whisper, I moanyou lick as I groan."Now, don't stop now!"You pull yourself back,not allowing my touch.Your in control,and I love this so much.D
Suspicious Delivery
There was an unexpected knock on my door, and like I always do I first opened the peephole and asked, "Who's there?" "Parcel post, ma'am. I have a package that needs a signature." "Where's the package?" I asked suspiciously. The deliveryman held it up. "Could I see some ID?" I said, still not convinced. "Lady," he replied wearily, "if I wanted to break into your house, I'd probably just use these." And he pulled out the keys I had left in the door.
I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a Cashier hand this little boy some money back.    The boy couldn ' t have been more than 5 or 6 years old.    The Cashier said, ' I ' m sorry, but you don ' t have enough money to buy this doll. '    Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ' ' Granny,    Are you sure I don ' t have enough money? ' '    The old lady replied: ' ' You know that you don ' t have enough money to buy this doll, my dear. ' '    Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly.    The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.    Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to.    ' It ' s the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas.    She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her. '    I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry.    But he replied to me sadly. ' No, Santa Clau
When Everything Goes Wrong...
you begin to wonder why the hell you keep trying...When a friend betrays your trust...Then tells you they didn't...You don't know who to believe anymore...You finally realize there's no one in the world you can trust but yourself...Blind faith in a human being brings nothing but heartache...You listen to their problems...You share their pain...You laugh with them when they are happy...You keep their secrets...Then in a split second all that is thrown away when you discover they didn't have the same respect for you... My heart is full of more shared confidences than I can count...And in my heart they stay...Even when someone betrays my trust...Still I keep those secrets buried...In the darkness where they belong...So why is it that I have not found anyone that can do the same for me? I open my soul to the people who say I can trust them...I let them into to my chaotic mixed up mind...And then become the topic for an afternoon discussion...So why the hell do I continue to care for the
I Need Help With Graphics
If anyone is good at creating graphics I really need help editing my author page. If you can help please sb me please
Hey all you guys and gals. Tell me what u think, i  met someone over a year ago. we seemed to just click... we eventually went our seperate ways. but, my love for him has grown stronger. he is on my mind all the time. I know in my heart  he fell in love with me . I have had so many things happen to me since we have seen each other.  i needed to know what i felt was real. I was in a bar and, and man walked up to me and said HI MY NAME IS and he told me his name and it was the exact same name as the man i am in love with... first and last name. and his name is not a common one i almost had a car wreck and omg the car was the very same kind of car he has.. what do u  all think? do you believe in signs?  
I will be busy in these next two weeks due to college work and appointments I will be online just mainly hanging in the Naughty House as well doing college school work for Psychology and Career Skills I will not have time for to many chats due to how much of the class work I have to do an working in two classes is hard I did it once in Febuary for Career Skills and Stragies for Success which I passed those an hope to pass these two semesters so please forgive me if I do not reply. On June 10th I am having my heart checked so if you want update on it leave me a comment here and I will be sure to send you a messege when I find out.
I need FuBucks. Yeah. So if you could please send some my way, I'd really appreciate it. It's not for spotlight, I'm past the level for that. To be honest, I'm bidding on a friend in auction and I want to be able to fu-own someone else. I just don't have the bucks for both. Granted, those are pretty selfish reasons, and not quite as good as "I'm going for spotlight", but at least I'm honest, lol.   [hugs]
Survey Shit
Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous?yesWhat never fails to make you cry?my kidsDark or light jeans?dark   Do you like to doodle?not really but I tend to when I'm boredAre you talkative?sometimesDo you still buy CDs?blank ones, yesDo you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice that you can't even stand it? not yetDo you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?yesWho was the last boy you talked to? my FianceAre you currently frustrated with anybody?you can say thatDo you like listening to love songs when your down?I listen to whatever song's I can relate to at the moment. I love my music♫Next vacation you're going on?who knowsLast time you were truly happy?anytime i'm relaxing with himWho was the last person you sat beside at a restaurant?my fianceWhat are you doing tomorrow?working   What color shirt are you wearing?orangeHow many pillows on your bed?2   Who was the last person you took a photo of?my fianceDid you laugh a lot at somet
To Poly Or Not To Poly
Jealousy "Some people seem to have no jealousy; it's as if they didn't get that piece installed at the factory. Others, including some long-term polyamorists, feel jealousy, which they regard as a signal that something needs investigation and care, much as they would regard depression or pain. Jealousy is neither a proof of love (and this is where polyamory differs from possessive or insecure monogamy) nor a moral failing (and this is where polyamory differs from emotionally manipulating one's partner(s) into relationships for which they are not ready)." about the sexuality referred to as Poly. Polyamory, or "being poly", is the acceptance of the potential for multiple loving partners within relationships. This may include sexual partners. Polyamorous relationships are not "cheating", but mutual love and honesty in relations that are not monogamous. The basis of such relationships are love, stability, compatibility, peace and personal and relationship honesty. Polyamory does not
Cognitive Science And The New Spirituality John Vervaeke Professor of psychology and cognitive science, University of Toronto. 5/5/09 There is an emerging framework for scientifically understanding how we fundamentally make sense of the world. Although there is much work to be done, there is now real promise that we are starting to understand how we understand – this promise creates opportunities that have profound existential, moral, and, for a lack of a better word, spiritual implications. We are beginning to be able to explain how people can be intelligent beings (i.e. how they can sift through all the vast potential information available to them and zero in on what is relevant). Such relevance realization enables them to turn space into places, time into events, and causes into stories so that they can experience and think about their world. This enables them to size up situations, solve problems, and feel at home in the world. Such f
Social Distortion- Footprints On My Celing
Everybody wants a loverNobody wants to uncoverwhat may lay deep beneath a sometimes painful pastwanna go without a carepull Gardenias from her hairI think of a time we didn't have a care in the worldcaptivated by her beauty I knew it was my life long dutyshe had all the grace and charm of a radiant queenHow do you talk without speaking? yeah!How do you hear without listening?How do you live without feeling? yeah!How do you take without giving?And keep it all inside?There are footprints on my ceilingI can't help this fucked up feelingsomething's wrong, you ain't coming 'round here no moretry to get my thoughts togetherI think of a time when things were betterthis miscommunication is breaking me downHow do you talk without speaking? yeah!How do you hear without listening?How do you live without feeling? yeah!How do you take without giving?How you treat your new best friend?Everybody wants a loverNobody wants to uncoverwhat may lay deep beneath a sometimes painful pastmy heart is heavy sl
High Iq And Adhd   New Haven, Conn. — Superior intelligence is no defense against the effects of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, Yale researchers have found. About three of four ADHD individuals with an IQ of more than 120 – a score that ranks them in the top nine percent of the U.S. population – showed significant impairments in memory and cognitive tests when compared to people with similar IQ’s who do not suffer from the disorder, according to the researchers. The report, to be published in the September print edition of the Journal of Attention Disorders, is now available online: “Many of these people are told they can’t be suffering the loss of executive function (the ability to plan and carry out many day-to-day tasks) from ADHD because they are too smart,’’ said Thomas E. Brown, assistant professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and lead au
A Lil About Me
I am a submissive woman...I find pleasure, joy and fullfillment from being submissive to another in a loving realationship.I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm veiws and a clear concept of what i want out of my life.I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.I look to my loving master for guidnace and protection, for never am i more complete than when he is with me. I know that he will protect my body, my mind and my soul with his strenght and wisdom.Only in serving him do i find comeplete freedom and joy.His punsihments are harsh, but i accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my best intrests alsways foremost in his mind.If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that i have brought him happiness.However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one of the facet of any realtionship.My body is his and if he says i am beautiful then i am.If he says i am his princess then i am that
Life In General
selfish pricks of the world unite!!!!!in the words of a selfish prick;  i realize that i am the most important person in my life, for without me to feed off of, the rest of those in my life would not be. without me to provide a backdrop and stage to fuel the play the actors would have no script or motivation to further the act, no resources to derive a scene, nor thought to even speak a line. without me the world as i percieve would not even exist at all. so if you ask if the world revolves around me, then i would not hesitate to say, fuck yes it does!!
Why Do I Even Try ???
Have you sat back and thought outloud to yourself why the hell do I even breathe ?  Do you ever sit back and go why does everything bad in life have to happen to me ? Do you ever wanna take a long walk and never look back over your shoulder again ? Have you ever thought aboiut the in's and out's of your life and go why me ? Do you ever have that voice in your head that keeps laughing at you sayin I told you so ? Do you ever wanna be the one that comes up missing just to see if your life would be different ? Have you ever wondered why somebody loves you and then get's jealous of your friends ? Have you ever had the feeling of being nothing more than dirt under someones shoes ? Do you ever get the feeling of why ?   One day your life is fine then it get's turned upside down and nothing you say or do makes sense to anyone around you for they only see what they wanna see when your taking in the blunt of all there anger....   Sometimes it's not worth feeling anything anymore an
The Three Stooges (sarah Brooks, William Randolph Herst, And Jim Greer)
In this episode of Right on Right w/Christopher Fredrickson, Christopher unloads on a psycho path by the name of Sarah Brooks whom Christopher has dubbed Strawberry Shortcake. Christopher then talks with Cory of Cory's Corner of The Conservative Way about the Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist primary in Fla and why it is vitally important for Conservatives to back Marco Rubio. Then Christopher discusses the founder of yellow journalism with Brian of Brian's Edition of The Conservative Way, William Randolph Herst. We discuss how this individual may have lead to how journalism is now. The facts on Herst are shocking, and the schools are not teaching just how influential and destructive this man was. But Orson Welles did.
A Glimpse
A GLIMPSEpeering through the openingof a doorslightly ajarenough light to form shadows of memoriessensual memorieserotic memoriesfingertipsteasing, taunting, slippingacross fleshmemoriesbreathwarm moistwhisperingto increase heartbeatmemoriessoft sensual lipssuggestingkissesgentle, lustfulkisseslips that nip, caress, bite tongue that probes, thrusts, teasesmemoriesvibrationszippers ,clasps, hooks, snapssoundswhispers, moans, groanserotic musicliquid desirememoriesthe dooropens a little morebeckoningthelight createsShadows ofmemories yet tocome
Why Not?
Im open 24/7. Like 7/11. Dodging them 187's. Sending my soldiers to heaven. From empty Clips of them Mak 11's. It's us money shapers, 1 team and 20 papers.Slanging a rock while Im at it. To them drug fene addictsWe all got a choice. Now Im revealing my voiceLike a ghost that haunts and schemes. I be posting up at the sceneUnforeseen I aint gotta be mean, Flaunting my gangster lean!Dont need to pack. Cuz my boys got my back. Im a soul survivor.In the street I be a fighter. Yeah you know there aint no girl tighterAnd my dope is always whiter. Be careful where you steppinAlways got a weapon. I have GoD as my only witnessHustling I cant resist it.
I am an outlaw immortalI don't need a portalTake you to the top I won't stopFeeling this hip hopA new kind of popApproaching the next stageThey released me from my cageI was behind bars but now I reach the starsCapitol K.-Y to the N-A that's how I playTo God I always pray these words that I conveySending out a message to my peepsI'am playing this tune for keepsReminiscing about those I've lostIt's a shame and at what costThey passed away back in the dayNone of us are here to stayDon't try and preach the wayI'm on the next level I'am groundedA higher power yeah I've found itIntroduce me to a hottie yeah i'll pound itTake me how you want cause I don't care how I soundedOut loud I'm proud. Busting up the crowd. Just the way i vowed.Chilling like a villan, get yourself some penicillan, if your willingHardcore Before I'll show you whats in storeMaking you want more, Ive always been poorNever was a whore, Battled in the warA soldier barracading my doorAfter an invasion I end up sore Queen
This just a poem. I wrote this a while back. We all go thru breakups. ITs sorta part of life. lol They can be rough but we all get past these things and move on. I guess my point is not matter what happens in life. It will always get better!!!   I am truly alone nowI don’t know what to doThis feeling I have makes me blueI cant understand why we don’t belongWhat you allowed to happen was so wrongTo hold each other in our armsBut I am still bewitched by your charmsAll I have left is memories of a kissI know now there’s no such thing as blissThe rest is nowhere to be foundEvery time I have leave you I feel so downEveryone that I have talked to tell me to move onI still cant believe your love for me is goneOh god why does life have to be so crappyBeing without you make it hard to be happy
Natal - Intriguing
This looks... fascinating. :o  
Lost In Confusion
I am lost in confusion Surrounded by utter chaos in my mind My heart telling yes when it can not be possible What do I do? Do I take the biggest risk and move to be with her Or do I continue on down the path of loneliness. Something, someone, somewhere will make my heart whole Is she that missing piece Or am I just that lost in confusion
Meaning Of Love
This is what love means To have you in all my dreams To know the reasons why we exists To know that this love we couldn't resist To hold each other all day long To know that this is where our hearts belong To look into your beautiful eyesTo hold you at night and look into the sky To see the star above To know this is true love To hold hands and feel it to be right To hold each other through the night To kiss you and close my eyes To know that this love could never die To know my love grows each day It does'nt matter together or away I know this to be all true All I can ever do is think of you
A storm has been brewing all night The lightning in the sky turns every thing white off in the distant I can see my Fallenangel leaving me I try so hard to catch her as she passed but I couldn’t seem to row that fast she is floating so far away from me all I can do is watch her from the sea she is falling very fast away I ask the lord just take my life today end all this pain for me send me to hell that is where I want to be I wish I could change this life I am living I wish I had stopped my heart from giving why would you fall so much in love and not take both of us up above instead you keep me in this hell I wish all this would change so I may feel well but I know it wont change and I don’t know why most of the time all I can do is cry my heart is so torn apart I know now my lord I shall never share this heart
Fine Look At Me
(Ż`v´Ż)`*.¸.*´¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨Ż`•People say I have a very pretty face and also a killerbody...but my sweet cherry pie is really what is good! I get along bestwith people who are always looking for new people, places andexperiences.I've always been good at getting a conversation started andkeeping it interesting. I look forward to putting a smile on your face. ilyk person who knows my moods, and know my up's and Down!! I lyk da personwho will rock my Bedworld, beco'z Sex 4 me is LOVE. . . . .add me up ... heres my addy On bOth msn and yahOO ...hmm_25u@yahoo.comor to my msnhmm_25@hotmail.comWARNING: if you dont have credit card DON't add me your wasting my time
How cool is this Fubar on my Blackberry. It seems to work ok but is not as fast as my laptop. Have a great day all.
Update Time Again ........june 2009
I've been on preoccupied a lot over the last week or so due to a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the band of right now the vocal tracks have been laid on most of the cd , with 5 songs awaiting my bass tracks .....looks like Visionary's return will be slated for June 19th , 2009 .....thanks to our good friends Frank and Diablo at Macs .....this is going to serve as our warm up show for the battle of the bands we are entered in June 28th ....ok guys and gals ....this one's for the big bag of marbles , so time for me to kick this into high gear here in short looks like over the next month I will be breaking my back until these shows are over and in the books as history .....then the real full blown official return show will happen again at Macs more than likely in the month of August ....I don't want to give too much away but I can tell you I have been in talks with a long time very close friend in another band about having a split night .....Visionary and his band (
Gwendolyn Marie
Well, we are less than two months away from the big due day...  Sometimes I could show a little more enthusiasm, but I am very much looking forward to meeting my daughter for the very first time.   CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!
The Passion Inside
I have walked threw the shadows of the valley of death, and feared no evil. I have been guided by the light in the darkness with truth and honor. The very sacrifice of my doomed soul is the price am willing to pay for the safety of the ones who don't know my name Medals of Valor under lock and key. My reward is my priviledge to serve sitting the recesses of my mind. The Years past by and the world changes and my convictions stay the same. I am an outcast to the society and people I protect. But with even the ever changing times I have no regrets. for I lived my life with the passion of my calling. So now I pass the torch to one so young and full of spirit. with the same passion and commitment. For me this is not the end. but the beginning. For life has changed its course. For me to sleep in comfort knowing that the new guard sits quietly and unrecongnized to his call of duty. So now I am able to live the dreams, that I fought so hard to protect. And by the grace of God. He has b
Hello All
hello  just a quick note on this subject as you all know by now i work with the child rotection community for las vegas nevada i post missing persons amber alerts and child abuse cases if you know of anyone who needs help in this area please let me know so i can point themin the right direction to get the help they need if someone is missing and nees help posting pics and info as to where they may be ill post that as well any help i can give i will myspace/cpcnevada, and emails at either way help is there for the taking just ask well take caree and be safe   captn steve
02 June 2009
Real oneness will come to you when you can let go of disappointment with others and yourself.
My Dad
  My dad (the guy on the left, with my brother Steve) is seventy today.  I've known him all my life, during which time he has remained married to my mum (not pictured).  For a lot of his life, he worked in insurance, but has also worked for the Church, and remains active since his retirement a few years back.  On the day this photo was taken, it was my brother Steve's birthday, and my dad made him these concrete mushrooms.  He then proceeded to drink too much red wine, and fell asleep in the shed.  A lot of my sense of humour comes from my Dad, and also my love for country music.  He makes me laugh, lends me money, and gives me advice about cars and houses and shit.  I love that old man. LET'S HEAR IT FOR MY DAD!!
I started making jewelry many years ago and I really like to do so.  Last few years I just lack the motivation to make anything.  I have plenty of supplies and so on to make anything I could ever want and time is not an issue either.   What I need is motivation!  So what I'm asking for is suggestions... Does anyone have any ideas for me?  To light a fire under my ass to get me going again.  Comments are greatly appreciated...
The Gathering 2009
any juggalo or juggaletts going please send pics going 2 miss this year
Wat Do U Do When Ur Life Is Gone
Zeromancer Lyrics That I Love.
How can I save you When I can't even save myself Oh, you want me A number of different ways Feel me, fuck me, hurt me, love me, Hate me, save me, kill me Feel me, fuck me, hurt me, love me, Hate me, save me, kill me Doppelganger I love you My pain is your pain Your pains are my pains Your chains are my chains, too.. How can I save you When I can't even save myself Now you want your Own sick requiem Cry, don't you? Oh, you want to.. Feel me, fuck me, hurt me, love me, Hate me, save me, kill me Feel me, fuck me, hurt me, love me, Hate me, save me, kill me Doppelganger I love you My pain is your pain Your pains are my pains Your chains are my chains, too.. Doppelganger I love you My pain is your pain Your pains are my pains Your chains are my chains, too.. How can I save you When I can't even save myself How can i save you When I can't even save myself Doppelganger I love you My pain is your pain Your pains are my pains Your chains are my chains, too.. Doppelganger I love you
R.i.p Pfc Stone
June 30th 2009 the 81st Enhanced Brigade Combat team lost its first soldier in our current deployment. Pfc Stone was a good kid, he never bitched and got along with everyone. He volunteered for this mission with serving his country as his only agenda. A aviation soldier by title he filled the boots of a cavalry scout in our mission to protect Civilians here in Iraq, with great success. He will be missed.Say a prayer for this young soldier and keep him in your thoughts.
Some Thoughts On Abusive
Yea i dont like this band but the lyrics suit what im gona talk about... by red jumpsuite apparatus Hey girl you know you drive me crazy one look puts the rhythm in my hand. Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down. Cover up with make up in the mirror tell yourself it's never gonna happen again you cry alone and then he swears he loves you. Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end as your lies crumble down, a new life she has found. A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect every action in this world will bear a consequence If you wade around forever you will surely drown I see what's going down. I see the way you go and say your right again, say your right again heed my lecture Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world'
I Want
Thursday, October 05, 2006  I Want..... I want to run, I want to hideI want to release the hurt insideI want to uncover all the mirrorsI want away from all these fearsI want to love, to have a lifeI want to be loved at no priceI want to laugh, to have some funI want to stop, not to runI want to break free from the painI want to live with no more shameI want to cry not one more tearI want to show no more fearI want to be strong, with a will so greatI want to find that almost perfect mateI want to hold and be held at nightI want to feel loved when I turn out the light Karen E. Fryer© 2006
Not New
Hello everybody. I am not new to fubar. Just wanted to start again, it will tak awhile before my level 26 fubar profile goes anywhere lmaoooo plus I can't uplaod anymore pics on that one because no VIP anymore.
I told you what all i was needing But you pretty much ignored the pleading You left for days without a call When i told you it was one of the things bothering me most of all Excuses lately were all ive been hearing Constant sadness  is where you have kept me steering You brushed away my hearts desire Causing my heart to sink in sadness and mire I dont like wondering if ive ever truly mattered Im left to pick up the pieces of my heart thats shattered
The Ray
Monday, January 07, 2008  A little different. Tell me what you think? Current mood:  blessed Category: Writing and Poetry I dreamt today I was locked in a room Half of it bright and the other half gloom Standing there amazed at what I saw There 3 cracks or just mere flaws   As I walked up closer to see inside I could see the words "You must decide" Decide what? I said out loud to myself Then I noticed the mirror sitting high on the shelf   From the window the ray reflected off the mirror As it hit the crack it became much clearer To be dark and gloomy or happy and bright Knowing the difference between wrong and right   Understanding we can be free from the crack in the wall Or stay hidden behind it as we cower and stall As the ray bounced up and hit the words The room suddenly spilt into thirds Now it is me, myself and I The time  has come, it is do or die Hide in the corner and pray for no shame Or stand up be tall and hear my name   I choose to
Meditation For June 2
You were born with a spark of the Divine within you. It had been all but smothered by the life you were living. That celestial fire has to be tended and fed so that it will grow eventually into a real desire to live the right way. By trying to do the will of God, you grow more and more in the new way of life. By thinking of God, by praying to Him, and having communion with Him, you gradually grow more like Him. The way of your transformation from the material to the spiritual is the way of Divine Companionship.
For My Friends And Fam
I would like to take the time to thank everyone for the love and concern for me. I know I've been away for the past few days and I'm so blessed and thankful for the people who were glad to see me back on Fubar.  I had to change my mindset and come back with a new attitude.  It was a long story on why I left and let's say I over-reacted on my situation.  It feels good that I'm starting over and I'm thankful for the REAL friends that stood by me and wondering where I've been at.  Much love and respect to everyone and THANK YOU! MNewb
Ranting For First Blog
start this with lyrics, by coal chamber ----------------------------------- All dressed in black Eyes of attack Coming with one hand in pocket To take from me Sin in the eyes I see Sin is nice of me Nothing left for me Reality Forget it You have messed up Can't do anything And I have messed up Can't do anything You're just a fuckup I'm just a fuckup We're just two fuckups At least we're fucked Up together So sad to see you go I said to myself you Know So sad to see a mind Disappear through Time Lunacy's an argued Taste I guess there's no time To waste Oh passing times it's a Passing phase Reality Forget it You have messed up Can't do anything And I have messed up Can't do anything You're just a fuckup I'm just a fuckup We're just two fuckups At least we're fucked Up together We are two fuckups You have messed up Can't do anything And I have messed up Can't do anything You're just a fuckup I'm just a fuckup We're just two fuckups At least we're fucked Up together Together, toget
Ad's Miracle Grow Solution
Organic miracle grow for flowers of every size Comes from a magic place between his thighs He stands above your manicured lawn Flowers spawn from the seeds he tinkles upon Vibrant colors decorate your yard Dont step in the puddles be on your guard From a smell so putrid beauty springs forth The petals stretch to the sky in the north Soon his peeing on the lawn becomes the norm Pretty flowers bloom in all shapes and form You'll notice the new beauty around you
Somone To Count On
Life is a long and complex journey that includes the tragic and the sublime, the good times and the bad times. Where can you turn when the bad times come? Who will keep your feet from stumbling when your eyes are filled with tears? Even your closest friends and family can disappoint you-just as you can disapoint them. You can be confident that there is someone who will never let you down, someone who will be there for you in every season of your life, someone who will lift your burdens and provide light for your feet as you walk along the dark and lonely stretches of life's road. That someone is God. He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you. He will walk with you every step of the way. Keep me safe, O God, for in you i take refuge PSalm 16:1 NIV God, thank you for the comforting light of your presence and the comforting streangth of your arm that led me cafrefully through the dark places in my life. Amen.
My wanderlust manifests in peculiar ways.When I was growing up, my grampa told stories about D-Day. As injump out of a plane with a filmsy bit of folded nylon between him and certain doom with anti-air artillery going off next to his ears, and wind blowing him MILES off course from his drop zone and losing his gear. His first kill was -brutal-. I heard about it when I was 6. So what do I wanna do right now?When I get antsy, I want to scope up and make people go limp like puppets cut from their strings.WW2 simulators are GREAT for that, but eventually I find a hidey hole and just start making kills faster than I can resupply and innevitabley get bored. In particular I want to jump out of airplanes. I have for some time. Growing up I was the first one to the roller coasters, I'd stand on my tiptoes to get a past the height limit and get a thrill. Left my shoes untied so I could push up on my heels and stand on the back of em. Long pant cuffs covered it up. Water skiing, bungee sw
Honz Died Today
cruel cruel world took away one of my doggies.
Wanna Own Ur Own Naughty Girl?
        Your very own Sexy ♥BΣÂuŦƪƒul ĐƪȿÂȿŦΣЯ♥ is hosting and participating in The first ever Naughty Nightie Auction I am starting the auction earlier than planned the auction will begin June 2nd @ 12AM Est. and run until July 15th @ 10PM Est. The starting bid for each entrant will be 500K. Host will not be responsible for non-payment or notification to winning bidder. A full list of auction rules can be found in the auction folder along with a conversion chart. I will continue to take entries until June 17th @ 11:59 PM Est. as planned before. Obviously this is a female only auction. The entry fee for the auction is 50K! To enter you must send me the 50K along with the picture you wish to use (all pictures must be in lingerie after all it is called the naughty nightie auction) along with what you are offering and your auction picture will be added to the auction folder after it is comp
Dont Realy Know The Subject
somehow i felt in-addiquate, as though you had already experienced much more in your life than i had in mine. we have lived the same ammout of time but you have done so much more, experimented much more, LIVED much more. i guess you could sense that. i have takent the express lane to responsibility, boredom, a cruel reality that i call life as i know it, you took me away from that when i was with you. You made me confortable to be myself, but not too comfortable to where i didnt try and impress you or try and make you like me all over again. But again life has diffrent plans for the both of us, and will diverge us off this path that we oh so breifly walked together. so, thank you, i will always be there for you when other people piss you off and you cant talk to any one else.
The Worst Time Of The Year (warning Content May Be Confused For Whining) Lol
Five and a half years ago I moved out east. I finally came back last November. The hows and whys are unimportant. This is about my least favorite time of the year. Wich pretty much runs from July to December. I find I start to slowly shut down. Now everyone loses people and we all hit a point when life stops giving and starts taking away. I just didn't expect it all to happen so soon. It wouldn't bother me so much but I was two thousand miles away and it felt like everyone I knew was dropping off like flies. O.K. "everyone" is an exageration but it is still rough. Please don't think to much into this. I'm not looking for sympathy or support. These blogs are just a way for me to get stuff out into the open so I can try to gain some perspective. So please if you're feeling sorry for me.... stop. Pity never got anyone anywhere. Most of the death's were natural but most of thse were people that were barely into thier fiftys. My grandmother was mid 80's and lived a god long life. She passed
Rip Clancy Thomas Ryan
Hope to see everyone out in September to see this amazing play.Some facts about Rabbit Hole:-Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama-It is being made into a movie in 2010 staring Nicole Kidman-the playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire, has also signed on to write Spider Man 4 (girls thats how you rope your guys into coming)-In its first time on stage, Cynthia Nixon, from Sex in the City played Becca.Director: Seamus McCannProducer: Mike CrosmazStage Manager: Shannon MooreAsst. Stage Manager: Pam BrohmAuditions were held May 28th and 29th 7-9 pm @ the LLT Studio, 55 George St. Lindsay Ontario.Thanks for All who came out to auditions, the following people were casted:Becca: Miranda WarrenHowie: Jason McGuganIzzy: Erin SwiechNat: Beth HarringtonJason: TBAShow Dates September 11,12,18, and 19 2009     And I get a copy to give any insight on it! :D 
Is That So Wrong Ladies?
Remember... Me
Searching for answers has been in vain. The thirst for a reason no longer holds my attention. I've called a truce with my heart and white flagged my mind. With head bowed and knees deeply floor dug, on this day I say goodbye. Shed not a tear for what is, but let them flow freely for what should of been. Hope refrained, peace attained and memories remain. Remember when...E.D.M.L.
My Prey
My Prey   I know you can hear the rustling Trampling under foot jungle brush Through the dark dense forest I feel your blood begin to rush Your heart pounds calling to me You can feel the lion’s eyes upon you Hunting for your desires A reckoning so long over due Slowly I circle my prey I see her tremble at the unknown She crouches down trying to hide But she knows she is not alone
2 Against 1
Since the the big D day, It has always been them against me or them against her. When you have something to say, bring it to the one you are sore with. Do not abuse the innocent.   Argumentative we are not. Maybe you have a more pugnacious personality. It does not always mean that everyone else does. Did you ever sit and consider the damage you cause people by tearing them apart? My heart aches for all your hate. During these "arguments" I just give up. I would rather be happy as I can be then be "Right" She puts up a better fight then me...she is part you though. But she finally gives up also.. Why? ...because it is always 2 against 1
Does It End
Day's go by and i wornder why it's so hard does it end the pain i can no longer hide when will it end the blood so red the tear's are clear when does it end....i wornder if the truth is clear when i say i'm fine do you see the truth baneth the lie i wornder why it's hard for me to say just what i feel...Does it end when you say you care and you make it clear that with out me it's no life do you see the painted smile and the fears i hide when will it end i have been told by many a near say that i'm not good and a waist of time do you beleave those lie's does it end will it end??i loved and lost and loved again please don't hurt me in the end for i am not strong enough to deal with it in the end.. DOES IT END
So this is a rant... Im a bit upset with a few "Fu-friends" as of late. I spend hours trying to return rates and such for those who stop by and hitting all of my friends as they load pictures and re-rating old ones. Well today I realized I can count on 2 hands the people who are loyal raters when I upload pictures. Funny thing is.. a couple of people I rate regulary never seem to rate a single picture unless it somehow involves them. So here's how I'm going to fix this... Each day im going to pick one friend maybe two depending on the amount of pictures, and just go down the list. This way by the time I get back to the beginning It'll be time to rerate the first again. As, for my 11's... they'll go to whomever is very close to leveling or to the one who got me my vip *smile you sexy beast man* and the rest will be spent on random people. To you couple of people who have annoyed me with never rating... don't expect anymore rates ♥   Ps.. If this doesn't pertain to yo
If eyes are the windows to the soul, do beautiful eyes mean you have a beautiful soul? This thought came to me as I've looked through pics on here tonight.
Jesus Freaks?
LMFAO at this... Yu may have seen the mumm titled OMG talking about some jesus cult... I checked it out and have been laughing insanely ever since... fucking right out of a steven king novel these people...any who, I saw this signature on a comment regarding a thread talking about how you dont have to "do it" on your honey moon... these people are the of the belief its a sin to have sex other than the sole porpose to make baby christian warriors!!! ffs..any ways its some funnyshit! heres the signature on his comment, who also has a spaceship baby jesus website...but i deleted the link cuz our baby jesus doesnt like any other baby jesus's to be lmao I am the MAD PROPHET HELMHOLTZ. SPACESHIP JESUS appeared to me in Astronaut form when I was staying in a motel in 1974. He then told me the TRUTH about our world and what illusions the SATANIC ALLIANCE uses to control us! To this day, I still receive SPACESHIP RADIO SIGNALS INTO MY BRAIN. Praise be SPACESHIP JESUS! fuggin lunatic
Want Bling Read Blog Contest
♥ I'm looking for someone to make me an oracle tag using my primary photo.  I've created a folder in my photos to put them all there.  Whoever comes up with the coolest tag will get a 5 credit bling or any combination of that if you want a 3 credit bling and two 1's or just simply 5 1's you choose.  I will take all entries until Midnight June 2, 2009 then choose the winner.  See my profile for things I like to help your creativity.  May the Best Oracle Tag win :) Open to all FRIENDS, if you aren't a friend please friend request me but no friend requests that are blank will be accepted.  Thanks for reading and good luck! SB or PM me to let me know where to locate it or leave it as a profile comment.  One last thing, 1st place will get 5 credit bling, 2nd place will win a 3 credit and 3rd place will get a 1 credit bling.  So three people can win a bling!
This Freakin Church....
I just found this really fucked up website. I laughed my ass off at what some of these people wrote. I found it all hilarious. It is a church forum board. If you read the different forum topics you discover that they are rascist, misogynistic (hatred of women and girls), and really "dislike" the Mentally Handicapped. Here is a link of one of the forum discussions: one is asking, "Are showers the women's ride to Satan's arms?" Wow is all I can say. I am amazed at how "close-minded" this group seems. I just found it quite amusing and thought I would share it with the Fu-world.  Enjoy! lol
Taking A Break
need to concentrate on some school stuff and work.  All my family lists can see a blog on how to reach me...  would still enjoy talking to family but off of here.  Other than that.. ill stop in on occassion...   I tried.... not working.. so this blog is useless... Im back and forth.. i just may not be on as much.. Kenneth
Wow First Time On Here
i am sorry but it might take some time to talk to ppl on here ok jus leave me a message and ill get back to u ok well have fun and take care
Caa #102
Another very dear friend of mine has asked for special angel prayers for her boss, who is to see the doctor tomorrow about major surgery and for him it will be risky.  Please send special angel prayers of healing and strength for her boss, and may God guide the surgeons hands on any operation he might need.   Love,   Doc
Caa 101
A very dear friend of mine asked for special angel prayers of healing and strength for her boyfriend who has to go in for a cardia cath on  Thursday.  PLease send prayers for my dear angel and her boyfriend.   Love,   Doc
[my Crispy Bits]
Bitches don't know shit about my carbonara...yo. Well... I had the oppurtunity to try someone else's carbonara, to kinda gauge how I did, and I was in the mood for some bacony goodness. >>It was fettucini alfredo with bacon.*scratches his head* no go. So here's my take (don't forget- God is in the radio)You will require 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar3 cloves of grated garlic (you could get away with less garlic)linguine or fusilli (the corkscrew pasta)[I think this particular sauce and small bit meatses adheres better to fusilli]2-4 egg yolks (depending on how big assed your eggs are)SaltPepperBACON!!! Cut into lardons. (about 2/3 cup)And...lamb/ham/cured sausage ~ 1/3 cup (accent meat) Boil your pasta boy!While that's going render fat from your bacon in a skillet, and get it crispy, toss in the additional flavorant meat and salt KEEP THE ACCENT MEAT TINY! It's carbonara so you want bits of well done toasty crunch.JUST BEFORE the pasta is done, toss in the garlic and distributecombin
Sex Happens
how sex starts... Now this shit is funny...true..but funny!!! ...a smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 makeout ...a makeout leads 2 finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a ----. So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ...subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply! post this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4-10 years. If you post this in 15 mins, your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 1:11a.m. REPOST THIS iS ""How Sex Starts""
I just called my dad who sounded drunk, UGH!!!! He said what happened at this time was my grandma and that guy had went fishing and camping. The house is sold but they werent leaving yet. I kept asking him how he could be letting her go so far away at her age, she will be 85 in September. He didn't say much he tried to blame her medication on the heart attack. I dont know, I am dumb like that. I did call the hospital in Missoula, they did put her nurse in ICU on, she said she couldnt say much over the phone but she did say at the moment she is stable because of the medications and that when my dad gets there there will be a lot more information given I am sure. I am soooo tense right now, all I keep thinking is there is going to be *that* call. I don't want it.  All my dad kept saying is she lived her life, WTF!!! He is the only child and should be there and having some say, not this guy that I don't know. I know I haven't seen her is a few years, but for god's sake this is my grandm
Interesting Mumm... I Left A Comment, What Do You Think?
I Find It Hard To Live With All My ChoicesIt's Time To Turn A Deaf Ear To Those VoicesDid You Ever Think To Ask My OpinionDid You Ever Think To Ask If I'm Ok?I've Burned Down Every Bridge That I've FoundNow I Limit Myself To A Six Gun QuotaI've Played Down Every Feelin' I've FeltAnd I Bottled Them Up 'til The Well Ran OverGive Every Indication That You're MendedTake Every Rule You Come Across And Bend ItAnd Did You Ever Think To Ask My OpinionAnd Did You Ever Think To Ask If I'm Ok?I've Burned Down Every Bridge That I've FoundNow I Limit Myself To A Six Gun QuotaI've Played Down Every Feelin' I've FeltAnd I Bottled Them Up 'til The Well Ran Over [x2]It Feels So Good To Be NumbI Hate What I Have BecomeIt Feels So Good To Be NumbI've Burned Down Every Bridge That I've FoundNow I Limit Myself To A Six Gun QuotaI've Played Down Every Feelin' I've FeltAnd I Bottled Them Up 'til The Well Ran Over
Famous Quotes !!
"We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption." - John Adams, U.S. President quote on Hemp
Famous Quotes !!
"Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?"
Famous Quotes !!
"When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point."- Barack Obama quote on Marijuana
It's A Heartache
Days go by. Rain falls. Thunder rolls and Lightning flashes.  Storms abound both outside and in .. There are all kinds of storms. Resolve to weather them no matter what the cost or take the very real chance of the loss of something or someone precious and irreplacable. A question of faith, a question of trust. Find shelter! Guard your heart? Open to the elements and take your chances?  Leave behind all that fear and pain and accept that you must wait and hope. Do you have the strength to endure? Is the prize worth the cost to your soul or is it your very soul you fight for? Lifetimes have passed and will again. But this is the one that matters. This Storm must be weathered!! The heart wants what the heart wants.. there is no question Its a heartache,. the waiting is a  heartache.. This Storm will not Break it..resolved, in hope and trust. Forever and a Day.
Famous Quotes !!
“If adults want to take such chances (with marijuana) that is their business” Ronald Reagan quotes (American 40th US President (1981- 89), 1911-2004)
When We Want And Want, But Just Don’t Receive
I've had a bit of a rough day and although I'm not sure that posting my feelings about anything will really make me feel better, I sometimes need to remind myself about gratitude.  Hope you enjoy it. ~Mari   When We Want and Want, But Just Don't Receive   "Want is a growing giant whom the coat of have was never large enough to cover..." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson   Recently, I have been thinking and talking a lot about gratitude. It seems that so many of us want more than what we have.  It's not that we aren't happy with what we already have in our lives, we just want more.  We want a better relationship, we want more money, we want a bigger house, we want, we want, we want.   But what about being thankful for what we already have?   A few months ago, I received a Gratitude Journal as a gift from The Secret.  The journal is encased in a beautiful heavy leather, tri-fold binder. I really liked it because it had a private, secret feel to it.  Like what I wrote would be just betwe
Famous Quotes !!
"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."- Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President quote on Hemp
Famous Quotes !!
# "Forty million Americans smoked marijuana; the only ones who didn't like it were Judge Ginsberg, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton." Jay Leno
Famous Quotes
# "Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere." George Washington
Famous Quotes !!
# "Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself, and where they are they should be changed." Jimmy Carter - Former U.S. President
Eminem Eats Ass And I Am Hysterical
Part 1
The Cronicle of Caine   The First Times   I dream of the first timesthe longest memory I speak of the first timesthe oldest FatherI sing of the first time and the dawn of Darkness   In Nod, where the light of Paradise lit up the night skyand the tears of our parents wet the groundEach of us, in our way, set about to liveand take our sustenance from the landAnd I, first-borne Caine, I, with sharp things,planted the dark seeds, wet them in the earthtended them, watched them growAnd Abel, second-borne Abeltended the animalsaided their bloody birthsfed them, watched them growI loved him, my BrotherHe was the brightestThe sweetestThe strongestHe was the first partof all my joy.Then one dayour Father said to us,Caine, Abelto him above you must make a sacrifice--a gift of the first partof all that you haveAnd I, first-borne Caine, igathered the tender shootsthe brightest fruitsthe sweetest grass And Abel, second-borne, Abelslaughtered the youngestthe strongest, the sweetest of his an
Black Rose
Black Rose   You are my black rose, The Cause of all my sorrow, The keeper of my tears, The wreath of thorns around my heart, The end to all my fears, The contaminator of my blood with fire, The guardian of my soul, You pull me for the darkness, Keep me warm when nights are cold, You are my black rose, The keepers of my secrets, The teller of my lies, You are the heartache in my chest, The desire in my eyes, Your spirit envelopes me, Your sharp thorns spill my blood, You are the clawed hand that reaches out to save me from the flood, You are my black rose, You are the padlock on my chains, The wings that set me free, The lips that tell me what to say, The sight that lets me see, You are everything I need to live, The poison that I drink, The peace and beauty that lift me up, The depression into which I sink, You are my black rose,
Love Quotes
Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command. Alan Watts To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. Anne-Sophie Swetchine Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be. Anton Chekhov (1860 - 1904) To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970), Marriage and Morals (1929) ch. 19 Love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone - but not the complete structure. It is much too pliable, too yielding. Bette Davis (1908 - 1989) Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves. Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662) The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) Nothing takes the taste o
Death Quotes
Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. A. Sachs When I pass, speak freely of my shortcomings and my flaws. Learn from them, for I'll have no ego to injure. Aaron McGruder, Boondocks, 07-04-04 Death is better, a milder fate than tyranny. Aeschylus (525 BC - 456 BC), Agamemnon Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life. Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956), The Mother, 1932 For certain is death for the bornAnd certain is birth for the dead;Therefore over the inevitableThou shouldst not grieve. Bhagavad Gita (250 BC - 250 AD), Chapter 2 He not busy being born is busy dying. Bob Dylan (1941 - ) I'd rather get my brains blown out in the wild than wait in terror at the slaughterhouse. Craig Volk, Northern Exposure, A-Hunting We Will Go, 1991 The killing was the best part. It was the dying I couldn't take. Craig Volk, Northern Exposure, A-Hunting We Will Go, 1991 Be open to your dreams, people. Embrace that distant shore. Because our mortal journey is
Vampyres: According to the Society of the Black Swan, there are two main types of vampyres. Both draw life force (a.k.a. pranic, chi, ley, psychic or spiritual energy) from others in order to sustain themselves. But they differ in the method that they use to tap into this energy: Sanguinarian vampyres: "Sanguinarian" comes from the Latin word "sanguinarius" which means "bloodthirsty." A sanguinarian or "sang" vampyre feels a strong craving to meet their energy needs by consuming blood. Normally this comes from other humans. They feel that their strength cannot be maintained at a high level in any other way. 2 If they are not able to feed on blood periodically, they expect to develop a weakened immune system, have less energy, and sicken. They may develop pain and depression. 3 Many vampyres have one or more donors who often draw their own blood as a gift. Most sang vampyres feel that a tablespoon or two of blood each week is plenty to sustain them. Psi vampyres: They crave and are ab
Vampires   Assamite The Assamites are a group of skilled, select assassins who often commit contract killings in exchange for the blood of other vampires. Even when compared to other vampires, the Assamite appear overly obsessed with blood, due to a clan weakness which causes an addiction to the blood of other vampires. Baali   The Baali are very strongly rejected by most vampires, because of their infernalist nature — they are called "monsters" and "demons" even by the other vampires. Much of the Baali symbology is Mesopotamian and Phoenician in origin. The very name Baali is originated from the Phoenician word Ba'al, meaning "great lord".   Brujah   Brujah are characterized mostly as anarchists. Brujah childer conduct their political conventions amongst the noise of raves and punk rock concerts. Their Ancilla have long used secret, impromptu, and often violent rants to propel their anarchic culture. In comparison to other vampires, the Brujah are especially violent. C
the rain is my tears that can not fall, the thunder is my heartbeat, the lightening is my fury, i am an emotional disaster, where there is pain there is anger, where there is anger there is sadness, complicated the one word that is me.  
Attention Whores!
This will probably sound like some haterade or a bitter person, but it's actually the complete opposite. I am so damn sick of people on here who spend their whole time trying to make people pay attention to them. It's ridiculous. You can't go into some lounges at certain times because those people will be there. Or they'll be on cam and they'll just get naked so the attention is on them, completely ruining the conversations and "friendly" flirting that some people look forward to or enjoy. I'm one of those in the middle, I'm good enough looking to get attention, but I'm not so hot that I'm the center of attention. I've never cared whether people talked to me or not. That's part of how I was raised and also the fact I'm a complete arrogant SOB. However, there are people who struggle with people who do this. I've seen very beautiful women, regardless of weight or race, feeling like complete garbage because some drunk party chick decides to show some boobs on cam or send out dirty picture
Lookin Through The Glass
I'm looking at you through the glass...Don't know how much time has passedOh god it feels like foreverBut no one ever tells you that foreverFeels like home, sitting all alone inside your headHow do you feel? That is the questionBut i forget.. you dont expect and easy answerWhen something like a soul becomesInitialized and folded up like paper dolls and little notesYou cant expect to bitter folksAnd while your outside looking inDescribing what you seeRemember what your staring at is meCause I'm looking at you through the glass...Don't know how much time has passedAll i know is that it feels like foreverWhen no one ever tells you that foreverFeels like home, sitting all alone inside your headHow much is real? So much to questionAnd never dare make up the mannequinsContaminating everythingWhen thought came from the heartIt never did right from the startJust listen to the noises(No more sad voices)Before you tell yourselfIts just a different sceneRemember its just different f
My Leg!
Well, went to the gym on Saturday! First time in 2 months, I hurt, but feel good, was supposed to go today, got caught up in legal matters with my Daughter's father.....
It would simply say everything if you would take a pen and write my name on a friend who never cared to let me in.Then take a fast ravine that for three years swimming straight upstream and the wind, the wind will drag me down in the end.You live inside my wall and I, I reach back, hit your harder than God falls Christ, Amen. You're such a line to break and I'm, I'm so scared to make another mistake in the end But I just want to be happy again.Until it all falls down, and where does that leave me? With things, things, I've got so many things to say with a broken heart and a straight face I'm saying, "brother, help me" It's just a natural phase that I, I go through and then it's taken away and then bam, bam, I'm fixed. fixed.And I'm in another place to be where I, I can't sleep without the thought of me being so, so damn sick.  But take this song, take this song away until it all falls down, and where does that leave me? With things, things, I've got so many things to say with a broken
Up until I was 17, I was an idiot. True story. A totally morally void manipulative piece of shit, and thats really not an exagerration.   All of a sudden, at 17, I got this mental growth spurt, and something that loosely resembled morals. And my cognitive ability just shot up through the roof. Its kinda crazy, to think about it.    
Morrissey - I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
No videos anywhere so the lyrics will have to do. I dont mindI dont mind if you forget meHaving learned my lessonI never left an impression on anyoneSo now you send me your hardened regardsWhen once youd send me loveSincerely I must tell youYour mild best wishesThey make me suspiciousI dont mindI dont mind if you forget meHaving learned my lessonI never left an impression on anyoneThe pressure to change, to move onWas strangeAnd very strongSo this is why I tell youI really do understandBye byeI dont mind if you forget meNo no no no no no noYou can only be strong for so longIt may not eat you but it will beat youSo this is why I tell youI really dont understandThis timeRejection is one thingBut rejection from a foolIs cruelRejection is one thingBut rejection from a foolIs cruelAnd I dont mind if you forget meI dont mind if you forget me
Bling And Bowling
I'm a little bummed about the June bling. I sent Mike a message asking him if he could make the June birthstone Alexandrite instead of Pearl. He didn't listen.  Pearl is ugly. The other blings are fairly cute. I see the brought my favorite one back...and it's cheaper =]   Anyway, bowling went well for me. Each game I got better. 136, 144, and 158. I'm doing much better on this league than I did in my other one. I think I like my team better.   Yay! I actually picked a decent name for this blog, lol.
From my shoulders a burden peeled for once in my life my heart I revealed I once was so closed unable to look but you came along and I opened like a book unable to explain yet my heart knew mind refused it it had no clue that you are the one that can set me free you can be yourself and I can be me No matter what I will always be right there no matter the time no matter the where a connection that runs deep straight to the soul I was but half now I feel whole No longer scared talking only in song I say the words to you that I have held so long I now know how life should be I give myself to you you have all of me Do as you wish for I will never go I will wait for you so lets just take it slow let love pour out see where it leads karma gave us this in exchange for our deeds ignore your mind no longer reserve for we both have waited it is what we deserve. When I look into your eyes I see a reflection of me, a kind heart
Lounge..please Read(plaid Mafia)
Okay so i had a bunch of the plaid members talk me into opening a lounge but none of you ever come in. What gives? if so many of you didnt think it was a good idea why tell me it was? even if you only come in for 10min 1 day a week it helps. so please show love
Auction Is On!!!!   I am up for auction, bid on me to show some love!
I Just Found Out My Woman Is Married.
So, it turns out that Adrianna Lima is married. If you don't know who she is, here's a picture. I had been thinking that we were going to get married, have babies, maybe spend all her money. But, it turns out she married some dude in the NBA who is an ugly dog-face and now I feel betrayed. I'm angry!
Depth Of His Darkness
Depth of His Darkness Benighted is his dreams of fame and glory. Now upon his life and career is a shroud of darkness. My heart fears from him. My soul longs to save him. Now his mind, heart and soul lurk within the depth of a darkness that keeps him from the light of reality. How I wish I could appear in front of him to hold him strong? Does he care what he has done to himself and all those who care for him? I lingering lost in his trembling regrets of how he turn upside down his life and career. I extend my hand out to him, But He can not see or touch it. Depth of his darkness is now my fathomless need to go to him. Would my love spare and save his life from falling apart? The reflecting of sunlight coming through the window is now becomes a destitute light of lost dreams. Obscure is his knowledge of what is upon my heart and soul because of this. My dream has come to end. My desire and reason to dare love has been taken away from me. Depth of his darkness has now
would u have a gay friend and why
i know my freind will bitch at me when she reads this but know i will be alone the rest of my life because i will never get my divorce because i do not have the money she dont understand  how much i want my divorce so bad this why this one guy wont ask to to go for coffie ect...  because i am still married it hurt me to watch some tv shows you see people kiss ect.. that makes me sad and wish i have someone that why i wish i am divorce because the one guys likes me wont go out with me until then so i stop wishing for him to call me because i know it will never happen so my life is missable mean time  but i just want her to know best luck on her man hope he make her happy if not i am here for her like she here for me if a man hurt me
Soul Search
Why is it so hard to focusmy mind drifts further day by daythe void in my heartrefuses to go away even on the best of daysthe ones full of warmth and lighti carry these clouds of rainthere's something thats not right i stare into the blue skywatching the sun float pastbut much like my heartit sets way too fast i dig and dig constantly searchinglooking for my golden keythe answers to my questionsthe miracle to set me free my thoughts race aroundbouncing off the walls of my skullmy heart lingers in vainquivering in a fear ridden lull my soul knows what it needsmy mind hopes that its truebut its my heart thats lostnot trusting what it should do i know my hunt will soon endbringing all thats me to the same pagemind heart and soul in unisonlighting up my lifes grandest stage
BITCHOLOGY When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I 'should' be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. And if that makes me a bitch , so be it. I embrace the title and am
To My Home That Was E.n.d
Just A Note...
Today my dreams came true. My the love of my life and I started our Chruch. ANd not just Fubar but in real life as well. I am a very happy woman. Dream's can come true. In Light and Darkness, DLP
how long can a man be pushed before he looses complete control? how long can u be pushed til sanity has been streached till it has broke,and insanity shows its evil head? how much can 1 person take before they begin to forget who they truely r?with the complicity of the human brain no one can tell a persons true breaking point,but when it happens everyone wants to point fingers at the people who snap instead of accepting the monster that socity has created,u dont agree with this concept,fuck you
WTF this site confuses the shiat out of me! I singed up out of the blue and get hammered with tons o messages etc.   Im looking for friends to go out and have a good time with so if your interested send me a message!!
Leveling Blog #448
DJ Mystik[lette]™DJ @ Suicide Radio*Fu wifey to Lotus*~RR Member~@ fubar I was asked to help level her-help out if ya can plz:) ty
So.. I Was Bored..
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?  Jay[2] You were in the car with?  My step-dad[3] Went to the mall with?  My bff Maria[4] Person you talked on the phone with? My Aunt[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?  I don't remember...T/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends? FalseQ: Been searched By Cops?  TrueQ: Been suspended from school?  TrueQ: Sat on a roof top?  FalseQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?  TrueQ: Broken a bone?  FalseQ: Have shaved your head?  FalseQ: Played a prank on someone?  TrueQ: Had/have a gym membership?  TrueQ: Shot a gun?  FalseQ: Donated Blood?  FalseWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?  Drink[2] Be serious or be funny?  be funny [3] Go to the beach or mountains?  beach[4] Die in a fire or die getting shot?  shotANSWER TRUTHFULLY:[1] Sun or moon?  moon[2] Winter
My Weekend
Just sitting here in reflection over the past few days. Decided to take a trip to see my baby Sunday. It was a fun road trip. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and cool with a slight breeze. I listened to the radio and drove fast. It was soothing to my soul for sure. I spent the whole day with my baby in the mountains. Check out my pic and see what beauty I witnessed. I was so peaceful. The air was cool and clean. Their were butterfies and birds. I even seen a Ostrich! Don't ask! In the evening I was outside with my baby and seen stars! They were clear and twinkled. He saw shooting stars and made a wish. I was in awe of this little sleepy town. It was so quiet and cool. I felt like I was in another world actually. I met his family and was floored at how kind they were. How welcoming they were to me. I was completely blown away by this place. Its peace and quiet. Its simple beauty. I came to realize something. That taking a chance and following a dream is the biggest gift you can
New Pictures
Check out my new pics.  I just got dumped, and I am starting over living life on life's terms!!
I am quite pleased, with myself. I have been keeping the house clean, the yard mowed, which for me is someething in an of its self! No really, I usally wait until its knee deep before I cut, just lazy that way. But here of late I have keep it nice and neat. Was standing outside a little while ago, looking at what I have done, and I realize how much I let my yard go, these past couple of years. Tomorrow I am going to trim the bushes and weedeat, can't do all of this at one time cause of my illness. But one thing, where in the hell did all of this posion ivy come from?? Serouis, this shit is every where! Is it because I just haven't been keeping up the yard? I think that has to be it. I mean I have never had this problem on this scale!! 
Tyson's Thoughts
I would just like to say Canadian women are extremely hot, now im not bashing the other ladies cuz i seen tons of nice lookin women here but i would like to see more Canadians around. Well thats all i need till i get a slap from somene lol. pss. I love all women.
New Photos & Edits
go to my Photo Page ::::: NEW STUFF ON ::::::  
Group Therapy
A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with four youngmothers and their small children."You all have obsessions," he observed.To the first mother, he said, "You are obsessed with eating.You've even named your daughter Candy."He turned to the second Mom. "Your obsession is with money.Again, it manifests itself in your child's name, Penny."He turns to the third Mom. "Your obsession is alcohol.This too manifests itself in your child's name, Brandy."At this point, the fourth mother gets up, takes her little boy by thehand and whispers. "Come on, Dick, we're leaving!"
If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?
New 'katone' Merchandise!
An update that is better a little late than never…Last week Katone came out with a new line of merchandise for 2009 that I think his fans will adore! Why not take a look at his Zazzle shop? There are some new shirts online now, and more merch is on the way! Katone's Zazzle StoreAll previous merchandise can still be found at Café Press:  KATONE MerchandiseThank you all, for your support! Onyx Tigress,Katone Street TeamStreet Team Coordinator Executive of PromotionsThe 'Official' Katone Street Team
Just When You Think
Just when you are at the point where you honestly believe that things can't get worse, I just got a slap in the face. My dad's mom lives in Montana or shall I say, she did. She is in her 80's and I guess someone younger then my dad has been living with her and semi taking care of her for awhile. Last time I seen my grandma was in 2006 when she had a stroke. I have called over there a few times, but it was kind of like she didnt know who I was. My mom just told me that they had sold her house here recently and was on her way to Arizona with this guy, when she had a heart attack in Phillipsburg, MT and was airlifted to Missoula. WTF seriously, WTF!!! My dad is living in Canada and not even going down there till Wednesday from what I hear. I am in a state of awe right now, what happens if she survives this, no home? WTF!!! I am totally tripping on this!!! I don't have a way over there, which is awful, and my dad is so inconsiderate that I believe he should be there already, since he is t
everybody have fun tonight everybody wang chung tonight
Well Im New To This "fubar" Thing..any Advice!
well a friend sent me an invite and a virtual drink, so i thought i would check it out. well at first it was alittle different, but i think i will get the hang of it. well anyone out there wanna lend some advice it would be nice. take care all.   plain jane
Hello, how are all of you. I am new as you know. If anyone can help me out with profile things here let me know. love to hear from ya.
Help Her Level
A Message For Katman (see Bulletin)
Content with keeping you blocked for years....But when you went after a good friend of mine and told her to 'go ahead and delete him' that's when you crossed the line big guy.Why don't you take your no good, sagging hairy balled ass away from the computer and get a real life. Another piece of advice, some Botox and hair plugs. Yeah.. I saw the pics of yourself that you didn't doctor up.  Lucky for you, there's some pretty naive woman on this site huh? I know your little childish petty scheme, creating fake woman or girl profiles to entice the real woman into thinking your a nice, charming guy. but gettting them to add you to family, just so you can see their 'Nsfw' pics.. that's just plain sick.   If I could of hit a delete button- on you, I would of donw it the second I could, you loathy, self-fullfilled piece of junk. Lucky for my friend, she knows how much a loser you are.
Currently untitled:   Never again will I doubt myself I promise you that you'll regret those things you said   and I won't feel a thing i can't afford to care   Tear me apart look at my scars and how much I've bled for you thisis where it ends.   i promise you i'll rebuild whats been damaged who are you to tell me that I'm wrong?   and does it break your heart that I, that i don't care?   Tear me apart look at my scars and how much I've bled for you this is where it ends.   i want to fall and forget it all   tear me apart look at my scars and how much ive bled for you this is where it ends   i promise you ill hold on to this hope and never let it go this isnt where it ends.
Dog @ After Dark
Is DJ Kev Dog finally on a leash??? Come check him out live on air and taking your requests in After Dark!!!
People In The Sun
After falling asleep at the unbelievably early hour of 8pm last night (jetlag rules) I awoke at 7am this morning, I now have the sleeping pattern of a toddler. Though I didn’t wake up pissing the bed or screaming for toast and jam (like most toddlers) I just stumbled about staring at the excruciating sunshine blasting through my bedroom window. I hoovered, I washed clothes, I washed dishes and it still wasn’t even 8am yet. My life is officially over, gone are the days when I could sleep till 3 o’clock like a right good comedian. I am going to be like one of those old ladies, who wake up at 6am, put on a housedress and then fall asleep on the sofa listening to The Archers. As it was extremely hot again in Glasgow, I headed out to The Botanic gardens which I like to call The Satanic good reason, I just like mixing my words up, as I am now old I can get away with kind of batty behaviour. The park was already full of young mums and babies who could now wa
To give up is something you should never condonebut sometime in life we must tavel aloneTo see things clearly we must open our eyesand In the end we will see the prizethe one we call Miss or Mr.  rightthe one that will hold you through the nightthe one that can make it around the blockwhere the hands of time stop on the clockSo never give up your hopeor Life may take a downward slopeso Stay optimitic and you will seea person that is worthyof all your love and morethe person you will truly adoreso this isnt a fantasy your thinking ofit is the person that you will truly love
My mind permeates with deadly thoughts More cursed than ancient lethal tortures It is the way my mind works……I cloak my heart with a woven crown of lilies My thoughts scrimmage though lush foliage And threadbare skin is slick with sweat It glistens like an image without a mirror Silent movement echoes each step silent My body tensely poised to snap a recoil Attuned to foreign sounds that abound As pale lips form a deceitful smile I gracefully move into fading light And take up guard in my rightful place My home called the shadowlands Ancient kindred spirits call out to me Tis spoken in an unspoken language Passed along with the sound of the wind They call out to me as I quietly pass by I have no form and give no substance Yet my body casts off patterns reflected You come seeking my tribal legend Aching desire for the touch of my flesh Yearn for a kiss from my tender mouth Expectations to feel the velvet wingsI have sealed the hooded doorway Cast off
You made smile today with just a litte textwho know where this will lead or what is nextI see a beautiful person with a caring heartbut things of this nature you can never chartso always be understanding to me tooand I'll show a heart that is so trueall I can do is pray for the bestthe beginning of this is just our testto see if we will be compatible at allto see if our heart will make the fallbut that will take time for usand the type of heart we have is a plusso have a wonderful day my gorgeous friendI will always be understanding and caring to the end
People With Penises ....
Are really pissing me off today   this was to long for a mumm ...what do you think   I talked my landlord into coughing up the cost for replacing my hot water heater at deli ( yay for putting things off and getting something for free) Thursday the company they hired to do the work called me to ask if Friday was okay when he mentioned the guy would be there first thing in the morning the conversations went something like this....   ME-  the hot water tank is pretty high up and in a small space I dont think one guy can do it   HIM- no one guy replaces these all the time its fine   Me- I get that but it really is in a hard to reach space with only a very small entry I am certain you will need 2 guys   HIM- I do this all the time one guy is fine this is my area of expertise you know ( dude is obviously annoyed)   ME- ok suit yourself   sure enough Fri AM the guy came in looked at space and immediatly said I cant do this alone   noooooooooooooooooooo YA THINK??????
A Special Bond
A special bond between you and me.Something the world may never see.Just like love wraps us in its cocoon.Just like child born from your womb.It wraps its fingers around us like fine spun gold.A feeling that is truly something to behold.Like the threads in life that hold us fast.No matter what happened this bond was meant to last.Sometime the threads of life may break.But a new one will always form in its wake.To make this bond even stronger then before.Making it last forever more.
This Is So Unreal
     Sharp-eyed passers by and quick work by the Richland Parish sheriff's office led to the speedy arrest of a murder suspect Saturday morning.       "A couple was coming home from a party around midnightSaturday and saw two people near the edge of a bridge ." Richland Parish Sheriff Charles McDonald said. "They thought they were just sick and the boy wanted to stop and help them, butwhen they saw the chain around her waist and the cement blocks, the girlpunched it and got out of there .... which was the right thing to do" McDonald said deputies contacted a Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries officer and were able to immediately drag near Hatch's Bridge. They found the body on the second pass.      "You could see the marks the concrete left when he dragged her to to the side of the bridge," McDonald said. "We could tell where she went in."      Once the body was recoveredand identified Lincoln Parish Sheriff's deputies were alerted.     The women's husband ,is supected of killing h
why is it that a person gets fu-engaged to you then blocks you soon after?
Chasing Lexi
im finally me agian.... after years of chasing the former image of myself  i realized it was totally unrealistic.... im not who i was before.  thank god i figured that out before the search drove me crazy.  i like who i am now so much more than who i was...... just a random thought
Just A Voice Poem
The morning brings a chill to my skinbut its is just the beginning of the day not an endI needed some warmth and to smileSo I picked up the phone and talked to you awhileA smile came to my face very fast indeedSometimes just a few word is all you needto make your day start warm and brightto make the fire in your heart ignitethe warth it brings is so pleasingeven thought its cold outside and freezingSo I thank you for the start of my dayFor taking away the cold and dismoe greyto the warmth we love to feel
Unconditional Love
I love my parents with every ounce of my being. No matter how rough things get I know they will have my back. My dad and I have our negative past, but I think the future looks bright. "Don't worry. We'll get it figured out." Easier said than done, but I trust him. We will figure everything out and everything will be okay. *deep breath* I need to find some peace and solace to get me through these next few months. I know things are looking up, but it's just a matter of getting through the rough times.   If anything ever happens to me and I didn't get the chance to say it enough, I love you Mom and Dad from the bottom of my heart. Even if I'm gone, these words will forever reign true.
Dark Sky's Poem
The day has a blackish tint all around.You cant see or hear any sound.The sky is getting darker every hour.A storm is brewing just not a shower.It hitting every thing it path.The fierce power showing its wrath.It destroying everything in life.Just like a heart being pierced with a knife.Soon all love of life will cease.Nothing left of a heart but a piece.Something so fragile and so small.It is the sign of ending of it all.
Today is my first day back to reality after being gone for 10 days and I already want to go back. I was in the mountains camping and with a bunch of people that are truly amazing!! I finally found a place where the people are real and accept others for who they are and not how they look or what they have. If the rest of the world could be that way how wonderful life would be!!! I'm spending the rest of the week here and on Friday I'm taking off for another week to Iowa to see my family. It's going to be a fast and furious trip but it will be great cause I'm road tripping it with my brother. Going back to Iowa after being in sunny Cali is going to be a huge shock and I can't wait to feel the difference!!
I swear every time I bother with this thing its all hassle. keep hitting "no salute, no view" profiles. still never heard anything back from the people what run the thing about why it is my salute was a no go so whatever. then I find some folks on my "friend" list who have that up and now I keep hitting "bouncer check" pages every time I click on anything. I gotta say I used to think "myspace" was bad but seeing how snotty and elitest you lot on here are, even worse. worse than myspace. whatever. someday this country will fall to the greed and ignorance of its people. that will be a good day. hope it comes soon. its just such a pain in the ass getting online for me now I probably wont be back on here for a while so yeah whatever all yall snobs can lick my knob!
Chillen With Friends
Alright Now!
the art exchange went a little slower than the last 2 but...the exposure and art was still there. the conversations, the connections, the expression and the culture is growing. i sold paintings for about 30 bucks altogether. to artists! i traded a piece with 3D master Dave Warner and i got a "Frank" piece from Donnie Darko!! some younger people were whining to me that they didnt sell anything. wahhhhhh for them! those same "artists" made more than 200 bucks at the last 2 shows while i made about 60 from all three altogether. and its also funny that im co-partner in this thing and im not giving up from not becoming rich. those people complaining had a prime spot like they jump on every show too. i was downstairs with 2 other awesome artists like last time and hardly anyone came down there...yet between the 3 of us we sold and traded more than the rest upstairs. now...yes i was complaining about the lack of patrons this time around but i was only confused as to why. i wasnt c
Auto 11s On..come Get Your Points
♥ (Bi)I® ☠nicÁ™♥ εďç SBG@ fubar
Caught From The Cell Phone
Morbid Beauty
Morbid Beauty He is hooked upon morbid beauty. It is all he wants and longs for. Why can’t he let morbid beauty go free, so I may love him in ways that this morbid beauty can not love him? Morbid beauty is addicting him to something he will never be free from. Can I save him? My heart and soul loves him enough to fight for him. He sit staring at the glass and razor upon the coffee table, he has to taste her fatal beauty one more time. The sinister charm of morbid beauty calls to him. Morbid Beauty is stealing his heart and soul from me. Morbid Beauty is wicked and misleading him in places that holds untold dangers for him. My heart and soul is strong and true, I walk into the darkness to battle with Morbid Beauty. I will not let this wicked thing steal him away from me. He begins to taste her evil like sweet honey from heaven, but refuses to see her hidden truth before its too late. Morbid beauty is taking my sweet Teo upon one way trip into hell. Morbid beauty is ene
oh yeah, baby
Eating You Out!
I have this great technique that I have to share. Just wondering if any of you ladies have had this done. To make a long story short, I start by sucking on your pussy lips and ever so lightly sliding my tongue in and out of your pussy. Working lustfully up to your clit and back down. Once you're all dripping wet I slide my tongue deep inside and thrust. Rubbing your clit with my upper lip and tweaking your nipples all at the same time to make you moan and scream. What do you think?
Three Months Into The Wilderness
“In the third month, when the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt, the same day came they into the wilderness of Sinai.”   So it’s been three months between when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt and their arrival at the base of the present-day Sinai Peninsula.  Exodus chapter nineteen verse two confirms their departure from Rephidim where the Israelites fought the Amalekites and, since the account doesn’t say the Israelites moved from their encampment, where Jethro met Moses in chapters seventeen and eighteen.  So Israel sets camp at the base of the mountain at the peninsula’s southern tip.  There they wait. Verse three records Moses going up into the mountain to speak to the LORD and receiving what he’s to say (not Aaron, whom Moses originally told to say what the LORD had said to him, note – Moses has to grow as the leader too) “to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel”.  Verse f
Good Things
got this feeling when i heard your name the other daycouldn't say it, couldn't make it go awayit's a hard place, can't be friends, we can't be enemiesit's just too much, feel the weight crushing down on my face the hardest part is things already saidgetting better, worse, i can not tellwhy do good things never wanna stay?some things you lose, some things you give away broken pieces, try to make it good againis it worth it, will it make me sick todayit's a dumb song, but i'll write it anywayit's an old mistake, but we always make it, why do wethis time, it'll be alrightthis time, it'll be okay
Dont Be Such A Baby
wow got a few people checking me out and blocking me for no reason the only reason i can think of is the fact you did not like what i had to say about some of the players on here that i had in my past blog hey dont bitch if it happen to you. you would have done the same thing if people was brutally honest with one another even on here we would never have a problem but sadly people are not even tho they say they are if you got a problem with me be up front and honest and lets talk about it to see about fixing the problem rather then just blocking me like a ass for no reason specially when i never seen or talk to you before also if you are friends with any of them its cool i dont care but i ask that you dont mention them to me when talking to me i well respect you if you respect me  
June 2nd
please pray for  my husband mike as he undertakes this cancer mission....tomorrow is the day...and thanks to all who do...;) love to all...lisa..aka boom boom
I am I will be Fix it Damn you       Wicked
You Know My Name....
its a stealer of joy from time to time, its a thief of desires, and hope what is it? it's depression and I may be suffering from a comorbid symptom related to the ADHD I have...I just have to find out..
Fates Twisted Game
Well let's think about all the little things... hmm it's the little things that are pissing me off... i'm so past tired of "I LOVE YOU" why is this? lets break it down... everytime I have heard this or more or less from the people I hear it from I get backstabbed and betrayed by them. Never fails... Sometimes they don't up and backstab me the right way sometimes there so sneaky about it... Personally being sneaky let's me know they knew they were eventually going to hurt me and in my sense this is in the longer more painful run... Most the times to... there is no meaning behind... the "I love you's" theres just no meanng for me anymore... I just feel souless... If I sat down and explained every one of my problems... one would ask me to be sent off... but i'm just a very complex person... I don't think and act like a lot of people... I sometimes wear my emotions on my sleeves sometimes I don't... idk maybe.... I know everything happens for a reason.. I do... So maybe me getting fucked o
Love And Strudels
My status: " will have wild cyber sex for pooptarts"   My SB replies:    >♠♦GĂĽn§lïñg...: lmao!!!! "someguyin...: what about toaster strudels? ♠♦GĂĽn§lïñg...: i have toaster cream flavor........can we work out a trade? lol ->ravinglunitic: lmao ravinglunitic: what do I Get for a toster struddle?              
Somebody To Shove - Soul Asylum
Grandfather watches the grandfather clockAnd the phone hasnt rang for so longAnd the time flies by like a vulture in the skySuddenly he breaks into songIm waiting by the phoneWaiting for you to call me up and tell me Im not aloneIm waiting by the phoneWaiting for you to call me up and tell me Im not aloneHello, speak up, is there somebody there? These hang-ups are getting me downIn a world frozen over with over-exposureLets talk it over, lets go out and paint the townIm waiting by the phoneWaiting for you to call me up and tell me Im not aloneCause I want somebody to shoveI need somebody to shoveI want somebody to shove meYoure a dream for insomniacs, prize in the cracker jacksAll the difference in the world is just a call awayAnd Im waiting by the phoneWaiting for you to call me up and tell me Im not aloneYes Im waiting by the phoneIm waiting for you to call me up and tell me Im not aloneCause I want somebody to shoveI need somebody to shoveI want somebody to shove meYes I want somebo
We Often Forget
We often forget those who need a hand. those who have fallen in the sand. We often forget those we have lost track of along the way. So much you want to say. We often forget the tears that have been shed. You just closed your eyes and went to bed. We often forget the pain, that someone else is going through. We often forget the heartache that friends go through. We often forget who we really are. We often forget don't you think it is time to be a friend, to remember what they have gone through for us. We often forget I think we need to remember, Let us not close the door and lend a helping hand, give a hug to those in need of one. Lend a ear when they need to vent, cause i know I wouldnt want to be left out in the cold by someone i cared about. Let's not forget.  
I Try
Love Me Or Hate Me
Love me or hate me i am who i am. Sometimes i am saddened by the loss of friends along the way. I have looked across the bay, cause i thought i heard them call, but only to find that really i had just fallen. I have closed the door to my past, but sometimes go back and reopened. I wonder sometimes is it fair, do you really care. Love me or hate, i will never change for anyone. i am who I am. You can slam the door in my face, Or you can chase me just to beat me down. I will be your friend, till the very end. But dont try and change me. I will do what i can, to make you smile, cause that is what friends do. But dont stabe me in the back, or put me in a sack and throw me away. Love me or hate me. I am who I am. Friends stick together or so i thought. Give me a chance and I will be your friend forever. I will wipe the tears away, give you a hand to help you through the hard times, be an ear when you need to vent, but please dont use me. love me or hate
Movie Review | Tokyo Gore Police
  For my first review... I thought about doing some sort of video game review... but I decided against it once I got the chance to see this movie. I can't recall exactly where I'd first heard of it, but the name alone stuck in my mind until I got my grubby little hands on it: Tokyo Gore Police.   The title says it all. So does the promotional poster.       Right away, it should be obvious what you're in store for: Excessive amounts of gore. What you might not be prepared for, is a properly put together movie that combines the excessive cheesiness of most modern gore flicks, with the campiness of early 80's slasher flicks, to a superbly acted (though shittily dubbed) cast of characters.   Those with an eye for Japanese actresses (they don't ALL look alike, trust me) will notice right away the main character is played by none other than Eihi Shiina whose previous work includes "Dog Food", and her internationally recognised role as Asami Yamazaki in Takashi Miike's cult hit film: "Auditi
Why Exactly Am I Here?
A strange question to post for my first blog entry on this site; I would sumrise. A couple friends of mine had been talking about this place, and I was pretty intrigued. They'll tell you I was clinched on it when I saw nudes, but they're full of shit. So don't listen to their odious manufacturations. Why am I here? I guess to see what this place is about? To see what new networks I can summon up; or friendships I can accumulate. Testing the virtual waters for contacts of all shapes and sizes. And praying this isn't anything like Myspace. God help us all. I could post some factoids about myself; or I could just update my profile. Frankly, I'm just feeling fucking lazy. So, take this entry as a small glimpse ino the crypts of my mind. My... cerebral catacombs.
Bloody Hands
Bloody Hands My love is deep and true. I killed the demons that are tormenting you. This blood on my hands is for you. I would walk through life chaotic twist and turns to get to you. I killed the shadowy figure lurking in the darkness. This blood on my hands is for you. I weep the pain within your trembling heart. I killed the howling dragon breathing fire upon your essence. This blood on my hands is for you. I listen to your haunting call upon the whispering wind of sorrow. I killed law man that held onto you. This blood on my hands is for you. See my bloody hands. Fear not what comes upon for I am here to save you. My heart beats fast for you trouble times. I killed the broke dreams that flow about your mind. This blood on my hands is for you. I dove into the fiery pit of hell. I killed my soul to save you. This blood on my hands is for you. I breathe the sin and mistake into myself. I killed your wickedness placing you darkness. This blood on
Leveling Blog #447
((Megan)) Cam Girl @ The Playaz Club@ fubar Less than 8,000 to level -please help if ya can:) great job last night Llamas! Muggsy still needs a few rates to level her:)
2 Yrs Today!
Ok, so I obviously didn't get the spotlight big deal, I will try again another day.   Thanks to everyone who donated and stuff, I really honestly appreciate all the help:)   While I am having a good day, my thoughts are elsewhere as well. Everything is happening so fast, but a lot of things are not happening fast enough...I'm not going to explain this, but I'm sure you all know how it feels.
Untitled 2
feelings of despair fall over melike a cloud of darknessa bottle in one hand a glass of cheap champagne in the otherlowering myself into icy cold water taking pill after pilldrinking glass after glasstaking the last stepi pick up the razorwatching the blood flow so slowlysuddenly i enter a dark abyssam i in heaven hell
Near or far Where ever your travels lead you know that you will always be in my heart despite everything you put me through pain, heart break, and not feeling wanted but I'm over that now I've moved on to a better and different place knowing what I've wanted and needed has made me a better person
Live Auction - Sign Up Here 6/26/09 @ 8:00 Pm Fu-time
Come & Hang Out With Us At!! We have friendly people, good music, random bling for new members and live auction! So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends! We Are Having A Live Auction: In Purple Magik June 26th, 2009 @ 8:00 PM Fu-Time If You Want To Join The Auction Just Click On The Pic Below: YOU MUST AGREE TO THE RULES ABOVE & CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO POST YOUR OFFERS AFTER PAYING 7K TO THE AUCTION HOST YOU WILL BE SOLD AS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED STARTING AT BOTTOM GOING UP Any questions pm/sb any Purple Magik staff member. Thank you. So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends!
Crimson Roses
If i was there for the taking would you do it even if life depended on it Its not always crimson roses but baby it will be But the tears keep falling from these blue eyes like dew drops in the early morning you never have to worry about being alone but its not always gonna be crimson roses
Ns.f.w. Pics
Yes I enjoy all the comments.Makes a girl feel good. have alot of ppl asking to see my n.s.f.w. pics,so here it is.The prices are as follow.This will get you added to family for a day. 1. $150,000 fu$$ 2. A 14 bling pack 3. A V.I.P. and $25.000 fu$$ Other prices to follow as I learn more about the site.Ty very much.
Halo 3: Odst ... And ... Halo: Reach
For those that have'nt heard .. For those that buy Halo 3: ODST (Which looks f**king epic .. new game play video shown) ... you get invited to Beta Testing for the newly announced Halo: Reach Drool worthy .. I know .. BUT .. even more epicly .. they just announced that the Xbox 360 is getting the Metal Gear franchise too .. it's not just a Ps3 Exclusive .. damn .. this sucks for the sony fan-boys/girls
The scars are still there The ones that You put on me You never knew how much I loved you That I'll always love you But you broke my heart now Its covered n scars that you inflicted never to go away
Kandis Munchkin
The baby is here she was born June 1st at 6:27.  She weights 6pds and 12 ozs  and was 19.5 inchs long.. Welcome baby Harmony Elizabeth!!
Idiot #1
Today, I was inspired. Inspired to create a blog dedicated to the insane number of fools that prowl online websites for girls with no self esteem that will get on cam or take pics for any Tom, Dick, or Harry. So the entire reason for this blog is to highlight the absolute morons that I come in contact with online.   Let's introduce idiot number 1: Numerous times, this guy has approached me on MSN asking to see me on cam. Every time, I tell him no. I even then told him that his chances are lessened by the fact that he asked so much. So this is the breaking point today: matt says: ooo nice nice may i see you please finally lolMiss Lucy Furr says: goddamn it. i'm blocking you. i get on cam when i feel like it. i'm so fucking tired of people asking to see me on cam. you cannot talk to me for 5 mins without bringing it up and i'm over it! goodbye!matt says: ok you ugly bitch 4 eyes       REALLY!?! LOL. Make my day. :) men.  
I'm not going to be on long. I just wanted to let you all know, I went really stupid today.   It was Connor's field day and I forgot to put sunscreen on. The back of my neck and my arms are burnt. I'm burning up so bad. I think I'm gonna go strip down and go to bed, lol. I'm very tired. Time to sleep with a fan blowing on me.
First Come First Serve!
Ok here is the deal. I currently have 1,171,000 FuBux. I am willing to give you 50,000 bux per bling credit. For example, you give me a 1 credit bling, I will give you 50,000.  For a 3 credit bling, I will give 150,000. Get it? Now YOU MUST WRITE ME BEFORE SENDING ME THE BLING. I WANT TO BE SURE BY THE TIME YOU WRITE ME, I ACTUALLY STILL HAVE THE BUX!! DON'T WANT TO CHEAT ANYO ONE OUT OF BLING CREDITS!!
When We Want And Want, But Just Don’t Receive
  I've had a bit of a rough day and although I'm not sure that posting my feelings about anything will really make me feel better, I sometimes need to remind myself about gratitude.  Hope you enjoy it. ~Mari   When We Want and Want, But Just Don't Receive   "Want is a growing giant whom the coat of have was never large enough to cover..." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson   Recently, I have been thinking and talking a lot about gratitude. It seems that so many of us want more than what we have.  It's not that we aren't happy with what we already have in our lives, we just want more.  We want a better relationship, we want more money, we want a bigger house, we want, we want, we want.   But what about being thankful for what we already have?   A few months ago, I received a Gratitude Journal as a gift from The Secret.  The journal is encased in a beautiful heavy leather, tri-fold binder. I really liked it because it had a private, secret feel to it.  Like what I wrote would be just be
Real Men Vs Boys
  All the REAL MEN out there will agree with this post because you already know that the Strength of a woman is usually countered with her sexuality. All the boys are about to learn something.Boys, you approach women as though we are one demensional. The main part your interested in, is if we can deep throat, or if we like it in the %#&@$!. You have no idea of what a real woman is about. You approach all women with the same lame lines, and actually become surprised, and question why a REAL WOMEN rejects you with in seconds of your approach. We can see it in your eyes, your demenior and the tone of your voice. We know the type of man, who is only interested in the moistness of our crotch.You become insulted when you realize that REAL WOMEN dont want to be bothered with you. No matter how good you look, how big your dick is, or how much money you may have. REAL WOMEN need more than the physical need you claim to offer.In your frustration you decide that their must be something
In a place like no other I am there I am not lost nor am I alone Silence is my friend Dare you to come with me? Where the darkness plays and shadows shifts in thy's mind? I walk forward showing I am not afraid No light to see by yet none is really needed The wind whispers it's song so low and almost sad Drifting through the air Darkness wraps around me welcomes me in Come with me Play with me Only if you dare
Single In The Mid-thirties-things To Condsider
    It doesn't matter how you got to be single in your mid-thirties. What does matter, however, is that you have certain priorities in order so that you can protect yourself and those you date from getting hurt. There are too many reasons to list on why you're on the market at this stage in your life, but you should be clear on your goals, both long and short-term. You don't want to be led on or trapped into something you didn't want in the first place.    The very first things you need to consider are your short and long-term relationship goals. If you are a confirmed bachelor (or bachlorette) you definitely don't want to be dating someone who is determined to settle down and start a family. Age is often tied to this as well. A twenty-something may be looking for a good time or to tie the knot. While a boy toy or trophy can be fun in the short-term, if you are looking for a serious relationship you may want to look elsewhere.    There are a lot of things to consider when dating either
Liberals, Only For The Gain Of Themselves.
I hear it everyday, not from Conservatives. It is the ringing in my ear of the leftist agenda. It incorporates everyone to pay higher taxes at some point. Not yet however, they want to tax American citizens to control everything and everyone. Where is our leader. Our real Conservative leader. Not a leftist leaning Republican, but a real Conservative. One that will be better than Reagan. One that will, as part of their administration do away with, ACORN and the ACLU? One that will decrease taxes way below the world average to bring back the diversity of jobs to regular Americans who need them. One who will appoint judges from a Conservative view rather than a leftist radical view. Not everyone knows how to manage their money. People need jobs. Incentives to create more business and big business. Promotion of business and wall street rather than to make everyone look stupid. Take the bad guys out of their jobs rather than to demote the whole nation as money mongers. The name
Sage Wisdom
I'd like to share a bit of sage mumm wisdom with you folks today...     "you're dumb and you suck at life!"      never said it was valid, but isn't the mummers' words gospel?
I Just Got My First Internet Stalker!!
I just got my first internet stalker!  And I have fubar to thank for it! *sniff* I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars.  What's even more sublime is this jackass keeps leveling me up with all the fake profiles he's creating.  Apparently he doesn't know that clicking that link automatically logs him as a referral from me.  At this rate, I should make level 30 by wednesday. See you in Fu-owned suckahs!
My Love
Kiss me my love and hold me tight   fill me with the warmth   of your tender heart   and I shall be yours forever   Be my rock when I can not stand   be my eyes when my own are filled   with tears   Be my everything as I will be yours   show me you love me with more than  
New Id Rules Begin June 1 For Mexico, Canada Trips
BLAINE, Wash. - New rules requiring passports or new high-tech documents to cross the United States' northern and southern borders are taking effect Monday, as some rue the tightening of security and others hail it as long overdue. The rules are being implemented nearly eight years after the Sept. 11 attacks and long after the 9/11 Commission recommended the changes. They were delayed by complaints from state officials who worried the restrictions would hinder the flow of people and commerce and affect border towns dependent on international crossings. In 2001 a driver's license and an oral declaration of citizenship were enough to cross the Canadian and Mexican borders; Monday's changes are the last step in a gradual ratcheting up of the rules. Now thousands of Americans are preparing by applying for passports or obtaining special driver's licenses that can also be used to cross the border...."
Just A Thought
A lot of people asked me "Where the fuck I've been in the past few days?" or "Why did I deleted my page?"  Shit, I don't know.  But what I do know: I'm back now. HeHe
Greedy Coworkers
On friday we (my coworkers and I) recieved an email about a meeting on monday. So today we go to the meeting and find out that we're getting our annual raise (which we were told before that we were not going to get this year due to the economy). Instead of the usual percentage we got a 2% raise up to the first 60k. As soon as the meeting finished my coworkers start talking about how thats not even enough to put gas in the car for the week. Call me crazy but shouldn't you be happy you even got a raise? Or better yet that you haven't been laid of? Way to be a bunch of undeserving greedy assholes...
Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!
My daughter who does not live with me just called. She is 19 and suppose to be graduating this year. The past few weeks she has been trying to make up a full credit so she can graduate on time. (Which is Saturday!) She just told me she has 2 assignments left and is 99.9% sure that she is graduating on Saturday!!! I am so proud of her, she was like me in school, more on the social side then the academic side, although I graduated when I was 17 and had okay grades. Mine would have been better if I would have applied myself like when I went to College. I am excited for her! Next year my son graduates, this means I am getting OLD!!!
Quote Of The Day
June 01, 2009Quote of the Day"Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses."- Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr     This really makes one think..... This is where one will wonder if they are the thorn, or the rose. Or perhaps a bit of both. It does take the thorn to become a beautifully blossomed rose.
Southern Counseling
COUNSELING - SOUTHERN STYLE   Earl and Bubba are quietly sitting in a boat fishing, chewing and drinking beer when suddenly Bubba says, "I think I'm gonna divorce my wife - she ain't spoke to me in over 2 months."Earl spits, sips his beer and says, "Better think it over........... women like that are hard to find."  
Safelab Is N Tha Buildn!
Hey what's poppin fubar?  Check out this great confidental std testing website  it's tha bizness!
Bbw Sexy Contest.
Post Weekend
the weekends over. Now what? There was no crazy drama over the weekend. I think this is a huge feat, Like none at all. None from me none fromt he bys, none from my mom ( well maybe a little from the parental unit) but thats half expected. If I wasnt a snappy bitch with my mother god knows who I ould be a snappy bitch with.I found out my sister whos close to 30 now her husband (soon to be) got accepted for med school. This is amazing and hes been trying to get in for 5 years so congrats to  him. But my sister stop travelling to settle down and start a family. med school = 6 years and a wholle lot of money.  I can see where shelly is coming from. 36 and only then just getting back to where they are now (which is perfect for starting a family, they both have good jobs and no debt) Also there was thunder and lighting the other night. it made me wanna rip off my clothes and go make out with krys in the rain. mmmmmm, it was cold though so I settled for cuddles on the couch. One thing that s
Confusion Become Me
All we really want is somebody who cares,and for that special someone to be there.Should I give up and stop looking around,tried of my heart being driven to the ground.Still I am the hopeless romantic type,and no I  dont mean to gripe.Its just sometimes I do want to give up,and return to the bottle and the cup. There really isnt anything I have left to live for,dealing with a heart thats torn and very sore.Not as I have anything to show for it,just bad memories and a bunch of other shit. I will stop before I depress the rest of you,for not all of you know what I have been through.Just have to build up a bigger wall,and not let my heart always make the call.  
Pimpout Auction
It's A Boy!!
Zachary Neil was born May 29th 2009 @5:36pm He was 6 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. Came home yesterday and he and I are doing just fine. Will be putting up pics for everyone to see him very soon!! untill next time laters! Cin
I just woke up an IO went to bed pissed now I'm awake pissed. I wake up to find my nephews, alone in the living room. I go to the bedroom ant here my sister is sleeping. So I'm again forced to watch kids. On my day off. I agreed to watch the boys for the few hours she works, but lately I'm watching em all day. I'm getiing realy frustrated an upswet. I haven't been able to do anything cause I have to play mommy. I'm fucking 19 an really ntohing to show for it. I'm so tired of people walking all over me an takiong advantage of me. I never know anyones true intentions anymore. It's so bad I can hardly trusty anyone.     I unno I needed to get this off my chest an no better waythen a blog. So yeah Im pissed, bein takin advantage of, there.  
Manure.... An interesting fact Manure: In the 16th and 17th centuries, everything had to be transported by ship and it was also before commercial fertilizer's invention, so large shipments of manure were common. It was shipped dry, because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet, but once water (at sea) hit it, it not only became heavier, but the process of fermentation began again, of which a by product is methane gas... As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could (and did) happen. Methane began to build up below decks and the first time someone came below at night with a lantern, BOOOOM! 
Boyfriend Application
  name: age: date of birth: eyes: hair: drink: smoke: music: movies: what do you think about me : would you like to kiss me: would you like to french kiss me : would you ever lie to me: would you cheat on me: do you think im bautiful or hot:
Earn A Easy $1,000 In 30 Mins.
Hey sexy friends! if you know some1 interestedin making $1,000 to perform in a 30 min private video that no one else will see but the 2 people that are in the video,please let me know by replying to this post I repeat this is a private video so don't think you'll be a star over night because no companies will ever see you for my pleasure only
Fragile You have me there standing in the darkness with my heart on my sleeve and the key in my hand... And you took it and slammed it against the wall still pumping full of blood and veins surging with heartache I picked it up and inserted in back in my soul which left me with a fragile heart Why does love has to hurt....why does love have to ache with tears falling down my face As the rain falls and the key rusted and crumbled I put up this wall inside me Protecting anything and everything that would hurt me I want to open it---but I can't I'm so fuckin scared I'm scared you would rip it out again... Break my heart into pieces and have to replace the missing parts
Seems To Be A Trend?
more and more profiles are popping up with pics of the person the owner would like you to think is them. Its a joke. people, male and female actually take the time to cut out pics from magazines to try and build a believable profile. whats more hillarious is that people actually pic comment this fraud and wanna hook up. ha ha ha!!! yes, there are people that stupid or hard up. NEWS FLASH!!!, be who you are.  Theres an old mexican saying, "theres a rock for every frog!" someone for everyone essentially We have all rated people "10" and did it for reasons of being courteous or just trying to help them level up. haters will give less but are they haters or just trying to be honest. I personally dont think im a "10" and if you are being real and score me as being less i for one appreciate your honesty. thank you!
Bathtime ~story~
The water was warm, the spray caressing my naked body, cascading down onto my breasts. The water was stimulating me so that I was wet in more ways than one, my hand sliding down my dampened body to the hot wetness that lay below. Up and down my hand slid, rubbing at my clit and glancing past my entrance. The juices flowed faster, and my fingers entered easily. I lay down in the bathtub, the spray of water now hitting between my legs, stimulating me further as I increased my speed and depth of my thrusting fingers, first two, than three.... I was disturbed by the rustle of the shower curtain, and there you were, peeping around it, watching me as I played with myself in the water. I smiled, and slowly slid my fingers out, rubbing the wetness over my body, up past my navel, and the valley between my breasts, until they found my mouth, where I tasted my own wetness tentatively. You quietly groaned, and pulled me out of the bath, kissing me deeply, thrusting your tongue onto mine, as the
Come Join Me At The Site
Drag/ Tranny Day
This week Ive decided to keep the theme secret until Monday morning... its just makes the day so much funner... Hugh (Dame Edna) and I were discussing what to do, there was an array of different ideas.....smurfs, hair bands... but nothing appealed.. Ive always wanted to know what it was like to write my name in the snow with my urine and there it was drag queen/ transsexual day... Hugh you know were going to be the only ones playing..... Needless to say I looked up famous drag queens and found Barbette, she/ he was a performer her story is most interesting and well hell I'm applauding people from different walks of life today.. So throw on your skirts or pants and have fun... Apparently I forot we list... so here it is Barbette= me Dame Edna= my best friend Hugh (makes out) Chi Chi Larue= Alix Seductress= its a secret (for his plot to freak name crisis out) Misty= Blue Eyed Soul Divine=Mop Princess FuFu= Seamus Foofy McBoafeathers= Ketch22 RuPaul= Raist Harvey Fierstei
Aint It Funny?
How people on fubar try to be players?? lmfao! Wow! Sure it is easy to be a player online because you can be fake and until you get called out you keep playin your game. I am always upfront and honest and don't ever call me your girl or your woman or boo or whatever you think i am to you because im not! You got plenty of chicks to deal with why bother with me? I don't play that game. So go ahead and be a player with stupid chicks that think you actually like them. Its a pathetic game for boys and I'm sorry but I like grown men hehe! Your girl comes and pervs my page and shit and you fail to tell anyone that you have a girl lmfao! hmm then you don't want me to add her for some strange reason! Well I am a grown ass woman and I will do what I want. Oh and then you cry about not getting bling??? Get your girl to buy it for you!
Intimate Strangers
I haven't come here for forgivenessI don't expect your sympathySome bridges burn beyond recognitionSome chances aren't meant to be But in this life of quiet desperationIn my moments of timeless indecisionIn the language between weeping and angerLies the soothing comfort of intimate strangers I am naked this roomI feel the spotlight I embrace its warmthI share my open woundsDriving my demons back into the dark And in this life of quiet desperationIn my moments of timeless indecisionIn the language between weeping and angerLies the soothing comfort of intimate strangers Eyes close...light fades away...fades awayNight goes...hollow words we say...fade away
Just for a momentCan we forget the pastOnce taken for grantedNow I'm begging forgiveness at last Can you even give meOne thing I ever did rightCome up with a memoryThat didn't end up in a fight Well I know you're a liar Can you tell me onceYou love me firstI'm caught in this desertAnd dying of thirst Do you expect me toBelieve this load of sh*tI've had my fillNow I'm done...done with it I hear you sellingBut I'm not buying no moreAll these F*cking word gamesI lay them at your door Cuz you're a F*cking LIAR
Can't you see she rides like a dreamLong, black, obsceneWatching those tail lights fade awayKnowing she won't be back again She's gone...goneGone...gone...gone...gone The highway calls she must move onNo time for roots only songsThe road is endless as the skyNo time for regrets or wondering why She's gone...goneGone...gone...gone...gone Yesterday...Today...and tomorrowDo your best to hide the sorrowAll these moments only borrowed The pavement bears the siren's wailAn empty morning in a cheap hotelThe crack of dawn she packs her thingsShe can not feel the pain she brings She's gone...goneGone...gone...gone...gone
Hard Goodbyes
She said "I wish I made you feelThe way you make me feelI wish that you could seeWhat you do to me" I said "I'm sorry that I'm brokenAnd all the words I spokeIf I could turn back timeThings would still be right" But sometimes there's no wordsNo way to fix the hurtNo matter how hard you tryThere's no easy way to say goodbye So I gathered up my thingsGave her back the ringAnd with a kiss on her faceI said "In my heart you will stay" Cuz sometimes there's no wordsNo way to fix the hurtNo matter how hard you tryThere's no easy way to say goodbye
Lonely's The Best Part Of My Night
I smell the rain...and with it the teardrops startFrom the sense chasing your heartYou're gone...and it's easier not knowing whyI'm here...and lonely's the best part of my night Won't you see I ain't forgottenAnd in this bottle there is no bottomIf you could hear the words I've been missingYou would know why I'm numb I heard your name...God knows how hard I tryTo place the blame...But the truth is it's all in my mindYou're gone...and it's easier not knowing whyI see your face...everytime I close my eyes Won't you see I ain't forgottenAnd in this bottle there is no bottomIf you could hear the words I've been missingYou would know why I'm numb It's been years...and I wonder when it will endAll these fears...I'm broken but I never bentYou're gone...and it's easier not knowing whyI'm here...and lonely's the best part of my night
Women's Rights Around The Globe
After 500 young women in Uganda endured genital mutilations for initation rights a physician law-maker is trying to out law the practice go to
She was whispering in his ear as she sat astride him.  Warm breath on his skin, her lips brushing the edge, her tongue every now and then flicking to lick it, warm and wet and deliciously ticklish.  She twisted in his lap, rubbing his hot, hard cock through the layers of their underwear, trying to make him give in.  He didn’t know what his reluctance was, exactly.  She wanted to blindfold him, and he wanted her to; but her insistence that it be tonight, that delighted smile, which he couldn’t help but feel was hiding something, her wide, excited eyes – it all made him wary.  He had said yes - until he realised that she wanted to tie his wrists too that is, tie them behind him to the chair no less, which had brought his hesitations back again.  Damn, though, she felt good.  The way she was twisting in his lap was driving him near crazy, but whenever he tried to kiss her, tried to pull her into him, she pulled away, eyes gleaming, biting her lip with ill-concealed misch
Stuck In My Head
I have had this song stuck in my head, or at least part of it.  I am not sure where I heard it, and I don't know enough of it to figure out what it is.  It sounds like Peter Gabriel and the one lyric I am 75% sure it goes like But I like the way you think the next line may be: and I think of you and know I'm all right (or) alive (the (or) was added by me because I am not sure which word it is) The way he sings the first lyric the "I" is probably the longest word in the whole sentance. I went through all the Peter Gabriel songs on his site, couldn't find it, tried googling the lyrics, no luck there.  I can't seem to find out what this song is.  It could Anyone have any ideas?
god im so damned frustrated right now.  ive had the last 24 hours from hell.  it all started when i couldnt get to sleep till 10 am on sunday.  then my nephew spent the day with my parents and he was fussy all day and i was having to hear him be a whiney butt and so i didnt sleep much, then when it was time for me to get out of bed after not sleeping much i had to mow grass which caused my allergies to go haywire all night at work, i was late off my shift by 46 minutes, im tired and aggrevated and then all i want to do is check my balance at my bank to find out how much cash i have and my banks Fn atm is down, so i have to go to a different bank's atm.  then on the way out of the parking lot i hit a post at the different bank leaving a big ass dent in the front drivers side of my alero.  the only reason i wanted to check my balance is to find out how much cash i have left in the bank so i could go buy an oxygen sensor for my car which is causing all of my fuel economy to go down the to
100%-(110% Fucked Mix)-Combichrist Remix - Angelspit
Ya'know.  I've always been the nice guy, until someone provokes me.  I have gone without just to help out a friend on a number of occasions.  I'm sure that there are some of you that are reading this that know that.  I have spent my last penny to buy a friend a pack of smokes.  I have quit school, to continue to work more hours, to support a family (my son & a significant other). I have bent over backwards to help out someone else, even sacraficing myself.  I don't believe that I have a selfish bone in my body, when it comes to helping those that need it.  I have even gone as far as staying a weekend at a friends house, and spending $100+  just from buying them smokes and food, so they wouldn't have to do without.  Ok, I'm not a 'wealthy' person, BY FAR, I work 3 days a week, and support my son, and no, I don't have any bills, and don't have anything except to take care of me and my son, so spending the money wasn't an issue, BUT... 3 days later... being accused of being a user?!  Bein
The C Word
That's right,that's right, I said it Get over it. I've had enough!! I gave up  smoking CIGARETTES in January I have long given up on CANDY I am day six into not having and COCA COLA I'm counting CALORIE & CARB intake daily Doing 15 miles a day on my excercise bike for CARDIO Drinking CRYSTAl LIGHT like it's going out of style I am eating more CHICKEN than beef I was sadden to learn the CARROTT CAKE doesn't count as a serving of vegetables. Limiting myself to 2 CUPS of COFFEE a day and no longer adding CREAM. The Doc did say that my CHOLOSTRIAL was fine tho :) So if I seem to be a bit CRANKY, please bare with me. OK, got to run and go eat some CELERY   Day 6 3 Pounds lost
What To Do? I think the older we get the more we know how to enjoy life.  I want to celebrate my birthday this year and have fun.  I am thinking about going to City Streets, a club here in Fort Worth, or Rick's Cabaret, a strip club here in Fort Worth, or taking a trip to Galveston.  Any suggestions or thoughts?
Why Is It
why is it win you go to women's house at 2 aclock in the morning they allways asumma your wanting sex win all you want is to go out and have fun or stay in an talk
Sex Drugs Rock And Roll
Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Weed, speed, birth control. Life is a bitch so, fuck the world lets get high. If at first you dont succeed try again with better weed. Well damn the effects of being a teenager kicking I cant remember the rest. A poem can mean many different things. That little part of a poem is something my friends and I use to say when we were younger. Looking back at younger days always seems like they were the best, even when you didnt think so back then, but back to the poem. You can get many different things just from those two lines. Just all depends on what type of person you are. That has always been my point though. You can read anything some one wrote a poem, letter, or a short story. The thing is you will never truely know what it is the writer is trying to say unless you ask them what they mean. Thats life though you never know who a person is unless you ask. Same thing with your wants and needs. Is that really what you want or is it just something you have grown
90,176 Points 2 Go!
Cum'Mon I need some (HELP) here guys, show that love as much as possible.... F/A/R me and I will do the same if we're not already   Much love always & forever your friend Jaime!
  Author's  NoteThis likely will be the final part of THIS story, as really this was just a cheesey writing I did based on my 4.0 Dungeons and Dragons SnareMage, and never one of the original story lines that I wrote actually using the character Zasch DeCarden. That said, since people actually seem to like my cheesey story, this WON'T be my final story I put up on FUBAR.  Without further adieu, the conclusion to this short story...   Zasch slowly stepped out of the brush, and spoke calmly in the demon's Abyssal language, "I have come to see you pay, wretch." The goristo whirled to face him at the sound of his voice, and growled angrily, and snarled through its pointed-teeth, "I'll make your death slow and painful mortal!" Zasch laughed mockingly at the demon, and drew out his khopesh, and tipped his hat in mock greeting, "My name is Zasch DeCarden, take it back to the Abyss with you, and remember it well while you suffer your one hundred year banishment. Worry not, you'll not be
Give Me An Answer....
The Stars Above
Orange and Pink shoot across the sky,I can see it from where I lie,The sun is setting, going to sleep,The dark surrounds, like the ocean deep,The stars come, twinkling lights,Glittering diamonds, What a sight,I lie in the grass and up I stare,My body goes numb as I forget all my caresI like to gaze up at the stars,So I can forget my cares and all my scars,I have no one to look after me,The real me is someone no one can see,So I'll wait until I find some sort of love,And until then it's just me and the stars above
He once again has forgotten me.Many unreasonably long hours pass,And I am still alone,Not one word heard.Worn out and blue I feel.Haven't done much but still exhausted.My thoughts belonging to himHave distracted me throughout the day.But like always,Great times don't seem to last.One day love, hugs, and kiss.Promises to always be there.The next abandoned.Tight burning words in my throat,Waiting, a lot more patiently,to be burst out.I HATE YOU!It is what I want to scream.I MISS YOU!Is what my heart yells.Such pain isMy punishmentFor falling into loves wings.I am such a fool.Such torture isMy prizeFor falling into his arms.I am only blind.
Some pursue happiness, others create it.
Where Do I Go
Where Were You
I miss the times when you were heretelling me to have no fearTo hold my head up high and strongadd happy notes to my sad songI miss the way you look at meAs if I were too blind to seeThe path I’m on might hurt and scatheBut all goes well if you just have faithI miss the sound of your sweet voiceThrough bitter times a saving noiseThat told me what was right and wrongBut rang in my ears for far too longA caring person, you were suchThat helped and hurt me, oh so muchYou’d guide and mislead me through the dayYou left me lonely when I’d rather you stayOver things like that you had no controlA rock set in motion will continue to rollNo matter how hard you tug and heaveYou were always pushed and forced to leaveThen one day you never returnedMy tears so hot they almost burnedAware now about what I lackBut crying and mourning wont bring you backFor me to let out what I need to sayI can’t do much more than prayNo longer am I weak, my hearts quite strongFrom adding a happ
Family Togetherness
An older woman recently returned from her hometown in North Carolina and told a friend they'd spruced up the churchyard cemetery since her last visit several years past. "Lots of new greenery," she said. "And families are together now." "All together?" her friend asked, puzzled. "Well," the first replied, "years ago they never much worried where they buried someone because everyone was a neighbor anyhow. They'd just dig a grave wherever it seemed to balance things. But they've redone it so people are with their children and grandchildren, instead of scattered." The friend was aghast. "You mean they exhumed all those people and reburied them?" "Oh my, no," was the reply. "We just shifted the headstones. 
Summer's here in the UK at last and it's bloody hot and i love it
My Drunken Rant
ALrite listen u cocksuckers. I'm drunk as fuck right now and I don't give a rat's ass right now. I'm pissed about men cuz they fucken suck. They tell u one thing but then u tell the truth and they get all fucken weird and shit. What the fuck is with that?? If u feel something about someone u shouldn't care, yaddamean?? I'm trippin due to this idiot and I have feelings for the dumbass. Well now he is being all weird and shit. I just don't know... I'm also pissed cuz the economy sucks and everyone is losing there jobs. In like 10 years we are gonna be homeless. WTF?? You think Obama could help us out. He promises this and that and doesn't come through. WTF?? But besides all that, I am feelin pretty good, and I'm having a fucking blast. I'm DRUNK bitches and I really don't care right now... So party hardy and keep it real. I'm out! PEACE!
01 June 2009
All your happiness lies within your ability to be vulnerable.
A Little Beetle Story
This past year has been a very interesting one, to say the least.  I've had changes forced upon me that I hated and didn't understand.  I felt alone.  At times, I felt unloved and unlovable.   But I learned a lot.  I had adventures that I would have never had.  I walked 60 miles by myself, but made great friends in the process.  I heard stories that reminded me of everything that I had in life.  I went places by myself (something I have never been comfortable with) and introduced myself to new people.  I impulsively went to an all day seminar of Mike Dooley's.  I started meditating again.  I started praying again.  And this time, not to take away the bad things, but just thankful, joyous prayer for all that I have and the many blessing in my life.   Change is hard.  I've never really liked it.  But it is often so very good.  This year last year has been one of the best years of my life.  It has been the year were I started to actually really BELIEVE that I was truly a Goddess, and
Surveys Are Fun.. Are They Not?
DATE APPLICATION Current mood:  curiousCategory: Quiz/Survey   1) My name is: _______________________________________. 2) The gender I claim to be is: (M)ale (F)emale 3) My real gender is: (M)ale (F)emale (T)hree-Mile Island
Is Friendship Important?
Is friendship important?  I use to think so but any more nahhhhh. When I was 16 years old,  no matter how hard I tried to fit in,  it never worked.  Then I watched how people carried on and thought,  its better to be on my own then to deal with fake people professing to be more then what they are,  and only wanting to hang with you to get something from you then dumping your ass and picking on you. I am at that path once more.  If that is the kinda people that are out there any more.  I pass thanks ,  not interested in ignorance and stupidity of others who have no concept of hummanity,  kindness towards others. All I see is rude ass wanna be adults but cant get their heads out of their asses long enough to grow the feck up. Why do they have to act like their all that,  or like ffffffffffff animals who always challange you to a fight. They dont know you from beans yet they feel they have the right to judge you and make fun of you. Sad narrow minded idiots,  with nothing more
Trust Me
Be sure who was upon the time my loveBe sure that I am the spring of all your roadsI am the school of your lessonsI am the sun of your beautiful morningI am the moon of your romantic nightsI am the spring of your rosesI am the summer which gave the colure of your caramel skinI am the autumn which your hair tresses felled forI am the winter which took its warmth of your breathsTrust me that I am the only one who know youThat I craved your thoughtsAnd I shaped your personalityI am… I am…. I am…I said it too muchBut if I was all that for youTrust me and be sureThat you are my eve which I left heaven for - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -W.B: FM
My Life, My Heart Without U
My life,my heart  while you are far away?!!I can’t describe it my loveWhat use would be of describing it?It’s like a dear departed his homeLike a knight without his armorLike a blind without his stickLike a baby without his motherLike an orphan with no helpI have nothing but you to talk aboutI complain and wonder the love it selfI always talk about how prettySweet and soft you areI don’t stay awake without youThere is no night without youThere is no moonlight without youThere is no life to describe without you----------------------------------------W.B: FM
04 - 09
 On July the 8th (of this year), at 4:05 and 6 seconds after, it will be 04/05/06/07/08/09! And this will not happen again for another 1000 years. I thought this was something 'cool to know'!
Pick the thorns from my heart and let the cruelty bleed from my soul. My soul now weeps with agony and pools of sorrow. The warmth draws cold as I lay in the deepest, darkest of shadows covering the light that dwells. Darkness pulls me in and creeps my soul into empty voids. Love binds me in darkness. Not the love I bare, but the love that bares me. Does love stay cruel to the pure of heart, or does it betray the loyalty of soul?
A Thought For Ya...
Isn't it ironic how hate can be defined but love truly can't be you can hate love  but can't love hate.....I really think I am starting to hate love because all it ever has done is betray me....oh well.....
A Good Joke
How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?   An obscure, cool number that YOU haven't even heard of.
I'm Sorry
sorry i'm if i'm not pretty enough to be "Your girl"I'm sorry that I don't want to have sex every minute of the day.I'm sorry that I'm not a playboy bunny so I can act like a pornstar for you.I'm sorry if I don't have a dream body that turns you on.I'm sorry if I won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me.I'm sorry if my hair isn't long enough.I'm sorry if I'm not the "hottest" girl you've ever seen.I'm sorry if loving you isn't enough.I'm sorry if being your friend through thick and thin makes no difference.I'm sorry that I try my best to get you to like me but, then get hurt.But most of all; I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are.and I'm sorry that most guys will read this and post it and may agree with it but after 5 minutes they forget about it and do the same thing all over again. GUYS! Just think about it, about how you treat girls. You treat them like crap & all they want to do is be loved by you. Think about it.If you're a girl and you agree
Straight Up
not lookin for points or being popular or any of that ish, just wanna mingle, its all good, kickass site    
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From The Heart
Interesting(well Not Really)
Not really sure why I've developed a sudden interest in this site, I only joined because my GF spends what I deem to be ridiculous amount of time on here and it pissed me off enough to sign up to see what the big deal was(yeah doesn't make sense to me either, but i still did it). At first I wasn't very impressed and I actually got a even more pissed. I tried to get into it but to no avail and eventually I just kinda gave up and abandoned the whole thing. I thought I was fairly numb to the whole situation but recently I've been getting really curious and I've spent the last couple of days popping on to rate picks and just poke around a little. Now here I am at 2 am writing a blog, hmmmm...Interesting. By the way I know I'm a crappy writer I don't need any grammar or other technical criticism, did I mention its 2 am?
In The Pretend World
In the pretend world We all are very awake In the pretend world We all look sterile and fake In this atmosphere We all could chatter for days In the pretend world We never admit our mistakes But in the real world Were hiding alone and ashamed And we cant live while Because were addicted to pain You see I cannot feel this No matter how you try In the real world We cant deny In the pretend world We gaze into empty eyes We have to amuse ourselves With adultery tales and white lines But in the real world Where fools tormented for sport We just stitch up our mouths So we cant admit or retort You see I cannot say this Please don't ask me why In the real world We cant deny You see I cannot feel this No matter how you try In the real world We cant deny You see I cannot say this Please don't ask me why In the real world We cant deny In my pretend world We all are very awake In this atmosphere We all look starstruck and vague You see I never loved you No matter how you tried In the real w
Hai U Guys!!
Well I'm all back and shit from off of my holidays.  It was super, and being back kinda sucks. I twisted my ankle while I was away, so now I'm all gimpy.  And I almost have what might be called the vaguest beginnings of a suntan.  Kinda. Anyways, here's hoping I've rejuvenated all the ole batteries and are fit for active duty again.  Spotlight today?
Even After There Is Still Peace
last month me and my horse winchester had a really bad accedent we slamed into a four foot tall sheep pen at a full gallop tearing open his chest and seriouslyhurting his leg while i suffered a broken wrist and hyper extended the whole right side of my body but how i feel about my horses has not changed even after a wreck that could have killed us both i still find my peace in the saddle and i still think true freedom is found on a horses back no matter how bad my body aches as long as i can climb in the saddle i will ride even if i take the chance of getting hurt it can never hurt worse than never getting to run free it could never be worse than ignoring what i love so no matter if you get hurt or not no matter how scared you may be never give up what you love because if you do you give up part of yourself
A Funny
I listen to my southern preacher and sometimes he speaks fast for a southern man, and he's going on and preaching and he says "sometimes God has to drag you there". Well I laughed. Hit me just right. I don't think he meant it to be funny, but all the same, most of the people listening laughed too. It was like a laugh with a tear. I love when that happens, when a preacher says something and it hits everyone just right, and we laugh in common union with each other. He wasn't trying to make a joke, or a funny, but he did, without even knowing it until that instance. He's dragging me, pulling, making me, just like a father should. Just makes me happy to know that. It's a warm feeling, I'd say comforting. Comforting to know that yeah I've done bad, this and that, but I have a Lord that's still making me do what He knows is right. Will I fail sometimes? sure. Our relationship is kind now. Strict, but I can laugh, and it's becoming easy to laugh. If I could write in the dictionary, I'd title
Kevdog @ After Dark
Check Out This Game Please.
here's a really fun vampire game for those into that sort of thing. follow this link and viola! its cool honest. thanks in advance for those who join.
To All
im a 32 yr old man that has been married 12 yrs now and have 6 kids i love alot.only here for friends and nothing more sorry.
You sit there laughing as you once did beforemade me wonder the most strangest thingsWas it good or bad? was it ment to be?I sat there all day n wonderedWhats so funny did he find outdid he see the real me?oh the madness came over meso i pased the floor with thoughts that couldnt beI sat back down took a deep breathn exhaled the smoke.. calmness now arises.i ignore him like i normally dothen there it is again.the madness its overwhelming meI begin to ramble hopin he would see not laugh but.. truly love me..and what does come forth?He cant say a word instead he gives me a linki close my eyes n push the button its to a blog about confusionI read it one line at a timeMy heart begins to sinkThen there it was clear as day.. Hes just as confused as meSo what to do take it one day at a timeI shall always be there for himas he is for me But if he happens to read this.. let me say Thank you and even if something will be hard if it fails but true friends are ment to be....~Jes
Love For A Son
 I am back on Fubar after about a year! I wanted to take time to say hi to old friends and new ones. Last year I found out my son who all my friends know as Dylly Pickles was diag. with Megalablastoma "brain cancer". Life from that point on changed, I really had to step back and find out what was really inmportant to me. Pickles has finished radiation and is currently still getting Cemo treatments every week. MRIs still look clear and the baseball size tumor on his brain steam was removed. Please everyone keep my son and I in your thoughts and prayers! TY and stop by and say hi.....all my friends should get this if I remmber correctly. Take care fulords and we love u! "Mr A G H"
You Dont Know Me
You think you know me but you dont have a clue. You only see what i want to show to you.. You dont know what i hold deep in my heart or mind you assume everything are kept blind.   You dont know what i have done or seen, you dont even know what comes in between.. Some people will say then understand. Some will say that they have been where you are.. Some will say that then know how your feeling.. But they don't know me, nor will the ever, because my thoughts are mine...My life is mine never to be theirs.
Looking 4 Love
Wifey application If you're a guy, title this "wifey application" and if you're a girl title it "Hubby application". Repost this and see who's eligible to be your special someone. Have fun!Fill it out and send it back to me if you think you could get the job... :) && remember B TRUTHFUL!! lol.____________________________________________________tell me.... BASICS:Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:____________________________________________________OTHER:1. Where would we go on dates?2. Who is your favorite artist?3. Do you drink/smoke?4. Do you like the rain?5. If so...would you play in it with me?6. Do you like movies?7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night?8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together?9. Do you like sports?10. If so...what?11. Would you call me right after we saw each other?12. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10?13. Favorite body part on you?14. What would you say is the best thing about yourself?1
You Hold Me Up
I love you; I love you more than anything in my life I’m addicted to and I would give anything to be your wife I can’t wait to hug you and look into your eyes I love you like no other, you’re different from the other guys     My sister says I’m stupid but that’s because she doesn’t see That ever time I wake up, I think of you and me We are so different but so very much the same When I am in math I find myself doodling your name     Don’t get this mixed up it’s far from puppy love Every time I think of you I know there’s a god above Because you are a blessing that I, I have received I could never turn away; it hurts too much to leave     Thinking of you makes me smile, it makes me glow inside And I’m so very happy to have you on my side I hold you in my heart because you’re so far away But one day well be together, I anticipate that day     We talk about everything, our lives and our dreams And no
Long Long Weekend
So as some of you know, I went to chicago this weekend to spend time with my brother and old friend from grade school. I have not had that much fun in a long long long time. I  look forward to the next gathering.  Now lets jump to on the way home.  We almost ran out of gas, which thankfully made it to a gas staion just in the nick of time.  As I am about 2 minutes from home, I get a call from a friend that my ex wife needs to talk to me about something extremely important.  Naturally I was reluctant to do so.  But my brother said hey dude, just talk to her and find out if it is about the kids.  So I agreed to meet her and talk to her.  For the first time in a long long long long time, we got along and got a lot of rumors cleared up that both of us were hearing about the other person.  Some of the suspicions I was having she confirmed, others she didnt deny nor confirm.  She agreed to spend time with me as I am moving here in 2 weeks, and wont be able to see her at all after that.  I as
Deleting People Off Friends And Fam
i will be making some big changes in my friends and fam list....i will be deleting people who don't talk to me anymore or never have talked to me to start with i need to know who stays and who goes so i need people to speck up and tell me they want to stay and prove they want to this is your chance to get to know me and become a friend the only people that are safe from being deleted are Dj Lostboy Tiff Lost and forsaken so let's get to it i'm trigger happy tonight
Love My Job
today one of our stores close to us called and talked to my pharmacist...well they said they were faxin over a copy of a forged prescription they had we got the fax and it obviously was a forge b/c when we got it...if it was wouldve had void across the script and it didnt. well that store couldnt find the doctor in our system so they were gona have to call the office to verify the they called the office, expecting to get an answering machine type thing to leave a msg for the office to call back tomorrow to verify the prescription .... but when they called some girl answered and said "dr so and so's office" on a SUNDAY!!  the phone number was a 432 prefix i guess and i saw that and asked the pharmacist if cell and land lines have the same prefixes and up here they dont.....well the prefix to my cell is 432 which was the same as the number on the script for the doc office; the medication it was written for was oxycontin....the directions were "take 1 t
How do I say what I wish mind conflicting with heart internal turmoil ripping me apart If I could but remove my heart and speak with just my mind then I am unsure would I still be kind but if I were to remove my mind and try to speak from my heart then I would truly be lost for I wouldn't know where to start so many words I wish I could say so many things I wish to do but I would hope to start by saying I am there for you I would give you my love and be there till the end for no matter what I will always be your friend I am unable to speak what I need to say so I try to relay it in every song but these feelings have me torn for I feel that they are wrong Misplaced somehow though they come from the heart I feel it in my soul and it is tearing me apart If I could but speak when we are near then I would say I love you but there is to much fear fear I will screw up fear of what I will do you have all of my love but I'm afraid I would
Please Help And Tell Me How To Play
please friends and family i need ur help ! can u help me try to undersatnd how to play this great game .. how do i get up levels and how i get to do my page and ca i c it
I can't sleep, I dont wanna be here but i dont wanna watch tv... and silence isnt exceptable..... I have a ton of tasks to do this up coming week in every spectrum of my world.....I should be resting to be ready to tackle what comes at me as I know nothing ever goes easy..... yet .. i cant...... *sighs* The inner frustration with myself is rising my blood presure and i wanna snap someones neck.. anyone ..and no one inperticular ....More so for the feel of something else being fragle and the power of knowing I crushed it....but the gooey feeling it would leave in my hand I would reveal in.....  My brain runs without puncuation so if you followed any of this ....kudos to u.
This Sucks
im going stir crazzy,need to get out
I am the broken puppet abandoned in the attic, not worth being repaired for the time and effort exceed the reward that you would obtain. Just walk on by as I sit on the floor with dust matting my hair and time fading my red dress pink, I always hated pink in all its many shades but you wouldn’t remember that now would you? I cannot feel pain anymore and I never knew this thing called love, my reality was only deception and guilt a creation used to keep me in control, what did you gain from slowly breaking me? I thought I had a great family until reality started to set in, between my thoughts of suicide I often consider my early years, do you regret your many mistakes or do you still think I should just learn to cope? The mind of a child is so fragile like clay it can be molded anyway and once it has baked with time it is a fragile thing for it cannot change, so easy to break and so hard to repair but you think you are the master sculpture who does not understand why everyone
I know you wont understand at all but im really scared that im going to fall ive been hurt so many times before i dont know if i could take it once more i love you so much and today you said that you loved me too but this crept in my head will you hurt me like all the others im so scared i want to hide under the covers i want to run away im scared to let you in scared to let you close let you see whats within when it gets dark and i sit beneath the stars i just want to run into your arms want you to hol me and never let go i want to kiss your lips gentle and slow but still these thoughts invade my mind look into my soul and this is what you'll find a fear so deep of getting hurt once again but when your around i cant defend defend muself or put up my walla cuz whenever your around they just seem to fall your everything to me and i know i should be scared but at the moment i just dont care because the way you make me feel I know this is true ill always be there for yo
Levveling Blog#446
Muggsy77~ aka Chuckles~TINY BUBBLES~ AAARRRGGG!!!!!!!!@ fubar Muggsy is a Llama-plz help her about 17,500 to level to Fu king:)
She's a little scared to get close to anyone becasue eveyone who said, "i'll be there"..... Left....
I'll sit here in my corner In a small, tight ball Wet cold tears sliding down my cheeks Because I know that I cant be seen at all Im invisalbe to everyone, Even the ones I hold close So I sit here and cry So I dont have to be seen the most Im invisable to everything So ill sit here in the dark Its not my cuts that bleed Its my empty, souless heart
whats up people my name is jon im from nashville tn im 24 yrs old i like to hang out with friends and chill no drama though i dont hang out with those kinds ppl they are buzz kills lol im 6 3 medium bulid and im in the military currently headed for iraq so keep me and my family in your prayers well if you want to know more hit me up i love talking to ppl cutting up talking about anything
What Happens Next?????
It has been 2 months since the seperation  but actually it has been 10, the time tried to rebuild was a waste of time I am not sorry for this, shit happens but only the strong survive and I am a survivor, I will reach the top again and when I do I  will look down  and laugh at those who thought the buried me. For I am man here to walk the earth among the living and dead. But when my time comes and you look upon me as I lay there stiff and motionless, just remember I will have the last laugh...
Ha Ha...fubar Babies
  this girl never said ANYTHING to me..i mean..honestly..they should really start screening people who sign up..i mean seriously..its JUST A GAME MATE...grow up..ha ha what a git..maybe you all should go to his page and give him a hug or something...sounds like he needs it
i love it. :)
Help Me Level Plz! :)
Long Time Comeing
I have pondered over this for some time now an i have finally made my decission in one week ill be leaveing fubar a lot has went on here in the past few months that has really hurt me for one.An im tired of the drama this site use to be a lot of fun but anymore its gotten to where is nothing more tha a day time soap opers but here lately the thing that has hurt me the most is when i logg onto fubar an i see certaing things  that truely hurts me an its been going on like this for a lil over a monthan it doesnt seem like it is going to be changeing so the best thing i can do is just leave  i have made a lot of friends on here over the years an i will miss all of you very much i do hate leaveing its been a lot of fun over the years i hope i have helped all of my friends at times when you needed someone to talk to an give you a hand up when all things were down in your life for the ones that im reall close with if you do not have my yahoo id im me  or email me on here an ill make sure you
2 Those I Missed!
""""""Love you dayYOU HAVE 20 MINUTES TO TELL 5 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS THAT YOU LOVE THEM (INCLUDING ME)SO .... "I LOVE YOU"!GO! AND TAG YOU'RE IT!!YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST.... XOXOXO.L*O*V*E* Y*O*U*! Today is love u day. Send 2 everyone you love. Whether it's real love or friend love.Ur spoiled if you get 4 back"""""
Unleash The Goddess In You
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You Know, Just For Fun :) (bad Grammar)
I've just been layin in my bed, trippin in my head, wondering if tomorrow I'll be alive or if I'll be dead. Thinkin the whole time, 'was it that fun? was it worth it?' I can give you all the answers but I know they won't be perfect. You won't like the way they sound, I was lost and now I'm found; I don't need your pity I'll pick myself up off the ground. I made some mistakes, got back peddled in the race, but now I'm fuckin back bitch get the fuck out my face. I know what to do, Lady Apples comin through, you know I lace them rhymes with that sticky through and through. Just give it some time, let it resonate in your mind, and allow the addictive juices leak down your motherfuckin spine. See that bitch? Now you're mine.
Marine Vet Under Fire
Vet's Patriotic StickersUnder Fire Published : Wednesday, 27 May 2009, 10:45 PM CDT James Rose DALLAS - Frank Larison is a disabled veteran with more than 14 years of service, including more than a year of combat duty in Vietnam. The 58-year-old former Marine now finds himself under attack by his Dallas homeowners association for displaying seven decals on his vehicle supporting the Marine Corps. "To me, it's being patriotic, and it shows that I served," the veteran told FOX 4. The board says the decals are advertisements that violate HOA rules, and must be covered or removed. Otherwise, the homeowners association for The Woodlands II on The Creek --- where Larimore has lived for eight years --- says in a letter it will tow the car at Larimore's expense. The board also threatens to fine him $50 for any future incident. Larimore says the decals, ranging from the Marine emblem to Semper Fi slogans, aren't advertisements for anything. "You can't buy freedom," he reasoned.
Leveling Blog #445
Lucky - Real Life B/F of Tempting Enchantress - Owned By Her Also@ fubar Help him Prophet plz-less than 80,000 to go but his autos ended
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Alone She Waits
    Alone She Waits   From deep her light shines An Angel glowing in the dark She waits for her love His voice is love’s spark Patiently waiting here Hoping another second not pass Until his light shines through And illuminates her path Her light does surround her But can not pierce the forest Her beacon may be overlooked Would her patience past the test?
4 My Baby
When I met you For the very first time I never thought That one day you'd be mine I just know in my heart That you're the one for me We are so perfect together Baby, we are meant to be And not a minute goes by Where you're not on my mind I know, you're the best man I could ever find I have never felt this way About anyone before I'm crazy in love with you You make me want you more and more Having you in my life It just feels so right I wish I could be with you Every day and every night I want to grow old with you 'Cause I love you so I need you by my side Baby, I'll never let you go
Dustins Poem
She took her misery, and called him all these things. His voice never broke, when he was cut by the bindings. She tore up his heart, and snuffed out the light. His eyes never sparkle, His smile is never bright. She took that dagger, and stabbed twice. Three times, if you want to be precise. It's over and done, he said no more. She laughed in his face, and i saw all the gore. My brother was dead, he took his own life. All because of the woman, he called his wife. This is what love does, to the people who fall the hardest. This is what love does, To the one who is dearest.
I'm feeling really weak right now and I don't know why. I had to go make up a bunkbed. Let me tell you, NOT the thing to do when you feel like this. I had the hardest time tucking the sheets in. I ended up hitting my toe on the frame on the way down. It sucks.   I bid on someone in an auction that I don't even know. Got outbid and then I bid again....trying to decide when enough is enough, lol. Oh well. I guess I'll keep bidding until I can't bid anymore, lol.
R.i.p Heather
I watched a girl, who sat behind me in class. She was never happy, she never seemed to laugh. She was alone, always said bittersweet lies. But i saw something that day, something sparkle in her eyes. Her smile was pasted, it seemed genuinely true. Everyone thought she was fine, but only i knew. I followed her home, made sure she was alright. I left her at her door, then stayed outside her window all night. I saw the knife, I saw the gun. That was when i knew, it was time to run. Run to the girl, who caught my eye. The first time i saw her, And she told me that lie. I grabbed her arm, she started to yell. I let her go, Then brought out my cell. I called the police, asked them to come right away. to save my girl from this sad sad day. One year later, I stood before her grave. I laid down a final rose, and my heart naturally forgave. No more wishing, no more tears. My girl is finally happy, after all these years.
Sudice Letter
She will hide all her thoughts, never let anyone inside, She will build those walls up, and behind them she will hide. She will smile when they see her, reply I am Fine if they ask, They will never know the truth because her smile will be her mask. She will try her very best, to convince them she is fine, They will never know, when she steps over the line, The only way they will know, is the night she cuts too deep, After writing her suicide letter, she will never wake from her sleep. Will it be a shock? Will anyone care? They never knew she did not want to be here. They will never know how much she had to doubt, They will never know, until the day she finally gets out. The depression had left her barricaded; she did not know what to believe, If she told them how she felt, would they turn and leave? If she could fake a smile, then what could they do? Pretend to be there and help her get through. She never believed they wanted to be there, She never thought that they should have car
Dear Daddy
He entered the room and stood there staring, His brain interpreting what he saw. In the middle of the room-the chair on its side, and above it his daughter-2 feet off the floor. She was hung by her neck with a scarf from the fan, Pale and naked, lifeless and cold. Her stomach and thighs were covered in scratches, some of them new. Some of them old. He cut her down, moved her body to her bed, He wrapped her up and hugged her tight. The tears were pooling down his cheeks, He held her close all through the night. It was as the sun came through the window, his gaze was led to the desk and the note. He stood and collected the piece of paper, and read what his belov-ed daughter last wrote. "Dear Daddy," it started, two words all alone, "I'm sorry." was all that was on the next line. "He touched me Daddy, I'm dirty and cursed, and now i have something that's living inside." "I cant love it daddy-this tumor, this growth, Ive clawed at my tummy. Want to get it out. don't blame yourself Dad
This Letter
Why am I writing this letter, If I know there won't be a reply? If I know things won't get better, Because you already died... I just hope to see your eyes And realize your mine Then just start to cry For the very last time... You killed yourself over nothing! Haven't you thought about me? I lost everything, Everything I could be... But soon you will be mine forever I'm already on the roof You won't be here to stop me You won't be here to tell the truth This is MY suicide I want to see the awful Hell All because you have lied This is where I'd fell... Please, you have to know All this time I was in love with you But when you finally let go I decided I am dead, too... Put the all the blame on me I shouldn't have typed that letter If that day I would have seen How my life would've been better...
That 1 Nite
If we could spend a night together, I'd take you to the roof of a 100 story building, when the rain is pouring and a breeze is present... We would lay on the cold asphalt ground and look at the clouds, wiping away the rain drops that fall on our faces... I'd get up, take you to the fence, gaurding the edge of the roof, and we'd look at the beautiful view of the sleeping city... You will tell me those magical words: I love you... I'd step over the fence, turn around, look into your scared eyes, and jump... If you really love me, you would jump, too, right after me, so we could be together, forever... But do you really love me? No... That's why I'm dead, and you moved on... I still live on this roof, and every time it rains at night, I keep on rewinding that romantic evening, when you lied to me... You lied that you love me...
Im A Puppet
She was holding a gun in her hand Thinking about the life she had No one was able to understand Why she was always so sad... Black tears were falling down She was about to die Almost about to hit the ground She just wanted to fly... She did not choose this road Someone else was in control But until she wasn't told She believed it was her soul... She was like a puppet Hanging on black strings She was a puppet But without the wings... No one could have helped her It was simply too late A pretty doll forever... Being a puppet was her fate... She couldn't live on her own She needed to be told what to be But she wanted to go home She wanted to brake free... So she put the gun to her head And cried her last tear Very soon she will be dead Death was always near... She was like a puppet Frozen as ice inside She was a puppet Before her suicide...
He Said .. She Said
He said he SAYS wants out of the mariage i cant keep a job... i "raped" him to get my youngest son... tricked him to have my lil  girl. i wasnt there for him when he was n the hospital..(have  /had a job way)... i pushed him away after i had the kids... put all that together  i  had pushed him into getting a gf...  She said its been 2yrs already and no divorce i can keep a job but he would ask me to quit my job bc my work would interfer with his... so i would trying to be a good wife and trying to keep my husband happy. ok as for me getting pregant with my younger son .... i didnt rape him ..u cant rape the willing... and for my lil girl i told him i didnt have any birthcontol , yet we did it anyways... i didnt get a job b/c the doctor said he was going to die and i wanted to be there if he did.. i didnt want him to die alone. i was depressed  after my youngest son was born and it got worst when i was pregagnt with my lil girl. then he told me he had a gf that  he loves he
Ladies are born with wisdom, but ignore it in tender years, a heart can rule a ladies mind and often bring hard tears. When a woman really loves a man it opens up her soul, yearning for a deep true love to fill in that empty hole. Often, they see inside a man those things he just won't share, lessons learned in childhood to hide how much they care. Sometimes, they see inside his heart past that tall brick wall, to sadly find he is not the kind to really love at all. Each time her heart is broken it leaves behind deep scars and brings a vow never again to let things go that far. For awhile, all hope is killed as the doubts begin to roam, like echos in a vacant house that used to be a home.
So, lately, I've been running bombs quite often and I've noticed 2 things that really stand-out in my mind. 1.) If you want me to bomb you, atleast rate, fan and add me. Don't just JUMP in my shoutbox, and expect to be bombed. Just because I make 29k off bombing you, doesn't mean anything. I'll gladly pass right over you and bomb someone without 11's who has atleast taken the time to do the afformentioned. 2.) Most people...NOT ALL OF THEM...don't bomb you back. I'm okay with that, but I'll just remember it the next time around. If you say you're gonna' bomb me and don't, I'm okay with that, too. But fuck ya'. =) So, if you can read this and understand...then you're good to go. :D Happy Cherrybombing!   P.S. Fu-Hubby runs 24/7 Auto's, so rate, fan and add him. He bombs friends first. :)
Crazy, Crazy...badfish Ramblings
Fubar is such an interesting and fantastic place - Can't you just smell the sarcasm? If not, your fucking sniffer is broke. This is a social network where people are hell bent on points and fame; many don't even seem to consider it to be any more than a place so get naked so that they might get a bling pak is this gonna fucking matter in a decade? Actually it isn't even going to take that long. I have to bitch though; I rate, rerate, fan and all that shit. I have 100 "friends" and I go through and try to rate as many of their pics a 10 or 11 as I can. I have only seen a few reply. I guess it's hard to juggle 2,500 friends when youre so fucking "popular"! And I'm on the bottom rung of the ladder, just another to step on to get to the top. So whatever, who cares. It's like a game, gather points, level and gather points. Purchase people! What a grand idea, like trafficing without worrying about breaking the law. Push and pull at the same time. Manipulate, con, do whatever it tak
Depth Of My Heart Desire
            Depth of My Heart Desire   I hold my tongue. I stare the blank screen. I begin to weep to my heart pain over you. How do I say words to embrace your heart with warmth towards me? Should I speak what stirs within my essence for you? Can I see the truth flickering in your haunting sultry eyes as I tell you all from the depth of my heart and soul? Will you smile to the news of my love depth for you? Or will just bait me with sweet lies to gain my one precious gift from me? Come the setting sun, I look out about life; all I see is darkness and feel your haunting pain pulling apart. Now I wish I had told you long ago of the love within me for you. I turn to look back at the blank page. My hands tremble like my beating heart, my breathing is fast, and my mind is lost within the fog of love for you. Can I find the sweet words to tell you?
Enlighten Me   Check it out and decide for yourself
The Model And The Poet
The Model and the Poet He has got the looks make women burn with fire. I got the words to tell what lurks deep within my heart and soul for him only. He’s got the smile that will charm the women hearts into submission, But I don’t have his heart and soul as mine. All I have this deep pain inside me that aches to be within his divine of arms of sin. I want to stare into his sultry eyes and see my reflection within them. I want to listen to his heart as my naked body lies next to him, as I feel the raising of his chest rise and fall to the heavy breathing from my wicked touch upon his sinful body. He is the model and actor. He got the song and dance that has captured my heart and soul forever as his. I am the poet that writes words that he has yet allow touch his heart and soul. There was once blessing upon life, it was Theo, who became the model to make women worship the heavens for such great wonder upon life. Than out of the blue… The angels weep and god sent down a sin
Im still a lil worryed about how life is going to be... not really use to moving this much and not use to not being around my friends and family... i wish i knew how to handle all of this and i wish i new how to be married... its a lil confusing... i have never hade a relation ship like this were i can trus him and not worry about every move he makes... even tho i know i dont have to worry i still do and my mind trys to come up with shit that makes no cents... im trying to controll my thoughts and lisen to my heart cuz i think that my heart knows best...
Love Me Like This, Teo
Love Me like This, Teo One, Two… kiss my waiting lips of sin. Three, Four… touch my body in ways to awaken the fire within me. Five, Six… touch my erect nipples like they belong to you forever. Seven, Eight… give me some sweet delight. Nine, Ten… run your fingers up my thigh till you touch my sweet place. One, Two…tease me with your haunting eyes and wicked tongue. Three, Four…possess me like your own me. Five, Six…make my body surrender to your will like my heart and soul has already done. Seven, Eight…whisper words of allurement where I have no more will to resist your wicked ways. Nine, Ten….unzip my dress and let the sin begin. One, Two…turn off the lights. Three, Four….lock the door and take the phone off the hook. Five, Six….let our hearts become one. Seven, Eight….show me things that I have never dare to do with man. Nine, Ten….take all of me now before I explode. One, Two…run your hands about my bra and drop it to the floor. Three, Four…. suck on my nip
Part 12
Part 12 The sun was at its highest point in the afternoon sky when the limousine arrived at the mansion. Once the driver stopped the car, he moved to open the passenger door so Victoria and Khatra could exit the limousine. Khatra’s eyes grew wide when she saw the mansion; it appeared to be a castle instead of a mansion. “What is this place?” she asked in a shaky voice.                 “This lovely is your new home. Come little one,” Victoria took hold of Khatra’s arm and led her into the mansion. As they approached the main doors they seemed to open by themselves, after they walked through Khatra saw two men dressed in tuxedos had opened the large double doors for them. Victoria nodded to the two men as they walked through the doors.  Without saying a word the men closed the doors behind the two women. Victoria led Khatra toward the grand staircase; she had little trouble guiding the young woman because Khatra was over whelmed by everything she s
Thats Life
Life is like one big ass roller coaster!        Life has it's ups and downs just like any amusement park! I have been witness to it's greatness and it's sadness. So I thought I would enlighten every one with a few insights to what I have seen or experienced. Just like any good roller coaster you can't wait to ride it. You stand in line patiently waiting for your turn to come, and just when your getting strapped into the ride reality sinks in and you think "Oh shit what did I get myself into?" By then of course it is way too late and you in for the long haul.     Just like life you patiently wait your turn for greatness to happen and just when you think you have it all figured out those famous words come into play "Oh shit what did I just get myself into?" Life is way too short to get hung up on petty things. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that tomorrow is not promised so live today as if it were you last. Being in the military I have witnessed it first hand on too many occas
Part 9-11
Part 9 On the island, the servants went about their duties and they had prepared Thomas’ body for transport to Jade.  After making sure that everything was ready for the body to be transported, they went about preparing Khatra’s chambers. They put red satin sheets on the bed, and prepared all of the items that would be needed to bind her once she was brought into the mansion. Each of the servants remembered what they went through when they were first brought to serve their Master even thought they all knew that none of them would ever know him the way this new arrival would. As Lotus Flower placed the finally pillows onto the bed she smiled for she knew  who the new arrival, ‘You will make our Master whole once again Khatra, I know your soul and you were meant to be here with him and make him whole once again. I have seen the life returning to him as he knows that you are nearing us. Your soul will know that this is where you belong once you see Master and have bee
When I Die
When i die just let my body lie in peace beneath the earth and sky in Delhi Ca, August Street incase my sould is condemned so i can wonder forever to watch over my homies when im gone and decesed.
The Naughty House
Join Me @ The Naughty House!!! We are the Naughtiest People here on fubar, The Emotes are very popular please join us in our lounge!! Great People and Music...
Hindsight's A Bitch
You know when you get in to a habit of never doing something, even when you know you should, and it always coming back to haunt you when you don't?   I'm that way with stretching before exercise, never do it though I know I should. So here I am after 4 hours of football with a groin that feels like it's turned to mush, on both sides.   Ever try to limp when both legs aren't functioning? It doesn't go well let me tell you.
Sunday Hmmmm
what kind of jobs(other than the obvious) do people have that give them the nerve to post their amateur video porn? was today's killing of the late-term abortion doctor murder or just another late-term abortion?
Every Time The Phone Rings.....
  I’m not even good enough to be considered a friend.   Just a benefit.   Nothing more or less.   If She had a rough day at work, or a family member gave Her grief, or whennever She wants a naked body to abuse and humiliate for Her amusement, She calls me.   I cook Her dinner.   I service Her.   She takes what She wants from my wallet, my body and soul.   She leaves.   The next day, the next weekend, sometimes even the next month, She calls.   No matter what time of the day, no matter what I’m doing, when She calls, I have to be ready.   And, before anyone asks, I can’t say no...I tried that once.   A few hours of the strap-on around her well-toned, coffee and cream colored thighs was all that was needed for me to know that I can not say no to Her.   Ever.   There’s the phone now.   “Hello?” I say, my voice shaky and quavering.   “Get naked,” She replies,”have dinner ready for me; I just left the parki
Taken By Surprise
  101 again today.   I was walking down the road to the store, past the fenced-in yard with the horses, when someone clamped one strong hand over my mouth, wrapped another arm around my waist, a woman’s voice hissing,”just told what the fuck I tell you, when I fuckin’ tell you, and I won’t hurt you.”   “Too much,” she added, dragging me along, moving her hand from my mouth to wrap that arm around my throat, forcing me into the brick house next to where the horses were, kicking the front door shut behind her.   I caught a glimpse of her, as we passed a mirror over the mantelpiece...I will always remember those cold blue eyes, the long, curly, unkempt red hair, the round face, contorted in hatred, the athletic figure.   I heard a baby crying, the woman shouting,”hush up!” as she dragged me down the hall, towards the master bedroom at the end of the hallway, the woman pausing to kick another door shut, before throwing me onto
Nothing Lasts Forever..
Nothing last forever so live it up,drink it down,laugh it off,avoid bullshit,take chances,and never have regrets,because at one point,every thing you did was exactley what u wanted...
To Make Links Open In A New Tab/window
If you want to give someone a link in a private message and have it open in another tab, use this code. Thanks Van. WHATEVER YOU PUT HERE WILL SHOW UP SO PEOPLE CAN CLICK
Would He Care
Would He Care   I would lay my life down for him. Would he care?   I would lie to God, Devil and anyone else to protect him. Would he care?   Would he see my love, if I was to walk through hell to save him? Could he just once turn around to I care more than he realizes?   I would cheat death and life, even law to help him in his time of need. Would he care enough to reach out to me?   I would take a bullet for him. I would do anything for his love, but he doesn’t seem to know or see my love.   I would step in front a speeding car, as he runs to another woman waiting arms.
How Should I Start This?
Ever since I joined the Fu,I've noticed that there's not too many chat rooms that offer a place to chill and talk about stoner shit,y'know?So I was wondering...I've seen peoples profiles that say they're the owner of club this or that,and I always wonder how they became the owner of that place,y'know?Cuz I'd like to do that,start up a club and be the owner of it,while my kitten is the co-owner with me.If anyone would like to help me in telling me how to go about doing it,or to show me how,I'd greatly appreciate it!!Somebody let me know,alright?
They Don't Knooow, Who We Beee
They don't knooow, who we beee   What they don't know is!The bullshit, the drama (uhh), the guns, the armour (what?)The city, the farmer, the babies, the mama (what?!)The projects, the drugs (uhh!), the children, the thugs(uhh!) The tears, the hugs, the love, the slugs (c'mon!)The funerals, the wakes, the churches, the coffins (uhh!)The heartbroken mothers, it happens, too often (why?!)The problems, the things, we use, to solve 'em (what?!)Yonkers, the Bronx (uhh!), Brooklyn, Harlem (c'mon!)The hurt, the pain, the dirt, the rain (uhh!)The jerk, the fame, the work, the game (uhh!)The friends, the foes, the Benz, the hoes (what?!)The studios, the shows, comes, and it goes (c'mon!)The jealousy, the envy, the phony, the friendly (uh-huh!)The one that gave 'em the slugs, the one that put 'em in me(whoo!) The snakes, the grass, too long, to see (uhh, uhh!)The lawnmower, sittin, right next, to the tree (c'mon!)   What we seeing is!The streets, the cops, the system, harrassment (uh-huh)The
The Most Functional English Word
Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit!Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language.Consider: You can get shit-faced, Be shit-out-of-luck, Or have shit for brains.With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit, or be asked to shit or get off the pot.You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit.Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the differencebetween shit and shineola.There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits.  There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit,or duck when the shit hits the fan.  
I Feel In Love With Phot
I Fell In Love with Photo   I saw his picture. My heart flutters like butterflies wings. He knew knot about me. I found him. I reach out to him. Now the photo is no longer a photo I am in love with. I want give him all my heart and soul, But He just keeps walking away from me. How my heart and soul would give everything over to him, if only he called me Honey. As someone who loves him deeper than the sea, he doesn’t see me. As someone who loves him more completely than time and distant, he walks upon a different vision away from me. I have wrote him poems about what he stirs deep within me, But He has never once told me what the poems made him feel. I have spoken to him on the phone, he promises me, we will meet, yet now that dream is lost
The Undeniable Truth
The Undeniable Truth Another day and no word, how can the man I love not send word to me? How could he not know what he means to my heart and soul? I stand in the shadow weeping my tears as the cold rain falls upon me like knives ripping my heart and soul over his lack attention towards me. My life is like a shatter glass upon the floor of life with no meaning. Desire I had to reach out to him is now flutter away like wasted dreams. As each days slowly walks by like each breath of life is forever walking into darkness, I shiver to my lostness of him never being with my arms. How can I walk away what has taken my heart and soul as his forever? I wonder with trembling thoughts of pain and sorrow somehow this is my fault he is now lost to me. His life is now nothing where he has imprisons me with his darkness of doom. Did he ever know what he meant to my heart and soul? I ache to his hidden pain and sorrow. Weeping tears upon each thought of him is killing me. Yet I ca
Lost Angel Of Mine
Lost Angel of Mine The long endless journey of love, I must wonder forever in. My heart and soul can’t deny what’s lurking within the depth of them for someone out of reach. I hear the echoing sorrow of his wrong choices and pathway he choose to walk upon. I feel his breathe upon my neck like haunting memories that will never be real. The beating of my heart echoes like thunder to my emotion stirring tears like rain within trouble times. Does he know I feel his pain and trouble upon his heart and soul? Can he reach out to me within the darkness, so I may pull him out of the darkness consuming him? Once he was an angel sitting high upon a pedestal, but now he has fallen like a star from the brilliant sky of heavenly praise. Now he is come to place where there is no one there for him or reaching out to him. How I have now become his guardian angel upon his whispering desire for me to save him? My desires too end his misery like he did once upon time for me. I once spoke
Bulletin Links
Did I Fail Love
Did I Fail Love? Did I fail the man I am in love? I refused to run to him, when I had a chance to run to him. I weep and torn apart. I failed love. I longed to dream of wicked dreams of me and him, He asked me over and over to come to him. Now I am sitting here in tears to the news. I failed him, but mostly I failed myself. I hate myself. I hate the choices I let be made for me and him. Why did I not go to him, when all I wanted was to touch his body and kiss his perfect lips of sin? Did I fail him and me? Did I fail the dream of what might had been or not been between him and me. Now I weep endless since the news. My heart is shatter. My soul is lost. He is all I think, dream and love. Yet I feel I failed the love I hold for him deep within me. I want go to him. Would he be happy to see, if I went running to him? I lingering the darkness of my pain to the news, I am about to lose him from my reach forever. I tumble about my bed. I can’t think, eat or
Bikini Contest
I am opening a bikini contest where the winner gets 500k 2nd gets 250k and 3rd gets 150k in fubux. If you are interested pm me  with your entry fee of 100k and the link to the pic you want entered. THERE WILL BE NO NSFW PIC ACCEPTED!!!!!!
Read This, Dammit!
For those on my friends list (who don't even bother checking me out) that have added me and just are oblivious to those who don't have BLING or SALUTES or whatever else...Just delete my ass if you don't intend to keep up with who's on your "friends" list. This is supposed to be interactive and networking right? So why is it that it seems only members who have their tits and pussy showing or other like stuff are the ones getting rates, comments, etc.? So..I'm here to MEET people ya know? Not get this fake-ass pretender reaction when you try to say "whats up" so to speak. So I'm not built like a Calvin Klein the fuck what? I aint puttin my personal pics so that a future job gets screwed over. this is what you get! Got it? Now..rate  and read what you see or jump off the fuckin ship!
Nine Inch Nails - Noblesville In - 5/30/2009
Sound check was: The Frail The Wretched Non Entity Lights In The Sky Burn Set list was: Home 1,000,000 Discipline March Of The Pigs Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now) Metal Meet Your Master Head Down I Do Not Want This Gave Up The Fragile The Downward Spiral Wish Survivalism Mr Self Destruct Physical The Good Soldier The Hand That Feeds Head Like A Hole HurtThis show was kinda bittersweet for me, considering this is NIN's last tour. I didn't get to the venue until they were in the middle of Piggy... but the show was amazing. I got rained on.. (tornados, rain, lightening, oh my!), not to mention the black cloud of death, and when they started playing Hurt I almost cried.And like I said... this tour is their last. Get out and go see them before it's too late!
Matchmakers Are Perhaps Only Good For Starting Fires.
I’m supposed to go on a date with someone I met through a professional matchmaking service. As with most dating services, it’s free for women. And as with most free things, you get what you pay for.Michelle, the matchmaker, called to tell me about my match a few weeks ago. She gushed, describing him as a really great guy, and said she thought we would have a lot in common. “He bought a plane, because he really likes to travel.”I like to travel. But owning a plane? Is that really necessary?It turns out he also owns a chain of gas stations, so fuel economy is the least of his concerns. And, as it turns out, the bulk of his concern rests with finding a good television station. While we talked on the phone, getting to know one another, he flipped channels, telling mewhat was on television. I explained to him that this was the first time in years that I actually have a television. And that I have turned it on precisely once. To see if it worked. It does. I even vow
Erotic Fantasy 3
She invited me to her home, even though we'd never met, even though we'd barely spoken on the phone.  She said said she needed to touch and be touched.  She said she was hungry for it! When I got there, she opened the door dressed in sexy lingerie. She opened the door and took a step back. I stepped inside the door, and she stepped forward planting a deep kiss on my mouth while swinging the door shut behind me.   Even though the kissing caught me off guard, it was sweet. It was passionate.  It was strong enough that neither of us wanted to break away. Our hands began to group and paw each other's bodies.  She clawed at my back and my ass as I pawed at hers. I brought my hands around and began to firmly massage her breasts and pinch her nipples through the lingerie.  She began to rub my cock through my jeans, getting it harder and harder.   Finally we separated and she hurriedly led me into her bedroom where she undressed me. I undressed her as well, playing with her breasts and ni
How Words Can Last A Lifetime - Bob Greene, Cnn
(This article was originally posted on the CNN webpage, at How Words Can Last a Lifetime) Editor's note: CNN contributor Bob Greene is a best-selling author whose current book is "When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams."(CNN) -- The enduring moments of our lives, the ones that stay with us the longest, don't necessarily make the headlines.The other afternoon I was talking with a woman by the name of Virginia Florey. She's 80 years old; she has lived in Midland, Michigan, all her life.She was telling me that when she was 11 years old, she and her best friend, Charlotte Fenske, would walk to school together every morning. At the corner of East Carpenter Street and Haley Street, across from a Pure Oil filling station, there was a small grocery -- Thompson's grocery store, it was called."We would get there at around 7:30," she told me. "It must have opened up at 7 a.m., because the grocer would always be sweeping the floor w
Erotic Fantasy 2
Walking up to the door, I felt a little nervous. A woman I had never met had contacted me, answering an ad I placed more as a joke than anything else. I had offered full body massages for $40 in my ad. I'm not a professional. I give good massages and I have soft hands, but I never expected anyone to reply to my ad. This woman contacted me and told me she needed a massage now more than ever. So there I was standing at her door, ringing the bell with a bag of warm touch massage oils, feeling ridiculous. The door opened a little, and I could sense that the person who opened it moving away from the door. I stepped inside and there stood a good looking middle-aged woman. She wore an open robe, allowing me to see much of her breasts and her trimmed pubic area. The rest of the world would see her as normal or ordinary, but I found the entire scene sensual and sexy, and my eyes couldn't stop drinking her in. Catching her eyes, I blushed. She smiled and told me to close and lock the door. After
Erotic Fantasy 1
She lived in my apartment complex.  I'd seen her around, but I'd never spoken to her.  She was a black woman, short and thick, with the biggest tits I'd ever seen.  I was standing along the rail of my apartment balcony watching the world go by when she pulled into the parking lot.  She got out of her car, looked up at me, and waved.  I smiled and waved back, staring down into her cleavage- trying to keep myself from jumping off the balcony.   She called up to me and asked what I was doing, and I told her I was watching the world go by, and I laughed.  She smiled back at me.  She had some dvds in her hand and told me she was having a blockbuster night... She said it wouldn't be neighborly if she didn't invite me to join her. We laughed and I told her I'd love to.  She called up her apartment number and told me to come by around 7ish.   I got showered and shaved and walked over to her place right on time.  She opened the door wearing a red, silk robe- her dark, inviting cleavage dema
About Me
some of my few friends on here know, im not the same like i used to be i changed, this change will last forever just like all those other changes i made in my life before, for those who dont want nth to do with me cuz of it all i can say im sorry, to the rest who can live with it i can say i thank ya i will keep ya in mind and i will say hi from time to time, viva la changes more r to come always
The Good, Bad And The Ugly !!
OK, I've had enough of this BS ! I rate everyday and almost everyone as best as I can...but from now on I am ONLY RATING THOSE WHO RATE ME !! I am keeping a list of who rates my profile, pics, fans, friends and does things for me. Those people will get my rates first and foremost everyday. Also, I am now going thru my friends list and I will be deleting those who have not visited me or rated my stuff. I am going to give everyone 1 week to reply that you want to remain my friend. If you don't reply, then you will be deleted from my friends list. And by remaining on my friends lists you will have to come visit me at least once a week or you will be removed. YES I AM PISSED !!! I AM PISSED OFF SPENDING TIME RATING YOU AND GETTING NOTHING IN RETURN... THIS IS NOW A 1 FOR 1 DEAL FROM THIS DAY FORWARD !! YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR REQUEST TO REMAIN ON MY FRIENDS LIST BY REPLYING TO THIS BLOG. ALSO I WILL REDO MY FAMILY LIST IN A WEEK TOO ... THOSE WHO DON'T RATE WILL BE DROPPED OFF !! I'M SO
About ghost from before i met him... and nothing could compare to actually being with him...   Desire. somewhere along the line my desire to eat you alive has been overtaken by my desire just to feel you near me by my desire to kiss you and touch you once again, it was so much easier when i tried to objectify you when all i wanted was to feel your neck under my teeth and your cock shoved hard into my cunt when i wanted to hurt you in any way that might make you writhe in pleasure i wanted you to throw me down on the bed grab my throat with your hands and squeeze until i gasped for air flicking my clit with your fingers while telling me to beg to suck your cock… but as much as i’d love all of that i also want to kiss your lips taste your tongue i want to feel your skin beneath my fingertips before trying to dig into you i want to feel your body pressed against mine for hours before and after you fuck me i want to take you into a bath and rub my soapy hands all over you
Pussy Eating 101
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good evening class, I’d like to welcome you to Pussy Eating 101 Pay close attention now There are Rules and regulations to pleasing a girl Going down town could really rock her world But you got to make sure that you know what you’re doing There’s a map down there that you got to start learning First you got to make sure you rehearse Move round your tongue like you’re trying to curse Cause there’s nothing worse than a tongue that doesn’t work Then your girl will be mad and you feel like a jerk Spread out her lips before you kiss You want to make sure that you find the clit Lick a little bit then move it all around Lick it all over till you hear her make a sound Then you know that you find a good spot Tease it and touch it but not a lot With your mouth down south, you’re in control You could make it, happen fast or slowDon’t be bland, better act creative Be on top of your game and be innovative Experiment a bi
How I Feel..
I wonder why she didnt respond to my IM?I don't even know what I said or even did,but she's really mad at me and my heart is aching sooo bad right now.I'm hurtin' right now,and I'm slipping back into my depression again.I really thought things were great between us...I just thought she liked my pathetic self...but I guess I was wrong.And thats what hurts me so bad.I can't live to lose one more person I care about.My heart won't be able to take that much pain.I'm broken again...and this time theres no cure for what ails me.Not this time.I fucked it up,and now I'm paying for it emotionally.Now what am I gonna do.I was starting to invest myself,more than 100%,into this relationship.Now what am I gonna do?I gave her my heart,something I can honestly say I've never done with anyone before,but I don't think she wants it anymore.I'm assed out now,with noone to talk with,or to  text me in the middle of the night.But now she's flat out ignoring me.I think I'm just gonna go back to the hard stuf
The Invitation
The Invitation It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain!I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoi
Circle Of Kisses~
Circles of kissessurrounds passioninescapable moansbleed hot against skinPressed downsmothered by lustfingers lockpalm to palm"Now," you begto be filledmade wholetaken hardLike a primal druma metered beatbetween silky thighsa musk wet wonderA knock againstflooded gatepink lips encirclea sweet burn slidesInside to hiltof soulful beinga withering wenchlocks her legsPulls deepera smear of kissas lips rockin a tossed seaOf unbridled lusta squeeze withinimpaled, then spitto trembling slitNails etch each strokehips heave to meetbone deeply buriedabove puddled sheetCome with meride this tide togethera duet of gaspssweet unwindingLeaving two breathlesssharing one lovetill the last star winkspast the end of time ~W.H.  2009~
Awakened by a kissshe feels warmthslide down to sleepynipples stirred by moutha line due south of kissesfeathery licks seekingsoft folds of her sexher body opens to touchmelts with each caressof seeking tongue nowlapping wide against sexshe shuts her eyesseductively rolls with the heated rhythm a curtain castupon all but pleasurewinding tighter about her sacred chakratill she pleadsfor Master's voiceto allow release ~W.H.  2009~
no foreplayno warningno sexual energy exchangedwhen I unzip your jeanspush them downtoss panties asidelay you on the side of the bedspread your pink lipsexposing your clitslowly circling with my tonguesmelling your excitementlicking just the clitup and downtwo strokes a secondsteady rhythmfeeling it growthrobbing hardsliding down to entertasting you fullysucking your engorged lipsback to clitstrong relentless tongueflicking against youthree male fingers enterso tight and wetlicking, licking, lickinga finger probes your anusslowly till halfwayfeeling your contractionswanting to cumneeding to cumpleading to cumbegging to cumhips like a carnival ridewanting, needing, pleading, beggingfighting back and losingsurrendering to the wicked tonguemoaning, groaning, screamingwaves of pleasuretingling of toes and fingertipsnipples ice hardpussy pushing my fingers outwetting the bed with cumturning your overfor a well deserved spankinga butt warming spankingintermixed with fingerssliding inside pin
Cum Bid On Us!!!!!!!
We are in an Auction so go show US some love all!!=)
Quick Note Re Blogs, Safari Browser, Me, ...
I've come to the conclusion I just can't seem to rate blogs I haven't rated before on this using this browser (the "basic" Mac one. Will rate them from time to time but only after switching to other browsers, Firefox etc., which I do more rarely lately.) Update: things work rather poorly with fubar and Safari , not great with fubar and Firefox, but rather well with fubar and Google Chrome, on my computer, so I've been using Chrome as my primary browser for some time now... (Nov 2010)
We Need Your Bids!
We are in an Auction so go show US some love all!!=)
I would like to thank those who have helped me out, by getting my leveling down however still need more of that lovin....   Much love to you all, your friend Jaime!
What Is Love?
What is love??         I believe that love is out there for everyone and i am happy to say i belive i have loved a special girl that was tradgicly taken away from me just under 3 years ago in a car accident. I have no told many people about it and i dont plan to go into detail about it on here because that to me is not right and tarnishes the memories that i have if i share them with anyone that i do not trust fully. I know that there is 1 person i have told about what happened and that is because i trust them whole hartedly (yes i know i cannot spell lol)            So back to the question What is love? Is love a feeling or a memory or a mixture of both? I myself belive it is both of them because you feel so much when you love someone and you also treasure the memories that you have of that person the things you have done and the times you have talked and laughed together weather it be in person or on the computer or on the phone. I do believe that love is out there for everyone an

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