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Not Over 40 Yet...
...but I've pretty much been this way for years. LOL This is what Andy Rooney thinks about women over 40: As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier t
Lick's Up For Auction
I've gone and entered an auction. Click the link below see what I'm offering to the winner and of course, start bidding! Highest bidder gets me for a whole month. Auction starts May 4th. While you're there, be sure to show the host some love too. Let the bidding begin.. Here's the host ~~ HEAD DJ & Enforcer BigDaddy-~ Zero Inc~~@ fubar   **LINKS AREN'T WORKING!! AUCTION IS ON MY #4 FAM PAGE***
A Peek Into My World
MY DILEMA I walk in dark mists of despairSilence whispers of doomFlickers of hope flitter byAlways out of reachMy hands grasp for themFinding only empty airI wonder where is the lightMy feet are leadMy lungs burn for airNot tainted with doomA shinning presence callsForward I search for its voiceSearching never findingI feel him nearbyBlinded I can not see himWeary beyond expressionI cannot reach himFilthy with smoky darkneessI am ashamed to be in his presenceBathed in warm lightI am blind and coldWrapped in his loveI find no comfortSeemingly forever
Poem For Daddy
MY DADDY Gentle HandsWarm smileGraying hairWhiskered faceCrooked walkLoud talkStrong armsClouded eyesSick sapLove warpedDevil drunkSweet soberTroubled soulWord wonderFix-er-upperLies stillEver more
Poem From Another Life
DAWN OF THE NEW DAY Red Dawn RisesDust settles on a bloody fieldSilence errupts assaulting earsOf all who pose dazedIntense light splits the dawnTrumpets rend the silenceOn the horizon a glorious sightHere HE comes in gloryThe righteous rejoiceSinners TrembleNew day kindlesAs the red dawn rises
Fix The Economy
            I love this plan!This was an article from the  St. Petersburg on Sunday. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on "How Would You Fix the Economy?" I thought this was the BEST idea. I think this guy nailed it! Times Newspaper Dear Mr. President,Patriotic retirement: There's about 40 million people over 50 in the work force; pay them $1 million apiece severance with three stipulations: 1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed. 2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed. 3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage- Housing Crisis fixed. All National financial problems fixed!!!  
Dream Lover
Dream Lover He is a player on the screen of nightsHe can be touched, smelt, tasted, feltBut never is he clearly seenEyes closed imagination says he's fair of faceHe knows my secret placesHe excites me to greatest ecstasyHe knows the words to soothe meHis arms a safe place in the stormMorning light breaks throughI am aloneLogic says I dreamed it allMy fondest wish to hold himNight and day to see his faceAnd know him in the flesh
Vixens Ho;s
Do you have what it takes to be a Ho? Come Join all the Sexi Bishes of Devils Rejects and see if you have the stuff!!
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Lounge Bully
Come Rock out in the Greatest Lounge in all of fubar! Join the Rejects as We Rock the house!!!
Hes Cocky, He is the man, the myth the legend that is Dj EgoTrip!! Come Rock out in Devils Rejects if you Dare!!!
Come Rock out with the Sexies Reject Dixie Diva!! rockin out in Devils Rejects!!!
9 Words
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm.. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! (5) Loud Sigh:
Funny Moment Of The Day
A NEWB-FU by the name of ABDUL decided to invade my shoutbox and said hello. now mind you I did my due dilligence by saying nothing lol, but I kept thinking ACHMED , the dead terrorist in the jeff dunham shows.   Most of you know is a male of arabian descent approach you online the smart move is to not say anything. Nothing against them personally, but I have yet to meet one that hasnt completely ignored the fact that I am male and asked to see my boobs. Mind you, I have an amazing rack, for a man, but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO lol.   On a side note, its my last day at the warehouse this afternoon, no more inbred hicks with no teeth, or co workers so high they cant do thier job right. at least until fall lol.   2 weeks off after tonight, then back to makin the real dough, and the probability that I'll be doin a few bombs and autos since I'll have the income to let it roll :)    
The Devil's Dancer
"Make her one of us..." the goblin's voice hissed to the Devil's Dancer. Music flowed, past the darkness of the room, a luminous illusion that held out delicate hands and drew the unwary into a graceful duet. Twirling and swaying, thighs bending, hips curving so tightly to the illusion that the unwary became the luminosity. A fragile flame to comfort the Darkness coming. ... but of course Good triumphed in the end. Nobody knew for sure for awhile though. It came down to a matter of trust in the intrinsic nature of the one that had danced with the Devil. The Devil was driven away, a black coach pulled by a score of shadowy bete noires. The Sun shone again. .... And so it shall be in the heart of me. I chose to reject the temptation to join the ranks of the power mongers. The dotted eye and crossed tea teams. Surely you have seen them. Dealt with them. Perhaps you are one of them. I pity you. I pray for you. I forgive you, because my energy is to be used elsewhere. But I will not for
To Know You.
For this love I would take the chance of heartbreak. For I have known a lifetime of heartbreak and it is, in it's self, of a temporary nature if we allow it to be. But to know just one moment in my life with such passion such feeling such want such need. I would give myself entirely without regret without sorrow without remorse to you your wants your needs your love your life. To deny such love would be the most fatal of mistakes.   Poem by Tammy C.
"r" Troubles
A young schoolboy was having a hard time pronouncing the letter ''R,'' and all the other kids were, of course, teasing him about it. To help him out, the teacher gave him a sentence to practice at home: ''Robert gave Richard a rap in the ribs for roasting the rabbit so rare.'' In class a few days later, the teacher asked the boy to recite the sentence out loud. The boy nervously eyed his classmates--many of them already laughing at him--then replied, ''Bob gave Dick a poke in the side because the bunny wasn't cooked enough.''
I Need Your Help Plz And Thanks
If any of you have time over the few days I would sure appreciate some rates on my pics I am so close to oracle, Thank you so much Diamond Deb
Just A Funny
A young blonde was on vacation in the depths of Louisiana. She wanted a pair of genuine alligator shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking. After becoming very frustrated with the "no haggle" attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the blonde shouted, "Maybe I'll just go out and catch my own alligator so I can get a pair of shoes at a reasonable price!"  The shopkeeper said, "By all means, be my guest. Maybe you'll luck out and catch yourself a big one!" Determined, the blonde turned and headed for the swamps, set on catching herself an alligator. Later in the day, the shopkeeper is driving home, When he spots the young woman standing waist deep in the water, shotgun in hand. Just then,he sees a huge 12 foot alligator swimming quickly toward her. She takes aim, kills the creature and with a great deal of effort hauls it On to the swamp bank. Laying nearby were several more of the dead creatures. The shopkeeper watches
These are my words, everyone see's who I appear  to be, but only a few know the real me, you can only see what I choose to show you, but there is way more to me than what the eye see's. There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama, and those people who create it, and tell you things to create false hopes and dreams, knowing they would never be, create a hope in your heart and mind, for false happiness, and joy. so it is time for me to surrond myself with people who want to know me and care and share thoughts that are true, and laugh and be full of joy. These fellings drown the memeries of bad, and soley for good. we live once, and life is to short, to go through with false memories, and bad, create and nothing less than happines is where I want to be. I have built a wall around me, not to block out anyone, but to see who is willing and loving, caring enought to be themselves, and climb over it to share with me there happiness and friendship so Now I hav
Last Straw With Walmart
Okay this is the letter I sent to the local walmart manager after yesterdays stressful events!  They are the low price leader as they claim but I find I am spending more for their screw ups than I am saving shopping at their stores, and also the stress is very taxing on my conditions from my accidents... Yesterday I was in so much pain from it i could not leave my bed for three hours.  So here is part of my store have fun reading and its now official I am not shopping ever again at walmart. 4/28/09 Dear Walmart Manager: I am writing you in regards to my last few visits to your store and to inform you of the extremely unsatisfactory customer service I have received at your location that has cause you a customer. First visit I want to inform you of is a two days after the new year, I went to the electronic department inquiring about the Singstar games for the play station 2 game console.  I asked if you carried a certain list of games and all I received from you representative was a
Unother Bannishment For Me
My Pogo Suspention for Abusive Language in a Chat Room.Maybe I Might be on Fubar a Bit more.Since Most on Yahoo Games Bunch of Nancy's. Temporarily Suspended…Your Pogo privileges have been temporarily suspended due to a violation of our Terms of Service.Violations that can result in a suspension are:Use of abusive or offensive language in the chat roomsHarassment of other playersImpersonation of a pogo official or representativeSending more than 50 messages per dayWhile you are suspended, both your screen name and your IP address may be blocked.Note: If you're sharing an IP address with other people on your home or corporate network, you may be inadvertently blocked if someone else on your network violates our Terms of Service.
                                   As i sit here on my bed                 Thoughts run through my head                 What did i say that upset you and made you dismayed?                 Tell me what i must say                  I rack my brain to figure this out                  Wondering what this is all about                   I try to say I Love You and you go away                  We haven't spoken in days                   As i sit upon my bed and wonder if you are ok                   Just tell me what i must do or say                  Life is miserable without you                   Oh if only i had a clue                   As I sit upon my bed and dream of our future life                  I could just end it with just one slice                  But, yet i see a small glamour in the far off distance                   But, without you it is just a penance &
Dumb Laws In Illinois
City Laws in Illinois Carbondale No one may stand on the sidewalk on the 500 block of Illinois Ave. Champaign One may not pee in his neighbor’s mouth. Chicago businesses entering into contracts with the city must sift through their records and report any business they had dealing with slaves during the era of slavery.   Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire. It is illegal to give a dog whiskey. It is forbidden to fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck. Kites may n
It's So Great To Be Me.
i don't have much time for fubar anymore, cuz i'm working 2 jobs and going to school. which is stressful, but hey, gotta bust your ass to get where you're going! i did, however, make time to get to the lamb of god concert in atlanta last wednesday. it was my first concert, and it was the SHIT. children of bodom kicked ass, too. i'm going to see no doubt/paramore in june, and hopefully, metallica in october. i've got some new tattoos, but no way to get pics up. oh well. can't please everyone.
I Work With The Mentally Challenged
So, the first reported death from the Swine flu as occurred in the U.S. Very sad that is was a toddler. I happen to pass the information along to some co-workers. One of whom responds by says, "I'm still going to eat bacon." Um, yeah, good for you! You can't catch it from eating pork products, which I mention. Follow-up reply? "Well, I'm still going to eat it." Whoopie pants for you! Have it with a slab of ribs for all I care! 
Wtf Was I Tryin To Say?!?
'Ello there internet happenin types that might actually hit this up, blog.  Not a whole 100% certain which could be the best reason accusation to stick with when it's a matter of being F'ed U'ed with fubar.  Whether it's an attempt at an email, a shout, a blog response, a gift either even, where's the major malfunction here??  Squeaky gets the oil, m'kay.  If FU-FOCKRS that actually get paid money to upkeep this site are hopefully just too lazy with more words or something, WOW!  Same sh*t GT class in public school was hoping.  And most importantly, are they rewarding one another with their time, cause hell yeah!  Who Isn't Having A Righteous Jolly Great Time Online!!!  Makes me wish almost to just be a parent, then I could just blame my kids then or something, and just like GT class in the past, hell, I'll do it.  I'll fix this damn thing, I probably already wrote the majority of it.  I prefer the usual, no mention, no money, neglect is the reward, go away, leave me alone, unless whil
Lookin For My Emmett
In Search Of A Real Woman...
is their any real women out their???   looking for someone real.. no games.. if so, contact me here on fubar.. i am really begeing to think their is not.........
Choosing A Wife
> > A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among> three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and> watches to see what they do with the money.> > > The first does a total makeover. She goes to a fancy beauty salon,> gets her hair done, new makeup; buys several new outfits and dresses> up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be> more attractive for him because she loves him so much.> > The man was impressed.> > > > > The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set> of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive> clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent> all the money on him because she loves him so much.> > > Again, the man is impressed.> > > > > The third invests the money in the stock market. She earns several> times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5,000 and reinvests the> remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save f
How I Have Been Feeling Here Alot Lately.
please come now i think i'm falling,i'm holding onto what i think is seems i found the road to nowhere and i'm trying to escape.i yelled back when i heard thunder but i'm down to one last breath and with it let me say let me say.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.i'm looking down now that its over reflecting on all of my mistakes i thought i found the road to somewhere in his grace.i cried out heaven save me but i'm down to one last breath and with it let me say let me say.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.i'm so far down sad eyes follow me but i still believe there's something left for me so please come stay with me.cause i still believe there's something left for you and me.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking ... hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm th
In Search Of My Edward
So True
The top 40 ways men fail in bed... take notes, all you Casanovas! 1. NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A properly passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2. BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3. NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, it's avoidance. 4. SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for
Today's Quote
"Americans grew tired of being thought of as dumb by the rest of the world, so they went to the polls and removed all doubt."  
The Single Life
i am single ya'll so hit my page up and show me you care....comments, rate rape me, show my page luv.
Wednesday 4/29
Here is how I win!! This whole file is at: The first thing I like to tell people is a simple statement that should make you understand that I offer a valuable service… PEOPLE PAY ME FOR MY DATA AND MY PICKS Pretty simple huh? Now you can forget the stupid questions… 1) Are you a millionaire? 2) Do you win? 3) You a scam artist? Get so tired of that crap! Reason now and then I let the “twits” see the data and see who I win…. First let me show ya the last file… This file and most of my data is discussed in a free lesson at WINTHELOTTO.NET last file 0 0 2 7 1 8 3 1 2 0 7 4 3 4 0 1 4 3 9 2 5 0 6 5 6 7 3 5 7 2 9 0 8 1 0 3 9 7 4 9 0 1 6 0 1 0 9 1 2 7 9 8 3 3 6 9 4 6 4 1 5 6 1 8 6 6 0 4 7 7 2 6 8 8 2 6 9 1 3 2 0 0 7 3 1 1 4 2 2
A little boy wanted $100.00 very badly and prayed for weeks, but nothing happened .> > >                                > >                               Then >                               he decided to write God a letter requesting the $100.00.> > >                                > > >                                > >                               When the postal authorities received the letter to God ,  USA , they decided to send it to the President..                                > >                               The president was so amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a $ 5.00 bill.> > >                                > > >                                > >                               The president thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy.> > >                                > > >                                > >                               The little boy was delighted with the $5.00 bill and sat down to write a thank-you
What Does Service Really Mean?
I've been totally confused by the word 'service'  used with all these agencies.Internal Revenue  'Service'U.S.. Postal  'Service'Telephone
I’m headed home, my last stop is 27F. 27A & 27B two teenage brothers, 27C aisle, 27D open (score!), 27E late 40’s mother, 27F stolen by 27D, a father in his late 40’s. Now seat stealing isn’t a major offense in my world. It’s two and a half hours of my life, so window, aisle, I can deal either way. But you probably shouldn’t steal my seat, splitting up your family, then proceed to talk to and pass shit over me across the aisle to your family. My petty, passive-aggressive streak kicks in. 27F refuses to open the window shade on a sunny afternoon when we’re headed for a cloudy, rainy destination. I click on my reading lights. 27E, clearly cold and trying to sleep, so I crank my air point it only half on me, half on her left arm and proceed bang on my laptop keyboard for the next hour. Paradise comes with a price that you must be prepared to pay.
Humpin This
Well I Am Here
Well I am here thanks to a friend lets see where it goes shall we
how is every one to-day iam a newbi but trying to find people so write back if youd like looking for friends to drink with and chat with. jason
Your results:You are Batman Batman 90% Hulk 85% Green Lantern 75% Iron Man 65% Superman 60% Supergirl 60% Catwoman 50% Wonder Woman 45% Robin 45% The Flash 40% Spider-Man 25% You are dark, love gadgets and have vowed to help the innocentnot suffer the pain you have endured. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test
Your results:You are Apocalypse Apocalypse 76% Dr. Doom 75% The Joker 73% Venom 67% Mr. Freeze 63% Lex Luthor 60% Juggernaut 60% Magneto 59% Dark Phoenix 58% Green Goblin 56% Catwoman 51% Two-Face 48% Riddler 46% Kingpin 43% Mystique 28% Poison Ivy 26% You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest. Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...
My Dad
Just wanted to tell ya'll about what's been going on and why I haven't been on much lately... My dad has been fighting lung cancer for the last two years and they have finally gotten it under control, but alas, fate has decided to leave him with the lovely present of prostate cancer.  It's very advanced and is only treatable with hormone therapy.  The doctors referred to this treatment as "chemical castration"...Whoo hoo, eh? Anyway I am pretty angry with cancer, life, God, or whatever higher power you believe in.  I'm trying very hard to not wallow in the "Oh woe is me" cestpool, but it seems to be dragging us all under this past week.  I'm sure it will get better with time.  that's why I haven't been here and probably wont be on as much.  I do ask one thing...If you could say a prayer for my family, to whoever it is that you pray to,  I would sure apprecaite it!! LOVE&LIGHT~~Amy
World Wide Swine Flu Live Pandemic Map
Outrage Over Arlen Specter
I hope Arlen Specter's party change outrages you. It should for two reasons: First--Specter claimed it was philosophical--and pointed his finger of blame at Republicans all over America for his defection to the Democrats. He told us all to go jump in the lake today. I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word he said. Arlen Specter committed a purely political and self-serving act today. He simply believes he has a better chance of saving his political hide and his job as a Democrat. He loves the title of Senator more than he loves the party--and the principles--that elected him and nurtured him. Second--and more importantly--Arlen Specter handed Barack Obama and his band of radical leftists nearly absolute power in the United States Senate. In leaving the Republican Party--and joining the Democrats--he absolutely undercut Republicans' efforts to slow down Obama's radical agenda through the threat of filibuster. Facing defeat in Pennsylvania's 2010 Republican primary due to his left-win
End Of Heartache- Killswitch Engage
Seek me, Call me, I'll be waiting Seek me, Call me, I'll be waiting This distance, This dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, And the hope of a new day Waking the misery of being without you Surrender, I give in Another moment is another eternity (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart You know me, you know me all too well My only desire - to bridge our division In sorrow I speak your name And my voice mirrors, mirrors my torment (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting here) For the end of my broken heart Am I breathing? My strength fails me Your picture, a bitter memory For comfort, For solace (Seek me) For comfort, (Call
*dance Dance Dance* *big Giant Grin*
WOOT!!!!!!!!! The Dead Rise at the Spectrum on May 1 and 2 Four of the original members of the Grateful Dead are reuniting as The Dead to perform in one of their favorite venues, the legendary Wachovia Spectrum, on Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2. The Spectrum is the ONLY venue in which the Grateful Dead have performed in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Now the historic arena, known as America’s Showplace, is slated for demolition in the fall of 2009. How appropriate the band which holds the record for the most shows ever in the Spectrum will have the chance to visit the Spectrum for two more shows before they “tear this whole building down (from their song “Samson and Delilah”).” While the Grateful Dead haven’t performed at the Spectrum since March 17-19, 1995, the Dead did play at the Spectrum in November 23-24, 2002. The Grateful Dead first performed at the Spectrum on December 6, 1968, as part of the Quaker City Rock Festival along side Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly. They
An Update?
could this be an update?  I am taking a few minutes to say hey to all my fu family and friends!!  seems like I am always on the move around here.  Spring is here and the yard needs to be 'prettied' up with flowers and stuff.....Relay is right around the corner so I am out and about raising money for the American Cancer Society.....not to mention my son's class field trip to the zoo yesterday. (of which I am hurting all over my body this morning....all that walking up and down stairs and hills with 20 kindergarden kids in tow.....whew!!)  I am also working out at the gym to lose weight (3-4 days a week) and I also visited with a plastic surgeon last week to discuss some reconstructive surgery on my breast.  I had to go have some blood work to check my hormone hubby is NOT happy!!  and we won't even talk about having a 15 year old daughter....SO you see, I am busy!!  I do pop in and out of FuLand when I have a few minutes.....Sorry I haven't said anything to you lately......
The only aphrodisiac I need is your voice Hearing you speak my name Beckoning me to answer Telling me you want me So I tell you that you're the answer to every question I've ever had about love Without words I use my tongue to tell the tale of us Tracing your shadowscape Kneeling before you my eyes feast upon your masculinity and All its divinity and I praise you Because all of that is for me I begin to indulge myself of your delicacies Digesting semi-sweet dark chocolate decadence as it melts Dripping down my chin Your taste is something that I ever couldn't re-create Needing every atom of your anatomy Necessity is placed upon me knowing you are the source of my serendipity Dipping in and out of me stroking more than my consciesness Subconsciously I find myself rewinding our love scenes In my daydreams Seeing that face you make when you're making me cum And it makes me want you right there and then Thinking of you in inappropriate places I get Tingling sensat
The Wayback Machine Dream
John MayerDaughters Music Video Codes By Music I took a trip in the WAYBACK machine with Sherman and Peabody. I cannot remember if I was Mr. Peabody - dog genius, or his boy, Sherman. Whatever I was intially in my dream, what I ultimately became, as the haze of dreaminess turned into the glowing coals of rememberance was a Mother in pain. Oh sure, why not - its just a theme I have going on right now. The interesting thing about this ultimate recollection was that it perfectly flowed in to my new area of study - memes. (pronounced like beams). Memes are units of information in our minds, ideas, that replicate in the minds of others when they are exposed to them. Advertisers use memes like madmen. I still remember the jingle from paramount potato chips from when I was barely in kindergarten: I'M SLIM CHIPLY THE GUY YOU SEE ON THE PARAMOUNT POTATO CHIP'S BRIGHT RED PACK. I'M THE FLAVOR DEPUTY, PROTECTING CRISPNESS IN EVERY PACK. THEY'RE NUTRIOUS AND SO DELI
Goin Home!
OK the video is not showing when i embed it, heres the link   I posted this video/song because this was the song that really made me realize my next step in life. I know it seems kinda corny, or ya'll are gonna kick my ass cause its "Miley Cyrus" lol. But listen to the words, theres a few lines in the song that made me realize what I had to do and why. Then read the blog. Thanks!       To those of you that know whats been going on with me for the last 7 months, I want to update you. This is also for all the friends that have been wondering where in GODS name I have been for the last few weeks.   First off, I want to thank my best friend lilredvixen. I have been lucky enough to have her in my life for a few years now, and now, for the last 4 months, she and her family have opened their home to me and allowed me the help I've needed. Though, this stay has been great, better knowing her and her family and spending so much time with my
Profile And Pointers
I'm new to FuBar so im still wroking on my profile but in the meanwhile if any of you have pointers about FuBar i'dluv 2 hear form you.
Ouchie Vaginas
Have you ever played with yourself so much, you hurt "it", and had to lay off of it for a while?   that happened to my ...friend...yeah
Send Robert Pattinson A Birthday Message
Send Robert Pattinson a birthday message Wednesday, 29 April 2009 It's Robert Pattinson's birthday on May 13 so we need to send him as many birthday messages as we can. Rob is a great actor and deserves to have the best birthday ever. Check out the photos of the New Moon cast on their nights out > It is thought that he will be busy filming New Moon so won't be able to fly back to London to see his family. We're sure that Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the New Moon cast will think of something special to do for everyone's favourite vampire. Maybe they could throw a massive party or go snowboarding together. It would be great if they invited some of the biggest Twilight fans to tag along. We would love to see Rob blow out his birthday candles.
Fatty D Devours Radiosuzy1
The first night Fatty Delicious, a.k.a. Fatty D, a.k.a. April Flores, came to the Speakeasy, it was like the circus was coming to town! And I'm not just saying that because Fatty has a Big Top. April is a ton of fun. She is a big beautiful woman (BBW) with what seems to be an equally big heart and erotic appetite. Before the evening was over, all the bonobos at the Speakeasy had fallen in love with her, each in our own personal way.I first noticed Fatty_D on Twitter when she started following me because, well, she is hard to miss! I was impressed by her dazzling Rubenesque appearance and sexy sense of humor, so I asked her to be my guest on RadioSuzy1. She accepted immediately and, unlike so many other porn stars, got to the Speakeasy on time. April brought her man Carlos Batts, a very chill guy who also happens to be the director of her latest film "Voluptuous Biker Babes." She also brought her lifelike Topco cyberskin pussy "Love Toy," to which we enjoyed doing perverse things throug
Troll Brain Patterns
Im going to plant a garden with the trolls this weekend.  I ased them what they wanted to plant this morning.    Manboy troll said peas.   Girl troll said cabbage and carrots.    He does not like peas, she does not like cabbage   WTH gives here???
My Sisters And I Are Still Looking
Good morning friends my sister's and I would like to thank all of you all who have came and welcomed us to fubar...we really love the attention hehe. Secondly we are atill looking to fill the roles of My Edward Cullen Alice's -Jasper Rosealie's-Emmett also I am looking for someone to play the part of mine and edwards daughter Renesmee...the adult version of her. ALSO NEED THE FOLLOWING JACOB BLACK ESME CULLEN CARLISE CULLEN   IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN FILLING ONE OF THE SPOTS PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND LET ME KNOW THANK YOU.   BELLA CULLEN
Game Night Wanker
My mate's girlfriend freaked out when she met me last night, Scott gave off the impression that I was a boy. She then proceeded to ruining game night. I had never heard so many rude comments till last night. They were "whispered" but we all heard them. She kept trying to convince him that my health card was fake. One thing I have to live with is my name really is Cupid......sometimes their reations are fun, other times their disbelief always manages to piss me off. We laughed it off afterwards, I can't stay mad at someone I don't even know afterall :D 
There are angel's above that watch over all of us no matter who we are they are there to help & guide through the tough times of life's travel's we have a path that we follow that takes us on may roads in life make that right turn with god's blessing make the wrong turn and life get's hard but i know that my angel will guide me back to the right road. My angel is silent and i know there here beside me everyday of the year,when i am sad my angel's wings will hold me tight. when i die there will be my angel there to set me free.
Chess Shadow Glass
This was used for my Advanced CSS Course and we had to submit a CSS designed using an external style sheet for our designs.
Wow Whats This All About?
this is definatly different here,  and looks like its all about partying and well , you tell me. so i guess if i was to sit and get drunk and all Id fit right in, lol!Well unfortunatly I got to old and big for my own good, and won't be posing for any sexy shots. I will say though ,  I am going to be starting an online buisness soon , and would like it if any one reading this would be interested? If so get back to me starting the 5th  of next month , as I will be going thru training for a few day;s and after wards (hopefully) I am ready to get started. Thank's for reading , and have  fun!
Foreign Email
HAHA  ANOTHER GREAT EMAIL I GOT FROM A FOREIGNER.  THESE THINGS CRACK ME UP!     I NEED LOVE........I understand you are the only whom I am seeking, I share with you all your sorrows and joys, I will be your best friend and life partner I like to travel very much. It is very interesting to get more knowledge about the new countries, new people and traditions. It́s great to have such a possibility. Ím a quiet, kind, loyal.. A great meaning for me is a humańs soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like the literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic .My perception of an ideal , I would like to see near me clever, intelligent, and reliable woman. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect . I have to let you know as well, that am an honest person as I have said, and I have to be honest with that, I dońt have any girl friend at present no
The Day
Feeling my smiles fade, you stood by my side. You granted me something, noone else could.Drawing out what was underneath the fake smiles and weak gestures of happiness.You carried my fears and unhappiness on your shoulders, just so I could feel again.Placing me on the furthest cloud, so no harm could capture me in it's ugly grip.I can still feel the weight being lifted, everytime I see your face, even if just in my thoughts.A long distance once kept us physically apart, but you have always been by my side.With the darkest moments, you smile and take my hand and lead me into the heartfelt light.Away from danger, you embrace the love I carry hidden, with just who you are.One day you will find in you what I see, as everyday passes my real smile stays in place.I have you to thank for taking me into your heart when noone else would....Always and forever I will always cherish that day from the past when you walked into my life.   Written for Fairiesub with love   ~Linda R Frieburg~
Check This Out
New Member
hi im kelly and im new to this place not quite sure how it works any help would be helpful thank u
Almost 6am and I have not slept yet. I have taken 4 tylenol pm and a few muscle relaxers but for some reason just can't sleep....and now im shivering....i may be dying...someone please hold a fu-neral for me
Garbage And More Garbage
Ok what in the world! Police in Minnesota blasted the crap out of a Garbage truck trying to commandeer it as it swerved and weaved and bobbed in a drunkard fashion. LITTLE FALLS, Minn. - A 40-year-old man is behind bars after leading deputies on a 57-mile chase — in a garbage truck. At one point, a Morrison County sheriff's deputy tried to stop the truck by firing a shotgun into its engine. Police said the pursuit started when authorities received a report Tuesday about an intoxicated man trying to get into a home. The man left, driving the truck, before deputies arrived Authorities said the driver swerved at squad cars and accelerated in reverse. Deputies tried stopping the truck with stop sticks, but it kept going with several flat tires. The driver eventually pulled over and was caught by a police dog as he ran into the woods. The suspect was treated for dog bites, and then jailed, pending charges. I can see this playing out…the pore drunk bastard flailing at
This Is For Me (read If You Like I Dont Care)
ugh sometimes shit gets so tough. with everything that has happened this month i think i've lost it. i NEVER thought clint of all people would hold me back from beating the shit out of my older brother, I come back to minnesota  to find i have a 5 year old son and that (Excuse me) bitch didn't tell me because she "didnt want to hold me back from anything". ya know i just got dumped too for someone who used to beat you and now i leave and you call me like 4 times a day telling me you love me and stuff. but i cant help feeling what kind of loser am i? and my health is going down quick my anxiety is killing me n stress is terrible its never reality hit when clint of all people stop me who never hits anyone with out a good reason stopped me from something i was right about because he knows me all too well and yes i admit i would have wrecked him. i went to jail once for wrecking my older brothers face but sometimes i dont think. if clint wasn't here i would be in jail right now. no son, no
You chose meThe blessing of your friendshipsurrounded me.For me the door of friendshiphas long been close,If it had not for youI’ll still search for my dream.Thank you from the bottom of my heartThank you for chosen meThank you sweetheartThank you for who you are.I memorized a million things,to tell you, but wordsCan tell what feelings,want to say.True friendship only begunto a precious you.And when it moves into your heart.It never strays
Been Doing Some Thinking Again, Lol..
Yeah.I'm thinking, 3 years or so is too long fer me to be in any one place, perhaps.I'm bored, and it's cold here anymore.If you need me, add me on messengers if ya haven't already.Dunno what I'm doing yet, just..I'm not happy here anymore.We all had some good times but life goes on whether we want it to, or not.So yah, lol.This ain't goodbye;Idk what it is.Needs more thought.But it feels like goodbye, ya know?   For what it's worth, I learned a lot, and grew as a person here.And I hope I entertained you all with my goofiness and decent music.   This is NOT because of anyone, this is an internal decision.And it's not set in stone, I'm just thinking here.But as someone who probably thinks I dislike them said once,'Don't be suprised."So...this is to ensure nobody is suprised.By anything I do at this point, lol.   So this is an old man's rambles.Twisted, brutish, half-maddened.But admit it, I was a fun ride, lmao.   We'll see what happens.Either way, if I dinna see ya again, may y
Thoughts Run Wild
My thoughts run wild and race to reach a finish line, making my pulse jump with electric shocks that send my blood rushing cold through my veins. Collected yet out of control, spinning with many wild desires that make me contemplate and hesitate wishing someone could just decide for me. With many indecitions,they drive me crazy.Each thought so vivid but also wickedly unclear.I wish someone could just make up my mind for me and point me in the direction I need to go. With every thought that runs wild it creates a frenzy of sleepness nights and hopeless dreams. Maddening me and rendering my hot blood to flow cold. It's a chaotic night for me even when I through it all out to fate. When will it just settle? When will it stop spinning? I can't decide for not one thought will stop.. They loose me in confusion with all there contridictions. Angering me as they just waste time never reaching a final conclusion and ultimate decision. I lay awake with my bones acheing as I break with a cold swe
Wanna Get Me
if u ever wanna own me again here is the deal i wont get in no auction u can just hit me up in a pm or in the shoutbox n make me a offer
Sets Of Three... Always In Three..
-This preceeds the last blog.-   1. Dodie gets sick2. My brother wakes up with Bells Palsy the other day, half his face is paralyzed right now.3. My house gets busted into and robbed yesterday evening before my roomie Justin and I get home....What the fuck have I done to screw my karma around lately? Seriously. I don't get it at all.I talked to my mom for the first time since I left Southern Cali on the phone, I explained the situation to her and what's gone on.. she was understanding that it had to have been scary and glad I was okay. THEN it turns back into the same old argument, she wants me to just give up, tuck tail and run down there. Why does she do this? Because she wants me under her thumb, hiding from the world so she can control me as a means of income and sounding board to whine and complain about others because she lacks any friends. I wonder why.. -.-; Current Mother-Daughter Status Quot: Dysfunctional and Non-NegotiableShe'll baffle me till the day I die, I feel it dee
I'm Gonna Start This Thing Off..
By just copy and pasting from my other blog..   This is the most Recent.   "Mama mama mama.."   I've come to a realization that..I'd be happy if I didn't have to deal with my mother ever again.I'm done with being berated after EVERY. SINGLE. PHONECALL.I have an attitude problem? I WONDER where it comes from, you crazy woman. You wonder why I'm so fucking stubborn? BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO END UP LIKE YOURSELF AT FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS OF AGE.Go home.. ha. You never made a place for me to "go home" to. You can't help me. You are far from stable.And don't tell me I don't know what to fucking do to protect myself after our house is broken into.I wouldn't bother calling me again till you learn how to treat the one person in your whole family that can handle your anxiety causing behavior. Cause you know what, they won't say it. but they can't stand your attitude either. Don't complain about one thing and when people extended a helping hand to you, scare them off with your so called "high s
Life Isn't What It Seems
You know that sometimes you just come to realize that its time to start over and just do what needs to be done. Whatever you decide or anything else you just have got to sit back and say fuck it, and if you piss people off in the process, then so be it but you have to take care of business either way. Just as you are taking care of business something or someone comes along the way or someone has always been there just seems to take over every waking moment and thats all you can think of. Old friends contact you right out of the blue and you haven't heard from or seen them in ages, well since high school graduation or friends that were there for you right from the beginning just happen to be the breath of fresh air that you have always been looking for but you sit back and take that extra second to think. While taking that extra second to think things over, you say to yourself that you are not concentrating on anything else except yourself. You want to act upon urges that haven't really
The Boot Tree
Some of you may know, but I'm afraid of heights. This all began for me when I fell out of a tree as a kid. Before that, you couldn't find anything that I was afraid to climb. When I was in the Army, at my first duty assignment (Berlin, Germany) the department I was assigned to required a security clearance, and mine had not come through yet, so as a result, I was temporarily assigned to "casual status", along with losers who had lost their security clearance because of illegal activities and stuff like that, and of course other people like me who were new soldiers and just did not have one yet. We had all sorts of interesting jobs; painting yellow stripes in the parking lot, cutting grass, cleaning up the dayroom, etc. Any kind of bullshit job that needed a few bodies to do, you grabbed a couple of soldiers that were on "casual" status (see my blog about cutting up power cables for example = ).Well there is a tradition in the Army, when your time
What To Do, Where To Go From Here...
What to do, where to go from here. I might not have the perfect life but its perfect enough for me. I have great friends and a wonderful family that supports me in all that I do. I'm recently single and looking for that special somone. I thought I've had that special someone many times but I was wrong. I'm looking for someone to compliment me and someone that I can connect with on a real mature and romantic level. Someone to share the same interests with but still have a competitive edge to things. I love variety but at the same time, having a routine that works is good enough for me. Lately I've been running into old friends, making new friends and having my past come back to make me think about things going on in my life. The new friends that I have met, some think that I'm like the best thing that has ever happened to them while my other old friends that have come back, old feelings have come back as well. The new friends, new feelings have come up that I never knew existed. I want
What is a day without a smile?A day on which you get upset about every little thing that happens. A day you loose yourself.  It's a lost day.Go through your day with a smile, to the annyoed clerk in the shop. To your co-workers. To he lost widdowed grandma at the corner.To those who need it.A smile is a tiny and important gift of yours,it's the best gift you can make. >If you smile, what ever might happens, you show you have found yourself.
This is the mumm I posted the other night. Since then I've found that he not only blocked me on yahoo but unfriended and blocked me on both here and myspace. So I'm irritated.I was having a conversation with this guy last night that I have been talking to for quite a while on here and yahoo messenger. Our schedules never seem to work out so we can get together.Anyways... He was giving me shit over the fact that I don't have a web cam. I told him that a few people recently keep telling me I need a cam. I thought it was kinda funny.He starts going off about how he dosn't want to know what OTHER PEOPLE want. (he did put it in all caps) He then stormed off the chat. Tonight I found out that he has since taken me off his friends and I'm pretty sure he's blocking me on yahoo.He's not my boyfriend, does he have any reason to be so but hurt over me making this comment?
Rules! (1)
okay here it is if i do not want you in my fam you will not get in so do not repeatedly ask me you will get blocked. next do not ask for pictures of me topless or nude. you will not get them but you will get blocked. dont ask for my im if  i wanted you to have it you would. you will get blocked. these are very simple things that i ask so plz do not do ne of these things i hate blocking people but when it comes to my personal space i do want your respect.
Star Trek
Went to see a free preview last night.  Would you believe they actually took our phones off us before we went in? Bloody great movie though.  Totally nailed the hardcore-fan/wider audience dilemma.  Not, admittedly, the greatest foe the Enterprise has ever faced off against, but that's not the point, as what we're really watching for is the pieces of that jigsaw we know so well coming together for the first time.  Quinto and Pine are excellent as Spock and Kirk, and Karl Urban, although underused, gets some of the best lines as McCoy.  The film's fast-paced, exciting, and funny, but most importantly, unlike most of the recent Trek movies, utterly cinematic.  Going to be massive.
Questions 4-29-9
Sometimes things put your life into perspective. Sometimes someone tells you something of their life that is so fucked up, you realize that no matter how bad things are for doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of their woes. Sometimes..just make me think.   Is a life full of pain worth living? If someone has a terminal illness, people tend to encourage them to try and fight, take treatments to extend their agonizing life so they can have a few more days to spend with loved ones. What if every day was agonizing pain, would it be worth living? Would you want to live, if it meant that every day was another pain of unending torment? If you were invalid and shamed, relying on others to take care of cleaning your own excrements? Or what about the emo side of things? What about the people that have "bad luck" their entire lives? The ones that never catch a good break, when fate constantly throws one misery after another to them. Is it worth trying to carry on, hoping that eve
I was thinking about pudding actually.The news is I've got an interview in 11 hours. Yes, its a horridly degrading pornshop job, yes the interviewer is a woman... yes I'm going to use my sexuality and approachable winning smile and my best shirts that play up my shoulder and neckline I need work. Like you don't know anyone else that hasn't done worse in the same situation? What do I need this job for?Survival? A psp... and some fucking shoes.Christ, these things are worn down to nothing. I can feel grass through the soles. I need work.I NEED to get out of here.I need MONEY to get out of here.I need WORK to get MONEY! ... see how this is figured? Good. What kinda shoes am I getting? I thought I'd get something snazzy that I'd have an anurism over if I ever spilled mustard on them... *clocks you upside the head* Dark, comfortable, and I can run in them if I have to.Utility. Something I can spill my spaghetti sauce on and not notice. *sigh* Anyway... yeah. Wish me luck.Hopefull
Auto 11 Or Cherry Bomb Auction ~48 Hours~ Get Your Bid In Now!
Let's Go Off!
SOoooO? My life is governed almost entirely by chaos. It seems to be where I accomplish the most. I discovered that I'm only able to stay put if I don't have a piece of earth to stand on. My relationships are hard and fast, my jobs are faster, and my residence in any city lasts only for a few months at a time. So why do I have this crazy urge to settle down? Fact: I left Portland to escape the stagantion of my existence. Every day, up at 0300, to work by 0430, and if I hadn't finished a Rockstar AND a cup of "coffee" from my thermos, nobody would speak to me. Get off work at around 1530 and either go to Tae Kwon Do, or go to the strip joint. Weekends: Clubs, whether I was DJ-ing or not. BOOOORING! Fact turned Fiction: Leaving makes it better. I discovered this little cycle a long time ago, when I left the safety of my parents at 13. I've traveled to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico (almost to the southern tip,) and Australia. Most of this by thumb or railcar. I never liked to stay in P
Why....................... why.................... why.................... because i'm tired of this damn planet and the humans that inhabit it..... maybe i'm just saying that or maybe i mean it...... take a guess and then flip a coin to see if your right. How about i take you for a twisted journey into my sick past so strap in and enjoy the fuckin ride................ Anger, hatred, rage, sadness, sorrow, revenge, and death is what my life revolves around...... yeah i don't look it right? well guess what i am........ cut my rist maybe drink a lol crimson elixer of a new victim or maybe just put some one 6ft under...... yeah it's all very tempting. I've done it all from niddles to exticy. Rapped a couple women hell killed a few ppl even ran a nife into my best friend how ever dispite this i will say this if you've read this and think that this is true you've just been mind fucked! lol
Cant Stand Roude Comments!!!
I might  be a large woman that turn off some men. I hate people who have gave comments like, you are so fat that if I made love to you on my bed it would brake. Or you are so dam ugly that my dog wouldnt date you. Or maybe if I close my eyes while makeing love to you a good looking woman would  pop up. I dont understand why people have to be so roude. But you know what ?? No matter how much I want to complaine about it thay will not change. I might be a lare woman. But I have a very big heart. I have love for mankind. I love metting people. Love makeing friends and I love to chat with all of my friends. So you know what?? If you cant say anything nice then why even brother to leave a comment in the frist place????
Did U Think?
laying here thinking about are past, day dreaming about are fucher, a fucher with out u in it. life has taken us to a place unknown to you or i. rivers run freely of are blood, moutins are bilt of are pain. your kiss, your toch your mamory brings me back the pain of the past, the pain just wont fade with time, the dreams wont goaway, thay haunt me in the night like gost, gost that wont fade n to the shadows of life, did you ever think it would ead like this, so fast so unknon? evry night i heald you as we promised to be here like this forever, never to leave onenuthers sides?we knew it was ment tobe, tobe locked as one for life.did you think this would end like this? its time to stop the rivers, time to bring down the moutns an put a end to this, make the gost fade, the tears dry, the blood to stop. let this end, i cant let you go but please free me
"keep Holding On" Me And My Cuz's Song
"Keep Holding On" by: Avril Lavigne You're not alone Together we stand I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand When it gets cold And it feels like the end There's no place to go You know I won't give in No I won't give in Keep holding on 'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through Just stay strong 'Cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you There's nothing you could say Nothing you could do There's no other way when it comes to the truth So keep holding on 'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through So far away I wish you were here Before it's too late, this could all disappear Before the doors close And it comes to an end With you by my side I will fight and defend I'll fight and defend Yeah, yeah Keep holding on 'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through Just stay strong 'Cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you There's nothing you could say Nothing you could do There's no other way when it comes to th
I Am Observant...knot
I can read. I can type. I can rhyme. I can cook. I can hear. Oooh Ooh I can SEE.   But I am very slow with relaying my observations to that part of my brain that tells me something isn't what it appears to be. Well I am stealing a movie title here LOL I have come to observe and report!   You can write whatever you like in your about me. You are only deluding yourself if you think that sums you up. Hahaha. Guess what...I think you are not who you wish me to believe you are.   And guess what else....neither am I.   So we are even *wink* Well I think thats enough about me tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I might have something more intelligent to say.       *nothing I have said is personal or aimed at anyone in particular *giggles* just some random nothingness*
Tiki Beach Needs Staff
Attention all my friends and family out there in fu-land, there's a new lounge opening Friday and it's called Tiki Beach. If you're interested in being staff or just a member, please feel free to contact myself or DJ Mistress Ice, u can find her profile in my family section, please get in touch with either one of us if you are interested, we really need staff badly so please dont hesitate to hit me up.
Shattered Glass
Britney Spears "Shattered Glass" Oh, oh, oh, oo-oo-oo-oo-oh Oh, oh, oh, oo-oo-oo-oo-oh Did I wake you? Were you sleeping? Were you still in the bed? Or is a nightmare keeping you up instead? Ooh baby, are you feeling guilty for what you did? If you think you're hurting, you ain't seen nothing yet [Refrain:] Was it really worth it? Was she everything that you were lookin for? Feel like a man? I hope you know that you can't come back Cause all we had is broken like shattered glass [Chorus:] You're gonna see me in your dreams tonight My face is gonna haunt you all the time I promise that you gon' want me back When your world falls apart like shattered glass Glass, glass, glass Are you having trouble focusing throughout the day? Do you find yourself still callin' my name? Do you wish you could rewind time and take it back? I bet you realize that she ain't half the woman I am [Refrain] [Chorus] Glass (gl-gl-gl), glass (glee-glee-glee), glass, glass Oh, oh, oh, oo-oo-oo-oo-oh Oh, o
~ My 2nd Reading ~
Read from top to bottom Andi Strickler: Cool. Im glad you liked it. So just the general things or anything specific you wanna know about? juju: Love, friendship ... Family Andi Strickler: you got it. we doing a 10 card i assume? juju: yea they seem to be more on point then a 4 card one ... at least fo rmee Andi Strickler: the 10 card ones are deff to the point and more informitive juju: i liked it lots !! Andi Strickler: ooooooook...You member how it works right? You close your eyes and throw in everything dealing with love friendship and family... Andi Strickler: tell me when to stop.. juju: yes i do juju: ok stop Andi Strickler: want the deck cut? juju: the same as last time juju: yea Andi Strickler: did you have me cut it in 3's I dont member Andi Strickler: someone had me cut it in 3's Andi Strickler: lol juju: yea do 3 Andi Strickler: ok juju: ok Andi Strickler: ooook...lest start... juju: all rite And
There are people in this world who dress up and act like clowns; I don't like these people. I am not clownophobic (or to be politically /scientifically correct, coulrophobic). I do not fear clowns. Really. I don't. They are just not nice people. They scare little kids, they cause neurosis in some adults, they have big floppy feet, they try to fit too many of their kind in a car, I could go on and on. You know how people ask:"If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?" My answer is simple. Forget all those answers about world peace and solving the world hunger problem. If I got my three wishes, the world would be a better place (it definitely would be more peaceful without all that honking of those silly horns and without all their horseplay)!  WISH 1: If the word clown is used on a homepage or website, I wish that it was some kind of Internet-Law that it had to be crossed out --just to symbolize how annoying clowns can be.   WISH 2: I wish that all clowns had to go down
Dear Alchohol
Dear Alcohol,First & foremost, let me tell you that I’m a huge fan of yours. As my friend,you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-workcocktail, a beer at the game, and you’re even around at the holidays,hidden inside chocolates, as you warm us when we’re stuck in the midstof endless family gatherings. However, lately I’ve been wondering aboutyour intentions. While I want to believe that you have my bestinterests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwiseconsequences:1. Phone calls: While I agree with you thatcommunication is important, I question the suggestion that anyconversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2am. Why wouldyou make me call those ex-boyfriends or potentials when I know for a fact they don’t want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night? 2.Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest thatI eat a frozen burrito, along with leftover spaghetti and s
Guys And Dolls Auction!
Woohoo I'm up for auction again!! Come get a piece of this cake :P
Eye's On Fire By Blue Foundation
Eyes On Fire Lyrics ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh I’ll seek you out, Flay you alive One more word and you won’t survive And I’m not scared of your stolen power I see right through you any hour I won’t soothe your pain I won’t ease your strain You’ll be waiting in vain I got nothing for you to gain I’m taking it slow Feeding my flame Shuffling the cards of your game And just in time In the right place Suddenly I will play my ace I won’t soothe your pain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) I won’t ease your strain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) You’ll be waiting in vain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) I got nothing for you to gain Eyes on fire Your spine is ablaze Felling any foe with my gaze And just in time In the right place Steadily emerging with grace ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh,felling any foe with my gaze ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh, steadily emerging with grace ahh-ahh-
Rip Bea...god Bless
Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009) was an American comedian, actress, and singer. In a career spanning seven decades, Arthur achieved success as the title character Maude Findlay on the 1970s sitcom Maude, and as Dorothy Zbornak on the 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls; she won Emmys for both roles. Arthur was born Bernice Frankel to Philip and Rebecca Frankel in New York City on May 13, 1922.[2] Her family soon moved to Cambridge, Maryland where her parents operated a women's clothing shop. She attended Linden Hall High School, an all girls school in Lititz, Pennsylvania, before enrolling in the now-defunct Blackstone College in Blackstone, Virginia where she was active in drama productions. Arthur died at her home in the Greater Los Angeles Area in the early morning hours of April 25, 2009, aged 86. She had been suffering from cancer.[15][9][16] Both of Arthur's surviving Golden Girls co-stars commented on Bea's death. Rue McClanahan saying, "I suppose perhaps
Vodka, Vicodin, & V
Why do you think they put labels on pill bottles like: Taking more of this medication than recommended may cause serious breathing problems? R U FUCKING SERIOUS? Is this a "How To" commit suicide lable? or an actaul warning for those who...wait a minute, those who would take the drud as perscribed wouldnt need such a is this for fear of those who "might" abuse it? Then why the fuck are you giving it to them? Liquor has so many cons and negatives; but all I want to focus on is how the government keeps this poison alive even though it kills more people than smallpox every year. Drunk driving alone - I have lost a brother-in-law that I truly loved over this shit. But fuck it throw some tax on it and lower the alcohol rating so that after you take a sip you can't drive. Yeah, this will save lives...I mean no, this will bring in money. FUCKERS! So my third entry is simply V. I speak of the V of the female anatomy. Studying such  in a way that I have lead me to realize: In be
Lil Wayne-i'm At War
Lil WayneYung moola babyJ.RI'm at War ChorusI'm at warFighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly needI'm at warShawty I take a bullet for you girlcause you mean the world to meI'm at warSean KingstonMe love you girl, you loving meSo don't fight together cause it was meant to beMe feel like, I'm in the armyCause to be with you, that's where my heart wanna beIt's like I'm about to die just to get with youFeel like you're putting me through World War IIGot my soldier suit and my Timberland bootsGirl I'm down for whatever cause my love is trueSo I tell her I'm at war with the love of my lifeSweat from my brows running down to my eyesEverything you are's what I need in my life my life my lifeChorusI'm at warFighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly needI'm at warShawty I take a bullet for you girlcause you mean the world to meI'm at warAt war, at war, at war, at war, at war.I'm at war(repeat)Lil WayneSalute to all the veteransAnd girl your love's like a nuclea
Gavin Part 3... La
We woke up somber... knowing he had to go. I watched out the balcony and his bus rode away. I waved like an idiot hoping he could see. I walked back in the room feeling empty. I didn't understand the feeling. I had spent maybe 6 hours with this stranger and I felt a connection like I've never felt before. From there we talked on the phone incessantly. Anytime he had a signal we spoke. We decided that no matter what, we HAD to see each other again. Ok first of all, I can't get a guy to buy me a half a pack of gum around here let alone fly me anywhere... but... he flew me out to LA to spend the last days he was going to be in this country. I was so nervous the day I flew out. I was anxious, scared, excited. We had been talking and emailing for a month since he left me on that bus. I pulled up in the airport shuttle. I got out, ready to puke. Then i saw him my heart leapt. I dropped my bags. He grabbed me and hugged me. We kissed for what seemed like an hour. (poor valet) We were s
Shitty Deal
I wish when people looked into my eyes, they could tell what I was feeling. It would save a lot of miscommunication...
Missing Myself
I dont know y but i feel like i lost part of myself! If anyone can help me find it plz do cuz i just cant seem to find the light!
I'm Just Not Good At It
i have terrible luck with men. i pick the wrong ones to go for. i think i'm out to sabbatage myself. i think i on purpose go for men who are not capable of telling the truth, who can't care about anything but themselves and getting laid, i go for people that i know have no intention of being in it for the duration. i think i do it because i'm scared to death of getting close to someone again...i was wicked hurt by the one man that i could honestly say i was in love with. every since then, i just don't trust anyone. i would like to. i would love for someone to prove me wrong, but, that's gonna be hard because i automatically assume that whatever poetry and prose comes out of a man's mouth is complete and utter bullshit. i met someone not too far back that i thought "wow. this person is entirely different than what i'm usually attracted  to. don't be an ass...give him a try." bad fucking idea. he's just like everyone else. talks a damn good game, but, it's words and that's all. it's anot
Just Cant Win
I am always telling my kids you should never hate anything , objects , foods , even people. But I am sitting here after driving off from my own home pissed consumed in hate . Everyone has family issues I have two a brother and a sister who I have no idea how my parents could of produced . The divorce is taking a toll on me after 14 years of being put through verbal hell and losing friends and even being told by him to just stay away from my siblings because they are awful . Funny thing though as soon as divorce was said they are now his two best friends . He said to me tonight as your "friend" he wanted to tell me something that was said . LMFAO as my friend my ass , wasn't a husband ain't never been my friend but tells me something that supposedly I did that my sister's x boyfriend said . My oldest is ten and has had people in and out of her life and her x made a positive impact on her life and she asked me a few weeks back to stop and say hi to him . Knowing her missing him was genui
Pretty Happy, Today... *knock On Wood*
I have a movie date night with Adam on Thursday! *happy dance*And, I'm going to have popcorn, and a few boxes of candy. It's going to be a cheesy, wonderful cuddle-filled evening! Woot!I'm pretty happy today. I worked, and got a third set of piercings in my ears today. Samantha had to do some more training, so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot. That's all the holes going into my head (or any other part of my body!) that I am doing! I cleaned my house on Sunday and yesterday, and it looks so good! A clean house makes me very happy, although getting the motivation to actually get it that way escapes me often! I also rearranged my bathroom, bedroom and laundry room. Got rid of more stuff that I never need or even look at. The more junk that I clear out, the happier and more relaxed I am. It's a great feeling! I can actually see the progress I am making now. Very exciting!Now, I am very hungry, so I am going to go scrounge up some food and take a nice, relaxing shower and curl
Message In A Beer Bottle
now whenever it rains i walk outside. i don't stay out of the rain; it feels just right. sentimental drunk- heart exploding with love- trying so hard to hold on. perfect moments make everything else look fake. wanna stay up forever. i've got a message for you: i've invented my own truth. i've got a message for you: i always walked on a path that i was told i shouldn't walk and i was always in another place when you started to talk. i dreamed of some kind of perfect life and i never even realized what it was. i've got a message for you: i've done okay in spite of you. i've got a message for you: i did the things you said not to do. i've got a message for you: i never saw your point of view. i've got a message for you: f - u - c - k - y - o - u. i've got a message for you: i fucked it up and i still turned out okay and i'm happy being everything you hate. i'm still walking like a jerk out in the rain. i still wake up with a smile on my face.
You Lost The Bet...shoulda Never Bet On Me.
There you sit in a jail cell with nothing to do but think of me!! in all your misery you plead for me to have sympathy. You took a risk and decided to gamble with me, and lost that hand, yes you sure did, you bet on me. You are mistaken when it comes to me baby, when this girl walks out, she walks for eternity. I hope you think long and hard about all that you have done to me and realize how you so bitterly took me for grantid when all I did was go above and beyond for you....and you want my sympathy? as you cry and plead for me I am making my own that doesn't include your criminal insanity. Me and you walk in oppisite directions and with a completely different stride. I pulled off miracles and continually fought hard for you, trying to save you from you... all the while you were killing me. I wish I could have been enough for you, I wish I could have been enough but I wasn't. The cards in the deck have been I will take the hand I have been given and except our
Swine Flu
Many years ago, well more than 60 years ago, my fraternal grandmother immigrated to the United States, southeast Louisiana specifically. She was looking for a new life, the American dream, for herself and her kids. She immigrated from a bad marriage in Mexico. It’s my understanding that the borders back then were more open.  It was a different time, before overpopulation worries and 911 attacks, when the world could afford to be a little more innocent.   Times are different now. Illegal aliens are running rampant through the state of Texas. There are currently an estimated 22,128,460 illegals in the United States and that number is growing at a rate of an additional 6 illegals per minute. The current Presidential administration seems to be willing to turn a blind eye to this.   Now the threat of illegals is bigger than the occasional Al-Quida that might try to blend in with the illegals. Now we are facing the threat of SWINE FLU.  
You Gonna Kick My Arse?
Dj Mass
Dj Maha
Dj Barbie
Dj Carni
Eye's On Fire By Blue Foundation
Eyes On Fire Lyrics ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh I’ll seek you out, Flay you alive One more word and you won’t survive And I’m not scared of your stolen power I see right through you any hour I won’t soothe your pain I won’t ease your strain You’ll be waiting in vain I got nothing for you to gain I’m taking it slow Feeding my flame Shuffling the cards of your game And just in time In the right place Suddenly I will play my ace I won’t soothe your pain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) I won’t ease your strain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) You’ll be waiting in vain (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) I got nothing for you to gain Eyes on fire Your spine is ablaze Felling any foe with my gaze And just in time In the right place Steadily emerging with grace ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh,felling any foe with my gaze ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh, steadily emerging with grace ahh-ahh-
Dj Scooby
Now Dammit!
~Kit~@ fubar give her all your fubucks! if you do, i'll um.....errr....make you a cleavage salute if you give her 100k!
Leave It All To Hisory
I am leaveing you behind, aloung with all our broken, saddened history. I cant take your endless misery and high hopes that there will ever be another you and me. There is no mending our shattered unity, for the fire that was once there is nothing more than a pile of burnt ash. We have desentigrated and crumbled to rubble. I can't be molded or made to be anything more than just me. I refuse to be broken in and to have all of myself lost in your chaos. There is no fighting me on this because I am no longer small and week from your put downs. My self esteem and confidance is no longer in the dirt but soaring high up above you. You are not for me, as I am not for you. Our one time love was nothing more than two lions, caged and fighting. I wont live my life always on the defense from the one that loves me most. I want. I need, I deserve to have more. The girl that was once with you has died, and wont come back for she is at peace. Please just think of me as nothing more than just your pas
Dj Boon
Dj Dray
Dj Nilla
Chemical Bomb
I was at the supermarketWatching people cut in lineI started thinking about human natureWhat would you doIf there was no more food? My mind began to wanderAbout greed and hungerAnd just how many other countriesAre getting ready for another warBut the sun was shiningAnd everything seemed fineSo count me inIll see you on the other sideChemical bombChemical bombEyes melt, skin explodesEverybodys deadIt wont be longIt wont be longPeople gonna run aroundLosing their headsA river of bloodWhos gonna live? The earth is tired of human kindAnd I think this worldIs gonna wash up in hellLa la la la laLa la la la laLa lala la la la laThen I had another visionIn the crowded grocery storeI saw the pale rider on his horseDecapitating people in the parking lotAnd all the shoppers were beastsWhat could I do to hide? Back in this world of humankindI think weve already lost our mindsBut the sun was shiningAnd everything seemed fineSo count me inIll see you on the other sideChemical bombChemical bombEyes m
Dj Wild
Dj Candycane
     I must say that for the first time in my life, I feel completely in tune with myself;  Aligned from the inside out, my awareness is crisp, clear.  I am centered.  I metaphorically jumped off a cliff months ago, and my wings are strong and sturdy.  I know me, I embraced me, and I'm fucking loving it.  There is a renewed sense of confidence about me. My artistic vulnerability has been laid bare, and rather than shrink at the idea of someone ridiculing my very soul, I'm realizing that those who would break me only want what I already have.  Ignorance is not in fact Bliss, but rather quite the opposite.  Haha Fuckers...Haha...Damn it's great to be me...
Im Serious....
Im serious in everything especially when it comes to relationship Im not the type of person that likes to play....   When I say "I LOVE YOU"....that means for good.....   Filipina like me is hard to find.....
By The Throat
Crowds of people, bodies brushing Mouths are moving, all white noise Glasses clinking, people screaming High hum, low buzz, no room to breathe They story's slow with no conclusion On and on the tape is clicking Step by step, and I am choking On and on the tape is clicking All the people with nothing in their eyes All the soulless with their sharp teeth and their lies All the people with nothing in their eyes And I could run out of this theater screaming Crowds of people, bodies brushing Mouths are moving, all white noise Glasses clinking, people screaming High hum low buzz no room to breathe I feel like this movie will never end I could run out of this theater screaming They story's slow with no conclusion And on and on the tape is clicking And step by step and I am choking And I can't breathe Will this movie ever run out of film? This story is slow with no conclusion And the tape is clicking On and on and step by step And I am choking Yeah I can't breathe And the tape is clicking on a
Dj Counterfeit
Dj Merc
just let me fall into your movements, movements of subtle surrender. i need to recycle all the feelings i had in the past, paint me a picture a unique image of your inner kept feelings Kylie say the words with silent ears and silent hands ive seen a boat and it seem to be sinking ive seen a boat and its stuck on dry land saw you last night said, i saw you last night you were walking with the painters tried to remember what it means to freeze at all ive seen a boat and it seemed to be sinking ive seen a boat and its stuck on dry land heres the key to the castle to freedom wont you give me your heart, wont you give me your heart and i'll give you my hand i saw you last night said i saw you last night you were walking with the painters tried to remember what it means to freeze at all now it's ours to make, like piss and bottles, like we're missing memories silent ears and silent hands dont you let it go, let it go, let it go. dont let it way again away again away again come on kylie sa
Dj Killa Scrilla
Type O Negative-september Sun
September sun blowing golden hair Now keep in mind son she was never there October's rust bisecting black storm clouds Only the deaf hear my silent shouts Yet in the dark still he screams your name Nights living with death with which rhymes insane Ten years amassed para toda mi vida? Lost man in time was his name Peter? September sun rotted flatbush porch I would have run then had I known the cost Autumnal rays turned your eyes to stone Did it give you pleasure to steal my soul? Yet in the dark still he screams your name Nights living with death with which rhymes insane Ten years amassed para toda mi vida? Lost man in time was his name Peter? Leave her alone. (repeated several times) Me? -I know why.
Dj Ib Steve
Stigmata Martyr
In a crucifiction ecstasy Lying cross chequed in agony Stigmata bleed continuously Holes in head, hands, feet, and weep for me Stigmata oh you sordid sight Stigmata in your splintered plight Look into your crimson orifice In holy remembrance In scarlet bliss In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum Father, son, and holy ghost Stigmata martyr
Dj Rachy
Attention Race Fans
Okay, here's my take on the race at 'Dega...Keselowski is behind Edward's coming to the line...fakes high then dives low...Carl goes to block high...see's the fake and tries to cut off the low pass...Brad can do three things...1. Go below the yellow line and hope NASCAR rules he was forced down there.  2. Back off and settle for second.  3. Stay where he was and hope Carl doesn't pull down on him.  Carl pulled down and Brad already had a fender inside of Carl spins...his car raises off the ground and begins to settle when Ryan Newman's car hits Carls and sends it further into the air.  All the safety equipment did its will fly off the car or fence when they collide.  The easiest solution to avoid this in the future is for NASCAR to allow passing below the yellow line from the tri-oval to the finish line.  If this rule was in effect maybe Brad pulls low to avoid Carl and they never touch.  Don't change the restrictor plate...don't take away the banking at Dega or Da
Blown Away...
How far did you get into this story before you 'loled"? I didn't get very far at all..... WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Tinker Bell has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked up the six-pound Chihuahua and tossed her out of sight. Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK. The Utleys, of Rochester, had set up an outdoor display Saturday at a flea market in Waterford Township, 25 miles northwest of Detroit. Tinker Bell was standing on their platform trailer when she was swept away. Dorothy Utley tells The Detroit News that her cherished pet "just went wild" upon seeing her.
Venting/ And What I Look For In A Guy/ Being True To Myself
So its been over a year or close to it since I wrote a blog... I figured I would do one.. I am going crazy!I am a new mother as of Dec 3rd.  My beautiful baby Kaylie was born.  The daddy of the baby is not in the picture because he doesnt want to.. He is not helping financially or anything.. he and I have spoken mabe 3 times since Dec.   I work 2 jobs.  I have to depend on other people to babysit my daughter.. Keep in mind I never really been around a baby til now.  So working 2 jobs and not able to get much sleep..   I have talked to a few guys since Kaylie was born and all turned out to be mistakes...  They were just after one thing...  and just never worked out.. I have been in some of the worst relationships that has caused me to end some of the best ones because of thinking I dont deserve the good.. well guess what I was wrong. .I deserve to be happy... I deserve to be treated right! So people ask me what I look for in guy so let me lay it out for you.. in noo particular order
Dj Chuggy
Dj Fury
Dj Smokin Jo
Payment For Pain
When we travail up the hill it is aginst our natural tendency and inclination,which perpetually is to desend;and therfore we can not go on ascending without labor and difficulty.But there arises a pleasent prospect to pay us our labor as we ascend,and as we cotinue our labor, still the pleasntness of the prospect grows.Just so is a man paid for his pain and self denial,wisdom is the payment we get for pain.    
Dj Gabrielle
Dj Tease
Bs 04-28-2009
BLOG, stands for Web Log, and we abbrviate BLOG. My first one. What shoudl I say, hell I don't know. Do people really care what otehr people think? What there experiences are, how they feel, who they are?  Are we all really selfish adn evil with a few good tendencies, or are we all kind hearted with a few bad tendencies. Or is it both. What really defines smart people, is it just people we percieve as smart because of there quiet mood, is it people who appear smart because they know something no one else does. What defines a smart person. Is there a difference between smart and inteligent, or creative? What defines a beautiful person? Oh that ones easy, whatever we see in TV, Internet ,a dn magazines. Is the world really going to hell in a handbasket, well lets see. This country fought and died for many rights, and yet now big corporate America ruins these freedoms and oppurtunites by sending all our jobs overseas, so only a few can get even richer.  What is happening? Since when was i
She's Gone.
My mother Mary Ann passed away today. She died peacefully. I want to thank all my friends for their support and kind words. I will be heading to Texas tomorrow with my aunt to pick up her ashes. Most of her ashes will be buried with my Grandpa Harris is California and the remainder will be scattered all the wild flower trail. I will be taking a hot air balloon trip soon to honor my mother. It was one of the things that brought her joy. Watching the hot air balloon festivals. Seeing the moon glow. It was one of the things she also never got to do. To ride the skies in one. She also never got to know her grandchilds or them her. They will never know the amazing woman I was raised by. They will only remember the woman in the nursing home. My heart is shredded right now. I will be taking a break but I wanted all my wonderful friends to know I was around. I am just grieving. Thank you Heather Lynn
Swappers N Cruisers
  Where: *A Shine Above* (formally known as Murrays Detailing)  1415 Hay Ave. Coshocton Ohio 740-623-0671 Located behind the upper BP on Chestnut   When:    Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st               11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Both Days   Swap Meet will run both days- Anyone wanting to sell or trade any used, discontinued or discounted motorcycle or auto parts can be a vendor. 10x10 spots can be reserved by calling 740-622-4178 or 740-623-0671 by May 20th for $20.00 or purchase your spot at the gate $25.00. Vendors must be signed in and setting up by 9 a.m. Hurry spots fill up fast! Classic Cruise In is Sunday May 31st Register between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. $10 Registration fee per car or bike being entered. Winners announced at 2 p.m. Dash Plaques, door prizes, trophies!           There will be 2 competing classes  Cycle and Auto  
I Wanna Be A...
...DJ.  Don't ask why, as I am not sure.  It could be my loud, obnoxious, off the wall style of communication.  It could be my wild love of any and all music.  It could be the free perks, low pay, and quasi-local-celeb status.  Whatever the reason, I have decided I want to be a RADIO DJ.  (For those of you momentarily confused, I have no desire to 'remix' 'remaster' or otherwise destory the work of decent artists by polluting them with the horrid modern back beats and poor lyrical stylings of newer club-friendly, music).  Now, the fun part is how I pursue this.  I know there is no real job reqiurement, but rather an 'in' and a quick group of fans/followers.  Well, I have a redy-made fan base just waiting for me.  I have a friend in the business, but I also know she has no real desier to help me try and steal her job.  Otherwise, I have no idea and I probably lack the follow through to actually accomplish anything.  I am, however, open to suggestions.    So, just for today
Black Cloud
Can you see the black cloud above his head? Well, it was put there by the nuclear threat He can't seem to have fun anymore frightened by the impending war So he drinks and it all goes away And he smiles because he's still here today And he laughs in the fakest of ways Cuz he knows one day there'll be no tomorrow So he went and found himself a wife Decided to get on with life they sit and play the waiting game For when the bombs will come and take all this away
How come mummerfolks will call someone on having someone blocked if and only if it isn't a regular? Grr.  Just once in a while I wish the standards went across the board...
Rough Day!
Today had to be one of the worst days ive had in a long time! i never do one of these blog things! but it was tough! i gave up my company today that hurt i have beed doing it for a little over a year and i had to give it up today! then i got stiffed for dinner was supposed to go to dinner w/ some women from work and relax and here i sit a gain in my Semi all alone. Story of my life!  o'well i guess it was just meant to be a bad day today! Also i try to talk to my son never get the chance so that makes me feel like i FAILURE as a dad! i have missed so much of his life doin this job time that i will NEVER get back! time that he will rember and what will he have to say?!?! DADDY WASNT THERE! The only happiness i have in my life is knowing when i get home i have a loving wife waitin for me at the door! that loves me for me! and that is the best feelin EVER! thus why im still here  
It's Time To Get Another Bad Girl In The Spotlight
I have decided to once again try to collect enough for SPOTLIGHT... So Heres the deal... If you donate 500k+ I will make you a morph & custom tag If you donate 1 Mil+ I will make you the above + a custom skin & a salute! Any amount is definately appreciated without a doubt and all will get a special gift! Thanks for your support! This Bulletin Was Brought To You By:ÇÚÐÐLÊ GØÐÐʧ§
Rebel Redneck Lounge Is Now Hiring Djs
Her Biggest Lie
My biggest lie was not being truthful to the one I love ..... I lied about who I was but more so to me than anyone I hide behind a mask that wasnt even mine ..... The worst part of it all is I hurt someone who means a great deal to me in many ways ..... He cant hate me anymore than I hate myself because its not who I am .... My feelings were true all the talks werent lies Ive been beatin Ive been raped but Id take any form of punishment than this .... I thought I have felt the worse but GOD I was wrong this is killing me ..... All my life I have waited for someone truly like him the heart of someone who might actually care The heart of someone who could love me and not tear me down the kind of person who could bring me what I needed most LOVE ..... Some know and have forgivin me and in them I found more than I thought possible .... GOd please help me ..... Im begging for his forgiveness through my tears for they seem
Need Experienced Djs Helppppp
I need help with DJs the ones I have gotten wont stay or cant wait till I can get everything set up... now that I am ready I only have 3 that do short shows. If you can help pm me in my box and we can talk or come by the lounge    
Auction To Own Me
Ok everyone on May 1st i will be in a contest or actually  an auction. That is right you get to own me and i have everything listed on the pic you have to bid on. I will post a link when the auction starts so start saving your fubucks!!
I have been at my job for almost a year and just the other day was the day that I didn't know if I was gonna make it.  The first time I actually doubted myself.  I broke down.  How can customers be so hard on hardworking ppl?  I was shorthanded that day and it sucked!  My boss called me and I told her that I was pretty close to walking out.  We are hardworking ppl serving hardworking ppl. I don't understand why they think they can talk to ppl the way they do.  I work just as hard as anyone else in this world.  I try so hard to be fit and nice and patient but I am about fed up with it.  I have learned a lot but I am starting to think that this isn't the way I wanna go with my life.  I wanna be something else.  A different career.  I am not saying that I can't handle it because I can.  I actually loved my job up until the other day.  My boss doesn't want me to leave.  And I told her I  wouldn't.  But if shit don't settle at work, I am gonna be finding myself a new job.  In fact, I just a
To Picky
Well well, here I am again writing ummm a blog to myself - maybe to others, not sure on that one yet.  Anyway - still at the beaching siding my mothers place - taking WAY much longer than I thought and alot of confusion on her part in getting the supplies.  The beach is hot, awesome and nice... So many woman around in those little to nothings they wear, wow... Anyway - had 2 great dates through the weekend - and yet just didn't seem to click in anyway with them so doubt I will be going out with them again other than just friendships.  What in the world to do...  Sex is awesome and can have but I just really want to click with someone - kinda tired of the empty sex junk, I want something deeper, but way more fun, kinky and open - yet again much deeper... Well, any idea's - please pass them along to Erics blog for the mental!  LOL... Anyway - just a few thoughts on the past weekend... Blog again soon about my life out of the military - OH boy.
Check Out My Partner In Crime
ceo of and founder sumthin nyce productions">@ fubar
If Anyone Cares...
Well, I've been taking a break from FuBar for many reasons, mainly because of the drama and because people suck on and off of FuBar. I've had people I thought I could trust take advantage of me, steal from me, and put me in a bad place in my life. But I am happy to say that things are finally starting to turn around, and I have someone to thank for that.This person helped me see the error in my ways, and even though we have only known each other a short time, this person saw the real me inside, the one I have hidden for so long. I wasn't just another girl,but someone special. And we are happy to have each other to talk to, to lean on, to be with and give each other strength. And I feel myself coming out of the black hole I've been in for awhile. Anyways, I have updated my playlist to go along with these events in my life. After all the playlist is called "Soundtrack to My Life". Enjoy
If For One Night
Dreams after dreams, all my life tried chasing each one of them as an excuse to stay alive ambition after ambition, all my life couldn't get close to anyone of them but they became my reason to survive in this life which was so full of chaos you came tearing all clouds apart and made me forget who i really was so much love all over me your heart surrounding my heart now so different life seems to be with this new faith inside me i look above to the creator and pray to not make this present a memory just one more wish if he could hear if i could stay one night with you and watch you sleep my dear if i could keep my palm under your head caress you hair all night long and make you sleep on my dream bed wishes after wishes, all my life hoping to make few come true my life has never been same since i have met you
Zen Rules
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire. 3. Its always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you. 10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 11. If y
Best Of Me-lost Love
Woke Up From The Sound Of Pouring Rain Smell Of Wet Sand Reminded Me Your Skin Cool Breeze Raised My Burning Desires And Once Again I Fought With My Will Within Slept Again With The Sound Of My Tears As My Lullaby Same Stained Pillows Embracing My Swollen Eyes Nothing Has Changed, Another Year Has Just Passed By And I Wonder If You Could Ever Hear My Dying Cries Cool Breeze Wash My Tears Away When I Walk Down Your Street Again Time Stands Still When I Look At Your Door And My Heart Cry Out Your Name In Pain There's A Long Way To Go Before I Reach The End And I'll Keep Walking Even If Forever I Stay Alone I Am Not A Weak Man To Follow Any Suicidal Trend But I Have Been Too Much Hurt Since You Have Gone Weird Feelings Passes Me By So Frequently Now Sometimes I Wish My Heart Had A Bone This Life Has Just Turned Upside Down Somehow Since My Heart Became A Rolling Stone Ruptured From Your Love That Now Stink I Had So Much To Tell You On Your Face Realities Be
Hey everyone!   A friend of mine entered me into a contest on behalf of my son for mother's day.  Please take two minutes, visit the page and vote.  Be sure to enter in a valid email address.  They'll send you an email to confirm your vote.  Thank you so much for your help! Love, Lish
Between Two Hearts
Wishing things were different Another place another time Souls connected across oceans Two hearts forever entwined Tears would have smiled brightly Leaving covetous pain behind Life appreciate it's worthiness When only love fills our minds Spirits flying through the night Traveling hot desert sands Sending all my love to you Hold it gently in your hands Sky would crack just to bless This love that we hold inside Heart would travel distances Undoing tears that we have cried
Love, Love, Love
If love were a star; I'd wish it to ..................f ..................a ..................l ..................l ..........through me, and I would embrace it with the softness of petals But love, has not a solitary form and does not always twinkle in the dark, too many nights I've known this much how the ink of desire drapes its insomnia; like a velveteen cloak, an intimate coupling between me and my pen think of all the love I must've missed
Choc Dream
choc cream gonna make u make mess n scream my thing w/ yer man to compare yer memories call me but don't if u got him around choc cream bcuz i will keep u n he will know how u get down.
My Fubar
Well i just wanna tell my family friends and fans i hardly ever get on here anymore so if u send me anything and dont get a response plz dont be mad i just dont get on here that offten
What I Would Do...
All Guys Should Do This...• give her a big tshirt of yours to sleep in• leave her cute text messages• kiss her in front of your friends.• tell her she looks beautiful• look into her eyes when you tallk to her• let her mess with your hair• just walk around with her.• forgive her for her mistakes• hold her hand when youre around your friends and in private.• let her fall asleep in your arms. • stay up all night with her when shes sick.• watch her favorite movie with her• come up and grab her by the waist.• when shes sad, hang out with her• let her know shes important• kiss her in the pouring rain.• when you fall in love with her, tell her.• and when you tell her, love her like youve never loved someone before• answer her phone calls no matter what.
This P.h.a.t Chicks Need Yur Rates!
Hi there! This P.H.A.T Chick needs your rates please rate this pic below for me! CLICK ON THE PIC TO GET THERE! Thank You so much! XoXo Brought to by: P.H.A.T Chicks Family
Summer Time
With Summer  right around the corner, I am gonna be really busy. I have three boys that  I  chase after and  a pretty hectic schedual that I keep with them at times ( lots of Doctors app and  other crazy places that they need to go lol) . I wont be on much during the day, but I will try and find some "mom time" during the evening when they are in bed.  I hope that everyones enjoying this wonderful weather we are having, I plan to catch some rays and get as much sun as I can lol. Luv my Fubar friends and Family  God Bless  ~*~MysticLadyWolf~*~  (Barb)
why do people have to go on the outside to find a freak? yes, freakiness depends on who you are and who they are. but would'nt a relationship work better if you could be cheatin' w/ the one you love?
Lol, Trouble
I Know... Fe Fi Foe.....
i know who i am....i know what i control...i know that life isnt simple and the world doesnt revolve around me... i know i have drama  i keep most of it quiet but  ive never quiet gathered as much hate for someone as i have these past few months....when will they learn.... im not a teacher..its not my job to tell people what to do with there lifes... but..when you put yourself in the position to get yelled at for not owning up to your mistakes and fuck up... when you want to talk shit about the people that let you stay with them and in that agreement that was made and then you break the agreement,more than take advantage of the veichels that arent yours,when you mistreat a puppydog that you spent money on then yell at because it wants attention from you.... when you live in a room that reeks of bad odor and dog shit and piss because your too lazy to clean up after your self and yout pet.... and you wont take  the better step and help around a house that you lounge in all day,
Let's Play A Game...
YOU teach me something new... and I'll learn it. :) xo
Original Wild Thing Is A Misnomer
the ORIGINAL wildthang came on here trying to become fu-famous by downrating. (like THAT'S never been done.) she 1'd me, a bunch of other ppl. well, that wasn't working too well, so she deleted and came back as kiss my southern grits (dumbass trailer trash fatso). came right to my profile and 11'd me. i remembered her, however, and told her so. she still didn't block me, however, until i told her i knew she was scripting (true story). no way someone visits my page upwards of 6 x a day w/out rating and it not be scripting. no way she's on 70% of all profiles i just happen to go to in the course of a day.   i could go on. but instead, i'll refer you to Johnny Rotten's blogs about her.   she's a worthless loser skank.
Mercenary - Bloodsong
  Through the dreaming lightsInto darkness of nightmaresTo the endless hollowI shall goFrom happiness to sorrowFrom something to nothingFrom the beginning to the endYou see my truth and see my nameI will believe in you and you will succumb to meSee my truth and see my nameAnd I will know youAnd I will drain you dryAll is fadingAll is lostThe endless neverTHe blood nightThe darker shadowsAnd the darkest nightThe endless neverThe blood lightAs my life fades outAs death kicks inWill I regret my lifeOf sinFrom punisher to punishedFrom master to slaveTo my endless graveYou see my truth and see my nameI will believe in you and you will succumb to meSee my truth and see my nameI will believe in you and you will succumb to meSee my truth and see my nameAnd I will know youAnd I will drainAll is fadingAll is lostThe endless neverTHe blood nightThe darker shadowsAnd the darkest nightThe endless neverThe blood lightTake me awayFar from this dayAnd let me stayAnd believe in my shadowAll is fadingA
A Long Distance Love
People meet people from all walks of life. some meet on the internet and become man and wife. some have meaniful relationships, some struggle for that perfect answer. some treat there mates like they had a disease such as cancer. i loves are exchanged i hate you's are thrown around too. loving making is a form of expression except when its it only you. it takes two to make a solid relationshop work, but some are only thinking of themselves. some want a mate thats are genuine and some want a mate that has wealth. some care about looks some think all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some take their lovers for granted some hold them on a pedstal up so high. some will go to great lengths to tell the truth and some will go to great lengths just to lie. so no relationship is me i should know. i have been there and done that i got the movie rights. but its life and thats just the way it goes....
Triada- Nezhniy Omut
Within the last 4 years my reproductive health has gone downhill.  I've been told that I will need a hysterectomy soon (crap, I'm only 26), and a current option is to have my tubes tied until I'm older and more in a position to have a hysterectomy. That surgery is scheduled for May, as well as an oblation to hopefully eliminate bleeding for good. I thought great, I have a wonderful child already, my problems will most likely end, and I won't bleed anymore. What more could I ask for? Fast forward to today. I had pre-op testing yesterday which included an EKG to test my heart due to a past heart problem. We're talking 13 years ago, and I haven't had any problems with it since. Well, I apparently failed my EKG testing. I need to be cleared either by my primary doctor, or a cardiologist. My primary doctor is a bit of a hypercondriac when it comes to my health. The last surgery I had was nearly canceled because of an issue she thought I had. It turns out that the surgery took care of the
A Rate On This Please?
you would think vicoden would stop the pain right....nope... i am hurting so bad right now.... omg....   this is crap.... i hurt eating SOUP
Your Choice Auto 11 Or Cherrybomb Up For Auction
Birthday Buckage - April 30th 25k/100
    ATTENTION GOLD DIGGERS - HERE COMES SOME BIRTHDAY BUCKAGE! We have a birthday to celebrate on Thursday! April 30th is RogerLee's happy day! AUTOS WILL BE ON, AND 25,000 FUBUCKS WILL BE GIVEN FOR EVERY 100 RATES. Forget rating for the 10k or smiling over the's your chance to load your fu-pockets with some major buckage. Everyone gets the points, YOU get the bucks, and there is NO LIMIT to the number you can rate. Do a hundred, do a thousand - go until you've gotten them all. The bankroll is endless.          
He Knows.....
I hope one day I can be sure That what you feel for me is pure. You’re breaking down the walls I’ve built so high And showing me that perhaps I should give it a try.   You know many details of my painful past But still think I’m worth a friendship that will last. You’ve seen me at my darkest and brightest But it doesn’t seem to turn you away in the slightest.   I won’t deny my extreme fright When I go to bed each and every night. Never have I let anybody so close How it has happened nobody knows.   There are scars that run so deep
Hahaha To Funny
Men are just happier people,what do you expect from such simple creatures?Our last name stays put. the garage is all ours. wedding plans take care of themselves.chocolate is just another snack.we can be president .We can never get pregnant. we can wear white T-shirts to a waterpark.we can wear no shirts to a park.mechanics always tell us the truth.the world is our urinal.we never drive to another gas station because the last one was too ICky. we dont have to pause and think which way to turn a nut on a bolt.our wrinkles add characture.a womans wedding dress costs $ 5,000 our tux rental is only$ 100. people never stare at our chests when were being spoken too we have only one mood all the conversations dont go over 30 seconds.a five day vacation only requires one suitcase. we can open any jar.we get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. 3 pairs of shoes are more than enough.we never have strap problems in public.our hair style lasts for yrs. we only have to sh
I met you at a time of distress To you I know must confess. You’ll never know how much it hurt my pride To depend on you to be by my side.   You were always there through the sorrows of my divorce And comforted me while I cried until I was hoarse. You never once expressed a negative opinion Or acted like I was merely a minion.   For some reason you can not see All of the things I view you to be. You always feel like you’re a user But I’ll never view you as an abuser.   You’ve always been there with open arms Y
Several years ago, I worked at a child care center, and there was a nasty hateful Muslim woman working with me. SHe would always spew varius crap, and it was gettin old.   SHe always brought in her stinky soup, and put it in a fridge for lunch. I had some Wendys bacon bits, and into her soup they went. WHen it was time for her lunch, I watched her eat the soup with bacon in it. I was waiting for her to maybe melt, or puke, but nothin...I wonder if she wont gt her virgins now...
I know it's all big news about that whole new york flyby thing, but it's absolutely unacceptable that Obama is catching very little flack for this. Causing absolute panic and people running in the streets is just ridiculous. Saying it was a "photo opp" is even worse. It's illegal to fly planes that low, you know. I don't know what the hell happened, maybe biden got drunk and hijacked the plane, maybe bill clinton did it, either way it's stupid. You all know if this happened while bush or another republican was president everyone would totally lose their minds. they'd get all crazy and bush wouldn't be able to say anything in retaliation. But with this bastard in office, people just wrote it off as a "blunder." You can't do that and then say, "whoops my bad" Or lie straight up to the mayor claiming that the authorities were contacted when they weren't, because, surprise, surpise, the mayor is the ultimate authority in new york city. No one new. I don't think that it's fair. I think h
Come All To Have Fun With Me!!
'   >   Come join us for our GRAND OPENING @ Purple Magik!!!!! MAY 1ST!!!!!! Make some new friends, listen to good music and just have some fun with us!! RANDOM BLINGING FOR NEW MEMBERS THAT JOIN THAT NIGHT! RANDOM GIVEAWAYS! We also have Live Auctions every weekend!!SIGN UP TO BE IN THE LIVE AUCTION:)) click to enter lounge! If you would like to be in any of our live auctions, please read rules then click pic to sign up @ blog. Any questions.PM/SB any Purple Magik staff member. Thank you. PIMPOUT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Please DO NOT STEAL my bulliten layouts! Thank you. sO FrESH _[diAMond dAveS gUrL *DiAMondDaVes LUCKYCharm* SHADOW LEVELER@ fubar
Want My Friends To Come To Come Join Me
'   >   Come join us for our GRAND OPENING @ Purple Magik!!!!! MAY 1ST!!!!!! Make some new friends, listen to good music and just have some fun with us!! RANDOM BLINGING FOR NEW MEMBERS THAT JOIN THAT NIGHT! RANDOM GIVEAWAYS! We also have Live Auctions every weekend!!SIGN UP TO BE IN THE LIVE AUCTION:)) click to enter lounge! If you would like to be in any of our live auctions, please read rules then click pic to sign up @ blog. Any questions.PM/SB any Purple Magik staff member. Thank you. PIMPOUT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Please DO NOT STEAL my bulliten layouts! Thank you. sO FrESH _[diAMond dAveS gUrL *DiAMondDaVes LUCKYCharm* SHADOW LEVELER@ fubar
Leveling Blog #441
Uzza/SDMF Nightmare DJ/DJ Manager Excito Diabolus~Sunnys Kunt Cake~Owner Of Night Magic@ fubar 9,113 to Henchman-plz help out
i need a sex bubby
Good Or Evil All Depends On What Side You Are On.
The subject of my most recent research into myth and legend is a legendary creature known as the Djinn, or Genie in the American vernacular. The Djinn has its root in Islamic mythology. Several of their books actually refer to the Djinn. While some believe that Allaah created them just the same as human beings, others believe that they actually predated mankind. There also appears to be additional disagreement over whether these creatures are a force of good or evil. However, the prevalent belief indicates that they are angry spirits born from smokeless fire whereas man was born of the earth itself.Just like man, however, the Djinn were given free will. However, as man - - beginning with Adam - - struggled to bring out the best in his nature, the Djinn preferred to give in to the dark side. It is believed that this free will choice led to the Djinn's ultimate downfall. The Djinn refused to act as companions and servants to Adam, as was intended, so they were barred from the Garden o
Well Its Of Those Days Where Im Looking At Her Pic Again- Poem
Well it's one of days again where im looking at a picture of Ding. Recalling her smiles, her eyes, the she speak I realized even before she went to heaven she already had open wings. She has morals, a kind hurt heart, brilliant mind, the heart of Jesus. She's was everyDING. Even today you're the reason I get up for and stay up in the dark. You stay on my mind at night but you were my light you are my spark. If you were here beside me. I'd give you hugs and a kisses, But since you're with Jesus. I'll tenderly reminisce it. Some folks may need to write. others need a final good by. Many spend a long time grieving, and can't do much but cry. Remember that song mom use to sing to us, our favorite lullaby. We'll I've written the song for you because I know you'll like it a little better with a little more style. My nature could cause me to grieve away for hours. I could run to the cemetery with oodles of flowers. You're the reason I get up, brush my teeth, and use the showers.I know it seem
Upcoming Auction!!!!
Upcoming Auction of... You guessed it...   TINK!!!!!!! Items to be offered: 11's (Randomly)Rate ALL pics, blogs, AND stashKEEP rates ACTIVESFW SalutesKeep ShitfacedAdd to family & top friendsAdd to YIM2 Tickers (one every two weeks)Daily Profile CommentDaily GiftsRandom Photo CommentsRandom Status Message Pimp-OutsSFW Cam Chat Taking Suggestions for other items.  All idea appreciated. Auction going to start within the next WEEK...  Watch For It!
Devil Doll -- If I Died In Your Arms
Well you know that I'd give you my heartEven if it's torn apart'cause I've come too far to be scaredand I don't regret what we've shared But you know that I love you for goodAnd I love you much more than I should And I can't help but cry when you're so far awayBut I smile 'cause I hope that you'll be back one day chorusIf I died in your arms, would you then give me your love?Would you tell me that you need me and that I was the one? There's nothing I can say to youTo make you feel the same way tooWhen you walk away I just want to dieAnd I try not to break down and cry But you know that I love you this wayEnough to let go and let you walk awayAnd maybe you'll come back and maybe you won'tBut when you're not with me I feel so alone Now there's one thing I need you to know'cause you think that you just know me sothat I'd be there if you asked me toand oh…if you only knew That I love you so much that hurtsBut a broken heart feels so much worseYou do what you want but I gave
 Holy spring, 4:20 was great I am meeting lots of very cool people on here lately and started Dj'in for a lounge of really cool people, who knows I might be around here longer than I anticipated. The coffee situation is getting better I have cut back a lill bit but am at the point now where if I don't have it I am no good to anyone, bad attitude all that good stuff. New issues ... trying to quit smoking ciggarettes, they are raising the price again but for health reasons I should quit, I wanna hang out a bit longer, the only thing I really dont like about the whole ciggarette thing is that the gov. is jacking the price on them cause they are bad for you ... I am looking forward to seeing what happens when they do the same thing to fast food, candy, cell phones, television, porn ... well I guess everyone likes porn regardless, lol can you imagine those crazy f00kers who do that crazy shit in that crazy cesspool that is Ny city (ya no love for anything east of the city sorry :( ) the sma
Ride That Chopper!!!
The following rant is posted courtesy of Biker® magazine, written by Matt Hansen of M&M Choppers, Inc.     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many people out there these days believe that choppers are built just for looks and not really to ride. Totally Wrong!! My wife & I have proven, with over tens of thousands of miles on our choppers (both are hardtail, both are kicker only), that this is total B.S.  I once rode a thousand miles in one day without any issues. This kind of hard riding isn't much fun, bit it certainly can be done. The world of so-called "choppers" has turned into a circus sideshow. I've read enough mags, been to enough bike shows and seen enough television build off programs to determine that very few of the hotshot "Master Builders" are building motorcycles anymore. They are building statues - works of art disguised as motorcycles. Some of these bikes show excellent workmanship and incredible ideas, but if the end result
She's Here!!
its been almost 3 months since she's been gone. she finally made herself present  last wed. scared her grandson to death, but at least we know she is there with us.
Bad Day
Hey everybody, If you all think that you have had a bad day, then after you read this blog then you might think differently. Lately i have been looking for a job, but havent been able to find one. I keep filling in applications and checking in about them but it seems like no one wants to hire me. I live alone with no income whatsoever. i am lucky when friends and family give me food. i also get a food basket once a month from a local church but it doesnt come until almost the end of the month. right now i am running really low on food and i have no money. lately i have been collecting cans to make a little bit of money. right now i have no minutes on my cell phone. i have no power at home. i have to gas to cook anything on the stove. i go to bed early cuz i get bored and am lonely. i also have no running water. i go to my sisters to take a shower. i get my drinking water from the local park. I also have 2 kids but luckily they live with their mother because i cant afford to take care
In the day we laughat night they criedshe earned her wingsnow its time to flyabove she watchestears run down their cheeksas she smilesthey dont know shes in a better placein the day they laugh at night we cry for the souls that are lost and forgottonbut little they knewthats what she wantedall along
What Grinds My Gears
ALright i am goin to say this once and only onceBe respectful  and don't sit there and shout me with stupid stuff seriously. if you want me to join something ask nice or be iggied. 2nd of all i do not join rooms that have a rap/ hip hop base to it. Read my profile, Respect me and i will respect you. I am here to have fun this is not a contest at all and further more read before shouting me seriously. Know me before you start inviting me to stuff. Thank you ?
Swine Flu/vaccines "bigger Governments Make Things Worse, Dhs Not Needed"
  Help us Keep the TRUTH alive! donate to my account today and you will be able to get all the truth that YOUR goverment is hiding from you
A Daughters Cry
does my daddy see me when i crydoes my daddy see the tears in my eyezis he there when i need him is he there when i see himbefore i sleep at nightis he there to hold me tightjus a kiss will it make things rightmaybe if i can hold him n say how much i love himwill he see me cryn catch the tear from my eye
The Air You Breathe
the air you breathe was once spoken to me you said this so often i believed it so then tell me when did you stop needing air to life for you no longer need me cast aside if i were your air to breathe at this very second that air would not be forthcoming to you id hold back watch you squirm beg for me to come to you but i will  not come not till i see the last of your precious breathe gone then like a caress along your skin i will whisper soft and low am i still the air you breathe my love
Fda Approves Emergency Measures For “mass Dosing” Of U.s. Citizens
Takan From:   Paul Joseph WatsonPrison Tuesday, April 28, 2009 The FDA has approved “emergency measures” to carry out “mass dosings” of U.S. citizens with antiviral drugs in the event of a widespread swine flu pandemic. An Associated Press report states that the new powers would allow the drugs to be distributed to  a “broader range of the population” than present measures allow. The drugs, primarily Tamiflu and Relenza, would be “distributed to larger segments of the population without complying with the approved label requirements,” according to the report. The announcement follows a similar directive issued last night, which would allow Tamiflu to be used to treat children under the age of 1 and to provide doses higher than originally approved for children over the age of 1. As we reported this morning, a Time Magazine article prepares Americans to accept mandatory enforced vaccination a
A Womans Wrath
 a man maybe a fierce warrior he may even be fearless in battle pain may be nothing to him but a woman scorned her wrath is something that will shake you to the core for a woman scorned uses not only her wits her anger fuels her passion her passion to see you pay for the crimes you cast against her next time you think of crossing a woman think of this can you see the dagger placed at your throat while you slumber beware a woman scorned feel the wrath pierce your flesh
Hip Hop Flop!!!!
One Way To Bring A Woman To Orgasm
First of all let me provide a scene for this little intimate conversation.... (above) their now first of all if you a man reading this hey atleast your attempting to find the right combination to keep your lady friend satisfied.  If your a woman your opinions are very much valued and appreciated.  (Disclaimer: every woman is different) When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most dudes can f**k, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he's got it made. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to
you lust for me cause im not yours you want what i give so freely my passion my love of life my compassion you lost that long ago hoping to gain it back by sucking me dry burying your jagged teeth into me but be warned a taste my pass your parted lips but my dagger will pierce your heart while you are blinded by your lust for me i do not give myself to those that wound me those who seek to steal what they must earn be warned the price to harm me may be your very head  on a platter  
Epic Fail
Oh Ears Are Bleeding
Is This What You Want
is this what you want i didnt come to you willingly so you cast your web of lies alienating me you may capture me but you will never own my heart he has won it  when you kiss me i will feel nothing it will be his lips i think of when you tell me how much i mean to you they will fall on deaf ears look upon me with eyes filled with lust but look deep in mine see the hate i have for you you may have  captured me but what you love bout me and long to own is dead to you ......  
Tuts My Barreh! Lmaoooo
Ok, You Stupid
fucks.  Get a clue.  If using IM programs "fucks" your computer or you "get viruses" its NOT the fault of the IM.  Its YOUR fault for having a low rent, shitbag computer OR more esp not having a complete internet security program loaded on your machine.  Even the most BASIC computer can effectively run an IM program.  Theres NO excuse for not having them or using them.  Its either youre a broke POS with a matching POS computer, youre an idiot who doesnt know how to function a computer or youre too cheap or stupid to buy or know how to properly use net security software.  And DONT CLICK links in IMs.  Again, thats YOUR fault if you "get viruses" if you do that.  Stop being stupid when on the net or using a PC. Ive used all three IMs for over nine years, over 40 hours a week with NO infections or "issues" and I havent always had security software loaded either.  If *I* can do it, YOU can too, dumbasses.
Superheros! You need to check this out! LOL
Rules For Your Morph
If you rate ALL! of my pics, I'll make a morph for ya. The rules are simple. 1) After rating all pics in a folder, leave the comment on the last pic in the folder saying "Rated". If you don't leave that comment in every folder, sorry, but ya don't get a morph. I'm going to be busy with this, so make sure you leave that comment. 2) Make sure you rate the pics in every folder. The only exception is nsfw folder. 3) When you've rated all pics in every floder, send me a private message letting me know you're done. In the message, include the pics you want morphed together. Sorry, I won't have time to look through your pics to find somethin good. If ya don't send me the pics, Ya won't be gettin a morph. 4) The absolute most important rule is to HAVE FUN! This is me. After rating the pics you'll know alot about me. It'll be great havin you all as friends. Enjoy!!!!!!!
Inspirational Message;
Hi all- With economy super tight I wanted to share with you this little group I found, It's called Freecycle- It's regular people like you and I, posting their goods for free pick up; first come first serve, or posting goods they are looking for. I have seen everything on this site; tires, fishing boats, trailers, baby clothes, books, anything you are looking for or looking to get rid of, and it's all free! Like a yard sale, only better! To find the freecycle in your area, go to the site, click home, and type in your city and state. It is also a Yahoo group if you have yahoo. Give me an update if you find anything great! C
Across The Other Side
There`s another worldWhere all things are motionlessIf you want to see the senseCome now as you areShut your eyes to seeClose your mouth,talk to meKeep your ears closedHear me callThere`s another placeDisconnected from real life.If you lose your way you canCome now as you areLay your body downLet your mind explore the darkKeep your fear close to what you areAcross the other sideThe sound of silenceLosing gravityThe speed of light is stillIn every grain of sandThe world`s connectedSpinning in the airCrossing everywhere
Her body lay on the red velvet bedblack roses covered her busthe hungrily stared down at heran uncontrollable lusthe ran his hand across her bodycaressing every curve, every parthe pressed his body against hersquietly he listened to the increased beating of her hearthe ran his fingers threw her raven hairstared deeply into her eyesechoing threw the room were her satisfied crieshe stared down at her soft white throatand slowly pressed his mouth against ithe eagerly began to drinkexcitedly she bit his wristblood covered their body'sas they slowly moved togetherfilling each others thirstevery minute getting bettertogether they layenter-twined as onelost in eternal lusta vamparic love...
Rate Me
people rate and luv, this i know your probably owned but add me as a friend and show some luv
Free Tickets In Kansas City
Those if you living in or around the Kansas City Area can get free tickets to see me perform live comedy Friday May 1st, Saturday May 2nd or Sunday May 3rd either by calling Stanford & Sons at (913) 400-7500 and giving them the code word 'fubar' or by e-mailing me directly at   Dean  
The Damned In Concert
That's OK that you haven't heard of The Damned. You're only 12 and your version of Punk is that snappy new Green Day album. But if you are still reading because you are interested, I'll give you props. Real punk will put hair on your chest, and that is just on the girls. Last Halloween, Bilf and I headed down to The Blank Club in San Jose. This used to be Fuel 44 and was the most bitchin bar in downtown SJC. Now that it is The Blank Club, they book a ton of cool bands like Agent Orange, Fishbone, Faction, and of course, The Damned. We arrived early to grab a seat at the bar and start the evening off right with a few beers and some genral chit chat. Now, I don't have pics of Bilf, which is good for anyone reading this blog, but Bilf is about 5'-8", 220, and bald. He and I both grew up in the LA/OC scene in the early '80s and despite growing into old farts, still really like the old music. Anyway, we were posted up on some bar stools and out of nowhere, 3 thrashed chicks with full tat s
Swine Flu Not Kosher In Israel
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Swine flu? Not in the Jewish state. "We will call it Mexico flu. We won't call it swine flu," Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, a black-garbed Orthodox Jew, told a news conference Monday, assuring the Israeli public that authorities were prepared to handle any cases. Under Jewish dietary laws, pigs are considered unclean and pork is forbidden food -- although the non-kosher meat is available in some stores in Israel. And the flu is so clean and kosher how?!?!
How's it hangin out there in the fu world? Feel free to give me  a shout back. I am just lookin to have some fun here online. I aint beggin for blings or anything else. Those who cant take the fact that some one might rate you any6thing less than a ten Get overit. Normally i don't rate a blond higher than an 8 Red heads are my passion.
My Mouth
so apparently i have cracked an old filling in the back of my mouth from grinding and clenching my teeth.. an infection developed so they couldn't fix it today. Soooo i am on some antibiotics to kill the infection AND some pain killers.. the bad thing.. the stupid pain killers aren't really helping much...  my face still hurts pretty bad.. this sucks so bad
I'm new here. Kinda like it. I also want you to join me on If you love HIP HOP, you'll at least check it out.   Hope to see you there....
The One You Forgot
A simple word can break my soul Rip me in half, no longer whole. I'm shaking at the very thought Of being the one you forgot. You're everything in life to me The reason why I want to breathe I smile just when I think of you And all those things you say and do. Yet, if you don't feel the same No one can we really blame. It's just the way life sometimes goes You can't escape all of its blows. But I wish this once to be free Of the hope we'd never be. That's something I don't want to face. Don't want to feel so out of place. I've planned everything around us Now it may not be enough. Threads are barely holding on And your words can break their bond. Or you can make them tighter still Renew my strength and my will. Keep me believing love is real If you return the way I feel Please don't hurt me, but if you do Make it gentle. Help me through. I love you and fear that time Will cost me my peace of mind. I pray I didn't wait too long To let you know
Why Is This???
What happens with the person I trust most..When absolute trust, is somewhat of a ghost?What happens when life falls down around you?And theres really nothing I can do...Sometimes I dont really even know what my words meanI seem to just get lost in the daily sceneWhat if everything I thought was realI can no longer even seem to feel?Right now im a complete messDay by day, i feel less and lessI dont even know what im doing anymore.I guess it true what they say, Lifes a whore.Everyone gets fucked in the end...I have so much hurt that I cant mend.At the moment I feel so lost in life..Im caught up in a cluster of strife.I feel like my soul is dyingMore than ever I find myself randomly crying.I know my hearts desire..But everything is burning in an endless fire.So where do things go from here?Im so caught up in an unknown fear.
Did You Know?
Things You May Or May Not KnowMoney isn't made out of paper; it's made out of cotton. The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottle represents the varieties of pickle the company once had. Your stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks - otherwise it will digest itself. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. Susan Lucci is the daughter of Phyllis Diller. Every person has a unique tongue print as well as fingerprints. 315 entries in Webster's 1996 Dictionary were misspelled. On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily. During the chariot scene in 'Ben Hur' a small red car can be seen in the distance. Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are brother and sister. Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into the shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode. Most lipstick contains fish scales. Donald Duck
Let's Play Truth Or Dare
You've got the sun singing to me, but that's not what I'm after; I'd prefer your voice over any orchestra. The violins are sweating notes as your fingers dance over the strings, And your smile resembles that of safety, like comfort no other brings. Nature's beautiful with no flaws, but you could win this fight; I'd rather sink into those eyes. The fireflies will show us something no other's have seen that entertain and seduce the night, But baby you don't need to move; you could change the color of the sunset with your smile, it's true, And even if the stars giggle down upon us, we'll simply laugh knowing they can't have the moon like I have you. That string quartet is playing but the melody they're strumming is nothing to your voice And those whispers you sneak in the air around me won't be lost; they'll melt into mine. We'll turn up that music to feed our souls and move to the tune of our lips; We'll slow dance to this disaster [we'll call it love that shakes our hips]
Lovers And Liars
His fingertips like satin, softly caressed my face; Holding my breath, I smiled as my heart upped a pace, And holding his eyes in the canvas of my mind: I shook as our racing hearts delicately entwined. ["I wouldn't trade this moment for the entire world," His quivering lips carelessly unfurled; Squeezing my hand as tightly as he could, He whispered to me all the promises I knew he would.] Trembling like a crisp leaf in the bitter Autumn wind, He kissed me like he meant it... But my heart was chagrined, The passion wasn't burning deep in his blue eyes, His pupils were dilated, darker than the charcoal sky. As his heart beat against mine, he took the chance: Pulling me in, he asked me for one more dance. In the dew-spotted grass, under a full ashen moon, We both knew that this moment had come too soon, But we were ready to make our worst mistake. [He laughed at me when my breath began to shake, Pressing his cold lips to my skin, he held steady; And looking into my
i am happy to announce that i am back with my baby. i love him so much. we are also engaged to be married july 12 2009. i am so happy. he means the world to me. he is truly my angel.
Fvcking Ugh
Fvcking ugh! I was just sitting here eating a vegetarian wrap cuz I iz hooked on them, when the friggin noon news was talking about outbreaks of salmonella with raw sprouts...   Grrrrr I have ate several wraps the past week and that is my main thing, the cream cheese then sprouts on top....   grrrrr so if I get sick I am gonna be pissed.... but may just be my paranoia....
We Built Excitement
I must show some more photos of me when I was younger sometime.  Yesterday before work after the kids had eaten breakfast I got out one of my photo albums and showed the kids photos of me and other people from about eleven months old to my university days.  Several times Jeffrey would point to photos of me as a kid and say, “me”.  My son and I do look a lot alike and I know he didn’t understand that these photos were taken before he was born, but it was funny!  There’s one photo of me that was taken when I was seven years old (so my mom wrote on the back), when I had a dog I’d named Artoo and my niece Kimberly – who is a few weeks older than my wife – when she was two.  Sarah pointed to her and said, “that’s me” because Kimberly in the photo does look a lot like she did then.  It was fun to look back for a little bit after our walk … And I admitted to myself this morning when I asked my boss Erik about how I’d be
People On Fubar Just Amaze Me
I think it's time to once again address a issue that has plagued my profile and my friend list for quite some time...  but you know what... before I give my take on things let me ask you a question. Did you even bother to read my about me section before sending me a friend request?   I am getting a good feeling that very few actually did because I would not have to delete so many people off my friend list. Why is it that because I am a male and you have breasts I am gonna add you as a friend and rate you every week? FYI, it's not true. I do not mind giving out rates, but if you talk to me on a regular basis, there is a real good shot that I may stop by your page and give you rates. I have been noticing fu whores have been slipping through the rules. I think my rules cannot be any more simpler than that. I am starting to think maybe I should have some Ohio idiot who attempts to make a halfway decent mumm to write my profile just to get my point across.I do perv people, but if you are
Mary Magdalan Rocks
Mary Magdalan is the greatest singer around when it comes to telling the truth and reality of life.She is drop dead gorgeous with lips that look so and beautiful and her voice is like sweet chocolate warmed to perfection. I could listen to her all day she is that talented and never gets boring.  I can relate to her words in so many ways. Shes from california which is so cool because I live here to and always hope to see her somewhere some day.   Mary thank you for coming over you are loved and respected and love to hear your music you will love it here promise.   Oh I got to go now and clean my profile sweep the floor and stuff. Here is her latest Mary Magdalan tv its only there. You can listen and view some videos on my page and if you are sober go to you tube.  
Hello everyone in Fubar Land....I just wanted to say a quick sorry to all my friends on here....Everyone has been so nice to me over the past few years and ive just kinda been the background....Not all of you know what has been going on with me...but to say the least I had a really tough few years...This saturday something happened that changed my life forever...and im actually thinking clearly because of it..I care about alot of you on here and im going to start showing it alot more......Hugs and kisses to all                                                             -Keri
Holy Fat Ass Catwoman!!
I just weighed my cat, Syxx. He weighs 19 lbs. He's barely 2 yrs old. Holy CRAP!!!   =/    
Swine Virus
hello there .... just here kicking it and readind the news of that nasty outburst of swine virurus..... I pray that this shit goes away now and let us live...
Human Shields
Human Shields lyrics So much violence in our name A life, a silence masked in shame Children running in the streets Soldier boots are on their feet Mothers bare the burdens of our defeats Fathers are on their knees praying for mercy So much violence in our name Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield So much violence in our name A life, a silence masked in shame No more, no more, no more (no more) No more, no more, no more (no more) No more, no more, no more (no more) No more, no more, no more (no more) Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield Holding me like your shield No more violence in our name No more violence in our name No more, no more, no more
Any Questions?
Okay - here's the this, then copy/paste it into a new blog with your own answers. Can't wait to read some of them.. lol. I originally did this on Facebook...   Rules:1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming nothing is exactly as it seems.Now, here's what you're supposed to do. . . Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag as many of your friends as you'd like to.------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------Kissed any one of your Fubar friends? --- YESBeen arrested? --- NoKissed someone you didn't like? --- YESSlept in until 5 PM? --- NOFallen asleep at work/school? --- YESHeld a snake? --- NORan a red light? --- YESBeen suspended from school? --- NOExperienced love at first sight? --- YES Totaled your car in an accident? --- NOBeen fired from a job? --YESFired somebo
I Got A Rock! Lmao
Jodi Wykle knew her son would be thrilled when she gave him a new Nintendo DS for his birthday. Instead, he was rocked. According to WTSP-TV, the confused teen opened up his gift only to find bunch of stones and a rolled up Chinese newspaper in place of the popular handheld. Needless to say, mom was equally stunned. "When he opened it, he was pulling the seal off, my sister-in-law carries a pocket knife and she opened it and that's when he pulled it out and it was Chinese newspaper and a bunch of rocks," she explained. The troubling discovery prompted the Florida woman to contact the local Wal-Mart where she bought the curious box and complain, but reportedly workers there told her it wasn't their problem and that she should contact Nintendo instead. Of course, Nintendo told her roughly the same thing, leaving mother and son with a $138 box of rocks. "They don't want to do nothing. They want me to keep the box of rocks. I'm not buying a box of rocks for $138," she said. Amazingl
Bay Area Peeps!
Hey if you were a Live 105 listener and enjoyed The Woody Show, they are having a I quit this Bitch party on Friday at Azucar in San Jose (5:32pm). Come by and show them your support even though they were wrongfully fired!!!! Now with No Name as the morning show I don't even listen to Live 105.
Not The Man/ Dark Days...
I'm not the man you think I am Never gonna be the man you all hoped i'd be Grown hollow in this place that I call home When every breath we take is a dying wish We lose all dreams of carrying on What does it take to be To believe in the man that you see I hope one day I can see See what it takes to be real I sicken myself with shadow games Disillusion does me no good Hold my hand and help me through Keep me close in these dark days  
Bedtime Suggestion
I'd had a pretty hectic day with my four-year-old. When bed-time finally came, I laid down the law: "We're putting on your p.j.s, brushing your teeth, and reading ONE book. Then it's lights out!" Her arms went around my neck in a gentle embrace, and she said, "We learned in Sunday school about little boys and girls who don't have mommies and daddies." Even after I'd been such a grouch, I thought, she was still grateful to have me. I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes, and then she whispered, "Maybe you could go be THEIR mom?"
Okay, I have nothing real interesting to say....have to go grocery shopping soon but felt compelled to blog about bad muzak while waiting on hold. I will now have the song "Lucille" in mah head all day. You picked the fine time to leave me, lucilleFour hungry children and a crop in the fieldIve had some bad timeLive thru some sad timesBut this time your hurtin wouldnt heal You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.
Survey #1Be quick as u can. U have 3 sec for each answer to honestly put what comes to mind. . . never know what your sub-conscious may be telling you. . give it a try, remember 3 sec's.1.I need a cigarette:No?2.Sex:Is good. 3.Relationships:Interesting.4.Your Last Ex:Still friends.5.Power:Electricity.6.Marijuana:Ugh.7.Crack:Is bad.8.Food:Is too good.9.This President:Eh,hopefully better then last.10.War:Iraq.11.Cars:Love my new one!12.Gas Prices:Better then they were.13.Halloween:Is still far away.14.Bon Jovi:I like his music,lol.15.Religion:Bill Mahers Religous,watch it.16.MySpace:Amusing.17.Worst Fear:Being broke,yeah I'm shallow.18.Marriage:Going on 7 years.19.Fashion:Uhhh.20.Brunettes:Hot.21.Redheads:Usually Hot.22.Work:Cleaning sucks.23.Pass the time:Computerness.24.Football:Boring.25.One night Stands:Been a long time.26.Pixie Stix:Sugar.27.Vanilla Ice:Ice Ice Baby.No 28?29.Porta Potties:
*pokes Self In Eye*
OUCH!!!!! Damn eye seems to get in the way all the time. Well right now im just killing time intill the eye stop hurting. lol and yes it stings. So hows the real world? Mine?... ha ha ha your funny. I live in the bubble which made me able to go out there once in awhile. but right now the bubble has a hole and the fears are leaking in... Damnit! Why does it always happen? I need a fear away spray... anyone have some? Well anyways.... All i know lately, is people claim to want to help me. But have can they help one thats doesnt help them self or even able to know what help is? I spend most of my time taking care of my grandfather and cleaning up the shop and ranch. Hard work. Hes about 80 and his memory is fading. Papa seems to wonder alot around saying hes looking for something, but when asked hes doesnt know whats hes lookig for.... not sure if he knows or wants to tell. Some day i might find out. I feel like him alot. Looking for something... not knowing what it is.. LOL. Anyways. I
Mike Disabled Pms? How Did He Do That?
'disabled pms/skins/midgets so i can finish up some maintenance.. should be done in 15-20 minutes. werd.-mike' This scientific breakthrough is fascinating.  I want to know more. !! 
April 29 1987 My Birthday
My 22 ' Birthday I'm So Bless That I'm Still Here And I will Try My Best To get Drink LOL.
Devil Doll -- Things You Make Me Do
I've got a secret plan to love you and I'd do so night and dayand I'd always stand right by youhave your back in every wayand I wish that I could save youand you wish that I could tobut if you cause too much pain for me I'll leave if I have to But I think about you constantly all through the night and dayand I toss in turn in bed at night and hope it goes awayBut it never does and when I wake and you're not next to me'remember where you are I hope your girl forgives me chorusDo I need you well you seem to think I docan't seem to see throughall the things that you do I should know better than tofollow your lead wherever you gothrough the raging rivers, thunderstormsand alleyways belowSometimes I wonder if you really knowwhere you take me tobut your radio is on so loud I can't get through to you But if everything's ok with youthen it's ok with meyou are such a little boy with your big philosophyBut I'm not a little girlI am a woman don't you knowI'm packing up my toysI don't wanna p
Nosey Ppl
i'm  sick of every one sticking their noses in my business ok    i have moved on and i am doing fucking wonderful  so if u are the type of person who want to dictate to me how i should live my life u should leave me alone and try living ur own first
Devil Doll -- 16 Days
chorusYou make me weak, crazy, can’t find my way homeI’m waitin’ in the rain and I’m soaked to the boneand every time you promise I don’t know if it’s trueand everytime you say you love me I don’t know if you do You can draw my mind so effortlesslyand I can feel it everytime you think of meWhy don’t you let me go why do you put me through this?I should have known that I was fucked from the very first kiss...
More Jack Bauer Truisms...
- Jack Bauer refused a syringe at a blood bank. Instead, he asked for a gun and a bucket - When Kim Bauer lost her virginity, Jack found it and put it back. - Don't even ask what Jack Bauer would do for a Klondike bar... - Jack Bauer once lost reception on his cell phone. 24 hours later AT&T announced that it would have more bars in more places. - Ordinary people have panic attacks. Chuck Norris has Jack Bauer attacks! - Vin Diesel can be rearranged to say "I end lives." Jack Bauer can be rearranged to say "Jack Bauer," which means the same thing. - Jack Bauer once won a game of Connect 4 in 3 moves. - Jack Bauer doesn't need a translator; torture sounds the same in every language. - If Jack Bauer were gay, he would be Chuck Norris - Jack Bauer doesn't read a book. He tortures it until he has all the information he needs. - Jack Bauer named his cat 'Chuck Norris.' W
From A Bulletin - Honor
I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought.Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me.'Petawawa. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Afghanistan .After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time.As I reached for my wallet, I overheard the soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks. I'll wait till we get to base 'His friend agreed.I looked around at the
Not Sure What To Name This Lol
she sits alone and wonders why? why does she hurt? why does she cry? emotions deep within her soul well up into her mind, a longing for answers a longing for peace is what her spirit tries to find. she sits and ponders days gone by, of past heartbreaks and times of despair. she runs her nails down her arms tearing at the flesh feeling no pain but the pain inside, she stares into the abyss, it stares back not knowing her pain it knows nothing of the love she's missed. it sucks her emotions bleeding her dry, she has run out of tears to cry. it gives nothing back, she feels no relief, all she feels is her soul's deep grief she longs for a moment of welcome release, she longs to feel love, she longs to set her soul free to hope once more and to love. a minute goes by she sits frozen not moving an inch, not a tremor not one tiny flinch. she raises her head, on her face is an expression of deep comprehension. she stands up straight and faces the clouds above and unleashes a banshee-
Ughhh So Annoying
ok so i have a new pet peeve.. not really new but its been like rediculous lately. I swear i hear " What do you do for fun?" like 80 times a day! that is sooo anoying. first of all im not one for small talk. I just dont like it, and second of all how the hell are you supposed to answer that question anyways? so for all of you 18 million people who ask me this daily.... I dont!!! I have 2 children and a goddaughter and a grown ass man (RJ) that i take care of daily. I am a stay at home mom and thats exactly what i do.. stay at home lmao and im perfectly happy with that... Fubar is my fun hence why im in the top 10. anyways end of rant lmao. xoxo--- NeaNea
Is it truely too much to ask for?  Simple, basic things i expect out of life and out of people.  Do what you say.  Keep your promises.  Be true to your word.  Mean what you say.  Then if it isnt much to ask, why is it so damn hard for people to follow it?
Devil Doll -- Queen Of Pain
I'm the Queen of Pain… I can make it thunder and rainI can turn the clouds black in the sky, I can put all those tears in your eyeI'll leave and never wave goodbye …'cause I'm the Queen of Pain I won't hear their names 'cause the voices are always the sameThe places, the chases, the interchangeable facesAre scratching me attaching, surrounding, bindingHow can I care if it's not you?You smile at the things that I do.. chorusand then you say…I'm as cold as NovemberYou say…I'm as cold as November… Things will never be the same and I will never give you back your nameBecause I earned it with you under my skinBut it's my fault for lettin' you inI even paid you and that should be a sin'cause then you abandoned….. You're as cold as November You laughed when I was cryingAnd I was crying every time you laughedOh, but ain't it kind of funnyThat you weren't laughin' when I left. So who's the real King of Pain? I'm trying to forget your nameBut you
"River flows"   by OnLyMe2ImPrEsS A river flows from these eyes the day i found out u were looking down on me from the sky The question i have is simply why ? Why does this river have to flow form these eyes i didn't even get to say goodbye .. Heart ripped out my chest and pounded into the ground till there was nothing left like the knife that punctured your chest then u took your last breath I'm sorry u where alone and we weren't there U have been in all our prayers I want to go with u , just to be with u If i did maybe u will still be here Laughing with us Now all u can do is see our sadness Wipe our tears cause we cry for your love Be our angel and watch us from above A river flows from these eyes wishing i said goodbye knowing you where distanced form greatness For never telling u i apologize A river flows from these eyes I finally got to say my good bye ...
Devil Doll -- Faith In Love
I can see you in my past,but this time's been so alone.Can't seem to find you, but I've come to take you home.Just want to touch you through the glass,but you don't see me. Do you remember when we met last?Don't lose your faith in love. Don't lose your faith in love.Bring it on home to me, I'll give you faith in love, today. I will know you by the way you look at me.No one can hold your gaze longer than me.No, no one makes you sigh.Don't be afraid,Come with me, I'll protect you, I've got God on my side.Don't lose your faith in love.Don't lose your faith in love.Come home with me,I'll give you faith in love, today. And they all think they understand you,and you just smile and let them think they do. You've accepted you might have to trek alone,but you'll get your table set for two. And I look into your eyes and I can see what the others can't,because they all want to own you,but I just want to have this dance. Don't lose your faith in love. Don't lose your faith in love.Come home to me,
Life As A Book…with Meaningless Words?
Hearing, Don't judge a book by its cover… Is it a true statement? Do we ever look further into the cover and continue into the passage? Looking into the book and reading, do people take the time to stop and think what's being read, or just move on and not worry about comprehending. Though we see and say the words to ourselves, taking the time to think beyond the word and meaning are just as important to focus. Taking that time to comprehend in a book is just as similar as how we perceive a person. Quickly looking on the appearance of a person we quickly judge who they are. Having trouble to stop and share, we fear that we are bothering the person. As a result, we commonly Fear to approach and share what we have beyond the cover of ourselves. Just allowing each person just read our title of our story, we tend to behave just from our title and not actually who we are inside our own book. Starting to build an automatic pattern in our mind, many just accept the title of their book a
Black Label Society -- Queen Of Sorrow
Hey now,I've stepped into the blackI say hey nowI wont be coming backI say hey nowI've left it all behindI say hey nowTake a look but you won't find, noStep outside this world where I'll be free, yeahStep outside this world where I can see, ohQueen of sorrow and all this hell withinOh, I close my eyes and sit back as I watch my end beginHey nowVoid of sight and soundI say hey nowThe spiral always downI say hey nowThere ain't no coming backI say hey nowI've stepped into the black nowStep outside this world where I'll be free, yeahStep outside this world where I can see, ohQueen of sorrow and all this hell within, ohOh, I close my eyes and sit back as I watch my end beginStep outside this world where I'll be free, yeahStep outside this world where I can see, ohQueen of sorrow and all this hell within
Frienshipbestmoviestar Bestmoviestar
BESTMOVIESTAR   Friendship isn't always easily described. The Eskimos, they say, have a hundred different words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language isn't quite as innovative, though it has vast opportunities to differentiate meaning. Certainly, Love is one of those opportunities. And so, too, is Friendship.Instead of different words, however, we're stuck with simple adjectives. Close friend. Best friend. Childhood friend. Intimate friend. Trusted friend. Beloved friend. But whether you use adjectives or different words, few could deny the nearly infinite meaning in such a simple word.Friends are special people. We can't pick our family, and we're sorely limited in the number of them at any rate. Society and mores (and often our own conscience) dictate we select a single mate. But our friends can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.   Have a great time.Sweet KissesJackie  for m
Just a quickie to say that Vanilla Half & Half in coffee is good =)   Usually I get Coffeemate Creamer's and as of lately I had bought a regular Half and Half and was using Splenda....this vanilla is yummy and I don't need any extra sweetner ;)   Have an awesome Tuesday!!!
Sexy Legs Contest
It is open now for my entry in the sexiest legs contest... would you please vote for me?
Can't Stop Crying
I can't stop crying today My world walked out the door With her she took my heart For I will love no more The hours passed like seconds When our two hearts were one The seconds passed like hours After she said that she was done She was going to love me forever At least that is what she said Her heart belonged to someone else That is what her letter read I no longer live in color My world is black and white I always wonder what she is doing As I lie awake at night I hope tomorrow is better This is what I pray But right now my heart is broken I can't stop crying today
"I've come to realized that you're my past there's nothing we can do to make this last. I've wanted to tell you, so many things but to avoid all the drama that it could bring. If it were meant to be, the feeling would stay but you don't know me anyway. it's about time I close your door, I can't do this anymore"
Breaking Up
I loved you more than I have ever knownThose starry eyesThose tender lipsYou made my heart meltThen boil into a roaring fireI now knowWhat my eyes could not seeYou are the only one that is for meMany nights those tears flewBeing myself without anyoneAnyone to care about the thoughtsLooking at the sky and knowingMany mistakes I hadMany mistakes I have had
Bill Of "non-rights" .. A Good Read
(Source Not Verified) NEW PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTION This is probably one of the best things I’ve read in a long, long time. The following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA. This guy should run for President one day... 'We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights.'
That Night
That nightYou watched a teardropslowly trace its wayacross my cheek.It hovered a momentat the tip of my noseas if to tease you and make you feel ashamedfor hurting me so badly.Finally it broke itself freeand came to a reston my soft pillowto join countless othersof its kind that you never knew existed.
Cousin Part 2
Well for the ones who are keeping up thank you! Just found out that my cousin is doing good and she is recovering very well at this time. Adult protective services let us know that my aunt will never be able to see my cousin again and that she is facing serious charges and is looking at another prison sentence. The APS told us that after 30 day evaluation we could go to court and take gaurdianship. We plan on doing just that too. We are going to bring her here to our town where she will be closer to her family and also to where we can see her anytime we want to. We are putting her in an assisted living home w/ppl like her so that she can interact and make new friends and be more independant! Im happy things are starting to look up and for the real friends who took the time out to read my other blog and say a prayer i thank you very very much!! I will keep you updated!
Incase You Wanted To Know
I wanted to thank all who even took the time to ask me not to leave or why I was going to leave.. Thank you for taking the time to ask me not to or why. Truly it means alot to me who does care. I dont really want to say why or what happen..I will say I am fine and if I decided to leave I would have been gone already. I will say , someone ( not sayin who) hurt me and I just couldnt deal with it at that time ..I closed my page and albums and just needed space. Im am fine with this person now so its all good. Really Im fine  now, so please dont worry. plz rate and comment,,thanks Much Love Diana P.S FOR THE HATERZ WHO WISHED ME GONE..KISS MY ASS
Marriage Views
First, marriage should be loveall encompassing, total, and free.Love that grows stronger each daysoft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee.Second, marriage should be sacrificegiving of self, regardless of reward.Gift gladly given, with open heartshielded from life's harsh sword.Third, marriage should be commitmentutter loyalty, deep to the bone.Absolutely, no questions askedfaithfully promised, never alone.Lastly, marriage should be foreverfamily bonded, yet all still free.Lives joined with love, sacrifice, and commitmentan eternity promised with -Thee, Thee, Thee
All Italians Will Love & Remember This....
Sunday Dinner for Italians:   Italians have a $40,000 kitchen, but use the $259 stove from  Sears in the basement to cook.   There is some sort of religious statue in the hallway, living room,  bedroom, front porch and backyard.  The living room is filled with old wedding favors with poofy net bows and  stale almonds (they are too pretty to open)..   A portrait of the Pope and Frank Sinatra in the dining room.  God forbid if anyone EVER attempted to eat Chef Boy-are-dee, Franco  American, Ragu, Prego or anything else in a jar or can (tomato paste is the  exception).   Meatballs are made with Pork, Veal and Beef. We are Italians, we don't care  about cholesterol.  Turkey is served on Thanksgiving, AFTER the manicotti, gnocchi, lasagna and  soup.  If anyone EVER says ES-CAROLE, slap 'em in the face -- it's SHCAROLE.   If they ever say ITALIAN WEDDING SOUP, let the idiot know that there is no  wedding, nor is there an Italian in the soup. Also, the tiny meatballs must  be made by hand.
You don't need to be a food snob or a fanatic to be aware of the ways capitalists commit bio-warfare against you in your home: No Fluoridated Tap Water Contact your city officials and tell them you Do Not support fluoridation No Homogenized Dairy Products It's like drinking a cocktail nuclear waste and tortured animal byproducts No High Fructose Corn Syrup Possibly the reason lobbyists moved to pre-emptiv
Today For Me.....
Hey there!!! It is a new day for me and it is my birthday none the less!!! I am 33 today!!! I am living on my own now!!! I am looking forward to the future now. I am trying to get my life in stright!!! 
Well there is no battle. But this version of Lil' Wayne's "Let the Beat Build" is fantastic. I just though I would share. Bonus points for him because I Twittered this last night and he kindly thanked me for the support this morning + added me. Enjoy. Plus I know a lot of people who hate lil' Wayne. I guess this is nice because this puts some substance to the style Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.
I was driving home a moment ago, and the main road I was taking had cop cars blocking everything off. I drove by a little closer, and saw a 3 car accident. One was missing 2 front wheels, and was just sittin on the pavement. Other two cars were completely destroyed: one sitting on its roof with everything smashed in, and the other smashed with the ground.   I am pretty sure that whoever was in those two cars are dead, since there is no way someone could survive that shit.   Just to think that just moments ago those people were driving to work, planning their day, living life. And moments later, it was all over...forever...just trapped in a mass of twisted metal and plastic. ANd to think of how many times I have been an inch away from a car next to me, or had someone almost swerve into me, etc. Some people are just luckier than others...
A Friend Indeed Is A Friend Indeed
As you can tell from the subject of this blog, this is about friendship. It's about true friendship, and about how a true friendship can be blown to dust in a matter of few hours. I'll tell you my story now. Friday 24th april me and my band Painshock were playing a gig at a band competition at Emergenza Music Festival. We did incredibly well, winning the semi-final clearing our way into the finals by audience votes. After the gig we all retreived to our tour bus to celebrate our victorious performance, along side with other people we didn't even know that joined us. One of the unknown people asked me if he could take a beer from an open six-pack that was lying on the table. I had no clue who those beers belonged to, and I gave him the permission to take one. Apparently, our bassist's wife, who was sleeping at the back of the bus, heard me giving him the permission, so she came over to me, and that's when all hell broke loose. She basically made me look ridiculous in front of everyone
Some New Some Old.
  Some of the flyers I've made...  For print and  web: Some of my commercial design  work: Some of my Logo  designs: Some of my celebrity  hijacks:
Nice Police...
l Ft. Worth Police today reported finding a John Doe male body in the Trinity River . The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption. He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a strap-on dildo, and an Obama t-shirt. He also had a cucumber stuffed up his ass. The police thoughtfully removed the Obama t-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.
You know I don't ask for much in this life. I just wish for my kids to grow up happy and healthy and for a little happiness for myself. Some mornings I wake up and am disappointed I woke up, thinking sweet death would be better then the depressed stupor I walk around in now. I wish for it to all just end, by my own actions or the actions of someone with more knowledge or power then me. I'm drowning in this ocean of saddness with no life boat in sight. Taking my last breath as I slowly sink into the dark abyess finally free from the heartache I cause and suffer from.   :/
My Marriage
This morning I went to my desktop which is upstairs in my bedroom which I share with my husband.  Well i looked at the history of our firefox on the desktop and learned that my husband had been looking up porn, which normally i wouldnt care about.  But it was blowjobs in particular that he was researching, and im a normal woman that wouldnt mind doing it now and then but my husband brings it up on a daily basis. im not kidding he does bring it up everyday. The more i looked at the history the more i learn that not only had he been looking up porn but he was looking up women on myspace and another website that advertises sex in his hometown.  Which mind you i let him go to almost every weekend to see family, and he takes 1 or 2 of our kids.  Now im crushed, because how can i believe that hes been seeing his family if hes been looking up women on a sex site? i wonder now if hes been having an affair of if hes been planning to? i know im not the best wife but ive never kept anything from
Random Questions
1.) What is your name? Corrin 2.) Do you find it annoying when surveys ask for your name? fuck yes 3.) What do you plan to buy in the future? who knows what the future holds 4.) Where did you get the underwear you are currently wearing? target 5.) How many pairs of Converse do you own? 0 6.) Who is your favorite “That ’70s Show” character? the dumb one 7.) There is a mummy standing behind you. What do you do? kick it 8.) What do you think of Miley Cyrus? shes a kid 9.) Do you tend to think that you are always right? i'll admit it, yes 10.) Top Five Favorite Songs: at the moment: "please dont leave me~pink, "bleeding" five finger death punch, "drones" rise against, "photograph" 12 stones, "dont trust me" 3oh!3 11.) What was your favorite toy as a child? barbie 12.) Have you thought more about your funeral, or your wedding? weddings are dreams that few actually have the nerve to make a reality. nobody will cry at my funeral 13.) Dinosaurs or Unicorns? unicor
[sigh] I had this great blog planned out. Now it's all kind of changed. I mean I don't guess it's bad, but yanno....not what I really wanted to write about. I ran a bomb last night with me having no Auto-11s. That's fine. Surprisingly I got bombed back a hell of a lot more than I do when I bomb with autos on. Weird. One chick without autos told me if I bombed her she'd bling me. I never got the bling, lol. That's fine. I really didn't care. The only thing that bothered me was that while bombing someone....I refreshed to reset the time and I clicked on the wrong album and bombed a very small folder and only got like 3k points, lol. My mistake. I can't remember who it was or I'd probably send them a message, lol. Yeah, I'm nice like that sometimes. Something I noticed this morning. Before I bombed I didn't even have 1 million FuBucks. Now I have just over 3 million. I've NEVER gotten that many fubucks after a bombing. Odd. I thought maybe I wasn't paying attention to my messages and so
Wondering If I Could Make It
Wondering if at 38 years old i still have what it takes to make it in the U.S. Army. I was asked to rejoin this weekend at the gun show and cant stop thinking about it now.
Cute Bathroom
4/28/09 Fluffy Starr Blog
My disappointing behavior, and a New Vlog: "The Cute Bathroom" Hey! Good evening. Actually, good morning. Umm... So how is everyone? If you are reading this, you better answer. Or else, I'll hunt you down like a dog and snap your neck. So today (I guess yesterday) I went shopping with my good friend Jodi. I had a strong iced coffee Americano, and launched like a rocket. Right into shopping. I got some totally rad new gold Aviator sunglasses. The BEST shades in the whole entire world! I am thinking of going back and buying up the other pairs so nobody can have them. (I'm serious. I do shit like this.) I will post a photo or something soon. Also got yet another silly random t-shirt. Now I have 301 random t-shirts. I can't stop myself!!! It's a sickness! And....I got a pink purse. But, I am contemplating taking it back. Because I have enough handbags. But I'll decide over the week if I really really want it. I'm such a dufus, I can't even believe it. It can't be explained. I am kinda
Drop Dead Diva
Worked on the Drop Dead Diva set yesterday as a lawyer and had a blast
Best Dog In The World....
Taco Bell Dog Airborne
Wind gusts were slightly elevated yesterday here in Michigan as warnings were issued to tie down all Yokiro Taco Bell Dogs down. However some sought to ride the storm out… WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A six-pound Chihuahua has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked the puppy up and tossed her out of sight. Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK. The Utleys, of Rochester, had set up an outdoor display Saturday at a flea market in Waterford Township, 25 miles northwest of Detroit. Tinker Bell was standing on their platform trailer when she was swept away. Dorothy Utley tells The Detroit News that her cherished pet "just went wild" upon seeing her. Yeah I bet Tinker Bell would like to buy Dorothy a one way seat on the next space shuttle too.
I Can Never Sleep Alone.
I wanted to tell you but I'm not going to.You're somewhere else.And I'm stuck at that line I drew in the sand.Toed in with all the sincerity of a man backed into a corner.Rejected, overlooked and passed over for the final time. I'm sorry I kept coming up wanting.I'm sorry I'm not enough. You're my stumbling block, that I'll never get over.You're my unwilling muse, the reason my heart speaks in a language my fingers clumsily transcribe. I'll never be yours.You'll always be mine.That cold ache when I wake up alone in a quiet room.Morning and afternoon slipped by, and I'm still naked mussed and unshaven under the covers. Crossing the sunfiltered blinds, looking passed in complete silence.Thought brings you. You bring longing. And I can only deal with the silence in your absence.
The Thief
just woke up (no, not really awake) and I remember this deam:   I was in a store and when I turned away from my cart to look at some perfume some girl started searching my black purse laying in it. Once I caught her doing this she became all bitchy and was cursing at me in some unknown language. According to her skin color she looked Latin, she had black waved hair (until her shoulders) and really ugly teeth. However she got me pissed off, I grabed her and I dragged her pretty easily to the next cashier. btw in reality I would never get this violent. Then I complained about her and all the cashier told me was to let the girl go (this got me all angry). As she was heading to the cashpoints some security guards were keeping an eye on her. When the girl started so steal from ppl again the security men started secretly to follow her, one of them winked at me and smiled. It was hard for me not to laugh about this situation. I can't really interpret this dream but it's a good thing to jus
Use Love As A Weapon
Use love, not hate, please, hate is easy to grasp, but love is the real contest, hold it in your hands, mind and soul, a weapon of love, use it on your fellow man, make him understand, your war. Get violent with it, throw your love around, cause hate, is so easy to grasp Know love brings power, a power to overcome, a success of passion, that the world lacks of, so use your weapon, spread it about, cause the way to win a war, is love no doubt.
Ms. Pms
If I've told you once I'll tell you again Leave me alone Or you'll be sorry my friend I ain't in no mood To be messing around And if you keep it up It's your body they would've found What! You say that I'm mean Well, whatever then No wait, you know, you're right 'Cause I can't stand you men Walking around all your life Not having to feel my pain And then you say I'm crazy Nah bro', I'm insane So you better watch what it is you say And sure enough watch your back 'Cause eat you up and spit you out Is what I'm about, Jack And when you see me walking down the street Don't let me be the cause of your stress Just recognize and tell the other guys "Watch out ya'll, there goes Ms. PMS"
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I can't believe I'm still awake. I guess it's just because of my mind running wild with someone running through it. At least he's handsome! lol
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Fat Tuesday Terms - Can You Understand Their Language?
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Time For Change...moving In 4 Days...cant Wait!!!
Wow~ I can't believe I am FINALLY doing it. After almost a year of wanting to, and things always happening that I didn't, I am finally moving back to Iowa. I so can't wait to be back near my family and hopefully reconnect with some really good friends I lost touch with due to a controlling marriage. Although its actually going to be just a lil bit scary for me to be doing this, because Ive been away from my homestate for 12 yrs & going back to where I dont know anyone, the thought of starting completely over, getting my life back together, and making a goood home for my son to grow up in and enjoy his childhood, I am SO excited that I cant hardly sleep at all. I most likely won't have the time to be online at all once I leave Arkansas as I will be too busy getting settled in and getting my son use to life in Iowa ( he is sooo excited..tho he will have to wait til winter to see snow). I just want to say THANK YOU to all my awesome friends here and especially to one certain person, w
In 58-point Blowout, Hornets Hit Bottom
1 In 58-Point Blowout, Hornets Hit Bottom By John First, let's give credit where credit is due. These are not your father's Denver Nuggets, not with Chauncey Billups setting the tone in the locker room and defensive stalwarts like Dahntay Jones and Kenyon Martin adding some substance to all that style, and they took care of business again tonight. Playoff schedule WEST FIRST ROUNDLos Angeles 4, Utah 1Lakers win series, 4-1. Denver 3, New Orleans 1Game 5: Wed., 10:30 ET, at DEN Dallas 3, San Antonio 1Game 5: Tue., 9:30 ET, at DAL Houston 3, Portland 1Game 5: Tue., 10 ET, at POR EAST FIRST ROUNDBoston 2, Chicago 2Game 5: Tue., 7 ET, at BOS Cleveland 4, Detroit 0Cavaliers win series, 4-0. Atlanta 2, Miami 2Game 5: Wed., 8 ET, at ATL
*i Am Me*
*I am me* There will never be anyone like me. I am special because I am unique. I am stardust and dreams. I am light. I am love and hope. I am hugs and sometimes tears. I am the words "I love you". I am swirls of blue, pink, yellow, purple, orange, and the colors no one can name I am the sky, the sea, the earth. I trust yet I fear. I hide yet I dont hold anything back. I am free I am a child becoming an adult. I am me, and me is just right.
I Wish Upon A Star
I wish upon a star that no matter how far apart we are. You will find me and you will see how perfect we are.I wish that if for some reason my wish doesn't come come true. That another person out there is wishing for me. . . Hopefully that person is you
Angry Rant
I came across a MuMM today, one I didn't even think about looking at before, after reading it, I became so angry, that my mind was completely blank. So I'm gonna bring up this subject, Child Abuse. I've heard of some sick freaks who believe that it's okay to beat your child to the point that your own rage takes over, and your no longer a mother, beating your child until they are black and blue, and crawling on the floor, guarding themselves from you. The only way that I could post a blog from this point of view is 2 ways, either I've done it, or I've been through it. I would never hurt a child like that ever, no matter what they've done, unless they are a threat to my life, and I'm defending my life, would be the absolute only reason I'd ever lay a physical hand on a child, I went through that as a child, but there are different kinds of abuse, a lot of people go through them at different stages of life, some are lucky enough to not go through it, but abuse in children is growing.....s
feeling good!
a good tree cannot brig forth evil fruit, neithr an acorrupt treebring forth goodfruit.
Help This Wonderful Friend Get Spotlight!!!
Child Abuse
this is vary disturbing but if it brings help to this little girlthen its worht it please help anything is great repost donations anything also stop by   thanks     Please send this out---This little girl needs us ALL!!!!!!!!URL: this video is for mature audiences only. This is a very disturbing video of the child speaking of the abuse.
Another thing I've noticed about internet culture is that there are many posers online.  People who pretend to be something they are not.  People who pretend to be veterans are my pet peeve.  We've been an all volunteer military since 1973.  Even with the large number of people in the military during the cold war, the percentage of people who have served is but a tiny percentage of the population.  Out of that small percentage of the population, the number who served in combat arms is even smaller.  The average tooth to tail ratio is about 9-1, that is about 9 people in a support role for everyone who does the actual fighting. Now there is nothing dishonorable about serving in a support role.  Yet for some reason, it's not glamorous enough for a few people, so they feel the need to embellish their record.  I don't know why, to impress girls, and other people, to show how tough they are?  It doesn't really matter. That is a problem on the forums I moderate on.  Here are some tips to
My Personal Experience.
I found the internet in about 1996.  I soon began interacting online through an email list.  Things have changed a lot from when I first started.  In those days the internet was just begining to become mainstream.   You could be reasonably certain that the people you were interacting with were of a certain economic and educational level.  PCs and internet access just weren't available to everyone.  This made the level of discousre much much more polite then we see today.  People routinely put their adresses and phone numbers in ther signatures. As the world wide web spread out and internet connectivity became avaible to more and more people, the level discourse got better (because there were more experiences and viewpoints brought in) and worse (because the increased number of people with internet access brought people with baser attitudes into many online communities). I moderate on three forums, two of them for professionals and one for the shooting community.  Through the email l
Just A Poem
Go tell my friends for meThat I'm not comming back,Go tell the gang for meThat I can dance no more, Go tell the ones I loveThat I have gone on home, I'm walking in the graveyard nowAnd I am all alone,And I'll be gone before the leavesBegin to fall again, They're rushing up and down the stairsThe bed is wide and soft,But I lie still and oh so coldBecause my mother's gone, Will I soon see her simple face?I have no dreams or faith,I wish that I could make a songThat tells how good it's been I had the stage, I had the light,The music was the tale,But things are tinged with purple nowAnd these sad notes I play I wait until the autumn comesAnd I will be no more.
Start Of A Short Story I Wrote
Story setting    around 5000 years ago knights were above the law slaves to the king and queens of the world this is a story of a young boy Michel who would rises to power and set this dark world right, then leads it down a path no man wants to take!chapter 1    “ The boy has been born” Everyone  needs to gather for this day. our salvation is soon to come people shout in the street, who they talk about is a boy not born  in power but who shall rise up becoming a knight and bring down all that is evil. Ha sometimes I think about these thing these stories that were told to us as we grow up, about Michel the born son who throws evil from the chair brings light back to the dark time. My name is Luk I will be the one to train this boy when he comes to age, I being a knight of the table, one who serves the king in all of his needs, I do indeed think that this time that we live in is evil but a new born child who by the age of 19  will take rule of this world is kinda hard to trus
Woman was created from man's ribto be by his sidenot under his foot as he run's out the doornor under his hand when he has heard enoughMan from whom we are createdto protect and shield usto listen to her feelingsand honor us in his lifeFor whom we are a partnerA sounding boardAnother view of the worldThrough the eyes of the opposite       imikimi - Customize Your World!
At Days End
I lay here trying to sleep, trying to push the events of the day out of my mind. It all comes flooding back. Everything is so confusing. Why can't I just be happy and have people accept that? We've been through so much in such a short period of time. I've made mistakes. I've said and done things I wish I hadn't done, and I'm embarassed that I sunk myself to that level. It seems as though no matter what I do, the ghosts of my past will continue to haunt me forever. All I want is to be in the arms of the man I love and have everything else disappear. I want the hurtful things that have been said to me to be erased from my memory. As much as I hate that we've been through so much in such a short time, I am also greatful for it because we have overcome it, and it makes us that much stronger. No one will ever be able to replace the spot you hold in my heart. No one will ever be able to erase the loving words of support you have shared. Even though this all seems hard now, I know things
S.O.S.   always the same surprise! all the time that look deep down in your eyes... always the same burden of proof hook line sinker down to the gallows to drop in this noose... always the same set me free cut me loose...   4/27/09 fester
This Is Too Funny
You have to start at the bottom Tommy #1764257 tommy: sorry , but you are blocked... night time with your weed... wat a waste!!1 tommy: lol, wow.... what a waste!!!1 ->tommy: Poof!...Be gone....I'm Wiccan too....take that to church with ya tommy: that is fine ... meeting a girl doing weeds in like meeting NOTHING ->tommy: Again I would have never met you anyway tommy: i not meeting no girl doing weed ->tommy: You never would have tommy: bye ->tommy: ok tommy: actually it is ok ... even if i dont see you ->tommy: See Ya! tommy: have a good night ->tommy: Ya tommy: do you do weed? ->tommy: 'Cause I'm a pot head tommy: why do you have your profile full of the weed? ->tommy: ok tommy: lol. that is ok... i am not in the caps... dont you worry ->tommy: Friends is ok. I will not tell anyone where I am, 'cause I have my very own psyco that's lookin' for me tommy: where you now? I am in LA in Ingleewood... do you want us to be friends? ->tommy: All caps is yelling. I have no idea how Riversid
To The Asshole That Rammed Into My Truck
slight chance of you reading this but we will meet again in court! not only did ur stupid ass total my brand new truck, u fucked me up too!!!!!!!!!!!   and i thought id let you know how lucky u wher that that i wasnt able to kick your damn ass!!!!!!!!!!!! If i wouldnt of gottn a good hit like that i would of came out of my truck i would of made you shit your own teeth!!!!!!!! freakin retard!!!!! but it does do justice that you wont be to happy in the future knowing that you handled your cellphone and that caused you to hall ass into my truckyour luck i was the only one really injured!!!!!!!!!   Fuckin idiot!!! A BIG ASS TRUCK and u totaled it , the frame is completly fucked up! do u even know how much force it takes to do that? could of been dead!and my luck the incomin traffic wasnt to bad otherwise i would of ran down the damn ditch into the creek! oh man u guys have no idea how pissed i am about this!!!! and my neck, shoulders and back is messed up. long termn shit on my neck
That Good Stuff
Mama said beware, the girls that wont share the good stuff between their legs. It may be real tight and it may feel real nice. But they'r probably just trying to get paid. LOL another humerous poem
Ok here goes.     Im so tired of coming on here and everyone talking smack about everyone. What the hell do you people really know about each other or me for that matter. Im tired of feeling like no matter who i am friends with someone always tries to ruin it. I have had more issues with people who are supposedly my friends. This is why i wont join anymore groups. The last one left a bad impression on me. Why the hell cant we all just get along.   Cause of this drama i think i have lost my best friend on here. To those women who are doing it .... congrats you win!! If he means that much to you then by all means try for him. But one piece of advice tho. He wont deal with liars and people who want to control him.
from the gates of insanity to the gate of sanity i have een asked whichis worse be sane or insane being in between both is much worse than on wants to believe so i really don,t know so lease don,t tell me i don,t want to know which is wrose in this journey of life that i live in.
The Std Poem
My pussys like a scratch and sniff that smells alot like laxative. If you give it a lick, it will make you shit. But if you poke it with that mammoth dick youll make this girl scream with bliss. But when its over youll end up with a STD that ends with "tiv." Yes I mean HIV, will you die? Probably, I guess you should'nt have slept with me. LOL if this offends you Im sorry its just for kicks.
Bid And You Will Receive This is the link to the Guys and Dolls drama free auction. Come and bid on me and to the highest bidder recieve your reward. I look forward to hearing from you. Peace
Sex Story!
Its really odd sometimes when I think about it as a long time married guy how out of touch you become with the sexual come ons from the opposite sex in my case. I started to notice this towards the end of last year after having a meet from another group of net friends. Some of these ladies I had chatted to on occasion in a very sexual manner hell I like cybering. So do they! It was almost the end of the day and hotel rooms had been booked when a lady some 30years my junior said, "I have the chance to swap rooms!" Thicky me said, "As long as you are happy in the room you are going to." "You dont understand I want to be your room partner!" Turned out she had used her mam's connection and played cyber fun with me and wanted to try for real even though she knew my age and could see my disability. Thankfully it was only one night we were staying I was so stiff correction all my joints were so stiff could hardly drive home. Case of extra pain killers and a huge smile!:
Just Impressed With This Book I Read
Could be considered anti-mormon, so, real blog entry should be:   Here we go: IS polygamy OK or NOT
[you Must Be This Tall To Ride...]
Man, I kinda stink. At least I think that's me.Anyway, uuuh what did I want to say here?*scratches his head*Oh, a cousin of mine (and I have a HIGH opinion of all [0%]of my relatives) asked me what happened with my last job and I explained that I was working 55-60 hour weeks for 2.50 an hour. Her comment was "eww welcome to the real world" I saidand I quotein front of her second bastard son "what fucking real world pays an american citizen 2.50 an hour?" I was being disrespected, underpaid, and underappreciated, so I denied them the gift of me as a good will ambassador from the american government. Now on to "what I want"... Which was why I started this blog- and I'll be honest. Still no fucking clue. I apped for a porn shop clerk position tonight, and I said to myself "man this will certainly further my goals and ambitions". I don't have a heart anymore. What keeps me up at night isn't heaving bosoms and sweaty thighs covered in chesty gasps I seriously don't give a fuck ab
Wantin To Be Held True
I care not for stupiness in fubar,,If I believe ur true and not a kiss ass in here I want to keep those as top friends/family. I will keep all that are true and will admire you with gifts and rates Dare me not to find you unreal, because I will disown u as /friend/fsmily,,as to me i dont care. I do very much well being alone,,trust in me and you'll find no better friendship. If not then I say, bye bye  
Fast For Darfur
Even if you want to fast for a single day, you can sign up at: I will be fasting for 16 day for each aid worker agency that is among the 16 that were expelled from Darfur by the Sudanese regime.
  My whole life I've always taken care of someone else; always putting myself last to provide the needs for others. Never did I ask for anything in return because I consider it a blessing to be a blessing for others. Unfortunately in the end, my kindness was taken for weakness & I was labeled an "extreme bitch" cuz I decided now it was time 2 take care of me. I was told if I keep neglecting myself I won't be any good 2 anybody & that made sooo much sense. So now I take care of me whenever I feel like it and to those who I struggled for who no longer have my back cuz I chose to put myself 1st - I wasn't depending on ur asses n e way - I'ma b aight!!!! (When did lovin urself become the avenue hataz travel 2 try & run u down???) I'm laf'n @ all of u!!!
Read And Learn
BOYS ......selfless mindless controle freaks looking for the impossible to give theyre ego's a boost to impress freinds. MEN ....see all beauty and accept it for who and what it is,and never substandard themselves for the purpose of being seento boost ego. BOYS.....set theyre standards soooo high its usual outcome is disapointment and loneliness.and never think they can be replaced. MEN.....have high standards and can reach theyre goals as they accept that they can easily be replaced  but never give reason to have that done.  BOYS.... look for the plastic playboy bunny barbiedoll boobjobbed mindless woman that has as much personality as the pocket lint they have at the bottom of theyre empty pockets.Because responsability has no place in a club. MEN.....look for the woman who can hold him and listen to him even when he gets older and frumpy .because no matter what he will always be there to listen to her and hold her back .Knowing she too has had a hard day.and is never short of c
I got to be a cow farmer today...  Saw some uhhh... Well, I'm not really sure how to phrase on this one but, cows were having some tampon fun.  Very strange maneuvering.  Apparrantly artificial insemination has trickled down the grape vine all the way to the bovine.  I guess that's just another one of those moments where having a photographic memory just kind of scars you.  I dunno though, they seemed to take it pretty well.  I mean,  if I was a cow, I  wouldn't really want tampon insertion to be anywhere on my schedule, but you know... They have no choice... They gotta be ready for next week when they get an arm stuck in them for reproductive purposes.  It's all fun and game's till some cow loses their virginity to a fist.:(  I'm not really sure how it goes, but apparantly next Monday has me scheduled for finding out.  Sweet right?  Yeah,  working for my grandparents because my whole family hates me and kicked me out repetitively since graduation day, is awesome.  You know I once hear
We fight,We die,through the night,we cry,watching the light,pass us by,why should we fight?why should we die?it doesn't make anything right,Can't you see those hearts that cry,those who fight with all their might,often die,but tell me why,why make your loved ones cry,in kids' hearts they scream with freight,but tell me why,why scare our kids with the fight of all fights, wake up and see the light, and tell me why.
Two Hearts
Through the stars,deep within the sky,two hearts meet,one gal and one guy,though the two are different,they still fell into one,they twist and turn around eachother,never to come undone,well this story must cease,but this isn't goodbye,these two hearts have soared,they've learned how to fly,when they land be sure to say,thank the heavens above,thank god they meet today
I Miss You
Your heart was pure,Your eyes were soft,sometimes it makes me wonder,did i really love you enough?now your gone,and i see,that i may have loved you,but you had even more love for me,i have no regrets,a father figure you may be,i just wish i could see you one more time,i wish you didnt leave.
Ex-con Looking For Answers
ok heres the deal 16 yrs ago i got arrested and sent to prison for theft of a motor vehicle. now all this time later im still paying wheres the second chance at ive been turned down by so many jobs becuase of this felony. but heres the kicker im allowed to obtain a ccw a concealed weapon permit but im not allowed to be a cop or im not allowed to drive an armored car. im getting ready to go to college in the fall now im not sure what to take becuase im weighing the results after i graduate is this going to stop it if so whats the point. i want to take criminal justice or information technology and either one can hold the felony against me but most of the programs that even catch my eye will more than likely have the same results sorry your an ex-con. im thinking about saying screew it and taking criminal justice just for general purpose to see what buttons i can push afterwards what do you think. probably got you confused sorry minds racing
Re: I Am An Idiot!!
well let's just say that i think this friend and i made up.  at least i am assuming we have.  i sent him another email, and he im'ed me, all mad and i gave it right back to him.   this was 2 1/2-3 weeks ago. the conversation was changing i could tell when he said something about friends like me were hard to find and he never thought in a million years i'd do what i did to him.  i responded with the fact that i have regretted it since i did it and was only trying to make it right. that's when he said he wanted to make it right and asked to call me.  we chatted for a bit, and i felt my world go right side up from being off kilter.  i still can't help the fact that his current girlfriend hates me, that much was evident when i got an im from her at the start of this month of april.  and he doesn't talk to me near as much as we did, and i am sure she is behind that, but hey, we are talking and we made up!!
Battle Of The Sexes
Nihilist The Rainbow Nazi...
Nihilist: I am not putting up with a homophobe   ->Nihilist: WAIT! ->Nihilist: thing a person can control - right? that dj might not even have a rational explaination   Nihilist: he has got to go. that is really fucked up and making MDC look like a joke   ->Nihilist: but there aren't hipocrates in there and i doubt the phobia is some   Nihilist: it's the wallpper for the room not for the DJ   ->Nihilist: yeah. it is, but each dj uses their own wallpapers...and i dont know which dj is   Nihilist: i see MDC flyers in that basement and they are a very pro gay band and I heard there is a DJ that is a bigtime homopobe in there. that is really messed up   ->Nihilist: ip ??? why didn't you simply state the reason for asking and you would get help setting up your own or designing the room or wtf ever   Nihilist: hey, how's it going ?
Moving Forward
It feels good to finally be free. To finally be able to go on with my life. Letting go has never felt so good. I have spent far too long living a controlled, stress filled life.  I have finally woken up and realized who I am again. It feels good. Thank you to the people who have been there to help me get there.
Wykkyd Ambition
Monday, April 27, 2009  Wykkyd Ambition Current mood:  savage Wicked AmbitionI have a wicked ambitionI have an evil dreamMy own dark addictionMy sweet unholy need i used to feel a heart beat where this void is now inside Nothing can fill that darkness Not all the tears I hide You are my wicked ambitionYou are my evil dreamYou are my dark addictionYou are my sacred needI have these empty bottlesThey are my hearts graveThese empty whiskey tombsWhere my love is laidYou are my souls afflictionYou are why I bleedYour wounds are never endingYour pain consuming meI have this wicked ambitionI have an evil dreamMy own dark addictionMy sweet unholy needYou are my wicked ambitionYou are my evil dreamYou are my dark addictionYou are my sacred need... I Have this broken glass pipe It cracked my wounded pride it's where I ran from my life From all the pain I hide inside I have this wicked ambition Like fire in my veins My own dark addiction Each heartbeat cries your name I
Saturday Night's Alright
Another weekend, another concert set... At least I didn't go brother needed a night out, so we hit the road together. Honestly, we went just to be doing something. I'd never heard of any of the bands playing and from their myspace songs, I didn't think I'd end up staying the entire night, but i was, for the first time ever in my life, wrong..... Floyd's Music Store is basically a hole in the wall venue in a multiple college town. Lots of youth...lots of drinking, lots of partying in Tallahassee, Florida. Not that I would know or anything. You walk down a set of steep concrete steps to actually get down into the bar. Underground... There's a bar along the back wall which runs parallel to the stage. To get to the stage you actually have to venture down more steps into the pit area. With the right rip in a guy's jeans...especially if he's going commando, you can see all he's got--surprising but true. That's how tall the actual stage is... I've been going to this place since I
Update In My Life..
well, it's been over a year since i've blogged, so here the end of February, i SEVERELY sprained my ankle (pics in my default) and just 3 days prior to that, i had ANOTHER injection in my lower back.   as for the weather, it's been hot, cold, rainin, snowin...i don't think Mama Nature can make up her friggin mind lol
Whats Up
well its monday and im drunk again looking for something to do if you know what i need to do on mondays let me know
Hey You!!!!
hey you!!!! you with the face!!! i see ur checking me out.... like what you see? give me a shout!!! so fucking talk to me!!!!
Never Fear Shadows
Never fear shadows.... that always means there is a light shining somewhere. ~Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.
ken \KEN\, noun:1. Perception; understanding; knowledge.2. The range of vision.3. View; sight.
Morals are private. Decency is public.  -  Rita Mae Brown
Something Different Will Love It!
For all you, music lovers out there. WORTH WATCHING!!      This video was done by 5 sound engineers who went around the world recording individuals doing this song. They then blended this together into one song and video which I thought was amazing. Click on the link below to see this. ENJOY ...  
Arousal from giving or receiving a sermon or speech.
Stash That Comment....
I was just sitting here thinkin.... I know, prolly a bad idea, but sometimes I just can't help myself! I was just wondering why no one comments stashes? I mean, I understand that most people just cram crap in their stash because they are point whores. But I only put shit I find either interesting or funny in my stash. There isn't alot in my stash, but I always thought that if I posted something in my stash, it must hold some kind of importance. I don't have crap, well, erm, not to me anyways, in my stash. Anyhoot.....this was my thought. Do with it what you will! hehe     another bit of randomness brought to you by ME!    
Southern Friends
FRIENDS: Never ask for food. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Always bring the food FRIENDS: Will say "hello". SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Will give you a big hug and a kiss. FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. SOUTHERN FRIENDS: Call your parents Momma and Daddy FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. SOUTHERN FRIENDS:
I Am A Biker
I am a Biker Current mood:  naughty Category: Blogging I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local Mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief, or organizing a Poker Run for Cancer.I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off forLocks of Love. I
UNDER THE LEATHER AND BEHIND THE SHADES Under the leather and behind the shades stands a biker. We ride for the sense of freedom it gives us. The encouragement to take the road less traveled in the chance that we may encounter something new. We ride for the friendships we make along the way, as well as, the solitude of the open road. We don't really care what you ride, just that you do. Under the leather and behind the shades is a beating heart. A heart filled with compassion that on any given day will be riding for those in need. Ask one of us for help, but don't be surprised when all of us show up. Under the leather and behind the shades stands a proud American. We are as diverse a group of people that you could possibly assemble. We are men, women, tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, retirees, military, civilian and on and on and on. We stand silently with reverence and one voice that, in the silence, can be overwhelming. Under the leather and behind the shades stands an invited guest
Fooking New Jersey, Nj Dad Who Named Kids After Nazis Decries Removal
By DAVID PORTERAssociated Press WriterNEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- The father of three children who have names associated with Nazis is accusing the state Division of Youth and Family Services of taking his children under false pretenses and says one of the kids appeared neglected when he saw them last week.Heath Campbell told The Associated Press on Saturday that he and his wife, Deborah, have been allowed to see their children once since state child welfare workers removed them from the family's home on Jan. 9.Campbell said his 2-year-old daughter, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, appeared sick and had a runny nose and dirty diaper when he and his wife visited the children last week under the supervision of state social workers.DYFS has not said why JoyceLynn and siblings Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who will be 1 in April, were removed. Kate Bernyk, a DYFS spokeswoman, said Saturday that confidentiality laws prevent the agency from commenting on specific
Easy Fix For Economy
Dear Mr. President: Please find below my suggestion for fixing America 's economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan: There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations: 1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed. 2) They MUST buy a new American CAR. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed. 3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed. It can't get any easier than that! If more money is needed, have all members of Congress and their constituents pay their taxes... If you think this would work, please forward to everyone you know If not, please disregard.
Baseball .....lmao
A must read for Grandparents. Those who aren't will love it, too.                 At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year-old baseball players aside and asked, 'Do you understand what cooperation is? What a team is?'   The little boy nodded in the affirmative.   'Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?'   The little boy nodded yes.   'So,' the coach continued, 'I'm sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn't argue, curse, attack the umpire, or call him a jerk. Do you understand all that?'   The little boy nodded again.   He continued, 'And when I take you out of the game so another boy gets a chance to play, it's not good sportsmanship to call your coach 'a dumb ***' is it?'   Again, the little boy nodded.   'Good,' said the coach. 'Now go over there and explain all that to your gran
The Intriguing Inn
The Inn at Venice Beach has been intriguing indeed. The staff were always helpful...until today. I had to check out at midday and my cab to the airport isn’t until 7pm tonight, so I had a walk on the beach and bumble about in the sand.   I came back to the hotel and asked the new receptionist if there was a spare room in which to have a shower as I am soon to embark on a long haul flight to NZ. She quickly told me "no, you will have to go down the street and find maybe a gym that will let you have a shower". I balked at that idea. "do you have a toilet?" I asked.   She grudgingly got me a hand towel and pointed towards the staff loo. The sink had a big circular crack in it, and as I tried to wipe the sandy residue off it, my finger got sliced on the sharp edge of the ceramic break. Blood spurted everywhere. I came out - explained why I was bleeding and asked for a band aid. "We are all out of them the first aid kit is empty, if you go down the street the corner store sells ba
Decl- Friday
Russian kid rapper, he is now 26
Thank You So Much
You Ever Wonder?
you ever wonder what life would be like if we had our own lil way. no care in the world a safe place for the kids to play? violence has corrupted us long enough yet we continue like its a trend. we pay for research for aids and cancer but it seems to be no end. life was meant to be joyful and luxurious. but poverty is striking like bombs in iraq. we look forward to a end to violence but its seems were taking steps back. these words i speak arent to preach but to teach  i pray you take them to heart. lets stop the violence you can start by doin your part.... comment and rate it takes just a minute. if you wanna win the war on violence dont be a part in it.
Time 2 Part
When it is time to part, then it is time to part. There should be no regrets. The beauty of marriage is like the fleeting perfection of a snowflake.
Touch Me
                                              Touch Me   I see you ensnared by my curves As your will melts in my fire Come unto me now my love You will see what my wares inspire My skin like alabaster My scent fills the night air My taste the sweetest honey My lips are perfectly paired As my finger tips stroke your skin My eyes lure you into my lust
An Affair
Have you ever found comfort in the arms of a lover,but had to accept that they belonged to another? Have you ever felt emotions for someone that you had to contain till they were able to break free of their current restraints? I've never been jealous or felt so alone untill the one that I loved had to  go home to a man in which she was currenty engaged in with a marriage, a family, and a lifestyle she hated. She told me she cared about me and askd me to be patient and wait for the day we could have true relations. But how does one cope when they feel so alone because they cant even talk to their life on the phone. I guess all I can do is sit here and wait, be strong and try to fight through the pain that grows deeper and more intense on each passing day because she said we'll be together and in her I have faith.  
Dad Teaches Daughter A Lesson
(Disclaimer: This story is about incestrial happenings and it is ONLY a story...and if you don't read past this.. I completely understand)   Dad Teaches Daughter a Lesson "Ok, Dad. I'm going out. I'll be back by one o'clock," Sarah said as she walked ran down the stairs.Jack put down his newspaper and glanced at his daughter. "Wait a minute! What are you wearing?"Sarah liked to show off her body. She was wearing a black leather corset and silky, black skirt. Her long blonde hair bounced on her bare shoulders as she ran down the stairs. She wore her favorite thigh high leather boots, which she had worked all summer to be able to afford. At the bottom of the stairs, she paused and rolled her eyes at her father."Daddy, I'm 19 years old! You can't tell me what to wear anymore," Sarah whined. "Besides, I'm just going out with Charlotte.""Sarah, your outfit is ridiculous! You can't be dressing like a common whore and expect respect from any man.""Oh, Daddy," Sarah whined. She tu
Seryoga- Modnye Devchonki
the vid has hawt half naked Russian chicks
What A Fool I Was
The minute he walked through the door My heart began to soar. In his arms I always felt safe The feelings of comfort can’t be replaced.   I always felt such a connection It was all fake, I know in reflection. The eyes should speak from the heart But even they speak lies, I know now that we’re apart.   I thought every time you touched me That we were surely meant to be. Now I see that I was just a fool And realize that life is rather cruel.   I have to hope that maybe one day Somebody will truly love me that way.
For My New Friend
Words cannot express What your friendship means to me. You never push or press But you’re there when I need you to be.   You let me express my fears Without making me feel less. You comfort me through my tears And never second guess.   I always feel essential No matter what my mood. You help me to see my potential When before one had never been viewed.   You’re teaching me to rely And believe that somebody cares.
Mercenary - The Endless Fall
IAm the essence of ignoranceThe destroyer of innocenceStand by watch you take the fallII wil cut into you my peerAnd reveal your darkest fearAs a river of blood you will flowLook into my eyesI am the oneI will defyLooking into an endless mirrorSeeing nothing the end becomes clearerFeel me now as I (Your soul and your dignity)Steal some how the fall and I (Your system will fail)Make you surrenderAs I surrenderNowNow the silence begins my friendIt's the cold, dark and bitter endStand by watch it fade watch it fallNowNow your fear is realityAll your dreams you will never seeEndless darkness surrounds you nowIs it cold now, my friendCan you feel it?This is the endLooking into the endless neverSeeing into the darkness foreverFeel me now as I (Your soul and your dignity)Steal some how the fall and I (Your system will fail)Make you surrenderAs I surrenderYour soul is mine!Feel me now as I (Your soul and your dignity)Steal some how the fall and I (Your system will fail)Make you surrenderAs I s
The Mask I Hide Behind
I put up a front so you dont have to know it I lock up my heart so I wont have to show it I hide my face so the world will never know Just what I am afraid to show The Mask that I hide behind Helps keep you out of my inside But somehow you just seem to see The screwed-up side of me that I keep I was afraid to let someone in Terrified to show them where I have been Afraid that I would be hurt like before And my broken heart couldnt take it anymore The Mask that I hide behind Protects me from being too blind Giving me the eyes to see But somehow all I can see is me Patience us one key to have With me its just too late, too bad A worthless face, a hollow embrace Dont waste your time, energy, or space The Mask that I hide behind Helps keep my feelings on the side So that, clearly, I can see Hide your feelings away from me I glare into the mirror, staring at my face But all I seem to see is many a hollow space With nothing to fill them, I almost give up
Self Esteem
Its funny how people assume that just cause someone has a low selfesteem, it makes them a vulnerable target that is easy to con :)   while it works for most, ofcourse, some people see right through the BS and revel in their low self esteem.  It keeps them on the edge and in touch with reality.
Hidden Within
Hidden within me Are words longed to be said Are things sometimes forgotten Spinning 'round in my head Hidden within me Are memories and times And little tiny things And many poems and rhymes Hidden within me Are feelings I hide Because I choose not to show them But don't ask me why Hidden within me Are millions of things That will never be shown For the fear of what they'll bring Hidden within me Is a healed up heart It was broken at one time But now I'm too smart Hidden within me Are things no one knows Are things that I hide And will never show Hidden within me Are times of troubled passed But hopes for tomorrows That will always last Hidden within me Is nothing you don't know So I share this with you So we can learn and grow
Dirty Little Fuck Princess
Dirty Little Fuck Princess Zach pulled me into the door of his apartment throwing me up against the wall, lifting me up as I wrapped my legs around his tight body. "Are you sure you want this babe? Once I start I'm not gonna be able to stop."As he pressed his hard cock against me, with only his jeans holding him back. Kissing me fiercely. Squeezing my ass as he pressed me harder against the wall. My arms wrapped around his neck muted by his aggressive mouth pulling the soft skin around my neck at first with his lips, warning my skin then with rougher tugs using his teeth. Digging his fingers deeper into my ass, my back arched and my legs tightened around him as his mouth moved down my neck to the center of my chest where my cleavage begins. "I don't know if I can make you my dirty little bitch, are you sure that's what you want?"In our 2 months together we'd only ever had sensual, intimate love making sessions. But I knew he could be rough, I knew he liked dirty talk and being i
When I See You
  When I see youI feel like my heart has seen eternityI dream an escape from reality.But after a whileI feel like it's crushed through the walls of deathI realize that we've never really met.This pain seems stuck with me foreverBreathing the air that suffocates meIs the only way that I could ever be.This love that I bear stabs right through meMy knuckles bleed knocking through your doorThese are the only things that I ask of: Do you see me?Do you hear my pulse whisper your name?Sometimes I think it's so loud the fairies hear me rain...Echoeing to the darkest corners of the worldAnd you, not even hearing a word that i sayFor how long this will last, I could only guess. Poem by Tammy C.
Ligalize- Svolochi
ya ya
My Ex
What you will never know is the love we shared will always be there I always carry a heavy weight knowing that our problems were to great.   The day I became your wife was the begining of a new life. I came to you with dreams of our future unfortunately my love you did not nurture.   You looked at me and could only see her my love was not enough to deter. She broke your heart when she cheated in turn you broke mine, my love now depleted.   I always walked around in shame because your love for me was never the same. I was forced to live with her mistakes your accusations making my heart ache.   You continued to keep up on her life often ignoring the feelings of your wife. You never noticed any of my tears while you re-hased the good times of your years.   What we had was never real because for me you could never feel. You wanted to find somebody to take her place but never noticed I came with a different face.   The words of the past will always sting sinc
Twlight Fans
Living Life
In life there are to thing you can count on. Death and Taxs. Why is that? What can you do to change the way our life is?! No one knows and that is good to me. I don't want to know whats going to happen before it does.I really don't think that anyone really does.So thats why life is so hard at time. You cant always know whats happening and is it gets f#$%ed up. Just remember one thing.           LIVE LIFE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!
Story Of My Life
I let people in my heart.. and they always leave me... Not writting this for you feel sorry for me.. I'm writting this cause I need to vent. Feels like my heart is ripping to pieces. I try to do everything I can to make you happy... but it just seems like it's not good enough. How am I suppose to feel.. But Hurt. My Love wasn't good enough for you.   One of My Favorite Poems...       ~*~ I have Loved ~*~ I have loved and been hurt by loveI have seen joy and yet there is painI have breathed and yet i am breathlessIn your presenceConsumed by your beauty the essence of loveI have walked a thousand miles in my shoesOn a road which never endsThrough the driving rains many tears have fallenSwept up in the passage of timeMy heart will linger in the moonlightAs i breathe the ocean breeze tonightFor on the horizon there is a new dayA story still left untoldFor the dreamer dreams of hopeAnd a lover feels with their heartSo why is it human natureFor us to tear ourselves apart??
I don't know y i like 2 use this word awesome maybe because i like 2 meet really awesome ppl,or b cuz i'm especially awesome! maybe it's cuz i live in the awesomeness of my own mind. or because i'm wishing sum really awesome ppl will rate this blog a 10 ty 4 reading my stupidly kool extradinary awesome blog.
On the soft winds of time comes Desire, With outstretched arms she beckons you to come hither. Dare to explore her mystery and taste the essence of her being. True to her name by which you know her, Heart pounding ... approach with caution! Full ... moist lips glisten in the moonlight, Hair flowing over soft ... white shoulders. You ache to concur Desire from within and without, Quench the thirst, but whose? Your's or Desire's?     Poem by Tammy C.
I Am Yours Now
                                             I Am Yours Now   Master can you see my heart pounding? It feels like it is trying to escape My breathing becoming so heavy Tensions mount about my fate Each knot meticulously fastened Bound for your pleasure alone My eyes covered with silk A lust piercing to the bone My ears here you pacing now
Not Alone
  I have recently listened to my heart's lament, Inspecting it critically because it's so content Like the feel of warm sunshine upon my face, Creating memories only God can erase Each night we talk and share our day, My heart longs to be with you in every way. I'm afraid of what I do not know, But baby, I DO know I want you so. Our relationship is bizarre, that much is true, We're not alone now, you have me ... and I have you!     Poem by Tammy C.
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